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the Amiga 500 and. for the first time. bundling - and launching - a major software titlc such as Batman simultaneously." Combined with the light fantastic C64 pack. Commodore wiil sell 260 million worth of computers this Christmas. which shouid bode well for the next set of results. Last month Commodore Inter national announced a loss for the second quarter in a row. It looks like Commodore UK reaiiy is the jewel in the company's crown. Christmas présents EXTENDING its range of Amiga 500-based kits, The Disc Company has now launched Amiga Gift Collection. It includcs Phasar 3.0 Home Financial Management which keeps track of income and expenses and can produce reports on the State of household accounts. YVhoIWhatIWhenIYVhereI is billed as the all-in-one solution for organising daily activities. It includes appointment hook, schcd-uler. calendar, "to do" list, alarm ciock and address book. The pack aiso features typing tutor MasterType, arcade-style car racing game F40 Pursuit, Hole-in-One miniature golf and an Amiga compatible joystick. Priced at 279.95. Amiga Gift Collection is avaiiable through ail The Disc Com pany's UK distributors including Centresoft, GEM. Leisurcsoft. HB Marketing and SDL. New Amigas iaunched COMMODORE has used the giant Comdex FaiI show in Las Vegas to launch a 68030 based version of the Amiga. It is an upgraded A2500 caiied the A2500 30. The 25MHz machine has 2Mb of memory and is aimed at the desktop pub-Üshing market. It has as standard 2Mb of memory and 1Mb of ram. The 2500 30 cornes with a single 880K 3.5in drive and a 40Mb SCSI hard drive. Resembling the A2000 externally. its internai motherboard has five Amiga expansion slots plus two PC XT slots and two AT slots. There are no plans yet for a UK launch. Dramatic price cuts were aiso announced but Com modore said there are no immédiate plans to bring them to the UK.

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Document sans nom Volume 2 Number 8 January 1990 £2.95
- pasting a _ 4Om0g | takeaway Now instant access that never
• SID The best disc and directory utility ever
• Fruit Machine: Amazing what AmigaBasic can do
• Maze: Your brain in knots.
• Christmas Demo: A sound and graphics experience.
The best directory utility yet written for the Amiga A MEGABYTE OF SUPERB SOFTWARE piys Games and music for the festive season Full instructions are in the January issue of Amiga Computing riNTIN ON THE MOON Hello, Hello.... This Is Earth cd fng Moon Rocket... Hello, Hello.... Hello. Hello, ThiJ is Earth.
I Calling Moon Rocket.... Calling Moon Rocket.... Thunder! 1 hope lO thing has happened "Hello control station! Here is the moon rocket. Tintin speaking. I have just regained conciousness. Everything seems OK, we are now taking over the controls of the rocket."
Aboard the rocket, you will relive with Tintin ond his friends the most exciting adventure the world has ever known. The first trip to the Moon I Will you succeed in piloting the red and white rocket through space and achieve a flawless landing ? Will you capture Colonel Boris, the traitor, who wants to make the expedition fail ? Will you be able to find the extinguishers to put out the fires, even while floating in zero-gravity (which ins t everybody 's idea of fun) ? Will you succeed in finding and disarming the bombs and freeing your companions in order to get out of the rocket to make
the first step on the Moon ? You will discover all this by playing "TINTIN ON THE MOON", the first computer game based on the comic books by Herge... Before Armstrong there was Tintin and... may be you!
Distinctly Digita, Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
DGCALC The Iastrt* and most powerful H»e*Jshewt available .n tins prce bracket. With 512 rows by 52 column. Giving you up to 26624 ceAs As with all Dig-ta products. Tie operation ol the p'ograrr n clearly ihoughl out Bemg rfier menu, moose or command drven you II be able lo star us ng II within minutes
- even it you v* never used a spreadsheet before Some ol me
features which make if such good value are the exporting of
ASCII files for mtegrabon mm other programs. Ad|uWJble column
width and test overflow, programmable function keys (macros),
and a unique windowing faolty. So that you can look at
different oars rt a sheet at the same time __ £39.95 H you ever
need » send out mailings or prmt labels, yog
• now how tiddly and hmeconeummg d can be making sure all the
labels are printed correctly Well now all thet's ¦ thing of the
past. Because Mailshot actually shows you the lab* on screen,
you can type names and addresses In exactly the cored place But
more than mat the labels are animated on screen us a continuous
sheet, attcwng you to scroll backwards ard forwards, lo search
lev particular keywords or to edit entr-es with me mmmom ol
fuss FacMms noude searching, detection of duplicate labels
soring (wen surname?! 9 labels across. 999 ccp«t ol any label
TM has lo be the simplest and most effective method ol creeling
a £24.95 The program *4 take mformabon prepared by Cashbook
Controller ard produce a compete set of accounts Including ’
Trial Baton* ‘ Tradng and PrPd and Loss Account ’ Balance Sheet
‘ Notes to me Accounts
* Fun Accounting ratios All retorts may be produced at any time.
W i comparativebudget ligures it reoured The facility lo
produce inese documents quickly. Accurately, and regularly is
ol enormous help in running any buemets. Large or small, since
one shows the true profitability achieved, and the other me
exact strength of the business «n lorms of assets and "•MHlea.
names and addresses at awkward forms or mvocea where me test
has to be In eiactfy the right place? Usually you have to do it
by hand, or get your trusty ok) typewriter out ol the onboard
anddustiloftWellnoi anymore, the Emulated TYPE writer
transforms you computer and prnter into a fully Hedged
typewriter, supporting bold, underline, italic and other
typ*tfy4e* Because I can display and print ten INSTANTLY you
can (me up your form press Return and Space a lew limes to move
to the correct place, and then start typing Alternatively you
can switoh to lineby-lme mode whch otters word-wrap lustifxebon
and proportional spacing, so that you caned!
NchMWnnpnM £39 95 Advanced version of Mailshot for Pie business user with the following ema facilities
* integration with other software (us.ng ASCII files)
* cotormtabulated summary Ideal lor telephone lists. Efc)
* 4 eisa memo lines per label (with defaults) ’system tor coding,
dating and adding messages to each label ’ different layouts
available lor horizontal and vertical £49.95 Are you absolutely
sure your taiman is dong his job correctly? Ptan your own tai
wiffi ease this mermJnven program wUi calculate your income tax
liabfity (4 tai years irduded) and provide pertinent tacts
about your tai position You can perform whaM ’ catoUabon »
discover ways to minimise your tai liability In tact, the
program will advise you on th ngs such as. It you are a married
man. Whether it woiid be advantageous to have your wtos income
taxed separately or n« At this price who knows, you will
probably find that PTP will pay tor itselt in tax savng* the
first time you DAY-BY-DAY An excellent way to get organised
With it you II be reminded ol birthdays and other anniwrsanes.
Meetings and appointments, phone calls to make and so on. As
win all Dgrta products mpufkng information is simplicity i*ed
Once entered, you can search lor keywords or lor parscuar events such as birthdays to see whan one is coming up includes monthweekudey planner, automatic reminders lor overdue appointments, month and week sjmmary at a glance For less than CM this a the ideal way to make lure you never miss that important occasion again1 Avai I able to the trade from: Digita, GEM, Greyhound, HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
• RKITA "Serious software at a sensible price" All software
written in the UK Prices include VAT 8 P 8 P (add £2.00for
export) HOW TO ORDER CREDIT CARC HOTLINE E3 0395 270273 Z Post:
Digita International Lid Black Horse House Exmouth I EX8 IJL I
Fax: 0395: AMIGA SCENE: Managing Editor Derek Meakin Editor
Simon Rockman Assistant Editor |eff Walker Staff miter Sic
Veilch Production Editor Peter Glover Art Editors Mark Nolan
Doug Steele News Editor Don Lewis Advertisement Manager |ohn
Snowden Advertising Saks Wendy Colburn 7 LATEST NEWS Make way
for Batman, Commodore's bundle sells out. Warning for pirates.
Software lo make accounts easy and great slop press news.
AMIGA ARCADE I lL hottest JL JL ACTION Fancy a change of scenery? Then lake a trip lo Hawaii on Sub Logic.
Perhaps you have Ihe bottle lo lake on Terrarium in Imageworks1 latest.
• us ran Srionphnt
• siss: mi Trim Gold 72MIGH1 Trio.
M081101 For H2SS79M Pmlrl Mulboi 114SM1IJ Published by: Database Publications Ltd.
Europe House. Adliogtoo Park.
Adlington, Macclesfield SKID 4NP.
EPSON LQ-400 1 U PRINTER What has 24 pins and looks good on paper? Not a dozen Jerry Hall clones but Epsons new printer. But has it cut too many comers?
* '"1 (I SOUND BOOSTER The most important thing when building
hardware is lo nol swear when you bum yourself. Thai and
knowing which end is Ihe hoi one.
¦ I n00 f°k vr J A TRIP People look like anls when you are up in Ihe clouds. Experience this with Digital Integration, makers of F-16 Combal Pilot.
ISSN 0952-5010 Vmu Caore«M amdes lor pubb- COM Walnut ibould ba typd or crap* pnMd. Rad nebnbts doAtespacnl Pnjccia bu- a®lbn*tt.«ioei5a adbit« tVawracta* .uapM ritaaUKMd nnetcoe atnsni.
Ion * annul tax be luanaM Us bubra ,» «Ua » nnU far pabkabre bv Doaban Pubbcoaaa lad on aa all nrhls bans CIM Imaban PabtuUoau Ud So annul nay hr lepndutad in whoW la m pan without wntlen poiausan Wlilba avny care it ulao. Iha pub- Ixas lannca b. hid Mb lasponubb lea oar anon m aiticlea Hstings 01 adveniaamenls Ann iruapuOnt « an mkgaadat puttianm and laaannoduni limem Uarbnua IVXJ Ui a not rapaitiMr tor nop ad aha arOda in Iba man ai lormoltbr opmum nfntmd.
Son tndt fatnbrtoa kuropms SjI« and Ob- tnboQoo LiiUrd. IU 1. *m h*. Intaw bar IUUW bn Swn TMS 4 I Tri M2«
* mn 48 DISC PAGES The very best cover disc in Ihe world brings
you the best disc mollycoddling program. Saying SID means never
having lo use the CL1.
All Ihe tricks you need lo move, examine and copy files and directories at Ihe click of a mouse pointer And there's more. Fruit Machine prove that AmigaBasic is good for something. Pull it apart and find out j what makes it spin Plus Music Box, maze, blitsfonts and a Christmas Demo which will blow your thingys to Wigan.
• ''Oil AltcSm. . A rh„.. knot
• Deja Vu tl - a game you haven’t seen before
• Shogun - seen the mini series? Play the game
• Swords of Twilight from the makers of Archon
• Xcnomorph making a meal out of an alien
• Quest for the time-bird from the french tale
• Tin Tin makes it to the Moon
• Make mine a Daily Double HARDWARE I REMOVEABLE STATIC a JL
disc J JL ram 7Rabliton 07 a THE SIDE a EZRA SURF’S POSTBOX
KING PRAWN JL mm HACKS In the battle to produce the ultimate So
you think you can do better? Well chess game there can only be
one try this for size. The best guide to winner. Alastair Scott
finds out who getting to the top in the latest and is king of
the castle.
DIGIPRO Professional Video System Amiga 2000 with XT 20MB Hard Drive 2MB RAM G2 Genlock Hi Res Colour Monitor & Pro Video Plus Cash Price £3218 inc VAT Easy Payments ;a B A500 Starter System From Only £3.77 Lper Week inc VAT Amiga 2000 XT stems From Only £47.38 Per Month inc VAT 8MB Fitted £899 inc VAT 2MB Fitted £399 inc VAT A500 Super Home Video System FREE 512K RAM & Titling Software With Amiga A 500 8802 Genlock Titling Software & Modulator Cash Price £699.95 inc VAT ire Purchase from £6.29 pw DIGIPRO LIMITED 0703 703030-01 905 1030 Enterprise House, Howards Grove, Southampton SOI 5PR
Unless Stated All Prices Include VAT Orders over E50 Postage & Packing Free Add E1.00 Postage & Packing for all other orders Please phone for prices outside the U.K. 4MB Fitted £599 inc VAT °nly £49.95 Elan Performer The presentation system that puts your Amiga imagery right at your fingertips!
Software Specials!
Pro Video Pus £249.!
Video Effects 3D £159.!
Pagestream £199.!
Scnbblel Platinum £ 49.!
Hardware Specials SuperPic Frame Grabber £569.1 HP PaintJet £899.!
2MB RAM for A590 Hard Drive £240.( A590 Hard Drive With 2MB RAM Fitted For The Amazing Price of £599.95 (inc VAT) A590 Hard Drive With 1MB RAM at only £499.95 (Inc VAT) FREE Video and Genlock Information Packs Available.
Call Now For Yours!
Authorised Commodore Amigj inal OrdersWi a Dealer Dealer, Export, Government, MOD and Educational Ordersl Velcome Hire-purchase and leasing finance available. Digipro are licensed credit brokers.
AMIGA SCENE Education goes a bundle DEMAND for Commodore's Class of the 90's education bundle featured in last month's Amiga Computing has been such that production has been more than trebled.
“Response has been so good that we had to expand the volume of the original bundle from 1,500 to 5,000", said Commodore's national sales manager for education, Peter Talbot.
This success has brought a vote of confidence from top American software house, Dr.T's Music Software, whose Midi Recording Studio was part of the bundle - the first time an American software house has worked with Commodore UK in this way.
“I think that there are a number of ways software companies can work with the hardware manufacturers to expand the marketplace", said Dr.T. boss A1 Hospers.
“We will be working closely with Commodore both in Europe and the US to expand Amiga computer sales".
Dr.T's was poised to back up its confidence in the Amiga with a number of new music products to be launched at Comdex in Las Vogas.
These were a new upgrade to its keyboard con- trolled sequencer now including SMPTE time code, full intuition interface and a direct link with other Dr.T. applications through its multi-program environment, Phantom SMPTE synchronizer box which allows KCS or other compatible video and music software to bo synchronised with an audio or video tape and AutoMix, a computer controlled mixing panel for automated volume and controller mixes of music.
Official word out now EVER since the dawn of the Amiga. Commodore has been very good at documenting the hardware and software in a way which helps developers to get the most out of the system.
Unfortunately the documentation has always lagged behind the products.
Now Commodore has caught up with the hardware. The revised and updated Amiga Hardware manual, called by the techie cognoscenti "The one with the blue cover" is out now.
It is seriously techie.
There is an introductory tutorial on writing safe, upwardly-compatible software directly to control the graphics, plus detailed descriptions of the copper, blitter, playfields, and sprites as well as sounds, system control and interfacing hardware.
Even if you write dangerous code you need this book. It is the Amiga programmers bible and worth every penny of the £23.95 Addison Wesley is charging.
Even if the company does have a rather liberal view on exchange rates. A good technical bookshop should have it in stock, alternatively you can order from any bookshop by quoting the ISBN number 0-201- 18157-6.
Roving rodent gets around A UNIQUE three-in-one mouse has been launched by Naksha UK (0925 56398).
It can be used with the Amiga, Atari ST and Amstrad PC. The Naksha Upgrade Mouse connects easily to all three machines.
Naksha UK is the recently founded specialist computer peripherals subsidiary of a Jersey company funded by a multi-million pound British electronics conglomerate, The three-in-one mouse is the result of a tie- up between Naksha and a high precision manufacturer in the Far East.
It is 100 per cent compati- blc with no additional drivers needed and comes complete with adaptors, mouse mat, mouse holder and a discount vouchor for Electronic Arts software.
"Our market research has shown that there are an increasing number of end users who own more than one type of machine", said general manager Jay Savoor.
"This is the perfect mouse either for the owners of one machine or a combination of the three most popular makes". The three-in-ono mouse costs £39.99. Amiga C for Advanced Programmers Amiga Graphics Inside & Out A comprehensive book lor understanding and using Amiga graphics An advanced guide to programming the Amiga using the C language Amiga Graphics - Inside G g| an in depth treatment of the Aj graphic fbaturos and fUnctionj access these graphic It m it oral AmigaBASIC or C. Learn grapl programming In C with oxnmd lines, rectangles, polygons, cd Contains a complete descriptl] graphic
system - View. Viuwfj bitmaps, screens, end windoJ May 1989 about 450pp super how to dmore.
(a Amiga
* stPort.
Amiga C fbr Advanced Programmers - contains a wealth ofinfbrmntion thorn ttw pros: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, designing end programming user friendly interfaces using Intuition, combining assembly language and C codo togottrar.
Includes complete source code fbr a working Amiga Tricks & Tips AmigaDOS Inside & Out Amiga C for Beginners and Out AmigaDOS - Inside G Out - covers AmigeOOS in dopth so that you can use mony of its advanced capabilities fbr practical applications Includes complete reference section detailing all of the DOS commands. Infbrmation on using the DOS editors - ED and EDIT, creating and using script files and taking advantage of the Amiga’s multitasking features.
280pp Tricks G Tips - here is a large collection of usefel and important programming techniques that makes working with your Amiga friendlier end easier. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, making and using custom character sets, using AmigaDOS.
Important 68000 memory locations, and much more.
Amiga Machine Language Ap’X«* k iMTTinQ 68XC«»TWBrxW0» AmigaBASIC Inside G Out - Amiga C fbr Beglnne on introduction to toa language of choice or programmers Unlike the examples horo or geared to the Amiga, language olemonts ol language so thot you’ use the C library rout Ih»w the compiler wm 280pp is THE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Each BASIC command is felly described and detailed. Some of the topics covered include files and file riandlmg. Using pulldown menuH. Sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts and using the sfMioch commands.
Techniques fbr advanced BASIC programmer 554pp Amiga System Programmer 's Guide Covers 68000 microprocessor architecture and addressing modes, making sfteech and sound from moctiino longuago and more. This book is also a perfect companion to our AssomPro machine languoge development software.
264pp hardware and software aspects of the Amiga Covers the EXEC and its structure, handling I O requests end the Interrupts, managing the Amiga’s resources and multitasking functions, more.
Considered by mony to be a standard reference for ell Amiga programmers.
438pp Abacus
30 LINCOLN RD. OLTON. BIRMINGHAM B27 6PA CALL021 7061188 FOR YOUR NEAREST STOCKIST Stop thief IF you are a software pirate you are a thief. Thieves will be prosecuted. This is the message from FAST (the Federation Against Software Theft) and ELSPA (the European Leisure Software Publishers Association).
Hackers will go to prison You will see their advertisements In Amiga Computing and many local shops.
The theme of the advertising is to highlight the risk of prosecution if you are caught pirating software.
The penalties are extremely severe and include imprisonment.
Now even Russia’s linking up EVEN the Iron Curtain is no barrier to MicroLink. The computer-based communications service is poised to welcome its first subscriber from the USSR.
Alexander Troukhanov has applied for details from his home in Moscow and the men in the know say there is no reason why he should not be linked up.
This underlines the truly international flavour of the new service provided for MicroLink subscribers.
Once an official ID is allot- HACKERS have taken a predictably strong stance over proposed new laws which could lead to stiff jail sentences for computer misuse.
Attracting most criticism is a minor offence which could land the fun hacker with up to three months in prison.
Objectors plan to make their views known to Trade and Industry Secretary Nicholas Ridley who has invited pubic comment on the recent Law Commission report which recommends stiffer penalties for hacking.
Despite this, it seems cer- ted, it can be used throughout the world, making MicroLink a boon for the busy traveller.
MicroLink users can take advantage of a communications network which services more than 200 metropolitan areas in America, Canada, Mexico.
South America, Europe, Africa. Australia and the Asian Pacific rim. It links 20 major industrial countries with more than 175 communications processors and more than 190.000 tain that the Government will bring in the new laws as soon as possible.
"The Commission are to be congratulated on an excellent report which sets out clearly the case for new legisation in certain areas", said Mr. Ridley. "I am inclined to accept the Commission's recommendations. The Government con- siders that legislation should be brought forward when a suitable opportunity arises.
"I should like to take into account the comments of all interested parties on the Key to the contents IT is nothing new but it's certainly useful. Access Keyboards (0734 663333) has introduced another solution to the problem of altering wording on special function keys.
The clear-topped replacement keys hold appropriately printed labels which can be replaced when the function of the key is changed and do away with biro scribble on scraps of sticky paper. Prices vary with quantity from £1 each for 10 to 63p each for 100.
Miles of dedicated Gircuits and satellite links.
Many of the access points now provide 300 300 up to 2400 2400 baud rate plus MNP level 5 error correction and data compression.
Before its move to the lstel service in October last year only three European access points were available to MicroLink. From his flat in Moscowskaja Street, Alexander Troukhanov could soon find himself with the freedom he has always dreamed of.
Detailed proposals. Yve will be contacting individuals and organisations known to be interested but I also want anyone with comments to write to my department as soon as possible".
Principle objections to the Law Lords’ proposals are that they are too hard on the young hacker who may break into a computer for fun then be landed with a criminal record.
Widely covered in the national press, the Law Commission report suggests three new criminal offences to combat hacking. It was thought that patching up existing criminal law would not provide adequate deterrents.
First is a basic offence of unauthorised entry into a computer system which will apply to anyone who enters another's computer either for fun or to try and interfere with it. This will be a summary offence punishable with a maximum of three months imprisonment.
Second comes a more serious offence of unauthorised entry into a computer system with intent to commit or assist in the commission of a serious crime.
The third offence is of intentionally altering computer-held data or programs.
It covers the use of worms, viruses or logic bombs and will include both attacks on a particular computer and the circulation of infected discs which could alter data. This also carries a maximum five years jail.
In a Talespin STOP press news from Microdeal (0726 68020) is Mastersound, a low cost sampler for the Amiga with software by the same writer as A.M.A.S. More details of this £39.95 package in the February issue.
In our December review, Microdeal's Talespin program creator was not given its final score. Talespin notched up 13 out of 15 for ease of use, 10 points for speed and nine for value.
Small Business Manager C~ J Well, it figures... ni ¦JV.
The Complete Office Solution SOMETIMES Amiga products can be like London buses. No. Not because they are always crashing. You wait ages for one and then three come along at once.
Up until now the Amiga has always been a bit light on accounts software. Now there are three new packages.
Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts from Digita is the cheapest of the three at £69.95. Suitable for sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, clubs and charities, it is divided into two programs.
The Cashbook Controller will look after multiple bank accounts, petty cash, nominal accounts, and VAT returns. There is comprehensive report printing providing a full audit trail.
Final Accounts takes data from Cashbook Controller and produces a trial balance, profit and loss account and a balance sheet.
The program is supplied with free after-sales support for 60 days. The programs are available separately. For more details call Digita on 0395 270273.
Upmarket, and more expensive at £99.95. is Small Business Manager from Hi-Tension, an integrated collection of invoicing, statements, vatbook and stockbook.
The invoices package generates copy invoices, credit notes and profit and loss information.
At first glance this seems to be a more comprehensive system, although not quite as detailed in its reports. For more details contact Hi-Tension on 0252 344454.
Top of the range, with what looks liko the best manual, is Arena Accounts.
For £150 you got a comprehensive suite of programs which offer free format sales invoicing, flexible and comprehensive VAT reports, profit and loss, balance sheets and price lists.
For more details contact Arena Technologies Ltd on 0274 280222.
Bat pack is taking off YOU might have a tough time finding a Bat pack this month. Nearly 45 shopping days before Christmas Commodore announced that it had sold out of Amigas.
They won’t all be neatly wrapped and hidden in a cupboard under the stairs.
Or for our younger readers, sitting in Santa's grotto near the North Pole. Most of them will be in shops and warehouses waiting to be bought.
But when they have gone, all 100,000 of them, that will be it until the New Year. Commenting on the success of the bundles.
