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Commodore takes Amiga New Amigas are on their way. Commodore opens up to John Butters THE PtRST of the next génération of Amiga; using some of the most up-to-date technoiogy avaiiabie wiii go on saie in tess than a year, AMIGA Computing can exdusivety revea). Commodore have admitted that they have two options under test at their secret Pennsyfvania deveiopment ptant and an insidersays that at teast one of these witt be marketed. They centre on two powerfut chips which tift the computer'; speed considerabty, and there wiit atso be improvements to the sound and cotour. The first of the new Amigas witt be an upgraded A3000 but is is unctear whether it wiit be a reptacement or another machine. The A3000's 68030 processor witt be exchanged for the faster 68040, making it up to five times faster than the existing mode) and 20 times quicker than a standard A500. The new version of the top-end Amiga witt be on sate by next August and possibty eartier. Owners of the cur rent A3000 witt beabteto buy an upgrade chip which wit! piug into the separate Centra) Processing Unit (CPU) stot for enhanced processors. Other machines in the Amiga famity coutd see the processor tater, say Commodore. Workbench upgrade by Xmas The manufacturer has atso devet-oped an Amiga based on the Reduced instruction Set Chip (RtSC). RtSC is designed to have few instruction commands, thusenabtingittopass through code quickty and increase the speed of the computer. The chip was designed by Acorn Computers and used in their Archimedes, which has become poputar in éducation.

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Document sans nom PostScript's approach to halftoning limits the maximum number of possible greys to a function of both resolution and screen frequency.
At lower resolutions, this gives rise to the creation of very visible bands of grey which degrade the overall quality of printed images.
Introducing SaxonScript Professional,,M the most powerful and sophisticated PostScript Interpreter available on the commercial market. It’s like turning your dot matrix, ink-jet or laser printer into a full fledged PostScript printer, with the added flexibility of being able to edit and manipulate individual files! On printers equipped with resolutions of 300 dpi or more, the output quality of SaxonScript Professional actually exceeds that of 300 dpi Adobe PostScript laser printers!
Halftoned areas in particular, are consistently sharper, more detailed and feature better transitions between various levels of grey than comparable images produced by using PostScript.
PostScript Output at 300 dpi SaxonScript Output at 300 dpi FONT CONVERSION UTILITIES SaxonScript Professional supports all PostScript downloadable fonts, including Compugraphic and Adobe Type I fonts. Custom utilities further allow you to convert PostScript fonts in Amiga Bitmap.
Saxon Publisher or Adobe Type I formats for use in a variety of different applications!
IMAGE CONVERSION UTILITIES Convert your PostScript files into IFF, EPS, or DR2D formats for manipulation in various paint programs and desktop publishers! Or attach IFF headers to your EPS Files, effectively allowing you to view EPS files on screen!
PRINTING UTILITIES Preview linotronic files for potentially costly errors before sending your output to a service bureau. Print PostScript directly to the screen display to obtain Our unique approach to halftoning docs not limit the number of grey levels which can be printed.
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FEATURES ' Trur virtual memory for compatibility with low memory Amiga*, or under condition* of heavy multitasking.
• A powerful PostScript Interpreter featuring the implementation
of all of the standard PostScript operators
• Support for all Preference* printer*.
• A standard set of fonts, matching those most commonly found
in PostScript printers: Avan! Gardr.
Bookman, Century School- book. Courier, Helvetica, Pilatlno, Times. Zapf Chancery and Zapf Dingbat*.
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ompugraphic, Adobe Type 1 and Adobe Type 3 font* obtained from
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SaxonScript Professional is available at your nearest dealer for only £99.95 inc. VAT! A free copy of SaxonScript Professional is also included with every purchase of Saxon Publisher VI.2. SURFACE UK LIMITED 5 ROCKWARE AVENUE, GREENFORD TEL: 081-566 6677 MIN REQ: 1 meg, 2 drives.
'Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. ‘All other products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners MIDDX EXT: 204 205 UB6 OAA FAX: 081-566 6678 ANNOUNCING m » THE V c+ A5000™B5000 IO 1 Wl ; iVllviA Ci 1 ILL I1M I ilC SlUTNE, Autf OUR AMIGA" "UNLEASH
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• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility • t Plug-m up to a 50 Mhz Maths
Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design •
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40 • ? THE MACHINES ?
A5000-16 tfiBt Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2-3 MIPS (8 MIPS peak) 65000-25 25.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP 5-6 MIPS 12 MIPS pook) 85000-40: 40.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68Q30RP 6-9 MIPS 16 MIPS peek) FPU. 125 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous MC06881RC or MC6B002flC A5000-16 RAM 4 Meoabyies Ol 32-bit RAM 256 x 4 80n« DRAM* B5000-25 RAM 16 Megabytes ol 32-bil RAM 1024 x 4 80ns ORAMs 65000-40 RAM. 32 Megabyles ol 32-bit RAM 1024 x 4 00ns ORAMs SHADOW ROM Move your Kickstart into 32-btl SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE 68000 Fallback mode tor 100% software compatibility HARDWARE: 100% Compatible with Amiga 50012000
and add-on cards INTERFACE 1: Plugs into 68000 processor socket inside your Amiga INTERFACE 2- A 62000 Co-processor (2orroll) csrd (for 85000-40 only) A5OOO-16 (Price includes I Mb RAM) B5000-25 (Price includes I Ml? RAM) B5000-40 (Price includes 4Mb RAM) (All prices inclusive of VAT) Solid State leisure limited SO FlNEOON ROAD, IRTHLINBDORQUGHi NORTH ANTS NN9 STZ. Telephone: (0933) 65D677 IN TER national: * 44 933 65G677
- -- _ f. S' s 1 f J *
• A -1 LANGUAGES Fancy getting to grips with a new language?
Pick up the basics with our beginner's tutorial 10S GALLERY If you go down to the dentist today you're in for a big surprise!
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* i iqm Mp CmpMyami rttr Mmal Mlp u i *nuf hath lAkr W WltpSoit
cr .1 anting. U rwwr m,t mi |S«U hi ¦MM la hi iMna ikM tor jcss
ilt piklicabm.
Mp CnpMfnlnim nrti to WiiuQtr Mmd thtUH wl n at toiiji naditn* dttk. Tin ittn tf mnini owl Si pv* UlMl. CwfcMra an nly W atttptof hr fnrwtn PuMiabou « mil riftt bail.
Athji Cotvussv ap »-K»v5mJwr iiuarKr jrtf mTOcert Smores Jfcftiws Ufa* «f m oniti ftvAiy rf tto aifcte n He sue vfv «y it Hf atoots ttpmxS 01991 Ewxress Pustatore LM. To numi my IK Bp Oicn] I" ¦rtwlc« h part mttotf wrttw prmssor.
Wrt: Mr m 15 ft nnh.frs crrn! To VM Wii* 1w Ktj MB in nvte Islnp cr atffirtisflKfi Nm Trad OteMwt C0UA6 MK 4U055 6 GREAT Subscription offers for new readers turn to Page 109 THE COVERDISKS The best disks in the business, Disk!
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Disk 2 DUWRRESS rui iicoTiowi tor wee three years Amiga Cmputmg has been the leading nugailrte lor Amiga enthusiasts. As a liey member of the Europrest magazine group, Amiga Computing, promises to Inform, educate and entertain Its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available W90 Computing • Atari ST Ukt • PC Today Sttorermrt Shopper • The Micro Liter Ggmo-A • Anvqg Aflfen • If ActfOO Computer Trotk Wtrily Llamatron 100 levels of arcade madness In the left Mlnter shoot-em-up, LLAMATRON! See If you can survive swarms of aliens, hordes of beasties, and rapidly
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Amiga Computing October 1991 DTV.* $ 9. Machine ccfUe.. .1.151
• m * .
Liijhti* The I Camera! * . MM advice for L |] B Actfon!t M coders- vVj I -tfesktop Video * I assembled just news a for you Music „.15d Hit the rl ht • note! June Intfl Britain's mos • lyrical music • page N • • • 1 ji CDTV 6 more in the column thal makes sense of the latest buzzword SPORTS The ultimate in armchair sportsmanship.
Waggle your joystick to Olympic standards! 120 m to the you’re in rise!
64 SPECIALS Casting clever spells We take a leaf out of Henrietta's Book *127 of Spells 13 October 1991 Amiga Computing 118 AMOS: ...157 Codtt£J in i 9 ¦ pi? .. mrm fpr.
From sct en to print. The mysteries of DTP revealed Ouvesident AMOS guru helps you write that smastahit • REGULARS WHAT'S NEW If it's EXCLUSIVE news., it's here .. 9 GALLERY 64 The best in Amiga art showcased BEGINNER S GUIDE 105 Learn a new language to talk tQ your Amiga ACAS The very best technical help is at hand...... 127 The Workstation Make the most of Amiga Computing s exclusive Workstation disk. This month, get to *1 2 A grips with Sid 1 3 U Special reader offer Not taking advantage of The Workstation yet? It's not to
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Making the most of MIDI You and your Amiga could make sweet music m f together. Find out how in our guide to MIDI 40 Sample city!
Sample it, loop it eat it and spit it out The m range of Amiga samplers under scrutiny J4 It's CAD Jim... Caligari, the final frontier? We give you the low m q down on the hottest new CAD package .3 3D Master If Real 3D left you hungry for more, check out the latest ticket to virtual reality .0 3 Disabled options We investigate a sadly neglected area of the Amiga community ...I UO Snap and grab!
Yet another video digitiser for the Amiga! M m How does Snapshot Pro stand up? ...I I £ Amiga world of sport From cricket to volleyball, we chronicle m the best of Amiga sports games ...I ZU Tin box trio Is it worth your while to add rear spoilers 1)1 and go faster stripes to your A500? Auimuimm I v I Checkmate Digital Hardware Sales+44 (0)71-923 0658 Let HAM-E lake you away from the Amiga’s limited 12 bit graphics and into the I professional world of 24 bit images. HAM-E is the most affordable and yet the most I compatible 24 bit graphics enhancement for your
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Full Genlock, PAL Encoder and Modulator support.
HAM-E doesn’t take up any processing time.
Treat HAM-E pictures and animations as standard IFF files.
Can display both HAM-E and standard Amiga screen modes on your monitor simultaniously.
Display HAM-E images in Dpaint. AmigaVision, Scala, AMOS, and of course Cando etc. Image Professional Features; Very powerful 24 bit processing features, eg. RGB correction, melt, antique, caricature, droop, explode, radial wave, motion blurr. Zoom. Etc. Everything computed with 24 bit accuracy.
Multiple hufrer and undo functions.
Display modes include 256 colour, average and luma (b w), 18 bit and 24 bit colour.
Special mode to import directly from Digiview.
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• Paint" Features: Draw. Line, circle, box. Etc. and complete
fill modes, with full light source shading.
Extensive brush and fill control menus.
Fast brush distortion in any shape.
3D perspective and AREXX control make complicated animations possible.
10 colour cycle glow ranges.
Anti-alias, wash, bright, cycle, etc... draw modes.
Both IP and Paint packages fully support standard Amiga fonts including colour fonts.
Full 24 bit palette control screen, allowing large number of multi coloured ranges.
Third Party Support: HAM-E 24 Bit Graphics System Spectracolor from OXXI - Full HAM-E support. 262,000 colour animated brushes!
Arl Department from ASDG inc. Full HAM-E load and save support. Standard Version ONLY £299.00 Vista Pro from Virtual Reality Laboratories - Now includes 24 bit HAM-E rendering. Hi-Res Version ONLY £399.00 3D-Professional from Progressive Peripherals inc - Now renders direct to HAM-E. Bo,h prices jnc|(jde Va, power Supp|y cab,es HAM-E Workshop from Holosoft inc. - Dedicated 256 Register Paint Package. |mage Professional and Paint packages Thi* Advert 'as Laid Out On CDL Upgraded Amiga A 500 Without eelerautr in onl; 4 hour* from Scratch. Then Output in PostScript to Monotype al KX) dpi on Film
his Proves That ic Amigu Rangt As Powerful A Any So Called DTP Machine.
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While you weren’t watching, we turned you and the rest of the world’s Amiga users into programmers.
With CanDo's intuitive interface and simple but powerful toolkit, ordinary people all over the country' have been creating fand-alonc utilities, data bases, word processors, vertical market applications, animated multimedia presentations, and all sorts of games.
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£199.00 £199.00 FHECH Iog TpH HECHF1RTE IGITRL IF1ITE0
Multi-Media, Presentation and programming langauge.
Snectracoior from OXXI This Exciting HAM animation package will be arriving in this country in the next fews days with a major upgrade.
It now fully supports the HAM-E 24 bit graphics system in all modes.
With full HAM-E mode support. (262.000 colours on screen at once).
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Real 3D object design and animation software Image kindly tupplsal by Alternative Image CanDo 1.5 Full Package CanDo 1.5 Test Drive CanDo IntroPak + Propak Hyper Helpers Interface Design Kit Power Windows 2.5 INOVAtools (programmers tools)
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Automatic hyphenation lets you produce o well-spaced page layout without the bother of manually putting in soft hyphens. Protext determines the correct hyphenation points by algorithms and look up tobies. Elimination of widows and orphans is also provided. You will no longer need to worry about those infuriating single lines ot the top or bottom of pages. Protext formots the text to ovoid these os you edit the text. Extra blank lines at the top of a page can be suppressed.
New document analysis features provide a wealth of information about your text. You con exomine a list of all the words used • olphobetically or by the number of occurrences. Other statistics shown include overage word length, average sentence length ond o table of the number of lines on each page.
COMPUTER SHOPPER AMIGA COMPUTING ST APPLICATIONS it's bloody brilliant" "one hell of a performer" "if you need a professional word processor Protext is perfect" "nothing else available comes close pfad (*une
• * * A Enhonced file selector with different sorting methods,
bulk copy and erase.
'c Prodata users - mail merge directly from Prodato files, no need to export.
.V Moil merge: nested repeat loops.
Jir New window-based help facilities.
: Improved line drawing.
Jir Spelling checker finds repeated word and missing capital letters.
' Conversion to ond from WordStar 5.5 ond Microsoft RTF „Y Full printed documentation of new features.
Otill ticducUx • • • PRODATA 1.2 New version of Prodata now with pull-down menus, mouse or keyboard operation, avtomatk record numbering, merge database, instantaneous filtering, prologue form, edit fields in any order, 2-oaoss label printing. Full details available from Arnor.
Amiga Computing October 1991 Price: £85+VAT, upgrade from vl.l C30+VAT.
JY Both Pretext 5.5 and Prodata require 1Mb of memory PRICES (including VAT and defivery) For Commodore Amiga, Atari ST or TT.
Protext 5.5 £152.75 Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.5 £30 Upgrade from 4,2 4.3 to 5.5 £60 Phase return your original disks when upgrading French or German spelling dictionary £35.25 When upgrading please return any extra sped checking dictionaries for a free update to the revised version.
Choice of pull-down menu or keyboard operation, extensive printer font support and proportional formatting while editing, up to 36 files open, split screen editing, characters for 30 languages, index ond contents, footnotes, newspaper column printing, file sorting, macros, indent tabs, mail merge programming language, exec files and the fastest search and replace around.
Altogether the most comprehensive word processing software for your Amiga or ST. Arnor Lid (ac), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PEI 3HA. Tel: (0733) 68909 Fax (0733) 67299 8 WHAT’S Commodore takes Amiga New Amigas are on their way.
Commodore opens up to John Butters THE FIRST of the next generation of Amigas using some of the most up-to- date technology available will go on sale in less than a year, Amiga Computing can exclusively reveal.
Commodore have admitted that they have two options under test at their secret Pennsylvania development plant and an insider says that at least one of these will be marketed. They centre on two powerful chips which lift the computer's speed considerably, and there will also be improvements to the sound and colour.
The first of the new Amigas will be an upgraded A3000 but is is unclear whether it will be a replacement or another machine. The A3000's 68030 processor will be exchanged for the faster 68040, making it up to five times faster than the existing model and 20 times quicker than a standard A500.
The new version of the top-end Amiga will be on sale by next August and possibly earlier. Owners of the current A3000 will be able to buy an upgrade chip which will plug into the separate Central Processing Unit (CPU) slot for enhanced processors. Other machines in the Amiga family could see the processor later, say Commodore.
Workbench upgrade by Xmas The manufacturer has also developed an Amiga based on the Reduced Instruction Set Chip (RISC). RISC is designed to have few instruction commands, thus enabling it to pass through code quickly and increase the speed of the computer. The chip was designed by Acorn Computers and used in their Archimedes, which has become popular in education.
Developers have been slow to accept RISC, although an independent expert told us that major players in the industry are moving to the chip, including Apple who are set to build a Macintosh mnning from it.
If developed as a product, RISC will be used in all Amigas, says our source, and Could be only a year away. But the firm is unwilling to discuss its exact specifications. "I can't actually make a comment on the RISC-based system at the moment, said a spokesperson.
He added that the improved sound will probably be 16-bit, and a chip set due later this year will give a larger palette and 256 colours onscreen at once, effectively giving a VGA standard m THE REDESIGNED Amiga operating system is being burned into rom and will be on sale by the end of the year say Commodore. An official announcement of the release is expected soon.
Already supplied on disk to owners of A3000s, Workbench 2 has a new appearance, and grey, black, blue and white have been substituted for the original colours.
Other features in version 2 are improved error handling that finds software failures before they manage serious damage, and quicker floppy disk operation? As a result of the new Fast File System.
Arexx, CompuGraphic fonts and utility software come with Workbench 2 and the Enhanced Chip Set will also be available and fitted by an approved service centre. Users not requiring either the Super Agnes or Super Denise display. The RISC and 68040 chips could lead to incompatibility problems, although RISC would give the biggest headache to developers.
But Commodore have guaranteed compatibility with existing software. "It will run the Amiga operating system - our policy has always been to maintain and develop Amiga technology, said Commodore.
One way around the RISC problem would be to include a 68000 processor inside the machine.
Another would be to have 'very sexy programming" across the bus that would allow the RISC processor to access the Zorro data bus.
Chip will pay less for the upgrade, it is claimed.
Despite the operating system being completely rewritten, incompatibility will not be a serious problem, although industry- experts say very old commercial programs and some public domain software could cause trouble if they were not written to Commodore guidelines.
It will primarily be targeted at A2000 owners and it is unknown Cheap speed arrives A STAFFORDSHIRE distributor is set to release a cheap card in a new line of accelerators.
The entry-level VXL-30 will fit into all types of Amiga and could go on sale for less than £300. Based on the 68030 enhanced chip set, the MicroBotics accelerator wiH run at 25MHz.
It will not have extra memory but accepts an optional 32-bit ram board, VXL RAM-32, populated with either two or eight megabytes of Fast Page Mode ram designed to enable the processor to operate in its high speed burst mode.
A software switch will return control to the Amiga's 68000 chip, enabling oil software to be compatible with the upgraded computer. Available from ZCL (0S43 414817), VXL-30 will probably cost £299.99. The price of the ram boards has stiH to be fixed.
Whether A500 owners will see an upgrade. Stateside, Commodore are selling one megabyte A500s fitted with the latest operating system and the Enhanced Chip Set in a computer known as the A500 Professional. If the A500P were to become a UK product then an upgrade would be unlikely.
Commodore's Andrew Ball told Amiga Computing that upgrades will filter through to the UK by the end of the year but probably not for the A500, although other staff at the firm's Maidenhead office said it would be "technically possible” to supply chips for that model.
Roms will be supplied with a comprehensive manual, and a price tag of between £75 and £100 seems likely.
Disk-based copies are not expected to cost more than £25. Commodore were unwilling to confirm prices.
WHAT’S uo AMIGA buyers will be able to get more advice from dealers about the computer's multimedia talents, thanks to a new nationwide network of multimedia centres being set up by Commodore.
All will be in place within three years and the manufacturer intends to open at least one every three months.
Dealers will be invited to undergo Commodore training which will include courses in sound and graphics, presentation, design, genlocking and animation. Another part of the training will be with distance learning packages.
$ aid Commodore's national sales director Terry Cooke: "Commodore is LU Slicker Scala from Silica TOP-SELLING Amiga presentation package Scala has had its features expanded for video titling, multi- media and presentation production.
New features found in version
1. 1 of Norway-based Digital Vision's program include Arexx
support, real time anti-aliasing of text, brushes and colour
fonts and continuous credit scolling transition.
Anim real-time buffering will load the next animation as the previous one is being run, and other features include colourfont Support, Typesetting system enters UK A PROFESSIONAL Amiga typesetting system has been officially released in the UK by Industrial Might and Logic (0273 621393) and at the same time has received an update.
AmigaTEX enables interprocess communication with other programs using Arexx and includes equations and tables, as well as a document size determined only by the size of the hard disk. New features found in version 3.1a include full PostScript and graphics support onscreen and to supported pnnters, and AmigaPQS 2 compatibility, PostScript fonts from various sources, including nearly all structured drawing packages, can be scaled, slanted and stretched to any degree and graphics can be integrated into AmigaTEX documents and appear onscreen exactly as they will be printed.
It sells for £140, and a free demonstration disk is available by writing to the firm at 58 Cobden Road, Brighton BN2 2T|.
Full Support for outline fonts under Workbench 2.1 and automatic remapping of brushes and colour- fonts.
There is also superimpose transition, a function to show layout boxes, much faster loading and automatic popularity buffering which stores many pictures in memory for use with interactive applications. It has 17 high quality fonts, 59 backdrops, 52 screen wipes and 50 text line wipes.
"Since its launch, Scala has become Silica's best selling Amiga presentation package - outselling every other presentation package for the Amiga," said Silica's Andy Leaning.
"The new features give the package an improved running speed and make presentations slicker and more professional."
The package is compatible with all Amigas and costs £264.38. Users of the earlier version can upgrade for free by returning their original disks to Silica Systems (081-309 1111) at 1 to 4 The Mews, Hatherley Road, Sidcup, KentDA14 4DX.
Free Qeopje will be catered for and as part of the library's policy of being user friendly, programs requiring more than half a megabyte of memory will be published in a different section of their catalogue.
Orders will be dispatched the same day and before each disk is sent it will be checked to ensure it works and is virus free. After September, each disk will cost 99 pence plus postage and packing.
Although many small Amiga libraries have been forced to close in the last year, Paul thinks there is enough space for Neural Images to move in. "By offering a good service at low prices there is room in the market for the library. It will be speedy but not at the expense of quality and I want Amiga people to tell me what they want,’ he said.
For Pilots get learning aid AMIGA owners will soon be flying high with two versions of a realistic flight simulator featuring three types of light aircraft just announced by Bristol-based R C Simulations (0272 550900).
Under development by Digital Aviation, Light Aircraft Simulator will offer everything from basic training to aerobatics. Airfields throughout southern England will be represented in faithful detail.
Flights in a single-propellered Cessna 150 or two models of the Chipmunk, a favourite Royal Air Force training plane, can be taken to 100 destinations within the UK. Software will be supplied with a comprehensive manual to include navigation maps.
R C Simulations chairman Bob Sidwick says the programs will give an ideal environment for practising flight instrument appreciation and general navigation techniques including visual and radio navigation approach procedures.
The simulator was designed to aid in the training of private pilots and should be on sale by the end of December.
The visual only version will cost £49.95 and the instrument flying version £90.
A CLEVELAND man who has formed an Amiga public domain library, which he says will encourage users to decide how they want it to serve them, is giving disks away free.
Paul Failes, 23, started full time work on Neural Images PD (0429 263508) after owning an Amiga for more than a year and recently being made redundant from an accounts job at Rolls Royce.
Paul says he wanted to run a library but kept his Amiga as a hobby until he lost his job, when he had the time needed to start the business. As part of an opening promotional campaign Neural images will supply any disk from a catalogue of 150 free until the end of September.
By including a questionnaire with the catalogue he hopes to be able to carry out market research into what his customers want. All models of the Amiga Dealers to give multimedia advice the only supplier to operate in all market sectors of this fast growing market, Our figures project market growth of 72 per cent per annum over the next four years.
"Our aim is to marry our expertise with Amiga technology, which e*iStS with certain dealers right now, with our own commercial marketing experience and the expertise of the individual components of the multimedia mix.
"Multimedia is an added-value market that many dealers are keen to enter
- we have made that transition easier.
We realise it is not about a single technology but about applying solutions to needs and that's what the training achieves."
Disks mm r t CjpackQ CARTOON CLASSICS + PHILIPS CM8833 mk2 STEREO MONITOR ,+ cable & dust cover.
FmmoiiAiofo DUST com (Whilst stocks last) KW9 00 E31990 34999 E349W t5WW €374 W E4W W E249 99 £429 99 CLASS OF THE 90s AMIGA 500 KIYIOAKD PROWITB 2 5 1UILT-IN DISK DR IV B 1MEG MSMOKY MOUSE TV M0DULAT01 10 BLANK DISKS MOUSE MAT SF ;fcS O BASIC I meg AMIGA PACK £329.99 mist slocks Iasi.
ONLY £54.99 Amiga pack.
Write or phone for FREE price lists.
STAR PRINTERS STAR IC10 B W £154.99 STAR LC200 cotour £209.99 STAR LC24-200 B W £259.99 STAR 1C24-200 colour £309.99 STAR LASER 4 £1249.99 FREE AMIGA CABLE ? FREE Pock ol paper If you collect.
PHILIPS C M8833 mk 2 * £239.99 COMMODORE 1084S* £249.99 INTRA 14“ hires multisync - flicker fixer eomptfllbte. 1024*748 (£349.99
? FREE dust cover If you colect.
Lois more packs available at special prices with other monitors &lor printers - please phone for discount price.
AMO Jbnag . Cvnog RAM AMO Tumag . Lmog RAM AM02C*neg . Tmeg Ram DAIAflVf R 500 56m»g DATAHVJB500 '30meg DATAflVER 2000 56meg OATAFIYEB 2000 lXmeg AMO 56m«g UPGBAOE KIT AMO I30mog UPGBADf KR C CARD SALES: 0274-691115 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT Ac CARRIAGE HOWTO ORDER. - NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. Vend from i-s-vuae.
BY RHONE.: Just call our sales holine & order using your Access Mastercard or Visa We don't charge you unti the goods are despatched BY MAI Simpv send your order, name A addte* «day time phone no. A cheque or PC* (mode payable fo TRILOGIC), or enclosed your C Card no., expiry dole A signature.
CARRIAGE. Al goods ore sent by return of post (subject to avaibbllty) postage paid.
Next working day (ie not *o1 or sun) delivery, (UK molnlond exc Scottah Highlands) a £7.50 extra, Order* over £500 are sent next day deivery FREE of choroe. (Cheque* mu*t clear before good* ore detpatched) Worldwide export* a ipeclaHty A OFFICIAL order* from govt A oducattenoiestabfehmcnts welcome.
CALLERS WELCOME - some price* ore even lower If you colectl Hour* 6om-6pm Mon • Fit 8om-4pm Sat TRILOGIC, Dept AC, UNIT 1, 253 NEW WORKS RD, BRADFORD, BD120QP Enquiries: 0274 678062 Fax: 0274 600150 SAMPLERS & SEQUENCERS EXPLAINED SAMPLE A sound Tial has bean loaded into a computw. And « represented b numbers (dgrtal) rather than noises (analogue) SAMPLER Usualy a smal cartridge that atows you to take souids from a microphone (with amplification). Tape. CD etc and record Idgtze) fiem into you computers memory Once in the memory a sample (sound) can be changed using the samptng software
SAMPLING SOFTWARE Aiows you to after sounds Ihet here been digitized by the SAMPLER. Normal funcbcro with sampling software include oadog and savng a sample to disk attemg the sample by cutting speedog uptown. Lading rVcxX. Joining to other samples and much much more.
SEQUENCER A sequencer akrws you to Wre senates and ptay them back m an order (sequence) that you determne for example, it you sampled a ptano role, a sequencer would a«ow you to play thal note back at afferent pecties and m a sequence you decide Your one role loaded m*o a wucnur tan become a wmpW* pec* of p*ro THE ADVANCED MIDI AMIGA SAMPLER- 0* top tevel sairpltf ty the Amga 5002000 and 10DC* fipepai wtol ownt** top of to range fk&vna wto k wnSrt* V'i Ow u«ue wedge shaped caiWg* ndxte i Ml mlM(farfaa(m.oul*M«MA* 9»* need to swap between sampler wd midi interlace Other ports include mcrophona
opul vd phono ktfl & ngN rv Ca scAwam ¦$ a
• wmrg package’ as deecnbed by AMIGA WORLD magazre. And
ncorporales a state of re art stereo edbng swte wrth wtuafly
every tenure you'd want to lay you turds on A separate MIDI
ccrtrd pare! Atows ctliwrton ot (hy M-n rtertaee wrh the
poM* «y to play b*k up to 19" 4«e«nl samples pttfi shifted gn
your Mot keyboard Donirmk AMASgatoyether.ourpnoepotcybnngs
- agr quatfy prcduds to you at senvMe pnces Used by ardors aid
crcfcwvats AMAS •» leaued by Pate AmiH In hr award vwrvg row
Co*d HwtoC Thj KphcrtMted sequencer ktais you to Uke Mrpies an:
Hqutrct toim into use I may* yw 5irc+« as a tend wtTi QUARTET
as r* ufltator.
Yar bam e ccnvwed of '6 iminjmtrts cf *r*th 4 tar pay dt ry ere m QUARTET ccmes etti ICC reruments vd tanft ‘;r rctiiiri r you* owi ¦ m atllH toiPBPl cotTpoutcm and father sounds cv be , tfdel -aig AMAS MASTER SOUND or L 'T J • tcsJ cthe' query umpets Mar. on be rpi Imm r* Amg» keyteurt by i i f»g r » « Hute v if you ha.e 3 synthswr r ¦ ii,toa-J wth i -*i ctif Kciet ty pUyrg t » me itobovd Ca«vj cf II kSSSEKi 3E ndufits Tiffoo Volume Rid* togem* wth i bufl-r cthni la’ chabgng jiftifiei u I 4HTSSSS5 wthaJ fxhag QUARTET Imfe lAowS ,flu -* cood easiy be lommoinaw ’Minsk? W ‘Vozart’ w h this
highfr acdamee k. package Our mono sampler is low In price but high in features Our stylish cartridge for direct connection to your parade! Porttttt has a bufl-in mono audio in socket suitable for nput from the headphpng wM pn your Walkman, ca&sette or CP ptayv Full feature editing software tnc*wde» cut, paste, fading, fitters, scope, graphic oquakser etc, and MASTER SOUND even has it's own built-m mint sequencer for real Jtmc recording of your own music sequences 'AMIGA FORMAT magazine said 'It produced some of the best auaMy samples I have ever heard* if you are lookmg for a low cost
sampler that's packed ful of features then look no further Cartridge, software & manual £39.95 Our low cost MIDI INTERFACE provides the easiest way of hooking up your Amiga to a Midi Mutoe Keyboard Complete with cables that just plug straight into your InfOUt midi ports and a disk oI software.
NAME PLEASE SEND ME QTY ™ce each TOTAL Amiga Computing October 1991 .POSTCODE. ALL PRODUCTS FOR THE AMIGA EXPIRY DATE AMAS £99.95 MASTER SOUND £39.95 QUARTET £49.95 MIDI INTERFACE £24.95 POST & PACKING £1.00 GRAND TOTAL WHAT’S new ic pri&ng Commodore bosses for axing their new Mans policy within days of it taking effect. Tne amvnn liken when dealers threatened to crippie the X*1* u A.Tygas oy dropping it in favour of rival machines.
RsoQ juiy dead on arrival (OOA) products had to be
- r_~.ee to Commodore's National Repair Centre at the other's
expense and they were told they would have to wait ix jp 10 *.4
aays for replacement machines.
Raious retailers claimed that when the new policy was .•Cjuoaa the Amiga failure rate leaped much nigher than r normal eight per cent and it took longer than two weeks a new computers to be received.
Stspite a naif per cent increase in their margins under the poky, dealers claimed they were ios*ng money and could not anord to continue stocking the srm'S products.
Talks between Commodore and dealer body NASCR (The National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers) resulted in tne policy being reversed and dis- zhDutors taking back the responsi- odity of handling DOA micros.
"Tne returns policy will practically revert back to the way it used to be - the only minor change is if a dealer finds shortages in the box,1 said NASCR chairman Clive Bishop. "Where it was the responsibility of the disVideo to run on Amiga ANOTHER multimedia program neaa- ing for tne Amiga »s Super Video Amiga, a soideriess plug-in board that will enable live television or video to be watched through a monitor and graobed for use in other applications.
The display will be a digital 24-bit image and there will be controls for volume, balance, bass and treble. The image is shown within a window wnicn can oe made any size on the screen ana aiiows a graphic or text Overlay.
Frames can be frozen and saved m common file formats for use in applications such as desktop publishing or sent oy modem to another machine, it will require at least two megabytes of memory and is hoped to be priced at less than £500. Contact SAJ Technologies on 081-566 6677.
RAF take off with ProFlight VISITORS to this year's Royal Tournament had the opportunity to take to the sky in one of the RAF's most advanced front line fighter planes thanks to an A3000 and a leading flight simulation program.
An organiser of the promotional show at Earis Court stationed at an RAF HenlOw suggested that HiSoft's ProFlight program could be demonstrated at this year's two and a half week event.
A special version was programmed which enabled the piiots to follow missiles, and to add reaiity users sat inside the cockpit of a reai jaguar aircraft.
Movement was controlled using the new R C Simulations Gravis Stick yoke.
The display was projected on to a wall-sized screen outside and a navigator sitting nearby acted as co-pilot, taking instructions through a headset for anything other than the Tornado's movement from the budding pilots.
Prince William and Prince Harry were among the visitors taking a trip up to Mach 2.
Show off!
EMAP EXHIBITIONS (071-404 4844) mode trie shock decision to lock the public out of this year's European Computer Entertainment Shew less than a rrmtn before it is to be run, from Septemoer S to 8.
IMAP's sales manager ten Oosland told Amiga Computing that tne shew has Deen relaunched OS a trade-only shew oecouse the trade side of it was proving for stronger than the consumer side.
Radio announcements on a London station and advertisement in the computer press will beg people not to go to Earls Court for tne four days. EMAP says more companies ore new planning to attend.
Among the exhibitors are Commodore; who say they are now re-thinking their strategy for the shew. "It's a shame that CcS hasn't happened oecouse it has always been a shew to promote Our products hut it
• will place a great deal more importance on the Commodore Shaw
said Commodore's Andrew Boll.
Printer winner THE WINNER of the Amiga Computing competition at the 4th international 16 bit Computer Show was Mr Ryder of Palmer's Green, London. A Panasonic KX- P1124i dot matrix printer is with him and working hard already.
A Star is born A SUCCESSOR has been announced for Star Micronics' (0494 471111) ageing LC-10 dot matrix printer. The new entry level 9-pin model is targeted at home and small business users.
The LC-20 has a draft print speed of ISO characters per second and has eight near-let- ter quality fonts including italics. Other features include a 4K buffer, push tractor feed with short form tear off, paper parking and Epson and IBM emulation.
A Star spokesperson described trie printer as robust and said its looks are in keeping with current design trends. It has an RRP of £233.83. A new range of colour printers has also been released by trie giant for professional users. The four machines in the Pro-to-Col series are mixed between 9 and 24-pin models and cost between £399 and £599.
Top 10 stocked machines used to be.
Meanwhile, an independent survey has found the Percentage Position Computer of dealers Amiga to be the country's most stocked leisure com1 A500 83 2 $ ega Megadrive 73 puter, with the A500 available 3 Sega Master System 72 at more than eight out of 10 4 Commodore 64 70 outlets.
5 Atari 520ST 65 In second and third place 6 7 Nintendo Cameboy in the Computer Trade Weekly Atari Lynx 53 survey were Sega's Megadrive 8 Nintendo Entertainment and MasterSystem, both sold System 51 by more than 70 per cent of 9 Atari 2600 2800 VCS 36 dealers. In fourth place was 10 Amstrad CPC Plus 29 the C64 at 70 per cent, and in Source: Computer Trade Weekly fifth was the Atari ST, on sale _1___ at 65 per cent of outlets.
Diamond open in London ONE of the country's largest Amiga dealers are set to open the doors of their first central London showroom.
Southampton-based Diamond Computers (0703 232777) are to have their Tottenham Court Road premises officially opened by a celebrity and have promised to devote an entire floor to the Amiga.
Called Amiga World it will have a range of hardware and software products and will be backed up by a second floor of general computer peripherals such as printers and modems.
Marketing manager Jonathen Sniriow said his firm chose that specific London road because it is the Mecca of the computing world. He said it will offer quality products and a pleasant shopping environment without high prices.
The London snowroom will open six days a week between 9am and 6pm and can be telephoned on 071-453 0434.
Tributor to replace those shortages it will now be Commodore's direct.
"Commodore made a statement at a distributors' meeting prior to its announcement that if there was major adverse reaction from the trade they would be quick to react and back down.
"On that basis that is correct, they've done that and I corrf mend them. The mere fact that they overreacted in the first place is water under the bridge now. There will be a major sigh of relief across the UK Commodore say distributors must now be much more responsible and operate to DOA guidelines to avoid abuse of the system. A spokesman said that for bona fide dealers the Dealers win returns battle p to s Gasteiner goes cordless A CORDLESS memory upgrade and mouse are among a line up of new products set to be added to the Gasteiner Technologies (081-36S
1151) range.
The Alfadata memory expansion has a fitting for inside the computer and communicates “like remote control* with the extra memory which can be put nearby, in places such as a desk drawer.
The price of the four megabytes of memory has still to be fixed and it is due on sale by October.
Mega Mouse is an optical rodent with a resolution of 300 dots per inch.
Supplied with a solid pad and mouse holder it has a two year guarantee. It boasts a tracking speed of 600 millimetres a second, an ergonomic design and three microswitch buttons. No price has been set but it is to be available soon.
A new gimmicky pointing device is due for a Christmas release from the London-based distributor.
Crystal Trackball will operate like a normal trackball but whenever one of its three buttons is pressed the unit illuminates, its colour determined by which button is used. Gasteiner say it will probably sell for £39.95. WHAT’S Sp '1,18 Hhp " M JO f r' r tft i) Pi® Jof r ' rto 20 a 5J0 f I) 61 : m • .p0(j W* in p0(j eiffl' nj m mu i Ndtj' *r M (20 in 30 MSP 5 "*P0(iQft« " Wdr 5§ m 3 DSDJ* 4 1 M D ate ’* pKji-tfw »t1 m S3 o r " 4 nsntfl ‘4 i Unaojo a nvf' i tMr ii l 1 IN 2 UflUlu T 1 wm jB fq DO'.J JU'-hH 1 »1 IB 0") n : m m p Bn mtm V oBU «¦]"» B ? *:: -r m P lr UB Ki sIDftp (Ji (c
zl) ikiur! , 5 0’*i Ify foQj&fOfiffi iC OiQ-SdOi ! FluTHrO' 3 i¦ t®'SS6fiN]N?
Mi OS mjlM MR ifcEf!
[[UttJOLKV 4 ¦? Zdflitaa: '-M Ds Sc (MAs Du7! TDMBi ‘ :T I:::III v* ;• .
+ tefliOLIO; e* = dyDtenO) ; acJ !Y i-’iu) sOb jflxfef ttttap Dplflfcjfli¦:®&-e,yjDCri0i‘ffl i diiil"? • Dy"tDtiOU(3C On H is* aji ;tsMyr3U= uD mojs= zip - tjfe b yK031l !
I tWVii ImlolMytOWDISR a)C Monitor takes off AS PART of a promotional campaign Philips (081-689 4444) are bundling Microprose's flight shoot-’em-up, F-19 Stealth Fighter, with their CM8833 II colour monitor.
Buyers also have the opportunity to enter a competition to win one of 33 flights at the controls of a Boeing 737 simulator. Three winners will have lunch at a top country manor hotel, with helicopter transfers to and from the Britannia Airways simulator at Luton Airport. Competitions will be held during October, November and December.
A Philips spokeswoman said F-19 was chosen after looking at quite a few software packages and finding that flight simulators were popular and broad- ranging. Microprose were the specialist in that market she said.
The bundle costs £269.
1. Saddan Hex dunp
2. Norna) Disk-Validator A hr* rditor't riiw ?f (hr normal disk
validator and thr Saddam virus hit Saddam virus scare A NEW
virus called Saddam threatening to ruin thousands of Amiga
disks is almost invisible to Yirus checkers.
Writing itself to the disk-validator file in the L: directory it is disguised by being the same byte size as the validator and will prevent commercial games and other software from running.
Infected disks are unable to auto-boot because code is forced into the first line of the start-up sequence and it is also suspected of causing read and write errors. Unlike most viruses, Saddam enters the Amiga's memory whenever an infected disk is put into the drive and does not wait for it to be read.
Amiga Computing's technical expert, Stevie Kennedy, put the virus under the microscope. "We first spotted the virus after looking through a batch of PD disks", he said. "KDVIII's 30 second vector checker started to go bananas, so we examined the section of memory it reported as suspicious. A wad of code was found with the word Saddam firmly embedded in it "As far as we know, the virus will completely destroy the infected disk when activated, though the circumstances under which it will pop into life remain unclear.
The only way to detect Saddam is to have a virus killer which carries out continuous vector checks.
"If readers already have KDVIII, which we gave away on the March CoverDisk, they should be able to spot the Yirus before it spreads any further, but the best way to deal with it is with version 5.23 of John Veldthuis's Virus Checker".
The program recognises the virus in action and comes with a new program called FixSaddam, which rescues damaged data blocks from a disk infected with the virus.
Data from destroyed disks will not be repaired but if you are using Virus Checker or KDVIII you should have enough advance warning of Saddam's presence to be able to disinfect the disk before it is irreparably damaged.
Readers should be able to pick up a copy of Virus Checker from one of the better PD libraries but we may include it on a future CoverDisk.
Cologne gets world's best show?
AN EVENT being flagged as the world's greatest Amiga show is to be held in Cologne, Germany at the beginning of November.
The organisers promise that four halls of the Koln Messe will be packed with more than 200 exhibitors from across the world for the show. Amiga 91's doors open on October 31 for trade and press visitors, and the following three days will be available for anyone interested in the Amiga.
Each hall will have a special theme. Hall 5 will contain professional hardware and software, Hall 6 will be devoted to hardware, entertainment will be featured in Hall 7 and for those interested in public domain, music and mail order, Hall 8 is a must.
There will be an exhibition of computer art, where visitors interested in graphics and art will be able to view the graphics capability of the computer and beginners' workshops and master classes.
For more information call organiser AMI Shows Europe on 010 49 8092 24086.
Silica links with GVP A DEAL has been struck between Silica Systems (081-309 1111) and Great Valley Products to make Silica the official UK distributor of the American giant's Amiga peripherals.
The world's largest third party supplier of Amiga hardware, GVP's range includes hard disk drives, cards and accelerators and caters for owners of all Amigas.
Among the products are a 52 megabyte A500 hard drive and ram upgrade selling for £599, and an A2000 hard card and ram upgrade with various capacity hard disks and ram sizes with prices starting at £199 for the interface.
"This arrangement means we have access to the best Amiga hard disks, accelerators and cards - GVP's Amiga peripherals are unrivalled", said Silica spokesman Andy Leaning.
"The joining of the two companies will give UK Amiga users access to unmatched products and support. You can now buy the very best products, safe in the knowledge that you are assured of the best in support and assistance".
Leaning also hinted that under the deal Silica will be responsible for handling American firm Lake Forest Logic's products, who were recently taken over by GVP. Great Valley adopted Lake Forest's range which includes The Disk Mechanic, ADAPT and Macro Paint.
Commodore- The World at Your Fingertips With Commodore's exciting new 1500pack you get everything you've ever wanted in a home computer - including the software.
The Amiga 1500 is the ultimate PC for all the family, bringing the world of computers into your home. Ease of use is designed into all Amigas award winning technology and to make it even simpler the 1500 comes with its own straightforward guide. ‘Get the Most out of your Amiga .
Nost the ;oft- e of ilike put the k- ied the eti- ar.
HJS sk, ay ed ;er le er To help you do just that you also get six software packages encompassing business, design, education and leisure. You can monitor your finances with the ‘Digita Home Accounts' software, or allow your design skills free rein with the sophisticated 'Deluxe Paint 111'. And for business, there's The Works! Platinum Edition'
- a fully integrated word processing, spreadsheet and database
For unbeatable entertainment, enter the realms of fantasy with the arcade sensation ‘Toki'.
Journey into a land of enchantment in 'Elf. Or risk getting hooked on ‘Puzznic’.
Commodore - a whole new world which doesn't cost the earth.
Digita Ham Arcnams if a tradrmiti. Of Digita Holdings hmirrd Ordure Paint 111 m a I rode mark uf ElntnHni AftS The Works! Is a tradrmiri nffdirrtr Systems Software Tab. Elf and Pur;mc are trademarks rf Ovran Software I-------------------------1 COMMODORE - THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS ease send me further details.
Name _ Position - Company - Address - Telephone Postcode Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd Commodore House. The Switchback, Gardner Road. Maidenhead, Berks SL6 7XA Tel: 0628 779560. Fax: 0628 7US6. Telex: 846057 CBMUKL G. AC-8 91-24 Commodore r?v) V' AY POWER COMPUTING N E W L 0 W P R 1 C E S 6 8 0 4 0 PC880B POWER DRIVE MEMORY Amiga 500 Internal Hard Drive
• Built-in Blitz hardware copier
• Built-in virus blocker
• No annoying click when drive is empty
• 12 month warranty £65 00 PC880 POWER DRIVE £55 00 UAL DRIVE The
only company to make the dual drive 'Quite simply, the best all
rounder* ... Amiga Shopper Best Buy April *91 New Dual 3.5*
Drive with built-in power supply, same features as PC880B
• Back-up your disks at lightning speed
• Copies from the internal to the external drive
• Backs-up an Amiga disk in as little as 40 seconds
• Backs-up other format disks (Atari, PC)
• Copies up to three external drives at once
• Stops ALL external drives from clicking
• Contains ANTI-VIRUS switchl - prevents viruses from being
written into the bootblock
• Works on Amiga 500 or 2000 £25 Original Blitz £15 v ' 15MB
DON'T Plugs easily into your Amiga* 512 K RAM Card without
clock £24 512K RAM Card with clock £29
* Fully compiliQIe with Fatter Agnut and 1 MB Chip RAM KieUMrt 1
3 and above, umplt internal lilting GVP Series 2 Hard Disk
• Fully SCSI compatible
• Up (0 8MB FAST RAM on-board
• High speed 'FAASTROM* controller
• Auto-boot from FFS partition
• All combinations available 50MB £539 100MB £699 NEW POWER
• Scan from 100-400 DPI
• Simulate Grayscale
• IFF & Printer support
• Powerful Image edit software
• Crop. Cut Paste, magnify, edit
• Many more features £159 AMIGA 500 Amiga 500 512K £330 Amiga
5001MB £350 Amiga 500 2MB £395 Amiga5001MB + 40MBharddisk £639
Packs do not inc*vd« software untow spectrally staled
• 20MB formatted
• 2* Hard Drive
• High Quality ICD interface
• Simple plug-in fitting £359 ICD ICD Adspeed £175 ICD Flicker
Free Video £250 ICD FFV ? VGA Monitor £499 ICD AdRAM MEMORY
EXPANSION 0MB (A500 only) £95 2MBIA500 only) £179 4MB( A500
only) £249 SOFTWARE Pro Page 2 0 £149 Pro Video Post £149 Pro
Write £85 Sculpt Animate4D £279 Broadcast Titler II £179 X Cad
Designer £77 X Cad Professional £229 Deluxe Paint III £87
DigiviewGold V4 £99 Pixmate £35 Vista £49 Distant Suns £36 Pen
Pal £79 Cross Dos £25 Devpac Amiga £45 Hisoft Basic £55 Lattice
CV5 £149 Lattice C + + £139 Hisoft Proflight £34 Pro Draw £100
Quarter Back £35 Video Titler £100 Turbo Silver £100 Director
V2 £89 Photon Paint II £85 Bars & Pipes £120 $ hgwmaker £199
GENERAL Hard wearing dust cover £9 Philips colour monitor Mkll
£249 KCS PC Power Board £235 Atonce £169 Atonce A2000 £199
Floppy disk (min quantity 50) £0 34 each Maxell multicolour
disk (10) £995 Golden Image Optical Mouse £39 Power Mouse £15
• Accelerator board
• 50MHz
• Up to 32MB of RAM
• For Amiga 2000 £1999 (comes with4M6) NEXUS HARD CARDS
- I
• High speed controller
• Up to 8MB RAM onboard
• Easy to install
• Fully autobooting
• Compatible with GYP and ICD
• Nexus software Bare £199 40MB £349 114MB NEC 20ms £499 GVP
Series 2 Hard Card
• High speed 'FaastROM* controller
• Up to 8MB SimmRAM onboard
• Fully autobooting
• Supports external SCSI devices Bare £199 40MB £349 114MB
NEC20ms £499 GVP 'COMBO' Board
• 22MHzor33MHz68030with6$ 882 I numeric coprocessor
• Comes with 1 MB RAM installed I4M on33MHzversionl
• Expand upto13MB(22MHz|or16MB 133MHz) using custom Simms
• Full series 2 SCSI interface connecting directly to the 68030
bus 22MHz Combo with 1MB RAM £79!
33MHz Combo with4MB RAM £149!
40MB SCSI hard disk for Combo £24!
114MB SCSI hard disk for Combo £29!
32-bit Simm 1MB £999!
CHIPS 256Kx4DRAM £5 1MB x1 DRAM £S 1MBx8Simm £40 4MBx8Simm £150 8372 Fatter*Agnus £49 A3000 Static Column RAM £28 All prices include VAT. Delivery and are subject to change All trademarks acknowledged.
Specifications are sublet to change without notice POWER COMPUTING LTD Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel: 0234 843388 Fax: 0234 840234 Next day delivery £4 50 ’caticawvtmCMua UNMin run out nua in 111 innim 11 mii • mi m anawn pwmkwfws W”** ’on* Hint* ia») M4U1I • MX 44*01' Evesham joins in BBC charity WHAT’S € 00 WflLLb* and away for 10,000 balloons at the end hen Amiga dealer Evesham Micros (0386 them in a bid to raise £10,000 for this in Need charity event.
Balloon Marathon will offer customers the to mn an A500 with a colour monitor and the receive an Atari Lynx hand held games a reasonable period of time has elapsed, the corn- ill announce which balloon travelled furthest to the winner. The firm are taking donations at any of their showrooms or by telephone. A few weeks after the sales started Evesham boss Richard Austin said they were likely to overtake their Initial aims.
Amiga Computing and other Europress Publications are supporting the Evesham Micros event. A free advertisement will promote the campaign in the November issue of the magazine.
Organiser, Richard Hicks, told Amiga Computing: "We are confident of getting a good response and hope to add to the excitement and fun in our region".
Printers go two-tier PRINTER owners with both laser and dot matrix models will have space problems cured with a new development from Rexel. The Two-Tier Printer Stand holds the two types of printer at once and is available for £133 from Action Computer Supplies (0800 333 333).
Ideal for computers £DTV m0Ve fiaii-iiMfuani pFiiiiw ixai lanoim Do you know something we don't?
Although Amiga Computing has scores of contacts in the Amiga world we need you, If you have some hot news nng |ohn Butters on the news-desk now on 0625 878888 All information supplied will be treated in the strictest of confidence SOON after the EMAP announcement that this year's CES had become trade only, details of a new retail show became available. The Computer Market Show will be aimed at computer users shopping for computers, software and consumables at low prices.
Show director Andrew Cooke said: "There is going to be a superb range of exhibitors showing the latest software and Pcs.
The venue for the three day show is Birmingham's Rex Centre (021-773
9090) , near Birmingham's New Street Station. It will be open
from 10am until 6pm on October 11 and 12, and 10am until
5pm on October 13.
THE ORGANISERS of next year's Ideal Home Exhibition are to devote a section of the show to home computing.
The Ideal Home Computing Show is a new feature of the event and will be held during the last weekend of the exhibition.
A spokeswoman said: "With more and more people working from home, the home computer has become a necessity.
The 1992 Ideal Home Computing Exhibition will be held at Earls Court from April 2 to 5, and will be open until 8pm daily.
Public gets a show CDTV OWNERS should soon find software using the machine's full potential following Commodore's appointment of multimedia pioneer |im Mackonochie as general manager of CDTV development in Europe- His main role will be to aid CDTV publishers and developers in European markets and will foster development in education, leisure and business applications.
Mackonochie had been working for the Maidenhead-based computer giant as a multimedia consultant since early last year and was a key player on the CDTV project team.
Stephen Franklin, managing director of Commodore, said: "Jim Mackonochie is one of the UK's leading experts in multimedia and we are very glad to have him at Commodore".
Jim Mackonochie: "I've long believed that CD technology was going to have a profound impact It is dear that with CDTV this is now a reality".
MIDLANDS-based dealer Centresoft (021-62S 3388) have been voted the number one software distributor in a recent survey by trade newspaper Computer Trade Weekly and have announced new Amiga peripherals.
The AddXtra range will be made up of several new types of product. A disk drive anti-click device designed to remove drive noise will sell for less than £10.
There will also be what the firm describes as a fun mouse which will switch between Amiga and Atari ST operation, a rom switcher to change Amiga 1.3 software to 1.2 and vice versa, and stereo headphones and an adaptor for plugging into the serial port Also imminent is an Amiga joystick and mouse switcher containing three ports for operation of two joysticks and a mouse. Half megabyte ram upgrades are available with or without a clock and the games Champions of Krynn or Kick Off 2. A 1.5 megabyte upgrade including dock is also available.
Managing director Richard Steele: 'Centresoft intend that the AddXtra range of products will fast become the standard accessory for all different types of playing machine.
"Our aim is that AddXtra will stand for quality, value for money and power packed with extra value".
AddXtra from number one dealer OVERSEAS EVENTS 20 to 22 September 1991 Amiga World Benelux Organiser InterExpo 6r Media Holland
(010) 1 040528191) Venue: Fair Building, Eindhoven, The
Netherlands Much to be seen, including the CDTY and a 3D
laser show staged with the help of an Amiga.
5 to 8 December 1991 Computer Shopper Show Organiser Blenheim Pel (081-868 4466) Venue: Wembley Exhibition Halls An opportunity to buy some bargains before Christmas. It's expected to be vijited by mpre than 50,000 people.
1 to 3 November 1991 Amiga 91 Koln Organiser Nn Show? Europe GmbH (01049809224086) Venue; Fairground, Cologne, Germany The second major German show of the year is likely to attract more than 200 exhibitors.
22 September 1991 Venue: C tyHoH, Candleriggs, Glasgow 6 October 1991 Venue; Brunei Centre, Bristol OW Station, Bristol A touring show with plenty of bargains and heaps of pubQc domain software.
7 to 9 February 1991 Sth International 16-bit Computer Show Organiser. Westminster Exhibitions (081-5493444) Venue: Novotel Hotel, Hammersmith The first post-Christmas Amiga show.
Expect plenty of bargains.
• If your company is organising a show relevant to the Amiga and
it's not listed, let us know so we can include the infor
mation in the diary.
7 September 1991 AH Formats Computer Fair Organiser: Bruce Everiss (0225 868100) Venue HortnAurol Hoff, Wntmrntfer, 5 to 8 September 1991 Computer Intertainment ihow Organiser. EMAP (071-404 4844) Venut. Earl's Court 2 NOW A TRADE-ONLY EVENT.
14 September 1991 Venue: National Motorcycle Museum, Sokhutt It was the most upbeat time for the Amiga in recent memory. Commodore's Power Up program - which offered discounts of more than 51,000 on the Amiga 3000 to anyone who could produce a manual cover and serial number from any Commodore machine, from the Pet to the A2500 - was a massive success.
Power Up had Amiga 3000s backordered in the thousands. Mean* while, NewTek's Video Toaster was quickly making the Amiga 2000 a de rigeur choice for video professionals and hobbyists - a professional market was finally taking the Amiga seriously.
And more games were pouring out for the A500 than ever before. In general, most of the professionals in the Amiga market seemed quite happy.
Until Black Wednesday, that is. At about midday on July 31, Commodore notified a number of employees in their research and development department that they were being laid off. At least several people directly involved with Amiga development were let go.
Although actual numbers couldn't be confirmed at press-time, sources within Commodore said that about 12 people involved with R&D had gone.
More found in 2.4 According to reports from developers who have received final disks and roms for product testing, there’s a little more in Workbench 2.04 than many had expected.
It seems that Commodore did get their outline font technology completed in time for release. One of the disks that will be included in the 2.04 Enhancer package will contain a special outline-capable diskfont library, three scalable Compugraphic fonts, and a utility called Fountain that will enable you to create bitmapped fonts from the outlines, and convert Gold Disk's Compugraphic font disks for Professional Page so they can be used with AmigaDOS.
The outline fonts can be scaled to any size and will still maintain a smooth, t professional I appearance.
AmigaDOS 2.04 will also scale standard bitmap fonts, but they appear chunky if they're enlarged too much.
Improird font technology with Workbench 2.04 Perhaps the most significant lay-off was in Commodore's UNIX R&D group.
The group had just finished the 2.0 release of Amiga UNIX, and were set to begin working on version 2.1, which will be compliant with the new ABI standard.
Now, only one person remains working on UNIX 2.1. Two others were transferred to Amiga development, and the rest were made redundant. It seems as if they're giving up on UNIX without giving it a reasonable chance to become profitable, Online panic When word of the lay-offs leaked to the online telecommunications networks, you'd think Commodore had announced that they were discontinuing the Amiga.
Users and developers alike justifiably wondered about Commodore's commitment - and common sense - when the company cut back the already small Amiga development team. While the cutbacks are disturbing - most companies Commodore's size have much larger R&D budgets and development groups - it's not time to panic.
There are still more people working on Amiga software and hardware development than there were in the Amiga's early years, and rumour has it that Andy Finkel may have gone to work with the CDTV development group.
While 85 per cent of Commodore's sales are in Europe, it's disturbing to see these R&D cutbacks in the USA., since operating system and hardware development for all of Commodore's Amiga markets is done here.
The company may be looking for quick ways to make the bottom line look better, but you'd think that by now Commodore would have figured out that the long term is extremely important in the computer industry.
If they're still trying to sell the same old Amiga 500 and 2000 models a year or two from now, while everyone else is putting in R&D money to create better, faster, more graphically exciting computers, the company will be in deep trouble.
Profits up When Commodore released their fiscal year 1991 earnings reports, Irving Could was quoted as saying "In the coming fiscal year, we will redouble our efforts to expand and enhance our line of products, pursue new market opportunities, and gain further operating efficiencies worldwide'. We can only hope that the third goal doesn't overwhelm the first.
Commodore recently reported that their earnings were up for the fiscal year ending fune 30, 1991, with earnings of $ $ 7,4 million on an income of $ 1,047.2 million. In comparison, FY1990 saw earnings of $ 1.5 million on sales of $ 887.3 million, Former Commodore US chief executive officer lack Rattigan look home a $ 9.2 million chunk of those FY1991 earnings, thanks to his settlement with Commodore for a breoch-oUontract suit when he was fired a few years back.
Visual impact There weren't many new products introduced at the recent AmiExpo show in Orlando, Florida The most exciting new product on display at the show was GVP'S new Impact Vision 24 graphics card. At 52,199 retail, this is a card for only the serious graphics aficionado However, if you're in the market for a 24-bit graphics card, it's hard to imagine one with more options Both PAL and NTSC versions of the board are available. Impact Vision is the first card that plugs into the in-line Zorro III and Video slots in 1 the Amiga 3000; if you're installing it in an Amiga 2000, you must
install it in a Zorro slot and run a cable over to the video slot.
Commodore lay-offs The frame buffer display supports a 16-million colour display with full video overscan (768 x 625 in PAL mode), and is software switchable between PAL and NTSC. There's also a double-buffered 12-bit 4096-colour display mode suitable for animation.
Impact Vision's neatest feature is its built-in de-interlacer. Used with a VGA monitor, Impact Vision de-interlaces not only its own display, but all standard Amiga modes as well. At the moment, it's the only display enhancer for the Amiga that supports de-interlaced output.
Other Impact Vision features include; a real-time 24-bit RGB frame grabber that can freeze video or grab a single frame in l 30th of a second; Picture-ln-Picture, which allows you to view a live RGB video source in a window, surrounded by 24-bit graphics; both composite and RGB output in PAL and NTSC; and composite and RGB genlocking.
It's bundled with Macro Paint- PVA, a 24-bit paint program; Caligari-PVA, a special single-light- source version of the 3D rendering program; and Scala-PVA for video titling.
Depending on your video needs, the Impact Vision 24 board may be reason enough to stop waiting for NewTek to release a PAL version of the Video Toaster.
Inovatronics introduced Directory Opus 3.0, a commercial version of lonathan Potter's shareware directory utility.
DeluxePaint IV was shown publicly for the first time, and the crowd was suitably wowed New Horizons showed off DesignWorks, their new structured drawing program, and Cryogenic Software introduced the new 2.0 version of their 3D professional modelling packages.
More information will follow on these products as they're released for review Greater capacity - Greater capabilities.
The protar A 500 HD Series - The ultimate Hard Disk Drive.
Your Amiga will have capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.
Protar A 500 HD.
Capacity 20 MB -160 MB.
On-board-RAM Option up to 8 MB.
1 year replacement warranty.
2 years for Hard Disks with Cache.
Flexible capacity for professionals.
Made in Germany.
Reguest for further information at protar ltd. • Park House • Greenhil! Crescent Watford Business Park • Watford Herts WD18QU Tel. 092 354133 24 23 07 • Fax 092 32120 48 KCR€- I'owcrbafch dtore brings yr Jl Post cof Jfenensive range of sharePPe in th 0n.
