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Stephen Franktin. "The Amiga has proved once again that the smart money is spent on computers rather than the iim-ited scope of games consoles." Meanwhile, CDTV player sates were toss than the firm had anticipated eartier in the year. Commodore say that it has an instaüed user-base in the UK of between 15,000 and 17,000. But Franktin is confident of a massive improvement this year. "The CD-ROM drive for the Amiga is going to be very, very important andI think that this product wiiI make the market for CDTV reaüy come aüve," he said. "tn a very short period of time any developer or pub-iisher wiü be looking at a user base of t00,000 in the UK alone." 1J 5T year the Amiga was once again Britain's best seüing home computer. More than 250,000 machines were sotd. tn the taft six months of the year 198,000 Amigas were passed to dealers, representing an increase of 39.4 per cent over the same period taft year. But Commodore bosses predict that sates are going to ctimb even higher this year, despite tough économie tondi tions and games consoles continuing to take a targer share of the market. The firm s sales director Ketty Sumner forecasts that a fig ure of 300.000 witt be topped. "tn a recession-hit Britain, the Amiga 500 has achieved phenomenaI Christmas sates and wiü reach an instaüed base of one miüion soon," predicted Commodore boss Workbench 2.04 and Kickstart 2 are inctuded With heth computers. Untike the. 300. neither have been rehadgedasaPtusandarenowsetI ing trom dealers nationwide. Mcanwhite, owners of older Anugas witt soon tse able to upgrade their computers to the new specifics tion. (ommodorc s Andrew haft sas kits wiü fitter through to the market at any time. A fhst from System Solutions A LOW-COST, high quatity A4 flatbed scanner is the first Amiga product due from System Solutions (07S3 832212), a firm which is weü respected in the Atari ST community.

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Document sans nom NO DISK O VOUCHERS ‘l jJ JSJjjJ See your 4 newsagent Some things are worth waiting for... HiSoft Devpac 3 Devpac Version 3 is here at last. The two earlier versions of HiSoft Devpac for the Amiga set a standard in 68000 assembly language programming which was hard to surpass, but we think that we've done it. This new package has had a complete facelift, from the editor through to the debugger; in fact so many features have been added and improved that we feel confident in the claim that Devpac 3 is the ultimate assembly language development system on the Amiga ... for now!
The Editor A new multi-window editor with bookmarks, mouse block-marking, macros, complete window flexibility (including multi-views on one file), extensive user configuration and full integration with the other Devpac programs. The editor makes use of Workbench 2 or 1.3 automatically.
The Assembler Improved and extended, the Devpac 3 assembler is now at least 40% faster than its predecessor (without pre-assembly), supports the full 680x0 range of processors including the maths co-processors and has a tremendous number of switchable optimisations. With the ability to pre-assemble files for inclusion, it can now claim to be the fastest assembler on the Amiga.
SisYsmij the debugger supplied with both packages Highspeed Pascal lete control over the assembly process The Debugger Devpac 3 is provided with a versatile debugger disassembler for bug hunting and ease of learning. You can have as many views on your program as you like, including its source code; then set breakpoints, single-step instructions etc. even at a source code level.
Again, there is support for all the new processors and the floating point chips.
Devpac 3 comes complete with nil the necessary include files, a linker, many examples and a clear, helpful manual.
IB At last, a new Pascal compiler for your Amiga; Highspeed Pascal. Compiling at close to 20 (XX) lines per minute on a humble A500 and with a fully integrated environment (based oathe new HiSoft multi-window editor), Highspeed Pascal is the answer to your programming prayers.
The compiler is very close to the standard set by Turbo Pascal 5 on the PC and enables you to port programs directly from the PC or ST - even the BGI unit is provided for graphic compatibility. You can compile separate units, link with assembler or use the inline assembler provided and we also supply a special version of our 680x0 debugger which allows you to debug Pascal programs at a source code level.
The full Pascal language is supported including such worthy additions as structured constants, flexible string handling and absolute variables.
Highspeed Pascal comes complete with all the necessary files for working with the Amiga's operating system, a host of examples and a professional, ring-bound manual.
_IHHPBaT error detection is fully interactive HiSofI Devpac 3 (£69.95) and Highspeed Pasta! (£99.95) should be in your local computer shop soon. If you have difficulty locating a copy, you can order directly front HiSoft using Access Mastetcard, Visa, UK debit card (Switch etc.) or a cheque postal order. Mention this magazine when ordering to receive a free T-Shirt or mouse mat (offer Subject to availability).
¦I.. r*!TWV*» f uim I 9*% iMhCttW 1 Sir KtfO«* HI«r. HighSpeed Pascal is remarkably friendly and easy-to-use HiSoft Devpac 3 and Highspeed Pascal are just two of the products that we supply for your AMIGA Other titles include ProFhght.
HiSoh BASIC. ExtenO. SAS Lattice C 5 and HiSoft C. For more details contact us at - HiSoft. The Old School, Greenfield. Bedford MK455DE UK.
Tel: (0525) 718181, Fax: (0525) 713716.
HiSoft High Quality Software A5000maB5000 IS YOUR AMIGA STILL IN THE STONE AGE?
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design •
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster t
• Three models A5000-16 BS000-25 B5000-40 •
• THE MACHINES • A5000-16:16.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2 3
MIPS (8 MIPS peak) B500025: 2SOO Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP $ 6
MIPS (12 MIPS peak) B5000-40 40.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP
8-9 MIPS (18 MIPS peak) FPU 125 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous
MC68881RC or MC68882RC A5000-16 RAM: 4 Msaabytes of 32-oil RAM
256 x 4 80ns DRAMs B5000-2$ RAM 16 Megabytes of 32-bit RAM 1024
x 4 80ns ORAMs B5000-40 RAM 32 Megabytes of 32-frt RAM 1024 x 4
60ns ORAMs SHADOW ROM Move your Kickstart into 32-b.t
SUPER-FAST-Ram SOFTWARE 68000 Fallback mode tor 100% softwar*
compatibility hardware 100% Compatible with Amiga 500 2000 and
add-on cards interface i: Piygs into 68000 processor socket
inside your Amiga INTERFACE 2: A B2000 Co processor (Zwroll)
card (for B5000-40 only) 1661 (EwoIV BvyoduiO} t 6fu*v A5000-16
(Price includes I.Uh RA M) B5000-25 (Price includes I Mb RAM)
1) 5000-40 £116-2 (Price includes 4Mb RAM) (All prices inclusive
of VAT) Solid State Leisure Limited SO riNEOON Road,
irthlinoborouqh, Nqrtmants NN9 5TZ. TELEPHONE! (0933) 6506*1
EDITOR Pool Austin ART EDITORS Tymleday Torry Thiele
EDITOR Daniel Whitehead STAFFWRHER Jonathan Moddock AD MANAGER
Jane Conway SENIOR AD SALES SueHorse&d AD SALES John
Derbyshire Simon lees Ruth Priestley AD PRODUCTION Marlin
Childs Unde Thomas Sine Green Bnairfcjdd2c * Robert Matthews
CIRCULATION MGR OavidWraa WSTawnON ComaG ;6W5)-144055
SuiSCHHlONS 651-3572961 Amiga Newsline More new Amigas? Find
out in the best informed news columns .. Gallery
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Gareth Morgan shows you how it's done on page 20 Member or the Auoi* Bureau of Circulations PgfaUwd oy Lrop«w PuUi« io tt lid.
Europe Pork, Mxdwfwid 5*10 4NP Tat 0625 87&S8S fax: 0635 S7«66 PUBLISHER KchardWaHams ASSISTANT PUBUSHER Eddie MdCeacirick CHAIRMAN DorokMeokin MANAGING MRECTOft Peter Guer FINANCE CONTROiiER lon£W«lc Via agar A&igo Casfuoag coca* du vetoed hop on a patent ooa *»tf Oj fiacre a a wars- AL tcaw acqisci acud be v, . yv cv, r»‘-x b -.•- ? •Vy-, V
- -•» . TTT CTTTTT Si ; - TT - - j - Attoja a «" pvfrccooK
onaConxooxi A&mu jUooiecs Ifl ae aX j» c ai e kx oty c *e
O&w«» ki we if iv 00 a* SC BtJXBcd.
OlW2fxopwMfucfcatcc*Uc. « aa«o»ayb »«pKOX»c* wtcw cr e pa: msm wcsoc ponsuoe. Wbis awry am * M. r* awt u toe oyj, vjum iu ay tar. A aaM.
Pur&Rjss far slmcat lour yeori AMIGA Chmputmg twa been the loading augxcinc tor Anwja enmuiusts. As i key member at the £uropress meganne group, Acogo CctDftubtxj pcot&oc. La inform, edoaitc snd cntcrLMn to roidcn csch month wkh the most dedicated coverage of OxAmgiJMiliOle.
Am ga CompvUry uari ST viv K Today itu CMOtc Saoppcr • Toe Uicn Uief Ccats-J(«Am*9C Artion * S7 Acktf C aJi • Zopp • Sega fotu Compxer Trade Xtoif Competition Dont miss out on our massive multimedia giveaway ACAS Technical help for the desperate and just plain old confused Rock Lobster 162 Irrelevant or irreverant?
Either way its fun -------------- Wannabees Absolute beginners The first in a series for new Amiga Big bad CAD Multilingual Amiga A learning package that speaks in m tongues? Paul Austin takes a look. 1 *4 THE COVERDISK Stewart C Russell concludes his two-part m -y feature on computer-aided design .43 Bet all you like on our great fruit machine simulator - you won't lose your shirt 131 57 135 AmiBase Professional 2 ShadowMaker The best Amiga shareware Add drop, cast and round database - ideal for all - shadows to your fonts in a your data needs! Matter of seconds Super-Duper
AddTools Ultra fast copier and for- Customise your WB2 tools matter, with easy-to-use menu with this mouse controi handy utility Master of disguise Can your Amiga really pretend its an IBM 286AT? ... Check out the latest upgrades and m •m updates to your favourite packages ..3 I Artistic acumen A dedicated animation package with a whiff of the Disneys about iL. . Margaret Stanger looks at the best Amiga assembly language package Devpac3 i i iHj j_ llM' ffTI Btf Ml IMM 1U J THE ANSWER TO YOUR DISK DUPLICATION PROBLEMS J SYNCRO EXPRESS IS A HIGH SPEED
J Synero Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a sieve device & ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
J Menu driven selection of Start Track End Track up to 90 tracks. Ideal for clubs, user groups or your own disks.
- 1 Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge. The most
powerful Disk Copier ever conceived.
J Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, ST etc. No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
J Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
Now with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO” MODE that actually synchronise your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!!
_J Can be switched OUT when not in use - totally transparent. Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*.
In use - total!
MANY NEW FEATURES INCLUDING... RES INCH DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now you can check the speed of your drives ¦ DFO-DF3. Easy and very accurate.
Disk Tools • Fast Format, File Copy, Ram Disk, DISK TOOLKIT - Synero III now in Disk Rename, Hard Drive File Cep; eludes a range of Dii y etc., etc. Easy to uso.
If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a DIGITAL DISPLAY Drive for ONL Y... .hi WARNING Datol ElodroroCS lid., neither condones nor authorises the use of It's products lor the reproduction ot copyright material | PLEASE STATE AMIGA 500* 1QOO * 15OO 2OOO 3000 WHEN ORDERING 1988 The backup facilities of thi5 product are designed to reproduce only software JUCh as PuW c Domain material, the users I COPYRIGHT o n programs Of software where permission to make backups has been dearly given It IS illegal to make copes, even ACT ,or yMr own u8®' °* copyright
material, without the givan permission of the Oopynght owner, or the Ucencee thereof DATEL LONDON SHOP £ a
taehniquae enable up lo 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now
sevos directly to as Amiga Dos - reloads independently of the
cartridge • even traneler to hard drive! Works with up to 2
Mags of Ram - avail 1 Mag Chip Mam |FatUr Agnus).
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE now with DEEP trainer. Even better then before • allows you to generate mere or oven Infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode lo get you past that impossible’ level. Easy lo use.
B IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR Tha full Sprite Editor allows you to view modlty the whole sprite set including any ’attached' sprites.
• VlNuS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features to protect your software investment. Works with all
presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built Into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superlast, efficient disk cppipr program at the pres* ol g key • no more welting.
SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO OISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved ta disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE • Useful for removing ugly border* when using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips).
SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can alow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable Irom full speed to 20% Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS . like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc. B RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
IB FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press ot a key now you can view tho Machine statu«, Including Fe»t Rem, Chip Ram, RamPtfk, Drive Status, ote.
• pOWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate end search for
scroene throughout momory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status 'overlay* shows all the
Information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comas close to ottering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen pregrams!!
JOYSTICK HANDLER ¦ S. allows tho usee to select Joystick instead of Keypresses • very useful for many keyboard programs.
J' With Sc Saves in ft
• AUTOF From the i cantinuoui ~ With t' disk from useful for & to
• DISK M Invaluable & etc. Disk C aN limes.
iscnfiill MUSIC SOUND TRACKER S. With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demo*,etc. And save them tg disk, Saves in format suitable for most track player program*. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen
you can now set up autotire from 0 to 100%. Just Imagine
eentinuaua fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for
that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
B DISKCOOER With tha new 'OftkCAder' Option you can now tag' your disks with a unique code Ihsi will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone els«. Tagged disks will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP ¦ allows you to LoadVava Edit a Keymep.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has ecreen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your eereens to suit your taste.
Very simple to uee.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
Information in eaey to understand format. Full modify save
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT - including compressed smnll character command.
B DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection ot DOS commands available at all limes • DIR, FORMAT, COPY. DEVICE.
FILE REQUESTOR - If you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor is displayed.
B OISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button - taster than Dos Copy. Ni all limes.
F to load Workbench • available at PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS - including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
B BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO er DF1 can be selected as the beet drive when working with AMIGA Dos disks, usaluf to be able to boot Irom your external drive.
• Full M680GO Assembler. Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load
Save block • Write String to memory • Juinp to specific address
• Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture • Pity esldent sample
• Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
command • Full search feature Unique Custon Chip Editor
allows you to see and modify all chip registers.
Iven write only registers • Notepad • Disk handling • show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. • Dynamic BreakpolnViandling WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING OwK riKVonc* Itt nrrtw ccnxnr* ray rirftxart hr M 01 if* (Kdxtt to- hr ’rpwUcwri cl OofvVI Tit* Moi* tester ol tr« pxxljd »i* (MiJ'tC » -*cr0C)O cny WlM t lit* it PuOfc Oenan turn I-* utm c*" yogrrtM y KlMr« »»• • 04‘hmw ho irat run bnn crwrty Ui umiuumi a fojt cw- um cr cctirrVi mMtftii Mhy r» oqxera Strrmur a Hr trergN eaner or h» «xrtM T«Kf
• Show memory as HEX, ASCH, Assembler, Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now wtth suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 A F AAR Ilia N E W LOW P R 1 1 C E S POWER COMPUTING PC880B POWER DRIVE £1799 £49 95 £159 £29 95 £40 £299 I £9 95 ' AMIGA 500 NEW A500 + , 1 MB, Kick$ tartV2, enhanced chip set Amiga 500512K Amiga 500 1 MB Amiga 500 2MB Amiga 500 1 MB - Hard Disk
• Back-up your disks at lightning speed
• Copies from theinternalto the external drive
• Backs-up an Amiga disk in as little as 40 seconds
• Backs-up other format disks (Atari, PC)
• Copies up to three external drives at once
• Stops ALL external drives from clicking
• Contains ANTI-VIRUS switch! - prevents viruses from being
written into the bootblock
• Works on Amiga 500 or 2000 £25 Original Blitz £15
• Built-in Blitz hardware copier
• Built-in virus blocker
• No annoying click when drive is empty
• 12 month warranty £69 95 The only company to make the dual
drive Quite simply, the best all rounder' Amiga Shopper Best
Buy April 91 New Dual 3-5* Drive with built-in power supply,
same features as PC880B £119-00 NEW BLITZ AMIGA A500
Replacement Internal Drive DUAL DRIVE PC880 Drive (Anti-click)
£399 £330 £350 £395 20MB Internal £600 A500,1MB. 52MB GVP Hard
Disk £799 Packs do not irclpde software unless specifically
slated 1-5MB Expansion Board £79 FULLY SUPPORTS 1MB CHIP RAM
MOST BOARDS DON'T Plugs easily into your Amiga* $ 12K RAM Card
without clock £24 512K RAM Card with clock £29 ’ Fully
complliDlew'lh'Fxuef Agnus' and 1MB Chip RAM X ckturi 1 3 and
above, simple internal luting I Plugs in the side slot i Fully
auto-config »Full thru' port Expand 2MB - 8MB Plug in & go
operation . .JH 8MB A500 RAM BOARD MEMORY £CALL V Our new RAM
board is designed specially for the new A500 plus computer and
comes with 1MB of RAM on board to expand your memory to 2MB of
Chip RAM!
• 1 MB RAM expansion for A500+
• Plug in and go operation - fits into thetrapdoor
• No need to open the computer
• Gives you a total of 2MB Chip RAM!
£POA Hard wearing dust cover £9 Philips colour monitor Mkll £249 KCS PC Power Board £235 Atonce £169 Atonce A2000 £199 Floppy disk jmin quantity 50) £0-34 each MaxellmulticQiourdisk(iO) £995 Golden Image Optical Mouse £39 Power Mouse £15
• A tough replacement pad for your optical mouse
• Strong plastic backing stops creasing
• High resolution grid gives precision mouse movement Replacement
optical mouse mat £9 95 PC501 Plus RAM Card for the A500 + GVP
• 24 Bit colour board OPTICAL MOUSE
• High speed controller
• Upto8MBRAMon board
• Easy to install
• Fully autobooting
• Compatible with GVP and ICO
• Nexus software Bare with 2MB of RAM £199 52QMBwith2MBof RAM
£339 114MB NEC 20ms £449
• 68030 with 68882 co-processor 22MHz Combo with 1 MB of RAM £599
33MHz Combo with 4MB of RAM £1299 50MHzCombowith 4MB of RAM
£1799 Hard Drive Mount Kit Combo board £39 95 Simm32x1 £69
Simm32x4 £249
• High speed‘FaastROM'controller
• Upto8MBSimmRAMon board
• Fully autobooting
• Supports external SCSI devices Bare with 2MB RAM £209
52MBwith2MBRAM £339 105MB with 2MB RAM £539 200MB with 2MB RAM
£939 256Kx4DRAM £5 1MB x1 DRAM £5 1MB x 8 Simm £30 4M8x8Simm
£150 8372 Fatter Agnus £39 A3000 Static Column RAM £24
• Accelerator board
• 50MHz
• Up to 32MB of RAM
• For Amiga 2000 £1699 Icomes with 4MB) GVP Series 2 Hard Card
• Up to 8MB
• 2MB fitted 6 8 0 4 0 CHIPS All p*ic*i iHludt VAT, delivery jnd
ait sut*td!0 Chang*. Specific**** We subyeci io chang* without
no«e Men day (W.very M50 IU.K martlihd (Wyl D*ate» enquires
welcome POWER COMPUTING LTD Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road
Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel; 0234843388
Fax: 0234840234 rC«tCO«ru'W UU MOOlliOwli »WUi
m»is»MMM.rfcX!UM2«n» ziinniMimuu. Faxwujoi tu.iii4M70im:*i.»mi.
faxiuummu NewsE AMIGA.
COMPUTING "C Classic Amiga under development By John Butters the second half of the year. Spokesman for Commodore UK, Andrew Ball, said: “I'm not going to comment on any new computers in the Amiga range. So much changes so quickly - the future is vapour- ware."
However, hints of a new machine in this area of the range have been given recently by top personnel from the manufacturer's Maidenhead office.
Industry experts say the Classic will be part of a new generation of Amigas. A new high-end computer called the A4000 is expected to run from a 68040 and be the first of these machines.
A NEW Amiga with the development name Amiga Classic is set to bridge the gap between the A2000 and A3000 later this year, says a source close to Commodore US.
Officials at the firm refuse to admit its planned release, although Amiga Computing can reveal many of the Classic's specifications.
Based on a 68020 processor, it will come with two megabytes of memory, 16- bit sound and the latest operating system.
An internal hard drive will be fitted as standard.
A monitor will be supplied and it looks “similar but slightly smaller’ than the top- end A3000. Price is expected to be fixed below £2,000 and it could hit Britain in PRICE is the only disagreement being voiced over our exclusive news story in January about the new baby Amiga, the A300.
A likely price for the console-beating Amiga seems to be £299, although figures as low as £250 are being talked about within the industry. No software is expected to be bundled with the machine.
While Commodore remain quiet on confirming the machine, developers writing to the online service CiX hit out at Imagine joins Mercury A COPY of Impulse Software's ray tracing program Imagine version 2 is now being supplied free with Progressive Peripherals and Software's Mercury accelerator.
Mercury i a 68040 hoard running at 33MHz on 3000s. Up to 32 megabytes of memory can be added and unpopulated it costs S2,599.95. The Denver-based company can Ik* contacted on 010 I 303 82.5 4144.
Amiga Computing for reporting the computer before it was announced by the giant.
The closest the firm have come to opening up on their plans for the A300 came when their sales director Kelly Sumner told our sister publication, the trade newspaper Computer Trade Weekly: "We will be expanding our range of Amigas".
He said there would be two new products but added that neither will be available in the first half of the year.
Compatible laptop ready A300 for as litfle as £250?
FREQUENT travellers are to be offered the first Amiga-compatible laptop computer in the next few weeks, which is being advertised in the American computer press.
Developed by Kansas-based Newer Technology (010 I 316 685 4904), the Model 10 is fitted with two megabytes of memory.
Workbench 1.3 or 2.0, AmigaDOS ROMs, a floppy drive, standard 86-pin expansion bus and a liquid crystal display.
Add-ons are to include an external 40 meg hard drive, internal 20 meg hard disk and memory upgrades up to 8 meg.
Depending on its configuration the Model 10 weighs in between three and six pounds and measures 11.7in x 8.3in x 2in.
Newer Technology were unavailable for comment on the length of operation available from Uie batten' or UK availability .
Supplier of the machine, Briwall (010 1 215 683 5661) hope to sell it for less than USS2,000.
Snews New OS goes mid-range LAST year the Amiga was once again Britain's best selling home computer. More than 250,000 machines were sold.
In the last six months of the year 198,000 Amigas were passed to dealers, representing an increase of 39.4 per cent over the same period last year.
But Commodore bosses predict that sales are going to climb even higher this year, despite tough economic conditions and games consoles continuing to take a larger share of the market.
The firm's sales director Kelly Sumner forecasts that a figure of 300,000 will be topped.
"In a recession-hit Britain, the Amiga 500 has achieved phenomenal Christmas sales and will reach an installed base of one million soon," predicted Commodore boss UPDATES to the Amiga family have continued this month with the A1500 and A2000 now running from the improved operating system.
Workbench 2.04 and Kickstart 2 are included with both computers.
Unlike the A500, neither have been rebadged as a Plus and are now selling from dealers nationwide.
Meanwhile, owners of older Aniigas will soon be able to upgrade their computers to the new specification. Commodore's Andrew Hall says kits will filter through to the market "at any time”.
Prices are to be less than £-80 but people requiring the Super Denise chip will meet higher charges Firms line up for I 6-bit show AS show organiser Westminster Exhibitions put the finishing touches to their 5th International 16-bit Computer Show, details of new Amiga products expected to be shown have become available.
Enthusiasts interested in upgrading their machine should look out for the IQLR-500 Tower System which is due to Ik* demonstrated for the first time by Checkmate Digital Holding the A500 motherboard, it is supplied with a separate keyboard, internal tan, power supply and key lock for security.
Checkmate also plan to launch an enhanced graphics card capable of displaying more than 16 million colours on the computer at a resolution of 768 x 580, as well as the ability to overlay standard Amiga graphics.
Also of interest to Amiga owners Will be Precision Software - Oxxi. 1 he company will show their Superbase database as well as products front their American parent, Oxxi.
Other firms lining up to support the Amiga family are Power Computing. Surface UK, HiSoft, GFA Data Media and a variety of education and leisure software houses.
As we went to press more than 160 firms were set to attend and the organisers forecast attendance to top 35,000.
Free guide for buyers Amiga continues as best seller Stephen Franklin. "The Amiga has proved once again that the smart money is spent on computers rather than the limited scope of games consoles."
Meanwhile, CDTV player sales were less than the firm had anticipated earlier in the year. Commodore say that it has an installed user-base in the UK of between 15,000 and 17,000.
But Franklin is confident of a massive improvement this year. "The CD-ROM drive for the Amiga is going to be very, very important and I think that this product will make the market for CDTV really come alive," he said.
"In a very short period of time any developer or publisher will be looking at a user base of 100,000 in the UK alone."
A first from System Solutions A LOW-COST, high quality A4 flatbed scanner is the first Amiga product due from System Solutions (0753 832212), a firm which is well respected in the Atari ST community.
Coiourscan 3000 has a resolution ranging from three to 300 dots per inch - selectable in steps of 3dpi - and can handle line art, halftones and colour photographs.
A white lamp ensures colour and tone graduation is even and natural, with colour accuracy being maintained with automatic white calibration and an optic test before every scan.
Bundled with Coiourscan 3000 is an interface to connect it to the Amiga.
Cost: £1,495.
SOFTWARE and hardware buyers can now select products with the help of a 64-page colour catalogue just published by Silica Systems.
Listing every product in the firm's Amiga line, it gives a brief description of each and includes some screenshots and illustration. For a free copy of the guide call Silica on 081-309 1111.
ICD prites cut IN A "recession beating" move, peripheral manufacturer ICD Incorporated (010 1 815 968 2228) have announced lower prices on nearly all of its Amiga products.
"We must be true to our motto,” said Thomas Harker, president of ICD Incorporated. "ICD offers the best product, at the best price with the best support. Two out of three is not good enough for us. We intend to be market leaders."
Quick to respond to moves on the other side of the Atlantic, ICD's UK distributor Power Computing (0234 843388) immediately dropped their prices. Examples of the new prices are Flicker Free Video becomes £199, Novia 20i drops to £199 and Novia 40i £325.
Software that's out of this world LATER this year Europress Software (0625 859333), publisher of the best-selling Fun School education software, are to release a new label.
For children aged 11 to 14 years old, ADI is set for an April launch and will centre around an extra terrestrial character of the same name.
Titles will include maths, English, French and science.
Professional printing AN AmlGA-specific printing bureau has been formed for users needing to output files to film or paper.
The company, equipped with A3000s and an Image Setter, is able to print nearly all types of Amiga file within a day of receipt. Prices start at £4 for an A4-page.
B J Print and Graphics are at 19 Winsu Avenue, Paignton TQ3 1QG.
They can be telephoned on 0803 666003.
Speed for theap hard drives BUILDING on their DataFlyer line of low cost SCSI controllers, Expansion Systems have introduced a new tor IDE and AT types of hard disk.
The controllers share features found in the company's DataFlyer SCSI line hut have data transfer rates faster than any SCSI drive and the ability to use lower cost IDE drives.
In addition to speed, DataFlyer IDE has easy formatting software, mouse button game switch, Sjquest auto- diskchange and.Amaxll-com- patahility.
Controllers are available for A500, A1000, A1500 and A2000s and each accepts an optional plug-on DataFlyer RAM card to add up to eight megabytes of memory to the system.
DataFlyer IDE costs £99.95 for A2000S and £199.95 for other Amigas from Hard Cache Sales (071-704 1614). Price for unpopulated DataFlyer RAM is £149.95. INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE FOR THE 1990s picture book Money Matters Target Maths Target Maths is a suite of four cleverly designed educational programs that are such fun to play they make children want to come hack for more. Aimed at children and Rational Curriculum targets, they are fun for everyone - even adults. The targets specifically cohered are listed in the programs.
ELIMINATOR: Probably the most challenging way to practise tables ever - ATI Lor! 3 end AH. Lari 4 NUMBER FACTS: Explore numbers aad discover their properties, then play the game - ATS. Lari 5 SCALE FACT OR: Learn to read rulers and other scales with confidence - A T2. Level 4 SLIDER: A computer version of Snakes and Ladders, with a difference - ATI. Level 6 and ATS. Level 5 Confusion eliminated!
Cfcfldren Iearn lower case before capital letters. To cnsnfc that they arc Hot confused by the capitals on a keyboard. Pictnrc book is supplied with two FREE keyboard overlays.
They both convert year keyboard to lower case - yon choose whether to retain the usual qwerty arrangement or use an alphabetical one.
[qw oTTplqbe dV roSTT!
'cid'jhlk l rmngpq ' "z j c y b n 2 3 2 on'.rr vftA ottf coOn wins!
R o * ’ •' • rabbi spell it “picture book" is a fabulous und friendly welcome to computers, it is the ideal first software package for any child taking them from touching their first key to see what happens right through to elementary spelling and counting.
This suite of four colourful programs all use superb pictures and great sounds to keep children happy for hours as they learn.
Alphabet book: An animated electronic version of a child's first abc book. Children love exploring the keyboard, seeing the pictures and learning the words spoil it This enjoyable introduction to spelling has two levels. Beginners can first learn how to spell the words then move to the more challenging test level, count 'em: Using a variety of different pictures children have great fun learning to count. With three levels children will soon master the numbers up to nine, snap: Afl entertaining educational vefStOH of the popular game. It's for up to three players and has three levels: match
pictures to pictures, words or letters: “ I loved Picture Rook."
Computer Shopper “Educationally sound and user friendly.*
- Amiga Shopper “Make sure they get this. **
- Early Tunes Recommended for ages: 2 to 5 shows. He gives them
lots of help if it’s needed.
Piggy Bank: Toothy thinks of a number of pence and knows exactly which coins add up to it.
Children have to work out what he’s thinking of and press the coins on the keyboard.
Fwzy Pop: Knowing bow to calculate the correct change is important when you’re shopping.
Fizzy sells sweets - children have to help him give the correct coins as change “Exceptions! Value for money."
Micro Computer Mart “Colourful and imaginative software."
- Computer Shopper “It 15 fan and very educational."
- StUNN!
Money Matters has been carefully designed by teachers to help children to progress from their first encounter with coins right through the early stages of the National Curriculum.
Children using Money Matters will learn how to recognise coins, how Id Use them in simple contexts, how they can solve problems involving different sums of money and more especially AT2 (number) levels 2. And3.
Cozmo's Coins: Here's a clown who knows the name of every British coin from i p to £2. He wants to to make sure that all children do too.
Cozmo really makes discovering currency fun.
Boingy: Adding coins together is Boingy's speciality. He asks children tc try to find the Recommended for ages: 2 to 11 The keyboard overlay Money Matters conies with an easily fitted keyboard overlay to help childrcn build op their coin recognition skills. They can now answer questions by pressing the appropriate coin rather than be limited by the design of a normal keyboard. .
The overlay can easily be removed when it's not needed.
S*"*u " C ? S JJ S Vi» 9 i s 3 * £ 7o 7p i3p what change do I gve?
§ pence given tome for these UA solid workhorse with some flair, originality and a straightforward objective “ - The Micro User “You will discover that Maths can be FUN!" - STUNN!
Recommended for ages: 6 to 13 Recommended for ages: 7 to 99 DataWord PRICES DataWord is id rally suited to many tasks in the National Curriculum that demand the use of a Database.
And that's nor all! Dai award is also a simple-io-asc word processor and ii has a powerful record linking system that giving many more uses too: It's a really flexible cross-curricular piece of software.
An :dc3i introduction to the world of Ds Acrd can be used zs a word ? Comes complete with FIVE fascinating technology. PfOceSSoftoo! Example files.
? Designed wrh ease of use a? A priority. •'Tee built-in card linking system ?Comes complete with two FREE ? Fulfils nwrv of the needs for 3 comers DataWord into an electronic lower ca?c keyboard overlays - you database in the National CumculrnL programmed learning book, quiz game can have the keys in alphabetical order ? Works jus like a card rrxk.v oe a multiplocboicc tester if you prefer.
“It's a wordprocessor and database but it also has the added advantage of being a multiple choice question tester, quiz game and more.* - Micro Computer Mart Amiga. ST. Archimedes.
A3000 & PC BBC & C64 PA" Disc BBC Master Compact & CPC Disc.
Electron. BBC.
Spectrum. C64 & CPC Tape £19.95 £14.95 £15.95 £12.95 SPECIAL OFFER Buy any two of these superb products directly from us and you can deduct £10 from the total price!
4 The Triple R range.... An absolute essential for parents that consider education important.” - Micro Gmputer Marl 4 Triple R Education is a new company masterminded by Peter Davidson, the Design and Project .Manager of the award winning Fun School 2 - and it show s.” - Amiga Shopper
* Where it is needed a keyboard overlay is provided. These are
very hardwearing.” - STL'S'.Y 4 This is by far the most fun and
educational set of programs I have seen.” - Micro Computer Mart
I ’ tvt.
1 Triple ‘R’Education, 1 Percy Street, Sheffield, S3 8AU, England.
And wc arc adding free of duogc our own Priam Sana Kii *29 with every Cituai primer.
A 200 SlKW Quality Paper
* 200 Sbccth CcnBBBWS Paper Hr 200 Tractor Feed Address Labels 12
Metre Amiga Pnnier Cabk With ibis ku your printer is ready to
- no more to buy-ju« plugin.
NEW DELUXE PAINT III TUTOlt VIDEO Learn to get the best from NEW Deluxe Paint HI. This video shows you how to design and execute your own Animations, Titles and so much more in aStep-by-Step, Easy-to-Follow way- Amiga Advanced Systems Programmer, Guide .. £2805 Amiga Applications---------£16.45 Amiga Assembly Language Programming..
- £1145 _£17.95 Amiga BaSIC Inside & Out .. Amiga for Begmncrs-
..£1245 Amiga C for Beginners _ Amiga C Ur Advanced
Programmers--- Amiga Cutupauoo---- Amiga Desktop Video...
- £15.95
- £28.95
- £14.95 _£I6.95 Subjects covered include: ? Screen Painting ?
Zoom ? Colours ? Working with Text and Fonts ? Stencils ?
Perspective ? Animation ? Video Titling etc, etc. Amiga
DesJuopYtdeo Guide...
- £15.95 Amiga Desktop Vxlco Workbook with Dak-
- £28.95 Amiga Dtsk Dnvo Inside & Out--£24.45 Amiga DOS a Dabhand
Guide-----£13.95 Amiga DOS Inside A Out ...... Amiga DOS
KcIoczkc Guide 2nd Edition--------- Amiga DOS Reference Guide
3rd Edition--------- £15.95 CITIZEN 124D Lowest Cost 24 Pin
Letter Quaky Printer Audition Special Deal with Surter Kit
yea: guarantee, you save £127
- £17.95 ..-£8.95
- £28.95 Amiga DOS Quick Reference------ Amiga Graphics 1nude it
Out.. .-£20.95 £13.95 £28.95 Amiga Hardware Reference Guide _
Amiga Machine Language _ Amiga Printers Inside ii Out.. Amiga
Programmer, Guide ....
- £16.95 Amiga Programmers Handbook Voi I ...£23.95 Amiga
Ptogrunmen Handbook Vol 2....£22.95 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref.
Manual: Lits & Devs_____________________£28.95 Amiga ROM Kanci
Superb Value At ONLY £18.99 ino Post & Pocking "I was a little sceptical about the chances of taking a complete beginner to such artistic heights but I must admit to being wrong" AMIGA COMPUTING, September 1991.
CITIZEN 224D Lowest Cost 24 Pin Letter Quality COLOUR Printer Audition Special Deal wuh Suner Kit £259.09 | PLUS FREE SEXT WORK1SG DAY DELIVERY!!
And full 2 year guarantee, you save £117 _£27.95
- £2855 Amiga System Programma’aGwdc.. Amiga 3D Graphics
Programming in BASIC---------------- £16.45 AdvtfKQ? Acuga
BASIC___ --£16.45 Bccommg an Arnica AruK________£15.95
Beginners Guide to the Amiga_______£14.95 Tbe Best Amiga Tncka
and Tips with Disk------- ..£23.95 £13.95 £12.45 £14.45 £14.45
Desktop Video Production Elementary Amiga BASIC ftrxt Book of
the Amiga... CITIZEN SWIFT 9 Colour High Spec. 9 Pin with 4
Fonts and 240x240 dpi graphics....JLR.P. £280.83 I Colour
Kil-------„ -------------„R,RJ . £44.65 Suner
Kn____________________________ JULP. £29.95 Second Book of the
All OUR AMIGA PRICES INCLUDE SEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY NEW Amiga Pta 1 Meg Cartoon CU»io Pack A500 Amiga 1Mb Ram Computer. Built-in 1Mb Disk Dnvc. Mouse, A520 TV Modulator. Power Supply.
Workbench 2.0, Extras. Tutorial Disks PLUS Lemmings. The Simpsons. Capua Punet, Deluxe Paint ID and all Manuals aod Lead* ONLY _____________ £34909 By arrangement with NEWBURY DaTa we arc pleased to be able to oner ooe yCaft 66-site numtcnaooe for any Amiga 500 purchased from os fOT Che email oim of £30.
- £49999 FREE Welcome. A Guide to CDTV.
Worth .. _______£34.95 ERFF 1 i-mmmjrt An V QiSSJC Game.
Get the Most Out of Your Amiga___£9.95 Get the Moot Out of Your Amiga
* 2 Disks__________________£1305 Inside the Amiga with C
----£19.95 Inside Amiga Graphite--------------£14.45 Kids and
the Amiga - Aged 8-80.----£13.95 Making Munc oo the Amiga with
Disk _£2».95 Mapping the Amiga £18.95 Miacring Amiga
DOS 2 - Volume 1 witbDuk £20.95 Tool Value £355.43 | AudUion
SpcCwi Deal with FREE Starter Kit___________________£220.90 |
PLUS FREE SETT WokklSG DaY DELIVERY and full 2 year guarantee,
you save £145 FREE Hutctanwn's Encyclopedia Worth .£49.99 Plus
FREE Infa-Red Remote Control Plus Extra Spocul AudiUOQ FREE
Deal an 88 Key Qwcry Keyboard worth £49.95 of an External 3-5"
Disk Drive worth £52.95 Mowing Amiga DOS 2 - Votes? 2 £17.45
1,'siag D?lu. c Paint - Second Edition. £18.95 Programming the
680OO__ ...£22.95 68000 Assembly Language
Programming_________ _ £21.95 CITIZEN SWIFT 24E |Sk'0,N| Colour
for Perfect Quality Text and 360x360 dpi
graphics ... JLR J . SA26M I Colour Kit
.RJLP. £44.65 Starter Kit
---------------------.RJLP. £29.95
C. D.T.V. SOFTWARE SALE GYP Hard Pitres & fgriafagafa 52Mb
HD8+Hard Drive.. ..£369.99 ..1554.99
- £279.95 lOSMbHDS* Hard Dnvc..... Commodore A590- 20Mb..
129. 99 £24.99 A Bus foe Barney------- Barney Bear Goes to
School.. AKBMrioPart Top Quality 40 Disk Holder, 10 Best
Quality Disks with Labels. Quality Mouse Mai.
Mouse Holder. Tailored Mooogfaflimed Dufl Cower-----------------Special Pax £19.99 EXTRA SPECIAL PRICE IF BOUGHT WTTH .ANY AMIGA------------------.£17.99 »7999 .. ..£24.99 _ £i494 IQ unrated Works of Shakespeare ------ ...£29.99 Illustrated Holy Bible.... World Vata Allas--- Mauc Maker_________ _£29.99
- X45.99 Simply open your plastic nbbOA CMC. Spray over the
ribbon, replace the lid add leave for 24 hours.
BETTER THAN A NEW RIBBON Guaranteed - Resiorca dozem of nbboos to new for just____________________________________£11.99
- £503.48 Total Value.. Audition Special Deal with FREE Saner
Kit--------------------£299w PLUS FREE SEXT WORKING DAY
DEUVEKLX1 and full 2 year guarantee, you save £225
- £29.99 New Basics Scarce ic Cookbook Gaideo Fax Indoor
Plants-- ..129.99 ..129.99 Top Quality Amiga Colour Ekat Coven.
Mooogremmed and wxh Bound Edges.
Protect Your iBvotment fa 99 £4.99 __£a.99 £499
• 4 M „£750 £4.99 _____£4.99 £499 (i 99 . £949
- 19.99
- 17.49
- 19.49 £14.99 £999 Qucksbot Python Turt» ID... Garden Fax
Garden Plants.
Qckkihoi 3 MsaoSwucbcd - QSI37F _ QekksholDigsUlApache i -QS131 Qtxkthot Kgtignp i • OS129F- Quktaitt Game Can Qsli&F..., Fwplay Black- Time Table of History-Science and Innovation---
- £32.99 Time Table of History - Business. Politics A
Media____________ £3199 STAR PRINTERS | STAR LC20
Mono--------------.£149.99 I | STAR LC-200
Colour__________________ £209.991 STAR LC24 200
Mono__________________ £259.99 STAR LC24 2W Colour
------£299.99 j All Star Printers are supplied with FREE Amiga
connecting cable, plug and ribbon etc and all ready to go to
CoaprtiboB Pro 5000 Kooix Speedkmg Ado _ Zpxick Sr erpro Auto... _£ll49 .11199 Vohaace Delta 3A Analogue, ideal for HigS Sauhfox 114.95 TtojaaPbmLijtaGoB__£34.99 Kobu Mega Pack • Specdktng Joytuck pins 4 top Cofauflot Gmes--£19.99 SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER 1 Kocux Spccdung Joystick. 1 Mig 19 Soviet Fighter. I BMX Smubdnr. 1 Pro Teams. 1 Treasure Island Dizzy SpcoalPad.fi** £19.99 Sega Mcgadnvc £119.95 Sega Garocgcar--------------- £94.95 Aun Lynx n £74.95 COMMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR AMSTRAD CUMANA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSHA ABACUS ST S£. DIGITA PANASONIC JVC MITSUBISHI
EPSON CANON TOSHIBA HEWLETT PACKARD GOLDSTAR ZYDEC J'J2.09 JVJjdrjj£|hi We have now moved to a 1066 Sq ft Superstore, I packed with Computer Hardware and Software | and invite ail our customers and friend* old andl new to pay us a visit Make a day of it, in one of | England* loveliest Old Towns ..£259 ii 9 .....ill59 £5.99 .16.99 £239.99 icc icaOs £14519 &S9
- £11.99 £7.99
- £25.99. ..i29.95
- £19.95
- £145.00 Cumana CAX354 Disk Drives £52.99 Kxd Wad* v2£i_.
Scribbk FhCintni- PaPil-------- £ 59 £5955 £6959 £4559 NEW Wociwartb vl.l frocnKjota.
- £2959 _£4655 Mxvu Bcwoa T«wbc» ... CcUDakOf&c--------- M5959
£3259 Home Account* Horae Aaounb 2
- £2059
2. 99 Horae Tikcr by xsao(t...
- £2359 Syuem 3 ... 3-DCtdbffu.tubKit------ _£1?959
...£16999 £33.95 Easy fit PC raiulaloc Boaa! Iis trapdoor on
underside________ Adaptor for 15OCV2O0Q 3CO0 ..
....£199.99 £69.99 mu For Home. Hmum. Edxtaa. Dca£& & Leisure,
nna: 'aim 1Mb Rxa. Tv« Dak Drr.es ard Scptfaie Keyboard and CPU
eaeat A2C00.
SocntxcpackacluSu: Tbe Wory, - ftAtam Sjecadiiee Dcafuv.. Word Pracestor mi Comms Pactaje.
DcLiae Pat IE Art Package. Horae Aceounw mi 3 Top ftirnifc- Tdo rfid Of. Hus book *- 9' ‘Get Inc VtoiOutofYaiAauja" Software at abase------------£599.99 Wile Commodore l&iS Stereo Monitor .....££34.99 Win fticpt CMK33 Stereo Monwe________£354199 All ISCtf* era be suppLedf*cM«y fitted rad se»K lwj2i tic followcg cxtas: Bhdgcaarals. Tied Drives. Prices*. Rags Expasuocuete.
I Otutcta Haro Dpac wub Mkrcooca turd friuc A Gxutt&f ... ...£33959 _&99 £24.99
- £14.99
- £2459 .
- WJJX‘2 . „_£24.» ..£13.99 .£1359 .. .£!& »
i'lAOO _. .£1699 .....l!4« .....f!6 W d £ !J
• IS 66 I Mk« (GCSB
i) X66
- ...»-~£l8.99 ....£18,99 £1799 .’1X46 .....£1X06 £899 I
frrt Fuc 5C0* Cat 'riisw ...... £K99 £k-» .‘1X66 L Mk--.
Alvc=iuiv‘ 6-14 yaa------------... £19.99 cadt
aidiraxul 2Mb Ram... Risy £x Dctiil* ed Laical Quote.
M . kxr n'cma.vc. a-ur uawm * au isooi AamEmi_ DdcrPaoliQ- LecSpLdtkcc t Turtle _ 'fL,. FULLY GUARANTEED BULK DISKS r DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE DENSITY 135 ? Ceroned - USBRAKDED LSI ALLY SONY, TDK or MITSUBISHI etc ALL DISKS ARE GUARANTEED AND SUWUEDWTTH LABELS DO NOT CONFUSE WITH INTERIOR UNCERTIFIED 20 DSDD 135 (pi £5.49 25 DSDD135 rpa £9.99 5C.DSDD135tpilS.49 100 DSDD 135 tp £33-99 _200 DSDD 135 tpi £64.99_ SPECIAL OWEJt - Any purcW.- of 50 Ksks Of ffioi e vifl Kticitase SONY El 500 ffijh Qutety Yrico Tapci u £2.49 _No Rcuraaion on faultily_ 20 Socy Branded Double Sided. Double Density
Disk* in fnpovcr top rigid plastic case, ideal Chnstrraa present - .- ..-£12-99 Rltk Boio.
10 Fhp Top Duk Holder 99p Pllipi CmiS33 Mk D b&XuU*. Raaiaac.
Twin Speaker Stereo camptac v-t all Lcaii 10& Oac Yea cn-suc Wacamy wsti rKS FIS State r fsc Saaulaior-----------------£229-99 Cocaaocorc IciS4S Motmcc HijD Rcwwrwr.. Twib Spcwc; Stereo me Laa ... £2295*9 Ptilifa iS' fit CiiOc TVAfcxuicc Mooar laps *iuc* High Qualify MoLura RcauluUA PLUS MAW&k&M of Remote CoatmJ FaHTcu TY me Ieoh-£26959 !Wo Box DrawType Box - On oc sucked tvccaccuJly or v«KiIly - Kcito 150 Duka..... Disk labels Foot Assoeted Cotous 60 foe _ £1.06 . 2C0f*r ________________ ..£2.00 40 Disk Holder. Lockable. Top Qtahty. Aca-siatc.
Wia Dmikn d Ruiwcr rta .-£i.99 80 Disk Holder. Lockable. Top Qmiay. Aoa-sacc, with Dividers & Robber Feet ... -£5.99 Pack o£ 20 m our Top Qu»Lty. Lockabic 40 Duk Holder_____________________£21.99 Pack of 50 a our Top Quahty. Lockable 86 Dak Holder ... SI2K Ram Ex;ue.k».r. -~ f*.vi a kO&On' Swaa_ , A.t above wttiaxu fain.'
Wjcjiysifai'iSWfK" Tracey Mouse Drawing Aid Anacbcs simply to side o: mowc and features pfcctkioo moulded cxo&Muurs co enable you to trace any picture uuo yew pKka$ c. Wub nil oolcw fflstraccon manual----------- £7.95 Screen. Case and Keyboard Qeuunj Kits CccMsdgos; 10 Ann-Static Wct Dty Screen Wipes 26 Mkrowipcs Non Woven Craning Cotbs 1 Anu-Stauc Foan Ccaner Aerosol 25 Sifebods Couon Bod BnO£5 Y«rCosnpUptake New!!!!
Full laanicaom----------------------- TRUEDOXTrKibul-3Bjmoc200(tp! £14.99 ...... £26.99 ATONCE* PC EsftUior BoxM. Fiu icsidc ________ £!¦».« ROCfieCGariflfik ...... £95.99 ROCGEN fenlock-r .... ...... £145.99 Naksia Mouse with FREE Mouse Mai, FREE Mouse HoMer and Opcnnoc Stealth Game & 2 Yean Guar**c_ -------------£2199 SQUK Repteeaffl; Meee s®e spp; “d dc»sn “ Naktbs but without extras ------- -£13.95 Premier Control Centre Sits over Affiiii as Mute; SumJ & Second Disk Dove Holder Cotocr Maicbcd to Aauga and applied wkh
exieatioo Plup and Sockets to bnag Poeu tora-ard to front tide.------ .£45.99 Zy-Ei Amplified Stereo Speakers Your Amiga produces exceLent quakfy Slereo HrF; Sctmo. Don'; Was; I; - Hor its fall ?«scaai.
Built x. AapLfss and Adjostabic Volume £39.95 msmvjziizofiiiD Golden Ifiage Haody Scanner 6: Touch Up New ixrarr Price Kskaa.11.3 Rom Upgrade... Mte IiKSax . Quality Son Padatfec Moose Mai... Surge Protector Plugs.. printer Cables-------- Aerial Switching Boxes, fk in TV icadtociirr.iruae cooguxdttftyjecrim war on TV--------£5.99 JoysukiVxxiic Auio Scowg Swiicb Box..... 2 Mere Joyaxk EcsPcn Leads.. Twa ioymck Mooc Eaemicc Lead------- Joystick Mouse 5V Lc*d... Moose Sricktf » bold mouse).. 35* Disk Dr.w Clearing Km.. EXCLUSIVE THE AMIGA TUTOll
VIDEO For new and not so new Amiga users - shows in clear graphic detail all you need to know to become proficient in using the Amiga.
[ Subjects covered include: I * Setting Up and Connections : * The Workbench Fully Explained I * How to Customise the Workbench
* Copying, Renaming and Formatting Disks
* The Notepad, Fonts, Same and Printing
* Clock, Sizing and Moving Icons
* Pull Down Menus and Scrolling Windows
* CU Directory Structure
* Editing the Start-Up Sequence
* Prmter Set-Up and Preferences etc, etc Don't struggle with the
manuals - watch as we show you HOW - all for the cost of a
1000’s Sold... Available only from AUDITION ONLY £19.99 inc Post & Packing "Excdient... A great help... Sensibly it teaches... you about the most practical areas - the ones you will need. Range of topics covered is wide and, above all, practical.. Put together by people who know a fair amount about the Amiga” AMIGA FORMAT, January 1991.
Excellent... Simple answer to many tricky problems... I found the video excellent. May ever, teach an old dog a few new tricks... Certainly for anyone taking their first Amiga steps it's well worth the asking price. If only such a thing was available in my formative years4 AMIGA COMPUTING, February 2991 I Telephone direct to our mail order hotline. All major credit cards accepted. Quote your number and expiry date. Same day despatch.
Send ail forms of payment made payable to Audition Computer Services.
I With your order please send your name, address and daytime telephone I number. Along with your detailed order requirements. Goods will be sent by post, free of charge immediately after cheque clearance nNext day delivery available for smaii additional charge, please phone for details Dept AMC 35 Broad St, Stamford, Lines, PE9 IP).
Tel: 0780 55888 Shop Hours otso 720551 out of hou« tE3 Switch Cards Welcome £2959 Tbc Wotii - Wore Praiaicr, S cj xei
- -------£34.99 Diunue sc_____________
- -----£69.99 GBRbUJcRuk----------------- £4vS9 VkfcO
- ----0955 PstaSouBl_________________
- ----£69.99 TcctaoScuaJTufta.--------------- 1x9999 Pi8QC=£rE_
..... ' RcaboCcsiekic Cotour SoCunco.-------
....Liyyy _______£4259 *P»-------------------- j£3?.99
Amoi Cccjccr--------- r ! ", £u» Aflw»3D-----------------
________£39.99 Sah ViCeo Tiber _______£7259
Prakuuxul ftp 2--------- _________£11259
SiccoMiiicr------------- PULL RfiNCL OF GAMES AND LEISURE
Proouie Hus Axert d SbNcvxi Personalty or fcler ;o ii il
Duafy Arusacor. Ssuis..
schools sound out AMIGAs ANOTHER goal has just been scored in
attempts to get the Amiga taken seriously in education as
Birmingham schools evaluate 105 A500s.
Birmingham's Education Authority - the UK's largest Metropolitan Authority - have taken the computers to meet National Curriculum requirements in art and design and music at 80 of the city's secondary' schools.
As part of the scheme, a music centre has been set up in the Joseph Chamberlain College, funded by the local educa* tion authority and the Technical Vocational Education Initiative Extension.
It will act as a test and development site for music software, curriculum materials development and for training staff in an area in which the Amiga has not yet built a New Horizons turn to CD NEW Horizons Software (010 1 512 328
6650) have signed a licensing agreement with The Station for the
Texas-based dealer to manufacture and sell a CD- ROM
Programs included on a single CD- ROM are New Horizon's ProWrite 3.2, Flow 3.0, DesignWorks and ProFonts I, in addition to a "large quantity" of public domain software.
"We see this all-in-one personal workstation, using Commodore's CDTV, as a unique idea with tremendous potential," said New Horizon's boss James Bayless.
"The combination of a stereo CD and CD+G player with a complete computer system including wordprocessing and drawing programs installed and preconfigured on CD-ROM is perfect for both students and first time buyers," he explained.
The Station will sell the software in a package called Odyssey. The bundle includes a CDTV, 1084S monitor, printer, external floppy drive, modem, mouse and keyboard. It sells for 51,995.
Workbench books published ANYBODY having problems with the Amiga's Workbench could benefit from reading two new books published by Kuma Computers (0734 844335).
Written by Mark Smiddv, both have tutorials covering major Workbench functions supported by practical tips and examples.
Printers and printing - a frequent problem area - is given extensive coverage which includes tables of printers and compatible drivers.
The Little Red Workbench 1.3 book is for WB1.3 users and the Little Blue Workbench 2 book is for people using v2. Each costs 614.95. , you KNOW ;OWETH ING uft DON'T?
Front basics to theory of transistors AIMED at electronics students more than 10 years old is a new package centred on a designer board that connects to the Amiga.
Tekno Amiga takes users from absolute basics through to transistor theory. Working with the components supplied and the project circuit board, the Basic Book of Electronics explains a series of experiments, gradually progressing through the subject It is supplied with a basic electronics book, an Amiga projects handbook, and a project software manual for people who want to create their own software to control experiments.
Also provided with Tekno Amiga are five digital inputs, two analogue inputs and eight digital outputs.
Software enables ail the inputs to be monitored, and controlled outputs on timed or triggered events to be generated- Designed by Swedish firm Catus AB, it is available in the UK for £84.95 from HB Marketing (0753 686000).
Sun shines on ADPro USERS of ASDG's Art Department Professional are now being offered an upgrade of their Professional Conversion Pack. Giving the ability to read and write common image file formats required in professional video and graphics settings.
The new version adds support for the XII and SUN image file formats sometimes used by high-end graphics and animation systems running on Unix.
SUN support has the ability to use an alpha channel to control compositing operations. Alpha channel Support lias also been added to the Targa and Rendition loaders already provided by PUP.
Existing owners of PCP will be able to upgrade later this year when the firm also updates ADPro. ASIX* can Ik* contacted on 010 1 60S 273
6585. In the UK call Silica Systems (081-309 It 11), US price:
CBS opens to public FOR nil first t»nu‘ in llu* show s 2 vmr Imtorv. The public .irv to be allowed entry to the giant ( onxutncr Electronics Show to be held in Chicago this summer.
The Elextreme Industries ss»h Lit ion’s ( onxumer Electronics Group, organiser Of the show, javs the move was a result ! Exhibitor recommendations.
Some firms, however, are reported U be worried about extra costs and the nml to eater for trade visitors atnl consume!? At one event.
I he e ; ectcd 50.000 visitors will be able to have a look at everything on show btit the organiser has stressed that no products wilt bo sold.
Strong reputation. The centre will provide case study evidence to help Commodore develop the Amiga range to support music applications for the National Curriculum.
Roland have supplied keyboards, sound modules and speakers.
Mike Kendell, IT project manager for Birmingham LEA, said: “The centre will be used as the focus for development work.
"It will look at what the computers can do and what the curriculum requires - making a match where possible and highlighting areas where a match is not possible."
Commodore introduced the evaluation scheme during last autumn and the firm says it has been such a success that some schools have decided to buy their own Amigas.
TEAM Evesham Micros were awarded a new Rover 216GTi 16-valve twin cam racing car recently after dominating last year's Dunlop Rover Gti Championship.
Winning driver Dave Loudoun claimed his prize after a season in which he had five wins, three pole positions and one fastest lap.
Managing director of Evesham Micros, Richard Austin, had his best result, finishing 12th. The team are now preparing for this year's season which starts in March.
Evesham race into first NevnG THE FIRST software to enable Amigas to be integrated into Novell NetWare networks has just been announced by Oxxi (010 1 310 427 1227).
Amigas join Novell NetWare Amiga Client Software means Amigas can join DOS-based Pcs as well as Macintosh and Unix machines in file and resource sharing.
Using available Ethernet or Arcnet adaptors Amigas can be added to networks and Novell NetWare utilities tan be performed through icons or directly from the Command Line Mouse gomes GAMES players are being targeted for a new replacement mouse from a firm which has previously only manufactured joysticks.
Logic 3 (081-900 0024) boss Ashvin Patel says his £17.99 Speed Mouse caters perfectly for the Increasing number of games which are better suited to mice than joysticks.
The Graphic Station arrives FOLLOWING the success of The Workstation, Amiga Computing has developed the Graphic Station to give total and Simple control over the Amiga's graphics.
Graphics and text can be transferred to other file formats and computers including PC-compatibles and Atari Sts and a directory manager makes simple work of file and directory operations.
Using, Huge, icons can be created to stylise the user interface or animated characters generated for incorporating into games.
PrintStudio helps to print text, screen grabs and images created in any paint program with instant fine tuning. Using FontMaster, typefaces can be designed and shadows of definable depth added later using ShadowMaker.
Price; £4.50 from Europress Direct (051-357 1275).
To broadcast messages to other network users on local and interconnected Novell networks. Previous messages can also be displayed.
Interface. The standard Novell NetWare password and ID scheme means that Amiga users are governed by assigned access rights to directories and files on the network. Files can be protected from alteration, theft or access by unauthorised people.
Several Amiga-specific utilities are also contained in ACS. AmigaBack helps server-based information to be backed up or restored without leaving the Amiga.
NetMessage is for people wishing For anyone using an Apple Macintosh on the network, ResToData takes the resource fork of any Mac file and converts it into a new PC or Amiga file.
It requires an appropriate Ethernet or Arcnet I.AN adaptor with cabling and a PC-compatible fileserver using Novell NetWare version 2.15C, 2.2 or 3.1xor higher.
Dyslexia sufferers get Amiga help A FATHER has developed Amiga software which could help Britain s half a million children suffering Irom dyslexia, using leaching methods he developed to help his son get around his own difficulties.
Max Lipman of Maidenhead-based Sally Systems became interested in dyslexia when his son began having problems at school. He hired a private tutor for three hours a day and watched teaching methods used.
"A lol of the exercises involved seeing something with the eye and then doing something mechanical with the hand so that connections were forced lo be made. " said Lipman.
“1 saw that a lot of these' exercises could i e plaved with a machine, that would free up the teacher's resources to do things that required a more personal approach.
Max had sold his computer firm and in 1987 he started investigating the possibility of developing dyslexia software in his spare time Price was the main reason lor the Amiga being chosen as the best platform for the software, as he was looking to develop a total solution thal could be bought with funds raised by a parent teachers association or by a parent.
Spelling and reading skills are addressed in the first module of Travels in l ime and the next release will be extended to cover sequencing problems. Future software will introduce special exercises on how to use a dictionary and look at various aspects of grammar.
Each child has their own 3.5in disk which enables them to access the system by entering their name and personal settings, which tailors the system to the child's capability. A log monitors the child's progress.
Sally Systems will market a complete package including the software.
A500, 20 megabyte hard disk drive and other general purpose software.
Schools already owning Amigas can buy the software separately.
Savings for Midi MUSICIANS using Amigas can now buy a package described as a “price breaking Midi solution" from TechnoPlus (0604 768711).
TechnoPlus's Midi Pack includes an interface with leads and the entry-level sequencing program Music X Junior. Features include Midi in port, two Midi out ports, Midi out thru ports and serial pass-thru feature. The £39.95 price tag represents a saving of more than £70.
Music show date confirmed THE Third Midi Music Show is set to take place at the Hammersmith Novotel, London, from April 24 to 26. Already most major players have confirmed their presence with organiser Westminster Exhibitions (081-549
3444) .
DIARY DATES 14 to 16 February 1992 5th International 16-bit Computer Show Organiser Westminster Exhibitions (081-5493444) Venue: Wembley Exhibition Halls The first post-Christmas show for ST owners, and a new venue for this growing event.
7 to 10 April 1992 Which Computer? Show Organiser Reed (081-948 9800) National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham One of the country's top shows, but heavily biased towards the PC.
12 to 14 April 1992 European Computer Trade Show Organiser: Blenheim Online (081-868 4466) Venue: Business Design Centre, London A trade-only show where many of the year's releases can be previewed.
28 to 31 May 1992 Spring Computer Shopper Show Organiser: Blenheim PEL (081-742 2828) Venue: Olympia, London Promises to attract many Amiga exhibitors.
10 to 12 July 1992 6th International 16-bit Computer Show (081-5493444) Venue: Wembley Exhibition Halls The second show of the year, for an event that's getting more and more support from the industry.
OVERSEAS 3 to 5 April 1992 Amiga Berlin Organiser: AMI Show's Europe (010 49 809224086) Venue: AMK Berlin The first German Amiga show of the year. Two giant halls will be packed with the latest products.
28 to 31 May 1992 Consumer Electronics Show Organiser: EIG CEG Venue: Chicago The show opens for the first time for the public on May 30,1992.
8 to 11 October 1992 Amiga Koln Organiser: AMI Shows Europe (010 49 809224086) Venue: Koln Messe A chance to catch up on the year's developments in the active Amiga world.
T If your company is organising a show relevant to the Amiga and its not listed, let us know so we can include the information in the diary.
USA N ews SOON after the Amiga 1000 was launched in the United States, it was announced that WordPerfect Corporation would be porting their top-selling wordprocessor to our favourite computer.
Whither WordPerfect?
Report by Denny Atkin This was a very good thing for the Amiga's reputation, as we now had two "major" software companies claiming support for the platform - Borland, with Turbo Pascal, and WordPerfect.
Except for the full page Turbo Pascal ad in the first issue of Amiga World, we never heard from Borland again. But WordPerfect Corp delivered on their promise by early 1987, and Amiga users now had a professional-level wordprocessor.
De-bugging The first version was somewhat buggy, slow, and almost followed Amiga user-interface conventions - but not quite.
Still, for those of us who had been struggling to create acceptable documents for our university classes with TextCraft and Scribble!, even a quirky, slightly unstable WordPerfect was a welcome sight.
Over the years, WordPerfect Corp. slowly worked the bugs out of their program, resulting in a stable but utilitarian application.
In the meantime, the company started, and halted, a port of their PlanPerfect spreadsheet. Beta testers for this program say that the graphing drawing package included with this package was the best they'd seen on any computer.
Unix port?
The most recent version of Amiga WordPerfect, v4.1.12, addressed almost all the program's problems, This was the first version with true Amiga-style requesters.
Most of the quirks were gone, and the program was now Workbench 2.0 compatible. With this release, it seemed that development of the wordprocessor was back on track.
Unfortunately, it will probably be the last.
Just a couple of months ago, a WordPerfect vice-president stated in a chat conference on the Genie online network that the company was in the first stages of porting the Unix version of WordPerfect 5.0 to the Amiga.
Some US magazine writers were signed on as beta-testers. Then, at the recent Oakland, California AmiExpo, one of the speech sessions was slated to be "WordPerfect 5.0 on the Amiga" hosted by WordPerfect Corporation.
However, the WordPerfect Corp representative wasn't there, and a Commodore executive did a question and answer session instead.
WordPerfect fans became understandably worried. In early November the axe dropped.
First, beta testers posted notices on the online networks that they had been notified that development of a new version had been cancelled.
According to the letter received by the testers, the reasons that development was cancelled were the lack of adequate development tools on the Amiga for a project the size of WordPerfect, and that an Amiga 3000 would be needed to take full advantage of the program.
A few days later, WordPerfect Corp posted an official release on the online networks, saying that development had been halted but saying that the sales performance of the product was at fault
- sales weren't supporting development.
In the US, where Protext is unknown, this leaves MSS's Excellence!
As the only wordprocessor with features like footnotes and indexing. Amiga users on the online networks are in an uproar, hoping to get WordPerfect Corp to change their minds.
Write away Indications are that the program was very close to the beta testing stage, and mainly just needs to be debugged before release. It's possible that the company could be convinced that it could recoup its costs on the program if it would finish it.
If you want to see WordPerfect 5.0 on the Amiga, you should send a letter to the company telling them that if they develop the version, you'd be interested in buying it. Letters should be sent to WordPerfect Corp, Amiga Products, 1555 N. Technology Way, Orem, Utah, 84057 USA.
IF YOU use your Amiga for more than gameplay, you probably spend more than a little time using the AmigaShell CLI. The Shell has been continually improved since the AmigaDOS 1.0 days, adding aliases, search paths and command-line editing.
However, there's always room for improvement - a fact not missed by Arexx-creator Bill Hawes.
His Wshell product added a number of features to the standard AmigaShell, many of which Commodore has added to AmigaDOS Release 2.04, the version shipping on the 500 Plus.
More flexible Just as the AmigaShell got better, though, Hawes' Wishful Thinking Development Corp announced Wshell 2.0, once again making Wshell live up to its claim of being "the most advanced command shell available for the Amiga" Among its Wshell adds more flexible command-line editing, configurable menus Shell Collection for your Shell window, command abbreviations, better Arexx support, more built-in commands and improved piping. With Filename completion, you an type part of a filename, hit a key, and Wshell will complete it.
One of the handiest features is the console history - Wshell adds a scroll bar to your CLI windows so you an look back at text that has scrolled off the screen. You can configure your window title bar or Shell prompt to display available fast and chip memory, the path, the current time, the amount of time it took to execute the last command, and more. Wshell even registers the Shell window as an AppWindow, so if you drag a Workbench icon into the window, the filename will appear at the prompt.
Wshell works under AmigaDOS 1.3 but some features require 2.04. It's a must-have for programmers, Arexx users, and anyone who uses the Shell often.
It retails for $ 89, and is available from Wishful Thinking Development Corp, P.O. Box 308, Maynard, MA 01754.
Tel: 010 1 508 568
GVP IMPACT SERIES 2 HARD DISK WITH RAM (A500HD8+) 52Mb Hard disk system with up to 8Mb of RAM • Factory-fitted Quantum Pro-drive. 11ms access Uses 1M x 8bit SIMMs (see RAM CHIPS section for prices) • Game switch (hard drive disable) and power 52Mb 105Mb £379.00 £569.00 Other GVP products availble: call for prices [£45.
23 £45.
23 EXTERNAL FLOPPY-DRIVE High-quality silent mechanism Through- switcn.
£75 E3 JJ £4.i m l£199 23 £23.95 CORTEX’ 2 Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Amiga A500 EsMrM A500 upgrade 1Mb Amiga «
• Functional equivalent to l p lMWDRAM-Latesl ,****« MjMMW?
,«?SS|iSp aovs corttpatible lor 1Mb CHIP
M. pw endbWdfeable switch • Av**aDte *rTh of without
battery-backed ' CLOCK C24.95 Bmb RAM EXPANSION for the Amiga
A1500 A2000 Fully implemented auto-configure . Zero wait
stales • Uses 1M x 9btt SIMMs 2A or 8Mb configurations.
Tart ROM kstart ROM £29.
23 lm [23 £19.95 jutwith slide switch XETEC HARD DISKS Systems available for all Amigas INCLUDING A1000 call for prices PRICE PROMISE Cortex wtl match any genuine price ottered by one o our U K competnors on goods that are in stock on a like for Itke basis. This otter applies at the time of purchase only and does not apply to prices ottered m sales ot bankrupt stock, clearance Or closing down sales.
2 YEAR GUARANTEE AH product bearing the Cortex brand name carries a 2-year guarantee. Other products in this advertement carry a 1 year guarantee.
Ail prices include VAT and postage & packaging. All products shipped same day where possible. Allow 14 days tor delivery d ordering by cheque. Make cheques1
P. O.'s payable to CORTEX.. CORTEX 8Mb RAM EXPANSION for the
Amiga A500 A1000 The ONLY RAM upgrade approved by Commodore UK
• Fully compatible with A500 plus for 10Mb maximum RAM •
External fitting (Warranty remains intact) • Through port
(covered by blanking plate) • Fully implemented auto-
configure • Zero wait states • Compatible with A590 and all
major hard disks • UsesIM x 8bit or 1M x 9bit SIMMs • Complete
with its own power supply unit (UK. US. Or EURO) • FullyAI000
compatible • RAM test software.
2Mb 4Mb 8Mb £199.00 £269.00 £399.00 £49.
Nrough-port • Enable disable enhanced chip set (E.c.s.) UPGRADES 8372A Fatter Agnus 8373 Super Denise MegaChip 200u with Super A?™* (allows 2Mb to be fitted to A500 15Q0 20QQ) See 'KICKSTART ROMS' for ROM upgrade.
CORTEX 1 Mb MODULE FOR A500 plus Gives 2Mb CHIP MEM .
?Quiva|ent to A5Q1 plus * Ultra low power design • Low component count for maximum reliability • Available populated to V2MBor 1MB.
RAM CHIPS 1M x 8bit SIMMs (for Cortex. GVP ! Etc. 2Mb.
256K x 4bit DIPs I (for A590. 2091 ICD etc) each 1M x ibit DIPS (for older A2000 cards) each 1M x 4bit Static- Coiumn Mode ZIPs (for A3000) 4Mb DEPT AC. CORTEX DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY LTD, BRITANNIA BUILDINGS, 46 FENWICK STREET. LIVERPOOL L2 7NB. • 24 HOUR SALES TELEPHONE: 051-236 0480 24 HOUR FAX: 051-227 2482 see AMIGA 500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES RtfllrTTTl NEW TELESALES OPENING TIMES : QAM - 7PM (MONDAY-FRIDAY) • 9AM - 5.30PM (SATURDAY) 512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE
• AWARD FOR 1991 - NSW • NEW • NEW - NEW • NEW 'A500 PLUS' 1MB
Simply Plugs into trapdoor expansion area ft Increases total RAM capacity to 2Mb ChipRAM' ft RAM OrVOft Switch ft Compect unit size ft Only 8 low power RAM Ics ft High reliability ONLY £44.99
1. 5MB RAM BOARD PRICES INC.DELIVERY & VAT@ 17.5% Express Courier
Delivery: (UK Mainland Only) £6.50 Extra UPGRADE * TO2MB
FOR- Fully populated board increases total RAM in A500 to 2Mb!
Ft Plugs into trapdoor area. & connects to 'GARY' chip ft
Includes Battery- Backed Real-Time Clock ft Socketed RAM Ics
on 512K 1Mb Versions Unpopulated RAM board with
clock ...£ 34.95 with 512K Installed £ 54.95 wilh
1 Mb Installed £ 69.95 RAM Board with 1.5Mb FASTRAM Installed
.... £ 79.00 HERE TODAY ~ HERE TO STAY fvwham Umos fml Fnl lor
chore*. Prices and service Established tor over right ytan
wilh a ktfong financial stilus and secure tuiuir Oof
Computetised Telesales Order Processing investment means last.
.ifiei.nl server Well appointed Retail Showrooms with large product ling* on display Out lug* Custom* dalabat*. High p*te*fttag« ol repeal custom *nd p*»spn*i nNrfals underhnes our popularity REMEMBER when you need us we w.ll still be here. Oui eilensive eipension program means we could eventually be there as wetl .
CONNECTS TO YOUR 512K RAM UPGRADE TO GIVE 1.5MB MEGABOARD' fesssgr HOW TO) ORDER With our MEGABOARD, you can further expand your A500's memory to a total of 2MB without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-chip type, or not exceeding 9cm in length) »JWP1T] Call us now on 0386 765500 TELESALES OPENING TIMES: 9am-7pm Monday-Friday 9am ¦ 5.30pm Saturday
* y ONLY £54,99 Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card
details to: Evesham Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6XJ ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Government, Education A PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) E6.50 extra Please note that 5 banking days must be allowed tor cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Building Society cheques or Bank Drafts.
I Mail Order Fax: 0386-765354 I gho 40Mb MODEL ONLY £299 100Mb MODEL ONLY £449 2Mb RAM Version: ADD £80 . 4Mb RAM Version: ADD £160 Unit 9 St Richards Road, Evesham Worcestershire WR11 6XJ IT 0366 765180 f® WftW&MW Open Mon-Sat .9.00-5.30 Z' ” EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES 5 Glisson Rd. Cambridge CB1 2HA tT 0223 323898
• a* OW3JM863 open MorvFri. 9 3O-60O » Sat. 9 30-5 30 Corporate
Sates Dept • IBM aeoier AMAZING LOW PRICE!
£49.99 including VAT & delivery 251-255 Moseley Road.