David Pleasance, Commodore's man in charge of selling home computers, said: "At Commodore we set out to achieve a new standard in leisure computing by adding extra value and quality to the Amiga 500 and. For the first time, bundling - and launching - a major software title such as Batman simultaneously."
Combined with the light fantastic C64 pack.
Commodore will sell £60 million worth of computers this Christmas, which should bode well for the next set of results. Last month Commodore International announced a loss for the second quarter in a row. It looks like Commodore UK really is the jewel in the company's crown.
Christmas presents EXTENDING its range of Amiga 500-based kits. The Disc Company has now launched Amiga Gift Collection. It includes Phasar 3.0 Home Financial Management which keeps track of income and expenses and can produce reports on the state of household accounts.
Who! What! When! Where!
Is billed as the all-in-one solution for organising daily activities. It includes appointment book, scheduler. Calendar, “to do” list, alarm clock and address book.
The pack also features typing tutor MasterType, arcade-style car racing game F40 Pursuit, Hole-in-One miniature golf and an Amiga compatible joystick.
Priced at £79.95, Amiga Gift Collection is available through all The Disc Company's UK distributors including Centresoft, GEM, Leisuresoft, HB Marketing and SDL.
New Amigas launched COMMODORE has usod the giant Comdex Fall show in Las Vegas to launch a 68030 based version of the Amiga.
It is an upgraded A2500 called the A2500 30.
The 25MHz machine has 2Mb of memory and is aimed at the desktop publishing market. It has as standard 2Mb of memory and 1Mb of ram. The 2500 30 comes with a single 880K 3.5in drive and a 40Mb SCSI hard drive.
Resembling the A2000 externally, its internal motherboard has five Amiga expansion slots plus two PC XT slots and two AT slots.
There are no plans yet for a UK launch.
Dramatic price cuts were also announced but Commodore said there are no immediate plans to bring them to the UK.
all Cumana disk drives include 12 months warranty and are available from area distributors and a national dealer network.
Look out for the distinctive packaging in your high street, today!
• BASIC • TUTORIAL Mall Order Hot Line Phone 0202 292195 DELIVERY
ContuirabW: C2. VAT EBBLAKE IND ESTATES Hardwire: 4 wofkjrq
15. VAT DORSET working ay £10. VAT AMIGA A500 1084 (SI MONITOR
Disk_______________£399 Inc AMIGA or MSDOS £89 Inc XT Bridge
Boaid £399. VAT J" AT Bridge
Board .£675 . VAT inc
INTGanlock £179. VAT £99 me s Ma 2 Mb RAM
t85mc ------------------------ £649. VAT 2nd
Drive3- ._...£75.VAT CBM 1084 S Stereo £239
Inc CBM 1901 ..„£149 Inc Philips
CM8852 ...... £260 Inc CBM CGA Compatible Philips 8833
.... £229 Inc CBM 1900 Mono .£129 Inc
Atari 124 Mono ......£129 Inc Atari SC 1224 .... £259
Inc ...... £350 Epson GQ5000
- .....£400 Hewlett Packard £589 Laser Jet II _____£504 Star
• Inc. 1 year on site maintenance PRINTERS ?LC10 V. MONITORS
AMIGA A500 + BATMAN 2 tyive euocct !
Including BATMAN THE MOVIE NEW ZEALAND STORY F1BINTECEPTOR Buggy Boy Ikarl Warriors Barbarian Thundereats Terrorpodi Amegas Delia8 Paint II - Mega Paint Package Microblaster A u loll re Microswitched Joystick 10 blanks 3.5* Disks Mouse Mat Mercenary Insanity Fight Art of Chess Wlzball o ¦U m £345 AMIGA B2000 INCLUDING: • MOUSE • WORKBENCH
• BASIC • UTILITIES • MANUALS £799 o ¦ ( ) 5 c J3 o $ _L o ¦ cn
CO o "D Citizen 1200 -------------------£108 Citizen
180E £126 Citizen
MSP15E £189 Citizen
HQP40____________________£289 Citizen HQP45
...£299 Epso* UC400 £14?
Tpso*UC8S0 £169 fpso* fXlC&O ___ £379 Epso* L04» £205 EpSO* LC550 £272 Epso“ LC850 £404 tPSO-lCl»C _____ £549 Epson LQ2550 ..£847 Epson DFX5000 .....£1078 HP Deskjet ......£449' HP Deskjet ?___________ CP220O NFC »8.
NFC 37.
®anascric KXP1081 .
- ’anasone KXPl‘80 .
Panasonic KXPi‘?4 .
S'A'ICIO S*'NX15..... Sta' LC?4’0 S’4' XB?«'C Sa* XB?4-s NFC P7. Coo.- Sa*iC*OCo«(x* Xerox 4020 Cfllou' ..£544- C?S4 £4*9 CS38 CT76 £156 £256 £129 £789 f?S7 £4-8 £545 . .£823 ....£184 ....£949 Citizen MSP50.. Citizen MSP55 .. ACCESSORIES A2000 ACCESSORIES AMIGA ACCESSORIES Triangle 20Mb Hard Disk.. £459 ? VAT Vortex A500 Hard Disk 40 Mb ...... £510 inc Tdangle 40 Mb Hard Disk .... £579 ? VAT Cumana CSA 354___________ £89 inc Cumana CPA 358 ... £199 ? VAT | NEC 2nd DRIVE ...£64 | New A500 20Mb A590HD ...£380 inc A501 -512 KRAM__________________£129 Inc Mouse
Mai ...£4.95 inc Amiga Dusl Cover ..£4.95 Inc TV Modulator ....£21.95 Inc Steel Monitor .£15.95 Inc Standard Amiga 5205 T Steel Double---------------------£25.95 Inc Monitor Stand Amiga ST I COMMODORE C64 COR!
These prices be well Batty C64 Hollywood Pack___________£149 Inc C64 Home Entertainment Pack.™ .£199 Inc 1541 Cl 1 51 4 C64 Drive ________________£145 Inc CHRISTMAS SALE F501 512K RAM EXPANSION £63 INFORMATIOI TACT EXHIBITION C tHOUSE (STREET STON KT1 1ER 1-549-3444 547-1311 ® 0202 292195 Open Mon-Sat 10-5.30 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT UNIT 6, FOREST CLOSE, EBBLAKEIND ESTATE, VERWOOD, DORSET, BH21 6DA lures, and SubLogic claims to have improved the runways by adding FAA-spec markers.
If you think landing on a runway is for pansies, then you can try landing on the draining board. This is part of the mysterious fantasy land contained in one of the island's volcanoes. Another land is completely sideways. Sounds like Macclesfield.
The Hawaiian Odyssey scenery disc is out now. Further away from SubLogic is UFO, another flight simulator, but one that takes a step beyond reality.
This little baby has an anti-grav propulsion system with an anti- laminar transducer with which to adjust your atmospheric drag. A graviton tractor beam is available for those ever-so dodgy manoeuvres. And if you don’t want those nasty humans to see you, a quick flick of the translucer switch will make you invisible at low levels.
But wait, there's something wrong... No guns. Not even a Dan Dare water pistol. It seems your mission in life is to buzz humans, not blast them. Bah!
UFO's "experimental graphics" are being converted to the Amiga rigid now, and when they're ready the game will be compatible with all the SubLogic scenery discs, including the above-mentioned Hawaiian Odyssey.
Flight Hamii-Five-O, you are cleared to land on worktop three THIS is a new one on us - an adventure for a flight simulator. In fact, it's not a scenery disc for just one flight simulator, but for almost the complete SubLogic range - Flight Simulator II, Microsoft Flight and jet included.
The scenery covers the 400 miles of Hawaii, the second most picturesque island chain in the world. It includes 30 or so airports, many of them with advanced fea- All the latest news on the games software scene REVIEWED THIS MONTH COMING from Imageworks this winter is Too Final Patti*. The long awaiteo faflow-up to Legend of the Sword.
Legend saw the hero locale and take the fabled sword and shield with magical powers from the evil wizard Suzar. Now Suzar has been captured and imprisoned in a liny
• ¦eardrop.
Suzar is back!
As the action opens in The Final Battle, you. Playing the hero, are set upon by a dozen humanoids and locked in an underground celL Meanwhile Suzar escapes from the teardrop, taking the sword and the shield with him to the castle of Anar Your quest, should you decide to accept it. Is thoroughly obvious.
The Final Battle will contain some new features, including a unique weather system which covers all climatic changes, influencing the action accordingly.
Superior graphics are promised - 3D views of every location - along with a larger inventory and vocabulary ifmi ;ih prcooccs or. Oka! Lor Christmas £15.55. 55% interphasc 54% Rock'n' Roll 52% .APB 88% Power Drift 85% Deja Vu D 84% Shogun 81% Swords of Twilight 80% Xenomorph 77% Quest for the Tune Bird 72% Star Command 68% Fire Brigade 68% TmHn on the Moon ALONE in her lab one night Or Slimms little expected a miniaturised group of crack conuMadot to burst out of a terrarium and kidnap hen Have you got the bottle?
For some reason known hot to the fTL ni i*.il midgets. Tnev minia- rurise her and take her back to the fortress the}* have built in the little bottle garden. How they managed to write the ransom note is not «»VpUlTwi With a fiendish plot of magnitude there can only be one man for the job. Unfortunately Percy Thrower is unavailable.
But never tear. Captain Frontier is cere. Sizing up the qftraty)n. He decides to launch a small scale operation by being cut down to size himself and following the bad guys into the terrarium.
Guide the captain through this arcade style adventure which will contain, says imagcworks PR person Cathy Campos, ‘action sequences, clues to be found and mvsteries to bo solved".
Welch oul for the coming review to see if Cathy's right or if she's been growing more then adventures in her bottle garden.
Sorry, due to a nre at Gallup HQ, there is no software chart this month. Normal sendee will be resumed as soon as possible. Urn, at a guess we'd say that Xenon D is still number one, hotly pursued by, um, about nine 10 fVaar.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (05331 877733 .24 hour.)
25 £19.50 £22.50 50 £33.50 £38.50 100 £59.50 £68.50 200 £115.00 £129.00 DSDD 135 TPI DSDD 135 TPI SONY BULK (Made in Japan) £247 50 £269.00 £525 00 3Vi " DISKS AND BOX OFFER BRANDED 3%' DSDD 135 TPI DISKS Choose either Verbatim or Sony 1 box 3 Boxes 5 Boxes 10 Boxes £14.50 £40.50 £62.50 £105.00 GUARANTEED DISKS AS ABOVE 50 DISKS AND 50 CAP BOX 100 DISKS AND 100 CAP BOX £38.50 £62.50 COMPUTER PAPER DISK STORAGE BOXES DISK DRIVES PLAIN FANFOLD PERF EDGES 11 x9V|- 60 gsm 2000 £16.90 A4 115x9k' 85 gsm 1000 £14.90 AMIGA AND ATARI ST EXTERNAL DRIVES AT THE RIGHT PRICE.
SLIMLINE DESIGN J. 1 MB UNFORMATTED CAPACITY 12 MONTHS WARRANTY 5%' 50 £6.90 5% “ 100 £7.90 5%" 140 £9.90 314' 50 £6.76 3V4’ 100 £8.90 ALL BOXES ARE LOCKABLE SKOAL DISCOUNTS £1.00 OFF PER BOX FOR 2- BOXES £1.50 OFF PER BOX FOR 5* BOXES COMPUTER LABELS SELF ADHESIVE, CONTINUOUS PACKED 2000 I. 2 or 3 across 314x1’ ,.' £10.90 4x1',,- £11.90 £85.00 PRINTER RIBBONS FILING SYSTEMS STACKABLE HOLDS 150x314- DISKS £22.50 DATA SWITCH BOX Amstrad 8256 LQ3500 £3.90 NEC P2200 £4.50 Amstrad DMP 2000 3160 £2.76 Panasonic KXP 1081 £4.50 Amstrad DMP 4000 £4.50 Star NL10 £3.90 Cituen 1200 £4.25 Star LC10 £3.90
Canon PW 1080 £4.25 Star LC10 Colour £7.90 Epson LQ 800 £3.90 Star LC24-10 £4.50 Epson LX 80 86 £2.90 Shinwa CP 80 MS £4.60 Epson MX FX RX80 FX LX800 £2.90 Mosl other makes of Printers Ribbons available, please call tor Dual covers toi above £4,50 All metal case with rotary switches Available in RS232 and Centronics 2 WAY £15.50 4 WAY £24.50 x OVER £22.50 COPY HOLDERS DUST COVERS MONITOR STANDS PRINTER CABLES With adjustable atm 80 Column £13.50 132 Column £19.50 Desk Top £7.90 GOOD QUALITY ANTI STATIC HOLDS AMIGA 500 ATARI ST CENT CENT 36M 36 M RS232 M M RS232 M F £6 90 £8.50 £8.50 £8.50
ATARI 520 1040 STFM £5.50 AMIGA 500 £5.50 PRINTERS £4.50 MONITOR £14.50 All monitot stands revolve 360° and tilt up to 25° FREE PRINTER LEAD £169.00 £219.00 £269.00 PRINTER STANDS VAUX Hurikai softwan Asa battle y throug screenfu and men larv in i posls, Wl done.
Theo program take* up •'•idiy mon ipaca th*n ih print* iu.ll vu S26A to. 80 col pftntar tlf M YUS258 tor 132 cot pnour (17 to WIRE PRINTER STAND Made of safety plastic coated steel wire C12.50 includes castuts YU-S23 PRINTER STAND Securely holds any printers wide or small Made of molded plastic £10.50 OM HOUSE, 139 141 DOMINION ROAD, GLENFIELD, LEICESTER LE3 8JB TELEPHONE: 106331 877733 124 hours) FAX: (0633) 873999 _ ORDER BEFORE 12 noon FOR SAME DAY DESPATCH OVERSEAS MEDIA DISTRIBUTORS LTD MINIMUM ACCOUNT ORDER £25.00 - MINIMUM ORDER VALUE £7.50 IMPORTERS & DISTRIBUTORS
mxtTtMLCmamimtmncacmiama rua«oanonMXMES*na« n cneon card HOTURl
* ?ss?
PRICES FULLY INCLUSIVE OF VAT & DELIVERY iuk onlyi ARTRON1C is in the final throes of converting Soldier 2000, its scrolling strategy beat-'em-up, on to the Amiga.
The game features five scenarios, multiple weapons, parallax scrolling plus both 2D and 3D play fields.
And as if the blast and kill, total wipe-out, war scenario isn't enough to attract the thousands of young, red-blooded adolescents who read this magazino - well, look at the pictures at least. In Soldier 2000 you get to play the sexy, metal clad girlie with large wossnames and two or three other things that probably go Wahay! In the night Sheesh! Who dreams up these plots? Young, red-blooded adolescents of course.
FlcfflftOA SdfflJlfKV Trade secrets VAUX is the first release from Hurikan, the newest of the Paris software houses.
As a black market racketeer you battle your way from a planetoid through multi-way scrolling screenfuls of pirates, other traders and members of the local constabulary in order to roach the trading posts, where lots of shady deals are done.
The other traders and police are programmed with intelligence, a fact we feel is at odds with the claim that Vaux has a real life feel.
The aim of the game is to amass enough wealth so that you can buy the whole of the trading system.
"The carrying of cargoes requires thought," says Hurikan person Mungo Amyatt-Leir. "for instance, you should not mix radioactive fuel with fresh food or livestock".
Why not, we ask? The government is all for it.
Get into gear with Gretzky HERE’S your chance to win sports gear worth an incredible £250. Wayne Gretzky and Bethesda Softworks, in conjunction with Active Sales and Marketing, have clubbed together to provide as a prize an authentic Los Angeles Kings’ ice hockey outfit, comprising shirt, shorts, gloves and leggings.
All you have to do to win is tell us how many minutes there are in an ice hockey period.
Send your answers on a postcard or stuck down envelope to: Wayne Gretzky's 20 minutes a period Ice Hockey competition, Amiga Computing, North House, 78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM 15 9BG. To reach us |an 2 latest.
Will it or won't it Aha! A bit of Fimblade. And a flank of am, stuff SWITCHBLADE has got the powers that be at Gremlin Graphics scratching their heads. None of them is sure whether they’ve got a classic on their hands or just an irritating little arcade adventure that won't go away.
Aim of the game is to guide Hiro, the Bladeknight, through the labyrinth of the Undercity to recover the 16 fragments of the shattered Fireblade, Once you have collected all the bits you must use said Fireblade to dispatch Havok, the guy who’s boon terrorising your people.
Graphics are nothing to write home about, ditto the sound. But as far as gameplav goes, it's as fast as lightning and... Well, you'll have to wait for the full review next month.
The Stun Runner coin-op displays its polygon generated 3D graphics MJ T-shirt winners WE had an enormous amount of correct answers to MJ's Moon- walker competition. Wonder why? One person got it wrong.
We're sending him a new brain.
Anyway, the lucky winners are (lakes a big breath): Eyal Teler from Jerusalem. G Wade from BFPO 45, Matthew and David King from Bcdfont.
Andrew Slimmon from Wolverhampton, Clare Pemberton from Peterborough, Sally Smith from Orpington, Steve Martinez from Fulham, Sheraz Yousaf from Hampton, Emma Bradford from Carshalton, Janine B-John- son from Mitcham. Andrew and Kenneth Chan from Willesden Green, Daniel Brown from Chiswick, C Caple from Newquay.
Simon Putman from Woking, Glenn Durant from Canvey island, C G Bennett from Sheffield, M Bradwell from Manchester, Paul Jones from Bid- dulph, Nicholas Holmes from Epson. Nabeed Ramzan from Dunblaney and. Lastly, David Fairweather from Blackburn.
Set you racer to stun Well done all of you, except Emma Bradford who was very naughty and sent in two entries.
She only wins a prize because she sent in a scented envelope which got rid of the smell of the editor's awful after shave. Goodies on their way.
IMAGINE a cross between Powerdrome and Road Blasters.
Racing through closed tunnels, open roads and over ramps in a sports spaceship. Stun Runner, the Atari coin-op, uses all the graphic 3D power of Hard Drivin' in a glide through the future.
Now that everyone has proved they can do solid graphics. Stun Runner uses vectors in the high speed mode to make it look as though your craft is whizzing along when you hit one of the Hot Spots.
There are tricks to mastering the curves, a bit like a Thirtie's Brook- lands racer. Only Blown Bentleys didn’t have advanced lasers, shock waves for smart bombs and add-on armour. Tutorial modes and lots of maps make controlling the 900 mph thingv easier, but mastering the game, with loads of tracks, is gonna take a while.
And you will have to wait a while before you can play it. The coin-op is only just finding its way into the arcades, with the Amiga version, convorted by Domark, to follow late in 1990.
ADVENTURERS who find themselves up the creek without an oops can now get rescued by Guiding Light, a new adventure helpline based in Manchester.
We’ve used it a couple of times ourselves - anonymously, of course - and have been impressed by the level of help given for adventures which FOLLOWING the disaster of Navy Moves. Dinamic is set to bounce back with After The War. Yet another sideways scrolling beat- 'em-up.
The rolling demo we’ve seen looks good. The graphics and animation are superb. There's excellent attention to detail, right down to empty shells being ejected from your Rambo-style assault gun. It also looks very difficult. Let's hope it's not as impossible as its subterranean predecessor.. You can get pointed in the right direction by phoning 0898 338933.
But watch out if you get put in a queue because it's costing you 25p per minute cheap rate, 38p per minute at all other times, Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! When comparing prices remember ours include fast delivery by courier.
520 STFM Power Pack £359.00 Inc. VAT and Next Day Delivery Power Pack includes:
* 520 STFM 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive and
TV Modulator
* Over £550 worth ol games software, including OutRun, Gauntlet
2, R-Type, Space Harrier, Super HangOn and 16 more Top Games
* Organiser Business Software including WORDPROCESSOR, SPREAD
* First BASIC and First Music Utility Software.
manuals PLUS MOUSE and free mains plug!
REMEMBER! Many Sts do not come with BASIC - ours come with ST BASIC REV D by Metacomco.
520 STFM Explorer Pack £279.00 A Explorer Pack includes 520 STFM 512K Keyboard with built-in 1 Megabyte Disk Drive and TV modulator A 1 FREE Game. ST Tutorial and METACOMCO Basic worth £25.00 A All Leads. Manuals PLUS MOUSE and FREE Mains Plug!
A Free mouse mat worth £4.95 1040 STFM Super Pack £439.00
* Includes l megabyte keyboard PLUS £450 worth ol Software.
Comprising 21 games and Organiser Business Software. Also includes Metacomco BASIC. Mouse Pad, all Leads. Manuals and Mouse.
Amiga A500 BAT Games Pack £399.00 Inc. VAT and Next Day Delivery BAT Games Pack Includes:
* Amiga A500 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive
* Free TV modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga
with a normal TV
* DELUXE PAINT II and PHOTON PAINT Graphic Padtages WORTH over
* FREE, only-just-released BATMAN-THE MOVIE games software.
* NEW ZEALAND STORY arcade games software.
* F16-INTERCEPTOR - amazing 3D flight simulator software.
* A further £230 worth ol Games Software, induding BUGGY BOY,
* FREE MOUSE MAT worth £4.95.
* Amiga BASIC, Amiga EXTRAS 1.3, Workbench 1.3 PLUS the Amiga
Slep by Slep Tutorial
* All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and mains plug!
Amiga A500 Business & Games Pack £479.00
* Includes Amiga A500 and TV modulator PLUS BATMAN: THE MOVIE,
comprehensive suite ol business programs induding: KIND WORDS
II. Word Processor (featuring Spellchecker and Thesaurus). HOME
ACCOUNTS by Digita International and SUPERBASE PERSONAL
database software.
I’s Brook- Bentloys ts. Shock d add-on id lots of the 900 oastering tracks, is
o wait a ly it. The ig its way le Amiga imark. To ..£139.00
..£109.00 ....£99.95 ....£89.95 ..£449.00 ..£369.00 Phone
Outckshot II Turbo Joysl Competition Pro 5000 Jt Competition
Pro with Autolire £14.95 Konlx Speedking
Joystick____________£11.95 Rea Mouse Mat with Amiga logo
..£5.95 Plain blue Mouse Mat ..£4.95 1040 STFM
Business Pack £439.00 Business Pack Includes: A Atari 1040 STFM
Keyboard with 1 meg memory and 1 meg built-in disk drive plus
TV modulator A £385 worth of Business Software including
Database (£60) and VIP PROFESSIONAL Lotus 123 Spreadsheet done
(£150), Metacomco Basic (£25) A All leads, manuals and mouse.
