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M you hove an AMIGA 500 and an extra drive or hail meg upgrode. or even both, you're the sort of per son who wonts to do something with the Amy other than play games. You may oe one of the thousands of new owners who have qutekty bred of the ttttes supptied with he mochtne. tt hey io*d you that the AMIGA was the most powerful home computer ovaitobte and now you're wondertug rust what tt can do. then thé gutde to finjtug your way around the AMIGA operattug system was written speciücatty with you tn mtud. Wxrt we want to do over the next few months é to tttumtnate the parts of AMIGADOS whtch the manuals supptied with the machine teave extremely dtmty Itt. t don't tntend to rehash the AMIGA user*s manual and t wü) tgnore the most common AMIGADOS commands. os everyone who has flipped through he book wtt! know how to use them. You should be (omtttor with DtR. RENAME, FORMAT, oïd other such baste font tions afCU. Again, i'm onuming that most people who want to use AmtgoDOS wiü also want to buy o second DRIVE and expend RAM to a fui) megabyte. if they hoven'f ofreody done so. Fw thts reason t won't be paytug too much attention to the restrictions covsed by using a standard A500. Att of the opérations tn the sériés wtt) be possble on o baste mochtne — they tuft might be a tôt more hosste to carry out. Loitness ond confusion ore two of the most common couses of frustration tor new Amtgo owners and t wtt! be concentrating on the areos of AMIGADOS which most often tuduce these foctors ond outttning tricks to reduce them. Whd your overoge lazybones fotts *o reaiée ts thot by sktpptug over a stmpte teolure such os witdcords. whtch ts not tmmedtatety seif-expianatoty. you make o toi more work iot y curse iater on. Thé month we start with the AmigaDOS directory structure, movtug around dtrectories. fife hondt'ng, ond the shpt-cuis ovottobte to these opérations Once we re comlodabte with movement around the system. next month we wttt go on to an overview of the operat tug system. conftgurtug a 'siort of day' boo! dtsk. and customtstrg the Workbench environ merit. Later we wiü be dtscusstug o wide range of other subsects inctudtug the powerful pofenhof of botch Hes.

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Document sans nom Distinctly Digita Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
FINAL ACCOUNTS DGCALC MAILSHOT The program wiM take mformabon prepares by Cashbook Controller and prodjca a complete set of axounti including ‘ Tnai Balance ’ Trading and Profit and Lou Account
• Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts 1 Fun Accounting ratios
All reports may be produced at any feme, wth
Coirparatve'btfOgft l.gures it required The facility to produce
these documents quckly, accurately, and regAsrly is of enormous
help m running any business, large or small, since one shows
the true profitability achieved, and the other the eiact
skrengfh of the business in terms of assets and £29.95 The
fastest and moat powerti spreadsheet available in this price
brecM. W»i 512 row by 52 Cofunna. Giving you up to 26634 calls
As with all O.gu products, the operation of the program is
dearly thought cut Being either menu, mouse or commend driven
you* be lWe to start usmg it wMh.n minutes
• even 4 you've never used a spreadsheet before Some ot the
tenures wH h make it such good vilu* V* the exporting ot ASCII
tiles lor integration eith other programs, adjustable cokjtn
width and lest overflow, programmable function keys (macrosl.
And a unique windowing facility, so that you can im* at
different parts efethwt at the same tmie L39a95 It you eirer
need to send out mailmys or port labels, you know how hddy end
t me-consurnug d can be malung sure ad the la&e* am prmed
corraepy MM no* all there a thing ot the past. Because Mailshot
actually shows you the labels on screen, you can type names anr
addresses m exactly the correct place But more than that, tke
labels are animated on screen as a continuous sheet, attesting
you to scroll backwards and forwards.» starch for particular
keywords or to edit entries with the minimum of fuss Facilities
include seardvng. Detection of dupKafo Ubefs. Sorting even
surname'! 9 labels across. 999 wp« d *ny label Ttvs has to be
the simplest and most etfoctne method o» creeling a .WM.MW. E
setts with the classic space invader £14.95 Do you avar have k
print tamas and addresses i ewkwerd places on envefopas. Or dJ
you ever need to fiB in tndcy forms or mvoices where the text
has to be in eiacaylhenghl place? Usua*y you have to do 1 by
hand, or get your trusty »d typewriter out ot me ewtoard and
dust it o« Waanof anymore The Emulated TYPEwrder transforms
your computer and printer m*o a fully fladged typewriter
supporting bold, undertint, italic and other type-sfyles
Because It «n ddp'»y U* P™' 'eit INSTANTLY you cen line up your
form, press Rehen and Space a few bmes to move to the correct
place, and then start typ.ng Alternatively you can switch to
ine-Dy-tma mode, which oners word-wrap rjsefcabon and
proport na spacing, so that you can edit each hne before its
printed ... _ _
Z. J9.90 Advanced version of Mailshot for ha buamesa user with
the following extra facilities
• integral on with other software lus.ng ASCII Hies) 1
coiumMithJlitad summary (id&J lor telephone lists, et)
• 4 ex*a memo imea per label (wih defaults) ' system lev codmg
dating and adding messages to each label
• different layouts available tor hohzontal and vertical
MM. £49.95 yM) CASHBOOK COMBO Mgngy saving combmabon pack Muring
both Cashbook Controfier and Final Accounts-Save £10 00 ...
__ £69.96 PERSONAL TAX PLANNER Are you absolutely s«*e tour
t*uW iS doing his job correctly? Plan your own tax with ease,
this menu-driven program wui calculate ycur income tai
lablrfy (4 tax years included) and provide pertmwnt tacts
about your tax pca»bon You can perform whit if T calculation
to discover wiys to minima your tax liability In fact the
program will advse you on things such as. If you are a
married man. Whener it would be advantageous « have your wife
s income taxed saovataty w not At this price who knows you
will probably tmd that PTP wilt pay tor itsed .n tax savings
the first time you use it?
" STOP PRESS " July 89 - PTP user recere* tax refund of over £2,000" £39.95 DAY-BY-DAY An excellent way to get organised With it you If be reminded of bvfodays and other adversaries meetings and appointments, phone cdls to make and so on Ax with an Digita products, inputting -nkxmabon is simplicity tseff and.
Onca entered, you can search tor keywords or tor particular evens such as birthdays to see when one is coming up includes month'weefodey planner. Automatic reminders tor overdue appoindmentx -nonth and week summary at a glance For less than E30 this is the ideal way to make sure you never m*$ lhal i wrtant occasion agwn' 111111 III I
• » *£* '"“'Atop, «0 Ssa&j saHss ”-*M, I 2°- *"*»*•»
* v*U»ftLVp,«OU6Tr *' O „,, Available to the trade from: Digita,
GEM, Greyhound, HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
HOWTl 03 INTERNATIONAL Post: "Serious software at a sensible price" All software written in the UK. Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export) IS YOUR AMIGA STILL IN THE STONE AGE?
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 700% Software compatibility ?
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design «
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster • Three models
A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40 • ? THE MACHINES ?
A5000-16 (Price includes I Mb RAM B5000-25 f Price includes Mb RA M B5000-40 iPrice includes 4Mb RAM) Solid State Leisure Limited Once upon a time, education was all about chalk dust, mortar boards and clips about the ear.
C o V E R S T O R Y But not any more. You're as likely to be taught by silicon as by Sir. Increase your knowledge by turning to Page 18 MANAGING EDITOR: Derek Meatin STAff WRITERS Paul Austin. Stevie Kennedy PRODUCTION EOHOR Chns Stevens ART EDITOR Mike Bailey ADVERTISEMENT MANAGER Tracy Carroll ADVERTISING SALES Trevor Shepherd WHO'S WHO PUBuaeiY inMctMhMstibgUd Europe Hew. Adagton Pvt. MvseMd SID W CHAIRMAN Deitt Maton MAMAjIHG OtftfCTOft H.gttMWr COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Qnti HrS GROUP ADVERTISING MANAGER Jo*o $ * ¦ » Edtearial: 0S»87MM Siter*aK0Si&?2Klfa:tt&lttW Ani(* Cmpilif* Mtorcs Httin lit
pMato. Hxtrai date bi 1*1 m IM|I mute nm m It* ten H nnn- il twd te (BirMiite. MiiMni on Ml) M ita|M tn pitfiotKK b11rtndmPnlisftnt IK mbilHtitetea.
C1M Mndm PaWtetng IM. Hi nilirai nay bi npDtasl a atai nr a pJrt viftu MM jrmsseo vwt mn an n ten. IN INMIskm cmmI te laM ht«| teNMite hr ai( irron a witte. Tathpw tewtstimti.
Anm GiopRtf b N ImfcMBD piNiutiin ut Conntfitn Imam Mxhna (Hi. IM ¦ Hi mfmtk hr 14 if la •»» temwtml tea Mi lulnhmn (mi IntMUOU) THE DISK The disk that leaves all others with their electromagnetic heads bowed. Every month, we present some of the best free software around and this month's no exceptionl To begin with, we've got the magnificent Huge, a comprehensive graphics manipulation and creation utility which enables you to design eye-catching icons without tearsl There's Fix Disk 1.2 for when you ve accidentally wiped those all-important files and Eye, a memory monitor with a difference -
it runs in real time. That's right! Just watch those registers flick to and fro. And to top all. There's Klondike and Connex 35, two gaming hummers. The Disk- don't miss it!
CONTENTS REGULARS AMIGApeople All tha news thot's fit to print from the world of Amiga computing .....7 Public Domain Paul Austin on the latest and greatest from the freeware forum 05 REVIEWS Pursuit of excellence!
An in-depth examination of the thrills and spills w processor, excellence! ...... ALMANAC Something for everyone, every month, from the experts Dispatches 'A fumy thing happened on the way to the...'. Tell us abou* it in Dispatches ......127 Our n*» wrl ptocmiip kit i c»Utn ltllt for Noli md nctuMi cout-r.i i -ui* - m mm tmmm m mt t««l)tn(»' It * tut t « rut and intludti •«trrtkin« «Ki«rt tfc* Utahn unk. Axnllrw*' allow you tt bi bulk Vow ritint lakti m a ttplaio fltir mtk nr Wllt-I* 9*11 tint, putur and
Fra* tour b*«k rrycrI t« tht baal llarlf. Fra* a la.ltr in t
• fMltlUr. Imm'i only • proerin Bi£Hl CLI A brand, spanking new
regular feature to guide novices into the depths of
CLI .67 Technical Help
TelHng tales from the world of technical trepldaHon In- hoUii
propeller heads put their silicon where the sun don't shine
GAMES The latest and best in the world of electronic enter
tainment (and you don't need batteries, Mrs). Prince of Persia.
Night Shift. Speedball 2, Time Warp and Ninja Remix. Just some
of the goodies put to task ....39 GALLERY Alternative Input?
Five blind mice, see how they run. Oh. And three fairly myopic trackballs too . 70 Psygnosis A dearth of good gameptay. But a treasure chest at spectacular intros - and a few cheery quids tool 70 Creeping terror!
They came from outer space (well. Macclesfield...) on a mission to save your disks. Protect and survive .97 Roland rock Interesting musical gadgetry put through its paces.
Tune in on the latest . 102 Ryc years to the month offer Protexf version 1 was launched Amor ore pleased to present version 5, or enormoos leap forward in both ease of use and performance.
Protext 5.0 introdoces a completely integrated system of pal down menus and (fialogve boxes. The menus are among the many operations that may now be corned otf with either the moose or the keyboard. Pretext redly does give you the best of both worlds.
Protexf 5.0 hoodies printer fonts flexibly and accurately. You con moke foil use of any number of proportional printer fonts, mix them freely within any line, centre them in headers, use automatically formatted footnotes. And Pretext correctly formats your text os you type if, no matter how many font changes you use, showing you foe and page breaks exactly as they will be printed.
Protexf 5.0 is still the fastest word processor around. Even though we have mode all these major improvements we have taken great care to ensure that text editing is as fast as ever. The menus work smoothly and quickly even with high resolution displays. But of course, you can use Pretext's efficient set of commands and keys just as before and 5.0 remains compatible with all earlier versions from 1.0 onwards.
Pretext 5.0 is a worthy successor to version 4, which was described as "the best word processor at any price", "the best text processor on the Amiga" and "the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST" (AW, ST Amiga Format, ST User).
Pretext 5.0 heralds a new era of multi-lingua! European software, in time for 1992 and the opening up of Eastern Europe. Pretext may be used in at least 27 different languages and has 10 different national keyboard layouts built in (plus the capability to define your own symbols and The Features Prices Protext 5.0 may be purchased from ony good compjter shop or only ovoiloole from Amor and the original discs should be Amiga £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95 PC £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95
- New fast & easy to use puR down menu system with cialogue
boxes and alerts; file selector; mouse dragging to set blocks.
Menus complement existing * commands and keybcard shortcuts, do
not replace them. Menus may be used with mouse or keyboard.
Amiga version follows Intuition guidelines.
- Enhanced printing capabffities supports multiple
proportional fonts; mixing of different font sizes or the same
line; proportional formatting whilst editing; side margin,
headers and footers independent of main text font. Tabs,
decimal tabs and centre tabs. Extensive range of printer
drivers supplied.
Multiple file editing - up to 36 files may be open; split screen editing.
Graphics mode support on PC ollows use in virtually ony text or graphic rrode including 132 column or 75 line YGA modes; user defined characters and on-screen bold, italics and underlining now on all versons; use of 13 different accents on ony character.
_V Language support mdudes Albanian, Bosque, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Englisi, Esperanto, Estonian, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italioi, Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegicn, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbocroctian, Slovak, Spanish, Slovene, Swedish, Welsh. (Note: some printers do not support all languages).
- Index and contents generation. Indexer takes marked wards or
phrases; contents entries automatically tdcen from titles
wrapped in control codes; many options for style of contents
Spelling checker features completely new 110,000+ word Collins dictionary with very fast phonetic lookup. Anograms and find word pattern. Foreign language dictionaries (German, Swedish available now, others to follow).
Many other enhancements including multi-line footnotes and endnotes; automatic timed sove; odd column or row of figures; indent tabs; find word at cursor; 40 column mode support; sentence operations; inter- paragraph spoce; much improved expression evaluator; self incrementing variables; Roman numerals; newspoper-style column printing; file sorting utility with special options far names and addresses; revised manual plus new tutorial guide.
• Ct And don't forget Pretext still includes bockground printing;
box manipulation; macro recording; exec files; headers and
footers; find and reploce; mail merging; undelete; file
conversion utility; configuration program; auto reformatting;
onscreen help; time and date; typewriter node; line drawing;
disc utilities.
TWwl from Amor. Upgrades from earlier versons with your order.
ST TT Archimedes £149.95 £149.95 £60 N A £75 N A £99.95 N A £79.95 due 1991 Q1 Amor Ltd (amc),6I1 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PEI 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24 hr), Fax: 0733 67299 AMIGA M» people THE modern army Is not all about guns and fighting, After 10 years as a Staff Sergeant Artificer, Steve Marriott has used his knowledge of computers and electronics to produce some of the most Interesting packages currently available for the Amiga.
Steve is the brains behind those popular computer aided betting programs The Tipster, The Punter and The Dogs.
They are available through TAM Marketing, the family company which started life dealing in cleaning chemicals and Is now helping Amiga owners to clean up at the bookies.
Steve, 32, who has just completed Ns stint in the army, was heavily nvolved In computers ¦ * Steve Marriott - expert punter throughout his sen ice. He taught at the army’s electronics and engineering college at Arbourfield, Reading, and developed a number of demo program for companies, Including Precision Software.
During his service he was also involved In software analysis, visiting companies from whom the army buy software to evaluate their products.
His computer knowledge is wide and varied but one of the most significant steps of his career development was a comparatively simple accounting program designed to save time In his mother's Sldmouth wool shop.
’Before I installed the system accounting took arojnd five hours a week, but once it was computerised this was cut to two hours', said Steve.
’The system has proved itself particularly useful on the VAT side, producing reports vtfiich are vital for forward planning'. This led to Steve's first betting program. The Tipster, written for horse racing and completed in November last vear.
’A lot of research went inio The Tipster*, sold Steve, *l used c massive amount of information from The Racing Post to build up a statistical picture which has produced considerable success for many users.
’The program had to be based on statistics, since before I wrote It I had never been to a race meeting or into a betting shop. Since producing The Tipster I have now been to the races once, but that is all*.
Although Steve and hto TAM team produce both Atari ST and PC programs, they consider the ?
WHAT’S new + LATEST SPECTRAVIDEO t LOGIC 3. The new joystick company recenty formed by Spectro- video (081 -900 0024) are poised to launch their first product, an ultramodern hand-held joystick called Sting-ray.
’We see logic 3 as the BMW of the joystick world and the Stingray as the ultimate zapping machine', sdld Spectravldeo boss Ashwin Patel.
Sting-ray looks like a futuristic space gun and is designed to be easily held in either hand. Manufactured In the UK. It Includes durable microswitches for quick responses and comes in four models. The standard Sting-ray costs £14.95 and the Sting-ray autofire. £15.95. 24-PIN REVOLUTION AMIGA owners ore playing their part In a the dramatic upsurge of popularity currently being enjoyed by 24-pin dot malrix printers.
It's a trend that Is being reflected ocross Europe and occordng to Richard Scotto. The 24-pln revolution is set to grow.
After heading the European sales operation of top primer manufacturers Citizen for more than five years. Richard Is well versed in printer markets.
'Now 24-pln sales represent about 54 per cent of the impact Amiga's graphics capabilities produce by far the best packoges.
They have five AMIGAs in their Exeter offices which have also produced The Punter pools program and The Dogs for greyhound racing.
AMIGA M» TAM Is very much a family affair and the workforce includes Steve, his mother and father, two sisters, one txotber-in-law and his fiancee.
Their next two offerings will be games. Due out at the end of March is The Pundit, a political game based on statistics. For summer release is Gone Fishing which challenges players to use the right angling tactics and equipment to make a big catch.
OFFICIAL BODY FOR SILICON SOCCER CUP fever brought so many football supporters to a recent final in Germany that the police had to be called in to control the crowds. A league event in Italy attracted
15. 000 players and the same frenzy has also overtaken France and
Fairly normal soccer statistics?
Not in this case. This game has nothing to do with stadia or turf. It's played on computer screens and the stars are whizz-kids of the keyboard, Replacing boots and balls with bits and bytes, computer football has a huge cjlt following throughout Europe. It's the same story In the UK, where the man behind the Computer Football Association Is Steve Anderson of Mutant Software.
The Mr. Foot aB of the computer world. Steve is e committed fan of the Amiga and together with his cohorts at Mutant, he based the whole concept of the CFA on his favourite machine.
Using Anco's Kick Off software, the CFA achieved massive support for its 1990 league. The reached its final© at the recent Computer Shopper Show with the UK playoffs and visits from European champions.
The Mutant team ere now planning more nationwide events for this year Sited next to Terminal Four at Heathrow Airport. Mutant Software was started a year ago by Steve and a group of his Amiga games playing friends.
‘We used to spend eight hours a day playing games', said 30-yeor- old Steve. ‘We would work cn the taxis at the weekends to earn just enough to survive, then spend the weekdays playing games on the Amiga.
‘Having got to know hundreds of games, we decided to set up Mutant Softwore selling a variety of popular titles. We chose the nome because I was always known as The Mutant when we were arMng taxis.
‘With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, It has now become very popular but that was just a stroke of luck as far as we were concerned. I had the Mutant name first*.
Steve ond his Mutant mates are now planning to move on from selling other company's packages Into developing their own titles wtth games along the lines of their own favourites such as Elite and Speedball. Keen exponents of ?
WHAT’S DJ * printer market In Germany.
40 oer cent in France and 38 per cent In the UK*, he said.
Predictions are that over _ the next yeor Richard scotto these figures will increase to 68 per cent In Germany, 54 per cent In France and 53 per cent In the UK.
Richard bases his figures and predictions on the success of his own company's products. Including the Swift 24 which recently smashed the 100X00 sales barrier.
‘Not only are our sales increasing in terms of numbers of units sold but 24-pln popularity has meant that sales have also Increased In terms of value*, he added. ‘The current Swift range is very strong tut we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue to meet the challenges of the 24-pin market’.
WISH UPON A STAR STAR printers have updated some of their range including this neat 9-pln dot matrix model, the LC-
200. An 80 column parallel printer.
It now offers 180 cps In draft mode and 45 cps In NLQ with a 16Kb buffer, eight Infernal fonts ond push and pul troctor feed.
Also Included In the updated range Is the LC 24-200 Colour, a 24-pin machine printing in seven colours.
Action Computer Supplies (0800 333333) are cuirentfy offering special prices with the LC-200 at £199 and the LC24-200 Colour at £299. They come with a two year extended warranty.
NEW FOR OLD OWNERS of A500 machines who want to upgrade to an A1500 can now take advantage of a discount scheme launched by Commodore and due to run untH May.
If they trade In their old A500 for an A1500. They are being offered a £200 discount off the £999.99 price of the A1500.
ACCESSORIES and ol course hundreds A hundreds ol games and all at wall below recommended retell pricesI Digicom oiler you the very best In customer alter sales support with 12 month werranty on ell Computer Hardware All units are lull UK specification with 30 day replacement guarantee on taut'.y items and FREE collection of the defective units within this period And should you ever need any technical edvlce our experienced and helpful stall are available on the telephone or In our showroom Remember ¦ there are no hidden extras all prices are fully Inclusive of VAT ind nest day courier delivery
How to Order Pntet » SppeMeoliono on mHec i ro cnongt m'lhout nonet CO Of mmmM far farm ik trwv mxp Mi M1IGA A50O BEYOND
1. A500 A1000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, or 8Mb). Fully implemented
autoconfigure. Fully operational through port for
compatobility with other autoconfiguring hardware (e.g. CBM
A590). Complete with its 0070 own power supply (U.K.. U.S. or
Euro). (2Mb FITTED). J £59
5. Externol 3.5" Floppy Drive (not pictured) High-quality silent
mechanism Extra drive port and 'enable disable' switch.
Hard disks. Systems available for all Amiga variants call for details and pricing
2. As obove, but with the cover removed
3. A200C A2500 B2000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, 6 or 8Mbl.
Fully implemented autoconfigure. Uses 1M x 8 bit or 1M x 9 bit SIMM's. (2Mb FITTED).
4. A500 ' Mb Expansion. The essential A500 upgrode. A high
quality A501 equivalent using low-power 1Mbit DRAM's. The unit
has a 'enable disable* switch and is available with or without
NiCod battery-backed dock O O O calendarmodyle (CLOCK VERSION
£38) tOZ CHIP UPGRADES 'Fatter Agnus" chip (8372A) for
A500 A2000 Enables up to 1Mb of Chip O 4L O RAM Fitting
requires some skill and will invalidate your warranty X* O JL
1. 3 Kickstart ROM. Upgrade for A500 A2000 £35 A590 Upgrode
chips; ' Mb £28,£SS 2Mb £105 SIMM's. All types ovciloble
Call for pricing.
A3000 4 Mbit Stotic Column Dram coll for pricing.
All prices include VAT and postage & packaging. Prices may be subject to change without notice. All products carry a 12 month guarantee.
Deoler enquiries are welcome.
CORTEX products are marketed in the U.K. by Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB. Tel. (051) 236 0480.
Fax: (051) 227 2482. Make cheques payable to M.E.S. Ltd.
Futuristic football, they hope to develop titles In that vein and also plan a new two-player soccer package to be used in the CFA.
Almng to have at least four of their own titles available for next Christmas.
They will use their wide experience to Incorporate the best techniques of gameplay into their packages.
‘We used to play games on an old Spectrum, then one day we went down to Tottenham Court Rood and spent a whole day looking at new machines', added Steve.
'We decided on an Amiga and we have supported it ever since. A lot of people say the Atari ST is as good, but we think the Amiga is far bettsr".
IMPRESSIONS PLUMP FOR STRATEGY THE current marketing strategy of impressions managing director Davd Lester Is to listen to the market and move away from arcade action.
By popular demand Impressions (071-371 9191) will now concentrate solely cn strategy gomes.
'The move is a direct result of market forces', said Lester. ‘The response from consumers to our strategy ganes has been phenom- nenal, with far more praise and repeat sales than our arcade titles ever achieved.
‘Ever since we launched the best-selling Rorke's Drift we have been getting a constant supply of letters from customers oil over the world thank ng us for bringing out our games ond asking for more. At our stond at the last show people came up and repeated these comments.
‘At the same time our arcade game sales began to log behind our strategy games so the move made considerable sense.
‘We intend to develop the brand further, producing a wide range of strategy products, both war games and more peaceful simulations'.
The next release from Impressions ’Mil be Feudal Lords, a historic slmdation of warring lords where economics and resource management play Just as important a cart as miNtary prowess MASSIVE SALES FOR COMMODORE COMMODORE UK predict that they will sell 250,000 Amiga A500 machines during '991. This target follows impressive sales figures just released by the company for the three month run-up to Christmas In October, November and December, 140,000 A500s were sold, bringing the total for 1990 to 200X00.
Adding to Commodore's Jubilation, the same three months saw sales of 150X00 C64s ond 20X00 games systems, with the Amiga A1500 having clocked up 9X00 sales since its launch. Figures were not available for Amiga 2000 and 3000s.
"We are over the moon about these figures*, said Commocore's Andrew Boll. 'Allied to them, a number of encouraging market fends have emerged. There has been a marked reduction In returned goods which we put down to our Investment in the new warehousing at Milton Keynes where there is better pre-delivery inspection and Improved quality control.
“There has also oeen a very marked increase in sales of peripherals including the 501 RAM and extra disk drives, particularly hard disks. This reflects the more sophisticated uses to which owners are putting their AMIGAs'.
From Impressions will be Cohort - Fighting for Rome, a follow-up to Rorke's Drift.
This adds multiple scenarios, a wider variety of troops plus many more Improvements to produce o fascinating game of strategy.
Impressions' current release schedule will be rounded off in April by Africa Korps, the second in and dastardly deeds such as assassination attempts.
Feudal Lords will be followed by Merchant Colony, a graphical trade and combat simulation set in the 19th century, In this, the player must buy ond equip ships, find and build colonies and increase business while fighting off pirates and invading armies. The March launch WHAT'S new Machines traded In must be In full working order and complete with ell original equipment except for bundled software.
The trade-in offer Is available through q number of indepen- cent dealerships throughout the country and also from Dixons, AJIders, Comet, Tandy and John Lewis stores.
'On the Amiga front, we think of It as one of the computers which users have for life", said Andrew Ball of Commodore.
"This scheme is intended to help Amiga owners who have started with an A500 to move more easily up to a 1500 as a platform for more Interesting developements and uses with their Amiga'.
What Commodore Intend to do with all the old A500s they get In on the deal remains a mystery.
Andrew offered ‘No comment".
AMOS MULTI-USER % THE author of AMOS, Francois Lionet, has now produced a serial extension fo this top Amiga creation package from Mandarin Software. It has been included on the vl.21 disc which is available from Sandra Sharkey of the AMCS PD Library (0942 495261). The extension gives AMOS direct control over the Amiga's serial pert hardware making Is a useful addition for players of multi-user games and provides 15 new commands.
They Include SERIAL OPEN which opens the serial port.
SERIAL INPUTS for reading a string, SERIAL SPEED for changing baud rat© and SERIAL SEND for sending strings to the serial port.
AMOS PD Library has now released its catalogue showing a wide variety of games and utilities written by AMOS users ond available through th© library.
NEWS STATESIDE Californian hardware manufacturers. ICD. Inc have recently announced three hardware solutions to make life easier for all Amiga buffs.
The first Is a flicker free video board designed to work with ony Amy500. 1000 and 2000 using a standard VGA or multi-frequency monitor. Flicker Free Video provides a high quality display free of Interlace flicker and visible scan lines.
The product is compatible with all Amiga software and both ?
The series of war games from author Ken Wright.
Following on from Blitzkrieg May
1940. It is set in the desert campaign of World War II. Amiga
versions of all these games will cost £24.99. AMC LEADS
THE WAY IF you're ever stumped for information about the
Amiga, be it product availability, new developments or
the market in general, a call to north of the border is
your best bet.
Martin Lowe of Amiga Centre Scotland holds a wealth of knowledge about your favourite machine and if he can't help you hlmsef. He probably knows a man who can.
‘I became involved with the Amiga in 1985 when I got one of the first machines In the UK", he told Amiga People. "At that time I wos developing Interactive video programs and needed a computer which was suited to that kind of work.
"I heard about this new machine called the Amiga and when it became available in WHAT’S new recognises and fully supports PAL and NTSC. It works in high or low resolutions, whether interlaced or not. Wtth full overscan utilising up to 3Mb of RAM.
In an effort to provide the Amiga world with on affordable alternative to SCSI drives the November of that year I bought one”. His purchase led to the formation of Edinburgh-based Amiga Centre Scotland In May 1987 and to a career move away from development and into retailing.
But Martin has recently gone full circle and returned to development with his new 32-blt board - the first AMS sales product to have been developed In-house.
Taking a philosophical standpoint. Martin says that nothing is planned in his life. He reacts to given situations and goes on from there.
At the recent Computergraphics Show he was approached by a number of hi h-ervd graphics companies with offers for him to take their product ranges. He may well do so.
Is his future with the Amiga also in the lap of the gods? He believes it is more in the lap of Commodore!
'It depend* a lot on the future of the Amiga end whether it can keep up with high-end graphics, and thQt depends on Commodore* . He said.
'The Amiga's got future potential but that is not guaranteed at this point In time. It all depends on what actions Commodore take company has developed AdlDE.
This Is a smdl host adaptor allowing the use of the less expensive IDE standafc hard drives.
Easily installed Into machines up to and Including the 2000 series. AdlDE supports auto-booting with Kickstart vl.3. The software provided also allows for external booting from floppy disks. This enables a 3.5* hard drive to occupy the A500s Internal floppy space while permitting fu* use of an external floppy.
IDC have also come up with the Idea of enhancing the value of their ADSCS1 2000 series AMIGA hard disk controllers. Connected both on understanding the marketing of the product and on Immediate and future deveiooment of It*.
CARTRIDGE ATTRACTIONS WITH quicker loading times, better quality and the distinct advantage of stamping out piracy, games cartridges are an attractive proposition to which the team at The Software Business (048D 496497) are giving serious thought.
* 1 would like to see an environ- Software Business' Howard
Newmark to the Internal or external SCSI hard drives the ADSCS1
2000 was available as a hardcard complete with either a 40,
105 or 170 megabyte HD from the Quantum range.
However, the hos* adaptor is now available wtth the upgraded Qudntum LPS series, which uses half the power of the old drives and transfers data some 30 per cent faster.
In addition IDC are offering a 52Mb HD Instead of the 40Mb option at the same price as before. An extra 12 megabytes for free can’t be bad.
For prices and further details ment where there are only games cartridges In the near future*, said Howard Newmark of The Software Business. 'Apart from the ocvan- tages of looding and quality, they would completely cut out piro-y.
‘At the moment It Is a question of how to keep costs down and what sort of games to put onto cartridge both for Amiga and C64 Although we can't give any idea of timing yet. It is certainty a serious proposition for the future'.
Cartridges would slot Into the expansion slots of the A500 and A1000 giving gomes players reliability combined with the convenience of having one carfrdige to contain what Is currenly based on five or six disks.
Two or three games can be Included on each cartridge depending on the memory they require, ‘The cost of the cartridge-based games would depend on the cost of the row cartridges, which Is currenly around £9 for the Am go*, added Howard.
'But rather like with CD 30M products, once the market Is penetrated the ability to buy in buk will cut the costs through quantity discount*.
Contact Sica Systems on 081-208
DOWLING POSTSCRIPT As a follow-up to our Item of news in the January 1991 Issue of Amiga Computing entitled ’Great T-Shirt Raid*. Sandy Dow of Dowling Computers gave us the following statement: The T-shirts were not being sold at £15, each, the correct price was £5 and this was to be donated to Dr Barnardo's. However, after two had been sold we were asked to withdraw them from sale’.
Commodore A500 rtiu i B gg OQ AMIGA A500 BATMAN PACK FLIGHT OF FANTASY AMIGA 2000 Flight ol Fantasy is the very latest Amiga SOO pack from Commodore, featuring BRAND NEW software releases, to make th« the most spectacular A500 pack ever' The pack features the Amiga 500 computer with mouse controller and TV modulator. U well U foil top software titles These include the following.
F29 RETALIATOR DELUXE PAINT II The tdtuiua* m egM smoeen «e a choc* or two arcrafl and tour ball* rvmvwh web dozens o* dittorant ecftcal maaore Aerial coo-cel Mraiagic tembmge mtarac- »v* ground beeed Oatt let. Teeoomg carren the hat or toatura* is erdtee* Real c re cockp»i deploy*, mdudng true rade*' enhance the raanatic WtTIM Stumung emulation Tlta ftgn gyamy gr»nc» program ew package* Oaluxa Rent M include* powertu' aaty to um toot* that bring out th artiU in you Cmal* m*M*r peon P-werxobon*.3D penoectivM or |w*f doodle ESCAPE ROBOT MONSTERS The Commodore A500 Batman Pack must surely rank
as one of me most popular corn- outer packs ever! The pack features the Commodore Amiga SOO computer with mouse controller and TV modulator, plus tour top software titles. The software includes: ' Batman The Movie' • R«d Gotham City of me cunning joker, in Ocean's top selling title based on me blockbuster Batman Mm New Zealand Story - high quality cdhvSrtiM af the leading arcade game Interceptor - Dogfight with two F-iP's in mis ieadmg flight simulator: Deluxe Pelnt II - top quality Amiga graphics package which tai lha standard for others lo follow Return the coupon tor tunher details
PACK INCLUDES: A50Q Computer & Mouse £399.99 A520 TV Modulator £24.99 £1295 Batman The Movie £24.95 New Zealand Story £24.95 Interceptor £24.95 Deluxe Paint I £49.95 FOR FURTHER DETAILS OF THE AMIGA RANGE, COMPLETE THE COUPON AND RETURN IT TO SILICA SHOP THE UK’s No1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS TOTAL RRP: £549.78 Less Pack Saving £15078 PACK PRICEl £399.00 £399 For the more serious or professional applications user. Commodore have a selection of systems based around the expandable Amiga
2000. At prices from £1295*VAT The A2000 features a Mi 1Mb RAM
(expandable to 9Mb).
9 system expansion slots plus IBM compatibility with the use of PC-XT or PC-AT bridgeboardt Complete and reiiwr the coupon, putting a tick In the A2000 box. For details c* A2000 computer system* .vat* cisbojs Mai*'* 00 ung eompiniy a*to »nt
* sciance U6i, with eomtc book Myia graphic* Our haroa* Jake and
Duka are on the Planet X raacu ¦ng Human* who nan bean captured
by the Robot Moneiar* and torcad to craato an avaAobot Army*}
DESTROY EARTH* Jaw and Duka Bgra me* way through honJa* or aw
Roots* to n*to the Human* escape PACK INCLUDES: A500 Computer A
Meuse £399.99 A520 TV Modulatcr £24.99 Deluxe Paint II £49.95
Escape Robot Morsters £19.99 Rainbow Islands £24.95 F29
Retallator £24.95 TOTAL RAP. £544.82 Less Peck Savng £1*582
PACK PRICIt C399-00 £399 I I Surname: SILICA SHOP H I Postcode:
FREE O ERNIGHT COURIER DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped
in the UK.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE Team of Amiga technical experts at your service PRICE NATCH: Wo normally match competitors on a "Same product - Same price" basis ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS: Proven track record in professional computer sales.
C13u TURNOVER (with 60 slsfl): Solid and reliable with mamtEined growth.
BUSINESS EDUCATION GOVERNMENT Volume discounts availaole lor large orders SHOWROOMS Demonstration and training facilities at our London & Sidcup branches.
THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your Amiga requirements trom one supplier FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with offers and software peripheral details.
PAYMENT: By cash, cheque and all major credit cards CREDIT PAYMENT TERMS: Silica are licensed credit brokers - return coupon for details Bafore you dec-de wtien to buy you* new Amiga compute*, we suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you Buy It Consider what it Will Be like e tow months after buying your Amiga. Wien you may require additional peronerau or software or n ?p and advice with your new purchase And. Will the company you buy from contact you with dKails or new products? At S-' ca Shop we ensure that you will have notung to worry about S*uca hove been esioaiished tor ove* 12
years and nave an annual turnover of £13 milfcon With our unrivaAed experience ana expense we can now claim to m«e our customers requirements with an inderstandmg which s second to rton* But don't )0«t tsko out word lot Compete and return the coupon now fot our latest Free Merature and begin to experience tie "Silica Shop Service’ SILICA SHOP OFFER YOU RETURN THE COUPON NOW FOR FREE BROCHURES I I j Whtch computers), if any. Do you own? . A2000 J MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX W: 081-309 11ir Order Lines Open Uon Sat B00** 600pm Me Lais
Night Openng Fit NO Ml 300 5M LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P OBA Tel: 071-580 4000 Opening Hours Mon-Sal PJOam &OOcm Lata Night Tnursday until pm Fax No 971-383479? _ SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd Sidcup, Kent. DA14 4DX lei: 081302 8811 Dpswng Hour* Uon-Sot 800 am-530pm Late Ntghl Fftfley ynw 7p«i Fax No »i-30e0Oi7 BUSINESS EDUCATION: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAM 4DX Tel: 081-308 0888 Order Lines Open Mon-Fn 900am«.00pm Closed on Selu'dey* Fax No: J6V-J06 0606 r To licaShopJ)ept AMC0M-0391 -32.1 -4 The Mews, Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. 3A14 4DX
PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ON THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms .. Imtuls: Address: Greater London Computers The SHMltjT Specialists.
AMIGA 3000’s The complete Amiga 3000 range, available now and we are specially extending our introductory offer of a free 15" Multisync Monitor with each A3000 bought. This extension of the offer will last only until Easter. So you had better hurry as we have only limited supplies of the machines on this offer.
A3000 l6Mhz 40Mb + FOC Monitor A3000 25 Mhz 40Mb + FOC Monitor A3000 25 Mhz 100 Mb + FOC Monitor A3000 25 Mhz lOOMb Hard Disc + FOC 14"
2499. 00 + VAT 2999-00 + VAT
3299. 00 + VAT VGA Colour Monitor 2999-95 inc VAT Export &
Educational orders welcome CLASS OF THE 90’s PACK £549.95
FIRST STEPS PACK £549.95 A1500 A2000 HD 1Mb RAM, TWIN 3.5"
COLOUR SOFTWARE MONITOR £1049.95 inc VAT £1499.95 inc VAT
Greater London Computers, 481 Hale End Roa I TEL
081-527-0405 AMIGA 500 NEW ? ? ? ? 'k 'k'k k k ?
ONLY £379-95 including: Days of Thunder, Back to the Future II, Night Breed, Shadow of the Beast II & Deluxe Paint II.
Business Customers Our Business Division can help you with all your computer needs. From Hardware to Software and Supplies For more information and a credit account application, call 081-527-0405 and ask for Business Sales.
Delivery on all items is free to UK addresses.
All purchases of £1000 or more; earns a free Teddy Bear - "Cosmo" All enquiries about Bears should be made to Cosmo in our Teddy Bear Department.
Please note: All our machines are new UK models NOT grey imports or second hand models NEW FROM CUMANA Rewriteable Optical Disc System 600Mb on a Single Disc Ring for details COPIERS GLC would like to announce that in line with their anti-software piracy policy we will no longer stock any software copying programs.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Software piracy is not only illegal, but it makes Cosmo very angry as well.
COSMO S MESSAGE FOR THE MONTH "Yo Dudes, Cosmo ’ere. Ows it hanging dudes? As you see, some of the stuff 'ere. Like that new Cumanery Rewritey Opty discy thing, or whatever its called, is totally cool dudes. As well as dem, Mr Mikes got loads of Cumanery discy drive things and some Goldeny Image ones as well, not to mention some optical micey things which don't have a hall on 'em, no 'ow does they work dudes? Maybe Mr Mike knows, lhats about it dudes.
Ta Ta for now and stay lucky" ad Highams Park, Chingford, London. E4 9PT FAX 081-503-2341 JOIN EUROPES BIGGEST ADVENTURE CLUE OFFICIAL SECRETS Join Official Secrets or Join Special Reserve FOR ADVENTURES AND ROLE PLAYING AND MORE All the benefits of Special Reserve plus: J
• Confidential. Our 32 page bi-monthly magazine is essential
reaJing tor those mterested in affventyres or role-playing
games SL A Written by experts. Confidential has 1 y ;
covered everything horn How to Host a Murder o Which F16 Flight
JMF Simulator7 Our agents, led by the Master Soy Known as 'Tno
Boss Jpsta soeK out the seciets of * RPGs FRP'5 MUG'S. PBM's
Leisu'u 1 Suit Larry. The Russians. Elvira and more.
• Sim Cttyor Corporation.
AMIGA and ATARI ST ckware Choose one tree for Atari ST. (Ef Amiga or IBM. Please phone if you 'mSS have a different machine.
Hof Corporation, ACE said: 5] ¦ "Probably the most influential m 7 game of this genre making this ffl- i an essential addition to your " f collection Zero said: If you liked Dungeon Of Sim City. ACE said: 'Sim City is a politician's - or a gamesplayer’s - dream... comparisons spring immediately to mind with Populous., but Sim City seems to have much more depth. .*. CAVG said: "Sim
• Hoip-Una - to help you aotv moat gam .
Manned weekdays until Bpm and on Sundays tnol an 0898 number) alia i!¦ njHaja| ft. Nnaf« mAmluia
• anytn • mxcweivo to wmctmt oecrvti momoora.
Written by Magnetic Scrolls, authors o‘ Woncerlarc Myth is a mini wSj .tdventure set r Ancient Greece,
• t -c.. i ---.i-i rfA, Jsm re- Headed Hydra Myth ircludes the
famous Magnetic Scrolls parser and graphics and s Glided m the
prico | of membership Amiga Format said: 'An excellent
adventure... witty, cunning and just plain gcod fun! If you
liked Fish* you'll probably like this.
Bocause they're very similar in style you may even prefer Myth, it's that good!' CU 90%. Amiga Format 87%. TGM 85%. Crash 91% |-|«M 1111 !.-..«¦ AhiuuI I Ilf Himhinhlr umciai oocfmM Annual Uk MemDersnip With 0 Issue* of Confidential, Myth, Corporation or «« aa Sim Ctty, Halp-Une * membership of Special Reserve. JU UU UK £29.99 EEC membership £34.99. WORLD Member Or join Speoal Reserve only UK £6.00 EEC £8.00. World £10.00. Officii SALES LINES 0279 600204 WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JO*N IC6 001 THERE IS A SURCHARGE OF SOP PER GAME FOR TELEPHONEO ORDERS (PLEASE PRINT IN
BLOCK CAPITALS) Name & Address- Sottwae Pnccs include UK or EEC Postage.
World sob»-are orders please add Cl 00 per item For non-sofware items such as joysticks or Wank dsks Eli: ami att 10% EEC or 25% World lor carnage Overseas orders must be pad by crecM card Credit card issue expiry date 'Cheque postal oroer.'access'VISA SpeciaC Reserve er 40, SPECIAL RESERVE CLUB BENEFITS INCLUDE:
• NRG (Energy magazine) News. Reviews and Graphics. Screen shots,
pack shots, charts, latest Giga-Savers. Game reviews in every
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the Cyoerpunk NRG street gang It’s Cyber-fantastic' NFG -
bi-monthly to all Special Reserve members.
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hidden costs.
Atari Lynx Nintendo Gamebov j.pmctel UK V*f**on. Free Shockware holsters & membership.
Official UK Version. Free Special Reserve membership.
1 f ?
Lynx colour handheld system
* mains po vet pack 6 California Games ? FREE Special Reserve
119. 99 £6.00 IS ANNUAL UK MEMBERSHIP UK £6.00 EEC £8.00 WORLD
£10.00 m Gameboy ? Tetris, two player lead.
Stereo headphones and batteries
* FREE Special Reserve membership
* FREE Shockware Gameboy holsters Gameboy Software etc. more
GRIO RUNNER KLAX ...... LYNX CASINO MS PACMAN NFL SUPER-BOWL PACLAND PAPERBOY Commodore Amiga in stock at time ol publication.
« UEYWAY ...15.99 ' AL100N KID 15 99 « (XJ6LE DRAGON ......15.99 AflGOYLES QUEST 15.99 toLF ......1599 « 1NG OF THE ZOO 1599 , WRK ......15 99 ..1599 fcVENGE OF GATOR .15.99 S XAR STRIKER 15.99 SPIDERMAN 15.99 SUPER MARIO LAND 15.99 TENNIS ... 15 99 WIZARDS AND WARRIORS .....15 99 SHOCKWARE GAMEBOY HOLSTERS . BELT 7.99 Sega Megadrive Megadrive Software Amiga 500Screen Gems Pack QCQ QQ COMPUTER WITH MOUSE. TV MODULATOR. BACK TO .lTM MM THE FUTURE 2, DAYS OF THUNDER. BEAST 2. DELUXE V V V I V V PAWIT 2 8 NtGMTBREED.
23. 99 .27.49 3099 3099
23. 99 27 49 27 48
30. 99
27. 49
27. 49 .27 49 34 49
27. 49 .27.49 3099 27 49 .27 49 POWER BASE CONVERTER (Runs Master
System Games) ..28.49 TURBO (FAST FIRE)
STICK 34.99 Megadrive * Altered Beast ? Joypad i OQ QQ
* FREE extra TURBO Joypad * Ou.W + FREE Special Reserve
membership Disks ’n bits Back Row (left to right) OuKkjoy
Supercharger (ST. AMIGA ETC) 9.95 QuttA oy
Jet Fighter (ST. AMIGA ETC) ...12.95 . 19 99
¦ Quic*toy Super board (ST. AMIGA
ETC) ...16.95 | Qurckjoy MS 15 Pin Joystick
lor IBM PC 16.95 lOwdrshof Warrior 15 Pin
Analogue for IBM PC ..12.99 I Front Row Competition Pro
5000 Mean G tef) . 10.99 I Competition
Pro Extra Glo Red .....12.99 Inikste
Mouse and Mat For Amiga or ST 32.99 I
Competition Pro Extra Glo Green
..12.99 | Competition Pro Extra Clear
Autotire ......12.49 I- Amiga ST Joysticks
etc. not shown.
3.5" DISKS 1.30
MB) .....-..1.39 10 PACK TDK 48 TPI 5.25 OS
DO DISKS (360K) .6.49 10 PACK TOK HD 5.25 DISKS
(1.4 MB) .....9.99 10 PACK TDK 96 TPI
5.25” OS DD DISKS (720K) .8.99 3 MAXELL CF2 DISK
t LABEL FOR PCW ......1.99
...2.99 DISK BOX
3.5" (100 CAP) DIVIDERS. LOCKABLE .....10,99 D6K BOX
STACKABLE. 3.5" (90 CAP) DRAWER -.13.99 Feature or
kings Time was when education involved nothing more than the
Three Rs - reading, riting and rollickihg good clips about the
ear if you stepped out of line. Free dinners, short trousers,
Miss, Sir and the cane were the order of the dcy.
Nowadays, however, all that is a thing of the past. Today's pupils wear comfortable sweatshirts, chinos and hl-teeh sports footwear, are on first-name terms with their teachers, enjoy fast food lunches and are as likely to be taught by silicon as by Sir.
What’s happened? Are they really growing up faster than they used to. Or is sophistication forced upon them by an adult world keen for children to embrace technology in its many guises?
Actually, a combination of the two. Children are only children if they're defined as such. If they're pushed into putting away playthings. Then an upturn in ability and maturity are likely results - probably followed closely by a downturn in emotional stability.
The advent of the media age has brought with it for children a greater understanding of the society In which we Itve. They're bright, active and able, and what better way to make use of these attributes than by computer tuition?
When computers first became available to a home audience manufacturers were quick to realise the potential of education There's a classroom full of software out there, but is it good enough to get the kids through their 'A' levels?
Dodging ink blots the size of snowballs, Amiga Computing chalks up a few marks out of ten os o selling point for their silicon although computers con be excel- wares. Lent os o teaching old. They must be A shade unethical perhaps, but used and procrammed correctly, whal a great way to tout your machine by ploying on the understandable fears of every parent worried about their little Johnny Your favourite manufacturer and Enter Commodore and his abilities at school. Mine is not. In fact, heavily into the "... the new Zmegma XL205. With educational scene os yet.
Its breath-taking IK of valuable That market is still populated by RAM memory wifi stretch the attifi- the likes of Acorn, but Commodore ties end expand the mind of any is making moves in that direction In child-" order to break into what can be on What they didn’t tel! You was exceptionally lucrative market in thot the only stretching and terms of both cash ond kudos, expanding going on was while the The Introduction of the Ill-fated kids figured out how to get any- Beebulator was on attempt by thfng even vaguely usable into IK. Commodore to get around the At least children hod relatively
problem of the wide acceptance cheap access to the new fechnol- of BBC Basic os the teaching lan- ogy even if ft wasn’t especially guoge in schools, good. Unfortunately however, the emu- Mony a Smflfion was mode by o Ictdf doesn't seem fo hove done computer whizz-kid with o much In the way of promoting Zmegma in his lap. Commodore into the educational Today, ft’s all changed. Every BmeOght.
Teenager has a 16-blt in their bed- Third-party manufacturers ore room ond the software houses are making moves In the some direc- bonging out educational programs tlon and It remains to be seen like the stuffs going out of fashion. Whether or not they'll have any Fine. But many people are justifl- more success than Commodore.
Obly worried that leaving their kids The fact remains thot the only In the hands of - unproven, os for way to get AMIGAs Into schools is os teaching is concerned - com- by selling them on their own capa- puters. May result In them becom- blfities. Not those of some Inferior, ing cobboges. 8-bit machine.
True, lots of educational software Despite the inability of Com- houses employ teachers either os modore to get AMIGAs on desks, programmers or on a consultancy there’s no shortage of educational basis, but by no means all. And software packages for the machine. Amiga Computing has gathered together o selection covering many aspects of education in order to determine once and for an the quality of just what's being sold under the educotiooa banner.
Play and Read series.
Prisma Software - £24.99 This is a hefty series of packages aimed at taking the child from a simple sight vocabulary all the way up to constructing full sentences.
Split info three levels, each of which has four ports, if aims to take pre-school non-reading children through a gradual attainment curve by ploying with words, ond rewords success wrth end-oMevel style grophics.
Unlike some education software, the design of the Play and Read series Is one which treats the computer os no more than o new tool tor teaching.
The bulk of the hard work s left to the parent teacher, who must utilise the reader books and story tape in the package to guide the child through his or her first steps In reading.
To help you in this, the package otters fafrty clear instructions on the step-by-step use of the tools, so even technophobic parents should be able to cope easily enough. If.
Despite this, you find yourself in Fuhwn Broadway - I Clatoiv bwrtca I SK MARKETING Rckmanwvarth Station - SmnuowwWh.
BA and MatrcpcXnan Una ? ? T COMPUTER SUPPLIES ? T ?
PROFESSIONAL AMIGA SOFTWARE BOOKS AMIGA HARDWARE AMIGA HARDWARE SCREEN GEMS PACK Star LC10. Cable. Kindwords 2, Fusion Paint. Miniaoire Golf. Super Ski, Crazy Cars ONLY £599 10 STAR GAMES PACK - £30 AMIGA 1500 2 x 3' »“ Drives Sim City 1 Mb Ram 1084S Monitor Platinum Works Populus Battlechess Battle of Brit Deluxe Paint III +10 other games.