Hlghgate, Birmingham B12 0EA TT 021 446 5050 'Ox 021 446S0I0 Open Mon-Sat.. 900-5 30 • foty Parking 320 WITTAN GATE MILTON KEYNES MK9 2HP W 0908 230 898 rax 0 06 230805 Open Mon-Sar. 9.00-5 30
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling Vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Quality Citizen Sony drive mechanism1
* 0n I Off switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity Long reach connection cable ®
0386-40303 Monday to Friday, tQ 00 - 5 00 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON
ALL PRODUCTS MdetaAsc&T«an*m*otgovytopr«$ $ » M poo* suCyecf to
amplified stereo speakers Ct AMIGA 500+ SPECIAL OFFERS ZY-FI
A500+ CARTOON CLASSICS PACK 2MB CHIPRAM version £379.99 ONLY £39.95 ty***- ri» n reAei ponea speaker design wth 3 ju tut r uen ml and reopcnm a tva« •rv**' rtkr. Control Run* i-w PSL. W««ed) or Iron Mntn« (nor ndixM) Ww Cwmeneen* (V»W*D) ‘CARTOON CLASSICS EXTRA' PACK NEW! TOP VALUE 400dpi HANDY SCANNER Features Amiga 500+ ‘Cartoon Classics’Pack as detailed above, plus Virus Protector, Mouse Mat, Top Quality Joystick plus 19 FABULOUS GAMES including ; - GA22A 2' UNDERPRESSURE SUBBUTEO Battle Squadron NIGEL MANSELL AST1RIX 'Garni Crmzy' High Stool The Ball Gama' Diet Riot' Night Walk' Block
Alancrw Treaaure Trap- LoarNMaia' DlakMan' PLUS! Wordwright' wordpeoeettor and Scale' apraaflaheet TOTAL OF 22 MEGA GAMES!
QUALITY SCANNING - AT THE RIGHT PRICE ! •; ftepr* writing outstanding value
• or -on*y in* package e ynb.ne* ty wanning hardware wth £0 "W 0
Itinctivtfy powerful DA4T4SC4N ® H PROFESSIONAL iottwarc.
* t • jr-irt *-»ap wrmrg -wouw tfo "ow crojcn myy sopo-b quatty m
Mas • L 1 106mm scarvmg tndlh '*•!« •* trrf’Tmte ayrt-oi and
100 1 2001 300
* 0000 laeokeri' Out*scan Prottuienal acamng *n Jacting icTwa'o
alowt tMFtrre tcwmrg in eTir Ire an at in up to 64 sruaeo grvy
iu« Provides powerful ed ting features and nwMni cc*-pa3b tty
wm meal DTP ard Pawn Pscugm rr, Dew* Pent * Town-Up 2MB CHIPRAM
version £399.99 'Tracksuit Manager 90' '30.000 League* under
Tke Sea Better Dead Than Allan' ‘Tank Battle _ Am.pi 1500
staler PW I .MO HAM 2*3 S Colour Mentor DP*rl 3 Psimum Went*
Mom* Accouts 3 * Game* «»cl 1979 0 t *9900 A50O6l2KRAMUp9*d.
E 54000 AMO Ilfc RAM Upgrade r 299 99 *590 2M RAM Upgrade A500 ci**s or tne 9d* Pack Cfess d the 90s pke 3 S' e*letr«! SH*.
CVTWt A5W »•*. MW pm* REPLACEMENT AMIGA 500 INTERNAL 3.5" ORIVE KIT PRINTERS Prices Include VAT, Delivery and Connection Cable Z PoM Registered Dealer EVESHAM MICROS STAR PRINTERS INCLUDE 12 MONTHS ON-SITE WARRANTY ONLY £99.99 Fufy ttxnoiWrt. 1W. UdcmilW e«p«My Straightforward nstallaton procedure Kd includes M Mtng mstrudiona.
TRUEMOUSE WE GUARANTEE that this ft the smoothest, most responsive and accurate replacement mouse you can buy lor the Amiga. Excellent performance, now with a 300dpi resolution. Amazing new price!
ONLY £41.99 TRACKBALL Htf pertomwiCB racttnH oredtf ocnpalfcfc to ary A-»ga o» A»i ST Pug* rrc moui* o* L |Oy*Sdiport Supe-smooth a-rf accmale ¦ you k ersbabN ¦onl *rri lo a rrnuw agan n tPr usrg rs T-ad©*l' F.« cne-haixiJ Corod Top 9-alty CpIO-rrecha-icai desgn gvn; -.g- sp«o air) accuracy L | *vary' ne Nr. Jui senwte rccaec' SATISFACWN GUARANTEED GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE Amiga ST compatfcle • excetent lravei-»accuracy assured NEW LOW PRICE! E 29.00 STAR LC20 9-Pin Printer NEW SUCCESSOR TO THE STAR LC-10, WITH MANY FEATURES AND A FASTER PRINT SPEED Mfc Providing superlative paper handling,
four excel ent NLO fonts and a new super-fast D I Phnt speed of 180cps in draft and 44 cps in NLO. The LC20 appropriately supercedes the phenomenally successful LC10 !
ROCGEN GENLOCK MK ONLY £29.95 OFFERING EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY, Out fulty compatible GENLOCK ®j| adaptor offer* level* ot M quality, function and aopniatieabon not normally M available in this price category.
W Soeoal feature* inctudc the abtity f to record graphic* & animations on video recorders and overlay graph* and text onto video Capable erf smooth and stable lading and overlaying effects e«h special tunng knob REPLACEMENT A500 PSU SpfCiM offtnn INCLUDES HOME T1TLER' SOFTWARt Genume Commodore Amiga A500 ? Type replacement Power Supply Unit. Good quality 'switch mode type Super low price!
ONLY £39.95 ONLY £139.99 ONLY £99.99 STEREO SOUND SAMPLER Star LC 200 9-Pln Colour. A foro. 180.45CP6 E1W 99 Star LC 24-10 24-Pe 4 loots. 180.'60cps E 199.99 Star LC 24-200 24-Pin. 5 fonts. 200i«7cp8 ... £ 239 99 Star LC 24-200C 7 colour version ol above £299.99 Automatic Sheet Feeder tgr lc 10* pnn»rs (p*» stale rmjpei) c 64 es NEW! Star XB24-2Q0 COLOUR 1*9™- W CO1 Pd*er printer C 399.99 NEW! Star XB24-250 132 cotumn version of XB24 200 £ 479.99 Otrnrng tut ccrpalbity »in am* »-y Amg* »j3c Cot.iar Dockage our Scunfl Srrp*«" !*».'« axcaiem crcurry yieidnj ydmiym Th* mam
a d arverter grv*« • 1l.j1a.-15 rwefcnon 01 up 10 50*00 rrtti a 'ssl i*ew r»l» Two 0*000 locUis »n p-ov-dad ile-*o In* *(Wt. (M V opt«i tv n«iwho"» Afli.s-atl* gar. Is Khevefl wth Dufttn ccrlrt* knob CorrpleM wth pubic 00 roar cijk ccrlarog sound sw*plrg apoiuoont I ultoat NEW! 'ROCGEN PLUS Compatible to any Amiga or Commodore CDTY, this NEW Genlock Adapter provides Advanced Special Effects and Performance Features without sacrificing user-friendliness!
New Specs! Feature* .hc’ud*. DuAl OiSSdive CdMtdl kr*M jvWdthg frwly adtustaoie degrees of overlay of invert , . . (keyhole) elt«U Auto Video pass-ttvu, L “ extra Video tfvougnport tor separate line monitoring, ROB pass mru lor real tme edrting ol Amiga MM» iEk ' W _JuL-wOI wm an ei'em xeying dp.ice ONLY £29.95 NEW! CITIZEN 224 Excellent 24-Pin COLOUR Printer MIDI INTERFACE YOU PONT NflP TO SPEND A FORTUNE TO OH A OOOO QUALITY 24-PIN PRINTER WITH COLOUR CAPABILITY. J| THE NEW CITIZEN 224 GIVES YOU QUALITY YOU CAN AFFORD I 0 Tough Verjjtile 24-pm Cokmr Printer j Excellent Colour
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- 5,30PM (SATURDAY With Dpaint and a certain amount of
imagination, it's possible to create stunning and original
images on your Amiga. They might not be of such high quality
as those I can produce with my Harlequin, Tvpaint, and Real3D
Turbo, but the techniques used are almost identical. If you
don't believe me, keep an eye on Acs Gallery section. If you
want to know more about tne exact configuration of hardware
and software used to produce these images, read the panel on
the opposite page.
To begin with, 1 drew a simple sketch, outlining the main areas of colour, and the overall composition. This isn't by any means a final layout, but it serves very well to get the project started. This can be done either on paper or as a mono line drawing onscreen. I tend to keep tne lines as tnin as possible and a similar colour to the background, simply to reduce the edging on the filled areas - bold sketches need lots of retouching, which takes a long time.
Tne next step was to organise the palette. I need to have all tne colours i'll be using, and any gradient fills (called "density fills' by TVPaint) ready before I can begin filling large colour Diocks.
This is acnieved quickly and simply with one of TVPaint's most powerful features - the density requester. Clicking once (right mouse button) on the small square marked "D" on the TVPaint main menu reveals the density requester, whicn aliows The man menu shouting all primary tunctktm me to pre-set the colour gradients 1 want to use and fill with semi-transparent colour areas which can even oe multicoloured ranges.
For example, on the Amiga screen in the landscape picture there is ah evening skyline. The orange to deep blue gradient was defined as a colour cycling density fill, and drawn in one operation onto a black background, having pre-set the palette with the correct colours first. The brightness of tne density fill was set to reduce in intensity from the centre of the sunset to the edge of the screen.
Again, on the Amiga's screen image, tnere is a diff face. Tnis was initially a line drawing, and then a two tone (dark and light brown) solid.
Gradient fills were added later to increase the range of the surfaces, and to provide a sense of depth. The bottom ngnt-hand corner was then darkened slightly to accentuate the diff- top with another density fill.
Returning to the main image, I needed to set up the background. The sunburst is yet another density fill, this time drawn with tne aid of tne solid polygon function.
To access this I hit line-draw twice. With the colour range set to go from Dnght orange to deep purple and Density Fill switched on, I activated the Gnd and outlined the sunburst shape.
One dick on the right-hand mouse button and - a few seconds later - there it is.
Tne background tnat this produced was a iitde gloomy, and in need I of origntening globally.
The Gamma Curve requester (labelled LUT in TVPaint vl .5) has two main functions. By using the nght mouse button to slide a spline curve about, it is easy to modify tne brightness of either the red, green, or blue - or any combination of tne three - components of the image.
By using tne left mouse button, posten- saoon can be acnieved, again via tne RGB components of the colours onscreen.
Finally, I settled on increasing the red a little in addition to brightening up the whole background, to add a bit of warmth.
Having roughly sorted out essentials like composition and backgrounds, it is time to divide the image into planes - each area of the composition can be worked on separately as a orusn, allowing repositioning of details later on.
I find this method saves hours of careful cutting out and artworking (trying to make the brush look less like a brush and more like part of the composition). It simply means that the background areas are already there under the brushes, and if 1 need to move anything, I don't suddenly find a nasty gap in the image I tend to work from background forwards, so the next element to look at is the midground. In the Amiga screen image - the landscape - this is a hillside and some trees. Strangely enough, the hillside is a density fill, this time covered with dozens of small trees. I drew a tree
in Magnify mode, which allowed precise control over anti-aliasing and highlights, and cut it out. Working from the top of the hillside to the bottom (to make sure the trees nearest are positioned over those already placed) i covered the hillside.
The foreground tree, rocks and grass are ail created with essentially the same technique, Tnere are a number of ways in which tne various functions can write to the Harlequin's screen. These are Colour, which uses the currently selected palette colour; Smooth, a softening function; Blur, a coarser version of smooth; Smear, that produces an effect uncannily like mixing paint; Shade, for increasing and decreasing brightness without changing the colour.
Continuing the list, Trans is a "rub- through" effect, allowing a spare screen image to be revealed on the work screen, via airbrush or cutout. Tnis option only appears in the menu when enabled by selecting a drawing mode that can use it Colourise changes the colour but not the brightness, and Dithering is extermely useful for creating textures.
The tree, rocks and grass are initially GraphicsTT* The equipment used In order to make use of very large 24-bit brushes and multiple spare screens, the A3000 that 1 use has been expanded to 16Mb of RAM, enough to run TVPaint and Real 3D Turbo concurrently.
The frame buffer I'm using at the moment is an Amiga Centre Scotland (ACS) Harlequin H4000 32-bit card fitted internally. This is organised into a a number of "over* lays". These can be visualised as a number of image layers laid upon each other to form the final image. How these hardware options are used is up to the user - and the software being used.
Apart from some clever hardware tricks, this comes down to two output overlays.
The 24-bit display itself is capable of displaying 16.7 million colours at once, which is nonsense as there are only 525,000 or so pixels on the screen at any one time - up to a resolution Of 910 X 576, However, each pixel could be any one of 16.7 million colours).
Semi-transparent images Tne second overlay is an 8-bit "alpha channel" which is output as a separate signal and can be used with a device called a "Linear Keyer". The 8-bit alpha channel overlay can then be used to select from 256 levels of transparency when combining an external image with the Harlequin's output signal (for each pixel of the display).
1 know this sounds complicated, but in effect it means that the Amiga can create so- called "soft-edged" masks and semi-transparent images for genlocking over video.
TVPaint fully supports the alpha channel, and can even use it as a 'soft' stencil - in other words, images can be passed from the work screen to the spare screen via the alpha channel, allowing variable transparency stencilling within the package. This is one way to create the semi-transparent effect illustrated on the cover image.
TVPaint has two major weaknesses. It can - as yet - only use the Amiga bitmapped fonts for text, and the text editing facilities are very poor. The latest version does support Arexx however, so a text editor could be implemented by anyone with knowledge of the Arexx language. Tnis means that although the frame buffer can operate at PAL resolution (768 x 576 - the same as a TV) there is not enough information in the Amiga fonts to produce smoothly curved edges on lettering. Tnis is because lettering tends to have a lot of curves, which means that the result appears little better than Dpaint
on the Amiga's standard display.
Edge corruption Vector fonts are not stored as image data Eke "bitmap" fonts - Bitmap simply means a map of bits where each bit is a pixel. The lines and curves are stored mathematically, so that the font can be resized to any size, whilst retaining the perfect curvature of the lettering. This means that TVPsint's prodigious anti-aliasing power can be used to full affect, producing broadcast quality text displays on the Harlequin. 1 hope Tecsoft complete the update soon... The other problem with TVPaint is with resizing. It has no perspective manipulation, and simple planar resizing (x and y
axes only) can cause noticeable edge corruption (I rarely use tills function). For example, if 1 draw an anti-aliased solid drde, it looks lovely.
The edges are smooth, and not in the least jagged. Then 1 cut the drde out, halve its size, and lumps appear all around the circumference.
Cut-outs containing few edges - textures and the like - seem to work well. This is a problem excusable in Dpaint as it is limited to the available palette colours when resizing, but on a 24-bit display it should be possible to interpolate (recompute) the brush to provide a reasonable result. Dpaint IV, with HAM graphics and perspective manipulation, does a better job with only 4,096 colours.
Beautifully smooth This isn't quite as problematic as it may sound. With 16Mb of RAM, as 1 said earlier, I can run TVPaint and Real 3D concurrent (It may be worth pointing out at this stage that Reai 3D version 1.4 supports 24-bit texture maps and can render directly to the Harlequin, though the bug-fix that allows this function to work properly hasn't arrived yet..). Tnis means that images can be created in TVPaint, imported to Real 3D as texture maps then mapped onto any object's surfaces, moved around in wireframe perspective, and re-rendered. Rendering this sort of image usually takes 10
or 15 minutes, so I pop out for a coffee, and return to a beautifully smooth, jag free image that can easily be reloaded as a brush by TVPaint Though a little slower than it could be, perspective manipulation with Rea! 3D is immensely flexible - objects, surfaces and their texture maps can be manipulated in limitless ways unavailable in planar paint packages - in fact, this method produces results comparable to many broadcast computer graphics systems, though in an environment costing a fraction of the price.
K-r*l Graphics drawn as polygons of flat colour. Then, in a similar colour, I mark where I want the the highlights and lowlights that will give the rock its form. Finally I use the airbrush in Shade mode to alter the levels of brightness of the flat colour, and dither it to create a rough texture.
The Airbrush facility can use any of the painting options. Operating in - almost - real time, it is certainly fast enough to be thoroughly useful. It is one of the most dramatic features of the package - I frequently use it to impress people when demonstrating the Harlequin.
It can be operated by most of the drawing options like circles and lines.
There is also a useful spline drawing feature for those occasions when a freehand airbrush just isn't fast enough to create smooth curves.
You may notice that the small Amiga- creatures in the foreground have the landscape image as their displays. I achieved this effect by simply saving the image so far as a 24-bit texture map for Real 3D to render on to the Amiga screens. The earlier versions of the image show the flower as magenta, but red looked a lot better and the final flower with its bee is an example of the Colorize function being used to change the colour of an area of the screen without disturbing its bright- ?! Palette R G i. ness, thus retaining the lighting as it was originally rendered.
The sadly deficient text can be improved greatly by the addition of a few airbrushed highlights to the letters (after masking the surrounding area with a stencil - it is in this manner that television graphics designers make text look metallic.) Type in some mono text and mask around it, then simply airbrush a few dark diagonals.
The jagged edges become less obvious, and the text looks metallic. The spline drawing function could also be used to trace airbrushed lines onto the text, and by following the outlines of the lettering down one side of each character, it is relatively easy to make the text look shiny.
Display power Many of TVPaint's functions are similar to Dpaint, and this helps when getting started with the package, though the increased display power offered by the Harlequin makes the effect of some of the functions actually quite different to their Dpaint counterparts - this was quite confusing at first.
For example, getting used to the way in which anti-aliasing is implemented was slightly confusing as some of the functions didn't seem to use it on vl .4, though vl .5 is much more complete, and everything produces dean, smooth edges when anti-aliasing is switched on.
J255 0 0 The next step is to decide which objects can be art- worked and which objects would look better if solid modelled. The rocks are a case in point, and could have been created as models, though I felt that the lighting would have taken too long had I modelled them in Real 3D. I began modelling with the small Amigas (with legs) that inhabit my landscape.
Real 3D allows me to create primitive objects like cubes and spheres in a single operation, without worrying about how many polygons the surface needs. It uses a similar technique to the vector fonts - by storing the centre point and a radius, every sphere created this way will always have a smoothly curved surface, no matter how you manipulate it.
In addition to this, Real 3D allows objects to be combined using a full set of logical operations - And, where the two objects' volume of intersection becomes the resultant object; And Not, where the second object cuts the intersection from the first object; Eor, where the two objects are combined, and the intersection is removed; and finally; Divide, where the first object is divided in two along the plane of intersection.
These operations - called "Boolean" or logical operations - can also exchange surface textures with the With Paint extension (And Not With Paint, etc). So, Amigas with legs - thankfully I've got a digitised picture of an Amiga 3000, and the simplest way to make an Amiga is to create a couple of cubes that are about the right shape and orientation, and cut up my digitised image into some texture maps.
These can be incorporated into custom materials in Real 3D, applied to the cubes, and positioned on their front surfaces. A brief look at the wireframe allowed me to orientate the Amiga model to make it fit in the image. Now it's time for the lighting.
Lighting solid models is possibly more complex than real photographic lighting.
This is primarily due to the fact that lamps can only be placed in the tri-view mode. This consists of three windows - (hence tri-view) - displaying a plan and two elevations of the 3D model scene.
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A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil all your word processing requirements and... it includes a Database!
It’s all so easy to use, you probably won't need to refer to tlie extensive 250 page manual too often.
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Several test renders are usually required, and Real 3D's Fast Rendering mode is extremely useful for this.
Composition Once satisfied, I rendered the image in IPP-24 mode directly to the hard disk.
After this, images can be loaded as pictures or brushes - depending on their size more than anything else - and retouched prior to incorporation in compositions. I always save the retouched brushes separately to aid repositioning later, should I wish to change the overall compositional layout Does the Amiga have a graphic future?
Overall, the Amiga is on the verge of being a feasible option for low-cost professional graphics. The Harlequin badly needs a frame grabber, and most of the options available today simply don't do it justice. I recently tested the Rombo digitiser, and the Progressive Peripherals Frame Crabber. They're great products, but they simply aren't up to the display quality of the AC5 Harlequin.
The computer graphics market is about to undergo an explosion in the same order of magnitude as the home video market seems to have done - soon, perhaps even the A500 (or its successor) will achieve that magic display resolution
- broadcast quality. Things like HAM-E come Haying built some of
the objects for the landscape image, filled some areas of block
colour, and artworked a few details, I'm now ready to compose
the first rough image so far, by positioning all the various
brushes over the background gradient fills. It still looks
very rough at this stage - some of the brushes have dis
tinctly jagged edges, and the horizon doesn't look nearly soft
enough, but I can knock it back by airbrushing with the Smooth
option when things are a little more complete. The landscape
needed something in the foreground. Things looked a little
plain, so I figured that a flower with a bee - of sorts -
sitting on it might appear neatly in the bottom left- hand
Real 3D version 1.4 has some other very useful functions that 1.3 lacked, in the form of a new menu entitled Freeform. This menu includes a complete suite of point editing functions, and anyone familiar with the Sculpt Animate 4D editor will welcome the new facility.
This function creates objects called "meshes" that are defined - usually - by two curves made from groups of straight lines subdivided by vertices. These are the fundamental element of solid modelling on computer systems.
Close, and the cost of entry levei 24-bit systems is falling all the time.
Who knows, in a year from now, we may even see home graphics systems ready to plug into your living room TV, that can actually work at broadcast resolution - ironically at about the same time as the professionals begin to take High Definition TV seriously.
This is an exciting time to be involved in the Amiga's development, with CDTV, DCTV, 24-bit, and the silicon itself, from which all microchips are made, at last becoming cheaper. One thing is for certain - the Amiga is about to break its mould, and anyone labelling it "simply a personal computer" is about to get a shock.
By creating a rectangular mesh with 20 vertices on each side, and using the point editing functions Bend and Smoothen to deform the rectangle selectively, I built a petal for my flower.
Simply copying and rotating the petal mesh produced eight petals, which when accompanied by a flattened sphere for a centre made a usable flower. Now for the bee... The bee was a problem. It has wings, and wings are transparent. Transparency is a "heavy" function in Real 3D in the sense that it uses lots of processor time.
Real 3D is a ray-tracer, which means that it renders its images by calculating the paths of simulated photons in order to generate the picture.
Light fantastic This is not so much of a problem as it was - every new computer is faster than the last, and the A3000 is no exception
- but to allow for transparency means that the software has to
calculate for some photons to be reflected and the rest to pass
through the glass, with diminished intensity. This takes some
hefty maths, so the rendering of transparent surfaces takes a
very long time indeed.
To give you an idea, it took the A3000 running Real 3D Turbo four and a half hours to render the flower with the bee (and its wings) at a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels. To be fair, the level of anti-aliasing was also set at maximum to ensure the cleanest result possible (no jags), which also takes plenty of calculation (256 x 256 times over- sampling).
The bee itself was built with a Tools menu function called Lathe2, which allows a central axis to be defined, and then curved primitives to be added along its length, forming a single compound object This was bent so that the characteristic bee shape was more obvious.
Next I added a couple of spheres for eyes, circular tubes for legs (another Tools function) and antennae. The wings were constructed from a couple of irregular polygons.
In Real 3D, an object's surface is defined by its Material. Materials can be custom built and control the texture mapping, reflectivity, transparency, and bumpiness of an object, or group of objects. It was in this manner that I created the striped abdomen on the bee.
By first running Dpaint, using it to make a brown and yellow striped square (which I saved as an IFF brush into the texture map directory of Real 3D) and then quitting Dpaint to return to Real 3D, I created a material called Stripes that used the texture map. I then selected the rear abdomen object and used Modify Material on H. Modify Painting subsequently allowed me to position the stripes accurately.
All that remained was to position the lighting so that it fitted more or less with the rest of the image. Three light sources were used - a large bright lamp to provide highlights and shadows, an overhead Lamp to brighten the whole scene, and an in-fill Lamp from the viewpoint to prevent the flower and bee becoming a silhouette.
The one remaining task was to piece the brushes together and Smooth their edges in TYPaint, compos- W kT J Tng the final images. R tk j AMIGA Competing Mcrch 1992 DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED PRESENTS MAC BACK-UP FOR ONLY £39.95 INC. VAT & P P THE MOST POWERFUL SOFTWARE BACKUP SYSTEM EVER PRODUCED FOR THE A500 A500 PLUS THERE IS NO SOFTWARE YET PRODUCED THAT CANNOT BE BACKED UP USING THE MAC II SYSTEM P P A I | Q p a • The most comprehensive back-up utility ever! • Menu driven options which make it easy to use • backs up ¦ i w nbwi other formats: IBM. Atan etc. • Quick and easy to "Stal
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Obviously, no software in the world can actually affect your abilities, or lack of them, but it can magnify what little you have while automating the rest of the production to suit your style.
A Close second to a lack of talent is the need for some partners in crime - drummers, guitarists, keyboard players and SO on. Here again the software supplies the goods in the form of five individual musicians who play their particular instruments in the style of your choice while following predefined chord progressions, adding support to your solo efforts- Lastly comes technique. If you can barely play chopsticks but desperately need some jazz, a suitable style is ready and waiting. Simply select the one you want and your backing band strike up a tune to suit All you need do is load a
suitable chord progression or add your own, then play a few solo notes to add a designer melody... I'm sure many of you are thinking exactly the same as I did - "Well whoopie, how original, someone's managed to transform an Amiga into a Bontempi". To be honest although it does sound a little like that, there's a lot more to Super jam than simple auto-accompaniment as you shall see... Identical If you read the Bars and Pipes Pro article in the February issue you'll recognise the Super |am interface instantly, as it's virtually identical in its basic layout. As you might expect both packages
work perfectly together, grven sufficient memory.
If you're short on space or perhaps B&Ppro, don't worry - Super Jam is happy to work with anyone and will save its creations as a standard Midi file ready for importation into any compatible package.
On loading the package you're greeted with perhaps the two most important windows in the system. The less conspicuous of the two is the "Quick Strip" which covers the menu bar and works in a similar manner, allowing access to all of Super Jam's windows and options.
Second, but perhaps more important, is the keyboard window. This is where you spend most of your time, trying out new chord combinations or practising solos. It's here more than anywhere that inspiration is bom or perhaps cloned. Along the top of Paul Austin jams with the Amiga's latest band-in-a-box own sample editor which displays the sample assigned to that particular musician. If no sample has been assigned you can load the Turbo Sample of your choice or convert an existing IFF. As you can see from the screenshot, the editor is very comprehensive and easily on a par with any standalone
editing software on the machine, in short, if the window are a series of LEDs which display exactly who is playing what, so you can keep track of your backing band Beneath the LEDs lurk the windows command buttons. These allow you to add and remove styles and chords as well as define whether you play solo or orchestrate the band's performance.
You can also set the key and tempo, organise the band, record a section of music, add a fill, play a selected style or insert specialised or designer chords to the keys of your choice.
Organising the band is perhaps your primary concern before any performance After clicking on the band icon a window appears complete with a list of the six members, what the re playing, whether it is internal or Midi, channel selection, patch number plus the octave and volume settings.
Clicking on a specific member's icon followed by a speaker will produce Jam's Wannabees you have a sample, the editor will almost certainly create the sound you want thanks to a whole range of effects and processing options. It's impossible to go into further detail due to the usual lack of space, but rest assured that sample editing isn't a problem.
Selection of instruments and output methods is completely mouse driven with samples and patches playing on demand to make selection as simple as possible.
Sliders and arrows move through patch lists, adjust volumes, select channels - in fact you can complete an entire piece without touching the keys, whether they be on the Amiga or an external synth.
Once your musicians are suitably equipped, the next task is to select a style in which they'll play. Up to four separate styles can be stored on the right side of the keyboard and selected as required, even during a performance. Now the band knows what to play, but what about you?
Tone deaf fortunately the tone deaf are catered for. If you examine the keys you'll see a selection of letters on various notes which means that, in this signature, those are the appropnate keys to play, being member notes of that particular key. They will produce either major, minor, diminished, augmented or seventh chords.
This may sound confusing but it means that if you select these notes when constructing chord progressions or solo runs you'll never go out of key - it's that simple.
If you want, you can instruct the software to create the most suitable chord for any key on the keyboard. But If you're new to the business, it's wise to take some advice from the software.
If all you could do was play a selection of the same chords over and over again your creations would soon become just a tad predictable. So to add a little spice to your sound a selection of weird and won- Music in wonderland derfut chords are available on the right of the keyboard. If the chord you're after isn't jn the present list you can create it from scratch or modify an existing one via the chord window, adding it to the selection.
At this stage all the essentials are in place
- the band ha1 ? Their instruments and they know the style and
the chords you want, it's here where the section icon comes
into its own. Like all musicians, Super Jam builds its songs
from verses, choruses, middle eights and so on.
Requesters Selecting the section icon invokes two requesters - one to name the new section and another to specify the number of bars.
Once Set, the section window appears complete with a coloured strip for each musician. These strips run the entire length of the section and can be either active or passive, determining whether the musician plays or not Why jam beats the Bontempis It's worth spending a little time explaining some of the fundamental ideas underpinning Super Jam, and some of the power features hidden in the bowels of the package.
If you've read the passage dealing with song construction, you might well be wondering why you'd want to use a snapshot to capture a particular performance- Weil, as you may have guessed. Super Jam never plays exactly the same performance.
Each of the six musicians can play up to 16 variations within a specific section. As a result there are a possible 16,000,000 combinations every time a section plays. Difficult to believe, but I assure you it's true. If the band are left to their own devices playing the same section over and over again it's easy to spot the variations as the mechanical musicians do exactly as the title suggests.
Just like a real band, the members all know how to play a style because they've been told. All they need You can either play chords live or enter them via the mouse. Personally I found the mouse much easier. Clicking above the track immediately opens a miniature keyboard from which you select the root note.
Once selected, a scrolling chord list appears, prompting you to make your selection.
Nov you simply sit back and relax while the band plays an ever-changing performance, leaving you free to wait for inspiration or join in as the soloist. When you're happy with the arrangement, clicking on the camera icon selects the snapshot option which captures the music each time the section plays. Once you switch the snapshot off, that particular rendition is captured for posterity. A lock bar runs beneath each bar in the section with which you can isolate the bars you really like and re-record on others until you achieve trie perfect performance.
If you're generally happy but want to make a few minor alterations, clicking on the relevant icon will produce a graphic editor complete with the particular score performed by that band member.
Functions available include erasing, moving, stretching, volume adjustment - in fact all the editing features you'd associate with a standard graphic editor with the exception of blanket editing (as all editing happens on a single note _____________ basis). For the power of cut and paste you'll have to invest in a dedicated sequencer such as B&Ppro or KCS.
To know is the chords. Once told they shuffle their digital digits to the chord in question and improvise the selected style, just like real musicians.
As you can imagine, the style is all-important Any style can be adjusted prior to recording to remove annoying tendencies, and in fact complete styles can be built from scratch. Once complete the band instantly know what you want and set about improvising around it However, designing styles is a tricky business, best left to the experienced user who has a reasonable knowledge of musical structure.
Having said that it's an impressive feature that could save thousands of pounds and hours of studio time for the composer willing to master his electronic counterparts. With a little effort you can literally teach the machine to think as you do. Bassists play original lines you instantly like, while drummers add your favourite patterns without any prompting.
Wonderful... The only real fault I found with the song construction section !
Was a tendency for the odd glitch as the software finished one section and moved on to the next. It's here !
Where owning a decent sequencer could make all the difference, offering a method of fine-tuning your creations.
If you don't want to waste time writing jvki. .vi The section window where the would-be composer compiles his or her creations... sections, a whole host of classic chord progressions come with the software along with a selection of examples, not to mention the hefty list of styles. Because of the extensive support you can either experiment and attempt to create original work on the foundations offered by the software or sell out completely and rely entirely on the built-in examples - the choice is yours.
To sum up, Super Jam has its ups and downs, with the internal sound handling definitely one of the latter. On the other hand, there's the Midi element which more than makes up for the shortfalls of the internal output The only other annoying feature was the program's unwillingness to install on the odd WB2 machine. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact those friendly folks at Zone for a replacement, If you're working in a commercial environment that regularly needs good quality elevator music, it's a godsend. Or alternatively if you're looking for a way to leam more about
music it's an ideal way to do it.
Those looking to create the next number one in a matter of moments will be disappointed. Nevertheless I'm sure that Making a style ofl your own. It's not for the faint-hearted or musical beginner Y -V.TifTPU i-l a !-•» -in ~ ,1 H i 1 ‘[111 g_ Editing the performance of Individuals, either before or alter they ptoy their port in the making of a masterpiece The internal choice ‘•w Super Jam's Midi features, there's a whole section of the software devoted to interna! Sound. Obviously with the normal limit of four sounds at any one tsne, Super Jam's six band members would normally be in
rather a tight spot.
To avoid muting the odd member, the authors of Super Jam have created ".rboSound technology which manages to produce between six and eight simultaneous rounds on a one meg machine, expanding into the low 20s given the assistance an accelerator board.
V fch its new multi-timbral option the Amiga can - in fteory - keep pace with the ‘.' D’ alternative. Unfortunately this isn't quite the case, because the number of sounds can vary depending on the strain applied to the system, and the conversion from a norma: iff to a TurboSampte does appear to degrade the sound.
The final nail in the coffin is that the software's output is stnctiy mono. And when I say mono, that's exactly what I mean. The actual sound only appears on one channel: OK, playing the same track through each speaker wouldn't enhance the performance much, but it certainly would make listening a much more comfortable experience.
In general I must admit to being less than impressed with Super Jam's internal features, but if you're thinking of using the internal sounds as a stop gap, they're OK. Once you've mastered the program and saved up the necessary cash, moving on to Midi is strongly recommended.
Many a professional will have this extremely handy composing tool hidden at the back of a hard drive, ready to add inspiration to a tired imagination: E3 Ease of use Super Jam is available from Zone distribution on 081-766 6564.
Price £99 plus £3 p&p.
ALL OUR AMI6AS ARE UNITED KINGDOM SPECIFICATION AND INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... 1 Mb. Disk Drive 1Mb Ram Memory TV Modulator 4096 Colours Multi Tasking Speech Synthesis 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Amiga Mouse Operation Manuals Workbench 2 Disks ALL Connecting Cables AMIGA PLUS... All OURAmigas are backed by Harwoods Great Service [Please see full details in our Ordering Made Easy'panel final page} PACK 7 THAT’S RIGHT HARWOODS HAVE PUT TOGETHER THE STARTING WITH POWERPLAY PACK 1 WHICH ULTIMATE AMIGA PACKS YET AGAIN... INCLUDES 31* GREAT GAMES!
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TotWOCWtWCOWKTCCNk KthQM&£&Tte}WTC ML9QIE USED TO CotWECT M OTVCRWAVS.. eg VW,OvCft«t AKJTTOSTMTWICPWfffflOM roEMCMBTKXICroillfMlIt 'Hmm e wnm tin'iii'uitabte isnbfcel in stutusifor must pnnLids; [ileusc mv unr ordering panel al llv etui uj Ibis adivn furfull details AMIGA DRIVES & MEMORY mmm All our pack contain the new Amiga A500 Plus.
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ulbmaie software tor professional MIDI sequencing. The
software irxSudfiS a corffig- uabie Sxarian anc a synmeaser
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manuiaaurers warranty NEW FASTER STAR LC20 9 PIN MONO * Up
to 150 33 cps- RepiaoamiW tor our .tosj popUar Mooo
Sa-Maaix at a super on price 3Mu$ p4f opdpnseas*yacc6ssii3le
3 Sn iecus, continuous ancsingia irorr. Front panel sheets
3 Excellent p ier handle taofces 3 STAR LC200 S PIN COLOUR
PRINTER -185 40 cps - Tfe is one flour pads!
3 8D Column Dot Mafrix -J Micro paper teed Max paper weft 11.7" ? 240 dpi-9 Pin COLOUR 3 Supplied wthctfcur 4 mononbCofis 3 16k Butief.S Resident Fonts 3 Paper pakwbiauto angle sheet tearing ? PushpUltrasorifeafAcaofflleeas 3 ftogramraabfe from text panaL ? Hawersa paper teas 3 12amiwrranty CITIZEN SWIFT 9 PiN COLOUR - 1S0 40ep&-j £219.S5 I New nigh spec 9PincoJotf printer ‘---1 ? 8KSutter 4fe«s 3 240x240 CpiCotoxGrapftCS ? Pusr* and put tractor 3 Best »«quafity in our 9Pfl range ? Feeder lanei&tnJti pan stationery 3 2 Year ©San warranty STAR SJ48 INKJET PRINTER New super high qual* Puttie
ink jet printer 3 S4Nazzteinkia 3 Emulates Epson LO and 16M Pr irserferftAofE adaty STAR LC24 200 24 PIN MONO * 220 55 Cps Mono version o( LC2A200toour.sar»spece »raardier7Ka STAR LC24 2M 24 PIN COLOUR - 220 55 cps - Caour versior. Oi me LC24-200 Uona 3 dOColunn Dot Matrix 3 ? 360dpi-24 ffn MONO 3 3CK Safer (expatiate) ? 10 ResidensForss 3 Front Panel Ptefi Seleeaon 3 Pi riptfl tracaor &rear,4xH«nfee ss Q Reverse paper teed NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN 224 COLOUR -160 53 cps Brand New, lowest gosi colour 24 Pin printer, anyehefei _ 3 80 ColunfltaMsirav'fiM Feng 3 Push&puiaaaorwxte 3 360 cpi-24 Pir.
COLOUR 3 Complete p erpatogfacttees.
3 &KBeder expandable to 32K 3 Supptec wtthmcooA colour riboens ' “ M2Y« PRINTERS' Ail printers in our range indude a standard Centronics Parallel Port for direct connection to Amiga, Pcs. Atari Sts. Archimedes etc. 3 Easy » use iro« panel controls 3 FJ 2 Year Citaen Warranty NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COLOUR -180 60 cps - Brand New, superb specScaDon colour 24 fin printer.
3 80 Column Oot Matrix wet 7 Forts 3 Pustvjxi & bottom fraatx teeds 3 360 dpi-24 Pin COLOUR 3 Complete paper padtrf faakbds.
3 8KSuHe?ex3ancafii&sa32K ? Suppliedwthroofdicolot Abons 3 Easy to use LCD panet controls 3 FtA 2 YesrCaisen Warranty GORDON HARWOOD PRINTER STARTER PACK ALL aur 0« Mara Pwtes are supgiae eafflotete wsh... 200 Sheets of Continuous Printer Paper 100 Useful Self Adhesive Continuous Labels _Amiga Printer Drivers Disk_ We supply a connection cable to YOUR computer plus a Quality Dust Cover with ALL Dot Mamx Printer £149.95 £25.95 £31.49 £17.95 £15.95 Star LC-20 Mono Printer Automatic Sheetreeder £74.95 Star LC24-10 Mono Printer 32K Buffer £67.95 £67.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £74i5 StarLC-200 Colour
Printer Automatic SheetFeeder £74 5 Star LC 24-200 Mono Colour Primers 32K Primer Buffer £34.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star SJ48 Printer Automatic Sheet Feeder £54.95 Ni-Cad Baffiry was Star XB 24-200 Colour Printer Puli Tractor £34.95 Font Cartridges- Styles To Be Announced £29.95 : 28K Centronics Printer Buffer £89.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £114.95 Dual Bin SheetFeeder £429.95 Star XB 24-250 Colour Printer Pull Tractor £34.99 Font Cartridges- Styles To Be Announced £29.95 12§K Centronics Printer Buffer £89.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £1744*6 Dual Kn SheetFeeder
26. 95 ZX9 £36.95 ZX9 £12.S5zx$ a. £8.95 Z24 £49.95 Z24
£14.95x2*0- £8.95 Z24 £4945_Z24_ £14,95x2 Aiso compatible
with Apple Styiewnter and Cannon BuiQc Subttcjct NEW FASTER
STAR XB 24 PIN COLOUR RANGE XB24-2G0 & XB24-25Q - 275 SO cps
These NEW top oi the range Stars replace the XS24 10 &
£399.95 24-200 Cotour £499.95 2*-2SO Cotour X324 15, A offer
me best possteiepuaiitydijj matrix printms ?
Excapecnalpftnsquafcy 3 Boter 29K(XB2«200} & M XB2*2S0) 3 4
x4oPin super-lenerqua ty tones 3 *.4 x24Pin near tetter
quaicy toms x 360 dpi Coiot Graphics i2mffts on-sae warrant
(UK Meriand) Hewlett Packard paint jet colour A4 inkjet
£599.95 Our best quality tuficdour printer & a reaiisscprice
- 3 Paraltel»Ceraronics cr Serial RS232 if spaaty wen order.
MAC opocn avaiaote) 3 For presentation graptics&TP, CAD and
tecnmcai'saeniiDc applications 3 A fus page ol colour
graphics in 4 r&TufeS (typical) 3 Nonimpadprirdir . 3 W2
print transparencies 3 «iuaflystof5.43doa 3 12 Mentis on-ste
warranty (UK Mair.ianc!i STARSCRIPT - 4ppm POSTSCRIPT
COMPATIBLE LASER A4 Laser Printer, cofinea to PC. Amiga.
Aart ST. Maartosna* .
3 300 DPI 2Mb. Upgradable io5Ub. ? Serial and ParaBai imerfaoes 3£miiaa6ftStf,c: RFSanes II. Epson 3 i2BH3n cnsitew2nafSy (UK Mainland) B(a00.l8Mfr(wnter&Diado6& 3 43quak*ytcfitscni: .
WGcmpiaewsr.’SaisaipS’iSars 3Appietakterarfle icMaCir postscript lar uaje a-miator.) 3 Evoy desktop putrtsfters dream SEE OUR LIST OF ACCESSORIES FOR BOTH STAR AND CmZEN PRINTERS, ALL AT COMPETITIVE PRICES!
All iho characion P&r Second speeds quoted above ato DfatVLQ at 10cpi £1099.95 BOOK SHOP FOR BEGINNERS & EXPERTS ALIKE WE ALWA'fSCARiff URGE STOCKS OF TrE FULL HANGE OF ABACUS i OTHER SGQKS-Ftone us lor atUKs!
M&k FOR 36SWSS-V5L1 ABACUS BOOKS. £14.95 «an upacw« yW Ai*i410 ttMShj pi 6*iKidKiBSiSt asc M asx tiEH raasffi vetm awairg Ynttndi U and 2 AU1GABASCINSOEANOOUT-VOL2ABACUSSOOKS. £1835 Da«w sap By sp gas sc prosramwig Aa s n disc AW&AUACHKELANS1AGE-V0L4 ABACUS BOCKS. £14.85 Pa Difcajrii caaTCfcf a .
AMIGA DOS MsfflEANO OUT-Y0L&ABACUS BOOKS, £23.45 GiX»»Aagi00S4CU..NEWdisairc.lAB2£ (ettrMshttnSpOskj AMIGA (UROWABe JieFERcteCE UAMUAL-AdGisori Westey, £21.95 wnten Oj- ticmcn apa3 ai Coanodora Am tc, USA., w pccctewc W hrrj. Rixxsi itec MVMuq i ajrir*: e a. Hdn wois. Rc* ox cszxei a. AMIGA,BEST0FTnCKS&TilSM17. £22.95 A ccn sa cc ard Tbt atesli! You b « MOB: mJi your Amga am s sirpiy a * 0*6 free ask} &6TTWGM MOST FROM YOUR AAKA, £9-95 iranfuLr&PufiltfFS, to ?«u»5 r Amgi Famat TO and Itf upsitt lor 1932 CfL aaiafcwnSifcPOtSXS included-£1395
Y. ' i' r terms tw atmialue (subject 10 suunst of mod pn lucis:
see our ordering ptwel ti the and •] ibis udrari for jitll
dtittiis lONITORS & MONITOR TV'S Harwoods stock a complete
range of both Monitors & Monitor TV's to give you your perfect
solution to the type of display to buy.
PHILIPS CM8833 1I Th* wr pcpUarKmcn Prraps CM &23 UdL cs vwacity meats you not only g* Wteiere eoioor grapnes & taa pafcrman« Mpi a mk» range of personal computers, bui when comwed to a VCR, you g$ an m«ng §00 pg«i TV Fcure. Viitn tr« 8333 Midi. Harwoods gne you trie complete set up, to get you garq straight away... Mentor. RGB pctue ana Stereo Audio Cables, Taioreo oust cover, and a kd 12 Monets on site service warranty.
ARG&'AO.TTi.Ccmawtt. Vdec A stereo aucvorputs Canoe used as a TV wm VCR or Tuner AtoasaVaMCameradspisymonto Retradaae stand Twin a8reo Speakers rtcacpnoneJack p SoO« FREBaacioryMCSinMBr :2Monpicnsteser.vewarrare . Qf“ Thg MOST VERSATILE STEREO COLOUR MONITOR AVAILABLE Commodore’s Own Stereo High Resolution Colour Monfcr with...
• RGB AVTTL, Composite. Video Audio Inputs Canb§«5«asTV wi?t VCR
V tuner, Twin SpeaKfifS for stereo a.ipv: Suppited wttn castes
tor 00. CQA PC.’Cl 6-64-128.
ZS znportt to iXMfhber that most W Monitors, are st Hirst and foremost televisions, meaning mat the* average400pixel tube display iiXhiOwBfrdSOUibh than a monitor) cannot be guaranteed to display SO column text dearly without nskng eye strain. If choosing a Teiev&on Uotmr ensure it has the latest 2006 character tube capability, meaning it can handle the Amgas’ SO characters, by 25 line output dearly.
OUR PACKS Z 3. AND CofiQ PCWERPRO. AT NO EXTRA COST. TO REPLACE THE8833)1. SlUPLY ADVISE US AT THE TIME OP ORDERING) fcfcV,,'wy Before you cnoose from whom to purchase, pease prone us. We are a ways happy to 6S0uSS yiu requirements, and answer any queries you may have... 4 ORDER BY Pr.c.'.fe Pncffeou! Ort» hams *«r your Access. Visa. Mastercard.
MB &vZcn a aro CraKctase Care aconc raw 4 wpuy cate.(Doors. Cur,-.
TMg ™ NASCR a«t Ctfwr 'store' cares are Lcrr rc CajdKltafang are aOSpCsfl by US) ORDER BY POST Make cneques. Banters Cu4rq scoe:? Orarts or pass oroers IXI payable 10 GORDON rtARwODO COMPUTERS. IPersonaibusiness deques aw ¦¦¦ 7oays » oear from &y 01 teSW thereupon your order wil be desoaicneo:. Please sera tone. Aosess arc most npcnarty t pcssife. A Oayjme Tmphone tonw along turn your ow requremems. Pease creek you yq$ r«j trgm ere ft’ Our latest aavertBeireras oefore posing ipnone i you :«qj» contrmaar. L Please remember mat or example many September pudca&ons appear dunng August thereto*
prices fpu see say haw charoaS vatr«f up or Own) bay FREE POSTAL DELWSY: FREE vrtnr 14 wnunscays. UK U&ntarc orty.OR: jfiflj COURIER SERViCE Aod £5.95 per major aem ipr wftkingay Cfitoery, UK
* » Mamland most regens.
V EXPORT ORDERS Mcsi nams are avacabe a TAX FREE PRICES to non UK ¦iaO res ter4S wnan vfiitng expoit sflqffleftl. Please contact us xt crdenng miormason RFMFMBFR AFTER YCOVE BOUGHT FROM hASWCOOS. WEIL Sttuu Be rtESfc, TEChmm. SUPPORT: You *tf De gven ou tiCk&ve Tectncai Support Prcne tonar to cat SftOuW you recure any rep or ao.ee on any aspect erf me system you nave pucn p .2 .VCMH V ARRAJiTY: Rems prwing tauGy wctr. 30 bays 0! Purcnase are replaced win n£w units criess anetwse sisiec For ire wncie guaraniee penocL warranty service wu be Cwtpletety FREE OF CHARGE COU.cC' iC-'i FACILITY: Any
computer, mentor or prjyer reqarng warranty arnncecant* coteaeo item ycur hom rR££ OF CHARGE flunrg sic guafdTiw pence (UK Mainiana otty arvo a FAST lurnarcurq s GUARANTEED By our OWN ENGINEERS
• •• •••• ------- A. ccmixaxs av Ossteo p-or :o oespexr. Ana a.
.terns a- suppueo wtn mans pug arc less as requreo - jus ctmrc-
up arc use straight away.
VAT and postage are included, and prices are correct at time ot going (0 press (Pack details may vary from time to time). Offers are subject to availability and to being the latest advertised packs and prices. Our offers are NOT supplied on a trial basis. £iO£ EjlJ FINANCE ¦ FACILITIES... tailored to suit your needs. Written details on request Gcr con Harwood Computers otter (acuities to purcnase using our budget account scheme APR 36*°. (Variable). Available to most acults ol eighteen years or over. SuB.ect to status Simply phone or write and we *,U send you written details along with an
application form Applications, requred in advance, available to ful time U.K. maaiiand residents and overseas Brash !cr«$ personnel. Srwoan visitors, please ask for details of our instore 'Instant Account". Written quotations on request.
It you are already the holder ot a Lombard Credit Charge Card you can use tnis to purchase from us (subject to your personal card limit) VISIT OUR SPACIOUS SHOWROOM: Please pay us a visit where our full range of advertised products, at the SAME COMPETITIVE PRICES, & MORE, is on sale. ’ALL UNDER ONE ROOP, in pleasant surroundings at our purpose built showroom (See note below map). There's plenty of FREE parking close by.
OPENING TIMES $ .00 until 5.00 Monday to Satufday
9. 00 until 1.00 Wednesday. Closed on Sundays AMIGA ACCESSORIES
• £24.95 r £149.95 uiDi interface , ? Pgrt): m. Out, i nroggft
plus 2 switffiable mn i'ouL induces cade.- «:ir The Complete
Cetow? SolwTion; Vidi wtm RG6 Splitter, Frame Grander &
Digitiser. Grate ¦ moving colour vtieo m» 16 grey scale irames
(up to 16 trames n 1Mb Amiga) and ogitises trom stui coiour
vtoeo source in up to 4096 concurs at less than l secono!
Regures home VCR or vtoeo camera for grabbctg. Regures video
camera or VCR witn perfect pause lor dgiang. Now cones w.th
Photon Paint 2.0 FREE!!! (see Proven teture tor tuil software
cetaiis) KCS POWERBOAftO IBM PC EMULATOR - Allows you to run
many popular IBM PC compatbie sottware £219.95 ones on your
Amiga or Amiga A5Q0 Pty§ Hercules, CGA & Monocvome Video
Support, Supports Bah 3S Inch & 5.25 Inch Diskettes ¦. Fits
into A50t ram Slot, 608§ XT Processor, CodvCaienoar mciucefi,
Acs As 512K RAM Exp. When In Amiga Mote, tndudes MS-OOS 4.oi,
Snei 4 GW-BASiC, DCS-Hefc, & On-Board Memory SuppGfts A5S0 hara
Drive, Maise Driver Software induced KCS POWERBOARD AS ABOVE
BUT WITHOUT: MS-Oos 4.01. GW-8asic. Snei £189.95 NAKSHA 400dpi
SCANNER £114.95 Switchahie between 200dpi and 400dpi Supports
up to 32 grey shades witn adjustable contrast Suppked with
EXPRESS-tT! Software, image uality a4ows you to save in the
formal best suited to your favounse package.
SUPRARAM RX 500 (512K to 8Mb. RAM Expansion) Tne RAM expansion giving mas&ve memory WITHOUT dismantling yotx Amiga, thus aiwoing the possibAy of validating your warranty.
Easi connects to sidecar with bus’pass-througn’for HD's etc. 214b. RAM Vertion 2199.S5 4Mb. RAM Version &&& 8Mb. RAM Version Eii5.i5 NAKSHA MICROSWITCHED MOUSE £24.95 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE £32.95 COMPETITION PRO JOYSTICK 5000 Black £7.95 ZIPST1CK JOYSTICK £12-95 BLANK DISKS with labels 10 Genuine SONY 3.5* branded 50 Genuine SONY 35 branded 10 Unbrandec with irajy case 35* certified 200 Unbranded 3.5* certified COMPETITION PRO STAR JOYSTICK £14.95 Only £9.95 Only £39.95 Only £7.95 Only £7150 The OnlY joystick to obtam a 100% rabng from a magazine review!
3,5" DISK HEAD CLEANER £2.99 Apple'1 in Alfreton... Fte the professional user, Gordco Harwood provides the oustifldjflg Apple** Macintosh** range of computers.
These superb systems ate available at surprismgiy competitive pnees’
OFFERS* As your quality assured Apple91 Authorised Dealer,
systems arc available through our shdwrooriK only, pkasc
Ytmusfcc your pcsonai miroducocai to this tacepoooai range ot
friendly yet powerful graphical computers.
Gordon Harwood Computers I Authorised Dealer GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS DEPARTMENT EH3 G3, NEW STREET, ALFRETON, DERBYSHIRE. DE5 7BP TEL: 0773 836781 FAX: 0773 831040 .1 tfkV. ilk-. Ijijih’ lum i. Mu niKcJ) mu I Classic ate inutmurk i yStyple Computer, Inc.. U iJber iratk’nuirhs are tki'uou'leifgvil.
SPECIAL OFFERS SPECIAL OFFERS BANX STACKABLE BOXES 90 Capacity 3.5 Very high quality manufacture Anti-static Protective lock p Colour coded dividers only IrT 150 Capacity 5.25 or 130 3.5 Beautiful strons design Anti-static Protective lock Colour coded dividers AP Smooth draw operation onlylPlO«T9 DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE DENSITY DISKETTES Specialists for over 3 years supplying Education. Government, home user, quality, reliability, value for money.
YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BUY BETTER IPIB 9*% OFF TMR CBEBEXT RIIMfl PRKH In 1989 Western Europeans threw away over 128 million printer ribbons. They weighed over 9,000 tonnes in total and would reach right around the world it laid end to end.
A used ribbon cartridge is being thrown away somewtwe in the UK every second of every day You can help put an end to this environmental waste and save some money at the same time thanks to RE-tNK, a revolutionary new spray which brings new life to exhausted fabric printer ribbons.
3. 5 RE-4UK is cost effectrve and simple to use. Sknply open up
your plastic ribbon cartridge, spray a few squirts Ol RE-lNK s
speoal ink and lubricant formula and your nbbon Is as good as
new - sometimes even better!
50 DSDD 3.5 Plus deluxe storage box only £29.95 100 DSDD 3.5 Plus deluxe storage box only £44.95 THIS MONTHS SPECIAL 200 DSDD 3.5 Plus 2 deluxe storage boxes only ...£74.95 AVAILABLE FKON Mi OFFICE SOPHIES MD Office Supplies THIS MONTHS MAD, MAD OFFERS
3. 5 External DS DD Drive features include
• Very high quality design
• CitizerVSany cfcive mech
• OVOff switch
• Full 880k formulated capability
• Very quiet smooth operation EXCEPTIONAL PRICE £40.95 INCLUSIVE
Philips CM8833 Monitor Including Cable, Stereo Colour Monitor,
hurry, hurry £939.95 JOYSTICKS ZlpiMlAitatit £.12.95 Speeding
Ai ofie £1095 tortrick 1 £1295 l thcn 1 uiboi £995 Manta Ray
Autofire £13.95 18 Crescent Way, Farnboroufih.
Kent BR6 9LS Tel: 0689 861400 m Educational & Government orders welcome 3
* RHNK will saw up to 91% on wtat you currently spend on new
* Rf-lliX - treated ribbons give clearer, blacker print than new
* flf-Wis a vfcyllal quality ink-no blotcty or patchy irt
* iFWIMir is universal - ft wofXs witli all ribbons
* RE-Mcan extend the life of your pmter with its special
lubricant oils From I sf January all orders below £20.00 are
subject to £2.95 P P Charge C overDiskC Lose your shirt without
risk! Try John Ingham's superbly addictive but harmless
one-armed bandit Jackpot!
A to use the * s case ensure that t0 a separate d reUted you fully understand for eximPle' * (he ,„t tditor Therefore, if yw ppmore to the new C: dirocW bew crunched. » o info to you copy ttom disk “ W4“;Ther ,devoid »««toSe about and can he p y infuriating error messages.
, disk drive, put » OFV.andtyp* OFO: TO Of V. prompts until the ias ended, then put yinaafepUce.No* ie and wait for 10 sec- with the copy Wait icon app* doub'C Two quidI Should I gambit or tokt it7 i Q s 1 m o $ i a m 9 10 NUDGE NUDGEj HUDGE r~ HOLO - NOCP | -i - HOLD J n TAKE HUB do to make a e disk. However, copy individual MOS Coin Drop is a fully featured fruit machine simulator.
That means you don't just press the Way button till you run out of money, There's a great deal more skill and judgement to this game than you might think.
On loading, you are given a number of choices. Up to four players can gamble at once, and you can give each player an initial stake of up to £10, so if you like, the game can be set to fairly huge proportions. Once all choices are made, the game is ready to play.
Above the main display area there's a skHl trail which comes into its own when you score highly on the play reels. If you're bcky enough to get “trail hekT, and light up all the letters in the word AMOSCOIN- a backup copy
o this, boot up with th, then double click sk icon, followed by
viowtype- OfO: TO DFO DROP, you can try your luck at one of the
skill challenges, which is where the game makes its strongest
impact on your addiction centres.
The first two challenges involve the number reel in the familiar High-Low gamble where players can elect to gamble for money or more nudges. If you manage to skip on to the later challenges, you'll be faced with Twenty-One, Skill Reflex, Cash For cheats, there's a wimp mode you can call up by pressing C. A scrolling screen showing all figures on each reel is displayed, which helps immensely when you've got five nudges and don't know how to use them.
Pressing H will display all scoring combinations and the money earned on them. U scrolls the number reel down a position, and D or P pause the game - It goes into flashing lights demo mode, Climb, Full House, Stop and Match and finally Five Auto Wins, which can bag a pretty penny or two for your hard-hit coffers.
To start a game, click on either the £1 or 10p slots to insert your "money”. If you're sensible, you'll have chosen to start with a tenner in the bank, but starting with only £1 can add to the tension as you can quickly run down to only a couple of plays left in which to win something.
• Amos Coin Drop is a shareware program. This means that if you
like it you should send a donation to the author at the
following address: lohn Ingham 8 Cyprus Terrace SHEFFIELD S6
3QH The author suggests £10, for which you can have the Amos
source code and a version customised specially for you.
Just like the real thing. Apart from these keys, you'll only ever use the mouse to control all other functions. Amos Coin Drop is fun, addictive, and easy to play for hours on end. Have fun!
C overDisk Super-Duper AmiBase Professional II Author: Keith A Grant Author: Sebastiano Vigna Super-Duper is a fast and friendly utility for copying and formatting disks. It uses a few very clever tricks to make its operations as fast as possible, and claims to be able to copy a disk from its RAM buffer in as little as 36 seconds, which is about as quick as a floppy will ever go.
When loaded, it instantly looks friendly and useful, All features can be set using buttons, and if a straightforward diskcopy is all you're about, you need only click on the source and destination buttons to get under way. Formatting a disk is just as easy.
At its optimum operating settings, Super-Duper is a match for any flash disk copying program such as Xcopy and D-Copy, Users of 512k machines, however, will have to largely forego this feature, as it requires the use of an 880k RAM buffer unless data compression is used.
To load a disk's contents into your buffer, select the source disk (DFO:, for example), then click on Buffer, and finally on InBuf.
The fuel bar should start to turn white as the source disk is copied in to RAM.
The process will take less than 40 seconds, even with verify selected Now that your buffer is ready to use, insert a disk in the destination drive, click on its button as the destination, make sure Buffer is active, and click on Go. The diskcopy will be complete in about 36 seconds.
On machines with 1Mb or less, you may not be able to create a full-sized buffer of 880k. If this is the case, you should dose as many windows and applications as possible before using Super Duper.
Maximum allocation If, after all that, you still have less than 880k free (such as SI2k users), Super-Duper will allocate the maximum buffer possible and use real time compression to squeeze the most out of your system.
As a Iasi resort, Super-Duper has a KillSys function tucked away in the bottom right hand corner. When clicked, this will close Workbench and grab back the memory previously used by it, thus leaving more for buffering.
If you use Super Duper from a hard drive, it is possible to use space on the drive itself as a buffer, which will be almost as fast as buffering in RAM if your hard drive is a good Quantum unit.
Alternatively, the VDBuf button enables users to specify a device such as RAD: or VD0: as the buffer device.
If you fancy just formatting a disk rather than carrying out a diskcopy, Super-Duper will accomplish this in about 37 seconds, as opposed to the 1 minute 40 seconds you'd wait for a normal AmigaDOS format operation. At 294 per cent, that's some improvement!
AmiBase Professional II is the best shareware database available for the Amiga. Period.
Previously a copyrighted program distributed only by Amiganub, v2 has recently been released as shareware to widen the user base so that they will upgrade to the more powerful AmiBase Professional III, which Amiganub will flog you for £10. As it stands, however, the version on this vi4.r..iuii'h bwufiM' U t .M Irrrt Un, town milff 0»nM*W» Utin tiu Urn: tl+ *«*»•• in tm I.'in Vll Cw«nK|I k mjvmMi (ilk teiiW Imn: . 'W I’* ul «•*«"w ail i» wii u «ailt it Iim« It tta MufctJ Him m. 1 i* 111 UVI The Amibase mam screen, showing key options at tin top month's disk is easily capable of meeting the
needs of most home users and enthusiasts.
AmiBase opens on a blue background with all the important options listed at the top of the screen.
For instance, to create a new database, just type N, answer a few questions on the number of fields you want, type in their names, decide whether to password the database, and you can start entering data. If you intend to use AmiBase for simple address book-style records, you need go no further than this into the program's complex features.
For those with more demanding uses, AmiBase can be surprisingly willing to comply.
Records can be filtered to create sub-databases, IFF pictures can be attached to records, there is a very fast and flexible search function (more so than Prodata's!) And data in any one field can be added or subtracted across the whole database so that, for example, a total of all stock values can be reached.
Demonstration As an example of what AmiBase can do, there's a database on the CoverDisk ready to use.
Type L to summon the file requester, dick on the "videos" file and then on OK. AmiBase will display the database's file specifications and inform you of how fast it's being loaded in. Once loading is complete, the first record pops onto your screen.
To move around the database, use the arrow cursor keys. If you have a specific record in mind, the J key will enable you to jump to it in a flash.
AmiBase loads your database straight into memory, and can therefore dash round a large database with a speed many commercial programs would envy.
To test this, go to the last record, number 47, by pressing J or the up-arrow key. Now look for a unique string of characters, such as "winning", and go back to record 1. By pressing Z you call up the search menu with its four options. These are all different ways of searching for something, but for now use option 3, In-Search.
This option searches the field you specify for a string of characters you specify, and does SO through the whole database. A much more powerful and flexible way of searching through the database is available through the multiple search options. When these are chosen, you will be asked which fields you'd like to search through and which string you'd like to be ferreted out of each field.
As long as you don't attempt to trawl through five or more fields, the multiple search is almost as fast as the simple search and makes the manipulation of your data a great deal easier. What if you want to amend data within a single record? There's no key listed for the Amend function, but before you give up AmiBase as a bad thing, press the Help key.
Weakness This puts you in Amend mode, which is where AmiBase shows its only annoying weakness. To change the data in a field, use the jump function to find the correct record, highlight the field with the arrow keys, then press Return or Enter.
Notice something silly? Yes, the entire contents of the field are wiped out This means that if you've only a slight spelling mistake to rectify, or another minor adjustment in a field, you have to type the whole thing in from scratch.
This aside, there's precious little to complain about. AmiBase has a lot more than the standard database facilities. There are two menus of extra features to choose from, offering the paranoid among us several handy data security features, printing options, and a few program management extras.
Program management features include autoload and auto-save. The latter is just a timed save option to guard against losing loads of data due to power surges and so on, but the auto-load feature is extremely useful.
By choosing a database and its directory path, the user can instruct AmiBase to load that database every time the program is run, thus saving users with a day-to-day database requirement the hassle of loading the same database time after time.
Shareware notice AmiBase Pro II is a shareware program This means that if you like it and intend to use it, you should send a shareware dona lion of £5 10 the author at the following address: Keith A Grant. IS Laurel Drive Tilchurst, READING Rgi SD) See the doc files on Ihe disk lor details on how to purchase the commercial version, AmiBase Pro III |GBRoute Plus V2.00 [c] 1990,1991 Complex Computers mi in i £ Hist: I Tiw: 1:18 Cost: £t.N % £79.95 Inc Vat 1 Meg Required GBRoute Plus Route Planner for the Amiga £79.95 Inc Vat 1 Meg Required CBRoutc Plus for the Amiga computer has been
carefully designed to assist the United Kingdom motorist plan easily and efficiently journeys almost anywhere in the UK. GBRoute Plus will not only find routes but will also cost, time and distance a journey in a matter of seconds, allowing the user to then print out a route or graphical map in either black and white or colour. There are many other features within the software designed for ease of use many of which allow the user to customise the program to suit the individual driver.
Features include:*
* Over 25 Million possible routes
* Calculate shortest, fastest and cheapest routes
* Includes Motorways, A roads and B roads
* Includes Cities, Towns and many Villages ' 5 Via options, 3
Avoid places and avoid road
* Colour and wireframe map graphics
* Interlace display
* Supports colour and black and white printers
* Map scrolling and zooming facilities Features Include:* Dealers
contact: Leisure Soft Centre Soft IBD
H. B. Marketing Lazer
S. D.L.
* Motorway service stations included
* Road Bias facility for six classes of road
* 10 levels of magnification to a 1 mile scale
* Mileage scale bar
* National grid coordinates
* Colour palette requester
* Arexx support - over 50 commands
* Vector mileage calculator
* 3D look user interface GBRoute Plus is available from most good
Amiga dealers Telephone: 0706 224531 - Fax: 0706 225320 Complex
Computers-2 The Arcade, Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancs BB4 9AF
CoverDisk ShadowMaker Author Stephen Lebans ShadowMaker is a
public domain version of a commercial program, but it has been
released in a very usable form. It's function is to add shadows
to the font of your choice, making easier the previously very
tedious process of adding them in Dpaint.
The font is saved separately in its shadowed form, so it is available instantly for your pictures, video titling software, or tuxHM r m»ii preft reHElfeU cast _j F dF+l EJ j asm i jgra 2lJ r Think you can do better? 1 Want to be famous?
W« are always on the lookout for new, quality Amiga programs for the CoverDisk. If you think you have written something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please send it In and wel have a look.
The Amiga Computing CoverDisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month in places al over the world from New Zealand to the USA so if your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous!
Please make sure you list AIL Workbench and other files necessary for the program to work Feef free to design your own icons tor progs which run from Workbench, but please don't make them too big.
If you ensure your program is as compatible as possible with a wide range of Amigas, it will also stand a better chance of publication. We are espeName ... «* . Age.. Address ..... Daytime phone .. Evening phone .. Submission name ... Submission size . Type of program: Came . I Utility [j Tune Other You
must sign this declaration The material on this disk h mine. I didn't steal it from someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it I understand that by submitting my work to Amiga Computing and Signing this declaration I am giving full copyright control to Eu op ess Publications Ltd I understand that if my submission b bought by Amiga Computing I will be paid the current applicable rate. I know what copyright means and I will be responsible for any posse ble litigation arising from breach of it by Europress
Publications Ltd as a result of using my submission.
Port your submissions WITH A COFY Of THIS FORM to; Signed .. Stevie Kennedy, *m gg Computing, CoverOisk Submissions, Europa House, P«e ..... Adlington Part;. MACCLESFIELD SKI 0 4NP presentation package. The only restriction placed on this PD version is that it will not accept fonts larger than 39 point. You may load fonts up to 99 point and play about with them, but you won't be able to save them as a shadowed font if they are sized 40 or over.
To try out this neat piece of software, load up the mFast font from the CoverDisk. This is a 20-point font used by AmiBase Pro il and could do with an extra dimension. First of all, try switching between cast, drop and rounded, the three types of shadow on offer. The effects generated by these are variable enough to give a real choice over the final appearance of your shadowed font.
Below the shadow ShadowMaker geh to work on mfait.hnt cially interested in programs designed to work with the A3000, although if they work only with the new machine they'll have to be quite smal.
AddTools We are prepared to pay our current rates for original work which hasn't been distributed in any other way and which has not been put in the public domain.
Author Steve Tlbbett Workbench 2 only Steve Tibbett is one of those names you see cropping up in PD and shareware all over the place. He'S been responsible in the past for VirusX and ScreenX, and now it's AddTools.
The program b a simple little beast, but if you don't have Workbench 2, you'll never know how useful it can be. It adds user-defined menu commands to the Workbench 2 Tools menu, and is therefore incompatible with older Amigas equipped with Workbench
1. 3 or 1.2. To run the program, you must have an Ascii file
called Toolslist in the S: directory of your boot dbk.
To help you out, weVe included a Toolslist on this month's disk, so A500 Plus and A3000 owners can run the tool and check it out. The toolslist includes entries to run Amos Coin Drop, AmiBase Pro II, ShadowMaker, and Super-Duper.
For each menu entry, there are three lines describing the menu item's title, the command to be issued when the item is selected, and the directory in which the command is located. For instance, the entry to run ShadowMaker looks like this: StiidouMLtr ShidouRiker STS'.ltilitlei SkidwlUkir In other words, there's a menu item called ShadowMaker, when it's selected, AddTools issues the command "ShadowMaker", and it looks for the file in SYS:Utilities ShadowMaker . Dead easy.
If you wish your program to be released as shareware or freeware we will be happy to publish it, but would, of course, be happier if we'd been given it first!
Your submission MUST be accompanied by the submissions form, a copy of it, or a signed declaration to the same effect. Please supply your full name, address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an practical exercise.
Faulty Disk?
Subscribers If you subscribe to Amga Computing and your disk has been damaged in the post, please return it to: Amiga CoverDisk, Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Exntm Port, South WM, 165 3EB Non subscribers if you bought your magazine from a shop and found that the CoverDisk was damaged, please return it within two months to: Amiga CoverOM; Stanley Precision, Unit f, Cavendish Courtyard, So tow Hood, WeUdon North Industrial Estate, Corby, Northants, NN17 IfX.
Please allow 28 days for the delivery of your replacement disk.
Type boxes, there's a selection of gadgets enabling user control over the light source.
You can control the angle from which the light shines and the displacement of the letter itself in the X and Y planes, which makes possible a wide variety of shadow effects.
Preview To the right of these gadgets, you can see a preview of how your font will appear with its shadow. Note that although the default letter is S, you can type any letter you like into the small box in the comer of this section and see how that will look.
This is important for letters like 0 and B, where a dodgy shadow can make the letter look solid rather than full of holes.
Apart from the obvious gadgets onscreen, the only other control is the Shareware slip-up If you bought our January issue and were impressed by the Excellent C Designer program on that month's disk, you may not be aware of its shareware status. I've suffered under the cat-o'-nine-tails to atone for the fact that, by an oversight, we didn't print our customary shareware message.
All you C designers out there should send your £5 shareware donation to: Nicholas Dyson, 136 Cralglea Drive, EDINBURGH EH105PR OK, now you know and there's no excuse for holding onto the fivers.
Anti-aliase toggle available via the pulldown menus. When this is selected, the font will be saved in an anti-aliased format, which could make it appear smoother in certain titling packages. Apart from that, there's not a lot else to say. ShadowMaker works well, and can take away a lot of the hassle involved in adding shadows to fonts.
POWER COMPUTING Prima..the high performance, low cost nard drive for Amiga 500 computers. Prima blends a large capacity, lov; power Quantum hard drive with the AdlDE host adapter for an unbeatable combination.
Prima replaces the internal floppy drive but includes Shuffle Board to make your external floppy drive DrO:. Prima features auto-oooting from FastrileSystem partitions, high speed caching, auto-configuring, and A-Maxll support. Formatted capacities of 52 and 105 megabytes are currently available.
1CD AdRAM 540 0M8 (A500 only) £89 ICDAcSpeed £175 2MB (A500 onlyj £159 ICO Flicker free Video £250 4MB (A550 onlyj £229 ICO FFV-VGA Monitor £499 ICO AdRAM 560,2M8 Upgrade £199 iCD 1MB RAM BOARD AoOOt £99 Official U.K. ICO distributor. Dealer enquiries welcome Expand A2000 1500 up to SMS ot RAM AaRAMwitn2MB £179 AdRAM with 4MB £219 AdRAM witn 8MB £329 £199 £POA Shrinks h ours into minutes Prima!
A Look Inside the Prima comes complete with instructions, software, and all the hardware necessary for a simple, clean, no-solder installation. It does require an A500 with switching power supply. 1 megabyte of RAM, and an external floppy drive for setup and installation.
52MB £299 105MB £399 Requires IMS of RAM & external floppy drive.
MfclTMiUM A5G0 INTERNA OPTICAL HARD DISK 50MHz clock speed Expandable up to 32MB of memory 18-25 MIPS 68882 Maths Co-processor Compatible with Workbench 1-3 Up to ten times the performance of the A3000 Installation software disk Easy to install Hardware select switch to enable or disable 68040 mode and run original processor
• -terns? Fining for A2000 or A1500
• External cased model for fan & PSU (A5001. A2000 or A15001
• Fully rewritable (At least 1,000,000 Erase Write operations in
any portion of the data area)
• Fits into 5 25* drive bay
• Fast 60mS seek rate
• Up to 1-5MB S Data transfer rate £1699--vat Comes with 4MB ' 1:
V3 Optical Hard Drive (Internal fitting) £999 £1199 £199 £36
each ¦;SMB Optical Hard Drive (External, cased) SCSI Controller
Card for A2000 A1500 ’23M8 3Optical Media Cartridge GENLOCK LTD
Metcom House, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6
OXQ TEL: (0257) 472866 472887 FAX: (0257) 426577 Eureka 4MB
Expansion A500 AdSCSJ2080 Transfer rates of upto 1500K. S.
Supports removable drives. Cache buffering. Supports upto 8
megs of simms 52MB1 lmilli auto part £349.99 106MB 1 lmilli
auto part £449.99 Eureka 'MB Expansion A500 Internal 4MB ram
card for Amiga A5QQ.