MEGA 1 Business Pack £529.00 Features:
* Separate Keyboard and System Unit
* All die Software included with 1040 STFM Business Pack
* Bitter chip installed lor (aster graphics Inc SM124 Mono
Monitor .£628.00 ACCESSORIES «« -..£.9.95 Branded
Memorex 3.5- OS OD Disks Box
oltO_____________________________£13.95 Memorex Disk 8ox For
403.5-Disks .£8.95 Amiga 1 2 Meg
Expansion ..£119.95 Control Centre Atari or Amiga £39.95
Contriver Amiga and ST Mouse with TREE Holder and Mouse Pad
£20.95 1 Meg Bat Games Pack indudes:
* Fined 1 Megabyte Memory Expansion ? Real Time Clock Card
* Everything listed for the A500 Bat Game Pack
Megabyte .. A-n a A1010 »
Megabyte Curnara i Megadye Atai or An ga NFC 1 Megaoyte Ata' or
Am ga Arai kA*gaf e 30 Hard l s* Nhw' Co'TT'odO'e AS9C 20 meg
nard Cisfc AS90 Hare f *x I Mem yy Upg-ade I'stalec AMIGA 1 MEG
bounce ir, yet g beat- ¦e seen nd ani- i excel- t down id from
gun. It t's hope subter- ST Amiga . Star LC24-10
24 pin Ind. Lead Star LC10 including interface lead tor
ST Amiga ...£16g.00 Star LC10
colour induding interface lead for
ST Amiga ..,,,.£219.00 Citizen 120D induding
interlace lead lor
ST Amiga .....£159.00 SEIKOSHA 80
interface lead for ST Amiga .£139.00 Seikosha
24 pin LO including interface lead lor
ST Amiga ..£239.00 CREDIT CARD ORDERLINE 0908
378008 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm) To order either cal the ordertna abow
wkh your credit card details OR make a cheguerPO payable to:
Digicom Computer Servces and sand t with your order to the
arMress betaw. Callers are also most welcome at the address
below DIGICOM Unit 36, Wharfslde, Fenny Stratford, MILTON
KEYNES MK2 2AZ All prices include VAT and next day delivery by
MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo colour Monitor inc. lead .£249.00 Atari SC 1224 Colour Monitor inc. lead .£259.00 Atari SM124 Mono Monitor induding lead ...£104.00 Philips CM8833 stereo colour monitor Inc. lead for ST or Amiga £239.00 333033 4 SB _; Winner 1989 British Ope a“""' n A Chess Playe graphics and 2150 is the strongest widest range of features wirni 1 A g iiBili e ft ¦ H i
- ¦1 m a i ¦ A 9CJ7 L WhmTJ iT«T*j ¦ ] 1 »m» T-I1 [¦iddfil
iivifa sfci fcTii OXFORD SOFTWORKS is a division of: CP
SOFTWARE, Stonefield House 198 The Hill, Burford, Oxfordshire
0X8 4HX Credit Card Hotline 0993 823463 ORDER FORM I Please
rush me the following titles for my Amiga:- ! PRODUCT PRICE
- --1 i Chess Player 2150 £24.95 I Bridge Player 2150 Galactica
£29.95 ] Bridge Player 2000 £19.95 | Backgammon Professional
£19.95 | Postage to Europe per item £2.00 I Air postage ex
Europe per item £2.50 i UK post and packing included | card no
Please debit by Access Visa card expiry date II ...... |j 1
enclose a cheque postal order to the value of: ri - | Name £ i
Address 1 | Post Codej
- 1 1---1 ¦ I Signature SS"0" s° pv*e' 'AC*-* P aVtYveB
?aCe'Ivout0 .U a .. , to des ny ,aVets ea t,jbute?"
B3??,»ontWbfwe 'ie'd: foC S rSave dCuP U,ad dS 3 LAYING SKILLS OF THE MANAGER This part of the game is a refined version of the KICK OFF, retaining it's pace, flavour and the universally acclaimed game play. Play in your position or control the nearest player.
The first option combined with a tailor made tactics can play havoc in the opposition goal mouth.
Bring Back The Glory Days, the brief of the newly appointed PLAYER MANAGER, an International class player, as he takes chargeof a third division club. His success depends on four distinct aspects of the game.
ANAGERIAL SKILLS Devising winning tactics, acquiring players with right skills rom the Transfer market and selecting a well balanced team s the test of his Managerial skills. When to hang his boots up s the toughest decision he has to make.
Four well proven tactics are provided to suit most situations iut you can design your own tactics. See the tactics in action ising the Ray Trace facility.
ATARI ST £19.95 CBM 61 - SPECTRUM - AM ST RAD - ATARI 800 £9.96(Cassette)£14.95(Disc) THE PLAYERS Over a thousand players in the four division league.
Each player with a unique combination of the following attributes: SHOOTING ACCURACY, PASSING ACCURACY. PACE. STAMINA, APPLICATION, AGGRESSION, HEIGHT and TACKLING SKILL.
These attributes are influenced by the player's Age, Mental and Physical Dexterity. Quality of Experience, Weight, Temperament and Morale.
There are several other factors such as injury, disciplinary points, unsuitable playing position which influence a player's performance.
HONESTLY! I haven't heard such a ridiculous plot since the first episode of )amie and his Magic Torch. CD dream machines used to brainwash the youth of the western world? Subliminal politics? They've been reading the Sport again.
Hmmm... does bear thinking about though. Next time you're on the train and the person opposite is playing a Walkman, ask them what their political affiliation is. 1 bet I know what they'll say. Absolutely nothing.
Back in plotsville. Some terribly clever former employee has worked his way into the mind of the machine, seemingly by way of plugging his CD player in the wrong way round.
Having tricked his girlfriend into doing the dangerous bit of breaking into the head office and braving the killer robots, all he has to do is think his way around the central computer and deactivate circuits to case her progress.
This would all seem a lot more plausible if it weren't for the fact that the digitised piccies at the start didn't look less like someone about to wrest technology’s sword from the hands of the warlords and more like a bloke donning his helmet before getting on his Vespa, Anyway, I know the plot to Max Headroom when I see it.
Access to the realm of the lnterphase is via a tunnel or data- channel or whatever the plotsters are likely to have called it. This involves flying Powerdrome style down a chequered tunnol avoiding a few obstacles and negotiating the hairpins.
Any collision will cost energy, of which you have precious little and which can only be regained by docking with the sparse generators inside the machine.
Once you have gained access you will find yourself inside the 3D world of the Dreamtrack CPU - welcome to the machine. Various analogues of real world hi-tech components litter the field of vision - big expensive things, things that go beep, Newton Cradles and unicycling frogs. I’m sure someone with honours in psychology can make something horrible out of that lot.
Unfortunately for those of you who think with their auto-fire switches, some of these components must remain in place to ensure the success of your mission. Bah!
You may also find that you can’t destroy all of the objects with gunfire but need to use missiles, which are a bit more complicated. Mental missiles? Where will it all end?
The immediate threat to the dear sweet girlie is the squad of killer robots positioned at various points around the despotic Dreamtrack Corp HQ.
Curiously these cannot be directly controlled from the main for planning your strategy and for following the wench's progress.
Information can be called up for any of the features marked and Uicir position in your throe- dimensional terrain can be determined using the navcom device.
Using a degree of cunning and a mooicum of m.0 blast-crazy frantic death and disintegration, it isn't that hard to progress through successive levels of graphical excellence and offective. If not imaginative, sonic stimulation. The real threat to life is careless driving. Or thinking, between levels.
Computer, and hence by you. But only influenced slightly by tampering with the security devices and sending them off in tho wrong dirpHion Blueprints of the lovols are freely available whon you get to each of the levels. These are vital Fast graphics and decent mouse control give a level of gameplay you Can oasily he enthusiastic over.
.Although the originality of the plot may be questioned, it has certainly been woli implemented in an excellent piece of software.
Green Timnnnmn SO there you are. Minding your own business, reading a copy of Intergalactic Playbeing, when a pod down in the cargo bay of your ship, the Mombassa Oak, breaks loose. Urk. Wholesale damage.
Total trashing of computer systems.
You manage to get the Oak to limp on to the mining colony, its original destination, and gratefully set down, expecting worried faces and a Sirius Slopshocker in the bar afterwards.
Hang on though, it's strangely quiet. Where is everyone? What's all this slimey stuff? What are these cocoons? And why is there a small alien scuttling down the corridor towards me? Oh no, it can't be... But it is. And if you were too frightened to sit through Alien(s) then you better steer well clear of Xenomorph 'cos there’s gonna be loads of little scuttly things and big chomping nasty beasties pouring down the corridors of the ship and the mining station, all heading for you.
Yes, that’s where the staff of the mining station on Atargatis have gone - into the stomachs of the aliens, and so will you if you don't find the equipment necessary to repair the ship and take off again.
Before you do that, you better figure out whether you're going to be Sigourney Weaver or Michael Biehn by generating your vital statistics. Sex, hair, or lack of it.
And even eye colour can be defined.
Having decided who you aro, whether you like boys or girls or aliens, you make straight for the weapons shop to tool up for the shoot out at the Mombassa Corral.
Stun guns and lasers, rifles and rocket launchers, grenades and mines, machine guns and even particle accelerators can be wielded wildly or stored in a 3D back pack, which is the strangest way to represent something so humble as a back pack.
Some weapons need power blocks, so make sure you store some of those as well, otherwise you'll end up using that particle accelerator as a club.
Possibly the most exciting weapon is the robo-mine, which lives to destroy. As soon as you set it off it chases after the nearest victim, Unfortunately this could be you if you don't get out of the way very quickly.
It's best used when there's a troop of Xenomorphs chasing you down a corridor and you're low on battery power. Quickly set it off, and run like hell as the sound of disintegrating aliens makes your kind of music.
While examing the contents of your goody bag. A smaller version of the main screen, which you have now obscured of course, pops up on the left side of the screen so that you can still have one eye on what’s happening around you.
Vigilance is everything in this game.
Once tooled up. Off you set around the five level ship and the 20 level mining base. The viewpoint is 3D, but it doesn't scroll towards you, it is redrawn. It scrolls when you swivel around to look sideways though, which makes life a damn sight easier.
The ship is all hues of metallic grey, but there are these access tunnels lined with pipes running through everything, and it's down these that the sense of fear is amplified.
Just what is awaiting around the bend in the tunnel? It's a pity this isn't a two-player game, then you could get a "friend" to go first.
Because of this threat it is essential to find the motion detector as soon as possible otherwise you never know what you'll meet in the dark.
The aliens mutate, of course.
Remember the pods from Alien?
Remember John Hurt leaning over one as it opened? Urk! Those pods are here and you can see them split open to disgorge small larvae, or proto-morphs. These don't hang around waiting for you to fry them
- them scuttle off at a great rate of knots, looking for
somewhere nice and warm to form cocoons.
Overall - 80% Out of these the fully grown aliens slobber.
Then they come looking for you.
Duncan Evans Xi'iunnntftli a-i.m Inlrmvlur i=insr micro HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS ‘ SHOWROOM 13 LANSDOWNE ROAD BOURNEMOUTH DORSET E33I £5 DELIVERY @ (0202) 24927 EXC. VAT INCLUDING:- BATMAN THE MOVIE NEW ZEALAND STORY F18 INTERCEPTOR Buggy Boy Ikari Warriors Barbarian Thundercats Terrapods £289 £1250 £476 AMIGA A500 BATPACK £320 £799 AMIGA A500 + BATMAN 2 Amegas Mercenary Deluxe Paint II - Mega Insanity Flight Paint Package Art of Chess Microblaster Autotire Wizball Microswitched Joystick 10 Blank 3.5’Disks rOJC Mouse Mat AMIGA B2000 INCLUDING:-
res monitor... Philips CM8833 High res... 1901 C64 -
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LC10 provides 4 NLQ fonts (with 96 print combinations) at
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operation and features paper parking, allowing single sheets
to be used without removing tractor paper.
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SOFTWARE Com Opnoode Studio -0710 FantortMofl-CM 90 VORTEX 40mb
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Nacculao Cop*--Cl * 90 £1650 £16.50 £14.90 £1490 £1490 £14.90
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r. 'i» «’ *-• ¦: CMC mB £*50 i-C ce y t - •: NEW RELEASES ns» H4
£1? » flftt I I' w C* V C5W £950 (• V fltSO CM | C 5 5C C4 JC Cttf C« V CM H C‘ V KMM £14 « C55C £•950 £16 50 £1550 KbiDMmM toil Out (Wf Honda £16 50 £10.90 £*50 £1650 £14 90 Government, Educational, Corporate and Export Orders Welcome GAMES DEJA VU Um... about half past three THINGS were looking bad The editor was on to me and it wasn't to wish me happy birthday.
The review I'd been assigned had been dragging on for days.
Deadlines weren't getting any longer. I had to do something, and do it last, or it was curtains for me.
I don’t know if you've ever been in fabric retail, but it isn't a prettv Tracking the software down wasn't hard - Icom Design had set it up. Software houses were like that, you could never trust 'em.
Always on to some scam or other, and nearly everyone on the take. It was getting so a guy couldn't make a decent living.
I took a look at the box and got that weird feeling - you know, when you think you've seen it all before. I told it "Of all the in- trays in all the offices, you had to fall into mine". I guess 1 felt kinda dumb just talking at it. So I slid it into my disc drive.
"Play it Sam." I said.
Sam was my Amiga. Td known him since he was very young. We were like brothers. We had our ups and downs like any other partnership. But on the whole we got alongswellHewasagoodkid. J Sam was doing the driv- j t ing so I sat back and lit up. I told myself to be Jiplj "rre and get round to fixing tha' cable some time. Sam stopped at the lights. We were there.
So tors Formal, bur somr proplr will reed anythin" OK. So Td been wrong about this set up. Something was different here and it made me uneasy. There was always someone trying to work a new angle, and it always ended up mcssv.
Hev. What kind of a stunt were these boys trying to pull? This looked a little like a Workbench screen. There was windows all over the place: Inventory, graphics, exits, text - it was all there.
Someone was cracking funnies, but I wasn't laughing I pulled over a window and he came easy. I was surprised. 1 told him I was going to have to rearrange his features. He didn't look too worried. 1 re-sized him.
Sent him to the back and to aM the front, then dragged him around for a bit.
H" was unruffled. sur- prised.
Gave 1! You try lo shirk your msoonsibiiitins r you’ll gef c vfsff from this ytry the same treatment to the rest of them, all except the graphic which looked too big for me to handle.
They lapped it up. This was impressive.
Being an ace at this sort of work 1 soon discovered that I could pick up objects by clicking on them and dragging them to the inventory window. And if I opened up ah object, its own little window appeared.
To move around I could either click the appropriate part of the screen or on the little squares in the exits window. Any other actions could be performed by clicking on the words in the top right comer. If this is what's meant by user friendly, fully icon-driven interactive adventures, then lay some more on me.
Overall - 84% I soon had the full story. I was playing the part of Ace Harding, down and out in Las Vegas and on the receiving end of some unwelcome attention from the mob.
I had to get back to Chicago to try and sort .it all out But it's more than 106 miles to Chicago. I haven't got a car. Never mind any gas. Tm out of cigarettes, it's light outside and I've mislaid my sunglasses.
This was going to be no picnic.
It couldn't even be comfortably described as a peanut butter sandwich. But I had to complete it. I knew if I didn't I'd regret it - maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But soon, and for the rest of my life.
And so will you Green Thooortontsof your pockrts LIKE an epidemic that resurfaces at irregular intervals, the ball season is upon us again. You know the sort of thing - small ball versus holes, ramps and various ball-breaking devices in a quest to get to the other side.
N nnr i m ROLL I Awopbop Funny thing about this one is that it has a fairly original title.
Rainbow Arts must've lost its marbles.
Anyways, the lowdown on the situation is this. You must guide your ball past various obstacles and explore each of the 32 levels.
The levels are divided up into seven continents, each with its own signature tune and particular terrain characteristics.
Graphically amazing, a lot of thought has gone into the backgrounds and the various features to enable them to be highly detailed and visually entertaining and yet prevent them bom becoming confusing.
The path to enlightenment is not easy, for it is strewn with many hazards and temptations. In some places the way is not only eightfold, but is twisting tho concepts of euclidian geometry.
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way won't do much good. But you can always look at the map. Where detail will be revealed to a depth indicated by the number of eyes you have picked up.
Consequently, on the first two levels you will find as much useful information on it as on the back of a packet of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.
The problems are mostly logical
- you come across a hole in your path so you have to fill it in.
Or there is a colour-coded lock so you need the corresponding
Some problems are a little more obscure. You discover an unpleasant add bath in your way and there doesn’t seem to be any other route.
It’s probably something lo do with one of those mysterious levers that are hanging around.
Further doubt is cast on the raison d’etre of the eggs that appear occasionally. Rolling over them smashes them, but aside from that it appears to have no other effect.
Perhaps you're just an Edwina fan.
There are not eight million ways to die. Merely three. You can run out of energy by being hit by explosions or energy barriers and the like, you can run out of time on certain levels or you can just fall off the world. Not everything is out to get you - magnets, fans and arrows just want to tell you were to go It is a bad idea to get into the habit of doing the obvious. After racing through scores of electric barriers you will find that every time you see one you will have a Pavlovian urge to dash through it (For further reference look out for the Little Green Man theory In my forthcoming
paper on the psychological aspects of crossing the road.) Often as not there is a way round it if you are cunning.
The only thing which quells my rampant enthusiasm for Rock n' Roll is the apparent lack of a save option. When you’ve made it to level six it would be nice to be able to start off from there. Perhaps this is a move to increase the durability of the game, something I feel is not necessary because there are always things to explore.
Mouse control is excellent. As soon as I got over the initial frantic paddling stage I found that pixel perfection was possible. The way the ball animates with spots going around helps the feeling of motion, and hence the ease of control.
Sound is not quite what you may have expected from the title but is nevertheless pleasing and plentiful. Worth hooking up to the hi-fi.
Rock ’n’ Roll is the best of this genre so far. Possibly due to its greater dependence on brain power than mouse power. One thing is confusing me though - where are the sex and drugs?
Green Ovitrall - 94% .
" - X. hERCE's Adventures of TaHn! Used to a familiar ay on children's television long before the current invasion of Japanese transforming cetpeople he-man cartoons which profiliate today.
Tnat plucky lad with the strange haircut, and shorts so outlandish that they are bound to be fashionable. Had numerous adventurous goings-on with his faithful dog Snowy and other erstwhile com- panions, And now. Betraying his cross channel origins, that equally French software house Infogrames brings us TinTin on the .Moon, a game loosely based on one of his televised epics.
No matter what you might think about French software, it is fair to assume that more than average effort has been lavished on the graphics, linlin sur la t .n» is no exception.
Tne opening sequence is superb, using animation and sound effects which honestly give the original TV cartoons a run for their money.
It starts with a minimilist French countdown, after which the re- decorated V2 rocket - designed by Professor Calculus and piloted by TinTin and friends - blasts off amid a blaze of pixels and some 2001- type music. Tne Thompson Twins appear to be absent com the crew list; they must have been at a recording session that day.
Ttle game fop vials of tWO stages, each played five times as the ship progresses on its journey to the moon. Tne first stage is a three- dimensional view of the rocket hurtling through space, dodging asusroids and collecting spheres of enei y.
JO AMIGA COMHirnXG -nu-ry luoo Tne energy level is important became allowing it to reach zero will end the game. This stage is easiest to play with the motive The second stage, which is where the real game t.»Vav place, is a platform and ladder* aixair. If you used the mouse for the first stage, you must quickly look around the desk and find a joystick. It's either that or the keyboard, and nobody uses the keyboard these days.
The dastardly, anarchical and suicidal Colonel Boris has planted some bombs around the various cabins. As if this wasn't enough, he has started fires left, right and centre while he was at it.
To sony. 7ia7in. Bur I can't hear anything.
TuHn rushes about the ship in a sort of breakdancing frenzy, defusing the bombs and extinguishing the fires before the ship explodes with suitably terminal consiliences.
Snowy is as helpful as always, wagging his tail and going woof. Or is it bark? No matter, the dog is a waste of space and can't even climb the ladders properly. How it is going to put its little doggy spacesuit on. Or where it is going to find a lamppost on the surface of the moon is never explained.
To successfully complete this stage. TtnTin must deal with all the incendiazy devices, as well as freeing anyone tied-up. A type of panic button is available in the form of a zero gravity switch, which causes everyone to float about, hoping Snowy doesn't have an accident.
Attacking Boris is best left to Captain Haddock, who will quite happily knock the living daylights out of mm whenever they meet.
According to the instructions, after completing the fifth stage you will "momentarily lose control" as the rocket makes its final approach to the lunar surface. I certainly did.
And danced crazily around the room, shouting "Thundering Typhoons!" For several minutes.
Then the rocket starts its landing phase and you must fire the brak- ing motors us gently & possible to conserve energy. For what does energy make? N’o. Not the green- houso effect, but points.
Entering your name in the his- core table is also an out-of-this- world experience, .although your country of origin is determined at the start of the game, the keymap is still laid out for a French Azerty system. Tne graphics are gteal. The TinTin on ihr Moon CULM lafoxtamm Graphics Sound GaacpUy Value Overall - 68' sound is reasonable, but the big question is the gameplay. Quite simply, is there any? To be fair, there is something to do during the platform and ladders parts, but not enough to merit the asking price.
Once again, it is glossy effects versus gamepiav. And gameplay loses.
John Kennedy r ‘.J SUPERB TACTIC A t%A)T Option to practice and learn ball contrad and practice penalties. One or two player option: 4 distinct tactics. Cbm 04 - srtLlltUM - amsi League competition for 1 to 8 players. Load and ATARI 800 £9.95 Cass £14.95 Save league facility.
Simple controls to dribble, shoot, pass, chip or head the ball or dB V liding tackle.
9 types of Corner Kicks, Penalties, Yellow and Red Cards, 12 differ - Referees, Host of other Full size multi directional sc machine AMIGA - ST £19.95 CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD ATARI 800 £9.95 Cass £14.95 Disc IIAU'BA U'JUIJH Ak”oa o fS-9S NEW PLAYER ATTRIBUTES - EXTRA TACTICS FOUR DIFFERENT PLAYING SURFACES LEAGUE AT 3 LEVELS • FULL CONTROL OF POWER (SHOOTING, PASSING. CHIP AND HEADERS) - NEW REFEREES AND MUCH MORE. EXPANSION DISC FOR KICK OFF (Needs Kick Off Disc to Load).
CVG ¦ 88% • Most playable soccer simulation in binary history. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
ZZAP - 96% - So Realistic, So Fun, Soooo Addictive. Boots all other football simulations over the crossbar.
AMIGA FORMAT - GOLD - 91% - The best football game on the Amiga to date. -SFV! 1 THE ONE - 88% - The game is such a joy to play. By far the best to appear on 16 bit. InSiri POPULAR COMPUTING WEEKLY -94% - The opposition gets blown away by the utter brilliance of KICK OFF, which has the proper options and the best gamepiay seen in any football game.
THE ACE • A great football game that will have you queuing up for a season ticket.
NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS-Simply the best football sim.we've played on any micro. It's fast, furious and immense fun. Goand buy it.
THE GAMES MACHINE - 87% - Best 16 bit soccer simulator yet. True football skills are needed in every sense of the word.
ST USER - The whole game is a complete delight to play and immediately addictive. This is one of the fastest and most exiting action games around and it just has to be the best football simulation yet.
MCO Telephone No.: 0322 92513 92518.
FAX No.: 0322 9342Z FUTUREPLACE COMPUTERS 12 Loampit Hill, Lewisham, London SE13 7SW. Tel. 01-692 8700 I ALL GAMES SOFTWARE AT 20% DISCOUNT AMIGA A500 BAT PACK Includes AMIGA A500 Computer Mouse, Power Pack, Leads, TV Modulator.
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HOURS Mon. to Fri.10to6pm Sat. 9 to 6 pm Credit based on 3
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month credit Fonc CITIZEN PRINTERS form iem.
The B ioins CITIZEN 120D 9 PIN DOT MATRIX £139.00 or £6.95 per month credit CITIZEN 180E 9 PIN DOT MATRIX .£159.00 or £8.25 per month credit MONITORS two I Surp win £ show on it: igno snowt Th.
Systa straigl ing o wager onde The PHILIPS CM8833 14" MED RES COLOUR MONITOR 2 SPEAKER STEREO IDEAL FOR THE AMIGA OUR PRICE £275.00 INC. VAT or £12.99 per month credit CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 01-692 8700 Please add £1.50 to all orders under £75.00. All prices include VAT Access - Visa - Diners Club - American Express Make mine a large one EVER since Ug bet Zog a woolly mammoth sploen that ms eohippus wo f.ister. hone ne-
- eg In bees a big money business Since n a well nigh impossible
lo work out which out of 11 the tur.cn it going to finish most
of the big money goo from punter to booxie. Not the other way.
