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Six years after its iaunch. the Amiga continues to lead the way in opening new markets for home users. As the oniy machine offering affordebie top spécification graph ies software such as Scutpt-4D and Reai 3D. it has been responsible for an expiosionin the sort of high quality rendered graphics, which o few years ago wouldn't have been out of piace tn a Hoiiywood sci-fi production. Stevie Kennedy soups up his humble horsepower with a careering cardfui of mighty MIPS This year wii! see a rapid growth in fhe 24-bit graphics market, both in hardware and software, adding a new dimension to Amiga visuots. The advent of graphics boards such os the Hcriequin. covered in February's i;sue of AMIGA Computing, an j image Processing software like ASDG's Art Department Ptofessionoi — which we'H iook at ne t month — seem set to push Amiga graphics to new standards of excellence. However. this high-end usage has a downside. Power computing is the key phrase for most new Amiga apptteations. and in areas as diverse as astronomy and medi-cai science the basic Amiga is struggling to meet the demands piocèd Oh it. its 7.14MHz 68000 CPU can no longer keep up with the requirements of more complex modem software packages and number-crunching tasks. and is a failing which has ied many u: ers to seek faster processor chips. One way of doing this)s to seii your existing machine ond buy an Amiga 3000, but tt is an expensive solution and catts for a complete change of equipment. if you are comfortaMe with your trusty 500 or 2000 and have everything set out to your ükirtg atter the mega-hosste invoived in bmieing up your System, swttchtug ta a new machine might not be as appeat-ing as you first thought. The other way out for those who already own an Amiga is to gc for an occeierator board. and the iast couple of years have seen enajgh of these developed to offer a tea-sonabte choice.

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Document sans nom H 2.0 overhauled Amiga Repairs If something is wrong with your Amiga 500 or C64. Who better to turn to than the Commodore National Repair Centre.
For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, reoair (including parts and labour) and delivery back to you.
And. As a special bonus, you can receive a free piece of software if you contact us before 14th April 1991.
The experience and expertise of our technicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days!
To schedule a repair and claim your free software, simply call Michelle or Matthew on 0733 391234.
Please be ready to give your name, address, computer type, serial number and the type of fault.
The cost is £49.95 for an Am ga 500 and £39.95 for a C64". Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card.
R FREE SOFTWARE And remember, if you call before 14th April you can claim a FREE piece of software.
Commodore National Repair Centre 0733 391234 £49.95 COVERS ANY REPAIRS FMG House Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 0SF
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000 25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga • IS VOI R AMIGA STILL IN THE
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40
• THE MACHINES • A5000-16 16.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2-3
MIPS (B MIPS peak) B5000-25 2500 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP 5-6
MIPS (12 MIPS peak) B5000-40 40.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP
6-9 MIPS (18 MIPS poak) FPU 125 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous
MC68881RC or MC68882RC A5000-16RAM 4 Meoabytes of 32-bit RAM
258 x 4 60ns DRAMs B5000-2! RAM 16 Megabytes of 32-bit RAM 1024
x 4 80ns DRAM} B5O0O-4C RAM 32 Megabytes of 32-bit RAM 1024 x 4
80ns ORAM} SHADOW ROM. Move your Kickstarl into 32-bil
SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE- 68000 Fallback mode tor 1004* software
compatibility HARDWARE 100% Company with Amiga 500(2000 and
add-on was INTERFACE 1: Plugs into 68000 processor socket
inside your Amigs INTERFACE 2 A B2000 Coprocessor (Zorroll)
card (tor B5000-40 only) A5000-16 (Price includes I Mb RA M)
B5000-25 (Price includes I Mb RA M) B5000-40 (Price includes
A.Mb RA M) (All prices inclusive of VAT) Solid State leisure
Limited 83 Fineoon Road, irthlingborouqh, Nohthanti NN9 5TZ.
Telephone: (09331 650677 International: -*¦ aa 933 650677 iLl'
WRITERS Paul Austin Stevie Kennedy PRODUCTION EDITtR Gtins
ntmmtPutftsnnglts Eumoi Hsuse. Adingw Pvt. IakcMM: SxtO 4NP
Elilwat'Ttae.’fMf Aftinnn xavtttt W 35' W fit OKS 8Wtt Imp
Ctmjiin? Mltiim r.titt kr pllatn* Nattml SMU6 M nit ai Amqi
ttabiM nttoj ta IX ttbit il nilcr al tanitf t« puraitMd
Cwlnhficm caiiil| It icctpier In pituuiitfl by IrtndM MlaSut l«
w »ill njio ban.
CWIrtradm Pjilniiig Ud. Ik niknH nay t* tHDJurt ii aftsle w it j»i it trn ptnrroa* Milt ntn can a labai. Nt paiBim camti l« btM «iaJh •ncomilt lit aiy trm ia Mrln listoyi if iMflMMA Amyi CmmbVoj n at niioimirt prtioloi ir Cnwmicn BiiiHftt ttatliits |l).I Iltd a id ropiniUa Iw an tf Ha ton itmtnjmstd «m »a(i tstntMtni Carat iMIMUlSSi THE DISK This month we bring you whot other mog* couldn't
- a complete working copy of SpectraColor in all Its HAM and
animated glory. Take a gander at our April special.
Bench 2.0, a wonderful piece of PO that will dromatlcdlly transform your Workbench screen. Especially for music buffs we have a first rate ripper - Hunter. A ripper is a magical piece of software that searches through the Amiga's memory and tears out the chunks containing musical samples. Hexlt will provide Intellectuals with hours of mathematical Blockbuster-type fun, while Yawnl swaps plastic for silicon in the classic sliding tiles game. Our find offerings. Size and Dda-2-Obj, are two delightful little programs for use with CU. Enjoyl CONTENTS REGULARS AMIGApeople AH tie news thot'S fit to
pnnt from the world of Arrvgo computing 7 CLI The second of Stevie Kennedy's beginner's guides to the world of CU .63 Public Domain Paul Austin casts his critical eyes over the very latest freeware offerings _86 Technical N fa% Help % Don t suffer in silence, our very c» owr computer chappies are a at your convenience to ease * your Amiga and sooth your fur- rowed brow with help on a verlta- bie mountain of techie
topics 107 External Input No t isn't something new. Just good old fashioned letters under a new guise ..127 GAMES Choos Strikes Bock. MiG-29 Fulcrum. Colditz and Hard Drlvn' 2 - Drive Harder Just some of the silicon highlights that are on offer In this month's Game Zone - one there's morel ....37 REVIEWS Workbench 2.0 at last Ifs here. It's here! Workbench v2.0 in such amazing detail you'll wonder how you ever did without it 57 DTP head*to*head Nick Veitch reviews ProPage and
Pog©stream in an Amiga Computing head-to-head special ...66 SpectraColor revealed Take all the hard work out your own animated sequence. Paul Austin tens you how ..75 Working on the move Train or plane commuter? Need some*hing to hitch up to your Amiga? Maybe a Z88 s the arswer 94 CODE CLINIC 117 The Wright stuff Paul Austin interviews an Amiga musical maestro residing In the depths of Beetle land ..96 Roland on Paul Austin takes a final peek at this incredible range of Amiga music kit .. 99 MUSIC 119 Counter
attractions Got some dosh burning a hole in your pocket?
Fast Eddie McKendrick directs your eoger digits 130 ALMANAC Something for everyone, every month, from the experts DTV .113 MACHINE CODE 115 COMMUNICATIONS I* Just keeps getting better! Who would believe that the pictures you send us are from amateurs?
For more amazing visuals from you budding Picassos turn to Page 104 GALLERY DESKTOP PUBLISHING 123 m
Fulham tonao**, - opoouia tuion bsinci © SK MARKETING PLEASE
UALL rUri LA I to I HtLbAbtb rLtAbb (JALL rt-Jri LA I to I
AMIGA HARDWARE £18.95 .....£32.45 £18.45 £16.96 .....£14.45 £18.95 £32.45 .....£18.45 £18.45 £14.96 £8.96 £14.95 ....£18.45 £1845 £27 96 £12.95 £17.45 £32.45 £21.95 ..£21 95 £14.95 £18.45 £24.95 .-.£23.95 .....£17.45 £20 45 £28 96 ....£29.96 £32.96 £32 98 £14.95 £1845 . ..£16 95 £1695 £16.95 £14.96 .....£18.95 ..£24.50 SCREEN GEMS PACK A500. TV Modulator. Mouse. Star LC10, Cable. Kindwords 2. Fusion Paint.
Miniature Golf. Super Ski. Crazy Cars ONLY £549 10 STAR GAMES PACK - £30 AMIGA 1500 2 x 3 ' *" Drives 1 Mb Ram 1084S Monitor Platinum Works Populus Sim City Battlechess Battle of Brit Deluxe Paint III +10 other games.
£975.00 A590 20MB Hard Dove .....£289.95 Philips 8833 Monrtor £230.00 Commodore i084SCoi Monitor £259.95 A501 Ram Expansion Clock .£129.95 Video Digitizer .£99.95 Half Meg RAM expansion .with clock £45.00 without clock £40.00 Zydec 3.5* Drive ..£69.96 .£13.95 .£15.95 .£20.95 £1845 £2395 AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER including sound amplifier with stereo speakers + headphones You have to hear it to believe it £49.99 DOT MATRIX PRINTERS Star LC10 Panasonic
KXP1124 . Panasonic KX-P1180 . LC200 9 pin col ...... LC24-200 24 pm mono LC24-200 24 pin col ... LC24-10 ... £173 ....£260 ...£190 £230 £265 £310- ...£265
• Orono Quest II .
Cine of RA____________ Days cf Thunder .... Death Trap--- Discover Maths .... Oragons Breed .... Oragons Breath ... Dragon Fight_____ Dragons Lur II________ Dragons of Runs ... Drakhen ... Dungeon Master________ Dungeon Master Editor East v West .... Emlyn Hughes wScccer.
HU.- . _.... EntBrprai ___ ESWAI ...... Everton F.C Intefigension.
F-16 Combat Phot..... F-19 Sheatth fighter________ F-29 Retalator .
Fqffler Bertoer .. Fral&rtlfl ... FralCarttow Falcon .. Falcon Misson 1 ... Falcon Misson 2 ... Flood -------
• firm Baffle. ..... Fn 4 Brimstone .. Fight at the ttruder_...
Ffmbo* Quest .... Ft* School 2 (under 61s)... IB to
Bis)..... |0vtfffs)r„ Fun School 3 (under 5's|... (5 to
71s)...... (Over 7*} Future Wars__________ Gazza II------
Gotten Aids r... Grand PnxCtrait GunstMp_____ Hardball 2______
Heroes Quest ..£23.99 ..£1699 Trad lll_ Turin Wortt .
• WffliV.~
• UMS2_ ..£1959 ..£1750 .£19.99 .£1999 ..£19.99
- ----£1750 £16.99 _£i7.50
- £13.90 £17.50 £19.99 £1750 £34.90
- £16,99
- £19.99 £16.99 £8.99 £16.99 ____£16.99 £16.99 _£18.90 £1750
- £1499 .. £16.99 £19.99 £16.99 _£19.99 £17.50
- £17.50 _£19.99 .£14.99 £14.99 _£16.99 £16.99 £16.99
- £2150 £16.99 _____£13.99 £13.99
- £13 .99 £16.45 ___£16.45 £16,45 _.£16.99 ____£1750 .... £19.99
____£16,99 £16.99 £16.99 £24.99 Umal__ UfcmattGol...
• Universe 3 .
UN Squadron .. V»ine----- VtromWeigs.
War Games......
• War Jeep
• Whitt Death.
Wings ot Death.
£16.99 £16.99 _£1750 £1750 ,™ .,,£1750 £1959 £16.59 £19.99 £1750 £2350 £1699 £1750 ...£17.50 ...£16.50 ...£13.99 .. £16.99 ..£12.99 £15.90 £14.99 ...£19.99 ..£14.99 £2499
- £27.99 £1750 £1699 Wmpaciflllb)... Xeren liMegablast Xipos
-____ ZacMcKraken ..£1590 M Some ot the above
odes may not have been retoased and some ol the otter Dries may
mm been deleted LATEST RELEASES Battle Siorm £17.90 Bomber Bob
£17.50 Chips Challenge £17.90 Conquest of Camelot £28.90 Crime
Wave ..£17.90 Donald's Alphabet Chase £17.90
Exterminator ...£17.90 Fists of
Fury ..£17.90 Goofy* Railway Express £17.90
Hard DrivwiQ II ..£21.00 High
Energy .£17.90 Horror Zombies Crypt £17.50
Lemmings ! .....£19.90 Meckey's Runaway Chase £17.90 M»g
29 . £24.90 Mighty Bombjack £17 90
MU0S ...£17.90 Sporting Winners £16.50
Striker ...£17.90 Team
Suzuki .£17.90 Thallon hte 1st Year £17.50
Turrican II £17.90 World Cham Boxing Mgr£16.90 North London: 13
Moneyhill Parade Uxbndge Road Rlckmansworth Herts WD3 2BE Tei.
0923 896969 Fax: 0923 771058 688 Attack Soto £1659 9
• Acuxi Statons . £1999 'Adidas Champonsfirp Footfcai
..£16 99 Amos - Game Creator .....£3599 Anarchy .. £1499
Anoet Battles £1750 Answer Back Junior
Quit_____£1599 Apprenlc* ......£1750 AmxwGeddon- £1795 Atomh
......£1399 Ant Heads Data Otsk ....£1199
• AW1S.0UE ...... £2399 Back to the Future II ......£1699
Bad Ccmparr .... £1750 Badatds ...._.....E1750
Bar Games ... E19J0
BAT____________________£2150 Bafflemasttr ... £1699
Batiks of Bren (finest hour)....-£1999 Baffle Squadron £1699
Baffle Chess _ .. £1699
• Baffle of AusWHtl £1699
‘MrapL ....£1999 Belter Speileng
• Blade Warrior £1699 Blitzkrieg May 1940 ... £1745
Blood Moner - £1699
• Bomber ___________£2190 BSS Jaw Se mour £1699 Buck Rodgers
• Budokhar ...... £1745
• CadMr .. £16.99
• Carthage ... £1699
• Cartoon Caperc. £1490 Can*__________ £1690 Castle Master
£1699 Champions of Kryr* „„£1999 Chaos Strikes Back
(1Mb) £17 45 Chase HO 2 E1750 Codenara tom*
.._ ..£2799 Combo Racer__________£17.45 Conqueror
....£17.45 Colonels Begjof £2739 CorpMBon .. £1645
• Cartoon Caws ... ....£1499 AMIGA B2000...... CONTROL
CENTRE Instanify transform your Amiga 500 into an A1000 2000
'look a like without any modification to the computer Simply
slip the 'control centre' over the Amiga 500 and by reason of
Its colour match and contour hugging design it becomes an
integral part ot the computer itself.
• Hides untidy connections at rear of A500
• Holds disk drives, genlocks etc. ..
• Easy access to joystick ports
• Monitor sits about A500 £54.95 NEW HAND SCANNER By Gotten image
Inc. Touchup Software Supports IMG. IFF. TIFF, Deias * more
lOOf1000OO or 400 DPI Requires 1Mb + DS Drive Full Technical
Support £195.00
• Legend cfffle Lot £16.99 LCStMnu2 ..
.£1699 LOS! P£rol .... ..... £16.99 Lotus Esprit
Turbo... .....-£1750 Mage Maths !4-8)ts) .
..... £1899 Manhj-xer ...... £19.99 Manhjiter2 ......£1999 Manchester Uitec £1699 ManacMarsiy ..... £1699 Matter Bbjter .....£1750 Maths Mata ......£1899 Mega Mars ...... £19 99 Midnight Resistance...... ..... £16 .99
V. tt.imer ...... £19.99 Might & Magic . .£2195
Might & Meglk 2 .. ..... £19 99 'MurOif
.....£19.99 Murder nSpK« . ...... .£1750 Mad Processor
Mariarti... ..... £1750 Hound of Shadoe . £1699 Honda RVF
________£16.99 tagerium - .....£16.99 Hsara
Jones Adwnture .£1699 Mara Jones Acton. ..£14.99
MeSaflon ... £16.99 Mtnaftml 30-TmiS ..£16.99
keemahonal Socar Challenge £17.50 Mtrghasa
I) Cut* from the Cesart- ....£20.99
Kwhoe ... £16.99 Jack Ncttsus Goff .. -£16.99
Jack Nctoaus Int. Tourees ..£10.99 James Pond .. Judge
Dr eat______ Jumpng Jackson----- Kck0ff2 _ Kick Off 2 final
Whistle .
* W Glows. .
Ktu .. Knghtsd Crystallon.. Lesure Suit Larry i Lfcsure Suit Urry 2. .
Lesut«SuBLaiTyJ.._ Line of Fire___________ Lombard RAC RaiV PHILIPS 6833 Mkll MONITOR - £269.95 FIRST STEPS - £539 .£19.90 SCREEN GEMS ? 10 STAR GAMES PACK - £385 SCREEN GEMS PACK - £369 NAKSHA MOUSE ? MOUSE MAT - £32.50 AMIGA 500, MOUSE ? PSU - £329 AMIGA HARDWARE Narco Poito .. .._£1750 Nitro .. .. £17.50 .. £1699 Neuromencer ...... ......_£17.45 Se*«:omer ....£19.99 New Zealand Story___ ....£16.99 New Ycrk Warriors.. ....£199?
Night Breed .. £16.90 Nina Spirits £1699 .. £16.99 Nitro ......£1750 Sue.ear War .. ...£17.45 Obrius .. . £2350 .. -£1750 Operation Spnance ....£1990 OptrKon Sfoltti..... .....£16.99 ...... £2053 ‘OnenaiSames . . £16.99 Pang .. £1750 .£16.45 Prates ... ...£16.99 Pxisfer .. ......£16.99 PtrittOuet! .... ....£I7.4S Poke Quest 2 ... £2455 Pools cfRadunc*..... ..-£2050 ...... £1699 Populous Data Drift
.. .£959 £2190 Primary Maths Course ..£1959 Precious Metal .. ..£16 95 Pratecrfte ..... £16 99 Pro Soccer 2190 ....£1750 Pro Terns Tour . £1659 Pj-isher £16 99 RANX .. £1745 flMSKiririRsrfl .£16.99 Resokjhon 101 . ..£1745 ..£1645
• RckOangerousn .
....£17.45 Riders ol Rotor £2150 Rings of Medusa ..£1759 ...11750 Rnrlcis Drift £1699 Roto» ....£1699 Second Front...... ...... .£2050 Atfrarced Amga BASIC____________ Adrarcvd Syst Prog Gda Amiga Amga 30 Oaptxcs Prog BASIC..... Amiga Application*., ..... Amiga Assembly Lang Prog .. Amga BASIC InsxJe 4 Out . Amga C Ad anced Programmer*..... Amga C lor Beonners ----------- Amiga DOS Inside 4 Out ..... Amga DOS . Amga COS Ojick Referenoe------- Amga DOS Re Code _
-------- Amga Desktop Video ..... Amga Desktop Video Gude ..._ Amga Disk Ortvee inside & Oul . Amga For Beginners_____________ Amiga Gd Graphics Sound Teleco.. Amga Graphics insdo & Out .. Amga Hardware Ret Manual Rev.... Amiga Machine Lang Guide ...... Amiga Machino Language ..... Amga Microsoft Basic Prog Guide Amga Prog Handbook Vol. I . . Amga Prog Handbook Vol. 2-------- Amga Programmers Guide .
Amga Programmers Guide ...... Amga ROM Kernel Ref Man Autod Amga ROM Kernel Ref Manual .
Amga ROM Kernel Ref Man Lib Amga System Programmers Guide Amga Tricks and Tips ..... Becoming an Amga Artist . Beginners Gude to tho Amiga . Computes 1st Book ot Amga...™..... Compute's 2nd Book of Amiga ... Elementary Amga BASIC ... Inside Amiga Graphics .. Inside me Amga with C 2nd Ed .
Kckstart Guide to the Amga ..... Kids & the Amga ...... Maopng the Amga ..... More Tips & Tricks for Amiga .
Programmers Guide to the Amiga..... BOOKS 9 out of 10 ... . £29.95 Animator Images ..£89.95 Animator .....£39.95 Animator 3D ....£99.95 Arena Accounts ..£149.95 C-Ugh* £39.95 Comic Setter ....£44.95 Deluxe Paint II £49.95 Deluxe Paint III .£64.95 Deluxe Print
2 . £39 95 Deluxe Music Construction £54.95 Deluxe Productions .....£99 95 Deluxe Photolab ..£54.95 Deluxe Video ... .£65.95 Din pamt III .£54 95 GFA Basic Compiler ...£39.95 Distant Suns .....£37.99 GFA Basic Interpreter III ...£39.95 Hisott Devpac V2 .£39.95 Hisoft Lattice C ...£175 95 Home
Accounts £22.95 Home Office Kit ..£104.95 Infoflle .£34.95 Instant Music ....£21.95 K-Data ...£34.95 K-Gedget ....£19.95 K-Seka £29 95 K-Spread III £75.00 K-Text ..£14.95 Kind Words V2 ...£33.95
Mailshot Phis ....£40.95 Maxiplan Plus ..£49.90 Music X ....£169 00 Personal Finance Manager £27.50 Photon Paint 2 .£54 95 Powerworks .75.00 Prodata ......£59 95 Protext .£64.95 Protext V.5 £110.00 Publishers Choice ......£74.95
Quartet £39 95 Sound Express Stereo Sampler £39.99 Starter Kit ...£54.00 Superbase Personal ..£29.95 Superbase Personal II £65 95 Superpian ...£69.95 TVS how ..£59.95 Vista ....£49.00 Vista Pro ... .£89.00 Word Pertect ..£185.00 Workbench
1.3 ... £15.00 Zoetrop (5 in 1 package) £79.95 Stem: Serves ...... ......£19.99 SmC * ...... ......£1999 SmCb Terrain Edtor . ......£1195 Slid 2 . ......£14 99
• sys r..... .. ......£1699
• S-OKlrfce ...... ......£17.50 ......£32.95
... .... £17.50 Space (tost i
......£17.45 Space(uest2 ...... ......£17.45 Span Ct.esf
3 ... £24 99 Space P cgue ......-.....
......£1999 Speech* i 2 ......£1790
• Sr«tHo:tey ..... ......£1699 Stunt Car
Racer ......£16.99 Sword it
Aragon ..... ....£1999 Swofd if TwIigW ......
......£1999 ’SrarbMe .. ......£16.99 .....£23.50
Tewagi Mutant Tirtes ... ... £17.45 Tennts
Cud .... ......£16.99 Test One? ...
• The Kitng Game Show ......£21.90 The C1cverpacft .
......£23.50 The Purser .. £16.99 The Thid
Courier ..... ......£17.50
• TheSpyWhoLowdMe...... ......£16.99
• TheUtruteR.de ... £16.99 Third Cfuner ...... ... £1699
Thnll Tine Platinum II ... £19.99 Thurdntrke
..... £1699 rebel . ... £16.99 Total
Recal ____£17.50 TcwrunenGfl'l...... £1750
ToyottCeha Ratty - . £1750 ......£17.50 ... £1399
Tusker ... ... £16.99 The Pague
. ... £16.99 TVSccrisFobfflali . £19.99 TV Seeds
..... ._£19.99 £1645 Treasure Trap ... . £1699
BR and Uotropdrtan Lna SffldoruftheBeastl Shadow Warriors A MIG A|» people AMIGA people come in oil shapes and sizes, and one who has notched up o notable fast is 12-year-old Girl Guide Kerrie Stevens from Woodford Bridge In Essex.
Using her brother's Amiga, Kerrie has become the first Guide in the country to achieve a computer literacy badge.
The badge hod been on offer for more than a year when Kerrie s brother And noticed a report that it had beet won by Scouts but never a Guide.
He mentioned it to his sister and she decided to take up the challenge.
During weekend visits to his London flat Andy taught her the fundamentals of more serious computing and how to use the BASIC programming language.
From there. Kerrie graduated to writing her first simple program which converts centimetres to inches and metres to feet.
A member of 4th Woodford St Pauls Guides, and a pupil at Caterham High School, Kerrie first became Interested In computers when Andy bought himself an AMIGA.
'Kerrie was seven years old when Andrew bought the computer and she used to sit with him far hours', said her mother Lynn.
'She likes playing games, but her interest increased when she sent in for the badge. She had to write her own p'ogram then answer questions about it.
‘Now she has won the badge, the only problem is lhat she wants a computer of her own*.
NEW MAN AT ACCOLADE Accolade, the Amiga and other home computer gomes software house has appointed a new managing director for their European operation. Based In London. Tim Christian will be responsible for Accolode's day to day European business.
Since its inception in 1989, Accolade Europe Ltd has oeen represented by London-based The Sales Curve under the leadership of Jane Cavanogh.
'The Sales Cun e has done a remarkable job of expardlng Accolade's business in Europe and helping us establish a foothold In the European marketplace. ’ sold Peter Doctorow, vice president of international business development. ‘Their expertise has contributed much to the success of such game hits as The Duel: Test Drive II. Elvira and Jack Nlcklaus golf simulations. Our business has now grown to the point that we ?
WHAT’S new SPRING DEBUT FOR CHEAPER CDTV WHEN CDTV hits UK shops it could be £100 cheaper than originally planned. Commodore are currently trying io bring the initial £699 tag down tc below the £600 mark.
Commocore's Andrew Ban told AMIGA Computing-. 'We are looking at a price below £600. And the inference has been that this would make It £599. It could be lower, but we cannot confirm any figures at present'.
Also still unconfirmed is a launch date for the new home entertainment system. Following Its re-launch at the giant Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where it was well received with more than a dozen working applications on show, there was market confidence that CDTV would be ready to go on sale in March.
But Commodore ore still sticking to the official fine of a ’spring launch*.
When it does appear CDTV will be in 100 Dixons outlets throughout the country fofiowtng a deal between Commodore and the retail chain.
'We are also negotiating with other High Street electric stores who seem to be very keen on CDTV. Which is a new product category for them'. Added Ball 'The consumer electronics business needs a tonic at present ond CDTV can provide that'.
Trade sources say Commodore predict 50.000 UK sales of CDTV between its launch and the end of the yepr.
DON'T BANK ON A TRADE-IN IN last month's Amiga Compufng we told of the Commodore deal allowing A500 owners to trode in their machines for a new A1600 with a £200 discount.
Don't dash off to your local dealer to take odvantoge of the need to manage more closely the opportunities of an expanding market.'
BITMAPS PLAYING ANEW TUNE THOSE gurus of the games scene the Bitmap Brothers are at it again with their second release under the new Renegade label, which they have formed in partnership with Rythm Wng Records.
Building cn this tie-up between the worlds of music and leisure computing, their next offering called Gods will be available for the AMIGA in March and win feature music by Nation 12.
This i? The band which includes John Foxx. Formerly of Ultravox.
And Simon Rodgers, of The Fall and Ez-ee Possee. The track to be included in Gods wii be Into The Wonderful.
Based on the tasks of Hercules.
Gods Is on eight-way scrolling arcade adventure. As Hercules, the player takes on four tasks to gain his freedom from the control of Juno and Eurystheus and achieve eternal life.
A real challenge Gods poses four tasks In each of four levels.
Each level is designed so it can be completed In a number of different ways.
A claimed unique feature of Gods is a system of alien Intelligence which allows adversaries to interact and respond directly with the decisions made by the player.
This means that the player cannot simply learn action sequences and react to them.
Graphics are by Mark Co man, programming by Steve Tal and overall design by Eric Matthews and Steve Toll.
The Bitmap's tie-up with RK Records followed their request to use Bomb The Base's track Megablast for the game Xeron 2.
RK boss Martin Heath Is ar avid games player and seized on the idea of giving developers more of the credit for their products - more in line with the way music artists are treated and one with v hlch the Bitmaps readily ogreed.
'The Idea behind Renegode is to produce a publishing company which runs the way Rythm King Records does, giving artists the credit they deserve, paying their royalites on time and consulting them about packaging and promotion of their products', he said.
DOS WITH DASH FREES MEMORY AMIGA person Jonathan Small has come up with a new product for serious program developers through his recentty formed company Supa Nova Developments.
Supa specialise in development software and hardware and the new host-slave system CyberDos is aimed at both Amiga and Atari ST machines.
At the core of the system is a specially designed lead for connecting the computers and a collection of sophisticated controlling software utilities.
The lead Is a high-speed link which can be used for transferring files between the two machines and more importantty for transferring new versions of programs between them.
Any combination of the two computer types is possible and the system automatically converts ST ?
WHAT'S new offerl Commodore s publicity-, department have apologised for an error In communications. The deal is not a trade-in, but a straight price cut on A1500 machines.
If the latest story ts the right one.
Customers buying an A1500 will “ get it for £999.99 Inclusive of VAT rather than the previous price of £999.99 ex VAT - a saving of £149.99. A possible reason for the confusion is that Commodore have now announcec another trade-in deal.
Owners of any video games console or any make of computer in any condition con take it into their local Comrrpdore dealer and get £70 off the price of an a new Amiga 500.
The offer runs until the end Of March, bringing the £399 price of the 500 down to £329.
LINING UP FOR THE SPRING SHOW AMIGA products will be out in force at the first Spring Computer Shopper Show to be held at Alexandra Palace frcm May 10 to
12. It follows the success of the traditional December Shopper
Show and is designed to feature the best of the new products
due for a spring launch. At the last Shopper Show, market
research showed than more than 3C per cent of visitors were
Amiga people. A foct which win be reflected in the number
of Amiga exhibitors being attracted to the spring event.
Already In the line-up for May are Precision Software who wll be supporting the Amiga market 100 per cent. They will feature nore than 200 Amiga titles, including a strong showing of serious productivity software.
Also among the Amiga supporters due to make an appearance are Evesham Micros. HI Soft and US Action. In addition to the Spring Computer Shopper Show, there will be the traditional pre- Christmas event, to be held at Wembley from December 5 to 8.
PANEFULL FOR PIRATES COMPUTER users who deal with confidential material may be under threat from data spies who can lurk outside buildings, home in with powerful equipment and pick up sensitive information from electronic signals which pass through windows. Now Pllkington Glass have come up with a weapon to Commodore A500 Flight Of Fantasy
n. Mj AMIGA Flight ot Fantasy s the very latest Amiga 500 pack
fron Commodore, featuring BRAND NEW software releases, to make
this the most spec tacular A500 pack ever' The pack features
the Amiga 500 compuior with mouse controller and TV modulator,
as well as four top software lilies. These include the
following: DELUXE PAINT II: F29 RETALIATOR: The hgn QuMty
jmnci program eu» m me eunoaro lor oilier Amga art package*
Deluxe Feint u include* powerful e*»y to um toot* Itial bring
out IN* *»;»! In you Create ma*«er pace*, preeenuaona X
peropectNe* or |um doodle The jnmate in tight umuaion with a
chore* of two *»cran ana tour umt erwrronirentt w*h dozen* ot
ditrarant tactical miaaon* Aerial combat. Antegic *omemg*.
Nterac- ave ground baaed barn** teagomg camera me lit! Ot
feature* ¦» indeu heal lime cockpit display*, including true
radar enhance the realitiic lerl ol »»* stunning simul alien
ESCAPE I ROBOT UOHSTtK: Tha Commodore A500 Batman Pack must
surely rank as one crl the most popular computer packs ever!
The pack features me Commodore Amiga 568 computer wdh mouse
controller ano TV modulator plus tour top software titles. The
software includes Batman The Movie' Rid Gotham City of the
cunning |oker, in Ocean's lop selling title based on the
blockbuster Batman film. New Zealand Story • high quality
conversion of the feeding arcade game; Interceptor Dogtighi
with two F-16's in this leading bight simulator Deluxe Paint
II - top quality Amiga graphics package wh h set the standard
for others to follow.
Return the coupon for further details PACK INCLUDES: A500 Computer & Mouse £399.99 A520 TV Modulator £24.99 Batman The Movie £24.95 New Zealand Story £24.95 Interceptor £24.95 Deluxe Paint II £49.95 FOR FURTHER DETAILS OF THE AMIGA RANGE, COMPLETE THE COUPON AND RETURN IT TO SILICA SHOP THE UK’s No1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS TOTAL RRP: £549.78 Loss Pa:* Saving £150 78 PACK PRICE: £39940 Mere * something complete-* differed a jcionce t-cbon story with com book «tyl* graphic* Our heroa* Jake and Duke are on the Planet X rescuing Human* eto have been captured by tha Robot Monster* and forced to create
an enl Robot A my to 0€$ TRC* EARTH' Joke and Ouu tgnt the* aty through honfe* ot evH Robot* to help tha Humans escape RAINBOW ISLANDS Slip on your magic moe*. Praoea throwing a rainbow and you're ready to go island hopping From the Island rf Ooh to Monater Island, you mil on- coxae Don hmoetl. Tengng maacs.
• adit' combat machines, mechanical a*aalit its. The formidable
being* ol togeno and folklore. Finally enter the world or
darknee* and it* nhatutam.
PACK INCLUDES: A500 Computer & Mouse £399.99 A520 TV Modulator £24.99 Deluxs Paint II £49.95 Escape Robot Moisten £19.99 Rainbow Islands £24.95 F29 Relallator £24.95 TOTAL RRP: £544.82 Less Pack Saving £145.82 PACK PRICE: £39940 I I Initials: Surname: SILICA SHOP IS FREE OVERNIGHT COURIER DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped in the UK.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team ol Amiga technical oxports at your service.
PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a "Same procuct - Same price" basis ESTABLISHED 12 YEAR$ : Proven track record in professional computer MlBS Cl3u TURNOVER (with 60 staff)'¦ Sol»d and reliable with maintained growth BUSINESS EDUCATION GOVERNMENT Volume discounts available lor large orders.
SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London & Sidcup branches.
THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All ot your Amiga requirements Iron- one supplier FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with offers and software peripheral details PAYMENT: By cash, chequo and all major credit cards CREDIT PAYMENT TERMS: Silica are licensed credit brokers - return coupon for details.
Before you deade when to buy your rtew Amiga compute', we suggest you ttunk very carefully about WHERE you buy it Consider wnal it will be like a lew months after buying youi Amiga, when you may require additional peripherals or software, or help and advice with your new purchase And. Wrtl the company you buy trom eoniaet you with dea-»s of new products? At Silica Shop, we ensure that you w.il have noenng to worry about S*ca have Men esutksneo for over 12 years, and have an annual turnover of C13 million Witn our unrivalled eipenence and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers
requirements wrrth an understanding which is second to none Bui don't just take our word tor it Complete and return lha coupon now for our latest Frag literature and oeg-n to ex- penance ire "Silica Shop Service SILICA SHOP OFFER YOU RETURN THE COUPON NOW FOR FREE BROCHURES MAIL ORDER: -4 The Mews. Hatheriey Rd. Stdcup. Kent. DA14 40X Tel: 081-309 1111' Order l n*» Op«n Mon-Sal 9QO«m6.QOpm_Ho Lafe N)QN OpqWkQ Fa. No (81-308 0608 LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road. London W1P OBA Tel: 071-580 4000 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 930sm-&00pm_Late Night Thursday until 8pm_Fax No 871-323473?
SI0CUP SHOP: -4 The Mews. Hatheriey Rd, Stdcup Kent. DA14 40X Tel: 081-302 8811 Opening Hour* Man Sal 9O0am-s3Q;im lata NfeN fnday unM Tpm_Fa. Nn cat-309 Ccir BUSINESS EDUCATION: -4 The Mews. Hatheriey Rd' Sidcup. Kent. 0A14 40X W: 081-308 0888 Ordar lines Opan Motion *OQam-«COom Cloaad on Saturday Fa. Kfo 91-308 0608 I Whtch computef(s). It any do you own? . A2000 r* To Silica Shop Dept AUC0M™1-™-4 ThTMe™HatheTey Rd"sidcuMenUAinox PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ON THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms.
* * Commodore C lr lf * J| t ¦ h Grand Monster Stem Powerplay
Tower of Babei Shufflepuck Cate E-Mobon Mouse Mat Amiga A500
Computer Keyboard 512K Random Access Memory Built-in 1 meg
double-sided disk drive Superb 4096 Colour Graphics 4 Channel
Digital Stereo Sound Speech Synthesis Multi-Tasking Operating
System Klckstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.3 Three Owners Manuals
Extras 1.3 and Tutorial Disk Amiga BASIC Programming Language
Notepad Mini Word Processor Commodore Mouse Power Supply Unit
with mains plug TV Modulator ..and all connecting cables to get
you up and running on your home TV set!
Shadow of the Beast II Days of Thunder Back to the Future II Night Breed Deluxe Paint II Art Package SCREEN GEMS is the only NEW Official Amiga A500 pack from Commodore !
F-19 Stealth Fighter TteUto&FtySkn&gaivfynMcnpvx Krti&l9& Mfcroprose Soccer RVF Honda Kid Gloves Datastorm (Xngeon Quest Mcrosvsttehed Joystick Total package price includes VAT and Next Day Delivery by Courier* Don't delay-Oder now! 24Hour Credit Cad Hotline Telephone (0908)378008 only. Ring or write In lor our latest Amiga catalogue listing hundreds of products available lor this versatile Home Computer. We stock COLOUR PRINTERS. STEREO COLOUR MONITORS, EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES. MEMORY EXPANSIONS, HARD DISK DRIVES,AMIGA BOOKS.FRAME GRABBERS. DIGITISERS. SCANNERS. WORD PROCESSORS. DATABASES.
ACCESSORIES and of course hundreds 4 hundreds of games end ell at well below recommended retell prices!
Digicom ofier you the very best In customer after sales support with 12 month warranty on ell Computer Hardware- All units ere full UK specification with 30 day replacement guarantee on faulty ite-ns and FREE collection of the defective unite within this period And should you ever need any technical advice our experienced and helpful staff are available on the telephone or In our showroom.
Remember ¦ there are ro hidden extras all prices ere fully Inclusive of VAT and next day courier delivery.
A irwiflMMMi • * to eXjingo nlllMa! None* 9AOi DIGICOM 36-37 Wharfside Watling Street Fenny Stratford Milton Keynes MK2 2AZ Telephone (0908) 378008 - Fax (0908) 379700 Showroom Hours - Mon to Sat
9. 0Gam-5.30pm assembled code so It can be executed on an Amiga
and vice versa.
Primarily aimed at games desgn, the system contains two sets of utilities. First is a set of DOS utilities which allows the transfer of programs and data between machines and the execution programs which will run under the target machine's normal DOS envronment.
Second Is a complete replacement system which can be used to run games.
'Ihis includes a complete set of disk operations which will read, write and erase the standard files from the disk', said Jonathan.
'ft also includes music playing routines with Soundtracker, keyboard and joystick handling routines, memory handling routines, data transfer via the link routines anc more.
'The replacement DOS does not use any of the operating system for its operations- and because of this It Is much faster than the normal operating system.
* lt is also interesting to note that the new DOS only uses 15K
for itself and about another 15K for buffers and tables. This
frees a large amount of memory with about 480K available on a
standard Amiga'.
Two versions of CyberDos are included in each package - the development version which handles any transfers and automatically executes any new versions transferred over, and the run time version which can be included In any piece of software at no extra charge.
CHEAPER MEMORY MEMORY Expansion Systems (051-236 0480) have announced a series of prices reductions on their Cortex range of expansion cards for the Amiga A500 and A1000.
The 2Mb version drops from £299 to £279, the 4Mb version from £419 to £379 and the 8Mb from £699 to £559. Memory Expansion Systems also offer the Cortex 8Mb expansion card for A1500 and A2000 Yom £199.
‘Since the Cortex range was launched at CES, the price of memory chips has dropped and we are now able to pass this reduction In cost on to our customers'. Said David McGee.
'At the moment various factors. Including the Gulf crisis, are making prices a bit unstable, but we will be keeping to our new pricing for the forseeabte future'.
As Amiga Computing went to press Cybe'Dos was under beta test and should be due out in March. Provisional price. £89.95. Supa Nova Developments are at 186 Brunswick Street. Leamington Spa. Warwickshire. CV31 2ER.
EDUCATION MARKET EXPANDING BETTER known so far for their involvement with distributors HB Marketing. Keith Howell and Julian Swallow have decided to take a new look at educational software for the Amiga through their new company, Genisoft 0753 680363).
Six months after forming Genisoft. They have collected an Interesting array ol educational products which were due for official launch as Amiga Computing went to press.
'We felt that there was a need for the more esoteric products which have not previously been published for the Amiga, either because people felt they were not suitable for that market or because the volume of sales was not sufficient'. Soid Julian.
'Although It is six months since we formed Genisoft. We are only Just launching the majority of these packages because we know from experience that it is better -o get at least six packages ready before you start to talk about them. We waited until we had a good range.
'What we are aiming at is the better quality educational software which has not been avail- ?
WHAT'S new thwart Intruders. Called -Datastop.
It's a spy proof glass with special coatings which reflects electromagnetic radiation.
It does away with the need for computers to be housed in a Faraday cage or for windows to be fitted with diffusing wire mesh Not only does Datastop prevent malicious intrusion, it also cuts out the corruption of computer data by electromagnetic radiation such as radar entering from outside the building.
The Ministry of Defence. Foreign Office and City Institutions are already showing Interest In Datastop following tests at the Building Research Establishment.
An office was fitted with the special gloss and tests carried out by both the Electrical Research Association and Communications Audit. The office was found to be secure even with on aerial sited immediately outside the window.
AMIGA TAKES THE CLASS READING Writing Course, the popular educational package from LCL (0491 579345) Is now available on the Amiga. A 24 program, two book course which comes with voice tape is claimed to be the first Amiga product to teach reading and writing.
Covering attainment targets one to five of the National Curriculum, It Includes a table to show which programs are suitable for which attainment targets and features animated colour graphics and music.
Reading Writing Course covers the alphabet with both lower case and capital letters, writing, word recognition and programs which teach students to compose sentences. Write their own poems, read books and spell.
The course Is suitable for all ages from three to eight yecrs. It uses a teaching method approved by educational experts SAVE ££££££'s * * SAVE ££££££‘s * SAVE ££££££'s * SAVE ££££££'s SAVE ££££££'s * * SAVE ££££££'s * SAVE ££££££'s * SAVE ££££££'s 10 DS HD 3.5’ 1 44 MEG DISCS IN LIBRARY CASE £14.99 30 DS HD 3.5' 1.44 MEG DISCS WITH STORAGE BOX...£39.95 50 DS HD 3.5" 1.44 MEG DISCS WITH STORAGE BOX . £49.95 100 DS HD 3 5" 1 44 MEG DISCS WITH STORAGE BOX...£64.99 (AS EVER LIFETIME GUARANTEED. UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY) ACCESSORIES 100 CAPACITY 3.5" LOCKABLE STORAGE BOX ...£7.95 100
3. 5" CR 5.25" PACK OF 5 LIBRARY
STAND .....£7.95
STAND .£24.95
3. 5" OR 5.25' HEAD
CLEANERS ..£2.95
.? ...£2.95 ROLL OF
1000 3.5" DISKETTE LABELS .....£12.95
* SAVE ££££££’s * SAVE ££££££’s * SAVE ££££££’s * WE DARE YOU!!
BOX .£29.95 75 DS DD 135 TPI DISCS
* *************************************************
BOX .£42.59 *
BOXES .£62.95 *
BOXES .£69.95 *
* ************************************************* Magic Media’
is our own brand of carefully selected Diskettes. We boastfully
claim these Discs to be the very best quality available.
100% certified, tested product, simply the best.
BOX .£19. 70 DS DD 5.25” 96 TPI
BOX £23. 100 DS DD 5.25" 96 TPI
BOX .....£29. 200 DS DD 5.25” 96 TPI
BOXES £54. What can we say,
simply these are the best value money can buy. These diskettes
are packed 10’s, certificated, tested, 100% quality product
supplies of GENUINE SONY BULK DISKETTES al give away prices.
These diskettes come in Sony outers to prove authenticity this
is the real thing. Please quote Sony offer when ordering.
100 genuine Sony diskettes DS-DD 135 tp» £44.95 200 genuine Sony diskettes DS-DD 135 tpi £82.95 400 genuine Sony diskettes DS-DD 135 tpi .....£159.95 This offer must end soon Hurry Hurry BULK BUYERS YES WE CATER FOR YOU AS WELL, ANY OF OUR DISKETTES CAN BE PURCHASED IN BULK. PLEASE RING FOR OUR UNBEATABLE ON THE SPOT QUOTES.
TELESALES HOTLINE: 0689-861400 (All prices quoted are
inclusive of VAT and carriage UK Mainland only) E.&O.E.
* SAVE ££££££fs * SAVE ££££££’s * SAVE ££££££’s * able for the
Amiga in this country.
‘Some of it we have manufactured ourselves and some are American products which we have converted for UK use and are now marketing here*.
Ftsr off the Genisoft production line is Kldstype. A wordprocessor for children which Keith and Julian see as a parallel to a first reading book. It teaches youngsters how to use a wordprocessor on the Amiga and costs £24.95. Weather Watcher originally appeared on the BBC Micro and was written by Colin Reynolds of Mavday Publications. It helps young users keep and compare daily. Weekly and monthly data on weather conditions, rainfall and temperatures, giving It wide appeal m education. Price. £24.95. Genisoft are also to launch what they believe to be the cheapest video titling pockoge for the
Amiga. Called Home Titler, it is repjblished from a French program and costs £39.95. Again from Mayday Publications. Game Set and Match is another former BBC product which has been completely re-written to take advantage of the Amiga’s capabilities. It teaches children to match colours, numbers, coins and a host of other objects and costs £19.95. BUT IN THE VERY BEST TASTE TWELVE Amiga people are about to ochieve an unusual amount of exposure on your favourite machine. The world's first computerised jigsaw with ’naughty bits* is now available for Amiga owners.
The Penthouse Electric Jigsaw for Adults has 12 puzzles featuring centrefold models from a year's issues of the famous Penthouse magazine.
Developed by Merit Software In America, it is exclusively distributed in the UK ond Europe by Data Liberation (0983 864674).
In odditicn to the adult version, there is also a standard version where the Penthouse Pets of the Month appear skimpily but taste- futty clad. The Jigsaw can include from six to 294 pieces with 16 different sizes to choose from - each DRAWN TO TELECOMS CENTAUR Software of Redondo Beach. California have launcned Maxi Sketch, a new graphic drawing tablet for all Amiga computers and MindUnk, a telecommunications package for the Amiga.
Offering 100 dpi. Maxi Sketch features direct reconfigure from the tablet setup area and has a buzzer on off setting which increases cursor button feeling and allows easy verification of tablet configuration setting.
Eprom memory allows storage of the user default configuration and there is also an auto configuring hardware interface. Maxi S eth emulates a total of 15 drawing tablets.
MindUnk features selectable data speeds from 300 baud to 31.25K baud; X Modem. V Modem and Z Modem file transfer protocols and an exclusive chat-modem mode which allows user to talk while transferring files.
There are 20 password protected function keys for password security. A programmable timer, integrated script language for designing your own modem utilities and MindUnk is futy multitasking.
For further detals on pricing and UK availability, ring Centaur ir the USA on 0101 213 542 2226.
Table. This allows the player to view them all at the same time, selecting one or assembling groups before placing them in the picture.
When using larger numbers of small pieces, each can be moved Into the main playing area then with the traditional jigsaw shape.
The program cuts the picture into a unique shape each time offering an infinite number o' puzzles.
An overview Window which appears at the bottom of the screen displays the pieces as if they had been spread across a WHAT’S for dyslexics and is also suitable for odult literacy classes. Price £24.
INTERFACE INITIATIVE A NEW graphical use Interface overlay system claimed to be better than the AMIGA's existing GUI has been launched by Dallas- based Innovatronlcs.
Called Cando, It includes a module which supports a database facity for indexing, sorting and high speed retrieval of data and also offers seamless links Into other utilities and software applications. Enhancing the Amiga WIMPS Interface. Cando also features true floating point maths with double precision operation! As well as maths ond trigonometric ones. Innovatronlcs can be contacted In the USA on 0101 214 3404991.
TWICE AS FAST DOUBLE the speed for less than £200 sounds ike a good deal for Amiga ovaiers and it's one which Silica Systems (081-309 1111) are poised 1o offer with their AdSpeed ooard.
The board was expected to be made available mid-February but as Amiga Computing went to press, delivery from American manufacturers ICD was being held up by the Guf crisis which has given many hauliers more pressing work.
At the surprisingly low price of £199, Adspeed is a replacement 68000 for the stondard one in the Amiga and as such is easily fitted without soldering.
It speeds up your machine to a healthy 14.3MHz and benchmark tests claim an average doubling of speed.
