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AMOS The Creator is like nothing you've evçr seen before on the Amiga. For the very first time you'ü fee! rcaüy in eontro) of your computer, and able to harness its awesome power to impress yourself and your friends. AMOS is not a false promise. When AMOS first came out. many Amiga users were sceptics! that AMOS could do a!! that was promised but these people are now ardent fans. There arc now 45.000 AMOS users. and AMOS is sti!! the biggest-seüing productivity package for the Amiga. and can bc found on the shelves of virtuaüy every good software retailer. "The Amiga was made for AMOS" it's so easy to ercatc AMOS programs that almost every public domain library in this magazine now has AMOS tities in its coücction. These include graphics demos. musie demos. disc magazines, arcadc-styic games. puxzie games. databases, educational software and lots more. Many commercia! software packages arc also written in AMOS. in fact most educational publishers use AMOS. especiaüy ourscivos with the best-seüing Fun Schoo! 3 and 4. AMOS u m fAp ppr ppf p ta pp o prpafp un paw? 4 fAp rpya fy arp y?nf c am.' AMOS has aiso proved to bc perfect for producing CDTV packages: The Complete Works of Winiam Shakespeare. The Hoiy Bibio. Mind Run! and!! pius many others a!! created using AMOS because of its versatmty and ease of use. GET FONT. Ellipse. Rainbow. MENU BAR and CLOSE WORKBENCH so you can create any resuit you want both quickly and easily. AMOS comes with a cieariy-written 300-page manus! and more than 80 exampic programs. These wii) guide you towards creating your first program, making AMOS the idea) introduction to programming on your Amiga.

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Document sans nom Issue 44 • January 1992 • £2.99 7 INSIDE: Presentation Master • KCS Sequencer • Home Accounts 2 the 24-bit power of the Amiga NO COVERDISK?
EXPAND your C1AMIGA A500 Plus with the RAM expansions made for the older A500 will not work with the new A500 Plus if they are populated to more than 512k. Phoenix have developed a range of RAM expansion units specifically for the new A500 Plus.
The A500 Plus can only be expanded to 2 Mb of chip RAM using the trap door expansion port Chip Ram is required to unleash the full graphics capabilities of the Amiga 500 Plus The A500 Plus can only use specific RAM expansion modules that will do this such as Phoenix.
* Phoenix Ram expansion modules are built to the highest possible
standards in the U.K. Each unit is individually inspected and
tested before release.
A500 Plus mb RAM modules The Phoenix 1mb RAM expansion is available either unpopulated, populated to 512K or fully populated to 1Mb. All boards use industry standard 256 by 4 DRAMs. The Phoenix Ram will fit simply into the trap door expansion port without any modification and Will Not invalidate your warranty.
Unpopulated only £16.99 512K populated only £39.99 1Mb fully populated only £49.99 Kickstart ROM1.3 2.04 sharer Because some older Games and Business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM Phoenix have designed asharer for both ROM chip sets.
Switchable between 1.3 and 2.04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A5QQ Plus without the drawback of losing some of your favourite software.
Kickstart ROM1.3 2.04 sharer only £24.99 ?
Kickstart ROM 1.3 chip only £29.99 Order Hotline "hoenix 1 Mb RAM modules come in either 512K, 1Mb or
• -• copulated configurations.
TEL 0532 311932 FCC Distribution. Unit 8. Armley, Park Court Stanningley Road.
Leeds LS122AE. Tel (0532) 311932. Fax 637689
- 2~oenix product is backed
- • full 2 year replacement guarantee.
Phoenix products are solely distributed fn the UK by FCC Distribution Ltd.
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
* 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-$ 2Mb Qf $ uperfa$ t memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design • t 32-bit
Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models - A5000-16 B5000-25IB5000-40 •
• THE MACHINES • A5000-16:16.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 24
MIPS (8 MIPS peak) B5000 25 2500 Mhz Asynchronous MCS8030RP 5-6
MIPS (12 MIPS P*4k) B5000-40 4000 Mhz Asynchronous MC68636RP
6-S MIPS (18 MIPS peak) FPU. 12.5 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous
MCW661RC or MC66W2RC A500016 RAM 4 Meoabytes Of32-0.1 RAM 256 x
4 90ns DRAMs B5000-25 HAM 16 Megabytes of 32-brt RAM 1024 x 4
80ns DRAMs 05000-40 RAM 32 M*g*byt*4 Of 32-ft.l RAM 1024 4
80ns ORAMs SHADOW ROM Move your Kickstart into 32-b.t
SUPER-FAST-RaM SOFTWARE: 66000 Fallback mode for 100% software
comp«i&uity HARDWARE: 100% Compatible with Amiga 5002000 and
add-on cards INTERFACE 1 Plugs into 88000 processor socket
inside jrouc Amiga INTERFACE 2 A B2000 Co-processor (Zorroll)
card (for 85000-40 only) B5000-40 (Price includes 4Mb RAM
A5000-16 (Price includes Imb RAM B5000-25 (Price includes I Mb
mm JANUARY 1992 WHO'S WHO REGULARS Our technical team gently
guide you - -j CDESIGNER Now you can save hours with this
utility designed to create screens, windows and menus in C.
MINESWEEPER A subtle and clever puzzle game, proving that sim
ple is always best.
0U1Q£B££S Aauga Czmp&ty*Atahtf Uu »K 7caay MttMH Stopper • Tne Unto Utet CmcrX • jUr u A£U3a • S7 Acum Crab • Lapp • Srpo bra Computer node Wcck EDITOR Ea&Mctodricfc AST EDITOR Tpleocy FeaYuRB EDITOR Paul Austin NEWS EDITOR IdhrtBuCtfi TECHNICAL EDITOR Stifr.-ae Kennedy PRODUCTION EDITOR Pm; Morse GAMES EDITOR julian Boaroman STAFF WRITER OjaidWhiahad EDITORIAL ASSISTANT janaman.Maodock GROUP AD MANAGER iane Conway
* SWORAPSAIES AD SALES john Derr viire Sift6flte» Rvih Pricflk'j
CIRCULATION MANAGER Davie Wren DISTRIBUTION ComaC (0895) 444055 PRODUCTION MANAGER SueCamrill SYSTEMS MAXACER Davis Sawaft Europa House, Adlingion Park, Macclesadd, SK104NP CHAIRMAN Derek Vteakir.
FINANCE CONTRQUER lan £oocnf«u3 PUBLISHER RidwaWilliaRS Tel: 0625 S7S8S3 iAll depamefltv C61 £7 2%! £4*3$ *$ Fsc 0625 275866 Memocr of the Ava»i bureau of Circulations Amiga Newsline Commodore to launch console-beating Amiga cut-down . Almanac Whatever you use your Amiga for, the most lucid specialist writing is right Public Sector Cut the cost with our round-up of the best in PD ..... ACAS Our technical through the chips and crashes.
Round-up of rental and sell-thru videos, plus Christmas movies on Sky ESP Exra with another bumper bundle of your mail .... FASTCAT Link your Amiga to a friend's with this powerful utility DISKCAT Which disk was that PD soil acidity predictor on?
DiskCat is just what youVe been looking for.
SHORTCUT Customise your DOS, using hot keys and menus to save time and trouble.
Tune of the month Get all exotic with thos shuddering pan pipes.
Rethought from the inside out, the new Amiga contains major i|jj improvements. Jm 1 Amiga Computings* * reveals ail. FlF m world's most popular comput ' just got a major revamp. Radically In part two of our in-depth survey, r q we take a hard look at the hardware......30 Amiga Update Refined or just repackaged?
We appraise the fastest upgrades.
A stunning, modern interpretation of the coin-op legend. Defenda captures all the urgency of the original and adds a certain something of its own!
Visionary January Amiga Computing Turn your wildest dreams into *fl *fl C stand alone adventures .113 Presentation Master Meetings will never be the same again. Presentations with Pzazz! •••• •• I 33 Home Accounts Even the most financially inept can control their cash with this package.. Stereo Master A stunning versatile music package, for ** beginner and seasoned professional 3 I COMPETITIONS Improve your presentation with an exciting selection of ray-tracing and video titling software - plus Grand Grab winners Page 101 CONTENTS KCS Sequencer Serious sequencing with a
package that r doesn't sacrifice power for friendliness...33 SPECIALS 24-Bit Paint Checkmate Digital Hardware sales+44(0)71-923 0658 Includes the following Checkmate A1500 Base unit £ 169.00 Checkmate A2000 slot kit £ 69.00 Checkmate 200watt power supply £ 79.00 GVP series II SCSI RAM card 52mb £ 299.00 Plus extra 2Mb Ram £ 90.00 Internal Fan + Hyper Helpers software £ 49.00 Total £ 755.00 Onlv £ 699.00 You save £56.00 A1500 Base Unit ONLY £ 169.00 Products for A1500, A2000, A3000 and A500 in HiQ Tower System, GVP Impact Vision 24 Bit Video Card.
16. 8 million colour 24 bit frame buffer, + Digital Genlock, +
Real Time Frame Grabber, + Flicker-Eliminator, + PIP, + 3D
Modeler, + 24 bit Paint, + Titling Software. A Multi-Media
Dream come true!
This amazing product for only £ 1699.00 68030 Accelerators 22MHz Combo 030 882 SCSI Controller, 13Mb Ram (1Mb pop) £ 569.00 33MHz Combo 030 882 SCSI Controller, 16Mb Ram (4Mb pop) £ 1249.00 68040 Accelerator G-Force for the A3000 only, 4-5 times speed increase. £ 2099.00 Series 11 SCSI + 8Mb Unpopulated Hard Cards.
HC8 + 0 52Q -11 Quantum Drive mechanism 11ms access.
299. 00 HC8 + 0 105Q -11 As above £
499. 00 Simms for above cards, price per 2Mb £
90. 00 Tape Streamer Drive 150Mb £
729. 00 Ricoh removable 50Mb Hard Drive £
769. 00 Bare Quantum SCSI Hard Drives. 11msec access time.
52 Mb £ 229.00 105Mb £ 369.00 =& HECHHRTE Checkmate Digital Ltd, 80 Mildmay Park, London, N1 4PR £ TRL Te, +44(0)71.9230658, Fax +44(0)71-254 1655, BBS+44(0)71-923 2608 Checkmate Digital Software sales+44(0)71-923 0658 Object Oriented Program Construction for Regular Ordinary People.
BUT YOU PROBABLY While you weren’t watching, we turned you and the rest of the world’s Amiga users into programmers.
With CanDo’s intuitive interface and simple but powerful toolkit, ordinary people all over the country' have been creating tfand-alone utilities, data bases, word processors, vertical market applications, animated multimedia presentations, and all sorts of games.
Experienced programmers ( many of them not ordinary at all) have been prototyping applications in CanDo for the sake of expediency and finding as often as not that there's little left to do when they get through.
We get rave letters every day.
Give us a call and we’ll read you some.
Better yet, just say the word and we’ll send you a nice low cost sample of the whole CanDo package.
DON’T KNOW Only IT YET. £99.00 S l»se Vs So... You don't think directory utilities are very exciting, eh?
Time to look at Directory Opus. Ips got everything you need.
Standard Dir Util Features
* copy, move, rename, delete, and archive Tiles
* create new directories 9 copy, format and install disks
* read and print files Special Features
* Over 100 configurable buttons and menus 9 Runs programs and
Launches C'anDo decks
* Shows pictures, brushes, fonts and icons
* Shows ANIMs and AnimRrushes 9 Plays 8SVX sounds and
SoundTracker files
* Memory resident with hot key access iconifiable
* Complete directory tree and history 9 Online help for all Opus
* Complete Arexx support and all 2.0 Screen modes Only £ 39.00
CanDo and Opus Distributed in the UK by Checkmate Digital Ltd Tel 071-923 0658, Fax 071-254 1655, BBS 071-923 2608 INOVAtronicSt Inc. Dallas, Texas. Also available from SDL and HB Marketing 5&sMm7 3*3 ' with Prntpvt S 5 herons* the nnn-nn thesniims will with Protcxl 5.5 because the pop up thesaurus will provide youtfith inspiration whenever you need it. With words provided by Collins the thesaurus has 43,000 main entries ond 827,000 responses!
Protext 5.5 introduces enhanced text formatting options.
Automatic hyphenation lets you produce a well spaced page layout without the bother of manually putting in soft hyphens. Protext determines the correct hyphenation points by algorithms and look-up tables. Elimination of widows and orphans is also provided. You will no longer need to worry about those infuriating single lines at the top or bottom of pages. Protext formats the text to avoid these os you edit the text. Extra blank lines at the top of a page con be suppressed.
New document analysis features provide a wealth of information about your text. You con examine a list of all the words used alphabetically or by the number of occurrences. Other statistics shown include overoge word length, average sentence length and a table of the number of lines on each poge.
Pfad waxy
• • * J!r Enhanced file selector with different sorting methods,
bulk copy ond erase.
,Y Prodata users • moil merge directly from Prodata files, no need to export.
& Mail merge: nested repeat loops.
"it's bloody brilliant" "one hell of a performer" "if you need a professional word processor Protext is perfect" "nothing else available comes close" ,Y New window based help facilities.
A Spelling checker finds repeated word and missing capital letters.
A Conversion to ond from WordStar 5.5 and Microsoft RTF A Full printed documentation of new features.
VsccvM Tainted included . • • PRICES (including VAT and delivery) For Commodore Amiga, Atari ST or TT.
Protext 5.5 £152.75 Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.5 £30 Upgrade from 4.2 4.3 to 5.5 £60 Please return your original disks when upgrading French or German spelling dictionary £35.25 When upgrading please return any extra spell diedring didionaries for a free update to the revised version.
PRODATA 1.2 New version of Prodata now with pull-down menus, mouse or keyboard operation, automatic record numbering, merge database, mstantaneous filtering, prologue form, edit fields in any order, 2-ocross label printing. Full details available from Arnor.
Price: £85+VAT, upgrade from vl.l C30+VAT.
Choice of pull down menu or keyboard operation, extensive printer font support and proportional formatting while editing, up to 36 files open, split screen editing, characters for 30 languages, index ond contents, footnotes, newspaper column printing, file sorting, macros, indent tobs, mail merge programming language, exec files and the fastest search ond replace around.
Altogether the most comprehensive word processing software for your AMIGA or ST. A Both Protext 5.5 and Prodata require 1 Mb of memory Amor Lfd (ac), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PEI 3HA. Tel: (0733] 68909 Fax (0733) 67299 COMPUTING Amiga console umm of A beater eoming CjiTV see% a price fall of £100 uhlih i say Is a result of the maehlne becoming established In the general consumer market TOP SECRET plans for a cut-down A500 to compete against games consoles have been leaked to Amiga Computing from reliable sources in the States.
Commodore talked about the machine behind closed doors at a developer's conference in Denver, Colorado, in September. Visitors were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent information being passed on to the press.
The Amiga 300 will keep most of the A500's specifications but is likely to enable games players to buy an Amiga for less than £200, It will use the current operating system and will continue to be based on the 68000 processor.
The A300 is to be housed in a smaller case and the numerical keyboard and side expansion port will be dropped. Those who will miss the numerical keyboard most are spreadsheet users and By John Bolters programmers. The expansion port is used for adding peripherals such as hard drives and scanners but manufacturers claim they will be able to develop small drives that plug into the trapdoor on the computer's belly.
It will be ready for shipping during 1992 but the company are likely to wait until the growth of consoles and Pcs affects entry-level Amiga sales before releasing it.
When asked about the A300, Commodore's Andrew Ball simply replied: "I don't know what you're talking about.” Another employee at the Maidenhead office said: "I can't talk about the computer until it's officially announced - I don't know when that will be."
Other companies in the home computer market are also making plans for the predicted console boom.
Atari, for example, are trying to reposition their machines as home computers capable of more than games.
CDTV price tumble: THE price of Commodore's CDTV has bee slashed by £100 just in time for th Christmas selling period, it now seils £499 Commodore prevented mail order con panies from advertising the product at th reduced price before the High Street by gri ing a late announcement. This gave shops brief period to sell exclusively at th cheaper price.
"Now that we have proof that CDTV established in the general consumer ma ket we are able to adjust the price to reflet this," commented Commodore bos Stephen Franklin.
"Like all revolutionary products - tak the video recorder - CDTV has passe through the critical acceptance threshol and we can pass the benefits on to the cor sumer and retailer."
Plus memory THE first memory upgrade for the new A5( ()P lias been developed by American firm l( I) and is set to go on sale shortly in the UK from Power Computing (0234 843388).
AURAM 510 Plus doubles the memory of the computer to two megabytes and plugs straight into its trapdoor. At the time of going to press no prices were available, but at the recent Amiga show in Cologne it sold for DM199 (about £66).
Power are also working on their own memory upgrade for the A500P. Two megabytes of extra memory will be included on the board.
AMIGA COMPUTING ram™ Faster PC on A500 PEOPLE wanting to run PC software on their A500s can now buy the latest version of Vortex's Atonce.
It has double the processing power of the earlier board, with a clock speed of 16MHz, 512K RAM upgrade and a socket for a maths co processor to increase the performance of programs which carry out many calculations such as computer aided design software AutoCAD.
With a Norton SI rating of 16.2, Atonce Plus costs £229 from Silica Systems (081-309 1111).
Be used as a standalone program or can be incorporated into Bars and Pipes Professional.
Midi interface Triple Play Plus has been designed to accommodate Bars and Pipes Professional. It features three separately-addressable Midi outs enabling 48 simultaneous Midi channels and includes a Midi in and Midi thru.
Owners of Bars and Pipes Professional will also receive special Midi Out Tools so they can use the interface from within the package. It will cost $ 189. In the UK call Zone Distribution on 081-766 6564, Artistic upgrade PREMIER 24-bit paint package TV Paint has been upgraded and made compatible with G2 Systems' VD2001 graphics board.
Drive price dives THE price of Great Valley Products' 52 megabyte Hl)8» hard drive for the A500 has been slashed to £399.
"In independent tests the GVP HD8- could only be criticized for its price," said a GVP spokesman. "We've now turned the table, making it not only cheaper than before, but considerable lower than similar capacity competitors."
The official distributors in the IK are Silica Systems on 081-3091111.
Among the many new features in version 1.4 of TV Paint are oriented or centred colour ranges, giving either a user-defined direction of a colour range or a spread of colours arranged as concentric circles.
Brush Wrapping enables brushes to be wrapped on to filled shapes. Either or both of the X and Y dimensions can be selected. ' « Using a temporary file for storage, a user-defined part of the screen can be altered and saved to allow editing on another portion of the file, enabling files larger than the screen to be edited.
An anti-aliasing function has been added to most of the drawing options to give line anti-aliasing when used with the single pixel-sized brush or filled shape option.
TV Paint costs £940 from Amiga Centre Scotland (031-557 4242), and G2 Systems (0252 737151) sell VD2001 for £2,056.
Boost for Barney CDTV title A Bun for Barney has just picked up an award for Best Consumer Title at the recent British Interactive Media Association Awards in London.
A Bun for Barney is an animated story aimed at three- to-eight-year-olds in which a small bear discovers that the world is full of bounders ready to rip the cherries from his iced bun.
The pop-up world contains animations, surprise word and number games and hidden nursery rhymes which children can explore by clicking on different parts of the screen.
Collecting the award for the Multimedia Corporation, Graham Bartram said: "We're delighted - we always knew Barney was a winner."
A Bun for Barney costs £29.95 from the Multimedia Corporation on 071-722 7595.
Patching makes perfect music TWO new music utility packages are heading to the Amiga from American firm Blue Ribbon SoundWorks (010 1 404 377 1514).
The PatchMeister is a Midi patch librarian with features including a full array of point and click bank editing options, an unlimited number of banks and libraries and an attachment of comments and search key.
It has flexible Midi set-up options including snapshots, setup files and SysEx attachments and enables the Amiga keyboard to simulate a piano keyboard. PatchMeister can Saddam on the loose AMIGA users are in danger of their machines becoming Infected with one of the w orst tvpes of computer virus after Saddam was let loose on covcrdisks from Amiga User International's December 1991 issue.
As we Went to press, three weeks after AUI went on sale, staff at the magazine were still denying that their disk was contaminated, and refusing to say how many copies had been distributed.
Managing editor, Antony Jacobson, said that complaints were coming from people checking his disk with a rogue vims checker, the version of Virus Checker given away on Amiga Computing's GoverDisk in November. Later he said that if a virus had sneaked on to the disk, it was inactive because it did not write itsell to other disks. Unlike most strains, Saddam waits until the disk validator has been read before becoming active.
"We have assured ourselves that there is no danger there said Jacobson. "1 don't think this is a problem of great note because there’s such a small number of people involved.
"As an inactive virus it isn't particularly dan gerous and futherniore I would say that anybody with sense checks any disk that comes in these days AUI claim all their covcrdisks are virus checked before being sent for duplication and that they would replace any disks damaged as a result of readers using their coverdisk.
Our technical editor Stevie Kennedy examined three copies of the disk, all from diffnent newsagent*. As soon the disk validator had been read, Saddam-eame to life and spread on to other disks.
The best known antidote is version 5.26 or above of Virus Checker, which can detect and kill the virus.
In case you missed it on our November 1991 CoverDisk, readers can get hold of it free by sending a sac to: Saddam Virus Alert, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Some things are worth waiting for... HiSoft Devpac 3 Devpac Version 3 is here at last. The two earlier versions of HiSoft Devpac for the Amiga set a standard in 68000 assembly language programming which was hard to surpass, but we think that we've done it. This new package has had a Complete facelift, from the editor through to the debugger; in fact so many features have been added and improved that we feel confident in the claim that Devpac 3 is the ultimate assembly language development system on the Amiga ... for now!
The Editor A new multi-window editor with bookmarks, mouse block-marking, macros, complete window flexibility (including multi-views on one file), extensive user configuration and full integration with the other Devpac programs. The editor makes use of Workbench 2 or automatically.
The Assembler Improved and extended, the Devpac 3 assembler is now at least 40% faster than its predecessor (without pre-assembly), supports the full 680x0 range of processors including the maths co-processors and has a tremendous number of switchable optimisations. With the ability to pre-assemble files for inclusion, it can now claim to be the fastest assembler on the Amiga.
Highspeed Pascal I LID H*.... Ivanna.
_1 lit. Kill litlina
- SH:-:-: imnJ Devpac 3 gives complete control over the assembly
process The Debugger Devpac 3 is provided with a versatile
debugger disassembler for bug hunting and ease of learning. You
can have as many views on your program as you like, including
its source code; then set breakpoints, single-step instructions
etc. even at a source code level.
Again, there is support for all the new processors and the floating point chips.
Devpac 3 comes complete with all the necessary include files, a linker, many examples and a clear, helpful manual.
At last, a new Pascal compiler for your Amiga; Highspeed Pascal. Compiling at close to 20 000 lines per minute on a humble A500 and with a fully integrated environment (based on the new HiSoft multi-window editor), Highspeed Pascal is the answer to your programming prayers.
The compiler is very close to the standard set by Turbo Pascal 5 on the I*C and enables you to port programs directly from the PC or ST - even the BG1 unit is provided for graphic compatibility. You can compile separate units, link with assembler or use the inline assembler provided and we also supply a special version of our 680x0 debugger which allows you to debug Pascal programs at a source code level.
The full Pascal language is supported including such worthy additions as structured constants, flexible string handling and absolute variables.
Highspeed Pascal comes complete with airisi lit It I.: i; tfmtmtr; tVbton: kJrrwn, rVU.«4ou: )«i.
MM Ml III lu.rr„.|,,,t Itn eSsasL, mm Ik Highspeed Pascal is remarkably friendly and easy-to-use error detection is fully interactive HiSoft Devpac 3 (£69.95) and Highspeed Pascal (£99.95) should lye in your local computer shop soon. If you have difficulty locating a copy, you can order directly from HiSoft using Access Mastercard, Visa, UK dehit card (Switch etc.) or a cheque postal order. Mention this magazine when ordering to receive a free T-Shirt or mouse mat (offer subject to availability).
I liifk kw!iw Ckwki .A Lin *Nui irLVxik. 3 eras Wwa: r.ii 1 1 = HI,, _
n. ,hv»..rf r.u.i i 0UWMKS otrti fr.vMH b. lUrt in I n i HiSott
Devpac 3 ana Highspeed Pascal are lost two of the products
that we supply for your Amiga Other titles include ProFbghi
HiSoft BASIC. Extend. SAS Lattice C 5 and HiSoh C. For more
details contact us at - HiSolt. The Old School Greenfield.
Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: (0525) 718181, Fax: (0525) 713716.
All the necessary files for working with the Amiga's operating system, a host of examples and a professional, ring-bound manual.
HiSoft High Quality Software rysiais Pack mi 3 comPufer pl us Bart Simpson, Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint III, Lemmings (game of the year) Pl us FREE 10 games: Dungeon Quest, Kid Cloves, Flight Path 737, E-Motion, Plutos, Artificial Dreams, Space Station, Eye of Horus, Power Play, Tower of Babel Pl us FREE 512K RAM upgrade, FREE Mouse mat, FREE Crystal gift Voucher fTQpjy (value £5)
Amiga A500 computer FREE 512KRAM upgrade Plus FREE 25 games Bart Simpson, Dungeon Quest, Artificial Dreams, Tower of Babel, Eye of Horus, Monster Slam, Ice Hockey, Jump Jet, E-Motion, Slayer, Starray, Microprose Soccer, Quadralien, 5 Gear, DataStorm, Thai Boxing, RV Honda, Space Station, Shufflepuck, Warzone, Kid Gloves, Battle Valley, Starblaze, Star Goose, Steel.
Pl us FREE microswitched joystick, FREE deluxe mouse mat, FREE 20 blank disks, FREE Crystal gift voucher (value £5) y Only 449:9!
DTP Word Pro Utils Video £44.95 ?tc PrcAVrile 3.1_____________- ......- ,.,.1139.95 Modems SupraModem 2400 ..£128.00 Rombo corrptae colour solution mduding: Vidi Amiga: 1 Vidi Chrome; Vldi RGB (Ptioton Paint limited difefl....
1159. 95 1 ItJIU LTIIVD Prtow A500 HD 20Mb 0Kb
RAM-______________£265J0 SupraModem 2400 MNP (MNP
2-53...- ......£158J0 SupraModon 2400 Ph»
(MNP V24ba ...-117M8 Lfcmbo 'Now' Vdi Amiga Vidi
Amiga; Vidi Chrome Extra RAM 1Mb
... £55.00 al modems come
with FREE RS232 lead K-Comm software 1 iPhrton Pint
limited oneri ..... ......1114,95 Extra
1109. 95 Rombo Vidi RGB (electronic colour splitter) inc. P5U.
£31.15 Peripherals ... £49.95 Amiga Yision desktop video---------.... fLin Peitow V2 ...... ,1119.95 £49.95 Monitors Commodore A2084 XT bridgeboard .. £289.95 TV Text Professional . ......11IJJO Commodore A230001500*2000 rtemai gcnlock£89.95 Commodore 1335 display enhancer 1500*2000 (tequiies Video Effects 3D .-...... ...... ......11J9.95 fig twfl. Linpmtd rtilpsmkr lkt«t|,„- ......1239.95 1249,95 Deluxe Paint II .... £39.95 P*ecvx
v2--------------------- Image fanimatonl.... -...... .179.9S
- 116190 Philip Sx-eo M33Mk!l s« r™ M9 *?*' 1249.95 SupraRAM
500KX slimline metnoiy expansion. Uses Walt Dsney
aninytion .... £74.95 Commodore
1930 14' multi-sync tilt swnel IncWn Fwubir tJtt MW WKJi Disks
1449. 15 on'offwtfi.
8Mb op with 2Mb installed 1194.15 .....£29.00 Vt5U - £55.00 Video Effects 3Dvl2A ...... .....1119.95 SwpraRAM 500RX with 4Mb installed. £24795 Modeller 3D 1SI.99 Pedscal 12M 2 drawing inc puck pern urvx ...1193.95 X-CAD 3D- .....
1269. 90 Cross D05 . ......moo 11 US
£234.95 D052D0S ...
£22.10 50 £2t 95 X-Copy
Professional ..
D2.S ) £37 50 ?Alkt-1 ......- .....
... 15440 00 £71.95 Sound .Mister.
......iiw.00 Rainbow packs Nakma
ir w £22% Real 3D beginners ..
£99.99 £1600 Reai3D[X0f«Maxa! .
£2M.M 131 JO Higdi quality Euro mouse
ST Amiga ._ill.9S latice
C++ .....
mt o 20 each of six cotourj 11201------------
152. 80 la*veCv 1 £169.00 Pr T
KCSv3 ...- ...
1214. 00 i ii* Printers Al our printers come with a free Amiga
driver* disk fob for 1X730 ....£7.95 , .£43.00
Amiga nara anves Frame Grabber PAL cotour ...
... £490.00 Commodore A590 20Mb 0Kb
RAM ..... £289.95 Maxi-plan*
£49.95 ¦New Star IC-20.
£52.95 .ii tream 21 .... .-1174.95 the IC-1Q. N(w features mdude USOcps draft 45q» nlq.
Mono, 8 forts, friction tractor, paper park, auto load £169.95 Stir IC-2QO £159.95 Saxon Script Professional .... . £*4.95 £59000 Saxon Publisher (Ultimate DTP; £229.95 .121.15 Supra 500XP 20Mb 2Mb RAM fitted..... Supra 5O0XP 80Mb 0.5Mb RAM fined .. Supra 500XP 105Mb 2Mb RAM fined.™.....- Pen Pal ...... .174.95 Protwl v5 - .. 1129.95 .....1489.99 £209.95 St* 1C 24200 Color I mono. 24 pin, 67cps nfq 200cps drat hi speed drat 222cps, 7Kb buffer expandable to 39Kb, 10
fonts, Optional fort car*, fnction push or tractor pull.
£295.45 Star LC-2410 Mono, 24 pm. 4kps nlq lflOcps draft 8 fonts, optional font cards, paper pari excellent 24 pin 1209.99* 'New' Star Pnvtiwol series Star ZA-200 Colour mono, Mcpsnkj J36cps M 420cpshi speed draft. 32Kb buffer. 8 rwdent fonts, friction push tractor, advanced paper pari autoload. I year OO yte warranty .£349.95 Star ZA XB24-200 Colour Mono, 24 pin. Aper le«er quality with 48 pin feature, 4 SlQ fonts. 14 IQ fonts, 10Ocps lq 1332cps draft, 20Kb buffer.™ ------------- - ______________________________________________.iplme Seikosha SP-1900
(Amazing ptice, sipetb pnnter, 192 cps draft, 48 cps nlq, Paperpak)...- ...... i115.il Seikosha LT-20 24 pin notebook primer, amuing snr - (sits under a laptop' - J27M9 Seiosha SP-200O Parallel, serial, interface. Paperpak.
21K buffer, 192 cps draft. 48 cps nlq ....1144,9i Seikwha SI -92 24-pm, 240 cps draft, to cps nlq, 44K buffer. 360*3tocfoi graphics and a host of features. A supetb printer only „---------------------------1211.99 Citizen 1200+_______________________________________1133.75 ' Citizen 124D .£112.95 Citizen Swift 9 _ - .it 99 JO Citizen Swift 24._ ...1295.9$ Free coloir kit with Swift printers, worth £39.95 Commodore M« 1270 inkjet- ___________11I9.« Commodore MPS1230 9 pin m - I14S.il.
Commodore MPS 1550C 9 pin colour. -.,.,1219.95 SPECIAL OFFER Printerfak comprising to cable, 200 sheers of paper, printer stand. Normally £29.95, when ordered with am printer, only ...- J14JS « We stock a full range of books, joysticks, ribbons,music software, hardware, disk storage, boxes, cables, etc. Please call: 04024 38438 Government and trade orders welcome Commodore's CD-TV Multimedia system for the home.
¦ A new dimension ¦ A new lower price.
The ultimate in home entertainment and education Includes CDTV ....489.00 FREE Welcome. A guide to CDTV (value) 34.99 FREE Lemmings (Arcade classic) (value) 34.99 FREE Hutchinson's Encyclopedia (value) 49.99 Inc. Infra-Red Remote Control.
Only 4B9T Pack value: £608.97 Other CDTV Titles Education Animate Colouring Bk ...16.95 A Bun for Barney (3*5)...29.95 Barney Bear Goes to Entertainment School (2-6) .25.95 Battlestorm ..25.95 Cinderella (6+) 34.95 Classic Board Games 29.95 Fun School 3 (3-5) „„21 -95 Defender of the Crown , 25,95 LTV English .29.95 Falcon ..41.99 My Paint (3*9) ..25.95 Case of Gautios Condor.29.99" Paper Bag Princess (6+) .29.95 Battle Chess .38.00 Sim City 25.95 Music
Pro Tennis Tour II ...25.95 CD Remix ....25.95 Psycho Killer ...25.95 tusic Maker ...29.95 Sherlock Holmes 37.95 Musicolour ..T.B.A Spirit of Excalibur 29.95, Team Yankee ...25.95 Arts & Leisure Women in Motion 25.95 This is a small list Trees, Shrubs, Conifers ..29.95 of titles available.
Indoor Plants ...29.95 Full list is sent with orders.
Amiga A500 computer Plus 512K RAM expansion rstal's Plus ¦’ro-write 2.5 - uniprocessor Deluxe Paint II -an Deluxe Print II-pretty!
Infofile - database Music Mouse - at least it doesn't squeak!
Logo + talking turtle - Childrens an language learning Lets spell at home - educational BBC emulator- read your oldbeeb files Plus 10 blank disks, deluxe mouse mat FREE resource file - curriculum guide FREE introductory video-pop f into the VCR and relax :REE 10 great games- for when the serious stuff finishes Jtotal retail value FREE Crystal gift voucher 0070,00 (value £6) Crystal price m95 Amiga A500 & A500+ All our Amigas are UK specified, and unless stated, consist of the following;
9. 512Kb RAM or 1Mb built-in
1. 3 operating manuals
2. 1Mb built-in disk drive
3. Commodore mouse pointer
4. Built-in Kickstart 1.3 or 2.0
5. TV Modulator
6. Built-in speech synthesis
7. 4096 colours
8. Power supply
10. Workbench 1.3 or 2.0
77. Tutorial disk
72. Extras disk 1.3 or 2.0
73. Digital 4 channel stereo
74. Built-in 'notepad' simple w p
75. Amiga BASIC language
76. Necessary cables To irder jur sales hotline 04024 38438 San
to 10pm. Quote your full wme and oddrm. Your Keem Vta
Credit charge number, along with ‘¦your requirements. Include
your daytime telephone number. Or,
• end your penoiul building woetv (heque barken draft, with
ful details, to our mail order address: Unit 4,1 la Station
lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6|l, All prices ire inclusive of
Vouchers Our deluxe gift vouchers can be wsity used, just phone our sales
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luxe recieved a free gift voucher trom us (1 per salet, it can
only be used on goods whose tout value ew wdi £50 excluding
Backup service We honour the warranty's as given by the manufacturer, subject only to proof of purchase. Where Atari hardware has failed in the first 28 days, we will exchange tM item with a new replacement. Alter 28 days equipment will be repaired.
Collections Yixtors art wekome at ow retail showroom and collections can be arranged with dispatch manager - phone 04024 3W38 Finance Credit facilities All advertised products over £100 can be purchased on our Credttcharge store card, tailored b your needs APR 368% (variable).
Full written details availableon request. Subject to status. Finance is for UK mainland residents and BFPO Personal only You may use.
Any Lombard Credtthaifle card for purchase, subject to credit limit.
• ••••••••••••• Delivery. Carriage charges Please add £3 per
order far p *l ?poking. Software, books, cartridges £1.20 per
item. Larger items up to 25Kg are sent insured post courier
service. Next working day £6.50. Orders over £150 not sent by
courier add £5.
Special Saturday delivery can be arranged All orders recieved by 4:30pm will be dispatched same day subject to availability, or unless otherwise instructed, if.
Birthday present, etc. All above UK mainland only. (Export, BEPO, Channel Isles - details on request) * Ws months Crystal Ba Crystal Ball Special Amiga Half Meg RAM upgrade with clock... 'Euromouse' ST Amiga!
Unit 4,11a Station Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6JL, Tel: 04024 38438, Fax: 04024 44399 Showroom 174 High Street, Hornchurch, Essex.
GET FONT. ELLIPSE. RAINBOW. MENU BAR and CLOSE WORKBENCH - so you can create any result you want both quickly and easily.
AMOS comes with a clearly-written 300-page manual and more than 80 example programs.
These will guide you towards creating your first program, making AMOS the ideal introduction to programming on your Amiga.
What AMOS owners have said: huropu House, Adliu”lon Park. Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4NP. Telephone: 0625 859333 AMOS - The Creator is like nothing you've ever seen before on the Amiga. For the very first time you’ll feel really in control of your computer, and able to harness its awesome power to impress yourself and your friends.
AMOS is not a false promise. When AMOS first came out. Many Amiga users were sceptical that AMOS could do all that was promised - but these people are now' ardent fans. There arc now 45,000 AMOS users, and AMOS is still the biggest-selling productivity package for the Amiga, and can be found on the shelves of virtually every good software retailer.
It's so easy to create AMOS programs that almost every public domain library in this magazine now has AMOS titles in its collection.
These include graphics demos, music demos, disc magazines, arcade-stylc games, puzzle games, databases, educational software - and lots more.
Many commercial software packages are also written in AMOS. In fact most educational publishers use AMOS, especially ourselves with the best-selling Fun School 3 and 4.
AMOS was the perfect choice to create Fun School 4 - the results are first class!
AMOS has also proved to be perfect for producing CDTV packages: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Holy Bible. Mind Run I and II plus many others - all created using AMOS because of its versatility and ease of use.
What is AMOS?
AMOS is a powerful, easy-to-use programming language based around BASIC - the language which is taught in schools and colleges. AMOS contains more than 500 different English-like commands such as MUSIC. VOLUME. SAMPLE.
Now you can double the speed of your AMOS creations with the AMOS Compiler - in fact, some commands are up to five times faster! And using it couldn’t be simpler - just two mouse clicks and you're away.
The AMOS Compiler also includes a cruncher which will compress your programs to half their size - which has enabled AMOS users to get their work on magazine cover discs and earn them money.
“It 's the best piece of software I've bought for the Amiga. Worth twice the price!"
- S Sweet, Herne Bay "Without doubt the very best Basic available
on the Amiga."
- Paul Feazey, Oxford Unleash your creativity with AMOS '
-forjust £49.99 It takes just two clicks to compile your AMOS
programs - it's that simple "Compiling programs has never been
SO easy... Programs are turbocharged beyond recognition"
- Amiga Format Make your AMOS programs race along
- for only £29.99 (G31
* ** CL1 Compile M ? J-c AMOS 3D will enable you to create any 3D
object you like using the incredible Object Modeller - you
can even add transparent walls. Then you can jump to AMOS and
use the 46 new 3D commands to move, stretch and animate up to
20 objects at once in real time for amazing 3D creations!
AMOS 3D provides all the tools you need to create your very own 3D world.
AMOS Club I Lower Moor. Whiddon Valley, Barnstaple, North Devon EX32 8NW Bi-monthly newsletter and technical support for a yearly membership fee.
AMOS Public Domain Library 25, Park Road, Wigan WN6 7AA Telephone 0942 495261 More than 300 AMOS PD discs are available.
Ring for a catalogue.
“After a little more than a few hours you should be churning out 3D demos at a blistering rate"
- Amiga Format Super-fast 3D at your fingertips
- for just £34.99 Creditcard order hotline - Tel. 051-357 2961.
Alternatively send a cheque with your choice of products clearly indicated to Europress Direct.
FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB.
PWVPRESS fyS O F T W A R E Useful contacts: New Scala shown IMPROVEMENTS to presentations, multimedia and video software Scala were shown recently at the Amiga "91 show in Cologne.
New transitions found in version two of Digital Vision's package include stretching pictures on to the screen, flipping, flowing, rolling and pushing. Messages can also scroll horizontally across the screen.
Slide Sorter gives users the ability to visualise scripts they are working on by miniaturising the pictures in presentations, enabling them to be shuffled about.
Previously silent, it now has support for sound and music which can be timed with every transistion, button press, animation or as standalone events.
Animation now operates directly from disk as it is played, making it possible to run sequences much larger than the size of memory. Due for release in February from Silica Systems (081-309 1111) its price remains to be fixed.
Scala's expensive sister, InfoChannel, has also been revised.
Running on a satellite computer version 3.1 can repeat presentations automatically on many machines and has a new diary enabling sequences be stored until any future date and time.
This specialist product is only available from Digital Vision who can be contacted in the UK on 0920 444294.
Call ouf for printer duo TWO new dot matrix printers from Brother are covered by a manufacturer's one year on site warranty, an unusual feature for dot matrixes.
The 9-pin 1309 and 24-pin 1324 models have multiple paper paths, paper parking and push and pull tractors. They can handle multi-part forms and have 8K buffers.
The Brother 1309, costing £174, has a print speed 0!
216 characters per second in draft mode and 45cps when printing In near letter quality mode. The 1324 also has a draft mode print speed of 216cps and in letter quality mode the £229 printer operates at 72cps.
Both are Epson compatible.
More information from Action Computer Supplies (0800 333 333).
PEOPLE who give infor- r _ m
• nation leading to tlu- KBWOfOS fO¥ conviction of software 0 mm
pirate* have been pirate evidence promised a reward from
industry watchdog ELSPA (European Leisure Software Publishers
The pledge comes after Sajford-bascd Pick n' Choose were fined £19,600 and had to forfeit goods worth £16,500 as a result of a concerned computer user helping Trading Standards officers take the firm to court.
Mr Wallace from l ulwood, Lancashire, was rewarded with £500 after he provided evidence including a test buy of pirated software.
ELSPA say the case created greater understanding about software piracy among Trading Standards officers which, they say, is a major step forward for the anti-piracy campaign conducted by FAST and ELSPA.
"We are pleased to pay Mr Wallace the reward, which is fully justified given the co-operation and help he provided in obtaining the conviction," ELSPA's General Secretary Roger Bennett said.
"Anyone supplying information about piracy to ELSPA can claim a reward on conviction of the offender, but obtaining evidence is the key."
Readers with information about software thieves can telephone ELSPA on 0386 830642 and FAST on 0642 660377.
Amiga sales up in Germany would be one million Amigas in the country.
NEARLY 180 firms from around the globe had stands at the Koln Messe for the recent Amiga '91 show and organiser AMI Shows forecast 60,000 visitors were going to pass through the four halls during the three days.
Commodore had little to excite British visitors but it was the first opportunity for most Germans to see the A500 Plus, which had just started shipping.
For existing Amiga owners an English operating system upgrade was on sale for DM199 (about £70).
Kickstart version 2 ROMs were bundled with a copy of WorkBench 2.04 on disk and a manual.
At a press conference on the trade day Commodore Germany boss Helmut Jost appeared to be more than satisfied with his company's recent performance.
He claimed that Amiga sales in Germany had jumped by more than 90 per cent in the last year and that by the end of 1991 there In common with the English division, Jost predicts a massive growth in multimedia in the near future and was selling the Amiga as the most suitable computer for that rol?.
CDTV featured quite heavily at Cologne and Commodore expected 80 titles would be available for the machine by the end of 1991, most heading from the UK.
A card to give CDTV four million colours and ability to display 22 pictures per second is to be launched soon and the manufacturer forecasts total German sales of little more than 4,000 will increase to 20,000 by the end of the year.
AMI Shows Were pleased about the attendance of several English games houses which included Gremlin Graphics, Psygnosis and Virgin Games.
From the serious side of the market there were Rombo, Gastelner and Pandaal Marketing.
VISITORS to 1992's first Amiga show, which was to have been held at the Hammersmith Novotel, will be given more space to move around as Westminster Exhibitions (081- 569 9768) change the venue for their 5th International 16-Bit Computer Show to the Wembley Exhibition Halls.
V 6-Bit Show outgrows Novotel Westminster boss Tim Collins commented: “The move to Wembley will give us enough space to avoid the problem of overcrowding and develop the audience further.
"The extra space will also enable us to invite more exhibitors to join us and further the variety of products on display for visitors to try out." He predicts that many firms from overseas will be exhibiting.
Previously the Royal Horticultural Halls and the Novotel have been used for the growing event. If you are planning a visit reserve a date in your diary between February 14 and 16.. Amiga CD-ROM drive on display DESPITE Commodore falling to have their A690 CD-ROM drive ready in time for the Cologne show, electronics giant Toshiba had their internal and external answer on display.
The XM-3301 drives were available for A500 Or A2000s and eventually will be sold In the UK through Highland Electronics (0444 245021). Since, then the UK division* have displayed an early version of their drive.
Speed for A3000 G-FORCE is the name of Great Valley Products' latest accelerator, this time a 68040 board for the A3000.
Operating at 28MHz, it can accommodate up to eight megabytes of 32-bit memory and once Motorola chips running at 33MHz become available, G-Force can be upgraded to increase its performance from 22 to 23.3 MIPS.
Unpopulated it costs £2,199 from Silica Systems (081-309
1111) .
A500 beats sales foreeast AMIGA COMPUTING THE A500 outstripped 1991 sales expectations and software sales for the machine are showing continued growth in market share, Commodore have announced.
The computer giant says that Amiga software is now outselling I’C software, its nearest rival, by more than 30 per cent and that by the end of 1991 sales will have topped 280,000 for the calendar year.
A survey carried out by leading distributor
l. eisurcsoft for 16-bit software shows the Amiga with a 38 per
cent share, the PC with 23 per cent, and the ST with 17 per
cent. This compares to 55 per cent. 20 per cent and 25 per
cent respectively at the same point last year.
"It's the number one product for the Christmas market," said Commodore's national sales director. "Indeed the Amiga 500 has been outperforming its expectation throughout the whole of 1991.
"The strength of hardware and software sales are testimony to the Amiga's great popularity with the consumer. We only have to look at market indicators to see that the Amiga 500 continues to remain the aspi- rational product with the broadest and best range of software."
Christmas campaign COMMODORE is spending a £5.5 million on Its Christmas advertising campaign for the A500, CDTV and ageing C64.
It features separate press and TV advertisements for each of the products and the Amiga segment carries the line ’Brighter by Far". Press adverts appear in consumer and specialist titles.
The computer's television advert follows the story of a boy's depression as he sits in his room on a wet and dreary afternoon and the transformation brought about by his Amiga.
Creative director at agency Evans Hunt Scott Kurocom said: "The Amiga is the best selling home computer and with CDTV we're helping create a totally new market. It's great to have such good products to work on."
Commodore's marketing manager, Dawn Levack, said: "This campaign reflects our position as market leader. It Is bold, confident and lets the products speak for themselves."
16 Fun Sthool leaps forward A CHESHIRE hospital was presented with copies of Fun School 4 recently, at the launch of the latest edition of the award- winning education series from Europress Software (0625 859333).
Freddy the Frog, the main character from the software, leapt into the children's ward at Macclesfield General Hospital to hand over the software.
An Amiga was also donated to the school for sick children after Europress learnt they were the only hospital in Cheshire without computers.
"The first question new children ask when they come into the school room is have you got a computer?" Said hospital teacher Alex Westbrook.
"Our budget would not stretch to one but now we have the computer and lots of software that's interesting and educational which is marvellous."
Dog learns new titks RECORD chain HMV arc to stock Amiga software in three of their largest stores. Shops in Reading, Southend and London's Oxford Street will be the first to take computer products on board.
The company says if the scheme is successful other branches will follow.
Presentations for A500 A NEW multimedia sequencer for creating presentations and education and entertainment applications is being aimed at A500 owners.
Developer Gold Disk say MedlaShow allows users to harness the Amiga's power to play animations, graphics, music and sound.
It loads approaching segments of the animation from disk while playing, giving long and continuous play.
Other features include a built-in video titler and a variety of built-in wipes, fades, transitions and disolves.
A timeline user-interface avoids the need for codes and programming and the it supports files from paint, 3D rendering and animation programs. Call Silica Systems on 081-3091111.
Disks in short supply A WORLDWIDE shortage of 3.5in floppy disks is leading to price increases of about 2p per disk for firms ordering in bulk. Various excuses for the short supply are circulating the Industry'. One rumour is that a large disk manufacturer in the Far East has ceased trading and another suggestion is that firms are producing the higher-priced high density versions.
Despite the price rises most firms are able to absorb the extra cost. “We can absorb the increase because we are used to a couple of pence variation," said the head of one company.
"As long as it doesn’t go up any more, we can keep prices stable," he added.
Amiga flying high GERMAN software house Thalion (010 49 5244 4080) have announced a line up of new flight simulators for the Amiga.
This follows on from the much- awaited A320 Airbus which is expected to be on sale in December and will be followed by a helicopter program based on the small Bolkow 105 in March.
As with the fixed-wing aircraft, It will require pilots to use real navigation charts.
Operating an airline will be the aim of the third package, also due for a March release. The twin-engined Piper Seneca plane has to be flown on specific routes and users will have to remember to set time aside for regular maintenance work.
In Tails of the Golden Goose, the wartime Dakota transport plane is flown in South America, Including operations out of up-country airstrips.
Again, an airline has to be built and the package has an emphasis on simulation rather than gameplay.
Thalion spokesman Tony King says the setting for the program enables people to make a decision on whether they want to fly legal flights or make extra money by carrying arms and drugs.
However, DC3 fans will have to wait until next September before they can buy the package. Prices are yet to be fixed.
Viewing postponed DUE to pressure on space, we have held over the regular Gallety fcturc from this issue of Amiga Computing. It will return in all its full-colour, bitmapped glory in the February issue, so keep sending in those great works of art!
(hit again the entry Inel Imljn has hen ten sales f nr mists unil (omnimlorr he ties e the computer It on (o repeal the m«ftt of the Hjilt (hi ...BUT THEN MERLIN WILL INCLUDE ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE EITHER... An 88 Key QWERTY Keyboard Worth £49.95!
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SPECIAL LIMITED PURCHASE TO FIRST 50 CUSTOMERS 1-ROhi* set toemc JOYSTICK 1 MIC N SOVIET nGHTER t-nix simulator I PMTOMtt i • treasure nuu® oan ALL Merlin Prices Include VAT § 17.5% JUST RIGHT FOR CHRISTMAS AND YOU CHOOSE WHAT TO HAVE...From our simple Pack 1 to our erttnsive Pack 4 that gins you everything!!!
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dotoili. Jtli.ori idd'o.i t dartin' I'liphont nonktt (ciinr
Mid diarinci ultii uiuid If ¦ liri.'lulieing Sdtiily Hr you)
Crtirtfl Printers p carryatwo year warranty.
SQRCERORS PACK 1 dmli lion* oft dottbehad or pttt FKI It nil UI Ntlilan iddrmii Mini illiirwlM diuniiid Nirduin li MtpilikM t coirlir iiniti im H 2S(|| ii niliwi NEXT WORIINO DAY id (7,98 H 4*40., iwp WORK1NC P*Yf »»« C«. It. IpfCIA SATUROAT OfllVfRY III |Ht1 (12 (Pitiio noil toorltr otr.it appllti to MOST UI Molnltti aPPrtttoil 9 Pin Dot Matrix £139.99 24 Pin Oot Main* £184 99 9 Pin Oot Matrix £189! 93 9Pm pot Matru £219-99 SORCERORSPACK?
Nortaoro prt.t»| rotiiy ¦unit so dtiro *11114 iiehat|tl lor HEW Alt*r 48 dayt io4 wiioin id monin. Iron porctatt, laoilt *111 * rpctnipd ly iki nliviil miMlielnriri ripur igant aid iitint te yau ly iMiiir SiltHin ail mall iiihi urry virlia ¦irrintiii. Pliiii ask lit dttilli 3Ka UXY WES £239.99 enu-sit05i«T£259.99 NEW CITIZEN 224 MONO £219.99 24 Pin Dot Matnx. 360 n 360 dpi, ’W cps NEW CITIZEN 224 COLOUR £249.99 ColdMr Versajn of the New 224 Mono above NEW CITIZEN SWH I 24E COLOUR £279.99 24 Pin Dot Matrix. 360 x 360 dpi. IMtiOcps £269.99 tno. Cm shut tertH c;a«
1740. Swat 874 Siml Mto »t fndir r44 n
1240. Sirf 874 Aito-Sh«1 Fertir W 98 1240, SwW 974 Prlnttr Stud
C24.N 1240, Swdt 24 37* RAW Ei*u«Mn E13.99 foil Crdi S*lli
U l*n, jl 61 _ fJ4M« Mini* Eipriii Limiiid in pridanlnintii
a nan orlii lampma lit hi hikmii tpttdmiri la our
IrMii'MllMllM Mmtir an vltk tt piik ii goodt mn ui. Nly Mt
an ui i rtill. Vi ar tl*a|i pltattd to halt you wltk tour
MWEVW P7.W 15 GREAT QUALITY AMIGA TtTlES FROM PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE HOUSES (Not I Cheap PO Jtflvare'l AT A LOW PRICE!!!___i-l ¦ rwrti wyiUW WdWrsrtwgHn" m hxn » Mik :evm *»*,« l«« if M" •** k(dnMaraMlMtxl(to«i!M M-M M«r' Of BB I• i« a* rar.’iu ui*«u« rnxiuri*' CD U *u«iirwawwi rvj ts» v. cr.t'MHnniMWkRxr' «7| Maaarr [VviixwdM M «¦ • MtrNR 4*4 »4My 14 iMbly 8fP9 4"8 4«»4f! I»4rt4i» «*r yrt»ya VA li otmally 4.1.dibit Ooil.ttv chtr|t viry Iron UI ralto »»c at proloiti carry UI •arnotloi trly, lially llami art to » raUraad it Marlin Oy tha taalaaiar tad ra-dalltary ckarpai al nan Whlltt a.*ry
thon it mida ta aniura Inf4.mailoo i« it* adwrt I corrtcl you Mould klaayt cdnf.tm 4fry olleri. PricM. IvirUidit ttc pr :r to placiag your order We enbtatuur to tupply pooai * ahsen and win WILY change details should t M midi 'Misurt b par i.:t •rn etc A» our idvpnivg is oookM so lar in idvinc Marlin therefore reiarv. Tf* right lo alter producl spKiticatiaai withdraw any predtr.’jer«ice or updaie prices land (hit car b «p OR rtunni. EilOdul prior fiotiei Mu t guiuntyr npior to suppl anything that hit OOM ypkyict lo Cungi eltkoul you. The custom!
Si - j mlormcd ot and agrumg to that change. Pltasi ALWAY conr.m muiIs PRIOR to plocinn your ordtr All oar carranlly ad.arli.t! Otleis suparctd* prtviaasly advirl ia offers and peods ar« NOT sappliid oa a frlaJ basis EiOE SORCERORS PACK 4 BUT TWO PACKS! N + .
TwsfilgMPatb.. !Lfl : ' Aid ai N an roeJitH Spttai Ma'ln Pnce, OP SOFTWARE TITLE OFFER MninturaiMftiunfrKKUAS! ¦ IfT AT GQCOHfT PfICES WH6IMU6HT WTH A NV J| ¦WR WB48KMK TK Ml UK AiMK!! Vmfl to. You on Buy one Ot fflt LATEST N(W SOFTWARE RELEASES rr • tog sottww »mp3ni« ANO ALL AT A DISCOUNT"!
Hr coneie r! You would like to buy a top games We WITH an Anfa Bom Marin we will only charge you as follows... MTT Ml with an rtf Ol £24.99 - YOU PAY JUST £16.99!!!
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Um-jrt GAMES«ytw Me' We ca* suroV ry GAME that euHeHd t Mwfiif i. So on ut HOW ta aroure aco.l ur ittrt &¦»' phak2mm5v»wimJ3bm.iIiT«w.h on«CiJ PWLPS2J41-1T NISIU K tw 23)1 *rtt iNMU ( U4 t 1 MONITOR ACCESSORIES; Monitor Duel Cover £5.85 PHILIPS THVSwlvel Stands .
AV7300 TV Tuner £79.95 • CM8B33 Mi.l £14.95 unlv Monitor StmC12.95 • NEW! CM8833 Mkll ! 4 95 r 8BK
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- .of course we also stock a wide range of Amiga peripherals &
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details oa ANYTHING you can t see listed above or set our more
comprehensive advert in other Amiga magazines.
“ua'lT»i5 B0KSTARJETSfc‘48Mitt £249.99 ±)VrVy||l luwutoguiH Msar slcnt prnar antar S3 m BjlOe BubtW m STAR l: it- mol; ' £145.991 hpfcuwt tor fte rw sow LC10. So ; 368NA Htt* » Blftr. FwMc Pint!’ m prWir is 25% fASTEB • 15fl38cps and ‘ASERPflUniM £749.99 has w pushbuoon meets. Raiaeed for FuiyHP-IlP & Epscnccnuwacae. 300dpi tut.
Europe ipprat t2mrtti agosortsmt fratn. -sm (op to 5Mb) seruiparaile, 14 forts LC itd COLOUR £199 99 WkptKttMr.MiWitynoaMenvu 9 Ftn Dot Mabra. 240x 2 C0ci 12540:k UsfRPRHlTfR 4 STAHSCfllPl £1999.99 LC 24.700 HOMO £229.99 Asa»te.DUarthSBrJaQ5Uai0I.ZVDMtr 24 Pn o« Mitfli. 360»360JW, 22C.550H 1MS tarts Apstatik Ini. Tyre tn Mb nurt LC MMCOIOM £269 99 24 Pn Dot Malri.. 360«36Mp. 224?kjK mwmmfc ®: 1 24 Pn Dot Mama. 365 a SjOJp. 2'59Xct.
23k BiAr. KktCho-a' 4x48 on dp suxf letiifQatiyfofR 14*24 pn dp f«r tf* qiWIfy hOTO 0UAUTY PSIHT ALL THE WAY!
PWUMMWMiCiri C6l.£4M.99 6o«: Acatim as Ih: 1(9 5A7W atore but wth i masuif 76K tutUr an: teaiumg a vr«K icamag* hr tfwse xpicatcm that wc i!
Genuine RIBBONS $ f ack 5Pac Mono Mono Colour Colour I Sar LC1O20 £4 75 £1995 £5 95 £27 95 I SufLCTOO £649 £2995 £1249 £59 96 N Star LC 24 200 £6 99 £32 99 £12 99 £59 95 4 Star XB Printers £699 E32 99 £12 99 £5995 1 Every time you place an order uttti Mertn Eipress you will be sent an entry torn asking three Simple canpetficn questois, pus ymx ansav to a be creator (is not more than 12 nurds).
"TBt Megic c Vfltlln 6. '. AH entrants getting tto three guRtions Krrea rrtl then bt luGgofl on Uiar tie breah insirtn. The test ten wfl be judgsd on 1EAP YEARS DAY" (29th Frtfuaiy 1992) by Atiga Pomal to Otodt the ainner And. It mil cnty oost YOU the trie* (t a stamp! Should tsu «tn. You wit re««e a vouthe' retJeemtwe at Mertn foe the Wal value o( thi MOST HPEMSIVS SKGLE ITEM' your ttHrt (« if you purchased an Amiga Cartoon Oasac Pack and a PMIps Monitor you could am vouchers to the value oi your Amiga. Some 369.99!' I).
WIN UP TO £609.99’ MONEY BACK’!!!
Amrirn rules aw comms 'Otieripf**! K’lVjsSwWvopxvn wrt 11» tKtftw o! CcvnAmgv IJOJp'WKr fHV» 4 Sflrj Lt*,-Privtta feu »Vt nets* Ohc OfWYp ftxrpWf wftrplwt) On'wwi 1st tor 991 snJ )!« at. ISS?. The muvr » ' be itioti m29tr M 1992 :lae Yen Ot lb Angi ftjmu' Mvuiv irl;mVa;Tff i'.vyti Hw ecosv; it tr hvarv am it-ai iu *vl be eitrrs iilto hit prve wV bm W ftmr or wjavnn Ytwmaw *• M*to hr Uf r cf eur mgi of Amju iv Aar? Aucnand yroctrco aw ro cast atYmatvp »v w ottwtf Ai rnywr«5 cfbcffi Muw f*rr» rt Aim ftitwmj aw rr»r dnvto ar ucmm tm wy 1 i ) v ¦ This Great New Pack from Commodore otter*
everything ,or ALL ™E FAMI*-V A Great Computer with some Brilliant Qprnes teatyirtflg the latest CARTOON HITS... W , AMIGA A500* COMPUTER with FULL 1MB. COMMODORE RAM (Stirx&d C8M (at* complete mlti Mouse- Leads, Mumls etc) Four Fantastic New Software Titles suitable for ALL the family... SIMPSONS '?CAPTAIN PLANET + LEMMINGS + DELUXE PAINT III HWIpmR** MlhFWin . Ft.hdl.lnS.ae.MW Mdtalfcb.. DTHEB AMIOA COMMAHOR PACKS ALSO AVAILAfU - mm* AMIGA CUSS OF THE W » PW rigM|tgCgMe M BRAJJDNEW 1500 PkK - H«al Pl!
=Jlw:oiAh:m*indbu5nKs!i Wwjy.*1 b yVU-,l rri C.nVU Mtmifd urn iCPUl "I’P-'Yi.TMT lw,,n M ,r,(' "w ?« s f w nr.*. r.wfrnV!PweiMMiiN M .'"tr. ¦ Hi1p1‘!,"H i"!!1. TTM O 1 ln.;j ;w: Pe-pnuli ¦Jjggrjfjjjrjfljjjja xieMiid ¦« Mom J Ar’ HitraiK r, I'J) C-J'ur BJJUkAMjU4JUaaMaiJ J Kayt 3 Susjr Aniji lAjisa J 1--I m A nmrmn£649gB IMUM BamBEBBM £899-99 £885" AMIGA 0 5Mb ’STAND ALOW PACK Standard 4m.j A50G’ »rnii any Mttmre nactoje AMIGA me STAMP AlOwC PACK- Sm Ajtiqi AMO- •mou saftmre cut ettti Com odorw 1Mb MNHU CARTOON CLASSICS n r» W mCi & JrJ . CNW8U M II MONITOR anUWln«iltt«i Ntiiu
CMTOW ClittWt _ rvmwoRliiii : £4 99 each or £22 46 fcr a 5 Pack £4 99 tttf W C2?S6 ftr a 5 Pad.
£16.45 each ot £76.95 tor a 5 Pad AMIGA 1Mb CARTOON CLASSICS PACK PHILIPS CM 8833 11 COLOUR MONITOR mi te inn COMMODORE 1U4S 14* Stereo Mtdi r Res Q69.M AT LAST... the chance to buy Quality, High Capacity Hard Disk Systems for the Amiga 500 at realistically low pricesl 40Mb MODEL ONLY £299 100Mb MODEL ONLY £449 2Mb RAM Version: ADD £10 • 4Mb RAM Version: ADD £100 0 AMIGA 500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES HERE TODAY ~ HERE TO STAY EiftAjm Microt I f »tt lor choic* prat and Mrvlcc Established tor over aiqht ,mi anth a strong financial status and sacurr Mirra Our Compulrrmed Trirsairs Oidvr Piaenamg
investment means last,
• rtcianl service Well appointed Retail Showrooms with largr
product range on ditpLiy Our huge Customer database, high
percentage ot repeal custom and personal refrrwh *"$ •»••«*« cm
popuuxty flfufupfd - iHwi you mil m, we ml IBM be here Owe
eateneive eipansion program mean* we could eventually be Ihece
m well Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details
to: Evesham Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6XJ Government. Education ft PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever poaaible Express Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) £6.50 extra Please note that 5 working days must be allowed tor cheque clearance immediate chance on Building Society cheques or Bank Drafts._ | Mail Order Fax; 0386-765354 1 Call us now on 0386 765500 Lines open Mon Sat. 9am ¦ 5.30pm DURING NOVEMBER & DECEMBER.
PRICES INC.DELIVERY 8 VAT® 17.5% Express Courier Delivery: (UK Mainland Only) £6.50 Extra HOW TO ORDER ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Unit 9 St Richards Road. Evesham Worcestershire WR11 9XJ ©0386 765180 512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE gtfX £ 27.99 INC. VAT AND DELIVERY
* 0* GM6 7&W&4 Open Mon-Sat. 9.00 - 5 30 5 Gfisson Rd. Cambridge
322883 Open Morvfn. 9 30-6 00 A Sal. 9 30-5 30 Corporate Soles
• ai 021446 5010 open MorvSal 9 00-5 X • f OJV Parking NEW • NEW
Simply Plugs into trapdoor expansion area -r Increases total RAM capacity to 2MB ChipftAM1 2 RAM OrvOtt Switch ¦ Compact unit size J Only 8 low power RAM IC a j High reliability MJIk'lAL-A-l-l
| expand your A500’s memory to a total of 2MB without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-ehip type, or npt exceeding 9cm in length).
ONLY £54.99 High quality double-sded 3 5' floppy dnve offering the full 880K formatted capacity per 3.5* d-sk Features a special LED display which accurately shows the cufftm track being accessed during any disk drive Ktivity NEW LOW PRICE' ONLY £59.99 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS actii'i tp-Ticf g ams o' yng a? P-e»¦ AT goccB sucyecr » arartafrfr 3’ ," Track Display Drive
• a* 0386-40303 Monday to Friday. 10.30 - 4 00 .r.IJctVt.TH.a
CONNECTS TO TOUR With our MEGABOARD, you can further 512K RAM
UPGRADE TO GIVE 1.5MB Unpopulated RAM board with
clock ...£ 34.95 with 512K Installed E 54.95 with
1Mb Installed C 69 95 RAM Board with 1.5Mb FASTRAM
installed.... £ 79.00 MEGABOARD needi Kicksuri 13 to operate
(Kickitan 11 upgrade available trom us lor rje *S) Installation
requires connection to the GARY chip Easy to loilow
instructions provided £YmFI ampi' e |€stereo REALISE THE TRUE
A500+ CARTOON CLASSICS PACK TOP VALUE PACKAGE INCLUDES : - NEW AMIGA 500 PLUS with 1 Mb RAM, 1Mb Drive. Kickstart 2. Workbench 2.
TV Modulator, Mouse, etc. aAIAES Hi nVVV, u DELUXE PAINT III*. PLUS: ' S'tfA LEMMINGS’.f’fop seller!)
* bi* produces 're qualfy fit-ll stereo sound quale, itoreo sound
reproducUcv' to fw M
• m n* tpeciMy d*t gr* 1 gi»a! New two «p*ak*- av*aem’ Features
,»•«. Portad ( uik»f 0«*gn win 3 anvari n each unit ard
ncorpo'at.j a bjd »i ampHier atlh ad*.-*lab e vcJuma control
Huns PSU !supplied! Or irom bansnai I rot nduoadl Spanker
Oirwsonj MliUi l?5mm (WikViD) ONLY £39.95 BART SIMPSON VS. THE
400dpi HANDY SCANNER Features Amiga 500* Csrioon Classics' Pack
as detailed above, plus Virus Protector, Mouse Mat. Top Quality
Joystick plus 19 FABULOUS GAMES including: TOTAL OF 22 MEGA
Representing outstanding value £389.99 UNDER PRESSURE' SVBBVTEO NIGEL MANSELL ASTERIX 'High Steel' 'The Ball Came' Night Walk- Block Alanche Loat'NMaxe Oi6hMan' GAZZA 2 Battle Squadron' Germ Crazy1 Diet Riot’ Treasure Trap' 'tracksuit Manager SO1
20. 000 Leagues Undar The!
Better Dead Than Allen' Tank Battle' AVAILABLE WITH 2ND 3.5‘ EXTERNAL DRIVE FOR A SPECIAL PRICE OF £439.99 or money, IN* package combines top Quality scanning hardware with the distinctively powerful DAATASCAN PROFESSIONAL software At a genun* aOtop, scaling lenotovon me prooxa* t-jV scouro qu .rr sca.-s Has a Ml scanning wdth. Vanaoa DrqMtne** twit-O* and lG6 I icx : J66 f 400dpi ’•USuter- OmIikwi Pro(«*»onal (canning «ntf aOtmg solTwara a'tow* ¦M tma scaunng in aitw na an or ,n up 10 64 fctnulMad gray scaies Provide* poa*rf earn g Mature* and PLUS! "Wordwright1 wordprocedSQr and 'SOSlO
SqrOSdthOOt r ?« V) Ar 1911500 S'XTT Pxc* 11MD RAM 213 5’ CdO F58 95 M?H9' Ppsmt 3 Pl4t!"u" YrB-ki *(!"* t 99 94 Acto ra 3«&*-** del f 9?9 00 t4WKI 4W0 512K n*M Up rsdS f W9 00 AW0 IMS HAM Upg-Mt CiHN AWC 2MO RAM Uqg-adc A500 Cm d lha 90s Park ca» or me 90's piuj 3 i'edemoi trw P’r»* jl 105mm REPLACEMENT AMIGA 500 INTERNAL 3.5” DRIVE KIT asovenr co-iiw.b-ir* »fr "-oat OTP and Paint Package* ag OaJutaPariM Touch-Up ONLY £119.99 DDIMTPDQ pr*ces include VAT.
IfxIIV L. i J delivery and cable FV*V cemwteie. With 1Mb unformaww capacity *
* Straigfidorwi'd nstailation procedure Kit : GOLDEN IMAGE HANDY
Printers include 12 months On-Site Maintenance "KHidK fall hnmg
Vct»Jh4 • ONLY £41.99 !
Star LC 200 ?-Pm Colour 4 Ionia 180 45cp* Star LC 24-10 24-Pm 4 tool* lBO «Oq» Star LC 24-200 24-Pm 5 font* 200 67cp* star LC 24-200C 7 cotour v*»*ton d attov* Automatic Sheet Feeder lor above printer * IpW tlale modan NEW! Star XB24-200 COLOUR 24-p.n. 80 col po«r printer NEW' Star X 024-250 132 column van on c• XB24-200 £ 209 00 C 209 00 C 249 00 C 289 00 C 64 95 tx*t»nd.*s c-iity. EaeeHM rake w mow, im Mctege rcljdes i 100-400dp scAn"* wth dthdr ddbya.
Pus the arAjngV povrerij TOUCH-UP sokaa-o cocxage ahcf dnvaa me scanner drerty Scanner includes •’pang arddw 1 Oackkgnt to **uu» scans every Jme. Sean etc line-art or grey images up to 400dpi Many image Ir Mif onkaneemeni A speoal etlects avaia&e Item wimn Touch-Up A sar.siPe "NMWW tpr WS*.
TRACKBALL M-gn Ea’fo'maxe t-acttat dtectfy cemp*fcia to J
* ny K’ngt 01 Aar ST Plg* into rrojat » J IsnWW *M Mtu'fetS y5. :
crcbayym«!«"Ij.himo- e«ja"st« • isnguvj TramaarFuii
or*rqnOMcontrol • T60d.s't ’«iVSjr«h4"e» 0»Q" I
hrj'sert»nd«xu'»cvw»:rTe tfa I trw «fw« needed' !
Osvatll JP-150 InkJet first cuu quaity • aicaotrorvil yalua t Jfti M Ot vent JP 350 inkjet eica*«n ngn soood aooep pnntar 13«9 » NEW hewtrtt Packard DesklelMIOC COLOUR tVWOC NEW! STAR LC20 9-Pin Printer ONLY £145.00 NEW SUCCESSOR TO THE STAR LC-10, WITH MANY FEATURES AND A FASTER PRINT SPEED Providing su(i«rlaiive paper handling four e*c»- «nt NLQ fonts and a ; now supor-last prmt spocd ot 'BQcpa at draft and 44 ops in NLQ ihc I LC20 oppropr’aley soporccdes t* « phcnomgngiiy 9uc«»'w' LC'C INCLUDES CONNECTION ONLY £29.95 j TRUEMOUSE REPLACEMENT A500 PSU WE guarantee that th» Is the smoothest,
most responsive and accurate replacement mouse you can buy tot the Amiga, Exctflent performance, now with a 300cJpi resolution. Am Axing new price!
ONLY £139.99 Genuine Commodore Amiga A5QQ j type replacement Power Supply i Unit. Good quality switch mode ; type Super low price1 • CABLE A 12 MONTHS ON STTE MAINTENANCE' SPECIAL!! STAR FR PROFESSIONAL SERIES PROFESSIONAL SERIES 9-PINs WITH COLOUR UPGRADE EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER!!
3 Vv&at.ta and rujgad J H h Pai4arm,ng Prdefcuooal Sere* ft-Pn Printer* wih Coteur Upgrade J 566 cps oulpJi m drati 7ficp*,r NLQ mode U6 NLQ fonl»") U FMI oontroi trom panel -J 31k butter -J Achanced Paper Parkr ONLY £39.95 GUARANTEED STEREO SOUND SAMPLER Ohanng VI comcdtfeity wrth amcal any Amga »-C-o dgritor pocxaga ou* Sxna SaneN* r«alum» *i»yrl O'tvtry yeo-j p.otettona 'aiuU T man AD convawer BVM a erjlerq re» utcn d up lo icxht win * *a»l iw Too p-cno
* ockat* are prcvooa ‘¦-J sie-eo ‘v* rput. O’u* an octio" lor
mcr90*4Aa MiA'kble j*r» A 4!" *,63 «t" buX-V ROCGEN GENLOCK MK.
STAR FR-10 (80 column) ONLY £ 199.99 STAR FR-15 (132 column) ONLY £249.99 Prices include VAT. Delivery, cable 6 t year on-site warranty YOU WKL HAVE TO PAY At LEAST TWICE AS MUCH MONEY to obtain a similar level of quality, function and soonistication offered by our new GENLOCK adapter, compatible to all Amigas’ Special restores include tne a&nty to record graphics & animations on video recorders and overlay grapntc and text onto video Capable ot smooth and stab* fading and overlaying ejects wth specal liming knob ccfiw k*re Cerrt «i» «»n puree domain Pa ccpianng sound urping accicxcns i ulit«s
ONLY £29.95 Citizen PRODOT-24 COLOUR MIDI INTERFACE Professional 24-Pin Colour Printer • at a budget price!
Li Hr iV veitutlNi letlar iXMiitH tvintar -1 200 cps output m draft I 66 er* m LQ mwja 15 W* tatterf qml«a«tfttl 0 Full eohlref Irwn tnjefl I J C,net.a. ra 360 I90dp4
- J 2 Year Manufacturer* Warranty!
Normal RRP: C 746.35 Inc.VAT CM iA anyabi r? Ulr, VC* rWu ttrrrca »WV *T Tt x*ti k" ri 7T"Jn ft OUT I TMU pen to goof tut*, ONLY £19.95 f«SJH JD aka7' 71 tic" got let aijxcc xct*t Siwti cretatt VIRUS PROTECTOR Our awpKt ttna htxidv fintmy »Mftr a!fa**i3j«3rn» rtttrkngjifEirr cnttany
* rcre* 1re im* w ONLY £6.95 PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR I'csrporkN i
imVk U MlhapratRtnrlKWY Olivetti DM124C COLOUR AMIGA 1500 2000
UPGRADES Professional 24-Pin Colour Printer with full 12 Months
Qn ite Warranty Cover!
J 200eww draft 501®» 1" LC mode
- 1 7 Cobur oulp-jt GraoNcsre* 380. 180dtu U Huge 4» butter-)
Trader & Single Sheet Feed 13 12 MONTHS ON-SITE WARRANTY DM124C
Normal RRP C 389,95 Inc VAT te , Pl Wt' HARD DRIVE RAM
UPGRADE BQARP.ME ** Mud* full size hard ask eontroler cards
with urpoeulaied 5IMMS HAM 4«k«4 lor tmoifl up to 8M6 HAM plus
high speed NEC Maid dsks 40Mb HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD
£ 349.00 100Mb HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE I RAM CARD.... £ 499.00
PLEASE NOTE Tnese a-e e-rry RAM socket • Add f10 00 »• ?kfc HAM
secured £269.00 SSK £239 00 N£W! Commodore C.O.T.V. Including
Lemming* & 'Hutehtneona Encyclopaedia' Starter Compact Dtace C
499.00 Viot-Amiga video d giiiu i Deckage inc ViOi-Chrom* C110
00 VlDI-Chrom* Amiga cotour frame generaton kit (torn BSW
itneges C 16 95 VIOI-RG8 colour Ira me genaralon kit Irom BAW
.majes C 64 95 KCS Powarboard Hardaare PC Emutttot with 4s own
iMbotRAMon-Ooard 5'2K useaWe in Amga tTK»d« C 279.99 KuktUrt 1
3 Upgrade C 79 86 Amiga 500 Oust Cover _C 4 96 ONLY £269.00
JSJXSL. || I SOFTWARE ¦ Doiuj Vcoo 3 £ 84 95 UR BdCkiO f 39
Vi U AMOS £ 37 50 MiSoft lance C £ 193 00 SFA BAS C Y3 £ 39 95
GFA BASK: Comp lor f 34 46 Devpac 7 15 f*«96 Ditney AmmaWn
SlutSo C 69 45 Spocid" DnjtO YtoUwom C89 0C
• ting Wordi 2 £ 3795 Prgtext V5 t 119 95 O ta Home Account* f 23
95 Oku* Paml 4 C 79 9J A590 ADD-ON HARD DRIVES A590 QWHERS!
E*wn0 i'm nsnj swsge Vf*' wtr c«t c» ggt MO-gn edem ty cased
SCSI Hard DfMf, with 25ms iutapaivig NEC mcchanums and separate
pew succry Pugs mo re jockrt provdrtonre tear ot re A590 irit
External 40Mb SCSI Drive cased with PSU to d,r«tv add-on to m*
Commodore A590 C 2W.00 External 100Mb SCSI Drive cased with PSU
BE OPEN 9AM - 7PM • MONDAY-FRIDA' Progressive running fast
DIARY DATES DENVER-based Progressive Peripherals and Software
have released ProRAM 3000, a memory expansion for adding
between four and 64 megabytes of 32-bit RAM to the A30Q0, It
installs into the computer's Zorro III slot allowing 24-bit
animations with hundreds of frames to be stored, rendered or
played back directly. Unpopulated it costs $ 349.95. - Mercury
is PP&S's latest accelerator due for imminent release. It can
be populated with up to 32 megabytes of memory and run with
either the Motorola 28MHz or 33MHz 68040 chip. Used in
conjunction with ProRAM 3000, it enables an A30Q0 to have more
than 100 megabytes of RAM. Price to be finalised.