Battery backed up clock and Enable and disable switch. Chip fast ram upgrades selectable. Memory software and fitting instructions 256K x 4 bit, 100 ns or faster 100% Amiga A501 compatible- Easy to install inside the A500.512K Fast ram. Battery backup real time clock on board. Enable and disable switch. Small 4 chip compact design.
£24.99 2MB Populated Only £99.99 4MB Populated Only £169.99 Eureka 8MB Expansion A500 CP10 PAL Encoder The CPI0 Pal encoder is a device that allows you to store all images onto video tape in three formats, composite video, HI 8 and S-VHS. Just imagine all your presentation from your favourite graphic software, business graphics, charts and even desktop publishing pages are all acceptable material. With the CP 10 you can simply record these onto video tape as you create them without any quality loss. Only £149.99 _ Amiga Mouse Electronic Design Genlock External 8MB ram expansion for Amiga
A500. Full implemented auto configuring.
Standard 1MB x 8orIMB x 9simm modules, External power supply unit included.
Memory test software included. Pass through bus design. High performance zero wait-states.
MJDJ Interface ¦ ¦¦ Supra 500XP Hard Drive High performance SCSI hard drive offering all the features and performance you would expect from a Supra product. Support of upto 9 megabytes of ram. Low profile 11ms zero noise hard drive. Small compact side filling drive. Performance that leaves all competitors in the dark age. Bus pass through the SCSI out. External SCSI address selector.
Superb software with auto format and backup software.
Supra 45MB 20milli auto park £349.99 Supra 52MB 1 lmilli auto park £399.99 Supra 106MB 1 lmilli auto park £499.99 Built in high performance Phillips pal encoder enable perfect video fades. External colour, contrast and limminance controls allow total control tocnhancc video input. The built in RG B splitter allows digitised images to be grabbed from camera or recorder and fed through the genlock. Key inverter allows foreground and background to be switched in and out. Full superimposing with keyhole effect. PAL Genlock £349.99 Also available to support Hi-8, S-Vl IS £449.99 GSJ Gold Pro YC
Genlock High performance S-VHS genlock with built in fader, key inverter. Studio quality results from a unit that has no competition at its price. Used by the French television studios and gives breathtaking quality at VHS + S-VHS level. Fully modular so that frame freeze and multi colour keying through chroma keys can be added. Total control use the video with colour, contrast and luminance. Built in RGB spliitcr. £649.99 RAM 256K x 4 DRAMS £4.99 1MB x I DRAMS £4.99 1MB x 9Simms £44.99 AMJ Card l Supcr-Card Ami II is a hardware and software backup system that plugs into your Amiga'sdisk
drive port. Features include: - Fast DOS copies: copy in Amiga Dos disk in 45 seconds Verify option: The only hardware copier capable of verifying data!
Parameters: duplicates disk protection exactly. Gets rid of protections schemes. £44.99 ICD AdlDE A500 A tint' mnmrtihlp crwH 1 and performance in a very small package. Features include auto- booting from Fast File System rvtrtifinnt A-Mmi II tinnorf miti n 1 a n ** |All lIUvU 1 FI®* 11 auppvi! DUU more.
Card onlv£ 169.99 40MB £299.99 52MB 049.99 105MB £449.99 Internal & External floppy Software There's a nice long word appearing more and more these days - interoperability. Basically, it means that data from one system can be used in another.
The industry standard CAD data format is AutoDesk's Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) which is used by its AutoCAD and AutoSketch systems. It takes the form of a text file, with sizes and dimensions listed after obvious commands such as Line and Text Now this would be jimdandy if AutoDesk didn't keep revising the standard. At the last issue but one of AutoCAD (release 10) the DXF standard was revised, and the rest of the world had to scrabble about to change. What's more, there are 2D and 3D versions of DXF, so things get more and more complex.
Armed with a PC disk filled with AutoCAD drawings and CrossDOS, I set about testing the DXF capabilities of the programs.
Both X-CAD programs use the same modules to read and write DXF files, so it's no surprise that they performed identically.
A few errors cropped up - drawings were nearly always off-centre (fixable with one Move command) and text was always slightly too wide. DXF isn't meant to be a perfect transfer medium, and it only takes a couple of minutes to fix. The convenience of drawing exchange is more valuable than these minor niggles.
DynaCADD accepted any of the DXF files, although they did take a very long time to load. The wait was justified, as all the drawings were imported as close to perfect as I could make out I did have minor problems exporting DXF from the program, but I suspect it was a couple of the routines I was running in the background interacting to make trouble for themselves.
Part 2 Stewart C Russell concludes AC's round-up of Amiga CAD packages, and reaches his verdict... It's a tribute to all three programs that they read each other's DXF files, and AutoCAD liked output from any of the programs. It's at times like this that data exchange is as joyous as spring itself.
DynaCADD also supports its own DEF exchange format This is designed to overcome the difficulties of translating DynaCADD parts between the PC, the ST and the Amiga. As I don't run DynaCADD On those other machines, I couldn't test it.
What did catch my eye was a little ghosted- out button in the Exchange requester, with the mysterious "IFF-CAD" marked on it.
This standard doesn't exist yet, and I'm intrigued to know when it will be introduced.
The observant reader will have noticed that I have not mentioned Plans. The truth is, it doesn't support DXF in any shape or form (yet). What it can do is take a file meant for a Hewlett-Packard plotter and reconstruct it into, something resembling a drawing. The translation isn't perfect, but it guarantees that at least something can be imported into Plans from any CAD package.
Anyone remember Aegis Draw? This ancient and thoroughly obsolete package has wormed its way into Amiga history mainly because Cold Disk's Professional Page software will read its data files as structured drawings. Plans will import an Aegis Draw file as a single part, as Draw wasn't too clever about data handling.
Aegis Draw output is kept as simple as possible so that ProPage won't complain.
User support You've been through the manual, you're running late with the schedule, and the thing won't do what you want it to.
Time to pick up the phone, and do some serious asking, As befits an expensive program, DynaCADD is well supported. Telephone support is from Expressworks, the UK distributor, but you can also Email the authors direct via CompuServe. I had to use both options, and was very satisfied with results.
When you buy DynaCADD you can inform Expressworks of your main area of work (be it architectural, pipework, circuitry, whatever) and you will be sent disks full of Bsi-approved symbols for importing into your drawings. This is a neat service, as well- formed symbols can speed up the drawing process many times.
AVT'S support comes from the heart of sunny Middlesex. There's a fair chance that you'll talk to the author of the program, so your problem should be explained away quickly. I've been very happy with all my dealings with AVT from way back in the days when X-CAD Designer was very new.
Plans support may be a problem. Not that Caiy Hale doesn't care about his program - I've had near fanatical testimonials over Usenet about it from various users - it's just that the eight hour time difference between here and Oregon is very awkward for phoning. Letters are handled as quickly as possible - call it three weeks, for the US Mail service isn't noted for its expedition. At times like this, the arguments for electronic mail are extremely strong.
In every review of anything remotely complex, there are things which really should be mentioned, but it's just a smidge difficult to categorise them. So here's a veritable rummage sale of features, presented without thought for personal safety.
Layers are handy things for keeping different aspects of the drawing apart. The tedious - but surprisingly apt - description of layers is a stack of dear sheets, on which details can be drawn. To stop the border interfering with the central detail, you'd draw them on different layers, in different colours.
Accountant All the packages support layers to an admirable extent Plans has a mere 250 separate layers, each of which can be accessed by name or number, AH the rest of the systems have 256 - if you use even half of them you're doing some serious drawing, so none of the packages will hold you back.
A work of CAD art can be shot down in flames by the inquisitive cost accountant, who merely asks how much the object in question would cost to build. Now if the package supported object attributes, you'd be able to reply to the nearest penny.
X-CAD 3000 alone supports attributes.
They allow you to assign non-graphical information such as price and supplier to objects. At the end of the day, you can get a list of all the attributes used, so if every part is costed it's easy to total them up.
Rich folk will appreciate maths co-proces- sor support, for all high-end machines come with one. X-CAD 3000 and DynaCADD come with versions for expanded machines
- in Plans, a separate version is required, and X-CAD 2000
doesn't know about them at all. Plans can also support any
number of drawings open at the one time, and parts can be cut
and pasted between them. You ?
Software Special features chart It would be pointless to list every single feature of the packages - the fist would be pages long and full of common entries. Instead, some spe cial features which might influence your purchase are given here.
Can't have multiple drawings onscreen, but that would incur terrible redraw rimes, so the loss is minimal.
If that wasn't enough, Plans also supports full hierarchy in its drawings. A part can contain any number of sub-parts, each of which can have sub-parts, and so on - it's a little like a disk directory. The advantage of this system is that it allows large and complex entities to be built up from sub-entities, and then manipulated as required.
This may sound a little like defining a part (or block, or symbol) which all the systems support. Vou can emulate the effects Of Plans' "directory frees" in all the other packages, but it takes a conscious effort And thinking, and tne avoidance thereof, is what computers are all about The verdict If you require a CAD system for commercial or very serious hobbyist work, it has to be X*CAD 3000. None of the other systems come close in terms of features, price, and above all, speed.
It's interesting to note that if you shop around you will be able to buy X-CAD 3000 and the Imagine rendering system for slightly over £4)0. This setup can produce 3D drawings, and then visualise them in 4,096 colours, or 16.7 million colours on a 24-bit system. Try doing the same on a PC system - and the software is fully ten times the price. You could probably fit in a fully specified A3000 in die PC setup price as well.
If you mostly work in 2D, but a little 3D would be nice to have, then X-CAD 2000 is the one to go for. It is unbelievably fast, inexpensive, yet can still import and export industry-standard 3D drawings.
Plans is father difficult to place. It's the only program with a real Amiga fee! To It It's, inexpensive (as CAD packages go) vet it has features (such as part hierarchy) which are rarely seen outside top-fine systems, if having the fastest CAD package on the block doesn't bother you, Plans is a solid, honest 2D program which won't let you down.
If you have a very fast Amiga and a big budget, or an existing installation using the program, DynaCADD is an option. It's very well specified and the user support cannot be faulted, but. Even with all its features it just doesn't seem to fit the Amiga terribly well. 1 would want a more flowing user interface and much quicker redrawing for my money.
Plans US SI 50 (approximately £90) Publisher & sole distributor- Garv Hale Development 94340 Horton Road Blachly, Oregon OR 97412 USA Tel: 0101 503 925 4130 X-CAD 2000 n 29 X*CAD 3000 £399 Publisher - Applied Vector Technology Ltd Tel: 081-$ 69 3338 Pax: 081-573 3713 UK Distributor - Power Computing Tel: 0234 843388 Pax: 0234 840234 DynaCADD £763.75 (£650*VAT) Publisher - Ditek International .(Toronto, Canada) Teh 010 1 416 479 1 991 Fax: 010 1 416 4791S82 UK Distributor - Expressworks Ltd Tel: 0252 726255 Fax: 0252 727125 Piare X-CAD 2000 X-CAD 3000 DynaCADD Version tested
2. 0
1. 1
1. 0
2. 00.01 Type 2D 2D 3D 2D 3D 2D 3D System Requirements 1Mb RAM, 1
1. 5Mb RAM, 2 FD 2Mb RAM, HD Price US S150 £129 £399 £763.75
(£650*VAT) | Command input Command fine No Yes Yes Yes, but no
echo Icon menus No Text-based Text-based Graphical Expression
calculator No No No Yes Crosshairs Yes No No Yes Tablet
support No No Cherry, Summa No Journal file No NO Yes No Text
Multiple fonts _.t« .. NO Yes Yes Font editor Yes No
Yes via externa! Utility Dimensioning Default system Imperial
As sheet system As sheet system As sheet system Dimension
alignment Manual Automatic Automatic Automatic (Automatic in
2.1) Tolerance input No No Yes Yes - Multiple view n a No No
No - 3D Surface n a No Yes Yes Rendering n a No Simple facet
No Ray Tracer Output n a No Turbo Silver, Imagine Imagine,
Sculpt Lightwave, VideoScape Import Export | DXP No 2D 3D
Read write 2D 3D Read write 2D 3D Read write Aegis Draw Yes No
No No HPCL Import Yes via external utility via external
utility No Output Plotter Any HPCL HPCL DM PL Any Benson,
Kyocera Printer Anv Epson 9- & 24-pin Epson, LaserJet, Star,
Epson, LaserJet, (via Preferences) Xerox, Mitsubishi Roland
DG, and others Screendump Yes Yes Yes No IFFScreen only Screen
only Screen only Full drawing PostScript No No No Yes
Miscellaneous Max layers 250, Named 256, Named 256, Named 256,
Named Object attributes No No Yes No Co-processor support
Optional No Yes Yes Bitmap import Yes No No No online help
Screen mode Multiple drawings Med-Res, hi-res Yes, with
cut paste No EXPAND your C1 AMIGA A500 Plus with the BAU
expansions made for the A50Q will not work with the aeaf A500
Plus if they are populated lo more than 512k. Phoenix have
developed a range of RAM expansion units specifically for the
new A500Plus.
Phoenix RAM Modules can expand your chip RAM up to 2Mb using the trap door expansion poit ?
The A500 Plus can only be expanded to 2 Mb of chip RAM using the trap door expansion port ?
Chip Ram is required to unleash the full graphics capabilities of the Amiga 500 Plus Phoenix Ram expansion modules are built to the highest possible standards in the U.K. Each unit is individually inspected and tested before release.
* fA i A ?
Phoenix 1 Mb RAM modules come in either 512K, 1Mb or unpopulated configurations.
'Hi ? * All Phoenix product is backed by a full 2 year replacement guarantee.
A500 Plus 1Mb RAM modules The Phoenix Imb RAM expansion is available either unpopulated, populated to 512Kor fully populated to 1Mb. All boards use industry standard 256 by 4 DRAMs. The Phoenix Ram will fit simply into the trap door expansion port without any modification and Will Not invalidate your warranty.
Unpopulated only £19.99 512K populated only £34.99 1Mb fully populated only £49.99 Kickstart ROM 1.3 2.04 sharer Because some older Games and Business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM Phoenix have designed asharer for both ROM chip sets.
Switchable between 1.3 and 2.04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A500 Plus without the drawback of losing some of your Kickstart ROM 1.3 2.04 sharer Only £24.99 (ROM chip not included) Kickstart ROM 1.3 chip only £2939 Kickstart ROM 2.04 chip only £39.99 Order Hotline TEL. 0532 311932 FCC Distribution, Unit 8, Armley, Park Court, Stanningley Road, Leeds LS12 2AE Tel(0532)311932 Fax 637689 Phoenix products are solely distributed in the UK by FCC Distribution Ltd.
TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME LL X Dcn ZO OZ ON-COCN CMGOi-inOtO £224.95 PERIPHERALS Amiga Pack 1 (Ctassfc Pack) 51?K random access memory Built-in disk dnve 4096 colour graphics 4 channel stereo sound Kickstart 1 3 Workbench 1.3 Extras 1.3 and tutorial disk Amiga mouse TV modulator Power Supply urvt A500 keyboard Bart Simpson Captain Planet Deluxe Paint III and game of the year Lemmings Plus JO rm Great Games FootbaH Manager Hotshot Las Vegas Right Path 737 Fireblaster Karting Grand Pnx Thai Boxing Seconds-Out Mouse Trap Plutos kVe also give you:- Mouse mat and pocket dust cover. 10 blank disks
and box. Qmckshot Python, 1 joystick All our Amiga's are UK specification and come complete with the following Amiga Pack 3 (Classic Print* Pack) As Pack 1 but mdudes ihe Star LC200 fult colour printer £604*95 Amiga Pack 4 (The Ultimate Packj As Pack 1 but includes Star LC200 colour printer plus Philips CM8833 11 Stereo colour monitor Amiga Pack 5 (Educational Pack) As Pack 1 but includes a selection ol educational software Spell Book (ages 4-9) Things to do with words (ages 5-12) Things to do with numbers (ages 5-10) Let's spell at the shops (ages 4-10) Let s speO at home (ages 4-10)
Let's spell out and about (ages 4 -10) Puzzle Book i (5 to adutt) Puzzle Book 2 (5 to adult) Amiga Pack 6 (farm Par*) As Pack 1 but also includes some of the honest games F29 Retaliaior.
F19 Stealth Fighter, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.
Swiv (Silkworm II).
Flight of the Intruder Amiga Pack 2 (Cfcssc Pack Plus) As Pack t but also includes the Cumana CAX354 external disk drive £499.95 £454.95 £479.95 Star LC 24-10 24 Pm Version ot LCW Excellent letter quality onnt 350x360 DPI graphics 8 resident fonts Additional font cartridges available £214.95
- ,’Nr *-. I Star LC200 Colour Printer An excellent value to
money Colour Printer ?40 DPI 9 pin colour Front pane* pitch
selection Push pull Vector feeds Reverse paper feeds 16K buffer
8 resident fonts Supplied with cdour and mono ribbons Froot
pane- programmable Paper park with auto single sheet loading
£204.95 Star LC24-200 Mono Printer 80 column dot matrix printer
7K buffer expandable to 39K 10 resident fonts Paper park with
auto single sheet loading Suppbed with mono ribbon Faster then
LC24-10 Extra font cartridges available Front pahel pitch
selection Programmable from front panel Star LC24-200 Colour
Printer 360 DPI 24 pm colour pnnter 3QK buffer expandable to
62K 10 resident fonts Front panel pitch selection Reverse paper
leed Paper park with auto single sheet loading Star LC-20 A
popular low coif Mono Printer Multiple font options from frQrt
panel Excellent paper handling facilities Simultaneous,
continuous ana single sheet stationery 240x240 DPI graphics
£249.95 Mice and Trackballs Naksha Upgrade Mouse Amiga Atari
switchabie Simply the best 200 DPI resolution Ergonomic design
Smooth precise operation 2 years guarantee Free mouse mat Free
mouse pocket Now includes Operation Stealth from US Gold Only
Citizen Swift 24 pin Colour Printer European Pnnter of the Year
1990 24 pin version of the 9 pin colour printer 360x360 DPI
colour graphics Push and pull tractor feed We stoch a large
range of peripherals, alt of the nighest quality If you can't
see the one you require please give us a call to see if we
stock it.
94. 95 £49.95 £195.00 £270.00 £420.00 £34.95 £29.95
124. 95 L Ei" professional I The Ultimate Software £26.95
114. 95 ONLY 95 £89.95
Q. XOZLU ZO£ OZ Oh-CO CM CM O CO CM ( l CO £57.95 £39.95 A500 0.5
Mb RAM prton board memory to 1 Mb '•cnnology for A501 £26.95
£29.95 £79.95 _i £44.95 C22.95 _ i 5 Mb RAM iQn
- eed more memory ¦* na board is for you.
B an extra 1 5 Mb of fef your machine a total of 2 MEGS po*»e with dock p*3ar Uses the latest P*v gy DfiAMS tor low consumption 12 guarantee Kickstart t 3 or P Sas-y fitted into the ¦ -rOe» your A500 pc « no soldering (the
• * your A500 must oved for fitting the h~ Connector) P service
available pr« ky details bra RAM 500 RX btxy expansion It 2. 4,
Of 8 Mb fast p *cr Amiga 500 ¦» Wsha Scanner W r* Ami9a A500
Jpi 32 grey shade a scanner t fK udes "•and scanner
- tertace mooiy umi be tne best 1 -ac baJI available Supradrive
for Amiga A500 Using state of the art technology, these drives
use the same amount of power as a floppy disk drive. These
drives are shipped formatted and ready to use. So you can
simply plug-m your drive turn on your computer and the system
is ready to use The drive can be configured as autobool or non
autoboot. It can have upto 8Mb of Ram and as many as six SCSI
drives can be oonnected together Tne drives also come with
express copy", hard disk backup software, • svperboot" and 1
superiors", Me management and formatting programs 52Mb Hard
drive with 0 5Mb Ram £449.00 52Mb Hard drive with 2Mb Ram
£509.00 80Mb Hard drive with 0.5Mb Ram £549.00 80Mb Hard drive
with 2Mb Ram £599.00 t05Mb Hard drive with 0.5Mb Ram £599.00
105Mb Hard drive with 2Mb Ram £659.00 We also stock the range
pf Supra modems, phone for detate.
Easily plugs into A500 expansion port Amiga bus through port Easily expandable zero wait slates and mdden refresh lets you run larger and more sophisticated programs Allows creation ol large and very last RAM disks Test mode and software simplify troubleshooting On Off switch .Suprararrt 500RX 2Mb Supraram 500RX 4Mb Supraram -500RX 8Mb External Disk Drives £54 Cumana CAX354 Very qu*et Slimline design Throughport connector On off switch on rear Long connecting cable 88QK formatted capacity Fits all Amigas Mastef Sound Mono Sound Sampler A low cost high features sound sampler package includes
hardware and software with a host of features to sample and edit music live onto your Amiga Only Miscellaneous Midi Master Midi Interface for the Amiga Midi m 3X Midi out ang Midi through Compatible with all leading midi software Fully OPTO isolated Includes two free midi cables piease state A5QG 1QQ0 2000 when ordering Only Action Replay MKII by Datel A whole host of features including Free2elrame Boot Selector, Virus Detection and much much more. Only Replacement Amiga A500 power supply Replacement internal disk drive for Amiga A500 (ongmal Commodore one no modification required) The
amaang Soundblaster adds a new dimension to your games. Blasting out Stereo sound at 5 watts per channel into two high quality 50 watt 3 way speakers. The pack comes complete with an AC power supply and as an added bonus there is a pair of free stereo headphones.
Zydec External Drive Very quiet StjrnHno design Quality citizen drive mechanism OrVoff switch on rear Long connecting cable 880K formatted capacity Fits all Amigas Only ONLY Aming Offers on
3. 5' OSDD KAO BULK DISKETTES 25 DSOO 135 tp« £11:95 50 DSDD 135
tp £21.95 75 DSDD 135 tp.
£31.95 100 DSDD 135 tp.
£37.95 200 DSDD 135 tp £71.95 500 DSDD 135 tp £169.95 1000 DSDD 135 tp £309.95 AH 3.5" disks are supplied with labels and a'e 100% error free ' 2 for 1 guarantee Rainbow Diskettes Rod. Green, yellow, orange, black, white Colours and quantity of your choice
3. 5* DSOO Disks 25 DSDD 135 tp .
£13.75 50 DSDD 135 tp £26.45 100 DSDD 135 tp £44.95 200 DSDD 135-tpi £84.95
3. 5’ DSDD SONY BULK DISKETTES 25 DSDD 135 tpi £13.45 50 DSDD 135
tpi £23.95 100 DSDD 135 tp £42.95 200 DSDD 135 tp £61.95 500
DSDD 135 tp £189.95 1000 DSDD 135 tpi £349.95 Remember!!
Remember!! Remember!!
We only supply top quality diskettes Our 3.5" diskettes are manufactured by KAO and our 5 25" diskettes are manufactured by ATHANA We do not se substandard diskettes from the Far East Philips CM0833 II Stereo Colour Monitor All our monitors are of UK specification, are covered by a 12 month warranty and come complete with a connecting lead DISKETTES MONITORS 22H MEDIA DIRECT - THE AMIGA SPECIALISTS Media Direct 0782 208228 Advanced system programmers guide Amiga 3D graphics basic programming Amiga basic inside and out Amiga C advanced programmers guide Amiga C for beginners Amiga DOS inside
and out Amiga DOS quick reference Amiga desktop video guide Amiga cfisk drives ins»de and out Amiga for beginners Amiga machine language Amiga printers inside and out Amiga system programmers guide Best Amiga tncks and tips Atari dust cover Amiga dust cover Star LC10 dust cover Star LC24-10 dust cover Star LC200 dust cover Star LC24-200 dust cover 2 piece pnnter stand Tilt n' turn monitor stand Monitor ptynth Switches and Cables Monitor Cables Amiga to CBM 1084S monitor cable Amiga tc Philips CM8833 cable Amiga to scan cable Amiga to Hitachi Granada 7 pin din Amiga to multisync 15 pm 3 row
plug Amiga to multisync 15 pin 3 way soeket Speedkmg Standard Speedkmg Autofire Speedkmg Sega Megadnve Navigator Sting Ray Standard Sting Ray Autofire Stmg Ray Sega Megadnve Manta Ray Standard Manta Ray Autofire Manta Ray Sega Megadnve Zipstick Standard ZipStick Autof're EDUCATIONAL JOYSTICKS Making music on the Amiga Banx Sox Slacks horizontally and vertically and can hold upto 90 3 5* diskettes DISKETTE SOFTWARE All our storage boxes come with anti state lid.
Two keys and dividers where applicable Spell Book (ages 4 9) Things to do with words (ages 5-12) Things to do with numbers (ages 5-10) Let's spell at the shops (ages 4-10) Let's spell at home (ages 4-10) Let s spell out and about (ages 4-10) Puzzle Book 1 (ages 5-adult) Puzzle Book 2 (ages 5-adult) 3 5" 100 capacity box
3. 5" 80 capacity box 3 5" 50 capacity box
3. 5" 40 capacity box 5 25" 100 capacity box 5 25" 50 capacity
box Otter Deduct £1 00 trom above box pnee it purchasing a
quantity of diskettes (Mm 25 disks).
Data Printer Cables Parallel pnnter cable 36 way to 36 way centronics cable 25 way D-type male male cable 25 way D-type male female cable 25 way D-type fenVfem cable BOOKS We stock a large range of Abacus books suitable for advanced programmers as welt as beginners oocn- ooro moo-go ZO $ OZ )C X "n 5 25" or 3.5" 10 capacity boxes Data Switches 2 way parallel data switch 2 way serial daia switch 3 way parallel data switch 4 way parallel data switch Stackable Storage Boxes These boxes are ideal lor the person who requires an alternative to the standard style box or who has a large number 0
disks to Store Miscellaneous Amiga 4 player adapter Atan 4 player adapter Mouse joystic1' switcher Mouse joystick extender cable Competition Pro 5000 Black Competition Pro 5000 Clear Competition Pro Glo Extra Competition Pro Extra Competition Pro Star Python 1 Turbo III (OS137F) Python 3 Sega Megadnve Apache 1 (QS131) Flightgnp 1 (QS129F) Mavenck 1 (QS138F) Cfwne»a 3 Sega Megadnve (QS140) Intruder 1 (QS149) Intruder 3 Sega Megadnve (QS15Q) Aviator 1 (QS155) Aviator 3 Sega Megadrive (OS 156) f PRINTER RIBBONS We stock a large range of ribbons. If you can't see your particular type listed then
please phone us for a quote Star IC10 mono LC10 colour LC24-10 mono LC200 mono LC200 colour LC24-200 mono LC24-200 colour Posso Box The Posso box holds W 150 3 5" diskettes or 70 5.2§" diskettes and can be stacked horizontally or vertically.
Please state 3.5" or 5 25' vers»on when ordering Citizen 120D Mono Citizen Swift 24 mono Citizen Swift 9 mono Citizen Swift 24 colour Bulk Storage Box Ideal for bulk storage of diskettes, each box can hold upto 250 3.5" diskettes All our accessories ar© of the highest quality General Mouse mat Mouse pocket 3 + 5 + £21.95 £20-95 Citizen Swift 9 colour
3. 5" disk dnve deaner 5 25" disk drive cleaner £32.
£11.95 £53.75 uality and Value Direct to You P H O N E Official UK Version O N 0 7 8 2 2 0 8 2 2 8 ONLY Game Gear Software Columns Pengo Psychic World Putter Golf Super Monaco G P. Wonder Boy Woody Pop Dragon Crystal Donald Duck G Loc Golden Axe Mickey Mouse Ninja Gaiden Outrun Space Harner Shmobi, Baseball Frogger Joe Montanna Football Kinetic Connection Talo!
BqegMS Boxing fr vuaoen U S. Football Atari Lynx Software APB Biockout Blue Lightening California Games Chess Challenge Chips Challenge Electrocop Gates of Zendocon Gauntlet ill Klax MS Pacman Ninia Gaiden Pacland Paperboy Rampage Road Blasters Robo Squash Rygar Shanghai Slime World Turbo Sub Warbirds Xenophobe Zaylor Mercenary Mams Adaptor tt’s not possible to Hst all Console Software as we hold large stocks.
Please ring for latest releases and prices.
Atari Lynx Accessories Car Lighter Adaptor Sun Screen Carry Pouch 0 THIS MONTHS SPECIALS 0782 208228 M- BY POST Make cheques and postal orders Payable to MepiA DIRECT, Please send this together with your name and address, daytime telephone number if possible and your order requirements, to MEOIA DIRECT COMPUTER SUPPLIES LIMITED DEPARTMENT 65029 UNIT 3, RAILWAY ENTERPRISE CENTRE SHELTON NEW ROAD. STOKE ON TRENT STAFFORDSHIRE ST4 7SH FAX: 0782 281506 | ¦ ffBff Carnage dwges Please add £3.35 per order or postage and packing.
£5 00 for orders over £150 00 Software and cartridges £1.25 per item Guaranteed TWO Day delivery £6 95 Guaranteed NEXT Day delivery £9.00 Remember!!! Remember!!! Remember!!!
Media Direct are a well established company with a reputation for its quality and service. A pant to consider before purchasing your computer goods. So why not buy from us and put our reputation to the test.
Ajl stocks offers are subject to avatabfity and to being the latest advertised packs and puces (Pack details may vary from bme Jo lime) E AOE HOW TO ORDER TwfSTAU BIHtSlIM Game Gear Accessories AC mains adaptor AV cable Car lighter adaptor Game Gear to Game Gear cable Game Gear TV tuner Rechargable battery pack BASFMD ? E** 3asketDa1 £32 a*1 oerblade £18.4- £18.4? RWTVfrOn Come and visit our showroom where these and many other products are on display Atari Lynx Atan Lynx Console with mams adaptor, and Califor Games £32.9!
Ir* accessories £32.9? ¦ :cwer stick £27.41 *oeo cable .VHI £32.9* converter Atan Lynx Console with mains adaptor Media Direct Computer Supplies Ltd Unit 3 Railway Enterprise Centre Shelton New Road. Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ST4 7SH VERNMENT, TRADE AND EDUCATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME FOR A3MIAMIGA VISION!
- 1 2 m3 Genius Flatbed Color Scanner for AMIGA ATARI
16. 7 mffion colors can read M color. Gray scale, and 3 W modes.
The fastest scanning speed in full color mode is 90 sec. For
M sse mag®, SCSI but in to the interface.
Genius Kand-scanner for AMIGA ATARI (Gray Scale and 3 W) Makes you staid apart from the DTP crowd. With true 256 gray scale, you don't have to be a professional to create high jjaty graphics.
Genius Triple Mouse for AMIGA, ATARI ST AND AMSTRAD PC 1640 pubfehing. Spreadsheets, and graphic apofcaSons.
Genius Tablet for AMIGA ATARI rx6".irxir, and 18"x12". No maSer if you’re a student or a professional user, the Genius range of tablets can meet your needs.
KYE SYSTEMS CORP. 4Ft.,M 146, Sung Ofeng Read, 7dm, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL-88-2-5651394 FAX: 886-2-5619658 The all-new Power Scanner and its attendant software is available for less than £100. Bad news for the opposition, but to be honest the cut-throat price tag is the least of their worries.
Now before you dive on your machine ready to set pinkies aflame on your trusty wordprocessor, I'll explain why a relatively new product is appearing among the updates.
It's true that the Power Scanner is a new product, but this tag only really applies to the software. Like almost all other makes, the scanner itself is simply a re-badged unit that can be found under myriad titles on everything from PG, Sts and Amigas the world over.
This is what qualifies it for the update pages. But it's the software that makes it special and quite literally sets it apart from its opponents in the hand scanning community. In this particular case the scanner happens to be a Marstek but that's about as important as the colour. The only real conquality at a price - a rare thing indeed, making the Power Scanner the only real choice if you're interested in high quality monoimagery.
For more details contact Power Computing on 0234 843388 or fax them on 0234 $ 40234, sideration is its ability to operate up to 400 dpi. Combined with the excellent software, this package is capable of stunning results.
At this point, anyone who's recently purchased a competing model might be well advised to turn to the next page - It's almost certain you won't enjoy what you're about to read.
Software sorts the men from the boys in the scanning world, with the Power Scanner taking on almost Schwarzenegger-like proportions thanks to one basic ability.
Unlike the opposition, the Power Scanner employs true 64 greyscales rather than the more common shadow greyscale, which is employed by the competition to produce the illusion of 64 greyscales. This alone sets the Power Scanner apart and makes its imagery stand head and shoulders above the rest As you can see from the examples, the output is impressive and comes pretty close to that of our office pet the JX100 from Sharp. Obviously the JX is an infinitely more flexible unit, but if Power's promise of a colour Power Scanner appears the JX could soon face some serious competition. On top of the
excellent scan quality, the Power Scanner also boosts the usual array of editing, sizing, orientation and manipu* lation options such as clipboards for cut and paste operations and a r ICJJ SoftwareF Our monthly saga continues with more social climbing software and state-of-the-art silicon battling for your hard-earned cash... basic paint package to add the odd touch of artistic brilliance.
Either clips or whole scans can be scaled up or down by 50 per cent in one or both axis, with orientation adjusted in 90 per cent turns in the direction of your choke.
Memory management is kept in hand with the option to transform the raw data of the original scan into that of the more manageable "grey mode" which occupies just a quarter of the memory needed for its raw counterpart.
The image manipulation and the software options are no better or worse than many of the available alternatives. But for pure image quality it can't be beat. Better HEH0 llisr jyi mnnc O0E ici Huge goes professional Regular readers of Amiga Computing will remember a shareware program called Huge which featured on our March 1991 CoverOisk. It was a graphics program designed for software developers and offered a variety of features, including the option to create bobs, sprites, or IFF brushes.
UCA Software, a company with deep roots in the European shareware market, are now marketing the Professional version of this package, and although it wil set you back £17.95, huge v2.0 is a tool I'd recommend for any programmer who wishes to use graphics in a future project.
Huge Professional will enable the coder to draw sprites, bobs, brushes, or images then save them in either C or assembler source code, create and save icons of fairly huge proportions, and design colour palettes for use in other programs. The package's whole approach is practical and straightforward, so most programmers should feel at home with it, and it is a lot faster to use than, say, creating graphics in Dpaint, then converting them to assembler with a separate utility.
Drawing options include zoom, mirror, rotate, and the usual cut and paste, but Huge ProfnPonol has been largely Improved (chuckle) there's not really anything special about this part of the program. Its main thrust, as I've said, is to offer a cheap, useful graphics program for coders which will produce code they can instantly use in their own projects, and in this respect Huge Professional is a good buy.
Phone Europress Direct on 051 -357 2858 for further details.
Software Possibly the most famous and most widely-used shareware utility for the Amiga, Nko Francois's PowerPacker finally went commercial over a year ago with the release of version 3.0. Version 4.0, offering full Arexx support, is now available, and at , p% k £14.95 is still no more than you'd | rQ&fifr 'Jin&f have shelled out for the original | SaBf shareware program (as long as you'd paid your shareware fee, of course).
The program hasn't been greatly changed, but it is more efficient, carrying on PowerPacker's's tradition of becoming faster and better at crunching with each release. For example, to crunch a 370k program file, PowerPacker 3.0 took 171 seconds and saved 39 per cent, or 143,308 bytes.
PowerPacker 4.0 did it in the slightly faster time of 163 seconds and saved 150,284 bytes, beating the older version by two per cent.
Animation or Scala style presentation with the titling features of BT2, inconsistencies should be easily avoided.
Although a complete set of original and stylish fonts are a welcome addition, perhaps the most important of the two packages has to be the BT2 Font Enhancer, which opens up BT2 to the variety of standard Amiga fonts.
With its help, you can now transform any standard Amiga font into a 4 BT2-compatible complete with BT's four levels of impressive anti-aliasing.
These new typefaces can be accurately scaled down to the size of your choice. But perhaps its most impressive feature is its ability to produce a whole family of font sizes from a single standard Amiga font The resizing process doesn't seem to cause any loss of detail, and kerning is auto- Son fa ABCDabcdl234“ ‘ f§A A A A A Swiss Italic ABCDabcd1234 " €§AAAAA ( )pli .1 AIK 1 )«ih cl I.' 14 LSAAAAA Korinna AE3CDabcdl234 « £$ AAAAA Cooper ABCDabcdl234 AAAAA
• fani'i :Vfi('•nabcd 2M »-* « Revue
fiaCDabcdlZ34wc'£§fifififtfi Rounded ABCDabcd1234 « ' £§AAAAA
Eras ABCDabcd1234 £(c)£§AAAAA merva Italic I1( I)(il iill234 u
Packing in the power - now with Arexx Whistles and bells for
BT2 Broodcait Titter 2's all-new hnt pack Atnlga Computing
March 1992 JCL gets animated only real restriction, as with
almost all multi grabbing systems, is that of the maximum
number of frames which can be captured at any one time, which
on average is 11 in quarter screen mode.
If you want to capture live action, a delay can be defined to expand the duration of the process. Literally any number of frames can be defined as the delay period, Obviously this tends to produce a stop frame effect but when used in moderation it's a useful option.
An audible tone can be added lo the source tape to provide a manual trigger point which assists the recording process, especially if you’re planning to append several small sec lions into one long anim.
To append anims the HoldOff function is employed to join the various sections.
Alternatively, you could edit and append the various parts in Dpaint4. The choice is yours as the system works with standard anim files.
A full selection of play options are available and some pleasant additions have been thrown in for good measure. In short, the new anima lion option is impressive, but whether it's enough to keep the wolves of the 24 bit world from JCL’s door is another question.
The upgrade will set you back £150 and for that you (jet the ability to capture two frames in full screen mode, 11 in quarter screen, 28 in 16th screen and 52 In the microscopic postage stamp mode.
The JCL digitising combination of ColorPic and SuperPic have been around for a quite a while.
Up until recently they were among the Amiga's premier digitising systems. Unfortunately the 24-bit explosion has destroyed their hitherto comfortable position.
Products such as CVR's IV24 and DCTV have blown a lot of the opposition away with image quality that Ham-based systems simply can't compete with. In the case of the IV24, the option to instantly capture 24 bit images makes it very attractive, even with its relatively high price tag.
DCTV can't compete with the instantaneous results of SuperPic, but for still images its 24 bit circuitry certainly makes it a very serious con tender for those working with static subjects.
In this climate, |CL needed a new niche to explore and they may have found it with the release of an upgrade that offers a feature that only one 24 bit board can compete with - and only then if you're willing to invest tens of thou sands of pounds to do it... Animation could be JCL's saviour thanks to an optional RAM expansion that will allow either the CotorPic or SuperPic to be transformed into an animation tool.
Aside from the hardware, the system gets an added bonus in the new Cabaret animate soft ware. As well as handling single frame effects and general image processing, there's now full support for JCL's new animating features. The It's a fair while since the stylish Broadcast Titler 2 arrived on the DTV scene. Since then the program hailed as a milestone in video titling has gone relatively quiet.
Even so, it remains the premier titling package on the machine, the only real competition coming from Scala and to a lesser extent Show Maker, with The Big Alternative Scroller and Home Titler poaching a few punters in the cheap and cheerful department.
Fortunately the authors of BT2 have seen the error of their ways and have finally decided to support the package by releasing two new extensions which should secure BT2's place at the top of the titling ladder.
The first of the new releases takes the form of a complete set of ten all-new fonts that come in a selection of six BT2 sizes. As you'd expect from a package in BT2's price range, the new additions are impressive and boast a full 256 Ascii character set that includes international accents and special symbols. All anti-aliased, of course.
As well as BT2 friendly fonts the authors have kindly added a 115 scanline standard example font for each of the new styles. As a result, if you're planning to mix Dpaint the old-fashioned and time consuming method of selecting each font in the appropriate size individually, but as you might expect this can be a tedious process.
Fortunately there is a alternative. Luricing in the BT2 directory you should find an Ascii file entitled Btfont.load. With the assistance of a text editor or Ascii-compatible wordprocessor, it's simplicity itself to list the contents of the script file and add your favourite fonts to the default loading list Now every time you boot up, BT2 will come complete with your choice of fonts already loaded. A small point but a handy hint which avoids the rather irritating and time consuming font loading ritual.
If you're interested in the new upgrades, each package will set you back £105 plus VAT.
Not exactly cheap, but they both produce impressive results and to be fair they are aimed at the pro semi-pro user who needs quality output.
If you like what you see and fancy investing in the original package, bear in mind that BT2 is very much a standalone package and doesn't interact with other packages at all wefl.
This is primarily due to its inability to multitask - something which can cause problems if you're mixing live and hoping to employ other packages in the production. However, if it's pure titling, stunning effects and ultra smooth scrolling you're after, it's the best in the business.
For more details contact The Amiga Centre Scotland on 031-557 4242.
Matically adjusted when necessary. The ability to transform any font into a BT2-friendly typeface should mean much smoother interaction between BT2 and other systems.
Once you've created a new typeface or selected a font from the expansion pack the next job is to load it up. You could employ ing about, but try telling that to a disk compiler! The above example gives PowerPacker 4.0 a 7k space-saving lead, which can easily be the difference between success and failure when trying to pack a disk to the gunnels.
In addition, Arexx is fully implemented In the new release. Users can script and assign up to ten Arexx macros, or choose to run an external Arexx script. Those of you who still don't appreciate the importance of Arexx should take a look at Alex Clan's new Almanac column in this magazine.
The thought of using a macro to automatically crunch and save all programs in a specific directory is almost too much for a poor disk compiler to bear... PowerPacker 4.0 is being distributed by Europress Direct, who can be contacted on 051-357 2858. Its price is £14.95. You might think the differences here are hardly worth talk- ma so £ CD £ CO FIRST CHOICE LEEDS TEL: 0532 637988 u FAX: 0532 637689 NEW OPENING HOURS OPEN MON - SAT 9.30AM-5.30PM SUNDAY OPENING 11.00AM-3.00PM THURSDAY NIGHT LATE 9.30AM-7.30PM WEST YORKSHIRES PREMIERE AMIGA AND ATARI COMPUTER STORE AUTHORISED DEALERS FOR STAR,
• One Mb of chip RAM expandible to 10 Mb of RAM in total
• The new Kickstart 2.04
• Workbench 2.04
• Built in battery backed real time clock
• New improved user friendly manuals This pack also comes with
Lemmings, (the only game ever to get a 100% rating!) The
Simpsons. Captain Planet and Deluxe Paint 3 the incredible
paint and animation package plus mouse, modulator or £384.99
for 2Mb version bil=W AMLCSA. 1150U l=LUS version or for 2 Mb
version version The New 1500 Plus Base pack now complete with
the latest 2.04 Kickstart chip and Workbench 2.04 the 1500 Plus
U The Base pack is the ideal upgrade machine for those wanting
to upgrade from their present Amiga 500 only £499.99 The A500
Deluxe is an uprated version of the A500 Plus I incorporating
the Phoenix ROM sharer with 1.3 chip because some older I
software will not run on the new A500 Plus. The A500 Deluxe has
been I developed with a built in ROM sharer so you can choose
to run either Kickstart II 3 or 2.04 making incompatibility
problems a thing of the past! The I Deluxe also Comes complete
with the Cartoon Classics software pack.
- KLE LsiLEVTU X tfcEUU L7LELI only £419.99 or £465.99 Amiga
1500 Plus Business & Entertainment Software pack The Same spec,
as the base pack but with Deluxe Paint 3. Platinum Works (the
best integrated package available for the Amiga). Home
Puzznic, Elf, Toki pkis the latest Amiga Format Tips book (204 compatible) and Joystick.
Now only £549.99 or £779.99 with 1084SDI colour monitor (UK Spec.) The Amiga 1500 Deluxe is an advanced version of the standard Amiga 1500 Plus incorporating the famous Phoenix ROM sharer and 1.3 Kickstart ROM chip. As with the ASQQ Deluxe, this enables you to switch between the old and new operating system to accomodate older software that an only run on the 1.3 now only £339.99 LL'tLti fcEUU I2UZ i-LELULES: only £559.99 for base pack £609.99 for the 1500 software pack First Choice Pack ONLY £29.99 see PAGE 2 operating system.
(JU l-Lut- _ We stock the best rune n A500 Plyj RAM expanjiOflS.These Nfh quality RAM mod lies will Ukc your A500 Plus up to 2 Pb of chp RAM without invaWaong your warranty.
Unpopulated only £19.99 Populated to 512K..only £34.99 Populated to I Mb....only £49.99 Because some older software will n n ryn on the new 2.04 operating system Phoemx have deseed a high quality ROM sharer. Recogmsed as bexig the best on the market th«s ROM sharer features a he*'We nbbo" connection so that it can be positioned anywhere within your A50Q Plus.
Don't be fooled by cheap low quality alternatives to Phoenix, treat your Amiga to the best!!
Only £24.99 All Phoenix products come complete with a full 2 year replacement warranty I r Flf 1STCHOICE $ H m f W
u. 1 co lUf l ffl fl L nc TEL: 0532 637988 LEE co LEE FAX:
0532 637689 Nearly all the products we sell are on demo at our
show room, At First Choice we make a point of knowing our
products before putting them on sale. Although, due to time
constraints and the shear volume of new products this is not
always possible !
Pr E Take the headache out of buying a computer this Christmas | with our ever popular FIRST CHOICE Pack. All the essentials required for the first time buyer. Ideal for any Amiga and | great value too!
* Top quality microswitched Powerplay Cruiser joystick only
£29.99 |C~I ri'lV A eiv CD Rom for the Amiga A500 III B
Commodore Dynamic Total Vision Complete with Hutchimons
Encyclopedia. Lemmings and Welcome CD difk. CDTV is a
powerful media for both entertainment and education. Capable
of handling up to 540 Mb of data, whole encyclopedias can be
stored on just one compact disc. The CD TV is also a high
quality audio CD player. We also stock a large range of CD TV
software all at discount prices now only £449.99 now available
The addon that every one has been waiting for. This high
quality CD 1 ROM turns your amlga Into a CDTV only £279.99 New
CDTV keyboard Effectively transforms your CO TV into in Amiga
so you can get even more out of CDTV. With the aid of a
standard 3.5" disc dove the CDTV will take most of the normal
Amig* software from word processing to only £49.99 New CDTV
Trackerball complete with 2 |oy,t.ck ports, this il a must for
CDTV owner, only £74.99 ¦FIRST CHOICE PACK lAit ruiK All Star
printers inc ribbons, free std printer cable and 12 month
guarantee The Star LC20 I Replacing the famous LCIO. The LC20
is faster at I80cps draft and 45 cps NLQ. It's also quieter.
The front panel now has push button operation replacing the old
LCIO membrane panel. Other spec is similar to LCIO.
Now only £139.99 Starpnnteraccessories [onzofm5i5T AH Citizen printers inc free printer cable and come with a faH 2 year warranty The Citizen Swift 9 Colour Unbeatable value colour pnnter, 4 restoent fonts.
192 cps draft and 48 cpi in NLQ. Highly recommended. This printer » also available in a wide carriage (136 column) version only £199.99 (80 col) or £319.99 (136 col) Citizen printer accessories: Mono ribbont only (4.99, Printer stands £24.99, auto sheet feeders £85.00, semi auto sheet feeders only £ 15.00 Star LC200 Colour 9 pin printer with 8 rMdJent font* and 1 high speed of 2 25eps drift ind 95 cps in NLQ. A4 Landscape printing now only £199.99 Star LC24-200 Mono and cofour. 222 cp* draft and 67 cps LQ lOrcudent fonts. A4 Landscape printing only £229.99 mono or £289.99 colour Dust covers
from £4.99 Printer stand |ust C7.99 when | The New Citizen 224 A replacement for the famous 124D. The 224 now comes with the option to upgrade to a high resolution colour printer. If you want 24 pin quality, you want to print in colour if necessary and you don't want to spend s fortune, the new 224 is an ideal solution. Using the same technology at the Swift 24. The 224 is basically a cut down version.
192 cpi draft and 64 cpi letter quality with 3 built in fonts.
Only £219.99 (mono) or £249.99 (colour) Star XB24-10 Professional Series Colour The choice el mry professional organisawm. CNs pnnttr comes with or* year on-sitr maintenance 240 cp* draft.
80 cps NLQ. 27k buffer exp » 187k, 4 super LQ fonts and 25 LQ fonts now only £339.99 Star LC24-10 24 pm quality at the price of many 9 prns, 180 cps draft 60 cps in NLQ. 8k buffer expandable to 3 A now only £189.99 Mono ribbons from on|» 3A The New Citizen Swift 24e and 24x (What Micro Best Buy) The best budget 24 pin printer has just got better!
This must be the best 24 pm colour printer for leu than £300 8V buffer expendible to 40k. 216 cps draft 72 cp* LQ and msAiHngual too ' only £279.99 (80 col) or £419.99 (136 col) NEW STAR SJ48
- BBLE JET With Epson LQ and IBM Proprinter emulation. The SJ43
is a revolution in printer technology The quality is aknost as
good is an expensive laser printer yet costs lest thin many 24
p*n printers Portable m sat. vary quiet, and faster than most
dot matrix printers at 100 cps in LQ. Printer cable included
only £229.99 Auto sheetfeeder £52.99 rur With SI2k of RAM is
standard from First Choce. Expandable to 6 meg 6 pages per
HP2, FX. IQ GQ compatible. ISO autosheet feeder. 12 months on-site maintenance and pnnter cable.
Only £719.99 Toner cartridge £59.99 The HP Deskjet 500 printer allows you to create later jet quality without the cost with 100 page auto sheet feeder, printer cable. 3 page minute speed and 3 ytir ilKjnoantt only £359.99 The HP Deskjet 500C The famous deskjet 500 is now avaibble as a colour printer. With this printer you can get Stunning colour output at laser quality now only £599.99 WARNING: Before you purchase a monitor make sure it has a full UK specification. You might be buying what you think is a similar monitor at a lower price but It is likely to be a "GREY” import. These monitors
do not comply with British safety standards and are not covered by an official warranty IMCIMS All monitors come complete with a free i lead New Protar Stereo colour monitor This montor uses the same wb* as the PM.ps 8833 MK2 and has the same specification The Protar tomes with a full 12 month replacement guarantee. This must be the best value m« ium res. Moot or on the market Amiga cable included. Tilt and swivel Stand Only £11.99 when purchased with this monitor. Cover only £5.99 n only £199.99 UK Spec. Commodore 1084 SDI Stereo Colour monitor The perfect complement to your AMIGA system.
This Colour stereo monitor features 640*256 Ine resoto- bon and green screen facility Amiga cable included.
Tilt and swivel stand only £11.99 when purchased with this monitor Cover for monitor only £5.99 only £239.99 uk sp ec.
CM7 SuperVGA Colour monitor The CF7 monitor is a high qua.ty VGA monilOT ideal for making yocx AMIGA into a profeiVdnal system
0. 28 dot patch. Comet complete wSCh tfe arid swivel stand.
Monitor cover only £5 99 if puvchiud 1( the same time 1500
VERSION £369.99 with Flicker Free Video card A500 VERSION
£499.99 Philips CM8833 MK2 stereo colour monitor Colour stereo
monitor 440*200 Ime resolution, green screen facility, one
years on site maintenance, cable for Amiga Included. Tilt and
swivel stand only £11.99 when purchased with monitor, Cover
only £$ .99 only £239.99 UK Spec. with FI9 Flight Simulator
Goldstar remote control TY monitor superior to a standard TV
set .only £189.99 AOC
Multisync ..only £299.99
Commodore 1900 multisync ......Only £436.99 I Hit
Ccmiiltie Iceluui Suliiltuu 7a v( £ 1 1 itiii mv MuaitjBtmia*
I &&ajdi£iuu ucvuiDt* pMBiil I Aa dci,tn fcr Rombo. «•« ire
ib* to off*' 1 «K*4«nt packagt *t a gr*at p'K. Th« I COBffett
colour vok tion com«* with RGB 1 «¦(» Vnt Amigi Vidi Chrome,
power tuppiy 1 rt Pvxon Pimt only £134.99 Deigned to be used
in con(uncuon with the 1 complete colour solution this is
Utest ir.mition 1 pKkig* for the A ruga l-w Rcmbo Fwurti 1
Include loid and uve from D. Paint animations 1 and Iff files
Supports HAM graphics. 1 only £69,99 1 The VXL. Is i»n
advanced 68030 accelerator for 1 Ithe Amiga 500 1500 2000 with
space for an 1 1 optional co-processor (CP) 1VXL30 25Mhz
EC .....only £239.99 1 VXL 30 40Mhz EC .....only
£369.99 168881 co-pro for above....only £ 134.99 1 1 The VXL
30 25Mhz EC+FPU differs from the 1 I others m having Fast Page
Mode. This allows it to 1 1 accept an optional superfast 32
bit 2 to 8 meg 1 1 RAM board running at 60ns 12 Mb of 32 Bit
RAM (60ns)..only £214.99 1 18 Mb of 32 Bit RAM (60ns)..only
£419.99 1 1 On test this scanner has proved to be the easiest
and most 1 I effective scanner that we have used to date
having compared n 1 1 to most of the other major hand scanners
on the market We 1 1 are able to offer the high quality
scanner at a fraction of the 1 1 normal cost Complete with the
latest improved version of 1 1 Daau-scan software this scanner
is able to pick out text and 1 1 graphics at up to 400 d p i m
real ume. Daau-scan enables you to 1 1 easily manipulate the
image. Scans in real time up to 64 grey 1 1 scales. Ideal for
desk top pubfishwig and presentation.
Now only £109.99 or £ 124.99 with 2 way parallel switcher box (VIDI AU'dGA mz mmm Frame grabber.
1 High quality digitizing. Inc Vidi chrome 1 coiouramg software only £84.99 EnaWef you to Colour DrfliiWi a second 1 Repbces red green blue fitter set Cm be 1 used with Digi new or Rombo produces 1 only £54.99 Li~C20Lj Istl SonWAIIL L;MlL» UllLVLzt ldi.12 LlM c lim Li’i-v mu minim; Superb new easy to use word publisher from the writers of PenPal With Pu4t m outline fonts for top quality output, full graphics import capability ¦ tFf and HAM). Features include Thesaurus, spelling checker and detector, automatic I Tphenation. Insert date. Time, and page number, scale graphics to any size, crop I
graphics, multiple columns layout, magnified and reduced page view.
J post script support and much more. Requires 2 disk drives or a hard drive.
Highly Recommended only £39.99 Or £95.99 with CutYiana 3.5" external drive I ’ L i.111 tl U1 i'l Special offer !J Vt'dilLE now with Home Accounts 1Ai recommended by Commodore and taken from the Amiga 1500 Plus pack, we I rTcre Pin to be one of tnc best al rcxrd ntcgratcd busncss packages on the Amga. It I comes with Plwrum ScoWe w-'p. Jp«i checker, thesaurus, AmlyK ( a 'Lotus '23' I compatible spreadsheet weh 30 graphics), a ditabase. Sideways printing utility and I communications software plus the best sdbng Dvgita Home Accounts package only £49.99 .' limited stocks L-LElsilVAL This best
sellng word publisher incorporates many features found only in a desk top pub* lisficr. Also includes an easy to use database.
Highly recommended now only £54.99 I Mb by 8 or 9 SIMM boards as used in GYP and Cortex I boards as well as most IBM | compatibles only £37.99 I Mb by 4 ZIPS as used in Supra boards.
2 I Mb by 4 ZIPS equal I Mb only £38.99 per Mb I NEW IIS!!!
Rnmm m A powerful OTP package that we rocom- mend. Setter than any DTP package on s PC and better than most on a Mae All Phoenix 3.5" disks are LIFETIME and are CERTIFIED, double sided, double density disks are recognised as being of the highest quality in magnetic media and are extensively used by duplicating houses Phoenix OR QTY
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only £6.99 Disk Labels... 1000 .now only £9.99 MAIL
Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to FIRSTCHOICE In any correspondance please | quote a contact phone number and post code Mail order Hotline 0532 637988 6 Lines Prices are subject to change wjthouc notice. E&QE,
* All prices include VAT and Standard Delivery
* All hardware computers are genuine UK spec. Free Fast Standard
4 to 7 day Delivery Guaranteed 2 to 3 day Delivery only £2.00
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* Open seven days a week for your convenience x to 0 1 ine,
the ultimate 3P animation r*n.
Idanng system 1 now only £ 144.99 EuSIs New Roclite
3. 5" Disk drive The new super slim Roclite has recently received
the best review for disk drives in Amiga Format (although many
of these reviews | are totally misleading) only £59.99 Cumana
3.5" Disk drive I meg external drive. The best name in disc
drives now at a [ super Iqw price only £57.99 I The new
complete graphics creation I presentation package for your
Amiga I Comes complete with the famous Digi- | View Gold,
Digi-Pair t and Elan Performer only £109.99 UU£UYll£W £m3BI
lWl «£lUlz ISL2UIK L'lOUSlf Virtually the same as the Naksha
but without the mouse mat. Holder or game extras Excellent
value only £18.99 IL UL aoW KCS Power board PC XT emulator
comes with Dos 4.01... now only £199.99 Amiga 1500 adaptor
only £64.99 New AT Once emulator turns your Amiga into an IBM
AT compatible now with 16 Mhz clock speed only £189.99 3D
Text Animate ..£19.99 Aegis
Sonix ...£39.99 Art Department Pro £99.99
Amos Creator £37.99 Amos
Compiler ....422.99 Amos 3D_______________
----------£27.99 Audio Engineer .....£149.99
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publisher V2 £69.99 Flexidump printer utility £31.99 GB Route
Planner ...429.99 Gold Disk
Office ..£99.99 Pagesetter 2
DTP 445.99 Pro Page professional
DTP...4I24.99 Pro Video Plus ....4149.99
Quarterback hd backup utlL. nly £29.99 Sequencer
One-.-.- 474.99 Super Plan Spreadsheet £29.99
Yisca -£29.99 Yista Pro (2 Mb required)....£69.99 Walt Disney
Animator ,..468,99 Xcopy Pro inc. hardware £33.99 only £124.99
This famous Hi-rcs mouse now comes with Operation Stealth,
moos* mat. Holder and 2 year warranty only £24.99 The latest
version of this highly acclaimed WYSIWYG word publisher Comes
with multiple fonts, powerful thesaurus, large spellchecker,
speech synthesis only £76.99 omsoimiar GVP Hard Drives for the
AMIGA 500, 1500 or 2000 series Recognised is being probably
th« best hird drives (or the AMIGA. GVP drives come fitted I
with fast access Quantum dmres and 8 Mb of unpopulated RAM GYP
drives use expensive | I Mb by 9 SIMM modules at only £37.99
per Mb AMIGA 1500 2000 VERSION 52 meg £289.99 105 meg £475.99
AMIGA 500 VERSION 52 meg £374.99 105 meg £569.99 Supra 52 Mb
Hard Drive for the A500 Using the super fast Quantum drive,
these drives also come with Express copy hard drive backup
software pOW Only £329.99 Amiga A590 20 Meg for the A59Q me 2
meg of unpopulated RAM only £274,99 or populated to 2 meg of
RAM HOW Only £329.99 RAM CHIPS 256 * 4 ideal for A590 & I Meg
by I chips suitable for 8 up boards and others: QTY 4+
(512K)....now only £3.99 8+ (I Mb)...now only £3.79 16+ (2
Mb)...now only £3.49 I The ultimste Amiga A500 expinsion.Tske
your A500 up I to 9 Mb (10 Mb with the A500 Plus). Fits onto
the side I expansion port Auto configured, qq software
I Please note that when 256M ZIPS arc used, the Supra I RAM can only be populated W a maximum of 2 Mb- If you I use this configuration and want to further increase your I capacity you must replace the 256*4 ZIPS with I Mb by 14 ZIPS 8 Mb pop to I Mb .£99.99 8 Mb pop to 2 Mb using | 256*4 zips .....£124.99 18 Mb pop to 2 Mb using | I Mb*4 zips .....£169.99 18 Mb pop to 4 Mb....£224.99 8 Mb pop to 8 Mb....£369.99 m w mmm ISUl-UA lAAll'l I Top quality RAM expansions for the A500 I I complete with battery backed clock and ort off I ¦ switch. This RAM expansion will not in any [ |
way invalidate your Amiga warranty!!
Only £29.99 PLEASE ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDANCE TO : DEPT AC, UNIT8ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL STREET, LEEDS, LS12 2AE vv 31 2 DISKS DISKS 3V2" BRAND DS DD 25 50 100 £18.00 £31.00 £45.00 200 500 1000 £80.00 £173.00 £329.00 UNBRANDED DS DD 25 50 100 £12.80 £21.00 £39.00 200 500 1000 £73.50 £166.50 £313.50 Special Offer 3V2" DS DD ex Western Digital VGA Driver? All tvc.i I lew but have been formated & labelled 'litbla .n mdC 6r IBM Grey.
P~i|o r.? 0 pei . JJ ino new label, only 10,000 available.
’Don't miss this one'. First come first served DISK STORAGE BOXES 372" 10 capacity Qty 5 ......£4.50 372" 50 cap Lockable .£3.70 372" 100 cap Lockable ......£4.70 372" 240 cap stackable ...£15.00 THESE PRICES ONLY IF BOUGHT WITH DISKS M ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & P&P UK ORDERS ONLY Cheques and V V F?TTT»!TT!Tff!?tH!TTWT£ny!l!TI C S Manor Court Supplies Ltd Telephone: 0597 851 792 Fax No: 0597 851 416 Dep» AC3. Glen Celyn House. Penybont. Llandrindod We*s. Powys, LD1 5SY.
EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME ALL DISKS 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE As ev§ry Amiga A5QQ owner knows, to back-up software from one disk to another is not the easiest of things to do.
Unless you have the right utility.
The trouble is finding one for the right money.
Well you just have. It's called 'Blit-a-copy'.
'Blit-a-copy' is o software and hardware-based intelligent back-up system manufactured and distributed under license here in the UK by Media Direct.
And, at just £34.95 inc VAT, it's being sold at a price that no-one can reproduce!
Alternatively, purchase the Cumana CAX354 external drive together with Blit-a-copy for a combined price of £87.95 o?
O' m e a. E i i * Trade enquiries welcome.
Please add £3.35 post and packing or £6.95 for a two day delivery service or £9.00 for a 24hour service.
Medio Direct Computer Supplies Limited does not condone or encourage the reproduction of copyrighted sohwore.
MEDIA DIRECT Media Direct Computer Supplies Limited, Unit 3, Railway Enterprise Centre, Shelton New Rood, Stoke-on-Trent $ 14 7$ H Tel: 0782 208228 Fax: 0782 281506 H ardwared Smce its initial release, the Atonce emulator from Vortex has been one of only three sehous contenders in the PC emulation market, the other two cwng the excellent KCS Powerboard and the expensive Commodore A2000-only Bndgeboard. Initially, the unit was sold as an 8MHz 80268 emulator, but the new Plus version is clocked at 16MHz and offers Amiga owners a much better chance of ryn- rvng powerful PC software.
In comparison to the original, the new unit has several important improvements apart from the obvious doubling in speed.
The board now sports 512k of fast RAM which is available in PC mode but which, on my A500 Plus at least, didn't seem to work in Amiga mode, and there is a slot for an optional 80C287 match co-processor.
The on-board fast RAM ensures that Atonce works on any Amiga, even half meg models, as the PC emulator always has at least that much memory to play around with. In addition, Atonce can make use of up to 6Mb of extra RAM, if available, in the form of Amiga RAM boards. This means Amiga owners can make use of more memory than the average AT will hold on its motherboard, but as 2Mb is enough to wn Windows 3 with a fair degree of comfort, an old machine with a 1.5Mb trapdoor board or an A500 Plus with 1 Mb card should be enough for most needs.
Co-processor Maths co-processors have been fairly common in PC circles for years and many programs are coded to take advantage of them, so the inclusion of them in Atonce's design is a major plus for the unit. The 12MHz 80C287 won't turn your Atonce into a dragster, but it will give it a bit more zip in the right places.
The third performance boost for Atonce comes in the hard drive department. The unit will now support up to 24 partitions, and offers two ways of setting these up. In time-honoured fashion, you can opt to reserve an entire Amiga DOS partition for the use of MSDOS programs, but this means formatting your hard drive from scratch and will only appeal to users who are buying a hard drive specifically for PC work.
The second option is to create a file on a standard AmigaDOS hard drive and treat it as an MSDOS partition. As an MSDOS boot partition must be at least 8Mb in size, this can take up a fair whack of your average 40Mb hard drive, but it's an alternative to reformatting and partitioning a whole drive.
Video emulation Atonce Plus offers six PC video display modes. EGA and VGA are available in mono, and CGA in sixteen colours, and there's also Hercules (MDA), Olivetti, and Toshiba 3100. They all work quite well, though screen updates can sometimes be a bit slow.
In particular, VGA and EGA take a bit of time, both slower than CGA, the mode I favoured for its combination of colours and speed. Four colour EGA text mode is quite quick and works well with word- processors, but for very fast screen refreshes, you won't find better than Hercules, if chunky mono screens are your thing.
The disadvantage with the second method is that it is fairly slow. Access times are lengthy and transfer rates suffer. It is also a bit finicky, and my particular Atonce has failed on more than one occasion to recognise its hard drive partition. With a complete partition to itself, Atonce is much happier, and booting MSDOS straight from hard drive on your Amiga becomes about as pleasurable as using MSDOS gets.
Uise Users can speed up access to hard drive partitions constructed using the second method by following Vortex's recommendations and setting aside 200 buffers with the ADDBUFFERS command for the partition on which the PC file is kept. This helps quite a bit, but the sacrifice of 100k is simply not feasible on a 1 Mb Amiga if you hope to run any power PC software.
Users looking to take advantage of Atonce's excellent multitasking properties will need a lot more memory than required for basic operation. The PC system is run as just another Amiga task, and users can flip between Workbench and MSDOS as easily as between one Amiga program and another.
Whereas a half meg machine would have been sufficient to run PC programs using the on-board fast RAM, you will now need at least 1 Mb of normal Amiga memory, and probably about 2Mb for any kind of practical application. For those with smaller amounts of memory, there is an option to halt the Amiga's boot-up when Atonce is activated, thus saving memory, but Atonce really comes into its own only when running on the 2Mb and oyer machines.
In terms of hardware, Atonce scores highly. It is itself a very well constructed card of high quality surface- mounted design, and apart from its CMOS chips being vulnerable to static when first installed, it gives the impression of being capable of lasting years without a hardware failure.
Norton SI ratings are a tediously common speed indicator dragged out of the cupboard by every PC manufacturer on earth.
Atonce pays homage to this standard by claiming a rating of 16 or more. The original unit was capable of a respectable six and a bit, but I've not so far been able to confirm the higher S116 rating.
According to Bench, Speed200, and Sysylnfo, Atonce Plus's measurable Speed varies between 9 and 14 over a long test and can peak at something like 19 in good conditions. At no time did the straight SI tests manage to settle down long enough for a good measurement so ogr figures are only provisional.
Amazing speed Over a series of eight bench tests, including standards like the Do Nothing Loop, string tests and so on, Atonce Plus came out at just over twice as fast as an 8MHz 80286 AT and ten times quicker than an XT running at 4.77MHz. In other words, it runs every bit as fast as you'd expect any 16MHz AT to run, which is no mean feat for an emulator.
Atonce is a fine product if you're in need of PC emulation. It runs quite quickly, has good hard drive support, and multitasks without problems. There's no MSDOS supplied with the board, which Want to make your Amiga pretend it's an IBM? Stevie Kennedy looks at the latest emulator, Atonce Plus users should consider before judging its value-for-money, but until we can test the new AT286 from CVP and the updated KCS board with new software, Atonce Plus is the best PC emulator around.
Atonce Plus Is a product of Vortex Computersystemes GmbH.
Distributors: Silica Systems 081 309 1111 Price: £179 - Available now Ease of use 11 m Implementation cn Value for money rn Overall THE ALL NEW.. A500P GALACTIC PLUS PACK
• 2 QUICKSHOT JOYSTICKS Not one, but two Guickshct joysticks!-!
• A500 PLUS COMPUTER WITH 1 MEG RAM Latest enhanced Amiga from
Commodore featuring Super Agnes, KickstartVZ Workbench V2.04
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• Hutchinsons Encyclopedia £449 COMPLETE PERIPHERAL PACKS PACK
1 PACK 2 PROTAR 512K RAM Upgrade with dock 4 40 PC 8808
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SWIFT COLOUR 9 pin Dot Matrix, 160 40 cps.
I £214.9$ £214.95 I .2-24 200 mono 24a.fi Atari. 220 55 12 40 MONO 24pin Dot Wctru. 144 43 cps I £259.9$ £209.9$ 1 .. -C-24 200 COLOUR 24 Pin Dot Matrix, 220 55 cps SWIFT 24 COLOUR 24 Pin Dot Matrix, 160 50 cps.
I £209.95 £219.95 m PRINTER 51 ARTER PACK | • UNIVERSAL PRINTER STAND • QUALITY DUST COVER • 200 SHEETS OF PAPER | All for only £9.95 ADVANCED PACK New PC880B Intelligent Drive features Virus hardware, Blitz hardware Ten 3.5" DS DD disks 40 Capacity lockable disk box
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* UK MAINLAND ONLY FINANCE Finance available to suit your
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Instant credit is available in all FutureWorid stores.
• 7 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
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COMPUTERISED ORDERING SYSTEM This enables our telesales staff
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COLOUR MONITORS PHILIPS 8833 Mk2 CBM 1084S B £249.95* £269.95*
"Free F1 $ Stealth Fighter “Free Siient Service II it STORE
BEDFORD 70 High Street Bedford Telephone 0234 217070 Amiga
Computing March 1992 NORTHAMPTON 1-7 College Street Northampton
Tel: 0604 33996 WELWYN GARDEN CITY 16 Church Road Welwyn Gdn
City Tel: 0707 390029 (fc.adbroke KsOmputing International m
Please Read: Terms of Sals.
Ladb’uko Computing are the longest estabtshed Atari dealer n the UK. We hare developed an extensive customer service potcy wtich means that we test a Hardware pnor to despatch to ensure that goods arrive m working order Although ort prices are not always the cheapest we do endeavour to otter consistently good service and backup Ttts isn't lust our opnon we were voted Best Dealer 1989' by the readers ot ST World magazine not for 'the number ot boxes stifled' but tor quahy service QVP n A500 Hard drives include infection moulded styUng. Internal RAM expansion to 6Mb via SIMM boards. Capacities
from 52Mb. 33' ftns Quantum mechanism. Internal Fan. Game switch and mini slot for future expansion.
GVP 52Mb £389.99 GVP 105Mb £579.99 GVP 52Mb * 2Mb Simms £464.99 GVP 105Mb * 2Mb Simms £654.99 GVP 52Mb + 8Mb Simms £719.99 GVP 105Mb + 8Mb Simms £879.99 £39.99 £99.99 £19.99 £17.99 caae.ee 24 Pin printer 222 cpe 5 Reader* LQ fonts Accepts font corlndgw Bottom feed Push or pul tractor feed Paper perlung gO** £380.98 £189.99 £149.99 £199 99 Lmii Philips 8833 MKII Colour. Stereo monitor £ 229.99 Cmdr 1Q84S Colour monitor * limited offer * £ 269.99 Philips 15" FST CUBE TV £ 269.99 The preps 16* FST Tv indudes remote oontrd. Scart input 80 tviwr presets »eep tmer and Fastext Al cfcxiayS include
Scert cable Megadr iv n £124.9 D Includes Ahcjv Keypad, cm mim Other titles M Commodore Dynamic Total Vision COTV in stock now, includes Welcome disk and voucher for Lemmings, encyclopedia.
Phone for further details.
The Golden Image Hand Scanner scans at
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This is a common predicament for new Amiga owners, but before you turn to expensive professional software as a means of using your Amiga's power, stop and think how much enjoyment you can have from the machine with little or no expenditure.
The Amiga is the perfect enthusiast's machine, and might have been designed specifically for the hobbyist. As a complex 16-bit machine with custom hardware and a superb operating system in the shape of Workbench, it offers unending opportunities to fiddle, experiment, and perform constructive tasks. So how do you get started?
This series will concentrate on helping beginners understand some basic concepts about the Amiga, and will progress from just learning how to use Workbench, to carrying out basic AmigaDOS operations, through to creating scripts, auto- booting disks, and other more advanced topics. From the outset, we'll be referring to Workbench 2.04 as supplied with the A500 Plus as this is the machine most new owners will have purchased. Where Workbench 1.3 differs, we'll try to point it out, so don't worry if you have an older Amiga.
A few distinctions are now in order. We've mentioned both Workbench and AmigaDOS, but to most users the two will be interchangeable. The Amiga's operating system (OS) is actually called Intuition, and it is from this that windows, menus, screens and multitasking come. AmigaDOS is just the set If you haven't already made a copy of your original Workbench disk, we'll do so now. Switch on the Amiga and insert your Workbench disk. When it has booted, find a disk you can erase or use a fresh blank one, then remove Workbench and replace it with the new disk.
To format (or initialise - they mean the same thing) a floppy using an A500 Plus, click once on the disk icon then hold down the right mouse button and go to the Icon menu. Now highlight the "Format Disk" option and release the mouse button to bring up the format requester. Click on OK and the disk will be formatted cylinder by cylinder.
You should now have a formatted blank disk called "Empty". To carry out a diskcopy, again using Workbench 2.04 on the A500 Plus, replace the original Workbench disk, click once on its icon, then highlight the Icons menu again and select of commands we use to communicate with the Amiga (commands such as COPY, FORMAT, and so on), and we issue them from the Shell by typing them in.
Workbench is the Graphic User Interface (GUI), or front end for the OS. Workbench uses Intuition to present the user with easy-to-use menus and icons, and in itself is not the operating system, though it's easier to treat it as such. Think of it as the dashboard in a car. The dashboard is connected to the speedo cables, steering columns, and electrical wiring which together constitute the car's "operating system".
OK, let's boot up the system disk.
Don't know what a system disk is? It's just the floppy you boot your operating system from, so it can be a Workbench disk, a coverdisk, or a wordprocessor disk. Anything which will load up even the most basic Workbench, in fact.
Backup first Copy. Follow the onscreen prompts and swap disks as the Amiga directs until the operation is completed.