For your FR E catalogue (disk anc printejir telephoneFR E on0800 25?2!$ 1iripiy Qr write to Jt at FREEPOST kpre Nc tingha Orders disfetfttWl the aatneSlay ed PROGRAMMING UTILITIES A Basic programs Modula II Files Amiga Basic programs MVP Forth Scheme Languages (By Brandt) Browser Calc DME Vlabel Icon Masters Compress Fractal Flight Micro Emacs A68K Stoney Brook prologue Sozobon C PDC Cmanual Sprite Maker DezHexbin Dir Util 5 ASK Mymenu QED the text editor Crossdos Doskwik Amiga Spell Checker Champions Utilities Address As6502 Shareware programs may require extra payment to authors if the
programs are found useful.
ImPics , sons Vallejo (Vol 3) 4 Animations Logo Animations 30 Arm FF Pics TexF Graphic Utilities Amiga Mcad DBWrender Skypaint Viz Amigafox Fonts QRT Technotronic Music Diskl The Special Brothers Zenith Music III Crockett’s Theme Oktalyzer Delux music songs Soundtracker Instruments The Prisoner Plague Clue Backgammon Hack the adventure Moria Amoeba Invaders Bull Run Gravity Wras Cosmoroids Conquest Tunnel Vision Shanghai Pacman Bally Dragon Cave Paranoid The Holy Grail Adventure The Golden Fleece Adven.
Callisto Chinese Checkers |B U S 1 N E S S VC Spreadsheet calc Bankn Visicalc Amicron Star Term VT100 Communicator |EDUC ATI 0 N Draw Map EVO The Weather World Database Deep Sky I - 9 Disks £2,49 each 10 -19 Disks....£1.99 20 + Disks £1.75 30 + Disks £150 Shareware program* may require extra | payment to authors where requested.
Public Domain program* require no further payment.
Please rush me the following shareware programs and a Akore catalogue; Title Title AKORE, NOTTINGHAM, NG11BR or if you have a credit card telephone 0800 252221 ? Cheque ? PO abdhess- No of disks x £2.49(EACH) + P&P TOTAL C1 OR POSTCODE- irl.yo Mil Card No EXP I I I Crack epidemic - u a: Knaves
• and l| • ctllU thieves Though not a problem on the scale of the
professional duplicators running full scale piracy ocerations,
the activities of 'crackers'* have come to worry software
houses a great deal. Working in groups* and sometimes liaising
with others on bulletin boards in Europe and overseas, crackers
are often experts m software protection routines and how to
break into, or "crack" diem.
They compete with each other as to who can crack a came the fastest the current record belonging to whoever uploaded Psvgnosis' Lemmings to a popular bulletin board before it was released to the public.
Th»s sort of competition, though very much of the "mine's bigger than yours" school, spells trouble for the game in question because it is only a matter of time before a version of it appears which has absolutely no protection whatsoever.
When this happens, all the man-years of coding and development time which went into the game is wasted, and the company in question starts to lose sales.
We sooke to an anonymous member of the pirate community - he baulked a little at the term "thief", but then the truth hurts, doesn't it? This man is a self-confessed "cracker" of over 200 commercial games.
We asked him how, if at an possible, he justified his activities, and h'*s answers go some wav towards explaining the mentality of the people who plague the leisure software industry.
Well call him Cvtpurse, because he was a little shy when asked his real name, and, well, he sounded like he should be called Cutpurse: When did you "crack" your first game, and what made you attempt it?
"I was about 74 (Cutpurse is new 79) and right into machine code. I liked to mess cboui with Pokes ond stuff to find out the cheats, so I got into changing the came code after a while."
And was this on an Amiga?
"No, I used to have a 64, but I bought an Amiga 500 three years ogo. The early comes were dead easy. * How d'you mean, "dead easy"?
"They were hardly protected at all- ” And have they become not so "dead easy" over the last three years?
"Yeah, some are o red to crack, but that's what makes it so much fun."
But did you realise you were breaking the law? (At this point Cutpurse became a little animated and his replies have had to be edited.)
"Yeah, but I only ever gave copies to my metes. We had a sod of competition to see who could crack a new game the fastest. We never sdd them. " Did you circulate these copies?
'You mean, like, pass them around?
Yeah. Uke I said, we just cracked them, put our handles in them, and sent*em to piss Off other crocking crews who hadn't busted the came yet" What do you think became of the cracked copies?
"Dunno. I never play a game once it's been crocked."
What if you found out a professional piracy outfit was using a game, cracked by vou, and selling hundreds of them for profit?
"I'd soy 'where's my commission?’" Cutpurse laughed heartily at his bon mot, then continued. "Seriously, though, I know there's a few of my cracked games around on bulletin boards end what have you, but what other people do with them is theh business.” What if we said you could be prosecuted as a thief? (Cutpurse's reply consisted mostly of unprintable comments.)
Only if you follow the writings of the German philosopher Leibnitz, who believed God had created "the best of all possible worlds", could you summon enough Optimism to assume that the thieves of this world would allow a profitable opportunity to pass them by. Most of' us see things through slightly less rose- Amiga Computing explains why "pirates" is too good a word for them c. tinted spectacles.
In the early 80s, however, and for reasons best known to themselves, the computer press decided to slap the label of "piracy" on the type of theft peculiar to microcomputers - software theft. The label was a throw-back to the days of "pirate" radio stations, such as Radio Caroline, so called because they were based on ships out at sea, and m a short space of time it became accepted by all.
22 It is a complete misnomer. Software thieves aren't to be found climbing the rigging with swdrds in their teeth, or dashing their way through brave and romantic adventures - thus thorouchfv deserving their rich booty 'or having entertained us all so well in the movies.
“They are simply thieves.
Have you ever, at school or in work, had a real brainwave and found it impossible not to share it with a friend or colleague, only to find out the next day they've presented it to your teacher or boss a~d passed t off as their own idea? You have? Then you too have been a victim of intellectual theft.
Imagine for a moment that your living depends on such original ideas and you find yourself in the position of a software author. Imagine again that your mortgage repayments depend on the development and packaging of the fruits of that idea, and you can then put yourself In the position of almost everyone else in the leisure software industry.
Not a nice feeling, is ft? I mean, if you caught someone with his or her hand in your wallet, would you call that person a pirate, or would your exclamation be rather less romantic?
Flip a coin If we may put on another hat, what about the punters: those whose expenditure on leisure software constitutes the software companies' profits? From their point of view, the piracy issue is less clearly defined.
Bombarded f-om all sides by peer pressures, oxtremefv well considered Stunt Car Racer complete with crocking crew's message. The disk, supptied anonymously, is an example of how protected gomej software can turn up in on entirely copyobte guise
• .C-TOWWr • Wifr»Tt* In * • rn’t' n* u.frL-np Of rsirLIo 77?r
pfrocy trtner arvc: a London BBS packed with Hired
software-yours for the taking fPJ.; tr * Xj*J;j *vn: y rhfi U
+~r* .1.1 * »*•* *n I J
* ••3. :• w &**¦• *fMf* •? '5 •N*’* *ar*o i» -rw p ¦¦* ¦*•
»v-*e mift. f ~ •* 'rvfer- vr* *- wfr«I 77»«r 5)Wp of fWj
board thinks that this disclaimer is enough td admonish him
from the crime of theft 4 Pirates? String 'em up! Simon
Jeffrey. Electronic Arts and cunningly pitched advertising, the
reviews and recommendations of dozens of computer magazines,
and the soaring price of games software, many of our readers
may be thinking to themselves "what about us?"
Since the release of Kick Off Z in 1989, the consumer has watched the average price of a top game soar from £20 to £30 and nudge upwards towards the £35 mark. In that time we are led to believe that piracy has, if anything, dropped off as the industry fights back through the federation Against Software Theft (PAST) and the European Leisure Software Publishers' association (ELSPA), Why the discrepancy?
Pay your way "We live," we were told by ELSPA's Roger Bennet, "in a capitalist society, and a product has to pay for itself." In other words, the software companies have increased the prices of their products to keep up with inflation and the rising costs of developing and marketing a successful game. The market economy argument, however, could be couched in another way. If the industry is responding to the push and pull of a supply and demand system, then the very success of professional piracy operations is a clear indication of a ground- swell of demand for cheaper games.
Why shouldn't software houses reduce their prices, thereby reducing the demand for Illegal software?
If only life were so simple! There is no doubt an irrefutable aspect to this argument, but in the main it can be combated with another piece of simple capitalist deduction.
October 1991 Amiga Computing No matter how cheap a piece of software becomes, it will always be possible for someone to rip it off and sell it With our VIDEO DIGITISERS you can... step into the real-world of real-time AND colour: + No need for a perfect freeze frame VCR!
No need for a colour splitter!
• No need for a colour wheel!
Perfect pictures from a moving colour source at just the touch of a button.
With SuperPic and ColourPic frame grabbers you can... ? GRAB a frame from a moving picture in 64,000 vibrant colours.
? SAVE and display pictures in 64,000 colours.
? ENHANCE your DTP skills with a wide range of built in monochrome tools.
? INTERFACE directly with the PD AIM image processing software to use its wide range of powerful image processing tools.
? CREATE a picture which can be loaded into your favourite image data base or art package...Superbase, DeLuxe Paint, Photon Paint, Digipaint...and print to your colour or monochrome printer, ? SEE your SCULPT images as you have never seen them before! Use ColourPic or SuperPic as the perfect SCULPT display device!
? DIGITISE images in HAM, EHB, 32,16,8, & 4 colour, monochrome, threshold, interlace and overscan modes.
? ANIMATE from a real life colour source. The AniMate option extends SuperPic or ColourPic framestore memory RAM to 512K and includes hardware and software for short sequence, real life colour animation from VCR or video camera. Captures and replays in single field or sequence modes. Outputs IFF files for use with DeLuxe Paint, Photon Paint and other animation systems.
? MODIFY existing pictures using Cabaret, our new exciting software package for SuperPic and ColourPic. Cabaret combines image import facilities and colour processing functions with many powerful new features to give some interesting effects!
ColourPic - The real-time colour video digitiser for the A500, A2000 anc A3000. RRP £399 inc VAT.
ColourPic AniMate - RRP £549 inc VAT, SuperPic - The real-time colour video digitiser and superb genlock for ih A5QQ and A20QO for the discerning Amiga user. RRP £499 inc VAT.
SuperPic AniMate - RRP £649 inc VAT.
Cabaret - New software for all our Amiga digitisers £5 inc VAT available direct from JCL.
AniMate - Upgrade service for most existing models - please call.
JCL BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED 71 St. John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9TT, England Tel: 0892 518181 (INT) +44 89275 791. Fax: 089275 440 (INT) +44 892 518181 Teh 0897 75791 (INT) +44 892 75791. Fax: 0892 75440 (INT) +44 892 75440 rrnrr t* M has no over- I -c dMlopment costs.
M r9«. Of course, that professional products will Mr dodgy pirate versions, but 9mtrt ndustiy a disk is a disk jr*kg n the video industry fl) prate tapes are of a dubi- ri «r*n you pirate a game it p t p able as the original.
I mKT thieves who can often copes not only of the disks, Kfe duplications of the manure the packaging, software es are *i a position where they compete with pirates. In any opnion of many industry pun- to try to compete would be E EEEEfrEEl i SIZE FLIF lg™ e i u lour: rR!
Le at p p RE “ “ HE : ROTATE BEND H Shi ? N metrmorph anim houe P p ] DIGITIZED nniri-tygjjg. R r !?
* . Pi* ¦!!
0. 1 n d»l I «l i-l IteHH *1 - l-H 91 21 PI HI si fil Prtwf
Poinl (V n wn*y of Ifir rrto o' ff**» o*ofrth fov coo hovt H
now if p* *now trtwt fo too* self-defeating, lending an air of
legitimacy to the pirates and smacking, therefore, of moral
Consumer dilemma Where does this leave the end user, who might spend up to £100 per month on leisure software? The Amiga owner with a wallet like a Tardis will be able to continue matching the software companies' rising prices, but for the rest of us there comes a time when the temptations of illegal but more affordable software can be too much to resist At this point, in a perfect world, the Amiga owner will tighten his or her entertainment belt and settle for fewer oal software without having first obtained the written permission of the party or parties holding the copyright to that
software. Not a parti- cularly ambiguous position, when you get right down to it.
A myth exploded 8 Htgol to make any copy of any piece of commer- I I You can't make a copy for another member of the family, or one to loan to a friend, or to give away for nothing. You can't even make a backup copy for your own use, despite the belief held by many people that to do so is OK, For a good few years now there have existed cartridge-based copying systems designed to break through just about any disk-based copy protection and "backup" the protected software to another disk.
Although not sold as aids to piracy they have, inevitably, been used for the wrong purposes by some owners.
We're not in the business of busting kids. It’s not an answer to criminalise them 7 FAST's Bob Hay told us he's seen many cases of disks copied by people who would not have had the expertise to crack the protection routines had they not been making illegal use of backup cartridges.
E 10 use gc data Use jme, xtends the tdudes lation or ’hoton s 5 reimport ew For this reason, and after rumblings in the industry, many computer magazines including Amiga Computing have dropped all advertisements for such devices.
This is yet another example of how the actions of a minority of thieves can affect a great many more people, from the manufacturer's lost sales, through the magazine's lost advertising revenue, to the innocent users of backup devices. It is a perfect illustration of how software theft hits all of us, not just the developers.
The FAST answer 00 and The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST), in existence since 1984, is the computer software industry's answer to the threat of piracy. We spoke to FAST's chief executive, Bob Hay, and asked him to summarise the state of play on today's software high seas.
What, we asked, is the most alarming aspect about piracy today?
"There's an international aspect to piracy in this country," Bob told us, 'in that many so-called cracking crews are in contact with groups in Europe and the USA on a network of dozens or even hundreds of pirate bulletin boards."
And is this your biggest headache?
"Not just that. Distribution is an extremely difficult problem. Swapping and passing programs around is one thing, but unless money changes hands we can find it difficult to bring action."
You mean the sort of swapping carried out by schoolboys?
"Yes, but youngsters who swap illegal software are more of an educational awareness problem. We're not in the business of busting kids. It's not an answer to criminalise them."
Who, then, are FAST's main targets?
"My target is the professional pirate who is in it for a profit - but FAST isn't just about prosecutions. Our three aims have always been to prosecute where necessary, but also to launch education and awareness initiatives, and to push for legal initiatives."
Legal steps FAST came into being initially through the impending amendment to the 1956 Copyright Act. While the software industry had been pushing for the sealing of loopholes in copyright law and the provision of full protection for magnetic media-based original material, the Hay. FAST Home Office was reluctant to act if It meant placing more of a burden on existing law enforcement resources.
When the Home Office insisted the software industry make some attempt to self-regulate, FAST was conceived as the body to fill the gap. A year after its formation in 1984, the Copyright (Computer Software) Amendment 1985 received its royal assent and computer piracy officially became a crime.
With legal backing, FAST went into action.
Prosecutions were slow in coming in the early days, as the judicial system adjusted its thinking to take computer crime on board, but the number of busts has risen considerably since then, and Bob told us he now sees at least one successful prosecution a month. Do FAST always get their man?
"We've only lost one case that went to court.
However, many cases are settled out of court."
FAST is in a position where it can negotiate on behalf of a member company to secure compensation from companies or organisations in an out-of-court settlement.
This is often the most satisfactory way to deal with cases where there was no malice or profiteenng intended, such as in a large company whose single wordprocessor package finds its way on to dozens of machines.
The recent much publicised case of The Yorkshire Evening Press, whose offices were raided on 12th July this year, shows how FAST will settle out of court when its members’ interests can best be served in that way.
After a settlement Bob Hay described as "AMIGAble", the software companies whose copyright had been infringed received suitable compensation.
However, the first leisure software pirate sent to jail after a FAST prosecution, Andrew jayes of Nottingham, will have plenty of time to reflect on the error of his ways during his three month stretch behind bars.
The prosecution follows a year in which FAST siezed £2 million of illegal software and made 12 successful prosecutions.
The message to prospective pirates could hardly be written in clearer terms.
The budget debate When challenged, a great many computer users will use the high price of leisure software to justify their jolly Roger software collection. The argument goes tha software publishers want to wipe out piracy, they should remove the stimulus which leads most ordinary users to copy games.
Bringing down the price of new games to £10 or less would, they da.m, lead to many more people buying the original games.
While this argument has at first a certain amount of persuasive force, it takes only a little more examination to show just how implausable it is as an explanation for piracy. As Andrew Wright from Virgin Mastertronk told us, the only way you'll stop games from being pirated is to sell them for less than the price of a disk* If Virgin Mastertronk, one of the biggest budget software producers, falls prey to a hiqh level of piracy, the argument about piracy being related to high poces loses much of its credibility. "Our re-released titles suffer most , Andrew explained, “especially relatively
unprotected stuff like the Infocom games. Ive often seen these for offer on bulletin boards".
While it is accurate, then, to say that more people would buy a particular game if it was cheaper, it is clearly not the case that fewer people would pirate it Professional pirates are in business to rip off the software industry. Lower official prices would simply mean the pirates making slightly less money from their operation ;» There's no denying the fact that some software is more expensive than it should be, and that sometimes it seems the copy protection routmes receive more development time than the game itseH, but high prices are no justification for theft.
Ims COT repackage an Ocean hll with iome commercial flair Ocean, Oorkman. Downloaded bY AC before it Woi even relea,ed The industry speaks a series piracy has decreased over the [yen H If* cheap - people stM wont cheaper games. In the real world, however, this is a difficult exercise.
What of the parent with an Amiga- crazy child who brings home an obviously pirated game, or clamours for some of the dodgy looking but cheap software on offer at some market stalls?
The only suggestion we can offer to people in this position is to report the software thief either to ELSPA or to FAST. Cold comfort, perhaps, but the only comfort we can give.
In the end, it is only through action on the part of the responsible Amiga- owning community that piracy will be tamed in our section of the market.
Assuming that there will always be a demand for cheaper software, the only realistic way to break the vicious circle of spiralling prices is to cut out the illegal supply side of the market equation.
As more and more pirates are put out of business, the software industry will have to listen to the demands of its consumers and cut prices. Once companies know they can compete again in a market virtually free of illegal and totally unfair competitors, they will have no excuse for continually hiking their prices - and that's when we'll see 4 The only way to stop people pirating a game is to sell it for less than the price of a disk Andrew Wright, Virgin Masteitronic whether they really mean what they say about piracy.
Is it a threat to free competition or a convenient excuse? The only people in a position to force the issue are you, our readers, so get on those phones and shop the thieves to FAST or ELSPA.
If you don't, you've only yourselves and the pirates to blame.
FAST 0628 660577 tacular successes, have received more attention in recent months, it was ELSPA who first lit the fire that was to become the blazing piracy debate.
Their advertisements in the computer press, inviting computer users to "shop" friends or colleagues involved in software theft and offering a reward of £1.000 for information leading to a conviction, brought new life to a tired old argument.
Stirring up controversy, the advertisements were shamelessly provocative, and did as much as anything else to bring piracy to the fore. Some readers found the ads a bit too much but only one, showing a teacher being shopped by his pupils, was withdrawn because it was thought to be too sweeping a brush with which to tar the nation's teachers.
ELSPA "aims at the top half of the [piracy] iceberg," as Roger fiennet.
ELSPA's chief executive told us. So does ELSPA have no time for small time pirates?
“We receive over 100 calls a week, and they're all stored on answer- phone. We will respond to all instances where the caller has hard evidence and leaves a name and address. This information is obviously totally confidential."
Hard evidence?
“Yes. We don't have the resources to follow up what could be a wild goose chase. If we’re sent a piece of pirated software with a receipt from the shop or trader who sold it, we can act immediately," We asked Roger if the level of year.
“There has been a drop in piracy there's no doubt our campaign h, had a substantial impact. This time la year a number one hit would be sel ing to no more than 10 per cent the user base instead of the 50 p cent or so you might expect. Pirac was to blame for much of the lot sales, but the situation has improved.1 So why have game prices contir ued to soar? We asked him if ther was any risk of the software marke becoming a sort of "carter wher.
Games houses set their prices at thi level everyone else was settling on Surely this is as much a factor in th pneing of games as piracy?
"I've often criticised the softwart industry for being sheep-like," hf explained, “and following each other s lead, but I'd relute any carte view of the industry. It's a competitive market, and if a game is duff it won't sell. Magazines have a responsibility to point out the duff ones."
Do you think there could be a general drop in prices with your and FAST's successes?
"I see a drop in prices as a probability rather than a possibility, but the residual effects of last year’s high lev- els of piracy are still being felt. It will take time for price cuts to filter through once games start selling to a larger proportion of the user base."
Finally, what of the present situation?
“There are definite signs of improvement, but piracy is still endemic."
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¦ Iwith lazers 253BB rhr-h BB ? ! Qli Llamas s S@) v -s* ::. -*¦ «*& j 1 S* * e) "S? «£» £ S *£ Longtime computer users, and especially those of us who graduated to the Amiga from the Commodore 64, will remember Uamasoft as possibly the world's freakiest software house. Following a determined path of sheep, llama, and then camel-fixation, Jeff and company produced such classics as Revenge of the Mutant Camels and Sheep in Space.
After a long silence in the 16-bit market, Uamasoft are back. Amiga owners jealous of their ST-owning buddies - who've been enjoying Llamatron on ST shareware for some months - can now partake of one of software's most fun fetishes.
The game Llamatron is played on a plain black square in the centre of which appears your llama. On starting each screen, the poor llama is surrounded by aliens which gradually swarm towards it, killing the beast on contact.
The time-honoured objective, therefore, is to blast as many greenies as possible before your inevitable demise, rescuing all the llamas, sheep, goats, and camels on each screen to boost your points total. To accomplish this you are armed with a laser-equipped llama, whose killing power can be augmented by the collection of power-ups.
Gameplay There are several ways to play Llamatron, any one of which can be chosen by pushing the joystick in a certain direction while at the title screen.
Pushing forward and back on the stick toggles between one and two-player mode, and pushing the stick left and right selects Solo, Player Plus Droid, or Team mode.
This is where it gets complicated! In oil playing modes, the llama fires continuously, so there's no need to wear down your thumb or use auto-fire. In standard one and two-player modes, the camel fires in the direction of movement, but as this necessitates moving towards your target, thus endangering your life, there are a few tricks available to spray death and destruction wherever you like, Those of you with four arms or a couple of joysticks firmly anchored to the desk, can press fire on the second joystick to play the game in a wacky mode that simulates the way many arcade games
play. Using this mode, joystick one controls the direction of movement, and joystick two directs the laser.
In Player Plus Droid mode, your llama is accompanied by a purple blob which runs around doing all the violent stuff, leaving the player simply to avoid contact with the nasties, This mode is MPLOm& Imploder Author Albert Brower Readers of AMIGA Computing and users of the CoverDisk should by now be familiar with Nico Francios's file crunching utility, PowerPacker, and the multicoloured flashing screen or mouse pointer associated with its runtime decrunch routine.
What most people may not be aware of is the large number of alternatives which exist in the cruncher market, not least of which is Imploder. The latest version, Turbo 3.1, is easily as fast as PowerPacker 3.0 Professional (now a commercial product), and in many Cases will save mdre space than its better known rival. In addition, it is more amenable to the absolute Amiga beginner than PowerPacker, and assumes little or no knowledge of the machine.
The one real drawback with Imploder «s that it will crunch only executable files (ie, runnable programs), so if you want to crunch, say, a text file you will still have to use PowerPacker, To run the program, either click on its icon or select it using the Shortcut menu system at the top of your disk's Workbench screen. The program's friendly user interface pops up and from here on in it's plain sailing.
1 rn ! 332R £ TURBO SEWICH EH«IED» WK 3 innnHEinnnnii Let's Implode!
Proceed To start Imploding, click on the large Start button or select start from the single pull-down menu. A file requester then asks you to select the program you want to crunch. For our purposes, click on the C: directory, then doubleclick on the Sound program.
I tfv j1 1 [Ofiiin’l l*naHi: MLS ;Start)"- I I Percentage left: 15.6 x I Imploder has a very friendly Iront end Sound is an 8k progrant used to play back sound samples and is one of the few executable files on the disk we haven't yet crunched to death. Once you've selected the file, Imploder loads it into memory and carries out its initial scan of the program.
The scan is the first step in an intelligent crunching process designed to take into account the very different programs one might want to crunch on an Amiga. Imploder will adjust its operation to best suit each file, and this flexibility is one of the secrets of its success.
By now you should be looking at Imploder's main crunch options panel.
For the moment, ignore everything except the line of buttons marked 0 to Terroitute Abort i I 8 This represents the severity of Imploder's crunching, with 8 representing the most efficient, resulting in the smallest files, and 0 the least efficient.
The time taken to accomplish a crunch is obviously greater the higher up the scale you go, so the default value of 5 is a good middle ground.
You can splash out and go for 8, but on small files of less than 50k the improve- Superb programmer i tool whkh converts IFF brushes to assembly source code.
ConvBrush Author. David Kinder A utility of use only to programmers, ConvBrush is a handy tool for converting any Dpaint IFF brush to Assembler source code for use in your own programs. It is designed to work in a friendly, intuition-based fashion, but Workbench-hating CU fanatics can launch it from there by typing I I I lany ode, in of s the rour blob lent void ie is ConvBrush IETURh If you don't use Assembler, you won't be using ConvBrush, and if you do use Assembler, you won't need telling how to use ConvBrush. Basically, it does what it does, and does it well, SO if you get some mileage
out of the program, send a shareware donation to: David Kinder, 28 Langholm Road, Garswood, Ashton- in-Makersfield, Lancs WN4 OSG How to use The Disk $ i Tense and exciting ity of ;or a more exact measure of the esent-
• tmch, watch the percentage running in the total between the
Start and Abort but»nt.
Lish a Maybe it's just me, but 1 find this a ligher
- unously tense and exciting waitl ;fault Perhaps the knowledge
that if it's not und.
Quite small enough it won't fit on the iut on already bulging CoverDisk is what irove- nakes crunching so stressful.
Ment is often negligible. Click on Proceed to start crunching, and the first
• -.ing you'll notice is the light show on
• -« nght-hand side of the screen.
This is just a graphic equalizer-st -le representation of what's going on
• 'Ten the file is crunched, and the second column is the one
to watch. You'll see the column shrink from 100 per cent down
to almost 50 per cent as Sound is thoroughly squished.
Recommended for beginners until you get the hang of the way the game plays as it represents the best helping hand you'll ever get in Uamatron.
Team mode is possibly the most fun, as it enables a second player to join in ?HI T T with a camel. The two players share common bonuses, a common points total, and a common fate, so you'll find it easier to get a higher score, but will no doubt enjoy the potential for raging arguments when your chum gets fhtzed and loses both of you a life.
The last, and ultimately the most important, technique is what |eff calls "locking", This is done by pressing the firing button and holding it down, and locks the direction of fire in whatever direction you were firing when the button was first pressed.
As you progress, you will find this technique indispensable, as it is the only way of shooting at a greenie without also moving towards it It is a difficult tactic to master, but with a bit of practice you'll soon be locking in and out and switching between directions of fire very quickly. If not, you'll be dead... Power-ups Where do I start? There are so many different bonuses to collect in this game that to list them all here would be useless. Instead, I'll go through some of the most useful power-ups which no First of all, you must make a back-up copy of the coverdisk. To do this,
boot up with your copy of Workbench, then double dick on the Workbench disk icon, followed by the Shell or CU icon Now type: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: or. If you have an extra disk drive, put a blank, formatted disk in Df 1: and type: DISKCOPY FROM DfO: TO DF1: Follow the onscreen prompts until the copying procedure has ended, then put your original disk away in a safe place. Now switch off the machine and wait for 30 seconds before re-booting with the copy. Wait until the CoverOiskl 7 icon appears, double dick on it and away you go.
That's all you need do to make a straight copy of the entire disk. However, you may also want to to copy Individual ambitious player can afford to miss.
The ubiquitous smart bomb is present in the shape of a large smirking tomato which drifts towards the llama and explodes on contact, killing all greenies onscreen - though not the llama. On the first few levels it's best to avoid the smart bomb, because premature destruction of a level can often mean you don't rescue all the sheep programs from your copy of the coverdisk to a separate disk. In this case ensure that you fully understand which related files need to go with it For example, all of the document files on the disk require that the text editor Ppmore is in the current fck‘s C:
Therefore, if you copy the docs to a new disk you will also have to copy Ppmore to the new C: directory before you can read them.
Some of the smaller docs will not have been crunched, so for these you need only change the tool types on the icon's info screen to refled whichever text editor you do have on the new disk.
As a general rule, you should carefully read the documentation for any program you copy from disk to disk.
This can save a great deal of messing about and can help you avoid all those infuriating error messages!
And so on. On later levels, you'll find yourself screaming out for a nice juicy tomato and tearing at it like a bat out of hell once it actually appears.
The next most useful power- ups are those which affect the way your laser fires. Author: SoundStudio is an excellent utility for creating and editing sound samples for use in MED, SoundTracker, or NoiseTracker clones, or for just messing around with. It deals only with mono samples as these, besides being much more memory-conscious, are best suited for use with such sequencers.
To Q * i cz LU o u The program is feature-packed but easy to use, and will be graphically There is one to enable three-way firing, whose lifesav- ing properties can* not be underestimated, and one which makes your shots bounce off the walls instead of simply disappeanng into them.
The latter is particularly deadly if you are forced to retreat into a comer, as by firing into it you can create a lethal crossfire of rebounding shots, especially if you also have three-way shots at the same time.
All in all, the most apt comment one 4 ?
I r u 1 I 34 Tha h getting dangerous, moi cheri!
Craig Eales quite familiar to anyone who's used sampling software before. There are no pull-down menus, all functions being carried out through a series of buttons on the control panel in the bottom half of the screen, and the program is exited using the Esc key.
If you're already a confirmed sampler, your best bet would be to mess about with the program and refer occa- can make about Llamatron is that Mr Minter makes exceedingly good shoot- 'em-ups.
Shortcut Author: Michael Bradley Share and enjoy Last but not least, Llamatron is a shareware game. This means that if you like it and want to play it some more, and you're an honest person, you'll send £5 to: LLAMASOFT, 49 Mount Pleasant, Tadley, Hants RC26 6BN In return, you'll receive another Llamasoft game, a brilliant poster of a gun-toting llama, and a Llamasoft newsletter. For five quid it has to be a bargain.
LAL •: sionally to the on-disk documentation when puzzled. Alternatively, by clicking on the Information button in the lower right hand corner of the control panel, you can bring up a quick reference guide to the various buttons and key presses which control the program's functions. If you don't already have a sampler, or if you're new to the game.
I'll run through a sample editincftosion to give you the general idea. Once you grasp the basics, everything else is down to experimentation.
Beginner's guide zoch m c.t Y.U- ai: m mg!
• ms nun HI PLAY HI nxivm CJIMKE rn} _.. i - ce?v :e BUTTE . V.
OMSIffil S AH? 1 S Qua WIK SD-Ju NOJE :c£ 5»r.i i : WIWSL
Itt&iCBtfia Avr : • • RIVE RSI 5 4 [¦¦¦! !! MSHft i i •
QSARRWQ iwtn m Cv : * ¦ •
r. 2i y ?i2i c.: me VWMIIW 5 : 5 * A : B 5 9
- - vCilW •
- ¦ Sound Studio eomplete with Bogey sample You might be
thinking; why don't I just use the sampling software that came
with my sampler? The answer is that SoundStudio is a smaller
program than many commercial sampling programs, uses less
memory than some, and is a lot simpler in operation than most.
Now on with the show!
SoundStudio First you must load a sample from the two we've supplied on the disk.
Click on the Load Sample button to bring up SoundStudio's custom file requestor, then dick on the up down arrows on the right of the screen until you see the Utilities directory.
Click on this, then on the Shortcut is a neat little menu utility - only 1.5k! - for adding user-defined menus in Workbench. If you've booted up the CoverDisk already, you'll have noticed that to illustrate its use we've used Shortcut this month instead of MyMenu.
To select a program or doc file from the disk, dick in the Shortcut window to activate it, hold down the right mouse button, and make your selection in the same way you'd choose from any Amiga menu. So how does K do it?
If you look in the CoverDisk's S. directory wherein the startup* sequence normally resides, you will find an Ascii text file called shortcut.setup. This is the file Shortcut looks for when it is run from a startup-sequence or the CU, and contains all the information for the menu which will appear on your Workbench screen.
A shortcut, setup file consists of a number of items separated from each other by hash marks ( ), and a list of AmigaDOS commands to be carried out when the item is selected from the menu. The list is terminated with a hash mark and a carriage return and the next item is begun below it.
As an example, if you wanted a shortcut menu item to run your Workbench preferences program without having to go into the preferences drawer and click on the icon, yOu SoundStudio directory, which will allow you to dick on the sample of yoir choice. For now, select the sampW called Bogey and it will load automat cally. Please note that to use the Lotc Sample button, you must have a disk * your internal drive.
You now have a snippet from the film Casablanca in your Amiga's memory. For all you film buffs, it's from the bit when the immortal Bogart watd Peter Lorre being arrested without] intervening, despite the latter's desperate appeals. When challenged on th*,] he replies: "I stick my neck out ft nobody". A classic moment from a sk movie.
Safety first A good principle to follow when editing samples is to keep a copy of the origins safely tucked away somewhere, so dick on the B6 button in the lower right- hand comer to activate buffer number six. Now dick on Copy To Buffer.
Just to prove the buffer contents are actually there, dkk on Clear Main, then | on Paste Buffer. The screen will dear, then the original sample will be refreshed from memory. Simple, eh?
For most editing functions, the user would run your text editor (ED will do) and include an item in your shortcutsetup looking something like: Prtfcrmtsf Cl U0RKBEICH1.JiPIEFEREICES RUN mi: 111: PREFERERCESf You must use the RUN NIL: NIL: construction so that the application multitasks properly, but if you have BRUN or RUNBACK in your C: directory - BRUN is in this month's CoverDisk C: directory - these will do just as well.
The major limitation with Shortcut is that its menu items can't be more than 11 characters long, but you can have as many as 24 items. Even users with utility-packed hard drives should be able to fit everything into 24 slots.
In addition to the menu selection, each Shortcut item has an associated right-Amiga keypress combination.
You can therefore launch your application by pressing down the right Amiga key and the correct letter, though if the ShortCut window isn't the currently active window you'll still have to click on it with the mouse to activate it before using the keypress.
As it doesn't use a device-handier, and is only 1,5k in size, Shortcut is very economical on memory, and because its items can have entire scripts attached to them it's as flexible as your AmigaDOS knowledge will allow h will then pie of your ie sample I automati- ? The Load re a disk in from the ga's mem- s from the rt watches i without r’s desper- d on this, k out for om a clas* n o m 75 as serna mas 3 TjcZl
• Z&3&Z HS5S®Si353S 'z'l- tioSXl grass J-Z'r.TZ- LiiAt t’njf'
3WBSK33I ?¦: ! ZZT7J&I :W3&3S33 3cs::t.
Y I 14 foS! KK35T C CSSSKS on* j 5 S3? * ssi v.i ¦muss* i * s- “
xi. y ¦:?
J£ r&:*4 v SCMfc* Now odd e bit of echo!
S) 7* en editing ie original e, so dick ver right* r number er.
Itents are lain, then vill clear, will be e, eh?
The user on the range Have set a range, you can t Of to ofey about with the sam- Ojk co Play Range to hear the
* sample contained within die bars, then reposition the ytf you
have isolated the latter sample from the end of the
• nrf *owt* afl the way to the extreme edge of the sample.
* now click B1 and Copy To ypv can save this portion to
- vnber one, then Cut Range, p you dick on Play All after this i,
you will hear Bogey seem- rrTf * 56 his first statement by
* T stick my neck out"! To restore
* rvr ‘¦'Story, place the left range bar
* S e extreme right of the window dfck on Paste Buffer.
‘• "¦at would Bogey have sounded ike ho was sitting in an oil drum r *rrqt* on which the
* *• carried out. To do Nfc dO wwftt:T in the upper win- rase
button. A bar
* r *'StJCe where the range :'ick somewhere to the
* T" * di? Right mouse but* »end of the range.
When he delivered his lines?
SoundStudio can help you find out through the Echo function.
Before applying the Echo, please note the two sliders in the left-hand portion of the screen. These control different variables depending on die function you are using. In the case of Echo, the top slider adjusts the number of echoes which are added, and the second controls the delay time.
Pull both sliders one tenth of the way across to the right to add a few echoes with very little delay. One of SoundStudio's weaknesses is that you cannot specify more exact parameters for operations such as Echo, but a few experiments should be enough to sort out the sound you're looking for.
Once the sliders are positioned, press the space bar to return the range bars to the extreme left and right-hand sides of the window, then click on Echo.
When the "please wait" pointer disappears, click on Play All to hear your echoing Bogey.
You'll notice if you experiment that lots of added echos will fill up the memory taken by the sample until you won't be able to listen to the whole To utilise SoundStudio to the full, you will obviously need a sampler. The program will accept Input from just about any standard Amiga sampler attached to the serial port. Once you've connected a sampler with a sound source, dick on the Sample button to begin.
The screen will go blank and you'll hear the sample as it is gobbled up. Exit sampling by clicking the left mouse button.
This is probably the simplest operation carried out with any sampling software - the good bits start when you get into editing!
A final note to hard drive owners. If your samples d«rect07 1$ on a hard drive, the best thing to do is copy it into your ram disk before firing up SoundStudio. The file requestor doesn't have a button for dhO:, but it does have one for the ram disk.
Sample. A cure for this is to copy the sample to a buffer, then paste it back in at the end of the original. If you now isolate the second sample and click on Clear Range you should have enough free Space within your sample to add all sorts of effects.
Hardware overheads crst of all, we owe a huge apology to Andrew Dixon, of St Helens in Merseyside.
As author of last month's Tune-of-the-month, pH-1, you'd think we'd give him a mention in our disk pages, but through a disgraceful oversight on my part, and a bit of last minute rushing, Andrew wasn't given the recognition he deserved.
Think you can do better?
Want to be famous?
Do) our ike: 'JIL: :ion ave rec- h's do Cut ore ;an ;ers uld ts.
X) , :ed n. jli- |ht er, n't till to er, is id re tile SORRY
On to this month's tune, Toccata, by E Miller of Milton Keynes. If you've ever listened to Sky (the band - not the TV station) you'll have heard their excellent reworking of this perennial Bach favourite.
This month's tune is in turn a superb Amiga version of the Sky remix and makes for some very easy listening.
Don't lake my word for it, though - run it through your hi-fi and sit back for an inspiring and musical treat!
Address ..... Daytime phone_ ....._ ...... ......Evenina phone ...... Submission name . ......Submission size ..... You must sign this declaration The material on this disk h mine. I didn't steal it from someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want AMIGA Computing to pvblijh it * understand that by submitting my
work to Amiga Computing and signing this declaration I am (jiving full copyright control to Europrws Publications Ltd.
I understand that f my submission is bought by Amiga Computing I will be paid the current applicable rate. I know what copyright means and I wil! Be responsible for any possible litigation arising from breach of »t by Eumpress Publications Ltd as a result of using my submission.
Sgned Date.
We are wvrayS on the lookout for new, quality Amiga programs for the coverdisk. If you think you have written something cood enough V others to share and enjoy, pleas? Send it in and we'll hav? A look.
The Arnica Computing coverdisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month in places all over th? World from New Zealand to the U.SA »if your submission finds its way onto the disk, you could be famous!
Pleas? Make am? You fist ALL Workbench and other files necessary for the program to work. Peel free to design your own icons for progs which run from Workbench, but please don't make them too big.
If you ensure your program Is as compatible as possible with a wide range of Amigas, it will also stand a better chance of publication. We are esoedally interested in programs designed to work with the A300C although if they work only with the new machin they’ll have to be quite sma“ We are prepared to pay our current rates for origi nal work which hasn't been distributed in any othe way and which has not been put in the puWc domain If you wish your program to be released as share ware or freeware we wfll be happy to publish rt, bu would, of course, be happier if we'd been given it first!
Your submission MUST be accompanied by th- submissions form, a copy of it, or a signed dedaratioi to the same effect. Please supply your full nam address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disk sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this ai impractical exercise.
Fmt your submissions Wl TH A COPY OF THIS FORM to: Stevie Kennedy. AMIGA Computing, CovrrOisk Submissions, Eumpa House, Adllngton Park, Macclesfield, SK104NP GASTEINER Tel: +44 081-365 1151 Fax: +44 081-885 1953 loQie fechno Outstanding NEW products from Gasteiner Technologies Trade and Educational Orders Welcome Credit Cards Welcome THE TRACK BALL GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE MEMORY MASTER A half-length FastRAMN expansion with 4 MBIT technology upgradeable 2, 4, 6 & 8Mb. No additional Wait State in the Amiga 1500 2000 16 But-Bus-Technology.
Includes RAMtest program and detaileo manual. £ " 49 Switchable between Atari Amiga with the third button 'Click & Hold' feature this mustj be the best value trackball at only ?£29.95 ALFA DATA TRACKBALL PR0-M0NIT0RS NEC 3D £499 QUADRAN 1480 £399 PHILIPS 8833 £229 ALFA DATA MOUSE ALF 3 Best replacement mouse which includes a mouse nolder & cutting pad.
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* Autoboot by FFS
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Only ? £29.95 GASTEINER Unit 12 a Millmead Business Centre, Millmead Road, London N17 9QU Tel: 081-365 1151 Fax: 081-885 1953 Opening hours Mon-Sat (9.30am-5.30pm) Anton Zucharow shows how, with CanDo, you too can be a programmer Coding ¦ihere are thousands of Amiga , Safi Power sternnsF Try £U5 worth obctororc r Amiga 1 users around the world who've ¦ yearned after the ability to program their machine to do new and exciting things, but who have given up r confusion only a few chapters into a manual on C or Assembler programming. If you are one of those people 'and I know I am!), then
the answer to your prayers has come in the shape of NOVAtionics's CanDo.
CanDo is an object oriented programming utility, which means it asks .ou to describe the desired end result, then does most of the coding bit for you. The system works on the principle that a program waits for certain ’events" to take place, then reacts accordingly, and the beauty of CanDo
o that it makes choosing the events as easy as clicking on a
mouse button.
Before you leap into the world of CanDo programming, you'll have to have completed the task of de-archiving the immense amount of material squeezed on to the Test Drive disk from this month's front cover. Don't worry if you've never de-archived something before, as you're not going to do it now! The disk does everything for you - just make sure you have three with a click and then Exit to return to the main panel.
Now that we've renamed the card, we have to start putting something in it. Click on the Windows button in the Objects panel (top row, fourth from the left) to bring up the Window editor. We don't want the window to have a tide, so just dear the word Unnamed out of the name field.
Next, click on the Dimensions button. This brings up a requester which allows you to set various attributes for the window and choose a picture to go in it, so click under Picture where it says Unnamed. You should now be looking at a file requester which has gone to the default drawer for pictures, the Images drawer on the CanDo disk.
Click on Helicopter.PIC then on OK twice to return to the Window editor.
Click on the Objects button. This will present you with a selection of drag bars, close buttons, and so on. Make sure these are all un-selected as we don't want any of them on our Chopper window. Click OK, then on Options, which will bring up a list of options for the way your window opens up. Click on the line saying: The window has visible border", making it change to read: Window's borders are invisible. Now dick on OK until you're back at the main control panel.
Helicopter.PIC is simply a medium m i.syi.sri (HippQipr blank formatted disks to hand, boot up the Test Drive disk, and follow the onscreen instructions.
Cards and Decks A CanDo application is called a deck, and each deck is made up of a number of cards, To build up a deck (or application), therefore, the user adds cards one at a time until the deck is complete.
The deck we'll construct in this tutorial will have one card, containing an animation, sound effects, buttons to dick on, and a couple of simple scripts. By the time we finish the tutorial, you should hopefully have gained an insight into CanDo and what it can do, and will be ready to tackle the further examples in the manual which you should by now have de-archived on to disk.
Boot from the first of the de-archived disks, which should be the CanDo program disk, and wait until the main control p pel pops up at the bottom of the screen. This consists of three main parts. On the left is the Status panel with the Browse and Design buttons, then there's the Cards panel, and finally the Objects panel.
The Card To start a card, click on the icon looking like a stack of cards in the middle of the Cards panel. This will bring up a requester with Cardil as the default opening card. Click on Edit to edit this card, and when the next requester comes up, clear out the text in the name field and type Chopper as the name of your first card. Now click OK Browse Mode I Buions Menus Windows Brush Arams Alerts Alarms nralolcn lditI rnsrlj .
R t Fields Documents Disk Sound Arexx Xtras Design Mode Cards Panel resolution blue background on which we're going to play with the helicopter animation, so don't worry if your screen doesn't look too busy at the moment, The Buttons Special reader offer Because AMIGA Computings free second CoverDisks often contain programs which you can use only with 1Mb of ram or more, we are offering our readers the chance to upgrade. A high quality Microbotics ram expansion board can be yours for the special low price of only £29.99!
If you haven't already upgraded your A500, you can't afford to miss one of the best ram boards available. Turn to page 177 for details of this not-to- be-missed reader offer uo or LU o u To add a button to the window, click on Add, then on the Button icon (top row, second from the left). When the requester comes up, click on OK and CanDo will ask you to place your button onscreen. To do this you dick with the left mouse button and drag until the button is where you want it and of the correct size. Click and drag any old place for now, because we'll type in the button's coordinates in a
Once you've placed your button, the Editing a Button screen will appear.
First of all, change the button name to Start instead of Button 1, then reset the Origin coordinates to SO horiz and 50 vert. This will be a text button, so find the three Style options in the lower left hand comer and dkk on Text, The font text requester should now appear. Select Embossed from the range of text styles available, and make sure you have the word Start in the text field on the right. You can leave the default font and colour values as they are or mess about with them if you like.
The effects of any change will be visible in the window above the requester, so feel free to experiment.
Once you're happy, click on OK to return to the Editing a Button screen, where you should click on Outline. This will avail you of a variety of optional styles for your button, but for now just dick on Double, for a double bevelled outline, then on OK.
The Script Now we'll take a look at what gives CanDo its real power - the Script editor and CanDo's built in scripting language. While still at the Editing a Button screen, look at the right-hand side of the screen where you'll find a number of buttons under the word scripts. Click on the Click button (this means your script will be executed as soon as the button is clicked on), and you will be whisked off to the script editor.
[(Editing » Button , Horiz PH] fcrtpri Scripts... | Nane Start
- ------ -1 0DS39HI 1 Style | BerdtrMfl Options Drag j lrtl ,
BDIIBLCBCVEL | MkM j Text 4 Highlight Disabled J I Inage J
C0WPLD1EHT | Toggle J Release I DoubleClickj On the right-hand
side of the editor screen, there is a strip of icons you can
scroll up or down, each of which represents one of the types
of events you can script for. Click on the animbrush object
(the red and white checked ball) to summon the BrushAnim Path
Editor Tool.
G When this appears, click on the button labelled "banim", and when the file requester asks you to choose your BrushAnim, dick on Helicopterl.banm, then on OK.
Now you have to tell the script what path you'd like the animation to follow on screen, so click on Record. The Path editor will pop out of sight and your cursor will appear with a rectangle around it- The rectangle represents the physical space taken up by the BrushAnim, and to record a path for it all you need do is click on the left mouse button where you want it to start, hold it down, and drag the mouse to where you'd like the BrushAnim to stop. Press ESC to exit the record function.
38 There should now be a visible path line on your screen showing the path your helicopter will take when the Start button is clicked. Now dick on three successive Oks to get you back to the main control panel. Note the complex script CanDo has written for you by interpreting your mouse movements as a series of commands. This is one of the most beginner-friendly features of CanDo.
Once at the main panel, hold down the right mouse button and select Save As from the Decks menu. Normally, you'd save your CanDo deck at each significant stage, but you'll not be able to do this with the Test Drive version as the Save function has been disabled.
Buy the full program from Checkmate Digital if you want to save things! You won't regret it!
To test your deck, click on the Browse button, then on the Start button on your recently constructed card.
The helicopter should appear and follow the path you traced out for it. At this point, sit back and consider how long it would have taken you to produce the same result using C or Assembler!
Now to add some sounds. The first sound button will be a text button just like the others. Click on Add and then the button icon, then position the button as before by clicking and dragging with the mouse to bring up the Editing a Button screen. Call the button Sound and change the origin coordinates to wherever you like it best - the button moves onscreen as you press Return so you can mess about until you're satisfied.
Now dick on Text. At the text font requester label it as Boing!, use the Embossed style once more and dick on OK. Now click on Click under scripts and prepare to add some sound.
At the Script editor, which will appear when you click on the Click button, scroll down the list of icons on the right hand side of the screen, then dick on the single speaker. This is the icon for sound samples and will activate a requester called Play Sound. You should select Set The Filename from this, and choose the boing.snd file from the CanDo disk's Sounds drawer.
If you click on OK twice, the Script editor should be displaying the complete sound command, demonstrating once again the usefulness of its automatic scripting facility. Click on OK again to exit the Script editor, then return to the main control panel. A quick browse now should reward you with a silly sound that sounds like a rabbit in mid jump!
Chopper sound As Boing sounds very little like a helicopter, we'll now add an appropriate sound to the chopper animation. While at the main control panel, click on the BrushAnim objects icon in the object panel (top row, third from the right), EX3BI which will activate the BrushAm Object editor.
Click under BrushAnim name it says Unnamed, and when the fdfl requester comes up, choosd Helicopterl banm and click OK. Cn next on the button which says oJ Every Frame. This tells the Object editor to carry out the specified event oo| every frame of the animation.
When the Script editor appears, cfidJ on the Single Speaker icon, select Set] The Filename and choose copter.snd.] Now click OK until back at th«| BrushAnim Object editor. Now we want] to stop the whole animation, including I sound, once it reaches the end of in] flight path, Click on At Destination, and when the Script editor appears, type in the] following script: ItaMtBruiMftii ’CinDo:bruski&ias k«licopter1.biM* Audio On Audio Off duit Now click on OK twice, then Exit to return to the main panel. You should now be able to click Browse, watch your helicopter fly around the screen, complete
with engine noise, then come to a halt with the sound off, For the moment, in the space available for this tutorial, that's about all w* can cover, but you'll find a wealth d extra helpful hints and tutorials on the manual disk - the third disk you de- archived.
There are numerous sample decks for you to play about with, so you can | browse through many more examples of the sort of applications you can wnte with CanDo. Some of them explore the more advanced script commands, fof which you will have to buy the full version, complete with full manual to use properly.
The deck we have constructed here merely ripples the surface of an ocean of potential uses to which CanDo could be applied, and if you've been at all impressed by the ease with which you can create your own programs with CanDo, I'd recommend you immediately purchase the full version! Now, about that database I was writing... CanDo is a product of INOVAtronks Inc. Tel: (0101) 214 340 4991 Distributor Checkmate Digital Ltd Tel: (071) 923 0658 Price: £125 ESQ rushAnim me where n the file choose OK. Click ays On je t editor event on ears, dick select Set iplersnd.
; at the
- we want including nd of its nd when w in the MIC
Pageseuer2-(rreeCiipAn) £47.95 Pasestfeamv2.1 £139.95 Pro Page
v2.0 £169.95 The aoove programs ah require at least 1 Meg ano 2
DnvesTriard recommended.
Supraram-ace go Ram «rds w® space tor up to 8 Meg ot extra Ram.
Supraram vntn Ok fitted 284.95 SUPRARAM with 2M0 fitted £159.95 SUPRARAM witn 4M0 filled £225.00 SUPRARAM with 8Mb fined £345.55 COMPUTER SUPPLIES supplier, oi Discount Software since l‘J&l i&taimti. Local Authority aoo government orders
- c-Cdme. Ocvcrseas orders please can or write lor ydoaooos. An
goods soojeoi to availability. Prices subject to cn ange
without notice. E&Oc
r. zzs induce VAT and delivery cy post. Courier delivery
available on 3ny item £5 - TO ORDER: Please call the telepncne
number listed below ;o place credit card orders - A essMsa) or
send a eheque;POs made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC SUPPLIES
(AC), Unit 2 The Arches, icknieid Way. Latcbwcrth, Herts
Tel: (0462) 431166 (6 Lines) &c Alternative Scrober £42.95 TV Show-IFF sbde snow
254. 55 TV Text Pro - Qualcy fonts £79.55 i Broadcast Twer 11
£169.95 , broadcast font Pack (10 fonts) £84.95 Broadcast
Font Ennancer Pack
284. 95 : Using tne &st Worosync 2000 controller and duality
Quantum drive mechanisms.
(A150Q 2000) SUPRAORWE 52Mb (11 ms) 2385.95 SUPRAORlVc 105MO films) £525.95 m VIDEO STUDIO Great Video prccucbon package • Call for details (Requires 1 Meg & 2 Drives) MJC PRICE £89.55 RENDALE SSD2 GENLOCK Great value Genlock offering botn Foreground arid Background modes.
MJC PRICE £159-95 8802 MODE SWITCH SOX • £29.35 Quabty drwes with the abliity to aoo up to 8 Meg of extra Ram on ooaro (A150&2000) 52Mo (11ms) version £419.56 105Mb 01 ms) w sion 2539.95 GVP Series 2 controller ooard £199.95 SIMMS Modules - £79.55 per 2 meg rornOTsa ftaar are a weu known German company -mo nave now tetoai ir. Me UK. They produce a range of quality proaucts far me Amiga at very reasonable orices. All woducts are sot oy an impressive l year RePLACtMcNT warranty direct from the manufacturers _MOTE: Protar products due September .»iu’ hlAIBWUBBSBBB Eliminate intehace flicker from
your A1500 2000 - requires j Multisync or a 31MHz scan monitor, (not PAL overscan) MJC PriCE £139.95 ; Parnate £34.95 1 0iQiPaint3 1 3u Construction Kit £44.95 £37.95 Dioiwew4Goid . 0eTuxePaint3
289. 95
257. 95 Disney AnimaLon Studio
274. 55 i Exit to j j should , watch j screen, j en come ce
avail- j jt all we ealth of I i on the j you de~ I e decks I
you can (.imples I jn write 1 brethe I ids, for full ver- 10
use ?d nere ocean I 3 could i at all j ch you I is with
imedi* I Now, PROTAR A500 HARO DRIVES A range 0! Doves trom
20Mb to 200Mb all wan an impressive list of features:
* Optional Ram expansion up to 8Mo ' up to ftVE times faster man
Aj$ 0
* Dnve dsadeswimn
* acemal SCSI interface PSQTAR A5GG HD 20Mb version.. 1 c
.£279.00 Nearly 3 hours of “now to" wen Dpaint 3 MJC PRICE
£17.45 P80TAR A500 HO 30 Mb version_£349.00 P80TAR A500 HO 50M0
version__£429.00 FREE Courier deweny on Proof Hard Drives
PROTAfi C141M MONITOR 3ased on tne Pmups CMS833 the C141M comes
wen a variety of moots and complete with ieads.
UJC PRICE £248.00 FREE Courier delivery or. Protar Monitors Ai last a quality multisync monitor at an affordable price. Works in ALL Amiga modes ideal for use with trie Microway Ricker Fixer. A quality product backed Dy TWO YEAR on-site maintenance.
MJC PRICE CALL AMOS VI Tne Language AMOS COMPILER - now ava.iao* . |AMQS3D-nowavaiiawe . .-.£21.55 ...£24.95 f Amma ..... .£29.95 | Techno Sound Turoo (Stereo).... ________i29.95 1 Harmorv-Sequencer___________________ ________ |! Alter Audio-Mxii Starter Pack______________ ....£29.95 ..... J79.95 PR0TAR'A A meg mternai (trapdoor) expansion, latest 4 chip oesgn with oaaarv backed dock.
UJC PRICE £27.95 Quality 400 dpi scanner with powerful Touch Up enhancement software MJC PRICE £139.95 LIMITED STOCKS!
New memory expansions for tne A50G - plugs arecriy m;o the HD expanse port-NO INTERNAL CONNECTOR REQUIRED.
SUPRA 500RX EXPANSION 1Mb £119.96 SUPRA 500RX EXPANSION 2Mb £189.96 r™ j reaiunng Midi IN. 2 x Midi Out, Mia Tnru and Serial port TnruT2cabies.
[: MX PRICE JUST £14.95 r A very last command based package now with if 0.000 word Collins Daionary. Mail Merge and up to 36 riles open plus much more - call for deans (1 Meg) MJC PRICE £99.95 MISCELLANEOUS IwfOflLE ...- . .225.55 MAXIPIANPIUS
* 8995 SHPfRSAIv ___£49.95 SUPtfiPLAN. -
_____149.55 PERSONAL f .NANCE MANAGER . 22.95 smmmmrn
280 DPI with FREE Mouse house 6 Mai Now also includes tree Op
Steaitn game.
MJC PRICE £21.95 2a NO Protest V4.3. Prodata Amiga.
.£64.95 .£55.95 VIDI AMIGA VIDi COLOUR SOLUTION ViOi Co»our pacuge - inciuatng Vidi Otgmser.
Vddvomead Proton PaSra.
MJC?S]CE£95.bfl run SchoolS .12.95 fuh School 3 under 5_15.S5 .12.95 fun School 3 5 to 7__1555 .12 5 fun Scnooi 3 over 7 JS£S Software .15.95 Juruor QuiZoto 11_14.95 .1955 Senior Gw 14 _14.95 .19.95 french Uetnss ._.14.55 .19.95 German Master---14.95 October 1991 Anilgo Computtnrj RGB SPUTTER - for use with Vvricnrome or Dg.v«w (includes PSU) MJC PRICE £59.95 25 COMPLETE COLOUR solution Pacxage includes Vidi Amiga. Vxsicrtrome and the RGB splcer for a complete colour cigmsing outfit. NOTE: “ Dest colour pictures you require a video camera or perfect still frame VCR.
MJC PRICE £139,95 Quality brand name 3.5* second drive induces thru port, disable switch and No nassie 1 year guarantee.
INCLUDES FREE VlfiUS-X UTILITY MJC PRICE £59.95 Lean In Read Witt Pni - By Prisma, s ae*go« »i«c& ftfiK vttttuafy ot 63 woras ana is aiiwc a: -u y x*. The 5 ra&fig aooxs anc a cassasc PR]C£ 95 rot PH MasterCard LxJ Remember - prices include VAT & delivery New Showroom 232 Tottenham Court Road London W1 New Showroom 232 Tottenham Court Road London W1 PacK AMIGA 500 + Lemmings. Captain Planet B8rt Smpsw. Detox* Paint ill
* ¦ RAM board ONLY £399.00 INC VAT WITH 8833 MK 'i Cctour Monitor
Only £569.00 A 1Mb PacK 1Mb CLASS OF 90’s PACK Everything you need for Art + Design -*- Word Processing AMIGA 500 + AMIGA LOGO. INFOFILE, LETSPELL.
DELUXE PAINT II. D5011 2 Meg upgrade. Mouse Mat +10 free disks ONLY £459.00 INC VAT AMIGA 500 MEGA PACK INCORPORATING AMIGA 500 ?
512KRAM -Throe Manuals 1Mb Dtsk Oive ‘ Operating System 096 Colours * Buft-fc* Speech Mouse ' T.Y. Modulator Extra 5i2k RAM with Clock .
8833 MKII Colour Monitor ONLY £549,00 PacK THE BEST OF PUBLIC DOMAIN The 24 CARAT DIAMOND P.D. PACK AMIGA 500 SpeedBall PACK INCORPORATING 512KRAM -Thrno Manuals iMbO»s Drfvo ’ OperaSno System 096 Cofwrs • Built-in Soeech Mouse Synthesis TV. Modulator NEW PacK N5Y AMIGA 500 AXE PACK INCORPORATING 5*2KRAM ’Three Manuals
• Mb Disk Drive ’ Operating System 096 Colours * Built-in Speech
Mouse Synthesis
• MEGAPACK * Speed Ball n. Tots? Peca ..Man United Xenon II.
Toenaoe Mutant Minis Turtles.
Rnal Batfle. Stunt Ca* Pacer. Golden Axe.
Cadaver. Swe* CP-Pead ONLY £349.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor only£549,00
• TO GAMES* Golden Axe. - -.Phobia. Sain* 3 Greavsie. SilkWorm.
Datastorm.Continental Csrcus, Turrican. Ninja Wam'ors Emotion only £349.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY £549.00 £325,00 DOWNTOWN... IN ToTTfcNWAM COURT 1 fcOAfc, LONDON V4!.„ N?w VOOK9 LANTASTIC.O
s. so why po Feeu so scared ? ...its NowcNDBRwrtw pfZoFe&soR
PriCt'S PR C& GUN trains ON PRePARE 1bPvT Yovfz' CAPIAS
WartoNlD (pRlCgg UP. 5UCKgR.fr. yst Nt& vovif jj 7mm
m&rsEZZ* WD 1 A°M O -N wwfii** touCT ctjSf Zft jjJ NSXT
MOA TW; Revere of r»e Box shift bandits Diamond Retail Outlets
Around The United Kingdom
• Southampton fc 0703 232777
• Romford © 081 597 8851
• Edinburgh © 031554 3557
• Central London t 071 580 4355 PIN QUALITY Processor & DTP AMIGA
500 ' Disk Storage Box 'iMo Disk Drive
* 4CS6 Colours MOUSo
* T.V Modulator ’Dus: Cover
* 103.5’Disks f 512K RAM board ’Philips 8833 Mk II Monitor
• SWIFT 9 Colour
* Connecting Lead PLUS HOME OFFICE The ultimate 'word
procassor DTP pack ’ Intergrated Word Processor ’DTP ’
• DataBase ONLY £775.00 ' Opercainfl System 'SaC-inSpseefl
• £X7ftASl2kftAU Mouse Mat
• Dpaireu
• DIAMOND MEGA 10 GAMES* Man Unitca. Total. RiocaU Speed Ball II.