* We expected delivery three weeks ago*, said Ardy Leaning of
Silica. ‘Because of the Gulf crisis, it Is somewhere in the
middle cf the Atlantic, but we are hopeful tnat It wi* be here
COMPUTER GOES SKATEBOARDING A COMPANY well known for Innovative products. Cheetah (0222 555525) have now surpassed even their record for the off-beat.
Aeroskate Is a computer skateboard which promises to give games players ultimate interactive control and some exercise as well.
Launched at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Aeroskate comes ir two WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE SOFT WA R E WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1ES FREE Catalogue Disk (Plus latest demos when available) with every order over £10.00 All orders despatched by 1 st class post • Quality products at keenest prices 7 day 24 hour ordering • Credit card accounts debited only on despatch of goods
• Complete customer satisfaction is our aim Crder by Telephone:
by Fax: by Mail: Credit card order lines 0602 252113 0602
225368 Fax your order with credit card details 0602 430477 Send
payment with order Please give your name, address, telephone
no., software title, price advertised and computer type.
AMIGA SOFTWARE 4 Player Adaptor .._ 5.96 Worldwide Pack 1 Worldwide Pack 2 Worldwide Pack 3 Amiga Second Drive + Any three software titles with our advelised price of £17.95 or less ONLY £109.99 Amiga Second Drive + Any two software titles with our advertised price of £17.95 or less ONLY £99.99 Amiga 1 2 meg upgrade + Any two software titles with our advertised price of £22.95 or less ONLY £89.99 40 Sped Bow*____________ 17.95 40 Sports Driwng ....22.95 688$ otAnack ...... 17.95 9lnes ... .17 95 AiOtankKHar ...28 95 Accdade n
Action 2295 Aden Stations |1 Meji 22 95 Aovarvad Tactcal F W 2 17 95 Amazrg Spdsnw .17.95 AMOS .... 29.99 AncerrBartes ...... 17 95 Anmaicn Stodo 7999 Amcw Gedton .1795 Alonucftsooiua . 17.95 AWESOME 2895 Bat* to Future 3 ... .17,95 Bayards Pete .... U95 BardsTae 2 .. 999 Battle Commano 1795 Baflmttr 2295 Bamescaoe T*n Pact ..2295 Batttestcrm 1795 BAT ... 2695 BWJyai 2295 Better Maths 112-16 yws)--------1795 BeiHr Speftng |914 ««a | 1795 MyltwKd 1795 Bteoe Wairor 1795 Bnkys
Scary Scnotf 799 BtiUkneg Battle at Arterms ....22 96 Emzknag May 1940 1796 Blue Max.... 2695 Bcroe-'BoO. |7J5 9m __1796 Breadi2iUea ..1795 Br e Player 2150 22 95 BuaRogm .26 95 ButJokan .1795 Caftiw V7JS Captoe 17 95 Carthage 17.95 CarVup 1795 Chaltmgers Ccrrplaton 22 95 Champions of Krynn i Meg 22 95 Champcns cf the Raj„ _______ 17.95 Chaos Strkes Back (1 Megi 1795 Chase H02 .... 1795 ChessStruaior ....1795 Chessmasie'2t00 2295 Chessmasir 2175 . 2295 Chps Challenge 1795 Chrorudes of Omega ......1495 Cental 1795 Ccrtwtaf
Circus 799 Ccrporanon M.sson C«Sk 12 99 Corporator .. 1795 Curs* of toe A;ur« Bonds ii Uegl 2295 OasBool 2695 Oe luxe Seattle 1495 Death'-ac 17 95 Defender 2 1495 Demerol .. 1795 OstarrArmes _.,1795 OonHdsAJpnaCet Chase f2-5yr»| 1795 Oragon Breed .... 1795 OngonFIgN 22 95 Oagon Force 1 Meg 22 95 Oragon Wars . 22 95 3gon- 0TNtl 22 56 Owgons l*r 2. 3695 M Tales________ 17 95 AMIGA SOFTWARE Dungeon Master Ed«or OjTgeon Master n Megi Eagles Rdsrs ECO Phantoms .
OH .... EtaraMsmsoftoeDark Enterprise ... Epic . Escape from Cede ESWAT..... Exterminator ------------------- FlSComOatPlcf F16 Falcon . fusmmfmw ... F29Retatatcr . Farrar Formula 1 ... F«g« Lords .. Final Bane .....
F. nal Command Final Contfrct .
FM MM* (Nek Of 2) Fue Brace' Meg F«s of Fury Compfaoon Figrt
o' toe tofruoer FltftSrin 2 Hawk Setter* Flgh Sim 2 Scenery 11
FlgttSim2S«n ry7 Flgrt Sim 2 Scenery 9 Fight Sim 2 West Europe
Scenery Fight Sim 2 _ FlpianoMagnose Flood Foots
Erand--------- Frortne Ful Blast Corpiacn Fun SchOd 216 8
yearn Fun School 2 lOver 8 years; Fun School 21.Under 6 years)
Fun School 3 (5-7 yearsi FunSthed 3iQw7yeare) Fun School 3
Under 5 years) Future Basnetbai Ga22as 2 _____ Ghergis Khar
Geflysbug . GodenA.e Goofy* Rpteay Express
|25 years1.
Greg Normans Uftmate Go* Gremlnj? .. Gunooat .. Guttshp ---------------------- Hart Dnvw 2 Harpoon Megi hefler Skew MiiMxiineCcffplalcr HofryMcoCcdecaon Honor Zomtes ..... Hunt tor Red October Huntor ..... lapenum ____________ tndtanapews 500 Indy Last Crusade ? Zak Mduacken insects r Space ----- International 30 Terns international Soccer Challenge istido Way cf the Stores n Came From the Deseh 11 Megi Jack NcWaus Untmneo Gof r 1 Megi Jamas Pond Underwater Agent ujgeOedfl Kk* OH 2 Eiparded
(1 Megi KkxOH2 __ AMIGA SOFTWARE . 799 Karg Cloud__1796 1795 K*igGameS*wi 1795 1795 Kngfts of Crystalpn 2295 1795 legend ol Bfly Boulder 17 95 1795 legend otFaergnal _ 22 95 2295 legend of me lost---- 1795 14 95 leuuresufllamy 2 - 2999 1795 lersuresurtLarry 3 (1 Megi 29 99 22 95 leouresuil l»ry .. 2296 1795 Lemmra-----17.96 1795 UeardDeati________2296 17 95 LreofFre ... 1795 2296 loom ... 22 95
22. 96 loop; ....14 95 17 95
lost PaW ......17.95
.7 99 low EspniTurto Challenge 17.95 17 95 Ml Tank
Ratoon .....22.95 .1795 Mage Fly
17.95 17 95 Mage
Matos 17.95 .22.95 Manchester lasted ...17.95 .
999 Master Blare ...... 17.95 .22 95
MaftsMama ...... 1'95 22 95 Maw Marauders
...14 95 24 95 MwnStreeS-
11. 99 Merchart Cocry 17.95 14 95 Micxeys Ftjnj«ay Zoo (2-5 yrs)
1795 14 95 Mdngrt Resissarxe 1795 1495 Mdnvner 2295 14 95 Mg
29 Fulcrum 2895 .28.95 Mighty Bcmttack 1795
17. 95 Mi’dgames Strategy Corplaicr 1795 ..17.95 MofTfde Manor
1495 1795 Mod Player Soccer Marager 1795 1795 Murders ,n
Space 1795 2295 Murder________ 1795 14 95 Musoan (Music
Pack ei 22 95 14 95 Mystical 1796 1495 MUDS 1795
17. 95 Nam__2696 1795 NatttPok* 1795 1795 NARC . 17.96 1795
NavySeaii__17.96 1795 Neooncm 17.95 3296 Never Endrg Story 22
95 2295 New York Warws 1495 1795 Ngft
Breed ... 1795 ..17.96
NgfiSM 1795 1795
NryaRemi, 17 95
14. 95 Neo 17 55
17. 95 No Exit 17.95 17 95
Omu» ......26.95
17 96 Ommoon Conspracy .17 95 2295 Operator
Spruanee . 17.95
14. 95 Operjoon SiMirt .. 17.95 22 95
Oriental Games .. 17.95 ...22.95
Overt* 22.95
- 17.95 Pang ..... 17.95 .17.95 PanuKckBoxrg 17 95
17. 95 Parad-od90 ... 1795 . 17.95
Prates 1795
17. 95 Ptatrun Conptaion 17.95 22 95 PktDng.-----------------
1795 .17 95 Polce Quest 2 H Megi 2999 1795 Poofs of Radanoe
2295 1795 Poputous New Wc ds ______799 1795 Populous 1795
22. 95 Power Pack Conplatcn 1796 2295 Powermonger 2295 1795
Predator 2 1795 H95 PmarfPerw -1796 1795 Pro Tama To* 2_ 1795
14 95 P»ot Plays a nee Game ...22.96 AMIGA SOFTWARE
Puanc .. ...1795
AMIGA SOFTWARE WortJSOtWM_________ ...17.95 Rartow
islands ... ..1795 Wyan ol the Demon .2294
Ranieroi .... ...17.95
Jqphos .... ...17.95 Rck Dangerous 2
... .1795
Zriai ....
14. 95 Rde« of Rohan .... .22.95
Z-Out ....
14. 95 Roooop2 . Roddy art
Masiico (3-7 yrs) ..... Rague Trooper 17 95 1495
...1795 BUDGET TTTIES Advanced Fuji Macnne Sim .6.91 Second
22. 95 Ahertn net . .. ..7.99 Sega Master
Mu .. ...1795 Anianod Rev ol DOH
7. 91 Shadow of toe Beas 2 28 95
Baittenan2 .. .791 Shadow c*
toe 8eos ..... ....17.95 Batman Caped Crusader......
791 Shadow Warren .1795 Bteaecods
- .... __791 Shock Wm .17.95 Cdoratto
791 Simjpa
17. 95 Doutie Craaon . __791 Sly Spy
Secret Agert
17. 95 Faten Angel Fart y Vortd Duzy ....
79) Soccer UanaCcmplsxto
17. 95 699 Space Ouesl 3 2999 P o Food 691 Space Shuttle SmUitor
• OJ 1 VWJ 1 ... Formula One Grand Pru 499 699
Speedbal2 1795 Frut Machine Spderman_ 1795 FC Manager 699
Spntoy Worlds 1795 Gajntet2 799 SpomngGold 2295 Gfl
Footial ..... 699 Sportng Wnnen 14 95
GFLGoT .....699 Spy Who loved Me 1795 Hrtcfikers Gutoe 999 St
Dragon---------------- -
17. 96 Hostages 799 Star Command 2295 lasr Nrya 2 __7 99 Star
Como ...... 1796 leather Godess 999
Starlight 1795 Outrun.
.... .....7,9$ dorm Across Europe 2295 HmM
999 Slymovk 22 95 Postman Pal .....7.99 Sveei hooey
.. .1795 R Type___ ... 7.95
Sr*ter2 ....
17. 96 Road Blasters
7. 99 Sat Runner . 14 95 Roc* Star Ate My
Hamster Srhworm 499 79$ Super 01 Road Racrg .17.95
Supremacy 2295 Super Gnd
7. 99 SW1V ...
17. 95 Super 9u ChaUnpe
4. 99 Team Suhiu ... 1795 SOI
.....7.99 Team Yartiee . Teenage Mutant Hem
Turtles .22.95 .1999 Thunderttade Treasure Island Dory
.....7.99 .....4.99 The Final
Conttd .1795 Vofante
Wishfernger . ___ WiHboi ...... .....799 The
Immortal . The las;
Stanfnp ......
17. 95 .1795 ...9.95
7. 95 Trie Lgyt Ccmdor ...... 1795 Vforid
Class leadertoan) Go* 7.95 The Uhmate P 3« ...1795 Yojs Great
Escape 699 Ther Finest Hxr Bare Bntam 22 95 999 Tnrgs lo do
«ito Wads (5-12 years) TNT Corpl3tcn TON------------- 1495
2295 1795 CITIZEN PRINTERS Cttoen 1200
Plus .... 136 99 Torvan toe Warner
...17.95 Cmnn Switt 9 230 OC
To» RecaT 1795 Crtsen Swlt 24 .320 OC Tournamem Go* 1795
Toyota Celica GT Raly Tumcan2 1795 1795 1 rVTKSRI F niCK
CtftRAftP Rnvcc TV Spons Basewri 2295 an Thct rtlrvaru Rni
7Q1; Typhoon of Steel M Megi 1495 2295
• •v uw ays du .. 80 Disk Storage
Box------------- t CO D«sk Storage Box_______ iavctitvc 895
.....995 UN SouaaoiL ......________-
U. M.S.2. 1795 2295 Vuxne_______________________ 1795 JUT 91 UKO
Cruiser I Black. 3oe or Mulcoouri f mrtsOv t t Tiftvi .899
Voodoo Nohtmare iVargams ConstoucMi Set |i Megi Wheels of Fre
.1795 2295 .2295 WWWkJl *JI J 1 la* iAJ Zip Sick
Auloflre------ _
- JW 1495 Whte Death .. Win a
Bftcn ...... 22 95
- .1795 Compooticn Pro .. Competition Pro
Clear ... . 12.95
13. 95 Wings ol Fury ..... ...17 95 Competition Pro
Extra ... .14.95 Wings (1 Meg ..... .2295
Competition Pro Glo (Grepn)
17. 49 Wings i512K| Mfinm Tartrs fKrt Off 7 2295 C QQ Compention
Pro Glo (Pnkl ...... Cheetah 125 Plus ________ .17.49 7
49 MMHIVU IW wll fc; WdbaAi'U ' .2295 Cudtpy Jet grner .1299
kniianri mrl 00 Q4!
Racemaker (new model)____________ 32 95 ntnjpwQ . Wane Champronihp Soccer Cl .17.95 SpeeOingAutofce ... 1099 Europe (other than UK) Please make cheques or postal orders payable to WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE Outside Europe shipping costs are n cn AH *****inc,ude P°s,a9e and packing in the UK C2.QP per disc for normal airmail El.50 per disc tor normal airmail £2.50 per disc for express airmail Not al1 ,it,e8 released 3t time of going to press. Titles and prices subject to change £3.00 per disc for express airmail blown up for better viewing. There is
also a working window through which all the pieces not already assembled can be scrolled.
Other features Include a time clock stop wdtch to allow for MIDWINTER II COVERS MORE TERRITORY WITH 250.000 square miles of accurately mapped 3D terrain,
4. 000 characters. 24 modes of transport and 13 choices of
weapons. Flames of Freedom - Midwinter II promises hours of
absorbing strategic adventure for Amiga owners.
This Midwinter follow-up from ?ainblrd (0666 504326) sees Midwinter Isle under threat from the earth's changing climate.
Evacuees escape from rising waters to the friendly island of Agora but now face a further Threat from the evil Saharan Empire.
The player must take account of political, administrative and cultural perpectives and can use a sophisticated profite generator
* o choose looks, sex, psychology competition, a quit button to
save the work in progress, a view button to see the uncut
picture at any stage and a picture menu.
There Ij also a Roll of Honour facility where players' best times can be recorded. ‘What we have and physical characteristics.
Using Moelstrom s unique 3D light-sourced fractal landscapes, Flames of Freedom also Includes thousands of buildings to explore ond an aufo-route option allows players to plan and execute their travel within the 3D automatically.
Available for the Amiga in May. Flames of Freedom wfl cost £29.99. here Is a program that successfully combines the look and feel of traditional board Jigsaw puzzles', said Pdul Booth, head of Data Liberation.
‘Where It really scores is that you cannot ever lose any of the important bits'. Price. £34.95. EASY PATH TO BETTER SPELLING HOME micros ore being recruited In the fight agoinst bad spelling following Education Secretary Kenneth Clarke's Instruction that school examiners deduct up to five per cent of SCSE marks for bad spelling.
Now Database Publications have announced the release this month of an all-fo mats computer program to teach spelling to children from 5 to 15.
The program, which has a vocabulary of 5.000 words is designed to improve the spelling of children of all aoilrties and In aH subjects.
It contains all tie basic words they will need to be able to spell during their school career It they are not to be penalised In exams.
SPELLI has been devised by Peter Davidson, former head of computing at a Manchester comprehensive school ond now editor of the world's first computer comic. Let's ComputeI It has been programmed by a team of teachers headed by Chris Price, one of the authors of Britain's top-selling educational software.
Fun School.
SPELLI. Which costs £8.95. runs on the Amiga and most other popular home computers.
NEARLY MISSED OPPORTUNITY IN THE March Issue of Amiga Computing we published a rundown of mice and trackballs entitled ‘Alternative Input*. Due to time constrictions not all the devices we were hoping to review arrived on our desks before the print deadline.
One notable omission to the review was the Contriver range of equipment, which has now found Its way to the Amiga Computing staffs sticky Irttle fingers.
Watch these pages next month for a detailed look their products.
WHAT’S new packages, one Including both base unit and Cheetah skateboard and one with the base alone so the player can use his own board.
Aeroskate connects to the games sytem or computer then the player jumps aboard using balance, and leaning left or right to avoid being zapped by the game. A built-in hand control
• nodule lets you fire back or jump out of the way.
Aeroskate Is currently at the arototype stage and Cheetah are working with French software louse Titus to design games specifically for It Including skateboard. Surfing and driving simulators. Ski runs, ond shoot em-ups.
At present. Cheetah cannot say how soon Aeroskate will become available or how much It will cost but It's certainly worth looking out for if you like something a bl* different.
GRAPHICS ADD-ON DUE soon from G2 Systems (0252 737151) is the MosterBoard VB1, a full 24-blt resolution add-on graphics system for the Amiga 2000 and 3000.
The single plug-in card auto- conflgure to the host computer.
Has Its own high resolution inputs ond outputs and is fully genlock- able with a range of coders and decoders for YUV. YC and composite signals available.
Control software for Master- Board can interface with other graphics fib such as ScJpt and D- Paint and can be used for Image processing and ray facing.
It allows picture and mask manipulation, re-slzing, cut and paste plus tittering. The system can also be configured so that the frame grabs can be output in standard Amiga resolution and can read and write stondard IFF type disk format and act on AREXX script files. The VD2001 version has a real-time 24-blt frome grab and display facility and costs £1.750. The FB2001 is a video output only version of MosterBoard for use as a frame buffer to display 24 bit graphic material ond costs £ 350.
MosterBoard has a colour resolution of 24 bits pixel with 16.8 millon colour on screen simultaneously. Horizontal resolution Is 512 or 344 pixets per line with vertical resolution. 600 pixels per line. Onboard memory Is up to 1.5Mb of video RAM.
At present there is no ful paint system for MosterBoard but Greg Hollidge of G2 soys this is in hand.
DELIVERY SERVICE ... and the keenest prices BYTEBACK Ring us now! 0636 79097 we're programmed to help FIND OUT WHY MOST AMIGA USERS PREFER BYTEBACK!
ACCESSORIES GAMES Locking Disk Box (40+) .
6. 99 Locking Disk Box (80*-) . Media Box (Holds 150
• stackable).
Mouse Mat .. 899 ...1999
3. 99 Keyboard or Monitor Cover ....
5. 99 Midi Master ...34.99 Philin*; Gmflft33 Monitor 99 Hardware
Reference Manual ... 19,99 NEW LOW PRICES!!!
1 disk = £1.99 10 disks ? File box = £15.99 Ask for our NEW catalogue!
AmiRAM 1000 Memory Expansion + FREE1 Four 1Mb demo disks 500k RAM Expansion! ......39.99 500k RAM . DUNGEON MASTER .49.99 500k RAM ? KICK CFF 2 (MB) .49.99 500k RAM * DRAGONS LAIR 59.99 Any of above with CLOCK add 5.99 AMOS - Game Creator . Armour-Geddon . 34 99 .....16.99 .....17.99 .....24.99 .. .16.99 Bar Games (Over 18) ... . .16.99 BAT . .. 19.99 Battle Command . .....16.99 ......19.99 .....24.99 .....15.99 Cadaver .....16.99
Captive ... ......15.99 Carthage ... ......16.99 ......16.99 Chase HQ 2 .....16.99 .....15 99 ......19.99 Damocles Mission Disk .9.99 ......15.99 Dragons Breath . ......17.99 ......16.99 ......19.99 Dungeon Master ......15.99 ESWAT . ......16.99 ......19.99 ......16.99 Hard Drivin 2 ..... ......16.99 Horror Zombies . .....16.99 ......16.99 ......17.99
......17.99 ......16.99 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf... 1999 Kick Off 2 (MB) ...1599 Lotus Esprt Turbo Challenge..... .....1699 ......17.99 ......19.99
14. 99 Mystical .. .....16.99
... 19.99 ......16.99 ......16.99 ......17.99 Over the
Net ...... ......15.99 Citizen 1MB DISK
DRIVE ..89.99 FREE: Over £100software' Shadow of
the Beast. Kick Off. Battle Squadron and RVF Honda!
Afterburner ...... Batman: Caped Crusader Blood Money ... Blood wych Colossus Chess X ...... Deluxe Stnp Poker PLUS Centrefold Squares ... AU.01 Jazzbench. Superb Workbenci replacement: fully multitasking!
AU.03 QL Emulator, plus 2 disks full of programs. (3 disks: £5.97) AU.13 Visicalc. Spreadsheet AU.18 North C. programming language.
AG.01 Star Trek 1, Version of the ST adventure game. (3 disks: £5.97) AG.02 Games: Pacman, Othello. Hanoi Gravity Wars. Jackland, Empire, etc. AG.03 Agatron Star Trek. Space game.
Superb simulabon! (2 disks: £3.98) AG.04 Monopoly: classic board game!
AG.05 Pacman 87: Multi level game AG.06 Games: Cosmoroids, Backgammon. Amoeba. Stone Age. Cham Reaction AG.10 Space Invaders The Classic!
AG.13 Adventure Solutions: Over 100 including: Dungeon Master. Rainbird. Info- com. Sierra. Ultima. Bards Tale, Futi e Wars. (2 disks: £3.98) AG.14 Flaschelber: Professional quality Boulderdash style game' AG.16 Castle of Doom Adventure AG.24 Drip: Superb addictive 15 level arcade quality arcade game' AG.25 Train Set: Design Railway and run 2 trams around the track!
AG.27 Star Trek USA. Space Strategy featuring Enterprise & Crow!
AW.02 Workbench Plus: TV Text demo.
Fractals. Virus X. Clip It. Dmouse.
AW.03 Icons. 100's including; the amusing Naughty Icons. Ram Icons. Music Iccns.. plus icon utilities.
DISKS 100% guaranteed Bulk disks with labels' 10 disks 6.49 50 disks ...29.99 100 disks .....49.99 SONY Boxed with labels!
Box of 10 ...9.99 Box of 10 ( x 5) ..47.99 Box of 10 ( x 10) ......89.99 CONTRIVER MOUSE .....19.99 « Mouse Mat ? Mouse Bracket NAKSHA MOUSE ....29.99 + Mouse Mat + Mouse Bracket FURRY MOUSE COVER' ..6.99 (with eyes, ears and nose!)
CHILDRENS Dinosaur Discovery Kit ......17.99 First Lotters and Words ...17.99 Kid Talk ....17.99 Fun School 2 (Under 6) ....12.99 (6 to 8) .12.99 (Over 8) .. 12.99 Fun School 3 (Under 5) .15.99 (5 to 7) ..... 15.99 (Over 7) ......15.99 Micro English (GCSE) ......18.99 Micro Maths (GCSE) 18.99 Micro French (GCSE) ......18.99 Postman Pat ... 8.99 Robot
Readers ..18.99 The Three Bears Adventure .17.99 SALE * SALE ? SALE .7.99 .7.99 .9.99 .9.99
9. 99 .15.99 Chrono Quest II . Centrefold
Squares Deluxe Paint Deluxe Strip Poker ...
Galaxy Force .. Kid Gloves ...... Last
Ninia 2 ... Silkworm ...
Super Hang On Tower of Babel ..
Voyager ...
9. 99
9. 99
3. 99 999
4. 99
9. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
9. 99 .. .4.99 ART & MUSIC Amiga Appetizer .. Amiga
Graphics Starter Kit Audio Master (3) ... Deluxe
Music Con. Set Deluse Print (2) .
Deluxe Paint (3) Disney Animation
Sludio..... Maslersound ..... Professional
Draw (2) Quartet Real
Things Birds 1 & 2 . .. Real Things - Humans . Real
Things - Horses------ Sound Express . The An
Department Video T.tler 3D (NEW 1.5).. X-Cad
Designer ...24.99 .24.99 .54.99 .49.99
.34.99 ...59.99 ...79.99 ...29.99
99. 99
39. 99 . .23.99 ...23.99 1999 ...29.99 54 99 .79.99 ...89.99
SND.01 Soundtracker Four versiors of this superb PD music
program plus various music utilities!
SND.02 Soundtracker 4; Alternative blue version, coupled with complete instruments disk! (2 disks: £3.99) ST1.01 to 08 Instruments. 100 s on each disk, use with Soundtracker!
STS.01 to 02 Samples. Superb sound samples, use with Soundtracker' FREE - PUBLIC DOMAIN DISK WITH EVERY GAME FROM THIS COLUMN Pick from list opposite!
Pang .....16.99 Plotting ....17 99 Pool of Radiance ......19.99 Powermonger 18.99 Puznic 16.99 Ranx 1B.99 Rick Dangerous 2 ...16.99 Robocop 2 16.99 Rorkos Dritt ...15.99 Shadow Warriors ...... 18.99 Sim City ...17.99 Speedball 2 .....16.99 Spindizzy
Worlds 16.99 Stride* 2 ..... 16.99 Super Off Road Racer ...16.99 Supremacy ....19:99 COMPILATIONS MASTER MIX .16.99 Thunder 8lade Turbo Outrun. Crack Down. Super Wonder Boy. Dynmaite Dux SPORTING GOLD .19.99 Games Winter Edition. Games Summer Edition. California Games HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION ..19.99 Ghostbusters II. Robocop. Batman (the Movie). Indiana Jonas PLATINUM ..17.99 Ghouls and Ghosts. Strider.
Black Tiger.
Forgotten Worlds POWER PACK ...16.99 Xenon II. Lombard RAC Rally. TV Sports Football. Bloodwych AD.01 Walker Demo 1; animation of Star Wars Walker (need 1MB) AD.04 Probe Sequence; Simulation ot video pictures trom an interstellar prcbe landing on an alien planet!
AD.25 The Run; Superb 3D Car Chase.
AC.02 Pagesetter Art. 100 s ot profes sional quality clip art pics AC.04 IFF Fonts: 30 screens of high quality fonts plus surfaces.'
AS.22 Viz: Complete set ot pictures irom the very tunny Viz calendar.
AX.01 Samantha Fox. 12 high quality digitised pictures!
AX.04 Playboy 1:16 digitised pics AX.05 Playboy 2: 18 digitised pics.
AX.08 Bra Busters: Digitised film samples trOm Electric Blue Video.
AX.21 Showering Girls: Fun with a hosepipe, digitised sequences... UTILITIES BBC Emulator Devpac 2 ..... DigiCalc ...... Distant Suns GB Route Gold Disk Oftice .39.99 44 99 .29.99 .34.99
29. 99 .99.99 JOYSTICKS .15.99 Joystick & Mouse extension
..4.99 X C.DPY Prnfrwinnal 13 1 34 QQ
16. 99 ..4.99 The BEST Backup utility!
.19.99 999 .16.99 Ouickjoy III Supercharger .... 11.99 ......49.99 .16.99 12.99 PRO Clips (Clip Art) ... .19.99 .16.99 19.99 ...... 79.99 .18 99 1599 .42.99 .19 99 .16 99 Workbench 1.3 ...... 14.99 .1999 Zip Stick Professional ... 15.99 Works Platinum ..... .79.99 Turrican .. All prices Include VAT and FIRST CLASS POST!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AA, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 UE Cl ml VISA MA AMIGA A500 BEYONDONE IECMWFfMSX?
...TWtN CAME ... A3000
1. A5D0 A1000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, or 8Mb). Fully implemented
autoconfigure. Fully operational through port for
compctability with other autoconfiguring hardware (e.g. CBM
A590) Complete with its 00*70 own power supply (U.K., U.S. or
Euro). (2Mb FITTED), a* Jlf f
2. As above, but with the cover removed.
3. A2DOO A2500 B2000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, 6 or Emb).
Fully implemented autoconfigure. Uses 1M x 8 bit or 1M x 9 bit O 1 OO SIMMs. (2Mb FITTED), £, | V V
4. A530 ’ jMb Expansion. The essential A500 upgrade. A high
quality A501 equivalent using low-power 1Mbit DRAM's. The unit
has a "enable disable" switch ond is available with or without
NiCad battery-bocked dock O O O calendar module (CLOCK
5. External 3.5" Floppy Drive (not pictured). High-quality silent
mechanism r Extra drive port and 'enable disable' switch. J
Hard disks. Systems available for all Amiga variants coll for
details and pricing.
CHIP UPGRADES "Fatter Agnus*1 chip (8372A) for A500 A2000 Enables up to 1Mb of Chip RAM. Fitting requires some skill and will invalidate your warranty.
1. 3 Kickstort ROM. Upgrode for A500 A2000 £35 A590 Upgrade
chips: V?Mb £25, 1Mb £49, 2Mb £95 SIMM's All types available.
Call for pricing.
A3000 4 Mbit Static Column Dram call for pricing.
All prices include VAT and postage & packaging. Prices may be subject to change without notice. All products carry a 12 month guarantee.
Dealer enquiries are welcome.
CORTEX products are marketed in the U.K. by Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB. Tel. (051) 236 0480.
Fax: (051) 227 2482. Make cheques payable to M.E.S. Ltd.
DISCOUNT SOFTWARE For The Commodore Amiga AMIGA A500- £299.95 Yes its true * brand new Amiga 500 Computer, Workbench + Extras discs.
Modulator, mouse and PSU for £299.95 Price includes VAT and insured delivery Add £5.00 for Courier Delivery AMIGA SCREEN GEMS Includes Deluxe Paint II and 4 Top games MJC PRICE £359.95 with Vi Meg Expansion with Cumana 2nd Drive add £30.00 add £60.00 COMMODORE A590 HARD DRIVE 2DMb Auto boots from WB 1.3 MJC PRICE £279.95 with extra 1 Meg Fitted £319.95 with extra 2 Meg Fitted £349.95 NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE 280 DPI with FREE Mouse House + Mat MJC PRICE £27.95 AMOS-The Creator-V1.2 MJC PRICE £32.95 Personal Finance Manager Best Selling Home accounting package MJC PRICE £21.95 CUMANA CAX 354 DISC
DRIVE Quality Brand name 37?’ second drive includes thru port, disable switch and No Hassle 1 year guarantee INCLUDES FREE VIRUS-X UTILITY MJC PRICE £61.95 REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLY Provides up to 30% more power for addons MJC PRICE £39.95 PHILIPS 8833 MK2 MONITOR including cable and delivery MJC PRICE £249.95 MEMORY EXPANSIONS 7: Meg internal expansion for Amiga 500 Battery backed clock and disable switch uses latest 4 chip technology - will not invalidate your warranty MJC PRICE £31.95 PROTEXT Version 5 A very fast command based package now with 110,000 word Collins Dictionary Mail Merge and
up to 36 files open plus much more - call for details (1 Meg) MJC PRICE £99.95 PROTEXT V4.3 ..£64.95 PRODATA AMIGA .....£55.95 VIDI AMIGA Best value video digitiser available will digitise directly from a home video recorder or camera (phono) MJC PRICE £85.00 VIDI-CHROME - The colour upgrade for Vidi including software and filters MJC PRICE £15.95 RGB SPLITTER - for use with Vidichrome or Digiview MJC PRICE £59.95 VIDI COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi Colour package - including Vidi Digitiser.
Vidichrome and Photon Paint MJC PRICE £95.00 COLOUR SOLUTION + RGB SPLITTER £149.00 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO Great Video Production package - call for details (requires 1 Meg + 2 drives) MJC PRICE £89.95 RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK Great value Genlock offering both Foreground and Background modes.
MJC PRICE £169.95 8802 MODE SWITCH BOX-£31.95 SUPERBASE 2 plus SUPERPLAN Professional products at a bargain price MJC PRICE £99.95 year olds FUN SCHOOL 3 AMIGA EDUCATIONAL FUN SCHOOL 2 V based Educationally based games - 8 programs per disc 2 for 2-6 year olds £12.95 £1295 £1295 DISNEY EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE - yes software from the world famous Disney Studios - with great sound and of course g’eat graphics 5 educational games with great graphics Fun School 3 tor 2-5 year olds Fun School 3 tor 5-7 vear olds Fun School 3 for 7-12 year olds £15.95 £1595 £15.95 Learn to Read With Prol - builds a
complete reading course tor 4-9 year olds PT1 Prol Pbys a Now Game - includes audio tape & 5 boo«eis£i9 95 PT 2 Prof Holes at Words .. £1996 MAVIS BEACON TYPING TUTOR The Fun way to learn typing with games rhymes and custom tacildies (12+) MJC PRICE £19.95 KOSMOS SOFTWARE Answerback Junior Quiz - is a quiz based game containing 750 general knowledge questions fgr 6-11 years £14.95 Fun School Fun School 2 for 6-8year Fun School 2 for 8-12 yea Facl Fie Spelling - extra 500 questions pack for use with Answe back Quiz £7.95 Fact Fie Arithmetic £7 95 Answe'back Senior Quiz - is again a general
knov iedge quiz fo* 12+years £14.95 Kosmos Language Tutors - useful as an aid to learning a language Vocabulary of some 2500 words split in to 20 specific groups French Mistress (12+ years) £14 95 German Master (12+ years) £14 95 Spanish Tutor (12+years) £14.95 Italian Tutor (12+years) £14.95 Sesame Street - Letters For You featuring Digitised Sesame Street voices - fun way to learn the alphabet (3-6) £15.95 Mickey's Runaway Zoo - for 2-5 year oWs - for identifying and learning numbers £19.95 Donald's Alphabet Chase for 2-5 year olds for discovering the aphabet £19 95 Goofy s Railway Express -
lor 2-5 year olds for learning colours and shapes £19 95 L2L Educational Software - a well presented step by step tTethod - developed by practising teachers Features up to 35 p ograms per pack Primary Maths Course (3-12 years) Micro Maths (up to GCSE level) Micro English tup to GCSE level) Micro French (up to GCSE level) £19 95 £19 95 £1995 £19 95 Srsame Street - Numbers Count - digitised sound and j colouring book - tor learning numbers (3-6 years) £15 95 PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND POSTAGE TO THE UK Education. Local Authority and Government orders welcomed.
Overseas customers also welcome, please call or write for quotations.
C 2S' MasterCard VISA All goods subject to ava lability, all prices subject to change without notice. E&OE CALLERS WELCOME : 9.30 TO 5.00, SIX DAYS
(0462) 481166 (6 lines) FAX: 0462-670301 Pr°P"etor M. J.
Cooper Feature The Amiga Is a powerful machine. No one can
deny that for £400 or less you can buy a beast on which you
can with confidence unleash a variety Df odvanced tasks.
From fractals to frame-grabbing.
It has made a name tor itself In almost every area of advanced home computer application.
Six years after its launch, the Amiga continues to lead the way in opening new markets for home users.
As the only machine offering affordcbte top specification graphics software such as SculpMD and Real 3D. It has been responsible for an explosion in the sort of high quality rendered graphics, which a few years ago wouldn’t have been out of place in a Hollywood scl-fl production.
Stevie Kennedy soups up his humble horsepower with a careering cardful of mighty MIPS This vear will see a rapid growth In the 24-bit graphics market, both In hardware and software, adding a new dimension to Amiga visuals.
The advent of graphics boards such as the Hcrlequin, covered in February's issue of Amiga Computing, and image processing software like ASDG's Art Department Professional - which we'B look at next month - seem set to push Amiga graphics to new standards of excellence.
However, this high-end usage has a downside. Power computing is the key phrase for most new Amiga applications, and In areas as diverse as astronomy and medical science the basic Amiga is struggling to meet the demahds placed on it.
Its 7.14MHz 68000 CPU can no longer keep up with the requirements of more complex modern software packages and number- crunching tasks, and is a failing which has led many users to seek faster processor chips.
One way of doing this Is to sell your existing machine and buy an Amiga 3000, but it is an expensive solution and calls for a complete change of equipment.
If you are comfortat4e with your trusty 500 or 2000 and have everything set out to your liking after the mega-hassle Involved In bullclng up your system, switching to a new machine might not be as appealing as you first thought.
The other way out for those who already own an Amiga is to gc for an accelerator board, and the last couple of years have seen enojgh of these developed to offer a lea- sonable choice.
The boardwalk There are three or four main third party accelerator boards competing for the upgrader’s attention, ranging In price from less than £300 to over £1000.
We are not counting the offcial Commodore A2620 card, as its price puts it at a distinct power-for- the-pound disadvantage over third Feature 32-bit Foster processor chips have a 32-bit design as opposed to the 16-bit 68000. This simply means that they can handle more precise calculations, carrv out more instructions per clock cycle, and communicate along a data bus twice as wide as their earner counterparti.
However, it is only when allied to 32-bit memory chips thal these processors reach their best speeds.
It would be pointless to upg ade to a 68030 chip if its blistering access demands were being answered by slow memory chips, and all its instructions trying to squeeze into 16-bit memory addresses.
For this reason. 32-bH memory chips with access times of 80 nanoseconds or less are required for the expensive 68020 and 030 chips to be of much use.
For example, a 16.67MHz processor using 32-bit RAM can provide a data transfer rate of
18. 7Mb per second as opposed to only 3.2 Mb per second with
ordinary Amiga chip or fast RAM. Giving a possible six-fold
improvement In memory handling time.
You don't need me to point out ihe advantages of chucking memory oround at such speeds.
Party rivals. If you Insst on on official upgrade, by all rreans buy the Commodore card, but we d advise you to consider the unofficial atternatives carefully.
Before looking at an accelerator card, it is best to consider exactly what It will be used for. To buy one of these units without a specific application In mind is to Indulge In techno-junkie excess.
Graphics, CAD, DTP and scientific applications are all prime candidates for the go-faster treatment, but if the board is to be used simply to make Indianapolis 500 drive more smoothly than before, or make Xenon II just that little bit more manic, it’s a waste of equipment.
Remember that Ihe Amiga is served by many moie chips than Just the central processor. Agnus.
Paula. Denise and the rest will continue to run at the some speed as before regardless of the CPU replacement. Any software which mokes extensive use of these chips will enjoy a much reduced improvement in speed.
A machine with a 68030 chip running at 25MHz might still run an arcade game only 10 per cent faster than a basic machine. £300 A500 Mega Mi e1 Configuration 1Mb A 500 1 Mb A500 plus A5000 NO 32-bit RAM 1 Mb A500 plus A5000 with 1Mb 32-bit RAM 1 Mb A500 plus Midget Racer Best cose Improvement: A5000 Mega Midget Racer Feature is a high price to pay for this sort of performance, especially when games software is that most often plagued by incompatibility problems.
Great Valley Products 3001 range GVP cards were some of the first 030 cards available, and have become something of a standard by which to judge other cords.
They use the 68030 68882 combination with 32-bit RAM to achieve a tenfold increase in mathematical speed over a standard Amiga, and offer an on- boord A* hard drive interface.
Partly because of their high spec, and partly because they have eijoyed a head start on other boards, the GVP units are a bit more expensive than some of their competitors.
The 33MHz model with 4Mb RAM. For example, weighs in at £1,795. O price guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of most users.
For the sort of power thus purchased it is still a reasonable price.
Racer benchmark results MIPS 68881 68882 Load Straight Speed Mandelbrol Mandelbrot Dtgi-Palnt HAM Comparison
0. 791 2 880 278s N A 23s
1. 00 233s 89s 17s N A
5. 051 I 85s 39s 8s
5. 37 7 565 70s 28s 6s
8. 18 639% 556% 327% 228% 287% 537% 397% 318% 383% 818% but
expect to see it fall as competition for the acceleration
market hots up this year.
Unfortunately, the GVP boards are only available to A2000 owners and there are as yet no signs of an A500 model being released. For 2000 owners, however, the GVP range is an existing and widely used answer to many of the power needs of today's applications.
CSA Mega Midget Racer The Computer System Associate cards have been available for a while now In a variety of configurations.
The range incudes boards for all models of Amiga save the 3000.
And comes in almost as many flavours as your choice of co-pro- Interpreting the tests At its best, when 32-bit memory is used and the 66661 is utilised to Its full, the A5000 can otter an improvement of atout 713 per cent over a standard 66000. This is the figure reached if you compare the 66661 mandefixot generation with the standard 66000 generation of a normally coded routine.
Of course, this figure would rarely If ever be ochieved In normal operation. The 287 per cent improvement in Oigi-Paint looting, and the 233 per cent m Prolext scrolling s more like an everyday improvement.
The Mega Midget Racer't results show how much faster a 68030 with twice as much 32-bit RAM can be. As a heod-to-head comparison, the results are of little importance, because the boards use different processors and retail in different price brockets. Taken as a power-for-the-pound comparison, however, the table should offer a guide to those considering the various options open to them.
We used a Midget Racer with 25MHz 68030.25MHz 66662. And a 2Mb Mega-Memory board os this, occordng to Bytes n Pieces, is the most popular configuration, The card was foster than a !6MHz 20MHz A5000, but as the CSA boards appeal more to the professional end of the market and the A5000 boards offer an easier entry point for the average user, the* relative merits are best seen from an applications rather than price point of view.
There would have been no point in a 'this one's the best so buy iff' approach, because there is a limitless variety of wallet sizes and end uses to consider What should be clear is that the choice of accelerator is dominated much more by the user's needs than by any relative superiority between cards.
Feature cessors and memory options demcnd.
All Midget Racers have a 25 or 33MHz 68030 chip at the heart of things, and an optional 68882 Floating Point Unit operating at anything between 20 and 50MHz.
In addition they use 32-blt RAM ond surface mounted components to macimlse speed and efficiency.
Memory is available as either 1Mb or 2Mb on-board if you use 256*4 DRAMs. Or 4Mb to 8Mb If using the more expensive 1024*4 chips.
These are fitted on the Mega- Memory board which must be purchased separately, and can only be added in the 1.2,4, or 8Mb chunks.
Some 512K of shadow RAM (SRAM) can be fitted to the Midget Racer board Itself, but this is used to store Kickstart and is not immediately available.
One of the board's biggest selling pohts Is that Its design aflows for a very grodual but uninterrupted upgrade path. The A5O0 user con buy a bare 63030 board and add SRAM. 32-bit RAM. And a maths coprocessor as their budget and system requirements dictate.
This is not unique to the CSA boards. The A5000. For instance, can be user-configured in much the same wcy and GVP boards can take new processors.
But the CSA cards differ in one important respect in that they are transportable between different models.
The same board used in an A500 can be fitted to a 2000 if the user upgrades, thus ensuring that money needn t be spent twice on expensive equpment.
And there's the rub. As Shakespeare once said. The CSA boards aren't cheap. The top end one with 8Mb memory, a 33MHz 68030. And 50MHz FPU will set you back wen over £1000.
If you have a tame bank manager or bulging wallet, the CSA boards are a good bet for performance and eose of expansion, but unless dedicated to raw power the The 68000 chips No matter what Amiga variant you own. Rt has at its heart a member of the Motorola lo-bit 68000 chip family. For owners of A 1000s. 500s, 1500s. And 2000s this is the standard 68000 running at 7.14MHz. A3000 machines use the 32-bit 68030 chip.
The differences between the various chips ore many and techrical.
But they all come down to basic speed. The higher the chip number, the greater Its speed, so a 68030 is faster than a 68020 which is faster than the 68000.
The 020 and 030 chips have a small on-board cache of memory set aside for machine code Instructions ranging from a tiny 256 bytes to 32K on 030 chips, and a similar amount set aside for data.
While neither of these is gargantuan, the caches allow for disproportionate speed Increases by running small program loops, or hotting common data within the chip itself.
In oddition. The 68030 chip has an built-in Memory Management Unit (MMU). Which operates to ensure memory is cleanly and legally' accessed. The new 68040 chip sports an integral Floating Point Unit (FPU) or maths coprocessor.
A dedicated moths chip, such as the 68881 68882 processors, will dramatically speed up any operation calling for a great many precise mathematical calculations, such as CAD and 3D graphics. No accelerator board or chip is complete without one.
Average user might want to go for something a little less ambitious.
Solid State Leisure A5000 B5000 The Solid State Leisure boards are the latest additions to the accelerator market, and are pitched at much the same users as the Midget Racers and G’ P series.
They are available in a similar array of configurations, but are more machine-specific than CSA boards m that the B5C00 will only ftt in an Amiga 2000. However, the cards still allow useis to choose from a range of 32-blt RAM and processor options.
Where the range extends beyond CSA and GVP is In Its appeal to the low-end user, with a 68020 card retailing at only £275.
The 020 processor isn't as fast as the 030. But for less than £300 you get a 16Mhz 68020. A 20MHz 68881 maths co-processor, and 1Mb of 32-bit RAM expandable to 4Mb.
As you can always replace the original chips with faster versions, the A5000 board represents one of the most inviting options for the average user contemplathg a move Into the power market.
Fitting the board Is carried out by the now traditional piggyback method. In other words, the user simply removes the original 68000. Fits It into the socket on top of the A5000 board, then slots the board itself into the vacant CPU socket on the Amiga's motherboard.
As long as care is taken to cvold MIPS MIPS is an anacronym for million Instructions per second, and is a commonly used and quoted measure of processor speed It represents the overage number of machine code Instructions earned out by a processor each second, and as such con be seen as a reasonable guide to the potential speed Increase offered by a particular accelerator board.
We stress the fact that the MIPS rating of a processor or board is not the final word on its performance.
A quick look at our comparison table shows that the percentage speed Increase for some applications can be half that for a straight MIPS count.
A MIPS rating measures the Internal speed of a processor, but from the user's standpoint it is always much more important to consider the practical benefits of an upgrode.
X-COPY PROFESSIONAL The essential package for all your BACK-UP needs) Now includes HARD DISC BACKUP & FILE BACKUP.
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X-COPY PROFESSIONAL caters for all your needs, included in the package is a small hardware interface that plugs into the external disc drive port at the rear of the Amiga and your external disc drive (if you have one) plugs into the back of the interface. This allows the DIGITAL BIT IMAGE COPY MODE to use the ADAPTIVE PULSE WIDTH MODULATION routines to backup virtually all known discs.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 plus»,oo postage AND PACKING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT. Siren Software neither condones nor authorises the use of its software for the reproduction of copyrighted software. The facilities offered by X-Copy Pro are intended to back up users own software, PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
X-COPY II IS THE BEST, GUARANTEED OUR GUARANTEE:- At time of purchase, if your can find a program that is more powerful than X-COPY PRO we will refund your money.
Ordering X-COPY PROFESSIONAL Name Access Visa orders can be placed by telephon- ing 061 228 1831. For mail order, fill in the ddress order form and send with o cheque or postal .... order to:- Siren Software, 84-86 Princess St. Manchester Ml 6NG. England. So zz; Feature static discharges, or bending any of the pins, the operation should be eatlly accomplished In about five minutes.
Configuring the board is not quite as straightforward. A user expecting to simply plug in a board and find instantly accessible speed increases wil be disappointed.
Like any accelerator board, the A5000 demands a certain amount of tweaking before the system will run happily with Its new master of ceremonies.
Fortunately, most boards are supplied with software to enable this as simply as possible, and the A5000 is no exception.
The first task to be accomplished, if speed is to be maximised. Is the enabling of the user's 32-bit memory.
This Is very different from the chip and fast memory the A500 normally operates with, and is situated above the Amiga's usual memory map.
So if the computer is to realise the new memory is there, it has to be Informed of the memory's presence.
A p'ogram called ALLOCMEM does this with little trouble and depending on the parameters set, will also enable Kickstart ROM shadowing by loading It Into 32-bit memov.
This will automatically intercept MOVE.SR instructions - the most common source of 68020 software Incompatibility - and delay the boot sequence to allow slow hard drives to catch up with the processor.
The future There ere clearly scme excellent products on the market at the moment, but the good news is there’s more to come. Acceleration is set to become one of the biggest Amiga hardware markets in the next few years, and we should shortly be seeing new devices at both the upper and lower ends of the price and power ranges.
The latest chip to Join the Motorola 680x0 family is the 68040, and it promises to be to the 68030 what the 68030 was to the 68020.
From Motorola's own technical specifications and some preliminary tests, it is possible to look ahead to a truly impressive leap in Amiga computing power.
For the sake of comparison, try to imogine 300,000 transistors on a chip. This is the number pocked into a 68030. The 68040 has 1.2 million of them, which Motorola engineers claim helps the chip offer three times the 030‘s performance!
The 68030 came with its own on-board Memory Management Unit, but the 68040 goes one better with an In-bullt Floating Point Unit as well.