Using an older A500 and Workbench 1.3, you'll have to open Shell to format a disk and carry out a diskcopy. Do this by double clicking on your Workbench disk icon, then double clicking the Shell icon. A "Shell process window" will open into which you must type a couple of simple commands. It's called a process window because the Amiga, being a multitasking machine, treats all programs as processes, and can run several at once - the Shell you've just opened is just another process.
To format the disk you'll use as a copy of Workbench, type: You'll be asked to insert the disk to be formatted and press Return, at which point the Amiga will format the disk cylinder by cylinder.
To copy your Workbench disk to the new disk, make sure it is back in the drive again and type: Stevie Kennedy begins a nuts and bolts guided tour of the Amiga FORMAT DRIVE DFO: NAME EMPTY DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: OLUTE beqinners PART ONE the information ponei telts us a greot deal about the program This month's jargon System disk: Any disk used to boot your Amiga with a Workbench.
Double click: The practice of clicking twice rapidly on an icon to activate it.
Workbench: The graphical "front end" of the Amiga's operating system.
Intuition: The heart of the Amiga's operating system which makes possible windows, menus, and multitasking.
AmigaDOS: The name given to the collection of commands you type into Shell.
Backup: a safe copy of an original disk.
Process window: A window opened by a program such as Shell to communicate with the user.
Toggle: A way of turning on and off a menu option by selecting it and marking it with a tick.
Again, you'll be asked to swap disks at the relevant times and if you follow the instructions on when to do this, the diskcopy will be completed without fuss.
There are menu commands equivalent to Workbench 2's Format Disk and Copy, and these can be used instead of the Shell commands, but on some Workbench 1.3 machines, the Initialise option will simply tell you to open Shell, so it's best Enter a new nane for 'Extras' to do the whole _________ thing from there | New Nane: to start with.
_ Time to pause Fornat OK to Fomat vokine HyDisk toH data tfil be erased) ?
OK 0K-0U1CK CANCEL The format requester gives you the chance tn change your mind Renaming files Is a doddle Amiga Computing March 1992 fc3T utorial y beginners for breath. We've booted up, formatted a fresh disk, and made a backup copy of Workbench, which is more than a great many games players ever do. Now put the original away in a safe place and reboot with the copy.
The first thing you should do when you start using Workbench is to play around - try all the different menus and click on anything you fancy.
Don't just haphazardly mess about, though. Keep a close eye on the result of every dick and menu selection, and you can learn a lot about the Workbench environment.
For example, the first option on the Workbench menu - for Workbench
2. 04 owners at least - is Backdrop. By selecting this option,
you "toggle" it.
Any menu option which has a tick beside it when selected is a toggled option, and stays active until selected again, at which point the tick disappears.
When Backdrop is toggled on - the tick is present - your Workbench screen appears in a window of its own, which you can resize and shove around in the usual way. If you find this too much of a clutter, select Backdrop to turn it off and get rid of the window border around your Workbench screen.
The second menu option is even better. Execute Command, when selected, will summon a "dialogue box" into which you can type any AmigaDOS command and have it executed. This saves opening a Shell just to type one command and can be very useful once you get used to using it.
By the way, a dialogue box is the name given to any requester which asks you to answer a question - such as "Sure you want to quit Y N?" - or give the Amiga any typed information. In this case, you just type the command and click on OK to issue it to the Amiga. A process window will open for any screen output the command results in and the Amiga will inform you if the command was of This month's commands FORMAT DRIVE DFO: NAME EMPTY This will erase and initialise (format) the disk in your internal disk drive (called DFO: by the Amiga), then give it the name "Empty" DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO
DFO: This will copy the entire contents of the disk in your internal drive to another disk, which the Amiga will ask for once it has read in all the data it can. By following the machine's onscreen prompts, you can make a backup of all your Workbench disks.
Both commands can be typed into a Shell process window or, if using an A500 Plus, can be issued using the Execute Command option from the Workbench menu.
The wrong type or if it couldn't be found.
For now, type the command: DIR SYS: and click on OK. As we'll find out later in the series, DIR is the command to list everything in the current DIRectory or the one you specify when you issue the command. In this case, we've requested a list of the contents of a directory called SYS:, which is the name AmigaDOS gives to the main system disk directory (hence the "SYS").
You should see a process window open and a list of the directories and files contained by your Workbench disk will build up. When it has finished, click on the close gadget in the window's top left-hand comer.
The Window menu's first option is also its first new one. New Drawer does away with the old Workbench empty drawer icon, which you had to duplicate and rename if you created a new directory. With New Drawer, the Workbench 2.04 user just types in the Workbench llamus; m cannot get back uhat yw delete* OkfotWele: i 0 fiie(s) and 1 draw* ) (and to eoniwts 1 Drifting the wrong file con be disastrous name of his or her directory and it is created complete with a drawer icon in the currently active window.
"Currently active" means the window you most recently clicked in.
The window border will be in the standard background colour if inactive, or filled with blue if currently active, so it's easy to sort out which is which.
The rest of the window menu options should be fairly obvious if you experiment with them. Select Contents will highlight every icon in the current window as if you'd just clicked once on them, Clean Up will neatly reorganise the highlighted icons into a tight pattern, and Snapshot will enable the Amiga to remember where the window was and its shape (when the Window option is chosen) or where all the icons are as well (with the All option).
The last two options on this menu are particularly flexible. Normally, an Amiga floppy disk has a lot more files on it than are represented by icons.
As a rule, only drawers, executable files (programs which run when clicked on) and data files (such as text files) have icons attached. To show the normally invisible files in a window, select the Show All Files option and Workbench will create default icons for the previously hidden files.
Using the View By option, it is possible to see usually invisible AmigaDOS files in another way. If you've got the Workbench disk's main disk window open as the current window, select View By Name and the window display will change dramatically. All your icons will disappear and the contents of the disk's main (or "root") directory will be listed alphabetically. As long as Show All Files is still toggled on, this will be a complete list of all files and directories on DFQ:, your Workbench disk.
It won't show you what's in the directories themselves, but if you double dick on the name of the directory, a new window will open showing the contents of the directory, and you should be able to double click on programs and so on to execute them as usual. The advantages are that you can see all your AmigaDOS files and access them in a limited way without opening a Shell and resorting to AmigaDOS commands, and the disadvantages are that the screen can become a little unfriendly looking and will update slower.
Snapshot Once you're inside the directory of your choice, you'll probably want to take a closer look at an individual icon. The Icons menu has options enabling you to open programs from the icon, copy or rename the icon, get information on it, and snapshot its position onscreen.
For now, click once on the icon of your choice then select Information. A dialogue box will appear with a variety of information on the program or drawer to which the icon is attached, including its size in bytes, which protection flags are set and unset, when the file was last altered, any default tooltypes it has, and what stack is reserved for it when run.
Most of this information will be of little use to you until we've covered icons in greater depth, but you should try to familiarise yourself with the sort of information available through the information screen as it is all of relevance. Often a problem will crop up which can be solved after a quick visit to the information screen to see if there's a tool type missing or a stack set incorrectly, and the canny user will always want to know as much about his or her files in all situations.
Next month, we'll make a start on the structure of Workbench, and look at the preferences drawer, where customising Workbench to your own tastes has never been eas- m w i ier.
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The Brainies. It transpires, are cute, fluffy balls of cute, fluffy stuff.
Things are not what they might seem though, as they tend to turn slightly violent at the slightest provoca&on.
AH you have to do is lure them on to special tranguillising pads.
Simple eh? It all looks very addictive and annoyingly sweet, and I just know I'm going to hate them.
The Brainies should already have invaded by the time you read this, priced £25.99. March 1992 ma'am GrandsJam currently have three titles lurking up their sleeves ready for release this year, two of which are sporty games. Liverpool is, surprise surprise, a footy game and apparently win feature a new viewpoint for a soccer game. Intriguing, eh? Nick Faldo's Goff on the other hand is a go on and guess.
It includes a training section based on Faldo's "highly successful" training videos, which we an ran out and bought didn't we? Oh. And there's a modem link so you can play against people in Denmark, or wherever takes your fancy. Both Liverpool and Nick Faldo should be out before the summer at £2* 99.
But most imminent from Grandsfem is. Ahem. Beavers. Starring Jethro Beaver, this cartoony arcade adventure takes you through four giant worlds to save Mrs Beaver from the foxes.
Thrilling stuff, or what? Its written by the same peeps who gave you R Type 2, Forgotten Worlds and Crack Down so it should be worth a look, it should be out any minute now and costs £2*-99.
INNER VISION Why fake two bottles in to the shower when you can wash and go with Gamer?
42, 63, 54 hut hut hut!
- •r ds up who's got a so-called 'churn' with a Sega vegadrive.
And hands up who's sick of hearing about t Madden's ftamrn'
American Football. Thought so.
- ? rejoice Amiga pals and palettes, for the ever-iovely
recTonic Arts are bringing that self same console smash to or
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Should retain all the NFL features that makes It com- rete gibberish to anyone who Isn't in the know, which
- ¦'ey'd be good nev s for fans of the original. It's got tenons
galore with variable weather, enhanced graphic.
5cdsed screens. 350 frames of sprite animation and differed Ditch types.
H's written by Gary Roberts, who you've probably never
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creations. So he's obviously a fairly rock and roll hndeguy.
F you're impatient, then check out our American Foot- ba" feature on page 17. For die actual game though, jwU have to wait until later in February. It’ll tbst a mere £25.99. Knights of the Sky . The Hun on your taif and the wind in your i action Knightmare ... Er... sidestep a fittfe to your left, Colin j WWF .. Laydeeeeez an' Gennefmen. Oceanpresent iir latest chartbuster Home Alone .JrAr... That smug little Hollywood brat gets- i ght slagging off. Hurrah!
Oh No! More Lemmin W 7 7 Oh no indeed. The fuzzy tellas re&n Moonstone ..... 12 Hold on to your lunches. Mtndscape reveal the sickest game ever Mercenary HhPL .....20 More heartlessjhon rabbing and double dealing from Mr Merc PoPULOU ip .....24 Bow doWn before-me little people! Ego trips aplenty from Bullfrog Robocop 3fc .....26 The last word n law enforcement smashes back onto the Amiga Onword •£» Lots of half-baked rumours and
screenstote fill a few pages Entertainments Xtra ...... 15 The latest from the small screen wwfrof video and Sky movies The Source I 7 It s Super Bowl time, so w?|lfcre you the lowdown on NFL games Amiga Computing Morch 1992 Talking Sn& ....22 The latest HMV cbaetTlus! Biffa's ’incisive'’ chart comments vncMi iiiyi t ••••• • *** *+•••••••• 3 Harry Secwj fbiggest fan tells you how to beat Magic Pockets March 1992 I HSSf jttJraw Cartel I jjicj Lt iiJit "A JJ* "Crtpes", thought Squiffy,' I bowled a bit of j googly there*
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£34.99 ¦ 1 meg • Joystick ¦ Out now War. What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing, if the song's to be believed.
But what a huge steaming fib that is War may not be much fun at the time, but it does make a great excuse for some wazzy computer games.
Think back over the years, all the games that wouldn't have existed if all human beings ever wanted to do was pick flowers and skip about in fields.
Shoot-'em-ups would go out of the window, as would strategy and role- playing games, and pretty much every other game in the world really.
All we d be left with would be those really exciting language tutor programs that teach you how to say The gentlemen are waving their handkerchiefs at the Bullfight' in stilted Spanish. Gulp.
So war is a bit of alright actually. War is great. At least from a games point of view.
Amiga Computing March 1992 ] Clio ®JUv. CdodVJpli ¦
* 018.1316 Boelcke Continues Reign of Terror S« *rc*s r«*or
Y«St«r taY tMt th*
• I* Mo* Of»4M fco*tc* * WO. Ftm wctor* TO tr t tfitJ t r*» «*
CO»W»M SCOT* MW tf 8 'k Th* newspapers keep you up to date with
what's happening in the war And let's face it, Microprose have
built their reputation on games about people being blown up.
But somehow, all this long distance fire-and-forget nonsense is
getting a bit dull isn’t it? All this hrtech japery. Where’s
the action?
Where's the tension? The seat-of-your- pants manoeuvring? The skm-of-your- teeth dogfighting? The hem-of-your- trousers nosedives? And so on.
I don't know about you, but I think it would be a good idea if Microprose released a flight sim set in the First WorldWar. Just you, a rickety old plane and a crap machine gun against a beastly Hun in a rickety old plane with a crap machine gun.
Back to basics and all that. Sort the men from the boys. Yes, that really would be the camel's doodahs.
And what s this poking out of this Jiffy bag? Lummox! It's Knights of the Sky from Microprose. Am I psychic or what?
So, as you've probably guessed after that dismal introduction, Knights of the Sky is a WWI flight sim. Not only that but it's one of the most playable and appealing flight sims I've ever played.
It's graphically excellent, it's got great sound effects, but most of all it's fun.
Fun with a capital F. And while we re about it it's got a capital U and N as well. Yes, it’s FUN. In fact make that FUN with flashing neon bits and tinsel.
Now as with all Microprose flight sims, it’s got enough options to keep everyone but the most miserable of anoraks happy. Suffice to say I could quite easily just spend the rest of the review rewriting the manual and telling you about each option in almost unbearable detail. But I won’t. That’S the kind of off-the-wall guy I am.
The game is as historically accurate as you’d ever want it to be. The front line advances and retreats just as it did in the real war. Both armies take losses at the right times, famous battles take place around you, and most importantly the quality of the aeroplanes improves at the same rate as it did in
You start off with a choice of only two planes, and they're both terrible.
But as the war progresses, new planes are developed and become available to you. At the same time, the enemy planes are becoming more and more deadly, so it's up to you to keep one step ahead.
Also adding to the overall ‘feeT Of being involved in a real war is the ongoing battle to be an Ace. Once you've scored five kills in the air you qualify as one of these elite pilots, and can keep track of your performance against the other aces.
If you feel that one of the enemy aces is getting a bit big for his jackboots then you can challenge him to a duel
* c go and slap him about a bit. Mind you. Tiey can do the same
to you so : become too cocky.
Ai of mis adds up to give you a real teang of involvement. You can really sst to get quite badly riled when one me Hun aces keeps shooting down ton scout planes. Quite badly riled rdced. And you can't help but cheer loud when you hear that one of fjj lads has sent the Bosh packing, it get quite embarrassing actually.
TaUy ho, pip pip, come on you OaUy hunetcetc Bur before you can sample these :og.nts you must jump in the seat and to me skies.
First you choose your plane, paying icse attention to the weaponry and iCccd of your chosen steed. Then you Dp: to fly a mission.
Tne mission will usually involve one four general tasks. You might be isced to act as an escort to another ane, or you might have to 3tiack an :remy installation or convoy. You :ould be asked to shoot down an tr ny balloon, or it may just be a simple patrol mission. If you don't like the look of the mission, you can decline but this will affect your standing as a pilot and couJd lead to you getting mashed potato flicked in your eye in the officers' mess. Not much fun at all.
This is all merely a taster, though, for the actual flight scenes themselves, All the details are there. Little French villages with churches and houses, the constantly shifting front line with its trenches and flak guns, right down to the little truck convoys that trundle along the tree-lined roads just waiting to oe blown to pieces. Gorgeous.
VISION There are 14 different viewpoints to give you a good overall look at what's going on around you. These aren't just there for the sake of it either, as you don't have any posh instrumentation to locate the enemy. You'll have to constantly keep your eyes peeled for "bandits at 3 o'clock'. Qoh, J always wanted to say that.
And when the fiendish Hun come at you. And believe me they will, you don't just see them as % dots in the distance. They have a nasty habit of flying right over your head and then swooping aDout you aJJ over the place.
As the pilot you get to see it all in glorious 3D. And you'll soon be swaying in your seat and ducking under the desk to keep away from them.
It's very, very difficult to sum up Knights of the Sky in only two pages.
Its even harder to put in to words just what it is about the game that's so appealing. Maybe it's the sheer joy of having a flight sim 'where you actualJy get to fly and fight intelligent enemies rather than just using autopilot and Jock-on weapons. It could well be the large dollops of storyline and historical developments thafve been squeezed in between missions.
It's probably just the fact that it's really good fun to chunder around the place and look at the sights. Add to this the best ever intro scene in the entire universe and you've got a winner. In a nutshell. Knights of the Sky is the most original, playable and lovable flight sim I've ever played. Most pleasant indeed.
Daniel Now when this game came into our office, half of me was thinking 'At last a game to give Dungeon Master a good kicking' and the other half was thinking "Wait a minute, isn't Knightmare that crap kids' programme on I7VT Take a side step to your left, Colin.. KNIGHTMARE MINDSCAPE * £30.99 • 1 2 meg ¦ Mouse ¦ Out now Knightmare is that terrible show where they get four kids and blindfold one of them by sticking a massive helmet on top of his her head (this normally happens to the smallest who is always called Colin or Jeremy).
The other three kids get the chance to kill Colin by telling him to walk around a computer-generated world into traps and clutches of giants, witches, trolls etc, etc. The three kids aren't supposed to kill him. But most of them couldn't find their way out of Woolworths, never mind a dungeon plagued with goblins and giants.
Yes, the normal team line-up on Knightmare includes Colin, our intrepid blind adventurer; David, the only kid who has any adventuring experience, and playing Hobbit on his Spectrum doesn’t really count anyway; Susan, whose idea of a good time is listening to Jason Donovan records and who hasn't a clue which planet she is on, let alone succeeding at Knightmare; and Gary, who'd rather go and watch Crystal Palace instead of playing this game. He finds programmes like This Is Your Life interesting and full of humorous anecdotes.
To make up the rest of the team there are the presenters and errr. Welll.
Uumghrtt hmmmf. Sorry, I'm trying to stop myself laughing. Hold on a minute... Right I'm OK now. The main man is called Treguard who looks uncannily like a slim Brian Blessed.
Treguard's little helper - who’s not one bit of help at all - has the really depressing name of Pickle. Yes, Pickle really is in a bit of a pickle. He looks like Rotxn Hood but with wispy blonde hair, pointy ears and painted on freckles.
But to the game! On loading, you are treated to a wonderful rendition of the Knightmare theme music. Next you have to define your four team members by typing In their names and deciding their professions (Adventurer, Gladiator, Samurai. Wizard. Priest or Genie) and breeds |Man, Woman, Goblin, Ogre.
Ghoul. Elf, Troll or Insectole).
After you have filled in all the gub- bins about your team, it's time to start playing.
Knightmare can be controlled with the mouse on its own, or a combination of mouse and keyboard. I found that it was a lot faster and easier to move your Character around using the keyboard.
My first impression of Knightmare was that it doesn't half look like Captive. Well, fact fans, it just so happens that Tony Crowther. Who did the excellent Captive, also - shock, horror - did Knightmare.
You start the game in the forest outside the dungeons. This terrible place hides killer bunny rabbits, mischievous elves and a big beastie which is indescribable. The control method for fighting these awful creatures isn't quite the easiest in the world. You have to click your right mouse button on one of the hand icons and this will drop a scroll down from which you can choose whether to punch or kick. You then dick with the right button again to activate the desired effect. In the middle of a battle this is a bit confusing. But you get used to it Once you are inside the dungeon
things really get going, and to be honest it's as good as Dungeon Master. Treguard and Pickle give you friendly advice along the way. But tend to just state the obvious.
Good weapons in Knightmare are few and far between. For instance, I was wandering around the dungeon looking for a decent aggressive implement when lo and behold I spotted what looked like a sword. Imagine my dismay when I picked it up and Pickle kindly informed me that it was actually a pervknife!
The game has four quests, so it will VISION COCOP Wonder** derated graph*!
That gjve the game AUPIO COCPPP Adequate sound effect! With
• yeat reixition of the Mln& w (limn miili, PLAVABILITV 0000
keep you going for ages. I haven't managed to complete the
first quest yet - it's been a long time since I’ve played
Dungeon Master.
Overall Knightmare is a really good game. It has astounding graphics which lend it a great atmosphere. The sound is adequate, with suitable swishes, grunts and thumps. The level of difficulty is set quite hard, so beginners watch out - you will be frustrated (I was).
If you loved games like Captive. Dungeon Master and their ilk, then no doubt you'll have already got your coat on to rush down the shops. Forget the title ‘Knightmare* - think of the game more as a Dungeon Master for the 90s.
Jonathan look out • he's ba k!
Ho window is safe. No fence is too wgb. The paperboy is determined
• o deliver the paper to his subscribers any way he can.
':ssing papers left and right, riding
• three directions, jumping ¦ytbing, this free-wheeling carrier '
sits more neighbourhoods and
• o«es, faces more targets and obstacles, in more vivid colours
"*on ever before.
* hn, rad stunt riding and BMX acks in bonus rounds. Choose to
nde os either Paperboy or | ?opergirl too!
XAX F - Watery Wheelchair Flanges... fc3 OCEAN • £25.99 ¦ H meg ¦ Joystick « Out now Nowican rememDer Saturday mornings wnen wrestling was on TV from some ding town naJJ. An yes, it brings dock many nappy memories. Featuring great wrestlers like Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Fit Finlay, it das Jong since passed away from our screens.
Now its back, it's Bad, it's sweaty, it's most amusing and more importantly it's American. Yes, tnose entertainment fanatics from across tne Atlantic nave come up witn tne World Wrestling Federation - WWF for snort. It's nuge in tne States and is speedily Becoming as popular as tne Turtles or tne Simpsons here in good old Blighty. Tne only ways you can waccn WWF is to own S*y television (where it's shown twice a weekj or by buying one of tne many WWF videos.
The WWF is made up of many wrestlers, all witn weir own special moves and gimmiocs. For instance. The Undertaxer disposes of his victims witn nis Tombstone move and men puts ms napless opponent into a body bag. The Hitman takes care of me other wrestlers by applying his Sharpshooter nold, which basically means twisting the opponent legs until they break off.
The star of the World Wrestling Federation, nowever. Is Huik Hogan, the original alrAmencan nero. The guy has blonde hair, huge muscles, rips his shirt off a lot, and has won the WWF championship three times, so getting tne wondrous WWF belt.
It's one-quarter wrestling and three- quarters bad acting, tnus making it entertainment ratner man sport. Anyone wno watches the WWF regularly would probably love to jump into the square circle and go a few rounds with me HuJkster or me Milton Dollar Man, and now rnanks to Ocean your dreams or nightmares can come true... well almost.
Before you start me game you nave to cnoose your wrestler. I'll taxe the form of a WWF announcer for mis pare The first wrestler from the United kingdom, weighing in at 276 pounds, Theee Bricishhh Bull! DoggggfH (J can't Keep tms up for much longer). Tneeee, oh sod it the other two are the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan.
So you've cnosen your muscle bound wrestler - now for yoor opponents. You face the wrestlers in me following order
- Mr Perfect (who's Jess than perfect].
The Warlord, Million Dollar Man, Tne Mountie (He always gets nis man, no no] and finally me oaddest of tnem all.
Sergeant Slaughter.
One thing you'll notice about the 'WWF is that everyone is so flippm' loud
- me wrestlers snout mar mourns off at just about everyone. As if
py magic, the game also contains a Jot of yelling and & Ck |
5 6 I U O Oj screaming. Before the start of each bout, your
opponent will nave the chance to say what he thinks of you and
you, of course, can scream some- mng back at him. Tnis doesn't
improve me gamepiay, but it gets you in the ngnt mood for a
good scrapr So you've chosen your wrestler, you've yelled at
your opponent new far me actual oout! Each wrestler nas a
srengtn indicator at me bottom of me screen. This
strength-ometer determines how quickly you can recover from
being knocked on to me canvas, or now quickly you can throw off
someone who's pinning him down.
Your strength is depleted wnen you are hit or oeked or when you are thrown to the floor.
Each wrestler can perform several moves. These are mainly punching or kicking manoeuvres, bur each individual has his own special move. To execute yours you must first oe in a grapple with your opponent.
Tnen you waggle the joystick left and fight to buiid up your grapple strength, wntch is represented as a growing bar a: tne side of the screen. Tne first wrestler to make their bar reach maximum neight wins tne grapple. The winner then executes ms special move on the other wrestler.
In true WWF style, the action doesn't just take place in the ring - you can Datrle outside it as well. Outside the ring you get me perfect opportunity to do some real damage to you r opponent by banging nim across the head with a steel chair which just happens to be lying nearby.
Each bout lasts a maximum of five minutes. During this time the match can be won by pinning the opposing wrestler to the canvas for a count of three seconds. If mere isn't an Outright winner by the end of tne five minutes, then the match is declared a draw and your challenge for me Wresdema- ma belt is over.
If any competitor is forced out of the ring, a 20 second clock is started. The clock is reset once both wrestlers are back in the ring but snould any competitor remain out of the ring Jong enough for the dock to reach 20, me match is declared void and again your challenge for tne Wresdemania Deit is over. Tnis voiding or drawing of the match can be very annoying, especially wnen you've got to tne final wrestler and ne decides to stay out of the ring.
WWF is yet another licence game from Ocean. Tne word that would sum up WWF perfectly is 'average'. Tne gamepiay is really dodgy - the way that you nave to waggle the joystick to get one over on your opponent is very frus* trahng and most of the time you get stuck m a ioop of waggling tne joystick, losing, getting off the canvas and immediately going into anomer grapple.
Tne sound isn’t too bad, but it certainly isn’t as good as it could nave been. There's a tune and a smattering of grunts and cheers, out for a lot of the time there's no sound at ail. It can sound a bit odd, suddenly naving tne crowd burst into spontaneous applause and then stopping dead. What there is is good, but I can't help feeling that more is needed.
After doing this for a minute or so you are so knackered that you don't feel like playing the game. On the other nand, the graphics are really quite good - the wrestlers look like their real-life counterpart and little touches like the video screen and me way the ropes "Doing' after someone bounces off them really improve the look of the game.
Oh well. If you're a true WWF fan then you'll probably buy this game along with your Hulk Hogan Huffy slippers and Mr Perfect duvet and pillowcase. Dut the rest of us would Oe better off buying a decent beat-'em-up or saving the money for a WWF video. If Ocean had mayoe spent a little more time on the gamepiay, they would have had a classic on tn&r nands. As it stands tnough, the message is: "Don't believe tne hype'.
Jonathan When the McCailisters decided to go on vacation. They forgot one very important thing...Kevin!
Yes I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. Macaulay Cuikin, the million dollar star of Home Alone, has been shoved from large screen to computer screen and no doubt he'll be getting another huge juicy cheque through his letterbox for this little escapade.
I would've forgotten the little bleeder on purpose.. For any of you out there who have been living in a timewarp or haven't even heard of Home Alone or Macauly CoaiDin or whatever the little git is called, ril give you a rough plot of the film.
By mistake, Kevin (Sir McCauJy Cooking! Has seen left at home, while his parents and the rest of his family go on vacation to Pans. By strange coincidence, when the parens realise Kevin is at home, ail the flights back to the good ol' U S of A are fully cooked and all the telephone lines are down. What all this results in is Kevin running around the house stuffing his greedy little face wffh all sorts of food and doing several other things that his parents wouldn't normally afiow.
Now amid all this malarkey (or should mat se Macaulayj there are two inept burglars, Harry and Man , trying to roc Kevin's little home
- sorry, mansion. Being like any other eight-year-old with
absolutely no brains whatsoever, Kevin sets traps around his
home to prevent these naughty chappies coming in and stealing
his micro machines, or something along those lines-you get the
general idea.
The game is in two phases. The first starts at 8 o'clock and Kevin is Home Alone. He knows that Harry and Marv will be arriving at 9 o'clock. So using my wonderful Carol Vorderman mathematical skills, that leaves just one nour for Kevin to set his traps. Tnere are 26 objects for him to find and by using these objects he can set his traps.
Tms phase doesn't take a lot of brainpower - it's just a matter of picking up objects and puffing them down again.
In fact its so easy, even Jeremy Beadle could do it. You can't just place the objects anywhere you want, but there is a whacking great big yellow cross telling you exactly where to put your devious traps. Somewhere in the house is Kevin's BB gun, which comes in very useful later on.
In phase two the burglars will enter the house and to try to catch Kevin. Ka must avoid Harry and Mary and at the same time lure them through the traps. You must be careful not to trip them yourseif, though. The traps will inflict varying amounts of damage on the burglars, but Harry and Marv won't always spring them. The burglars are much more likely to trip traps if they are near Kevin and chasing him.
Kevin can also inflict damage upon the useless duo by firing his B3 gun, but you can only damage them once - after that all the other shots simply stop the burglars in their tracks, giving Kevin a chance to run away.
Poor Kevin then just has to last out until his mom gets nome.
Home Alone could have been a truly wonderful game, but, and mis is a big but, it is too easy.
After playing just a few times the first phase becomes more of a chore than a fun-filled romp. The second is much more fun, but even this section gets boring after a while. Having said that, the graphics are very nice indeed, especially the digitised picture of Macawly Bumfluff.
Tnere aren't too many sound effects, but what really puts the game down is the awful music which drones on and on and on and Arist... (yes we get the idea - Ed). The music can be turned oif which came as a great relief to everyone in the office. Home Alone can be VISION 0000m Grapfacj are me best part ot whole game.
Y p : o mmmm Abysmal oxme muse not many sound fX.
P L A.y A B IL1TY ©0* summed up in one word - 'repetition' Oh, and give it a capital °Rr.
It'S good for one go, but it won’t keep you at your computer for months and months and mon... (stop that right this minute - Ed). Plus the game is 1 meg only. Surely more memory means better sound and graphics? I want the whole film for that son of memory!
It could have been one of tne oest film licences, but Home Alone nas walked into the graveyard of doom and jumped inside a coffin beside Darkman, Ghostbusters 2 and other such film licence flops. What a pity. Ha ha ha ha ha ha h3i Bye bye Macaulay.
Jonathan Csi O. g 5 I a a. S w a O) HiiEi PSYGNOSIS ¦ £24.99 standalone £ 19.99 data disk ¦ !£meg ¦ Mouse ¦ Out now Amiga Computing March 1992 99 ever has a game been so aptly titled. Barely has the world settled down and ;ucped wibbling over the software phe “cmenon that was Lemmings, than sygnosis release a further 100 levels.
Vw traps, new layouts, new strategies.
Again, the world puts on a blue unpsuit and goes "Wibble".
Well, to get this out of the way, this is
- ct Lemmings 2. Not in any way. Shape or form. No no Nanette.
It's merely mother ioo levels for the original.
There s no new lemming skills, no new antes or anything like that, ft's only to
* ?tp you knee-deep in Lems until the zroper Lemmings 2 and the
Lemmings Construction Kit are ready. They just
* on t let it lie, will they?
Now I'm sorry about this next bit but here's always the faint chance that there s someone out there who doesn't mow what all this Lemmings palaver is about. So I'm going to have to explain it ai again aren't 17 OK. You have to make sure that a cer- !*n number of lemmings make it from one end of the level to the other without falling foul of traps, pits and their wri crass stupidity. You see. Lemmings nave slightly less intelligence than a small pile of mung beans. They're utter iwonks.
You, the gorgeous gamesplayer, can p them overcome this natural intellectual bypass by endowing individual lems
* ith special powers. These powers rfow them to dig. Climb, build
bridges, block, float and explode. You will, however. Only
have a set number of powers that you can bestow per level. For
instance, the way forward might seem obvious if you had some
bridge builders, but the chances are you won't and you’ll have
to think your way around the problem. I know all of this is
almost written in computer folklore, but some people seem to
have spent the last few years hiding behind the sofa when it
comes to games.
So. These new levels. What are they like? Well, they're good. Fairly obvious that but they really are good. It's a bit like finding out that they’ve just made a whole new series of The A Team. More of the same, but just what you were waiting for anyway.
We were a bit stuck to begin with, as we were having trouble getting past the Tame levels (it's not *Fun* any more, it's Tame*), but then out of the blue came a letter from Robert Phelps in Stroud. Good ol' Bob had sent us all 100 level codes. Staggering, or what? The flamin' thing hadn't been on sale five minutes and he'd done the lot! A right smarty boots and no mistake! So, thanks to Robert we were able to have a good look at any level we wanted. And they're all cracking.
The Tame levels are. As you can guess, fairly tame. Yes, I had trouble with them but then I never was any good at the original. These levels can be breezed through by yer average Lemmings supremo, and so they're best for people who ve bought the standalone version and don't know what they're doing yet.
After that, things get harder and some of the levels are destined to go down in history as complete bar stewards of our time. The Superlemming level, for instance, looks really easy but the timing needed is phenomenal. Scary Stuff. And the others pose similar seemingly impossible tasks that kept us from the pub for many lunchtimes. Well, almost. There's not much else to say, really. If you're a Lemmings fan then this is just the thing to keep you awake until God knows when, and if you've never played Lemmings then you've got two options. Either buy the original and this as a data disk, or
just buy these 100 levels as a standalone version.
My only reservation is that the price is perhaps a bit much for a data disk, but I guess Lemmings addicts will go to any expense for more of those green haired japesters.
A worthwhile addition.
Some hot new tunes, and that wcf loved 'Oh nor squeak.
PLAYABI L I TV OOOGO Sta as ptoyaWc as cm, if a tad operate.
VISION 00099 Tiny but erxkaring sprtttt wttfi delated scenery The winning fbrmua docsitasaki I Dear Points of View, I wish to complain about... 0X0 iTO MINDSCAPE ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now ou know the trouble with beat- em-ups? They re just not violent enough. Controversial, I know, but true.
What s the point of beating the biz out of silly little sprites if they just fall down and go peep ? We want blood and guts! We want entrails and schlock horror gorefests! Nurse, nurse, the ointment! And if all this sounds a bit too graphic for you, then I suggest you go and read the Home Alone review. Goon, I think it s best if you leave. You II only end up feeling sick.
On the other hand, if you re the sort of person who can watch Hellraiser while eating beans on toast, the sort of person who can read Stephen King before going to bed, the sort of person who thinks that The Evil Dead is an important cinematic statement, then you II love this game.
So. Only the sturdy ones left eh? All the wimps have gone off to read about Macaulay Smeg- hcad s slapstick antics, so we can get on with the gratuitous bloodletting. Heh heh heh. Evil cackle, crash of lightning, eerie organ music etc etc. Thud. Squirt. Ka jmijh. Umsk CN 8: 01 1“ $ E * March 1999 0Game| Ahem. Well, the plot is the usual gubbins about ancient quests for magic stones and druids and monsters. All fairly predictable. Some druid blokes decided to use four knights to get the Moonstones from the val* ley of the Gods. You, and up to three other chums , can take control of a knight
each and wander around the four territories hacking the resident beasties into a slimey red mush. Hours of family fun? Let s see... Each knight starts the game in their home village, where they can return for extra lives. Each village is situated in one of the four territories - the Northern Growl. Roar.
Crackle. Fizz, Phut Wastelands, the Misty Moors, the Great Forest or the Wetlands. You move your little knight cursor where you want to go, at least as far as your limited time will allow, and then press Fire to enter the location.
If you don t want to enter a location then you can use your turn to move further across the map, thus heading for an easier territory, perhaps. Each territory contains six lairs where you fight the monsters, and a more helpful location such as a city where .
You can replenish energy, buy bigger weapons, gamble your precious J money away and other such niceties.
The crux of the game, though, is JH the lairs. Some- ' V where in each territory there is a key. Only c with all four keys can you enter the valley of the Gods and try to win a I Moonstone from the Guardian. So to find the keys VL you must fight I through all the lairs, in any order you want and sec what goodies they hold. , You might find gold, or some spells or even a spanking new sword. Or you might find bugger all. Of course, the other knights are doing exactly the same SO you ve got to keep an eye on what your opponents are up to.
For the really brutal player, you can turn on your fellow play ers. If another player has got something you want, then you simply attack them and if you win the ensuing battle then you can pilfer any item from their body, Once i .« pl.’yi'r h.M I lost all his or her lives MI then you can pillage the grave and take everything.
Oh, and watch out for the black knights - any knights not controlled by a human player fall under computer control and spend the whole game trying to kill you. Youth of today, I don t know... On top of all this, you also have to contend with a massive dragon who flies around the map and attacks players at random.
The chances of beating the dragon without top of the range armour and a magic sword are alarmingly slim, so it s best to avoid him until you re tooled up enough to beat him.
Now, if all this sounds a bit involved for a beat-em-up then you'd be right. There is more than a little bit of strategy required for this game. Not so much that you spend ages working your way up to a fight, but enough so that the endless hack and slash doesn't become tiresome. A nice balance, if the truth be told.
I m sorry. I suppose we can't put this off any longer. We re going to have to discuss the graphics. So, with a glass of water and a handy bucket in case of spontaneous regurgitation let's take a Close look at those crimson-spattered sprites.
And they really are quite startling. Blood squirts and gushes all over the place, limbs and heads fly off in huge gouts of scarlet fluid, flesh is ripped open and flung all over the screen. It s just like Casualty.
It's so gruesome that Mind- scape have given the game a voluntary 12 certificate. So all you responsible parents may want to Tippex over the screenshots on this page, just in case your offspring see them and grow up to be serial killers or something.
The detail is excellent, and not just on the gore - which is optional for you wimps. The still screens and opening animation are good too, proving just why the game is one meg only. But, heh heh Lheh, lets talk about the gore again.
.1, This game r'jB reminds me of li Battlechess in one respect ' it s tempting to get killed just to see what disgusting animations the programmers have come up with.
And there s plenty of variety, in both monsters and players. They range from a fairly tame decapitation, to an extremely over-the-top bursting at the seams and squirting bodily fluids sky high. As I said, there is an option to turn all this off, but let's be honest, what's the point? It's the gore that makes the game entertaining to watch.
The sound effects are squishy too. Each body-slicing blow is accompanied by what sounds like a large bag of yoghurt being drop kicked into a dustbin full of beach effluent. A sort of "Ker-splutch" noise. Plus various groans, grunts and roars from the massacred beasties. PLUS!!! Some sampled chants and things for the spooky Stonehenge animation at the beginning. PLUS!!!!!!! Some fiddly fiddly dee music. So the sounds not bad either.
If you want a beat- em-up that's meaty, bloody and slightly strategic, then Moonstone is phun with a capital F. It may not be terribly appealing in the long term because it is pretty easy to get all four keys and finish the game.
Splattery, no holds barred, blood and guts. Oh, and the mt beta pvt* wriL | Sptatterv.no holds barred, blood and gutsFX. Hang about Wjivu or what?
A good blend of action and strategy, plus a four player option keeps k interesting.
Good, bloody, h* but axJd become too repctitfrc and easy but you II come back now and again just to let off a bit of steam and purge yourself of all those primeval urges. A welcome addition to the genre.
Daniel BUY BBTTLE MtHOUR FOB 75 OP m IWV ;ir l nr o COM i oeiD’9 INC 1 KIT ZosZO Spending your blood money in the city to get a bigger weapon job yes missus) Hack. Slurp. Spurt. Aaaaaaaargggh Gamer Q) tea "w« FrozenMor centuries deep within the mountains of Kalynthia.
Twelve adventurers have lain u waiting for the return of Bronagh, Prince of Evil?, That time has now come. They;musJflEp- unite the people ainst the forces of dari(n?fs and fight to over t il that is You alone contr.OI?thSwdestinies Ispl a st i n ytt rfp is en& npt to thwa'rfy o ur ey y,,mj appeal to all levels of-roife pla rf y hardened vete ijty?1 I u id. In Role Playing
* ' m't Eieclror c oOUl' A i '.howfl fttjpi CcfTTKOOlO
A!tvuyi£0lfl£ Tel 028l) 641541 New videos It s tunny It's ClUV
Crazy from the Heart First Independent Rental from February 12
Christine Lahti plays a bored teacher who becomes the hot topic
of gossip when she falls for the school s Mexican janitor,
played by Ruben Blades. After returning from a wild weekend in
Mexico - married to boot - their lives suddenly become
public knowledge with alleged hysterical consequences. Hysteri
cal it was not, nor even particularly Other video releases in
brief Thelma and Louise is another "women who change their
lives and having tasted life, liberty and happiness never look
back" movie. Lovely. It stars Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon,
is rated 15, lasts 124 minutes and should be in your local
rental shop at this very moment.
Fans of classic television will enjoy this month's new fTC Home Video releases - The Adventures of Robin Hood, Sapphire and Steel, Space 1999, Danger Man, and, my personal favourite, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). From £10.99 to £16.99, they're available from February 10.
Ed Harris, Sean Penn, Gary Oldman and Robin Wright star In State of Grace, released on February 12, a tough underworld action thriller - copious amounts of death and violence.
Intimate Stranger hits your rental stores on February 19. This latest release sees pop star Debbie Harry taking on the role of a telephone sex- line host. One for the top shelf, methinks.
Your essential guide to entertainment with Gamer's very own critic ¦ Antony Purvis funny. Anyway, it's a quite reasonable light romance video with the odd laugh along the way. Released in time for Valentine's day, too. Sweet.
Let Him Have It First Independent Rental from February 26 In 1952 two boys on a warehouse roof were cornered by police. They were Chris Craig and Derek Bentley. Bentley had already been arrested, but Craig had not and pulled out a gun. A policeman ordered him to surrender the weapon, and Bentley shouted the fatally ambiguous words: “Let him have id’ to Craig, who fired.
Craig and Bentley were both tried for murder and found guilty. Craig was
16. And too young to be hanged. Bentley was not, and despite
foe jury's recommendation of mercy, partly on account of
his mental age of just 11, was hanged shortly afterwards,
There is little doubt that the Craig Bentley case is one of
foe greatest miscarriages of justice in British legal
history. The lobbying for a posthumous pardon for Bentley,
sent to foe gallows for a crime he did not commit, continues
to this day. This is their story. If you only rent one film
this month, rent this one - it is a must-see.
The truth will shock you.
Communion Flrit Independent To buy at £10.99 Christopher Walken plays Whitley Strieber, a novelist whose recurring dreams of aliens prove to be real! That's real in the here-and-now sense, apparently it really honestly did happen to a real live novelist who was really called Whitley Strieber.
And I don't believe a minute of it.
Sorry! Maybe Whitley had eaten some out-of-date pork sausages or something.
Communion is far-fetched, somewhat pretentious and dangerously low on entertainment. Even as sci-fi it doesn’t rate in my book.
Oh, and it is also on Sky Movies this month. So no need to risk £10.99, eh?
Sky's silver screen selection Back to foe Future 3, foe film with foe longest trailer in cinema history (Back to foe Future 2 - oh, how unkind of mej blazes on to foe screens of Movie Channel viewers on the I st, 16th and 25fo.
Communion, that film reviewed elsewhere on this page, can be seen on Sky Movies on foe 21st and 29th, along with Days Of Thunder - Top Gun with racing cars. Catch it on foe 15th or 23rd.
Dick Tracy, starring Warren Beatty, Madonna and Al Pacino, hits The Movie Channel on foe 22nd. Only eight colours are used to keep foe comic book look, so ex- Spectrum owners will feel at home. Also don't mrss Die Hard 2, with Bruce Willis.
Sky Movies on foe 8fo, 17fo and 25fo- Write it in your diary, Cry Baby starring Johnny Depp contains what foe synopsis refers to as a “square chick’. Of square chicks I saw none, but I did see the svelte form of Ricki Lake, which I consider worth my Movie Channel subscription alone. Guaranteed to have me glued to Sky Movies on both the 9fo and 19th, Total Recall is repeated on foe 6fo, 14th and 25th, and foe comedy Twister screens on February 9fo, sadly unconnected with foe fun home game involving sticking your bodily parts in all manner of odd positions (Ideal for whiling away long car
journeys, I might add).
Wings of foe Apache, starring Nicholas Cage, is another film like Top Gun. But with helicopters. Unmissable, and on Sky Movies on the 22nd. Yet more screenings for Fire - Trapped on foe 37fo Floor, on foe I st 13fo and 24fo - Lord, when will it end?
Back to foe December issue and the films Loose Cannons and Loverboy, newly released on retail at foe time, This month they're on The Movie Channel, so check them out if comedy is your thing. Rutger Hauer stars in Salute Of The Jugger on the 1st I4fo and 24th on Sky Movies Plus, while over on the Movie Channel is a Star Trek 25fo Anniversary special.
Red Heal__________________£609 RexMgn 1(11 £699 Road Blasler 1609 Rocket Ranger ..... £000 R-Twe _______ £600 RunmeGauiW .... £6.99 9iadow ol me Beasl (Amoa) £699 Sh*manM4 ...... £698 9liW6 £699 9k*? Pu* Cate £699 Sftworm -----------------£600 Speedbal---------------------£709 Stnhe Force Harrter .._ .£699 9urt Cdr Rater______________£600 Super Hang On £609 Sei!ditt«e . £688 ST & AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 Oregon SUN______________£5 99 Fantasy Wodd Ctezy 1509 Gaurmstll _________£699 Ghaeiturter) II_____________1698 Eagle Software
3 Stooges 30 Pod..... Afiertuner .
£690 £599 £696 £698 £450 Altered Been Artcancrt (Amiga crty) ArtanortB---------------- £690 Bad________________________£599 Barttanan (ST only) £599 ea an !¦...„ . £699 Bahian Caped Crusader £690 Bahian The Mowe £690 Beazti Vdey £699 Bood Money ......£699 Cabal Lvivga orty) . £698 Cai'oma Games___________ £690 CamerCommand ---------- £690 CefflreWd SguarM £699 Ooud Kngdcrn---------------£698 Cotasus Chess ... £690 Conflict n Europe £7 90 Confhental Circus . £690 OazyCare_______________£699 DctertteroireCnjwn 1798
C¥o fie E*ti £698 Deluxe Stnp Pcfcer £690 Double Oraigan i or H ...... £690 Oregon Urea_______________£699 HardDrmn'_____________ £699 Head ever Heets £699 Hwi Hfcer** Guide lo Galaxy £799 Hong KongPhoey £699 «aiag» ------------ £699 HU - 1639 hipotstte Msvon II £699 JwttPflrt______________ 1699 IgdGiova________________ £599 LatfepH £699 Licence to KA £599 Lombard RAC R*y £690 MctiafflJadawMoffwakar £699 New Zealand Siory £608 Mnp Rab(,« £500 Naro (Arrega orty)___________£790 North & Scuti ..... £690 CwftH... .... £600
OperabonWc* _______ £699 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL (10 am - 6pm 6 days) Tel: 081-361 2733 5730 (2733 Faxline after 6pm) Teenage Mutant Turtles £690 Ttunderetrke------------------1699 TM6tf ------- £699 TopsrwBOuctawfcitn.iw) £599 TV Spprt» FWIM II llllllllMIIM £7.98 Vsglarrte___________________£690 War Zone ....£640 W3Mrt» ...... £800 Wings dFuiy ......£609 Wztal ... £408 WC leaderboart __________£699 Xenon II ...£740 Zortt I (Airega only) _______£599 WITH ORDERS iei: uo 1-401 u (2733 Faxline
* S El
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£999 £1649 £16.99 £16 99 £22.99 £19.99 £19.98 Baffle Master
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venture WkartSwoulatorl ..... BtlyffleM_____________
BrdsolPrey________ Sue Mat ____________ Bues B’ottiere Bomber
Bob ...... Boston Bomb Ctub------ Bran Blaster
...... Budi Rogert------------ Cadaver ______________
Cadaver • tie pay off ... Caftwe ... CartMM
_______ Ceitiage..... Carve Up_____________ CehaGT4
Rally_______ Cenhroi .. Chaos Str*e Bar* .
Champcn ol Ihe Raj ... Chase HO mm Meg upgrade * Ckxk I
UegCndcel _______ 30 Conshjcbon Kil .. 40 Sports Banng____
AlOTmk KJIer . A320Artu»_________ Acton Salons ____ Ago*
m Air Support tecaraz-------- Alen 9 cm*------- Waves_______
Artcrefl Dcwny _____ Amazfig Sf»d*man Amos 30 ________ Amos
Compiler_______ Amos The Creaky..... Amorgedsn ..... Back 10
die Future Nl _ Back teffleGdden Age Barbanan 11 (Psygncsre)
Barts Tale ill _____ BAT. II _________________ Baffle Chets
______ Baffle Chew Chase HQ II Chrto') Revwge Oi(*Chalenge
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. Battle Hawks 1942...... Baffle tele titles-ST HOT
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tetetwpior .... tamoe -------------- Jac* Ufflmted Oipart ....
Jihangr Khans Sguesh JmmyWvte'sWtnWid Jupeerj Masierdnve .....
KekOrtll (1 Me$ )________ K * ON II (5 Meg) Kick Oft
Wmng Tacto KbrgCteod . Ming Game Show _ Kings Bfljrty
Kings Ouesl IV ..... BngsOueslV__________ Kn fflUve ....
KrnghlcimeSfy_______ Last Krfa III____________
Leander------------- Lemxe Sut Lany It------ Lerture Sul Larry
II ..... Leotrt Sut Larry Lemmings __________ lemmngs - Dala
Dek ... Lamrrvngs - Si and Alone Lite & Dee ti____________
1(901 ------------------ Loom __________________ Lord ol tie
Fvngs-------- Lost Paird __________ LoluS EspM----------------
Lotus TirtO Challenge II Ml Tank (Saloon ... Mad Protestor Mon
arty .. Migic Garden____________ Ma c Pockeo _______
MagneecSorol .... Man Uld. Europe .... MaucA
Uund____________ M Olka Uhrnale Foolbal Mega-LoMana _________
Megatravi l Mega Vane________________ Mercham Cokhy .
Sssssrzz Mdogm Restsiance WtiTU?
QuntcN ...... Qun5 2000 ..... HardDnv«nH._ _... Hart Nov*------------- Kwpccn (1 Ueg) . Hemdal ----------- Her o') 0U551 (Gnrrtri) H« Street Blues ------- McmeAtoie_______ HororZombes_____ HfcaiHa* ...... Hlrt* . hmxrtate .... Impenum TOPmES MomraerM________ k*g 29 Fulcrum ... kkg29MSuperFukaum .
Mght ct Maoc li ________ Mdcnshine Racers------- Moonstone____________ Monkey Island..... ... Monkey Island II ... MyedcM _________... Myti____________________ Nut ..... Navy Seefe____________ Netuus ll____________ Neveremkng Story II ...... UmtNwtirft mm - . NnjaRema ...._ ..... Qrpm Operation ThmdertKA OuruiEiroge ----------- Ping----------------------- Panza Kicfcbouig ... Paperboy M ------... Pegasus --------- PGA Go« Tour . Pit (trier ___________ Ptoing-------------------- Popui»»*Shi oty ..... PoplAOUSlI -------...... Powerhouse ____________
Predaw I___________________ ?? Hammer ..... Fyefflstark Pro TemsTour II ... Pnnce d Perss Hjzznc .....__________ Quai and Glory------------ Ralroad Tycoon_________
R. B.1.2 Basebal Realmt__________________ Red Baron ......
Reneged* (Com-gp mtsl.
Ftcfc Dangerous II__________ Roe of he Drago .. RcbfiHood_________________ RohOCCd___________________ Robocop Robocopll__________ Robocop a ---- Rod Land ...... Rdm' Bonny R-Type II Rugby World Cup . Sarikcn____________________ Secrd ct fie S ver Bluss Secres Weacon luftwafte of the e«asl II .... 9iatow Scrceror .... &iadcrwWama ________ ShuKedteSm____________ Sienl Service II .. $ fn E*rfi Passing Bid .. Ralocn__________ Predakr-------- Rambolil Starffliderli $ t*Mr*k V Starfgrterll - .. Straiego _________
Sudan il ...... Sm Reel Sump*,. ---------- Super Cars II-------------- Super ManacoGP------- Super SpAttWvkdM ... Supremacy--------------- Suspwous Cargo .. Swap------------------ Sawn bade II ________ Temwiaieril _______ Teal Onv ill ________ The* Finest Hour ..... Thar Ffiesi Uss*on ____ ThundevtiavW AH 73M ... TtwnderJwi__________ Tip OH____________________ Tote Torvak he warrior .. Told Recai_______________ Tumcan N_______________ TV Spats Basetel Utema Marhan Dreams .. Utema v ... (AtmtVI .... UfflmateRjde ______________
umsh________________ Under Fyessure__________ UnAeM _________________ UN Squadron ... UmouchaOe) US$ johnYwig.._ UK) pie ... VengMdcectEical r.
Voited . Vropra ..... Wadoc* Ihe Avenger .... Wfflie Death (1 Meg) ..._
mmm. .. WingCommjnderll
W. Z Kd ... won Chid_______________ wo*
peck----------------- Wondertand Space Gun Space Quest
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Krreur Egg. Jinpij Jackaon, 80S0 Movagoj NINJA COLLECTION only 113.90 0 Origan. 9-aOov Warn or O A* COMBAT ACES only £18.98 Facon, Gltjid anc F.g-mcrtw SUPER HEROES only £17.90 Sl-oor I Mn Jcrat. U»i Mnyi I tre Soy »tw lovMn* FUGHT COMMAND only 11390 bmr «r. Sims Fon* Hamer.
Lrtatir. S*y Fa re Sty Owe TEST DRIVEN COLLECTION AMIGA only £20.98 Mjkm Cn. CNIma Cnaanga.
E epea-rOaHnBs Due SuprCn VFTUAL WORLDS orty £20,98 O-la, loul EflipM. CaiU Uaiwr, ln« Cry?
MOLLYWOOO COLLECTION only 116.90 ReooCgp. OhHteunre I howi Jones.
Hhren|hfM«te GRANDSTANO only £17.90 duu Saw Sox». Pro larrt» lour, Wore CfM LaMWboam me Cora-wu Ocut FULL BUST only I17J0 O- apj W, Kck OrgwoLk Hgrwar Paw 2.
P47. Cjrrar Conran; and Hmn NnUa Or* DOUBLE DOUBLE BILL AMGA only I22JI !»Soora FMMA Lonx ol heRitrg Sin Tv Spcna 8aa aDai, Wnga MN0 GAMES onty £14.90 Aiinrn, w«e-w, inn Canto r Eurpe RST Of FURY only £16.90 Dynwnis Dm. Snn« . Nnp rttneri.
Pwp« D-igen II VBTUAL REALITY 1 only £21.90 Crt Cemrn. Skn Car Bssr, Srp'dc A ft Soccar Q-atngi POWER PACK only 114J0 Xron 2, IV Soont Feeteai. Bteeiteyth r.d lomcareHaty ADOICTEO TO FUN RAINBOW COLLECTION orty£13» ftea Zas ana Say B.t»o BctOd Hirtn* krot CHALLENG01S only £17J0 Kck Of, Supw Sto, hjr » BcrrOv Greal CartJ and Slirtar Racar MAGNUM 4 only £1698 Aitefflumr. Ckvtnf fragr, Cpra'.-en Wed, and Barwn Capae C-uudv TNT only £1490 Him tftin. AP6. Xybatk I eepn dQraggn$ yit POWER UP only £1691 Vamfl Basil Ranocw arc IOA O-ata MQ. Tumcar AIR. LAND. SEA only £2391 FA1| hiKaour. 681 Anaea 6.6.
fay 400 Name: _ Address: Postcode:.
Card No: Exp Date _ Tel: Price P&P Total Access Q VisaQ Cheque ? P.O's Q Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable to EigleSoltwire. P&P is £1.00 per order in the UK. Orders under £10 please add 50p per item. Europe: add £3.50 per item. Elsewhere add £4.50 per Hem. H the idle you want is not listed please phone for prices. Free catalogue now available - plea $ e phone or lick ho*.
Member No: _ Computer:_ Date_ _?
Title_ Price _ Price __Price 48 Mail Order only Z DD American Hero Gamer's top quarterback Duncan Evans huddles over his keyboard in search of the definitive American Football simulation It's a well known fact, well known to those who have physical pain then there's no better place to be than on tried it anyway, that American Football is a well the line, but if you prefer to experience the thrills and orchestrated melee of utter precision and bone-snap- spills of the sport at a safer distance then read on for the ping violence. Now if you're the kind of guy that enjoys definitive guide to the
best in American Football games.
‘A i w i w. % iMs- sweepr£ht "i Kelly takes JfA the snap and Ik Dan for 5 yards.
IV?3Sftu .LS llP Horne 34yrd 14 MT:7:28 QTB: 1st TV SPORTS FOOTBALL Supplier; Mirror Image Price: £9.95 Type: Arcade Before John Madden there was Cinemaware's typically over-the-top TV Sports Football, which can now be found on Mirrorsofts budget label, at a price which you can t really say no to.
TV Sports is also an arcade-styte game, but has the edge on John Madden in that each of the players has certain stats which can be swapped around. So, you can have the Montana ice combo but at the expense of having a kicker with a wooden leg.
The other great attraction is the glossy presentation with all kinds of extra graphics thrown in. Players wave to mom, coaches spit bands play at half time, and so on.
When you do get to playing the game the display is vertically scrolling like JM Football but from a high angle. Like JM as well, there aren't that many plays to call upon, in fact there are even less, but if a passing play breaks down you can always scramble with the ball. What makes the game more competitive is that as soon as your receivers have gone off screen you can only guess where they are.
The action isn't as crisp as JM Football, nor as varied, but you do get more stats, all the teams to choose from, and a full NFL season to play through so it has more long TOUCHDOWN!
Supplier: Strike Force Design, 28 Noble Street, Hendon, Sunderland SR2. Price: £14.95 Type: Management So to the other two games in this roundup, and the management side of the sport. Touchdown!
Is a game that lets you become the head coach Of any team in the NFL and lead them through a full 16 game campaign cumulating in the playoffs.
A Touchdownl team follows a basic 3-4 format on defense, two wide receivers and a tight end on offense. The plus point is that each player is a real life player, and they are rated at their positions. There are also backups in case of injury.
Each week the head coach can spy on the team to be played next and work out potentially productive matchups with your players against theirs. Thankfully this is possible because the excellent instructions list which players do what on any given play.
This and the graphics are two of Touchdown's advantages over management rival Headcoach 3. Also in your weekly schedule you can check the NFL tables, save or load a position and either try and trade players or go to training camp. The latter two features are an either or option. If you go negotiating to trade a player you can't spend time in the training camp trying to improve a player.
The trading aspect is fascinating, as well as unique - this is the only computer game anywhere that lets you do it. All the players have a trading value so that even if you have a highly stalled right guard, he is only worth an average skilled running back.
At training camp you can single out one player per week for special coaching, but he isn't guaranteed to get any better, and if you are unlucky he can either suffer a loss of confidence or an injury. EquaHy he can improve, It's these facets to the game which let you do something meaningful between the game each week that make Touchdownl better than Head- Coach 3.
When you do get to the weekly game there is a very nicely laid out screen offering admittedly not that many play calls. Defensively there are less, but those offensive plays are designed for the player to player matchups, making for a more tactical game. What's really neat is that with each play you get a text description of the action plus three digitised pics showing what's gone on. Ally this with the mousecontrolled play selection and you have an easy to play, but intelligent and tactical game, and at a very decent HEADCOACH v3 Supplier: Midnight Oil 18 HazeJmere Road, Stevenage SG2 8RX
Price: £19.95 Type: Management tea RIAL &z WOTS 2»i2£ 2AQS LDGASSS 3SS$ r£ 2»5 !!U! Dei xdi vai osaeojj 4.31 CEDRIC -D*S 4.32 SCOTT ST;J8ThC 4.2?
KAATI)) 4.42 PSKVJSSSS 4.44 JflSY LoitQGC 4.4c IfflX SaasSS 4.4i wm* 4.52 JWLPHWI! 4.52 vmI GiE 4.54 2D»2 JOWLIfaS? 4,55 JE jawisc 4.67 AEAHTA 3 I have to admit mat I've played ibis game on every imaginable format, and the Amiga represents the best, but only because it has a reasonable use of colour.
Headcoach 3 gives you control of the unlikely sounding Schoburg Franklins but lets you decide whicn division you are going to play in.
F ven If you pick a troublesome division it is still possible to win the Superset! In the very first season.
After two tedious pre-season games the season proper starts, with a text-only confrontation. Offensively there are plenty of calls to cnoose from, marry more man in Touchdown!, with a call for every situation.
While these are great to be able to call upon there is a small drawback.
You have two receivers and two running backs out you can't specify ’who gets the ball, so if you have one star and one dog. Mere's no guarantee that the best man is going to cany the ball.
Defenswefy the option? Are simply formation, which do let you play against me run or pass but aren't really designed to go for an all-out blitz. Still, more variety than Touchdown!
Vm At the end of each quarter you can change your personnel - who have a one to five star rating - and examine the excellent wealth of stats.
At me end of the game there are nice features like votes for the best players and a full stats analysis, along with other scores and me tables. Tne trouble then is that between games you can only sioocer over the stats - there's nothing constructive to do but play the next game.
Like Touchdown', at the end of the season there's a college draft to improve your squad. With an uninteresting display and lack of inter-game options Headcoacn 3 has been superseded by Touchdown! And represents a game for stats fans only.
JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL SupplierEIectronicArts Price: £7BA Type: Arcade John ’who? Devotees of me sport will be familiar with the fat and fairly unpleasant features of the former Raiders coach-iumed-TV commentator, but for anyone else simply mention that Sega Megadnve game and comprehension dawns.
In truth, JM Football came out on the PC a couple of years ago. But it took a completely different, all-action version on the Megadnve to spark EA's interest in an Amiga version, it 6* ¦- was worm me wait.
Mmd you, as you |t:| get to personally lead one of about & |2 naif me teams in me ' NFL in either a one- * off game 3g3inst the - computer or a ® friend, or take part in the playoffs run- I- _ ning up to the Superbowl.
This is obviously touting itself as the successor to Mirrorsoffs TV Sports Football, so it's a pity that you can't play a season's worm of games and mat the players are largely anonymous. Still, the teams are graded, and if you watch the pregame notes you can tell whether your team has any chance on me ground or whether it's going to be bombs away.
If you want an easy game then simply pick the 49'ers who are very good at virtually everything. With the computer playing a rather slack game, especially defensively, the only real challenge is to play the Atlanta Falcons - this is the Falcons of last season not this - who have zombies in me backfiekf and tortoises for receivers.
A .c "5 a. 5 o 8 05 When the game starts, the pitcn pans out very impressively and the action commences. Playing offense perfectly captures me feel and spirit of American Football. First up you select the type of players you want, ie fast, safe hands, strong runners or a standard set and then me formation type.
If you select fast players and a shotgun formation it kind of signals to the other team that a pass is on me way. That's when you run the football, unless it's 3rd and long and you have to pass. If you were intending to run the ball and the defense stacks up on the line, the other excellent feature of John Madden football comes into play. You can audible at the line of scrimmage and call a pass play in me case.
When the ball is snapped you diner hand off for a run, or if passing, three receiver windows appear.
This is where the excitement of the game is brought home. You've got to watch all three receivers, ’waiting for one to get open 9 or at least into position, while watching for the opposing Bfl defensive ends and linebackers bearing down on you.
I There's nothing Detter man evading a couple of tackles, j spotting that receiver open downneld and getting the bail ! Off for a last minute touendown.
When you throw in sampled sound effects, the ability to I crush people or try and strip the bail on defense, you have me most complete all-action rendition of American Football
- ever created. There's only one problem - against me com- ¦
puter rt's too easy to make those 30-yard passes, in a one-on-
_ one situation against a friend though, it doesn't get any
better man this.
March 1992 For your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Ltd, The Coach House, Hooklands Estate, Scaynes Hill,, West Sussex RH17 7NG Tel: 0444 831 761 hi * cotoch-M of .imohI .i*I li- v tilor ( r«* -.tnlr-. Um Avatar Uuyra* jkanino KB* '£$ ¦ 1 0l»»n«d5 ¦ lk» ou.w«. daor Uymna X I iHwolor: BuvirLzl .1 'jlQu 1; AT LAST!
The Ultima saga continues on the Amiga and Atari ST. Available soon, priced £30.99. Over ONE MILLION Ultima adventurers world-wide can't be wrong!
For all the latest product information call 0898234214. Calls charged at 34p per minute off-peak and 45p per minute at peak times.
We create y orIds.
Anything for a fast buck... MERCENARY III NOVAGEN * £29.99 » !£meg ¦ Joystick * Out now then waiting for the people to choose.
However, life in the public eye means that you must keep your nose clean and follow the Section rules or ycull be disqualified.
It's a pity that Bi! Doesn't have the same sense of fair play really. He'll constancy try to ruin your reputation, and even try to tempt you into a fife of rock and roll gambling on his casino planet Bacchus. The Send.
This Is the easiest route to success - others involve much more subtle p(ar ning and strategy. How about sabotaging his mining operations, bankrupting his casino, locking him in a specially built prison or taking on his fleet Of combat craft and shooting your way to victory? There's also a secret solution that only the cleverest players will discover, and it's this one that will shower you with the fruitiest dividends. And P e no idea what it is.
As in Damocles [Mercenary fl, fact fens?, you have complete freedom of movement around the Gamma system and all its planets, moons and outside You Know whet I think of the people who five In the Gamma system? Fit tefl you.
They're a bunch of ungrateful camel spankers. Every test one of them.
Thankless lizard baiters. Low down cheating giraffe wobblers, whatever one of those is. And Co you know why? Because after saving the entire system from oblivion in Mercenary II, they rewarded our hapless mere by bunging him in a time warp prison.
Makes your blood boil doesn't it? Scumbags.
So. When they finally let you out guess what they ask you to do? Help them out again, that's what. The nerve of it an. It seems that a sinister Mr. P C 811 has risen to power and is on the verge of being elected Supreme Big Cheese of the entire cosmiverse and Denmarkj. If this happens hell use hrs new found political muscle to get away with all sorts of underhand shenanigans. So, fellow mercenarers. All you have to do is to scupper his plans one way or another.
There are se’ eraf ways to throw a spanner in the works, as there always are in these vast expforrng-type games.
The came rather hzndify comes with a hint pack that contains several hints on the ways to win. The most obvious solution is to become a presidential candidate yourself and get elected instead of Brf.
This involves signing or? As a candidate, organising your campaign and fawies. The big switcharoo here is that while you were twiddling your thumb; in the clink they installed a mighty handy public transport system on most of the planets.
These incorporate taxis, hire cars, buses, intercity shuttle flights and planet to planet space cruises. Oh, and as in Damocles, there's a transporter system that zaps you from one planet to the next in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is find it.. All of this means that finding key locations is a lot easier, as the public transport doesn't bother stopping at useless empty buildings. Well, most of the time anyway, ft also means that going from one planet or one island to the next is a doddle, whereas in Damocles it was an absolute bugger. So straight from the word go, it's easy to
pick up the clues and get on with the task at hand.
And there's another advantace to CM O* cs 8) X *5 a 5 © XJ 8 9i Back seat driving Why bother driving yourself around when there’s always some muggins ready to do it for you? That's what I always say. So to allow you maximum convenience and comfort during your mission, here's how to get about the Gamma system without spending a fortune... Taxis are always there when you need them and they II take you wherever you ask them to go.
Unfortunately, they cost a bomb and the robot drivers on Gaea are always going bonkers.
Interplanetary travel Is achieved via these deep space cruisers. They cost an absolute fortune, but you can glean some handy hints from the pilots if you’re lucky. There is a cheaper and quicker way to planet hop, if you can find It... this new twist It means that there are other characters to meet, Taw drivers, pilots, receptionists, and. Er. Tax men.
Unfortunately, you can’t talk to them, only listen to their words of wisdom.
Obviously, some of these characters Will unwittingly impart vital info, so keep your ears open and don’t go and make a cuppa during a taxi ride. You might miss that all important hint. If you're an independent sort, then you can splash out the cash for your own vehicle (or nick one) and explore the world beyond the transport route.
Indeed, this Is the only way to progress at some stages so don't rely on public transport all the time, because just like our beloved BR. It will usually 200m straight past the place you wanted to go, And so, with a whole galaxy to explore and nothing but a few vague ideas of what to do, you must once again battle to save the people of Gamma for their undying indifference.
Talk about being taken for granted,,, Right from the start. Mercenary III grabs your imagination. It’s all presented in the usual 3D, and it seems to be a little bit smoother than before as well. Occasionally, the colour schemes become a bit psychedelic, particularly on the non-stop party planet of Bac- chusl That aside, the game now features plenty of little graphical touches to draw you further into the atmosphere of it all. Taxis and buses hover along the roads, people's faces smile and frown as they speak and giant flashing hoardings scream advertising in your face.
The number of locations has gone up as well, as the bus and shuttle timetable demonstrates. There's even a strange building called Europress Publications in there somewhere! A lot of thought has gone into creating a convincing and interesting world for you to nose around in. Inevitably, there are plenty of giant buildings with nothing in them, but if you're on the right track you shouldn’t come across too many.
For such a huge game, there's some surprisingly good sound effects in there as well. They're mostly restricted to the fluctuating whine of vehicle engines, but they really add a bit of gumption to the interspace journeys. And there's some hissing doors, just like Star Trek, and a resounding 'clonk’ when you walk into walls. Not enough to win one of those coveted Bnts awards for music - Phil Collins will probably get all of those again - but it does its job and complements the look of the game.
As far as gameplay goes though, it’s a winner. Perhaps a bit too slow moving for hardbitten arcade fans, but for those who like to ponder over problems rather than leaping in feet first all guns blazing, it's the closest you're going to get to virtual reality on your Amiga. And it's a damn sight more interesting as well. A large, bulging sack of gorgeousness.
Daniel VISION tarty ixxktakd, but loads of Rtlc touches 00099 Not much, but what there is does Its Job wdL P LAVA. B I L I T V ELSPA Chart NE WWF • Wrestlemania NE Birds of Prey Will you just look at that! Thirteen new entries, four games going up and thirteen going down. Ocean were top cookies this Christmas, achieving the top two games with WWF and Robocop. They've also dominated the budget market with their Hit Squad label, getting no less than seven titles in the top thirty.
James Pond 2 - Robocod Heimdall NE Leander Bubble Bobble Other games worth a mention are Populous 2, the great god game by Electronic Arts, which is a new entry at number three, and Birds of Prey, which flies in to number four - another from the Electronic Arts stable.
Gremlin s excellent driving game Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 drops from the number one spot down to number five, Alien Breed by Team 17 fell a massive 22 places this month, which caused a few watery eyes in the Gamer office because it's one of our faves.
Full price games took over the chart this month, claiming nine out of ten places in the top ten, but rest assured that those bothersome budgets will be back soon.
Return to Europe Shadow of the Beast Alien Breed Now to our predictions for next month. Daniel has gone for Electronics Arts' Populous 2 to leapfrog a couple of places to the number one spot, while I've plumped for Robocop 3 to bash its way to the top. Both games got Gamer Golds in this very issue, so it'll be a toughie.
To find out who wins, tune in next month for another drama- packed edition of... Talking Shop. Ta-ta for now!
1 I I zmi Jonathan Ta*lng Shop u sponsor* by HMV and faaturos a software chart complied by Gallup Ltd. This chart Is the copyright of the European Leisure Software Publishers Association' 11 TV Sports Football 1 ft § NE 2 t* NE 3 tt NE 4 tt NE 5 1 1 6 • 5 7 tt NE 8 tt 14 9 * 8 10 * 4 11 tt NE 12 * 7 13 tt 17 14 tt 28 15 tt 21 16 tt NE 17 tt NE 18 i 16 19 * 6 20 tt NE 21 I 9 22 tt NE 23 * 15 24 t 2 25 • 1?
26 tt NE 27 * 20 28 tt NE 29 ft NE 30 1 11 Ocean €25.99 Ocean £25.99 Electronic Arts £29.99 Electronic Arts £34.99 Gremlin Graphics £25.99 Millennium £25.99 Ocean £25.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Virgin £29.99 Core Design £34.99 Psygnosis £25.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Hitec Software £7.99 Psygnosis £19.99 Code Masters £24.99 Ocean £25.99 Anco £7.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Sizzlers £7.99 Ttonix £9.99 Hitec Software £7.99 Team 17 £24.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Code Masters £6.99 Electronic Arts £25.99 Mirrorsoft £30.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Mirror Image £9.99 There's an electronic Aladdin's Cave of
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PHONE ORDERS: 0625 878888. FAX ORDERS: 0625 879966 tea ..A charming and peaceful rustic type scene with a whopping great column of fire killing everyone A charming and peaceful rustic type scene and.
Everybody wants to ruin the world ELECTRONIC ARTS ¦ £29.99 ¦ ¦ Mouse ¦ Out now Hods. They're absolutely bonkers, aren't they? Just look at the wombat. Completely bonkers animal. How are you supposed to take the whole theological argument seriously when the denies in question are obviously a few Harry Sec- ombes short of a Welsh male voice choir?
And I know why the gods are crazy.
Yes. I know the reason for all the world's problems. Famines, floods, volcanoes, Top of the Pops, earthquakes. I know why they all happen. It's because
- and steady yourselves for a fairly cosmic revelation - we are
all little Populous people. Think about it. It all starts to
make perfect sense, doesn't it? We re all under the control of
some huge pandimensional being who's busily trying to finish
some huge, pan-dimensional game of Populous. Our entire
existences are just figments of a gigantic inter-spatial
Amiga. Weird or what? Well, it made sense at the time. I
suppose you have to get drunk first.
It s snap, crackle and pop out there as the Cods unleash a terrible electrical storm CM * Trading In experience will build up your skills a E u It's all going horribly wrong Anyway, that's enough philosophy and theology for one review. Let's take a look at the steaming pot of noodles that is Populous II.
Where to begin? That's the question, isn't it? How can a mere mortal even begin to explain the mind-bogglingly divine entity that was, and is, Populous? It was, of course, the game that launched a million imitators. Well, one or two at least. And to be fair, they made the original Populous look a bit worn around the fringes and tassly bits.
So, not being ones to suffer such abuse lightly. Bullfrog have taken off the gloves and prepared to kick some serious rump with Populous II. And believe me, there's some distressingly bruised rumps out there tonight.
Populous II takes the basic idea of the first and builds on it 10 make ft 3 mUCh m0fe ft involved and detailed "7 ft game than its predeces- jx ftj sor. The mam cnticism of .-h | the original is that ail you W S ft seemed to do was flatten W 3ft land and occasionally make a mess of your ft opponent's settlements p with the odd disaster K And with hindsight, it | was true The game I might have introduced a whole new genre, but after a few hundred levels it got flamin' boring as well.