£1075.00 A590 20MB Hard Drive .....£289.95 Philps 8833 Monitor ..£230.00 Commodore 084SCol. Monitor .£259.95 A501 Ram Expansion Clock .£129 95 Video Digitizer .... £99.95 Cumana 3.5" Drive ... £94.95 MES Half Me) Ram Expansion ..£50 AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER including sound amplifier with stereo speakers + headphones You have to hear it to believe it £49.99 AMIGA B200D...... P.OA. SCREEN GEMS PACK Philips 8833 + lead. Kindwords 2, Fusion Paint. Miniature Golf. Super Ski, Crazy cars ONLY £649 FLIGHT OF FANTASY - £385
* By Golden Image
* Inc. Touchup Software
* Supports IMG. IFF. TFF. Delas ? More
* 100 200300 or 400 DPI
* Requires 1 Mb DS Orive
* Fui Technical Support £195.00 CONTROL CENTRE Instantly
transform your Amiga 500 Into an A1000 2000 'look a like'
without any modification to tho computer. Simply slip the
‘control centre' over the Amiga 500 and by reason of its colour
match and contour huggmg design it becomes an integral pari of
the computer itself
• Hides untidy connections at rear of A500
• Holds disk drives, genlocks etc..
• Easy access to |oystck ports
• Monitor sits about A5O0 £54.95 Advanced Amiga
BASIC . Advanced Syss Prog Gde Amiga___________
..£18.98 .£32.45 Amiga 30 Graphics Prog
BASK------------- Amiga Appfcsiona ------ Arraga Assembly Lang
Prog ... £18.45 ..£18.95
______£14.46 Amiga BASIC bWdel Out .... Amiga C Advanced
Programmer* ..... Amiga C tor Beginners
________£18.95 .£32 45 ..£18.45 Am*ga DOS Inside
& Out .. Amiga DOS_________________________________
.£18.45 ______£14.96 Amiga DOS Quick
neierence.....------ Amiga DOS Rai Quid*-------------------
AiragaDeaktopVtdeo..------------- ...£895 £14.95 .£18.45 Amga
Deefctop Video Guide .. Amiga DUX Drives Inade
a Out . ..£18.45
- -.U..G27J6 £12.95 Amiga OdOraphice Sound
Ttfeco .C17.4S Amiga Ooptacs Insxie A
Out .£32.45 Amiga Hartfcrara n4 Manual
Rev £21.96 Amiga Machine Lang
Guide .... £2196 Amiga Machine
Languwp .....£14.96 Amiaa Microsoft Basic Proa
Guide .... £16.45 Amga Prog Handbook Vol 1 £24.96 Amiga
Prog Handbook Vol. 2___________ .£23.95 Amiga
Programmer* Guide ..... Amiga Programmer* Guide. Amiga
ROM Kernel Rai Man Autod----- £17.45 £20.46 £28 95 Amga
ROM Kamel Ret Manual .... .£29.95 Amiga ROM Kemei
Ret Man Uto... Amga System Programmers Guide .
- ------£32.95 ...£32 95 Amga tricks and iqa* .
. ...£14.95 Beoomng an Amiga
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Amga .. Compute's 1st Book oi Amiga------- £18.45
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All poces include VAT and carnage is free (UK mainland) North London: South London: 10 Fulham Broadway London SW6 1AA Tel 071 381 6618 Fax 071 381 0528 13 Moneyhili Parade Uxbridge Road Rickmansworth Herts WD3 2BE Tel 0923 896969 Fax 0923 771058 PERSONAL CALLERS WELCOME AT BOTH SHOWROOMS MONDAY-SATURDAY 9.30am - 5.00pm Feature difficulties, a quick phone call to Prisma should sort you out. I found them very helpful.
The reading game itself is a bit basic as far as graphics and sound go. But these usual touchstones of quality don't hold as much importance in education software when it is written for four year-olds.
Play and Read offers a simple ‘choose a word' game which the parent teacher supervises and participates in. This Is consistent enough to hold a child's interest for the duration of an average lesson.
The aim of the fi'st part is to find words that begin with a particular letter, and thus build a vocobulary of words from sight. The chfld controls a small man, moving him around a three level platform qptil the letter or word has been chosen.
If this Is correct, a quick tune plays and a happy green character appears over the game area as confirmation. Subsequent successes can build up a whole row of these, so the child can see just how well he or she is dong.
In parts two to four of the first level, pupils are taken through vowels and the way words are made up. Simple sentence construction, and a more advanced hunt-the-word game, all of which can be tackled at differen* ability levels.
Taken together with the books, the audio tape, and the required participation of a parent teacher, the thrust of the entire level is consistent and well integrated.
According to Prisma the BBC Micro version of the Play and Read series has been used in schools since about 1985 soliciting delighted reactions from teache's and parents alike.
The first level of the Amiga ver- The latest release of the popular Fun School software was revised and updated on the Introduction of the Nalonal Curriculum with Its requirements strongly In mind.
Fun School 3 The series consists of three pock- oges aimed at the pre-school, five to seven year-old and over seven yecrs age brackets.
The first is geared to prepare children for the curriculum while the latter two were coded after consultation with the Department of Education. In addition French and German versions will shortly be released.
Each package consists of six games which address a particular aspect or Idea deemed Important In the National Curriculum. For example. The notion of control in information technology Is stressed in DoE guidelines So for each age group there is a gome in which the chUd has to control anything from a teddy bear to a Logo-like graphics pointer in order to succeed.
Other aspects covered range from word or shape Identification to basic maths, and In complexity from the simplest concepts for toddlers to quite tricky maths for older chWren.
Oie game In particular. Planet Matts on the Over 7's disk, can do the seemingly Impossible by making sums entertaining. The child has a certcln amount of time to answer a maths problem before It drifts into 0 force field and is zapped. If answered coTectty, a missile shoots out of the sum Itself and destroys the obstacle. Ha'dly the times tobies I rememberl Unlike Play and Reod. Fun School uses the computer as Its Only main tool and doesn't include reading materials or audio tapes. It makes up for this, however, by sporting the best graphics and sound of any educational program available on
the Amiga.
Parent teacher Involvement is not as importont *o Fun School as their input is restricted to controlling the way the software is used. To this end the manuals a e quite good at offering Ideas The whole thrust of Fun School, however, is suggested in its title. The packages ore slickly programmed, very colourful, and contain many pieces of spot sound effects and animation. The programs are aimed at giving the child a good deal of enjoyment while learning, and it is on the success or failure of this ploy that the software should be judged.
Unfortunately, as Fun School 3 is not yet avollable In BBC or PC versions we can't tell how well it wifl go down in schools. As yet *here ore not enough Amigas In schools to provide a platform for the software, but If the quality of Its programming is anything to go by. Rt should do well.
My only reservation concern; the amount of parent teacher involvement allowed for in the basic concept. As It alms very much towaids a self-contained computer education package, it risks excluding the adults to an unacceptable degree They have to make an effol to guide the child, who'd quite happily carry on with the user-friendty games on his own, rather than being an integral part of the process.
However, the manuals provide enough guidance and ideas for the uses of Fun School software to partly offset this, and the games are more than capable of educating without it being noticed.
With Its superior sound and graphics and easy mouse-driven Interface. Fun School 3 is one of the best education packages around on the Amiga and win be a first choice for many parents.
Sion s now available, and if it can repeat the success of Its 8-bit ancestor. It should be a worthy oddlhon to the currently restricted range of Amiga education software.
Feature Hooray for Henrietta, Scetlander Software - £24.99 Despite its dubious Home Counties title, this program is written by a Glasgow company, who might be suspected of taking the Michael.
This fc another program claiming to follow the guidelines set down by the National Curriculum and. Like the two already examined, attempts to cover attainment levels o" e to five.
Hooray for Henrietta is the first in a series of educational games from Scetlander produced as a joint project with the Scottish Council for Education and Training (SCET) and Scotlander pic - hence the company name.
It concentrates on fun maths for five *o 12 year-olds, and has a sta- blemate in the shape of Henrietta's John the t h s Henry in custardf cover** Try )t ai'd to save li i m next tine .
Press Space to continue If yoTr* too How, John th* Parrot ho* hi* wicked way. The hconttvo i* to got m *um» correct Book of Spelfe. The package is similar to Fun School in that It contains no material other than the software itself, focuslrg an the educational thrust In the on-screen action. In the case of Henrietta, this comes as a roce against time.
Match Pairs Electronic Arts - £19.99 John the Parrot has stolen all Henry's clothes and the only way Henrietta’s wedding can go ahead as planned is for the child to rescue successive Items of clothing from the 'eathered fiend.
RTvW I 3 Henrietta must answer a series of maths questions before winning the game. At the beginning of each section she is faced with a rope climb or a smllarly tortuous path, and only by getting her sums right can she progress Inch by Inch to her goal.
All of this is done against the clock, which gives the packoge an edge of excitement simitar to that engendered by Fun School. Where Henrietta differs is in the parent teacher Interface.
When the program loads up. The odult can chose to go straight to a program configuration section that Strictly speaking, this is not an education progrcm, but as It Is marketed as a memory garrfe and Involves pattern recognition, memory exercises, and shape co-ordination It fols into our area of Interest.
The game concept is simple and familiar, a little too much for my liking.
The player is faced with a grid of cards reverse side uppermost.
He turns over two at a time, which If they match are eliminated and he has another go. In a straight contest against the computer the player attempts to match more pairs and so win the gome.
The educational aspect of allows control of the eight difficulty settings and timer speeds, so that a high degree of control is available.
The harassed teacher struggling to control 30 or more pupils will probably set this once, then leave Match Pairs Is contained In the way it encourages a child to recognise different shapes or pictures and to remember where on the grid they last appeared.
Shape and pattern recognition are two important elements In the earty development of language. And It Is interesting to see how they can be broughl out through a program which is more of a game than anything else.
Match Pairs is perhaps not very good value for money, but It Is an encouraging sign to see one of the giants of entertainment software releasing a program. Which has even the faintest whiff of educational value about it.
Them to get on with It. For the parent with a lot more time to spend, the facility offers a welcome opportunity to cater specifically for the needs of one or two children.
With a bit of perseverance, the difficulty level of questions and the time given to answer each can be quite finely adjusted.
The options allow for the program to concentrate on any one of the four arithmetic operations - multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction - or all four at once. A recording option will also keep a comprehensive sco ecard on each chHd and give pa ent or teacher Instant access to details of a child's progress.
For all this, the program b a bit limited in that you only get one subject and the quality of programming Isn't quite as good as Fun School.
However, If you find parent teacher control of a program's difficulty level is important and you've got the time to closely montor the HANDS ON EXPERIENCE the 00 pints oo- M MULTI DPI MOUSE
• 9-25 Pin Adaptor
• VA'-SW Disks
• Mouse Pocket
• Mouse Pad
• Variable Dpi from 100-800 Dpi
• Hardware switchable between PC mode & Microsoft mode
• Micro switch buttons
• Compatible with IBM-PC-XT-AT and Compatibles
• 1 Year Guarantee CHALLENGER JOYSTICK Ergonomically designed
handgrip Auto-fire with adjustable shooting speec Micro
switches for durability Suitable for left or right hand players
FIVE IN ONE MOUSE Compatible with* Amiga • Atari ST* Commodore
PC-III Series* Amstrad PC* Schnieder Euro PC r AT286 Machines*
220 Dpi resolution* Tracking speed 350mn Sec. • Microswitch
buttons* Mouse Pocket* Mouse Pad* 1 Year Guarantee* 6ft
Operating distance (Infra red models) 45 Degree reception
(Infra red models) Available in Grey or Clear Cable joystick
model for Amiga • Atari • Infra red model for Amiga • Atari
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for Sega Mega Drive Jafr red joystick require* one 9v PP5
bjiicry Contriver products are available from main dealers
Telephone 0280 822803 4 • Fax 0280 822805 Learning is now even
more fun!
Fun School 3 is everything you - and your children - ever wanted from educational software: SIX challenging programs in each pack which fulfil the exacting requirements of the National Curriculum. Plus: Stunning graphics: exciting sounds; carefully structured levels so your children can have fun and learn at their own pace. And all are designed by the winning team which created Fun School 2. The biggest-selling educational package ever!
On so e at top dealers nationwide. Selected formats available at larger branches ofWH Smith and Boois.
Count up to nine to help teddy get the honey Tell the time and watch the clock come alive!
Guide the frog from log to log to solve the sums My done is ot the front of tho clar.s 1 sit next to f mmu Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes Follow the directions to find the buried treasure Expry date Atari ST • Amiga • PC • Amstrad PCW £24.99
• Spectrum • C64 • Amstrad CPC £12.99 (tape) £16.99 (disc) Format
Under 5s 5 to 7s Over 7s Tape Disc Tape Disc Tape Disc Atari ST
9490 9491 9492 Amiga 9921 9922 9923 PC 5.25* 5891 5892 5893 PC
3.5“ 5894 5895 5896 Amstrad PCW 5211 5212 5213 Spectrum 9084
9085 9086 9087 9088 9089 Commodore 64 9076 9077 9078 9079 9080
9081 Amstrad CPC 6189 6190 6191 6192 6193 6194 Please supply
Fun School 3 for the code number(s) circled ? Cheque payable to
Database Software ? Please debit mv AccessMsa card no.
I i i t i Mil) 11 l 1 .J I Signed J Add (2 per program for Eompe & Ere (£S Cvcncc* Name _J Addmss Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. Order hotline: 051-357 2961 Postcode.
Feature record of a single child, the Henrietta series Is a very good chclce.
Let s Spell series Soft Stuff £19.95 This offering is aimed more at the parent at home than the teacher In the classroom. It also doesn't claim a link with the National Curriculum.
However, as Soft Stuff is one of the older educational software comoanies It Is a series you will find in its BBC guise, in many a classroom.
Let's Spell Is based on a simple concept, which Is less dependent on game elements than most of the others.
The child is presented with a graphical representation of the environment concerned, whether it's the home or the shops.
By pointing ond clicking with the mouse the computer moves to the area he or she is interested In - the bathroom or grocers, for example.
Once there, clicking with the mouse on one of the objects located In that area brings up the game's main Interaction screen where oU the spelling goes 00, A fclowup of the chosen object is shown and the child Is invited to spell out Its name by clicking on the letters of the alphabet. When this Is done the letter is spoken In a voice 'hat has been sampled from a young child. If spelled incorrectly, an adult voce says ‘try again* in encouraging tones.
Conclusion Whether the packoges we've looked ot are any good rests or what you're looking for from o computer this may sound like c Cop-OJf, but it’s true.
A teacher will be looking for software that meets educational stondcrds ond which can keep the little monsters happily learning wth the minimum of supervision A parenf on the other hond will probably look for something to encouage them to get involved - by sitting with the child and taking him through it. Each of these concerns ore addressed with differing measures of success by all ot the packoges outlined Whet is not in doubt is that the Amiga can stand on its own two feet as a tool tor education The hardware was always up to it. But the softwore has only now developed to the point wiere
It is as good os many of the packages on other machines in the education market You pays your money and you takes your choice, but it is satisfying to see a lot more thon was on offer to Hobson!
As a machine used to bock up the work done ir the classroom where Acorn hove an unossoilable lead, the AMIGA is a good choice.
As a tool for the teocher however, it still has a few exams to pass The professional viewpoint Teacher Claire Stevens writes for Amiga Computing on how educational software is being used in the classroom Mistakes can be easily rubbed out with the Oops Icon and nothing Is ever totally wrong. The program highlights both the wrong and the right letters In each spelling attempt, and can even hint at how hot or cold the child is when choosing letters.
On the whole, the program is well written and has a very appealing look. Apart from typing In the letters themselves, everything is mouse controlled and bright, colourful screens.
Correct answers are rewarded with a tune, and when wrong the child is shown why and encouraged to rectify the mistake.
The program has the advantages of being virtually supervision- free and capable of sustaining interest levels, but is hampered, as with other programs, by concentrating on just one subject.
With the addition of a simple arithmetic function. Let's Spell would have been a much stronger contender and would have been a natural rival In Fun School's general category However, it is still a perfectly respectable offering In Us own right.
Computers In the school serve two distinct functions. The first Is as an aid to learning, and I cannot stress the word aid too strongly, while the second is as a subject In Its own right.
As a device to encouroge and assist children In an exciting learning medium, the computer is a wonderful tool. Largely free of supervision, a never ending trail of bodies wend their eager way to this piece of electronic wizardry to reinforce a wide variety subjects.
Software on every aspect of education is now widely available to the professional - from spelling and sentence construc-
• tlon, to the creation of an electrical circuit.
Sadly though It’s never a case of *what can we buy to cover this area of learning?', rather It Is
* what can we afford to fill this gap?'.
As o curricular topic, an almost professional level of subjects are covered In the classroom Including programming, word processing, databases and spreadsheets. Everything, albeit at a basic level, reqiired to equip the school leaver to face a hi-tech world, Not just playtime The following Is a list of subjects currently covered h the classroom:
• Logo: A programming language suitable for a wide age range.
• Adventure games: A word and screen exploration activity
designed to buid computer confidence and inquisitiveness.
• Simulations: A project biAJng procedure which helps In the
understanding of real-life occurrences. One example Involves
cfccovering. Exploring and rasing the Marie Rose.
• Word processors: Used initially to develop keyboard and wrtlng
skills, this area also goes on to full function WP includng
basic typesetting.
• Databases: Storting with simple search routines, this section
continues onto data entry and eventually to database
manlpulcrloo and design.
• Control: An attempt to help the child understand the way In
which a computer controls external devices.
• Craft design technology (CDT): An Investigation of the way In
which we have adapted our environment to fit our needs.
Comprehensive isn't it? And from my dealings with the pubic, substantial more than the classroom is credited for by tie medio.
I'm also a parent, and I see the home computer market fog- Ing a powerful alliance with tne school. It provides our children with additional hands-on time with the benefit of closer and more immecfiate supervision.
Game skills a waste?
Just os an aside. It must be said that games too. Furnish children with beneficial skills. Beside trie obvious hand eye co-ordination of shoot beat-em-ups there ae the puzzle and adventure programs that provide real Intellectual stimulation.
My seven year-old son would spend hours playing games If allowed.
Some may wotty about about this, but when you realise that Ns brain Is analysing, problem solving, remembering and timing at extreme speed, the anxiety s wasted.
After all, pilots and astronauts use these very skills In some cf society's most valued professions.
“ i !£* o
o. iL cc 3 or O (A l t 2 .oc g 00 «* ii-£ 5-2 0 5 cL* " 5G
- i i s S-2 t||is glllfes 11 III Js 111 ? 8 fc 2 JJ CN O n 1 “I 1
Si!1111 : ¦ o Oh.
|2 cnnnin M; s. 3 £ s 3 S .-l
* = 22 J2 s ¦i sir
Q) 'S «S £ I * S. O a S “ & nmnti, 3 Tim inn 1 3* mu CO CO Is Is
in 0 O CO PAGE D£ina innn ill Sjfils 37 ff l-?s 3° Sla
Sflial! S*2.
I i R«-in RSIs inn R5 n s * nnn 1 S3 i annn First of a . You must mc*e a backup copy of the disk. To do this, boot-up with your copy of Workbench, then double click on the Workbench disk Icon, followed bv the Shell or CU Icon.
Now type: J1SK0PT FRO* 0F0: TO 0F0: Or. If you hove an extra disk drive, put a blank, formated disk in Dfl: and type: MKCOW FWA »F0i TO DM: Follow the on-screen prompts urrto the copying procedure has ended, then put your original disk away m a safe place.
Now switch off the machine and wait for 30 seconds before re-booing With the copy. Walt until the CoverDlsk17 Icon appears, double cUck on ft end away you go.
That's d you need do to make a straight copy of the entire disk.
However, you mcy also want to to copy indMckJd programs from your copy of the coverdbk to o seoarate disk, in this case ensure that you fully understand which related fltes need to go wtth it, For example, on of the document files on *he disk reaute that the text editor Ppmore Is In the current disk's C: directory.
Therefore, if you coov the docs to
o new disk vou win also have to copy Ppmore to the new C:
directory before you con read them.
Some of the smaller docs w3f not have been crunched, so for these you need only change the tool types on the Icon's info screen to reflect whichever text editor you do have on the new disk.
How To Use The Disk As a general rule, you should carefully read the documentation for any program you copy from disk to dfek.
This con save a great deal of messing about and can help you avoid on those Infuriating error messages!
That perennial favourtte is back!
Card games ore a big hit on covercSsks. If your letters are anything to go by. And Peter's Implementation of this classic should be as Wg a success as any.
IP r +T*‘.
:ri» T* ' _ Ii* . M (Ah l»r- Wj
• jOK m» r *•«•»- Ivl- f .?
- 7- The graphics are smooth and colourful, and there is even a
measure of sampled sound effects to tend It a auaRty feel The
game plays according to the standard rules, and there shouldn't
be too many of you who don't know them by now.
However. If you are one of the two or three people In Britain who can't play Patience Klondike, the game thoughtfully Includes a rules option, which can be accessed through a regular menu at any point In the game.
Asycvconwe.wemanoged toget on the high score table-Kan To start, hold down the right mouse button and select new game flam the Game menu. You will then be treated to the dtgi- llsedsouxJ of someone shutting and daaHng the cards into the famlar pattern a? Seven columns with the topmost card turned faceup.
To move a card from one p*e to another. CRck on It with the hand pointer - you'll see the thumb and index finger pinch together - then drag It to its new position.
If the move Is lega: the card you are about to cove* becomes
o dimmer shade at grey, but if the move is Wegai the card you
were dragging flips back to Its starting position.
Klondike Author Peter Wiseman Aces can be moved to any one of four empty boxes waiting above the main card table and cards exposed by a legal move are turned over by clicking or them.
The only point at which the game diverges from the rules b when It allows you to retim cards previously stocked on top of the aces to the columns below. This Is Klondike Gane Options M Plow ?re Welcome to another rip-roaring Amiga Computing cover- dlsk. Pemember - Amiga Computing is (probably) the best Amiga mag h the world, which means you can't get better than our coverdisk.
Each month we try to bring you a selection of the best reader submissions and the cream of what's on offer in the public domain. You'll And gomes, utilities, virus killers, and more cn every feature filled floppy.
Read on!
Earn up to a cool grand Workbench hacks Lefty mouse Is that rare beast, a useful Workbench hack) It reverses the way in which the mouse buttons function, so left becomes right and vice versa.
Any left-handed mouse user reodlng this will tell you how Irritating it is to have to use a device designed for right handed people.
To switch off Leftymouse, double click on Its Icon ogain.
Target is an old favourite which turns your mouse pointer Into a gunsight and makes a Dirty Harry style gunshot sound every time the left mouse button is pressed.
This b great fun to start with but can become annoying, so if you want tc turn It off, put a Joystick or mouse In Port 2 and press fire or click the left button.
Name .....Age. Address Try turning it on more than once
- you g&t a nice reverb effect, but watch out for gurus.
Eatlt is o wee swine of a hack, but a chect, so yog can't really moan that the game allows you to do I*. After all. You aren't forced to cheat are you?
....Daytime phone Submission name Submission size.. We will accept a submission up to 500K in total length, including documentation. If it is a compiled or assembled program include all the sojrce code, but do not count this in the size of the submission. If it consists of more than one file describe what each file is for. Attach an extra sheet of pap6r to this form if necessary.
A final note on this program: you must thoroughly study the document file found In the Klondike drawer with the main program, as It contains Information you w* need if you want to copy the game to another disk.
There are certain flies NOT found In the Klondike drawer that you'll have to ensure are copied to the newdbk.
Sign this declaration I declare that the program I have submitted is wholly my own work and I will indemnify Interactive Publishing against any possible litigation arising fronvbreach of copyright.
Signed .Date .... Post your submission to: Stevie Kennedy. Amiga Computing. Cover Disk Submissions.
Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP.
We are always looking for original contributions for the Amiga Computing coverdlsk. If you think something you have written is good enough to share with everybody else who reads the magazine, send It along and we ll have a look. You can earn up to an incredible £1,000 for your submission, although H would have to rival commercial offerings to earn that amount!
Please let us know which files. If any. Your submission needs from the Workbench disk.
If it’s clickable, feel free to design an original icon. But don’t make it too large and please use the standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512K machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the coverdisk.
We are not prepared to pay for programs that are already in the public domain or have been spread by other means. We will, however, launch your contribution into the public domain either as freeware or shareware.
Please enclose this coupon, or a phot- copy of It, with your submission. Include a file on the disk with full documentation, your name, address and telephone number, plus a few details about you and your kit.
Don’t forget to duplicate on the disk label the program name and your personal details.
AVAILABLE ON: Commodore Amiga, IBM PC and Compatibles, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC+, Amstrad GX 4000 & Spectrum_ EMPIRE SOFTWARE, * The Stannets, taindon North Trade Centre, Basildon, Essex SS15 60J. Tel. 0268 5*1126 WTTJOn rww YftSGmon Eye fee program that cflows you to view any part of your Amiga's memory and to edit the contents Of any address. Jt differs from some other programs in that ft rrwrtfopcontirwiously In real time.
Workbench release Address: 880888 Mode: view Area 32888888 88C88276 88FC8818 88FC881A 00FC881C 88FC881E 88FC8828 88FC8822 88FC898E 88FC8826 88FC8828 88FC882A 88FC882C 88FC882E 88FC8838 88FC8832 08FC8834 88FC8834 88FC8834 88FC8834 88FC0834 88FC8834 88FC8834 88FC8834 88FC8834 88FC8C8E 88FC8CE2 88FC8D14 88FC8P6C 88FC8DFA 88FC8E48 88FC8E86 88FC8836 88FC8838 88FC883A 88FC883C 88FC883E 88FC8848 88FC8842 88FC8844 8BFC8846 88FC8848 88FC884A 88FC884C 88FC884E 88FC8858 88FC8852 88FC8854 88C1BA7C 88C1BA7E 88C1BA88 88C1BA82 88CJLBA84 88C1BA86 88CIBA88 88C1BA8A 88C1BA8C 88C1BA8E 88C1BA98 88C1BA92 88C1BA94
88C1BA96 88C1BA98 88C1BA9A So ft you want to see the Amiga's internals in action, get the ture of the month up and running, then scroll through memory unN! You reach an area whose contents ore jumping about!
This Is most useful to programmers, but can also be fascinating for the tesser mortals among us.
To run Eye either double click on Its Icon or type EYE when In CU. The program win load and the main screen will pop up showing on area o' memory, its address, and Its name.
KDVIII Unfortunately, this does not Include custom chip memory areas, as Eye will not monitor these, tut this is Its only restriction.
The first thing you notice is how colourful and cheerful looking Eye is. C breath of fresh air in o programming utility. Scrolling ?hrough memory Is c sfmple matter of dcking on the large arrows on the rfght of the screen area, ond ycu can move the cursor around Inside the editing window using the mouse.
Memory is displayed fn pages of 256K shown both In Its hexadecimal and ASCII codes, and can be edited in two ways. First in hex form by choosing *he Modify F i)d iskl2 option from the Memory menu or, in ASCII by pressing RETURN to toggle between edit and view modes. The three menus available when using Eye are Memory, Adcfress and Search.
The Memory menu allows you to ’ocd a ffle Into memory at the position occupied by the cursor or save o block of memory to disk.
You mus* be careful to load only into free memory spcce.
Because otherwise you ore askInstall ing for a guru. The two block operations. Fill and Move, ore governed by Length. Destination Address, end Pattern parameter, so you should be able to precisely control them.
ITOor The Search menu speaks for Itself. You may search for a particular ASCII string, hex name, hex long name or *dsk name and. I?
The program finds It, the window win switch to that area of memory in a twinkle. Using the Address menu, you con flip back and forward one page at a time or jump immediately to a specified address.
These txocesses are extremely fast and reflect the care which has obviously gone into the coding of EYE.
Ft's good to see such Quality work coming from Ecstem Europe where computers in general.
AMIGAs In particular, are in short supply. We're looking forward to more of the same when Andrzej finishes Ns debugger.
And hard drives and is mouse-driven for ease of use. More compi- cated than DfekDoctor. Perhaps, but a great deal more useful, this is recover files from disks whose directory structure is damaged, ond retrieve data from comoged frocks. It works with both floppies totally scuppered disk structure, you will find RxDfek can solve many of your problems.
Ft cllows you to undelete files.
HP ; XVJ« :UU)v **. Iy drive t ! PH9: ! DF?: I Pfl:~* Driver DPI: Handierr trackclisk.device CSPS3 Nan® r CoverDiskl?:
- eve jj vy Ti** Kar-'.jnj Jta
- Scan note fiDirectory 1 Deleted !! Specify ¦¦¦Pirectory-
- Sho»
- C I devs
- s .info IHS-CODE-CUNIC
- - Hvare.info Klondike.info
- - Disk.info Connex35 Connex35.info Parent 11 Root
[Selected Check files- Ifyooreew cursed me Hmlfcrfions of
You'll flip summersoults ct RxDfek's
- - . ~ r rt*t* » « m CopODllfWS. IT should be good enough to
save most valuable dato.andas ufWSesgo.»'s lljj uttL He uinlnhf
wgiTn fra wwyi II In gold iSelectedifPeleted 1 aTT r-lMelete
files -Recover Selected!! All I Track t-Copy files-
• Validate’ iSelectedi! All 1 Disk 1 i-Wipe files- Selected!!
Deleted ! Device
- Delete-
- Renane-t Selected!! Faulty ' Selected1
* rt_ is hilarious the first time you see it. By double clicking
on this icon you will unleash a horde of ravenous little
mouths, which will proceed to eat your Workbench screen.
No actual damage is done, howeve'. Ond you can use the redraw option to restore things, bet the mouths will carry on gorging ‘hemselves until you reboot; If cnyone knows a better way of stopping this hock, please get in touch.
FixDisk vl.2 RxDisk is a program which, funnily enough, fixes corrupted disks. If you've e er hod read write errors or had some of your files corrupted, or ended up with a All Price* inc VAT Please add £2.96 PAP per Order Next Day delivery £10.00
GUARANTEE All our products carry our full replacement no
quibble guarantee REMEMBER III We only supply Quality Beware
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Slimlina and very quiet only £59.95 ATARI 3.5* EXTERNAL
DRIVE Slimline and very quiet (Requiree no external power
supply) only £59.95
3. 5'10 CAPACITY .£0.95 or 10 for .£7.50
JOYSTICKS PRO 5000 . ...£12.95
NAVIGATOR ..... ...£12.95 KONIX
.....£3.50 STAR LC10 COLOUR . .....£6.95 on excellent
utility. Full Instructions con be ;ound on the disk.
Huge Author: Nikolas Bozlnos Huge Is a general-purpose graphics utility of virtual professional quality which allows you to load, save and create Images, brushes and even iccos.
It has many of the features to be found lr commercial paint packages and offers drawing tools such as boxes. Bnes. EBpses and circles.
More advanced facilities Include fill, zoom, flip, cut and paste and a basic pattern fill.
The whole show is run from pull down menus, and Nikolas has even given the requestors and dialogue boxes a xitty new design.
There I? Pretty comprehensive documentation on the disk so you should be able to get Into the program reasonably quickly.
One thing I'd like to point out is that If you run Huge on a standard 512K mcchine you may occasionally have a problem with memory.
This shouldn't happen very often, but if it does, try closing as many wndows as possible before going bock Into the program.
KDVIII Author. Mike Hansell Kll Da Vhjs III must be run from CU or Shell or included in your startup- sequence. It will not work from Workberch.
To rur It on the coverdisk, activate the CLI window left open when you booted up and type BRUN C:KDVlll.
KDVIII recognises a total of 43 boot-block and file viruses, and HE3 um IV'W 0 E5K»1 53 ran-i „ or will tood and tavt Icons, iprttes, or bobs!
All new disks for boot-block or file viruses. One small problem you may find is that messages relating to non-standard boot-blocks flesh through the small window quite quickly rather than being prominently displayed as with other virus killers, so you have to keep an e e out or you may miss something.
To make best use of KDVIII, you are advised to Include It In the while this Is not the most comprehensive of lists, 11 is the best you will find In a program this small and easy to use. Al the common beost- ies such as Lomer Exterminator and TTV1 (or BGS9) ae dealt with.
When activated. KDVIII checks the system memory, the boot- blocks of all disks presently in the machine, and looks for file viruses, then iconises Hself on the menu bar. To use it at any tme. Click Inside Its window with the left mouse button, then hold down the right button.
The program's single menu should now be selectable and you can proceed to install a disk or save, restore and view any boot- block.
KDVIII checks memory every 30 seconds and continues to examine Install Author David Khcbr It sometimes seems silly that although Commodore went to the trouble of producing a user-friendly Interface In the shape of Workbench, they left many of the most common and most useful AmlgaDOS commands deep In the jungles of CU land.
One of these commands Is INSTALL, which comes In especially handy when you want to make sure that a disk has no boot-block virus, and when you have formatted a disk using a formatting routine which does not Instal a normal DOS boot block. With the Install program, you need never again resort to CXI for this function.
Install vl.B: Klondike UB-Hacks Connex35 Huge TUNE-0r-THE-M0NTH EYE Instal1 1998 by David Kinder for Aniga Computing THE-CODE-CLINIC THE CREATOR FiKDiskl2 KDVIII install your dtakt wMh a tew cMciu of the mouse without ever using CU ISUI CDL A1500 CDL A1500 Chrcfcmate Digital bring vmi tbc Ultimate peripheral for tbe A5W.
The A.1500 Mini-Workstation I SI A1500 Workstation Examples Home Station : A1500 Base I nit with I Meg Amiga Internal second Floppy Disk Drive Commodore A1084 Stereo Colour Monitor Only £ 969.00 Businness Station A1500 Base unit with I Meg Amiga A590 Hard Drive 20 Meg with 2 Meg Ram CDL A590 internal fitting Kit Commodore A1084 Stereo C olour Monitor Only £ 1395.00 A 15(1(1 Base Unit Price Only !! £230.00 inc vat !!
Includes Seperatc Keyboard Casing 2«j£ 'A?W' ?M' I V
s. r.2.™ NY*4 VI«2 «**V1 X ¦- Ajrw Colour Monitors Commodore
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Bare drive prices as used in A590.
All are Fujitsu 3.5 inch, high speed and very reliable.
44Mb £ 239.00. 90Mb £349.00. 135Mb £475.00 182Mb £535.00. External case, power supply £ 99.00 A590 20Mb Replacement Drive Unit £ 75.00 Ring For Our latest Ram Card Prices.
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Vortex Atonce PC Emulator£ 199.00 KCS Power Board:- £ 299.00 KCS includes 512K ram + MSDOS. In the above price.
Wonderfull new Micro-Switch Mouse. £ 24.95 400 DPI Hand Scanner, includes Software £ 249.00 200 Watt Power Supply for A500 £ 79.00 Even thing on these pages w ill fit the A1500.
!! Ring for details on the many products not listed !!
Checkmate are pleased to accept F ducation Authority Orders.
111] ¦I- HECH % HECHF1RTE IGITRL IF1ITED 80 Mildmay Park. London. NI 4PR England.
Tel 071-923 0658 Fax 071-254 1655 Can’t afford the initial cost of the A 15(H) system, but you need the seperate keyboard. Why not buy the A1500 keyboard kit. This includes all the cables, and the Keyboard case of the A15(H), plus the blanking plate for your A500.
£59.95 + P&P.
But that is not all. Should you decide to upgrade to the full A1500 system, then Checkmate will give you a 20% discount on the full price, for the balance of the kit.
All Prices include at but exclude P&P Did V ou See the Hi-4J at the 16 bil Shim again until you click on KDVJll's close gadget.
If you nave a second drive, place me coverdisk in it. Men type: COPY Df1:CKWJ!I TO drO:£ 2£7U2* COPY »F1:C 32UN TO 5fO:C 2£TU2N If you nave c single drive system.
Type CD COVERDISK 17 dnd replace Workoencn wiTh The mTenoea dtsk and Type: COPY OVIII TO 5ffl:C 2£7U2X COPY 82UN 70 OfO:C 2£TU2X Remember to mate sure mar you've goT enougn space to accornodare BftUN and KDVU on you Workbench disk.
You'll need aoouT 13K. So a straight copy of me original Woroencn disk will noT nove enougn room. Erase wnicnever files from me Utilities drawer ou feel you'll nor oe needing mucn unTil you've lioeraTed enougn space.
Caveraisk wnen requesTea. Tnen type tne following commands in order; CO C 2£Tdtt COPT COPT TO 2AK: 2t7U2K COPY OVIII 70 2M: 2ETU2M COPY 32UN TO UK: 2cTu2K CO 2AH: 2cT02K Now remove me cover disk from tne drive, replace it with your sTartup sequence of your Workbencn disk ana any omer DOS disk from wmcn you regularly boot, such as a word processor.
Tnis seemingly complicated operation is quite simple ana can do occompfcsheo os foUows.
First of all. Boot from me disk wrose sTarTup-sequence is to oe altered and open CU or Shell. Now type: cD S:scirtup-sequeace Note maT you cfek has :o hdve me ED tool in us C: directoiy. This is Ok if you use a copy of Workbench as ED should always oe mere. When the startup-sequence appears on The screen, use me cursor keys to scroi down until you see a line witn me command LOADW3 in it.
Ptace me cursor ot The srarr of tne ine and niT RETURN to make space for o new line. Now place me cursor ot me stott of me olank line end type SRUN CrKDVW.
Do noT press RETURN yeT. To exsr ED and save you altered stott- up-sequence. Press ESC . Men X . Men R£TURN . You've com- pietea me fiisr step.
The second step is a oit Trickier.
All you need do is copy me 88UN and i DVlll programs from me C: directory of me coverdisk to me C:direcTory of you new disk. BRUN is important as it is a rourine which starts c program as a backgrouna Task.
If you jusriype KDVlil it will nun as a foreground task and you will be unaole to use mat CU window (Workbench Screei lEEDfv All Rights Reserved AMS Sppintf, NSW 2121 Austpa fiofix io Brian, kick 33*tin, DttVj ur Sc 71 ai This ppo aw knows the following 43 virii trojans:
- - , ” ll'-JS "1 -L- - “ til Da Virus 111 wiii oft 43 dtftomnr
wusm. Adudng some or 3m most common ft* wums. Such os 6GS9 ITV1
* SAVE ££££££’s * SAVE ££££££’s * SAVE ££££££’s * tf) 4 4 4 4 4 4
U * 3 * (A 4 4 4 4 4 4 U 3 ( (A (4 (4 4 C4 a 5 8 * * (A (4 (4
(4 (4 4 (4 lu M.D. OFFICE SUPPLIES (All prices quoted are
inclusive of VAT and carriage UK Mainland only) E.&O.E.
* SAVE ££££££fs * SAVE ££££££’s * SAVE ££££££’s SAVE ££££££'s * *
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100% certified, tested product, simply the best.
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100 genuine Sony diskettes DS-DD 135 tpi £44.95 200 genuine Sony diskettes DS-DD 135 tpi £82.95 400 genuine Sony diskettes DS-DD 135 tpi .....£159.95 This offer must end soon Hurry Hurry MAGIC MEDIA1 HIGH DENSITY 3.5N DISCS 10 DS HD 3.5" 1.44 MEG DISCS IN LIBRARY CASE £14.99 30 DS HD 3.5" 1.44 MEG DISCS WITH STORAGE BOX ...£39.95 50 DS HD 3.5" 1.44 MEG DISCS WITH STORAGE BOX ...£49.95 100 DS HD 3.5" 1.44 MEG DISCS WITH STORAGE BOX ...£64.99 (AS EVER LIFETIME GUARANTEED. UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY) ACCESSORIES 100 CAPACITY 3.5"
3. 5" OR 5.25" PACK OF 5 LIBRARY
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Accountants VAT, Taxation Accountancy, Book-keeping, Management Accounts, PAYE
(081) 543 7827 A PERFECT Mccountant.
COMPUTER SOFTWARE TAILOR MADE PROGRAMMES AT OFF-THE-SHELF PACKAGE PRICES Integrated Pack: A complete book-keeping system with various types of reports including P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Sale Purchase and Nominal Ledger, Budget, Cash Flow, plus VAT return. Also featuring Stock Control and Payroll for a bigger system (ie Multiuser on Unix Xenix Novel. Price £3000 onwards.
We will also convert your old system into our faster and comprehensive system with a little or no extra cash.. Integrated Accounting Software Easy to use pull-down menu or by pressing first letter of menu Help message at each menu and input (option to turn it off) Initial set-up is done for you Up to two billion records in file UP to 999 departments 99999 plus posting codes 3000 plus accounts group codes Compatible with many databases, spreadsheets and wordprocessors (option to be requested) Works on IBM and compatibles, Atari Stfc, Amiga (Commodore). Minimum requirements:
512k RAM, 380k Floppy disk drive.
Write to Abbey Freeman & Co, 15 Parkleigh Court, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3BX* Tel: 081-543 7827 FEATURES SET-UP Accounts group codes Posting accounts codes DeDartment codes VAT rate codes SALES LEDGER Summary invoice posting Itemised invoice posting Cash sales posting Credit notes posting Cash received posting NOMINAL LEDGER Opening balances Bank (non sales purchase ledger) Journals Prepaymerts » Accruals PURCHASE LEDGER Summary invoice posting Itemised invoice posting Petty cash expenses Debit notes posting Cash payments posting REPORTS Transaction file report Sales day Aged debt analysis
Statements Purchase day Aged creditors analysis Trial balance Monthly management accounts Profit & loss with tax calculation Balance sheet Nominal ledger Bank reconciliation VAT return Source report Account enquiry OTHERS Budgets Cash flow Transaction Code correct routine Back-up ORDER FORM Company name: Address . Postcode Atari ...ED IBM ..ED Amiga ..ED One Floppy......I I Two Floppies .ED Hard Disk ...ED Allow 28 days for deliver)' Write to Abbey Freeman & Co., 15 Parkleigh Court, Wimbledon, London
SW19 3BX. Tel: 081-543 7827 Requests for modification or tailor made programs are welcomed Please write with your specification to: A PERFECT ACCOUNTANT SOFTWARE 15 Parkleigh Court, London SW19 3BX Need to know what to save yovr hard-earned pennies for? Read on as Nitk Clarkson tempts you... GAUNTLET 3
- US GOLD March will see the release of Gcuntlet 3. Unlike Its
predecessors, the game will be played in 3D . As usual you'll
be able to take the part of a wizard, warrior, elf or vakyrle.
Your goal win be to rid the lands of evil demons, who are
rising from the depths of hell In order to cojse as much
trouble as possible.
Detail Is still rather sketchy. We've no price as yet and will let you know more as soon as we find out.
SUPER MONACO GP-US GOLD Ccnverted from the Sega coln-op.
U. S GokJ are proud to announce the imminent release of Super
Monaco GP. Programmed by ZZKJ, the name behind Super Hang-On
and Power Drift, the game sees you as a top racing driver
vying for- pole position.
Race over four frocks in your bid for the top. Featuring superb graphics and sound. Super Monaco GP will be available during March. Don't miss It!
- GREMLIN It has been two hundred years since Hlro, the last of
the fearsome Blade Knights, defeated Havoc and saved both his
land and people from certain doom. Rising from his resting
place. Havoc has sworn revenge on Hiro's people.
The only obstacle In his path Is a distant relction of the late, great Blade Knight - youl Switchblade features six massive levels, each one comprising more than 100 screens. Programmed by the same team responsible for Venus - The Fly Trap. Switchblade 2 looks set to follow the huge success of its predecessor. Due for release towards the end of March, the game will cost £24.99. f I I -
• iU rr
- c »' I V N‘ a - ,
- US GOLD Cybercon III was originally designed os a huge defence
system, keeping control of the eorth's super-lethal armour .
Inside Its protective cocoon, Cybercon Ill's synthetic
brain mutated Into madness.
Turning its Immense firepower on Its makers, the system set about destroying the world.
Decades later the survivors began planning *he nemesis of their tormentor. Discovering Cybercon III buned deep In a mountain, a volunteer was dispatched to rid the world of the system. Designed by Ricardo Pinto, the man behind the highly acclaimed Carrier Command, Cybercon III features state of the art 3D graphics, it is due for release at the end of March. More details as they arrive.
- PSYGNOSIS Psygnosts are set to release one of the hottest new
products his year.
Lemmings is one of those games you just can't put down. Tne Idea Is simple - ensure the safe passage of your lemmings through numerous hazard-ridden levels.
The game is mouse controlled and features sickly-sweet gaphics.
Using the different icon commands you can make your lemmings climb, dig. Build and jump their way to safety. With an Inimitable charm all its own. Lemmings looks set for the number one position.
The budget software scene is really heating up and games giant US. Gold are about to release the first games on their Kba label. All priced at £7.99, the first batch will IrckJde: KIXX BUDGET TITLES - U.S.GOLD Road Blasters: In the not too distant future the world will be a place where the survival of the fttest rule win apply. With a cannon mounted on the front of your car you must run the gauntlet.
Thunderblade: Take to the skies In your attack chopper as you attempt to blow the enemy out of the air. Token from the arcade smash, Thunderblade reached number one all over the world.
Blasterolds: An extension of the original Biosteroids, this game sees you and a friend simultaneously battling it out against the evil Mukor, World Class Leadeiboard. The ultimate golf game for £7.99 Is now avalloble for all to enjoy.
Gauntlet II: The arcode smash on your computer. Experience Gauntlet on your Amiga nowl Outrun - U.S. Gold's classic conversion of the award winning Sega coin-op. Experience the thrills and spills of racing at high speeds as you zoom along h your Ferrari Testarossa.
The next batch of Klxx tttes w* see the likes of Vigilante, Barbarian II. Axel s Magic Hammer. Moonwalker and Scramble Spirits.
(5UAETEJ THE POWER OF A MUSIC SYNTHESISER IN YOUR AMIGA THE DIGITAL MUSIC MACHINE ARTET The Power of a Synthesiser and Four Track Sequencer in your Amiga OjWpQuartet, your ga becomes a 4-voice polyphonic synthesiser and 4 track recorder. Quartet allows play back of up to r instruments simultaneousjy Jljo iorflmj yowCiynijj into a-reaLftmsical Quartet. It runs on a ndard Amiga 500 and does not require any special L-“J------- ARTET'S format makes faor oyed by professional musitfa mic. O es monopoly previously production of commercial quality programmers, allowm; COMPOSE music c fthe four
scrolling staves by either input from the mousedor by recording a live perfoMMnce plav JP on the AMIGA keyboard or MIDI instrument, connected to y ryr AMIGA via a MIDI interjrce to ttanferial Data Port. , !
Chlif MSfiSriiJistrument from a choice of 100 musical instruments and sounds included vyith Quartet, * or Import yb(fr own sounds from a sampler such as Microdeal's own A.M.A.S. earyjtdge. Up to 16 instrument &n be held in memory at onetirfieT You~c*a*Lseasily compose drum and rh&hffc-JYacks, and then play dmh melodies on the remainingchannels. Alternatively you can orchestrate ( fAsw «ll piece* by using such Samples as Oboe, Harp, Doable Bass and Violin, krom Debussy to Depeche etoQ Qj rtet will play figm all. j , PLAY anyl&mple polyphonically ovJr threefoctayes fVom thq Amiga Keyboard
or Mlt j instrument.
Imagine bejpg able to play Synth, Guitar or Harpsichord chores from your Amiga kcybo d.
Amiga Keyboard or Mil J instrument, from your Amiga kcyboj’d.
Bi from A.M.A.S. or any popular sample® Tempo, from I ’ o 3000 beats per min£ to add your compositions to your own progr Includes routines for SEKA and DEVPAC-2 as Simple, powerful mouse controlled on-scorc music Editor Full MIDI compatibility if you own a MIDI intufadKmd instrument Live Performance Record from Amiga keyboard flf MIDI instrument Digital processing function, to change the pitch qf non-Quartet samples A selection fo 100 crisp instruments and Make your own demos with Quartets musicJnd your own D-Paint QUARTlT FEATURES V §U
* Low Pift. Filler control X. * Use* Mmpl« from A.M.A.S. or any
popular sample® IkOa * livoPlay .ii.KHiip.ininM'nt
*Adjy|Latfle Tempo, fropi 100 lo 3000 beats per mirx y
* 4 voice UrtWed music synthesis “Simple to add your
composition* to your own program i * Individual ngje volume
control * Includes routines for SEICA and DEVPAC-2 assemble!*
* lndiwdualir®inel ON'OFF control * Simple, powerful mouse
controlled on-score music Aditor
* Live Performance Drum Sequencer * Full MIDI compatibility if
you own a MIDI inlerfadftnd instrument
* Extensive CopPtut and Paste functions * Live Performance Record
from Amiga keyboard « MIDI instrument
* Up to lb sample*in memory at one time * Digital processing
function, to change the pitch pi non-Quartet samples f m Easily
programrike felereo fades and bounce effects * A selection fo
100 crisp instruments and sound*.
IDI COMPATIBILITY fou have a keyboard or instrument with a MIDI OUT socket and a MlDvfi rial Pori, of your Amiga trieo Music can be input into any of the Gfs CORD fnode. As you record, Quartetirt tiack the pttettfcree channels fr the Amiga, providing you haven't swItcrfeaBIR&Shnels off. You can free it as music is b fng played, you can accompany it In your chosen s-a r nterface channels by from the audio out up any sound channel so pie, either from a MIDI If you hav Serial Po RECORQ on the A1 __ that as music is being played, jqu can acco instrument oMkr Amiga keyboSoj 9| ? B l|i| ntij| H I
1 ‘ ' rorri QUARTET FILE SELECTOR SCREEN © COPYRIGHT MICRODEAL 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ARTE r QUARTET MAIN SCREEN QUARTET ORDER FORM AMIGA Quartet is £49.95 post & packing £1 (all prices inc V.A.T.) (0726)68020 r 1 B ssja.
BY PHONE WITH CREDIT CARDS BY POST: with Cheque • Postal Order • or Credit Card Name .. Address ... ...Post Code t ... Credit Card Type ......Expiry Date ..... Number .... Please allow 28 days for delivery Send to: Microdeal
PO Box 68 St Austell ¦ Cornwall England ¦ PL25 4YB In the year 2095 the sport of Speedball was driven underground. In a desperate attempt to regain pubic support, a Speedball council was set up.
SPEEDBALL 2 New rules were brought In to make the game more appealing. Teams were renamed and stadia rebuilt. Speedball 2 was bom!
Publisher: Image Works Price: £24.95 Soon 16 teams were contesting the conveted Speedball 2 trophy.
One of the new teams Is Brutal Delude. You are their manoger and as the 2105 season begin your hopes gre riding high.
The pitch has changed. It's now 100 per cent larger! In addition to the usual goal-mouths, there are now four ways in which to accumulate points.
Scoring goals will earn your team ten points. Hitting one of the two bounce domes will earn you two points. Illuminating one of the stars on the side of the pitch will gain you cn extra two points, while lighting al five wi provide an additional bonus of ten. Taking out an oppcdng player will also score you ten points.
The game also features a score muttiptter. Every time you throw the ball into the multiplier the points you score will be increased.
Naturally, If the opposing side has control of the multiplier you can reduce his score by using It yourself.
Speedball 2 also sees the Inclusion of pick-ups. Should one of your players coiect a pick-up he'll gain a special ability. These range from freezing your opponent and reversing his Joystick controls, to giving your team members maximum attributes and making your player?
Immune to all tackles.
In addition to the pick-ups, players may also grab other goodies.
Tokens will help you pay for extro training sessions or star players. Armcur and weaponry wi increase individual player's attributes.
There are two play modes in Speedball 2. The first, like the original Speedball, sees you controllng the team. The second puts you In a managerial role.
You train and coach the players while the computer controls them during the actual match time.
There are three competition modes
- a knockout tournament, the league and the cup. A special
practice mode lets you perfect special moves and *actlcs. How
ever, your team won't find their way to the top easily.
As well as skill you'll also need cash. Using the tokens you can increase your players' attributes. In addition you can ako peruse the transfer tables for prospects.