Xenon li. Teenage Mutar.: N.r, a Turnes Final Bade, Car Ftaoer, Golden Axe, Cadaver. Super Otffioad RiCcf « Joystick only £369.00 WITH 8833 MKII Colour Monitor ONLY £579.00 Export Hotline Bristol 0272 522044 Richard Brown REMEMBER, AT DIAMOND YOU HAVE A CHOICE Authorised full service centre at our Bristol Office, now offering same day repairs. Contact Keith our service manager for details Bristol 0272 522044 -
Storage Box “Throe Manuals ' ’. Mo Oak Onve ' Oporaung System '
-rfik Sp«cn trlcusc Synthesis
• T.V. Modulator * EXTRA 512k RAM ' Quit CovcT ‘ Mouse Mat '1035*
Desks 'Opairtll ’DIAMOND MEGA 10 GAMES' Golden Axe. Hard
Drivirf, Phooa. Ncr.n & Soum Silk Worm. Daiastorn. Continartal
Turrcarv Emotion. Ninja Warner-r Joystick Only £369.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor Only £579,00 24 PacK PIN rAUIV THE QUALITY AMIGA 500ULTIMATE COLOUR PACK PLUS HOME OFFICE The ultimata word processor DTP pack ’ integrated Wordprocessor
* Spreadsheet ‘ Database PLUS 24 pin SWIFT 24 colour printer
Including colour kit PLUS 512K RAM Board Philips 8832 Mk II
Monitor £899.00 PacK A590 20Mo Hard Disk with 2Mb RAM
• 20 FREE 31 2" disks
* 80 Disk Capacity. Disk Box ONLY £339.50 A590 20Mb Hard Disk 0Mb
RAM £279.00 512K RAM £299.00 1Mb RAM £319.00 2Mb RAM £339.00
1VS TRUMPCARD D590 40Mb Hard Disk 0Mb RAM £399.00 2Mb RAM
£499.00 4Mb RAM £622.00 8Mb RAM £739.00 8Mb RAM £939.00 Psic
DIAMOND MUSIC MASTERS PACK Everything you need to create your
own in house musical extravaganza AMIGA 500 ? MUSIC-X (the
complete MIDI sequencer as used in recording studios by the
professioals) + MIDI interface +512k RAM upgrade ONLY£399.00
GOT A 500?
STEP INTO THE FUTURE WITH THE AMIGA FAMILY OF COMPUTERS AMIGA 500 The ideal first time buy, with superb graphics, there is no better machine on the market with 1000'S of Top Software titles from as little as £5.00 at Diamond.
AMIGA 1500 2000 rev B For the more adventurous user, this machine not only offers all that the above does but also has capabilities for the latest in video titling and digitising, high quality animations, most general application software and has the possibility of being easily converted to a compatible PC , XT or AT. Most small to medium sized companies can be easily administered on this machine. NOTE - All of Diamond’s press advertising is produced on an Amiga 1500.
AMIGA 3000 The Ultimate machine for the serious user, again as well as offering everything from the other two machines it also runs Commodore's new multi-tasking operating system Workbench 2.0, flicker free graphics on- screen as standard. There is even a Unix option for this machine. It runs at 25MHz on a 32bit processor andl undoubtedly sets the standard for professional use for the 1990's Now You Understand The Machines, Improve Your Social Standing With The Ulimate In Amiga Power DON’T YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO DRIVE THE BEST?
Full upgrade paths and trade-ins are available on your Amiga 500 from all our branches.
All you have to do is bring in your computer and any accessories and as long as it is in adequate condition then you can walk away with an Amiga 1500 for only £499.00 P X is available from all of our branches.
Come to DIAMOND and meet the Amiga Experts!
A’ZUOO' ' B revision AMIGA A 1500 1Mb RAM,
3. 5" floppy disk drive.
Base machine with 2x 3.5" floppy disks and software pack £699.00 all above + Monitor £899.00 with XT Bridgeboard £999 00 INCREDIBLE PX OFFER visit Mr. Diamond and discover what your A500 is worth in part exchange XT Bridgeboard
5. 25’floppy drive £149.00 AT Bridgeboard with either
3. 5" or 5.25" floppy drive £575.00 The NEW Commodore AMIGA 48Mb
v HD £995.00 AMIGA 3000-25-100 25Mhz. 100Mb hard disk An
Incredible £2395.00 INC Mr Diamond Incredible Offer with 1950
M sync monitor £2595.00 INC AMIGA 3000 4Mb RAM expansion
£349.00 This machine Is a vemabte workstation; it comes with
Workbench 2.0 • The new Commodore Mufti-tasking Operating
System - It can run the normal video monitor or a multisync
monitor wrthoul having to fit a flicker faer It can even run
under uni*, Thl$ is the machine to set the standard for
professional use in the 1990'* If you have reached the limits
of the A500 then take advantage of the Diamond Part Exchange
Upgrade Option. Swap your 1 Mb A500 for an A2000 for ONLY
£349.00 Mr. DIAMOND AMIGA 2000 PACK A2QQ0 Rev. B 48Mb
Autobooting Hard Disk, 28ms average access ONLY £995.00 With
Colour Stereo Monitor ONLY £1195 00 A2000 base machine £469.00
Ex-demo A2000 £545.00 PC XT & AT Compatibility for AMIGA XT
5. 25" floppy drive £149.00 AT Bridgeboard with either
3. 5" or 5.25" floppy drive £575.00 EC.
- -J IMP105S LP 105MbSms £335.00 JMP170S l70M08ms £533.00 1MP210S
2lOMb8ms £659.00 SYQUEST conquer, Representing the latest in
technology directly from the USA, it is the only controller to
support IBM, Amiga 44Mb 2$ ms?.OA TRUMPCARD FOR ABOVE add*
JOYSTICKS Topstars £23.95 Prof 9000 deluxe £29.99 Zipstick
£14.95 Speedking £12.25 MEMORY UPGRADES for your A1500 or A2000
with the Supra 8Mb RAM board Bare Board £81.00 Extra 2Mb
populated £75.00 Extra 4Mb populaied £149.00 Extra 6Mb
populated £223.00 Extra 8Mb populated £295.00 Extra
Navigator£i4.99 Flash fire £11.95 Apache £9.99 Tne Arcade Turbo
£23.95 Gunshot £5.00 Cheetah 125+ £5.00 Qmckjoy £18.99
Challenger £34.95 Poweplay£i0.2i GVP COMBO board. Tne SCSI hard
disk controller with built in 66030 accelerator and RAM
expansion capability.
22MHz Combo with 1 Mb RAM 33MHz Combo with 41 Mb RAM 40 Mo SCSI hard disk 114 Mb SCSI hard disk £249.00 £449.00 SPEED UP your 1500,2000 with a Co-Processor board.
Phone for details GVP Series 2 RAM Card comes with 2Mo RAM as standard.
2Mb£200.00 4Mb£275.00 8MD£34S.OO GVP Series 2 RAM Card Bareooaro £209.00 40Mb £359.00 52Mo Quantum 11 ms £429.00 114Mb NEC 20ms £549.00 ICO Adspeec £175.00 ICO FFF 6 VGA Monitor £499.00 AT-Once (20X version also available) Obviously, when you carry as much stock as DIAMOND, you can’t advertise all your spares; but contact your local branch and we guarantee you won’t find the part that you’re looking for at a better price.
So what is C.D.T.V. ? Are you confused by all the hype?
If you are , then why not pop into your local Diamond branch for a full working demonstration of this exciting new medium and have all the answers to all of your questions translated by experts from unneceessary gobledegook into plain easy to understand English.
GREAT PART EXCHANGE OFFERS You will be surprised at just how generous Mr Diamond will be when you trade in your old Amiga 500 for a C.D.T.V.
C. D.T.V. ROM, normally £599.00. only £349.00 when you P X your
old Amiga 500 External Amiga A500 ROM Player ONLY £399.00
£34.99 £29.99 £24.99 £29.99
29. 99 £34.99 £39.99 £34.99 £39.99 £34.99 £34.99 £34.99 £34.99
£29.99 £29.99 £34,99 £29.99 £29.99 £34.99 £29.99 £29.99
£29.99 £29.99 £34.99 £29.99 £16.99 £16.99 £29.99 £44.99
£29.99 £34.99 £34.99 £29.99 £34.99 £34.99 £34.99 AB Dogs Go
To Heaven. Electric C ayon Classic Board Games Psycho Killer
Wrath ol the Demon Case ol the Cautious Condor Battleslorm
SimCrty Detender of the Crown Lemmings Xenon II: Megattast
Indoor Sports Many Roads to Murder Snoopy1 Spint ol Excalibur
Horse Racing Nm*a Highschool Coma Dinosaurs for Hre
Basketball Battiechess REFERENCE EDUCATION Barney Bear Goes
lo School Fun School 3 (for under S s) MyPavrt A Bon lor
Barney Mind Ryn Thomas's Snowsut Sca y Poems lor Rotten lOds
Paper Beg Princess The Tales of Peler Rabbfl Mud Puddle LTV
English Women In Motion Animated Colouring Book Advance
Military Systems Series Garden Plants Trees and Shrubs Fruits
. Vegetables and Herbs ART & LEISURE Hutchlnsons Encydopeaoia
Time Table of Science & Innovation Time Table of Business
PoMics Pr, Wpllman £49.99 £39.99 £39.99 £54.99 £39.99 £54.99
£49.99 £34.99 £34.99 The New Basics Electnc Cook Book World
Vista Atlas American Heritage Dictionary Compleie Works of
Shakespeare Illustrated Holy Bole MUSIC 100 s of Titles
coming soon!
Buy a system before the price goes Sky High!
SOFTWARE SUPERSALE EVERY DAY IS SALES DAY WHEN YOU SHOP THE DIAMOND WAY ALL THESE TOP TITLES FOR ONLY A RIDICULOUS £5.00 Man United. Totall Recall, Speed Ball II, Xenon II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Final Battle, Stunt Car Racer, Cadaver, Super Off Road Racer, Golden Axe, Hard Drivin’, Phobia, North & South, Silkworm, Shockwave, Continental Circus, Turrican, Xout, Ninja Warriors, Table Tennis, Chess Player 2150, Datastorm, E-Motion, Dungeon Quest, Grand Master Slam, Kid Gloves, Mercenary, Rick Dangerous, RVF Honda, Shufflepuck Cafe, Soccer, Menace, Blood Money, Saint & Greavsie,
Netherworld, Nightbreed, Slaygon, Snowball Hell, Fastlane, Aton 500, Balistrix, Gold Runner, Tower of Babel, Fantasy World of Dizzy, Star Blaze, .star Ray, Terra Quester, Jupiter Probe, Bombuzzal, Days of Thunder, Dark Castle, Dark Side, Prospector, Archepelagos, Terrorpods and many many more... ONLY SOMEONE AS WONDERFUL AS MR DIAMOND CAN OFFER YOU THE LATEST TOP SELLING TITLES AT UP T01 2 PRICE, JUST CHECK THE PRICES Lemmings only £14.95, Bart Simpson only £9.95, Captain Planet only £9.95, Deluxe Paint III only £34.95 D501 512K RAM card + clocK ONLY £29-95 CHIPS & DISKS We only sell new chips
A590 Memory chips
0. 5Mb £17.60
1. 0Mb £35.25
2. 0Mb £69.00 A590 2Mb Populated £328.00 8UP BOARD & CHIPS Bare
Board (0Mb) £81.00 add cost of RAM to your specification 2Mb
+£69.00 4Mb+£137.50 6Mb +£206.00 8Mb +£274.00 DISK CONTROLLER
CARDS The GRANDSLAM. New SCSI controller from IVS. Extra
Parallel port - space for 8Mb on board RAM ONLY £235.00 NEXUS
SCSI hard disk controller card - space for 8Mb on board RAM.
ONLY £199.00 The U.K. official importer VIDEO SECTION Deluxe Paint III £34.95 DigiView Gold 4.0 £88.13 Deluxe Video III £67.95 Digipaint III £54.75 Rombo Vidi £81.00 Amiga Vision £69.95 Photon Paint II £23.50 Disney Animation Art Department £49.95 Sprite £3.50 Studio £82.25 Art Dept Pro £124.95 Icon Paint £3.50 Art Dept Pro Comic Setter £23.50 Video Studio £116.50 conversion Kit £59.95 Can Do £89.95 Can-Dot Pro Pack £24.95 Deluxe PhotoLab £49.95 Elan Performer 2 £74.95 Hyperbook £39.95 Scala £169.95 Scene Generator £27.95
GUARANTEE PHILIPS 8833(U.K. Colour Monitor with stereo sound +
FREE LEAD & DUST COVER Only £229.00 +F19 competition £245.00
DIAMOND Multisync Monitor Only£347.QQ COMMODORE 1084 s Only
£222.00 COMMODORE 1084 SD Monitor Only £234.00 DISKS FOR A
DISKS AT ONLY £0.35 EACH D501 512k RAM card + Disk Drive ONLY
£190.00 OklDATA LASER 400 £704.00 PHILIPS MNS1432 £116.00
P. O.A. PANASONIC KXP 1123 £187.00 OKIMATE 20 £153.00 STAR LC
MONO £140.00 STAR tCtft iQ
KXP i 124 £4.95 KXPi 080 1 2 3 £4.95 JUKI 6100 £4.95
M. TALLY MT80 £4.95 STAR LciO £4.95 STAR LC10 COLOUR £4.95 STAR
L024 10 £4.95 EPSON LX800 £4.95 AMSTRAD PMP4QQQ £4.95 AUDIO
MUSIC AUDIO All me latest and best audio and music packages
from M Diamond at the keenest prices MusicX ver 1.1 £59.00
Perfect Sound £39.00 Audio Engineer £149.00 MasterSound £25.00
Quartet £33.00 MIDI l F £26.00 Keyboard £25.00 LHC Microsales
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• Diamond will match that price.
Zvtn if our prices how increased, n r will honour the prices in this advrrtisment on items in stock as long as you bring it with you.
'This applies oniy to customers producing or relying on this adiertismcnt btfott tfuisiddf the month of publication.
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Diamond Computers Ltd 84 Lodge Road SOUTHAMPTON TEL 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232679 Diamond Computers Ltd 406 Ashly Road POOLE - Dorset TEL 0202 716226 FAX Diamond Computers Ltd 227 Filton Avenue BRISTOL TEL 0272 693545 FAX 0272 693223 LAN Computer Systems 1045 High Road Chadwell Heath - ROMFORD TEL 081 597 8851 FAX 081 590 8959 G
L. L & « M « « 6 * £ £ u u L L ¦» •u oy •L
* L • 0 I «»•:'_ 4 1 ! •
• « Making (La »viaoI A Get in sequence The range of sequencing
alternatives on the Amiga is increasing by the day, but at
the moment the now world famous MusicX and Cadjits Sequencer
One are the two to be beaten.
Both packages handle all the essentials and a good deal more besides, with MusicX being the more complex of the two and Sequencer the choice for those primarily interested in ease of use. Both packages are excellent but a little hands-on experience thanks to a Back in the dim and distant past, two men made a proposition that changed the face of modern music. In 1981, Dave Smith and Chet Wood lit the fuse for the Midi explosion by proposing an industry standard which would enable the sounds of any instrument to be accessed from another.
After some heated discussion and the invaluable input of the Japanese, Midi was finally bom in 1982. Once the die was cast the standard became universal and within 10 short years has successfully colonised almost every commercial studio on the planet.
By 1983, the first Midi-compatible synthesizers appeared and the race was on within the software world to support the new musical revolution. The first attempts at sequencing were somewhat less than subtle but nevertheless offered the essentials, such as unlimited over- dubs and, of course, the ability to tweak, tidy or completely reorganise a track after it's been recorded into the sequencer.
These functions are at the very soul of sequencing and by definition lie completely beyond the limited talents of tape. Of course, along with increased editorial control, digital recordings never degrade no matter how many changes and attempts are required to produce the finished masterpiece.
In the eyes of many an old muso this technological disease has destroyed the sacred art of putting a swirling line of sound on to a plastic disk. But Midi has opened the floodgates for thousands of km has opened the floodgates for thousands of talented musicians J talented musicians who would otherwise never have carved their name into vinyl due to either a lack of opportunity, practice or tuition on the instruments of their choice.
This broadening of horizons has not only opened music up to the untrained, but for those musos who are willing to embrace the new technology the power of the computer has revolutionised the creative process.
Now an entire orchestra waits at the fingertips of composers and finished scores pour from printers at a single keystroke. Midi has the ability to experiment, cut, paste and transpose in seconds, and without the massive expense of countless re-takes and the extortionate amounts asked for studio time.
Thanks to Midi, modern recordings Clearing the air Now, if you're a old Midi hand you'll be waiting for the usual acronym rundown with the inevitable meaning of Midi - which, of course, stands for the Musically Informed can be Desperately Irritating, as opposed to the all too often quoted alternative which other mags would have you believe.
This tendency for techno-speak rather than explanation is usually enough to put many off experimenting with Midi before they've programmed a note. In fact, Midi is by no means as complex as a lot of techno-junkies would have you believe, and to combat the acronym attack a brief explanation of some of the yery basic principles is in order.
Are being produced for a fraction of the price of tape-based system and due to the "suck it and see" approach which Midi allows, professionals and amateurs alike are producing work they never imagined possible. And all is achieved from the comfort of their own homes, visiting the studio is only necessary to add the finishing touches and lay down the final cut.
Friendly retailer would be a good idea before you make your decision.
MusicX might be the choice for the money conscious musos because there are a few good deals available if you fancy digging through the classifieds.
Having said that, there is some doubc about Micro Illusions' willingness to support the product as far as upgrades are concerned.
If you're looking towards studio work, either of the two packages would be ideal, and even if the studio you choose uses one while you've opted for the other, exchanging files between the two is simple so there shouldn't be any real problems. And of course, there's nothing to stop you dragging your own system in with you if necessary.
A note on keyboards Keyboard selection is tricky because two opinions of the same hardware can differ considerably depending on taste, but as far as Midi's concerned the Only real consideration is the available ports
- which obviously must have IN, OUT and THRU. The THRU may not be
available on ageing second-hand gear but it can be invaluable
if you're planning to expand your system later.
A secondary but still huge consideration when investing in any keyboard is the availability of patch editing software. In the first few weeks of ownership this may seem unimportant, but it becomes useful when you're looking for The Amiga comes of age N ne*t step up from a standard setup is to record direct to
* jrJ dak. As little as two years ago Tn type of system was
strictly for the pros, but thanks to Sunrise Wustries of
California such power may soon be in the hands of mere ratals
like you and me.
Given a suitably well-endowed hard drive, an entire song can be
• 'fated just like a normal sample complete sections can be cut,
pasted, looped and combined as required.
The benefits of direct to digital recording are incredible, not only
• or the powerful editing options but also for the range of sound
that can be captured, Due to the dynamic Imitations of tape
there will always be a certain amount of fidelity lost, but
with a pure digital signal the entire dynamic range of the
sound s captured and superb definition is added to the sound.
New sounds without incurring the e«pense of a new synth.
If you're on a limited budget, patch
• drting comes second only to sequent Put simply, it allows you
to import the sounds from your synth or module rto the computer
for editing. This process is referred to as a fetch, and once
fetched the formerly unobtainable sound appears onscreen as a
series of waveforms and variables which are very easy to relate
to, and which make comThe Amiga has been waiting in the
musical wings. Paul Austin explains how you and your machine
can take centre stage plex changes as simple as dragging a
point on a wave or selecting an option from an icon.
These miraculous little utilities allow you to redesign your sounds completely, all the way from simply altering the waveform right through to the type of reverb or the length of delay, in fact, any parameter relating to the sound. If that's still not enough, individual sounds can be blended or totally new ones created from scratch.
When your masterpiece is complete, either individual or entire banks of sounds can be saved to disk or dumped back into your synth in the locations of your choice. They will remain there until the next update, stored permanently just like the originals.
A word of warning: always back up before you start to tinker, it can save a lot of tears later.
Modular expansion On the surface, modular expansion seems the ideal answer to the ever- increasing spiral of expenditure that musical addiction tends to inspire, with modules often saving hundreds as opposed to the keyboard alternatives.
But it's still much easier to sell a complete keyboard than a module, so if you're the sort of person who has to keep up with the neighbours, complete keyboards may be a better bet, purely from a resale point of view.
Multi-timbral means simply that several instruments can be played at any one time. Most modem units play up to eight separate synth voices simultaneously in addition to a complete drum track arranged from a variety of drum sounds - and all that is packed into a tiny box best described as musical tardis. It's not all beer and skittles though, as there’s a limit to the number of individual notes or partial* that can be played together.
With most multi-timbral units the available number of partials is about 32, which means that up to eight separate voices can be playing in concert as long as the total number of individual notes doesn't exceed 32. Did I say Midi wasn't confusing?
This band-m-a-box effect is due to the power of Midi. The huge mountains of hardware once associated with the average keyboard player have been condensed into a single lightweight unit that produces the illusion of an entire band, thanks to a few blips of data from a sequencer. Isn't technology wonderful? It is, unless you're an exsession musician, of course.
For the beginner, multi-timbral units such as Roland's CM-32L and the older MT-32 are ideal. The sound quality doesn't match that of dedicated units such as Korg's Ml and others, but they're still a great place to start. Even with their restrictions on quality they can still match the performance of those infinitely more expensive units which were producing classic hits only a couple of years back.
OK, once you've chosen your sequencer, modules, keyboards or both, the next step is to connect it all up. With the Amiga this means stuffing a Midi box costing as little as £20 into the serial port, adding a few Midi cables and a Midi OUT from the source to the Midi IN on the box and you're off. If, however, you're looking to build a system that uses multiple sources, a Midi junction box is a good investment With most units offering Midi THRU it might seem a waste to invest in what is merely a signal splitter, but daisy- chaining three or four units together via the THRU ports can cause
Each time the Midi information is passed THRU a unit a little of the initial quality is lost and as a result the signal can become dirty The obvious result is that some data may become corrupt when it's passed on to the next unit in the line.
Because a Midi cable is basically a serial link which passes data in succession between units down the line, long cables mean increased transfer time. As a result, those at the end of a lengthy cable and THRU port connection may not receive their data fast and clean 4 The range of sequencing alternatives on the Amiga is increasing by the day enough to keep up, and information can become scrambled.
A junction box simply gives a copy of the complete Midi signal direct from the sequencer to each sound source.
There are no lengthy cables between the Amiga and the target and, of course, no THRU ports, so all your Midi information is delivered squeaky clean and at optimum speed.
The right track Now, assuming you have a hi-fi or amplifier you should now have your latest creation blaring from the speakers in all its pure digital glory.
Unfortunately for most of us, once the sequencing is complete it's time to compromise our digital principles and add some analogue, whether that be vocals, guitars or, in fact, anything that requires a mic before it can be captured.
If you're a digital purist it's possible to bypass the problem by sampling and triggering the captured sound from the sequencer. This is fine for the occasional "Yoo baby, get down momma1’, but if you're after a complete acoustic guitar track you'll need an entire hard disk sampling system to do it.
As you can see from some of the ?
¦ photographs there are plenty of multi- track studios on the market, out if you're a Midi enthusiast make sure you go for a unit with built-in Midi sync, or at least one which can support an external sync unit This is vital if you're going for really big productions as it allows you to sync your sequencer to music already present on the track.
This musical miracle occurs thanks to a Midi Time Code or MTC which is recorded directly on to the tape. MTC is a descendant of SMPTE EBU time code - this being the incusuy standard in the TV and the film business since Adam was a lad.
Once it's recorded on to a track, MTC can be read by the sequencer on playback or record. Tne sequencer can then adjust its Midi information accordingly, sending perfectly synchronised data to the various keyboards and modules as required.
The Mix-down After you've built your system and written a classic, the final task is to mix down your masterpiece and create the next number one. Again, Midi can play a large part in the process, especially if you're working with a professional.
Special thanks to A1 Music Manchester and Spirit Studios for their invaluable assistance and especially to Max Lindsay-Johnson of A1 for his essential technical support Midi-friendly mixing desk which can, in some cases, be preprogrammed to punch in, fade out and mute tracks automatically as the mix takes place.
In the bad old days "mix down" meant all hands to the console as various tracks were added and subtracted from the overall sound. This process almost inevitably led to the odd disaster and a tendency for individuals to add a little too much of what they liked and perhaps a little less of what they didn't for most of us using home studio equipment the need for countless fingers on the faders isn't really a problem, but there's still the question of where to store your masterpiece and how to keep it at its best after the 400th demo has been dispatched to the ever-eager record companies.
In the past this meant occasional remixing of masters or running a few copies off at one time, ail with the hiss that only analogue can add to the sound, fortunately, an answer has arrived for the semi professional who wants to maintain sound quality.
DAT, or Digital Audio Tape if yOu prefer, is the answer to many a muso's prayer, giving a crystal dear signal and no degradation no matter how many copies are made from the original.
The DAT player in the article is a perfect example of what's on offer.
Retailing at around £500, it's ideal for the serious enthusiast.
Midi music lessons As simple as sound recording and especially Midi may appear on paper it can be a confusing area, and to beat the technology blues Manchester's School of Sound Recording, or Spirit, offer a whole range of courses aimed to make any musician's first tentative steps a little easier.
CERTIFICATE COURSE Spirit offer three short five and three-day courses aimed at complete beginners as well as the more advanced. The first course gives a basic grounding in the studio and covers the basics of recording and working in a studio environment. It isn't aimed at Midi but rather at getting your talents on to tape.
RjtiOMrXJkV The second course is a direct follow- up to the first and goes much deeper into signal processing and mixing, it also makes a start on Midi with an introduction to SMPTE time code, sampling, triggering and principles of Midi. If you can class yourself as a weil versed amateur this could be the one for you.
The final part of the trilogy is the Sampling CM1 Programming and Midi Workshops. This course runs over a weekend and covers the more advanced aspects of Midi, including the theory on sequencers, drum machines and a more in-depth look at sampling.
Time code and synchronisation are explained in more detail and there is a look at Midi-controlled effects and recent advancements in the field, such as Midi mixers, programmable patch bays and pitch to Midi converters.
The above vary in price from £172.50 to £230.00inc. If a week's tuition isn't enough Spirit also hold a 48-week course that can be taken either during the day or in the evening. As you might expect, this goes into great detail and is designed for those looking for a career in engineering.
Registration will set you back £50, with £30 to follow for each week of the course. All of Spirit's courses provide a certificate and, hopefully, a step in the right direction for you and your music.
Spirit also have a working studio and most courses allow the students a certain amount of studio time in which to produce either their own work or that of a band.
If you're interested in signing up you can contact Spirit for further details on: 061 228 1830.
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Delivery and cabie £5995 £99 95 Citizen PRODOT-24 COLOUR Sampler talk Are you totally flummoxed by sampling jargon? I'm not surprised if you are. With our guide to sampling jargon, however, you too can bore people stiff with seriously technical words.
Khz The sampling frequency is measured in KiloHertz (KHz). This value denotes how many times per second the sampler analyses the incoming audio signal (x 1000).
ADC Analogue to Digital Converter. This Is the heart of the sampler. Its job is to convert an analogue audio signal, such as from a hi-fi, microphone or CD player etc, into a series of numbers which the computer can understand.
DAC Digital to Analogue Converter. As you can probably guess, this is the opposite of an ADC circuit. A DAC converts digital sample data held in the memory of your computer into an analogue signal which is passed through to the audio jacks built-in at the back of your Amiga.
LOOPING Looping is a process whereby a short burst of sound Is played continuously to give the illusion of a much larger sample. Loops can be used with anything from a simple tone to a drum pattern.
am Y Value Software hd OVERALL, ,76% E3E!HE3ni E-inSEZDEZ 1 Matter Sound rOU don't need me to tell you what a great machine the Amiga is for playing around with music. Whether you're composing your first chart hit in Music-X or just tinkering around with Quartet, the Amiga's musical talents are more than obvious.
But you don't need to be the next jean Michel jarre to play around with the sound capabilities of your Amiga. Using a nifty little gadget called a sound sampler you can literally grab sounds into your Amiga from your favourite records, or even from real life, and play around with them to your heart's content.
A sampler converts sounds from the real world - analogue sounds - into 9 format that the computer can understand. And as we all know, this can mean only one thing - numbers, lots of them. These numbers can then be played back by the Amiga's powerful sound chip, Paula.
OK, so far we have what amounts to a rather expensive tape recorder, the Amiga can do a lot more than th Using a sample editing program, can manipulate the sound in any number of ways, ranging from simple opera-* tions such as cutting, copying and pasting sections of sample, to the real fun stuff like adding echoes and looping. Don't worry if all this techno-talk confuses you, we'll be explaining the jargon later on.
But why buy a sampler? The answer is simple - they're a lot of fun. There's something uniquely perverse about being able to sample someone's voice of the art in Amiga sampling technology and offers a few tips on getting the most Jason Holborn CO looks at the state from it 52 Getting serious In this way you can build up a huge library of sampled instruments without ever having to pay the high cost of buying the equipment yourself. With professional instruments costing many thousands of pounds these days, sampling is a considerably better bet.
I've annoyed quite a few people by sampling instruments for which they've had to pay hard cash. Despite the fact that I only own a single synthesiser (a Ml), my sample library consists of nds from a vast range of professional Including the D50, the SY77 and the infamous FaiHight.
Once samples are laid down on to », you can hardly tell the difference tween a sample and the real thing, sat follows is a roundup of the best samplers currently available on the Amiga.
We've deliberately restricted it to 8- bit samplers, but both 12 and 16-bit units are also available. We'll bring you more on these later.
And then play around with it. If you've ever wanted to put words into your best friend's mouth or play burping sounds on your Midi keyboard, a sampler is the thing for you.
Samplers aren't only good for making your Auntie Mavis sound like a space alien who's been on the helium, though. If you're feeling a little musical, you can use your sampler to grab instruments from prerecorded music or frpm real life.
MicroDeal were one of the first companies to produce a truly budget-priced sampler in the shape of their excellent Master Sound. It's fairly basic, but Master Sound certainly delivers the goods. If you're after a cheap, no frills sampler that produces decent samples, MasterSound is a good bet.
The MasterSound package consists of a spartan cream-coloured sampling cartridge graced with just a single connector. There's no sound level controls, no printer passthm, no nothing - just a single jack connector which is used to feed in the audio signal. As a result, MasterSound doesn't support stereo sampling, although this isn't really much of a loss.
The bundled sampling software is pretty, but is lacking in real editing power.
Most of the bask functions are there, but AudioMaster 3 it most certainly isn't. One nice feature is its built- in sample sequencer which allows you to produce very simple tunes using your samples. The overall sound quality of Master Sound is very good from within its own software, but it did tend to degrade when used with AudioMaster 3. On the whole though, samples were clean and crisp.
£39.95 * Micro Mast Value EE Features Sound Quality IB I-11 1 Software I I:. I I 1 I i l - : ' OVERALL ....36% i Sound, it too in full stereo, the build but then I suppose you must expect some concessions when a sampler that is as capable as TechnoSound is sold at such a tow price.
The TechnoSound software is pretty impressive. It has all the usual
* c?tjng features you'd expect, but what makes it so good is its
fun features, its built-in special effects allow an incoming
sound signal to be processed in realtime - just like a
professional effects unit, really. These effects include the
usual echo and reverb, but die fun starts when you play with
Exterminator and Legless.
The sound quality of TechnoSound is surprisingly good, but it occasionally produced samples which were a bit muffled. I wouldn't hold this against It though - if you did, you might just be missing out on a real bargain. On the whole, if money is a little tight, you won't oo far wrong with TechnoSound.
¦at 'Jt3Wy&! To compete with MicroDeal's Master Sound, New Dimensions' is a -ea! KiBer of a sampler. Packed with powerful, and some genuinely fun, features it's a sampler to be reckoned with. Nov that it's been upgraded - hence the extra Turbo bit in the name - is there no Stopping TechnoSound?
The TechnoSound hardware looks very similar to Perfect £34.99 • New Dimensions • Tel: 0291 690933 TechnoSound Turbo Audio Engineer £199 * HB Marketing * Tel: 0753 686000 If you're looking for the Rolls Royce of Amiga samplers, look no further than RamScan's Audio Engineer. It's a fairly pricey little number, but you'd be hard pushed to find an Amiga sampler that can touch it.
If you intend to use your Amiga sampler professionally (and many well known musicians do - P?U*a Abdul, for example) you'd be a fool to look elsewhere.
What you get for your money is a pretty impressive sampler about the size of an average modem. It has a printer passthru connector built-in so there's no problems there, although you have to Syritch out the sampler to use this feature.
On the front of the unit is a large array of bits and pieces which include two volume control knobs for the incoming signal and connectors for the sound signal.
As you've probably already guessed, Audio Engineer fully supports stereo sampling. Its twin DAG and quite sophisticated filtering and anti-aliasing circuitry allow for some exceptional samples. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - Audio Engineer produces some of the sharpest and cleanest samples I've ever heard on the Amiga, rivalling some 12 and even 16-bit samplers.
The bundled sampling software is exceptional. Despite the fact that it has Audio Engineer plastered all over t, it's really AudioMastef 3.
As any Amiga sampling aficionado win tell you, there's no better sampling program than AudioMaster.
JYOU! GET YER SEL A COPY OF THIS BRILLS ALTERNATIVE KIDS COMIC! IT'S UP TER E WIV, IT, HIP, COOL, WICKED ETC... .'N' IT'S] ~(MEGA FUNNY, WELL IT'S BOUND TER BE*"" __£COZ IT S GOT ME INNIT! 1 (SO YER BETTER ByY IT... .OR ELSE I'LL COMEJ (ROUND 'N' PUNCH YER LIGHTS OUT..... RIGHT) if ISSUE TWO ON SALE NOW Sample Studio 2 £69.95 • Datel Electronics • Tel: 0782 744324 Features Software OVERALL .....60% Value Features D rn Sound Quali Software OVERALL .....78% Perfect Sound 3 £59.99 • HB Marketing • Tel: 0753 686000 If there's one company that knows a thing or
two about Amiga samplers, it must surely be SunRize Industries. They've been working on their Perfect Sound system for more years than I dare to mention, so you'd think that they'd have it right by now. Unfortunately, Perfect Sound is still nothing more than above average, so you may well want to look elsewhere before taking the plunge.
SunRize's sampler is a mysterious black box that - like most samplers - plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga. It too b rather spartan hardware-wise, with nothing more than a couple of connectors at its rear to break the monotony.
The overall standard of construction is very high.
Some of you may already have a copy of SunRize's earlier sampling software, since it is now freely available in the public domain. Version 3.0 of the Perfect Sound editor isn't that much different from previous releases, apart from the obvious cosmetic changes. It's a very nice program to look at, but I must admit that it seemed a little tatty in places.
Unfortunately, some of its requesters are particularly poor.
The quality of samples grabbed with Perfect Sound is pretty good, but a high-frequency audible hum was introduced to some samples. It's not that easy to spot, but anyone with a trained ear will point it out straight away.
Despite this quibble though, Perfect Sound is still a very good sampling system.
Datel's offering to the more serious sampling fanatics is the Pro Sample Studio 2, a bulky but reasonably capable system that builds upon the strengths of Datel's original Sample Studio system.
Unlike all the other samplers on test, VdlllC Datel's unit is the only sampler that doesn't connect to the Amiga's paraHSI port. Instead, Datel have wired the thing up so that it runs off the expansion port on the left-hand side of the A5QQ, As a result, it won't work on any machine other than the A500, although an internal version which plugs into the co-processor slot of the 2000 is also available. Datel have also thoughtfully included a passthru connector, so hard disk users are still able to use their drives on the 500.
The bundled software is a respectable enough offering, but it's still not perfect. Once again, it looks pretty, but editing power leaves much to be desired.
Unfortunately, because the sampler runs through the Amiga's expansion bus, you can't use something like AudioMaster 3 instead, so you are stuck with Datel's offering.
For such an expensive sampler, the sound quality of samples certainly doesn't justify the price. Even when sampling from a digital source, the samples were far from faithful. Admittedly, they're better than the Micro Sampler, but not much.
Getting the most from your sampler It's very tempting to blame the manufacturer when your sampler doesn't quite produce the perfect sample, but they aren't always to blame. Like it or not, you could be doing something wrong.
With our guide to better sampling, you too can produce samples of the crispest quality.
SOUND SOURCES - You may think this is pretty obvious, but it's surprising how many people fall into this trap. The better the quality of your sound source, the better your samples will be. If you're sampling music, a CD source is the best you can get, but a high quality tape player is a good second best.
In the case of sampling real life sounds, a decent microphone is very, very important. Quite a few sampler manufacturers include microphones, but they are always useless - throw them in the bin immediately!
If you can afford it, pop down to your local hi- tech musk equipment stockist and have a chat with the salesman. He'll be able to advise you on which microphone to buy. You may have to pay a fair bit for It, but you’ll be amazed at the quality it will give you.
SAMPLING RATES - Everyone knows that the higher the sample rate, the better the sound quality, but there's more to it than this. Many samplers now offer sampling rates of up to 57 Khz.
But virtually no musk packages support such high rates - 29 Khz Is about as high as things get.
If you do want to use samples within packages like Music-X, a good trick is to sample the sound at the highest rate and then use something like AudioMaster's Tune WaveForm function to knock the sampling rate down.
This usually results in a much higher quality output than you would have obtained if you had sampled the sound at that rate in the first place.
Don't forget also that some sounds don't need to be sampled at high rates. Drums are a prime example.
Most drum sounds can be sampled pretty faithfully at around 10 Khz, although High Hats will need higher rates to capture those higher frequencies. As always though, experimentation is the key.
I VO vO 3 *8 n 0 3 1 g 3 Vfi LEADS - It's all very well having a great sampler and a brilliant sound source, but you'll still get pathetic results, if you use a lousy lead to connect the two. Once again, a good professional sound lead is a must.
Considering their price - around £5 for 3m - you’d be a fool not to splash out. Not only that, but they usually come with pretty decent connectors, therefore ensuring that interference introduced to the audio signal is kept to a minimum.
Sound Master £129.95 • HB Marketing • Tel: 0753 686000 OK, it's very r C_.
For:, mono sar I L- a v..„ up at like TechnoSouno.
The bundled software is exactly the same as the software which used to accompany Datel's Pro Sample Studio, which has now ceased production. While it looks very nice, you'll soon come to realise that looks are about the only thing going for it. Editing is quirky and there are too many tools which can only be j described as completely useless.
Most of the samplers tested are very; closely matched where sound quality is = concerned, but the sound quality of the j Micro Sampler is awful. Even when used j with AudioMaster 3 and Omega Projects' i Sound Enhancer, samples came out muf- j fled and veiy distorted. If you buy this,!
You oniy have yourself to blame!
.95% OVERALL .....75% OVERALL AMAS £99 • MicroDeal • Tel: 0726 68020 MicroDeal's "professional" sampler is quite unique in that it is the only Amiga sampler that also comes complete with a Midi interface. As a resuit, you can kill two birds with one stone. A shrewd move from MicroDeal, I'm sure you'll agree.
Unfortunately, AMAS really is starting to show its age. It's been available for a couple of years now, in which time it's sold very nicely thank you. But it has n been surpassed by much cheaper systems.
Tne sound quality isn't bad, but it's hardly going to give Audio Engineer a run for its money. Don't get me wrong, AMAS can still produce some very acceptable samples.
What really lets it down is the sampling software, it's restricted to producing samples no greater than 200k in size, arranged into a maximum of eight banks. Not only that, but the maximum sampling rate is only 28Kriz.
Now you can see why AMAS has aged so much! But then again, if it's good enough for Pauia Abdul - she uses one extensively - it should be good enough for anyone.
Metre-long cable to the sampling hardware which means that you can bring the sampler around next to your keyboard.
This is a necessity, because the unit includes both a sliding level control and even a built-in microphone - something that even Audio Engineer doesn't have!
As mentioned previously, the software bundled is none other than Audio Master 3, which is ! Actually exactly the same program that comes with Audio Engineer. As a result, . There's very little to separate the two samplers apart from the obvious price difference.
Tne Audio Engineer hardware has a few more features, such as a printer . Passthru, and is generally of higher build quality, but the two units perform . Almost identically.
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Now you can get the best... with PEN PAL!
A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil all your word processing requirements and™ it includes a Database!
It s all so easy to use* you probably won't need to refer to the extensive 250 page manual too often.
Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously (memory permitting), search and replace; cut, copy and paste; check your spelling with a 100,000+ word dictionary. You can import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint II or Gip Art files V*'' in various sizes and colours. You can auto- - matically flow text around graphics in any njnl il1 Workbench compatible font (there are over 200 available styles), in different sizes and colours to suit your design,,, even as you type. All this from a word processor and... Much, Much, More!
As you can see, this is not just any ordinary word processor! Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects. Mail Njcrgc using the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged.
Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32,000 records per database with a fast sort of 1000 records in less , than 5 seconds this is a real database.
Pen Pal requires m Amiga 500 1500 2000 or 3000 with a minimum of 1 megabyte of available memory.
When...you deserve the best!
."...its handling of graphics is unsurpassed: Pen Pal is the only program I tested that will automatically wrap text around graphics..," Amiga World.. Jul. '90 without beating around the bush Pen Pal is very special..11 - "There is little to fault Pen Pal and it deserves to do well." Amiga Format...Dec. '90 "...I am extremely pleased with your product especially the Graphic Capabilities within the Word Processor. Having the Database on the same disk has made PEN PAL the best program I have..." D.SJi., Flumxtead, IjONDON Please let me tell you how amazed I am at how EASY rr IS TO USE PEN PAL.
The manuals supplied arc very informative and very clear...* rSS., Clifton. NOTTINGHAM ..A most excellent piece of software..." Strathclyde. SCOT1ANI) Pen Pal Order Line
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GORDON HARWOOD HARWOOD Pen Pal is also available f rom good computer stores everywhere!
Pen Pal is supplied into the UK through... Precision Software Gordon Harwood Computers New Street Allreton Derbyshire DE5 7BP Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831040
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Xefec A500 Hard Drive & Ram Pricing |VS 3rd
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Ow Caligari is what many Amigans have been praying for, namely a CAD package that embraces the speed and power essential to a designer while retaining the aesthetics
* hat only ray tracing can create* In the past the choice was
ample - e»ther you went for the stunning but s'ow process of
ray tracing or the soeedy if less than stylish approach of the
countless 3D Modelling packages.
It's CAD |im but not as we know it!
As you can see from the screen s ots, Caligari not only offers design skills to match anything in the modeling world but also the artistic talents to challenge the much slower true ray tracers such as Sculpt, Real 3D and imagine.
Evaluation Mr Spock Cafigari's primary mission is to provide a perfect representation of your three dimensional designs, so for the amateur »t could mean the creation of a dream kitchen long before the first cabinet is cobbled together, or perhaps the design for that desperately needed extension.
The system can work with a predefined grid engineering design and it's even possible to type blueprint information direct for the plan, instantly transforming the confusion of two dimensions to the clarity of three.
Once complete, the image controls allow you to zoom in and orientate either the world or the object at any angle thanks to the very speedy wire frame mode, only pausing to snapshot a full colour image direct to disk or straight to a printer.
As well as Hs design talents, Caligari also offers impressive and flexible control over every element within the image, whether that be colour, lighting or material.
Perhaps the most important aspect of the program's flexibility is its handling of the objects themselves. Like many of the leading ray tracers, it employs heretical control. A good example of this would be the engines on Enterprise which were manipulated as one unit, stretching, sizing and orientating in unison, even though they're made up of several individual objects, all of which could still be isolated and edited separately as required.
Because of its artistic as weR as engineering talents Caligari is perfect for presentation work, and this especially applies to the Broadcast version which supports a very powerful animation module. This allows the various elements within a scene to be assigned as actors. These various thespi- ans can then be directed around the scene on predefined paths.
The individual players don't stop there as their component parts can also be assigned as joints. So, for example, a robot could have its arm and hand pivot in a friendly wave as a prospective client glides down the corridor of his or her virtual investment This heretical approach to movement also extends to the consumer version which doesn't support animation but still benefits from the option when designing still frames.
Analysis complete In many ways the Caligari interface is very s*m*?ar to that of imagine but with one huge improvement - unlike Imagine, Caligari doesn't require constant saves as you move between the various modules.
The only disk activity occurs as the various modules are loaded. This does slow things up a little on a floppy system but Sk- you're a hard drive user the time taken Paul Austin beams down to render a few opinions on Caligari, the latest package in the operating system is barely noticeable. On the consumer version of the program flitting between modules * restricted to the Design and Scene modules but on the broadcast version you have the added bonus of the Anim option, for most of us movement will probably be restricted to that offered by the consumer version. As the names suggest the
Design module is where most of the work takes place with occasional visits to the Scene option for lighting and occasional loads, saves and, of course, the vital final render.
The animation on the broadcast version isn't the only difference between the two, as the consumer version also lacks the point editing abilities of its big brother, not to mention the ability to render direct to a frame buffer.
Unfortunately, being without the aforementioned hardware, I can only quote the suppliers description of, 'Stunning* in regard to the frame buffer output, which isn't totally unexpected considering the broadcast version retails at £1,500 as opposed to the £99 for the consumer variant.
The lack of point editing on the consumer version will no doubt cause a few problems as the ability to slice, sweep and select individual points does add a whole new dimension to the editing of the various primitives.
Having said that, the variety of standard prims on both versions should mean the majority of objects can be constructed from individual prims, This combined with the assistance of the Tools menu, which is present on both versions, should make life a little easier if you're struggling with a particularly tricky bit of modelling.
The various tools allow objects to be glued, un-glued, copied and, perhaps most importantly, extruded. Extrusion or, to put it more simply, the ability to hand draw your own objects in two dimensions and then sweep them into the third means that almost any shape is possible, the only real limit being your imagination.
Once your object is complete placement is the next obstacle but thanks to the best mouse driven interface I've yet had the pleasure to use this is simplicity itself. When arranging an object you have the option to either manipulate the viewpoint or the object.
Perfect position To achieve this the stacking menu system displays the various environmental movement controls which vary the effect of the mouse from working in relation to either the plane of the object or that of the world in which It's placed. Switching between the two allows you to position the view point to perfection.
Once you're happy with your particular view of the scene a single mouse click transfers the mouse movement into that of the object itself. Again, you have the option to move the object relative to its own axis or that of the environment, placing it either by eye or by the user defined grid reference system.
Now you and your object are in the perfect position the next task is to orientate the object itself. This again is done by the trusty rodent. One dick on the rotation button and the selected shape spins in any or all of the three dimensions while remaining stationary on the predefined spot.
As you can imagine, controlling a three dimensional spinning object with a strictly two dimensional mouse isn't always an easy task, so one of the axes is assigned to the right button while the remaining two are controlled by the left Even when control is split between the two buttons things can still be a little confusing so the program has the invaluable ability to switch off any combination of axes as required. This also applies to the object movement and eye placement controls.
So if you merely want to lower an object into a particular spot it's a simple matter of selecting the axis in question and lowering away, safe in the knowledge that the remaining two dimensions will remain completely static.
Sometimes - and especially when working to engineering standards - the default perspective view isn't always enough. As a result a separate view from each of the three elevations can be accessed. All these views can be individually positioned and zoomed in and out of as required.
Object onscreen When the three orthographic views are combined with the perspective, placement of the subject can be done to an accuracy of four decimal points and, of course, if your hand and eye co-ordination isn't quite steady enough for such work you can always employ the definable Gridlock option to do it for yOU.
* Assuming you and your masterpiece are in perfect position and
you've had a trip to the scene module to adjust the lighting,
it's time to render your creation. When rendering an object
or scene for the first time there is a pause of almost ray
tracing proportions while the calculations are made for light
and the assorted objects, but eventually your masterpiece will
appear and it's at this point that you have the added bonus Of
making the most of the Amiga's colourful talents.
After the render is complete you have the option to either return to the wireframe, save the image or proceed on to the colour control menu which allows you to adjust the colour of individual elements within the image or entire groups.
This section works in the same way to that of heretical options in the wireframe which allows you to cycle through the individual parts within an object and select separate elements for editing. Once the colour editing is complete the scene can be re-rendered in a fraction of the original time and the product saved or printed as required.
In general the manuals are excellent apart from the occasional passage such as the Point Editing section within the broadcast version which is completely dreadful.
This particular section has to be either the product of someone who assumes you were part of the design team or perhaps more likely it's the ramblings of an author who didn't really know what he was waffling on about. An added bonus to the tuition offered by the manuals is the Caligari tutorial video which does a good job of easing you and your ideas into the virtual world with a few examples of just what this extremely powerful program is capable of.
Captain's log On the down side my only real moans concern the lack of any boolean operations which would allow objects to be used as tools on others, cutting and slicing as required.
My only other concern is the lack of interaction between Caligari and other programs. At present Videoscape is the only program which can share its output with Caligari but I'm assured future revisions do plan to embrace other packages.
As you can tell from my commentary, I'm impressed, and if you're looking for a way to combine the graphic talents of your Amiga with the power of an excellent CAD package, Caligari has to figure very high on the list of your potential purchases.
I'm sure we'll all see a lot more of this particular product in everything from engineering design to TV animation. I highly recommend it.
Caligari is available from: Surface MK Limited S Rockware Avenue Greenford, Middx UB60AA Tel 081 5666677 Fax 081-566 6678 Caligari Consumer £99.95 Caligari Broadcast £1,500 Broadcast version soon to be available as Frame buffer Software package I AMIGA STAND-ALONE 500 COMPUTER
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PCW 825fi.l8512 .
£3.50.. £3.20 £3.00 Amstrad PCW 9512 . ..£2.90.. . £2.60 £2.20 Brother HR1S’2Q-2S35...... ..£230 .
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£5.50... £4.90 Commodore MPSi 230 ..£4.90..... £4.10 Epson LQ40G'500300 .
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ONLY £39.95 Inc VAT JOYSTICKS SOUNDBLASTER BUDGET SOFTWARE Hot Shot Space Station Mouse Trap Football Manager Fire Blaster Seconds Out Las Vagas Artificial Dreams Piutos Frost Byte Karting Grand Pnx Protector Flight Path 737 Thai Boxing Wagons £2.99 each or 10 for £24.95 RAM E) DAMCIQMC L rANolUNb ' ? Meg Upgrade without Clock .....£26.95 Vi Meg Upgrade with Clock ..128.95 1 Men I Innrarie with Clock .£89.95 1 Meg Megaboarc £69.95 Year Guarantee £5.99 ....£8.95 £12.99 £12.99 £7.95
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The best Yet.
31 j DISK LABELS THE ORIGINAL MEDIA COMPANY LTD DEPT AC, MEDIA HOUSE, UNIT 14, ASHBY ROAD, COALVILLE, LEICS LE6 2LA To order: Cheques and P.O’s payable to: OMC Ltd at the above address. Credit Cards Telephone on: 0530 813591 (8 lines) FAX for immediate attention on: 0530 813595 Mobile No: 0860 922436 Trade a cs welcome. All prices include VAT at 17.5%. Corporate, education orders welcome. Personal callers welcome.
POSTAGE: £3.95 CARRIAGE: £8.95 100 x 3Vi DS Disks x 3' ?k ckable 100 Cap Box inc labels ..£39.95 Inc VAT 3M 3' i DSDD Branded Disks ..£8.00 per box of 10 DISKETTE BOX OFFER £38.95 Roll Of 1000 3' ! Labels ....£6.95 per Roll Roll of 1000 3' i Tractor Feed labels .£8.95 Roll of 1000 3' , Multicolour (4) labels .....£7.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE AMIGA MIDI INTERFACE Midi Connector inc 2 x 6 foot Cables only £14.99 Amiga Computing October 1991 Powerplay RVF Honda Oats Storm Dungeon Quest
G. Monster Slam Towel of Babel Microprose Soccer ShuffMpuefc Cafe
Kid Gloves
E. Motion POWER SUPPLY Fully compatible replacement Power Supply
for Amiga 500 ..... ONLY £4.99 each or
all 10 for only £39.95 After last month's amazing Real 3D
giveaway there's no doubt many of you are dmoling at the
wallet just waiting for an affordable, not to mention save-
enabled way of reaching into the next intension.
3D Master is the latest and by far the best of cheap ray tracers. Even though ts relatively inexpensive it nevertheless offers a very reasonable array of features, some of which are unequalled by e»en such illustrious names as Sculpt Unlike many other pretenders to the cneap ray tracing throne, 3D Master offers an interface that puts all the program controls and requesters at the mercy of the mouse while still offering a complete range of hot keys for the experts.
The design of the interface is excellent, being fast, logical and easy to use, but having said that I doubt whether it will be long before you, like me, become a hot key fanatic.
Even though the interface is excellent there is a subtle but nevertheless definable difference between 3D Master and some other interface-based programs.
3D Master stands somewhere between old-style software which wouldn't consider something as amateur as an interface and the new friendly face of ray tracing which will do absolutely everything without ever leaving your furless friend.
Even though all major events happen in tasteful requesters there's still the need for constant coordinates which determine everything from the size and shape of the object right through to the positioning of lights and their direction.
Fear not For anyone with a pathological fear of X,Y,Z coordinates this won't be welcome news but believe me it isn't that bad and that's a quote direct from a dedicated Real 3D fan.
On occasion some of the requesters will leave even an enthusiast a little puzzled but this really only applies to the more complex shapes and requesters such as spirals.
In most cases the various primitives such as spheres and boxes will do the job, with sizing and placement being a simple matter of typing in three sets of coordinates for each. Although the X,Y,Z format can be confusing and occasionally time consuming the speedy rendering of "work in progress" plus the option for various screen formats and resolutions does make up for the tedium of typing.
Overview is perhaps the perfect way to describe 3D's view of the world. Like Calagari, which you'll find elsewhere in this issue of Amiga Computing, 3D looks at its little portion of space from a I m f I **+ n 73 "O n ? definable point which is suspended above a matrix depicting the surface of your creation.
Moving and examining your work is a simple matter of hitting the odd hot key to scroll in all directions, zooming in and out as required. It's true the lack of an orthorgraphic or three way view does make accurate placement a little tricky but considering 3D Master is more of an artistic tracer than an exercise in engineering it shouldn't cause too much upset.
All the essential environmental controls are there, allowing everything from complete control of the palette to the intensity of light sources.
Like Sculpt, there are various options for ground design ranging from the familiar chequered effect to the less common polka dot. Even a user defined floor space can be imported from your favourite paint package.
The last reference to importation leads nicely on to 3D's mapping talents which although limited do something which Sculpt can't manage, namely texture mapping any image on to elements within your creation.
The mapping works well, although it's impossible to make any adjustments to the way the image is mapped. The second and perhaps most important point is that only one type of map can be applied within each image.
The mapping process takes place thanks to a single image loaded in as a picture. Once loaded the program looks here for the texture which it then applies to every object which has its map option set.
Summary As mentioned earlier, 3D is perhaps the premier cheap ray tracer but it does take more work than the average point and click package. Having said that it's quite fun learning the art the old fashioned way, so try not to be put off by a bit of typing.
As you can see from the screen shots the results can be impressive, if perhaps a little predictable. This tendency for spheres, spirals and countless curves is due mostly to the lack of tools and the limited number of primitives. Both these points lead to a rather surreal landscape rather than the representations of the real world which more complex products can produce.
Image quality is generally impressive apart from the the occasional case of the joggles which can give the edges of objects a very blocky appearance. This is due to the lack of anti-aliasing within the rendering engine and can only be cured by upgrading to products such as Imagine or, of course, Real 3D.
The only other complaint is the speed of rendering, which is fine while at work on individual objects but suffers badly when rendering full screens, so be prepared to leave your Amiga working through the twilight hours while you dream up your next design.
If you're looking for a solid first step on the ray tracing ladder 3D Master has to be a good place to start, providing all the essentials, with the odd extra thrown in for good measure.
3D Master is available from Senlac software, Unit 6 West Hill Arcade George Street Hastings East Sussex TN34 3AN Tel 0424 44S498 Price £35.00 After last month's amazing Real 3D giveaway AMIGA Computing's art department is bracing itself for the tide of ray tracing that's about to flood in - thanks to the bulging mailbags of many a bow-legged postie.
As if Real isn't inspiration enough, we're still offering a print quality, framed chromalin to the hero of this month's artistic extravaganza. Of course, next month's frame is just waiting for your latest creation, whether it be ray traced or the product of the paint package of your choice.
The incentive of recent Gallery giveaways and our framed chromalin has done wonders for both the quantity and quality of artistic submissions, so join what is the state of the art on the Amiga and post your latest masterpiece today.
To avoid any confusion, please write your full name and address on the disk and remember to title your work. After all Pic 1 isn't really a very awe-inspiring title for the work of a genius, is it?
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Non-software items please add 10% EEC or 25% World Overseas orders must be paid by credit card.
The most popular science fiction gaming system and now tht critic's choice as the Number One Computer Came!
AMIGA C0MPUTIN6 Brilliantly balanced between complexity and playability • MegaTraveller I's gameplay is a miracle..."The best RPG Adventure game of the year."
CD AMIGA A fantastic RPG with loads of puzzles.
AMIGA F0HMAT I can't think of any role-playing game which has the depth and richness of what's going on.
6AMESMAN This game is truly, uncategoricallv "Mega!"
ACE A quantum leap for sci-fi RPG's.
AMIGA C0MPQTIRG "A triumph of intelligent game design."
THE ONE No other computerised RPG comes as close to being an accurate conversion as MegaTraveller 1.
GEN 4 MegaTraveller 1 is THE Game of Today AMIGA POWER "Terrifying depth, friendly and helpful controls, great atmosphere, excellent balance of strategy and action.
A wonderful piece of role that everyone should play."
GameR VISION Welcome to a new concept in Amiga games coverage.
Nebulus 2-------------------------------------------------------------------10 The little green blob with no arms is back to do what he does best... Jump and down Monster Business--------------------------------- Leroy grabs hold of his pump and goes after ghoulies, but don't tell the vicar!
Championship Athletics-------------12 There have been some brilliant sport sims for the Amiga recently, but this isn't one of them.
Armalyte---------------------------------------- 13 Strike a light! No, Armalyte (ho ho ho) the classic C64 shoot-em-up hits the Amiga - hard.
Cone Warrior-------------------------------------- Time travelling chortles as the very fabric of the universe itself is threatened Manchester United Europe is Here we go... here we go... or do we? Is Manchester United Europe left on the substitutes bench?
?he Simpsons 22 ;ign."
Sa$ ion as oday... ptul ?nt software October 1991 Amiga Where are we? The planet Cornball? Bart, Homer and Marge chill out on the Amiga RODLAND---------------------------24 Cute to look at and great fun to play with.
It's Michelle Pfieffer. No it's Rodland.
Last Ninja 3------------26 Yet more black pyjamaed ninjary in the most ambitious Ninja game yet.
Mega-Lo-Mania--28 Attack of the unnecessary hyphens from Imageworks. Watch out Powermonger!
If you go down to the zoo today... a sneak preview of the new arrivals in a software house that calls itself ELECTRONIC ZOO. Bring your own peanuts It’s mode, it cheats, it's Gamer Cheat Mode games front, lovingly beaten out of unsuspecting software houses by your caring, sharing Gamer The charts by any other name!
All the latest news font the To back up the marks out of five Pint level opens with a motorbike Porsche 911 and even a Yamaha Grand Prix bike.
Ferry crossings are rather expensive these days, so you can make the crossing yourself using a choice of either a high powered jet ski or a turtxKharged speed boat.
It isn't all plain sailing, however. Not only must you keep your eyes open for the local police and secret agents, but you also have those infamous French motorist to contend with. These chaps alone can reduce even the most expen- enced driver to tears - just ask anyone who's taken a holiday in France! Look out for it in September.
- Millennium FINAL BLOW
- Storm If your idea of fun is punching poor chap senseless, then
Storm's could be for you. Based on Taito's liant arcade
machine, the game you to slog it out in the boxing against 10
of the toughest fighters i the world.
Using almost full screen sprites, action is so hot that even Mike Ty would probably throw in the tovi all this has you punch drunk excitement, you can check it out September.
Their reward money is a vast range high-technology traps and alarm terns wh»ch could catch even the careful of criminals. Look out for ft late November.
IB Uprtairj, Downrtairt revUHd What's hot and what's not. Jason Holbom spills the beans on the latest from the Amiga games scene OUTRUN EUROPA-US Gold US Gold are a busy lot. Not content with having produced two Outrun games, they're currently putting the fin- - ishmg touches to a third. As the name suggests, the action has swapped from the wide open roads of the good old US of A to the bumpy and winding roads of good old Europe The scenery isn't the only thing that has changed, however. The Ferrari has seen some action, so you’ve got some extra transport to help you travel across beautiful
Europe. Of course, the Ferrari F40 is still parked on your driveway, but you also have access to a very swish Fans of Francis Ford Coppola s renowned Godfather series will be pleased to learn that US Gold have snapped up the rights to put the Cor- leone family's antics on to the Amiga.
Not wanting to screw up, US Gold have put this rather hefty job in the hands of French developer Delphone, the brains behind US Gold's great little murder mystery title, Cruise For a Corpse.
The game is based on the aspirations and business intentions of the Godfather and the Corleone family. As always, someone is trying to muscle in on the action and it s your job to protect the Corleone family S Interests using whatever means are at your disposal.
This usually means pumping someone full of lead, so there's bound to be lots of violence. Look out for it soon.
U SCOLD PRESENTS The m Fans of Sega s fun little arcade romp The Bonanza Brothers will be pleased to learn that Mobo and Robo will be making an appearance on the Amiga very soon. These two unlikely characters have been hired to test the security system of a famous TV star Mobo and Robo must infiltrate a number of high security buildings. Collecting evidence which will show up flaws in the TV Star s security system. This certainly isn’t going to be an easy job, though.