Also being developed by the company is Zeus, an A2000 board which can be used with 28 or 33MHz 68040 processors. Up to 64 megabytes of memory' can be added and a SCSI II interface will transfer data at 10 megabytes per second when used with a SCSI II hard drive.
Power Computing (0234 843388) have taken on distribution of Progressive's products in the UK.
J 20 Man to eat computer FRENCHMAN Michel Lotto will be making a meal out of the Computer Shopper Show, where he will attempt to eat a whole computer during the four-day event Better known as Monsieur Mangetout, he plans to add the micro to his diet which already includes bicycles, a supermarket trolley, television sets, chandeliers and, when really hungry, light aircraft.
The Computer Shopper Show will be at the Wembley Exhibition Halls on December 5 to 8.
Amiga insurance INSURANCE Is being offered to Amiga owners whose set-ups are worth more than £1,200.
For a yearly fee of about 11 per cent of the equipment's value, Aquarian Public Domain (0703 685006) guarantee a quick response to system failures or loss by more than 50 firms nationwide.
Replacing or repairing software and hardware, the scheme also covers damage caused by A2000 in video system BUYING video production equipment has become more straightforward with the release of the Commodore Amiga 2000 Personal Video Producer (PVP), an integrated video production system.
Amiga 2000 PVP combines an A2000, 40 megabyte hard disk, A2300 Video Genlock card, Scala software, Deluxe Paint III and a cable.
Said Commodore's Multimedia Director Barry Thurston: "We've taken away all the hard work by preinstalling an A2300 video genlock card and video caption, titling and graphics software.
“The PVP means that slick and professional videos with high quality text displays and special effects are within everyone's grasp. Commodore continue to maintain their position as the prime supplier of professional media solutions."
Price: £1,299.
Teachers get Amiga lessons TEACHERS needing to buy computers for their school are to be given advice in a new Commodore catalogue which describes Amiga and CDTV solutions for many classes.
Subjects covered include maths, computer and business studies, English and media studies, design and technology, music, art and design, science and specialist areas.
The Maidenhead-based giant have also formed a network of education dealers to help teachers choose the correct setup and a team of consultants are at hand to visit schools to discuss individual requirements.
"The purpose of the Schools Catalogue is to present solutions to those teachers who don't know about and understand information technology," said Commodore's Caroline Steele. Copies of the catalogue can be obtained by telephoning her at Commodore on 0628 770088.
A new angle on printers THE latest printer stand from Accodata (0732 885555) has been set at an angle to enable users to check information and work on the printer while documents are being printed.
Printer View Stand accepts up to 80 column models and has a paper catch tray. Price: £69.99. 7 to 9 February 1992 5til International 16-bit Computer Show Organiser. Westminster Exhibitions (081-5493444) Venue: Wembley Exhibition Halls The first post*Christmas show for Amiga owners, and a new venue for this growing event.
7 to 10 April 1992 Which Computer? Show Organiser: Reed (061-948 9800) Venue; National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham One of the country's top shows, but heavily biased towards the PC 12 to 14 April 1992 European Computer Trade Show Organiser. Blenheim Online (081-8684466) Venue: Business Design Centre, London A trade-only show where many of the year's releases can be previewed.
28 to 31 May 1992 Spring Computer Shopper Show Organiser: Blenheim PEL (081-868 4466) Venue: Ol)mpia, London Promised to attract many Amiga exhibitors.
OVERSEAS EVENTS 24 to 26 January 1992 Benelux Computer '92 Organiser: Interexpo & Media (01031 40464601) Venue: Eindhoven Trade Fair Building Very similar to the UK's Computer Shopper Show 3 to 5 April 1992 Amiga Berlin Organiser. AMI Shows Europe (010 49 809224086) Venue: AMK Berlin The first German Amiga show of the year. Two giant halls will be packed with the latest products.
8 to 11 October 1992 Amiga Koln Organiser: AMI Shows Europe (010 498092 24086) Venue: Koln Messe A chance to catch up on the year's developments in the active Amiga world.
T If your company is organising a show relevant to the Amiga and it's not listed, let us know so we can include the information in the diary.
Power Scanner POWER SCANNER FEATURES DO 400 DPI scanning resolutions 64 Greyscales Thm'port for printer SOFTWARE
• Ml screen image editor
- terlace mode on off Edit true greyscale & colour images :Jly
multi-tasking EDITING Cut rectangle, cut lassoo, crop, flip.
• jtate, scale, draw, lines, circles, :: xes, elipses, freehand,
zoom mode SCANNING Jnique True feel' real time scan
• node • Know instantly if you are scanning the image too
Automatic selection of 100-400 DPI Produce true greyscale images inc. VAT X 99 inc.VAT GREYSCALE COLOUR Power Computing Ltd., Unit 8, Railton Road, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7PN Telephone 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 Capture It Alt pnutf include VAT d*vat» and an lubftct it chanp Stecritcalim an lubftd M chanja wthjul nMCt. Nad day data y £4.50 |UK mintind ant,) OuWi anjuirw welcome Afi v*•-.« ¦ Media Direct 0782 208228 PRINTERS AMIGA 500 PACKS LL X 3( ) ZO OZ Or -OOCM CM CO t-LOO CO AH our printers are UK* specification and are covered by a 12. Months warranty.*
All the prices include a printer lead and a tanked dust cover £149.95 PERIPHERALS £214.95 £499.95 £249.95 £479.95 Amiga Pack 1 (Classic Pack) 512K random access memory Bu»lt-in disk drive 4096 colour graphics 4 channel stereo sound Kickstart 1 3 Workbench 1.3 Extras 1.3 and tutorial disk Amiga mouse TV modulator Power supply unit A50Q keyboard Bart Simpson Captain Planet Deluxe Pamt ill and game of the year' Lemmings Plus 10 more Greaf Games Football Manager Hotshot Las Vegas Flight Path 737 Firewaster Karting Grand Prix Thai Boxing Seconds Out Mouse Trap Ptutos V 6 d Sd give yOu: Mouse mat
and pocket dust cover. 10 Wank disks and box. Ouickshot Python, 1 joystick All our Amiga's are UK specification and come complete with the following: Amiga Pack 2 (Classic Pack Pius; As Pack 1 but also includes the Cumana CAX354 external oisk drive | £454.95 Amiga Pack 3 (Classic Printer Pack) As Pack i but includes the I Star :_C2(X) full colour printer £804.99 Amiga Pack 4 (The UiMe Pack) As Pack 1 but mduaes S'.ar LC2QQ colour prm;™ pres Philips CW8833-II stereo colour monitor £934.95 Amiga Pack 5 (Edxabona Pack} As Pack 1 but includes a selection of educational software;- Speil Book
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Swiv (Silkworm If).
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Turn on your computer and the system is ready to use The drive can be configured as autoboot or non autoboot, if can have upto 6Mb of Ram and as many as six SCSI drives can be oonnected together The drives also come with "express copy . Harp d*sk backup software, superboor and "supenools". File management and formatting programs 52Mb Hard drive with 0.5Mb Ram 52Mb Hard dnve with 2Mb Ram 80Mb Hard drive wiin 0.5Mb Ram 80Mb Hard drive with 2Mb Ram 105Mb Hard drive with 0.5Mb Ram 105Mb Hard drive with 2Mb Ram • We also stock the range of Supra modems, phone for details Easily prugs into A500
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ONLY Master Sound Mono Sound Sampler A low cost high features sound sampler package includes hardware and software with a hosf ol features to sample and edit music live onto your Amiga Only Miscellaneous Midi Master Midi Interface for the Amiga Midi in - 3X Midi out an£ Midi through Compatible with all leading midi software Fully OPTO isolated includes two free midi cables Piease state A500 1000 • 2000 when ordering. Omy Action Replay MKII by Datel A whole host of features including Free2eframe.
Boot'Selector. Virus Detection and much much more Only Replacement Amiga A500 power supply Replacement internal disk drive for Amiga A500 (original Commodore one no modification required) The amazing Squndblaster adds a new dimension to your games Blasting out stereo sound at 5 watts per channel into two high quality 50 watt 3 way speakers The pack comes complete with an AC power supply and as an added bonus there is a pair of free stereo headphones.
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Adaptor It's not possible to list all Console Software as we
hold large stocks.
Please ring for latest releases and prices.
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Games Media Direct Computer Supplies Ltd Unit 3 Railway
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£j alwdeo cable Control pad J *er base convertei Atari Lynx
WELCOME The Amiga 500 is probably the most popular home
computer of all time in Britain - let's forget the Speccie
for a moment - and one of the most popular worldwide. In terms
of relevancy in the mass market, then, the A500 is a much more
serious contender than the more expensive and less common A2000
and A3QQQ.
When, therefore, Commodore takes the A500 and gives it a course of radical bodybuilding and plastic surgery, the market better watch out.
Since rumours started to circulate last year about a possible UK release of an A500 with one meg and a Fatter Agnus built in, there was enough excitement to raise even Roger Moore's cardboard eyebrows, even though this upgrade would have been of fairly minor proportions. Pundits spoke of a projected A600, and a UK version of the 500 Professional then selling in the US.
What we eventually got, after all the speculation, was a major step forward for the A500.
To 3 O O uo Skin deeper The improvements can be summed up in one deceptively bland sounding sentence. WorkBench 2.04, Kickstart release 2, the Enhanced Chip Set, and 1Mb of chip RAM on board. So much, so boring. I mean, who but fact fans gives a damn for all that techie tripe?
Serious Think again. The improvements offered by the Plus, both hardware and software, are solid and practical. When I boot up my Plus in the morning and cast an eye over the 1.3 machine Sitting next to my desk, it takes a cold shower and several deftly applied blows with a chilled teaspoon to bring me back to my senses. Let's start with the software.
Two up WorkBench 2 has been around on A3000 machines for over a year now, and users of the cripplingly expensive high-end Amiga have long been delighting in its extra features. Now, however, purchasers of seemingly innocuous Cartoon Classics bundles can enjoy on their 500 Plus what has to be one of the world's best operating systems for machines in the Amiga bracket.
At first glance, the improvements over 1.3 can often be small and well hidden enough to make you think 2.04 is no more than a cosmetic upgrade.
Cosmetic There are few major changes, as WorkBench was already fairly well developed, but if you look under the surface there is a huge list of tweaks and twiddles which, when taken together, render the system a great deal more friendly and powerful The most obvious, yet least appealing, change to WorkBench is the use of Get.
The A500 now has more plus points than ever- Stevie Kennedy reports the purportedly more professional-looking screen colours. Cone is the familiar blue-orange-white-black to be replaced with a very sombre grey-blue-black- white. For some reason, the colour numbers for white and black have also been reversed, so that black icons created on a 1.3 machines appear white on the Plus.
I soon tired of the dreary cfJIour scheme and reverted, to the old palette, though by doing so I had to reverse black and white again. Doing this has the advantage of making old icons appear in their proper colours, and the old combination in any case makes for much greater flexibility when designing icons. You try and produce a flesh tone from blue and grey!
The next change to strike the eye is the new set of screen gadgets. The shrink gadget is now a single toggle button which, when clicked, instantly shrinks or expands a window to its minimum and maximum sizes and the forward backward button now shoves a window all the way backwards or forwards with one click.
The new gadgets make WorkBench operations faster and smoother by doing away with many of the dragging, resizing, and clicking operations you'd previously have had to carry out. Even WorkBench itself is in its own window, Called backdrop mode, it allows you to shrink WorkBench down to a little box in the comer of the screen, or discard it altogether by clicking on its close gadget.
I found backdrop mode fairly useless and duttersome, and quickly turned it off before saving prefs to ensure that the machine wouldn't boot up in it again. It's useful if you want to retrieve the memory otherwise used by WorkBench, but most users won't have to resort to it.
When you hold down the right mouse button and try out the new menus, you're in for a few more surprises. The two new features which will prove most useful are Leave Out and New Drawer.
Leave Out has been begging to be included in the Amiga's WorkBench Since the machine was first released.
The option enables you to select an icon from a disk or drawer window, then choose to leave it out on the WorkBench screen in the same way that Macs leave icons sitting on the desktop.
The icon will reappear in its new location even after a reboot, thus saving the user a lot of opening windows and drawers.
Only the icon i$ left on the 4 ¦..refined to the point where you could make designer earrings out of it Workbench screen - the program itself remains in the drawer and WorkBench remembers where it is. This means that programs using Special files, such as prefs or config files which have to be in the same directory as the program, continue to run from a left out icon.
The leave Out (and its partner Put Away) options will largely do away with the need for those PD menu programs currently so popular with hard drive users. Leave all your favourite applications on the WorkBench screen, and you’ll cut down dramatically on the time wasted clicking on drawers and so forth.
New Drawer is another handy addition. In WorkBench 1.3, users had to Panic mongers There are more than a few interest groups around in the business world, and sheep-like flocks of industry pundits, who seem to thrive on gloom and disaster.
For these reasons, the initial compatibility problems suffered by the A500 Plus have sometimes been inflated out of proportion since the machine's release.
The ECS chips and Kickstart ROM are different enough to render some software incompatible.
TRUE: The problem is so bad that Commodore are "recalling1' stocks of the new machine.
FALSE: Many older games won't work with the machine, and in particular those which now constitute the budget game lists.
TRUE: A high proportion of new software won't work with the machine All ma|or UK software houses are reasonably satisfied with the compatibility of their existing titles, are recoding some which have problems, and are ensuring that all future releases will work perfectly on the Plus.
FALSE: TRUE: The failure rate for games software, as estimated by the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers (NASCR) is 35 to 48 per cent. How they arrived at such a figure is uncertain. They tested a whopping 500 titles, so one must assume they are being unnecessarily pessimistic to allow a 6.5 per cent error either way.
Our own tests, carried out on the first forty titles, old and new which we came across in the Magic Cupboard, suggest a failure rate towards the bottom of the NASCR range, and perhaps slightly lower. As we only tested forty games, we can't offer a definite figure, but the problem certainly seems less serious than you'd think judging from the number of people in the industry wailing and gnashing their teeth.
The compatibility problem will not affect serious users of the new machine - we've yet to find a major utility which won't work on it - nor those who intend to buy the latest games. It will be a problem for those who buy an A500 Plus for a youngster and plan to keep the little gannet happy with a regular supply of budget software. Parents and relatives in this category are advised to ask specifically for an old A500.
Some software companies have plans to put stickers on the packaging of new games to indicate the product's A5QQ Plus compatibility, but it won't be long before these are redundant. Prospective A500 buyers and those wishing to- upgrade should keep in mind that the Plus will be completely replacing the old A500 (at the same price!) From lanuary onwards, and that all new games released from December this year should work perfectly.
The games we tested and which worked: Kick Off 2 (Anco), Terminator 2 (Ocean), Fort Apache (Impressions), Turrican (Rainbow Arts), Armalyte (Thalamus), FI6 Combat Pilot (D.l), Tetris (Infogrames), Obitus (Psygnosis), Licence to Kill (Domark), Bionic Commando (Software Creations), Footballer of the Year 2 (Gremlin), Platoon (Ocean), Alien Breed (Team 17), |immy White's Snooker (Virgin), Batman (Ocean), Cruise for a Corpse (US Gold), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Lucasfilm), Altered Beast (The Hit Squad), Head Over Heels (The Hit Squad), Beast Busters (Activision), Barbarian (Palace),
World Class Leaderboard (Kixx), lames Pond 2 - Robocod (Millenium), Starflight 2 (Electronic Arts), Formula 1 Grand Prix (Microprose), Lord of the Rings (Electronic Arts).
The games we tested and which didn’t work: Treasure Island Dizzy (Code Masters), Outrun Europa (US Cold), Heroes of the Lance (S.S.I), Hydra (Domark), Shadow Sorceror (S.S.I.), Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Domark), Robocop (Ocean), Ghostbusters 2 (Ocean), Power Drift (The Hit Squad), The Final Battle (P.S.S), Disc (Loriciel).
Have the useless Empty Drawer icon cluttering up their disk somewhere SO they could duplicate and rename it for any new directory they'd created with the MakeDir command. Now all you need to do is select New Drawer and provide a name for the new icon to be displayed onscreen.
What a drag!
To tidy up your 1.3 WorkBench screen, you are forced to use extended selection when you wish to move more than one icon at a time. This involves holding down the Shift key and clicking on every icon. WorkBench 2.04 does away with extended selection by offering a crop of enhanced screen management facilities.
The one you'll all want to try right away is the drag option. By clicking with the left mouse button and dragging a box around a group of icons, you can select the whole lot at once, then hold down the Shift key and move them as a group. The menus contain a couple of other enhancements. For example, you cab use Select Contents to highlight every icon in the currently active window, then use Clean Up, Snapshot (icons and window or just the window’s size and location), or the new View By option to change the way the window is organised.
The latter, in conjunction with Show All Files, will enable users to view the contents of those elusive system directories such as C;, DEVS: and so on without opening a shell and resorting to DIR or UST. By double clicking on any hitherto invisible file (and Show All Files gives them each a default icon), a requester is summoned containing the name of the File you just clicked on and a command line.
Let's say you want to view your startup sequence. With Show All Files selected, you can spot the file in the S: directory's window.
Double click on it to bring up the command line with startup-sequence already entered. Now simply type ED with a space in front of the name Startup sequence, and your command is carried out as if you had opened shell and typed.
ID S:St»rtvp-J*q«tntt This facility will give shellophobic users a window into the Amiga's internals ?
RANGE OF FEATURES JonMick instead ol Koyprosscs ¦ MUSIC
SOUND TRACKER with Sound Tracker you can tmd the complete
mntic in program* , demoa.etc. and save tham to disk.
Save* In format »uttabfo for most track playar program*. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From tha Action Replay III preference screen
you can now set up autofiro I rent 0 la 100%. Just ImaglM
continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are sot separataly for
that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram ExpensiM* will work with all V. Action Replay III eemmands.
, • WSKOOOM luturM (o protect your software Investment.
With the new ‘Diskooder* option you con now lag your disks with a unique code that will prevent the dielt from being loaded by anyone alee. Tagged' disks will only roloed when you ontor tho code. Very useful for eocurtty.
SAT MAP - allows you lo Load Sevofldlt a Kcymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Ropiay ill ngw has screen colour proforoncos
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your testo.
Vory simple to use.
T DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor . Displays disk information in easy ta understand format. Pull modify.'**** options.
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT jMlmM Including cempretsadsmall character eammand.
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection ol DOS commands available
you enter a command without a filename, then a fila requestor
is disptayod.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at tho press of a button • faster than Dot
Copy. Ni Disk all times & PLUS IMPROVED Of BUOQIR COMMANDS ¦
Including Mom Watch Points and Trace.
• SOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or 0F1 ean be selected as tha boot
drive whan working w lh Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
le beat from your external driva.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • f ull screen editor • Load
Save block • Write String to memory • Jump to specific address
• Show Ram as texl • Show frozen picture • Ploy is'denl sample
• Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
command • Full starch feature • Unique Custon Chip Editor
allows you to a* and modify all chip register*-, ven write
only registers • Notepad • Disk handling • thow actual track,
Disk Sync, pattern etc. • Dynamic BroakpoinV iandling ft Show
memory as HEX. ASCII, Assembler. Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now with suffix names WARNING 1M8 COPYRIGHT ACT
WARNING Odd tbewna IB nerw cocdxM net unerast tn m d r? Mevn Hr
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAUCUSTOMER SERVICE 0702 744324 A F AAR Ilia __JW could encourage more to dive into ykBench's powerful engine room. If
* ** don't find this easy enough, they Always use the new Execute
ommand menu option, which will shell commands to be issued
arrctiy from WorkBench.
Mother of pearl Really obese Agnus The Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) consists at the moment of Super Agnus (chip number 8375 or 8372B) and Super Denise (chip number 8373R4). Don’t confuse the Fatter Agnus with the Super Agnus. Fattie allows one meg of chip RAM, but Super Agnus the wonder chip as fitted in the 500 Plus will handle anything up to 2 meg, which is four times the limit of the original A500.
The ECS Chips should soon be available as an upgrade option to owners of older machines. Fitting them involves opening the machine and prising out the.
Old chips, but if you don't fancy the hassle or have a machine still inside its warranty period, Commodore will be offering an official upgrade service whereby, for a small consideration, their engineers will fit the Chips.
The price of the ECS should be in the region of £80 to £100. To use it properly, you'll also need WorkBench 2.04 and the new Kickstart ROM, which should set you back a further £35 for the pair.
CU is the real jewel at the heart of AmqaDOS, and was greatly enhanced release 1.3 to be renamed "shell", In WorkBench 2-04, although it was diffi- oA to see how it could be improved further, the shell has been refined to the point where you could happily make designer earrings out of it.
The first thing you'll notice is that it
* ow has a close gadget, so you need never use ENDCll again.
The real differences, though, are more practical than this. You can, for Screen scene The new screen modes available under WorkBench 2.04 and the Enhanced Chip Set boost the Amiga's serious potential by adding several new very high resolution modes. Any of these would be ideal for business uses such as DTP and CAD, especially the Productivity modes.
Productivity is an all-new high resolution mode which will work only with a multisync monitor. However, it does not require a flicker fixer in its non-interlaced mode, and in this it is almost as good as the old Hires interlaced. This makes low-end DTP cheaper by at least £125 (the price of the cheapest and lowest spec flicker fixer), which should boost considerably the Amiga's potential in these areas.
A500 Plus display modes Graphics Display mode Monitor Required Standard Screen Size (Pixels) Maximum Number of Colours Lowres normal 320x256 32 Hires normal 640x256 16 Hires interlaced normal 640x512 16 SuperHires normal 1280x256 4 SuperHires interlaced normal 1280x512 4 Productivity multisync 640x480 4 Productivity interlaced multisync 640x960 4 A2024 10HZ A2024 1008x1024 4 grey scales A2024 15Hz A2024 1008 1024 4 grey scales instance, cut text from one shell window and paste it into another.
The text goes across complete with line feeds, so you have to be careful to avoid issuing a string of commands which make no sense. There are also several new key combinations you can use when editing a command line, though most will be of use only to those Who use shell a great deal.
The shell itself is no longer a device you'll need to mount. Its simply referred to as CON;, and the equivalent of 1.3's Shell-Seg handler is incorporated into Kickstart 2.04. There's no need, therefore, to make the shell handler resident or to mount the device.
Once you've opened your shell and started to get down to the nitty-gritty with AmigaDOS, the sheer number of improvements and enhancements begins to make your head spin. For starters, there are the new commands.
The new boys These are few, but very handy.
UNSETENV and UNALIAS, for example, enable the removal of old environment variables and aliases which may no longer be appropriate.
Rather than quit out of your shell, alter its shell-startup file, and restart without the old aliases, you can remove them painlessly.
SETEONT allows the user to choose the screen font in which his or her shell will be displayed. This is ideal for those using interlaced displays, where Topaz 8 becomes discomfortingly small, and even better for those whose vision is impaired in some way.
In conjunction with WorkBench's options to change icon, screen, and system fonts, the SETFONT command makes the Amiga a much more pleasurable tool for people in those groups to use.
Localised A wonderful new feature for AmigaDOS programmers is the shell's ability to set and use local environment variables.
The global kind are still controlled through GETENV and SETENV, but each shell process window can now have its own local variables controlled through SET and GET.
In addition, the way variables are manipulated has been greatly improved by their easy use in commands such as ECHO and EVAL. Where in the past the programmer would have had to use a lot of redirection to shove variable values back and forth, he or she can now refer to them directly using a dollar sign. It is possible, therefore, to use lines such as: ECHO ’Tour nai* is Sniie* where "name" is the variable whose contents you'd like to print. Similarly, EVAL can directly address an environment variable, making calculations within AmigaDOS programs a great deal easier to code.
And more!
The existing AmigaDOS commands, not wanting to be left out, have been given a whole new lease of life in WorkBench 2.04. Not only have many been given additional parameters to enhance their usefulness, but most can also take advantage of the shell's new multi-argument command parsing feature.
This means that instead of deleting ?
Outline fonts One of the biggest recent talking points concerning WorkBench 2.04 has been its support for Compugraphic(trn) outline fonts.
These are scalable fonts, unlike the Amiga's original bitmapped fonts, which can be used in any size without appearing jagged or rough around the edges.
The A500 Plus is supplied with a total of three scalable fonts (Times, Triumvirate, and Letter Gothic), though more could be added with the purchase of CGFonts disks. Their inclusion will enable Amiga users to output much higher quality text to their dot matrix printers, and will provide a standard for software houses to follow when implementing the Compugraphic System in their own packages.
At the moment there is little documentation on WorkBench's CG fonts, and the manuals, with which I was a little disappointed, don't mention them at all. Third party manuals, among them the official AmigaDOS Manual (third edition), are silent on the matter, so one suspects that they were taken by surprise by the last minute addition of scalable fonts.
Either way, Compugraphic font support is an exciting and important feature of the new operating system and it remains to be seen how software companies take advantage of the feature. I was surprised to find no Notepad utility present on the WorkBench 2.04 Extras disk we received. An updated Notepad in combination with CG fonts would be a superb tool with which to generate letters or memos.
Three files one at a time, the user can simply type: IELETE 41t«1 fill! IhtJ ?
And get rid of the lot in one go.
Multiple arguments can also be used with ASSIGN statements to enable a logical device to access more than one directory- For example, users of hard drives containing several fonts directories could utilise an ASSIGN such as: A nr] : HI screen te front A 00 ; Front screen to back HT]: Requester « Requester CRHCEl ASSISI FOITS: STS:FOiTS Dml:CSFonts DH2:PSFonts When a program looked for a font in Coercion Miscellaneous Flays Font Preferences thi hktor the FONTS: directory, it would then search the three directories in the order specified by the ASSIGN until it found the one it was looking for.
Wildcard support has also been added to many commands to make them more flexible. CD, for example, can be used with the "match any string" wildcard ( ?) To change to a directory with a long name you can't TOSSES’ Nrif» Tioeoet
1. 5 Seconds
2. 1 Seconds
5. 1 Seconds be bothered typing. This means that the command: CD
GO D -J Q- O O UO Hardware incompatibility?
The spectre of games software incompatibility has been widely debated in industry circles since the Plus was released, but few have so far looked at the problems of hardware incompatibility. Although this won't be as big a problem, it is substantial enough to warrant discussion.
All existing floppy drives, printers, monitors, and external hard drives should be 100 per cent compatible with the Plus. Where problems will be encountered is in the fitting of new equipment to the trapdoor and inside the A5QQ casing.
The popular 1.5Mb RAM boards which connect to the Gary chip, unless redesigned, are incompatible, as is the ICD AdRAM board and the KC5 Powerboard PC emulator. The latter is being redesigned to work with the Plus as I type this, and a new version should be available in December. Likewise, most peripherals manufacturers can be expected to issue RAM boards altered to work with the Plus.
Would match DF1 :UTILITIES POWER- PACKER4.0. This is, I'm sure you'll agree, a quicker way to move about.
Wildcards themselves have been given a boost with the introduction j f the NOT wildcard. Using the » character, the user can set a wildcard to match everything except a certain file or files. One possible use for this is in the setting of special aliases. The statement: ALIAS DIRS "Hr [l'(l!.info)* would create a new command to list a drive's contents minus all the .info files.
The reorganised motherboard with its slightly different layout will also cause problems. We know for a fact that most accelerator boards which plug in piggy- back-style to the 68000 slot will physically not fit because capacitor C307 is now 4mm taller than before and the boards can't be properly seated in the 68000 socket because of the obstruction!
Again, the cheap 68000 dual clock speed 14Mhz board, will not work.
Although working with only certain A500 motherboards in the first place, the board must be connected to a resistor which no longer exists, and will be completely incompatible with the Plus.
We haven't been able to test the various internal hard drives and flicker fixers now available, but as the operating system has been thoroughly rewritten the former could have problems, and the latter may find the new Denise less talkative than the original chip. As I said, we haven't been able to test these in the office, but potential buyers should make sure of compatibility before buying any internal add-ons for the A5QQ Plus.
Also new for the CD command is the ability to change directory without actually using CD! To switch to the LIBS: directory, you'd merely type UBS: and hit Return. To go back up a directory using the backslash, the process is even easier, as you now have only to hit one key - - and return to flip up a directory level.
Internal affairs To speed up AmigaDOS operations even more, Commodore have at last taken the step of making a number of common commands internal. A total of 33 AmigaDOS commands are now coded into the Kickstart ROM and are executed much faster than if they had to be read in off a disk each time they were used.
If you already have an A500 Plus and have booted this month's CoverDisk, you'll have noticed how quickly the ECHO statements in the startup nous | ] Screen Iru ; K»vs sequence are executed. The welcoming messages blip to the screen many times faster on a Plus because each line uses an ECHO statement which has to be accessed from the CoverDisk every time it is executed on an old A500.
Although it won't be feasible to produce CoverDisks using the Fast File System (FFS) until the 500 Plus becomes the machine owned by a large majority of users, its use would be a boon to disk compilers everywhere.
WorkBench 2.04 will now allow the FORMAT command to initialise a floppy disk using FFS, which makes the disk faster in operation and enables the cramming of more data onto it.
A floppy formatted with the Old File System (OFS), used on all Amiga floppies up until release 2, will have approximately 83SK of free space. If formatted with the FFS option, however, it offers 879K, a gain of 44K oyer OFS disks. In addition, disk operations are speeded up.
To copy a 370K file to an OFS disk takes 41 seconds. On the same disk reformatted in FFS it takes 36 seconds, and when a full disk is listed or its directory scanned, the benefits of FFS are similarly apparent. The downside is that FFS disks will be unintelligible to an older A500, and that FFS boot blocks are not recognised by virus checkers.
However, if you're formatting disks for your own machine only, the FFS option should be used every time.
Conclusion WorkBench 2.04 and Kickstart 2.04 represent a massive improvement in the A500's capabilities. Taken with the Enhanced Chip Set, offering better hardware, more chip memory, and new screen modes, the machine is far superior to its predecessor, the original A500.
Those who use the Amiga purely for games will find little to excite them in the new product, but those who put their Amigas to more productive uses are advised to buy the upgrade kits as soon as they are available, even if to do so would involve selling a member of the family. You can't stand in the way of progress, granny!
Initial compatibility problems aside.
Commodore has to be on a real winner with this excellent machine.
Color selection (Workbench icon You can now control the Intuition hot keys as well i 1 i u I 30 NastvBufS Design your own icons with the excellent Select you own font hr your kOAS or screen text!
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Prima comes complete with instructions, software, and all the hardware necessary for a simple, clean, no-solder installation. It does require an A500 with switching power supply, 1 megabyte of RAM. And an external floppy drive for setup and installation.
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.....POSTCODE . TEL NO .. ..mm KCS 3.5 is the somewhat less than catchy title of a package challenging for the Amiga's ¦uiul throne. It not only has the ciHntU sequencer but a whole range of extras, all of which work together to tann i formidable partnership that the opposition is going to find very difficult 10 bML Along with the release of the system comes what is surely the most aggres-
• tt marketing campaign yet to hit the VnKja. Not only are the
company offeree cheap upgrades for existing users but they've
also targeted the rest of the ndustiy, by announcing enormous
discounts for those of us willing to trade in packages, no
matter what the title.
As you might expect this hasn't won a lot of friends, but for the average punter with a now derelict copy of MusicX lurking in a disk box it has to be good news.
As you're probably aware, KCS Dr.T's aren't new to the music business, being long established on the ST and Amiga. As a result you may ask what's so special about what is essen- uatty an upgrade.
In short, it's the scale of enhancement that makes it special. Not only has the sequencing software been improved but huge advances have been made in the system management, with new data sharing and control software allowing numerous elements to be combined.
What's on offer... first and foremost comes the KCS 3.5 sequencing package itself. It has all the whistles and bells that you'd expect from a package with a £279 price tag.
But on top of its sequencing features comes the ability to work as a platform for the MPE (Multi Program Environment) which we'll look at later.
The sequencer itself boasts two primary modes. The first is the linear or tape deck format which we all know and love, the second being a more flexible Open mode which allows all manner of looping, chaining and multiple sequence combination.
As you might expect, passing data between the two is a simple process and as a result inspirational composition is a good deal easier than with some of its competitors. The usual array of editing functions are on hand within both modes, plus some user friendly options such as muting and definable punch points - all of which can be accessed and defined as the music plays without ruining the output Advanced features include old favourites such as transposition and channel reassignment, but there are also more unusual tools such as Invert, which allows either all or part of a sequence to be
Others include the ability to split sequences by note number, assign Very serious sequencing Our resident muso Paul Austin looks at the latest KCS collection them to several channels and expand or compress notes. As is essential, full cut and paste options apply for both individual notes and sections, via the event list editor. Tempo changes can be inserted over either predefined sections Of entire sequences.
Sequences can even be delayed with the aid of the play timer - very handy if you're into a bit of DTV.
If you fancy the occasional surprise, the random events option allows predefined elements to be played spontaneously. This can be taken to extremes if applied in Open mode with certain sequences starting, stopping and even muting others.
Track record It's time for the boring but essential features list, so let's get it over with. Up to 48 tracks are available with a maximum of 126 separate sequences, all of which support fuH Midi with measure beat step display. It also supports controller chase and an amazingly high 384 PPQN (pulses per quarter note).
Other features include Merge and Rechannelise, a Midi clock and a Song Position Pointer (both in and out). It can both sends and record system- exclusive data, offers independent punch in and out on all tracks. As well as programmable cue in both modes, a simultaneous play and edit option and auto-looping for overdubs are also provided.
Finally, there is a built-in notepad and timing calculator, a play timer to within 1 1 Oth of a second resolution, solid timing better than 70 parts per million, aftertouch, note off velocity filters on record, and it's more than happy to feed the dog and collect the kids as welL.phew!
On top of this already frightening list come a few less important but pleasant features, such as the improved front- end graphics (which unfortunately still look very reminiscent of the ST).
Perhaps more important is the inclusion of extra editing features via the track mode pull down menus.
Level II As you may have noticed there's no mention of graphic editing, primarily because KCS 3.5 doesn't support it, at least not internally. Instead the MPE is employed to access the Tiger graphic editing program which, of course, is part of the package - as indeed are Quickscore and Automix, but more of those later.
Now this may become a little confusing as Level II is exactly the same as KCS 3.5 but with the addition of two extra modules. The first of these is the Programmable Variation Generator or PVG. As the name suggests, it's used primarily on finished material to add random and defined variations. You have the choice of 10 edit screens, all of which have a number of variation and editing tods.
The element to be altered can be selected in a huge variety of ways. For example, simple selections such as pitch, duration or volume are obvious, but more subtle choices such as one note's relation to another can also trigger a variation. If you can't be bothered with complex selections, random variations can also be applied.
LU cn C£ LU U ID a LU on Now that the target notes are selected, what can it do with them?
Well, for a start the PVG could transpose them, shift them in time, copy them to another channel, erase them, double them or even use them as the basis for a new riff.
You could even employ the PVG to search patterns, dynamics or rhythms and use these as the basis for change or as targets for enhancement. All PVG definitions can be stored as presets and combined within macros for later use.
Instant inspiration at the click of a button... The Master Editor is the second addition to the system. Unlike most of the editing tools, this particular module has much more global concerns. Its strengths lie in the editing of large sections or entire sequences. To achieve this, another six screens of editing commands await.
You can start simply with some control filtering and track edits, then build up to pitch mapping and sequence bleeding, As you've probably guessed, both of these new modules aren't the simplest bits of software you'll ever use, but if you're willing to bum a little midnight oil with the manuals, the potential for greatness is definitely there - if perhaps well hidden.
MPE As mentioned earlier, MPE stands for Multi Program Environment, which sounds suspiciously like a rather fancy title for multitasking. Big news on the ST perhaps, but not really earth-shattering on the Amiga.
However my initial misgivings were completely unfounded, as the MPE is much more than a revamped version of multitasking. In fact it's more like a form of automatic musical Arexx, which shares all the relevant parts of the music data between the various bits of software within the system.
For example, to start the ball rolling you need a host or platform for MPE which can be either KCS or Level II.
Then if you wanted to do some graphic editing, you could load the tiger software.
This would then appear in the MPE pull down and when selected would bring the Tiger software to the fore, complete with the sequence you were just working on within KCS or Level II.
36 Another scenario would be while employing Automix. Again, it could be waiting within the MPE pull down.
When you're ready to mix you masterpiece, simply select and it appears - even if your sequence is still playing.
Now you can digitally mix your creation while you're still working on it When your creation is complete, it's even possible to print out parts of your choice, ready for real musicians to play live - all from within the system, of course. Up to 19 individual programs or modules can use the system, all working together but perhaps more importantly all sharing a common data source.
There are already almost 30 modules available on the ST which will hopefully make their way over to the Amiga.
Unfortunately we're in the unusual position of being out-gunned by a lesser machine, but I'm sure that will change.
As you might expect, holding up to 19 programs in memory is a bit beyond the means of an unexpanded A500, so serious users should be looking to beef up their machine to around 2 meg at least, otherwise you'll find the MPE extremely limited. Of course you can still quit and load modules as required but this does defeat the object a little.
Added extras We've mentioned the big guns such as KCS and Level II, but its perhaps worth recapping some of the other impressive extras, the first of which has to be Automix. This is far and away my favourite addition to the system, as it allows you to mix your entire sequence via onscreen faders, working exactly as their hardware counterparts do.
A colour-coding system allows you to link various tracks together for simultaneous adjustment of both pan and volume controls. To automate things even further, there's the snapshot panel which allows you to capture individual mixer settings and then jump between up to 16 separate setups during a sequence.
Above the snapshot control comes the sound check panel which allows each track within a sequence to play a preset series of notes. This is very useful if you want to do some rough levelling prior to playing the entire sequence.
The output from Automix can be assigned either to the Midi output or alternatively to the input output of KCS. On top of that its output can directly edit the sequence data withm the sequencer itself. No more fiddling with velocity percentages - it's all done for you. Pure bliss.
The next sweetener takes the form of the Tiger graphic editor. Now this certainly isn't the prettiest program in the world but it nevertheless does an impressive job. Its fairly standard array of editing talents are greatly enhanced by the incredibly high 384 PPQN, which has obvious advantages if you're looking for highly accurate editing.
A particularly pleasant touch is the graph section of the editor which allows you to draw in various chances rather than rely on the requesters and figures of most programs. Things such as pitch bend and tempo changes can simply be added as curves which instantly translate into sound via the sequencer.
The final program on offer is Quickscore. This is basically a cut down version of Dr.T's professional score printing software. It's by no means as powerful as its bigger brother, but if you're looking for a quick and simple way to get you creations on paper, it's ideal.
Ugliest As you've probably noticed, KCS 3.S is about as serious as they come. As a result it wouldn't be a perfect choice for the beginner. Its professional approach carries right through the package, with even the manual making a few assumptions as to the user's abilities. For the novice I'd say DrTi Tiger Cub might be a better starting point. And if you become hooked 3 $ could well be the ideal upgrade.
For the pros it's excellent, If perhaps a little expensive. However in the long run it could be a good investment as its modular approach could effectively remove the need for a complete upgrade in the future.
Having said that, even a pro will need to do some late night reading to get the best from what is certainly the ugliest and arguably the most powerful package yet seen on the machine Price reduced to £149 on trade-in with either MusicX, Bon and Pipes, Mailer Tracks Pro or Pro 24.
Price reduced to £179 on trade-in with Tiger Cub, Sequencer 1, MusicX junior or MBS.
Tf your particular pockoge isn't listed, I'm sure that those nice folks ot Zone will happily cut another throat or two if you ask them nicety.
KCS 3.S is available from Zone Distribution on 081-766 6S64 Price £279 ¦ Dr Ts Music Software Dr T's KCS has over the years established itself as one of the most reliable and well featured sequencers available for the AMIGA. KCS ha also been used on many major world tours.
With the recent release of KCS 3.5 Dr T's have not only shown their support for power sequencing on the Amiga but have in the words of many reviewers produced a sequencer to compare with the most powerful available on the Atari and Apple Mac.. KCS now includes the full range of sequencing tools needed for virtually any musical application.
JZ2 § niiSEBdB B M TIGER, the reatlitme graphic editor, Quickscore, the notation module, Automix, the graphic faders & PVG are just a few of these tools. Couple this with Dr T’s MPE environment where multiple programmes can 'share' data in real time and 0 newly designed front panel, KCS 3.5 is the answer to all your prayers._ THE BEST SUPPORT FOR THE BEST MUSIC SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD Here's what one reviewer had to «*y; ' KCS not only offers the best MIDI musk environment available for the AMIGA at the present time, but provides workstation potential which is powerful enough to challenge some
of the established heavyweights of the ST world' Pool Overo. Sound On Sound Oct. 1991 Dr T's produce the widest range of music application software for the Amiga in the world. Shown below is just a small selection of these programmes.
KCS 3.5 sequencer £279 Phantom SMPTE MIDI interface £249 TlGERCub 12 track sequencer £99 Copyist App notation £99 Copyist DTP notation £229 X-oR generic editor librarian £219 BARS & PIPES PROFESSIONAL Bars & Pipes Professional encompasses all the power and flexibility demanded by the creative musician. Its power and simplicity give you the ability to record an unlimited number of tracks with unlimited methods of editing, enhancing & embellishing yoyr music, Choose from standard music notation, hybrid notation, piano - roll or an event list as your editing medium. You can also print your music
in notated form, including lyrics and chord designations. Once you record your music, you can mix it using MixMaestro. This automated mixing feature includes real time control of volume, panning and other MIDI effects, You can also use up to 5 separate MIDI ports (80 MIDI channels) with an appropriate serial expansion board. Bars & Pipes Professional's Tools enhance your music as you compose. These tools perform standard tasks sucn as THE UK VERSION OF BARS A PIPES PROFESSIONAL COMES WITH A SET OF PRE-RECORDED 50NG FILES WORTH 619 FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE quantizing, musical tasks such as
counter point generation or technical tasks like merging, branching and event conversion.
Bars & Pipes Professional is designed Dy musicians for musicians and will quickly become an invaluable part of' your studio.
Bars A Pipes Professional will open your eyes to a new vision of music composition.
It's flexibility expandable design and innovative architecture will assure composing music will mean 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration.
Bars & Pipes Pro £299 Bars & Pipes £149 JAM £99 Internal Sounds Kit £49.99 Pro Studio Kit £49.99 Creativity Kit £49.99 “wjV JAM is an incredible NEW programme from Blue Ribbon soundworks that can be used by anyone with an Amiga. Unlike ordinary MIDI sequencers and music programmes, JAM requires little musical finesse in order to accomplish exciting results. Instead JAM can create everything from rythmic patterns to chord progressions and fully orchestrated accompaniments at the touch of a button. JAM's unique ability to auto write music in an unlimited amount of styles will appeal to all AMIGA
users. Using JAM's new TurboSound Technology™ which allows the Amiga to play more than four sampled sounds at a time, amyone can create fully fledged accompaniments using nothing but the Amiga.
Multi Media Artists [JAM can create and synchronize with packages such as Showmaker, Imagine, Scala and Caligari), non musicians [using the TurboSound Technolgy) and all MIDI & Bars & Pipes users can use JAM to try out various musical styles simply and quickly Using the TurboSound Technology™ you can mix samples on the fly creating an advanced multi timbral effect. JAM includes a special TurboSound editor allowing you to shape, redesign, loop, modulate and filter exisiting IFF files for use with JAM.
All in all JAM is a must for all Amiga owners whether you use MIDI or not.
Available from all good computer shops every where!
5, Abbeville Rd London SW4 081 766 6564 jSt J- ZONE Distribution ore exclusive UK distributors for Dr T's, Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Trycho Tunes, Midimon & Bond in o Box. We pride 6ur»elves in our level of technicol support. Only by purchasing from on authorized dealer will you receive this support.
ASDIC Special offers Special offers Special offers iim 90% OFF YOUR CURRENT RIOBOM PRICES In 1989 Western Europeans threw away over 128 million printer ribbons. They weighed over 9,000 tonnes in total and would reach right around the world if laid end to end.
A used ribbon cartridge is being thrown away somewhere in the UK every second of every day.
You can help put an end to this environmental waste and save some money at the same time thanks to RE-INK, a revolutionary new spray which brings new life to exhausted fabric printer ribbons.
RE-INK s cost effective and simple to use. Simply open up your plastic ribbon cartridge, spray a few squirts of RE-INK’s special ink and lubricant formula and your ribbon is as good as new - sometimes even better!
BEST OF ALL, RE-INK IS AVAILABLE IN THIS SPECIAL READER OFFER FOR ONLY £12.95 ? RE-INK will save up to 90% on what you currently spend on new ribbons ? RE-INK - treated ribbons give clearer, blacker print than new ribbons ? RE-INK is a very high quality ink - no blotchy or patchy ink ? RE-INK is universal - it works with all fabric ribbons ? RE-INK can extend the life of your printer with its special lubricant oils FROM MO OFFICE SUPPLIES DISKETTES Specialists for over 3 years supplying Education, Government, home user, quality, reliability, value for money.
YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BUY BETTER A C DOUBLE SIDED OiO DOUBLE DENSITY 50 DSD0 3.5 Plus deluxe storage to* only . .£29.95 100 DSOD 35 Plus detuxe storage box only £44.95 This Months Special 200 DSOD 3.5 Plus 2 deluxe storage boxes only ......£74.95 r Ar DOUBLE SIDED 3 i£J double density 50 DSOD 525 Plus deluxe storage box only ..£1995 100 DSOD 5.25 Plus deluxe sioraoe box only £29.95 200 OSOD 5 25 Plus 2 deluxe storage boxes only ..£4995 r
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plan and manage home finances. £29.99 DGGak This fast, simple spreadsheet includes many advanced features, including a windowing facility, so that you can look at different parts of the spreadsheet at the same time. £39.99 Mailshot Plus If you ever need to send out mailings or print labels, this program is for you.
Animated labels appear on-screen as a continuous sheet, allowing you to sctoII backwards and forwards. You can search, sort and detect duplicate labels, print side by side and much more £49.99 Day-By-Ooy An excellent way to get organised. You'll be reminded of birthdays, meetings and appointments. It includes month week day planners and automatic reminders of overdue events. £29.99 to* •m Personal Tax Planner Plan your own tax with ease This simple program will calculate your income tax liability, allowing you to perform instant 'what-if ‘ calculations and produce pertinent facts about your
tax position. A professional version is also available for accountants and financial advisers. £49.99 6-Type Transform your computer into a typewriter. Because text is printed instantly, you can line up your form, press return and space a few times to move to the correct place, and then start typing. Ideal for filling in forms and envelopes. £39.99 System 3 A suite of programs which perform all the basic functions for a small business. They may he used independently or integrated and include Cashflow Controller. Stock Control and Invoicing and Statements. £59.99 System 3e Like System 3. But
with extended capacity for customer accounts and stock items.
£79.99 Cashbook Controller Take the drudgery out of book keeping as this program will replace your cash and petty cash books. In addition to recording Cash, bank and VAT transactions, you can enter credit sales and purchases, and for all these entries the program will automatically complete double entry routines, to ensure your records are always in balance £59.99 Final Account* Using the information created with Cashbook Controller, this program will produce a complete set of accounts, including Trial Balance. Trading and Profit and Loss Account. Balance Sheet, as well as useful accounting
ratios £39.99 Cashbook Combo A money-saving combination pack containing Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts. £79.99 Wordworth 1 The graphical nature of Wordworth makes producing documents faster and easier.
With the enhanced printing fonts, Collins Spelling Checker and Thesaurus, no other word processor comes close (Amiga). £129.99 The Digita range is available for Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC unless stated otherwise, and every program comes with a seven day money-back guarantee.
The only way to really appreciate Digita software is to use it. Phone 0395 270273 for more information, or write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ All prices include VAT, postage and packaging,
• DIGITA' INTERNATIONAL software thats right * The Digita range
is available to the trade through Columbus. Gem, HB Marketing.
IBD. Lazer. Leisuresoft, Precision and SDL Digita International
Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth EX8 1JL ENGLAND Tel 0395 270273
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- A nwmtwr of Hi* Digit* group - Digita. The Digda logo. Ikvnc
Account?’ jtv! Wocdworth irr wgutwd trademarks. And Ikin r«Ai
arc trademarks 4 Digita Holding? Lid All other trademark* and
their owner* are acknowledged Sold Uibjed to «iandard
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- Wk bench
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auto sheet feed PRINTER ACCESSORY PACK I I Includes: Parallel
Cable ONLY 200 Sheets Paper n. A AA i 100 Address Labels y 1
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Quickshot Python III... | Zipstick Super Pro...... .£12.99
.£10.99 | TEL. NO.
EXP DATE PLEASE DEBIT MY ACCESS VISA CARD BY lorget Space invaders - the arcade sensation of decade was Williams' r™, and our CoverDisk game i is about as true to the original
• o.i find on the Amiga. Fast, action* and frighteningly
addictive, Aftnoti will have you tearing your hair ML and
that's a promise!
" ect of the game is to survive as «*: * possible and protect the people Mndng on the surface of the planet wm ***ch your ship is flying, There are 94 *em at first, scattered all over the but it doesn't take long before tor -uTfcers decrease.
Crnn alien saucers, the standard
• ’"I, will appear in waves and fly Mhffd making life difficult
for you.
One of them finds a person on the Mutants Here all aliens are purple mutants, and you'll have to fight hard to reach the next level, so guarding those pedestrians is a must.
At first, the green and purple saucers are the only aliens you will have to deal with, but as yOu progress through the levels an assortment of horrors awaits you. There are bombers, which lay strings of mines across the screen thus making navigation a bit tricky; bouncers, which zig-zag across the screen and can be a real pain; and the ultimate threat - the seekers.
These sleek, grey saucers appear on the later levels and streak towards you in a mad kamikaze dash. They are very difficult to deal with, so don't say we didn't warn you.
Clearing each level will allow you to proceed to the next, but if you're really quick on the Fire button - and you'll have to be! - you can win a wave bonus by wiping out a wave of aliens on your level before the next one appears.
The number of waves in each level increases as you go, and it quickly becomes very difficult to achieve a wave bonus. Keep trying, however, as you will gain points and make your own life a lot easier. When two waves are allowed to overlap, your blasters are in for a busy time.
Power-ups n o m 30 o 1 1 7Z No arcade game would be complete without power-ups. The arcade original had none, but versions of the game since then have included them for the sake of improved gameplay. In Defenda! They take the shape of asteroids which drift across the screen. Hit AMIGA FOR BEGINNERS by C. Spanik Learn the essentials of the Amiga quickly and easily, from opening the box to your hrsi application Revised lor DCS 20 • Complete set-up instructions
• Backing-up important diskettes • The Extras diskette • Setting
• Customising the Workbench • Introduction to AmigaBASIC •
AmigaDOS commands • CLI tips and short-cuts • Creating your own
icons • Indudes Preferences 2.0 information. Us*ig a hands on
approach to teach the first time user every beta*, m dear and
easy to undersand terms, so you can get the most from your
computer. Introduces you 10 fntution (the Amiga's graphic user
interface), the mouse, windows. AmigaBASIC and even the CLI
Command Line Interface). Clear step by step instructions.
Ref: 4256 Price:£15.45 AMIGA BASIC INSIDE AND OUT byH. FbglmwandC. Span* A combination of begmefs tutorial, advanced guide and authontatr* reference-the complete guide to teaming and applying AmigaBASIC • Exciting graphics demonstrations • Graphic objects animation • Video ttkng program tgr seating unique wtes on your vCR • Powerful database
* Fufl teaured Paint program * charting application lor creating
detailed p* charts and bar graphs * Speech uthty for remarkable
human voce synthesis demonstrations • Synthesiser program to
create custom sound effects and music Induded are a complete
reference section, an AmigaBASIC Quick Reference Guide, and
detailed error messages descriptions with bps (or avoxing the
'guru' next time.
Ref: 4257 Price:£22.95 AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO POWER W: WITH ' rH DISK rH DISK by 6. Ivrigftf A book for everyone who wants to use the Amga ter Video. You'll fad information on video basics, videotape equptment. Vdeo-'Amga interfaces, artwork and morel Updated & expanded to include information about the Latest advances m the desktop video market today. This includes extensive coverage of new products such as CDTV and the revolutionary "TV StudioonacarcfVideoToasterfroni Newtek Also covers: •Genlocks* Digitising and scanning images
• Frame grabbers • Video recorders & cameras • paint and drawing
programs • animation *titling' music sources & examples •
special effects'home and professional video techniques Wntten
by Editor in chief of Amiga World Magazine, Guy Wnght Ref: 9382
Maeglerand Welln&r Dozens of tips on accessing libraries
- JK- Irom BASIC. AmigaDOS, sound & WITH more. Includes companion
disk with DISK ready to run programs • Using the new AmigaDOS.
Workbench and Preferences 13 & Release 2.0 • Tips on using the
new utilities on Extra 13 • Custorrasing Kickstart for Amiga
1000 users • Enhanong BASIC using CotorCyde & mouse sleeper •
Disabling Fast RAM & disk drives
• Using the Mount command • Writing an Amiga virus killer program
• Changing type styles • Learn kemal commands • BASIC
AMIGA C FOR BEGINNERS by C. Spanik A practical introduction to learning and using C language on your Amiga.
Basic and miermedale programming techniques without the jargon • Beginner's overview ol C • Writing your hrsi C program • SpeaaJ features ol the C language • Important routines in the C libraries • Input and Output using C • The scope of the C language revealed (loops, conditions, functions, structures) • Tricks and tps for findng errors • Using two of the most popular C compters. Explains the base structure and peculiarities of eachC statement and function And shows yOu how I6u$ e many of the features of the Amiga's operating system - windows, screen, text output DOS functions and more Ref:
5453 Pricellft.45 The most arthontaftve guide lo using the popular Arexx programming language on your Amiga. Filled with tutorials, examples, programming code & an expanded appendix that you'll use over and over Including Disk with Arexx examples typed m to save you time. • Short history of Rocx Arexx • Thorough overview of al Arexx commands
- with examples • Useful Arexx macros tor controlong software &
devices • How to access other Amiga applications with Arexx *
Detailed Arexx programming examples for beginners i advanced
users oy w* JW- Tornsdort.
NKB? CovefS **insxtes °* Am,9aOOS from the internal design up to pracfcalapptoatons; indudes many programming examples Covers DOS20&includes Workbench
2. 0 i 3.0 nfo. • AmigaDOS tasks & handling • Amiga devices & how
the CLI uses them • Customising your own startup sequence •
AmigaDOS & mdMaskrftg • Wnfag your own CU commands in C •
Resetting priorities - the TaskPn command • In depth glides to
ED & EDIT * Ref for
1. 2 & 1.3 CU USING AREXX ON THE AMIGA by Zamara and Sullivan V H
Schultz and Massman Detarts the techniques and algorithms tor
writing three dimensional graphics programs, mdurfag ray
tracing, shading and light sources Topics include: • Basics ol
ray traong • An object edrtor lor enienng 3D objects * A
material editor for colouring, shadowing and rmToring of
objects • Information about wve models • Automatic computation
about wve models • Adjusting the projection point and mato
porfif of the graphic
• Adustng the light source (direction and colour) • Saving
graphics in IFF formal • Mathematical basics lor the
Ref: 5452 Price:£18.45 AMIGA MACHINE LANGUAGE by S. Dittrich A practical, comprehensive guide for all Amiga users who want to tap all of the Amga's true power using mactwie language. Combined tutorial and advanced guide Many assembler programs presented, described and expiated -Simple number base conversions -Text input & output • Checking for Speoai keys • Opening CON:,RAW,SER A PftT devices • New directory program that doesn't access the CLI • Menu programme explaned • Speech utility lor remarkable human voice synthesis • Complete intuition demonstration program including Proportional.
Boolean & String gadgets. This is an essential tutorial and reference book for all Amiga machine language programmers Ref: 4259 Price:£l8.45 MB GET REAL - GET Abacus AMIGA BOOKS Abacus!! Call 021 706 1188 B ia Q I 'IT,'.
®fCtJ W Cfl GCf Cl flff 10 Ontl 9ul an iMtci n wtMul nriy UK DISTRIBUTOR: COMPUTER BOOKSHOPS LTD. BIRMINGHAM.
Down the Fire button for a second or two and your smart bomb will go off, killing all of the aliens in your part of the screen.
Again, be careful with smart bombs - they kiN planet people too!
You'd think the only way to play a game like Defenda! Is to blast away as fast as possible at every mobile object.
Strangely enough, though, you'll find a little tactics can go a long way, even in this game.
* Vse about 10 times and they ?«P*ode, leaving a bubble
The bubble will contain either an
* 5*. J 'B* an "X", a "mace", or a smart wnb. The S gives your
speed a boost, B
• s i bonus of 1,000 points, and X is an rstra life. Mace is a
special power-up
• Nch gives your ship a sort of close defence system.
When a mace is collected, it appears axside your ship and spins around you in an efipse, killing aliens on contact This is
• marvellous device to have when the screen starts to fill up
with baddies. Please "*5te that the mace also kills planet peo
ple, so don't hover above your last person i you have one!
The smart bomb is added to your exist- «g total of these devices, of which you %ave 10 at the start of play. To use it, hold On the first level, for instance, the aliens are sedate enough to allow a bit of people power. Find a stretch of planet surface with two or more people on it and wait till a saucer comes along to pick one up.
Let the saucer get halfway up the screen, then blast him and fly into the person.
This will result in them hanging on to your ship and you'll collect a few points for rescuing them.
If a person is picked up outside your immediate area, there will be a warning noise. When you hear this, take a look at your scanner. If there are any dots on it going straight up, head for them as fast as you can. Any people collected should Sedate be set back down on the planet's surface before you exit to the next level, thus winning you some more points.
Genocide On later levels, it's often a good idea to find one planet person and guard it as long as you can. Leave the others to their fate, as you can easily lose the lot if you go haring around after every kidnap victim.
A more cynical - though quite effective
- technique is to fly along the planet's surface deliberately
killing off all but the last planet person. In this way, you
can ensure a mutant-free level as there will be no people
left to produce purple saucers. Morally dubious though this may
be, it was a favourite tactic on the original game and works
just as well in Defenda!
Whatever tactics you employ, you'll end up dead in the end. Al you can do is try to amass as many points as possible, though you'll have to go at it to match the guy I once saw in an arcade with - count them! - nine million points.
Giftware Defenda! Is copyright Amiga Computing, but if you like it as much as we think you will, you should send a donation of £5 to the author, Jonathon Sole, at the address in the Defenda! Docs. Please show your support to the author for giving you one of the best CoverDisk games ever.
Authors; Andrew Ridsdale and Nicholas Dodd FastCat is a program to network two Amigas together using no more than a null modem cable of the kind owned by thousands of users. It is a great deal easier to install and operate than its CoverDisk predecessor. ParNet. And has the advantage of working with more programs, FastCat ParNet's major drawback is that it hogs the parallel port, which many utilities attempt to address directly. When ParNet is running, these utilities, of which Protext is the most outstanding example, rapidly turn up their toes and go guru.
Message mania FastCat. Because it uses the serial port, will interfere with comms packages in a similar manner.
However, as there are far fewer osvners of modems than of Protext and the sort of programs affected by ParNet. It's a less obtrusive utility.
Possibly the most entertaining feature of the program is its message sending facility. With this it is possible to send messages back and forth between the two Amigas in three different ways.
Printing If one of the two machines connected using FastCat has a printer attached, the other machine can direct text files to it by sending a fie to the printer as selected in the preferences menu. The default is RAM:PRT, and when a file is sent and renamed as this filename, it will be spotted by the other machine's FastCat and printed.
There is an option to print a banner and user name with each file so that you can keep track of who's printing what, and form feeds can also be specified between the file and the banner. The printing option really does work a treat The default is a spoken message using AmigaDOS's SPEAK device.
While this tends to produce rather robotic sounds, it is the most useful option if one of the users has a pro gram running which opens a custom screen. Rather than have to return to WorkBench to check if a message has been sent, the user will hear it immediately, The second type, requester messages. Pop up on the WorkBench screen in a dialogue box. Clicking on OK when you have read the message will clear the box away Requester messages are best used if both users are running WorkBench utilities or programs which don t open a completely customised screen. They will, for example, appear in
front of Protext but not Wordworth screens.
Finally, mailbox messages are sent straight to the directory specified by the user as his or her mailbox. The default mailbox is a directory in RAM called FastCat-MBox, but this can be changed to store messages on floppy or hard drive.
When a mailbox message is received, the user can even have the Amiga s power LED flash on and off to indicate the message s arrival!
File transfers The central element in any network is its file transfer system. FastCat, by virtue of its simplicity, Isn't as quick as most, but it makes up for it in ease of use. To send a file to a second machine, all the user needs to do is select File from the Send menu, type in the name of the source the destination files, and the transfer begins.
The source file is the full pathname and filename of the file to be sent, and the destination file is the pathname and filename of the intended destination on the other machine. If you wanted to transfer your machine s arp.library file to the second machine s LIBS: directory, you d type both the source and destination filenames as LIBS ARP.LIBRARY. If you were transferring a data or graphics file and wanted it renamed something a little more self-explanatory, such as TRANSFERRED.IFF. it would be easy enough to rename it in the same operation as you transferred it Remember - the
destination file doesn't exist until you carry out the transfer, so you can call it what you like.
Grabbing a file from another machine is carried out using the same procedure in reverse. You specify which file you are interested in, then where it will go on your machine. If you want to rename it at the same time, just use a different destination filename Prefs settings For FastCat to work properly, both networked machines must have identical serial prefs The most important of these is the buffer size, which determines in what size chunks data will be transmitted between the machines On the shareware release, this must be 1,024 bytes rather than the Amiga s default 512 bytes When you
register with the authors you will receive version 1.01, which has a buffer size of 512 bytes, resulting in faster Communications.
Shareware FastCat is a shareware program. If you use it, you should register as a user by sending £5 to: Andrew Ridsdale 4 Coriett Court Foxwood YorkY02 3LR mode, screen type, depth, and so on.
This is the least complex part of the program and needs no explaining.
Menus are just as easy to design.
The menu designer allows you to add menus, menu items and sub-menus by clicking on the buttons to the right of your design area, Each menu is displayed as you fill it out, and you can jump between menus and sub-menus using the buttons to the left and above where the menu appears.
Two versions You can't attach actions to the menu items, but all the usual flags are available, and you can at least see what the menu will look like when displayed.
Again, clicking Save will preserve your menu's C code on disk.
Note that when you save a file from Cdesigner, it will actually save two versions. The second version will have the file extension .TOK and will be a tokenised binary file, which you can load back into Cdesigner at a later date.
To change its size or location, use the drag bar and resize gadget until you're satisfied it is the correct si2e, then hit the close button over the dimensions box. Now hit Save to generate the C source code and save it to disk. Simple as that Screens To design a screen, go to the screen designer - no kidding! Here you will be asked to decide on your view have little need of instructions, but a quick run through the program's features wouldn't go amiss.
The window designer section has a full list of flags, including IDCMP flags, any of which can be selected by clicking on them. The window’s MinWidth and so on can be set using the dialogue boxes at the bottom of the screen, and its screen format is selectable by clicking on the resize button.
When a resolution is selected, the screen changes to show your window complete with drag bar and resize gadget. The window's dimensions are shown in the box in the top left corner of the screen.
How to use the Disk However, you may also want to to copy Individual programs from your copy of the CoverDisk to a separate disk. In this case ensure that you fully understand which related files need to go with it.
For example, all of the document files on the disk require that the text editor Ppmore is in the current disk’s C: directory. Therefore, if you copy the docs to a new disk you wiB also have to copy Ppmore to the new C: directory before you can read them.
Some of the smaller docs will not have been crunched, so for these you need only change the tool types on the icon's info screen to reflect whichever text editor you do have on the new disk.
As a general rule, yOU should carefully read the documentation for any program you copy from disk to disk.
This can save a great deal of messing about and can help you avoid all those infuriating error messages!
| 44 Cdesigner First of all, you must make a backup copy of the CoverOisk. To do this, boot up with your copy of Workbench, then double click on the Workbench disk icon, followed by the Shell or CLI icon.
Now type: DISKCQPY fftOM DfO: TO DFO: or, if you have an extra disk drive, put a blank, formatted Ask in Df I: and type: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO Dfl: Follow the onscreen prompts until the copying procedure has ended, then put your original disk away in a safe place.
Now switch off the machine and wait for 30 seconds before rebooting with the copy. Wait until the CoverDisk icon appears, double dick on it and away you go.
That’s all you need do to make a straight copy of the entire disk.
Author: Nicholas Dyson Cdesigner is a program designed to take the drudgery out of creating screens, windows and menus in C. Using Cdesigner, the C programmer need only decide on a menu, screen, or window's make-up, using an intuition-based front end, and the program will generate an Ascii text file containing the code for the specified object ready for inclusion in another C program.
Window dressing Non-programmers can skip to the next utility as Cdesigner will be of no use to you. Those of you still reading should r -L £Ti DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED FOR ONLY €39.95 INC. VAT & P P THE MOST POWERFUL SOFTWARE BACKUP SYSTEM EVER PRODUCED FOR THE A500 PLUS THERE IS NO SOFTWARE YET PRODUCED THAT CANNOT BE BACKED UP USING THE MAC II SYSTEM ppiviiqB , • The most comprehensive back-up utility ever! * Menu driven options which make it easy to use • backs up ¦ Bi % I UnCwi other formats: IBM. Atari etc • Qmck and easy to instal (second drive required) • Also available for
A1500 A2000 ORDER MACII BACK-UP NOW AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO PURCHASE ANOTHER BACK UP UTILITY AGAIN 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT ASHCOM neither condones or authorises the use ol this package for the reproduction ol copyrighted material Tho facilities ottered by MAC il ere designed 10 reproduce users own software PD software & other such programs where permission has been clearly given It Is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder or the itcencee Iherool OUTSTANDING FEATURES: • External Fitting (just plug's in!!) • Auto-configuration for 2MB, 4MB or
8MB • Bus through port, fully compatible with external hard drives. SCSI etc. • Ultra low power no external PSU required • Fully buffered data & address bus • Latest technology high density dram • zero wait states - Guru free!! * Slimline attractive case • Allows creation of very large & fast RAM Disc's t Ram Test software * Will not invalidate warranty A501 PLUS RAM EXPANSION SyAMIGA A500 Plus Developed specifically for the A500 plus take your Amiga up to 2MB of chip RAM using latest DRAM technology. Simply fits in trapdoor.
Cartoon Classics Pack £374.95 WILL NOT INVALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON ANY PROOUCT PLEASE TELEPHONE OR SEND A S.A.E. TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Only from ASHCOM, DEPT AF2,10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire LE6 5JU mon*fri 9.00*5.30 Telephone: (0530) 411485 (24 hrs) Fax: (0530) 414433 sat9.30-4.00 A godsend for anyone with a large collection of disks, DiskCat wil enable the rapid location ot the smallest fie hidden away on disk fifty in your collection. Simplicity itself to use and with a fast search routine, DiskCat will be of use to all Amiga owners.
The program works by building up a catalogue disk with an entry for every disk in your collection. Entries are stored in the form of an Asci file containing a list of every program on a disk, and can be scanned by DiskCat to find the file you're interested in. When DiskCat finds your selection, you will be told on what disk it was located so that you may load up the disk.
DiskCat Author Chris Krivitoki * « o ec O u Cat building To buid a catalogue of disks, simply run DiskCat, dick on Add Record, and insert the first disk into your internal drive.
When DiskCat has finished scanning the disk, you will be asked for a filename under which to save the record.
This is the entry for the disk you've just scanned, so it should be saved with a sensible name. There is a sample entry on the CoverDisk called CD27.DSCT. CD27 stands for CoverDisk 27, and the suffix DSCT is the standard file identifier added by Shortcut vl.2 Author Michael Bradley This b a new version of the Shortcut program we gave away a couple of disks ago and which we now use on the CoverDisk. It allows users to set up their own menus for running programs and carrying out DOS functions.
Version 1.2 now has support for up to four menus rather than the single menu provided by the original program. In addition there is a version on the disk called Shortcut. Extra which has no keyboard short cuts, thus enabling longer menu item names and getting rid of the clutter of all those little Amiga key signs.
Extra items DiskCat so it can recognise its entries.
After each save, you will be asked whether or not you want to scan another disk. By replying in the affirmative, you can cany on in this way until your entire collection of PD disks is catalogued.
Your catalogue has to be recorded onto one floppy disk, but as there is room on a single floppy for at least 500 entries this won't be a problem for most users.
To search for a file, dick on the Search button. You will be asked to insert your catalogue disk in dfO:, and then whether you want an exact or approximate match.
If you specify approximate match, DiskCat will find all occurrences of the string you ask it to search for along with any that are fairly dose. An exact search will find the string you've typed and nothing else.
With options to view a disk's entry, then print it, or delete any record from your catalogue, DiskCat offers an ideal opportunity for confused users to make some sense out of their disk collection.
Think you can do better?
Want to be famous?
We are always on the lookout for new, quality Amiga programs for the CoverDisk. M you think you have written something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please Send H in and well have a look.
The Amiga Computing ComDisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month in places it over the world from New Zealand to the USA, so if your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous!
Please make sure you list AU. WorkBench and other files necessary for the program to work. Feel free to design your own Icons for progs which run from WorkBench, but please don't make them too big.
If you ensure your program is as compatible as possible with a wide range of Amigas, it w* also stand a better chance of pubfcatkm. We are especially interName.... Address.
Ested in programs designed to work vwth the Aid although if they work onfy with the new mac ha they'll have to be quite smaL We are prepared to pay our current rates for ooj nal work which hasn't been distributed in any odi way and which has not been put in the public domai If you wish your program to be released as shai ware or freeware we wi be happy to publish it. B wotid, of course; be happier if we'd been given it fird Your submission MUST be accompanied by I submissions form, a copy of it. Or a signed dedans to the same effect. Please supply your full naa address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return dU sent to us as the volume of submissions makes the i impractical exercise.
..Age- Using Shortcut with keyboard short cuts, you can have a maximum of only 26 menu items before you run out of hot key combinations (there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, after at). The Shortcut Extra program can accept up to 100 menu items, and b probably a better optwn for users with large hard drives full of programs, Full instructions for setting up the menus are included in Shortcut's doc file.
Faulty Disk?
SubKriben If you subscribe to A nyo Computing and your disk has been damaged in the post, please return it to: AMIGA CovffOfik, Impreu Direct. FIMPOST, [ttcmre Port, South Wiml, 165 US Ndn-wbicribcn H you bought your magazine from a shop and found that the coverdisk was damaged, please return it within two months to: w f 46 Anugo Com Did, Stanley Precim, Unit F, Covendnh Courtyard, So row flood, WeOdon I'M ! Tndinlwl [stale, Corby, NOR THANTS NNI7IJX 128 days (or the delivery ot your replacement disk.
Daytime phone ..... Submission name .... .....Submission size .... Type of program: Game Utility Tune Other.
You must sign this declaration The material on this disk is mine. I didn't steal It from someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it I understand that by submitting my work to Amiga Computing and signing thb declaration. I am giving ful copyright control to Europress Publications Ltd I understand that if my submission is bought by Amiga Computing I wi be paid the current applicable rate. I know what copyright means and I will be responsible for any possible litigation arising from breach of K by Europress
PubKcatioru Ltd as a result of using my submission.
Post your submissions WITH A COPY OF THIS FORM to Signed--------------------------------- Stevie Kennedy, Amiga Computing.
CoverDnk Submissions, Europa House, Adlington Park, MACClESflELD SKI OANP Date.
Wordworth a writer’s dream vM The graphical nature of Wordworth® makes producing documents faster and easier. The WYSIWYG display shows exactly how your printed document will look, different fonts, styles and sizes, headers and footers, graphics and so oa Commands are grouped under a series of pull-down menus, accessible either by the mouse or keyboard. Frequently used commands have on-screen icons, Wordworth eluding Help, should you need it.
Experience the look and feel of the new and exdting WB2 (even if you use Wbl3). Each document is a separate multi-tasking window, which means you could for example, print one document a hile editing another.
Digita's® innovative Human Interface Protocol® is ncorporated setting a new standard in speed, style and elegance. 'It HIP® system is intuitive and a pleasure to use."
“ thank you Amiga Shopper, it's nice to be appreciated Graphics have always been the Amiga's strong point. Now it s better than ever. Pictures from Deluxe Paint can be placed in a document, and then sized scaled and dragged (text automatically reformats around the image).
Wordworth's enhanced fonts wll give you the very best printed quality. You can also print special symbols, such as boxes, arrows and so on. Better still you can mix graphics,
• Vordworth's enhanced fonts, Amiga fonts, Colorfonts and your
printer's own internal fonts, all on the same page.
There's even a driver for Postscript printers.
You needn't worry about your existing information - Wordworth will let you open documents from most word processors, including Kindwords, Protext and Wordperfect you can also mailmerge with Superbase).
INTERNATIONAL software thats right 9 When Amiga Format said "a new word processor that will give the rest of the world a run for its money" they weren't joking.
Wgrdworth fowi )ctv Menac* Vrgin, W h Smih and U good COTpjtn rrtaden or to the trade through Cotahft Gem MB Markrtmg. 1BD, Law. Insur&cA Preoaor and SDL Wordworth is written in the UK by Digita. Which means you'll be using an English Collins spelling checker and thesaurus, and you'll know where to come for professional support.
The only way to really appreciate Wordworth is to use it. Phone 0395 270273 for more information or, write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ.
Wordworth costs £129.99, which includes VAT, postage and packing; and when purchased from Digita, comes with a 7 day money-back guarantee.
If you already own a word processor, for a limited period only, you can trade-up for just £89.99 by returning your original disks to Digita with your order.
Summing up, Amiga Shopper said: '?ounds-per-feature no other Amiga word processor comes close. Wordworth is what every owner of Kindwords would wish they had.'' Dreams become reality with Wordworth. I Wjrfwcrth Machine support Written specifically for the Amiga Fully supports WB Vl J and V100 AD medium or high resolution modes (mono and colour) Requires I MB of memory y Digita International Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth EX8 1JL ENGLAND Tel 0395 270273 Fax 0395 268893
- A member at the Digit* group Digita. The Digib logo. Wordworth
and the Wordworth logo are registered trademarks, and HIP.
Human Htofua fVefcwrf and software Ifah vgiti are trademarks at
Digita Holdings lid.
All other trademarks and their owners are acknowledged Sold subject tu standard conditions of tale E It OE SOUND PLAY ALL YOUR GAMES WITH ARCADE QUALITY STEREO SOUND The SOUNDBLASTER is a 5 watt per channel stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 50 watt 3 way speakers, power supply and leads and instructions to allow it to be quickly & easily connected to your computer.
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FREE pair of stereo HEADPHONES with every SOUNDBLASTER!!!
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AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 PLUS £1.00 POSTAGE AND PACKING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT. Siren Software neither condones nor authorises the
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programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make
copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the
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the order Radcliffe, 'Manchester M26 9UR.
K u.adbroke Lsomputing International PlftQSC ffpad-' Terms of Sale.
Ladbrake Compiling arc fie longest estabkshcd Atari dealer n tie UK We hMC dewetopfld an extensive customer service pcMcy wtacti means fiat mi lest at Hardware prior to despatch la ensure hat goods arrive n working order Atthoif i on pnccs are not ahoy, tic cheapest me do endcavru to offer conseacnty good service and backup riw isn't ns* our opnon we were voted ‘Best Dealer 1969 by tic readers 11ST World magame ml kr ‘tic number d boxes stalled', but lot QUSlty ScfWX At prices are correct at copy dale h ll 91 (wNe stocks ksst) and arc street to dongr witioul prior notice Please phone tor mb
dale pnccs At prices ndude VA7 & detmyfr matniand UK), there are no tvddcn cxtas (WYSIWYG) Next day COMKr ddhiCty IS avataUr tar an extra £ fAarfancl UK) AM prr.es avalaUc on Mai Order. Shop prices may dHcr
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expansion GVP 52Mb £389.99 GVP 105Mb £579.99 GVP 52Mb * 2Mb
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Phone for further details.
Ilnxt laEax Sou can phono your Access or Visa card drtrrfe or send a chcqucf)ostul orders made payable to I ,nhmkr qMnyy sufficient clearance time for cheques.
(0772) 203166 Fax 561071 Shop S Mai or (tor pmrmes: 33 OrrmJurk Road f ostan Lancashre. PR120POpsn Monday to SatirdQf 930am to 5 X)pm Phones anewered from 900am DetMet enqmms watcoma. Ladbroka Computng hfemehonel a a tracMng name of Ladbroka CorrpuSng Untied AM trade marks recognmed Let's get one thing straight from the start - I'm not aurally talented. My mother delights in elderly relatives that I was musical early age. This only leaves me to prejume that the key fell out at some stage. Microdeal claim that Stereo Master is so easy to use that anyone with an Amiga, no matter how limited
their musical ability, can have some fun with it We will see... The Stereo Masti the same size as a hii Lifting the lid reveals a 40-page manual, a mi most interestingly as cemed, a vanilla lump of plastic with a D-connector on one side and a minhjack socket on the other.
A quick flick through the manual confirms my suspicion that the intriguing vanilla brick is in fact the sampler. This device connects to the Amiga via the printer port. The hardware chain is then completed by hooking up an audio source using the supplied 3.5in mini-jack lead.
After performing the four AmigaDOS commands required to install Stereo Master on to my hard disk the fun really begins. Ease of we has obviously figured highly on Microdeal's list of priorities. A brisk double click on the Stereo Master icon reveals the program's title screen.
Click once more to be presented with a screen comprising four display windows and numerous shiny buttons and counters.
Stereo Master boots up in sampler mode. This is the software module required to capture or "sample" chunks of sound into the Amiga's memory.
There are many different parameters which dictate how your audio input will be sampled. Choose to use the settings Stereo Master loads with and it will sample in stereo at 14.4KHz. If you have never used a sampler before you are well advised to trust the defaults ini* Dally.
Sampling The first thing to do before you attempt to sample anything is set the source input volume level. According to the manual this is achieved by comparing two onscreen scopes (left and right) iagrams representing too low, too d just right.
Scopes analyse the audio input and translate it into a waveform, updated in ree if time. It's a shame that Stereo Master doesn't feature needle- style PPM or VII meters -1 think beginners would fina these easier to deal with.
In reality, unless you can input a constant source, like a IKHz tone, level setting with scopes is more trial than error.
During my play with the system I found switching on the "monitor" option was Eddie McKendrick samples the latest version of Microdeal's audio package the best way to set levels. This facility pumps the source input straight through the Amiga and out through the monitor speakers.