At the end of the day It's goals that count. Only the elite will win their way to the top, but in the cup games It's anyone's bet.
What are you waiting for? Pad up and head for the tunnel, Speedball 2 Is here.
Gameplay Although similar to Its predecessor, Speedball 2 moves into a new dimension. The inclusion of a managerial seetion and the modified scoring system also help to create a world-class action game.
Sound Nothing short of brilliant, the up-tempo rhythm provides real atmosphere. The sound of the ball crashing against the metal pitch Is tuned to perfection, as arc all the effects.
Graphics The graphics arc excellent and make for a show-piece game. The metallic graphics arc nothing new, but combined with the speedy update and excellent animation it’s clear the game Is a real winner.
The name Jordan Mechner may not be one with which you are familiar.
However. Jordan is no newcomer to the world of computer games.
His first, the highly acclaimed Karateka, sold over 400.000 copies worldwide.
Prince of Persia follows the same style ol gameplay as Jordan's first masterpiece and looks set to be every bit as popular The Sultan of Persia has decided to take a few months off while he searches for new lands to conquer.
In his absence he has left the day to day running of the kingdom to his daughter, a beautiful princess.
Unbeknown to the Sultan one of his seemingly loyal subjects, the Grand Vizier Jaffer, has decided to seize power for himself.
Enticing the Princess to his tower, the Vizier delivers her on ultimatum
- marry him or die. The poor girl doesn't really fancy either
option, but whichever she chooses she must decide soon as
Vizier Jaffer has given her only one hour to make up her mind.
Death b hardly a way out. But a sorrowful life with the Vizier isn't much better. If only her Prince Charming would bravely come to the rescue!
Unfortunately, the young lad who has confessed his undying love for the Princess has been Incarcerated In the Vizier's dungeon. Stripped of all his possessions.
The tower and rescue the unfortunate lass.
Having escaped from your cell the first thing you need to do is find your sabre. Once collected, you'll be able to face the evil vizier's guards In a fight to the death.
You'l also discover your route is It- can the youth find a sword and make his way to the top of the tower in under an hour?
The game is split Into three distinct sections - the dungeons, the palace and the tower.
Starting in the depths of the dungeon you must work your way to tered with on assortment of fiendish contraptions designed to slow your progress.
E OF PERSIA Publisher: Domark Broderbund Price: £24.95 Razor-sharp spikes rise from the ground to Impale their next unsuspecting victim. Loose slabs crumble underfoot causing the unwary to fall to their death, and steel toothed gates open and close like a monstrous mouth.
Of course, the Idea is that you avoid the traps at all costs.
Contact wtth any of them wtl lose you voluable time and send you back *o the start of the current level.
In addition to the traps that await you, you'll also come into contact wtth guards.
When meeting one of these burly fellows you'll automatically draw your sabre and a fight will ensue. The henchmen found in the dungeon are relatively easy to beat.
However, as you progress to the later levels the guards become more seasoned swordsmen and worthy opponents. Only when you have defeated them at wfl you be able to pass.
Naturally, you are likely to receive some wounds A Ilf e-force Indicator Is located at the bottom of the screen and every time an injury Is received a portion of It Is depleted.
By collecting various potions you can revitalise yourself, but beware there are also less than beneficial elixirs to be found.
Some will Indeed cure you of your wounds and may even Increase your vttafty, but others will contain a life-sapping poison.
Potions are often tucked away out Graphics The animation of the main character Is excellent. The Intrepid young adventurer moves so fluently you begin to believe he’s real. It's a pity that the background graphics aren’t so Inspiring.
Sound The various sound affects art activated when the main character performs different tasks, lech ditty has • truly Arabian theme tytng-ln nicely with the overall fed of the game.
Gameplay This a game of exploration.
Traps and guards abound In the passages and nimble joystick control Is required at
• II tlmat. With the Inclusion of a save game facility Prince of
Persia should appeal 10 gamcsplayers everywhere.
Of sight, so only observant adventurers wM find them.
Completing the game will take quite a time and novice plcyers would soon lose Interest If It we en't for the save gome option. At any point after level two. A simple keystroke will automatically save your position to disk.
As If that Isn't enough, players may also procttce any of the first four levels.
The game is Ike a giant assault course with a few deadly traps added for good measure.
Completing It will be a matter of trial and error.
All In all. Prince of Persia is a great little game that will undoubtedly attain cult status.
I READ OFFERS ArgAsm Probably the fastest assembler ever for the Amiga!
When you're developing software, the last thing you want is to hang around for ages while your assembler processes your code - when you could be getting on with further program development.
Exclusive price for readers of AMIGA V fc O M P U T I N G £54.95 RRP £59.95 SAVE £5!
But now all that waiting's a thing of the past, because ArgAsm from Argonaut Software is a revolutionary machine code development system.
It assembles at an incredible rate of 250,000 lines a minute!
- at least five times faster than anything else, and over 100
times faster than the original Commodore assembler - and it
remains fully compatible.
What's more, ArgAsm is the first assembler to be compatible with all the three major assemblers; Assem, Devpac and Cape. So if you're looking to upgrade, the chances are you'll be instantly right at home with ArgAsm.
And for a limited period we're exclusively knocking £5 off the recommended price. Jf ASSEMBLER EDITOR If you 're serious about ¦ ¦ in11 .¦ i k j¦ iiII- ii • il'i fi ¦ .'•I' producing professional quality software - fast, .'In1 -i'll i,' this is THE assembler for i 111 • I f I • Ii-’*- . ' :
• I I - 1 ¦ 1 ¦ ! I • you. But remember, this V, .n • : ¦ i I
.Li, i'.i ;i .
Is a limited offer, so to ) ¦ I'-K II'. Flu. T '
• j iI-Ar 1 ii be sure of your copy K
• • -if".-.
• I • X: il.i* I.".•. place your order today. F J Place your
order today, using the form on Page 129 r game Is played In Its
team mode players won't get a pod. Instead, drones are
collected. Each ship may have a maximum of two drones and when
fully complemented. Additional weapons are added.
Having destroyed the satellite in orbit around Alpha Centauri. The X- Out pilots received a hero's welcome. However, the celebrations were to be short lived. The base's long-range radar scanners had picked up enemy transmissions from Ajpha Centauri Itself.
Facing an Imminent enemy attock, the Federation has called upon you to fly a deadly mission right nto the very heartlands of the alien planet. Code named Z-Out.
Your flight win penetrate deep into the enemy defence system - there’s no room for error, you must succeed.
Z-Out foiows the time honoured In order to dispatch the larger aliens more quickly, you do possess a beam weapon. While holding the firebutton down your ship stores Its energy and when you release it you'l see a huge fireball spew forth killing practically everything in Its wake.
The game also lets you toggle between an ordinary fire mode and supercharged auto-fire. The latter option sees your ship letting OUT Publisher: Rainbow Arts Price: £24.95 fly with a constant stream of laser death.
Tradition of shoot-'em-ups. Its forefather. X-Out. Took It's Inspiration from the classic coin-op R-Type and Z-Out adheres rigidly to this tried ond tested formula.
There Is. As you might expect, one major difference, the two- player option. Unlike other games of this ik where players take turn at obliterating the alien slimeballs. Z- Out allows simultaneous monster mashing.
The game features six chaotic levek. Peppered with crazy creatures. Who are all out to get you.
Each level also features two rather larger adversaries. These humungous beasts represent middle and end-of-level guardians ond take a fair bit of blasting.
Naturally. It is possible to build up your firepower by collecting icons dropped by aliens. In the game's single player mode your first addition Is a front pod.
This versatile unit acts both as a shield and far-ranging extension.
Addtlonal weapon systems may also be added to your arsenal, increasing your potential firepower to a formidable level. When the Players start with five lives, which are progressively lost when your ship comes Into contact with any part of the scenery or enemy craft.
Additional ones can be colected throughout the game for performing various manoeuvres, Vi The game is lost when all your ships are destroyed or won when you finally put paid to the last end- of-level guardian. Fat chancel .erf: k . L ± i A ,-A A ixi fr.I.Jh.fc l.i .A J i :i -w m w«w« (¦' «TT1 ¦¦1 a Things begin to get a bit tight 1 Graphics Sound I Gameplay!
The game takes on the appearance of a highly polished arcade shoot-’em-up.
With smooth, fast scrolling the action is both fast and furious - first class.
Z-Out features a pleasant enough theme tune with a combination of all the usual zaps and crashes you'd expect from a game of this kind.
The Inclusion of the two- player mode makes Z-Out all the more exciting. The levels do get harder but players will leam enemy formations as they progress.
DRAGON'S Ul TIME WARM Graphics Sound Publisher: Readysoft Price: £44.99 Gameplay Unfortunately, once you’ve discovered the correct moves the game begins to loose Its appeal. Ukt its predecessors, Time Warp suffers from a lack of playability.
Don Bluth is the name behind countless classic feature length cartoons.
Starting hfe career with Watt Disney studios, he has worked on films such os Oliver and Company, the Secret of N.I.M.H., and The Rescuers.
The early 1980s saw him move from Disney to set up his own company. Sullivan Bluth Interactive MecSc. While continuing to work on feature films, he turned his hand to videogames.
At that time Talto's Space Invodofs and Atari's Asteroids were state-of-the-art cokvops. However, when Dragon's Lair was unleashed onto the unsuspecting public nobody could quite believe It.
This was the first game to call upon the latest laser disk technology. Because of the split second speed of the system, the games were basically interactive cartoons. Now we can experience Don Bluth's masterpieces on our home computers.
You assume the role of Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight who rescued ihe Princess Daphne from Singe the dragon.
Unfortunately an evil wizard by the name cf Mordoc has also taken a shine to your beloved. In a puff of smoke he has whisked the beauty off to a wrinkle somewhere in time.
Naturally you're not too impressed by the state of affairs and decide to win back your bride.
With the did of on aging time machine, you must travel through time In search of the dreaded dknension.
You'I have to hurry. Mordoc only has to place the ring of death upon Daphne's finger and she ! Be lost forever.
Time Warp is spread across six disks, The game features 46 scenes, each of which is superbly animated. Progress te mode on a trial and error basis.
Each scene requires certain timed joystick movements. Perform the right ones and you wlU progress smoothly though the levels.
The programmers have thankfully Included a save game facility.
This allows players to master the earlier levels without having to repeat them time after time.
Unfortunately gameplay Is pretty sparse.
Even novices should be able to complete the game quite quickly and the save game feature only speeds up the process.
WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1ES
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- 1755 .1755 .1755 2296 ..1755 .22.95 Zktox.
..1755 .29.95 0 Sort Bccno t8tSbSS(.. Z-Out .1755 .17.96 .2295 2959 .22.95 .1755 1455 .1455 .1455 2255 ...1755 .22.95 .17.96 .28.95 & .17.95 .17.95 .17.95 ..17.95 F19SMW1 Fighter F29Retaia1or... _ Fwran Formula 1 Final Bade________ Final Command Final Cortllcl .659 45!
17. 95
17. 95 ...2255 .459 61
14. 95 .17.95
9. 99 .759 ..659 .1755 1455 1756 1755 2255 1756 1755 2255 .17.95
.17.95 .17.95 ..17.95 ,,1755 .17.95
14. 95 .17.95 .17.95 .17.95 .22.95 J59 2255 Magic ..859 ..17.95
6. 99 .659
22. 95 Flight .2155 .11.99 ..11.95 .1455 .22.95 559 ,,17,95
.26.95 Ji
- 759 .5* ,22.95 ..17.95 .17.95 .17.95 ..17.95 .,7.99 .2296
...1755 .2655 .7* 999 .17* .17* .22* 1».95 .17.95
17. 95
17. 95 sm
11. 95 .7.99 759
7. 99 .459 52S .22* .26.95 .17* .17* .14* .17* 22*
- 759
- 759
- 4* 1756 ..1756 32X 2695
- 759 4 99 ..17.95 ..17* 2295 599 .1755 .1796 .1755 ,.1796 .1755
- 7* 6* 19*
17. * 17* 17* 17* Gettysburg GhengsKhan.
Gotten Axe .. .220.00 Night SM.
Nina Rama.
Nteo______ No Eli_ Cbtus Hard Dnvn2.
.17* .17* .17* .17* .17* .22* .59.00 J99.99 .499.99 Omncron Conspiracy.
Operation Spruanes Operation Steath...... Oriental Games . Overrun Pang.
.14* ZL* .17* 22* Panza Kk* Boxing.. Paradmd* .... De Luxe Scrabble Deaf-Trap Dotenderz.
22* vdoooo rwanuTar?
Waraame Construction j, (ier,- nwra.... .7.99 .17* .17* .2295 Competition Pro Glo | Chaateh12S PbB.
SpeecKmg Autohre
- 22* Princaol Pro Tennis Tour 2.
JX ...36* ...17* ...17* olCrystaion .....22* Puzzric Cantage .... CarVup .. ChtitengersCotrpMon Champions otKrmnl Meg ..2296 Champions ol ta ....-1796 Chaapionstiip Am . 1756 Chaos States Ba*(1 Mag) _17* Chase HQ 2...„ ..... 1755 Chess SmAator . 1796 Ches*master21,5 .2295 Chips Challenge .. 1755 Chronciesot Omega ......1455 ChudYtegirFiphtTrtw__________1956 Corporator! Mlsson Disk-1259
Conwalon .....1755 Ome Does Not say__1755 Cwteot!f»AweBon&(iMeg| 2255 __1455 _1755 ____1455 DhM9_____1755 Kdi Tracy. ... 17.95 Orwsau Dscovtry (3-8 years) - 17.95 DstamAmtes . 17.95 D?n*& Ajphfet CtteM 17,95 Oregon Bread ......- ...17.95 O on Fight .22.95 cregon Force mag- ...2255 Oregon Wars ...22.95 CregonsBreati ..2255 CreoonsLar2.
SnsofFlan Tales . Acton Statens ...... 22.95 Atanced Tactei Ftfler 2______1755 Ara2ing Spdeman .....17.95 AU0S ..... 59.99 AnoortBaUtes ...17.95 Arir JonStixJo 79.99 Atou- Geddon------------------17.95 tomctoxM .... 1755 AMGA SOFTWARE Utters and Wrts (3-8 years) 1755 4 Playw Aoapiof .. 555 ' ~ 1755 .17.95 ..17,95 ...2255 AWES.0M.E. Sadttnds Pete.
Badands fh« ----- AxciadenActicn.
... 9aitle Command.
Mm C*ta.
Bikekan .28.95 Batitescape Twin Pack.
TkmbwBob Bread 21 BAT Batrayal.
B«ter Mafta (12-16 years).. BmerSpeting (914 years) Sly the Kid.
3rw»j May 1M Boa" Bade Warrior Stays Scary Schooi M Btotoieg Baffle* Antenna.
Hooray ter Herrera (Maths 5-12 years) .17* Honor Zdnties .. 17* Hunter Rrt OeWtef .17.95 Impariuai ... 17* roaras ota5()0 .....17* Indy last Crusade ? Zak Mduacken .22 95 losses in Spi09-------------17.95 taematorW3DTa«ia ....17* Intomakonai Soccer Challenge------------17* Ishtto Way ol the Slonee .17* I feme From tie Desert (1 Meg) .....22.95 Jack Nkkiaus UnirnlM Got (1 Meg) 22* James Pond Underwater Agent ..17* Judge Dredd..... 14* Kk* 08 2 Expanded (1 Mag) ..17* Kick 082 .:.. 14* King
Cloud 17* ¦“ ) Gama Show____________17* By-ears) Fun School 2 Undar 6 years) ..... 14.95 Fun Schoel 3 (5-7 yen)---------------------17.95 Fui School 3 Over 7years) ..17.95 Ft i School 3 under 5 years) ...17.95 Fua eBasketal ..17.95 Ganas2 ...1756
22. 95 ...3256 1756 Gootys Ralaiy Express-----1756 Greg Normans
Ulfcnate God_17 95 Qwnfeie 2 ..1*55
Gunboat 1756 Gutshp____________1756
AMK2A SOFTWARE Dungeon Master Eifer .T59 i Master(1
Mag) .. iT55 i Riders-1T55 _1T55 an
...1’* Evra Mistress ol the Dai* 2295 _1195
_1»55 _1755 F16 Combat Pilot___H55 FI 6 Falcon_2255 Fd Blast
Compikanon F School2 66years).
Ftprt and Magnose Flood .. Foots Erand .... 2255 Fight Sm 2 Scenery 9 ...14.95 Flight Sim 2 West Ei ope Scenery..-......14.95 Fhghl Son 2 ....2)* Ffcgh! Sim 2 Hawai Scenery Fkjpi Sm 2 Scowy 11 Fight Sim 2 Scenery 7 Fra Broad? ’ Meg t of tie Intruder RnalWaste(Kx*OII2)- .1755 .799 .....1755 1755 .2255 1756 ......17.95 UrDooAmAun” !_______1159 iAiti Aayer Soccer Manager .17.96 tArters XI Space ..17.96 Mader...... 1756 Musician (Music Package) .....2295
Mystical. 17.96 MJJ.D5.__________________1756 Narco Paha..... --,,1756 NARC _____________1756 Necronom...... -.1756 Neuromanter ..'7.95 Never Ending Swy ...... 22* New York Warriors .. 1456 Ntfit Breed 1755
• W-~ 17* 17* _17* 17* 26* .17* .17* ..17* .17* Pmnum
Complaltan... . 1755 Pvtaw .. 17* Poice
Quasi 2(1 Mag) ------29* ________17* ______17* Prot Plays a naw
Gama .22* ......17* ____________17*
AMIGA SOFTWARE Legend of Bity Ecuoer.. Legend of FaergWI
Legend olta Lost.. Lersuretutl roots 0* rtatMTCe Populous Naw
Worts Pojrulous.. .17* 17* 17* 17* 22* Powsr Pack Compiiaton
tfg 29 Fulcrum llghly- - t Larry 2.
.22* Lei9sesutlarry3 (1 Mag).
Letu esjt Larry------------ Mkkeys Runaway Zoo Mktaght Reastance .
MomnHK Mata* (5-13 years).
Matra Marauders . Mean Streets.
Manchester United.
Master Btazar Maths Mania.
39b: at Home.
Lotus Etprl Tiato Chatonge Ml Tank Platoon Lets Spel Out and i Lite and Death.
Line ot Fire Loom .. LOOOZ.
Lost Pa Shado*ofta9sast2.
Shadow of to Steal... Shadow Warriors------- Shock Wave - Simutcra .
Sty Spy Secret Agent .....17.95 Soccer Mania CompMon ......17.96 Space Queai3 .....-2959 Space Shuttle Smtiator .... 3256 SpeedMZ.
The Last Starehp The Ught Condor TheObmiteRrt ..... ...17* Their Fxiest Hour Baffle Britain 22* Thngs to do nth numbers (5-10 years) . ..14* Thngs to do «4h Words (6-12 yeas) 14* TNTCompMon ... 22* Hi_________________17* Wings ol Fury --------- Bssat= Winning Tadlo (Kick 09 2) fforosryno ..... Ww.______L,:. W----- « 7 ftf wofo vwnponsmp ooccw-----1 Team Yankee ..... Teenage Mutart Heroe T Sae,.___ TheRtefCertkl .
The Immortal.
.1755 .17* Sal (1 Mag) 22* .17* 22* 22* TV Sports Basebal_______ T mofStesl(iMsg).
UN) Sped Book (49 years).
Sptdamn-- Spndfezy Worts._____ Spying Goto Rogue Trooper . I Second Frtrt.J Sega Master Ux Toyota CeicaGTRaty Turrtcan 2.. Adi Dangerou 2 .
TorvaktaWanior tOttlntCW.
Wheels ol Fra.
Whte Daafe.
UNS Jtedron.
Tournament Gcd Who Loved Me Team Suzuki.
UJULS.2.. 17* 22* Vwne., AMIGA SOFTWARE RenbowWindi Scper 08 Rose Racing.. 9TL Ster Command.
SterConM Starlight Steel Hockey.
Smv2_ Sir Runner Storm Across Europe.
LOCKABLE DISK STORAGE BO)ES 40 Disk Storage Box-------7* 80 Disk Storage Box_________________1* 100 Diak Storage Box ----------5* JOYSTICKS Cn«er (Black. Blue or MuftooM 559 Qukteshot 3 Tuibo .. 5* Zp Stick Aulofire 14* Competition Pro - - ---------12* CowWoflPreCMr .13* Competition Pro Extra .....14* Competition Pro Glo (Green) 17.49 " ~~l(PM)__________17.49 JM
12. 99 5* 10* BUDGCT TITLES Adranced Frutt Machine
Sin ..599 Atertwnar... 759 Barbarian 2___75»
Btfw C*ped Crutader-759 Oouble Dragon-,759 AMIGA SOFTWARE
Wrth of ta Damon____________________.2256
Xjphte ..- 1755
CITIZEN PRINTERS C**i120OPte».„.„ .__•** Cazan9wi9
... 230* Formula One Grind Prix
FCManagar----------------- Gaunttot2 ......
GFLBeeeM . GflFootal------- GflGol.
Wort Class leadertaaidGoa.
W*"**----- Fantasy Wort Dizzy.
Fait Food Dizzy Fasi Lane (includes free connecting cable) Ghoat Chaser...... Att*ars Gude Treasure blind Dizzy.
Cazen Swill 24 .1455 .14.95 .5* HotaQM Last h£n*2 . LatetarGodiiu.
WSVm Outrun Rack Star Ale My Hamster Stamm Postman PM.
R1 Europe (other than UK) Shipping costs are £1.50 per disc for normal airmail £2.50 per disc for express airmail Please make cheques or postal orders payable to WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE All prices include postage and packing in the UK Not all titles released at time of going to press. Titles and prices subject to change Outside Europe shipping costs are £2.00 per disc for normal airmail £3.00 per disc for express airmail System 3 are probably best known for their ninja games, which have achieved cult status since they first appeared on eight-olt machines in the early 1980s. The team now present
Ninja Remix, which they describe as the definitive beat-errvup.
Certurtes ago the Brotherhood of the Ninja chose the island of Un Fen as their site for the shrine of the White Ninja, a place where the legendary Koga Scrolls could be carefully hidden from the rest of the world.
Taki%j the role of a young ninja acolyte. It is your solemn duty to repossess anc return the scrolls, which have been captured by the mighty Shogun Kunitoki.
Deep In the centre of the island stands the palace of Lin Fen - another fortress, but crafted by the very hands of the Mystical Shadow Warriors.
Having been to the Island once as a young acolyte, you have a vague memo7 of where certain paths and passages are located.
That was over 10 years ago. And since then much has changed.
Finding your way around the levels you must pick up anything that you might find useful and locate the exit before you become just another memory.
The island has been divided into six different regions - the wastelands. The wilderness, palace gardens. Dungeons, palace and the inner sanctum. Each has Its own deadly dangers.
Fortunately, you ha e not been put on this Island totally defenceless.
Initially armed with only what you have learned over years of intensive ninja training you have to Graphics The smooth animation maker the ninja look a* though he is actuallywalklng and not gliding across the floor. In the finest traditions of martial arts games a lot of attention has bean paid to the colour and detail of the scenery. Screen update is extremely quick.
Sound Featuring a truly oriental disco remix, the Ninja’s soundtrack is nothing short of superb. Come to think ol it, the sound effects arc pretty hot tool Gameplay Ninja Remix Is a beat-’em-up type adventure game. Players will spend much of their time figuring out what to do next while fending off assailants.
With Improved joystick controls, Ninja Remix is a competent all round arcade adventure.
Defeat any of the Shogun's minions in hand-to-hand combat.
Later on you will be able to find and use various weapons dropped LAST NINJA REMIX Publisher: System 3 Price: £24.99 or left carelessly lying around by the enemy.
Each weapon has Its own advantages and disadvantages.
The sword, for example, is extremely effective In long range combat, but falters heavily at close range, whereas the nunchukas are as effective at either range.
After learning the rudlmentaries of combat you begin to explore the Island and Its inhabitants.
All of the levels contain logical puzzles and traps, most of which are solved with the help ot objects or a little common sense.
This conversion by System 3 contains all of what Ninja II should have. It s a must for all you beat- em-upfons.
Syncro Express requires a second driv e & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side. 2 sides Also duplicates other formats such as IBM. MAC etc Very simple to use. Requires no user knowledge Ideal for clubs, user groups or just for your own disks No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
THE LATEST CUSTOM LSI CHIP TECHNOLOGY By using an on-board Custom LSI Chip. Syncro Express has the power to transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply and without any user knowledge. One external disk drive* is required for AMIGA ST. SYNCRO EXPRESS IS AVAILABLE FOR THE ST AMIGA PC SYSTEMS - PLEASE STATE WHICH REQUIRED WHEN ORDERING WARNINO 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING DaM t loctroncs Ltd. Nearer condonw nor authorises me use o' it's product* lor the reproduction d copyright material The bjckup facAOes or this product aro deigned»reproduce only
software iueti as Public Dorian malarial, the users own programs or software where perm*s«n to make backups has been doarty given It s illegal to make ccpes even tor yout own use. Ol copyright material vntnput me eipress permission ot the copyright owner, or the icencoe thered If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a drive for ONLY £104.99 (AMIGA) ONLY £119.99 (ST) NOW TO Gf TELEPHQN 0782 744707
THE WORLD S MOST NOW EVEhE f. WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Datal EloctrOKS Ltd nptfwr ooodo w O' euthpnses if* us* o» cs products lor me reproduction of copynght material The backup facilities of th» product are designed to reproduce only software such as Pubfe Ooman mated the users own programs or software where permission to make backups has been pearly pven It is Ilivgii to make copies even lor yot* own use. Of copyright material. W«hout the dear permaeon of the copyright owner, or the licences thereof UlFREEZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE N BETTER!! F STILL ONLiY 5=*U POST FREE FOR THE
THE NOW WITH A MASSIVE 1 28K OPERATING SYSTEM IN ROM OFFERING EVEN MORE COMMANDS... AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay II preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine continuous fire power?
Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
DISKCODER With the new "Diskcoder" option you can now tag' your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. ‘Tagged" disks will only reload when you enter the code.
Very useful for security.
* PREFERENCES Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to us*. ' •
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands
av.nilablc at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY. DEVICE, etc.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench - available at all times.
BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able to boot from your external drive.
MORE FEATURESfiNCLUDING 80 COLUMN DISPLAY AND 2 WAY SCROLLING... Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor * Load Save block • Write String to memory f Jump to specific address • Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture • Play resident sample
• Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
command • Full search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows
you to see and modify all chip registers - even write only
registers! • Notepad Disk handling - show actual track. Disk
Sync, pattern etc. • Dynamic Breakpoint handling Show memory as
HEX, ASCII. Assembler. Decimal • Copper Assemble Disassemble -
now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU ARE
Nasty underworld Foot Clan, Shredder's dastardly schene is to brainwash the reporter into Joining his gruesome gang.
Controlling the Turtles, you must wage war on ShreOOer and his foot soldiers In a frantic battle to rescue the lovely April.
Your adventure starts in the downtown streets of New York.
When you search the city streets and sewers you'll come ocross all manner of creatures.
The end of each level is eached when you find April. However, she is always guarded by Rocksteady and Bee bop. Two of the Shredders most trusted henchmen As you battle it out with one of them, the other will take April off to another location.
The game continues in a similar fashion until you eventually track the gang down to their safehouse at the Technodrome. There you confront Shredder and capture his death-dealing Life Transformer Gun.
Throughout the game there are various Icons to collect, each of which will assist you In your valiant cause.
Pieces of pizza replenish your life force, while invincibility and more powerful weapons can help you overcome the seemingly endless enemy onslaught.
The Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles is a competent beat- em-up cum platform game. Needless to say.
Because of the Turtles' fatre every kid In the land will want to play It.
Surely there can't be anyone who hasn't heard of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles? Love them or loathe them the Turtles are here to stay, at least unll the next commercial craze hits the streets.
The Turtles began life as ordinary pets. One fateful day they were accidentally dropped down a sewer and Instead of landing in the murky depths the pets found them- sef es swimming in a strange kind of radioactive ooze.
Contact with this substance ccused them to mutate. They grew m size and even learned to talk!
A Ninjitsu master also come into contact with the gunk and changed Into a human rat. He became known as Splinter and urder his watchful eye the Turtles were transformed Into deadly Ninja fighting machines.
Spinter, a purveyor of Italian art.
Nomed his students after classical painters. Thus were Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donateto created.
April O'Neil, a news reporter with a network television company has been kidnapped by the vile and ruthless Shredder. As leader of the lie '.ir Fr l lll ( r J T Cf ! Q ?
• A- - - - o O Pts.0024230 Hi 0028770 :t so oo 17 Throw a spanner
In the work* TEENAGE MUTANT t Graphics Though not directly
ported from the Nintendo console, the graphics look somewhat
8-bitcsque and aren’t what you’d normally expect from your
TURTLES Sound While not being particularly impressive, the theme tune and spot effects do accompany the game adequately.
Publisher: Image Works Price: £24.99 i Gameplay The game’s difficulty level has been set just right- Newcomers will find the early levels challenging, but there will enough to keep seasoned gamers busy.
¦4' 4'4'i 1 4 4 7?
1. ....- 1 Penetrate Shredder's lair AT LAST!!
STORAGE BOXES 3-5" (10 capacity box) "Slimpak" ..£0.95 each
3. 5" (10 capacity box) see through "Vision
10" ....£1.00 each
3. 5" (40 capacity box) lockable disk storage
box .£3.50 each
3. 5" (50 capacity box) lockable disk storage
box .£3.95 each
3. 5" (80 capacity box) lockable disk storage
box .£4.30 each
3. 5" (100 capacity bcx) lockable disk storage
box ......£4.95 each
3. 5" (120 capacity bcx) lockable disk storage
box ......£6.50 each
3. 5" 'ROSSO' stackable box (holds
150) ....£15.95
3. 5" 'BANX' lockablestackable (holds
90) ...£9.95 All disk
boxes are anti-static. Amiga beige, contain keys, dividers and
rubber feet (with the exception of 10’s)
3. 5" DISKS Large or small users - we have the prices for you!
SONY D S D D 135 tpl .....£21.00 .....£41.00 400'S .. .. 39p each ... ...£156.00 800's..... .....£288.00 1200's ,...35p each ... ...£420.00 MITSUBISHI 50's ....37p each ... .....£18.50 100's .. .....£36.00 4O0'S .. ....33p each ... ...£132.00 8O0'S .. ...30p each ... ...£240.00 1200's ...29p each ... ...£348.00 All disks are PIN numbered and carry a 100% quality control no quibble guarantee. Disk
labels supplied _ PRINTER RIBBONS QTY1 QTY5 QTY10 Amstrad DMP 2000 3000 ...£2.90 .....£2.60 .....£2.20 Amstrad DMP 4000 .£3.90 .....£3.60 .....£3.20 Amstrad PCW 8256 3512 ...£3.50 .....£3.20 .....£3.00 Amstrad PCW 9512 £2.90 .....£2.60 .....£2.20 Brother HR15 20 25 35 £2.50 .....£2.30 .....£2.15 Brother M1009 1109 £3.90 .....£3.60 .....£3.20
Citizen 1200 LSP10- ...£2.90 .....£2.70 .....£2.40 Epson MX FX80 85 800 ......£2.90 .....£2.70 .....£2.40 Epson FX100 105 1 COO ......£3.60 .....£3.40 .....£3.10 Epson LX80 86 £2.90 .....£2.70 .....£2.30 Panasonic KXP 1080 81 82 £3.90 .....£3.70 .....£3.20 Star LC10 ...£2.90 .....£2.70 .....£2.40 Star LC10 4
TELEPHONE 0530-313591 FOR PRICING ON OTHER RIBBONS NOT LISTS) ACCESSORIES Printer Stands (80 col) .£6.50 Pnnter Stand with tray ..£9.95 Tilt’n* turn monitor stands fQr Amiga ..... £9.95 Monitor Arms (fully adjustable with keyboard keeper) £69.95 Data Switches (2-way serial or parallel) .....£12.95 Copy Holders (Thing!
Ill) .....£3.95 I A4 Desk Top Holder .£7.90 Mojsemats (boxed 8mm) red, blue, grey ....£2.95 Mojsemats 5mm packaged £1.95 Mojsebrackets ...£1.95 Amiga printer leads ..£5.95
3. 5’ cleaning
kits £1.95
Amiga Dust
Covers ..£2.95
Amiga Screen
Filters ..£12.95
Rol ol 1000 3.5"
labels £7.50
1000 Tractor feed
labels .....£9.95
Fastrack II (attaches to side of monitor for easy swapping of
diskettes)..£2.95 Kevboard
Cleaner ....£2.95
(without clock) ...£32.95
1 2 meg upgrade (with clock)
£37.95 Features include:
ON Off memory switch, auto recharge battery backed clock, 4
low power fastrams.
AMIGA SCREEN GEMS P*:k Includes: Days of Thunder. Shadow of the Beast II. Back to the Future II. Nlghtbreed, Deluxe Paint II, T.V. Modulator, etc. ONLY £349.95 Plus Special Offer of free Mouse Mat or 10 3.5* D S D«scs NEW YEAR SPECIALS Star LC200 Colour Printer ....£229.95 Star LC24 200 Colour Printer ...£279.95 Listing Paper 11" x 9.5" S.P. Plain 70 GSM Micro Ped.
Pack of 100 ......£2.50 Pack of 250 ......£3.95 Pack of 500 ......£5.95 Pack of 1000 ....£8.95 Pack of 2000 ..£16.95 COMPRISES: A500 Screen Gems 1 2 meg additional RAM upgrade
3. 5" external disk drive 10 3.5’ D S D D 135 tpi diskettes 1 (40
cap) lockable storage box 1 mousemat 1 mouse 1 mouse bracket 1
joystick 1 Amiga dustcover PIUS the usual 4 great software
R. R.P. £875 OMC All inclusive price of £465.00 Inc. VAT A saving
compatible replacement Power Supply for Amiga 500 ONLY £38.95
Turbo ..£7.95 Quickshot III
Turbo .£8.95 Competition
Pro Colour .....£9.95 Quickjoy
Superboard £14.95 Quickjoy
Jetfighter £12.95 Quickjoy
III Supercharger ..£7.95
3. 5" External disk drive for Amiga.
Slimline design colour co-ordinated throughport connector.
• 1 year guarantee ONLY £58.00 MICE Amiga mouse, two button fully
compatible as
replacement .....£19.95
Atari ST mouse, two button fully compatible
replacement ..£19.95
Naksha ....£39.00
IBM cordless ...£49.95
"OMC MOUSE DEAL" Replacement mouse ?
Mouse bracket ?
Mousemat ONLY £22.95 Turns your Amiga into a powerful sound emitting system, pack includes: 50 watt 3-way speakers 3" woofer 2" mid range 1 * tweeter power supply cables full instructions £49.99 inc VAT TO ORDER CHEQUES AND P.O.'S PAYABLE TO OMC LTD AND SEND TO ADDRESS BELOW CREDIT CARDS SIMPLY TELEPHONE YOUR ORDER ON 0530 813591 (8 LINES) FAX 0530 813595 FOR OUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION MSHM THE ORIGINAL MEDIA COMPANY LTD DEPT AC, MEDIA HOUSE, UNIT 14, ASHBY ROAD, I COALVILLE, LEICS LE6 2LA m TEL: 0530 813591 (8 lilies) FAX: 0530 813595 ¦¦¦¦ Trade a cs welcome. All prices include VAT. Corporate,
education orders welcome. Personal callers welcome carriage £8 50 ?DEAL DIRECT £ DEAL DIRECT Hard times are upon us and money's too fght to mention. What's needed is a part-time job, and the best place to look Is in the local newspaper. There are always plenty of jobs in the ciassifieds.
Those wacky wizards at Industrial Might and Logic, the world's leod- ing toy company, need someone to work the night shift. Generous rewards are offered to successful applicants and what's more, no references are needed.
Two days later after a five minute interview you are given a short tour of the factory. The set up Is one huge machine called Bingham's Environmentally Active Solution for Toys - B.E.A.S.T. fo' short.
The factory owner, Slenn Bingham, invented the glam structure from all manner of household waste products.
Beginning your shift at 9pm. You must first make your way to the foreman's office. The cigar-smoking boss will give you your quota for the night.
To start with this is a smal number of items. Your first shift merely requires the production of five Storm Trooper Toddlers.
In addition to your quota Information. You'l also be given a shift code, which win allow you to enter that level at the beginning.
When you pass into the factory your first task win be to cha-ge up the generator. To do this you have to jump aboard the bicycle and peddle like crazy. Two ligh- bulbs will flash as the generator charges.
Once the bulbs are flashing wildly you should Ignite the furnace.
You'll have to delve deep Inside your toolbox and find a match to light the burners. Having charged the battery and lit the burners you on us ghtto eded best news- ¦»ty of ustriol leod- eone erous essful
e. no five ren a et up oiled dive short.
Ilenn struc- ahold
i. you 5 the okhg ythe num- srely I five infor- ) shift enter
ictory jeup have
• and bulbs rges.
IwikJ- should now moke your way to the top of the BEAST.
On the way It's advisable to take a quick glance at the conveyor belts to ensure that they're an running In the right direction - if they'ie not, the flick of a switch wil rectify the problem.
Situated on the top of the BEAST is the solidifier supplier production unit, a specialised piece of equipment adapted from an old university chemistry lab. After kicking the plug Into the socket you should light tne Bunsen burner and set It to the correct heat setting.
Ores you hove completed the process the unit will produce a liquid solidifying solution that will run Into the resin maker. An eye should be kept on the unit in case the liquid bolls over. If this occurs, the gas must be re-adjusted before protection can continue.
The plastic made by the resin maker will fall into the moulds. The newly formed pieces of plastic will then find their way to the paint Gameplay Initially confusing, Night Shift Is a wacky platform game that'll keep you coming back for more. As you progress, the levels become harder and new components arc introduced ensuring that the action never grows stale.
Shop. In earlier levels you won't have to operate this unit. However, on later stages you'll not only have to paint the pieces, you'll also have to mix the paint and'flush out the system.
The painted units will then travel along an assortment of conveyor belts until they enter the bonding unit. Once inside, the machine joins the two portions of plastic together.
This often has catastrophic effects as the second piece to enter the bonding unit will be joined on top of the first. It's not uncommon to find dolls with two heads, four legs or with their legs on their heodsl Once bonced. The dolls will travel down to quality control. Ones completely of one colour with heads an top at bodies will be sent for packing. Rejects ore put to one side for the foreman to see.
When the shift Is over the condle 4 £
- u.
I'dflh, * Our hero ponders over hb next move Publisher: Lucasfilm Games Price: £24.95 at the bottom of the screen will bum out and you'll be summoned to the office. Bonuses will* be awarded for complete dolls and deductions made for any rejects.
If you made your quota you'll be given a fresh order ard a new shift code. If you fall, you're flredl Graphics Sporting cute cartoon style characters, Night Shift looks radically different to anything else produced by Lucasfilm Games. The animations seem to have a charm all of their own.
Sound The game’s spot effects could have been recorded in a factory. Combined with the jolly theme music playing in the background, the overall sound to Night Shift accompanies the action perfectly.
Delivery £5.00 Extra BUY WITH CONFIDENCE from ono of the
longest established companies in their Held, with a reputation
I or good service and prices We have invested heavily in a
computer system to onable our Telesales staff to provide
up-to-the-minute stock information coupled with highly
efficient order processing Our fully equipped Workshop enables
us to carry out almost any repair on our premises We feel suro
that you wont be disappointed it you choose Evesham Micros.
Very quiet Slimline design Cooling Vents Sleek, high quality metal casing Suits any Amiga Quality Citizen Drive Mechanism On Off switch on rear of drive Full 880K Formatted Capacity Long reach connection cable VIDI AMAZING LOW PRICE!
£54.95 including VAT & delivery Iminige Call us now on 0386 765500
5. 25” External 40 80 Track Switchable Floppy Drive also
available for only £99.00 Lines open Monday • Saturday.
9. 00am - 5 30pm AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES Serd Cheque.
Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to: Unit 9, St
Richards Rd. Evesham, Worcs WR11 6XJ 0 ACCESS VISA Cards
Welcome Government, Education A PLC orders welcome Seme day
despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery £5.00
extra Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for
personal cheque clearance.
512K RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES : ft Direct replacement for the A501 expansion ft Convenient On Off Memory Switch ft Auto-recharglng battery becked Real-Time Clock ft Compact Unit Size : Ultre-neet design ft Only 4 low power consumption FASTRAM* 512K RAM Expansion also available without clock for only £27.95 Mall Order Fax: 0386-765354 RETAIL SHOWROOMS All our Showroom outlets hold large stocks of most Items and also supply from a tar wider product range than advertised. Fhease do not hesitate to ring any of our showrooms and discuss your requirements with a member of our highly trained
1. 5MB RAM BOARD A Fully populated board kneraaaes total RAM In
A500 to 2MB !
4 Plugs Into the trapdoor expansion, and connects to GARY chip
• A Includes Auto-recharglng battery-backed Real-Time Clock ft
Socketed FASTRAM Ics for accommodating up to 1.5MB RAM Unit 9
St Richards Road, Evesham Worcestershire WR11 6XJ ©0386 765180
fox: 0386 765364 Open Mon-Sat.. 9.00 - 5.30 Unpopulated RAM
board wtth dock---£39.95 RAM Board as above, wtth 512K FASTRAM
installed--£ 59.95 RAM Board at above, with 1MB FASTRAM
InsMled-£74.95 RAM Board as above, wtth 1-SMb FASTRAM
N. B. : The expansion board requires KickATARI 1.3 to operate -
Kickstarl 1.3 upgrade available from us tor £29.06 5 Giisson
Rd. Cambridge CB1 2HA ©0223 323898 fax: 0223 322883 Open
Mon-Fri. 9.30-6.00 and Sat.. 9.00-5.30 IBMOooier e Corporate
Good quality Commodore Hard Disk unit, including its own PSU
and built-in cooling tan. Features sockets tor up to 2Mb of
on-board FASTRAM expansion (see below). 80ms Access time, with
up to 2 4Mb sec transfer rate. Autoboots when uMd with
KiCkSta t 1 3 Commodore A590 Hard Drive ( 20Mb) £ 279.00 HARD
PR!YE RAM UPGRADE BOARD KU - Kits oomprtse of lull size hard
dish controear cards Incorporating unpopulated SIMMS RAM
expansion sockets tor accomodating Kr lo 8fct RAM; PLUS high
speed, fast access NEC SCSI hard datt I 40MB HARO DRIVE 4
RAM CARO ... £ 599« These are unpopulated RAM sockets Add £
119 00 per 2Mb 1762 Pershore Road. Cotteridge Birmingham B30
3BH ©021 458 4564 fax: 021433 3825 Open Mon-Sat.. 9.00-5 30 Wc
arc now supporting specially upgraded versions of the A590
incorporating NEC high capacity, fully autoparking SCSI drives
(25ms access time). SCSI interfaced hard drives offer a
substantial performance increase over conventional units.
A590 with fast 40Mb NEC SCSI Disk______£ 399.00 A590 with fast 100Mb NEC SCSI Disk_________£ 599.00 SPECIAL! A590 with 40Mb NEC SCSI Disk, PLUS 2MB RAM FASTRAM fitted £ 479.00 ? TECHNICAL SUPPORT . £ 229.00 - 8MB RAM Expansion Board wtth 2Mb D-RAM fitted ( c [phi B 0386-40303 Monday to Friday. 9.30 - 5.30 - lUSNLT WIM A I ION S I t DIO The on* he-ieaturad anenafcorvpaml program to uMio stale ot Vw * tedmques that ere chwactensbc of fMn y style asmaton Space leMures let you superimpose your animator* on background | Sample animations. Pkis sound ottect Sbrary Included « the i trom wtuch you can
add 10 your creaeon Supports IFF. Anim termed and SOMX. SMUS and INSTR Mund tomvaK Great pnea' Normal RRP : £ 99.95 OUR SPECIAL PRICE .. £69J 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS AH details correct at time of press AH goods subject to availability, E. A O.E. AS90 RAM Upgrades are 512K Upgrade .. £31.95 fitted free of charge when 1MB Upgrade... £59.95 bought Wtm an A590. 2Mb Upgrade ... £99.95 A590 RAM UPGRADES ACCESSORIES ! THESE FABULOUS GAMES; j 00 Subtouteo TreaeureTrep I LaafNMna Wet met LOOK WHAT ELSE YOU GET WHEN YOU BUY AN AMIGA from m Tara Battle c- A M I G A SPECIAL Top-selling A500
package includes ‘Night Breed’, The Beast 2’, 'Back to the Future 2‘, ‘Days of Thunder’, 'Deluxe Paint II’ and TV modulator.
A500 SCREEN GEMS PACKAGE_______«« £379.00 VIDI-AMIGA VIDI-AMIGA fenwiatfc quittv OgttMf tor any nxM of Amiga Wt)e , regjnJed as MOMinli category. ViW-Amlpi inKfesyOuto -
• Hm pwteci trerze Irame from jtj vwteo. Muplo 16 shades
• Grab real tim* 30 images
• Store t repay aclon sequences
• Beatse OesMopVdeo
• end nwh. Nwcf more VttX-Amgs » oonpaffcte with al
• tin slartianfe cgwtouf, & V, VHS. Beta. PAL. NTSC etc
VIDI-CHROME AMIGA Cotour irame grabbmg upgrade tor vtCM Enables
production ot Red.
Green and Btoe eiemerts when using a biadOwftlle camera, by use of I Mere (Colour camera video recorder users - see below) VIDI-RGB Automat caly separates Rad. Green and Blue cotour signal components from video recorder or camera source, enabhng Ihe user to easiy produce cotour peaces when used wflfiVKM.
AMIGA 500 SCREEN I SPECIAL! A500 Screen Gems Package GEMS PACK inc. 512K RAM Clock Upgrade ...£ 399.00 A500 Screen Gems Package PLUS 37." Drive £ 430.00 A500 Screen Gems Package Including 512K RAUCIock Upgrade AND 37.
£450.00 Drive I1 II- Includes A501 512K RAM Upgrade. TV Modulator. 8 software Titles. 10 Disks. Mouse Mat. Video Tape and more ~ A500 CLASS OF THE 90 s Package ...£549.00 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF THE 90 S PACK A500 Class of the 90’s Pack PLUS 37." Drive £ 600.00 Indudw A1500 computer (1Mb RAM. 2.J1** Ortvea. 8 Hpnm slots).
Commodora HFRaaolunon Colour Monitor, pros Soitware nckxarg oekue Paint lit. Baflta Chess'. 'Sim Oty and The Works' (busmeas software).
Vkll Chroma.. C 16.95 £59.00 VIDIAmiga:£89.00 JE.rgb MINIGEN Genlock Adapter C 95.001 TRUEMOUSE WE GUARANTEE that thM N V a AMIGA 1500 STARTER PACK accurate replacement mouse you csn buy tor th* Amiga. Excellent performance, arasdnq low price I AMIGA 1500 STARTER PACKAGE-----£ 999.00 DEALS Pi7 QC SATISFACTION
BANISH VIRUS PROBLEMS1 Our coropect Vwua Protector Waaaalfy to
the Part olthe teal dtehektre In
- --- a mlii. -.i. f Hro ia |M|. ¦ .1 avtemel -x -i---f your
MIU91 lywm, pfMKung m inwrw mna external omvi worn xxx I
value ONLY £9.95 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE excetent travel &
Outeiandng quNHy. Wmtenl value tor money Vm lee a lOCMOOdpi scanner with dther options, plus the amazngly powerful TOUCH UP sohaare package which drives toe scamor drectty Scanner ndudet vewflj window | baekiQht lor accurate scans every 5me Scan ertoer Inearl or grey mages up to *O0dp Many image
- n fin 11 r ¦meri innf nl wCIt te a s-» -
• nninC inOni 6 SpOCteU fl Oca aValOEM from withn Touch Up A
senUXe investment lor Decidop PuMshng work.
REPLACEMENT A500 PSU Genuine Commodore Amiga A500 type replacement Power Supply Unit Good quality ‘switch mode’ type. Super low price!
The ProOOT-24 is a Nghly versatile 24- pin letter quality printer, with levels of speed and reliability enabling 4 to handle sustained high levels of outpU with ease h features an amazing array of fatalities normally found on far more expensive models, yet aie supremely easy to use U 200 cps print apeed in draft mode (2 special d aft fonts) u 66 cps print speed In LO mode (5 true letter quality fonts) U 7 Colour output: Graphics resolution up to 360 x 360dpi U Excellent oompatibikty. With Epson IBM and NEC emulation U Full oontrol over printer from easy to use front panel LI Fast set up. With
Parallel and Serial Interfaces as standard U Backed by 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty U Supplied complete with parallel connection cable Citizen ProDOT 24 Normal RRP: £ 746.35 Inc.VAT Evesham Micros ONLY £269.00 Special Offer Price inc.VAT, Delivery & cable
- Cut Sheet Feeder available for only £ 89.95 - £169.00 INCLUDING
VAT AND DEUVERY ‘1 twin ergonomic rESSA’ stereo speakers,
Out My competfXe. Ngh quaKy MIDI irtertaot connects directly wth the Amiga serai p«1 and prtMde IN. OUT A THRU ports tor good ItatXKy Future* LED indicators on each port tor HEAR THAT STEREO !
Your Amiga produces fine quality hi-fi stereo sound. Enjoy stereo sound reproduction to the full with this great new twin speaker system I Incorporates a specially designed amplifier with adjustable volume control.
ONLY £19.95 depiostic purposes conpactdotegn Superb STEREO SOUND SAMPLER S-S-S-SAMPLE THIS I Offortng hjl compatibility wth almost any Amiga audto dgfoer packago. Our Sojnd Samptor features exceieri orcutry. Ytettng professional result The man M) converter gives a (SgUstog resototton ol up to 50KHz. Wtoi a lad site* rate Two phono sockets are provided tor stereo Hne Input ptos an opton tor mkrophone Adjustable gate Is achetved wSh bukin oortrol knob. Comptele public domain disk INCLUDING VAT AND DELIVERY ONLY £34.95 DDIMTCDC Ptlces Include VAT. I rKIIM I CKO delivery ond coble | KRAFT
TRACKBALL wl'h coitaining domain sound ONLY £29.95 Very high quaftty trarttaS. Directly compatible to any Amiga. ST or C8AT64. Piue many others Operates from the mouse or joystick port, and features selectable drag control I autofkre button tor versahMy and better action Laft tfhgrtt hand use. Wtfi total one- handed control. Top quaMy construction and optomechanical design, delvenng Ngh apeed and accuracy every tme. No dnver software needed l EVESHAM MICROS SPECIAL OFFER ' All STAR Printers include 12 months On-Site Maintenance I CD ADSPEED PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR Star LC10 9-Pin. 4 tents.
144 36cp8 .1159.00 Star LC 200 9-Pin Colour. 4 fonts, 180 45cp$ . £ 209.00 Star LC 24-10 24-Pin. 4 fonts. 180 60cps £ 21540 Star LC 24-200 24-Pin, 5 fonts. 200 67q»......£ 249.00 Star LC 24-200C 7 colour version of above.....£ 289.00 100% Compatible, plug-in replacement 14.3MHz 58000 processor tor use wth any Amiga 500.1000.1500 or
2000. Incorporates a special bMHn 32K RAM cache to speed up those
processor-intensive operation No Sotdertng needed' Also
features a 7MHz lal-back mode to resume normal operating
speed, when required.