To combat this niggle, Bullfrog have made everything in Poppie II much bigger and better than ever before. There's more disasters, with more emphasis on destruction and all round nastiness. The little Poppie people are more varied, as are the buildings, the scenery and.
A er, the crisp flavours.
“ Tis not only the graphics that have been made firmer and more robust, for the sound has been beefed tenders to its throne. The new disasters are sexy beyond belief, and the 1.000 levels mean that there's no chance of it being a ‘one weekend to finish' affair.
In feet I'd go as far as to say that this is. Ooh. It's, blimey. ITs...ooh I've gone all light-headed just thinking about it.
Wibbfe. Rush out, buy it and see for yourselves, OK? Tm going to lie down in a dark room for a bit... Daniel mate rife nicer for your people, or building roads for them. There's even an peon that creates frtfle pools, and when a Poppie person falls into one they switch sides, from red to blue or vice versa. These can reek havoc in the enemy's settlements, but then of course your new found worshippers can fall back into the pool and revert to the way they were, Careful planning is required to make best use of them.
Strategy wise, for each world you conquer, you'll get some experience f v 0OTPP So tur*. Butatsmingfy reaEsdc sound effects.
Sore to do than before. The best god game ever.
ADDICTION That ole’ 'one more go’ right up 35 well with plenty of cracWmg fires, howling winds and screaming 8t- tle Popple people. AU doing wonders for your ego and giving you an dangerous messiah complex. The power, the power. He he he he he he he. Oe, little people, die. He he he he he he.
And as if by magic, the gameplay has been polished, spruced up and had ad the nobWy bits chipped off it.
It's now been shifted to Ancient Greece, where all the gods were completely off their trees, end each god has unique specialities and playing techniques. And to keep it from the repetition that flawed the first game, there's more to do now than ever before.
The new disasters are realty violent and much mere satisfying than the CM ones. The earthquake, for instance, sends huge cracks thundering across the land, swallowing up all and sundry. The whirlwind, er, whirls about and scoops up any bods in the way.
Dumping them miles from home, or, if you’re really lucky, in the sea. And if the whirlwind goes over the sea. It creates loads of whirlpools which wander the oceans and destroy any land in their path, fire disasters will bum any building or person they touch, and leave behind a charred wasteland that can’t be built on unless you level it out again. Blimey. That’s just a small number of the disasters at your fingertips, but they're almost all unfeasibJy wonderful.
Ft's not all warmongering and strife, though. There are icons to do nice things as well, such as planting trees and flowers in your settlements to points from Zeus (top Greek god Woke) depending on just how skilfully you managed your godTike powers. These can then be used to build up your prowess in one of the six elements.
For instance, if you build up your prowess in the fire element then you'll be much better at using fire disasters, and so on, Each o'me you upgrade your powers, you'll be given a password that will restore them to your new level, when you restart the game. This password ecu* pled with the password for each world means that you can start the came exactly how and where you left off. A save game feature would have been a lot less hassle, but then Bullfrog always have moved in mysterious ways.
So the big question is 'Is it a worthy sequeir. And the answer is 'Yes', in a big booming voice. It's tons more playable than the original and, Nl.
In my humble opinion, more playable than all the pre- I hate months like this. You wait ages for something good to come along, and men you get about four or five brilliant games in one go. Makes us reviewers look like a right bunch of pillocks. J can tell you.
It's all very good fun having loads of great games coming in at once, but it doesn't do our credibility any good.
Just you wait, I bet next month mere'll be nothing, Not one good game. But this month we're packed full of Gamer Golds. Typical, 1 nnit? Anyway, enough of this selfish journo whining and on to RoboCop 3. And to and behold, it's brilliant It's based ground the formcorning Robocop 3 movie, which has yet to see the light of day either here or in me States. A bit of a first there then, me film licence coming before me film. Of course, this means that we'll all know exactly what happens in the film before it even comes out. The price you pay for entertainment, eh?
Another first is Ocean's pirate-beating 'dongle'. This plugs in to the second joystick port and the game won't work witnout it It does mean that two- player games are a bit tricky, but that isn't a problem as mis is strictly a one- player affair. The only drawback I can foresee is that the dongle is fairly small.
As you'll have to unplug it when you want to play something else, there’s a very real danger of either breaking or losing the little fdia. So lets be careful, right tods?
And rhe game is a bit different in other ways as well. Ocean nave been teasing us wim 3D screenshots for ages now, so we knew ail along that RoboCop 3 was going to mark a distinct change in direction roc mem.
You see. Robo- Cop 3 takes the form a true interactive movie. Mo; like Ocean's iii-faced attempt at a C.ne- BHHir maware-type affair
* wim Nightbreed, but a proper movie in which you take the role
of the eponymous Robo and become embroiled in the usual mix of
corrupt corporations and crazy street gangs.
Thanks to a revolutionary new 3D system, the game feels arcadey but has enou i depth to make it anything out rurvof-me-miJI. And for those impatient ones, you can either plump to play the whole interactive movie gubbms. Or piay each of the arcade sections seperateiy which doubles as a randy practice option).
If you go for the j* | movie option, which [ ® - -J is the best, then you'll be pre- § ¦ J* sented wim the now famtter 62209 3 Casey Wong and Jess Perkins Tne?
Then chum out the latest news. M Craven style, and this leads you game. You know the son of mng - s ironic and handy scene-setting about jus: now buggered up Decree _ and then a tale about how some prat has been committed and. Ber-wwy RoboCop nappens to be on me scene So you switch to Ro&oCop's sk?
Keks and start driving around Deso: chasing some stolen van or other. A be like that pan in me first film, actual Pretty soon though, you get a mess* flashing up on your visor to go are help out Officer Anne Lewis who's got herself in a right old mess.
She's being neid hostage in an oc warehouse by the beastly spiatter- punks. Gasp! So RoboCop drives up.
Jumps out of his car and stoops insx* to rescue her in another display of 3D japery. And so it goes on.
Basically, it's just a series of 3D arcade sections, an interlinked, it's ncc as repetitive as it sounds though, 'ccs rhe sections range from smooth and fast driving, tense and violent shoot- outs, very tricky jet pack dogfights to a 3D puncn up between RoboCop and Otomo, a Japanese RoboNmja. So. A fair os % of variety splodges mr S about men.
HL J ** The real drawing ' « point of RoboCop 3 .s
* reMW me fact mat its me firs: film rie-m where you actu-
* ally fed part of the film. Atmosphere. That's the magic word
Especially during the “walk around and shoot me bad guys' bits. The caution required to just go around a comer, in case you're confronted by a gun wielding Splatterpunk. Is phenomenal. As a film tie-in, RoboCop 3 plops from a great height on everything else.
The 30 is excellent, wim just me right balance between detail and speed. The still screens are absolutely amazing though, with recognisable characters from the movies and some of tne 3D animations overlaid onto them. Just watching RoboCop 3 in action is a treat. Playing Hfc It can be a problem to begin wim. The driving section is I&. Simple enough to Third time lucky for Detrorts finest in 23 OCEAN ¦ £25.99 * 1 meg recommended»Joystick ¦ Out now 03339 control, but navigating around the map can be quite a task at firsi Once you get the hang of that you should have no trouble getting to the
second arcade sequence which is where the real control problems appear.
When you’re indoors you manoeuvre Robo by using his gun sights. So pushing forward on the joystick moves the sights up and Robo starts to move forward. Any move to the left or right makes Robo rotate on his axis until the Sight is centred again. This means that upon confrontation with an enemy gunman, precious seconds are spent trying to get Robo facing in the right direction.
This has the unfortunate effect of meaning that you can lose quite a lot of energy before you get a chance to shoot back, or you might even shoot a hostage by accident as you spin around.
The slippery controls can be mastered with practice, but it does mean that the game isn't as immediately appealing as it might have been. This is vision- Ewffcnt st» sowns, smooth 30 but some dark sod*?.
A minor problem though, especially when you consider just how well the game plays as a whole. The cinematic feel has been captured wen and really makes the game stand out from the usual film tie-in nonsense. A worthy effort and a welcome return to form from the past masters of movie licences. Just insert your own favourite RoboCop dichg here to round off the review. Ta.
Daniel Biffa and Sean Griffiths of the Bitmap Brothers bring you the official guide to the hardest sections of Magic Pockets Bitkiil Start (Bats ¦ Blobs iRochn i Frogs i Exit Erodible Blocks , Iten , tots hm toils iloy GENERAL PLAYING HINTS The Magic Pockets is relatively complex. We describe the simplicities here and leave the sophisticated stuff for you to work out yourselves. Suffice to say everything you do has a knock-on effect on the gameplay!
The first law relates to the 'kill count concept. Each nasty that is "killed" increases the kill count (a "kill" is when a nasty explodes into sparks). This counter is used to affect the bonuses that are awarded for bursting a trapped nasty. The next bonus is indicated "behind the lives hand and the power up hand.
The second law concerns the "bursting' of a trapped nasty. The bonus sweets that are rewarded for doing this can be determined by the player. The rule is that the harder a trap is hit. The more bonus sweets will be delivered. For instance, falling from a great height will burst a trap into three or four sweets as opposed to one or two.
The third law defines the "gold stars" effect. These are the player s way of gaining mega-power ups. A gold star will turn into a mega-power up when touched. The gold star s contents are directly affected by the number of silver stars previously collected. Cold stars and silver stars are both mini-power ups.
The fourth law concerns the mini-power up bonuses. A minipower up can be created at every 5,000 points. To do this simply trap a nasty, and burst the trap - the player scores 5,000 points and he is then credited with a "power up . The "power up is collected the next time a nasty is trapped and burst. Thus, if a bonus of 10,000 points is awarded, this will credit the player with two power ups, which will be collected as the next two nasties are burst.
THE CAVES (Section 2) Where do we start with section 2? It's huge! Over 100 screens went into designing this section. Every type of power up and bonus can be found here if you're prepared to explore. Choose your direction and set off.
Follow the arrow if you wish to find the bike and exit quickly (watch out for the Super Rockman, he's after your bike too) - Ignore the arrow and explore the cavern at your peril. There are also loads of secret rooms
- try and find the sweet machine room, jelly baby room, and the
extra credit room.
PLATFORM HAK M Keep the cards and crack the games!
Hakpak brings you more lovingly collated cheats HAKPAfC Ifyouunttoiupfftuun.
It Icjsi qm J drwrt haircut 'Hax aimga g mrt u diitnbuted free with amiga computing « the same copyright c THE JUNGLE (Section 2) Kill the two nasties above you and trap all the gnats. Spin and burst - you should have a pile of lollipops to pick up. Next, move right, but watch out for the roaming chimps - they hang to branches. There are two bees at the top of the next tree - they are easy to kill but will home in on you. Don't run away, as this will make things worse! Stand there and blast them.
Drop down now. And you will find a bud at the bottom. Water it with a raindrop from your cloud and it will grow, spreading branches across empty space, Get the idea? Now move right and water the next one - this will take you up to the top ledges. The next section contains snakes, fast ones, slow ones, and tough ones.
Now move left, pick up the cocktails, and throw sweets to the venus flytraps - they re all eaters. Trap them to get bonus power ups. Jump off the branch, and try to take out as many nasties as you can when you fall. Open the tack-bag at the bottom, leave it there, move right and climb up the tree's branches, picking up the bonuses as you go. Jump off the ledge again, pick up the bag, take a quick look at the TV and water the two plants (this will give you higher platforms to stand on).
Climb the plants and spread some tacks. Drop through the gap, and drop through it again to pick up the bonus sweets. There are more bonuses, but be careful you don't drop back down to the start.
Spin back up to the top
- don't miss the bonus on ¦ ¦ _uul__T M the left - then spin up
to ¦ ¦ll ¦ II " _ ¦ _ . I the top again, watching . ¦ ¦ . I ~
~ out for the hostile fly- „T ¦ m B, * .B ~ , M traps, and
exit. The secret room in this section is full ¦ B of stuff, and
repeated *“¦ * transports will take you ¦ • u M 1 back here
again and I ¦, , T T I n I again. I- ‘‘ U * J I THE JUNGLE
(Section 3) Blast all the chimps, and pick off the fly-traps.
Then trap a snake, and burst it for 'coins'. This section is
quite big, so pick your route carefully. Watch out for venus
fly-traps with gnats in their mouths - they're worth double
points. The "buds' here will grow into big plants. Try a secret
room for coffee and tea (and bubble gum!).
Try and work your way to the right as this is where the glove is.
There are hidden ledges at the very top. But how do you get them?
M me, ¦ jane tonwjy TA P™**"®" «*•« P*111 ruth priestlcy cddic mckendrick fEAM GameR GameR GameR Gamer GameR Gamer GameR Gamer GAMEn GameR GameR GameR GameR rd- SHOOT ’EM UP HAKRMi If you haven’t ordered yours yet, why not send for a ring binder for your HakPak cards?
Now you can keep the most valuable month-by-month guide to game cheats in their own binder for only £3.99 I I I E ham*Vi wRiam Test your skills in this superb, action-packed cricket simulation designed by cricket enthusiasts, for cricket enthusiasts.
AVAILABLE FOR ATARI ST AMIGA & PC ¦ Play a one-day Test Match.
Choose the length of game.
¦ Two player mode or challenge the computer.
¦ Television camera views with action replay.
¦ Superb graphics and sound.
¦ Contend with the effects of wind direction and temperature.
¦ Features all the current international teams w No two matches ever the same' Amiga Computing Morch 19??
ADVANTAGE TENNI Monday, 3rd of November 1991 THE NEWSPAPER OF CHAMPION GAMES. ?IstyearN 000 SIMPLY UNBEATABLE Another crushing victory for ADVANTAGE TENNIS over its rivals. Its indisputable technical superiority was proved last season on all surfaces. Like us, Tennis World is wondering if this year, there will be a player who is well trained enough to succeed in taking ADVANTAGE TENNIS’ title and becoming Number 1.
A CHAMPION’S PORTRAIT ? 1 or 2 simultaneous players.
? Numerous spectacular shots: Backhand smash, Dive... ? Slow motion replay of the last rally.
? 3 game types: training, season or exhibition.
? ATP point and ranking management by program.
? Different view angles.
WIN YOUR BADGE “N 1 IN THE WORLD” Fine! You have not given up. Your technic and mental qualities have made you Numb 1 in the world ranking. Every wirnu deserves a medal. So if you’re among tl first 200 to send us a screen shi representing the first page of your pret book proving that you have defeati ADVANTAGE TENNIS, you will get the badj ADVANTAGE TENNIS PLAYER NUMBER 1.
CLAPHAM - LONDON SW4 0LB MIC Suppliers ul Discount Software
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Ft L ¦ ¦¦¦HE)’*’ . 'TT Calling all artists!
Sponsored by Come on you lot, get mouse to mat and start drawing. Send your entries in to; Britain's Best Amiga Gallery Amiga Computing Europa House Adlington Park MACCLESFIELD SK104NP Don't forget to write a few lines about yourself and what format the picture(s) are in. Remember, we don't want scanned or digitised pictures - don't send them, because you won't win a thing.
We have been inundated with Gallery submissions this month, all of them of excellent quality. The variety of pictures is quite startling, from portraits to landscapes and from abstracts to nudes - we've had them all, I only wish that we had more space to show them.
Right, down to business. First Amiga artist this month is Lee Wilkie from Hitchin. His excellent artwork comprises of a woman seductively draped over a tree in some far-away place. The overall look of the picture is excellent and it wouldn't look out of place in a Bounty advert.
His other scribbling is of Britain's most famous racing driver Nigel Mansell, powering his way to victory in Adelaide. A lot of detail has gone into this one - it even comes complete with sparks. Great action picture, Lee.
Our runner-up this month is Nell Keenan, He's 18 years old, lives in Glasgow and is currently doing a BA degree in Fine Art and Design at Glasgow School of Art. He's had an Amiga for two years which he got by selling his Atari ST (wise move, mate!).
As you can see he takes his inspiration form The Lord of the Rings with great portraits of Gandalf, Frodo, Black Riders of Mordor and even Gollum himself. His other stuff includes landscapes and portraits, which he prefers, and the detail and quality of these is outstanding.
This month's winner takes his inspiration from fantasy as well.
Minder Singh, from Huddersfield, sent three pictures in. He wins with his reproduction of a panel from top magazine 2000AD, from the Slaine Homed God series. His other two pictures feature your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. And there s also a fantasy art picture called Balor of the Evil Eye.
Top marks go to Minder for these wonderful pieces of art - he wins a copy of Deluxe Paint IV and achieves fame throughout the land.
Let s see more pictures like these for Britain's best Amiga Gallery.
Larger than the Louvre, more tantalising than the Tate, Jonathan Maddock takes you on a tour of this month's Gallery [ReOIBs EauaEBrb QgpepcgzzmKSb 0279 757 692 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday Credit Card Orders General Enquiries.
Send a stamped S.A.E. for a FREE printed catalogue.
All orders dispatched same day by 1ST eieet peet.
MrywRTi ?
Send Cheques & P.O.s to: Public Dominator Amiga PO Box 801 Bishops Stortford Herts CM23 3TP UK.
H 3s AtCADf CLASSICS A 4 (3* DOCK fu« cf rcrtctoc orcode gom« rclixJng Stxxe hvoflea A»teraas.
POC Mct Maiie Command Breawxi and Oz Code GAM - £1000 AFC AC* PACK 2 A A dak pock with mere ocetent orcode ottockj v4«n Wra Ppe'jne A Ace 2 Orgarwc Horror Gore Blasters and Escape from jovi aceAertlCodeGBA3 £1000 MOAKDGAMTS I A moga 4 00* oomptoton cr cto»c coord games inttjdwBockGammon FweinALr Chess. Tiics Hope. Amga Ow ChOlienoe MOStef Mma Amgatoton Up Ctd Down Tierge ond »c*e racM Z Oder Code GAM £1000 CAKV GA44FS A 4 da* pock ful Of cord gomes that mcbdes Cord o Itarra Spades ftockJOdc Solilort X. Kicodte Soitotc. Cantata Settlor© and Octooge Oder Cods GfK5 Only £1000 Pin Space
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the sport 1MB PD79 40 St - Sta lielr by Vested moges M graphs and sounds » 8 2 Drives £900 PD21S 2» - Star ten by Agation Ful graohcs sounds & anmofcn from new gereratcn Sat ten £500.
SMAUGtSO 15? Stgrtekby jmoo Barbed Q txond new game 1MB 2 dnvea £6 00 Ful graphics. Sounds SMAUG no - Moro V3 0 e«oelert M gophtcs odvenlure' 1M8 P02J2 Hoty G*o odventure 1M8 PD234 - Gdden fleece odvGnfM© LMCENSEWARE GAMES ThecoaesPSL P5fFandDV moqn the | oOvort are Lcenscwgre mere a no more (0 pay f &*c Dominate* pays the author drect tor you No drscouni lor multiple txrys con be given me asks are soksai the pncemdcoiea DM - Cofcurng Book fa ycxnj cwaerv £350 OV2 - Arc Angel Maths irrctdet graohcs to ad teomrng £3 50 PM - Inngo Mcyg a o puzzle pogrom with 24 bukl m puzzles »0 choose from £3
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F. ONiTiS SCHWARTZ AWHATtOHS FF4t? - ?was A my F-16 toCombot
Siea.ihy Monuever» xggette 'MB FF4t4 Botmon LateNrghtTermnd
FF4T7 • Coyde 2 The Rood test FF4V Amy the Saurref 1MB FF423 -
PogotoMamaseiie tMB FF4S0 - AmyVSWOker 1MB FF400 ¦ ANTI LEVMNG
OTHfKS P06M - It Bead lop Secret orvmatton cartoon story
Fvast - toe frog Wndaw Man.
Woking Mon ana Hommer &4AUC 2D .haope a silver women with a teapot head ami a hooka hoop SUAlKto -atter Jump Jrt S44AUG104 operation - a gtooe wtm the Amgo logo on it spnnng around then a mjste a crunched and the tura mto g spwue' imbram SMAUGD2 - Ie»Stor One A long onmation cr 2 spoce shps very good QjOtty 'MB RAM SMAUC its *Ajis Figit o snge seotor spocc fgrter tlying Over scenes from a hobtot«J pionet supposedly Mars Itepurres 1V8 SUAUCD* - Twigns a cor with heodtomps or dtvrg ocrg a rood m otondjcape iMB SMAUGW Monkey running and lugging g banana IMS SMAUGUO t47 - DrZorbl 2MB RAM the
amazng Dr Zorb £6 00 S44AVG ISO - -el orcrafl rtying around a silver shney bal inside a bubble tMB smaugh-o Congompn and Gums a chap baying the congas and a tat toh lumpng cut or me woier ive pdi Wbheri Vb ram P02 VSOkerl 1Mb RAM PD73 Stot 6ek Enterprise Dry Dock.
FV74 $ tor kek ipoce cratt hyng arc rxj nacrcto POT6 Slcr trek Snuine tondmg on the SS Enterprise POAjr - Stor tek Leave 5poce 0 f«» PPS.* Space Ace AMU2 - TheJuOflTer FF266 - NeTBcmgAgon Igto RAM FF20S .’ sierc*a fteto o space shp swrcrvmg through an ojierari trera pouf - Escape from Srgej Casita PD442 - Fflet mg Foh a mqpr anmgtico Story CO toon AmfDGtGptTCi Ftock 1 Mead RO 3D oawng proqam. Vdraw the parting program. Royfroccr plus unities ClplH FlterPix. JcfCton and wndow to dak soveti ccn ©dtors cmd moto £8 50 A*4P2i Gracncs Ptxi 2 Mw Manaettxrt expfaer Alan ST & Appto Moc to IFF ccnvetlet.
Ajpcotoos pell ® viewers AdyGon VIZ and SAL glow you to create weird screen dtscfays DBW Render raytrocng £8 50 PPSOZ - C Light Ray Vocng OifFS T-fecOraw produce e*cetent ngh quoBy lechnraal dawmgs with printer oplon 1MB £3 50 Di U FracGen N trfiwt fractoi generator &y oasy to use £3 50 DMO - Sprite Batik Ea UW with AMOS sprite bank manpdaiion £3 50 OV42 X-Stifch pints fF praftxe in XjMch tor emproraery £3 50 FF523 - ScreenJaeger searches memory tor grophcs tor you to save or GRABMIGS DEMOS (HHPflEfu1 The Idowng 1 apt" pocks are d Boo and Wt te c»p an spot Artrarcma SvtaCte to any ptogram
with grapmc ggpaoites Eocn pock ccnrans 5 asks Axk 7 corton® 3 doks cut - Spodv (togs, an mats Baders.
Haltoween nonds zodtocefe £1250 CU2 Men. Women A to Z dtw-A euDtoscrcs cortoonj pontmg hana£1250 Oil frurt herw. Meot arronts ipeod oooasscnsi veggfactej kitchen utensil cup? Crd grasses at aeco qto DteOkigsts £12 50 CJA4 Mere Art Deco Bo&es Boys ana Guts humorous. A to Z scrals cobgracnc anoments £12 50 Cu* Christmas from both the 19th ond 20th century from Wher chntfmas tabcrtxss to chrolmdi 1te« and bordert£1250 Cuo Fantcntc and Mythdogcd Cteoftjiw ana Monsters cr cncelert pock ot aeatuiw from g« gve* me wd1d£12 50 CtA7 figwer Kxver pctunes or the moat popular flowers arrangements borders
£8 50 SpfCtAl OFFFV o* Chptt 14 Vbb 1 to 4 - £4500 5 10 7 - £3000 Vwl 1 to 7 - £7000 CtP A printed catalogue of a* the maget m votumcs 1 to 7 - £3.50. P02tt - NonhC VI 3 tuly toaii*edC comp4et tarter etc Fffo.t - PCQ pasoat oomc«ie« tuly teotuied pascal comprior FF470 - BCF Fortran 77 VI 3c e«eienl fcrhan compter FFW S20 OcfcLBp Bnf OfV 2 03k verucrofL8p £600 FF4M4S7 - CmonualV20 A DOC* on 2 dew ODOUl C Oh the Amgo wilh 100 gugmpte programs crd somoe Code Goes rdeoth n a snagrt totword way about al aspects ct programming the Amgo inC£6 A corses© prnted catokog * a supplied wim ©crh order or o
FREE 4 you send us a stomped 5AE. Aoukbcnea catolog e Showing tu* oetols c* ok our pfQduCh oasis orty £ 100 ot a FREE wilh any purchase or £ 10 00 at over' CATALOGUES IFANGUAGES A44P7 - Aersonal Fnonce Aack ttvs pockoontons 11 programs that wil handle iust about every aspect of your persona Imances Bdrtk & 3S OCC.
Loons 4. Mortgages £8 50 PD400 . mBaseV3 7o etotaooje FF343 - Bodga Y2 05a ren-rnas you oi cry moatont events thou a-e due FFJ72 - Mognpic Ptjges VI0 chows ydV lp create o arsk-bosea rragazre FFJ47 - Boot in NTSC OF «L 4 you have itvB Agnus c*vp nstolod FF42S A-Gene V3 t on e elenl genealogy database V8 RAM FF3M - Cnomesthetcs V2 06 daws motecutes un g the cddie moc» FF429 - Scrub sons diLte tot 30 soconds ter use with disk cteanet FT434 Typng tutor AMPI ¦ Ftome Busrea Fta Ufdt the ecetent wgrdprocessor and spol checker Visraoic me spieo3shee«. RM 6 Jbase 2 Crftant databases £8 50* FV4» -
Ncomm VI 9 All you need fa corrvnuncating via the phone Ine Poio Amereur Rado Dsk ffsjj - BootGen Vi 4 creates menu fa any to cragromt on Dootrg FFS27 - PtoBdJ© V 36 crgonse 01 IFF DCS dsptoy many cn x een at onoe FFX7 - Cwfoyteom mow code FFSo1 SupCtCVpet OS* duptcator FF4P4 - nput Lock VI 1 lock untock kevpggrd »w keystroke AMP4 Starter Uikly Pdck fa me new Amga lbot lots at useful uti» ea PiuS me wad processor utdrt and the Daeaoose Jbasel Only £8 5 M ffmo - PrrtSFudo V1 2 prrt try lad Me a pctu» i cortfd crntcr tbs - BtaRtiyttms Me cyctei tbo fasfMem alowj you to toyge ONJDfF your aqxracn
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V2 1 recogn&es 124 wit PCKS4! - Suoertftere arti mo dJk tecoohrses 8. Owticys 146 vmii Tbit ShckVIz Tew arry pc»vte wm a with oul your awn cgrtfghng senpr FV03 ARP VI 3 me Amiga DOS Reptacemeni Project FF22S - JazzBench vO 8 e a multitask ng Work Bench tepiocemeni Ffsss - DtsDF stapa ctrve ckdong when no dt* in *ive FF2S4 DskSotv VI 42 mow powerft.i | toon Cksk Doc tot trus uMty wil attempf to sofvoae data fram bod auto PD404 - MessyDOS hand« MSOOS' Si tcrmatted daw PMD-wav FF242 PqiSWCta VI ?1 you % tlte password tor you system security FF270 MRBackup V3 3 fa haddaks | Fffoo - tiiieGenVto
create scroang te*l any tent fa daptays & wdeo lilies' A44U2 - Fvmter Ctevw Generator create a driver tar yOof printer FF49K - Andytto3k; tee powerful spmooiheet 1MB RROGRAMS I r . Zofred Fish V E Collection Special Offer! Ine entire Fred Fish collection disks 1 to 580 for £377 00! This price, only 65p per disk!, is fully inclusive - the floppy disks, labels, VAI & delivery' seas odd £7500 PD & Shareware Disk Prices Disk codes vwthout o poce ate eocn £3.00!
Av pnoes ore My A sve All CV6rtedi orders MUST Odd E275 Computer Supplies - Blank Disks etc. Datapulse Branded blank disks with labels: 10-E6.00. 25-£13.0Q. 50-£24.00. l00-£45.00. 200-£8000 Ditk boxet! 10 cap £100. 40 50 cap £650, 80 100 cop £900 Ditk» and box: 10-E6 50. 50- £29 50 and 100-253 Disk labels: 100-23 00 Cleaning kit: £3.00 Mouse mat: £300 OPEN ALL HOURS (WELL, NEARLY!)
9am-10pm Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sun No Answerphones!
VOLXIVI XCE DELTA 3A ANALOGUE JOYSTICK I There you are qmetty fTymg along making Dry adjustments with your joystick. When suddenly I alarms goofl, a missile « about to bUst you out ot the sky. You put your ordnary joystick to bank I rght and wart wMe the software decades now 10 turn you I BANG!1 then silence. Too tt§" If Orty you had been ruvung on an analogue joystck you would I be alive to tel the guys atdebnetmg how you turned so tight and watched the missile pass by I That's the bqdifferetxa with an aralogutttdi you want to turn a Ime you move the stick a
• •We. You want to turn a lot you men2 fit tt* a lot Make sure
you only buy simulator software I mat *1 anaOgue opoon DELTA 3A
ANALOGUE JOYSTICK (A$ ABOVE) £16.95 £59.95 £34.95 £16.95 £39.95
£34.95 ZOOMER YOKE (ANALOGUE & DtGfTAL MOOES) 11* * 11’- sprung
return to I centre yoke joystick with trimmer control* and a
dgital mode for ordinary use DELTABASE A YOKE JOYSTtCK
0782 642497 9am-5.30pm Week 0782 31 1471 Evening Weekend 0630
653193 Everting Weekend £29.95 £16.95 £54.95 £29.95 £4.95
0. 5 MEG MEMORY UPGRADE w*h cftpmem & ck» | A1500 AND A2000
Postage please add £3.30 S We accept cheques P.O s Visa Access
Uni! 9. Bondor Business Cenlre. London Road.
Baldock. Herts. SG7 6NG Tel: 0462 894410 Fax: 0462 894460 KAO Disks 1-100 .38p 100+ .36p 500+ .34p 1000+ ......32p SONY Disks 1-100 .45p 100+ .42p 500+ .39p 1000+ ......37p RAINBOW Disks 1-100 .44p 100+ ......41p 500+ .38p 1000+ ......36p LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! | DISK STORAGE BOXES | Red, Yellow. Green.
Blue. Black. Grey - Your Choice 50 Cap .....£4.00 100 Cap ...£4.50 Stackable Disk drawers Posso (150 Cap) £15.95 250 Cap .£18.99 MISCELLANIOUS 512K Ram (No Clock) £24.99 512K Ram (+Clock) ..£27.99 Zydec Ext Disk Drive ..£54.95 Amiga Dust Covers ......£3.50 ? ?? SPECIAL OFFER ???
1. 5 Meg A500 Ram Expansion with Clock Only £79.95!!!
Amiga 500 Plus and Cartoon Classics Only £349.00 Mousehouse ....£1.60 Mousemat £2.49 Diskdrive Cleaner .£1.79 Comp. Pro Autofire ....£12.95 AQUARIAN PUBLIC DOMAIN All orders by phone or post to 78, Merridale Road, Southampton, S02 7AD.
Hot line open 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. All prices include VAT ORDER HOT LINE 0703 685006 AMIGAS ¦1 ¦ A500 Plus £380 A500 512K £330 A1500 + S Ware £570 A2000 + 40H D £1100 A3000 25MHz £2500 1084S 14" Screen £239 Philips CM8833 £240 HARD DRIVES " GVP 52Meg - A500 £360 GVP 52Meg - A2000 £270 A590 20Meg £280 105Meg Quantum £320 » I NEW I « FITTED FREE
3. 5" Read Write 128Meg Optical Disk System £899 Postage and
Packing £7.50 OFFICIAL UPGRADE V2.04 Rom Kit: Manual + Four
Disks £89
VI. 3 Rom £27 Hi Rez Denise £46 Fatter Angus £46 Super Angus £60
MegAChip A500 2000 £198 MultiStart Rom Switch From the
KEYBOARD £40 BattDisk £160 Insider II A1000 £169 Rom Board
A1000 £59 SecureKey A2000 3000 £78 Roclite Disk Drive £56
CHIPS Postage £2.00 UNBRANDED inc Labels GUARANTEED 100%
3. 5" DS DD 38p each
3. 5" DS HD 68p each
5. 25" DS DD 28p each 128Mb 3.5" Optical Media Cartridge £35
STORAGE Amiga Computing March 1992
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Holds disks and record cards individually. Stackable.
Eicelltnt for thou original* or personal disks Postage and Packing £3.50 103 Amiga Accessories We are able to offer readers of Amiga Computing an elegant high quality mouse from Gasteiner. Normally selling at £26.95 this mouse is an ideal replacement for the sluggish Amiga rodent.
And for a limited period it is available at the very special price of only
- -1 £17.95. H CODE 9815 Lockable Disk Boxes Prevent accidental
damage to your disks while keeping the area around your
computer tidy with our high quality lockable disk boxes. The
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Mouse Mat Our mouse mat with the Amiga Computing logo is the
perfect desktop environment for your mouse with its
specifically designed perfect grip surface. It ensures smooth
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Only £4.95. Top Class Joysticks at Knock Down Prices The Amlg* Computing Mouse Amiga Computing brings you two great joysticks from Dynamics. The Competition Pro Glo Red at £14.95 or the Competition Pro Extra at £13.95 give you awesome fire power at your fingertips. Both feature auto fire and slow motion, both are micro switchable and both include a two year guarantee.
"A favourite with ST and Amiga gamers, tough sturdy and responsive" 5T Action, February 1991, Please use the order form on page 161 AMIGANUTS UNITED 169, DALE VALLEY ROAD, HOLLYBROOK, SOUTHAMPTON S01 6QX. FAX (ONLY) 0703 785680 WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS OF THE DEDICATED AMIGA CODERS CLUB DISKS EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE T.BAG DISKS. Numbers 1 to 60 NOW AVAILABLE IMPORTANT NOTICE! All the advertised programs run on the A500 plus (VS.04 ROM). Programs that will run on the V2 Chip are also denoted In our catalogue disk.
Please note that all programs advertised require 1Mb to function correctly. Mall order only - If making an enquiry, please enclose an S.A.E. A note to all customers, please remember to add Post packing (see below).
Into music? Then the eight channel Midi compatible OctaMED VS is for you!
Contains full notation including a notation editor with ful print facilities. Price is £20.00 European countries, (£95.00 R O W.) See ordering details below.
. IT'S HERE AT LAST!!! ......• The OctaMED Manual will show just what a fantastic prog It is .
Sections also cover the earlier Public Domain MED prog as well.
Send for your copy now. £9.95 Please allow 28 days for delivery, j 1068; M00 PROCESSOR V192. Make Picture andor Music progs, adjust pic heighUwidth Tns version will load the 8 channel Octamed Music and Is excellent1 ....£3 50 1199; AMNUTS textYKfeo dispiayer. A brilliant new way to display your text! You can use different fonts fi the size you choose, control the colours and presentation of the display, search fora given word, printout the whole fie or just the screen etc, etc. It will even load crunched powtrpackcd flks
.£8.QQ MASTER VHUS KILLER V2.2 It recognises the dreaded Sha Validator Virus! ..£5 00 BUG-BASH: Kill the bugs, dean up the trash in the garden. A great kids game ..£3 50 NUCLEUS: An excelent underpnced arcade shoot them up by Mutation Software - £3.50 877:1 ACROSS 2 DOWN. A fully fledged crossword program, (Data Disk No1 a supplied free!) For only £5.00. Data Disks 2,3,4 and 5 are now ready at ...£2.50 each 1161: INTUIMENU V3. The e&Sy way to execute your
programs. Treat yourself! ...£5.00 imiga Computing March 1992 1201: The delightfuiy crazy and fun HOTDOG GAME. Can ou get throu i .....£4.00 1212: GULF CONFLICT by Eric Schwartz. This is the new 2 Meg verson Great! ..£2.50 1214: SCRAZZLE Enjoy playing the game with a smilar name? Youll love It! ...£4.00 PAJNT FUN: A good panting prog for youngsters up to 8 years dd. Nice! ..£4.00 WSKLQCK; This excellent program by Leciercq Xavier, will turn your dsks into non-DOS format, they win boot & run but cannot be
altered very useful . iiQ.QQ (When ordering 01SKLOCK, state which chip version you have,«, V1 3 or V2.04) SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE If you would like to get hold of the Amiga Coders Club Disks as soon as they are published, why not send £44.00 and ask to go on the ACC Mailing List now? We will send you each issue as soon as It's ready, (applies to issue 14 onwards). Please note that issues released prior to ACC 14 must be purchased separately (Subscriptions from outside the EC, please add £6.00 to cover the extra postage).
Please odd the following to your order to cover return post and packing • All EC countries, (Inc U.K.), add 50p - Non EC £1.00 - Rest of world add £2.00 MIKE SIMPSON'S A-GENE V3.29 (Ful two disk version). Available directly from us. Rice: Europe £15.00, Rest of World £20 00 ? Postage The best geneology prog.
AMJ8ASE PROFESSIONAL til: The additions to this new two disk version database are excellent (see reviews). Ajso contains a converter to alter files saved with a previous version ...Only £10.00 EC or £15.00 R.O.W (Remember the postage) words V3 by acc Etftor Mark Meany. R you want to enter those anagram contests, see how many words that a given phrase will make, this is the one for you' Glossary of over 75000 words, which you can add to Excelent program ......Only £15.00 Into Codng? - Want to Learn? THE AMIGA
CODERS CLUB is for you! If you want to learn assembly, usrg Devpae. (or otr own Acc special assembler dsk), this is the one for you! Each issue is £4.00. introductory offer issue Acc 1 to 4 ......Only £2.00 THE AMIGA CODERS CL06 Disks are packed with source, hints, bps, advice from many of the well known coders that are on the Amiga scene today. Latest issue No 20 Acc 12 is our birthday issue, it is a 2 disk set, and therefore the price Is £8.00 AMIGA COOERS CLUB SPECIAL! Here Is a low pneed
Assembler Package for all you Coders out there in Amgaland (instructions on disk). Received good review £6.00 Payment must be made in pounds sterling onfy, orders from overseas customers must be by bank draught Eurocheque etc. (We do not accept credit card orders).
The new 1992 catalogue is available now!! £2.00 (This includes return postage).
Very important! From Feb 28th to March 15th we will be closed for refurbishment. Orders received during these dates will be dealt with after March 16th only.
PD and SharewareE3 Graphics Master EdLib Disks 3a and 3b If you love using Deluxe Paint to produce your graphical masterpieces but want to see what else is on offer, then it's well worth having a look at EdLib's Graphics Master compilation, This is a two disk release that contains something old, something new, something borrowed, but nothing blue. There is SUCh a wide selection of programs on this compilation that there is bound to be something of interest to you.
The list includes 16 titles, all dealing with various aspects of graphics handling. They are Remap, Iconize, Clipit, Planet, Surf, Showprint, Screens, TVText Demo, Pitchers, Mostral.3, 3D Master Demo, Rot5, Rippers, ImageTools, Imagelab and IFFMaster.
I can't detail them all for you - there's not enough room - but here are a few that caught my attention. Remap is a neat little CU utility that lets you convert a picture of one resolution to another.
This is useful if you have a HAM picture and you want to edit it using Deluxe Paint II or III, which can't handle this format. All you do is use the program to convert it to high, medium or low resolution, and then load it in. Planet is a clever pretty gruesome after all. The first, Chip Rip 1 Mb, is another Fatter Agnus utility. It scans chip RAM to allow you to view its contents, or save whatever you find as an IFF file. You can even load up a demo or game, reset your machine, and then load up Chip Rip to view or save graphics.
In a similar vein, The Graphics Ripper by Peter Edwards is another tool for saving graphics games and demos. It works by letting the user search through the Amiga's chip RAM for images, and then position the individual bitplanes. It depends on the fact that the Amiga's memory is not completely erased after a reset, or on deallocation, so the program isn't guaranteed to work every time.
Rot5 is a weird name for a weird program. You could say it was a graphics rendering program, but on the other hand it is also an animation program, and yet on the other hand (three hands?
- Ed) it could also be classed as a mathematical modelling
program. Nevertheless it was deeply entertaining, adequately
documented and kept me occupied for quite a while.
3DMaster Demo is supposedly a fast and powerful three-dimensional object editing, modelling and ray-tracing program. This is one of those programs that seems to promise you the earth but gives you "feature not available in this shareware version" messages instead.
Although the brief documentation makes the program sound promising, it contains no instructions on how to use it. It isn't accompanied by any demonstration pictures to load in. To add insult to program that will map any IFF picture you provide on to a sphere of any size, while also allowing you to decide the lighting direction and other factors. The finished image looks rather like a picture taken with a fish-eye lens.
While Planet is all very ingenious stuff, there is another program included on the disk, called Surf, which takes the principle one step further and can distort the IFF files in all manner of ways. Not to be viewed if you have a weak stomach.
Mostra (vl. 3) is a universal IFF Viewer written by Objecb con be rotated and manipulated In any direction using RotS Sebastiano Vigna. By universal I mean that it can view any picture file no matter what its format. Very handy - now you can throw all the other viewers in the bin and just use Mostra.
One word of caution - you must have the arp.library (v39) in your libs: directory in order to run Mostra. I don't know why EdLib didn't bundle it with the package.
Never mind - it's widely available in the public domain.
I couldn't resist finding out what the Rippers did - it sounded pretty gruesome whatever it was. It turns out they are two programs that probe around the Amiga's memory looking for graphics and then ripping them out - or should that be off? I suppose the potential for piracy does make them If you're looking for a cheap way to get into graphics and animations, or if you're just on the look-out for economical entertainment, then Steve Williams may have something to interest you m THE FINEST STRifzTL Y ffli Pm public vffllvf Ail pi M DOMAIN Dept AC. Li YORK PLACE. NR BRANDON HILL. H0TWELLS.
BRISTOL BS15UT SOFTWARE Strictly the best public domain disks at Strictly public domain prices games utilities music animations OT2 A«e(EGMC - notywrfeflvttt OT? MQGAZER - XI 8MHnM -T«r j*4aw£ad raccrri crc 3.
• JW C® CAPTOON' BRUSHES - BdiiiatcJTOcnda 'cjpf'r CSCWttDPiiS.
U773 C-UGHT - Fonwtv 3 coscrdjl sir acsg padoBc.
Ns? CwoajaoSuSS DK - cffife Sx we wh mom- S&yiz.
¦j DTJ'.GPftrfZK -ryj wttoEc'jcs UDG GEWAN - fcasi Pcic Gean. T? • -?* product WJ? Ft5®AS£- 174*. FONTSIOCOS - X*sw fcr we *•* Dtzrr.. UW K’ST' SrACXCJWSKS) - ‘drjfxrr W6 LABEL PSEKIot- & vcrr W? Fecte* nrx:.
M OTC- FntfcwrfxtfCOxsfcc.
As paasE«3! - Pcrr To*i»± b-wa ITT HfOFERWKALDeWXtta- Owe wirw iJesonanKpeees.
COT J555EC709. DOW YAKEJ? - Vet po»rrW uSfer - fwmniK.
UI2? © V}. - “o?«CCj' wiirfy.
Otv SUKSWOTXAO- Ibcwkm’X'TtmtToic ¦52cm rro.
C28B S’AMJHTITTO- ks Sjonr*!??” iow P*4 SPEECH TOY- fcwAisaSa OTH CEDTT - BeCeceiflcrrP.D. 1784 %72CUPA37- WJfa«wnsdn!»cws.
COT SOUSDTOS0W- E r&IrfJtSy jXiatecfcsnpfppijp.
T’29? SGESEGESRATCS- Qo»fcj6a?7i»tt£acsf 17?) MEPV3.J - Get cesiivr’riAww ample* (DepfAC) 11 YORK Pua, NR BRANDON HE, HOTWEUS, BRISTOL BS7 5UT Cheques P.O's payable to STRICTLY PD kt Buy 30 or more disks for just 75p each cs* Over 21 disks ONLY 85p EACH c Take the 11+... only 99p per disk when you order 11 or more!
«¦ Orders of 10 or less pay £1.25 per disk Please add £1 to all UK orders for first class postage.
Orders from Europe please add 25p per disk and Rest of World add 50p per disk for extra postage costs.
«sr Catalogue disk available only £1 Reviews of well over 1000 disks + loads more ¥?'2 MANKE8R075 - 71* be* XandefcTOC ** arwsd UJI3 AQCARIUX - Tod our wrafc cc Si* Di*.* !M~C 179$ HOUSE SA.VPIE5 2 DISKS' - AT yw» mm je£ tisessww- KKDtf latest utilities t3*5 !£S '7.0- EaceSct urS Ter vr with 5-pji« ?.
C3!4 7r5F rB0?ma(2D!SKS)- MjfsanejtWop i toetswcofiSarTtric- wrjjxc U3I5 luTCKE ICONS- fodn*sta l*,S«»M»erA Jct Jfejstcr- *pfcnd*J hk.
• 05* JKW wji cfKntiJ vxai cA C?r W MSSR3NSSSPACX2-
K v-w'fatkjeOTMin Crjff.
Ujl? ?Y57EX TEST DSL- Rad rrz xte* *7?’ OT7 via.
CJJ? SOUND T7a.CKERjA.YPJS '4 DSXSt - Cfrcrf wJb wf yx lasctrs Vtfl SC7EECDK-I wjM;yiCco=r .Jj& prop.
C322 S?AK»n-3(mcrtelbr«K«ibPf!ttKex.
L'%2 SteH SliiETS - Taafr mfcrr " r ifcwes - np££ l?2? SS'7CTOR3AIIEDrroS?- SrlarrS wind ¦efiSrcrj "r t5)or f« u*c w 6 !W Steer &aix XsSkt.
CS« ha»DKUuU- 6xra?tidnm c?25 SMX.-gRtnc* rtf AYJGATCS-tVSwX? Po;Vjtr * «n- r. P.D. CJ2T NtFSS SO j - I.Tir r* (3r xrv-rrr - w C?» sozOfevK'CCWtPtLSt- 7Vo«ccrcr?teriw
• fckocC’ec U329 TCRTO !Xrl00e3 VM -'m j rfd ««isr.
1*530 FILM SAKPIS - i'm cnggalfrr r c4 5$ wnpit CJJt tAND 5C7T J2 - Orrsrxr batopa isi fff Srje ittt gyrfc Tqoflr s~3tG£ 1352 Teij© T®KH- fc»rioJGaj«ftw Bfic»«hfl fwxww tne jsc* is Taicfeci UJJ} itSD5tClC?.?CATEntTOB- Hop'S ‘octojprefcssOTi v«4 REDSECrOR 'cCDDP.n)nOR- .'UmVmac S«S wasvaxjati;.
1335 .'EDSECTCOs DEX V.4X£f: - V»c? -Jr c? W Dsno .’lOfct'. ’mp • rf&K*.
13% PHNTER PST.H PACK - Crwfaj.T»jfxJ ?*rcs U?y X7CK3TOrjS- JncrftSaajfgp mrAViO pj R C?« PDOycarrfJDtSKSr - y»=r c4pe«Jj?w r«n
D. TT. T3* pyxAjffltfONTSCDS®- Sba&f'v&yl ixfcflj! $ yiz -
«jaflat Branded Disks 10 cotoyrcU Datapwtse disks in own
ptastic storj e box ......£?. 50 50 Dataptriso branded
dtsks.X25.00 100 OatdpuEse branded disks£45.00 These prices
include p&p D059 Star Trek Animation D314 Girls on Film (X)
D448 Mr Potato Head - The chips arc up D121 Star Trek
Animation D451 Vlmial Worlds D423 Talker v Amy (1Mb) D112
Stealthy n D323 Stop Siot Machine X D185 Elvira Activities
D3I6 Maria Whitaker Aaim (IMg) D436 P.D. Animations
slideshows D462 Invisible World D445 Doctor Who D329
3o-Dcrck(X) D4I6 Gorgeous Models (X) D442 GuifWar D129 Maria
Whitaker 00 DI30 Sam Fox D3I3 Pamdise Picture Show 00 D4I3
Perverse Slidesho"* D435 Rambo Slices D1T0 GL+ of Sport D444
Taminatorll D269 Simpsons D303 Saucy Postcards D419 Star Trek
Mcgademo - 2 disks - 2drives- (IMg) We now have FRED FISH
1-580 M06l 805 State remixes M308 Alice Coopcr Star Trek M105
Another dav in paradise MQ92 Betty Boo M200 Bomb the Bass M149
Don't miss Ac pswy line iM30d Erasure Ma M203 Eurvthmics M915
C-enesis M096 Groove Is In The Heart M301 Guns & Roses MQ98
Hear the Drummer M310 Joe le Taxi M042 Kim Wilde.
M100 London Beat M303 Madonna Rescue Me M0?7 Madonna Vogue (4 disks) M304 .Me Hammer Cant touch th M018 Miami Vice Remix M302 Mortc; for Nothing M259 Pot Shop Bov’s (2 disks) M307 Poison Sample M258 Popstar Selection M09I Queen Flash (2 disks) M1Q2 Sydoc}- Youngblood M094 TcchncJtronic MI24 The Pov.’er remix (I Meg) M03I The Wall M097 Vogue (4 disks) M032 Waik this T-ay Mi23 What Tune is Love M317 Charley M318 Utah Saints M322 justed & Ancients (2 disks-2 dri',es) We now have T-BAG 1-58 OT! AU.NTT AS'T QDXtf- ZCTTifX- DW- Tk tes Sar TrA prx zvzrL G27? il’.'VCc'I- SmNe -byy'-rr: -jp pb.m.
G2I? ASTOft- Al BsahrcfSysiEsajron.
OTI f7AVUC5®r - 03*0 St ’n’OF.-C'xeiT&RTOfcrbviBS)' G0» ?50PE?m‘ MAKKFT - Fsxl« g« » bod 5r GOT JcAlANCE - Hj vp»3w;*ctt2i.“WBJnt. 0?21 SctMKATcSS- SaZtbf Kumw!«fEKkc(Jcn.
G22G 5TARTKEK(5KSC5»• 20fCYE55J«G)-YcT irjxo,!4'c.
G2“ TTOXN ONCrxS?®- BrCTibksnxgrpac.
GOT THSECOFfORTlOT- 02*2 TSZffQlET - Cfet of *f bR *r5ra jro--- G5»: DOT mLCBMITiK - G» ta daapffX G345 rW PPM GLTtSE? - ?fw. b+- -Jwr «a pOws.
Games compilations GA.VESG.MCg: •¦OL I: - Dip. Bj3v. 'fe7s 7k Ter.
AfflwtB. 02*30. Tw, 2x». 7i« DjWo.
GAXSSG.AiQg-vTXl - SsrfWl Ki-WwTc. Rj- ]2tei. Bororr. Ejucwxn. Tdfcis. Tcr4 «xth.
FifflgGatflgyffi.*- - Menids 0+ SO. JcsWrr. VW. Gmisft TffpiJf hr. SS eis. Scocwr. Dip t UCV. Ga Chsei.
GAXFS fwMCffi 'Ol, - Triesra. V rcpofr. Cow.
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GAXES GALOP! V X 6.-yxp:. Xra-, R»? . Grrw.
SS, Tejr. ATC CAMF5 GalCfiF VOL7: - Tone. Y3»T. Torfd. JteffTo, tefC! Tot. FspcSnev Vim. Bc*K*c C-.VKg GALO-S'OL S. - Or* Taor. Spscc Ty. OawoI.
M-COTSryJ. Trippia. Twt fsrr*-, Scsos .yEGAGAKS’i t.K.V'- BcSfcKCb. BaSras.
Jceetnebr.-!. Ijirrar Ran.
Q«svK.:3 -Q aiw»tOMiA art. Cn«llV5irn MEGA GAMES'OIKQ - Hade. Sroi Ccrm. Teas.
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YZ-iG.o vc'-i'D1 - xeme*. Raft, ast k pr, v«can'.
StEGA G.VZES 'Ol' ? - Fwr. Iff 2 ?(s. Vtro* .y£GAGA.VSS Vct I (B - Brie. Ti D»r*r. Ties. PA Crcce.
ISSjAggg GAMES' - Taa. RoBqwk. A-ajj??*.
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¦ASSASSD GA'tDZ - OH Aewa. MssT* Corasao.'. iTriiex. 3ikrZ. )te Gaffle. T frk Abai latest games G}« TotDSJU E SOLVER - wrp*fe!jjyt GW SWCX SA'TSPACE XATHS - Gf. W fei » «e G?y? Edt.’CA'tex KF. UVSR Iff*.- L016of 2lCTjOTl.Sl.OS. G?S5 DAJIK ST.V?' - Sf OT« TjTr fvrr ts=* w Ycryorfr~2"M£.
G?54 AMK5WKA - AbwKnrV «£ «*¦£ ny? P!rr jstrp CS? HOIITTOOD TttlA - V-r c-iz prx latest demo disks W52 Jet'CTWKSW.Y'ntACE)- tajrSwtSrfD cs, 04$ ? SSMTHXANWS- Bctarerrpaadifcra.
TM?4 AT THE 'TT-tES - Ti.-r2*r j rr+ d Sch* Asnr- Ctreief.
W« .AGS®CRWiETSC?T lA.VtXSG'STiAL’W IVW -JairdBftSdnnaaaa D4% ymST GtCffAX TlfSASH - DnTom-'yctrqndry pffoidfJc.
Di?" TOPGCXDEXO- £ -tstdesxoaprK trowS toV . .
D4W SUMS SU2SBOI35E - V rr «pcb »ioi * « ah.
Dtf? ETOGAVEDDtO- SwcfLVSKjpffaccPO tXW AUENSS2DES- DijjtwdrtO'- vr?prodycrl t »s: Ei' SLD55J -»KTpc. ftawD«=p. Ml TKE 20.TS.A3LE WUKJD- resa! & Sccnrrs: Kkte jr» W$ J LatOT- A HAJDY AntMS - 2 DISKS -2 395VE5 - IMG) A«3edoc fa«28rd k$ aerivposese4 D4$ s BATXAS. TSWKAL tATSNW - 3 fcajL jttotj Sdr»OT:OTK We TBTS.TE7M.AfS- Send £1.00 now for our superb catalogue. There is a demo of the great new D-Paint IV as well as a game, a CU help file and reviews of well over jLOOO PD Disks.
Mouse Mats available for £2.99 each PD and SharewareT7 injury the author, Martin r Staley, has disabled so many of the features in this demo version that it is next to useless.
In the doc file there is a thinly veiled threat: "If too many people are unwilling to support shareware distribution, they may eventually find the program sold for much more from a software company."
Users are encouraged to send S30 in order to get a copy of the official version which supposedly works and has relevant documentation.
J think someone should tel! Martin F Staley that this sort of snarp practice is not quite in the spirit of snareware. Public domain libraries might do well to ask themselves if they should encourage people like this by distributing their stuff in the first place.
Luckily this was the only dud program from a couple of disks that had a lot of good stuff on them. If you want an instant collection of graphics programs then this compilation is the one for you.
Fruit Fun Canbams Leisure Software Disk 1081 In my youth 1 used to like playing the fruit machines on the end of Margate pier. No, I never went on holiday to Margate, 1 lived there. In those days, one turn on the one-armed bandit would cost you one old penny, and the routine was quite simple. You inserted the penny into the machine, pulled the handle, the cogs whirred, the reels went round and if three identical fruits came up on the winning line the machine coughed up some money. Nothing could be easier. Hours of mindless entertainment for the masses.
Life was simpler way back then.
But times have changed. The world is a different place these days. Margate pier no longer exists, I live in down-town Twickenham, and you need a degree to understand how to operate a fruit machine. That's presuming you can afford to pay ten new pence a time - ouch, that's two shillings a go!
The one-armed bandit nas gradually mutated into a mad scientist's dream - flashing lights, music, skill challenges, multiple reels, auto-nudges and a bewildering array of extra features that, in my case, merely serve to confuse rather than amuse.
What 1 wouldn't give to step back in time and play a good old-fashioned one- armed bandit Well, I've got the next best thing. Fruit Fun is a one-armed bandit simulation for those of us who like to see the pretty reels go round. OK, it's got a few modern features like holds, up and Animator's Delight EdLib Disks 8a and 8b Stepping one dimension further than the world of graphics brings the Amiga Display, Anim, Animator's, LMV, Abridge and Oirectaction. In order to demon- user into the realm of moving graphics. Or animations as they are more com- strate the workings of some of the programs on
these disks, the guys at EdLib monly known. Have put together a cute animation sequence which you can watch when you Anyone wishing to have a go at animation will be dazzled by the sheer num- double dick on a screen icon, ber and diversity of the animation programs available in the public domain. And As an added bonus there is a documentation file included with the bundle it's easy to get confused when trying to pick out programs by name. It would be which explains how this animation was put together using the files included on really handy if some soul who knows about animation could put
together a col- the Animator's Delight set The reason I say this is a bonus is because the file lection of programs that are essential to getting started. And that's just what details how they struggled to achieve the result they wanted. If they had to EdLib has done. Struggle then it means that there is hope for the rest of us mere animation mor- Animator's Delight is the title of another two-disk compilation set from the tals.
EdLib library. As with EdLib's Graphics Master compilation, this is a collection of Incidentally, if you find it a little odd that someone should be using an anima- various subject-related programs ranging from the seemingly pointless to the tion utility in preference to Deluxe Paint, it is probably because you are using III mildly brilliant. As with the Graphics Master compilation, the point in favour of or IV of the program. The first two versions of Deluxe Paint didn't have this set is that you get an instant collection in one hit. All the programs you'll animation facilities and
consequently there is still a market for animation proneed, for the moment, on two disks. Grams.
The list of programs includes Cryoutil, SplitAnim, CombineAnim, AnimBuild, If you are about to dip your toe into the world of animation then getting hold Animlnfo, Hermit, Anim2!Ff, MakeAnim, PPAnim, ShowAnimSJ, Moviel.2, of this package from EdLib would be a good start.
PD and Shareware The author even include} a cheat chart. What a nice 1E11EE199 NUDGES ICHESTI r, SIMON CHERRY!!
Rmf.t, COM CHERRY3 || NUPGE 13
* nr B5 • © i, © & ¦ ’ ¦¦ can m o .•mh1 IT-1 | MU0CE | 3 |
* NUGGE 1 r™*] IrH An uncluttered screen lets you get on with
the reel spinning :a i Yippee! I fust got a Yahtzee and my
score s looking healthy ?
Down nudges and a gamble option, but not enough to get in the way of the actual gameplay.
Fruit Fun gives you £2 to start off with and costs 10p a go. Just like the real thing, the program is highly addictive and always wins all your money in the end. The good news is that the money isn't real so you can keep playing all evening, lose a fortune and still walk away no poorer.
Triple Yacht-Z Disk 2067 Virus Free PD Entertainment can be a mindless activity or it can require a little concentration.
Taxing the old grey matter with card or board games is good fun but requires the presence of one or more opponents.
Fortunately computers can not only simulate games onscreen but can also assume the role of the opposing player(s). Triple Yacht-Z is one such program.
As its name implies, Triple Yacht-Z is a computerised variation of the old board and dice game called Yahtzee made by the E S Lowe Company. It was most popular in the 60s and early 70s.
If you've never played Yahtzee, it's a bit like playing Poker but using five dice instead of a pack of cards. Roll the dice and look for winning combinations of numbers.
You know the sort of thing - full house, runs, three of a kind, four of a kind and the like, if you roll the dice and all five turn up with the same numbers it's called a Yahtzee and you collect 50 points. As you play the game you try to increase your score by rolling different winning combinations.
I had never played Yahtzee before I came upon this disk. Although it's a strategy game; it's not difficult to pick up the rules. It didn't take me long to learn how Slav* 1553 st.v. 1549 Bt.v. 1599 Stava 1459 St.v. 1979 loorlnt: a final Bnall BtralaM to lose to the computer. Triple Yacht-Z differs from the original game in that all scores in the third column of your scorecard are worth three times as much as the normal value and those in the second are worth double. If that seems too much of a travesty then the program has an option to play the normal game as well.
The display screen contains four boxes
- one for the scorecard, one for the high score table, another
for the computer's "thinking" and the final one to display the
The digitised sound of dice rolling accompanies the throw of the dice and if you managed to throw a Yahtzee you hear the digitised sound of the author yelling "Yahtzee!" The effects aren't any- thing to write home about, but then they don't need to be because this is primarily a game of strategy. The game can be set up for to four players, and the computer can play any number of hands. A match is a series of games, up to a maximum of
After each game the net score for each game as well as the grand total of all the nets is displayed for each player, and the player in the lead is highlighted. Playing a match allows you to even out the luck part of the game. The game itself is very, very addictive, and I found myself muttering "just one more go and I'll beat it this time" all too often. When I looked up at the clock it was the wee small hours.
You don't even have to know how to score the game. After each turn the program highlights all the places where you could possibly put your roll. The numbers in the spaces are the number of points that would be received for choosing that position. To choose a space you click on it.
What could be simpler?
One last point. If you get a chance, even if you don't want to play the game, read the documentation because it's packed with humorous stuff.
The author, Stephan lannce, is a strange but astute man - he classes the program as Flieker- fixer and Multisync Monitorware.
In other words, if you enjoy the game a lot and would really like to thank him you could send him a flicker-fixer and a multisync monitor.
Who ya gonna call?
If you want to get hold of any of these disks then give the relevant company a shout EdLib Software Tel: 0272 723349 Virus Free PD Tel: 0793 512321 our sister magazine specialising in this ever-expanding market. As well as containing the world s biggest shareware directory - it expands at the rate of 300 or more reviews every month - Shareware Shopper reports on all the latest business and leisure software released.
KEEPS YOUR SYSTEM CLEAN! ......£12.95 848 JET MEN __________________NEW' 900 POPEYE ..... (LCD CAME) 901 SEVEN TILES SPEEDBALL?
LPD 4 THINGMAJIG - Great Jigsaw Style Game for Kids LPD 5 JUNGLE BUNGLE - Icon Driven Adventure Game LPD 6 PUKADO & Sprites - Great Game
* 600 Brill Sprites LPQ 7 FOUR WAY LYNX - 22 Levels, Full Of
IP011 Go Getter - Good Board Game LPD 12 HYPNOTIC LANDS - Catch Them Belts, Coming from Lanes LPD 16 REVERSIII - NEWIMPROVEO LPD 17 DOGFIGHT II ShootUmUp. 8 Player Game Feature... LPD 19 X-IT-50 - Dhoot-em-up'" LPD 21 QUINGO- Brilliant Pub Quiz LPD 24 Shmng Way of Kung-Fu - 2 Disks.
Very Good. 5.50 LPD 25 THE MISSION - A Great Text Adventure .... Very Good LPD 26 C Y.A.D - BOULDERDASH Type Games. Addictive 4 Brill img LPD 39 MAGIC FOREST II- Br.ll.ant Commercial Quality Game LPD 41 RESCUE - Reviewed in this Month's Magazine Very Neat LPD 43 LAZERZONE - A Very Nee Shoot- em-up Game .....Very Good LPO 44 FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE - NEW Highly Addictive. Good 1mg LPO 47 DIRTY CASH - NEW! The best Fruit Machine Sim I've Seen ("REVIEWED LAST MONTH!!!
EXTRAS UPGRADES UPGRADE TO 2-MEGS GUARANTEED WITH FREE 2 MEG DEMO £79.95 DISKS BRAND NAMED DATAPULSE BOXED IN 10 s. GUARANTEED C7 LC-10 RIBBONS. BLACK £2.50 AMIGA CARE PACK DUST COVER. MOUSE MAT disk head Cleaning kit £5.99 AM FM AM FM is a recently started disk mag tor Amiga users who are musically interested. It covers all aspects ol using the Amiga for sound and music production, bringing News. Reviews. Gossip. Tutorials as well as 3-4 selected Amiga only songs. 3-4 Midi songs and 2-5 selected Sound Music utilities in each issue. Created by some 20 professional musicians including BfOrn
Lynne and Teijo Kinnuenen... £2.50 NEWSFLASH We are the Official Distributors Qt Newsflash. | Europe's biggest and best disk based magazine... 2 disks full ol Reviews, Utilities. Graphics & Music. The Bizz" £4.99 per issue CALL FOR A500 PLUS COMPATIBILITY DISKS £1.25 EACH DEJA VU £3.50 EACH NEWSFLASH £4.99 issue POSTAGE ALL ORDERS 50p SAME DAY DISPATCH UK £1.50 EUROPE £3 REST OF THE WORLD CHEQUES & P.O’s TO: BATTLEAXE P.D. (AMC) 125 KINGSWOOD, THQRPE MARRIOTT NORWICH NR86UW. NORFOLK TEL: 0603 261060 -o PD DIRECT MEGABLITZ!
£10.00 RACK 2 DEMO PACK (10 Disks) Budbrain 1 (2 disks) Budbrain 2 Scoopex mental hangover Crionics "neverwhere" Horizon "Sleeping bag" Palace "Pulling the trigger Ouariex "Substance" Phenomena "Interspace" Decoy "Simpsons demo" GREAT STARTER PACK!
£11.00 PACJU MUSIC PACK (10 Disks) Vision music masters Crusaders "Bacteria music" Crack music disk Jetset overload music RAF megamlx «1 Flash digital concert 6 Flashing Bytes "Sweet songs one" Alcatraz "Panic voices of energy" Crusaders micro concert Archpos music disk £11.00 EACKi ADULT PACK (10 Disks) Sabrina, Sam Fox Bodeans Bordello 2 Bodeans Bordello 3 Bodeans Bordello 10 Bodeans Movies West Coast Cracker BFPO 1. BFPO 3 Utopia 1 £11.00 PACK-5 MUSIC MAKERS PACK Protracker Noise tracker Star tracker Songa disks (3 disks) Instrument disks (4 disks) A MUST FOR MUSICIANS £11.00 PACK 6
GAMES PACK This NEW 12 disk peck contains: Operation Lemming Star Trek (2 disks) Llamatron, Drip Maria. Seaiance Monopoly, Ciuedo Seven Tiles, Pec man Battleships PLUS LOADS MORE!
£15.00 MUSIC UTILITIES DEMOS ANIMATIONS PDU 10 Word processing & Databasing PDU 16 Air Tunnel Simulation PDU 31 Fish at43 RIM Database PDU 32 • 144 Analytic Spreadsheet PDU 43 Fish 203 Assembler & C eg POU 45 Fish 210 Scientific calculator PDU 46 Fish 213 Icons (300 In 6 colours) POU 48 Fish 1215 Mandelvroom V2.0 POU 51 Fish 219 Astronomy program PDU 52 Fish 52 A-Z Text Editor PDU 60 Fish 1237 Cuprint POU 70 Fish i 193 Keymsp Editor PDU 72 SID V1.06 The ultimate disk util.
PDU 80 Fonts & Surfaces PDU 81 Dlsksalve v 1.3 PDU 99 Ham Radio utilities (5 disk ) PDU 101 Menu-Maker PDU 102 Label designer PDU 103 Icon-Maker PDU 104 Icon-Mania PDU 105 Crossword Creator PDU 118 Various CLI utils PDU 149 Icon Fun PDU 151 Flxdisk Disk rapeirar PDU 164 Games music creator PDU 168 Vaccine-Booster (Virus killer) POU 169 Oulck-Base Database PDU 185 ANC 22 (Excellent utils) PDU 186 Falcon Bootbloek Creator PDU 194 Pman Viru* Killer PDU 200 Virus Killer PI'd V2.0 PDU 207 Perfect Sound V1.93 PDU 257 Fish « 349 MED V3.00 PDU 262 MED Modules POU 358 Tetracopy PDU 363 Master Virus
Killer V2.2 PDU 318 Red Sector demo maker PDU 384 Red Sector utilities 1 PDU 365 Vector Editor PDU 366 IBM Emulator PDU 367 ST Emulator PDU 368 Spectrum Emulator PDU 369 Fish 379 C64 Emulator PDU 370 Flaxibase Database POU 371 NUKE VI .3b (Saddam Killer) BULK DISK DEALS 10 KAO Bulk 3.5" DSDD______£4,95 (+50p P+P) 25 KAO Bulk 3.5" DSOD_______£11 95 (t£1 P+P) 50 KAO Bull 3.5" DSDO £21.99 (e£1 0 P+P) 100 KAO Bulk 3.5" DSOD £39.95 (+£2 PtP) Labels included. 2 tor 1 "NO Qutlbie" Guarantee POD 1 Anarchy Demo POD 4 Deathstar Megademo (2 disk) POD 7 Elvira Demo POD 14 RAF Megademo POD 16 Robocop
Demo POD 20 SAE Demo 25 PDO 21 SAE Demo 32 POD 31 Anarchy "Ooh it's Obscene3" POD 51 Hetrick 1 “Araewtpe" PDO 52 Hetrick i 2 "Smasdhlng day out" POD 55 Kefrens Megademo 8 (2 disks) POD 62 Northstar Megademo 2 POD 70 Rebels Megademo POD 72 Red Sector Demo * 4 POO 73 SAE Demo 23 PDO 74 SAE Demo 36 POD 75 Scoopex Demo POD 76 Scoopex megademo PDD 91 Trilogy Megademo 1 PDD 94 Vortex Megademo PDD 98 Magnetic Fields Demo 36 PDD 97 Predators Megademo (2 disks) PDD 107 Budbrain 1 (2 disks) PDD 115 Magnetic Fields Demo 40 PDD 116 Magnetic Fields Demo a 41 PDD 130 Chubby Brown Demo
PDD 131 Crionics Demo PDD 132 Giants Megademo (2 disks) PDD 134 Magnetic Fields Demo 45 PDD 145 SAE Demo 31 PDD 152 Flash "No Brain No Pain" (2 disks) POD 153 Billy Connolly Demo (2 disks) POD 160 Hatriek "Rave on" PDO 177 Budbrain II PDD 179 Crtonies "Total Destruction" PDO 186 Flash Demo 2 PDO 209 Rutger Demodisk PDD 212 Space Pack 32 PDD 305 Anti-Lemming Demo (2 disks) CLIPART PACK There are a total of 13 disks In the clip art range. All are in IFF tormat and are ideal tor DTP.
There are loads to choose from, ranging from fancy borders to special occasions A from people to places etc. *tC.
ALL 13 DISKS FOR ONLY £15.00 PDA 9 Knight Animation (1 Meg) PDA 12 Agatron Star Trek Anlms 2 PDA 13 Agatron Star Trek Anlms 17 POA 14 Puggs in Space PDA 18 Miller Lite Advert PDA 31 Nude Girts Anlm PDA 34 Basketball Anim PDA 35 BFPO Slideshow (18t) PDA 36 BFPO Slideshow 2 (18e) POA 41 Digiviewer Slideshow PDA 42 Dragons Lair Demo PDA 45 Monocycle & Sportscar (1 Meg) POA 47 Holstlen Pits Ad POA 49 Mayfair Vol. 23 No. 3 (18+) PDA 50 Mega Clean Show V1.7 POA 54 NASA Graphics PDA 56 Newtek Demoreel 1 (2 x 1 meg) PDA 57 Newtek Demoreel 2 (2 x 1 meg) PDA 58 Paradise Slideshow PDA 61 Sabrina PDA 63
Space Animations (1 meg) PDA 65 Startrek Animations PDA 68 Walker Demo (1 meg) PDA 69 walker Demo (2 meg, 2 disks) PDA 70 Walker Demo 2 (1 meg) PDA 73 Westcoast Cracker 4 (18+) PDA 74 Bodeans Bordello 1 (18+) PDA 75 Bodeans Bordello 4 (18+) POA 76 Playboy (18+) PDA 77 Sam Fox (18*) PDA 78 Utopia 1 (18*) PDA 79 The Final Ecstacy 1 (18+) PDA 80 Walker Demo 2 (2 meg. 2 disk) PDA 81 Ray trace art. DWB Render util PDA 66 Utopia a 4 (18+) PDA 89 Bodeans Bordello 9 (18+) POA 90 Bunsen Burner Jet Anim PDA 92 D. Landers Scl-fl Show a 1 PDA 93 D. Landers Scl-fl Show 2 PDA 110 Brnce Lee
"Enter The Dragon" PDA 111 Bruce Lee Slideshow 11 PDA 112 Dragons Lair 11 Demo POA 114 Neighbours Slideshow PDA 116 Terminator ATTENTION AMIGA PLUS OWNERS!
We are currently testing all programs for compatibility with the new Workbench 2 machines. We will be pleased to advise on whleh disks will run. PLEASE ASK US!
POM 5 MFI Electric CLI IV PDM 6 Winkers Song (2 disks) PDM 9 Ride on Time & Batdanco POM 19 Bad - Michael Jackson PDM 20 Bat Dance PDM 27 D-MOB Megamuslc III PDM 28 Enemies music III PDM 30 Digital Concert It PDM 31 Digital Concert III PPM 33 Halloween "Fo*o*» the Sign" (2 daks) PDM 35 "I think we re alone now" Tiffany PDM 36 "Land of contusion" Genesis PDM 38 Miami Vice theme (4 disks) PDM 40 MFI Yangettf Demo PDM 65 Digital Concert IV PDM 72 Popeye meets the Beach Boys PDM 80 Digital Concert VI PDM 82 Freddie Kruger PDM 83 Kefrens Jukebox PDM 85 Miami Vice "Crocketts Theme" PDM 67 RIP
Eruption PDM 88 Slab music PDM 91 100 Most remembered C64 tunes PDM 95 Hi-Ft Demo PDM 104 BassX « 5 Power Remix PDM 105 BassX 6 Sid Youngblood PDM 106 Betty Boo PDM 109 Depeche Mode PDM11QDMOB Music!