This unit is designed to be compatible with 68881 68882 code, but its design is optimised to reach performance levels 10 times greater than the older FPUs.
Preliminary tests of a 25MHz 68040 have clocked up 20 MIPS, which is four times as fast as the A5000 we look at In this feature, and certainly faster trian an Amiga 3000.
Bytes ’n Pieces, who presently import the CSA cards, Informed us that at least one third-party peripherals manufacturer is already developing a 68040 card for the existing range of Amigas.
Needless to say, we'll be on the look-out for 040 products over the next few months, and will bring you any news os it comes In.
The command can be Included in the user's system disk startup- sequence or used directty from CLI, and is a very flexible answer to some of the problems posed by an upgrade.
However, the bugbear of many an upgrading user is software incompatibility, and the problem is sometimes incurable no matter how much tweaking Is indulged in.
The only answer In such cases is a 68000 fallback switch, by which the user can return to standard operation.
Again, Oil cards will supply this option, and where the A5000's in common with the Midget Racer is a command which re-boots the Amiga while it resets the CPU.
The unfortuaate consequence of switching bock to 68000 mode is that the 32-bit memory is no longer available, so if the system doesn't have normal RAM expansion it will come down to earth with a mighty bump.
No 68020. No 32-bit RAM. No kudos. The 68000 couldn't make full use of 32-blt RAM In any case, but It would have been nice to have tried itl In operation we found the A5000 behaved quite well, with only a few glitches. Software was a bit of a problem in 68020 mode.
But all the main productivity titles we tried worked fine.
The speed at which they ran did not achieve the obviously blistering pace one might expect from examining the MIPS or Mandelbrot benchmarks In our comparison table, but this shouldn't be a surprise. A speed increase in real terms of about 30 per cent wot the lowest performance gain, rising to almost 300 per cent In some cases.
I. C.D AdSpeed This simple plug-in CPU replacement Is an
uprated 68000 running at 14.33MHz and using a 32K onboard
RAM cache to greatly speed up common program loops and data
As we go to press AdSpeed is currently undergoing final tests In the States after last minute technical problems delayed its release, so we're unable to bring you performances figures. • However, the finished product should be of a high build and technical quality if ICD's other adc-ons such as the AdRAM card are anything to go by.
It is unlikely that AdSpeec will begin to match the performance of 020 and 030 cards with their own FPUs and 32-blt RAM. But retoiling at only £199 it should be a tempting alternative to the average user, who is looking for a bit more power at less than the cost of a hard drive.
KiL:G a& vYll!Orl.
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COURAGE 28 planets and satellites to explore in 8 systems filled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subplots and interesting characters to encounter.
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TEL: 0268 541212 XIV_U.11 V lllV XV-UO UiC Zhodanl and the Outward Coalition are planning a fifth.
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when drtvas he scanner dkectty.
Scanner rdutM nwrng window & aadOrgnt tor aocurata scare every ome. Scan steer mean or grey mages ip to 400dp Many Imaga emancament * special eHacta available trom within Touch Up A sensible inwumsrl lot Cmdop Pubtehng *wk with containing domain sound disk ONLY £29.95 £159.00 KRAFT TRACKBALL Vary Ugh QuStfy trackball direcCy compatbie to any Amga. ST or C8fcTM. Pkje many obers Operatee texn toe mouse or joysix* port, and Matures setedabte drag cored autoftre button tor versaotffy and brttor action. Loft or right hand use. With total one- nanded control Top quality conssvetton and opto-
mechanical design, detoannghgh ape »d and accuracy every erne No driver aoftware neeced l Star LC 200 9-Pin Colour. 4 kxits. 10O 45cp6.... £ 209.00 Star LC 24-10 24-Pin, 4 fonts. 180 60cps ....£ 215.00 Star LC 24-200 24-Pin. 5 fonts. 200 67q s...... £ 249.00 Star LC 24-200C 7 colour version of above £ 289.00 INCLUDING VAT AND DEUVERY £179.00 PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR HP Deshtet 500 3 pagasrintouts. 300 DPI **)sl prtntor C 456.00 OhveW DM100S 200 30 cps 9 *). Wc.12 months CVSVI. C 115.00 Panasonic KXR1123 now 24pm suocessor to KXP1124 C 238.00 ONLY £44.95 C 37 50 Cl 19 95 CIS 96 C 59 95 C
59.96 Muse X11 C 11000 AMOS ... C 37 50 MtSofl lasts C------- C 179 00 GFA BASIC V3 C 39 96 OFA BASIC Compter C 34 95 Osvpsc 2 15 RogeRabM C 995 software] AT-Onea Hsrdwars PC EmuUtof toaiumg CGA end Hercules emuUtxn, support lor hard disks and extended memory. No soldering noedod tor seUBa9on-------------£17900 KCSPowsrtooard Hardware PC Emulator vrtth its owm 1 Mb ol RAM on-board. 512K uteebte n Amiga mode--£29900 Wckstart 1J Upgrade______________£ 2995 Amiga 500 Dusl Cover ________________£ 495 Kind Wonts 2--- Proitxl V5 Digla Horn* Acoounu Dekwe Pen
3 ... Dekwe Vidto 3 | Philips CM8833 Mk.ll .ncluding cable C 239.00 | First of oil, you must moke a backup copy of the coverdlsk. To do this, boot-up with your copy of Workbench, then double cick on the Workbench disk Icon, followed by the Shell or CLI icon.
Now type: I1SKC0PY FtOB OfO: TO DFO: How to use The Disk or. If you have an extra disk drive, put a blank, formatted disk in Dfl: and type.
D1SKC0PT FIOII DFO: TO DF1: Follow the on-screen prompts until the copying procedure has ended, then put your originol disk away In a safe place. Now switch Startup stuff Eoch month from now on we'll be trying to bring you one or two handy little bits and pieces (or those who love to mess about with their stortup-sequences, and if you delve Into this month's, you'll see a couple of commands you might not be familiar with.
The first of these is WINSIZE. Which has been used on the disk for ages and which I'd recommend you pass over In favour of the much smaller SIZE mentioned later In these pages. Either Is very jseful If you want to load Workbench aut still leave a CLI window open from startup.
Normally you'd have to resize the CLI window manually so you could see the off the mochlne and wait for 30 seconds before re-bootlng with the copy. Walt until the CoverDiskl7 Icon appears, double click on It and away you go.
Thats aB you need do to make a straight copy of the entire disk.
However, yog may also want to to copy Individual programs from your copy of the coverdlsk to a separa’e disk. In this case ensure that you fully understand which related files need to go with It.
For example, all of the document ties on the disk require that Workbench screen, but with these you can have your Workbench open In much the some way as our coverdlsk.
The second is ONLYPAlt, a tiny routine which ensures your Amiga bools up wtth g full sized PAL screen - 256 pixels high Instecd of an annoying 200 pixels NTSC screen.
You've probably noticed by now that the Amiga will sometimes boot up In the NTSC screen size (or no apparent reason. ONLVPALI will fix this bug If it occurs.
Remember lo copy the files from the coverdlsk's C: directory. You can't add commands to your startup-sequence If they don’t exist on that disk I the text editor Ppmore Is in the current disks C: directory. Therefore. If you copy the docs to a new disk you will also have to copy Ppmore to the new C: dkec- tory before you can read them.
Some of the smaller docs will not have been crunched, so for these you need only change the tool types on the iccn's info screen to reflect whichever text editor you do hove on the new disk.
As a general rule, you should carefully read the documentation for any program you copy from cfck to disk This can save a great deal of messing about and can help you avoid all those Infuriating error messages!
Hextt is an arithmetic educational game aimed at children of between eight and ten years - although it ought to please a good many older users It is based around a Blockbusters style gameboafd made up of hexagons, which the player must cross one at a time by providing arithmetic solutions The player rolls a set of two dice to begin The resulting numbers can be added, multiplied, subtracted. DMded, or squared in on attempt to match the number on an adjacent hexogon.
Once the player finds a match, he or she clicks on the die with the first number on It. Next In the tox beside the operator required, Hexit Author: Martin Stevon and Noil Boffin Author Chris Bradburn then in the box to the right of the operator. This will bring up the result of the sum and If It matches a hex. The player can proceed by clicking on‘Move’ If the player cannot find a match the turn is passed over to player 2, and so on until one person reaches the other side This means that when In two- player mode the game can be played as a straight race. When playing alone, however, there is
unfortunately no time limit or high score option to encourage a child to progress.
Used as an educational game with a little supervision. Hexit is simple with a big enough hook to retain substantial interest.
If you use MED or Soundtracker. Or Just enjoy messing about with the Amiga’s capacity to make great noises, you will have a whale of a time with Hunter.
This is a sample ripper - a program designed to search through your AMIGA's memory and rip out chunks containing the music samples in which you are Interested.
As long as you are ripping out samples or sound effects and not ripping off someone etee's musical arrangements, there is no limit to what you can do with a decent ripper.
For example, you might want to build up your own librory of MED or Soundtracker samples from a collection of PD derros.
A self-contained auto-booting music demo is usually rather Inaccessible to the average user, but with Hunter It Is quite easy to track down and cdpture any sample that takes your fancy. The first PD music disk which came to hand was the Kefrens Jukebox demo on Seventeen-Bit disk number 685, so I booted up with that gnd waited until I heard a few samples I liked enough to try ripping them.
By the time this stage is reached, the samples are already in the Amiga's chip memory, so the next step was to warm re-boot with the coverdisk and Are up Hunter.
* Vou may also try a direct search through your target disk or
music module using the load file option, and the IFF Search.
Hunter, however. Has several control gadgets making It easier
to skip to any part of chip memory. They are located on the
left of the Hunt9r screen and are start, length, frequency, and
step size.
Start simply tells the program where In memory to begin the search, and con go up to 1024000, the top of most users' chip memory If you don't know this game and how to play It. You must be fresh in fron Mars. It's a version of the classic sliding tiles puzzle In which you have to unscramble ond put the tiles back in the correct order.
To move a tile when It's next to a gap. Just click on It and It moves automatically to the empty space. Nothing could be easier and the program win keep up wl*h you no matter how fast you clck.
It's possible for experts to race through a puzzle in Impressive style.
By holding down the right mouse button while the Yawnl window is active, you can change the size of board from 16 squares to 49. At which stage things become significantly more difficult.
A notable extra feature Is the ability to selec* Hindi or Arabic numerals for the tiles. There aren't many Amiga programs around that make allowances for a multilingual Amlga-using pubic!
We hod a quick bash at Hextt while testing the coverdisk. And ended up spending half an hour on It. Simple ideas are the best, so they say, and games of this kind have been played for centuries.
Author: Lorenz Wiesl |[|j]Chip:757 Fist:3184 18:18:33 Ml [T L»1 |Uorkb»nch Screen ..ssainirij iisiEffiyES3nLaji m mmssandi tuiaLuaiiiiAi LllULLlLLlUJtlLJ UlLUbJUJUJllLfl LiJLdLJUJliiULiJ KiMmmmrcim i Binnammmm • mtmuumuim UlilUJLULLitiiU LHUlliiniklLiJIJ to UlilUllflLilLiJB UlitlifciJLJLLltiJ n MLULUliULUUJii] m LlLULdtiJLklt£L2 m - * € £€ « Yivn* START PLAYIN6 STOP PLAYING PREVIOUS THE SAMPLE RIPPER FILTER QUIT HUNTER IFF SEARCH IFF SEARCH ABOUT HUNTER Hunter V2.20 Sanplel Hunter ctemands o certain amount at patience ond perseverance, but the results are worth the eftort
except fo' 3000 owners. A500 owners needn't search any further than 512000, because you won't find any memory beyond that on unexpanded machines.
Length sets the size of memory chunk to be played or saved to disk and is again expressed In bytes. Hunter doesn't try to baffle with hex codes or any of the usual mochlne coder's bumff.
It Is designed to be used by musical lllherates like myself, and if I can ochieve satisfying results, anyone can. The frequency button sets the frequency at which memory. Including any samples found, is played.
To speed up the search crank up the frequencv to about 15 or 18000. Then slowly back down to between 10 and 12000 to hear them.
Use the IFF search options to chase down IFF samples, and the Load File requestor to examine a particular disk or music module. This saves you the bo'her of having to reboot.
The Kefrens samples were quite easy to capture ond save to disk, and for the sake of compatibility I saved them one at a time as both RAW and IFF format.
You will be able to use your samples with almost any Amiga music package using one or the other.
I loaded a RAW sample Into MED and was able to swap It with others used on various tracks of coverdisk songs until I'd completely destroyed the song's integrity.
Hunter doesn't supply mjsical os well as ripping ability!
It should be easy enough to build up a samples library using Hunter from either PD or commercial software. Simply play the music, re-boot Immediately with Hunter and trawl carefully through the Amiga s chip memory.
If the samples don't survive the warm re-boot, try a couple more times. If you still can't And them, try the IFF search options, Should you still fail to find them, then the samples are either not continually resident In chip memorv or the software clears memory as I plays them.
Whatever the reason, there's no point In bonglng your head against a brick wall, unless you Intend to sample the sound it mokes!
CDL A1500 Checkmate Digital bring you the Ultimate peripheral for the A500.
The A1500 Mini-Workstation Question :-What is the Following?
A. :- Tall and holds many Drives B:- Accepts B2000 cards C:-
Never Runs out of Power D:- Has Usual Checkmate Style E:-
Obviously well Built and Reliable F:- Outperforms the A3000
G:- Can hold 17 lb of Ram H:- Can emulate PC4s, Mac‘s, Etc Sec
bottom of this advert for answer New Model A1500 Base Unit
Price Only !! £ 230.00 inc vat !!
L(M] Includes Kcvboard Casing Ram Chip Prices 256x4 (A590 etc) £ 3S&J0 Mi- Above price only on 2Mb orders Colour Monitors Commodore A1084S Stereo £239.00 NEC Multi-Sync 3D £499.00 Microway Flicker Fixer B2 XX) £ 299 X) Micro wav Flicker Fixer A1500 £ 349.00 Cheapest 68030 Card In The World From CJSJL THE LOWEST PRICED EVER 68030 ACCELERATOR CARD FOR THE A500 AND R2(XX! RUNNING AT 25 Mhz. THE PRICE STARTS AT AN AMAZING.
£ 375 inc VAT Forget all the other slower and more expensive 6X020 cards. Now you can have A3000 performance with a sensible price tag. This card has sockets for the 68882 Maths processor allowing speeds of upto 50 Mhz. And for 32 bit SRAM. Ring about our 33M11 6X030 cards, and our wide range of 32 Bit Ram Cards, which allow upto Xmb.
CDL Seperate Keyboard Kit £ 49.00 And as last I bear 70*; cry CDL B2000 Slot ( half length cards ) £ 69.00 '• TeJE! Ffc'c liAC ~?yay Suudre *• lYfaxds So corse Hard Drive Systems A590 Adaptor Kit (A 1500) £ 69.00 A590 20 meg drive OK Ram £ 279.00 A590 plus 2 M?g ram. £ 349.00 A590 42Mb SCSI Drive £ 449.00 A590 86 Mb SCSI Drive £ 549.00 A590 173 Mb SCSI Drive £ 749.00
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90Mb £349.00. 135Mb £475.00 IX2Mb £535.00. External case,
power supply £ 99.00 B2000 hard drive systems From 45Mb. Only
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DPI Hand Scanner. 64 half tone levels £ 249.(X 200 Watt Power
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listed below £ 679.00 Amiga 1500 40Mb H D Version £ 1099.00
Software includes. Dpaint III. The Works Businness software
pack, games. Twin Floppy Drives and more.
! Take your pick, CDL A1500 or Commodore A1500 !
Well Commodore how about HiQ for a Tower Name.
If there are other types of program you would like to see on the coverdisk write to: Stevie Kennedy, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Data-2-Obj AMIGA Author: John Chosey Bench 2.0 Is a superb PD program designed to transform your Workbench screen and radically alter Its visual impact. It Is guaranteed to make you sit up and fake notice! The program's function Is discernable Immediately upon opening, so there's no need for documentation here.
One thing to note is that if anything goes wrong, or the program does something unexpected. You can restore your original Workbench screen by moving the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, holding It down and drogging the Bench 2.0 screen down.
You should then be able to click on Bench's close gadget which win be situated in the top left-hand qudrter of the screen.
This program is of use mostty to C programmers and works only from CU. Its function is to convert raw data used by program code Into object code so that the two can be linked Into a single file, saving disk space and speeding program running.
Bench 2.0 Author: Olof Lapri The example John Chasey uses Is that of a program which plays samples as part of Its operation.
We all know how large samples can be. So the odvantages of converting these to object code, linking them to the program code, and pocking the whole executable file without having to mess about with sepo- rate loads and de-crunchers at runtime Is obvious.
The documentation on the disk includes a detailed exampte of the program's use and lists the hunk headers It won't recognise As John himself points out, the program can't as yet extract data from object files, but possible later versions may allow this and further operations.
If you have any queries about Data-2-ObJ. John's regular and EmaH addresses are Included in the docs.
Mm ¦ ¦¦¦¦ate - I I I I I I I l l_ Sp ctroColof * brush animation section uses VCR style cont-ol button!
It you v* oocy ever usea upoww. Mo aoimy 10 cnoose ironr me run specrfoaoiof pale tie ot 4096 cotours just by clicking on M will be a real pleasure SpectraColor The main feature of this month's disk Is a usable demo of Aegis's latest HAM paint package, SpectraColor. The version on your disk Is complete in every function except that It will not save your creations to disk, but everything else is there.
The most obvious improvement over SpectraColor's close cousin, Photon Paint 2. Is the Inclusion of animation. In much the same way as Dpaint III, SpectraColor offers brush animation which is so simple to use you can't go wrong.
Simply load In your brush, click on a few buttons to define start and finish positions and pathway, and the brush whizzes round the screen In glorious HAM colour. This is the first HAM paint packoge to offer animation, so get stuck in there!
A word Of warning to owners of 512K Amiga 5C0s. The program wifl lood and function perfectly well on your machines, but when you try to animate a brush you will run up against memory restrictions. Make sure you run It with as few windows open as possible and no other program In background.
See Paul's review on page 77 for a more detailed look at the pockoge's features.
• Counting
• Addition utmg ints
• SaBcrichon using «Wfc
• T«m rd un«
• Hundreds lens and urts
• Addbonwngtensard unts
• Addeons using hundreds tens and ur»ts
• Subtraction uUoq hunjreds tent ard un(s
• Subtrac&on using tent
• long MutipMcaticn
• Friction and DecmaH
• Addition. SutftaciiOA.
MultpicilKr va dhwon it tracOont
• Percentages end fractons
• Artrage* and twlognms
• Raio am prcooncn
• Polygon prcgorties
• Simple algebrac equations
• Simfidiar on r. algebra
• Interest
• Sokftons of triangles uimgsm and cosine Ages 11 - GCSE
• PunctuaMn
• Emmemaryspellng
• Advanced yoling (Mu an aovAXKt ‘SorM- mO-ScdT nvctxnt)
• Vocabwry testspneamhgs ol mvrls)
• Engts* grammar
• 4 programs on mating notes (tunmtr&ng} ORAL COMMUNICATION
• Speating (3 programs o* ftaangjbuffi
• Listening .NNfir AMIGA DOS INSIDE & OUT £16.95 An in-depth
guide to AmigaDOS and the CLI. Covers the irsides of AmigaDOS
from internal design up to practical applications. Versions
1. 2 and 1.3 are covered and this revised edition also includes
2. 0 AMIGA C FOR BEGINNERS £16.95 An introductory guide for the
Amiga user that wishes to learn this popular language
without a lot of technical jargon. Describes the C library
routines and use of the most popular C compilers. Lots of
programming examples.
AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO GUIDE £16.95 This is i book for everyone who wants to use the Amiga for video. You’ll find information on video basics, video-tape equipment. Video Amiga interfaces, artwork and more.
AMIGA FOR BEGINNERS £12.95 The ideal book for the first time user. A clear introduction lo essential Amiga features including the Workbench diskette. AmigaEASIC and AmigaDOS. Recently revised to include Workbench 2.0 into.
AMIGA PRINTERS INSIDE & OUT NEW £29.95 A comprehensive guide with easy to follow examples and simple explanations to help you use your printer more effectively. Learn AmigaDOS commands for printer control and printing tips and tricks from the experts. Includes a companion diskette with essential printer utilities.
MAKING MUSIC ON THE AMIGA NEW £29.95 The Amiga has wonderful music talents. This book shows you how to take advantage of those capabilities, it starts with the fundamentals of music and progresses to the details of using software such as Music Construction Set. Aegis Oxxi and AudioMaster and how to construct your own MIDI interface, includes companion diskette containing lots of music examples.
THE BEST OF TRICKS & TIPS NEW £24.95 The best selling book Tricks & Tips' and its follow up book More Tricks & Tips' have been replaced by this single volume. The companion diskette is included. A great collection of programming hints and techniques for all Amiga users.
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Torrvjlae equation
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• indices h arthmnte
• Advanced staosbcs
• vecm
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DTBS V Tel Fax 0706 524304 18 Norwich Avenue. Rochdale. Lancs 0L11 5JZ Access Visa Orders Accepted Name - ..M Address .. J Title ... Computer ...... W© are always looking for original contributions for the Amiga
Computing coverdlsk. If you think something you have written is good enough to share with everybody else who reads the magazine, send It along and we'll have a look. You can earn up to an incredible £1,000 for your submission, although it would have to rival commercial offerings to earn that amount!
Please let us know which files, if any, your submission needs from the Workbench disk.
If it’s clickable, feel free to design an original Icon. But don’t make it too large, and please use the standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512K machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the coverdisk.
Name ......Age. Address... .. ....Daytime phone ..... Submission name Submission size . » We will accept a submission up to 600K in total length. Including documentation. If it Is a compiled or assembled-program
inGlude all the source code, but do not count this In the size of the submission. If it consists of more than one file describe what each file is for.
Attach an extra sheet of paper to this form ii necessary.
Sign this declaration I declare that the program I have submitted is wholly my own work and I will indemnify Interactive Publishing against any possible litigation arising from breach of copyright.
Signed ..Date .... Post your submission to: Ste ie Kennedy. Amiga Computing, Cover Disk Submissions.
Europa House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield, SK10 4NP.
We are not prepared to pay for programs that are already in the public domain or have been spread by other means. We will, however, launch your contribution into the public domain either as freeware or shareware.
Please enclose this coupon, or a phot- copy of it, with your submission. Include a file on the disk with full documentation, your name, address and telephone number, plus a few details about you and your kit.
Don't forget to duplicate on the disk label the program name and your personal details.
Size Earn up to a cool grand Author: Stephen White This tiny utlty - just 712 bytes - is more of a CLI command than anything else. It allows full control over the size of the CLI window opened by a script file In much the same way as WINSIZE opens the small window at the bottom of the screen every tlma you boot up a coverdlsk.
Size Is a worthy alternative because It Is so small. Written h machine code it is. Therefore, more suited for use on compilation disks or. Indeed, coverdlsks where spoce Is at a premium, t runs from CU, but is best used In a script file such as a startup- sequence.
Unlike most window commands on the Amiga. Size opens a window by specifying its absolute screen co-ordinates rather than expressing its relation to the top left-hand corner of the screen. In other words, to open a CU window the same size as the one opened for every coverdlsk.
One would type: SIZE 0 156 640 256 The top left-hand corner of the window is opened at position xO. Y156 and the bottom right-hand corner Is at position x640. Y256. The result is a CU screen which stretches right across the screen and fills the bottom hundred pixels.
Size will be of most use to you if you work with CLI and use script files a bit, and as ne c month's Amiga Computing CU pages will concentrate on how to use script files, you might like to hang on to It.
If you've enjoyed this month's disk, you'll be pleased to know there's more to come Future cfcks w continue to bring you the best n reodor contributions and the latest PD programs.
Get your orders In now at the local newsagent to ovoid missing next month's magnetic magic I DISK BARGAINS new American Dreams Four action and strategy games are included in this sensational package from Infogrames.
Test your talent in SUPER SKI on the ski jump, slalom, giant slalom and downhill races.
Our Price £17.95 Our Price £19.95 Chess Simulator Infogrames have taken this timeless classic and added a whole range of added features to bring you Chess Simulator.
Chess Simulator is the ideal partner for budding Chess enthusiasts. It’s perfect for guiding and improving your talents until you ultimately attain the standard of the Grand Masters. Infogrames' game includes a whole range of outstanding features including: An intelligent opening moves library, countless levels of play, advise options, save and restore options, 3D views and a wide range of different piece designs.
HOSTAGE OPERATION JUPITER is a strategic operation in which you] direct manoeuvres to release the hostages held by terrorists in an embassy.
OPERATION NEPTUNE involves you in underwater warfare, destroying enemy submarines and bases.
BUBBLE GHOST will keep you busy for hours trying to guide a fragie gtjost through a castle's numerous traps.
Great value for money. Don’t miss this offer!
Future Dreams Welltris v sr 55 r • PlmFU. _ 2£TU Wvi , I Our Price 1 ¦ recorded.
Our Price Z17.95| 1 100% pure Glastnost!
1 £19.95 Four unbeatable arcade games at an unbelievable price from Infogrames.
PURPLE SATURN DAY - A unique game which has achieved legendary status in the arcade games arena Participate in the Intergalactic Games - if you dare I Purple Saturn Day SPIDERTRONIC - 3D action and digitised sourd enhance this fascinating strategy game.. *
G. NIUS - Your space station has crashed on an unknown planet.
Escape the wreck before it disintegrates around you. Timed action and a frantic pace.
WARLOCK'S QUEST - An arcade adventure swarming with evil creatures and sneaky, devilish traps. If you like arcade games, this one's for you.
Great value for money. Don’t miss this offer!
Challenging arcade fun from Infogrames.
Welltris is a wacky puzzle game that'll have you on the edge of your seat.
After the fabulous international hit, Tetris, join Alexey Pajitnov. Grand mathematician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and take up his new challenge, Welltris: control the falling pieces, move the volumes and ultmately master space.
Welltris has a host of options including: Three levels of difficulty (beginner, advanced and expert), amazing 3D perspective, various game speeds, scoring system with top ten scores TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON a PAGE 129 in real-time ... and in Our VIDEO DIGITISERS are REAL-TIME and COLOUR. They GRAB a FRAME as fast as a TV camera can provide it, PLUS - they include a live framestore output for connecting to a second picture monitor or even a TV set to simplify focusing and setup.
Step into the reai-world or real-time A NO colour: No need tor a perfect freeze frame VCR!
No need for a colour splitter!
No need for a colour wheel!
Perfect pictures from a moving colour source at just the touch of a button.
* SAVE ard display pictures in over 32,000 colours.
* SEE your SCULPT images as you have never seen mem before!
Use ColourPic or SuperPic as the ultimate SCULPT display device!
NEW recommended retail price £347 plus VAT (£399 inc. VAT).
SuperPic - a real-time colour video digitiser for the A50C and A2060 including a superb quality genlock for the discerning Amiga user.
ColourPic and SuperPic can be obtained from selected Amiga dealers or direct from jCL. For your free show disk of pictures contact Caiolyn on 0892 75791.
I JCL BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED Knowle Farm Clock House, Wadhurst Road, Frant, Hast Sussex TN3 9EJ, England.
Tel: 089275 791 (DSJD r44 89275 791. Fax: 089275 440 (NT) -r44 89275 440.
Distinctly Digital Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
DGCALC FINAL ACCOUNTS MAILSHOT The fastest a* most powerful spreadsheet av* tabfe n tha price bracket, aid 512 rows by 52 column, (grog you up to 2024 calls As wito all Dgita products, the operation of the program s dearly thought out Bemg e thar menu, moose or command driven you II Pa aWe to start using it vnth.n mmutes
- even it you've never used e spreadsheet before Some of the
teahxes which make it such good value are the exporting ot
ASCII Mae tor integration with other programs, adjustable
column width and text overflow, programmable function keys
(macros), and 1 ungue windowing facility, so that you can look
at drtterert parts of a sheet at the same time _ __ £39.95 tt
you ever need to send out mailings or pnnt labels you know how
tiddly and tihtamunuig it can bt making sure ad the labels are
printed correctly Weft now all that s a thing of toe past
Becautt kteitehot actually shows you th labels onscreen you
can typ» names and addresses inexactly the correct place But
mor» than that the labels are animated on screen as •
continuous sheet, allowing you to scroll backwards and
lorwarfs. To search lor partcUar keywords or to edit entries
with the minimum of fu*» Facilities mtfyde searching detection
ol duplicate labels sorting (even surname!) 9 labels across 999
ccpws of any label Ttvshas to be the simplest and nost
effective method of creating a mailshot available . __ £24.95
The program will taka information prepared by Cashbook
Cdhfroller and produce a complete set ol accouns .ncfudmg
* Trial Balance ‘ Tradmg and krotit and loss Account
• Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts ' FiW Acaxmbng rstos All
reports may ba produced a any time. W%to comparabve-budget
tigures it isguirad The facility to produce these documents
quickly, accurately and regularly
- a ol enormous help m running any busmen, large or small Since
one shows the true probability achieved, and the other
theexacsseengshofthebusmtsain terms of assess and lat-Hies _ __
executive stress with the classic space rnveder £14.95 Oo you
ever hive to print names and addresses at awkward pieces on
envelopes, or do you ever need to till in tr fcy lor ms or
mvcxces where the text has to be in exactly the right place’
Usually you have to do rt by hand, or get your trusty old
typewriter ut of (he cupboard and dust it oft Well not anymore
The Emulated TYPEwnter transforms your computer and xmter into
a fully hedged typewriter, supporting boll underline, italic
and other rypestytes Because d can display and prat text
INSTANTLY you can 1 me up your form, press Return and Space a
tew times to move to the correct plate, and then start typing
Alternatively you can switch to l mety-tm mode, which otters
wordwrap lustftcabon and proporfonal spacing, so that you can
ed 1 E3g95 Advanced version ot Mailshot for the business user
with the following extra faaMwt
• integration with other software (us-ng ASCII I4eei
• coiumrvtabulatod sunmary 14* fgr telephone li». Tie)
• 4 extra memo Nnee per label I with defaults) * system for
coding, dating and addng messages to each label
• dtterent layouts ava-abie lor horizontal and vertical £49.95
CASHBOOK COMBO Money saving combmaxm pack Maturing both
Cashbook Controller and Fmal Accounts-Save CtO 00 _ __ _ _
£69.96 Qccoun PERSONAL TAX PLANNER Are you absolutely sure your
taxman is doing h« job oorrecdy’ Ptar your own tax wdh ease,
ttvs menu-driven program will calculate your mcome tax
liability (4 tax years included) end provide pertinent facts
about your tax poskon You can perform what-4’ calculation to
discover ways to mimmoe yourtax liability In fad. The program
will advise you on thugs ueh as, it you are $ mpmgg mgn,
whfthfr -1 would be advantageous to have your wife s mcome
taxed separately or rot At th« price who knows, you w.ll
probably f-nd that PTP wi pay lor tselt in Ux savings toe f.rst
time you use if " STOP PRESS " Jufy 89 - PTP vser racemes tax
refund ot over £2.0001!
£39.95 DAY-BY-DAY An e xceHent wsy to gel organised With it you'll be reminded ol D-rfMays am other anniversaries, meetings and appointments, phone calls lo make end so on As with all Digits products, inputong intormation is simplicity itself and.
Once entered. ?ou can search tor keywords or tor particular events such as txrtodays to see when one n convng up indudes month-weeA-day planner, automate reminders lor overdue appontmencs. Month and week summary at a glance For less than OO this «the Kteal way to make sure you never m«i that important ocosonagem' assES -ss?
“rte* * 2£l"** 0»J** *'" a*?*** m *! • ICW arw S S53»S3s,te §g 5sS£S?5S?~ Sss saSsiJSa- S KSsS sSST 5Sa*fiaS?a55,?23r Available to the trade from: [Digita, GEM, Greyhound, i Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
F0.95 HOW T CREDIT ( Post: Di DIGITA INTERNATIONAL "Serious software at a sensible price" All softwa'e written in the UK Prices include VAT & P&P(add £2.00 for export) you are now entering the Game Zone... GAMES NEWS ••••••••• COLDITZ ..... MiG-29 FULCRUM 44 FEUDAL LORDS .47 ...48 HARD DRIVIN' II - DRIVE HARDER • • .50 CHAOS STRIKES BACK ....52 Amiga Computing 3 7 _ RELIVE THE GREATEST ADVENTURE OF YOUR CHILDHOOD on FIVE ON A TREASURE ISLAND Enid Blyton's much loved characters come alive in this faithful version of the best selling book. Using the
"Worldscape" adventure system you can play any of the children as they solve the mystery of the Treasure Island. Featuring a powerful text parser and many graphical locations, this is a game for the young and the young-at-heart AVAILABLE SOON FOR AMIGA, ATARI ST, C64, AMSTRAD CPC (+), SPECTRUM AND SAM COUPE © DARRELL WATERS ENIGMA VARIATIONS LTD 1991 EMIQMA VARIATIONS LTD.. 13 NORTH PARK ROAD. HARROGATE HQ 1 5PD TEL: 0423 501595 PAX: 0423 500291 Master of games Nick Clarkson stuns us yet again with a batch of the latest titles GAMES news ROOM [WEAPONS TEAM SUZUKI - Gremlin U To ar« you 71 He
snaps , efort you can reply he on time* wDo you think a Ivmy lizard like you can ave herT* ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK - Accolade When buxom Elvira bought an ancient castle as a weekend retreat she got more than she bargained for. She found that the evil spirit of her grandmother Emelda roamed within the castie walls.
Your mission is to discover the sacred scroll and dispel the spirit orce and for all. Naturally, the castle is swarming with ghoulies and ghosties and you'll have to avoid them if you are to survive.
Featuring loads of gruesome and gory scenes Elvira has to be one of the finest graphic odventures available. See for yourself, the game costs £29.99 and is available now.
Continuing with their theme of motor sport licences. Gremlin offer you Team Suzuki. Featuring superb, smooth vector graphics the game sees you sitting astride a throbbing motorcycle.
Wth external views and a range of challenging tracks. It really SU2UKi makes for an exciting experience.
Test drive a professional motorbike today. At £24.99 it's heck of a lot cheaper than the real thing - and you don't even need a licence!
WRATH OF THE DEMON - Readysoft Coming from the same stables as Space Ace and the Dragon’s Lair series. Wrath of the Demon features slightly less adventurous graph cs.
The game sees you undertaking a mission to rid the land of a meddlesome demon. Your journey will take you across distant countries where you will have to deal with some realty nasty characters.
This arcade adventure will have you on the edge of your seat. Pop along to your local software dealer and barter £29.99 for a copy.
NARC - Ocean Mr. Big is up to his old tricks and it’s up to you to stop him. As Narc you must assemble your military hardware and wage war on the evil drugs baron.
You'D face an arm of hoods out to spil your blood.
Later levels feature car chases and helicopter gunshlps. Using all your skills you must fhally confront and kill Mr. Big Narc should be available now and will set you back £24.99. OB ITUS - Psygnosis If you were wowed by Shadow of the Beast II. You'll be amazed at Obitus. A cross between this and classic RPG games such as Dungeon Master.
Featuring superb graphics, sound ond a free T-shirt, the game sees you attempting to overthrow an evil wizard - where have we heard that before?
Transported from modern times and Incarcerated in the mage's castie. Can you escape his thrall?
Obitus will cost you £34.99. In return you'll receive hours of entertainment and a free Item of clothing to boot!
Stunningly jmooth vector graphics WARLOCK THE AVENGER - Millennium Bcsed on the old classic Firebird 8-blt game Druid. Warlock the Avenger sees you attempting to overthrow an all-powerful mage.
Balding up oil the courage you can muster, you have to reach the wizard's tower and put paid to his evil schemes.
The action takes the form of a maze-style game not too cfisslmllar to the classic arcode colrvop Gauntlet.
During your travels you'll encounter all manner of nasties and wifi need every magic potion you can lay your hands on.
Warlock the Avenger should materialise any day now and wi cost £24.99. The hybrid RPG Otoltu* R i-2-9-9y anager The Worlds Most Sophisticated Personal finance Program BUDGET WITH EASE, AT A CLICK OF A MOUSE.
If you're the type that likes to look ahead then PFM allows you to set budgets for both expenditure and income. Over 100 budgets can be set over a year, a quarter or a month and then 10 can be displayed either in figures or as a bar graph for a given oeriod. Expenditure for these budgets can also be shown as a pie chart so you can tell at a glance where your money’s gone. PFM also allows you to display or Drint your budget groups selectively so you can see your expenditure quickly and easily.
BALANCING WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER A JUGGLING ACT When you get your bank account statement or a balance from an autobank machine you can confirm it with PFM quickly and easily. Simply select PFM's unique "Auto Balance" option and type ir the balance as given by the bank anc PFM will attempt to balance and highlight entries that have not yet been processed through the bank.
STANDING ORDERS & DIRECT DEBITS EATEN ALIVE PFM handles Credit and Debit - Monthly.Quarterly, Yearly and even complicated regular payments like 12 payments of £52.99 followed by one of £12.50, PFM will check the date and automatically insert standing orders as they become due.
AS EASY TO USE AS A CALCULATOR PFM makes full use of Amiga's Workbench interface, if you need to amend or update an entry or Standing order simply click cn it. Your screen looks just like a bank statement!
If you run a personal bank account and have a Commodore Amiga
AMIGA VERSION THE BEST ST HOME FINANCE PROGRAM NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE AMIGA Here’s what the critics say "PFM is one of those rare programs with which it is aaay to fssl comfortable from the first time you run it.” Ron Massey. ST USER "Personal Finance Manager is a sophisticated home financial package, it will probably help you save money.” ST UPDATE.
"PFM is just the ticket if your expenditure is as disorganised as mine."
1 ’ Home Finance Program By Peter Vealel Amiga Version by Dan Lennard.f ersona Finance M cm nmmm i Mil Sri tell
and if you are not 100% satisfied, return within 30 days for
a full refund.
Cornwall PL25 4YB Allow 28 Days for delivery v-»- AMIGA VERSION Please send me Personal Finance Manager at £30.95 (incl P&P) C] Cheque enclosed made payable to MICHTRON O Please debt my credit card account
- LLJ I. I 1 I I 1 1 1 LJ Expiry date LJ Name Address Signed
ItflichTrori am eale.
O feel ¦ncial ad as private Guiding the men around the fortress, you collect all the useful items you can lay your hands on.
Some par’s df the castle are restricted areas and should you be caught there you'll be thrown into solitary confinement. Other areas can only be accessed if you have iTECTED ft S I w P&P) X VOU HRUE BEEN CAUGHT IN A FORBIDDEN AREA VOU ARE TAHEN TO SOLITARV CONFINEMENT AND ALL OF YOUR EQUIPMENT IS CONFISCATED It $ the cooler tor you my od!
According to the Geneva Convention prisoners of war must be given a fair share of the creature comforts of home. Naturalty. This often leads to
o more relaxed form of imprison- men* than would be expertenced
In a normal )aH.
A captured officer, however, has certain objectives to accomplish.
These include hampering the enemy at all times and attempting escape at every possible opportunity, During the Second World War hundreds of Allied troops were incarcerated in German prisoner of war camps Probably the most famous was located at Colditz Castle in Saxony - on impregnable fortress on top of a stone hiB.
Colditz was special In that it was the fnoi place of capture for any problem prisoner the Germans encountered Colditz. Otherwise known as Oflag IV C. was deemed escape proof As an allied captive, you must lead four prisoners to freedom by evodng the watchful gaze of the German guards.
Your team comprises a-British captain, a French sergeant, an American lieutenant and a Polish Publisher: Digital Magic Price: £24.95 the right keys, which can be found dotted around the rooms.
The best means of escape seems to be by tunrelling If you hove a saw. A prck-axe and a candle you con begin to form an escape route. With ycur fellow prisoners set up os stooges you can attempt to dig undetected.
The guards follow a strict timetable. During se* times you'll be given free access to the courtyard m order to exercise Avoiding Gameplay Escape from Colditz is first rate. Initially players will spend time exploring and discovering what lies behind locked doors. Once a rudimentary layout of the castle has been learned the game becomes one of careful planning and escape. An excellent piece of software.
The guards, you may be able ’o slip into areas usually out of bounds If you are daring enough you may even contemplate collecting a German uniform, passes and papers, and try walking out of the front gate However, beware, if you are caught the guords take great delight In gunning you down Based on the best-selling Gibsons-Games board game.
Colditz is a classic of strategy and exploration. Digital Magic reckon there are some 42 ways to escape
- I’ve only discovered two!
The package comes complete with a paperbock book describing the daredevil bravado shown by the prisoners at Colditz Featuring an accurate floor plan. Colditz gives, you the chance to relive the nail-biting days of.Colditz Caste.
Graphics With excellent 3D views, Escape from Colditz really brings to life the escapees* daring exploits. The game is huge and it’ll take hours to explore the entire castle.
Sound Sound effects are rather basic, but the game oozes atmosphere. The sound of the guards’ footsteps are enough to set your heart racing.
TELESALES HOTUNES 0782 208228 All Price* ioc VAT Please add £2.95 PiP per Order Next Day delivery £10.00
U. K. ORDERS ONLY QUALITY GUARANTEE All our products carry our
full replacement no quibble guarantee REMEMBER HI We only
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The Public Domaintoc's are back I iTART :OMPUTER SYSTEMS DEPT AF17 • BARBICAN HOUSE BONNERSFIELD • SUNDERLAND SR6 OAA FACSIMILE 091 564 1005 TELEPHONE 09 1 564 1 400 So... We wM stay at 99p * Forever mill or at least until we get bored ... START COMPUTER SYSTEMS • STREETS AHEAD OF THE REST DEMO DRIVE £04 Network party pock • Vetygood demo* £03 Suntrocfcer* • Heavy metal music demo SOI SQ2 Crusaders pack • by Bustman . Cool I 496 The JCS • Very wekd demo very wekd 49? Coopet • 0k3 but »lk very good' 478 Down Megademo Its lust dawned on me 475 Hypncat* ¦ Nice new demo pock 472 Crusader* • New
demo pack with ED-209 453 Epic • Sopeto Preview or Ocean s Same 445 Anarchy CCS Mime pock • By 4 Mol. Cool 444 Sicrt Demo Pock 6 • Mce new oemo pock 443 Sicrt Demo Pock 4 • More great new demoi 440 Tropical Sunset • Great oemo by Stent* 437 Anorcby pock • Scperb oemo pock Get it 429 OJ Onco Leif • Groat hou*e mure remote* 426 Ciionic* Neverwhere • Wicked megodemo i 423 Cod fnoge • W»d demot from Upfront 416 Pf demo* 68 • wtth the Ponakt duck ankn I 394 Unique Vectors • Bnttant vectoi demo 314 Mkoge Megodemo • S*4JetO' but I Meg 313 MogFietdi tftstary • Nice coleciton of demos 305 Wortdcons
Purple • Why Purple ?
304 Rash Daneh Know How And they do 303 Scoopex Demos • Asion l and Green Suprae 301 Sovoge Demo 4 • A nice mogedemo 300 Intuition Mogodomo • Wtvon ¦* your next ono 292 Manny* I Meg CoHecnon • Nice big demo* 261 Cryptabumei* 2 • Ace demot (tom CRB 258 Rebels Candyvond 11 • My favorite comp I 257 Crtodcj Megooemo • Starring .. Modomol 264 tomsort Titpt to Moo • A great vector ’Trip' 262 253 Budbran Megademo .Just BfitU.'
25' 9tont* Megggemg • i ** it ggnti?
In 174 Red Sector When » you next Mega ?
164 Scoopex Mental Hangover . Wic 1 148 Ga*e Megodemo • Superb muec and G f* 142 143 Start 3 • Comp w«h Cedt 90 ond Como 140 Dragons Megdemo • SW very good • 136 FrauSon Horror . Stt* . Btough... Sck 109 110 Start 2. OW but it gold nahhhi 101 100 Start 1 • Demo comp older but bolder ?
We get loodt o* new demot orttvmg do*y to why not try out our tncredWe new Idea MUSIC MEWS 499 9abby Music • Tofaty bnlfant muec Oemo 486 KfaTtwofc* Br* Muec oemo* 483 Jesus kj*es acid • Erm I dont think he does 425 Dgrtaf concert 6 • Eobufaus remix I 424 Sound Ct Stents • I love It ' Brtftont sh f i 296 A* Muec trom me crary often 286 Robek nogobfast • Supah muec dBk 272 Ousoders Project Beat • Great muec 263 Sun Ccrnectlon • Coootoo muec 246 Adorn M Mutic 1 • Dap Muec dsfc (hemo) 246 Beat Mjk • From tcocpex eoooil 242 10064 tune* •Juet got this dtk SUPERB in 231 Dartafat Music 7
861001*000* 230 Oarttna Muec 6 more rpped music 229 OotksJa Music 5 Moilo m How ore you ?
228 Dartrstai Music 4 More geot musk: stuff 227 Jarre Docklands Brtftant muec from MrJarte 2268eochboys meet popoy* • Mod tampie I 225 Cxgftal Concert 5 4 Fabulous chart song* 224 Dgtai Concert 4 Four more chart song* 223 Dgfld Concert 3 12 Mhxute megornw 222 t'trreofpe icodsof great muec 220 221 Omob music 4 BrSant song*1 219 Teennoronbt Get up and Pumo up mo jam 218 KefrentMceoox Absolutely superb 1 197 Quean and Block box remaps l94Du*odsr*Fteekedout Great mixe* 186 Digitoi Concert 2 A great 12 minute* 145 Mahdnsy ana KcSrtus Groat muec dBk 141 Soundtrocker Musics
• Axel F.Doc 31 133 Bocteno BrtuiANT muec from crusoden 107 Vangefr Demo Superb demo l Meg GAMES WAY 47! ST bosh KH those Grey sfabt of junk III 449 Computer Con met New gome by Dr Graflb 44? Poc ocnon Gamo* rciudng Ctoedo 283 Pauedo Cop Sooty staring ED-209 282 Popeye Game An ICO game on the Amiga 280 Mechface Good strategy war game 277 Board games Bock gammon and othelo 276 Holy Dor Dear text odventure 274 The Gotten Fleece Adventvte gome ANIMATION ALLEY 474 Spocecnote Aram Very impressive • 'Meg 468 Star Trek Manoeuvres • tofalty bttt I l Meg 467 Iron and Spaceship
3r*cr,t Ammt I Meg 466 Siecftthy 2 Fumy ommat'on 455 Agohon 15 • £ aums nc the ted total onm 452 Enterprise waving Doc* Amaang I Meg 419 420 Star Wot* Mows Qurto gooa I Meg 398 Froctd Fugrrt Mce scenary demo I Meg 216 Real imngs demo Hcne animations 213 214Mesicn A4Megarkmonon Mil 212 Star Trek Awtyjtvyi. Varuoui 512K crim* 207 tusro Teenager The lamp arum lMeg 206 Newtone Cracfte anc more animations 202 203 Star Wan Amm X wng ngnrers I Meg 201 todiono Jones Croc nog good 0*0} 1 Meg 198 The Pur • 3D car chaw by T Plchier 1 Meg 192 Walker 1 • The hefaopter version l Meg 193
Waftror ? The A20QO t olng attacked 1 Meg 190 The Juggler Ofay tx gokfte 1 189 The Gymnast Nee ive*glng arum 1 Meg i65Juggette Mrs Juggle anmatton l63Puggstospoce Greet Itlle demo amm 113 Moncton and Jogger Good ankns I Meg 112 Spocesttp Artm Hying round a 30 globe 106 The ElGoto ond Juggie Animtcn l Meg '04 Happy Man Amrra Uwi more 103 Ghost oooi and Dripphg Top Good 1 Meg SLIDESHOW WALK 493 Vox Refute snow pcs taken trom a Vox 1 489 Doxo Garbage patch kta Sideshow m Traveler. Exentent HAM Fantasy Udts 484 Color Cycle* Totaty crtBant color eyeing 461 voboo Dabbo
The Fsnhtonet 1 Scpch 1 454 Nightbreed Superb Mosfy Sftdeshow 205 Agaffon 8 E»cetent stuff from Totolo* Richter 200 Roger Deon rtc* by this superb Artw 191 Forgorton Realms Hobgobln Sideshow 183 Nogei Pics Pics ftommt tctented artist 168 Apatron 6 • The defrnhve Sideshow I Superb 139 Rea 3d Very impreseve 3D sftdet 137 138 Stents Sftdeshow • Brftont cftgbhow 134 136 Fraeon Dmne V»ans s»Oe«ho« Great UTILITY STREET 505 Moc Dp art Supeito dport from a Moc 496 Vdcac An mpresive spreadsheet 495 RIM A retationai database 494 ARP VI 3 AmrgaDOS replocement croject 490 GMC
Gomes muec creator 485 Startrekker • 8 Channel None tracker I wid I 480 481 482 The CL Emulator EmJate 0 QLI 466 467 468 Countoch Op art Very good stuff 464 So cban C Very good C compiler 460 toonmama Brtknt cotectton of core utts AW Jomctockw»Stpem Chp «uvi mmc u« 434 Amtoase • Very simple to use database 378 379 380 C Manual Supeito Eg s and texts 377 North C Ccmpier The latest version 1 1 358 Fkh 286 CCUttt and Dean and mot* 356 Ffch 327 The MSH rnessrdo* PC We system 354 SID 1A • Supeito akectory uWty Get r now 345 346 Video Appieaitar** great tom*and uNt 340 Jantoench
useful new workbench 334 Darkstar lltts 2 Great utility dkta compted 130 Dartatar Utts 3 • by Red Devt 333 DakHor Utts 4 rt Rob how ya do ln?