As mow m me tune would has-e us believe as they tty to hide
their Sicrcedo Ana Doily Double is on otlempt to hnng as mony
factors of the reel thing an o computer without hav- ing to
wode through screeds of confusing options. It uses o
simplified AuA-DouUi' OSSS CDS Overall - 57°: dfhind ! 1F -
*fh* ftrrf plocr for all .. ftacy Trim u» msaer? Floo.
Juss - at left Iliad'.
Form of the American woger sys- '¦ which is extremely similar [n the British one in thot it's still cosy to lose.
A hone Con win. Piece or show
- [hot is. Come in in the first one.
Two or three places respectively.
Surprisingly enough, you don't wm os much money on o horse to show then you woula if you'd bet on it to piece. Any bookmoker who ignored this would bevo o snowfioke's chance in o furnace.
There arc niTtC different betting systems, threo of them being straight wagering on winning piecing or showing. An cxacta is wegecc over two hones in the one rece: the punter must predict which will come m first and sec- oad coaly.
The game is not strictly true to form on this point, because it the -¦sers odds the v»m of the *uadd?d odd*. A oppa*c& to using o separate exaCta pool. A doily double is spread over two of the ddy race* - the runv i hono must win the chosen races for a payoff. Things start to get faintly confusing when quincllas are brought in. A quinella could be described as an inexacta - two horses in one race are chosen to win or place, but which wins and which places is irrelevant. Well, maybe not quite irrelevant - tho winnings on tho first horse are TaVod -igfUHv? Ir,c xk~ ?m borw. KO ihe odd
rhould dlway* be a higb as possible.
A parlay is the same, but different. Two horses in any two races can be chosen to win. Placa or show, and tho w-innings from the first are the - on the As always, winnings horn a showing are way much smaller ir-ar. From a winning horse.
Betting is simplified by having a large form book, where all the horses' previous results are recorded. There are dO horses and 12 jockeys, each of which perform differently according to the going This form book, which will noed to be consulted continuously, is printed on thin paper and will become dog-eared very quickly.
Tho form book is also tho key to tho game, as entry- is gained by imowmg a bone and jockey combi- fiAtiOea He A CcfsaUS ACC.
3etung is a simple, icon-dnvcn process, ana tho runners can bo viewed for any of tho afternoon's 10 races. The aim is to come away with more money tha**- the oppose- boa - up lo ibrec other people dber dll the race* have boea run Each race consists of some fairly jerky horses juddering along a track, with the lop three horses numoc as the race progresses. A ¦ussy digitised voice proclaims the winner - the whole thing smacks slightly of being whiten in Basic dad then compiled.
To the jaded gamer. Daily Double would probably elicit .imnwio disbelief at how simple the gemo presentation is. But as an evening's entertainment for up to four racing fans - settle up afterwards in aft or riir.ra-r rr.r-v Tiiily Double could provide many hours of solid playing Stewart C. Russell DESPITE what Tengen might try to tel! You. APB doesn't stand for All Points Bulletin. It is an acronym for Atrocious Plastic Bos. For such Is its package.
F* Hey. Hey. Hey ... let's be careful out there This bos Is cunningly designed to crease or tear the instructions while dumping the disc on the floor. It's also guaranteed not to close properly. Me and it don't see eye to eye.
Packaging notwithstanding APB is a slightly ageing coin-op which Is nlll to bo found lurking in university games rooms «nd other dens of iniquity.
Basically. Too control Officer Bob In his adventures is a US traf- 5c cop. He's fairly typical is traffic cops of the American persuasion Co. In that his car runs on dough- nuts and bo runs on petrol. Hanq on. Rrrorso that. And spoil it donut.
Might as well got into the spirit of the thing.
Officer Bob's life is made a misery both hr petty criminals like lit- torbugs and dangerous criminals like dope dealers and snipers. But worst of all. There nerer seem to be enough donuts out there to keep a man happy.
You gain a demerit if too do a wrongful arrest Tbo many demerits and You're trash. UterailY. Every day sou must capture sour quota of wrongdoers or face the wrath of the sergeant, who's a really nice man srben you're in his good books, but Isn't when sou're not It ssould be a very humdrum existence, just ticketing litter louts, and perhaps 5nd- ing time for the odd donut or seven. That's srbere APBs come In.
If there's a special criminal to be caught you ire told at the briefing a! The start of the day - Hill Street Blues fans will warm to this - where the criminals are and what they're driving If you manage to 5nd the criminals and ram them off the road you get the chance to hare the rest of the day oil pros-ided you an get a confession out of the seumballs.
You do this by using the age-old lice technique of "Er. He must re fell down the stairs guv", being careful that guY doesn't find out.
The actual police brutality bit Is a standard left-right bash, which gase me acute friction burns off my Konix. Pm suing Areade APB had a huge hi-res monitor - Walking Circles has done a neat trick oo the Amiga by overlaying the score bar on the oserscarmed scrolling area, therebv getting a large display, much modi larger than the ST (hawk. Spit) version.
It's Terr fast and handles similarly to tile arcade original. The graphics are good - maybe a little drab for the ultra-pedantic - and POWER DRIFT Burning rubber Dad you e rest of angel a unballs, age-old be must rs guv", sn l find ity bit is u which is off my ;e bi-res :les has unigaby r on Ihe . Thereby ch much spit] verier simi- aal. The e a little ic - and the arcade machine.
For once, fans of the arcade machine - and that includes me - can feel right at home. It’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to say that it's identical. To use those mortal words from the thankfully now deceased series. The Interceptor: “I like it, Mikeyl" FUN versus accuracy. This Is the balancing act which all the creators of the latest genre of driving simulators have to master.
Power Drift and Hard Drivin' appeared in the arcades at the same time. One was fun, the other accurate.
Now I'm sure that with plonty of time behind the wheel, Hard Drivin' would be more rewarding.
But at £1 a throw I couldn't afford to find out.
So 1 became hooked on Power Drift, with its huge screen, amazing hydraulics and "faster than the eye could follow" graphics. A machine with more just one mote go appeal than any other.
It would be a brave man who attempted to convert such a game to a home computer. That man was ZZKJ. He'd been to the brink of technology before with Super Hang On. Now he prepared to dive into his source again. And this wasn't ketchup. The problem with spritey games, like Outrun for Instance, is that they look and feel 2D.
Solid games like Interphase feel better but need some serious processing power. And anyway, Power Drift is intrinsically sprite based.
ZZ managed to find a way to store, magnify and rotate sprites so that they appear solid. Then ho calculated the relative positions In the same way as he would for a 3D game.
The upshot of all this technical mumbo jumbo Is that If one car cuts a corner, slides past a tree and back on to the track to crash into the next car, the graphics all look right. And you really feel as though you've done something pretty clever.
Missing from the conversion are tho rotation, Including an Afterburner style roll if you crash, and a small map which shows where the other cars are. Nothing to woiTy about.
The frame rate Is acceptable in most places, helped by the blitter.
Sometimes it slows to a crawl when there is a lot going on. The person with a Commodore processor card in his A2000 will bo surprised to learn that not only does this game load, It benofits from tho 68020.
It’s exciting, spectacular and impressive. One of the compromises made for the sake of playability is particularly generous collision detection. But then karting Is supposed to be a non-contact sport The game’s got instant ’’grab the mouse and go” appeal, but also has depth. You won't do well until you learn the 27 circuits.
Master the game for a mode which puts you in control of tho Afterburner jet or the Super Hang- On bike.
Me? I'm off karting for real. Let’s call it research.
Simon Rockman PLAY CRIBBAGE LIKE A KING... World's strongest ('ribbage-plaving algorithms.
Plav Two-handed. Four-handed, or Five-card Crib- bage.
Seven distinctive computer opponents.
Ask for advice from anv computer opponent up Mode to desise scenarios for analvsiv is "duplicate” ( ribbage. Keplav later using the same cards.
Special setup allows computer plavert to compete ainst each other.
• jatlto ipsa |su|nSo vB|d sa;if|euosjad jamduioa ajaqw sauirJt „
iiy jawdum )., dn tas
- spjea Auies aqi qjiw ja|R| uieHr uff)(4.i|B*|dn |M sisvptuR joj
soueuaas uqnuuoj o| apo| -dnias a H31SVIM V 3311 NIO Avld
wvuaiuas |Ruo||trsjavuo.v '(tm u; sisv|rur pur sjuiq avai.wj
pur javit|d jainduioa suit uiojj aa; vpn joj vfsy sail! I
ruosj.nl jainduioa anbiun uavas "“If) IWWIO M “If) pjepQBiS
* suiq|uo8|R 8u|ve|d-u|f) i%a3uojis s.p|JoM QUEST FOR THE
TIME-BIRD At the third stroke SITTING in his little hut all
aione on the outskirts of civilisation. Bragon waits. Retired
hero and inspiration for hundreds of drinking songs, he keeps
his battle axe well polished in preparation for what he is sure
his future holds
- a comeback quest.
No hero worth his battle harness is ever allowed to sit back and draw his pension. There’s always some untold horror waiting to sweep over the land, some wrong to be righted, some... Hang on - was that a knock at the door? Ah, it's Roxanna. Illegitimate daughter of Mara the witch and who knows who else, Here comes the spiel. What's that? Evil empires, hopeless quests, terrible danger...? Say no more.
Pausing only to collect his axe and leave a note for the milkman.
Bragon is on his way Quest for the Time-Bird is based on the French graphic novel of the same name, which has been mildly popular probably because of the over- exaggerated features of Roxanna.
The adventure is constructed in the style of a graphical multiple choice type game. Decisions are made by clicking the mouse pointer on a relevant part of the screen. This controls the direction in which the party will move and also their interaction with the envi- | ronment and anyone they should ! Meet.
The cursor will change shape on ] a graphic window to indicate a J direction in which you can travel.
Pressing the left mouse button at any time you are not on the largo map page will produce a small box containing graphics of everyone currently in your party. Selecting one of these images will bring up a strip of icons of the different actions that character can perform.
The actions are the usual and fairly straightforward ones - Eat.
Talk, Kill and so on - except for Charm. This can be used to worm your way into the affections of someone in ordor to get their help
- a particularly dangerous weapon when used by Roxanna, who has a
lethal pout.
Annoyingly, you are only allowed to have one saved game per disc, hardly enough to explore the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in an adventure such as this where each turn can lead the dusty way to death.
As you might expect from the French, the graphics are superb.
Not only are they very detailed and pleasing to look at, but they are displayed with imagination and variety, appearing in different shaped boxes in different areas of the screen.
It shows the thought that went into the layout. It has actually interested me sufficiently to look out for the book.
Well animated sequences appear to break up the journeys, the most impressive of which is when the party is on foot and the foreground scrolls past the bottom of the screen.
Overall - 77",.
Sounds and effects are both well crafted. Each of the seven kingdoms has its own background track designed to enhance the atmosphere of the current location.
They tend to get a bit repetitive and brain destroying after a while, but then so does life.
The plot is a little thin, and solving the puzzles is about half- and- half intuition versus persistence.
No incredible vulpino feats of cunning are needed to solve The Quest, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.
Overall, a well designed game which will probably appeal more to the casual adventurer than the hardened one.
Lucinda Orr Hamilillhlll m I'illnmii Obscured by the clouds Solstice is aimosi upon us, and as we peer through hermetically sealed windows at the ever expanding gloom perhaps we should spare a thought for the residents of Albion where the shadows last all year round and the man from Everest hasn't been seen in living memory'.
The Queendom is under threat from the malevolent Shadowlord and his merciless minions, intent on destroying the sacred temples, robbing the land of magic and supporting Millwall on Saturday afternoons.
Your quest is to do something about it - nobody is quite sure what - aided by a brave band of merry men.
This is where Swords departs from the regular plot for role- playing, because from the cast of suicidal heroes you choose to direct three, not one. For this is a multiplayer role-playing game.
Now you too can invite a few mates round and enjoy tho quarrels, bickering and sabre-rattling that were once the exclusive domain of that breed of person who found joy in big books full of tables and even bigger dice.
Alternatively you can elect the computer to control the other two characters and play on your own.
This is still not quite like a solo role-playing though because the computer will act under the personalities of Ihe characters it is playing, so they can be just as unhelpfrd and prone to sulking fits as your mates.
The characters are all chosen from a field of 31, comprising champions, knights and mages.
Champions are just knights who are better at knighting, whereas a mage is a generic term for a follower of one of the five brands of magic currently on the market.
Knights come in all skill levels from the belligerent Britomart at sixth level to the lowly Kodak who is still developing. Be careful in your choice though, some weapons are only effective in the hands of a complete novice.
Control is by a sort of menu affair which is activated by pressing the fire button. The options are all pretty basic, pick up and drop stuff, apart from the talk option.
This is by far the most important as it handles all the interaction Forsooth, methlnks I'll stab a few monks.,. between you and anyone or anything you should meet.
Reputations will be built from all that you spite and everyone you | fight - how you treat people can easily decide your fate.
Travel to the other kingdoms, which will be necessary to complete your quest, is via the ancients' alternative of arterial highways, the Rainbow Road. This is actually an excuse for some gratuitous colour- cycling.
The answers to your problems lie in these distant realms, but your I first task is to find your way about.
The graphics are more than adeThe computer will intuitively flavour your speech depending on how wary or friendly you are at the time. If you are suspicious, comments about your name or mission will be more guarded.
It is worth noting that other characters will react depending on how you treat them. It is quite possible to charm even the most depraved of slavering hordes by giving them little gifts and saying how pleased you are to see them, quate for this type of game but the painfully grinding Ring movement will have Wagner turning in his urn. It certainly isn't how George Solti used to play it.
Overall-81% The only real criticism of Swords could equally well be levelled at many of the games in this genre - the incessant and aimless wandering about seems to have been overdone a bit. The plot itself is complex and interesting as it unravels, but if the tedium gets to you before the ogres do, then you'll never find out This is a brave attempt at properly reproducing the atmosphere and style of true role-playing.
Although not quite perfect, it should find its way into every serious role-player’s collection.
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subject to change without further notice. All goods subject to
availability All price Please note some Leisure titles are
awaiting release ONLY on a few occasions in the history of
mankind have the massed armies of two nations met head to head
in pitched battle, most of these in the last century.
One such occassion was the battle for Kiev in 1943.
With the defeat of the German army at Kursk during the summer offensive of 1943. The Soviet forces pressed home the advantage and pursued their enemy all the way to the Dneiper river.
Here the Germans hoped to regroup and re-equip their troops before the inevitable bombardment by the Soviets during the coming winter. Stavka, the Russian high command, had other ideas.
So the scene is set for one of the most desperate and potentially decisive engagements of World War
II. Can the ruthless and famed German 42nd Korps, nicknamed the
Fire-Brigade, turn the tide of the Russian offensive?
Three scenarios are provided, picking up the historical action on progressive dates throughout the winter, effectively deciding how long the game will last. Each turn is a day in game time.
Orders are given to your troops via a complicated system of icons along the bottom of the screen, the sort you have to look up in the manual every now and then to make sure you know what they mean.
Orders are given to the korp commanders, who will then organise their troops in the way they think best to achieve their objectives.
The scroll bars at bottom and right pull you around the map This means that a great deal of your overall strategy depends on your front line commanders, which might not be such a bad thing - after all, most of them are veterans of several years of campaigns.
On the other hand, some of them are useless. Remember, you can transfer units to other korps, so if you find a really bad commander just leave him with a couple of Baldricks and move the good troops elsewhere.
When you have finished your turn the computer will go into the 24 hour game turn. That's 24 hours in game time, not in real, lunch or Greenwich Mean time, though you may be forgiven your mistake because there doesn't seem to be much difference.
If you decide to go away and make a cup of coffee in this game, you can afford yourself the luxury of grinding the beans, percolating it, savouring every last drop and then having another two or three cups before it's your turn to go up to bat again.
There is an option for occasional battle noise to let you know that things are still happening.
Actually, the reason it lakes so long is because it insists on animating the map window, with all the units marching about and flashing and blowing up.
This would not be so bad but for the fact that the window updates are so slow, a condition which seems prevalent on games originally written for the Mac. Balance of Power springs immediately to mind.
This incredibly slow response time becomes unacceptable when it comes to giving orders. Changing the standing order for a unit? Click on its icon, wait up to five seconds while the map is redrawn with the selected unit inverted, then select your target.
The scroll bars for seeing the rest of the map are just as annoying. Where can all this wasted time he going? Perhaps this is why the Germans lost.
Fire Brigade needs 1 meg to run but doesn’t seem to be doing much with it because in several areas it is less impressive t running on vanilla Amigas.
High on realism, excellent documentation, but low on playability.
Lucinda Orr FACE it, reader-san, ever since you read the book, saw the TV series (again) and decapitated next door’s cat with the sword, you’ve been wondering what it was really like to be an Englishman abroad in the newly-discovered japans.
Did they really bath that often Were they really that fanatical’ And what about the women?
Wonder no more, for now Infocom has provided you with e ticket back to the 12th century as e pilot aboard a Dutch trader, the Erasmus. Times are hard - there is a religious war brewing in Europe and on the sea no one can hear you sink.
Spanish and Portuguese and English and Dutch men have been blowing each other out of the water for years now, each protecting their valuable trade routes.
Until now the Portuguese have had the [apanese sewn up by controlling the seas to the west of them, the way east being miles ol uncharted ocean which only a madman would cross. Enter one madman.
Pilot of the last ship from a fleet of five, you struggle across wide seas with a pitiful crew, most ol them dead, the rest dying. As you brave a fierce storm you suddenly sight land. This is where your adventure begins.
Unless you are a complete landlubber you should find it pretty easy to salvage most of your ship plus a few of your crew if you are lucky. Capture by the lapanese is ai certainty.
As a stranger in a strange land T T If you knew sushi like I knew sushi... you must learn quickly or die. Your future depends on how quickly you grasp the fapanese way of ihings. Their brutality, their strange code of honour, their odd bathing habits, and their funny curvy swords.
Once | «TV I next m've rally ad in iften?
Now nth a vasa
t. the ere is uropc ir you e and i been f water g their e have ij
conest of dies of only a :er one i a fleet s wide nost of As
vou iddenly e your te land- t pretty hit ship you are tese is
a ige land Progress is hampered by your total inability to
speak anything even slightly approaching japanese. A
translator is on hand, but he is a Portuguese priest - your
swom enemy on both counts.
Trying to get your point of view across can be a bit difficult when your interpreter thinks you're a heretic pirate. Your overall objective may be fame and riches, but just staying alive would be all right for now.
The text of the game is surrounded by a pretty Japanese-style border, which changes as you progress through each part of the adventure.
Pictures occupy the same part of the screen as the text, and scroll away as the text wraps around them and fills the screen. This gives the impression that you are reading a book or parchment and adds considerably to the atmo- The adventure is split up into different sections or events, like scenes in a play, which must be completed before going on to the next.
At the end of each section you will be told how many points you got out of the number available for that section and your running total before being given various options
- whether to continue, whether to get a hint, and so on. You've
heard of modular programming? Well this is modular advenluring.
Shogun is an adventure unlike most others in that it is orientated towards solving situations rather than puzzles. That is. It is more important to think and to do than to collect lots of objects and manipulate them in some way. In this respect Shogun is, dare I say. More intellectually challenging than many of the popular adventures.
As one of the last efforts from the team that showed the world what adventures are all about, this is one to be proud of.
Lucinda Orr Shogun a-ur, InliH-nm Overall - 84% r A t r FTPTTnPFTt iW Let’ c a jl nuni.iA et this show on the road OW this is what I bam been _ . Waiting for. Chuck away tbo instructions. We won't need thorn.
Just pop the disc in tho drive and flex those wrist muscles.
A few presses of tho Fire button and already the game has started.
No tedious little animations or jingles here, this is serious arcade gaming. A conversion of a Sega coin-op no less, and for once the arcade feel has been carried through to the home computer.
Ah. The joys of hardware scrolling. It’s been a while since there has been a serious attempt to produce a vertical scrolling road game.
This one is just the way 1 like them - swing a leg over your motorbike and with a squeal of Dunlops you're off. Leaving only a treadmark on the gunmetal road.
SnivtV up behind a few cars and open up with the cannons, riding through the explosions in search of a few more to take out. Gangs of dispatch riders rAn be bumped off the road, but pay special attention for tho Sunday drivers doing 20 in their red t-vin* Extra weapons are supplied by a small truck which allows you to ride up inside while the pi! Crew fit the extra cannons front and roar, guided missiles and a neat lino in all-over body shields. The miyvilna are especially useful for taking out the helicopters which buzz around dropping the ocadooil bomb.
Your reward for destroying all the excess traffic is to have your bike upgraded to a car. The obvious insult of having your lovely bike roplaced by a cage on wheels is quickly rcmediod by a press on the spacebar.
Just as in roal life, riding a bike has many benefits over the car.
Although the more cautious and uncool among you may wish to stick with four wheels and the resulting loss of manoeuverability and acceleration.
Tho helicopter pilot is obviously in the British Motorcycle Association because he only attacks you when you are driving the car.
Once various little floating letters have been collected, the whole game changes. Now you're flying a jotcar over enemy territory, with cannons and bombsights to match.
Tne landscape scrolls smoothly underneath, with little gun emplacements and depots to bomb.
Airborne mines and fighters attack, but your pitcrew has followed you into the skys flying a large Heli- ship for those little cosmetic changes.- Finally you cruise over a large software house, err. Ocean, where the mission objective may be accomplished by destroying three U-boats which rise and fall like Amstrad's profits.
So ends the first level With four more to go you soon wish for a Continue? Option. But since there isn't one. You darn sure every life counts. Each mission features extra baddies, so there is always something new to look forward to killing.
Tne Pause button is *s 4*ntial for background tasks such as eating, visiting the bathroom and drinking coffee, while the President gives you yet another death-defying mis- sion to undertake. (Where is Dan Quail?)
Action Fighter manages to cram every conceivable sconario from every vertical scroller ever written into one jam-packed game.
With five multi-stage missions, it will take a long time for your wrist to recover from this one. It may look five years out of date, but it's true arcade action.
Everyone needs at least one shoot-'em-up in their software collection not written by the BitMap Brothers - make sure it's Action Fighter.
John Kennedy HE copywriter at Virgin must be in a very, very bad way.
This poor auature. In all probability locked up in a dingy ofFo -¦~n led on stale chips xnd coldhas spent so long studying computer JTTj-v lli 1B JPj» It can now take a perfectly ordinary arcade game plot - Shoot AS.
Rescue 8S. Lor example - one turn it into a deeply moving human drama, with a few bargain base-
• SCSI laughi UlaGWaa kaa for dnfflttc effect So Shinobi. A
'shoot anything, rescue children' game has been turned into a
mixturo of Dirty Harry and The Pied Piper.
It seems that some wayward ninja has stolon all the children from the local ninja academy and is demanding a ransom. This isn't acceptable to the good burghers (this has nothing to do with Wimpy, by the way - I did say good) and it's up to you to do the Jot r-AyP Your initial weapon against all the bad people is a limitless supply of throwing stars: to call them shunken is. Apparently, incorrect.
After you save a few children, you get to throw slightly more dangerous things.
Once per stage you can use a very tedious form of ninja magic, which takes ages to do and is really only an oriental smartbomb. Your ninje-person says something which probably translates to something obscene or impassible, or both.
At the end of every level - each level has several stages, y'sec - you get to meet The Big Baddy who is diffimlr m kill snrt will probably kill you first.
Following this, if you have managed to keep some lives, is a bormg bit with ivuini-ing -nr.j-n J-mere throwing stars. It's meant to be a bonus stage, but interest-wise it's zero rated.
Look, let's get this straight - i've nothing against ninjas, not personally at any rate. 1 moan. I'm ready to believe they're invindblo.