If your source level is too low you will hear lots of background hum - If it is too high there will be noticeable distortion and clipping.
There is no way to attenuate the vol* ume within Stereo Master. Instead you must connect the input lead to a source with variable volume. A fixed "line out" will usually be way too loud for the sampler but a variable output headphone socket will be ideal.
Right, you're wired for sound, the input level is set just right and you've got your favourite Oceanic single in the CD player ready to zap it into the Amiga... what now?
Well, it's as easy as pressing a button cunningly marked (RECJord. Hardly an alien concept I think you will agree. The only problem is that you have to either press the CD player Play button and the Rec button simultaneously or start one before the other. Long arms and good co-ordination are obviously needed!
However, Using the Auto function, it's possible to set a volume threshold to trigger sample recording. This means that Stereo Master listens to the input and as soon as it hears something loud enough it will spring into action.
Memory Sample length is regulated by how much memory there is under your Amiga's bonnet My 2000 has 3Mb of RAM, which Stereo Master divides up between its sampler and sequencer modules. The program uses the largest available block of fast RAM available to store and manipulate samples, which On my setup is 2Mb.
That sort of storage allows me just over 60 seconds of high quality stereo sampling. Don't panic if you have an unexpanded Amiga with no fast RAM.
The program will simply grab half of the largest area of available chip memory. It is. Also possible to configure the system to dedicate more memory to sampling - at the cost of the sequencer.
Sixty seconds doesn't seem like a very long time, but th’e arrorSampling is to join lots of small samples together. This switching left and right channels using the Swap function. There are a number of other editing functions designed to make samples more manageable. These include the ability' to compress a sample. Put crudely, compression will result in a sample being squeezed so it takes up less space. The program allows samples to be shrunk by up to 75 per cent.
Obviously the compressed samples aren't anywhere near as good as normal ones, but for drum rhythms and the like it's not really an unbearable hardship.
Lti 70 70 m Samples can be saved in a number of formats including raw and IFF. Stereo Master also has a unique "executable" file format. Save your sample like this and the program will attach an icon to it as well as several K!). Playing is then a simple matter of double clicking or typing the sample name from CU ideal for putting that personal touch into your startup sequence.
Iamplr. Then sequence - It : all built in won't reach the credibility of the Pet Shop Boys in a hurry, but you might have more fun along the way.
These days every program has to offer lob ol twiddly bib before it can be Considered special. Well, Stereo Master must be extra special if its bolt-ons are anything to judge it by.
A large section of the program suite is dedicated to an easy to use real time special effects qenerator. Stereo Master will take your input source and manipulate it any of a number of ways.
You can add echo or revert). You can even inflict ramp, pitch changes, stereo panning, multi-echos (good for British Bail tannoy simulation), chorus, phaser, reverse or plain old pitch bend to your unsuspecting source. It is even possible to customise these effects to introduce your own type of controlled distortion.
Cheap and easy These sort of effecb are by no means new. However, professional units of the past cost a fortune and needed a rocket scientist mentality to get the best out of them.
Stereo Master's special effecb generator scores massive fluffy dice points and it might even have proven genuinely useful if it was possible to record the output of the effects system as a sample!
As it stands, you can listen to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch with pitch change and multi-echo, but you can't record this musical milestone for posterity (or to release as a Colour Me Badd single). It is truly mystifying that Microdeal didn't think of allowing FX to be triggered during sampling!
The ashtray on a motorbike syndrome doesn't finish there - Stereo Master has another breathtaking ace up its sleeve.
The program's fast fourier transform facility will convert your sample data into a fractal rendition of the Himalayans. Don’t get me wrong - I'm not complaining, I'm a self-confessed twiddler at heart and the more weird and wonderful features the better! This facility would be something very special if it updated in real time. As it is, it updates eventually rather than continuously.
Stereo Master also has two built-in high resolution spectrum analysers Very therapeutic to look at in a dark room.
The only problem here is that it is not possible to hear the sound and see the analysers simultaneously. Again, baffling.
Conclusion I approached Stereo Master as a novice and a cynic. I can honestly say that within a few short hours I lost the novice badge.
I think Stereo Master is an utterly superb product for anyone remotely interested in getting the most out of their Amiga's sound capabilities. Even if you think you're not interested in audio, Stereo Master could be the package to convert yOU.
I have a few reservations and gripes, most of which I have dealt with in this review. The most irritating memory Stereo Master will leave me with is that the audio cable Microdeal supply is only a third of a metre long. It could do with being around 10 times that length - that way you wouldn't have to totally rearrange your hi-fi to hook it up to the Amiga. This really is a minor point, though.
Stereo Master is a complete digital recording studio and sequencer for less then the price of some games. If you have an Amiga, something with a headphone socket and even the slightest tingle of a musical bone in your body buy it. |f« , Stereo Master Is a product of Microdeal Ltd, Freepost, ST AUSTELL PL25 4BR POWER COMPUTING ? - ' S' S' f N E W L 0 W P R 1 1 C E S PC880B POWER DRIVE 8MBA500 RAM BOARD £159 GVP Series 2 Hard Disk OPTICAL MOUSE MAT £5 £5 £30 £150 £39 £24
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1MBx8Simm 4MB x 8Simm 8372 Fatter Agnus A3000 Static Column RAM
• Upto8MB
• 2M8 fitted CHIPS Al pr CM include VAT. DeWery and ire tubxd lo
change Spocificxoni are subtea to (funge without note* Next day
del very E450IUK mainland only I Dealer POWER COMPUTING LTD
Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston
Bedford MK42 7PN Tel: 0234843388 Fax: 0234 840234 VISA HARD
II ' Per fed fitting to the A500 expansion bus ’ Colour matched
to A500 ’ Sub 24 millisecond access time
* High speed SCSI controller 1 Approx 900KB per second data
transfer ’ External Game Swttch
* 1MB. 2MB. 4MB or 8MB internal ram expansion facility ‘ 1 year
* 2 years on Disk Cache models
* Auto parking & auto booting ' UltTa low power consumption from
A500’s owrt PSU
* Supports multi tasking ' Hard disk management software Protar
A500 HD 20Mb Hard Dak Drive £275.00 Protar A500 HD 40Mb Hard
Disk Dnve £345.00 Protar A500 HD 50Mb Hard Disk Drive £425.00
Protar A500 HD 50Mb with Dak Cache £525.00 Protar A500 HD 60Mb
Hard Disk Drive £540.00 Protar A500 HD 80Mb Hard Diak Drive
£595,00 Protar A500 HD 100Mb Mth Disk Cache £635.00 Protar A500
HD WOMb with Disk Cache £896.00 Protar A500 HD Mb Ram
Expansion* £58.00 Protar A500 HD 2Mb Ram Expanaon* £115,00
Protar A500 HD 4Mb Ram Expoiaion* £240 00 Protar A500 HD 8Mb
Ram Expanses* £48000
* Aaqures teeof axioms! PSU Protar A500 HD Power Stfipiy Unit
£34.00 Fits to the A500 expansion bus Colour Style matched to
A500 1' high Quantum hard disk drive 11 mUfcsecood access time
Fastest A500 hard drive available Approx 1100KB per second data
transfer Custom VLSI and Faaast Rom Chips Autoboot_ Game
Switch 2MB. 4MB or 8MB internal ram expansion fadlity 2 year
warranty Dedicated PSU supplied Built in cooting fan Auto
parking & auto booting External SCSI port means upto 6 SCSI
devices can be connected ’Mini Slot' expansion port built In to
allow for future expansion Hard disk management software 105Mb
version offers storage equivalent to over 170 Amiga floppies’
Rated 92% by Amiga tormat 'The best hard drive’ - Amiga Shopper
£389.00 £58900 GVP Series 1152Mb Hard Du* Dnve GVP Series
11105Mb Hbrd Diak Drive 2Mb Ram Expanaon for GVP Senes 11
£89.00 4Mb Ram Exprmaon for GVP Series 11 £159.00 8Mb Ram
Expansion for GVP Series 11 CCALL
* GVP Impact II SCSI hard card ’ Internalfv lfits all A1500 &
A200 models
* 1' high Quantum hard disk drive
* 52MB -11 millisecond access time
* 105MB -11 mfllisecond access time ' Approx 1100KB per second
data transfer ‘ 200MB - 18 miliseennd access time
* Custom VLSI and Faaast Rom Chips ‘ 2MB, 4MB or 8MB ram
expansion fadlity on the card
* Ram and hard drive on 1 card saves on internal expansion slots
* Supports upto 6Mb fast ram for PC bridgeboard users
* 2 year warranty
* Auto parking & auto booting
* Excellent instaJation software
* Hard disk management software with al cables etc 1 Su *1
equivalent Factory tested hard disk drives b version offers
stor to over 170 Amiga floppi d disk GVP impact 1152Mb Hard
Disk Card £28900 GVP Impact 11105Mb Hard Dak Card £48900 GVP
Impact 11200Mb Hard Diak Card £84900 2Mb Ram Expansion for GVP
Impact 11 £8900 4Mb Ram Expanaon for GVP Impact 11 £15a00 8Mb
Ram Expansion for GVP Impact 11 ECALL AMIGA PRINTERS
ACCESSORIES & RIBBONS Accessories AMIGA Accessories 512K ram
expansion ? Clock £29.99 Compatible external dak drive £65 00
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80 capacity cisk box £7 96 Amga stereo scart lead £12,99 COLOUR
* Colour monitor
* 14' screen
* Stereo speakers
* 600 x 265 pixel resolution
* RGB Composite inputs
* Headphone socket
* Green screen switch
* Free with Amiga lead
* Improved verson of 8833II
* 1 year REPLACEMENT warranty only £ 239.99 AH of oir printers
come with a paralel cable to suit Atari Sts.
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200 cps draft 67 qpfl LO) INTERNAL RAM EXPANSION FOR A1500 AND
A2000 The GVP RAM8 BOARD offers upto 8MB of zero waitstate
Fast memory expansion for the A1500 and A2Q00 Memory can be
added in 2MB increments The 6M5 configuration is al90 fuly
supported wtich is extremely important for PC Bndgeboard Users
Because the GVP RAM8 BOARD U968 the new custom VLSI chip, the
board has a very low consumption cant reacting in low power
requmments and maximum reiabifity and ife expectancy RAM8
of the software packs that are uaualy suppled with the A1500
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Elf. Puzznic andToki Choose ether Pack A or Pack B fa only
* 1MB of RAM buMt In on tho motherboard * Workbench and Kicketert
V2 A A "Trap door" ax pan mi on of 812K taka a total RAM to
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door’ uang 512K ram expanson mouse, tv modulator manuals,
Workbench V2 software, etc 'bare' with no £329.00 games
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A1300 PACK B consists of A1500 base pack and the following
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Accounts EH. Puzznc. Toki and Getting the Most Out Of Yotr
Amiga book iOO 8M8 of ion for can be » 6M B which is d has a )
in low eiabdty '179.00
259. 00
329. 00
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U 1 E GBRoute Plus is available from most good Amiga dealers Telephone: 0706 224531 - Fax: 0706 225320 Complex Computers-2 The Arcade, Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancs BB4 9AF visa Features includc:-
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printers 4 Map scrolling and zooming facilities Features
Include:- 4 Motorway service stations included 4 Road Bias
facility for six classes of road
• 10 levels of magnification to a 1 mile scale
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Worth: C2S.w-b*» tl v* you UC M WVWie win yfer Mw atmtt tm snci
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Pro Silica Systems, Pepi AMC0M-192-55C 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup, Kent. 0A14 40X | PLEASE SEND A CITIZEN COLOUR CATALOGUE ¦ Mr Mr$ Mj;...... Initials; . Surname; ...... Address: .... I ...... Poetcode: .. Tel (Home): . Tel (Work): ..
* Company Name (if applicable):
Vhich computer(s). It any. Do you own’
. 5 1
As promised in last month's 24-bit extravaganza, I'm taking a
closer look at the huge range of added extras that come with
the IV-24, plus some inside information on G2's all new Sally
board which promises to revolutionise high-end video with live
effects of, as yet, unequalled quality.
We'll start with the IV-24 and its impressive range of on-board features and, of course, those external software additions which make the board ver hard to beat, especially if you'i market for an all-in-c workstation.
LO U I CL a: O CD i rg After eag investments the Will GVP's IV-24 take over the world of multimedia or could aunt Sally save the day with her real-time 24-bit effects and animation?
Shrink wrapping and multicoloured polystyrene?
First comes the board itself and the essential selection of connections, all of which converge on a single port to the board's rear. We'll take a closer look at the available input and output combinations later, but for now it's safe to say that no matter what your setup the board should happily marry up with your hardware.
Controlling the beast All the glamorous hardware and fitter- dant software is very nice but it needs to be kept in hand, and that's where the IVCP software comes into its Own.
There Bre also separate utilities for the rrwr iqement of Picture In Picture (PIP ¦ display and for handling the Rard's built-in grabbing abilities.
The above can be invoked via either the CLI or WorkBench, so purists and beginners alike should be quite at home. If you do see yourself as something of an aficionado, there are some extra morsels lurking in the command line.
These hidden tools include options to activate the frame grabber mode, read the IV-24's registers, control the PIP option and load and save both 12- and 24-bit images.
Perhaps the most useful and important of the lot is the IVCD. This is where all the major image and hardware management happens. After clicking on the icon, the screen fills with a control panel which allows you to calibrate the card, switch between RGB and composite modes, and leap instantly from either full video or overlay.
Aside from the mode commands, it's also possible to adjust more subtle parameters such as contrast or perhaps the balance of red, blue and green within the RGB output of the board.
If that's not enough there are also options to adjust the composite phase and keyer.
The hard facts... We've looked at the software and mentioned how to control the beast, but what's under the bonnet?
Perhaps the most important question to ask of any board is whether it is capable of any pixel, any colour. If the answer is "yes", as in this case, you know you're dealing with a serious piece of equipment.
The next essential query concerns the resolution, and again the IV-24 answers respectably thanks to a maximum resolution of 768 x 576.
If this doesn't mean an awful lot, it translates in real terms to a performance well above that required for video applications, but not quite in the same league as power 32-bit boards such as the Harlequin. As opposed to many of its competitors, resolution and available screen colours are only the start of what awaits within the silicon and solder of the board.
The IV-24 can only hold one 24-bit image at a time, but this can be expanded if you're willing to make a sacrifice and opt for two 12-bit images.
As a result you'll have the option of employing some simple page flipping effects which will still appear in the same resolution as the 24-bit alternative.
Employing 12-bit images as opposed to 24-bit means you're limited to 4,096 colours, but unlike Ham (Hold And Modify) these are all true colours.
Having made the necessary sacrifice, you're still a long way from animation, but at least it's a start.
Plumbing it in... Installation is Simplicity itself, especially if you're the proud owner of a 3000, as it's fairly obvious that the product was designed with the 3000 in mind. This isn't to say that the 2000 is neglected, but it will take a bit more messing around during installation.
On the 3000, installation simply means slipping the card into the top slot on the machine, complete with in-line connectors for both the Zorro and video slots.
Luckily for the majority of users, however, the designers have avoided the temptation to go for the Zorro III connection and instead plumped for the good, old- fashioned Zorro II.
This still leaves us with the rather tricky problem of connecting the board to the 2000's video slot. This is where the fun starts - if you follow the instructions to the letter it means completely removing the drive bay and feeding the connecting cable and video slot adaptor underneath and into the video slot.
If you're anything like me you won't bother and will instead plump for the lazy approach of placing the board in the closest Zorro and traipsing the connector over the drive bay. This means being a little more careful when removing and replacing the casing but it doesn't really cause too much hassle.
Installing it on a 2000 effectively means the end of the video slot, but that isn't quite as bad as it sounds. If you’re already the owner of a flicker fixer or perhaps an internal genlock it isn't the best news in the world, but on the plus side, the (V-24 already gives flicker free display in all modes and has its own built-in genlock plus control software. Now doesn't that make the sacrifice a little more acceptable?
The only real problems will arise if and when NewTek's toaster final crosses the pond. Unfortunately this also requires the video slot, so in the meantime it could be worth looking around for a second-hand 2000 or alternatively a decent set of screwdrivers.. Free flicker fixing Now this little chestnut is by far my favourite freebie available with the board. Because the lV-24 occupies the video dot and provides a constant de-inter* laced signal to any multisync, flickering is a thing of the past.
As a result, anyone who already owns a flicker fixer may soon have a derelict ptece of plastic on their hands, while those less well endowed might just save themselves a tidy sum.
As long as you leave the board active and pass the output from the Amiga through it, all your applications will benefit from rock solid, flicker free, interlaced output - providing you're using a multisync of course.
Locking and keying As well as flicker free video, the board also has some very impressive video keying and genlocking capabilities. It can import both composite and RGB signals, but it's the latter that adds the real power to the package.
Besides importing, the IV-24 can also output to either composite, RGB or Y C (S-VHS) formats.
As a result you can use either a standard monitor or multisync to display the incoming video signal, while iirttul- taneously overlaying Amiga generated graphics.
The Y C Option is great news for all those lucky souls who've been able to afford S-VHS hardware. Having said that, if you want to perform Luma or chroma keying you'll still require an external key generator.
The board comes into its own when an RGB source is applied.
Unfortunately, as you're probably all too aware, hardware which supplies an RGB signal direct is far from cheap and in most cases if s well beyond the abilities of consumer VCRs and bucket. for most H will mean an H investment in the form I of a composite S-VHS I to RGB signal con- I verier Admittedly this I is a bit of a pain but if I you want the best from I the board it's a sacrifice I you'll have to make I The first major benefit I of an RGB input is the ability to frame grab in real-time. This option is a must for anyone serious about using the board to its full potential. An
instant snapshot in the full glory of 24-bit colour is just too good to miss, even if it adds a bit more to the bill.
The second advantage of RGB is that It allows you access to the PIP - or Picture In Picture - display This impressive trick splits the output from the board into two 12-bit signals - one for the incoming video and one for the normal Amiga output.
.Once separated the rescalable video cffj£lay appears in a WorkBench window which can be moved or resized at will, and yet still retains the live video source locked within its boundaries.
If you find a particular point of interest, it can be ||h examination. It's even possible to view the PIP image from screens other than WorkBench, as it remains constantly visible while active.
Dl Whenever the PIP out- on another WorkBench window and control gadgets are stripped off. As a result, the incoming video single is left as a clean which appears to float above| ground of Amiga graphics H PIP has obvious attractions for I media and educational applications, I and several software manufacturers are already planning to exploit this feature in their forthcoming releases.. With any video graphics package there's the sometimes thorny problem of synchronising both the computer and video signals. Fortunately the IV-24 doesn't sutler at all in this department and appears to be more
than happy working with any incoming signal. This means that there is no need to invest in a time base corrector or T8C, although ? u X CL O CO I The secrets of Sally What exactly is this rather strangely title pieced of hardware?
What can it do? Well Sally is quite simply a huge cache of memory of variable size. In her largest form she can comprise of a full 100Mb of 32-bit memory, which can be accessed directly from G2's VD2001.
With this much muscle the unthinkable is possible, namely real-time 24-bit animation and effects. With the complete 100 megabytes on-board, aunt Sally can display up to 8.8 seconds of non-interlaced full frame 24-bit graphics or 4.4 seconds K interlace is added.
The imagery can either come direct from a 3D rendering package via the VD2001 or alternatively in the form of live video, again supplied from the VD2001, but this time routed through the Imagic paint package with its built-in real-time frame grabber.
Once your animation or live video is held within the board, individual frames can be edited via an additional softfor professional systems it's recom- mended.
All in all, I think the board and the added software speak for themselves.
I'm not totally impressed with the slightly misleading way in which the additional software is marketed - most of it is no more than stripped-down versions of the original titles.
However, when you look at the package as a whole there’s nothing that comes remotely close in terms of flexibility and value for money. As I mentioned last month, we could well be looking at an industry Standard in the making.
Price: £1799, plus £49.95 for the A2000 adaptor card (Both including VAT) Further details: Silica Shop on: 081-3091111 Buckets of bundles Aside from the vanous capabilities of the board, its biggest selling point is perhaps the addition of an impressive range of software, which goes a long way to substantiating CVP's claim that IV-24 is the all-singing, all-dancing answer to any multimedia dilemma.
At first glance the ultimate bargain in the bundle has to be Caligari. In its full version it is one of the most expensive software packages for the machine, with a new asking price of over £2,000? H* inclusion with IV-24 means that you're effectively getting the board for nothing.
Unfortunately that isn't quite the case, as the IV-24 version is severely cut down. The most noticeable omissions include the lack of any point editing, no animation module and no option to create cubic environment maps - although it's still possible to load them from the broadcast version. Perhaps the worst limitation of all is that only a single light source can be applied within any environment.
Having highlighted the black spots, it is perhaps worth remembering that the heart of the system still remains intact and it is just as easy and enjoyable to use as its bigger brother. If you need smooth and stylish 24-bit 3D imagery, it's a good starting point, although you can imagine how your inspiration can be slightly stifled by the software's constraints.
Believe it or not Octree, the authors of Caligari, are offering an upgrade to IV-24 users which will knock an - as yet undecided - figure off the price of the broadcast version. It will, of course, still work hand in hand with the board.
To maintain the high profile GVP have added yet another giant of the software world, namely Scala. Over the last year Scala and its opponent Broadcast Titler II have become the ones to beat for anybody after high gloss titling and interactive presentation.
Like its partner Caligari, Scala also suffers from the effects of some rather drastic surgery. All the interactive elements of the original program have been removed, so in effect you're left with what is basically a glossy video titler.
As well as the lack of interactive buttons, a fair few wipes and fades have also been scrapped in both the text and page transition departments. But perhaps the biggest disappointment is the omission of all but a handful of Scala's excellent fonts.
If you're not the proud owner of a large variety of fonts and suitable images, this could severely limit the potential of the package. Again, having mentioned the faults it's perhaps worth remembering that the software still operates with all the Style and panache of the full package even with the fairly harsh restraints imposed on its flexibility.
Unlike Caligari, Scala is not designed to work with the 24-bit output of the board, at least not in its present form. Instead it's employed as a slick titling system which works solely in the IV-24's overlay mode.
Although the lack of 24-bit support is a little annoying, if perhaps predictable, it does mean that you could use your new shrunken Scala without the board as a display package or titler in its own right.
Lastly comes Macro Paint which regular readers will know all about thanks to last month's head to head with G2's Imagic. If you missed it, it's perhaps best described as a nice addition to the bundle, but certainly not the best package to appear on the machine, ware module which works in conjunction with Imagic.
The frames of your choice can be cut, pasted, duplicated and erased as required to achieve the perfect finish to the animation. As you've probably guessed, a 100Mb memory cache doesn't come cheap - you won't get much change from£10,0001 It t Even in it's most minimal configuration, the board will still set you back a staggering £5,000 for just three seconds of animation.
The input signal to the VD2001 is, as you might expect, the industry standard - RGB - and if you require a Splitter, G2 will happily provide you with their own VS2001 for what, after Sally, seems a paltry sum of £285.
Output from the card is again RGB. As well as standard display the card will key graphics internally over the incoming signal from the frame grabber which, of course, is fully genlockable.
Where you can stick it.
It -1 - t t| I ] Viruses, disk swapping, clicking drives, disks which won't back up.
Istherenoendtothewhingeing of the Amiga user?
At Power, we want to tell you just where you can stick your disks and worries. In fact we will show you. The slot in this picture belongs to our PC880B, the first intelligent disk drive. Insert a disk.
Now you can back up at lightning speeds using the inbuilt Blitz Amiga hardware*, with free software, (even if the disk is Atari or PC) and if your computer has a virus the PC880B will stop it being written to the bootblock of any of your drives, though you can still savefilesas normal.
When you do not want these features, switch them off and the PC880B will sit quietly, without clicking, pretending to be simply an extra drive.
The PC880B, the only drive to introduce Blitz Amiga, the Power anti-click device and to combat viruses, is only available direct from Power, priced at just £69-95.
We have noticed how pricey unintelligent drives are. Perhaps, it's your turn to tell people where to stick it.
£69 95 Our latest dual drive uses the slimline, ultra low power NEC drive mechanism. This drive takes less then half the power of a normal floppy drive, so no bulky power supply is needed! The new dual drive includes all the features you would expect from a Power Computing drive.
The NEC drive mechanism is able to access high density 1-44MB disks. While this may not be of use to you at the moment (the Amiga can only access 880K), watch this space for our new “high density" Interface, on the market soon!
• High spec, low power NEC mechanism
• Whisperquietoperation
• Blitz Copier built-in (switchable)
• Virus blocker built-in (switchable)
• Anti-click
* Due to the precision nature of the Blitz copter high density
disks may be required with some internal drives.
1968 COPYRIGHT ACT Power Computing Ltd., neither condones nor authorises the use of its products for the reproduction of copyright The backup facilities gf thi? Product ere designed to reproduce only software such as Public Domain material, the user's own programs or software where permission has been clearly given.
U * illegal to make copies even for your own use. Of copyright material, without the express permission of the copyright owner, or the licencee thereof, New Dual Drive £119 Optional power supply£5 99 Dual 6iU copies to two destination disks at a time, even if one of them is used as a dummy. Due to the precision nature of the Blitz Copier high density disks may be required with some internal drives Only available at POWER COMPUTING LTD Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN.
Tel: 0234 843388 Fax; 0234 840234 Ai prices include VAT. DRIVEry and ere subiect to change Specifications are subject to change icithoul notice Next day delivery C4-50IUK mainland only! Dealer enquires welcome.
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14,15 & 16 February, 1992 Open 10am - 6pm, Friday and Saturday. Open 10am - 4pm, Sunday.
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Bring the family for a great Adult Fast Lane Tickets @ £5.
Child Fast Lane Tickets @ £3 I Surrey House, 34 Eden Street, I Kingston, Surrey KT1 1F.R Telephone 1 081-549 3444 Fax 3 1 081-547 1311 Nearest tube station - Wembley Park (Metropolitan & Jubilee Lines) Easy access - On site parking - Follow the signs to WemNey Wider gangways and facilities for the disabled OR phone 0726 68020 to book with credit carvJgJU including Atari hardware Terrific bargains!
Day out!
Tb: 16 Bit Show, PO Box 68, St. Austell PL25 4YB Lots of prizes to be won & in stock now!!
Would like to announce the most important development to Vne AMIGA A500for over 3 years The New C Commodore AMIGA A500 Plus The New AMIGA A500 Plus Cartoon Classics Pack comes with: New Super Agnes gives 1 Mb of CHIP RAM as standard upgradable to 2 Mb of CHIP RAM (and 8 Mb of FAST RAM), thats 10 Mb of RAM in total Super Denise and improved Custom Chips allow connection of a VGA or MULTISYNC monitor without the need of expensive Flicker Fixers New "PRODUCTIVITY" video display mode gives screen resolutions up to 1008 *800 Built in Battery backed Real Time Clock KICKSTART ROM version 2.04
Latest WORKBENCH 2.04. FONTS 2.04 and EXTRAS 2.04 New improved user friendly manuals Software includes The Simpsons, Lemmings, Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint 3 plus Mouse, Modulator, and Manuals only £359.99 A500 Plus RAM Expansion by Phoenix RAM expansions made for the older A500 may not work with the new A500Plus Phoenix have developed a range of RAM expansion units specifically for the A500 Plus.
Take your AMIGA up to 2 Mb of chip RAM without any soldering or internal modifications whatsoever, Fits simply and easily into the bottom expansion port.
The Phoenix RAM will not Invalidate your warranty.
Take vour A500 Plus up to 1.5 Mb with space to upgrade to 2 Mb only £34.99 or 2 Mb only £49.99 2 Year Replacement Guarantee The Phoenix Kickstart ROM 1.3 2.04 sharer Because some older games software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM Phoenix have designed a sharer for both ROM chip sets.
Switchable between 1.3 and 2,04 ROM you can get all the benefits of the latest A500 Plus without the drawback of losing some of your favourite games software. This unit will also fit into older 1.3 machines including the 1500 2000.
Only £24.99 Kickstart 1.3 ROM chip only £29.99 E&OE FIRST CHOICE TEL: 0532 637988 CD FAX: 0532 637689 OPENING HOURS OPEN MON • SAT 9.00AM-5.30PM SUNDAY OPENING 11.00AM-3.00PM THURSDAY NIGHT LATE 9.30AM-7.30PM WEST YORKSHIRES PREMIER AMIGA AND ATARI COMPUTER STORE AUTHORISED DEALERS FOR STAR, CITIZEN, COMMODORE, ACORN, ROA1BO & PHOENIX glimg I Tlili Uiili hl'AiSL itl'l' l:LUS ciiiiwaii cugsuss i aciw Now complete with: + One Mb of chip RAM expandible to 10 Mb of RAM in total
* The new Kickstart 2.04 * Workbench 2.04
* Built in battery backed real time clock
* New improved user friendly manuals This pack also comes with
Lemmings, (the only game ever to get a 100% rating!) The
Simpsons. Captain Planet and Deluxe Paint 3 the incredible
paint and animation package plus mouse, modulator only £359.99
or £407.99 for 2 Mb version KlliV U iitS A UifL1 UliLUXlE The
A500 Deluxe is an uprated version of the A500 Plus
incorporating the Phoenix ROM sharer because some older
software will not run on the new A500 Plus. The A500 Deluxe has
been developed with a built in ROM sharer so you can choose to
run either Kickstart 1.3 or 2-04.
Only £439.99 or £487.99 for 2 Mb version }LlA i£ L-ZaQtK Take the headache out of buying a computer this Christmas with our ever popular FIRST CHOICE XMAS PACK. All the essentials required for the first time buyer. Ideal for any Amiga and great value too!
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1500 with Commodore 1084SD Same as the base pack but with the
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Power supply plus Photon Paint 2 nowonly£l34.99 0DIAM1GA Frame grabber.
High quality digitizing. Inc Vidi chrome colourising software only £84.99 iiGis smvnsK Enables you to Colour Digitize in a second. Replaces red ween blue filter set Can be useo with Digi view or Rombo products only £64.99 iiiii leiAV L'diruouoiics ACCLLyii OUli UU AUDt= The VXL is an advanced 68030 accelerator for the Amiga 500 1500 2000 with space for an optional co-processor (CP) VXL30 25Mhz EC only £299.99 VXL 30 40Mhz EC only £499.99 VXL 30 25Mhz EC+CP....only £479.99 The VXL 30 2SMhz EC+FPU differs from the others in haying Fast Page Mode. This allows it to accept an optional superfast 32
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2 I Mb by 4 ZIPS equal I Mb only £22.99 L»l£LU Ol LVUWV IV 1 Simply the best graphics package available on the Amiga. Now with Hold & Modify (HAM) DP4 gives you a pallette of 4096 colours, "o stunning innovation and probably the best software Package for this market" .Steve Franklin MD for CBM only £59.99 l:L VH!CUUfl l'lilvM= A.L We bekevc this to be the best al round dtegrated busxiess package on the Amiga. It comes with Platinum Scnbble w p, spell checker, thesaurus.
Analyse ( a "Lotus 123" compatible spreadsheet with 3D graphics), a database. Sideways printing utility and communications software, only £59.99 This best selling word processor incorporates many features found only in a desk top publisher Also eludes an easy to use database.
Highly recommended now only £54.99 IMAGINE A powerful DTP package that we use and recommend.Better than any DTP package on a PC and better than most on a Mac only £129.99 Imagine, the ultimate 3D animation rendering system now only £148.99 liiiivttT iiiuai 1 m mm iniu: This is the best video titler on the market however it does require 2 Mb of RAM only £169.99 Their Finest Hour, Sim City + Terrain Editor. Populous ?
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1. 5 MEG POPULATED....£84.99 “ Gary board supplied with all
expansions boards. If you have a Kickstart 1.2 Amiga the board
will be incompatible when populated to 1.5 Mb Zydec Megaboard
populated to I Mb this board can be used with your existing
4 chip 512K upgrade to take your Amiga up to 2 Mb in total....
only £57.99 CF7 SuperVGA Colour monitor I The CF7 monitor is a
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professional system only £369.99 with Flicker Free Video card
for the A1500 b2000 or £499.99 with Flicker Free video card
for the A500 feme mi mwms Ulk'iUL ATOlatr Top quality Phoenix
RAM expansions for the A500 complete with battery backed dock
and on off switch. This RAM expansion will not in any way
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PC XT emulator comes with Dos 4.01,,, now only £199.99 Amjga
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Order by telephone quoting your credit card number, If paying by cheque please make payable to FIRST CHOICE. In any correspondance please quote a contact phone number and post code TEL 0532 637988 tm&i dJL'liiit ilL u? I Tj i DEPT5TF, UNIT 8 ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL STREET, LEEDS, LSI2 2AE m m am i Personal Cheques Will Require Clearance Before We Can Despatch Your Goods All Puces Correct At Time Of Going To Press All Items Listed In Our Advertisments Arc E* Stock Ready To Ship Unless We Advise Otherwise Computers Arc Always Tested Before Despatch. E40E FERGUSON SMITH ‘State of the
• Protects your keyboard while you type t Custom made for your
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Buy 1 ...£28.15 Buy 3-5 Save £5.88 per Glove Buy 6 or more .Save £7.05 per Glove
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EXPANSION « « A500 Plus 1 Mb Chip RAM Module (Easy to install -
no soldering) Populated with 0.5
Meg ......£39.99 Fully populated 1
Meg .£56.99 52Mb Quantum 64kB Cache 11
ms ..£199 105Mb Quantum 64kB Cache 11 ms £359
Abolishes software incompatibility encountered with the new
A500 Plus ROM 2.04. Allows easy switching between Kickstarts
1.3 & 2.0 ROM SHARER .£29.99
Kickstart 1.3 .....£3999 NEW
• RAM Card expandable to 8Mb
• Autoconfiguring
• On Off Switch
• Zero Wait States
• Made In Germany 2Mb
Installed .£167 8Mb
Installed ...£374 GVP RAM 8.2
Meg Fitted ......£175 CUP A2000 RAM EXPANSION
¦MAiiiHi 8 2Mb
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SERIES 2 HARD DRIUES High Speed "FAASTROM" Controller Up to 8Mb
SIMMs FastRAM On Board Autobooting Throughport to Six SCSI
devices "FASTPREP" Installation Software £385 £585 52Mb ? 8Mb
RAM Board... 105Mb + 8Mb RAM Board SEIKOSHA 24-PIN PRINTERS &
• 68030 Processor (16Mhz) + 68882 Co-processor (16 33Mhz)
• External for A500. Slot for A2000
• 2Mb FastRAM. Expandable to 16Mb - AutOCOnfiguring
• Fallback Mode via Switch £599 GUP SERIES 2 HARD CARD
• High Speed "FAASTROM" Controller
• Up to 8Mb SIMMs On Board
• Autobooting
• Supports External SCSI Devices
• FASTPREP Installation Software 52Mb + 8Mb RAM
Board ......£289 105Mb + 8Mb RAM
Board ....£489 Hard Card 0 8Mb
SIMMs ......£169 GVP ’Combo’Boards t 68030
Processor + 68882 Maths co processor 22MHz. 33MHz or 50MHz
• 22Mhz comes with 1 Mb RAM (SIMMs) exp to 13Mb
• 33Mhz comes with 4Mb RAM (SIMMs) exp to 16Mb
• 5QMhz comes with 4Mb RAM (SIMMs) exp to 32Mb
• SCSI 2 Interface connects to 68030 22Mhz 1Mb RAM (Simm) 13Mb
£589 33Mhz 4Mb RAM (Simm) 16Mb £1199 50Mhz 4Mb RAM (Simm) 32Mb
Column. 192cps, 48cps NLQ. 1k Buffer.
2 Fonts. Parallel Interface. Graphics Resolution 144 X 72 dpi. Free Printer Starter Kit Worth £29.38 .£116 SP-2000 80 Column. 192cps. 48cps NLQ. 21k Buffer.
2 Fonts. Parallel & Serial, Graphics Resolution 144 x 72 dpi. Free Printer Starter Kit Worth £29.38 .£151 SP-2415 136 Column. 240cps, 50cps NLQ. 17.5k Buffer, 5 Fonts, Parallel & Serial, Graphics Resolution 240 x 144 dpi. Free Printer Starter Kit Worth £29.38 .£245 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT, P&P Prices subject to change without notice, E&OE SL-92 80 Column, 240cps. 80cps NLQ. 44k Buffer.
2 Fonts. Parallel Interface, Graphics Resolution 360 x 360 dpi. Free Printer Starter Kit Worth £29.38 .£222 SL-210 80 Column, 324cps. 108cps NLQ, 5k Buffer.
9 Fonts, Parallel & Serial. Graphics Resolution 360 x 360 dpi. Free Printer Starter Kit Worth £29.38 .£433 PRINTER STARTER KIT 200 Sheets of Quality Continuous Paper
3. 5" Disk with Printer Drivers 5 Samples of Continuous Envelopes
1. 8m Parallel Cable 100 Address
Envelopes .....£29.38 FERGUSON SMITH 14
Dowanside Road, mmm ta Glasgow G12 9D A «¦»
• 68030 68882 25Mhz
• Original Commodore
• Comes with 2Mb 32 Bit RAM exp to 4Mb £880 ACCELERATOR RAM
UPGRADES SIMM 32 1Mb 60ns .....£69 SIMM 32
4Mb 60ns .£249 REMOUABLE MEDIA
DRIUES Ricoh 50Mb Drive £799
Ricoh 50Mb Cartridge ....£119 Tel: 041
339 3590 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm Saturday A
NioonstoDe a h im) Daqs KniGi r I so merer* Fan
- qoa ixrae! • Moonstone - a remarkable combination of fast,
aggressive combat action and subtle role-play set in a fantasy
world, that uniquely challenges your brain and your reflexes -
while covering you in gore.
Oh, by the way, if the sight of so much blood upsets you, don't worry. The blood is an option!
Moonstone features nearly 1,000 frames of incredible animation in 2 Megabytes of monsters and creatures, over 60 beautifully painted backdrops and detailed scenery. Sound effects are high quality digital samples and includes a full musical score and stunning full screen animated introductory and game complete sequences.
.A. Moomtont contain uenn of j trong graphic imagery withpartnular 01991 Mindstopc International limited AH rights raervrd Moonstone n a Apk leoiiun. Although thne scenei ore optional, thn product h voluntorOy trademark ofMinthcopt international limited Written by Rob Anderson, ,0 fd U Parental Quidancc a recommended lor younger players, however fhij « no( o leqot requirement.
For your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Ltd, The Coach House, Hooklands Estate, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex RH17 7NC. Tel: 0444 831 761 LLLLL=7_r,V I s 10 n So here it is - Merry Christmas Alien Breed----------------------------------------- 6 Nothing to do with Aliens or Gauntlet. Oh no! Not this one, no sir!
Seven Colours------------------------------------------------e Strategic puzzling in a Dorothy and Toto kind of way First Samurai .....i o Muscles and swordplay and all because the Sushi wasn't cooked Super Space Invaders 1 M A new twist to an old theme, or an old twist to a new theme. Or something Formula One Grand Prix-m Flame suits and tyre-warmers akimbo in this ace simulation I I The Blues Brothers- is They're putting the band back together but for some reason it involves a platform game (?)
Silent Service II . I Run silent, run deep, run scared witless, as the captain of the HMS Microprose submarine January 1992 Amiga Computing ROBOCOD------------------------24 James Pond returns as a fish with an iron lung Microprose Golf-28 More of a driving game than you might think (ha ha) Rape, pillage, plunder and all that entrepreneurial stuff More Amiga games news than you could possibly shake a stick, nay a branch, nay a whole tree at!
And Gamer tells you everything you need to know about life, the universe and the games industry.
The Gallup Top 40 Amiga games chart plus some ill- informed waffle from Jools (well actually he's quite good but if you tell him he gets a bit carried away) No friends because you can't play games? Is your washing not as white as it should be? Gamer has the answer, with added HakPak!
EGULARS on word 4 eiHKik'i'i • . I What's hot and what's not. Gamer spills the beans on the latest from the Amiga games scene WOIOKJD ss a"* adfii ACTION PACK - Action Sixteen |ST"“C coming out on the Action Sixteen label is a new compilation called the Action Pack. It features ten so-called classics from the dim and 65 ' distant past of the last few years of 16-brt games. They all seem to have received fairly high ratings, but mainly from mags I've never iohfive lime zonest°
* »«¦- Ss.
SPACE CRUSADE - Gremlin A year after the board game success of HeroOuest Milton Bradley came up with tm more advanced, hkech board game. Space Crusade. Gremlin, having done a fine a on HeroOuest, quickly signed up to do the biz on its successor.
You have enlisted in the Space Marines and it is up to you and your men to face to the forces of Chaos as they try to take command of the floating space hulks Wing through space, If they gain control and use the space hulks to attack the Earth things could start getting sticky. Only the Marines are capable of facing up .to the menace that confronts them aboard these abandoned vessels.
Success will bring honour from on high as your career progresses during the course of the computer missions - failure will bring ignominy and pain, and small children will laugh at you in the street.
Available before Christmas at £25.99. MIG-29 Superfulcrum - Domark TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES II - Image Works April's been kidnapped and languishes at the top of a burning building. Pi22a Hut has gone bankrupt and the world fuel shortage means that no one can afford to deliver.
This is how the coirvop starts (except that I lied about the last two bits), throwing Michaeiangeio, Leonardo. Raphael and the other one into a heady world of flames, huge cannon-balls, masked men and anchovies as they try to rescue April from the clutches of lots of evil Chinamen.
Developed by Probe, the 16-bit conversion follows the plot and gameplay of the original arcade machine to the letter. Hopefully, for Image Work? At least, it can emulate the success of the original.
Hot on the heels (well a year since) the ongmal MiG-29 sim from I Domark comes the sim of the sequel to the original plane. MiG- jj 29 Superfulcrum is the updated version with cockpit technology I more akin to the 80s than the 60s and featuring a modified air-1 frame to make you even more invincible in a dogfight.
You fly as a crack Soviet pilot embroiled in an ongoing cam- j paign against an unnamed enemy as you defend a friendly South | American nation from attack.
Drugs have nothing to do with it.
Stuff the Aussles. That's what I say. If you feel the need to relive the embarrassment of losing in the World Cup to the nation that produces Home and Away then this is the game for you.
Described by some as the trouser- droppers' equivalent to Kick-Off it is available now at £25.99 from Domark.
I with the a fine job 1 caffed n and cm to never 1 you, it t, ij n«.
Ne. MiG- h'*ology I'lled aif- nq cam- »y South s r ou art setting forth injpilnctfffijptace,' another time, another world, "said
* V Treguard, The Dungeon tftStt RiUjdhat makes you think,that
you four mere J mortals -will succeed in the Ques when so many
others have failed?"
I understood, at that rikrinent, that our mission was going to take a(( our endurance, all our collective skill, and, most of alia depth of courage, that I wasn V sure we possessed.
* er since ITV's award-wtnmng series hi? Our screens, the world
has been waiting
* or 3 computer game worthy o? The name. The wait is over.
Tony Crowther's amazing re-creation has everything.
Using the same game system that made Captive' adventure game o? The for 1990. Kmghtmare' makes dungeons and dragons games seem newts splashing around in a muddy puddle f Kmghtmare' s a sophisticated roie-piaying adventure where you are hr your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Ltd. The Coach House. Hooklands Estate. Scaynes Hill. Wes? Sussex RH17 7NG Tel: 0444 83? 761 Availab1? For Ami a & Atari S?
KfttgMmar? Is Copyright Ang'ia Teiwwn and Broadsword Tension Game copyright ’99: f mdscape International Limited Captive Copyright 1999 ?99l Vmdscape International L.rited all rights received Written Oy Tpny Cri7%7?nef But you have all those things, don't you A N (i 1.1 A lolcVIMOf) I IIDKCtt challenged to solve complex puzzles, logic problems and riddles that reveal a rich, ever-more rewarding storyline Your journey fakes you deep into the dungeons of Dunsheim. To a cataclysmic meetmg with Lord Fear and the unthinkably horrible FnghtKmght.
S Whether or no? The mee?mg is terminal is up to you You will need wisdom tenacity, alacrity and. Above all. Courage eel the © 'January 1 ¥ l Amiga Computing i§j| now at Wnen contact was iost with tne iSRC-* Space Researcn Centre. Me cheeses ar me interplanetary Corps got a wee m jumpy. After all. Me a ait seen Aiens at least twenty times and were staring to get an acute reeling of fleja vu. So, Get* ter safe man sc ry. Tney reroute two of tneir toughest marines from tneir earnv oound course to investigate.
Having meir voyage nome interrupted to cneck out some stupid Research Centre did nothing for Jcnnson anc Stone's already violent temperament, and tney docrceo wim me station m a pretry grumpy mooa.
Disemoanung from tne snu3e tney were greeted not cy a gaggle of oemused scientists, out oy an eene siience. Tney started to move into tne tomCrliKc Researcn Cenae. Guns at tne ready. Circuitry nung. Torn from me walls, like entrails. An acna acidic stencn nung m tne air. Tne monon traccer sorted it's nauntmg oeep.
'Blimey, mis isjustiiKe Aliens isn't iiT* commented Stone.
"Yes, our current situation is ratner reminiscent of mat cult sci-fi thriller.
‘Now look Stone, you either stop hiding up there, or fli Wow your lips oh.
Shoulder your apult cannon and face rne GREMLIN • £29.99 ¦ arrive in the derelict research centre, ready for action Amiga Computing January 1992 JotitlSOH M i70*'£... ... £l 7: £&£& Or k CrnX 1R00?, tnww mi; rnmi s&mn$ ?xxt is TiIl Qultt m ..._ Stone antf Johnson.
Mannes-R-Uj directed oy James Cameron of Termina- ‘Yes. Those are the ones.' Jonnsar ics are nicely tor 2 fame, in v.rvcn a nanafui of space caiieo over rus snouider as ne icga cir cetaiiec and marines investigate an aoandoned oack to me snude, a strange s a ema* recreate tne colony and get eaten oy slavering, natmg from nis trouser recic r ciaustropno- otomecnan,cai creatures.' Replied John- Tnougnt so. Urk.' S p tone as tne Dia mat's son. Siavenng, uiomec j hicai creatures neeced to 'Like tnose siavenng. Uiomecnanicai tucked into meir corner. Keep tne sus- creatures over mere?* asiceo Stone.
Yes. Ooys ape girls. Alien Breed .s pense going, noticing me swarm of ra2or-tootned possiDly. PossiDly mind you. Out without armoured killing macnmes scuttling inspired mat top movie. Aliens, it's _ restricting towards mem. Just me oes fm getting from tne game. Your move- __It's not just mar me plot's me same, or ment. Tne mar tne alien grapnics lock identical to alien sprites ri R Giger's Aien design, or mat tne are, oeiieve it v front cover of tne game features a crock- or not ratner mg likeness of said Alien. Aiien-isn m No. It’s just tnat I'm getting mese use appearance, voices m my neao
whispering 'A;ens, as are the
- - Aiens'over and over again while i m thy face nug- «, _ '
playing it. In fact. I'm gang to sock my ger things ' * neck
out and declare mat Aien 3reec is tnat zip Bat
oiatantiyAienesgue. Prcoaoly. Around anc '.&-A V . Not that a's
a sad Enmg to ruck me one your ¥ i tjjLpV S* idea oenmd Aiens
for a game, 'cos ail antes. 1 tnat skulking arounc and oicAVing
smeg- Keep your
- CT . *» ~ gy Aiens to pieces is sioocy gocc fun. Eyes open '' I
p infact, seeing as Aaivision made suer, a for me ~~ ' ‘ pig's
ear of me official Aiens game, mis aliens wno could 'oe just
tne ticket for a'J you gore- p u n c n starved Aiens fans.
Mrougn from First of ail. Me presentation is excel- lower
ieveis and T lent You get me ooiigatory story gisk ciimo up
mrougn featuring some nice cartoon stills and tne fioor. Tney
may some pulsating ray traced space snips. Look great out rney
re out tnis is a standalone ask ano needn't a tao on tne dead.y
Side, oe sat mrougn every time you play tne Tne grapnics of me
two game. Tne story disk is good fun. Out marines are good as
well, ultimately cosmetic as it tells you notn- especially me
way me oiasts mg mar you couldn't read in me instruc- from mer
guns fuckers over aw nons. Nice toucn mougn. Faces. Ratner man
see me ouuets fy Cnee in the game proper, tne across the
screen. YOujusr see tne muz- empnasis is on atmosphere. Tne
graph- 2ie fiasn ano me iitae explosions as me
o Gamer January 1992
- y~ TheaWcnj ;*t r-¦ ~ t,**r hwfe. Our
- j- boroos m.tkf a dash for the Tift .y , ... .. ¦ - -
jnjtft'fioFon: s Ho£S V I-';" ' :
- -¦' S~v - s ¦'¦¦;:-r - : ir TSt P£C~ LR-SS* Gun j£L~Z_JL
.....-. . V jf:- . ;EE&&.-,. .'
Bullets ha their ?arqet. This, white on-’Y a little touch, adds a great deaf to (He fcahyn and the beefy quo FX make it hard to resist bellowing fines from Aliens the top of your voice as you np into a corridor ftril of monsters.
Also included is some soft, sultry speech tfvit r.rfrrrfy tells you that you're about to die. Or th.it you've run out of ammo. Adda stocking tune, and you've got a package that's more attractive than a gift-wrapped Winona Ryder.
There .ire ptenfy of features to keep you busy while you try and stay alive.
Bach level has an objective which must be completed before you can move down to the next.
Level one is simply a case of making a dash for the fif; from the shuttle, with the aliens at your heels, while level two requires you to destroy the reactor and escape before it Wows.
Frm, that's as far as I can get actually, but fm sure the other fOvds .ire jus? As buttock-tightcmng. To help you in your ''•missions you can find keys. Ammo, first aid. And credits lymg around the corn- dorvsnd every now .*x! Then youH discover aft Inter. Terminal where you can fog on for some info on the current level, buv new weapons and tools, and even enjoy a quick game of bat and batr VI is not roses though, as there arc many hazards to avoid, as well as the aliens. One-way energy doors, uneven pu chsse? Yes no floors that dow you down .md pools of acid arc just a few Of them. There
arc also emergency doors that stam chut if their control panels are destroyed, which ran be used to your advantage, but ran often leave you trapped Despite all the wonderful cosmetic bits, it’s tho qaroeptay that really shines througlT Two-player mode is I? far the best as it becomes a race to qet to ait the collectable goodies before your mate, and the race to the exit can become really frantic as you dive into the elevators with hordes of hungry aliens fx-hind you.
If you're a thoroughly 'nice' person then you can opt to share ,ftt the* cotier t- ed credits, so »t needn't be the one who grabs all the cash who gets the best power-ups. 5tnctfy for wrmps of course, bo: it does make it e«isier ro save up for the realty Wchm' we ipons.
The difficulty is set just right. With the ' ye:jn credit licit IS- I3SU CF?
Shoppers paradise! Arc Lw Rffte anyone7 first level acting as a perfect introduction to the game. Tiie second level is a lot harder, but unlrV.e most other Games yt this genre, you won’t care. Jusf playing the game is fun enough.
Firmly rn the tradition of Gauntlet and Crackdown, but with the action and atmosphere of the Alien movies.
Alien Breed is a oame worth setting your family for. TlppeX the "Freed" pit i ‘? Jh * box .irvf jus? Pretend that if rs Aliens.
Buy it thts instant, Daniel .*» l. j---a ¦ » ? COy OC3TO OKXXjg hi I J____»J i i-wvvw roc.
Iff. A thtmutMaburTY vwDW??5 iA.
PLAYABI L try ©0GR0V 'iaawaaamiw rr*&W January 1992 AMIGA Computing 3 __ Things get frantic as the aliens gang vp on the fast surviving soldier JNFOGRAMES ¦ £25.99 ¦ Vi meg ¦ Mouse ¦ mar when they meet the far edge of me tern is suitably confusing, in tne usual ¦ n-a chess-playing kind of way, 7 Colors (sic) is one of rose abstract concepts mat means next to nothing » just about everyone except me giywno invented* and it only means anything to mm when ne's at the wrong end of eight pints of Gold label But if we cnoose to ignore the abstract comment on the aikonsummg nature of today's
society, m a patronising Open University kind of way. We can take me game on a superficial mechanical level and look at it from that point of view.
The concepc is ample - me board is made up of randomly dctnouted flocks f of multicoloured diamonds, each of which is one of the seven colours. Starting from a point opposite your computer or human opponent you will be in possession of one diamond of one colour. Your first move will be to cnange your diamond to another colour, but not mar of your opponent.
If you nave cnosen wisefy a diamond of this chosen cotour will be adjacent to me one you possess meaning that you now nave two of one colour. There will be ocher diamonds of this colour but only me ones connected by a fun face to your orgnai diamond will be m your possession. And so you progress across the board by selecting colours mat will addtoyour'temtoiy'.
Confused? You will De. On top or au this any diamonds of miscellaneous colours mat become trapped by your diamonds will become diamonds of your colour.
Utah the overall aim bemg to capture over 50 per cent of the play area this strategy may suggest a plan of action that involves capturing a thin string of diamonds across the board so The wbMMtf Joob takm on xba origMyprocessing powtf of ft* Aalga Strategically speaking it could be play area, all the multi-coloured do- communist way.
Monds trapped by this 'string' will You begin wan score of 300. And as oecome yours. You win or lose tnis score is adjusted The game is also timed in a seesaw and saved to disk after each game, undl manner-as your ome dropsyour oppo- aieague « established with vanous peo- nents builds up. So if you gee really pie who have come across your Amiga guide for a succession of moves then tne and decided ro pty 7 ftfers. Unftdy situation may arise wnere your foe nas ye* but a voy New Age; love me neigh- lube or no ome to make a move. Hours kind of concept that could hap- Buc waid Tnere is even more to
con- pen in the enlightened nineties, fuse you with. Tne game will also Despite tne apparent complexities include barriers on some levels wnicn that probabty have you withering into you nave to work around to conquer your coffee at this very moment it is at me areas you need, makmg it just mat least seven dozen times easier to play fide be more complex. The scoring s- than * is to describe, and enjoyable in Hne engrossed wrth Alpna Waves you get more and more into it a the computer, little strategies merging and it slowly becomes singly addictive. Not 'keep you zTcfiual relationship' addictive
vili always be fresh when you u worm it purely to build up me
Bulging biceps and loosefitting loonpants in, of more use spreading the word about what happened on this Wack. Black day. What a mistake.
IMAGE WORKS « £25.99 * % meg • Joystick » Out now Deep In the tranquil countryside of ancient Japan. Lord Akira (who by a strange twist of foie has the same name as the teenage cult cartoon movie hero from the same oart of the world) and his young Samurai were collecting taxes from the focal peasants when they began to believe something was up. Yes. Something was definite Now all you revolutionaries out there may be of the opinion that anybody who collects taxes from the vffiagers in a cryptofoscist kind of way deserves to die in the most painful way possible. Eaten alive by rats, that kind
of thing. But this is no moca&ty tafe no. What was up was this.... The Demon King had come down from the mountain, in a game show kind of way. This was not a nice man and he went on to prove this by burning the vHIage with his magic powers, killing all the peasants, raping all the pigs and eating all the women, or something. You see? If this guy had been a real socialist revolutionary he wouldn't have wiped ourthevfflage.
Having wasted the village completely with one dick of his horrendously gnarled fingers he turned his attention to the Warrior Lord. 7ben he killed him.
7he young Samurai could do R- tfe against the evil magic of the Demon King - his master had not given him instruction in such things. Perhaps if he had things might be different Fortunately, the Demon k;"c soared the Samurai's frfe, rea'is- JBBfr rng he could be J|§Mi After many years of training, the young Samura* was ready for the trek to the japan of the 24th century, to capture the Demon King and bring him back to this land and time - where he can be sacrificed.
Ten levels of stylish beat-’em-up action ensue, with our hero making the most of the magical energy he can pick The young Samurai knew he had to avenge the death of his master who had been ike a father to him. Hearing of the victory of the Demon King. Wizard Mage (the good guy) returned from sea and fought a battle for the good people of the area.
Atop the mountain they fought.
Sghtning. Fire and expletives setting the night alight. The Demon King, being a bad guy and therefore a coward, feared defeat and disappeared into the future.
The people were now safe but the young Samurai knew that his soul could not rest until he had beaten the Living crap of the Demon King, but he had to persuade Wizard Mage to help him.
Only he could teach him the magic of time travel, and only he could teach him how to catch flies with chopsticks.
Computing Jjnujry 19 92 up on the way to maximise his potential asaSamurai.
The hero has two power indicators shown, with other info, at the bosom of the screen. On the left 'g an arm. Which when fully visible shows that physical strength is at maximum. Strength is lost when a hit is taken, and regenerated when food g picked up.
On the right is a sword which when folly shown means that spiritual strength is fully topped up. Allowing certain actions to be performed. When spiritual ftuiindiuo) «6|uiv £661 Xicnuef strength is low it means that the player ’oses the use of his sword until such time as the energy picked up by king enemies replenishes the meter enough » warrant its return.
Other weapons can be picked up such as daggers, bombs, and grenades afi of which have a very limited lifespan.
The current one will be displayed just to the right of the physical strength bar.
The control method works extremely wen. The usual fire and move is there yjt It is a side effect of the proper system. This works by the player holding the Fire button and moving the joystick to instigate different moves.. Either system is just as effective but the latter is the best. It gives great scope for fluking vrgrsn- Charming sprites and terrific k Ulijwiwj ¦jfi auoto- OT9FF Supefb effects but the tune narrsltsSgMy PLAYABI L I T Y 00000 Cripest it knocked me socks off.
Together a series of moves in mid-air, knocking out a load of enemies coming from all directions, shaving, picking your nose and tending - in one piece.
Ail of this came about from a few waggles of the joystick and was completely unintentional, but It looks so smooth and flash that it would be dead easy to convince your mates otherwise.
On top of all this beating, hacking and slashing, certain objects must be collected to make sure the level is completed. These are called specials and are essentially a thanks to Wizard Wage fry being such a decent bloke. They are often well hidden and a certain number must be found.
Another item essential to the completion of the levels is the bell, ft can only be picked up if your spiritual energy is up to the reouired level. It may seem strange but as it is used to summon Wizard Mage, you need a bit of magic to do it But why, I hear you call, do you need to summon him at all?
Well at certain points in the level an insurmountable obstacle will be encountered. The trick is to ring the beli and Wizard Mage will appear to work his magic so that the obstacle is overcome.
If you don't suss that this is what you have to do the first time you come across the problem, every next time you get there Wizard Mage’s face will appear in a ghostly apparition kind of manner to hint at what's going on.
As you progress through the 10 levels the enemies become more aggressive and imaginative, until by the end of the game it becomes a real hassle to beat everything up and still fulfil the objectives - just how it should be.
The first tiling that hits you about the game though, even before you get to the rather attractive gameplay, are the exceptionally gorgeous graphics. Ace backgrounds - they seem to have found about fifty more scan lines from somewhere - an excellent intro taken straight from Japanese porcelain, and detafi in the levels and characters that matches anything else on the market. The sound is pretty fab as well. After the upbeat intro disk you come to the game and as soon as you make a move or hit something it becomes deer how super-duper it actually is. As you hit an opponent an orchestral stab
is refeased, with the next hit producing one of a slightly higher pitch. This gives a succession of hits a really epic. Gillette TV advert effect that really drives you on to strike out and be as effective as possible with your sword.
And if you get to the treasure or food, a resounding sample from the Hallelujah Chorus results, giving a real sense of achievement. This does get marred by a rather naff tune that fades in if you don't do anything for a few seconds. Oearfy a b»g incentive to keep moving. Speech plays a part as well. If the hero loses his sword because of a lack of mystical energy he will cry 'Oh no* My Sword!” in a very Bruce Lee manner that befits the atmosphere, fill of these aspects combine to make it highly addictive. An early demo was played to death by the advertising staff here, and it’s well worth
£26 of anyone's money.
Especially if it's somebody else's.
Its style is more frantic and action based than that of its main Christmas opponent from Psygnosis, whose emphasis is more on exploration and accuracy with movement than violence.
That considered, it is probably the best scrolling beat-errvup to appear on the Amiga-so far.
Computing TY mm *E Anything Mansell can do you can do better F
¦ F ¦ ¦ h h nm fO ULA MICROPROSE » £34.99 * 1 meg « Joystick
• Out December In the long and honourable history of racing
games simulations, attempts have been made to capture the
behaviour of the car as much as possible. As we enter 1992 the
programming know-how is there, in a number of places, to
faithfully reproduce the behaviour of a Formula One Grand Pnx
Up until now though, no-one has ever accurately represented the 16 Formula One tracks of the championship tournament - no one. That is, until Geoff Crammond began work on Formula One Grand Pnx for Microprose.
Building a reputation on Revs for the BBC Micro some years ago, a game which Acorn users the nation over swear by, he then went on to do Stunt Car Racer, a game that won him the same acclaim from 16-tHt owners as he received from Beeb owners before. Since then he's been working on this, the game that puts you Into the driving seat of a six gear, normally aspirated 200mph plus racing machine, and frankly it scares the pants off me.
Strictly speaking this is a simulation - that's why it is being published on the Mkroprose label, and once you get into it and discover the attention to detail you'll understand why.
The game begins in the pits as you prepare to qualify for the race ahead.
Don't panic though, no matter how bad you do you will always qualify for the race. This 120 minute qualifying section gives you a chance to get used to the track and mess around with the car's set-up.
Four variables can be, erm, varied on the car - tyres, brake balance, down- force from the wings and gear ratios.
While the car does have default settings for each of these parameters, it is always better to have a twiddle yourself as the car's performance can be increased greatly.
There are six options for tyre choice
- A to D are the four dry racing tyres ranging from hard to soft,
Q are the very soft qualifying tyres that give a good speed but
disintegrate and lose grip after only a few laps and are
absolutely no good for a race, while Ws are for wet weather
Brake balance affects the distribution of the total braking force between the front and the back axles, altering the way the car behaves on braking. The type of corners on a certain track will determine the way this parameter is changed. The amount of downforce is also crucial - the more downforce, the better the cars holds the road on corners, but the top speed is lessened, so a track with a lot of tight corners - Monaco for example - would need a lot of downforce whereas a track with a long straight, like Hockenheim, would require less downforce to increase the top speed.
Gear ratios have much the same considerations. With winding tracks needing more low-end acceleration to come out of the comers faster, but the tradeoff here is a lower top speed
- for a higher top speed the low-end acceleration will have to
The idea of the practice laps is to give you a chance to experiment with these set-ups and see which variation best suits the track, Each lap time is recorded and the best one determines where you are on the grid. Two or three laps with each set-up tell you whether or not it is worth pursuing, and which drivers you are going to have to look out for. To help the novice there are six driving aids [see box), one of which is lost every time you increase to the next of the five difficulty levels, They are all useful but once you have become used to how the cars function you will find that
although you might not want to increase the difficulty level just yet, you won't want all the driving aids on - after all. It takes most of the fun out of it.
The five difficulty levels determine how well the other cars drive, but you can also determine the distribution of performance between them using the switch at the bottom right of your dashboard. A diagonal slope means that it is realistic, ie the best drivers will be in the best cars. These figures are based on race times for the 1991 season which has just finished. A flat line means that all cars and drivers are the same, and a wavy line means it it is randomised - good drivers could be in crap cars and vice versa.
Race length will have already been determined by you at the start of the
- -"•ampionship as a percentage of real 'xe length and cannot be
changed mthout resetting to the beginning - riter all. It would
be unfair if you :nanged the last race of the championship to
one lap to make sure your Dosition was unassailable. Naturally
s func- |h you ifficulty all the s most
• rmlne utyou ion of ig the rdash- lanuary 1992 Amiga Computing
Read this if you can’t drive Generous to a fault, Geoff
Crammond has provided six driving aids to help the crap ones
among you. These are the finished aids which Some earlier
reviews in other mags failed to mention: Going from left to
right 1: Auto Braking. This brakes the cars to the right speed
for the cor* ner. It won't stop you hitting another car though.
2: Auto Gears. Changes up and down In just the right places.
3: Self Correcting Spins. If you spin off then you will always be turned to face the right way.
4: Indestructible Mode. You won't be beaten up by other bigger tougher cars.
S: Best Line: Puts a dotted line on the track which shows the best route to take around the track.
6; Gear Reminder: Suggests the best gear for the next corner.
Because each race can take up to three hours if played at the full length the championship can be saved, and so can the race at any point whatsoever. This may sound unlikely but when you consider that the computer is actually driving every car on the track, not just working Out where it is, the computer knows exactly where every car is at any one time. Therefore it can save that information quite easily. All this drrv- certain compromises on the graphics side of things.
There are no two ways about it on a standard I meg A500 it is jerky.
But 3D vector graphics are the only way that the Circuits can be captured accurately right down to the last bump and trackside building.
Well, almost - not all the detail is there but what is there is very accurate.
Monaco is the clearest example of this with the Casino and that tight left-hand hairpin which drops about 20 foot during its course, to name but two features being clearly recognisable. The accuracy of the tracks has been worked on for a long time using videos taken from the BBC and satellite TV. Car data has been gained from Honda technical data and close contact with the Footwork team |formerty Arrows) who gave a lot of assistance with the friction and drag data. One member of the Footwork team drove around a few of the tracks in the game and was apparently stunned by the accuracy.
,1he jerkiness is acceptable when you take all of this into account and more so because the game still feels as though you are actually racing at 180 miles an hour. It isn’t slow like some games, just a bit like blinking a lot while you're driving.
The sound is the biggest let-down, the engine noise being simplistic to say the least, but something had to be sacrificed in a packed memory and that was it, Then again, a droning whine might be all you hear inside a helmet!
This is a minor quibble when you look at the game as a whole. I was worried at first when I heard the term 'simulation' mentioned, because I felt that gameplay would be sacrificed for accuracy, but if anything the accuracy helps
- it means that each track requires skill and concentration and a
lot of practice before you can get close to emulating the
fastest times.
As well as this, because each car is being individually driven, each race becomes engrossing to the extreme.
Brilliant Jools AUDIO ooxyw ooooo Uke being in the reel thing, but without the rWc Average chip-toed tune but IwfUtffKtt, igwfl stop your quest for that perfect icatdfi PLAYABILITy Reasonably smooth and my V I S I O M January 1992 (“iAmeRA £7.99 £25.99 £29.99 £25.99 £7.99 £25.99 £25.99 £7.99 £24.99 £7.99 £34.99 £9.99 £7.99 £30.99 £24.99 £29.99 £9.99 £27.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 £25.99 £7.99 £25.99 £9.99 £7.99 £34.99 £6.99 £7.99 £25.99 99- £7.99 £34.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.37 £7.99 £19.99 £9.99 £7.99 on A quad 'W W ?
Hit Squ Ocean Mirror Image Kixx The Gotkt mart n compicd 6y &«tup lid and a the copyright of the European Lasurt Seftwjve Axrttfws Auacawn Twenty new entries this month, seven of which are in the top ten.
It s beginning to look as though the money s starting to be spent as ail the top games come out of the woodwork in the build up to Christmas. All these new entries mean that there is only room enough for four climbers, with 16 games dropping to some extent.
Anco's excellent compilation comes straight in at number one, beating even the biggest licence of the year, Terminator 2, into second place - both of which have relegated Jimmy's snooker to third place.
Magic Pockets has turned up at number four, but the real shock is the fact the Core's Thunderhawk has basically disappeared from the chart.
The remaining four new entries, Final Fight through to Alien Breed, are all top games or big names.
The two big god games of this year have come in at fairly similar placings, with Mega Lo Mania entering two places above Gremlin s Utopia. How theyII stand up to competition from Populous II over the December selling period is going to be very interesting. The budget release of the original, entering this month at 25, will enhance the already large interest in the release.
Other new entries of note include Last Ninja 3 from System 3 and Flight of the Intruder from Mirror- soft.
Next month? There s going to be loads of stuff, but due to deadline pressures caused by the Christmas break, you II have to wait till the March issue (on sale beginning of Febuaryl to find out who sold what in December. Publishing eh? What a laugh.
Compiled exclusively for B § 1 tt NE 2 ft NE 3 1 1 4 tt NE 5 tt 11 6 tt NE 7 tt NE 8 tt NE 9 tt NE 10 tt 25 II « 5 12 1 6 13 tt 29 14 tt NE 15 tt NE 16 tt NE 17 1 4 18 1 3 19 1 8 20 tt NE 21 tt NE 22 tt NE 23 I 12 24 1 7 25 tt NE 26 tt NE 27 tt 36 28 tt NE 29 * 21 30 1 15 31 1 10 32 tt NE 33 tt NE 34 1 9 35 tt NE 36 tt NE 37 1 13 38 1 16 39 1 28 40 1 31 Supercars Wacky Races Power Drift North and South Rainbow Collection Defender of the Crown Indy and the Last Crusade Head over Heels Alien Breed Shadow of the Beast Silent Service 2 TV Sports Football Utopia Full Contact Cruise for a Corpse New
Zealand Story PGA Tour Golf Pro Boxing Flames of Freedom Anco Ocean Virgin egade ad Gold Gremlin Hit Squad Team 17 Sizzlers Microprose Mirror Image Hit Squad Mirrorsoft Domark Gremlin earn 17 Gold Hit Squad Kixx Hit Sq Syste Hit Squad Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Hit Squad Rainbird Code Masters Code Masters Krisalis US Gold Hitec Mirrorsoft GBH Hitec Squad Int.
STATE OF THE ART' 16 BIT TECHNOLOGY The mystery role-playing adventure, combining History and classic science fiction, based on the world famous role- playing game by Game Designers' Workshop.
V Space 1889: Discover a recreated solar system as envisioned by the scientific theories of the 19th Century and in the imaginations of such classic writers as fules Verne, A. Conan Doyle and
H. G. Wells. Written by the same team as the ritically acclaimed
• Visit the canals of Mars and deal with warring Martians;
explore treacherous swamps on Venus; travel through the
mysterious underground caverns of the Moon ... Even Earth is
ripe for exploration and rife with intrigue...
• Planets and stars are accurately represented in Space. Actually
navigate by the constellations themselves!
• Overcome corrupt German conspirators, a radical Martian
religious cult and the awesome intelligence of an advanced
jlien society that has escaped notice for thousands of years.
• Historic 19th Century weapons include 30 guns, 4 throwing
weapons and 9 close combat weapons.
Ranging from boll-action rifles and singlebarrel revolvers to swords and daggers.
• Create five characters, male or female, from among six
jitributes and 24 skills, including Fisticuffs, Crime,
Theatrics and Engineering. Control character development
through a wide variety of careers.
• Over 100 locations to explore on Earth alone - all depicted
with historical accuracy and fascinating details, deluding
London, New York, San Francisco, the Far East and the Valley of
Ihe Kings.
• Realistic combat sequences let you control each character
individually, while still giving general orders to the others.
• Meet and interact with over 500 unique characters, each with
distinct personalities.
"A triumph of intelligent game design."
THE ONE No other computerised RPG comes as dose to being an accurate conversion as MegaTraveller 1.
GEN 4 MegaTraveller 1 is THE Game of Today... AMIGA POWER ''Terrifying depth, friendly and helpful controls, great atmosphere, excellent balance of strategy and action.
A wonderful piece of role playing software that everyone January 1992 Amiga Computing ssTssSTFSU oiifHiiu!
Based on MegaTraveller by Game Designer's Workshop, the most popular science fiction gaming system and now the critic's choice as the Number One Computer Game!
ANI8A C0MPUTIN6 AMIGA COMPUTING Brilliantly balanced between complexity and playability - MegaTraveller 1's gameplay is a mirade..."The best RPG Adventure game of the year."
CU AMIGA A fantastic RPG with loads of puzzles.
AMIGA FORMAT I can't think of any role-playing game which has the depth and richness of what’s going on.
GAMESMAN This game is truly, uncategorically "Mega!"
W ACE A quantum leap for sci-fi RPC' men In dark; shades are hack and after the success of the film and video now proudly rockin' and ratlin on your Amiga, thanks to Titus.
The game's story goes like this. Are you sitting comfortably? Then II begin.
Once upon a time there were a couple of nice respectable chappies called Jake and Elwood Blues who'd unfortunately spent a long time in that nasty, nasty place, prison. Upon leaving the,,, (cut the crap I haven't got all day or else you'll be fired - Games EdJ.
Gulp, right 111 start again. OK there are these two dudes called Jake and Elwood Blues - the Blues Brothers - and they were nicked and thrown In the slammer |at the end of the film, remember?}. When the boys got out after a long stretch they discovered that some little tea4eaf had nicked all their musical equipment and this is where you come in.
You have to control either Jake or Elwood - you can have them on the screen at the same time if you find a friend with a spare joystick - and guide them round several locations trying to get their equipment back. Not an easy leave via the exit which is placed somewhere in the level.
At the bottom of the screen is your energy meter. Your energy is represented by three hearts and when you come into contact with an enemy or whatever, you lose one of those hearts.
When all those are lost you lose one of your three lives.
But not to fear, because hearts can be regained by either finding a little heart - they are dotted around the level
- or collecting one hundred records, which are to be found in
little clusters.
As you can see. You have to do a lot of dodging enemies, a lot of exploring for the essential items, and a lot of hunting for exits. I did warn you it wasn't an easy task, didn't I?
The game really does excel on the graphics and sound front. The graphics are brilliant and give a really good Blues Brothers 'feel' to the game. On the sound front, there are five funktastic tunes all taken from the movie and Titus must be applauded for these, which really do make the game for me.
After all the duff film conversions that have been released [Terminator 2, Navy Seals.
Darkman. Back to the Future 3. Gremlins 2 and so on| this really is a breath of fresh air.
The playability, graphics and sound are all good.
There isn't a lot I can grumble about except maybe that the game is quite hard and definitely not one for the platform beginner.
If I was Titus I would be very proud of this excellent film conversion.
Biffa with no problems whatsoever (watch it you - angry Games Ed). Pulling the joystick left and right moves your brother around the screen in the respective direction, Shoving the joystick up makes your brother leap a mighty enough jump to put Wayne Sleep to shame, and pulling down makes your bro' duck, To attack your fearsome enemies, who are strategically dotted around the place, all you have to do ts press Fire to pick up an object and then press Fire again to throw it at your enemy, knocking the blighter out for the count. The objects are few and far between, so use them very wisely.
Each level contains one item which isn't too hard to find - all you have to do is use your brains a bit.
When you find the item you have to Y T T 00009 [___--- --- PLAYER KICK OFF 2 MANAGER __ january 1992 Amiga Computing AMIGA FORMAT - Best footy gam* to have appeared ST Action - A stroke of pure geniua. The FINALWHISTLH on any machine. The One • Exceptional Most involved.
AMIGA USER INT - The best computer oame ever rewarding and playable ST FORMAT • What a flamel Gem to Play Magic Amiga Format • Enthralling and Addictrve ST ACTION - The best game ever to grace the ST Format • Brilliant ST Highest accolade I can give.
The Ace - Brilliant. Buy-Buy-Buy. • 1991 ANCQ SQPWARE LTD.
The One - Ultimate Soccer simulation FINAL WHISTLE Data Disk foe Kick Off 2 7 MILLSIOE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. LAWSON ROAD.
DARTFORD, KENT. DA1 MH, (DOUBLE SIDED DRIVE ONLY) TEL: 0322 292513 18 FAX: 0322 293422 MicroProse’s smash hit of 1986. Silent Service, which to date is still the best sub sim on the Amiga. The original game had challenge, detailed control of difficulty level, and tense action. So how can they have improved it?
The answer is a double dose of graphics and sound. Silent Service was excellent on the gameplay front, but fairly under-endowed when it came to presentation. The sound effects were primitive and the graphics functional, so there has afways been room for massive improvement.
And massive improvement is what we get after all these yearsl When the game loads, which can take some time.
SS H s heritage becomes obvious. It was designed as a game for VGA IBM compatibles, and as such has digitised pictures of the ships and far more presentable layouts for the various action stations you can access.
These include the map screen, where most of the action takes place, the periscope, which you'll use as little as possible if you want to survive very long, the bndge view, damage control, and the gauges (you have to check these yourself as you’ve just shot your engineer out into fifty fathoms of the Pacific Ocean, remember?).
The action stations are accessed either by pressing function keys or by clicking on a small symbol at the bottom of your screen. There is enough information contained in them to keep most people happy, but I would have liked a continuously updated depth gauge on all screens When you're in shallow water and under attack, running aground is the last thing you'll ever do. All the graphics are slick and oh, Captain,' gasped the Engineering Officer, 'those bulkheads won t take much more of this! Ye cannae change the laws of physics!' We had attacked a peaceful little convoy of Japanese
battleships and cruisers about twenty minutes before, and had spent the intervening time trying desperately to dodge the six escorts and their incessant depth-charging.
So far they had fought fair, but it was only a matter of time before the water was filled with the sound of Des O’Connor as those fiendish onentals resorted to the ultimate weapon. I had to think fast and engineer Mr Scott’s impressions weren't helping my concentration, There goes another one,* he added as a depth-charge went off perilously close. 'Much more of this and she'll break up, Cap’nl* 'Hard left rudder!' I shouted. 'Release debrisl*. There was a sort of drawn out glooping sound as the debris, designed to fool the destroyers into thinking they’d sunk us, was fired from tube one We’d
added an extra touch of realism by coaxing the engineer into the torpedo tube with a story about dilithi- um crystals. It's a far better thing, and all that eh7 After ten more minutes of crash diving, hard ruddering, and glancing sweatily at stop watches - well, they do it in the movies, don't they? - we evaded our pursuers. One engine damaged, a fire amidships, our periscope wrecked, and the four torpedoes we d fired were all duds. Ah well, at least we got rid of the engineer.
Silent Service II is the follow up to colourful, yet foey manage funcoonaiity at the same time. The gauges screen «s a little confusing at first - I found myself wondering which was the thermostat and which was the dapometer - but you're soon au fait enough with it to take a quick glance during combat just to make sure there’s enough power in the battenes to keep that little rabbrt tapping away on his bn drum.
The game’s sound effects hSv been improved out of sight. Everything is sampled, right down to the ’divel divel diver as you slip below the waves. The seagull sounds when you sail on the surface are a nice touch, too. Sonar pings, explosions, and engine noises are all realistic enough to add a healthy wodge of atmosphere when you’re in the thick of things, so they do exactly the job you'd expect for a simulation.