ONLY £44.95 HP DeskJet 500 3 pagoa minute. 300 DPI tntfe! Printer , C Olivetti DM1 oe 200 30 cpe »-pln. Good eB-rounde* C 158.00 OltvetK DM124 200 50 cpe 24-ptn. M fenge ol toeta C jM6 PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR NO SOLDERING REQUIRED I ONLY £179.95 SOFTWARE D0UX8 VdrO J ...... L Ja W Music X 1.1. , ......£11000 AMOS____________£ 37.50 Kmd Words 2__________C 37.5C Pretest VS-----£11993 DlgKa Home Acoounte C 18.95 Deluxe Paint 3 ...159 95 HiSofl Lattice C___£ 179.00 OFA BASIC V3 .....£ 39.95 GFA BASIC Compter ,. £ 34 95 Oevpac 2.15-------------£ 44.95 Roger RabM
.£ 9.95 AT-Once Hardware PC Emulator featuring CGA and Hsrculee emulation, support lor hard desks and extended memory. No soldering needed tor Insuteton-------------C17900 KCS Powerfcoerd Hardware PC EmuUtor with u own i W of RAM on boerd. 512K useable n Amiga mode--1188.00 Kick start 13 Upgrade-----------------------C 28.85 Amiga 500 Duet Cover---------1 4.85 £269.00 lnckK"n»VAT delivery A cable C118833 Mk.ll including cable £ 249.00 | iJiaking Music on the Amiga Understanding and using the Amiga's powerful, buitt in musical capabilities Abacus Amiga Printers: Inside B Ou Learn
AmigeOOS comrnand printer control, printing tips the experts. Includes disket B sseflf printer utilities.
Making Music on the Amiga - Shows the Amiga user how to take advantage of the musical capabilities and making your own MIDI interface, Includes disk with music and utilities.
Amiga for Beginners A corripleto gmto to teaiung and applying he Anvga AmigaBASIC A oorr Ajte gudo to tonmrxj and applying AmrjaBASlC side and Out AmigaBASIC - Inside 6 Out - is THE definitive atep Dy-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Each BASIC command is folly described and detailed. Some of the topics covered include files end file handling, using pulldown menus, sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts and using the speech commands.
Techniques for advanced BASIC programmers.
554pp Amiga for Beginners - learn the essentials of the Amiga easily and quickly ffom opening the box to your first spplicat on.
182 pp AmigeOOS - Inside B Out - I covers AmigeOOS In depth so I that you can use many of it s advencod capabilities fbr practice applications. Includes a C©mplel| reference section detailing a" | the DOS command® information; on using the DOS editors - ED ait EDIT, creating end using script I flies and taking advantage ofthfl Amiga's multitasking features I 280pp J Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out oouoo*t mg and is mSEIj Tbe meet thorough toveraga ol Anx i Disk Drws iw ing and is a practical guide fbr to program the Amiga in ultrafest machine language Covers 68000 microprocessor architecture
end addressing modes, making speech and sound from machine language and more. This book is also a perfect companion to our AssemPro machine language development software.
264pp Amiga Machine Language - is a thorough introduction to Amiga Disk Drives I Inside B Out tt practical guide to disk drive [ operations. Information about data security, disk drive speedup routines, disk copy protect.. ¦ boot blocks and technical aspects.
360pp Abacus kajimM nnmnu
30 LINCOLN RD, OLTON, BIRMINGHAM B27 6PA CALL021 706 1188 FOR YOUR NEAREST STOCKIST Feature r ell Your witing takes on a certain tUir with our built-in check, gratwur and thesaurus.
Fron your book report to the book itself, fron a letter to a newsletter, there's only on prograx: excellence!
Different fonts, graphics, all combinations of colour, a sure sign of excebencel In octton In pursuit of excellence iple bks frorr lessent Paul Austin continues his search for the perfect word processor A sure sign of a serious mochine is its processing power. This is especially so when it comes to word process- ing.
Unfortunately software houses seem to have a very conservative apprcach to the writing of word processors. Usually they take the easy way out, by converting an established version written for an older mochine.
Heaven forbid that anyone might attempt to alter, or even worse. Improve on a member of the old school. As a result the same old faces pop up on almost every rnochne.
Pro Page. WordPerfect, Protext are just some of the familiar names to have made the Inevitable trek from *he PC. Some with a great deal more success than others, in particular Protext, which has done very nicety in the Amiga market.
The trouble with the Amiga is that it's simply light years ahead of the PC. End as a result the consequent conversions miss the amazing abilities the Amiga has to offer.
Enter excellence!
The oily word processor written by Amlgans for the Amiga is excellence!. As a result It makes full use of aH the machine's potential - well almost aB.
Available since 1987, excellence! Might well have been an Instant success, but In the early days it mode a spirited attempt to price Itself right out of the market with a whopping £200 price tag.
Fortunately the suppliers have now seen the light and the latest version is available for a slightty more reasonable figure of £160 The manual Is firs* class - well written and user-friendfy. Some of the expense has definitely been saved In packaging the product as it has to be put toget-xer by its new owner, who must clip numerous leaves into a cute little folder.
Obviously an attempt by the suppliers to put you In a creative mood.
Once the manual Is assembled.
Configuration of the system Is very simple. So too is instalatlon on to a hard drive. The whole process is a straightforward menu driven operation.
To say excellence! Is merely a word processor would hardly be correct or fair. It could more cccu- rately be called a writer s work station. Made up of three distinct utilities roded into one unit.
The wordsmith As a standard word processor t has all the available functions most people require, and probably a good few you won’t.
It’s possible to open numerous documents simultaneously, which will neatly stack one behind the next, each becoming active as It is drawn to the front In the usual Amiga fashion.
The only strange aspect of the program is its lock of multl-taiking.
For example if you wished to spell-cieck on one document while working on another the only possible way to do It would be to load the program twice, and am the documents indlvldualy on eoch. This Is by no means an ideal situation, and due to the heavy memory requirements would be well beyond the abilities of most Amiga owners.
The absence of multi-tasking Is no doubt partty due to the designers’ wish to keep things as fast as possible. But I do feel some people who may not feel the need for speed would appreciate the program a little more if one of the Amiga's most famous attributes had been exploited to the full.
The front end Is wel put together. Reminiscent of a Mac in many respects. The average Amiga owner should feel quite at home with the familiar pull down nenus and Workbench gadget?.
All the features you v ould expect make a welcome appearance. With some odded attractions not found In some of the opposition.
One of my favourites has to be the page preview option. This allows you to see your masterpiece as it will appear on paper, obviously in a somewhat shrunken form, but still useful In layout and design Instant page setup Is arother SOFTMACHINE AMIGA AMIGA Printers Commodore Amiga 1500 DOT MATRIX Star LC24-10 ...... £204.99 Epson 1X400______ £169.99 Star LC200 ..... £214.99 Epson L0400 ...... £24999 Star LC24-200 £249.99 Epson LX850 £23999 Star 24-200 Colour.... £294 99 Epson L0550 .
£324.99 INK BUBBLE JET Seltosha SP-2000.- £174 99 Epson SQ850 .... £599 99 SeiLosha SL-92AI £284.99 Epson SQ2550 ......£824.99 Cltcen 1200 ?..... .£129.99 HP DeskJet 500 £494 99 Citlren 1240 £214.99 HP Paintjet .. £809 99 Cittren Swift 9 £184.99 Canon PJ108QA.
£584.99 Citizen Swift 24_______ £279.99 Canon BJ130E £549.99 Swft Colour Kit.____ ......£3199 LASER Panasonic KXP1180 £169.99 Epson EPL7100 £89999 Panasonic KXP1124 £274.99 HP Laserjet IIP £89999 Star LC-10 £154.99 Canon LBP 4___________ £934 99 Hardware )1 Midi I Deluxe Paint II Pubfehers Choice Maxi Plan 500 Superbase Persona) Dr. Ts MBS Amiga Logo BBC Emulator Mouse Mat 10 Blank Disks £539.99 Amiga 1500 c w 40 Meg Hard Drive ? Controller £1479.99 Roiano Midi Equipment CM-64 Sound Module and Card Slot ... CM -32L Sound Module .. £644
99 £304.99 CM-32P PLM Sound Module and Card Slot...... CN-20 Midi Music Entry Pad .. . £364.99 £109.99 CF-10 Midi Mixing Controller . £109.99 CA-30 IntAllinAnt Arrannnr ... ......£25999 |CV. Terrain Edrtor Pack excluding 1064S ixcluding £809.99 Eoucaiional Peripherals Wvie Stocks Last ..£84.99 Dlydroid ________ £59.99 Camera Stand w kghts .£79.99 Vili Amiga ..£9750 Vlli Chrome ......£1859
P. P. Colour Frame Grabber £519 99
Cokxptc ....£434.99 b Flatbed
Scanner .....£579.99 Type 2 Handy Scanner £104.99
Type 10 Handy Scanner. ..£204.99 Mmigen -
.£9750 Rind* 8002 Genlock......£187.50 Ckrry
A3 Tablet £479.99 Ptdscat 12* x 12* Tablet.....£19699
40 Great Fight Sim Adv.
40 More Great Ft Sim Adv ...£13.95 £14 95
* Disk Drives Inside & Out .. ,
- ....£27.95 ......£12 95 Computes 1st Book of *---------
- £1695 £1695 £1795 'Gde Gra Sound Comm.....- Graphics Inside ?
Out_______ ......£17.45 £14 95 68000 Assembly Lan Prog 68000
Hardware tS-ware.. 68000 User Gttitte .. -. £2195
_______£12.95 PR 95 ......£32.45 _____£21 95 F19 StsaRhfighter
h'boofc-------------- Falcon Air
Combat .... £1396 £1495 £21.95
Flight Sim Odyssey ..... ..£14.95 Advanced
Amifla Basic .
• Adv Sys Prog Guide ... . £18.95 £14.95 ....£7.95
.£32.45 ......£18.45 GunsHp
Academy ..... f14 95 . . £18.45 £32 95
Inside Amiga Graphics .. ..£1695 . £1695
......£24 95 £24.50
* Assembly Lang Prog ..£14.45
• Prog Handbook Vol 2 . .....£2395 JetflgMer
School ..-£11.96 £1895 .... 123 96
JetflgMer School 11 .... £14.95
£32.45 Amiga Prog Gde Compute
......£17.45 Kids and the Amiga .... ..£15.95 ..
„.....£18.45 Amiga Prog Gde Weber ..... .....£20.45
leamng to Fly ..... ..£14.95 Amiga
DOS . £14.95 'ROM Kernel Ref
Man Inc ..
- ROM Kernel Ret Man Lib..... .....£28.95 Mappng the
Amiga ... f2095 Amiga DOS Inside & Out.....
.....£18,45 £29.95 Prog Guide to
Amiga .. ...£23 95 £8.95 Amiga Sys Prog
Guide---------- £32 95 .£12-95 Amiga DOS Ref. Gde......
. £14 95 ......£1495 Take Off Fbght
Sim .... .£15.45 £1845 ... £18.45 Amiga
Desktop Video Gde... _______£18.45 Beginners gude to Amiga
- ..... ......£16.95
• Indoles Amiga m Title Please ring for prices availability on
any hardware software peripherals not listed.
1084S Cobur Monitor £254.99 AlOl ID* Drive £89.99 A59020U) Hard Dnve £279.99 A501 Ran Exp Ctock £59.99 1230 Dot Vtatrtx ...£134.99 1270 lnti|el .-..-£184.99 1550 Colour Dot Matrix £209 99 A520 Moculator . £24.99 A1352 Mouse- £34.99 A590 4 1Mb Ram ..£314.99 A590 ? 2Mb Ram £359.99 Pmps 8833 Mk I114* Monitor .... £244.99 Cumana Imb 3.5* Drive £89.99 Cumana 'Mb 5 25’ Drive. £104.99 McrobotCS M501 S .....£49.99 Mcrobotts M501s RAM ....£39.99 AT Qn« }86 Emulator £174.99 Contriver Moum- £2250 Naksha Mouse -£34.99 Mmuni TackerM £49.99 Contriver
Trackbafl .£32.50 Mouse Mtf ______________£3.99 Moum MM with Amiga Logo £5.99 Optical Mouse . £34.99 10 x Son Bulk 3.5* .£559 10 x Son MFD2DD 110.99 10x TDKMF2DD 35*_______£11.99 3 5* 40 Cap Lockable Box £5.99 35* 80 Cap Lockatrte Box E759 35*150CapPossoBox £19.99 Deluxe Paint IU Print II Pro Write ? Info File Let's Sped at Home Amiga Logo ? Taking Turtle Mouse'Mat ? 10 Bla vt Disks FroWnte V2.5 Music Mouse BBC Emulator £539.99 Tower of Babel Shcfflepack Cafe Microprose Soccer Grand Monster Slam Cmoton, Kxj Gloves RVF Honda. Powerplay Datastom, Dungeon Quest ONLY
£25* A2091 Hard Dtsfc Controller, capable af taking 2Mb Ram 4 40Mb, I9m,'s Quantum HD £1059.99 en purchased with any Amiga computer... Offer fcmted to 1 Starter Ten Star pack per Amiga purchased Ten Star Pack A2 Starter Pack Amiga 2000
• When Deluxe Mouse Mat Tailored Dust Cover Drive Head Cleaner 10
TDK MF2DD Disks 80 Cap Lockable Disc Storage Box ONLY £20* Back
to the Future II Days of Thunder Shadow of the Beast II
Nightbroed Deluxe Paint II £369.99 35* 70CapBanxBox „£11.99
Printer Cable . £4.90 35* Head Cleaner ....£3.99 A500
Dust Cover ________£4.99 1084 Dust Cover ..14.99 Printer
Dust Covers from £4.99 Monitor Stands from .....£14.99
Printer Stands bom ..£9.99 Scart Cabte.
- £9.99 RS232_______________________£9.99 Amiga
1500 Cw 1Mb Ram 1064S Colour Monitor Platinum WORKS1 Deluxe
Paint III Populous. Battlechess.
Sim City. Their Finest Hour.
A-Z of Computer Jargon.
Getting the most from your Amiga Populous ? Promised Lands Sim City ?
064. 99 SfficnSSSoMbHD £2085.00 A3000 25MHz 40Mb HD £2499.00
A3000 25MHz 105Mb HD £2999.00 A1950 14* Multisynch Monitor
£435JOO flytiGA 1500 £200 Trade-In Offer Your Amiga 500* Is
worth £200 off the retail price of any Amiga 1500 packs
while stocks last.
* Full details available on request Music Auoio Digitising Midi
Bars and Pipes----------- Ddu xa Music .. £184.95
....£54.95 Audiomaster III
AMAS ...£4999 ...£79.99 DR. T‘s
Copyist App..... £72 95 Futuresound £74.99
OR. T s Copyist DTP..... OrT'sKCS £184.95
...£154.95 Mastersound...... .’ Mini Midi Interface.
...£34.99 ...£19.99 DfTsKCS Level II_____ £229 95 Perfectsound , ee.e •«•••• ....£47.19 DrTsMRS .. .....£47.95 Sound Trap 3. .
....£29.19 Dr Ts Tiger Cub. . .
£79.95 Synthia 2 ...... .....£79.99 Music Xvl.1 ...... ...£89.95 TL Mono Digitiser .... Tl Stereo Digibser ... .....£24.99 MisicX Junior ...... ....£82.50 .....£32.99 Quartet .... ....£35.95 Audio Engineer Plus ...£169.99 Sontx .. .....£49.95 Alter Audio ....£81.99 Midi Interface II . . £29.99 Video Image Processing Mid Connector ....£29.99 Hfachi Camera ? Lens., Dighrlew 4 Special ....£21999 Ober Midi Master Interface...... Phantom SMPTE ....£29.99 .£209 99 Video Tiuing Broadcast
Titter ..£18496 Pro Titter ____________£11995 Pro Video Po« .£21596 TtttePaga .....£129.95 TV Show V2...... £57.50 TV Text Prof ...£104.95 Video Generic Master £54.95 video Titter 30 VI .5-.....£81.95 Video Wipe Master ....£5495 BBS PC _______ £9750 GPTerm ..£5750 K-Comm2 ...£34.95 Ruby Comm .....£54.95 Accounts Arena Accounts .... £135 95 Cashbook Combo .... Cashbook Controller . £49.50 £34.95 Final Accounts £21 95 Home Accounts .£21.95 Personal
Finance Manager £24.95 Smab Business Acc. Cash £56 50 Small Business Acc. Plus......Ring Small Business Acc. Xtra £79.95 System 3 £34.95 Modems Designer Modem .... Pro 4 Modem £104 99 £389 99 WS 4000 Modem Linnet Modem . Linnet 1200 Modem...... Linnet 2400 Modem £164.99 £14999 £234.99 £374.99 1 LANGUAl.l COMPIlfRS Ert 1 AMOS ...- ..£35.95 A-flexx .. £3250 Argasm £42.50 Aztec C Developer ..... Aztec C Professional Benchmark Moduli 2...... Benchmark Ubranes . D*vpac2 ...
GFA8a«cv3.5 compaw GFA Basic v3 5 Interpreter Hisoft Basic .. . £19995 £11295 £13750 ...£7250 .£4350 £22.95 £39.96 .. £56.96 Hisoet Extend ... £15.95 K-Sefca Assembler £34 95 LatticeC V5 .. £174.95 Lattice _______________ Logo ..... £259.95 £4195 BAD ...- ...£32.50
B. 8.C. Emulator - £39.96 Calligrapher . £67
95 OtekMaster________________£39.96 Dos2
Dos .£29 95 Cross Dos V4 ______£28.95
GB Route ...£32.95 GomfV.3
.£27.95 Power windows
V2.5 ..£54.95 Project D .£2956
Quarterback ....£39-96
Superback_________________£41.95 X-Copy ?
Hardware ...£24.95 X-Copy Professional .£38.95
GJ). Type Oecoratlve ..132.50
G. D. Type Designer .....£32.50
G. D. Type Publisher ...£32.50 GJ). Type
Video ...£32.50 Pagesetter
V2 .14995 Pagestream
V2 ..£141.95 Professional Page v2......£19995 PP
Outline fonts £104 95 PP Structured Ckp Art......£35.95 PP
Templates ..£35.95
Procllps ...£20.95 Desktop Publishing
Communications Advantage ......£79.95 DGCatc
__________£27.95 K-Spread 2 ....£42.50
Superplan ......£89.95
Oeslgnasaurus £3250 Distant Suns, £52.95 Fun
School Under 6 ...£14 96 Fun School 2 6-8 years. ,
£14.95 Fun School 2 Over 8 ..£14.95 Fun School 3 Under 8
yrs.£17.95 Fun School 3 5-7 years £17.95 Fun School 3 Over
7 .£17.95 Kids Type ... ...£20.95 Match
Pairs ...£1696 Mega Maths GCSE £20.96 Micro
English GCSE £2096 Micro French GCSE £20.95 Micro Maths GCSE
£20.95 Play and Reed ...£20.95 Primary
Maths £20.95 Spell at
Home .£15.95 Spell at The Shops £15.95 Spell
Book 4-6 years £15.95 Sped Book 7+__________ £1596 Things to
do with Numbers £15.96 Things to do with Worts £15,95 Weather
Watcher £20.95 World Attes £44.95 3D Professional
£259.95 Amiga Vteign - .£104.95
Ammagic .£54.95 Can
do .-£101.95 Comic
Setter ..£39.96 Comic Setter Clip
Art .El 7.50 Deluxe Paint III ...£59.96
Deluxe Photolab £54.95 Deluxe Print II ......£36.95
Deluxe Video III -...£74.95 Oesign
30 .. £62.95 Dig! Paint
3 .....£5496 Disney Animation StuJio £8150
Elan Performer ..£49.95 Fantavision - £32.50
Imagine RING introCAD Plus
- ..£81.50 Movie Setter £39.95 Page Flipper ? F X £69.95
Page Render 30 £81.50 Photon Paint
2 ...£2996 PtXmate..~ . £39-95
Professional Draw V2 ....£104.95 Scala_________ £199.95
Vista .£49.95
Spectracokxir ...RING The Director ________
£47.50 The Director's Toolkit £2750 X-CAD Designer £86.96
Zoetrope ..... £74.95 Gold Disc Office ....£10495 Home
Office Kil £116.95 Publishers
Choice ......£6296 Works Platinum £62.96 Excellence
2 ..£94.95 Kind Words
2 £35.95 Pen Pal .....£8196 Protext v5
- .....£10250 Pro Write V.3 .„£10250
Quickwrtte ... £4196 Scribble
Platinum .....£4196 Transcribe ...... £31.95 Word
Perfect--------------£176.95 Acquisition
1.3 .£169.96 K-Oata. .... £34.96
Prodata ...£56.96 Superbase
Personal ..£27.95 Superbase Personal 2 £69.95 Superbase
Professional £169.95 Spreadsheet Bundles Please make
cFeques postal orders payable to SOFTMACHINE All Items subject
to availability All prices include V.A.T. & U.K. Delivery All
prices subject to change withxit notice. E.40.E. SOFTMACHINE
Dept. AMC3,20 Bridge House, Bridge Street, Sunderland SR11TE.
Telephone: 091-510 2666. Fax: 091-564 1960 Feature r St Ml to
. R« An amazing score and I didn' t touch M up in Dpaint.
Honest TSL Output: I Interactive Eliminate!
I Ignore As a standard word processor, it has all the available functions most people would require, and indeed a good few you'll probably never n* d.
It's possible to open IdniHXHW documents simultaneously, which will neatly stack »ne behind the next, each becoming active as it is drawn to the front in the usual Amiga runner, The only strange aspect of excellence is it's lack of multi-tasking, for example if you wished to spell check on one document whilst working on another the only possible way to do it would be to load excellence* twice, and run the documents individually on each.
Her ... "KSy'iSS! N Igselal Statistics_ 'KttSiRKih Hill wo to times out of ten It will guess correctly thanks to Its 140.000 word cfctto- nary.
Massive thesaurus The thesaurus is one of my favourite features. It's very impressive, os It should be considering an almost unbelievable 1.4 million word vocabulary. The range of alternatives provided Is exceflent.
It gives both antonym and synonym alternatives to the word in question plus various definitions of the original and resultant choices.
This is extremely comprehensive and particularly useful.
The thesourus can even be used as an alternative spell-chec er.
Body text and headers footers easily and without the need to load up complex configuration flies.
Print merging and Insertion of text are all catered for along with various load save options and preferences available direct from the pull downs.
Cut and paste has a full range of options with a wide variety of insertion options, such as pages, dates, times, heoders and footers, even offering an option to insert literals to the text.
Another pleasant addition is a useful sort feature which will arrange both words and numbers in ascending or descending order.
By simply marking out the desired section and clicking the appropriate pull down, you are sorted.
Moving around Al the text handling functions are a combination of mouse, pull down and ci sor position. If you want to move or copy a particular paragraph to the next, or Insert some text from a document on disk, simply place the cursor, select the option and hey presto. Instant paste.
All margins and markers can be displayed If required, along with the usual selection of bold, italic, underline, superscript or subscript printing available with various foreground and background text colours.
If. For example, you need to swap every occurrence of 'format' and alter it to 'trash' a find and replace option is available to leap Into action and dive around the document frantically trashing one for the other.
Some rather advanced funcw* w m-c I WiST; **.b I v-ey. 4,M«i.Me«rAvw*eee V **Ue.. I iir.cflwwoa&stt1 •' ¦
i. 'tOMljl'iumwAiMVV.v' titevz: k RX S!j ,y.;-iw~ v •ft::'!?.
VrAf" rtm'r'lfn mrt • I i?Kv f.vvx**” 1* How R util
appear on the printed page Prrview - Pages 1 and 2: paper, but
considering It makes no real difference to the finished prod
uct. It is merely a personal point.
If you deal heavily In figures you may miss overtype, a common feature on most word processors but for some reason missing in this one.
Among Its many talents It boasts a spell-checker, thesaurus and grammar checker, each of which have their good points as well as the occasional bad.
In the case of the spell checker the main problem is the lack of an English education. The program is American bom and bred and as a result spells certain words with an American accent - color, realize.
Tions ore also waiting in the wings.
There are functions to generate Indexes or a table of contents and a glossary featuring full macro key support. Last but not least there's a detailed summary of document Information - word count, page count and so on.
That's about It for the word crunching section, my only disappointment Is the program's (nobKty to turn off the page option. As an electronic scribe I have little use for lEDIChtoh Qrannar~ Phrase file! LTTTTXEll Problem: Overstated or pretentious Suggestion: tuny Strictness: I Check I organize to nome but a few.
It b a good Idea to keep a close eye on the options that the checker offers you. Because an alternative to what It considers to be spelt Incorrectly can be just as bad as the original.
However, it isn't all doom and gloom in the spell checking department. The check as you type Is a particularly useful option, as b a learn feature which remembers your personal p eferences and then refrains from belching up the said word time and again.
The pattern recognition utility Isn't great. This occasionally provides alternatives to a nispelt word that aren't even remotely Simlar to the word required. Even so. Nine twice, and run the documents individually 6ft baeJT This is by no neans as ideal situation, and would bo wtll beyond the abilities of most Ami«a owners, due to tho heavy memory requirements.
The absence of nultMasklng is no doubt partly due to the designers wish to keep things as fast as possible, which in deed they are, bwt I do feel some people wko may not fool tho 'need for speed' and would ¦ 7 ‘ This is by no moans an idoal situation, and would bo wtll bovond tho abllitlos of most Amiga owners, duo to tho hoavy memory requirements.
Tha lbitnes ef nulti-tuking is iti doubt paptly du» to tho designers wish to keep things as fast as possible, which in deed they are, but I do fool som pooplo who maw not fool tho 'noed for spood' and would r ‘ ‘ ' 'auMed rr __IHextl twice, ano run tho documents individually on oaoh.
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DTP or not DTP, that is the question This program Is much more than It may first appear.
It's possible lo have up to 250 separate fonts In a single document, as well as Imported IFF graphics of your choice, plus any combination of text and background colour, and do it all in newspaper style column printing with automatic hyphenation.
Most of these features are wen beyond the abtil- ties of the average word processor. The amazing flexibility of the software is due to the ridged adhesion to the rules of AmJgaDOS. Which the programmers applied while creating the program.
The abWty to import IFF’s Is a direct result of this laudable action. All that needs to be done Is load any iff imoge into Dpatnt and save It out as a brush.
It can then be loaded and Incorporated Inlo a document.
All of this can be produced in o wonderfuly clear postscript fye. Although be warned that the bitmapped funky fonts can take quite a while to print. But if you're willing to watt it can all be produced In up to eight colours.
Those among us who wish to transfer Information from one machine to another will wanl nothing to do with IFFs as they are the kiss of death to lesser machines and certain familiar Amiga applications.
If you're transferring files via phone or floppy from one machine to the next, ASCII is what you want.
Assemblers and compilers eat nothing else and luckily enough there's an option for this as wed. The grammer checker Is not for the taint of heart or those of us wtth sensitive literary egos. It is cruel, heartless and takes no prisoners. If you're not the most even tempered of people the grammar checker could wen cost you a fortune In aggravated computer assault.
According to excellence! I have a tendency to be overstated and pretentious - you probably already worked that one out for yourselves.
Olhers include overuse of a particular word, suggestions for generic rather than trade names, and the occasional statement that elements of your life’s work are. And I quote 'hockneyed, cliche or trite".
Ego cruncher All of these and much more are waiting to give your ego a good slap in the face, leaving you in tears and your so-called friends in stitches.
As If that wasn't humiliation enough, It will then go on to give you a relative readability score against an Insurance document, the Gettysburg Address and a Hemingway short story.
If you can stand the embarrassment It will go on to completely break down your work and compare It against the others.
Displaying all four pieces in a bar charl format, it scrutinises such things as the proportion of large words, the number of sentences, relative sentence length and so on.
The final nail in the coffin is the chance to fhd out how your work compares wth abilty levels right up to PhD - for my performance look at one of the screenshots.
I strongly advise anyone to take Its observations with a pinch of salt as It Is very literal In Its assumptions.
Nevertheless as an aid to Improving your style and grammar the checker Is a great help.
Still speedy With all the available functions, you would think that speed would suffer considerably. Not so. The retrieval rate is very Impressive.
Granted most of my experience is with a hard drive, but even floppy access times are still quite respectable.
Judged alone, but combined as part of the same package they form an almost unbeatable combination. That truly complements a great machine.
In the past I was a devout Protext fan. And as a result did my best to find a chink In the armour of exceBencel. I couldn't manage It. I still feel that Protext may have the edge on pure word crunching excellence! Tries to walk, talk, chew gum. Sing, dance and juggle al at the sarre time and somehow manages It. The three elements of word processor, DTP tpol, and teacher are impressive when power, but for all round ability excellencel is amazing, ard for those in the market for flexibtlty It's got to be the one.
Excefleoce! - requires 1 Mb Price-£160 Track Computer Systems 12 Sodter Gate Derby DEI 3NF Tel 0332 41817 1excellence* v2.8l 5 Copyright 1987-91 Micro-System Software, Inc. IWI jl t, 11 ii t, 111, A. 111 i i i i i,.A11111. A unbratj 2: »dj) sipnifica itlr under the influence of alcoholic Itqw _ _ ___ syn 12 tadler Oate Derby DC1 3HT One o the many printer configurations available Mil CHI.. Tel II Output Type: kw n Density:! 4 1 Orientation: PortraHJ ranfold 1 Tent Nunfcer: Paper Type: Proportional: iTel Fron: To: HtH lack to Pront:
ci. ,; mmm 1 •• ri 1. ' Papes: [711 1 1 Print 1 C Save I [Cancel
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If the combination of Experience. Quality and Service is not what you are looking for, but PRICE is, then consider the following packs:- EACH PACK INCLUDES FREE MEMBERSHIP Fantasy Art Contains 10 disks filled with breathtaking fantasy slides in the Dungeons & Dragons tradition.
Due to the nature of these disks however, some pictures may be a little risque.
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Intros Pack This outstanding pack delivers the goods that you would expect from 17 Bit. 10 disks bursting with all the latest and greatest demos from some of the more well known groups in the world. One to impress your friends!!!!
THE DISKS IN THESE PACKS HAVE NOT APPEARED IN PREVIOUS 17 BIT PACKS Each ten disk pack costs £7.90. If paying by cheque please make cheques payable to 17 Bit Software. A payment by AccesslVisa or Switch can be made via the telephone number above or by letter quoting the card number valid from and expiry dates, and in the case of Switch the card's issue number PART 1 if yoc hove an Amiga 500 and an extra drive or half meg upgrade, or even both, you're the sort of person who wants to do something with tne Amy other than play games. You may oe one ot the thousands of new owners who have quickly
tired of the tittes supplied with tie machine.
If »y fold you that the Amiga was tt* mast powerful home computer available and now you're wondering just what it can do. Then this guide to finding your way around the Amiga operating system was written specifically with you in mM Whet we want to do over the next few months is to iOuminae the parts of AmigaDOS which the manuals supplied with the mochine leave extremely dimly lit.
I don’t intend to re-hash the Amiga user's manued and I wi ignore the most common AmigaDOS commands, as everyone who has flipped through the book wifl know how to use them. You should be familiar with Die. RENAME, FORMAT, end other such basic functions of CU Again, I'm assuming that mast people who want to use AmigaDOS wi also want to buy o second drive and expand RAM to o fufl megabyte, if they haven't akeody done so.
For this reason I won’t be paying too much attention to the restrictions caused by using a standard A500. Ail of tne operations In the series wi be possfcto on a basic machine - they fust might be a lot more hassle to carry out.
Laziness and confusion are two of the most common causes of frustration for new AMIGA owners and I wi be concentrating on the areas of AmigaDOS which most otten induce these factors and outlining tricks to reduce mem. Whet your average lazybones fails ro reafise is that by skipping over a simple tectue such as wildcards, which is not nYTMdatily stf-expianatofy, you make o lot mote work tor yourself lotaon.
This month we start with the AmigaDOS directory structure, moving around directories, file handling, and me short-cuts pvpifobfo to mese operations. Once we‘» comfortable with movement around the system, next month we will go on » an overview of the operating system, configuring a 'start ot day* boot dsic, and customisirg the Workbench environment Later we wl be discussing a wide range of other subjects including the powerful r nlnrefo'rJ h rJnh Hint pOfdftDOl Oi OcaCn Rfttt.
Where's an area of AmigaDOS you would most ice fo see explained, men write to: Begmners Guide, AMIGA Computing, Europe House.
Adiington Park, Macclesfield SrCIO 4NY.
Many people don't bother to pay attention to The way in which Workbench is organised or to find the easiest way of moving Ground it.
Initolly. Tney find learning the necessary commends boring, but it neeant be so. And if you miss out ttus most bos«c area, oil your subsequent forays into AmigaDOS will oe hampered by your clumsy appreciation of the system.
ArrigaDOS is a hierarchical tree- shaped filing system (see Figure 1), which means that it starts with 0 root directory and works its way dowr Through as many levels of direc*ories, or drawers, ana subdirectories as it needs.
From the other end of the scale, hies cf a common sort are organised into directories, which moy in Turn Ce neld in other drawers, ana so or until The root directory, or parent of all the directories, is reached.
This is the root directory of the currenT disk or volume. The advantage of such a structure is Thar everything is logically organised.
CLI is a doss!
Confused by obscure command sequences? Afraid to find a path through AmigaDOS? Stevie Kennedy shows the way... il&MBSg GUIDE and files can be sorted dowr. Into as many neat irrtle parcels as you please, The biggest dsoavontage s The way in which the directory tree tends to blossom rcpidly mto a disk- based spagheTTi junction, sd it's vital to find a tew methods or cut* Ting down The tedium of moving from A to 8.
It is at This point lazyoones would switch off nis or ner brain and slavishly follow me longest way round.
Tne smart user will look for shortcuts. And me first of these is trie CD (change directory) command itself.
8y typing CD on its own The current directory is displayed, and oy using a slosh character (J) you can instantly move to the next highest directory.
For example, if you ore in a subdirectory of your workbench's system drawer ana you Type CD .
You will go straight up two levels to the rooT directory.
Tnese are of course preTty basic liTTIe tricks, Put neither are explained in The User's Manud and both can b© very handy when doing a lot of directory swapping.
The second shortcut, which a lot of people ignore, is the PATH command. As its function Is entirely a matter for the system's operation, and as it requires a bit of thought on the way in which CLI works, it is a regular victim of laziness SUB-DIRECTORIES |SUB2 ] Bilk, The PATH is a fist of directories In which Workbench will look for CU commands before trying the C: directory and giving up with the unknown command' error message A lazy user will Ignore the PATH command. This is OK while using a copy of the original Workbench disk as Its startup-sequence lays out a comprehensive pathway.
But when he uses a system disk that has no such facility, he soon becomes unstuck.
Figure I: The AMIGA DOS tree-shaped Wing system If you want to avoid having to CD to the directory containing a utility and you'd like to run from CU, simply add the directory to the PATH.
For instance, if you have a disk called 'Utils' In your second drive and you wish to access its utilities from CLI without typing CD DPI: every time, just type: PATH Utils: A»» You can use PATH directory ADD as many times os required. If you find that the pathway Is becoming too long typing PATH RESET will restrict It to the C: directory on your system disk until you expand It agoin.
The third and easily the most useful shortcut for moving around directories is the ASSIGN command. Please do not Ignore this little beauty, no matter how lazy you are. As it can save you a great decl of typing.
Character Explanation pat*em WW match a« occurences of the pattern ? W» match any character (...) Brackets will form a pattern from any g oup of characters I The ‘Or’ sign Is useful for matching more than one pattern % Matches a blank string - not sure how useful this one is.folcs The ASSIGN command is used to assign logical device names' to deepty nested directories that are regularly used, thus making them much easier to occess.
For example, if you habitually place text files in the directory dfl:protext work textflles, you will have to type in that long pathname every time you use the directory.
Figure 2: Whdcord characters DELETE ? Delete all files In the current directory RENAME ?(.doc I .a*c) Rename two separate groups of files with TO ?.text a single suffix COPY ? TO dlrectory Copy all files in current directory LIST (Thlngy I Wotsit).prog list Thingy.prog and Wotsit.pog only However, if you type: ASS! JN TEIT: df1:proteit nork textfiles then you need only ever enter CD TEX': to go straight to the textflles sub-director , as it has now been assigned that logical device name.
For hard driva users in particular this command is a godsend.
Figure 3: Suggested uses lor patterns and wildcards By using ASSIGN with care, you con retain the neatness of a hierarchical disk structure while still being able to jump quickly from one small branch of the tree to another.
The best way to use the command is to sit down and list all the logical device names you'd like to assign to ycur most used directories. Then EC the startup-sequence on your boot disk and add the list of ASSIGNS somewhere before the LOADWB command.
For maximum speed place them between the commands RESIDENT ASSIGN PURE and RESIDENT ASSIGN REMOVE in the Startupll file.
File tips Systematic file handling is one of those exercses most people convince themselves that they'll never really need fo do. I mean, most of us haven't got ©rough files to bother about, have we?
Wrong. Introducing a bit of method Into the way you handle AmlgaDOS files makes your whole system easier to handle and faster to use.
The first thing you'll have to
• remember to do is to use suffixes for all your files- As
AmiggDOS doesn't demand 'hese in most cases, the average person
rends to take the easy way out and names files in any old
However, without them you con* not make full use of wildcards or pattern matching and without these your file handling will be primitive and slow.
Don’t just call a text file thlngy'.
Cal it 'thingy.doc'. and it Is instantly recognisable for what It Is. To go further, you could attach suffixes depending on the word processor used to write the fHe So thingy.kdw will have been created on KlndWcrds, thingy.pro on Protext, and thingy.asc will be a simple ASCII file. Picture files can have suffixes such as .Iff. .ham. .ehb. and so on.
Do this as a matter of course In a consistent fashion ond your files will be much more maleable.
Wildly exciting This Is where wildcards and pattern matching com© In. A wildcard is a charocter that can b© substituted for another string of characters in whatever form you specify using the characters in Figure 2.
Pattern matching Is the process of bunching files together using wildcards, according to common file names or suffixes.
Again, these are relatively simple concepts, which the lazy user tends to skip over, so that he or she ends up. For example, copying lots of files from one directory to another one at a time I Let's say you wanted to copy everything in the VirusX directory on last November's Amiga Computing cover disk to a disk In the external drive. Rather than typing COPY filename TO DF1: over and over again. Just make sure you're In the VirusX director , then type COPY ? To DF1:.
As you can see from Figure 2, the ? Wildcard win pattern match any string of characters it comes across, and effectively makes COPY ? A global copy command for the contents of an entire cJrectory.
Wildcards wlU work with most of AmlgaDOS's file handling commands. You could, for example, use RENAME ? TO ?.DOC to give all your text files the desired suffix, or DELETE ?(,kwd I osc) to get rid of all KmdWords and ASCII fltes Study the wildcard cha'acters use your imagination, and before you know It you're saving yourself a great deal of trouble.
Figure 3 shows some suggested common uses for wildcards and patterns.
Next month You should hopefully now be able fo move around your sys fern disk and throw frf* *•; about a lol tastei than before. Next month I II look at customising your Workbench disk and start up sequence and attempt a brlel overview of the Work bench system ENDCLI.
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Complete A-level course of 24 programs and 2 books. 105 topicsl Far tao many to list. Induces everything on Calculus and much more. Only £24 A-level Course or ring 0491 579345 (24 hrs) JL DTBS 'T Tel Fax 0706 524304 18 Norwich Avenue, Rochdale, Lancs 0L11 5JZ Access Visa Orders Accepted Hidden away in Liverpool's revitalised dockland lurks the leading light in the art of software presentation - Psygnoss. The company famous for Its animated game Intros and infamous fcr its games, or perhaps the lack of them.
In a short career in computer journalism. I’ve come to expect that a company's surroundings usually bear no relation to their products - some very hi-tech work can arise from some pretty lo-tech places For Psygnosls, this theory was shot fun of holes. The company's offices were nothing short of sumptuous, boasting a designer riverside view, acres of fitted carpet and tasteful decor.
With a decent pair of binoculars It's reasonably easy to recognise the person at the next desk.
After receiving the customary coffee, it was off to a dim corner to see where the Incredible intros greet Ihe world - not to mention those 'ine fellows responsible for such momentous events.
Creating the classics Jim Bowers, author of the amazing Awescme intro, was first to suffer the nerve wracking experience of having my tape recorder shoved in his face.
Like a true scouser. He wasn't put off by such a minor Inconvenience and was soon In fun swing, displaying his wares with the aid of a 3000 and 100Mb hard drive.
This setup he found a little constricting and made a point of inquiring if I might know the whereabouts of an extra hard drive, so that he could have some room ’o work.
At 'his point I felt a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Fancy having to struggle with the fastest Amiga available and a measly 100 the feeling of movement Ever wondered how some cf the amazing explosion sequences are put together? Jim uses the technique of creating a mask or template of a previously rendered object. He then plans out the action before producing the full touch-ups by Dpaint.
First. I was shown trie technique of expanding the still background border of an animation screen. This is done when an object approaches and the expansion can be as little os a quarter of an inch, but the effect does wonders to enhance Pixie Dust!
Paul Austin pelts Psygnosis with a few home truths meg of storage! These guys really suffer for their art. . • Jim went on to unravel some Of the mysteries of creating incredible animations, The principal toots used are Sculpt 4D and Dpaint III. All the object modelling is done with Sculpt, with backgrounds and Here: how the pro * do it. A step be step rundown of the mask process used to creote the amazing explosion sequences that Psygnosls are famous tor Feature previously top secret answer. Is ixie Dust. Not ordinary, common or bot- tom-of-the-garden Pixie Dust of course, but special parent
Psygnosis Pixie Dust.
I had my suspicions, but who would have thought It would be that simple? Amazing!
The next generation There's a feeling percolating the entire company giving the impression that the games were on occasion something of on afterthought. I asked if the company considered itself a true software house, or a software publisher which simply added the icing to on often less than perfect cake.
Not surprisingly, this accusation was hotly denied by Nik Wild, the company spokesperson and wordsmtff. He did agree that in the past the intro sequences sometimes made the accomparying game look very sod indeed, but he assured me this was all in the past, and a new era is about to dawn on the banks of the Mersey.
Did this mean the end O' the amazing Intro?
‘Quite the contrary” , said Nik, ‘the aim is to concentrate nuch more on the games design side, without compromising the infos in order to do it".
To prove the point he tolked about certain new releases that w* even feature outros!
The company aims to move some game production in house, with a leaning towards family 'Orientated software.
Slightty confused. I asked for an example Qf the former blast- em-up specialist's new direction.
‘A great game, you'll love it.
Game of the year, no problem...'. They weren't wrong, as I’ll reveal later.
At present all the games are produced out of house by external developers, and software only arrives in house for play testing and the finishing touches.
I was assured that a close touch was kept with the designers, but I'm not completely convinced, and the possible lack of in-oouse production may be the cause of the lock of gameplay apparent in certain past releases.
As I mentioned earlier, a new approach is definitely the dish of the day and Lemmings, a latest blown bang The object that Is about to meet Its end, or rather its mask - basic outline - Is placed on screen and an impact point decided on.
A bosic globe is created via sculpt and this can be expanded to engulf the object - exactly the some way that an octual explosion would expand through and around a real object on impact.
This method provides gives a great way of mapping out the action frame by frame, and as a result on extremely realistic effect can be rendered without the need for guesswork.
Once the various frames have been created, the expanding global explosion is shaded as required using Dpalnt. This produces the clouds of debris belching from a dying craft. The complex graphical effects are basec around the initial expandable global blueprint.
This technique, and numerous others. Jim incorporated into the Awesome intro, which took three weeks to construct from scratch. It s an imoressive achievement when you consider the 25 seconds of rendered objects and hand - drawn bock-grounds.
Moving on The next victim was old friend Nell ’Tom' Thompson, Jim's partner in crime ond co-producer of the Nltro intro. His contribution was the wheel-spinning sports car which roars off Into the distance.
Neil gave me a quick tour through the the research and devebpment deportment, with an ama2lng display of fractal graphics. Which he'd Imposed onto a constantly changing rendered object. This was achieved using brush-bending techniques.
Much of the stuff on show may never see the light of day in a commercial sense, and this is a grea* shome. Perhaps we'll see it via another medium My final question revealed the secret of the Psygnosis intros. How did they manage to fit the Intro and the game into the available disk without breaking the laws of physics'* Even employing the latest runtime decompression techniques it's difficult to figure out how the process is achieved. The simple, and * Feature release, features high on the menu.
Those familiar with F sygnosis products of old. Would be hard pushed to recognise this as part of the Psygrosis staple diet At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that Lemmings is aimed firmly at the younger end of the Amiga market, but this isn't rBally the case. Although suitable for all. It will almost certainly become a cult classic for kids of various ages The aim of the game Is simply to guide a large number of mind -numb- ingly stupid rodents through increasingly tricky puzzes to the safety of a somewhat less thon convenient exit.
This is done by bestowing certain character traits on your furry friends such as bridge builder, digger, climber and so on. Sounds simpe. Right?
W'ongl It will drive you mad. As you try desperately to stop the reckless rodents from throwing themselves over cliffs, jumping into rivers, frying their furry bodies In raging flames and so on.
Probably the most amazing feature is that It’s actually an original concept - amazing I It's a long time since I played a gome with this most rare of qualities. And if you enjoy a httie thought with your fun. This is a must for you cotectlon, I'm certainly not slow to point out the problems at Psygnosls but this certainly isn't one of them. It may be early to be making predictions. But game of the year could already be in the bag. Yes folks. I'm imp-essed.
Leander Next comes Leander, a much more familiar format for Psygnosis fans.
The game features 30 levels of parallax screen play, not too dissimilar to that of the Beast series, although the gomeplay and graphics are a good deal better than its predecessors. It's a good deal more playable. Even before you've had 10 pints.
'mooth scrolling, massive hardware sprites, numerous baddies, accompanying sound effects and of course another of the Psygnosis specialities, an excellent musical accompaniment, all creating the mood for some good old fashioned hack and slash.
Armour-Geddon Nothing to match the originality of Lemmings, but if you're a fan of arcade adventures I doubt you'd be disappointed with your Investment.
A thinking man s blast- em-up. A convenient if perhaps less than accurate description. A flight sim fan myself, my eyes Ilf up at the sight of a vector graphic airfield tanks.
I took control and after strafing a few baddies. Chris Stanley, the Psygnosls head test pilot kindly informed me they were In fact my own tanks, and It mght well be a good idea to attack something else... Chris went on to explain that rather than just another simulation.
Armour-Geddon Is h fdct severdi sims all rolled into one. With the various elements combhing to form a fighting force whlchthe player commands from any of its component parts. The familiar save the world scenario is the reason for the rallying of arms Each player takes control of various vehicles, tanks, helicopters, planes and so or. The idea is to formulate a strategy for the whole campaign and take on the baddies.
In addition to fignting the foe. The strategy element of the game extends ta the creation of new weapons in your research and cevel- opment department, plus the maintaining and building Of existing hardware by you loyal work force.
And as If that's not enough, a serial link option has been odded. Not only for Amiga to Amiga, but also Amiga to ST or even PC
- a welcome addition o‘ icing to an already sweet piece of
software cake.
Given my short experience.
Armour-Geddon looks like another big seller along with the wonderful Lemmings. A full review of all of the above appears In Amiga Computing os soon os I can convince these fine fellows to hand over the goods.
And so to bed... Psygnosls has been justifiably criticised in the past for a lack of depth and variety, and this was a ooint I put this to Steve Riding, head of production.
He agreed in port, but went on to soy it was all about to change, and indeed if the latest batch are anything to go by he may well be right There were rumours in the industry that Psygnosls might have been suffering from a slight cash flow problem in the recent past but I'm sure that with these new releases the company’s future success Is assured.
In these rapidly changing days, most companies are struggling to keep pace with the charges in technology. For Psygnosis. However.
I feel the situation is quite the reverse and the best is defiritety to come.
I doubt the company's greatest day will dawn with the Amiga, but rather the next generation of Commodore machines. Until that distant day. The Pixie Dust is al ours Want the best price? - want to choose your own software?
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If. However, you've ever had the pleasure of a replacement rodent, you'l know exactly what I mean.
The Commodore mouse is a sturdy beast, but using it can sometime; be a little like trying to kiH a fly with a baseball bat.
No longer does the beginner have to spend hours learning a command line and years trying to master it.
In the Pcs of old no one had a choice but to leam the obscure CLI interlace - a simple case of get on with it or give up computing.
The pain and misery went on without any apparent end In sight until smiling faces from Silicon Vale did the unthinkable and produced the first graphic user environment.
The Apple Macintosh was the first to break the mould and put a smung user-frtendly face of the previously elitist computer market.
Even though it pains me to say it.
The Mac still boasts the best front- end in the business.
Where the Mac faBs down is in Its tendency to be a little too friendly.
If you want to open it up and mess around, your friendship will come to a sudden and acrimonious end.
As a result of the Mac's success the WIMP system - Windows, Icons Mouse and Pointers - has been adopted by all the serious machines. As a result, the silicon sidekick has become as familiar as a floppy.
The Amiga is a perfect example of the best of both worlds. Incorporating the power of the command line with the ease of the Workbench environment, pull downs and wonderful windows, multi-tasking and the charce to get your hands dirty delving into the CLI. All controlled with that dinky little mouse - bliss.
So why change the Amiga's rodent? It can't be stressed enough how big the difference is between a high resolution mouse ond the Amiga's own, If your use of the mouse 1$ limited. Or you only use It for opening and closing the occasioncl window. The need for something better might not justify the expense.
And there is an alternative to o complete change.
If all you need is a foster mouse with perhaps a few extras, it could be well worth calling up a few PD houses, almosf all of which will be abl© to offer a number of mouse utilities such os Zoom or Dmouse Both of these con be placed in a startup-sequence or accessed from Workbench.
Review The effects vary, but most noticeable Is the increase in speed.
There are some other pleasant touches such as disappearing pointe-s and screen blanking.
If you're into slightly more serious things than disappearing pointers, there are some excellent mouse utilities out there.
Anyone Into DTP or graphics is realty missing out If they’re not running o mouse co-ordinates utility.
This constantly displays the exact position of the pointer on screen.
And if you’ve ever tried to place items on screen using guesswork alone you'll know how handy this can be.
If you're really keen you can have the best of both worlds with a new high resolution rodent and the utility of your choice.
So let’s get on with some definitive reviews of the best and worst replacements now on the market - five mice and three examples of its near cousin, the trackball.
Truemouse First on the hit list is on offering from the cheap end of the market. But don’t let that put you off, the Truemouse is an excellent product at a very reasonoble price - approximately half that of some of its competitors.
No sign of a mouse mat. Tut. Tut.
But the Truemouse worked perfectly directly on the desk or any other smooth surface. It is a sturdy little creature, with a tough case and a refreshingly weighty tall.
At the moment weight seems to be less than fashionable but It does give a reassuring feel when attempting some pinpoint positioning.
Another pleasant (eaOture is the resistance of the buttons. Most replacement mice have very sensitive buttons. At first this is a joy. But the novelty soon wears oft with the constant effort of suspending your tired figures over them.
The slightest relaxation will almost certainly mean an Inadvertently opened window, or something much worst.
The resistance on the Truemouse is just about right. It's easy to jse.
Accurate and comfortable. The whole thing is generally a pleaajre.
Fitting nicety into the hand while still being smooth and accurate.
My only real criticism concerns the low resolution. Which appsars to be almost identical to thct of the AMIGA mouse.
In some cases this may not be a disadvantage. When drawing free hand in a paint pockage for example. The combination of smoothness with minimal movement can in fact help rather than hinder.
If you did wont to speed things up you could always go for Zoom or something similar.
The low resolution no doubt accounts for the exceptionally long, six feet of colling cable cluttering up my desk.
Beetle Mouse This is definitely the other end cf the mouse market. The Beetle Mouse is the latest in designer rodents, featuring a range of 64 colour combinations.
It's like a giant ladybird, and definitely the ultimate In design, featuring some very original s-yling concepts This is one of my favourite aspects of the Beetle. Ergonomically speaking it's excellent, fitting perfectly Into the palm of the hand with the buttons well positioned and just about perfect resistance.