But then again, when threatened with that metallurgical morsel that is a ninja sword. I'd be apt to balieve anything 1 was told.
But if 1 was a ninja, which I'm not. At least not consciously. I’d be somewhat annoyed by all the crappy gsmi-s about the profession.
Us a job. Innit? Like quantity surveying. Or being a turner? How many j-"--- are there like The Quantity Surveyor, or 3ad Dudes vs Dragon Turner? None.
But even as a non-ninja (a nonja?) I'd be peeved about Shinobi. First oS. The music is terrible. Sounding like it's being played through a sock. Also, the poor disc drive is forced to make arcane gronki and squeak* by the loader at first 1 thought it was part of the tune.
The graphics have been carefully chosen to avoid attribute clash, because they're not bad in the ZX Spectrum league. And not merely do we have the dc ngcur YASTP 200-line screen, but it's narrower on the sides, too.
X 100% machine code software for X realtime functions. ’ HiRes sample editing.
Realtime frequency display. Realtime level meters.
Files saved In IPP format. y Software files can be u other music utlUtles.
» Adjustable manual automatic record trig level.
ONLY £79.99 please state A500 i000 2000 256 z 256 display with 16 grey lore la.
MIDIMASTER MICRO MIDI Realtime frame grab l SOth second.
Takes standard composite Video input from camera or Video X Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 T 2000 (please state model).
Y Screen update 1 frame per second single, continuous or buffered » display.
Load. Save faculties including U7 Save.
« Edit picture, cut. Copy, paste and undo.
® Special effects, reverse, negative.
Mirror, compress, etc. y increase tbe width of the dlspUy to 320 z 256 automaticaUy or manually.
Plugs into tbe parallel port of yow T Amiga 1000 500 2000.
X Comes complete with Its own T power pack.
ONLY £89.99 Compatible with most leading Midi _ packages (Including D llusic).
X Midi In - Midi Out z3 - Midi Thru.
S Fully Opto Isolated.
NLY £34.99
feature MIDI Recording Studio.
A multi channel sequencer with realtime Input and full editing faculties.
Completely menu driven - full Mouse control.
Very simple to use.
CONNECT TO YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM YAMAHA SHS 10 FM SYNTHESISER KEYBOARD M Superbly styled guitar-type keyboard with shoulder strap.
Top quaUty brandname.
Y 2.5 octave keyboard.
X 25 built-in Instrument and rhythm T choices.
Uses FM synthesis.
Full MIDI OUT standard.
THE ANSWER TO YOUR DISK DUPLICATION PROBLEMS WARNING 1986 COPYWGin ACT WARNING Ioilrl Electronics neither tnndono. Nr uuthorlscs ihr uv oI U'» product* tor Ihr rrpradurtlon ofcopyright mairrlal.
Thr luck up fartlitle* or Ihn product arc dmgitrd to Irrproducc only software such a*, public donut tn male rial |thc tom own programs or software where prrmteklon to rnnkc a back up has been dearly Riven.
It Is lllcg.il la nuikr copies, even tor your own use r copyiMht material without the primlaalon of ihr «’Hivitglu owner ur I heir lliencer ON BOARD CUSTOM LSI CHIP MAKES THIS UNIT EXTREMELY SMALL & EFFICIENT.. sYpcito V SYNCRO EXPRESS IS A HIGH SPEED DISK DUPLICATION SYSTEM THAT WILL PRODUCE COPIES OF YOUR DISK IN AROUND 30 SECONDS!!
M Syncro Express requires s second drive ft works by controlling v It as a slave device ft Ignoring the AMIGA disk drive controller chip, high speeds ft great data accuracy are achieved.
Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 aide. 2 aldea.
F Very simple to use. Requires no user knowledge.
Also duplicates otber formats such as IBM. MAC etc. Ideal for clubs, user groups or Just for your own disks.
TJJF No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
Probably the only duplication system yon will ever necdl ONLY £34.99 COMPLETE HARDWARE SOFTWARE If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a drive for ONLY £104.99. UNBEATABLE VALUE SP 11 SCANNER PRINTER ONLY £449.99 INC. VAT * PP f UNBEATABLE VALUE - A FLATBED 200 DPI SCANNER PLUS BUILT-IN PRINTER!! FOR LESS THAN C450!!
Comes complete with superb software to scan edit pictures.
Very comprehensive software allows for Capture. Writing, Cut Paste, Printing.
Load ft Save of Images.
Up to 16 grey scales or black ft white modes - giving yon superb scanned Images.
Complete - no more to buy.
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... A ullJE 200 Dpi FLATBED S-CAppE* PitfflTEH Save to your favourite graphics DTP package • very easy to use.
Easy to Install - connects to the Printer Port - ready to scan In minutes.
Not only does the SP11 scan at 200 Dpi - It la also a superb Image printer giving high definition output prints of scanned Images, screen dumps etc. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? WHY NOT BUY ONE AND SEE - YOU WON T BE DISAPPOINTED!
AMG 5a PLUS - Its s Photocopier I! Yes. Just press start and It will deliver a superb photocopy of youx original In seconds!
X With the Datel Pro Genlock, you can do all the thinga previously only posalble with units coating hundred* of pound*!!!
X Plugs into RGB port of A5O0 1000 2000. Provide* composite video output to monitor VCR suitable TV etc. Perfect for video titling, captions or your own animation productions.
Y Switch selectable to view video Input overlay graphic or both (combined signal).
X Top quality unit features VLSI Motorola chip as used on commercial devices.
St Unique fader control allows overlay to fade In or out. Ideal for fading captions etc. Comes complete with necessary leads etc - no more to buy This la a complete hardware solution - no software to load. Unbeatable price.
A590 UPGRADES glorious stereo.
30W ? 30W power amplifier with 5 X Arm y Master fader* with bar graph T opt!
Display of output levels. Suitable 8wJ.
X 8 Inputs via 0.25" Jack sockets.
Two outputs via 0.25" sockets.
Connects to Amiga parallel port.
Load as • MM s costing kno- ONL Usui ONL f: Control software gives 8 fader* with super-fine Increments, digital display of levcla on each channel, stereo lock for each pair of fader*.. ICON PAINT I u a as v* nans -w Lk ICON PAINT g A unlqui e product to edit and your own Individual icons.
• Allows for multi-colour (up to 16) extra large Icons for use
when customising workbench, disk.
Icons, toola, programs, etc. X Advanced editing facilities make for fast and easy design.
ONLY £12.99 y Complete with cablea for A500 T A1000 A2000 models, y Slimline colour matched metal ” caae with built-in malna power ONLYE5?!?9k" Turn your Amiga into a sophisticated measuring Instrument capable of measuring s wide range of data Inputs.
DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel Inputs.Manual or contlnuoe display.
Tlmebase BOOms dlv to 20ua div- accurate to 5%.
6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY Tlmebase range 1 sec to lOhrs per plot.
ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 DATA ACQUISITION UNIT for mono and stereo applications.
X When an Ideal mix has been X 8im achieved, then the overall 'mix' w •lot can be saved to disk for re load as X F)" required - Just like systems costing kno- thousands !!
Y Auto scro of fader*.
X Top quality analogue and digital circuits give superb results. VERSIOI
* ***** **a ¥ ComP,e,c hardware software. NB . THE!
ONLY £99.99 COMPLETE *** cra £100.0011 y This system come* In two parts • a 19" rack mounting mixer - and a superb control program. Use your Amiga to give top quality 8 channel 'digital* miring 8 CHANNE DIGITAL MIXER X Now an 8 channel digitally controlled mixer for under EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVE NEW LOW PRICE ONLY £74.99 SINGLE DRIVE EXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH GENISCAN GS4500 AMIGA 512K MEMORY EXPANSION AS01 unit).
Available with without clock calendar feature.
ONLY £19.99 ONLY £34.99 ,o.
SID wiD nm with or without Suit mounted. But it works better with it Null: doesn't do anything brilliantly useful, it behaves just like Nil: in that you can redirect a pro- pant's output to it.
This is often useful to kill those boring and time-consuming copyright messages that clamber down the screen if you initialise a lot of PD stuff in your Startup- Sequence.
For instance. I've used this technique in the Startup-Sequence on this month's cover disc to rap the awful ButzFonts copyright message: Jeff Walker presents NULL:
- a better wav to die SI ZL 8m TOT 4 .... 1,758 blocks or 857,984
bytos USED ..... 1,755 blocks or 855,928 brtrs FREE .....2
blocks or 975 bytes mu. 99.8* DENSITY .. 488 bytes block ERWRS
... 8 STAT'JS ... Rrad Only DATE tmrsday Noowber 2, 1989 TIME
3:12:15 Pm ID has been in development L-v since October 1988.
It underwent nine months of rigorous testing by more than a
dozen people.
After 26 updates, one complete rewrite, hundreds of hours of work and over 513.810 bytes of C and assembler code spread over 77 modules. SID has emerged into what Timm Martin, the author, hopes you will find is the best directory utility available for the Amiga. ‘ I know I've certainly found it indispensable. It sits there in its shrunken mode all the time on my triple Soppy. 3 meg A2000 with 20 meg hard drive (Showoff - Edl. I used to run a mixture of Disk Master and L'tilMaster. But no longer.
A few things to make a note of before you star, using it in anger.
Firsthr. SID needs an S: directorv. P. needs it because that's where it looks fir SlD.config. its configuration file. Therefore, the best thing to do with SID is put if in vour C: directory on your boot-up disc and run it fiom a CLI or ShelL You can supply parameters. Like so: If you're not a CLI person put SID and its jnfo file in your bootup root director:. Then you can double click on SID after opening the disc window. Simple.
The most difficult part of StD is its configuration. Read the CooSgs-Doc file thoroughly. You'll soon find that SID can be set up just the way you like it very easily indeed. It's just a question of getting the hang of how to change things. Play around. Have fan. 3ut make a backup first!
Nstalls null-handier V 0.0 (C) Gunnar Sordaark All sorts of stuff can be run fiom within SID - archiving programs like Arc. Zoo and Pak. File and disc editing programs like DiskX.
NewZap and £d for instance. IFF viewers like Display or maybe Show - it's you who chooses what urograms will run when voa dick on the buttons. Of course what you choose to run depends on what you've got You can't nm DiskX if yon haven't got :ti Perhaps you've jpjt a different PD disc sector editor. Sectorama maybe. Likewise with the archiving programs.
Handler * L:null-handler Stacksiz* ¦ 500 Priority » 5 GlobVec * 1 fTfwr • i W7; frtyv fo 6* cdd*d fo twr noortfftf Vost of the buttons vrill work without the need for extra programs. The Read button uses an internal file viewer, likewise Xread A few more buttons - Run.
Delete and Rename, for example - use commands fiom the O directory.
SID is a hdl of a lot of program Lr you've got the hang of it by the next issue you'll have done well.
Give it your best shot, it's more than worth the time.
But Nil: is not a "real" device. In fact it's not a device at all - it's merely an Amiga Dos convention.
Null:, on the other hand, is a teal device. It has a handler and it has to be mounted.
Null: is verr easy to set up. After you've unarchived all the SID files you will first need to copy the file called null-handier into your L: directory. This is the L directory on your normal Workbench boot-up disc.
Next you need to add an entry to your MountlisL which is nowhere near as daunting as it sounds.
3oot up your Workbench disc, open a Shell or CL! And type: Ed You are now editing the Mountlist file fiom the Devs: directory on your Workbench disc.
Cursor down to the bottom of the file and type in the lines shown in HO. HO, HO, little boy - have I got a surprise for you! Festive greetings and othor assorted seasonal clichfo to you all. To got you into the Yuletide swing of things, here is lolyon’s Christmas Demo.
More festive than a set of broken fairy lights, more jolly than Santa after drinking eight million glasses of sherTV in Northern Europe (not including Poland), and decidedly more tuneful than Cranny when she starts throttling the ivories.
This month's stocking filler is full of features liko snow and, urn, snow and, um, I think there might be a robin in there too. Ah yes. And the scrolly, which should last you well into the New Year. (Readers in Scotland will have their own thing called Hogmany.)
Merry Christmas everybody!
YOU are lost in some twisty passages, all alike. Classic words which will bring a flush of excitement to the cheeks of any adventurer. But today you won't have to make a map or examine anything The author of Maze, Todd Lewis, invites you to share this public domain program with your friends.
Don't knock it. It's a neat little Workbench toy which fills a gap. It doesn't need an explanation.
Dll those ngcopy- er down i a lot of equenco.
This tech- tence on i zap the ;ht mes- up. After SID files y the file I your L: ectoryon i boot-up n entry to nowhere ids.
Nch disc.
Ing the ivs: direc- ch disc.
M of the shown in Flash the cash THE author of BlitzFonts wants you to give this program to every person you know who owns an Amiga. But come on. Guys, this is shareware. So let's do our bit for this brave breed of person who foresakes commercial gain by supplying you with quality software, asking only a small registration fee.
Rush $ 10 to: Hayes Haugen, 11303 South Dogwood Lane, Edmonds, IVA 98020-6168, USA. In return you'll receive the latest version of tho program - that’s the one which works with custom fonts - plus a bunch of other shareware programs by the same author.
Durk Figure I. The » at the end is very important, it marks the end of a Mountlist entry.
When you're finished press Esc and then X and then Return. The new Mountlist will then save back to your disc.
Next we have to alter your Workbench disc's Startup- Sequence so that it mounts the new device, When you've got your CLI or Shell back, type: j Ed StStartup-Sequence If you've got a section where lots of other devices are mounted, like Pipe: and Spoak:, then tag: Unarchiving SID SID and its accompanying files are so large that I felt it best to archive everything into one file. This has the added advantage that it takes up only half the room the unarchived version would have done.
I've written a script file that will unarchive everything automatically on to a blank disc for you. Well, it on to the end of the list. Otherwise enter it just before LoadWB. Press Esc-X and Return to save the new Startup-Sequence and exit from Ed.
Now next time you boot from that disc the Null: device will be mounted. After that, use it from AmigaDos just as you would Nil: Mount NULL: doesn't have to be completely blank. As long as there's at least 300k of space there, SID will fit.
After last month's successful attempt at an automatic script with Workbench 1.3,2,1 feel confident that I'm on to a winner here.
It all works with DFO: and RAM:
- no need for second drives or extra memory - and there’s only
one disc swap, not counting the request to replace CD006 when
it's all over.
If you're running an unexpanded A500, you may be flying a bit close to the wind. I've tested it and it works every time, but I wouldn't try multi-tasking, the script will aimost certainly bomb out with a rude message.
Ease your conscience SID vl.04 is now available to all registered users. To become one send in your $ 25 shareware fee today and enjoy the benefits, which include the most recent version of SID sent to you on disc, any available support programs, the most recent version of the manuals, a sot of update docs which describe the changes made in each SID update, a number of Software Ingenuity freeware programs and utilities, plus timely announcements of major future upgrades.
Send your money to: Timm Martin, Software Ingenuity, P.O. Box 10084. Largo, FL 34643, USA. I know I have.
Blitz Fonts i WE all know how slow (yawn)... Erm. Where was I? Oh yes. We all know how slow the system fonts are on the Amiga, even with | FastFonts (FF) from the WB1.3 disc running. But before you build a morse code interface for your A500. Take a look on yonder disc.
For here, leaping small buildings in single bounds, comes salvation in the form of BlitzFonts.
Run it from CLI or click on it from Workbench and it will make text appear on the screen up to six times faster, provided you’re using the standard Topaz BO font. Yes.
Now you can pretend you too have a 68020 board.
Even more astounding, it does all this in less space than the size of the average font - a minuscule 3072 bytes.
Now don't say I never give you anything.
Reader contributions FRUIT MACHINE by IMP. Allison WARNING: When you first run Fruit Machino there is a possibility that AmigaBasic will point to a line of the program and give an "internal error" message. If you click in the OK box and press mm n anai w Kxm plain. It is not my fault and 1 will only get upset and throw things at Green.
The real fault - surprise, surprise - lies with AmigaBasic.
There is a bug in it which seems to let the system get ahead of itself at times.
If this sounds a little vague and implausible, try ringing up Commodore Technical Support, who will give new depth and meaning to torms like vagueness and implausibility.
Seriously though, if this does happen to you. Get in touch with Commodore - the responsibility for AmigaBasic working properly belongs to the boffins there, not he more people complain.
Gripe over with, on with the show, OK, how many of you guys remember paddling your Vespa down to the local arcade through torrents of acid rain just so you could have a go on the one-armed the more likely Commodore is to do something about it.
Bandits? Well, now you can sit at home and watch the rain - if you can tear your eyes away from the fantasmic display of Fruit Machine, that is.
It's got all the features you'd expect from the latest Japanese hi- tech moneyeaters that inhabit dark and noisy seaside places - gamble, nudges, re-spin, stop and win - all of that. It even has a nifty attract mode.
That a program works at all in AmigaBasic is something of an achievement, but one that works as well as this is nothing short of miraculous. Well, it is the season for them. I suppose.
The man - no, let's not be afraid to say it - the genius who brings you this astounding piece of well Check out which keys do what by reading the doc file and then get crafted code is J.W.P. Allison. I achievement is made even mo remarkable by the fact that he | duced it on a vanilla A500 and al[ old colour TV. All you doubluj drive extended memories out t can hang your heads in shame This is more than a game, it's I education. If you like to leant I example, this is the most imp sive demonstration of aj AmigaBasic game that you are t likely soe.
Unless you know different?
Problems with your disc?
I'll Name That Turn
• IF you are not a subscriber and your disc does not work,
please send - it within two months please - to: Protoscan Ltd,
Amiga Cover Disc, Burrel Road, St Ives, PEI 7 4LE. You will be
sent a new disc with our compliments.
• IF you damage your disc
- for instance if the dog has chewed it or your mum has washed it
- you can get a new one by sending £1.50 to Protoscan Ltd.
Please make your cheque or postal order payable to Protoscan
WE'RE all silting around Amiga Computing office scral our heads saying, "I know tune - can't quite put my fii if Do you know the origin month’s MusicBox song?
Says the intro reminds hi Peter Gabriel track. But it' Peter Gabriel. Is it?
EF DISC JCO make too much difference to; the moment because I could only Name .... Address Daytime phone .. Evenine nhone .. Submission name .. Submission size . NOTE: We will accept submissions up to 500k in total length, including documentation. But the shorter your submission, the better chance it
stands of getting on to the disc. If it is a compiled or assembled program include all the source code, but do not count this in the size of the submission.
Write a brief description of your submission below. If it consists more than one file, describe what each file is for. Attach an extra sheet of paper to this form if necessary: NOW ladies and gentlemen, fot your delectation and general entertainment, The Disc proudly presents the PD cabaret program that is currently louring the memory maps of Amigas everywhere. Well it should be, but it isn't. So hore I am. Doing my bit for audiophiles, which is notan illegal pastime, MusicBox is completely foolproof. |ust double click on the icon and this little software bundle of bits will do the rest.
It automatically detects the prosonce of up to 10 compatible song files in its directory and starts playing.
A compact window will appear giving you a brief insight into what is going on. On the right-hand side will appear the song which is currently playing, while on the left is the playing mode. MusicBox has all those fancy things you find on expensive CD players, like random, sequence and loop.
Ahem. Of courso this won't
o you at ild only fit one song on this month's amazingly packed
disc. But now you'vo got the player 1 will try to give you one
or two more tunes every month.
The author of MusicBox. Peter Dunlap, tells me that he has more than two dozen of them so far, and there's an upgrade in the air. Next month probably.
Oops. Nearly fotgoL The bestest thing about MusicBox. Apart from the fact that it's public domain, free, priceless even, is that it multitasks beautifully and uses very little processor time. In fact I'm listening to it as I write this.
Music Box WE are always looking for original contributions for the Amiga Computing cover disc. If you think something you have written or drawn is good enough to share with everybody else who roads the magazine, send it along and we will have a look.
If we like what we see, it could earn you up to £1,000.
Please let us know which files, if any, your submission needs from the Workbench disc. If it is clickable, feel free to design an original icon. But don't make it too big. And please use the standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512k machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the disc.
Remember that Amiga Computing will only buy your work on an all rights basis. We are not prepared to buy the rights to programs which are already in tho public domain or have been spread by any other means.
Please enclose this coupon, or a photocopy of it. With your submission.
Include a file on the disc with full documentation. Your name, address, phone number and a few details about you and your kit. A mugshot would be nice, but isn't essential.
Don’t forget to duplicate on the disc label the program name, your name, address and phone number. If you want your disc back, enclose the correct amount in stamps.
Round in ice '1 know I my finger Drop me a line and if you can ivince me you're right I'll send m the full MusicBox collection - fills two discs so far - for your t si ratchi Send your letters (bribes and Gre lotlegs welcome) to: I'll Nome hot Tune?. Amiga Computing.
Ort i House, 78-84 Ongar Road, HI twood, Essex, CM15 9BC The stuff on this disc is mine. I didn't nick it off someone else. It hasn’t been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because 1 want Amiga Computing to publish it.
Origin of song? ‘ ads hi . But it's Signed., ?ate...... Post your submission to: Jeff Walker, Amiga Computing. North House, I 78-84 Ongar Road, Brontwood. Essex, CM15 9BG. I I--------------------------------1 Ace is being attacked by the evil commander Borf who plans to take over the Earth by using his dreaded weapon the Infanto Ray. Only you can guide Ace through treacherous battles to destroy the Infanto Ray. Save Earth Space Ace.' The arcade follow-up to Don Bluths Dragon s Lair" is now available for your Amiga’ with the breathtaking full-screen animation and digitised sound of the original
laser-disk game Improved compression techniques allow Space Ace to run in 512K with more than three times the number of scenes found in Amiga Dragon's Lair" Available now lor only £44.95 DON BLUTH'S Distributed in the U K I.Hi-ilmnr.int lnlorn.iliun.il A.;lu*l Amiga* screens Also available «ir com! .r.-... AI..M v;r 18M :iiM Mji: "lOMflgl ReadySoft Ir AMIGA.
ATARI ST AND IBM 1 Dragons Lair Space Ace and Blulh Group Lid are registered trademarks owned by and used under lie Blulh Group Lid Cltaracler Designs c 1983 Blulh Group. All rights reserved. Space Ace programming SOFTWARE 4 THE STANNETTS LAINDON NORTH ON ESSEX SS15 60J PHONE (02W) 541126 ¦ PRINTERS Budget Banzai The capitalist etl of competition over in results in better, cheaper printers over here. Duncan Evans looks at the results BEWARE the Jap attack. Epson, once the premier printer provider that set standards others were proud to measure up to. Is under attack from Citizen and Star. The
Eastern front is the race to produce a low cost 24 pin printer. At the 11th hour Epson has replied with new 9 and 24 pin machines.
The Epson LQ-400 retails at tho very low price of £345 before your friendly dealer applies the usually substantial discount. This alone makes it something special.
The LQ-400 is no Tardis. Measuring
13. 9cm by 39cm by 32cm. It looks quite flat, even with the
single sheet feeder attached. But it gets bigger on the
outside when the tractor feed and its monstrous cover are
fitted. This transparent carbuncle makes the whole thing look
like a greenhouse designed by aliens. Still, aside from that,
the LQ does at least look like it might do the job asked of
KtySoft I MIG*.
R*HIST NO IBM PC I Lifting the lid reveals Epson's folly and the extent of the cost cutting.
There's no bail bar. Just a ridge leering down from the underside of the cover.
Unfortunately it doesn't leer far enough, so when the auto load - a misnomer as you have to press a button unlike Citizen's Swift-24 - winds the paper on, the guiding ridge is still out of reach and the paper is held to the platen only by the print head. Unless you remember to throw in a few line feeds there's a good chance of the paper fouling. Cheap in the derogatory sense.