You can play SS II in several ways, though the difficulty levels have been greatly simplified, Instead of the individual options in the original, such as whether or not you want expert destroyers or convoy zig-zags, the player is given a choice of four levels - Introductory, Normal, Advanced, and Ultimate.
The only realism factor under your control Is whether you have historical or flawless torpedoes.
Fa much of the war. American torpedoes were of a distinctly dodgy design, so if choose the historical option you will find many of them turn out to be duds. This is a real pain if you’ve fired off two torpedoes, then crash dived and turned away at flank speed as all sensible commanders will do. By the time you reakse your torpedoes have caused no more damage than a quick paint job will cure, you're hopelessly out of position and the escorts have been alerted.
I found the temptation to fire three or even four torpedoes at a small freighter was irresistible after a few of my torpedoes had gone *dunk* instead of "boom*. This is wasteful - after all. They are a submarine's most valuable resource after fuel and air.
The difficulty levels work fairly wefl Introductory is easy and designed to let you get your feet wet - or keep them dry, in this easel - and Normal is a well balanced option for when you’ve mastered the basic tactics of submarine warfare (sneak up when they can t see you. Fire from under cover, and run away very quickly).
Of the two higher levels, Advanced seems to offer more adept destroyers and alert lookouts, which is my way of admitting they saw me coming a mile two terpodocs sue** off on the nip screen a*ayand deptrKfiarged me til my ears popped. Utomaw level is nairier inan an Afghan Hound.
There's enough of a cnaiienge to ‘ rp the average sun fan going for a very long time with SS II. Especially wnen it is played in tne War Career mode. This allows you to choose a start date for your career, the base from which you begin and your patrol zone, from this point, its up to you where you patrol, wmch contacts you investigate, and how long you live.
You won't last Jong if you rush in at Enaoy snips snob to mu rather than dak every contact. Wnen patrolling, you nave a map of tne entire Pacific basin and the submarine, represented oy a white doc follows me mouse pointer as long as you Keep the left burton depressed. Wnen a contact e made, you are given a screen telling you the rough size of the contact its bearing and the time of day.
This determines how dose you can go to an enemy without being seen.
There are different values for end-on.
Broadsideoa and your periscope along with the range at which you'll fie visible se keyboard * Out now on sonar. I generally chicken out of any daylight attack as they're usually more hassle and danger than me re worth, but even sticking to attacks in darkness, fve so far failed to su we longer man June 16m 1943-over two years snort ofVJdayf If you're a Sim fan. Bey this game - it’s excellent. If you nave tne original try it first The gamepjay is essentially the same and you mignr not be bothered about tne fancy touches.
NL 4-INCH GUN Januaiy 1992 Amiga Computing Core Design * £30.99 ¦ 1 Meg Joystick Mouse Out Now (Kings have a bit of a reputation. You see, they're generally considered to be a bit "hard". Not just hard as in "Come on you ponces, I've had 23 pints and I II tek youse all on", but hard as in plucking rusty nails from their kneecaps with their teeth and enjoying it". Yes, it's official.
Vikings are hard". Or at least they used to be.
A Rjfj i 1 i I_._)
- O.
; A It i the Heimdall Posse, er, chilling out Somewhere along the line, those powerful noble Vikings suddenly became Abba and Rox- ette. I ask you, what can have gone wrong?
Did some horrendous twist appear in the DNA of the Norse warriors that resulted in Scandi- navia being famous for Lego and crap disco music rather than hairy hammer-wielding killing machines and boats with dragons on them? Personally I think that it was those pesky Norse gods having a laugh. Sort of like a divine Jeremy Beadle prank.
The Norse gods were famous for stupid things like that, you know. Come with me on a swirly trip back through time, and I II show you what I mean... WoooooOooooooHoooooo.
Wibble. (One quick swirly trip back through time later). Well, here we are in Finland, home of the Vikings. Or is it Sweden? It could be blimmin Durham for all I know, but take my word for it, this is definitely the home of the Vikings.
If you look over yonder you II see a lovely little Viking village, and a small boy hurling axes at a little girls head. OK, settle down.
It isn't what you think. Well, actually, it is what you think, but there s a bloody good reason for All this excitement is « bit much for ol Heimdall CDGameR January 1993 it.
Young Heimdall, for it is he, is the laddie in question and the reason he must abuse greased up animals and throw sharp objects at young girls is because he is a God in human form. Or a human in Godlike form. Either way, he s destined to be the saviour of all the Vikings when he grows up.
No snogging on the back seat of a longship for Heimdall I'm afraid.
But before he can go on to fulfill his majestic destiny he must prove himself to be a worthy warrior, and apparently Vikings proved their manhood by worrying farm animals and threatening young lasses. Nothing s changed really has it?
There are three tasks which young Heimdall must complete for him to gain the respect of the villagers, First he must sever an incarcerated girl from her pigtails by flinging axes at her, then he must capture that infamous greasy pig, and finally he must retrieve a bag of gold from a ship, while everyone tries to beat him up.
How well you do in these sections will directly affect your chances in the proper game, because obviously the village warriors aren t going to join up with a little squirt who can't even keep control of a pig.
Therefore, if your performance in these sections is especially crap then you won't have as many crew members to choose from later in life. On the other hand, if you re ace at these bits then everyone II be wetting themselves to be in your gang, just like Gary Glitter. Once you've proved your manliness, we fast forward a couple of decades to when Heimdall is a strapping viking warrior, so it s time for another of those spooky swirly trips through time... WoooooOooooooHoooooo. Wibble. Blimey. This time travelling lark s fun isn't it? Anyway, it's now about, ooh, ten or fifteen years later
and the time of Rag- narok is nigh.
It is prophesised that the evil god, Loki, will have a punch up with the good gods and will scatter the weapons of the gods throughout the viking lands, so the good gods don't stand a chance. Luckily, the good gods thought this might happen and so they created Heimdall yonks ago to find the weapons for them. Forward planning, you see. Highly efficient fellas these god types.
So, Heimdall sets off to find all three of the god s weapons so they can give Loki a good thrashing and then all will be well with the world. Unfortunately for Heimdall, the weapons are pro- fpl tected by many bogus monsters and traps and such like.
Without a second thought, Heimdall selects his posse from the village macho men, and leaves behind the comforts of dangerously potent ale and the tender recesses of well oiled pigs and heads out into adventure and excitement.
And lo, it is written that it would come to pass that in the year 1991, the gamesmiths of Core Design would take the great and (not entirely) true legend of Heimdall and transform the tomes therein to forge a video arcade game of truly trouser rending magnitude. And they did as well, you know.
Yup, Heimdall is corkier than a badly opened bottle of wine. It s gorgeous. It s fruity. It s like Cadaver without the control problems. It's like Dungeon Master VISION Oot5DW Second tp none rtnrton and (tetri Ike you wouldn't AUDIO Not enough memory tor i ful blown soundtrack. The Me there bb top.
P LAY A B I L I TV with an arcadey feel. It s not all bad, if the truth be told.
Ocei ChArlom, don t you think the barbie i a bit too hot?
In the main part of the game you control Heimdall, and two of his six strong crew, as you explore all the islands that make up the viking world. The wortd it divided into three seperate lands, the land of men. The land of giants and the land of the gods.
In each land you II find one of the lost weapons, but you II have to solve plenty of little quests and puzzles along the way.
Of course, vikings being vikings, there's bound to be loads of scrapping going on, And there is. Combat is very much in the style of Elvira. The mouse is used to dick on the weapon you wish to use and then on the ATTACK icon. You'll see the combat from first person perspective in a little animated window and the results of your attack. Timing is of utmost importance, as your enemy can easily dodge a badly planned attack.
Magic can also be used, to either protect your team or to assault your opponent. To put it simply, the combat in Heimdall is great. It s just far too tempting to leap into a fight with some huge monster just so you can see what wondrous animation awaits you in the fight scene. Stupid, yes. But great fun!
0000 Accessible to non-rpg fans, but enough there for affidonados.
The graphics are just amazing throughout. The animation on the opening trial sections and the fighting bits puts tripe like Drag ons Lair to shame, and the attention to detail on the walking around sections really brings the game to life, I can't really do the graphics justice, so look at those screenshots, get all overcome by the sultriness of them and then drink a pint of cold water. See what I mean? Brilliant.
The sound is limited, mainly due to the amount of memory that the graphics eat up, but what is there is good enough.
Footsteps, creaking doors and a stirring theme tune are about all This is only the map for the land of men. Somewhere in there is one of the gods weapon!
You re likely to hear.
But stop moaning, just be thankful for what you ve got. You selfish mongrels, spare a thought for the ST owners. All they II get is some tinny scratchy noises.
Mind you. That s their fault for buying a smeggy computer.
To sum up then, Heimdall steals little bits from Cadaver, Dungeon Master. Knight Lore on the speccy, and that crap cartoon Vikki the Viking and mixes them all up into a wonderful concoction that should have any self respecting adventure nut locked in a small room for donkeys years. A vast throbbing epic of a game.
Daniel SHOOT- 'EM - UP In a fit of unbridled generosity.
Gamer responds to public demand by continuing the HakPak series actually inside the Gamer section of the magazine. We've brought them inside because its too cold at this time of year to be hanging around outside.
E o c 8 ML Racing games. Hardly a rare commodity are they7 They come and go like a kangaroo Stuck in a revolving door. And slap me down with a tub of low fat yoghurt, if US Gold haven't released yet another Out Run game to fill up our eager Yule- tide stockings.
Unfortunately for US Gold, the Out Run games have a reputation for being, well, a little bit crap actually. To say the original game was slow would be like saying the Rope is a bit religious, and Turbo Out Run wasn't exactly turbo charged, was it? So Out Run Europa really has to be the wasp's armpits to prove itself. Has it succeeded? Read on and find out.
US GOLD ¦ £25.99 ¦ ' i meg 1 Joystick ¦ Out now To break the rather predictable racing game style, US Gold have incorporated a 'plot* into the game. Plot? Ha ha hal It s not really a plot, just an excuse to try out other styles of graphics. Anyway, for the purists amongst you here, in all its glory, it is.
The Plot; You're supposed to be a secret agent, blah blah, exciting car chases, blah blah, dangerous missions, blah blah, Out Run with different sprites, blah blah. And there, as they say. You have it.
What this all boils down to is a multilevel drive-em-up in which you leap from motorbikes to jetski. To sports cars to speedboats and thunder across Europe with police and enemy agents in hot pursuit. Every now and again an enemy agent or cop will 200m up behind you and try to knock you for six.
You can knock them back, but the best course of action is to use one of your limited turbo boosts and zip out of range. Wow.
The graphics are decidedly average, looking like they haven't quite been finished. And this lends the game an unpolished feel. This is the sort of presentation we'd expect from a budget game, not a big Xmas title from a major software house.
Thankfully, things have been speeded up from the previous two escapades.
But that can act against the game, especially on the Jetski level. As you sweep from side to side, rocks can suddenly lurch out of the distance and send you flying before you get a chance to react, which knocks precious seconds off your ome limit.
The sound, for those who need to know, is exactly what you'd expect from a racing game. Uninsptnng tune, chun- dering engine noise and squeaky skid effects, Ho de hum hum hum.
The first time I played the game. I hated it. Yes. I'll be honest. I couldn't stand it. It felt sloppy and poorly planned out, almost as if US Gold had released it without testing it properly in time for Xmas. But surely they wouldn't do that? Further playing didn't really do much to change my mind.
Despite all the different sprites it's still a run of the mill driving game. It's not as Addkttt to a certain dc?Ur butdonleqMCtany bad as first impressions might lead you believe, but its still a long, long way being as good as it should be.
Competition like Lotus Challenge 2, Run Europa looks positively laughable.
Doubtlessly people are already ing it in droves, but the more disc among you would be wise to fork for a game that concentrates less self-gratifying hype and more on pi bility. As average average gets.
Baby love, you are my baby love... AUDIO GCCS(|p Good sound effects, pity
• bout the annoying tunt- PLAYASILITy 00CWP Sooing damage* the
,l( ' ¦ W ADDICTIO Level of difficulty *tpp* you coming back
for more.
Loriciel » 1 2 meg Joystick ¦ £25.99 ¦ Out now Everybody loves a baby - why? It s because they are so sickeningly cute that's why.
Tnd Baby Jo Is no exception. He screams, he cries, he wets his nappies, burps, he sucks hi? Thumb and he's .ars for only £25.99. Yes. I'm afraid it's true, those guys j"d gals from across the old English Channel (that’s France just in case .ou didn't know - Geographic Ed) have come up with a cutesy platform
* ame, but is it any good? Well read on and find out The blurb
that comes with 7* game's instructions reads 'Vba is the new
hero?' And e answer is simple - it's “any Secombe, but appar-
Loriciel think it's Baby Jo That’s fine by me but
* nen did you last see Batman
* ct himself or when did you see Super-
- an start sucking his thumb?
Right enough of this superhero busi- “cs. What do you have to do? Being r kind and considerate person I am, I tell you. It’s simple, Baby Jo is lost in the countryside, far from town, his nome and his mother, and all you have » do is get him home again.
But have no fear, because Baby Jo is nry clever and by using his unique sense of direction he always knows
* r*h way is home (Quick, phone the ¦hats Ufe team).
While trying to get the baby home jou have to watch out for hazardous taps and the fearsome baddies. The atttes - all of whom are as cute as Jo
• include things like jack-in-the-boxes,
• owers, worms, wasps, black clouds I wfkch fire lightning at you
and even an ndestrucbble sun. Having all these baddies trying
to poor Baby Jo can be a problem, because babies don’t tend to
cany Uzis jnd flamethrowers in their nappies. So I »hat does
Baby Jo use to dispose of his enemies?
Well, he uses a more powerful Watch out for those spiders. Baby Jo weapon than an Uzi or a flamethrower
- he uses baby rattles which are placed around each level.
However, they should be used wisely because there are a lot of
baddies and not a lot of rattles.
So what else can Baby Jo use to help him get home? Well there's a first aid kit which restores his energy, and there are also bonuses in the form of fruits and sweets. There are balloons which are inflated with helium so that Baby Jo can climb trees or cross ravines, too.
Baby Jo has a friend called Jock the Duck, who looks identical to Daffy Duck.
Jock provides Baby Jo with some helpful clues, but beware - Jock has a Jeremy Beadle-type personality and some of his clues are only jokes.
There is one snag with Baby Jo.
Which is that he hasn't been toilet- trained and if you eat too many bonuses he tends to fill his nappy rather quickly, thus reducing him to walking rather than running. To overcome this problem 70% Go and get your rattle Baby Jo, Iff b«lii»d yooooou!
Oooh whats In the surprise parcel kiddles?
¦ Jo do«n t trust the I NHS, he j got hli ¦ own medication you must find a new nappy. There are two types - the ordinary nappy and the super nappy. The latter gives Baby Jo super speed and enables him to cross huge distances in a single bound.
The graphics are really nice and give that added cutesy feel to the game.
Soundwise, the in-game tunes get on your nerves after a while, but the sound effects are excellent with Baby Jo giggling. Burping and crying all the way home. One complaint is that the scrolling is a bit jerky-and the game is rather difficult!
January 1992 Amiga Computing Overall. Baby Jo is just another average platform game. Loriciel have tried very hard but it doesn't compete with the likes of Magic Pockets and Robocod, Jonathon Maddock h crikey.
Oh crikey o' nley. I'm in love with my second game this month. First of all I was reduced to a mound of trembling jelly by the knee- knocking gorgeousness of Alien Breed, and now I've gone head over heels for RoboCod. What will the neighbours think?
And do you know what's best about both games?
They're both original. No big money licences, no celebrity endorsements, just good ol' fashioned computer games for the sake of making good oT fashioned computer games. Ooh, I’ve come over all nostalgic.
What a guy? Robo leaps deadly traps in a single bound RoboCod (teds himself (ho ho ho) for the confrontation that awaits him inside We've been expecting you, Mr Pond MILLENIUM • £25.99 ¦ ' t meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now Visions of Manic Miner, Jet Pac and Chuckie Egg swim before my misty eyes.
Those were the days.
And, smite me backwards with a steaming hot Spectrum power pack, those days look Tike they might be returning. Hurrah, hurrah and thrice hurrah.
Anyway, before I completely lose myself in the hazy realms of 8-bit memories. I’d better tell you just why RoboCod has sent me so squiffy at the joints. Cos it’s bloody brilliant, that's why. It's one of those games that just spurts playability and general loveliness out of the monitor and all over your lap. From the wonderful way it lampoons RoboCop - who could resist a game with the subtitle 'he's mean, he's green, he's part machine? - to the intricately crafted levels, it’s a winner through and through.
Out and about with the Cyborg Trout During his adventure. RoboCod can take advantage of three different vehicles. And here, in a pretty coloured box, they are: RoboCar RoboCod isn't above resorting to devious means. As you can clearly see, the thieving bar steward has gone and swiped poor old Noddy's car. But Noddy's just an outdated symbol of blinkered xenophobic fascism anyway, so who cares?
RoboBath Obviously, if you reaHy want to make a splash when you're out on the town, you should be driving a porceJan bath Beats a Porsche any day. I don't think. Conclusive proof that certain games programmers are a few lozenges short of a chemist's.
RoboPlane To really shift through the levels, the RoboPlane is the thing to find. Fast deadly and decidedly plane-shaped. I the RoboPlane is most certainly a plane. Yes, it s definitely a plane, And a very nice one too.
R I I w S' i The story goes like this: The evil Dr January 199!
Maybe has taken over Santa s toy factory and is producing deadly toys to completely bugger up Christmas for everyone.
Who could save the world from a nightmare of exploding Ninja Turtle figures? Well, we did try that woman from Watchdog but she wasn't in. It was then that the governments of the world had a brainwave and got in touch with
F. I.5.H, who in turn got in touch with Pond. James Pond, that
Pond game. James has been 'hanging out" with all his under-sea homeboys but when duty calls he's ready for action once more. He reports to T and welds himself into a robot suit which will enable him to breathe out of water.
Thus fortified against the slings and snorkels of outrageous fortune, he stomps off to exact fishy justice on Dr Maybe.
OK, that's the story out of the way.
So just what can RoboCod do? Well as you can imagine, RoboCod weighs a bit, with two tonnes of solid titanium staSince his last mission, which spookily enough took place in the original James pled to his nipples, and so instead 4 zapping the bogus bad dudes with i gun. He just jumps on their heads and squashes them. Fair enough. He caj also extend his body vertically and gra onto platforms high above him. This si really handy gadget, and as there's nd limit to how high he can go.You ua really have a laugh making him latd onto a really high platform and then m ting go. Yuk yuk yuk.
You can also scrunch down to look a what’s going on below you. Add to fffl the usual array of power-ups that H you the ability to fly, or to become invin- oNe, and you've got a pretty tough fish.
Robo can also hop into vehicles to ad his progress, and these range from a little plane to a car to a bath tub.
Not really sure about flying around in a oath tub. But Millenium reckon it's true, so we ll give them the benefit of the soubt. And if you think that's weird,
* ait until you clap eyes on what awaits you inside the factory.
Instead of les with i leads and
l. He cart and grab
n. This is I there's no ,You can him latch d then let* to look*
tfdtoths that graft Each set of levels takes place in a
'room*, each of which represent different sorts of toys and
games. There are nne rooms in all, each comprising several
levels and a big guardiarnype thmgy.
The rooms cover such topics as sports - where big footballs and golfdubs tower above you - to the circus where crazed oowns try to fillet you, The cartoon style 6 there throughout, with pretty much everything having a siHy little face on it, and even the nasties look like rejects from the worst 60’s acid nightmare, aoarre is not the word. Erm. Well, actually bizarre is the word. And so is honkers.
Orcelain e a few The graphics are brilliantly stylised, managing to keep the feel of the original but soil adding something new. Bigger, better and brighter than before is fse best way to describe them. The animation is spot on, with plenty of neat lit- 8e touches to look out for. For instance.
The way that Robo will pick up momentum as he runs down a steep slope and then skid to a halt at the bottom, with his little fins nowt more than a blur of speed.
Naturally the programmers take full advantage of this momentum and usually put a really fiendish trap at the bottom of a slope so you run straight into it and die horribly. Still, you've got to oaocw A yeat springy rm of the RoboCop music «td not FX.
Cm Robo s wings get him pest those smirking bullets?
Laugh. Sound, believe it or not, is excellent too. The tune is a bouncy cartoorv style parody of the ominous RoboCop theme, and the springy sound effects complement the graphics well. Boing, thud, ker-splat and wibble. You certainly won't be aiming down the volume on this one.
Of course, RoboCod does suffer Slightly because it's 'just another plat- form game’. In the past few months alone we've had the rather excellent Magic Pockets and the commendable Rolling Ronny, but RoboCod stands up well against Such competition. It's better than Ronny. There's no doubt about that, and I might even go as far as to say that it's better than Magic Pockets. Scandalous?
Well, fm just a sucker for a fish m body armour.
There are tons and tons of features and little cheats to discover as you go along.
Enough to keep you exploring for weeks on end. But aU of this begs the question - what comes next? Dirty Haddock? Pike Rogers? Put it this way. If you liked James Pond then you'll go ape over this, and even if you didn't like James Pond, buy this anyway or I'll come round and break your windows. Yes I will. Now bog off.
While I have another bash at the Sweeoes level... Golf games have been somewhat more available on the whole for the Amiga than the ST. especially with the recent release of PGA Tour Golf. This was a fine game but the conversion suffered because no changes were made to the lfrcotour lores EGA graphics. The 32-colour med+es graphics of Microprose' little dub- warmer certainly show up Electronic Art s poorly presented, but highly playable game Suitable for the basic A500 machine.
Microprose Golf offers, after loading, a menu of options that can be selected before you dive in to the serious business of competition play. Options for past play include loading a previously saved round or a replay of that hole in one on the ninth.
There is also a demo of the play which is handy for beginners because it screens, in one broad sweep, the majority of the available features. You can also view your player’s statistics (see later).
However, for most beginners you will be well advised to play the driving range and the putting practice area.
MICROPROSE ¦ £34.99 ¦ Vi meg • Mouse • Out now Both of these areas have been well designed. The driving range offers alternate strips of farway and trees - daring you to hit your shot 'straight down the middle', as one crooner described it. In addition to the directional guidance you are offered help with distance as the major distance landmarks are scribed onto the fairway (100.200, etc).
The putting practice area is just as good. The view for the shot can be changed, the speed of the green can be altered and a grid system can be overlaid to help you observe precisely how the ball is moving after your shot.
After your practice sessions have been completed you can select one of many different types of competition.
Microprose should be congratulated for the wide choice (a pat on the back is in the post. Paul - Sarcasm Ed).
Medal is a competition for points using a score card. Points are V awarded for each hole - the 1 lowest score wins. Skins is a t I I SJ » E competition for money. An amount of money is allocated to each hole before the round is played and the player who completes the hole with the least number of strokes wins the cash. If there is a draw then the cash is carried on to the next hole, and then the next until the total amount is won. Head To Head is you against the computer, playing for points, Tournament allows you to play with up to four human players for points. In Singles you play for the
number of holes won overall. Bestball 3 and Bestball 4 is a competition for points.
However, here the match is you or you and a friend against two opponents with one ball each.
Threesome and Foursome is (deep breath) either two players against yourself or two against two with either two balls for two teams each taking alternate shots or two balls OCOOf Speed md detail Gosh.
Ccopp each with the best score on each teart counting for the final card. Finally, Threeball and Fourball is a competmoi of three or four individual sides wni play for points. In just about all of thi above, you can toggle whether a con puter or a human player takes part.
Once you have selected the compe* tion you must allocate the skill levd Novice players get things easy while I player with a handicap must suffer ail a the vagaries of play (wind speed and varying direction).
It is nice to see a proper handle system in a golf game. It means that ya will be 'given' a number of shots thi will be subtracted from your final score The better you do. The lower your hand- tcap becomes. Your player statistics can.
Therefore, be saved to a separate data disk.
It is pleasing to watch how your player improves - or otherwise - over nme and competition, A close eye can be kept on your player's statistics from the main menu View Stats option. Here, you can see your player's performance via a large bar graph plus statistics such as average score, average putts holed, number of birdies scored and so on.
There is a wide selection of courses to choose from. Deep breath: Bally- brook. Farthing Valley, St Augustine, Fairdale Park, Fenham Valley. Buckland Heath and Mountsummer Point.
Mdicap hat you as that ll SCOT- There is a welcome wide selection of variables that you can change before the shot is made, such as varying the foot positions, the height of the tee and the club selection. Other variables include a wide variety of camera viewpoints and an instant replay.
Playing a fairway shot has been well implemented. The game penalises you for a strong shot. Therefore, it is more difficult to hit a straight shot the harder you hit. Basically, you dick to initiate the shot, click again to stop the 'strength* meter, then dick again to tty to land in the "straight* zone (which will shrink the harder the shot). Failure to find the 'straight' zone will mean a hooked or sliced shot.
Jools 3(4) Putter 22ins For putting, just click to initiate the putt wait to increase the shot's power and dick again to stop the strength meter. This section of the game is a little unusual from others in that the distance you can hit is not explicitly displayed onscreen.
Putting ii Sometimes a little too easy, or maybe I'm just Nick Faldo in disguise On the fairway you have to quit to the club selection screen and gauge from that how far you go around the strength meter. It might sound strange but this is the nearest simulation to asking your caddy to grve you details of the hole.
Putting is even more bizarre - across the bottom of the screen ts a thermometer gauge. The line which bisects it is the ideal strength for a straight flat putt into the hole from wherever you are. It is up to you to work out whether you need less for a downhill pun or more for an uphill putt. The static-screen graphics make the most of the 32 colours, and as the camera tracks the ball, the smooth way in which the course rotates is reminiscent of the Konami Golfing Greats coirvop, which included more custom chips than you could shake a salt sachet at, Microprose Golf has many advantages.
One excellent feature is the design of the topography which is nicely contoured and contains all of the essential obstructions including water, sand and trees. Even bener, this allows the ball to react to the contours. For example, the ball can ‘kick’ if it finds the right spot on the fairway. Other nice features are the ability to change the distance measurements from metres to yards and the colour of the player s jersey.
There are niggles, though. You do not see tournament computer player updates, such as in PGA Tour Golf, which has a commentator updating the play. You always have to exit to the scoreboard to find out where you are relative to the competition.
The are many excellent features to Microprose Golf which has, on the whole, been expertly designed. Possibly the best golf game you’ll find on the Amiga, it is definitely the best looking, and my personal preference is for this against PGA.
Paul Rigby January 1992 Amiga Computing 99 You can't help it., succumb to Biffa! Seductive short-cuts... &me was recently released bv J we being bothered by * ‘'W we having trouble rir, f Snd ng old knight you. F°ryou W ** Simply pr K while the secnnn wu.
UP and as if &v Men,nr ka 5 dlsk ts SWITCHBLADE 2 What's on the board. Miss Ford? Well it's not one. But two (count 'em) cheats for that beat-'em, shoot- em. Slash-’em. Run-around-like-crazy-em-up game. Switchblade 2, by those masten of the driving game. Gremlin.
To skip levels type m LEVEL on the title screen followed by the number of the level you want to start at. Also, typing in CHROME on the same screen brings up an exciting hidden sub-game. Didn’t they do wetll 3RD EPOCH -COVCPMMBL 4TH EPOCH-WKCCHIEUKNL 5 TH EPOCH - GATAVRXROlYT 6TH EPOCH • WWKDXGPXDBZ 7TH EPOCH - KUUCTOPLGHV 8TH EPOCH - PEHA BPKZAQ 9TH EPOCH - GYJDJHPNFHM MOTHfR TTLE-TjLBVSAJNlGD NAVY SEALS Yo babes, here is a cheat for that game of the film of the same name. To help Charlie Sheen and his buddies aH you have to do is typein PSB0YS to get infinite credits.
PANG Uni I PAW« one with the Japanese a cheat for W " a *'* Here’s--- chappies tunning Well, here itk « ninnmg Murt the nom«l OW r s j35fSS5»“"“w CAR-VUP 9- out on the cheatway. Are you looking for,
- w ”• ” *¦ publisher • nchard willi.wm Ef garner editor
julian txwrdnwn associate editor cddle mckendrlc* jU)
production editor • phd mono id sales - jane Conway fAk tuff
writers - darnel whitchcad ruth priesUty f7 . Jonathon maddock
biiat Pfenty Of nappy changing in this game. To p Y00 a*on9 *
bit here are some later level codes. BISHIAMO, MIHEMOTO and
last but not feast SASl TO 20.
0 drii rt editors - terry ttwele _ wM,e r»» Xendricl« EAIA iMWi Mmcf n diitrOutn! Free *9* tompjooo. Me, eRGameRQameR GameR GameR Gamer GameR Gamer GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR 3533 am PUZZLE & QUIZ Hah If you haven't ordered yours yet, why not send for a ring binder for you HakPak cards? With the three tokens (given awa in the October, Novembi and December issues) th binder is a mere £1.99. Without tokens, it’s stiff only £3.99. Send cheques made payable to EuropreSS Difee* HakPak Offer.
Europress Direct, FREEPOST.
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- !?
* £ 1 *
a. sn M OJ S. O %
* I D I F3 “ n co rsi a & i
- 35 NJ UJ OJ m $ ft
* - S - 0 rS « s 1 5 ¦O M ft 7 to re 3 id A E v, O u Z t" 2 G 1
u rsj O j* » 5 N c, - K1 i I e z N UJ M _ sn
o o
* o sQ
• • IVJ s ° II O S Q UJ NJ 5 2 ii mj N N WI “ m 2 CD
O HI 66 took out ¦ h batk!
No window is safe. No fence is too high. The paperboy is determined to deliver the paper to his subscribers any way he can.
Tossing papers left and right, riding in three directions, jumping anything, this free-wheeling carrier visits more neighbourhoods and houses, faces more targets and obstacles, in more vivid colours than ever before.
Plus, rad stunt riding and BMX tracks in bonus rounds. Choose to ride as either Paperboy or Papergirl too!
Norse legend tells of a time when the Gods of Valhalla and Asgard created a race known as the Vikings. Born to represent his people at the battle of Ragnorak, Heimdall must first fight, solve puzzles and explore the Viking world to find the weapons of the Gods.
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appearance. These can be animated in real-time using a vast
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aran :v„.- gJ :«iw MM Wfi
mil) pm Mini £*4440 ItrtSI 011*43 0*457* 37SJ43 Ml*** eunj m*r
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MM) (M5T6 8*52*1 0*4*4? 07*137 £354*7 0*4335 (04390 on*** 0U112
(HIM 4003 067*45 VW. 0DM 0*7543 I7S7J* 0*4)1) 0PK7 17*545
0*4449 C*JW IN**) OWN M7K) INM2 0W12 irim mm
977) 3? 0*5274 its on your Own videos or recordings. The Big
Alternative Scroller - worth a
• tl*41 1745*9 133*4*
IIDI. ' 124»: DINT uni 1252:* iuno "«*?* 'DNS ’3431) 114*40
121774 '344* 1100 120*5 15457* 11 M2 1KUS '5BM 117**) 12MB
-MNt 117473 127332 13)774 11137* 127443 13550 1115*1 1275*1
1BJH 1112*5 122W 1)045 'W2? -im 13*4*1 120*4* ’27451 114*42
170777 '20061 134*95 nun uan unn
1) 1*03 125512 IVM) 12144* 1)0325 1375*3 121754 130*41 137*47
12IN1 M MM 121M 1)1111 I MU ;;:»4 MM MM 22(44 I31(M 131375
122*51 1)1754 133532 12B41 HIM ’*31*2 12*4*2 II’M) 141544
1734*4 1375*4 142P5 '234*7 117*44 143574
12) 5*5 11215* *44)2 120D 1)1243 MBU '2*04 IMF 14SM 30U21 OM3I3
MM) OS***) '124*4 00*443 C44S7* 117*54 0*44? £*4)37 -0324] MM (MM
NMD ®T!U Ct52?t HUM 074*3 MM MM 07*0 mrn fostw !**«’ MUM ¦Ml
mm 4TOJ2 0*TM) MM 0»TM MM Ail."
MM cool £50 - can be yours for absolutely nothing!
All of the answers can be found in either this or recent issues of AC, so get searching! To enter this fabulous competition, simply answer the questions for the package(s) you're interested in, Then fill in the rest of the entry form, cut it out (or use a photocopy if you'd prefer not to destroy your magazine) and send it to the address below before january 2, 1992. Good luck!
MM :*U4!
WJB M642 (00301 7*55*5
001) 7* 7*7)3?
MM (04550 C2UI2 ¦Ml
* 1125* 0113*1 0125*7 J'W MM U’4 .
Pi : Mi r;**2 MM ¦HU DIM) aim omrs »17« MM MIDI 09477* 50740 041541 1M1K -0K4) 0*25*4 I COM '070.1 PK**4 11*77? -*7M 01? Is* 11111 iowi (HM) m*4) -OKC m*n hiu* ion?)
Am )HM loan C4M8' '019*1 III?)* 0N»1 1KU2 MM Mm nw MV onwc 6W11 MM OWN U5W5 3 SMC 0425*4 N7JK mm 0PW Questions.
W5754 CMS!
C4444C 0534*7 Cf'Ki CttPS ...for Real 3D Professional 1 Which of the following were the orige nal creators of Real 3D?
A Dr Henri Bujko and Prof Juri Large ¦ B Dr Michael Mouse and Mr Chip Dale ¦ C Juha and Vesa Meskanen ¦ 2 Would increasing the recursion depth within an environment alter rendering times?
A Yes - and especially if highly reflective items are part of the scene ¦ B No • because recursion only plays a part in the design phase ¦ C Won't make a scrap of difference - what a stupid question! | ...for Real 3D Beginners 1 Which would render fastest on a chequered landscape - a hollow glass ball or a plain, solid block?
A The hollow glass ball ¦ B The plain, solid block g C Almost identical for both objects ¦ Send to: The Great Graphics Giveaway, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, MACCLESFIELD SK10 4NP 2 Is there a limit to the number of possible light sources?
A No - you can have as many as you like ¦ B Yes - 10 separate sources is the maximum within any environment ¦ C No - but you can't have more than three Of any one colour | ...for the Big Alternative Scroller 1 Can BAS. Use standard Amiga fonts?
A Yes - all standard fonts can be used within the software ¦ B No - the package uses its own internal fonts | C It can use both internal and external fonts ¦ 2 In which screen format does B.A.5. operate?
A High-res, full overscan using interlace ¦ B Lo*res, with 16 colours and without interlace ¦ C Ham ¦ t If your GRAND GRAB number from Amiga Computing issue 43 (December 1991) matches any of those listed above, carefully complete your claim form t Photocopies of winning GRAND GRAB number panels will not be accepted ? The first 41 fully completed GRAND GRAB daim forms to be drawn from the compiled entries on january 2,1992 will win the GRAND GRAB prizes GRAND GRAB claim form I l I I l I I l Name Address Home telephone Attach GRAND GRAB winning number panel here: (Photocopies not accepted) !
Question: " What is the is the name of Amiga Comer's chart section?
I I (a) Talking Shop (b) Shop Talk Q (c) Chart Attack Q | Send this completed coupon to: GRAND GRAB CLAIMS, Amiga Computing JEuropa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP j 1 Amgo Caoputty CjtANO CRAI n open to M rudm vrtft the exception oi fixtpnru Oaf mfkffm, agents and atorto
4. AJ mtwiing damants w*l rttent uYipedW mnrw4 prize*.
Conprtng raene the n it lo wtnttiRf prim wmou IttM.
4 The etfcor") deenkm s fcuJ and no pencrtal correspondence can be rtnrd rto a rwit a» * GRAND GRAB dam
7. Al tUCCmU dWIUrB Ml be Idted rt future issue* of A"*?:
1 Each damart MUST complete the sbl qjnbon on the GRAND CJW8 cUim fan be*ore the* entry become* vM
J. The main CRAW GRAS prim ni br «w«tM to the tost 41 daimTrts
drawn from awrrWed entries on 2 January. 1992.
Stereo master a quality sampler with the expertise of over 10 years of software programming, you are purchasing a top quality product with the knowledge that It is not only compatible with existing Microdeal products but will also be with future ones What is Stereo Master Stereo Master s a low cost, high quality sound sampler for the Amiga range of computers. The sample' cartridge included in the package plugs into the printer port at the rear of the computer and allows you to analyze the sounds coming in from devices such as Personal Cassette Players. Compact Disc Players etc. or change the
way they sound using the Real Time Special Effects or record them Once in the computer STEREO MASTERS unique editor will enable you to edit the sound in practically any way ou can Imagine. Once you have the sound sample how you want It. You may incorporate it Into your own Demo's or use STEREO m 11,* M V. The Sampling Software .-I . IdJi Jli- k.1 iM. , nrcnfcEWEircffEsr MAIN SCREEN Every feature you would expect to find in a professional editing suite including.
* Real trne record play ghost markers * Playbock volumes
* Cut or Delete selected sample area * Decrease volume
* Mix sample with full Of half volume * Increase volume
* Shrink in by 25% 50% 75% by drag or wipe * Bounce sample
* Fade in out with selectable degree of fade * Paste sample
* Filter sample with soft medium hard filter * Trigger recording
* Selectable trigger volumes * Clear left right samples
* Record frequency from 3.0 to 55.9 Khz * Loop sample ’ Full
editing and control facility for left right channels The
Special Effects Software For the first time ever you can
emulate special sound effects in real time just like the sound
labs can for film studios, normally the hordware to produce
these effects would cost 100's of times more than this package.
Features on the FX menu Include.
* Built in real time special effects includina Echo. Reverb.
Ramp. Pitch up down. Stereo bounce. Multi echo Chorus. Phaser.
Reverse and Pitch bend
* Fully progranmable special effects so that customised effects
Analytical Software A whole host of pro-type analytical
functions include
* 3D display of sample frequencies (Fast fourier transform) 1 3D
display also includes 2D envelope display plus sample
* Built in Stereo spectrum analyzer
* Stereo Oscilloscopes with trigger markers 3D DISPLAY OF SAMPLE
ANALYZERS The Sequencing Software Our built In sample sequencer
allows you to take up to 18 samples (memory permitting) and
sequence them into yOuf own "tronic" mixes, features on the
sequencer Include:
* Real time entry of sequences from keypad * Sequence copy
* Step time entry of sequences * Loop sample
* 2 stereo channels for sequencing * Selectable sequence speed
* Storyboard style editing * Dump re ecfit function
* Digital sequence position display * Test function THE SEQUENCER
* Fast forward rewind controls * 2 octave playback
* Program sample to keypad * Insert delete sample In step time
* Stand alone demo player displays IFF picture whilst playing
sequence Other innovative features We know this product is
years ahead of its time and these additional features justify
our boast.
* New Style Stereo cartridge * includes woikman type cable
* Produces stand alone executable sample files * PAL NTSC full
screen display
* Fully multi tasking • Can create workbench icons
* Saves in IFF Raw lnstrument 1 3 5 Octave * Save customised
settings BY PHONE WITH CREDIT CARD BY POST (0726) 68020 SThlFI
Post & Packing £1 (All prices inc. V.A.T.) Please allow 28 days
for delivery SEND TO: Microdeal PO BOX 68 St Austell Cornwall
England PL25 4YB
Postcode ...
Credit Card Type ....Expiry Date.
Number ... With cheque, Postal Order or Credit Cards.
Name .. Address 52Mb HARD DISK DRIVE New Statd-of-the-art 1* internal Quantum hard disk drive LIGHTNING QUICK 11ms ACCESS A 1.100K per second transfer rate makes this the fastesi hard drive available for the Amiga LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY High-tech custom VLSI and Faaast ROM chips.
8Mb RAM SOCKETS - UNPOPULATED Inside every unit there are sockets to expand the Amiga’s RAM by Bmb.
• USES EASY-TO-FIT 1Mb 4Mb SIMMs To upgrade the memory of your
GVP HD8+ up to 4Mb. Please quote ord8f ret: MEM 3639 at £49.95
per megabyle Alternatively, to upgrade your HM+ to 8M0, please
order 2 MEM 3849 at £199.95 per 4Mb SIMM.
CUT-OFF SWITCH FOR GAMES The GVP H08+ features a unique switch to 'cut off' the hard disk (or games that won't work with a hard di$ k. Most other drives require unbolting from the Amiga
• ‘MINI-SLOT’ EXPANSION This slot has been built-in to allow
future expansions to be made without using b$ ky Pass-through'
• EXTERNAL SCSI PORT VtHi can add up to 8 external SCSI devices,
eg CD-ROM, tape streamers, additional hard drives, scanners,
• STYLE CO-ORDINATED The GVP H08+ is perfectly matched in colour
and style to the Amiga 500
• DEDICATED PSU + FAN Mewing Commodore's recommendations for
Amiga penpherals. The GVP HD8+ is supplied with its own
external power supply and cooling fan,
Superb build, excellent aesthetics and blinding spaed make this
the tun A500 hart drhrt.: ¦ amiga shorter GVP claim this is the
tastest hard drive In the worid end none ol our tests could
prore that wrong.4 amiga shopper ‘Overall: Untouchable. THE
choice' ¦ amoa shopper Stitt the bast hard drive.... 9M - amioa
format ' The faun hard drive we've hed the pleasure Ol ttShig.'
PERIPHERALS WITH 2 YEAR WARRRANTY Silica Systems are pleased to
present the GVP range of peripherals for the Amiga. GVP are the
world's largest third party manufacturer of peripherals for the
Amiga and have a reputation for high specification, quality
products. The company was founded only three years ago by a
man who understands the Amiga - Commodore's ex-Vice President
of Technology. He, along with a team of Amiga experts including
other ex-Commodore staff, can claim to understand the add-on
requirements of Amiga owners better than anyone.
Not only do GVP provide the peripherals that Amiga owners want, they also offer peace of mind, with a 2 year warranty on their products, So, if you are looking for the very best in Amiga peripherals, look no further than GVP.
This is a complete low-cost sound and music solution lor the semi- professional and the audio hobbyist.
The tysiom consists of a small, high quality 8-b.t stereo sound sampler that connects in to the parallel port on any Anuga 500.1500.2000 or 300ft Combined with one ol the tassest. Moat powerful and easy-to-use sound and music editing programs available.
Any RCA typo audio source can be connected to the sampler, giving you a vast array of effects Such as, Wt*r, reverb, echo, tade m out, etc. Supports MIDI instruments and can create songs in multipie Me formats ndudmg Sound Tracker.
• tf-M Sfffm? Sampler
• Plugs into panne! Pod
• ExttnPvt iMrtp fUtMi
• Works wrth all Armgas SOUND SAMPLER .95 GVP HD8+ 82Mb HARD
105Mb HARD DISK • ref; HAR 0905, DRIVE AMIGA 1500 +
''JrlrlrWMcI'FF] PRODUCTS £1299 Oder Ret UPG 1954 On»i Rtt VID
• 22UHI68030 CPU
• 68882 22MH2 maths co-proc
• 1Mb 32-M RAM installed
• Expands to 13Mb 32-M RAM
• 32-bit SCSI controller on board The tow cm, qualir, »3X
scais-ato' upgffttt, sea d*v« inerfKfl nd £6882 mjtfi*
coprocesasr Board dim e* pwtoa inwaucoon » o* oc« ipgrade* tor
in Amgs.« M suppled «nih 1Mb 32-bt RAM. And can c* upgraded to
13Mb 324x1 RAM. Runt sppnuimeMiy 7 lima* tater man a mndan)
Amga iSOOVOOO Oder Ret.
• 33MHI66030 CPU
• 68882 33MHr maths co-prtx
• 4Mb 32-M RAM installed
• Expands to 16Mb 32-bit RAM
• 32-bil SCSI controller on board Tin* Ism 60030 cc*ier«m.
Memory up?We and SCSI dtvr.s muriate board del vara
yrcomp'omaing pptW *n j pff tormsnes ¦ithoul a bgh price a can
lake 18Mb 32-tort RAM ana n suppled wth 4Mb 32-dit RAM
instollsd along wm a 88882 taalar than a Banaard Amiga
($ 0072000 Order R«t UPG 1933 50MHz ACCELERATOR
• 50MHz 68030 CPU
• 68882 SOMHa maths co-proc
• 4Mb 32-M RAM Installed
• Expands to 32Mb 32-M RAM
• 32-bit AT hard drive controller The FASTEST uxetrm aid wo
memory upgrade amiable Iran GVP. Fsatoring • MWQ C*U running «
Mtmory ccpansion to 32Ub ol 32-bil RAM and an IDE hard dak orne mtsrtac* all cn or-*} card Maks* yovr Amiga run appcst] £1799 IMPACT II HC8
• Wide range of drive sues
• 52Mb and 105Mb Options
• 0n-card Bmb memory sockets
• Uses easy to install StMMs
• Suppods vtrtuaHy any SCSI device This it me equrnJoffl or uie
H0e hud drive, bu tor me Amga WO rec 2000 modw e Ntvm the
»an* unmnchW ad pews* Wan GVPa inno*etr»s cusnm- dvp dsegn.
Aaay end uaw-Trendy instsla- Uon and tottamra, the HC8 it both
poaar- tul and simp* to uta £299 iw w 52Mb * HAR 1352 £499 ec
uo 105Mb w HAR 1406 150Mb STREAMER
• Over 6Mb per minute back-up
• Inc GVP’s TapeStore software
• Mounts in the 5W ' drive bay
• Optional external casing
• Includes 1DC150 cartridge The fiflh pertormarto medie back, uo
tape arwmar dtdca tor ire Arnge, ihm edutty wwrd ’5Wb DC1S0
catndgw. With back-up ipwd in encata ol 8MB par mnura. Iha GVP
WTI50 it a lav and an*- dtm bacA-up maVod to dler paaca d mind
tor tar cut utars Thu WtlSO tapa ttraamar raqurat SCSI imanaoa
such at impact a. Older R* HAR 1715 £749 IMPACT VISION 24
• 768x580 PAL resolution
• Supports composite video.
S-VHS and RGB signals
• Broadcast quality genlock
• Range of software supplied Ttoi ii ma vary was 24*0(1
Proraatona Voeo AfWctm n tMiurm 16 mHcn coloin on Krean at
once, Duix-n gerloci, tticur hoc trmma buttor, rranw grabbw and
dgitir kayar. SupplWd with Cdigan 3D modaiing and randtmg
adtnra, Scata rv34 vtowi» mg toftwara. Piua Macro Paint 24-C«
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped in the
UK mainland
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a "Same product -
Same price" basis.
• established 12 YEARS; Proven track record in professional
computer sales.
• BUSINESS * EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT: Volume Accounts available
for large orders.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& Sidcup branches
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requirements from one
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with offers and
sohware peripheral details.
• PAYMENT: fey cash, cheque, al major credit cards, or extended
payment plan.
Before you Mode when to buy your new Amiga products.»« suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you buy them. Consider what it will be like a lew months altar you hava made your purchase, when you may require additional peripheral* or software, or help and advice. And. Will the company you buy from eontad yOu with detail* of new products? Al Silica Systems, we ensure that you will have rVKh.ng to worry about. We h*v* been established lor over 12 years and. With our unrivalled experience ¦Ad expert!**, we can now claim to meet our customers requirements with an understanding which is second
lo non* But don't rust take our word ter it Complete and return the coupon now tor our latest Free literature and begin to experience the “Silica Systems Service" SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 1 Company Npmg (|f •pplicab**); .. Yhicii computer ), it any. Do you own?
Tel (Home): ..... Tel (Work): I luu lu mmm mtm vorwofuvw
J Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it •• a slave device A ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved* ? Menu driven selection of Start Track End Track up to 90 tracks. J Ideal for clubs, user groups or your own disk*.
J Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge. The most powerful Disk Copier ever conceived.
- 1 Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, ST etc. J No more
waiting around for your disks to copy.
_J Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
J Now with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO” MODE that actually synchronise your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!!
? Can be switched OUT when not in use • totally transparent. U; Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*.
- now . Syncro now Hard Drive File If you don't have a second
drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a DIGITAL
DISPLA Y Drive for ONL Y... WARNING Datel Electronic* Ltd ,
neither condones nor authorises the use of tTs products for the
reproduction of copyright material.
PLEASE STATE AMIGA 500• IOOOtl15OO 2OOO 3000 WHEN ORDERING 198fl The backup facilities of the product are designed to reproduce only software such as Public Donwn material, the users COPYRIGHT o*” programs 6r software where permission to make backups has been deafly given it is illegal to make copies, even ACT lor your own use. Of copyright material, without the given permission of the copyright owner, or the liceneee thereof £ S'IcctMKiCA
TELEPHONE [24Hrs] CREDIT CARD ORDERS ORDERS NORMALLY DISPATCHED WITHIN 48 Hr*. ALL CHEQUES'POSTAL ORDERS MADE PAYABLE TO ... Hj DATEL ELECTRONICS 3 COVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAUCUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 1 linn ATT 1 H D li-iGJLAJLi We set out on our monthly mission to keep yx ur finger on the pulse of the ever-changing Amiga market c -c ?
M As you've probably noticed, many of the serious Amiga packages have become firmly entrenched in their respective market positions. As a result, this all- new section is devoted to keeping you in touch with the latest developments in all areas of the machine.
Because most serious software is constantly being upgraded it's almost impossible to keep pace via the usual features process. Now we can bring you the information as it happens, so watch this space for the latest news and advice on the sometimes expensive and occasionally essential developments in the area of upgrades.
To open this new column we'll look at what is surely the Amiga's premier image processing system. ADPro has long been an essential part of any Amigan paintbox, and its position is unlikely to be challenged, thanks to its latest reincarnation.
ADPro 2.0 has had a major face-lift thanks primarily to the inclusion of JPEG compression, a system which somehow manages to attain compression ratios an amazing 1 80th of the original size when applied to 24-bit imagery.
Other sweeteners indude the ability to print accurate 24-bit colour and 8-bit grey scale images via Preferences.
Before, the best the Amiga could manage was 12-bit for colour and only 4-bit for grey scale.
It's even possible to print unlimited size, full colour 24-bit posters, something which even the most powerful Macs can't do without a good few Valium down 'em.
As you might expect the new ADPro has a few additions in the area of 24-bit boards. Support has been added for Digital Creation's DCTV, GVP's IV24, and of course our old friend the Harlequin from ACS.
140 custoi dot aatrix printer drivers to enable built-in fonts If you've not already moved over to WorkBench 2.0, it could well be time to start saving for the ECS as the all-new ADPro includes a Wysiwyg anti-aliased text operator which employs the talents of Kickstart 2.0's scalable fonts.
Perhaps the most pleasant user friendly addition is that of a universal loader which automatically detects the format of the file in question and sets about importing it without the usual hassle of searching through the evergrowing mountain of ADPro loaders.
By the time this particular literary masterpiece hits the streets the new ADPro should have arrive in the UK, so for more information contact the Silica Shop on 081-309 1111. The present price quoted is £199.95 including VAT but this may change so have a few extra quid on hand just in case- Word worth vl.1 Paul Austin Smooth stylish Scala If you're not a connoisseur of DTV or multi- media the rather enigmatic title of Scala won't mean an awful lot, but if in future you plan to turn your attentions to either of the afore-mentioned areas it could become the package of you dreams.
The new 1.1 version is certainly an attempt to make those dreams even sweeter thanks to the inclusion of some additional whistles and bells to an already excellent program.
Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of three levels of anti-aliasing.
In Us original form, Digita International's Wordworth wordpro- cessor was one of the best available on the Amiga. With version 1.1, it may just have sneaked to the number one spot, pushing Protext, the Amiga's answer to Bryan Adams, from its long- held position.
Wvc bptidpraiical Coo- fi First the bug fixes. The original was fairly bug-free, so there's only really one to report. The Check Single Word spelling function, for some reason, didn't allow the user to automatically substitute the suggested word for his or her own. This has now been fixed.
Lovely lasers The most significant addition to version 1.1 has to be its support for PostScript, the language spoken by most of the better laser printers. By creating a document in PostScript fonts, the user can now produce hard copy of a quality limited only by the laser printer.
Digita have resisted the temptation to make PostScript a "bolt-on" upgrade. Instead, they have fully integrated it, such that PostScript printing
- complete with page scaling - appears on its own screen within
the printing preferences section. On the whole, PostScript
implementation is smooth, seamless, and very neatly done. In
addition, the Wordworth fonts disk contains a full set of Adobe
35 PostScript fonts (giving 35 typefaces when bold, italic,
and underline are used), and a generous 140 custom printer
This latter feature will be of immense interest to users of the more expensive dot matrix printers who've never bothered to make use of the printer's built-in fonts or who've tried but been foiled by the manual.
Font heaven If, for example, you have a Star LC-10 and the driver and printer fonts have been installed (made painless by a point and click installer), you can select the printer's internal fonts from Wordworth's standard font requester.
In this way, using all the printer's fonts in a single document is as easy as using any Amiga font This feature alone would make Wordworth 1.1 an immensely attractive buy for many dot matrix owners, but when taken in conjunction with PostScript fonts, page scaling, page preview, and colour NLQ printing, the upgrade makes Wordworth the most complete and desirable Amiga word- processor. Sorry Rrotext!
January 1992 Amiga Computing Stevie Kennedy Phone Digita on 0395 270273 for further details.
? Unfortunately I can't really say that the enhancement is particularly spectacular, as you can probably tell from the screenshot (above).
The anti-aliasing has been applied to the words "Anti-aliased" and also the "and", but unless your eyesight is a good deal better than mine I doubt you'll see much improvement.
Q Q. z mi-aliased and Standard San you spot the difference New features As well as the rather anti-climatic anti-aliasing come four or five extra whips and fades, which will no doubt add a little more range to your presentations.
To be fair, many of the major improvements are hidden away in the bowels of the software so it's perhaps a little early to complain. All the new elements are listed below so have a browse and see if anything suits your palette.
As I said there are not a great number of changes on the surface, but Arexx support Canon Stillvideo control Anim ReafTime buffering Colorfont support Full support for outlined fonts under WorkBench 2.1 Automatic remapping of brushes and colorfonts Superimpose transition A to Z transition under the skin there's quite a lot going on.
Unfortunately there is a downside.
For some ridiculous reason the software still doesn't support continuous cycling.
Instead we're limited to the original standard of 99 loops, after which intervention is required from the user to restart the presentation.
Why can't a continuous option be added? Scala's big brother, namely Info Channel, already supports it, so why isn't it included?
Life would become a lot easier for those of us interested in product display and unmanned multimedia applications.
If you do invest make sure you receive the latest 1.1 manual, as some packages have been shipped with the older model. Without the updated version you'll have a very hard time dig- ging out some of the more subtle improvements.
Paul Austin Layout box display Full dead-support New controls for remapping, underline air and underline position Improved loading time on A3000
- now up to five times as fast Automatic polarity buffering for
interactive applications New function key commands Hit Kit
Those Mancunian musos at Cajits music software have made a novel move in the already confusing area of upgrades by ignoring the predictable path of constant additions.
Oh no, they're actually taking something out, namely the hit Kit!, which in the past was bundled free with any purchase of Sequencer 1.
In brief, the Hit Kit! Is a collection of various complementary Midi sequences which cover all manner of musical styles. It allows you to build entire songs by simply combining their various component parts.
Drum patterns, middle eights, bass lines, arpeggios - they're all there, and in just about every style from Latin to House- It's even possible to produce complete songs, but if you’re in the market for a record contract I wouldn't advise it... Now before you all head for the hankies, it's not as bad as it sounds.
The Hit Kit! Isn't dead, it's just gone to a better place, and in the process it has had some extra bits added.
As a result it now appears as a standalone package which will retail for £29.95. $ 0 for those of you who want to adopt the Lego approach to music making it could be an ideal Christmas present.
CB Route Plus Edit GB Route Plus, as reviewed last month, stands as the only serious Amiga route-finder program and, though greatly improved over the onginal version, it isn't perfect. The release of GB Route Plus Edit should bring the program closer to its optimum performance.
The editor is a very simple pro- r gram whereby the GB Route Plus user can alter the map used by the main program. Alterations are carried out on a full copy of the original map, places and routes being added with the mouse and a system of X Y coordinates.
Usldit vi.ii Small town boy Amiga Computing jan uary 1992 If, therefore, you're a bit miffed at not finding your village marked on the GB Route map, it is a matter of minutes to amend the data, add the roads to connect your rural domicile to the outside world, and save the results to your GB Route disk, The program is very easy to use and will allow any number of alterations to be made to the onginal map.
Places Routes Place:Adiinston Park Placet: 'JL tni&lmu Mil Place2: W 'jEk Vpos:l«6.
Dist:_| Jv Lfv,l:L I Ok Road: i- | Ok Add Del Hod j jcancel Add Del | Hod [cancel* , +
- A Current Level ; 6 tyos : 1898 Ypos : 1446 NG : $ J 9183 ? ?
Unfortunately, you cannot alter the positions of the locations given in the original map, and it isn't pos- sible to amend the details given for roads or sections of road already on the map.
This means you couldn’t, for instance, decide to lower the speed rating of a section of motorway you know will be suffering from roadworks for a few ¦.Sfjaiu months, but as you can compensate for this in GB Route through various preferences settings, the omission isn't damaging.
The XPOS and YPOS coordinate system used by the editor is fairly accurate, and should allow the placement of new towns to within half a mile or so, so it's accurate enough for the purposes to which GB Route puts the map. You can enter locations in national grid coordinates, but the X Y system is more precise.
In large towns and cities, it should be good enough to enable the inclusion of detailed delivery routes to individual customers, depots, or even the locations of real ale pubs, cash and carry warehouses, and hospitals.
The uses to which GB Route can now be put, thanks to GB Route Plus Edit, are limited only by the needs of the person using it.
As the program is currently available to registered users for only £9.95, it represents a bargain you shouldn't be without.
Stevie Kennedy Complex Computers can be reached on 0706 224531.
You know what you want from your computer, that's why you 're choosing AMIGA ...NOW YOU'VE CHOSEN THE RIGHT COMPUTER. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT DEALER Anyone can be good at selling Amiga or CDTV. But sadly, that's often where it ends. So. When it’s time to choose the best computer, it's also time to find the best supplier. The one who is not only always competitive, but the one who also gives you the best possible ongoing support for you and your system.
Gordon Harwood Computers. Pioneers of the ’Complete Pack’ approach, have specialised in Commodore, from die earliest YIC 20. To the latest Amiga, for almost a decade... In fact, we’ve supplied so many, if you ask all your friends, the chances are that some of them can tell you already of our excellent service.
Our service means that we’ll help you get Lhe most from your new system straight away. But. If you do have problems, and need that extra hand, that's where we have earned our reputation.
* APPLE™ AUTHORISED DEALER The Closer you look, The Better we
ALL OUR AMIGAS ARE UNITED KINGDOM SPECIFICATION AND INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... 1 Mb. Disk Drive 1Mb Ram Memory TV Modulator 4096 Colours Multi Tasking Speech Synthesis 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Amiga Mouse Operation Manuals Workbench Disks ALL Connecting Cables AMIGA PLUS...All OUR Amigas are backed by Harwoods Great Service [Please see full details in our Ordering Made Easy'panel final page) THAT'S RIGHT HARWOODS HAVE PUT TOGETHER THE ULTIMATE AMIGA PACKS YET AGAIN... STARTING WITH POWERPLAY PACK 1 WHICH INCLUDES 21 GREAT GAMES!
Ju$ t look at what you get NOW... flAMIGA A500 COMPUTER WITH A FULL 1Mb. OP MEMORY!
You can play the computer version of this popular TV cartoon. By Ocean.
• CAPTAIN PLANET • created from the award winning TV show, now's
your chance to save the earths environment with this ultimate
adventure... your Eco-Copter is waiting. By Mindscape.
• LEMMINGS - Are you as smart as Lemmings are stupid, match your
intelligence against their lack of it as you play the 140
levels of the most original game of '91 (European Computer
Leisure Awards Winner). By Psygnosis.
BLOODWYCH Fantasy role-playing game, great interaction with
your computer created environment bubble* • Help the dawdling
ghost and the soap bubble, escape from the old deserted manor
house CAPTAIN BLOOD - Astonishing creatures and animated 3D
graphics, this is a game you iust have to play ELIMINATOR - A
progressive multi stage flying shoot 'em up. On a long winding
course, survive if you can!
HOSTAGES • You must get your team and hostages out of the terrorist overrun embassy, without loss of life JUMPING JACKSON • In a deluge of colour and sound save, the earth from sadness and melacholy music KRYPTON EGG - A classic Breakout oame. 60 screens, separated by 6 combat sequences LANCASTER Your mission is to fly the classic WWII bomber on its dangerous raids over enemy terntiory LOMBARO RAC RALLY - You drrve your 300 bhp Sierra Cosworth through demanding stages of the rally PURPLE SATURN DAY • Four arcade games, an exciting high speed trip into total cosmic 30 space SAFARI GUNS - Live
the African experience in an animal sanctuary, track the poachers & ivory traffickers STIR CRAZY (Featuring Bobo) - Bobo 4 his inmates are planning a stunning trampoline jump prison escape SKYCHASE - Airborne combat for every simulation fan In this one or two player game, battle against your MIG flying adversary in your F-16 Falcon Priced at an INCREDIBLE 95 Including VAT SKYFOXII - Skyfox II. The only ship fast enough to carry on the Skyfox legend. Fight to blow your federation enemies from the Galaxy, at speeds of 9000 kilometres second!
progress to become an ace pilot TINTIN ON THE MOON - Y e've been captured by Colonel Jorgen and he's tring to scupper the moon mission.
Come on Tintin. You're the only one who can save us. And be the first on the moon TV SPORTS FOOTBALL • Strap on your helmet for American football simulation that looks like the real thing.
XENON 2 MEGABLAST - This time it's war! The Xenites are back and have thrown time itseti mto turmoil.
Hi? Reserve the ngtti fo MsWufe individual software titles or peck item snwW ttre need arise I HARWOOD 1 POWERPLAY PACKS If you're thinking about presents why not buy a Harwoods Gift Voucher tail tallies amiable).
HARWOOD'S BRILLIANT AMIGA 1Mb 'MEGA 21' GAMES PACK 3 ThaTs right you get the fantastic Amiga & ALL THE EXTRAS detailed in Harwoods 'Mega 2t' Games Pack 1 (far left), plus F19 Stealth Fighter AND then you also get... THE SUPERB PHILIPS CM8833AI f STEREOCOLOUR MONITOR MONTH* PACK I Pk SSSB® OfUf YOU SEE THOSE GAMES WfTH SUPERB cuwrrr aw in fantastic stereo.- £629*5 YOUPRtFCT jU5T CHOOSt Isa PRIMARY 4 JUNIOR PACK A G« your children on to BienoM conxxjtinfl start with this software learn and pUy fade.
PROF PLATS A KW SAKE PROF LOOKS At WORDS PROF MACS SENTDiCES PWOF HUNTS FOR WORDS £99« OCSeAO1 LEVEL PACK B GCSE exunraton M studies on your AtwjaccmcuMftfutsfur1 MICRO W6UJH, MICRO FRENCH AMO MICRO MATHS A HI cl nm »W MMJlte auw to CCS M atd oi tee te laal In mm nut Al mown o WE MEAN BUSINESS AT A GREAT PACKAGE PRICE OF JUST... ?u 10 GREAT GAMES TOO.. Cuhstam. Dowrf Fort*. P*w Uara.
Dungeon Quest. Aock-NAol F -UMon TwrerteBiM, Store*. RVFHorda and Grand Monnu $ Um £999 £899*5 ONLY f PURCHASED MTU A FOWERflAY OH PONEAWO FROMGORDON HAJWOOOS.
HARWOOD'S BRILLIANT AMIGA 1Mb 'MEGA 21' GAMES PACK 2 That's right you get the fantastic Amiga & ALL THE EXTRAS detailed in Harwoods "Mega 2T Games Pack 1 (left), plus F19 Stealth Fighter AND you also get... THE SUPERB PHILIPS CM8833 II STEREO COLOUR MONITOR Twin Stereo Speakers, a skoal pack mm hahwooo-s for Green Screen Switch.
Free Lead to Amiga.
Tailored Dust Cover 12 Months on-site maintenance warranty monitor panel hr detais) "IT'S THE- BUSINESS" A TRULY PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE SPECIFICALLY FOR THE BUSINESS MINDED AMIGA USER.
* v * w n* » w rfwwn PfttMART MATHS COURSt Aqm n mun n m mm ton ]
turn Tan* hit t» othis nn«u to «*tj oim I hhmm: pleS. 10 GREAT
GAMES TOO.. DateJttin. &wrf Forca. Pipe Mans.
Cxngion Quest. FetMMol. E-Molttn.
Toww ol Bad®. Store*, RVF Hon*, and Grand Menus'SUm only a PuncHASEO wrw a pomerpiav on porerpro from Gordon harwocos HARWOODS LEARN & PLAY HARWOODS LEARN & PLAY m O ffluanotT4 II"111?
Twin Stereo Spearare Gmei Screen Swiidi.
Toadte Arrrga Tawed DuoCm* l2ltentt!orvale THE BRILLIANT STAR
• 1C 200 COLOUR PRINTER 185M0 &. Ful Cctour 9 Pin MO Dei Mara
Pnnier ** FREE Dutt Cow M ubt to yourAmiji (See pm& tone tor
haAO TO 6tATi “00 = 1*'* iso 1(K7 CO 60 a
VIDEO CARD DUE TO BE RELEASED SOON -Please cal us to latest
S-VIOEO OR COMPOSITE INPUTS Many Anxga Accessories &
Peripherals (e.g. Printers. Disk Drives. Software ate.) I
compafible with CDTV. Please phone us for oompatablity
PRO-GEN Amiga Genlock The AMIGA Genlock alkxw you to mi* your Amga dsptay wii any PAL video sgnal whether it strom a VCR, Laseroisk player or a Camcorder In tact any item of Adw element wtwh outputs a PAL composite vdeo signal Ccmbned multi the Amiga computer the Pro-Gen gives you frie tacitbes ot & spd£4l effects 4 vateo Wing sure Take yogr own fims & grvo them a professional look by OVERLAYING TITLES or by SUPER IMPOSING YOUR OWN GRAPHICS created In package? Like Spectracokx or Deluxe Part. Pro-Gen is supplied wtfi Onfs Spectahcolcx part & anmation package.
FREE in Spectracctor every Urawing lod and enmaton control is a« your inger ips - over 50 tools in me fast menu Toolkit, pus port and dick access lo at 4096 colours, w i inde- pendent right and left mouse twiton Mtours i modes. Mi auamaee animalion generation easy mouse controls tor all tuncbons. And the abity to paint with mufc-page anmated brushes, and you've got a powerful tod for ansae expression With anma&on controls this easy It's simple lo put your ideas Wo motion Forget UHXdnale systems and reference numtws fust move objects with the mouse In this intuitwe and friend graphicaJ
errvrtDn- menl. Speclraookx supports bof) ANIM & IFF file foimats. And al tie wdeo modes ot Ito AmigaLrxAJdingHAM!|Spe«aw»0(r9qwmin.iW). memory) How it works: i i STOP PRESS WHJEK NOWwauCESAVtftr vwsatu iw-Ti ca« oaB f vM6 TOQ01OCK COWKTWO oat «t TXS HiOWS PWXiW TO BE US£6 STOMjHTMMAT VITM MOST POMAfi »C60 ECUWOTT. WtTHXl T « »BO TO t«n COWHIX CoflFKT COW EciaCCMUS THSNTCMMSOBt USED TO COMCCT M OtXR «urS.
vcnTOvcxM: A «T TO ST¥TT TOO Off BGKT FKM IXWMDVrrWWTXBCro' Spectracolor ONLY £129.95 Mode Switch-box for Genlocks £29.95 Features Include
- Compatible With The ProGen And Ftendale 8602
• Suppled With Genlock Extender Cable Worth £9.95
- Swrtch-box Switches Between Foreground. Background. Video And
Computer Mode?
AMIGA STORAGE DEVICES Features Include i Connects to sidecar bus on let! Hand side ot Amiga A500 i Autotoots with Kickstart 1.3 Sockets For Upto 2 kfcol RAM DMA Access .•(External SCSI Port j Complete With Power Supply ) Features Include .r Long connecting cable U 1Mb. (880K Formatted) Capacity .V Enable Disable Switch, .V Throughput ;r Aocess Light Compatible with Amic 5QQ 1QCW1J and CDTV A59CT Hard Disk Including 512K RAM Only £299.95 A590 Hard Disk In&ring 1Mb. RAM Only £319.95 £57.95 SUPRA 500XP 52-105Mb HARD DISK DRIVE WITH MEMORY EXPANSION UP TO 8Mb, 04 £49.95 W MATHS COURSE • Ages
31012. Complete 24 Prtjyimme Course BETTER MATHS • Apes 12 to 16, Hrjher tevrt to Urmr & Quadratic Equations MICRO MATHS - 24 easy to use programs lor GCSE (0* lev*) revision or self Irton MEGA MATHS • A 9 level step Dy step tuftcn course For malum bejmery A Level studes S tAcro Maths users MICRO FRENCH - GCSE French twton or revision course Covers both ipefcwl A written FrtrtCh MICRO ENGLISH • A «rrp*to pmyame of MV-Mfen up lo GCSE standard THE THREE BEARS • Ages 5 -10. DeveWft .magnate thoogfilreadngsMS.
SPELL BOOK - Ages 4 to 6. Developed «ith the help ol a Primary School Head Teacher lo aid speflrg $ Wte PLAY AND READ • Agas4 »9. Thecomoteie reading Iflor. Part 2 teaches spring to tf» beginner at rwdnj £469.95 IPHERAL PACK 2 *CM$ $ £569.95 Features Include: a Capacities o152'80 i05Mb available
- V Connects to sidecar bus on L H side of Amiga A500 .v
Autoboots with Kickstart 1.3, boot enaNe dtsable switch A
Sockets for up to 8 Mb of FASTRAM with enable.'
Disable switch
- V Autoboots With Kickstart 1.3 A SCSI Port & Amiga bus pass
thru allows other devices to be connected .v includes Express
Copy hard drive Back-up Software The 52 Mb version powered by
your Amiga (High Current Power Supply is only optional).
’High Current Power Supply is required for 80Mb. And 105 Mb versions.
£21.95 £21.95 £21.95 £21.95 £21.95 £21.95 £22.95 £17.95 £18.95 AMIGA PERIPHERAL PACKS TWO GREAT PACKAGES THAT SAVE YOU MORE MONEY!
These two packs are aimed at the user who needs to get a great deal from his Amiga. A superb quality monitor, the PHILIPS CM8833 1I has been put with your choice ol either the CITIZEN SWIFT9 or the CITIZEN SWIFT 24 printer. You choose, but whichever combination you have the price has been designed to SAVE YOU MONEY. Buying together will save you C££*s!
* £539.95
* £629.95 2Mb.
* £569.95
* £649.95 4Mb.
* £749.95
* £849.95 8Mb.
* 949.95
* 1049.95 PERIPHERAL PACK 2 -CM88331 Citizen Swift 24E 0f
* Please don1 forget to add the cost of Pom Supply when
calculating price of 80 105Mb. Drives With a FREE PEN PAL worth
£79.95 With a FREE PEN PAL worth £79.95 If you're thinking
about presents why not buy a Harwoods Gift Voucher (ail mines
V. IJ WORD PROCESSOR DATABASE Wilh Ivti Pal you can mi* text,
4(196 colour graphics & date in ways nu utter w p cwn* "It's
limiting til graphic* is unwipMwt Pen Pul is the only wont
pmcKKMtr 1 tested that will automatically wrap Icxl round
graphics 85 Amiga World, July *90 £79.95 PEN PAL Yen 1.3
WITH 5I2K Amiga RAM Expansion mh,.499.95!
I Music-X: The ultmate software for professional MIDI sequencing. The software includes a configurable librarian and a synthesiser patch editor. All you need to recreate a song can be recalled from one performance fie nduding sequences. MIDI routing, sync setup, keyboard maps 4 synthesiser or drum machine patch libraries. NEW LOW PRICES - £54.95 or just £74.95 wtth mJdWntwfacel MIDI INTERFACE ($ Port): In, Clut, Through pig$ 2 swfahaWe thftf out Includes cat*. £24.95 AMOS: AMOS aflows you lo access the power of the Amiga with ease 500 different commands make AMOS a sophisticated development
language. The AMOS animation language allows you lo create complex animation sequences. 300 page manual and over 80 example programs £49.95 Aitkh Add on Modules: (BOTH require Amos prog.) Rifl'IUif: r j 11 !.MJ. IM Amos Compiler Amos 3D SuperBase 4: Most powerful database available for the Amiga,Combines the ease of use of Super- Bese 2 vwih a versatile programming language so that you can tailor your data to your own specific needs for duh-businesslibrary records etc. £229.95 Lattice C: An ideal tool for the C programmer whether experienced or a novice. The best way to create applications
tor the Amiga Fuliy supports Motorola chipset. Hearty 300 functions optimised to help the user write the tightest possible code Includes screen editor. Most Amiga C books are based around lattice, (Requires either 2 floppy drives OR a hard disk dnve) £199.95 Deluxe Paint IV: Latest version of the Amigas first, and stJ the best, paint and animation package, now induing HAM mode. (1 Mb. Mntmum memory or more recommended) £79.95 VkH, The Complete Colour Solution: Vidi with RGB Splitter. Frame Grabber & Digitiser. Grabs moving colour video into 16 grey scale frames (up to 16 frames in 1 Mb. Amiga)
and digitises from stif colour video source in up to 4096 colours in less than 1 second! Reqiares home VCR or video camera for grabbing Requires video camera or VCR wdh perfect pause for dgfeng Now comes with Spectracok* FREE!!! £179.95 MASTERSOUND: High quality "mono* sampler (best lor samplng instruments etc,) £36.95 THE ABOVE IS JUST A SMALL SAMPLE FRCM OUR EXTENSIVE RANGE OF THOUSANDS OF SERIOUS EDUCATION AND RECREATION TITLES WE CAN7UST THEM ALL HERE SO PLEASE CALL US IF YOU CAN! SEE THE PROGRAM YOU REQUIRE. ITS PflOBAft Y W STOCK!
Ft ft A PM AIAAM i J V ' • ( ) ) ' i i I j - ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE The Closer you look, Tlje Better we look ‘Finanre terms are aiaihih'wKuhWt to tatt, l for Mod imJm U rJ,¦ ,¦ nnr nrrh’rino Iw iud tri th on I nf this n hvrl tnr h ll 1,‘loilt PRINTERS CITIZEN PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Cfcon 120D+ Sheel Feeder £69.95 Citizen 120D+ Parallel Interface £49,95 Citizen 1200+ CBM C64 Serial Interface E49.95 rliJ?
Sl!|S IS if* £149.95 Full i Year manufacturers warranty £159.95 HEWLETT PACKARD PAINTJET PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Hewlett Packard PaintJet Black Ink cartridge £25.95 Colour Ink Cartridge £31.49 Single Sheet Printer Paper n 7.95 Z-Fold Printer Paper £15.95 Transparency Paper: Pack of 50 Sheets £52.95 £214.95 _i Micro paper feed. Max. paper width 11.7* ? Supplieo with colour & mono ribbons J Paper part with auto sngte shoot loading j Programmable from !ron* panel ? 12 month warranty °* Z (f) z iu z LU O N UJ CD P O CO £219.95 £249.95 ? Piper park wtoaulo single sheet loading _) Mcro paper leed,
Max. paper width 11.r J Suppled wth mono ribbon J Faster than the M LC24-10 _J Extra lom cartridges available J Program from front panel, No DIP switches ? 12 mcrth warranty £299.95 ! * 220 55 cps etth expandable 3 B1HI 30K Butler £259.95 J Supplied with mono & colour ribbons J Ful 2 Year £319.95 a Fi U Biiter. 29K(XB2« J 360x360dpiCol0tf
- i l2mthsorvsne warranty J Exceptional port quality _J 4 x 48Pn
super tetter quality fonts J 14 x24Pm near letter quaity torts
FOR BEGINNERS & EXPERTS ALIKE £1195 £14,95 £749.95 £1145
- •300 DPI, 1Mb. Upgradable lo 5Mb. -» Senal & Paralel interfaces
J Emulations nc: HP Series II. Epson £1099.95 STAR LC200 9 PIN
COLOUR PRINTER • 185 40 cps Thee the onerous packs' J 80 Column
Dot Matrix J 240 dpi-9 Pn COLOUR J 16K Buffer. 8 Rosidenl Fonts
J PuilYpuHtradtyArear.twlomlwds ? Reverse paper feecs CITIZEN
SWIFT 9 PIN COLOUR • 160 40cps New sup highspeed colour
printer _l 8K Buffer 4 Fonts ? 240 x 240 dpi Colour Graphics _j
Push and pUI tractor DuH-m _l Best text quatay in our Opin
range J Feed tor labO&'mUt) pan mww ? 2 Year Citizen warranty D
Easy to use front panel contrcte ? Ful 2 Year Criiran Warranty
NEW 24 Pin CfTlZEN SWIFT 24E COLOUR • 180 60 cps - Brand New,
superb specdcation cotour 24 Pin printer
- J 80 CoXimn Dot Matrtt with 7 Fonts _J Pustvpul 4 bottom
tractor feeds 360 dpi- 24 Pn COLOUR LI Compieto paper parlong
tacitees Ll 8K Buffer expandable to 32K ? Suppled wflh mono 4
cotour ribbons 2 Year Qoren Warranty HEWLETT PACKARD PAINTJET
COLOUR A4 INKJET Otf best quality full colour printer at a
realistic price _J ParaWCentroncs or Senal RS232 IF (specify
wih order. MAC option availabioi J For presentation graphc&DTP,
CAD and technical sclentfc applicadcns ? AM page ol colour
graphics m 4 mnutes (typcali J Non iirpact priming, j Will
print transparencies '-I vrtualty silent, 43dba J 12 Months
on-stto warranty (UK Mainland)_
- •As tie LASERPRINTER 4 hfl wflh Sterjcnpt and 2Mb Memory, 49
Fonts and Appletalk.
All the characlert Per Second speeds quoted above ere Dreft LQ et 1Pcpt CITIZEN 124D 24 PIN MONO • 120 40 cps- _l 360 dpi-24 Pin MONO wflh 3 Fonts ? Full 2 Year Warranty _l 8K Butter • Expandable to 32K _ Feed tor labels & multi-part statoncry ? 3Fm&ped WjJ?lity -» Comptele paper parWng tac«ttes STAR LC 24 10 24 PIN MONO • 150 50 cps- 24 Pn version ot tha Star LC Series wflh J Exceptional letter print quality J Additional tort cartridges available J 360 x 360 dpi Graohcs J 8 resident torts STAR LC24 200 24 PIN MONO - 220 55 cps New Star 24 pin thal means business!