332 PorvJe Utth 5 More supah xocl uttffet 331 Pencte Utts 6 SU.Tetracopynewiop 332 Pervte U«i 7 The ST 28 superb utteos 328 329 Bootbiodr 66tecfi6h toi boot Adflhg 180 Wordwright vrtth Sgcoc and Labetortni 129 Mysttx 0*Y Hardware modMcattorss dsk I 127 128 TV Grcrfnx • Great Dpow utts crd tants 123 ST-91 Samples ctek tor muec utts by Start 122 ST-90 More great sample* by Start 120 ST-02 tots of Nee synffvy samples 119 ST-01 The qrtgingl samples dsjkl 118 Nouefrocsrer So good even I use t 117 Future Composor Good music motor 114 Intromcftcer Mcfce scroly music demos
Remember we hove got rn dreds of c*so In our ttorory so get our monthly updated dh* catcsog ffted wrthtoddi of oemosArtlWe* and a M Wng ofouIdlestPOsoBwcrt D«rN6 998 fc6u*5 Introducing the Start Hot Pack.. 5 Disks of the LATEST and BEST demos updated every week! So stay ahead of the rest get a Hot pack Now!
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ORDERING OVER 10PD DISKS • MiG-29 Fulcrum is the only flight
simulation dedicated to a Soviet attack fighter. Programmed by
ex- Brltlsh Aerospace design team SIMIS. With the co-operation
of the Tass news agency, MIG-29 gives you the unique chance to
fly this fearsome aircraft.
The world's most deadly fighter was first put on public display at the Fainbrough air show in 1988.
Constructed by the Mlkoyan and Guryevich Design Bureau, MiG fighters have become the backbone o' the Soviet oirforce.
As with all Russian aircraft, the MiG-29 adheres to a common Ideology - simplicity of design, ease of maintenance, toughness and the obility to land end take off from the shortest possible runway. The MIG- 29 can operate from a 240 metre strip, whereas Its US counterpart the F-16 needs twice that length.
MiG pilots ere the elite of the Soviet air force. However, critics of the system claim that despite first- class weapons, the Russian pilots are too rigid and inflexible during combat.
This sentiment is displayed in a comical sayirg brought about after the defection of a MiG-25 pilot - show a Soviet pilot initiative and the next thing you know he's landing In Japan.
Publisher: Domark Price: £34.99 Now you have the chance to prove the critics wrong and show the world what a MiG-29 can really SCEtfASXOS 1 tjia:i:hxho a Bmt 5 EiXOm V hk:i:te 5 AED g s:i:mai i p:i:iot?
Do when pushed to its limits.
As a newcomer to Soviet tech* nology you'll be called upon to attend the pilot's school at Orzusk Aerodrome.
Having been chosen as an elite cadet you must perform well In order to be osslgned to one of the many MiG squadrons around the squadrons around the Soviet Unton.
Your training schedule win encompass all aspects of aerial combat and only when you have become adept at handling the MIG should you really attempt a live mission.
There are five real-life scenarios to attempt. Having passed your training missions, you'll be assigned a number of tasks.
Each new scenario win test your skills in a particular field to extreme limits.
If you succeed in all you sories you may be called upon to face a full-blown international incident.
Only when you have proven you- self and your skills will you be Recerveyour briefing before faking ¦R :---- Line yourself up with the runway Take out the enemy's oil supply and cut off their most valuable asset
• v ?Li'*",' ’Mf. - * ....
- ¦ ... ..
r. L .
Graphics Graphical update is very quick and the on-screen representation is well drawn.
Sound The sounds didn't really impress me. The low drone of the engine is the mainstay of the effects.
Gameplay Despite the smart presentation, the game came with meagre instructions. MiG-29 doesn't live up to it's promise of being one of the best flight slms available.
:om- ibat ome ould .
Arlos our ned our jme rties :ea ent.
Our- b© prove your air supremacy. MiG-29 Fulcrum can be controlled by either the mouse or the joystick, with additional keyboard controls.
The game is lavishly packaged in an oversized box complete with a full-colour, 128 page book featuring superb nshots of the Fulcrum.
The game includes all the regular features found In flight slms - out of the cockpit shots, misslle-eye views and the ability to look at the aircraft from a number of different angles. All In all. MiG-29 provides the best Insight you're ever likely to experience.
Registered In the elite cadre of MiG- 29 veterans.
Your first real mission, code- named Blue SeaSprite, sees you on a reconnoisance mission above a wintrv sea. Flylna below enemy radar, you must try to locate a nuclear sub and Identify it before returning to base.
YeBow Dragon sees you flying a mission of revenge against the Operation Blue SeoSprlte - detect the stranded vtb and return to base ASAP1 9FULCRUM Chinese. Out to avenge the destruction of a MIG, you must teach the Chinese pilots a satutory lesson.
Mission three. Whte Pegasus, sees you taking part In a covert mission to destroy enemy oilfields and refineries.
Red Witch is a matter of national security. The KGB have Infiltrated a terrorist group operating within the Soviet Union. Your task Is to Intercept the gang s convoy and aid your ground troops.
The final mission. Desert Strike, sees you attempting to halt the growth of the military power of an obscure Middle Eastern state.
Flying alone, you must secure further strategic positions before destroying the country's nuclear capabilities.
The missions will test your flying skills, and completion of all five will Anuq t Computing 45 Seventeen Bit Software THAT BIT BETTER THAN THE REST PO Box 97 Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 1XX Tel: (0924) 366982 Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm Fri & Sat 9am-5.30pm Question: Why are we the best?
Answer: Experience Quality Service Price 17 Bit Software are one of the longest established Public Domain suppliers. Over the years we have received literally thousands of Public Domain disks from all over the world. Our experience in this field has led to probably the largest collection of quality Public Domain that is available, our disks are full of quality PD because only the best is placed in our library. Because of the success we enjoy we now employ five full time Amiga enthusiasts to ensure that the 17 Bit library remains the best. Add to this two dedicated telephonists to take your
orders and we can provide a service second to none.
If the combination of Experience. Quality and Service is not what you are looking for, but PRICE is, then consider the following packs:- EACH PACK INCLUDES FREE MEMBERSHIP Animation Pack (1 Meg Only) Fantasy Art Contains 10 disks filled with breathtaking fantasy slides in the Dungeons & Dragons tradition.
Due to the nature of these disks however, some pictures may be a little risque.
A collection of 10 disks that really shows off the outstanding graphics capabilities of the Amiga. This pack includes the superb ray traced magician animation and 3 brand new stealthy demos. A definite for 1 Meg Amiga owners.
Each Pack Equivalent to just Disk Digi Pack Contains some of the best digitised graphics and sound demos to be found. Includes hits such as Phil 'oilins’ Genesis and the song 'Stay' from Dirty Dancing. Also included is some fantastic ray traced art.
Intros Pack This outstanding pack delivers the goods that you would expect from 17 Bit. 10 disks bursting with all the latest and greatest demos from some of the more well known groups in the world. One to impress your friends!!!!
THE DISKS IN THESE PACKS HAVE NOT APPEARED IN PREVIOUS 17 BIT PACKS Each ten disk pack costs £7.90. If paying hy cheaue please make cheques payable to 17 Bit Software. A payment by Access Visa or Switch can be made via the telephone number above or by letter quoting the card number valid from and expiry dates, and in the case of Switch the card's issue number osed In medieval times.
Feudal Lords Is a strategy-based game which sees you assuming the role of a warmongering king. It is reminiscent of a couple of other software titles on offer.
Having played US Gold's Joan of Arc and Clnemaware's De'ender of the Crown. Jacek Bochenski. A Polish programmer, decided he wanted to create a game that featured a little more strategic depth. Aided by Impressions. Feudal Lords is the result of his efforts.
There are four participants, any combination of which can be either human or computer controlled. And the action takes place over the mystical land of Euthrania.
The basic Idea Is to defeat your opponents and gain control of the land, winning the hand of the beautiful princess Marla in the process.
ed ) ne i to At the start you merely occupy you home territory, but by transferring men from your castle into your army you will be able to invade adjacent areas.
I Depending on the strength of you army you should be able to conquer the territory.
Capturing land and defeating the other lords Isn't aH you have to do. Your subjects will have to be taxed in order to fund your campaigns Popularity counts for a lot. And In order to maintain or Increase the population of your land you'l have to supply markets, craft centres, chu’ches and castles.
Trading in Iron - essential in the creation of weapons - wine and tby rom Publisher: Impressions Price: £24.99 enemy territory. For ihose with a little more In their coffers, a quick glance at the othe* lords will tell which has the fewest bodyguards.
If you've enough cash you can hire an assassin to do your dirty work.
Grain also helps maintain a comfortable economic level.
Shrewd lords will forge alliances with stronger or threatening armies.
If your army looks a little weak It is possible to plot an uprising in an The game Is played In rounds, the computer randomly deciding the order of play.
Control te mostly by the mouse, but when two large armies confront each other the Involved parties take part in an arcade-style battle.
The action continues until one lord remains as the clear ruler of Euthrania.
Graphics Crisp dean graphics provide the perfect setting for this wonderful strategy game.
Sound Sparse spot effects make up the mainstay of the sound.
Nothing really noteworthy.
Gameplay Feudal Lords provides strategy fans with a new challenge.
Diehard strategists will And it somewhat shallow, but newcomers and those looking for a release from run-of- the-mill games will revel in the task.
He was resting when I entered the large, win- dowless room. Oil canisters littered the grimy floor and spiders hung from cobwebs In the fcrthest corners.
As I took out my notebook. I sensed that I was in the presence of a hero.
Amie was a special character - unique. Bright red with a smiling face, he was in fact a cartoon car.
Just in case you're not an expert on cars who are Toons, they're Intelligent, independent, and incredibly cute.
I questioned Arnie about the task ahead and he explained in his soft, gentle voice: "I've got to defeat Captain Grim. He's gone too far this time. I'm gonna get him! I'm gonna demote himl I’m gonna ki...' I could tell he was keen to get at Grim I Maybe. Let me explain more clearty.
Grim has spread his evil'throughout the land and captured a number of Arnie s friends. Arnie has to drive over the ground Grim has CAR-VUP Publisher: Core Design Price: £24.99 desecrated. By jumping from platform to platform, the levels can eventually be cleared of Grlm’s evil.
From completing your mission. They roam the mony platforms, trying to kill you.
Fortunately you can collect various means of defence by running into icons. These include oil slicks.
However, a number of Loony Toons are ntent on preventing you Graphics Vast amounts of colour are used effectively and the animation of the various characters is pleasing to watch, despite being a little stiff and unimaginative at times.
Sound A catchy and spurring tune enhances the gameplay and creates a really fun atmosphere.
Gameplay Car-Vup is refreshing. The action is a little slow at first, but as you progress it certainly becomes challenging.
While initially, Car-Vup excels in being exciting and enjoyable, after a while it tends to become repetitive.
Smoke screens, a gun. Mortar bombs, smart bombs and nore.
By collecting a specific series of icons you will be rewarded n other ways. B.O.N.U.S. signl'icantly improves your score, while E.X.T.R.A. gives you more lives.
After travelling specific clstances you will have a chance to rescue one of your friends before continuing on to the next scenario.
Here the Loony Toons become more frequent, and their level of deviousness increases frighteningly.
With 48 levels and eight different areas to drive through, there are difficult times ahead. Only a Toon of Immense skill and stamina will survive to cleanse the world of evil.
Only Arnie can defeat Captain Grim I ! & lO COMMUNICATIONS Comms Disc Comms Pro6 Star Term BBS Amiga Star Term Amic PD Term Beta GRAPHICS Amiga MCAD Mandel Brot Explorer Mac View Dkbtrace Vdraw Graphic Utilities FBM BUSINESS Vendit Vc Spreadsheet Calc.
Word Wright Analytical PROGRAMMING Mobed Gwin Spritemaker Dez Hexbin Stoneybrook Prolog PDC Item No. Of Discs PRICE 1 1 • I Prices 1 1 - 2.49p 10+ - 1.99p 20+ - 1.75p 50+ - 1.49p 100+ - 1.29p
1. 95 TOTAL 1 Name _Disc Size [ 2
1. 5 [j 5.25 A drfrpcc 1_1 Price per disc (including VAT) I
Postcode Telephone ___i Post and Packing 11 wish to pay by
Cheque P.O.
* . R i n i r Credit Cd i i i r i i i (type)i
1. 95p extra ZC PCQ PZC O if W CO E V ro O cn£ 2 o n oj CD i_
(P 5 £ Card No.
|Exp. Date CO SHAREWARE CATALOGUE J J J. Akore brings you the most comprehensive choice of top shareware programs available. To order your free catalogue call free on 0800 252221 now or to place your order by credit card telephone 0602 500544.
For either of the above fill in the tear-off slip below and send it to: FREFPOST, AKORE SHAREWARE, NG1 1BR. = ± Please send me the following programmes and my FREE copy of the AKORE SHAREWARE CATALOGUE.
EDUCATION German Draw Map EVO (Lution) The Weather World Database GAMES Clue Battle Mech Empire Gravity Wars Monopoly Tunnel Vision Hack Pacman Tennis Dragon Cave Holy Grail Adventure UTILITIES Dir Util MSH Icon Utilities L Harca The Champions Total Utilities ARP Amiga Line Calls INSTANT REPLAY Graphics Graphics and screen update arc excellent.
Sound * Sound effects aren't so impressive - the tyre screeches, for instance, arc less than convincing.
Faultless steering Is needed on the loop otherwise this happens) Publisher: Domark Price: £24.95 Gameplay A great improvement on the original, Hard Drlvlr' II is an excellent racing game. The stunt track offers the greatest challenge, and making your own courses can provide hours of entertainment.
HARDER December 1990 heralded the arrival of Domarks conversion of the coin-op smash. Hard Drivln'. The game's programmer was German student, Jurgen Friedrich.
Why the South London software house chose to employ the talents of an unknown was something of a mystery.
However, when it was revealed that Jurgen had programmed Domark s smash-hit Star Wars from memory, the games-hungry public knew that Hard DrMn' was going to be something special.
Ever since it sped up the software charts Iasi Christmas. Domark have been promising a set of data disks.
Hard DrMn" I - Drive Harder has finally arrived, but instead of the expected data disk. It is a complete game featuring a host of extra features.
The basic aim is to drive your Ferarri Testarossa as quickly and skilfully as possible. Control Is either by mouse or Joystick and the player can choose between automatic or manual transmission.
Hard Drivin' II features six new tracks, each containing a speed track and a stunt course.
Down the track, avoidirg any vehicles that may be in the way. En route you'll pass a sign inviting you to turn on to the stunt track.
The speed circuit Is just a race against the clock. However, if you opt for the stunt track you'll find yourself facing a series of Jumps and loops.
Drivers must reach a checkpoint In order to continue. Doing so will ensure a time bonus and continuation of the roce.
Should you prove yourself, you may be called upon to race against the Phantom Photon.
Object of the wheei-to-wheei challenge Is to beat the Phantom to the finish line so that your driving pattern will replace his in any future encounter. • New features Include a two- player challenge, with two computers connected via a serial link-up. The controls have also been improved, and th$ Cor fe now much more responsive.
Perhaps the best new addition is the inclusion of a frock editor with which you can design your own courses and save them to disk for future races.
Hard Drivin' II is a first rate racing game well worth getting your hands on.
UNIVERSAL OVERNIGHT DISTRIBUTION LTD Fax: 514484 Tel: 0228 512131 (24 hour order line) Main switchboard Tel: 0228 42373 (ext. 53) Callers most welcome HIGH SPECIFICATION 3.5" DISKS Unit 26, Enterprise Centre, James Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 5BB zzz Our Brand SONY 50 DSDD ...42p each ...49p 100 DSDD ...36p each ...44p 250 DSDD ...34p each ...41 p 500 DSDD ...33p each ...38p Individually wrapped, 100% certified and guaranteed 3.5" DSDD 135tpi disks with labels 12 capacity library
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502 Word Processor 403 Agatron Slideshow - 141 Dmob Music 3 130
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1+ £12.50 - unbeatable High quality 14" Universal monitor stand takes any monitor from 12“ to 16" z WHY BUY DISKS FROM US?
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To order via telephone simply quote credit card number and expiry date To order via mail make cheque or PO payable to: UNIVERSAL OVERNIGHT DISTRIBUTION LTD Trade customers, call for spot prices. Bulk buyers - we have sreat prices.
Overnight courier (get your goods tomorrow!) £7.99. Min order value: £10 You may use our overnight courier service for an additional £7.99 Having negotiated tho dark and dismal passages that ran under Mount Anafas your party finalfy dls- covorod tho resting place of tho Power Gem.
Fusing It together with tho Ftrostaff. They had a wecpon with which to destroy Chaos.
Ascending to tho Oark Lord's chamber, the champlonsconfront- ed the Evil Ono. Using Ihe ffrostalf to full offect, they put paid to Chaos and his evil schemes onco and for all.
A banquet of honour wos hold In gratitude for the heroes' great deeds. Tho meek townsfolk of Vlborg called for a holiday of rejoicing - all was well with Iho world.
However, as Iho ago of Chaos drew to an end mysterious rumblings were heard deep wllhln Iho bowels of Mount Analog It seemed that Lord Chaos hod foreseen his defeat and faked Ns death. Now Iho unroosonfng mind of Iho Oark Lord had started to plan a hideous revengo against thoso who had defeated him.
If Iho world would not yield to Ns mighty powers, ho would destroy it.
Thfrtoon moons oftor their victory feost Iho champions attended Iho Grey Lord's costle. Met at Iho goto by Iholr master's apprentice, Theron, tho party were told Iho devastating nows. Chaos had appeared In a vision and revealed his plans.
As Iho Dark Lord put thorn Into action ho drew on Iho Grey Lord's lifo force. It seemed that Chaos maybe Iheso will KLWfl Ol Pl.RrCMl itnRYtt 1 nnR rv. * 1 m Mnrtr tfH v ¦ s«WW»t; o*» ' :H JOURHKVMrtN k'tanrt-R osMHrsunn mcmj* H'aPKKT PrtHiT a MrtsrKR utznqo HknurM 300 'irnMXNrt i ft MrVi* 3 1% * 171 * * ?
IviMoo'l «eve« .o, o cnnn»»toN3 s»W« CmrtHHtom ? K MKH V Tion Iho Qolng gefs rough.
Your cfiomplon* and Iholr sfrooglhs
* 2 Aoil'j.i conij)u(fm hac constructed a new loir and in It
built a Ful Ya pit from which he mred Corbum.
T e Dark Lord had placed the ore in a death square surrounded by pits and traps. The champions needed no help in being reminded of the ore's mana-sapping qualities.
It was obvious that Chaos's Intentions were to break free of the Grey Lord and rule under a veil of death and despair. The world's only hope lay with the champions.
Could they penetrate Into Chaos's lair and dispose of the Corbum before the Grey Lord and Chaos became separated for good?
After months of speculation.
Chaos Strikes Back has finally arrived. Unfortunately. As is the case with Dungeon Master, Amiga 5 0 0 owners lisher: FTL Mirrorsoft : £29.95 Sound won't be able to participate as the game will only operate in one meg or more.
It comes on a game disk with a second providing a brief storyline, a charoctei editor and a hint oracle. * Players can use either a party transferred from Dungeon Master or venture into Chaos's prison and free an alternative four heroes.
Once a full party has been assembled trey are ready to enter the Dark Lord's chambers.
Chaos Strikes Eack features some of the monsters found In Dungeon Master plus a whole range of new meanies.
Graphics The heroes start with no weapons - the first skirmishes have to be survived with the use of magic alone.
Gameplay If you liked Dungeon Master, you'll love this. It’s generally more of the same, only harder. If you're after value for money Chaos Strikes Back offers flours of frantic gameplay.
Seasoned explorers wll soon find an area known as ‘supplies for the quick'. It is here that you'll be able to equip your teanr for the terrors that lie ahead.
There are four distinct routes to the Death Pillar and the Corbum ore. Each designed to test your heroes' skis. These are Ku. The way of the fighter; Daln, the way of the wizard; Ros, the way of the ninja; ond Neta, the way of the priest.
You think that's all there is to It. Be warned!
Chaos Isn't about to mcke the same mistake twice, ond this time has fortified his lair with some of the meanest nasties going.
It will take cm experienced and determined adventurer to dispose of the Corbum and foil Chaos's plans.
At the end of ecch test lies the Death PIBar from which your party must collect the Corbum ore.
Only when the champions have collected all four pieces of ore will they finally face Chaos. However. If THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUlf NolW even AMIGA'aCTION REPLAY SIMPLY jPQBGS INTO THE EXPANSION PORT rOF YOUR AMIGA NEftGIVES YOU THE POWER TO FREEZE MOST ANY PROGRAM JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TctofSiT FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk, Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. . Over 50 commands to edit the
picture plus unique on screen status "overlay" shows all the
information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
• MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the
complete music in programs , demos,etc. And save them to disk.
Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works
with loads of programs!!
Special compacting techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently of the cartridge • even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE • NOW MORE POWERFUL Allows you to generate more and even infinite lives, fuel, ammo, etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that "impossible'1 level. Very easy to use.
IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to viow modify the whole sprite set including any "attached" sprites. RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES.
VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses.
WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING OaW Ewaroncs U0 . New oonoonas or ajmonoo mo um ot its proouca tor m* fapraxcion oroopyngmiMMnat Tn MCKL0 taewtwa ol B*a prooxt ara OntW »roeroojoo o«vy softwara suen a* Pusc Oonan masarwi.
;na umts own proyams or aoRwaro wftera parmobon » rim oaoujo* Soon cWarr grvon C s Oagal to ruu copos wan lor your own uu. Of eapyrcn maiarai. Wimod! Trw permission ol ine copyngrn owner. Or no uconcoo tnereot SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly IFF format suitable for use with ail the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will
continue where you left off.
NOW WITH A MASSIVE 128K OPERATING SYSTEM IN ROM OFFERING EVEN MORE COMMANDS... AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay II preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine continuous fire power?
Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
DISKCODER With the new "Diskcoder" option you can now tag' your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. 'Tagged* disks will only reload when you enter the code.
Very u'seful for security.
PREFERENCES Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options.
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available
at all times • DIR. FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. DISK COPY Disk
Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos Copy. No need
to load Workbench • available at all times.
BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able to boot from your external drive.
MORE FEATURESfclNCLUDING 80 COLUMN DISPLAY AND 2 WAY SCROLLING... Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full screen editor Load Save block Write String to memory Jump to specific address Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture Play resident sample Shew and edit all CPU registers and flag Calculator Help command Full search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers - even write only registers! Notepad Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. • Dynamic Breakpoint handling Shew memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler, Decimal Copper Assemble
[j Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
Q Menu driven selection of Start Track End Track up to 90 tracks. Q Ideal for clubs, user groups or your own disks.
J Very simple to use. Requires no user knowledge. Q The most powerful Disk Copier ever conceived.
J Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, ST etc. Q No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
_] Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
J Now with a super powerful "SYNCRO" MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!!
_| Can be switched OUT when not In use - totally transparent. Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*.
Pj17 S many new features including ... _j DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now ypu can check the speed of your drives - DF0-DF3. Easy and very accurate.
? DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro III now I icludes a range of Disk Tools - Fast Format, File Copy, Ram Disk, Hard Drive File Copy etc. etc. E Bnffmjfili Hyou don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO I EXPRESS together, with a DIGITAL DISPLAY Drive for ONL Y... PLEASE STATE AMIGA 500*f10OO*H500 2000 3000 WHEN ORDERING WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT Dalel Electronics Ltd . Neither condones nor aufhoises the use ol Its products lor the reproduction ot copyright raatenal.
The backup facilities o this product are designed o reproduce only software such as PuMc Domain material. Rrv users own programs or software where permission to make backups has been ctearty given. It is illegal to make coptet, even tor your own use. Of copyright material, without the glvan permission of the copyright owner, or the licencee thereof nndpuj w (BHV wdDUJiB smmdD iszipibisss m TELEPHONE [24Hrs] 0782 744707 CREDIT CARD ORDERS WE WILL DISPATCH YOUR ORDER QUICKLY A EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR PURCHASE WITHIN DAYS, NOT WEEKS ORDERS NORMALLY
0 irei £i£crftowcs i ro.
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 SYNC III Feature plunge and you're now the proud owner of a 2.0-based Amiga No sooner do you switch on your machine, than the changes will become immediately apparent.
For starters, if you don't have an autobooting hard drive you'll see that the 'Insert Workbench' prompt has changed. Instead of the old familiar hand holding a disk.
Workbench 2.0 now boasts an animated display of a floppy disk being inserted into a disk drive However the major changes don’t become apparent until you boot up you machine. Insteod of the rather flat Workbench of old.
Version 2.0 has oeen totally redesigned and has a far more professional look and feel The default colours have changed. Instead of the familiar blue, white, black and orange, the Amiga now defaults to a less eye- straining grey, black, blue and white This looks particularly good on a multisync, although it does seem to blur into an unreodcble mess on a TV Rumour has It that Commodore drafted in an artist's services to redes»gn Workbench, and this certainly seems the case The new Workbench features a sort of metallic embossed look, with all godgets raised to give the whole affair a sort of 3D
look Even icons are now displayed within their own raised box. Which can make selecting them somewhat easier.
The Workbench disk icons are now held within a window that can be dragged about, resized and depth arranged like any other window.
This is a far better approach, as Jason Holborn takes an indepth look at the new Amiga OS Operating system upgrades ore nothing new to the Amiga community but never has one been greeted with the excitement and anticipation surrounding the launch of Workbench 2.0. And well It might, for virtually ever aspect of the Amiga's operating system has been vastly enhanced, to such an extent that a 2.0-based Amiga has become almost unrecognisable from Its 1.3- based predecessor.
Indeed, when compared to the increased power and flexibility that Workbench 2.0 delivers, previous OS upgrades were really nothing more than bug fixes!
Up until now the only people lucky enough to be able to run Workbench 2.0 were A3000 users.
But Commodore has announced it intends to make the upgrade available to both 2000 and 1500 users.
Unfortunately, the news doesn’t seem so good for A500 owners.
Afhough there is no doubt that Workbench 2.0 would run on an A50C - I’ve seen quite a few doing so - Commodore seem to believe that A500 owners don’t want Workbench 2.0. Why? An ulterior motive is rumcured According to Stateside sources. Commodore US recentty launched a successor to the current A500 in the shape of the A500- Professional It s basically a one meg A500 with ooth ECS and Workbench 2.0 and it seems almost certain that the A500-P will also be made available In this country, although Commodore UK still refuse to acknowledge its existence.
Until it does arrive it seems that A500 owners may well be left in the lurch If you feel strongly opposed to this, then why not write to Commodore asking for Workbench
2. 0 and ECS to be made available for A500 owners?
Nc details of the upgrade procedure were available when Amiga Computing went to press, but os with 1,3. It will olmost certainly require you to take your machine to a Commodore approved service centre, who will carryout aH the necessary work.
This will Involve the fitting of the new 512K klcksfart ROM and. If you want to go oil the way. It will also be possible to have the new Enhanced Chip Set fitted.
So you've finally taken the £»cfc»|« Ctoel 9-.rirl UHUllt . A »,tr: Httt It«f I4996 ] L" ir ImtiZ?
- * • (MUl olpww-ym
l. t» Ivrcj; 9IN&THIIT Mu | mi | luj'UpaMaf8 i»t I And then
some... W.%9 41:33
• 134 44 II .49.31 TTRTrnrn mi you con now access them while
othei windows are open by just bringhg to the front with the
depth arrangement gadget.
And it is sent to the back. Next there is a new zoom gadget which, when pressed shrinks a window to its minimum size. Click again and it restores its original dimensions.
The zoom gadget allows you to tidy up your Workbench window by shrinking those windows that you do not immediqtely need. When required they re just a click away.
Double click on a disk icon and you’l see onother major change - Workbench 2.0 windows now display the total amount of disk The window gadgets themselves have also changed quite a bit.
Insteod of the two depth arranging gadgets on previous versions of Workbench 2.0, windows now have a single depth one. Which carries out the same job.
When a window is obscured by other* a single click on this gadget will bring it to the front. Cbck again Tools for programmers The enhancements offered by Workbench 2.0 are so numerous that it would be Impossible to document them ol without taking up considerably more space than we have avertable. Here's a quick run down of a few other features.
ERROR HANDLING The Infamous Guru has been laid to rest.
Workbench 2.0 now has on Improved error handler that traps software failures before they can do serious damage. If a task does go haywire you can now choose to kill It and then start working ogoin.
FAST FILE SYSTEM: Previously restricted to Just hard drives, the Fast File System has now been moved across to floppies.
Reoding and writing to floppies is now noticeably faster.
AREXX: WllHam Havre's acclaimed Interprocess communications language greatly enhances the Amiga's multitasking facilities to allow applications to communicate with each other. Data can be shared ond applications can even control other applications currently running.
UTILITIES: Quite a few changes have been made within the Workbench Utilities drower. For starters, the NotePod hos finally been killed off In its place are two new utilities
- Display, an IFF picture viewer and Commodities Exchange, a
space used, available both as a percentage and os bytes, along
the top of each disk window.
The clucky old fuel gauge hos been removed, thereby giving you a much better idea of a disk s In order to encourage programmers to produce applications that share a common user Interface, Commodore have developed a number of auitt-ln toote.
These Include o gadget toolbox that provides programmers with a simple way of using the standard system gadgets within their own applications.
Commodore have built in sevmouse ond keyboard event controller.
In addition, there are a number of tools that take advantage of Commodities Excharge Including AutoPoint, which automatically activates windows os the mouse pointer passes over them, and Blanker - a screen bianker Extras: The Amiga Extras disk has also changed o bit. One of the most Important additlors Is an all-new Icon editor. IconEdlt which is a vast Improvement ever Commodore’s lost effort.
The new editor has been completely rewritten and includes many DpainMike drawer tools or the easy creation of good looking icons.
You can also load and save Icons os IFF brush files, so you're not just limited to the tools that IconEdit provides.
One very nice feature of IconEdit is that you can lead existing icons simpty by dragging them over the IconEdlt window.
U?lr g a new self-notffteatlon facility. IconEdit will then load the icon In ready for editing.
Rumour has It that Commodore may well upgrade AmigaBasic. No specific deloils were available, but It seems almost certain that it will at least upgrade AmigaBasic s file operations to take advantage of the standard system file requestor.
State. The Workbench menus have undergone a massive amount of change as well and now ccntaln genuinely useful options. Many have been Included to reduce the need for the Amiga's CU. It Is now eral new types of gadget which can be seen in use in many of the programs distributed within Workbench 2.0. There's also a new ASL.Iibrary which provides standard file and font requestors. Commodore hope that these tools wll encourage programmers to develop applications that feature a more consistent user interface.
Feature Compatibility Is very high.
Inevitably though, some programs don't like the new OS.
These are generally older ones wrlten back In the days of 1.2. although quite a few PD pro- grcms have also bitten the dust under 2.0. Software compatibility On the whole, programs thgt foltow Commodore's guidelines will work.
Developers have a habit of blcming Commodore for such Incompatibility problems, but they have only themselves to blame for not following programming guidelines.
The A3000 has a 1.3 fan back mode, which Is a very good idea indeed. I’m rot sure whether this will be a permanent feature, but it would make an awful lot of sense to leave it in because of the amount of incompatibility between the new OS and older software.
Eventually most of these programs will be upgraded to be
2. 0-compatible, so this Isn't too much of a problem fflsftr
fr imv k ffffcie jj PtptP llifll UlMiH jW“ 1 n (Uarii!
Llpf n»r§ii% (fMru: j 1 triHpr fiw p Nt*fr IvTfi M Print Pitth: 0 PrM traii**; 1?
F**i r» down into the CU you'll notice that the Amiga's NEWCON device has been moved into ROM. So there’s no need to mount It first.
Even If you drop down into the CU when a disk starts to boot you'l always have both command line history and editing.
There are a couple of new commands. Although neither ore major.
Most of the existing ones have been rewritten for speed and compactness. Some have extra arguments.
You’ll also notice that some commands have gone - CD for exomple. The reason for this Is that a limited number of CU commands have been moved Into ROM. So you can carry out rudimentary CU operations without having to reinsert Workbench eoci time.
The aged StartUp-Sequence is ECS info Along with the release of Workbench 2.0. you'll soon also be able to upgrade your machine's graphics capacities with the much talked about Enhanced Chip Set (ECS).
Once again. A3000 users already have this, but the rest of us will also be able to join In the fun very soon. The ECS upgrade offers a number of enhancements including new screen modes, a more capable bitter and an increase m the amount of memory that can be set aside as chip RAM.
Among the new screen modes are several new high resolution - up to 1280x400 pixels - non-interlace modes. Unfortunately, these can t be displayed on a standard Arriga monitor, so you'll need to Invest in a high quality muttl-sync If you wish to take odvantage of them.
Once again, upgrading to ECS will require you to return your machine to a Commodore approved service centre. Cost of the upgrade b unknown, but it seems almost certain that it wil be.£100+. - However. If your machine is falrty recent, chances are you already have the ECS Agnus chip fitted, so the cost of upgrqding may be reduced a Bttle. AU revision 6.2 B2000s have them, os dp all 1500s and a large number of A500s.
If your machine was bought new within the last nine months you almost certainly have the ECS Agnus already.
Possible to carry out many operations which were previously thought CLI-only.
Hidden away within the pull dowr menus you'n find an Execute Command option.
When selected, a requestor pops up which allows you to enter rkhrr rh2.f 97% ftill, 2SK frrr.852K In I |5=__7 ¦HMMMBMHMUI PrfD»rHM n1 tn« h-vi* m MM* !
IlfWl«M I feUUKt K P-Kii- * J] |K:IUr.s f.t.rl.c * (M | Vl Iff.al. flu'll* Ml t nn i.m Ml x m n; llltl x 1lift Iiik (*l*rs H (•I**; 4 Mi [ Mricr.Hi | »w 1 La J IMKPl I It* Workbench Info focHity has certainly Improved a bit!
1 r?f,4 ICUUl rr- 1 12348 “"“-IWWJ 17-Sf 13:43 S3 input 102 56
- ---rwxJ J'T-sep-30 J3:13:53 wore o cm 16288
- ---rvsd 11-Bop-i 0 Hi*3:52 jPaLet fcftlb rv* J 1 : Sep JO
13:43:54 Pr. Int. M" 10'7?
- ---r 13:4.1: r,r y: wwl» Di'uam l W««J 1'T-S PO 13:43
5 Printer 12 576
- ---rws J 1*7 -sep-20 13 : -13; 53 i‘r Lnt orCTj:!
U:8o ---rved 17-tfop sO 13:43:52 |c crccr.Koad 11*32
- ---rwoo JT-tfcp sO 13:43:52 I0i44 rvsd Vi G*p ,0 13:43:55 Tim*.
R 'ft n
- --- 17 -flaifr-- fy 11: 41 r,3 9164 i wwJ 17-S« p-?0 13:44
* 2Patearn 11*72
- ---rv«d 17-Step JO 13:13:53 a command just as you would within
the CU.
If the command outputs to the console device Workbench will even open a window so that you can interact with the command as it runs.
If you do decide to plunge | icon!
Tvr Drawer Open farsnt Upriorr select Contents Clean Up 5 n -ipshrit Shrmx' Workber Windwl Drag any Icon over the IconEdit window and It Is oulomaticaty loaded Amiga Computing 59 Qz commodore
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R-*il 'AjiHivf i U.O Fun l Preferences Horkbench icon text tcrcon tcn« _ Vv * « n Jo r u 11 t«Kl } | hilv*«ica 13 I lf*e o ro | cawnr IS- ithusiasts.
Impany TV and boot k need ctional es plus 70 ams lor the mily.
In Master" Fish.
Aeg and 2 F nil on r Ira 1.1 UiiHit:: i!
¦»r» « t T o t Onln Taxi a r i* I J So VO I rioidi Uc O I LlVi;4J63 36 mvolooJ 1. Lnio invo tooJ 2.tnxo I'j&ri xcuu. I.-f fc»napoftot
• framoan. Into WK2 . . Inro 31 AmigaShrU laO lm2 4CK E 44 1 r.
vo -_o c- 3 _ lr.vo:.oa32 VMSW’r.t*. L'ANTUttU. 1'1'5 « X JutTX
AO . .tv vi ion
b. N£.!•; cnapznot -q vor: ion 2.0 uopyriqnc s) 1 . ______ Put
p lotur-s ; , cron :aroiyn 3| Workbench2.0 97% full. 26K free,
8S2K in | ED I Pr«:e ctrl-Eso to snapcr.ctl HT i ape r
- 1: rrom or::Bac« cky”.
I M Bored with the itondord Topaz font? With the new Preferences Font toot you can change the system font to any of your choosing The future ubject rn.
Ish edge, id, letic ional om your 1d your :hure ed) y s* still there, but you no longer have to touch tt It you wish a program to be executed during start-up.
Instead. Workbench 2.0 has an a*-new WBStartUp drawer that is a little like the Auto folder on an ST. If a program Is dropped Into this drawer it will be executed automatically during start-up.
One of the main problems of the old Workbench was that you could only see these files and directories tha- had their own Icons - .Info files The same is true to a certain extent, but it’s now possible to reveal all those hidden files. By selecting Show Al Files from the puH down menus, the Amiga will create icors for on file? That don’t already have them.
Ir this way it’s even possible to view the contents of the C directory from Workbench.
Ir true Mac-fashlon. You’re not Just restricted to viewing icons from Workbench. You can now see the consents of a directory as a list of fles. Uke their icon-based counterparts. You select them by clicking ext the appropriate filename.
Quite a few features have been imported from the Mac. In particular. The multiple selection of icons.
You can now drag a rectangle around a group of Icons to select them oil.
They con then by moved about en mass by holding down the shift key.
Most programs within Workbench 2.0 have been upgraded, but none so much as the Amiga Preferences. Instead of just o single Preference program, there are now 14 different programs There are the usual Pre'f programs to carry out standard operations such as changing the screen colours, editing the mouse pointer shape and installing a printer. Also a tew programs take odvantage of the new Workbench facilities.- You can now change the sys* tem font to any of your choice, including proportional fonts, and ever drop a pattern behind the Workbench and directory windows.
Once again, very Mac-llke.
Urllke- previous Workbench releases, you can also change the Workbench screen mode, including tfe number of colours, wtthout having to reboot each time.
Yoj can switch between high res and high res interlaced screen modes, plus a number of ECS-spe- cific productivity modes if ECS Is installed. Not only this, but you can even have an overscanned Workbench screen.
Workbench 2.0 is quite simply the most revolutionary thing to happen to the Amiga since the launch of the machine itself. The amount of extra power and ease of use that t provides Is so great that the Amiga is totally transformed.
Workbench is now o powerful tool In Itself that virtually removes the need to leorn the complexities of the Amiga’s command line Interface. If you are able to upgrade your machine, then stop at nothing to get 2.0 as soon as possible. • Even with the release of such a major upgrade, already there’s folk of further upgrades In the pipeline Workbench 3.0 perhaps?
Developers are talking about what these upgroces wil include.
Here's a quick rundown of what to expect.
• High density drives: Rumours are rife that Commodore may
upgrade the Amiga drives to support high density disks capo-
ble of storing 1.52 Mb of data.
Already a third pcrty developer has produced a high density drive that they clom Is compatible with Commodore s forthcoming driver software.
• Outline fonts: The new disk font library Includes facilities to
scale bitmapped fonts automatically to any size, but It is
believed that Commodore will eventually build in support for
Compugraphic Outline fonts like those used by Gold Disk's
Professional Poge DTP program.
• Virtual memory: This is a system whereby hard disk storage
spoce can be treated as RAM by applications that require more
memory than that available in the machine they are running on
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Chops and changes executable files such as utilities and drawers. It Is possible to Iconise documents if you set the tool types to your chosen text editor or viewing program, but It's less hatsle to type MORE THINGY.DOC. tor example. Than to mess about putting icons on everything.
Just make sure you've got them for everything that should run from Workbench.
Startups for starters One of the great AmigaDOS mysteries for beginners is the startup- sequence. You will find this mythical beast in your S: directory, and you can bring it up on screen using ED S:STARTUP-SEQUENCE while in CU.
Look at it carefully, wonder at its strange and exotic terms, then delete It.
Yes. I did say delete It. There's no Customise Workbench and make it your own.
Stevie Kennedy adds some furry dice and a nodding dog The great thing about Workbench is that It gives every Amiga user the choice of an individual working environment. The degree to which It is user-configurable is really only fcmlted by your programming skills, but even a beginner can ring the changes without resorting to C or machine code.
The Workbench disk you receved with your Amiga is packed with as many utilities and system files as possible. But very few owners will need to use them all.
And a surprisingly small number are necessary to get a Workbench up and running.
If you know which these are. And can mess about with startup- sequences, you're well on your way to a fully customised system disk.
Demolition job First. *ake a copy of your original Workbench disk and prepare to hock It down to size. You will need to retain the essential system files as detaled in the table on the next page, but the rest are a matter of preference.
The table also contains some files I'd recommend you to keep on the disk and gives brief reasons why. But do as you please with them.
You’l have noticed by now that If you FORMAT a disk all you get is an empty shell with a trashcan bearing an Icon. This is all very well for data disks, but won't do if you want a bootable system disk.
Just because you've made It Into an AmigaDOS format disk doesn't mean it contains-any AmigaDOS I If you started from here you will hove to MAKEDIR as many directories as required and then copy from the table the necessary files Into them from a Workbench disk.
But starting from a full copy of Workbench you'll have to delete piles of stuff and one or two drawers Inlo the bargain - remember, you can’t DELETE a directory until It is empty.
The main advantage of the latter method is that you can retain the Icons you need, whereas building from scratch requires you to moke new icons or copy them across from another disk.
If you haven't got IconMaster you can use Huge from last month's Amiga Computing coverdlsk to c eote a few Icons.
I recommend This to all but the least adventurous. The process can be long and tortuous at first, but there is great satisfaction to be hod from clicking on your own designer Icons. Both methods are time consuming. But have the advantage of b ing thorough and methodical.
If you'd rather save time, just take a copy of the cover disk and use extended selection - hold down the shift key whle clicking on all the Icons - to discord all the drawers at once.
You will now have a bootable disk with some basic AmigaDOS flies already present, and you can All It up with the missing ones as you go along.
Whatever your chosen route, you should now have arrived at the point where you hove a system disk that will bo'ot-up and load a Workbench. Its contents, and whether or not they show up as Icons on the Workbench screen.
W*l depend on how you have put It together.
In general only Include Icons for A basic startup- sequence C:$ ETPATCH ECHO" ECHO "This is Myiyst m dbk‘ ECHO" ECHO ‘And this b MY startup-sequeoc®’ ADDBUFFERS DFO: 10 RESIDENT CU LSM-Scg SYSTEM PURE ADD MOUNT NEWCON SYS SYSTEM SETMAPgb PATH RAM: C: SYS SYSTEM ADD LOADWB ENDCtl NL (rtiI BEGINNERS ou.de PART 2 point in going through It command by command, so we'll make one of our own. Just press ESC and D until the whole lot is gone, then type in the startup-sequence shown in the panel on the previous page.
Cnee that's done, press ESC and SA to save the text, then sit back and take a close look at whet we've constructed.
Every time you boot up a disk, the first thing your Amiga looks for is a boot-block. If it is a standard AmigaDOS bdOt-blQCk, the computer goes straight to the S: directory If it exists and executes the startup-sequence.
S:startup-sequence is therefore the first essential file on any bootable AmigaDOS disk.
A startup-sequence is a so- called script file. This means it is a text file made up of AmigaDOS commands, which the Amiga interprets one line at a time in much the same way os a simple BASIC program.
The original Workbench startup- sequence is quite long, but contains many commands that are there merely for convenience or to configure the Workbench to a particular need.
You needn't worry about anything which falls outside your AmgaDOS knowledge for the moment. Just add your own lines to the startup as you become more familiar with the system.
What does it mean?
The first command I've used is SET- PATCH. This isn't really essential, but as t cures the known bugs in Workbench it should always be In you' startup-sequence.
For simplicity- I've just typed In the command, but you can after It by adding NIL: to the line. This redrects any output resulting from AmgaDOS operations to the null device and saves messing up the CLI window with spurious messages.
The next four lines are ECHO commands, which are Amiga- DOS's primitive PRINT statement.
Bank ECHO statements result in blank lines being printed to separate your startup messages from eoch other. You can add asterisks, hyphens and other characters to construct boxes, or highlight your message to create reasonable point. A total of 10 buffers - about 5K - have been allocated to the Internal floppy.
Effects. The ADDBUFFERS command puts aside 512 byte chunks of memory, which the system uses os a cache to speed up disk operations.
It works in much the same way as a printer buffer and will Increase your floppy's efficiency up to a This Is about the right figure. Any more would be pointless as you'd get little extra efficiency for the memory used.
The next two lines are optional Essential directories and files Directory Name File Name(s) Explanation C; All You don't realty need ol the files in this directory, but it is best to keep al the AmigaDOS commands it contains DEVS: * System- conflguration This contons your preferences settings Parallel and serial .device handlers You'l need these r you want to use a printer or any other device attached to one of these ports mountlist Contains details ot any device you need to MOUNT, such os the NEWCON: device for the Shell Keymops sub-directory with gb keymop file Enables the British chorocter
set on your keyboard Printers sub-directory with appropriate driver Choose ONE printer driver for your particular mochine L Alt Control various devices and system functions LIBS: Icon.library and Info.Kxary These Kyary routines ore essential it Workbench is to read icon fltes ond provide information on them PREFS Preferences Allows control over screen colours, the pointer, and printers.
A large-ish file which is not essential but nice *o have around S: stortup-sequence.
CU-startup Shell-startup You can't boot-up without the first one. And the latter two govern how CL) and Shel are started up SYSTEM: CU and SETMAP.
FORMAT and DISKCOPY CU is o must, and SETMAP has been used in the startup. The others ore optional UTILITIES: Ditch this completely unless you're incredibly fond of one of the utilities. The orty one you might be advised to hold onto is MORE, and this con go in the C: directory.
©BSD depending on whether you want to use the Shell instead of a standard CU. The differences between the two will be covered later In the series, but for the moment you might as well activate and MOUNT the Shell using these two commands - everything in the series works equally wefl from Shell or CU.
The first line makes the Shell-seg control routine resident on tie system part of the resident commands Sst under the name CU. The second mounts the NEWCON: device handler.
The remaining lines up to LOAD- WB complete fairly straightforward tasks. SETMAP will fie the keyboard down to whatever map you prefer.
For our purposes this is the gb or British map.
The PATH command, as discussed last month, sets out the path through which AmigaDOS will search for a command before giving up. I've restricted this to the three main areas, but you may need to add more once the disk fills out.
Finally. LOADWB will bring up the Workbench screen, and ENDCU wil close the CU window In whch the startup-sequence was running.
You don't need to clos9 it, of course, and our coverdisk leaves one open for you, but It's neater if It closes automatically.
Now the moment of truth If your disk has all the files from the table, and the startup-sequence has been saved to your S: directory, you should be able to boot-up from the disk you've Just constructed.
If It works, congratulations on clearing one of the biggest obstacles facing the CU beginner.
If It doesn't, don't despair.
Check that the disk has a standard boot-block using INSTALL DFO: CHECK, then make sure you have all the table flies and an S: directory with startup-sequence. You will find the problem In one of those areas.
You can now go aheod and fill up the disk with utilities or program files. For example, if you're one of those people who compile disks of their favourite PD stuff, you wHI find that the sort of disk we've constructed is ideal for your purposes.
There should be about 360K free disk space now, and there's a lot more available if you decide to 2p on some of the C: drectory 0S. ENDCU.
I _ _l_H SENLAC SOFTWARE PD 14 OAKLEA CLOSE, OLD ROAR ROAD, ST LEONARDS ON SEA, EAST SUSSEX TNB7 7HB 726 0989 995998 fAX: 0989 755093 MAIL ORDER PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY xj want a stan- etween er in the ant you MOUNT 0 com- e series lor CU.