PDM 111 DMOB Music II PDM 117 Flash Gordon (2 disks) PDM 118 Hatriek "Loedsamoney" PDM 120 Laurel & Hardy (2 disks) PDM 131 Pet Shop Boys Remix 1 PDM 132 Pet Shop Boys Remix 2 GAMES PPG 1 Star Trek - Final Frontier (2 disks) PDG 2 Star Trek (3 disks. 2 DRIVEs) PDG 5 Card & Board Games PDG 19 Destination Moonbase PDG 21 Bolng The Game (2 disks) PDG 26 Treasure Search PDG 31 Maria PDG 32 Legend of Farghail (PD Version) PDG 33 Arcadia (Breakout style game) PDG 34 Dynamite Dick PDG 37 Super Quiz PDG 70 Dripl PDG 71 Llamatron PDG 72 Op. Lemming (Charityware - £3) Postage & Packing FREE on all
orders ot 3 disks or more. Under 3 disks please add £1.00 (UK only).
Europe add 25p per disk Rest of World add 50p per disk All ot our P.D. Software is supplied on top quality branded diskettes by KAO & Sony.
We accept all major credit cards- Please make cheques & P.O.s payable to : DISK PRICES 1-9..... ...£1.50 10-18,.,,,-------£1.25 20+________________£1.00
P. D. DIRECT and send orders to: Dept. AC 3,86 George St.,
Newcastle, Staffordshire ST5 1DN.
5. 25
5. 25 1.6 Meg 1 MEG 2 MEG BOX 10 M-2D M-2HD MF-2DD MF-2HD 1-5
6. 00
8. 95
8. 65
15. 75 6-10
5. 50
8. 15
8. 15
8. 00
7. 50
8. 50
8. 00
7. 50 2 MEG MF2HD
14. 50
14. 00
15. 50 15,00
6-1Q8QXES Rainbow Colours White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow
5. 25” BULK DISKS Packed in 25’s with Envelopes, Labels, Lifetime
Warranty 48tpi 96tpi HD 25 Disks £8.50 £8.75 £12.00 50 Disks
£16.00 £16.25 £23.00 100 Disks £28.00 £28.25 £43.00 COLOURED
DISKS LIFE TIME WARRANTY 48 96tpi 1.6 Meg - DSDD DSHD 3.5 £9
00 £17.50 £31.00
3. 5" 50 Disks 100 Disks 200 Disks 500 Disks 1000 Disks DSDD
£18.50 £35.50 £68.50 £152.50 £295 50 DSHD £32.50 £63.50
£125.50 £295.50 £580.50
1. 6 Meg DSHD £16.00 £3000 £51 00 1 Meg DSDD £12.00 £20 00 £39.00
2 Meg DSHD £2000 £35 00 £66 00
5. 25" 25 Disk$ 50 Disks 100 Disks Includes labels, for available
colours please call Normally Red. Green. Yellow. White &
3. 5"
5. 25" 120 Cap £9.50 140 Cap.
£8.75 100 Cap £7 90 120 Cap £8.25 80 Cap £7.50 100 Cap £7.50 50 Cap £6.50 50 Cap £6.50 40 Cap £6 00 ALL ABOVE BOXES LOCKABLE • 2 KEYS 1 £2 Off cirst box when ordering 100 disks or more 10 Cap £1.50 10 Cap £1.50 5 Cap £1.15 5 Cap £1.00 1 Cap £0.50 NEW!
3. 5" Disks DSDD DSHD 50 Disks £21.00 £35.00 1 100 Disks £41.00
£69.00 200 Disks £80.00 £137.00 500 Disks £182.00 £325.00
VIDEO TAPES Lifetime Warranty No Quibble replacement E180 E240
1 TAPE 2.00 3.50 10 TAPES 17.00 30.00 50 TAPES 75.00 125.00
MOUSE .....20.00 PS2
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HARD ..£3.50 PAPER
MONTH 12" or 14"TILT & TURN MONITOR STAND £16.95 12" or 14"
COLUMN £12.00 I PRINTER STAND (Feet) 80 or 132 COLUMN (
+MONITOR £6.00 12" or 14"MONITOR £6.00 80 or 132 PRINTER £6.00
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S. A.E. 1661 SunAdmoo ofi ury CALL SAM OR PAT NOW!
ON 0753 553535 BAMBI-2DD 1 MEG 25 DSDD 3ft" IN 25 CAP STORAGE BOX 1 BOX £14.00 2* ....£1300 5* ....£1100 BAMBI-2HD2MEG 25 DSHD 3%" IN 25 CAP STORAGE BOX 1 BOX £2100 2* £20.00 5+ ....£18.50 MF-2DD 30 * 1 MEG 30 DSDD 3 “ 1 BOX £14 00 2* ....£13.00 5* ....£1100 MF«2HD 30» 2 MEG 30 DSHD V t" 1 BOX £21.00 2+ £20.00 5* ...£18 00 MF-2DD 10 s 1 MEG 103 V DSOO i BOX ...£6.00 2» ......£5.00 5t .....£4 50 MF*2HD 10*2 MEG 103' ,‘DSHD 1 BOX ...£850 2* £800 S* ......£7 00 M-2D 48TPI 10 * 10 DSDD 5%' 1 BOX ...£4.25 2+
......£375 5+ ......£3 25 M-2HD 10 s 1.6 MEG 10 DSHD 5%" 1 BOX ..£650 2* £600 5» ......£500 M-2DD 96TP110* 10 DSDD 5V 1 BOX .£4.75 2* ....£4 25 5t ......£3 75 DATA CARTRIDGES DC 2000 £1800 DC 300 XLP... £18 00 DC60QA £1950 DC 6150.....£2000 DC 6250 £2100 Goldstar Computers (EC) Ltd.
P. O. BOX 2, TYLDE3LEY, MANCHESTER, M29 7ElJNl (0942) 895320
catalogue only T5p (Froo updates!!!) Piomter Catalogue 21.00
UTILITIES l'«7 - Dew VIJ - Brilliant backup utility 110 - Jazz
bench - Grtatk CflhiCVeJ WB U15 - RSI Intro Maker - With dots
by HIM!
U17 - Razor Took - Excellent dixk U20 - Matter Vina* KUIer VI.I - V Good UZS - Fonts & Surfaces - Cut and Paste 1132 - C-Ught - Lepecd commercial Tracer U33 - M-CAP - Computer Aided Design pack U35 6 7 - DarfcxUr Utils - No* 2 to 4 1138 - Assassins Boot Utilities - Excellent 1142 - SID VIM -The only directory util?
U43 4 - Catalogue Workshop - Rather good U45 - 52 CI-IP IT! - 8 disks full of clipart 154 - Hard Disk I Ills - Wouldn't be without I 54 - TSB Vector Designer - For RSI fans U57 - M -«ydd II - Ultimate in transform 158 - POMulalor - An exceptional tool 161 - Interiustal Utils - Brilliant disk bench F .f-Bootable RRAD Boot Utils-Hi Roy!
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194 - Opti (Mb I - Excellent quality 198 - 104 High Qualm Clip
Art - 7 did* U118 • Pendle F.urupa I ________ U1I9 - Disk
master VJJ - flfcetory Utility LT21 - Spectrum Emulator 1131 -
Assassins MultirMon wX Mk' Ul39 - F-kdrocad V .4 - Latest!
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1(1 1792.
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I 200 - Imploder V4 - Uteri Release I 207 - Printer Utils-By the Assassins I 209 Dynamite Fonts) - More cut n passe I 210 - RSI VECTORBALLS ED (TOR 1211-RSI VKCTOROWECT EDITOR 1212 -pSI FONT EDITOR U2IJ* nfwwurd puzzle creator
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good 64 - Mental Image 1 - Beat PD selection G69 - DarkxtafT
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tTeKsihaxr - Powerful yet easy to we HOB - Rim Database - More involved B09 - Amibase 13.74 - Excelient database B19 - Inventory A Memopad - Very handy B12 - Business ( ard Maker - Pretty Good fe!4 - Vlricak - Similar to Lotus 1-2-3 on PC B15 - Micro F. macs - Text editor * S cbecket B17 -QED - Superb text editor R18- Trirtplux V3.9E - Edii muiched files' R19 - 600 BuUnext Utter* - Brilliant B2I - Bbase U - Easy to uvc database B22 - DataBase Wiz - Name & address B13 - TfUrngtnr V3 -Quality W Prowswt B30 - AMIBASE PRQFFXSIONA.L D APD36 - Amos updater VL32 Really Unlimited| APIU32 - Fai UMM cs
''...un Hilur-Preuy giHxl- PDI76- DataB»J( faster Vi APD257- (wti. I aheiier - For the inlays SLIDESHOWS & PICS P05 - Pendle Kuropa Slideshow - V Good PW - Sunsllde II - Exceptional quality Pll 2 - Nasa Slideshows - Both 1 & 2 here P25 - Roger I can - Excellent slideshow P2fl - Sunxlidc HI - Brilliant follow up P32 - Agatron 6 - From Tobias Richter P33 - Agatron 8 - More from Trs stable j P41 - Nemesis Prologue - From Haiabal P47 - Joe Slideshow - Exceptional artwflH P48 - P»y gnosis Slideshow - Raiher hnll P62'3 Channel 42 A Silents - Wry good] P6J - Agatron 12 - Fantastic quality H P66 -
Fration Future V iiiotK - Very ¦ P67 - Agatron 11 - lock'd.Me standards!
P76.7 - Nemesis Chapl. I - The next ctufl P78iX - Laurrl & Hardy - Brilliant far fans I P83 - Invisible World - Bug* n things PH5 - Robocop - By Haiubal. T'nMM’vqWc'' AI2 AI7- A19- A20- AI3- A48 - Busy A 49 - Fractal A58 - W alk - A6I - Agatron A62 - Stamp A63 - Juggler U - A67 R *9 - Station mi A70T 2-lzwfInSl A76 gatron 30- Millennial A 77 Agalron 17-Twok«nd A7K - Agalron 24 - Kull and A79 - galron 33 - Probe A bird of prey A8I 2 Walker A AlOOO - 2 Meg A83 Discosery Shuttle - Wry good A84 - Agatron 36 - Bird flight A87 - Car - l tus * Unicycle, brilliant A88 - Runsen Burner - Brilliant 3D
flight AH9 - Agatron 22 - includes apcoach ? More A90 - Agatron 24 - Belle Huey Helicopter A91 - Franklin tbe Fly - Need* 2 drive* M234 - Delta Music Editor - Wry good M236 7 8 - Deep Deep Trouble - Good M247 to M261 - Soundtracker - InwuaMh 267 8 - Sound harrier III - By Mark (ta) Billiards S A94,5 - X-Wing - Rather brilliant sequence A96 7 - Light Cyde - From Tron and Bnll!
A9X9 Vntil mraingj - 2 Meg A100.1.2 374 5 - live Wall - Ltccpoonal A107. H, * .T0 - The IjuxJing - 4 Meg Alii - Mar* - Atwllrtely incredible, get il!
All) - Juggette || - Another hilarious anim A115 - Agatron 27 - Book and others A116 - Agatron 28 - Disconnect Beautiful A117 - Agatron 29 - Millenium Falcon AI24 - Shuttlecock - By Eric Schw*tx A126 - Real 3D Anim - ‘Real Pinball" A127 - ktal 3D Anlm2 - T-Pot and ball* (7) j MUSIC M01 - Sound Sample* - Includes perfect sound M04 - Yangcltx - Bnlliant munc 4 graphics M10 - Jran Michrl Jam - With good put MIS- Araigadcua - By Rod Butcr. Bdl M19 - Uuttix 1 - M; Baxter «rikc* «W M 20 - ( iMsix 2 - More of hit fwmsdiNe work M3 5 - APD I 28 - MIDI UTILITIES M42 3-S M52 3 4 5 - Mo.
M589 60 - Metal Modules-Good jr***' T1 lor Strackrr 6 - Excellent disk pendemr II - Bt.il e tills -Bv iheu.itr Musk Data - Needs DM Jukrbov - Good Itdi Progranimn Imi Programmes - More J MKD V3J - Latest Edition!
U Chip Music - 43 tracks U hear
- Audiomagir VI.I - Bnlliant utilities 1175 Startrackrr - 8
track tracker (?)
1186 7 8 - Do The Bartman MI92 - Do The Bartman Re-Mix!!
MI46 - fWrlords Sound Utilities M198 9 - Vivaldi - By Rob Baxter M28I 2 3-House.Samples M 208 9 - RSI Modules Disks M214-Drums & Pipts - Brilliant M22J-R.SI Modulo Disk 3 M22S - AudknnagR V 2 - Mure utilities M227 - Piygmnn Samples - Sound sample* M230 - Jean Mlchei Jarre l.he - Brilliant AMOS licenceware) £3.50
I. PDI - Colouring Book - Simple for pre-Khoei children upwards
SI 21 LPD2 - Art Angrl Maths - Fducatianal games add. Subtract
cic. Etc 51A
I. PD3 - (inkaax - Wry effective follow up to the Dogfight game.
Excellent I meg LPD5 - Jungle Bungle - Superb adventure game
for kid*. Icon driven I mag
I. PfW - Work & Play - 3 educational game* for young kids.
Recommended I meg
I. PDI4 - Play It Safe - Aimed at educating the young kids about
safety LPD22 - 1.( 10 280 Fouls - flus enable* V0U 10 ]
install more fonts in vour printer __ SI
I. PD25 - I he Minioa - Bnlliant ti wnitcn in Hi Soft LPD27 •
Fkmrr Powrr - Eduatirtmllv anauatcd for the very young 1 uk*
I. PD2B - BudBiucI - Beautifully easy to we «nd extremely
user-friendly, cry it 512k
I. PD29 - B% Top Fun - Yet another brilliant educational game
from Len Tucker I meg
I. PD30 - Shy mer - Wonderful adventure game for Ud*. Beautiful
araohio 1 meg LPD32 - Hard Drive Mcu System - Superb bard
utility, used by us!
BOM- Amos Adventure Kit-Thu Omdi feosioenab, you lo create youi own adventure lOeot
- invoice Printer - For use by the Small films 1 meg 135 -
TtccDraw - Full tccluucal drawing
• gram- Fantastic result*. I meg 1,38 - Amos Art - Full of
goodies for inclusion own AMOS creations
- SprtteRank F-ditor - Bloody Superb, more? Need* AMOS
HftHjfrrtnir - Created using incentives 3D _nicely done' 1 meg
LPD4J - MtBIC BOX - The ultimate in music education for Lie - 1
VOH LPD44 - Mapik Clipart - Crystal clear images
afchpart.categc.ntad 512k LPD47 - Dirty CaA- Beautifully done
fnut 1 meg
I. PIM7 - Marvin the Mkrtian - A traditional maze game, for
children I meg
I. PD54 - Magpies Clipart 2 512k
1. PD51 - Magical Y'osmg .Vrtfc* - A ootounng in type program for
Iridt LPD52 - 1.( 24 200 FoWa - T compahbT U moSf MWr
LPD53-Magpies aipart 3 LPD54 - Magpies Clipart 4 LFD55 -
SpriteX VIJ2 - An u veruon and enhanced
I. PDS6 - C Ten VIJ2 - An cxtcnaion to AMOS to allow you to uae
icon based fonts which can be drawn in up to 16 colours- Some
fonts are supplied on disk. AMOS LPD65 - Power Planner VIJ - A
combination appointment planner and name and address daba-
base with telephone numbers, runs fine on 512k
I. PD68 - Virus Buster by Rod Pascoe - Wry easy to use Vuus
Killer with intuitive user interface.
Recognises all new Virii as well as the older ooe*.
Has bard drive install programme and full documentation lttseg
I. PD69 - Magical Mix-up - By Duty Software Wry addictive jigsaw
type game, you choose how manv pieces you wish to cut the
picture into, from 6 to 100 512k All Dcja Vu products listed
are fully A500 plus compatible!
I uropo: Please add 20p per disk.
World; Please add 40p per disk AC POSTBAG POSTHAliW "OSTBAGi POSTBAG POSTbI 1A i POMflHK IBAG nr ¦I ¦.!. I'.AiDtjflMKin h .j i 1A(. HostMo POSTBAGJ® I V-..... I w tFssmtnfCl jURFS SURFS 5Sj • URPS SURF LFSSllRft ¦OSTBAG t RKsl 1AG POST ilRfa ’OSTBAG Ezra Surf's Postbag L etterslZ CoverOisk. The December '91 issue had a massive 212 pages and a CoverOisk, reflecting the success and ever- increasing value of what I consider an excellent magazine. However, this does pose a small practical problem with the Amiga Computing binder as it can now no longer hold 12 issues. Is thee any
possibility of a solution to this before the June '92 issue? (PS making the magazine 88 pages again is NOT an option!)
Steve Phillips, Stevenage, Herts Well, you will be pleased to know that our binders are now thicker and wider than ever before, it should be just about possible to cram twelve Issues of AC into our stylish new black binder.
An honest pirate?
Cot something to soy through the pages of AC?
Ezra Surf is our mailman, dedicated to sitting in a corner reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication. Ezra's favourite letters now get rewarded with an exclusive Amiga Computing designer T-shirt.
Drop him a line at: Ezra Surf's Postbag, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKIQ 4NP.
Please don't enclose sacs as Ezra just hasn't got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don't be offended if you get the chop.
In response to your article, I feel compelled to write in defence of some of us so-called pirates. I pirate games. I have many, many disks full of the so-called latest software, some of which hasn't even been released over here yet, ie Midwinter II, Utopia etc. However I'd like to explain why I pirate software Although I have lots Of disks full of games, they usually get loaded up and played for a few hours and then they sit in the disk box until I either blank them or copy something else over them. I suppose you can call me an end user. I very rarely pass copies on to other people, and I
very rarely use the pirated games more than a few times.
Yes copying them in the first place is stealing, but what harm are people like me doing in the industry? Not any I believe. I still buy software, but it has to be really good to warrant me spending $ 30 to $ 100 on it. Call me an honest pirate, I suppose. Many times I have gone out and bought the original when I had a copy already. I Absolute Beginners plying at an alarming rate - viz the Earls Court show which at 11am could only be described as worse than a packed tube train in the Christmas rush hour. With so many users new to the Amiga, there is a market for a beginners’ feature in your
magazine and it should tackle one project a month using the same step-by-step guide as your excellent MED tutorials* For starters, I would like to be able to take a formatted disk, make it self-booting, create a customised startup sequence, and copy the files from my CoverOisk and PD collection which I find most useful, This will enable me to format the old disks and create more space in my disk boxes! Will Amiga Computing take up the challenge to show us growing army of novices how to understand the basics instead of allowing us to be caught up in the rush of jargon and technology, just
scratching the surface and wondering what it's really all about?
C Kostryke, Kent I don't really see what's alarming about more people catching the Amiga bug. It's good to see people making the most of the machine with hardware and software which Is advancing month by month.
I can understand your frustration with jargon. The problem is that beginners have to be introduced to the Ins and outs of CU, floppies and commands eventually.
If you picked up last month's issue you will have already had the benefit of our Absolute Beginners booklet. Now, why not take a look at part one of our major new series especially for beginners, which starts in this issue?
When I bought my Amiga in December 1988, it was still a very new and unknown machine. I read the limited reviews, made my choice and have never regretted it.
Now, three years later, the hobby has taken over an entire comer of my living room.
I have about $ 0 magazines (mostly AQ, over 200 disks, including coverdisks, public domain, business software and of course games. I have added to the hardware over the years and am quite proud of my collection.
The computer is used every day without exception (mostly by my 12-year-old son) and a large slice of time is allotted to the hobby.
I now ask the question - can we afford to spend all this time "staring at a screen" as my daughter puts it? Are we putting our experience to beneficial use? Are we getting the best out of it, and what on earth did we do with all this spare time before the Amiga came along and dominated our lifestyles?
How many of your other readers must be asking themselves the same question, having got themselves trapped by the ever-increasing wealth of available information, more elaborate software and sophisticated manuals and accessories? Do we have time to read them and apply them properly?
There must be so many like me who have not had the time to fully appreciate and understand our machines, yet every article I have read which purports to be for "beginners" usually rambles off into technical jargon, CU, this file that file, until eventually it is cast aside in despair along with all the other so-called tutorials.
There is no doubt that the growing interest in Amiga and other computers is multiDrawing a blank Whilst I agree with most of the article Knaves & Thieves in the October issue, I do not agree that if software piracy was eliminated then prices for software would probably drop.
The only result would be higher prices due to there being less of a threat from these pirates.
The only reasonable answer to this problem is the one that was applied to the cassette tape industry, who were also faced with piracy. That is, a small levy on every blank tape sold - to be distributed amongst the record companies.
Treat the world of software piracy kind of like shareware - mind you I'm honest. Have you ever tried learning to play Powermonger without the instructions?!
Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.
I haven't included my full name and address mainly because I don't want my computer confiscated by the cops.
Rob X, Perth, Australia I won't call you an "honest pirate" because the simple fact is you are a criminal. If you don't think you are doing any harm to the software industry you're not just arrogant, you're stupid too.
A bit of a bind I have been a reader of Amiga Computing since its first issue and have bought every issue since then. Every year I buy the blue binder and place the allotted 12 issues therein. The original June 88 issue had 88 pages and no This solution could be easily applied to software use.
One could argue that genuine users of disks suffer as well as copiers, but no outcry was heard from cassette tape users.
I personally would not mind an extra five or ten pence on the price of a disk, if it kept the games software industry in a developing market.
Geoff Bonell, Lancs I'm not entirely convinced that you can draw a valid parallel between the music industry and computing. A blank floppy can be used for storing data, PD or even your own programming efforts.
A blank audio cassette, on the other hand, is typically used for copying either radio broadcasts, Cds or albums. It is true to say that some people record their ?
ATARI ST BUDGET AMIGA BUDGET TITLE ______ ST 3 Stooges 699 3-0 Pod -7.90 AtfcFrdtUacrine 690 Mwtunar 690 Aftowre flangar 790 Jwancid . £00 Artanoidi 690 Aon** Haim* 699 bMa (Print Ml BaimmCdpedCrjs .6.89 Baiman the Mw» .6.99 Battieebp6 7.99 Bubbt* Bobbta 6.99 Carrie Command 799 Otyetak) Squares... 699 CrwefceEggt 690 ChudaeEgg2.- .690 ColoesusCtmH -.790 TITLE_______ ST Chalwga 690 Dd ot me Earth 699 Defender d iie Croan .7 99 Dalui* S p Pflkd 699 .690 Dotfcie Dragon . Fail Food ......6.99 Hood .699 FootdlMans* 699 FootM! Manager 2
7.99 Forgotten Wgd*699 GauidWII- -609 Grntly 690 OerrtmlL. 790 KwiHbersG'jdatt GaUiy 699 ....690 Last Nr* II ...690 899 nOCCG. Ow vitfad Jktoon ktocraake 3S.. 699 North ft SdLitt 6 99 New Zealand Swy. 699 P**toy -699 TITLE .-....._S» Treasure island Otzry 4* Operates Well 690 Oirtnm 91 Pi*nd ...790 Paemira _l PraartasyWorldDuxjr 69S P’Odacr 6J0 fUCLomoardfttV 698 Bambo3 .....6J0 Red He*- 6.99 R-Type...._ 690 Shnobi____________760 SlkWorm .690 Shjntcar Racer 760 Swdebbtide 690 Thtrderblade (96 TV Spons (US) Fooirf ..790
TfMNHliMCter 4.99 Vfltaffll_________6» WC JXMxmi _6J9 wumi 6K WaDMC .-..-769 Xonpn.. Xew 2______.799 TITLE AMIGA DfllCfthdE** £» Dflie-CtftfMCrwi 759 Oeiae Stnp Poker .690 0«?9*9» w*r .690 DouM Dragon 690 FasiFood- 690 Rood . 690 ocffiaJ Manager .6.99 FooibaJ Manager 2 799 Forgotten Words 6.99 Gaurdet II ~690 Gravty ..-600 Hteh Hkers Guide to Galax) .690 «? .....690 Last Nr* 1 ..690 Lear* Goddess d Phoboa- - 890 Uchae j*w Ikt mMktt .6.90 NsfiiSfcth 6.99 NswZMlaraJ Story.. 6.99 Papeft» _699 T(«as.re 'sand toy 4 99 AVGA 889
TM* ..... Asm 8T 40QQMNG-
......J B'tiOO 30 constructor *crr .2999 29.90
3D MASTER Gtxr 53 90 23 A320 Aifl BU5
CHAMPION OF THE RAJ Auy Frut Mtfhr* 699 Afterburner 699
A«b»me Ranger. _ .7.99 MjflOd . .5.00 A-xanod II.
699 Aid Mage Hammer 699 Bjrturar II Mace} .699 Basnan Caped Crus.
699 Elaran tne Mrnie .. 699 Baneshps ..7SS 3uw« Bcttw...... .690 Camar Command ..7.99 Centrefold Squares .699 OxddeEggi
8. 99 DuJue6gg2------
8. 99 Colossus Chau......-
- 7.99 Corbnenal Crew... 699 Crazy Cara------- (99 OalyOoube
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Interceptor. 688 Attack Sub. Indy 566 PRECIOUS METAL - £15.99
Xenon, Captain Blood, C azy Cars and Arkanoid MIND GAMES-£1499
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Fk* Oanjmus. Kpaay PaW 2 P47 Camar Cwranfl, Ferar hmjH Ore
TEST DRIVE 2 COLLECTION - £21.99 Musde Cara. Caldomia
Challenge. Eurooean Chaleng . Duel Super Cara ADDICTED TO FUN
RAINBOW COLLECTION - £14.99 New Zealand Story, Bubble BobOe,
Rainbow Islands MAGNUM 4 - £17.99 Afterburner. Doube Dragon.
Operation Wo«. Batman taped Crusader HEROES - £16.99 (ST ONLY)
Barbarian 2. Running Man. Star Wars. LOOM* lb Kill SOCCER
MANIA - £16.99 FxOH Uanagv 2. Ucom98 Saxtr. Fmt* Maragir AM
Cut Edlor 4 Gazu s S cr Saxe QUEST AND GLORY - £21.50
Mdwinter, Cadaver, B.A.T.. Iron Lord & Bloodwych
T. N.T.-£15.99 Hard Driviri. Tdbftin. Xybdtt, A P B. & Dragon
Spirtl Please make cheques and P.O’s payable lo SATURN
SOFTWARE. P&P Is included in the UK. Orders under £10 please
add 100p P&P per item Europe please add £3.50 per item.
Elsewhere please add £4.50 per item. MAIL ORDER ONLY Amiga Computing March 1992 Name..... Address .
Computer ...... Date.. Title ...... Price.
. Price.
. Price.
Postcode .... Tel ...Code AMC MAR ? X Access n VisaD Cheque ? P.O’s. ?
Access and V«e may itcix »mjl sircnarg*_ .....* Total.
Cheque Pos.. L ettersfZ ?
Own first generation stuff on to cassette, but I think you will find that experience fairly limited in comparison to blank floppies which are commonly used for original data.
It's an interesting proposal though. I wonder what the European Software Publishers Association would make of it... Pay your dues I was very interested in the news item about Saddam on the December issue of AUI. I tested their disk (as I do with all new disks) with Virus Checker, so kindly supplied by you.
The Saddam box came up and then informed me it had deleted the di$ k-validator file.
I then copied the file from my Workbench disk and it now works fine.
I wrote to AUI two days after purchasing their mag (about four weeks ago now) but so far have not had a reply. Since installing Virus Checker I have found one Byte Bandit and one Lamer which VirusX and ZeroVirus had missed.
Although I do not get too paranoid about viruses, I am going to send some money to the author, as I think anyone who tries to make life easier for us should be recognised. I don't buy a lot of commercial software as I am more of a tinkerer than a player.
Final words - always check new disks with an up-to- date virus checker and your Amiga days will always be fun. You have a great magazine although there are too many adverts for items that I don't think a lot of us can afford!
Brian Trovers, Leicester If everyone sent the author of Virus Checker a fraction of the cash they have saved by using it he would be a very rich man.
I obviously can't comment as to why AUI haven't replied to you - perhaps your letter got caught up in the Christmas post.
Feel the width As a subscriber of several years standing to the best computer magazine on the market, I would ask you to please pay a little attention to the size of your binders.
I have copies since issue one and am finding it quite impossible to get twelve copies into a single binder - Are you trying to sell the maximum number of binders?
Whatever your objective, it is most frustrating to have to fight with the binder only to find that about ten issues is the maximum load.
Incidentally I am now needing further binders, but I am putting off ordering them until I know what your response to this letter might be.
V Eva, Lancashire If our binders get any bigger they will be too heavy to lift up and open! We reckon you can just about get 12 issues into the new binder, but if AC continues to grow at the current rate we will have to review the situation again pretty soon.
A case of real ESP lust a quick note to say thanks for putting Virus Checker
5. 24 on your CoverDisk. It saved me a lot of hair pulling as I
picked up Saddam on the CoverDisk of a rival mag! - same month
(ironic eh?) - Did you have ESP? FixSaddam worked eventually
although I found the docs a bit mis* Ezra online Ezra Surf can
be contacted on a whole host of bulletin boards and
conferencing systems. If you have anything to say, get it off
your chest online!
Amiga Computing also has its own Fidonet echo which is being carried by BBS systems throughout Europe. Any Fido sysops interested in hooking up should collect AMIGA COMP off the backbone.
If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact Tony Miller, sysop of our home board - 01 for Amiga.
Additionally our mailman with the most, Ezra Surf, hangs out on the following services: Service Account number Prestel 999800263 Telecom Cold 74:MIK911 CiX amigacomputing CompuServe 70007,4734 The Direct Connection uadi 132 01 for Amiga Amiga Computing leading, but that's not your fault! Brill mag... buy it all the time... blah... blah... Do I win a genlock?
C Stock, Macclesfield Nope, no genlock, but thanks for your comments. Of course we have ESP, that's why we put a virus checker on our disks every couple of months!
Saved from Saddam Two items from a grateful reader. First, I use the Virus Checker from your November CoverDisk. As a routine I boot up my Amiga 1500 with the disk on to which I have copied the Virus Checker. I run the Virus Checker, then put any new disks I have acquired into df1.
I did this with the AUI CoverDisk from the December 1991 magazine on the morning that the magazine was first on sale. The reaction from my Amiga 1500 was to say that the disk in df 1 was write-protected. I made it writ-enabled, re-inserted and immediately got the danger signal that a Saddam-type virus had been found on the disk validator, and this had been destroyed.
I telephoned AUI, and was told 'They knew about it, but it had not been confirmed that it was Saddam". I advised that I was sending the disk back to them for replacement virus-free, and was concerned that many Amiga owners may not yet have any virus-cheking discipline.
This morning I have received a replacement disk from Aul's duplicators, TIB. The first couple of lines of their letter read "Thank you for returning your CoverDisk.
Enclosed please find a replacement copy." The letter then takes 25 lines to tell me of a special offer on 3.5in diskettes. In the circumstances I find this a callous lack of concern for the problem and its possible consequences.
I read your article "Saddam on the loose" in the January Issue with great interest. I had hoped to see some mention in the January 1992 issue of AUI which I expected to see on sale yesterday. I have not seen it on sale. I have seen many copies of the December issue Still on date.
I am grateful indeed to your magazine for its Virus Checker and also for writing the news article to bring the problem to public notice.
W H Sarmon, Derbyshire It's great to hear that we managed to potentially save some data for you, and It just goes to show that you can never be too careful with any disk.
It's not what you know - it's who you know!
TECHNICAL PROBLEMS We o ® happy to answer your technical problem* in our ACAS section Send your letters to ACAS at the oddress below NEWSDESK If you have a news story, send it to John Butters at the address below. If your story is URGENT call him on 0625 878888 during office hours GALLERY We ore always on the look-out for good Amiga art.
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Please don't send us SAEs, we can't promise to reply to every letter so it really i a waste of your stamp Sorryt AMIGA COMPUTING EUROPA HOUSE ADUNGTQN PARK MACCLESFIELD SK104NP T A Amiga A500 Plus PL US Bart Simpson, Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint 111, Lemmings (game of the year) Pl us FREE 10 games: Dungeon Quest, Kid Gloves, Flight Path 737, E-Motion, Plutos, * ? Artificial Dreams, Space Station, Eye of Horus, Power Play, Tower of Babel Pl us K FREE Mouse mat, FREE Crystal gift Voucher Only I (value £5) Amiga A500 Plus Pl us FREE 25 games Bart Simpson, Dungeon Quest, Artificial Dreams,
Tower of Babel, Eye of Horus, Monster Slam, Ice Hockey, Jump Jet, E-Motion, Slayer, Starray, Microprose Soccer, Quadralien, 5 Gear, DataStorm,' _ Thai Boxing, RV Honda, Space Station, Shuffiepuck, Warzone, Kid Gloves, Battle Valley, Starblaze, Star Goose, Steel.
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Iteroo complete ccmaJ xm&r induang: Vidi Amiga; Vidi Cttccur, Via RGB vftxxor. Pint Lmiw orfer;_.
____ £159.95
o ‘New* Vidi Amiga Via Amigi; Vidi Chrtitte (Phottc
Paittiiraadocer;------£115.95 Rombo Vidi PCS (decwnic colour
splffier- inc. Psll.
- £69.55 £m» Performer V2- TVTocftoteiioiaj Video Eneds 30--
¦ioownaief--- DeSuxePauxfl-- Qireaorv2__ to .i?umjaon,.---
WdtD MUflUfiOft.
P?«0f ? sol2-- Vista--- mrr v*j»afca»Y tS&JSftuK-- X-CAD30------ Cass DOS_ DOS 2 DOS______ XR ftaessionai_~ Aiho-i- _~ SoundMax--- feiioOocgifioes RealoDptfGcesaonaJ LiliCcOrr- iataCvil- Or.TKCSvo____ ff0fe&ons]Pagev2-- SaxaSajptProKSiiceai----- Saon ftbiisto (Ulttiua 01?,.
RGdsType-------- Pa*. Pal--- warne Cadber PAL colour.
Mari-planr---- Monitors Veto Stereo 14' colour u w k» p««. • 2iJ too. «&.
Rtii ofi. ,.T«»CC uTOO jCOmXj---£239.95 Commodore 10o-iS s&reo uaca man m m* c-a£235.55 Gazea Tnwcroo Mult-sync----------£349.95 Philips Stereo SS33MRII Inc rose Ms Suaaiewc -£24995 StlSSi ia»az7.SS - ptMesac «60u Commodore 195014* raalu-iync bi swivel £449.95 iPCiaethatceie-SUjlXldOJiXiK Disks KAO 35' DSDO1359* bulk. Alt bisis lOCfii error we.
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Amiga hard drives RAM po«wr supply____ Commote A5S0 20Mb Orb RAM- ProfttVS Scribble Piadaum- ProWrae 3.1- ¦ j26SHQ £139.95 SupraModea 2400------------iWll-Tr-mn SupoMo&a2400MNP (MNP 2-5) ---£15&00 SupoModon 2400 Plus (MNP V2406 £179 SupoModea 9600 Plus ,V32 MNP V42bis) £499.95 all motes ccoe v*uh SEE £5232 lead Kgsoa scanre Peripherals Commote A2o6fi XT brkfrboad. -___£229.95 Commodore A2300015002000 mwraJ genlock£S9.9S Commote 1535 display ouncer i50C XOV s£2& multi-sync mctej-------1229.95 Cuaasaieflul dtsk drive----£59.95 SrtpoRAM xijRX sitraiine memory expiate U a expansion port
utihbus pass, oiroughiefiraodesocwa o&ssw&h.
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Me LC-lfl. .w teasa-es mcLde 1 Socps cbAj 45cps niQ, mono, 6i«J5,mctionybaCur, paper park.auokac £165.95 SurLC-200 Coicur mono, 5 pin. 45cps nlq 180cps£toa lii speed dnac 22k?s,0K0 buber, trbbon ptsa poll tfa ur £205.55 StrLC-24200 Poicit 12*12 dtavir inc pui pdKuftOf _il91S5 EdmuJ 52S?dsk drive-----£M5i6 ffllCiSflloci___________..£234.95 higb Quality cuo WcacST Amgi. Pb tomSMPTEgaaatf-- Miaijea genlock... SakiasiOuSe Modems Colour mono. 24 pm, 67qs nic; 2COcp6 cart hi sped dan 222cps. 7 b buaer, opaaeabat so 39Kb, 10 foots, optional xtt caaas sicboo push or aaoorpui £29555 Star
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push i»3or, edvaxed paper park, aaofcd, 1 yearoo-sae wnanty
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letter m 43 pa i&£uce;4SL0jbnCb. 14LQ£om£5( «00cps5q 552q«s
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Cf6niQ,?3perpaiCi-------£1154)0 Saoda -7-20 24 pin .xtecock
printer, amabngsive vsasuaderaiapiop;--------------- £270 0-
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21Rbusef,192gsdralt,48cpbn](; £144.90 Scidsiu $ --52 24- n, 240
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Seaturei A iupab printer eaiy-£211-99 Gt£anl20Dr______£13375
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Priwer sand NkxmalJy £29S5, wtet ordered wih any printer, only---------£142)5 We stock a full range or books, joysticks, ribbons,music software, hardware, disk storage, boxes, cables, etc. Please call: 04024 3843S Government and trade orders welcome free colour kit with Sws pnriers, woth £39.95 Commodore mPS 1270 akjd__£18935, GtocnSwiS9._ CatcEem Smv: 24_ Commodore's ClhV Multimedia system for the home.
?A new dimension - A new lower price.
The ultimate in home entertainment and education IN CL UDES :DTV ....489.00 ?( Welcome. A guise to CDTV (value) 34.99 Lemmings (Arcade classic) (value) 34.99
- & Hutchinson's Encyclopedia (value) 49.99 ¦& Intra-Red Remote
Pack value : £608.97 £489, Other CDTV Titles Education Animate Colouring Bk ...16.95 A Bun tor Barney (3-5)-.29.95 Barney Bear Coes to Entertainment School Sattleaorm ..25.95 Cinderella (6*) 34.95 Classic Board Carnes 29.95 Fun School 3 (3-5) .21 .95 Defender of the Crown ..25.95 LTV English .29.95 Falcon ..41.99 My Paint (3-9) .25.95 Case of Gautios Condor.29.99 Paper Bag Princess (6+) 29.95 Bade Chess .36.00 Sim Gty ......25.95 ? Music Pro Tennis Tour II 25.95 CD
Remix ..25.95 Psycho Killer ...25.95 ¦Music Maker ..29.95 Sherlock Holmes 37.95
* Musicolour T.B.A Spirit of Ex.calibur 29.95, ?
Team Yankee ..25.95 Arts & Leisure Women in Motion
25.95 This is a small list Trees, Shrubs, Conifers .29.95 of
titles available.
Indoor Plants ..29.95 Full list is sent with orders.
Amiga A500 computer bMwsl Plus lack 512K RAM expansion UflL Plus Pro-write 2.5 - word processor Deluxe Paint II-art Deluxe Print II-pretty!
Intofile-flfeatee Music Mouse - at least it doesn't squeak!
Logo + talking turtle- Childrens an language learning Lets Spell at home - educational BBC emulator-zeadyoirtoMbeebrite Plus 10 blank disks, deluxe mouse mat ¦& resource file - curriculum guide ¦& introductory video- pop it into the VCR and relax FREE 10 great games - ror when the serious stuff finishes Stotal retail V3i FREE Crystal gift voucher £1070.00 (value £6) Crystal prit Backup service We honour the oanarc s as given iy the rrjnuacuier. Ii*62 only
x. proof of podase. Whae Amiga hadwte has tailed Li the first 22
days, wc wiU exchange oat 3cm with a new replacement Artrr;«
days apipfnent wul be repaired.
Collections Visitors are welcome at our retail showtoom and coUecaons can be arranged wife dbpatoK marker - phene £W 24 32436.
+•••••»»»»*••• Finance 1 Credit facilities Ail afetiteed products ov« £100 canbepuchaicdcnou- Oedixhargc aorc owl. Tailored as yo-r needs. APR 36.3% To gj order - ¦jiat telephone our sale, hotline flurnber-MOM 3843$ Sam to t Opm. Quote your kill nraand address, your Access Vsa Cmfitcbaige amber, along with ¦yaur reqwrements. Lndodc your daytime telephone number. Or, send your personal building society cheque barbers draf wife lull details, to our mail order address: Unit 4,1 la Station Lane.
Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6Ji_ Afl prices are indiajvc of VAT.
Vouchers Our debar g» vouchers can be easily used, juit phone cur sales Tsitnbcr-04C24 32432. To .
¦purchase a get voucher, ca2 ou s"* tefe-n. If you haw rcocved a aeeg* voucher iron us f« per Full wnoen details available or.
Rwjuesc. Subject tosaos. Finance a tof OX ma-'Jard A»scna and - Sf K Personal only. Vo- may use any lenxad Credacburge card ice_ purchas subject to cedi: limit.
Aoooosaftddddo© Delivery. Carriage charges Pfcase add £3 per uder ior pcnt-rpacking. Socks**, books, camdges f 120 per icm. Largtf sens up to 25Kg a* sen: toured pc6t coun JSevict. Nc*t worfang day £650. Orders ov« £150 nc sen: by courier add £5.
Special Sauday ocuvcry car. Oe arranged All or den. RcCicvcd by
• JiSOpm will be dspsched some ~ day subject Jo avaibilky. Or
unless ocherwae msffuctod, i.e. grtiday peso*, «c. All above UK
mainland only. LExpW- SrJO, Channel hies - details on request
fL 'P Crystal Ball Special Pi This months Crystal Bah
'Euromouse' ST Amiga j swhchable.
Unit 4,11a Station Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6JL, Tel: 04024 38438, Fax: 04024 44399 Showroom 174 High Street, Hornchurch, Essex.
Showroom prices may differ from those advertised.
FF-563 BBASF n V5.0; A simple database program using an intuition interface. Sons and searches for information. Limited to 9 fields in each record features include fast sorting in any field, and best of all it is really easy to use.
FF-564 DISKEY V2.1: A sector oriented disk monitor with lots of useful features like disassemble, user friendly ASCII and HEX editing facility and extensive search options. Useful for salvaging data from damaged disks or learning about the .Amiga's inner workings.
FF-568 CALORIEBASE Vl.l: A program designed to provide a calorific and fat count for reripies that do not provide this information. It can also quickly give the calories for a specific food or total the calories you consume throughout the day.
FF-571 SYSINFO V2.53: A program which reports interesting information about the configuration of your machine including chip versions and some speed comparisons FF-572 Ml LTIPLOT XLNc; An intuitive data plotting program featuring flexible input options, arbitary text addition, automatic scaling, zuon and slide with clipping at boundaries, a range of output file formats and publication, quality printed output.
Workbench printers are supported via transparent use of the PLT: device. Postscript and HP laserjet are directly supported FF-573 MULTIPLAYER Vl.l la: Music plaver program that plays Soundtracker Noisetracker modules MED modules and over 15 other types Contains a single control panel and allows creating “programs" to play a list of modules in sequence or random order Plays modules at correct speed regardless of video mode (NTSC PAL) works well with das 1.3 and 2.0 machines FF-57** NEWZAP Y’3.3: A third generation file, sector editing utility from the author of filezap.
Displays and edits full 512 byte sectors via a 106 character wide internal font. Includes a search feature to find specific strings or hex digiis forwards or backwards. User customizable with new printing feature added. Plus compatible.
PF-575 AMIGATONTSG Patches graphics library so it will think you have an NTSC Amiga. Custom windows open in the mode selected. AMIGATOPAL aLso included.
FF-576 TERM II Vl.l: A telecommunications program with some nice features, including an Arexx pon. External process communications, XPR support, Programmable function keys, postscript downloading to laser printer, phone book, programmable panel buttons, public screen support etc. documentation in English and French. Requires dos 2.0. FF-J77 TURBOQU ANTU.M A SCSI bit twiddler program that will set or clear the “disable disconnection" bit in a quantum drives control parameters. Can result in a large performance boost on some systems.
FF-578 SPICE3 V3e2 A circuit analysis program This version was written in C and includes dynAMIGAlly allocated memory, interactive post processing and graphical plots. Requires j minimum of 1 meg.
FF-579 BINTOHUNK A utility to convert a raw data file (text, bitmapped graphic etc) into an Amiga hunk format object file that can be linked using Blink FF 580 WORLDDATABANK V2.2; Using a database of coordinates compiled by the QA and made available under the freedom of information act, this program plots world maps in cylindrical or spherical projections with various degrees of magnification. Includes the largest available data file for detailed mapping of even small sections of the globe, Disk includes source code THF. FRED FISH BOOK A fully descriptive book with 128 pages along with a full
sorted index. Covers disks 1 to 560 only £4.99. ALL DISKS LISTED IN THIS COLUMN ARE 500 ft 500+ COMPATIBIT DFJA-VU UCENSEWARE £3.50 PER DISK INCLUSIVE LPD 001 COLOURING BOOK: A nice colouring in program with several nursery rhyme pictures an excellent program for voung children LPD-004 THIXGA.WAJIG: Kiddies jigsaw type program with 24 pictures to choose from and a difficulty level. 1 meg.
LPD-008 WORK AND PLAY: 3 educational programs for the kids, Click Clock, Fun Times Tables and Lets Go Shopping. 1 meg.
IPD-010 THE W ORD FACTORY: neat spelling game for the kids. 1 meg.
LPD-015 .ARC ANGELS SHAPES: Fun for the kids.
Build colourful pictures from predefined shapes. 1 meg.
IPD-022 LC10 FONTS; Down load more fonts to your Star LC10 or LC200 printer. .Also a utility to help create your ow n fonts for these pnnters.
IPD 029 BIG TOP FUN: A top quality educational program three games based on circus acts. 1 meg LPD 0,39 MAGIC FOREST IL Version 1 was given away free with .Amos this program is far superior and continues the stop- set by version l 1 meg.
LPD 041 RESCUE: A 3D adventure in which you must solve a murder. You can dick on objects and examine them for clues etc excellent value.
I. PD-052 LC24 200 FONTS: Down load more fonts to your 24 pin
printer. This program is compatible with most 2*1 pm printers.
IJPD-05" KIDDIES CLIP ART: Lots of gocxi quality clip art designed with children in mind. Can be used in your favourite graphics package.
LPD-065 POWER PLANNER & DIARY CHECKER: A database in which you can store telephone numbers and addresses etc also a diary to help keep track of appointments, LPD-067 CYADONLA (CYAD Uh The follow up to Cyad with improved graphics and even more devious puzzles, very addictive.
POIIYSOFT UCENSEWARE £3.00 PER DISK INCLUSIVE PS-001 SPACE BLOB: Multi Level game where you collect all the gkwing items but avoid the heasties like the plague.
PS-003 Q-BOID: A nice variation on the tetris theme, good fun and very addictive PS-005 SUBCULTURE: A shoot em up similar to R-Type with extra large creatures at the end of each level.
PS-007 DIZZY LIZZY'S DASH: A boulder dash type game with large graphics.
PS-008 DIZZY LIZZY'S EDUCATIONAL 1: Four games to make learning fun.
PS-009 DIZZY IJZZY'S EDUCATIONAL 2: Three games to continue the theme that learning can be run.
PS-011 TRON: A two player variation of the light cycles gartVO.
PS-013 BOUNTY BOBS HIGH NOON: Playing tlie part of Lucky Luke you have lo capture 20 bad guys dead or alive. 1 meg.
PS-014 CLASSROOM MATHS: A selection of Mathematical games so your kids can learn and plav at the same time.
PS-015 CRYSTAL CAVERNS: A follow up to space blob with more levels and oh no more monsters.
FLETCHER FONTS DISKS each disk is full of various fonts ideal for a paint program or video titling, only £15 per pack inc. FF-P1 Fletcher Colour Pack (1) 6 disks FF-P2 Fletcher Colour Pack (2) 6 disks FF-P3 Fletcher Colour Pack (3) 6 disks FF-P4 Fletcher Colour Pack (4) 6 disks FF-PA Fletcher Mono Pack (1)6 disks FF-PB Fletcher Mono Pack (2) 6 disks ALL DISKS LISTED IN THLS COLUMN AH 500 A 500* COMPATIBLE GA-001 STAR TREK: 2 disks a very popular .u~r with good sounds and graphics.
GA 006 RETURN TO EARTH; A nice r- « trading game very similar to Elite.
GA-033 CASTLF. OF DOOM: An adventure game with graphics.
GA-034 COLOSSAL & WORLD: 2 text adventure* on one disk.
GA-035 GAMES 1: Slot Cars. AMIGA, Sea Haven , SensoprO.
GA-036 GAMES 2: AMIGAids. Amoeba. Pacccr Accordian & Girl Actions.
GA-037 GAMES J: Trek Trivia II. Chess, Reu-rv ,s Paranoids.
GA-038 GAMES 4: Monopoly, Five in a Line a Labyrinth.
GA-039 GAMES 5: Sorry. Retaliatory P3cman8" GA-044 GAMES 6: Marble Slide, Lore Of Conquest & Head Games.
GA-045 GAMES 7; Down Hill, Hollywood & Master Mind.
GA-046 GAMES 8: Trek Trivia HI. Space War & Tron.
GA-047 GAMES 9: Tricky, Drive Wars & 3D Tu Tac Toe.
GA-048 GAMES 10; Puzz, Impcrium Konunun.
Sys&Mini Blast GA-050 GAMES 12: Snake Pit. China Challenge & Rubic.
GA-052 GAMES 14: Blackjack Lab & Moon Base GA-055 GAMES 15; Back Gammon. Push Over.
Puzzle Pro & Egyptian Run.
GA-059 GAMES 16: Drip & Roll On.
GA-063 GAMES 19: Air Ace H. Triangle. Mosaic A Word Puzzle.
GA-086 DYNAMITE DICK: Collect the gold, be careful with the dynamite, get the key, watch that bat.
GA-087 ZEUS: An addictive puzzle game that gets harder and harder GA-091 ROLI.ERPEDF. 4 MEGABALL: 2 very good games worth having in any collection.
G. V092 DESTINATION MOONBASE: A Lunar lander type game with good
graphics and sound effects, GA-094 MORLA Y'3.0: A very popular
role playing game.
GA-105 ELECTRIC TRAIN: Build and run an electric train set.
GA-111 RAID: A shoot em up that requires good reflexes.
GA-112 DITRIS: A two player Tetris type game and just as addictive!
GAT 15 SERENE: A two player shoot em up.
Collect weapons while trying to avoid obstacles and get a clear shot at your opponent.
GA-126 CARD SHARP: A professionally presented compendium of solitaire type card games.
ALL CHEQUFA, BANKERS ORDERS PAYABLE IN POUNDS STERLING TO: UNIQUE COMPUTING AND DRAWN ON A RANK IN THF. UX 2 DISK CATALOGUE £2.00 or £1,00 W ITH ORDF.R 1-4 Disks £2.00 per Disk 5-9 Disks ......£1.75 per Disk 10* Disks .....£1.50 per Disk Minimum Foreign Order 6 disks Europe please add ..£0.50 per Disk Rest of World add ...£1.00 per Disk Above Prices apply to P.D. & Shareware only Ijcenseware Ls as quoted. All prices include postage & packing. Please send orders (O: UNIQUE COMPUTING Dept A C 114 Salters Road, Gosforth,
Newcasdc Upon Tyne NE3 3UP England Telephone or Fax 091-284 7976 E* GEHMiB 144 CPS 80 COLUMN
• Qtutn 120D+ 9 pin 80 column
• U4cps Drift, 30cps NLQ
• 4K Printer Butter + 2 Fonts
• Parallel Interlace as Standard
• Graphics Resolution 240x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Puli tractor & bottom teed
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA FREE
• ted tin Anywhrt n Bit UK fitmlrd FREE STARTER KIT WrCS*
WthMryUinpjnnwhcmSta 2 YEAR WARRANTY Ste* yv * 2 J**r mtrtnty
(noudflg srntir hudi rtf) «*»n Citgw prrtw tram S*ci WINDOWS
3.0 mm Mnnnct onion Tha COO ynrse s MutM w«ti a urn niif%c« K»
fl15.« %• wra n»OM« FREE COLOUR KIT ftW« *n*ry s«01 9 a"d Swffl
?4* pwttr FREE HELPLINE tahVJl MOM Mitel own (tenon At now*
MADE IN THE UK C*wn trehen am manjUclurtd to ftagh Tmnfarft
+VW-C135.13 ref: PRI2120 rvn"ITr7T7MI D0T MATRIX 1 lZiEilN I &
NOTEBOOK Silica presents some great offers on the award winning
range of high quality matrix printers from Citizen. Each
Citizen printer is built in the UK to exacting standards,
ensuring superb reliability and output. Our confidence in
Citizen's quality is such that we are pleased to include a 2
year guarantee with every printer. Plus, if you buy a Citizen
printer from us. We will give you the Silica Systems Printer
Starter Kit (worth £29.38). FREE OF CHARGE!
24 pin PRINTERS pin PRINTERS 192 CPS 136 COLUMN 192 CPS 80 COLUMN 192 80 .CPS Cwnti 224 COLUMN 24 pm OO column 192cps Oran 64cps LO 6K Pr nt CPS
• Citizen Swift 24e 24 pin 80 column
• 216cps Drift. 72cps LO 9 BK Printer Buffer + 6 Fonts 9 Parallel
• Graphics Resolution 360x360dpi
• Epson. IBM & NEC P6+ Emulation
• FREE Cobur Kit
• FREE Sihca Printer Starter Kit 6K Pnntmr Buffer * 2 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphecs natvUton 360x360dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Colour OpOon Auauapie Sthca Pr SIE B51 totai tee on sum m_ hue*
met an y.mn»t«0M m wm J FREE ttuca rim, nra V.t *;.(??? M r
• urn w enji mu m mw uanuve mra «* tmm irtTfTte turn SERIAL
INTERFACES m »w we. M.4s pra v» uiOim win i tn n PR* I’M lain
unu um 32K MEMORY EXPH pra ,?j3 uiomi m turn ra« PRINTER STAND
P*A 042 1241X024 tat(24 2* (24 01 PRA 17*4 m Mb (XM ORIGINAL
RIBBONS m 3&2Q OHM I HaO (201 18 JW» Ml k M VtS H8 3924 040*724
WlDWWcl (120 R8 3*31 Ml 1(2*04* Uwm (1&U RB 374fl P14I UaW Drti
Dll FIB 3140 PM Md* toHi 0*1 COLOUR KITS PRA T2J8 Ml llTiOte an
p u *240 mi iui4 mn PN49 ACCESSORIES pra na nui mm iv n PRA
IDS FM C4W fm t TK PR* n62 NHICaMO* UK M twtm tedu** vat an*
(tea Wmr, FREE!
Worth: E25 fc 0M you up aid omng aOi your «•« pww frcw Silo
• wm Amen st omm
• 3h‘Diet Orlmt hr Hmn J
• i Hetre PertM Frieter Cable
• no Sheets at Ceahsmn Fm
• m CaWNWi Mtrett labels b s Ceetkeees Imelepes K you Moody »n
yw« M *oM Me lo tuy a 01. Nu itui onkr oni (or WT S500I lor B*»
C5 on RRP*
• Citizen 124D ¦ 24 pin SO cot
• 144cps Draft. 48cps LO
• 8K Printer Buffer + 2 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Res 360x360dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit RRP- DU STARTER IH _£2S TOTAL
80 COLUMN 192 CPS 136 COLUMN (HE NNP (4M nwnifi in jn raw w.
t M sue fteS MAC* met oat .VM-MBM m W»l» [HE £169 ¦* MUSM.
- Ac MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd Sidcup. Kent. DA14
40X Tel: 081-309 11tf Oder Line* Op*n Mon-Sai 00 rAOOpw WalO*
MiqN Opamng fu te Or 30* oeoe LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court
Roafl. London. W1P 0&A Tel: 071-510 4000 Opencg Hour* Mow SW
IXHwtOOpn t*o law Night Opening r»F teo 0” 3234737 LONDON SHOP:
Settndges us fxxon. Oxford Street. London. W1A 1AB Tel: 971*029
1234 Opuinfl Hour* Mon-fa ejOwwOOOpm Lai* Ni$ H Tnursdty xjfbt
*p-. ExWrwlon 3T4 SIOCUP SHOP: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd.
Sidcup. Kent UA14 4DX W: 081-302 8811 SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders Shipped m Ihe
UK mainland
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: learn ol technical experts at your
• price MATCH: We normally match competitors on a Same product •
Same pnee' basis
• established 12 YEARS; Pmvtn track record in professional
computer sales
• business * education * goyernment Ajiume discounts arable
large orders.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& S*dcup branches
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requirements from on«
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be marled to you with offers and
software peripheral details.
• PAYMENT: By eash. Cheque and all major credit cards Befor* you
deooe when to buy your new printer, me suggest you think very
carefully about WHERE you buy It Consider what it mtl be Ilka
a taw month* after you have made your purchase when you may
require additional peripherals or software, or help and advice
And. Will the company you boy from contact you with details o*
new products? At Silica Systems, we ensure that you wi« have
nothing lo worry about. We have been established tor over 12
years and. With our unrivalled experience and expertise we
can now claim to meet our customers requirements with an
understanding which is second to none But don’t lust take Our
word tor it CompJete and return the coupon now lor our latest
Free literature and begm to experience the Sthca Systems Servce
po Sa Syst!ms™pt AMC0M™2*5™ -4™ Mews Hafherte*™ Sidcup. Kent,
MtfMrs Ms Address: initials: Postcode Tel (Work): Tel (Home)
SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 Company Name (if
applicable): WhtCh computer(s). Rf any. Do you own1?
€*0€ Mwiw pnee* tne *c*ca *mw* met c-«-y« •*¦¦•• t»».m in*
uxotn 'or !»• u Reader Service Classified information...
POSTCODE DAYTIME PHONE Now you don't have to keep your interest
in the Amiga world a secret!
• wt oo not Accirr tiuoc adveutowg
SOFTWARE CONTACT 1 1 1 _ Has upgrading your Amiga setup left
you with some unwanted hardware and software? Do you want to
make new friends in your area who share an interest in making
the most of the Amiga?
NAME_ ADDRESS Starting next month Amiga Computing will be featuring classified advertising - from AC readers to AC readers.
We are giving every reader - including you - the opportunity to reach well oyer 100,000 other Amiga users.
SIGNED CHECKLIST M AC Classifieds are completely free if your ad is between 1 and 15 words. If you need more space the rates are still excellent value. Adverts between 16 and 25 words will cost you LA, while the maximum 16- 35 word band comes in at the special reduced AD COMPLETED IN BLOCK CAPS CHEQUE MADE PAYABLE TO "AMIGA ¦ £ COMPUTING" COMPLETED FOR CORRECT J AMOUNT J? CLASSIFIED FORM SIGNED ?
All you have to do to take part is complete the form on the left and send it to us with your payment (if applicable). We have tried to keep rules to a minium, but we must stress that all software advertised must be boxed with manuals and original disks. Also, if you are selling hardware make sure you're completely honest about its condition.
Use the simple checklist below and you could be in print before you know it!
Dept. AMCosc 6. Unit 8a, AeiyfTarmBusiness Centre, Cublington Road, Win PHONE OUR 24 HOUR O OER H0T| nE; 0296 682277; GENERAL OFFIf_ a ) ‘Frrwm,E fo.% ro EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTS Betvy Math* (12-16yr ) Battar Spanno |8-14 yrs) Court & MO (under ft).. F jn School 2 (undei 6l Fun School 2 I Fun School 2 Fun School 3 i Fun School 3 !
Fun School 3 ( Fun School 4 Fun School 4 !
Fun School 4 |M £'599 ,Ci599 K16.99 I VIDEO DIGITISERS £1799 X11.09 £14 99 £899 ta n £1499 £899 E8J8 £15.99 £32.99 £24 99 ..£21.95 £119.99 £169 99 £134.99 £62.95 ...£14.99 £54 99 £r dl £121 £11 .
1 CI9‘ , £1599 ¦ £1999 £27 99 £1799 £139© £1389 £ 799 £1799 I etj Spoil OjI and A (4-10yrs) HOW TO ORDER ORDER BY PHONE Phone our 24 hour Order HoOrne your Access Voa card. Quoting card number, name of K ORDER BY POST: Cheques or postal orders tarab* to CM | T10NAI Please send name, address and a DAYTIME telepfwfl with your order required FREE POSTAL DELIVERY lor « orders over £25 (otherwise please a 4em) £1 Overseas. Door to door Courier service available from £3j aijow for cbeoue clearance, n 11 iTfniiii itfniiimi Puzjle Book 1(5- Adult) PuHl* BOOk 2(5-MUt) Spell Book (4-dyi8).
Spelbound (7-16.'
Ihrgs to do wth Word* (5-l?yrs) ..£14.99 Thha8tOdOW thNunibers(5 12yrs) £1499 Thro* Bears (5 10yrs) £i5« ’ At adueatonx software eompattoie «nh *500 plus eioept h
• Nw products no! Yet reused All pnees rciud« VAT, si goods sWwcl
to *vwi»my Prce* subject» change wihoul rceoe EAOE 6-81 1 over
8 .
I urder 5: I 6 ?!
I Over 7| I under 5) I S-7) ...... ¦¦Hint) Henrietta s Boo* ol Speis Hoo-ay ’o* Hemmtta Junior Typtsi |5-101 Kosrtdi - A vjwer Back Junior (6 11) Kosrros Fact File AnhmeOC (6-111 KoirnM Fa« File Spehrfl |6 II) ...... K«mo« Answerback Server (12-Adoltl Kosnos Feci File General Science (12-Adult Kwmos Fart Fie World Geography (12-Adu Kovnos Maths Aiheniure (6-14; Kosmo* Languages I GCSE and Advanced Kos-noe French Mstrost ¦Cosmos German Masl* Koirros Soansri Tutor ¦Cosmos Hal an Tulor Wajc Maths (4-flvrs) Iavjc Sloobook 6-Uyml liwrij Mama (8-i2yrs) Ma*« Beacon Teaches Tvprg
• Mava BeAOOA T«Kh«* Typing 2 M,« ang Melon (under 5 s) | k 1(5-A
Lets Spell at Home j4-IOyn| ‘ d About (4 Combo £45.99 »Accounts
1 .....£19.99 Digitaprne Accounts 2 £39.99
PersWal Finance Manager 2 .£24.99 Ogrta System 3
(3 sets Computerise your Business
.£31 99 Dvgrta System
3C ..£45 99 Suberbase
2 .....£34 99
IniwtMSe ...£29.99
Suporbase Professional 4 £199 99 Pagosotter 2 0 £48.99
Pagestream 22 .£169.99 Prof Page
V2.1 ...£169.99 Digita Digicalc
MaxipfanPlus ..£39.95
Superplan ..... £39.99 Inter
spread...» ..£29.99
Exceflence V2.0 . .....£6 S
Interword Kindinyds 2 Pen
Pal ...
T. ~...£62.S» Protext V5.0 ... 1 CiAt QO
• •••••• Prownte 3.2 ... v;-';'
Quickwrtte ..
V. £3995 Sc?obie Transwrite Wordwonti (New vers»o« Vi Amos
Amos 30 . Amos Compiler..... Ad
Department...... Art Departmeol Rrol D g.views Media Si
Ogipaint 3. Dan Deluxe Pamt 4 Phoion Paint 2 Spectra Colour
fogibser) ...£48.99 £_ .£49.99
fusic |Mus*c Package) £52.99 T's cS- DtW[ : £209 99 roornRw
(Soim grtiw'l C3499 lartnl n'-‘-~Xr ......£34 95 £42 99 169 99
Turbo (Scfmd Sampler) £27 99 Big A8ema»ve ..... Broadcast
Tider 2 1 vsw WshowW|.[|....Jj £56 99 Il Jpgrade V £2599
£49 « £5999 Stealth ¦Hf OUMMMIJ £4295
J) 5...... £59.95 2 1 512K Upgrade ......£4999 512K
Upgrade £7999 . Supert)*«e2....._ £84 99 kMks
Plaerum ,. Fwep'ccessiy Spreadshest Dataoase Comnvxicaton
Package) ..£79.99 God Osk Othoo (Wordo'ocessor. Spmwdshert
Dfltatase DTP) ......£8998 Powerwtxks
(IrAaliKi. Kmcwocds 2. Maxi Plan Pius) .
..£59 99 CoiTperdiunSi'(KdPfype, Wewhec Watchex
Calendar Ojj Words A Numbers. Game. Set A Match What Is H?
Where H V £32 99 Supof'n Imckcjr ounds S6ck fonts Smooth wlpos
;»nd fados Scales's got Hte lot!
How»a»iWoi)MMim«pw«rtawi MaplkyOTAmao Map 3 »uv it c*o - a w* t na«i A r«jo CaiVUWX) Slap » Suy ArrtQO Ccrrpunoi Take part in the latest Amiga software explosion by winning some of the best multimedia packages worth hundreds of £££ s!
You've seen it reviewed, praised, exalted, and generally set on a pedestal
- now you can win it in the best multi- media competition this
side of a free A3000!
Digital Vision's £264 Scala is one of the smoothest, most professional multi- media packages available on the Amiga, capable of radically improving presentations, video titling, and just about anything else requiring super slick graphics and fantastic fonts.
NewsGothic NewsGothic J, Bloggs There's a huge selection of back grounds and fonts to choose from, an unlimited number of pages for your needs, and you can even design active "hot spots" for interactive information screens. You'll run out of requirements long before Scala runs out of features to satisfy them!
Don't worry if you have a standard A500, because we've got two copies of the £100 Scala 500 to give away as well.
This cut-down version of the Seal a package has been optimised specially to work on machines with limited memory without having to offer limited features.
DHMMMUlwript} ILMU Please specify what sort of machine you have when answering our question so we can send you the right Scala for your machine.
Now all Amiga owners can have the chance to become expert sellers and presenters of ideas. For the businessman, Scala is the perfect solution to those jaded end of-year reports and tired-looking OHP slides. For the home user, Scala offers the best possible slideshow and graphics presentation package.
In conjunction with If you've never used an Amiga presentation package before, Scala will astound you with its ease of use and user-friendliness!
To get one of these mouth-watering prizes, simply answer the questions below and fill in the coupon.
The questions!
1. CDTV is Commodore's multimedia machine, but what does CDTV
A. Compact Digital Television
b. Commodore Dynamic Television
c. Cars Don't Try VolleybQll
2. Which leading multimedia title is now being bundled with the
Commodore A3000?
A. Fly Fishing by IR Hartley
b. Scala
C. The Importance of Being Expensive
3. How much can you fit on a CDTV disc?
A. About so much
b. No more than ten gallons at a pinch
c. 650Mb Daytime telephone.
Answers Post this form to; Multimedia Madness, Amiga Computing, Europa House Adlington Park, MACCLESFIELD SK10 4NP Demo of the oto j...HARDWIRED, ON 2 DISKS CRIONICS + SILENTS TOGETHER BRING YOU ONE OF THE BEST MEGA DEMO'S EVER!!!!!!!!!
LPD50-CLIPART LPD49-MARVIN LPD48-FILLERS LPD47-DIRTY CASH LPD46-CLIPART LPD45-MUSIC BOX LPD44-FORMULA 1 LPD43-LAZERZONE LPD42-X-STITCH LPD41-RESCUE LPD40-SPRITES Alcatraz Odyssey a five disk demo that puts Alcatraz at the top of the tree... (not + compatible) Only £4.00 for this Astonishing 1 Meg only journey of a life time.... Not to be missed.
TELEPHONE * in924t .366982 IF NOBODY IS THFRF OUR ANSWERPHONF. WILL GLADLY TAKE YOUR ORDER Wc welcome foreign order* (Add 20S-1 DISKS YOU SHOULD’NT BE WITHOUT 1353-Thc latest version of MED. Probably the best music sequencer around.
1498-Text Engine v 3.0, superb word processor wilh spell checker (amazing) 1462-Unicopy, great copier disk, fast and reliable, with nibble option 1468-Printer Utils, everything you need to get most from your printer.
1369-Opti Utils 2 over 20 awesome utilities, file handlers, bootblock utils ETC 1275-Opti Comms, the very comms disk available.
1417-Graphics Construction disk, everything you need to create your own pics.
1046-Shapes, a game by Mike Archer, in the style of Tetris with a few twists.
1240-A superb arcade perfect Asteroids, gel hooked and play it forever.
1420-The latest Games comp from Gary Henderson, lop PD games (about 10) 1119-PixcIled Pleasure, stunning demo that will amaze no end.
1477- A superb platforms game of very high Standard, addictive beyond belief.
If you want a PD disk not shown, we probably have il anyway, if not we will obtain it for you in a few days., PLEASE HEIR US TO HELP YOU, PLEASE QUOTE YOUR MEMBER NUMBER (IF YOU HAVE ONE)... we also Slock T BAG TO 59 And FISH TO 580...... HAYING TROUBLE WITH THE RSI DEMO MAKER???
Then look no further, a disk crammed with fonts, bolts, graphics, and full instructions all compiled and uritlrn In our resident expert and technical wizzkid Chris Tricketl... Only £1.50 RSI pack is still atailaltle.
NORMAL ISSUES ARE £4.95 FOR 2 DISKS 17 BIT PD- £1.00 SCHEME 17- £1.50 DEJA VU - £3.50 NEURAL IMAGES PO DEPT AC3 4 Flint Welk HARTLEPOOL Cleveland TS26 0TE TEL: (0429) 263508 I Amiga A3000 100. 2SMha 6MB £2995 I Amiga A3000.50 23Mh* 3MB £ 2795 I Amiga A1SOO latest UK model £625 | Amiga A1500 as above £675 plus DparnO. Works Ptaanum etc I Amiga A1S00 with A2068 PC-XT £825 bndga board 4 5f* drek dnva I Amiga AiSdO with A2091 and £1049 50MB Quantum 11 me auto bool hard disk Per disk Per disk THE FIRST PD LIBRARY TO GIVE AWAY FREE PD!
* AiSO OCi ridg«Bo«r OM utobooUiar i8l 1095j ¦ RAM lor AMO,
80ns. Per MB . £36 ¦ KCS PC Power Board _ £220 ¦ SupraModem
2400 Hayes.'AA.'AD £ 115 ¦ SupraModem 2400 Plus MNP v«2£ 185 ¦
SupraModem 2400zi Plus internal £ 169 ¦ MultlScan monitor
14’1024x709 £395 ¦ A2320 Deploy Enhancer tor above £ 249 ¦ HP
DeskJet $ 00 Inkjet, 300 dp* £445 ¦ HP PalnUet cofour inkfit 100
dpi £845 ¦ Rtndale 8902 Genlock ... £159 ¦ Rtndale Super M02
SYHS £525 ¦ RandaJa Pro Genlock _ £575 ¦ CetofBurtt 24-Mcvd
£569 ¦ SuperPtc GonlocA hifM Dtgnnor £495 ¦ SketcMtUtter 18x12
dwg tauel £495 'W0 ipt. Wtlh stylus & 4-6unon cursor
PERIPHERALS AMIG ¦ A2634 card 25*AHz FPu 4MB £1295 ¦ A22M PC-AT
board & si* dnve £ 675 I A20B4 PC-XT board & If" dnve £225 H
C2058 6MB Board. 2MB instaled £184 ¦ RAM lor above, per 2MB £72
¦ Quantum ProOrtve 50MB nme £275 ¦ Quantum ProOrlve 100MB 11 me
£425 ¦ Quantum ProOrlve 200M8 nme £725 ¦ A2091 card for
ProOnve. 2MB OK £189 | RAM lor above, per MB (mo 2MB) £36 ¦
External Drive un* tor ProDnve £95 A1500 with 50MB Quantum
autoboot hard disk £1049!
¦¦a Why not anpy the tree Telataxl the MicroText Te»«te«i acacto FuN pri giammac.e with Fax tail '»ovv .nstant access to last ieofc5« aouE-s caj* .w* teiasofTwara oador. Auto-aun Dackground ¦ operanon... Pages can spoken, pnmad aa ASCII or graphics, saved as ASCII or IFF lUasL And It turne your 1081 1004 0633 monitor aeo a Ogital TV! AvaJabto npw lor 0*Vy £1441 ALL ORDERS DESPATCHED THE SAME DAY WITH FREE NEWSLETTER ¦ matra XWOOA w rinta opla canna ll jffJj
NEURAL IMAGES PO PLEASE ADO (Bp PAP OROEAM LESS THAN 11 DQKS ORDER 11 OR MORE ANO GET A FREE DQK 4 FREE P4P ¦ SASUOJee C v510A £1St*i ¦ AC Basic vl 3 100 it ¦ AC Fortran 17186 ¦ API 64000 Level II v7.30 296*1 ¦ Doa-2-Oos 34*1 ¦ Workbench U Enhancer 12s» Pro sprsadaheet with buameaa graphica. Erne planner 39.** Raiaoona nafabeee power, without programming! 3t »4 Much enhanced end with many new leaturee 224 is “The Rots-Rpyce of Amga databases' (MCE) 141 »s OonT throw your C64 software away! 49.15 Guru stopper deebies bed disk blocks and RAM1 34 ts Tune-up. Backup, salvage, plus new CU commands
44 is The fastest hard disk backup utility 49 as Otsk racovery and portormanca ophmdaBon 59 as Extremely fast end powerful text editor from Oxxi 59 m Comprfhenpv* rypetetBog package tor perfect output 109 ij New improved versmn.. Word Perlfct wkh gr«pt*coi 9?»j Many major new leaturee ind. Agta Adobe fonts 139 as I SuperPlan ¦ SuperBase Pereonal 2 ¦ ’ ' Professional 4 ¦ ” Professional 3 ¦ C04 Emulator v2 ¦ Doctor Ami ¦ Disk Mechanic ¦ OuarterBaek v4 3 ¦ Quartarbaek Toole ¦ Turbo Taxi ¦ Amiga Tax ¦ Excellence 2 ¦ Pagestream 2.1 THIS IS NOT A MISPRINT GUARANTEED DISKS AT CRAZY PRICES
5. 25” 0ISKS 50 DS DD... ...1 ...£12.50 100 DS DD... P23 00
50 DS HDl.. £20.00 inn ns Hn - rsft no J ALL
3. 5” DI§ 50 D 5 DD.... i6ops oo S .00 '£37.50 £69,95 50 I
Professional Page 2 OA Now with WP. 24-bit & Panione colours &
more 169 as ¦ CG Outline Fonts 35 Agfa CG fonts for ProPage.