J 80 Cotomn Dot Malru
- I 360 Cpi-24 Pm MONO J 7K Butter expandable »39K ? 10 Resrfent
Fonts Ll Front Panel Pilch Selection ? Puyvpul tractor &
rWBboflan foods ? Reverse paper teed EX800 IBM Proprinter 4
laser Pnnte , wi* conned to PC. Arnga. Atari ST & Apple
Macintosh STAR LASERPRINTER 4 - 4ppm MONO LASER A4 Laser
Pruler, wll cornea to PC. Amiga. Atari ST ete.
STAR LC24 200 24 PIN COLOUR • 220 551 Colour version of the LC24-200 Mono but wtttn
• J I2mcnth on site warranty (UK Mainland)
- I Every desktop publishers dream ¦ expandable H J Easy to use
LCD panel cortrote J 8K Butter expandable to 32K se tront panel
oontros £209.95 £199.95 NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN 224 COLOUR • 160 53
cps Brand New, lowest cort cotour 24 Pin primer, anywhere1 J 80
Cclimn Dot Matnx with 4 Fonts _J Push & pul tractor leeds _)
360 dpi-24 Pin COLOUR J Complete paper parking tacWros Star
LC-20 Mono Printer Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Citizen 1240
32K Buffer £13.95 Citizen 1240 Semi-Auto SheetFeeder £39.95
Citizen 124D Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen 124D Printer
Stand £24.15. Citizen Swift 9 Semi-Auto SheetFeeder £39.95
Citizen Swift 9 Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen Swift 9
Printer Stand £24,95 Crtizen Swift 9X Printer Stand £34.95
Citizen Swift 9X Automatic Sheet Feeder £139.95 Citaen $ wrft 24
32K Printer Buffer £13.v5 Citizen Swift 24 Semi-Auto Sheet
Feeder £39.95 Citizen Swift 24 Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95
Citizen Swift 24 Printer Stand £24.95 Citizen Swift 24X Auto
Sheet Feeder £139.95 Citizen Swift 24X Printer Stand £34.95
Star LC24-10 Mono Printer 32K Buffer £67.95 Automatic
SheetFeeder £67.95 £74.95 Star LC-200 Colour Printer Automatic
SheetFeeder £74.95 Star LC 24-200 Mono Printer 32K Printer
Buffer Automatic SheetFeeder £34.95 £74.95 Star LC 24-200
Colour Printer 32K Printer Buffer Automatic SheetFeeder £34.95
£34.95 Star XB 24-200 Colour Printer Pull Tractor Font
Cartridges - Styles To Be Announced 128K Centronics Printer
Buffer Automatic SheetFeeder Dual Bin SheetFeeder £34.95 £29.95
£89.95 £114.95 £429.95 Star XB 24-250 Colour Printer Pull
Tractor Font Cartridges - Styles To Be Announced 128K
Centronics Printer Buffer Automatic SheetFeeder Dual Bin
SheetFeeder £34.95 £29.95 £89.95 £174.95 £469.95 STAR XB RANGE
BUCKCOLOUR £8.95 Z24 I £49.95 Z24
• i*t™ RIBBON ¦LW: N A N,A £16.95 £16.95 £6.90_ £12.95*xscl N A
N A £99.95 £99.95 £36.50 £69.95 zx$ cl IbjEggg £74.95 X24CL
From irp«fcrg ytw Amgi to ciMlrg yxx awi ccns.
Detune Step by gudt to (Kgmwng Aaga'i n base AMGA MACHNE LANGUAGE • YOL 4 ABACUS BOOKS.
PiKkat pde • teanwi} fflOBO a*** Urifr*}* AMIGA DOS NSID€ ANO OUT-VOL 8 ABACUS BOOKS, Girt to Amp 006 J CU. Edten inc. DOS v 20 AMIGA HARDWARE REFERENCE UANUAL-Addwon Vmiy £21.95 Wtifcn By tectaal eiperts a CcrrKdore Anipj he. USA.. Peq* who riwgnrt yw Hjrw fe»e ***** axte crogarmmj * sAanad level AMIGA. BEST OF TRICKS t TIPS Vol. 17. £32.95 A coiTfiM* Mt d Irtoa ind if* ra emNe )uu Id do MORE irtti yw An fl am as arrpy as p«5tte BOOK SHOP STAR PRINTER ACCESSORIES: £1196 PRINTER ACCESSORIES ‘in’,Luiiio tkiiii'lill tl'i1 ml itf this mhvrl for fullilcltuh * Stereo High Colour Monitor PHILIPS
The ever popiiar 14-inch Philips CM 8833 Mkil, is the most versatile multipurpose colour monitor available. Its versatility means you not only get excellent odour graphics 4 text performance with a wide range of personal computers, but when connected to a VCR or opbonal tuner, you get an ama2ing 600 pixel TV picture. It's this 800 pixel resolution, that makes the 8833 essential for the serious user who wants lo use his computer for text based applications. With the 8833 Mkll. Harwoods give you the complete set up, to get you going straight away... Monitor. RGB picture and Stereo Audio Cables.
Tailored dust cover, a lull 12 Months on site service warranty, and inclusive of a FREE Superb F19 Stealth Fighter Game!!!
£269.95 £79.95 f’s vryxxtarv to remember [fat most TV Monitors, ere son first and foremost televisions, meaning that ttm average 400 pixel tube display SO% tower resotoftoo ffian a monitor) cannot be guaranteed lo display 80 column text'dearly without risking eye strain, tf choosing a Television Monitor ensure it has foe latost 2000 character tube capabiSiy, meaning it can fondle foe Amigas’80 chamcters. By 25 BneoutprAdeady.
MONITORS & MONITOR TV's Harwoods stock a complete range of both Monitors & Monitor TV' to give you your perfect solution to the type of display to buy.
Commodore s Own Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor with... RGB Airm, Composite. Video Audio Inputs Can be used as TV with VCR or tuner. Twin Speakers lor stereo output Suppfced vwth cables *or A500. CGA PC.VC16-64-128 ALLOWS ANY MONITOR WITH COMPOSITE VIDEO 4 AUDIO INPUTS TO BE USED AS A TELEVISION. SUPPLIED COMPLETE WITH AERIAL FOR USE INOOORS ALSO HAS STD EXTERNAL AERIAL SOCKET AND COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MONITORS INC. PHILIPS CM8833 MK14II. CBM 1081 4,4 1900 1 2.
Before you choose from whom 10 purchase, please phone us We are always happy to discuss your requirements and answer any queries you may have.. Pwrra our Olds' Hcflns *m your Access. Visa. Mastercard J or lOTfia'd C'odiWtvge Card quoting number & exptiy date imuf Dixons Currys, ¦i NASCR a* other 'tort' cards are Lombard CfedHtfiarg* and are aecepted by us) k ?! Make cheqje, bankers buitfng socety dra b or poctai orders 1X1 payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS (PawwAtosness take 7days to dear from day ol receipt wherejwn your order *iil be despatched) Please seoj Name. Address and moss
importantly if ojssbte. A Daytime TeletXwe hunter along with your order reqjrements Please cneck you are ordering from one of our latest advert semens before posing (pteoe if you requre contmaOon) Please remember thai lor example many Sepiemoer pubkartons appear during August iheretore pnep? Yw sec may hflvp cforw) (either Up V dwn) FREE wffvn t4 wo-Krig days, UK Mamlartdon QR: 49 ' .am £5,95 pe mjvjriwniier next Korbng ay defvery,U* .
F-'«n|and mofl regions v Most leirs art avaittoe at TAX FREE PRICES to non UK 7" rcKJenis when vaiing teipcrt shipment. Please ccrtad us lor ordering intomaeoa You ml be given our Exdusve Technical Support Phone Number lo cat should you requre any nep or advce on any aspec* ol me system you rave purchased.
Heme prying layty within 30 J?y» J p ph«e m rtpOCM with NEW UNITS unless cthc-« se sialw. For the wbtfe guarantee pcrod. Warranty nnioi wit be complete FREE OF CHARGE.
Any computer, montor of pnmer requiring warranty aemce can oe coleciM Iren you name FREE OF CHARGE dunng the guarantee period (UK Mainland oriy) ard a FAST turnaround is GUARANTEED by our OWN ENGINEER?
All cwrpucs at tested pner to deswfch. And at ton are suppled wth mans pug and tea* as raqjred • just conned up and use straight away tailored lo sud your need*. Written details on request Gordon Harwood Computers offer facilities to purchase using our budget account sc hem* APR J6.8S (Variable) Available to most adults of eighteen years or over, subject to status.
Sen ply phone or wrrte and we wi send you written detale along with an application term.
Applications, required In advance, available to full bme U.K. mainland residents and overseas British forces personnel. Showroom visitors, please ask tor details of our in- store 'Instant Account'' Written quotations on request If you are already tha holder of a Lombard Credrt Charge Card you , can use this to purchase from us (subject to your personal card limit) ’ All listed prices are what YOU PA Y. and there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.
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ALFA DATA MOUSE Tel: 081-365 1151 Fax: 081-885 1953 Opening hours Mon-Sat (9.30am-5.30pm) J • I LT vision of the past?
Stevie Kennedy tries out Visionary, the latest adventure writing package Snarl though some arcade freaks may at the phrase "adventure game", the genre has refused to die. Its demise has been predicted or announced a dozen times in the last decade, and each time the harbingers of doom have rung the adventure game's death knoll just a bit too soon, Since The Quill wowed Spectrum- owning adventure fans in 1984, there have been many packages released whose purpose is to aid in the coding of text-only or text-graphics adventure games.
Until the release of Visionary, Heyley Software's HatRack 2 was the only example of this kind of package available for the Amiga. Now, however, Aegis have come up with what is easily the most powerful adventure creation language in the 16-bit market place.
Graphics bonanza Visionary is intended as a complete minilanguage rather than a code generator.
It can therefore be used to create anything from a simple text adventure to a totally mouse-based Dungeon Masterstyle game complete with animation and sound.
The downside is that the Visionary language has to be learned before users can produce their own games, but this is offset by the fact that the language is small, friendly, and as much like plain English as possible. You may not be able to boot up and go with this package, but the excellent manual with its straightforward tutorials and sample game makes for a smooth and glitch- free learning curve.
The manual takes beginners through the game creation process by using a sample game, entire listings for which are located at the back of the instructions. Each of Visionary's code sections are introduced and their basic structures explained before the more advanced features are reached in later chapters.
In this way, the learner can proceed from simple room descriptions through objects and their manipulation, to the adding of graphics, animation and sound. In all sections, however, the Visionary language remains easy to grasp and no more taxing than Basic or Amos.
In some ways, particularly the manipulation of graphics and the mouse, Visionary is similar to Amos in that it has powerful commands for creating "dick zones" and for detecting when a mouse button is pressed within a zone. The user Can utilise these features to create graphics adventures induding screen graphics with hot spots and active elements.
This means, in short, that a finished game might allow the player to click on an icon to examine something, then dick on the object in the screen picture to receive a description.
Hot demo The demonstration game "I was a cannibal for the FBI", which comes with the Visionary Programmer's Handbook (an optional extra), includes objects which may be clicked on and dragged to the player's inventory area, hot spots, mouse control of movement, and many other features which the user would otherwise have to code long and hard to achieve in C or Assembler.
The experienced Amos programmer could produce similar results with almost the same degree of ease, but as Visionary is designed specifically for adventure games, it is both easier to learn and more adept at creating the results required by the adventure fan.
Possibly the most useful and powerful feature in Visionary, however, is its flexible implementation of attributes. Each room can have up to 32 attributes, as can each object in the game. These can be designed by the programmer or can be standard Visionary attributes. The Default attribute is the most commonly used, as it sets out the possible exits from a room, closely followed by Visited, which automatically tests to see if a room has been entered, and the self- explanatory Dark attribute.
The values of these attributes can be tested at any point in the game to determine how Visionary will react to a player's input, and they come into their own when the user designs attributes of his or her own. With a bit of thought, you could have a Weight attribute for each object, or an Airsupply attribute for every room in a space station-type game, or even a Friendly attribute when designing non-player characters (NPCs).
With a maximum of 65,000 each of objects, rooms, subroutines, or possible actions, and a whopping upper limit of 128,000 variables, the programmer has plenty of scope to play around. Add to this the 4.3 billion characters of text Visionary can handle - though I challenge you and your hard drive to make use of them - and you have a system capable of keeping up with the most prolific of creators.
All Visionary games start their life as Ascii text files entered using a wordpro- cessor or text editor. Aegis supply the Visionary Interactive Editor to make creating graphics and generating code as easy as possible, but I didn't have a copy and relied instead on Cygnus Ed to create text files.
Once you've typed in your code, you must compile it using the Visionary compiler VCOMP. This works extremely fast, and generates code ready to be tested with the DBUO utility. DBUG is a very friendly piece of software, and lies at the heart of every Visionary creation. It makes testing and debugging almost a pleasure as it enables the users to change attributes, jump from location to location, change startup parameters, and generally muck about with the code to his or her heart's content.
If you generate a cross-referenced error file when compiling, it is relatively easy to find and correct errors, track down rogue variables, and sort out surly subroutines. Once the bugs are removed, the code is then ready to be linked, using the VUNK linker, at which point it becomes a standalone game you can freely distribute or sell.
Completed standalone games are at least 200K in size, as this is the amount of code tacked on by the linker to enable them to run. However, as this leaves 500K for your source code before a floppy disk's limits are reached, there is enough room for even the largest of games.
Huge graphics-only affairs will sometimes cause storage problems, and may have to be crunched, but until you're prepared to learn enough assembler to code a game from scratch, you'll just have to accept the odd limitation.
Conclusion Whether your tastes are of the text-only variety, or your secret dream b to create a Dungeon Master variant with a Terry Pratchett theme, complete with animated Rincewind, you'll find that Visionary has the power to develop the game you've been hiding for lack of programming skills.
All those potential programmers who've woken from a comatose slumber over a beginners' guide to C or assembler are recommended to give Visionary a look. It's well worth it.
(TJMMna't, j N * _„
- 71 Q * * “ i 0-0 r 0*0=0 Visionary is a product of
Oxxl-Aegis Inc., PO Box 90309, Long Beach, CA o Viuonory Is
capable of producing games fa the j tyk of grophks-only
programs such as Bktodwyrh n n s n d v
* 15 C RRS csniss 90809 J Phone; 0101 213 427 1227 I Price: No UK
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Game *3 *2 AN-095 .Anri Lemmings *2 *2 AN-102 Franklin Fly *1
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Magician n *1 .AN-122 Trackball *1 .aN-123 Showtime *1 REST OF
THE WORLD uruimss UT-013 Icon Mania (Icon tils) UT-014 Amiga
Systems Test ITT-015 Flexibase V2.0 (Database) UT-016 Amibase
V3.76 (Database) UT-018 D-Copy (Disk Copier) UT-019 Cfcrk V3.0
(Accounis) UT-020 Jazz Bench *1 LT-021 Rim Database * 1 UT-041
VisiCalc V3-0 UT-043 C-Light (Ray Tracing) *1 urr-044 M-Cad *1
UT-045 Unique Utils 01 UT-046 Unique Utils 02 LT-048
SoundTrackcrV2.2 3 4 5 UT-055 StarTrekkerV1.2*l UT-060 A Gene
VI .3 UT-063 UeditV2.6c *1 UT-064 Complete C Manual V40 *4
UT-068 Text Plus V2.2E (Word Pro) UT-070 Catalogue Utils *2
UT-072 Bank’n VI .5 UT-073 Virus X V5.0 Zero Virus ID UT-074
Mandel Vroom UT-075 Mandel Mountains & Anim UT-060 The A&
Package (Emulator) UT-091 Noise Tracker V2.0 *1 UT-092 Master
Virus Killer V2.1 UT-094 AmiGazer & StarChan UT-095 Magnetic
Pages VI .0 1 UT-096 Data Easy (Database) UT-097 NonhC V1.3*2
UT-lOO Unique Fonts 100* *3 UT-103 Red Sector Demo Maker *1
UT-104 Journal V2.0 UT-107 TSB Vector Designer Vl.l UT-1G8
Print Studio VI .25 UT-110 MED V3.1 *1 *2 UT-112 Ham Lab Demo
UT-116 Clip It Vo! 1*5 UT-121 Clip It Vo! 2 *5 UT-126 Clip It
Vol 3 *5 UT-131 Clip It Vol 4 *5 UT-136 Modula II (Language)
UT-137 Games Music Creator UT-138 Okialyzer (8 track) UT-139
Dmw.VlapV2.30D UT-142 Messy Sid UT-143 Cryptic Amiga Emulators
UT-144 N-Comm VL9*2 UT-146 Super Killers k«*w 172 irus
UT-147 Amiga Fox (DIP Package) 1 EUROPE all Public Domain &
Shareware Disks are £2.00 per disk. Minimum order £10.00.
Price includes Ainnail.
Payment by bankers draft in pounds sterling drawn on a bank in the UK.
All Public Domain & Shareware Disks are £2.50 per disk. Minimum order £10.00. Price includes Airmail.
Payment by bankers draft in pounds sterling drawn on a bank in the UK.
Daniel Whitehead takes a journey through the scrolly-infested PD jungle to see what he can find flUMMH The Eric Schwartz Collection George Thompson Services Theme Pack The big mention this month goes to George Thompson Services down in Hertfordshire. They now offer various "theme" packs Of PD software for around a tenner, and one of their latest packs is bound to be of interest to those who like to use their Amigas to show off to their ST-owning friends.
For only £9.99, or £10.99 for nonmembers, you get a set of five disks comprising nine of the now classic Eric Schwartz animations. You also receive a slide show entitled The History of Amy, tracing the life of Schwartz's cartoon creation Amy the Squirrel right back to the turn of the century, and a disk of some highly impressive, and reputedly rather rare, animations by Dennis Sibera.
All the animations run from WorkBench, although a lot of the more impressive Schwartz anims require more than 1 meg. They do take quite a while to install, but once all the frames and sound effects have been made ready the animation will run Over and over again until a mouse dick allows you to choose another.
The animations typify the Schwartzian sense of humour and fans of his Aerotoons will be pleased to see the return of Navy Aggressor Training and Skydive, while the other vintage offerings range from a short but sweet Batman spoof to a brilliantly thought out Road Runner tribute.
Of course, the quality of the drawings is excellent, and Schwartz's talent for creating great facial expressions puts him on a par with, ooh, Tony Hart at least.
Honestly though, if you've never seen an Aerotoon, then you haven't lived. Every time I've loaded them up, a small crowd gathers to watch and people can be heard murmuring things like "They're very good aren't they?", "Yes, it's just like the telly" and so on.
Despite the slightly higher price than usual, the pack is well worth shelling out for, if only because the animations contained within are fast becoming Amiga legends. Just the thing to while away the cokJ winter nights with the family, and it's bound to be more entertaining than Russ Abbott's Christmas "bonanza".
In Wasteland is the first game to hit the PD market from the 3D Construction Kit, and quite a nice little effort it is too. The idea is that you are assigned the unenviable task of preventing a nuclear meltdown by exploring the reactor and stabilising the core.
It's a good idea, and it plays pretty well. The author has got to grips with the construction kit, despite its bugs and niggles, and has produced a game that is defi nitely worthy of a budget release, maybe even full price!
It’s actually quite hard, and it may take even the most dedicated adventurer a while to suss things out. So, not one for the novice, but if you've done six impossible things before breakfast, why not round them off by completing Wasteland?
The graphics are a little rough around the edges and they can be quite disorientating at times, but The Tint fruit i oT the JO Construction Kit in the ihnpe ol Wasteland l::: i Wasteland
N. B.S.PD Disk No. G206 the sense of scale is captured with
style, and the sound effects add greatly to the atmosphere.
Given the restrictions of the construction kit, this bodes
well for the future of PD games after the glut of mediocre
SEUCK offerings. Very professional presentation, a massive
play area and plenty of puzzles make it fiendishly difficult
to fault, as well as to play. As a PD game, this is an
absolute bargain. Snap it up.
Then burst into action to bring the story to life.
Considering the subject matter, this is a great idea, and as the animations and text are onscreen at the same time, you can see what you're reading about.
This works really well, as you can find out all about the first moving pictures as you watch them.
Educational and interesting.
The clear graphics and well written text go nicely together to form a package that wouldn't look out of place on the CDTV. No keyboard entries are required, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if it does find its way to the screens of "the shiny disked one".
Oozing professionalism all over the shop, this little educational proglette will be of great use to anyone studying the media, or indeed anyone who's remotely interested in what films were like before Terminator 2 was even a twinkle in Mr Hollywood's eye. Very impressive.
Fanatic then this is a shining example of what can be achieved with a bit of effort and an interesting subject.
Taking the form of an interactive tutorial, it takes you through, amazingly enough, the birth of film, and illustrates its points with small animations and text windows containing relevant information, These are accessed by clicking on people's names in the text, or pictures which The Birth of Film George Thompson Services If you've ever wanted to know how the motion picture was developed, then this disk is just the thing for you.
On the other hand, if you're a Dvideo Visit to the I*r I» IANCT Everything you wanted to know obout Man. But couldn't be bothered to ask7 ?
Mars George Thompson Services Blimey, yet another George Thompson Services disk. They are busy little beavers down in Hertfordshire. Again, this disk is very well presented, with loads of digitised pictures and well thought out text It's another educational disk, along the lines of the Birth of Film, but without the interactive aspect. What you get is a slide show of various pictures of the red planet, with relevant features highlighted and text describing just why that red smudge is really the majestic heights of the Olympus Mons.
It's not as exciting or interesting as the Birth of Film disks, and it lacks the interactive element. Whereas in Birth of Films you could explore the program to a certain extent, the Mars disk is very much a spectator affair. All you can do is sit back and watch all the pretty pictures. Some animation would have spiced it up a bit, and some sound perhaps, but as it stands it does tend to get a bit dull.
I suppose if you're a big fan of the planet Mars, then this may be of interest, but it doesn't take advantage of the computer medium, which leaves it fairly redundant.
Mission X
N. B.S. PD Disk No. G208 Yet another Shoot-'Em-Up Construction
Kit creation, and this one’s actually a sequel! Yes, these
SEUCK games are self- multiplying, it would seem, This, for
those who want to know, is the sequel to R.A.I.D. (that's
Really 'Ard In Design, fact fans) which was reviewed in the
November issue, and actually got a lukewarm thumbs up.
Not that the sequel seems to go any further in the quest for originality, settling instead for different backgrounds and enemies.
As far as SEUCK games go, this one is probably the best you're likely to find. The graphics are of a very high quality, although they do look a tad SWIVish, and really wouldn't look out of place in a professional game. The sound's not 'art bad either, as it happens.
If the game has one major fault it's that, like a lot of SEUCK games, it's just too unapproachable. The collision detection is dubious at times and the trundling speed makes it hard to carry out any great feats of speed and skill. Blind Another treat for all you video buffs. This handy little program allows you to add rolling credits to your home video masterpieces, so |eremy Beadle knows exactly who’s who when you send him that humorous dip of yOUf mother-in- law falling of a swing.
The program svill take text tiles, and allow them to be edited and generally mucked about with so they look a bit more swanky. You know, nice colours, extra big letters, that sort of thing. Also available to impress friends and family with are a variety of spooky screen wipes so your text can be scrunched and slipped all over the shop, rather than just scrolling up the screen.
Catacombs AmigaNuts Disk No.
1202 As everyone decks the halls and jingles their bells for the festive season, the number of PD games is rocketing. What better way to spend those last few pounds from that mysterious Auntie AmigaNuts Disk No. 1199 Graphics Construction Kit luck seems to be just as much a part of play as joystick dexterity. Unfortunately, we've seen this sort of thing churned out on PD month after month and Mission X is really nothing new. Ff you haven't already got a SEUCK game, then this is the best so far, but if you've got piles of them exploding from your disk box then this isn't really worth the
What a miserable old thing I am.
Angus in Inverness you never knew you had?
Well, you could splash out on this cheapo Gauntlet rip off. Not what you'd call the best PD game in the world, but it's playable enough and is even charming in its own little fluffy way.
You control the traditional furry underpanted, axe-wielding barbarian who must make his way up through different dungeons, for no other reason than that it's what barbarians like to do when they're not barbarianing.
Along the way you can collect keys for doors, treasure for points and kill monsters for the hell of it.
Unfortunately, there isn't really enough to do on each level to make it a really gripping game. If yOu're very lucky you may meet one or two monsters, and then despatch them with a few swipes from your axe.
As such, this game isn't really seat- of-your-pants adventuring. What it is though, is a fairly competent puzzle game.
Some thought must go into which way to 90 and how to get to a key, so you can get through a door so you can get to the exit, and so on.
If you look beyond the flickery graphics and the jerky scrolling, it's harmless enough. Don't rush out to get it, but give it a go if the opportunity arises.
The program isn't just restricted to home video use though - it can also be used to add scrolling text files to your Amiga programs, so you can make the README file on your disks a little bit more exciting Please note that this program is not PD, and is only available through AmigaNuts. Anyone else who is distributing it is a thieving toerag and deserves what they get. Oh yes indeed The whole thing is fairly easy,to get to grips with, and there are a couple of example files to give you some ideas.
Add to this a huge manual on the disk that gives you all the commands in great detail and you've got a posverful package, Wefl worth making the effort to get used to.
Sltt; 17 Bit Disk No.1417 For those who want to dabble in every aspect of graphics work on the Amiga, this disk should satisfy your craving.
Not, as its title might suggest, a complete graphics package, but rather a selection of the tried and tested PD graphic design programs.
Andrew's Animation Studio puts in an appearance, fresh from our June CoverDisk, and is joined by plenty of other handy utilities. There's a mouse pointer animator, a font editor, and various tile converters. There's also PPShow and PPAnim, and a variety of boot programs. Something for everyone, Not really suitable for a beginner, as some of the programs require at least some experience With other programs of this kind. People who are interested in professional animations probably won't find anything new here, but it does make a useful sketchpad for ideas to see how they work.
There are some criticisms, not least of which is that a lot of the programs are in German, which won't make things that much easier. Also, many of the programs don't have Docs which doesn't help, especially when the actual programs are still in theif native tongue.
Icwruster imPCXTI.doc I Mcli WN rile fill Still, what you do get for the price is plenty of useful graphics tools, and if you can read German then you shouldn't have any problems at all- Huge.doc I*usf-Ed.inlro FontnlStw.doc Tfxtpllflt .chifljes The many wonders that the patchy Graphics Construction Kit con offer Cplowkvtk F TN ClI Iwge-M fyrets Pointer Animtw* i"l rvA i Jpd.Osy XtfMns.CMMeMee Tiktjumt f'.’k U rih AninStudio.doc Hi Hi drkl'ikim* Comp lit zijJjjjjp) Ini
P. O. 3 OX 2, TYLDSSlS , j'jJ2= 7£J]'J (dsmjs) 335320 | AL
DISTfliaUTOriS Or FISUIsfl 3QrTV Afls Or-Trls USA diaU tilily
75f (r2-i-j Pfjinliir CatiiliifjuiT2 UK- Mm the Merciless -
Excellent V? 3 -Zp* - Very addictive tile game
- Suh wwsy ‘)p? 6tmt (Un-POM POM Gunner- VtryGoodl jjM- Hnllywood
Trivia - G'64 - Mental Image I - Best PD seleetiwfi 069 -
ntrfotarr - Written with speffiSHfl 070 - Skie3fcccll?pl game
072 - Snakepit«Sujiable (or (he kiUsBH
07. 1 -Bio* kit - Very nicely done Ivv KptS| 074 -BmULUS - By
Tobias Richter V •76-Ready Robot - Educational prc sC™ GW
- ftcr' Guest - Lovely graphics 082 - The Mu* - Incredible
ID mare CM - Tomtcspel trNe*.fa two players G87 - Uamatron
-fi am by Jcfflfrfntcr «189 - Chinese Cheek rt ddielive
game 090 - Nlayfiem f-SfflijorijriutiiMufin * G91 -
iM Bro Brk Market stnucc KjPDSP - Stlfff *}lift TLxoeIjpnt
qflz gimt PD62 - iMills - Ntce breakout clooe
APDIlO Assfire - Vjpry nicely done AI’DIIS WaUmucy* Superb
for the kids API) 130 Wooden Ball - Brillsam!!!
P91 -Pixelium P9.V4 - Star Ivek Meaadcm P95-RI k Parks AH -Qyltf ANIMATIONS (i A06 - More Aerolooi AlO-Bit All-
- RSI Module* Disk 3 11$ - Audiomaglc V'2 - More utilities
- P?) Gnosis Sample* - Sound sample* M223 -J«in Mlchd Jarrt Live
- Brilliant M234 - Delta Mu dr Editor - Very good DEJA VU
(incorporating AMOS licencSware) £3.50 LPD1 - Colouring Book -
Simple for prc children upwards IE-' LPD2 - Arc Angrt Math? -
Fduwtionrt add. Subtract etc. cic *v LPDJ - Galcons - Very
effective follow t
• Dogfight game. Tl cc!lint fa1tlij.n Eav?llchi little animatlor
nr TreJi npe( |iinoetiirfs *- Good Jkjffeit 26 - Oft dock pfr»n
2 - Includes PIS fighter l ) Bee & Tr« fnyg - Very good actal
Flight - Small screen anim for the Rt-h OrrlCI T'at, UTILITIES
107 - Dcop) 17.6 i-DrillLfcnt backup utility1 110 - Janbenrtj
-Greatly enhanced VB CIS- RSI Intro Maker - Iwffc .U 6v HIM
U17 - RarorTooU-figtollcm Jivi.
F20 - Master Virus Hber V2.I - vd U15 - Fonts & Surfnm - Cm and UJ2 - C-Llfillt - Lapse J commcrciall_ U33 - M-CAD - Computer Aided Design pack]
1. 15 67 - Dgrkstar Urils - No? 2 lo 4 U38 - Assassin.* Bool
Utilities - Excellent U42 - SID 17.06 - The wr v directory
util ' L4J.*4 Catalogue Workshop - Rather p U4S - 52 Clip
It! - Wju oi« 20 disk* UflBWMMS-Copd butlittle U54 *- Htrd
l)i*k tlil* Wtwldnj bGVf ilhoui U56 r TSB Vector Designer For
'1(57 - Mexsysid II I Inmate in transl »' 158 - P eMulator -
An exceptional U6I - Intercostal fills - Brilliant disk 162 -
Quickhcnch VI.I - Bootable RR (164 - Brilliant Bool lllili -
Hi Roy! Ill U69 - Alpha niaht Demo Creator-Oldtl I 70 -
DarkdtfSBfflR I 71 - hpucrwrilrr - laovxly intro I (83 -Sculpt
3D Sc«n«-|(or S U85-ESA Utils 1 -Brillluntduk 1186 - Full
Force Util* 2 - Scv U87 B - Graphics Management] U90 -
Gtncotogy datab 1193 - Spectra paint 17.2 -Brilliant rtv 1194
- Opti lllii* I - Excellent qualify U97 - North C - Famous C
compiler VIJ ' V98 -194 High Quality Clip Art U112 .V4-C
Manual A little light rending UI18 Petidlc Europu fills 7 -
fciedleni UuflpUuiutltf VJJ - Directory Utility pi - Spertnim
Emulator - Rather good [29 - Pascal Compiler - Vcn pupuUi SI -
Assassins Mulllsision - GFX tools ¦Electron* vu - Laiwi
- Super Killer* - BOOTX V4.04 llaml iib - Iff conversion prog
llflilf 1-20-Utiliiic-s [p 25 - Xllip, Mod2. Logo, lortli itlli
- Seventy-five utiliws pari - Useful stuff?
Kbpba, eprltw «c.
I - Anihro' umff jit ftJommeniVxIl I - Defltx UIIU U170-Icon Maple-Bxc3 vw-m-mjmtt U176i7 - Window sBf ncli - By h; UI81f2 3-QL Emulator t'lltfi - Programming I ~li f 192 - Nlghr Flyers 4 - Rxoellciif disk VI95 - Opt* Villi 2 - I-flWH |cn»n wililf 11% - Opti Corami is Ultimate Comms disk V197 - C Dir Toolt - Sniffed full ol ihemt' I I99 - NUKE VI.4b - Utwl Release
t. ’200 - Implodrr V4- latleat Release U207 - Printer L'tils - By
(lie Amas*in.i L 208 - Fractal Generator - By T Richier 1:209
- Dynamite FonUj - More cut n paste EDUCATIONAL & GAMES GO
IIUM4 S - Ed-Pack - Teenager* & over (i0fii7 - Uarn & Play -
Infant t junior age Gll 2 - Game .Solution* - Very good G14 -
Talking Colouring Book - Nearly OK G20 - lurrlcan II Demo -
Playable demo G22 - Tennis - 3D game, needs I meg!
G31 2 - Star Trrk - By Tobias Richicr ytrd Gumex - Includes Monopoly Id) - Good arcade fUii pUcnt game ' ubo drip ¦lone for kldt OtklielivL- ironic _ 0utastorin y i Market str-uep.v cllynl qm time 1-Nkc breakout clone
• Vpry nicely done py » Superb fra the ktils .Ball-Brilliant’"
[APPjJ7-Tlle~al - Good tile game
• aPDIII - Pair Cray - Very good I A PI) 146 - Frail Machine -
For $ c addict | APD148 - Drmolltion mission )I49 -
(wrtshit Pontoon - Roth good I - Quizmaster - lixvohont j .
ICairup - Good JsBrtlUiui!
RRSflHK | Tw.W»0bK.(b PDJI5- Silver Bars A The En 1*1)326 - Igpcrball - Bril yet. Gel I APD329 - Fruit Machine BrilllaiU ga APD334 - Snake in the Grass - OK BUSINESS & SERIOUS B02 - Words* right - Wordproccwor B04 - Clerk - Accounting B06 - U-Kdlt - fcry powerful wonlpnx«*a| B07 - Fktibase - Powerful yet easy to u» M R09 - Amihawe VJ.74 - Excellent datahiMlB BIO - Inventory & Memopad - Very hand)’ 1312 - Business Card Maker - Pretty 0(8»d BI4- Vmcak - Similar to I .ohm 1-2*3 on PC B17-QKD - Superb lext editor B18 - Twtplus V3M - Edit crunched fllwl 1119-600 Businevs letter* - Brilliant I -
Mcxsysid VI - Lsicst version I - Dbase II - Ettsy to use dntabaBO 12 * DatflUfu* Wir - Nnmc A; nildrett kPDS2 - Form* Jually Unlimited PD119 - Fjectrocad demo VI.4 J32 - Pflmll Hlxtory Dptahuse )138 - Spanish Tutor - Piwty good!
S7 - Cflwcllc Idtbcllrr - For the inlay?
- Amo* 3D Demo SLIDESHOWS & PICS P05 - Pcndle Europa Slideshow -
V. Good P(W - Sunslidc II - P.xccptimul quality PI Ml - Nawi
Slidwhows - Both 1 & 2 here P25 - Roger Dean - Excellent
slideshow P28 - Sunslidc III - Brilliant follow up P32 - A gat
ron 6 - From Tobias Richter P33 - Agatron 8 - More from Tri
ttablc P40 - Max’* Art - Very nicely done P41 - Nemesis
Prologue - From Hanibil P47 - Joe Slideshow - Exceptional
artwoek P48 - Psygnosix Slideshow - Rather brilliant P54 -
SuncoonrelhMi - More from this group P62.3 Channel 42 & Silent?
- Way good P65 - Agatron 12 - Fantastic quality P66 - Fravkm
Future Visions - Very good P67 - Agatron II - Incredible
itandarfe |P7fu7 - Nemeth Chapt. I - The next chapter P78.H -
Laurel & Hardy - Brilliant for fa u Invisible World - Bugs n
thing* op - By Honibal. Unbelirrabltf!
Nuke - By Mumbai. Brill A20-A8
- As SI A58 - WkM- Bnlliant chrome leg? Walking A61 - Afclftn IS
--Billiards k Ulus + FIS A62 - SWBCollector - Bnlliant sequence
AW - J offer II - Very. *ery funny Soe ill A67i7V9 - SUUtm at
Kerne Meg jflDztToi* In Spu« 2J Agalron 30 - Mill* Agatron 17-j
Agalron 24 i 33, Iker&AI Shuttle - Very "good , 36 - Bud
flight |Loiut A Untcyclc, bnlliant vxx - llumen Burner -
Bnlliant 3D flij A89 - Againn 22 - Its. Ludes ipTO A90 -
Audtfon 26 - belie Huey Hcli A91 - Franklin the 1 AH 5 - .VWinx
- Ru t%.'7 - Light ( vek - From Tton and Brilj A98.9 -
Anli-lx'tnming* - 2 Mce A100 1 2-3 4- 5 - 1 he Wall - Ku
A1Q7X9TQ - The Landing - J Meg ' AID - Man - Ahvftlutcly
incredible, get it! J A112 - Juggetle II - Wa lulunuu* aium |
MIS- Agatron 27 At 16 - Agalnm 2X - Dixo A117 - Agatron 29 -
Mukiuun | AI24-Sbuttkrock-By Eric Schwartz A124- Real 3D Anbn
- Real Pinball" IaI 27 - Real 3D Anlra2- IJ ot and ball? (?)
Iusic * m and Samples - lia.ludcs [vrlivl sound tin - Bnlli.tnt music A graphic?
Mil) - MnMlflffilJim! - With wod majB MI4-Brunos M15 -Sound of Silent* - 71 MIR- Amlgadeu* - By Rod Baxter, M19 - dufhc 1 - Mr Baxter flrikc* again! | M20 - Ciaath 2 - More of hi? FormitUWe work M34-APDC11-Sound utilllie?
M35 - APDI, 28 - MIDI UTILITIES M42 3 - SoundlrarKer MS2 .V4.'S - Moduleg - Need I ay more?
MSK'9,’60 - Metal ModalM-Gdfld M6I 2. 3 - Sound samples for Strackcr M87 - Game* Music Creator - Difficull MSB - Pcndle P.uropa 6 - lUcellctil dttk Ml OS - Burning IndfpwidftlOf II - Brill M11S - Seoopex Music UllK- By Ihe M121 - Sunconnectkm - Nicely done MI3I - DeluxeMusicData-NcedsD!
Ml34 - Kcfrrns Jukebox - Good Ml45 - Midi I'rogrammeg MIS2 - Midi Programmed-More Ml65 - MHO V3.ll - Fantastic niutis Ml69 - Chip Music -43 trackst Ml72 - Audiomaglc VI.I - Rrillinni i M17S - Slarlrncker - 8 track tracker, M182 - Future Composer - M186-7 8 - Do The Bartman mi 92-Do The Bnrtmim Ml% - Powcrlords M198 9- Vivaldi- M241 W- House M20S 9-RSI M2Ifi-Drumi Mod re) £3.50
- Simple forpre school 512k th* - Fdwat'on?? Gam??, 512k
effective follow up to (he 1 meg Superb adventure gome 1 mrg
LPIWI Work & Hay-»3educational game* for yi*uilj: kids
Rcvommcrtded 1 Ittfg LPDI4 - Ptay It Safe-Aimed at educating
the voung kid* shout *af(uy I meg LPD20 - Word* - A Ycty nice.
Jimplc to operate wordprocessor. V.ti -
I. PD22 - I.CIQ'lOTFmill-TTtit enable? Y'ou to more tont« In your
printer -
1. PD24 - The Sfilnlng Way of Rung Fo - 'nils TWO disk uf fs very
nicely put together bui costs a little rftaregSJO 1 meg LPD2?
- nJKfltalon - Brilliant text adventure oft 1 meg
l. Pl)27 Power - Fduvalitwilly irienWod young 1 meg udBawl -
Beautifully to ure *nd friendly, try il 512k Ig Top Fun -
Yet another brilliant game from l en Tucker 1 meg Sh) iner -
Wonderful kdvonturf game for tlful iraplilM * 1 meg Hard Drive
Menu System - Superb hard ly, uted by u«! Amos
Advcntureftd-TWs ncedt ooaWeyou to crefiteyoui own adventure
lent f v *.
LPDJ4- fnvolcc Printer-For use by iltc Small Uurincss ftrtpj, just print (KifyouT invoices on your OWN headedf aper to save txnt and time. ery tilery done V 1 meg LPD35 - T-TecDFayr - Pull tochflftl drawing . R„ • LPD38 - Amos Art - Full of goodie* foe inclusion In your own AMOS creationt LP1X40 - SprileBank Editor - Blftdy Superb.
Need I say more? Needs AMOS X
I. PD4I - Rexcue - Created using Incenfevexjp ton kit and it
ploely done! 1 meg LPD45 - MUSIC BOX - The ultimate in music
education for Iridr. This it quite ttmply the he*t I tunc ever
seen 1 meg LPD46 - Magpies Clipart - Crystal clear images Of
elipwt, eatcfotwd f 128
1. PD47 - Dirt) Cash - Beautifully done fruit ItUChuu: Simulator,
excellent 1 meg LPD48 - SPARK'S STOCKING FILLER - A wonderful
Christmas gift far any child with the ¦uoa Bin more than
education, quit; 1 meg
I. PD49 - Marvin the Martian - A traditional (or children 1 meg
LPD50 - Magpies Clipart 2 - More quality clipart image* from
the magpie 512k LPD5I - Magical Young Artist - A colouring in
type program for kidv 512k 1-1*1)52 - I.(‘24 200 Fonts - Same
a* LPD22 but also thought to be compatible with most printers!
512k LPD53 - Magpies Clipart 3 512k LPD54-Magpies Clipart 4 512k LPD5J - SprlteX V1.32-An update to the earlier vendee and enhanced AMOS LPD54-C Text VIJ2 - An cxtcmion to AMOS in allow you lo use icon based font? Which can he drawn in up to 16 colours. Some font* are supplied on disk. T3»c- AMOS IF VOL ORDFR 10 OR MORE VOL GET A FREE ONE FISH 1 550, SMAUG, PAN NZAUG, TOPIK, SNAG, AMIGAS, SCOPE & THE PREMIER COLLECTION AVAILABLE POSTAGE: UK and BFPO: Please add 5()p to order.
Europe: Please add 20p per disk.
World: Please add 40p per disk MM vi. 116 tm* wp mi Otima wit) twt it ¦tf.li IkltlM package. There's also a spell checker on the disk and a word count in the program.
If you want a great wOrdprocessor for under a tenner then don't hesitate to get hold of this. As it is shareware the author is relying on you, the honest and lovable public, to pay him his dues and send him a measly fiver. You know it makes sense.
Label Designer 17 Bit Disk No. 13B9 This is one of those funny little utilities that is useful in a strangely useless sort of way. What it does is, quite simply, is allow you to design labels and print them out for your disks.
It's the sort of thing that may never have crossed your mind, but it's a pretty handy thing to have. It should be of extra special interest to people thinking of setting up a PD library, or just for making your Amiga Computing Gallery disks look more impressive.
It's very easy to use, and will load IFF files which you can then edit to suit Text Engine v2.1 17 Bit Disk No.1401 Cuess what this is. An extremely good shareware word processor, with a bunch of features and a friendly approach that makes it very easy to get the hang of.
That's what it is.
Some of you may be familiar with Text Engine, SO for your benefit the new version boasts a new menu layout, erase facilities, disk DIR function, and apparently this time the Delete key works properlyl It also features 10 macros, which can easily be redefined using the cleverly designed macro editor. All the features you'd expect from a full price WP package and, as they say on TV, many more.
It can switch from NTSC to PAL mode, so it's compatible with whatever setup you use. There's plenty of text styles, from italic to extra height, which only show up when printed, but markers appear to let you know what's been changed. It's an amazingly professional your purpose before printing out. With a bit of effort you can get them printed on sticky labels and have a really efficient little operation.
That's about it really. It's easy to use, there's some example files on the disk, and it's as useful as you make it. If it sounds like the sort of thing you might need then go get it.
Y wjrvpous.
Z*w Telescan Computer Services Disk-based magazines vary from the downright awful to the pretty damn impressive, and luckily Scanner is one of the impressive ones. It comes on two disks - one disk containing the bulk of the editorial and the second disk holding any games or demos that wouldn't fit on the first disk.
For your money you get n plethora of the latest demos and PD games, plus some golden oldies that you may have forgotten about. The games are almost always some of the best on the scene and vary from shoot-'em-ups to puzzle games.
On the editorial side you get regular PD news updates, which cover the whole PD world fairly comprehensively, a letters section which proves that PD is becoming more than just a hobby for a lot of people, and a variety of features, memory space permitting.
The writing is always informative, and refreshingly informal, and the direct interaction between readers and the magazine itself is a sign of a healthy interest in disk magazines.
For the technically minded among you, there's always a good selection of new PD utilities to try out, which makes the magazine a lot less short-sighted than other disk magazines which can tend to concentrate on coders and other small areas of the Amiga PD world.
Also published as a spin-off from Scanner is Humdinger. This irregular series manifests itself as two disks stuffed with PD games, and I do mean stuffed. You get about 20 games per disk, so there's a couple of hours to be spent just looking through all the games on offer. Bargain city, dudes. A lot of thought and planning has gone into Scanner - the front end is easy on the eye and everything is only a mouse click away. Issue four should be available as you read this, as should Humdinger the Revenge.
All in all, Scanner is possibly the best disk-based magazine around, and if you want a monthly supply of the cream of | PD then a subscription to TI.'prtMtnHt'tlXMHr** ~ Sclnm iS Wor,h i,S Wei9ht in moga me, and you can't tear the pages! Vector bobs.
Insanity Tools 17 Bit Disk No. 1418 No less than 203 utilities on one disk.
Yup, count 'em - 203 utilities.
Obviously, there are about fifty or so virus killers, and several million sample rippers, but, to coin a phrase, variety is the spice of life, Now, if you actually expect me to tell you about each and every utility, then you're sadly mistaken. There is a limit to journalistic inspiration you know, but I will tell you some of the goodies you can get from this disk.
There's a FixSaddam, to sort out that highly humourous virus that really had everyone rolling in the aisles, there's a couple of boot intros that you can install on your disks so that you can have games playing as the disk boots, there's a fractal generator, the perennial Ppmore, and literally hundreds more.
I think it's fairty safe to say that you'll find something of use here, and even if you only ever use five or even ten of the utilities, you'll have got your money's worth. Serious techy boffins should look out for this one.
Scanner disk magazine A PD AMIGA PD AMIGA PD AMIGA PD AMIGA PD AMIGA PD AMI DEMO’S 4288 Bart Simpson DemaDecay A296 Phenonwa Engma Demo A354 Amy vs Walker,'E Schwartz. 1 Mb A329 Sickness S miriatOf;Hitarious A331 Ami-LCTYrings Demo2 Disks. 2 Mb A334 Batman the Momt Schwartz. 11*) A338 Shutte-Cock AnimjE. Schwartz, i Mp A338 Mr Potato Head IlChns Hi (1Mb) A342 Piasmutw 91 Exwient Plasm Demo A343 Vrtual World Demo A350 Scoowx Demo Dsk 165 A352 Trackball Anmation (lift) m Dgital Innovation Anarchy's latest A362 DefcmOemo.V ell Worth a Look 4367 Unicyde Anim (1 Meg) A370 Piano Anim(l Meg) A372
Temwator 2 Sideshow (2 Disks) 30UND mUSlw $ 001 Soundtrack. Muse programme (needs ST-01) 8003 Games music creaiv $ 00* Med music programme V.3.0 S006 MedV3.11 1 meg only SQ10 Protrarter MB (needs ST-01 ST -01 Instrument dsk lor SoundProtracker ST-07 Speech samples for Soundtracker wmmam E001 Education Disk I (Age $ «) E004 Educawn Disk 4 (Age 5*) EQ06 Leam and Play (Age EdOe Colouring Book (Age 54} Speedy Service G033 Dnp Arcade Game G037 Twintri&'2 Player Tetns G044 Chess-superb version G04S Seven Tiles Sp«dball Game G049 Eat Mme'Emerald Mine Game G051 Frantic Freddw'Arcade Game G052
Pipeline.Pipemania Game G059 Wheef of ForWTV Quiz Game G06O Quizmaster vi.(M, Chatham G061 Property MarketTrading Game G064 Game Cheat&Codes. Solullons G067 Mental Image Game Disk 1 G068 Casino Gam&Compilation G069 Space Games-CompilaDon G069 Space Games'8 Games G071 Castle of Doonv'Adventure G072 Speccy Emulator & Games G073 Megaball.'Breakout Game G074 Adventure Writer G0?6 Star T rek Shoot-em-up MOOS Groove is in the heart M016 Feel The Rhythm MQ17 Tecnotronc Mega Mot M021 Pet Shop Boys-Suberbia M025 Digttl Concert 3 M028 Digtal Concert 6 M033 8C6 Slate remixes M038 lOOCWti ies M04Q
Simpsons Do the Bart man. 3 disks M042 Betty Boo 2 rises M044 UamiVce Remix 6077 Simpsons ShQOt-envyp G078 Moonacy Arcade (1Mb) G079 Wizzy's Quest Arcade (1Mb) GQW Popeye LCD Game G081 Cubutus Rubic' Type Puzzle Game* .
G082 Downhill Challenge Ski-ing Game G063 Destination Moonbaselunar Lander Game G084 Fruit Machine Simulator Amos PD G086 Pair-lt'Amos PD(lMb) G087 Jeopardy-Rsc Style Game (1Mb) G088 Master of the TowrVTarget Practice G090 Five Alive Compilation 5 games GQ91 Compuier Conflia'Shoot-em up G092 Quiz Master 2 Professional G095 Zeuz Puzznic Game G100 Mecb FighVSi Fi RPG Game G101 H A C L Solutions Games Hacks G103 Pom-Pom Gunner.'Shoot-em-up G107 Monopoly English version M062 Phenomena Music 1 18 w xed tunes!
M067 MaddonaVogvtflfett Muw M068 Madonna Spanky M071 D Mob muse 2 M076 Synth Mgw M tunes inc Oxygens M060 Janet Jacksonflhythm Nation 1814 MG85 Amazing Tunes II 3 Daks (1Mb) M069 Computer Game Music OiskComptation M093 EON Muse Disk* tunes M095 Intruder Music DiskA arah M097 Technomania 11 Muse Disk 1QO? More Disks Available Senp 75p for Catalogue Disk U001 AmbaaExceteffl Database U003 IFF Fonts and surfaces for OTP UM? Dope intromaker U008 Space writer Demo creator U009 RIM relational database U010 Vistcaic spreadsheet U011 Jazz bench work bench replacement U012 North C ampler U027
EmulatorvCfc* & Atari ST UQ3Q Bank ’Accounts Programme U061 Master virus kier V 2.1 kfe 124 viruses U065 M-cad Computer aided design U067 Crunchers comptation me. Power packer U070 0-copy backs-up protected dsks (most) U073 Mandalbrol PD compilation UQ99 ABPO utity disc 30. Ums U109 Darkstar utilities Jcompialion U120 SlD'CLI utiitry U124 C-bghtRayTraong package U125 Red Sector Demo Maker U129 POC3.33.CompleteC Compiler U130 Black Tiger Star Writes U135 C' Manual latest version (4 disks) U139 Fonts lor Red Sector Demo Master Ui40 WordnghtW & Speflcbecker U152 A64 Emulator V1.01 C84 Emulator
U155 RanbOw Writer Demo Creator U158 Trilogy back up dokCopy compilation U160 Defta Crow Virus Fillers.Comp4ation U161 Mandelbrot Anmabon VI 2 U162 IBM PC Emulator 2 Dsks U163 Typng Tutor U164 ABPO Comms PadcNcomm and Jrcomm U165 Door to Door Route planner U175 TSB Vector Designer VM U176 Vector Bal Eritor V1.0 U177 RSI Demo Maker Muse Disk 1 U17B RSI Demo Maker ModiAes Disk 2 U180 RSI Demo Maker Utility Disk U218 TV Grapher Video Graphs? Ckp-ftt U219 TV FontsVidea Fonts Clip Art U220 CkpArt for DTP HARDWARE QUICKSHOT MAVERICK 1M £11.99 Features Revolutionary New Design Multi System 2 Fire
Buttons High Speed Auto Fire Option 6 Deluxe Micro Switches 2 Six foot tables for 1 2 player selection I 1 8 Direction Thumb Control Pad.
K 9 SUPER PRO £11.99 Features ¦ 12 Month Guarantee I ¦ Steel Shaft 11 A.B.S. Case !| 1 Mit roswitched ¦ Triple Fire Action f 1 High Sjx*cxl Autofire QUICKSHOT PYPHON 1 TURBO III £9.99 Features Ergononiical Design High Speed Auto fire Capability 4 foot cable 4 position operating mode selector Multi System Joystick KONIX NAVIGATOR £13.99 Features Ergonomical Design Solid Steel Shaft Fully Micro Switched Amiga, Atari, M$ X Compatible Autofire I Features Fully Mkrrwwitched Fits your hand to give natural grip Solid Steel Shaft On Off Autofire switch Amiga. Atari, Am?*rad, MSX compatible Deluxe
Mousemat .12.99 Amiga 500 Dustcover .iZ,99 40 Cap Storage Box ......£4.99 80 Cap Storage Box ......15.49 120 Cap Storage Box 16.99 3 5' Disk Drive Cleaning Kit 12.49 KONIX SPEED KING £10.99 ACCESSORIES ft UPGRADE CARD Features 16 Chip Configuration Socketed Chips High Quality PCB Direct Replacement for 501 unit Non Clock version ...£24.99 Clock Version ......£28.99 _ Features Multi System 2 Fire Buttons I ligh Speed Autofire Selector 4 Foot Cable Robust Steel Shaft Fully
Microswitched Rubber Return Duel Fire Buttons
£9.79 DeptH 45A Alma Road, St. Albans, Herts AL1 3BJ
Telephone: 0727 833363 UK orders please add 50p towards P&P.
Europe add £1 per item
R. O.W. add £2 per item Personal callers welcome, Please phone
first HOW TO ORDER Cheques & PO’s Payable to ABPD.
Send order requirements and your name and address to: SPECIAL OFFER 10 QUALITY BRANDED BLANK DISKS 135TPI INC LABELS £4.99 4- p&p Oh no! Its Bari!! SID Diioclory util WE ARE ONE OF THE FOUNDER MEMBERS OF THE UNITED PUBLIC DOMAIN DISTRIBUTORS W ttXTKOI VIH NW, *. W« tgtannM wcitoi?oiiw MWwf«ii TO WC1C* OU(OiC«Cm» wv m KM W u m aruirt con tone* omwu n FISH AND CHIPS hm Kgt a mga * tm Hi ra J6 pm nmi t tit CGM isn a eonVr Wmtto i Hu t» ftnmui'
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Ar? FB« «r«1 • r* «x- iriw r» tr» pmm ¥*«» ip«» Sana St raSS HK fiTEMSM&xiwM ¦
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tm amt K ttpi DUUTUUTUKSIJtaM aMxrw u-rvrrx* j» ** *•
3. 5'DS DD DISKETTES I0-E5.50 • 20-£950 50-120 • I00-C38 Budbroin
SI.25 ISO S3 00 500 £8.00 pl-tu. R,r«(puii im m «(iai (u«o»*
ixmutwt veau MW otwnn IJ MEMORY MONSTERS mtu BKM WTWTW T11 m
pi nr toj* m vxa m ¦ tm ixm
Toxtplus 3 0 Virtual World Ever fancied driving really fast
and letting rip at other cars with a machine gun?
Especially people who drive Allegros at 15 mph below the speed limit, no matter how many cars are queueing behind them. (Well, who hasn't?) Makes your blood boil doesn't it? Well, BattleCars lets you get revenge. Sort of.
It's a really straightforward concept. You've got two can, and a large arena with some obstacles in it. All you've got to do is hunt down the other car and shoot it enough times so its armour gives way and it explodes.
Super Twintris 17 Bit Disk No. 1419 Yup, it's that ol' Russian puttie dassic, updated and revamped for the PD world yet again. And yet again, it's great fun.
The big twist here is the inclusion of a simultaneous two-player option, so the heat Is really on to beat your mates.
Apart from that, there's very little else new about it. There's a cute bat and ball game as you boot up, and the presentation is first class. If you still don't own a version of this dangerously addictive game then this is as good as any.
Master of the Town Digitz Disk No.
GAME86 The Weirdest PD Came of the Month award definitely goes to this rather dodgy Operation Wolf clone. As most of the text in the game is in German, and there are no instructions, the actual ins and outs of the plot are slightly blurred, What happens is that you are faced with a nice picture of a street, and must then smash everything by throwing stones at them. Or at least that's what it looks like. Thankfully, the game is apparently free of any dubious neo- Nazi overtones, so we can only assume that it's just the product of some rather twisted little German fellas imagination.
Gratuitous vandalism aside though, it's not really a very good game. As there are no instructions, you have no idea of just which things you must smash before the sirens start and the police arrive. Plus the fact that it's incredibly dull. Nice graphics, nice sound, dismal idea. Don't bother.
The whole thing is seen in first person perspective, and the 3D view is surprisingly fluid. It's set at just the right speed as well, so you go fast enough to get the adrenalin flowing, but not so fast that you can't control your actions.
Another nice feature is the fact that you can link up with another computer and play against a mate. We couldn't try it in the office, but if it works then that should bring many a firm friendship crashing to the ground.
Battlecars is really good fun. It could have been better, though. The enemy car doesn't fire back so it does become a bit one-sided, and on the higher skill levels I often found that I lost for no good reason. Still, it's a good old-fashioned blast and certainly worth picking up for a couple of hours entertainment.
~ MPH AMMO ARMOUR FRONT ¦¦¦¦¦ REAR. 2Sr- ”1 “1 1__1 LEFT RIGHT 2555555 Kill the lodal Motorhcd mayhem in BattleCan AMIGA PtyMLO© ° ololo Send Cheques & P.O.s to: Public Dominator Amiga PO Box 801 uif Bishops Stortford Hmi Credit Card Orders and General Enquiries.
G2T0279 757 692 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday Herts CM23 3TP UK. Send a stamped S.A.E. for a FREE printed catalogue.
ALL disks areBatapu a* branded All orders dispatched same day by 1ST class post.
AFCAPF CLASSICS An amazing pock full d nasralgc arcade games I rckxlrg Spoce nvaden. Asteroids, ftoc Man Maite Command 8rog*wt anaQe. CodeG»1 - £1000 asvapf fucr 2 More arttanj crcode crftocks with fetiA Ppo Une Air Aco 2. Oganc Horror. Gore Blasters ord be ape from jp* ecetieni' Code Gf*3 £1000 RXMDGAMfi i Amegaoornptoton of d etou*: boevd garrer, reludei Bock Common Five lo A bne. Oess Ties, Upper, Amga Chna Challenge.
Mostet Mna Amgotaborx Up gng Down Incndeandfrpicvtxhiz Oiaer Code GflM £1000 CAJU CAMPS II you Bra tftoytog cord games iheo Iha o re pock lor you'irtckx)«CaaofiOmg, Spades.
Boc* Jock. Sofctoiex Oondke Sctrtorc anew Somam ona Crtocoge oaer Code GFA5 Only £1000 Psli Space Btob e o Onbonl ptahOfm oovtm ggme £3 00 PSL2 Mr Do coieci me appta and Hi me monster* 1MB £3 00 Psli - 0-8c*d shoot blocks ai the various random shapes decenang £3 PS 4 - Computer Contkct bnl speech orapnes ai ckikxi atndc 00mo W8£3 PSIS - S ttoutlue a shod em up £3 PS17 Dizzy Wry o game ocross between Rocman & BoUdeTOash £3 P5U5 Oyva Caverns VB £300 PUS Jungle Bunpc achenfue r the lungte to ehideri 1MB RAM £3 60 P« Kjkodo ovo«d the baddies cm you empry the screen ot ties £3 50 PV7 4 Wqylynxg 22
XMHMe punlSOOnic TY8 RAM £3 50 Pint Go Gehet an ocnlhni fxrord game that wit wrap you occupied tor hounf Req 1MB RAM £3 50 PV$ 0 Bpveni I posed on the Doaa gcmeOtheto M) RAM £3 50 Dvt7 Deo ftjw* a drii aaat shot 'em up "MB £3 50 Dvr9 XII 50 A shoot em up £35 DV2$ - Congo an ocekont cjutf gome where: you answer questions ana poyorgo Requites TUB RAM £3 50 DW? Fbwer tower can you grow prams tower show’ 1MB £3 50 PV3 Gotecns jhp to shp oomoot o jequet to Dogncrt» MB £350 OVS9 MogcFawtl IMS £350 DUO lazerZone 1MB £3 50 OV44 Formula I Chalenge V8 £3 50 feom Manogemonl 4HUO Bul Run US cert war
amdatot amum - Battle Mech a strategy war gome between robeft PtWo - Tennal end ecefteni impiemen»o»on ol the sport 1MB PO79S0SI Star Irek Dy Twotoo images full graphcj and sounds M) 2 Dnves £900 TwrS 2b - Jto Irek by AgOltoA fu« graphcs, lOuncb & animation trom now generation Stor ita £9QO SMAUG 06 07 Jar ftek Oy Jmbo Babes a txma new game we 2 ckrvc* £6 00 Mgraphcs, wax* $ mauG $ 40 Mono V3 0 eceienl tut gigprvcs qdvenrue' TV8 PQ23i nay Gtai oaveniuie "MB PD2M - Golden F ece ocJvcnime LMCENSEWARE the codes Psl. Psff ond CV uood n ru odvert are Ucemewcre mere a no more to pay Puuc Dcmnatcr pays
the ouitor deed ta you Nodocount tot miApto buys con be gven thedsks are sdd at ne pnee ndccried A EDUGATilON Oyi Cotourrg Book toe young cnidwn £3 50 DV2 Ate Anget Maths nc»jd« graphcs to aid loarnno £3 50 pV4 thngo Mayg a a puzzte pogrom with 24 tun n putiles to choose Irom £3 50 Pi'S ;itbtv orvd Pwy (tequtes tt B RAM) 3 ocelenl crogramsfuntrfnes Sable lers Go Shoppng tor maths and Cick Clock tel the me £3 50 dvw wad Factory when a o gam« type enviiDmeni tot sorting £3 50 DV37 Pocket Math) 4 port man* game - kkfOtt, siatMap Rock Stotm&ianang GiooooEasy Medum a Had witn times ttxw? Toke
Away. Add up A Divide 1MB £3 50 DV29 Bq top fun truert number gnd picture program tor young Ch«en 1MB £350 Psiu ¦ Ctasswcm Moths £3 00 AMPS Over 8 l P6dt 2 oesfcjrt mopekawrg programs ot any kxpoton cr earn Evototowsme evctoion oI lie, Chemstry Retodc fade inatdcs with oetats and gtophcs d at etemetMi. Unit Corvetson is o pogrom (hot akxus you to choose ai types of uni i o tengm I me weight speed cto pnd »ien do ccnveraons and ccmponscrs Dehivocn them puS mote'German icriguoge tutor Speck ana speB tutor. Study AH Cods Hermes formula Ctoud me wgethcr. G£Q fme, GravityStmunkx FUNC2D. GtCWity VVW
An Fo4 tVOve Makotandoihers £1250' PsliI KJN Time 1.2 gmedat chkxen oge 3 to 6 tne dok o Cipmmed with deighttiA luiton on many su&ecb money, seasons mouse, shapes levtwcrcl clock end pet me £6 00 RECTOS ftotoher font pocks w-th 60 MUUl cdcuied tents n each 6 difc pack x a castc £1500 pet pxk ihecnaef codes tot each cock ate Psfti PS772 f*SFFi PSFF4 fletcher torn pocks wim 120 5WGU cotouod kxiti n each 6 disk pcx:k Both ot these pocks ot £1500 eocn the otdei codes are PSFF A ora PSFFg PPM-M Worn lent pack 50 sn .?
Cdouied toruscn 4 cksks £1000 A tulkst d a* me above tonis« on our Disk Catalogue GRAPHICS ¦4A*VGraphcstock 1 Mcod Rot 3D drawing program vDraw the paring ptogam. Rpytowr pus utki« Op it'. HtetPfc scieencrd wmdaw todsk saved icanedfcfiand more £S 50 AHPTt Graphics Pock 2 Mse Mcroetxet e»pc*rr, Akxi si tk Apple Mac to FF convertet. PooCdoun pcfute vsawets WyGon VlZondtAi cPow you to create vverd Screer, tkspiays 0BM Rendei rcytrocng£B 50 flOW - C LgN Bay kocng OIOS T-lecDtaw produce cccflfid h«yi oudity techrcot tfnwngs with prmVy oplon 1MB £360 OVJo HocGen I bribant f racial generator Very
easy » use £3 50 PMC Sente Bank Ed the with AMOS spue Dor* menputaton £3 50 DM2 X-SBtoh pmts f F peiuie in Xitilch tor ombioidery £3 50 FffJJ - SoeeJoegei save pnl any l screen scHWATtrz Ajmuncws FF40 Gsvss Army I -16 to Combat.
Stealthy Morvevet 1 Mggrtte imb ffm Botman laleNgn termna FF4P - CdyOte 2 the (toad lest FF4tt Amy the Spunet WB FF423 - ftogo to Mama »le 1MB FF4X AmyVWVOker 1MB FF490 - ANIIlEMMMCi ?VB FFS04 SHUTTUCOCtWe mas - WtWlNCGAkA 3MB mid crufts PvoiO IT Road top Secret anmaton Cptocn story PD6U hxFtog WndcrwMon VAAing Man and Hammet SMAUG 2D srpope 0 swer woman with a teapot heod and a nooo hoop Smaug oo - Hornet Jump Jet SMAUG t04 - btpcroiicti - ogtoce with trip Amgo togo on 1 ipnnng cwwid men a missM? R bitochea ana m« lurra into a saletilel 1MB RAM SMAUQ 02 toiSiar One A long on mat on ol 2
space shpa very good qixkty TUB RAM SMAUCIV Mots Fkgrt O Stog© sector space figbtei (tying over soonrtt trom a ho t la tod ptonel Mupcosedtoy Mats toqura 1MB Smaug 06 twiort a cat wiin
r. vDdamos on d vng dcng a rood in a landscape 1MB SMAUG $ 42 -
Mor*ey funmng ana yjQ&tyQ a Darxra IMS SMAUG$ 46 $ 47 :3fZ0fDI
2M6 QAM 1 he cxnazng D» Zotb £6 00 smaug oo j&aiaotirvngaound
a slvet shney oal irtwde a bubble 1MB SMAUG $ S9 - Congoman and
Gums a chap payrg tne congas and a tai tish lumpng out d toe
w«s=r tMB Ppt tAOba l Wb RAM P02 waiter I 1Mb Ram PC$ 73 Star
lek Enkxpoe Dry Dock FV74 Star leh space craf nyng okxrd r o
crcte POK star Vek Shutwe landng on thp $ 5 Ennerpnse FKM27
Stor kek Leave Space Otfco pus* &ox Ace AMU42 The JjgcFet
77200 'JotBorgAgan WD QAM FF204 AsterotoFtetd aspocoshp
swurvmg through an asterad tatd Pp$ 4f Fvcape trom Snges Castio
PP442 - riet me Fob o maioi grimgior. Slaty eatoon ES32S ampv
Rsi Demo Maker Pi nckxtos the R51 Cksrrro maker. IheSpeocI
Btotnets vector Desgner otosoodsot logos Muse. Booionaiontwctc
Make your own quatty cfcrTiCA1 WtB RAM A 4 rnic pock tor
£1000 Wb nave got mousonds of domco twuiiaDiedfecii
Fuldetafeotakoa demos ( e 6h Oul Cfck DCBoa cakJogue We have
demos by Bed Secto- Pot Mrtd coders Anarchy.
Skenli De»cr. Cotta, Potlntn m Omo. Fctrens, Scoopex Fiosh. Shar and Etyjy and honttedsrt other demo crows tut detais on out DiskCatl Q£Q3m333 flBW NorthC Y1 3 oomptor Ffsoi - PCO pascal oompfct 77470 BO tertian 11 VI 3c FFMS20 Oak lisp £600 FF4S4 457 - Cmanud V2 0 A book dbOut C 00 Amqg witn 100 eccmpc poorams and source ooac ndeplh about c« aspects d j pogrommrog the Amiga n C £600 SMPiCSu1 The totbwing 7 Cxpth pads ere at Bock and While dp an spot ilustratoas twitabb tot any program w.m graprrc cqanktien Each pack centers 5 dots ftsck 7 eontanj 3 Oiki CU$ Sports, hogs, arvmob, Bordea.
Hckioween hands, rackac eto £12 50 C(A7 Mon vygmen A to L arra«v5 opiOMoni. Canoons pemtng handi£1260 CtAi Frud herbs meat crraws speed oocassrom vegetoWes. Luichen vtonj*. Qup6and grasses, arl deco and Droaktcnti £12 50 04 - Mote Art Deco Bcfcta Boys ond Gtoi humoraui. A to L sctcto, ocs aphcomomonts £1250 CUS Christmas trom txXh the 19th and 20th century trom latter Christmas to Dadds, to chnstmos trees end bordeti£i260 CU6 Fantrasfic and Mythobgcal Creatures arid MorsScn on ccelent pock d croaluta tram all over in© wate£1250 CJA7 Ftowa towet pctures d me most pcpdcx t towers, anangemcnts,
borders £0 50 SpfOAl QFFFK$ an C$ r$ l Haumr, Voh 1 to 4 - £45 00 VOJ 5 10 7 • £3000 «J 1 10 7 - £70 00 A prnled cotobgue ot at the mages n volumes 1 to 7 a ana*able tor £3 50 CATALOGUES A conc-so pnntea calcfogue 6 suppiod with each adet or 6 FREE it you sena u6 ostomocdSAE Adok Dosed ookxxjue showing ’ut dototod aloa products costs only £1 00 OtuFOK with any purchased £1000 oroveri SuPKf W WTO produce a rew cotatogue 4 tmeo a yea tor ody £3 50 0 year you wit «;e-re 0OCh Quarterly .ssue ot our prnled and ask based catalogue drecl uEZJdu&m bsues 1 to 22 otenowayotoOTdtoct from PuCtc Domralor
Each issued the promiordekmagcuinecomeson 2 dsks tor orty £5 50 Mod w4h news end reviews d me rates! Products end cvtrots tot the Amga Rotowd every 6 weeks each issue has plenty ol tuky wwfciho software inctudng Apphcationi Muse Uiritros and Demos, PROGRAMS AMP7 - Ifetsond finance Fteck ttn pock oonflans 11 prodams that wrl hancfle |ust about every aspoct d your perscttoi tpgncoF & ?"* tv Bsocc, loars 5 Mottaogei £S 50* PDJoe amftase V3 76 database FFMS - Babpsf remnds you d any important events that ora due FFJ72 - 'Axjpetc Pogec VI 0 dtows itou 10 create a dsk-Dased mogame FFS87
BoolinNISCaHftJ.il you have MB Agnus dtp niSOtod FF42S - A-Gene V3 1 an excotonl geneaogy ootabase 1MB RAM 77427 - Chemesthetcs V2 0 draws mdecuoj usng thecotate maaet 77429 - Scrub sans dtvo tor 30 seconds tor use with dek cleaner 77434 - lypng tutor AMPt Hamr Busness Pock Utd' the eceieni woropoocud and 'Af: checker Vijicafc the spreoasheet. WM B, Jbase 2 bnlod databases £8 501 7V4» Ncomm VI 9 All you need tor comrmncating vro the phono mo fvso Ameeed Rodo Do* Star term V3 0. Fbckrt lermitai piograms. Mono Code. SaketMe fcockng ahd more AMP4 stwler Utkiy Rack tor Ihe new Amga user Hto
comprosw PirVtotk the inendty Qt Graphc ntertoce vrus lotoi on con edtor a soctet wita a comrni program (Or modem USOtS 4 mare. PIUS the word processor Ufdit an JthoC dtobd1cJPaseiOr*y £0 50 F73oo - Ptni5ludoVl 2 prrtcxtykaJ Nea ccturo6 ccntroi pmer TWA - BtoWhythmj litc cycta TB9 FastMem akxvs you to toggle QN OfF your e»pansron RAM Also functey alaws you to assign ie»i w commardJtoFI loF10 tb» Clt Avad VI 2 8 me mouse operated CU repkxement TB 7 Dotabase Wlaara Vi 1 store upto 400 rrorresandgdOTsxa TB30 MyMcnu create you own menu on WB ConMestorecktor FF342 € I ho toon odtor toot alows you
to create cons upto 640 k 200' flFKW ESA ptlity Osk 1 Itvsdb* contaros 3 Oven esxrtcm ufktirat 770290 iheChamponsWciUtifc 1 Contokw dozers d toil ulib 7FJ7S ¦ MUCH * V3 O ol in one ull leaturas you help screen mouse occeietdtcr. RapCU Screen Blanker, aock. Ajorm Boepnr f, mote PP3M Thf Master Vrui tiler v2 1 recognises 124 vn AM lefts ovatatre on DakCar flCV r Siroerthsr5 cr*'vryj d)k recogrises 6 deskoys 146 vtnii 783 ShoWV show any prctOT wim or with out you own conliolng sopl PD93 ARP VI 3 the Amga DOS Reptaoement Proroct 77228 - Ja 2Beochv0 8 60 md’toskng '.Vwk Bench reptaoemeni FF53$
DoDF stops drive clcking when no dek n dwe FF254 DiskSciv VI 42 mora pawertyi | than Disk Doctor tho utity wfl attempt to sawige data from Dod dsks PP304 MossyOOS ftohdlM MSDC6 ST to malted deks aractty tho some way thgt Amgg Plus DvVtorV FF24J ¦ Ftessvrcrd VI 21 you specify the password to you syitem secuity AB6 FtoCy V2 0 the 95k COCW FF279 vCfiackup V3 3 tor horddsks FfiOO - TitteGen VI 6 create scralng tat any tort to dcptoy* 4 video MW' A74U2 - Punier Oliver Genaato ttos program wilcroato a orvw tot youi pnnto Fred Fish Collection The Comptete fred f«h 8 g pnnlea catoogu© grvng ndeplh
dwcripfcn of me oontenis ol a* 550 Fred Fob ante with an easy to use program index Orty £500 Special Offer* ’he enlue frad Frfh Cpleclcn »J ' to 550 to £357 50* Iha pne® a luly nctuwe - the ivoccy dta tebeii VW 4 oettwy* Pverseosocw £7500) PD X Shareware Disk Prices 15 ara C3.00 each 6-10 are C$ .75 each 11-30 are C2.00 each.
Alt prroes are fuiy nOUsrye Av daks are Dotopulse branded Au overseas orders MUST odd £275.
Computer Supplies “ Blank Disks etc. Special Offer1 All Blank cteks come With a FREE 10 capocify Cfcsk boxl Datapulse Branded blank diakt with labels: 10-C5.00. 25-210.00. 50-C19 50. 100-238 00. 200-27000.
Disk boxesM0 cop £100. 40 50 cap. £6.50, 80 100 cap £9 00 Disk* and box: 10-25.00. 50-225.50 and 100-246 50 Disk labels: 100-2500 Cleaning kit: too Mouse mat: £3 00 “P u u m Yes I'm beck end on a regular basis too! I'll be here every month showing you the new and best demos that are around at the moment. Lights, camera, action... First this month are the Kefrens and their Guardian Dragon Demo which features some very nice graphics and stonking sounds plus ail the usual starfieids and scroiiy messages. This is a very good demo indeed and well worth adding to your collection.
If you are interested in vectors, scrollers and bright colours then the No Reality demo from the Devils might just be the disk that you are looking for. This demo has so many RGB plasmas that you are likely to need a thorough eye test after watching iL It aiso has a really funky tune and contains loads of vectors, some of which are really well put together.
Voyage by The Fantasy Force is original, has great graphics and excellent sound. It takes place in a vector world in whicn you move around, and you can access different parts by disappearing into a large TV set! It is well implemented and I must applaud The Fantasy Force for an excellent effort.
The next program is a mixture of games, demos, music, animations and a few utilities. The games section consists of two games, the first of which is called Frantic Freddie - OK but nothing special - and the second is a rather excellent Boulderdash clone called Cave Runner which is one mega game guaranteed to keep you coming back for more and more.
Tne demo section consists of two programs by Anarchy entitled Madness and Madness 2, both of which are outstanding, while the music section contains two tunes which are not really going to set the house on Tire but are alright for a quick listen.
Tne animation on the disk is the third in a senes of juggler animations, first of all you had the man juggler juggling the infa mous Amiga balls, then you had the woman juggler juggling the infamous Amiga balls and now Axle productions present the juggia which is of an Amiga juggling it's own infamous balls. Cot that?
Overall it's an excellent disk to nave if you're strapped for cash because it has a bit of everything.
The disk is called Pic 'n' Mix by Axle productions and you can obtain it from 17 Bit software. Fun Disk of the Month award goes to Strictly PD with their highly amusing Warzone and Sickness simulator, Warzone consists of several helicopters, jet fighters and guns ail sampled and at your disposal at the touch of a function key. The sickness sim comes complete with sampled burps, coughs and farts.
At the beginning of the month PD music disks were a bit sparse but, as if by magic, we received a Super-abundance of them from Digitz. There isn't enough space to mention all of the disks in detail but, 1 will give you something to whet your appetite.
Golden oldies The disks are ail from America and range from entertaining sketches to some great golden oldie tunes from the sixties. The best sketch disk features a brilliant take off of Star Trek entitled Star Drek and features the crew of the Starship Booby Prize.
It is hilarious and lasts a lengthy five minutes. It certainly had the Amiga Computing team rolling around the office.
The best music disk is entitled Baby Siltin' Boogie.
Tnis unbelievable chart hit reached number 17 in 1961 and was performed by Buzz Clifford (ask your mother or father - they'll tell you who he was). The thing that really makes the song is consistent gurglings from a baby, hence the title Boby Siltin'Boogie.
The other disks indude chart hits such as I Talk to the Trees, I Cot o Wife and No Time for Sergeants. The other sketch disks include Golf game, Call in the Family and Rock and Roll Doctor (very funny indeed).
The only other music disk we had in this month was from Amiganuts, containing four good tracks of music including the C & C Music Factory's Things that Make you go Hmmm and two tracks from top pop group Level 42 with Lessons in Love and Guaranteed. This disk i$ more than worth adding to your collection - get it today.