Standing between Mobo and Robo and Clever lot. They system for their od game has been in for over seven years and whaddya know, it's being released just in time for the release of the movie of the same name, stamng Kevin Costner This fact alone should ensure that it does very nicely thank you. But Millennium claim that the game is good enough to sell on its own Hmmm. I ent until the game is released in October.
BONANZA BROS - US GOLD October 1991 Amiga Computing Plan Nine From Outer Space - Gremlin Gremlin have lost the plot, official' In a fit of unbridled socialism - there can be no other reason for throwing this sort of money away - Gremlin have thrown caution, and a fair chunk of their profits to the wind and bought the licence to the worst film ever made.
They claim to have spent, ooh, minutes in negotiations and fought off soff competition from someone they just can't quite remember in the race to sign up this. Erm. Title.
3 o'clock! There's a sidewinder on _ firm TO* The game follows me plot of the original film, in which an alien race, having failed in their attempts to invade eight times previously, hit on the mgeniousfish) plan nine.
This cunning plan involves reanimating the corpses of the recently deceased humans and guiding them by remote control to wander around the towns and cities with their arms outstretched looking upset.
Featuring over 50 digitized sequences from the film, and programmed by Pixel Productions, formerly with Cinemaware - they must be desperate - it will be released with the least amount of fuss possible in earty 1992.
Super Space Invaders - Domark 1979AD. The world would never be the same again. The western was invaded by six foot tall machines with a pixellated gorilla on side. Never again would you be able to enjoy a decent pint ing those Immortal sound effects: "Dum, dum. Dum, dum. Dum, Dum'.
Weil Space Invaders Is back. Super Space Invaders from Domark updated the classic that started it all, bringing in power ups, mega-guardians and brand new attack formations that look set to the mother of all arcade machines bang up to date in your living room Super Space Invaders will be available from Domark in October £24.99. Look out for it.
Grand Prix - Microprose Billed as a Formula One simulation. Microprose's Grand Prix brings to the small screen 16 'accurately mapped' 1991 Grand Prix tracks and 26 cars from all the well known teams.
Each car will be carrying the colours of its team, from (jgier to Maclaren and Williams, and all will start the season by driving the way they drove in the 1990 season - won t be seeing much of Mansell then.
The game, programmed by Geoff Crammond of Revs and Stunt Car Racer fame, features four difficutty levels, manual gear boxes, (wooohl), all the fun of a pit stop and much, much more. I should hope so too. Because when it gets released in November Microprose will be charging a wopping £34.99. Silent Service II - Microprose The original received more accolades than you could shake an Oscar at in 1986. The sequel appeared on the PC nearly a year ago and now you folks out there in Amigaland can finally enjoy the thrill that is Silent Service II. Ahem.
The new missions Include trying to sink a massive Japanese aircraft carrier in the harbour, and controlling a German U- boat in the South Pacific which is trying to sink Allied shipping.
There will also be a campaign-style scenario which allows you to develop a career as a submanne commander.
The ships and submannes will be represented by digitized photos of the real thing taken from 24 angles. There should be no angle left unturned.
It will be released this month priced at £35.75. Devious Designs - Imageworks Dr Devious It a world renowned abstract scientist fwtiat does he do, use polka dot chemicals?) But he has gone slightly mad. Well, he's gone very mad actually but who’s counting?
The problem is that Dr Devious is very Inspired by the art from Picasso s Cubist period, and his mad genius has developed a machine than can turn the world into a Cubist representation of itself.
But first he has to practise, and to do so he chooses well known monuments and easily recognizable objects from around the world and turns them into Cubist abstracts.
But one man can save the world: J J Maverick. Only he, under your control, can save the world from a fate worse than Rubik.
Vou must restore the world's monuments and everyday objects to their former glory.
This fast moving puzzle game will be released in October at £25.99. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY tou'vc ever pictured yourself as a Brave , nlurcr bill have been put off by the
* mplexity i»f Role Playing d ventures ¦ * rs the game for you.
• itlmv Sorcerer has all the excitement ami trigue of .1DbU‘'s
more complex irrntures and also features the following oner
friendly" innovations: t 100",. "point ‘n click" icon control
(no laborious typing).
• ID isometric play area giving uou more control on the playing
• Control up to 4 characters in a life or death struggle against
• Hexagonal grid map aids strategic planning.
• Combat ai tion adventure.
His new concept in role playing I ventures me,ms that in minutes you aid be tonfron ting the Shadow Sorcerer, v down side is that within minutes you ¦ ¦m i also be dead!!
Ore we j for US rner.
Rt to the rt)ume- U'YWCl l WJ.Vi’.l i» t J DK W’.0 * lh n PR UIOYI WCI and the NR i fo.irr ‘ntdcmarics J**R Inc. t ake (trarmi, hi tl .1.•.(.’¦in.', .'¦Vrtfiv. . : udatwns, Inc., ' i'I ( * I. t*it T'SK. Inc. WJ c». mutations. Inc. At righ;y reserved.
3 Holford W.n , Halford. Birmingham BfcTAY T»M:02162533( 6.
¦¦ | here are many pills and potions which claim to be able to cure baldness.
Strangely enough, there has never been a product which can actually accelerate baldness. Until now.
Simply play Nebulus 2 for a few hours and marvel as you tear huge chunks of hair from your scalp in frustration. That's right Nebulus 2 is a platform game, and quite a nippy little number it is too.
We've all seen platform games before Ever since Chuctae Egg flickered on to the screens of the BBC we've been inundated with them. Spacemen, miners, moles and hedgehogs have all appeared on our screens, and all had one thing in common: an uncontrollable urge to jump on to any horizontal surface with a merry beep. Pogo also suffers from this affliction, which is just as well - after all, it'd be a pretty boring game if he didfl L As in the original Nebulus. Pogo must make his way to the top of the slowly rotating towers and claim them back from the evil Unde. Scary name, huh? Once he has
achieved this, he has to make his way back down again to repair all the damage inflicted by that nasty oT Line.
Then he hops into a waiting chopper (settle down at the back) and flies off to the next tower, via the obligatory bonus level. There are eight towers, but as you have to go up them, then down, it s really more like 16. Now I may be being picky, but if you had to rescue 16 towers from a multitude of nefarious monsters, wouldn't you Choose someone a little more, well, macho? Apparently not. The blokes in charge want Pogo, a small green blob with no arms. Who are we to argue? It wouldn't be Nebulus 2 otherwise would it? Which leads us. In a rounds way, to the game.
For those who are familiar with first Nebulus. It's similar to that So i away and have a quick game explain the concept to whoever left OK. Imagine your standard game. Now take the platforms and i them round a tower. Add some from one side of the tower to the and sprinkle liberally with nasties traps, and that's basically Nebulus can make a model using a toilet roll ¦ a Cornflakes packet if it makes it i clearer, but get a responsible adult I help.
Now. The rest of you can stop Nebulus and come back. From here things are different. This time Pogo various power-ups to help Not really weapons as such, bonus items are picked up along the way and bless Pogo with 21st CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT' £24.99 • 1 2 meg • Joystick • Out now I = LIVtb essentials as a jet pack which rocked him round the tower killing everythmJ in his way; magnets to lift him up to ce tain platforms: the spookily named A Seeing Eye which allows Pogo to have peek at what lies in store; jumping bod which have Air Jordan-style soles to gw that extra boost, and matter transports
which can teleport Pogo from one pat to another.
Also available are keys which, befcevt it or not, open locked doors. These icod add a much needed element of strategj to the game as they are hard to find and often essential to your progress This is what lifts PogoAGoOo abovt the morass of current platformersl There's always a way out of a fix, it jui depends on careful selection and use al icons.
Nebulus 2 has been resurrected fron the ashes of Hewson Software by Infei nal Byte Systems and 21st Centurl Entertainment. They've stayed dos I enough to the original for it to be fun 11 IBSiggij [Mi [Mi Mi (T.
T TjT' TAY * V’ .
VtlTjT . - J, .
Vt i ry rU f r tj; VT T,T r VTT.T VTTXTI I VtyTjTAT T.TAT T.T T 7,t t * A* TT,7 t tj
• *T.(r M TiT y Vt T;TV VtvTity t V Take your pick - have a
swim or a shave ™ L IVE£ ~~ «o OP. Tn tr.
I0S1991 NCGUI US 2] iar with n that. So ime while vert left rd platfor 15 and wfs ¦me tunn-:
o the oth tasties an ibulus Vo ilet roll an ikes it an le adult a
“LIVES riEeuiuszl w on w r- raacr) VtiTT VtlETV rockets
- erythin: »p to cer- jmed All
o have a ng boots s to give isporten one pao believe se icons
strategy ind and vXlTtv ning is unremarkable but quite ade
quate given the quality of the sound effects. The lifts clank
and creak, the magnets hum and give off metallic clangs when
they hit a platform and ihe jet pack roars m a sabsfymgly jet
pack- like way.
But where Nebulus 2 really scores well is in the gameplay stakes. It’s fiendishly difficult, but a password system means that you needn't go through all the levels eveiy time you play.
There's also an option to play only the 'up' towers, only 'down' towers or all the towers, which gives you a chance to at least try other levels apart from level one. However, be warned, before you begin playing pop out and buy a nice, smart wig!
Contact with monsters doesn't kill you. It just knocks you off your perch and sends you down a few platforms, just after you spent 15 minutes gening there. Aaaarghl But you soldier on.
Sweanng Nmd that this is definitely your last go. This is the sort of game that youll love and hate.
Not really a game for beginners, but veteran platform fans should lap it up. If you re looking for a new challenge, and don't really mind going prematurely bald. Nebulus 2 should fit the bill quite nicely.
Daniel Whitehead Plenty o( vmty and colour, plus some beautlfiJ antmatwi Pcrtupi« tt too hvd for to own good, but stM greet fun October 1991 Amiga Computing One look and it grab1 you by dabove ¦rmers
t. it just I use of GameR • October 1991 What With the recession,
rising interest rates and the price of a pint edging ever
nearer to two quid, the building trade has enough problems on
its plate without those presented by new German company
Eclipse in this game.
Mr Bob is having problems with his construction sites - problems that make it almost impossible for his guys to do any work.
It all started when some forest crea- VISIO Poor animation and a laughable attempt at a TV AUDIO lucky I can't give nesrtvt flgum.
P L A y A B ILITY ©©••• Easy to start into but no cha*?ngeatal.
Automatically takes away the one real* ;w«J be aspect of the game, and anyone a strong wrist can waggle their way tol success very quickly.
The same applies to the throwing events but this rime the fire button o| used to catch the athlete as he is faci the right way. And the constantly ing Angle Sweep is at the optimum central point. The energy level created the waggling is shown at the right the info panel. This juggling of the three elements, energy, direction and angle.
Waggle your way to boredom J INTERNATIONA CIU HAWK ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 2meg ¦ Joystick • Out now
• (M October 1441 MONSTEI The timing of this game is probably a
little dubious.
There is no obvious tie n with the athletics, apart from the season itself, nor is there a big name licence.
On top of that the Olympics aren't until next year.
Basically there is no obvious reason to release an athletics game which offers nothing new. If the game was stunningly playable that would have been no problem - sadly there is not even that to recommend it.
Joystick waggling makes up the bulk of the 10 types of events, except the longer distance runs and the steeplechase. Jumping events and the javelin make use of what is called the £251 tures, known as Mad Meanies, discafl ered they had a fetish for that tttf flesh that hangs out of the back of construction worker's ageing Levis, started by gazing from afar but soon became more and more bold.
Then they realised that they had a bigger fetish for the building of the guys with the bum cleavage at night they crept on to the sites ad stole every tool they could carry.
This is where Mr Bob's problem ko] Angle Sweep, positioned on one side of the info panel in the top left of the screen.
This is triggered by hitting the fire button, the idea being that if it is hit far enough in advance, but not too far. It will sweep through the optimum angle of 45 degrees at the moment the jump is triggered automatically. Meanwhile you are furiously waggling to get maximum speed in order to make the greatest distance, The fact that the jump is triggered ECLIPSE J vcmmw Chiklish and simplistic graphics an sometimes be excused, but not here 00999 Stupefying dJ hmes and effects that would be more at home oo Radio 1 Pumam monsters P LAY A B I L I T Y ¦ Simpbtie and repetitive at the best of
times, but can be fun over short periods.
E25 pressed helium and watches them float up into the sky. If he gets really clever he can push them off the screen, removing any other Meanies they may hit during their brief ffight to oblivion.
When the meanies are inflated they drop all the tools that they have stolen.
Leroy can collect these for a bonus when he returns them to Mr Bob. After he has finished each site.
The levels are played against the dock, with you losing a life if all the em lies - extreme, and the sound comes down to nothing more than a few oohs and aahs at the end of the event - and even these have to be loaded individually from disk.
My advice is that I would be loathe to pay out £7.99 for this on a budget label, but paying full price is well out of the question. This has nothing more going for it than the novelty of being so poor.
Jools % good klea but is too easily conquered: my third throw of the hammer netted me nearly 80 metres.
The running events under 400 metres come down to nothing more than your basic waggle: the stronger the wrist and the higher the level of stamina, the better you will perform.
Soil, physical strength and stamina are what athletics are all about aren’t they?
Above 400 metres it comes down to tactics. The idea is to use the joystick to adjust the level of energy expenditure: the more energy you use the faster you will go but the quicker you will collapse, exhausted. The idea is to get a balance that wifi see you run out of energy just as you cross the Bne in first place. Trial and error will soon sort this out.
Finally, we come to the steeplechase, and again it is too easy. The computer controls your running, all you have to do is urne the leap over e realis- ne with way to October 1991 Amiga Computing USINESS meg ¦ Joystick workmen have no tools. You take of one Beastie Buster known as the best guy for the job by all rcounts. But then that is probably
• to do with him being the only guy tor the job rather than any
particular aptitude for his profession. He is employed to guard
each building site at Tght and destroy any of the Mad Mea- nes
he may come across on his travels.
He chooses a rather unusual method to do this - he fills them with comMeanies are not inflated when the sands of time run dry. If you feel that this may be an impossible task then the game can be played by two in a joint effort to reduce considerably the atmosphere's helium supply.
This platform-based game features nearly 50 levels of Meanie bashing but it is not enough to stop you thinking that this game would probably have been more suited to the ZX Spectrum some six or seven years ago. Even then the playability is just not there. What starts off as vaguely diverting soon gets repetitive.
I was expecting something far better from a company run by a programmer who had close involvement with the project Must try harder.
Joels A common ihoot-'em-up hazard that requires great tkil and timing to get past If, like me, you re not very good you might« w*« rety on luck Now some might consider you lucky, others may consider you the unluckiest person alive. At the moment, as your ship careers through deep space, you may well side with the former. You will soon change your mind.
Delta Space is a mysterious section of the Universe. Very litde of it has been explored. Well, the buses were rather irregular so no-one ever quite got around to it.
Those who did get to see the place, usually because they fell asleep on the way home from the pub, reported a system of five planets which were all part of the Aalan Empire, based on the largest planet of the system.
Each of the planets is populated by intelligent forms of life. None of them have heard of Stock, Aitken and Waterman. However, they being militarily weak, the fascist planet of Aala found no trouble whatsoever in marching in.
Crunching the daffodils and nicking all the kids' sweets.
It seems they also had a strange affinity for grabbing all the benches by the pool before you could get down there m the morning.
Now they have set their sights on somewhere else, somewhere more distant some Ahere far more beautiful. No.
Not Stansted Airport, but the Planet Earth - that radiant blue pearl in the black fabric of space. Not slow on uptake, though, the Planet Earth of 23rd century is more than aware of imperialistic threats of the overbe„ Aalans. Long-range scanning - ext oonally long-range, actually - has detecting the military buildup out* the Aalan system for the past few yean But the blue eyed boys and girh the Planet earth were more than for the challenge. They had assem massive force.
The plan is to liberate and ally with the four smaller planets of the system, relying heavily on the activities of the resistance movements of the oppressed planets to discreetly place extra weapons pods along the chosen attack path.
Once the planets' defences have been destroyed, bypassed, conquered and quite unreservedly slapped on the wrist by the humai force, the governor of the planet, usud ly exceptionally large, must be confront ed and blasted, This must be done for each of the four planets. Then they must be flown through again so that the remnants d the Aalan sympathising population cart be wiped out. I think one of the planets may well have been called Dresden.
All well and good, but soon after the attack was launched it ai went tragically wrong The crafty Aalan fleet sneaked up behind the human fleet, shouted boo anc blasted them to kingdom come This is where my original though ...¦ u - 3m ST?
Dt i Ant of 9m OtQ &ott w wcaponi gwa you u adc
- e-poo. It abo acts as * dotty that w*U destroy anyOu*g tt j
laogiertrt THALAMUS - £25.99 - 1 2 meg Joystick - Out September
on the Of me .¦of me bearing excep is Deer, rode of yea s.
Girts of ready nbleda on the question of Jude comes m. You see: you survived. Initially, by a Winding stroke of good luck.
Tnen as ypu slowly spin tnrougn deep space contemplating exactly where meydid putthe toilet on your one-man fignter. It occurs to you that as die sole survivor you have no cnoice Out to singie-nandedly take on tne whole Aalanfieec.
Diy uman usuai- nfronr- it soon becomes too late to find the toilet as you realise you are tne unlocks esc man alive. Out you nave to I ve wim
* as you warily fly into tne greedy sights of tne enemy fighters.
It is entirely up to you to save the world, you poor scnmuck.
The more aware of you out mere will nave twigged mat mis actually translates into an eight-level snoot-'em-up tnat may well oe nailed as "bloody Difficult 1991'.
Tne game is very much in the style of 2-Type, even down to tne weapon that increases its power the longer you depress tne fire Dutton. If you tell me fire button tnat its mocner nas died tne gun gets really powerful.
The gameplay takes it a step further by animating parts of the scenery to make some areas of tne level more of a puzzie-sotang exercise than an index finger exercise. These kind of decisions nave to be made very quickly as tne screen continually seeks to tne left. The indecisive win soon be lost m a snower of sparks.
Out the interest and addictiveness are maintained as each game reveals a little Wt more to tease the player into anotner game.
The graphics are of a very high quality. Me ship animates superbly, there are a wide variety of aliens, and tne between level screens are up to Psygno- sts" standards.
Sound effects give a tnumpmg soundtrack but tne effects are very good, if a w- tie below tne standard of the other element m me game. A V only reservation is mat you have to wae well over a minute The gameplay is extremely fast, decisions nave to be mace and reaction cannot afford to be slow, and tnts will make me game seem nearly impossible for tne first few goes. But the few things you learn at eacn attempt can be used to gradually progress funner into me game After a while each, session will take you a little bit further. This style of gameplay means me challenge s mgn Gamer - - t-T
- - - - ' - pi Hr • - v 9 * Iv; ZV» A r l ------------ J Eariy levels certainly don* shirk on AiMA* after losing your third life to oe able to stair agam. The rums me continuity and doesn't do much for your pabence.
Trus game is a conversion form the C64 original, and they have managed to maintain tne standards that made mat version so playable. If you miss buying mis you may well be laughed at by small children.
• tools v I S I P N October 1991 Amiga Computing controlling the
outfielders for each I and the other two controllir goalies.
Other icons include those for I at United's and your opponent s tics and watching the results and I tures of the European compet laughing as Wrexham go out in the I round.
The in-game animations are qi impressive, such as the goaik punching out the ball and the1 finger of the referee as your player 9 booked or sent off.
Amiga users with a I meg are treated to the graphical delights d| substitute. Before coming on the I Stand by for one of the best football games this season.
Krisalis Software, after sconng an own goal with the original Manchester United, have scored a stunner with the sequel. Manchester United Europe.
The game, as is obvious from the title, ties in with Manchester United's triumph in the European Cup Winners Cup. What would Krisalis have done if United had been soundly thrashed by Barcelona in the final? Maybe 7ranmere Rovers. The Play-off Edition! To say the least, it's a big improvement on the original. With better graphics, sound and playability.
As Manchester United you can Here we go... Here we go... Here we go... or do we?
MANCHESTER UNITEI KRISALIS • £25.99 • l 2meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now choose to play in either the European Cup, the Cup Winners Cup or the UEFA Cup. And if you are lucky enough or good enough to win one of these cups, you are entered in the World Club Championships.
The control method in the game has been altered and improved. You can now head, backhed. Chip and volley the ball, as well as using aftertouch to curl and swerve it to perfection. Aji throw- Ins, free kicks and comer kicks are now controlled by a large yellow cursor which you position on the field, then simply press fire to throw or tick the ball.
In between playing important cup matches you can choose to play friendly matches against great teams like Red Star Belgrade. Bayern Munich. Liverpool.
Celtic, and several others from Albania.
Norway and other smaller countries.
Krisalis have even managed to reproduce the other teams' club badges but not the players’ names, so you get Mark Hughes and Lee Sharpe playing against the likes of A Pratt (Honesdl and other such made up names. But can you name Dinamo Bucharest's first team squad? No. Neither could Krisalis.
On the main menu, which sports quite a funky tune, the other icons are found. These enable you to save the game and change the length of a match, or the manager's name. You can also alter the number of players from one up to four, although you can only have three or four players If you have the special four player adaptor. In a four player game you could have two people play he can be seen doing his wa exercises, running up and down touchline, taking off his tracksuit exchanging positions with the coming off.
One of the best animations is when you finally get to put the bad the back of the net and the delii goalscorer runs down the pitch slides on his knees, taking the ap and cheers from the team's adoring!
While the rest of the team ‘Cana* No, not sticking their tongud mg in the dark recesses of that smelly hut It's probably something highly dangerous According to the little perspex plaque hanging lopsidedly from the chicken wire it's Cardiaxx (shootemuppus horizantalis), more in the mould of Defender than the rest of the current batch of shoot- em-ups that seem to favour R-Type as a major influence Due for release in September, it looks So. Here we are, crouching behind a novelty waste bin (in the shape of a rather dilapidated panda) in the Electronic Zoo We'd better have a peep at the new
exhibits before the zookeeper catches us.
First, a quick nde on the kiddies tram ride around "Unconvincing Plastic Dinosaur World" Aha1 What have we here? There's definitely something lurk- Ogamer ieR Gamer GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR GameR qameR qamj A day at the zoo like it s going to Wow away every od shoot- em-up around, purely on th- strength of the playability. But being tr intrepid reporter I am. I venture into in lair of the beast A quick leap over tn fence and we re away, having a go or the demo version.
Ber-limey! I should have read tf* warning sign. 'This game is highr.
Addictrve. Do not play without at least - couple of days to spare.' I'd better ha* another look at that plaque Apparently when the game is fir fry XTCCS, random crowa iwso.
And fi titi6rtS i me fir jhtsof* field ;armu: wn the | uit an* player is seer oalJin lighted h anc Dpiausc ng fens do tne ongues out and getting injured and being transferred to some out of the way Italian football dub. But punching both their arms into me air wim delight, bringing back memories of me last World cup.
Manchester United is a great football game with high-quality graphics and good sound. The only minor complaints are that sometimes your players tend to stow down, and me computer difficulty level is set quite high. But apart from mat its really rather good.
A word for Kick Off owners wno are looking foe a cnange from Anco's classic this is slightly slower with a different viewpoint and simpler rules, but It doesn't beat Kick Off.
Although Mancnester United Europe has nad a fine snot at goal in reducing the gap between Kick Off and other football games, it was always going to be me underdog.
And after the final wmstie, 3rian, it's Kick Off 1. Manchester United Europe 1 (Kick Off wins 2*1 after exira-time).
Jonathan Maddock 76% -¦¦¦ One of the many cities in Son of 2eus, full of people who'we just climbed Out Of the bath fiig. Recognisable sprites nuke Son of Zeus a treat for the eyes ished it will comprise five levels of gut- busting action, and the programmers plan to slip in a few little extras to make tne gameplay mar bit better. One thing mey nave in mmd is to make it possible to collide with the scenery at tne bottom and the top. But not to make it fatal.
The ship will be able to take a few hits before eating vapour, and in certain sections some expert flying will oe required to avoid bouncing your way down a very thin corridor.
Of course, mis version is a mere cub of a game, but if it manages to retain its playability into maturity it could be well worm your while liberating a copy from your local software emporium in September.
Moving right along v e discover another new addition, in a cage next to tne monkeys with big red bottoms. Stop giggling at me monkeys and pay attention. This is mucn more interesting.
Wnar we nave nere is Son of Zeus (Rolepiayerus Aaventuramij. Tms rare Greek beast is rumoured to sport over 40 animated monsters from legend including Poiymemus. Me cyciops, and a giant octopus, each of wmcn features us own digssed sound effects to add to me atmosphere.
(Adopts David Artenborougn.
Nusned. Out of bream tone.) Tne Son of Zeus nas only one purpose in life - to retrieve tne 12 pars of a Shattered stone ana free me goes wno are imprisoned m Olympus. Trus is achieved by moving tnrougn a 3D world and interacting wen tne people of me various cues to ootam information and weapons.
Weapons? Yes. Weapons, for Son of Zeus s a dab nand witn all manner of implements including dow and arrows, swords and dubs. Visually it’s a stunning wee Deasty. Just look at me detail ana colour of its plumage. If it moves half as weii as ir looks men c should oe one of those exnioits that everyone crowds around at feeding time.
Son of Zeus was discovered by Brian van der Peer and Mick Tinker of Aeon Design, cowering in a Donner Kebab.
Tney rook it nome, nunured it, sang warm tender songs about flowers and rabbits to n and helped it grow up big and strong just like an arcane adventure should be. Keep your eyes peeled for it wnen it escapes in tne autumn, as it can oe tempted into your nome for a mere £25.99 - or a saucer of bread and milk.
Phew! How about a change of pace after all those violent games about killing, deatn and general nastiness?
Yes? Thankfully tne next new exhibit is a bit more sedate and can be found noused in tne Lots of Reptiles Sleeping October 1991 the power of steam in ancient Grew Now if he had mysteriously diu| peared. Not only would we not hm been able to travel from Stockton to D| lington in 1825 but no one woul have invented that nice little whisa thing that lets you know when the ke boils.
Now, you may well be wonder what the Sam Hill this has to do witn computer game. Well, the horrendod scenarios that I described, the disappea ance of eminent figures in our history the idea behind Zone Warrior.
The Earth of the thirtieth century h been under threat for years from a rac of aliens known affectionately as m Geeks. So far they have managed l hold the Geeks off but now that may extremely difficult. The Geeks have u$ lured one of two prototype tim machines that the Earth's scientists had been developing.
The Geeks plan to travel to key port in the development of mankind and destroy the pioneers of that time zona like the chap who invented the whwd and like the chap who discovered steam.
You have been chosen to travel m the remaining time machine and destroJ the Geeks before they manage to disnl vent the wheel, and very probably disrvj vent your existence as an indirect stdN effect.
You know the sort of thing - because ZONE WARRIOR ELECTRONIC ARTS ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 2meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now If you come down to fundamentals, then the major developments of the human race, technologically and socially, can be put down to a handful of men and women who made the major breakthroughs, followed by a few more people who capitalised on their predecessors' success.
Take, for example, the loin-clothed chappie who invented the wheel. Imagine if he had died or been kidnapped the night before finally finishing his secretive chiselling at the back of his cave. The wheel may never have been invented.
It is possible that someone else may have come up with the idea but it is more likely that his mates would have been sitting around a campfire to this day wondering what that bnlliant idea of Arthur's was. Having no idea but being utterly convinced it would come back to them if they didn't think about it and talked about something else entirely. To this day the roller-skate may never have arrived.
What about the guy who discoverd GAMcn Gamer Walk Ilk* M Egyptian GflMtn Grobble the gnome tontemplatei putting j brick through the King i greenhouse Flower power returns In The Magic Garden Under Stones house Its name: me Magic Garden (Strangerus Gamen| The Magic Garden looks to be a bit of a new concept in games After wiping the melted choc ice off the plaque we reveal a little of this curious creature s history.
A long time ago, at about the same time that Alio Alio" was still funny.
Grobble the gnome was banished from his home for improvising the thrash metal remix of ‘Careless Whisper* at a local karaoke night As a penance for this heinous crime he was made to tend the King Gnome s garden. He s been there ever since. The only way for him to return to his idyllic life is to grow the key to the garden gate on his key tree - quite an obvious solution really - but that takes time and while he waits for his key to grow he must keep the garden ticking over or else the King Gnome gets all uppity and pulls grumpy faces and has Grobble Burgers for tea.
Unfortunately for our Grob this is no ordinary garden Nay. Tis The Magic Garden and so magic things happen with distressing regularity If the plants get thirsty they get up and walk off. If the pond dries up the fish bounce away, as fish do. And of course there s the common everyday gardening hazards such as underground monsters who steal all the food, and gangs of Gnome skinheads who make a mess of the gar den. Just like they did to the one on Blue Peter All is not gloom and doom though because Grobble is blessed with a shed full of tools, a magic coat to carry 0GAM z , October 1991 « wheel
wasn't invented when it mould have been pur dad wouldn't have knocked your mother of her bike seduced her on the way to the hos- ; «af. And you would never have been bom. If you don't exist then the aliens ¦?ve free rein to go and wreck the rest humanity and write a completely new 00mm have toDr- woufc ,u:j.v derinc witha jncJous appear- lory. Is has 3 race 35 the jed to nay be
• e captime shave points J and zone, vhetf.
Rered vei in ; estroy jisrrv tfisin- tside- ecause Competent but ootNgbctass.
AURIC PEHw Great in-game speech but for effects.
PLAYABI LITY ©060 Huge kwb to es®lore, and later lev* re taring.
W-'S- ___, ,t ,, . .VT « M8Kt5 TOC » KW W history for Earth, hoping the outcome will be that by 2967 civilization has ceased to exist, or at least to be civil.
Hell, it stopped doing that in the 20th century* Enough of the pofibcs - what the hell does this game do? Wen. It's a platform game in which you control a character that has been described around the office as Tumcan on steroids, but I don't believe it's anywhere near that good.
The main character’s great and 'well ‘ard“ but the camepfay is a bit short on action.
The main body involves leaping from platform to platform, ducking and avoiding assorted immovable objects that hurt like spikes or venus flytraps, and trying to shoot the Geeks that have oh- so-cunningly disguised themsleves to match their surroundings.
A damsel in distress This bit is dead easy - the more difficult tnt d wandering around the mazelike levels and trying to find all the hostages and the keys so that you can progress to the next level.
Ft's fine while you are doing it but when you lose your third rrfe at the end of one of the levels it becomes a real chore, not a challenge, to carry on and do the whole level again.
If you can overcome this though, or play in short bursts, it can be ok. If you don't mind a fot of exploration and map reading. It reminds me of a pint of Ten- nents - it's oood...but not that oood.
Objects and a dragonfly who helps him zip around in record time. Perhaps an AK-47 asssauft rifle and some napalm would have made it a little easie'. But The Magic Garden is smctly non-violent.
So dragonflies it is.
The Magic Garden features some nifty graphics and oamepiay not dissimilar to that so 3"ed classic 8-brt game of yesteryear. Pedro - except The Magic Garden is much better. For those who want a different kind of challenge and are tired of the mental strain of blowing the poop out of yet another afien invasion force, it could well be worth a look when it's unveiled in mid-October for a trifling £25.99. t fr Jfl vMVftAVSU Jurfsofntdf tb?
Tremblingly sexy sprites from Under Pressure Forget Nike, this year yrhy not go for the *n-over body armour look in Under Pressure?
The final under-wraps project is tucked away behind the is ft Dead Or Just Sleeping? Giant tortoise enclosure.
Even as we approach its cage we hear the subtle sounds of hardcore funk beating on our eardrums. So much for the quiet games. Another look at one of those oh so helpful plaques tells us that we are about to enter the Linder Pressure enclosure.
Under Pressure (Scroflerus Arcadera-
mi) is, as you may have guessed, a return to those noble moral
codes of computer gaming: kill everything that moves, and
then kill it some more until it's had enough.
Why though? Why must we once more commit genocide on the inevitable alien hordes? Surprise, surprise' Vour other half has been whisked away by, and I auote. ‘the very mean and nasty baddte*. It's nice to see that Under Pressure doesn't rake itself too seriously, and this is mirrored in to graphics. Our hero starts off as a rather groovy young fellow. Complete with shell suit baseban cap and phenomena huge trainers.
Rfowever. No matter how hip Troop tracksuits are. They aren't reknowned for their bullet-proof properties so it's advised to pick uo some chunky robobc body armour along the way. Ffs less trendy and hard to dance in. But a lot safer if you’re thinking of taking on the very mean and nasty baddie* and his emourace.
Plenty of colour and big. Bouncy sprites dis nguish this animal from others of to r'k and put it firmly in the same family tree as the highly acclaimed Metal Mutant Som'caty, too, it is easily recognisable due to its 12 funky tunes which punish yovr speakers as you play.
The captors of this beast are Eldritch (alias Mark McCubtxn and Steve Wether- rffj and they hope to h?ve vast numbers of them tamed and taught to jump through hoops by early autumn. Catch them on (fiSpiay m the shops then for £25.99. October 1991 Amiga Computing So that's the upcoming attractions at the Electronic loo. One shoo:-’em-uo.
One role-playinc game, one arcadey scroller and. Er. A game about gardens.
Mot a bad Trttfe bunch in anyone's book.
Of course they'd probably be happier in the wild, but then we wouldn't get our sweaty hands on them would we?
Now all l have to do is sneak cut of here without being caught... October 1991 1 Manchester United Europe Krisalis £25.99 2 TV Sports Football Mirror Image £9.99 3 Full Contact Team 17 £9.99 4 Fantasy World Dizzy Code Masters £6.99 5 Monkey Island US Gold £29.99 6 PGA Tour Golf Electronic Arts 5.99 7 Eye of the Beholder US Gold £30.99 8 Xenon 2 Mirror Image £9.99 9 Lombard RAC Rally Hit Squad £7.99 10 North and South Digital Integration £7.99 11 Pro Boxing Code Masters £6.99 12 Little Puff Code Masters £6.99 13 FIS Strike Eagle II Microprose £29.99 14 Ninja Rabbits Micro Value £6.99 15
Rainbow Collection Ocean £29.99 16 Treasure Island Dizzy Code Masters £4.99 17 Defender of the Crown Mirror Image £9.99 18 The Games - Summer Edition Kixx £7.99 19 3D Pool Mirror Image £9.99 20 Lemmings Psygnosis £25.99 Man Utd Europe and tht re-release of TV Sports have come in like the bullet from nowhere into two spots. The shock of meteoric rise sent former one F-15 II from Ml meting with only one burning down to the number 13. Can the fatal arrested in time?
Team 17* Full Contaet hanging in there, only one place to number tl the ubiquitous Codemarten little quiet this month four games in the top 2 highest being at number pf the top has seen a wee bit shuffling but there are no real Further down the chart Kick Off ¦Tinning Tactics hangs in there at number 40, Lemmings enjoys continued success, swelling the Psyg-
• ssis coffers at number 20 The worrying thing is that the top 40
features only 14 full price games. This may look up however as
the market goes into overdrive for Christmas and all the decent
full price titles start appearing from the woodwork. Let s hope
so because the first sign of a market in trouble is the
proliferation of budget titles.
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 the f such nu engi unluc dive ct IS iree ers s." 20, t four.
Ll| Compiled J*f exclusively for " QameR The Gamer dwt h tomplnl »)¦ G4up IM, .md is the op)»qH ct tho European I mure Wrw.»r PuuiU«t Aoodrion Beach Volley Hit Squad £7.99 Armour-Geddon Psygnosis £25.99 Miami Chase Code Masters £7.99 Gods Renegade Mindscape £25.53 Dungeons n' Everything Atlantis ; - Mirror Image £6.99 Waterloo £9.99 World Class Leaderboard Kixx £7.99 Run the Gauntlet Hit Squad £7.99 Carrier Command Mirror Image £9.99 Hero Quest Gremlin £25.99 Rocket Ranger Mirror Image £9.99 Impossamole GBH £7.99 Railroad Tycoon Microprose £34.99 Life and Death Mindscape £25.53 Red Heat
Hit Squad £7.99 Wings of Fury Respray £9.99 G's Elephant Antics Code Masters Ocean £6.99 Toki £24.99 Classic 4 Energize £6.99 Kick Off - Winning Tactics Anco £12.99 October 1991 Amiga Computing X-RH'd SPECS 2050 1 [4] [808] [2 SCORE LIVES TIME n H u ij i ¦ePPSoftS 1 V Put your shorts in a sandwich and grab your joystick! BART vs THE SPAC OCEAN ¦ Free with Cartoon Classics pack ¦ 1 2 meg ¦ JoystiJ the trend and. Just to make me look like a pillock, have turned The Simpsons into a cracking little game with enough character to make it stand on its own.
The game has a truly incredible animated opening. In it, Bart sees a UFO land in his garden through his X-Ray specs and sets off to stop the Space Mutants from taking over Springfield Throughout this clever opening scene the graphics are crisp and smoothly animated and the sampled speech is as clear as a bell.
Things don't go downhill from there either. The gameplay is fast and furious From the very start the player is presented with puzzles and aliens to solve and to avoid.
The view is side-on although the comprehensive moves available allow a significant amount of interaction with the backgrounds.
The game also scores well in that it gives the user a number of different ways to fulfill the main objective: Bart must prevent the aliens from collecting the items necessary to build their planet- threatening ray gun, On level one this means painting or covering up anything purple. And later levels offer such bizarre items It had to happen. Move over Turtles, Bart's here. Ocean have snapped up the licence to convert the Simpsons game that appeared first on the Nintendo Entertainment System (as opposed to the coinop).
Bang the cynic I am, I presumed that Ocean would simply re-do RoboCop with different graphics. After all. That's close to what they did with Batman, Total Recall. Navy Seals and pretty much every benn since time began.
But the cunning devils have broken as hats, balloons, exit signs and nuclear power rods, all of which must be removed, hidden or collected.
The different ways to get these objects are never too obvious and some are fiendishly difficult although he can make use of helpful items such as spray paint rockets and catapults which he can buy with the coins that have been collected along the way.
Also available to help are the rest of the Simpsons. They can only be summoned by collecting enough proof of the aliens' existence to convince them to join the fray.
The action is non-stop and there are plenty of jokes along the way - for example, you can get Bart to nng Moe's Tavern and ask for Stu Piddidot or Ai Coholic. The challenge that the game presents is quite considerable.
This is not a game that can be beaten easily. It should take even the most hardened joystick junky a fair while to get to the end of level one, never mind level fivel The graphics are beautifully drawn and the characters really do justice to the original cartoon, both in style and movement. The screen explodes with colour every inch of the way. Looking for all the world like an episode of the toon.
Bart in particular is very well animated. Fans will be pleased to hear that his Lego person looks are faithfully converted to Amigavision.
Although the majority of baddies are simple bouncing space invaders, the programmers have remained faithful to Acclaim's original and have managed to squeeze in various characters from the cartoon including Nelson the bully, Marvin Monroe the mad doctor. Ms Botz the babysitter bandit and, as they say, many more.
The sound isn't bad - the tune is catchy but nothing more than a basic rendition of the series' theme tune. At least it's not that Bartman record! The sound effects aren't ground breaking, either, but in the thick of the action sound becomes secondary The game is certainly a joy to play and the programmers have generously given you three lives, although each life is capable of taking two hits. So that's really nearer six lives isn't it? Believe me.
You'll need them.
The game is cleverly written so as to Some of you out there may well be aware that the character that is taking the world by storm, via BskyB in Europe, started life with his family on The Tracy Ullman Show in America about four years ago.
Bart and his family were such a success that they eventually got their own series. The rest of the marketing and T-shirt buying is history.
The only problem now is that Tracy Ullman is suing Fox Television for $ 30 million - what she calls "her share of the profits-. I get the feeling that Fox Television won't pay up without a fight. This one could run and run.
Let you glimpse a new and tantalising section each time you play. The first time you play you probably won t do very much. The next time around you get the hang of dodging the aliens and maybe even getting some of the objects from them.
Carry on and you learn how to enter buildings to buy things, Then you reach the skateboard section and so it goes on.
Just when you think you're about to eat your power pack in desperation (don't try this at home) you suddenly figure out how to get that elusive object or dodge that pesky alien and off you go again for the umpteenth time. This game could well cause many sleepless nights.
This review is becoming a bit like an advert for Ocean so I'll have to find something to moan about. Well, it is annoying that the whole game is totally joystick controlled Apparently, if you push up and left you run faster, but more often than not yogi just jump diagonafly and land on an alien The inventory is also quite hard to control and often results in unwanted selection of objects when you really wanted to move Ban down on his skateboard. But that's about it as far as moans go.
So it's official. The Simpsons is brill. It could have been a real cock up - look at the Turtles game - but Ocean have managed to duplicate the combination of laughs and gameplay that made Acclaim's original what it was. Who cares if I can't get off level one? I'm an underachiever and proud of it!
Daniel Whitehead VISION Exccfcnt opening anknttton.
Detailed mi colourful sprites IN backgrounds In the 9m.
AUDIO P LAVA B I LITY 0000 a Ddewayt-sereing game b spiced up with humour and October 1991 Amiga Computing plenty of neat touchcv Ryoul you may
• turnon October 1991 fuAMFff A 99 This game is billed as *So
cute it'll make you puke.” Hardly one of the most enticing or
attractive pieces of copywriting I’ve ever encountered. In
fact. I think 'Milwaukee, home of the serial killer” is a far
more inviting, erm, invitation.
So what is this Rodland platform game gubbins all about? Well, it all starts in the fairy village - don't they all?
- where something is definitely op The formerly chummy, pally,
dog- foody inhabitants of the village have been possessed by an
evil force that was only previously kept in check by the
presence of Mom.
The sad thing is that Our Mom has been kidnapped by the nasty chap who started buzzing this evil force around In the first place. This, of course, means that none of the wee little furry things that ran around, shall we say. Er. Fouling, your garden can now resist this force.
They soon become furry freaks that run around angrily messing in your garden as well as trying to kill you. And while aN this is going on, poor Mom is VISION GowOF loads of colour and bundcs of hwnou AUDIO effects,™!
P L A V A B I L I TV 0OQCW Superb for arcade fans, but not gang to win my concerts ¦ 1 2 meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out September STORM ¦ £25.99 locked up at the top of the Maboots Tower, screaming and wailing for help.
Of course, anyone called Mom really ought to have some sprogs. She does: two as it happens, Tam and Rit are understandably miffed at their Mom being kidnapped.
There is only one solution: they dash off to the Elder to grab his Rainbow shoes and arm themselves with the Rods of Sheesanomo. A gift from their magically inclined father.
Now they are fully equipped to go around and wop all the angry furries fiAMEf* over the head in an extremely violent, but insufferably cute manner.
These creatures take many forms, from long eared rabbits to polymorphs that lay out a very long tongue in an effort to catch you, not to mention the boomerang throwing starfish, or the sharks that try to elicit sympathy by ay- - ing before you give them the final blow of the three that all creatures must take.
This is slightly misleading, in fact, because you don't hit them but use your rod to pick them up and swing them back and forth over your head banging them against the ground until they disappear. If you’re lucky they will turn into a bonus pick up - see details at top right of this saeen.
The pick-ups can range from bonus points to flying bombs and sticks of dynamite, all of which can be used to destroy the creatures for even more points. Strangely enough. Tam and Rit also have a remarkable talent for summoning ladders from thin air.
Quite what relevance this magical ability would have in everyday life I’m not sure. It s nearly as useful as a camel that can swim, but in a platform game the benefits are marvellous.
At will. Tam and Rit can summon a ladder to give them access to areas of a platform that may be blocked by the possessed creatures. Or, should the level allow it, they can take a ride on some of the balloons that float up from the bottom of the screen from time to time.
The malicious among you will take great pleasure in Run over the bomb and it hies off In the direction you are facing.
Be careful not to waste them because anything they destroy gives a bonus The crystal is one of the best, pkk It up and It spews out a shower of smaller crystals which destroy anything they touch colourful, though admittedly simple. Screens from the coirvop.
Sound is unashamedly stereophonic. Collapse on one side of the screen and the sound will come from the corresponding speaker.
The playability is pretty good too.
It’s not too easy to begin with but the 40 odd levels should ensure that you get your money's worth, especially if you get the chance to play it with a friend.
The only down point is that the gameplay might be considered by some to be a tiny weeny bit repetitive, but with the humour, the speed and the mixture of different creatures you soon forget that all you are really doing is building ladders.
Jools an average copy, gamepiay- wise, of Bubble Bobble. But this version adds to the gameplay and introduces some nice graphic touches.
These appear when time is beginning to run out on the level: just before where the creatures turn into blue meanies and chase around madly, they find a piece of food and eat it. It Is this that turns them into the aforementioned LennorVMcCartney creations.
For example, the rabbit will find a carrot, the monkey a banana and so on. It all adds to the fun and the rest of the graphics match the GAMER bursting your companion s balloon in a two-player game.
Every level is full of pretty flowers that, when collected, give a small bonus. If you collect them all before you kill all the creatures you are zapped into a bonus game where every creature left is turned into a radish that runs around in the usual aggressive manner. Every radish that gets bashed relinquishes a little ball that cycles through the letters of the word EXTRA - collect all the letters and you will receive a massive bonus.
This bonus is most useful in twcKplay- er games where one player takes the role of Tam and the other Rit. Between fighting for the bonuses and collecting as many flowers as you can, teamwork goes out of the window as the pitched battle for points rages onscreen.
One-player though is nearly as much fun as you dodge, climb and panic your way around the lumbering potato sacks, pathetic sharks and the radishes. Not only do you have the day-to-day style creatures, after every five levels or so you face a really btg animal that can be a mutant bull, huge sperm whale (schoolboy humour alertl), or dangerously large crab. What fun it id This conversion of the Jaleco coirwsp is better than the ohgi- nal, which suffered from being LAST NINIfl SYSTEM 3 * £25.99 • 1 2 meg • Joystick Keyboard ¦ Out now recovered in a typically bullish manner, System 3 set about
work on the third and final instalment in the senes, imaginatively entitled Last Ninja 3.
Back to the story... Like every good ninja, our hero has finally come to that ultimate battle. He has reached the pinnacle of his physical and spintual condition, he is at one with himself and everything around him, peace flows like nectar through his body, nothing can disrupt his state of mind.
After meditating for what could have been an eternity, but was more likely to have been during the ads in Coronation Street he has become aware of the task that lies before him. The evil aura that emanates from the Tibetan monastery where his nemesis awaits has reached him, and he knows that he is the only man on the planet who can even begin to think about taking this guy on.
Does this make him the stupidest man on the planet? Entirely possible - it also make him one big chuffing hero for the world, but no one will ever know of his epic struggle. Well, apart from you.
The monastery is divided into five levels of consciousness where, following the impressive opening animation that shows matey t puzzles that is to be completed.
Player with different be solved if the level These puzzles generally involve finding i scroll that gives the key to the next level and it may well be clearly visible but it I never easily accessible.
For example, the first level puts scroll over a hole in a ledge. Its ble to get to. But above the hole another ledge is a rock.
The idea is to collect the items yotf need to make the rock fall - not too difficult, but a bit of deduction is required to boy sneaking over the wall, our hero must fight through hordes of soldiers and solve numerous puzzles before coming face to face with his arch foe. A demi-god slightly smaller than the Sphinx.
The five levels represent the four dements of earth, wind, fire and water, the fifth being void: a noodement that gives us the chance to see Ninja in space, sort of.
Each level, while graduated according to difficulty of the foes, presents the The third instalment in this long-standing epic is about to be unleashed on the games buying public. Our hero is set to return to Tibet to face his arch enemy, the high priest who turned evil and made life a tad difficult for the friendly neighbourhood ninja.
Wen. Actually this is son of the fourth instalment but only the third that System 3 ate happy to endorse. When they were with Activision they did Last Ninja I, and very successful it was too, but half-way through Last Ninja 2 they split from Activision, and signed the unfinished tide over to them for Activision's irvhouse team to finish, The game was then released and was acclaimed by all and sundry - the world, his wife and some of his more astute relatives - as being a bit of a dog. Now. System 3 were understandably a bit miffed about this, especially as their logo was plastered all
over the packaging in a rather obtrusive manner.
So to redress the imbalance they got on with doing Last Ninja Remix, or This Is How Last Ninja 2 Should Have Been And We’ve Got Our Names As Developers To Think About. This version received the now standard rave reviews and everyone was happy.
Then having t must pleted I idinga t level, but it s PLAYABILITY 00000 taTowtoah of punks and tnjckk»ds of ftghbng.
October 1991 Amiga Computing suss out exactly what is required. The fighting logic has been improved as well. Last Ninja Remix suffered slightly because the fight controls were very complex, especially if you wanted to make your character turn around.
These new controls are extremely straightforward: you just push your joystick the way you want to face in the time-honoured tradition.
This, toaether with the biaaer sorites.
Makes the fighting altogether more playable.
Fighting a bigger opponent gives you the chance to build up your Bushido Power The is represented by a dragon at the bottom the screen; when it is completely green you are at your maw- mum. Making it easier to Tight. The problem is that if you avoid fights or just Wast away with the oW shur*ens. Your Bushido is aomo to arow about as fast as a cactus. You have to fight a lot but you also need to become familiar with weapons so that if you come across a nunchuka-wielding nasty you can fight him with your nunchukas and increase your Bushido from the experience.
But why worry? Well, the thing is. If your Bushido is not high enough it will be nearly impossible to defeat the end- oMevei guardian, and all this puzzle solving and scroll finding would be in vain.
The game keeps the same 3D isometric viewpoint as in previous incarnations, and the sprite location has been improved so that the number of pillars or trees that the characters can walk, fight and pee behind has been increased, with no drop in quality.
Another big improvement is in the sprite detection. Previously, when you felt the need to pick something up you had to be in a pixel-perfect position, but now as long as it can be seen as available to pick up, merely bending down will be enough to grab it Graphically it looks pretty dick but it couldn't be called ground-breaking, apart from the apparent depth in the scenery. The gameplay 8 of a high standard: the puzzles are not as easy as you might imagne, but are of the kind that seem blindingly obvious once they ve experts who are more than willing to bend your knee backwards and call
you Susan.
Sound is nothing special and you may find that the tune will soon annoy anyone in the area who isn't playing, but some bone-crunching contact effects go some way to make up for it.
But this game is more about gameplay than mind-blowing graphics, and these are more than adequate. It has action and brain-teasing by the bucketload. Well worth a look.
Jools VISION OBEJUW ¦*!- ¦ -*- -¦» -*!¦ -i- I___I iiRoiHing ocpui cttcco, out cky background*.
The touch of a button can allocate all the designers you need tion of the planet into nine separate levels. So just how do you go about winning an island?
Well, each Epoch gives you an allocation of 100 men, which you must divide in a wide and sagacious manner between the islands. Once the number of men has been allocated, you must place your first fort in one of the square shaped sectors of the island.
The order in which you and your opponent(s) place your fort is determined randomly. Fortunately, while you fight for every island, not every god does The size of the island will determine how many of the three opponents fight you for it Once you have placed your fort it's time to get down to the serious business of evolution, in the first Epoch you start at the very basic caveman Tech Level circa 9000BC, from there you have some serious decisions to make.
From the allocation of men to this particular island - usually just over 30 - you have little for them to do in 9000BC except design weapons. The more advanced the weapon you set them to design the longer It will take before the design is ready but the more likely you are to advance quickly to the next Tech Level.
Once the weapon is designed you can find out how many your resources will allow you to build. In 9000BC you the army moves into an empty sector and is left to hang around long enough I it will build a new fort which can ti raise its own army, design its o weapons and live independently of the I other fort or forts.
On an island where you fight two or more gods you can offer to ally with one of them to destroy the others. Tha means your army has less to worry about and can move about more freely as any sectors that belong to an ally are classed as friendly sectors.
Once the other two have had the* bottoms kicked you can concentrate on the remaining opponent, your previous ally, and focus your energies on the one 1 Somewhere at the top of the Universe is a large glass orb. It used to be a six million watt light bulb but it popped about 30 years ago and no one could find a ladder big enough to change it.
Inside this glass orb floats a planet - a watery globe with no more land than 28 small islands.
This planet is in the first stages of humanoid evoluoon, and four godlike deity types are looking to expand into a new market-place from where they can build a monopoly.
They all happen across this planet at exactly the same ome and they decide to take control of 100 men and fight for control of each of the islands one by one.
You can choose to play any one of the four gods and this allows the game to bring in four difficulty levels, the lowest meaning you collect a few rocks and chuck them about until the other side dies, the highest meaning you hang around a bit, invent something slightly more advanced and chuck that about until the other side dies.
This victory will see you becoming the mam man of the island, but you then have to go on and try to win the battles for the other two because only by winning all three can you become the head honcho of the Epoch.
The Epoch is what divides the evolucan build as many rocks to chuck around as you like, but as you progress men will have to be allocated to the mining of various materials so that your designs can be built in sufficient quantities to make a strong army.
When you allocate men to the army you can make a choke of how many bowmen, how many unarmed men, how many men with spears etc, but only if you have the resources, The army is really your most important asset. Without a strong army you cannot attack with any confidence or chance of success, and the game will soon be over.
However, it may well be wise not to send your army out too early, because men in the field can't breed ind swell the population inside your fort. You could send out 25 men very early in the game but then you could wait around and send out 125.
Once you have mobilised he army, with whatever ratio f weapons and men, you ten decide which sector of the island to move them into. They can only move into a sector adjacent to themselves or one adjacent 10 a friendly sector, f an enemy army is there Mil attack it and the computer controlled battle continues until one of the armies retreats or gets wiped out. If Meg IMAGE WORKS ¦ £30.9' A conquering we must The holt Is an open cast mine on tMs, the third Tech Level The option screen Whcr* you select your island. The left-hand head b yours, the heads on the right are your opponents Higher
Tech Levels mean more buildings, more substance! To mint, Md more demands on manpower Top left is the plan of the island showing the tactical positions of you and your foes lector lough i then own )f the M3 or with ;. This vorry freely llyare their ite on mous eone CCNGRfiTlLflTlONS icssw if mm October 1991 Amiga Computing goal of wiping the floor with this guy [ullible enough to ally with you. The ghtmg remains the most important part af the game at all times, but as you rogress through the Epochs and your Tech Level grows in leaps and bounds.
Other pressures come into the game- play. You have to look at the allocation of men to designing weapons, to mining resources, to building installations, to guarding the forts and the control of the army. Fortunately the very simple to use point-and- dick system makes all this jumping around and number juggling extremely easy and very quick. This swiftness is one of the strengths of the game. For example, should an enemy army invade while the majority of your men are designing a new weapon, you need to be able to allocate them to the army very quickly, and you can.
The ease of use. The growing complexity as you get further into the game, and way you slowly realise how addicted you are make this a very strong game.
The other strengths lie in the graphics and the sound - especially the sound. When each action is completed, or a warning message is necessary, then crystal dear speech spews forth from the monitor in a very stylized manner that evokes the atmosphere of all those ancient Hammer Horror films.
For example, when a design is complete the Chief Designer says, with a charming speech defect: "The design's weady’, or ‘Ergonomically tewiffic'. If you attack a sector and win, the Sergeant Major shouts: ‘We've captured the sector' in a triumphant manner. The Home Guard, worried when under attack, yells. Tower Critical* On top of this remarkable studio- quality speech you get this very mellow New Age style soundtrack that The Orb would be proud of, and it helps build on the atmosphere that adds a lot to the game.
Graphically it works very well Each Tech Level has its architecture and costumes for the chaps who run around fighting each other in this humorous parody of the diddy men (I think).
Orvxreen at any one wne is just one sector floating on an astral background of stan and cosmic gases, complete with pretty trees and looking very glossy overall.
The only thing lacking graphically is the fact that buildings just appear and disappear - there is no degeneration or construction It is addictive, highly engrossing, looks great and sounds fantastic. Not only that, it is so simple to play a crab could do it. Let's face it. Some god- games are an acquired taste but your dog won t even talk to you if you don't buy this.
P LAVA BI L I T V GGGGG Usy » us* gr«« fun and ndedousiy absorbing VISION cooow loads of colour and detal but needs more wnitionL GCGGG October 1991 GameR Level Code Level Code
B. ..... .....EARTH IAN
M. ...... ....CAMPAIGN
E. . ....BURAI
F. . ......BADMAN
0. .....SWAUOi
P. ....FMTOWYi
H. ...... ..YOKOHAMA
0. ...... ..CHIERS
I. . ....EXACT
* J* ..X68000
S. ...ZAWA5 GEMX Cor blimey missus. What have we
here? Yep, the complete set of level cc Digital Distributions
bnlliantly addictive puzzle game GemX The man to I for these
codes is John Weston from London DAVS OF THUNDER AND LOTUS
ESPRI » Ocean's conversion of the hit Toki is a pretry tough
challenge for even the most experienced gamester,
* ° th,s cheat from Andrew Hammond of Frome in Somerset is sure
to please.
To get infinite lives, start the game, then type KILLER An extra benefit is that you can now also skip levels by pressing FI to F8 Nice on* Calling all tipsters!
Amiga Computing October 1991 Publisher: RICHARD WILLIAMS Associate Editor: EDDIE McKENDRIC- Reviews & Features Editor: JUAN BOARDMAN Staff Writer: DANIEL WhfTEHEAD Reviewers: °AUL RIGBY, JONATHAN MADDOK Design Editors: MIKE BAILEY, TERRY THIELE, EDDlE McKENDRICK Advertising Sales: RUTH"PRIESTLEY. JANE CONWAY Amiga Gamer is distributed free every month with AMIGA COMPUTING and the same copyright conditions apply « ¦ I LllTl-V ; important thing that matters - It s SHADOW DAH® spaces!- Sounds pretty good to mel You may think you're pretty hard m your F29 Retaliator, but it only takes a single
SAM up the bottom to bring you crashing to the ground.
To make life in the air a little easier, try this great cheat sent in by Amy Hutchinson - I don't know where she's from because she didn't include her address- The tip arms your plane to the teeth with an absolutely disgusting amount of weaponry. To make it work, enter your name during enrolment as ClARAN.
When you press Return, it will change to OCEAN OK. Which means that the cheat has been accepted. Now all you have to do is to start the game, get up into the air and start kickin' some butt!
Jason Holbom brings you a collection of whitehot hacks and cheats for your favourite Amiga games Talk about weird! Some cheats that programmers code into their games don’t always have a positive effect - sometimes they're in there for entertainment value alone. Take, for example, Gremlin's Lotus Esprit Turbo game.
If you enter player one's name as MONSTER and player two as SEVENTEEN. You'll be presented with a frantic little shoot-'efiHJp.
Amiga Computing reader David CHUCK ROCK Unga bunga! Poor old Chuck Rock may not be a prime candidate for Mensa, but he's a pretty tough character. To make his life slightly easier, tty these cheat codes sent in by Tom Atkinson from Manchester.
They must be entered during the title screen - the one with the band.
If you're the kind of person that can wade through Rainbow Islands, thrash Lotus Espnt and get home in time for Neighbours, then you're the kind of person we want to hear from.
We re after tips for brand new games, particularly those reviewed within this issue of Amiga Computing.
Thanks Tomi ESTRANO Gives Chuck some wings.
MORTIMER Select zone using the function keys TURN FRAME Select level using number keys FAST AJ NT THE WORD Infinite energy Collins from Salisbury has found | another tip that has a strange but, ing effect on Mindscape's film Days of Thunder, To access it pause the game the qualifying race and enter CC WITHME (with no spaces)- Your car will then sprout wings and take I Just pull back on the joystick and; can have a race with Concorde.
Ooh er missus!
Considering the popularity of film and the fact that Commod bundled the game with the A500.
Very little has been seen in the wH of cheats for Ocean s film licence Clive Barker s Night Breed Urt now, that is. If you enter RISl FROM THE DEAD (with spaces, you'll get infinite lives- Not only will you be international famous, but you could even win something!
Send your tips to: CHEAT MODE. 1 Amiga Gamer. Europa House, Adling- ton Park. Adlington, Macclesfield SKIO 4NP. Right, put down that joystick and get writing!
October 1991 30 Snooker by ARCHER MACIEAN THEONE - 95% ZERO-93% CiVGHfT AMIGA POWER - JIMMY WHITE'S 'WHIRLWIND' SNOOKER IS THE FASTEST, SMOOTHEST SNOOKER GAME EVER CREATED, The only snooker gome to achieve a maximum 147 break.
View the table from any angle.
Rotate and zoom in on any ball • Use swerve or spin, but chalk that cue!
4 skill levels • 1 or 2 player.
Practice, trick shot and demo modes9 Every break off is unique.
Save games and highest breaks9 Digitised applause and sound effects.
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1 ’ ¦¦ k 0 u «• £ m ill 3 b r I- s _ i 8x8=282 |i25S2S
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Connect your compact disc player or personal stereo and digitise sounds to incorporate into your own games and tunes.
The supplied software provides complete control over the sampled sounds: Cut and paste them, flip and fade them and you're still only using a tiny fraction of the sound processing tools available.
Best of all, the comprehensive instructions will soon have you creating your own public domain demo disks complete with IFF picture files.
It's the perfect sound sampling package for beginners and experts alike.
Master Sound is a complete hardware and software sampling system for only £34.95 “Is it real or is it Master Sound?”
- Amiga Computing, May 1990 V ... ¦¦¦?
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Instood of zapping aliens it could be turned into the best weapon of all to deal a body blow to boa spelling.
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It includes five different tub, each making use of more then 5,000 words - so much variety that you'I never get bored.
In a Flash; Read the word as it Hashes on the screen, then type it in.
For practice runs, the word is left on the screen os it is typed.
Rocket: Hidden words have to be discovered in this hi-tech version of the old favourite Hanaman. If they are guessed correctly the rocket will blast-off. Fail and all that's left is a load of scrap.
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All Mixed Up: Jumbled letters have to be sorted out to find the scrambled word. Jo help beginners - and anyone else who is stuck - clues con be obtained at the press of a key.