This is a heavy baby. Thanks to the copious metal shielding inside the case, the printer weighs in at 7kg.
Typestyles include double strike, emphasised, italics, shadow, outline, double width, condensed, double CPI Quality CPS 10 draft 150 10 NLQ 50 12 draft 180 12 NLQ 60 | Figure I height, underlined, strike through and overline. Print quality is fairly good, though not quite as good as the Swift-
24. With characters consisting of a 9 by 23 dot matrix in draft
mode and 29 by 23 dot matrix in the NLQ modes.
However, the print speeds will hardly set the paper on fire, as can be seen from Figure I. Printing doesn't have to be limited to 10 or 12 cpi, it can also be 15 cpi or proportional.
The LQ-400 pauses for thought between printing lines. This overhead means that while the draft speed of 150 cps at lOcpi is particularly disappointing, the NLQ speed of 50 cps is acceptable.
Unlike many competitors, the LQ- 400 prints in black only, there being no colour kit options. In fact the only other accessory beside the font cards is a single bin cut sheet feeder. A printer buffer of greater size than the 8k one built 111 will have to come from a third party supplier. The merely adequate buffer can be switched to lk only by using the DIP switches if required, though why you'd want to is anyone’s guess.
With the Epson LQ-400 being a new printer there won't be any drivers to support it just yet.
Knowledge of fonts 1 tested the printer out with the KindWords word processor which uses Workbench 1.3 and the new printer drivers. This was fairly unsatisfactory, producing spurious characters. Scribble wasn't much better, and of the programs 1 tested only Pagesetter, the DTP package, showed a desire to cooperate fully.
If the software allows you to define your own drivers there should be few problems as the manual gives a guide as to all the codes involved in setting one up. It also lists the LQ's printer codes to enable direct programming.
Remember, AmigaBasic filters out USERS who don't bite their fingernails can get to a cut away section which holds the slot for extra fonts cards. Epson offers quite a range, including Courier, Prestige, Script, OCR-B and Multi-font. But at £50 each you are not likely to want to shell out for too many.
Built into the LQ-400 are Epson Roman, Sans Serif and a draft ESC codes with LPR1NT, so you will have to open a channel. The printer's manual isn't chock-a-block with information mind you, but at least it is written in English.
The Epson LQ-400 is one of the cheapest 24 pin printers and will undoubtedly be discounted. A quick software mmm The Workbench 1.3 drivers didn’t really like the printer. A number of programs threw spurious characters on to the page.
Speed ¦¦mm Strangely slow between lines, and then not overly quick. Quiet except for graphics which produce a screeching noise.
Version of Roman.
Fonts are selected from the three button control panel on the top of the printer, which uses a series of lights to indicate which is being used. Unlike the 9 pin version of this printer, the LX-400. It isn't possible to access the various typestyles except by using the DIP switches on the back or under software control.
Call around some discounters showed that it should be easy to save £100. It offers a reasonably good NLQ print quality and speed, but a poor draft performance.
The two fonts are nice, and there is the option to buy extra ones. It isn’t as sophisticated as other 24 pin printers, but then it is cheaper.
If you can live with the single sheet feeding problems, only have a limited budget, and yet must have the extra quality of 24 pin printing, then the LQ-400 will be good value for money.
SORRY Wfc HAVtSOU out Of HI E Jr M-MGA Wtff CARt «
• mt 1 | ; '"M 7 »1 I ill I i' Inll llllin* 1-: .... IN
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
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(051) 227 2482-24 Hour Fax For everyone who owns an Amiga
computer, Club 6X000 offers Members, Software & Hardware
Accesories at huge savings off Recommended Retail Prices.
Your only committment is to pay £15 for one year's
membership. You will receive a free Games Compendium and a
free catalogue five times a year.
Club 68000 Ltd, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddlngton Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey. KT1 4DP.
Tel: 01 977 9596 Fax: 01 977 5354 X COPY 2.0 IIARDWAP mm. ' & SOFTWARE J
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• Easy to use
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• For Amiga 500 2000
• includes original 1.3 Rom
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• Easy to use
• No soldering
R. R.P. £69.99 Members £49.99 Kickstart Card without Roms £29.991
Cickstart 1.2 or 1.3 Rom £
• For Amiga 500 1000 2000
• Easy to use. Natural alternative to the mouse
• Creates the ultimate graphics
• Softwsie driver includes for most popular programs. Graphics,
Business Animation. Deluxe Paint III. Nuaon Paint 2.0 etc
R. RJ . £49.99 Members £39.99 NEC A500 2000 Hard Disk
• 20 Mbyte, 40 msec, Autoboot
• 40 Mbyte, 24 msec. Autoboot
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A2000 File Cards
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catalogue, an than 2M different Beau.
Haw la order: By phase M m 9SH (VWAccoa) By hi • By pool: dab UtN, Mkkham House. 2 Upper Teddlaglna c ¦ With. KINGSTON. Surrey KTI 4Df FREE BAT PACK of software COMPUTER ' MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS SXPRESS- it - tr- ith Moose. TV Modulator. Workbench. Manuals and BASIC C289.00 I084S Colour Monitor - Stereo Sound 1010 External 880K Disk Drive 3.5T 90 External 20Mb Hard Disk For A500 SSCSIs'e'K: £399.00 £94.90 £499.00 £43.43 AMIGA 2000 B2000 a 2000 with Keyboard and Mouse (Also fun range of Arnoa accessories available) Cl 29k on & Albans. Hens AL2 2JA *0727-72790 a B2000 wnh 1084
Colour Monnor. PC-XT B-xMeS'rd Disk Dove 20Mb MSOOSFAmiga HardD.sk 1 37900 AMIGA SOFTWARE .C-10 - THE Number One Low Cost Printer Special Pnce ” Co ?u, Al erv LlUle Ex,ra 69 99 'LX900 - Epson Quality ButA Low Cost £154 70 ’LQ5.50 ~ "*• Fayoun«« For Letter Quality £299.87 emic 1180 - 4 Fonts and Fast Pnntina £169 73 ’2200 - Never Beaten For Value For Money £289.00 ACCESSORIES range of Amiga accessories available LASS OF THE 90 s EDUCATION BUNDLEl ga SCO Mid, Interface. D Pamt II. Superbase. PuDkaher's 'Ce, Dr T s Midi Recording Studio. BBC Emulator and BBC irams. Maxiplan 500, plus lots of
accessories C476.25 IS AL3 6XT *0727-37451 47774 Caxton Centre. Porters Wood.
CALL Fofl FULL PRICE LIST SPECIAL OFFER 4S&2, iN0 TBADt fnouisies welcome CREOIT CARDS NOT DEBITED UNTIL DESPATCH UENISE makes wonderful music. She is Ihe sound chip, bul wilhoul an external amplifier of sorts you will he unable to hear a single thing.
I isers lucky cnouRh lo have a stereo monitor (yes. Green, very Rood, you can put your hand down now) will know the benefits of playinR Ud Storm in full stereo. The remainder of us can cither hum to ourselves or fashion a cunninR lead lo connect Ihe AmiRa lo Ihe nearest hi-fi.
Once Ihe computer is wired into the AUXfOD connection of your hi-fi you loo can experience the full earth- shallerinR excitement of beinR attacked by missiles while plavinR Falcon.
Of course, to connect your AmiRa to a hi-fi you need lo have a hi-fi nearby.
58 AMIGA COMPimSG Jsnudry 1990 If you don't own a suitable music system (shame on you - how can yoi listen to Pink Floyd?) You arc stuck.
Until today, that is. For now Green and I proudly present the AmiRa ComputioR Stereo Amplifier Project.
Asrna.ll'box which provides two watts of sound - twice that of the Commodore stereo monitor (so hah!
The two watt amplifier is housed in a small box which connects directly lo the back of your computer and to a set of small speakers, such as those supplied with a car stereo. (Please remember to ask permission before rippinR the speakers out of Ihe nearest car.) The unit can either be lowered by a PP3 » volt battery for total |Kirtabifity. Or run from a suitable cheap mains unit.
Admittedly Ihe total portability part is a bit of a con because you will still need lo pluR in Ihe computer and monitor, but it sounds Rood. Total cost will be approximately 15 of your Earth pounds. The only snaR is that you have lo build it yourself. (But I am sure that if you were to send Green 50 quid he will build one for you.)
The recent advances in integrated circuit technology have not only made your incredibly powerful computer possible, but have made life a whole lot simpler for lazy electronic enthusiasts such as Green and mvself.
What’s this?
What’s this?
Yes it is the two watt stereo amplifier from John Kennedy and Green ¦ PROJECT ¦ In the past, constructing an amplifier meant soldering lots and lots of transistors and things together.
These days a single chip does all the hard work (except the soldering). All we have to do is put some resistors and capacitors around it In keep it company, give it nine volts and turn the volume up. Isn’t modern technology wonderful?
Lie life Ironic nvsolf.
Constructing the unit is not a very complicated task. All that is needed are easily obtainable from a mail is some basic soldering skills, a order company such as Maplins or strong desire to burn yourself and a . Watford Electronics, l'ree evening. Most electronic magazines will It should bit noted that unless you . Carry advertisements for such fry extremely hard;'indeed it would be ¦ companies, so its only a matter of impossible to. Damage the computer. Nipping down to the local newsagent bx ptuj«i0$ 'ip this.amplifier. Of - ... with a pen and paper. You could even course, if you do manage
to. Destroy buy a magazine if you didn't want to your computer - and believe me I'd attract undue altention'..':- have to see some pretty conclusive The parts list contains all the order proof before I'd believe it possible - codes for Maplins .which is a reliable, neither myself. Green nor Amiga friendly and efficient supplier.
Computing can be held responsible. Once you are sure that you have In fact, there arc few very res| onsible everything scattered all uver the people hen: at all. Kitchen table you may start. First cut First gut all the bits and pieces the slrip-boaril to the correct size. It together and check that Ihey art: of should In: at least 24 holes by 24 the correct value (A seemingly strips, and small enough to put into simple task which you totally failed to accomplish - Green). All the parts The word is PROTEXT... Now available - Version 4.2 of Arnor’s acclaimed word processor PROTEXT is very
fast! Unlike the majority of Amiga word processors PROTEXT scrolls very quickly and redraws the screen in next to no time. We have achieved this by developing our own screen handling routines - much faster than the standard ones.
PROTEXT uses the Amiga ’WIMP’ interface fully and supports pull down menus, use of the mouse for cursor movement and block copying and window resizing.
PROTEXT makes full use of Amiga Preferences settings and is fully compatible with the Amiga’s multi-tasking operating system.
Protext is the result of 4 years of development. Unlike the majority of competitive programs Protext is 100% British and is being developed further all the time in response to the needs of British users. Registered users are always informed when upgrades are available.
' Pretext really is the best text processor on the *01198' SVAMIGA FORMAT2189 ¦Protext - the real Joy comes only from using it I can say without any tear of contradiction it is the best word processor available at the price, in my view, at any price in fact' AUI3I89 A brief summary of some of Protext’s features ... Tutorial files Two file editing Typewriter mode Undelete Word count Word puzzles Wysiwyg Line drawing Line spacing Printer support Printing styles Background printing edit create further files while printer is busy Box manipulation move, copy, or delete any box as well as blocks
Configuration set over 50 options to your own preferences using our menu driven configuration program Dictionaries add delete words to from supplied 70000 word English dictionary. Create your own dictionaries.
Disc utilities copy files, erase, rename, type, create directory, change directory, remove directory, catalogue files Exec files store sequences of commands in files for easy use File conversion flexible file conversion utility for other WP files Find & replace very powerful and fast with many options.
Foreign languages 10 built in keyboard languages. Easy to use accented letters: a®gdu$ 6B&u6§fi etc. Formatting auto-reformat; reformat para, block or whole text.
Headers & footers up to 9 lines of text, different even odd headers and footers, auto page numbering, footnotes.
Help edit and command help available on-screen Keyboard macros string any sequence of letters together on a single key e.g. "Yours sincerely". Load and save macro key files. Special recording mode as you type, ideal for drawing lines (incl. Comers) around text variable in half lines, including 0, V4,1, 114, 2, 2Vt, 3 works with any parallel or serial printer. Wide range of printer drivers supplied, incl. Lasers and 24-pin Srinters; or create your own drivers or edit ours, old. Condensed, double strike, elite, italics, enlarged, pica, NLQ, subscript, superscript, microspacing, proportional
spacing, any other printer fonts two documents in memory, copy text between them direct printing for envelopes etc. retrieve text deleted in error quick count at any time, whole text or just a block anagram and crossword solving features on-screen bold, underline, italics Mail merge The most comprehensive mail merge program available. Use it for label!
Personalised "standard letters", club membership lists, and much more:
• read data from files from any database or spreadsheet program
• ask for variables from keyboard • display message while
• include file for printing * reformat whilst printing
• conditional printing and repeat-until loop constructs
• numeric calculations and string expressions including
substrings » commands to write information to a separate file
• operators + , , =, =, = , ,IN,NOTIN Program mode suppresses
formatting; auto-indent; set tab stops Proportional text will
print proportionally spaced, right justified text Quick
dictionary dictionary held in memory is very fast Ruler lines
any number of ruler lines to define document layout left right
margins and normal decimal tab stops Spelling checker check
whole text from disc or memory, or as you type Suggests
alternative spellings. Works with foreigr languages Symbols
full character set available on screen. Character symbols may
be redefined Time and date time shown on screen. Insert time or
date into document help you to start using Protext 3 doci
Protext is a professional word processor If you want a fast
efficient program for processing words, get PROTEXT Latest News
and Announcement Version 4.2 is now available. Enhancements
indude:- « Revised and improved 300 page manual and Index
• Current date and time are available as single key strokes .
Improved memory allocation and smaller program makes better use
of your memory.
• Scroll Lock function pauses after displaying a screenful of
text Upgrade price from v4.tx£15. Please return discs.
AVAILABLE NOW ’PRODATA" - the Arnor Database for PC ST Amiga.
See our advert elsewhere In this Issue) ffe e3swgyour m cro 'spotenfia ... ~7 IBM PC Atari ST Amiga Protext v4.2 £99.95 £99.95 £99.95 German Dictionary £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 Demonstration discs available - please phone All prices include VAT, postage and packing.
Payment by: Access Visa cheque postal order Please make cheques payable to 'Arnor Ltd'.
Arnor Ltd AC , 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PEI 3HA. Tel: 0733 66909 (24 hrj Fax: 0733 67299 ¦ PROJECT ¦ the plastic case you bought to house the unit.
Cutting the circuit board can be done either using a hacksaw or scoring it with a sharp knife and snapping it. The tracks to be broken should then be drilled or scraped away throughly.
It is. Of course, a lot easier to cut the tracks at a hole in the board a sharp craft knife should do the trick nicely.
Examine the cuts very carefully and make sure that not even the tiniest contact remains.
It is a good idea to check now that the cuts are in exactly the right places, as mistakes can easily be corrected at e the ritish ise to lways jps :ext t layout )S ou type foreign ftaractei ate into ithem lock for label?
More: m printing I tgs • • • • • • • O o 14 B X X 0 o LM37?
0 X X o 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 1 7 • • • • • • • o 0 o o o
o o
o o
- • o
o o
4. 7uF HK* O O O O O O O O O O O O O 220 uF V °
o • o
o o O 0 67299 this stage but become horrific and possibly
expensive when you have already started soldering the
Now switch on the soldering iron.
Soldering is a skill that takes little time to pick up, but a lot of practice to do well. However, doing it well is not necessarily essential; it just makes things easier.
Solder the IC socket into place, as this provides a useful reference point for all the other components. Next put in the wire connections. Only strip the very ends of the wire and leave the rest of the plastic sleeving on to avoid the possibility of short circuits.
The resistors can then be soldered into place. They do not mind which o 0 c o o O 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o o o 0 0 0 o o 0 0 0 0 0 f 0 0 0 0 0 0 Figure I: Vero board layout - the copper tracks run vertically. X indicates a cut in the track Figure II: Phone inputs sockets
4. 7rF way they are connected, unlike the capacitors, which are
next. These usually have a dark stripe with a white minus
signs drawn down one side. The leg nearest this stripe can
safely be taken to be the negative (-) side. In our circuit
the negative side of the capacitors is always connected either
to ground or to the loudspeakers.
The components used in this project are not very susceptible to thermal damage so don't worry too much about how long you spend soldering them. This was the main reason for putting the chip in a socket
- you never have to solder it directly.
Once all the components have been soldered in place, cut some short lengths of wire and connect up the phono sockets, jack sockets and potentiometer. Remember to tin the wire before soldering to the main board by getting a blob of solder on the end of the iron and dipping the wire in to coat it. Tvy to avoid the cat when you shake the excess on to the lino.
The battery clip and switch figure V; The speaker outputs
- 3.5mm jack sockets assembly should be connected and some
speakers attached. Next plug in the IC. Extra care should be
taken here to avoid the legs bending underneath
- if they break off there is no reliable way of fixing them.
The legs are usually quite splayed apart - useful for direct soldering but not for insertion into a socket. Bend them on a flat surface to ensure they are all bent by the same amount. Push the chip in firmly, but never force it too hard - the board is more likely to break than the chip. The bottom of the package should end up about 1mm clear of the socket.
Turn the volume control to low or halfway and connect the battery. Flick the switch a couple of times. If all goes well you should be able to hear a slight hiss, the volume of which is controlled by the knob. If you hear a howling or whistling sound switch off and check the circuit carefully (see trouble shooting).
Assuming everything is functioning normally, switch off again and connect the computer. Boot up some good music, such as the cover disc demo. Switch on the amplifier and boogey on down!
Finishing touches SMALL plastic boxes give your lovingly constructed amplifier a sense of importance. These boxes are cheap
- usually about a pound a throw and can be drilled to accept
the sockets, switch and potentiometer. A suitable knob and some
letraset add that professional finish.
Remember to number the sound level from 1 to 11, as the extra 1 provides that something extra to annoy the neighbours with. (It is extremely unlikely that the amplifier will actually be heard in Australia, but we must do something to get out own back on Jason Donovan.)
Deluxe model GREEN has designed some optional extras which you can add to your amplifier once you get it working.
Simplest is a socket for personal headphones. A stereo jack socket of either 3.5mm or 1 4 inches depending on headphone design, is easily fitted.
A mains transformer can be used instead of PP3 batteries. Check to see that the output is between 9 and 12 volts. If using an adaptor, check to see if the IC is getting hot. If so, you should fit a small heatsink to the chip.
Ami“ i Slnri'd Amplifier Maplin component list Order Code I I Resistors lll.fi watt should suffice) 1 Imohm x2 (M1M0) 2Kohm x2 (M2K0) lOOKohm x2 (M100K) 4K7 Lin dual pot (FW84F) Capacitors (radial electrolilic.
Rated approx Hi volts)
4. 7uF x2 (FF03D) 220uF x2 (FF13P)
4. 7nF x2 (WW20W) Semi-conductors | LM377 Stereo Amp (QH38R) |
Mist: 14 D1L IC socket (BL18U)
2. 54mm (.lln) pitch stripboard (FL08J) (at least 24 strips by 37
holes approx) Battery clip suitable for PP3 (HF28F) Connecting
wire (BL07H) Stereo phono to phono lead (RW50E) Phono chassis
socket x2 (YW06G)
3. 5mm chassis jack socket x2 (HF78K) Sub. Min. SPDT toggle
switch (FHOOA) Knob Plastic case Holes (for case) BluTack
Speakers 2Watt, 8 Ohm Speaker x2 Opliomil extras
3. 5mm chassis stereo jack socket (for headphones) (FK03D)
3. 5mm chassis jack socket (HF78K) (for external power supply) 9V
Power supply (XX09K) Heatsink for amplifier chip.
Trouble shooting THE circuit and construction are reasonably simple. Any likely faults can be easily traced using the minimum of test gear, a small multimeter or even a battery and bulb.
If no noise at all is heard, check the following:
• Power is reaching the circuit.
• A signal is actually being sent to the amplifier.
• Ensure that the speakers have been wired up properly.
• The potentiometer is correctly wired up.
If a very quiet and distorted sound is heard:
• Check to see if the resistors and capacitors are positioned
Are you sure you read the resistor colour code right?
• Check for short circuits on the circuit board.
• Check for bad wiring.
If the sound becomes distorted at higher volumes try larger, higher rated speakers.
If the sound is loudest when the knob is at 1 and quietest when it is at 11:
• Get a new knob.
• Swap the two outside connections to the potentiometer.
• Don't ask me to solder the circuit.
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ModuNtor. Mouse ¦ Bitmin Mow Game
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.436® 524® .646® 64® A501-S12K Ram. Dock.... Fret fitting I bought wlh Amga S® TV Modidstor .. Mouaa Mat .. Amiga to Phiipe toad__________________ Amiga to Pnntor toed ...... Quckshot II Turbo Joydck OAT API a DRIVES t MB 3 5' Entemel Dm*_____G8® 1b* 3S1 Internal DrtM .63® t Mb 5 25' Floppy Drive -------------------*9 ® AMGA HARO DRIVES 20»4b Drive A50(V1®0 329.® 30Mb A50Q 10® 529 ® 40M Drive A50tV1®0 456® 60Mb Drive A5CKV10X ....910 M Ptoaoo rmg tor other capecdy Ortvoa PtHIPS MONITORS CMM33 14- RGBCVBS Coi Mon BM750? IT Green
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4. 00
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10. 00 10®
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log------tll.M Amga Prog NwWtnaitoi MM Amga will C .....OI.N
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tor Amaga......PJ to C1LM Arr*ga Prcg GUM ......______117.41
Kmi and Bit Amga ._...HtJb »Out til •* Am Aon lire
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4*0 Hock Comrrcdort 64$ tod PC CompilM*. Pepuia SottwvtfSUtoofy
P*4M rmg lor deUtU AlpncaaaramduaiMofVAT Good* ire dmpafched
witten 24 houn d cfcargd tranaacbon Personal Csben wetcome
PtoaM send ywu chaquMPoatai Ordera to QUADSOFT COMPUTERS Unit
306, 203 213 More Street, London E8 3QE Telephone: 01-533
51160860 564231 P4.M Amp Da kv*. Out CM Fast. Professional and
Fffidenl repairs carried out.
P. O. BOX 112, ERINA N S W 2250 AUSTRALIA TEL or FAX 043 852051
or TEL 02-671-1856 Credit Card Orders Same Day Shipping 0
SURNAME WfTlALS “Can't wait?” "OK go to Australia's top Computer Retailers Harvey or man Discounts.
TELEPHONE No. IN CASE OF QUERIES I Canwick House 1 Brasher Close Bishopstoke Hants S05 6PY c 6c All Prices include VAT Qt' Price Chips for the A590 Amiga Hard drive CMOS 256 x 4 per Chip £14.50 per 2 meg £225.00 MffltkA Ili** HMWM With Pass thru and Switch!
Incredible value £69.9 Qty Price Qty P With 2MB RAM fitted Only £399.95 Japanese D DD 3.5" Disks £55.00 for 100 £30.00 for 50 Atnlua A*&0 rkird drr J vvith with Qty Price 2MB RAM £599.00 1 MB RAM £499.00 Qty Pric Accessories Qty Price £1.99 £1.99 £ .99 I £ 34.95 £ 24.95 £19.95 £ 14.95 £ 5.95 £ 3.95 £ 5.95 X-Over Switch Box 4 way 25 pin Switch box 2 way 25 pin Switch box Adjustable angle poise Copy Holder 100 x 3.5” lockable disk box Anti Static Mouse Mats Printer Leads - parallel Mbx1 100ns RAM Chips £12.50 per *2 meg* £199.00 Suitable for the A2058, Microbotics and most 8 MB RAM boards
Connectors 23 pin D-Type plugs 23 pin D- Type sockets 23 pin D- Type Hoods 20 MB PC Hard drive + XT-Gen Controller £169.95 _ TOTAL PAYABLE Just tick and post this V Advertisment or a photocopy Access Visa card No: Signature.