It must be sa»d the Beetle is definitely a matter of taste. The rest of the office expressed the opinion that If you hod any you wouldn't want one.
It doesn’t oppeor to be the sturdiest mouse on the market either and feels very light In comparison with some of the others available.
The ban trapdoor is also unusual, using a slide fitting rather thon the twist you’re probably more familiar with. The ball is not my personal favourite, being rather light, but again it's a case of taste. The .
T Review weight has no effect on the performance. Which Is excellent due to the extremely high resolution of 320dpi. And the smooth acceleration. DPI stands for dots per Inch - 320 is the best I've seen to date.
Most sens- '.but Ithe your will Jver- me- ouse use.
The sure Bstil erns Mrs it of ea free onv oth- con wm ubt ally Jut’ You'll either love or hate It. But once you're a fan you'll be hooked for life.
There is a price to be paid for all the glamorous styling and go-fcster stripes though - hard cash! The cost will leave the Beetle firmly in the designer label department.
Naksha The Naksha mouse has had a long and illustrious career, and in doing so has found favour with many a graphic artist due to its smooth operation. It's still by far the most commonly used rodent in the commercial sector.
The device is a good combination of comfort and speed. The buttons are well placed and weigh*ed with deceleration similar to that of the Beetle. It's a little light for some tastes, but after 10 minutes your tastes would almost certainly change.
Eh ea- ibt- mc V- tie * nt.
The » es- eft- 1 of lor hf to w or i. id he tor 01 tit he Product Ergonomics Lead Extras Price Supplier Tel Mice Truemouse good 6ft n a
17. 95 Evesham Micros 0386765500 Beetle excelent 3 4ft mat
29. 95 Gostelner 0813651151 Naksha
v. good 6ft mat Naksha Optical good 3ft mat monual house
52. 03 Golden Image 081 518 7373 Optomechanical 3ft mat manual
26. 00 Golden Imoge 081 518 7373 Trackballs Marconi
v. good 3ft
54. 95 Silica Systems 081 209 1111 Triple-rock good 3ft
44. 95 Evesham Mcros 0386765500 MC Tiock excelent 3ft
39. 95 Gosteiner 081 2651151 The optical mouse Are you totally
sick of polishing your mouse ball? Does scraping your rollers
free of fluff bore you stiff? If so. The optical could be the
one for you. The lazy user s mouse wouldn't be a bad
description for this little gizmo.
The absence of a ball makes maintenance a thing of the past, and there s very little friction. This would seem to be a massive advantage as less friction should mean more accuracy. Unfortunately. It Isn't the case - I found the pointer a little jerky.
This phenomena is no doubt due to the slightly lower resolution of 250dpi. Even so. It stands as a very reasonable option for general use.
Another down feature of the optical is Its ratier strange feel. The absence of a ball makes the Naksha - a big hit for the artitfs among us mouse feel lifeless. Again this is probably a matter of famifcartty.
Opto-mechanical Don't me misled by the somewhat confusing title, the opto-mechani- col isn't an optical mouse similar to that from Golden Image.
Although there's th9 word optical in the name of his one. The way In which movement Is read into the AMIGA is exactty the same as that used by every other mouse.
Light detectors count the rotation of the pinch roller bars. The rotations are then simply added or subtracted from either roier to give on X.Y position.
Why Golden Image found it necessary to incorporate this common design element into the name is no doubt a cose of imaginative marketing rather than important information.
A resolution of 290cfc is not too far behind the designer market, so the opto-mech could wen be challenging In the graphics market.
Styling is similar to that of the old Naksha design.
It’s another lightweight but actual movement con be a little harsh and can occasionally feel lifeless.
The buttons are the biggest downfall. They're extremely sensitive, making premature actuation easy, and that could open an endless series of errors and agony On the upside, you do get a rather nice mat complete wi*h a graph design and ruler markhgs.
Whot exactly they're used for is puzzling, but they're there if you want them.
Now for a look at the trackballs.
Marconi trackball This is definitely the expensive snd of the market, and considering its size and weight it's not exoctty surprising. If you're ever attacked at your terminal you could lay your attacker out cold with it and still find that the device worked perfectly afterwards.
It must be said that the Marconi Isn't the prettiest piece of eqjlp- ment. But if aesthetics don't interest you and if you want something sturdy, it's perfect.
The device boasts probably the heaviest ball in the business and this adds to the substantial feel. A single flick sends the pointer saing away across the screen.
In combination with the lock feature, a window glides open without the need to keep in con- toct with the ball.
The buttons have a long trovel PROTON SOFTWARE Tel: 0462 686977 24 Hour.
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| IETCHWORTH, HERTS SG61HL. Tel: (0462) 686977 Fax: (0462) 673227 AMIGA 688 Attack SA £16.99 Amos ...... £35.00 Ant Heads ......£9.99 Atomic Rcbckid £16.99 Awesome ...... £24.99 Back To The Future 2......£1659 Badlands £16.99 Baffle Chest -£16.99 Battemastor ..£19.99 Betrayal ...£1659 Black Tlgar --------£1659 Boies ..£959 Buck Rogers E1958 Budokan . £16.99 Cadevw £1659 Cap** ...£16.99 Carvup_______________________£15.99
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Epic .... £16.99 Kkx 0«ll 1 Meg) .. ..£1699 European Super League.£13.99 Kings Quest Triple . .£1999 F16 Combat Pilot ..£16.99 KrgsQueslV .£16,99 F19 Stealth Fghler ..£1999 Klai ..£1459 F29 ..... £16.99 ..£1999 Ftghl of Intruder .... ,£24 99 Last Nnja II .. £1699 Flight Sim II . £28.99 £1699 Flimbos Quest ..£1699 LH Attack Chopper £34.99 Flip It .. £16 99 ..£19 99 £1699 £16.99 Ful Blast .. £19.99 ..£1999 Fun School
3 ... £1699 loxls of Chaos £1699 Future Basketoai .. £1659 £1699 £16.99 ..£16.99 Ghouls & Ghosts £16.99 M- Tank Platoon .... £19.99 Golden Axe .. £1699 £1299 £16.99 Magician .. £1899 Gunship ...... £16.99 Man Utd...... £1699 Hard Drivin II .. ..£16.99 Mive Beacon Typing,.,, £19-99 Harley Davtdson .. £16.99 Mdnight Resistance...... ..£1699 Helter Skettor £13 99 Wd winter ..£22 99 Heroes .. £1999 Mdwirter II £19.99 Hound of Shadow .... .£17.99 Mg 29 Fulcrum .....
£22 99 £16.99 £16.99 ..£16.99 £1699 Intematonal toonbase £1999 ..£16 99 £16 99 intact .... £12.99 N*sha Upgrade Mouse £29.99 International 30 Tenntf... .£16.99 Nire . £16.99 ..£1799 £16 99 Jack NcWaus Golf----- £1699 Ntro EP.OA James Pond ...... £1699 0*16 Up..., «... , £1999 AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA Operation Harrier ... £PQA Shadow Of T*e Beast 2 ..£24.99 Operation Steatti ... ,£16.99 Shadow Warriors ..£16 99 ..£16 99 £1699 Oriental Games .. ..£1999 Sim City A chfiecti e i £9 99
Pang .. ..£1699 Sim City Architecture 2.
£9 99 Ptorong ..£16.99 £8 99 ..£1999 £1699 ..£16 99 £28 99 Pirates £16.99 Speedbal II . ..£1699 £16.99 £16.99 Power monger. .£1999 SportngGoW ... ..£19.99 Pnnce of Persia...... £1699 Street Hockey . £POA ..£16.99 £16 99 £16 99 £1399 Red Slom Rising .. £16.99 Summer Camp ...... .£16.99 .£16.99 £19.99 ..£16.99 £19.99 £15.95 Super Care £1499 Sant Dragon ... £1699 Super Off Road £16.99 Sega Mastorma .... £1999 Team Yankee ...... £1999 Shadow ol the Beast ..£17.99 Teenage Mutant Turtles ..£16.99 r-' AMIGA The Final
Whsfle £9.99 The Spy Who Loved to £13.99 Torvak the Warrior -..£16.99 Total Recall .. £1859 Toyota Cefcca -.£1659 Turn tt- ......£1350 Tumcan ..-.....£16.99 TV Sports Basketball £22.99 TV Sports Footbd £22.99 U'tmale Golt £1659 UN Squadron ..£POA Vaxine..... £16.99 Viking Child £16.99 Wall Street Wizard £18.99 Wayne Gretzky..._ ._£17.99 Weftns ..£1659 Wngt .....£1959 WmgsolFuty __________£16.99 Wend Cass 0oirgWanajir Cl6 99 Wrath of the Demon P.OA Z-OuL ...£16.99 Now
you can own hably the toughest set of pens in the world - for much less than half price!
(Or buy two - and get them both for almost a quarter of the normal price) The three pens that make up the Pentech 200 pen set can stand up to the roughest treatment you can inflict on them - and still give you best possible writing quality. The pens, made to the highest standards of workmanship, are not only robust but are of classic appearance suitable for all occassions from the home to the Board Room, from the school essay to the best selling novel We have made a special purchase of a limited number of h sets and can now offer you this unique, high-quality writing technology at a price
never before possible.
Normal retail price is £37.85. But with this special offer you can buy one set for just £14.95. Buy a second to offer a colleague as a present and we'll send you the two sets for £20!
You can buy witn confidence. Each set comes with a lifetime guarantee.
The three pull-top pens in their presentation case consist of One cartridge pen One ballpoint pen One fine liner Choose from smart matt black or satin chrome metal finish To order, please use the form on page 129 eview and i* would take a sledgehammer to dcmoge them. They're situated some distance from the bad which mokes it necessary to move your hand around in order to use both button and boll with ease.
Generally, an excellent product, but it could well be on acquired taste for those of you with a respectable bank balance.
Kraft Tripletrack The Tripletrack is next in the hot seat. A slightly more pleasing appearance than the Marconi, Kraft'j offering may well appeal to the more fashion conscious.
A built-in drag or automatic rapid fire button makes another welcome appearance. The ball is quite a weighty beast but by no means in the Marconi's league.
There's on ambidextrous approach to design with an extra button added for the left-handed members of tne computing community, which is extremely thoughtful of Kraft.
Once familiar with the odd orrongement of buttons, the Tripletrock could well be a reasonable option, especially considering its relatively cheop price tag.
MC Track like all good toys. I've left the best until last. Ergonomics is definitely one of its strong points of the MC Track, providing on eose of use not available from the opposition.
The MC has an original approach to some basic design problems associated with trackballs. The first improvement comes in button placement - they're situated either side of the unit with the ball placed between the two.
This negates the need for hand movement which haunts some of its competitors.
My only criticism concerns the placement of the the lock button.
It lies Inconveniently at the bottom of the unit just where you'll want to rest the palm of you sticky little hand. If only it was at the top. The trackball would be perfect.
Of the trackballs, I prefer the
MC. But given a test drive of the alternatives you might well
disagree. As I mentioned, personal preference is o strong
And the winner is... My favourite mouse has to be the Beetle. It’s a little light, but I'd be willing to suffer for the soke of 320dpi. If you don't fancy a mouse however, what's the alternative?
Faced with mountains of paper, floppies, old coffee cups and broken biros, the prospects of roilhg a mouse around my desk ore very slim indeed.
Because of this aHoo-corrmon situation. I've long since abandoned the mouse ond moved on to a space-saving alternative The trackball Is basically o big mouse on Its bock.
As a result, the only things that rysh ground gre ygur finggrj, whizzing the ball around In its socket. No more running out of met, no more lifting ond centring, no more knocking on to the floor and no more boll cleaning.
Good trackballs ore absoljtely perfect fqt genergl day ta day use.
Opening windows, icon selection, and re-sizing, not to mention locking windows scroll bars, as well os cutting, posting and so on.
In general the trackball Is quicker than even the fastest furless friend.
On the downside, if you're into any form of freehand art, a trackball is next to useless. It s not easy to draw o decent curve with a mouse, but It's almost impossible with a trackball.
So if you're not into artwork, the choice between the two is a matter of personal preference and depth of pocket.
Master of ceremonies, the MC Track stomp* its authority If big is best the Marconi h the only option AMIGA UTILITIES & BUSINESS ST 1W«A
- (MM iisn mM
- mn t1«N «SM I1SSS f.IM (ISM (ISIS IISM tiSSf ntM (IMS IIMttN
- him iiim - CUM I1SM him him tttM litM tllM I11M (ISM (1tM him
CU.M (11M (ISM
- him HIM ('on (MM IHH (•ID (ISM him him (I1M - HIM tltM (UN (11M
- tJIM (UM dSM HIM IISM HIM (1SM (UM (MM (11M (11M ntM ntM (ISM
ntM tllM ntM ntM ntM tUM -
- HUI CMM . - (MM
- (UN ntM (UM (UN (UN
- HIM nzM ntM U1 M (11 M
- (MM iisn tun m M HI M (MM (UM (IH(»M ( IM( IN
- (UN nut HIM (1«M (UN CMM (MM (UM (11M (UM tUM (UM (UM (UM (UM
(UN HIM (1SM (UM nsMtun
- (MM (IlMdtM (1SM (UM
- (UM ntM (UN (UM n«M (UM (UM (11M (UM (UM
- him (MM USH (UM (UM (UM (UM (13M (UM (11M (UM tllSI (UM (UM ntM
(UM (UM (UM (1IM niMdiM |t1»t"W niMtiiM (UM (UM (UM (UM (UM (UM
(UM (UM . - (UM (UM (11M (UM (UM
- (11M
- (UM him him (UM (UM (UN HIM (UM (UM (UM (UM ntnnsn (UM (UM tllM
(UM (UM (UN (UM (UM (UM (11M (UM (UM (UM (UM (1NIIM
- (UM (UM (UM .. - IISM (UM (UM (UM (UM (UM (UM tUM * (IN - (UM
(1tM ( »M - (UM (UM (UM (UM (UM (UM I(M(IM Bomber Mission
Disc ..... Budokan ...... Castle
Master „ ..... Chase HQ ....
Chess Champions 2175 .. Codename Iceman .
Colonels Bequest ... Conquest of
Camelot ..... Corporation .
Damocles .... Dragons Breath
..... Dynasty Wars ..... Emlyn Hughes
Socc«r .... Escape from SihgeO Castle. .. Escape Planet
or Robot Monsters ...... F-29
Retallator .... fire and
Brimstone ..
Hood Hero* Quest (1
Meg) ...... Impenum .....
International 3D Tennis ... Iron
Lord ...... It Came From The Desert 1
Meo) Kick Off 2 ? World
Clp ... Kings Quest 4 ...... tuas tua*
- CM.M . £44 00 A4*s |Mac-tnuattrt .C1MM AAM. «rt tm ROMS t»*M
OxAcI-I4AH Fan PW IF* 11 in' (KkMlfwlrtmZ Imh. »km « t«4itMi*7
H. I •«* «• 7 UpdCmudv siMfMKMmau MUSIC AFFUMTOM AogN Bom
30-£40.79 £0039 MuaM X (UK VomoU--£94.40 £94.90 Fwkn Sound
Bp«U-P?J ST AMIGA North & South £ 999 £ 9 99
Padand £ 7.99 £ 7.99 Pacmama ......£
7.99 £ 799 Paperboy ..... - £ 899 Passing Shot £ 4.99 £
4 99 OuestionofSporl.. £ 3 99 £ 399 Rocket Ranger E 6.99£ 699
Runrwig Man ...£ 4.99 £ 499 ShufflepockCale......£ 4.99C
499 Silent Service ...£ 9.99 £ 999 Sim
City ..£14 99 £14 .99 Spy vs Spy £ 499£ 499 Spy
vs Spy II £ 499£ 499 spy ft Spy III ......£ 4.99 £ 4 99 Super
Hang On £ 8.99 £ 899 Tank Attack .....£ 799 £ 799 The
Cycles £ 8.99 E 899 Toobtn £ 4.99 £ 499
Tower ot Babel E 8.99 E 899 Treasure Dizzy Is and £ 4.99E 4 99
Trivial Pursuits ..E 9.99E 999 TV Spbrti Football £12.99
£12 99 UMS ...£ 999 £ 999 WierdDreams E 899 £ 899
3 Stooges ... Airborne Ranger..... Ant Heads ...
Art of Cheisea Austechlz ..... Baal .
Ballistix ...... Barbarian 2 (Palace) Bards Tale
1 .. Beast & T-Shirt...... Biasteroids .... Blood
Money Bloodwych .... Boulderdash Const
Kit ... Bnan Gough* Football .
Captain Blood Commando ... Conflict in Europe...
Cybemoid ll .... Duty Double Horse Racing ...... Dizzy
Dice Dragon Spirit Drakken ... DtiOwtl D«n Cwnri
Otftwrturtr- dmim MMN Co* XI OtKMkMO 0rtna*M7 aou« (MMaICMI
Oort Otak Typo Vuto £9400 Haacia Camara 0 10mm Lana £10*97 Kan
Haadtna Fcna Z £9497 iumimh: trapm ii him OrrtfeHi Him.
Di.ft" *u». Irtt.
- X31JT .33*74 Mrrla Baaoon Typay Tutor £10.70 McroOCSC Marta Moo
OCSE Tuned Mkao OCSC fc'gd* laacN IfM ST AMIGA £16.99 £16 99 ..
£16 99 £16 99 £24.99 £19 99 ... £16,99 £16 99 £16.99 £16 99
... £16.99 £16 99 ... £19 99 £19.99 ... £1699 £16.99 £39.99 _
£19.99 £16.99 £16.99 £16.99 ... £16.99 £16 99 £19 99 ... £1699
£16 99 ... £16.99 £1699 ... £16.99 £1699 ... £16 99 £16.99 ...
£19 99 £19.99 £16.99 . £13 99 £13.99 £14.99 ... £16.99 £16 99
... £16.99 £16 99 ... £19.99 £19 99 £4999 ... £16.99 £16.99
Awesome* Captive* .....
Carthage’ ..... Crime Wave ..
Curse of Azure Bones*.... Death Trap* ..
Deluxe Paint . Dragon Stnke* ..
Duster* .. Indiana Judge Kick Off (1
Lis 500* spoils b Oredd* UMIUOU 6oW»tlh* l Mmin.11 g»vk cnvi
r. i.u 2 £ 26.00 E 18.00 £249.00
59. 99
89. 99
9. 99
9. 99
12. 99
10. 99
9. 99
• IMMlranlWOMMl OIKai I trtM I*. Cm Ml I «KW»rtW MMMUai
• OmOUJOmiM MMTW n *. I»V Ml toM «-wic» ucton uctoni lM0HC* rm
Mlrtn unwj
I. W.OM.I1 HIM HIM (UM (UM HIM (UM «I*|N Jt IK Cl (lllllt.
Di.m (IIM AxO AMIGA A itwar Back .untoc ...Cl3.99 An*war Back Sanlor ..Cl3.99 Dlnotaur Ducjvory Kit ....Cl4.99 Discover Chemstry £13.99 Discovery Marts ...£14 W Discovery Word* ...C14.99 First Latter & Words ...£14.99 First Shapes ...£14 .99 FrsnehMistms ....£13.99 Fun School II (under
16) .....£12.99 Fun School II 0-8 ...Cl2.99 German Masttr ....C13.99 Italian Tutor ...CI3.99 Kid Talk .C14 99 Math Talk C14.99 My Paint C22.99 Pu*2t* Storybjok ..C14 99 Rhyming Notebook C14.99 Spanish Tutor .Cl3.99 AMIGA NEW Fun School 3 Under
6 .C17.99 NEW Fun Sc tool 3 5-7 year* Cl 7.99 NEW Fun Sc tool 3 7 and over .....Cl 7.99 Junior Typist ..„.... £15.99 Micro Engltah(GCSE) ....Cl 7 99 Micro Maths (GCSE) ...£17.99 Micro French (GCSEI ....£17.99 Mega Maths (GCSE) ...£17.99 Things to do with Number* .C15.99 Things to do with Words .....C15.99
ABZoo ..C 3.99 Spaa Booh 4-9 £13.99 Lets Spall at Home ...Cl 3.99 Lets Spall at rte Shops ....Cl 3.99 Puzzle Book Voi 1 ..Cl3 99 Anwgalogo ...£39 99 Mavis Beacon Taache* Typing ....C 10.49 Answer Back Junior ...... ,,,,£13.99 Answer Back Senior ...Cl3.99 Half Meg Upgrades 512K Upgrade inc. clock with It Cane From The Desert
£49.99 512K Upgrade inc. clock with Gold The Realm £45.99 512K Upgrade inc. clock Dragons Lair £65.99 512K Upgrade inc. clock with ACE £65.99 512K Upgrade inc. clock Dungeon Master £65.99 512K Upgrade inc. clock Manhunter 2 £69.99 Naksha Mouse with hard mat & house £26.00 »upeit»*« Pnov4 ll . UVM ORAPHtCS » noco A*®* VntM Thtor----HUI CradA Text Untm----(MM VamHUIP IMVi____tSJSO Ma___(MM Mum Vmm 41 |P*1MB|
07. 71
3. 0 (P*)--(MM Photon h*t(F*U.....i’J-W Ptoton Pan 11Pal MSI..£31
JO PrtrtM-onw Oraw 3 (IMS) Cl MM m-£177 JO
kuWien.(M1M|...t11lM Trtp -Tian------01.70
TVSto-II |P»I DM)--£47 00 TV Tart Pro |P*0_-£90.40 Vuao Cron* V*bb» THE YOUNGER YEARS EDUCATIONAL Tho Ovactor-£4794 T aO**elprToolWt--£2793 Tma TV Tart VmaaTMar.
Vkk Anaga PAL 0*maar..C*4 09 WPOroma--£1*7* Projact D- QSII Turbo .. £ QS III Turbo .. £ Pro 5000______________________________________________________________ £ Navigator with Autofire ...---------------------------------------£ Speedking with Autofire-------------------------------------------------------£ 40 Lockable Disk Box .. t 5.99 80 Lockable Disk Box .. £ 7.99 Mouse Mat;
- .....- ... £ 5.99 Mouse House £ 3.99 Amiga 4-Player Adapter .... £ 7.99 Amiga 500 Dust Cover . £ 4.99 Disk Cleaning Kit . £ 3-99 Box 10 Bulk
Disks .. £ 6.99 Branded Sony (Eox 10) ......- ... £ 999 COMING SOON ..TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES----------------------- £16.99 ST AMIGA £13.99 Klax ST £13.99 AMIGA £ 9.99 £16.99 Last Nin)a II E 16.99 £13.99 £13.99 £14.99 £16.99 Lost Patrol . £26.99 £16.99 £18.99 £23.99 £26.99 Manhunter Ia San Francisco (1 Meg) ...... ..£13.99
£14.99 £14.99 - £26.99 £16.99 Midnight Resistance .... Midwinter .. ..£13.99 ..£13.99 £16 99 £18.99 El 6.99 E 14.99 Neuromancer ... ..£18.99 E 16.99 £21.99 £13.99 £13.99 £16.99 £16.99 Operation Thunderbolt Pipe Mania " £13.99 £16.99 £14.997 £12.99 Player Manager ..£13.99 £11.99 E26.99 Projectyle .. ..£12.99 £16.99 £13.99 £16.99 C 16.99 £16.99 £13.99 £16.99 £16.99 Rainbow Islands ... Red Storm Rising .. Shadow Warrior Space
Ace . IE13.99 .£15.99 .£13.99 £16.99 £16.99 £16.99 £26.99 £16.99 £23.99 £16.99 Space Quest II (1 Meg) . Super Cars (Gremlin) ... Their Finest Hour .. l£13.99 .£18.99 £22.99 £16.99 £19.99 £16.99 E 14.99 £16.99 £16.99 £15.99 £22.99 The Plague ,.,£16.99 Turrican .£13.99
T. V. Sports Basketball ....„£14.99 llltimatn
Golf £14.99 £13.99 £14.99 £16.99 E
13.99 £21.99 Unreal .....
X-Out .. ..£16.99 ..£12.99
£16.99 £13.99 ST AMIGA Navy Seals’ .....
£1699 £16.99 Platium* . £19.99
£19.99 Pool of Radiance .. £19.99 Predator
2* .... £16.99 Cl 6.99
Puzznic* .£16,99 £16.99 Reach
1or the Skies* ....£16.99 Cl6.99 Rocky Horror
Show* . £16.99 £16.99 Rogue
Trooper* . £16.99 £16.99
Rotator* .£16.99 £16.99 Search
for the King* £19.99 £19.99 Secrets of the
Luftwaffe* £19.99 £19.99 Sega Master Mix*
£19.99 £19.99 Shadow Sorceror* ...£19.99 £19.99
Sound Express .' .. ' £29.99
Spellbound* . £16.99 £1699
Stratego* ..... £16.99 £16 99 Stnder
2* .....£16.99 £16.99 Teenage Mutant
Turtlos* £19.99 £19.99
TNT* ..£19.99 £19.99
Tournament Golf .£16.99 £16.99 Toyota
Celica* ......C16.99 £16.99 Vaxlne*
......£16.99 £16.99
Wildfire* . £19.99 £19 99
WoMPack* ... - £1999
Wonderland" £19.99 El 9.99 World Champ
Soccer* £16.99 £16 99 Wrath of the Demon* .
£16.99 £16.99 ST AMIGA ST AMIGA . - £ 7.99 DrumStudio - £ 4.99
. - £ 9.99 Dynamite Dux £ 799 £ 7.99 . - £ 7.99
Fish ...£ 7.99 £ 7.99 . - £ 4 99 F ball
Manager ll* . - £ 9 99 Exp Kit £12.99 £12 99 £ 1.99 £ 4 99
Galaxy Fores £ 3.99 £ 399 £ 4.99 £ 4 99 Galdregons Oomain - £
5 99 £ T.99£ 799 Gauntlet U .£ 7.99 £ 799 £ r.99£
799 GrandProCircuit £ 9.99 £ 999 . - £1099 HardDnvin E &99£
899 E 4.99 £ 4.99 Hollywood Poker Pro £ 7.99 £ 799 £ 9.99 £
9.99 Infestation ..... - £ 999 £ 999E 9.99 Ingrids Back
.- £ 8.99 Interphase £ 7.99E 7.99 .£ 199£ 4 99
Kristal .. £ 999 £ 9.99 Laser Squad £ 6.99 E 699
E 599 £ 699 Leaderboard £ 699 £ 699 £ 7.99£ 799 Lombard RAC
Ratty £ 9.99E 999 £ 4.99 £ 499 Lords of the Rising £ 7.99£ 799
Sun ...E11.99E11.99 E 4.99£ 4.99 Man*Miner .....
- £ 799 Marble Madness £ 7.99 £ 799 £ 999£ 9.99 Menace £ 4.99E
499 £ 499 £ 4 99 Millenium 2.2 ... - £ 999 . - £ 4.99 Mr
Hell - £ 899 . - £14 99 Netherworld £ 499 £
4.99 Naksha Mouse .... Contriver
Mouse------------ Commodore 1084S Stereo Monitor.
(UM (UM IndwtawV IM* (UM (UN Unw* twi Uny I DIM (US I f*lu» M l*ny 1 (24 41 (UN iMK.nU (11*1 (UN UNIBMO- (UM (UN UsMNrai (UM (UN loretuUC lirtf HIM IMS UK (UM I IN
- ni* UrtNttN (UM (UN (UM CUN ManctMU. Ihtrt (UM lit*
* «* .• (UM (UN Mtfimw m ink* ¦ ¦mu HMMIWlklKMI HI M - NtwdmiH
HIM (UN Mil'll Ma wM'l- (UM (11* ilcmw tw.if riiMtu* HI tw*
nilMK* 12' WtJ'l Md BN' (UM (U* niimiHi (11M (UN MnOmetCMMW (UM
- MwomctGnoia ntM NMONalNM tltM - Mirtti- (UM (UN MliUnltUl (UM
IU* MfMrtMV (11M (1|* (UM IU* «i«nna (UM 111* Win' (UM IU*
Nvt»is«n (UM (UN cwKHMfSmm (UM (UN OwUKotm IIIM (UN OM'Mir
T.inJltol CUM Hilt (MmewiNfW (i«M nut 0M1MW.MM (UM 114* CSMnM.
- (It* NT (UM (UN fltMfll* P[MTjni (DM (U* IflUl (UM Cl* Vnn» (UM
IU* 'Ml' (DM IU* hKifivw (UM IU* hHlftMDMIl ( IN ( IN hkiftinit
(UM lit* kNM (UM (U* hNUNMNM ( TNI '* (UM (UN (wMiain (UM (UN
fOMlMOW*' (UN (14* tocanMKM (ISM (UN mMiiw (UM lit* ¦UfOovunv
(UN (UN kMSiwntlMW (UN - MmiMiai (UM (UN ftmn [r.n (UM (UN
H. l Lll t. ,l (1SM (11* NelOweweeir (UN (UN *M run mi Mtscm (UM
t'S* Nkugl (DM (UN NKUItowill cum nr* Mm (UM «U* ¦WUMOlulM (UM
(It* MVHarti HIM (U* I0«MI12J,M«W t 4M ( 4* SMNiMrvi (UM IU*
M(nlilMM*«rliW cum nta immkmiw
- (22* BwM*nn*SMM
- null KmW (UM (H* IIMCfr tUM (UN «•*» CmvvcMi«» I1INIU* IUW.
(UK - Btmmiv (DM 111* S« C*t (UM (UN Sfl C»Y
- (11* Mind (KM (UN Smrtt* tun Mi-on.
- nut summ on* (KM (U* SmnUimuUrn s«mm
- 04* UntntCMa.a (14M IU* «»IM (UN Cl* tMMltmi' (UM Cl* IMM Am
(UM (24* ImciOmi) (MM (?4N SOKI mum I (ISM (11* tw,*WlMrtll.
(UN (11* tUiTNHV ni m nut Sill Awr. Min* HIM (UN tlwHfM (IIM (UN Slirn«MNMM
- t 1* 1* Bmi 7 tuntun Iam (UM - UmCmmN* HIM - 11 finii (ir»~i
(UM - tmNMiln I1IH - MnlfMilM HIM - SMM (DM HI* SM Cat tad
(11M (IS* SlNiMimi* HIM (UN HIM (12* tMKtn (UM (UN o- IM |II
ntM inn Wll Ol IWMfAl Mi * i 1 SMI IN tWNI MM IMI
- HI* IwtMnl
- nta Tim-icrt cwi .. • (H hM (Me I Ikadiun
- tta MMUIdmn .. - ii* TV »im .. - nta IMClw" (UM (It* rmiainimi
- (UM i 5 i (UM (U» TMXlMMI (UM I IN Tim (UM (UN M* (11MIU*
v»'(«m» (DM (UN (tt'kuC
- nta Vmn'IUHi (UM IU* Vitl SMMaMM (17 M (11* UK...... .. • (11*
MMVN3 (1IM IIIM IwMCMiw (until* T ncw.
- nut
T. Mttl. tlMAK' .. - (UN rili-lilnllM (UN imuiilomii (UM ID*
Tumi. Umiiu
- mu NmiBwU (UM (UN IMS (14M HI* i IMI (ISM 111* ImttCMAIHI ( 4 M
- IMSScmnil 1 IM - Una (UM (UN IMMdMMi HIM (11* Mr* mlir (UM -
WrlM . - caa WMWM (UM (UN WMAK- tun tua NMWWO (UM (UN HIM HI*
Mud Hun (UM Hi* MM SUM (UM HI* I (ill IMM (Mot HIM IMM
- ntfl MIN (11* nix (UN 111 M I UN (UM (U (UM (II (UM (It THE
ULTIMATE COLLECTION (0 CRaco 0908 564369 Amiga A500 Screen
Gems Pack £379 inc VAT & Next day Courier Screen Gems Pack
includes: Amiga 500 512K keyboard with built in 1 Meg disk
drive e Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the
Amiga with a normal TV t Joystick, mouse mat + 10 blank disks,
mouse + mains plug e Amiga basic, Amiga extra’s 13 workbench 13
PLUS Amiga step by step tutorial a With a further four new
releases e Shadow Beast II, Back to the Future II, Nightbreed
and Days of Thunder e Deluxe Paint II AMIGA A500 CLASS OF THE
1990’s BUSINESS + EDUCATIONAL RACK £49900 Inc VAT & next day
courier FEATURES Amiga A500 TV Modulator e Midi Interface-
Software e Kind Words II wordproc'or • Page Setter DTP e Super
Base Personal Database e Maxpian 500 spreadsheet e Amiga Logo
BBC Emulator Deluxe Paint II • Mouse mat 10 Blank Disks and
disk wallet MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Monitor inp
lead ...... i Stereo .....£269.00 Philips
CM8833 stereo colour inc lead for ST or Amiga_____________
monitor .....£259.00 4096 coloured stereo monitor class
reproduction including with first eads for ST & Amiga £259.00
Amiga A500 Screen Gems Pack Extra £399 inc VAT & Next day
Courier Screen Gems Pack Includes: Amiga 500 512K keyboard with
built in 1 Meg disk drive e Free TV Modulator worth £24.99
allowing you to use the Amiga with a normal TV e 10 free games
PLUS software has a potential RRP of £200 e Joystick, mouse mat
?1 o blank disks, mouse mains plug e Amiga basic, Amiga
extra’s 13 workbench 13 PLUS Amiga step by step tutorial e With
a further four new releases e Shadow Beast II, Back to the
Future II, Nightbreed and Days of Thunder e Deluxe Paint II
AMIGA A500 SOUND & VISION RACK £399 inc VAT & next day courier
Amiga A500 512K keyboard with built in 1 Megabyte Disk Drive e
Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga
with a normal TV e Deluxe Paint II Graphics Package e Shadow of
Beast II horizontal scrolling games software e Back to the
Future film action software e Nightbreed slate of the art
graphical arcade action e 10 free games worth £200 e Free
joystick, mouse mat & 10 blank disks e Amiga Basic Amiga Extras
1.3 Workbench 1.3 PLUS the Amiga Step by Step Tutorial • All
leads, manuals PLUS Mouse and Maineptug • PLUS Days of Thunder
serious fast action games software e Deluxe Paint II Naksha
Mouse - Quality micro switched, accurate Amiga $ T £26.00
Contriver Mouse - The perfect direct replacement mouse for the
ST or Amiga £18.00 Amiga 1500 The Amiga 1500 Personal Home
Computer is the ultimate in Personal Home Computers for the
whole family. Platinum works - integrated - Word Processor,
Database and spreadsheet.
Deluxe Paint 3 - the ultimate In paint packages.
Populous and Sim City - State of the Art strategy games. Battlechess - the chess programme amongst ail chess programmes.
Their Finest Hour - The battle of Britain brought to life in a technical flight slm. A1084’s stereo colour monitor to get the best from your Amiga. The Amiga 1500 has been designed around the already popular Amiga A500, but with hardware facilities that would put any mid range business machine to shame.
Please call for further details £1049x00 Inc VAT + next day ffttiritfitrviot HALF MEGS - Quality four chip ram board with complete utility disk support with software on off switch.
£34.99 AMIGA + ST DRIVES - A powerful 880K formatted drive with an external on off switch, anti clicking and daisy chain facility.
£59.99 PRINTERS Star LC24 200 24PIN including ST Amiga_£259.00 Star LC200 including lead for ST Amiga_£210.00 Star LC10 colour including interface lead for ST Amiga_£219.00 LC10 - The most popular letter quality printer on the market only £219.00 with all Amiga + ST leads Tel: 0908 564369, Fax: 0908 262551 TITLE ¦ hi hh rn COMP ¦ m mamm oh ib h PRICE TOTAL COST £: I-- MICROSMART 24HR HOTLINE (24 HRS) TELEPHONE 0908 564369 Have you ordered from us before?
NAME: . ADDRESS: .. YES NO TEL NO: Please send this to Microsmart, 125 High Street, Stony Stratford, gi sw | Milton Keynes MK11 1AT J The plccles this month reflect the quality and diversity of the work you contirue to submit for The Gallery. We are always on the look-out for original work which shows depth of subject matter, artistic technique, and innovation.
On the other hand, we're also glad to receive funny, irreverent, or cartoon- style work, so don't think we'll only accept the serious and high-brow stuff! Keep 'em coming in folks.
99 per disk per disk trictly QQ
DEMOS Ac*3D?no Adams Family Aj*rw$ arWars(1Mb-2disk!)
Arra Games Grata D?mc Amewip»..:ofl»t humour Anarchy music Car and Urtcyd* Artnatfcr Crionfcs Nwerwtv?
CrigmgsDemp C?WCcnaV«tCfy(1Mb) Donald Where's Yoor Tracers jragcrsLair2 Dual Ow Demo Er5?T)rise leaving dock WkaSoPOlCootCoypar Emra End of Certify M*gaJemo RW?e%!i Flush pore pack Fradon Horror Fractal Right «1MD) Giants Mega-d*mo (2 disks) GhostPool Jarr* Docklands Demo Jogger Arinatior Ketrerrs dmo 8 (2 disks) Kytie Demo (2 dbfcs) Kright Deno (1Mb) Light cycle Deno (1Mb - 2 Oisks) UnkMegadmo rfj OX**& Mjdonos2 Maria Whitaker Mike Tyson arimaSon »fj-f 11 ...... rwrp‘41 narryW XewWkOemo Reel (2 Disks) Newtek Deno 3 (2 Disks) Omrtcron Demo Popeye meets the 8eac* 3oys Probe Segoence Poggs n
Space Punk croc crew Megadeno Real Things *BWs‘Demo Real Things‘Horses'Demo Roger Dean sWeshow Sam Fox Scocpex mail spread Sty Trek AnimaSons (Agatrcn 17) Star Trek Animations Safe Sex Deno Stealthy 211Mb) D122 Tomsof! Dream Pack D127 Tread Vega Deno (3 disks) DC93 Tomsoft Trio to Mars D120 Timex Demos D092 The Ron 11 Mb) D095 Twdemanla 0158 Vision Mega Demo 0097 VcSWeshow 0098 Waiver Demo 1(1 V6) 0099 WaikerDemc2(lMb) 0100 wyriors Hot Deno 0107 WslersNpCown UTILITIES U002 APDL17(HoneUtWes) U003 APOL 28 (MIDI CoflKtfon) UCOe Barkr UTO5 SocCAock Champion.
U006 Home Business Pack (3 disks: Wonjprccesscr. Spreadsheet. Database) U007 C Manual (3 disks) U030 Celtic 1989 U033 Cooiersdisk UD49 CourtadiArtConectlcr(3(fcks) U012 Owe mtro Maker UW2 Edoca!Scn1:6emar U0A3 EducaSon 2: Geography DOM Ewcadon 3: Weadtr CTmale U0A5 Education A: Evokfton U05i Fature Composer U031 Ghostwriter WJ13 Gryufcoster
1) 014 tntronaker U015 Jaaberch U017 Mardel VouhWS U950 Vessydos
U027 MagitfansUSIfy«skf2(feks) Ufc9 PagwMoM U023 Ram Manager
IKW Sidney and‘riends m SdVf.S 1048 StdendataA 1X126 TV
Graflix (2 disks) MUSIC VOSS Abefcrombtemu* M9S1 8ce State
Remhes M066 100 C8A Tunes MC53 Bat Dare? Remiss (IVDiyg*
M002 Batdawe Rembc M0O1 Beatnasters Club nrx M940 Cnttfc music V050 Commando Remix M037 Ondex music MW Cryttobumers MO06 DepwheMode V038 DM«bnusic2 1 095 DmebmusicA(2Cfeks) MW3 Car»sMri Wr-hW M036 DeJtonmosfc M085 DJTrftzKI IA335 m Dis« Few M990 Edose music disk M012 Games Music Creator fW5 Genesis 1 088 Gmascwe2 V089 Gweascope3 MCS2G%»ceoe4 M018 Miami Vice Remix M042 Km Wilde MOW ¦fcBwNoPaifl Oisb) M087 New Dimension
* M019 PeiShwBoys M083 PfBferx&atox M067 Pcwerpack2 1 68
Pcwerteck3 MOST Prw?
M082 Pcwerpack 5 (1V6) MW1 Sient Sounds MW6 Sttbyltelc MW Swix House 1 M055 $ wixHouse2 M027 Technotnxn: Remix M039 Spedal Brothers 2 M029 Vanoek(1W» M531 The Wjfl-Pink Floyd M932 Walk tfes Way M033 8 Channel Sotrtnater GAMES G102 Adventures Disk i GOO1 Ail New star Trek Game (2 dsks) GOV BoardGames G095 Bfeard G039 Breakout 6043 AroftGam G005 CofPsus G098 Eatnine 6009 Ffescttto G051 Frantic Freddie G012 Gwattack GOT 5 JtnjY G052 Jeopard (1Mb) G016 Lam Adventure G037 HdyGraH G017 Mega Games (2 disks) G019 Morta(lMb) 6022 PO G023 Pseudccop G041 Trek Trivia .6053 Treasure Hunt G029 Wanderer G03C
Wrafhed One...Oucgame WARNING AND APOLOGY: Strictly P.D. would like to apologise to Walt Disney Computer Software Inc. for the inclusion within its library of Donald Duck Animation. This disk in not in fact, within the public domain, but copyright of the said company. We apologise for the misrepresentation of the disk and for our misinterpretation of the disk’s legal status. Strictly P.D. condemns all copyright fraud and piracy. AH the disks in our library are. To the best of our knowledge, either public domain or shareware.
Please add 70p for post and packing.
Send SAE for free new catalogue describing all disks in library!
Cheques PO’s to: STRICTLY P.D. 11 York Place, Brandon Hill, Bristol BS1 5UT 95, for over 11 orders!!
Are you suffering from one of Tne comparer user's more common prootems.
O cnromc ock of cosn. Met maces me prospect of ouymg new sofT- ware tontasy tamer man reowy?
Don't despair. I nave me answer to your PD areams. Two acks fuu of ciasstc games for just £2 apiece from Seventeen a: Software-nunv oers 759 ana 751. Volume one of me duo mis time, wan me omer to foflownexr monm.
Tne first ana possicry oesr of mis selection is me excellent arcade game Dnp. Widely respecTed as one of me finesr PD gomes cvaii- ao*e. It features 16 levels of wonderfully aadicTive joystick wagging.
Tne action takes place m numerous pump rooms as you guide your HTTie rero arouna me pipes, pamt- mg Qi you go ono avoiding Tne meviToDle rasn of ooadies.
UBLIC Tne wnole ming is very reminiscent of Pipeline, wmcn some of you may rememoer from your formative years on me Commodore o4 Quality shows Tne music ana souna are first class, oom enhancing me already mgn quality of me graphics ana gome play, m snort, it's difficult to oeiieve maT mis is PD.
It would oe easy to spend me ooiigaiory £2499 ana end up wan
o lor less for your investment.
Next on me 1st comes me oaaiy namea Solly - in facT me entire gome is somewnot strange. Tne ooject is to trap various nignly mooiie pocemke opponents as mey oounce Ground me playing area.
Paul Austin picks the best from the rest in the PD parade This is done oy trapping mem in me coloured crec created as you as ycu guide your personal pixel around me screen. Tne Tricky oit comes wnen you or The line you Trace is struck Dy tne Daddies oefoid you compteTe a connection to form o new dock.
It may souna o little confusing.
Out confusion will soon turn to frus- Trancn. Not to mention addiction oner a cotpie of games. An unusual ana interesting item well worm a dosdf look.
Inscrutable fun Yonzee? Sou nos o liTTle fomuior.
Yes. You've guessed it. Me coffee tdoie classic reacnes tne Amiga Up to four players con Take port, eocr Taking turns to roll me dice ana compile me mgnesT score from me results, its oy no means a simple task, os any oooro gome veteran will tell you Tne gropmcs ore pleasantly 5 5 S ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft Doesnl t tak® you bock?
Game?' If you ever saw the film War Games you will no doubt be fomlltar with the next offering from Games Galore, namely Tic Tac Toe or as we Brts know It. Noughts and crosses.
Possibly not the highlight of the collection, nevertheless it's well put together, and If you reolly want to occupy your time with the ultimate in futility, it can’t be beat.
Next Step*. This is a simple strategy game that Involves you guiding a counter through an eight by eight grid. Movement is achieved done, composed of a large multiplayer score card accompanied by the five game cfcce.
All the options ore available via a click of the mouse on either the card cr screen icons. Believe it or not there's even a smattering of sound tastefully provided as you rattle your dice.The game plays excellently and is both easy to use and addictive. This is an excellent conversion from an alreody massively popular game, and again It's diffcult to believe it is PO.
’Do you what to play a by clicking on directional control icons alongside the game board - a simple enough process perhaps, but as always there's a hitch.
The problems are provided by numerous arrows which occupy random squares on the game grid. These are kind enough to point In the direction In which they are about to move. This they do whenever you moke c move, taking up their new board position and thus indicating their next destination square.
All you have to do is avoid is a collision and make It to tne top of the screen.
Simple! That's the trouble, it Is.
Even on the most difficult level fie game Is still rather easy and the only real difficulty Is staying awoke while you're playing It.
The arrows appear to move around completely at random. As a result there’s no conspiracy , ogainst you. Making It a relatively simple task to beat them to Ihe top of the screen.
The number of arrows Increases with the difficulty level. Unfortunately their Intelligence doesn't.
Where it all began Amoeba Invaders, or for those of you with very long memories and perhaps very old Atari consoles it's Space Invaders under yet a rew guise.
Hard to believe that It's 13 years since the first version of the mother of all computer games reared Its ugty heod.
The gameplay is just like the original with the odd. Dare I say.
Improvement such as a score that doesn't clock out at 10.000 and a pause button. What will they think of next?
Thankfully, the author hasn't been tempted by the dangling carrot of technical advance and has done a fine job of replicating the original. A real golden oldie Useful Utilities • Useful Utilities • Useful Utilities * Useful I tilities • Uselj«|*| :| RIO I output I SHRINK SID 6 Copyright BN by linn Wartm All Riqhli Remved Tmn Mutu PO Bn 10084 Lujo.FL 34643 . I ii| *• ji’i info t -!• nr. Inn inf * Pr»|-. Info fcw '.ytilll ml n jnv mln If I'.lit. n . Mln III 1111 if. Inf •
- "I -’I1 i miif vfiw e i;i'i I pm 'libit 'MM' 088 010 Tilts ALL
• 00 014 ID I l"*t I HAMM Ml »|.‘ 'Ml I 'iMMl.H 11 OtHtP I
888 812 Dir* Dream disk Disk two of the series Is the answer to
many a beginner’s dreams. If you're about to become a comms
convert Access has been added to the disk, making entry Into
this rather confusing area of computAUG C - yes folks, you've
yet another acronym to remember.
This crte stands for the Amiga Users Group of Kansas City, and not surprisingly they decided to cut it down a bit.
So what have the good old boys across the pond been up to?
Between the burgers and the Budweteer they've been hard at It putting together a series of disks that every Limey learner wi be lost without.
The first of the three disk collection contains the essential SID.
Probably the best directory utility avalable for the Amiga and a must In anyone's disk box.
If you're less than comfortable wtth CLJ. SID can make life infinitely easier transforming most CLI operations Into a click on the mouse.
As part of disk one we also have PKArip. This is a friendly menu driven archlving unarchlving utility.
Timm Martin * xc®U®nl utility which wii nc doubt become Indispensable If you graduate to the world of comms.
The next util on offer Is Asheil, a replacemen* CU or Shell. Basically.
Ashell is a straight swap for either and still remains completely compatible with AmigaDos. It is more flexible, and uses less disk spoce.
Mill IT'i *7 . Mill 11 uBU ;• •-!!
I. - 11 info : |Hi rTn|: t |i"7 |i iD M ni |rp'iTi i M-. l
ID.Lltl I M.t i»«ir i'iiK I ini-6 008 011 flits SID g
shareware If you find the program useful, please, send a
donation to imiSIC by Tittt Hftrtjn: DE) It m I ing a good
deal more straightforward.
Also incorporated are some useful text docs which lend a helping hand In tricky areas like arc files, uploads and downloads In the c' directory of the disk you'll find some handy utils which can be run from CU or perhaps the all new and Improved Ash el. These do various tricky tasks, graphics conversion, formatting faulty disks and so on.
One of the real stars of the series has to be the excellent CU HELP. If you don't happen to be the owner of a good book on AmigaDos the CU can be a tricky subject. Fret no more, your prayers have been answered and your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.
As It that's not enough there's a whole range of famous names from the utility world.
DiskX - A tried and tested disk editor that allows you to view and and Ideal for reminiscing on a wasted youth.
Next we have yet another old favourite from the rapidly crowding coffee table - Othefto. Probably one of the most addictive strategy games available.
Ths particular version displays the board in a reasonably large Workbench v lndow. The graphics are OK and 'he game itself plays perfectly, bui there is a slight problem. The thinking time of your computer opponent Is painfully slow, seriously hindering the flow of play, turning a really interesting gome into something of a chore.
But Amlgc Computing readers don't have this problem. Our December coverdisk featured an excellent version of Othello boasting a computer opponent which should be fast enough and good enough for anyone.
Yet another familiar word from the cinema world: Tion. This is the title of our next glorious offering. It could perhaps have been more accurately colled Light Cycles, as this Is the element of the film on the death involving several computer opponents riding hi-tech Harleys.
The game grid is shown from directly above, m fact from a long way above, making the competitors appear as simple colojred lines, ever extending in the quest to trap the opposition.
Obstacles are liberally strewn around the playing area adding yet more difficulty to the already tricky task of survival.
Thinking man s corner The next game on this seemngly endless list is Chess V-2. Chess is one of the firm favourites ir the computer conversion stakes and this particular version is quite a reasonable example.
A good deal of fairly advanced features have been packed into a very small space, creating a neat package capable of providhg a fair challenge for seasoned players.
The skill level is altered by changing the amount of thinking time you allow your computer opponent.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't deal in nano seconds so I got thoroughly thrashed on a regular basis.
Tiles is another unusual piece of software In these days of the ninja mutant thump-em-up. This is very se*11 tilities • Useful Utilities • Useful Utilities • Useful Utilities • Useful Utilities edit disk sectors - very useful if you have an error on a disk. A boot- save is also available and works In conjunction with DiskX.
Dlsksalvl 132 - A handy utility which will save any recoverable files from a damaged disk and save them to another, whether standard or fast file format.
Iconmaster - The best icon edl- tor creator changer available.
Perfect for customising or creating any Workbench program icon.
LHWarpl.03 - Capable of con- denslrg an entire disk into one large ‘lie. Useful if you want to share your genius via BBSs.
Documents giving full Instructions are Included In the drawer, as they are with all the programs mentioned.
PowerPacker - Not the latest version of course, nevertheless It's still a wonderfully useful utility capable of crunching programs down to a fraction of their original size. The programs stll load perfectly.
PowerPacker in Its various forms Is used widely to ochieve the Impossible and literaly force a quart into a pint pot.
Sound - A neat utility which will play any sample. 1 Showanim4.6 - An animation player to display sequences from sculpt and vailous raytraced animation sequences.
The icing on the cake Also in the AUGKC trilogy are some little extras you may find useful.
First on the let comes Amidex, a simple phone and address database Ideal for moling lists and other such glamorous pastimes.
BanknVld is a compact chequebook program to keep an eye on your assets. Try to control your excitement, Seriously folks it's quite handy to have and boasts some nice touches like designing your own reports.Things start to take a decided turn for the better wtth Dirmaster a great disk cataloguing program, which may sound about as interesting as Yesterdays breakfast, but in fact is really useful.
It's amazing how soon you can find yourself sinking under a sea of floppies and not knowing what's on any of them. Dirmaster is great for such desperate moments, and can save you hours of stumbling bllncSy through your disk collection.
In these dangerous days of viral Infection a boot-block is In something of a dangerous position.