C Anl '0" ,0 the 5,000 words provided " children-cw their own word lists
• or using with Shut Thi, Jtwkes the package ideal l°r Poetising
those hard»to- »om words, or for 'loom "** Rings' homework.
Conveyor Belt: Words pass by on the screen and have to be remembered. Then they must be typed in - spelt correctly.
This is a challenging test of both spelling and memory.
All the programs have several options for extra flexibility - like a timer with on off option to add that extra challenge.
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AMOS 3D You can generate outstanding 3D effects as seen in many software classics like Elite and Starglider II. You can create complex objects using building blocks which you can stretch, rotate, resize and glue together.
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I Note: This software cannot be u4*d without Am« The Creitor.
Create and edit objects uiith the easy-to-use ob|ect modeller 1 by *& ty * was*" ' SW:i I - + AMOS Compiler Armalyte For existing AMOS owners AMOS Compiler will allow you to run most programs at least twice as fast as before with some commands up to five times quicker. Compiler gives you all the tools you need to produce super fast professional products.
• Note: This software cannot bt used without Amo* The Creator.
This conversion of the highly successful C64 version really does justice to the original. Armalyte is a top quality shoot-'em-up with intricate landscapes and excellent animation that make it a totally addictive game that won't disappoint.
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Prices IBM 5’A or 31 fe, ST & STE, AMIGA ...... ......£22.95 CPC. PCW, CBM (disks) .. ......£16.95 FREE CATALOGUE ORDER DIRECT TO: School Software Ltd., Tait Business Centre, Dominic Street, Limerick, Ireland.
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'Hto Back to basics Basic even taken pro- * certan - v J Pf lo - one nigafi grams written in f***1 knowing * was supplied on reodfdJ?c an 8085 based ** m*ny
* °*o*£c'owt'i be, Hand In,0**-**71 which were seemingly impossi-
• h ww standard ' "m,y * foe S°me CaSeS thCSe all°W lhe machine
called Basx; programmer to do things a Rair Black rou ,n Box
- bet years t ( us macfrnes in **** ilsetf " espe‘ Over the
next three months I'm going to be having a brief look at the
more popular Basic, C and Assembler offerings for the Amiga. As
well as commercial products 111 look at some of the PD
offerings and try to offer advice about the advantages and
disadvantages of particular languages.
With Basic, for instance, it doesn't really matter whether the language is good or bad from an academic viewpoint.
What matters is whether it will suit your purpose. If you want to write super-fast graphics then you'll find Basic a poor Choice. If you're new to programming and want to find some way of making a start then Basic becomes a very good choice.
Don't think for a moment that a language must have access to Amiga graphics and sound to be any good - there are plenty of reasons why you might not need those Amiga-specific functions. If, say, you are involved with programs which must be moved from machine to machine then you'll want to avoid as much machine-specific stuff as possible.
Another reason why integration into the Amiga's environment might not be that important is if you just want to learn about languages in general. You might be studying computing at school or college and want extra practice at home, in which case you will invariably be required to provide straightforward code, free from the complications that Intuition objects, such as gadgets and menus, provide.
One thing I should mention is that most of the time you'll only find qualitative comments about speed in these articles. I do not find benchmarks a useful measure of the strength of a language.
Marginal speed differences are rarely important and the areas, such as graphics and intensive mathematical calculations where benchmark calculations can usually help, seem on the Amiga to be a less useful measure of interpreter and compiler performance because it is usually the Amiga's library routines which are doing the real work.
All the interpreter or compiler has to do is push a few values into the 68k processor registers and then make a call to the appropriate library function.
This, incidentally, is one of the reasons for some compiler interpreter speed benchmark comparisons showing little difference!
Microsoft Amiga Basic This as you will no doubt know is an interpreted Basic. It comes in for a lot of stick and some of the complaints, mainly the general slowness of the editor's window redrawing and requester-based syntax error delivery, are undoubtedly justified.
Amiga Bask is, however, supplied free with the machine. Most Bask programmers, once past the initial stages, do not go from line to line making syntax errors and one way around the editor problem is simply not to use it I frequently write my Amiga Basic pro- Hisoft's Basic Compiler There are good reasons for choosing a compiler that wi compile programs written in Microsoft-Jtyle Bask and the Hisoft offering b just such a compiler. It comes with its own editor viwch has none of the slowness of the original Microsoft offering and there b abo an Extend package available which provides some
much needed support for gadgets, requesters, graphics, sound and IFF file programming.
Hisoft's documentation b good and, as with all Hisoft packages, some implementation notes and appendices useful to the more advanced programmer are included.
If you have an interest in program portability then the Hisoft compiler is dearly the one to go for. The reason for this is Simply the continued prominence of Microsoft-style Basic in the micro world.
As well as the obvious ports of things like Microsoft's QuickBASIC, the ST version of Hisoft I .
In the first of his three part guide to programming languages, Paul Overaa looks at how Basic shapes up on the Amiga grams using Lattice's LSE editor and only read them into the Amiga Basic interpreter when they are ready for final checkin etc, there are many other links. I've Despite all the good things that can be said about the Mwwcft onenuted offerings, it ft true to say dot there are sd a great many things which can only be achieved by uvng the Armj*'j tfcryy routines. This, for a great many Basic programmers, a a significant stumbling block. GFA Basic, from DataMedia UK, has
tfidoubtedly solved a great many of these difficulties by providing extensions to the language which make the ... programmers' job easier. In °ds* v sw One public domain offering which you might find interesting to look at b the Cursor package which is available from Akore as disk UT 4147. Cursor is a three pass Basic compiler for programs written in Amiga Basic.
While on the subject of PD, one of the best ways to learn Bask is to look at the code other programmers write There are loads of Basic PD disks and the PR 9072 and UT4168 disks, also available from Akore, are particularly good GFA Basic you've never heard of that one - and they ran virtually unchanged.
In general, porting all Microsoft-style Basics to the Hboft compiler b a piece of cake and this, from a long term viewpoint, can be very important!
Cursor V1.0 cially in the graphics and sound depart- ments.The main GFA Basic package is interpreter-based with the GFA compiler being an add-on upgrade. The interpreter documentation, which comes in A5 ring- binder form, is very comprehensive and the compiler instructions are provided as insert pages which are then added to the existing interpreter manual.
Long standing problems, like converting IFF files to Basic Objects - the same format, incidentally, as used by Mkrosoft's Amiga Bask - are solved by utilities provided with GFA Bask. The only real disadvantage of GFA Basic is that the GFA extensions effectively render the code non-portable.
When you look at the alternatives, however, thb b neither here nor there. H you used Microsoft Bask and worked out how to do the same things using library calls you'd still end up with the same lack of portability!
GFA Basic is brilliant and if you want to make the most of the Amiga environment, and the prospect of moving into the world of C and Assembler seems frightening, then this Data Media offering a the way to go.
There are, however, a couple of other offenngs which are more directly targeted Basic programmers who want to write games.
Mkrosoft's Amiga Basic Interpreter You effectively get this for free since it's bundled with the Amiga.
AMOS Interpreter £49.99 Compiler due soon £29.99 (Contact Mandann Software on 0625 859333) Blitz Basic Compiler £69.99 (Contact Siren Software on 061-724-7572) GFA Bask Interpreter £50.00 Compiler £30 00 (Contact Data Media UK on 0734-794941) Hisoft Bask Compiler £49.95 Extend £10.00 (Contact Hisoft on 525-718181) Cursor Bask Compiler £2.49 plus p&p (Contact Akore on 0800-252221) e WVPRESS PUBLICATIONS NOWON SAU Tii a tetetf wmii'.i mu «j pa auiial ewptfag mw has its am MiuM Mlazijja... '* WIT* **»%,.
C°Sf of 3 disk
* **,
• ami Another success story from GET THE NEXT SIX MONTHLY ISSUES
Dhnna HK1 QK7 197K Or write to: Europress Direct, rilUlie UjlVjJl Ifalv Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB Dept. .yrtCosc 2, pit 8a, Acorn Farm Business Centn Wing, NVUighton B ard. Beds LU7 OLB. Tel: 0296 68i rXESOVMWE Toft Vi 99 DVW"! 3 DtgtYwGokl I Disney Arwna on Show £24.99 Pixmaie ... Phoion Part 2. - ... .....£34.99 .....£19.99 Professional Draw 2 .. .....£96 99 Spectra rv;*n,* ...... ....£57.99 TvjerCiA ... .....£57.99 SPREADSHEETS Advanaaoa ... _ ...£6299
Diaicak: If (ruttarl *1 ......£27.99 C7A QQ
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Amas ...... Aukomasaer 3_____ ____ .....£79.99
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Fun School 3 under 5 Fun School 3 5*7 Fun School 3 over 7.. French Mistress . German Master ... Italian Tutor .. £13.99 £13.99 £1399 .£1699 £16.99
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Amos .
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3 .... £5999
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E&OE Spanish Tutor ..... £13* Spell
Book 4-9 ... Things to do with
Numbers .... Things to do with Words £14 9 £1499
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343] H Access. Visa card, quoting card number, name of holder
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1H11RMATI0NAL" Please send name, address and a DAYTIME leief
nwnDN jnfl wrth your order required FREE onorWiJuypY "--} Hease
allow up to 28tir?nJ!Btif £79.99 Deluxe Music Con Set ..£49.99
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X ...... ..£59.99 Musk: X Junior ......
£2599 3 .... £59 99 Qvenet ..£89.99
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------ „....X15.96 Va £15.75 Hbodcdmd__________X18.95 £259.95
...£18.25 ..£59.95 ....£27.50 ....£31.75 October 1991 Amiga
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8. 75 100
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October 4th 1991 Credit Card Orders (9am-10pm 7 Days)
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Showroom open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Exit 2 Old St Tube.
10; 10 40 50 80
0. 94 4.95 5.60 6.30 BOXES (with keys, labels, dividers) 071 608
0624 ] Canon BjlOc Bubble Jet Pnrxcr------- Canon BJIOr Bubble
Jet Ink Cartridge ..... Cunuru COC354 J.5* Exicnxal Drive
_____ Cones 05 Meg Exponuon Memory ...... Cortex 0 5
Meg Exponuon Memory ? Clock.
Uiiiim v w.- m
- a, _ QutckUro cnlatgn our wmOouron the Aerugo Dave Windera
looks at what the Amiga has |j»B to offer computing's disabled
community The simplest method is to use the Kennedy has covered
this in his excellent 'Beginners Guide to the CIT scries.
Scripts are another example or using the Amiga s There ;s also
a PD program that has oeen around since the Amiga was fust
available, or at least it seems that way. Tne program in
guest.on ts called funcKey, and it WorkStation disk, and is
worth every penny.
SID was the first Shareware program I registered and I would advise everyone to do the same so Timm Martin can continue to develop such useful programs.
SID saves aH the typing that would otherwise be needed to ensure good disk file management. All the usual commands such as cooy, move and mated* are here as well as many extra ones. AH you to do is point and cSck.
W*ds to be spoken as they with a built in AI that quickly the typist inputs data and adjusts its speech rate accordingly?
Jbout a talking spellchecker.
Preferences? Surely it must two PD programs that; a mention when looking speech. The first is that golden oldie, SpeecbToy. Although many years old now, SpeechToy is still extremely useful to anvone thinking of incorporating a speech element into an application for people with visual impairment.
What it does, quite simply, is translate There are also a number of ways the Amiga can be used by people with visual impairment. As a result of my illness t am partially sighted, although my eyesight is a lot better than many peo- an input of English and an out ianouaoe.
The second PD program 1 will mention is called Speaktime, and that is what it does. When called the program uses to mind when thinking about this prob- !em. The rirst is speech synthesis, which ! Wff come back to in a while. The second is that of text enlargement. There is a program built into the machme which has the ability to display and print in large text.
Of course, I am talking about Notepad. It is free, and it works, but is very limited if you are thinking o* trying to use it as your mam word processor. However, many of the commerce word processors can display and print large text Ones to look out for are the graphic based programs such as Pen Pal, ttlndwords, Pro-Write and also the very recently released Wordworth. Because I can only actually use one arm, I hit upon a snag when it came to writing letters. It is pretty damn hard to type capital letters, using one band to try and hold down the shift key and type the character you want.
The answer was found in my word-processor of choice.
ASow5 keyboard to be configured in such ? Way that the Ctrl. Alt and Shift 'revs become sticky. The upshot 'o that when yw depress one of these sticky keys the next key pressed acts according*.
What about using the Caps Lock, I h+2? You adc WeC the sticky shift is one Jess keypress, so keeping the all important movement to a minimum.
Another text enlamer, which just so happens to enlarge graphics as well, comes in the tom of a PD program called Qu»cfcLens. There are a number of these lens' type programs about, but this is the one that I personally have found to be most useful.
It acts ?n much the same way as those flat perspex magnifying sheets you can buy to read books etc. You can make the Quicktens window as large as you like (the size gadget is there but is invisible), and as you move the pointer around your WorkSench or document, whatever is underneath becomes magnified.
Tne magnification level is set by diking the mouse inside the QvckLens win- riff nQfHjIlfiQ mocf speech synthesis to tell you the time in the “it's almost-five past ten' style. A useful replacement for the Workbench dock ? Yw eyesight is poor.
1 won’t pretend that this is the last word on the Amiga as a tool, for disabled people, because I am sure that things will continue to develop. I have not even touched on the field of learning tffficuhJes, as this is an area I know 'my Wffc vd The screenshot on the opposite page shows icons on an interfaced WorkSench being magnified in the QuidcLens window by a factor of four.
Ttoi even .oucneu on u e o; teem- I mentioned speech synthesis in passing ir*g tSfficuh.ies, as this is an area I know earlier, and now it's time to take a vere Rttfe about, doser look. The biggest single thing'm it would seem apparent given the favour of the Amiga as a serious volume of educational software being machine for people with disabilities is written and the emphasis from the speech capability. Commodore, that the Amiga will suc- The most unfortunate drawback, ceed in this fiercely competitive sector though, is that very Tittle soft-ware has of the market, been written that takes
full advantage I hope that Commodore will fund of this. Surely there are not that many the necessary research and develop- differences between writing screen mem required to ensure that the Amiga reader software for an Msdos machine takes its rightful place alongside the PC or an AmigaDOS machine? It is one and the Macs, and to enable people area where I cannot understand, given with disabilities to gain the f jH advan- the technology built into the machine, tages that the Amiga can offer, why it has not been fully exploited. It is not aP roses though, f am not Some programs do make use of the
alone m being concerned with the speech aspect, and the new word- problem of making Graphical User processor Wordworth is notable in that Interfaces fuHy accessible to the Wind, it allows the screen to be read out loud! WouWntt be terrible if all the advantages of computer independence were dow and can be norma! Size, x2 or x4. Programmers y in the name of progress?
Protext 5, Further information Further information on computers and Usability can be found from the following sources: The British Computer Society DisabSty Programme is a group that worts with the computer industry to show how everyone can benefit when access for the disabled is built into a design - voice activation for example. The Programme abo acts as an information source on all subjects in the field of computers and disability.
As well as a quarterly Journal, Abifity. Conferences and meetings, there «S abo a telephone MpGne service.
The Disability Programme has an active area on the PofyNet Bulletin Board wf*h -s on 071-5S0 1 690. The echo is also carried to other FIDONET 5oards.
Cix if you have access to CIX, the Group have a conference with an Amiga topic which I moderate, .by the name of "d-programme".
For more information write to me at Dave Windera, Membership Secretary, BCS Disability Programme, 1 Thomas Wall Close, Sutton, Surrey SMI ISP. Or by E-Mail as dwindera @ cix and on Prestel Mbx No 011115216 ICPUG ICPUG (The Independent Commodore Products User Group) is one of the best sources for PD software, as well as help and advice from experts. ICPUG has a Disability Liaison Officer, David Bates.
For more information write to: Jack Cohen, Membership Secretary, ICPUG, PO Box 1309, London N3 2UT.
A. M.A.S ...S3
A. M.O.S .... A M O S 3D
A. M.O.S. Compiler Animation Studio ... £7 Can
Do .. Deluxe Music Const Kit Deluxe
Paint 3...... Deluxe Prmt 2 .. Deluxe Video
3 . Devpac2 ...... Dtgi Paint
3 ... Dtgtcalc ..
IdigwiewGoid ... ::::::
Kindwords ..... Lattice C
V5_ . Mastersound Mavis Beacons
Typing .
Magioan . £14 Music X 1 1 Version.
Music X Junior ......£4 Pagesetlor 2 £4 Pagestream Photon Paint 2 __Photon Video... Pro Write 30 ...£ U Quartet..... Sculpt 4D Sculpt 4D Junior Sound Express Supertvase Personal 2 Superbase Professional .. .£14 Superplan Trans write Answer Back Juriof Answer Senio- Mr &M Boner Main: iPiSie?
Mr Discover Spelling ..... Donald s At & French Mist Fun School 3 (under 5) £13 99 £13 99 C16 99 £1699 £161 , ..£13.991 £141 £1499 £1399 £1399 £1399 £ '6 99 £16 99 £1399 £1399 IS 699 SIM CITY ARCHITECT 1 OR 2 ONLY £12.99 RAILROAD TYCOON ONLY £24.99 ZAK UcKRACKEN [1439 ITS LANDED!!!
F15STIKE EAGLE 2(1 Meg) ONLY £24.99 SUPERPLAN 1 MEG £39.99 30 CONSTRUCTION KIT I £34.99 PHOTON VIDEO ONLY £24.99 just m m LORDS OF CHAOS ONLY £14,99 COMING SOON BIRDS OF PREYI ONLY £20.99 WARLORDS ONLY £17.99 1:2 MEG UPGRADE +CLOCK ONLY £24.99 ROCTEC SLIM DRIVE ONLY £59.99 PG A. TOUR GOLF ONLY £19.99 LOOM ONLY £9.99 SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND £17.99 FULL METAL PLANET ONLY £7.99 SWORD OF SODAN ONLY £7,99 DEFENDER OF THE CROWN ONLY £7.99 Spell Book (4-9) |Trw3B«ar5 Things to (Jo with Ni nOei Things 10 do nwih Words MEGA BUYS Welltris .£9.99 Light Corridor £9.99
Mystical £9.99 OR ALL 3 for ...£19.99 STAR PRINTERS LC200 £22999 LC 24-200 MONO £269.99 LC 24-200 COLOUR .£309.99 ind. Printer Cab»e t 200 Sheets Listing Paper F16 Falcon £13.99 Falcon Mission 1 £9.99 Falcon Mission 2 £9.99 OR All 3 £29.99 10 MEGA GAME PACK ONLY £21.99 Teenage Queen. Captain Blood.
Safari Guns. Tm Tin on the Moon, Bubble t. Purple Saturn Day.
Krypton Egg. Jumping Jackson, Stir, Crazy Bobo. Hostages WICKED GAMES PACK ONLY £7.99 Bouncer. Paccle, Backgammon. Invaders. Bal Re der 2, Swooper, Spaceballer, Diabid. Zirax Othello UTILITY PACK AMERICAN ONLY £29.99 DREAMS Includes:- ONLY £6.99 Comic Stutter.
Bubble Ghost Fantavision, Operation Neptune Spritz Paint Hostages Super Ski FUTURE SUPER QUINTET DREAMS ONLY £6.99 ONLY £6.99 Chamonix Challenge Warlocks Quest Bubble Ghost G-Nius Warlocks Quest Spidertronic Passengers on Ihe Purple Saturn Day Wind 1 & 2 HIGH ENERGY ONLY £16.99 Tin Tin on the Moon Teenage Queen North & South Rre & Forget Hostages EUROPEAN DREAMS ONLY £6.99 Stir Crazy - Bobo Teenage Queen Action Service Billiards Sim AMIGA 500 SUPERPACK Ifeaturmg: A500, P.S.U.. modulator, mouse, 2 Python I | joysticks, mouse mat, 80 lockable disc box, 20 blank [ discs & labels, dust cover, disc
cleaning kit. 4 player adaptor, mouse house, memory upgrade & dock, plus a choice from one of these compilations.
Wheels of Fire. Powerpack. Mind Games.
Flight Command Total RRP value £495, Yours for only £365 inc VAT ] (Please add £6 for Courier Delivery) » n Wf MEGA OFFER!
For every thirty pounds spent you can choose one of the following titles absolutely FREE!
(Available singularly (§ £3.99 each) Operation Neptune. Tin Tin on the Moon, Bubble ?. Safari Guns, Hawkeye. Interphase. Rotor. Action Service.
Toyotoes. Baliistix. Warhead.
Plus spend over £40 you can choose one of the £6.99 compilations FREE!
(Games subject to availability • games may be substituted) AMIGA 500 PROPACK Featunng: A500. P.S.U.. modulator, mouse, mousi mat. 80 lockable disc box. 50 blank discs & labels, dust cover, disc cleaning kit. Memory upgrade & dock, roctec slim drive, fantavision. Spritz paint, comic setter, superbase personnel 2. Sim city & pofi ulous Total RRP value £799, Yours for only £479.99 inc VAT (Please add £6 for Courier Delivery) Maps showing direct routes from the motorway and A5 urbosoft Unit 6 & 7 Acacia Cjosc.
Cherry court Way Industrial Estate.
Stanbrldge Road. Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU7 8QF.
Lei I lours Mon-Thurs 9.00am-8.00pnl Friday 9.00am-5.00pm Saturdays 10.00am*5.00pm Showroom Mon-Fri 9.00am-6.00prti Saturday 10.00am-5.00pm All prices include VAT Tel: (0525) 377974 Fax: (0525) 852278 Independent Stockist Kinmhairc Software.
Dublin Hazzaar, Unit 34 Thomas St. Dublin H Fife.
Shop prices w ill vary.
Personal callers only ATOMIC ROBOKID ONLY £7.99 ATTRACTIONS £17.99 iTI JRBOSOt Ti TOP 50 CHART “ SIM CITY* - TERRAIN EDITOR BOTH ONLY £22.99 ’ I' Meg Cricket 4D Dnwifl SIM CITY ? POPULOUS ONLY £19.99 ELECTION £34 99 .£8.991 30 Construction Kit.
30 Pool 688 Attack Sub ¦a* ii kOrR; 170 9a I ¦ ' ‘M ¦'lulYVV’Vir.l: £17 991 £17991 lSS&:..... £24 991 ¦ m«l . .•* ij- nr-yi 1 i! Sirs 1 1 ¦ . *i HhB9*OieM2_____________________ ¦ Jvc..-i: I • - ¦ , f ¦ VI r;-i 9* 1 T' 99 £17 99 1 v’1." Flare* ft 'tW o' tV Kreren £'••39 ¦ .
£17 99 H Ai 131,-0 £17 93 £13 « ¦ i 1 ¦' 9J1 ¦ t24 r,1 1 Ci’mI 1 C'7 991 1 1 - 1 Hjocal E-4991 7 T7C Ml ¦hvtM c?4 wl mt* ByuojNi 3 • r ag:m Fy« Hier: Sarvca 7 r negi
• -• £24 99
• 4 Vi 1 ! ' • "
• - ! 7 * ¦. '¦1 yn ¦ i i • 'j ¦ [17 991 H • .if
f. ’i wl ¦ £1799!
¦ K Y 0f'iff ! ACCESSORIES ¦ V £6 99 H* .OLMOk* ! v. Hr, I £1)99 Hr . OrrJRtB DSC Hr.. £7 93 ¦ • M.vinr. £1393 ¦ 61 Pests Sf.vk.tbe tiav Hk l i Plavr- Ad.ipS)- £17 99 £7 93 ¦- £4 : l ¦ • i 5c* 'f =---r.t..O !Ws [9 99 H -M’.B'l ‘?S.
£7 M 1 ;,v H -. .aocrr 'O'JJ Mr-.!-' r;’s-, -) ) 1 - - - [?9S B t • :• 1 VJ “V Urit 6mm i 99 H **• ¦ £73 Y £10 99 H oi Cmtdt.!
T. ' ’J 'Si ¦ Vffi Bo.
V. Si ¦ . ‘AOJCif.v a • Ajtr re ¦juo,oy Jeflghtei iVlSi £17 93
C1i« f 13 3 IB* ¦X kV’lOl W-ik'M* i £*. V H co v, ¦ [•» !
C-399 2 Me Usjraec . Cock t .'i v, Amioix Goodon Memo - Bandi Kings ol Anoent Ghni Bade Warnor TEST DWVt Z COUKDOB Test Drve 3 Uukh Cars I lAmorne Ranger 12 I of Chess .. lAtomic Robokid iBoudurdash Const Kt Mega Traweier 1 Mercs ... £20 99 : '.VJ M.v.V-v £1.’9U Uetal Mutant
• ' , NARC !.! 7 VI
* «ji Seals t: 11 9) .
Fr1 m.i.....id
i. 1 b 99 Pron t Insert) £!.’ ..... P-0 Tenn.i liui 2 ¦ ¦-¦.)¦¦!
' r.ij1." 1 ¦ ¦ if; ...... R B 1 2 BastOdll R-Type 2 . • ..
svJiv Search Fo- Trc Kirg Sec'el or Monkey ‘cUnfl snacttw
Dancn- £' ' 39 1-7 99 Soeedt»i2 i ¦; -9 S-.pn' Cars ?
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T I. :
W. iircini!
! 1 • 9:1 POWER UP-ONLY £18.99 ¦ I X-Out. Turreen. Rartxn* Islarq* 1 Ajiotbc Beast, Chase H 0 _ 1 WORID CUP COMPIIATION-ONLY £7.99 1 Tracksuit Monjpnt KckCXI | International Socat* Battle Command.
8Kzkriog(1 m*g) Blue Max ...... Bomber Miss.on Dish Brdge Paver 2150... Califom-a Challenge Champnjns o» Krynn Chaos Strikes Back Chase HQ SOCCER MANIA- WAY£9.00 Footbal Manaoer 2 Mcroprosa Soccer.
Garzas Soccer. F Bali Manager W Cup Eitton £?4 99 £20 99 £17.99 £17 99 £20 99 £20 99 £1399 C2099 £3 99 C2C99 £'799 £t799 £'795 Chase HO 2 . Chess Champion 2175..... ChuCk Rock Chock Yeager AFT2 ...... Colossus Chess X Damocles ... Dr«Qon Wars . Dragons Lair 11 Meg) Dragon? La* 2 Tvnewarp Duck Tales .... Dungeon Master (1 Meg) Dungeon Master fcdtor . Emtyn Hughes Soccer European Challenge |T.O II).
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DATE Please make cheques & PO payable to Turbosoft .EASE
21 asT0N,KRM) Please supply me with the following for q
Computer ..
Titles Phce Credit Card orders taken, payment cashed only on
despatch. Orders under £5add75pper item P&P. For first class
add 75p per item P&P UK only. E.E.C. countries add C2.00 per
item. Non E.E.C. countries add £3.00 per item. Express airmail
£4.00 per item. All items subject to availability. All prices
subject to change without notice.
E. & O.E. Please allow for cheque clearance Name .. Address Amiga
Computing October 9l receipt of order Please Note: Mail Order
companies ting is incorrect. All you then do is turn the
control knob until the LED stays on permanently.
The RGB Splitter also has its own colour knob which lets you adjust the colour saturation of the signal. This too has its own sync LED, but the setting is handled automatically by the RGB Splitter. You won't usually encounter any sync problems using the RGB Splitter as long as the video signal being fed into the unit is of sufficient quality.
Digital image After setting it all up, which takes no time at all, it's time to get down to some serious digitising. The software o LU O control panel is displayed in its own custom screen, the whole thing remains readable and instantly accessible regardless of which screen mode you're working in - users of HAM digitisers will know what I'm talking about!
SnapShot fully supports grabbing in just about every Amiga screen mode and resolution, including overscan. You also have full control over the number of colours that can be used.
HAM images are obviously the most impressive, but Snapshot does a pretty good job of grabbing in other modes Providing the competition If you're after a professional digitiser, you're absolutely spoilt wins hands down in the value ratings. Personally though, I'd for choice Here's a roundup of $ napShot's closest rivals rather spend the money on a decent DigiView setup!
Videon - Distributed in this country by Power Computing (0234 273000), this Italian-made digitiser is perhaps the nearest thing to Snapshot* currently on the market Us facilities are very similar, but unfortunately it doesn't quite have the pixel punching power to pose any real threat to SnapShot It too offers full colour digitising from a composite video signal using its own built-in video RAM and RGB splitter.
Unfortunately, the quality of the images produced aren't a patch on those obtainable using SnapShot!
This is made even worse by some awful software and tacky digitising hardware - the knobs kept dropping off on the unit that I played with! Its only real saving grace is its price - coming in at a few pence under £250, it certainly Hardware heaven Snapshot Pro is a real-time video digitiser that allows you to grab full colour and monochrome images directly from just about any composite video signal, including both a domestic video recorder and a colour camera. OK, nothing special so far, but Snapshot offers some remarkable facilities which really make it worth checking out.
The SnapShot hardware consists of two separate boxes - the digitiser unit itself and an extra box called SnapShot RGB+, which is sold separately. That extra box is basically a glorified RGB Splitter, which is necessary if you want to be able to grab in full colour from a composite signal. It is possible to get by with just the digitiser, but you'll end up with a digitising system thafs really no more capable than something like Rombo's Vidi Amiga.
On the front of the digitiser are three proportional knobs which are used to control varying aspects of the incoming video signal. There are controls for brightness, contrast and an extra "Lace" control which enables you to lock the digitiser manually on to the video signal when grabbing interlaced images.
To make adjusting this setting easier, a small LED flashes when the lace set- What? Not another video digitiser! With so many now available, the video digitiser is rapidly becoming one of the most popular devices produced for the Amiga. And they certainly seem to be selling too - NewTek's DigiView has become one of the most popular Amiga products ever, with units used throughout the world.
Is there room for yet another digitiser? HB Marketing certainly seem to think so because they've just begun distributing a brand new digitiser from German manufacturers VDT - don't ask me what it stands for! Its specification sheet certainly makes for impressive reading, but does it make the grade?
Well, there's only one way to find out FrameGrabber 2S6 - If you're after a digitiser that can do it all, the Marcam's (0604 790466) FrameGrabber 256 is a good bet It too is rather pricey (575), but differs from SnapShot in that it's a true colour real-time digitiser. Thanks to its built-in frame buffer it can grab full colour images in 4096 colours from a moving video source, so there's no need to hit Pause every time you want to get a grab The quality of digitised images is certainly very impressive, but it doesn't quite match up to SnapShot when it comes to grabbing colour images from
video tape if you want to grab "live" images using a video camera, it's a very good bet, otherwise, SnapShot is better As always though, it's horses for courses, so I'll leave you to come to your own conclusions.
For this arrives on a single disk containing no demo pictures at all, which is quite surprising.
It's always nice to see exactly what a digitiser is capable of, especially when the majority of grabs you usually obtain from a new digitiser leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully though, it takes no time at all to grab good quality images yourself.
The Snapshot software is an impressive offering that almost fully automates the grabbing process. It's a very swish affair that makes use of the Amiga's powerful windowing facilities.
And, thanks to the fact that the main too. DTP users will find the quality of Snapshot's high resolution grabs particularly useful for direct inclusion within packages like ProPage.
The grabbing hands Depending on the type and size of image being grabbed, the digitising process is swift. If you grab in monochrome, SnapShot works in realtime, so there's no reason to pause the video signal, although the same can't be said for colour grabbing.
Because the unit doesn't include its own frame buffer - unlike the FrameGrabber 256 - the video signal must be paused. This isn't too much of a problem with newer videos, but owners of older digitisers may find this a problem because of the amount of i image stability required.
If you can, it's worth getting your I hands on a VCR that has a single frame advance facility. This is particularly handy because it allows you to find the most stable frame for digitising. Once again, most VCRs now offer this.
After you've found your frame, click the mouse and the digitising process is set in motion. Colour grabbing can take as long as 30 seconds, but the results are always more than worth the wait.
The overall quality of digitised images is certainly very impressive. I've Digitising by remote Pressing buttons on your video to advance frames, pause and so on is all very nice, but Snapshot can take the drudgery away almost completely. Using a sophisticated remote control unit which plugs into the back of the Snapshot hardware, Snapshot can control your video's functions directly.
When creating colour animations, this allows Snapshot to get around the problems of slow scan digitising by automatically controlling frame advance.
Once again, a fairly capable video recorder is needed if you are to get the most from this facility.
Before you can get the remote control to work with your video, you must program it. This is achieved by pointing your video's remote control at Snapshot's remote control.
It then picks up the signal from your video remote and stores it in memory.
Once it knows how your video recorder controller works, it emulates these signals. Clever really.
Mixing Amtft MOM* and TV ncm to o66U ja a ntm tab tar Mrr Smom Animation Among Snapshot's more interesting features are its powerful animation facilities. Although not particularly new for a video digitiser - both Rombo's Vidi-Amiga and Marcam's FrameGrabber 2S6 offer an animation option - Snapshot's animation facilities are second to none.
In monochrome mode, you can grab animations in real-time from the real world, but animating colour frames is somewhat more complicated.
Snapshot allows you to create animations using a sort of stop frame- animation technique where each frame can be set up and grabbed manually Once you have all the frames In memory, you can play them back with full control over the range and playback speed.
One feature that I particularly liked was Snapshot's ability to digitise frames at a given time interval. Simply by telling it how long it must wait between frames, you can create a sort of time-lapsed animation. For example, if you set up a video camera and pointed it at something like a pot plant, you could create a time-lapsed animation of the plant blooming and finally wilting.
Motion detect is also a very powerful facility. When selected, Snapshot continually grabs frames, analyzing each in turn. If the grabbed frame is identical to the previous one, it is discarded. However, if there is a difference, it is stored in memory and the motion detect facility is set in motion for the next frame. Obviously, Snapshot accounts for signal noise, so only relatively major differences are registered.
+ oiUopShoi ProiquoUy Is ze of tising ib in i real- se the can't ide its
* the signal jch of . Own- this a int of I your frame ularly nd
the Once click ¦cess is in take results vait.
Litised October 1991 Amiga Computing been lucky enough to have played with just about every Amiga video digitiser available, but none of them have ever handled grabbing from video tape particularly well.
Snapshot Pro is the exception. As long as you grab from first generation video tapes - no copies! - you'll be able to grab images which are sharp and totally colour correct.
Colourful talk Like most quality digitisers. Snapshot can save out images in a variety of different formats including its own custom 24-bit hie format Obviously it has full support for tfF. But even this has been extended to cover Commodore's new 24-bit IFF standard which was devised to keep aB those new 24-bit graphics boards under control Because Snapshot handles its images internally in ful 24-bit colour, it's possible to output (fcgrttsed images for display on a 16 million colour graphics board like the Hariequm After a bit of tinkering around with file formats, I managed to get a
couple of images working with a friend's HAM- E unit. Expecting great things, I must admit that I was a bttie disappointed.
The difference in quality between the original HAM images and their HAM-E counterparts wasn't really that great. In fact, the HAM versions were often a lot better. Even in HAM-E's powerful 24-bit mode, there was little or no improvement in quality whatsoever I'm not quite sure why this is, but I suspect that it may be something to do with the quality of the composite video signal, like it or not.
Composite is pretty naff these days, especially when you compare it to much higher resolution systems like Super VHS and Hi-8.
With Super-VHS rapidly becoming a videophiles, I'm surprised that support for S-VHS hasn't been included. If it had, this would definitely have given Snapshot a boost Conclusion So there we have it, Snapshot Pro m a nutshell. I must admit that I’ve had a lot of fun playing with Snapshot, grabbing frames from all my favourite videos and then playing around with them in DigiPamt. There's something uniquely satisfying about bemg able to paint a moustache and glasses on to George Bush without becoming the FBI's number one target Well, all this and more is possible with a video digitiser hke
SnapShot rs the bnd of hgtoer that is ideally suited to the home user. Most of us don't own such luxuries as video cameras, so bemg able to grab quality, full colour grabs from video tape is a real boon. It pays to have a video recorder with a good Stable pause function, but even with a mediocre video I was able to get acceptable results.
OK, so we all want a Snapshot, but aaa ki i nrnkln m nriC O Coming in at just under S80 complete.
Snapshot certainly isn't cheap. With true real-time colour digitisers like Marcam's FrameBuffer 256 being sold at pretty much the same price.
Snapshot is going to be in for a real struggle if it is to be successful.
It certainly deserves to do well, but I can't help thinking that perhaps it has been priced rather unrealistically. If it offered real-time colour grabbing, HB would be on to a winner, but as it stands I can't really see how it can justify its current price.
If money is no object to you and you're not really interested in real-time operation, Snapshot is worth checking out Its quality is absolutely breathtaking, making it one of the best video digitisers available. If it was slightly cheaper - say £400 complete - it would be snapped up.
Snapshot! Pro £352.50 for digitiser unit, £176.25 for RGB Splitter and £58.75 for Remote Unit.
HB Marketing, Unit 3, Poyle 14, Newlands Drive, Colnbrook, Slough n7« AftAnnn * it Oq, 111 o o X 2 a. ag .
S assa l & i. ..in:: U' iihiriP
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UJ 31s!
£zS& " ccK glp iu|£ Q. ilniifi U * SR3ii.3S§?
Iiaiiii 1 !ll|!«.
I w r4 ST es (iniM1
• %© d 1
* -» |ts g QJ 2 I'i j; jj d: iff is 11!,.
¦J MW! ¦ m cn d CM CD 04 ( ) H- ql o ~mico Eg'-?
J I m co :S £w(o Ja _ U.U. -i & OuJ -J 111 15Q I- IQ 1Q!Q *G IQ IQ y? IQ ojcjoj 7 dj cn oj o» 555 5 5 5$ c s nnnnnon flflnfldn dodoqcraa ortnn.icin mu The prize Are you looking to get the best out of DTP with your Amiga? The Pandaal Datascan is ideal for scanning high quality images straight into your Amiga.
Its maximum 400dpi resolution produces high definition mono images which can be imported into almost any Amiga DTP package.
You will wonder how you managed without one!
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Do you fancy winning a copy of Gremlin's HeroQuest, the absorbing fantasy adventure where elves, wizards, barbarians and dwarfs do battle with dark forces in search of hidden treasure?
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Amiga Computing October 1991 SPORTS GAMES ROUND-UP really does fjuf being there and is This capture the » ¦ S3i“S- step® the older of the two and m comparison hasn't Stood the test of time too well, although its still a damn good American football game.
The characters on field are a little small and the movement is not what you would call smooth, but for budding head coaches out there.t is still worth taking a loon match yourself or get the gam play the match - a very useful saving feature.
There is so much going a strategy side of things thi become hard to keep track thing. Keep your eye on the the contracts, the players' fom injuries, and that lot is just for n Definitely worth a look if ] find the Soundware Internatio anywhere, which could be likely.
S2.?-rr ** tion may sound like it Vi sp° sj.°ov?i» M RRO*SO!T o ll,t certainly by
ci. 1 problems), the graphics you would expect from any beware
game. Quite eaceptksnal and the sound is second to none.
The introductory sequences and the between quarter scenes are just fantastic. It gives you *he option to play i«t single exhibition games or participate with in a full league UP to 28 plays'- controlled teams.
The actual game- play is quite difficult, the controls are challenging to qet the hang of, once you have, play- mg thTgame is a real pleasure 1* from Accolade it worth a look but con t beat the‘ktl’of tv Sport, rootbgii ate is always well ro„ °' 91mei -1™°" £ *"* but most SssaStsSS Programmed by Archer u., IJ a non stop whack m ' 'f . ’®ck em and stack 9ame. Up ,0 twn playtrs **«" Mn Ptey and 00 Hit Squad, Ocean. HT °°9ht out ver since computer and video games became popular people have wanted to try out their favourite sports. The very first would have been Tennis, or as it was
known then Pong, that stupid game with two bats either side of the screen and a square ball bouncing between them.
Well thank god games have come a long way since then.
Now just about every sport you care to mention has been transferred onto computers, plus few that you won't havej seen on tV. LES ELLIS, guides you through hits and misses of the world of the, Sports game.
Although Soundware International have a supposedly amazing 1 Meg cricket game they couldn't get a copy to us in time for this feature.
But it is rumoured to be excellent.
The only other cricket game worth noting at the moment is Cricket Captain by D&H Games, one of the smaller software houses maybe, but that certainly doesn't seem to affect the quality of their games.
After all the Multi Player Soccer Manager has been taking the charts by storm.
You get complete control over everything. You choose the players' names, choose the team, and then play. Even when you are playing you get the option to play the and teMiT * mS"y points« Puttie Posing various buttr-. „ . An be IK+ squad, aw. OvtRAUl4% karate Cricket the Accolade in Action compilation with three 2SH:== 4th and Inches ACCOLADE £24.99 • OVERALL 78% Bob Jacob s
• hanks to Mirrorsoft's Minor Image sports games tans y straight
Able at an best thing«® rat “kSOy a q. “P a9a nst an, t,n « it’s TV Wss vwisiuce Wo!a‘ Fast Break ACCOLADE • £24.99 * OYERALL 70% on tf* 4m, 22W»'*Wj JKRt-.
Golf has always been a sport that has made me curious. For a start, why do golfers have absolutely no fashion sense? Have you seen those trousers they wear? Not a tassle or a pair of tight jeans in sight Then, if these golfers are so good why do they take so long to smack a Tittle white ball from one end of a field to another, and why do they need caddies to tell them which dub to use and what to do with it? What's the point?
The point is, if you could earn millions by hitting a ball with a bit of metal, would you care? No, of course not. The two golf games worth looking at are Tournament Golf by Elite and PGA Tour Golf by Electronic Arts.
Tournament Golf features three different courses with one or two players participating. The control method is standard enough - power bar plus hook and slice.
The makes it pretty easy Tournament 6oH r*99-OVWAU. 7%___ ftS to control. C*re pret**- £. Though, is that the screen update is pretty slow.
Although Toirvmr- Go* b tossed with some nice graphics it was urrfortunatr to cm? Up against possibly the classic golf game.
That awani goes to Tour Golf by Electronic Arts. PGA is just a pleasure to cC*. It ‘eacure?1free of the toughest courses in the- world plus a 4th course Ors*r~d to be as fiendish as possible.
These make up the *xr -ounds of tournament play as you compete against €0 other pros al trying to make it to the top. The game b so adcfcn* it 3 unbelievable. The only bugbear is that when two playrs are competing, when both of you are approaching the grvr you each get the green grid which takes a while.
This only micSy rmgying, though. So if you prefer your sports slower gender then go for PGA Tour Golf.
¦Ze°JL 0V£RAU 85% ' Wno KCS POWER PC BOARD THE PC EMULATOR FOR AMIGA 500 DUE TO RECOVERY OF DEVELOPMENT COSTS Only £199.99 ex VAT (£234.99 inc VAT) COMPLETE Run professional MS-DOS software on your Amiga 500 at a price you can't resist SPEED - OUTSTANDING (faster than many 286 Ats - Amiga Format Oct 90) now ©von faster with new software upgrade ver 2.0 COMPATIBILITY - EXCELLENT (All the software I tried ran perfectly - Computer Shopper Feb 91) CONVENIENCE- A DODDLE (For a plain plug 'n' go pc emulator with no installation hassle there is no competition r Computer Shopper Feb 91) MEMORY -
AMIGA IMB RAM + 512K RAM disk, PC 704 KB + min 192 KB ems DISK SUPPORT - Floppy 3.5,5.25, H-D A590. (other hard drive support to follow - software upgrade) VIDEO SUPPORT- MGA- Hercules - GGA 16 col (dynamic) (EGA- VGA soon) ALL UPGRADES ARE SOFTWARE BASED SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER VALUE JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF INCLUDED WITH KCS BOARD MS-DOS 4.01. GW Basic, Shell inc manuals (not GW Basic) Phoenix DOS help 1 MB on board memory plus dock KCS PC Emulator WORTH £80.00 £55.00 £64.00 £30.99 £229.99 TOTAL "So what's the point in having a 'wiuo processor it it's no faster" (Amiga Computing Jan 91) - and
invalidates your guarantee Compatibility is excellent but no-one can guarantee every single program available, therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E. if to be returned). Price subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
88 BEWICK ROAD, GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE8 1RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 4901919 4901975 FAX: (091)4901918 UPGRADES ? UPGRADES * UPGRADES Amiga 1 2 Meg Upgrades no Clock includes On Off Switch £19.95 Amiga 1 2 Meg Upgrades with Clock and Switch £24.95 Amiga 1.5 Meg Upgrades (Upgrades to 2Mb) £69.95 Atari STFM Solderless Upgrades (Upgrades to 1 Mb) £49.99 All Upgrades Full Populated and Includes either Free Memory Checker or Demo Disk and Full Technical Support 1-49 35p each
3. 5 inch DS DD Disk's 100% Error Free 49-99 31 peach 100+ 28p
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3.5 inch £3.99 each 80 Cap Locking Disk Box 3.5 inch £4.99
each Null Modem Lead for Back to Back Communications £3.99
each Amiga 4 Player Adaptor Lead £4.99 each ST 4 Player
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Amiga and ST Dust Covers £2.99 each Mouse Mats Top Quality
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products carry a full five year warranty.
Public Domain for the Atari STFM and Amiga available.
For Full Catalogue send £1.00. Probably the second most popular type of sports game after football, there have been some brilliant racing games around over the last few months. The undoubted King of the track is Lotus Turbo Esprit Challenge by Gremlin.
Hockey Racing The Speed at which the track moves by is breathtaking. The game proved so addictive when it first came out that it caused many sleepless nights as people tried to complete that Ldtn T one k** c‘rcu*t» Ashing in a high enough posi- S Turbo Fsn ’ to qualify for the next.
PftfMUN • £,c rit Chall6nao The two player game
• Overall o adds real tension t0 the atmosphere as you
both hack around the circuit at breakneck speeds. Another race
game from Gremlin is Super Cars 2, different from Lotus Turbo
Esprit Challenge but very nearly as good. The track is viewed
from above and the cars are equipped with weapons to make
overtaking '°ot,g that little bit more hazardous.
T*bo rrr*nt 'toon Again, in two-player mode it gets very addictive with around 20 courses split over three skill levels.
Both of these games received rave reviews from everyone when they were released and both are still excellent buys.
Incidentally, the original Supercars is now available on Gremlin's budget label at £7.99. Also from Gremlin comes Toyota Celica Rally and Team Suzuki (a motorbike . _ racing game). These |ndidn3P 500 c ™ just behind the c ARTS. £25 99 - OVERALL 75% others, but not far. -- US Gold's entry to the racing game genre is Super Monaco GP - yet another impressive arcade conversion. The speed is surprisingly fast, with good graphics and sound all round. Pity it's only a one player game, but then so was the coin op so it doesn't lose any marks for that. Although it has been around for several
months it is still excellent value for money even though it does prove slightly easy to finish.
Indianapolis 500 from Electronic Arts is more of a racing sim than a pure racing game. The graphics are in 3D but are still very detailed and nice to look at. The game is difficult to play and probably won't appeal to the general racing fan. It is definitely one of the toughest games of this genre, if not THE toughest.
Hodey is a strange adaptahon old* sport that seems to be the up and coming thing just lately. It even features in a drinks commercial for Tango. , Unfortunately Street Hockey isn't able to live up to that kind of reputation It is extremely difficult to pl»y th4nks 10 a rxfcoious control method.
The graphics are slow and the r«p nse t,me is , awful. After you have hit a wall about four times while s(ee„ng in the OPP- For. M price game it’s a real let- direction you get more man down. International Ice Hockey, but I can't. It does 1 1 couki ** ,w a su,t’ "• have real advantages leaU. Wim small sprites looking as though they could do w ' eens but these can’t make There are some very **» IS •snapshot” where any me gameplay any better. , lher mat you think are pretty plays you have managed put g t0 dlsk. But on the whole wait and see if any other hockey games are coming
out before you go for GONZO GAMES • £24.99 • OVERALL 56% either of these.
Baseball "9 to Domark, haw. W.________ turn. .11 “ RBI 2 Baseball DOMARK • £25.99 • OVERALL 85% lures all you would expect ,r0m a baseball game .
“sy pitching and difficult n9 (as always) - p|0s some control over me
* ng.
M Th.ere are S0m4 nice 'ouches throughout, espe- 2 o„ 'hescore board
* * any decisions are There is some very good attention to detail
«POW'lyinthe,nhel(,vvtlen ,h* lodges give their deci- smns at
the p ale Q TENNIS The only tennis game worth mentioning at the
moment is Pro Tennis Tour 2 from Ubtsoft This is destined to be
an absolute smash hit (pun intended), especially with the
likes of Agassi and Edberg whetting everybody's appetites with
their exhibitions at Wimbledon and around the world.
Pro Tennis Tour 2 is a hell of a game - it has the lot. Excellent graphics, atmospheric sound and some animation that is so good yOu won't believe you are watching a computer. Look out for this on the shelves of your favourite games haunt, and if you see it, buy it.
Now that Summer is supposed to be upon us you can probably go down to the beach and catch all the scantily clad men and women playing Beach Volleyball to loud rock music.
But if you can't stand getting sand between your toes or in your sandwiches then by it on your Amiga.
Vollevball Snooker Billiards Pool ________ * ¦1 mmnlained of there being too moth you tan do wilh a Id* balls an ster, having appeared back in 1989. It has stood the test of time quite well.
Once you get used to the control method, which makes heavy us of all the joystick directions, it is a really good game to play.
There much satisfaction to be had in setting the ball and then jumping up and spiking it deep into the opposite court and out of reach of your opponents. You get to play all over the world against some the best ball players. Beat them to prove that you really are the best of the best.
A gem of a game, even if it stands unopposed in the Volleyball genre.
The only game I could think of in this category is Beach Volley by Ocean. But that's not such a bad thing because it's a cracking game and there isn't much that could come near it, except maybe a TV Sports version if it ever appears.
Beach Volley is certainly no young- Beach Volley Billiards II Simulator INFOCRAMES • £25.99 • OVERALL 69% OCEAN • £24.99 • OVERALL 76% Ever complained of there being too much Snooker on TV? Well now you can put even more on the old box. In the near future Virgin have 147 Snooker lined up for release.
I've had a sneak preview of it and it looks pretty hot, I can tell you Billiards II Simulator from Infogrames is a collection of new billiards games. One is French Billiards for the more strategy-minded among you. There is also American Pool billiards for the sportsmen, plus the addition of a billiards pool game played on an eight sided table.
The graphics are adequate - after all there isn't much you can do with a few balls and a piece of wood. The control is a little awkward and unless you are specifically looking for a billiards game I'd go for one of the others mentioned in this section.
3D Pool is an excellent pool game.
The 3D works really well and the game is a lot of fun to play. It has recently been added to the Mirror Image label and at £9.99 is the best game of this ilk around - until Virgin release their snooker game,that is.
The pick of the bunch.
SubbuteOBiiswb European Superleague CDS • £24.99 • OVERALL 81% fiectro11* *°° Kick Off 2 ANCO . £24.99 . OVERALL 91% Football Well, I've saved the best until last The football category is probably the one that most people will be interested in. And it certainly seems to attract the software houses.
Of course you couldn't mention football without mentioning the immortal Kick Off 2 from Anco. This game has been around longer than most peop e would care to remember in one form or another and is considered by many to be the best of the bunch that gets pretty hot. It is very challenging due to a tricky control
- KxAnoM Perfect football game method but it is worth
persevering with it just so that you can join the 'in' crowd of
pretend Kick Off 2 champs.
In a slightly different vein is Subbuteo - yes, they have even simulated the finger flicking fun of table top soccer. Unfortunately this is a pretty stupid idea for a game and the gamesplaying public showed this by avoiding it in their droves. Bad control, naff graph- ics and oh so slow gameplay lead up to a certain miss.
There are couple of football management games that may be worth a look. Firstly. Multi Player Soccer Manager trom D&H games is stilt a cracker, although the actual managerial section does look a little bit similar to the Cricket game (or should that be vice versa).
It is still in the computer game charts months after its release. The strategy gets pretty intense as there is always loads going on. If you really want to know what the real mangers go through In their careers then take a look at this.
Secondly. European Superleague takes a slightly different element. Everybody knows that the European Superleague doesn't actually exist (yet).
Again there is lots going on all the time to keep you busy. There are some great graphics used throughout, M *naaer especia,,y in lhe match The two-player mode leads QnCCCf sequences.
To some competition T.*: 3 rwEBA1190'* One problem it does suffer from, however, is the FAST MAIL ORDER SERVICE wWith full after sales assistance and technical support, All prices inc. VAT and postage, except where stated High quality, top of the range products supplied by »ND»AL |C,eshamHi r«| pretar C ty Bea ® 0234 85 7777 DRIVES ¦ 3.5* external floppy drive ¦ Full 1 Mb unformatted capacity ¦ 880K formatted capacity ¦ Citizen Sony mechanism ¦ Slimline design ¦ Very quiet ONLY £54.95 ONLY £149.95 With clock £28.95 Without clock £24.95 COLOUR DA&TA TRUE 400dpi SCAN FEATURES ¦ 400 dpi with
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consumption FASTRAMs DAATASCAN Professional is a complete image capture package of outstanding quality and excellent value for money NEW AMIGA A500 PACK A500 RAM UPGRADES PRCCf SCANNING rncci COMPLETE SCANNING k PACKAGE NO V MORE TO A X BUY W SPECIAL OFFER DAATAMOUSE. High quality replacement upgrade mouse sc ‘as: - uses 70% less desk space than a standard mouse.
¦ Bi-compatible with ST & Am$ a ¦ Optical mechanical encoder ¦ Amazing unmatched 360dpi ¦ Ergonomic lightweight ¦ Anti-static, easy to Clean mechanism.
The scanning software does an excellent job. Producing the highest quality scans of any hand scanner The Daatascan is the one I reach for 9 times out of 10’ AMIGA SHOPPER Issue 1 May 1991 MOUSE DA&TA pretar ¦ Capacity 20-1SOMB ¦ On board RAM option ¦ Supports multitasking ¦Cache tatiKy (50.100.160Mb) ¦ DedcatedPSU HARD DISKS The exciting world of graphics, animation and sound is at your fingertips with the Amiga 500.
Cartoon Classics bnngs together a fantastic selection of Cartoon games and a paint package to create your own cartoons.
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Personal Finance Manager FOR THE AMIGA Personal Finance Manager provides an easy way of looking after your bank account building society account, credit cards and so on. Its WORKBENCH Interface allows transactions to be entered or altered as easily as filling out a form Fu* mouse control of PFMs window environment means a really user friendy program PFM lor the Amiga appears and runs exactly the same as our top selling PFM program for the Atari ST Automatic Standing Orders means that regular payments are never forgotten, whilst the graphic osplay will help you manage your account more
effectively Personal Finance Manager will even attempt to match your statements by automatically identifying transactions that haven't yet been cleared, t The number of entries is limited only by the size ot the memory
• Fuff Workbench Interface
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Selectable date formats
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Spend pie chans
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user alike.
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on advice, hints and tips.
The many features of this book include:
• Full coverage of Amiga DOS 1.3 functions
• Filing with and without workbench
• The Amiga's hierarchical filing system
• Pathnames and Device names
• The Amiga's multitasking capabilities t The AmigaDOS screen
• AmigaDOS commands
• Batch processing
• Amiga Error code descriptions
• How to create new systems discs t Use of the RAM discs
• Using AmigaDOS with C MAOINq c RRP PRICE £29.95 INC. VAT Olof •
itifo OUR PRICE Nl,h,, n % £24.95 save mm mbm environment In
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SPECIAL READER OFFER FOR ONLY £12.95: Seagate rescue I was
reading your ACAS column in the June 1991 issue and can offer a
source of information to Mr Smith of Manchester who was having
trouble with his Seagate drive and C Ltd controller board.
U n C Ltd went out of business over a year ago, but a company called Micro*Dyn (2011 S Washington, Wichita, KS 67211, USA tel. 316-265-2661) has obtained all rights to previous C Ltd products and is actively supporting them.
On m 73 n I believe the ST-225N has 615 cylinders and four heads, and is a 20Mb MPM format drive with an access time Of 68ms. Write precompression usually starts at cyl 300 on those units.
The card sounds like an earty C Ltd unit, and wha little I know of them is that they are non-auto-booting and usually fired up with a C Ltd boot disk called SCSI_DOS. The utilities for formatting the units are usually on the $ C$ i_DO$ disks, but if you don't have the C Ltd manual, you'll need a technician who is adept at SCSI interfaces and drives. Hope this information helps some.
Michael Lesperance, McChord AFB, Wa, USA That explains why our efforts to contact C Ltd were in vain! Thanks for the tip, Michael. If Mr Smith is reading, we hope it solves some of his problems.
Tower Amiga After reflecting that my A500 reminds me a little of an Acorn Electron (Treason! - Ed), and that it'd look a lot better in a mini tower sporting all three disk drives accessible from the front of the machine, I set about converting it into a tower Amiga.
Floppy drives can be removed quite easily from their mounts and screwed into PC-style mounting rails, and it is a simple job to remove the PSU from its case to fit it internally on the new chassis.
Congratulations on winning the Metamorph-of-the-Month competition!
Turning your A500 into a mini tower is a dream shared by many an Amiga owner as, regardless of the cost-effectlveness of such a solution, they love the image boost.
The only add-on keyboard I know of is the Checkmate Digital unit. For £59.95, you can experience the joys of a rattling, badly fitting, bouncy mounting whose only positive features are that it is the ONLY one available and that empty it serves well as a coffee tray.
If you've gone to the trouble of assembling the tower, however, the CDL unit is the only serious option. Call them on (071) 923 0658.
The motherboard, once removed from the original case, is screwed into the new case using plastic spacers, and connections are made to the outside world using nice 25-way ribbony things. There's plenty of room left inside the new beast for hard drives and things as well, Oh no! What about the keyboard? Out of its A500 case it looks horrible. The motherboard connection can be made to the DIN socket on the front of the new case and, with a nice curly wire and DIN plug from Tandy, a lead can be constructed for the key* board. So where can I find a Case for the darn keyboard?
Short circuit I read with interest the letter from Andy Hamilton in the August issue, since I fixed an identical sounding problem on my A500 last month One month after the warranty had expired (naturally), the internal drive started giving spurious read write errors at regular intervals.
Havmg checked for viruses, head alignment (by formatting a fresh disk, then tryvsg to read it back), and using a head cleaner, all to no avail, I decided to have a look myself rather than spend a fortune having it repaired After much poking around inside looking for loose chips and dry joints - the most common causes of these kind of hardware faults - I Now, I might play a lot of games and things, but an Amiga without its keyboard is about as useful as a working ST. My best buddy sits semi-naked on the A towtf of itifngth?
Printer out ot putt?
Computer cracking up?
We’re here to help!
Write to Amiga Computing, Europa House. Adiington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP finalK noticed that where the RF shielding had been touching the cables connecting the drive to the motherboard. The insulation on the cables had been par tiaBy worn away.
Not enough was gone for the wires to short to each ocher, but enough damage had been done to let them short to the shielding. I was able to fix the problem by bending the metal plate back so that it was well clear of the wires, though even if the cables had been more badly damaged it would still have been much cheaper to replace them than to have the machine repaired.
Since the design of the A500 means the shielding will usually be rubbing against the drive cables, I suspect that this is a common fault on these machines. I would suggest readers whose machines are out of warranty carry out some preventative medicine by bending back the metal plate before the symptoms occur, since if drive leads start shorting out they could cause serious damage.
Dave Kirby, Swindon Inexperienced A500 owners could also cause a great deal of damage if they started poking around in their machines with a screwdriver! The tip is appreciated, but remember if your machine is under warranty or you're at all doubtful about opening up the Amiga, DONT DO m Bitmap bother I'm having problems with my hard drive. Every time I boot up it takes three to four minutes of messing about before it validates itself, and won't finish loading programs until it's stopped messing around.
If I try to save something before this time is out, I get an "Error - is not validated" message and the file isn’t saved until validation is complete. If I turn off the computer before validation is finished, I get the same message immediately on booting up again.
I tried to get an answer from the Amiga dealer in Duncan Webster's letter on the subject of sending data from one modem to another using a walkie- talkie prompted several replies, some of which were more constructive than others. Here's a selection for anyone thinking of putting an Amiga on air.
I should cocoa!
I tried exactly the same thing as Mr Webster. With a hot chocolate tin (Woof! - Ed). No - don't turn the page or put down the mag yet. Simply by using it as an aerial booster, all I did was wrap some stiff copper wire on the outside and used the rest as a down lead to the walkie-talkie.
Making the down lead is very easy. When you have finished wrapping the copper wire - about 3 feet will do - use another foot of wire as a down lead by wrapping it with insulating tape. Be careful, however, to use some form of multimeter as you can only use so much unlicensed radiowave space. You could find yourself on the amateur band and get nicked for not having a licence.
Anyway, connect the down lead with a crocodile clip to the aerial and hope for the best. I'd say a 300 to 1200 baud modem would suit better over the air as faster modem speeds often scramble up the data. I had a very interesting talk with a friend this way! You could try Maplins for information on their Heathkit equipment for gathering clear signals.
Simon Canning, Marlow, Bucks You'll have a more than interesting conversation with Mr Policeman if you're not carefull By all means, experiment with your Amlgas and get the best from them, but try not to land In court while you're at it.
If in doubt, check the CB and amateur radio regulations before rigging up your Amiga in this fashion.
Iceland but they don't seem to know much about computers. They mostly just want to sell agricultural machinery. I'm enclosing printouts of my startup- sequence. Could it have anything to do with the WAIT command?
|on Arnarson, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland The problem lies not in your startup-sequence but in the root block of your hard drive. This is where the "Bitmap" resides, a file you can think of as a digital map of the location of every file on your disk.
If, for example, two or more files are trying to occupy the same space on a hard drive, the bitmap will freak out and fall to validate. This Is the most common cause of unvalidated hard disks and, although very annoying, is quite easy to fix.