Now cf Fun Sc alists. I 6s. 6-8 with ei colourf Expiry Date: All Cheques Postal Orders etc. to be made payable to: Amiga Systems Name: ..... Address: Add £1.00 for Postage & Packing or £8.00 Courier progre: is stability.
Now c compu UK mainland only vailabh Speclrui Amslraa £9.95 lla Also: An Arc Now children can really have fun while learning.
Fun School 2, designed by a team of educationalists, is available for three age groups: Under- fe, 6-8 year olds and Over-8s. Each pack comes with eight colourful and exciting programs, a colourful button badge and detailed instructions giving educational help.
The computer itself monitors the child's progress. The skill level - initially set by parents
- is automatically adjusted to suit the child's ability.
Price a Archimedes’ Commodore 64 Amstrad CPC BBC Micro Electron BBC B+ Master 40T BBC B+ Master 80T Atari ST Amiga PC 5.25’ PC 3.5' Now children can enjoy using their parents' computer while they learn at their own pace.
Bailable for: Spectrum, Commodore 64, t" ata tt a or fmstrad CPC, BBC Micro Electron DAI ABAbt
19. 95 Itapel £12.95 (disc). EDUCATIONAL Ilso: Atari ST, Amiga,
PC, SOFTWARE Please circle the code number of the format your
require Send to: Database Direct FREEPOST, .Ellesmere Port,
South Wirral L65 3EB.
Access Visa orders: Tel: 051-357 2961 Archimedes £19.95 - Win a trip in a Cessna with Digital Integration FLIGHT simulation is just that - a simulation.
Nothing a computer generates can compare with the nervous, pit of the stomach feeling as you rush along the runway. The sense of freedom and elation as the wheels leave the tarmac or the incredible panoramic views you get from 5,000 feet.
Digital Integration realises this and tries its very hardest to produce accurate flying simulations. But for one lucky reader the company will go one better and let you take a couple of friends up for a trip in a Cessna light aeroplane.
Twelve runners up will get the chance to gen up on the plane which stars in F-16 Combat Pilot, DI's latest chart topper. F-16 Fighting Falcon is a book which details the different models and who uses them. Runners up each receive a copy.
The plane is beckoning, but you’ve got to win it to be in it. So here goes. Chocks away, answer three questions about DI and then scramble for the letterbox. A look at the review in the September issue might help.
O The aim of F-16 Combat Pilot is to hone your skills in all of the aeroplane’s roles and then fly a mission which makes the most of these. What is the operation called?
A) Operation Wolf
b) Operation Conquest
c) Operation Overlord © The game features many of the weapons an
F- 16 can carry. What is the night vision system called?
A) Lantern
b) A box of carrots
c) Richard © For your trip in a Cessna you can take two friends.
This would be a bit a squeeze in a fighter.
How many seats does an F-16 have?
A) One
b) Two
c) Four
(1) The First correct entry drawn out of the box on January 20
will win a trip around the clouds.
(2) Twelve runners up will receive a copy of F-16 Fighting Falcon
by Peter Foster.
(3) You may not photocopy the form. Only genuine entries are
(4) Employees of Database Publications and its associated
companies may not enter.
F-16 Combat Pilot scored 97% in the September issue I have read and understand the rules ..(sign here) ...(date) Send your entry to: Go fly with DI Competition, Amiga Computing. Second Floor, North House. 78-84 Ongar Road.
Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9BG.
FIGHTING FALCON Name .... Address lone: January 1990 AMIGA COMPUTING 67 Announcing PRODATA - the Arnor database Software for the 1990s Prodata is exceptionally versatile:- You can keep data files which are automatically sorted as you add information. The type of data can be very varied, ranging from simple names and addresses to inventories and catalogues and even invoices and records of transactions.
You can keep the data sorted in several different ways, e.g. by name, number, date. Ajmost instantly find information using any of these sort keys.
You can design different ways of presenting the data, e.g. straight list, address labels, tabulated data.
Using Prodata is simplidtv itself All facilities are accessed from a few simple to use menus. To set up a new database file you merely need to enter names for each data field - you need not concern yourself with the size of fields or the type of data to be stored or even the total number of fields.
Field 4 : Address Field 5 : Address Field f : Address Field 7 : Del Addi Field I : Del Add Field 1 : Del Add* Field II : Del Addi Field 11 : Del Add* Field 12 : Telephone Intake Address itltjl Field II : description 1 Field 1»: Unit Cost 1 lop left = (1,1). Pos * (3,17). Leflgth:?9.
Designing a new layout b* Hr t 1 |Snltl Caapatfr IB PC AT Am 34 Hslbern Key loaer Tkrashlry i 11on-undfr-thr-l 111 Ulttsnshirr HI12 5«T Frstnt Ret 7312 late 13 l W ate let 4447 late NnbasH inn* Bates lei As Displaying and entering data Arnor, the makers of PROTEXT, are pleased to announce the arrival of our complementary database program, PRODATA.
This is the program that our customers have been requesting for years. Prodata is an ideal companion to Protext - it uses the same key strokes and many of the same concepts, so Protext users will immediately feel comfortable. Prodata offers the same standards of ease of use and flexibility as Protext.
But you do not need Protext to use Prodata - it is a powerful database manager in its own right, ideal for all your filing applications. The program uses a simple set of menus which may be used with the keyboard or a mouse, as required.
Prodata is available now for the IBM PC and compatibles, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga computers.
Amiga owners please note that you need 1MB to run Prodata - see below for special price for Prodata plus A501 (512K memory + clock expansion).
Variable length fields, up to 300 fields per (•cord. Data files automatically extended as data la entered. Extra field* may be added at any time.
Indexed files may have up to 5 Indexes, which may use supplementary sort fields. Instantly switch Indexes to change sorting method.
Flexible layout design Includes field, text and variable Items, line drawing mode for boxes, layouts wider and longer than screen sizes with automatic scrolling, formatting of Hems (decimal places, justify, centring), pdnter attributes (bold, Halle etc) both global and on each Hem. Special •attach1 attributes to join Rems. Duplicate layout facility. Up to 100 different layouts.
Printing. Comprehensive set of printer drivers, full use of printer control codes, options to set all margin sizes, headers and footers, microspacing used to give correct output In proportional fonts, background printing, print to printer or to a disc file.
Filtering of data using any expression, FIRers stored wfth descriptions, selectable from menu. You can instantly switch between displaying all records, those selected, or others. Individual records may bo de-selected after filtering.
Importing and exporting of data in different formats suitable for other software Including Pretext.
Selective importing allowing data to be checked and altered as H Is imported.
Undo changes. The mo* meant data changes dotation* insertions ora logged and may reversed to allow you to correct mistakes easily Password protection 5 levels, ability 10 protect Individual layouts to restrict access lo sensitive data.
File management screen v*ih directory map, rename, erase, copy, type, attribute display and alteration.
Powerful expression evaluator provide* date calculations, substrings, conditional expressions, rounding. The resun of an expression can be assigned to a field throughout the database Data entry verification F*k» m«y m required to be integer, number or dale wHhln a given range, or a string sub|ect lo a maximum length and mask.
Data editing with ability lo dupiicaM ah enisling record. Insert and overwrite mode, insert and delete line that automatically move fields up or down. *wap characters, convert to upper or lower case, change layout or Index from display mode, finds individual record almost instantly.
International compatibility mciuMs foil us of accented characters including correct sorting, keyboard configurable to 10 different national layouts, printer drivers supplied lo print special characters.
Menu driven. Simple, easy to use system of menus and pop up windows. Keyboard or mouse may be used.
Plus macro record mode, batch delete facility, configuration program, example data files, screen indication of bold, underlining, italics, comprehensive 190 page illustrated manual "Totally menu driven, Prodata must rank among the top database systems..." sr user 12 89 "Prodata is a very sophisticated database package, and at £79.95, it is most certainly worth the money" your AMIGA 12 89 "Amor have a quality product at a very reasonable price" POP COMP WEEKLY 19 10 89 ORDER FORM - Send to: Arnor Ltd (AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough Please send me (indicate where applicable): PE1 3HA ame
Mcnaa PROTEXT v4.2 @ £99.95 PRODATA @ £79.95 PRODATA + A501 (Amiga) @ £179.95 Postcode Computer: PC 5' " PC 3'A' I Atari ST Amiga I enclose Cheque Postal order lor £_, or debit my Access Visa card no._Exp. Re eas ngyour m cro’spotent a ... Arnor Ltd (AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PB1 3HA. Tel: 0733 63909 24 hrj Fax: 0733 67299 All prices Include VAT, postage and packing. Credit card orders vwll be despalched by return of post. If paying by cheque please allow 10-14 days for delivery.
THIRD COAST AMIGA HARD DRIVES & TAPE BACK-UP DEVICES se PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR you add n simple invoices y name, lese sort 16Mhz Chip with support ot MC6881. Will offer 65-100% more performance on your A50CVA1000 A2000. Complete with 8K Data Cache.
Available in kit form or can be installed by Third Coast Technologies £149.00 THIRD COAST DIY KITS (Everything to build your own drive) Tool Box for Amiga A500. Allows expansion for A500 user. Otters support ot any A2000 product. La. Herd Drive. 8 Megabyte Board. This box with two slots ensures any A2000 product wtM work with your Amiga_£299X0 _1 MONITORS Commodore 1064S Stereo Colour Monitor .. Philips 8833 .. Phkps 8852
.. ...£235.00 ...E219X ..£255.CO Philip* BM 5702 12" High Res Monlor_____________________ ....£99.99 Star LC10 Mono . 09 CO AMIGA COMPUTERS light list, n a few ip a new to enter ou need i size of stored or Hard Drive Kits so that you can interlace drive to your Amiga A50OlAtC0 VA2000 A50tyA1000 Kits Trumpcard includes power supply, enclosure. SCSI cables. Auto Boot
Rom. Full utill&es.
Power connector. Just plug In an embedded SCSI drive and away you goll C189.CO Xetec Host adapter with 3 lee* double ended SCSI cable. This is the fastest controller on the market---------- ... E179.X Connecting ST506 Drive* no Problem Kit requires above with either OMTI3520. 3527 up to Two IBM type drives connected-------------------- £98.00 Choose between RLL and MFM.
Kits lor the Amiga 2000 Trumpcard lor Amiga 2000. Allows connection of drive In landing bay indudes ful utils, Auto Bod Rome-------------------------------------------------------------------£149. CO Xetec Controler wil take drive on controller 325 Inch tul SCSI.
Or will control one In landing bay. Full utils with auto boot Rom------------------£149.CO Amiga 500 . A520 TV Modulator (Base Pack)____________________________________£295.00 Amiga 500 * A520 TV Modulator Tenstar option------------------------------------£349.00 Amiga 500 . A520 TV Modulator . Air Mikes Pack . Tenstar Option ..£459.00 a changes d may to Amiga 500 * A520 TV Modulator . A501 Ram Expansion ? Dragons Lair Tenstar option_____________________________________________________£599.00 THIRD COAST RAM UPGRADES FOR AMIGA RANGE ..£649.00 i'm 99 C29 99 . £t45 X £349 X £139 99
£37999 £599 0C .CALL CALL CALL ....£94.99 provides conditional expression t database, may to la within a maximum and delete Sown, si ae, change
• individual las lull us Kt sorting,
* national
* nl special ..£159.CO Inc. lead Me fac-llty, files, on xg.
..449.X 999 X .. 249 X . 499 X £24 99 . £79 99 £89 X id al a 19 10 89 £199 99 __£’69 99
- -£235 CC
- ---£225 X _____-C?iS£C .... , £335 X .C74JB External Triangle
with Track CcuHer 35---- fc demaJ 626 Qrve w»h PSU .
External wt-oC-Owo 5 5 Syquest 45 Megabyte removable cartridge Includes 2* 45 Megabyte cartridges.
Full utlMles Included with pass through and Auto Boot Roms Included AS5O0 or A2000 £94900
* *,mertc Wafts Coprocessor WC68A81 £149 99 AO Megabyte Srrwvtg
Gassed* AdflrVA1000 Extern* £599 00 156 Megabye I ape Cassette
A60OA-OX external C999 00 60Megaoytebner-witapeA200C . . CsMX
ttoMegabyei'termM A2000ftap*| £590 X Commodore A590Aulo Boot 22
Wegabye £366 X Commodore A590 with 2 Megs Ram__________________
E549.X fvs 32 Megabyle Auto Park 25 mill head lock A500
Drive_________________________E449.X tvs 22 Megabyte Auto Park
25 mill head lock A500 Drive____________________________E399.C0
fvs 50 Megabyle Auto Park 25 mill head lock A500
Drive______________E539 CO fvs 66 Megabyle Auto Park 25 mil
head lot* A500 Drive .. E749.X tvs 96
Megabyle Auto Park 25 mil head lock A500
Drive_________________E699.CO Vortex 45 Megabyte Auto Park head
lock A500 Auto ___________________________E489.CO AmxJrlve 32
Megabyle Auto Park head lock A500_______ E389.CO Auto Boot Roms
additional on Amdrrve only AmxJrlve 50 Megabyte Auto Park head
lock A500______________________________E489.C0 XETEC Drives are
42% tester then anyfttng etee on ft market - FACT!!!
Xetec 22 Megabyte Auto part head lock A5O0 36 nflU________________________________£449X0 xetec 3? Megabyte Avto part toad u« A500 25 mtf (499 X Xe»*c 45 Megabyte Auto part toad «x* A500 25 ms* C599X Xsxec 65 Megabyte Auro part toectt* 25 £649 X Xetsc 46 Megabyte ti n« 64 rVByteCachsHead Pani £7»® Xetec 85 Megabyte'trr* 64 VBvte Cache Heed Lot* £989X Xetec 96 Megabyte 25 w» Head Part Heed Loc* £749 X Xetec ISO Megabyte i6Mll Head .ocfc Amo Part £'49500 Amiga 500 computer * Commodore 1048S Stereo Medium Resolution colour Monitor. Tenstar option .. Amiga 2000 • computers Amiga B2000 v1.3 Rev 6..
Amiga 2000 Computer ? Keyboard » Tenstar games ____________ Amiga 2000 Computer. 1048S Medium Resolution Stereo Monlor
C9*99 . £119X0 . £17999 Choose from Teac the be6t name in the
Industry Replacement t M byte Dnve requires minor adjustment to
Amiga .. External 1 M Byte Floppy Amiga with PSU 3.5.. Kenpeton
3«a Seen far A-*tg« Range £*a»ire TOOapt, 259 X
Tf«d©el'OrAtog* ---_ . 23 « Rspacemem Amiga Mouse
7 3* ton) 24 99 Kempeton Jaw Mouse 'or A~vga __________________
2BA9 Kempsion Joe 1 m - ...----- 2795 veec Og*e*e Aug* Qm
Co-ou- Soft)___________ 89 99 P-Muoa voeo Ogseer itx Cotour
So9)_ .. »49 X Liquidated Stock on all printer ribbons
lor one month only.
A Max Macintosh Emulator with 2 Mac Roms ------------------------------E245X Synchro Express Duptaalon System ----------------------- £33.99 A50C i 8 Megaby** troopuaied ms-a board h* AW .
ASX i 8 Megaby-* Pcpu*tse ttarm board as abxwe MetMeats * Megabyte board tor A2000 U'OJPUatsd 3 Megaby*es oopunc w*h 2 Megaby-wt 8 Megaby*es xputarec w*h « wegaby*e» a dsiwe cr poouaied 8 Weg«ryie Board 68C20 Actote-ws. Board-or Aa»u Hurricane 680X Accelerator Board tor A2000_______________ Eprom Programmer__________________________ „... Rendae Gemot* AS0C Renda* Genoc* A20X .. , . 13B*S H gh i*s Monior----- °topt sag- Res 98*0 ...... .. Commodore 1384S rerto Mor*or Cofcx* Co'-modcre XI Brtlge Boo'd--
• uru-e Sou*d 50C Scanner 200 Dpi (Ccpier. Scanner.
Printer)____________ Scanner 300 Dpi 64 Grey inc paint
soft_______________ Scanner 300 Dpi OCR Reading soft
. Professional Genlock Al
Amga's_________________________ Mouse Tim* Clock tor
A5O0AlOO(yA2OOO_________________ Video Adapters lor Amiga
allows Video taping with RF .. Minigen Genlock for Amiga A500..
X Specs 3-D glasses excellent for Cad Cam Liquid Crystal
Shuttering effect grves a whole new outlook on your
Amiga___________________________ £149.99 65 Megabyte
(Mechanical Head Park) Complete ___________________ E299.X RAM
Expansons lor Amiga A500 A5X Ram Expansion with dock and switch
.. Midi Interface.. ADDITIONAL PERIPHERALS Mannesman Tally
130cps .
PRINTERS Full one year warranty. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT! Trade and University enquiries welcome.
THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan WN6 OXQ Tel: 0257 426464 Fax: 0257 426577 We accept Bank Drafts. Company and Personal Cheques and also Access and Visa Cards.
All prices include VAT at 15%. A full warranty is offered on all products '•7299 DELIVERY SERVICE ... and the keenest prices GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST Delivery on ALL Stock itoms!
Only: 8.90 f Action Service Macadam Bumper Sprdertronic Trauma Wanted Barbarian
W. C. Leaderboard ich! (21 Of Cl 6.90) Captain Blood Phoenix TNT
Turbo QT Warlocks Quest AB Zoo _______________ Dedmal
Dungeon------- Fun School 2 (Under 6) Fun School 2 (6 lo
8).... Fun School 2 (Over 8).. PotoeOuer Pocuove 'Pro'Twee
unde P*o 'em* Tou’ .
Robot Readers ......19.S (Story with speech) Chicken Ut*e. Amcp€ FU» Tt.ee IBS* Pigs.
Tt.ee B s. Use Bed Hen snd Ugy [X **r g Postman Pal__________________________...___________8 Kid TaJk ..... ...29.90 1 BOOKS (Abacus) ONLY! ¦ Amiga lor Beginners . ....12.90 Amiga Basic Inside and Out . Machine Language ....18.90 ....14.90 Tricks and Tps ....14.90 _________32.90 Amiga DOS Inside vtd Out.. ....18.90 Disk Drtres Inside and Out____ Disks to accompany books ... ....13.90 I DISKS (DS DD 3.5 ) ONLY! 1 KAO Disks - 100% Guar an loud I 10____ -_______________
______________*10 50 3990 SONY Bated • 100% Ouerenleedl 10--------------------
50. .....----------------------- ____.13.40 59.40 1
ACCESSORIES ONLY!l locking Disk Box (50*).. Locking Disk Box
(100*) Media Box (Holds 150).. SHADOW OF THE BEAST 24.90
BOOd Mor»y Bomber--- RorbOuZSf CaMt--- Ce i'elMd Squares .
(cambers o» S**o n O-ono Ores' Oxmefoc r o»2).
Only: 4.00 each! (5 lor C19.90) Destroyer Firezone Crystal Hammer GokJrunner Way of little Dragon Bonbouzai Spaceball Vtxen Bad Cat SktoArms Spitting Image Prison Armageddon Man KeRy X Motor Cross Sim. Roadwars Speedboat Assassin K do tan 2 Scrabble Deluxe----------- Shadowgate ____________ Shoot em up Construction ... Sh iMpu* Ca* Sen&ty______ Snaee* Space Owest n Spar* Ques* i Scoring tie-ges two* Sieve Oavw *ortc S-oc-e-.
Setter----------- S’»p Poser 2.
SIUNI CAP .... I sxer I Sorxw Super Wo debov S«W oi Sodan Swords 0* Tertgr.
Tee-age xeen Terrys h*g A Teai *«• i 1890 1390
3. 90
• 990 HARDWARE AMIGA A500 Computer 1084-S Monitor ......
512K RAM expansion... miniGEN ......
Drakkhen_____________________ Enperor of Mlne6 Falcon....,.
‘MIssionDbk____________.... Fast BreaK ...... Federal
ion of Free Traders Ferrari Formula One ... Fiendish
Freddie's Big Top Fighting Soccer--------------- Flight
Simulator 2--------- Jet ..
• Scenery 7.9 or 11________ ‘Europe or Japan scenery .
Footbal Director 2 ..... Footbal Manager 2________ Fusion----------------- F-16 Combat Pilot ... Galaxy Force------------- Games Summer Edition .... I RAINBOW ISLANDS Garfield Garferd - WW'e'* tee Gauieti :krs*b ..
* «h Steel _______ STAR LC10 Printer (Mono).. STAR LC10 Printer
(Colour) (Printers indude lead!)
Cumana 3.5' 1Mb Disk Drive Senator 3.5' Disk Drive .. 30 MEG Supra Hard Disk......
• cS-om* Chaw t t-Va Pg»Su1 TV Sport roonai War r Mdde fearh
WiStt; W*«d 0tea-e Worw tc- 7a. .
Aztec C Devetoper Cambridge Lisp..... GFA Baste (V.3)....
129. 90
112. 50 ... 59.90 C84.90 Furry Mouse Cover! ...6.90
(with cute little eyes, ears and nose I) Mouse Bracket...
Mouse Mat_______ Keyboard Cover.
Monlor Cover.... COMPILATIONS ONLY ART & MUSIC ONLY lenace. BAAL. Tetris MEGAPACK .16.90 Com* ‘Vi*» 5990 ¦ utilities ONLY!
Phutos, Mouse Trap, Seconds Out Winter Oiyrrplad. Suidde Mission McmeSere* De*.«e Part 2 ------
- -----88 90 4990 ArrigaDOS Toolbox------- BBC
Emulator ... ...-.39.95
..39.90 Ef. Circus Games. Summer Olympiad
Formula 1 G.P.. Man from Coundl MondaRVT Shadow indy - * 10
Ad rvw** Indy - The Action game eenwptor - .....
- lertvase. - :•on lraefce-s . ----- Challenge. Voyager ype,
int. Karate Plus ACTION AMK2A ...... Artura,
Deflector, Technocop Cybernoid, Motor Massacre STARS WARS
TRILOGY .... Stars Wars . Empire Strikes Back.
_Revenge of the Jedl_ THE STORY 80 FAR (1)------------------- Ikarl Warriors. Battleships Buggy Boy. Beyond Ice Palace THE STORY SO FAR (3) ..... Space Harrier. Thundercats Bonbjack. Live and Let Die PRECIOUS METAL ~ Xenon. Cap*. Blood Crazy cars. Arkanold II DIG I VIEW GOLD (PAL) 119.90 1 Publishers Choice ...
70. 90 1 Includes: Page Setter 12 Kind Words 2. Headline
Fontspack | Artists Choice Anpack Scribble Platinum ..
42,90 Virus Killer ..
::::...:...9.9o WORKBENCH 1.3 (NEW) ... ...14.90
Works Platinum ._____________
- -------139.90 ju * o i iv.i o ‘Dvecior Toolkit
Fantavlsion Modeler 30 Music-X... Keet Tne TNM Kerry Dbg
«n Socee* .
Krgdom d Eng«r» KU8 _________ I biMa?
Leeoerboaro Lombard RAC Raty .
Lords 01 the Reng S.n Mc-opoy Deo re Netrermnd „
• *ee Zeasrc 9iory
• son- and 8omh --- Jeda*d , _
13. 90 GRAPHIC STARTER KIT 59.90 Abqis Animator, Aeflis Draw.
Aegis Images, Clip Art + Arazoks Tomb (Superb Graphic Adventure) Joystick & Mouse Extension .. Joystick Lead - 3 metres I. Wfe CARD controller OuCkshot II---------------- Quldvshot II Turbo . Cobra (NEW . Cruiser (CLEAR).. Photon Paint 2... Pttmal ...... Pro Sound Deslgi Sculpt 30 (PAL).