ProDraw 2. PegeSetter 2 9 as ¦ Professional Draw 2 improved
version with auto-trace, curved text & more.. 89 »s ¦ Design
Works Fast and intuitive structured drawing 89 os ¦ Ptn Pal W3
Rev 18 £89 » ¦ Pigesattar 2 49 as ¦ TnnsWrita Gold Dak 29 ss ¦
Prpfmfenal Pag* Clip Art M as JM9 200 DSDD- 250
DS DD .£82 l DS DD ...£165 ( I
Works I Platinum Edition vl.10 59 ss ¦ Professional Page
DS HD .£30 00 IDS HD .£55
1003. 5" DS DD + 100 CAP BOX.;. £;.ONLY£41.00 200 3.5" DS DD ? 2
x 100 CAP BOXES ONLY £74.95 ¦ Dfgtvtaw Gold v4.0 ?
DigiPaint £99 at ¦ Turbo Stiver v3 0A 89as ¦ Imagine 189 as
¦ De Luxe Video III 59 a* ¦ De Luxe Paint III 39 *1 ¦
SpectreColor 54 m Powerful new version of popular CAD
program 89as Re« Oroadcast quakiy Oflng with 4H0v«
anti-aliasing 189 m Rendars fonts 10 Broadcast Twer
ann-akased formal 109 at 10 potessionaf quality fonts tor
Broadcast TiOfr 199 IS The uitmeM m video presentaoon. Ming
& enacts 169 u Choce of 5 sets of 4 ano-aksaed fonts, per
set. 69 as ¦ TV-Tsxl Professional v2 Latest ful-faature
video OtJer. Includes 2uma tonts 79 a* ¦ TY-Shew v2.02
Video prasantaeon, special afleeta 4 benaHtona 54 as ¦
VkJeo Effects 30 vi 2a Smooth playback, unarmed 30 effect
eombwiaona 129 as ¦ The Art Department vi.0.2 £64 as ¦
Dlgtpalnt 3 59 aa ¦ Art Department Professional 129 at ¦
Amiga Vision vi 53G 69 ts 100 3.5” DS DD BULK ONLY £49.95
Intreead Plus ¦ Broadcast Tltler 2 ¦ BT2 Font Enhancar ¦
Broadcast Font Pack 1 ¦ Pro Video Poet ¦ Pro Video tont
Cap.* (x5) ..£4.95 50 Cap.* 0 ....£3.95 80
Cap ....£4.50 100
Cap* ......£5.50 BANX (80
Cap) £9.95 Printer Stands ......£7.95
Re-Ink .£12.95 Dust
Cover* ..£3.95 Head
Cleaner* .£2.95 Mouse
Mats* £2.95 DIAL A DISC ¦ 6 Walsingham Road
US TOOAYI ON Oat-546-7256 ¦¦¦ | Prices we POST FREE & include
Order by phone with your credit card.
Or send cheque; PO or your creot card number We welcome official orders.
Software sent same-day by 1st Class post, but please allow live days lor hardware defcery. Unless overmgnt Prices subject to avasaMty hat. Aio "Personal Callers by arrangement"
• ONLY IF BOUGHT WITH DISKS Phone and Fax: 081-309 5556 LAKESIDE
Software A truly original idea is a rare thing on the Amiga.
Every possible base appears to be covered with countless
applications ail offering their own special answers to every
conceivable computing question.
Having said that, fairfirothe- Inc in tne US have apparently achieved the impossible by releasing a package that stands alone in the market, offering the answer to a question that's hitherto been ignored.
As you may have guessed, this mystery skill is tne mastering of a foreign language, tf you happen to be in the market for some tuition, Audio Caliery couid be the perfect solution, or at least part of it.
The software is designed to provide a complete library of everyday words in a whole range of languages. At present German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese are- on offer with Portuguese, Korean, French, Russian and Italian to follow shortly.
The program starts by offering you a selection of 20 categories, covering all manner of potential environments and situations.
Once you've selected your particular area of interest - via the mouse - the opening screen is replaced with a suitable graphic depicting an everyday scene related to your choice complete with the relevant numbered objects.
Phonetic To examine a particular item simply dick on its number. A phonetic English pronunciation appears plus its equivalent in the chosen tongue. There's also the option to see the word in standard written English, but perhaps most important is the program's audio features.
As each object is selected, a sample recorded by a native speaker plays to accompany tne text. Tnis alone will be enough to secure success. After all, as I'm sure you'll agree, pronunciation is by far the most important aspect of mastering any language.
If you want a second hearing the seiectfid phase can be repeated as often as you like, or if you'd prefer old style tuition the program can automatically cycle through its entire repertoire displaying tne text and playing the samples in turn as it trundles through the available words.Tne word rate and delay between each can be defined to fit your particular tate and talent and there's a separate 26L3- - JAPASESE oiciio&cy boom hat&ska ** tako to m k-upeUo Cwftt Tj- cy r riu ktir rS?
Lolei *« taatca fj T :nu a Tv aiaS'Ov Ml A7 as.
Inti*.- E tuca Jliutr, it byoafcu tetMi arm m katejku UsftSf Hf*U .. 8 ' y ¦ The program's complete VOCODuloryrcartf and waiting. When the going gets tough, the intelligent CheO... Paul Austin bins his unfriendly phrase book and moves on to Audio Gallery, the Amiga's very own language tutor option to repeat any words you're having particular trouble with. To fine tune your newly acquired skills, another option lurks on the menu bar, namely Audio Gallery's vdy own version of Trivial Pursuit This particular version of the coffee-taole Classic takes the form of a simple multiple choice question
mat offers four potential answers to the question posed.
Hepburn: English: Japanese: udedokei uristwatch «l+ ues kaaten kakejiku teeburu tokei Tne questions and answers section can use any combination of the three available display formats. For example, in Japanese you could be given the question written in the brush strokes and symbols of classical Japanese literature while the answers appear in Hepburn or phonetic English. Just about any combination of questions and answers is possible and of course the samples soli play their part in the action.
Hanging scroll English, Hepburn Characters A fuel gauge displays a running total of your performance and at me end of the quiz your percentage appears to add the final insuft to your already damaged pride.
The third and final option is to consult the built-in dictionary for the definitive list of available words. Like ail other screens, the dictionary provides the English, Hepburn (or phonetic), and of course the ethnic equivalent With me picture and quiz sections it may seem mat a dicaooaiy is a rather pointless addition but I'm sure most users wiUfind it particularly handy, primarily because it's the only area of me program that allows you to linger on a particular word.
Tnis is particularly useful if you're trying to remember languages that appear as pictograms such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean and so on.
Like all the available screens tne dictionary has its very own section of pull-downs, almost entirely dedicated to navigating around the listed words via straightforward page and half page jumps, or alternatively you can move directly to the area of interest by selecting words within a certain range, for example W through to L Although Audio Gallery does appear to be the perfect solution to the problem of learning another language, there is one fundamental fiaw that can't be explained away no matter how impressive the pro* gram's pronunciation and friendly point and dick interface.
Grammar is its Achilles' heel, and the program's only real fault - if you don't mind the less-tnan-impressive graphics. For example, such everyday conversations as, "Your aardvark has eaten my banana, so you'll find your dinner in the dog, Chummy..." would become "Aardvark banana dinner dog food" or something equaliy as silly.
Not parocuiarty inspiring graprucs hut as a teaming tool itSOXflknL Trivial pursuits fortoe poterxMy bilingual Obviously Audio Gallery has some very strong points but real world conversation certainly isn't one of them, in conjunction witn some other form of tutorial it's bound to be an invaluable aid. As a standalone tuition system there are a few problems.
Ail in all it's a good package and ideal for the teaching children or perhaps conveying the basic essentials to the wouid-oe world traveller, if later versions of the program can address the grammar problem it could become the perfect learning tool for all ages.
Unfortunately the program doesn't yet have a UK supplier, so if you're interested i'm afraid you'll have to deal direct with the US supplier.
For more details contact FairBrothers 5054 S. 22nd Street Arlington Va 22206 Tel (70S) 820-1954 fax (705)820-2798 SELECTED PERIPHERALS & SOFTWARE FOR THE AMIGA FROM SILICA SYSTEMS ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & FREE DELIVERY a Atonce+ PC EMULATOR Ay ,? VOTTeX riTonce.Ami91 "T77«outo' Atonce Plus is a PC-AT compatible • FULL 80286 PC AT EMULATION emulator for the Amiga 500. With Atonce • MDA, CGA, EGA & VGA GRAPHIC MODES Pitted, the' Amiga can be used as , UWI-TASKS ALONGSIDE NORMAL AMIGA a PC-AT compatible computer. The panppAUQ emulator works with all standard Amiga rnUbnAmo hard disk drives and
provides com- • COMPATIBLE WITH AMIGA HARD DRIVES patibility with most printers. A profes- • CAN ADDRESS ALL AMIGA RAM ¦ UP TO 9Mb sional fitting service js available lor £34. . Rm WENDED i EXPANDED BOISE MODE compatibil y, you vifinoUlo belterthan * !*»»¦¦ FOR FREE FOR MEMORY Atonce Plus. UPGRADES - RRP: £249 v nr+E J89 tfc 5 I 4T Qrdff Rgt m 22K 5V4m FLOPPY DRIVE If you use Atonce Pms or erry other PC amuletor. Then this 5V* • floppy disk drrve will provxte you w«i M compW&My srth any PC 5W 360K or 720K PC disks e 40 M sac* (wiMaMe * 9 SLIMLINE 1Mb 3W FDD The new Stmlna drsvo trom Sitca
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motar cauaf Ww®”0 t OtfHnit rtrami Uy silica I SYSTEMS 5f*~»
Vision RRP C79.00 £59 Rh? (-9995 £79 OWN Mkteo 6 ANIMATION 7
' ..nua 61 P8 PRO WRITE 3 A tophlsticated word processor, aimed
at Mrieut uaan Features M graphics support.
TOOXtOO word spelling checker, maoroe. Multiple tonta and sizes e Wry eaiy U toe hanvy DESIGN WORKS Unleash the art st wuhln you. Design Works is s fast, saiy-to-usa. High quality structured drmrng program war enables you to achieve profeeeonal result* e Macre* e Mvy a M naps tf *swM| MU a AmMfr nporr iff prttms e Sear Ptttunpl ewWry pnermp a* M mttrti SHOW MAKER Show Makar allows tha creation ot complex preunWiOAS Sequehc* *nd synehrwvie animation, tiling, stills, music, sound effects and video Needs hard drwe & tMb chip RAM
* asryftowUBf e Jyirtrwi’a wMnatiw h mute
• AUDI ttwt ithtl until ¦ JsoMUif SMFTUMTC PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2 A
tuty featured page layout program allowing ybo to eroato
adverti. Menua. Books -« no anything requlnng tot and graphics
to bo timed together The best dtp package available e PiKhK*
ml 2* Pit ceietr luppen a AsriitN titHI
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ErhnsTn rmat a! ¦ ¦ IMS jvfMltr* RRP (24995
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Road. London, W1P OBA Tel: ffiT-50 4000 Hour* Mon-Ss!
9X*m-eoep A No lit* Ngv Owing Fax No: 071-3234737 SILICA
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I ...... Postcode: ...... 1 1W (Home): ..... Tel (Work): .....® Whlch computers), if any, do you own? .. m m E*ot*. WlJmufl troTeM ipsBflcaiere tuy then? Weaeeietin* in* reuse* ¦o* ire iumc iro i*e*o* Initials: . Surname: I m SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 We do it in real-time ... and in Wilh
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? SAVE and display pictures in 64,000 colours.
? ENHANCE your DTP skills with a wide range of built in monochrome tools.
? INTERFACE directly with the PD AIM image processing software to use its wide range of powerful image processing tools.
? CREATE a picture which can be loaded into your favourite image data base or art package...Superbase, DeLuxe Paint, Photon Paint, Digipaint...and print to your colour or monochrome printer.
? SEE your SCULPT images as you have never seen them before! Use ColourPic or SuperPic as the perfect SCULPT display device!
* • DiCmSE images in HAM, EHB, 32,16,8, & 4 colour, monochrome,
threshold, interlace and overscan modes.
? ANIMATE from a real life colour source. The AniMate option extends the SuperPic or ColourPic framestore memory RAM to 512K and includes hardware and software for short sequence, real life colour animation from VCR or video camera. Captures and replays in single field or sequence modes. Outputs IFF files for use with DeLuxe Paint, Photon Paint and other animation systems.
? MODIFY existing pictures using Cabaret, Our new exciting software package for SuperPic and ColourPic. Cabaret combines image import facilities and colour processing functions with many powerful new features to give some interesting effects!
JCL BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED 71 St. John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9TT, England Tel: 0892 518181 (IND+44 892 518181. Fax: 0892 511772 (INT)+44 892 511772 With our VIDEO DIGITISERS you can... step into the reaJ-world of real-time AND colour:
• No need for a perfect freeze frame VCR!
• No need for a colour splitter!
• No need for a colour whe6l!
Perfect pictures from a moving colour source a: just the touch of a button.
ColourPic - The real-time colour video digitiser for the A5QQ, A20QQ and A3000. RRP £399 inc VAT.
ColourPic AniMate - RRP £549 inc VAT.
SuperPic - The real-time colour video digitiser and superb genlock for the A500 and A2000 for the discerning Amiga user. RRP £499 inc VAT.
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Cabaret - New software for all our Amiga digitisers £5 inc VAT available direct from JCL.
AniMate - Upgrade service tor most existing models - please call.
Technical He pE 0 Q Printer out of puff?
* * Computer cracking up?
We're hereto help!
Write to ACAS, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Save your saes please - we can't reply personally you didn't read our reviews of the 68040 boards a couple of months ago.
This new type of accelerator board will enable the Amiga to Outperform even the 80486-based Pcs. I don't know about FS4, but Ml Tank Platoon plays like a racing car game on an 040!
Basic mistake I have recently upgraded from a 1.2 A500 to the new A500 Plus. Why have Commodore not really supported a language on the A500 Plus? It no longer comes supplied with AmigaBASIC, even though the Plus will happily run AmigaBASIC.
Commodore have put Arexx in ROM with the rexxsupport-library in LIBS:, the rexxc directory with nine Arexx programs, and RexxMast in the system directory yet nothing is given in the manual about Arexx! I've never even seen an Arexx program let alone written one, so where's the support?
I feel very strongly about this and feel Commodore have let us down.
Douglas Griffiths, Lincoln You're not the only one to have spotted the dearth of decent Arexx support from Commodore. The A3000, which was the first machine supplied with both Workbench 2 and Arexx, has a manual you could prop open a fire door with, containing a fairly informative section on Arexx. The A500 Plus, however, has nothing.
The idea, presumably, is that you go out and buy an official Commodore Arexx manual, but more likely is the fact that Arexx on the A500 Plus is more of a consequence of Workbench
2. 04 than Commodore's attitude to the machine as a serious tool.
Don’t despair! Now that Arexx is finally becoming recognised for what it is, there'll be a great deal more support from third-party publishers. You could do worse than check out the new Arexx beginners' column starting in this month's Almanac section!
Very silly person I'm the kind of person who enjoys ripping my Amiga apart and adding bits to it. Recently I took the four RAM chips
(0. 5Mb) from my 1.5Mb expansion board and soldered them into the
four spaces available on my Amiga's motherboard. I now have
a few problems (Do tell!-Ed).
First, when the 1.5Mb board's Gary adaptor is plugged in, the computer thinks it has 2Mb of chip RAM instead of 1Mb, and promptly tries to put data into non-existent memory, leading to crashes and Gurus. Would this be solved if I bought another 1Mb of RAM for the expansion board?
Even when the Gary adaptor is unplugged and the Amiga configures to the right amount of memory it still crashes. Would this be caused by the fact that I didn't put any solder on the top of V eight chip Texas Instruments chips supplied with every GVP hard drive and expansion board In our office, so they may be failing to configure, which is where the grey screen comes in.
Try contacting a GVP supplier such as Silica Systems (081*309 1111), where you should be able to purchase the correct SIMM modules.
The problem definitely doesn't lie with the GVP Power Computing expansion board combination, as I've tried my own GVP A500HD+ with 2Mb of RAM in conjunction with a Power Computing 1.5Mb card and they worked perfectly together.
Radio station My Amiga 500 is beginning to look a bit ugly with all the bolt-on bits hanging off it, so I intend to build it into a new case of my own design. I should then have bags of room to put all the goodies in, which leads to my question.
I have an A590 hard disk with 2Mb of memory and I believe I can attach another drive to this. What sort should I use and how do I go about connecting it?
Secondly, I'm going to be using my Amiga for amateur radio purposes, so I'll need to have it switched on continuously.
Is it OK to do this? Would it shorten the hard drive's life span or damage the PSU?
Finally, I've seen Flight Simulator 4 running on a 50MHz 486 PC and it is excellent, far better than on a bog standard A500. Can the Amiga, with accelerators, perform as well as this?
Dave Walker, East Crinstead For an answer to your first question, I refer you to last month's ACAS column and my reply to the first letter.
There are a few things you'll have to bear in mind for your second project. If you re-case the Amiga and Intend to force more peripherals into close proximity with each other, you'll have to ensure you buy a new power supply and fit some sort of internal cooling fan.
You may be thinking of putting the Amiga into a PC-style tower case, in which case you should be able to purchase one with a 200W PSU and cooling fan already fitted. All you'll have to do then is check that the PSU is of the correct rating and rig up a connection to your A500 power socket.
In a situation where the machine is expected to remain switched on for hours on end, a surge protector and uninterruptible power supply would be a good Idea, but other than the risk from erratic electricity, there should be no penalty for long term heavy usage.
The A590 should be fine in continuous operation, as should the A500.
Your last question leads me to believe I have a Kickstart 1.3 A500 with a Power Computing PC502 1,5Mb RAM board and a GVP Impact Series II A500HD+ hard drive. My problem is that I am trying to install 4 X 1 Mb SIMM modules to the hard drive. I have the correct jumper settings, but all I get on power up is a grey screen and flashing power light on the Amiga.
The SIMMs are a nine chip Japanese make (MB85235-80). Is this the problem? Please help, as I need some sleep.
MIAIden You've probably put your finger on the problem already.
The SIMMs you describe are certainly different from the Dodgy chips Technical Help the PCB and the chips aren't making a proper contact with it? Any help would be appreciated.
Barry Akock, Ipswich Step one: take a large wet fish and slap yourself several times about the face until you've come to your senses! Step two: reverse every step you've taken until the Amiga's motherboard is restored to its original condition.
There is absolutely no point in soldering chips to the empty spaces on the revision 6.2 motherboards as you'll succeed only in rendering the trapdoor expansion slot useless for the purposes of memory expansion. Commodore's engineers faint at the mere mention of such a procedure.
If you have a 1.5Mb expansion board, and it's not the type offering 1 Mb of chip RAM on the soldering of a link from Cary to |P2, you'll either have to Stick with 0.5Mb of chip RAM or buy a 1.5Mb board that does, such as the Power Computing board.
More keyboards Locked keyboards on A500s must be fairty common, if January's ACAS is anything to go by. I too experienced the problem with the flashing caps lock a year ago, but luckily my machine was still inside its warranty period.
The puzzling thing was that when FMC fully inspected it they found no faults with it at all, and when it was returned, the trouble had gone completely. This led me to believe that there was a temporary fault in a chip and somehow the power in the chip was not drained off.
The second conclusion was that the keyboard wires were slightly loose, which is more probable. My advice would be to leave it untouched for a week in a dust- free environment before forking out £50 for a repair.
Canon again... I am hoping to obtain a printer soon, and as I will be using it for business correspondence, I have considered the Canon BJ-lOe (I can't afford a laser printer). This, apparently, emulates the IBM X24 and Canon BJ-130e.
The extras disk and manual say that the BJ-lOe is supported with "Control Capsule 48 XL". Does this mean I would have to obtain this whatever-it-is in order to use the printer, or is it included in the printer itself?
Adrian Smith, Cowley The printer world has advanced somewhat since the extras disk was first put together. The BJ-lOe is becoming one of the most popular of the not-quite-wal- iet-annihiiating printers and users now have a couple of options open to them.
There's a shareware printer driver available from any PD library which supports Fred Fish disks, and some programs now support the printer directly.
I'd recommend you go for the shareware driver unless you are also considering a new wordprocessor. In which case you should buy Wordworth 1.1 from Digita. This excellent program has Its own BJ-lOe printer driver and enables the selection of any of the printer's built-in fonts through the wordprocessor without having to mess about with printer codes.
Y H Au, Stratford For those still inside their warranty period, the best advice is to send a sick Amiga to be repaired the minute anything goes wrong. If purchased from a local computer shop, you might even be able to swap it for a new Amiga, so don't leave Injured Amigas in broom cupboards just in case they get better again.
On the other hand, it's true that there are far too many Amigas experiencing the caps lock frozen keyboard problem, and the keyboard connector might well be to blame. It's a none too tight little connector, and could quite easily become loose in transit when the Amiga is initially shipped.
For those with Amigas outside the warranty period, the best course of action would be to open the machine and ensure that all connectors are in place before resorting to an expensive repair. You never know, it might save you money.
Pin problem Can you help with any of the following problems?
• Where can I get hold of the 100-way edge connectors as used for
A2000 peripherals? I've tried RadioSpares, CPC, Maplin, and
Cirkit without success. The best I can do is a 98-pin connector
from Maplin.
• Will the C5A Mega-Midget Racer accelerator work with an A500
Plus or are there some modifications necessary? The supplier of
my accelerator went out of business recently so your help would
be appreciated.
• Is the A500 Plus's expansion bus pin- for-pin compatible with
the old A500's?
• Why has nobody ever written about Steve Koren's excellent PD
shell "sksh" on Fish disk 381? It is required software for
anybody who uses the Amiga for development and an absolute
godsend for people from a Unix background. I've used it for a
couple of years now and apart from a few minor problems, its
power, consistency and flexibility knock CLI into a cocked hat.
My only grouse is that I've been unable to contact Steve in the
US to get an update and sort out some snags.
Bob Balderson, Uckfield I don't know of a supplier of 100*way edge connectors, I'm afraid. The PC- style 98-way boards are about as dose as you'll get, and should be perfectly adequate except for the occasional need to take a soldering iron out and botch job the last two connectors.
The Midget Racer should be fine in an electronic sense. Where you may find problems is with the capacitor we pinpointed in our A500 Plus article the Other month. Component C307 Is
4. 5mm taller than before, and will prevent some boards from
properly seating themselves in the 68000 socket.
The Microbotics VXL-30 suffers from this problem, and I would imagine the Midget Racer does too.
Unless you feel up to replacing the capacitor with another physically smaller but electronically identical component, you'll have to try adding a chip socket between the board and the 68000 socket to build it up over the top of C307. This will work as long as the edge of the board doesn't then clash with the keyboard.
The expansion bus on the A5Q0 Plus is identical to the old A500, so any peripherals such as hard drives and RAM expansion boxes will continue to function on the new machine.
As for nobody having mentioned Steve Koren's excellent program, you just did, If you can't contact him at the address supplied in his own documents, try PeopleLink, BIX, or CompuServe. Many US and Canadian developers can be contacted on one of these popular BBSs.
Omega Amiga?
My problem is a simple one, I hope. I am currently attending an electrical installation course and wish to write all my w.r. on the Amiga. I am using ProWnte 3 ’ and wish to have a font (Topaz 8 or % which has all the Greek letters used m so- ence, such as omega, rho, micro, and se on.
Where, please, can I find such a font' I've tried the Fed font editor, but it's a real pain designing all the letters indmd- ually.
Silvio Abclar Moke The font you need is Symbol, and It b available on many PD disks, Most libraries will have a selection of fonts disks, and if you check with them there will be one containing Symbol. Try Softville PD on (+44) 705 266509.
Wrong voltage I have an Amiga 1000 and I would like to link my computer to my Yamaha portable keyboard. Recently, I purchased a Midi interface called the Midi Connector from The Disc Company. Their local marketing agent is HB Marketing in Slough. This Midi interface is intended for the A500, but I was hoping to be able to use it for the A1000.
The problem I am having involves the serial port connection. The Midi connector plugs in to the AlOOO's 25-pin serial socket and uses the following five pins: 2 TXD Transmitted data (Midi OUT) 3 RXD Received data (Midi IN) 7 CND Signal ground 9 +12V+12V power 10 -12V-12V power The output from the A1000 end of the serial port is correct for pins two, three, and seven, but pins nine and ten aren't used. There is a +12V supply at pin 23, but the -12V supply is missing as far as I can see.
Therefore, except for the -12V supply at pin ten, I should be able to make a connector fairly easily. The A1000 serial port supplies +5V via pin 21 and -5V via pin 14. Can I connect pin 21 to pin 9, and pin 14 to pin 10? In other words, use 5V instead of 12V. Will this work?
I Can We didn't have room to print all of your letter, but I can tell you that to resort to voltage boosters and inverters would make the whole project more expensive than buying an A100- specific Midi interface.
I don't see why the suggested connections between pins 21-9 and 14-10 shouldn't work - as long as your Midi interface will operate on 5V, which Is something you'll only know if you try.
The A1000's serial port is annoyingly non-standard, unlike the A500's RS232 port, and bolting extra hardware to it in order to make it act like one is asking for trouble.
Richard & Angela Howe: Applied Research Kernel Dept ACM Corve Farmhouse, Corve Lane, Chale Green, Ventnor, P038 2LA. UK Visitors are always welcome by appointment.
PQ9T UK CO (1st Rkwmi Special Dcnvery C3 29 (cafl beiore 12 noon|. Securcor re 87 (call tseKn 12 won Rag«!«r«4 Ar Mai so Europa Cmtwn. Wo-kJ £12 ttam. Ptoasa cat about carriaoa on heavy Itams VAT Pros* ihdude IX VAT ai 17 $ *; eicepl lex books boohs are zero rated cheques Loooon String payable to A R K pioa» non raue orfllnary cnequot may require etoaranea EXPORT A Bf PO Hairove UK VAT (-Pncari t *51 a*cep: on booha wkicn are iaro rated AVAILABILITY MmI ibns islad an n stock OlT*n can usjalty Oe 00U*red wthn afi hours despatch w»tNn z* on stack imn» 40 heure on non stoc* out tvaMte items PRICES
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45 1495
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Ocean ....9.87 Resolution 101:
Millenium ..9.87 Revenge II: Jefl
Mmter 5.17 Rocket Ranger:
Mirrorsoft 15.51 Rolling Thunder: US
Gold ...-.7.99 Sentinel:
Firebird 10.34 Shadow Ot The
Boast: Psygn .....11 75 Shufflepuck Cate.
Domark .5.17 S*m City 4 Terrain Editor
....19.74 Soccer:
Microprose.„„ 5,17 Spitting Image:
Domark ..10.34 Star Wars
Domark .....7.99 Star Glider:
Argonaut ..9.87 The Bards Tale II:
El. Arts 11.75 The Empire Stnkes
Back ...9.87 The Running Man:
Grandslam ....13.16 The Simpsons:
Acclaim ..14 95 Their Finest Hour Flight Sim
..18.33 Tower Of Babel: Rainbrd ......5.17
Trained Assassin: Dig Magic ......13.16 Trivial
Pursuit: Oxford ......10.34 Wizball:
Ocean .5.17 Xenon:
Melbourne House ..6.93 HARDWARE A590 20Mb Hard
Drive 1Mb (1) 239.70 Epson LX8Q
Printer .... Query Seikosha GP100A Mk 2
Pnnter ..89-77 Vidi Amiga & Vidichrome
89.77 Vidi RGB Colour
Splitter ..59.69 UTILITIES Amiga Graphics
Starter Kit ..56.40 Appetizer: Gold
Disk .29.61 Arena Accounts:
ASAP ..69.77 Comic Setter: GoW
Disk ...24.91 Deluxe Paint I: Elec.
Arts .14.57 Deluxe Paint III: Elec.
Arts ...39.95 Deluxe Productions NTSC:
EA ...29.61 Deluxe Video 1.2: Elec
Arts .24.91 Digi Paint 1HAM:
Newtek .14.57 Digi Paint 3HAM:
Newtek .39.95 Fantavision:
Brodertxmd ..24.91 Forms In Fight; Micro
Magic 49 82 HiSoft Devpac verson 1 .....24.44
Home Office Kit WP DTP SP OB 59.69 Instant Music: Elec
Arts ...17.86 MIDISynergy v1 C
Source ...29.61 Music X
Junior ...59.69 Pagestream
V1.8: SoftLogic ......69.56 Penpal Wordprocessor
..49.82 Personal Accounts
Plus ...19.74 Photon
Paint .,19.74 Pixmate:
Progressive 29.61 Professional Page 1
3 DTP ..99.64 Spritz Paint:
Best ......24.44 Studio Magic Sound
Workshop ...29.61 Textcraft
Wofdproceswr ..19.74 VideoScape 3D
Aegis .....79.43 VideoScape Disk:
Mcrobot ..19.74 Zoetrope Animation; Antic 39.95
ACCOUNTS Arena Accounts ....Down 99.64
Cashbook Controller ...37 60 Cashbook
Combination.,.,,,. 54.99 EasyLedgers
Integrated 153 46 Home Accounts
2 .Down 39 95 Personal Finance
Manager .....25.85 Service Industry
Accounts ....306.68 System 3
Integrated ..39.95 BOOKS 40 Una*
Stocked 1st Book Of Amiga .. 2nd Book
Of Amiga ...... 66000 Asm Lan Programming
Amiga 500 Manual .. Amiga 3D Gfx
Prgrmg In Baste Amiga Adv System Prgrs Guide Amiga Asm Lang
Programming Amiga Basic Inside 8 Out .. Amiga C
For Adv Programmers Amiga C For Begmnors Amiga Desktop Video
Guide Amiga Disk Dnves In & Out ...... Amiga For
Beginners Amiga Graphics Inside & Out Amiga Programmers
Handbook VI Amiga System Progrs Guide Amiga Basic Manual
AmigaDOS 2 Companion AmigaDOS Dabhand Guide AmigaDOS Inside &
Out 2 AmigaDOS Quick Ref Guide AmigaDOS Reference GuxJe
Enhancer 1.3 Manual . Fractal Programming
In C Get The Most. (From Bundle Hardware Reference Manual
(CBMi Inside Amiga Graphics .... Kickstart
Guide To The Amiga Kids And The
Amiga Learning C Program Graphics
Mak.ng Music On Amiga . Disk Mapping The Amiga.....
Programming The 66000 ROM Kernel; Devises (CBM) ROM Kernel;
Inq? 8 Docs (CBMI ROM Kernal; Libraries (CBM) Service Manual
A500 ..... User l f Style Guide (CBM)
Technical Manual A50Q'A2000 TeX for the Impatient The Amiga
Handbook The Home Computer Book . Using Arexx On Amiga
? Disk.
CABLES ft CONNECTORS 200 UfMt D23S 2Phono Scarl Monitor 14 10 D23S OpenEnd Monitor 11.26 D23S2Ph D9P 2Ph CM88332 14.10 D23S-D9P Old NEC Multisync 14.10 D23S-D15P NEC MultiSync 30 14.10 D23S-D9P Amiga-IBM Monitors 12 22 D25PC36P 2 Metre Printer 6.58 D25P C36P 3 Metre Printer 12 22 D25P C36P 5 Metre Pnnter 15.51 D25P-D25P 25 Wire 5 Metre 22 56 D25P-D25P 9 Wire 2 Metre Modem 11 28 D25P D25S-D25P D25S 25W 2M 24 44 D25P-D25P 25 Wire 2 Metre i3 16 D25P-D25P 25 Wire 3 Metre 19.27 D25S-D25P 9 Wire 2 Metre Modem 11 28 DIN5P-DIN5P Midi .. 5.17 Null Modem Cable ... 12.22
Cross Over Box D25S .36.66 Gender Changer D25S-D25S 7.99 Plug D25P With Hood ...4 23 Parallel File Transfer 35.72 RS232 Mini Tester 13.16 RS232 Null Modem .. 9 40 RS232 Patch Box .. .1316 Socket D23S With Hood .517 Socket D25S With Hood ...... 4.23 Switch Box C36S 4 Way 24.91 Switch Box D25S 2 Way ..19.74 Switch Box D25S 4 Way 24.91 COMMUNICATIONS Comms PD (2 disks) .. 4.70 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN 3D Construction Kit ...44.65 Design
3D 59 22 Design Works .59.69 Pro Net'Board PCB Design 179.54 Protessional Draw 2 .89.77 XCAD2000 ... 9964 X CAD3000...., .339,81 DATABASE MANAGERS Image Finder & Loader ....49.82 InfoFile .....46.06 Mailshot Plus .. 39.01 Microfiche Filer .. 54.99 Organise ..19,74 Prodata 1.18 ...... 44 82
Prodata 1.2 ....69.56 Superbase Personal .26.79 Superbase Personal 2 Down 49.82 Arruga 500 ..7.99 Crtaen 1200 ......10.34 Citizen Swift 24 ..10.34 Epson LX80. 86 ......10 34 Monitors 1Q84’1084S'8833 ...9 87 Panasonic KXP1124 10,34 Star LC10 .10.34 Star LC200 .....10.34 Star
LC24-10 ..10.34 Star LC24 200 10.34 EDUCATION Distant Suns 4 59.69 Fun School 3 (ages 5-7) ..18.33 Maths Adventure (ages 6-14) .....29.61 Mega Maths A Level 24.44 Micro English (GCSE) ..23 97 Micro French (GCSE) .....23.97 Micro Maths (GCSE) .. 23.97 My Paiftt 2 .....24.91 Pnmary Maths Course ...24 44 EDITORS CygnuS Ed Professional
2 ..59.69 GRAPHICS Animation Studio (Disney) ...79.90 Art Department Pro 2 2Mb .....149.93 C Light Ray Tracing ..29.61 Come Setter ..44.65 Deluxe Paint 3 .. 49.82 Deluxe Photolab „„„ ...56.40 Deluxe Paint 4 64.86 Deluxe Print 2 37.60 Deluxe Video 3 ...69.56 Digi Paint 3 .....54.05 Imagine 3D Modelling Amm ....169 67 Pixmate Image
System ...39.95 Real 3D Beginner? 1.3 ..119.85 Real 3D Turbo Pro 2Mb ..329.94 Scene Generator Landscapes ....35.72 Scenery Animator ...New 69.56 Sculpt 3D XL ..99.64 Sculpt Animate 4D 2Mb .337.23 Vista Professional 3Mb ....79 90 HARDWARE 1Mb A500P Trapdoor RAM 49.82
2. 0 ECS Denise .39.95
2. 0 ECS Kickstart RQM ..34.78
2. 0 ECS Enhancer Pack ...Query
2. 0 ROM Sharer Board & Switch 24.91
3. 5’ External Disk Drive ...59.69
3. 5' Internal A2000 Dnvo ...59.69
5. 25" External Disk Drive ......133.01 512K A500 RAM
Clock Switch ....29.61 A59Q 20Mb Hard Disk Drive
......286.23 A590 20Mb Drive with 1 Mb RAM.....327.12 A590
20Mb Drive with 2Mb RAM 349.68 Amiga
Spares ...Phone Amiga 500
Basic ....299.86 Amiga 500 Plus
Basic .329.84 Amiga 500P Cartoon Classics .379.76
Amiga 1500,,WB2 One Dmre 449 79 Amiga 1500(WB2 Two
Drives 499.61 Amiga 1500WB2 2D & Software.....579.98
Amiga 1500 WB2 Monitor & S W 829.55 Amiga 3000
16Mhz 40Mb ..1999.85 Amiga 3000 25Mhz 100Mb 2629.65
Citizen 124D 24 Pm Printer 189.88 Citizen Swift 24e Colour
Ptr ......289 99 Citizen Multisync
Monitor ..349.68 Fatter
Agnus ..61.10 GVP 24 Bit
Graphics Card ......1599.88 GVP 68030,'882 22MH2 1
13Mb.....539 56 GVP 68030(882 50MHz 4 32Mb 1499.77 GVP A5Q0
52Mb Qm HD 0-8Mb......369.89 GVP A500 105Mb Qm HD 0
8Mb....559,77 GVP A2000 2 8Mb RAM card ...169 67 GVP
A2000 52Mb Qm HD 0 8Mb Ram .279.65 GVP A2000 105Mb Qm HD 0 8Mb
Ram469.53 GVP A2000 SCSI l F 0 8Mb Ram....169 67 GVP XC SCSI
Expansion Case 189 88 Naksha Mouse &
Game ...29.61 Quantum 52Mb SCSI Hard
Disk......199.75 RAM Chip 256K CMOS 6-11 RAM
SIMM s tor GVP s ....34.78 Superbase
Professional 4 Down 189.88 Weather Watcher Recorder
......25.38 DESKTOP PUBLISHING AmigaTeX Typesetting
111.39 ArmgaTeX Dnvers
(each) .52.64 Ckp Art PD (15 Disks)
.29.61 Gold Disk Type Designer
HD .....32.90 GoW Disk Type Decor
HD ...32.90 Gold Disk Type Video
HD ...32 90 GoM Disk Type Pubfcsher HD „ 32.90
Outline Fonts (HO required) ..... 99 64 PageSetter 2
„ 45.59 PSQMBMm
2? 138.65 Pro Clips Structured
An ...23.97 Protessional Page 2 ?
2Mb 169.67 Saxon Publisher 12,
......Query SaxonScnpt Postscript
Int 99 64 Structured Clip Art
38.54 DUST COVERS (All Deluxe Buff)
Amiga 2000 (PC AT) Keyboard 7 Amiga 2000 System & Monitor
16.92 This is a swrtchabie voice fax hoe which is open 10am to
7pm Monday to Saturday SCSI Hard Drrve Case &
PSU .109.98 Sharp Colour Scanner & SW ...599.72
SupraRAM A500 2-8Mb .189 88 SupraRAM A2000 0
8Mb .119.85 Z88 Amiga Fite
Transfer ..Query INTEGRATED PACKAGES Al 500
Part' Pack ......99.64 Appetizer
Wordpro Music .30.55 Graphics Starter
Kit ...56.40 Office By Gold
Disk ....79 90 The Work?
Platinum ..69 56 MULTIMEDIA
AmigaVision (Commodore) ..95.88 HyperbOOk (GoW
Disk) .....49.82 PROGRAMMING AMOS
3D .29.61 AMOS
Compiler ...24.91 AMOS Creator
Arexx ......33.84 C
PD (5 Disks) .9.87 Devpac 2
Macro Assembler ......43.71 Devpac 3 Macro Assembler New
59.69 GFA Basic Compiler .23.97 GFA
Basic Interpreter .....39.95 Hisott Pascal
Compiler .....New 89.77 Lattice
C5.1 ..159.80 Pascal
Compiler PD ......2.82 Power Windows Code Generator 59.69
RIBBONS Can supply almost any type 6 CBM MPS 1230,, .
25.38 6 CBM MPS 1500 ......31.02 3
CBM MPS1500C Colour ...36.66 6 Citizen 120D
(MPS1200) .19.74 6 Citizen Swift 24
Brand ...33.84 6 Epson
FX RXMX80 ......19.74 6 Epson
LX80 18 36 6 Star LC XB24
Pin ...25 38 SOUND Audiomaster 4
Software ...49.82 Bars & Pipes
Professional .219.96 Deluxe Music Construction
Kit ....54.99 GVP Dwital Sound Studio New 59.69
MasterSound Sampler .....31.96 MIDI Plug
Interface ...25.38 Music X Junior
......66.27 Omega Sound
Enhancer ....New 34.95 Sequencer One Upgrade
Kit 49.82
Sonix2 .....49.82
Sound Trap 3 Sampler .....30.55 SoundMaster
Sound Sampler ...109.98 Stereo Master Microdeal
.34.78 SPREADSHEETS Advantage 32000x32000
.69.56 DGCalc
512x52 ..30.55 Superplan
2048x1024 ......49.82 UTILITIES Ami-Back
SCSI Backup ...49,82 BAD Disk
Qptimiser ..34.78 BBC Emulator
.35,72 Byte N Back HD
Backup .19.74 Cross DOS File Transfer...
.24.91 Directory
Manager ....35.72 Disk Master
2 .49.82 Doctor Ami
Diagnostics .40.89 GB Route
Planner ....33.84 GB Route Plus
.....64.86 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
.27.73 Personal Fonts Maker ....49.$ 2
Quarterback Hard Disk Tools ......59.69 VIDEO Broadcast
Titter ......,184.01 Digi View Gold 4
Digitiser ..109.98 Digi View Media Station ..New
159.80 Outline Fonts Serif 1 ...New 59.80 Outline
Fonts Sans Serif New 59.80 Outline Fonts Decorative
1 ..59.80 Outline Fonts Decorative 2
59.80 Hitachi HV720 Camera 4 Lens .204.45
Home Titter .34 78 Rendale
8802 Genlock . 189 88 RocGen Genlock With
Controls ..99.82 Scala 500 .....
New 79 90 Scale Presentations 179 54
ShowMaker by Gold Disk ...229.83 Video Ease
Titter 37.60 Video Complete
Colour Solution......159.80 WORDPROCESSORS Excellence
2 ...69.56 Final Copy 6
Outline Fonts New 79.90 Kindwords 2
......36.66 PenPal
1.3 .....59.69 Personal
Write ......New 29 61 Protext
4.3 49.82 Protext
5.5 ....101.99 ProWrite
3 99.64 QuickWrite
39.95 Scribble Platinum
.42.77 TransWrite
WordPerfect 189 88
Wordworth 87-89 E3
Unit 12A, Millmead Business Centre, Millmead Road.
London N17 9QU.
Tel: 081-365 1151 Fax: 081-885 1953 J SCREEN GEMS PACK, inc: Shadow Beast II, Back Future II. Nightbrecd. Days of Thunder. Dpaint II .. £3S9At J I AMIGA A500, mouse, modulator, power supply, workbench 1.3, Basic Tutorial and manuals .....1309.01 I iCARTGON CLASSICS inc: I Mb Ram. Lemmings. Simpsons. Captain Planet. Deluxe Paint 3 .. -JQGMII j CLASS OF THE 90S FIRST STEPS inc: Extra 512k. ProWritc, Info File, Dpaint +
Dprint II etc . X616JB I Jel-ASS OF THE 90 S inc: Extra 512k, Publishers Choice, MaxiPlan. BBC Emulator. Midi Int. Etc.. ...- .1515.011 JaMIGA CREATIVITY PACK, with Word Processor. Music & paint packages. 3 games ? Tutorial Video ...141900 • All Amiga A500's supplied with mouse, modulator, manuals, workbench, Basic + Tutorial AT ONCE
Including Free Lead ONLY £229.00 Amiga 1500 Base Pack The Amiga 1500 is an Amiga 2000 with 2 floppy drives instead of the usual one.
The big advantage of the 1500 2000 over the A500 is its ability to take expansion internally with case. The Base Pack comes complete with 2 floppy drives. Workbench 1.3, mouse.
Manuals, and a separate keyboard.
Only £579.99 Amiga 1500 Business and Classic Software Pack Same as the hose pack but with Deluxe Paint 3.
Platinum Works (the best integrated pack available for the Amiga). Then Finest Hour. Sim City ? Terrain Editor, Populous + Promised Lands. Baltic Chess and Amiga Format Tips B X*.
Onlv £679.99 Amiga 1500 Base Pack with Commodore 1084SD Same as the base pack but with the Commodore I084SD Monitor.
Only £819.99 Amiga 1500 Business and Classic Software Pack with Commodore 1084SD Same as the 1500 base pack but with Commodore I0X4SD and the utility and entertainment pack.
Only £869.99 Golden Image Mouse PGA Gasteincr Mouse £ 14.95 Alfa Data Mouse £19.95 Golden Image Optical £29.95 Golden Image Scanner £ 149.95 Battle Mouse £24.95 Track Ball (click and hold) £39.95 Track Ball £24.95 Internal Power Supply for ST £29.00 External I Meg Disk Drives £55.00 10 x Sony Disks £9.95 k ST Clock £ 19.95. CDTV Commodore Dynamic Total Vision What is CDTV?
CDTV Combines a professional audio system, advanced Amiga technology and remote control, thus creating a syetem with superior sound and graphics. We have a large selection of software available at discount prices.
Only £499.00 PRINTERS i ISTAR LC-10 MONO PRINTER inc. Lead ....1159.001 jSTAR LC-200 COLOUR PRINTER inc. Lead ......£209.00j
• STAR LC 24 200 MONO PRINTER inc.
Lead ....JE249.00I
Lead £297.00|
1279.001 CITIZEN SWIFT 24 COLOUR inc.
Lead ......I275.00j
ICITIZF.N 124D 24 Pin Mono inc.
Lead .
£195.001 [CITIZEN 120D Plus 9 Pin Mono inc.
Lead .....£l39.00
Lead ..... I179.00J
[CANON BJI0F. Bubble jet inc.
Ixad ..-£269.00,
I__________________________ 1 Amiga Computing March 1992 ALL
Delivery (mainland UK) is free. Orders over £100 add £10 next
day courier delivery. All prices available on Mail Order. Shop
prices may differ.
VIDI AMIGA VIDI COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi Colour package • including Vidi Digiliser.
VkJichrome and Photon Paint PRICE £95.00 RGB SPLITTER - for use with VidiChrome Or Digiview, (indudes PSU) PRICE £59.95 COMPLETE COLOUR SOLUTION Package includes Vidi-Amiga. VidiChrome and the RGB Splitter lor a complete colour digitising outfit. NOTE: For best colour pictures you require a video camera or perfect still frame VCR PRICE £139.95 UPGRADE YOUR AMIGA TO 1 MEG 1 2 Meg Upgrade - £24.99 1 2 Meg Upgrade + clock £26.99 HARDWARE j COMMODORE A590 20 mb HARD DISK UNPOPULATED ...£285.00 j ICOMMOPORE A590 20 mb HARD DISK + 2mb
RAM .1339.001 frame GRABBER PAL £449.001 [reNDaLE 8802 Genlock. A500 B2000 .... £185.00 j ! AUDIO ENGINEER Sampling hardware software ..I 169.00 j JSOPHUS S5 Professional Siereo Sampler ...- ...X49.00 j IKCS POWERBOARD. PC Emulation (A500) with MS DOS .1215.00' | I j AMIGA compatible external disk drive, switch plus thru
pofl ..£57.501 JgVP 52MB SCSI Hard Drive A RM RAM Board fo» A500 ...1399.001 jGVP 52 MEG SCSI Dnve plus 8 Me Ramboanl for 1500 2000 1379.00 j j GOLDEN IMAGE HAND SCANNER with software plus Photon Paim ...£169.00 J INAKSMA CLONE MOUSE .XI9.951 I_________________________________ 1 SOFTWARE AND DISKS ¦ 3D PROFESSIONAL ...1209.00 PIXEL 3D ...£49.00 IAMOS ? EXTRAS
DISK ...£32.00 PRO VIDEO POST £159.00 »BROADCASTTITLER II £169.00 PRO WRITE V3.I ..185.00 VIDEO EASE ..135.00 EXCELLENCE V2 .189.00 I DIGIVIEW GOLD V4 ...195.00 TITLE PAGE .1109.00 ilattice c V5.I ..1149.00 pro page V2 £109.00 'PAGESETTER V2. DTP £47.00 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D £109.00 ¦PAGESTRF.AM New Version 2.1 ..£129.00 X-CAD DESIGNER (1 Meg) .-X69.00 IPAGESTREAM
FONTS £49.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAI .£129.00 I TV TEXT PROFESSIONAL 179.00 WORDWORTH £85.00 JCROSS-DOS. Multi-format file transfer .. £23.00 HITACHI 720 VIDEO CAMERA. Ideal for DigiView £199.00 |PHN PAL, Excellent Word Processor (1 Meg) ...£59.00
• IMAGINE 3D Animation & Rendering
software ....£169.00
19.00 I ALL IN ONE . Art package. Word Pro + Music
package II 19.00 I TV SHOW.
Video wipes, titling
package ..155.00
Animation ....125.00
COMPILER ...i ...123.00
package ......£62.00
software . £89.00
• DOS 2 DOS Multi-format file transfer
Meg) ...£69.00
iSPECTRA COLOUR ... 155.00
Software E!
Programmer's paradise The file selector from the arp.library was very helpful, especially if you could not quite remember which source code files were on a particular disk. It is possible to read through the list of available files without leaving the Devpac environment If a programmer is desperate for disk space, and the arp.library falls victim, the requester is replaced by a simpler file requester. This default file requester gives you everything except the list of files available, and has editing facilities. The multiple file editing facility is very useful, as it allows a programmer to
copy chunks of source code from one program to another with the cut and paste facility.
The search replace requester is excellent. It is particularly helpful with source code errors. The package returns from an unsuccessful assembly at the first incorrect line of source code. When this has been corrected, the search replace facility can be used to skip to the next offending line (I had to deliberately put a few errors in my code to test this).
There was an Execute option in the program menu which I found very useful. If I put Blink in the C: directory of the system disk, I could enter the HiSoft's world-beating Devpac assembler is now better than ever. Margaret Stanger took it through its paces Editor and assembler features appears in the Devpac drawer. The file selector from the standard asl.library is used rather than the arp.library. The 2 0 includes disk has all Workbench 2 assembly include files, FD files and linkable It seemed like Christmas all over again when Amiga Computing asked me to try out HiSoft Devpac v3.01. This
complete package for assembly language programmers contains an editor, assembler, monitor, linker and a book of clear instructions on how to use these goodies.
Source code is created and tweaked with the editor, Devpac, and turned into machine code by the assembler, GenAm.
The linker Blink connects your object files to each other, and to the outside world.
The monitor, MonAm, can take a lot of the time-consuming guesswork out of debugging assembly language programs.
For £69.95 you get a four disks in a plastic wallet, a user's manual, a 68000 pocket reference guide, a sturdy cardboard box, and thirty days of free technical support. HiSoft have produced separate versions of Devpac for the 1.3 and 2.0 Amiga operating systems enabling A3000 or A500P owners to take full advantage of the capabilities of their computers.
What you get Each version has a cut-down, bootable Workbench disk, or program disk, and an include disk containing operating system include files and libraries. The 1.3 program disk contains the Devpac, GenAm and MonAm tools in the Devpac drawer.
Icons which run the assembler and debugger from Workbench via IconX are also provided.
The 1,3 includes disk contains the ARP library documentation and standard Commodore startup code (for Workbench 1.3 or 2.0). The tools directory contains Blink, Fd2Lvo (to convert fd files into include files) and SRSplit for EPROM programmers.
The 2.0 program disk is similar to the
1. 3 program disk except that Blink with output from a high level
compiled language.
Alternatively, Motorola S-records can be produced for downloading to an EPROM programmer. The Control item on the settings menu is used to set the type of object file required, the Options item allows you to choose the processor and some source checking options, and the optimisation requester allows you to choose the level of optimisation.
Symbolic MomAm is a powerful symbolic debugger and disassembler which lets you examine programs and memory, execute programs and instruction at a time and trap program errors. The display consists Of a number of windows through which you can view the registers, a disassembly of the program, the program's source code or a portion of memory.
The current window has its title highlighted - you can choose what you want to display in this window, or easily choose another window to be active.
Executable programs can be loaded, breakpoints set or changed, addresses set, and a program can single step, trace libraries. The editor Devpac is also the control module, and it allows you to develop programs interactively. Editing can take place In the same environment as running and debugging the program.
The Intuition-based editor allows you to access its features using windows, menus and mice or fast keyboard shortcuts. I appreciated the multiple file editing, with cutting and pasting between different source files. The file requester facility is very useful, as is the option to define and use Macros.
GenAm is a 68000 68040 68881 assembler available from within the editor or as a standalone program. It can convert the current source code into either a file for immediate execution or for linking with other files. Linkable code can be used with other similar modules or linker instructions on this line for multi-module assembly. Not only was it unnecessary to leave the Devpac environment, but the linker command stayed in the buffer for the next run.
The assembler has more than one type of binary file output - executable files, linkable files and S- records. Executable files provide a reduced development time, and are ideal for programs where the source code is contained in one module. Linkable files are ideal for multi-module development, or for linking to high level language modules. Motorola S-records produce absolute code directly. They are intended for EPROMS and cannot run on the Amiga as they stand.
K is possible to set the amount of source code error checking that the assembler is required to do, and warnings can be suppressed. Any errors found are well highlighted, and details are passed to the editor's Find Error facility. Code can be optimised as much or as little as required - programs that are not time critical can be left well alone, while those that need to run quickly can have all the stops pulled out Software Hortto versionMI Copyrisiif e HiSofl 1991 ¦ III! 11 hi 'I D: III MlBDHI.i El 11111111 [ 1! I I'M 11i W I N;i 11 ill 81 * 00000008 ••• 111 = 18000000 0800 0000 0020 0700
00F0 v2 - 00180088 B2 = 80800008 0000 0000 8020 8700 80F8 £ 3 - 08800080 ••• A3 : 00080000 0000 0000 8820 8769 80F8 M = 80088808 •" M = 00000008 8000 8000 8028 0700 00F8 £15 1 08000000 05 : 08080000 0008 0888 0028 0700 0BF8 f6 8 80108809 00 e 00080008 0000 8000 0820 0708 00F8 07 = 00000880 ••• A7 * 00880000 8880 0800 8020 0700 88F8 SR = 8018 (II PC s 882087A0 ORI.B l$ (C,8(00,M.M) ;00000000 00 IK HMTCI.ltll'll ?mfcru E0R1.U I599C.M CHP2.8 ??
SUB1.B 8ND1.M l$ 25.-(84) RDM.L |7.0 *2!m.H nTi isftf.n ORI.B U$ DF,De
DC. M $ F85F OR!.8 11,00 Ort.8 10,DO 0RI.8 10,DO 0RI.8 18,-(08)
OR!.8 18.-(DO) OR!.8 10,(90) 0008000C 80800818 08088814
88808818 8888081C 88888828 80888024 80008828 8888802C
80800030 08000834 ¦88080038 8000883C Monitor features There
are four different types of view through a window. The
register window shows the address and data registers, their
contents, the program counter, the status register and the
current instruction. The disassembly register shows a
disassembly of the memory that it is addressing. The memory
window shows the contents of the current memory in
hexadecimal and Ascii, and the source code window can show
the text file source code of the program under scrutiny.
The current window has its title highlighted, and is the active window on which any operation will take place. Any other window can be made into the current window very easily. Executable files can be loaded very easily. MonAm puts a breakpoint at the first instruction (a breakpoint is an instruction to Stop the program running and enter MonAm).
Breakpoints can be easily set anywhere in the program, a programmer can run his program through any boring bits (that work) and it will stop at the breakpoint. The register contents at this point are displayed, and the memory window can be used to examine any memory locations likely to be affected by the next bit of code. It is then possible to single step through the offending code, keeping a close watch on all its activities.
MonAm uses the processor exceptions to stop programs and single step when an exception occurs. This exception could be an illegal instruction, or an address error or several other events. MonAm can save development time by trapping these errors before the offending instructions are carried out.
Instruction, skip instruction or return to the program until the next breakpoint is reached.
The 270-page user manual has a preface with instructions on how to use the manual and a tutorial to give the user an overview of many of the features of the package. There are separate chapters for the editor, assembler, debugger, and linker, each with an introduction, full details and quick reference summaries.
There is documentation on the other include tools, and a list of AmigaDOS error codes and GenAm error messages.
Other appendices include system calls, use of the CU, and the floating point co- processor.
HiSoft include an assembly language pocket programming guide in their package. While it is an excellent idea to include this item, it only contains 68000 and 68010 instructions. The print is very small and difficult to read - especially in artificial light in the early hours of the morning when many programmers are active.
New features The package has had many new features added since the previous version was released. All icons, requesters and gadgets have a Workbench 2.0 look and feel, even under 1.3. A separate 2.0 version is supplied to take advantage of the new operating system, in addition to the
1. 3 version.
The monitor and assembler fully support all the 68000 to 68040 and 68332 processors, the 68881 2 maths co-processor and the 68851 MMU. The editor now has multi-file editing with bookmarks, clipboard cut and paste, pop-up option menus and the fastest search and replace I have ever seen.
Unlimited windows can now be opened on the same source, and a macro recording facility is now available. The range of assembly options has been extended and further optimisation facilities are provided. The assembler can generate and process pre-assem- bled include files, making assembly of programs with operating system include files much faster.
The front panel window display of the debugger is now more versatile, and new features have been added to allow for debugging multi-module programs. A new improved commercial version of Blink is supplied - it is faster with more options, and fully supports the new features of the AmigaDOS file format.
I found the package to be excellent r Theft really art more optionj than you eon ihake a stick at value for money. The editor is fast, efficient, very easy to use, and has all the features of an advanced editor. The assembler is very fast, and it is easy to set the options, optimisation and have control over the type of output file.
It is an advantage to be able to use the assembler and debugger without leaving the editor environment. The debugger is very versatile and easy to use, and I could see at a glance what was happening to my program. The 270-page user manual has good, dear, unambiguous instructions - beginners are catered for as well as serious techies.
Programmers get 30 days of free technical support when they register their copy, and there is an option to buy further technical support after the 30 days has elapsed.
There have been many enhancements to the editor, assembler and debugger.
They are all faster and easier to use than the 2.14 and 2.15 versions, and the assembler and monitor now fully support all the 68000 processor _ _ , family instructions. J| Devpac 3 - £69.95 (or £34.95 If you trade in your Devpac 2 disks) Available from HISoft, The Old School, Greenfield, BEDFORD MK45 5D£ Tel: 0525 718181 laaaai ?wrC Fite r 3d - 80F8 09E8 |i mi 08F8 m ws mi (§• fig 80F8 09F3 80F8 89F4 88F8 89F6 80F8 09F8 00F8 09Fft 00F8 09F( MU HIM 68F8 &9E2 08F8 89E4 WZ 89F6 HI I The errors are intentional!
The user manual preface contains a quick tutorial to demonstrate some of the features of the package. One of the source code files from the examples has two deliberate errors and demonstrates the error check ing facilities of the assembler and the debugger, and their interaction with the editor.
Once the source code is loaded in some of the editing features can be demonstrated. By selecting Check from the program menu, the assembler is invoked. The source code has two errors, one to be detected by the assembler, and one to be detected by the debugger.
When an error is reported by the assembler, pressing any key returns control to the editor, placing the cursor on the offending line, and displaying the error message. When the error is corrected, and the program assembled correctly, the debugger can be used to monitor the program's progress.
If the program is allowed to run in the debugger environment, an address error will be reported, as the program attempts to access an odd address with a move.I instruction.
The manual also has a useful appendix giving full instructions on converting source code from other assemblers to run with Devpac.
ArgAsm only needs to have a sup plied macro file included. Some of the Assempro directives are not supported directly, and the syntax for the macro parameters is slightly different equivalent directives are given.
K-Seka directives and labels may need some alteration. Slight changes are required to Metacomco source files, mainly the external ref erences to the library routines.
Generally, the user manual is well laid out with creative use of I white space and different type styles and fonts. Everything is described dearly, with good use of illustrations.
The quick reference sections at the end of the main chapters were very helpful. I could see the available options at a glance, and their keyboard short-cut alternatives to the menu items.
There is a useful appendix to give an overview of the 68881 68882 maths co processor's registers and formats, and a chapter with details of hosv to create an S record for an EPROM, and split it if necessary.
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£134.95 £184.95 ONLY £34.95 ONLY £19.95
• State of the art true stereo cartridge
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• Simple to use tutorial and user guide
• Stunning real time effects
• Extensive editing facilities
• Song and MIDI sequencers
• 57 pre-recorded samples TECHNO SOUND Turbo The complete stereo
sound sampling and mixing system for the Amiga.
Why buy an ordinary sound sampler - when you can buy a recording studio?
Daatascan Pro GS v2.02 A complete grey scale image capture package.
Outstanding quality and excellent value for money.
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• Flip, rotate, invert, dear.
• Image resizing and print scaling.
• Zoom with pixel editing.
• Real-time scanning display.
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drives ¦ r £279.00 40 Mb £349.00 50 Mb £369.00 Phone for
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VIDEO Video Image Capture by Rombo.
VISTOA14 CM £219.95 PHILIPS CM8833 £249.95 inc FREE F-19 Steafth Fighter.
PRINTERS Reliable, high quality printers.
ROMBO Col Sol £149.95 Top quality genlock for Amiga.
ROCGEN Plus £139.95 MONITORS High quality stereo CITIZEN 120D+ CITIZEN 124D OT ROCLITE DATADRIVE AMC MAR-92 c ty BeM AMIGA FAST MAIL ORDER please send me ..TOTAL COST £ ... METHOD OF PAYMENT please specify ( ) CHEQUE payable to City Beat Ltd ( ) VISA ACCESS complete card details below CardNoOnnn ???? ???? ???? Exp ?? ?? Signed NAME ADDRESS Bi
..POSTCODE ...TEL NO.. Software??
Animation is in vogue at the moment, as a trip to any show or a glimpse at the average goggle box will tell you. Everywhere you look objects are hopping around their virtual worlds while computer-generated manikins sell everything from Smarties to insurance.
If, however, you're more interested in creativity than broadcast clarity.
Animation Station could be Ideal. The program accepts IFF anim files and standard IFFs in any resolution or si2e, including Ham, either with or without overscan and interlace. Once imported, each frame is displayed in an optional storyboard ready for editing.
Artistic Any additional anim files can be imported and made to Proceed, Append or Insert anywhere within the original anim. It's even possible to remove individual frames, touch them up in a paint package and replace them in the desired spot.
Basic features AS's basic features allow you to employ all of the above as well as dissecting and deleting single cells or entire sections. Perhaps most important of ail is the program's ability to combine amms.
When loaded you can add special effects, assign timing information and even sound effects. If your creation exceeds available RAM the program will happily load the remainder as the animation plays - no more tailoring your creations to suit your system. What bliss... Colour palettes can be redefined over the anim. As a result it's possible to create smooth colour changes over any number of frames or make blanket changes over original colours.
Perhaps the most important of the aforementioned features i$ the ability to combine existing animations. The only restriction is that the various players must be in the same resolution and if different palettes are used there must be sufficient unused palette space on the parent to accommodate the colours of its other half. Given suitable palette space, the number of combinations is limitless.
The Fx icon is where the real fun starts, as it's here where all the program's designer effects reside. The first of the six gives you the option of flipping your creation by its X or Y axis, or perhaps a combination of the two. Next comes the If you're seriously into animation, Progressive Peripherals may have the program you've been waiting for. Paul Austin takes a look acumen option to scroll the animation on to the screen from above, below or either side.
If you apply the option twice it's possible to create diagonal wipes - very impressive.
Thirdly comes the size control, varying from K to !4 The new rescaled anim can then be placed at any position within the screen. A perfect application is to combine this feature with the Merge Anim option. With a little patience it's easy to create multiple anims all apparently running on the same screen at once.
The mosaic effect is next, allowing you to create focusing effects over a predefined number of frames. Simply select the amount of pixelisation in the first and final frames and the software works out the tween frames producing a smooth transition.
Blur control comes fifth and as the name suggests it softens the transition between frames. Unfortunately this one can only be applied to Ham images.
Nevertheless, it's a useful addition that can produce impressive effects with a little experimentation.
Offset The final option is to offset the anim, again via the X and Y co-ordinates. It's not a thing that you'll need very often, but it's there if you want it. As with all of AS's features, there's nothing to stop you combining effects or repeating the same trick twice.
Apart from loading and compiling preprepared anims, AS allows you to create anims within anims, due to its ability to grab brushes from any frame and apply them as key frame images within the anim.
Once captured, the brush can then be pasted into a movement path over a selected frame. Again this is an automated process assisted by AS's brush Tricks of the trade Second only to AS's compdatKm jltfj come the impressive ronge ot specie effects and timing talents. The first frx* is the mirror option which reverse the entire anim or just selected sections.
This is particularly handy if you’re creating a cycling anim. Now you need only render half the frames, lood them into AS, add the extra frames, copy the original half and mirror the new section. An instant SO per cent saving on production time.
Next comes the slightly less impressive greyscale option which automatically transforms selected frames onto - yes, you’ve guessed it - greyscale.
Movement requester.
Simply place the brush in the starting frame at the desired point and assign it as a key frame. Move to the desired frame, place the brush and define it as key once more. Now sit back and let AS do the tween frames - it couldn't be simpler.
I doubt you'll need reminding that Animation Station is an impressive product- Nevertheless it's likely that only the more serious Amiga animators will push the program to its limits.
There are a few minor irritations such as the program's apparent dislike of WB2, which by all accounts is to be rectified soon. It will work with the new WB format but it's not a totally happy marriage.
Lastly, if you're interested in getting the best from the package, a hard drive and accelerator combination is strongly recommended, as some of processes can take on almost ray tracing proportions.
Contact Marcamon 081 941 6117 or Progressive on 0101 303 325 4144 Sound timekeeping Ease of use With the average anim flying by at around 2S frames a second, saving valuable memory is on essential. In this particular department AS excels by allowing you to define to within I 60th of a second exactly how long each frame appears onscreen.
So if you have an anim which scrq ls in a title and pauses on the fmol frame, huge savings can be mode by simply removing all but one of the static images and defining a separate onscreen time for the final image.
It’s possible to define on individual time for each frame in the animation, so now you're not limited to the ease-in and out of Dpaint With the assistance of the timing requester your creations can accelerate and pause whenever and wherever you wont.
An added bonus with the timing requester is the option to assign sounds to any frame in the anim. These con either be background or foreground sounds. The difference is that foreground sounds play once as opposed to background sounds which loop constantly.
Each of the four available samples can be assigned to either the left or right channel with a predefined volume for each.
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Just look at Cashmaster s main features:
• Easy, natural data entry - |ust lice a handwritten ledger.
• Full vat analysis if needed
• VAT inclusive, exclusive or cero-rated entries
• Unlimited no. Of ledgers at one time - limited onty by disc
• Span any time period - nb set period or 1 year limit
• 1000 User-definable class and 1000 accounts codes
• Detailed Statements by selected Classes and Accounts
• Profit and loss-type statement
• Tagging of entries for selective reports
• Automatic repeat of entries standing orders etc. (Yearly.
Half-Yearly. Quarterly. Monthly. Fortnightly, or Weekly)
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anywhere in ledger
• Output reports to screen, printer or disc file
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• Split and merge ledgers at any time
• All functions available from main program screen Class and
Account codes visible at all times
• Pop up running-total calculator with one key press.
The most user-friendly, powerful and versatile accounts package yet - you won't be disappointed.
CASHMASTER INVOICING & STOCK CONTROi Companion to Cashmaster or standalone program £39.95
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• Full invoicing with user-defined messages
• Full invoice editing. Invoice To & Delever To fields
• Settlement, No-Return and Line discounts A standalone, or
integrates with Cashmaster for a fully featured
accounts invoicing package costing less than a quarter the
price of its rivals.
SPECIAL OFFER - both programmes £69.95 Saving £9.95 THE GRAPHOLOGIST Handwriting analysis program £49.95 'Uncannily accurate' 8000 Plus Magazine Recommended highly hr the novice and the professional' Micromart From the beginner to the expert, use The Graphologist to analyse your handwriting, your partners, friends, business associates, prospective employees.
With a sample of handwriting, answer the on-screen questions and follow the instructions. Anything from a signature analysis to a fuB 15 page complete character report, mckxkng career ambition and health through to sexual preferences and megalomania. Edit this report using your word processor for a professional presentation.
The Graphologist is a valuable business tool as well as entertaining and fun Comes complete with comprehensive manual of graphology.
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Phantom .... Dr I s Tiger Club .... OrT'sX-OR ...... Jam .... MufcX_______________ Ojcrtet ______ Big Art Scroller .
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notice RENDITION IMPULSE Color Controls Balanc ing Dither: Off
Separate About Exit Screen C iontro Is Lou Res Std Size
Palette Inage Operators Rpplv_Hap Execute Op Sea le Inage Size
u: 0 H: 0 AMOS 151 If you've ever longed to use AMOS but been
put off by your lack of knov+how, Easy AMOS could be for
youPPeter Hickman peals oil *
* TP . 153 Double page layouts give designers a chance to
really phinc. Ben Poigter on how to eredte stunning spreMs on
your Amiga MULTIMEDIA 155 Alas! Poor Yo jd might be dead but he
ain't g©n« yet! Iolyon Ralph oA % CDTV title that brings
Jhakespeare back to life. Plus CDTV news O' Arexx 140
Interprocess communications and a powerful AmigaDOS stript
language. Can Arexx be all this at once? Jl DTV 143
Near-broadcast quality output is well and truly here. Paul
Austin is impressed by a powerful and versatile genlock
PROGRAMMING 145 More solid, practical advice from Margaret
Stanger on extracting maximum power from your Amiga's sound
chip MUSIC 147 Creating musical notation has never been easier
- plus a high-tech addition to the Manchester scene. Paul
Austin " sounds it out COMMS 149 The biggest comms secret of
the lot is exposed by Stewart C Russell • mi inn A The release
of Workbench 2.0 sees the advent of Arexx as a language for
everyone. At last - a utility language for a multitasking
computer! Don't be put off by its strange name, its technical
origins, or its relative uniqueness- The language is easy,
powerful, and geared to the 90s.
The software companies are giving it massive support - they can see its very real advantages. All the applications running on a machine can communicate with each otherl After all, that's the promise of a multitasking computer, and that's what Arexx really is - a multitasking computer's "workhorse" language. It therefore has many special features, not widely seen before.
In this series we will take a guided tour through the many capabilities of Arexx, and will gradually become acquainted with the basic features of the language.
After only a short time you will be able to produce extremely useful and impressive programs, that will amaze you, and everyone else too!
We will take advantage of the extreme convenience that Arexx can provide for us, including full access to screens, windows, requesters etc, and we will also study some of its more advanced capabilities.
In the main part of each of these articles we will examine the language itself and its support utilities, while in the boxed section we will get acquainted with the interprocess communication abilities.
Good interpretation First of all let US say that Arexx is an interpreted language just like Basic. That means its instructions are read and executed line-by-line. However, unlike other interpreted languages, you don't have to load up an interpreter and be limited to its environment every time you want to run a program - a torture form familiar to users of AmigaBASIC!
The Arexx interpreter - called the resident process
- need only be launched once, using the RexxMast command (the
Workbench 2.0 startup-sequence does this automatically for
you). It then sits in the background taking up little space,
and waiting to spring in to action.
Another very powerful feature is that the language is implemented as an Amiga shared library. As a result you can launch as many Arexx programs (aka macros or scripts) as you like without loading up an interpreter for each one! Arexx also has excellent tracing debugging facilities, useful both to the beginner and to the developer.
There are three main uses for Arexx. Firstly, it can be used as a replacement script language for AmigaDOS. AmigaDOS is notoriously difficult and awkward in its constructions, and some jobs are best not attempted at all with it Arexx, on the other hand, is not only good with loops and IF statements, but more importantly, with text. Complex commands can easily be composed and sent off to the Shell using the built-in communication abilities. We include an example of this further on. Secondly, it can serve as a first dass utility language. With the many support libraries now becoming
available, Arexx becomes infinitely extendible.
Of course, these extensions are not really a part of the language, but they are very practical and easy to use. In fact, if speed is not a critical factor, you can create professional-looking applications, with minimum effort, and without a single line of C or assembler code! We will see some examples of this later in the series.
But interprocess communication is the feature that ultimately makes Arexx. The fact that programs running concurrently may freely interchange data opens the door to a whole new era of personal computing. Ultimately it will lead to a sort of modular approach where separate programs with Arexx interfaces will all work together, co-ordinated by simple scripts.
Imagine your modem updating your database automatically, while at the same time passing the information to some presentation program that gives you a visual picture of what is going on. All processes switch themselves on and off automatically, and you have full control of everything without even having to leave your wordprocessor. This is not the future - with Arexx it is easily possible right now.
Arexx scripts are written using a text editor, just like AmigaDOS scripts. They are usually saved with a special suffix, most often .rexx. To run a script, you use the rx command from the Shell: rx ijrscript.rcn There are two points to note here. You can launch single line Arexx commands from the Shell if you precede the Arexx command with a quote, eg: rx 'say 2*5 You can create a directory called rexx, and assign the logical name rexx: to it, for storing your Arexx scripts. It will always get searched. Further, if a file called from rexx: has a .rexx suffix, you do not need to specify it In
other words the following two command lines are equivalent: rx reix:«jrprog.r«xi rx ¦yprog The resident process can be shut down at any stage m Connands Save Arexx with the rxc command - you need only do this if memory is really tight. Now let's look a bit at the language. Arexx is totally typeless. Unlike many other languages you do not have to initialise integers, floating points, arrays etc. This is because internally everything is handled as strings of characters. Arexx is particularly good at this.
Alex Gian begins his in-depth look at the language that finally made the big time Even numbers are handled as strings, and then converted internally for calculation processes. The floating point precision is also under full user control! On the other hand, high-speed maths is not Arexx's strong point Easy to use Arexx is a small language and its basics are quickly mastered. The building block units are called Tokens, and they combine to make Clauses, which are the minimum executable statements.
There are five types of tokens - Comments, Operators, Symbols, Strings and Special Symbols.
Comments begin with * ** and end wrth 'T - everything in-between is ignored by the interpreter.
Ail Arexx scripts must start with a comment If your script doesn't work, check this.
Operators are things like +, =, etc, which perform operations.
Symbols are mainly used for variables and numbers, eg abc, ProgOne, 456.789, HALF, i.3.4 and month.date are all symbols. Symbols can take on values that you give them. Dotted symbols can take on more than one value, and are used for representing arrays. A symbol that is not given a value has itself as its value On uppercase!).
Strings are characters inside quotes. Quotes can The retease of Workbench 2 0 faff M t9 m Qydlomht of Interest In ArfKA be either single (0 or double (“) but must be consistent There are two special cases - strings followed by an x or a b, indicating a hex string or binary string respectively.
Finally, Special Symbols are things like parentheses, colons, semicolons etc, used to indicate functions, groupings and line ends. Clauses work much the same way as "lines" in Basic. They are used for the usual sort of things like assigning values, evaluating expressions and issuing instructions.