Fortunately Safeboot comes to the rescue providing a safeguard against even the most determined of digital destroyers.
It can even save commercial software from disaster by copying all your boot-blocks to a separate disk.
If the unthinkable happens and your favourite piece of software gets sick all can be saved by simply copying back the boot-block.
Wonderful I Also lurking on disk three we have a wide selection of docs trom disk one plus various text ‘iles added to help give some guidance on unpacking files. Something you'll no doubt come across when downloading from BBSs.
You could become completely addicted using programs such as SID and wil feel completely ncked without It.
Unfortunately, the British subscribers to Timm Martin's Utility can be counted on the fingers of one foot, so do the decent thing and cough up some cash.
The collection is avallcble through Comp-U-Save. On disks PI249 to PI251.
QetaHs from PJ Graham, Comp-U- Save. P.O.Box 157. Hayes. UB3 4SR.
Middlesex F IO ©IKECT PD IS OUR GAME, QUALITY IS THE AIM MDO 71 MDD 72 MDD 75 MOD 76 MOO 77 MOO 79 MOO S3 MDO 94 MDD 99 MOO 113 MDO 56 MOD 114 MOO 115 MOO 116 MOO 107 MDO 17 MOO 16 MDD 19 MDD 20 MOO 21 MOO 16 MOO 51 MDO 52 MDO 70 MOM 2 MDM 3 MDU 4 MOM 19 MOM 27 MOM 33 MOM 35 MDM 36 MDM 71 MOM 72 MOM 84 UDM 85 MOM 82 MOM 92 MDM 88 MDM 78 MOM 87 91 INC VAT + LABELS MDA MDA MOA MDA 12 MOA 13 MOA 87 MOA 88 MDA 18 MOA 47 MDA 56 MOA 57 MOA 61 MOA 68 MOA 69 MDA 70 MDA 80 MOA 97 UOU 10 MOU 34 MOO 36 MOU 46 MOU 66 MOU 71 MOU 72 MOU 82 MOU 101 MOU 102 MDU 103 MOU 105 MOU 168 MOO 1 MOG 2 MOG 5 MOG 18
MOG 21 MOG 26 MDO 31 6051 1 -9 Disks £1.20 eech. 10+ £1 00 per Disk. 10 PD Disks in library case £9.95 Catalogue on J sk 70s Send SAE for an up to date catalogue. Same day despaldi 250 + @ 29p each: 500 + @ 28p each: 1000 + @ 27p each ALL DISKS CERTIFIED 100% ERROR FREE SONY 3 5" 38d ™ wwl 1 I XjuU UUM 5.25" DSHD....36p DSDD BULK 1 Due to massive bulk buying and low cost advertising we can offer you high quality European manufactured disks at these extremely low prices Mouse Pockets ......1.50 Mouse Mat ...1.75 Printer Stand .3.75 Amiga Dust Cover 2.50 Posso
Box ...15.00 Atari Dust Cover ...2.50 Please add £2.85 p&p next day £6.50. Cheques POs to PLC COMPUTER SUPPLIES 11 Meakin Avenue. Clayton. LlAiUtaUAu Newcastle. Staffs ST5 4EY.
WE MUST BE MAD Amiga 512K RAM Expansion with clock ....32.00 Amiga Atari External Drive ..54.95
3. 5" SS 31p 100 Capacity Disc Box ....3.75 50 Capacity Disk Box
BOXES W Procossr o & I Fish 1164 Dsk Stfv.C Functions Fish
SI65 Cxtaal C6M IFF Drsk Fish *213 Icons 30C toons in 8
colours Home Business Pec* (6 Daks] w e Hecks & Jokee Sid Vt
06 The Ultimate Dak Unity Scale.'
Menu I Label l Icon Maker Crossword Creator Veccme Booster Ve ous Virus Kflern : Fields Derro Otsk 40 Magnetic Fwlds Derro Oisk 41 Budbran (2 Drsksl SA£ Demos 1?
SA£ Demos 19 SAE Demos 21 SAE Demos 25 SAE Oernos 32 RoOocop Demo Hadrtrw* Aoven »1 Arsewipe' Hecktnck Atfvart »2 Smasking Day OuT ReOols Mepademo We also stock: FISH AMICUS AMOS ALL PD DISKS ARE FOR AMIGA ONLY 10 UgtyMufiOemo viii (2 OsKsi UTILITIES I Hanjover i UK Demos 2 Twi D*mo & Vinrt M*r 0 ** R*d Soctor Rod Sector *4 DEMOS Agatron Tron Anns 22 Miter Lite Advert i Pit* Advert i Demoreel 1 2 Disks 1 Mrgi i Demoreel 3 (2 Oaks 1 M*g) Sabrma|1B.)
»1 1 meg) 1 (2 Meg 2 Otsks) ' Oemo 2 |i Megi 12 (2 M*g 2 Oisks) Mike Tyson Knockout Star Trek • Final Frontier (2 Disks Star Trek (3 Disks 2 Dnves) Card & Board Games I Command 'Muse Invasion I * Jungle Commend 'Music Invasion V Jungle Command 'IAjsc Invasion T Bed M Jackson Dmob Megamusic III Heilowoen TokJW the S n' 2 Dwki I Think we're alone non Tiftany Land ol Confusion Genesis Noise Player V2.4 Popeys meets Beacnboys Hanky Pvrky ¦ Madonna Mam Vce • Crockett's Theme Freddy KfUQer Puggs in Space Paradise Sideshow - Fantasy Art Krvgni Anrmalon 1 Trek Amms 2 1 Trek Amms 17
- Trek Amms 12 Arnold Schwar7enegger Pack (8 Disk* voce Orty)
Bomg The Gamas (2 Cksks) Treasure Search Crackmasier Mu Rip
Eruption 100 Best C 64 Tunes MUSIC ANIMATION GAMES Digital
Concert Pack 2,3.45,6 (5 0«ks| AMIGANUTS UNITED 169 DALE VALLEY
£2.00 the bats! GOOD IR UCENWARE PR' DYNAMITE DICK ?** THE UST1NG 230: Music disk with over 44 different scores! ...£1.50 284; PICTURE PUZZLES Can you connect the adult pictures? £1.50 287: OFFICIAL NASA space pictures .£1.50 389: PUSS IN SPACE Hilarious animation .....£1.50 394: ALCATRAZ MEGADEMO III An excellent set (3 Disks) ....£4.00 481: BREAKOUT constructkxigame. With game
editor ..£1.50 521: ALL NEW StaR TREK, AUTHORISED English Ins. (2 Disks) £4.00 576: EDUCATION packed with progs for the children ...£2.00 581: SID If you are finding the CLI a slog, this is for you! ......£2.00 639: C MANUAL by Anders Bjerin. A three disk set, 200 pages of instructions on opening window screens graphlcs'gadgets sprites .£2.00 907: SNAKES & LADDERS GAME. This is a MUST for ALL ages. Loads of examples.
(FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CU IS REQUIRED) £5.00 649: BUDBRAJN TWO DISK MEGADEMO, (FOR ADULTS ONLY) ......£3.00 640: 8 GAMES INC TRAIN SET, A MUST or the kids ....£2-00 680: WORD SQUARE SOLVER - Solve magazine puzzle squares ...£2.00 681: Ami-FX ISSUE 1 3 DISKS (FRACTALS) (1 MEG MIN.) .£5.00 700: D-COPY EXCELLENT copier program, with VERIFY and MORE £2.50 706: 3 GAMES BY PH SOFTWARE. The TU*N, TRICKY, MARBLE SLIDE ..£2.00
707: EIGHT COLOUR ICONS. All ready for your use ..£1.50 717: MUSIC DISK 53 tracks, 90 MINS! (For the collection) £2.00 727: SUNTERS TALE II Rude, but funny (2 DisksDRIVEs) ......„ .£3.00 728: UHLS THE FAMOUS BfoT-SHOP, BOOT-KIT + others .....£2.50 901: AMI-FX issue 2. A must for fractal fans. (2 Disks, 1 MEG) .....£4.50 740: MED V2.13 A TOP quality version of this FANTASTIC music utility, a host of new additions, including synth
sounds .£2.50 741: NorthC vf .3 The VERY LATEST from Steve Hawtin, this set is on TWO DISKS, packed with extra examples & acMce on bugs . .£5.00 755: SUPER C COMMANDS FROM TWILIGHT (FASTER C DIR PROGS) ..£1.50 758: BOOTBENCH This one is packed with bootblock utils .£2.00 . letters ...£1.50 press HELP key. Whilst running, ror full instructions. ALSO latest Ntracker V2.12, by Exolon Ano the FINAL versior of DISKMASTER (V3), CU
TOOL ..£2.50 798: ROB BAXTER’S AMIGADEUS (Mozart), classical music dsk ....£1.50 908: ANAGRAMS a fantastic version at a realistic price £2.00 705: AMIBASE PROFESSIONAL. A very good database prog .£2.50 876: QUIZMASTER Think you know It all? Well now you can PROVE It. Each plsyer enters their name and is represented as a racing car, the first to answer all the ScCELLENtcross s ***vv,nner5 3 Wlth save ar d re-k ad facility. (1 -4 players AMIGANUTS HAVE PESTERED US
877:1 ACROSS 2 DOWN Crossword program. A data disk Is also supplied with EIGHT different crosswords for you to play, new data disks will become ovaiabie approx every month. (2 Disks) ...£5.50 INTO CODING? - WANT TO LEARN? THE AMIGA CODERS CLUB IS FOR YOU 805: The Fantastic WRATH OF THE DEMON Animation Demo £1.00 812: STAR TREK U.S. Version. GOOD! (1 MEG) (2 Drives) ......£4.00 813: A-GENE Geneaotogz (FAMILY TREE DATA). (1 MEG Min) ......£2.00 814: AEROTOON
ANIMATION. With Great Sound efx (1 MEG) ....£1.50 855: INNERSHIP An excellent new version of breakout .£1.50 861: GENOCIDE PICTURE SHOW (FOR ADULTS ONLY) .£2.00 864: MOD PROCESSOR Wont to make executable picture music progs? This will even work with MED music modules. A MUST! ....£2.50 865: The great Scoopex CHROMIUM demo + four others (1 MEG) .£1.00 868: The Fantastic MAYHEM game from INSIGNIA it’s great! ..£2.50 PAIR-fT. An
excellen*. Educational game for kids £2.50 ACC 5: PACKED WITH SOURCE, HINTS TIPS FROM MANY OF THE WELL KNOWN CODERS THAT ARE ON THE AMIGA SCENE TODAY .....£3.00 ACC 6,7 and 8 Now available ......(ACC disks are £3.00 for each issue) compresse nevvto computers, get this one, if you want to learn assem game Dig for treasure avoid IG BELOW IS FROM OUR PROGRAMS IE £1.50 90 ? FREE! - When you order 20 or more programs from the ABOVE list you will receive an Amiganuts pen + Hypnosis 6 Demo disk - FREE ?
FREE DISKS + FREE PROGS + FREE MEMBERSHIP - OVER A THOUSAND DETAILED PROGS PLUS SOME GAMES TO PLAY ON THE MAIN CATALOGUE DISK. ONLY £1.00. THE FEBRUARY UPDATE TO OUR MAIN CATALOGUE IS NOW READY! ONLY £1.00 sedate software, the aim of which Is to remove matching tiles from the pyramid that they make up, This is done by clicking on identical pieces lying at the outer edge of any level of the pyramid. I know It sounds about as interesting as watching formation flower arranging. Bjt It honestly is really rather good.
Hidden within the rather tedious Clip art for the lads A rather large hole In the software market is about to be plugged by Page One Public Domain of Newcastle. Clip art has been rather thin on the ground In the past, but the lads at Page One are about to put a stop to that wtth an Impressive new collection.
For those of you none to familiar with the field, clip art is simply artwork done by people who can, for people who can’t. The pages containing the various dtps are all standard IFF and as a result can be loaded Into any paint package at any resolution you require.
All the drawings are plain IBOOKS ll TUAUCSI exterior Hes a great deal of depth, requiring a high degree of concentration, Well worth having In the collection.
Finally we hove one of the old guard of computer games. Daleks.
With no sound, awful graphics and the most basic movement of the black and white, so that once they're loaded up you can go mad. Stretching, colouring, flip* ping. It's wonderful, you can go from talentless to genius overnight, as long as you don't tell anyone of course.
If you're a DTP person or graphics nut they're a must, lending themselves to all kinds of applications: magazines, letters, education, notices, the list goes on.
The ronge of subject1 matter is Page One Public Domain.
46 Hillporl Avenue. Porthill.
Newcastle. Staffs. ST5 8JZ characters. It's hard to see what It's got going for It. But for some strange reason It has always been popular and no doutt always will be.
It has to seen to be believed, but be warned. Addicts do say it should carry the message: ‘Daleks really screws you up', so be careful.
Well folks there you go. Not bad considerable Including office, food, sport, household Items and a whole range of cartoon characters Including some famous faces from the Beano. Garfield and of course Viz.
The disks are available for £3 a time, or five for £10. The full collection runs to 16 disks, with no doubt more on the way, Each disk contains approximately 20 pages with 12 separate drawings on each poge, enough to keep anyone happy for a while at least.
I'll keep you In touch with any new developments fiom the boys at Poge One PD.
For one disk, and only £2. Please remember some of the games may be rather old. But if you do become addicted spare a thought and a few pounds, for the authors.
A little light relief If the seemingly endess dull days of the English spring ore starting to get you down, an occasional laugh will doubtless be in order.
Believe it or not there's ever, PD to drag you from the pit of depression, One of the best ways to raise a smile is loading up one of the numerous Workbench hacks.
For anyone unfamiliar with this rather strange form of software, hocks can do al kinds of weird and wonderful things to your front end.
These strange effects can .rary from windows that run away os you try to close them, through rockets which relentlessly chose your pointer until the unavoidable collision, to tiny, ravenous cannibals who charge around the screen eoting everything in sight - windows, disks, the lot.
There are a few examples on this month's coverdlsk. But if you're hooked you can get more of the same from Seventeen Bit - 749 and 780. Both disks ore bulging with bizarre varieties of the best hacks available.
If that's not enough for you wildeyed fun seekers, there's more. Are you a fully paid up member of The Son's of the Desert? Those whs are will obviously know that this s the name of the Laurel and Hardy fan club.
Public Dominator can furnish you with a slide show of some of their classic moments, oil squashed Into two floppies, The disks are nicely put together with the immortal Stan and Ollie digitised from the original black and white flicks. Each screen is linked together to form some of those familiar sequences from the great days of Hollywood.
If you're a fan of more up-to- date comedy Comp-U-Save can supply the latest Simpson's samples from the States. The disk contains eight memorable moments from the foul-mouthed family on the other side of the Atlantic.
Thai’s about It for this month. II you have any axes to grind or opinions about the world ol PD.
Drop me o line and I’ll try to incorporate any ideas info Ihe column.
Cartoon characters and fun headings they're ail here o a o O | 0 cc co 1 c 3 2 co .
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* 2 CM O 5 C 3 co 03 CO S TO lw £ CO CO (0 t; c 2 | B
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CD o o CVJ CVJ X CO c w_ aS ™ Q. m o z o ? O o (D CD CD O O Q. T3 t O 5 2 03 LU o D C _ Q-co § C D D Q z X O o LU o X o CVJ x CVJ T -i- in x 5 C 3 CL (D
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.Q 03 '3 © W © © 2 © o TJ c © © 3 o -I o o o o CVJ O o ? G QC UJ T- os = h- W E 9 d £ 1
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Sg = 1 03 CM
o o z z 88 $ £ UJ UJ
- o n S 2 Tf (D Q UJ 1- 3 3 CL O CL -O 2 CVJ s in o 2 o XS HH D
This does not apply to sales or other special prices e
• v* So s r §.
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O) Q UJ Is 2i = 1 OJ Xj Q $ CC W ¦ O =!
Co Z “o O GO Feature When Philips Invented the compact disc back in the 1970s there were few home computers around Those that were only had a few kilobytes of memory and stored Ihelr programs on data cassettes - another Philips invention ort nalty designed for music.
Soon disk drives were added, giving on-line access to more than 150K at one go - double that If you tuMBd the disk over.
ie overage Amiga owner now has two disk drives, each with 880K storage, and a megabyte of memory compared to the original 64K.
Some wi have the A590 hard disk, with 20Mb of on-line storage.
But *hings are changing all the time. The once vast 20Mb hard disks ere now often regarded as too small.
New applications are becoming available every day. Many of them next to useless without a hord disk.
(JOs you can write to By its very nature the CD-ROM is reac-only. If you want something that can read and write there are three options.
The first and cheapest Is the WORM drive - Write Once Read Mary. These take disk cartridges which are about the same size as the CD-ROM, and can be written to by an Amiga.
The disadvantage is that you cannot record over a part of the disk that has already been written to, though with 600Mb this Isn't much of a problem.
Cos*: £1.500 to £2.000. Option two Is the Magneto- OpHcai drive. This Is a full read write disk, so you can erase unwanted files and record over them. It Isn't compatible with CD-ROM and It costs between £2.500 and £3X00.
Lastly comes the recordable CD-ROM. It can read normal CD-ROM discs and write to blank CD-ROM ones, which are Write Once Read Many.
Once these disks have been written to they can be read by a conventional CD-ROM drive.
The cost? A bargain at a mere £20000. However, don't expect this sort of technology to be avoilobte at a realistic price for at least five years.
So running out of hard disk space is starting to be a problem.
Cds can sto'e a huge amount of data, so it wasn't long before someone realised that it would be rather clever to link one up to a computer, Although mostly read-only they can pack more than 600Mb on one disc - and that's an awful lot of storage.
You may have read recently about the Commodore CDTV, which Is essenlially an Amiga 500 without a keyboard or disk drive, bolted on to a CD-ROM player.
It's planned mainly os a games machine, and although you will be able to attach disk drives and keyboards to It, most people probably won’t do so.
Stealing the show Commodore are planning an addon for real AMIGAs to play CD-ROM discs, but Xetec. A US Amiga hard disk supplier, have beaten them to it with their CDX-550 650 drives for the Amiga.
The CDX-55G Is an Internal drive for the 1500 and 2000. And the CDX-650 is an external drive for ony Amiga model. The model reviewed was the CDX-650. Which comes in an external case that fits neatly between the monitor and system unit on the Arrlga 3000.
You must have a SCSI controller card to use the CDROM . This Is not included in the cost, but if you've got an A590 hard disk the 25-pln female port on the back is all you require.
Most hard disks for the Amiga 2000 come with SCSI controllers that the drive can support, while the Amiga 3000 has a built-in SCSI controller.
The drive mechanism Is a stan- Rev 1.0 by Marty Fiickinger “I COMPACT TIME r | POUFR JIJcLJI MODE ¦ the Amiga playing an Audo CD ROM into a PC. And that wo’ked- too.
Dard Chinon CD-ROM There is nothing specific for the Amiga in the hardware - I've plugged a standard PC CD-ROM into the Amiga and the software was able to use it.
I also plugged the Xetec CD- The setup software specif colly supports the following SCSI controllers: Amiga 3000, C-Ltd (SCSI- DOS 3). Commodore 2090A and 2091, GVP (With or without the Faaastrem). IVS Trumpcard and Trumpcard Professional, Supra Wordsync controller, and all Xetec controllers.
I've also got it working quite happily with the Microbotlcs Hardframe controller in my B2000.
And It performs on the AMIGA 590 as well.
Setting up Is simple. If you've got a card or machine listed In the menu, you Just choose your card and click on the UPDATE gedget.
Which Installs everything for you.
If your controller Is not listed, the chances are that It will still work, but you will have to enter the Feature rCopyright 0 1990, Xetec Inc. Lr H t t _tt_t i _ _t T i ne Trk Ind dreams Will CD-ROM ever be a realistic option? Jolyon Ralph investigates How can a CD store so much information?
Cds store information digitally, so they are Is Ideal for computer data storage. Music Is reclrded gt 44KHz in stereo 16-btt samples, and about 70 minutes play can be packed on one disc.
Anyone who has tried sampling in 8-bit mono on the Amiga at under 20KHz knows that you can't fit much Into one meg of memory.
Lic domain software, you're going to get bored with It eventualy. So what other discs are available?
For the Amiga, not 3 lot. There are thousands of discs for the IBM and Apple Maclntosh.and this drive will reod them. I tried a disc • that came free on a computer magazine last year, and It displayed all Its files.
Obviously they could not run because they were for the IBM. But I was able to access most of the graphic files with Amiga viewers that handle Macintcsh and PC graphic formats.
If you have a bridgeboard you can access the CD-ROM and access a vast array of PC software.
The mogazine PC-Todcy Is selling a CD-ROM disc full of PC compatible public domain shareware for £24.99. CD island discs What about music Cds? Yes the Xetec drive can play them. It comes up with a rather neat screen that looks like a CD player.
You click on the buttons to play tracks, skip to the next track, even eject the disc, which is done automatically.
This software didn't work very well on the Amiga 3000. I'm not sure whether this means the same will apply to any Amiga. It's still usable, but you don't get the right display on screen unless you quit the program and load It again while the CD Is playing.
There is a line-out on the boc of the case - the sort you get on portable CD players - headphone sockets on the front of the drve.
And a volume control.
I found the volume levels through the headphone socket were hardly loud enough to enable me to sample from the CD- Before you start getting clever Ideas, you can't steal 16-bit sample data from music Cds Into memory.
The drive prevents you from reod- ing digital data straight from the disc down the SCSI port.
The only problem with the drive Is that CD-ROMs are slow. Tney have an average 800ms seek tme.
Which is 10 times slower than the slowest hard disks. It is faster tnan floppy most of the time and can transfer about 150K sec.
Having said that, the disk has been optimised well, so that Icons appear quickly - except urder Klckstart 2.0 for some reason, where It really slows down The drive is not yet available in the UK. But Xetec In the States will supply It direct to the UK.
Remember that you will have to pay at the door for customs duty and VAT. This came to about £60 for the external drive.
Parameters it needs manually - the device name of your scsl.device for excmpte.
Once installed, you MOUNT CDO: and you're away. Each CDX drive i supplied with the Fish and More CD-ROM. This disc contains more than 510Mb of public domain software. Including everything fom Fl$ h disks 1 to 360.
Buying these disks separately costs more than the drive plus disc, and the Fish programs fill only about two-thirds of the disk.
Another 200Mb of PD on the disc that ore not from the Fish disks includes some massive animation files.
How much does the CD store?
A 16-btt sample takes up two bytes, and stereo calls for two samples - one for the left chonnel and another for the right. If we multiply the sampling frequency (44KHz) by four you get the amount of memory needed to store one second of CD quality sound. It works out at about 172K.
Multiply mat by the number of seconds In 70 minutes (73 x 60) and you end up with Just over 700Mb. Some of this is lost in formatting - in the same way that a one megabyte disk only gives 880K Of the Amiga
- so you are left with about 600Mb of storage to play with.
Loadsa goodies There is for too much on the disc to list here, but the screenshots may give you some idea of the contents. The CD case claims the disk contains 70 animations. 720 pictures. 700 icons. 450 sounds. 280 songs 600 Instruments. 180 games.
1. 700 applications utilities, 7.500 source files. 35 commercial
demos and 48 programming languages.
Instal I at ¦ on Util i tu 0*VIC* MM [_ fd0!
Everything has been set up for easy use from Workbench. All files have been sifted out from the Fish disks and grouped into categories.
• uTftrs (?K) 10 Priority 18 ftmory typ* Any Stock WIOO t Startup
Mhcn notnltd
• Auto disc chan |M
o Hrjd ahead bufferin« 20 Blocks (?K)
• Reumttrs for oritr delet attmpts
• Foret protect bits to r-e- 0 [nutation 1512 sector) Harduarc
Anita 3«» An example of the amount of space you have to play
with is the read-me fUe. Insteod of coming up with a usual text
file, they have put a massive digitised sample of Marty
Flickinger, the Xetec programmer who wrote the CD-ROM software,
introducing the disc.
SCSI device net tf.i.drvict HaxTrtMfer 000ifCOO j SCSI direct flats 0
- (1st standard ! ) reads in 2K blocks) Although the Fish and
More disc contains more than 500Mb of pub¦ SCSI ID 5 (Unit
5) Addr tlask 80fFfff[ Th* *oty to um Imtollattor utility t
Xetec CDX-550 650 CD-ROM for the Amiga.
Xetec Inc. 2804 Arnold Rd. SaHna, Kansas 67401.
Tel: 0101 913 827 0685 HARD DRIVES Internal £449,99 % 1 SYQUEST 44 MEG REMOVABLE DRIVE SOFTWARE MADNESS 487a DALLOW ROAD, LUTON. BEDS. LU1 1UL All Prices Include V.A.T. at 15% For more information Telephone 0582-483640 or Alternatively write to the The state of the an 44meg hard drive. This Cartridged based drive comes with one 44meg cart and has an access time of 25ms The Syquest can be fitted internally or externally which makes it compatible with all Amigas. Amiga 500 users with no Hard drive will need a SCSI controller, ask for more details on SCSI controllers.
A2000 users can fit the Syquest in the 5.25 bay or use the external SCSI port. Each Additional Syquest 44mcg cartridges are £65.00 per cartridge giving an impressive £1.47 per megabyte of storage.
Slimline Designed high quality mechanism Very quiet 880k formatted Capacity. Throughport connector & on off switch.
£59.99 Slimline Designed high quality mechanism with a led track display unit Very quiet 880k formatted Capacity, Throughport.
£99.99 INTERNAL DRIVES Internal & External SCSI HARD DRIVES Fireball A2000 controller i 120.00 RAW 3 1 2" DRIVES: 45 meg Fujitsu drive .£280.00 90 meg Fujitsu drive .£340.00 136 meg Fujitsu drive ......£410.00 182 meg Fujitsu drive £499.00 Starblazer: 8meg & SCSI interface for all A500 & A2000 £140.00 or 2megs populated £279.00 EXTERNAL DRIVES Tiny Tiger SCSI hard drive system • Includes Power cable, setup software and a SCSI interface with 0MB fitted.
45 meg Fujitsu drive .£390.00 90 meg Fujitsu drive .£490.00 AMIGA PACKS AMIGA 500 SCREEN GEMS FLIGHT OF FANTASY & BATMAN PACKS l Meg AMIGA SCREEN GEMS FLIGHT OF FANTASY & BATMAN PACKS £359.99 £379.99 Refunds are only given if goods are genuinely faulty.
SCREEN GEMS PACK £349.00 CLASS OF THE 90 s PACK £499.00 FIRST STEPS PACK £499.00 AMIGA 2000 Please ring for best prices AMIGA 3000 Please ring for best prices SEGA MEGADRIVE MEGADFIVE £149.00 SOFTWARE ALL AT DISCOUNTED PRICES. PLEASE RING FOR DETAILS.
PRINTERS STAR LC10 .£156.00 STAR LC24-10 ..£235.00 COMMODORE MPS1230 ...£140.00 PERIPHERALS AMIGA HA.F MEG UPGRADES .. £30.00 AMIGA SECOND DRIVE ... £65.00 NAKSHA MOUSE . £33.50 LINNET MODEM . .....£145.00 LINNET 1200 MODEM . .....£212.00 A590 20Mb HARD DRIVE .. .....£365.00 HARDWARE VIRUS
PROTECTOR .... £14.95 Please encuire for the latest prices on RAM upgrades for the A590 MONITORS ATARI SMI24 HIGH RES MONITOR ...£140.00 PHILIPS 8833 STEREO MONITOR £249.00 STAR LC200 .....£215.00 NEO GEO Please mg for Best discounts on Hardware and Software - the very best games machines in the world today I SOFTWARE We cany an ertensn-e range ot software 1* an machines, all at discounted prices - at least 25* off RRP. For example RRP OurPnce BADLANDS £24 99 £18.50 CADAVAR £24.99 £18 50 EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE £1999 £15.50 F19 STEALTH
FIGHTER £29.95 £22 95 GREMLINS II £24.99 £1850 INDIE 500 £24 99 £18.50 LOTUS TUR80 ESPRIT £24.99 £18.50 NEW YORK WARRIORS £1999 £15 50 NIGHT BREED £2499 £18.50 PARADRO1D90 £24 99 £18.50 SPY WHO LOVED ME £19.99 £15.50 VOODOO NIGHTMARE £24.99 £18.50 ORDER BY PHONE (0602) 673674 673672 Delivery - Please add £6.50 courier delivery or orders over £100 Add £2.00 p8p for orders under £100 Order by Fax Order by cheque made payable to Computerlab ALL PRICES INCLUDE V A T PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS We have an extensive range of public domain and Shareware programs.
Please ring for detais of our Amiga and ST libraries.
SEVEN DISK SPECIALS ONLY £10.95 AMIGA DEMOS PACK 4 - All of the best latest demos. Pack changes all the time but never has same demos twice.
AMIGA BUSINESS PACK - Spreadsheet. Wordprocessor. Database.
Journal, N.A.G.. Inventory.
AMIGA UTILITY PACK 2 - Virus killers, Copiers, Disk Managers, Rippers. Boot copier PLUS Loads more!
AMIGA PROGRAMMERS PACK - C Compilers. Assemblers. Source Codes, Pascal, LISP, C Manual etc. BLANK DISKS 35" QUALITY DISKS £12.00 FOR 30*
Price MUSIC X 1.1 £149.95 £110.00 MUSIC X
JUNIOR .£79.99 ..£63.50
24 ....Please
Enquire KCS 3.0 DR.T .. £299.00......Please
Enquire MASTER TRACKS PRO £289.00......Please Enquire
TFMX ...£44.95 .439.50
Feature tiesii m'f Suffering from the viral heebie-jeebies?
Stevie Kennedy takes a layman's look at some preventative medicine I rev 1 jJIjminmirTl me lUherMre s by Hike l.insell If you find this tom pro®an useful Please send $ 5 ti: Hike Mansell, PO Box 568, typing, NSW al21 Australia Thanx to Brian, Rick, Martin, Darv, UF ft Fluff.
This Frogran knows the following 43 virii trojans: Read on if you're onxious to avoid the same happening to you.
Viruses come In many forms, but all have one thing In common. A true computer virus will seek to memory every 30 seconds for the tell-tale sgns that a file virus Is on the loose and will warn you If Kill da Virus III by Mike Hansel transfer itself from Its present loco- tion to o new target area, and once there It will invariably attempt to cause the user a great decl of concern.
It may do this by trashing files, reformatting your hard drive or simply printing a silly message to the screen, but the one constant in all this Is that your trousers are Imrredh atety placed in extreme jeopardy!
Bootus vulgaris The most common type is the boot- block vims and these exist, ironfcol- ly enough, because of an ‘extra’ Amiga feature. The standard baot- biock occupies the first two blocks of storage on a floppy disk.
However, the information needed to Identify the disk as an AmigaDOS format floppy Is a tiny piece of code which leaves a few hundred bytes of free space in the boot-block.
The space Is available to oro- grommers, many of whom use It to display scrolling messages, tines, or pictures. Unfortunately it also represents a haven for viruses and It was here that the early examples, such as Byte Bandit, first lurked in ambush.
Some write to your drives, corrupting program files. The original Lamer virus, for example, writes the word LAMERI Into a random selection of blocks.
Others are time bombs that wait for a set of conditions to be met before going off. The Infamous lame duck DataCrime Friday 13th virus was one such example, although not an Amiga variant Because they always initially Inhabit the same ploce boot-block viruses are relatively easy to deal wtth. Even If you do not have a virus killer, you can carry out a simple test by using INSTALL DRIVE CHECK. If there is a non-standard boot-block where all should be normal you can INSTALL the guity disk.
Nast wee bea Viruses are the scourge of the Amiga world. From only a few boot-block ones a couple of years ago, the list of contagious codings had grown at an epidemic rate, threatening to outstrip the efforts of all but the best virus killers.
Cat you protect your disks from Infection when all about you are dosing theirs?
A great many people have little or nc Idea what viruses are or.
More alarmingly, how they spread.
This Ignoronce of even the simplest protection techniques has led to many a treasured disk turning up its toes and shuffling off this mortal coll (less of the Python rip-offs - Ed).
Anything is detected. A worthy alternative to the od soldier.
You'B find this one on your March cover disk complete with full defatts for instating It in your start- up-sequence on the disk pages.
DV1II Is the latest shareware version of a program, which has since gone commercial In the shope of KDV 5. It recognises a total of 43 viruses Including Trojan hcrses such as the non-boot Lamer Exterminator strain, It is more versatle than VirusX In that It checks for memory and file viruses, and does so for all disks, including any new ones. It also has options for saving urrecognlsable boot-blocks to disk and for Installing any floppy.
Even better. KDVIII will check Cunning swine!
The second category can be broocfy labelled as fie or link viruses, and they're an altogether trickier breed. They include the true file viruses and those known as Irojon horses.
File viruses such as BGS9. Attach themsetves to files in memory and on disk, and sometimes the only Feature This is The program which was bunaed with ViajsX 3.2 ahd ail further revisions in an attempt to plug tne gaps, KV is a smart little program which runs only from CU and wifi look tor intruders in memory on boot-up.
It will search for file viruses ond remove them if possible. But canway ol detecting them ts to keep a check on me lengm of the files most commonly attacked. They are much harder to spot because they do not reside on boot-blocks, but ccn be just as destructive as those tnat do.
Vscan 4.98c by Arthur Hagen Johan Trojan horses disguise themselves as harmless programs, utilities. And sometimes even os virus kiflers. "hey ore the fifm columnists of the virus world ana are particularly galling because of the way they con fool you. Remember, if you irvite a vampire into your nouse you ore rendered powerless against it.
The recent so-colled AIDS virus is of this type. Users thought they not search entire desks on request and con sometimes wipe system files if you have protected your disk with another virus protector.
This was a good sTop-gop device. Put is ro longer a viable modem protector. If you use KV, ft's much better Than nothing, but I'd advise you to find on alternative.
Were going to be given information of me real life HIV virus, but when They tried to use their free This has been recommended to us for all hard anve users. With 67 boor-btock ard seven file viruses, it isn't as knowiedgable as ZeroVirus or MVX, but it offers several useful features and is supposedly being updated to more man 100 strains.
The progrom has a protect disks rney were informed of Their mistake and presented with a demand for $ 378. The virus wiped hard drives after 90 system resets unless cured by The cash donation.
KillVirus (KV) by Dan J James A similar type is that known as the invisible file virus. This will attack a specific file, usuairy the first command it comes across in your startup- sequence. And replace it with its own code. Some of them even Tty to match Their size to That of the original file to make defection even herder!.
The BGS9 virus, for example, copies the fust command m your mode to keep file viruses off your hard drives, checks mem for bom viruses ond read write errors, and has an analyse mode for unknown viruses found on Them.
It runs on the same brainfile principle as ZeroVirus. So you can expand its dictionary of recognised viruses os you find Them.
Startup-sequence to o hidden file in me DEVS: drawer, men replaces me original wrtn a copy of itself.
Computerised vaccines?
You MUST protect yourself from viruses. If you don't, and you lose valuable data or programs. You have only yourself to dome. Wuses are o major threat to your system's wall- being. But There ore several straightforward measures you con Take That should minimise me danger.
First of all. Stop swopping disks with your mates! Like their real counterparts, compuTer viruses spread by contocT. So if you resist me Temptation of swopping programs you will avoid the risks attendant in piratical promecury.
If. On the oTher hand, you swap commercial software and your gomes collection is Lomered out of existence by a rampant vrus, you really don't deserve any better. You have oeen warned.
Secondly, keep all disks, including data ones, wriTe protec*ed until you need to save dote 10 Them - viruses aren't half as annoying if They ccn'T do any permanent damage.
Should one get into memor , it ViwX; Wins Device IF!; 'M; Mi® lew 111; UVVVWUW wwvww Virus X by Steve Tibbett This has to be me best known and most popular of all virus killers, ond hos enjoyed a reputation as one of the oest around for some time. The latest version is 4.01, although mere are a few unoffi- aoi versions around - such os 4.4
- which should be avoided.
VirusX con be run from Workbench or CU and will quife happily operate from your stort- up-sequence. The progrom recognises all the mos" common boof-block viruses and spots all non-standard boot-blccks. But is relatively out-dotea as for as file viruses go.
As it is also non-dynamic - it can'T learn new viruses Qnd has to be rewritten and recompiled every time it is updated
- it has been overtaken by me rapid development of new dis
98 Amiga Computing Feature Mim III Ihe disk in DPI: is infected ritk a virus!
Go into Minis III and Install it!
ZeroVirus III by Jonathan Potter For both beginners and the more technically minded, ZeroVirus Is a good bet.
The beginner will be glad of the chance to use an Intuition based virus killer with menus and Icons, while the seasoned user will welcome the features offered by Its learning capabilities.
ZeroVirus works on the brain file principle. Ir other words, It has a data file of recognised viruses to which the user can odd any new ones found on a disk. The latest version. 1.12. currently kills 86 boot-block viruses, but only four of the file vermin Including IRQ and BGS9.
However, with the ability to learn as many boot-block viruses as It likes, a hord disk check for file viruses, the option to run from startup and In background, and several fBe check and boot- block Install options, ZeroVirus must be one of the best and friendliest Idlers around.
Can still wreak havoc with RAM disks or memory-resident data files, but it It Is unable to procreate onto disk it can be eradicated by switching off the computer before It does any further damage.
Last, but most Important of al, you can get yourself a decent virus killing program and use It con- stanty. Most such pest controllers can be run from the startup- sequence so they get to work as soon as you boot-up. They usually have the abiity to continue checking dl subsequent disks you put in your drives.
Ideally you want to get hold of one which checks memory, flies and boot-blocks. And which recognises an up-to-date list of viruses.
However, there are so many MasterVirusKiller by Xavier Leclerc Another UK shareware killer. This one knows 105 viruses. Including 15 fie ones and Is Just about the best available as for as klH ratio Is concerned.
Currently. It is also the only kUle’ apart from ZeroVlruslll and Vscan that can deal with the Xeno hard drive horror.
MVK will carry out a comprehensive tile virus check and has virus killers around these days, you may be a little spoiled for choice Which is the King of the Killers?
The contenders When looking for a virus killer the three criteria by which you can choose are:
• How man viruses are recognised?
• Does the program check for memory and file viruses?
• Is It updated regularty?
The latter two are the most Important criteria, because a boot-block virus will always be spotted as a non-standard boot-blqck, but many file viruses have to be thoroughly rooted out. According to the advantage of being run entirely by Icons. Its downfall, however, is Its qutrklness. It has o few bugs and tends to crash too often, but Its biggest drawback Is that It cannot multi-task.
If you want one of the most erudte kilters, MVK is a must, but I wouldn't count on It for everyday use.
Erik Speedy Gonzales' Lovendahl, one of the most knowledgable virus experts In the Amiga field, no less than four new file viruses appeared h December alone.
One of the latest and nastiest of these is Xeno, which was designed with hard drives In mind and can couse Irreparable damage Vending machines If you think you're at risk from one of the horrible viruses I've mentioned. And wish to protect yourself by using one of the killers listed above, you must by now be wondering where you can get hold of one.
All the virus killers I've covered are either public domain or shareware, and most are readily available.
PD Houses There isn't the space available to mention all the PD libraries, but Master Virus Killer can be found on Softvllle PD's Virus Kilers compilation disk (0705 266509). PDOM disk number 300 (0279 757692), or Seventeen Bit's disk 804 (0924 366982).
ZeroVlruslll comes on JTS PD's catalogue disk (0937 63834) and Is on a number other llb'aries' compilation disks. VirusX is cvallable from almost any source and KDVII Is on your coverdisk.
Vscan Is available from the programmer: Arthur Hagen Johan SchOfftensbergsvej 99. Apt 56 N-0694 Oslo 6 Norway The shareware price Is S10 which goes to help children wtth rheumatism - sometimes called careware or charityware.
Speedy to the rescue!
Many thanks to Erik Lovendahl for his help, and for four years of dedicated virus research. If you have any new Information on viruses, or have written a new killer, please contact us.
You can also contact Speedy at: Snaphanevej 10 4720 Prae5to Denmark Tel. (01045)53 792512 Erik is always eager for any r©w information and con offer some of the most expert advice you’re likely to find on Amiga viruses.
Clarke spells it out PUPILS will lose marks for spelling In all GCSE exams fror summer. Education Secretary Kei Clarke ruled yesterday.
Slxt*en-ye*r-olds who make spelling mist subjects such as history, biology, phyj geography, is well as English, could have per cent of their marks deducted.
The more «u prompted by criticism from empl parents that many pupils left school unable to spell simple words.
But ;t has angered examination aoardi and teachers. Who say It is unfair to penalise children Tor poor spelling in texu designed to examine Guildford.
Other skills »u:h as knoi Iha DS BATTLE GOES ON HELP CHILDREN READ AT HOME, SAY MINISTERS Parents taugrfrrriesson PARENTS must help reverse the decline in children's reading standards, education Ministers warned last night Pie lesson was spelled out as teachers prepared this year to carry out the first round of new reading tests for neven-v By LIZ LIGHTFOOT Education Correspondtnl sclioots which ask parents to go through books with their children in the classroom Teachers hsvc found pup improve when they read their parents at home or »or seven yfrm - many parents a 5pc of marks (to be
cut for ipoor spelling i&S** T &SSMSS dwiw».*a!f -i ¦» S-Ssrs.ass'"'» 3SSSi«s,rs.wd KfrvS-"'cu,w' •*» »«i,*r«sr4 9fUk psMSsSS. S £ J-Ud more gust he into reading' systems where children are taught not to sound out wordt, but are expected to pick up reading by looking at story books. No school should use this 'odd* method atone, lie said This newspapi*r Investigated the method and found Uiat in Croydon. South Louden, schools had thrown out their and refused to ind out a JE.fr read. Now riprrt Dr Joyce Morris has compiled a checklist.
She suggests they ask questions like:
• Uow do jou ensure children make a successful start?
• What is yaur main approach?
• What Importance do you gltach to phonic methods (emphasis or
• Are children taught how Uie 26 alphabet toilers represent the
44 speech sounds?
Can while IV Kail on 8un- raioed yesterday for the slump sloppy (pelling tolerated by exam board* in an article based on research by teacher Mrs Jenny Ctew On Friday KmneUi Clarke announced the results of an inquiry and ordered examiners to deduct up to five per cent uf marks in all subjects for poor spelling last night Mrs Chew called the decisiou ‘wonderful news and common sense* Fallowing our article the then Education Secretary John MacGregor ordered exam boards to take more note of spelling when pwnnNnr fltitfh* Mounting alarm among parents about the appalling standards of spelling
among Britain's schoolchildren has finally erupted. Now Government ministers and teachers have joined parents and employers in stressing the vital importance of spelling throughout the National Curriculum.
Parents themselves are being told THEY have a crucial role to play. Education experts want to mobilise 'parent power' - to put mums and dads in the front line of the attack on poor spelling.
Many of them will find they have a powerful ally. For today, most homes have what could be the ideal means of ’eaching spelling - the computer.
Instead of zapping aliens it could be turned into the best weapon of all to deal a body blow to bad spelling.
SPELL! Is unique. It harnesses the power of the home computer and uses it in novel ways, showing that spelling can gain a child top marks at school . . . And that practising it can be lots of fun as well.
SPELL! Lets children learn at their own pace. They can take as long as they like - or take on the computer in a high-speed challenge!
And this one package covers the whole of their time at school - with the lowest age group suitable for under-5s, while the more advanced words will stretch even the most able students.
It includes five different tests, each making use of more than 5,000 words - so much variety that they'll never get bored The programs are: In a Flash: Read the word as it flashes on the screen, then type it in. For practice runs, the word is left on the screen as it is typed.
Rocket Hidden words have to be discovered in this hi-tech version of the old favourite Hangman, If they are guessed correctly the rocket will blastoff. Fail and all that's left is a load of scrap.
• OVER 5,000 WORDS
• FOR AGES 5 TO 15 In addition to using foe 5,000 words provided,
porents-or children- can create ffieir own w°rd lists for using
wifh SPEU! This makes the package ideal for practising those
hard- to-learn words, or for Learn these spellings" homework.
Lunar Buggy: lype fast for fun. The aim is to key in the word as it's pulled across the screen by the buggy. It has to be completed before the letters drop down a crater.
All Mixed Up: Jumbled letters have to be sorted out to find the scrambled word.
To help beginners - and anyone else who is stuck - clues can be obtained at the press of a key.
Conveyor Belt: Words pass _ by on the screen and have to be remembered. Then they must be typed in - spelt correctly.
This is a challenging test of both spelling and memory.
All tbe programs have several options for extra flexibility like a timer with on off option to add that extra challenge.
How SPELL! Meets teachers' requirements The programs will test over 5,000 words, split into the categories which cause the most problems when learning to spell. These are:
• Vowel sounds. Stressing the differences between a, i, o and u
and how the combinations of oo and ai change the sound of
• Consonant Blending. Covering the changes caused when two or
more consonants are put together in a word
• Prefixes and Suffixes. Showing how changes at the beginning and
end of words can alter the meaning as well as the spelling.
• Word Families. Assessing how different words come from the same
base word but then change in spelling and pronunciation.
• Irregular spelling. Covering the many peculiarities of the
English language, such as receipt, thorough, bough and thieves.
The words are graded for children between the ages of 5 and 15 and are based on National Curriculum required reading books as well as Ginn Reading 360 - the most commonly used reading scheme in the UK - and the 123 and Away reading scheme.
SPELL! Only costs £8.95. It is now available on disc and tape for six of the most popular home computers and can be ordered on the form below.
Name Signed.
Address Please send me a SPELL!
Package for my computer (Tick as appropriate) I wish to pay by: Cheque payable to Database Publications ? Credit card No: Postcode Exp. Date Daytime phone number in case ot queries.
U ? CompactfArdWElk (3.5’ disc) 3612 ? BBC Elk (5.25' 40 T) 3610 ? BBCe (525* 80 T) C BBC-Elk (tape) 3611 Mir ? ST (disc) 3613 ? PC (5.25*) 3615 Amiga (dec) TO: Database Direct, FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB to sump men t posted mu* PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 1275 Feature This month we'll look into the heart of almost every MIDI system at the mother, or cortroller keyboard. Roland plans to ptay mother' with the PC- 200, their latest release aimed firmly at the DTMS market.
Octaves, pans and volumes The rather unattractive title of PC-200 win no doubt make Amiga owners cringe at the prospect of touching anything with the word PC on It. But don't despair. It's merely an oversight by Roland and has nothing to do with the device.
The keyboard is the familiar 49 key. Moulded plastic design which dominates the budget market. It's constructed along similar lines to many a plastic piano, with a slightly higher spec than the average.
Power is supplied by an adaptor or batteries Not surprisingly, the PC is very well equipped in the MIDI department. Offering a wide variety of contrd options all available direct from the keyboard. Gaining access Is a simple matter of hitting the MIDI select button followed by the desired channel or voice selection.
The feel of a control keyboard is Just as important as any sound manipulating capabilities it may be blessed wtth. A synthesiser might b© capable of literally hundreds of voices, but If they can't be produced with feeling from the keyboard. A huge amount of musical potential is lost.
Towards this admirable end Roland has incorporated volume sensitivity Into the PC, giving it the ability to transmit MIDI Information relative to the amount of pressure placed on the keys.
Link this wtth Its ability to support full polyphony and you have the beginnings of a real corker of a keyboard.
Polyphony means that several notes can be played at the same time. In the case of the PC full polyphony is available - It is possible to play up to eight notes at any one tme.
In the bad old days most synths could only manage four notes at best, seriously constricting the arrangement of a piece.
Bot features should be considered as essential for any modern MIDI keyboard. The combination and quality of both make a massive difference to any keyboard.
In o master device which doesn't contain sounds of Its own, but The defoult setting of the keyboard Is from C2 to C6, but with a tap on the upper, lower buttons the range can be shifted up or down on octave. This is another good method for artificially extending the variety of available voices.
Another useful addition is the inclusion of a pan pot setting.
Placing a vdce using a pan pot allows you tc determine where in the stereo Inage the sound will appear. For example, you could Doctor of dance Paul Austin tickles the ivories and tells all interprets those of other keyboards or modules, they are a major selling point and as a result, must be good.
Volume sensitivity Is reosonabie in the PC. If lacking In subtlety on occasion. Seme voices produce stunning variations on a single voice but with others the difference between a firm and soft key stroke produces almost two notes from the same source - practically unrecognisable as the same voice!
It has to be said that the modulation lever - or bender as they're have a drum roll which would seem to start at one speaker and finish In the next.
Last but not least, there's the » ability to set the volume of all the voices as they're recorded. This can slash post production time, making it possible to produce a rough mix as you work.
If you take a trip to a hl-tech music shop and ask for a mother keyboard, the eager assistant will fall over himself to show you full size, full travel instruments. They otherwise known - is not the PC's strongesl point. To produce a believable bend of any sound it has to be smooth and subtle.
Unfortunately the PC modulation lever is neither of these, but rather produces something of a lumpy transition as the lever Is actuated.
The modulation or vibrato effect are basically cut down versions of grand pianos and cost anything up to £1.000 plus.
The PC Isn't In this leogue. But at £175 it's not surprising. If you ore not a pianist you probably won't notice the difference.
Basically, the PC does a great job at a very reasonable price.
There ore a few areas which could be improved, but asking for perfection at a bargain basement price is perhaps a little hopeful. Highly recommended.
Sounds fine, but just isn't noticeable enough.
Transmitting MIDI Information Is where me PC comes ln*o Its own. The process Is straightforward and channel and voice changes are fast anc simple. One moan is me lack of any indication cs to exoctty how the MIDI information Is configured. A simple LED display to show the channel and voice number would be very useful.
My only other complaint concerns the lack of a sustain pedal.
Yes. I now It's a MIDI keyboard, and yes, you con edit everything later, but it's still nice to play live now and then Even if you can't play yet you'll probably learn, and a sustain pedal Is very useful when you do.
While on the subject of playing.
If you wont to learn but are put off by the prospect of piano lessons, most good music shops supply a wide range of learn to play' oooks which are generally very good. A few days, and vou'H be playhg triads like a master Are YOU new to the wonderful, exciting world of computing?
Then here’s the ideal helping hand -12 months supply of the world’s FIRST computer comic!
Please send me the next 12 issues of Let's Compute! For £12 I wish to pay by: ? Cheque payable to Database Publications ? Cretft card No: Exp. Date I'd like to get Name Signed. Address ..... hot off the press each month!
Postcode Age My computer is a . All over Britain, youngsters - and many who are not so young - are discovering there's much more to computing than shoot-'em-up arcade games.
In the pages of Let's Compute! They're finding it’s FUN all the way. Fun to read. Fun to experiment with page after page of hints and tips. Fun to take part in competitions, with prizes galore.
You’ll be shown how easy it is to turn your home computer into a burglar alarm, a lie detector, a weather station, a pinball machine, and much more.
You'll be able lo use your keyboard to carry out simple - and harmless
- scientific experments involving molecules, electricity,
hydraulics, gravity and nature conservation.
You’ll unlock the mysteries of what goes on inside your computer.
Discover how easy it is to understand how a computer works.
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Subscribe on the form below - and enjoy a whole year's computing fun!
SEND TO: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, S.Wirral L65 3EB PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 1275 AMIGA COMPUTING DISK BARGAINS Chess Simulator Infogrames have taken this timeless classic and added a whole range of added features to bring you Chess Simulator.
Chess Simulator is the ideal partner for budding Chess enthusiasts. It's perfect for guiding and improving your talents until you ultimately attain the standard of the Grand Masters. Infogrames’ game includes a whole range of outstanding features including: An intelligent opening moves library, countless levels of play, advise options, save and restore options, 3D views and a wide range of different piece designs.
Ameritan Dreams Four action and strategy games are included in this sensational package from Infogrames.