Ihell-seg the sys- »t com- CU. The WCON: DlOAD- itorword ayboord u prefer, e gb or os dis* out the DOS will fore giv- s to the ou may the disk 3 up the IDCU will hlch the ing.
Ise it, of k leaves neater if it If your re table, ice has rectory,
- up from :ted.
Hons on st obsta- ir.
Despair, itandard LL DFO: ou have directo- You will of those d and fin program a one of ) disks of 1 will find ve con- rposes I50K free e's a lot acide to drectory UTILITIES J © Battleforce V3.6 2) Jeopardy * © Clerk V3.0 ® Monopoly Cluedo © Station at Kherne BUSINESS FINANCE Wordwrighl Qbase VC Bankn Clerk Analytical * Inventory Memopad Amihase Journal RIM Analylicalc JD Spread (sre only) MISCELLANY Raylracing Celtics Demo Maker Sampled Sounds (not I J Roms) Demo Creator HaHou'een Sample (2) Dope Intro Direct Action * Utopia Postcards MCAD VI .25 Cando Support I Rot Catido Support II
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* - Requires 1 Meg
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Walker 1 Walker II Jet FI 5 Kuli (Pen) Roho Knight 11 Radio
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It you ore trunking seriously coout fuy-fledgec puoiisning power on on AMIGA there ore really cniy two contenders at the moment, oom trom me omer siae of the Atlantic.
They are Professional Poge 2.0 from Gola Disk, who publish o wide range of professional Amiga software. Ana Pcgestream 2.1 from Soft-Logik wno are perhaps more notaole for meir work in me ST field.
Gola Disk's low-end DTP package. Pagesetter. Nos oeen on the market tor years ana a continual policy of updates nos left it ana its eng brother in a fairly usaoie state.
Tne original version of Page- stream was ktrte more than a runoff type application ramer than a fully fc Tured DTP system out a few dramatic updates nave Drought it into me professional range.
Pagestream 2.1 3efore you start Pagestream you hove to oe sure of a few Things, riow mucn memory do you have?
How Pig is your document gang to oe? Are you likely to need lots of on-screen colours?
Tne reason you have to make mese decisions now is oeccuse it ss not possible to change screen modes once me program is running - slightly annoying to say tne least.
Durmg me layout of a aocu- menT you may wsn to change to a oetter 'esoiution or more colours for a quc peek before geTTing pack to some serious column crunching.
Inis isn't possible wim Pagestream.
Mind you. It does offer a wiae range of screen modes, including an excellent workoencn mode where me document screen and menu oar overlay the Workbench - very nonOy for mulTi-tosking.
Then again, mese DTP packages use so mucn memory ana processor time mat you wouia oe very lucky to get ony omer substantial package running. Nio 3D rendering cs o oackgrouna task. I'm ofraia.
Memory moncgement is very important if you are running on o umiTed system and it is something wnicn Pagestream doesn't handle awfully well.
If you are gening near tne ena of o session and run out of memory just before placing tne final graphic you are in trouble. Tnere is no question of snuning down a few Ditpiones or cnything - you just nove to save, quit me program ana run it again in a less demanding mode.
AnoTher piece of annoyance is mat to run Pcgestream in anyming but defauiT mode - four colour interlace - you musT nitiote The program from tne CU.
Once up and running me pain begins to ease. Poge creation is nicely fondled wim o host of gaa- geted standard sees like A4. Manual. Business cord and. Of course, a custom size selector.
Viewing Tne page reveals another wealth of op'ions. Being ooie to view even me oaaesT shaped page at full screen size is o great advantage, os is the user definable 200m - excellent for cneckmg mot those irry-oiTTy iTfie nairiines do acTucily motcn up.
Tnere is no doubt mat rnts c o jot more useful man me four set levels of magnification offered by Pro Page, it seems a little slower trough.
Templates ond grids are well handled. I particularly like The way mat user-defined guidelines con oe supenmposea on me poge imply by clicking on one of The edge rulers.
It is only siigntiy spoiled Py the fact mat it e seemingly impossible 70 specify at exactly wncrr distance down or across the page these lines will appear other than by means of me mouse.
This is o sname. Because mese are exociy me lines mar you went to oe as accurate cs possiole. If you are going to judge them by eye wim me mouse men you rmglt os wen lay down me wrx*? Document by eye ana forget about mem.
Around 60 per cent of tne cver- age puDlisned page is covered with Text. Fonts must oe important men. Pagestream is oaa in mat it uses Three types of fonts - bitmapped, Compugrapnic and its own proprietary system.
These are quite cunning in that tney are oom outline ana dTmap fonts simultaneously.
At low resolution me PiTmop is used for speed - no more agonising refreshes - while on ouTiine is used oefare the jcggies starT to bite.
Tne outlines are siigntiy foster oecause they contoin no hints.
Which are usea oy scalable forts to give tne vectors o nudge in me ngnt direction under extreme circumstances of scale, mostly at All the world1 Nick Veitch brings you a clash of the desktop titans Review Jdest re is a »user fit for i little .
Sa lot levels
• y Pro ower t well ) way 5 con esim- edge y the ssible 'once
these in by these want If you eye jht as iment aver- 'ered
xtant hat It
- bit- nd its that fmap lap Is jonis- ine is art to aster
Ntsto fi the e cir- tly at I Workbench Screen MkDll II am a ==,m A. Li!
Output Driver :PoftScript v2.1.8 Send To ? PAP 3 SEP: “ Device: Hardware wear Efttsk rile Pp»i*i fif't in Order tie. I...3) CU Descending Order ie. 5...I) ? Collate Multiple Copies Parer Size B.283333 j x II.715 in Special: Po oifroamj printer requestor. Drivers must be looded from the Pogestream disk l 9a page sizes below 14 point. The pure vector approach of Soft Loglk's fonts gives a speed increase but slightly reduced quality in printing.
Printing times are also greatly increased, since the Soft logik fonts must be downloaded when postscripting, whereas most of the Compugraphic range will already be onboard any PS printer.
Unfortunately when It comes to dealing with text on screen the font mem. Is a bit of a let down. When Fonts points is selected from the menu the selectors default to whatever font happens to be at the top of the list.
Fair enough you might say.
Normally yes, but the menu always defaults to tnls font, even when you have highlighted text in a completely dfferent style, size and typeface.
Basically this means you hove to have a good memory - there's no other way of knowing which font Is which.
The font management system is very effective as it can draw from fonts from many different drawers and devices simultaneously.
It was while setting up a convoluted system of font paths that I noticed the rather odd file requestors.
They work well enough, but you can’t help thinking their design owes more to someone studying Mac software rather than Amiga products. I contlnualy got mixed up between the ‘Device* and ‘Drive' gadgets An example of the v alth of features offered the Pogestream user is found in the styles menu.
Twelve different styles can be selected for use on the text, either individually or In combinations.
Another area handled extremely wel Is Importing text and graphics. The Amiga is really the only professional mochine in the wortd that has a universal fll9 format that people actualy use.
Pogestream handles different file formdts using driver modules.
There is one module for each type of file supported and ones that you do not need can be removed from the drectory to save memory.
Usually the import modules will recognise the type of file you are trying to Import automatically, reducing the entire operation to a few mouse clicks.
I noticed some difficulty while trying to import structured drawings from ProDraw. Simple groups of lines seemed to transfer all right, but anything tricky with muitHayer shading went a bit odd.
Pogestream altov,* for the editing of Individual elements of structured art. Which can oe handy for a bit of touching up.
With all the import modules and the editing facilities for structured There is a minimum requirement of 1 Mb to run either of these two packages. In fact c solitary meg is scarcely enough If you wish to use graphics and the Compugraphic fonts.
Unfortunately this means that even if you do get a couple of megs slotted into the expansion port you will still be limited by the supplies of chip RAM available.
Perhaps It is time to make that “fatter’’ Agnus conversion. This Is not so much a problem If you have a nice A3000 cf course... Pro Page used to be criticised strongly for erratic behaviour when confronted by diminishing memory.
This is now mostly cured thank goodness, and although not completely trustworthy It Is at least as clips It seems as though Pogestream is trying to do away wtth the need for a preprocessing art packages such as Pixmcte or The Art Department. I can't realty see It happening, but the obi tty to load in TIFFs directly Is a bonus I think a typical aspect of Pogestream to sum up on is the measurement system. You may choose between nine different types of unit for all measurements, rulers and grids.
This might sound great, but some of the systems like didot points have been more or less extinct since Caxton. Think about it.
Professional Page 2.0 There is no doubt that for a long time Professional Page has been considered the only serious DTP package on the market, but while other software houses have been continually updating their software have Gold Disk been resting on their laurels a bit?
The release of Version 2.C was supposed to be o major update, so what exactly has changed?
There are four major additions.
The one which win make the most Impact on the resulting layout, rather than in the way the pages are laid out. Is the ability to rotate any box.
Rotating a graphics box dcesn't make all that much difference - if you wanted the graphics at c particular angle this could have been reliable as Pogestream which has also been known to freeze up on occasions.
Both systems will run off a single floppy system, although Pogestream, which comes on four disks, required notably more disk swapping during operation than ProPoge. It can be done but it's not worth it If you value your sanity- Show me anyone who runs one of these packoges regularly 'rom floppy and I’ll show you a 40 a day man with no hair. It stunts your growth.
A hard disk will not only sa e a lot of wrist action but will also enable you to make full use of Pro Page's disk cacheing and Pogestream s font management system.
Review x = 1.4W. V = t.lSM WtftTr'KiVfrc. : UntitUd BPES* B?IM BJ Mfi On scroon colour can bo usoful occasionally. Nolo tho reference characters for the CG font which is not enabled Pyfusiwul P*f» V2.t ftIMt Cold Pi tic Inc. : UntitlH ’ If you should go ding...." achieved In most common art packages.
Colour really counts But text at an angle Is a great boon, enabling the designer to break out of the sterile arithmetically angular designs of horizontals and verticals. The most Important difference this makes Is the shape of the boxes on the page, permitting angular runarounds.
Also of great Importance is the ability to handle 24-blt graphics.
This is not so much an extra as an absolute necessity. While packages such as Diglvlew 4.0. Sculpt 4D, Real 3D and various scanners are churning out 24-blt Images, the publishing world is going to be a bit upset If It can't use them.
Scanned Images are particularly important since this could easily be the major source of artwork for an Amiga based publication.
Style-tagging is realty a necessity. This is the ability to define and redefine the various text attributes of particular Items of text.
Subheads, for Instance, can be defined once in a particular style and size. Thereafter instead of tracking down each subhead and changing It to a particular style such changes can be made globally.
A similar system is set up for paragraphs - very handy when their styles are mixed in the text.
The final big oddltion is the inclusion of the Pantone Matching System, the sort of feature that people in the snobbish end of the publishing industry demand even If they don't use It that much.
Apart from the PMS. All these features are also In Pogestream. So It's not so much a question of great leaps forward os just keeping up wtth the times.
A version of the TronsWrlte pack- While text, line drawings, structured art and even scanned or digitised photographs can be fairly well reproduced in shades of grey, one of the most important areas of publishing is colour.
There are really two types - spot and separable colours. The first is a single Specific colour used only as a solid block, usually to highlight a particular region.
Spot colours are quite uncomplicated. When printed two plates are used, one for the black and one lor the spot colour and the paper is inked twice. Produced in this way It is known as a mechanical colour.
Separable colours are slightly more tricky but they’re worth It.
What happens in this case is that whatever colour you define is broken down into the Ink primaries - cyan, yellow and magenta. The paper is then Inked three or four times, one for each plate.
Why four? Inks aren't perfect. A full 100 per cent mixture of the primaries wouldn't give a good black but rather a sort of dark mess It b also rather difficult to get this dark mess to match any other dark mess you may have produced on the page. For this reason on extra black plate Is often used.
The advantage of separable age. Which appears in the Gold Disk Office bundle, has been altered and included. It can be run on Its own or more usefully called up from within ProPage to edit sections of text.
It is very handy for editing seccolours is that you can have as many shades as you tike and still only need a couple of plates.
Colour photographs or scans are only possible to reproduce in colour by this method.
Both Pogestream and ProPage can handle colour exceptionally well. Colours Can be defined either as RGB values or CMYK, for ease of translation with the more traditional sections of the publishing community.
Pogestream also offers another few sets of variants but most of them are obsolete.
A further method of defining colours is using the Pantone Matching System, which was devised to facilitate maximum accuracy during colour reproduction.
If it is really important that you must have excctly the right shade of mauvy-russet for something then this Is the way to do it.
The idea is that the ink you specify will appear exactly the same no matter which printers you use.
ProPoge Is fully licensed to use PMS whereas Pogestream sort of simulates It unofficially.
All this Is very well, but you obviously don't get to see all of these wonderful colours onscreen. How do the programs cope? Well, when it comes to tions of text quickly - screen refreshes take an age when using Compugraphic fonts and even with the amazing interruptable refresh option t's nice to be able to see what you are typing.
One of the best features of imported bitmaps they don't.
Neither program even attempts to show a colour representation, Just black and white, although ProPage does sometimes have a go at the greys using a grey colour rather than just a stipple.
Other colours are different. For text and graphic objects both programs try to simulate some sort of representation when running In the right mode.
Pogestream does this by just assigning a particular screen colour to a whole range of shades. Users can alter this choice if they wish and can even redefine the palette to make it easier, but a large area of subfle tones Is going to disappear. It's like trying to do the Mona Lisa as a paint by numbers with only four pots of pant.
ProPage attempts to get around this lack of screen colour by shading the colours themselves. This is quite effective and though large areas of tones will be lost It gives some indication of what is going on.
You can even choose from three dlferrent dither modes for tt e best results. It is a bit slower though.
Both packages now support 24-bit IFF Images like trose produced by some scanners, digitisers and ray-tracing software.
ProPage. The font cache, has hod a bit of a spring clean, ,4s before, a requestor allows you to define the size of caches in chip and fast RAM ond on any available dsk.
Even on a 1Mb machine, where memory is scarce, c cache of ( ii Amtg.* fcmpiiiinij r HANDS ON EXPERIENCE MULTI DPI MOUSE
• 9-25 Pin Adaptor
• Vh'-SW Disks
• Mouse Pocket
• Mouse Pad
• Variable Dpi from 100-800 Dpi
• Hardware switcnable between PC mode & Microsoft mode
• Microswitch buttons
• Compatible with IBM-PC-XT-AT and Compatibles
• 1 Year Guarantee CHALLENGER JOYSTICK Ergonomically designed
handgrip Auto-fire with adjustable shooting speed Micro
switches for durability Suitable for left or right hand players
FIVE IN ONE MOUSE Compatible with • Amiga • Atari ST •
Commodore PC-III Series * AmstradPC* Schnieder Euro PC + AT286
Machines • 220 Dpi resolution* Tracking speed 350mm Sec. •
Microswitch buttons • Mouse Pocket • Mouse Pad • 1 Year
Guarantee • 6ft Operating distance (Infra red models) 45 Degree
reception (Infra red models) Available in Grey or Clear Cable
joystick model for Amiga • Atari • Infra red model for Amiga •
Atari C64 128-MSX-NEC-Sharp XI -Fujitsu • The only infra red
joystick for Sega Mega Drive iotru red joystick require* one 9v
PP3 buttery Contriver products are available from main dealers
Telephone 0280 822803 4 • Fax 0280 822805 Review Id Disk Inc. :
Untitled Mg BS - Tag Nahvr||||| H 3E OB Tracking 7 Para 3D
Kbase Shft.
Ncoior 3B 2Kerning
• Font ffMcWm 3 2Hyphenation wsiM ivm gLine Spacing: 3 L*ft 2
Bold Ofixvd IlKMBPti.
OrmM 2 Italic (to R*lativ* fftflz oCenter 20utline Oleadinj Oflush 2 Underline . « 1 Add To List | | Cancel | psninn tsts HpfcS?
Am EK ME4 prpr ESB?
ISPKf D1 EE Ekf Style tagging converientty handled from a stylish menu In Pro Poge Features Pagestream ProPage Multiple documents • Page templates
• • Document quick load • Multiple screen modes
• • Mode changing • Definable screen colours • Screen colour
differing • Pantone matching system • Mechanical colours
• • Three colour separations • Four colour separations
• • Undercolour removal • Import 24-bit IFFs
• • Import non-Amiga graphics • Freehand graphic tools
• • Box rotation • Zoom view • Facing page view
• • Work on focing pages • Compugraphic fonts
• • Font management • Font caches • Cache editing • Style togging
• • Auto hyphenation
• • Auto kerning
• • Kerning editor • Font sizes on ProPage have been increased to
allow monster characters Dke this A4 sized 'G‘ Print to
PostScript Froh P nio Pas*(H|a Copies: BhiaEPSF ?Negative
Qcurrent Page Pocuwent_ Odraft ?Manual Peed ? Mirror
Output:OProof Uroll Paper HidthQiUI SER: | PAR: | disk | ®rinal
kit Bitnaps IB Include Downloadable Font* ?Override Custon
Ink Man*:
o |BProcess Black Cprocess Yellow [?Process Magenta ? Process
Cyan UCR GCR I Ocolor PostScript | 1 Cancel | OK JSL AH types
of Postscript output specs ore available In ProPage been added
a few of the hot-keys have been changed around. The quick
refe-ence card now unfolds like a sola panel from some satel
lite. It may take many months to know them all but It's
probably worth It, This is the area where ProPage shines ove-
Its competitors - Its ease of use. Much of publishing is not
about being able to produce wonderful complicated spreads but
producing pages accurately, competently. Easily and quickly.
A really great example of ProPage's performance in this field Is adjusting the leading.
Instead of using a pull down menu, the leading and tracking of a block of text can be altered simply by highlighting the text and using the cursor keys.
This no’ only saves the time of going to the menu once, but of around 10K can dramatically speed font access.
You now have the option whether to turn the cache task on or off. When not operating, all CG font characters are displayed as small squares proportional to their octual size.
At larger point sizes a standard font character Is Included in the box. So at least you can still read the words.
The viewing modes of 33,50.100 and 200 per cent, hove been extended to include the ability to view multiple pages. This Is almost essential when working on a double poge spread, but unfortunately you can only view the pages in this mode and not actually work Oh them. It's not too much of a disadvantage. As it Is quite difficult to work accurately at that scale.
Since many new features have menu has shuffled around a bit.
Too. Although It is important to have the flexibilty of large numbers of options it is also important to be able to use them effectivey.
What ProPage may be able to learn from others featurewise it can certainly pay back for in terms of 1 ease of use. It is a question not of j features alone, but of sensible features.
Perhaps going to It two or three times - It's a bit difficult to guess the correct value but If you con see it then you know that it's right.
There have been a few aesthetic changes. All the gadgets have been redefined - they are smaller to get them all on the requestor - and now include o sort of shadow effect which is OK In mono and jolly nice in full colour. The side IRECT AT LAST!!
Large or small users - we have the prices for you I SONY O S O D 135 tpi 50’s 100's .. .....£21.00 .....£41.00 400 s .. .. 39p each ... ...£156.00 800's .. ...36p each ... ...£288.00 1200’s . ...35p each ... ...£420.00 MITSUBISHI 50's ....37p each ... .....£18.50 100'S .. . . . 36p each ... .....£36.00 400's . ....33peach ... „ . £132.00 800's .. ...30p each ... ..£240.00
1200’S ....29p each ... ...£348.00 AI disks are PIN numbered and can mbered and carry a 100% quality control no quibble guarantee. Disk labels supplied m ACCESSORIES Printer Stands (80 col) .£6.50 Printer Stand with tray .£9.95 Tilt* turn monitor stands for Amiga ....£9.95 4 Player Adaptor .....£4.95
Data Switches (2-way serial or parallel) .....£15.95 Mouse Joystick extension ..£4.95 A4 Desk Top Holder .£7.90 Mousemats (boxed 8mm) red. Blue, grey ....£2.95 Mousemats 5mm packaged £1.95 Mousebrackets ...£1.95 Amiga printer
leads ..£5.95
3. 5"-deanirtg
kits £1.95
Amiga Dust
Covers ..£2.95
Amiga Screen
Filters ..£12.95
Roll of 1000 3.5"
labels £7.50
1000 Tractor feed
labels .....£9.95
Mouse Joystick Switch -
Manual .£15.95
Mouse Joystick Switch -
Auto .... £19.95
3. 5" (10 capacity box)
"Slimpak" ..£0.95
3. 5’ (10 capacity box) see through "Vision
10" ....£1.00 each
3. 5" (40 capacity box) lockable disk storage
box .£3.50 each
3. 5“ (50 capacity box) lockable disk storage
box .£3.95 each
3. 5" (80 capacity box) lockable disk storage
box .£4.30 each
3. 5" (100 capacity bo ) lockable disk storage
box ......£4.95 each
3. 5" (120 capacity bo ) lockable disk storage
box ......£6.50 each
3. 5" ’POSSO’ stackable box (holds
150) ....£15,95
3. 5’ ’BANX’ lockable stackable (holds
90) ...£9 95 All disk
boxes are anti-static. Amiga beige, contain keys, dividers and
rubber feet (with the exception of 10's) rniNicn niDDuno |
Amstrad DMP 2000 3000 . QTY1 .....£2.90 QTY5 £2.60 QTY10
£2 20 Amstrad DMP 4000 ......
.....£3.90... £3.60 ..£3 20 Amstrad PCW
8256 8512 .... .....£3.50.... £3.20
£300 Amstrad PCW 9512 ......
.....£2.90. .... £2.60 . £2 20 Brother
HRIS S'SS . .....£2.50... ... £2.30
£2.15 Brother M1009 1109 .....
• .,,,£3.90.... £3.60, „ £3,20 Citizen
1200 LSP10 ...... .....£2.90 ...
.....£2.70 .... ..£2.40 Epson
MX FX80 85'800 .....£2.90 ...
.....£2.70 £2.40 Epson FX100 105 10C0
.....£3.60 ... £3.40 .. ..£3.10 Epson
LX80 86 .. .....£2.90...
£2.70 .. £2.30 Panasonic KXP
1080 31 82 . .....£3.90 ... £3.70 .
£3.20 Star LC10 ..... .....£2.90... . .£2.70..... £2.40 Star LC10 4 colour . £5.90 £5.30 £5.00 PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF OUR LARGE RAN3E.
TELEPHONE 0530-8’ 3591 FOR PRICING ON OTHER RIBBONS NOT LISTED AMIGA RAM EXPANSIONS 1 2 rreg upgrade (without clock) ..£32.95 1 2 rreg upgrade (with clock) .£37.95 112 meg upgrade (with clock) .....£89.95 Features Include: ON Off memory switch, auto-recharge battery backed clock.
4 low power fastrams.
_ AMIGAS Screen Gems ...£349.94 Basic Amiga Including modulator & mouse ...£329.99 POWER SUPPLY Fully compatible replacement Power Supply for Amiga 500 ONLY £38.95 PRINTER SUPPLIES ~ OMC AMIGA STARTER PACK i ......£229.95 Star LC24 200 Colour Printer . .£279.95 Listing Paper 11" x 9.5" S.P. Plain 70 GSM Micro Perf.
Pack of 100 ... Pack of 250 ... .....£3.95 Dack of 500 ... .....£5.95 3ackof 1000 . .....£8.95 3ack of 2000 . ...£16.95 DISK DRIVES
3. 5" External disk drive for Amiga, Slimline design colour
co-ordinated throughport connector.
1 year guarantee ONLY £58.00 MICE COMPRISES A500 Screen Gems 1 2 meg additional RAM upgrade
3. 5" external disk dnve 10 3.5" D S D D 135 tpi diskettes NO
R. R.P £679 OMC All inclusive price of £465.00 inc. VAT A saving
of £21400 1 (40 cap) lockable storage box 1 mousemat i mouse 1
mouse bracket 1 joystick 1 Amiga dustcover PLUS the usual 4
great software titles PHONE FOR DETAILS ON CLASS OF 90 s PACK
pi SOUNDBLASTER Twin stereo amplified speaker system for the
Amiga Pack includes: Cables. Power Supply.
Speakers and easy fitting instructions. Also includes two somcally sensational games (Corporation and Jumping Jackson) plus playable demo of ‘Lemmings’.
ONLY £49.99 inc VAT JOYSTICKS -( ...£7.95 ...£8.95 ...£9.95 £14.95 £12.95 £23.95 .£8.95 Quictehot II Turbo .. Quickshot III Turbo . Competition Pro Colour.
Quick oy Superboard..... Quick oy Jetfighter .. Quickoy Topstar ..... Cheetah 125+ .. Amiga mouse, two button fully compatible as replacement .....£19.95 Atan ST mouse, two button fully compatible replacement ..£19.95 Naksha ....£39.00 Geniscan GS4000 Scanner ..£159.95 "OMC MOUSE DEAL" Replacement mouse + mouse bracket ?
O. M.C.I j: ¦ n_ Trade a cs welcome. All prices include VAT.
Corporate, education orders welcome. Personal callers welcome.
Ths package w. i rea'v «m a aKerc-ce :o ve effcercy tf youf "Life crgantvp- s beaut My desgned, easy :o use axl ye toptaKMCL powerful and ndligcnt Ths Digram s sulfuiv stunned to ta*r everytmng xj wsh tc renemDc and cresere it - a useful and Menoly way C®nd«d (Aiy yearrfnoWi hon ’AO to 3000*0';. Acdress coo*. Taoet.'aOfrett onrte*. Dan, tnndm, C-maa , mwe-Mres, frlls, payxens, xcod of 5pP'ong.acpot"fiT«nts. -neetirgs. Notes, memon, dafy trretable, set up you own system etc etc Powerful searn *x. ?k wli AutomatedV in* av the nfcrnwen yeu want C«s*ne tecorter tyce contra* afiwv you to step
tNouy you ntomaton Powerful vO€ fecdty (Mnm ti Data Entry) alows you search, cross Tvrxe 8"0 copy Iriormation between entries. Entres ony n«d to be entered once to* regular everts e 5 wecty.
Montiy etc loea1 * x cvsness or home use. Once you we used “We organiser vet; will oe lost without it Every package comes .vm a tutcrva' bockiet ardexamcJe' Quality software at £19.95.
Ths s a de* ano we! Tkxght out gude toAmgaDOS It s a bghfy effective way to late you hen a begrrer to an c*urt 01 AmgsDOS It ta«es you by sn-c-e steos, with many examples through me pewverfu An-gaDOS comTanctj The erphass s on ieamng twougn e*penerce arvd dong - not pst readng .»e most cener bcx» In rvo tine at a' you will nastr a 'ast, oovrrfu ard customised operating system yCucreas'V roludeyOU own pictures. Messages ard croyams This very 03x11* package r*s row been CovPlETElY vodated to ccvtr all AmgjOCS versons Tne package corssa cf a gudetxx*, a tLtora DtSC, a crib cad and marry ceher
exct-ng aro merest ng proyaTs The gude mdudes an i-c eoiby fast cxtue loader, a oatswerd system, a gaiery of hyi oujiity potues. A varetv of boot up sequences ocner high quality programs and much, much more G-ioe book, D-sc, O'ocacd etc only C1395.
This g-.oe « a qwek, effectne ard er oyaoie way to earn Base bu confidence ano *iiis win use rapdy h no time at all you will be witsng imjxeswe programs The gude has a socn.istcaeea eletronic boo* - Vbu car. Get heto m the brm of text, newng demonstraton*. GatTKts, sano o» speech with jut a touch of a txnor The cane starts at begrner level and carefuiy nses to expert level you will earn to master gracn*cs, cofcxr. Sand, movement, speecn. Wndews. Meas, datao-ocessng etc Hit areas of example p'Og-ams and de-ros a-r incbded on the two discs Ths is a value packed package which wit leave you
withaweancfkiwedge and e«pen - C13.9S. ? ?? MASTERPIECE ? ??
The geat Dart ngs Of tr world are displayed on you* Amga usng rvousands cf cdcxn in cxtures of ouBSandng quality ¦'THE BEST 5 TUS£S 1 K*,VE EVER SEEN ON T € AMIGA* reported a recent revew Two oscspaaeo fun of ocares ardcomprehensr«e noes tafce ycu or, ar errcnmg ao nto tre word of an Ovtstandtog value M.95. ? ?? NEW DIMENSIONS ???
Some of me most rrcmsne effecB yet seen cm an Anga Vou wit firo that 3 phics ara pctues Host before you eyes n front o' your screen1 The deoth of me octues extends up to ten Vet n;o the screen' These fantasic effects have to be seen to be believed incuded on trie disc a-e gene-ous ruroers of 3D ctctu-es, 30graphcs, 30 sames a'O a 3D an crog am We even pro de a tutcral to help you design yew own 3D effects on a pant package or write you own 30 prog-ams Included n tms exceleu wckage »e twe pars of 3D specs Normal pr e VIV. This month only Cl 1.95. EXTRA VALUE!
Buy two or rcre of d-eaoove products ana oenefit horn the following ascounts 2 products - Csoscant, 3 products - £3 oscount. 4 products - iA dscart etc Dscourts a-e gnen or the TOTAL vaue of the orar UK P&P- fR££ and by FtBST CLASS box Overseas cyders wefcome - Europeans please add 50p Ouvde Europe p ease add L) SO for *m aif A'i payments m pounds sterltns Pease Cheques P.O.’s to: Wizard Software (Dept. LAC1) 20 Hadrian Drive, Redhills, Exeter, Devon. EX4 1SR DELTA 3A ANALOGUE JOYSTICK NOW FOR DoiMARK'S MIG-29 FULCRUM The list of programs that will run analogue joysticks, grows at increasing
pace; Flight Sim II, F19 and now DOMARK MIG-29 FULCf and even PD software AIRWARS. Coming soon more analogue sof from MICROPROSE. Several other major software companies ha analogue joysticks in their arsenals ready for future inclusion in softwa Now that analogue joystick owners are numbered in their thousands i one can afford to leave out routines in relevant software.
FT9 STEALTH FIGKER VJG 29 FULCRUM. FLIGHT SIM II (SUB LOGIC) ... SCENERY DISCS (VYESTERN EUROPE. HAMM AN OOESSY ETC) ADO-ON DISC 3 S’ DISC DRIVE (THROUGH PORT & DISABLE) GUARANTEED 3 5’ DISCS C4.00 FOR 5, £6.00 FOR TO INC p4p PRINTER RIBBONS RE-INKED £1.50 EACH AIRWARS PD OISK £1.50 Delta 3A Joysticks should be available through your local dealer or can be purcf direct from us. All prices or? Fully inchl VOLTMACE Jk Unit 9 Bondor Business Centre. London
Baldock. Herts SG7 6NG Tel: 0462 894410 Fax. 0462 894460 SOFTWARE MADNESS HARD DRIVES 487a DALLOW ROAD, LUTON. BEDS, LU1 1UL SYQUEST 44 MEG REMOVABLE DRIVE The state of the art 44mcg hard drive. This Cartridged based drive comes with one 44meg cart and has an access time of 25ms The Syquest can be fitted internally or externally which makes it compatible with all Amigas. Amiga 500 users with no Hard drive will need a SCSI controller, ask for more details on SCSI controllers.
A2000 users can fit the Syquest in the 5.25 bay or use the external SCSI port. Each Additional Syquest 44meg cartridges arc £65.00 per cartridge giving an impressive £1.47 per megabyte of storage.
All Prices Include V.A.T. at 15% For more information Telephone 0582-483640 or Alternatively write to the above Addr Slimline Designed high quality mechanism with a led track display unit Very quiet 880k formatted
• Capacity. Throughport.
Slimline Designed high quality mechanism Very quiet 880k formatted Capacity. Throughport connector & on off switch.
£59.99 £99.99 Internal & External SCSI HARD DRIVES AMIGA PACKS AMIGA 500 1 Meg AMIGA Starblazer: 8meg & SCSI interface for all A500 & A2000 £140.00 or 2megs populated £279.00 INTERNAL DRIVES Fireball A2000 controller ..£120.00 RAW 3 1 2" DRIVES: 45 meg Fujitsu drive ..£280.00 90 meg Fujitsu drive ..£340.00 136 meg Fujitsu drive .j£410.00 182 meg Fujitsu drive ...» ..£499.00 EXTERNAL DRIVES Tiny Tiger SCSI hard drive system - Includes Power cable, setup software and a SCSI interface with 0MB fitted.
45 meg Fujitsu drive ..£390.00 90 meg Fujitsu drive .£490.00 SCREEN GEMS FLIGHT OF FANTASY & BATMAN PACKS £359.99 SCREEN GEMS FLIGHT OF FANTASY & BATMAN PACKS £379.99 Refunds arc only given if goods arc genuinely faulty.
Are YOU new to the wonderful exciting world of computing?
ICK jrows at an 29 FULCRUM |ue softwar anies have in software, ousands no- £14.99 C 29.95 C57.95 £14.99 £29.1 £29.99 £31.95 £29.99 £14.1 £59.1 jepurct fully mck Then here’s the ideal helping hand -12 months supply of the world’s FIRST computer comic!
VISA FI I ism 1 unit itted )rt.
Please send me the next 12 issues of Let's Compute! For £12 I wish to pay by: Cheque payable to Database Publications ? Credit card No: Exp. Date i i i, i. 11 i i i 11 m i I JA ;y 5 hot off the press each month!
I'd like to get All over Britain, youngsters - and many who are not so young - are discovering there's much more to computing than shoot-'em-up arcade games.
In the pages of Let's Compute! They're finding it's FUN all the way. Fun to read. Fun to experiment with page after page of hints and tips. Fun to take part in competitions, with prizes galore.
You’ll be shown how easy it is to turn your home computer into a burglar alarm, a lie detector, a weather station, a pinball machine, and much more.
You'll be able to use your keyboard to carry out simple - and harmless
- scientific experiments involving molecules, electricity,
hydraulics, gravity and nature conservation.
You'll unlock the mysteries of what goes on inside your compjter.
Discover how easy it is to understand how a computer works.
And you'll be able to start writing your OWN computer programs right away. Devising programs that perform useful jobs around the home. Or creating your own games and filling them with monsters that come out of YOUR imagination!
All for just 99p a month - or only £12 for a 12-month subscription.
Subscribe on the form below - and enjoy a whole year's computing fun!
SEND TO: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, S.Wirral L65 3EB PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 1275 v Amiga Computing 73 , f PHONE ANYTIME FOR FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE ..£159.99 £209.99 £259.99 £299 99 EXCLUSIVE !
THE AMIGA TUTOR VIDEO For new and not so new Amiga Users - shows in clear cjraphic detail all you need to know to become proficient in using the Amiga SUBJECTS COVERED INCLUDE: £1999 £3799 £12.99 89p £3.99 £5.99 SERIOUS SOFTWARE . £29 99 £3599 Pen fid ..... £94 99 Pretext V40 £64 99 Adtartoge ..... £6999 The Works • Platinum Ecition..... £79 99 Gold Osk Office £99 99 .£19 99 Digito System 3 PerscncJ Accourh flus________ Smoll Business Accounts ..... Smell Business Accounts Extra £3199 ...£21.99 £55.99 ...£7999 Poge Setter V2 £49 95 £65 99 DiineyAitrtahonStdtt.
Dig-Vew Gold . ....£72 99 .£112 99 £999 £94 99 £55 99 ..£14 95 AMOS Gene Creator ffej FREE Duk £ 37 99 Deluxe Point III .. Deluxe Vtaeo III £599 £5999 Spntz Hgh Quolity Pairl Pock Dr Ts Mid Recordng Slide tostont Musk ...£24 95 ..£3099 ...£ 1799 ..£45 99 £4995 Musk X . £8999 £1399 Answer Bock Senior ... ..£1399 Oonddi Alphabet £19.99
• Settina-up Monitors - Mouse Expansion
• Workbench Customisation Copying - Renaming - Formatting
• Notepad - Menus - Fonts Saving - Printing
• Icons - Clock - Sizing - Moving - Scrolling Windows
• CLI Directory Structure - Start-up Sequence - Multi-Tasking
• Printer Set-up - Preferences
• Vitus Protection For the cost of a game you will learn
techniques that will entertain you for years to come. Make sure
you get the best from your expensive investment £ 1 9 m 9 9 inc
DSDO BULK DISK 100% Certified either SONY. TDK or MITSUBISHI
in japan do not conme with inferior uncertified Pock of
10 .....£549 Box of
50--------------------------- Pock of 20 £9 49 BoxoflOO Pock of
20 in Our Top Quolity Lodtobte 40 Disi
Hcldor . 10 Flip Top Disk
Holder ....
40 50 Disk Holder Lockable Top
QxAty________________________________________________ 80 Disk
Holder Lockable Top Qudkty
____________________________________________ Spore labels Asstd
512K RAM Computer Bu* I in lMbDiskDnve. Workbench 1.3, Mouse.
IA520 TV Modulator, Speech Synbesu I Basic 1 3 Disk. Extras and Tutorials Disks.
[Joystick, tailored Quality Monogrammed I AntiStotic Dustcover, Mouse Mot Mouse 1 Holder 10 Blank Disks. 40 lockable Disk I Bo* All leods, Three Manucis and even a 113A Plug «us SCREEN GEMS SOFTWARE PACK CONTAINING Bock to be Future 2, Shodow of the Seat 2 I Knight Breed and Days a! Thunder. DeW I Po'mt II Art Package ALL FOR ONLY £389.99 I Add NEW ASTRA PACK f Required iDotoStorm, Dungeon Quest, Grand Monster ISIom, Powerploy, Mcrcprose Soccer, RVF I Hondo. E-Motion. Tower of Bobd. Kid I Gloves, ShuHlepock Cafe Volue £250 I £20 ON IT if ordered with BUMPER PACK LEISURE SOFTWARE
[Bity be Kid ...£16 99| Chaos 5lr.kes6ock £1699 Chase HQ 2 ..., £19 99 [Dragons Loir 2 .....£31 99| JeWo Mistress of the Dork £19 99| Golden Axe £16 99 |Goofy’s Railway Express £16 991 [Hard Drrcm 2 £16 99 I Life & 0oa*i £16 99 | Mickey’s Runaway Zoo .£16 991 |Nir o Tuples C16 99 | Powermonge* £1999 j [RoboCop 2 ,£I6 99| | Si mule ra . £16 99| I Total Recoil £16991 ] Ultimo V .....£19 991 [Wolfpock £19.991 NEW GAMES RELEASED DAILY PLEASE ASK FOR ANY
ITEM NOT USTED ALL NEW AMIGA 1500 | For Home, Business, Education, Design & [Leisure Fitted with 1Mb RAM, Twin Dsk [Drives and complete wib 1084$ Monitor.
| Separate Keyboard ond CPU cose os A2000 [SOFTWAREpod. Mcfedes [THE WORKS - P1ATNUM EDITION [Spreadsheet. Database, Word Processor [and Comms Pockoge Deluxe Paint III Art I Ptxkoge and I Mb Strcteay Games [Their finest Hour. Battle Chess. Sim City plus | Terrain Editor. Populous plus Promised | lands ONLY £1049.00 AMIGA CLASS OF 90'S FIRST STEPS PACK [Consists ol A500 Computer with A501.
1512K RAM Expansion Pock. Mouse. Mouse |Mot, TV Modulator. 10 Blank Disks, [DeUiw Point II, Deluxe Print II. Infcffe [Database. PrcrwnSe 2 5 Word Processor.
[Music Master, let’s Spell cl Home, AMIGA [logo, Wking Wo, BBC Emulator RRP ol |Hordwore ond SoWye over £1000 £529.99 AMIGA CLASS OF 90'S EDUCATION PACK I Consols o( A500 Computer, Mouse etc ffus iMidimaster Interface, Mouse Mat, 10 Blank [Disks, Deluxe Point II, Publishers Choice, I Maxiplan 500, Supcrhosc Personal. Dr T's [Midi Recordng Studio, Amiga Logo and I BBC Emulate- £529.99 FREE WITH EVERY AMIGA PURCHASED 16 DAY HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION FOR TWO PEOPLE • CHOICE OF 250 HOTELS DUST COVERS TOR QUALITY COLOUR CO ORDINATED DUST COVERS TAILORED AND WITH PIPED EDGING. PROTECT YOUR EXPENSIVE
INVESTMENT | AMIGA Keyboard LX s Cover £4 99 |AMIGA .Monitor Dust Cow £4 99 [STAR LC10 Printer DustCamr £4.99 STAR LC200 Pnnter Chef Cover £4.99 [STAR LC24-200 Printer DuslW. £4 99 [CITIZEN 1200 FW Dus* Coer £4 99 [CITIZEN Swift 9 Printer Dus* Comr £4 99 |ClTlZENS-ift 24 Printer Dusr Ccwer £4 99 [Quality Soft Boxed Mojse Mot £4.99 |Mouse Brocket (to Hole Mouse) £1.99 [35' Disk Drive Heod Clean Kite £3.99 [PREMERCONTROL CWTRE-Site cmt |Ar isgom Monitor StoM 4 Second Disk I Drive Holder Colour Matched to Amgo ond [supplied with extensior Flugs and Sockets to | bring Porte forward to tronf side
£45.99 [CONTRIVER Trackball £34.99 | TWIN Joystick Mouse [ Extensor Lead .£599 [AERIAL SWITCHING BOXES fit in TV ieod | to efminate constant ( connection and ran TV ..£3.99 |SURGE Protector Plugs £1199 PRINTER Cables ....£7.99 RAM EXPANSIONS 512K RAM Exponsoo, Gock ond Switch (Total 1 Mb Memory Ccpocityl ......£3299 Very easy to fit ond does not'invalidate warranty Con be fitted and tested FREE of chorge if ptrchased ot same time as Com- paer MONITORS CQMMOOORE 108*5 Stereo
indlndt ..... £249.99 I PHILIPS CM8833 1 Ne* Model High I Resolution Stereo ¦net leods . £249.99
• ps TV Tuner to comen either ol ooove Monitors to Hah Qucity TV
complete wHh AeriJ £64 99 HARD DISK DRIVES AMIGA A590 20 Mb Hug
In Drive .... £26999 1Mb - 3.5" DISK DRIVES
CUMANA CAX354 Disk Drive ....£63.99 EXTRA
ONLY £57 99 EDUCATIONAL & CHILDRENS I NEW fiyi School 3 - Under
5 £1649 I NEW fun School 3-5-7 Years......£16.49 I NEW Fun
School 3 - 7 and Over £1649 Jurvtor Typist .. £12.99
Betr Moths 12-16 |GC5E| £1999 I Micro Engksh
(GCSE .....£17.99 I Micro Moths (GCSEI
.....£17 99 Micro French
|GCSE| ....£17.99 Mega Maths
(GCSEI .£17.99 CITIZEN 1200 ? Senal or PoroW
Ins foce Hease Stole which when orderrftg £134 99 CITIZEN 1240
Lowest Cost 24 Pin Letter OudityPnnter .£235.99
CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COLOUR High Spec 9 Pin wib 4 Fonts ond 240 x
240 dpi Colour Grcph.cs £22999 CITIZEN
SWIFT 9 MONO os oboe except Mono until Colour Igt Fitted £199
DEALERS and Autbociied to Offer their FUU 2 YEAR GUARANTEE ON
£29.99 Midi Leads ..Per Pair £5 98
GENLOCK RENOALE 8802 Genlock . £159 99 £249 99 CITIZEN SWIFT 24
COLOUR High Spec 24 Pin lor Perfect Quality Text ond 360x360
dp. Colour Groph i £31999 OT1ZEN SWIFT 24 MONO os above except
Mono until Colour Igt Fitted £289 99 SWIFT 9 24 COLOUR KIT
easily fitted converts SWIFT 9 24 Mono printers into Colour
Versions ......£34 99 SEIKOSHA SP-2000
9 Pin NIQ RRP £228 85 .._.£!59.99
frecrment .. £12.95 All Printers ore Supplied with
Ribbon, Connecting Cable ond Plug and Ready to Go to Work
Please Ring lor Prices of Printer Ribbons - Full Range Stocked
Moch 1 £10.99 CHEETAH Storprobe ..£1299 KONtX
Speedking £999 Z1PST1CK Superpro £1150
ZIPSTICK Superpro Auto £11.99 QUICXSHOT 2 Turbo £999
OUIOUOY Infrared £34 99 Primary
Moths ....£ 17 99 Things to do with
Numbers £1599 Things to do with Words ------£15.99 AB
Zoo -£3.99 first letters ond Words £19 99
iGdiolk _ £19.99 SpeJ Book 4-9 ..... B
13 99 Uti Spell at Home ...£14 99 lets Spell
at the Shops £14 99 Puzzle Book Yol I ... £1399
AMIGA Logo ..... £3999 Mavis Beacon Teochcs
Typmg. £18 49 AMIGA BOOK SPECIALS Advonced Amga Basic £16 491
3D Graphics Progtommhg n Basic £16.991 Am go Applcoticns
..£ 14.491 Amgo Assembly lorgucge Program £11
491 AMIGA Basic Ins-de ond Out £17991 go C For Begmers
.£14 4$ I Amiga C for AcWvred Programmers £27 991
Amga Disk Drwes Insidiand0 £24 99| Amga DOS-A Dob Hasd Gude .
£1399 AmgaDOSOwckRefewxeGu.de £0 99 Amgo for Beginners...
_ .£11 991 AMIGA Graphics hside 4 Out £25 991 Amgo
Hardware Refertnce .Manuol £20 991 Amiga Vochine languoje
...£12491 Amiga Programmers Handbook ..£22 991
Amiga ROM, Kernel libraries & Devs £27991 Amiga System
Programners Guide £28 991 AMIGA .Vhanced System Prog Guide £25
491 AMIGA Tricks ond Tipa.. . .£13.991 Amga More Tncks
and Tips ....£16.491 Computes First Book of he Amgo
£13.991 Compules AMIGA Progrcmmers Gude £ 15 .991 Begmnen Gude
to he AMIGA .....£1399 Elementary Amga Bauc .....£12.491
faside AMIGA Graphics ....£14.491 Kids ond the Amgo-Kdi 8
to 80 £13.491 Programmers Guide to he Amgo £22.491 Using
Deluxe Point 2nd Edition £17 49[ Amgo Desktop Vxfeo Gude
.£15.99 Kickstarl Guide to heArigo ......£13991 learning
CprogfwrmsgGrephia £1699l Inside Hte AMIGA with C .....£18991
Becoming An AMIGA Arist ....£15-991 NEW Amgo Printers hsde & 04
? Disk C24 991 Making Music on the Anigo ? Disk. £24 99| Kosmos
The German Master .£17 491 Kosmos - The Spanish
fetor ......£17 491 Kosmos - The Italian
Tuor .£17 49 Foci File 500 General Sconce £8
99 Foci File 500 - 20th Oil Huftyy £899 Moth Tolk -Fractions
|E-12) ......£19.99 First Shopes (3 5 Yeorsi..
.„£19 99 Puzzle Story Book |3 8 Yecrsl £19 99 Trivial
Pursuit .....£ 14 99 AUDITION COMPUTER SERVICES Unit 8,
Far Wharf, LINCOLN LN1 1TJ. Tel: 0522 511343 MAIL ORDER ONLY
Send cheque or phone credit card details for same day despatch
III VISA All prices include VAT and Delivery These prices are
Mail Order only and may not fpply at our shop at Stamford The
Amiga is probably the most popular machine among the computing
community's artists, primarily due to ts amazing format
flexibility from lo-res right through to HAM and beyond.
Now Its commanding position has been given a major boost with the release of the SpectraColor pcckage by Aegis. The new program not only produces HAM pictures. But animates them as wen - something no other paint package can manage.
IS £16491 ¦k. £1699 £14 49 am..£11.491 £17 99 £1449 mo £27 991 I £24 99 i £1399 de £899 £1199 £25.99 ri £2099 £12 49 £22 99 m £27 99 e £28 99 im* £25 491 £1399 £1649 £1399 L»de £15 991 £13 99 £1249 £14 49 £1349 £22 49 £1749 £1599 £1399 a £1699 £1899 £1599 ;...£24 99
• £24 99 £29 99 £3599 £94 99 £64 99 ...£69 991 £79 991 £99 99
£1999 £ 31 991 £2199 £5599 £79 991 £49 951 £65 99 ....£72.99
£11299 £9 99 £94 99 £55 99 .£14 95
* £3799 £59 99 £59 99 £24 95 £38 99 ...£17 99 £45 99 ..£49 95 £89
99 ...£13 99
- £!3 99 £1999 ..£17.49 ..£1749 £17.49 £8 99 ....-£899 ..£19 99
...£1999 ...£19 99 £14.99 s Previously the choice was between
Dpalnt and Its ability to animate, and the HAM packages.
Photon Paint and Digl-Palrrt. Which could not.
The same key frame animation process employed In Dpalnt is used by SpectraColor. And with It a simple animation con be put together in a few minutes.