That's all for this month, demo fans. I'll be back next month, same time, same channel.
O 3 C Cu -5 VO •c NJ Animations We have also had a whole truckload of animations in this month, and I've waded my way through them to sort out the best Lemmings - A Tale with a Moral, from NBS, shows a big lemming squashing a smaller lemming under his foot and then suffering the consequences of his actions. It's not nearly as good as the anttfemming demo by Eric Schwartz, but is ideal for adding to your collection.
Digitz sent in an excellent animation. Entitled Tirreno, it features flying birds and fish! As it's 1 meg only, ail you meg owners will have to get an upgrade to see it It is very smooth and shows what the Amiga really can do.
The most anims this month were sent in by our friends Amiganuts, ranging from busy bees to spaceships to flying docks. The full list is as follows; Busy Bee, Orbiters, Warpdrive, Trek, Tne Boings and last but not least Time Flies. All are brilliant and definitely worth adding to your coliec- 3 £ Q 3 ;• 3 Q AQUARIAN PUBLIC DOMAIN 0703 685006 2 MEG OF CHIP IN YOUR
MegAChip 500 with Super Angus 2 Chip 0 Fast A500 Owners start here. MegAChip gives you a possible 10 Meg of memory £198.00p £220.00p £39.99p £198.00p £78.99p £39.99p £I60.00p £59.99p £169.99p If you haven't got a 1 Meg machine or a half meg upgrade that is chip configurable thcn;- MegAChip 500 with Super Angus 2 Chip 0 Fast MultiStart II switch between 1.2 1.3 2.04 w o Roms from the keyboard!
A2000 A3000 Owners start here.
MegAChip 2000 with Super Angus 2 Chip 0 Fast SecureKcy Security board for A2000 A3000 owners MultiStart II switch between 1.2 13 2.04 w o Roms from the keyboard!
Battdisk Static Ram board for A2000 A3000 owners A1000 Owners start here KwikStart II Dual Rom board w o Roms for A1000 owners Insider II 1.5 Meg Internal for A1000 owners w o K QUALITY ADD ONS A590 + 2 MEG £380.00p ROTEC H I) 40 to 150 meg drive socketted up to 8 Meg fast £P.O.A. Half Meg Expansion A500 £27.00p 2 Meg Expansion A500 £104.00p 4 Meg F.xpansion A500 £!97.00p
3. 5 F.xternal D Drive £54.99p 8 Meg Expansion AI500 A200
£230.00p 68030 Card + 2MB £999.00p A2032 Video Card £99.00p
A2300 Genlock £99.00p Display Enhancer £280.00p Naksha Mouse
£29.99p frucirc 35 Bulk 50 £19.C xJJloK 10 in a box £5.50p
£19.00p 100 £34.50p inc VAT & P.P.
5. 25" Bulk 50 £16.50p 100 £29.50p !SK (Hi o? 4j00 n AT PjP
j NOTE! When ordering the MegAChip PLEASE state your model and
what revision board. All the above prices include VAT and P.P.
unless otherwise stated. Please send your cheques with your
delivery address to: Aquarian Public Domain, 78, Merridale Rd,
Peartree Green, Southampton S02 7AD. Phone 0703 685006.
All cheques will he held until cleared. Please allow up to 14 days delivery. Money hack guaranteed if not satisfied.
DISKS MARK BRAND DS DD 25 50 100 £17.00 £29.00 £43.00 200 500 1000 £75.00 £163.00 £309.00 IV 31 2 DISKS UNBRANDED DS DD 25 50 100 £11.50 £19.50 £37.00 200 500 1000 £63.50 £153.50 £303.50 Special Offer 3V2" DS DD ex Western Digital VGA Driven: all b.cfc I lew but have been formated 8 labelled Ajiii :$ ',? .tBiUck or IBM Grey.
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PHONE ORDERS: 0625 676666. FAX ORDERS: 0625 879666 POTTERIES PD PO BOX 435, Longton, Stoke on Trent ST3 5XY Tel: 0782 322532 Fax: 0782 322532 DEMOS FF 200 fish Twk Oamo plus good ns bong aoan Oemo PP026 FftKlhefisH PP025 Surpsors Demo * PPO09 PugsnSfww PPD07 Msgoetc -ecs Den o 2 P&) PP016 Ai«e 0er» PP019 Kyie Demo 12 fete) PP022 RAF Demo i2 Dote; PP043 TheDwdngGame(3k02Dtsksi PPD45 VajKlfcf 2Mb2DsWi SLIDE SHOWS 5501 Ray Trace Side She* 5502 WajKKcF OsHanPctuwSFw* SS 03 Canada Md US A Sifl* Show 5510 Wend Science Demb iBacK to KM FUUtl 5511 W*rd Soane* Demo (Birds ol Prey) SS 14 Nasa Pclure
ShJ* Siw GAMES PPG 01 Won* .Docs PPG 02 Crazy 8 s, Dad Ratmaze PPG OS Bffl«hMSteinxttafl(TMWt Vf9rw| PPG 15 Legtnc ot Feerghati (Dero verscr) PPG 16 The Golden Fleece + Docs PPG 17 The Holy Oral. Docs PPG 19 Wvemure Wit* ? Cdossd Adventure PPG 36 Tares PPG 22 Star Trek (3 Daks) PPG 23 Dynamrta Didi PPG2S WandJre. Chess. Trar Set PPG34 UtffttfdPltyl PPG 35 Learn and Play S PPG 31 Jumpy, Pharaoh Masermnd ? Docs PPG 38 Mecti Figrtt PPG 39 Am Omega Price* MO Disk* . ------- 025 11-20 Disk*-------------- C2M 21+ Disks ------------ring tor pr oe All Price* are (oi UK (Sterling) For Europe add 25
pence Dei* Vu Liconcewarc 1 Disk Program! £3.50 2 Disk Programs . £5.60 Disk Catalogue ..£100 CUP ART CA01 Cars. Ponte Faces. Anmak CA02 Burger*. Hoi Dog. People. Rabbits. Penguns CA 03 Lltps. Headtoes. Borders. Hatoeeerv Va CAW People. Coeboys, Wtehes. Mcky. Cupd CA OS Food. Transport, Lowe Hearts CA06 Food. Dnrk. Cookng Ulensis CA07 Fruit, Vegetables. Desserts CA06 Cartoon Cfaraclera. Fancy Forts CA09 ChristmasGreeenmandNovebes UTILITIES FudsK Ow. SID THE FIRST PD LIBRARY TO GIVE AWAY FREE PD!
CLERK ACCOUNTS SfOSTOAMOS wwMatuma :pcs.s:ossv4 02a XWDftO
ratty, Powfpacke* 23 Ostap Dr Utk. 6sk Masts- WALKER 1**12) AT
THE MOVIES' .UstmMf, Calendar Fxtory WB. Ton Fun, Arogi Pum
Text Plfi (Word Processor) Rex Base lData Basel UM Pnrt
Dslcak. Tut» Ma-K* lal ter dxsl COMMS Ncomm 1.9. Hardshifci,
Alerm. VT100 Ncomm 1.92 JRCwn1.Q2 DEJA VU LICENSEWARE LPD 01
Cdccrrg Bock by Tr*wy PftftC!
LPO K Arc Argefs MalFs IPO W Thngamayg by Len Tucker LPO 06 Jungle Bungle by Len Tucker LPO 06 PiAadu A Sprites Convened by Peter Hickman LPO 07 4 Way Lyra by Andreas Andreou (req 1 Meg) LPO 08 Wort A Play by L*n Tuck*r LP010 The Word Factory by Dehryn Fan LPQ11 Go-Gefler by Rone Simpson LP012 Hypngli? Lands by Lndaso! (Italy) LPDl3 3gmariabylenTgcker LPD14 Pay it Sate by Len Tucker LP015 Arc Angels Shapes treq. I Megi LP016 Reversi II Dy Dommc Ramsey (req 1 Meg) LPD 17 Octfgrt a by Shadow Stfwre LP018 Touchstones by Spence Danes (req. 1 Meg) LPD 19 X4T-50 try Acme Simpson LPD 20 Wordy by D
PLEASE ADO 60p PAP ORDERING LESS CATALOGUE C*S* 7* WCLUCXNG FREE GAME 4 THAN 11 DISKS ORDER 11 OR MORE AND V FREE UPOATES WITH NEW ORDERS GET A FREE DISK 4 FREE PAP Feel tree to call lor help with any software that we have supplied We also stock Fish Disks 1-540 and T.B.A.G. Disks 1-54 Please make cheques and postal orders payable to Potteries PD SPECIAL OFFER AMIGA PD YES IT IS TRUE PD FOR JUST 69p - OFFER ENDS 31 12 91 HERE IS A SMALL SELECTION FROM OUR VAST RANGE OVERSEAS ORDERS ADD 25p A DISK FOR EUROPE 60p R.O.W. DEMOS D113 Silents Scroller D115 Utopia Cartoon Slides D117 Bunsen Burner
D119 The Link Megademo D122 Ghost Pool D124 Scoopex Seven Sins D126 Disney Slideshow D128 Sleeping Bag Demo D130 System 5 Demo D132 Alpha Flight Megademo 2 D134 Share And Enjoy 46 D136 Thames TV Demo D138 Vision Megademo D140 Fast Cars Slideshow D142 Mobed D145 Kefrens Wall Demo D147 Beast 2 Preview D149 Tread D151 Share and Enjoy 47 D153 Simpsons Mini Mega (XXX) D155 Glass World Animation* D157 Congaman Animation D160 Anarchy Scratch Pack 39 D162 Bugs Bunny Anim* D164 Smurf + Cokeman Anims* D234 Virtual World UTILITIES P02 A68K Assembler P04 North C U001 Jazzbench U004 Visicalc Spreadsheet
U006 Intro Maker U008 Sidney And Friends U011 XLS Disk 1 U013 Clip Art U015 The Magicians Utilities U017 Steel Moon Utilities U019 CADV U021 Super C Disk U024 Red Devil Utils 4 U026 Amibase V3.76 U031 Bootbench U033 C-Light 1 +2 U035 System Checker U037 Tetra Copier U053 Text Plus Wordprocessor U056 Wordwright Wordprocessor U058 Running Man Update U060 Maa Media Disk Utilities U100 RSI Demo Maker U101 RSI Demo Maker Extras U104 RSI Vector Maker U067 ICPUG Printer Utilities U069 XLS Best Of PD 3 GAMES G004 Breakout Construction Set G006 Star Trek (2) G008 Drip* G010 Quiz Master 2 G012 Popeye
G014 Tennis* G016 Flaschbier G018 Treasure Hunt G020 Wet Beaver Games G022 Workbench Games And Hacks G024 PD Games Compilation G026 Movie Games G028 Eatmine G030 Return To Earth G032 Klondike GQ34 Trek Trivia G036 Pipeline G019 Battleforce G021 Arcade Games G023 Star Trek The Next Gen.
G045 Lamatron G027 Hack G029 PDOM Games G031 BIP G033 Stoneage G035 Jeopardy G041 Frantic Freddy_ DISK CATALOGUE 50p CONTAINS DETAILS OF ALL OUR DISKS AND IS UPDATED FREELY WITH EVERY ORDER.
1 We also stock APDL, Amicus, T-Bag and Fred Fish Disks.
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The Please add 50p postage t packing to all orders.
All advertised programs will run on the A500 plus. (V2 Chips) Programs that will run on the V2 chip are also denoted in our catalogue disk. If making an enquiry, please enclose an S.A.E. ¦ Fax us on 0703 785680 L“K INTO MUSIC? THEN THE (1 Mb) EIGHT CHANNEL MIDI COMPATIBLE L°°K
* * OctaMED V2 IS FOR YOU » « It now contains full notation,
including a notation editor with notation printing 5-7 channel
modes for high quality, non-CPU stressing audio split channels.
Sixteen track display for Midi use and a host of other new Midi
The final release of Teijo's PD 4 Channel Med V3.2 is encoded into the program.
Price is £20 European countries, (£25 R.O.W.), See ordering details below.
£6.00 A note to all customers, please remember to add post packing. (See below) SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE (anuary 1992 Amiga Computing if you would like to get hold of the Amiga Coders Club Disks as soon as they are published, why not send £33.00 and ask to go on the ACC Mailing List now? We will send you each issue as soon as its ready, (applies to issue 14 onwards). Please note that issues released prior to ACC 14 must be purchased separately.
Important notice! Subscriptions to ACC will rise to £44 00 as of Jan 6th 1992 (Subscrptions from outside the EC, please add £6.00 to cover the extra postage) Mike Simp50n's A-Gene V3.29 (Full two disk version) available directly from us.
Price: Europe £15.00; Rest of World £20.00. + Postage. The best Geneology Prog.
Amibase Professional III. The additions to this new two disk version Database are excellent, (see reviews). Also contains a converter to alter your files saved with previous version of this program. Only £10.00 EC or £15.00 R of W. (Remember the postage), Words V3. By ACC Editor Mark Meany. If you want to enter those anagram contests, see how many words that a given phrase will make, this is the one for you! It has a massive glossary of over 50,000 words!! An excellent program. Only £15.00 All programs above are copyrighted and not available from any other library.
Wc would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Seasons greetings to: Mike (Diamond) - Paul (NJ.S.) • Darrell (Pacific PD) MASTER VIRUS KILLER 2.2 IS HERE: It Cognises the dreaded Sha validator virus .£5.00 BLKj-BaSH: Kill the bugs, clean up the trash in the garden. A great kids Same ..... £3.50 NUCLEUS: An excellent underpriced arcade shoot them up by Mutation Software..
..£3.50 877:1 ACROSS 2 DOWN. A fully fledged crossword program, (Data Disk No:1 is supplied free!) For only £5.00. Data Disks 2, 3, 4 and 5 are now ready at ....£2.50 each 1068; MOD PROCESSOR V1.92. Make Picture and or Music progs, adjust pic height width. This version will load the new 8 channel Octamed Music and is excellent! .£3.50 1161: INTUIMENU V3. The easy way to execute your programs. Treat
yourself! ... £5.00 1199: AMNUTS text video displayer. A brilliant new way to display your text! There is not much you can't do with this one. It displays different fonts in the size you choose, you can control colours, presentation of the display it recognises powerpacked files, you can print all or just the screen etc ......£8.00 521 :The famous Star Trek Game by Tobias Richter. A must for al Amy owners £4.00 581 :SID. The CU replacement Prog. £2.00. (Coming soon SID V2, The Ultimate Utility) 1026:The Star
Trek megademo by Tobias Richter. AnimsMusioPics. 2 Disks .....£4.00 1031 :$ paeepoker-Running-Snakepit. Three nice games that will entertain you £2.00 1156 Mozart $ Four Horn Concerto. A two cfek music workshop production ..£4.00 1158:Amlcesh VI. This is an excellent bank records program. Author K.Grant- .£2.00 1159:Pom Pom Gunner. An enjoyable shoot them down game from USA(NTSC) .£2.00 1178:Fantastic Satellite Pictures from NASA. (ExceBent revjew$ ) 2 Disks £4.00 1179:More Satellite Pics, as above, but these contan pictures from Neptune .£4.00 i205
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UNIT 3 DEPT AMC, RAILWAY ENTERPRISE CENTRE, SHELTON NEW ROAD,STOKE ON TRENT, ST4 7SH If you're a regular reader it's almost certain you're well versed in the Amiga's huge array of graphic features. In recent months these features have been taken to the extreme thanks to packages such as Show Maker, Scala and of course the ever-growing band of 24-bit boards.
To compete in such illustrious company, any new package has to be very special indeed. On that score Presentation Master has nothing to worry about. Just like its contemporaries it has its own array of features which make it distinct from the rest of the field.
Unlike Scala and Show Maker, Presentation Master doesn't concern itself with the video graphic aspect of the machine, but rather sticks to its primary mission - the presentation of information.
Now before we delve into the ins and outs of the package it's worth defining just what Presentation Master is actually designed for, as it's very easy to lose the point, especially when you start twiddling with its huge array of options.
Presenting a Presentation Master, as the name suggests, is at its best when used as part of a presentation. If you're a corporate high flyer who wants to impress the boss with a multi-level introduction to your latest brainchild, it's perfect.
To achieve the ideal presentation, Presentation Master allows you to import scanned or digitised images, produce countless graphs of almost infinite variety, design logos and artwork in a PostScript-quality paint package, run animations and load Ascii text, which can then be stylised and added to the action.
Once the component pages are ready they can be included in the show via the slide sorter which allows you to arrange the various pages in the sequence of you choice.
Paul Austin, Acs very own Mr Multimedia, looks at the ultimate way to put your ideas into action - with Presentation Master Simply displaying one slide after another isn't much to shout about, so to enhance the action Presentation Master uses a hierarchical design which defines various pages as parents and other connected pages as children which can then only be accessed from the parent if and when required.
1 transit tonal tfiecu a 19 SI ow J | i,Fast This system obviously lends itself to a stylised form of Hypertext. Let's say you're presenting a plan for a real estate development. Your opening slide could show a plan of the building itself. As the presentation progresses, either hidden or visible buttons within the primary image could trigger a whole series of slides that relate to that particular aspect of the development.
When a particular series of slides complete their display the presentation can automatically return to any point ready to either continue with the main thrust or diversify again onto another related subject.
Now if you've ever been the lucky soul chosen to produce a presentation the thought of all this jumping around probably sounds like an ideal way of turning a great idea into an unmitigated disaster.
To combat the confusion Presentation Master offers a speaker's notes option which allows the user to append relevant information to each slide in the presentation. This can then be read prior to the presentation or printed beneath the image of the page.
Text talk Obviously these notes don't need to be restricted to the presenter, and in fact there's nothing to stop you producing accompanying hard copy to enhance the show. Because of Presentation Master’s PostScript potential, paper presentation can be almost as impressive as the onscreen alternative.
Perhaps the first task in any presentation is to add your literal genius to the action. This can be done in two ways, either via the good old fashioned manual method of bashing in the copy via the keyboard, or alternatively by importing Ascii from your favourite wordprocessor. The latter is perhaps the best option as Presentation Master doesn't support any spell checking options as yet.
OK, if we assume that we have the necessaiy text, the next job is to glamorise your masterpiece with the addi- tion of drop shadows, bullets, outlines or perhaps one of the numerous fonts packed onto the ten disks which make up the system. As you'll soon notice, Presentation Master is almost as much of a DTP package as it is a presentation system. As a result some of the terminology used leans heavily towards pub* lishing.
Perhaps the most noticeable reference within the text handling department is that of bullets.
A bullet is basically a small logo which denotes a point of interest within the copy. So, for example, headings may have a star before the line to attract attention and subheadings might have a hash or perhaps nothing at all. Like the text itself the bullets can have drop shadow added, outlines, definable colours and a whole array of font sizes and styles.
H pfl If the numerous fonts, bullet styles and enhancements needed to be added each time a new line was introduced.
The whole process would be painfully slow. To avoid this, three levels of indentation can be assigned to each layer of the text to complete an overall style tag. These various styles can then be invoked by using the Tab key. No tabulation and the text could appear as a headline, one tab for standard text, and perhaps two tabs for CrOSS headings.
Each of these could, of course, have its own font and additional styling, all predefined via the text settings requester. Once the design of the text is complete you can turn your attention to the actual layout of the page itself.
C£ Cl.
C£ LU K IT) z o To assist in the layout stage there's a selection of text handling tools which will automatically transforms text from upper to lower case and can capitalise the entire text, or just the first letter of any word.
The usual selection of bold, underlined and italic are on hand, all of which can be added either as the text is typed or via a click and drag process which will produce a blanket transition over large areas of imported copy.
Title panel Up until now I've mentioned the text layer but this is only part of the overall text page. Above the main text sits a heading and subheading panel which is set on its own plinth just like the larger window below.
LU q: On to this separate plinth you can place anything you want, but it's perhaps the perfect spot for the corporate Slogan or maybe the title for your latest brainchild.
Like all the available layers you're not just limited to the initial conditions imposed by the page style you first choose. Any layer can have additional graphics, text or graphs added as required.
The word layer has already been liberally spattered throughout the article but without any real clarification as to what It means. In short, Presentation Master sees a layer as a template onto which it can compile various types of visual information.
Whenever you highlight a particular layer, its relevant tool kit appears ready for editing. Once the necessary changes are complete a simple selection from the pull downs brings up the next new tool kit and highlights the layer in question.
When all the editing is complete, it's back to the slide sorter to place that particular page in the correct point in the show.
Colours, captions, outlines and drop shadows.
As I mentioned earlier the DTP feel is very strong and nowhere is it stronger than the graphic design section of the package. Producing any graphic layer immediately confirms an extra special paint package which is on a par with such illustrious names a Pro Draw.
Time Spent Using Computers Graphs With Whtsdes And Beils Bliss to use One of its most impressive attributes is the ability to work with Presentation Master Polyfonts which, like the additional standard fonts, come as part of the package.
To be honest it's hard to stay objective after a few minutes with these little beauties - they're quite simply bliss to use. They're a rather strange format which seem to be somewhere between Compugraphic and WorkBench 2.0's scalable fonts.
Whatever the format, it's the results that count and it's fair to say that they can be stunning. Apart from simply resizing the font it's still possible to edit each letter individually by selecting any one of the numerous points which appear on its surface when the latter is selected.
These points can then be clicked and dragged into any position. To make things even easier, small levers appear which can be pushed and pulled to produce perfect curves.
The afore-mentioned point editing process applies to all objects within the graphic window so there shouldn't be any need for the sometimes tricky process of drawing via the rodent.
Like the normal text fonts, Polyfonts can benefit from all the outlines, drop shadows and print styles of their less flexible counterparts, plus an extremely pleasant extrusion option which produces very convincing 3D effects.
Objects can be separated or grouped, and if necessary manipulated en masse.
The (hanging foci of fonti and effects thonki to the text styling requester Producing an undulating curve of text complete with a flowing graphic to complement the sentence would be simplicity itself.
Simply group all the components together and then distort them as a whole. When an object is defined it can be extruded, curved, or have perspective applied as required. The only real limit is your imagination.
Among these glamorous effects come the usual array of painting tools which any Dpaint fan will know and love. Aside from the bending, distortion and perspective comes another requester literally fit to burst with a series of object arrangement tools that perform all manner of miraculous placement and morphing tricks between any two selected objects within the image.
To be honest the graphic facilities of Presentation Master could be well worth two pages all of their own but I'm afraid we'll have to keep things brief. Rest assured that it will be a very long time before you run out of ideas with what is one of the best PostScript-compatible paint packages I've had the pleasure of using.
It's almost a certainty that many images appearing in Amiga produced publications will have their roots firmly entrenched in the heart of Presentation Master thanks to this particular section of the program.
Data display Now that we have the text and the graphics it's time to add those vital statistics that will hopefully clinch the deal or secure that well-earned promotion. To do this you'll need to employ Presentation Master's graph and chart producing talents.
Activating the chart and graph options is a simple matter of clicking on the Chart icon within the paint program.
This immediately brings up Presentation Master's data sheet which at first looks a little daunting.
Fortunately the accompanying manual is excellent on all aspects of the program with the chapter on graphs and charts being no exception.
Data can be imported or typed in a similar manner to that of text entry.
Once the data is in place and the parameters set all that's left is to hit the Plot button and watch your figures come to life in glorious techno-colour.
Like the paint package, the charts and graphs section could eat away most of the mag if explained in full. Suffice to say that the display formats include horizontal and vertical bar graphs and line, area, spline and pie graphs. All graphs and charts can appear in either 2D or 3D.
Most of these styles can be applied directly to any data within the sheet by simply selecting a new display format from the Chart tool kit. This instantly transforms the information from one display format to the next in a matter of seconds.
If you're really out to impress, multiseries charts can be produced with individual parts of your database standing side by side to provide the best possible overview of the subject in question.
And finally... When all the elements are complete each page can have any one of a wide variety of wipes and fades added with , either manual or timed pauses between pages. All in all it's hard to find fault with what is a seemingly faultless execution of : an original idea.
I only wish I had a few more pages to spend on what is one of the best power programs yet to appear on the machine. I If you’re interested it's worth remembering that a hard drive is essential, and anything less than 2 meg of memory I would be suicide.
The package reviewed was a gamma test version. Pricing and supply details are as yet unknown.
For further details contact Oxxi, inc. Tel: (213) 427 1227 Fax: (213) 427 0971. Both numbers require USA dialling codes.
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1. 2meg *cc I2MH * I Hig 32 bit RAM 1799,95 AJMHi* Imet 32 bit
R M (1299.95 SUPER CARD-AMIII The ultimate & genune dsk
duplicator, if you eon t make your backup with this, you are
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mie4 f ,wi wiiny Mii h ln.ikv.iri- in fur * n-el Irrxl ««h
ihr Mil Mi I Ml VM IK rrnni iMHi I’Kt i.lM IV twiru Shuwf
Mil MM Ml VM IK Ukolht mtt4MMMl .(Ujlilt ininr* III).II. I
«m 'iifi'! iprry DIVISION ONE ’92 NOW HAS THE 1991 2
soccer In the sophisticated way Americans treat their national
The Guardian THE GAME. Everyone h88 his own Ideas on what makes a soccer team "tick". Here is the opportunity to put into practice your own Ideas. Operating from the English 1st Division you must build a squad to challenge for the league title, the r A and League Cups and the 3 European trophies.
And as players age, rebuild the team while holding off relegation SQUADS TRANSFER MARKET. In a 3 squad system (1st team squad, reserve squad and youth sauad), use the continuous intake of youth players and training program to create a id whose skills reflect your ideas. Supplement these skills carefully selected transfer market acquisitions. As they age. Veterans fade and youngsters develop, keep a sharp eye on the changing skills of your team All players have a balance of 5 skills (no "skill :hyo SKILLS levels") which you must discover by experimenting with your ven more important will be
your judgement about the effect of the particular team balance or skilT combination on the outcome of a match, and subsequently a season of football. Suitable training can develop enhance skills or sustain the stamina of ageing injured players MATCH STaTS. Your judgement will be put to the test in this unique A minute match stats simulation against accurately opposition. This is the measure of your team and your most reliable source of information. There are displays of: match flow, two teams, player-wlth-the-ball. Injuries, discipline, substitutions, in-match tactics, goalscorers, possession
breakdown and performance assessment.
Sophisticated "Al" techniques replace "skill levels', udgement replaces mental arithmetic. Intelligence replaces luck. Division One 92 is a simulation of the world of the soccer manager. Its fascination comes from its closeness to the real thing, its addictive quality is that of soccer itself.
HEADCOACH V3 "When it comes to the 4th down, HeadCoach has it" "HeadCoach", “TV Sports Football" head to head (Pop Comp) THE GAME. HeadCoach Is the complete American Football simulation. You take charge of the latest recruit to the NFL, and through skillful design of gamepians and the use of the college draft, build up a 45 man squad to keep your fans happy and win the SuperBowl. Unlimited seasons and ageing players produce a realistic game of fluctuating fortunes.
THE MATCH. The match is a game in itself taking about 40 minutes to complete. With 26 offensive plays and 21 defensive plays, there is ample scope to match your game- plan to the skills of your squad, and exploit the weaknesses of the opposition. It's here where the strengths and weaknesses of your players are highlighted.
TRAINING CAMP. An opportunity to assess your players before they take the field. The appropriate coach will give you his view of the current form of any of the players and how they are performing in training. A 40 yard timed run will reveal their sharpness. Wide receivers, running backs, linebackers, comerbacks and safeties need to shine here.
COLLEGE DRAFT. During the 16 match season, plus whatever playoff matches you achieve, you will find yourself praying for a second classy running back or wide receiver, or need to beef up your offensive line (too many sacks). The college draft should be used to find those stars of the future and make sure they're playing for you.
STAT15TlCS.The statistics centre will encapsulate your team's and your player's season. Total yards, rushing yards, passing yards, kick-off returns, punt returns (and averages for all these), interceptions, sacks... all these are kept for each match, the whole season, for the team and for each player.
American Football is a game of stats and we retain that.
The Midnight Oif Tel Sales 0438721936 a JR. I DELIVERY E. POSTAL SALES The Midnight Oil, Dept AMC1, 18 Hazelmere Road, Stevenage SG2 8RX_ Postage: (Airmail) UK: Post paid Europe: add £1.00 World: add £2.00 HC AMIGA Q AnvgalMeg ?
AtanST Q ALL GAMES £19.95 CDTV finds its place alongside the TV and HI-FI system In the home. It is similar in appearance to existing video and CD players and. With its Infra red remote control. Is just as simple to operate. But that's fust the beginning. CDTV transforms television from a passive to an active medium. The vast storage capabilities of the CD make it an ideal mass Information provider, capable of storing and displaying a combination of colour pic- ( lures, text, graphics, voice and stereo V •jlk music ot the highest Quality. CDTV offers ) a new realm of audio and visual
ex- y perience for everyone. Intcttmimnt FOR REFERENCE For the classical music buff it is possible not only to hear Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, but to see the orchestra perform, follow the score and read about the composer’s life and times The Timetable of Science and Innovation walks you through 6,25b key events in scientific history, It employs animated maps to show where every event occurred and a visual lift-off from the earth's surface, Key events are accompanied by audio presentations with graphics and sound recordings from the archives of the world's great museums. Browse quickly or
examine an exhibit In detail FOR COLLEGES & BUSINESS When Toyota, decided to open a car assembly plant in Derby. Derbyshire County Council commissioned the production of ’Japan World', a CDTV title which allows students to explore and experience the Japanese language, lifestyle and culture It also provides a valuable insight to businessmen with information on Japanese business philosophy and negotiation protocol.
CDTV offers a seemingly endless range of possibilities for learning, entertainment end enrichment ft for everyone whether In the home, the classroom or In business.
FOR EDUCATION For young children learning to read can be an adventurel In the title Cinderella, for example, they can use the remote control unit to click on words and pictures to hear pronunciations, syllables, ioucatio* definitions and second language translations. And learning about the world can be furt 166.
The World Vista Atlas provides detailed information in words and pictures on the history, architecture, language and geography of each country. This can be cross referenced to compare with details ot other countries.
O Commodore TM INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA THE WORLD’S FIRST MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM FOR THE HOME FOR FUN There is a wide range of entertainment titles available for every age-group. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Includes a video and audio tour of Victorian London Players can choose suspects for Holmes and Watson to interrogate and can search issues of the London Times for clues. A CDTV disc'9 graphics capabilities take action and simulation games to a new level, Falcon makes you a pilot of an F-16 fighter and has accurate Simulations of weapons systems, cockpit controls and flight char
acteristics allowing you to zoom like the ultimate stunt pilot with extraordinary realism.
FOR HOBBIES CDTV can also enhance your personal Interests. The Gardenfax Series is designed tor use by novice or expert and provides hundreds of full colour illustrations. As well as information on planting and requirements for care.
New Basics Cookbook provides full colour illustrations ot recipes, ‘talks' to you to offer tips as you cook and automatically substitutes recipes with a click of the remote control, i Are you bored with the TV? Do you yearn for something a little more interesting, something which stimulates the old grey matter and indulges your desire to be entertained? Enter the Commodore CDTV, the world's first advanced learning and entertainment system which plugs straight into your television. Based upon the familiar compact disc player, the CDTV otters a rich set of information and communication
capabilities. It brings together pictures, words and sounds in a new format, joining them together in a fascinating world of audio visual challenge and experience.
The multimedia CDTV player combines a professional CD audio system, advanced computer technology and infra red remote control, to offer a wide variety of interactive applications. These range from games, music, gardening and personal health, to educational discs for any level. In addition, CDTV provides high quality audio reproduction for existing music Cds. CDTV is very easy to use and gives you total control over what you see and hear, offering you the chance to learn new skills and discover hidden talents A New Age In Home Entertainment And Education INCLUDING VAT t DELIVERY - Qr fer rpf:
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LEMMINGS worth: £34.99 Up to 100 loveable Lemmings drop in to over 100 screens full of danger in this best selling arcade classic.
HUTCHINSON'S ENCYCLOPEDIA mwh £49.99 The first British multi-media encyclopedia It features over 1.8 million words. 700 biographies. 2000 pictures. 150 maps from ITN and 200 audio samples from the BBC sound archives.
Pius! Iysf Every CDTV from SIHca comes with a FREE 72 page colour brochure with accommodation vouchers. These vouchers entitle 2 people to up to 18 nights FfiEE hotel accommodation (other options allow 4 people to stay up to 6 nights). There are also accommodation otters on hotels In London and France.
Initials: Mr Mrs Ms.
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Daniel Whitehead attempts to sort out his budget with the help of Home Accounts 2 F nances. Budgets. Taxes. Three Arords that are guaranteed to ;end even the most organised among us into a frantic scramble for something else to do. We'll do anything but sift through endless figures.
But these things must be endured, so why not make them a little less hassle with an accounts package?
Designed to make personal accounting at least bearable, digitals Home Accounts 2 might just fit the bill.
Well, it's confession time. Asking me to review an accounts package is like asking Paul Daniels to write a thesis on early Bolivian farming methods. I know nothing whatsoever about personal finance.
So I suppose I'm the perfect person the try out this new pike de resistance from Digita. After all, if it can sort out my twisted perception of money matters, then it's just got to be foolproof.
First impressions last Thankfully, Home Accounts 2 has a very friendly approach which helped to thaw my initial trepidation, and although I was forced to refer to the manual to clarify a few terms, I could actually understand a lot of what the icons and menus were on about.
I was flabbergasted, not to mention a little bit worried. Could it be that I was actually going to understand an accounts package? A sobering thought.
Digita pride themselves on the fact that Home Accounts 2 is easy enough for beginners to get into, but still detailed enough to allow all the financial boffins to do all their financial boffy bits. This is in evidence in the wonderful manual, without which I probably would've sunk without a trace. While the program is easily accessible, a good manual never goes amiss.
For beginners like me, the tutorial contained within the manual will take you by the hand and show you just how to set up your own accounts and keep track of them with the program.
This step by step guide is very well thought out and rather than just say that "this does this and that does that" it helps you to set up an example file.
While you build up your example, it'll demonstrate all the different features. It certainly made things a whole lot easier for me and if you're feeling nervous about cryptic options and unfathomable features then let me put your mind at rest. Home Accounts 2 is very, very easy to learn.
Taking account After setting up all your preferences and dates and things, you come to the crux of the program. The first thing you must do is enter the details of all your accounts. Savings accounts, current account, credit card, that sort of thing. As you do this you can set a maximum and minimum limit on each account.
Thus if you want to keep your current account out of the red, you can have the program warn you when the balance reaches a set limit. This warning will come up each time you begin the pro gram if the balance is not rectified, and is a very handy option especially for someone as totally disorganised as myself!
Once you have your accounts set up, you must set up your transaction types. These are used to clarify what each transaction was actually for. Each type is abbreviated to a four letter code, and can be expanded upon in a reference box so you won't forget what the codes stand for.
A list of all the transaction types can be called up at any time with the F9 key and others can be added to keep up with your changing needs. The types can be anything from cash withdrawals to car expenses and gifts.
Of course, the whole thing is completely user definable, SO if you want you can set up a transaction type to cover the purchase of free range eggs. That's assuming, of course that you want to keep track of exactly how much you spend on free range eggs.
Some transactions can be set automatically, such as salary, taxes, any bank loans, mortgages and all the other wonderful ways that the world has to drain your resources. This way, you needn't worry if you don't use the program for another two months.
As soon as you enter the new date, the program will update its records according to the preset transactions, so when you look at your current account you'll see your salary in there and all the debits worked out for you.
This is very handy if you fancy hibernating for a few months but don't want to spend hours laboriously typing in all the comings and goings of your account when you wake up.
It's also a wonderful example of just how little effort is required to keep your financial records up to date.
N on h- z ZD o u u UJ o X Getting friendly Another rather handy little feature comes into use when setting up a cheque account. Once you have entered the next cheque number from your cheque book, the computer will keep track of your cheques.
When entering a transaction, if a cheque is involved, pressing F8 will automatically insert the next cheque number. This helps to prevent scrab* bling through cheque stubs trying to remember which cheque was for what.
It's also handy for verifying which cheques have been cashed. It may only be a small feature, but it's further proof of a well thought out and user friendly program.
Once a transaction has been confirmed, by a bank statement for example, you can place an asterisk against it to denote that the transaction is reconciled. This will act as a final stamp to denote that even if you want to pretend otherwise, the money involved has been and gone. Culp.
It's obviously a good idea to keep your files reconciled in this way, so you have an up to date record of what's gone through. If you want, the program will globally reconcile all transactions between any two dates, so you can reconcile all the transactions from your last bank statement in one fell swoop. It can also automatically reconcile transactions if given the start date, the end date, the target balance and the number of transactions that should make that balance. Unfortunately, this won't always work things out the way you want them, so there is an option to repeat the process
until it is to your satisfaction.
3 I Ol e 7 3 .
Q. E 0 u 3.
1 Obviously, a program dealing with such a diverse topic as finance has to be fairly flexible - different users will use the program for different reasons.
To cover this, Home Accounts 2 is as redefinable as possible. You can set all the default preferences, so if you tend to use cash machines a lot you can have "cash machine" as the default transaction type.
You can also redefine the function keys to suit your needs, and the balance sheets can be altered to remove any columns you don't make full use of. So whether you want to keep a note of your measly savings account (like me) or hold sway over the finances of a major corporation, Home Accounts 2 can be adapted to your needs.
Stick to a budget For those who have a problem with overspending, which I’m ashamed to say is an issue close to my heart, there's also an option to set a limited budget for each transaction type.
For instance, if you want to try and cut down on the amount you spend on clothes then you merely set a budget on your clothes transactions for, say, £30 a month. Now you have to do is try and stick within that budget! A program that not only keeps track of your money, but slaps your wrists for spending too much of it! What will they think of next?
Also included is a calculator, which will not only work out your everyday arithmetic to help you sort out what you spend, but also contains a special interest calculator. Not that the calculator is especially interesting you understand, but it works out simple interest calculations.
This is quite handy if you're planning a loan, but because the terms of such loans are so variable you shouldn't rely on it implicitly, ralher use it as a rough guide. Another handy addition though.
And for the upwardly mobile among you, there's an investment section that will keep track of your shares, trusts, and bonds. The prices of these are then included as assets which the program will take into account.
The moment of truth Of course, there comes a time when you'll want to stop typing in all your transactions and take a look at just what your financial situation is like.
Home Accounts 2 allows you to do this by providing a budget overview, which checks your actual expenditure against your preset budget, or via a financial report which can either be viewed onscreen, dumped to a printer or saved to a disk.
This is, after all, what Home Accounts 2 is all about. Keeping a record of what you spent is all very well, but your bank statements can do that for you.
The advantage of having it all on computer is that you can actually look at your all-round situation, rather than just the status of one account. Of course, ¦ depending on how zealous you are with your money, this may not be a very I pleasant sight. It was a shock to me, I can tell you. | Manually speaking As I said before, a good manual never goes amiss and Home Accounts Zs is certainly good. Not only does it contain the life-saving tutorial, but it also features a huge section which deals with every single option in the program in depth. Very handy for when you've got into the program
and are looking to do more ambitious things with it.
Also present is a large chapter which discusses general financial issues. A brilliantly clever idea, as it helps you to avoid some of the pitfalls of the money world. It includes stuff on good housekeeping, getting credit, how to avoid debts and ban sharks and some general hints on how to make the most of your money.
Conclusion So just how mind bogglingly dull is Home Accounts 21 Well the answer, I'm rather distressed to report, is "not very".
Granted, it won't make you go into paroxysms of pleasure at the sight of it, but it's actually a completely functional, very useful and amazingly easy program to use.
If you’re already a Home Accounts user then this is the way forward, but if you're a wary newcomer to accounts packages then cast off your doubts and splash out on Home Accounts 2. You'll probably be very surprised. Even I could understand it And believe me, that’s saying something.
Home Accounts 2 is published by Digita International for £S4.99. Address: Digita International Ltd, Black Horse House, eXMOUTH EX81JL Tel. 0395 270273 Credit Card Hotline Tel: 0276 676308
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SCANNER 4 THE TWO DISK MAGAZINE FOR THE AMIGA Try it! We guarantee you won't be disappointed Or How about HUMDINGER 41 Two superb disks packed to the brim with FORTY ONE! Quality PD & Sharewa* Games tor ypur enjoyment Contents Include Chess Vided Pokef Sorry1 Peg Puzzle Dilemma Bally III China Challenge Ping-Pong Backgammon Welltrix " Circuit War Cosmoroids II Death Bringers Tron Shoot-Out Tnppifi Kamikaze Chess Trek-Trivia Super Gndder Invaders' Deluxe Hamburger Plus TWENTY Other entertaining & absorbing games ALL FORTY ONE GAMES FOR ONLY £4.99 INCLUSIVE Our MEGA CLIP ART PACK is still
available for your desk top publishing program. Hundreds & hundreds of pics WHY PAY C25+! Eight disks only £9.99 inc Please make Cheques'POs payable to: N.Jordan, and order now from: Telescan Computer Services. (AC) Handsworth Road,Blackpool FY1 2RF SPKCIAL OFFFll BUY SCANNER 3 & HUMDINGER 41 FOR ONLY £7.00 inc Knowledge unlocks the power of YOUR Amiga - Read on Beginners Guide to Amigados aji atijj cvzw n»j» jyjBsarg AmgaDCS n erter» « pw te b U e««a. Gi* d 4 r» .v rftetN* tc an you boma begrrc to en otxr. On Nny&X ftw a a dear end weJ tfcujlt out $ jdt tf* taie yyj e irpie ctps mrr ©arrde.
Tough tcponefJArijfiOScocTriiands The e-cimo ii ce tartij though coatecc md dong not yrX rening tot not ate bocks n fc line a. at ytx wl meter a Isa, pcwoftf «nd osKrrtd ooestng sfter car. Cny eritrie Y3J cwr DCSjes. Messages era cro sra. *!o ve, oooJa pxtage ccrsss of a g;deboei. A Moral &&, a ab c»d rd mry cce ornrg ard recoup pajwra ft* jade retries at rmaktf ta vcvt totOr, a paawtrt tyvson a g»ie d igti tjdry crtre, a weft atxxxi* s*aex*s,otfwl iqiattyirojwTBardiru?tmxtinK»* I'eccrTpeWpwiagtcrryiiJ.W. Wizards Guide to Basic One d t* most coxae sM* can lean is new. To cwyan n 3ASK ft*
watfs iroa pcpier croyarrrmg ur aejej «i smote stew, to $ jdt pro«*es a very ettetve ard eqoyefte vwy to tear a*SC S 8 desyeri to help »oj tan qjdtf ad acheue rrprew* results ri roar* Voi vxfdtst.t rd Hh ».« me nptif a you wdcyyjy «rotf fa oust the Wharfs &*SK jade corre er r*«j (fees wti a scptrtxtad decffcrro boc* - fgg «n gp r, r* ta" d V , ruvrg ddVRVWi Kvd 7 qxe&.*difjsa d • hBan I c ccvwaT' * WT cobu, icud, itp-btei, ear *) mpvi, MpKCKfgf»; lvt«5dortk s’Tjn rdr Ktzxd e« PKRgpK " y*iiwtffli»* ra v«giciinc *t g9 yge )ci!icPteKrt ti?W._ The Illlib AMIGAGuide A complete On-Disk guide to
the Amiga for beginners and intermediate users. Get the best out of the Workbench, the CLI and the Shell; Arniga- DOS explained (including all the commands); Libraries, Devices and Fonts. Also the Operating System. Exec, sound and graphics (incl. IFF), display modes, hardware, the Custom Chips and much mote!
Multiplying your power using ARP and AREXX. How to make the most of PD to create your ideal environment. Guide to Amiga Languages. How to program YOUR Amiga! (Req 1 Meg).
Hypermedia Point and Gick ' presentation (or maximum ease of use.
All this for Imle mow than the price of a PD Ask. £3.30 + 35p p&p.
Two packages with Outstanding Graphics New Dimensions fci on yu X) *xsi ana ©perence sane d toe mc« efkets yet see-; on an Aznja Usrs vxfetfMed tnree dinerscret spkc tatr jes ycu wit ird mat yjpfKS ana octues itoat oefoe id eyes n »a* a you saeer tte deor a ffe ocM© eaends ip to ten feet rto me screen ftee anascc efleas to be seen to be ttae«d exUled cr. Me dot *e jeesxa iwrtoei a 3D ocMev 30?*r*a. E ar-ea'dJjOaecn.’ sn '*t c*e a rde a Uord to -etc .a. devcr ivj o-n D e*e:!s cri s r rf i«ko9« cr «fr lazoenaDcrojanii t-didedrnt-Boctiee e*toqe are r«c pan a 3D seers Sipeivdirt1J.9S Masterpiece
The boepteturo I ha»» eve xenon me Arn ji-reported a XCT T.’fw T'q gn 4 TP Pwf
* KMdal f«eyccMtba»uer J»fvrd8dspfyed cdpzy TpedpyayeTPflJvf
«rdSirtigf dmix IJ *tn«rcWte)ccnftit*m 4r XQ PWfrrt r*3p*rt'-3
•’XtfWWUfftrflrt WTO'ta?«nflf|f|3 al9XS1 1 v ndeU t crca* tr
jrs fertn cC fr ;?nd e r«;.f ijn jsOr; pt w ayrvgi«vv l)
thfpactfjr cores wttrfnc dso ported M a p«n esirdr*rnn? ?'
CWSWdfg v X »«5 Life Organiser thspKtojevrfrab m*r«»Vc« to ttr
Cturrv df w Hr Ift Oynsn n WfJV SrjaitS to »r frttjTrs icu ntsh
to 'ononwi m pwm 1 ti a wu rd hrdrorr it 6 devycct rm »use »d»«
xtraicwd. Po«rtj and irtcLgcrt fWJ nncuJt
Caltrdn(rryw1wnl«to3000 «»ts5lxt».dm'.re?«Jcn
WMMrrrwrrwobKoft-witcad o' Sdtmrs. Eccomntro, frwwift nao,
mncn, date li-fWoe a PwertJ leartb lacifio vdi auoraiafiy ‘irt
dom Tr nti!Taoiyai«v«T. Gssfltt toxntetytcccrtthtfcwtajtoJteD
rnush ycurfcrTttcr.intli tax Pt wrtivCCf»relMnTTun tm» afc»y
ycv »tan?, era ie1re-a sti axy rtmtxr frw, ctnc frtno reed to
or rtotd crce tf rv$ U cweegwrtyrrcrtMrtt
ldrttaOsr«afcr*usz0naicurMjedlik0f9tmHyajMlbrWn t'tvff p(rtt9!
Care wth auanil 6ocM« and orck tte Ourib a***? * 119.95. Discount schemes - Save money!
KfrfcvO«mMtrfr lbiN€(iy *fd6«ftEwf*dlc»vtojlA)GE(lwart Qtndxb -Utkmii IpoAxb U dOtn t. 4 Ctodidl - £8 'Jocou* etc CkSccu* ta 3r«i an f« TOTAL nsue cf Ee order.
Our promise of FAST delivery l4*ecJKabalovcustomosardtr,'topn e*l*);«i«ffc«*se *ct Aladoswl eh'tedjpadcdwdhnNvoweylirgdart • kr any wskt we fall 10 dspatfr a adarwre. A week v* csne to set d £5 c» crdr IXW RbfxlbnSJGASSpoa 0*?mjQni*iccr*-kKca%&at xiJXD _OxxktoxxamtxiJtiSOtotKvi N mwts r poKf, cmoj Ch«ques'P 0,'s to Wizard Software (Dept. XMAS 1) 20 Hadrian Drive, Rcdhills, Exeter, Devon. EX4 1SR BmttfllflMSHlHHHHiflHHUHHIHHHMiHHWHIPlpmtPRWfl Have you seen the F.dUb collection? - a carefully chosen selection of PD, compiled by subject to save you time, trouble and money. All disks arc
regularly updated with the latest and best programs. Full of hints, tips and tutorials. Membership available.
Unbeatable value; only £1.50 per disk!
IhjIm Start; To get you going « o«r nr« Amiga Dot l.tilitm: The hen uiilmct around f« the new utee ir*phlrs Mmttr! A fc w j hy* expcnme svnvmwl «fl»«re7 Cw'cn rcwtvtmB. HAM. Map imago onto where! Ard shipn and much mote. 12 Dnki) Now Updated!
The t'omplele tranlur: Everyihuw )Ou need lo creme ANY icon
• SPECIAL STARIKK PACK: The »ho»» 5 dkfct for wily EM*.
Animulor'i Lketexhl: Armrjlc lo your hcul s delijthL (2 Di»k*i C Ditlu: Learn C u nhoui lean a t«ry thoughit -lly designed pmcntation (2 DuLo All SytteflM Got: Guide lo die Amiga npaMing lyucm - i*»« Eii'i on book»‘ B U MandrlbrW: Euraordinary Mardelbrol pn-'irami all in one pKlagc Fracul laborutnfi |A2: An cuemne tuiie nl' program lot exploring ftet obnui every ntpect of fratuh Cellular Automtfu: Came of Life. Lafe 3D. Aulomalrun and many more.
Science L'otlectna I&2: PD Aitronomy k Graviiv fee itany-eyed ilargarrrv Inclndei. Surtiun.
StUtut CottadldA .1* Wakin Wiw* - ratdulunuK, Spir.-.paphi, Harmfmkv Mmh CdttKtMi 4t CtlMklffiy t Uim.tr Pi DM Reader: IncWri PC DnL dneeetory wd archivmg (*««» (MnnDOS. GktDOS 4 PKZiri Text Plus xJuH: The xery lateit xerxion of excelleni thamare Wnrdpro. All mi up s ready for cw.
Pimi-rl IH.(): By fm tie he.i RD LOGO, Min m nany uayv iKm Anugal (Xd) highly rKOtnmendnl Classic Gamn Ma»t»rpi««: Ctmx, Backgammtm. And other traditional boant jtanio Wnribench l ogic; Fulh mhnking punk games, in keep you from icram mxk for houn Hobby Hone; Family cmcnaarminit - nms. Pu«lc». E*en gvdcn design Our Faiuoritr Gama; Sy». Dnp, Welltra.} cxecptiooal gamet on one dnk.
* SPECIAL 5-Ulsk GAME PACK: the ¦» disks atone t the Inrredlblr
Uamairun - only £5.W. ALSO AVAILABLE; Super Vtflitkt. Ba»k
Compiler tup to Sth ipeed ineteaKl, ARPI .3 plus PC-liAM
convenient, Archixen dnk, SUIyBench, Prolog Special ftekare (2
diikt) and mere.
For a limned time period - all cchcr PO'Shatcwait Juki. Including aH the FISH A TBAG dnkx and all Demov'Ammntiom.tGamrv'Muik - oudy S9p! Thia nwnlh't unutual Podiiki: VivaidiT Fcur Seavmn (2 diikil.
Y InvtuMe World Sbdeahow. Grand Mailer Patnungi, An ol M.C. Etcher ilidethow.
I Full detaili of the FdLib lituury on out Catalogue diik aiailabtc £1 00 met (iftp (or Sop with order I I All artkn add Mp pAp I EEC £1.00. R«U of Europe £1.50. Rest of World £2.00. Reentered add £3.00). Cheques Postal Orders lntemaii(»nal Money Orders 10: EdLib iDcpl C3), Scotland Farm. Slock wood Road.
Hrislinclon. Bristol BS4 51.1. Tel: 0272 723489 1 G.T.S. 1 GEORGE THOMPSON SERVICES 5 jjg ' Presents Theme Packs and ** GTS Club ** M' " GTS CLUB ** GTS CLUB - GTS CLUB - HAVEYOU JOINED THE LEADING PUBLIC DOMAIN CLUB FOR AMIGA ENTHUSIASTS?
* TALK TO “AMIGA ONLY* ENTHUSIASTS Since the early days of the
Amiga, George Thompson Services have made available to Amiga
owners all over the world the latest PD disks from the U.S.A.
and Europe. Couriers deliver material each week to our offices
where we first carefully check them for vims using the latest
vims checkers. They are then catalogued and released to (he
duplicating room for labelling and copying onto top quality
branded TT)K disks. As a member or this very Special Club you
will benefit from lower PD Software prices and kept upto date
on the latest PD and shareware programs for the Amiga. Send
only £15.00 annual subscription now and you'll receive by
* Our Double library Disk Pack detailing the contents of 100’s of
PD disks.
* The latest isssue of Pd News, dedicated to PD and Shareware
* £5.00 PD Discount Voucher for use against the purchase of 10 or
more individal disks at £2.75 each.
(You can also choose an extra one free)
* Two brand new disks from the TBAG SACC Libraries.
To become a member of the “GTS CLUB" just send a cheque, PO or place a credit card order using Accss Visa and we’ll send you this pack immediately.
NEW “ CLIP ART EPS 1 " NEW This disk is packed full of EPS clip art, a total of 62 pieces. The theme is Occasion and Office. A Occasions is clip art mainly for Christmas but j&L includes Valentine and others. Office - Junk kjjSV contains items that are used daily in most4UL offices. Included arc Angel, Balloons. * SsgH Christmas Tree, Happy New Year, Gift, Santa, kks Briefcase, Telephone, Scissors, Notebook, Calculator and many others. Please note this this disk requires a package that can import EPS files.
£3.99 (Members £3.49) NEW “ FAMILY HISTORY NEW Delve into the past with this new genealogy program, based on the Personal Ancestral File program for the IBM and Apple computers. Create a whole database of your past and display family group as well as a Family Tree.
£3.99 (Members £3.49) NEW - PRINTER DRIVERS ll ** NEW This new disk has all the latest printer drivers, including a postscript driver, several enhanced DeskJet drivers, Epson, Xerox, Ncc, Brother, Citoh, Diablo, Oki, Qumc, HP, Sharp and many other printer drivers.
£3.00 (Members £2.75)
- THE ERIC SCHWARTZ COLLECTION Vol 1 ** The cartoons of Eric
Schwartz arc unique, they nearly always have a surprise ending.
All run at the click of an icon and you will need 1 Meg and
then you may possibly have to disconnect external drives.
5 Disk Set £10.99 (Members £9.99)
• • PRINTER WORKSHOP Vol Iit We have included on two packed
disks twenty five of the finest PD Sharcware programs to help
Amiga users with printing and achieving high quality results.
Print Banners with Gothic, Dump screens using ShowPrint, Print
labels with DisPrint.
2 Disk Pack £5.99 (Members £5.49)
* • HOME MANAGEMENT PACK Vol II “ More useful programs for home
and the small business.
There is a typing tutor and grammar checker, Web a superb spreadsheet and DataEasy an easy to use database.
CheckBook will look after your finances and Milage Master your car running costs.
2 Disk Pack £5.99 (Members £5.49) " LIBRARY PACK " Our double disk libary pack detailing the contccts of 100's of PD disk's. (Free update if returned with order) Only £1.50 Dont forget we hold one of the largest and only collection of Try Before You Buy (TBYB) in Europe. We also hold the PDQ scries of disks, they have been pul together by Jumpdisk in California and consist of a potpourri of programs that have, in the main, been downloaded from Bulletin Boards. Other collections that we slock arc Educational. Programing. Ttiemc packs, Games. Music as well as the librarys of Fish, TBAu, SACC ana
Comming soon Amiga TgX disks, ana PagcStream 2.1 Fonts.
* TDK BRANDED DISKS ** The same TDK Branded disks that wc use for all our Public 5 Domain and Shareware programs. They arc excellent quality, individual wraped and sold in S I boxes of 10. Whv risk using unbranded disks when you can use TDK branded.
£10.00 (Member £9.50) NEW ** MICE AND BLANKERS - NEW The ultimate collection of mouse accelerators and screen blanking programs. This two disk set contains twenty such programs, most are for use by WB1.3 owners, and specific ones for WB2.0. Most of these programs arc mouse accelerators and combine a screen blanking utility. Nearly all run at the click of an Icon.
2 Disk Pack £5.99 (Members £5.49) M AVOIDING THE CLI •• Avoid the Cll Shell, ideal for bcgincr. Shake off those CLI Blues with this disk, allowing you to carry out many operations from the Workbench. Copy files and edit your Startup-sequence with case.
£3.99 (Members £3.49) NEW ~ MEDICAL SPECIAL •• NEW Heart3D - A wireframe representation of the heart, allows rotation and varying type’s of heart state.No_Smoking - Animation showing a natural and artificial heart, and describing the effects on the artificial, of smoking. Ct - A CT Image processing program, for the examination of scans.
2 Disk Pack £5.99 (Members £5.49) We Wish all our customers New and Old a very Merry Christmas & a Happy Amiga Year. F(BWjlMj ¦¦¦¦i We Are George Thompson Services.
Please send a cheque (with your Bank Card No. And Expiry Date on reverse), a PO or Just telephone with your Visa or Access details before 4pm and we will despatch your order immediatly. Our Telephone lines are now open 9.00am to 4.00pm, answerphono 24hrs.
Amiga SOFTMACHINE SOFTWARE A5001M& Catoon Claries 07999 £459.99 A1500 Opflcnjtrom £69499 A3000 25Mht ? 5CMb HD ..0749.99 A30QQ 25Mhi 1106MD HD... ....£3024,99 AlOBCCaoa Monfor ...£25499 A1950 vmnjyx: .£439 99 A590 Option* from £294 99 A1011 IIA 35* Drive..... £7999 A5QI Rgm EipaneorVCtock ....,..£4199 MOO. TV Mamaicr J999 | Spreadsheets Excelence 2 ... ....£0995 Advantage £7695 Knd*crdi2.
...... Q695 OCCrtr 070 Pen Pol .0995 Maoplai Plus .... 010 Prated 43.,,,,, . ......819,95 £640 Ptotoxt v55 £102 v‘; Pro Write v31 .. ..8102.95 Accounts Qucvwrtte ________ £42.95 Coshbook Combo ..,£5495 Scrtde Platni T .£42.95 rnchhATrif cm os Troawflte2 .01.95 lxxf uxxa uuivum Hofno Accounti 010 TubOlMt, .....£4995 £37 95 WordPerfect. ___ ....810.0 uZ!L~""" 57 OS WorawerihvU. ., ...... £89.96 rsfWHQI riMtCfl tvQT&jV Swtem3
mi. .....m ....£340 Desktop Pubiisming
Assemblers Compilers Languages Microbotics Ram Expansion
SupraRAM 500RX Gold D* Type -eocn0i%
OuimeFonu .....£990
I. .. -£46.95 i v2
1 ...... 816196
Pratfps £21.95 Professorial Page
v21...... 8199.95 .837.95
05. 0 £36.0 £64.96 .816495 .82500 Effects Presentation Titiing 3D
Contraction Se» ... 090 AMOS 040 AMOS
30 0499 AMOS Ccmpler 010
Dnpgcs„, Ca GFA Boric ComcUr__ 020 GFA BorikC Mwto-
09. 0 H60fTBa*c2 ...... ..Cdl HwTt*t«n j
£140 Kseka Aocrmor ______ 070 irttlceCvBOl .
£1740 3D Animation Cad GraPhiCS AmgaUricn
.. £950 Art
Department . £660 frt Department
Pro ..... £1340 Derate Pont IV . 040
DeAxre Wnf 1 ..... 060 DeAne Video H
£690 Desgn Woftrs..... £840 Dtartnr?
£970 Deney Artmdtlon StudO £840 Draw ID - - - £14996 tmogre ..£179,0 Rxmofe ....08.0 Fwe«6ndDrdwV2 ... ...£990 Red3DBeghnen .... ..£127.0 Red 3D Pro Turbo .... 0590 Soecriocdai ... £5«0 Educational Better Moths 12-16 yn
- ___8»0 Better Spering Over 8 £19.0
FunSchod2Unoer6- .....
- S140 FdiSchod2M .... 8140 f r School 2 Onr 8- .....£140
Fir School 3 Under 6 .£17.0 9 Mcroootta MSQIi 5ia fai ram
iqxrvr 9 Eioarid vw Arrioa 500* memory fo 9 SuroRom 500RX tor
Amiga 500 ccmfx en
• Options ol 05.1 &2MbiBrgfte*flcRam 9 Opfloni of 2.4 & flMb
iflng 1Mb Zid Ram 9 Zero won jtc’w & r*Men retan
K-Oato ...... Superpose Persona Superpose
F‘erxna 2 . Superpose Prafesrionoi Superbdse ProfWiondl
£8905 .-82495 ......8270 S&995 £3795
839. 95 £9995 Can Do Crctt DOS__________ GB Route . GB
Route Ptui .. K-Comm2 .. Quart emoo
Quarterback Too* tCagenarvemechanign Microbotics VXL30 68030
Accelerator Roctec 3.5" Slimline Drive 9 Access nme Jmt
track lo (rack 9 0.9inchahigi
• Encete dsattB write*
• 23-pn txmtrrcjg » **
• AlowsconnecAonofo JrOOrve 9 Ijbocnage ytu A500 1500 2000.
Wrr 69WQ 0O»«J accelerator 925WVV rWncrt a49W
• 40Mra version only £394 99 9 Optoma 66881 2 RJ £13000
• 2 6 8to 32-8lt memory TBA £42-95 £189.95 £109.95 0495 0495
£12695 £19995 £13405 £6695 £9495 .8132.95
878. 95 BrgAtfScroFe' Broodcast Titter 2 .... Broadcast Fort
Ermarvcer Home Titter Hyper&ook Pro Tiler_______
Scdo________ Title Poge TV Show v2 TVTeiTProfenonoi
6rJeo Effecfr 30 VaeoTier30 ------- Contriver Trackball
Contriver Euromouse Save on desk spoce wrth fro
JfrcHespcrtrve trdClMI Feature* rrvee ockrg drag buttons and
canes a 10 day money dock wbfocttcn guarantee.
The meet rospcrWve rncrcewrtchecl upgrade mouse on tie market Comes complete with mouse pocket and carte* a 10 day money tXKkwWocflcmouaanfee.
Auoio Music Fun School 3 5-7., ......817.95 Fun School 3 Over 7 817 .95 Iflds Type . 01.95 Mogc Mafr* 18 yn ....£19.95 Dr T's Copyisf DIP 019.95 Maths Mono 8-12 yo ...£19.95 Dr T’s KCS Level 13 5 .. £26496 M BftOCCfl f60Ch44 Typing 0296 DrT'sFbantom .,01995 MegaMaeeA-levei ...0096
- ... £46 95 £42.95 £222,95 £9495 AudomasterW Audnon4---- Bars 6
Ppe* Prof .... DrT'iCopytfApp I Micro
EngtahGCSE .....0095 Micro French
GCS ...82Q0
DrTingerCU) -8940
DrFiX-OR ... 8309.96
MuricX 899.96
Quartet .. 896.95 Sequencer One----J740 0095
Micro Moths GCSE Primary Mgfhi 3-12 yn, TheftreeBeon .
£1995 HARDWARE PERIPHERALS Otoen 12CCU .... Often
124D ..... £12499 .....£19499 Supra 2400 Modem ....
Sum 2400 Modem Plus 811499 , 817499 Cteen Swttt
9 ... .....£19499 AMAS ...0199
CftwnSw«t24 ... .....£26499
......£179.99 Sta LC-20 ... , ..£154
99 (2990 St or LC24-T0 .
.....£19999 ......£49 99 Star LC-200
... ,£214.99 ....£109.99 Star
LC24-200 ..- ,£239.99 Techno Sound Tutoo
..£29,99 SfotLC24-2C0CdCU ...... I? DM
500 ,£299.99 06499 Ndoho
Mouse .. SqukfAxae ....8499
..£1499 Omano1H)3.5‘Ditve ..... ,._£59.W (17999
UrrvetW Mata Stord.
Unversd Parner Sjcro .... ,89.99 099 £22499 £499 DgMiw . ... £9999 RS232COM ... £999 ...,£179.99 ......£1099 GVP Series r$ 2Vb hD A500 .....£36999 1!
R £699 GVP Series l S2VbH Card------ 2M Ram tor GVP Serial ..... Mrtgen ... £26999 !0«Scnfeuk3S'..... ...... £699 ......Cd .....£102-95 50«Sohf 8Uk 3 5--- 'XnSonr Buk35‘. .. .....£2499 ...,84499 Philips 8833 11 Seikosha SP-1900AI Printer 9 192 160 cp FasVStd Draft 9 63 43 CCS FojT StO N.Q
• Piahiracfot with paper parting 9 Auto paper lood and 6KK1
9ccmpte«ewtn centroncs coble 9 lrcokw monitor
• 600* 200 ptreri on RGB Input _____ 9 Sox*ed ccmpieie wfr cob*
Amiga Computing January 1992 Pleo*e make cheques postal orders
pdyOb** 10 SOFTMACHINE All Items wbject to avoToMfy Al price*
and monufocluer? SpeofcoTkyd subject to change wtttiout notice
All price* Include VAT and UK delivery E&OE AJI trademarks
acknowledged in SOFTMACHINE X Deot AMC 1.20 Bndge House, Bridge
Street. Sunderland. SRI 1TE.
Sale* Tel; (091) 5’0 2666EnqMr»e* Tel: (fol) 510 2777 Fax (091) 564 1960 Goods are not offered on a mol do» Goods are offered for sale subject to our condition* pf sole.
Please call us for a price on any hardware, software or peripherals you may require but can't see listed.
Callers welcome. Our hours of business are
9. 30 till 5.30 Monday to Saturday.
I SLACK WILLYS F MAXIMUM PD 1168 London Road Derby DE2 9QG 50 CAP DISK HOLDER WITH EVERY ORDER OVER 5 DISKS Programming 0063 New C Manual (4) 0139 North C (2) 0142 Aztec C 0146 Ford 0393 PC Quad 0145 A66k Assembler 0143 Power Logo 1914 Games Growth 1915 EC 209 1916 Sealance 1918 1918 1919 The Evil Deaa Game 1920 Pom Pom Gunner 1921 Chinese Checkers 1922 Mechforce 0076 81 Bosh 1923 Tech Trtvta 0165 Empire 0067 Snofces and Lodden 0071 Air Ace 0379 Gridiurmer 0361 Uamatron 0382 Trlx 0383 Arwgooids 0364 Bafflepong 0385 Btue House 0386 Zeus 0387 Scum Haters 0247 Megaball 1776 Bald 1777 1778 Wlzzyi
Quest Wtndenofl Games 0071 Air Warlor 0063 Star Trek 12) 1786 Laseaone 1929 Deep Sea 1930 Red Sector Domo Maker 1931 naimutex 0399 Mr Polalo Head Youngsters Disks 0104 Face Maker 0105 Colouring Book 0103 Mr It 0031 LeemiPiaya) 0101 Treasure iiiand 1780 Tram construction lot
27. 95 SI .95 56495 Business Wadwrtghl Wcrdpiocesior Mcod Amlbase
v3 Home Banning Typing Tutor Home Monogement i Word Fronzy
Busmen Card Maker Anotyttcalc 600 Business Rim fworme aerk
Home ACCOtfto
554. 95 3495 2195 3796 2296
34. 95 Demo Disks 1924 Horizon Sleeping lag 1935 Vang o* Demo
1924 Amos 3D Domo 1927 Kelrens The Wol 1928 Crytobwners Red
Utilities 1949 I960 PendteEuropa 1951 1952 1953 1954 0128
0116 0117 0115 0122 0116 0119 0124 0120 0391 0390 1766 1767
1768 1769 1770 1771 1781 Seorgent Popper (2) 1782 Rebels
Candytond 1783 Digloi innovation by Anarchy 1784 Silentslce
1785 Tomsoft Virtual Worlds Spectrum STEmuiah Workbench li
Master Vtnrs Killer 64fmulolor Ol Emuktfor (3) MO Click Deal
Disk Cataloguer Beginner Bench 1937 Spoco Chase Ghoslpool
1938 1939 The Juggler 1940 Moatclan 1941 Adorns Famrry Demo
1942 Advance Horn Pic* 1943 Chainsaw Sappers 1944 Nlghtbreod
1945 Roger Dean 1946 Yobbodobba Sodeshow 1947 The Faduioui
Art ot T Renter 1948 Vox Smdeshow m 0332 758683 Dark star I
All our Public Domain is priced al £l).99p per disk. Postage
and packing costs only £0.95p. Please noie that some titles
contain more than one disk. Please make all cheques payable
to "Maximum PD". All our prices arc inclusive ol VAT.
PHONE FOR CATALOGUE. MANY MORE TITLES STOCKED AMAZING VALUE BRAND PD FOR ONLY 99p Often copies are made onto Extra Quality TDK, Dyson etc. NOT Bulk Disks!
3 FREe PODISK ¦ffiwerylODskscrJe-id 3 FAST D€LfVERY .febfidy 6i« it fckker!
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I've yet to experience anyone telling me that I am childish for playing Powermonger. I have, in fact, yet to experience playing Powermonger. Games can be character building - take Lemmings and Pit Fighter for example.
Seriously though, I do agree with you that the Amiga is as legitimate as most other hobbies entertainment-wise. As long as you don't go overboard on buying software it can be cheaper too.
Floppy frustration I read your news story "New policy greeted with mixed feelings" with interest as we ourselves have recently had problems with our four-month-old Amiga which we bought from a small dealer in our area.
When our Amiga went wrong (disk drive) I took it back to the shop quite honestly expecting a new machine. The shop were quite happy to recommend Commodore and sell it to me, but when I took it back it was a different story- All they would offer me was to Send the machine off to the national repair centre, and couldn't give me a time when it would be back, only anything from four to six weeks.
I telephoned Commodore's head office complaints department, who were equally unhelpful and I telephoned the national repair centre who were also I'm an educated, intelligent person - a professional ’qualified psychotherapist come hypnotherapist and member of MENSA who has been searching for a hobby which will use my brain cells for a long time.
This search finally lead to me discovenng the joys of Amiga computer games, some of which are extremely sophisticated. I'm into Powermonger, Moonbase, Harpoon, Waterloo etc, games which strengthen our memories and teach history, geography, politics, statistics and initiative.
So why is It that people who choose other hobbies like football, darts, snooker, fishing and crossword puzzles look down on computer games as being childish if I, for one, rejected their choices as not being mature and intelligent enough?
And what is wrong in using this purely for amusement if they can do so with their respective choices?
C Brulez, Ilford I started buying Amiga Computing from the May 1990 issue. I remember that on your old CoverDisks you used to supply us tunes that loaded into MuskBox, an old track player program. The tracks were SongO, Song9, EmpireStrikesBack, NameThatTune, SpaceConsert and MemoryDust.
On the October 1990 issue you stopped providing us with tunes. Then on the November and December 1990 issues you Started them again but this time they were self-executable. These ones were Marilyn and Pipes of Lost Time.
Of course (from January 1991) you are now supplying them in MED format. The question is, is there a program to convert the MuskBox and self-executable tunes to MED format?
Unhelpful. I wrote to the managing director of Commodore and finally gained a little more satisfaction, but still my machine was not returned until 30 days after I had taken it into the shop, with a new disk dnve installed.
The new disk drive makes an awful grinding noise and isn't as it was before. I feel cheated after spending £399 on a computer that is four months old and that is now not in pristine condition, but I haven't a leg to stand on.
The dealer I bought the machine from admitted that Commodore have an appalling after-sales service record, especially with small outlets. With the larger stores like Currys and Rumbelows they would have exchanged the machine straight away.
The only lesson I have learned is to never buy from a small outlet ever again, and not to recommend any of my friends to buy Commodore.
I would be interested in your comments.
L M Skeggs, St Albans Dear oh dear, you haven't been very lucky with your Amiga have you?
I agree that It Is a pain when anything you own goes wrong. I do think you are expecting a bit much of your poor local dealer, though.
Look at the problem from his point of view. He sells you a brand new Amiga that he has bought from a distributor. You pay him - he pays the distributor. No problems so far.
While I'm at it, I strongly recommend OctaMED from AmigaNuts. Although it cost me £10, it was well worth it for eight channels. However, there are serious limitations on eight channel mode due to the heavy CPU load, but that doesn't matter. I can't wait to get version two!
G MacGregor, Epsom Have a word with AmigaNuts to see If there is anything to convert from MuslcBox to MED. We certainly don't know of such a utility but it's amazing what can be supplied if you pay enough!
I don't think you stand much chance of converting the standalone tunes to a MED-frlendly format
- again AmigaNuts might be able to help.
Four months later you, a third of the way through your warranty, appear on his doorstep with a knackered machine. He could of course get straight on the phone to his distributor and buy another Amiga for you to take away.
You would be happy while he, on the other hand, would be left with one broken machine that he can't sell as new after it's fixed. He would also be faced with a bill for the new machine he supplied to you. The profit margin on an Amiga sale is typically 17 per cent so you can see it just doesn't add up.
The point I'm trying to get across is that your local shop sells Amigas on the understanding that Commodore will repair them if they go wrong.
Obviously six weeks is a long time to wait, but the fault lies with Commodore and their national repair contractor, FMG.
If you buy an Amiga from one of the high Street multiples, there is a chance they will change it on the spot. This is because they hold much larger stocks of the machines. Having said that I doubt you would get a direct no quibble swap from any shop after 30 days.
If you bought a new car and the clutch fell to bits three months later what would you expect * a brand new replacement or a repair?
Most local dealers do a hell of a good job In advising people what setup is right for them. After the sale they go on providing as much dedicated support as they can. I would prefer to respect their position than advise people to shop exclusively in the high street and promote extinction of the breed.
Pirate ahoy?
Hands up all those readers who disagree with pirated software? Yes, a vast majority appear to be of the opinion that they do not wish to possess such software.
Now hands up all Amiga dedicated magazines who support this view. Yippee, a full house and they all have stated within the last few years that they will not advertise such software within their hallowed pages.
Well, maybe someone can explain how Software seems to change status as it crosses European borders.
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MJC PRICE £159% 8802 MODE SWITCH BOX - £29.95 P80TAR PRODUCTS ar? 3 wefl irow* German conparv who have now in the UK. Tbev traduce a rann? O1 cua'ity nmdvcts V the Amiga at very reasonable orices. A' products are backed by ah imomsssYe * vear REPLACEMENT warranty direct from the manufacturers NOTE: protar products do? September PROTAR A500 HARO ORIYES A ranee of drives from 2QYb *0 2%Wb an with an impressive list of features:
* Optional Ram mansion up to 8M&
* Transfer rate cmaferthan 1 Mb second
* Up to FIVE rimes fasten than A590
* Drive disable switch ‘ External SCSI interface PROTAR A500 HO
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.. irtter ter a complete color digdisiog outfit NOTE: For best coter metres you reguire a video camra or perfect strii frame YCR.
Of a commercial program under the guise of public domain?
The funky bunch Although I shall not mention the magazine by name I refer to the Red Sector Demo Maker. This, together with the additional utility disks, is listed in a majority of Public Domain advertisements.
I recently purchased the Demo Maker, expansion set and vector object editor disks locally. All three are only supplied together with an instruction book and are issued by Data Becker GmbH of Merowingerstr 30, 4000 Dusseldorf 1. This company is also responsible for serious software such as BeckerText and numerous books covering the full range of professional Amiga use.
Each public domain software library is therefore depriving DataBecker of a total of £64.47. More to the point, the offending CoverDisk has just cost DataBecker £1,849,436.30. As all this software has been issued during the last two years it would hardly appear to be a case of the programs having gone past their sell by date.
With all magazines openly supporting FAST and ELSPA the word is that even to hold pirated software is an illegal act. If this is so it is beyond my comprehension as to how the instant creation of 78,266 criminals can be justified. It certainly takes the steam out of the present argument with regard to full games as CoverDisks.
Of course, all the above can be verified with a current issue of the ISBN catalogue - then again you could just look at the CoverDisk in question. They even have the Data Becker logo as one of the sample graphics to use with the demo maker!
S P Woodward, 12 AD Regd RA, BFPO 20 Hmm... all sounds a bit strange! Have you checked with DataBecker or Red Sector to see if any deal has been Struck with the magazine concerned?
We Amiga magazines might compete, but we are all very professional. I find it unlikely that another mag would just rip off a commercial program.
I think you will find that there will have been some form of agreement In place before the disk appeared. If not, let us and the magazine concerned know.
A secure future For my final project for GCSE Design and Communications I have chosen to study computer security. This will involve researching the various ways to prevent a computer from being stolen.
As an owner of an Amiga 500 I feel that the Amiga IS the ideal computer to use to design a solution to this problem. Unlike the PC, for which a range of security During a conversation with the editor today, he suggested I write to you to let you know what we are all about.
We are four Amiga users who decided to start a club after realising that when people first buy their computers there is not much help available in the way of manual translations or guidance. There is also very little information available to say which programs would be best suited to people's needs.
We are not prejudiced and will take any member with a 16-bit machine. If they have not got a machine then we can find then the cheapest in the area.
We have managed to gain the support of the local Yes, I know this is AMIGA Computing not Music Week, but I feel I must put a few facts straight. It may surprise Mr Ove Gustavsson (ESP, October
1991) that Sinead O'Connor was certainly not the first person to
use the Funky Drummer sample.
Originally the breakbeat from an old James Brown record (titled strangely enough "Funky Drummer"), it has become the most used drum sample in modem music.
Literally dozens of records have nicked it, eg (off the top of my head) Ghetto Heaven by the Family Strand, I'm Not the Man I Used to Be by Fine Young Cannibals, Waiting for that Day by George Michael and even Wouldn't Change a Thing by Kylie Minogue. To say Sinead O'Connor originated that devices exist, to my knowledge the Amiga has none.
The culmination of this project will result in a design for a security device. I have compiled a list of questions for a survey to help in my research.
Should you be kind enough to print this letter, would you include my full address to facilitate replies from those of your readers who might like to participate in this survey?
A Matthews, 94 Chapel Fields, Charter House Road, Godalming GU7 2AA I print your address with pleasure! Unfortunately I can't print the questions though, there just isn't enough space.
Anyone who wants to help out should write to the address above for a copy of the questionnaire.
Do let me know how you get on, and send in details of the security device you eventually come up with - we might even do a review!
PD praise It's me again, from Burmans PD (issue 39), I'd like to thank you not only on my behalf, but for the 100 or so members whom the letter provoked into joining.
I'm sure that they are all happy having joined the cheapest PD company around and are grateful to you for putting them on the right track.
Business has picked up and I'm doing better now than I have ever done! Thanks to Amiga Computing.
Before I go, I wonder if any other AC readers have noticed that you have got bigger by 2cm?