The best program I've used for validation problems is FixDisk 1.2. This was given away on our March coverdisk and is also available from most PD libraries.
To fix your validation problems using FixDisk, click on the "Directory" button, then on DHO:. The program will run through the contents of your hard drive and alert you to any problem files. It will then give you the option of deleting the offending file or the one it is clashing with.
DO NOT delete the file offered to you. Instead, delete the "other" file with which the first one is Illegal speagal It is quite possible, technically, to link a modem to a radio transmitter in order to send data to a remote station (millions of kilobytes travel that way every day! - Ed) as it makes no difference whether the link is a phone line or a radio wave. Where Mr Webster is falling down is probably in the equipment he is using.
The fact that he describes his radio set as a "walkie-talkie" leads me to believe that he is using a CB hand-held transceiver and if this is the case he has several problems. The first of these is that there is probably no provision for an external input, thus preventing a direct connection between the modem and the handset.
The next problem is one of low power. Very few walkie-talkies are capable of the full legal limit of 4 watts. Add to this the problem of interference on CB frequencies and the chances of a clean exchange of data between the two stations are very doubtful indeed, even if only over a distance of a mile.
One final point against using this method of data transfer is, and I quote from the official CB Radio licence terms and conditions: "The licensee may use a CB station for sending and receiving only messages in plain speech".
In other words, the transmitting of computer data is illegal on these frequencies and may bring the DTI knocking on the door, in which case sending the data down a phone line could well work out cheaper after all.
Cyril Mokes, Nottingham Hmm - your letter puts a bit of a dampener on the issue, but the legal situation can't be contested.
We're not going to encourage readers to break CB regulations, but I'm not sure that Mr Webster was using a CB radio, so... trying to compete for disk space. Don't ask me why, but FixDisk crashes if you decide to delete the first file offered to you.
Once you've got rid of the culprit, re-boot and check your drive again. Be warned that you may have to do this several times if your bitmap is severely scrambled.
Printer problems with QED I would appreciate some help regarding the SID on the workstation disk. I'm using QED for editing script files to use with a menu program.
I've copied QED to a new disk and made it auto- booting as explained in the July issue of your magazine. My problem is how to get it to print? I keep getting a message "cannot open printer device".
My Workbench and Workstation have been correctly set up so why aren't I getting any results?
Mike Hemming Redditch Worcestershire Well as any regulars will know printer problems are the most common cause of sleepless nights in the computing community. Fortunately in your particular case the answer appears to be a simple one.
Your problem is probably the lack of a devs directory on you new disk, within which you should create a printer directory into which should be placed a copy of your printer driver from either the Workstation or Workbench. Because your new disk autoboots, the Amiga regards it as the system disk and will look only there for any external devices Of drivers that QED might require.
As a result it will ignore any other disks, even If they are set up perfectly for printing. You shouldn't have any problems creating and copying the various directories and files thanks to good old SID Radio mentals u OL LU 1 1 UJ U Q Have fun... Hard choices I have a 1.3 A500 with AS01 memory expansion and external floppy, and recently bought PageSetter II which is an excellent low cost DTP package. However, I seem to be continually running out of memory, and especially chip memory when using PageSetter. I realise there are a few options open to me, but would like help in choosing the most
1. Is it easy to fit a Fatter Agnus and if I fit it myself will I
invalidate my warranty? If so, will it be invalidated if
fitted by an official dealer?
2. Will fitting the ICD AdRAM board invalidate the warranty?
3. Is it better to buy a hard drive and memory expansion, or
hard drive with memory expansion on-board, such as the Evesham
Micros 40Mb NEC with 2Mb fitted? The latter is the cheaper
and therefore more attractive option.
4. Would I need an upgraded power supply?
Brian Nisbet, Glasgow You seem to have a fairly well-balanced approach to the upgrading question, so there's not much I can tell you except make your mind up and take the plunge. However, there are a few points to make on your questions.
1. Check to make sure your A500 doesn't already have a Fatter
Agnus. There are PD programs such as AgnusCheck and Syslnfo
which will do this for you. If you have an old Agnus, you'd be
advised to consult your dealer.
Commodore don't have an Agnus upgrade option at the moment, but a qualified official dealer should be able to fit one with ease. Check before you take this option to make sure It doesn't affect your Commodore extended warranty. There should be some way of ensuring the warranty is still valid if you have the modification carried out by an official dealer.
2. Yes, the ICD board connects to the Gary chip, so you have to
open the A500 to fit It properly, thus invalidating the
warranty. If you're going to attempt DTP work, you'll have to
upgrade your chip memory somehow, and the ICD board's Gary
connection allows the use of 1 Mb chip ram if you have a
Fatter Agnus, but losing your extended warranty could be a
high price to pay for the extra half meg.
3. It's horses for courses as far as your hard drive choices are
concerned. The advantage of drives which come with slots for
extra memory is that they keep the number of bits and pieces
sticking into or out of your machine to a minimum.
On the other hand, If the drive blows up on you it takes your extra ram with it. The Evesham Micros A590-based NEC drive is a solid and reliable, if not blisteringly fast, option.
4. You won't need an upgraded power supply if you go for a hard
drive with extra memory on board, as these all come with their
own power supplies. If, on the other hand, you buy one of
the larger memory upgrade boards, you'd be advised to play
safe and buy a beefy PSU as well.
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¦pem at your aervwe i product - Same price besa SHOP: October 1991 Amiga Computing 0A14 40X W: 081-3028811 rax No 08' 309 00V |oWAMCOM-tOr-» 1-* The Mews Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent DA*I7*4DX 11 PLEASE SEND CITIZEN PrlMT BTlMFORMATIOMl you kros not Betore you dec*) when 10 buy your new pnmac we 1 Conwder whal 4 will be like a Mnphereta or softwere. Or noma technical help end advice And. We in* Maili 01 new products? Ai Silica 5y«ems. We eneure ihai you *¦ a fiht dl Via Uks leadng ndependenl computer deeten and pro dea a em ¦nd mousiness throughout the nenon Silica have bean awaotofted tar ov
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computers), if any. Do you
own? ..
1 me "Silica Syttem* Service Our hero is much more than just a
removal man and to prove it I'll be looking at what lurks among
the thirty command buttons that are all too often overlooked.
Before we start please spare a thought for the long-suffering author, namely Timm Martin, who richly deserves any contributions you may feel the urge to send. If anyone deserves a contribution he does. You'll find his address on the last page of the Workstation manual.
Amiga Computing October 1991 WORKSTATION SUPPORT Paul Austin puts his foot down and explains how to speed up good old SID PRINT, EDIT and XEDIT The Print option is rather self explanatory and providing you've installed the correct printer driver there shouldn't be any problems.
Installing a driver is a simple process
- just select the driver of your choice and use SID to delve into
the devs and copy the driver into the printer directory.
Next on the list we have Edit which as you're probably aware enlists the help of QED by first loading it and then automatically listing the script file ready for editing. Ideal for the ever-changing startup-sequence.
Hit the gas accelerate SID The final part of the initial trilogy is Xedit. This, like Edit, enlists the help of another hidden utility, namely NewZap. With the aid of this particular utility you'll be able to edit all manner of file sectors and codes all from the comfort of your own home.
NewZap is mainly aimed at the more expert Amiga fan so be careful if you're just dabbling - it could end in tears.
The utility's primary use is to examine Ascii and binary within a file whilst searching for those elusive key sequences, digits and characters that are guaranteed to make your hacking life a little easier.
VIEW, READ and XREAD View, as you might be aware, allows you to examine any standard Amiga image without the hassle of loading an entire paint package to do it. If you have a favourite viewer among the hundreds lurking within the PD it's a simple matter to replace the new for the old and, of course, adjust the relevant line in SID's config file.
The Read option will allow you to examine any Ascii file, which in most cases will mean documents and readme files which you'll find liberally spattered around on almost every disk. If you're reading a big file or one which you want to print, a better option might be be to use Ppmore which you'll find lurking on the pull downs in the main Workstation screen.
Xread, like Xedit, is of more use to the expert than the beginner and gives you the option to read the Hex from any file in a similar way to Xedit, but with Xread you're limited to observation only.
HEAR, MAKEDIR and COMMENT The Hear option is another automatically triggered utility which will autoload any IFF sound sample and play it at the correct pitch no matter what the sample rate.
If you're not sure as to the identity of a file remember that all can be revealed thanks to the Desk option which can be accessed with a dick of the right mouse button at the bottom of SID's custom screen.
Makedir is next and one of the essentials as far as SID's concerned.
Things literally couldn't be simpler, just select the disk of your choice and hit the button, add the new directory name and you'll have an instant empty directory ready and waiting.
The Comment option is another essential if your memory is anything like mine. After all, it's very easy to forget crucial information on a particular file and this is where Comment comes into its own by allowing you to add those few words that can reveal all about a particular file.
Again, to read comments simply dick on the Note option after following the same procedure as Desk.
RUN, EXECUTE and OTHER Run, as you might expect, does exactly that and can be very handy. If, for example, you wish to use a program from a disk which you didn't boot from, simply load the directory, select the file and hit the button.
Execute is very similar to run but of course operates on executable files. If you have a problem deciding whether a file is either runnable or executable use the Desk once again to give you an idea of what you're dealing with.
Other is the last of this particular trio If you're a newcomer to this column you might be a little puzzled as to what this mystical Workstation disk is all about. If that's the case it's worth checking out Page 138 for details about what you're missing and how you can get in on the act and by far the most interesting. It allows you to define a command of your own to this particular button.
To make use of it first copy the utility of your choice to let’s say the C: directory on the Workstation. Then edit SID's config file giving the Other command the correct path and file name.
COPY, MOVE and DUP I doubt there's any need to explain Copy as it's sure to be the most well worn button on the screen but Move is often forgotten in the rush.
Move should be almost as heavily used as copy as it is perhaps the most efficient of all the duplication routines.
Dup allows you to automatically rename and duplicate a file onto the same disk. Although this isn't a regular occurrence it can still save a hell of a lot of renaming, copying and deleting when compared to the manual method.
Next month I'll explain the rest of the commands and have a closer look at customising SID's config file. Until next month, bye for now... m X T3 z to o z ox Since Spectrum owners went mad over D'Ktronks addon keyboards to supplement their "dead flesh" rubber keyboards, home computer users have sought to upgrade their machines with bolt-ons and screw-ons. Everyone, from the humblest ZX81 owner with a wobbly ram expansion to the PC owner thirsting for the kudos only a tower casing can bring, has dreamed of transforming their frog into Prince Charming with the kiss of the magic screwdnv f,
Acniga 500 owners weW a little slow to catch the body-building bug, but their desire for everything from memory to a separate keyW plete with curly qsble can now bew s- lated into reality thanks to three distinH upgrade paths. All ybu need to doll leave about 300 sovs under your for the tin box fairy... But why? A sensible, leveT-fiftdcd A500 owner confronted by the need to upgrade would quickly conclude that a hard drive, 8 meg of ram. A processor accelerator, and a flicker fixer can il be fitted to his or her machine with fttfc or no external protruberanees, so cunrung have the peripherals
manufacturers become.
Because the sensible, level-headed A500 owner is an entirely mythical stic upgrade option ambitions cannot be containe ithin the A500’s flimsy plastic case. The first to appear was A1500 Limited's unit, which I'll refer to as the A1500 shell to avoid confusion, then Commodore launched a very competitively priced A1500 bundle, and now there's the Bodega Bay unit from the States.
They ad seek to satisfy the upgrader in different ways, so we'll attempt to highlight their respective strengths and weaknesses in the hope of making your choice a little clearer.
Beast, and since cramming more and more silicon inside an already overheated, underpowered case is a road leading eventually to Guruland, more and more Amigans are reaching the conclusion that there's more to upgrading than adding a few spoilers and |ashV H*bcaps The A500 is not, after ldi* png in mind the needs of lad or, the two most pressing j |on which to the'number of new featflfl [the A500, »nd the 'M At first glance, the A1500 shell is the cheapest of the three units. It is also, however, the most basic in terms of features and expansion opportunities.
If purchased on its own, the A1500 shell expansion is just that - a shell. For your money you get an A1000-style system box and a separate keyboard of sturdy metal construction, some ribbon connectors, and a curiy cable for the keyboard. There is also a fairly useful manual to guide you through fitting your A500 in its new home, but it is at this point that the A1500 shell starts to show its roots in the enthusiast market.
To get an A500 into the A1500 shell you have to open the machine, thus invalidating your warranty, take the motherboard and keyboard out separately, screw them into the system box and keyboard housing, then re-mount your internal drive on a saddle mount- The A1500 Shell Manufacturer A1500 Ltd 081 907 3636 Suppfarr A1500 Ud t Price £235 mg which tf M Use to adjust After a lot of messmg about with ribbon connectors and a great deal of fiddling with the drive. You! Be the proud new owner of a machete which * cosmetically rather appeabng, but which in electronic terms s denbcal to the A50Q
you started with Major surgery To be fair to the A1S00 4 « an enthusiast's option, and As itself more to an open approach. As such it « a unrt for tncn* with a definite am. Such as skating « m a 19in music rack with the ad of a mounting kit The truth is a little hard to v«*j6o* however, as the unit still requ'es the addition of a DUC daughter board with one half length slot, before fgrV hardware can be bolted on.
Or the ovemder bo* w*h in two full-length slots wttdi a time of writing is stiil not available As a straightforward rebox, Ai 500 shell is a solid and sturdy unit on which even the heaviest monitor can be plonked without risk.
The system box is reasonably sleek, if a little rough around the edges, and the finished effect is of a business-like desktop computer. The keyboard is possibly the A1500 shell's weakest feature. As a simple metal box into which the original A500 keyboard construction is fined without further ceremony, it falls far short of the sort of professional quality keyboards we are accustomed to using on home computers these days. It is certainly a pale shadow of the separate keyboard on a Commodore A2000 or AI 500.
If you're a big fan of soldering irons, and need an Amiga casing which will allow you to take a very individual upgrade path, the A1500 shell is a good enthusiast's option.
If, on the other hand, you are an A500 owner requiring an upgrade box which will enable you instantly to access peripherals you would not have been able to use with the original machne, or A you would rather cross a busy road with your eyes dosed than go near a screwdriver or soldermg von, ths product a not for you.
Bodega Bay Manufacturer; California Access (0101)408 378 0340 Supplier; ZCL Holdings Ltd. Phone Dave Cheetham on 0543 414817 Price: £299 or £349 with Malibu hard drive controller card Whatever the Bodega Bay expansion unit is, it is not beautiful. It is, in fact, a hulking great brute of a thing which sits on top of your A500 like a troll on a rock and frowns over the keyboard at you. Not so much an add-on as a squat-on.
In most other respects, the CA-500 is an unusually elegant common-sense solution to the problem of upgrading the Amiga Quite literally, the California Access people have worked out what A2000 features were left out of the A500, put most of them in a big box, and bolted it on to the side of the 500.
Edge it in Users who view their warranty as sacrosanct will be pleased to note that the CA-500 doesn't invalidate it. There's no need to open the Amiga to fit the unit because it simply slots into the edge connector on the left-hand side of the machine.
This doesn't mean you'll never have to wield a screwdriver, but it does mean you'll never have to take it to the Amiga. As the CA-500 is complete with all expansion slots and forms a separate bolt-on unit, you'll only ever have to ?
131 ? Expose the CA-500 to plain view. The basic unit, once added to the A500, comes very close to transforming your Amy into an A2000. It contains four full-size Zorro II 100 pin slots, three of which are IBM-compatible and therefore capable of accepting a bridge- board, and all of which have removable slots to the rear Of the unit allowing for daisy-chained hard drives.
Handy features O I O Z o_ X In addition, the CA-500 has an integral 200 watt PSU to power all that extra hardware and its own cooling fan to stave off the onset of meltdown once you've packed an 8Mb ram card, a 210Mb hard drive, and an accelerator card into it. These are not just handy little features.
If you're serious about expanding your Amiga, you will certainly need a meatier power supply because the original A500 unit becomes uncomfortable with anything more than an extra half meg and a second floppy. And if you put peripherals in a confined space without a cooling fan you'll soon be paying regular visits to the Guru.
Another neat design point is the inclusion of an AC output socket, complete with 110V-240V switch, into which your monitor can Lood your 1500 into tht bay be plugged.
You'll have to fit a three-pin kettle-style connector to the monitor instead of a standard British plug, but the ability to switch your system off and on with a single flick is a bonus which makes it worthwhile.
Drive bays The basic CA-500 has two front-loading drive bays into which the user can fit
5. 25in floppies or, with an optional kit, standard 3.5in drives.
There is also a separate mounting area for 3.5in hard drives,
so you needn't use up a drive bay for your hard drive.
The hard drive bay is a blessing as far as CA-500 is concerned v The four expansion slots are spaced no farther apart than in the A2000, and as they are arranged horizontally, slotting cards in and out of them is a good deal trickier.
A full height hard drive takes up most of the space available, so the ability to mount the hard drive separately of the controller card without robbing the user of a floppy drive bay is a boon when space is at a premium.
The one notable omission is the video port, essential if you want to fit a flicker fixer or any number of other video peripherals. Although it's true that the A1500 shell is also lacking in this area, you pay the extra cash for a CA-500 because it promises much greater instant expandibility, and to leave out the video port at a time when it is becoming more and more important on the Amiga is a major oversight.
The CA-500 is, overall, a well built and well balanced upgrade system. It may be larger than your average double bed, and almost offensively styled, but it is still the best option for expansion opportunities.
I personally wouldn't pay the £300 asking price, but there are no doubt many aspiring A500 owners who will think the four slots, the fan, and the PSU worth the outlay.
Commodore A1500 Manufacturer: Commodore Business Machines (UK) • Supplier: (Among others) Silica Systems (081) 309 1111 • Price: £699 or £999 with 1084S monitor mainstay of the serious Amiga market for years, and offers by far the best expansion opportunities of all the upgrades on test. There are two full and three half-size slots, a coprocessor slot, a video slot, and two IBM-compatible slots.
There's room for one 5.25in and two 3.5in floppies, though the
3. 5in bays are both full on the official genuine 1500 from
Commodort A1500, and Amiga Computing October 1991 The
Commodore A1500 is a cheat - it's actually an A2000 with an
extra floppy drive and a different sticker on the system
box. As a marketing ploy, bundling the machine with a monitor
and a selection of software and cutting its price to below
that of the 2000 means that A500 owners have an ‘official*
upgrade path which is even more accessible than the trade-in
deal Commodore were offering last year.
To take this path, you'd have to sell your A500 and make up the difference, but as a 1 Mb A500 with software can usually be sold for £300 second-hand, the cost of an A1500 in cash terms drops to a level close to what you'd pay for one of the two units we've already discussed. As some retailers are offering the A15Q0 without monitor for £700, you'd be paying £100 more - assuming your A500 went for £300 - for this option than for the Bodega Bay CA- 500, and £170 more than for the A1500 shell.
What’s in the box?
The excellent software bundle is aimed at the home family user, and includes The Works! Platinum Edition, which is a wordprocessor-spreadsheet-database package, and Dpaint III to emphasise the productivity side of the Amiga. For games players, there is Sim City (with terrain editor). Populous (with Promised Lands), Their Finest Hour, and Battle Chess, so it's a games pack designed to appeal to older users - mum and dad - as well as the kids.
32 It's a poorly disguised A2000, the the machine has a built-in 170 watt PSU and efficient cooling fan.
The A1500 won't be winning any beauty contests. Its case is a throwback to when Pcs were Pcs and to make it in a man's world you had to make your statement with sheer bulk. The most vociferous visual statement you'll hear from an A1500 is "I'm a great big fat ugly box!"
The keyboard is probably the and the cable is long enough to enable you to use it on your lap.
Peripherals Unfortunately, you'll be unable to use many A500 peripherals with the A1500.
Instead of the male edge connector on the A500 it has female slots on the inside. All peripherals which would normally fit in external ports, such as disk drives and printers, should work with the A1500, but some peripherals have a problem due to the changed layout of the ports.
Rombo's Vidi-Amiga for the A500 is one which won't fit without the aid of an extended ribbon cable because the parallel port on the A1500 is next to the video port and the Vidi-Amiga box clashes with your monitor cable.
Problems such as this are rare, but users A1500's most ergonomic feature.
Unlike the A1500 shell, which has a dodgy re-housing for the A500 keyboard, or the CA-500, which retains the original keyboard completely, the Commodore A1500 has a sleek, separate keyboard. The action of the keys is better than on the A500, if a little chunky for some people's tastes, should always check for potential incompatibility before shelling out for an upgrade On the brighter side, the A1500 will accept any and all A2000 peripherals and cards. As the standard for serious Amiga use until the A3000 takes over - if it ever does! - there are a huge number of peripherals
available on the A1500 2000 which A500 users can only dream of using. For example, I doubt very much if, when the Video Toaster finally makes its PAL debut, there will be an A500 version.
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Road. Tilehurst. Reading. Berkshire. RG3 SAN.
Tel: (0734) 452416 Fax: (0734) 451239 NEWSAGENTS ORDER Please reserve a copy of Amiga Computing magazine every month until further notice I will collect [_J I would like it delivered to my home .
Name ...... Address .. PRICE INCLUDES 1st CLASS POSTAGE & PACKING (MINIMUM ORDER ?$ 00) OFFER ENDS 31SI OCTOBER 1991 Postcode FREE PD CATALOGUE ON DISK (Please state Atari ST or Amiga) when you send a blank disk and SAE to RIVERDENE PDL ¦ri ACCESS & VISA welcome WHY NOT VISIT OUR SHOP? Note to Newsagent: Amiga Computing should be available from vour local wholesaler. If not contact Carolyn Wood on 0625 878888 Henrietta's Book of Spells, from Scetlander's range of educational
packs, covers the 7 to 14 age group. I found it to be a really enjoyable way for young brains to be tested.
The story on which the program is based is just as intriguing as playing the games. Henrietta and Henry have been happily married for a whole two weeks, however Henry's inquisitive nature led him to Spellalot, where Morgana the Morbid lives.
U = n H o Henry was unfortunately turned into a fat frog! You have to help Henrietta restore him to his former good-looking self by completing the five brain-teasing games.
At the end of each game you are given a letter. Once you have completed all five games you have to make a word using the letters you have collected. You must complete the games as quickly as you can - there is a high score table on which you can have your name displayed if you are one of the fastest.
After typing in your name you are asked what size of words you want to try. This means how many letters you would like your words to consist of You can choose between five and rune letters.
Your spell book is now open, displaying the five games which are Flash.
Complete, Crack-it, Hang-up and Jumbles. You choose which game you would like to play first There are three levels at which each game can be played - easy, medium and hard.
Educational games for children reviewed by a spellbound Sarah Williams, aged 13 Casting clever e Ms A major feature of Henrietta's Book of Spells is the extensive parent teacher section which enables easy adjustment to suit every user.
About the games FLASH: In this one a word ts flashed on the screen. You have a few seconds tp identify or memonse it before it dup- pears. You then have to type the word.
If you get it correct, Henry the frog will move one place doser to Mennetta who is standing opposite him if you answer incorrectly the skeleton will move one place doser to Morgana who is also standing opposite him A little warning - one of the skeleton's moves is equal to about four of yours. If you missed what the word flashed was, or need to see how to spell it correctly, press FI for help.
COMPLETE: The name of the ga e explains this one. You simply have to complete the word that is on the screen. If you answer correctly then Henrietta, who is on a skateboard, moves one place closer to Henry. If you answer incorrectly it's one move to the skeleton. If you are stuck and need help, press F1 and you will be given one of the missing letters that are in the word.
Options Sound Determines whether the various sound effects used throughout the program are on or off.
Difficulty Sets general level of question difficulty.
Clue penalty Determines the penalty (in seconds) to be added each time the student asks for a due.
Sections Chooses the questions that the program is to ask.
Record results Switches on or off the comprehensive results monitoring facility, to record students' progress.
Size of word list You can access two lists, either small (up to 50 words for each word size) or large (up to SOO words for each word size). This option determines which will be used.
CRACK-IT: For this sometimes difficult game you have to crack the code to find out what the word is. There is a clue box which gives you what letters should be changed, for example, this is what may be in the clue box: q=p b=a o=n e=d and b=a. The word in the clue box is "panda". So after looking at the 1__ Letters j t r U d | e 1 to type It. Capitol punishment returns for (above).
Hash (above left) lets you set a word briefly then yon (host wtto don't get the word qukUy enough m due box I have worked out that the letter I should type in is the letter that comes before the code letter in the alphabet. Sounds complicated, but it's OK once you've tried it Again, if you answer correctly, it's a move to you. If you answer incorrectly the skeleton moves.
Ease of use Implementation Value for mon Overall HANG UP: Weil we've all played hangman before and that's all there is to this game. But as well as getting the word before the man is drawn, you have to beat Morgana to the top of the ladders- JUMBLE: In this game yOU have to unjumble the letters and make a word.
Henrietta's Book of Spells is a product of Scetlander Limited, 74 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow, G12 9)N Tel; 041-357 1659 Availability: Now Price: £24.99 If you are right you get to move, but if you are wrong that dreaded skeleton and Morqana will move.
Vscan verdict I thought I would write in to put PRIZE LLJ the matter straight regarding | Gower's letter in the August issue. Mr Cower complains of not y having heard from Arthur Hagen, after sending in his registration "fee" for Vscan 4.98c. Firstly, the registration fee was in fact, and still is, a donation to a childrens' hospital. None of the money ever went into Mr Hagen's pockets.
Secondly, and most importantly, Arthur Hagen includes the following explanation for his lack of response in the latest version of Vscan which is 5.06. "As my health has failed me, I've spent most of the time since last summer in hospital. This means that I've been unable to answer all letters sent to me regarding Vscan. I apologise for this, and trust you to forgive me.
"As I have been unable to answer all letters requesting registered versions of Vscan, I've decided to drop the registered version entirely. This means that all functions are now accessible from any copy of Vscan, so no registered copy is now needed. I still trust everyone who uses this program to send SI 0 or more, which will be forwarded to a hospital for rheumatic children here in Norway.
"Please note that my address has changed. The correct address is now; Arthur Hagen, Skorkeberg Alle 13F, N-1440 DROBAK, Norway".
DaveWindera, CIX Pleased to put the record straight Dave. I hope that everyone who is using Vscan sends off their charityware donation to Arthur.
Ripping yarns I am writing this letter because of some of the contents of your CoverDisk for |une 1991.1 am referring to those "Superb Samples" in the Samples directory, or more precisely, the "Funky Drummer" sample.
That sample is actually the drum intro to the song "I Am Stretched On Your Grave" from Sinead O'Connor's album "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got".
Everyone can have their own opinion about using samples from other peoples work in songs (I hate it), but let's keep that debate where it belongs (the court??). The thing of concern here is that your magazine is distributing copyrighted material in the public domain. I realize there are a lot of users out there longing for good samples to use in their music, but I think Customer complaint I wonder if you would let me use your letter column to find out if other Amiga owners have experienced from Commodore the same tardy standard of customer care that I have.
My first Amiga developed a fault within one month of purchase and was replaced without question by the retailer - first class service, no complaints. However, I had already registered the purchase with Commodore and in due course the registration card for the first computer arrived. Since May, repeated letters to seek confirmation that the warranty has been transferred to the second computer have not been answered.
In February of this year I joined the "Commodore Registered Users Club" and paid my dues of £17.95. To date I have not received any communication from this "dub" run by Commodore. Again, since May all my letters to Commodore concerning this club have gone unanswered.
Are there any Amiga owners out there who are club members and receive their copy of "Command" newsletter regularly? Or are there lots of people like me who believe Commodore have an appalling customer care service and have ripped them off over the users club?
R A Young, Bedfordshire.
It might not seem like it, but Commodore are actually trying harder these days. I think you will find that their Amiga warranty service and user club are authorised by Commodore but not actually directly operated by them.
If you continue to have problems the best thing to do Is go back to your dealer and ask him to contact Commodore on your behalf. I hope it all gets sorted out soon.
You should make certain that the samples on the disk are really public domain. Otherwise, I really like the CoverDisk and your magazine, so keep up the good work, but keep the public domain public domain.
Ove Gustavsson, Sweden.
We couldn't get hold of Sinead to find out her views on the matter - she was probably washing her hair.
The debate about sampling does roll on and on, as you rightly point out in your letter. One point I would make though is that AMIGA Computing CoverDisks are not public domain.
PD pleasure I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone what a good service Richard Burman runs. For those who didn't read July's issue, Richard has set up his own PD company, and will copy software on to your disks for a mere 40 pence! (postage included). Two days after I had sent a blank disk to him his catalogue disk arrived. On it was a list of the 200 or so disks in his library, a classified section for advertisements, a contacts section, three great demos, one amazing game and one Of the best virus utilities available!
Secondly I would like to ask if anyone can help me to make a backup of my favourite game (Turrican) using Action Replay Amiga Mkll. I can save the initial load-up using the SA command, but I'm not sure how to save the memory loaded up between levels. As I like to save my high scores this game is prone to disaster, and besides I would like to know more about the way the Action Replay Cartridge works.
P Bitls, London.
Glad to hear that you are getting good service from a small operator, true to the spirit of public domain.
We can't really help out with your Action Replay problem. It might be worth remembering that even making backups is against the law according to the copyright act. Take a look at the piracy feature in this issue.
Heart of the machine What happened to Jolyon Ralph's Assembly Language bit? I know you've got Margaret Stanger to do this as well as the Code Clinic but when I do assembly language coding I do more than open a window.
I'm not complaining about what she does but it's a bit low tech for people like me who have programmed in 68000 for two years and have gone beyond the restrictions of the Amiga Operating System.
What's wrong with a separate section for advanced programmers who can swap ideas and things like that?
Another idea also could be "Best Program Award".
This could be judged over a three month period or a year and the best program used on the CoverDisk gets a gold star, big tick and a box of jelly babies for the programmer!
This may bring more programs of a higher standard, only needing a little more effort in some areas to produce the best.
At last nearing the end, I must say I enjoyed reading about DMA in issue 38, and hopefully you have plans to talk to other gaming people.
Duncan Chambers, Tyne and Wear If you have been metal bashing for two years I am sure that our Machine Code column probably is a bit tame Tor you. The thing Is, Almanac is intended for beginners.
We have been looking Into a productivity software award for a little while now - ever since we went to wider pages. Keep watching the magazine for some developments In that area.
I'm glad you enjoyed our DMA Design feature.
There will definitely be more of the same to come - inside Amiga Gamer, which launched this month.
Sound sensation I am a regular subscriber to Amiga Computing through my local paper shop in Swindon, so as to your card in the back of Amiga Computing August 1991, if I subscribe I could take my pick of either Sound Sensation or two free games.
Therefore as I am subscribing to your magazine for years to come, what chance have I got to get the exclusive personal sound system?
Colin Jackson, Swindon.
To get your personal sound system all you have to do is switch from newsagent order to direct mailorder subscription. As an additional benefit, you will actually receive the magazine a few days before it goes into the shops.
SC'S 3*3*3 3 P * ? * S'S Thanks for the memory I would like to talk about things in general in "The World Of The Amiga”. Many things are happening that people swiftly pass off but never really understand! For instance, what is Workbench 2 going to be like; why ail the fuss about ram and memory?
First off I would like to qualify the amazing stories about internal memory, chip and fast ram and Fatter Agnus.
Inside the Amiga are three custom chips to aid it in animation ram handling, graphics and sprite control, and sound peripjierals control. These chips are called Agnus, Denise and Paula respectively. These three chips make up the PAD that puts the Amiga above the ST and the like.
The Amiga A500 is now the standard Amiga so we'll Sealed off I have come to a stage with my Amiga 500 that I now need extra memory. As I am interested in making music, I have a growing range of samples and it really sets me back when I cannot load some of them into memory.
Anyway, to the point I recently saw an advert for ram expansions to fit in the expansion slot on the bottom of the Amiga (1.5 meg in my case), and I was about to send off for it. But first I phoned up Commodore and asked them if it would invalidate my warranty.
They said yes, if you break the seals on the bottom of the computer. But the expansion slot on the bottom of the Amiga doesn't have any seab - or are they hidden? The company who supplied the ram expansion said it doesn't invalidate the warranty, so do Ezra online Ezra Surf can be contacted on a whole host of bulletin boards and conferencing systems. If you have anything to say, get rt off your chest online!
Amiga Computing now also has its own Fidonet echo which is being carried by BBS systems up and down the country. Any Fido sysops interested in hooking up should contact 01 for Amiga to receive this echo.
Additionally our mai man wfth the most, Ezra Surf, hangs out on the folowmg services: Accowit nwnber 999900263
74. MK911 Service Micronet Telecom Gold CiX 70007.4734 uadi 132
CompuServe The Direct Connection 01 For Amiga use that as an
example: inside the A500 them * 0 S megabytes of chip ram.
This is the only lunc memory that the PAD can use so it is
very precious.
The PAD can block out the CPU from «ng dap ram which can drastically reduce the performance J the Amiga, so to combat this any expansion rr a used as fast ram which only the CPU an« hx results in a faster computer overall. In ar oea there should be two times more fast ram than ram.
But if you have a 0.5 megabyte internal opaw then that isn't fast ram. Commodore aiowed tho to be accessed by the PAD but at a much 'Kt this reason it is called slow ram. It isn't chp ram but the PAD stores some vital information there The reason that the PAD can only use chp ram a easily explained. In an Amiga there is fast ram on one side and chip ram on the other; in the nudde the** s the Agnus chip to keep everything settled TV PAD only has access to the chip ram side wfde the CR straddles them both. To expand the arrwn or c*p ram you must expand the Agnus chip.
But why do you need more chip ram? Wei i aAo-n you to multitask more than one program and ortm graphics faster; but the most important reason a the advent of Workbench 2.
The new Workbench is double the sue of
1. 3. It uses a full 512k. It is stored in read only i or rom.
One law of computing states that a functions best with twice
as much ram as r Workbench 1.3 this was alright, but to use
2. 0 then you're going to have to buy an many Other companies.
Either Commodore or the company are wrong or have I got
confused somewhere along the line? Please help me.
Could you also tell me vMdi Ud jywft weds best with the Amiga, for aroind £300? I don’t want to invest in a top of the range synch yet as I put went to experiment.
Stuart Green. Birmingham You will not invalidate your warranty by fitting a ram expansion in the trapdoor slot. There are no warranty seals, invisible or otherwise.
According to our musk maestro, Paul Austin, the best option in your price range to look at is the Roland CM-32L Midi module and a cheap keyboard like, for example, the Roland PC-200.
Expansion. To provide the punter with more chip ram, all new Amiga's come with a Fatter Agnus as standard.
The manuals don't mention this, but it's there.
Most internal ram expansions now have a chip ram capability that allows the memoiy to be used as chip ram if you have a Fatter Agnus. You do have to solder three wires to the Amiga but it is very simple.
CO "T3 The Amiga A500 comes with 1Mb standard now, and a Fatter Agnus. Soon someone is going to solder those thre little wires in the Commodore production plant and some lucky people will have more chip pm.
Just one point: there are three Agnus chip versions.
Fat Agnus - Old Amigas come with this, 0.5 Mb chip ram Fatter Agnus - New Amiga A500s have this, 1 Mb chip ram Fattest Agnus - I don't know anyone with this but it does exist, 2Mb chip ram!!!
So Commodore has just sent the new Workbench to be finalized in a rom chip and rumours roam wild, k* has anyone considered how much ram it's going to take up?
Workbench 1.3 knocks off 110k out of ram just by rj- n«g so you can expect about a third increase in thii ter starters That is until you start adding the optional extras such as scalable fonts and hi-res screens » standard. I can see it taking up much more than 150k. We could be talking up to 300k before programs ttrtrvnng!
Ai least we will know if Commodore have done a good rob! How? Well if all those small programs disap- PD libraries because they've been made then we know it's good. But if loads more r to appear...! Roll on Workbench 2.1, or even 3.0!
0*C m stop moaning. I love the Amiga to death and some more, and I'm saving up my pennies for
12. And yes, I have got a ram expansion!
Mark Reynolds, Shropshire.
Glad you have got that lot off your chest.
Let no one be In doubt about your views on Amiga n shouldn't be too long before Workbench 2.1 is
• UWe for the Amiga masses. You are right In that Commodore have
finally got a version c* • -.istart that they are masking into
Postal pursuits 0»er the past few months in your postbag I have seen letters about ordering goods by telephone.
To do a bit of comparing, I ordered items from dif- compantes. (I would have done this anyway as
* » amazing the differences in price you get if you search
through a whole Amiga Computing!)
The best delivery time was by MJC Supplies of Letch worth, I ordered the goods by phone and Connect card On Monday morning at about 10am and Tcrved the goods the next day in the post! I ordered again and the same happened!
I hr** found that the average delivery time is about to to feve wortang days.
Mnd you «t doesn't always run smoothly. I placed a small order with another firm on 6th July as their advert states 'Same day despatch”.
I decided to ring them this evening (15th July) and they advised me that my goods were still in the despatch depot,»some of their staff were on holiday.
During the conversation I mentioned the phrase 'Same day despatch” flashed on the top half of their advert but was told that this only applied to orders sent by courier. I looked all over the ad but saw no mention of this! Anyway this hiccup won't put me off ordering by phone and card as the mail order companies offer the best service, the best range of goods and the best prices.
Rt i 1 I I have also decided to dive into the PD market after looking through the articles and ads in the magazines and have been impressed by some of the software that I've received and the prices - well what value!
Q_ CO Back issue blues I've decided now to stick with 17-Bit Software as they give you a customer number (unique I think) and that when I tried to order from a library that describes itself as "The fastest, friendliest and most reliable library around" I received the lovely reply, "Huh, we're not taking any orders now!"
I would also like to say that I have bought several Amiga mags but none are half as good as the content of Amiga Computing and the CoverDisk, or have produced such a good idea as the Workstation disk. Keep up the excellent work!
Mark Steele, Dorset.
Credit where it is due on the mall order front. Sorry to hear that one of the companies you trusted with hard earned cash didn't live up to your expectations.
Any readers who have problems with mall order firms who advertise in Amiga Computing should write to our very own Roger Cook - Michelle Allcroft. The address is on page four of this issue.
PD libraries do tend to vary enormously in quality and service. And 17-Bit are not unique with membership numbers, but they were certainly one of the first to do it.
The HakPak I enjoy your magazine. I read it when my Dad has finished with it I am writing to ask you if you could publish some cheats for New Zealand Story (if any). Also it would be convenient if you publish cheats and maps for Shadow Dancer. I would be very grateful if you could.
Jonathon Whltefleld, Milton Keynes.
Look out for lots of cheats to come in our brand new Comer mini-magazine and the Gamer HakPak series which started in this very issue of Amiga Computing.
CoverDisk cribbing I run an Amiga user group which has a public domain library for its members. We charge £1.00 inc. P&P per disk. We are always being asked for copies of your old CoverDisks. Looking in your latest issue (Aug 91) you only have back issue disks from February 91,1 have all your CoverDisks (as I always buy Amiga Computing) from August 89.
I would like to formally request permission to provide your CoverDisks as public domain to our mem- Write away!
Got something to say through the pages of Amiga Computing ?
Ezra Surf is our mailman, dedicated to sitting in a corner reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication.
Ezra's favourite letters now get rewarded with exclusive AMIGA Computing designer T shirts.
Drop him a line at: Ezra Surf's Postbag, Amiga Computing, Europo home, Adlington Pork, Macclesfield, SKIO 4NP.
I am writing to you, hoping that you will be able to help me in the matter of obtaining some issues of your magazine.
After buying the September issue "off the shelf", I decided to place a regular order with my local newsagent. When the October issue arrived, however, there was no disk on the cover - the cover had been ripped where the disk had been removed. This was pointed out to the newsagent, who apologised and said he would contact the warehouse and despatch the disk as soon as possible.
A few days later, I was told that the warehouse required the magazine to be returned and a new copy and CoverDisk would be sent out. By this time.
I'd been billed for the issue I had, so was a little reluctant to send it back, but I did none the less - after all, I was going to get it back... I'm still waiting!
Now I have been told that the current issue (June '91) has gone missing. I was then told that as the new issues are coming out, I would not be able to get bers. The disks format layout will not be changed in any way. The issues are to be from August 89 to January 91.
I am not trying to make any money out of this, but your disks are always well put together and it seems a shame to deprive new Amiga owners from the excellent programs you have provided in the past. Indeed, it will show our newer members that your magazine is worth buying each month.
D A Shreeve, Norwich.
Thanks for taking the trouble to seek our permission before distributing our CoverDisks to the masses.
As you are no doubt aware, our disks are not public domain. Some of the programs on the disk are PD and shareware, while others are written specifically for Amiga Computing.
We don't really mind our disks appearing in the public domain after a suitable period has elapsed.
The hard and fast rule is that we won't complain about our disks being made "public" as long as they are left entirely intact and are only distributed six months after they originally appeared sell- otaped to the cover of AC.
Going for a ramble I, being a mere stripling of a 21 (soon 22) year old, have something Of a history in the computer world.
(Adopts aged Yorkshire accent, h la Monty Python sketch.)
I can remember when a little black box was all the rage, built by Sir Clive Sinclair, with a touchpad keyboard and a staggering 1 k of ram. My brother bought one of these in a rare fit of woefully short lived techno- appreciation, and grew quickly bored of it. Then I got hold of it, and the computer "virus" bit me, and I've been hooked ever since.
I can remember thinking how powerful my little touch-sensitive micro was, with its 16k ram balanced at the back with one part skill and three parts wishful thinking. Leaping into a convenient time machine, we jump forward, brief flitting images of a Spectrum (earth shattering 48k and eight colours!) And a C64 (with two speed disk drive - the speeds being slow and Stop. Later replaced with three speed - slow, slower and stop) we arrive at the present day, and a Commodore Amiga 500, Getting to the point (finally! I hear you cry, or rather hold of the current one and if I saw it, buy it there and
thenl This set me thinking that if they can't get me an issue one month old, what hope have I got of receiving my issue from last October?
I hope you will be able to advise me on this matter. I krjpw I can get recent issues from your mail order service, but the list provided only goes back a few months. Are the previous copies still available?
Ian, Tyne & Wear.
Back issues seem to be a real problem I'm afraid.
The sad fact is we under estimated the popularity of the magazine in our windswept youthful days and now our back issue cupboards are fairly bare.
Europress Direct always offer back issues for the six months preceding the current issue. If you are looking for anything older you are on your own.
Early copies of Amiga Computing are known to be changing hands for toe-curling sums of money in the Amigaland underground community.
I hear you wail dramatically, loosening the noose and putting the safety catch back on the .45). My old faithful Amiga, bought when everyone eagerly awaited EA's stunning flight sim cum blaster, Interceptor, has seen some upgrading, all done within the same, now battered and stained, case.
First a 512k expansion, then a second drive, a 1084 monitor, an LC-10 colour printer, and more recently, a Kickstart 1.3 and a 68020 processor with 4 megs of luweriy ram.
I would like to use your pages to extend congratulations to all concerned over The Secret Of Monkey Island, not only a wildly entertaining adventure and the most fun you can have with a computer, but an adventure that responds to my sense of logic! I find myself cruising through the game, with little to baffle me for too long. More, please.
Sorry for robbing you of much of your letters page, but I have a tendency to ramble uncontrollably, much like my guru, Jean-Michel Jarre, who rambled for 47 minutes on one track of his last album. Ho hum, bye now.
Paul Kerrigan, Coventry.
You ramble uncontrollably and I hack and slash letters with a similar enthusiasm. Somewhere we meet In the middle I guess!
I had a ZX81, then a Spectrum, then an A500 and now a rather beaten up 2000 - and I love them all.
I am sure that US Gold will be delighted that you enjoyed Monkey Island.
Game over?
Over the past few months I have seen Tanx and Rollerpede turn up in PD libraries on a four game collection. Are these the same versions that you had on your CoverDisks and are they really PD?
Jennifer Byme, London.
Yes and no respectively. We own Tanx and Rollerpede but that hasn't stopped PD libraries from taking them on. As I have said elsewhere, we are not going to get too shirty as long as six months passes between the original release and PD distribution.
Where individual programs are taken off our disks, the DOC flies must clearly state that the software came from an Amiga Computing disk.
¦ ARCHITECTURAL HYDRAULIC ¦ ¦ ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ¦ ¦ PNEUMATIC FASTENERS ¦ All the above libraries and many more available X Stock Non standard and special libraries available on request Customized tablets & specialized routines (XMACRO) “All libraries available for DXF compatible machines For details wnte or phone: Computech Services, 87 Victor Gardens, Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex SS5 4DY. Tel: (0702) 206165 or 523966
• Ton do nof hwe lo join our club lo bur software
• 1000** of adramdy totaled cuflomtrt
• Exclusive titles from our wy own progranvners
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We Have Oyer 70 Top Class Educational Programs For The Amiga,
PC & Atari 5T.
All Ages Covered Coptact Us Now For Your Free Fully Descriptive Catalogue.
* 0702 600557
E. S.C. Dept. AC. 32A Southchurgh Road.
Southend-on Sea. Essex SS1 2ND.
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REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by dqqpng •rancooc rise's "ditch' Anyone in the country, including YOU can fxvimc very nch in a relatively short period of time |ust by doing a few hu* dungs' It s more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and vancd Full or pan time FOR FREE DETAILS SE D SA£ Ttx fllome 'ihase 31, Pilton Place (A.MC29». King A Quern Street, Walworth. London «P 1DR ASTROLOGY TEACH YOURSELF with our STARTER PACK Comprises a simple program to calculate a horoscope, an introductory booklet & 2 self-teaching programs (how to interpret the horoscope).
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Progression, transits, harmonics, midpoints, etc. Superb graphics. 5000 year ephemeris, etc (from £25).
QQ Note that Y3.11 of the Pubic Domar Fai OwrmcJ Med ii also included in this excellent program and you can switch from 8 to 4 channels at will.
Oftty £10.00 (£15.00 for non-European The price indudes return post and packing payment must be in pounds sterling only, if ordering from overseas, send a bankers ordcrtuochcquc etc Crtdft card orders win not be accepted.)
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CLEAR. A very good (but mindbospkvMfMiVi PM Se wc £300 1083: COPPER WrfTTEft'SCREEN DESIGNER 8y Frank tout ‘or programmers only) . £300
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- 1100; SCHOOL TIMETABLE CREATOR. (Print yotr timetable) By
Keith Grant. 1
Meg .£3.00
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'Scanner is so good that my head almost exploded with excitement!" Jason Holbom. NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS.
The last two issues provided the cream ot the demos and games" Phil South.
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A00* StuMtyll Ml) Batman The Move' 4014 Donald Duck' ACTS SWMttUIUmoiel 4CM pjmo-veiy tope*1 Animation V2.Parir 187 Rruilutcv • morel SACH . More' 04T1 lOTMMlll UonopohAClutdo' Sep •} fcca-s-tae Shoot om up ieaso Sew T itiet-Grtxt SpeedSall Clone!
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II .. £1799 F19 Stealth ...
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M1 Tank Platoon ..... £2099 Pro
Flight ..... £2999 Sim City Populous ..
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Rai ..£7.99 Botics .£7.99 WDWJSt HOUSE.
.:*DflW«TH HERTS SG61HI fw fM2)F3277 TOTAL Pqdhequts per** » PHOTON SOFTWARE AW releases fen on dey o reMese mao Jvri'- Hub IbQhi irv IjJrSflfr Rdwcaiuynal %jiu cur i ™ = Switchable voice fax line hnvW Cw'mtd Pro 2 .6460 29 41 44 65 2640 OhmPnriZ ......37 60 btMPani 4942 ‘ ‘ 5406 ...35.72 17954 . 39 96 fifS 32994 ...35.72 ioipttoA .44 64 Scu014jimn»402M6 13723 StaipCdojiSomr 59972 .6446 ?0 3 FMUY««1 nujire 30 MxMIrg PUWtt ... to! 30 Bqmtr 13 fW 30 Turbo 21* .6956 UkctetartROM 3054 35-HI 2903 Oil* 59169 31' tWmUDiM MO 5121 AMOfMKtt* . ..2561 2CM9 Mr} hr* 29623
4490 MR 2M RAM 357 67 AMO SCSI tip Sfdtn 10958 4mOll500 ...... 64393 t»wii2024Pr 19975 Gtiw S-n 24 . 28999 Mw*n»-----------4110
G. PAi«esfe»M 09 u nrMNBiMHI 519 82 Mmsta Motet 6 Gam 2961 RAM
Qmp 256K CMOS .....611 SS»-lC?4.20DC«4jtf 3)973 SujnMM 42000
MMB11983 6mRAMA50g94-6uei29 72 SCSI HO CuaPSUImI .10999
PACKAGES A««Uar ....._ JOSS Gnptas Stytar 101 104}
OnaBiGcMOiH 9964 S*VU ...510 .7999 RtcMrt I AnoM
Hom: «f 4M RHMreh KimM Corvt FinaftouM, Con* Lam, Chat* Grawt,
Nr Vwtnoc, POM 2LA, MX POST 6 PACKING ion mmt avuao'u »»ihip
1K0 UX £0. Soacai Do r*r. £3.29 5*cuk» £987 Bf PO1 CHANNEL
BUNDS M Spacal Co r.r-. 0» EUROft t51« Imti. D tot art MttXWAl
mm WQRIP £ 12»ft «m ? »I* 99P1 tmv* 16" CHEQUES Lp*U0" Siring
» AR.t Ctwaim -«» HOMIAL OCSPATCM Stock 24 nan. Sxp4«r 48 Nmrt
DmftT A AttxMi un vaT ,fci 1M1S1 teeku VAT Pn«s i*Ou» VAT Bows
tn 2*m RsM PRICES to reewsanv tJbfxi 10 Cfunjs IORV Assu-o 1UB
RAM 10 bxl urioss aaM Vatcnaoa»*3(soocom*ti) apponrno-i Kosmos
Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed in UK) DUNSTABLE,
Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone 05255 3942 or 5406
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Rewritable Opt Disks .....£130,00 Carlisle IBM 3480 ...£3.90 Paper & Labels £595 Ribbons ...._.J2J5 DELIVERY CHARGES How to Order: Cheque or P.O. to: ABBC0 (Sussex) Limited. Unit 2. Park Farm. Hundred Acre Lane. Wivelsfield Green. Nr Haywards Heath. West Sussex. RH16 7RU Tel: 0273 890022 (24 Hour Order-Line) Fax: 0273 890981 MULTIMEDIA ..146 Jolyon Ralph pulls the Ion" awaited CDTV to pieces to see what makes it tick. Find out what he discovers inside.
Jason Holborn finds that you don't need expensive software for good video titling package. Just use Deluxe Paint!
* MACHINE CODE .151 Margaret Stanger dodges an
infinite number of monkeys to explore the world of random
number generation, MUSIC ......153 In a
quest tor cut price music programs, Jason Holborn gets some
cheap thrills from Public Domain MIDI offerings.
COMMUNICATIONS-. ::155 Accept no tpiitations! Eddie McKendrick give's you the lowdown on how to contact the real Amiga Computing via modem.
AMOS ......2. Peter Hickman has a fiddle with the AMOS eompihft and comes up with a clevdr way to squash BOBs.
.What a fiend. , ¦ m 'CODE CLINIC. .* .VI59 • Input? Output aryl ShakeTtallaboutput this month as Margaret Stanger wraps hef Amiga in a towel and fias a day by the C. Wold the front page! Barnaby Page takes the big sfep trim screen to paper in the quest to get your DTP published. ' * MULTIMEDIA CDTV inside an If you've been reading about CDTV recently, you will know that Commodore are going to great pains to convince people that it isn't a computer. You may also know that inside the black box is something not too dissimilar from the Amiga 500 with a compact disc drive bolted on.
Jolyon Ralph takes a screwdriver to his CDTV So, with screwdriver in hand, I dismantled my CDTV to find out exactly what's inside it, and I discovered a few interesting things.
The first odd thing about the CDTV is that the circuit board is right at the top of the case, with the drives, expansion slots and power supply taking up most of the space below iL Despite the small size of the unit there is still a considerable amount of free space inside the box
- certainly enough to mount an internal hard disk, for example.
Custom interface The general build quality of the machine is good, there is a nice, large power supply which can quite easily power lots of internal and external peripherals, and a, little fan to keep everything cool.
The Panasonic CD-ROM mechanism lives underneath the circuit board and is not, as many people assumed, a SCSI CD-ROM, but has a custom direct interface which was, presumably, much cheaper for Commodore to incorporate. It has a capacity of about S40Mb (that's the same as 700 floppy disks!)
Large IG, the CDTV board has 14 large chips.
Several of the small chips are surface mounted.
Surface mount technology is relatively new. It allows even greater densities of components to be placed on a board, but makes repair at the best difficult, if not impossible.
All the major chips are socketed, which makes replacement easy, and there are some old friends, and some new arrivals among the chips on the board.
The largest chip on the board is the 68000. It's a straight, 8Mhz chip, which is a little disappointing. Many people were expecting at least a In standard mode it can transfer at 153Kb sec, which is about average for a CD-ROM drive. The much talked-about burst mode which allows 2Mb sec data transfer is really not relevant, as a burst transfer only lasts a small fraction of a second, and so the overall data transfer rate is still no higher. Under mode 2 transfers of 170Kb sec are possible, but to use this the AmigaDOS file system must be abandoned and the data read directly from disc.
Also under the board is what looks like a miniature 3.5in disk drive. On closer examination it reveals itself to be a drive for smart ram-cards, like those found on some portable computers, and on many Midi instruments.
Socket to 'em!
The cards will come in 8Kb, 64Kb, 256Kb and 512Kb sizes, and are to be used for saving data from the CDTV. It appears as a standard Amiga device and can be written to just as if it was a floppy disk. It doesn't in itself give the CDTV any more usable Ram.
The circuit board is not, as was widely rumoured, identical to the Amiga 500. It is a totally new design, and is a lot more complex.
The Amiga 500 has only eight 16Mhz chip, which costs only a few pounds more yet offers a great performance benefit. In the end Commodore probably decided to stick with the standard 68000 to make Amiga to CDTV conversion a relatively easy and hassle-free process. Easy conversions means more software, more software means more CDTV sales for Commodore, which will benefit all of us in the long run.
The Amiga's custom chips are there too; Fatter Agnus, Paula, Denise and Cary. The Denise is the original old Denise chip, the new ECS Denise chip doesn't offer many advantages when displayed on a television - which most CDTVs are destined to be connected.
The odd and even CIA chips are there, and these control the disk drive, mouse port, parallel and serial ports. Strangely there is only one mou e joystick port connected to the back of the machine. If you want to play two-player games then you will either need one person using a wired joystick and the other using the remote control, or you will have to wait for Commodore's infra-red joystick controller, which will control two standard joysticks.
Our old favourite, the Kickstart 1.3 rom is on the board too. It is a plain, unadul- terated (ie the bugs haven't been fixed) Kickstart 1.3 rom.
Commodore have told developers that the CDTV will never ut support Kickstart 2.0 again, for compatibility with present ’titles".
There are two extra sockets for the CDTYs custom roms. These contain the flashy graph* sequences and all the code needed to drive the CD, At the moment there is a small daughterboard plugged into these sockets which two flash roms (or EEPROMS - Electric ** Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). In fact, rom is a bad word to describe these, as they are fu*h reprogrammable under software The idea behind this is that if any major problems are found with the CDTV operating system, it can be upgraded in existing machines just by nmrmg a floppy disk in an attached disk „a production machines wil
have thee ffa* m replaced by standard rom chip. « vxr r, r* existing code has been declared Dugger There are three new custtw dfaft ln« r for good measure These control the CdftOM the ram card drive, the front pand and v reared receiver.
The CDTV has 1Mb of ctvp mmg fM m standard, there appears to be no obwow wmp far the machine's memory to be eipanded r a I This, from Commodore's pore a « good thing, as it means that there «rJ cW* be one CDTV configuration avaAatte Me a lot easier for "title' devttopm a Cptv te o called a title. Commodore dor t using the word software as CDTV thought of» a c Full motion video There is a spare, unfabeML upww iod»t on the mother-board wfach appears ao pm tvough the processor bus, in the same aoy •» evpanwnn bus connector on the A500 dsa. Fes s not documented anywrtwt, ft vefti me M this is
where the under-drafapeet Mi Imm Video (FMV) board wi fit n Cumrty •» CDTV can only display moving video mtqa wng Commodore's proprietary CDXl ff**m. V*kh displays 1 4 screen images at 15 frames pee vec ond, a little short of the hi in mtqa at 25 frames a second needed bv FMV PHAps : Sony, who produce the nval CD4 warn nave announced that their machme dvp «*h f** support next year.
The problem with Full Morcr Vttto n m+r the CD-ROM unit. CD-ROM r« ta* * transferring data. It's faster than but not a lot. A typical Amiga hard transfer somewhere between SOCAb and 10OOKb of data per second from the dnve t-* o "Temon, For a CD-ROM the transfer rate is around 150Kb sec. Now, a fuft-saeen composed MAM image will take up about S0KO so i full-screen video from a CDJtOM »ix woud onr get three frames per second iflsphjed For true M motion, you need to compress these HAM images down from 50Kb to about 6Kb.
Impossible? With a standard CDTV, yes, but with some complex and very powerful custom processors. Video images can be compressed down this far and decompressed back in real-time for display with very little loss in picture quality.
External input Turning our attention briefly away from the insides of the machine and to the back of the case we find an assortment of ports which are familiar to most Amiga users.
Standard parallel, serial, monitor, audio and disk drive ports are connected. The disk drive pod is slightly different in that it is wired up so that the first external drive is dfO.-, the second df1: and the third df2:. The CDTV can only support three floppy drives, rather than the four that the Amiga can support, as there is no internal floppy drive and the 23 way connector only has enough lines to operate three drives.
Next to these ports are two small mini-din connectors for keyboard and mouse. It was very disappointing to find that Commodore did not put standard joystick mouse keyboard connectors on the CDTY, particularly as apart from the shape of the connectors they are totally standard.
If you have a CDTV and you want a keyboard connected to it, all you have to do is get an Amiga 2000 (or 3000) keyboard and wire up a DIN to mini-din converter cable using the following pms; Mini-DIN (CDTV) DIN (keyboard) 1 4 2 2 3 1 4 5 Underneath these standard ports is the power connector, a standard,kettle lead power connector and. For the first time in ah Amiga-based machine. Midi-in and out connectors. Already are titles like Music Maker which can make good use of these. With built-in Midi, a 540Mb drive and a shape and size that is ideal for work on-stage it would not be surprising
to see the CDTV making quite an impact in the music scene over the next couple of years.
To the right of the Midi ports are the two expansion slots. The slots are not very big, the connectors look similar to the type of edge connectors used in Commodore 64 cartridge games, so there won't be a lot of room for complex circuiting on them. The Video slot comes occupied with the modulator. The PAL modulator has RF in and out (You can plug the CDTV in between your video and your TV without having to re-tune everything) and a composite video output. The NTSC modulator also has super-VHS output, but we don't get that yet over here.
There is an optional Scart connector board which gives a Scart plug instead of the modulator. I'd recommend not getting this, but buying a cheap Amiga-Scart lead instead and using the CDTV's 23 way connector. This leaves the CDTV modulator intact so you can use it on a non-Scart TV without having to switch boards over, Digital Creations in the States, the manufacturers of the highly popular - but NTSC only at the moment DCTV 24-bit graphics add-on for the Amiga have built an internal version of the DCTV (called DCTV-CDTV!) Which will fit into the video slot This will then give the CDTV
full 24-bit quality graphics, which will help to narrow the technical gap between CDTV and the rival but much more expensive CD-I system.
The other expansion slot, currently empty, is for future CDTV add-ons including a 100Mb Internal hard drive! Don't expect this one for a while though, the current cost of 2.5in 100Mb hard drives is as much as the CDTV itself! No doubt there will soon be a vast array of weird and wonderful third party devices to fit into the CDTV. Now, can you imagine a home use version of the Video Toaster for the CDTV.
The future for the CDTV is going to be an exciting one. Stay tuned. .. 1e festivities as Birthday!
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Seein9my copy o, Britain games C°PV of Amiga Action Q Mr or Mrs Newsac magazine every p,ease reserve me Name .. Address
- Telephone ,ress Interactive It's a common misconception that
you need a titling package to produce titles for your videos.
Sure, it's nice to have a package that will scroll text around
the screen at every conceivable angle, but the fact is that
many professional video engineers get on quite nicely with a
package that is arguably better suited to artists.
That package is none other than Electronic Arts' Deluxe Paint 3.
DTV DP - your flexible What's the best video titling package on the Amiga?
Jason Holborn reckons it’s Deluxe Paint!
Deluxe Paint is a very capable video titling package. It may not have the range of fonts that Broadcast Titler has to offer, but even then it doesn't take much to build up a fairly decent collection - a quick trip to your local PD library is usually all that is needed.
So why is Dpaint such a favourite among video producers? The reason is simple enough - despite all the bells and whistles that programs like Broadcast Titler may offer, no other package can match Dpaint for its shear flexibility.
I'm lucky enough to own a fair old selection of video applications including such industry hard hitters as Cold Disk's brand new ShowMaker system, Broadcast TitJer 2 and even that old faithful, the Big Alternative Scroller.
You may think that these programs could more than handle the job of video titling, but I still find myself using Dpaint more than any other package.
I recently visited a video post production company in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. The company's studio was decked out to the gills with a full range of professional video equipment ranging from Sony U-Matic decks and video mixers to Chromakey and time base correctors.
Sitting in the comer of this power-packed studio was the workhorse of the whole system - an Amiga 2000. Mating the two together was a G2 Systems' broadcast quality genlock.
Like most video production companies these itm «nu« ABCD ¦ ABCD Titling with pp-mcmy OS ABC... days, they too reked almost exduswefy on Dpaint for the vast majority of their wot on the Amiga.