There is a very important point to note here. In most languages, if the interpreter encounters a line that is meaningless, it returns a syntax error. In Arexx, however, a clause cannot be meaningless and anything that is not recognised as an instruction or assignment is automatically assumed to be a command, which Arexx will then send to an external program.
This is discussed more in the boxed text, but first let's look at a trivial script that will illustrate some of what we have already discussed.
I* Strinj* and syiboU * sir seasons greetings "Please enter your naae full naae et.1 = 'j' ; let.3 = 'o' * ; allows 2 clauses on 1 line * let.2 s '61'i » ASCII hex for i ? wnth • ” * The eapty strin« V do i * 1 to 3 * a loop • aonth * aonthMlet.i * || is the joininj-up operator il * * end I » 'Hippy New Tear* tiy i nut aonth 1 1900+92 The output is: Happy New Year YOURNAME - jan 1 1992 The above example should illustrate the extreme ease with which strings are handled. But we are stil only scratching the surface - we will return to this subject later, when we examine "parsing" (i.e.
meaningful reading) of strings by Arexx.
• Next month wel be looking at the many aspects of using Arexx
functions. Ed free.
Welcome to the really exciting part, the data communication between programs running at the same time. Arexx makes use of the so-called "port" structures provided by the Exec multitasking kernel of the Amiga.
You do not really have to concern yourself with these, unless you plan to design Arexx interfaces for your own programs. Simply put. Ports are pieces of code in memory that can receive data "messages" from programs, without getting in the way too much.
They are generalised structures, which are customised by the program mer. For instance, the Intuition Graphic environment uses special (IDCMP) ports to communicate mouse-dicks and so on. These ports are, of course, different to Arexx ports.
Arexx ports each have.their own individual name. The only thing that the general user needs to know Is the name of an Arexx port. Messages (Commands) can then be sent directly to that port by specifying its name, or "host address", as it Is also known. This is done using the ADDRESS instruction, as we will see. Arexx always has two such host addresses internally available, one currently active, and one in reserve' Normally, the default one is called REXX, and is Arexx's own host address. The "reserve" or "previous" one is normally called COMMAND, and is the only special case in host addresses.
It is not really an Arexx port at all, but a reference to the Shell •'CLI that launched the script - sending a command to the host address COMMAND is exactly the same as issuing it at the CU!
There are three main ways to use the ADDRESS instruction. Issued as a clause on its own, it has the effect of toggling between the "current" and "previous host addresses. Issued followed by a parameter, the value of that parameter becomes the new "current1' host address, and the one before it becomes previous", eg: ADDRESS QED1 - the Arexx port of the shareware editor "QED (called QED1) becomes host address finally, the instruction may also be issued followed by two parame ters. In this case the first one is taken to be the host address, the second Is understood to be the command itself. If
the ADDRESS instruction is used in this way, then the current and previous host addresses are not altered, eg: The above clause acts just as if dir opt a had been typed in at the AmigaDOS CLI prompt.
The following example program uses the AmigaDOS command SORT to sort a file, and then prints the first n elements you specify. It is a very simple script and there is no checking to see if n Is too large Not all the functions used have been fully explained in the text above, but they should be fairly obvious.
» wrt and say • say 'Enter tlie mie of tie file to sort’ poll f 11 emit say "Enter tke nuaber of detents to display” (all n osCoaaind * "sort "||fHeniae||* to t:tapsort" AIDKESS CMMII ftosCoaaand 8pen(HoVt:tipsort',re»d) I* open tke file for reading * do I * 1 to a i 1 reidln(lol) • reed tke file line by line V say "Eleaent nuaber • i i end tlose(lol) * not necessary, but pood practice *1 il * say ‘Bye THE THREE BEARS (5-10) IBM, ST, CPC, AMIGA.
Superbly reviewed educational adventure. Develops reading and imagination.
Highly rated primary maths programs.
Selection of games. Add and Subtract.
"The best primary programs I have yet seen." Multiply, Divide. Maths Skills.
Highly acclaimed tutor. Received excellent reviews. Challenging.
Very comprehensive coverage of all the major aspects of maths for this age group. Excellent.
Keyboard trainer which helps spelling.
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Viable visuals As you're no doubt well aware the Amiga
certainly isn't short of genlocking hardware. Unfortunately,
if you're after anything more than the basics it invariably
means spending a serious amount of money on high-end S-VHS
kit, complete with multiple wipes, fades and a £600 plus price
Paul Austin takes a closer look at Power's latest venture in videoland As a result, enthusiastic amateurs have been rather restricted as far as video graphic whistles and bells are concerned - primarily because anything below the £200 barrier suffers badly in the flexibility department.
The good news is that Power Computing has broken the financial ice by announcing an all-new Italian import, namely Microgen from Newtronk.
Admittedly it can't match S-VHS spec or the complex effects available with systems such as Rendale's A8802 S-VHS, but it does go a long way towards bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots in the DTV world.
Using the genlock is simplicity itself - you just plug in the supplied connections to the video source, the Amiga and output VCR sockets. Like all budget genlocks, Microgen is strictly a composite system employing standard phonos to make the necessary connections to your play and record machines.
One of the few disappointments ts the lack of security screws to retain the Amiga and monitor cables on the rear of the unit Admittectty this may sound a bit picky, but if you've ever had the misfortune of fiddling with the Amiga's RGR-to-moni- tor connection you'll know all about its less that co-operative nature.
The unit itself comprises a plain black box about the size of the average hardback. As with all Newtronic products the layout is simple and direct. The front of the unit consists of two flick switches, a central power light and a solitary black knob to control fades.
The first of the two flick switches alternates between the video and mix options, with the second defining whether the Amiga signal should be keyed or inverted.
The rear of the unit is slightly more inspiring thanks to the inclusion of an RGB through port - an option which many budget genlocks sadly lack.
Alongside the RGB output sit both the video in and out phono sockets, plus the 23-pin RGB input which receives the Amiga's signal direct from the video port. Another input awaits the power supply, but it isn't actually used as the genlock takes its power direct from the Video port. I can only assume that the power socket is forgotten relic of an earlier incarnation.
The alternatives If you're a sensible soul, it's a good idea to shop around. Take a look at Rendale's A8802 This is an old favourite on the Amiga and has been around a fair while. Nevertheless, it’s the only real opponent for Microgen.
As Standard It can't compote with Microgen for flexibility, but if you're willing to have a bash with a soldering iron it can be adapted to produce the three basic modes. Its strength is its expandability - it can be transformed Into its bigger brother, namely the A8802 S-VHS.
The upgrade will set you back around £400 for the additional circuitry and external control box.
To be honest, if you've no plans of moving into S-VHS, the Microgen is almost certainly the best bet.
Aside from the technical merits of the unit, by far the most important aspect of any video graphic system has to be pure image guality. In this particular department Microgen can hold its own with any system in the composite market.
Top quality The output is excellent in all configurations and unlike some cheaper genlocks there's little, or no, colour bleeding between overlaid graphics and video sources. Transitions between fades are smooth and even flicking between display states doesn't cause any video nasties... The Unit has four basic states, the first of which is the basic video through format which passes the Amiga output to the monitor as normal, while routing the clean video signal direct to the record VCR. This is ideal for preparing or loading images and anims during the production - once all's well you can
flick to the setup you need and apply the effect, then return to prepare the next.
The second state is a basic mix, which is applied with the assistance of the fader, transforming the display from solid video to Amiga graphic. The fader produces excellent transitions, but to be honest a traditional slider would be a little more manageable.
Next comes the most famous of all genlocking tricks, namely the keying of incoming video over colour zero in the Amiga's register. Again the fader is employed to apply the desired mix.
Lastly comes the Invert option, which as the name suggests allows you to swap the roles of the Amiga and video signal concerning the overlaid display. In other words all colours except the zero colour become transparent.
At first glance this would appear to be about as much use as a chocolate teaspoon. In fact this couldn't be further from the truth, as it allows you to animate the display even further. For example with the assistance of Dpaint, areas of clear video windows can glide over partially or completely obscured background video. Again the fader can be applied to add the desired amount of mix between the Amiga and video output.
Overall it's hard to find fault with a unit that comes in at £199 and still boasts such an impressive array of abilities, while retaining near broad- cast-quality output.
For further details contact Power Computing on: 0234 8433*8.
WE ALSO TAKE ACCESS CHESHIRE WA3 5DY ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT tmoamK SOUND ENHANCER HARDWARE 100% COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SOFTWARE IF YOU THOUGHT THAT THE AMIGA SOUND WAS GOOD THEN YOU ARE IN FOR A REAL SHOCK, AS YOU CAN ENHANCE THE SOUND TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH THE BRAND NEW RELEASE FROM OMEGA PROJECTS: LOOK OUT FOR THE REVIEWS AMI-BACK The WORLDS fastest, most reliable hard disk back-up utility available for the AMIGA. Backs up to 4 floppy drives (not 2 like the competitors) or to TAPE STREAMER without the need tor additional software, has a built-in SCHEDULER. Selective Back-up, or Disk Image.
Guaranteed, better than any other on the market jm AMIGA DOS 2-0 jT . Ir COMPATIBLE 150 250 Meg SCSI TAPE STREAMER The ULTIMATE back-up device FREE copy of AMI-BACK
499. 95
C. D.T.V. 499.95 GYP
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l«PiM anraaMoo) 67996 X4*l Dkxts I tOm £099 l4Bonv 04 46 1
Meg 6 Srrara 3 Mog Iks 09% 4M*0 »Srm*(SMog)»« 129995
Sound trap Jsamctar 09-95 Mr* MS mortoce
819. 96 4 Chann* Aurto M.W. » Mk; 0491 Sound Trap 3 • Mr*-M«
60. 46 Sox«3 Trap 3 • AuiJorroiSor i CSS 00 SrtoYl Imo 3 .
Audmatof J 48495 Mn Md»Mjyc-x 899 91 AuOomaity 2
09. 96 £6600 36' W D»r* (Qmara) £69,95 23-woy Comaclor no hood
«J9 J3 **av Connoc'or * hood
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UK5 t ggep »«ng ACCELERATOR card For the A500 2000 Ottering a
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bock polcy The means that It you upgrade, you won t be stuck
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SCSI HARD DISK controller. Allowing transfers in excess of
1.2meg sec 22MHz + I Meg 32 bit RAM 599.95 33MHz + 4Meg 32
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bit professional Video Adaptor. Features 16 million colours
on screen at once, built in Genlock, F Fixcr.
Frame buffer. Frame grabber and Digital kcycr. Comes with Catigari 3D. Scala IV24. & Macro Paint
1799. 00 IMPACT 500 HARD DRIVE Expandable to 8 Meg Ram 52 Meg
399.95 Add 70.00 per 2 Meg if 105 Meg 549.95 ordered at
same time as drive 200 WATT PSU COMPLETE WITH A500 POWER
GO PROGRAMMING Sound on Margaret Stanger continues her
series on getting the best sound from your Amiga The C
source code The C source code can be compiled, and the
object code linked to the assembler object code to produce
a second program. The Audio device can be opened and the
sound structures set up using the CreatePort and
CreateStdIO routines from the Exec Support Library -
available for C programmers.
I prefer to write the interrupt and other sound routines In assembler, but these routines can be easily linked to a C main program. I assembled the assembler source code without the underscore option, and took care to declare the routines to be used externally.
The C source code can be compiled, and linked to the assembler source module using the command :• blink with sound3link where sound3link is included on the support disk, along with both object modules, soundl.o and soundc3.o. The C program opens a window, and calls init- soundQ from the assembler module to open the Audio device and initialise the sound structures.
The main polling loop for the window continues until the user asks to quit, either by closing the window or pressing key 3. Each time key 1 is pressed, the program calls the bell() routine from the assembler module; key 2 is pressed for the "sploit" sound In a similar way.
When the quit signal is received, the program calls the dearsoundf) routine from the assembler module before the window closes and the program ends.
M (E The assembler source code The assembler source code (soundB.a) is a standalone program. The program starts by opening the DOS library, allocating chip memory for the sound samples and reading the data into memory from short sound sample files on disk. The program opens the Audio device and initialises the sound structures. An interrupt structure is set up for each channel being used, together with code to be executed when the interrupt occurs.
The program calls our old faithful joystick routine. When horizontal movement is detected the program will sound a bell, and set a flag to say that the sound is being made. When the interrupt occurs, this flag is cleared, letting the program know that the channel is clear for the next bell sound. If the bell is selected when the channel is busy, there will be no effect.
A vertical movement of the joystick controls the other sound in a similar way. When the Fire button is pressed the program closes the Audio device, frees any memory, closes the DOS library and exits.
IOVC.I III jsr ctr.v IQVtl.l rt» z ¦s •o 0» n 1 r* I This Programming column is the third in a mini series on sound. The first part of the series showed how to produce a sound by writing to the Amiga custom chips directly with a pointer to the chosen sound samples.
The second part demonstrated how to vary the pitch of the sound and produce a few musi- cal notes. This month's page shows how to use the Amiga system software to control the start and finish of each note, leaving your program to do more important things.
First, a quick recap. When the end of the sound data is reached, one sound cycle has been performed, and an interrupt will occur. The sound starts and ends smoothly only when the sound is at the beginning or end of a sound cycle, and the current sample is zero.
The system software can detect the generated interrupt, and can be used to turn the sound channel off when the correct number of sound cycles has been completed. The system can inform us when this has happened, and when there is no more sound queueing up for the channel.
The software routines for controlling the sound are not in any of the usual libraries, but in an Audio device which is a collection of software routines like a library. When a device is opened, there is an associated 10 parameter block. This structure contains all the structures a device may need to handle incoming and outgoing messages.
There is also a Message structure which includes a node for keeping its place in a linked list, a message port for replies and the length of the message in bytes. The message port in turn has its node and flags, its own signal bit, its task STIUCTUIE lOAudio,IO.SIZE mo loaJlllocKey APTR ioajata ULONS ioa_Lenath ioa_Period UMORD UVORD lOIJfOluM wot) ioi.Cycles STRUCT ioa Vrit'llsg,M SHE LABEL ioa.SHEOF and a pointer to the header of the task list The 10 request structure, and how it passes commands and data, was described in the October issue of AMIGA Computing, The lOAudio parameter block
is extended for audio requests: An allocation port is set up to allocate the sound channels, and an allocation 10 structure for its commands. This port and parameter block are associated with the opening of the audio device.
Lei lntarruptO,aS lei revbufferO,«Q ¦eve.1 |0,IS_COH(|5) Id toundPortO,i5
• ove.b I1,BP_FLA6S(»5) Mve.b l4,lll_TTPE(a5) Iti interrupt!),aO
etc,etc When all this has been set up, sound commands can be
executed. The parameters are put in the lOAudio structure, the
command is CMD.WRITE, the flag is ADIOFPERVOL, and BEGINIO is
used (rather than Send 10 or DolO) to start the sound going.
The sound will finish after the chosen number of cycles has
been completed.
A message port is opened for each sound channel
- it usually serves as a collecting point for messages to a
task, but this time a software interrupt is generated each time
a message is received, An interrupt structure is initialised
and linked to a sound port, and the list header initialised. I
have included a code fragment The interrupt is linked to the
code to be executed when the sound in the channel is finished.
In the code the message is received and the flag cleared.
Interrupt code must preserve all the registers, and reset
them afterwards: The final part of this mini series next month
will demonstrate background noise and simple music.
NeubufferQ: ¦ovea.l dQ-d7 »0-i6,-(sp) _AbtEm8tse,a6 soundPortO,iO _imetli«(a6) sOflag (sp)*,dO-d7 aQ-a6 lUleServe 1 Visit our showrooms. See before you buy. High quality products. Full technical support NEW 24 pin Colour* Citizen 224 Enhanced 24pin printer, 'optional colour with easy to use control panel 2 year warranty. Price with cable & paper £225 inc VAT Optional Colour Kit £26.00 with printer Amiga printer driver £5.00 New HP Deskjet 500 Colour 300dpi colour inkjet printer Colour laser quality at Mo of the cost 3 year warranty. Price with cable & paper £579 incVAT Replacement Cartridges
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M P016 9UW V Tel: 0705 325354 J Squik Mouse £13.90 inc VAT V-- UleServe Larger items delivered ita by Securicor You know the sc Paul Austin discovers a new saviour of musical notation and an updated sequencer package More Gadjits from Manchester It's been over a year since the Mancunian musos at Gadjits first promised their long-awaited upgrade to Sequencer One. At last, they've come good and announced Sequencer One Plus. Not perhaps the most inspired title, but it's the contents that count and on that score it seems that Cadjits have certainly done their homework.
As you might expect, the new software has all the features of the old and still pitches heavily in the direction of new musos. Full support for the Amiga's internal sounds are still available plus all the necessary elements of a serious Midi sequencer.
The major additions include Gadjits' new Diamond editing system, which dramatically speeds up editing by employing the rodent to transpose, stretch, shrink, move and delete notes with a minimum of hassle.
Perhaps the biggest improvement as far as performers are concerned is the new 'Juke Box" mode, which allows you to daisy-chain songs together. As one song plays, the next is loaded - ideal for stage work or presentations.
The nuts and bolts of the system have also been expanded with the inclusion of tempo maps, auto count-ins, system exclusive management, track solos and enhanced quantise control.
Fortunately Gadjits haven't fallen into the technological trap and as a result this is still one of the easiest sequencers to use and a good choice for any beginner. Having said that if you can afford the extra. Bars and Pipes Professional is probably even better, as it's equally as simple to use while boasting many power features and almost infinite expandability If you like what you read and fancy a bit of musical spring cleaning, the all-new Sequencer One Plus will set you back £129.95. If you already have the original package an upgrade is available for just £49.95, but don't drag your
feet, as this is strictly for a limited period.
For more details contact Gadjits Music Software on 061-236 251 S. £ Ol 3 $ Ki I I After a relatively lean period during the summer the Amiga sequencing scene has exploded in the last few months, with a seemingly endless stream of power packages pouring in from the States.
Not to be outdone, the old school has made a stand. The new saviour of musical notation is entitled Overture. Although Overture claims to be a fully-fledged professional package, in truth it's a much more dedicated program aimed directly at a relatively unexplored niche in the market.
Its primary mission is to transcribe the digital wafflings of the average Midi instrument into the stylised scrawl of crochets, quavers and staves.
The main idea is that you can type written music directly into the program and then listen to your sequence or sound module play it back in the voice of your choice.
Alternatively you can play your own creations live and Overture will transcribe your ivory-tickling into formal notation complete with bass and treble clefs, ties, rests triplets - in fact anything and everything that a classically trained muso will know and love.
Like all Midi packages, Overture takes advantage of the full 16 available Midi chan- nets, and as a result a joint bass and treble staff clef is given to each track. To create a full multi-timbral composition it's simply a matter of assigning the appropriate Midi channel to the relevant track and either typing or playing your music into it.
On start-up, Overture defaults to the staff screen, which as the name suggests displays the twin bass and treble staves within each track. Importing the notation is all rodent controlled with a combination of mouse position- ing, icons and pull-downs. When you become adept at the art of scoring your work you could always cast the mouse aside and concentrate solely on the keyboard shortcuts.
If you're more capable with an instrument than a mouse, you can go straight to the Record screen where tracks are laid down live and transcribed into notation back in the staff screen. Muting, modulation, pitch bend and much more can be defined prior to your performance. In general, live recording is equally as well executed as Overture's mouse driven alternative. A separate continuous controllers 2 ffl NHME 1 3 '5 Cl 99 Fi 44 13 ii FI 44 •3 S20n Cl ii F8 44 •3 91 FI 44 C2 19 FI 11 * S30f C2 89 FI C3 88 FI window allows you to draw control changes via a graph. Simply dragging the rodent
across the track defines everything from tempo to pitch bend.
A fourth screen entitled the Midi Event Editor gives access to non-standard Overture options such as System Exclusive operations as well as Omni and Poly control. In other words, it's possible to produce Midi macros that can be loaded, saved and dropped in to your creations as required.
Unfortunately there are a few unpleasant points. For example, Overture's file format isn't standard Midi and at present there's no conversion utility provided- As a result it's left itself on something of a musical Island. Until it provides portable Midi information it won't be taken seriously in the professional market.
Secondly, Overture doesn't have a print option. This is a huge omission as the majority of people interested in notation want it on paper sooner or later. Both these faults are being put right in Overture 2 which should hit the streets in the spring. Expect a full review when it does.
Even as it stands Overture is an ideal beginner’s package, especially if you need to master the intricacies of sheet music or perhaps employ it as a teaching tool for others.
Overture retails at a very reasonable £79.95 ind VAT, plus p&p. For more details contact Desert Software on 051-430 7400.
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• • • ' _ __a Is your Amiga working for you' Kpt you fond t
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Bui Londoners need look no tuffier because now there a Argonaut Systems East OuWch. A rww Consultancy speoaisrg m ihe Arnrn who wit courteously provide tt* visiting services Isted below, by apporimnt, Between the txxrs ot 5am and 9pm. Mon-Sat. A! Between E20 and £25 per hour, anywhere m London They cod toss than tt* dagrostc scflware they use. Ard as Ifflle as an hour a month could seep yw system swwtt Argonaut Systems Consultancy Dept AC, 81 Choumert Road, East Dulwich, London SE15 4AP Tel: 071-358 9547 SERVICES - Personal Software and System TuIm, Concert Etyieenng Data Recovery. Yna
Proofog. Tecnncal Support. Systems Eforey Analysis I Opun£a)on. Independent Hardware & Sotoae Ftaommandaorv and or«ii gr teguiar Had Css* Ba* Up. ReorgansaKn & Turtn Charg g harowre rapar. Games rtted. Or proorammgs oK COMMS Usenet unBovered ¦ TI vO cone.sys.amija.misc (page 1 of 3): Mi) Re: SyQuest Drive and 03111 " 48 (Christopher 0. Michora) M7 Re: GhuPlot * 28 (Herb Brown) Ml) klip ' 11 (Egni* Ueenstorp) IW) Re: Amiga uucp 1.15 * 18 (Til Guy)
281) Need Beta tester for new rd program neulist. * 13 (Phi11 ip
781) Re: SyQuest Drive and ftttftl ' 38 (bavtd Jones)
782) SCSI H5 cache program reguest " 2 dip Detraaf)
713) Unix... “ 7 (Steve 6alie)
714) Re: scrollable shell window ' 3 (nichael creutz)
285) MS on the Anna’ * 15 8rett L. Kessler) ?l() I : Mhere does
CFU 90 in startup-seguence * 31 (Loeen J Sit tie)
787) Re: Ever used HR64.1 cr who'where’when'what’ * 13 dan
788) Re: Exec id Chip ‘ 18 (Ulrich Hisser)
789) Re: Now nay people RECEIVE shareware lees from Australia. 82
711) Rf Interference fron Xetec A588 Ht 28 (Steve Sheldon) H 711)
PC Meek Nultittdi* Shootout * 35 (ttorv Gordon)
712) Re: Postscript interpreter for ftnioa * 15 (Larry Phillips
(Sun Vancouver:
• 14' Niws FP disks, anywhere7 9 (Uaipuro Petri JuhinD 715' Re:
Commodore unprofessionali$ n ( Hiere s the binder*)
716) fie: Red Sector Denonaker ' 1$ (Danny Griffin)
717) Re: Commodore unprofessionalis* strikes again. “ 32 iba
However, this ‘last* pla 23 baiterfbusc3.
Nr ua l . | ... .. ... . . .... I 2l7) Re: Connodore unprofessionahsn strikes again. “ 32 ibanny Griffin) PC Meek is a magazine that covers industry n« GIF format on Amiga1 I tender how many chars fit in a subject line ... 71?) Re: Fidonet problems * 12 (Don Rumferj) charge to subscribers. There is on problem. PC Me* about the RhlGA platform. !t NEVER has MUSA based fact has only mentioned the Video loaster a feu ti now that the Toaster set the Cemrutino'Vidto «*¦! 71?' Be: Fidonet problems * 12 (Don Rumford) 778' Re: No * directive MOP * 15 (Don Polak) 721' Re: Postscript interpreter for
Amiga * 28 (Ed Milts) that the Toaster set the iCwutw'Vide* »rU ?22) Re: Commodore unprof'essionalisn stnkes'again.
Numerous awards. Vet PC wek will only supply yoi o». Ic.m - to (h,pl The article mentions 7 developer judge*.iod 13 use! ™ ElCkM) is no mention of who these people are. PC Week employees maybe" mink about it- The fact is, PC Meek is a PC IfftC propaganda machine.
There are 4 large pages of text and pictures relating to this contest. I will not retype the whole thing here However I will 'fill in the holes’ 1? (Brian feight) not retype the whole thing here, he PC Meek article The real truth about the MMMedio shootout comes oat. Wos it fair, or was It tainted by market forces? You would have found out on Usenet.
In i nutshell Participants were asked to create a presentation for Greenpeace. Here were the judging criteria: Speed of developing the presentation Conformity with the presentation Accuracy and Suitability of the presentation Complexity and Ttmmm Where would you go to get programming questions answered by Commodore's technical staff? Where can multimedia problems be solved by the AmigaVision people? Where are the latest Fish Disks to be found? Where is the liveliest Amiga debate?
I bet you're thinking that I'm about to plug a very expensive commercial service. You could not be further from the truth - this one can be free if you go to the right place.
I’m talking about Usenet, the international news mail network. It used to be the exclusive preserve of the university community, but now it can be had in your own home.
A warning - Usenet is big. Not merely does it span the globe, but a full newsfeed from it currently stands at over 20Mb per day. Sure, that would get you over 1,000 different newsgroups ranging from cookery through Monty Python to current affairs. For a subset of the Amiga news, it's still around 150 to 200k a day, so a fast modem is a good idea.
Usenet is split into several sections, two of which spring to mind immediately - "rec" (recreation) and "comp" (computers). These sections are further subdivided, so a fuH newsgroup might be "rec.models.re" (for all RC models) or "comp.sys.amiga. reviews", which is the online Amiga review column.
Traditionally, Usenet has been the spiritual home of the Amiga. The original engineers were frequent Usenetters in the early days, and the tradition stays on - you'll still find important names on the net.
Because of this, there is a large Amiga crowd on Usenet. There are sections for everyone - programmers, audio people, hardware types, plain users, beginners, buyers and sellers, comms - all human life is there. There's even the Amiga Advocacy newsgroup, where the truly argumenta- Thls page of messages represents leu than a tenth ol the day's Amiga news teed. And this news ts fresh • anything over eight days old is deleted ITSTvn rfsiTI~ftnisa 17nM .WUIUUUUU :7tl * 7 for help.
Frant Mrvfpnft51.or6.iw.orf vNirv Gordon' Subject: PC Week Hultmedia Shcctou?
Lines: * 5 C Meek his finally released its ‘official* results Authoring Systens A; many of you know Commodore cii three product competition the whole story.
Huge choice Stewart C Russell exposes the best kept comms secret of the lot tive carr explain just exactly why the Amiga does it better. If all that is not enough, programs come across the net in the comp.binaries.amiga and comp.sources.amiga groups. Most of the stuff coming out of these groups is technically oriented, but the occasional game gets through now and again.
The messages themselves vaiy greatly in usefulness, from completely pointless to highly useful insights into the Amiga scene. Whatever the quality, it seems that every contributor knows about the right to free speech, and will exercise that right at every opportunity.
This open attitude gives rise to the famous Usenet "flame wars", which take the form of long (and often pointless) arguments between several parties. Although Usenet messages are withdrawn from circulation after eight days, these wars can go on for weeks on end.
For example, a particularly long flame war about HST modems has just died down. It seems to have been driven by one wildly anti-HST contributor, who was giving the new v32bis modems a rather glossy image. It took no less than Jack Radigan (of JR-Comm fame) to cool this flamer down, but only after three weeks of inane bickering.
Flame wars are a minor distraction, though. You can make new friends throughout the world on Usenet, and keeping up with them is relatively inexpensive. International mail is charged at around 7p per 1,000 characters in this country, so a short note costs less than airmail, and can arrive in mirv llvii resl.l Amiga 17 ll W,1 utes. OK, so where do I get news? If you happen to be at a college or university, there's a fair chance that the central computing service will carry a newsfeed. It's always best to ask before starting to read Usenet - it is, after all, not the most relevant of higher
education subjects. As a way to spend a wet lunch hour, however, it's unrivalled.
A few commercial services offer Usenet facilities.
The Direct Connection offers full Usenet access for £10 a month. CiX (081-390 8446 voice, 081-390 1244 modem) also has Usenet access built in, but it's a curious read-only affair. It is possible to post messages from CiX, but it is rather complex and certainly won't be logical to a beginner. This month's screenshots were taken from the offline news-reader I use for CiX.
If you felt really adventurous, you could set up your own UUCP node using Matt Dillon's UUCP software, and receive a newsfeed from a local site.
This will not be cheap - the standard connection charge in the UK is around £200 per year, and that doesn't include any usage charges.
Free access There is, however, a free way of accessing Usenet open to anyone. A few of the larger bulletin boards offer selected parts of the Usenet feed as normal message areas. Nick Lello of Amiga Information (0444-441308, HST 24 hours) runs such a service, and very well it works too.
Public access Usenet puts a lot of strain on the BBS due to the high volume of messages. You may be expected to pay for Usenet access, but it won't be anything major - £10 to £20 a year. That's easily made up by not buying that other Amiga magazine for a couple of months.
Usenet is definitely worth investigating. In fact, you get the news way before it hits the press - the Announce newsgroup has press releases, shareware news and new Fish disk listings first Once you’ve got into Usenet, you can be a month or so ahead of even the best Amiga magazines - electronic messages don’t have to be printed, after all. But after reading all the news on Usenet, you wouldn't desert the magazine that told you about it in the first place, would you?
Stewart C Russell can be contacted on CiX as scruss (that's scruss@cix.compulink.co.uk), or is available at FidoNet 2:259 2.4 (off Alba Maximus, Glasgow).
DIGITISING S rRVICF ANDfe N sw - MIAd i PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBffARV Tne Amiga s renowned tor Cs grapruK and is supaonea ay some excellent pint pacxafies - lew of us are aaie to use diem to tne toil UNTIL NOW! You too can now produce stunning graphs. Using digitised pctures as your starting point.
Please maJce cheques & P Os payable to: NEW IMAGE
106. Stone cross Road.
Hatfield. Hens. ALIO OHW.
Tel: 0707 269720 Tne pxxures are suppued as Iff files and are easily loaded into your pain: paoage. Ready tor all ot tne normal brush and drawing commands to ce carried out. Just as it you naa flrewn tnem yourself.
To order simply send up to live photographs. Drawings,wan a note to tec us Know now many colours to use tor me images and iso now mucn ot tne screen you wisn tne final picture X occupy
e. g. £ for who* screen The price tor tnis service is £5.00 per
f.ve piaures - if you include a Blank disk - or 25.50 if you
wisn us to suppiy me as*.
Please aoa 50p to ne* towards the cost of postage and packing.
PUBLIC DOMAIN amo SHAREWARE LIBRARY ('indicates 1 meg memory required) Games QetOfiS utilities SIX Zeus 22CC Uiar.iVaP.ar.ix UC1 usraser 6101 dcUasKr 2 3201 e»Ui.saOsrl U3C2 tjuStsa Gl02 Caenaaer 3222 PnccccaaUjscurac m ClifiRt S153 Ora 2223 UttGecaVofiJt tfft UesS)'$ lD2 SIM C«£S20 32K UiSX L037 u tec Gift wiwiofftflott 32ft DMCCUW2 uocs Ar-ifcse Sift CcqwjtCccJx: 32ft Ur.Pceanaa* ucos AftP v13 3107 Parr 0207 Pfcsmu&a'Si m jasSaca 3139 rfX UiCTwK Sci 32C6 W&RWOtt- 3311 ZyeMilLte G110 Siiccmcv* m ACTyusV aisr* 3312 Spaecncccn Gill OoMftil. Tails 3213 Pbuoaaa&c a 3013 Fo&se em Ua&rofseTcwn
0211 SusjSKSiOaoy; 3014 Sncsanxr 5115 Sevai Tie 0213 Hainan me Mwe* 3315 G118 UeQ3& 3215 TeenageUKTunfes 3017 SdaeyaKftiaCs 6117 SuwrTwas 3217 camobcr.
3619 TV fas 0 & 31:3 Cofcrlt 3P9 taverns rtead&cfis 3015 TVGoo&cs 3120 f&snaer 3215 CrusaservGtfess m fibticfigtf" UbS WV&Stt&A&U TywQTutor 3121 6122 Seat?
UtssiiCcaaiicc 3220 3221 8u£rao2 PucsRensr.
3221 3023 6123 6SA30GS 0222 it6n*Cooifa& 3024 0 Ocoi We charge 21,00 per as* tor our P.D titles ana an extra 30p if you wan: a printout ot Uie
• nstruoons tor tne Jmy &sks. Tr.ere are no minimum order nt&as
Out please add 50p per prser to wards posape and pauing.
Why buy an ordinary sound sampler - when you can buy a recording studio?
* r Midi sequencer ? Variable digital delay ? Variable cut buffer
? Full multi tasking ? 57 recorded samples ? Sample Library
* State of the art true stereo cartridge
* Over ICO interactive functions
* Simple to use tutorial and user guide
* Stunning real time effects include: Echo, Reverb, Hall, Voice
Synthesis, Phaser and Vibrato
* Extensive editing and looping facilities ES Software upgrade
available to existing users for only £6.00 + £1.00 p&p
DlU-XSlOJiS FREE 0EM0CATAL06UE DISK If yog would like to know
more oetore ordering men jus: send us a stamped espressos
envelope and we wai seno you a copy ot our oemo disk containing
our puOiiC Somam list, ful* Beta, is ot our digmsmg service and
several c.;.:.sea pictures.
STOP PRESS - We are now operating a beginners helpline to answer an oi those queries wnicn can battle (lie newcomer to toe AMIGA. So it you are struggling, give us a call between 6.00 and 2.00 on weekday evenings. The number is 0707 265720 3ROOKLANDS HOUSE BRYNGWYN RAGLAN GWENT NP52AA 0291-690933 690S0I £39.95 + £1.50 sssyjBPaams DIVISION ONE ’92 NOW HAS THE 1991 2 FOOTBALL LEAGUE NFL PLAYER DATA
* Beats the pants off all other Soccer Carnes'
Q. Wilson, Cardiff THE GAME. Everyone has his own ideas on what
maxes a soccer team "tick". Here is the opportunity to put
into ractice your own ideas. Operating from the English 1st
division you must build a squad to challenge for the league
tide, the FA and League Cups and the 3 European trophies.
And as players age. Rebuild the team while holding off relegation SQUADS TRANSFER MARKET, in a 3 squad system (1st team squad, reserve squad and youth squad), use the continuous intake of youth players and training program to create a squad whose skills, reflect your ideas. Supplement these skills win carefully selected transfer market acquisitions. As they age, veterans hade and youngsters develop, keep a sharp eye on the changing skills of your team.
SKILLS, All players have a balance of 5 skilis (no "skill levels") which you must discover by experimenting with your team. Even more important will be your judgement about the effect of the particular team balance or skill combination on the outcome of a match, and subsequently a season of football. Suitable training can deveiop enhance skilis or sustain the stamina of ageing injured players MATCH STATS, Your judgement will be put to the test in this unique 4 minute match stats simulation against accurately Simulated opposition. This is the measure of your team and your most reliable source
of Information. Tnere are displays of: match flow, two teams, piayer-with-the-ball. Injuries, discipline, substitutions, in-match tactics, goalscorers.
Possession breakdown and performance assessment.
Sophisticated "Al" techniques replace "skill levels".
Judgement replaces mental arkhmetic. Intelligence replaces luck. Division One 92 is a simulation of the worid of the soccer manager. £s fascination comes from is closeness to the reai thing, its addictive quauty is that or soccer itself.
HEADCOACH V3 jflfen This must be the best game eoer out onto a computer"
s. Peters, Newcastle THE GAME. RieadCoach is the complete
American Football simulation. You take charge of the latest
recruit to the NFL, and through skilful design of gameplans
and the use of the college draft, build up a 45 man squad to
keep your fans happy and w n the SuperBowL Unlimited seasons
and ageing players produce a realistic game or fluctuating
THE MATCH. Tne match is a game In itself taking about 40 minutes to complete. With 26 offensive plays and 21 defensive plays, there is ample scope to match your game- pian to the skills of your squad, and exploit the weaknesses of the opposition, it's here where the strengths and weaknesses of your players are highlighted.
TRAINING CAMP. An opportunity to assess your players before they take the field- Tne appropriate coach will give you nis view of the current form of any of the players and how they are performing in training. A 40 yard timed run will reveal their sharpness. Wide receivers, running backs, linebackers, comeroacks and safeties need to shine here.
COLLEGE DRAFT. During the 16 match season, plus whatever playoff matches you achieve, you will find yourself praying for a second Cias&y running back or wide receiver, or need to beef up your offensive line too many sacks). The college draft should be used to find those stars of the future and make sure they’re playing for you.
STATisnc£.The statistics centre will encapsulate your team’s and your player’s season. Total yards, rushing yards, passing yards, kick-off returns, punt returns (and averages for all these), interceptions, sacks... all these are kept for each match, the whole season, for the team and for each player.
American rootbaiiis a game of stats and we retain that.
The Midnight Oil Tel Sales 0438721936 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY POSTAL SALES TteMicriisnrOii, Dep:AMC3, 13 Hazeirare Reed, Skvenage SG2 SSX Postage: (Airmail) UK: Postpaid Europe; add £1.00 World: add £2.00 Amiga 500 Pius I Compatible 1 HC tSA AiT. ? ?
Amiga 1 Mrs. D O AIM ST n n ALL GAMES £19.95 Power up!
Wow, I am rusnec off my feet! Easy AMOS is almost ready for release, so testing every nook and cranny is the order of the day. For those of you who don't yet know about Easy AMOS, let me fill you in.
It is basically a version of AMOS wnicn has been designed for people who don't know much about computer programming but want to learn, as well as people who know a little but find AMOS just a little too daunting.
To describe it as a cut down version of AMOS is a little unfair - there are 3 few commands and facilities which are missing (Bice menus) but it makes up for them with some really great new ones (like commands to load and play Soundtracker music without conversion!).
Easy AMOS really is looking splendid. The manual - written by computer veteran Mel Croucher - is humorous and informative and incorporates lots of cartoons. Tnere are loads of example programs on the accompanying disk which are documented and discussed in the manual, so there is only a lithe typing for those keyboard-sly beginners!
Friendliness The whole appearance of the user interface has changed since its parent (AMOS) was written. Everything is made up from the grey relief type boxes which we are so used to seeing In Workbench 2, and the editor now uses an eight colour screen to improve the rather bland look associated with four colour examples.
Everything about Easy AMOS oozes friendliness. You can customise tne actual language and the accompanying demos with your own name! It really is aimed at the absolute beginner.
One of the more advanced features of As Easy AMOS nears completion; Peter Hickman, who has been involved in its production, begins to drool... this new AMOS is the Tutor. It is, in fact, a full source code debugger which will allow you to single step through your program in order to test it. You can set up break points and even set your own screens, bobs, text and graphics up in a shrunk down window.
This is realiy amazing and has to be seen to be believed. I understand that Europress Software will be taking this feature and adding it to an improved "full" version of AMOS currently dubbed "AMOS 11". Roll on that day!!!
HERE'S a fabo tip for all of you programming Fun School 4 owners. On the Under 5s and 5 to 7s package a new experimental sound extension has been used! This is compatible with the StarTrekker program (a SoundTracker clone) and will allow you not only to play Soundtracker modules without using that dodgy converter but also supports the synthetic instrument Sound rX option in StarTrekker!
The file is called "MUSlC.UB" and is a direct replacement for the "MUSlC.UB" file contained inside your "AMOS.SYSTEM" directory, so all you have to do is copy it across. Unfortunately 1 do not have any details of the playing commands so you will have to route around the FS4 programs for more information about that r A SAMU SEIKWN FROM OUR VAST AJMGA PU8UC DOMAIN LflRARY T3X ESSO a oo D SO . .0 74 (W) ES SO DOO|NP| ESSO Tmvnronct. Mttfsm* . Mwi 8 De*» STMTtfl PACK WtnhngN, 4i*qi Sch4 SID Copy UK UM Mtftr tcv Mua-. Rvni 8 Dm KCM£ BUSINESS PACK ivrordprocsasty ScMWwtM' 0«llto* - Hwra BarSiN)
Mtkom) • *K«»18 Dt*i C PROGRAMUWQ PACK (C Cctrptn. C UM» ? Cta&gpv. CEO fiMer Curuti Row K*rr»( 1W , 9 Cwa EDUCATION PACK lEsu* w Dw Mx Goman Tutor Sew 8 Spott Chmsry PoroOc T«BM| 5 Ctw BED SECTOR DCMO MAKER PACK (Bob Forrl Vmor Emcrs P qnm t Ow (Mi S Ckc MUSK M4KMG PACK iMED Momtacfcv. Feouw Pm t 4 5»nsl« Souid MoAAei 8 CUM ASTRONOMY PACK ISUrtUfl. Knauu E**tW) Pljntlj MxnctuMi A Data SOUND t VtSCN PACK |30 Owns Engrra Rl» Tr«w Awn J-gjW Tmvuroi AaIS your AMIGA your best 'AMIGA'?
AA A500&A500 Plus compatible. WE CAN HELP!
? ARCHITECTURAL ? HYDRAULIC C I ELECTRICAL ? ENGINEERING ? COMPLETE X-CAD SYSTEMS b** on azooo «* A3000 C ALL X-CAD PRODUCTS, PROGRAMS & PERIPHERALS UMC S4 UM UMT. Oat U* uwe &wAArtiij«» .'ftiMini PP Mtp cRMdKCOPa: uuce umc UXW NMCQOasft'Xi mice ChtuuiMiiOH USC01 ROMXffTvA* U556 CMMtnAW' l 8*W ClM'Aconnw Ub 8»t0«nw IBHCuwhSMi 'K'iWW N"' SMAT M3|20ekS|t1M IXU4 Ksnmw I kotroiM’ IfitH' GcnsKf) T trtf TfW DMM 1X60 ScrrTn* LC03C PMCtOMMVINEW) UM OTPAnfMn 6100 K«wlin«»!i 963 inn*: jwAj'DLMjii E100 ns :***• "•IlM’l
* &' VO0LMI ST? 1*1jc » CJ SO wtfi 04 C8 00IV Mot 0* 4.
B. nc (W.5iwna t.ojBkmj 8P0 B5S5 in UrHlPlN'JDMSfSO EM 5L861
UlUAj M (fWM r l| WT7 W Mn nign iGntunr. Intm SW SOUNO
Dau are Vnn Ch«cMO and Var fad |NP| - NOT A50C* CafflfrlNM
Oojr t'O »t Art) ifWOK 3 T*» PDOtPJ Disk av*Ubto 1 45p vk*
ICC CJMOf, D-* 0o « r? 50 |nci PiPl Mnl QRQCR - Dau OaofMUi-wi
««wi 4«wt o« roonpl on)w Co ~pnKw »«« broctnrs ’M no ««f
onttr OR tura a S A.E tor bnxfar* ony PiP UK 60c E-row Cl 00.
MwW O 00 CfOQuK 6 Postal (Mart « 4D« id 3 AMIGAS 9 AMI005.
DEPT AC03 16MARSCTT WAY. LEEDS LSI4 20N TW anqunM «oC yr« alwr
6 30pm TEL (0632)723043 iivsyw Before you try anyone else ring
us for the best price!!
Currently 48 library disks available. We are constantly adding to the libraries. In addition we also sell X Cad programs, products and penpherals including the latest Imagine 3D Rendering Package. Why not upgrade your current X-Cad system with a digitising tablet Pod Scat P.T. 30 30 or Cherry A.3. For details write or phone: Computech Services, 87 Victor Gardens, Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex SS5 4DY. Fax Phone: (0702) 206165 Please enquire about range of Sega Consul and Games A500 plus COMPATIBLE Are you an A500 plus owner or thinking of upgrading?
Why risk software problems? Buy Your Public Domain software from us. All checked for viruses and compatibility.
Used it to control a time lapse cine camera so simple to operate from a basic program’ G.R. Turner._ Tiirfifnrn 2nd Floor, 41 Marion Street, rM I fir Ifw UBK PD Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 4NQ SPECIAL OFFER £3 OFF if purchased with 10 Pori.
6 Electronic projects which plua into the VO port. No soldering required.
Includes software and FREt "Guide to Amiga Interfacing" Projects indude motor, light bulb, relay & much more.
Please send cheque payable to Swltchsoft or rino 032$ 464423 Prices Include P & P. Ov*M*aa add £3 mgf I SWITCHSOFT If not satisfied, return within 30 days for refund. Ss . I SWTTCHSOFT Dept AC0392.26 Ridgeway. Darlington, Co. Durham DL3 0SF ' with the • "n NEW AMIGA INPUT OUTPUT PORT (£26.95) Now you can use your Amiga to control etectnc motors, sensors, anything, .
* Cheapest I O port available.
* 8 outputs, up to 13 inputs.
* includes full instructions.
BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT i SENSOR & CONTROL EXPERIMENTERS KIT WSCOVWY PACK Ptus (1 me Games: Mont adventue ? Compilation disk (Roilerpede, Hexit, Yawn and othm) Utilities: SID, Virus checker, Mandletxot, Dataeasy, DFC, Speech toy and otrers Demos: Plasmi ex '91 and Phenomena Megademo Music: Aopeye meets the Beach Boyt Slideshows: mcmc posters and Fraxion fi uttVitions AnliMtlon; Lemming. Only Amqs, Boing 10 Dtlks £6.50 4 FME BLANK DISK GAMES PACK 1 GAMES PACK 9 Sealance Zeus ArWamor Battle Care Compilation Disk fietv i To Earth Star Trek (9 J«sks) Truckin' (9 disks) Each Pack 3 Dhks tA.te Single
Disks 95p Blank Disks 50p Disk Catttogue listing compotowy 7Sp POST * PACKJNG INCLUDED Tel: 0706 525153 (24 Hour) is amount of 4i»k* ununs (W A-Z Utilities Duk 9 W l6?DtiHiioDttk 014 ST Enulasce (2 Dnvet)* 019 Bool * Vro Utih Dn» 024 GtKKranter-lm rakr 029 Red Sectce Demo Maker 034 IBM PC Eamilaaor |2) 039 Wordwriftc-Wordproc (U4 Me«y4»-FikTramler 049 Dtopy-GoodDiikfoper 051 C-Lifhi-Ray Tnow 059 North C Canpaler 064 DiCE-C Package 069 JsuherKh-Wcrktsadi 0?4 K*xktockipHD Backip (179 C Minuil V: OO-LeaibC (1M FkelroCad 089 MCADCAD Plegraa 0W PCQ Pascal-PascalCoBp 099 Fractal Scape 155
Tartohnptalerete... 109 Detk top Pablidier* 114 AMDMKid hiinlen 119 Pnmrr Unlibn 124 Amitme 3 76 129 Ptin)wec4knctankinf 1M MED V). II 139 Vwak SpraWKd 144 Syetern CvcLa 149 .A68K AucnMer () - Number in brxkcu mac 003 Turn ip The Bni (2l 005 SicmiK Scwxh 013 Baeterw-Eaafiem 018 Mep Conctfl-FatenuvK 023 Supreme Sound, Vol II 0C8 Power Surge-Muu; 033 Fnmp up Che Voirme 038 Nonctncialteepe) 043 808 Stale Remicei (MS Wk»omt lo«" 053 KLF JAM F.elemil M:v
1) 58 KLFLatfTiu 063 Teehrwiwue 156 Amuin Tmejn(3 073 Md •
te-Madoaa 078 Can’l Toaeh Tha 08} 8 Qunnel Sourvlracifr 160
P-EMmic 093 Ami pi Chan 3 151 Compact Did. Ra er 103 Pel Stop
Boy, Reese I 108 ha Shop Boye Rcn»e 2 163 Anakge US hroxiKiu
Muuc 123 Evil Forces (2l I2t flauia! Vivilalii2i 133 Stlous
Full Pcrwcr I3S LSD Dom Fame 143 Bttgin; Ram 154 MoetAn)
MouKamdi ANIMATION (XII Mike Tyson* 006 BBKelee* 021 Wilkcr
Demo I* CC6 Wiftrr Demo II* ffll ftgfcDmo* 036 Eipodi Hnd 0*1
P mSjwe D*4 Iraq Den» 056 B®y Bee* 061 Utrel fllu* (2)* 066
hmkljn *c R 071 Gjtraua Arnnabon* W6 AmrVtVAt'' (HI Oultk
Cttk AMS’ 016 Bag! Bunny Anim’ 001 Snurf A Cokemm Arnrn 096
Super Wcnao Anrni* 101 Mupcun AnmWMJi* III
Bt'kcibiJIAnimilion* 126 Winp* 136 Hobdij Animiliuc 146 CXI
SmcethoGocd DEMOS 157 Vmial WceU 15* Tne&lBbDenK.
159 Gphirtd leM niMn 165 Dtpol InwviiioB 167 Siuera Viubtun 168 PteonKiu Meta Demo DEMOS OCC AkataiMfyiDemuU) 007 ZfllDcnoCcop 19 012 BadhraclCZ) 017 Budnall 022 Red Sewoe Demo (2| 027 bm CompdMim 45 032 The Adum Fjnah 037 Silenn Sbdedw* i2l 042 Skknen Srruluor 047 FwjCirsSUeslKto 052 Bo er Demo 057 Anarch) 166 pLuUPIeiKm 067 Wool Spun 072 Madonna Deno 077'Madoma SbdtalKni OK YirSUotm OK TriptoHm 092 Spue Baib Demo 097 Tcol Confuum* 102 OioNjy Brown 107 No Brain no Pain (2) 112 Newtek Demo 3 2 117 NoitockxkbtwW 122 Univcnal hcme» 127 ALFDemo in Wfwtkmmul2) jood 137 WWFWreolm 142 Gemun
raitnod ho 147 IMDno I Digitizing urvicc available - 5 photographs digitucd in any mode & resolution for only | £450 inc P&P. Send photographs & Details. Photograph.! Will be returned.
NOK photographs must not be larger than 6x5 inches.
Rc-av add 65p for PAP. Make ChequewPcntal Orders made payable i« SofTBYTK and post 10: SOFTBYTK, 53 HARE STREET. ROCHDALE. OLII ITT. ENGLAND Overwas orders welcome, but pleise send Euro cheque or Bankcrsdrafl wilh onicr with 30p EXTRA PEIR DISK for PAP CATALOGUE DISK 60p or fr« with every order 5 disks or above.
Alternative Image Productions, 6 Lothair Road, Leicester LE2 7QB.
DEALER TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME (Advert created with Ppage2 and Real 3D) Ben Pointer takes you step by step through creating stunning double-page layouts of the spread is now on the left-hand side of the page.
Sounds fiddly, but if after grouping the entire contents of the spread you then drag out a temporary ten by ten pica box whose top is at 0 picas and whose right edge is at 99.4 picas, and then include that in the group (Shift-click on it), you can use this box as a guide to positioning everything correctly, To pick up the group you would hold down Shift and then hold down the left mouse button on the "guide" box. The left and top edge position co-ordinates of this box then appear in the title bar. Drag the group until x=39.7 and y=0.0 (the box is ten picas wide so the right edge is on
49. 7). Then Alter this page to be 49.7 picas wide. Finished.
You'll find that most of the boxes that were on the left-hand side of the spread have now fallen off the page on to the art board. You don't need them any longer and can delete them to save on memory and file size.
3- 'O o ru r tsr 3 Ifl When you're laying out page for a publication that is going to be read intermittently - like a magazine, a newspaper, or a "coffee table' book with a lot of illustrations - you can liven up your designs enormously by thinking in spreads instead of left-hand and right-hand pages Spreads are two facing pages, and every single square inch is yours to do with as you like, including the "gutter", the foid .n the middle of the spread where the pages of tne publication are bound together.
But we have a problem, because none of the Amiga DTP packages allow you to have both the left-hand and right-hand page onscreen, and let you work on both at the same time. The ability to view facing pages is all fine and dandy, but lining things up so they are at the same height on both pages ts a f*ddfy and time consuming business when you have to keep flitting from one page to the other, waiting for each to render.
The answer is to work on a page that is two pages wide, and when it is finished break it into a left-hand and a right-hand page The technique is simple to explain. Let's say we're publishing an A4 size magazine So we create a spread that is two A4 pages wide, which is 99.4 picas, remembering that the gutter ij at 49,7 picas. Draw a bold black line down the spread at that point If it helps, but remember to remove it after the spread is finished.
Now we design our spread, completely ignoring the gutter, as if we are producing an A3 landscape single page. When the spread is finished we make a copy of it In Pro Page you can do this by making the spread the Even or Odd Template (Shift-Y or Shift-Z) and then Creating a new page from that Template (Ctri-
T) .
So now we have two identical spreads. To create the left-hand page we simpfy Alter the size of the first page to 49.7 picas wide (Alt-Q.
Creating the right-hand page is a bit more complicated. We have to group together all the boxes on the page, pick up the group and shift it across to the left so that the right-hand part Design considerations Don't be frightened to express yourself when designing spreads.
Anyone can produce a boring old layout with columns of text and neatly placed pictures, and while there's a lot to be said for "boring" layouts, they say nothing about you.
Have a think about what the spread is about. Does the article make a bold statement? So be bold with your layout - use a bold typeface and bold, contrasting colours Is the article light-hearted, funny or witty? So have some fun with the design - use a light typeface and publish something sideways or upside-down.
I used Pro Page to prepare a few example spreads to illustrate this article and maybe give you a few ideas. Remember there are absolutely no rules - if someone "experienced" in page layout sniggers at your design, it usually means they wish they had thought of your ideas first.
2. 04 K S ROM ......£44.00 Fatter
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Helpline * Call for further details HAWKWELL ELECTRONIC
SERVICES 2 Wymans Cottages, Mount Bovers Lane, Hawkwell, Essex
SS5 4JB Telephone 0702-207593 (9am-9pm) Technical 0702 207274
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REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else’s ‘‘ditch-’.
Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied, full or pan time, FOR FREE DETAILS SEND SA.E To: lome14hased lkisiness.
31, Pilton Place (AMC34), King & Queen Street, Walworth, London SE17 1DR
• •alog y «-?»¦ Tel (0811 9575 ANALOGIC WWWI.irTlfll Tel Fax;
(081) 541 4671 Amiga A500 Plus Cartoon Classics Pack
(1Mb) ..£359.00
Protar Veto Colour Monitor * Cable * one year replacement
warranty £220.00 Philips 15* Colour
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Teletext ..£269.00
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95 A500 Power
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With 2 Years _ Warranty Our Incredible TOTAL price Includes the clock dote chip & 5 year easily replaceable battery. _ _ _ I TOTAL PRICE INCLUDING POSTAGEAND VAT I ¦ , V rofrmNng change from the doien» of omaleur desgned board* on the moricet - so ven fit wxrooa hand. KVvogsd chptll Oun ft umplyThe best. A tvotetUcrd cteiign some from yeor
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Latest UK version!
FREE Modulator ourfi500 price only DIRECT COMPUTER SUPPLIES T 54 Spring Road, 0782 642497 9am-5.30pm Week I Longton, 0782 31 1471 Evening Weekend I Stoke-On-Trent, L 0630 653193 Evening Weekend Staffs, ST3 2PX.
Trice n VA ostag kas ad T 3 | S We accept cheques P.O's Visa Access KlJ 1-100..... ...38p 100+ .. ...36p 500+ . ...34p 1000+ ...... ...32p SONY Disks MOO 100+ . ...42p 500+ . ...39p 1000+ ...... RAINBOW Disks 1-100 100+ . ...41p 500+ ... ...38p 1000+ ...... ...36p LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! | 1TRACT0RFEED DISK LABELS!
500 Labels plus FREE software to print your own professional labels!!
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» 1* 1 , .« We tcke VBA. ACCESS. CONNECT & STYLE Corcfc. K mpnoiinK ua. St Wcst bedlington,j northumberland NE22 5UB - Order Line (0670) 827480 mak«a of prorealorol RAM exporolbn* tor mote thon 12 yean, The AMRAM513 use* four, “ - vOINTEL Imb RAM chft*. And has a i INCLUDING POSTAGE & VAT !»C jV-nr i daMry I v so**™} MULTIMEDIA Pocket Shakespeare lems - like stopping the CD audio when you play an Amiga sample - have now been sorted out. If you own CD-Remix then contact Microdeal for upgrade information. A full review of CD-Remix II will follow very soon, CDTV revolution gathers speed CDTV
sales have improved dramatically in the run-up to Christmas.
CDTV is now on sale in Dixons. Comet, some electricity showrooms, Alders as well as all the better independent computer shops.
Commodore have relaxed their regulations on how the machine is to be marketed. Previously storeholders had to keep the CDTV away from computers and games consoles and were not permitted to refer to it as a computer Now these restrictions have been dropped. Commodore UK have decided that Amiga' is a strong brand name, so has renamed CDTV "Amiga CDTV". Commodore are confident that they will have 30,000 units installed in the UK before the end of (anuary.
The Commodore internal genlock is now available for the CDTV, This replaces the modulator card - so you cannot use it at the same time as the Advanced Video Mode card mentioned last month It has some clever features. Firstly, unlike cheap Amiga genlocks, the genlock mode is software-switchable. This means you can switch between video, CDTV or video and CDTV with buttons on the Infra red remote controller, so you can watch Neighbours, play Lemmings, or watch Neighbours while you play Lemmings (“Oh no!").
The other neat trick is that the genlock output is passed through the RGB port as well. This means you do not have to have a separate video input to view the output from the genlock, Another neat trick.
The genlock is available now from all good CDTV dealers at £149.99. More news next month when I get my hands on one to use with a karaoke system!
More CDTV titles keep falling through my letterbox The latest to arrive are from Animated Pixels, who publish the Illustrated Holy Bible and the Illustrated Works of Shakespeare. Both art basically the same program with different text and pictures.
They're actually dual-format discs, which will work on either the CDTV or on a PC with a CD- ROM.
The illustrated Shakespeare has the full text of all of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. The text is accessed through an easy-to-use system written in a combination of AMOS and assembler. You can browse through the text skip to a particular position in any of the books you want to view, or search one or al of the books for a particular word or words.
So, if you can't quite remember which play "Alas, poor Yorick" is from, you can search for the words ALAS, POOR and YOWCK. And it will tell you that it is in Act 5, Scene 1 of Hamlet. It takes only five seconds to scan through each book, so you won't be left waiting long. There are plenty of pictures to go along with each play, but they look like they've been scanned in from very old texts, and are not that good.
The Illustrated Holy Bible works in exactly the same way, except it has the Mi text of the Old and New testaments on the disc and some rather poor pictures.
I can see both discs will be very popular in the education market, although I'm not too sure about the general home appeal of either - they're certainly not the sort of ttong I'd rush home to play on my CDTV it you've got a CDTV and an Amiga, or an Amiga with a CD- ROM, then you will be interested in the latest CD from Hypermedia Concepts in the States.
Their Fred Fish Collection on CD-ROM contains every Fish disk from number 1 to 530. With an Amiga CD-ROM you can access any file directly, as if it was a 600Mb hard disk.
With the CDTV, external drive and a keyboard you can have your own public domain library.
Choose the disk you want from the library, put a blank disk in the floppy drive and within 30 seconds you get a perfect, virus free Fish disk from youf CDTV.
You may remember my review of the less than brilliant product CD-Remix from Microdeal. They have just announced that they will be launching an improved version, called CD-Remix
II. After a little play with the product I can say that it is
vastly superior to the previous version, and all the major
probJolyon Ralph finds poor Yorick preserved forever on
compact disc!
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AMOS 3D Generate outstanding 3D effects as seen in many software classics like Elite and Starglider
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Attention All Designers!
Trojan Lightpen The Trojan Amiga compatible lightpen can be used as a complete replacement for the mouse in many applications. Particularly useful in drawing and design, the two button pen provides the user with a very direct method of control.
This package also includes KWIKDRAW - a lightpen compatible drawing program, plus a lightpen driver that allows the pen to be used with most programs that run from Amiga Workbench. The lightpen is also compatible with: Dpaint III and IV, I Photon Paint, Workbench 1.2 1.3, .t* Battlechess, Professional Page, Music-X and Audiomaster V2.
Easy to use, the Trojan lightpen will have you producing designs and drawings that are far superior to those produced using a mouse.
Stereo Master is the latest full feature STEREO sound sampler for the Amiga. This completely new hardware cartridge contains DUAL analogue to digital convertors, ensurina the ultimate in 8-bit sample quality.
The system can record in high quality stereo from its twin phono input sockets, sampling anything from a portable CD player to live radio!
Stereo Master comes complete with powerful editing and special effects software which allows samples to be loaded in 8, 12 or even 16-bit resolutions.
I i M MU oat ' CODE PRICE 9814 £34.95 Amiga Made Easy by Petrick Hall Make the most of your Amiga and use it to its full potential.
Amiga Made Easy is essential reading for all Amiga owners who are struggling to do more than scrape the surface of this machine's many capabilities.
This book explains exactly how to use the Amiga effectively - even for newcomers with no previous experience. Existing owners will also benefit as a comprehensive guide to more advanced applications is included. Here a sample of what you can find in Amiga Made Easy:
• Setting up the hardware
• The GEM-like Amiga "Workbench" graphic environment
• Applications software (including the "best" games and Amiga
business software)
• Programming the Amiga, complete with joystick and window
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• Artificial intelligence and machine learning CODE PRICE 9871
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mvsSSL I k.' |j -I v'-f vAniga Cbap fWentia . “ *- -
*¦ ¦5"riS@S‘A it,enaa«lons to be entered or altered as Full
mouse comroi of PFM’s -m m*.
5S « =r *sr sssa=?-ssss-~‘'»-.
SasSSSssa... I r'WCT 9r yow Amiga I months of research I to Commodore's ca fing The we-« J ZB nofuofe ,.
ISKSSK SSTL I ft’i too qaah ¦ r fla.
* »•« accounraccess Micfilj ton CODE 9942 PRICE
224. 95 D AMIGA SsSSr-.- ss?c.iss~2 Animation From Videt?
Take 2, Taka 2 ’ ”**» Rombo of any age. Ft will'aS SS entousia$ ts Professional apoSn?r *»»•«' W of you; Amiga. It can ** mst applications: “sedforthe following Vidirhm Vidi-Amiga Chrome colour software.
* Multiple framTsto f Shades ham video
• fc«r
l. ayalable-MctRGsCoh, . . !
• Traditional animation
• Storyboards
• Product presentations
* Home foe tester
* tndu ** **u*anlsaunll from fro PPQfls any image colour Ham
mode. Load and '" “' save IFF images or Q int jnaaons. Jt
indudes up to feu; levels of animation and of sound and Softer
usefei features.
Wih Tate 2 you can oecorne you; own animaio; n you; own tome.
"Wcli must $ 3 ¦ 9M of tfto mos I “cmngpenpfiefats I I you can buy for 1 . YSur Amiga" A 71i£5 W ___« ix3 9SM£ PR,CE HUGE PROFESSIONAL A complete program for producing icons sprites, brushes and bobs.
• Supported formats: Image (C & ASM), Sprite (C & ASM), Brush
(ILBM), Bob (Amiga Basic) and icons (Workbench) i • Full
conversion ability between an supported formats i JehIZ
Complete user control over display mode & palette
• Advanced drawing capabilities, including 6 drawing tools, flood
fill & basic dithering technique
• Font support, palette control & source code palette 10
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rotator and 2 pages for drawing
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zoom & co-ordinates display Why use several utilities if one
program can do it all?
CODE PRICE 9855 E17.95 m DA wrns A professional viruskiller that recognises more than 138 viruses.
I ¦ "SSss.
: “support , Features;
* Three versions included from a title bar clock version through
a custom screen 3D gadget version (KDV5).
* Brainfile which is being updated through PD channels and of
course on Newsflash so you will always have an updated version.
* Store your bootblocks on disk so you can restore them when your
bootblock is destroyed by a nasty boot virus (Saddam etc etc).
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Name Address.
_Post Code_ Donvorget to give your name I General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 address and credit card number ¦ Daytime telephone number in case ot queries AMC 3 Trivia ROCK Lobster MARCH 1992 TRIVIA PAGE OF THE YEAR But seriously... Tne next acnon packed instalment of Amiga Computing goes on sale on Thursday March S1992.. Be there or, enn... don't.
Ouft 350-PART SERIES COMMENCES MYSTERY LYNX LINK WITH BIFFA x-wnz Its lbs gams everybody's talking about - iobstai has nm m world by Storm by turning a crossword on its side- Today pU your wits against our X-witz exports and WiB ABSOLUTELY NOTHlkd! - Remember somMU MUST win absolutely nothing... It could be you!
1. You cm tte r, ictjj OTP ifVpk* wA * Watt Oft* SgK S.T.
2. 7»-'r4 VuMC ISOgM -ItO ruBewr*iS)
3. Clifts *« •• « wvafyaiift}-*
4. Sa.nj good lor 5 ipr.ci. ano naw.% a ;**: CP J, :no Amga « v*y
gccc a: r» (J) Across
1. 0*« oi tht Sii-c lUmi S4«iS for C0tfttons U*
- JU-Q (5.4)
6. Me. Re Amftj. M jew* » gw ckm »rr* o* ntO-
7. Amiga, V* Cl To WSJ
* aj-o cifiMan tA T* ImfkM W . Aim xmcu ftjfiarjif o( Aoaio
Gwt.ua xu u zcuty ooflrpiryCortrMf 7) THOUSANDS of teenage kids
(some of them girls) arc tonight heart-broken as their Idol,
Biffa, has been spotted sharing his Lynx with a mystery
One of the teen-star's fans (who wc are calling Linda to preserve her identity) summed up the mood of droves of devastated adolescent followers: ‘I suppose we will have to make do with Macauley Culkin now,’ she wept bincrly.
Biffa’s agent, Dan ’blu-tac* Whitehead was unavailable for comment as we went to press. It is however understood that Biffa has flown to the States to begin filming on the set of the next John Hughes movie smash. Provisional working titles for the project include "Uncle Biff", 'Curley Biff, "Home with Biff* and "Biffa Buchers Day Off. John Candy will co-star.
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- du : ti net J»CUI,U ADVERTISERS’ INDEX Siren
Software ....64,65
Sofibyte 152
Softmachine ....137 Solid State
Leisure .....3 Strictly PD
Switchsoft .152 Third
Coast .42
TomsoftPD .....148 Unique
Computing ..118
Voltmace ..103 We
Serve ..146 &JMJI Celebrity
Software ....31 Eagle
Software ..16 Electronic Zoo
..14 Infogrammes ..OBC Mindscape
7,19 17 Bit ......
..122 Crystal Distribution ....116,117 Laabroke
Computing ...60 3 AMIGAs .. .....152
Datel .....6.7
LCL. . .133 Alternative
Imaoe ..... ..152 Delta Pi
SW .....136 Load Crest
PD,„ .148 » a ! 01 !l ..148 Dial
a Disk .. .....123 Manor Court
Supplies...... ...56 Amiganuts .
Direct Comouter Suoolies... .....103 MD
Office ...... ...36
Analogic .. ..154 Fiirnnrftss
Direct. Media Direct.....46-49.56.110154
Applied Research Kernel.
..129 Evesham .... .18,19 MJC Supplies ...99 Aquarian PD .. ..103 Femiisnn-Smith . 66 Neural Images ... .123 Argonaut Systems .... ..148 First Choice Comouters 45.53.55 New Dimensions ...... .150 Ashcom .. ....27 Fourth Dimension .. 11 New Image Digitising .150 Astrocalc . ..148 Futureworld 58,59 New Image Video .....
.148 Audition Computers .. .....12,13 Gasteiner..,, .....130 Omega Projects . .144 Battleaxe PD . ..109 GJS Computer Services...... ....148 Omni- Eureka Electronics .133 Best Prices Mail Order.... 138,139 Global Computing .. ....142 Pathfinder PD .152 Bitcon Devices .... IBC ficMstar 112 PDOM PD..., .. .102 Calco Software .. .123 Gnrdnn Harwood ......24.30-35 Phantastie Games .... .100 City
Beat . .134 Hawkwell Electronics .... ....154 Postal PD ...... .119 Complex Computers..... .... 39 Hi-Soft .. .....IFC Power Comoutino Computech Services .152 Homebased Business .. ....154 Qualsoft..., ..... .150 Computer Mates .111 Inpholink ..... ....154 Rombo .... ......OBC Connect International...... .120 Intraset ....136 Saturn
Software .. .114 Cortex ..... ...17 JCL . ..J26 School ..... .142 Cottage Industries .... .154 Kun Ying ..... ......50 Silica Systems .,,..63,119,125 KCS POWER PC BOARD FOR YOUR AMIGA The best of both worlds in the space of one AMM5A A500P version now ready and gives you total 2Mb Chip Ram. When ordering state which one you require.
Now available with or without MS-Dos See below HARD DISK Most hard disks are supported with version 3.0. To be sure give us a ring.
Microsoft flight simulator 4.0 Some extra Goodies:
• FLICKER FREE FIXER to PC interlace mode. Will work with all
Amigas. Software emulated.
• PROCESSOR SPEED can be slowed down from 100% to as tow as 16%,
so if you have never reached the highest level »n a game, now
is your chance.
• KCS PC-MOUSE driver will work with your Amiga mouse.
• PAUSE can be activated at any time during a game or program,
allowing you to continue at your leisure.
• 704Kb memory in MGA CGA mode
• 640Kb memory in EGA VGA mode
• 200Kb extra memory *: MS-DOS RAMDISK (reset proof)
• 1 2 Mb extra FAST Ram plus 1 2 Mb Ram Disk for normal Amiga use
plus real time clock m all modes
• All future upgrades are software driven
• Processor speed = 11 Mhz
• Video J runs faster than most AT 286 computers
• Disk drive *
• Fitted to seconds and does not invalidate your guarantee
• Once fitted forget it - Switch on computer, you have Amiga.
Reset and load PC disk and in seconds you have a PC. Reset and
you have Amiga agains
• Help-Line and excellent Back-up service Microsoft windows
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
88 BEWICK ROAD, GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE8 1RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 490 1919, HELPLINE: (091) 490 0202 FAX; (091) 490 1918 CompatOility is excellent but noone can guarantee every singe program available, therefore if your purchase deoends on a particular program, pease ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (VWth suitable S.A.E. if to be returned). Pnce subject to change tothout notice Wholly developed and produced in the Netherlands Which leaves the cost of an AMIGA PC just For so little outlay the Power PC Board turns your Amiga into an up and running powerful PC. With no hidden
costs. The cheapest PC in the world?!
Run heavyweight professional PC software on your Amiga PC PC Board adds 1Mb memory to your Amiga and a real time clock Think how much 1Mb memory plus a clock costs £ Think how much MS-Dos GW-Basic Shell Dos-Help costs £ EGA Available (Nov 91) will work from the full EGA colour palette. Both EGA and VGA will work on a standard TV or monitor and in most cases without using interlace.
PRICE Including MS-Dos 4.01 GW Basic Shell DOS-Help and on-board memory.
£219.95 incl. VAT Carr.
Excluding MS-Dos GW-Basic Shell, but including DOS-Help and on-board memory.
£189.95 incl. VAT Carr.
Adaptor for 1500 2000 3000 - £74.95 Incl. VAT Carr.
Available from your fecal computer shop (If they haven't got it - Ask them why not!). Or direct from Bitcon Devices VGA Version 3.0 of our software (Nov 91) comes with VGA colour and mono option. EGA VGA will work on all standard Amigas irrespective of which chip set you have.
Some of our importers Worldwide: HPD 0 08 349 8486. Kaotic (Tel) 03 879 7098. Spain: Discover Inf. (Tel) 957 47 89 38. Sweden: DclikatessData (Tef) 31-300580. Canary: Customs Chipx (Tel) 928 271064. Denmark: Betafon (Tel) 313102 73. Portugal: Softclut) (Tel) 013528452. Ireland: Computer City Dublin 745250. N. Zealand: Parac (Tel) 054-82949. All trade enquines welcome. UK and Overseas (PAL only)
• Take 2 is compatible with any Amiga. P
• Supports 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and Ham colour modes.
• Load and Save IFF images or D. Paint Anims. -'X *
• Uses traditional animators Dope sheet layout. *'
• Up to 4 levels of animation and 4 channels of sound. (
• Playback at 24 or 25 frames per second. (Real Time),
• Further manipulate your image within any popular art package.
• Add “Yidi-Amiga” or The “Complete Colour Solution” to digitise
your drawings or images directly from within Take 2. This will
allow you to draw with a pencil, its easier than a mouse. _
• Traditional animation.
• Storyboards
• Product presentations.
• Home line tester.
• Cartoon Productions, both visual and sound.
Take 2 is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of any age. It will cater for both amateur and professional applications. So get the most out of your computer and open up your imagination to Take 2.
These Images have been drawn with a pencil, digitised then coloured using D. Paint 3.
• Comprehensive and easy to follow manual.
• Disks t Sample sounds and animations.
• Animators Peg Bar (to hold your paper into position while
drawing or digitising).
Example line drawn animations for you to get started with.
paHmTntscversions AVAILABLE | ROMBO PRODUCTIONS BAIRD ROAD LIVINGSTON SCOTLAND EHS4 7AZ o(0506) 466601 FOR COMMODORE AMIGA (ALLMODELS) 1 a§M requires a suitable SCSI host adaptor, not supplied.
Amiga 2000 only Ai T raSafrwrtti &know»Ogec Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN. Tel 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 All price indude VAT, ceii ry tea ore njOjecx :o ctenge Specrficacons are suDjec: :a awr e wchct* acekc. Her. Flay doWery £4-50 |UA mainland only). Piqvnn weteome.
2 ??ONLY £9.95 ???
3 All pnoos nutnect lo diange witnoul nolica 4 Checks your memory and will kill any live virus to avoid further spreoding on healthy disks. Any unknown bootblock will be analysed with a 'learn' option so next time it can be identified.

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