Define a brush by either cutting out a section of the canvas or loading a brush image from disk.
Click on the animation icon of the control bar. Select a start and finsh position and SpectraColor will do al the hard work by calculating the position of each frame in between the two. Once the calculations are over the resultant sequence can be looped, ping- ponged. Speeded up or slowed, frozen on the last frame, or made to vanish. The finished animation can even be toggled between a linear or free-hand animation path on ptay back.
When animating an obect or brush one of the most Important elements in the creating the ilusion of movement has to be the brush cr object Itself.
SpectraColor has an impressive complement of brush tools which can be combined to create very Impressive effects which wouldn't be out of place In a ray tracing package.
Compulir.q 7 5 The Increased palette control allows for transparency, high reflections, fog. Dithering and lighting effects which oan combine to produce some amazing effects. A brief glance at screen shots will make SpectraColor seem very familiar to Photon fans, and indeed in many respects It is.
Most of the options and pull downs are Identical to the Photon layout.
Feature Closer Inspection will reveal a few new wrinkles, not least of which has to be the new tape reeorder-styte animation Icons.
The controls are very similar to Dpaint's - and in fact those of most paint packages. After you've reod the tutorial you should be flying around the menus Ike an old master.
Artistic assistance It's time to load up the coverdisk and create your first HAM animaton. Thanks to our fully functional demo of SpectraColor.
The only restriction in the demo version is the crippled save option.
UnfortLnately, your creatlons-wlll only Iivb as long as the power to you Amiga remains switched on.
Other than this minor inconvenience the program functfons perfectly, providing a rare opportunity to try before you buy.
The Href thing to do Is create or load a brush. Hero of this animation Is a ghoul, which we'll send gliding across a patterned floor.
Fortunately for the lazy ones among us the lood functions work perfectly, so if you want a really quick demo you can lood all the elements of the animation from the coverdisk.
However, It's much better if you foflow the tutorial and create your own little flick from scratch. The various skills employed will help to ilus- trate the abilities of the software as well as Improve you brush work.
Right, the first job fe to lood an existing brush from the coverdisk.
This will be the floor of the room, and It must be loaded through the brush menu. Select the menu and its load option to produce the file requestor.
Csck on the drawer gadget and select the art directory. Now select Stripes. Brush and cHck cn load.
After a couple of seconds your pointer should appeal with a red and white striped brush attached.
This will become the floor of the room which will appear to stretch out into the distance.
Go back Into the brush menu and select Double Horte. Which will do exactly what It suggests. Next pull down the brush menu again and select special. When a sub menu appears select the TWST option.
Now move the brush to the right hand side of the screen and click on the left mouse button. The out- Ine of the brush will appear, and as you move the pointer *owards the centre of the screen the outline should start to distort.
Once you have the shape of a trapzold - or upside-down floor section If you prefer - release the button and you'll be well on the way to your first masterpiece.
Next comes the simple matter of flipping the brush to create the floor for our apparition to float ever.
Once again go back to the brush menu and select Flip and Vert from the submenu. Hey presto. Instant floor!
Floor B the i the ter of Pthe over.
Feature Now move the floor section into postion and hit the left mouse button to paste It In place. It's also possible to ender a brush In true perspective, but for our quick tutorial this little trick should be quite acceptable Blending Ratio BAK Dither ¦ m CRV AVG mil J m 41 I 4- IGNORE ¦oh mum Add the finishing touch to the see-through scene When ycu're happy with the floor you ccn clear the used brush by pressing (Alt) and (Del) simultaneously.
Ghostly goings on The floor complete, all that remains is the flying phantom. If you're really lazy you could load the ghoul from the disk, but I know you wouldn't consider such a cheap trick. So we will build the beastie from scratch To create a convincing ghoul we'll have to do a little bit of blending to give our spectre his shadowy appearance. When the program loads the default screen colours shodd be white on black.
If you've altered this while experimenting, change it back to the original before continuing.
The next step is to pun down the foreground menu, shown as FGMode on the icon bar. Select Blend-set to bring up the blend control wtncow.
Using the left mouse button draw a freenand curve in the horizontal blerd gadget, but make sure the curve doesn't quite reach the top.
Click the up-arrow on the right to copy the the curve into the vertical blend pattern gadget, and move the cither bor at the top of the screen to two.
Hit the gadget marked AVG to average oil the differences in the blend, and once more on OK.
The blend pattern has now been defined, so any images produced will all have the same tex- tured appearance. To create the ghoul use the freehand polygon tool from the icon bar. This is your chance to demonstrate real artistic flare.
Draw your ghost on the left hand side of the screen using the left mouse button sd that it will be drawn with the foreground colour and the new blend you've just created.
Once you've drawn the little monster press the spacebar to fill him In with the blend colour. All he needs now is a few facial features.
To make sure his eyes are in the right spot, select the dotted line Amig.i Computing *7 drawing tool from the Icon bar.
Click once on the magnify tool and again over the head of the ghostie- A zoom window will appear on the canvas. Now use the right button to add a few pixels in the background colour, which will oppear as our ghoul's eyes. Close the magnify window and there he is in all his splendour.
Moving pictures Now the bit you've been waiting for. It's time to breathe life Into our dead friend. First he has to be turned into a brush, and to do this needs to be extracted from the canvcs using the cut tool. Go back into the brush menu and select trots.
The next steo is to draw a saucre using *he righ* mouse but*on to enclose the ghost. When it’s completely surrounded retecse the mouse button end ft win be cut free 'rom *he ccnvos and should be 'looting around c**cched to the cross-heir pointer.
3eccuse the right button was used rc'her then the left, the background cotour reotaced the ghost on the ccnvos. If the right bu**on hod been used *he original image of *he ghost would have remained in piece on screen.
The find *csk before we cdma*e is to add more realism. Ghos's irthafcx* the etherial plain so tend to be on the translucent side, so we must odd fnfe feature.
It's of* to the Dull downs 'or *he fast tfme. Cpen the PGVocte menu and 8lend-set.
Iar window appear, ot point click in *he die of did. This should crect straight line.
Next click on the ignore gedge* for the horizontal blend, then on the AVG box and move the dither back to zero. Hit return and your new oarame*ers will be se That's abou* it for us humans as the Amiga *ckes over to do the hard dot*. Click on the animation too* on the icon bor to bring up a
* coe deck Style icon bar.
Press the button marked with cn F and move the pointer to *he lower left of the screen. Directly underneath The gt-ost brush shoud be the tetter P. When you're bappy with the storting point of the animation press the left mouse bu*ton, at which point the P(fkst frame) shoud tum to a Locst frame).
Now move the ghost to the right of the screen end hit the button cgain. Once that's done, click on the record button to reveal the record requestor.
The beginning and end frames ere now defined leaving the ‘tween frames for SpectraCotor to render. The re- auesfor contains cl! The Informc- relc- t?ve to the You wish to experiment Ider but for now Just selec* render.
SpectrcCoior will proceed to create oil the ‘tween frames for the seauence giving c percentage as
* he process is executed. When it's over, Mt the picv icon end
revel in you crhstic genius. To s oo the cni- mc oo cSck on the
left mouse bu*-
* on. Ft moy take c 'ew c*temp*s but ft win s*op eventually.
To alter the seauence click on the Dlay icon with the cuestion mark attached. This wilt bring up the record roaues*or agctn. Alter
* he delay to seven then highlight
* he ping oong gadget and too on OK.
Click on picy and gasp in amazement a* Ghos* n. the sequel
- well perhaps not. But it does open up interesting
It is possible to do much more by cdding extrc features to *he individual frames of *he seauence by advancing the frcmes ore page at a time, working on eccn in turn by using the frame odvorce icon on *he icon bar.
That about sums it up for our brie', but hopefully useful tutorial investigating the talents of Spec+raCo*or.
A lot o' 'eatures hcve not been explored, but most of the other options are easy to use end orobabfv fomiliar to most people who hcve used c point Dockage.
I'll leave vou to drew your own conclusions on the package's vclue for money. Personciy I think the o*her programs ere in for some sriffcompeVion.
Now - all the features of expensive modems.
At a price that cannot be bettered anywhere!
Conne:t your EuroLink modem to your computer and telephone and you're reacy to go - to explore the rapidly-expanding world that lies beyond your keyboard. It turns your computer into a COMPLETE communications centre...a telex machine a fax machine, an electronic mail terminal. It lets you keep up to date with the latest news, sport and weather. It becomes a retrieval tool that lets you search out and store data from the world's leading electronic libraries. It enables you to download a wide variety of free software, from productivity packages to leisure programs. With your EuroLink modem you
can access leading information services such as the UK's Prestel ONLY Micronet and Telecom Gold, a multitude of bulletin boards, POOQ and the biggest of them all, the world-beating CompuServe.
Every purchaser of a EuroLink modem will be given FREE membership of CompuServe - the world's largest online information service. You’ll be sent your own personal ID number and password, a copy of the monthly CompuServe magazine, and SI5 FREE usage credit.
You will also find out how you'll be joining 700,000 other members in more than 100 countries all round the world, about the hundreds of special interest groups, including some dedicated to your own computer so that you can chat online to people with similar interests to yours. You will be told about the 1,400 plus databases you can reach through your keyboard, and the vast library of nearly 30.000 public domain and shareware programs you can download straight into your computer.
And CompuServe, plus your EuroLink modem, also turns your computer into a 24-hour fix and telex machine!
It's all you need to become part of a very friendly and helpful online community!
Ie anise bat- otsbut Ick on estion ng up Alter ihHght op on sp In squei does i re by Indite by )age ' tun Icon our orlal of not the use eo- ck- )wn ie’s tlnk me UL No.
Post Code.
Daytime telephone number in case of quieries ArPVjyH)lor corn tkw---rinmm Bcacnto tb speeded j My computer is ..State make and mcdel | Send to: Eurolink.Tmopa Hduse, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Ctfei Tuctosfcrui tecfxdBcnvf.o esuCiectto i in them 1 1______ PHONE ORDERS: 0625 878888. FAX ORDERS: 0625 9966 What the EuroLink modem offers
• Four speeds - including 2400 baud
• Intelligent microprocessor controlled
• Autodial, Autoanswer, Auto redial
• Automatic baud rate scanning
• Auto terminal baud rate sensing
• Easy-to-understand built-in Help pages
• 32-number telephone directory
• Six progress hecking LED indicators
• 5oft'vare ontrolled pulse tone dialling
• External plug-mounted power supply
• Built-in *watchdog1 circuitry
• Internal loudspeaker
• Fully Hayes compatible
• Fully BABT approved Please send me a EuroLink modem with power
supply and lead to connect to my computer for the special offer
price of £263.35 (incl. VAT and p+p ). Also send me my FREE
CompuServe membership pack I wish to pay by: ?
Cheque Eurocheque enclosed made payable to EuroLink ?
Access Mastercard Eurocard Barclaycard Visa Connect Expiry date
Name .. Signed
Address .
I I I I I I L ORDER FORM 11 Mill-! •¦¦Hi atia a a a hlJf g*23
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- quality P.D. disks!!
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Please add 70p for post and packing.
Send SAE for free new catalogue describing all disks in libra,7!
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New improved file reaues*or. That spits out your prose at a bfls*er5ng rate o' knots which is eauai. And in some coses faster, than many a commercial compe*f*or.
The biggest surprise has *o be the Impressive range o' features hidden In *he purt-downs. here's block edi*ing. Find and replace, backup, save. Goto. Justlflca*lon ondcen*r1ng.
Page and sVe con*rois. Margins and page lengths are *here. Plus the usual options for normal, underlined. Bo«d and f*oJfc text.
Af*er a bnef look at the print oo*lons i cane to the conclusion that this Is oirnos* certainly a commercial project that inadvertentty wandered into *he PD a**er a heavy night on the T©ex. To com- plemen* TP, Amiganuts have also added Aspefi. A very 'ast and elective soel check ng utility. The pair make a powerful processing
* eom. S*rong enough to *oke on
* he bes* in the busine*s.
Anyone who wonts to move Into the world of word crunching, would be wert advised to *ry ou* TP ou*. Be'ore paying 'or a commer- doici*ema*Tve.
Disk number Is Amiganuts linked
Words work If vou ore suffering 'rom a bit of writer's block, a rtttle llgh* relie' may be in order, perhaps a crock at a crossword or on o*tempt ot an anagram. If so Amiganuts have *he solu*ion *o a word fiend's d*'OCm$ .
Disk 899 contains art the answers to *he endless suooly o' wore puzzles suppSed by the pooukr press.
A match word program win help solve a par*lcuiarty tricky crossv.
While the anagram program should flnarty give you *he oopor*unf*Y *o bea* *he smug n*tie seven-yeor-okJ on Countdown.
Then *here's Wakeword. Which will cons*ruc* the maximum number o' available words 'rom any given !o**or comync'lon.
Con*lnuing on our ar*ts*1c *rove s.
'he next disk is yet another Amiganuts of'ering. Amos °aln which 'unnily enough was writ*en Paul Austin surveys his domain and brings PD to paper to recount his adventures Miga Conwting Eurcpa uouse Mlir ton Park Macclesfield Cheshire SKIS 4N?
Left aliened ©!
Right aligned ©e Centered ©c Justification ©j Dear reader.
H'ould vou he interested in a wdprocessor for less than a fiver? Iext Plus could he the answer to a restricts bust's Srean.
Just eerier to nalce the shareware donation if you use it*I TP-o thoroughly pcotessionql word processor Before I delve Info this month's domoln. I think o smart aootogy Is in order.
Not for any errors, but rather for the domina*lon of this sec*ion of Amiga Computing by Amiganuts IW*ed. This Is no* my 'oult. And cer- talnlv not that o* *he Amiganuts
* hemseives.
The fault tarts 'irmly a* the feet of the comoe*Won, or to be orecbe.
* he lock of it, offered bv *he PD llbrcrtes In *his month's disk
submissions- hin*, hint.
Ard so to work. Do you ever ge*
* he urge to write *he d9*inl*lve novel, or oerhops c beginner's
guide to potted plants? If so. You'll be in the marke* for a
word processor.
The *roub*e Is. It's amazing how fas* you lose the urge *o pu* pen *o OCPer. Or even 'Inger to processor, wher you're 'oced with buying a commercial produc*. *hc* can eas- tv rur ln*o triple figures.
A cheap a!*ema*tve is desper- a*ely needed and as usual the °ub!ic Domain comes to your rescue.
¦The PD market Isn't shor* o' aiter- no*ives In the word processing deportment, but this month the spo*rtgh* forts on the excellent Text °fus V2.2E, which 'rom now on wW be re*erred *o as TP.
Previous versions had a 'ew rough edges, which fortunately seem to hove been smoothed down considerably in *he fates* one. It now boas user friendly'eo- tures very remlnlscen* of some o' the commercial competition.
Pogrom control revolves mos*ty orourd *he roden*. With the famrtlar burt-COwns giving access *o pro- grom 'unc*lons. Art *he essen*ia’s are ***ere. And anyone ocquoin*ed wl*h me world Of word processing wfrt fe?l oui*9 c* home. The old pros wrti aoorecia*e the kevboardshor*- cuts.
One func*lon not to be found on mos* Of the opposfflon Is the oWrt*Y to Iccnlfy. This wrtl dose down the orogrom window and open a small Icon on the menu bar - Ideal for the memory hungry muft!*asker. It gives lns*on* access *o *he rest of your Workbench environment os wen os freeing 42K of .valuable memory.
Ge**lng back to your t©xt is sfm- o*e. Crtck on *he icon and tp leaps bock into ac*ion jus* as you left it.
Vou con save In el*her ASCII or Ie*ter ‘cyma*. Both o' which can be appended, loaded, saved or deie*ed from the menu bar.
Art *he load and save 'unctions ere now cccesseb *hrough the If.
D If your artistic talents lean more towards music, the MOD.
Processor could be the answer to mcny a muso's prayer.
Manipulating modules Most Amigan musicians want at tome point to Incorporate their musical masterpieces Into a demo, or perhaps a title screen.
Bu‘ don't have a clue how to code o play routine. The MOD_processor could well be the answer.
The software will convert the mcdules of almost any Sound- tracker clone Into an executable file which can be then run from the CU. Or as part of a script file.
As if that wasn't enough, it can also include any IFF or HAM picture into the file, which as a resutt will pop up as your masterpiece plays. When you’ve had enough a separate CU or script tile commend will stop the music In its tracks.
The program is another licensed to the Amiganuts by its creator Steve Marshall. This isn't with Amos, a programming format that seems to dominate much of their software.
Anos Paint ts a fine example of the best of Amos. However, having said tils, It certainly Isn't the most original piece of work I've ever seen But If mimicry Is indeed the lyOU SmlL-i'jir eniH 1 itvSHfilricVir
n. B 1 ir.ufrxktr rvm I jm tuievmior rv,m I Buni
* yW I tuial InlUHrfl*!
R ¦ 1 Mil* T»*.... 914 lo f ilrjcSrr He*.... fefcle tire.... l Mrs Crwktd III*.. vrjfhtcs tilt.. • ¦ hits bmfiftll tii* liM I, tii his only adventure Into module processing, his first release went by the strikingly different name of MOD_professor. So make sure you get the new version - you want processor no* professor.
To the beginner the prospect sincerest form of flattery, Dpaint and friends should be blushing like the proverbial newly wed. The package boasts all the options found on most non-HAM paint packages. Animation, of course, isn’t one of them, but there are attractions not to be of creating executable sound modules with IFF graphic support may appear a little dountlng, but thanks to the excellent front end the process Is fast and painless.
It's a simple matter of a few lood and saves via a standard file requestor, combined with odd pull down selection from the menu bar. The end result Is an instant combination of sound and vision that can be sipped Into any startup.
The term licensed PD may seem strange, but It's not os confusing as It sounds. MOD.
Processor, like many ethers in the Amiganuts collection. Is licensed only to them.
This doesn't mean II Isn't public domain - you could still give the program away tree - but It does mean that Amiganuts are the only people who should be selling It, found among the opposition. The patterned fill feature came as a very pleasant surprise, and for some reason is a rare addition to most paint packages.
The program works In either high or low res, and can import a wide variety of fonts from disk. In high res the program can use 16 colours, all of which can be altered to your taste with the now familiar RGB colour controls.
If you're a paint person this has to be well worth the oathetic sum you'll have to hand over. If you do become addicted please, make a contribution to the author's coffers. It could mean the difference between another release or none at an.
To an Amiga artisan, the pattern fill feature could well make the purchase worthwhile In Itself.
Disk 911 is highly recommended.
OK C NCEL I think It's sofe to say that at least 50 per cent of Amiga owners were once dyed In the wool 64 fanatics - absolutely certain that was the ultimate machine and that nothing would ever come between them and their true love.
Nowadays It's likely the C64 spends its twilight years gathering dust alongside a pile of long forgotten peripherals.
It’s bad enough that hardware is going to waste, but more Importantly what about all the hard earned cash tied up in stuff?
Disk drives for the 64 may have been slow, but they were by no means cheap. Now the resale value of ageing add-ons is not high, so there hos to be on alternative, and Indeed there Is - Fish disk 379.
The A64Package Is a 64 emulator that will give the Amiga access to all the old 64 peripherals, disk drives, printers and so on. It will also turn the Amiga Into an exact replica of the 64 itself.
Anyone familiar with the silhr DIN plug connections on th© 64 will have already guessed that there is a price to pay. But as usual in the PD It's only a small matter of a subscription to the author of the software.
Once he has his cosh you get your interface which slips into your latest love, allowing access to the 64's array of add-ons.
Forward to the past I know it sounds o bit like turning a Lotus Into a Loda. But there was a lot of good work done on the 64.
And this gives you a wonderful opportunity to walk down memory lane.
Think of It. The chance to write Games Galore As promised in last month's column III conclude the rundown of Seventeen Bit's Games Galore duet. The second in the collection carries on in the same vein as the first, with a varied collection of eight simple but oddlctlve games.
Ner. Tetris, you'll love this one.
There's also an old favourite that turns up every couple of years under a seemingly endless stream of alternative titles. Yes it's Breakout yet again, this time working under the pseudonym of Bounce.
Not a bad version but there's better about, and Amiganuts 904 would be a good place to look If you're a real addict. But be warned, that s the only thing on It.
Those in the mood for a bit of an adventure could have a go at Jackland or If role playing is more your goblet of poison you might try Lam VI 2.0b. If you don t have the patience for such things BlueMoon could be the game for single handed cardsharks.
Gomes Galore Is an excellent collection of computer classics, well worth a ook. Not to mention the asking price.
Along with the almost Inevitable version of Othello there's the odd arcade thrown In for good measure. Sky Flight Is the firs*, and definitely the simplest, beng a modem version of an old Atorl console classic In which two opoasing pilot? Chase each other around the skies in a couple of acrobatic biplanes.
WeBtrlx is the second arcade on offer, and a much more recent release. In fact It's so new thct certain commercial offerings are sttH hot from the presses with price tags equaly as warm to the tocch.
If you are a fan of Its forerunthe Immortal ’Hello Mum* scroll routine, just like you did m the local shops. Yes l saw you - aahhh... memories.... able to interoct with It. In the case of AMIGAnut; 287 I'I make a sight exception with a HAM slide show The 64 emulator is by no means alone on Valfy PD’s latest utilities dfek. Along with It comes four more useful utils and an excellent Workbench toy.
It’s a collection well worth a couple of quid of anyone's cash.
Available from VaBy PD disk 600.
Created by Kerry Lancaster. It’s based around the NASA space missions, and offers stunning shots of space exploration's formative years.
If you want to Imoress a friend by showing off the best of the Amiga’s graphic abilities It could be worth a look. An oldie but a goodie.
Still in the couch ootato mode and demand some effortless entertainment from your Amiga?
Perhaps a ittle music might help to soothe the soul. If that is what you are after Amiganuts 901 is just the thing. The four tunes are straight out of an episode of Starsky and Hutch, and with handfuls of 70s sounds blaring out you'll soon be diggin' out your platforms.
Yes. I do know It s the 90s now.
But like me many of you are no doubt thoroughly sick of the predictable techno pop on offer In most available demos. As a result It wins hands down in this month's musical PD parade.
Amiga Mayhem If you want a little more glamour in your game play, you might try another Amiganuts offering.
326 445 453 463 468 499 484 515; 538: 539; 551; 559: 562 565: 577 580 596 599: 600 612 618: 627 647 657 668 674 724 728 756 762: 967 971 £1.50 £1 50 £1 50 £1 50 £1 50 £2 00 £1.50 £3 00 £200 £1.50 £1.50 £2 00 £3.00 £3 00 £1.50 £1 50 £1.50 £1 50 £1 50 £1 50 £1 50 £1 50 £2 00 £1 50 £1 SO £1 50 £1 50 £2 50 £2 00 £9 00 £2 00 £2.00 £1 50 £4 00 £2.00 £9.00 £5.00 £2 00 £3 00 £2 00 £2 50 £250 £5.00 £2 00 £2 50 £4 00 £2 50 £2 50 £4 50 £2 00 £200 £2 00 £1 50 £1.50 £2 50 £1.50 £1.50 £1 50 £1.50 £1 50 £3 50 790 ’ ANIM IS GOOD Nd "' ROT a 3 dimensional object generator LAUREL & HARDY "TRAIL OF THE LONESOME
Graphievgadgetvsprites (:li knowledge require* 640 8 GAMES Including the TRAIN SET, A MUST for the kids 649 BUDBRAIN TWO DISK MEGADEMO, (FOR ADULTS ONLY 658 ANIMBRIDGE (alter an.mfiks) 4 Update of SKYPAINT'SKYPLAY .. 700: D-COPY V1 EXCELLENT coper program Full instructions 728 UTILS The Famous BOOT-SHOR BOOT-KIT 4 others ... 741 NorthC VI .3 The VERY LATEST from Steve Hawtin, this set i* on TWO DISKS, 793 CONVERT (utility) IFF to GIF to IFF 812: STAR TREK U.S. Version GOOD' (1 MEG Min) (2 Drives) 839: C-LK3HT RAY TRACING PACKAGE A MUST FOR THE
ARTIST' 848 KEFRENS excellent POWERMENU 4 FONT DESIGNERS A MUST1 901 AMI-FX issue 2 A MUST for fractal fans (3 disks, 1 MEG) 905 PAIR-IT. An excellent educational game for the kids 906 dynamite pick D*g for treasure avoid the txjtV GOOD 907 SNAKES 4 LADOERS GAME This is a MUST for ALL age* 922 BAD BIRD ANIM By Dr Garvdalph (1 MEG EXCELLENT 929 DAWN MEGADEMO II FROM AUSTRALIA THIS IS GOOO 398 GHOST POOL and SPIGOT Animations by Dr Gandalf (1 MEG) 521 ALL NEW STAR TREK, With AUTHORISED English Instructions 576 EDUCATION packed with progs for the children .. 581
SID. Finding the CLI o dog7 Then you need this prog! 639 C MANUAL by Anders Bjern. A 3 disk set, 200 pages of help on screens' red).. 942 SYNERGY WELL PRESENTED SCULPT 4D PICTURES 950 THE EVIL DEAD ANIM DemO BY POSSESED.
877 1 ACROSS 2 DOWN Crossword program (2 DISKS) FOR ONLY £5 00
.RAE.!.T. !1.e.n. XP.4 .°.r.d.e.r.??.P[?S[ams from the ABOVE
list you will receive an Amiganuts pen + Hypnosis 6 Demo disk -
PLEASE NOTE! TO KEEP OUR PRICES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE, WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD ORDERS THE FEBRUARY UPDATE TO OUR MAIN CATALOGUE IS NOW READY! ONLY £1.00. (The February update contains only the LATEST additions to the library) ULTIMATE PD PUBLIC DOMAIN ALL DISKS ARE 99 PENCE OPD276 OPD277 0P0278 OPD279 OP0247 0P024S OP0257 OPD259 OPD254 OPD235 OPD217 OPD275 OPD273 OPD272 OPD271 OPD269 OPD268 OPD264 OPD112 OPD220 OPD211 OPD197 OPD114 OPD209 OPD200 Number* in () mean* number of disk*. M • 1 Meg. X » 18 years only DEMOS D001 Walker 1 1 Meg) ¦ Oassic 0002 Walker 2 (1M©Q|-Br.ii' D003 Walker3(1
Megi-NeeLegs DOW Cool Cougar 1 Meg) • Amazing D014 Space Ace Demo (1 Meg) - Wicked D028 BixJDrain Megademo (2 OsKs) Get It Novr' DW5 Arse Wipe Ad |XXX)- Very Funny D059 Red Sector Megademo (2 Osksi • Best D062 Red Sector CEBIT 90 -Amazing D077 Good Mormg Vietnam • Cool Sample D086 Hardcrack Graphics Impressive Demos D068 Stonts Megademo • Very Good D134 Garfield Sideshow • Cool Piccys DU7 Neighbours Sideshow-Htanous D148 Viz Calendar • Good D150 Wmdsurler Xnims (1 Meg. 2 Osksi D151 Robocop 2 Slideshow • Nick Osk Ful D1S3 Ep«c Game Demo (1 Meg) - Get tt* D158 Operation Yark - Funny & Long D160
Exodus Real 3D • Amazing Sideshow DI68 Horizon Megademo • Cooi D169 Budbram Megademo 2 - We3 Ard D184 Dragons Lar 211 Megi Nee An.m & Sound D185 Wrath of the Demon Demo 11 Meg) • Cool 0186 Team Suzuki Demo - Cool Graphics D187 Batman the Movie (1 Megi • Mega Cool D188 Demoniac Demo - Amaz og D189 Simple Slufl. 5 Latest Demos - Cool .
D190 Iraq. Demo Very Funny A Good MUSIC M011 DM06Muse2-CoolA Funky M012 DMOB Muse 412 Disks) - Very Nee M022 Aimga Chart Mix 3 - Nice Long Samples M026 Amiga Chart M.x 5 - Another Cool D«sk M029 DMOB Muse 3-Cool Long Mu M033 Derek A Clr*e (2 Dtsks) - Very Funny M034 Total Remix |2 Disks) - Uzi 9MM M035 Dgtal Concert 2-Gel This Now M036 DgitaiConcert3-AndThis M037 Ogital Concert 4 • Cool M038 Dgitai Concert 5-One of the Best M039 &g«tai Concert 6 - Ge41' M040 RAF Megamix t - Amatmg M049 Ben Elton (XXX)-Very Funny M055 Gel Up - Mega Cool Loig Sample M054 Sound Atax 2 - Cool Disk Fufl M070
Scoopex Shadow Music - Get It' M075 100 C64 Tunes-Nice M093 P.E. Modi e Comp 24 (i Megi - Cod M094 Vision Music Masters - Wen Ard M112 Jarre Revokitons-Ch«k it Out' M114 Betty Boo1--Just Doing the Do' M125 RAF Megamix 212 Dtsks) - Bnll M127 Amiga Chart Mix 6 • M ga Cool M134 Miami Vice (4 Disks) - Er Long' M136 Laurel & Hardy (2 Disks) • Very Good utilities U003 Ripped T Shreads - Over 24 Music Ripper U004 Soundtracker Collectwn (3 Disks) - Great
• U012 Mega Utits -175 Utils U023 Wamors Crunchers D«sk - Load of
Them U033 Clip Art Fonts - Cool U039 Amibase3.76-VeryGood U047
Jazzoench - Cool A BeRer Workbench U059 Clip Art-Loads of Cool
Ad U062 Ult mate Copy A Vrus Kaer Dtsk FREPnSH Loads ol Fred
Fish disks m slock.
(X) OPD08S FRESH COLA MUSIC (2) CRAZY COMPETITIONS AMIGA ONLY Please add 50p PAP to total Hundreds of disks m stock, please make all cheques payable to P A Cannon Send all orders to Ultimate PD. Dept AC, 44 Festirnog Road. GabaJa. Cardiff CF4 2QS.
Catalogue disc available for 75p Of tree with orders of 2 disks x more All order; back in the post, the same morning Oder 10 disks and choose 1 tree Price is 99 pence per disk 4 50 pence p&p per order Cheques PO payable to Orbital P.D. 5 Green Lane, South Chailey, East Sussex BN8 4BT England.
All overseas orders are subject to a 30 pence per disk surcharge.
SAE for a free catalogue. Tel: 0273 401286 commercially produced game.
Gameplay Is extremely smooth with high quality graphics and sound FX.
If you're Into an occasional blast-em-up. Amiganuts 868 could wen be a worthwhile, not to mention cheap, alternative to the almost universal £24.99 asked for commercial offerings.
- ‘P LU D II B H K S E A ¦ 1 n L3 1 51 J N N HOD «S M '•S l m E
7L "A A E3E1D T E s-D 2S m U 1 3 G H C II EJEH A 1 E MR D C 0
R E E £K m N E w *1 R Play on words Fancy a crossword?
Amiganuts have unleashed another release from their lleenceware
1 Across 2 Down is a very Impressive example of Amos and its now familiar ability to produce a very slick front end, as you con see from the screen shot.
The initial release comes on two separate disks, one with the program tself. And the second a data disk with eight puzzles Mo'e puzzles will be regularly released onto data disks to feed the addiction of the masses, and as a result even out the cashflow for Mr Amiganuts Ray Bert-Frost.
Art and Lit, or entertainment fms msrm on geography.
• t eh r, further imrlh - Ur'.Mrii, Gsl* er Stoekkeln'* MSWER:
Helsinki VfRMT; Cor rec ... Well, did you know the answer
Qlyjj?j le|SJUE|Rj iiggp T Ard the red car creeps into the
lead QUIT ACROSS aw a “ and of course the authors Stuart Porker
and Keith Grant.
Clues can appear slightty Inadequate to the uninitiated. For example. Amiga Computing would appear simply as 14 letters, rather than 5.9. A smal point but a sfightty annoying one.
In general 1 Across 2 Down is excellent and as a result physical If your interests are more general than literal, the next ofering Is for you. General knowledge quiz games are by no means new.
But they're still as popular as ever.
Whether It be the immortal "Can I have a P please Bob* from Blockbusters or the eternal struggle for another wedge In Trivial Pursuits, people can't get enough of the quiz gcme.
As a result Keith Grant and Stuart Parker turned their attentions from the crossword and came up with Quizmaster, yet another lleenceware release from the Amiganuts. Yes. It's an Amos creation.
The gome can support up to four players, each of whom try to take on the opposition in a do or die high speed struggle - OK so I'm exaggerating a bil.
Each player takes control of a less than sporty looking sports car In which he attempts to move up the track by correctly answering questions in one of the four randomly picked categories.
Apart from the rather silly race track element, everything works well, if perhaps slightly slowly.
Having said that, it's the questions that matter, and In this department Quizmaster scores well.
R force was required to remove my greyhaired mother from the keyboard.
Amiganuts Disk 877+877-data 1.
I started with a whine, and I'll end with one. Why do people climb mountains, swim seas and buy Sts? I'll tell you why. They're barking mad!
As a resutt you can forgive them.
People who code without any regard to the operating system of the Amiga are just lazy, and consequently make life a real pain In the Agnus for the rest of us.
The Amiga is meant to multitask. So why not let it?
OK. A few super bits that don't get on too well with Workbench might have to meet their end but believe me It would be well worth it. So please, please code with care.
Next month I hope we'll ha e a few worthy opponents for the Amiganuts to contend with. If there's anything you want to see in the column, or perhaps out of It.
Drop me a line.
That’s about It for this month If you have any axes to grind or opinions obout the world of PD, write in and I’ll try to incorporate any ideas into the column.
Write to: Paul Austin Amiga Computing Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield Cheshire. SK104NP
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This does not apply to sales or special prices and only applies at the time of purchase Diamond Computers Ltd 84 Lodge Road SOUTHAMPTON TEL 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232679 Diamond Computers Ltd 406 Ashly Road POOLE - Dorset TEL 0202 716226 FAX Diamond Computers Ltd 227 Filton Avenue Bristol TEL 0272 693545 FAX 0272 693223 LAN Computer Systems 1045 High Road * Chadwell Heath - Romford TEL 081 597 8851 FAX 081 590 8959 Review A good many people need to compute on The move. Doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, even impov- erisned ScotTisn students have felt The urge to get the digits moving while
in transit.
Still waiting for the portable Amiga?
Wait no longer, Nick Vietch examines an available alternative Slim, black and lovely mover rw'l rw* fciVt th It is to be hoped iT doesn't catch on even more or BriTish Rail will start charging office 'enfs * though they are not tar off thaT now.
One contender for a piece in your briefcase, tank bag or napsack is the Cambridge Computers 288. Developed by IdT- ter day genius and mentor for bespectacled youth. Sir Clive Sinclair.
ThaT *he 288 was developed by Sinclair s pretty obvious when you first behold one. Weil, for a start it has the letter 'T in it and The number eight. Secondly iT is biack.
Always black The men who said of The ZXSi's screen aspicy ‘Any colour so long as it is black and white' obviously stepped up one from plagiarism To mimicry. All of Sinclair's computer products nave been black since the second series of ZX80 RAM Pocks.
Thirdly, ond most importantly from the user's point of view, if has a sfrange keyboard. IT's noT touch sensitive like The ecrty ZX models, out The principle is much The some
- a rubber bath maT whicn can sometimes be coerced into accepting
input. Usually only wim the threat of direct force cocked up by
c Security Council resolution.
Ruboer goods aside. The Z88 is a remarkable piece of equipment.
For a start it is Terribly lighT and slim enough to sbp inTo a briefcase ana still leave room for some briefs. Tnis is certainly a mojor advantage over oTner models, and again, is partly due to The slim but slippery keyboard.
If you want a portable ana the prime requisite is mat it IS portable.
The 288 is the only real contender.
Can you use it seriously? This article was written on various forms of public transport.
WnaT few people consider is me software That comes with o porraole.
It's all very well being slim and lightweight but if you actually bought The kit for more than The pose value men obviously me software i§ very important.
Aside from me extensive range of pop-up calendars, clocks end calculators there are two main packages on-board The 288. Tne first is me PipeDream word processor, which is more fully-featured than much commercial software you might run on the likes of The PC.
Features include all me standard search and replace, block functions and even dyouT deTciis. Since you can only see six lines of fexr at once it is c Brfle difficult to visualise me shape or size of your magnus opus, so c miniature overview of The page is created at dot-per-characfer resolution down The rignr hand side.
All me functions nave not keys, and moughTfully. A display informs you whoT keys you have pressed, as n would be easy to get lost on rnree-key combinations witn only me tactile response of the rubber mar to go by.
One of The most impressive features is The way tnaT when you recoil a document you start up in exactly me same place you left oft
- not only on the seme ine but the same place in a word.
Tnis, working in conjunction wim me task-freezing ability of me 288.
Make multiple documents as easy to nandle as if you had two machines - ever, easier maybe.
Tne omission of a spei-checker is a bif of a pain, but I suspect it would have taken up too much valuable RAM. PipeDream is mere man just a good word-pro - it actually doubles up as a spreadsneet.
Perhaps not up to 1-2-3 standards (it doesn't draw silly pie cherts) Put cenainly nandies numbers fairly rumiessiy.
In fact. If you get me special PC- Link you can Translate PipeDrecm calculations into 1-2-3 format.
The powerful searenng and sorting facilities moke it very handy as a dataoase too.
The real power of fnis packcge isn't me fact That it can do all mese Things, Put mat iT can mem at me same time and in the same document, it is a tine exem- ple of c fully integrated package.
Tne second piece of software provided ts an interpretation of ESC 3ASIC. Although not really a standard to judge 3ASlCs Dy. It's certainly more tun man AmigcBasic.
Of course if is not possible to use most of the display modes. Put you could still knock out a Game-boy PeoTer if you get stuck on the Northern Line.
Talk to me One problem usually cssocicted wim portables is The hassle of getting me data back. But hot here - the 288 has inbuilt software for sending and receiving tiles Through its joystick style serial port.
Leads are available for connection to The PC ond me Mac. Arc IT really isn't mar much of a strain on me old grey matter to hook it up to an Amiga Tne 283 can also drive a printer direct should you want to produce hardcopy on The move.
Anotner solution is to use me ranger disk device wnicn will alow you to wriTe files directly to PC format disks, which you can then Transfer Deck to the Amiga via CrossDos or similar program.
So if commuting computing is wnot you're otter go for the slim dock Pox.
The Z88 is avciiaoie from registered outlets at £199.95 plus VAT.
- and take your pick from these!
™ ¦ iik nuiv sir GASTEINER MOUSE Essential kit for all aspiring desktop publishers, graphics artists, spreadsheet op This mega compilation includes four full- length games PLUS a designer T-shirt!
Chambers Of Shaolin. Warp. Leavin' Teramis and The Seven Gates Of Jambala represent Thalion's first year of blockbusting releases. This amazing package has something for everyone from martial arts to humour and from fun to suspense. You will be swept along in the adventurous journey which will keep you amused for hours.
And when you subscribe to Amiga Computing this whole package can be yours for free!
CORPORATION With Corporation you play tho role of an agent commissioned from the ZODIAC agency to infiltrate the headquarters of a multi-national conglomerate suspected by the Government of producing dangerous life forms for sale to unfriendly foreign arms dealers.
Use of the lift allows you access to 16 floors which are loaded with security cameras, infra-red beams, damage repair spiders and a whoe host of man made cyborgs hell bent on your destruction. It’s offered free to Amiga Computing subscribers!
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case of queries Paul Austin finds out how a professional makes
music on the Amiga Almost every musician dreams of the day his
creation will appear as part of the latest software smash.
Unfortunately for most of us the chances of our dreams turning
to reaBty are less than likely.
To improve my odds for musical immortality I asked one of the pros to provide some guide-lines on what it takes to make the break into the serious side of Amiga music.
Tim Wright is probably best known for his work with Psygnosis, having produced a variety of tunes and effects for many of their recent releases.
Most notable is Beast II. His biggest project to date, and one of the best musical arrangements Tim’s choice Tim initialy used a Trilogic sompler which he recommends as an excellent first step. If however you're a real enthusiast the Audio Engineer is his choice, and yet produced for ciai product.
So with Beast still ringing in my ears. It was otf to Liverpool to meet the man and face the music.
How it aH happens The process of getting a commis- sion"starts with a phone call, at which point Tim picks a time and a place, and heads off to find out what's required.
After the outline has been drawn It's time for the bad news as far as the customer is concerned - the cost.
This can vary from as little as £50 to as much £1.500 depending on In his opinion the best In the business, But be wcmed. The Impressive performance Is reflected In the hefty price.
' the size of the project. I was surprised when Tim mentioned that although graphic artists and programmers receive royalties for their efforts, musicians don't.
They only receive a flat pay- no matter how well the product sells - In my opinion a totally unreasonable state of affairs.
Needless to say a little wrangling Is required, and after the hand- shokes and signatures It's down to hard graft and headaches slaving over a hot synth.
The projects can vary considerably. Some may only be SFX while others may be a slrgle piece of music. On occasions a monster project appears requiring everything.
These may can for os many as 14 separate tunes, each of which must be In the customer's desired style.
Tim works wtth Noisetracker, but says that's Just his personal preference. Almost all Soundtracker clones can either be converted or used direct by the software houses, so there's no need tc change your allegiances just yef.
When the music and sound effects are complete it's over to Tim's partner in crime, his younger brother Lee, who has re-written the Noisetracker play routine and does all the coding for Tim's creations.
As a result of his brother's work the tunes take up the absolute minimum of disk space - another very attractive feature in the eyes of software houses.
Squeezing a quart Into c pint pot is the order of the day. Music is an afterthought on most projects.
Space on the disk is often limited to as little as 35 to 40K. Not much when you've got to squeeze In four tunes and the samples and sound effects.
The maximum amount of space Tim has ever had to fill was only around 11 OK. People with extravagant tastes in the sample department might wet have to get used to cutting the odd comer!
If Tim doesn't use other peoples samples or library sounds, v here does he get the tools of the trade?
Obviously there's a bit of borrowing from Cds. Records and tapes, but most of material comes from another member of the behind the scenes team.
Shaun Morris.
This only goes A foot in the door to prove that behind every great musician there's a lot of mates, not to mention a huge pile ot MIDI equipment Shaun's admirable collection of keyboards regutarty fan vic'im to Tim's insatiable desire for samples and sound effects.
If you are a beginner a few tech tips might help make your first steps less painful and more professional. One of Tim s favourite effects Is modulation. Most Soundtrackers support it in one way or another and Tim uses it regularly to produce some weird noises ay varying the effect on a particuar voice.
Using a long looping sample you could Intermittently switch the volume from maximum to zero, one step after the next. This produces a phasing effect. ExceSent for guitar sounds and creating a moody feel.
If. For example, you have a sound you want to run from a low octave to a high one. Take two samples, one at a high end of the scale and the other at the low.
This is because most sounds especially, high ones can distort badly, producing all kinds of strang© aliasing, whistling and phasing effects when played too far out of their own register. That's sam- keyboards often have a separate sample at each octave.
Making two scmples of the same sound will obviously take up valuable spoce. Bii this sacrifice is easily outweighed by the improved quality.
Try to make as much use as possible of the Amga's stereo obikties.
Perhaps place a lead voice on one side, with a slightly staggered dying echo fokowing on the other - simple b«.it effective.
Progression After our brief rundown of do’s and don'ts I asked Tim what the future held for Amiga music.
'CD-ROM - CD-ROM that's what's next. It's going to be great, it's going to be massive. You can't imagine what It's going to do for the business.
"Just think. 450 meg to fill. No Getting your first break is the most difficult step in any area of the arts. Tim's big chance came through a brief career in demos.
The release of the Puggsy demo led him into the commercial market and the start of his success.
Demos are a tried and tested approach to fame and fortune. If you get your name and number on the occasional wobbly scroll routine It shouldn't be long before you'll catch someone's ear.
A more obvious approach is to send your work to the software houses themselves. It might be a good Idea to keeo a tab on recent trends, but don't duplicate a specific s’yle - they already have someone who can do what'5 been done before.
Originality Is an obvious requirement, but if you want to sustain your success you must be versatile. Lets say you were writing a piece for "Psycho nutter mutant ninja space scum" a thrash metal tune would be fine. If the ttfte was more like "Bambl meets the Wombles' the same wouldn't be as suitable.
Send in a variety of styles, and If you can put your masterpieces Into a compact play routine all the better. If not. Include the Sound- tracker you used on the disk, along with your work.
The software houses receive a lot of material each week, so If they have to mess about to hear more Soundtracker clones. Just pure digital sound recorded direct on to digital audio tape and transferred straight on to CD. It's going to be wonderful.'
If he is right, who knows, the sky's the limit, imagine CD quality music and sound effects with every new release - not to mention all the money to be mode producing It.
A number ot software houses your work they probably won't bother.
Buy yourself a sampler end don't just rip sounds out of other people's work. There are two main reasons why ripping is a bad idea. Firstly If you particularly Uke something everyone else will, and consequently the people you're sending It to will have heard it a hundred times before.
Secondly using other people's sounds does nothing for your Individual style, and In this business standing out from the crowd Is everything.
This grow-your-own approach applies to library samples as well as those ripped from games or demos. The samples on library disks have usually been played to death, and as a result will mcke your material appear dated.
Last but not least, think about sound effects, and how they re made. If you get a commission from a software house they may well want you to provide bcth music and effects. Think about this when yx u ' i e writing - a whole troirk might have to be devoted to SFX.
If possible try not to use long looped samples, such as drum pct- terns. BuHd your own drum patterns, they’’e Infinitely more versatile.
There's nothing worse thon hearing the same sample droning on and on. If you do loop samples, add other sounds cn occasion to break them up a It- tte.
Are busy right now working out what best to transfer over to CD Tim's setup Is very similar to tnat of most Amiga owners. The musical gaps are filled with a little help from friends and famity.
If he con do it. Maybe you can.
So I advised Tim to keep an eye In the mirror because we’re right behind him... m JUST AMIGA MONTHLY 75 Greatfields Drive, Uxbridge, UBQ 3QN Tel: 0895 74449 Yes! Rush me... NAME ADDRESS.
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Cheque PO to:- ABBCO (Sussex) LTD Unit 2, Part Lane,
YfaerslieW Green, Nr Hay B wards Heath. West Sussex _ RH167RU.
Tel: 0273 890022 £ In the last chapter in the three part round
up of the Roland Desktop Music System I’ll take a look at
Roland's answer to amplification, the ultimate add-on to the
CM-32L, and the exciting addition of powerful patch editing
software to the already Impressive range.
Ycu may be on the way to building your own state of the art digital studio in the back bedroom, but If you can't hear your creotlons all that expensive hardware could be going to waste.
With this in mind Roland have coma up wtth the MA-12C or Micro Monitor, a com poet and powerful monitoring system for any a would- be naestro needing portability and nstant sound.
Many a flying beer bottle The sound produced Is really quite Impressive ond would win hands down if compared with most home hi-fi units. However, when the volume is wound up there is a noticeable amount of hiss.
The bass end of the range is Impressive When playing the lowest bass notes there was no sign of the vibration effecting the sound produced or the speaker itself.
So if you want to avoid the expense of toying an amp. Speaker and mayoe even a mixer, the MA-12 could be the solution And If you ever have the urge to head the boards, and want a portable and reliable amplifying system the Micro Is ideal Hlghlv recommended.
The CM-32P Is the final element of the DTMS hardwere line-up and me ultimate add-on to the CM-32L.
Many of you will wonder if there is any point buying yet another unit when you already have eight synthesisers a rhythm module and a bank of special effects However, the situation Is not dissimilar to that of an Amiga owner buying a hard drive or large RAM expansion The increase in abilities which they bring to the Amiga is very similar to the Increas9d potential which the CM-32P brings lo the Roland Desktop Music System.
The 32P is far less flexible than the 32L and Initially contains fewer voices, with no dedicated drum section or special effects However, the voice quality of the 32P is stunning and easily on a par with any other module or syth I've heard, regardless of price.
Those who read the review of the CM-32 may think my comments contradictory, when I refer to the higher quality of the 32P voices as opposed to those of the
This is not the case, the 321 is on excellent entry level unit, bjt the ?
All in one The Micro Is a self contained system with amp. Speaker, volume and tone controls all built into one very tough and compact unit requiring nothing more than a power point to amplify either a mic. Instrument or line input.
A particularly thoughtful touch is the Micro s ability to play all its inputs at once. Most systems require a certain amount of mixing befo'e you can hear a vocal, synthesiser and tape deck simultaneously Wth the Micro you simply set the Input level at source and you'll have an instant mix blaring from the speaker.
The only feature missing is a headphone socket, which can come In handy when working with others Of playing live.
The control panel is fairly, basic with simple bass, treble and volume knobs accompanying the off cn button on the front of the unit.
One of the biggest surprises has to be the relatively low 10 watts outpjt This sounds quite meagre, but the output volume should be more than enough for most. Even close range live stage work could be weU within its capacities.