Test your talent in SUPER SKI on the ski jump, slalom, giant slalom and downhill races.
Our Price £17.95 Our Price £19.95 PukFLE y Purple Saturn Day SP1DERTRONIC - 3D action and digitised sound enhance this fascinating strategy game..
G. NIUS - Your space station has crashed on an unknown planet.
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WARLOCK’S QUEST - An arcade adventure swarming with evil creatures and sneaky, devilish traps. If you like arcade games, this one's for you.
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1 ¦ recorded.
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PC19.95 Four unbeatable arcade games at an unbelievable price from Infogrames.
PURPLE SATURN DAY - A unique game which has achieved legendary status in the arcade games arena.
Participate in the Intergalactic Games - if you dare!
Future Dreams S I MU L A TOP !
** i Challenging arcade fun from Infogrames.
Welltris is a wacky puzzle game that'll have you on the edge of your seat.
After the fabulous international hit. Tetris, join Alexey Pajitnov, grand mathematician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and take up his new challenge. Welltris: control the falling pieces, move the volumes and ultimately master space.
Welltris has a host of options including: Three levels of difficulty (beginner, advanced and expert), amazing 3D perspective, various game speeds, scoring system with top ten scores HOSTAGE OPERATION JUPITER is a strategic operation in which you direct manoeuvres to release the hostages held by terrorists In an embassy.
OPERATION NEPTUNE involves you in underwater warfare, destroying enemy submannes and bases.
BUBBLE GHOST will keep you busy for hours trying to guide a fragile ghost through a castle's numerous traps.
TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON A PAGE 129 A r Great value for money. Don’t miss this offer!
Welltris Window woes As o newcomer to the Amiga 500 scene, after upgrading from the BBC (yeuck! - Ed), l am somewhat confused as to a problem I have encountered whilst experimenting with Workbench 1.3. I have noticed that after opening the Workbench window, then closing it again, the info at the top of the screen tells me I have less memory than I started off with. This also happens after closing other windows. Could you please enlighten me as to why this is?
Also, what is the difference between an Amiga with a red power light and an Amiga with a green power light?
Niall Ramsey, Ponteland Every time you open a window or run any program. The Amiga utilises a certain amount of memory and this isn't always given back.
Workbench can be quite sloppy in this respect, and if you mess round enough the memory lost to the system can become quite cripping.
You con restore your Amiga to full capacity by warm rebooting or, if this seems a bit drastic, by using a utility to clean up RAM.
There’s an old one called CLEARMEM, which Softville PD assure me is on an early Fish disk.
Printer out of puff?
Computer cracking up?
We are here to help!
Write to Amiga Computing, . Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK104NP The power light is a cosmetic feature, the colour of which has no bearing on the Amiga itself.
Second-hand blues Just a few weeks ago I bought a second hanc Amiga 500 and I must say it beats my old C64 (you don't say! - Ed). However. I think I have a slight problem. When I tried to use my A500wtth an extra half-meg RAM card, all hell broke loose.
Suddenly, the keyboard refused to function and that little Capslock light started flashing.
After I'd removed the card, the antics continued jntil I'd switched the Amiga off and on several times.
After a few attempts, the light stopped flashing and the keyboard would work again and I hove had no problems since (except I can'* use my RAM card!). A friend of mine has an Amiga with 1.2 ROMs, mine is 1.3. and the cord worked with his computer!
Could this be: Magic, hardware failure or something to do with different versions of ROM?
I would be very grateful if you could solve this mystery.
Ruud Van Gils. Holland We re afraid we have bod news. There's no reason why a RAM card should behave differently on 1.2 and 1.3 machines as far as we are aware, and the problem certainly isn't magical.
Put simply, your Amiga is on the blink. Take it to a Commodore approved repair shop Immediately and have it fixed. This might be a little expensive, but if you buy second-hand computer equipment it's a risk you have to take Don't attach any more peripherals to the mochine until it is repaired as you will also risk damaging your expensive add-ons.
Font of knowledge?
I have just purchased a Star LC24-200 printer. I am pleased with It. But there are a couple of questions that I should like to ask.
The spacing between lines seems to be 1.5. t there any way of changing this? Also, I previously owned an LC10 printer and found the Courier NLQ Elite font attractive. Can the LC24- 200 print this font?
D Yates. Braunton, North Devon Line spacing is user-configurable both through the printer's dip switches and by software control in word processor packages and the like.
Page 60 in the LC24-200 user manual gives information on switch settings for the different line spaclngs. Other settings should be available depending on the software you are using.
The font button on the printer's front panel can be used to select Courier NLQ which should be similar to the LclO’s font, and If this ¦sn't goad enough you can contact Star and ask about any font cartridges which may be available.
Getting wired up Please could you give me some information about modems. I hdve just purchased an Amiga 500 and I am very interested in going on-line.
Firstly, I'm not exactly rolling in money, so could you recommend a reasonably cheap modem and details of any software I'I have to buy for It (or do they come complete with software?). Also I read your column on communications last month and would be interested in details of ‘nets' which I can send and receive PD programs, ond an Idea of their subscription charges.
Keep up the excellent work. It's nice to read o mag that actually helps beginners without treating them as idiots!
Nigel Bates. Nuneaton, Warwickshire The modem review in the next issue should give you something to chew on as far as choice of modems goes.
We will be concentrating on the fester, more expensive 2400 baud models, but you'll find the higher initial outlay is soon offset by the phone bill savings brought about though faster data transmission.
Software is no problem, as there are several good com ms programs, such as Ncomm and JRComm, already in the public domain. These are available from PD libraries for less than £2.
If you need a beginner's guide to communications, keep an eye on Eddie McKendrick's Almanac column as he'll be looking at comms from your point of view In the next few months.
Lazy laser?
I desperately seek your help on a proolem that I have encountered with my laser printer.
In the Amiga Computing of April 1990 you reviewed Pagesetter 2 and the article displayed a picture of a document which was made up of A4 pages. You stated that this had been done on a Star LaserPrinter 811.
I have just purchased this machine and have used Pagesetter 2 to create some A4 pages. However. I cannot print out a full page of A4 in HP emulation. Could you please tell me where I am going wrong?
The problem could be a shortage of memory (my machine has 3Mb and the printer 1Mb), the wrong printer driver (I have tried 14 HP LaserJet compatible drivers with no success), or incorrect printer settings (I have tried changing text length and margin settings).
Driven to distraction Sorry to bother you. But I'm desperate for a solution Thousands of pounds of equipment should be used to Its full potential and seeing whdt it can do In the review without being able to do It for myself is killing me.
Owen Sanderson, Fulwell Mill, Sunderland You seem to have covered most of the likely problem areas. It is unlikely to be a printer driver problem if you have tried over a dozen already, and you certainly have no shortage of RAM, so the fault lies either with your printer Itself or with the software.
Star assure me that the LaserPrinter 811 Is fully HP compatible, and their machines are normally very reliable. Check your user manual to ensure that there's no dip switch trickery Involved In HP emulation, and If there Is none, then th® software must be the culprit.
Pagesetter 2 Is not prone to problems of this sort, so you mustn't have covered all the possible tex* and page size settings. Remember that when you print an A4 page you will get less than a complete page of printing as all software leaves a certain gap top and bottom.
After all, the printer needs a bit of paper to hold onto, and you can't print on thlsl If you want to force the printer to completely cover the page, you must fool the software by using a custom page length.
Even this, however, will not allow 100% coverage, as an 'out of paper’ signal will stop printing before the whole page goes past the print heod.
Confused upgrader Help! Upgraded from my A500 to the A2000 with zoMb Quantum hard drive and A2091 controller early last year. Thinking I’d finally got to grips with the new beast. I realised that at some point my Expansion directory containing the A2091HD file had been deleted from the hard disk.
My question Is why was the drive still functioning properly while BINDDRIVERS could no longer find this file to configure the drive setup? Was the A2091HD file really necessary after oil or was the board auto-conflguring?
Question 2: My drive came configured with one partition and I am quite happy with this, but I noticed on the drive partition screen of the Toolbox software that the file system for this partition is the FastFileSystem. This has me greatly confused because I have read that It is not possible to boot from a FFS partition, only from a normal AmlgaDOS partition.
Question 3; Maybe I'm being completely thick but I can t get either RAD: or RRD: recoverable RAM drives to work. When I mount either of them I can read and write files to I bought a Chlnon drive at the Commodore Christmas Show m November to act as a second external drive - DF2.
Pleased wtth the price I paid, I rushed home and connected It up to my system (an A500. 1 meg. Star LC-10 printer, Soundtrap 3. And external drive) and because I'd read that the standard PSU Is prone to glitches, I bought an upgraded PSU as well, then powered up.
Vty set-up would not recognise DF2. In fact It became very unhelpful with DF1 with which I had had no trouble before and gurus came out In force. I disconnected DF2 and the system operated sort of happly but wtth quite a few more gurus than usual, so I contacted the people who'd sold me the drive, Logic Sales in Baker Street, and they helpfully phoned Commodore.
The man at Commodore sold the A500 was net built to accept more than one external drfc el It was pointed out that nearly every PD stand at the show was running at least two drives to produce sale copies- ‘They must have adapted their machines then' was the reply.
It was pointed out that the official manual states on page 1-7 that you CAN attach up to two external drives and the mountllst of Workbench 1.3 contains a listing for DF2.
‘That's a mistake* was the reply.
The helpful man at Logic Sales rang back to them quite easily, but If I do a warm reboot, the RAD: or RRD: device I had previously mounted has gone along with the files I had written to It. Shouldn’t they still be there? What am I doing wrong?
Please help with my problems. I can t get through to Commodore ond I don’t know anyone else who can help. I'm beginning to feel as lost as I initially felt when I first got my A500.
Tony Williams, Garston, Liverpool We know the feeling. Moving to a hard drive system from a floppy-based system can be a bt like Jumping In the deep end.
Don't worry about the expansion file. As long as your hard drive is property formatted and mounted, and there is a relevant entry In the MountUst, AmlgaDOS will recognise It. With hard drives, rule one Is ‘If It works, leave it alone!'
Your partition query seems a bit odd. You should not be able to boot from a FFS partition sd we can only conclude that your software is misleading you.
You wHI always require a small AmlgaDOS partition on the hard drive from which to mount the FastFileSystem partition, so there must be one there. It sounds like your dealer has formatted the drive for you In the shop and partitioned it into the bargain. If this is so, and you’re happy with the drive as it is, then apply rule one.
Problems with RRD: and RAD: are common.
Make sure that ramdisk.device is In your DEVS: directory, the proper entry is In your MountUst.
Say he'd connected up two external drives at the shop and they were working perfectly. I went there myself, hooked up my Chlnon drive, and It also worked Kke a dream, but they replaced It anyway.
My system now works without problems, but I haven’t risked attaching the new PSU again in cose It was* this which screwed things up to start with.
Ro|er Welzman, Acton. London This is a very confusing letter. Roferi First Of Ol.
You seem a little confused about DF2. Is your Chlnon drive a 525“ or a 3.5"? W assume the latter. The DF2 entry In the mountllst Is intended for a 5.25” drive, not a standard 3.5”. If you messed around tTying to MOUNT the new drive or anything like that, and It’s a 3.5*. you would certainly have come across drive incompatibility problems. The A500 manual does say you can add two drives, and you should not encounter problems In doing so. To be fair to Commodore, however, you would be pushing the PSU to Its limits, and this can bring up lots of gurus.
If, os you say, your machine Is now happy wtth the second drive and you’re using the old PSU, you may be tempted to leave well alone, but you should switch to the new PSU. Especially as you also have expanded memory.
And that MOUNT RRD: Is somewhere In the startup-sequence before loadwb, and everything should work OK.
If you got the RRD: program from October's Amiga Computing, there ore extensive Instructions In the disk pages.
Disk saviour If I may reply to the letter from Jim Campey In December's Amiga Computing. I think I can offer him a solution.
He complains of a hard disk That clicks on power-up. This is probably the fault of the switching power supply, which drifts over *me.
To solve the problem, open the power supply of the disk drive then switch on both power supplies so that the drive clicks.
Locate the preset resistor near the output cable of the power supply and turn It clockwise until the drive begins to spin. Use a small Insulated screwdriver to do this, and take care, as there are quite high voltages across some points.
If this doesn't work replace the power supply. Preferably with a heavy duty one. Dfid Of replace the drive with a large SCSI drive.
John O’Leary, Valkenburg ZH, Holland A tidy solution to an annoying glitch, but only for those with a healthy fear of death by electrocution.
If you’ve any doubts about doing such a repair yourself, take the drive to a qualified engineer and pay for a repair, SUBSCRIBE NOW! TO COMPUTING AND CHOOSE FROM CORPORATION With Corporation you play the role of an agent commissioned from the ZODIAC agency to infiltrate the headquarters of a multi-national conglomerate suspected by the Qovernment of producing dangerous life forms for sale to unfriendly foreign arms dealers.
The game offers you a totally authentic three dimensional environment where you can walk, run. Jump and even inch your way along the maze of corridors which make up the building. Use of the lift allows you access to sixteen floors which are loaded with security cameras, infra-red beams, damage repair spiders and a whole host of man nade cyborgs hell bent on your destruction.
SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Please tick the appropriate Box Valid :o March 31. 1991 12 Months Subscription UK (Including monthl) covw disc) New Renewal Subscription + Corporation Subscription + Gasteiner Mouse £29.95 £39.90 3 9590 I I**” [139569 12 Months Subscription - outside UK New Renewal Europe Eire (wim cover disc) Rest o' World - Airmail (with cover disc) £34.95 £49.95 I I**3 ? * 5 I195*5 Name Signed Address Post Code _ Daytime telephone number in case of queries Subscription orders recoved before February 20 will commence with April issue Payment: please indicate method (?)
Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Interactive Publications Ltd E*P*y Access'MastercardEurocarcl'BarclaycardVrsa'Connect Daw Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) Order at any By phone: 051 -357 1275 time of the By fax: 051 -357 2813 || day or night By MicroLink: MAG001 1 Don't forget to give you name. 1 | address and credit card number L General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 Richard & Angela Howe. Applied Research Kernel Conn Farmhouse, Corve Lane. Chale Green. Ventnor. P038 2LA. U.K. Visitors an most wtkoms by appolnlmont Port UK
CO (1st Recorded). SpedH Defcwv £2 99 (ol before 12am). Secuncor £7 82 (cad before 12am).
Registered Air Mall to Europe C&’item. World £12 Htm Please call about carnage an heavy Items VAT: Prices include UX VAT. At 15% except for books Books are nro -ated CHEQUES: London Sterling Payable to AR.K. please, rtgh value oranary cheques may require clearance.
EXPORTA BFPO: Remove U.K. VAT. (-Price 1.15) except on books which aierero rated.
AVAILABILITY: Most items listed are in stock Others can usually be obtained wthin 48 hours.
DESPATCH: Within 24 hours on stock items. 48 hours on non-stock but available Hems PRICES: May occasionally be subject to change.
91 TEL: 0983 79496 S Switchable voice fax line open between 10.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Saturday ACCOUNTS Arm Int Accounts 1M) .119 S3 Cashbook Comtxnallon ..49 91 Cashbook Cootrodtr ..36 80 Easyktriget Integrated I MB 149 96 Horn* Accounts ... ....23.92 Personal Tax Planner 34.96 Personal finance Maraier .....27.83 ServtoeindustryAccouats 1M8 2999?
S8A X!ra 1MB .....7981 8y*lm3________________________ 70 BOOKS 1st Book ol Amiga 1691 2nd Book ot Amiga 1691 68000 Asm Lan Programming 19 91 68000 AssembV Langiage 24 91 Amiga 30 Otx Prog In tasic ...18.45 Amiga Adv Syt Prog Glide 32 95 Amiga Awn Lan Prooronmmg 14 95 Aitega Basic litWH A Cut ......1895 Amga C For Beginners ...18.45 Arvga C For Adv Proge-t 32 96 Amga Desktop Video Gude ..1B.4S AmcaDukQnwslnAOut 27 Anuga For Beginners 12 96 Amiga Graphics In & Oil____3246 Amiga Machne Lanpmge 2191 Amiga Ptogrs rtandbotfc
Vol 1__24 Amiga System ProgeroGuide 32 Amiga Tncks And Tips 14 AmigaDOS Reference Cunte 14 AmigaDOS Inside & Oii 1845 Bementiry Amga Bate .14.95 Kirttaire Reference Mutual ......21 Incs & Docs. ROM Kenei Ml 28 95 I nude Amga Graphics ...16.96 Kkttirt GuWi Tg Amqi,.,,,,,,,.....14 Kids And the Anuga 14 LearrHng C Programmng Gfi.....16 libs I Devs. ROM Ktnei Mi 29 Mapping me Amiga ...22 More Tncks And Tips i645 Programmers Gude Tc Amiga 23 » Programming The 66000 2195 The Amiga Handbook ...24 CABLES P-Plag S«Socket Cross Oror Box.
02SS 3686 D23S-011P NEC Msync 2A 30.....13.80 023S0penEnd Monllor ..10.81 D23S-Scart MonAor CM6S33 1 3 80 D23S2Ph-D92PTi (CM843WI l3» D25P 025P9Wre2M Modem 1081 D25P-C36P 2Metre Printer______6 D25PC36P 3M*tre Prntfr 11 D25PC36P Smttre Printer___14.95 D25P D25P 25Wire 2Metre 1288 D25P 025P 2SWIrt Imetre .21 .85 D25P.'D25S-D25P,'D25S 2M 25W 23 92 DWSP-DW5P MIDI CtM ..... 4.63 Gender Changer. D25P ....7 82 Gender Changer. D25S ..7.82 HUI Modem CaMe ....10 81 Plug 23 Pm D With Hood ..4.83 Plug 25 Pm D Wtth
Hood ...391 RS232 Mae Tester 12 88 RS232 Nut Modem ...._8J7 RS232 Patch Box________1288 Socket 75 Pm 0 WOI Hood ......3 91 Sockrt 23 Pin 0 W*ti Hood 483 Seilch Box C36S 4 Way .39.79 Seitch Box D25S 2 Way 2434 Seitch Bos P25S 4 Wiy 3890 COMMUNICATIONS Ata*3___________ .69.92 K Comm 2---------24.84 Paragon 68S1MB 109.94 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN BoardMasler PCS Design 1M8 7981 Design 3D 1MI ..57 JE Professional Ormr 2 1M8 .....9982 X Cad Designer 1MB .. 7941 X Cad Professional 2M8 33994 X Cao 3D PTOleuorW 3M8 6077
DATABASE MANAGERS 8We Reader ....44 Mlofill --------44.85 Mailsftoe Pius_ 37 Me roller* Her .59.80 Prod ________ 54.97 Supertase Personal 34.96 Supertase Personal 2 ...44.97 Supertuse ProleswonU 184 91 DESKTOP PUBLISHING OpAnPO_________________14 E Ops Stnctured Ckps_____09 Gold Disk Tipe. Decorative 37 69 Gold Disk T pe, Video .3249 Gold Oisk Tipe. Pubktfttr . 32.89 Gold Oisk Tipe: Designer ......32.89 outwu toft 15MB 99.82 PagestCler! IMBt ...49.01 Pageslream2 i 5M8 13478 Pro Clips Stuctured Ad ..24.84 ProlessiondPaoeZ
1.5M6 ..19996 Structured Ckp Art ------- 90 DUST COVERS Amga tCflr 10845.8533 Mons 997 Amiga 500 Computer 7 C Ctuen 1200 Prmair ....0 Custom Co*er Medium Sue 19 78 Epson LXSV86 Printer 449 Pjrattnc KP1124___ 9 69 Star LC2V10 Printer________.9 Star IC10 Printer-----------9 EDUCATION Distant Sees Astronomy .49.91 Fun Schoci3 (various). ...19.78 Mega Matte (GCSE A) ...23.92 Micro Englah (GCSE 0) ..23.92 Micro French (GCSE 0) ...... 2342 Micro MatPs (GCSE 0) -23 My Paint..... ...... 19.79 Primary Mans Course .23
EDITORS CygnusEd Professional 2 ....49 GRAPHICS Animagic Erects i MB ...49 Animation itudro 1M8 79.91 C Light 1MB 79 ConecSetOr 1MB 39 79 Deluxe PrW 2 Posters 1 MB ...3979 Deluxe Part 31MB ....47 Deluxe Phrtoiab 1MB .4447 Deluxe Vidro 31MB ..74 OigiPert) 1MB JtSQ Fantavesioi Arurobon________-34 tarn Paint .14 Pinnate Image SysMm ... 79 Real 30 Ray Tracmg 1MB* .....94 99 Real 30 Professoral 1MB ..279.91 R44 30 Turbo 16602011 MB*.....34963
Scene Generator ..34 Scua Animate 40 11MB* 329 82 Sculpl 40 Jmor 1MB .84 87 Th* Oerector Edilor Segncr---------47B4 HARDWARE A190 20MB Hard Desk Drive 279.91 A59020MBwith 2MB RAM 34983 A2091 40M8A2000HO Him 499 79 Amiga 500 Scroen Gems 512k 369 84 Amiga 1500 1MB 2 Ortves 649 98 Amiga 1500 1MB * S.W 799 94 Amifli 1500 1MB«S W»Mon 1049.95 Amiga 2000 1MB . 40MB HO 1049 95 Amiga 3000 16MHC40MB .1999 85 Amigi 3000 25MH; 100MB 2629 82 Ail'd 40 fa PlMp 9600AT 63986 Cameron Scanner ......149 Cameron Scanner with OCR 199 87 Citron 1200. 9 Pm
... 169 97 C&ron 1240 24 pin ..239 Cman Swill 9 pin ....229.77 Ctten Switt 24 pm 329 Sharp JX100 Colour Scanner 599 84 Star laserprfnter 82 1399 78 0Kk0fm525*Ed8nul .17995 Disk Onve 3.S- External- 64 86 MAC 2 DOS He Transfer .79.81 Naksha Mouse . 34 PqflSMl 12X17 Inch BtxTM ...199 87 Pnmeroept Epson Emulator ...34 96 RAM A2000 0-8MB OK .129 RAM A500 512K Clock Switch......3979 RAM Chip 256K Cmos l AS901 .3 » INTEGRATED PACKAGES AmqaVelon IMS 7981 Appebror (Go« Dish) ...29 Gold DHC OfflCt 1M8 109 94 G
raphes Sutler K4.. 34.97 Home Office Kit1MB ....99 Power Works 1MB - 49.93 Publishers Choce 1MB .. .77 SurterKitIMB .59 The Works PUHnum 1 MB 79 81 PROGRAMMING Amos Basic Interpreler 36 Benchmark Modub 2 1 36 85 De.we ? Asamblef .62.71 GFA Base Compiler .....24 84 GFA Base Werpreser* 3979 Hisofl Basic Compiler ..58 81 UttceC 51 Compiler ...1M80 Pascal Compiler (PD Disk) ....299 Resource im Disassembler..... 84 RIBBONS & TONER CBM MPS 1230 (6) 23 C8M MPS 1500 (61 28 98 CBM MPS
1500 Colour (3) 35 Oban 1200 (MPS1200I (6) 1932 Ohffld Swltt 24 (6) 3174 Epson LX (6)________16 Epson RxifXrMX 80 (6) 17.94 HP lanrJet 2 Toner Cart- ......79.81 PjMSOrK '' 74 (6) 32 Slar LC10 (8). 23 SurLCIO Colour (4) ....28 Slar IC200 (6)...... 35 Star LC24 10 (6) ...2484 Star LC24 M0 (3) ......2S22 SOUND A MAS Sureo Sampler 74 98 DtluiuMuiicCompour 5790 MaslerSotmd Mono Sampdsr 34 96 MKX Plug imerface 19 78 Music X 1 1 Sequencer 109 94 Mvut X Amror Sequencer ....64 Quartet Composer ...44 Sound Trip 3 Mono
Sampler .2990 Sonu 2 Composer ...4991 Tiger Cub Composer 1 MB ......59 80 SPREADSHEETS Advantage 65000x65000 1 MB 74 98 DGCak 512x52 ... 29 SufMfpUn 2048x10241MB 5497 UTILITIES Amnrt For BegUnere---------29.90 Areo Macro inlerpreler -----3289 Award Maker Plus___________ 34 BAD Disk Opbtmser 89 .34 96 Byte & Bjc» HO Bach* C OSt DOS Flit Transfer ...1978 28 98 34 96 .39 79 Doctor Ami Ottt Analysis DOS 2 00S Me Transfer 39 79 29 90 1472 GB Vtfick Reel* Punnnr ...37 96 24 84 Quarterback HD Dak Tools Virus Infection Protecbcn WejfterWMrf* 59 3496
2484 X Copy Professional ----- Your Famiy Tree 2 1MB__ 87 84 VIDEO Jroadcasl Teer 1MB Credf Text Scroller i M6 Diji View Gold 4 1MB HrkM Cimero * '6mm Lent 179 .29 90 10994 .199.87 99 82 Pro VkJtb Poll 3MB _____ Via ArmgvChrnme van rnter AnlmMoi 1MB..... 199 87 94 99 ...8487 W0R0PR0CESS0RS EictHtnce 2 1MB__ KmtTypt wCh SpefCh IMS 99 2484 ...34 19 78 Pen Pal 1MB
899) 6992 99 82 .. 41 66 ...34 96 .16997 February catalogue and
second hand list now avallsble.
Please send a stamped addressed AS sizt envelope.
0530 411485 READ THIS FREE REGISTRATION WITH THE ASHCOM USER CLUB Fill in the coupon below to register with the Ashcom User Club and receive exclusive information on new Ashcom products. With each free mailshot you will receive a massive 10% discount voucher.
10% discount off any order received with registration. No more endless sifting through adverts for a good deal.
R----------1 Name 0530 411485 YOU NEED 512K NOW HOW MUCH WILL YOU NEED TOMORROW?
1. 3 KICKSTART ROM £28.00 FEATURES: ? Rea! Time clock calendar
with high capacity Nicad battery backup ? Memory disable
switch ? Low power consumption ? Buffered Data Bus (Essential
for high capacity Ram boards) ? Plugs in as A501 NO
? 12 Months warranty ? Configures to 1 Mb chip ram when FATTER AGNUS is enabled ? Works with 1.2 and 1.3 kick start All prices include VAT and delivery.
ONLY £59.95 for 512K version.
Expander Board £15.95. Expanded to 1Mb £99.95 Expanded to 1.5Mb £128.95 Fully expanded to 1.8Mb only £154.95 ASHCOM 512K RAM EXPANSION WITH REAL TIME CLOCK CALENDAR AND DISABLE SWITCH ONLY £39.50 WITHOUT CLOCK £34.50 Gives 1Mb chip RAM with Fatter Agnus Rams only £30 per 512K NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Address BOOT SELECTOR WITH ANTI CLICK ONLY £19.95 Selects DFO or DFI as boot drive and eliminates that annoying click when drive is empty.
Easy to fit - just plug in!!
I I Postcode Jo ooligation to order when registering Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU| Telephone: (0530) 411485 Fax: (0530) 414433
• AT 9.30-4.00 iga 11 I
DTV ....111
Another thrilling visual instalment in the exciting life of a
our very own doyen of the video digitisers, Jason 'Polanski'
Holborn. Take it away Jas.
MACHINE CODE 113 More machine-code mayhem with the assembly kid himself, Joylon Ralph. This month, the latest in programming software. A song, a quip and a cheery mnemonic... CODE CLINIC ... 115 ¦ If you've ever looked on longingly, while some C whizz turned out cutting little SCANFs, this is the column for you. Margaret Stanger, recently’returned from a world lecture tour, shows how it's done.

MUSIC ...•.....? .117‘
* * Silver silicon songster Jason Holborn discusses what’s new
and best from the world of Amiga Music! Presenting a tuneful
whole that is hard to resist. • ?
COMMUNICATIONS 119 Coming at you through the ether is the comms host with the most Eddie McKendrick. This month, especially for neweomqjs, Ed Spills the beans about getting on-line. * •-» ] DTP * .121
* Tftrow away your scalpel, spray mount and set square', Nicci
Veektch wierds tfce electronic pages using nothing more than a
,stSjjd rd Amiga and some funky software !: rajS.;...
* 123
* • ' 4 Continuing our exploration into the extremely popular
games programming language. Screen clones, dual playfields
and tubular wraparounds, it's all here...
• ¦ • Amiga Computing 109
• • Ear shattering offers for Amiga Computing readers Make the
most of your Amiga’s superb sound capabilities by connecting
Soundblaster's high quality stereo amplifier and speakers.
Using the latest microchip technology, the specially designed amplifier can deliver an ear-shattering live watts of music power, with twin controls provide complete control over voljme and balance.
Boost your computer's sound with an AMIGA*SOUNDBL 1 he fifty watt speakers consist of a woofer, a unci range and a tweeter for the highest possible sound quality f humping bass, crisp trebles: You'll hear them all with incredibe clarity.
I he Amiga Soundblaster comes complete with mains adaptor and lull instructions. No alterations to youi computer are required |u*.l plug in and switch on to re discover sound on your Amiga.
QUARTE ' mg i’-'M,’-'' .= r«ir in*rr* - m hi &
- TE Make beautiful music on your Amiga Quartet is a stunning
sequencing package that will allow you to compose anything from
a jingle to a symphony.
Making full use of the Amiga’s unique four channel stereo sound system, Quartet is equally at home playing Depeche Mode or Debussy. Quartet comes complete with complete instructions, a disk of full of sound samples and full source code to allow you to intergrate your tunes into your own programs.
What’s more, Quartet is MIDI compatible, so you can connect a suitable keyboard or synthesiser to enter notes directly.
It’s the ideal sequencer package to complement the excellent Master Sound sampler
- Amiga Computing, August 1990 Quartet comes with full
instructions and two disks tor £39.95 Master Sound Capture any
sound you hear and replay it in seconds It’s so easy to jse:
Simply connect the sampler to you' Amiga, load the software and
immediately you have the ability to capture sounds with amazing
accuracy. F Connect your compact disc player or personal stereo
and digitise sounds to incorporate into your own games and
The supplied software provides complete control over the sampled sounds: Cut and paste them, flip and fade them and you’re still only using a tiny fraction of the sound processing tools available.
Best of all, the comprehensive instructions will soon have you creating your own public domain demo disks complete with IFF picture files.
The perfect sound sampling package for beginners and experts alike.
Master Sound is a complete hardware and software sampling system for only £34.95 “Is it real or is it Master Sound?”
- Amiga Computing, May 1990 See order form on page 129 Desktop
video Is a diverse application, but by far the most common area
Is video titling. As a result, the Amlgc is far from starved of
quality video titling software.
What many seem to Ignore when Peking a suitable package Is the quality of the fonts supplied - after all. If you're working in high resolution you'll want fonts that are both clear and of a fairly large point size.
Jason Holborn takes a look at what's new in the world of desktop video. For DTV hints, tips, news and reviews, this is the column ; Edi W ork F i xe cl S*» at T51 Proportional | ¦¦¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ KM.T 3 Tal 1 Dot |Micle Dotj Hei t 6 5 I Low 32!
Pont W i d t 53 53) H i ' _ ' 95; |Nunber of Col ors 16j U of C)iai»s 64 [N ar*e G 1 o w _1 Most packages Include at least a couple of fonts, but these are rarely of much use. Even If your titling package does boast a goodl selection of decent fonts.
It's a sure bet that you'll get bored with them in a matter of weeks.
I ini Menory Auai 1 ab1 e 2041728 Nork Glow(65) Soiu'ce No Active SoiLi'ce Font Pat tei'n No Active Style No Active Pat t ei' n Style Calligrapher - an absolute must for video ftfllng fanatics The answer, of course, lies in third party fonts. Most tttling packages use standard Amiga bitmap fonts so it's a fairly simple process to install additional ones.
PD libraries are a good source of free fcitmap fonts, but they tend to be rather limited in size - I've yet to see 0»e larger than 36 point.
You can of course buy fonts, but at about £40 a throw they aren't exactly the cheapest option available. If you insist on this course then Gold Disk's new Type packs are a good bet.
These are actually Agfa Com- pugraphic outline fonts for use with Gold Disk's own DTP software, but they thoughtfully also supply a handy little utility that aBows you to convert the outline fonts to the stancard Amiga bitmop style.
The fonts themselves are structured so that the bitmap results are of the highest quality. Another advontage of the Type series Is that you can produce fonts at just about any point size - Just tell Type" which size you require and it does the rest.
If you feel a bit arty you could well design your own fonts. For mono ones this is something you can do straight away.
In the Tools drawer of your Extras disk you'll find a powerful little program called Fed which will allow you -o produce bitmap fonts with ease.
Once again though. Fed limits the size you can produce - 32 point is about os high as It will go.
A much better bet is o very clever program called Calligrapher which should be available from just about any decent Amiga software stockist.
Calligrapher has been around for years now but very few people seem to know of Its existence, which is a great shame considering what It has to offer.
The progrcm Is a very powerful font ecftor that will happily handle both mono and colour. You can edit existing fonts or design your own from scratch. , Even If you don't like Calligrapher's character editor, you can still design your fonts within a package such as Dpaint and then pull them Into Calligrapher.
The program then converts them to font files, making them accessible to other packages. I've built up a fairly large selection of colour fonts using this technique.
Also starting to appear are a number of animated colour fonts that use Dpaint 3's unique AnimBrush foclllty. Zuma currently sell about thiee different packs of animfonts all of which should be available m tne UK by the time you read this article.
Desktop video Is still in its infancy, so you can expect to see some pretty astourding developments In the future. In the case of video titling. I anticipate more packages that use CompugrapMcs fonts such as those produced by Gold Disk.
These are undoubtedly the wav video titling must go, as they can be set to just about any point size without quality suffer ng. Mark my words someone is probably working on it right now!
Gold Disk goodies This month I've some good news and I've got some bod news. First the bad. Gold Disk's whizzo desktop video system ShowMaker still Isn't here.
And the good news? Old GD have launched MediaMaker, a cut down version of ShowMaker aimed at the average home user with nothing more than an A600. A genlock and a few good Ideas.
At the time of writing the old fax still hadn t turned up. So I can't tell you a great deal about this package other than the few details revealed to me over the phone by those nice people In the US of A. From what I have been told.
MediaMaker is almost Identical to ShowMaker opart from the loss of a few features that were aimed at the professional DTV user.
This usually mean* that most ot us would never have found a use for them anyway. As a result, such things as SMPTE and MTC are definitely out, but all the rest is amost certainly In.
For those still unaware of the power of this marvellous system.
MediaMaker Is a comprehensive multimedia authoring system that allows you to pull together video, graphics and sound within a single pockoge.
Most packages are constrained by the AMIGA's 9Mb memory limit, but MedaMaker alows you tc construct presentations limited only by the amount of storage your system has to offer.
Using Intelligent autoloading techniques, MediaMaker ca*cJates precisely when to load animations and graphics, thereby avoidlrg the bottleneck associated with conventional presentation packages.
The different elements ol your presentation can be synced together using MedlaMaker's graph- Ics-based sequencing system.
Simply by dragging out a segment within the onscreen dispiqy you can set up both duration and cue time for any element of your presentation.
If this Isn't enough to whet your appetite, expect a full review very soon. In the meantime Gold Disk goodies can be bought from Silica Systems on 081 309 1111.
Superbly reviewed educational adventure Develops reading and imagnation MAGIC MATHS (4-8) IBM, PCW, ST, AMIGA.
Highly rated primary maths programs. Selection of games.
Ada and Subtract MATHS MANIA (8 -12) IBM. PCW, ST. AMIGA. The best primary programs I have yet seen Muibpty. Divide. Maths Skills.
BBC. CBM (D). Highly acclaimed tutor. Received excellent reviews.
BETTER MATHS (12-16 GCSE) IBM, PCW, ST, AMIGA, CPC, CBM (D). Very comprehensive mathstor this age group Excellent JUNIOR TYPIST (4-10) IBM, ST, AMIGA. Keytoard trainer which helps spelling.
2. Fax your order.
3, Ring credit card number 4 Ring for advice
5. Ask your dealer lo order.
Prices IBM 5*A Or 3' . ST & STE. AMIGA £2295 CPC. PCW. CBM (disks)_£16.96 FREE CATALOGUE ORDER DIRECT TO: School Software Ltd., Tail Business Centre, Dominic Street, Limerick. Ireland.
Tel: (UX) 010 353-61 -45399.
Fax Order*: 010 353-61-44315.
Credit Card Hotline (U.K.): 010 353-61-45399.
Others Tel: 010 353-61 -45399.
33 Chapel Green Road Hindley Wigan WN2 3LL INTERNATIONAL
P. C.S. NTERNATI0NAL APDl: Games Music Creator (IT) APD2:
Treasure Search (AMOS) APD3s APD 5 Foots Disc *1 - *3 'AFT)
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Samples *1 (MA) APD* AMOS Big Demo V4 (DEM) APD10-13: Samples
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Designer (IT) APD32: AMOS Programs (AMOS) APD33: Fink Goes Ape
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9. 00pm-10.30pm TEL +44 942 521577 Fax: 0942 521577 APD66-75:
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Programs (AMOS) APD78: IFF Pictures »4 (AFT) , APD79-80:
Instruments (ST-03- ST-04) (MG) APD81: Jukebox Demo - Needs
APD82 (DEM) APD82; Jukebox Demo - Needs APD6HDD0 APD83: AMOS
Paint (UT) APD84: Luke Miller's Musk *3 (MA) APD85: Reversi &
Snakes and Ladders (AMOS' APD86-95: Instruments (ST-05 -
ST-014) (MG) APD96: Pair-ll (AMOS) APD97: Dynamite Dick *
Other Programs (AMOS) IJCENSFWARL SHAREWARE This collection
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inundated with programs of the same quality* Pdl: Colouring
Book PD2: Arc Angel's Maths PD3: Kremlin Kxfc Mega Demo 1-2
Discs PtH; Thtnganuiig PD5: lungle Bungle PD6: Pukadu PD7:4
Way Lynx PAYMENTS APD discs cost 42.00 UK. 42.50 Europe and 43
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99p each 100 Cap - £6.99 each MOUSE PAD - £1.99 Jk Credit
Cards Accepted • Send £2.80 for P&P UK Sales. Disk Prices
include VAT + Labels US COMPUTER SUPPLIES 130G Cargo
Building 521 London Heathrow, Middlesex TW6 3LL Phone:
081-759 8829 Fax: 081-897 0407 This month, Jolyon presents
a collection of machine codeorientated software
goodies... unless you have a machine with a faster
processor fitted. But If you do and you want to write
something using these new instructions, this Is your
It isn’t what I'd call fast. Faster than the Metacomco Assembler perhaps, but that's about It.
Converting op-codes into hex in you head is almost faster than the original Metocomco assembler, so It's not much to be proud of.
Argasm leaves It standing and even Devpac easily beats it for speed.
ADAPT isn't totally compatible with other assemblers for example the standard OPT c- command to tun case sensitivity off is replaced wtth CASEOFF. The more interesting parts of the package are the two utilities HPROF and PM A. HPROF is
• nlp l SBV hIt j frlJHllM UtfJl Ntf full M j fr§ M, Z s
• t Altai*.
I* I 4 m I j . • profiler, which «s a work out pw much ime g'om yc . Are testing s its relevant sub-routines. It whch stops
• Ing. Works out countei is In and returns CIA timer | code exr
the progrj to your c] code.
When Ing, you'r labels def many tlr code finishes a table of all m the code profiler given start lea data.a4 moveq 0.d0 moveq l,dl main f move.b $ dff006.d2 .loop cmp.b $ dff006.d2 beq.s .loop move.w Isl.b 4,d2 d0.d2 eor.b d0.d2 move.w d2.$ dffl02 add.b dt.dO cmp.b 0.d0 bne.s .ski moveq lxil .ski cmp.b 15,d0 bne.s sk2 moveq -l.dl .sk btst 6,$ bfe001 bne.s rtsdata main
dc. l $ 47657420 $ 4a757374.$ 20416d69 del
$ 6761204d.$ 6f6e7468,$ 6c792100 Here’s same mere optimisations
for you:
1. MOVE! $ 80000,d0 can be replaced by MOVE© $ 8,d0 SWAP dO
2. MOVE! $ 1800.d0 can be replaced by: MOVEQ $ 18.dOROLL 8.d0
3. MOVE! OO.al ADD.L 20.al can be reploced by LEA 20(00) .a 1
And finally, I'll end with a little routine. I won’t tell you
what it does, lust type it in and try it out - don’t woay, it
Isn’t dangerous!
I thought I would look at some new software that's come my way over the last month.
Firstly, a new assembler called ADAPT. Written by Lake Forest Logic Inc. from the USA. It costs around £50 to £60 and claims to be the first profeisional-quallty 68Q x 0 macro asserrbler pockage for the Amiga series of computers.
Since Devpac Professional has yet to make a public appearance.
I would have to agree with its claim What makes this assembler unique. Is that it has direct support for all the weird 68020 68030 Instructions I mentioned last month, as well as supporting the 68881 68882 maths co-processors and the 68851 Memory Management unit.
Obviously these aren't much use tion. For mil you need to assemi with the debug option on.
The actual number of times trie- routine was caled would be much higher, but the numbers HPROF gives should be In the right ratios so you can work out which tdntif of your code are called the most.
Very useful If you need to optimise your code but don'* know where to start PMA is a file disassembler that takes an executable or object file and disassembles hunks Into 680 x 0 code. It has a nice option which will add a commen* to each line giving the 68000 Instruction execution time in dock cycles.
I wouldn’t' recommend the ADAPT package for a first assem bier, go for HiSoft Devpac Instead.
But if you’re a keen 68000 programmer then it's wcrth a look.
Commodore has released some nice new debugging utilities which at the moment are only available to registered developers, but they have apparently Just been released as freely distributable in the program counter at that locathe the States, so expect them here soon.
The best of these Is called Enforcer. Unfortunately you need a Memory Management Unit (the 68851 chip found on better o8020 boards, or found internally In the 68030 chip) for It to work.
What It does Is monitor the Amiga's processor for any access to memory areas that do not exist, or any read or write access to low memory (where the processor vectors are stored), except for reads from location $ 00000004.
The ROM 1$ exempt from this, so all changes to low memory such as setting up an Interrupt, must be done through the operating system. If the MMU detects an legal memory access. It prevents and writes out a report on the ’hit' to the serial port at 9600 baud. To read this you will need a serial terminal or another computer running a terminal emulator attached to the serial port.
If you have a modem, you can use it to echo the characters bock to your Amiga, and you ccn run JR-Comm or NCOMM In the background. It's quite surprising how much software - which seems to be bug-free - comes up wtth these hits, even Commodore Isn't blameless, some of the older releases of its Workbench programs fall over.
The goad thing about this program Is It will detect bugs in the program, which won't Immediately jump out at you. Talk to Commodore on (0628) 770088 about registering as a Developer.
- AMIGA COMPUTING SPECIAL OFFER Thanks to a breakthrough by Rombo
Productions in frame-grabbing technology, you can now produce
good colour images quickly and cheaply with Vidi-Amiga and the
VidiChrome colour software.
» Take snapshots in 16 shades live from video
• Multiple frame store
• Dynamic cut and paste Full palette control Hardware and
software control of brightness and contrast Compatible with all
video standards ‘Also available - Vidi-RGB Colour Splitter. The
splittar is an electronic filter which takes a colour video
signal and separates it into the three primary colours,
allowing each to be digitised. Replaces the need for a
conventional filter set and ideal for use with Vidi Amiga and
VidiChrome Amiga".
"Vidi must be one of the most exciting peripherals you can buy for your Amiga"- Amiga Computing, March 1990 Vidi-Amiga VidiChrome ST RRP £134.95* OUR PRICE £119.95
* Includes colour upgrade worth £19.95 £54.95 SAVE £15 See order
form on page 129 r WHY LET YOUR FINANCES BE A WORRY?
Personal Finance Manager RRP PRICE £29.95 INC. VAT OUR PRICE £24.95 AMIGA COMPUTING to FOR THE AMIGA Personal Finance Manager provides an easy way of looking after your bank account, building society account, credit cards and so on. It’s WORKBENCH interface allows transactions to be entered or altered as easily as filling out a form Full mouse control of PFM's window environment means a really user friendly program.
PFM for the Amiga appears and runs exactly the same as our top selling PFM program for the Atari ST. Automatic Standing Orders means that regular payments are never forgotten, whilst the graphic display will help you manage your account more effectively, Personal Finance Manager will even attempt to match your statements by automatically identifying transactions that haven’t yet been cleared.
• The number of entries is limited only by the size of the memory
• Full Workbench interlace
• Account entries are automatically placed in date order
• Selectable date formats + Automatic standing orders
• Auto balancing against statement
• Graphic analysis including: Balance plot Budget comparison.
Spend pie charts
• Windows are moveable and re-sizeable
• Graphics are self-scaling to fit windows
• All windows can be displayed at the same time
• Account print option
• Full Multi tasking - allows multiple account access MUhlrori
See order form on Page 129 For a long time I was led to believe
that real programmers never use theilntul- tion library.
Instead they Ignore the system completely, set up their own
copper lists and access an the chips directty.
The resulting reduction In overheads saved enough T-states to give tneir sprites a lot more wellie.
This was particularly true when the only Input was from the joystick - scanning for keys, menus, gadgets, mice and others would be gratuitous.
Margaret Stanger continues her dive into C with a look at the Intuition controversy However, authors of utilities find that a screen can be a convenient way of handling the display.
Struct Screen ( struct Screen ‘HextScreen; struct Hindow *FirstWindow; SHORT Left Edge, TopEdge; SHORT Width, Height; SHORT NouseY, NouseX; LSHORT Flags;
* LBTTE ‘Title; LBYTE ‘DefiultTitle; BYTE BarHeight, BarVBorder,
8«rHBorder, NenuVBorder, HenyHBorder; EYTE WborTop, Hborleft,
Wbortight, HborBottoi; struct TextAttr ‘Font; struct ViewPort
ViewPort; struct RastPort RastPort; struct BltHap BitNap;
struct layerjnfo Layerlnfo; struct gadget ‘HrstGadget; LBYTE
OetailPen, BlockPen; LSHORT SaveColorO; Struct layer *B?rl*yer;
LBYTE *ExtData; LBYTE *LlserOata; • general-purpose pointer to
User data extension • Windows can handle most of the input,
thus saving the programmer a lot of grief. Intuition is
compatible with graphics primitives, even the more esoteric
multiple viewports and dual playfields. And does not interfere
with the sound.
Intuition screens struct NewScreen * I SHORT leftEdge, TopEdge, Hidth, Height, Depth; * screen dimensions * UBYTE letailPen, BlockPen; * for bar border gadget rendering • * the Modes for the ViewPort (and View) * * the Screen type ? • this Screen's default text attributes * * the default title for this Screen * * your own 6adgets for this Screen * USHORT ViewRodes; USHOIT Type; struct TextAttr ‘Font; UBYTE *DefaultTitle; struct Gadget ‘Gadgets; struct BitHap ‘CustoaBitRap; * pointer to your own Bitaap(ifany)* With applications that scan for several types of Input and sprites
that do not need a lot of speed. It Is all right for an auhor to admit to using the Intuition Uorary and come out of the closet.
Intuition keeps frock of the properties of a screen by creating a • linked list of screens * I* linked list Screen's Windows * • parneters of the screen * • parneters of the screen • * position relative to upper-left *1 * see definitions below *1 * null-teriinated Title test ‘ * for Windows without ScreenTitle • • this screen's default font * describing the Screen's display I* describing Screen rendering * extra copy of RastPort 8itHap I* each screen gets a Layerlnfo I* pointer to your ovn first gadget* I* for bar border gadget rendering • * used after a DisplayBeep* I*
fgr the feny bar* I• extension • screen s jcture for It and it away in The In bn- a struc*ur f ar© alwa s In a the dard or of the L screen
- see Figui To sav file availal intuition the num fEdge from the
Us hossie there Is a 0 « with details of all together ol value of any jsea vs file, Intufticn intultl can be ncluded In the C sol coae by 4 statement at the nmg o' rne-code.
There is a small file coipdl exec types.h that Is included to interpret the structures in the othe' .nciude fi es. It tells us that a ncreases the offset by one word by two bytes and so Some o' these Include flies otheMnciude flies and there many cross references.
Aincluce «xec typ«s.i Aincluc intuition htuition.h Figure II compressed version of these Include files when compiling The annotated version for reference was found hidden away on disk 3 in the Compiler.Headers lntuition directory in the screens.h and Intuition, h files The easiest way to open a screen is to use the Intuition library routine OpenScreen with a pointer to a NewScreen structure (see Figure II). Which contains some of the values and pointers foi the screen.
The rest can always be changed later once we have the screen address. I always feel as if I have to fill in an application form before I am allowed to have a screen when I use this OpenScreen command.
• NEXT MONTH: How to handle intuition messages without getting
neurotic, and how to display system error messages with
Version 5 of my compiler Figure I Windows There is a similar arrangement of filling In a new window structure for each window In the screen. I used the some appfcation form for each of my three windows and changed the details slightty afterwards once l had the address of the window structure.
The program opens a custom screen and the first window. The window flags are set for most of the system gadgets and Intuition takes care of their activities.
R custoiscreen: (struct Screen *) OpenScreendTheReuScreei); | if (custoascreen ” 0) cleanup(*no screen"); *opet the screen* TheNewHindow.Screen = custoascreen; ‘attach window to screen* ‘open this window* r if ((thiswindow * (struct Hindow *)OpenVindow(tTheHewViidow)) *« MULL) cleanupf"cannot open this window"); The IDCMP CLOSEWINDOW flog is deactivated on the second imaginatively named window, the title Is changed and the window is slowty moved dawn.
TheMewHindow.BlockPen * 3; *open that window* if (thatwindow = (struct Hindow *)0penHindow(8TheNewHindow)) »* NULL) cleanupl"cannot open that window”); SetHindowTitles(thatwindow,thatwindowtitie,screentitie); RodifyIDCMP(thatwindow,0 ; ‘alter that window* for (i=0;i 50;1**) HoveHindow(thatwindow,0,1); *aove that window* The third window fc opened, modified and moved in a similar way.
These windows can all be dragged, sized and mode active. The program only exits when Ihe first window Is closed wtth its close gadget.
Hait(1«thiswindow- Us»rPort- ap_SigBit); ‘wait for aouseclick on* MMawindov close gadget* cleanupCok"); The program uses a few of the routines from th8 intuition library, bul there are many more available. I have Included a list of all the 1.1 library intuition routines that were documented. For each one listed on the coverdisk the input. Input registers, output (where applicable) and a short description of the effect of the routine are provided COMPLEX COMPUTERS PRESENT NEED OUTPUT?
• 1 Features Include
• Motorways A motorway junction numbers
* A roads A A road numbers
• All major lowru A cities
• Print map function T 54.
* Print route function ' Jj
• Breakdown A total petrol costing
• V?
• Breakdown A total L mileage
* Breakdown A total distance
• Even times ferry crossings
• Super fast calculations (Lands End to John O'Groats in 4
seconds I i
* Fastest route
• Shortest route
• Full on-screen display
• Zoom in or out Features Include
• Motorways & motorway junction numbers
• A roads & A road numbers
• All major towns Sc cities
• Print map function
• Print route function
• Breakdown A total petrol costing
• Breakdown A total mileage
• Breakdown A total distance
• Even times ferry crossings
• Super fast calculations I Lands End to Join O'Groats in 4
• Fastest njuu
• Shortest nuffp
• Full on-screen display
• Zoom in or out %¦' ----
Amiga Only Bureau 300dpi Laser Printers Linotronic Output (Rim or Paper 2500 or 1800dpi) | Hi Res Lo Res Scanning (Colour Black & White) Desktop Publishing DTP Helpline Pantone Colour System Design Studio Four Colour Printing (Lithographic) Established in 1988. The DTP BUREAU is dedicated to serving the AMIGA Graphics & DTP program user.