A video titling package was abo on hand, but the rarely managed to make the journey from hard disk to Amiga memory. This certainly didn't seem to be a financial decision - the firm's two Sierra Cosworth company cars (one of which I took for a spin afterwards!) Was more than enough to convince me that they were doing very nicely thankyou.
Using Dpaint for video titling may create a bit of extra work, but the results are usually better.
Obviously Dpaint can't handle scrolling too well (although there are ways around this), but there's no better package available for knocking up screens for inclusion within your video productions.
As long as you have a decent collection of fonts, you can produce static screens that cannot be matched in terms of quality. And now, with the release of Deluxe Paint 4, you can even create titles mixed with HAM images.
I'm currently experimenting with Black Belt’s 24-bit graphics extender HAM-E, mixing its output with high resolution video titles using Deluxe Paint. The results I've managed to obtain so far are certainly impressive (well, I like them!).
Animation Being able to mix 24-bit images and high resolution colour fonts with a video source is simply wonderful. I know one thing for sure - my video productions have never looked better.
Dpaint's animation facilities are also a real boon to a video enthusiast like myself (especially now that it has a true Lightbox facility). With Dpaint, anyone can produce titles and graphics that tumble and turn through 3D space within a matter of minutes. A few years back, such technology would have had the BBC green with envy!
The real power of Dpaint lies in its painting tods, however. Using Dpaint's Smooth tool, it's possible to simulate anti-aliasing like that to be found within Broadcast Titler 2, therefore giving your titles the illusion of being of a much higher resolution.
This works particularly well on monochrome titles (white on black especially). But it's also possible to get colour fonts smoothed out.
Using this technique can be tricky, however. A good bet is to draw a rectange the same siae as the tiUe to be anti-aliased and then pick it up as a brush. Now, with smoothing turned on and the freehand draw tod selected, place the brush over the title and ckk once on the left mouse button. Dpaint will then anti-alias the entire block of text underneath the rectangle. If the results still aren't as smooth as you’d Wee, just repeat the process until you're happy.
As you probably already know, a good tip to make your titles as readable as possible once they are laid down onto video tape is to add a border around each character. Black is always the favOuftte, but it's worth noting the predominant colour of your video source before deciding which colour to use for the border.
4 You! Notice this technique being used extensively on television, so next time you're watching the news, keep your eyes open for video titling tricks like this.
Add a border You can add a border to your titles very simply using Dpaint's powerful 'Outline' function. To use it you must first type in the text to be used, then pick it up as a brush, select the border colour to be used and then select 'Outline' from the pull down menus (alternatively, just press 'o' on your keyboard).
Dpaint will then add a single pixel border around the outline of the brush. If this proves to be too thin (which is all too common if you're using Dpaint in high resolution), then just keep repeating this process until the border reaches the desired thickness.
You can also create simple strobe effects using the Outline tool simply by changing the colour to be used everytime you add a border to the same brush. Used carefully, this can create a quite pleasing effect, but it's also very easy to create some quite garish effects. Be bold and colourful, but don't go over board!
A ¦ r L Thanks to Dpaint's powerful brush handling, such effects as extruded titles are incredibly easy to produce. All you have to do is to pick up the text to be extruded, dick on the Dpaint line tool, position the brush onscreen by pressing the left mouse button (and keeping it pressed) and then dragging out the brush to create the extrusion effect.
Obviously the extruded section of the text will be the same colour as the face of the text (which can make it rather unreadable), but you can get around this either by adding a border to the title (as described above) or by setting the current background colour within the Dpaint icon strip to a different colour and then dragging the brush out again, but this time using the right mouse button.
Deluxe Paint may not seem to be the best tool for creating Yideo titles, but if you work at it, some quite astounding results can be achieved.
Indeed, it's possible to produce screens that just wouldn't be possible within a dedicated titling package. You obviously need to have a fairly good working knowledge of Dpaint, but then who doesn't?
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'Don’t miss this one'. First come first served M ( % ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & P&P UK ORDERS ONLY| Cheques and If gETffT!TT!TiTTflWJgTT!TTCT Manor Court Supplies Ltd Telephone: 0597 87 792 Fax No: 0597 87 416 Dept AC10. Glen Cekyn House. Penybont. Uandrindod Wens. Powys. LD1 5SY.
EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME ALL DISKS 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE DISK STORAGE BOXES 3V2" 10 capacity Qty 5 .... 3]h" 10 cap (printed) Qty 5 .... ..£4.50 ..£3.00 3V2" 50 cap Lockable ...... 372" 100 cap Lockable .... 372" 240 cap stackable ... £3.70 £4.70 £15.00 THESE PRICES ONLY IF BOUGHT WITH DISKS MACHINE CODE A gambling The throw of a dice, the spin of a wheel, or even the selection of a raffle ticket ail help to give life some of its excitement Using a pseudo random
number generator on the Amiga shows that some numbers are more random than others!
Margaret Stanger leaves everything to chance In some computer languages it is possible to enter a range, say, 1 to 10, call up a command, and the computer comes up with a random number in the range - just like magic. I hopefully in the Amiga libraries for a number generator, and ended up adapting a routine from a book.
The program on the support disk has random number and timer routines in source module time.a, and the main program in source module digit.a. Both of these are fully commented Most computers use a pseudo random number generator, which gives a senes of random numbers, starting from an initial number or seed.
Each time, the number is modified by a bit of arithmetic so that it will be different next time it is used.
My routine doubles the number each time, and EORs it with a fairly arbitrary constant - it could have been more creative To give a number in the correct range, the number is divided by the range and the remainder gives the magic number: rindoi: ;iixiiua nuRbcr t» fa d7 ¦ovM.l dO-dl iO,-(*p) clr.u di ;cl*ir di for rctvro
• ove.l d7,d1 ;copjf range to di tst.u di beq zerl exit if ringe
ii zero lei rindseed,iO tbink of it = a nuaber aove.l (aOMQ
add.t dO,dO ;double it bhi.s over eori.l I$ 1d872bl1,d0 ;*or it
with i constant over: ¦ove.l dO,(aO) ;savc the nuaber andi.l
*Sffff dO divu d1,d0 divide by range swap dO ;»ve rtiiindtr
add.u d0,d6 return value in d6 zerl: aovaa.l (sp)»,d0*d1 i0
rts The main program calls the generator twice, once for a
digit between 0 and 9, (range 10, offset 0) and once for a
colour between 8 and 10 (range 3, offset 8): selection: select
colour dr.I d7 ;input nuaber range oove.w l5,d?
Jsr _randoa call routine eit.l di add.I 18,d6 add offset aove.l d6,rindtol save tbe answer clr.l d7 select digit aove.v f9,d7 jsr jandoa ;eill routine eit.l di ;no offset ¦ove.l di,randnua ;save tbe ansuer rts The digits are stored with the other pictures on a Dpaint screen, solid digits in colour 15. Each digit can be used as its own mask (minterm $ 20), and then used again (minterm $ 60) in the selected colour: digitaart: ¦ove.l lO.d?
¦ove.l 1184,43 ¦ove.l f-32 dO source s coord ¦ove.l rindnua,d1 digits 32 pixels apart 132,dO di,shift shift: sad. L dbri
• ove.l aove.l aove.l aove.l ¦ova.I aove.l lea ¦ove.l i,r rts
in?, di 32,d4 width 37,d5 height IJZ0,d6 aintera Isff,d7
self inking 10,12 8Apii,iO source bit aap graph i csbase,a6
LV0Blt6itllip(«6) digitpic: ¦ove.l (0,d2 ¦ove.l V186,d3 ¦ove.l
1-32,dO ¦ove.l randnu«,d1 sbiftZ; add.I 132,dO d1,*lift2
1148,di 132,dl »37,d5 !t(0,di dbra aova.l aeva.l ¦ove.l ¦ove.l
¦ove.l ¦ove.l lea aove.l jsr rts randcol,d7 I0,i2 B*lpii,iO
grapbicsbase,a6 LVOBltBi tdap(a6) Strict tempo We have all seen
games where the hero has been slowed down when there is a lot
of other activity on the screen. It is possible to ensure that
each game cycle takes exactly the same time, whether the hero
is on his own or surrounded by enemy missiles.
We can set an exact time interval in microseconds, and only continue with the next game cycle when the chosen interval has elapsed The software routines for reading and writing the time are not in any of the libraries, but in a timer device. The name device suggests hardware, but it is only a collection of software routines like a library.
When a device is opened, there is an assoc i- ated parameter block. This structure contains al the structures a device may need to handle incoming and outgoing messages - the struc tures are nested like Russian dolls.
The message structure includes a node, wriicn keeps the messages placed in a linked list, a message port for replies, and the length of trie message in bytes. The message port in turn nas its own node, flags, its own signal bit its task, and a pointer to the header of the task list For reading and writing the lime, messages are not required, and most of the values and pointers are null. The 10 request structure STRUCTURE I0,M_JHE '¦nti| APTR 10 DEVICE * device »*de *!•!•* APTR 10 UIIT • uait (drier |fHit*) UWORC 10 COMUID • device cmmsI UBTTE IIJUM • special flags BTTE ID EII0I • error or
unity ccdr LABEL II.SI2E there is also an extended block for timer requests: STRBCTHE TIBEIEIUEST, 10 SUE STRUCT IOTV THE,TV SUE LABEL IOTV SUE using values from the T1MEVAL structure: STRUCTURE TIIIEVAI,0 UL0R6 TV SECS UL0H6 TfllCIO LIBEL TV SUE LIBEL IITVJUE The timer device was set up, and a timer request block initialised for the commands and the data: Jiaerdevice: up I tiatr dtvitl
• tvt.I 4bsEietBise,i6 lei d»vueniae,»0 open tiaer device ¦ove.l
10,dO lei tiair rcqvtit,a1 Kvf.l ft),dT jl* LV08p*»l*»Ut(i6)
tst.b i3 exit If unsuccessful beg tfaereut lei
tiver.reyuesljiJ fill in tie nqtest block detiils
• m.b l$ ,LI.TVRE(a3) atssijt type ¦oie.b fO,U„PtI(«3) priority
• ove.l 10,.I HdE(iJ) no mie
• ove.l r:,H_IEfLTP0IT(i3) ;m rtfIpioet needed The time could
then be set, with seconds as -1, and the micro seconds at a
suitable negative value, at the start of the game cycle:
_settiie: ;|el the tiue
l. l lbsEiecl«se,ai r*e-_reqye*t,i1 IIT|_Tl»E(e1),i2
i-ifTvas|cs(«N ;-i vetpnd* rt,r'_«ICl0li2) input vilue tiur
'tgvejt,i1 . N_S!TSTSTIRE,I0J0RIIAW(a1) tfl
• 91
* t» LI«)oI0(l6) The program can wait for the end of the
interval, when the micro seconds count down to zero before the
next game cycle starts: get tbi tyitia tin
mi. UtEiecBm,ii .»» f«*r_r*qw*st,i1 Mte.u ftl (ETSTSTINE,I«
CORRlRD(il) J** LV0»oI0(»6) »» ti««r requ*st,i1 »•
IITV_TlPE(a1),aZ niv.l TVJH£H(iZ),dZ are aurstecMds it zero?
I i ta .viitbit nit a lit toofer if not rti When the program is over, the timer device is dosed, and the memory released: jctpMtivcr: ;clus* tkt dtvict
• si*.! AbsEt»cl«s«rH III tiR*f.fHmt,|1 jl' JfCimltvtcdil) rti
And finally Remember trie random number generator? If the
initial number is not “seeded" the sequence of nymphs wifl be
the same every time the program a run. By reading the time -
at the BEGINNING of the run, before setting the timer - a
reasonably unique number of micro seconds can be used to seed
the random number.
COMING SOON . . How to display a score board and read from the keyboard SUPPLIERS OF FINE PD FOR MANY A YEAR!!!!
!Est in 1988 and still the front runner in Public Domain supplies, no matter zuhat your needs are there are thousands of disks in our very select library. Pe it Demos, Slideshows, Utilities, or music disks. Come to 17-Pit software wfiye public domain doesn 't cost the earth!!!! We now have Jish to 510.
I 1 i SOFTWARE SOU WAR I TOP NEW UTILITY THE TSB VECTOR DESIGNER (DISK 1197) FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH RSI DEMO MAKER Listed below is Just a very small selection from our vast range. Please add 50p to all orders less than 5 disks to help towards postage and packaging. THANK Yol THE VERY LATEST DISKS UTILITY AND CREATIVE THE YEM LamST DISKS ONLY AY AH ABLE PROM 17-HIT WITH XDOiXATlOX TO THL AUTHOR!!!!
ANIMATIONS I MEG 1195 DEREK AND (UVE LIVE XXXXXX ORDERING DISKS ETC i We lane all major credt cards and are open from
5. 30pm Fridays & Saturdays Cheques and Postal Orders should be
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J Dept. Amiga Computing.
| H no one is there then our faithful Answer Phone iL nil gladly take your order Tel: 0924 366982. J ALL 17-BIT DISKS ARE 89p EACH (OVER 1000) ALL DEJA VII (AMOS LICENSE WARE) £3JO ALL FRED FISH DISKS ARE 89p ALL T-BAC DISKS ARE 89p PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD 50p IF YOU ORDER LESS THAN 5 DISKS. THANK YOL MUSIC k 1 • a demo of a commercial product from the US- based company Dissidents. I had a play with the full program a few months back and was thoroughly impressed, so this demo is definitely worth getting hold of.
Sample Wrench is designed to allow owners of MIDI samplers that support the MIDI sample dump standard to edit and store 12 and 16-bit samples on the Amiga. Just like AudioMaster HI, Sample Wrench displays your samples in graphical format allowing you to cut, paste and copy to your heart's content One very nice feature of the Sample Wrench program is that it allows you to preview your samples using the Amiga's internal sound hardware, therefore avoiding the time it takes to dump back :c tire sampler As we all know, fc&DI can be terribly slow at times, so this feature s a jason Holborn takes
a look at what the PD libraries have to offer the MIDI musician on a budget lv -o’ an editor, though - it's really nothing ooeerar.aicxahan. RouAND D110 (fish ?225) - Sound cards for Acre's super little LA synth are jolly expensive (I enow, I used to own one!), so this pro* comes as a real godsend. Put simply, this toy-iT. Wifi allow you to transmit and receive Z4 r. Cata from the Roland and store the result- rg 00 standard Amiga disks (which are con- udsa&iy cheaper than ROM cards!).
UO. TOOLS (fish f 159) - Someone may find rsi cooeaion of toois useful. It's basicaliy a col- eoofl or miscellaneous MIDI utilities to carry out ¦*jcr. Use as creating MIDI echo (which is handy
- you don't own an effects unit), storing System £ wi.ve data
(SysEx data) and there's even a nt& Jitde on-screen keyboard
which allows you topuy notes on your MIDI keyboard by clicking
* cn me mouse on the onscreen keys.
DX-SYNTH (fish ffS2) - Yet another patch librar- «*n. Out this time it's for the Yamaha DX range of syntns (DX7, 21, 100 etc), just like the Roland DUO program, DX-Synth allows you to store paten data on inexpensive Amiga disks.
PANL (fish *82) - I couldn't quite get this to wont too well, so buy it at your peril. It claims to oe a universal MIDI parameter controller, but I cerainly couldn't get it to work beyond a few oas*c functions, tf you're prepared to persevere ivogn, you may well find it to be a real gem of a program.
5am?l£WR£NCH (Fish »307) - Owners of 12 a-’ks 16-bit samplers will flip at this goodie. It's not Qoite a fully working program, but instead it's Octamed Upgraded It's only been avak*ac iu 4 3 mam now. Out already Teijo Kinnunen has come up with a major upgrade to ns «o reoecac Dcuvaec program, uke its earier cousin, you can buy it from Amiga Nuts UmtM for ‘-V l*r9, o» yet Z lZL l. C. As you can see froca use* ob r*i p ge, Lie major new addition to OctaMed version 2 is score editing, vxxa & ur as or** *tn » -£.' W«n traditionalist musos. No longer do you have to type in ai t»se Mr. arc funders
- you can now enter performance data using those funny r*: pric-e mm** and Sacn seemed to get on with so well, joking aside, tn«s iuue alone should make caer&z- ing tunes on the Amiga much easier for tnose among you not: Bar and MIDI stream 1 I'll be bringing you a fcji review of OctaMec vtruce 2 in the next issue of Computing (hopefuiiyQ, so stay tuned for mat one (ao pun intended). Meanwr- give Ray at ArmgaNus a cal to find out more.
By its very nature, midi has always o«o a rather expensive hoooy :a ge: involved in. With MIDI interface casing £25 and even fairly basic syntrtesoers casing upwards of £500, you've got to have a twty friendly bank manager to even get sar c. Once you've bought all that kit, you sbL nave ~ xy some decent software.
Thankfully, though, getting togesner a occcrc collection of MIDI software needn't cost je. Err and a leg. Thanks to me miracle aomain, there's a weaitn or Moi apptcadan « there just waiting to be used Hoe's a « dM of a few PD MIDI utilities tna: 1 C*c_* with your local PD supplier for msrt MIDI LIBRARY (Fish s227)-Bye*, as something of a mean coder. M Bar m library could well be what yov arm for. Writing MIDI application ttz OB be a frustrating task, but me UOI icory au much of the work away, s ¦-*- - crate on your application.
The library contains ewery .*ovc.oc yaw *3* tve- need to write MiDi appkcarmcv, Max to get your nands dirty vac*, _ 3* o* vc aQ gritty. Whether you're cooag m IAK. C Modula-2 or even assemoer r uO xr*-.
Be directly accessed fee any 000 coy.. Programmers should cnec* ¦?
ROLAND S220 (Fish 22S) - O-M tf faaod s rather naff little sampier wrf o-c rc. Cuqc S220 (great name, enO -c*. » -c.c .* jnc transmit sample dumps to MS Bob toe A*5* and the S220 via a vuDt ccxTjcl Dec': SdmpkWfffKh: thoroughly impressive demo real time saver. Obviously the sound quality doesn't quite match that of a Syndavier, but it's a nice feature none the less.
It offers powerful Fast Fourier Transformation, digital equalization, crossfade looping Gust like the Emu EMAX!) And a lot more besides, it you own a pro sampler, then beg, borrow or steal a copy of this program now.
CZ EDITOR (Fish *323) - Here's a real demonstration of the quality and value for money of PD software. Patch editors cost around £100, but this one can be yours for the price of a disk.
As the name suggests, the Cl Editor is a complete patch editor for the Casio CZ range of synthesisers including the CZ-101, C21000, 2000 and 3000. Like ail good patch editors, CZ Editor can display your CZ synth patches in graphical form, allowing you to alter parameters by pointing and clicking on gadgets and dragging out points on an AD5R (Attack, Delay, Sustain, Release) graph. If you've got a CZ synth, then you'd be a fool to miss out on this one.
K1 EDITOR (fish 5332) - Casio owners aren't the only ones who are in for a treat within the PD libraries, tf you're the proud owner of a Kawaii K1 (or Kim) synth, then Fish disk *332 should be at the top of your shopping list Once again, the K1 editor offers everything you'll probably ever need to allow you to create the kind of killer synth patches that would have jean Michel Jarre green with envy. The package consists of two programs - one for multi voices and another for single voices. A separate voice filer program allows you to maintain a number of synth banks without ever having to look
at your KawaiT's eye-straining LCD strip. Check it out There's an electronic Aladdin's Cave of shareware and PD programs .. .just waiting to be explored!
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And CompuServe, plus your EuroLink modern, also turns your computer into a 24- hour, seven-days-a-week fax and telex machine!
What the EuroLink modem offers Four speeds - including 2400 baud Intelligent microprocessor controlled f Autodial, Autoanswer, Auto redial f Automatic baud rate scanning Auto terminal baud rate sensing Easy-to-understand built-in Help pages 32-number telephone directory 9 Six progress-checking LED indicators 4 Software-controlled pulse tone dialling External plug-mounted power supply 9 Built-in 'watchdog' circuitry 9 Internal loudspeaker Fully Hayes compatible Fully BABT approved ORDER FORM Please send me a EuroLink modem with power supply and lead to connect to my computer for
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Name Siflned.. Post Code Daytime telephone number in case of queries .. My computer is ..State make and model Send to: KuroUnk, Europe House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
PHONE ORDERS: 0625 878888. FAX ORDERS: 0625 879966 COMMS Online access... If you are a regular reader of Amiga Computing you wilt no doubt be aware that we can be contacted on a whole range of BBS and conferencing systems.
Eddie McKendrick runs through the various ways you can make an online impression with AC... We are probably one of the most accessible magazines around, partly because we do value reader feedback and partly because we iike to practise what we preach in the comms community.
* Micronet monthly We get an encouraging amount of feedback
online from comms equipped readers. The bulk of response
originates from the Amiga Computing fidonet echo, which is
available virtually countrywide at local call rate. We are
also present on a number of public and private systems which
are listed later in this article.
Beware of imitations Recentfy, it has come to our attention that some "enterprising individuals" are passing themselves off as us, using the account name AMIGA Computing. It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in this instance't is nothing more than cruel deception.
Because of the numerous hoax accounts that are in existence, it is with regret that Amiga Computing win be sticking to a core of only six key services, rather than calling smaller boards ad-hoc as we would prefer.
It's not all bad news though - the services we are on make us accessible to the entire counfry and most of Europe and the USA at only local call rate.
The rundown From now on Amiga Computing can be contacted ONLY on the following online services: 01 For Amiga: (BBS) [8 N 1 ] Scrolling - 24 hours The home board for Amiga Computing. Our Fidonet echo originates from 01 for Amiga. Get to it by selecting message area 4.
Only messages on the echo which originate from this board are really from the Amiga Computing team.
Telecom Gold: (subscription service) The die-hard o? Business communications. AMIGA Com- puting can be contacted on Gold account number: 74:MIK911. Be warned-WP don't make a hab»t of loggfoo onto Gold any more than we Micronet: (subscription service) Everyone can access Micronet at local call rate.
It is a popular viewdata comms service featuring pages of information, software to download and a selection of multi-user games. Amiga Computing can be contacted on account number 999900263.
Ant fckes One of the most famous areas on Vftjonrt - 'Gallery'. Not a collection of fine art, as wo may think, but a series of "exhibits' provvfef S nary Micronetters.
Anyone can have a space of then cw~ r* •* gallery - naturally you have to be eca:. Dec*-" and honest or you'll incur the wrath Mcwt and your exhibit will be deleted. Having or? _• exhibits of my own this way, you ca- take rj word for it!
The users who can control themselves ar the running of a gallery exhibit to be very **warU ing - for little more than £2, you can %6 pages of your own within the Gallery, arc on them what you want what do people pvt in their ex ib s7 anything you can think of. Long-nnrr p exrob in the gallery have been 'Joystick', a neat mbo** of games news and tips for all machines.
Another favourite is the 'Astra Prewew 3 C.ll.-v €«»*«»-•¦ 3 - c*iv *¦ aft The Mkrnnet Gallery- potentially yaar ihop window to 18,000 people GX: (subscription service) GX is one of the biggest private eo *r systems in the world. It features comprei r--*~ messaging and a wide range of spedafe: confer- ences. You can get in touch with us by e£he- ing amigacomputing or writing a message in *rr Ezra conference.
R*V&ryaet gallery grmg those aB-important details about Satellite tv go i morsh to month basis. Once rivalled by Tftar? Eyes', the gallery for BSB viewers, but
- «e*r vntfxxit competition, it's one of the most ooydjr erHfrts
with 'netters.
J rto the ~rxe diverse, there are exhibits icov' grdr *c. Kit cars, witchcraft, train spot- tc. *-k mcaraSv a plethora of galleries centred olay-by-electronic-mail RPC
r. sc e exhibitors lose interest very wttr. There are numerous
exhibits that
* be updated for months - an even Timber reman empty. If nothing
else, it
- ale -V exhibits easier to spot!
S no dwbt that the facility to put up r» -ryr* ar Micronet for anyone else to 'and we’re talking about 18,000 + m ¦5 cheap at the price.
C jrr . RV CaSery is THE starting block for looking for fame and recognition, became known through their qal- some exhibitors went on to Vtonet. Such was the quality of -r-~codd fe Wen * CTW dow- to it. You'd be hard put »fed art on any online system quite so sr e-Sr Gary1 y to, so you might have to wait a Ccr-xxjfrfw siauiption service) "rtrtrf' biggest communications service.
R -oxr, r» e&er way for our USA readers to r *“ loacJt A-sx Computing can be contacted on O 7VX7472*' SUMMER MADNESS SALE PRINTERS We « CITIZEN SW DEALERS ond Authorised to Offer 4wir FULL 2 YEAR GUARANTEE ON All CITIZEN PRINTERS cmztN Ghan 12QD*5oriolorfaulMwwhxe rleoie it* which t-har ordering. £134,99 Gian 1240 lo*wl Ccal 24 Pin latter Quobyfiintor ________£199.'
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* !-«---1 il ¦ f PpiiaBllliq rtofipoo - menus * roots xrong •
mrmng % icon* • Clock - Siting ¦ Moving ¦ Scraling Windows
• CU Directory Structure • Start-up Sequence - Auti-Uiing
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Wprk* - Word fioemtor, Spreoddw.Dotoboieato £75.99 IGBRo* .£37.99 MimFbMlI .....159.99 DeLuie Video l fimolab £69.99 fbbct Sound £45.99 Greetings fellow AMOS fens. O:: you copy or the Compiler ye? Cocc ss't tj I know a way to make Unfortunately it is pretty Compfe* » • •ooCt tr. =.
Explain how it works (I'm not esi re • myself!), I'll just stick to giving yes. I zee ujuts of the program's function.
Ok, 1 have made some pren a'X there - just how can I make the Compile ewe: better? Weil, 1 have combined Frarcot . X. nal BOB SPRITE squasner war. Tne x.-crrs-ar utility built into the Compiler (wases ;» sf ac mate Cary Symons - Hi Gar ; =?-: 4 program which allows yOu !i -r u oc£k banks down by 90% of their cogut -jr -r on average it works out to aoox cat*. -c "Jlte.
Now for the bad n*vs - : ing this but don't owr. Re cj.C- 1 ~z*m not?) I am afraid you w2 rat se Ms programs floating arouse :•* r_ i=*2r they use commands w&ct *‘e a 3* Compiler extension. Sor. .cccr rut 32 anc month 1 will start to teacr. You *am & ««&r Pacman in AMOS so lur* r. :*c- There are two progra. Wm !¦ squishes your sprites. It's -t -- aspsr Ji-i you do is type it in, i SPRITE BOB file that cu - huh? The program s* 91' SOh ss memory and tell you ro* =ae* the bank.
It will then ask you ro» ' 'facuBjabiuit to allow for your BCBu - I «u =Tar fewer colours than yxr S tTr.« strange things w31 »e» «x them! After the progr-m* sm immt 1 everything it will pop -c -£uftac three numbers, c a ggcoa r j « a note of these r.w c r. «ou •ar’t a unsquish the hie wcrcu: r r.
¦ 305 Sqjistir !c’. W Lr, Screen Open n flash Off iurs Off Palette $ 0,$ ???
For L0?=1 To U Erase .0?
Hext LOP Abk",“","Enter •rr 't '*'* ’ If ?$ ="“ End End If Load f?
If :easti(1)=5 Edit End If View
i. =SQuashCSsartCSJiUK3 L«n«tjiCEHUll3 ,-1 5l2 l7i Print ‘‘The
bank is now fully squished!i!"
Print "It is actually now only*;L;" bytes long* *“ Print "(The original’ was’;»Sl2£;" bytes)" Print Print "Please reneaber tnese nuabers:-" Print "l3";CLb$ IZ£ Print "23“;L Print "33“;*COL Print Print "Sot: of tsese nuabers are needed wben you unsquisa your sprites!!"
Print "?l«se trite tsei dpwn!!!!!!"
Print Print "PRESS 4 KEY TO SAVE THE SiUASHEb SPRITES" Halt Key f$ sf5es$ (**,Sd«isnes" ‘ ‘?le«e enter saved bank UiK...‘ If FSO"" If dMirSlRish:SifS,?))o*.SWISBE5" fS=f$ T".Squished" End If 3save fS,Start(5HHII3) To Start 3*UI!3)?L End If Right, the next step is to type in the second program. Actually it is a single procedure. All you do to unsquish your sprite bank is type the name of the procedure followed tty four parameters (if you are unsure about procedures and parameters check your AMOS manual) which are the name of the file proceeded by the four numbers which were printed onto the
screen when you squished the SPRITE BOB bank.
The unsquishing procedure will then go away and load up your squished bank, unpack them and then clear all of the cluttered memory! Oops, I almost forgot - there is an error checking procedure called FIN_REACH£D which needs to be typed in along with the UNPCK_BOBQ procedure.
1 353 onsquisher (c) Copyright 1991 Suropress Software Procedure UU?C _MB£r2LE5,SI2£ SftUISH »_C0LS3 Shared £22 ?S_3AK=1o Reserve As bata 1o,S!ZE Stood PILES,Startlia) L asquasblStartHoJ,SWISS) Print L S=Screen Screen Open 7,325,235,JLC0LS,& Screen Hide If So-1 Tter. Screen S s=0 £22=r*!se On Error Proc ?lK_2EACa£i 2eSuae Label 3TE ~ 2epeat LaiU ii Until E2R=True Screen Close 7 Erase 16 End Pro: Procedure flHJEACHEO Scare: £22 £22=T:ue 2esuae Label End Pro: With these routines you should be able to squeeze a hell of a lot more sprites into your latest mega hit game, or maybe even reduce the
number of disks you may need to produce the game!
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Hi-Fi Demo PDM 104 BassX 5 Power Rerm PDM 105 BassX 6 Sydney Youngblood PDM 106 Betty Boo PDM 109 Depeche Mode PDM 110 DMOB Music I PDM 111 DMOB Music II PDM 112 DMOB Music IV(2 disks) PDM 117 Flash Gordan (2 disks) PDM 118 Hacktrick 1 oadsamoney’ PDM 120 Laurel ft Hardy (2 disks) PDM 128 NASPV2.0 PDM 131 PetShopBoys Rema i PDM 132 PetshopBoys Remix 2 GAMES PDG1 Star Trek-Final Fronber(2 *sks) PDG 2 Star trek (3 dsks.2 dnves) PDG 5 Card ft Board Games PDG 18 Marble Slide PDG 19 Destination Moonbese PDG 21 Boing the Game (2 disks) PDG 26 T reasure Search PDG 31 Mona PDG 3? Legend of Farghail
PDG 33 Arcadia(Breakout style game) PDG 34 Dynamite Dick PDG 35 Pair It PDG 36Snakes ft ladders Reversi PDG 37 Super Quiz PACK 1 Horn Buivwss Pack ThsSdisk pack collars Spreadsheet Word Processor Amiga Spell Memo-pad Inventory Database etc etc A must for horn accounts!
£10-00 PACK 2 Demo Pack (10 disk pack) Budbrar 1 (2 disks) Budbram 2 Scoopex mental hangover Crionics "neveiwhere' Horizon "sleeping bag* Palace “pulling the trigger* Ouaitex "substance* Phenomena interspace' Decay “simpsons demo* A great starter pack £11-00 PACK 3 Musk Peck (10 disk pack) Vision muse masters Crusaders bacteria muse' Crack music cfck Jetset overload music disk Ral megamix 1 Flash dgital concert 6 Flashing byles “sweet songs one* Alcatraz "panic voices of energy* Crusaders mere concert Archaos music dek £11-00 PACK 4 PACK 5 Adult pack (10 dsk pack) Musk makers pick Sabrina.Sam
Fox (2 daks) Protractor Bodeans Bordello 2 Noise lracker Bodeans Bordello «3 Star tractor Bodeans Bordello 10 Songs disks (3 daks) Bodeans Movies Insiurmeni dsks(4 disks) West Coast Cracker A must for musk makers BFPO I1.BFPO 12 £1100 Utopia 1 £11-00 PACK 6 New rekese pack This 5 a 10 dsk pack containing all the latest demos lorm all the best groups e g LSD.Ipec Eile Flashing bytes etc. etc. The pack changes on a weekly basis.so is kept bang up to dale.
Margaret Stanger gets ready for some input There are various ways of handling input and output characters with Intuition. To gain control of the situation 1 opened a console port to help me write the start of a noddy text editor.
1 wanted to use RAWKEY events, to give me more information about the keypfess - it's always nice to know when a function key or cursor key has been pressed.
Setting up a console device seemed to be the obvious solution. This device would take care of the input and output, and allow the the running program to wait for the result or do its own tf iogT Tne device is opened using the GpenDeviceO function, passing a pointer to the device name and one to the I O structure. Unljjce other devices, the console device must be used in connection with a window.
A screen and window must be opened first, and the pointer to this window structure is passed when the console device is opened.
Normaiiy there would be two I O structures - one for reading, and one for writing.
In and out the windows 1 also wanted more control of the output than the console device would give me. I found that proportional fonts were not handled very well, and I wanted the option of a fancy cursor, unusual scroll or even occasional graphics.
I still wanted the keycodes for any letters converted for me without the hassle of a lookup table. TniS would handle any translation from foreign keyboards, as long as the correct keymap was in place. 1 set up a dummy console port for reading only, to enable me to use the RawKeyConvertO command: i:;.]r!:;;' stract Sassage *) lessage); :: . “one ciarscter only
• I ;*escipe key quits prograa :: £bu:f£03~3xlb) juir flag =
TiUE; r«torfi(fl); i: ;:-.::EG3~3xff) C *34late* x=x-2;
alicntaxtQ; tu;:[03=* ¦:) :: licit£83=3x99) £ *us* x - xrS;
aijgntmO; feiiirnlG);)
• -? .!.«• 53=3x0$ ) i ‘Uckspace* s = x-S; alijfitextO:
• £33=3x02) i l*rezact'l x= 8; Instant conversion The key handler
uses the RawKeyConvertO coo mand to read the key code, and put
the equ a- lent Ascii code or escape sequence imo a &&& buffer.
If a key code is less than 64, me a ;- equivalent is returned.
$ ome of the other keys generate escape sequences of up to four characters, me nc~c below shows some of them.
The function takes data from an inputEverc. As described in the include header tiles.. iratioec one of these structures in my header rlk. Aac ar.
Its Class to RAWKEY: . K«* ¦:*.: i)iitbuffci3==ox5t)) ¦ *;,nsr up» x - r18; a-.-jntextO:
• *i:»ra 0 ; t :? . 5xi251J (buffCl3==0x53 ) . .*:a:s:: scan* j
- x»10;
a. igstextOi rtiarnlfi); }
• • . Cscn£l2=fcci3) | i (toff £13=taSa)
• 3 - *;arsor across* l=x»8;
i. :;oi«x:0; rei.fciC); ) ¦: . .s.:0i4i)!] (louff£13=3x20)
i4-:*::I23 ox;:))) £ ,ccfsor oack* i-i-i; alijBtirtO;
rel.rflC0); ) J’Ulp iiy*J ‘. -i.:;n3=d»t)W(buff£23=0x74)) };
Creative The program Toe carnoie window proyam has a source
file, ; - vacer Sfe consoled, on the supper: iu. 7nc oojea
program opens a screen and window and handles keyboard input
until Escape or a mouse button is, pressed. Letters are dis
played, tne colour changes with the function keys, and simple
eating is allowed.
COMING SOON... Proportional and string gadgets.
Is: .41,51aa; l4s= tayCasuartliassiga BuffCO], ); 31 = CODE KEY SEQUENCE ShlfTEDKEY SEQUENCE 4C LpAMCW csi a UPAK10W CSt T 4D wmv ca 5 DOA%A»lkOkV CSi S
• iE HgffABOW CSbC 2CHT A22CW CSbA 4 LffTAiHO CSi D isrmv
CS © it, n CSi 0- FI CSt 10- 51 F2 CSt l- F2 csi n- 52 n
CSb2- CSM2- 53 P4 CSt 3- F4 CS 13- 54 PS C2 4- P5 CS1 14-
55 fo C2 5- Fo CSt 15- So P7 C5bo- P7 CSi I6- 57 P8 Cib7-
P8 £SM7- 52 P9 C5b8- P9 CSt 18- 59 no CS 9- no cCSol$ - .
Tne key handler couid find me lengcr. Cr sx- verted sequence and r.ar»de .: Letters could be dspiaytc. Edzsig ays and function keys cooic generate a cena--.
Amount of creatMty.
This simpie key render s arsgaec to dspt** the text in the detadt font, and put re seyooacd input into an array. Sen e cdcng £ a&Me some key's have no: oeer* hanckc. Tne anay only has 20 tines of 40 cnaraciers. Ai onscreen at a text editor.
IVI ONIYSUPPLY THE BEST BATTLE AXE P.D. &zlifan*U z ‘P.'D Hot Stuff BATTLl AM I’D., 125 KINGSWQOD, THORPL MARRIOTT, NORWICH NRHL W. TILL:0K 3 2 rl0(0 Powerful easy to use database with 41 ... ------------------ AM you heed 16 know
- ----------- .....Complete C environment
.Backgrounds & touts for video
enthusiasts etc Dept AC 26 Milldown Auenue, Gorinp-on-Thames,
fir Reading, BERKS. RG8 OAS.
.Video utifees to accompany TV graphs Amazing title and text soofcer for video etc CU is a blast with tbs one Much much better than cfefcdoclor on workbench . The (op icon makers and odw wth some icons You want a primer you need a dnver The iatest master virus Mler and the best Prte»nt Computer Aided Design program Excolent ray trace program : 4 scroll text Utility Mtmnl!
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a. u« July issuo Amiga Computing j 8 Channels without Kmi..
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DESIGNERS ....Excellent
tot quickBaSE laBElPRinT. ViDEO-libRary. Jmenu 1 Disk)
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Stops flicker m interlace.
8 CHANNEL Sfx Uw 8 Channels without 1 CATALOGUE DISK FREE WITH EYERY ORDER ABOVE 5 DISKS - .- ..Ful of' AXEPACK1 Hooeor Spell, 3 Spreadsheets and Rim Database, all this for £3.50 AXEPACK 2 10 Disb full of instruments, sounds, voices and beats to produce your own remixes all digitally sampled by .Lee. of Battle Axe ready to use in Med, Soundtracks etc, all for £1 ISO or £1 JO each. Also disk full of rippers, plavers for hacking sounds. . .FREE ' ART1 5 Disk pack of the best Desktop Publishing clip art available all for £6.00 UJTKT A HTC1 nDT TI FREE entry mtw draw
wiftemy order, to win a M1IM A Ui jN Lfttl V El Cumana IM Drive.. Will the mad Axeman pick you’ ICON MAKER ....- ..... PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR ....
M. V.K.
2.1 ...
M. CAD VI .25 .
D. K.B. TRACE ...
GHOST writer _ ... Make your own Intros your music RED SECTOR
....use Bobs and Vbdora
V3.00 The
best music creator raved about 800 STATE RE
MIXES .. Great rave sounds demo THE SPICE MUSIC
DEMO ......-..Anyone
else got this? Coot graphix and sound IRAQ
DEMO .....- -Bush
& Saddam moot at last BUDBRAIN (2 Onto. 1 Meg)
but X-rated BUDBRAIN ¦ .. .The sequel SYSTEM
VIOLATION DEMO (1 Meg)____________ ' “ AMIBASE
_________________ C MANUAL (3 Disks) NORTH C12
Disks) ...
SMOVIE .... SIO VI.06.. The I NSKSALV SIMPSONS (I Meg) LEARN & PLAY 12 Disks) Please moke oil cheques P.O's payable to Californio P.D. For any enquiries Phone: 0491-873882 9am‘5pm) NOW!! , MAMY MORE TITLES AVAILABLE Postage 0 Pocking UK 60p, Europe 25p per disk extra, Rest of World 50p per disk extra.
Over 19 disks postage £1.30 orders are sent out the mg dayl Strictly Mail Order Only ALL ORDERS DISPATCHED BY 1ST CLASS OR AIRMAIL ON DAY OE RECEIPT DISKS 050 EACH CHEQUES & PO's TO: BATTLE AXE P.D. 0 POSTAGE IK&BI PO 123KINGSWOOD.
SEE 99p Der disk I 99p per disk I per aisK ¦ w ¦ • • per For orders of 11 Disks or more For orders of 11 Disks or more THE HOTTEST PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS AROUND GOSS G102 6210 G001 G043 G039 GQM G077 6212 G063 G074 6072 G040 Goie G022 60M 0267 G288 G769 G270 G272 G273 G274 G275 G276 G2T7 6278 Amiga Computing October 1991 We also stock T-Bag 1-53 and Fish 490-530 Branded Blank Disks 10 for £4.99 50 for £22.50 Cheques PO’s to; STRICTLY P.D. 11 York Place, Near Brandon Hill, Hotwells, Bristol BS1 5UT For orders of 10 or less the price is £1.25 per disk. Please add 70p for post and packing. Overseas
orders please add 25p per disk for Europe, and 50p per disk for world.
LSPOCeOthdte Ufltell. DOM (?)
LSPOC 7 Ripper & Rppto. Iron MuOtn uwvtoi*) LSPOC 8 Equitogo. Menchack Sveettutr Inrtder* (•) LSPOC 9 6ft Alp. Tetraccpy. Tttl-Mre.
..ThM.HBUM LSPOC 10A Fatal VI .2. [urschin. Dsms l») LSPK108 Master Vtort Afar. Smpwrn Sldethml.)
FAUG 2 Gimt - Congiol. Trek 73-UN*- MwiWJw.DPSIdeshw-. FADS 34 Gin** - Sfaet. Cmflto Uhi- Mouuckxa. Popcolsun t« f AUG 44 Game Inunity Fight UNS- Maxiptin Demo 60LDFISM 1 fame* - Trdop*. Grant, Wars- Uia-AeiW.'fl Hacks G253TBA6Garnet I - Isgenet- Muiirts Fioq. Slot an* G254TBAGGames2- lOgames- Impgrtgm Rgmjm|Trpn .
(1262 CC19 Crysui fawns. Oomtocet.
COMPILATION DISKS LSPOC1 Turn. Amt&jtno! Ta HW, KaMiKacopt (?)
LSPOC 2 Atawi, vector Demo. Penns ftipew. Fad («) LSPOC 3 Whwl at Foduiw. Rrtitk Cruncher. Virus«(• LSPOC 4 Ptecc Dali X Ledger HKWWpy, Ot Ofmg |») LSPOC 5 Baty. Skydrmo. Fommuttt.
Dragon Demo, Owk G2tl Owes Det I ST Bsh Old Pup*.
Soiry. Blw Mow. LOngt Comer GG1 Ong. Amotea Crsa Y2. Bely Omslo. Tiles. Yehree. Tran Oelrta. Tic T»: Toe. SttpZ G62 Sly fight, Jadland. TWHnx. Kap- OtMlo. Bounc*. Wardsaaroh. Um. Bur M(MB GG3 Aitencadk OiWt. 0. MM. Gmfly W r? MnMHL GriWWk, fng Pgng GG4 Car. Mr Uhank Batkgammcn.
Egyptian Run. Mutants. Spaceace.
Oms IFT2PCS Diplomacy Gama CfalL GGS RoOon. Cat & Vto.se. Vunnrx Tree Trtm, Sys, Dad Monogcty, Cosmo, PT»ron.
GG8 Jumpy. Fna in a Lna. SB. King. C Aobso. Tiny, Aaps. Oaaih. ATC G270 Mantai Image Gam* OsV Gndrauw. Rteoim. Invaders HIM Fill of Games Into. Tips. Help HbXM GanmaUtNirfaATps PO. Atfi*ntuf» Soluiisns Ooc* - 80 ties JSL- G263 CC 24 Pltelre S-t*o Sty. Miga Vink Ascard G264 CC 25 L**p' Spec* Warv Gnd Lock.
ScMUira AP0L 4 Aihwtur* Writer. Cotoeel. Lam.
AP0L14 Tnoxps. Stonuoa in* unu
• 6.
AppC 74 Hem Finance Vacalc. Hsme Help. Barfcn. Sopermirt G5O0 Pent. Chtre Chitonge. Mcontnw.
0EM08 W30 M'Sh Animus Ortk 2 D745 Batman Th* Mem* 0319 Buxxhpon MS4 Ciaapshow 0311 D-PSnt 3 Owvs (2 Ows) 0312 Duty Mndt Slidnhoa iX; 0317 Evd Dud StOM A Stand (2 Otslsi DX9 Frectad Fantasy 0324 fraxion Rwmg* Otmo 0329 &rls Girts Gith 0314 Gins on film (X) 0224 Horror Ooffc 0320 Horror Show (X) 0316 MinaWhtakerAnim 0307 Man RtgvAvm 0304 Moray Py«un - Lumwijacl. I2 DM 0313 Paradis* Picture Show (X) 0303 Gluey Postcards |X| 0321 ShoMntg fast |X| 0289 Simpsons Sideshw 0203 Slat Wars X Wno 0371 Jlrip Sol Machine (X) 0318 Th* Evil OtMOemo 0214 Twin Peaks 0129 Maria Wtilttaker S*d« Show 0130 Sam Fax
Slide Shaw 0089 Stai Tr* animation 0121 SaiTreeanimalKrl7 0112 Smamry 2 0410 Fam snd Bhchm 0411 Stamp CaSection Amm 0413 Perverse Smtthow (Rude Cartoons) 0414 WaiWSclneis Simutiloi* (1MB) UTILITIES W72 A tm (1 Mffl) (Fem4y Try*) U063 Amigun U071 BlortiydMia (1 Meg) ud54 Butineas Card-Maxer U079 CA0V U069 Cartoon Bnitfw U073 faun W78 faulty CrHtQr (2 0»Sk»| U231 Ogilisol Samyle Player L 356 DTP Clq Art (2 Osfcn U?4i Fonts & logos U215 GrapAit Utlte |2 «Ws) U008 Moms Butman Pier [1 Dart Wonfcroceuor. SprNdshw 0«ila«| U014 (MromakH U096 Latai Pnrmt U2JJ Manclrcrcc Genersecr U212 Umv30 DOW Metty
Dos U216 Notx ReyirV30 U058 North C U23T Prefassnrol Oamo Maker Uofli Rabd Ritas Ullltyiee |txoetant'j UiW Aad Sector Oamo Maker U02S SHV1.6 U070 SHJlKtKW MaMi U084 Spcacn Toy U03B Text Ptia iWerderoctssoi) U067 The Master Vires XW*r U094 UtrM U062 Voces L'061 WDIfcbMKh Funl 0400 Souneacur CoHcltx (3 Dsksi M105 Another Oay in Para&u WHS Bait, Boo M200 Bomb The 8iU MX6 Dapatre Mxlc Ml480(Bl MmThaPirtyLlne M2M Evrypunps Thgm In My Sid* M012 fameo Mwec Creator MoldGenesa MHG Grome ia m the Heart MW8 Hup The Drummer MlOOLondenBeal M097 Medonm: V09W (4 OnfcS) M2»M4riniMMrw M018 Miami VceRemu M205
New OnSe • Sue Monday M091 Gunr, Rash (2 Disks) M129QuMnLaefahA OeUSoul MIMfam Fax Sound ObV Ml tX2 Sydney roirflbvocd M094 Ttcfnoircncs Mogam.r M124 The Power Remii (1 Magi M031 ThaWaH-PnkFtoyd M097 X'ogu 4 Otsfcs) M032 Walk this Wav M123WMI TmeBLWi M2 58 Poptur Sfacton V259 Pbttep Beys (2 Disks) V300 Ml Tf Wy (2 gjfcj) M301 Guns 4 Rosts M302 Mcnay lor Motsng U303 Madcrra - Rescue Me M304 MC Himmir VD05 Suede 3i.uk (2 OiilSI MUSIC Mp33 8 Channel Scundtracfcer POChass Property Market SdvMI TilB (FutafHM 11 -4-8d4 UI fame) Sbr Trie (3 dm. 2 dnvn 1MB) ViddeLiSMinu The Revenge Robocop 6oas to
Iraq Nest Up Sur Tret-New Genenutw (2 OttU) Lady Bug AitwaniorO Ajl N«w St»r Tnfc Gam* C2 Oislet) Arcade Gems Breakout CwmpGemn Cart Runner Dragons Cave Electric Tram-Set (I Meg) Mmter ol m Twi (Supwtn Whe« ol Fortune Rasta Bfcts & Buck Rogers Mental Image Games Oek Wlfyi Ouif.
Tiucun(2Dsis 1Mgi Star Trek The Aaron fame 4 Others QAM68 2-Piayer Soccer League 6 Adrenturt Text Games The printed Barnaby Page concentrates on getting publications from your screen to the printing press... in printing even now it's usually a he) will be unlikely to show any generosity in return.
Be as precise as possible when asking for a quote. You'll need to state the page size; the number of pages in the publication; how many copies you want printed; and whether you use colour, and if so how many colours and on how many pages.
Then there's the kind of paper you want; whether you want a separately-printed cover, or whether the cover will be the same as the rest (a 'self-cover* publication); how you want it stapled or bound; and what you will give the printer (an Amiga disk - inadvisable! - laserprint, bromide paper or film, with or without pictures).
There is a world beyond the screen and the layout grid and the toolbox and the crashes, you know, and for the DTP user one of the most important people in this wider world is the printer.
We're talking here not about the kind of printer with pins or cartridges, but the kind with eyes, ears, and - most importantly - a wallet.
Consider three factors before having a DTP publication printed. (I refuse to say 'pnnted up' it's as bad as 'written up' and 'booted up' when just the verb would do.)
First, does it need professional printing?
Second, can you afford it? And third, if the answer to the previous two questions n 'yes', what can you do to make the printer's Me easier?
Professional printing is not, as some pnnten would naturally prefer you to believe, a sine qua non of a professional-looking document If ou're only running text, and it's not at too smaH a size, photocopies of 300dpi laser output w»B convince just about everyone except the typography bores, and nothing ever pleases them anyway Make sure the laser pnnter and photocopier have fresh toner, keep your head straight about what should be on the back of what, and away you go It's also worth beanng in mind here that the best printing cannot save a poor original If you're outputting 3D illustration} on
a nine-pin dot-matrix printer, which I can t believe any reader of Amiga Computing would be so crazy as to do, the results are going to be disastrous anyway and there’s no point m spending money on them.
That raises question two The good news here is that printing is not necessarily as expensive as commonly believed; and rf you're expecting to make money from the publication by sales, sub- New version of AmigaTeX The latest release of the AmigaTeX typeset* ting language is now available in the UK and Eire.
Version 3.1a of the five-year-old system adds full PostScript support - including both Type 1 and Type 3 fonts - and compatibility with AmigaDOS 2.0, say distributors Industrial Might and Logic (1ML) of Brighton.
The new AmigaTeX is a fully-fledged implementation of the TeX 3.1 standard, particularly suitable for scientific and technical Amiga users with its equation and table features.
It costs £140, which IML claims is cheaper than ordering direct from the US. Contact Paul Ockenden at IML on (0273) 621393, or write - don't phone - to IML, 58 Cobden Road, Brighton BN2 2TJ for a free working demo.
Stay local Try to avoid the high-street quick-print chains .
They're fine for stationery, but are not used to out-of-the-ordinary jobs.
Far better is to try a small local printer, the kind with one press, three or four staff and a pleasantly dishevelled atmosphere. As in any business, there are some cowboys, but there are also plenty of these printers who take a real interest and pride in their work. More cynically, they're also desperate for work in the recession, and will often take on a job at cost just to have their staff and presses doing something.
It is quite acceptable to ask several printers for a quote on the same job, and to haggle after* wards. However, attitude should count for as much as the quoted cost: a pleasant printer will quite likely throw in some small extra work for free, such as stripping in your last-minute text corrections, whereas he who quotes low could add on a hefty fee for this.
And fa the same reason, don't try to bargain the printer down to the last penny, or he (sadly, scriptions or advertising, the investment in a good-looking result can repay itself.
You just have to find the right printer (on a 96-page A5 book with a print run in the 1,000- 2,000 area, I've recently been quoted a pleasing 75p per book - but I'm not saying who by!).
First of all, don't have any truck with the mailorder people who do postcards, business cards and the like. They're mostly competent, but they're not particularly cheap, you have no control over what happens on the other side of the country, and for large publications the postage costs stack up.
Be decisive If in doubt, ask the printer what he needs to know. Don't get fobbed off with jargon - you have a right to be told what 'right-reading positives in imposed order' are, and how much they affect the quote.
That's sort of answered the third question, as well. To help the printer, always give him as much information as possible, and expect him to behave the same way toward you. Remember that his job is to put ink on paper, and he may not understand what you're trying to achieve creatively, so it’s best that he not be left to make any decisions other than the purely technical ones.
Finally, a caution. You will encounter some printers who distrust DTP (whether it's a distrust born of envy we'll leave the psychiatrists to decide).
Don't go near them - they might be wonderful craftsmen, but you can bet that if anything goes wrong with the job it's your DTP system that will be blamed. And that's a real cheek when we all know that the Amiga is perfect...isn't it?
Barnaby Page is editor of PrePress magazine and a DTP consultant. He can be reached on CIX as prepress'.
It’s no secret that the Amiga is the most powerful home computer of them all. What has remained a mystery for most newcomers is how to make the most of its immense potential Now Amiga Computing has produced a floppy disk that is packed with everything you need to take the hassle out of harnessing the inbuilt power of your .
Many months of research and testing have resulted in a slmpfe-tonne, single disk replacement for Commodore s Workbench which we’re calling Tbe Workstation.
This indispensable collection of utilities, including some outstanding shareware never before assembled together on one disk, is now available for just £3.50. It’s too good to miss!
FSSSr y0UT !we5 dtspiay text FW* unaunch PIS Got a faulty floppy? When vita, Ajkj ‘""mgty knpoaftfc mluion of recovmnq all wort. WorttKnch, geriatric ftST «n be tent into retirement by this super uMy -s5SSe-- To order, please use the form on Page 177 A must for Amiga Gameplayers The A-£t£si£( S gJifs Aalvwictc Qok--E&ctiv*ic Ccccuilftf j The Trojan Phazer gun ! Opens up a whole new phase of computer entertainment. This advanced light phazer presents a challenge of skill and accuracy for Amiga f gameplayers of all ages.
The pack includes two f r i**ywwe. Fret games, Orbital J$ Ohh Amiga Computing October 1991 Destroyer and Skeetshoot, which will test your shooting skills to the extreme and a full manual.
Advanced features of the Trojan Phazer include:
* Opto-electronic cirduitry to give excellent accuracy I j » j j
* P*U3S 'nto Amiga joystick port • 5 AfeCre* of x&td ?
Long (1.5 metre) lead _ ?Comfombk hand grip ©Jit O JAM I -C 7«
A» - I SOFTWARE To order, turn to the Reader Offers order
form on page 177 of this issue To start off this month let's
take a look at some games.
Scum Haters: from Amiganuts has been written using the Shoot-'Em- Up Construction Kit. Just saying that should let you know what's in store for you.
The basic scenario is that the streets of your city are being overrun with the kind of scum that would make even the Kray twins think twice about entering a life of cnme, they are that 'ard.
Guess who has taken it upon himself to dear the streets? Yep, you guessed it
- you. Just like the mug you are, you have volunteered for this
dirt clearing mission.
You drive your car up a vertically scrolling road Wasting other cars who are busy firing back at you. There are some not so innocent pedestrians walking the streets lobbing bottles at you.
Just run these over to get rid of them - simple.
This may all sound a lot of fun but Scum Haters suffers from the same problems evident in many games written with the SEUCK - a distinct lack of speed. Still, it's fun for a little while.
China Challenge - Scope 109: This game by now should need absolutely no introduction. No chance of extreme amounts of violence and blasting here, just a nice quiet strategy thmk-'em-up to keep you busy for a while.
Shanghai surprise You have to pair up stones witn certain symbols and numbers on them to remove them from the pile. The object is to remove them all before you run out of possible moves to make.
The game is very relaxing and the graphics are fairly detailed. This is a decent Shanghai game and it should grace your PD collection soon.
Slack Jack Tutor & Solitaire - Scope 131: for anyone who would love to play Black Jack in the evenings, or those who have a Slack Jack set and haven't got a due how to play, Scope 131 is the disk for you. It has a very good tutor that will take you from a complete novice to an accomplisneo Black Jack player in a short while.
The solitaire game is an excellent the sounds used in this really are something else.
Turn tne volume right up, dose your eyes and imagine you are in an arcade somewnere. I kid you not, they really are that good.
The Dasics are, well, basic. You fly a ship up a vertically scrolling screen Dlowmg the hell out of anything that Shanghai at its best China Challenge tram Scape PUBLIC If it's cheap - or preferably free - Les Ellis is your man. He'll take you through what's hot and what's not on the Amiga PD scene way to woir mt% aw long winter evenoji .yapfces «)': exactly Cimwr nan but w*o wants that to a cars g«ac? Good fun is ensued Bu ?*Guge.
Gatadny Tvs a a -xot-’em-up kgp hoc Dormnator, or raff*r C -cud Oe 11 -ain't wnden usng We ScjOl upng mat.
1 I- & Y ’ V 900 : * Another STUCK game, not exoctty hygnosis graphics tot the sound etfects are brilliant Great graphics 4If you need to do it on your Amiga there is probably something somewhere on the PD market 0} moves. And if it doesn't move, well blow the the hell out of it anyway just to make sure.
Bug Bash: This is one of the latest offerings from Amiganuts. The name is similar to a budget game that was released a while back but I haven't seen it so I don't know whether it is the same or not. I The graphics are very bright and colourful - 1 get the feeling that kids will love this one. You control a bug as he flies through fields blasting other bugs with his bug blasting spray. Like I said, good graphics and a very professional looking piece of software.
Utilities Cross Words: If blasting aliens isn't exactly your idea of fun then a gentle crossword may be more your cup of tea. If this is the case then you could do a lot worse than try out the two-disk offering from those crazy Amiganuts.
Fa ct it is SID. The main difference in this version is that MessyDos will read PC disks.
So if you handle a lot of PC disks in your Amiga work and you don't like using CrossDos or any utilities like that then MessyDos is for you. One very useful feature I found is that by clicking on the Shrink command you can have SID installed on your workbench screen so that just by clicking on its bar at the top of the screen you can call it up anytime - ah, the true wonders of multi tasking.
I say that MessyDos is long awaited, but this is not strictly true - after all it has been around in one form or Now for some nifty little utilities that may be just what you are looking for.
Remember the general rule, no matter how small or trivial something may seem, if you need to do it on your Amiga there is probably something somewhere on the public domain market that will do it foryOu.
MessyDos first up is the long awaited working version of MessyDos. Sounds silly? Well, basically it's exactly identical to SID - in Tnese disks contain some devilishly tricky crosswords that are extremely easy to use, but not so easy to complete. Amiganuts also say that they will be offering more disks each month to keep the collection fresh.
The puzzles are very well presented onscreen and are certainly a tnought provoking way of wasting a few hours.
Another for quite a while, but tnese versions had one minor problem, they didn't exactly work very well.
You can rest assured that this version works perfectly. It's an essential addition to anybody's hard drive.
Zap that virus „ Virus killers are widespread nowadays.
It seems that it is not safe to use an Amiga without having some form of virus killer handy just in case.
Although there are a few golden rules to follow to avoid infection, every- M £3 eea d £1 £3 a s ? -ev 1
* • r Si The master virus killer in action- zap that virus once
and for all one will have to face up to one sooner or later.
The latest from Amiganuts is MVK 2.2. A match for almost any
virus that may try to invade your disks, it is very easy to use
(which is good news for any novice users) and very effective.
For anyone using a hard drive, especially the A590, VirusX 4.1 is an absolute must. VirusX 4 kept crashing the system whenever you tried to run it as a background task on the AS90 but version 4.1 has that particular quirk fixed.
Scope Softville have just started a collection of disks that they hope will eventually rival the Fred Fishs and TBAGs of this world.
Called simply Scope, each month they have up to date utilities and some cute games to mess around with. Let's take a look through a couple of these new disks to see what they are all about Scope 121 for example has a stock market management program that will handle all sorts of stocks and shares and perform analysis on them. It has loads of features and may well be of use to you if you have taken part in any of the recent privatisation offers, or maybe Goldstar computers (EC) Ltd.
P. O. BOX 2, TYLDESLEY, MANCHESTER, M29 7BN (0942) 895320 We have
been appointed the OFFICIAL UK Distributor for PREMIER
SOFTWARE™ of the USA. - Public Domain like you've never seen.
BIG A small SELECTION FROM A NAME FONT.UB- TOOL KIT SERIES- VIDEO FONTS- ELECTRIC WORD - ELECTRIC WORD- DESKBENCH - GAMEMASTER - COLLECTION SOMETHING FOR- NOTHING COLOUR CYCUNC - ANIMATION A library of four directories each with a dozen fonts, disptayable and selectable by icons, A Single puit-4i-?Q- System, Dusk, Icon. Print. Desktop Tools and Utilities. A Five Disk set-£7.30. A three disk set of high quality selectable fonts iAAQ The Bible. King James version, with Tcxtra Text Editor. Cutting, pasting and saving to Disk or printing with PP more A Three Disk set ¦ 14 40 The New Testament
Single disk in the same format is the above set. 11.50. A 1.3 Workbench t i4c with the Deskbench Modular Icon System. A Three Disk set - .64-40. A rtttSSivc "0 games on seven disks, huge value for rnoncV Aftvyn Disk yt - £K Fifteen must haves of the best video and graphics tools. Two disk set *2 95.
Value for money* A Seven Disk set • IIP Simply the best colour cycling you will ever see, an excrOen Premier Software™ u supplied EXACTLY lb All disks have full colour labels ind packed is m Premier™ PnCeS (Don'i forget postal charges' See bottom of page) Single Disks.,.. „i 1.50 each Two Disk seu. .. Three Disk sets Four Disk sets.. Five Disk sets... Six Disk sets..... Seven Disk sets me as it is distributed in the USA, i printed list Ls supplied with each set DISK OF THE MONTH HAKV LASER S TOP 20 PD PICKS »......ju.'n
L. ....1140 20 of Public Domains best, selected by i me me i «
PREMlEa1" HUE nnwo UISKS Avauaoic.