R Burman, Middlesex I'm glad to hear that your library is still going Clubbing in retailers covering Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, BexhiH and Hastings including Pace Shareware, Senlac PD and
M. GA Softcat of Rye, who have agreed to give club members
discounts on all hard and software.
We produce a monthly magazine on an Amiga 500 with a 1500 upgrade using Pagesetter 2, printed on the cheapest Amstrad and photocopied on a Ricoh, for sale to the general public at 50p, which our members get free with a monthly disk. All profits go back into the club. The local reference library has asked if we will supply them with a copy on a regular basis.
We have been in existence since July '91 for the purpose of getting other 16-bit users together to exchange information and assist others less capable. We will be sample is like saying SAW invented classical music!
Finally, bearing in mind that George Michael recently paid out royalties to James Brown for use of that sample and, to the best of my knowledge, Miss- O'Connor has not, I wonder if Mr Gustavsson's views on musical copyright are still as strong?
I Am Stretched On Your Crave by Sinead O'Connor is by far the most dull and unoriginal use of that sample I've ever heard.
B Turnock, County Durham, Right, glad you got that off your chest. I think we will publish the Gallup Top 40 music charts from next month!
From Strength to strength. Do me a favour and send some of your latest releases to our PD pundit, Daniel Whitehead, at the usual address. It would be good to get you some coverage in our Public Sector.
Just think, if I'd printed your address this time, you might have got another hundred members.
CDTV turkey?
Why oh why oh why, is the structure of my chromosomes... (ha, joke).
But seriously, can you answer a Couple of little questions about the Amiga?
Everyone goes on about the Amiga being the only home computer with the ability to multitask. Now I'm not putting it down - I've owned one for three years and wouldn't part with it - but is it not a fact that true multitasking can only occur on a machine when there are as many processors as processes? So would it not be true to say that it only gives virtual multitasking through processor sharing?
Secondly, why did Commodore spend all that cash on developing the CDTV system, only to decide to also release a keyboard for it (soon) turning it into an Amiga, and release a CD-ROM drive for the Amiga turning it into a CDTV system?
Would the money not have been better spent on me (a poor student) or just on the development of a CD-ROM drive for the Amiga? Or a hardware ZX81 emulator? Or an easy way to fit an upgrade on an ST?
A lot of money to create two very similar things. Is that not quite silly?
Arranging social evenings, outings, tutorials and competition nights. We also eventually aim to help the community such as schools, the disabled institutes and anyone else in need of help with their computers.
Until then we need as many members as possible.
S Petrie, The Computer Club, 16 Laton Road, Hasting? TN34 2E$ Well, If you have spoken to the editor It's a jobsworth situation! I have printed your address - hopefully anyone in the area who is interested will contact you, Your magazine is very good, it just goes to show what can be done with limited resources.
Superbly reviewed educational adventure. Develops reading and imagination.
Highly rated primary maths programs.
Selection of games. Add and Subtract.
"The best primary programs I have yet seen." Multiply, Divide. Maths Skills.
Highly acclaimed tutor. Received excellent reviews. Challenging.
Very comprehensive coverage of all the major aspects of maths for this age group. Excellent.
Keyboard trainer which helps spelling.
1. Post your order.
2. Fax your order.
3. Ring credit card number.
4. Ring for advice.
5. Ask your dealer to order.
Prices; IBM 51 4 or 31 2. ST & STE, AMIGA 222.95 CPC, PCW. CBM (disks) .. £16.95 FREE CATALOGUE ORDER DIRECT TO: School Software Ltd., Talt Business Centre, Dominic Street, Limerick, Ireland.
Tel: (U.K.) 010 353-61-415399.
Fax Orders: 010 353-61-419755, Credit Card Hotline (U.K.): 010 353-61*415399.
Others Tel: 010 353-61-415399.
Access'Mastercard’Eurocard.'Bardaycard'Visa No.
LLI I I I l LLI.il LULl Expiry Date . Cheque'PO LJ My machine.
Name Address BUDGET 3D Pool ..7.99
A. P.B...., . 7.99 After
Burner ..7.99 Barbarian
2 ...7.99 Blazing
Thunder ..6.99 California
Games .7.99 Carrier
Command 7.99 Conflict....,..,
J ......4.99 Crazy
Care ....6.99 Double
Dragon ....7.99 Drum
Studio ..4.99 Fantasy World
Dizzy 6.99 Ferrari Formula
1 .8.99 Gauntlet
2 ....7 99 Hard Drrvmg
I. K.+ ...799 Impossible
Mission 2 .....6 99 Kult
699 Last Ninia2 ..7 99 Licence To
Kill ...7 99 Lombard RAC
Rally .7.99
Outrun 6.99
Platoon ..7.99 Populous Data
D ......8,99 Pro Tennis IMIMMtlMtMMtMIt ft 4.99
R*Type ...6.99
Rambo3 7.99
Speedbaii ......7.99 Sirikeforce
Harrier ...8.99 Super Hang Qn ,„r„,„„.7.99 Switch
Blaoe .7.99
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Dizzy 4.99 Ultimate Darts ......6.99 Wacky
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7. 99
7. 99 Cheques Postal Orders payable to Global Software Please add
75p P&P per item UK only. Europe add £2.00 per item.
Other add £3.00 per item.
All items subject to availability. All prices subject to change without prior notice. Please allow cheques to clear GLOBAL SOFTWARE 10 Charterhouse, Great Mistley, Basildon, Essex, SS16 4BG. Tel: 0268 288434 3D Soccer ......
18. 99 688 Attack Sub .. ...17,99 A10 Tank
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.20.99 Action Stations (1 Meg)... 21 99 Advanced Destroyer
Sim .19.99 Amnios . ..17.99 ..17.99
Armour Geddon 1899
Atonimo .. .18.99
Backgammon ,,1899
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..1799 ..17.99 Bill & Teds Adventure...... 1999 Billy The
KxJ . ..1899 Blue
Max ...... ..20.99 Brian Cloughs Soccer.....
1799 Buck Rogers . ..21-99
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Captive .... ..17.99 Champion of the
Raj ,,1799 ChessPlayer 2150 ... ,1899 Chuck
Rock ... ..17 99 ChuCk
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,,1899 Coin-Op Hits 2 ?0 99 Conflict In Middle East .20.99 Corporation .18-99 Cricket ..17.99 Cruise For A Corpse . . .18 99 Cyberball ....17.99 Das Boat ....22.99 Deluxe Strip Poker ..8.99 Disk .17.99 Dragon Wars .....18.99 Dragons Lair 2 ...27.99 Duck Tales .17,99 Elite 15.99 Encounter ...16.99 Eye Of The
Beholder ....20.99 F-23 .20.99 F-15 Strike Eagle 2(1) .23.99 F-16 Combat Pilot .18.99 F-19 Stealth Fighter .....19.99 F-29 Retaliator ..18.99 Fists Of Fury .....19.99 Flight Sim 2 23.99 Full Blast ....21.99 Full Contact ..7.99 Gauntlet 3 ...18.99 GemX .17.99 Giants ..19.99 Gods IMIIIHIMIIIIIIIIIIIItllllllllllll 19.99 Golden
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2 ..... .20 99 Railroad Tycoon
.... ...23 99 Red Lightning ... ...21.99
Rick Dangerous 2 ..... ...17.99
Risk ...1899
Robocop2 ..... ...17.99 Scrabble
Deluxe ...... ...17,99 Secret of Monkey island.
...19.99 Sega Master Mix ..... ...20 99 Silent Service .. ...1899 Sim City . Sim City Populous ... ...19.99 Skate or Die .. ,,,1899 Space Quest 4 . ...25.99 Speedbaii 2 .. ...18 99 ...19.99 Spy Who Loved Me ...1699 ...18.99 Stellar 7 .. ...1799 Steve Davis Snooker .....7.99 Stratigo ..1999 Stitch Blade 2 ...18.99 Toki . ...17.99 Tornado Ground Attack... .....7.99 Toyota Celica GT Rally...
...17.99 Trivial Pursuit ,18,99 Turrican 2 ...... ...17.99 Viz ... .,,17,99 Wheels of Fire ...... 1999 Xenon 2 Megablast 7 Yojjis Great'Escape Business Software & Accessories available on request Al titles, at formats available on request of a commercial program under the guise of public domain?
Although I shall not mention the magazine by name I refer to the Red Sector Demo Maker. This, together with the additional utility disks, is listed in a majority of Public Domain advertisements.
I recently purchased the Demo Maker, expansion set and vector object editor disks locally. All three are only supplied together with an instruction book and are issued by Data Becker GmbH of Merowingerstr 30, 4000 Dusseldorf 1. This company is also responsible for serious software such as BeckerText and numerous books covering the full range of professional Amiga use.
Each public domain software library is therefore depriving DataBecker of a total of £64.47. More to the point, the offending CoverDisk has just cost DataBecker £1,849,436.30. As all this software has been issued during the last two years it would hardly appear to be a case of the programs having gone past their sell by date.
With all magazines openly supporting FAST and ELSPA the word is that even to hold pirated software is an illegal act If this is so it is beyond my comprehension as to how the instant creation of 78,266 criminals can be justified. It certainly takes the steam out of the present argument with regard to full games as CoverDisks.
Of course, all the above can be verified with a current issue of the ISBN catalogue - then again yog could just look at the CoverDisk in question. They even have the Data Becker logo as one of the sample graphic to use with the demo maker!
S P Woodward, 12 AD Regd RA, BFPO 20 Hmm... all sounds a bit strange! Have you checked with DataBecker or Red Sector to see if any deal has been struck with the magazine concerned?
We Amiga magazines might compete, but we are all very professional. I find it unlikely that another mag would just rip off a commercial program.
I think you will ijnd that there will have been some form of agreement in place before the disk appeared. If not, let us and the magazine concerned know.
A secure future Ezra online Ezra Surf can be contacted on a whole host of bulletin boards and conferencing systems. If you have anything to say, get it off your chest online!
AC also has its own Fidonet echo which is being earned by BBS systems throughout Europe. Any Fido sysops interested in hooking up should collect AMIGA_COMP off the backbone.
If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact Tony Miller, sySop of our home board - 01 for Amiga.
Additionally our mailman with the most, Ezra Surf, hangs out on the following services: Service Account number 999800263 74:MIK911 amigacomputing 70007,4734 uadi 132 Amiga Computing Prestel Telecom Gold CiX CompuServe The Direct Connection 01 for Amiga security. This will involve researching the various ways to prevent a computer from being stolen.
As an owner of an Amiga 5001 feel that the Amiga is the ideal computer to use to design a solution to this problem. Unlike the PC, for which a range of security devices exist, to my knowledge the Amiga has none.
The culmination of this project will result in a design for a security device. I have compiled a list of questions for a survey to help in my research.
Should you be kind enough to print this letter, would you include my full address to facilitate replies from those of your readers who might like to participate in this survey?
A Matthews, 94 Chapel Fields, Charter House Road, Godalming GU7 2AA I print your address with pleasure! Unfortunately I can't print the questions though, there just isn't enough space.
Anyone who wants to help out should write to the address above for a copy of the questionnaire.
Do let me know how you get on, and send In details of the security device you eventually come up with - we might even do a review!
BCONTACTS It’s not what you know - Iff who you know!
TECHNICAL PROBLEMS We are happy to answer your technical problems in our ACAS section. Send your letters to ACAS or the oddross below NEWSDESK If you have a news story, send it to John Button at the address below. If your story is URGENT call him on 0625 878888 during office hours GALLERY We ore always on the look-out for good AMIGA art.
Send your work (as on IFF) to Amiga Golery at the oddress below EZRA SURF Got something to tell other AC readers? Send your general letters to Ezra Surf i Postbag (ESP) at the address below COMPETITIONS Enter competitions using the details on the form. If you hove won o competition ond not received a prize contact Jonathan Maddock on 0625 878888 PUBLIC DOMAIN SUBMISSIONS PD libraries are wecome to submit their latest releases.
Submissions should include a detailed list of whot each disk contains. Jiffy bags to Daniel Whitehead ALMANAC Our Almanac authors can be competed via AC, Please mark any correspondence dearly and send it to the address Wow ADVERTISMENT PROBLEMS If you have hod a problem with one of our odvertisers pleose contact Martin Fitzgerald on 0625 or writ? To him at the address below FAULTY COVERDISKS If your CoverDisk is faulty send it to : SlOH V I Unit F, Covendish Courtyard, Sallow Rood, Welldon North Industrial Estate, Corby, Northants NN17 1JX SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES To subscribe or order
bock issues please use the form at the bock of this issue or call Eurocrats Direct on 051 357
1275. Please note we only hold back issues for six months For my
final project for GCSE Design and Communications I have
chosen to study computer Programming pointers I would like
to learn computer programming in Cobol on my Amiga. It must
be possible. The Amiga is capable of anything, or so they
say. Can you help me on this matter - what do I need, where
can I get the equipment, and how much roughly will it cost?
I've tried asking several companies who do courses in Cobol programming, but all they seem to do is try and sell me an IBM-compatible Amstrad computer and course work for hundreds or even thousands of pounds.
I would appreciate any advice that you can give me.
A S Jobe, Portsmouth I've published letters like this before, asking for help, with no response.
Come on guys 'n' gals, is there a PO version of Cobol hiding out there?
The first person to locate and send me one will get a prize. There, can't say fairer than that PD praise It's me again, from Burmans PD (issue 39). I'd like to thank you not only on my behalf, but for the 100 or so members whom the letter provoked into joining. I'm sure that they are all happy having joined the cheapest PD company around and are grateful to you for putting them on the right track.
Business has picked up and I'm doing better now than I have ever done! Thanks to Amiga Computing.
Before I go, I wonder if any other AC readers have noticed that you have got bigger by 2cm?
R Burman, Middlesex I'm glad to hear that your library is Still going from strength to strength. Do me a favour and send some of your latest releases to our PD pundit, Daniel Whitehead, at the usual address. It would be good to get you some coverage In our Public Sector.
Just think, if I'd printed your address this time, you might have got another hundred members.
CDTV turkey?
Whv nh whv ah uvhv ic th* ctriirturp rvf mv rhrnmn- THE WORKSTATION Technical enquiries about the Workstation should be sent IN WRITING to Workstation Support at the oddreu below.
Pleose return faulty disks to the supplier COMPLAINTS If you hove a serious complaint about the edrtoriol content of AC please write to the Editor, Eddie MeKendrkk at the address below TELEPHONE CALLS Excopt in the situations listed abovo we accept telephone enquiries. Pleose write in to one of the departments listed in this panel WRITSNBITS Any legal enquiries should be directed to our publisher, Richard Williams, at the oddress below. He can also be contacted on 0625 878888 SAVE THOSE SAEs!
Please don't send us SAEs, we can't promise to reply to every letter so it really is a wosle of your stomp.
- WORTH £29.99! WITH EVERY 8833 MONITOR Buy the N°1 Computer
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1260x1024,30 lo 64X10 (HorucotB Scan Frsoasnciit) Find ntertici
a»« l year casta wrrariy £161701 ES4Z £1275 74 £1499.00
iMc* iynctraMM«wv tmjwfcy Mow* XKHz M AMHj r sipfom rewinou up
M M'.xK?* M II lUtMM ttr a mOe tir»ji el «JK HI®
• Reeolution; t*W*l«4. I«4 x764. MO*AM. 140x00
• Hertonbl Frt* 30-MAHt
• 31mm Dot Pitch
• Hack Matrix Tebe
• Till » Swtvil Stand LM0N9296 .VW-CHWflOJ Kent. DA14 40X HI:
081-309 1111 OWW linn Op n Mcn-Sal 8 Tel (Homeh *1
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped in the
UK mainland
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally much competitors on a "Same product •
Same price" basis.
• ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS: Proven track record m professional
computer safes
• BUSINESS + EDUCATION + OOVERNMENT: Volume d.Scourtts Available
for Urge Orders
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& Sidcup branches.
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software peripneral details.
• PAYMENT: By cash, cheque and all major credit cards.
Bekjre you d*C»d* wh*n lo buy your new monitor, we suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you buy It. Coneide' wti*1 it Win bf ''•* a law month* attar you have made your purchase, when you may require additional peripheral* or eohware, or help and advice- And, will the company you buy from contact you with details o' new product At sine* System*, w* ensure that you win nave nothmg to worry about we have been Wtab"»h»d for over 1? Year* end, With our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customer* requirement* with «n understanding wtwch is second to none.
But don't just lake our word lor It. Complete and return the coupon now ter our latesi Free irieraturo and begin to experience the "S*ca Systems Service".
SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 I Company Name (If applicable) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Which computer ). 'f any, do you own? ... 64aJ Fo silica Systems. Dept AMC0BH92-6ri-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup. Kent, DA14 4D I PLEASE SiNO PHILIPS MONITOR INFORMATION | Mr Mra7Ma: 52 Tottenham Court ftoad, London W1P OBA Tbl: 071-580 4AM »a»m*OOpm_Noun Nyt __Ft* No 071-3234737 Setfridges tut noon. CJxford'Street. London. W1A 1AB *1; 971-429 1234 30*m-400pm Ul. Night Tkur*J«. UnM ExwntKm 3014 1-4 Tne
Mews. HaiherleyfiS. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 40X "M; Hl-tt* 8*11 a . , ... UiM- Cnrfau „nM TM Fax 0*1-309 0017 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Rd Sidcup, K soomi-aoopm_No m» NiqN Opwimo Initials; Surname.
FMerry Christmas from Thant as tic fames 103a St John’s Hill, London SW111SY Telephone: 071-738 0617 The first 100 Customers to place an order will receive a poster completely F.O.C. - Quote ref WS1 4D Boxing ...£18.50 Addicted To Fun .....£14.50 Alien Breed .£18.50 Armalyte .....£18.50 Battle Chess 2 £18.50 Blade Warrior ..£18.50 Brain Blasters .£18.50 Cruise For A Corpse £18.50 Cybercon 3 .£18.50 Double Double Bill .£25.99 F-15 Strike Eagle 2 £24.99 Flight Of The
Intruder ...£24.99 Formula 1 3D ..£18.50 Hunter ..£21.50 Kings Quest 5 .£28.99 Life & Death £18.50 Midwinter 2 .£24.99 Outzone ......£18.50 PP Hammer £17.99 R Type 2 .....£18.50 Railroad Tycoon £24.99 Renegade Interceptor...£25.99 Thunderhawk ..£22.50 Virtual Reality ..£24.99 Zone Warrior ...£18.50 Adv Military - CDTV £25.50 CD Remix - CDTV £25.50 Lemmings - CDTV £25.50 Psycho Killer-CDTV....£25.50 Sim City - CDTV £25.50
HARDWARE & PERIPHERALS Commodore A500 Cartoon Classics + .£375.00 Commodore A500 Standard Pack .....£335.00 Comodore CDTV ......£475.00 Amiga 1 2 Meg Memory Upgrades ... £35.99 Amiga External
Drives £54.99 Amiga 1 1 2 Meg Mem Upgrades .Special £79.99 Stingray Joysticks Standard & Auto .....£10.99 Zipsticks .....£13.99 Comp Pro 5000
(Multi) ..£9.99 Speedking Standard .....£9.99 Speedking Auto £10.99 Quickjoy Topstars .£18.99 Challenger
Cables . £23.99 Post & Packing: Free on 2 or more Software titles.
At cost on Hardware.
Phantastic Games would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers through 1991. Also to thank: Bob, Steve, Tony, Martin Dekker, Kevin Newton. All at Leisuresoft, Centresoft, SPL - Merry Christmas everybody & A Happy New Year, Amiga Computing January 1992 Delivery: Please allow 7-10 days on Software.
10-14 days on Hardware.
Ask about our Gold Customer Club which entitles you to even better discounts!!
AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY j Most titles available All at 85p per disk + P&P Blank disks 35p each Lockable 100 capacity disk box £4.50 + P&P Please make cheques payable to John Burton ill Leek Road, Cheadle, Staffs ST10 2EF THEN CALL .Me!
Wc can answer your “BL'TS" by a training course of 12 Disks, at your leisure in your own home.
Special Christmas Discount £50,00 complete course. Alternatively try a month at £5.00 - but we know you'll want more!!!
Jjc, PO Box 19, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 1UF. Tel: 0494 883347 Warn an Amiga for Chmimax. BI T unsure how to use it?
Recently bought an Amiga, BIT have unanswered questions?
Want to know more about the Amiga Hardware & Software, BI T don't know how to go about il?
HFI P” To AMIGA Users A500 s ? FIXED PRICE REPAIRS ? ST'S M k P* Includes Paris, Labour. Full Service & 1_ I 11 |||% Next Day Courier Delivery.
I 1 24 Hour Turnaround, 6 Month Warranty fa ¦ w ¦ W W Free Software (Limited Offer) Should Disc Drive or Keyboard Require Replacing, Extra Amount Payable ST Power Supply Repair Exchange £25.00 Repairs to Printers, Monitors & Most Home Computers £15.00 per Hour Plus Parts & Carriage Collection Service £15.00 Extra - 20% Dealer Discount All Repairs Accepted Subject to Our Terms gt Trad© ANALOGIC Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd ANALOGIC 152 Utchmsre Road MoMoS,’ Tel: (081) 546 575 Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 5TU (oei) 5414671 ANALOGIC COMPUTERS Am*ga A5QQ Plus Cartoon Classics Pack
(1Mb) ...... £359.00 MONITORS Protar Visto Colour Monitor * Cable ...£235 00 Philips 15' Cotour TV Monitor with remote control a Scan Cable ...£239.00 Phiips 15' Colour TV.'Monitor as above . Teletext .... £269.00 ezsH Ena 512K RAM expansion for A506 Plua £34,95 1 Meg RAM expansion for A500 Plus .. £54.95 512K RAM expansion with doc* for A500 ... , £29 95 Oust
Cover ......£4 95 Mouse Mat ... £495 Super Pro Zip SBC* ..... ....£14.95 A500 Power Supply ..... £44.95 GJS COMPUTER SERVICES 37 Bamford Street. Clayton, Manchester, M11 4FE (Callers welcome by appointment only) E3 Tel: 061 231 6608 Fax: 061 223 7531 AMIGA A500 REPAIRS without diagnostic foes Fixed Charges * Fi»st Turnaround £49.95
• FuwJ cnarg, igr r«»,rj fa All pr w« »up)»ct to change vwthoul
9am-9pm AMKtA 500 from £309.95 External
3. 5” Drives from £65.95 0RAG0NS CAVE. Box pushing game.
TBAG GAMES Games disk.
PIXIE KINGDOM 2 Disk adventure, PICK UP A PUZZLE 1 Meg jigsaw.
ARCADIA Breakout type game FRUIT MACHINE 1 Meg game.
CROSSFIRE 1 Meg strategy game.
BILLY THE KID 1 Meg animation.
CHAOS IN MOTION 2 disk demo.
FASHIONATING MEGADEMO Demo Hard Drives from £279.95 BLOW YOUR MIND Ask about the Black Box Graphics System.
Serious callers only please!
AMIGA 1500 from £669.95 AMIGA 3000’$ from £1899.95 Memory Expansions from £24.95 Division ol l).l N Enterprises EMPDL GAMES PACK. A10 disk collection of 47 PD games Now only £11,00 EMPDL DEMO PACK A10 disk collection of demos. Now only £11.00 EMPDL MUSIC PACK. A10 disk collection of music disks. Now only £11.00 EMPDL UTILITY PACK A10 disk collection of utilities. Now only £11.00 HOME MANAGEMENT PACK. A 2 disk set of the most useful home utilities TV GRAPHICS. 2 disks of backgrounds and fonts for video enthusiasts.
VIDEO APPLICATIONS 2 disks set of utilities to accompany TV Graphics.
Smovie. A utility to display a text file on video In many ways.
UNDERSTANDING AMOS Tutorial disk SPECTRAPAINT. Paint program LEARN AND PLAY 2 children's disks. FLEXI BASE Database DADDYKINS 7 Update, Disk Salvage DF0-DF1, Now even better.
DADDYKINS 8 Update. Word processor. Now with Spelling checker.
FISH GAMES 5 disk set of games.
DUNGEON DELVER 2 disk adventure PICK UP A PUZZLE 2 data disks BALOONACY 1 Meo bomber game.
PAIR CRAZY Concentration game.
RINGS OF ZON Adventure game CHAOS ROCK 1 Meg demo.
All our disks use branded media and are virus free and despatched by first class post on day of receipt. Disk prices £1.50 per disk.
Please add 50p P&P for orders less than £5.00 We also stock all Amos Litencewart. Fish Disks, Tbag. Also official *NewsflashN Dealer CATALOGUE GIVING DETAILS OF OVER 3000 DISKS 75p FREE WITH ALL ORDERS DJW MICROSYSTEMS
51) Belle Vue Road. Shrewsbury Shropshire, SY3 7LR.
Lei. 0743 244752 Cheques & PO's Payable to: EMPDL S(Dept A) 54 Watnall Road. Hucknall. Mottingham.
NG15.7LE.Tel: 0602 630071 G882 Megaball Dl?$ 2 Animators Metal Melissa D1671 Chaos Rock D1443 Virtual World D1357 1358 Anti Lctnmin Demo (2Mb) D1691 1694 Landing Sequence (4 disks 4Mb) M1713 G1573 G1708 0702 600557 ESC. Dept. AC. 32A Soumchurch Road.
Southond-ooSea. Essex SS1 2ND Load Crest PD 1-9 Disks £1.50 per disk. 10-19 Disks £1.25 per disk 20+ Disks £1.00 per disk. Including P&P.
SAE for printed list of titles. Catalogue disk 70p imm Astrology (2 drives) S1561 1562 Star Trek I MwW (1Mb) S571 572 Dr Who Ark In Space' (1Mb) Nightbrecd Music Demo IV Cubuhis Aiic Aiac Load Crest (Dept AC2), 38 Eastbank Street, Bolton. BLI 8LT.
Tel: (0204)33367 A selection of disks are also available at Sudamkros, Oldham; Bolton Computer Centre, Bohon; Software Shop. Horwich; Vudata, Ashton I Lync ft Stockport; Ramsoft, Rochdale. _ LO Lunar Capers *3.00 Distributorfor De)a Vu Licenseuare - We haw all titles in stock
• You do nor houw to pin our dub to buy sotwore
• lOWi of totr*m*iy ifltdfed CuftWWJ
• Wuswe kom OV V*fY ovin progranm*f5
• 14 Doy Moray Bock Guorontra On Everything
• Access, Mcstercord and 'Asa Accepted
• When boring •duattonol tools tor your chi* computer consult me
tpeoolsn end don't waste your money. Get our free catalogue to
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• Please acid £3.50 for carnage & insurance Go for the best -
Your computer deserves it - Call GSF(B) SERVICES 113
Mountbatten Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 6TP or Telephone (0376)
46637 Atari and Sinclair products also repaired MAKE YOUR MEM
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31. Pilton Place (AMC32), King & Queen Street, Walworth, London
y 5l2KbMEMORY £2799 With 2 Years Warranty Microman Computers
Unit 11, South Ribble Enterprise Park, Edward Street,
Walton-Le-Dale, Preston, Lancs. PR5 4AQ Tel: 0772 881155
punes) Opening Hours: 9am-6pm Monday - Saturday, 1 Oam-1 pm
Sunday Amiga Cartoon Classics Plus 10 Blank Disks, Joystick,
Mouse Mat.
10 Great Games (worth £230) £399,99 Amiga Cartoon Classics Plus 10 Blank Disks, Joystick Sc Mouse Mat £385.00 Our Incredible TOTAL price includes the clock date chip & 5 year easily replaceable battery. ______ I TOTAL PRICE INCLUDING POSTAGE AND VAT I ¦ " - ¦ - ' ¦ ¦ A refretOng change from the dozen* of amatour designed Poards on the moikef somo even « second hond. SaNoo©cf chpsfl Ours It simply the best A professional design from mefcer* of professional RAM expansion* for mae than 12 year* The AMRAM513 uses f&i.
Fast, top quatty. (brand new!) NTEl iMb RAM chip*, and has a super accurate Clock It Is smoior. And r as tvaher safety margins than on other product • to moke fhwe explained Flashing Rea Guxi Boxes a thing at the post What's mere It k DESIGNED to accept o further 1Mb low cost USER UPGRADE modul* with fhs poaigree. At tax price, and a TWO year guorontee. Wtio wfrid consider any other- ____
- CDTV now on DEMO in OUR TV SHOWROOM - Citizen Multi-Sink 14*1
Colour Monitor with .25mm Dot Pitch + Built in Tilt 8c Swivel
stand £364.99 Philips Mk£ 14” Colour
Monitor with .42mm Dot Pitch -f Free
Game .....£305.49
Seikosha SP1900 B W 9 Pin
Printer ......£116.33 As above with Starter
Kit .....£125.14 , Seikosha
SP2000 B W 9 Pin Printer ......£151.58 I As
above with Starter Kit ..£160.39 'i
Meg. Upgrade inc Clock £24.991 Most makes of Computers Repaired
Allothei ccessot 25% ofFRRP on all Amiga Titles Latest Titles
in Stock All Cheques PO Payable to: Microman Computers P&P
£1.00 per Software item, £5.00 per Hardware item Overs over
£100 Free Postage.
Brand New. Very latest UK version machines, with FREE Modulator our A500priceonlYi Sf| W Cur us tu* rodeo weft r__ fpOdt»,0»SC QQ Cor* FW.otxuCa»«*id*ol Amiga 3.5" Dnves With all the extra features you need:- Thru’ Port Memory Saver r Switch Extra long lead INCLUDING POSTAGE & VAT _ 9am-5.30pm Mon-Sat ¥ U l w J.J We lako VISA, ACCESS. CONNECT & STYLE Cards, k inpnoiinK lid. RtmAst We5t, bedlinqtonJ northumberland HE22 5UB ~ Order Une (0670) 827480 n m 4 1 m 20 Coto •A C7ACASO % Se There is no real problem as such. You've simply packed so much information into your Qcal that the poor
program can no longer cope. I'm not overfamiliar with Qcal, as it was on a disk I didn't compile. However, I've experimented with a copy and found that several months' worth of diary dates can be handled with ease.
If you run up against the numbers barrier in future, I can only suggest that you purge ail your old entries and prune the most distant future appointments.
Xerox blues My problem is with my printer, which is a Xerox 4020 colour inkjet. I cannot get bold or italics, and sometimes the underline does not work properly when using Scribble!
Also, when I take a graphic print of, say, Rombo's Complete Colour Solution the output is too dark and the colours a bit murky. When I cany out a self-test on the printer, everything appears to be fine. Any advke would be appreciated, as I am at a loss as to what to try now.
Gordon McLeod, Lanarkshire You seem to be using the wrong printer driver and have missed the point of Workbench's preferences program. You are in luck because there is a printer driver specifically for the Xerox 4020, which should be available from better PD libraries. Phone round a few until you find one with a disk of printer drivers containing the 4020 driver.
As for your murky colours, the best way to sort these out would be through the preferences program's Graphicsl and Graphics 2 screens. Use these to experiment with the density and threshold settings until you find a combination to suit your printer. You will certainly have to lower the threshold setting if your colours are too dark.
Knackered keyboard?
I have owned an A500 for about 18 months and apart from my internal drive packing up (thankfully inside my warranty). I've had few problems. Recently however, I've been having strife with my keyboard.
In the last couple of weeks the keyboard has locked up and the Caps Lock light has started to flash.
Sometimes the keyboard goes dead without the Caps Lock light flashing, but both symptoms require the machine to be rebooted, which seems to cure it for a while.
If I am lucky, it doesn't happen at all. Can you tell me what the problem might be and how I can cure it?
K Kendall, Aberdeen There are two possibilities. Either you have a virus, which Is unlikely given the intermittent nature of the problem, or your machine has a hardware fault.
Try a virus checker just to make sure, but if this doesn't solve the problem (which I doubt It will), the only option is to have your machine checked out by an engineer. FMG, Commodore's national A full calendar I've been experiencing problems with Qcal, the diary program you gave away on the December 1990 disk.
The problem occurs when trying to add new entries. An error message is produced saying "maximum number of entries reached" even though the disk is less than half full. Is there a problem with the ft F Upham, Camberley program repair centre, can be reached on 0733 391234.
They currently charge a flat rate of £57.45 for A500 repairs. Alternatively, you could try a local Commodore dealer, but if the machine has to be repaired, they're more than likely to send it to FMG in any case, and would probably charge you a few quid on top for their time.
Nordic keyboard I read your reply to T A Seaman in the September issue, and I have to correct you on saying the Checkmate Digital Unit is the only keyboard add-on for the Amiga. I recently saw a new keyboard unit in a Swedish computer mag.
It was originally meant for the PC, but it is easily fitted to the Amiga (both 500 and 2000 models). The keyboard has a built in trackball, and costs 1,400 Swedish Kroner (about £130).
The Swedish distributor is Chara Data, and they can be reached on 0381 10400.
Daniel Vedoy, Norway I hope that the keyboard has been modified to suit the Amiga. You can't just plug a PC keyboard Into the Commodore machine and expect it to work. If the company Involved has carried out Its own development on a PC keyboard, the result should be of a better quality than Checkmate's keyboard housing - though It's also well over twice as expensive.
Checksums I am quite new to the Amiga world and do not know very much about viruses, but I am having trouble with them. I saw an offer for a "virus killer" free with every game so I sent off for a few games and received the virus killer.
I then rushed off to my computer to try it out on some disks that I knew were infected, but when they were checked a message came up "Error validating disk, checksum error". I thought it was a fault with the disk, so I reset the machine and booted up the disk with no problems.
I then received your great CoverDisk with Virus Checker v5.26. "Great," I thought, 'a decent killer," but when I tried to check a disk the same thing happened as before. Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Simon Carrington, Sheffield The checksum is a device used by the Amiga to ensure a block of data has not been corrupted- When the block is written to disk, a calculation Is carried out using the data it contains and the result, called a checksum, is added to the end of the block.
To verify that a block 1$ OK, the Amiga will check to make sure the data In the block, when recalculated, results in the same checksum. If, however, a virus has scuppered one or more of your blocks, or the disk you are checking is a commercial release and not an AmigaDOS disk (le one that opens a CLI or Workbench), the sums won’t add up.
Make sure you are not trying to check commercial games software. Virus killers are of little use in this case because they are designed to search through AmigaDOS disks, and if the game's boot block has already been written over by a virus It's dead and buried anyway.
If you are checking DOS disks and still finding checksum errors, you'll have to use a program such as FixDisk or Quarterback tools to attempt a salvage operation. These programs can sometimes recalculate the checksum and revalidate a corrupted disk. Check our ads for a supplier of QB Tools (it's a commercial release) or contact Europress Direct (using the order form at the back of this mag) for a March 1991 back issue, which has FixDisk on the CoverDisk.
Spares and repairs I am the owner of an A500, which I bought in December 1988. Unfortunately, my TV modulator has recently popped its clogs and I have had to use a green screen monitor, which is terrible for games.
When I tried to buy a new modulator from a computer shop in Cardiff that they were out of stock, but they said they'd try to get me one for about £25.
When I phoned later they said they couldn't get their hands on one. I then tried Diamond Computers in Printer out of puff?
Computer cracking up?
We're here to help!
Write to ACAS. Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Save your saes please -we can't reply personally Dept. AMCosc 4, Unit 8a, AcouflHBhsiness Centre, Cublington Road, ORDER H0TLINE; H277; GENERAL OFFICE: 0296 11 MAJ £ ‘70% W EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTS 1 WORIIEROCESSORS Ml SIC SOI IN I) £71.95 £48.99 £49.99
I) .,,£198.99 g«) £49.99 £29 99 £79.99 £34 99 Answer Back Juo«r
(6-1lyr$ ) 14.40 ,£119.99
nbo £45.99
.2 .£32,99 Financial Manager
2 ......£24.99 Smal Business Accounts .,,£59.99
System 3____________________________________08 99 System IE
.£47 99 Excellence V2 0
Kindword 2 Pen Pal Protext V5 0 Prownte 3 Ouickwrite Scribble
Trahswrrte Wordworth VI 1 £45 99 DATABANKS
(IRAl’HICS AMM.VriON 'lm:() U1GITISERS Amos ... Amos
30 ... Amos Compiler Art Department Prol Deluxe Paint 4
Deluxe Photo Lab Dtgnnew Gold. .... Disney Animation lmA ne
30 ... Pnmate .. Photon Paint 2 Specie
Colour..... £19.99 £11999 HOW TO ORDER ORDER BY PHONE Phone
our Order Hotllft* (0296 Access Vtsa card quoting card number,
name of hotierl H ORDER BY POST; Cheque? Or postal orders
payable to COW INTERNATIONAL Pwf send name, address and a
DAYTIME jwmber along with your order required mifcgOSTAL
DELIVERY (Cl Overseas) Pieaseafrh* Ini cheque clearance '
New product not yet 1 All prices include VAT. All goods
subyect to availability Pnces sublet to change Without nobce
E&OE Answer Back Sen.cr( 12-Adult) tu49 Betts* Math? FlMRi
Better 5pell.ng (8-14 yr») ... Cav m 6 Add under 7's)
49 Fun School 2 under 6) Pl2 95 Fun School 216-81 *12.95 Fun
School 2 over 8) *12 95 Fun Sch0O 3 under 51 5 95 Fyn SchOd
3 5-7, 5 95 Fyn School 3 over 7) ™15.95 Fun School 4 under
5) .....£16.90 Fun School 4
5-7) .. ,£16.99 FUO SchOOl 4
7-11) ...£16.99 French
Mistress ..£13.99 German
Master . .£13.99 Henrietta's
Book of Spells (und r7-i4.V£l7.49 Hooray tor Heonetta
(5-12*) .K17 49 Italian
Tutor .....¥13-99 Junior
Typi$ t |5-10yrs) .111 99 Let? Spell al
Home (4-1 Oyrs) 03 99 Lets Spell Out and About
(4-10yrs)......£*1.99 Magic Maths (4-8yrs)
._.,81 90 Magic Storybook (6-l4yr»)-------
£1M0 Math? Advertu'e £i5le Math? M*n«a (8 12yr?( £15 9 Mavi?
Beacon Teaches Typing £19 99’ M» end Match (under 5 s) £17 49
Py*»le Book 1(5-Adutt) £1399 Puzzle Book 2
5-Adun ....£13 99 Spanah
Tutor .. £1399 Spe« Book (4-9yr*j
£5.99 Soe«bovn M7-iW* ...-......£17.49 Things to 00 W*h
Words (5-12yrs| £14 49 Things to do with Numbers (5-12yr$ )
,.£14.49 Three Bears (5-10yrs) .£15.99
Pro* Draw 2 - ...£98.99
Paoesetter 2 ..£45.99
Pagwmm 2 1 £138.99 Prol Page V2.0
.....-....£169.95 Superbas* Personal 2
.....£29.99 SPREADSHEETS £27 95 £39 95 £39 99 Paraonal
2 ? 512K Memory Upgrade £44 99 5i2K Mervy Upgrede
.....c* » SixwTOwm Pencnai 2..._ £70.90 wPiaarum
aadsf M. DeUtMM i Package - .- -88996 Gold Oak
Off** Iworeproiastof. SpraadiNwl
I. DTP) . £8999 All In Ore Gold Daks
lYVonXroaeaor Pam Package. Must Package plus 3 Games w?i
Ty nei videe .... The Complete Colour Solution (Viol Arrwga
Vio Chrome. RGB CoTOu Spinor Phoion Pain PSU ? Load*) £149.90
'Sampler). £35 99 found Sampler) £25.99
9. ...£109.99 wrfh N«wWk) .£64.99 GLOBAL COMPUTING
Wood houses, Voxall. Burton-on-Trent, DE13 SNR. Tel: (0543)
473131 Memory I pgrades NEW: MODEMS FLOPPY DRIVES
3. 5" DS DD External Drive £51.99
3. 5: DS DD Internal Replacement
Drive £47.99 Slim,
quiet, high quality mechs 40Mb Both with optional £299.00
100Mb 2Mb 4Mb add mem ....£449.00 52Mb comes with 512K
mem.£449.40 Also opt. 1, 2,4 or 8Mb add. Memory.
Quality ( uarantee All products are made using leading edge technology to the highest standards and are ftilly guaranteed.
Visa Access Accepted.
( heques Postal Orders payable to "Global Computing" i Ml Prices ind .A. I .
P&P is Extra (Please enquire when ordering).
512K no clock 16 Chip .£19.99 4 Chip ...£23.95 512K with clock 16 Chip .£24.99 4 Chip ..£27.95 1Mb Thru Board .....£59.95 (To use with 4 Chip size to give 1-5Mb upgrade) 1 -5Mb with clock ....£69.95 NEW: External Memory Fxpanxion Only 1" wide • Can be fitted in moments
• Makes use of any internal upgrade.
1Mb .£149 2Mb .£198 4Mb .£273 8Mb .1423 256K x 4DRam£4.95 1M x 1 Dram....£4.95 1Mb Simm £39.50 4Mb Simm ...£145 8372 Fatter Agnus £39 1-3 Kickstart ....£36 Trade Enquiries Welcome for ( hips and Components Get to those software bill boards - or anything you want down the phone.
Possibly the cheapest way to obtain software yet!!
100% industry compatible Ready to go online .....£119 with error correction (EC) .....£159 with EC and data compression £174 A500 Replacement PSU ..only £39.95 Mouse ......only £14.99
3. 5" DSDD Disks only £0.32 40 Capacity disk box only £3.99 80
Capacity disk box only £4.99 100 Capacity disk box only £6.99
Dust Covers AM ST ..£3.99
Printer Monitor £5.99 Leads and
Ribbons ...£POA Fitting and Repair
..£POA Richard & Angela Howe: Applied Research
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PmtStnlm Safbrnbmaion 1066 COMPUTERS Stockists of AMIGA, ST
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CaUer* by appontment onty. Ptease a8ow 28 days lor delivery Piices correct at t«ne of gong to pres*.
®gK)Ll¥V 16 Tarvln Drive, Bradbury, Stockport. SK6 2PW Tel: 061494 8711 The information supplied by L J Maxwell in September's ACAS about running an Amiga from 12V batteries contains several errors.
1. The OV connection to the two 12V regulator chips should
connect lo the centre of the two batteries as well as to each
other (see diagram).
.2. 12V regulators will not operate correctly off a 12V input. The regulators require at least 2.5V across them to guarantee correct operation. This, together with the fact that as a battery discharges its voltage drops to below 12V, would mean that the 12V outputs from the regulators may well drop to 9V or less.
To get round this problem, either the regulators need to be operated off a higher voltage (18V or 14V) by using more battenes, or switching DC to DC connectors need to be used to generate the 12V supplies.
Anyone operating computer equipment from a DC Bristol and they said I could have one for £66. What is the proper price and where can I get one?
Robert Read, Cardiff If Diamond quoted £66, then they are trying to overcharge you by £30. Sure they didn't say 06? If you phone CPC Ltd, Commodore's spares people, on 0772 55S034, you can purchase a modulator by credit card for 06.01 including VAT and postage.
When I phoned them today, they said that they too were out of stock, but by the time you read this they should have had a new batch of modulators.
Wrong drive I'm considering installing a hard drive in my Amiga, but not from the usual suppliers, hence the need for a lot of advice.
I believe that I need a SCSI hard drive (whatever that means), a control card, and partitioning software.
I believe the latter is akin to tracks and sectors on a floppy.
The supplier is an electrical company called MatMos who sell a 91 Mb Seagate lmprimus hard drive at £239 (ST2106N 5.25" SCSI). They also supply "disk controller cards" (is this for hard or floppies - or are they universal?) With obscure numbers like XT MFM, XT SCSI, AT Rrl and AT SCSI, at prices around £30. If the latter are usable it's cheaper than the £119 - £199IVS Trumpcard.
What software will I require? Is it best to go for the Trumpcard and attach a Seagate?
Chris Brown, Witham Ooh - you're a bit off the track with some of your suggested hard drive combinations. All of the cards you mention, with the exception of the IVS Trumpcard, are designed for IBM PC compatibles.
RRL, MFM, and SCSI are all types of hard drive; XT and AT are types of IBM PC. An XT SCSI is therefore a SCSI interface for a PC. SCSI, seeing as you asked, just stands for Small Computer Systems Interface, and it’s one of the competing standards for hard drives.
Co for the IVS Trumpcard, or cast about for one of the other cards which come in under £200.
There are some such as the CVP and Nexus cards (phone Silica Shop and Power Computing respectively), which will allow up to 8Mb on board as well to mains invertor should make sure that the invertor does not generate large voltage spikes as this could lead to problems with machine crashes or even permanent damage to the computer and or its power supply.
A J Matthews, Cirencester Thanks for the tip, and the warning to potential battery boffins. This is as good a time as any for us to remind readers that we will print letters from technically expert readers in the hope that by doing so we can stimulate an informed debate on matters technical, such as has resulted in the battery debate.
However, we print replies to technical queries on a "try at your own risk" basis- As the letter above points out, there are always dangers in modifying your Amiga unless you know exactly what you're doing.
As a hard drive. The Seagate SCSI drive you quote Is a 5.25in drive, and won't fit on most Internal A2000 hard cards, but there are Seagate SCSI drives in
3. 5ln format, and can be had quite cheaply. On the other hand,
most Seagates of this kind are stupendously slow - some have
access times of 68ms or more as compared to the 16ms which is
becoming the accepted standard for a decent HD.
You might be as well to go to one of the regular Amiga retailers and buy a card with hard drive already attached. Try to shell out the extra for a fast Quantum mechanism - once you've used one you'll never want to use another.
All the Amiga boards such as IVS, CVP, and Nexus come with their own formatting and partitioning software, and If you buy the lot as one unit, the drive will probably already have been set up for you.
Chips down I bought my Amiga 500 about two years ago, for play, hobby and work. In need of good wordprocessors and DTP programs, I found 1 Mb was essential, so I bought an A501 memory expansion. From then on I could load every program with no problem. Even the animations from Dpaint III loaded fine.
Next on my list of peripherals was a hard disk, so I purchased an A590. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. The only thing that worried me was the fact that the above-mentioned animations couldn't be loaded any more - a "Not enough memory to load all frames" message appeared on my screen. I blamed it on the buffers needed for my hard disk.
I looked for RAM chips to fit in the A590 in several computer stores, but had no luck. So, having a degree In electronics, I ordered them from an electronics store, and installed them myself. After reconnecting the wires and cables, booting stopped after the message: "Workbench disk A500 A2000 release 1.3.2. Version 34.28", and my Amiga went into meditation giving me the number: " $ 1000005.00C1EDA0", which means that my memory map is scrambled.
The memory counter on my WB-screen does state 1354712 free memory, and most programs do work.
The major problem is again in Dpaint III animations. It loads about five frames, then gives me the absurd information that I'm out of memory. It deletes the previous four frames and distorts the current frame. After quitting, the guru gives me the error 00000003 (address error?)- The instructions that came with the I disk are in French, and that's about all I know. My I computer is equipped with a fatter agnus (only a half I meg of chip RAM however). How can I sort out this I problem?
Bert Visser, Rotterdam, the Netherlands Amiga Computing ianuarv 1992 ADVICE SERVICE The saga continues... It sounds as if either you've fitted the chips in the I wrong sockets or you've got one or two damaged chips. The A590 has to be filled up in a certain order, and if you can't understand the French man- I ual you may have inserted your chips in the wrong sockets.
It's less likely that you have damaged chips, because if the memory failed to auto-conflgure you'd be unable to boot up at all. It is possible that one of the chips is dodgy, but it's more likely that either the chips are in the wrong places or the A590's memory board has been damaged.
Try CPC (phone as above) for an English A590 manual, or contact Commodore In the Netherlands and ask for a Dutch version.
A bridgeboard too far My B2000 recently suffered a read write error on the PC hard drive I was using via my A2088 bridgeboard. The error corrupted the file PCWindow and I lost access to the A2088 ("file is not an object module" came the reply from the Amiga).
A salvage attempt seemed successful at first until I tried to use the CGA-compatibie graphics - the colours | have separated but colour text is fine. I tried Commodore's customer care, who referred me to CPC pk, but they don't appear to have stocks of the software at the moment.
Where am I most likely to find the A2088 Install disk?
Our local dealers seems a bit vague on the matter.
C Glynn, Reading Try CPC again and ask to put in a special order.
They will have to get the disk from Commodore, so it will take a couple of weeks, but unless you can find a user with an A2088 who can help you out, this Is your only guaranteed source of the software.
CoverDisk help In answer to Graham Carter (September issue pl 44), the reason Andrew's Animation Studio won't save is because there's no room on the CoverDisk. Copy the program to another disk and you should have no problem - at least I didn’t!
A note to the disk compiler - this sort of problem has been cropping up more and more lately because you cram the disks so full (for which many thanks), but do you think you could mention when it may be necessary to move a file to a new disk in the general instructions? I find it's almost always necessary for any file involving input from me, whether it be graphics, text, or maths.
Angela Cockbum, Ulyfield, NSW, Australia Check out this month s CoverDisk and you'll find we've addressed the problem of copying files from one disk to another. The Shortcut menu system now contains a separate docs menu with two help files.
One, the general help file, contains information on backup procedure and how to copy files across.
The second contains information on the extra files you might need for specific program on each disk.
Keep up the feedback - if there's any help facility you'd like to see incorporated on the disk, drop us a line. It's your disk, so your input is always the most important factor in our decisions about its make-up.
SELECTED PERIPHERALS & SOFTWARE FOR THE AMIGA FROM SILICA SYSTEMS ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & FREE DELIVERY Atonce+ PC EMULATOR nds vorrex the ged tain lan- ong JpfcTonce-Ami ips, lure that that the t590 inds VIDEO TITLING 4 V i" FLOPPY GENLOCK DEVICES Atonce Plus is a PC-AT compatible emulator for the Amiga 500. With Atonce Plus fitted, the Amiga can be used as a PC-AT compatible computer. The emulator works with all standard Amiga hard disk drives and provides compatibility with most printers. A professional fitting service is available for £34.
If you own an Amiga 500 and require PC compatibility, you will not do better than Atonce Plus.
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create proteseonal quality video titles and credit* with Its
complete range ol bttkftttuiSd* and wipe* Scili require* i hard
drwe & 'Mb entp RAM e S9 gaaUfy fadgrSeadL » rrJfflAW V»«a* e
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requiremants PRO WRITE 3 A Mphttf«aiad word procstaor. Aimed
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PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2 A tuly leetured page layout program ailcwng you to create adverts, menus books - in tact anything reourmg lest and graphics to ba mixed together. The best OTP package available, a MuMi ted U M eelew iuant* e stem e wry arts resye el tm»t Mi a .rptvf MDtvf iff pletem a Hut Pmturtfi ooaWy ftianop as to mrtn'r a SuirrtjBir i e iyvctirmln saimMtea » music e Mwsouitetelielceetm1-wAnlwgHfPrr MJC a Isrtfrsnatf mtk Ittpiei
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Horizons Ottr*! *S0MK Mw«r Scai4» f any Dhics.
Ittr MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAM 4DX Tel: Q'd*i Lines Orwn U«v3«t SCOam-fiOOpm_ Mo Late Night Openrg Fax Mi: LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. WP-DBA Oowwq Moui* Mon-3l SJ0*m-6D0om__No Late NigH Opeong Fsa Mi P71-M9AW LONDON SHOP SkfijoM (W Floor). Oxford Street. London. WlA 1AB IE 071-829 1234 gw Thursday mVil Spin EtentW’. SOU I SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware order* shipped m the
UK mainland.
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team ol Amiga technical expens at
your service.
• PRICE MATCH; We ngrrnaJiy match competitor? On a "Same pmdoct ¦
Same pneo" tw$
• ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS; Proven track record m professional
computer sales
• BUSINESS ? EDUCATION + GOVERNMENT: Vblume discounts available
lor large orders.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your Amiga requirements from one
• free CATALOGUES: wii be mailed to you with otiers and
sohware penoherai details
• PAYMENT: By cash, cheque and all major credit cards.
Beiore you decide when u buy your new peripherals and software, we suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you buy them. Conbder what it will be like a few months after you have made your purchase, when you may require help and advice. Will the company you buy from contact you with details of new products? At Su*ca Systems, we ensure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have been established for over 12 years and. With our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers requirements wtth an understanding which is second to none. But don't just take
our word for a. Complete and return the coupon now for our latest Free feereture and begin to experience the "SiKa Sysiems Service |an uary 1992 Amiga Compu tl ng tralia 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Ad. Sidcup, Kent, 0A14 4DX W: 081-302 8811 900am S30pm Late Night rnday unBI 7pm " ¦ SIDCUP SH SHOP: Openag Hour* Uo-vSB Fes no: cevjoeooir I find from i now es.
Ation cross, i files disk, icility ) us a most :-up.
Po: Silica Systems. Dept AMCOM-192-67, 1-4 Tne Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAI4 4D SEND ME AMIGA PERIPHERALS SOFTWARE INFORMATION ... 0..... i Surname; I am interested in: 0 Mr Mrs Ms: ... Initials: ..... I Address: Postcode: SILICA SYSTEMS B MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 ¦ Tel (Home): ..... Tel (Work): ...... fhlch computer ), if any. Do you own'’ .... jrJ 163 (act - pneM »M ipKirmo-. Ma, enw-ga Pimm t AMSTRAD CUMANA GOLDEN IMAGE
Mmk AflO TV **« Sufftv, »«*»«¦* I -V Tpxui DiUi WTTH Gawder JUXM-Nq PI.LS Leaniap. IV Smfwat. C un Hun.
Mine Piw Hi ad ill Mw* oi Itth ONLY___________ £35*99 KtTT KtCET YW ALSO RECEIVE GOT vqwteu WORTH £W*5»Traras rrtv By iraHIWg NEWBURY DAIA »r PT fkftei lo he uk wofin m ycari » ik muunwr hx m) Amga W [ur.fasoi tun is kt lie :m i Of.
Z'&e AfW Hard Wro taMc «•» l w Smt? * SCSI rtrcBjijur hr fatter comm. Ca«r WW » Amp Ean RAM Eifwucn uunr UMMS' AkddOih .... IXMhMukKMy----------- 2Mb Run V’tnM aiOBM IMMtiniVnm ... jtfClttDO EM«A»I Hart Prim jm mbm our......crow XbfeMtadOrty £U5® StoMuklOtiy ..... «2S® ..... O»00 M&ktaiOaly ...£J954» SflwiOfl»Sfrfinr«k Back»the Fitae 2. Suk* «fSc Bcax 2. Taght Bm* Dim « Uinta wi Dthu Pitt U An PuLr fta REE T Start NW CHY -0*99 lain Ik Sapm Capua ftafl ml MiuPhiID .....QM.YHM* ttOMtaJTKft Tup Quin a: Dut HoUn, 10 fed Qiaby Dnks vih Lihcb Quin Minx Mil.
Miux Hnkkt. Total Muwframr] ItaiCow ...SfcoalPliKllfW EXTRA SKCIAL Fwrt IF BOUGHT WITH .ANY AMIGA.. ________________... FIRST STEPS EDUCATIONAL PACK AMAZING SOFTWARE VALUE Coaiuong of; A500 Computer plus A520 ModuLoor 1329.99 A501 Hun Expansion .£99.99 Deluxe Paint II - Creates work* of an and develops colourful graphic oa-xnen inures---------------------------------£49.95 Deluxe Prini II - Add artiitie flourish to designing colourful greeting unfa.
Letterheads. Posters elk----------X49.95 Prow rite - Word Poxes** - Combine worth and picwrei with multiple foot* and coloun .£99.95 Infofile Ver 2.5 - Database by Cold t i*k - Store aad retrieve data with picture*, wvnd* and text ________________________X49.95 Music Mouse - Create and uve music usutg thcmnu.se ------------------- 12995 Leu Spell M Home - A fun way to teadt spelling -------------- ...119.95 Logo & Talking 'nolle - Interactive language with 32 colon ,£49.95 BBT Emulator - Program tn BBC Basic £39.95 PLUS A Box of 10 Branded
Commodore Blank Disks £1490 Commodore Badgcd Quality Mouu Mai 1595 Total RRP______________________....-....4*4045 Leu Discount _ 1390.49 OUR BEST EVER PRICE INCLUDING Or Soltware Only - Value Over £389 LESS THAN HALF PRICE____________1149.00 We nr CITIZEN SUPER Df.AIERS mi uiluuo! To ado (her R.U 2 YEAR GUARANTY* ON ALL CITIZEN PRINTERS. PLUS Fltt VE.Pf 'KQUISG pAXDEU iH Aid »t nr nilnf fiw ol cUrjr (w 9**i aaejUCCjj «i6 £21.1$ with nrn Crute pnt«
* 2QQ Sxro Piper
* XC Stats CuUinjaji Piftr
* 300 Tndnr Feed Addew Lahti*
* 2 Mrut Amga Pmner fibk Witk thi bt ytn puan a tndy ta go
- armer to boy - jm phg tn Daft farja you pit «wlm ut wtrtt i
minium of il(n«iii in.fmiejfsi*;hw Citun IW L*W« C«t 2* Pin
letter Qudry Pnmo fatal Special Dal *ih Sum
Kl IIU.1t
n. is (ul stxi »miM m MU'mn: nil fill 2 jar gumtiK. We uitflfT
L»«t C« 2i Pin Letter Qndity COLOUR Pntnr data* Spta Pf»l »uh
Sumr Kit .. JHM mi fill 2 jar pw«we,)««u'tiin YOU HILL
CttunSwftSCtarHijfcSpK 9Ptnitft 4 tout ad 243x240 dp
gz teo ....RR? £240X3 Cota
Kit__________________________RJLP.UAM Sum Kit____________JULP.
£29 .95 Totxl Vjfae .£35545 Aataa Spta Deal wth FREE Sunn Kil
OH ft plus tmwrnmvQMfifinw ad Ul 2 ytu (untKct « u»tG45 YOU
24PnfcrPnfetQwlitjTntad WiMOdpmplia______________JULP. £428 JK
Cota Kit ..JULP WAS Survb ---RRP 09.95 Toul Vitae 1503.44
Aataa 5(xcul Dal »it FIFE Sum Rx L"M Pits freeflgMMBiOUMBBM
and fill 2 par guratcc, yaj uve CIU YOU WILL ALSO GET A £140
20) Coha .. . ..G09.99 SurLT24 20flM(no .1259.99
SufLCJl'XCCdnir . .129999 All Sen PtaKn m
it Ocd »illi FREE tap cemeetug able. |ih| vd rhhac tu ad ill
radj l) (o to wort YOU WILL ALSO GET A £450 MINIMUM GffT
B«wr) J39M Rmr Bee Cue * Lbxl £24
W My Plite ... W» umtBaridHi flW AIIDopGoioHatm 129W
5m ftp________ 04.99 BnSdkta HitaSi ..11999
lllimal Wirti of SmkHjMt 139,99 0lunm Imj MR
..--099* VtaidVtaiA'ta ------------M59*
MiscMta ....- 12*99 New Iwi BkUuik CmMoA
---------£32.99 Gmkn Fu
IntearPUati . £24.99 Cudcn Fax Gudm
Pbut £29W TWTabfcJlfaltey-ScmKeiAllteVJxntM 13199
TtaTtarfltauj Buwnm. Mtta k Medu ..UiW Un NEW DELUXE PAINT III
TUTOR VIDEO Leam to get the best from NEW Deluxe Paint HI.
This video shows you how to design and execute your own
Animations, Titles and so much more in a 5tep*by-$ tep,
Easy-to*Follow way.
Subjects covered include; ? Screen Painting ? Zoom ? Colours ? Working with Text and Fonts ? Stencils ? Perspective ? Animation ? Video Titling etc, etc- RUNNING TIME; NEARLY THREE HOURS!!
Superb Value At ONLY £18.99 inc Post & Packing "I was a little sceptical about the chances of taking a complete beginner to such artistic heights but I must admit to being wrong" AMIGA COMPUTING, September 1991, Amiga Advanced Syrian* Ptognmmcn Guide ___________ 128.95 Amiga Appbcaticn? --------------CI6AJ Amiga Auctnbly Language Programming ... £12 45 Amiga BASIC Inside A Out____________119.95 Amiga for Bcgiancn --------- ......112.45 Amiga C for Bcgiancn .. 115.9?
Amiga C for Advanced am_______________________128.95 Amiga Companion -------- £14.95 Amiga Desktop Video ------------------£16.95 Amiga Desktop Video Guide... 113.95 Amiga Desktop Video Workbook with Duk...___________ £28.95 Amiga Ditk Drive* !n*ide A Cxii .124.4$ Amiga DOS a Dahhand Guide -£13.95 Amiga DOS Inside A Oat . £15.93 Amiga DOS Reference Guide 2nd Editioa .. 15.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide 3rd Edition .. 117.95 Amiga DOS Quick Reference 18.95 Amiga Graphic* Intide A Out 128.95 Amiga Hardware Reference Guide 120.95 Amiga Machine Language
-. .-£13.95 Amiga Pnmcn Iroide A Out--------------128.95 Amiga Programmer* Guide ......£16.95 Amiga Programmer* Handbook V&I 1.123.95 Amiga Programmer* Handbook Vol 2 122.95 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Manual: Lib* A Devs .. -£28.95 Amigi ROM Kernel Ref. Manual Amodoct 127.95 Amiga System Programmer * Guxle £28.95 Amiga 3D Graphic* Programming in BASIC______ Advanced Amiga BASIC___________________£16.45 Becoming an Amiga Artist ......£15 95 Beginner* Guide to the Amiga .....£14.95 The Bcu Amiga Trick* and Tip* with Duk _________ £23.95 Desktop Video
Production ---------113.95 Elementary Amiga BASIC ------112.45 Fma Book uf the Amiga.. .11445 Sccvod Book of the Amiga ------ £14.45 Get the Moxt Out of Your Amiga £9.95 Get (he Mu*( Out of Your Amiga + 2 Disk* 113.95 Inside the Amiga with C _.. ________..119.95 (aside Amiga Graphics 11445 Knfa and the Amiga - Aged 8*80 ....113.95 Making Music on the Amiga with Disk. £28.95 Mapping the Amiga __________ £18.95 Mastering Amiga DOS 2 - Volume I with Disk . 120.95 Mastering Amiga DOS 2- Volume 2 117.45 Uting Deluxe Paint Second Edition £18.95
Programming (he 68600 122.9$ 68000 Assembly Language Programming .... £21.95. £119.95 £9495 ..£7495 fegittegktoe SfgiGatKgar tanLyiiQ Sitrp'v open yew flute nbtot cue fny ostr the nbhn. Itpto to lil ml love fa 24 tan BETTER THAN A NEW RIBBON Gumrtml - Reworn tats of nHwn lo new farta_G199 lOSrWna TcpQiab) AnigaritaDtBifmen Tidatd StafruiMd mi «ta land Edge* tad You tatata AmgiKeptata-------------------------1*99 CwwlWPnnter .. £*« CnaaJwiftWViW ---------------i*» CtaHxtkxcMtMcr .. £*» DiufnMiaiKf hftl . i*9*
.... £9.99
- ----------------------------0.99 .. .....i9,99
• Ban Simpu* ...19.99
• Captain
Pbnd .....£9.99
* BUY ALL THREE FOR £2400 Driuc Paint III----------------.£2499
Leo Spell at Home ..114.99
Logo k Talkinj Tlirtk ..£24.99
HmeTilsbyGenufl... I »u Sjum 3 3-0 Cmitntiixi Kt SEASONAL SUPER
SAUER SCHEME lUwAiiMtui SM: ftpAWGril_ 7V«lto WtrtPlUCWKC.
WaFNFRY (vnliM-lMii lliiv .hlintrttrrni tint will tv Hill a nib wuitur ii mO ? ; i« it*' v luf ul Uni unlit 7hi» wudwr can hr rani vi'ur in- l puivKiv N»i Stnnyis - NnCJKh - Kuv anylhiu Hum our idi rfHs-nutib m lM . .it ini hnv ami 4 a Jimwt trren uh .s|Uiiril pm h.wv Eumpk: Buy now Cailimn Cumn yuii irrnn Vto ti'i 351,w and vnu will ibu tv ht,: i Gui nh bit tor . EdMV Uv Y'.skIki h'l sii’it' ,il «n turn-. C*Raxr______ MutPuxlU .... Dtlur Vidro ULTbjuhfr liBi If, Van.
BBC I FoSdwlMWai_ Fmkta»3-MY« FnkkdMmlOw..... fuSdcril-lKte?__ luiided J-VT Y«i f»WodJ-’»JCKH..... Fa&kdi-lWa?_ F»M«*4-V71fon--- Fu khnl A -; ni Ovo__ ...4169* ...211.9 ._JH.fl JE17.99 JJ.W £13.9*
43. 9* JIJ.9?
AGREEABLY, THE NICEST PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH S IQFlpTspDukHeUtr ..... 40 DiAfchfe LmUNt. Tip Quilt), Anb-ttfic,
* nh ftvritn A Ritter Fed ,.,..UW 40 Dil ffcWrr.
LockaNe, Tip Qulift. Am-ttir, »uh Divilm & Rittn F«i ; 5 «
aixUMLlaflfcn Put of 20 in on Tip Quiliy. LrekiNe U) DukHcUer
____ £11.99 Pick of 50 in ob Tap Quiiy. L*LMc 10 Dick Hrito
__ . £22.99 Dwn Type Bar - Cm be tucked krucaeaSy or
rateDy - Hohk 150 Dab ... -215.W Dnllahri.
FcwA&otolCubm 601 -------------------IIjOO 200 (v ....£200 RUV GL'AftAN*TE£Z BULK DBKS DOUBLE JKD DOUBLE M«Y i.y tp KW CeruM - I'NBRANDED USUALLY SONY. TDK « MTCUBBU tu All DISKS ARE GUAlANIHD AND SLTPUEDWIIH LABELS DO NOT CONFUSE WITH INFERIOR UNCEKIHED »PSPDI}Jipfl,49 2S DSDD 135 Ip £9.99 50D5DD!3SipM49 IOP DSDD 135 ip 05.99 3* DSDD 135 ip £64 W Pkilpi 00*33 Ml E Mam Hip KacIkoi Twb iffaia Slaw ttttfta »i!l ill Lali al 0* Yea tune Warn? ...£2».» i wmtm OH Imh Hip iUwtetn Twii ifaltf SwwikloU JDJf.1t Fup 15* PSTl'U»TViMni t Maiur kp« pm lfiffc
Qalifi Malkin Unu'wce FU.8 u cVRrnxeCatfil FwTw 1%' Ik leak-------------DM.9* AitfvK-lhwFuKlI----£2M Fir linr hnuu. Eviicakc. Daip k Leaur. Rival »ak lift Ban, Nu Did Ixiiti tJ Sq*nct Knkwil ud HI' muAM .VifnmpaadulH IV ftort. - R.S.UB Blfan SfmdArU. V.W ?was*uilC(amPifbif DeUu Fuk III Ait hebp Him bewu ail i at Bf. Ftu k i eriteJ 'Get ike »'id Canmter IUMS km M.tiui £39,99 blip (Vi??? 5 m? MniM__________U5?.9* L01I5T PRICES AND GOT VOWHOS WQHH AtlfASTfllVlTIH EVERY 1599 All iWieaVanOnlticMn bu l«jlt*ij«A*r tuicwq* nffi' B*xWvcrli, Hid Dim. Gailocli. Ran 512K Ran Eipntnt a Q& «*) o&ws«iKk
mm Oflkul Cimirutac A50I Run Fipunim
- Uf.fl9.99 SpeariPrxt- IM.99. SPECIAL OFFER - Any purchen
of 50 Diiki or more can purchase SONY EI80CD High Quality Video
Tvpcv al £2.49 each No Rc mct on oo Quantity 20'Sony Branded
tScmhlc Sided. Double beauty Pi to in flipovw top rigid pliMit
cue, ideil Cknstmai preset* .... 11199 M »M: Sort Fiial»
rt .'Mi toi .. 1175.99 r*h Hn«ri2Mbta-------------IN,«
ItofCiuio Pirme.Tiii Mo* On sf Yus Amp Rnr Jor Dtiiib ad Li«
JtO.1t iXWSTjiji Prtrarr lutrol Latre Sic oac Amtti u Mmilcr Sun! K Second Did Dmt Hddc litoir Mbd»: to Amp ml uiroial Mdi Ctiftsd* Plugi ml Sodas b kraf Peru Icpaw!
»6mnule . 145.99 Quid) Sod fcbgctl kuc Md -----~~£R9 M«t Braid,» W4 noue) .....,.1| .99
3. 5‘ DuL Drive Gunnj Kc fljf Tviin JoysiiiLWour Eumim
Leid_________1S9» Joyttti'StancTlad ....16 W
Jin tOrtAtont Ado Snmnj Smtth Bra .....11499 3 Mat
Joicdi bmaioB Lead IS 99 Atnal SaivJnig Bmev fil ¦ 7%' lead W
ehnailf amtm ducenxctico mi »tir cfl J ' 9 Sirjt Prettrtcr Pbp
____ £11.99 Primer CiKe» ___________ 17.99 NibtiMnK Mb FREE
Meat Md.
FREE Ux« Iwto Of«A t Sledfi Gum k 2 Yon Gwuw ...£2299 SQUIK Rtfiaamcu Mai* war yee ml desp u Nik via till MhM (OH 113.95 Kkkiun I .) Rom Unmade ...... 129.9?
Mid Imerfire______________ iff Zy-fl AnfHlkd Siert* Speaien Yom Aaip peedicei c.icelleti oulc, Stereo Hi-fiS«id DaiiWantli-HeaiufullPwentui Buik in AnpUiei aid Adyutable Wane. ..... 139.95 Gridin taw Hindi Sunmr & Teurti Ip NeaLowftw ..114500 TrtayMmxDnnmtAid AbjiIki unfiy to ink uf nxuic ud feiliro pntUKO ronJtlol cnoikarv to table y« to tract any puturt nto tuer gaffiti [uiijt Vtift (ul cnotr inWKtimuMi ________£7.95 Sentn. Cue iad Ktikuud (Vuiing Kill QpjMM of 10 AlCi-Subc Satei Wip M Mx-nmtpo Non Watn Cleinoj Gods I AmhSant FcmOeiKt Aeroid 25 Safetufc
Cana Bud Stcb Pril Frit TWHJOX Traci Kii - J Buko 2Mdp £2699 KCSPOtAEI BOARD Buy fit PC EjmOjw Bout! Fu a wpkw Mimfcmli ...... £199.99 ATONCE* PC Eullltt Bond, fib liavde AmgiA500 .£179.99 ROCGENGaWt .._.£I09.99 UwAJ.1 fybtlriltB__OP Qikfcki .1 MuoSwJcWd - QSI37F ...... 0.91 QldbtMDipVApdal-QSIJl_______________OP Q*duk(R*JA(nplQSI29F_OP QicUrtGreaCra QS13F__£14.99 (WRiild- _____ OP (inprtrtwi I'm 5099__£11.99 Kutn Spwkn? Am----------HIM ZpdtkSmvwAm--------
U. -W Drill JA AuL-r* lad itr Ripi Smuu. I 14V?
TyejnHuialiptGiii--DAP Koui Mfjp bti - Spmltnj )»«xk pAn .4 Kp Catawam Om-----------U1S9 £16** 216** _Q9J9 _Q2W Amp LOGO------ Anwtt Bid Anar.
.216** .416** Fat He SCO - Geaeni Scaor.
Fid Fde 500- Mi ni Kao fid Fit - Anbiclk ____ FwWr-AwcuiuiFmVB hflFfc-SMri*_____ FmHr-Sf«i lASpdsV MnnlUaiGCSLi.. Mdd FskK lOCSF) MejiMihnliC® Rnflil 4 Wmif W Yan (XI.
AH m ...... Kmh* - TW Fwiib MnRu..... Kww-TNf GotwHkct.
Koran-IV SpaU Tm.
(OCSEi- EXCLUSIVE THE AMIG A TUTOR VIDEO For new and not so new Amiga users - shows in clear graphic detail all you need to know to become proficient in using the Amiga.
Subject* covered include; ? Setting Up and Connections ? The Workbench Fully Explained ? How to Customise the Workbench t Copying, Renaming and Formatting Disks ? The Notepad, Fonts, Saving and Printing t Clock, Sizing and Moving Icons ? Pull Down Menus and Scrolling Windows ? CU Directory Structure t Editing the Start-Up Sequence ? Printer Set-Up and Preferences etc, etc. Don't struggle with the manuals - watch as we show you HOW-all for the cost of a game.
1000's Sold... Available only from AUDITION ONLY £19.99 inc Post & Packing "Excellent... A great help... Sensibly it leaches you about the most practical areas
- the ones you will need. Range of topics covered is wide and,
above all, practical,,, Put together by people who know a fair
amount about the Amiga" AMIGA FORMAT, lanuaty 1991.
'Excellent... Simple answer to many tricky problems... I found the video excellent.
May even teach an old dog a few new tricks... Certainly for anyone taking their first Amiga steps it s well worth the asking price. If only such a thing was available in my formative years' AMIGA COMPUTING, February 1991.
AUDITION COMPUTER SERVICES Dept AMC, 35 Broad St, Stamford, Lines, PE9 IP).
Send cheque or phone credit card details for same day despatch or come and browse in our shop. J2 Minimum order £15.00. All prices include VAT and Delivery Tel: 0780 55888 Shop Hours 0780 720531 Out of Hours Switch Cards Welcome FULL RANGE OF GAMES AND LEISURE SOFTWARE STOCKED - RING FOR DETAILS Sbce Prices May Be Different. (VoOjce ths ftJwerl il towni Pmoftilb or Refer to it if Tefcptoiini, 7teCcofta:C(J«f Mum PirmmlL___ .-437*9 .23*95 ICUS D1GITA PANASONIC )VC MITSUBISHI EPSON CANON TOSHIBA HEWLETT PACKARD GOLDSTAR ZYULC r Subjects r-«-7voA., & 7TV xtv , JtaUck. »v Joi+rwc5. Killer +
fulling Ar-itivrrv tic.
Aid '&* n+ral Krvew-Udg* r° Snpland. Dceiland JbUi'T-al Mifrter-y, J Ko$ mo$ are specialist producers of Educational Software designed to help you enjoy learning from your computer. Versions are available for most popular home & business computers. Many of our programs even allow you to add your own lesson material.
If Write or telephone for a FREE 20-page BROCHURE of our Educational & Leisure software Please state y6ur computer type Kosmos Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed in UK) DUNSTABLE, Beds, LU5 6BR Telephone 05255 3942 or 5406 W,u» ilUHi itUHi iliililHli ilIWi iffltn By Using X-CAD SYMBOL LIBRARIES from COMPUTECH SERVICES.
All the above libraries and many more available X Stock Non standard and special libraries available on request Customized tablets & specialized routines (XMACRO) "All libraries available for DXF compatible machines For details wnte or phone: Computech Services, 87 Victor Gardens, Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex SS5 4DY. Tel: (0702) 206165 or 523966 TOMSOFT P.D. RSI Demo maker package (6 disks) only £6 Disks for 90p (+ 50p P&P) All great titles including...CHUBBY BROWN, JAZZ BENCH, LUMBERJACK SONG (2 Disks), MASTER VIRUS KILLER V21 For further information send for free catalogue disk to... TOMSOFT
P.O. Dept AC, 31 Trevelyan Court, Caerphilly, S. Wales CF81RQ or call 0222 862890 (Cheques & Postal Orders made payable to: G. Callaghan) Over 2100 Public Domain Disks to choose from.
P. D. packs available - Details on our Catalogue Disk.
DISK PRICES 1-9 disks -......-It .25 each 1(M9dsks ...Cl.10each |*1 disk free) 20-or more dsks XI .00 each (+2 disks free) Catalogue disk 50p Fish Lists on dsk 50p 10 Blank disks ...14.50 50 Bank disks ...£21X0 100 Blank disks .- £38.00 50 Blanks pkisdsk box ... £2500 100 Banks plus disk box .£43.50 50 Capacity disk box ...£ 50 100 Capacity disk box ..17.50
Licenseware . .£3.50 each £5.50 for ah* risks Al Licenseware 6 suppled with the official Deja Vu label, and a free single disk case,
• ANIMATIONS • BUZZED (3 meg) .amusing 3 dish arnn
APPLECUS (1 meg) ..apple abacus awn FILLET ThE f
ISH ...very amusing NEWTREK (1
meg) ..My starshp flight PUGGS M SPACE
..cute little alen ANTlLEMMlN (2
meg) ......got to be the best TIRRENO (1
meg) ..good ray traced anim HIGHLANDER SWORD (1
meg) film acton SHUTTLECOCK (t meg) -..very amusing TERMINAL (1
meg) - doctor h p TRACKBALL 1 meg) ......My ray traced
anm THE BOINGS (1 meg) ....cute ray traced guys CONGAMAN
(i meg) beat dem chums DOCTOR A (1
meg) .good sculpt arwn THE DATING GAME (3 meg]
awnal antics m UTILITIES • BOOTX
V3.80d ...good Wler&link killer HAM RADIO
UTHS .- 17 disks to choose N-COMM VI.92 a
very good oomms disk OPT) UTILS 2 ......w*
dskmaster v32 PCQ PASCAL .....a pascal
compiler A68K ....68000 assembler
D-COPY .....disk
T. $ B VECTOR DESIGNER ......ace program KWICKBACKUP ......
hard disk backup
M. V.K. V2.1___________________ virus kler ZEROVIRUS 4 BOOTX
V3.80 .....good Wars
A64 .....a C64
emulator ST EMULATOR ....engbsh
„ .....4* track editor TEXTPLUS 2.2 E ..-.J*»
word processor ARP VI .3___________ some useful commands SID
VI.6 .....the best directory util
AMIBASE V3.67__________________very good database ELECTRO
CAD .....design your circuits
M-CAD .amga cad program NoiSEPLAYER V4 .a great
module player FLEXI BASE V2.00 ...... neal database C
MANUAL V200 ......A» you need for C MED
V3.11 ...... new version muss editor
ANALYTICALC ..powerful spreadsheet ICONMANIA
__________________ icons 4 tod WINDOWS BENCH .....My 2
risk workbench MESSYSIDII .- -...handles PC «es m
great wvMs STARDREK ..2 disk
comedy JOURNEY INTO SOUNO ...and SO it s
AXIS ...-seled those tracks t style
VOGUE CO PLAYER Jooks and sounds good
VIVALDI . 2 disk classical BABY SJTTIN
BOOGlE ...lunny sampled song DON'T
PANIC .great sounds from LSD FLASHING BYTES
STORM .shoot em up MENTAL IMAGE GAMES (1 meg) fantastc
ARCADIA good Amos breakout CHINA SHOP 1 meg). - .....
great fun MAHJONG .. nee gfx good game STAR TREK
.....2 disk space voyage TRUCKING ON (imeg) .great 2
disk game NO MANS LAND (1 meg)- 2 player shoot out
SHAPES ....adActive puzzle game
MEGABALL a great game ol breakout BALOONACY
....drop those bombs POWER PONG tidy tenrw
type game LAZER-ZONE ......arcade blast em' CHINA
CHALLENGE ..addctrve puzzles DUNGEON DELVER 2
disk arcade adventure HOLLYWOOD TRIYIA .....an
mleresting quiz CUBULUS DRIP ..a real bran leaser
arcade fun!