The idea of live performances has definitely influenced the Micro's design. The unit's dimensions are about nine inches high by six wtde and ax deep, but it still manages to weigi in at five ond half pounds. It Is all sealed in a case tough enough to tQke q direct hit from £195 £2 25 £695 £7 95 £0 95 £1 95 £5 95 . £5.95 £3 95 £3.95 anriages ndfl**”’ £14 50 £1550 £14 50 £22 25 »ner £77.00 £18.50 £32 00 £32 00 £5 20 £7 60 _.... C3S5
• details Passing an exam... applying hr a job... whatever you
want to do in lih you need h able to SPEUf There's mounting
alarm about the appalling standards of spelling among Britain's
schoolchildren. Mps, teachers, parents and employee are all
stressing the vital importance of being able to spell
Yet most homes have what could be the ideal means of teaching spelling - the computer.
Instead of zapping aliens it could be turned into the best weapon of all to deal a body blow to bad spelling. With the help of a brilliant new software package that not only makes practising spelling painless but also loads of fun as well.
FIVE ways to improve your spelling In a Flash: Read the word as it flashes on the screen, then For practize runs, the word is left on the screen as ien, then type it it is tyoea.
Rocket Hidden words have to be discovered in this hi-tech version of the old fa ourite Hangman. If they are guessed correctly the rocket will blast-off. Fail and all that's left is a load of scrap.
Lunar Buggy: Type fast for fun. The aim is to key in the word as it's pulled across the screen by the buggy. It has to be completed before the letters drcp down a crater.
All Mixed Up: Jumbled letters have to be sorted out to find the scrambled word. To help beginners - and anyone else who is stuck - clues can be obtained at the press of a key.
Conveyor Belt Words pass by on the screen and have to be remembered. Then they must be typed in - spelt correctly.
This is a challenging test of both spelling and memory.
All the programs have several options for extra flexibility - like a timer with on off option to add that extra challenge. „ in.
"°id,tlon to ««'ng the 5,000 words provided parents- or children - con create their own word lists for using with SPELL! This makes the package ideal or practising those hord-to- 7°m words, or for "learn spellings" homework SPELL! Is unique. It lets the user learn at his or her own pace.
They can take as long as they like - or take on the compu*er in a high-speed challenge!
And this one package is ideal for everyone - with the lowest oge group suitable for under-5s, while the more advanced wo'ds will stretch even the most able students.
It includes five different tests, each making use of more than 5,000 words - so much variety that you'll never get bored.
• OVER 5,000 WORDS
• FOR AGES 5 TO IS SPELL! Only costs £8.95. It is now available
on disc and tape for six of the most popular home computers and
can be ordered on the form below.
Postcode.. Daytime phoee number in case ol queries . Please send me a SPELL!
Package for my computer (Tick as appropriate) I wish to pay by: Cheque or postal order payable to Database Publications ? Credit card No: Exp. Date I I I 1 II I I I H I I 1 II I I I I ? CompacMrctii Elk (3.5* disc) ? BBCEIk (5.25" 40 T) 3610 36 IS ? BBGBk (5.25' 80 T) L B8C.EIk (tape) C Amiga (disc) ST (disc) ? PC (5.25*) 3615 3611 3617 3614 3613 TO: Database Direct. FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port, South Wirrall 165 3EB NosmimtitposMXiUK PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 1275 Feature ?HI CM PANION Roland Gants MUSIC SOFTH A R E MT33 CM 35L CM64 CM35P SOUND DEVELOPMENT creens Tone Edit Load Setup House Module |
Config Edit Save Setup RhythH Edit | Fetch Setup W Library Dump Setup Quit
(c) Gajits 1990 VI.00 Simply jeiecJ the module you won! Ond moke
me voice of yojr choice ? 32P Is a much more dedicated
creature with only 64 voices designed to complement the 321
by adding a new dimension in quality to the DTMS.
It has a built-in digital reverb, and offers the option to accept PCM cards, each of which contain 64 additional voices. All of this can benefit from the onboard reverb and snare in the unit's ability to play 31 voices or partials at any one time.
Added to the multl-ttmbral efforts of the six synths lurking under the 323's tasteful grey beige exterior. Your financial future might start to turn a little more rosey.
If you don’t want both units, or want to marry the 32P with an existing MDI system, it will work Just as well with any arrangement of equipment, but a partnership with the 32L or MT-32 seems to be where It’s most at home. It is perhaps something of a luxury, but if you have cash in the bank and you want It to stay there, I strongly suggest you avoid hearing the 32P In action - It's more than a mere mortal muso can bear A little help One of the most striking features of the CM range has to be the controls. Or to be more accurate the lack of them. All you get to twiddle with is one volume
knob and an off on switch.
Gone are the days of faders ond buttons. All the soldering ot old has been replaced by a single blip as the MIDI info flies from your Amiga.
Thank goodness for that, but It does leave the usei somewhat alienated from his latest toy, and the prospect of alterhg anything within the impregnable plastic box looks very slim indeed.
What’s required Is an electronic tool kit. Which can be put to work 1 Load | | Save | [Fetch | Duty | Tinb ) j Ifll'.M * v nine: Slap Bassl' b 5 I M!~niT1!T1 Ttijfl tT| 12 1
1. Slap Bassl 80 8 3
2. Stp Sect 1 88 LI 10
3. Bps Sect 1 88 8 8
4. Sax 1 88 LI 4
5. Ice Rain 88 R3 3 fc.ElecPianol 88 L3 0
T. BottleBlo* 88 R7 0 8.0rche Hit 88 L7 8 - Tone Group: Tone
Ntmfv: Key Shift: Fine Tune: Bend Range: Assign Node: .Reverb
Add the effects and set your patches - perfect for the 32P and PCM cord* level: I Channe _U_Conn£_EdH_J
(c) Gajits 1W1 [Part Select:] XI XI xi m Res: XI X] LD Edit the
old and create the new all from the comfort of the keyboaid
through your Amiga. The Cmpanion is exactly that and makes
the process of patch eciting as simple as clicking an icon in
the Cmpanion s well arranged Iront end.
Beautiful music By far the most difficult task involved with sound synthesis is the creation of the voices themselves.
In the dark ages this would involve extremely tricky editing procedures. Which were certainly not advisable for beginners, and invariably ended In awful results.
A friendly alternative was desperately required, and as a result the Cmpanion and other such computer-based patch editors were bom.
These new software pack- ag©s revolutionised voice editing and produc- tlon, bringing the sounds to life and providing a graphic and numeric picture of all the elements of the sounds themselves.
Changing tones Let's say you have a particular voice in the 32L you like, but it needs a little more reverb and perhaps a touch more sustain.
To change it. All you have to do is load up the Cmpanion software and Import the voice. Add a little more reverb by either altering the type of reverb used or perhaps changing the parameters of the present one.
To alter the sustain, enter the tone editor and select the partial or partials of the sound you wish to change. These are shown as simple graphs which can be drag gee Into a new shape with the mouse. A click on the right mouse button and the new sound will be played instantly, so keeping track of events is very easy.
If you're happy with your creation it can be saved straight bock into the module in any positlor you want, to become o permanent feature every time you turn on the unit.
All sounds from the modules can be saved on to disk, so a potentially huge library of voices can be created In this way.
The process doesn't have to stop with altering current sounds, you can also create new ones Feature
- tfljajrm- ory 23 Henc Henory 23 Henory Henory 24 Henory 26 27
28 29 § 32 Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory
Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory henory Henory
Henory Henory Henory Henory ki 1111 M nrrwry Menor henory
henory henory henory henory henory henory henory henory JSL 35
36 37 38 39 49 41 42 43 44 Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory
Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory
Henory Henory Henory Henoi MHI Hollow Pad $ eo Bass Hid Ion 2
2zzoonnn,t false Vox Velo Sweep Feed Back Island Early Horn li
Ton 2 fere Synth Space Swp ow angeSve tight pad ¦Configj 1 Tone
| | Ha.n | John's Chr JigSaw Junp!
Low Ton 2 Warn Pad Soft Pad .Sid_ Off Reverb Sw: W] t j ¦ --MTtTnTn : Tone Edit ? From scratch. A random tone generation option has been odded to use masks or basic souna structures, which it then elaborates to create new voices.
You can tweak these new creations and save them to disk or add them to the module s permanent repertoire.
Vou can also combine your favourite aspects of existing sounds by mixing their component partiats to create new sounds, and while we are on the subject of new sounds, a completely new set has been incorporated on the disk to get you started.
The program also happily multitasks with other applications. So given sufficient memory you could edit sounds as you work and Instarrty hear them in the context of the piece.
Once you've created a bank of sounds they can be loaded straight Into the module with the auto-hjector program accompanying me Cmpanion software.
It's an easy way to make fast alterations without having to load the entire program for every change you make to the module s memory.
Difficult decisions By far the most difficult decision Involving the extras in the CM range is not the usual dilemma of whether to buy. But rather one of which to buy first. Should it be the stunning ready made sounds of the 32P with its ability to accept PCM cards, or perhaps you'd prefer the added flexibility the Cmpanion software brings to the vocal ability of the 32L.
The Cmpanion can also be put Instant access to all your creations in either memory, disk or module freetones default.32L tvs lasks.RND libs 1 Cello vox Ring Rise Late Night Harpsi-Vox Slide Bass John Bass Heaven Distortion Warn Pad 2 BellSvnth2 Warn Brass Load File to work on the 32P and PCM cards, but the changes made are not permanent.
If you wanted to add more reverb to a voice the parameters can be applied to it on a PCM card. But they don't become permanent and as a resUt need to be »ANION aland OUND DEVELOPMENT jjseridoo jpMBB Idrtgs Lo‘ad | 1 Save 1 |Fetch | Duty |‘ I Show!
ymnE s Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Henory Swap nrm House Cl (24)
(c) tiajits 1990 added each time you wanl the new voice to appear
In your arrangements.
Given sufficient liquid assets I’d be tempted to plump for the 32P as my first choice. However, if your cash pool is low. The Cmpanion can do amazing things tc the already Impressive 32L, as well as squeeze more superb sounds from the other elements in the range.
Well that's about It for Roland's DTMS. Not perhaps the cheapest range of Amiga add-ons, but nevertheless a big step In the right direction for Amiga music.
I hope to be covering some of the alternatives In the MIDI market in forthaoming issues, so watch this space and all will be revealed... TamnimTory ) Hodule Confi Edit Drawer [CMpanion: File Idefaul t.32L~ LA RhythM Edit Quit Library dial |['dh: "H dhe: OK Cancel ¦ M7 uaji is i;a n.wp Here s your chance to get your hand on those lovely new voices.
MA12C Micro MonltoriSlM CM 32P Module £445 Cmpanion £99 All avalloble from Roland (UK) Ltd Amalgamated Drive Wetf Cross Centre Brentford. Middlesex TW8 SEZ CM HotNne OBI-566 4576 Fax: OB 1-847 1528
M. ALIM & CO Accountants VAT, Taxation Accountancy, Book-keeping,
Management Accounts, PAYE
(081) 543 7827 PERFECT Mccountant.
COMPUTER SOFTWARE TAILOR MADE PROGRAMMES AT OFF-THE-SHELF PACKAGE PRICES Integrated Pack: A complete book-keeping system with various types of reports including P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Sale Purchase and Nominal Ledger, Budget, Cash Flow, plus VAT return. Also featuring Stock Control and Payroll for a bigger system (ie Multiuser on Unix Xenix Novel. Price £3000 onwards.
We will also convert your old system into our faster and comprehensive system with a little or no extra cash.. Integrated Accounting Software Easy to use pull-down menu or by pressing first letter of menu Help message at each menu and input (option to turn it ofU Initial set-up is done for you Up to two billion records in file UP to 999 departments 99999 plus posting codes 3000 plus accounts group codes Compatible with many databases, spreadsheets and wordproccssors (option to be requested) Works on IBM and compatibles. Atari Sts, Amiga (Commodore). Minimum requirements:
512k RAM, 360k Floppy disk drive.
W rite to Abbey Freeman & Co, 15 Parkleigh Court, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3BX.
Tel: 081-543 7827 FEATURES SET-UP Accounts group codes Posting accounts codes Department codes VAT rate codes SALES LEDGER Summary invoice posting Itemised invoice posting Cash sales posting Credit notes posting Cash received posting NOMINAL LEDGER Opening balances Bank (non sale9 purchase ledger) Journals Prepayments Accruals PURCHASE LEDGER Summary invoice posting Itemised invoice posting Petty cash expenses Debit notes posting Cash payments posting REPORTS Transaction file report Sales day Aged debt analysis Statements Purchase day Aged creditors analysis Trial balance Monthly management
accounts Profit & loss with tax calculation Balance sheet Nominal ledger Bank reconciliation VAT return Source report Account enquiry OTHERS Budgets Cash flow Transaction Code correct routine Back-up, 1---- ORDER FORM 1 1 Comoanv name: . 1
* Address...... 1 1 1 Atari .... .....J I
IBM ..J ) Amiga J 1 I ¦ One Floppy ......m Two
Floppies .I I Had Disk . Allow 28 days for delivery
¦J===1 1 Write to Abbey Freeman & Co., 15 Parkleigh Court,
Wimbledon, London SW19 3BX. Tel: 081-543 7827 Requests for
modification or tailor made programs are welcomed Please write
with your specification to: A PERFECT ACCOUNTANT SOFTWARE 15
Parkleigh Court, London SW19 3BX A Cr Buffalo: Roger Cochrane.
Broadmoor Hospital.
Crowlhome Poiphin*: Michael Jerome, London Seng: Bjame Melsom Mormon: Biame Melsom You'd be surprised to learn how much correspondence we receive from Amiga users In Scandinavian countries, especially Norway and Denmark. The Amiga community Is obviously thriving In those countries, and we hope the1 continue to buy our mog ond find It useful!
If Bjarne Meteom s contributions to this month s Gallery are an Indication of the standard we con expect from our recders In that part of t-he world, then the Amiga is obviously being put to excellent use in foreign ports.
An expert system "DOOR TO DOOR” Routefinder Planner for £19.95. Unlike any other it will take you from your home or business through the streets of your town, city or village to anywhere you choose. Use for business (delivering, pick-ups, selling) or pleasure touring.
"DOOR TO DOOR” can give you the inner city street directions including One-way systems. It can then take you onto any "A" Roads, "B" Roads and Motorways including junctions, turnings and street names all the way to your destination.
"DOOR TO DOOR" has a database of mainland Great Britain that is more than three times the size of some route guides now on the market. It also has the on-screen "Tourist Information Guide to Cities, Towns and Villages".
New or special routes are easy to add yourself with the on-screen help.
"DOOR TO DOOR" will run on all Amiga's and PC's with 512K or more. For a limited period we will include the digitized street maps of Greater London, all for just £19.95. WHY?
We hope that you will be tempted to purchase our other add-on disks that we intend to introduce each month, such as new databases of European countries, digitized street maps of cities.
With full colour graphics, animation and sound... the world atlas, a history of Great Britain and Mysteries of the World. A huge quest. These are not necessary to the running of "DOOR TO DOOR" but at just £10 each we think you may just buy.
Send Cheques P.O's for £19.95 to: GEOGRAPHIC Dept Transport Studies, 3 5 Cranford Place, Wilsden BD15 OAD Tel: 0535 274228 What's up DOC?
Re the letter in February's issue about error code 205 on DOC files. I too experienced this problem when running the coverdlsk from a Workbench disk.
My solution is to select the DOC files, click ’INFO" under the WORKBENCH menu and alter the default tool from C:PPMORE to :C PPMORE so that the current disk is searched for Ppmore and not the Workbench disk.
Perhaps you could have a word in your disk compiler's shell-like and get him to do the same so that I don't have to do it every month I P Borton, Peterborough Your solution works splendidly if you boot with your own system disk, then run the coverdisk from 'here. Anyone who's doing this should take heed!
However, we get many more letters from people who've copied individual programs over to another disk which are then run on their own.
It seems there are a great many home compilation fans out there, and these people will stll have to make sure they copy relevant programs such as Ppmore over to the new disk.
Of puff?
Cracking up?
Are here to help!
Write to Amiga Computing, Europa House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP You should find the tool types on this month s Amiga Computing coverdisk more to your I king.
Doctor or dumper?
Could someone tell me after putting a disk into CiskDoctor for repair, how to copy it back on to a new disk. When the task is done it tells you to copy to a new disk. This is what's driving m9 insane. What next?
Please shed some light on this. Being new to this computer lark it Is something I've got to get used to. I've looked through all your letters pages for the answer hoping someone else has written in.
Raymond Madden. Glasgow To copy from one disk to another, either follow the irstructions at the beginning of The Disk pages in this issue or. If you want to copy individual files, use the COPY command. This should be used in the form COPT fU«Mie TO target directory See page 2-6 of your Enhancer Software manual for full details of the syntax. For example if you wanted to save the SETMAP routine from the SYSTEM directory of your Workbench disk and copy it to a disk called ‘Backup’, you’d type COPY SYSTER SETRAP TO Backup: The best advice is to use a friendlier disk salvation program,
such as FixDisk 1.2 from last month’s coverdisk. Or DiskSalv. Both are public domain, available from most PD libraries, and both make it easier to copy files to a new disk.
Easier still would be Central Coast Software's Quarterback Tools, which is designed for ease of use. This is a commercial program, however, and costs around £40. If you think the money is well spent, phone Softmachine on 091 510 2666.
And on the same subject... As a B20Q0 owner I realise I'm perhaps in a ninority. But why oh why aren't there more hard disk utilities about? Ail I want is something Ike Norton Utilities for the PC that'll heal a fragmented disk. Or how about a virus checker?
Ajso. Is it possible to output the Amiga's sound to tape? It’s all very well sampling ond creating masterpieces, but I don't fancy the prospect of sticking a mike next to my inadequate monitor speaker John Silver, Derby There are plenty of B2000 owners around, and you wouldn't be the first to find a dearth of decent utilities for hard drives.
I would refer you to FixDisk 1.2 and Quarterback Tools as mentioned above. Both can salvage lost or damaged tiles from hard drives.
Virus killers have taken a while to catch up with hard drive owners, but ZeroVirus 3. Master Virus Killer, and Vscan are three good choices, oil of which are free or shareware.
They will all check a hard drive for file viruses and were examined In last month's virus orticle.
Your music problem is easy enough to solve.
Instead of plugging your Amiga's phono outputs into your monitor, just plug them Into your tape deck. The two outputs, audio left and audio right, eoch carry two of the Amiga's four voices, so If you want all four on the tape, they will have to be brought together. This is easily accomplished.
You can buy a Y-junction phono plug which takes the two outputs and combines them before input to the usual sort of tape machine microphone single jack socket, or you can do it with a cheap Tandy mic mixing box for £22.95. Either wgy, you should be able to record a basic tape of your Amiga music with little outlay.
You'll have to ensure you set the levels and so forth before committing something to tape, but you will already have MED from our coverdisk, so that should be no problem.
You won't gel professional results, but your music will sound a great deal better than it would if recorded via microphone from a hissing monitor speaker.
Speed not power?
I've a friend who owns an Archimedes A3000 ond she Is always raving on about MIPS ond ARM chips. Now I don't have anything to do with "My computer Is better than your computer* arguments, but I must odmit to feeling a bit pedestrian from time to time My A2000 serves me very well, but is it now too slow for today 's software?
I'm thinking about upgrading to a faster machine by way of a processor add-on. But this some friend fells me they're almost useless on the Amiga as they can't speed up the memory hondling. Not sure how much of tiis Is computer snobbery on her port, but I thought I'd better check before spending hundreds of pounds on an upgrade which might not solve my problems Jayne Fellows. Leeds Share and share alike You soy she's a friend? An Archimedes owner who slags off AMIGAs? With friends like that, who needs ST owners?
The problem is. She has a point. The Amiga Is stuffed with custom chips designed to lighten the lood ot the central processor.
The Enhanced Chip Set. As it is called, is what to a large extent sets the Amiga apart from other machines. It controls animation, graphics, and sound, and allows the CPU to get on wth the number-crunching.
Great, but these chips still toddle along ot the same speed they always hove. While CPUs have advanced to 33MHz and beyond, the ECS chips are still puffing away at about 8MHz, and this places certain limits on the effectiveness of on accelerator card.
If you are going to use the machine for maths-imensive applications such as CAD. 3D graphics ray-tracing, and fractal plotting, the ECS chips will be used proportionally less and the card will hove its best effect.
It. However, you use your Amiga mostly for games, or applications which use. Say. The blitter a great deal, you will find there’s not quite the same speed increase.
I'm assuming, however, that if you're going to spend lots of money on an accelerator card, you will be using it mainly for serious purposes. And for these I would thoroughly recommend Such 0 purchase.
As for memory handling, your friend might be referring to the need for more chip memory for foster operations involving the ECS.
Your A2000 has the full 1Mb of chip RAM. But you might be able to upgrade this in future if Commodore or a third party manufacturer were to offer a Super Agnus (2Mb of chip RAM) upgrade She may also be pointing out the need for 32-bit memory which takes full advantage of the fastei processors.
You'll find that those boards in need of 32-bit memory, such as the A5000 reviewed this month, usually have a certain amount on-' board.
Business matters My frienc and I want to set up a PD library, but are not 100 per cent sure of the legal situation Perhaps ou could answer a few of our questions.
• Do we need a licence of any kind?
• Are we allowed to modif any of the games we sen tc improve them
far our customers? For example altering documents, making pro
grams nn from Workbench which previously ran only trom CU.
Editing icons and so on
• Are we ollowed to distribute progroms which specify “no money
to change hands' on disks with normal PD programs on them if we
lower the price accordingly?
• What i freeware?
• We want to make oil our disks auto- l always read my copy of
Amiga Computing with interest, especially the help section, and
the response to D B Park ho use's letter on pnnter sharing got
to me (see the February issue).
If I read it correctly, he wants to connect two different printers to his Amiga and switch between them without having to remove the leads all the time.
If that is so. I am amazed at your reply, as I have been doing Just that for a long time now and the answer i$ simple - a data switch box.
They cost around £13 to £22 and are available from Media Direct or Overseas Media (you'll find their ads in vanous issues of the mog - Ed). I would recommend a 4- way to give some spare capocity -1 use a 4- way to connect two printers and a New-Tek vdeo digitiser, and simply select which one I want to use.
Boctabie. But neither of us has any idea of how to write or install a boot-block or startup- sequence Can you recommend a book, or better still, print instructions In the pages of your magazine?
I have already tried using Install from ZeroVirus and copying the C: and S: directories from Workbench I found I needed a lot of other commands ond programs from elsewhere on the disk to make it run properly I gave up pretty quickly!
• Are we allowed to include shareware in the librcry?
• Is there anything else we should know?
Chris Johns. Derby To take your questions one ot a time:
• You don’t need a licence, but you'll still have to keep books,
have an audit done, and maybe .eventually register os a
business If you've got o bank manager, ask him to arrange an
appointment with the bank's small businesses advisor - they've
all got one these days. If that's too daunting, check to see if
there's a local business advice centre, and have your queries
answered by a professional.
• You should never alter ANY original matenal without prior
consent from the author, especially when it comes to .DOC
files and the way the program runs. Icons may be more freely
altered, but if the program has a highly individual icon
with, for example, a copyright mes- sage on it. You should
leave it alone
• Check with the author regarding charges Such stipulations can
sometimes mean absolutely NO money should be involved, but
they can also refer only to actual profits. If in doubt, assume
the former.
• Freeware is free software. You can't charge for it and the
author expects no money for it.
• There's an article in this very magazine on constructing a
bootable disk. There are two particularly good books - Dabs
Press' A point to note is to get a serial switch Dox as this
will have 25-pin D connectors
• hroughout. So the only coble requirement Is a 25 D male to 25 D
male between the Amiga and the box The existing printer eods
should fit.
The box-to-Amiga lead is easy enough to make with a length of 26 cote ribbon cable and two cllp-on D connectors totalling about £6. Happy switching!
M B Tankard. Worsley, Manchester consider myself duly chastised. Anyone considering a connection between more tian one printer and an Amiga should now have enough information to be going on with.
My original reply did point out that a simple two way switch would be easy enough to knock up. But I admit I should have men- ioned data switching boxes.
AMIGADOS A Dabhand Guide, and Abacus's AmigaDOS Inside and Out. If you can't get them at you local dealer, phone the Computer Bookshop on 021 706 1250.
• You can include shareware as long as you leave the author's
shareware message in the program and the docs.
• The tone of your letter implies that you expect to make money
from your PD Library and that you will be treating it as u
It is against the spirit of PD to make megabucks from it and also illegal, especially it ycu mess around with someone else's program and sell freeware for a profit.
So be warned.
What's in a name?
As my February coverdisk had a damaged metal cover. I had to remove It in order to load the disk. I then made a copy so that I could bn the original.
However, when the copy is loaded, the Amiga asks for the original in any drive before it will open the copy, so I still need the original disk! Is there ony way round this? I don’t like the idea of using a disk that is minus its protective covering Alan Thorburn, West Kilbride You con use a disk, even if it has lost Its protective metal slide, for as long as it survives without harming your drive. However, as you rightly say. The disk would quickly succumb to dust or toast crumbs, so It s best to copy it straight away.
Your problem lies in the fact that the coverdisk* stortup-sequence includes a line which tries to run the Lovehearts program from CD016 - in other words, from itself.
If your copy is not called CD016 the Amiga will ask for it to be inserted. To cure the fau».
Delete or change this line, or take the simplest route and rename the copy as CD016.
AMIGA REPAIRS Just £44.95 inc ? Commodore registered repair centre ? Over 10 years experience with Commodore computers ? 20 qualified technician engineers at your disposal ? We will undertake to repair your Amiga 500 computer for just £44.95 including parts, labour, VAT and post & packing ? Most computers will be repaired within 24 hours of booking in ? Prices include full service check, overhaul, soak- test and replacement of power supply unit if necessary ? Repairs to keyboard and disc drive also included. (£25 extra if these units are unrepairable and require complete replacements) ?
All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty ? How to take advantage of this exceptional offer: Simply send or hand deliver your machine to the workshop address detailed below, enclosing payment and this advert and we will do the rest. (If possible please include a day time telephone number and fault description).
? If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 or else your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
(WTS rtvr*r Iht ritM lu rrfux: machines lhal in our opinion arc hr)ond rasonahlr repair i. WTS Electronics Ltd, Studio Master House, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds. LU4 8EZ 3; AMC Tel: (0582) 491949 (4 lines) SOFTMACHINE AMIGA AMIGA GFA Basic v3.5 Interpreter £39 95 H ott Basic . £54 95 Hisotl Extend ...£14 95 K-Seka Assembler £34 95 Lattice Cv5 ...£16995 £4999 £2199 £29 99 £39 99 £2999 £4999 £6 99 £4 99 £999 £1199 £499 £7.99 £5 99 T24 99 £44 99 £999 ...£9.99 Commodore Hardware A500...... Options from £314 99 £369 99 £369 99 £369 99 £542 99 £542 99 £669
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Building 521 London Heathrow, Middlesex TW6 3LL Phone:
081-759 8829 Fax: 081-897 0407 Upgrade your Amiga 500 512K
extension with clock
* Top-quality PCB and connector for total reliability
* Latest 1 meg D RAMs for low power consumption
* Auto-recharging battery-backed real-time clock
* Memory enable disable
* Compact design
* Easily fitted in seconds. No risk to your warranty No frills or
gimrrjicks. Just a quality product at the best price you'll
Also available:
* 512K extension without clock £25.99
* Half meg card with clock (no RAMs) £ 15.50
* Half meg card (no RAMs or clock) £ 11.50 £29.95 inc VAT P&P
* RAM chips per ’ : meg set £15.95
* 1 ¦ : meg extension with clock £74.95
* 1' : meg card with clock (no RAMs) £30.00 Same day dispatch 12
- month guarantee Credit card hotline 24 - hour service 0734
890588 Virgo Developments Ltd, Sapphire House. Fishponds Road.
Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11 2QJ.
Q Jason Holborn ventures into the realms of animated titling packages in his bid to bring the best of DTV to Amiga Computing.
MACHINE CODE 115 Code Clinic doyen, Margaret Stanger, digs deep into her collective experience to provide the first of what promises to be an exciting series.
CODE CLINIC 117 Mags does it again, this time with Boolean gadgets, timer events and missing links. If C is your language this is the page to read.
MUSIC r ..*..119' The man with the knowledge, Jason Holborn, abandons the ivbries to explain how MIDI device live in each others’ pockets. ’ COMMUNICATIONS 121 Ogr very own Fast Eddie McKendrick dives into the intricacies of bulletin boards vyith endugh gusto to make your eyes water. » - * Think you're the bee's knees on the electronic , page? Think again - Nick VeTtch shows the way to that professional touch.
In his own* inimitable and breathtaking style Peter Hickman continues to reveal the delights of AMOS to your anxious Amigas.
; PROTON SOFTWARE Tel Order Line: 0462 686977 PCS.
INTERNATIONAL America’s biggest public domain library has come to England with over 1,500 disks available for AMIGA owners.
PI236,37,38 Buzzed (3 DISKS) 2Mb Animation PI 239.40,41,42 Automated Light (4 DISKS) 2Mb by James Robinson author of Space Station.
P 1249,50.51 Enchanted Realms. AUGKC, New User No 1, 2 & 3 Demo V.l. 1Mb Program, Runs on Workbench.
PI260 AUGKC March No. 4
- 4Mb Animation
- Soviet Soft Landing
- Aggressor
- Stealth Bomber
- Stealthy Manoeuvre PI260 AUGKC April No. 4 - Coyote 2, Swiss
F16 Combat P1280 Amuse Disk Simpsounds Cheques Postal orders
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LETCHWORTH. HERTS SG61HL. Tel (0462) 686977 Fax (0462) 673227 AMIGA TOP 50 Corporation ...12.99 Golden Axe ...16.99 Lemmings .16.99 Chase HQ II ..16.99 Supremacy ...18.99 Lotus Esprit ..16.99 Manchester Untd 12.99 Speedball II ..19.99 Kick Off II ..13.99 Powermonger ......19.99 Mig 29 19.99 Team Yankee 19.99 Rogue Trooper ....12.99 Carv Up ....15.99 Robocop II 16.99
Elvira .19.99 M1 Tank Platoon ..19.99 Prince of Persia ...14.99 James Pond .12.99 Toyota Celica 16.99 Botics .12.99 Boxing Manager ..12.99 Magician ...19.99 Buck Rogers .22.99 Chess Champ 2175....17.99 Super Off Road ...16.99 Z-Out .16.99 AMOS 35.00 Rick Dangerous II 16.99 Wall Street Wizard......16.99 Wrath of the Demon ...19.99 Paracroid 90 .16.99 Badlands ..16.99 Wings of
Fury ......16.99 D Lair II .....29.99 Speedball .16.99 Killing Cloud .18.99 Final Whistle ...9.99 Indy 500 ....16.99 Total Recall ...16:99 Pro Tennis Tour II 17.99 Cricket (1 Meg) ....16.99 Billy the Kid ...16.99 NARC 16.99 4D Sports Boxing 16,99 Team Suzuki .16.99 Captive .....16.99 Battlechess II 19.99 Fire & Forget II ...16.99 Corporation Mission Disc ....7.99 HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION Batman the
Movie, Robocop, Indy Jones, Ghostbusters II
18. 99 MAGNUM 4 Operation Wolf. Afterburner, Double Dragon,
Batman-Caped Crusader
18. 99 MIND GAMES Waterloo. Conflict Europe, Final Frontier
14. 99 CHALLENGERS Bomber. Stunt Car Racer.
Pro Tennis Tour, Super Ski. Kick Off
19. 99 FULI. BLAST Ferrari Formula One.
P47, Carrier Command.
Rick Dangerous
19. 99 HERO'S Licence to Kill. Running Man, Barbarian II, Star
18. 99 SPORTING GOLD California Games. The Games Winter. The
Games Summer
19. 99 POWER PACK Xenon II, TV Sports Football. Bloodwych,
Lombard RAC Rally
18. 99
T. N.T. Hard Drivin’, Xybots,
A. P.B.. Dragon Spirit
18. 99 PLATINUM Strider, Black Tiger.
Forgotten Worlds.
Ghouls & Ghosts
19. 99 WHEELS OF FIRE Hard Drivin', Turbo Outrun, Chase HQ.
16. 99 COMPILATIONS APDl: Games Mimic Creator I IT) APD2:
Treasure Search (AVOS) APD3: APD 5 Fonts Disc *1 - *3 (AFT)
APD6: STOS to AMOS (UD APD7: VilUSX 4.0 (ID APD8: Music &
Samples *1 (MA APD9: AMOS % Demo V4 (DEM) APD10-13: Samples
*2- *5(MG) APD14-16: IFF Pictures *1 - *3 (AFT) APDH:
Instruments IST-01) (MG) APD19: Micromin's Music Sensitise
Balls Demo (DEM) APD20: Arc Angel Demo 1 (DEM) APD21: Word
Square Solver ? Games (AMOS) APD22: Fun School lU Demo (DLM)
APD23-30: Soundlndcer N'odules *1-8 (MG) APD31: Screen
Designer (IT) APD32: AMOS Programs (AMOS) APD33: Pink Goes
Ape (DEM) APD31; Luke Mitel's Musk *l (MA APD35: Archivist
(IT) APD 36: AMOS Update V12l IT) APD3?: Arc Angel Demo 3
(DEM) APD38: IFF Fonts Disc *4 (AFT) APD39-50: Music *2-13
(MD APD51: Weird Science Demo DEM) APD52: Forms Really
Unlimited (IT) APD53: Curos & Stavros Demo II (DEM) APDSi:
AMOS Programs (AMOS) APD55-5& samples *6-9 (MG) APD59: Quiz
Game l.AMOS) APD60: Hockey PtMa Dam (DLM) APD61: Luke
Miller's Musk *2 (MA) APD62: Acardia (AMOS) APD63: Hack Magic
Demo Creator (IT) APD64: Art Program * Other AMOS Programs
(IT) APD65: AMOS Program* (AMOS) 33 Chapel Green Road Bindley
Wigan WN2 3LL INTERNATIONAL APD66-75: Music *14-23 (MA)
APD76: AMOS Utility Disc *1 (UD APD77: AMOS Programs (AMOS)
APD78: IFF Pictures *4 (AFT) APD79-80: Instruments
(ST-03-ST-041 (MG) APD81: lukebox Demo - Needs APD82 (DEM)
APD82: lukebox Demo - Needs APD8! (DLM) APD83: AMOS Paint LD
APD84: Luke Miller's Music *3 (MA) APD85: Reverci & Snakes
and Ladders (AMOS) APD86-95: Instruments (ST-05 - ST-014)
(MG) APD9& Pair-lt (AMOS) .APD97: Dvnamite Dick * Other
Programs (AMOS) UCENSEWARE SHAREWARE This collection will
always he listed in numerical order unless we get inundate!
With programs of the same quality' PD1: Colouring Book PD2:
Arc Angel's Maths PD3: Kremlin Kids Mega Demo 1-2 Diset PDA:
Thingumajig PD5i lungic Bungle PD6: Pukadu PD7: 1 Way Lynx
PAYMENTS APD discs cost 12.00 UK, £250 Europe ind £3 Rest of
Major Cred ards accepted with Ordcn over £10. Catalogue Disk £1.00. Business Hours
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5. 00pm-9.00pm Answer M C
9. 00pm- 10.30pm TEL +44 942 521577 Fax: 0942 521577 m A. f c* H
§§ HP If PUBUC DOMAIN You may not have heard of them, but
California- based Aegis have been producing products for the
AMIGA ever since Commodore unleashed their wonder machine on
to the world back in 1985.
They were one of the very first compcnies to devote themselves entirely to the uncertain task of producing products for the Amiga.
One o' their first packages was Aegis VldeoTitler, a video titling pockage that laid the foundations for much of the quality titling software we have today.
Jason Holborn brings you more news and reviews from the ever widening world of Amiga desktop video Sadly Aegis are no more, but many of their products and ongoing developments were picked up and nurtured by Oxxi Incorporated, who are probably better known for their MaxIPIan spreadsheet.
Now, under the new name of OvviAeats. The programmers of the original VideoTltler have come up with a successor that looks set to raise a lew eyebrows VideoTltler 3D - Aegis have never been particularly original where naming products Is concerned - claims to bring the power of a professional titling workstation to the Amiga.
OK, we've heard It all before, but the Aegis claims certainty seem genuine considering VideoTltler's impressive 3D text handling routines.
With them it can spin, stretch, rotate, tilt and put titles Into ]ust about any perspective you care to mention. Add this powerful facility to Its Impressive 3D extrusion tools and you have what could possibly be the ultimate video titling and effects package.
With VldeoTtlor comes a large selection of fonts. Including cotour ones from the wen respected Kara and Zuma collections.
But for the utimate m high resolution fonts Aegis hove expanded their innovative PolyFont technology to allow fonts to be manipulated without loss of quality.
Animated titler The product doesn't just create static displays Ike most packages of this genre. Now you can have complex animoted displays using VldeoTitler's powerful fweening facilties.
Put simply, ol you have to do is define the start and ending position for your titles and VideoTltler generates the frames inbetween.
These can be saved out to disk In standard IFF ANIM format for further editing within packages such as Dpgint 3 and ANIMagic.
In a similar vein to Zuma's TV*Text. VldeoTlter also allows you to apply rendering styles to any title. These Include such effects os star. Neon. Glow, embossed and balloon Expect a full review as soon as VideoTltler 3D reaches these shores. In the meantime you can OxxiAegi Marketing Having that woul all very w part of system is signals.
S UK distributors i0753 686000.
Kind of AMIGA put Norad fo but often tie people's home quality of their Most video en undoubt working decks, aren't renowne their quali If you on using you may be Intere in a new deck just launched by Hitachi, ihelr VT-F780. A NIC AM equipped hl-fl stereo VHS unit, also Includes powerful editing fociities that make It ideal for desktop video.
The deck includes a built-in flying erase head that allows for clean insert editing and the controls were designed tc moke the process that bit simpler. They oper ate in several modes including Quick Edit, which provides precise editing when dubbing video material.
To allow you to access particular parts of your video at speed, the deck includes a comprehensive set of facilities including what Hitachi call Super Indexer and Go To operations.
When used In conjunction with a real time tape counter, which could be generated by the Amiga, you can jump between scenes with ease.
For even greater editing precision. The deck includes three search speeds Including a very fast worp speed. These are Docked up by high quality still, still advance and slow motion controls.
Picture quality usually deteriorates when such modes are used on conventional decks, but the VT- F780 uses the very latest DA4 heads.
This. Hitachi claim, provides the most stable pictures possible on a home VHS deck. The VT-F780 is available from oil good video stockists for a very reasonable £600.
Quality control On the subject of picture quclity.
Anyone suffering from a lack of it may be interested In a rang© of Video Enhancers manufactured in this country by Cornwall-based ACT Electronics (0637 881319).
For DTV fanatics on a budget, their entry level VE-1 enhoncer will set you back a measly £50. This clever little box of tricks will allow you to transfer video material from one tope to another via a genlock, without toss of picture quoiity.
If this wasn't enough, ACT claim that the resulting picture quaity con often prove better than that of tie source tape. This is ochleved with the VE-l's comprehensive arsenal of picture enhancement circuits.
The first of these is a colour saturation control which lets you adjust the colour content of the destination signal from nearly black end white - Ideal for video digitising - to full colour.saturation. This is necessary to avoid colour blooding, or flaring as It is also known.
Secondly, the VE-1 boasts a video detail enhancer which lets you soften or sharpen the imoge quality.
Most importantly though, the VE- 1 has a built In sync pulse restorer which octs os a sort of simple Time Base Corrector (TBC). When the source signal Is fed in. The VE-1 strips It of its own sync pulses aid then mixes In Its own. This results In far more stable Images.
It's Amazing!
It's Radical!
It's the Rolling Ru Please use the Order Form on Page 129 vertical and horizontal lines without lifti
* ¦ • v it ideal for the home, the office, schools it off the
paper, parallel 3 graphs with ease, making , workshops and 3D
design Keyboard dust cover (A500) £4.95 £14,95 Protect your
Amiga with this top- quality cover made from clear,
water-resistant vinyl.
Its bound with strong cotton and features the Amiga Computing lego Binder £5.95
* *ark Bu*gbs The perfect desktop environment for your mouse
with its specially-designed, pedect- gnp surface. It ensure
much smoother movement, gives super-positive control and
protects your table top from scratches.
Mouse mat £6.95 Disc storage box £4.95 This luxury padded box is the ideal storage medium, holding up to FIFTY 3.5' ciscs AmfftpA A complete drawing board in one simple unit.
With a rolling ruler you can draw: ? Horizontal parallel lines ? Vertical parallel lines ? Perfect right angles with ease ? Any other angles from 10 to 359° ? Cleve' circles Available in two sizes 22cm (8in) and 30cm (12in) this great offer gets you both rolling rulers for just £5.95 (RRP £9.99) Is a comprehensive guide to the Commodore Amiga's disc Operating System (Version 1.2 and
1. 3). It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system
in a way which will be welcomed by the beginner and the experd
user alike.
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on advice and hints and tips.
The many features of this book include:
• Full coverage of Amiga DOS 1.3 functions
• Filing with and without workbench
• The Amiga's hierarchical filing system t Pathrumes and Device
• The Amiga's multitasking capabilities
• The AmigaDOS screen editor
• AmigiDOS commands
• Batch processing
• Amiga Error code descriptions t How to create new systems discs
• Use o' the RAM discs
• Using AmigaDOS with C AMIGADOS: A Dabhand Guide It's innovative
design gives the new rolling ruler the ability to draw 11 lines
without lifting...... lines, angles, circles, musical staves
Personal Finance Manager FOR THE AMIGA Personal Finance Manager provides an easy way of looking after your bank account, building society account, credit cards and so on. It's WORKBENCH interface allows transactions to be entered or altered as easily as filling out a form Full mouse control of PFM’s window environment means a really user friendly program.
PFM for the Amiga appears and runs exactly the same as our top selling PFM program for the Atari ST. Automatic Standing Orders means that regular payments are never forgotten, whilst the graphic display will help you manage your account more effectively.
Personal Finance Manager will even attempt to match your statements by automatically identifying transactions that haven't yet been cleared.
• The number of entries is limited only by the size of the memory
• Full Workbench interface
• Account entries are automatically placed in date order
• Selectable date formats
• Automatic standing orders
• Auto balancing against statement
• Graphic analysis including: Balance plot Budget comparison.
Spend pie charts
• Windows are moveable and re-sizeable
• Graphics are self-scaling to fit windows
• All windows can be displayed at the same time RRP PRICE £29.95
• Account print option
• Full Multi tasking - allows multiple account access ft MuhTrori
SOS LOTUS ESPRIT Experience the thrill of the chase as you
hurtle around the track in your Lotus Turbo Esprit.
Compete against a friend as you attempt to win the coveted challenge title.
Featuring super-fast graphics and four tremendous jk A A W accompanying soundtracks, Lotus W.wJ combines excellent presentation B w f w wjth outrageous game-play.
JANE SEYMOUR The deep space cruiser,
B. S.S. Jane Seymour, has been inexplicably overrun by mysterious
biological lifeforms. As a crack marine troop, you have been
assigned to locate the ship and save its precious cargo from
its hold. During your adventure you'll come face to face with
sorre of the most hideous creatures ever known to man.
£19.95 Margaret Stanger stuns us with her versatility as she presents the first in a series for assembler freaks Assembler programmers are able to tap in to me Amiga software support mat enhances me capabilities of its powerful hardware. They can use the library routines, which are spec id Amiga resource files bound to me program dynAMIGAlly at run time.
Tnese routines range over several leves from primitive device management or grapnics drawing routines to intuition, wrucn nandies overtopping wmaow displays arid severa input and output devices.
Available to assemblers Severoi libraries are available for use in your applications, each containing a number of routines.
AssocoTed wiTh eacn library is a specici .fd file tnaT describes me parameters mat me rouTine Takes and me registers used in assembly iangucge.
To access such a routine you must first open me library containing that routine to give you The library base.
This caii in uself uses a library routine from The exec library, but the exec library bcse is always stored in rne same place - location 4 - or the external reference _AosExecBase can oe used.
In Assembler, wnen a librdry is opened me pointer is stored by me program. If a library rouTine is deciarea os an externol reference (XR£F).the linker can calculate its offseT from mis pomier: exec library address always stored in saie location Her _Abs£xcc3ase exec library Xscr _LV00ptOkibrary ...etc ;oos library XREf _LV0Delay ..etc Once the library is open rts routines can oe called as if they were sub-pro- grams or your .cngocge rout vies.
For assembly language, me rec: ..orcry oase must oe in r 06 Trying to use a library r wim rne wrong library oadress
w. ii resu.* in a software error, still find tn .O'very eos
mstq aro make.
Any Other Inputs to me routine registers specified in tne After me lorary routine has been used any returned vabe will be m register aO, out other registers may nave oeeri overwritten. Especially aO, -dpi and c ‘ Several libraries a are inter- V,' nai - tor ex a m p i e intuition. Dos.
Exec. Graph.Ci
- and mey may airier slightry w*m the operating sys- go in the
.fa files.
Program highlights The complete program source code listing is avci- ooleon me coveraek. Out I nave included a couple of extracts nere.
When run. Me program opens the dos. Iorary ana intuition libraries and waits for a few seconas.
If me libraries foil to open, me program exits via a cleanup routine, it attempts to aitocate a memory buffer ana if insufficient merpory is available exits m tne same way. Tne program looks for me source code text file to read m. bur if me file ts nor fauna in me current directory me program will exit.
Any text file could be used, provided The filename is mciuoea correctly in me source code, if oil is well me first 1024 characters of the file will oe displayed on the screen.
Hletcconsoie: ¦owe.I dosbase,ab ;oos library address jsr J.VMutput a6) ;osuir. A fileaanaie tor output to tee console aove.l cC-,3t aove.l buffer,d2 pointer to aeaory buffer aove.l J!02i,d3 ;ajaber of bytes to be read jsr _LWyrite(ad) write to tae console rts The program men attempts to open me atskfonr library, wrucn is ask-basea ratner man «ntemci.
It snould be present in tne libs directory of The Doot-disk. Otherwise this library will not open ana me program will exit without going through tre second delay.
Openaiscfoatlibrary: aove.l Jlbs£xec3ese,a6 exec library address in a6 lea discfcntsace,** put tte library naae in a1 dr.I dO open toe Horary jsr _lV00penlibrary(ab) store tae pointer aovea.l dO discfontoase set flag if library fails to open tst.l oO beq seterrorflag dr.I cQ rts The program finishes with me cleanup routine freeing allocated memory ana closing Jioraries openea during me program.
Freeing memory mat was nor allocated or Trying to close a diskfonr library mat failed to open causes a programmer same grief.
InsTeaa of tne usual discrete error message AMIGA programmers are treated to d son of fireworks display mat lets the whole world know when, the program has fallen over.
Mg system. Orner libraries, like diskfonr. Are disk-oased and are expected to oe m me libs directory of me system disk.
A complete lisT of the library routines can be found in me .fd files directory, wnicn ts usually on the workask.
Some 1 did earlier... The coveratsk program uses a few of me routines from the dos ana exec libraries, out many more are available. In February's CODE CLINIC I included on The cove-disk a list of all the 1. I library dos and exec rouTines mat were documented.
For eacn one I have listed tne input, input registers. OutpuT. Wnere appuccoie. And a snon description of the routine's effect.
Moving with the times The assembly source code file originally named mTro.osm wcs assembled ana linked using the aging Metacomco assembler version
10. 178 and linked using AUNK.
I decided to move wim the Times ana use a more up-To-date assembler, so The program - now mtro.a - wcs cssemoied using the assembler from Lattice C version
5. 0.2 and naked using BUNK.
Hcs any one else noTiced *haT whenever dn assemder or compiler is upgraoed it Decones more picky about The source code?
Wnen I run o piece of old code through o new product I find new warnings. Ana the previous warnings upgraded to errors.
Trvs assembler even pedantically sTaTed that it hoa assumed an END directive aimough none was given. Old fashioned assemblers just grind to a holt wnen They run our of code.
I suppose me ultimate cssemder will optimise my code ana then nag me to include more documentation!
Ear shattering offers Amiga Computing re for Make Ihe most of your Amiga's superb sound capabilities by connecting Soundblaster’s high quality stereo amplifier and speakers.
Using the latest microchip technology, the specially designed amplifier can deliver an ear-shattering five watts of music power, with twir controls provide complete control over volume and balance.
The fifty watt speakers consist of a woofer, a mid-range and a tweeter for the highest possible sound quality. Thumping bass, crisp trebles: You'll hear them all with incredible clarity.