We can handb any Amiga formats EPS. Postscript. IFF. HAM. ARZO.
AHAM. Ppagc. Pagestream. Etc. Just send us your disks, rough copy, photographs. Etc. and any instructions and leave the rest to us.
Callers welcome.
24 Hour Service most jobs.
Phone: (0602) 420528 for more details (Thu ad was cr.*atcd solcl on an Amiga.!
GBRoute Ptq nr Route Planner for poq nr GBRoute is simple to use and runs on any standard Amiga.
GBRoute is suitable for both professional and non-professional road users alike._ DAU* *** DTP the Available from your local Amiga dealer or directly from Complex Computers CREDIT CARD ORDERLINE: 0706 224531 221 Bacup Road. Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancs BB4 7PA.
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Make cheques payable to : COMPLEX COMPUTERS BUREAU 843, Western Boulevard. Basfonl.
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Haywards Heath ‘ West Sussex RH16 3AS All ABBCO products carry a full replacement no quvble guarantee £ L. nos If you thought 8-bit samplers were the bizz, then Jason Holborn has a few surprises for you (« » S£Ek ZERO SEEK LOOP LOOT’ ON l UP» Ron on SHOU RflNGl SH0M RLL Checkmjte told Amiga C the sarrpfer will come puting t!
In the for both th Accordln the card the softw The ba jump on Pipe mania from the Bakery We all know what a great machine the Amiga Is for sampling sounds - Just listen to any one of the many PD n isic demos available. However, for studio use the 8- blt Amiga samplers currently avoioble leave a lot to be desired If you're serious about your muse making there really Is only one choice - the 16-bit sampler.
The Atari ST has been blessed with 16-bit somplers for a fair while now, but none have made the trip across to the Amiga. Ail that could soon change‘with the news that several companies In both the USA and Europe are working on products to bridge the gap in the market.
Already Beta Unlimited in the States have been marketing a product called AudioLink. Which is claimed to be a 16-bit linear stereo audo processor with sound sampling capabifities. Beta prefer to keeD strangely quiet about their device, despite the fact that it is undoubtedly an Amiga first.
Hot on their heels are a company thgt certainly know a thing or two about samplers - SunRize Industries. They have been producing their Perfect Sound range of 8- bit Amiga samplers for years now.
So It was only a matter of time before they took the next step up - 12 end 16-blt.
Rjmour has it that SunRize are hard at work on both a 12-blt and If you're looking for a MIDI sequencer that Is a little different, then Blue Ribbon Bakery’s Ears&Plpes may well be what you've been looking for. The good news Is that Blue Ribbon have launched a professional version of their sequencer system. Which is sure to earn It many new friends.
Bars&Pipes Professional boasts many powerful features Including an unlimited number of tracks, full graphical sequence editing, comprehensive SMPTE time code support, automated a 16-blt sampler card for the Amiga 2000 upwards (1500 included). Their Audio for Video Post Production System - catchy name, ehl - consists of both hardware and softwae that should provide Amiga user; with the same kind of sampling power offering by DigiDesign's Sound Tools system for the Mac and ST. No solid specifications were available al time of going to press, but SunRize assure us that thel6-btt will offer
'CD quaity' sound.
Closer to home. Checkmate Digital, the company that brought you the A1500 case conversion kit for the A500, have confirmed rumours that they are working on a 16-blt sampler for the Amiga.
The exact specification is yet to be finalised. But Steve Jones of mixing (KCS 3.0 style), even list editing and. Most importantly, full score editing facilities. This module allows you to display, edit and print your music In conventional score format, therefore do wing you to share your masterpieces with other non-MIDI musicians.
For synth owners, there's also a built-in SysEx (system exclusive) filer module, allowing you to dump the »ounds from all your synths and store them on Amiga floppy disk. For more, give HB Marketing a caB on 0753 686000.
Now officially known as AudloMastor III ttUWNLl DISPLRY RRNGl LOOP of a pbg in card 2000 and Al!
To Steve up and running, is yet to be written, news is that before phone VISA hand and demand a sampler for your Amiga. Steve was make it clear tha* It Is still much in *he pipeline' and wtt tainly not be with us for some yet.
As soon as he tells us more, we ll pass it on to you through these pages.
On the software scene, pro grams supporting 16-blt sample editing are already generally available.
Dissidents Software In the USA market a program called Sample Wrench, which offers editing of 12 and 16-blt samples from a range of studio samplers including the Akol SI 100 and the Ensoriq EPS16.
If 16-blt sampler cards become commonly available. Dissidents wH almost certainly Include support within their product to cater for the new market.
AudioMaster III at last On the subject of sourd sampling.
It seems that RAMScan. The people behind the very sexy but very expensive Audio Erglneer sampler have signed a deal with Oxxl Aegis to distribute the Audio Engineer Perfect sampling SunRize's 16-bit sompler card may sound like the one you've been dreaming of. But -heir new Perfect Sound 3.0 Is still worth checking out. For £59.95 you get one of the most advanced Amiga samplers available.
The hardware offers samollng rates up to 32KHz In mono and 12KHz In stereo. There's also a built-in mic Jack wtth pre-amp for microphone sampling.
An advanced A D circuit provides sample and hold' sampling with a hardware-based clock which helps to keep everything running at a precise speed.
Sound levels are adjusted through the software which, with an onboard voitage regulator ensures low noise operation and production of the cleanest samples possible.
SunRize have also cleaned up their sampling software. As wel as all the usual editing tools.
Perfect Sound 3.0's new editor boasts a far more attractive looking Interface.
Many of the editing operations are now available from onscreen icons, thereby making operation much smoother.
Perfect Sound 3.0 Is distributed by HB Marketing.
Sample editing softw ore as a stand atone package.
Everyone knew that the Audio Engineer software was in fact AudioMaster III, but RAMSccn have made it all official by granting Oxxl Aegis the rights to dtetribute it under the AudioMaster III name The pack Is available now from HB Marketing who will sell It to you for the very reasonable price of £69.95. Features-wise it is virtually identical. SO I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say AudioMaster III Is one hel of a packoge - read the review in the December 1990 Issue of Amiga Computing. HB are on 0753 686000 IULK BUYERS' 3 V. DS DD 121 100 yi« DS DD______£33 150 3' . DS DD. £47
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III: 0273 506269 or (1831 279084 THE NEW - 'BEGINNER S GUIDE
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beginner to an ©pert an AmigaDOS The very popular package has
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and marycrtier exciting and interesting programs The is a
clear and well thought out guicte to AmigaDOS It takes you by
smple steps, with many examples through the powerful AmigaDOS
commands The emphase is on learning through experience end
doing - not just reading like most other books In r» time at
all you will master a fast, powerful tnd customised operating
system you can eas»fy include your awn pctixes, messages arxj
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Seme of the most impressive ehects yet seen on an Amiga Kxj wtl hnd that graphics and pictuts float before your eyes n front of your screen The depth of the pictires extends up to ten feet into the screen! These fantastic effects hive to be seen to be believed Included on the disc are generous numbers of 30 c*tires, 3D grades, 30 games and a 3D art program We even provide a tu end to hdp you design you cv»n 3D ehects on a part package or write your own 30 progams included m the excellent package are two pars of 30 specs Normal price £13 95 This month only £11.95. WIZARD S GUIDE TO BASIC This
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Delving the depths of comms Eddie McKendrick begins a detailed guide for the uninitiated Communications can be a daunting area to dabble In. What should be a fun hobb can sometimes seem more like a black art. Approoched without any knowledge It can be time consuming, frustrating and fruitless.
With a little planning though, getting online can be a relatively painless and enjoyable experience Over the next few months we wiH be providing a detailed step by step seginners guide designed to expicin the various Ins and outs of comms in plain English. This month we start with a shamelessly simplistic guide to the basics.
So In the true spirit of first things first let's examine the nuts and bolts. To get orvine you need four key components, an Amiga, some comms software, a modem and a telephone line.
Th9 Amiga and software are not really a problem. You probably alrecdy have an Amiga and there are numerous excellent shareware comms packoges available.
Two good sources are the Amiga Computing coverdisk from July 1990 which features Ncomm, and 17 Bit Software's PD Disk number 444 which Includes masses of different packages Including the excellent JRComm and Supertex.
Connections So that leaves the phone line and mocem to worry about. Before you can get online your computer needs a physical connection to the phone network. This Is achieved via a suitably approved modem.
You can spot approved modems by looking out for a sticker with a green circle somewhere on the outer casing.
If by chance you find that the sticker has a red triangle, or there is no marking, the modem Is not approved. In short this means you camot legally use It.
There are two different types of modem, manual and software controlled. It Is by far better to obtain a software controlled modem as they are more flexible and easier to use. Manual modems ar© very old, Jlow and for the most part obsolete.
Having found your sticker you next need to find your socket.
Virtually al modems now come fitted with modular jack type con* nector. This plugs straight Into a modern BT master or extension socket.
If you live n an old house then you may be unfortunate enough to find that instead of said socket you have a hard wired llnebox. In which case until you get BT out to change it to a new style socket, you are stuffed.
Having established that you have the ccrrect type of socket and an approved modem, things get a little leas horrowing from here on in.
There are two links In the comms chain. Your Amiga has to be connected to the modem ond the modem in turn has to be connected to the phone line. Hooking a modem to the back of your computer should not be a problem. The Amiga has a D type RS232-C serial port.
You will need a standard serial cable in order to hook up to most modems. This has pins at the computer side (male) and holes at the modem side (female).
If your modem does not have a standard D •ype connector on the back It is scfe to assume that you need a special cable for It. The manufactu'er should supply this with the unit The modem is hooked up to the phone line by inserting Its modular Jack Into the socket on your wall.
Usually there is a socket on the back of the modem for a tele- phone to be looped through.
Allowing qjli'to be cnswered normally when the modem is no n use After the physical side of has bee-' sorted out the underway. It Is at this most people throw their honor and vow never the word comms tweaking stage ml hands up to even again.
IZ jp In t There are more good comms packages availdble for the Amiga than can be covered In this brief introduction, so what follows is a general overview rather than a specific example.
The bulk of modems in use today are 1200 or 2400 baud. Baud is simply a measure of speed and the higher the number, the faster you can transmit data.
Most modems operating at a speed of 1200 or above are what Is termed Hayes compatible. This means that they respond to a standard set of Instructions developed by a modem manufacturer called Hayes Microcomputer Products.
Hayes are to modems what Hoover are to vacuum cleaners.
Most shareware comms packages come pre-configued for Hayes compatible modems. Going Into a comms package modem setup menu will usually disotay various different fields like Initialisation String and Dial Prefix.
If the package i configured for Hayes modems yoc will see entries like ATZ and ATD next to these fields. These codes are instructions from the software pockage to the modem, teling It what to do.
As on example ATZ will reset the modem. ATH will cause It to hang up and ATD followed by a phone number will cause the modem to dial the number and attempt a connection.
If you are lucky and the software Is already configured, you can leave al these settings alone Bits and parity A number of other parameters must be defined before you can hook up to the wires and get online. These are settings which your comms software needs to know before It can Interpret Incoming data properly transmit It In the required format.
The three most common settings to worry about are Data Bits Parity and Stop Bits. You need not worry about what these r settings mean at the moment.
Y For connecting to most online services you should have your software configured for 8 Data Bts, NO Parity. 1 Stop bit. This is referred to In shorthand as 8-N-1.
There are obviously other settings and we will cover these in later months, as wen as expainlng what they actually mean.
With a packoge like JRComm or Ncomm you must make a phone- book entry. This is where the number to be dialled, speed ard port settings are defined After defining an entry in the phone book It should be possible to click the mouse over It and sit back as your modem whirs ihto action.
Within around 40 seconds you should either have an engaged tone or be connected, and this Is where the tun starts.
Never fear, if you don'* know enough to get online yef. Next month we will round off the basics and look at how to make the most of your time online yj AUTHORISED DEALER ? AMIGA (UK MODELS ONLY) [1 Amiga 1500:B2000 + 1084SD ? Twin M Floppies + The Works! Plat.
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PHONE JAM is typeset, laid-out and produced on an Amiga
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suited to serious pursuits other than playing games. JAM
concentrates on the applications and programming side of the
machine, never afraid to go in-depth when the occasion calls
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It’s a magazine written by Amiga users, for Amiga users.
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The articles, tutorials, reviews and commentaries in JAM are written by your peers - Amiga users with an almost fanatical interest in the machine And it’s also a forum where you can have your own say - a place to get it off your chest, pass on something you’ve learned, find out what other users think of your ideas.
Whether you’ve just bought your Amiga or whether you’re already in training for Guru status, we’re sure you’ll find JAM magazine an informative, entertaining and honest read.
If you are browned off with mono or just feeling blue with black and white, Nick Veitch puts colour into your life plate pro are used.
Why four? Well. It Is very to get black from the three rnarles lr|jthe world of V 3f I Ham :H»«Co lour!
? Htdianical S Sf par jib If m I hi EbT EH* EC I HZH IE ETT Before we get started on the nitty gritty of serious applications of DTP here are o few items of news.
It's an exciting time for DTP enthusiasts. A few months ago there was only one real choice for a professional result, but now there are Ihree.
Flist there Is the old favourite Professional Page. It has been around for a long time, but the new 2.0 version has just been released. This is quite a dramatic leap forward for the product as it Includes style-tagging, box rotation and 24-bit capability.
Another major feature is the licensing of Pantone colours for those extra special jobs when you mus" have just the right shade of mauvey russet. It also seems a shade more stable on tough memory jobs.
Ajso sure to make an Impact is Pagestream 2.1. Soft Logik's software is already popular on the ST - It's the only major DTP package worth the money for the Amy's bacxword cousin - and it looks like it could do good things here.
Soft Logik are certainty keen on customer support and are already planning an office In the metropolis.
Saxon Publisher from Pulsar could be a contender, although it has been described by one notable figure as a ‘very expensive and Incomplete product" So Is professional DTP finally going to take off In this country? It would seem so. Very soon a national newsstand magazine will be produced entirely on the Amiga.
It should be the first of many when more sensible people realise the Amy is cheaper and more versatile than the Mac. Unfortunately finding sensible people in publishing these doys Is like trying to find women in the Cabinet.
Colour A lot of pecple still seemed to be confused about colour. This doesn't really matter much because most people couldn't afford to use It anyway - or so they think.
To start with we d better explain what makes up a colour document. Basically, all the colour Information in yojr document is split up, or separated into three colours - yellow, mogenta and cyan.
These are the primary colours as far as printing is concerned, and photography too as a matter of interest. Virtually ony colour can be broken down Into the respective components of these three primaries.
When It comes to printing, the paper is processed three times - once with each of the coloured plates. As the image was broken down Into three colours, so It is built up again. This is known as three Ult rtfs re and what usually results Is a sort of murky brown. Not at al the sort o» black that light simply falls Into more the sort of black that light doesn't oartlcularty want to go near in the fWst place.
This adds a further compflcati or to the separation process, as with dark shades It has to be determined a* exoctty what point something has black In It and not just lots of colour.
Printing Johnnies will mumble about undercolou' removal percentages. But don't worry, within reason It is mostly academic and as long as It is done consistently E3j ol 3 si if WM- Pogestreom* CMYK separation option Is typlcd of the sort of colour power now avakibie for a reasonable outlay won't cause any problems.
Suppose you only want to use one colour - a spot colour. It would be a bit wasteful to go through all that processing for the sake of just two colours. So don’t.
Only two films are needed so only two are used. The second film is processed as exactly the colour you want. There lies the rub - It's no good telling your printer you want a sort of honeysuckle shade because his idea and you's are bound to be completely afferent.
Precision This is where Pantone is useful. Not only can you pick out the exact shade you want but you can also give it a number.
The printer will know exactly what this number means because he's got a Pantone book as well, and can then go away anc mix to a universal set of proportions He does so from speclaly prepared stock solutions so you know that the colour will be exoctty as It was specified no matter which printer you send It to. This Is known as a mechanical colour.
Unfortunately it is a bit drflcult to display all these wonderful shades on screen, what with memory restrictions and the like.
Many DTP packages have deferent dither modes to allow you the best chance of seeing whether your page looks like a Van Gogh or a late night kerbstone outs-de the local, but It’s not like actual being there. So that thus far colour DTP isn't exoctty WYSIWYG.
Commodore Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how.
Your micro Is. If only you knew it. A gold mine. The size and make is rrele- vant. Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever makeI REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else’s ’ditch’. Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich In a relatively short period of time just by dong a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE cetails send S.A.E. to; ffldbMM MM®mm 31 PILTON PLACE (AM23) KING AND QUEEN STREET WALWORTH. LONDON SE17 1DR I Amiga A3000-25 100, 6MB £3145 Amiga A3000-2SM0. 2MB £2895 I Amiga 02000 latest UK model £845 Amiga A1500 as above, plus £945 2nd
floppy. DP»nt3. Works Platinum etc [ Amiga B2000 wilh A2081 40MB £1295 Quantum 11 me autoboot hard dsk I Amiga B2000 with A22S8 PC-AT£ 1445 bridge board & si* disk drive | ¦¦¦ BSOOO ? XT Bridge Board ? 20MB autoboot hard dl»k £1295! | ¦ Amiga A500 vl.3 comolete ... £349 ¦ KCS PC Power Board £299 ¦ RAM lor A590. Per MB... £48 ¦ Supra Modem 300-2400 baud £ 159 ¦ Supra 2400 l Internal modem £ 159 ¦ A1084SO cotour stereo monitor £259 ¦ 14* MuHJSync monitor 1024x768 £475 ¦ NEWI A2320 de-lnlerlacer £ 115 ¦ CBM 1270 InkJet 102 dpi 180 cps £225 ¦ HP DaskJst SOO Inklet. 300 dpi £495 ¦ HP PaintJet
colour InkJet 180 dpi £925 ¦ Rendale 8802 Genlock £ 199 ¦ Rendale Pro Ganlock £575 ¦ Sketch Master 18x12 d*g. Tablet. £595 1000 Ipl, wtth stylus & 4-button cursor ¦ FrameGrebber afl colour modee, £549 overscan, up to 840x4tt reeolution A2620 (8020 Card ? 2MB 32-M £995 A2386 PC-AT board &5t’drV« £645 A2088 PC-XT board & sj* drive £349 C2058 (MB Board. 2MB Installed £224 RAM lor above, per 2MB... £ 104 RAM tor A3000. All types ... Phone A2081 • 40MB nma Quantum £495 A2091 ? LOSMBnms Quantum £845 RAM tor A2001, per MB ... £48 Ouanhan ProDRIVE 40MB 1lme £349 Quantum ProDrtva 100MB 11 me £695
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B2000 t XT Bridge Board t 40MB autoboot hard dlih £149511 Why nol en|gy |he free Teletext database* wtth the MicroText Teletext adaptor... Fully programmable, with Fastext facility, Instant aocees to last 18 page*, double page view, Wasoftwara loader, auto-BtarVbecfrground operation.. Pages can spoken, primed es ASCII or graphics, saved at ASCII or IFF lies... And It turie your 1081 1084 8833 monitor Into a *gttai TV! AvaAabie now lor only £1391 TELETEXT metrad X9600AT aj r1nteiM Cop|e cannei 11 offJ I NEWI Lattice C v9.1Q il 59.88 I A C Fortran 17B.ts I A C Basic vl.3 100.** I APL 68000
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Bl & Amiga f Ring now for full details Can I corrupt my files? How do I make a CONFIG.SYS file?
What is a BAT file? Can I alter the search path?
Can you answer ALL these questions?_JOIN THE CLUB Problems getting the right answers?_JOIN THE CLUB Can retailers use the helpline? YES! JOIN THE CLUB Thinking of buying an emulator? %IOiN THE CLUf What is the cost for advice7 NOTHING JOIN THE CLUB YOUR FREE ADVICE HOTLINE Wed 9am to 6pm - Sat 9arr to 1pm 0622 677173 XT Advice Saturday momirgs only F YOU WANT IT TOMORROW-. CALL US TOO AY I OH 041-548-7258 Prices a-o POST FREE & Include VAT.
Order b phone with your credit card, or send cheque PO or your credit card number We wtfcomo official orders.
Software sent same-day by 1st Class post, but please allow five days tor hardware deSvery, unless overnight.
Prices subject to availability. Hat. «rs LAKESIDE HOUSE. KINGSTON HILL. SURREY. KT2 TOT. TEL 081-548-7258 I Screen clones, dual playfields and tubular wrap-arounds, it’s all in this month's Amos column Before I start my babbling how about this for a piece of news - a PD game written in STOS. The Atari ST version of AMOS, has just been withdrawn from circulation at the request of Empire due to a more than passing similarity to its own Pipemania!
This month I thought we would take a quick look at two of the leas’ used screen functions. The first is SCREEN CLONE, a command which allows you to create an exact copy of a screen while only using a fraction of the memory it would usually take to open a screen.
Right then, load AMOS and jump to DIRECT mode by pressing escape and type in the following: Screen Open 0,320,50,8,lourts This wlH open a small screen at the top of the monitor. Exciting, huh?
Now try doing this: Screen Clone 1 : Screen Display 1„100„ This line opens up a clone of screen zero and positions it slightty lower down the monitor. The clone will 9Cho everything you see from the top screen. If we type : Print "Aaiga Computing* you will see that It appears on both screens, and now try: Cls 6,10,10 To 60,40 anc a blue box appears on both screens. It does not matter what you do to one of the screens it will always appear on the other, All very interesting but what gocd is screen clone? Imagine a two player game with two players controlling their characters on separate
These screens contain copies of the same landscape - a good example is the SPY vs SPY games tha’ appeared on the Atari 8-blt anc Commodore 64.
If you opened two 16 colour screens, which take up 32K each, you immediately lose 64K of memory. Once these screens are double buffered you lose 128K - arrrggghhh where is my eight meg upgrade? With screen clone you only use up 64K and up to six more clones of the screen can be created without losing any more memory.
We will tcke another peek at screen clone later in this article but now for a rather nice, but memory guzzling screen moce called dual playfield.
To put It In very simple terms dual playfield allows you to link two screens together In such a way that the background colour of the top screen becomes transparent and shows the con' tents of the bottom screen.
Let s try a simple example by opening a single eight colour screen and printing a message to It. By the wa . Type this Into the editor, not DIRECT mode: Screen Open 2,320,200,8,Lowres Flash Off : Curs Off : Cls 0 Bar 50,50 To 270,150 Cls 0,70,70 To 250,130 Paper 2 : Pen 0 Centre Ati,12)*”IUAl PLAYFIELD' Right, after testing that try the following: Screen Open 0,320,200,8,Loures Flash Off : Curs Off : Cls 6 Wait Ybl Dual Playfield 0,1 This opens another screen and sets dual playfield. You will notice that I have included a WAIT VBL command Immediately before that command to give AMOS time
to finish opening the screen and complete general Amiga-type house-keeping.
If we had a sufficient number of things to do between opening the screen and setting dual playfield we would not need this command
- a hint on how to make maximum use of programming time.
Finally we will do something that wil show the transparent nature of the top screen: Do Cls Rnl(7),Rnd(320),Rnd(200) To Rnd(320),Rnd(200) Loop Interesting effects can be created with !,thfe mode, imagine scrolling the front screen up and as each line reached the top It was copied to the background screen This is the way programmers create the wrap-around tubular type demo effects, end to this end we are now going to write our own.
First thing to do is 1o replicate the initial stage of our first program: Screen Open 0,320,48,2,Lovres Flask Off : Curs Off : Cls 0 Centre At(,0)t''AH0$ IS ANAZING* Centre At(,5)*"BUT ORLY IF YOU READ AMGA CCPPUTIN6" Screen Open 1,32D 48 2,LoHres Flash Off : Curs Off : tls 0 Wait Vbl Dual Playfield 0,1 Now we will define some scrolly zones, two for the top screen travelling upwards and two on the bottom screen travelling downwards.
The reason for two zones is to create more of an llusion of curvature. The first zone stretches from top to bottom, but the second zone occupies only the centre.
Consequently the centre of the screen is being scrolled at twice the speed of the rest. I know it sounds confusing but trust me, it works.
D*f Scroll 1,0,0 To 320,56,0,-1 Def Scroll 2,0,0 To 320,56,0,1 Def Scroll 3,0,20 T 320,34,0,-1 Def Scroll 4,0,20 T 320,34,0,1 All that is left tc do Is to start scrolling. You will nonce that screen Repeat Screen Copy 0,0,0,320,1 To 1,0,1 Screen Copy 1,0,47,320,48 To 0,0,47 Screen 0 Bait Vbl Scroll 1 Scroll 3 Screen 1 Scroll 2 Scroll 4 Until False What do you think of that, clever stuff is It not? If you think It is a little plain, how about If we create another two copies of the screen using screen clone. This way we con fii up the screen without making too much work for ourselves.
1 Open first screen and print aessage Screen Open 0,320,48,8,Loures Flash Off : Curs Off : Cls 0 Centre At(,0)+"«ELL NOW ABOUT ‘MS* Centre At(,5)«'H0T BAD HUN* Halt Vbl : Screen Clone 2 Wait Vbl : Screen Clone 4 ' Open second screen and set Dial Playfield tode Screen Open 1,320,48,8,Lowres Flash Off : Curs Off ; CU 0 Halt Vbl : Screen Clone 5 Dual Playfield 0,1 Dual Playfield 2,3 Dual Playfield 4,5 ' Position screens Screen Display 2,,200,, Screen Display 3,,200,, Screen Display 4,,130,, Screen Display 5,,130,, ' Define scroll tones Def Scroll 1,0,0 To 320,56,0,-1 Def Scroll 2,0,0 To
320,56,0,1 Def Scroll 3,0,20 To 320,34,0,-1 Def Scroll 4,0,20 To 320,34,0,1 ' Shift screens Repeat Screen Copy 0,0,0,320,1 To 1,0,1 Screen Copy 1,0,47,320,48 To 0,0,47 Screen 0 Halt Vbl Scroll 1 Scroll 3 Screen 1 Scroll 2 Scroll 4 Until False That's about it for this i$ $ i». Next month I should have an upcate on the compiler - I have seen a demo, it's very fast speeding things up on average about eigh- times.
ThereTl also be news of some new AMOS related products.
Have fun. And I'll see you in four weeks time.
Mplete drawing board in one simple unit. With a ig ruler you can draw: rizontal parallel lines artical parallel lines erfect right angles with ease Vny other angles from 1° to 359° Clever circles 'ailable in two sizes 22cm (Bin) and 30cm (12in) this great offer gets iu both rolling rulers for just £5.95 (RRP £9.99) i‘s innovative design gives the new rolling ruler the ability to draw vertical and horizontal lines without lifting it off the paper, parallel lines, angles, circles, musical staves and graphs with ease, making it ideal for the home, the office, schools, workshops and 3D design work
It's Amazing!
It's Radical!
It's the Rolling Ru ea AMIGADOS: A Dabhand Guide Is a comorebensive guide to the Commodore amiga's disc Operating System (Versions 1.2 and 1.3). It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system in a way which will be welcomed by the beginner and the experienced user alike.
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on adv»ce and hints and tips.
The many features of this book indude:
• Ful coverage of Amiga DOS 1.3 functions
• filing wth and without the Woikbench
• The Amga's hierarcheal filing system
• Pathnames and Device names
• The Amga's mulitasking capabilities
• The AmgaDOS screen edtor
• AmigaDDS commands
• Batch processing
• Amiga Error code descrpcns
• How to create new systems kscs
• Use of the RAM discs
• Using AmgaDOS with C Amiga Computing approved reading Keyboard
dust cover (A500) £4.95 ft ' Protect your Amiga with this
top- quality cover made from clear, water-resistant vinyl.
Ifs bound with strong cotton and features the Amiga Computing logo.
Binder £5.95 Twelve rods hold your issues in place and keep them ii pristine condition in this smart PVC binder.
The perfect desktop environment for your mouse with its specially-designed, perfect- grip surface. It ensure much smoother movement, gives 5up6r-pOSitive control and protects your table top from scratches.
Disc storage box £4.95 This luxury padded box is the ideal storage medium, holding up to FIFTY 3.5" discs £14.95 JAMES POND IBMEjLFOHD ra bJM
* •'-I W James Pond has lots to offer most gamesplayers who
aren’t really looking for anything to tax their brains too
much. That's not to say that It doesn't require any thought at
all, because sometimes it can get quite awkward. The game on
the whole is so playable and simple to get into it should have
you returning to it time and time again. Let’s see old Pondy
back in more games in the near future.
£19*95 LOTUS ESPRIT Experience the thrill of the chase as you hurtle around the track in your Lotus Turbo Esprit.
Compete against a friend as you attempt to win the coveted challenge title.
Featuring super-fast graphics and four tremendous £ A A AV accompanying soundtracks, Lotus ff|l W. combines excellent presentation m w wW with outrageous game-play- JANE SEYMOUR The deep space cruiser,
B. S.S. Jane Seymour, has been inexplicably overrun by mysterious
biological lifeforms. As a crack marine troop, you have been
assigned to locate the ship and save its precious cargo from
its hold. During your adventure you’ll come face to face with
some of the most hideous creatures ever known to man.
£19*95 ¦ If your letters are anything to go by.
Printers occupy a unique place In the average Amiga owners peripherals collection. They are at the same time a very popular item and one which causes the most confusion.
The newest Abacus title aims to clear up some of the beginner's confusion and give the serious user a useful reference work.
Beginners are catered for in a reascnoble fashion In the first few chapters. The book starts with an overview of printer technology including a simple explanation of how they work and what some of the jorgon means.
The new printer section in Workbench 2.0. Beyond chapter three, however, the book becomes of more Interest to programmers and serious users.
Topics covered include a complete rundovwi of all software printer control commands, writing your own printer driver, and designing Frcm here it goes through preferences, choosing a printer driver, and controlling your printer through Amiga Basic. Workbench 1.3. and your own character sets.
There is a very nandy troubleshooters guide, which offers hints and advice as to what might be wrong Given a pafflaiar symptom, and gives ideas on how to Itx the problem.
Amiga Printers hale and Out This is clearly the best section for the beginner, as most of the com* mon printer headaches are covered, and the suggerions provided are sensible and within the scope of the ordnary man at the keyboard.
Publisher: Abacus Software Price: £33.44 The programmer will no doubt be most interested In the section on control codes, which covers hints on the use of Amiga Basic and DOS scripffiles. And provides comprehensive data tables at the rear of the book. However, this doesn't mean that you'll find the langjoge staggeringly technical. Throughout.
Abacus have managed to resist the temptation to lapse into techno-jargon.
Amiga Printers Inside and Out is a clear and concise guide to putting your tame typesetter to the best possible use and fins what was a gaping hole In the Abacus range.
For the price, it Is not a book recommended for the absolute beginners. Because they'll find orly the first few chapters of any use. For those whose Interest lies mcinly In productivity software, however, it should offer a great deal more.
The ever Increasing market for Amiga music is dally becoming more of a minefield for the beginner. Making Music on the Amiga Is a brave attempt to lend a helping hand to the budding MIDI musician and soundtrocker enthusiast.
In the dim and distant past the variety of subjects covered In a manual like this would be relatively limited, largely restricted to the sound chip and its Impressive oblB- ties If you were lucky you might have had a section covering some basic programming techniques used to squeeze the best from Paula, with perhaps the occasional reference to a staggeringly complicated piece of commercial software. The au'hor of Making Music obviously saw this tterary hole, and has done a reasonable job of fling1 It.
The book contains a bask: tutorial guide to sound generation and the principles involved - oscillation, digital sound effects, sound composition and the physics involved in producing them.
After the Introduction to computer music It moves Oh to AmigaBasic. GFABasIc and the C programming language, with assembler thrown in for good measure.
Making Music doesn't restrict itself to the Amy. But branches out into devices and hardware programming. As a result the book solves a few common problems, which reguarty cause misery to the would be musician. A separate chapter deals with the mysteries of IFF. 8SVX and SMUS formats, telling you both how to handle them and the programming intricacies Involved, The MIDI section is particularly useful, not only as a guide to the subject, but also as a manual to the construction of o MIDI Interface Itself.
All the functions and concepts are well covered, complete with parameters and schematics.
Once you've made the MIDI Interface, moving onto building the sampler will be a doddle. The digitisation section is quite short but does give a brief rundown of the subject. The back of the book is where most people will spend their time, thumbing through the guides to a wide variety of commercial offerings like Perfect Sound. Aegis Sonix et al.
Making Music on the Amiga Publisher: Abacus Software Price: £33.44 For those with less depth in their pockets a separate section contains a definitive guide to one of the most popular offerings from the public domain. Med. Which was recently given away on the Amiga Computing coverdisk.
On the subject of disks, the one provided with the book complements the poges and provides an extra dimension to the presentation.
As a general guide to AMIGA music the book Is good, covering almost every aspect of the sjbject.
It may lack a little depth ‘or the advanced reader, but for the overage Amigan Ifs an excellent introduction to the field.
Both these books can be obtained from: Computer BookShops Tel 021 706 1250 ADVERTISERS' INDEX COMPUTING NEWSAGENTS ORDER Please reserve a copy of Amiga Computing magazine every month until further notice EJ I will collect 1 would like it delivered to my home Name.... Address Postcode Note to Newsagent: Amiga Computing should be available from your local wholesaler. If not contact Carolyn Wood on 0625 878888 17 Bit Software ......66 Abbco 116 Ace Repairs ...122 Alternative Imase
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081-467 0131 ALL prices indude VAT & delivery. All offers subject fo availabiliy. E OE.
• 3 0273 674626 OPEN 10 AM TO 5.30 PM MONDAY TO SATURDAY 44
BUILDING The best Amiga mag?
I writ© J|r$ tly to congratulate you on making Amiga Computing even better than before.
The new layout makes you by for the number one Amiga magazine.
Coud you please answer the following questions.
• How is It possible to connect a video recorder to my Commodore
1084 monitor and what leads do l need?
• When can we expect to see a C programming series In the
magazine now that you have machine code, music, DTP sections
I would hope that you Intend one soon.
• Can you tell me if It is possible to obtain back issues of the
first eight issues of Amiga Competing as these are the only
ones I don't have?
Mark Davidson, Stockport. Cheshire.
Your first question is really for our technical help poges, but here goes. You can’t simply connect a video directly to the Amiga but Instead, you need to get hold of a device known as a video dlglttser.
This connects between the Amiga and a domestic video recorder and enables the machine to grab video frames In real-time, saving them to disk for later manipulation with a favourite point packoge.
The only lead you'll need, a bit of co-axial cable equipped with either phono or BNC plug* or a combination of the two. Is invariably supplied with the digitiser.
A video ckgltlser will cost you - at the cheap end of the market - around £100. Which one?
Check out Rombo’s (0506 414631) VIDl-Amiga.
This is o 'cheap' but good quality digitiser that Is highly regarded by those 'in the know.
As for your second question, have a gander at last month's Almanac. Ace programmer Margaret Stanger’s C column got off to a rollicking startl And will continue to build, month by month, into the definitive C programming tutorial for novices and experienced programmers alke.
Back Issues? I'm afraid not. Seems that they were just so good, they've all gone. Perhaps you ought to take out a subscription so that you'll never miss another issue.
All at C I have enjoyed your magazine for quite some time now and have found that you answer most questions that I need to have answered.
One thing that is troubling me is that I am wanting to learn how to use my Amiga seriously. I have read your reviews on different languages for the Amiga and feel that if I am going to sit and learn anything, then It might as wefl be good old C. The problem is that I cannot afford any of the programs that are available on the mar- kel. So I've been looking at public domain programs. The only two that I can find are North C and Sozobon C. As I have no knowledge of programming and therefore need to buy a book for absolute beginners, I would like to know which is the best language and
whether it will work with books available for beginners.
I am aware of the documentation that comes with these programs but are they any good? Don't you have to print them out In order to follow them while you're learning the languoge?
There Is no one that I can ask to help me, so I do hope you can.
K A Stacey. Bournemouth. Dorset.
North C is on extension of Sozobon with a few additions and a new front end. So you should choose that.
It more or less conforms to the Kemighan and Rhchie implementation of C. but provides many OS bindings for use with the Amiga. You shouldn’t have any problems using North C in conjunction with a beginners book.
Serious at last I'c like to take the the time to express my appreciation on the increase in quality of your magazine For exqmple, I hove noticed more dedication towards the serious side of the Anigo, and less on the games side.
Don't get me wrong though. I really enjoy 20 laps of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ruling the lands of Powermonger and the skies In F16 and FI9 Combat pHot.
At long last, owning an AMIGA hos become worthwhile. Software houses are realising that for the benefit of everybody, effort does reword. Electronic Arts and Gold Disk ore good examples of those writing Amiga-specific titles.
This letter wos written with TransWrlte (which I would recommend to anyone) to be hot linked across to ProPage. Fully multitasking.
That's‘What I call power computlngl Although I seriously need some more RAM.
Regarding your letter from Mark Ford last month, I think a programming problem or two each month Is a great idea ond look forward to seeing It implemented, What a strange concept about the Idee of someone else reading your magazine beng piracy. Seems to me it's OK as long as It's Impossible for the subject to be in two locations at the some time (duplication). Correct me if I am mistaken.
Moving on to the cover disk, It would be nice to see more utilities if possible. Parret.
Although I currently don't use it, Is a good example. I would be grateful if you could now answer a few Queries.
• I bought ProPage 1.3 at the Computer Shopper Show but It only
has a Canadian address to write to. I shall send my
registration cards but in the meantime, what do you know of Pro
Page 2.0? What are its key features, how much wM It cost and
when will It be available?
Hopefuly. Gold Disk will offer an upgrade path.
• I have written a program In AMOS that wW play back sound
samples of any length (ie megabytes) on a half meg Amiga, but
It requires a hard drive (virtual memory techniques ere
afoot. If I'm not very much mistaken. Walson - Ed). I'm not
sure of the user demand for this sort of thing. Is It cover
disk material-?
• There Is o superb air traffic control program available on
the PC called TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach CONtrol) by
Wesson. Is this ever going to be available for the Amiga?
With TRACON 2 and Right Simulator 4 It is possible to link up to 16 Pcs together along with voice recognition and the controller can direct the other aircraft around the area.
Mike Laskey. Ramsgate. Kent.
Priced around £200, ProPage 2.0’s most startling new feature Is Its ability to generate Postscript files for printing. The program also provides outline fonts on screen.
For a full description of It* mqny features, watch out for a definitive review coming soon in your favourite magazine.
Your sample playing program sounds interesting aid we would definitely be Interested In seeing It for possible inclusion on our cover disk. Bung It to us. And that goes for the rest of you.
If you’ve written a funky little utility but you’re not sure whether it will appeal to a wider audience, send it to us. If It’s well written we’ll use It!
Wesson’s TRACON. Huh? Possibly. Software houses convert big selling programs to other formats if It’s technically possible, there’s a demand and It’s likely to sell. Only Wesson knows whether TRACON meets the conversion criteria - give 'em a ring.
Memory refresh?
I am a freelance interpreter and translator, and essentially use my Amiga 500 as a word processor. Reoding your magazine gives me a guilty conscience about this and I’m always vowing to find out more about my machine, but never seem to find the time.
Now since I know but little about my Amiga. I would like to request a glossary in Amiga Computing for the uninitiated like myself who enjoy your mogazjne. But are continually tripping over the jargon.
I have a dictionary of computing on my bookshelf and was able to look up cache memory from this month, but whot about HAM?
I know I’ve seen It explained in the magazine and I guess I should have made notes, but a little glossary In every issue would be very helpful. You could refresh our memories on DMAs, CBMs, PSUs and the like.
The recent review of word processing programs was interesting, but does anybody know cf a spelling checker that will react to hyphens? Other-wise it-is possible-to write words with hyphens and the spelling checker Polish problems I have been a user of Commodore Amiga model 500 for one year. I live In Poland and I have got some problems with buying books and magazines associated with this computer.
The reason is simple, there are no magazines about the Amiga in Poland. I have bought three Issues of Amiga Computing lately. They turned out to be very Interesting. In my opinion It Is the best magazine about the Amiga In the world.
I couldn't buy It regularly in my country and that's why I would like to ask you If there are some chances of subscribing and dispatch your magazine to Poland.
If It Is possible. I would like to know how much It win cast. I can pay for this by bank transfer.
Please ten me the answer os quickly as possible because I would like to order your magazine for 1991.
Jaroslaw Rogajlo, Oswleclm. Poland.
Can’t see why you couldn't subscribe, par* ticularly as It's possible for you to pay by bank draft. I’l pass your letter on to our subscription department.
In the meantime, I've put a bundle of back copies In the post - enjoy them!
Doesn't pick them up.
Incidentally, don't take offence, but there are times when your contributors should be encouroged to let a spelling checker scrutinize their work.
Recentty you reviewed HyperCard which is new available for the Amiga as well as the Macintosh. Which issue was the review in?
Could I suggest some sort of Index to a year s issues so that we could look up Items in past issues?
I'd like to put a word in of praise for Ladbroke Computing. I sent letters to quite a few of your advertisers a while back. Ladbroke were the only ones to reply. The others are surely losing business.
Alan Rees, Sweden A glossary, huh? Seems like a good Idea to me, although I remain unconvinced of the vclidity of having a glossary every month - think of all that space which could be used to cram in even more features, reviews and so or. Perhaps we could print one bl- or even tri- monthly.
In the meantime, the best idea would be to cut along to your local computer store and buy a beginners guide to the Amiga, which wll almost certainly feature a glossary of terms.
Checking for hyphens? You’re putting me or. Right? Hyphens do not feature on the alpha part of the keyboard, and require a keypress in the upper, numeric part of the keyboard to produce ihem. How on earth could you Inadvertently include them into your text?
The solution of course, Is to globally search your documents for hyphens, after performing a spell-check. You will then be able to check each Instance and correct those which don’t require a hyphen.
As for us needing spell checkers, we ute them, but the occasional bit of copy slips through the net - ho hum. No one’s perfect.
The HyperCard review appeared In the July 1990 Issue.
Ladbroke obviously take great care to respond positively to prospective customers, but you shouldn’t be too hard on those who didn’t bother.
Many computer suppliers are small operations run by one or two people who have their hands full meeting orders, let alone writing replies to what may. After all. Simply be general enquiries which don’t lead to sales.
I don’t want to defend the suppliers too strongly, but I do think they receive bad press when they're genuinely trying to do a good job. Right. Advert over.
Music mania I am 17 ond currently doing a BTEC Notional at Huddersfield Tech. I have had my Amiga for over a year now and think I know It fairly well Recently I have developed ah interest In Amiga music, so I sent off for a copy of GMC from the nice nice people at PDOM.
You can imagine my excitement when ny December issue of Amiga Computing dropped through the letter box ond I found that the disk included MED2.13. I am very happy with It but I (finally getting to the point) want to create my own samples.
Would It be possible to sample my own voice and If so would I need expensive and specialised equipment?
Sean Uttlewood. Bradford. West Yorkshire.
So you want to hear what you sound like.
Sean. You will need a sound sampler, softwae to run It and a microphone.
Sounds daunting doesn’t it. But fear not for the complete kit Is usually bundled together and may cost you as little as £30. Although at the top end of the market you could pay well over £300.
Once sampled your wonderful copy of MED2.13 will allow you to handle digitised recordings, be It your voice or Cliff Richard’s latest, wtth the consummate skill of a musical maestro.
AMIGA READER OFFERS Mail Order offers Ottos subject to avamiMy Back Issues Sept 1990 £3.10 9727 Oct 1990 £3.10 9728 Nov 1990 £3.10 9729 December 1990 £3.10 9730 January 1991 £3.10 9731 February 1991 £3.10 9732 All these back issues indude cover disk.
Bargain bundle Six issues of Amiga Computing (Sept-Feb) £17.00 9950 I tAdd £3 Europe & Eire t 12 Overseas ( J Extra discs (set of 5) £7.50 9887 Extra discs (set of 20) £20.00 9888 _ Publishers Choice £79.99 9667 Mavis Beacon Typing • £24.99 9874 __ Home Accounts Day by Day £34.90 9851 _ ArgAsm £54.95 9858 Flight Simulator £35.95 9868 _ Pair of Scenery Discs £31.90 9672 Flight Simulator+Scenery Disc £65.85 9878 Lotus Esprit £19.95 9946 _ James Pond £19.95 9947 Jane Seymour £19.95 9948 - Rombo Vidi £11s8PR £54.95 9940 Vidicnrome plus Colour upgrade RGB Splitter Disc Bargains B Chess Simulator
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Disc boxes £4.95 9860 ?
Addition for postage: Europe & Eire add £3 - Overseas add £5 I_I Unless otherwise indicated U - t* i* *- I4» I* I* I*- i* TOTAL Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) Products are normally despatched within 48 hours of receipt but delivery ot certain items could take up to 28 days Payment: Please indicate method ( ) ? As ? Choque'Eurocheque made payable to Database Direct Expiry I | Date: I I Access Mastercard Eurocard Bardaycard Visa Connect
n. LL-1. I I 1 1 I IJ Llii.l 1 I I I I Name.... Address.
Post Code Daytime telephone number in case of queries.
Last Blit In lost month's Amiga Computing we raised the issue of sexsm and violence in software. The article. Sexism or SalesmansNp?, was an attempt to make people think more about the subject.
Your response has been encour- oging. If not overwhelming.
We've had letters from those who agree and those who disagree with the view we put forward, but not as many as we'd like to have seen, so please keep putting pen to paper Meanwhile, here is one of the best letters we've had on the subject.
PG tips?
Would certification be the way towards socially aware software?
Stevie Kennedy takes a peek Needs a certificate, guv... I am writing In response to the interesting points that were raised In the Last Blit section of the February 91 issue, and agree with you that it is vital that the effect stereotyping is having on games software is thoroughly discussed.
Yours Is the only magazine I have seen that has given significant light to these problems.
Theie seems to be a great deal of enphasis placed on the amount of violence in computer games and not enough on other problematic aspects, such as sexual stereotyping, which I consider Is a bigger problem. There's no doubt that the computer market is male orientated, the tricky question is why?
Is h supply or demand which causes the problem? Demand Is the side over which we have a measure of control, and magazines ike your own, whose reviews can Influence demand, have a responsibility to act.
_ %A If a piece of software is offensive. Ratings should be reduced, thus decreasing demand. Manufacturers would then think twice about using a bikini or two to brighten up a game.
Opor ai ye s As far as legislation is concerned. I agree with Mr Kennedy's conviction that censorship would do little good, and might even make things worse.
If t is the younger game players who are the main concern in this debate, then more Information should be available to parents concerning the nature of the software their children are buying. A coding system simHar to that used In the film industry may be of use here.
Games like 9alnbow Islands would receive a U rating, and gomes not so suitable for young cNIdren could get a PG. 14. 16. Or even 18.
This would not solve the problems we’re facing, but would bring some order from the chaos that might result if we simply sit back and do nothing.
Allan Turvey, Hackney Wick, London I can't agree wfh the notion of rating games on their degree of social TP.. I Operation D«s*rt Shield was a disk submission whose lacrteu offensiveness look our breath away II has been binned in disgust, but what M a commercial program on the same subject appears next year?
JTTTx Would we be right to censor It?
Awareness. A product should only be scored on its success at accomplishing what it tries to co. Games set out to entertain, so we rate them on their entertainment value.
That shouldn't, of course. Stop us from pointing out their offensive or Questionable aspects.
Your second suggestion is another matter. You might remember Crl's Jock the Ripper game a few years back. Crl took the responsible step of submitting It for classification and It was promptty given an 18 tag. Two of their previous games had been classified.
Wolf man was made dn 18 and Frankenstein a 15, but Ripper provoked a lot of controversy as it appeared around the hundredth anniversary of the Whitechapel
* killings.
CRL'S Clem Chambers told us that some major outlets wouldn't carry the game because of Its certificate. But didn't seem worried about the possible effects of a general certification system. He pointed out that most games would be either U or PG-rated anyway. And that actual censorship in the form of a ban would oe extremely rare.
"Games companies know it would be very difficult to market something grossly offensive*, he told us. "because even if ttey wonted to do so. Most normal channels of distribution would be closed to them’. How ever, it's not Just a matter of economics.
The vast majority of software houses exercise a degree of taste In choosing games to develop, which explains why we haven’t seen any major releases based on the Folklands war.
We are also very unlikely to see a commercial product which exploits the present Gulf wor. If such blatantly tasteless and offensive software existed, there might be a need for more certifica'ion.
But that Is thankfully not the case.
The problem of subtle stereotyping Is a separate one. And beyond the reach of certification. In other words, we've still to find a solution to the problem of predictably macho-orientated software, so keep your letters coming In.
I I THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE “Screen handling is faster than many 286 IIGA AT’s..
- Amiga Format Oct '90 “...the PC Board is indeed a very highly
compatible device..
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FREE ? Supply extra memory FREE wwwwu wuuiut ? Do not
invalidate your Amiga Guarantee ? Are continually improving the
product with software upgrades (nominal charge) ? Run a
helpline just for you ? Leave ycur 68000 processor free for
other useful internal add-ons Run Professional MS DOS Software
on your Amiga 500 at a price you can afford Povn* SUPPORT OF
DETAILS Why did you buy an Amiga 500?
Of course, because of its superb graphics, music and animation capabi ities. However if you want to get serious, you soon realise that it is distinctly lacking in memory and professional software.
Well - they said it could never happen - but it's here at last!
You! In your own home can transform your Amiga 500 info a real IBM compatible with Amiga memory expansion up to one and a half megabytes.
It's simple - no screwdriver, no soldering iron and no technical knowledge required Just turn your Amiga over, open the cover, slide the Power PC Board into the connector, close the cover and your Amiga PC XT is ready. (In other words, no loss of guarantee) You are now ready to use a wealth of professional MS DOS software at speeds faster than a PC XT (md. Review), and in colour, with compatibility thanks to Phoenix-Bios.
You can also rely on the correct date and time at any moment in Amiga and MS DOS mode.
* Video support, monochrome. Hercules and Colour Graphics Adaptor
(CiiA) (16 colours dynamic) Disk su ort: nternal 3.5* external
3.5* external 5.25* drive, now sue (HD A5 Including MS DOS
4.01. MS DOS shell and GW Basic (market value approx £130.00)
Including Enpl sh Microsoft books (not GW Basic) ? KCS manual
Further exciting software upgrades in the pipeline Available
memory: 704KB ? 64KB EMS in MS DOS mode, 1 megabyte + 512KB RAM
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thanks to the most modern CMOS and ASIC technology OK with TV.
No special nonitor required
* Price: £299.00 including VAT and Postage.
Access and Visa accepted.
* For export price please contact us w Trade enquiries welcome
(UK - Scandinavia - and all English language.)
Compatibility is excellent but roone can guarantee every single program available. Ihenlore il your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us lirsl or send in a copy ol the program, (With suitable S.A.E. ii to be returned). Price subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Tel: (091)4901919 4901975.
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® Multiple frame store will utilise ul available memory .
® Dynamic cut and paste.
0 Full palette control.
0 I iardwure and software 'control of brightness and contrast.
0 ( Compatible with all video
- tuiidanL colour, black and white. I IS. Bela.
PAL NTSC etc. 0 I pgradahle to full colour with additional YIDICIIRI ME pack AVAll ABLE PROM ALL GOOD COMPUTER SHOPS | VIDI ENABLES YOU TO
• I lave petiect Ireeze Irarite Irom am video.
0 Incorporate real life objects into your favourite design.
• Grab real time M*D images from TV.
• Enhance your graphics creativity.
VIDI (¦apmre and store action semtences.
AMIGA VIDI-AMIGA SCREEN SHOT Rombo Ltd., 6 Fairbairn Road, Kirkton North TEL: 0506-414631 FAX: 0506-414634 Limited Livingston, Scotland EH54 6TS

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