TILE TRAIL (1 meg)..... ......tidy puzzle game PIXIE KINGDOM .2 dsk arcade gjesl SEA LANCE ..... strategy at sea POM POM a very good blast em game YELP ..neat game fa the kids READY ROBOT DEMO (1 meg) ..tuft leanvng TWINTRIS - - ......tetris lor two LIGHTS OUT ....be a vandal 4 avoid the cops LLAMATRON a great Jeff Mmter game PROJECT 1 blast the enemy SEVEN TILES ..futuristic looflMll game THE
SIMPSONS ban on the loose TRICKY ... „....a My puzzle game ZEUS .....move those tiles m style BLIZZARD an arcade type space game
• DEMOS • PARTY SCHMOCK (1 meg) neat demo coup ENIGMA good
phenomena demo REBELS COMA (1 meg) ....brill
classic PULLING THE TRIGGER (1 meg) love this BEATLES DEMO (1
meg) ...unusual 2 dcsker REBELS MEGA
II .neatgh WIZZCAT UK (1
meg) stylish intros here PLASMUTEX .the
yealest plasma DIGITAL INNOVATIONS.,. Jin* one anarchy TUFF
STUFF 021 (1 meg) My demo comp DECAYING PARADISE (1 meg) great
• SLIDE SHOWS m THE INVISIBLE WORLD ......very interesting
GHOST HUNTING .... ......boo1
NETWORK ...... .superb art
III .....great music & pcs UTOPHIA
CARTOON SLIDES fun pes HYPERDISK 1 ......good
pics and story AMEGA PARTY GRAPHICS neat comp piccys
RAZ2AMATAZZ ...good sporting sides APOLS
DIGISHOW ......-..-Wy dgifised pics Tel: (0709) 571748
Dept AMC PO Box 144, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, S64 9SL.
9am-9pm Monday to Saturday Rest of World add 50p per disk.
P. O. Box U, Church Sired, Roflivh. Hampshire. S05IXYW, England.
Z FOR AMIGA PD FR N INTERVIEWS STS FOR ENTJ IIGAPD SE E FOR AMI AUS1ASTS riLITIES F QTWO IITTEN 0' ARTICLES GRAPH S DEMOS WRJTI HICS FRED FIS MICS MUSIC N BY EN1 D FISH AMI UE ONLY GAZINE FC ESTABLISHED 1989 OUR BUSINESS WAS BUILT ON OUR REPUTATION Dear Reader Cottage Computers and Software is an expanding company and is amongst the leading software and hardware mail order retailers in the country.
Offering a sophisticated selection of customer care services. With the flexibility of our services used across the board many businesses ana families are now enjoying their computers and software to the full, in the fafe knowledge that if requested we will support and advise them on all computer merchandise when ever possible. You wjl[ be pleasantly Surprised just how helpful we can be._ TAKES AMIGA PD SERIOUSLY.
FOR ENTHUSIASTS AR1 AmigaWare is available by single issue or subscription at £225 per issue (£1.95 without cover disk) or £22 for 12 issues (£19-3 without cover disk). Cheques POs payable to AmigaWare AmigaWare (SubQ,AmigaWare House, 57 Oxford Road.B ANBURY OX169AJ CREDIT CARDS 0295 279000 FULL RANGE OF GAMES AND SERIOUS SOFTWARE AVAILABLE.
JU_ yr AMIGA TOP 20 CHART RRP CCS Cruise for a Corpse £27.99 £21.83 Eye of the Beholder £30.99 £24.17 FI5 Strike Eagle II £34.99 £27.29 FI9 Stealth Fighter £30.64 £23.90 Right of the intruder £34,99 £27.29 Oods £25.53 £19.91 Hunter £29.99 £23.39 Indianapolis 500 £25.95 £20.24 limmy Whites Snooker £29.99 £23.39 Last Ninja III £25.99 £20.27 Le Chucks Revenge £Phonc £ Ph one!
Lemmings £24.99 £19.49 Megalomania £30.99 £24.17 Midwinter II £34.99 £27.29 Monkey Island £25.99 £20.27 PGA Tour Gotf £29.99 £23.39 Rodland £25.99 £20.27 Silent Service II £34.99 £27.29 Thundcrhawk £30.99 £24.17 Utopia £29.99 £23.39 Cottage Computers and Software
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Facsimile 0703 740818 __ Credit Card __
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and Business Software PC Compatibles Amiga Atari Spectrum CPC.
Also Disks Leads Mice Joysticks Perpherals Products
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stamp appreciated 3D Soccer ..18,99
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Kilter ..22.99 Accolade
Sports 20.99 Action Stations (1
Meg) 21.99 Advanced Destroyer Sim ...19.99
Amn»os 17.99
Armalyte .....17.99 Armour
Geddon .18.99 Atonimp.,, ..... 1899
Backgammon ....18 99
Barbarian ......7.99
Bat ...20.99 Battle
Command ...17.99 Battle Chess.
...17.99 Bill & Teds Adventure ...19.99
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Max ...20.99 Brian Cloughs
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Raj ....17.99 Chess Player 2150 . 18.99 Chuck
Rock 17.99 Chuck
Yeagar ...18.99 Cluedo Master
Detective.....18.99 Coin-Op Hits 2 ...20.99
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Pond ......17.99
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Lightning ....21.99 Rick Dangerous
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Stratigo ......19.99 Stitch Blade
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Fire ...19.99 BUDGET 3D Pool
APB .7.99 After
Burner ..7.99 Barbarian
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7,99 Carrier Command 7.99
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StUdKt ..4.99 Fantasy World
Dizzy 6.99 Ferrari Formula
1 .8.99 Gauntlet
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Driving ..5.99
I. K.+ ...7.99 Impossible
Mission 2 ......6.99
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Kill .....7.99 Lombard RAC
Rally .7.99
Outrun 6.99
Platoon ..7.99 Populous Data
D 8.99 Pro
Tennis ....4.99
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3 7.99
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Harrier ...8.99 Super Hang
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Dizzy .....4.99 Ultimate
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Zork3 7,99 Business
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Other add £3.00 per item.
All items subject to availability. All prices subject to change _ jthout £no notice_Please|aHoWBChequesJo dea VOLTIV1ACE LCL 24 programs course with a book and a manual. Only £24 lor: i Cwqng mis art mis
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• Tim »r : u-ih • StBlrKton utng * Mjhptaao* ptohbrra • AddBon
juMrjdkn, Kjrur** to* me urts lunirrti tm snd unh • Owtson
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Words with nr, wmfl
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• Gather adxriir* pm« • CdPHAK
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• Co-mjfiH Ages 8 -GCSE .miga Computing January 1992 MEGA MATHS
A-level course ol 24 programs, a book and a manual. Far loo
many topics to list. Includes everything on Calculus and much
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• LCL courses are compatible with the N.C in so far as it has
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168 b or ring 0491 579345 (24 hrs) “Our Prices are Magic MICRO
ENGLISH Amiga 500 Cartoon Classics .....£385 Amiga 500
Class of the 90’s ......£479 Cumana Disk
Drives .£65 Philips 8833Mk2 Stereo
Monitor.....£259 lA Meg Upgrades with Clock £40 [h
Meg Upgrades without Clock .£35 Plus a full range of
Amiga peripherals & Software 62 Chester Road East, Shotton,
Deeside, Clwyd, CH5 1QB Tel: 0244 822597 COMMS He's got a
point... Novice FidoNetters may be wondering how some users
manage to have terribly neat messages, with quotes from
previous messages and a snappy end line to the posted message.
This can all be done with an offline mail reader, but for
handling high volumes of mait there's nothing to beat a mail
Stewart C Russell saves phone bills with FidoNet A brief explanation of FidoNet addressing is in Ofder before we go further. The original Fido system split the World into several zones (zone one being America, two being Europe, and so on), each having many nets of bulletin board nodes.
This works fairly well, but it does mean that a lot of users have the same address.
A newer system allows frequent and trusted BBS users to have a personal mail point by adding a fourth field - or dimension - to the Fido address.
Thus newer 4D addresses are of the form Zone : Net Node . pQint , as in my own point address, 2:259 2.4. How it works As it would take a whole month's column just to explain how to set up each part of a point arrangement, I'm only going to give a very brief introduction to becoming a mail point. The system allows the FidoNetter to do most of the things possible in a normal BBS session whilst offline. Since Britain is blessed with one of the world's most expensive telephone systems, running a point can really save on your connect time.
The point system works in a broadly similar manner to the way that mail is passed between bulletin boards. Instead of using a normal comms terminal, points use a special mailer program which dials the "Boss" node and uses a special protocol to collect waiting mail packets and send any outgoing mail.
There are several Amiga mailers available, but the most widely used is TrapDoor, a shareware product from Austria. It's efficient and reliable, and is now at Version 1.80. TrapDoor can be tricky to set up, but once you have it working properly it requires no maintenance. I use it daily, and am hugely impressed by the solidity of this product.
The best a mailer can do is leave an archive of mail packets on your disk. You'll need a program to split the packets into messages, sort these messages into the right Fido Echo (or area) and then allow you to browse through these areas, preferably in a friendly GUI manner.
Once you've replied to or created all the messages you wish to send, the point software creates an outgoing mail packet archive. The mailer will automatically send this archive the next time the Boss node is called. Since there is more interaction between the user and the point software than there is with the mailer software, it's more down to personal preference. I happen to like Point Manager 2,05 because it handles my mail needs adequately. It does have a few limitations - such as its lack of a built in file-request module - but it's quick and simple once you get over the rather confusing
setup process.
Flexible A point can also send and receive files along with mail. The setup can even be used to request files from other bulletin boards, but this is rather frowned upon, Long distance callers frequently download without uploading anything useful - not clever.
Not everybody can have a mail point The most basic limitation is whether your sysop's software can handle points - most can these days. Some support points, but don't use 4D addresses, so a fake net address has to be agreed between the boss and the points.
It is entirely up to your sysop to grant you the privilege of having a mail point. Generally, the more responsible you are when using a board, the better your requests for pointhood will be considered.
Stewart C Russell can be contacted on OX as "scruss1' or via FidoNet as Stewart Russell at 2:259 2 (Scottish Opus).
Select the correct number of Teddy's bedtime book.
Sing along with DJ Ted to popular nursery rhymes.
TYPING Shop with Freddy and his friends choosing coins to pay the bill.
Type the correct letters and words and save Freddy from the crocodile.
Change Sammy’s money at the international exchange desk.
Study historical events to find the secrets of the pyramids.
W V* * *Fun School 4 zooms to the top of the class.
Three brand new packages combining the essentials of the National Curriculum with beautiful graphics, cleverly animated rewards and stimulating sound keep your children engrossed while they learn.
Teddy for under fives, Freddy the Frog for five to seven year olds and Sammy the Spy for seven to eleven year olds provide SIX original f stimulating programs in every pack. Plus, the carefully designed levels for each program encourage your children to have fun and learn at their own pace
- and ensure they get the most from Fun School 4 and keep coming
back for more.* * FORMAT Amiga ST PC C64 Spectrum CPC Tape Disc
Tape Disc Tape OiSC e UrOPRESS SOFTWARE PRICE Z 24.99 24,99
24.99 12.99 16.99 12.99 16.99 12.99 16.99 Archimedes and PCW
versions will follow in early 1992 Spectrum. C64 A CPC
available early November.
Amiga ST A PC available end of October.
F. uroprcss Software Limited, DqxAMC lEuropu House. Adlington
Park. Macclesfield. CheUure SK10 4NP On sale at top retailers
nationwide. Selected formats available at larftr branches of
wh Smith, Menries nA Boots. Foe credit card purchawx call 051
-557 2% I DTV Zen, the f you're anything like me, no matter
how much time and money is spent on a project there's always
that one little thing that could have been better, if only you
had a special little utility to add those touches that all
your commercial packages can't manage.
I Paul Austin looks at just what the latest name in Amiga video has to offer Thitt Ih Cfarcmlon w bIto Do you fit this particular bill? If so Zen Computer Services could be just what you're looking for.
This Manchester-based outfit have been working extensively with various film and TV companies plus private production units, producing in the main one-off Amiga driven video graphic systems which vary from simple tele-prompting to commercial caption generators and live statistical graphics in the style of American football coverage.
Thin if* Clarendon reduced to * 4 nize from point down to 33 point.
You may ask has all this has possibly got to do with we the humble punters. As you might expect, not a great deal, as custom-made software is far beyond the reach of most of us.
Hoirw it ha« tieen outlined and a drop Hhrtdow added in lTPninl.
However all is not lost, as it's a sad businessman who doesn't look to make a few extra bucks in the second-hand market. As a result Zen are soon to release all their suitable software via Alternative Image.
Now you and I can benefit from the needs of the commercial world by picking up designer video graphic software at a fraction of the price.
Isn't capitalism marvellous?
Prompting problems Smooth Talker is the first of the new releases and tackles the problems of talking to the camera. It does this by importing the Ascii text of your choice which is then displayed in your favourite font.
All the action takes place over the entire screen, the speed control being applied by either mouse movement or alternatively via an optional Control unit which slips into the parallel port and controls the speed of the rodent in either direction.
To make life a little easier the software allows various pads of the text to be highlighted so special commands can be spotted with ease.
Another handy addition is the inclusion of a marker system which allows various points in the text to be selected and as a result accessed AMIGA software for the Film and TV industry At much prompting os anybody could pouibty need.
Thanks to the toknti of Smooth Talker Anti-A In action - classy captions in a matter of moments instantly for those up to the minute news items.
On top of the simple control and smooth scrolling comes the impressive talent of text reversal which means that the system can be used to produce TV- style "autocue" displays. Now your news hound will never have to stumble through endless bits of paper again.
Instead his or her eyes can stay firmly fixed on the audience as the words scroll smoothly by, right in front of the camera. All you need is a mirror and piece of glass at just the right angle and you're away.
SMPTE subtitles TCCap is the next program in the Zen pipeline. It allows any amount of subtitled text to be locked into your creation via the industry standard of SMPTE timecode. It does this by employing a SMPTE timecode reader which locks the Amiga and video signal to an accuracy of 1 25th of a second.
Once coded, various parts of the text can be introduced at any point by either manual entry of the particular timecode position or by being grabbed via the external reader. In both cases the result is the same - a frame accurate intro or outro at the position of your choice.
The size of the production is unlimited so even full feature films can be titled in one pass - all you need to do is specify where you want the words to appear and what you want them to say - simplicity itself.
The usual array of wordprocessor commands are on hand, so your anglicised version of love and life in Lapland should appear in perfect English.
And if the fancy takes you the text itself can appear in either one or two lines, with either a solid or semi-transparent background, all in the colours of your choice, of course.
Clean lines Lastly we have what is nothing short of a dream come true for video fans. Yes folks, it's a program which can actually remove the dreaded jaggies from any standard Amiga font, leaving you with a smooth and stylish replacement which wouldn't look out of place on any TV screen.
As with most things there is a price to pay for the better things in life. In the case of Anti-A it is size that suffers. In order to achieve the increased quality the font itself is shrunk dramatically. The larger the shrinkage the better the quality, it's as simple as thaL As you can imagine, merely shrinking a font isn't enough to make it as smooth as silk, so there has to be another element in the equation.
This extra element is anti-aliasing, or to be more precise four levels of anti-aliasing which in English means that four shades of grey are used to produce each character of the font. These extra shades are applied to the edges of the character where they produce a gradual fade rather than the harsh lines of the original font.
As you probably know, standard fonts only consist of one colour so processed fonts can't really be described as standard fonts any longer. Once the conversion process is complete they become "coF orfonts" - a format which many Dpaint fans know and love.
And finally... On the good side, there is an obvious and dramatic improvement in quality, but the reduction necessary for quality results can be a problem. For example if you wanted a finished font to be 50 point the original would need to start out at 150.
This two-thirds reduction is almost essential for quality results and if you can go even higher it's a bonus.
Next month we'll look back in anger at the last year. So don't miss the chance to catch up on what you've missed. Until then, bye for now... For more details contact Zen Computer Systems 2 Silver Birch Crove, Swinton, Manchester M27 1FS Distribution Alternative Image, 6 Lothair Road LE2 7QB Tel: 0533 440041 ATLAS COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD TEL: 0228 590699 ML ATLAS WORLD NELSON STREET CARLISLE CUMBRIA CA25ND ACCESSORIES MOUSE MAT ..12.99 MOUSE HOUSE .....£1.99
3. 5" CLEANING KIT ..£2.50 14" MONITOR
LABELS ..£1.50 1000 x DISK
LABELS £9.50
3. 5" DISKS WITH BOXES 30 3.5" DSDD +
BOX .....£15.95 40 3.5"
DSDD + BOX .....£20.95 50
3.5" DSDD + BOX .....£22.95
80 3.5" DSDD +
BOX .....£34.95 100 3.5"
CASE ..£0.99 GREAT VALUE ¦-?
135TPI ..39pEACH 50 DSDD
135TPI ..37pEACH 100 DSDD
135 TPI ..35p EACH 200 DSDD
135 TPI ..34pEACH 400 DSDD
135 TPI ..... ,.33p EACH 1000 DSDD 135
TPI ..30p EACH 0 0 0 0 0 1
TURBO .£9.95 2
AUTOFIRE .....115.95 3
PILOT ..18.95
JUNIOR £5.95 5
XTRA £8.99 y next few Almanac pages will be devoted to sound
production on the Amiga. The Machine Code page of the Almanac
has been amalgamated with the Code Clinic to form this new
page, Programming.
As usual, some C and assembler source code may be shown in the text The CoverDisk will contain full programs with both C and assembler source code, fully documented, as before.
All sound occurs in the form of oscillations, or sound waves, in the air. On the Amiga the digital equivalent of a waveform is stored in memory.
This digitised data can be converted back to analogue form and sent to the amplifier.
Waveforms The amplitude of the wave gives the volume of the sound, and the frequency of the wave determines its pitch. Next month I shall show how to create a musical scale with notes of different pitch - this page concentrates on the timbre of the sound, determined by the shape of the waveform.
The simplest waveform is a sinewave. Other waveforms like the sawtooth wave and the square wave are a mix of sine waves of different frequencies. I have included an example of each of these pitched tones in the programs on the CoverDisk. The waveforms have been converted into a series of numbers for the Amiga, each number represents a snapshot of the wave at a given point in time. For instance a sine wave is represented by: char viveforat] = 0,-20,-38,-56,-71,-83,-92,-98,
- 100,-98,-92,-83,-71.-56,-38,-20, 0,20.38,56,71,83,92,98,100,
98,92,83,71,56,38,20 h The digitised values are called samples.
Noises are an arbitrary combination of sound events, rather than a mixture of other waves like a periodic waveform. I have included a noise made from sample data in the program - digital samples are read into memory from a file called "sploit", which is in the Programming directory with the software.
Other sound sample files can be obtained by using a digitiser on a real sound, or from some PD disks which contain sound samples.
Waveform data For the Amiga to access the sound wave data, this data has to be in chip memory in the same way as the Copper list data. For my program to run on an Amiga with extended memory, I have to make sure the data is in the right place. This is done by allocating chip memory for all the sound data, and copying the data into this memory.
Registering sound Last month's Machine Code page introduced the custom chips, and how to change the contents of some of the registers to use my own Copper list.
Assembler programmers use the include file HARDWARE CUSTOM.I to find the offset of the register addresses from the base register address.
C progammers have a corresponding include file, HARDWARE CUSTOM.H. The custom struc- ture includes four AudChannel structures, one for each sound channel. This is the structure from the C include file.
Struct AudCbinntl ( UM0RD *ic_ptr; • ptr to start of uivtfori data * UU0RD »c„len; I* length of vivefpra in ygrtfs * UdCRS ic_ptr; * saiple period * UV0RI icjrol; * voluit * WORD st.dat; * siiplt psir * * unused • ) ivdf uvfltJ icj»dt2]; dfa; determine the sound when the corresponding DMA sound channel is enabled. I have set the sample period to an arbitrary value, and set the sound volume to its maximum of 64.
Margaret Stanger gets serious with registers The waveform data pointer is set to point to the start of each set of samples, either to the periodic waveforms (sine, square and saw tooth waves) and or to the digitised sample data from the file "sploit". (This file contains data to simulate the sound Of a small frog falling off a lily leaf, as in Fun School 2.)
The length (acjen) contains the number of words in the sound data, or half the number of bytes. The assembler code to reproduce the “sploit" sound is: ¦ovc.v M0001,da«con(a5) disable channel 0 DBA Id iud0(i5),i3 ;steri address of audio channel 0 iove.l buffer,ac _ptr(aJJ address of sound data froi file aove.u ri125,ac len(aJ) length (in vords) of the data aove.u i64,ac_vol(a3) atiiaui voluae aove.u *508,ac_ptr(a3) ;U0 Mi aove.u (S8001,daacon(a5) enable audio channel 0 DMA Turn off When the end of the data is reached, one sound cycle has been performed. The Amiga will continue with more
sound cycles until the channel is disabled. In this program, the sound is turned off at the end of one second.
The Amiga may well be in the middle of a sound cycle when this happens, and the sound will not turn off smoothly. It is possible to control the sound channels using the system software, and I will demonstrate this technique in a later Programming.
The program The two programs, soundl and csoundl are almost identical - one is compiled from c source code, soundd .C, and the other assembled from assembler source code, soundl .a. Each program opens the DOS library, allocates chip memory for the sound data, and reads a file (sploit) full of sound samples into the allocated buffer. The other sound data is copied into chip memory.
The sound channel 0 DMA is disabled each time adjustments are made and the parameters for AudChannel[Q] altered.
The four sounds are made in turn, with a short delay after each one. The program releases the memory, closes the library, and exits gracefully.
COMING SOON: My next three Programming pages will involve varying the sound pitch, sound channel control using a MessagePort, and simple music. Both C and assembler will be supported.
You deserve the best!
Now you can get the best... with PEN PAL!
A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil all your word processing requirements and... it includes a Database!
It's all so easy to use, you probably won’t need to refer to the extensive 250 page manual too often.
Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously (memory permitting), search and replace; cut As you can see, this is not just any ordinary word processor! Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects. Mail Mprgc asing the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged.
Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32,000 records copy and paste; check your spelling with a 100,000+ word dictionary. You can import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint II or Gip Art files vx" in various sizes and colours. You can auto- _ » v matically flow text around graphics in any J Workbench compatible font (there are over - I 200 available styles), in different sizes and colours to suit your design... even as you type. All this from a word processor and... Much, Much, More!
Per database with a fast sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds this is a real database.
Pen Pal requires an Amiga 500 1500 2000 or 3000 with a minimum of 1 megabyte i of available memory.
Whcn...you deserve the best!
."...its handling of graphics is unsurpassed: • ¦'£ Pen Pal is the only program I tested that will automatically wrap text around graphics..." Amiga World.. Jul. 90 ."..without beating around the bush Pen Pal is very special.." * "There is little to fault Pen Pal and it deserves to do well." Amiga Format...Dec. '90 "...I am extremely pleased with your product especially the Graphic Capabilities within the Word Processor. Having the Database on the same disk has made PEN PAL the best program I have...* DSJi., PlUfttStHUl, l.0 D0. .Please let me tell you how amazed 1 am at how EASY IT IS TO USE
PEN PAL The manuals supplied are very informative and very dear...* PSS., Clifton. NOTTINGHAM A most excellent piece of software..." Strathclyde, SCOTLWD Trade Distributors.
GORDON HARWOOD HARWOOD HARWOOD Precision Software Ptn Pal is supplied into the UK through... Gordon Uanvood Computer* New Street Alfrcton Peibyshire DL5 7BP Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831040 Pen Pal Order Line 0773 836781 Pen Pal is also available from good computer stores everywhere!
MUSIC Very basic Midi ment comes a series of questions and answers presumably to pad out the massive 25 minutes running time.
Perhaps the most maddening aspect is the sound quality which is quite dreadful, especially considering the subject.
No attempt has been made to record direct from the desk. Instead all sound
- including the voice overs - comes from the onboard camera mic.
The demo music is less than impressive to start with and when this is compounded by poor recording techniques it only adds to the frustration.
The bitter end On top of the thinly spread content there's the added insult of the £27.99 asking price. To be honest I can't see anybody but a very desperate music teacher finding any use for it.
If you still feel the need for assistance check out the local library or sign on to a Excellent enhancement Now before I'm pigeon-holed as the grumpiest man in music, take a look at what, for me, is almost frenzied excitement.
Yes folks, I actually like something. In fact love might be closer to the mark.
What's the mysterious cause of such unrestrained excitement? Just a simple and lowly sound enhancer that's easy to use, produces excellent results and perhaps most important of all is cheap. What more could any muso want?
Like all good ideas, Omega Projects' Sound Enhancer is essentially simple - its only aim is to bring out the very best from any Amiga sound source. It does this by sitting - in line - between the audio outputs on the Amiga and either the monitor or your external amp and speakers.
In effect the unit works as a bass and treble booster which simply amplifies all those signals which are ignored by the Amiga's internal sound circuitry.
For those blessed with a graphic equaliser this probably doesn't seem very impressive but it's worth remembering that the unit has been designed specifically to suit the Amiga and as a result there's a good deal less effort required to attain that perfect sound.
It's simplicity itself to use, comprising a small but sturdily constructed metal box which is home for a single knob and a solitary bypass button.
The knob simply defines the amount of enhancement. When active the unit automatically boosts the bass signal. As a result the knob's main use is to define the amount of extra treble signal.
An added bonus is that with some convoluted connecting it's possible to pass any would-be samples through the unit before they're digitised.
As a result other Amigans can enjoy your increased fidelity without an enhancer of their own. This process is by no means as flexible as having your own enhancer, but it does give them a chance to hear just what they're missing.
If you're either an Amiga muso or a sound-mad game fan I'd say it's a must If you're in the market for a Christmas present I suggest you get this right to the top of your list. It's worth remembering that the system can't produce miracles - in other words poor samples won't become good ones overnight. But it's certainly true that good sounds become far better.
An excellent product and highly recommended.
Available from Omega Projects Tel: 0925 763946 Tutorial videos are big business on the Amiga and now it's the turn of Midi, thanks to Midi Basics from ESW VideoWorks. Their particular aid to the teaching process comes in the usual video case complete with a very basic outline of the contents.
Unfortunately the contents themselves are even less detailed than their descriptions. As a result you're likely to learn far more from the blarb at the beginning of the manual than you are from this painfully weak introduction to the art of electronic music.
The video is hosted by a nameless roving reporter who occasionally prods the rather portly figure of Paul Wiffen for odd bits of bland Midi trivia. Apparently our Mr Wiffen is a fully-fledged Midi wizard, who has allegedly worked with just about everyone who's ever made an album.
It's obvious from both the packaging and the format that the makers have done their best to make the video as insipid as possible - no doubt so that as many copies as possible can be shifted to unsuspecting micro users no matter what machine they employ.
No reference at all is made to the Amiga or indeed the software it runs, which incidentally happens to be Dr.T's Tigercub. No doubt because of the video’s multi-format design.
The extravaganza opens with some vague advice on a basic Midi setup, quickly followed by the construction of a particularly uninspiring piece of Mr Wiffen's art.
After the damage is done our hero sets about editing his creation with the quantise option.
When everything is in its place he continues with a brief explanation of transpose. This is followed by a little more tinkering and then it's off to a larger studio to add a few whistles and bells.
Of course, before we leave our resident expert manages to copy his creation onto his original Tigercub system disk, no doubt complete with a virus or two and perhaps even the odd read write error - not a good idea.... Once settled into the new studio Mr Wiffen sets about adding some high quality sounds to his masterpiece.
This process is accompanied by a brief mention on the units used along with an occasional zoom as the appropriate fader is adjusted.
On top of all this excite- Paul Austin is transformed into the Barry Norman of the music business with a look at the latest Midi video plus a listen to an all-new sound enhancer Under 5 to 7s Over 7s 5 to 7s Under 5s Format Atari ST Amiga PC 5.25* PC 3.5" Amstrad PCW Spectrum Commodore 64 Amstrad CPC Send to: Daialxise Direct. FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port.
South WirralL6S 3EB. Order hotline: 051*357 2961 Atari ST • Amiga • PC • Amstrad PCW
* 24.99
• Spectrum • C64 * Amstrad CPC £12.99 (tope) £16.99 (disc) Ji b
-i ifflTOffmnrcrefn ut the large letters the alphabet fair
Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes Count up to
nine to help teddy get the honey Tell the time and watch the
clock come alive!
Follow the directions to find the buried treasure t Fun School 3 is everything you - and your children - ever wanted from educational software: SIX challenging programs in each pack which fulfil the exacting requirements of the National Cur* riculunj. Plus: Stunning graphics; exciting sounds; carefully Structured levels so your children can have fun and learn at their own pace. And all are designed by the winning team which created Fun School 2, the biggest-selling educational package ever!
Learning is now even more fun!
Please supply Fun School 3for| the code numbers) circled ? Cheque payable to Database Sofr*« ? Please debit mv Access Visa card no i i,i i n i i .i-J t.i i i I t-iJ Expiry date Qj Signed__ Add 0 f*f (x’vgrom foriuropc £ Ei"t (IS (Xfl Name _ J On sole ot top dealers nationwide. Selected formats available at larger branches ofWH Smith and Boots.
Add re?n Postcode.
AMOS Ducking and diving Fun School 4 is nearly finished, and that's official! Written mainly in AMOS, Fun School 4 aims to improve upon the zillion- selling Fun Schools 2 and 3 by incorporating amazing selections of tunes and reward sequences to keep children intrigued by the software.
Peter Hickman adds a bit of movement to our passive Pacman Having seen a lot of the - incredibly funny - animations contained in the programs, I can say that Europress are on to another winner. Come Christmas morning I can see the whole family sitting down with little Kevin and Tracy's new Amiga and Fun School 4 for a good laugh!
On with the programs. Last month we took a look at how to generate a maze using simple blocks. We also saw how to store this maze data in an AMOS bank. The reason for doing this is simple
- in the days before hardware sprites and automatic collision
detection, programmers still managed to produce games by
looking at the position of players, enemies and background
objects. They could then calculate whether or not they over
4 The first thing we must do is set up a working screen and load the Pacman sprites and maze icons in memory. These files are on the CoverDisk; leserve As Hork 10.240 Screen Open 0,320,200,16,Lonres Fink Off Curs Off Cls 0 Hide On Load "HAZE KORS.ABK” Load "PACHllJHRITES.ABr Get Icon Palette OK, now we must define some simple variables.
Those of you who have just started to learn how to program will notice the GLOBAL statement. This lets our program know that the variables X and Y are used in all parts of the program (including procedures).
If we did not execute this command, the procedures - which are really mini programs, independent of the main one - would assume that the variables X and Y were only used in themselves. It is probably easier to think of the GLOBAL as making the procedures share information: Global 1,1 1*1 1*1 RAKEJIAZE OK, now is the interesting part. The formulas which are calculated into the variables UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT check the position of our Pacman compared with the maze data we have stored in Guess what? I am putting together a new newsletter type magazine just for AMOS owners! In the first
issue - available now - you can find lots of programs, a preview of Easy AMOS (the new Europress stonker), an assembly language tutorial and tons of other stuff. Each issue is published bi-monthly nd not only offers you some bnlliant articles but also the opportunity to win mega-pnzes! Send me an sae at the following address and I'll zip you some info.
All About AMOS, 36 Cleverley Estate, Wormholt Rood, LONDON WI20LX bank 10. If the joystick is pushed in a direction and there is a pill found there, the program will move the Pacman and erase the dot accordingly! If you remember how we built up the maze last time you will recall that the pills had a value of eight: Rapaat UP=((Y-1)»20M »0M ((M)*20M LEFT=(Y*20)*(I-1) IlMWmOWM) Bob 1.16*1 16*1 2 Hail 2 HATiJoyd) If HAToQ If WAY=1 and Peek(Stert(10)*UP)=8 EAT DOT tec Y End If If HAY:2 and Patk(Jtart(10)rl0HR)=8 EAT DOT Inc T End If If HAT*4 and Paik($ tift(10)*lEfT)=8 EAT JOT Dec I End If If BAT=8
and Pt«k(Start(10)*RI6HT)s8 EATJOT Inc I End If End If Until False End This procedure erases the pill when the Pacman moves: Procedure EAT DOT Cls 0,X»16tb,yiw To X*16*12,1*16*12 End Proc The following procedure is identical to the one we wrote last month to draw the maze: Procedure HAKE.HAZE For LOP=0 To 11 Read HAZES i For L0P2-O To 20 BlOCK:VaI(Rid$ (HAZES,lOP2+1,1» POSITIOM$ tirt(10 *(lOP»2Q)UQP2 I Poke POSITION BLOCK Next 10P2 Rest 10P i For L0P=0 To 11 For LOP2=0 To 16 8LDCK=Peek($ iart(1Q)*U(lP*2QK0P2) If BLOCKoO Diti “12222222222222222223” Datt u48888S8888S8l8SSfiftS4’4 bits
-48123812381223812384” bit* -ABA 48526B522684 484“ Data ‘ASA 485S858888S4 ASA" Data *46526812222223852684" Data *4888884 4888884” lata *48123852222226812384" Bata *484 488888888884 484" lata *48526812222223852684" Dili ”4888884 4888884” Oita "5222226 5222226- End Proc ¦ Well, that's all of the programming this time. Next month we introduce a ghosty to the maze.
Update Ubiquitous public domain and licenceware author Len Tucker has launched a disk based AMOS periodical, Called Totally Amos (another wonderfully Simple title!) It aims to provide things such as sprite banks, music and samples - all ready for inclusion in your own AMOS programs. It also offers a healthy dose of programs and all sounds very interesting. I'll give it a more in-depth look soon.
According to the Europress sales figures an awful lot of you have bought AMOS 3D. I hope you are enjoying this innovative piece of software.
Have you created any interesting objects with it yet? Yes? Well why not send them to Amiga Computing? Perhaps if we could put a few 3D objects on a CoverDisk it would be possible to do a couple of 3D programs in a few months.
Before l pop off into the land of Fun School, I must mention that Sandra Sharkey has changed the name of the AMOS PD library. It is now called Dejd Vu Software.
Sandra has a couple of Christmas licenceware titles which are bound to captivate youngsters, and you can contact her for more information on 0942 495261.
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These 68040 boards bring the high speed processing power of the leading edge Motorola 68040 25MHz CPU to your Amiga. For processor intensive work, these 68040 boards produce results several times faster than previously possible.
68040 Accelerator for A3000 - £1499 inc. 68040 Accelerator for A2000 with 4Mb installed - £1899 inc SUPER-VHS GENLOCK At last, the Rendale Super-8802 is available.
As well as operationg in a similar fashion to the standard 8802, the Super 8802 also boasts the following:
• Super VHS both in and out
• Hardware controlled fades
• Hardware controlled wipes
• Cross fade between Amiga and video
• Integral mode switching control RENDALE SUPER-8802 £599.99
Existing Rendale 8802 users can also upgrade.
Please telephone for a date to send your unit to us. We will require it for around two days.
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Perfect pictures from a moving colour source at just the touch of a button.
With SuperPic and ColourPic frame grabbers you can... ? GRAB a frame from a moving picture in 64,000 vibrant colours.
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? INTERFACE directly with the PD AIM image processing software to use its wide range of powerful image processing tools.
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? MODIFY existing pictures using Cabaret, our new exciting software package for SuperPic and ColourPic. Cabaret combines image import facilities and colour processing functions with many powerful new features to give some interesting effects!
ColourPic - The real-time colour video digitiser for the A50Q, A2000 am A3000. RRP £399 inc VAT.
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For your free show disk of pictures contact Carolyn on 0892 SI8181 JCL BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED 71 St. John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9TT, England Tel; 0892 518181 (INT)+44 892518181. Fax: 0892 511772 (INT)+44 892 511772 DTP Doing it with sty I Ben Pointer plays tag with Professional Page ur: !
At n irome to use ? Data Jse ne, lends the :ludes ition r loton are mport rw 10 and for the M. i table ;rsor I a an ?
Ratatlaa Af la HjrglM: Ufl CM SuaBOff m if llgfcl ¦at.
PmIIIw: Ufl I V MlJIk HI.
1 fl 1 *•« Taka ¦ ¦¦Mia_ Mirnlm : Jr»«. I«. L.M|fi ill Sparing: I11M ¦ Of Lim Ipatlag $ Maaa Qla .jNjnmim UUBi |* iHUKhtfOHi iaa ui lake Pfrr_ Bo.
Desktop publishing is mainly about design. In the same way that you can't expect to be able to draw it* Da Vinci simply because you own a penci and paper, the acquisition of a desktop publtshng program isn't going to turn yog into a page designer But there are features withwi desktop publishing programs that can help you to produce professional looking documents that require a minimum of design. One such feature o the style tag.
Style tags let you keep a consistent look and feel to your publications whde at the same time allowing you to make changes quickly and easily.
A simple example would be chapter headings in a book. You would want each chapter heading in the same book to be set in th? Same style, but in another book you might want them all in another style.
To alter all the chapter headings in the second book you would have to go through them one by one changing typeface, po»nt s« and so on.
If there were a lot of headings it would take a long time. And if you decided to change them again for a third book you'd have to do it all again.
However, tag all the headings as a style called (say) "Chapters” and all you need to do to change every heading in the document is alter the settings of that particular tag Regular If you were producing a newsletter or club magazine there are several parts of such a publication that could be defined as style tags - things like article headings, bylines, picture captions, sub* headings, contact addresses and SO on, Keeping to a regular style for these parts of your publication will give it a professional look - it will have the appearance of being designed even though all you've done is
decided that all headings are this big in this typeface and all picture captions are that big in that typeface.
What I'm going to do in this article is run through the Professional Page Define New Style Tag requester so that you can understand what effect each feature will have on your text. At the top we've got Tag Name. This has no effect on your text. It is the name of your tag. It makes sense to use a name that exactly describes the use of the tag - "Article Heading" might be better than just "Heading', and "Picture Caption" might be better than just "Caption".
Remember that tags get listed in the Select Style Tag requester in alphabetical order, so if you're defining more than one style of (say) caption, then it might be an idea to call them names like "Caption: Photo", "Caption: Table", "Caption: Figure" and so on. That way all the caption styles stay together in the list, making them easier to find.
Underneath Tag Name is Para - the paragraph tag that this style will use. Paragraph tags are similar in principal to style tags, except that they are concerned with the formatting of the text rather than the style in which it is set. They have their own Define requester, which we'll quickly run through while we're on the subject.
The Margins part of the Define Paragraph requester deals with boxes not pages. If the From Box button is active then the box margins are taken from whatever they are set to in the Active Box requester, the one that pops up if you double dick on a box - this means that you can have only the one margin in that box, and you couldn't force a certain paragraph to have larger
- mwr or smaller margins than the rest of the text in that box.
To achieve this you have to deactivate the From Box button and enter the left and or right margin measurement into the relevant string gadgets. Any text highlighted and tagged in this paragraph style will then take its margin settings from the paragraph tag rather than the Active Box settings.
Paragraph Spacing is the vertical As repressed sad'tt* r* supposed lo become policemen or butchers so those with an irrational tear ot life become publishers.
HHIIl f«i MrttM I UlHl .. W. 1 fern Mb U
* mST¦!, ii'lfl i |- Of IBM V J *-
- Ma • It jjmS HUB i ndOB "S3 Whitt increasing the InterChar
spacing helps to get rid of those ugly riven of white, increase
it too much and the Words become difficult to reod As repressed
sad*ts are supposed to become policemen or butchers so those
with an eratkmal tear ot lit* become publishers.
Different left and right margin settings In a single box con be achieved by setting up paragraph tags gap between paragraphs. The default setting of 100 per cent means that the space between the start of a new paragraph and the end of the previous one is the same as the vertical gap between each line.
If you find that your text is not fitting the space you've designated for it, increasing the paragraph spacing slightly is one way to quickly overcome the problem - newspapers often do this.
Indent is the style and distance for the paragraph indent. "None" means that each new paragraph will be set flush with the left margin of the box; "In" means that the first line of each new paragraph will be indented by the distance specified in the string gadget to the right of the three buttons; "Hanging" is the opposite of "In"
- instead of the first line of the paragraph being indented it
remains flush with the left margin and all the other lines of
the paragraph are indented by the distance specified in the
string gadget, Tricky The two Max Spc gadgets are probably the
trickiest to get the hang of. To start with they only come
into play if your text is flush justified. The problem with
flush justified text is that you often end up with "rivers" of
white space running down the page where the software has
inserted space between the words in order to justify the line.
The InterWord and InterChar gadgets let you specify the maximum amount of white space the software is allowed to insert between words and tetters when flush justifying.
The InterWord distance is specified as a percentage of additional space over normal. The "normal" space is the distance you see between words in flush justified text when InterWord and InterChar are left at their defaults. Changing the value in the InterWord gadget has no effect unless you change the value in the InterChar one.
The InterChar distance is specified in l 100ths of an em. An "em" is nothing more mysterious than the width of the lower case "m" in whatever font you are using for that text.
Finally... The last button in the Define Paragraph requester is the Tabs one, and this works on the same principal as the Margins section - if the From Box button is activated than the tab settings for the paragraph are taken from the Active Box requester, otherwise you specify them in the string gadgets below - this allows you to have many sets of tab settings in one text box.
So that's the Define Paragraph requester dealt with and unfortunately we've run out of space.
We'll continue the tour around the rest of the Define New Style Tag requester next month.
5. 25" 50 DS DD.
V. A.T. and P&P DIAL A DISC ¦ 6 Walsingham Road St. Pauls Cray
Kent BR53BW "Personal Callers by arrangement"
• QNLY IF BOUGHT WITH DISKS Phone and Fax; 081-309 5556 AIRCRAFT
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Flight pedals also perform with Ft6 Combat Pilot and all car
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Count resolution Works perfectly with a i I simulations with sensible mouse routines | and any others in its programmable joystick mode. No other joystick comes even close to the Mouse Stick for perfomance, reliability and pleasure in use. £69.00 ? P&p Full technical support and 1 year Sukul&tuua guarantee. Unit 1b Beehive Trading Estate
S. A.E or telephone for full details. Crews Hole Road Telephone
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Cover* Head Cleaner’ .. £3.95 £2.95 Mouse
1003. 5" DS DD+ 100 CAP BOX... ...ONLY £37.50 200 3.5" DS DD +
X) DS HD .£55 DISKS £12.50 £22.00 s Attention
Amiga A500 Owners As ev§ry Amiga A500 owner knows, to back-up
software from one disk to another is not the easiest of things
to do.
Unless you have the right utility.
The trouble is finding one for the right money.
Well you just have. It's called 'Blit-a-copy'.
'Blit-a-copy' is a software and hardware-based intelligent back-up system manufactured and distributed under license here in the UK by Medio Direct.
And, at just £34.95 inc VAT, it's sold at a price that no-one can reproduce!
Alternatively, purchase the Cumana CAX354 external drive together with Blit-a-copy for a combined price of £87.95 MEDIA DIRECT Media Direct Computer Supplies Limited, Unit 3, Railway Enterprise Centre, Shelton New Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 7SH Tel: 0782 208228 Fox: 0782 281506 Trade enquiries welcome.
Please add £3.35 post and packing or £6.95 for w' a two day delivery service or £9.00 for a 24hour service.
Medio Direct Computer Supplies Limited does not condone or encourage the reproduction of copyrighted software MULTIMEDIA CDTV in a spin Commodore had a large stand at TIME - the major multimedia show, which helped to make up for their absence from the Multimedia show earlier in the year. The show was the first chance for most of us to see NewTek's Video Toaster, still NTSC only, but impressive nonetheless.
I was given a sneak preview of some exciting new CDTV add-ons at the show. Firstly there is the Professional Video Adaptor, based on the DCTV 24-bit colour board. The output quality from this is excellent, and Commodore are talking about a price in the range of £50, and the possibility of future machines being bundled with the card, The second card was an internal hard drive for the CDTV. The model I saw carried an 80Mb
2. 5in Conner hard drive, mounted onto the back of a small
circuit board, the whole assembly being smaller than a pack of
Commodore will be launching 20Mb and 80Mb models, although they will be relatively expensive, being aimed at professional markets.
Chatting to Commodore's CDTV development manager, Jim Mackonochie, I also learned there are several hundred CDTV titles currently under development with around 80 available by January, including one by me! The rival CD-I system has about eight titles finished with another 30 in development. Mirrorsoft have told me that Xenon-ll for CDTV will be available any day now.
Originally scheduled for a June launch, the title has been delayed due to copyright problems with the Rhythm King music on the disc. The audio tracks include work from Bomb the Bass and Betty Boo.
Dodgy drives I've now seen two or three hardware companies advertising "CDTV compatible floppy drives".
Well, if you want a cheaper CDTV drive just buy any standard Amiga floppy drive and a tin of black spray-paint. Spray the case black, and wildI A CDTV floppy drive. I'm using a standard RocTec Amiga floppy drive on my CDTV with no ill effects.
Commodore have set up CDTV Consortium Japan in co-operation with Mitsui and Dai- Nippon Printing, two major Japanese companies.
The CDTV is currently manufactured by Matsushita, Japan's biggest electronics company, The dynamic Jolyon Ralph brings you' total vision of the latest developments are perfectly flat. I've checked a couple of mine and they are not always supplied fitted properly.
Better known over here under its brand name Panasonic.
I would expect that within six months there will be CDTY-compatible players on the market in the Far East - although probably not in Europe for a little while longer - bearing the Panasonic name. Sanyo have also worked on CD-Amiga technology before, so it would make sense for them to produce their own player.
Wobbly discs Unfortunately there are no CDTV title reviews this month. This is not because I haven't got any titles to review -1 have several lined up for next month
- but because my CDTV player broke down.
This was probably caused by a rather dodgy plastic CD-single adaptor, so take this as a warning. If you're using CD-singles in their plastic adaptors make sure that the adaptor and the disc My standard audio CD player isn't as fussy about wonky plastic adaptors, so it may have been pure coincidence that the CDTV died immediately after I put this CD single in, but be careful anyway. Many thanks lo Sharon at Commodore for organising the replacement.
Commodore have announced that the long- awaited update to AmigaVision is now available.
The current AmigaVision version is 1.72. Anyone with the older vl.53 - including most Amiga 3000 owners, as it is bundled with their machines - is entitled to a free update.
Commodore are not sure how the updates will progress but have suggested that dealers and user groups can copy the latest versions onto users' master disks for free, or for just a nominal copying charge.
At the same time Commodore announced that a special CDTV version of AmigaVision is being produced. It will allow easy control of all CD audio functions and will contain a runtime | module that can be | included on Cds.
| Currently AmigaVision | has been ignored by the | CDTV community } because it uses too much I memory and does not I have any distributable run- I time module.
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& imvwL This indispensable collection of utilities, including some outstanding shareware never before assembled together on one disk, Is now available for just £3.50. Its too good to Twang prtrn 10 paper? Dw ItortSUK'’ d«k ndgdn J ivpt'O teat editor Tt.il poocful package hat an oneihaeoedljr no-»rillj apptoatn 10 producing and totnming protadonai looking IBO Imt «ouM be ended TH* •'•ftJution hj, , lui,
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Add £10 per printer for delivery CODE PRODUCT PRICE 9839 Star LC20 £149.95 9840 Star LC200C £205.95 9841 Star LC24-200C £289.95 9845 Centronics Cable £10.00 AMIGADOS: A Dabhand Guide is i comprehensive guide to the Commodore Amiga's Disc Operating System (Version 1.2 end
1. 3). It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system
in a way which will be welcomed by the beginner and the expert
user alike.
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on advice, hints and tips.
WlOVto The many features of this book include:
• Full coverage of Amiga DOS 1.3 functions
• filing with and without workbench t The Amiga's hierarchical
filing system t Pathnames and Device names t The .Amiga's
multitasking capabilities
• The AmlgaDOS screen editor VIDI-AMIGA Thanks to a breakthrough
by Rombo Productions in frame-grabbing technology, you can now
produce good colour images quickly and cheaply with Vidi-Amiga
and the VidiChrome colour software.
• Take snapshots In 16 shades live from video
• Multiple frame store
• Dynamic cut and paste
• Full palette control
• Hardware and software control of brightness and contrast
• Compatible with all video standards
• 'Also available - Vidi-RGB Colour Splitter. The splitter is an
electronic filter which takes a colour video signal and
separates it into the three primary colours, allowing each to
be digitised Replaces the need for a conventional filter set
and ideal for use with Vidi Amiga and VidiChrome Amiga’.
• Batch processing
• Amiga Error code descriptions
• How to create new systems discs
• Use of the RAM discs t Using AmigaDOS with C I CODE PRICE I
9866 £14.95 CODE PRODUCT PRICE 9691 VidiChrome plus cd. Upgrade
£119-95 9964 RGB Splitter £61.95 I I h h j* e-ink spray
Ire-ink, the oj ® “w°™» “» brings t0 life exhaustS spraV which
I Simple and cost ffe!ftj pnnter r|bbons.
Ribbons cartridge ?pen UP your ew squirts of Re-ink and the ribbon is as good as flew if not better. Re-ink will save you i 11¦ UP to 90% on 9,lve you cleaneTbiackpfr • r,'bbon costs, b'otches and wSff With no i Help reduce the 128 mi? Ribbo"s.
J throwaways each VI ribb°n I environmenta| waste f Put an end to N"sr | P®r*onil Finance Man " -S5ar-,‘--5s:as:a£; Pull moose control of PPM1
• ?=Bs5sa=«.
CODE 9996 PRICE £12.95 POWERPACKER PROFESSIONAL v4.0 POWERPACKER You can’t pump up a os* dut • - POWERPACKER you can compress its contents into less ra- :-r -2 ? R«: soace otherwise required for storage - on a floppy (fee or hard drwe files, allowing and avero? Or *7% your choice.
' cwhjng' algorithms to reduce the sizes of to be stored on the medium of Features: A Make your files 70% smaller!
Crunch (compact) executable datafiles and make your files to 70% smaller.
With the help of the Pptoadseg utility, which you can install on your (hard) disk, you now can even crunch libraries and devices. F ---- PPMORE a •. . A- ;.. POWERPACKed (vogHHiMLlHMaiiich'and run.
Sending an on crer rogi t a PPANMPIaysacnnhadMil playing your, PPTYPE Formas a perforation stos Plus DECRUNCK a Jfiy K otw 8k id orgnai sizes.
POWERPACKER rffflfl H C1990 9y toco Franks Distributed in Tie v * : • • a t a t a s o m I roc
* savmgs possible for storing and tat t T* prrter. Nduding
pagination and ? Comes with 2 new libraries.
Powerpacker and a new requester library with even more features and better menus.
POWERPACKER no • . .: firoutabie utilities which access packed files at the dick of ar ccr * fx an gat Hi and quick use of them without decrunchflg: A Extra Powerpacker utilities Ppmore» Displays packed asc« files Ppshow » Displays packed IFF pictures Ppanim » Displays packed animations A Crunchfador even better than version 3.0b A Detects Data or Command files.
A Full Arexx Support A Improved Menus and Colour Table A Special Kickstart 2.0 version Included ¦SeSrSsSI CODE PRICE 9838 £14.95 I I SI) sip? ' Wgobkt iV’W are cai01 or h,9t* the ,
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contains DUAL analogue lo digital convertors, ensuring the
ultimate in 8-bit somple quality.
The system can record in high qualify stereo from its twin phono input sockets, sampling anything from a portable CD player to live radio!
Stereo Master compes complete with powerful editing and special effects software which allows samples to be loaded in 8,12 or even 16*bit resolutions.
CODE PRICE 9965 £6.50 afcnL SP£l±l i Gt most born C?rre®V °n c 05 l;P°C6 ftev I k&pStz °,,w-»«*u fa Hf $ pELL! 0nL C8.95 i°
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' “ c*nown the toughesfi 9978 fl*SS*r '99rg Black* 9920 tlerSe i AMIGA 1 CPMPVTVH ORDER FORM I Offers subject to j Overseas orders despafcbad t y Airmail Anpnces tnduOe pasa* trgrcVAT Valid to December 31, i99i PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRODUCT REF PRICE Please add postage as delated below POSTAGE Add £4 for EirejEurope. £6 for Overseas unless specified above TOTAL • E ry Name AMC 1 Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB No stamp needed if posted in UK)
• *rMum mw within 46 hours of receipt xr omr, or owan earns couW
raft® up to 28 days General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 By phone:
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* Cu£ aw*0KG .. TYWyG TUTOR________________
OjG&tSE_________________ Mcjf.-------------------- .TcA OAVc*
CtNsHATOrlS 5£0*w£3SS£NCrt .. wcsowa&rr v reat
game TipdWI
- vvc.jTures.
* 3.T cC*C5l____ A clutoY tea oi rc-t mot projraat..
indeks-Frost!. C rs*u ' pxxi.
Uvyvpfiy. Math*. Sooxc i ffiudi ciadi more Lc'yoor Actcj te yoor uadtc £d fOL * fjrcnto.
CATALOGUE DISK £1 ¦•=*»g tg-S AraauaajaciryiCciffipiKtoitoia*m i - ksaoiK jjU J Xuij. Tipsdc XEWSFL4SH The ii:©: is** « go: ux: Sorrwae ? Hardware, ?rog= - her li£s» iM Cuave *csx. A«r.v» & Sofwarc cc all idaR Two 4 »t tSjt Osly£iW?ffaijt RdeSiC * sy a -eu GAMES 901 Seven Tiles 902 Master of die Town.
VOa barm Haras 904 Drip 905 Tennis. 1 Meg, brhi 906 Friip.Qc Freddy 907 Psuedo Cop ' 90S SarTr Nk(2dsiu 909 Tanx 910 Chess 911 Uarrutron 912 Monopoly 913 Whoa of fortune 914 leopard, risk ryyc £*-*.- 915 MttukCammaaa 916 Ameoba Invades 917 Rollerpede 9lS Air Ace II 919 Backgammon 920 AMIGAids DEMONS 652 Fractal Fbghu I Meg 669 SOS State fiesuxe* 671 Budbrairt, 2 disks.Uq; 674 Svstem Violation.: xicc 713 HCC Music Dak 715 The Spice Musk Da* 717 Budbrain 2 733 Simpson 3v DECAY,.
765 TheTLJN, 1 Meg. A=-=t* 769 Maniac iLvo ira w. 1 » 770 Congaman and Wacsai 771 Virtual World* 772 MADONNA Car-xc I Mg 773 MoreAerocooasI vice ,- • V2.«iows....-------- yu»»---»T » n er,2dak$ _ ?ASCA.CC«Pk£l___________________________________________________ "" " ftuh P.O. Software a wori: Ttu £ iuxAJOR.jurs ST sanra .Ateo on ins o« -A500 test laun mu to a* Am a 727 rTr vS’-iTKrt1------------------- - ...2603 Y° r osc* in ante ana use Cos so.Twi'e 1 .- r-vr,.&1fiAA1W T .. Trwre «ss4aia«spe«yni sofrwaro aaoui :f *.= - r;i'=s •
.Ve-VCOCC. tu-Ot ul..S«. S'..: -re a mustHtAriO OftlVc -ic-o
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Exccieni rey tracer ...-ocs: w« ew cu. Roauvwr.-*.
errors acc. Are you «rtfecMd? '.24 - vsrvgffi foi-nd 4 gis 3
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• . • •,¦ ...dac*youn js arc tows tor video
erc s ! ... ov,cwrca Amija Convutins
- v-a t *jNS. 2 0ts*s ... ijiOdd atoes to accompany i V
GAAPh£S.. .reviewed Arr«5a eddguSg . Amazing aier and text
scrcito. Great to vsefco ex. ..iso rtsviewea Ar ja Corroucrc
Good vaitc. Xxaify pacitec «;r. Osetui QfapfiC
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moo=...i« July ouju Anarja Conpuarc ..The iates. Ye oases: and
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- ------------------ Fannie program to Ov&ftcSS W ftOlTtc
------ ....Koce* a »oco 0 o.* yo r journal entne* xi a
casft tun* ooc* Ovorcrawn Never. K»&f ai yo r buncos a
oroer wsn ?us ©xcoiian: prosrarr.
...Uoasuros r p.na.spo«: arc adjust i*vei os aateuCy occorcev y As o.wa*jC Amiga Fofave. Septomsor. -'s an aososuie orcr. Ta uu» easy » use. Pcrwerto craoas* « mcneoatcal luncxns. Menu arwer.
!WK A KEYBOARD AND .VJDt IN OUR CURRENT MUSIC coMPsrrnoN, details aya;u 3le with every order ALL ORDERS DISPATCHED BY 1ST CUSS OR AIRMAIL ON DAY OF RECEIPT aisks You've noara of Wr ws to u» PC. Now £s ners to me Amina
ii. ii ..._.------------Trie Best Sriereware WorcProcctsor tor
the Amioa The o?5 otp s.vgry'Aigre or PD DTP Program aviauDs
Great: Trcoorac Dro. Tsru. Ar td Nxoxa; Ae AO: H, Gta .
F«k,»yaavc1 Super T w nrr.,. ivfeps*, rank r»or eM zas sum
zae :?£. saa&xisi£si,ii AXEPACK1 GAMES PACK EDUCATION PACK
fork and Play - 3 Educational Programs, Great for Kiddies.
LPD10 Word Factory - Excellent Kiddies Spelling Tutor. 1 Meg.
LPDI1 Go Gener- Good board game.
LPD14 Play it Safe-Great for Kiddies, Teaches Saiety.
LPDl5 .-Vrc Angel Shapes - Similar to Fuzry-ielts for Kiddies.
LPD21 QUINCO - Brilliant Pub Quiz.
LPD22 LC-10 Fonts, Supports LC 200.
LPD24 Shining Way of’kur.g-fu - 2 Dako. Vay Good £5.50. LPD26 C.YA.D - BOULDERDASH Type game. Addictive i BrilL 1Mb.
LPD44 FORMULA ONE CHALLENCE - NEW, Highly addicave, Cood, 1Mb.
LPD47 DIRTY CASH -NEW! Thebes Fruit Machine Sim I've seen.
SPECIAL OFFERS LC-10 Ribbons ..£230
1. 5 Meg Upgrade Kstart l3r „.i79.95 FREE 2 Meg Software with the
above DISKS Brand Named Dacapuise, boxed in 10's. Lifetime
£5.00 per box AMIGA CARE PACK Mouse mat, 3.5” Drive cleaning kit, Amiga Dust Cover. ONLY £5.99 DEJA VU LICENCEWARE LPDl Colouring Book - Simple for pre-school children upwards.
LPD2 Arc Angel Maths - maths tutor for the young.
Jungle Bungle - Icon driven LPD5 . Adventuregame.
LPD6 I'ukadui Sprites-G; phn 600 Brill sprite).
W. ' •- -- LPDS Make Cheques and Postal Orders payable to
A. J.P.D.L, and send them to: 17 WATSON AVENUE, ST ALBANS, HERTS
AL35HP DEMOS D001 Class-2 GAMES Mssie Command 0002 Steazr.j 2
DCC3 Fiee:Ua»fc* D004 Iraq Oe c D005 Naugnr, r D006 Na-g."* 2
D007 Safe Se* D008 iron Llacer D005 Lou-s Cer D- l£LX r rabCT.
CSE& Use cl £SB£ JCTass SB Mar. 81 i£iuE Uscscoy QCC ygrjcz 3a *e
- w'C. OjC D010 nODGCCC 2 D011 Kz rt, raass 0012 Rcogcsc 'o
rttisss 00*3 Toll. Na» jL 1 -W.-TJW 0014 Evu OcoZ D015 jT*
-oac errs Iaous c: receipt of qp. Ire ocK.r.g for, send Wm
6Q- w no extra Free CsLwru No M inLrv T ( Orders Order.
If you canra us ceia-s charge.
MUSIC M001 Dsbbifi Gibson - Electric Youth ol MODS Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth d2 M00$ Madonna - Spanky M004 Petshop Boys - Always On My Mind MOOS Jean M Jarre-Docklands MC06 Music Invasion 2 M007 Betty Boo ol MQQ8 Betty Boo d2 MOOS Madonna- Vogue M010 Batdance Megamix M011 Madonna- Like A Virgin M012 Eve a The War M013 Yellow Megamix M014 Queen-Flash d!
M015 Queen - Flash d2 M016 Loadsamoney Rap M017 Pet Shop Soys M018 Jean M Jarre - Live MQ1$ Genesis M020 Sam Fox (X) M021 Queen and Black Box M022 Dire Straits M023 Bomb The Base UTILITIES U001 Ma$ ter Virus Killer U002 Mega Utility Disc U003 Amibase U004 Qbase U005 Spreadsheet U006 Journal U007 Text Plus U008 CU Tutor U009 ZX Spectrum Emulator U010 Commodore 84 Emulator U011 Dark Star U012 Game Music Creator U013 Sun Dragon Utils U014 Dcopy U015 Zodiac Compactors U016 Digi Tech Utils U017 WizBase U018 C-Light U019 Jazz Bench UQ2Q Noise Tracker U021 Biorhythms U022 North Sea 1.3 UQ2$ M-Cad ££
FOR 1 MEG AMIGA5 QNLy 1 s | _.. u |wr ... This Is Just a small part oi our sample library, for latest V ItALHir*. Ybv catalogue, send SAE to above address £4.99 EACH INC PAP r Make ChequevP.Os payable • to KILLER SOUNDS Cottage -ttntotstries ? HOME BASED BUSINESS ? EXPLOIT YOUR COMPUTER ? THE ART OF MAKING YOUR COMPUTER EARN For FREE details send first class stamp to: Cottage Industries, 4 Oddfellow Court, Oddfellow Street, Ystradgynlais, Swansea SA91LH CHEATS GALORE 0891 101 234 FROM IRELAND RING 03000 21244 MEGATIP GAMESLINE 0891 299 388 AMIGA GAMESTIPS 0891 299 386 AMIGA NEWS, TIPS AND
TRICKS 0891 299 385 SHADOW OF THE BEAST I and II INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS 0891 442 022 COMPUTER FUNLINE 0891 299 399 For information on all our other Cheatlines and Solutions RING 0891 445 904 All lines updated weekly DIAL-A-TIP CHEATS, TIPS AND GAME SOLUTIONS Proprietor: JACQUELINE WRIGHT, P.O. Box 54, South West, Manchester M15 4LS Calls charged at 36p per minute Cheap Rate'and 48p per minute all other times £ Make ChequevT OS payable to KKLEA SWNDS ' to KILLER ALSO AVAILABLE CDTV £579.99 (AUOW14 OATS FOR CDTV C Eg: Existing Customers Tysons Butters PLC First Leisure PLC Expamet
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phone £299 in the world +VAT £219+VAT ONE YEAR CONTRACT v.
Minute Billing Don'l risk buying from • *«neii unknown dealer.
Our reputation and experience is your guarantee.
66-70 TULKETH ST. SOUTHPORT. PR8 1RX " 0704 501101 ©s The Sky's the limit, as they say, and try getting Antony Purvis to disagree with you as he previews the coming month on Sky's movie channels. Plus video reviews Latest rental video releases All available from December 4 w. f j is Santa on satellite Seasonal films Lots of seasonal films on Sky Movies Plus and the Movie Channel this month, which is good because they'd seem a little out of place were they screened in August. Those schedulers at Sky have earned their brownie points this time, and no mistake.
December 17 and 24 sees A Year Without Santa Claus, a truly chilling prospect I think you'll agree. Meanwhile on December 2, 8, 12, 17, 21 and 24, Ernest Saves Christmas. Six times over, apparently. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, meanwhile, is chronicled on December the 11 and 24.
Rudolph's Shiny New Year can be seen on December 15 and 24, while over on the Movie Channel, both Scrooge (the Charles Dickens novel) and Scrooged (a Christmas comedy with Bill Murray) will be showing on the 7th and 22nd respectively.
Also on the Movie Channel on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 25th you can see The Kid Who Loved Christmas and The Ufe and Adventures of Santa Clous is on the 11th and 24th.
Not forgetting Yes Virginia, There is a Santo Clous on the 7th, 15th, 23rd, 28th and 31 st, and It Nearly Wasn't Christmas on the 9th, 15th, 20th, and 25th. That should be enough to give you that warm. Christmassy feeling inside well into the new year.
Christmas tree after an all-day trip into the country, he aims to excel himself this year.
Clearly looking to become the envy of the neighbourhood, he single- handedly decorates every inch of the house with 25 sets of 100 blinking fairy lights.
Sadly, while Clark expounds the virtues of Christmas and all the traditions associated with it, two sets of warring grandparents and his cousin's family are all ensuring that Christmas night will be anything but silent.
Another good National Lampoon movie. Yule love it (I can't believe I just said that).
(U) Palace Video, £9.99 Raymond Briggs must .
Do exceptionally well out of Christmas. Not only was his book The Snowman 9 Christmas hit L everywhere, but • the video has sold almost one mil .
Lion copies.
A repertoire of one is not a good thing, though, and no doubt it was with this in mind that the team behind The Snowman put together this animated film based on another Raymond Briggs book named, surprisingly enough, Father Christmas.
Mel Smith is featured as the voice of Father Christmas, and combined with some superb animation and a generally heart-warming story, this Is an enjoyable little video. Sadly, like The Snowman, It lasts only 30 minutes, and as both titles are set to be screened on Channel 4 this festive season, it does make the asking price of £9.99 seem a little high.
Christmas box Christmas videos to buy and keep NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION (PG) Warner, £10.99 Chewy Chase stars as Clark W Griswold |r, a family man with the heavy bur- J den of Christmas fl on his shoulders.
Having found THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS MCEG Virgin Vision Milo and Otis are not big Hollywood stars, but more your average cat and dog. Milo is a ginger cat, and Otis a pug-nosed dog.
Milo is a bit of a wanderer. As a young kitten he wanders off to discover the world, starting with the rest of the farm on which he lives. Very quickly he comes across Otis, and the two strike up an instant friendship.
Together they share many adventures and experiences, for about 72 minutes, and then the film ends, leaving you with a nice warm glow inside.
Yes, Milo and Otis is a Cute film.
If you go gooey over sweet little furry kittens and all that jazz, Milo and Otis is the film to rent this month.
While this is really a children's film, it suited a big kid like me just fine. I liked it!
LEATHER JACKETS Medusa Home Video Ah. Yet another Rebel without a Cause for the 1990s. Quite why leather jackets are still considered such a symbol of rebellion these days is a subject I had best leave to someone else.
Nonetheless, along comes this film to perpetuate the myth that wearing a leather jacket makes you look “hard*, as we used to say at school.
But what of the film? Well.
AFTER DARK, MY SWEET MCEG Virgin Vision A tale of seduction, greed, betrayal, and all that. In this interesting new release, based on Jim Thompson's book The Grifters, Jason Patric plays an escaped mental patient known as Collie.
Collie drifts into town where he attracts the attention of Fay Anderson (Rachel Ward), a hard-drinking, taunting yet tender widow, and a smalltime con merchant named Uncle Bud (Bruce Dem).
Collie's arrival prompts Uncle Bud to attempt to fulfil his ambition to kidnap the son of a wealthy Palm Springs family.
Which is about as far as I got before it got far too "intriguing" for me to follow. Sadly, After Dark My Sweet didn't manage to keep my attention for more than about 10 minutes, after which it rambled on for a further 100 minutes in its own incomprehensible fashion. There are hundreds of better films than this around, so you've not even got an excuse to rent it in desperation.
It's another one trf mam 'am n y. reakstic stono yt im, «t» k set against a backdrop or rmr - r, gang warfare' Written ar.d Ikc • “dark, tempestuous style*. *grtr.
Urban romance has more adjectr.es to describe it than there are shots m the film. Starring in this little number are Cary Elwes, D B Sweeney, Christopher Penn and Bridget Fonda, who may possibly be related to someone really famous. Leather Jackets is produced by Cassian Elwes. It is my personal opinion that Elwes should never have been allowed to produce another motion picture after the abysmal Men At Work, but clearly no-one else in the film business agrees with me.
Leather lockets is one of those duff rentals that you won't even see to the end before you return it to the shop.
Words like "gritty", “turbulent", and “explosive" do little justice to the film - just two words that I would use are "violent*’ and “rubbish".
S. .COMPETITIONS..C We have more competition winners than we know
what to do with at the moment - space really is that short!
Sufficive to say that we have now dispatched prizes for the following compos: Stevies Gat, 76p, Caught in the Act, Mid life crisis, Monkey Island and Biffa. ’ + If you haven’t received a prize yet • you haven't won. Better luck next time!
CV Cast your mind the August '91 the rather sad figure of Ant Brewer from Newbury.
In the aforementioned Lobster we printed a chilling postcard from Anthony promising harm to the poor little Lemming folk of Psygnosisland if we didn't send him a load of goodies PDQ.
In and sent the goods, but It looks like Mr. Brewer R 01- couldn't resist harming tie Lemmings.
Offoe5e higkt The entire AC WoAr,.. pj* display of uncalled for violence totally repulsive.
Having got over the shock of our new logo you will naturally want to know when the next fact packed issue of AC goes on sale • well it's dead easy to remember this time just nip out to the newsie on BOX NG DAY ADVERTISERS1 INDEX i i V 1 I 63 64 65 .12.13 ....192 Rombo .. ......OBC 1066 161 CVS ......190 ....166 School ... .152 17 Bit 138 Datel Electronics .28.104 Ladbrohe Silica Systems 57.99.103. 147 190 LCL ....168 AJPD 191 .148 ....158
Siren . .48. 49 Amiga Bandits (A.B.P.D) 123 131 SMG .146 Digits International...... 166 Marcam ....178 Softmachine . .144 ... 167 OJW ... ..157 ....145 Solid State Leisure . .....3 157 Edlib .142 MD Office . ......38 SPD . .130 40 EMPDL ..157 Media Direct ... Star-Tel Communications..... .192 ARK
161 F5P ..158 ......132.148. 152. 182 Strictly PD .... ......164 Media Value .... ....148 Technomania ... .178 Arnor . 8 Evesham .... .....18.19 Merlin . Telescan Computers ..... The PD Shop ..... 142 .157 Ashcom .... Astrocalc .. Ferguson Smith . Futureworld ... ...66 .....32.33
Merlin Computer .. Microdeal .. .....62.102 Tomsoft ...., ... Unique Computing .. Atlas Computer Supplies Audition Computers .....172 164,165 Gasteiner .... GB Systems Link ... ..152 Microman .. MJC Supplies ....150 UPD .. 124 Bankhouse . Battieaxe 100 191 George Thompson GJS Computer Services...... 143 157 Neural Images . New
Dimensions .. 130 ....148 Vottmace ...... BCS .. Best Prices Mail Order
54. 55 Global Computing .. Global
Software . 160 ..167 New Image
Videos ..... Nick Williams Broadcast.... ....142
Wizard Software . 142 37 Bitcon
Devices . Goldstar .....
..121 Omega Projects ... ....136
Black Knight ... .....190
...148 Gordon Harwood .107.108.109.
110. PDOMPD ...... Phantastic
Games ...... ....156 rlAMg 6 7 ..158
....IFC I * r- | J City Beat .
..58 Guiding Light .....
..192 Postal PD
....145 Complex Computers .. 56
.166 Hi Soft ...... 11
..158 Potteries
PD ..130 Power
Comoutino ...
Anco . Core
Design . 19 ......OBC 42 ..158
Ouatsoft .... ....136 Digital
Integration ...12 160 Intraset
..147 RC Simulations Entertainment
International.. ..17 192 JCL..... ..180 Raw
PD .... ....147
Mmdscape IFC. 5. IBC Cottage
Software .....167
JJC .. ..157
Reality ...... ....161
Psygnosis .... .9 BOARD FOR
YOUR r KCS POWER The best of both worlds in the space of one
VortkM for the A500P will be ready Nov Dec 91, and will
allow total 2Mb Chip Ram (O (0
• a no 1 0) HARD DISK Most hard disks are supported with version
3.0. To be sure give us a ring.
The KCS Power PC Board adds 1Mb memory to your Amiga and a real time clock Think how much 1Mb memory plus a clock costs Think how much MS-Dos GW-Basic Shell Dos-Help costs £_,_ Which leaves the cost of an AMIGA PC just £_,_ For so little outlay the Power PC Board turns your Amiga into an up and running powerful PC, with no hidden costs. The cheapest PC in the world?!
Run heavyweight professional PC software on your Amiga PC VGA Version 3.0 of our software (Nov 91) comes with VGA colour and mono option. EGA VGA will work on all standard Amigas irrespective of which chip set you have.
Microsoft flight simulator 4.0 Some extra Goodies:
• FUCKER FREE FIXER In PC i with dll AMIGAs. Software emulated
• PROCESSOR SPEED can be stoned ttwhailMIW as low as 16%. So if
you hM never reacted «* nfma level in a game, now is your
• KCS PC-MQU5E driver will work wflh yw Aragi atm
• MUSE can be activated at any ume duv| • pn or program, allowing
you to continue at you iew» Technical Specifications:
• Excellent compatibility
• 704Kb memory in MGA CGA mode
• 640Kb memory In EGA VGA met*
• 200Kb extra memory ie: MSOOS RMOSK fmm awf
• 1 2 Mb extra FAST Ram plus 1 2 tfe Mm Ott tor normal Amiga use
plus iWil Wte dbcfc
• All future upgrades ar? Ormr
• Processor speed = 11 Mni
• Video - runs faster man no* AT 3M computer*
• Disk drive
• Fitted in seconds and does not nridW fu 0jnrtee
• In a moment your Amp can be ap and nmring as a PC
• Hetoime and i EGA Available (Nov 91) will work from the full
EGA colour palette. 3oth EGA and VGA will work on a standard TV
or monitor and in most cases without using interlace.
PRICE Including MS-Dos 4.01 GW Basic Shell DOS-Help and on-board memory.
£219.95 incl. VAT Carr.
Excluding MS-Dos GW-Basic Shell, but including DOS-Help and on-board memory.
£175.95 incl. VAT Carr.
Price does not include adaptor for 1500 2000 3000 Available from your local computer shop (If they haven't got it - Ask them why not!). Or direct from Bitcon Devices Microsoft windows Bitcon Devices Ltd.
88 BEWICK ROAD. GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE81RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 490 1919, HELPLINE: (091) 490 0202 FAX: (091) 490 1918 Computfcility s eoeiier* but noone can guarantee every snglo program available, tneretar* I yu oartiajlaf program, please ask us first or send in * CPOy 6l th* program. (WWt suitable SAL 1 tD be change without notice.
Some of our Importers Worldwide; Australia' HPD (Tel) 08 349 8486. Kaotic (Tel) 03 879 7098. Spam: Discover Inf. (Tel) 957 47 89 38. Sweden: DdikatessOata (Tel) 31-300580. Cananr. Customs On* Of) 28 278830. Denmark: Bctafon (Tel) 313102 73. Portugal: Softclub (Tel) Ol 3528452. Ireland: Computer City Dublin 745250. N. Zealand: Pazac (Tel) 05482949 All trade enqunes stetom. UK and Overseas (PAL only) 'Aetud unretouched digitised screenshot* Features ... Grab mono images from any video source Capture colour images from any still video source.
Digitise up to 16 mono frames on a 1meg Amiga.
Animate 16 shade images at different speeds.
Create windows in both mono & colour.
Cut & Paste areas from one frame to another.
Hardware and software brightness & contrast control.
Choice of capture resolutions standard & Dynamic interlace.
Full Palette control.
Add text or draw within an package.
Images can now be grabbed from either colour video camera, home VCR or in fact any still video source. The traditional method of holding three colour filters in front of your video camera is certainly a thing of the past. Because Vidi splits the RGB colours electronically there are no focussing or movement problems experienced by some of our slower competitors. Lighting is also less of an issue as light is not being shut out by lens filters. Put all this together with an already proven Vidi- Amiga VidiChrome combination and achieve what is probably the most consistant and accurate high quality
4096 colour images ever seen on the Amiga.
The colour solution is fully compatible with all Amiga’s from a standard A500 to the ultimate A3000.
No additional RAM is required to get up and running.
You will see from independant review comments that we are undoubtedly their first choice and that was before the complete solution was launched. If you have just purchased your Amiga and are not sure what to buy next, then just read the comments or send for full review and demo disk.
"The Complete Colour Solution" The Worlds ultimate creative leisure product for your Amiga. Capture dynamic high resolution images into your Amiga in less than one second.
And Look No Filters Vidi... No 1 in UK & Europe (Leading the way forward)
* Full colour demonstration disk available for only £1.95 to
cover P&P * * 6 Fairbairn Road. Livingston. EH54 6TS Tel:
0506-414631 Fax: 0506-414634 1 ««rnal fitting for A2000 or
• ti-trnal cased model for fan & PSU (A500V A2000 or A15001
• rewritable lAt least 1,000,000 Erase Write operations in any
portion of the iataarea)
• Pits into 5-25* drive bay 2 0*1 CttlWJI t»l lUlrM,»,i„ »HI})S»•
I•»ItnMlmmi Tfl miHOWO* fAK21592201 If UinHlMIMMUOi (AXiMMOl
TIL I1IIW01MHlimb fAXllilUIMH 3 Goods despatched same day as
order unless otherwise stated.
4 MS CeMlmmn hckx Feed Addrete Label, 9 j CeehMwt Eirre epes ea hatter Feed Pnntir (MtMtt-nuy oiOe the Silica Stafflr KM (ml WT S000) tor or*, C?4 38 t5 oil RRP- UNIQUE COMPUTING Dept A c 11-t Salters Road, Gosfonh, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
(091) 284 7976 5 All major credit cards accepted ?
No minimum order, same day dispatch.
We pay the postage (UK).
European orders please add 20p per disk.
Ah eo**, an i ?rmat$ av*iaW9 on request

Click image to download PDF

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