»......15.85 America's Peoplelink's Harv Laser.
CauiogucOn Disk XI.
____SJ.50 Please Note, Most Of The Pre n ler™ ( J lection Are Workbench Access .48.75
110. 00 99p: THIS IS OUR LAST MONTH AT We now stock 1,600 disks!
Catalogue Disk 50p.
M4 li ur M5D VAMHlS MEGA 64 JEAN VOUDL UK - «.
Sound or saixr» - ae ASOGADtUt • » KM classk ! - cvoa! NtR cusAa: - mj* np mi NOW THAT'S 1 NO* SDTKAcKJ nmugi Irt MCCKJJI-I JAMOUOBV* ftD n LTBs CtSAKMr € - iajtjO S I Mi, OIK WS MKENT1.Y
Now available from us, A hardware virus detector that can find any virus, file or boot and can also protect against viri £29.25 incl VAT and P&P.
Greefz: Brian. Paul. Barry, Steve Adam & Sandra and all customers.
If you order 10 disks or more, you get a FREE disk!
Postage Eur0pe: Please add 20p per disk.
World: Please add 40p per disk.
? Fish 1-510! ?
T. B.A*G. 1-54 Tai Fun, Slipped Disc, AMIGAs and Snag and LOTS
You are in a company share scheme or something like that On Scope 131 there is a quick little loan calculator - just bash in the figures and it can tell you (or print out) monthly repayments or how many months it will take you to pay off a ioan. Scope 131 also has the obligatory (or so it seems) disk info program that will tell you just what you have mounted and how much room is available on each.
It's just your run of the mill info routine but if you don't already nave one they do come in useful. There are some other utilities on Scope 131 but there just isn't room to go into them all.
Scope 149 has a far more interesting utility on it. Beat this - an Atari ST emulator. Quite why any self respecting Amiga owner would want one of these is beyond me. Obviously you can't expea something like this to run any ST games although it does have a brave attempt I did manage to get an ST spreadsheet program to run on it so it will run Anybody wont to learn about neural networks?
Well frcd fob eon help you out there some things. It is also rumoured to run the Atari PC software emulator, although I didn't have a copy of this lying around so I couldn't test it out Even if you can't get anything to run on it, it's still fun getting the ST bootup screen on your Amiga to ama2e and probably confuse your friends who may haveAmigas.
Scope 149 also has a useful font manager program that will put up a requester showing what fonts are available in your system with an example of each. To finish off it also has some new fonts and pegestream printer drivers for you. Well I did say that however irrelevant something may seem to you, someone may want it We seem to keep coming back to the Scope collection but there are a couple of good reasons for this - a. is that Softvilie sent me absolutely stacks of Scope disks (it took an entire Saturday morning to go through diem all) and b. is that they are all packed with loads of
goodies. Get in touch with Softvilie for the full list On disk 104 there are loads of utilities. Quickhelp lets you make your own nelpfiles for your software. These files use the help key for access.
„ fixlcons is a utility that will allow you to change the type of any icon with ease. MuchMore is the Tile reader that is veiy commonly available now.
ProOiaier is an Amiga pnonebook that allows you to store loads of numbers and relevant details. When hooked up to a moaem it will also dial the numbers for you. It is compatible with tone dialling so if your fingers are getting tired with looking up and dialling loads of numbers let your mouse do the walking.
Pcopy is a disk copier that can recover files from bad disks, and indeed may be able to save the disks themselves. There are a couple of sounds on it as well - a laugh and a groan. 1 think these were just put on to fill up the disk as they are of no use whatsoever.
The Address book utility allows you to store names, addresses and any relevant information on people. It will also print out labels, so you can jazz up those normally boring envelopes when you write to your friends. There is also some music from European demos, tnree tunes in all. Actually they sound quite good.
AnyMontn is a handy utility that will Panorama 67A laton tools you will need. This version is vl .30 and is stands for Disk Masher and rt is a utility- that allot* you to to compress and archive noppy Wcs- It« ¦ disconnect that extra disk drive- disk and iftg you more room. The graptws are i'0*'n9
- ““ne=,r ms to be one of the better ava , „ed with good
utilities that anyone can use and .f ilX'res a game that ve7
nearly got sad at full price.
Area before it could be fmtshea «, rt has been i«d onto the public domain instead.
Abus is a 30 Tetris style game. It features a »« tannin 3D shades fall. You 1 nui keys to route th, Shapes da pan mthe ass t t 'lohtiv. Still a fair amount of satisfaction is d’frdm' gening the hang ot them and evenwuy clearing the shapes. A good game ou eaaa Stockout is a lot better.
On ate Utilities side of things disk 67A con- . ,,„¦ ft nifkDOS is an excellent i onto tne puum. 0rt utilities siae v* ------- us s a 3D Tetris style game. It features a stand- „ v2.0. OckDOS is an excellent lumndown which various 3D shapes raOou utllity mat allotvs the management« 0 position them to utilise the spa« as abte- ” disks wrtnout having to use the yTcover an entire level the blocks varash gtv- « * V cu ,t requte *e arp , to be m your workbench but other than that it is Pretty self-explanatory when running. I should think newcomers to the Amiga m*y be interested in using this
as opposes to CU.
DirWork is a hignly configurable directory utility. It has many :ea- tures that other directory utilities may not have.
For a start it has a built in virus checker, key macros, a screen blanker and all the hie manipu* Mm**. VRUS FREE PD m; Arnica Pnhlir Domain Qnftwar !3I IlhV Amiga Public Domain Software a disk.+ P&P Over 2000 Disks Available.
Thousands of satisfied customers.
Most orders sent within 24 hours Satisfaction guaranteed 5 FREE PD Disks with all orders over£20 i .9C ,cc ¦ff .•x
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MEGABALL (Mega addictive) MECH FLIGHT TWINTRIS (Excellent)
MECHANIC© Etc RAID (We love it) NO MANS LAND (2 Player) POM POM
(Beachhead done) AIR ACE 2 (Brilliant) CALLISTO CAT & MOUSE
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PACK 5 Master Virus Killer 8.1 . The
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music festival .48 Super tunes
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Mega Games Pack Me$ a Ball. Excellent Break-out clone Twintris. Fantastic 2 player version of Tetns Blizzard, Hectic version of Uridium Blockit. A great PD version of Puzrnc Seven Tiles. Mega Addictive SpeedbaJi done Lettrix: Brilliant variant of Tetris. German Docs Master of the town, Smashing window car c* r Shapes. Another excellent AMOS game Wet beaver tennis. A classic bat and bafl 9ame Mayhem. Futuristic Cops & Robbers game 10 GREAT Games Only £10.00 ORDERING All disks £1.25 each unless otherwise stated in UK. For overseas orders - please add 2Sp per dsfc. Mu order of £5 VIRUS
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light 'k Supports all resolutions including overscan Fast trace - normally starts in seconds instead of hours ? Shadow dithering IFF. Mapping to objects ? Custom floors checker polka YES, These objects WERE PRODUCED BY SENLAC FOR INCLUSION INTO YOUR OWN ANIMATIONS ETC. Sculpt - Turbosilver - Imagine £9.99 Plus carriage 50p We can produce user-specific objects. Call us with your requirements and details of pricing.
We also offer the facility to produce high quality graphic artwork.
Call for details.
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uer's Club 17 Bit Software Disk No 1166 : -r • •Xtk it the
cut-throat world xr&Qi i comply whose business a -'*»
£ccp*e dusnesses.
;ccr r Ajsae stock market rather than tt om qp»a,c p yen on play at the same time and ¦ - - * effects of certain events on Tin lili s* n ...... fH'fft • • “8 M iii si a- *t w«f * ft i'A im i t at at » | m $ il • I m i w iai n n ;w, * • £ f • n i i j! I lf n* * » « 2E2 iSiS i: EH 5 m i: III |§ | j psr &&£ is? Sfell h ngafl June to piayWal) Sired hr real with The InssdcrS Club tram 17 Sit Software « tt i i sum i i 2*f * * if i* *i * 11 seem a bit orief in ¦ of L“.e other stuff is r suLzt on this disk in r ZX emulator - yep, i joi naif meg Amiga 36CCf.
I taere is a w3y to get :»a;e :o run on this act on K. K does how* bra ams to be written
r. i out all tne symbol ike that yOu can is F6» r.a to m IO rOft
*a© TO 31 20 PRINT AT f.«;" OOM"i it NEXT ?
Try out this litti* program. I'm assured by our resident ZX programmer that it will dapkry extremely httes, Tsygnosa-styk graphics. I think he may nave been lying put a calendar for any montn o: any year on your screen. This is ocr,.ccsi going to be useful for any advance planning you may want to oo Finally, it finishes with Mowtofl -2-*.
A machine language monitor ;• debugging programs. Trns extremely techy buffs only.
Fred Fish The latest fred Pish otferwg a laid back for once - no raju -c rrj just good, honest useless it has a program to Cbft yzxm fa PC side of an Amiga fcec - a a PC--C bridgeboard to tne Aog k«j wildcards.
Now is that user- or * 9 1 might be if you rue *' -'"-J* ftfiaft with a PC-AT sroyo i Then it has a prcgrae' mAa the design or. Arc r«.vi|aLarti networks (wrxe.er SK art «fc.
It's supposed 9m§m computers ou 1 or t nfra else aboutYocl documentator*.
To end up t“ rt s. new oreeo c.' • *'_ * don't tnma jv» VirusX4.1. ad! J dittonaksc UUTIL lo Tas, -a-S Son ...e - «0 watfS * M utilities, bauc*.** . R* - * ' you wan: to os the remaining equity in a company that the other player was saving up to buy. Talk about the ultimate in frustration. If you prefer it, the computer can control the opposition.
This game may seem strange at first but when you have read the document file it all makes sense, it is an in-depth game so it is just as well there is a save game feature in there.
There's plenty of room to save games out on the same disk that it comes on, although I would suggest copying the game off onto a spare disk.
I'd recommend this game to anyone who feels they could handie a hard night's share dealing after a long day at the office.
A corker of a game.
Have a lot of fun. A couple of problems with it is that it runs about eight times slower than the Spectrum (is that possible?), also the sound commands didn't seem to work and the use of colour had some adverse effects.
Still it does take you back to the old days of computing. I just can't figure out why anyone would want to do this on the Amiga, and what on Earth made someone actually write the damned program. It takes all sorts I suppose.
Demos something different? We've seen it all This month I have been absolutely snowed under by demos so let's not waste any more time and get Straight down to them.
Virtual Worlds first up on the demo front this month is Virtual Worlds. It starts off with the very nice, but very boring, rotating 3D shapes. Come on guys, how about Mind you, after the boring bit there is a nice routine in 3D with a rotating plane flying around leaving the credits trailing behind it Then it's on to a routine with one of the biggest 3D flying objects yet seen in any demo, simple yet devastatingly effective.
Following this there's a quick blast from the Virtual Worlds band. Again in 3D, the Poi Poi (I think that is what they are called) float around before settling down to play.
Then comes the second part of the demo, and the part that sets it aside from the rest The year is 2019 and you are a special agent who has just returned from a failed mission on Mars.
Your superiors are not veiy pleased with you and are sending you away on a simple mission that even you couldn't get wrong.
This is not a game, but a 3D visual experience. Look in awe as your craft leaves its hangar on its home planet and lifts off into the sky. It moves through space with a fleet of support craft before coming to the target planet where it navigates an asteroid belt It then enters the planet's atmosphere and drops an exploration shuttle Amiga Computing October 1991 PUBLIC DO ?
To be a little different, they are rotating over some wonderful static fantasy screens - great stuff.
Then the Silents take on Psygnosis at their own game, parallax scrolling a la Shadow of the Beast with the Ice shapes floating in the background along to some wonderfully atmospheric music.
More weird 3D rotating stuff follows
- not exactly original but it is quite good. The demo ends up
with some absolutely huge shapes rotating all over the place,
with the mouse controlling the speed. The shapes include some
familiar ones, like a Nintendo Game Boy for example.
System Violation: Introduced by some nice soothing music and rotating titles comes the new demo from anarchy. The action (if you can call it that) kicks off with some lovely routines with swirling dots and balls, all very nice to look at but it all boils down to, what's the point?
This is one of those demos that is spoiled by one thing - they seem to be obsessed with mentioning everybody on the entire planet somewhere on the disk, all very nice but very boring.
One of the stars of Lemmings narrowly misses being crushed by an avalanche of 3D spheres somewhere on the disk among all the credits and acknowledgments.
Invisible World demo: This wins the award for the daftest slideshow ever.
You must have seen those pictures where they magnify something that is normally invisible to the naked eye about 300 times to make it look like some terrifying monster-type thingy.
Well now there is a disk crammed full of the damned things. As if that wasn't enough there is also a section that has pictures that have been freeze framed, like a bullet going through a banana and things like that.
In fact bullets passing through objects feature quite heavily in this part of the demo. Co for this - it looks strange but fun.
After seeing a bed bug at 300 times its normal size you may think twice about ever going to bed again.
DefhtMf the strongest slideshow around - give it a go into the water. The shuttle moves around looking at the various species that are living there. All this is shown in glorious 3D and, like the Phenomena demo before it, shows exactly what the Amiga can do - a visual treat well worth looking at.
The Simpsons by Decay: Alright, I know this isn't exactly new but it is so cool that it is well worth a mention in case you missed it first time round. It starts off with a pretty amazing advert for Coke. Then it launches into a great sample of The Bartman, that famous song that topped the charts not so long ago.
Great shape There are some brilliant scenes from the Simpsons series. If you are even remotely sane then you simply must go for this demo.
Ice Demo by Silents: After some neat credit screens there are the obligatory rotating 3D shapes, but this time, Ugh, there ain't nothing like that In my bed (I hope) - mind you it has been magnified iOO times 70 MEGA VALUE GAMES PACKS MEGA VALUE TRIVIA PACK A mega complascn ot trtrta quizzes mat wii keep you occuped lor hours' Indbda* thousands ot queetione on a variety ot subystfs Include* Qulx. Hollywood Trivia, Trek Trivia, Star Trek Ned Generation Trivia.
OrOerCodeGPdA Only £10.00. ARCADE CLASSICS An amazing pack lull ot nostalgic arcade games including: Space Invaders. Asteroids. Pac Man.
Missle Command.
Breakout and On. _ Order Code QPAi. Only £10.00. B ° ARCADE PACK 1 The first of our special arcade packs with Ihddl 'em ups and platform type gamer, includes Paranod Gatadna Drip. Pete'i Ou«V and Drive Wan _ , Order Cade G . •' I. I O.OC More bnfcant arcade attacks with Tetris.
Pipe Une. Air Ace 2.
Organic Horror.
Gorw Blasters and Escape From Jovt eiceiient' Order CodwGPAj Only £10.00.. ARCADE PACK 2 BOARD & CARD GAMES M A mega complabon ot » - - Ot elastic board ' oamei includes Back Gammon. Five In A Lina, Chesa, Tlias, Fttppof. Arrago. Chtna Challenge. Manor Mind, AMIGATrabon, Up and Down. Triangle and Tnple Yacht _ _ z oreercodegpm. Only £10.00. CARD GAMES I you ika ptaywg card • pames then this i» the I I 1 pack ter you' incudes Card o Rama. Spades. • Black Jack. Solita*e ,* X Klondke Sowaire. ¦ | ||(|| CanMd SoGtwra and Crtetags On er Code GPA9 Only £10.00. ¦ n a aw. HUM1* »iW«IClMQX
eeewe » a T« ee* Q*
- ¦¦eve '-**? «w*r» ew r( if » «e
* ksd- Mi prm Sms US ¥BO« »AcjAw W ¦*¦* i roa r « BI eekSSrn*
5i wfoE"1*1*“*'*™ni kMaMi.MMsaa aiai|vaik MnveeMOSO
* rt»Lf«iBmmpwazbape m Kmi e nmd i bkAh ute d iM B la w ene
SafegpwlUBRMI 9c Gsaw * sKatet oopd own. M «e ims a. kocwa fcr
bus' Gum fu a* fu p* fa wWe VI nnn) np 1 ngrw srienr Ml M n
- ds" ft '? WVM3 rt W 3p * gvft Wh •» SAM 050 C E
• Mrt w ho Wire *n* Oftrts R* w «IMDX T* 4*»W*1 Wi ffn trkn
• ¦•sksM'Wuiaig 1 '« * re* w«r* rt *»*&».
* II n gua B»ne wWre you sqvwi fWHim 1MB RAM. 0» U A » aw w eruw. D.90 ¦Meeejygwr awinon idvwiura ;*nw.
- re tSBH rere* pm cue «-d rw« Ti*or 0I *? Wot ¦* *» * Ml M grepm
W so.u»
* ¦ »W. *» lk*«j ’UB RAM iane.ea ax M’m i» i«mp per.a w wtf*h are
mar m te w» peagr *r Trek £600 ADVENTURE GAMES Four excellent
new adventures to take you Into different worlds. Includes The
Holy Grail. Golden Ftoeco Midraght Thiel and Dragon Cave wtth
ns 30 graphic dtsotey order codeGPA7 Only £10.00. SPORTS PACK
This pack should DJ keep you litl Includes Tennis (imp RAM),
Down Hill Slung and Car firing Order Code QPA8 Only £7,S0.
SOFTWARE MEGA VALUE MEGA VALUE CIA3 SutfaetresMrod FnJt i oai omeskra. Vegetabcc Mcfttn UMIM*. Cun me (H*Uei..ii1droe:rd bread** £1250 ' ClAI - Aawds cv**U Usre Art Omo. Flaw*. Bo,t a« Girts, lots d hurweus lljxPuM'A* I »e*6H mere ipedal ecctmens and caikgneeK emsmmu GL30 CIS! • Outslua Cip Ait Pack: oner ona nurdrao 4TUQM tf dYMnea trem torn w iWt«20tti cour, hom tfhe. TP borbee.» cfrntiaa trees anp Kr dwi prnaq kt (wfrg pntws. Arm m Mn ate kr my chnanv ecyuipn £12 it) cisa - Fannie art MrthdojM GaXKfs and Men sle«» an «tc4Mteack ol creatures from X ovor th.
»onr japm. &wpa. Chr* nw Wsnh A-e-ta. South Amaxs «ic aom «Kng Back 400 rears! All sarn ol weird md wondarful eraahMS incijdtno oeaih masks, dnkgons. Ga'ptetesmd lots moral £1250 OS7 Rowar Pwrar Dtp An Pack: pcturas d th. Rmtt pcpuw toMn. M anarotmmtk kWuaeai Rtram m vjsk am rycwuttng tadsn A 3 m pack W f7J0 ¦VoWrartsMn W. tulnotbadwyo. Iitara sxPngtD’BOtQOQ FFI7! • Mag-Mc Pigss VI0 Son yn B crrtc a das eased aw KM *rd grspNca cn i scga cag., K streran Mocrs ty ckXnc on com md ptir mac neo, FTW lfa«jkV25maoar*MrahMor£3 » FF34T - NTSC P U. T9f tmers tf Jmee alfi Ihi niw ECS 1I« V»A raBrt) W MI
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Ptti-AflnVSIff.atfMgntfwdiUfeM.popsn Un- iMB(00|iwtora1C0iunu0M rwync 1UBRAUDIM rf ?7 crwiwtmitct WO dim motKUre usng me GtfeOt mm Wy anpwwraM* • reSjaia . Pdw. Saw w*on 080 WO • SovD rt dMM I a *a* Ms . Dak cfearar «I Ben gpc fer SO Mean* ante noma th. Hares mum. Q 00 rm? - Raakr VIA - sa* »* mpwJ 24.000 wdrtto M C tt» ar«fl «3Rk car te rtads h» Iw Nbn grre«, ¦ wi» ter tisntf MATCH tWratTgrtntrerre.O 00 IF4J4 . Tyreg Tutor a snyM trt rg l*r pmgram wwh mMMm KutipcgipMaandaStaunikMloldaaeywMrtWr C30C AMPl - H n* Buschi Patfc Uetft ft* Mttfcnt *cntyx«sor MM ctecter.VaCtfctiesirtnkM. KM ad Jbm.
Iao br» MrtditieasB raX!
Pwh • ttCfliwi via Aa 1* m ter cotwuntiwe n w (haratwOOO POSI Arrau j Ride 0*i SlarT n V30 PkM Torrawl so- yn * HAH DabtuM tar th. Trqt kntot Ride 0n». Mtrse
CM) . Stftib T.edng M Wk tf HAU dte QX.
AMF4 - Sunw iftrv PM: The oad wk axcdM adi tw tww Anga law n nrO The gaa rauOn: Fit corfmten wu on tu Aug. ARC. IKARC Zo» ird FW» Paciw OvWor* tw Uu&r tmtKtuft tw ifcus mwy ol Pa CU oonwato b. «iaoMd it Pa di* ol jow no.w Abo a nrus chrtwr mo dMl&rer. *i ioon adbr. I Mdor tdfar a oonrurvtfDW pee?” br tndin dm vd Ui more. PLUS *w ml (rooatsor lEdl an) he Cutsase jBiw flrfr BiO1 FFSM PmSUJo V! 2 ta pxjjrar stows p. B prre *•; wo t» n nary ares, pvt ary put or p a ahob pcare wean p avdre.
Aacccrcpytuprerarciruchrrcr. OCO TW-BzAMnaheUecycbtppjrar.m: TBJ • FasMan atom yot B Ggps ON OFF yojr unrwoi RAM Nn FnUr Mcwi yat lo aaagn kd v urruttt C F1B FID
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PsreJ • Fmtfar Font Pad 2.
KFF) Ftotfor Fcnt Pack 3 PtPN-FMMFMPKl4.
Haw d par I me IhivaaMtwaiiiwanwWi aSpaareOK atpaml Fors.f MW AI am am P02K -TteOwtpmi TrtUM1 Fmiwpp FM Me- owktapv Qni swo, Sd.SHo.uaw rwM’rtWaib'e O* PWI - UACNI VIA ha Mm tf • w «% wa wu «aw tereen. Neust naartv fteCU. Lew* Mm m CR Sur Moue i Ktrtn i anea Cy pBMWWrtt OetefM rnj am*w » here Of cScxn p e. CfO. • TO a sow.bOWL a«i rt iwn n eaow. Au» dok Mm Screen ShuMp. Oat*. Num. Bmp* M aw mmm t w* DM PWB - The Umbt Mrei KM pw MB reart a mm w ¦¦ trre m nonntn Hi m' A M W a mbs tortt M wsyw nausea-dwrycompwuraiw 039 P0*3 • Th. PUAc Domulp Are WaM com ww i m: iOwca Vt 2 (fcr rwrray. Vout*
VI % (hr M rtas. Zm Aa VI 3 t.U. .c.kMowJa W lea fee OutW »e Umyiti) ntowtM on m Smi QOO nr - SteWz srar my PGUV w(t or w» oat rat m OMBB tap. *cm 1 pdM.p«wn l orotda Uts Wmpby . Wwc Hr sic tfw npc n my COOP'Ppbctttrpawrxiecri OH SOW • ARP Vt 3 tw mg OOS Rwwcnrart ftoao O X Fpffl Jacfimch AI a i nmwrg Mteii&ndi ntreaawM QOO FFM iWCta Wo ha enqrwr idoj yoar dM mo ddag ahm tw. A no M n (Te diw 000 FF3S1 - Dktdtfy VI 42 rrcra pOMrtyl twn DMA Ocdor tre My ai Wanpl& sMga dbitonbalMl 000 tWM - itewyOK hmdre MS0D5 temaiid ida iva Mmw Ann ST) tudty ht am ny M atfM Angi Bau m wad an FF24; ¦ PmMM Viit
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• raownata O OO MM Nobaradtar 6300
M. 'J.SOJ (XiorW urpbt lots tf sairpita hr ua. Adh L2 STBanc 0.00
IS POCW-OCcungb U ToyPrtog OOO L3 (hapvl 7 C300 U - For* kom
Bradby fV 'l. 0.66. O 00 1*1111 lbdU»2drubpraartiyaMmy10 £500
Ltl Scroecn C corrplp ?3 M CATALOGUES A concise prated
casdogue s supplied win each order A dak based catalogue
shcreng tel detarts rf Mi our products costs only Cl .00 ot •
tree I wflh any purchase of £10.00 or more1 TO ORDER Simpfy
quote me enter code gwn n RED WE ARE PuMtc Ootnmitor Arntge
Otgt AC PO to 8Ql,Banop5Stofflon» Harts, CM23 3TZ.IM TaiflFu:
0279 757 692 Mortify Saturday Sam - 5pm AI pros are luly
ndurte no more to pay Foreqn orders must add £2.75 tor
ro stsrad post SAFE CYCLING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Cycling is a
pleasant, healthy, carefree sport enjoyed by millions from all
age groups. However, crowded roads can bring unforeseen danger
- so for you and your family’s protection we have the very
best in cycling helmets. (All our headgear conforms to British
Standard BS 6863.)
• The OGK Forza hat, for adults, is a remarkably lightweight and
yet fashionable hat which remains comfortable despite
conforming to the strictest safety standards. Normally £38.95,
this superb hat (in white only) 'S °r I” "end to"
CycleDirect.TREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, "1 jllSt LlJ.v7Di | South
Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK)
• For children, we ¦ smaii crow ? Sm crow ? Sees Aduit ? »*?
Have the Britax Integra for two age 1 have the Britax I**"*" Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Cyde Direct groups - 4 to 8 years old and 7 to 14. Britax are the UK’s leading child safety I ___ product manufacturers. As with the adult helmet, it I is lightweight and comfortable and at only £29.95 |_postcode.
(RRP £34.95), represents exceptional value. This | Day ™telephonenumb«incaseoiquwss ID Acc8ss7M«tercafditufOcanl'8afclaycardYisaConnea Date Address.
Helmet is only available in blue. L ™eptvm 05V357j275 IF YOU'VE NEVER TRIED P.D. BEFORE - YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!!
NO MIINIMUM ORDER - BUT ORDER 10+ DISKS & CLAIM YOUR SUPERB FREE GIFT!1 PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY AMIGA BANDITS PD Dept AMC 45a Alma Road. St. Albans. Herts. All 3BJ Personal Callers Welcome (Phone first) (0727) 833363 DEMOS MUSIC SOUND UTILITIES S001 S0C3 SOW §005 S006 ST-01 Sand racteer Muse programme meeds ST-01) Games music creator Med musd programme WO Pm Tracker 1.1A Mbse edtor |2 dsks) Me 3 V3.1M meg only Instrunenl deli tor Soundtracfcer GAMES GC33 Dip.' 15levels ¦'Ana*Aaon 6037 Twin Trie 2 player Tetris G048 Seven Ties Speedball game GW Eat Mne Boufenfeh Type Game 0051 Frantic
Fred* Arcade Aden 0052 Ppeine. Ppetrena type game G059 Wheel of Fomne! Superb qu2 flame G060 Ouisnastervi.O GyAChetfem GC64 Garres cheat dish Cotes 8 sciubors GC67 Mental image game disk 13 games Cheques & P.O's payable to A.B.P.D. SPECIAL OFFER 10 PACK QUALITY DSDD 135TPI BUNK DISKS AND UBELS ONLY £4.75 inc Free Membership Speedy Service Free Gifts All Prices Include pAp 100s of Disks Available Seno 75p for Catalogue Disk A001 Wafer Demo 1(1 Mb) MX Wafer Demo 2 (1Mb) A006 Erterpn in dry dock Arim (1 Mb ) A008 S» Trek flwt maroetMK'Anifn (1 Mb) A011 The run Anm tar chase (1 kb) A012 Puggs r
spice, cute atenvistt Earth A021 Magwan and Jogger demo A033 CnonesTotalDestnxbon A036 Fractal Fight A05S Cmepshoel A070 Coma Dem&supeAGFX 4 House A075 Probe sequenceBeen on TV!
A076 New Tec Demote* 3?
A094 Star Trek crahVaras Anms by T Richter Al1S Ifelbrar Mega demo 2 dsks. Over 18 orty A129 Bruce lea'Anim (1Mb) A134 Mke Tysoa'Anim (1MD) Al« RslMegadww2dsksdemo A10O Scoopei demcvMental Hangover.
A225 Horoon m«ga f«(no 9wpng opg A250 Total Recal demo muse and pics (rom the Mm A2$ l Fraxion horror demo W 18 vdeo horror A2$ 2 Robo Cop 2 Demo slides and rnjsic A267 Rebets Mega demo A279 IraqderoUSAv Iraq A280 Viz side snow A281 Figmef Anm'Anm 1 Mb A282 S rrpscns side shoe Amm by HAC.L A288 Nasa Shuttles demo'Anmation 1 Mb A287 Bad Ban dub remix,Sideshm» +muse A288 Ban Srpson DemoBy DECAY M001 Kyle Mrogje 2 Discs M902 Groove am the heart M016 Feel The Rhythm M017 TecrcWmcMegaMx MQ21 Pet Shop BoyvSybertw MC25 Digra Concen 3 MP28 Digital Concert 6 MQ33 808 Sate remes was Sound of Stents M038
’OOC64tmes MW $ impsors Do fe Ban man. 3 dsks M042 Berry Boo 2 decs MOM MamiVJceReim M062 Phenomena Muse viBwfed ires' MCS7 Maddona Vogje Stoes 4 taste VC68 Maama Sparky M071 D Mob muse 2 M076 Synth Music 6 3 tunes me. Oxygene MD80 Janet JackSWRhylhm Nation IBM No Minimum Order
PER DISK (inc) AMIGA ONLY UQ01 Ar»ba» Exwter* Datbase U003 FF Fens and surfaces for DTP U006 Wordprocessa and iabei printer U007 Dopertromaker U0C8 Space «nter Damo creator UC09 RIM relational database U010 Vsicaic spreadsheet U011 JaabencbwcA bench replacement U012 North f CompfUr U027 EnjamC64SAianST U040 SpeedbenchiVfbrkench.reptaoerTient U045 Pendle Eurcpa IftlbesCompiiiton U061 Master virus kJterV.2.1 kite 124 viruses U065 M ead Computer aped design U067 Crunchers compfabon inc. power packer U070 D-copy backs-up proteciM dsks (meet) U073 Mandatrot Pdcompilaton U099 ABPDutfrTydsc. 30* Uws
U105 Messy dos Transfer PC files U109 DarVslar jtfites Oconofabon U120 SofCU utterly U124 C - bgftflay Traong package 11125 Red Sector Demp Maker U130 Black Tiger Star Utiitns U140 WordrightWP 8 Spelchecker U220 OtpArtfctrDTP FREE GIFTS Odar 10-12 Disks get fee SmpackDfik Box Order 13-14 Disks get tree Deluxe Mouse House Order 1517 Disks get free 2 Simpack Disk Boxes Order 18-19 Osks gel tree Deluxe Mouse Mat Oder 20+Disks get free Amga Dust Cover FAST FRIENDLY & RELIABLE ONLY 99p PER DISK D22?
022* U063 U064 U065 U066 UOW U070 U07I U072 IXJ73 U074 U075 U676 UOW) Uttl U082 Ml 12 Ml 14 M116 Ml 20 MI21 Ml 25 M126 MI27 Ml 34 Ml 30 Ml 38 Ml 40 MI4I MI42 MI43 M147 Ml 54 MI56 C J C C MEGADEMO1 50 THE X MAS SONG 13 Hilaiioai 52 WE WANT SOME PUSSY RAP XXX i Noc, 54 FILLET THE FISH PlfT r *»1» demo Dwi SCOOPEX MEVTAL KAAEOYEJt Get th»* now!!'
DOW RED SECTOR MEGADEA* ’2 DbAj Gel tht* at well"" DOM) EDDlfc MLRPHEY OELftVXS •2 Disk*) (XXX.i Futmv D061 EDDIE MlRPHfcY DEUU0G5 (2 Disk*) i XXX i Funn* D062 RED SECTOR CEBIt * Cm *. .« D064 PUGGS IN SPACE. Stay pm* D067 LOTUS A L’NICYCLE I Meg) No* a claauc arum DOM) MOKTBREED SUDESHO* TV quality picta*** DQ70 SAFE SEX DEMO Funrv, hut tataw DO - DREAM PACK Include* te a r-rg POI Pqldemp D076 OBSCENE?, Elmore duty phot* calls DOT? GOOD MORNING VIETN AM Yippee D082 MONTY PYTHON ‘ NUDGE NIDGE* (2 DivkxC ilmc* rnji D086 HARD CRACK GRAPHICS N« music A piccy* D088 SI LENTS MEGADEMO. Bnll
loader, jusigttit D092 GOLDFIRE MEGADEMO. Oet ihii or elie!!!!!!
D09S OUTSIDERS ACID DEMO. One for acid beck* DI06 SCIENCE 451 MEGADEMO. Very pood DI09 NO BRAIN. NO PAIN (2 Disks) Good Dill CRUSADERS BACTERIA. Bnll music Dl Ik CRION1CS MEGADF.MO. Includes famous Maddonna demo Dl27 CHUBBY BROWN .XXX) Funny disk Dl» INTUITION MEGADEMO Good siuff DIM SLIPSTREAM - GARFIELD DEMO.
Htfa cool SLYCATH DEMO COMP 2 6 brill lucnoN.
4 x- Disks) Good , DEMO U, BriU'!
JE.MO. Amazing!
HRASH. Avnome
UP. Cool long sample D MOB MUSIC I Good DFPECHE MODE MUSIC Fan*
THE BASS Well aid FLASH (2 Disks) by Queen 4-MAT MUSIC. Cool
music by 4 MAT DEBBIE GIBSON 12 Disks) Bectnc Youth Sample
ALIEN NATION. Aural Ectasy Good beat) stuff.
BETTY BOO! JuM doing the do.
LAND OF CONFUSION by Gei*s,s HEAR THE DRUMMER, Get waked BAND AID 2 (2 Di*») Long sample RAF Mcgamix 2 (2 DiifcO Mega Cool AMIGA CHARTS 2, Nice music mu.
AMIGA CHARTS ft, Very Good MIAMI Y1CE THEMF. (4 Di.sk ). Very M157 WS STATE REMIX. Gan! Uetnl mu MI38 STUDIO MUSIC . 15 cool rune* Mt» STU DIO MUSIC 1 V Mnl imiM Ml«0 STU DIO MUSIC . II uelUH Ml&l STUDIO MUSIC 12 uni turn Utfc2 STUDIO ill SIC tv Mai mart MlftJ STUDIO MUSIC . 17. Ya. 17 ami M1W mwo music . IS cool bn** MIW mow mu sic .Vend tan Mitt mow music . 15 cool tan M167 5TUOW ML SIC & II cool tut** LAUREL A HARDY (2 Di»kV2 Drive*).
Fan only SIMPSONS • DO THE BART MAN (3 Diucm Cool MADONNA. Juwify my Lore. Good DIRTY DANCING Nice muuc umple AMAZING TUNES 2 (1 Meg 3 Duki) Brill. Gel it TWIN PEAKS THEME. Fam only JARRE LIVE II cool tongs DOVT TOUCH IT Funnv uwig POWER OF LOVE (2 Diskt) Long AMIBASE 3 7ft, Cool data* FONTS VOLI, Load of fon FONTS DISK. Even more c
R. I M DATABASE. Good MOBED, JAZZBENOI. Better workbench VC
SPRFADSHEET. Good CLIP ART. Use with art package* ULTIMATE
COPY & VIRUS KILLER DISK, the best CUP ART. Animals, canon,
people A more CUP ART. Transport, people, buddings Sc more
Works with an pack* C-LIGHT (I Meg). Rav tracing package NORTH *C* 1.3 2 Disk*). The latest PASCAL. PCQ 1.1 METALION I TILS. Font designers & more RIPPF-RS DISK. The best nppcrs disk around SAMPLE EDITOR. Good SOUNDTRACKCR. A Channel*. Wow!
TECHNO HIP HOP SAMPLES. Uae with Soundtrackcr MASTER VIRUS KI11ER 11. The Ute*t version ST03. Instrument* for Sourakracker STW. More Instruments (or Soundtrackcr S706. Even more Instrument* for Soundtrackcr Hu* a only a small section of our range and we have over 100 of die beu new PD Disks added to the collection Every Month NEW DISKS ADULTS of our .Adult Disks are on the Mag Disk A Adult Disks are only available to people over IS yean old MB ULTIMATE P.D. IS THE FASTEST. FRIENDLIEST AND HOW TO ORDER The pnee i 99p per disk. Plcax add 5 P pwt & packing to the total Europe please add 50p
post A packing per disk Rest of the World please add 7 Ip postage A packing per disk Plea* make all cheques PON payable to Ultimate P.D. Please send all order* lo Ultimate P.D. Dept (AMC91,44 Feuiniog Road. Gabolfa.
ALL ORDERS WILL RECEIVE THE LATEST ISSUE OF THE ULTIMATE P.D. MAG CATALOGUE DISK, TOTALLY FREE The Mag Cata Disk always includes an amazing demo and fantastic music.
Order 10 disks, get one free.
STAFFORDSHIRE (BERKSHIRE WINDSOR HQWTQQRPER BY PHONE 0782 208228 BY FAX 0782 281506 £2.95 P&P PER ORDER £9.00 NEXT DAY (UK MAINLAND ONLY) E3 S _ HATHANA KAO MEDIA DIRECT MediaVALUE Whether you live near or far MediaVALUE is the place to phone or visit for your floppy disks, storage boxes and accessories.
To order by phone Call 0753 833555 our friendly staff will take your order To order by fax Fax 0753 832394 Or if you wish to call personally we have plenty of parking & large car park only 100 yds away.
We are open to callers 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm Saturdays MediaVALUE The Windsor Business Centre, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Toa™w BERKS, SL41SE Call for information on our special offers or send for our free price list.
? We also stock a range of video products. X LEICESTERSHIRE BRIGHTON THE ORIGINAL MEDIA COMPANY THE AMIGA SPECIALISTS IN HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SEND OR PHONE FOR rjFREE CATALOGUE a FULL P.D. LIST AVAILABLE ON REQUEST1 ™ Tel: 0530 813591 8 Lines, Fax: 0530 813595 SEE OUR MAIN AD ON PAGE 62 The Original Media Company Limited Media House, 14 Ashby Road, Coalville, Leics LE6 2LA M COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON If you live near Brighton you should visit the shop with knowledgeable and friendly staff.
A large range of software, hardware and peripherals, most at discounted prices, and with a comprehensive stock you will find what you are looking for... probably.
We are the only dedicated 16 bit computer shop in the south unless you know different.
We are now authorised dealers for Protar Products.
Are open 10am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday at 44 George Street, Kemptown, Ej Brighton, East Sussex L Phone: Brighton (0273) 674626 CALL SIMON LEES TO ADVERTISE 5l2KbMEMORY With 2 Years Warranty SCOTLAND Our Incredible TOTAL price includes the clock date chip & 5 year easily replaceable battery. _ I TOTAL PRICE INCLU fair, top qualify. Cbrcnd newljl imoltef, and has hahv wfety nyjam than c fiaiNng Red Guru Boxes a thing of the past.
1Mb cost USER UPGRADE modiie. With 1
- cdtv now on demo in our tv showroom Brand New, very latest UK
version machines, with ., .ww ... FREE Modulator ourR500
price only Tel 081-676 8488 6 Days a week for personal service
i sphere, and dope, and in Os'll ItVVC. (2 Disks I Now L'pdl
Complete Uonner. E.eryltwi* yon nerd to crane ANY icon TX IAL
STAK1KK PACK: The above 5 ditto fw onlj (Mf.
I. (2 Duka) Our fa,ourite Games: Ssv. Drtn, We Him. 1 euepixmal
pamn un onr disk
* SPECIAL 5-IHsk GAME TACK: the 4 disks above ? The incredible I
ALSO AVAILABLE; Super Ultima, Basic Cctnpikr (up lo 50* ‘per-.i
J PCP** Reader. SillyBench. Prolog Spcvxsl Releme (2 did.,) and
NOW ALSO OITT: Science 3: Making Waves i Ft. V*ic»i Science 4:
See our catalogue for Ihe full driafh of HU Mlib I mm l-47f
Large Mock of other PD disks F28J Marb Slide * F2I5 ManddVrootn
v2.Q F397 DKB Ray Trace • F422 F421 Scrub Hcadclcan * F453
Lemmings d«no * F456.7 updated Am F447 Multiples*' plots
property to Dot-mains Worts with mCAD* and even PtoPage FKJ41
the Turn - very challenging pu vlc Do you think you
- ----- F424 Turbo SubTittor • only Wb: * ALL the Fbh 397 DKB Ray
Trace • F422 Popup-* C tut • F4T77 MepBall F4I31 Edit ultim.
Word pro' October 1991 Amiga Computing 175 PAZAZ THE ONE STOP
Douglas St, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, KY12 7EB Tel Fax: 0383
620102 Q ION 0625 878888 prices and personal service combine to
make Mega Byte your One-Stop-Shop in the Kent or SE London
areas. Personal Callers welcome, mail order available.
- and a whole lot more 103 Elmers End Rd, Beckenham, Kent Check
the prices below, then give us a call for any of your computing
needs. Fantastic Amiga 512k Ram U g £27 Printer Cables £4.95
103M$ ony3.5'Di$ k* £6.95 Citizen Swift 9 Colour £189 wteeMmetw
WLMMeMMUeeeMi WiMtogirpotfbvMi Cori.ASabMOMpsrdMl
onSowOuuipodiim Amiqa 3.5" Drives With all the 3 extra
features you need:- Thru’ Port Memory Saver Switch _ inExtra
long lead INCLUDING POSTAGE & VAT J Pom-5.30pm Mon - Sat t .
A,. Ir f . J We lake VBA. ACCESS. CONNECT & STYIE Car*, k
InphOlinKLta. Mntst. West, BEDLINGTON,] Northumberland HE22 5UB
~ Order Line (0670) 827480 A4R'49 Laurel & Hardy • Alfta.b NASA
pie* • A47 Amy w Water * A14 Juggette2 with wtcked twtsl ¦ D*
Phenometu Lmgnu D3 Budbntn 2 • D4 Dragon* demo • D2J Simpsons
(Decay i (a I Seven Tuc* • G4 Bladgncfc! • Ci9 RchoumliGndRunna
* A52 The Art of M. Lac ha • an animated slidcshots Our Chok*:
JcIT Mima s brilliant Lumjilroq i S arc i G3 * GIQ McchFight
adv. • G12 i&ut * GI4 Tnx & M3 Mtoonna Hanky Panky *M34 Popey?
& Beachboys! (*P1uto Bowie *MJI Jjere Revot. • PI0* Master
Vims K.lkr • PI07 Inlnxluetory C Tutor • PI42 K-cotour W Bench
+ MO tow * PI44 MFJ v? II LATEST A BEST if you want to make
Amiga music, dten gel tbit!
A fefrwhbp change from the dour* of amateur designed Doan* on N market • some even Ht»eca d hand. LotvOOOdcNwli Cxjn k Umofy the bei*. A professorial detign from maken of profeulonal RAM expansions for mao than 12 yean The AMRAMS1J u»« ton, rl)TNTEL IW)RAM cNpt. AndhwO M er oco ate Clock, it* any other product - to moke those urej®fc3ned R, What'i more n b DESGnED to occept o Mher thb pedgree. At the prfce. OM 0 TWO year guarantee. V ho wocifl consider any other?_ The New concept in Amiga PD Shareware plWPimi ll I Ml li * ¦ II iTlliMM I he LdLib coUwtHm - a carefully chosen selection of PD.
Compiled by subject to save you lime, trouble end money. All disks m regularly updated with the latest and best programs. Full of hints, tips and tutorials. Membership available.
I'nbeaiablc value: only £1.50 pa disk!_ I; Start: To gel you going on your new Amiga, tllltir,: The he,I utilities aruund for the new u«er.
Graphic, Master I & 2: Why buy e«pe»ivc ,-ommc.Cu.l software? CflBVdt malulMI*. HAM.
Onto sphere, an The Coaiplftr
AblBIlOf'» Delight: Cninuae to your heart, delight C Dttlu: Learn C without tears - a scry thoughtfully designed presentation (2 Dido.)
All Ss-stetM (Jo!: Guide to the Amiga operating system - uve Ul'% on hook,1 Best Mandelbrot: Kraeul laboratory I: A comprel (Fractal Laboratory 2 now also out I. t dlular Automata; Gar of Life. Lift 3D. Auwouaran and many t Scientific (.olkcttoa I: PD Astronomy for rtatry eyed surja erv Sfinter CoL 2: Just ralcmod' More Astronomy & Gravity. Includes the arna mg!
('lank Carnes Masterpiece,: Chess. Backgammon, ard other traditional board game, Workbench logk: Fully aUUsktng pu tle gamev to keep you from venous work far hoars Hobby Horse: F-noly entertainment mussc. Puftki. Even garden dwign OmFr " “ ------ lands mure: Catalogue disk available f« li 1.00 mcl. P«p to* Sop with order) th twolity ditto, all vino-frw and copied with venfy nag. Fasi order ptocesaing.
, orom add M)p p&p. Europe add £1.00 (C2-50 regk All others 11.40 (£3.00 try).
Estraondmary Mandelbrot program, all in one package t ofprogram* for exploring |ust abnoi every mcrcdiblt Utmifn ¦ - «•»» n* kAWtipa i (GET FT?)
T-'-SQ..-n, Cheques Postal Orders International Money Orders to: EdLib (Dept -). Scotland Farm, Stockuood Koad.
Brislineton, Isristol I1S4 51.1 . Tel: 0272 723489 F4M DICE • F4it Netback adventure ADVERTISERS1 INDEX WE MUST BE MAD Due to massive bulk buying and low cost advertising we can offer you high quality European manufactured disks at these extremely low prices Q CIIDSDD 04 n INC VAT
O. J DISKS 0 IU + LABELS Media Value ..174
Megabytes ....174
Megaphone .....54
Microdeaal ......12
Supplies 174 Neural Images ..133
New Dimensions ......142 Original Media ....62,175
Pazaz .....174 PDOM
PD .....171 Postal
PD .99 Power Computing 16
Protar 19
Proton ....143
Richards .122
Riverdene .....136
Rombo .OBC
School ....104
Senlac ....168 Sidmouth Software 134
Silica Shop ..61,129
Softmachine ..150
Softstuff ..IBC Solid State Leisure 3
Star Assoc ....135 Strictly
PD .....160
Surface ...IFC Target
PD .....143
Telescan 143 Third
Coast .....58
Trilogic ....11.174
Turbosoft ...110,111 Ultimate
PD ...173 Valley
PD ......136
Virgo ......142 Virus Free
PD ...167 Warp Drive ....142
Waterfront Design 122 Wonderland PD 176 17
Bit ......152
ABBCO ..144 Acne
Publishing ..54
Akore .20,21 Amiga
Bandits ...172
Amiganuts .....141 Applied Research Kernel
144 Arnor ...8
Astrocalc 141
Atlantis ...135 Audition
...156 Battleaxe PD .160 Best
Prices ......66
Bitccon ...122
Calco ......134 California
PD .160 Checkmate Digital 6 & 7 City
Beat ..39 Club
Amiga ...142
Commodore ....15 Computech
..141 Computerwise ...174
Connect .107
Datagem 107 Delta
Pi ..136
Diamond ....40-45
Digicom ....27
Digitz ......133 DJW
Micros ..133
DTBS .....134
Edlib 175
Electriclown .....99
ESP .141
Eurolink ..154 Evesham .50,51
Gasteiner .36
GJS .133
Goldstar .165 Gordon Harwood
57,114-117 Handisoft 176 Homebased
Business 141 Inpholink 175
Intraset ...101
JCL ...24
Killersound ....135
Kosmos ..144
LCL. 135 Manor Court ......150 MD
Office .49 Media Direct
176,158,28-31 Media Direct ..174
3. 5 K 31p 250 + @ 29p each: 500+@ 28p each; 1000 + @ 27p each
3. 5" DSHD 65p
5. 25" DSDD....19p SONY 3.5" 38p nonn ni n ¦
5. 25" DSHD....36p DSDD BULK 100 Capacity Disc Box ....3.75 50
Capacity Disk Box 3.25 Mouse Pockets ......1.50 Mouse
Mat ...1.75 Printer Stand .3.75
Amiga Dust Cover ..2.50 Posso Box ...15.00
Atari Dust Cover ...2.50 Amiga 512K RAM Expansion with
clock .....32.00 Amiga Atari External
Drive ..59.95 THIS MONTHS
64. 95 Please add £2.85 p&p next day £7.50. Cheques POs to PIC
COMPUTER SUPPLIES (Dept AMC10) IJ 11 Meakin Avenue. Clayton.
IfCTf’WWprjfeM Newcastle. Staffs ST5 4EY. I J QMMeiDit Public
Domain THE VERY BEST IN AMIGA P.D. GameR the .OBC Core
Gremlin .....7
Ocean .. ....20. 21 Special Reserve....
......2 & 3 US Gold ... .....9
Virgin .... .IBC We are a brand new
P.O. House based in the North East of England. Our aim is to
stock the very latest and greaiest wares available whilst
otienng you the best in customer service. If there's a disk
you require then ask us - we may well have got it since going
to press - and if we haven't then we'll endeavour to get it
tor yogi!!
UWUn Oentee WU501 57UMm WGOO' Pacna- WOM?
Mira Utlt, Otsa.
WG002 Awcbe uiuOus W1X03 SlOOiBtour WOOCJ Rerber WIKW Jurtonch WgflW Dnp WU006 Mced WQM5 ler* WU0O6 WtfhCConpfcr WG006 Games Galore 1 WUC07 RmOaeeos* WQ007 Teno* wuooe Red Sector Demo tour WOOS Errerad Mnes 3 MJ00S WusKIm WG009 BUOumondJ WU010 MuicrYnaKierJ WU011
S. LD Muele WU012 WmeTte Utdprnt WMOQ1 KehmlAnc WU013
Spcr-mbi'tfto' WV0C2 CWNnh WU014 n*Co«m(Xtk?
Wuoo Rescue Mo WUO'5 Exorass Cert U*b WWOM Hirt«r Partif WU016 MED *310 WW0C6 T 4 Pyfnan WUO'7-20 C-tt»ru*«2(4 fcte) wwocs Bepecfe Rerru wet OTPFcnh WU007 pmSMoasy* wwoce locfrotcnc WV009 CmOvfl'j Theme YM001 The JUQOtor WV010 rnjrr vmt AffTp Wukar WM011 Oder Rtmoi tma CwSUncyew WM012 Soni wan WM013-14 Buc* Ben tfdstal Wadtt VW015 Aod» WKD6 lutttewaa*’ WM0I6 Vmgrts MX7 TMCrvU WMQ17 The Power Send £1.00 (or our catalogue disk - or get it free with your first order ot ten disks or more.
Catalogue disk can be updated regularly - just send it back lor free updates WOCOI WK02 WDCD3 WtWH WOC5 WDC06 wlboor WX08 WDCC9 WOOIO WW" wool 2 WOO'3 woou WOO-5 wooie Budbran Demo Vwdxpper Obik Irrro* OsK' Bewti Budbran II TflUIR«al IraqDnno HORSE-RACING RebmpDtme FIW1»wFiUi The Simpsons WdwnjEjmh YdMClW CM Co jp COMPUTE-A-RACE+ SamFoStoestw Ukpu ft** i WH* Sum UOAWt UodM2 OyjJOojira UkpU I UltpU?
Ukp»3 Ukpui (As adverttsed in The Sporting Lift) II you enioy a flutter on the horses and own an Amiga, then Compute-A-Raee pkis ft an essential purchase Aside from accurately predicting both Flat and National Hunt races, can also advise on bets and settle return. Featuring Bet Selector, Bet Calculator, Review Race including commentary, summary and tip), statistics screen and a handy Note-Book option. CR* otters an ease ot use, wfeh an accuracy that will astound! Order now for onty £12.99 WA0Q3 WWW WM05 WA006 WMC7 WWOt wwo, WWIO All disks are priced £1.10 - please add £1.00 postage &
packing. Note minimum order is frve disks - and we do give one free disk for every 10 ordered. Adult desks only suppled to over 18's - please state age it you order from that section to avoto unnecessary delays. Programmers! - We are always on the look out tor new releases - get in touch it you think you may have something tor inclusion in the library.
Cheques Postal Orders made payable to "WONDERLAND PUBLIC DOMAIN*, crossed A C Payee Only.
E. AO.E. PO BOX 42 • NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE • NE31NW Previous owners
can obtain the latest copy by sending th* • master dsk. Proof
of purchase and a cheque lor £2.50 Only £12.99 CHEQUES PO
to amiabMy OFFER OF THE MONT Amiga Computing Cover Disks
(Misc. Selection) Extra disks (set of 5) Extra disks (set of
20) £7.50 £20.00 9897 9888 Hi-Soft Compiler & Library (seepage
m £59.95 9949 I Amiga Music Soundblaster Quartet Master Sound
(See Page 100) Package of all three I £47.95 9959 £39.95 9913
£34.95 9914 £104.95 9960 Amiga DABhand Guide (See Page 126) A
comprehensive guide to the Amiga's disk operating system
(version 1.2 and 1.3) £14.95 9866 Back Issues April 1991 £3.10
9734 111 May 1991 £3.10 9735 H June 1991 £3.10 9736 H July
1991 £3.10 9737 HR August 1991 £3.10 9738 H September 1991
£3.10 9739 B All these back issues include cover disk.
Bargain bundle Six issue? Of Amiga Computing (Apr-Sept) £17.00 9803 1 Add £3 Europe & Eire £12 Overseas ¦ Rombo Vidi Vidichrome plus Colour upgrade £119.95 9891 KH RGB Splitter £61.95 9964 B Sp$ H (See Page 100) Compact Arch E lec 3.5 £8.95 3612 B8| BBC 5.25 40T £8.95 361° H BBC 5.25 80T £8.95 3611 Bf BBC Elee Tape £8.95 3617 El Amiga £8.95 3614 ill ST £8.95 3673 SI PC3.5in £8.95 3616 || PC 5.25in £8.95 3615 1 Photon Paint 2 Paint in 4096 Colours £39.95 9945 Personal Sound System £19.95 9993 Rolling Ruler £6.50 9965 Chess WeWris Light Corridors Lotus Espnt James Pond Jane Seymour £16.95 £16.95
£16.95 £16.95 £16.95 £16.95 9978 B
- I "84 B 9987 j§ 9974 I ' Workstation (See Page 161) £3.50 9958
B Argasm £39.95 9925 B Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing a** pagemsi
See Page 93 £24 95 9874 B _ Phazer Gun (See Page 162) JP £39.95
9802 B Re-Ink Spray (seepage m B* £12.95 9998 B Personal
Finance Manager (Seepage m £24.95 9942 B; Joysticks & Mouse
Comp Pro Gto Green £14.95 9954 B Comp Pro Extra Joystick £13.95
9955 M Gasteiner Mouse £19.95 9956 B 'h Meg Upgradeisee its,
£29.99 9804 B Dust covers £4.95 9507 B Mouse mats £4.95 9508 B
Binders £595 9509 B Disc boxes £4.95 9860 B Addition for
postage: Europe & Eire add £3 |§j Overseas add £5 Unless
otherwise indicated Classic Games = TOTAL Send to: Europress
Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L65 3EB fcS S
(No stamp needed if posted in UK) Products are normally
despatched within 48 hours of receipt but delivery of certain
items could take up to 28 days Payment: Please indicate method
I ChequerEurocheqve made payable to Europress Direct Expiry _ Date ¦ Access.Mastercard Eurocard'Barclaycard Visa Connect Signed Post Code.
AMC10 Daytime telephone number in case o queries.
Name ... Address.
CITA winners Space is short this month, and we haven't got room to reprint all the old CITA photos. So if you have your back issues handy it will all make sense, if not... you're kinda stuck The winner of CITA 38 was Fiona Clarridge from Oxford with "The other Lemmings will be along any minute" CITA 39 was snapped up by Martin Grimes from Newcastle who identified Gazza and came up with the interesting caption of "How much will ya gimme to lift this up?"
Prizes will be in the post any month now. Watch out for the next Rock Lobster where we reveal the winner of CITA 40 £400 of wftwart to try for fre«... you really can't knock It Real 3D rename If you are having problems with our mega- generous Real-3D giveaway from last month, then read on.
Because of a teeny hiccup during the compilation of the disk, it has ended up on our cover with the wrong name.
Any readers following the Real 3D tutorial in the magazine will have been prompted to insert a disk called REAL. You don't have a disk called REAL yet, but it's easy to get one.
Simply rename the disk we supplied and all will be well with the world.
Also in next month's Amiga Computing... November is going to be our biggest and best ever issue of AC, but what's it all about?
In a word - videographics.
What are they? How do you design them and what is the best way to end up with a finished tape? We have loads of beginners' guides, hardware reviews and software roundups, not to mention a few tricks of the trade.
Also in November, for those with expansion in mind, a comprehensive look at hard disks, monitors and printers.
Add to all this a look at viruses and some of the sexiest hardware around and you have an issue of Amiga Computing that your newsagent won't be able to get enough of. Reserve your copy now!
How d'you you fancy a shot at redesigning one of the most popular music shows in Britain? Con you do better than tMI Tty your . . Hick next month... exciuiivefy In AC Next month Amiga 0 Computing and none other than The ITV Chart Show are offering an exclusive opportunity for you to do just that! If you fancy designing graphics that will be admired by over two and a half million viewers every week, the November issue of AC is an absolute must Take a peek at The Chart Show over the next few weeks to get a feel for how the graphics look and then get ready to totally redesign them.
There will be full details in next month's Amiga Computing so reserve yourself a Have you won an Amiga Computing competition and not received your prize yet?
During our office move - all of a painful 100 yards - we managed to “file" some correspondence so carefully that it hasn't turned up since So, if you are still waiting, put the lawyers on hold and get on the phone or write in.
Chart attack Lost winner The AC offkt belwt ivr moved Are you iuqtriied that a winner went mining
• Is your Amiga always getting sand kicked in its face?
Build Muscle Power The AMIGA COMPUTING Way
• Do other Amigas gang up on it and beat it up?
• In short, is your Amiga a 512k weakling?
• If so. Then Amiga Computing has the answer.
Yes indeed Ladies and Gentlemen, without the aid of anabolic steroids you too can turn your feeble 512k Amiga into a lean, mean I Meg machine. How? By using the Microbotics M50I memory expansion board! Not only does this technological marvel share its name with a trendy make of jeans, it s also easy to install and comes with an inbuilt dock. The board can also be turned off to run 1 2 Meg only software and is fully compatible with all Amiga models.
Thus you can transform your Amiga into a powerful throbbing hunk of computer power, capable of making full use of such utilities as Real 3D.
Can Do and other amazing Cover Disk freebies coming soon. And all for only £29.99!
How have you lived without it? At last your existence can have meaning. See the light brothers and sisters, fill in the form on page 177. You know it makers sense. Hallelujah!
Available from September 14th for Atari Amiga Magic Storybook makes creating stories and animating with sound fun by encouraging children to express their own creative ability
* Illustrate, Animate and add Sounds.
* Magic Storybook grows with your child, stretching their
imagination and creative powers.
Soft Stuff Software, Freepost, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 2BR Phone: 081 207 1997 Vidi... No 1 in UK & Europe (Leading the way forward) rxhoui ,heye*ring Jclsee rai, M ,0 ryZ ScrSen Ue- 1 haul too ?mtnves more Qo-. C°nsistenti t0 be f°n I'oie have lurZj I Get the most out of your Amiga by adding; "The Complete Colour Solution" The Worlds ultimate creative leisure product for your Amiga. Capture dynamic high resolution images into your Amiga in less than one second.
And Look No Filters Images can now be grabbed from either colour video camera, home VCR or in fact any still video source. The traditional method of holding three colour filters in front of your video camera is certainly a thing of the past. Because Vidi splits the RGB colours electronically there are no focussing or movement problems experienced by some of our slower competitors. Lighting is also less of an issue as light is not being shut out by lens filters. Put all this together with an already proven Vidi- Amiga VidiChrome combination and achieve what is probably the most consistant and
accurate high quality 4096 colour images ever seen on the Amiga.
You will see from independant review comments that we are undoubtedly their first choice and that was before the complete solution was launched. If you have just purchased your Amiga and are not sure what to buy next, then just read the comments or send for full review and demo disk.
The colour solution is fully compatible with all Amiga’s from a standard A500 to the ultimate A3000.
No additional RAM is required to get up and running.
C'Wcerneo, Actual unretouched digitised screenshot Features Grab mono images from any video source Capture colour images from any still video source.
Digitise up to 16 mono frames on a 1 meg Amiga.
Animate 16 shade images at different speeds.
Create windows in both mono & colour Cut & Paste areas from one frame to another.
Hardware and software brightness & contrast control.
Choice of capture resolutions standard & Dynamic interlace.
Full Palette control.
Add text or draw within art package.
Full cofbur demonstration disk available tor only £1.95 to cover P&P Limited tton, EH54 6T$ . Tel: 0506-414631 Fax; 0506-414634 6 Fairbairn Road 1 ay. But altered the gameplay to make t a little bit more 90s.
The graphics are clear and colourful
• ith plenty of variety. All manner of
• eird and wonderful creatures inhabit Tt towers and no two
towers are ever Jkke On top of that there's a neat little
pcture of Uncle on the front end. Get- bng more and more Irate
as you progress further through the game.
It’s nice to see that the scrolling of lie towers is beautifully fluid, as in the first game, which helps to make the game a little easier on the eye.
The sound is bright and chirpy, with some atmospheric howling winds the regher you go. The tune at the begin

Click image to download PDF

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