The Amiga Soundblaster comes complete with mains adaptor and full instructions. No alterations to your computer are required
- just plug in and switch on to re-discover sound on your Amiga.
QUARTE Make beautiful music on your Amiga Quartet is a stunning sequencing package that will allow you to compose anything from a jingle to a symphony.
Mak ng full use of the Amiga’s unique four channel stereo sound system, Quartet is equally at home playing Depeche Mode or Debussy. Quartet comes complete with complete instructions, a disk of full of sound samples and full source code to allow you to intergrate your tunes into your own programs.
What's more, Quartet is MIDI compatible, sc you can connect a suitable keyboard or synthesiser to enter notes directly.
It’s the ideal sequencer package to complement the excellent Master Sound sampler
- Amiga Computing, August 199C Quartet comes with full
instructions Master Sound Capture any sound you hear and replay
it in seconds It's so easy to use: Simply connect the sampler
to your Amiga, load the software and immediately you have the
ability to capture sounds with amazing accuracy.
Connect your compact disc player or personal stereo and digitise sounds to incorporate into your own games and tunes.
The supplied software provides complete control over the sampled sounds: Cut and paste them, flip and fade them and you're still only using a tiny’fraction of the sound processing tools available.
Best of all, the comprehensive instructions will soon have you creatirg your own public domain demo disks complete with IFF picture files.
The perfect sound sampling package for beginners and experts alike.
Master Sound is a complete hardware and software sampling system for only £34.95 “Is it real or is it Master Sound?”
- Amiga Computing, May 1990 SOUNDBLASTER Boost your computer s
sound with an AMIGASOUNDBL P FiTliTaimi D mr ei nz n eh
| 3CHC5C3I53 til F3 ED E!] E3 See order form on page 129
Boolean gadgets, timer events, border structures and more.
Margaret Stanger tells it like it is... Ho"); return; APTI)tSub]teo2) "5abIteo2 n"); return; APTI)tSublteo3)
* SubIteo3 n‘); return; source code c with the and gadgr with
data structures re compiled as nor to each up code using the
Message received and understood If there Is a message in the
userport one of the chosen events has occurred and the program
extracts the class or type of event, the address, and the
message code.
The program replies to the message to free up memory for more messages and processes the message data.
Void Handle IDCNPO ( APTR object; • NEEDED FOR EVENT HANDIER » for (quitjleg = FALSE;!quit_flag;) if (1 NainNindov- llserPort- »p SigBit) ( while !(aessege=(struct IntuiMessage *)GetHsg(Rainilindov- llserPort))) ( if (tiaecount 900) QuitO; ) class - aessage-Xlass; code * ae$ sage- Code; * Get.event info * object=aessage- IAddress; ReplyflsgC(struct Message •) itssage ); switch ( class ) ( case HENUPICK: *aenu itea selected* HandleNenuEvent(object); break; case GADGETUP: 'gadget selected* HandleEvent(object); break; ease INTUITICKS: 'about 3 tiaes a second* tiaecount *«1; break;
case RAKET: *key pressed* HandltKey(code); break; ) I* end switch • * end forloop * ) ) When an Intuition window Is active Input handling facilities are avallcble. Each IDCMP flag represents an event that a program could choose to be Informed abou' by a message in the window's userport. The message Includes the class, code and address for the program to interpret.
The demo program on this month's cover disk has chosen to be Interned of menu events, gadget selection. Key presses and intuition timer events. The new window structure Is filled in with the following IDCMP flags set GlDGETDOHIHGADGETUPellENUPICKt RMEYeHENUVERlFYtlNTUITICKS Time is ticking away Intuition has Its own timer which is Ideal f you want to be Informed that the program has been running for approximately five minutes. But It's not accurate enough to time game cycles, although very easy to use.
An INTUITICKS event occurs about three times a second, and this program counts them up to give a simple timeout after 900 events, ensuring a graceful exit If necessary.
The key to it all For a VANILLAKEY event the code is the ASCII of the key pressed. If applicable. For a RAWKEY event the internal key code is given. The progrcm scons for codes 0x50 (FI).
0x51 (F2). 0x52 (F3) and 0x45 (ESC) ond Ignores any other keypresses.
• Hindlr keys for window,looks for code or Ft,F2,F3 md ESCAPE*
81 = void
• ndlcKcy(code) ong code; ode-codet2S5; f (eod»"0i50) printf•"you
have pressed key F1Vn" ; ode=0;return; f (cod»«0i51)
printf''you have pressed key F2 n‘); ode=0;return;) f
Ccode==0x*5) Quit().code=0;return;) f (cod«~0i52) (readdiscO;
ode=0;return; On the menu Each menu structure normally forms
port of a linked list of menus, and each contains a pointer to
a linked list of menu items. These In turn moy contain pointers
to a linked list of sub items.
Riling In the details of these can be very tedious unless a utility such as Power Windows is used. In the demo program are one menu and three menu Items.
The second menu Item has three subitems. The menus are attoched to the window with a SetMenuStrlp command.
The MENUPCK event needs further unscrcmbling. The first menu address and the code are input Into the ItemAdress command to generate the address needed for the event hancfler.
•handle* aenu events* void HandleNenuEventO ( struct Menultea 'object; whileUofeUPENUhUll) objec:=(struct Henultea *) IteaAldress(jNenu1,code); HandUEvent(object); code=»bject- Neit$ elect; ) ) All the latest gadgets Each gadget s part of a linked Bst and also contains pointers to the IntulText and Border structures.
These are all smple Boolean gadgets with the release verify activation flag set.
The address of the gadget can be taken from the intuiMessage structure directly and used in the event handter.
Void HandleEvent(object) APTR object; if (object«(APTR)l6adget1) print1("6acget1 n'');return;} if (object«(APTR)iGadget2) (printfCGacget2 n');return;) if objectss(APTR)tGadget3) (readdiscO;return;) if (objectss(APTR)iGadgetA) (Quit();retsrn;} if (object « (APTR)MenoIteiD printfCNenuIteaHn"); return; ) if (object := (APTR)lRenuItei3) ( printf(*NenuItea3 n'); return; ) gram. Ink Y the command.
I $ ok with uindovprogroo.ln ind the Arrlga ilbrar batch file wlndowp Something for the techies When it is necessary to display a system error message, an application is given more credibility if it appears in front of the application window instead of the CU or Shell window.
This can be done by finding the current task and altering the window pointer in the Process s*ruc- ture. The original pointer Is saved and put back before the program exits. Lee and Kevin of Dtglgrcphlc showed me how to divert the less drastic error messoges in this way.
In the current program the error message can be demonstrated by removing the disk from the drive and pressing F3 or selecting the readdlsc gadget. The program continues when the disc Is replaced. I have not yet found a way to divert the disk read write error, or software error messoges.
• NEXT MONTH: Displays using graphics pimitives.
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- ..rgg,,,,, tmuiI our in II II
liJUIilUlillJliLlliiliillilJ A rather more complex arrangement
of features Including two keyboards Include sound -nodule* lot
those special effects IDI in itself is a fairty simple beast,
but it is surrounded by a plethora of complex jargon and
associated problems that everyone using it must face.
One of the areas providing the greatest number of headaches Is undoubtedly that of connecting up musical equipment via those mysterious little 5-pin DIN leads.
OK. The theory behind MIDI networks looks pretty simple, but putting theory into practice can prove to be somewhat more involved.
As you probably already know, there ore basically three different types of MIDI connector - In, Out and Thru.
Before you can start designing your own MIDI networks. It's Important to understand what each type of connector is capable of transmitting.
MIDI In Receives Information from any MIDI device connected to it. This can be received from just abou* any device capable of generating MIDI information - synths.
Sequencers and suchlflce. - MIDI Out Allows a MIDI instrument to talk to other like-minded devices. Contrary to what you may think, this connector only transmits MIDI information generated by the device ft is buit into.
Even If that device is also receiving information via its MIDI In connector, MIDI Out will not transmit Information generated by other devices.
MIDI Thru: In complete contrast to the MIDI Out connector, this provides an almost direct link with the MIDI In connector. As a result, it cannot transmit MIDI information generated by the device it Is built into.
The connector is best used with devices that cannot be played live
- a sound generating device that does not hav9 a built-in
MIDI synth ond sampling modules are good examples.
In this way It Is possible to connect several such devices together In serial and control all of them from a single MIDI Out source, usually a sequencer.
Below are a few examples of different types of MIDI network.
Obviously It would be Impossible to document every variation on these themes, but it should be possible for you to bUld up your own network by using these three examples as a basic fromework.
Here's a quick run-down of each.
MIDI setups In the first example we have what is undoubtedly the simplest MIDI network you’'e likely to encounter
- a single keyboard connected to a computer-based sequencer via a
MIDI interfoce.
Tns is probably the kind of setup most home users will have, so It serves as a good place to start.
Hooking up the network is child's play. As long as you remember that MIDI data must flow from the MIDfOut on "he first device to the MIDI In on the second, you're unlikely to go far wrong.
It is Important, however, that the network does run in both directions. If it doesn't, the flow of MIDI information win be one way only - jfflL ter id modules have n Is quite c will extend the type ds available have a MIDI should always be e you should sound modules are a St do they take up less h is an all-important n within a modern recording studio, but they often tend to be cheaper tnan their key board-based counteoarts.
Instrument manufacturers often produce synths and samplers in both keyboard and module form Once again, hooking up this network is fairly straightforward One thing to note, however, is that the modiies make use of the MIDI Thru connector.
This is necessary because the devices themselves ore not capa ble of generating their own MIDI Information - ignorng SysEx. Of course. As a result, all you want them to do is to read the MIDI information that is meant for them and then pass it on to the next device in the network.
Because the keyboard is connected directly to the computer. It Is not possible to talk to the modules unless the software you are running has a MIDI Thru option.
This basically allows the MIDI Out connector an your Amiga MIDI interfoce to transmit not only tie MIDI Information generated by the Amiga, but also that which Is being the co talks to but can't pa motion the com C S » vww is a sllgh_ complex the samrlbasic keyboarj and compute' are stiB there, bi I some received from the MIDI In connector, As a result, the sound modules can be played live from your MIDI keyboard.
Two keyboards Last but not least, we have a rather more complex MIDI network containing two keyboards.
It is possible to connect up the second keyboard as you would a sound module, but this then renders the keyboard incapable of transmitting its own MIDI Information.
In effect, the Amiga will only be able to receive information from a single keyboard, although It can transmit to both.
If you want to be able to play both keyboards simultaneously you'll need to invest In a little godget called a MIDI Merge unit.
Merging two continuous MIDI data streams isn’t as simple a Job as you may think, so It will come as no surprise that a MIDI Merge unit will set you back quite a few pounds - about 80 of them -o be precise.* MIDI Merge units are avalable from most music equipment stockists. A good bet is the £80 21V MIDI Merge unit from Philip Rees Music Technology (0869 810948).
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orders to:UNIT 3.
Or telephone: RAILWAY ENT. CENTRE 0782 SHELTON NEW ROAD 208228 SHELTON STAFFS ST4 75H In his own inimitable style Fast Eddie McKendrick shows how to make your mark on bulletin boards We took a brief look lost month ot the various components required to get your Amiga online. In this instalment of Amiga Computing 's begimer's guide we contemplate what services are on offer at the end of the line, and get one step nearer to accessing them.
The Initial port of call for most people venturing Into the wide world of comms is a local bulletin board. These services are typically housed on home computers and contain text messages and a Hbrary of files.
The messages can be about any subject that the person running the board, referred to as the sysop, sees fit. Similarty, the online flies library can span as many categories as he has space for.
Some boards devote themselves entirely to special Interest groups, for example religious organisations or charities.
Others may provide special closed user groups (CUGs) to cater for these minority interests.
Sysop and setup Bufleth boards are a labour of love for their operators and it is rare for a chcrge to be made for providing the service.
Understandably perhaps, some peope find It difficult to comprehend why sysops tie up their computer and modem, not to mention hard disks and the like, just to provide a system for other people to call.
There is no easy answer to that question, but more and more people are setting up boards, so there is a definite attraction.
Most bulletin boards conform to a uniform serial communications format, making It easy to switch between the many services available.
The usual serial communications setting required to take advantage of BB3 services is 8-N-l. We will explain these settings in a more detailed look at the nuts and bolts of comms coming over the next few months. For the moment it is enough to set your communications software's serial parameter settings to eight data bits, no parity. One stop bit. You should also find out the maximum speed of your modem! And set the baud rate accordingly.
Most BBS h the UK cope with speeds from 300 baud up to 2400.
There are some that will cope with much hlghe- speeds, but most sysops cannot stretch their budgets to mega fast modems to receive your call.
It is worth remembering that no matter how fast your modem, the board can only respond as fast as the maximum speed of its modem.
After getting the settings side of things organised, it b time to make that coll. Mos* good comms packages for the Amiga include a Phonebook utility, allowing numbers to be stored for simple autodial access.
It is well worth Inputting board detalb into a directory if your software has one. Rather than just using the ATD command.
If you are using a Phonebook for example, the dialler software will cope with numbers that are engaged by pausing for a defined period of time and then automatically redialllng for you.
It's a lot less tedious than having to issue dial commands manually to the modem eoch time until the Sne b free.
Affer sending the dial instruction via the comms software there should be immediate activity In your modem lights. Most modern modems also have a built-in speak er. Which allows you to track the progress of your call audibly Hopefully, within a few seconds you should be online. If you're not then something simple has probably gone wrong.
If It doesn't work straight awoy don't get frustrated, just check the following... If your modem falls to respond to the dial Instruction, check to ensure that the serial cable between the computer and the modem is connected.
If the modem lights fficker but you cannot hear a dialling tone, check that the modem b connect ed to the tetephone socket.
If your modem doesn't have a speaker simply plug a telephone Into it and pick up the handset. No dial tone means your modem Is not connected to the line.
Should you get a dial tone and can hear the modem sending a series of beeps down the line, but no dialling b taking place, it means that you are on an cid pulse dial exchange.
Locate the dial p'efix section within your software's modem setup screen and set this to ATDP.
Then try ogaln.
If you can dial out but not get a connection and simply hear the other modem making noises at different frequencies - called carrier tones - you have probably set your speed wrongly.
Each frequency relates to a different baud rate. The modem at the BBS end will first try its lowest speed - usually 300 baud - and then work its way up to its maximum. Youf modem wfl wait until it recognbes the tone ‘or the baud rate it b set for.
If your mocem fails to latch on to the host modem's carrier thb means that it did not hear the tone it was waiting for Thb b usually because the speed setting at your end b too high, deduce your baud rate setting and try again.
After coaxing you' modem to talk In a civifised manner to the BBS, things become a lot more straightforward. And funl Your initial connection to any new BBS will invariably involve some sort of registration procedure.
The BBS software will ask you a series of questions and your answers let the sysop know who you are and where you are calling from You will also be asked to select a secret password. Thb will be used by you to gain access on all your subsequent calls, so it is Important that you pay attention to the on-screen Instructions.
There are a few simple tips to bear In mind when registering on any BBS. First ond foremost always be honest! If you give false ctetalb everything may seem OK. But clever BBS packages have a habit of randomly asking you to velfy a particular detail before you are granted access. What was that false birth date you gave again?
Don’t be personal The next unwritten rule, until now. Is never give away mosses of personal information. Some sysops ore Just plain nosey. A name and oddress is fine, as b a phone number or your date of birth.
Never be tempted to give In to requests for credit card numbers or any very personal information that you would normally refuse to 'ell a stranger. Be especially wary of innocent questions like: 'What other BBSs do you use?*.
Most people get into the bad habit of using the same password for all boards they call. Make sure you don’t. In the unlikely event that a sysop is less than honesl. He could start to use your accounts on Other boards. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.
To start with you must at least remember that the sysop Is a stranger. He is no-one official, just another person like you who happens to run a board. Given time he may become a good friend, but It does take time.
• Next month - now that you hove joined the board exoctly whot
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Others Tet 010 353-81 -45399.
I FORGET who it was who complained about people who dreamt of immortality and yet could never find anything to dc on a Sunday afternoon. I know what he was on about.
There are those who bemoaned the lack of a rotation tool In Amiga DTP pockages that now.
Once they have them, will never use them or worse - use them too often.
Nick Veitch gets in a spin over rotation tools and runarounds There ore obvious uses, perhaps the most notable of which Is the tease. This Is a strip of text usually found on the cover of the publication. Which attempts to entice the reader inside.
Traditionally these are white on red end set at 45 degrees to the edge of the cover, bleeding off the edge. You know the sort of thing.
Look at any cover of TV Times - "Win a Car*. ‘Free Money'. "101 Winning Ways With Mince' The rule with these is: Keep them short. I’m sure there is an unfortunate section of the population who always have their head at such an angle, but for most people It is quite uncomfortable.
For the same reason it's better to use a sans-serif font like Triumvirate and bung the whole thing in large caps.
Another good excuse is background bleeds. A large tinted font set In the background can give some pages a more pleasing aspect.
For some reason it is always a lot bette- if the text runs diagonolly up from left to right. I'm sure there is some psychologist or ergonomics expert working even as we speak on why this should be so.
The other amazing ability that rotation gives you is an angled runaround. The examples here show ways of creating on angular and a cuvea runaround using just two boxes. This is how It is done.
For the windmill picture, create a text column which runs from the centre of the sails to the far right.
Import the text and you will see that it becomes Indistinguishable ogainst the background.
Create another box with no line but a solid white fill. Rotate the box to the desired angle - 53 degrees m this case - and place. Luckily the sails are almost at right angles so this is enough to give us our background. Alternatively you could have masked out the graphic beforehand.
Now create two more boxes.
Make them both impermeable and rotate them to fit over the sails.
Amazingly enough all the text now runs In the right ploce.
A similar technique was used with the pool boll graphic - which was IncldentcBy created entirety in ProPage - except the boxes were used to approximate the angle of the curve.
Of course Doth of these examples could have been achieved without rotation but It would have taken on awlul let more time and boxes, Some people may be wondering why It Isn't possible just to use hard spaces to push the text out around an object.
Well. Yes. Vou can do that. As long as you have some time to kill and you never want to edit the text again.
When you start dcing that your text stops being a sort of fluid that you can pour into columns and starts being static and unco-opera five. DTP is supposed to be about labour-saving page layout not fid- cfling around bunging in spaces Remember that runarounds dre dlso d bit hard on the eye so use them sparingly.
What with all these boxes rotated, runarounds dnd suchlike people may find It difficult to know which way up the page Is supposed to be.
So let us soy 'Hurrah* thct we now have rotation and then go bock to our consituencles and use it wisely.
51 £ I* H EXEH QICE EH nmmnqgg 1« l« lo I" H E EE ELEE EE W5A Ml?A And for my next trick - text behind the eight ball required only two boxes to keep It ttere quite Rfickv things rr possible : H| .vith; some imagination © . K SPECIAL OFFER Thanks to a breakthrough by Rombo Productions in frame-grabbing technology, you can now produce good colour images quickly and cheaply with Vidi-Amiga and the VidiChrome colour software.
• Take snapshots in 16 shades live from video
• Multiple frame store I Dynamic cut and paste Full palette
• Hardware and software control of brightness and contrast i
Compatible with all video standards “Also available - Vidi-RGB
Colour Splitter. The splitter is an electronic filter which
takes a colour video signal and separates it into the three
primary colours, allowing each to be digitised Replaces the
need for a conventional filter set and ideal fo- use with Vidi
Amiga and VidiChrome Amiga' Vidi-Amiga VidiChrome ST RRP
£134.95* OUR PRICE £119.95
* Includes colour upgrade worth £19.95 RRP £69.95* OUR PRICE
£54.95 SAVE £15 See order form on page 129 - AMIGA COMPUTING
"Vidi must be one of the most exciting peripherals you can buy
for your Amiga"- Amiga Computing, March 1990 17 Bit
Software 46 ADVERTISERS1 INDEX Abbco
...... 98 Akore Shareware 49 Alim & Co
Amiganuts ... 88 Anigma
Variations 38 Applied Research Kemal 122 Ashcom
.....126 Audition Comp Services 74
BCS .....126 Bitcon Devices
IBC Byteback .... 16
Calco ..... 60 Checkmate
Digital . 30 Complex Comouters 116
Comp-U-Save 112 Computerwise . 126 Contriver
..... 69 Datel ...
54,55,56 Delta 98 Dial a Disc .. 118 Diamond
90,91,92,93 Digicom .....10 Digita
DTPS ..32
EMPDL ..... 60 Entertainment
International 25 Evesham 26,27
Eurolink ....79
FMG . IK Geographic 106 George
Thompson ....62 Gordon Harwood 80, 81,82, 83 Home based
Business 122 Jam Computers 98
JCL ..35 KC Video
.....122 Kosmos ... 60 KyC Disks ...
LCL. ..... 32 M Alim & Co ...
40 M D. Office Supplies ...12 42 Memory
Expansion .17 Microdeal
.....40 MJC Supplies .. ......18
Music Matrix .* .....120 New Dimensions .
.....122 Nik Williams .. ..118
Orbital PD ...... .. 88 Original
Media ... .71 PC Emulator 118 PCS
.. .....112 PD Direct
. ......120 Praxis
126 Proton .112
Rombo ... OBC SK Marketing
6 School Software ...... ......122 Scitech
..... .....118
Senlac ...... .65 Silica Shop .. .
9 Siren ...... ...23 Soft machine 109 72 Solid State Leisure ... 3 Special Reserve .. ...16,17 Start Systems .. ..43 StricttyPD.
.84 Ultimate PD . .88 Universal Overnight Distribution.... 51 US Computer Supplies.
.110 Virgo Developments..... ......110 Voltmace ... 72 WTS Electronics ..... ......106, 109 Waterfront Design .. .120 ! AMIGA (COMPUTING j NEWSAGENTS ORDER Please reserve a copy of Amiga Computing I magazine every month until further notice I will collect I would like it delivered to my home I Name Address ... . Postcode . Note to Newsagent: Amiga
Computing should be available from your local wholesaler. If not contact Carolyn Wood on 0625 878888 Welcome to our monthly delve into the most versatile language for the Amiga - AMOS. In this exciting Instalment I will take a long look at the new commands offered by the AMOS 1.21 update.
If you haven't got It yet phone Sandra Sharkey at the AMOS PD library on 0942 495261.
Peter Hickman's at it again with tips on filling your screen with a veritable extravaganza of colour Before we investigate the mysteries of the update I thought a new product, previewed at the Computer Shopper Show in December, warrants a quick look.
Have you ever wondered how programmers write games like Ghouls & Ghosts and Rainbow Islands with massive levels that seem to stretch on for many screens?
They employ a mapping system similar to the one that comes wtth AMOS. TAME - Total Amiga Map Editor - although It has suffered a bit due to Its slowness. Now from the author of TAME comes the Total Map Editor, or TOME.
This excellent new extension adds 27 new commands to AMOS, which allows you to manipulate giant maps. You can now generate a screen map in about 1 50th of a second, or 1 VBL to all you machine level wizards, which is pretty good for interpreted BASIC.
To top off the whole thing It comes with a multi-screen map editor that puts Deluxe Paint to shame, and a free game written using TOME.
If you are interested in TOME a demo disk is available from the AMOS PD library. Although the product Is finished at the time of writing a release date has yet to be set - In fact It still hasn't been decided who will market It.
Swap banks Now to the AMOS update.
Probably the most advanced feature of vl.21 Is that it offers the user more control when manipulating bobs (Blitter OBJects) and Icons.
You can olso swap memory banks around, and because sprite bob banks are stored in the same way as Icon banks, you can swap them to your heart's content.
In the best Blue Peter tradition I have already prepared two small procedures which will let you turn a sprite bob bank Into an Icon bank or vice verse. Type this into the AMOS editor: Proetdure I(0«_T0.$ WITE Bank Swap 1,2 AS:"$ prit*s " for L0P=S To 1 Step -1 Poke Start(1MDP,Asc(Rid$ (AJ, MOP,!)) ¦ext LOP End Prot Procedure SPRtTEJOJCM Bank Swap 1,2 AS="Icons * for LOP:! To 1 Step -1 Poke Start(2H0P,Ast(Rid$ (A$ , M0P,1) leit LOP End Prot To test them just sort out your AMOS Extras disk and add these lines to the beginning of the program: * Load "AIIOS jmAS:SPRITE.6O0 SPACE SHIP1. ABA"
SPIITEJOJCOk Now go to direct mode and you Win see that ctthough we loaded in a sprite bob bank It has now become an Icon bank. Amazing huh? I hod bstter warn you about the names of the above procedures. SPRlTE_TOJCON and and ICONjfO_SPRfTE.
You will notice the nurrtapi in the procedure names. They ore there because AMOS already her, commands called SPRITE and ICON, if you tried to use the go words AMOS would quite correc- .
Report an error.
- upping is on essential feature fc- any language which prides
itself on being comprehensive, so it is quite surprising to
find that AMOS is oior -.e in having this unique ability.
Jump to direct mode and type this: ? " All ISA COBPUTIHG" You will see (guess what?) Appear at the top left hand comer of the screen. Now we must store these words as a block, so use: Get Block 1,0,0,120,10,1 This wil store the words "AMIGA COMPUTING* as block number one. To make sure we have grabbed the correct Image we must paste the block back on to the screen.
You will notice that for the block commands you are required to enter the BLOCK NUMBER, X- COORDINATE. Y-COORDINATE: Put Block 1,10), 100 and surprise, surprise our block is stuck in the centre of the screen. To change the characteristics of this block we must use two new commands. HREV which performs horizontal flipping and VREV for vertical flipping.
The key thing to remember is that AMOS is not reversing the image when it is displayed, but changes it fOUhd In memory permanently.
Now let's clear the screen and reverse the block horizontally: CU Hrtv Block 1 Put block 1,10(,100 Wow. What can I say? Is Rangois Lionet brilliant or what? Anyway, that is how the system works for blocks.
Sprites and bobs are different, let's see how by grabbing the You win immediately see the clffer- ence between the PASTE BOB and PUT BOB commands, with the bob routines requiring you to specif the X co-ordinate. Y co-ordinate and then the bob number.
Now things start to get slightly complicated. Because of the way the sprite bob system works when they are flipped, the reversed Imoges are only temporary.
So to flip an image horizontally you add a simple number to the bob number that you would normally enter. To moke It clearer.
Frangois Lionet has invented some new predefined functions called HREVO. VREVO and REVO- To reverse a bob horizontal you type: CU Paste Bob 100,100,HREV(1) and to reverse one vertically type: CU Paste Bob 100,100,YREV 1) Finally, to reverse a bob horizontally and vertically type: Cls Paste Bob 100,100,IEV(1) I know it sounds quite complicated, but after a little bit of prcctice things become clearer. To prove that the reversed bobs are only temporary try this: ;i« Paste Bob 100,100,1 Result, a normal bob!
This image flipping system is totally integrated with AMAL, so next time we will take a quick look at using It to improve animation techniques and save memory.
Oops, hang on. AMOS 1.23 has Just popped through my letter box.
Imaginative name huh? It now supports more multi-tasking control. FuB NTSC compatibility and finally Interlaced screens.
See ya next month I o z£ © [XI © © 2£7 0530 411485
- jtJ w j j cy j jj 0530 411485 FEATURES: YOU NEED 512K NOW HOW
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‘STAR E( 24 2(H) OI.Ol R PRINTER: €320 yi: 150 CAP POSSOBOX £15 DS DI) 20p ,5V . DS HD 3Xp 5' . 50 CAP BOX £5 _5V* 100 CAP BOX £5.75 o' i High Density 60p1 Three AMIGAs Thank you so much for being so kind as to publish my plea for help in the February issue of Amiga Computing.
I have received q very prompt reply from Nell Mansell of Essex and he Is in the process of transforming a dream into reality.
As an added bonus he is also a trainee computer programmer, so from a person who had nothing, through the miracle of your magazine I am about to have everything.
What a wonderful body of AMIGAs you are!
Robert H Fisher. Canterbury, Kent.
Rorke's flicker I own a 1 Mb A500 and hove recently pur- Chasgd Rorke's Drift by Impressions. I am generally quite pleased with the game despite it being a little slow.
The problem, however. Is an annoying bug which causes the screen to glitch and flicker when progressing further Into the game.
Gradually, the interference increases and finally results in the computer crashing with a blank screen.
I a sume this bug Is caused by the processor trying to cope with moving too many characters around as the Zulus begin to move.
Obviously, this makes It impossible to progress further.
Please could you tell me If you have experienced any similar problems during the reviewing? Perhaps some readers out there have also come OcrOss this bug or know how to ovoid It?
I would be most grateful for any advice.
Write to Ezra Surf, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Brett Buckley, Huddersfield.
Nope works just fine on our machines. If anyone else has suffered the ‘bug’ and corrected It, let us know and we'll pass on the glad tidings.
First time moaners I’m sorry I have to write thb letter to you but it had to come one day. As you might have guessed. I'm here to moan, and I want to defend myself as you (well, Eddie McKendrick) called my girlfriend a piece of computer history In the article First Time Buyers (issue 33). You put mv beloved Amiga 1000 right down, and I think you are not being fair.
Just think. If we 1000 owners had not been first time buyers where would the Amiga be now? Exactly nowhere!
The Amiga would not have been sold - It woulc have been a' total flop and Commodore would not even have thought about making superior machines such as the A500 and A2000.
So you all have to thank us really, don't you?
And now to a different point. In the article you say that most copy protected software would not work and nor would hardware odd- ons.
Come on. Get It right. I have not had one sngle program that did not work on my machine which would work on another. And believe me, I have run a hell of a lot of programs in my four year Amiga 1000 career.
As far as the hardware add-ons go. You're right. Most of them do not work, but you do get specially developed hardware just for the A1000.
Now I do agree that it b difficult in the UK to find the hardware you want, but that is because there are only a few A1000 owners oser here.
If you look at the market In Germany or France where the number of A 1000s sold is much greater, the situation is completely different!
Abo I must say that a lot of my friends with A500s are jealous of the A1000 design because you must admit that until the A3000 was released the A1000 design was the best.
I would love to hear the views of other A1000 owners on thb.
Oliver Prill, Ookham, Leicestershire.
Yeah, a little harsh, but nowadays It's probably not a good idea to buy an Amiga 1000 - although I appreciate that for those of you al'eady lumber...er. owning one, the future isn't all doom and gloom.
You may have noticed, of course, that we've featured the Amiga 1000 on the cover a few times over the last months. The machine in question belongs to popular Amiga Computing columnist Jason 'Kid' Hoi bom and he swears by It (at least that’s what I thln he said...) Any other A1000 owners with an opinion to express are welcome to to send them for publication.
I reod with interest the Sexism or Salesmanship?
Article In the February 1991 issue of Amiga Computing and would like to add my own views to this debate.
Steve Kennedy highlighted many forms of sexual stereotyping In hb essay, but one he didn’t mention was the use of advertisements in selling games of this kind.
Many companies are guilty of showing scantily-clad females on the packaging and while they’re aH very well as q selling point. It often disgusts the average computer user.
Perhaps the most notorious advertbements to appear in the last few years were Gome Over and Psycho Pig UXB by Ocean ana US Gold respectively.
The former caused an outcry because it depicted the entire chest of a beautiful young woman wearing a transparent bra. Needess to say. Ocean changed this due to popular opinion, but some believed the damage hod already been done.
With Psycho Pigs, the advertisers went one step further by employing a model to pose for them, This brought bock memories of Palace's two best selling Barbarian titles, which relied on the charms of top model Marla Whittaker splashed all over the cover to arouse public interest.
In the sequel It did not seem as bad, since both the male and female characters could be playBd if desired and at least the picture went well with the game, If anyone hod doubts about her clothes - or lack of them - these were quashed at the sight of the barbarian standing nearby.
However, this does raise an interesting question. Is It all right to show a semi-nude female if on the same artwork there is a muscle-man In the same state of undress?
Another company worthy of mention is Hewson. Creator of Astaroth. The official artwork of the Angel of Death showed her entirely naked, yet with enough changes to convince any buyer that the being was in fact an qller* ond not a woman. Few people complained This fcrings me to my second question. How can companies evade the Issue by designing nude aliens when they still hold the female form?
Hewson accomplished this feat again with Storm Lord, a game which Involved rescuing naked fairies. There was little complaint to this, and indeed all the male reviewers enjoyed themselves Immensely.
I have yet to see a woman review one of these games. I'm sure she would rote it differently to her male counterports!
To a lesser extent, the Clnemaware games sometimes use pornographic material. The end screens In Defender of the Crown, rescuing of toe Emperor's daughter In Lords of the Rising Sun and the zombie slaves (as well as Jane BarnstafD In Rocket Ranger could be occused of going too far.
I will not mention the cheer leaders In TV Sports Football because they dress up like that anyway, so the game Is highly realistic. The same can be said, I am sure, for most games In the Cinemaware stable anyway.
Coming up to date. It seems the industry has learned little from Its previous mistakes, and is still as greedy now as It was then, Titles such as Escape trom Singe s Castle by SulBvon Bluth show that programmers are willing to Invent new scenarios. Al too often they just release yet another title with the boring storyline of 'save the girt from the villain".
I'm becoming very tired with this, especially as many of the games I design would do os well. If not better.
To sum up, I suggest companies cut down on their advertisements with pornographic stereotypes as it will be for their own good In the long run.
The young may think this stuff is a laugh now. But what will they think after getting married and having children?
Will they want to see their sons buying Barbarian. Gome Over and Vixen type gomes In the 'uture Just because they have a sexy woman on the cover? I think not.
Such stereotyping is just the gloss on a dul game anyway which has been proved In the past.
If the trend continues I only hope that flexl- Upwardly mobile As you are the magazine that good pro- g ommers read. I would Hke to make a plea through your pages. Please consider that some people do not have an A500 with half a megabyte and one dtsk drive.
I do not ask that you spend extra time coding for more well endowed mochlnes.
But please try to make your programs lowardly compatible.
It Is a shame when things do not work on a A3000. Or RAM expansions need to be removed from an A500. If some of Commodore's more reasonable programming guidelines are adhered to your programs should be usable by all.
Enough of the begging, but while I am cn the subject of A3000s, It is odd that they are only just becoming available, when they were first mentioned In the first Amiga Computing that I ever bought in November
One last thing, the SAS institute wffl never get people to call Lattice C by its name SAS C.
Dave Pettttt, Summertown, Oxford.
Fair enough, our resident C expert Margaret Stanger, is straining at the bit to get into the heavy stuff. Stick wtth her. She'll get there in the end.
Bi ity will be introduced to allow us to play ehher the male or female character.
Personally, I'll stay away from the pornographic material, buying instead classics such as Kick Off 2 and F-19 Stealth Fighter.
S N Hardy, Wales, Sheffield.
Yep, women are degraded In all forms of advertising, used as glossy adornments to sell everything from golf balls to aeroplanes This will continue as long as social conditioning, which starts at an early age - pink clothes, blue clothes, girls cry, boys don’t and so on - continues to present women in a passive role.
You’ve made a convincing argument ¦against’, and there’s little to add except on three minor points with which I disagree.
Software houses, and anyone else with products to sell, ore merely the product of their own social conditioning. As a consequence, they probably won’t stop using women In advertising.
The prospective consumer is also bound by the same conditioning and the advertising is therefore extremely effective. Remember that the largest part of this consumer audience is pre-conditioned In the manner mentioned above, and therefore male - “Girls don’t play with computers’ (sic).
Programmers are unwilling to invest time and energy In new scenarios because at the rroment there’s no need, the old ones sell just fine.
I once read an analogy that likened the software industry to movie making when the letter was In Its Infancy. Traditional plots were the order of the day, and it was a long time before the Industry matured and explored more complex themes.
The software industry Is at almost the same stage of development. Tired B movie plcts involving aliens, stranded girlies and so on.
And male stars dripping machismo, wiping out the aliens and rescuing their raggedly clad counterparts.
Finally, games such as F-19 Stealth Fighter could also be described as being porno- grophic In that the object of the gameplay - killing - Is certainly obscene.
The solution lies with parents, teachers, the media and so on and how they present the world to young children.
Commodore speccy?
After reading the Head Start review of the ST emulator It has come to my attention that there is a Spectrum emulator. As I have never heard of It, I would be grateful for any information regarding where I could get it, wf-at happens about tape software and how mush it would cost.
Richard Brook. Mid Glamorgan.
Well, there is a Spectrum emulator out there, but that's all we know! Whether It’s commercial or public domain and how tapes are used we don’t know. Anyone using one?
I read with interest your comments In your section regarding Agene. I first heard of this program in last month's edition of another Amiga magazine. Like you. They made the point that this program Is difficult to get to grips wtth.
I have been looking for a program like 1hls but I was somewhat put off by the apparent difficulty, as a great deal of computing, especially the terminology. Is a complete mystery tome.
I decided to try my luck and much to my surprise I have found the program very easy to work with and an absolute delight In the detail that It explains. If I can use It, then so con anyone else.
Following your review of GB Route. I decided to invest in the program and totally agree with all your comments. I am looking forward to the update when this is available.
D W Joslin, Bridgewater. Somerset.
In the opinion of our software evaluators Agene was just a little tricky to use especially for beginners. You, however, have proved us wrong and we’re happy to admit It In the light of your success.
GB Route Is a hummer and the update sounds pretty funky too.
MiGA. READER OFFERS Mail Order offers Offers subject to avalabHity Back Issues Oct 1990 £3.10 9728 Nov 1990 £3.10 9729 December 1990 £3.10 9730 January 1991 £3.10 9731 February 1991 £3.10 9732 March 1991 £3.10 9733 All these back issues include cover disk.
Bargain bundle Six issues of Amiga Computing (Oct-March) £17.00 9952 ?
TAdd £3 Europe & Eire £12 Overseas ?
Disc Bargains Extra discs (set ot 5) £7.50 9887 _ Extra discs (set of 20) £20.00 9888 ___ Publishers Choice £79.99 9867 _ Home Accounts Day by Day £34.90 9851 ArgAsm £54.95 9858 _ Flight Simulator £35.95 9868 ____ Pair of Scenery Discs £31.90 9872 Flight Simulator+Scenery Disc £65.85 9878 ______ Lotus Esprit £19.95 9946 _____ James Pond £19.95 9947 Jane Seymour £19.95 9948 _____ Chess Simulator Weiitriss American Dreams Future Dreams £19.95 9932 £19.95 9933 £17.95 9934 £17.95 9935 Rombo Vidi Vidichrome plus Colour upgrade RGB Splitter Protext Version 4 B £119.95 9831 £54.95 9940 OFFER OF THE
£79.95 9530 ?
Hi Soft Basic Compiler + Library £69.95 9896 LI Photon Paint 2 £39.95 9945 [71 Battery charger £19.95 9861 Plus post and packing £1.50 Rolling Ruler -See Page 114 £5.95 9930 T ] Amiga Music - See Page 116 Soundblastor £44.95 99'2 Quartet £39.95 99'3 .
Master Sound £34.95 99'4 Package of all three £99.95 99'5 (Seepage 110) * Amiga DABhand Guide A comprehensive guide to the Amiga’s disc opera ing system (version 1.2 and 1.3) £14.95 9866 I_I Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing RRP £29.95 Our Price £22.95 9953 ?
Personal Finance Manager £24.95 9942 Dust covers - see page m £4.95 9507 ?
Mouse mdtS -Seepage 114 £4.95 9508 ?
Binders - See Page 114 £5.95 9509 ?
Disc boxes £4.95 9860 ?
Addition for postage: Europe & Eire add £3 _ Overseas add £5 I I Unless otherwise indicated TOTAL Payment: Please indicate method (?)
E3 X Con t forget to give your name, address and credit card number Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No Stamp needed if posted in UK; Products are normally despatched within 48 hours of receipt but delivery of certain items could take up to 28 days By phone 051-357 1275 By Fax: 051-357 2813 By MicroLink: MAG001 General Enquries: 051-357 2961 no.LLLU I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Name ...... Signed ...... Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Database Direct Expiry Date: Daytime telephone
number in case of queries.
Post Code.
Feature Flick through the pages of this, or any recent issue of AMIGA Computing and you won't fal to notice dozens of mail order companies tempting you with their wares Buying by post has come a long way since the early days. Many mall order firms now give the high street a convincing run for your money.
Mail order first gathered steam when small electronics companies began developing and producing specialist peripherals. For one reason or another, they couldn't get their boxes into shops, so had to start selling them directly, by post.
A multi-million pound Industry has developed from these early ventures, ond now rt is possible to purchase almost anything up to an Amiga 3000 by post Counter attractions Eager to your spend hard-earned readies on Amiga kit?
Eddie McKendrick points at the pitfalls... For smaO peripherals, mail order wins haids down against over-the- countei shopping if you Just want to pick up an Amiga 500 down at the shops you won t have any trouble whatsoever.
The average high-street ‘kom- pooter’ sales operative knows what the difference between the Amiga, the ST and the Cash register is - the ST is grey.
Beyond buying Commodore s gift wrapped bargain bundles, you could nave a problem Remember the assistant is not there to know about computers, only to sell them If he doesn't get training, you can't blame him for not knowing.
Specialist dealers fair betfer in this respect, they know their stuff, but generally don’t carry the range of stock that mail order con It's on the cards I will bet you all the bugs in AmigaBasic that you won't be able to pick up a Teletext adaptor card for the Amiga 500 down your local high street. Nor. At the ether end of the price scale, will you be able fo find an accelerator card for the Amiga resting between the mice ond joysticks Anv good local deoter wl offer to order either of the above for you. Bear In mind though that you can do that yourself and cut out the delay, and perhaps some
of the expense It's not just the go-faster bolt-on bits you can get through the letterbox. Any commercially published software title can be obtained through the post When on the bok-out for o particular piece of software check these pages first, as more likely than not. Just what you're looking for will be advertised in AMIGA Computing.
You could visi* the town centre, but be warned, department stores and high street shops don't carry much software What they do oftef tends to be games chart material Again, smalle' local dealers fare a bit better, but they tend to specialise in pricey applications packages which have a long shelf life So much new software is published for the Amiga these days it would be impcssible for shops to stock it all. And be sure of shitting enough of it to make a profit Mail order firms avoid this worry by selling from one ojtteV Apart from the diversity of goods available, there are two other
reasons for considering the mail order route - price and support. You can't fall to have noticed that most software is significantly cheaper when ordered by post.
If you're looking for a catch, there isn't reaty one to speak of it all comes back to this high turnover thing again. Mail order companies order the latest hits in toe-curflng quantities and the software houses are only too happy to pass on a discount for such good custom.
Also remember that mall order operations don't have to pay salesmen or heat and light posh showrooms Their only expense really is advertising, which compared to running a chair of shops, is insignificant Discounts In hardware are achieved by slightly different means. Again, for popuicr lines, the maif order company can buy huge quantities of a particular RAM expansion and be sure of selling them all before they become obsolete For more specialist, expensive items, they typically don't hold stock Instead, they have a means of getting such peripherals quickly, usuaity the next day Generally,
high stree* shopping is a WYSIWYG experience. If you can see and touch the item you want, fine, you can take it away If you have the money If on the other hand a shop Is sold Out Of what you want, it could take a while to get more supplies. It Is also fair to say that most shops that don't stock what you are interested in won't be Interested In ordering it for you There is also the choice factor to consider with mail order, if is possible to scan advertisements without having to traipse into town, unless of course you haven't bought this magazine and are reoding it m me newsagents If
that is the case, perhaps you should consider a subscription. You see. Even Amiga Computing is avoilobie mail order It Is far easier to mcke your mind up, deciding what you want, and more Importantly, how much you can afford, without a salesman hovering over you The only teeny drawback with distance shopping is you can't usually see a demonstration of the goods you are interested in.
For software that's not really a problem Good games will probably have been reviewed.
If on the other hand your Interest lies in expensive applications software. A demo disk might be available Falling that, call the softwcre house and ask for information.
Useful reviews If it's hardware you want to blow your wad on. Again, check for reviews If you can t find any. Hassle the relevant company 'or details. Remember its your morey and you should be 100 per cent happy before parting with it.
Support tends to vory from company to company. When you are deciding who to buy from, especially in the case of hardware, ask some difficult questions over 'he phone and see if the answers are polite, and moke sense There are numerous good nail order companies, staffed by people who know what they are talking about There are of course, the other type. Just as you get bad shops, you get bad mail order outfits. As long as you are careful things should be fine.
Before parting with your money make a few common sense checks Does the company's advert look tidy? Have you seen their name before? Do tney occept credit cards?
The tidy ad means they Of© professional. Recognising their name means they are established and the credit card acceptance shows that major banks have checked them out financially. Easy really Having said that, some smaller companies may not accept cards.
Tnis is not because they are flv-by night or aisreputoble. But because they don’t sell enough stuff to make having credit clearing facilities viable.
This is especially true on the software side, where the charges made by credit cords would seriously dent the very narrow mall order profit margin Next time you are lookirg at buying something for your Amiga flick through the adverts before you dash off to the shops You could save yourself a little cash - and quite possibly a lot of shoe leather THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE “Screen handling is faster than many 2S6 Ats.. ”
- Amiga Format Oct '90 "...the PC Board is indeed a very highly
compatible device ...”
- AUI Dec 90 WE... ? Supply MS-Dos 4.01 and GW Basic and Shell
FREE ? Supoly extra memory FREE ? Do not invalidate your Amiga
Guarantee ? Are continually improving the product with software
upgrades nominal charge) ? Run a helpline just for you ? Leave
your 68000 processor free for other useful internal add-ons
WWWWW WWWWW Run Professional MS DOS Software on your Amiga 500
at a price you can afford.
Due to recovery of development costs KCS announce Povn* SUPPORT OF THE A590 H-D AND OTHER IMPROVEMENTS NOW INCORPORATED RING FOR DETAILS o Why did you buy an Amiga 500?
Of course, because of its superb graphics. Music and animation capabilities. However if vou want to get serious, you soon realise that it is distinctly lacking in memory and professional software.
Well - they said it could never happen - but it's here at last!
You! In your own home can transform your Amiga 500 into a real IBM compatible with Amiga memory expansion up to one and a half megabytes.
It's simple - no screwdriver, no soldering iron and no technical knowledge required. Just turn your Aniga over, open the cover, slide the Power PC Board into the connector, close the cover and your Amiga PC XT is ready. (In other words, no loss of guarantee) You are now ready to use a wealth of professional MS DOS software at speeds faster than a PC XT (ind. Review), and in colour, with compatibility thanks to Phoenix-Bios.
You can also rely on the correct date and time at any moment in Amiga and MS DOS mode.
* Video support monochrome. Hercules and Colour Graphics Adap:or
(CGA) (16 colours dynamic) ? Disk support internal 3.5*
external 3.5* external 5.25* drive.
(HD A590 now supported) ? Including DOS 4.01. MS DOS shell and GW Basic (market value approx £130.00) ? Including English Microsoft books (not GW Basic) * Kp$ manual
* Further exciting software upgrades in the pipeline ? Available
memory: 704KB 64KB 5MS in MS DOS mode. 1 megabyte 512KB RAM
(disk) buffer in Amqa mode ? No extra power supply necessary
thanks to the most modem CMOS and ASIC technology ? OK with TV.
No special monitor required ? For export price p!?ase contact
us ? Trade enouiries we'come (UK - Scandinavia - and all
English language.!
Compatibility is excellen: bat no-one can guarantee every single program available therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. With suitable S.A.E. if to be returned). Price subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Te!: (091) 4901919 4901975.
Fax: (091) 4901918 T" THE COMPLETE COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi Amiga, Vidi Chrome (Colour Software Upgrade) & Photon Paint (4096 Colour Art Package) £129.95 V incVAT VIDI FEATURES.. Take snapshot* in 16 shade* live from video.
AVAILABLE FROM ALL GOOD SHOPS Multiple frame *»tore vvill utilise all available memory].
® Dynamic cut mid past**.
Full palette control.
I Inrrjware mid twin* control of brightness and contrast.
Compatible with all video standards colour, black and white. VMS. Beta.
Palntsc.cic. I pgradablc to full colour with additional
• Have perfect freeze frame fn m any video.
9 Incorporate real life object* into your favourite design.
© Crab real rime 3-D aflame* from TV.
Enhance your graphics creativity.
% Capture and store action sequence .
% Desk top 'video.
D.T.P. DeskTop Publishing .
M0PAMIGA SCREEN SHOT Rombo Ltd.. 6 Fairbairn Road, Kirkton North.
Livingston, Scotland EH54 6TS.
TEL: 0506-414631 FAX: 0506-414634 1 The number of entries is limited only by memory size
* You define the file size
* Old entries are automatically deleted
* Automatically places entries in date order
* European or U S A date formats
* Balance of account graph
* Moveable and re-sizeable wmoows
* Run multiple bank accounts by simply using different tile names
Multi-Tasking allows Multi-Account access
* Facility to check off items against statements
* Locates cheques written months ago in seconds
* Selective prmf features for dates.sfatements standmg orders and

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