Sculpt 40 Junior So..-, - ..54.90
• Sonlx Soundtrack..... ..12.90 Mabr Motion. Time Bandit
Leatherneck. Tanglewood Pro 5000... The above is just a small
selection of our VAST stock of AMIGA software!
Callers welcome; Normal Office Hours - 24 Hour Telephone Service!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC. 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK. NOTTS NG241JE ¦ R E V I E W ¦ WHEN I grew out of short trousers and old enough to be told the evils of the world. Mrs Tyler, my computer science teacher, let me in on the secret of computer jargon. I'll share it with you.
Everything has three names: The British name, tbe American name and the IBM name. While IBM hasn't declared UDI yet. It is a xenophobic, autocratic state.
The peripheral most Amiga owners lust alter is a hard disc, which some call a fixed disc and to which IBM have attributed the name Winchester because that is where it was invented.
Seeing as they did the inventing I suppose they can call it what they like, but the other names are more meaningful.
The "hard" part of the name means that unlike a floppy the magnetic coating is spread over a solid disc.
The heads which read and write to the disc don't touch the surface, as they do on a floppy, but float less than a hair’s breath above using the effect of magnetism to transfer the data.
A hard disc spins very much faster than a floppy and has a larger diameter, meaning data can be packed more closely together resulting in much higher storage capacity. The result is that data can be read and written much faster.
Simon Rockman discovers that 20 minutes after playing with one hard disc you want another one The name "fixed” reflects the fact that hard discs cannot usually be removed: they stay fixed inside the machine, which means that when the disc is full you have to delete something to make room for more.
Since 5 meg and 10 meg systems are rare, you usually have at least 20 meg to play with. The Amiga can cope with more storage capacity than most people can afford.
ONE of the reasons a fixed disc is fixed is because it works in a partial vacuum. The disc and the read write heads live in a clean atmosphere, safe from all the nasty things which could damage their fragile co-existence. Things like particles of cigarette smoke and dust.
Panther Peripherals is importing the Syquest disc, which is hard, but not fixed - it’s a removable hard disc (RHD). This offers the speed and capacity of a normal hard drive, but when it is full you just slot in another cartridge. And with 45 megs on tap you would only need a few RHDs to hold the entire Fred Fish collection.
The best of all worlds?
Well yes. But because the disc needs to be slotted in and out, the drive cannot be a sealed unit. This leaves room for microscopic nasties to creep in. There is also the standard problem with Amiga hard discs: Price. The unit I tested with cables and one cartridge sells for £1374.25. The expense doesn't end there. It needs a SCSI (pronounced scuzzy) interface. There are several for the A2000, but only one for the A500.
Such a device will set you back about £200. Extra RHD cartridges cost a further £99.
But at least after having laid out all that money the thing is simple to install. It was supplied for review with a floppy boot disc, although it will autoboot under 1.3. The provisional documentation contained all the facte about altering your Mountlist and Startup-Sequence to include the new peripheral. You’ll have to be au fait with the chants needed to get a hard drive running, but all the basic info is there.
Unless the cartridge is in the drive the system will not boot, something I found a little hard to handle after ?
4 ¦ REVIEW* being brainwashed into removing floppies before powering on and off.
The cartridges, like floppies, can be write protected - an insurance against virus paranoia, but not much use on this kind of medium.
The great advantage of a hard disc is speed. And one of the great failings of the Amiga is slow floppies.
Copying a 1.6 meg file from one area of the RHD to another using Workbench 1.3's fast filing system took 190 seconds. This may not look too impressive compared to data transfer rates quoted on a manufacturer's spec sheet, but it is sensibly fast.
When you walk along the Amiga upgrade path a monitor improves the results, a second drive makes the machine easier to use and extra ram means you can do more, but a hard drive transforms your Amiga, being the ultimate peripheral in many users' eyes - really worth saving for.
And while I'd advise anyone to pawn their football boots or sell their younger brother to slave traders to buy a hard drive, I'm not so sure I’d recommend this particular one. Firstly it is twice the price of its rivals.
Secondly, it went wrong.
While copying a large file it produced a read write error. This error grew until the unit failed to boot. While you can throw away the odd duff 3.5in disc, a £99 cartridge is not something you want to give to the men who spread old newspapers over the garden path every Wednesday.
Besides, backing up on to so floppies before you bin the cartridge is more boring than your average BBC computer programme.
The ideal situation is to have two RHD drives and use one as a backup, but you would have to be a really heavy user to justify that kind of expense.
The system is worth looking at if you do a lot of vidoo work and have large .anim files to save, or if you want to hold a library of shapes for Sculpt 3D.
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stands for Block Image Transfer, which essentially means taking
a rectangle of screen data and pasting it somewhere else on the
screen. Commodore initially tried to call it a bimmer (for
Block Image Manipulator) but that was such a stupid name that
no one else used it.
Eventually Commodore forgot it as well.
The blitter chip doesn't do anything that can’t be done with the processor, but it can do it a heck of a lot faster. In its simplest method of operation - a straightforward data copy - it can move over 15 million pixels a second.
But the blitter inside the Amiga is much more versatile than this. It can perform logical operations - so it can mix the blitted data with the data currently on the screen in various different ways - and it can draw lines and fill areas.
It is also not confined to working with graphic memory and can be used on anything residing in chip ram.
Decoding raw data read from the disc drive is one task the blitter is put to by the Amiga.
Block image transfer is only one small part of what the Amiga's blitter can do.
Like almost every other part of the . Hardware, the blitter uses Direct Memory Access (DMA) to perform its electronic miracles. As with bitplanes and sprites, all you do is tell it what to do and start it off. Then you can forget about it while it happily blits away in the background.
The blitter uses four DMA channels.
Three of these are inputs called A, B and C, which take data from memory into the blitter, and there is one output from the blitter back to memory, called D. You can use three, two, one or even none of the inputs at a time by disabling the DMA channels that are not needed. There are even times when you may want to disable the output, channel D. To use the blitter you have to set up the various hardware registers which tell it exactly what you want to do.
First check that the blitter is not already busy - especially important in multi-tasking programs.
Th re m of wi Tf th.
Re| BL ch A yo ho bo un art bo I lin fir?
Byl rep cal 1 wh pel bly reg Th.
BL' "1 cha US lest blit wai Da B mir ope on I deti the belt star lf: Abt A A is SOU!
And set, will bits If char or 1 Remember that the blitter is used by the operating system for all sorts of unusual purposes and changing blitter registers while it is busy is rather like trying to put a load of dirty clothes in a washing machine while it is half way through running another wash. All you end up with is a spectacular mess.
To see whether the blitter is busy you must test bit 14 of the hardware register $ dffiJ02. To make it simple, use the little loop below, it will wait until the blitter has Finished before carrying on with the program.
Blitchek: btst IH,Sdf(002 ;ls blitter busy’ bne.s blitchek ;!t not, loop back.
After executing this you can safely set up the blitter for your own use.
Firstly, set the DMA pointers for the blitter I O channels. You only need to set the channels that you are using.
Next you must tell the blitter about the rectangle you want to blit and where you want to blit it to.
To work out how to set aim for a particular rectangle you must understand how the Amiga's screen is laid out.
A standard lo-res bitplane consists of 200 horizontal lines of 320 pixels each line. This is stored in memory as a block of 8,000 bytes, where each line is stored as 20 words.
The blitter, which must be told where the image you want to move is in memory, works by moving a word at a time, so you can only move to and from even word boundaries.
The blitter window is defined in a similar way to a bitplane (see Figure
I) . As with bitplanes. You can set a modulo for each DMA channel
which will skip a set number of bytes at the end of each line.
This is important if the area you want to blit is not the full
width of the screen.
The modulo is the value added to the blitter address registers after each line of the window is read. To calculate the modulo you need to take ¦ PROGRAMMING the width of the screen in bytes, remembering to add on any bitplane modulo (if you have set one) for the off-screen bytes, and subtract the width of your blitter window in bytes.
This is the value you should use for the blitter modulo.
The next thing to set are the registers called BLTAFWM and BLTALYVM. Which stand for Blitter A channel First Word Mask and Blitter A channel Last Word Mask. If the area you want to blit does not start or end horizontally exactly on a word boundary, you can mask off the unwanted area at the sides of your blit area to make up the area to word boundaries.
IF the first word mask is set to Sffff (all bits set) the first word of each line will be printed normally. If the first word mask is set to SOOff, the first byte of each line will not be read but replaced with zeros in the blitter calculations.
Two control registers tell the blitter what sort of operation you want to perform on your data. As you probably suspect already, these control registers are fundamentally important.
The makeup of BLTCONO and BLTCON 1 are shown in Figure n. You tell the blitter which DMA channels to enable by setting the USEA to USED bits. Remember, the less channels used the faster the blitter will operate. For a straightforward data copy normally only A and D are used.
Bits LF7 to LFO are called the minterms. They determine the logic operations that the blitter carries out on the data. Each of the eight bits determines whether a bit will be set in the destination or not. The panel below details what the eight minterms stand for.
Is LF7 LF6 LF5 LF4 LF3 LF2 Lfl LFO ABC Abc AbC Abe aBC aBc abC abc A means the bit tested from source e A is set. A means the bit tested from source A is clear, and the same for B ch and C. This means that if only LF7 is le set. The destination from the blitter if will only set a bit if the corresponding full bits of A. B and C are set.
If you are using less than four DMA 0 channels you will have to check for 0 ch or 1 in the unused channels. For lake 00 01 o 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 An example of a blitter rectangle defined as part of a 20 word wide bitplane. Numbers are words offset from START, the start of tbe bitplane.
In this example, assuming the window was used as the A source. BLTAPTR would be START+46 (2-23). There are 11 words between each line of the blitter rectangle, so the blitter modulo.
BLTAMOD, would be 22. The blitter window is 9 words wide and 3 lines deep, so the correct value for BITS1ZE would be 9+3-64. Or 201.
BIT BLTCONO ($ dffC40) BLTC0N1 ($ 3ff042) 15 ASH3 SSH3 14 ASH2 BSH2 13 ASH1 BSH1 12 ASH0 BSH0 11 USEA unused 10 USES unused 9 US EC unused 8 USED unuseo 7 LF7 unused 6 LF6 unused 5 LF5 unuseo 4 LF4 EFE 3 LF3 1FE 2 LF2 FCI 1 Lfl DESC 0 U- LFO .
LINE Figure II: Makeup of the BLTCON registers. Note: EPE IFE FCI and LINE are for blitter line drawing (not discussed here) and should be set to zero.
NAME ADDRESS SIZE COMMENT DMACGNR $ Gff002 .W Bit 14 - Blitter Dusy BLTAPTR $ cffC50 .L Acdress for DMA A (source) BLTBPTR $ cff04c .L Address for DMA S (source) bltcptr $ cff046 . L Address for DMA C (source) BLTDPTR $ dffG54 . L Address for DMA D (destination) BLTAMOD Sdff0o4
• W Modulo for A BLIBMOD $ cff062 .w Modulo for B BLTCMOD $ 3ff060
.w Modulo for C BLTDMOD $ dff066 .w Modulo for D BLTAFWM $ dff044
• W First word mask for A only BLTALWM $ aff046 .w Last word mask
for A only BLTCONO $ Off040 .w First blitter control word
BLTCON1 $ aff042 .w Second blitter control word BLTSIZE $ dff058
.w width in words plus 64*height Figure HI: The blitter
registers. Writing to BLTSIZE (SdffOSSj enables the blitter, so
it should be set last. ?
A example, if you want lo set a bit when both sources A and B are set, but you are not using source C, you will have to set LF7 and LF6 (for ABC and Abc) so that the corresponding bit in the destination will be set whether the bit from C is set or not.
Most of the common minterms can be worked out like this. For a straightforward data copy - that is, D=A, destination taken straight from source A without alteration - you would only enable DMA channels A and D and you would set minterms LF7 to LF4.
The minterm value which you put into the BLTCON0 register would be $ f0, taken from regarding LF7 to LFO as binary digits. This will set the corresponding bit in the destination when A is set. Regardless of the settings from the B and C sources.
If you want to use the blitter to clear an area of memory you don't need to enable any DMA sources, only the destination D. As you always want a zero to be written to memory, you don’t enable any minterms, so the minterm value is SO.
IF you want to copy from the A source to D destination, but only the bits where the B source is set as well - which is a very simple form of masking, defining a mask showing which parts of a picture you want transferred - you would use the logic operation D=A AND B. D is only set when both A and B are set. This would need just the minterms containing AB, or LF7 and LF6. The minterm value would then be ScO.
So far you can scroll smoothly vertically, as shown in the example listing, by moving the data to a position 40 bytes back in memory - 40 bytes is the width of a standard lo-res screen. You can use the same technique to scroll an area horizontally by 16 pixels, but you can’t do smooth horizontal scrolling this way.
To do smooth horizontal scrolling you need to use the barrel shifter.
This rotates the data held in the blitter by up to 15 pixels at a time.
The highest four bits in BLTCONO determine the horizontal shift for source A, and the highest four bits in BLTCON1 are for source B. Note that all shifts are to the right, so if you want to scroll smoothly to the left you will have to scroll roughly by one word to the left and scroll smoothly to the right by however many pixels you need to make up to the position you want.
The bits EFE IFE FC1 and LINE are for using the blitter to fill areas and draw lines. This is beyond the scope of this article. If you want to investigate these areas you should SENLAC SOFTWARE PD Catering Solely For Amiga Users
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Don't use the old Addison-Wesley Hardware Reference Manual for this
- it has several serious mistakes in the blitter line drawing
chapter which will cause severe problems for anyone trying to
master the blitter.
The new Hardware Reference Manual is in the shops. I'll check it out and report back to you asap.
Lling lling ne.
NO ri8ht, ly'ts anti The last bit to talk about is DESC.
This determines the way the blitter works. If you are copying one part of memory to another part and the two areas do not overlap you have no problems. However, if the areas do overlap you must make sure the blitter is working in the correct direction - that is. Top to bottom or bottom to top.
IF not. The destination can write over the bottom of the source before it is used. Setting DESC means the blitter works backwards, so ensuring that it will not overwrite itself.
As a general rule, if the source and destination overlap, then set DESC if the destination is lower down the screen (higher up in memory), and clear DESC if the destination is higher up the screen (lower down in memory).
The example listing shows how to set up a simple blitter operation to move a block of memory - the middle of the screen in this case - up by one line (40 bytes, remember, because 40 bytes is a line in a lo-res screen). In this example, source and destination are overlapped, and destination is higher up the screen so DESC is 0.
• NEXT MONTH: Let's mite a demo!
DE a re ani) scope uld aoveu.l sp)*,d0-d7 a0-a6
dc. u $ 4ef9
dc. l 0 jsr instruction.
• ovbts: lea endtin,aO addq.b S1,bytvat nove.b bytvat,d1 ooveo
*59,dO ¦ovlp: sove.b d1,(a0)f dbra rts ; Hove 40 bytes to ;
bottos of screen.
Blitit: btst *14,$ dff002 bne.s blitit
• ove.l Jscreen*40,$ dff050 ; BLTAPTR.
Nove.l 'screen,SdffOSt ; 8LT8PTR.
Dr.t SdffOdi; Clear BLTAB0D and BLTBB0D.
Nove.l *-1,Sdff044; This loves Sffff into ; BLTAFtffl and 8LTALM.
Bove.u Sji00111110000,Sdff040 ; BLTCONO.
* 11001 I; S1001 = Enable A and 0 DBA.
* 211110000; Binter. Val = *f0, D-A.
Dr. I Sdff042
• ove.u 20‘64*1Q1,Jdff058 rts BLTC0H1.
Bytvat: dc.b oldcpr: dc.l list.
Neucpr: dc.u
dc. u
dc. u
dc. u
dc. u
dc. u
dc. u ; Vorkbench copper tier the S' '2400 ¦comm inc p&p.
3 1 forte, at 300, allow ,acl and Ime. This 1 tfi your
5. 00 $ 100,81200,$ 102,$ 0,S104,Sa,S108,0,S10a,0
$ 92,S38,S9t,$ d0,$ 8e,$ 7c81,S9O,Se0e1 $ 180,0,S182,Sfff,SeO 0,$ e2
0 Se209,$ ttfe,$ 9c,$ 8010 Sffff,Sfffe ; End copper.
• oven.I d0-d7 a0-a6,-(sp) ; Save all registers, and.w
«S10,Sdff01e ; Check if if is.
Beq.s out
• ove.u *S10,Sdff09c lea gfxlib,a1 aoveq «0,d0 ¦ove.l 4,v,ad jsr
- $ 228(ad ; Open graphics library.
Is t dO beq error nove.l 00,gfxbse move.t
* screen,dO ; Store screen address in sove.v d0,pt0l ; copper
Swap dO ¦ove.w d0,pt0h move.1 gfxbse,a6 ; Set up copper list.
Add. 1 S$ 32,a6 Bove.w
* $ 80,$ dffQ96 move.t Cab),oldcpr nove.l Bneucpr,lad) oove.tf
* S8080,Sd‘f09d nove.w SSS0i0,Sdff09a aove.l $ 6c.u,old wove.1
fneu,$ 6c.v btst J6,$ bfe001 ; Test for souse button.
Bne.s uait aove.l old,$ bc.u ; Return to vorkbench.
Nove.l gfxbse,a6 ; Copper list.
Add. 1
* 532,ad ¦ove.v A50080,$ dff096 aove.l oldcpr,(a6) eove.v
J$ 8080,$ dff09d ¦ove.l gfxbse,a1 ; Close graphics library.
¦ovd.1 Jr.
$ 4.u,a6 _eio«’-x' plOh: plOl: Exit routine.
Gfxlib: dc.b "graphics.library”,0 ; Library naie.
Even gfxbse: dc.l 0 screen: ds.b 4000 endlin: ds.b 40 section blitter,code c ; Pot into chip »e«ory.
Opt c-,o*; tlo case sensitivity, optimize on.
Clr. I rts old: bsr bsr
• ovbts blitit ; Enter a neu line.
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labels, fully guaranieed------------ 25 bulk disks as above-------------------- 10 disks as above with plastic case ..... 25 disks as above, with 40 capacity lockable storage unit------------------------- Kodak DS DD 3.5' disks, top quality storage media. Box of 10 ... Art and the Amiga go together like Tom and Jerry, so what better way to start your children computing? Ian Hugo tries My Paint out on his kids THEIR faces lit up. "BriH" and “Great" were the instant reactions to MyPaint. A paint program for kids from Prism. Three days later my children had stopped using it.
Which sums up the strengths and the weaknesses of the program.
The disc arrived in an attractively packaged box boldly proclaimed to be "kid tested". "OK". 1 thought and, after looking to see that the program loaded properly. I left Carl, aged eight, and Natalie, ten, to get on with it.
Needless to say. Neither started by reading the small book of instructions, and immediately hit a snag. The opening screen doesn't tell you what to do next. Neither does the booklet.
Obviously, what you need is a surface to paint on; but how do you get one?
Fortunately, there is a big Help icon in the middle of the screen and they clicked on that. The program immediately started to step through each of the facilities shown and a Dalek-like voice explained what each did. That revealed that the disc icon was the one needed.
Shrieks of delight at this discovery but how could they stop Help droning on? It didn't seem that they could; so.
Heavy sighs while Help continued to the end of its routine.
Thereafter it was all pure delight.
They started with the mystery feature, a gift box which you unwrap by rubbing over it with the brush to reveal one of the 28 drawings stored in the colouring book. Using the painting facilities was extremely simple, and they soon went through a variety of drawings each. They were genuinely pleased with the pictures and had a lot of fun colouring them in.
I insisted that they try out all of the facilities and it took a couple of hours for both to do so. They managed to make all the facilities work for themselves, apart from saving a picture. And then that was that; there was little more interest.
On offer are a thick and thin paint brush, an eraser, an "oops" facility, fill-in, mirroring effect, flashing effect, multi-colour brush and a sound effect, plus a dozen colours to choose from and, of course, the colouring book. Some facilities and effects worked better than others.
The paint brushes are adequate rather than good. My kids have been used to Photon Paint, with eight thicknesses of brush, and so were not very impressed. The same can be said of the range of colours - 12 is an adequate rather than a generous number, and there is no opportunity to mix new colours. As the program runs in low resolution (320 x 200) mode this is not due to memory restrictions.
The multi-colour brush has essentially the same effect as a multicolour pencil; it's interesting for a minute or so.
The eraser is slightly disconcerting, since it erases all colouring on a drawing. That came as quite a shock when they tried it to rub out only part of their colouring. The "oops" facility undoes only the last brush stroke, so it's not very helpful when second thoughts occur slightly late.
However, it didn't take them long to work out that colouring in white would have the same effect as a more constrained eraser. Given the obviously intended market for the program, that might usefully have been spelt out somewhere.
SOUND effects were the least successful of the facilities.
Clicking on it produced a noise related to the drawing currently displayed. The sounds were rather rudimentary, however, and their Dalek quality often required an effort of imagination to link them to the picture.
Mirroring on the other hand, was first class. It apes the effect of four mirrors, as though the screen were divided into four quarters, so that a ?
Mark made at one point on the screen appears at four points simultaneously.
The kids managed to achieve some very striking designs with that facility.
¦ EDUCATION ¦ The flashing effect also provoked some creative work. It does not really make the colours flash, but changes seven of them in rotation. This succeeded in suggesting interesting alternatives to the usual colours for the sky and grass.
The colouring book had the kind of range of pictures that you might expect to find in a child's colouring book or an ST owner's library - plenty of animals, country scenes, a zoo scene, a space scene, dinosaurs and boats.
The fill-in facility was just that but it did work commendably quickly, noticeably faster than it does in Photon Paint, not difficult since Photon uses HAM. Where young children are concerned, that is an important touch.
THE surprise picture facility held attention longer than I expected.
They tended to use that rather than page through the book, using the simple back and forward arrows provided. It should be added, in passing, that it is possible to paint extra features over the drawings to be coloured.
Probably the principal criteria in judging such a program is whether it can and will be used over a reasonable period by its intended market. Clearly, it is for very young children, but ones who, nonetheless can use a mouse and such conventions as clicking on a brush and a colour in order to paint.
A lot of thought has been given to making the facilities simple. All have clear icons except perhaps the disc icon which produces the painting surface.
An image of a painting book might have been better.
The booklet notes that children using the program may not be able to read, which is presumably why the Help facility not only explains each feature in text but also reads it to you.
Still, it's a nice touch.
Documentation is basic. The booklet is for older children or adults who are lending a helping hand. It is simple and well laid out but has a couple of small glitches given the criterion of extreme simplicity. The "getting started" section doesn't really get you started, it just gets you to the opening screen, where you need Help.
Secondly, the section Quitting The Program cheerfully states "You may safely turn off your computer at any time within Mypaint to end the program". With the disc still in it? We didn't test this in case that proved to be the end of the test, but a young child might do just that.
A FINAL point is to consider what facilities might reasonably have been put into the program that weren't there. A paint mixing facility would have added a little more interest and it would have been nice to have a small library of common shapes so that children could compose their own drawings.
Essentially, what Mypaint gives you is an electronic colouring book with a few bells and whistles. I felt that Carl and Natalio were slightly too old for it
- they tend not to use colouring books any more.
However, it does have "instant" appeal and could well be a very attractive program for a five or six year old, who would find a more sophisticated painting program too daunting but would need some help with this.
REPORT CARD My Paint Priam Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242 £39.95 EASE OF USE.... Of paramount importance. My Paint balances simplicity with features.
A little sluggish when compared t “ proper“ art packages but this is n significant drawback.
VALUE .. The lack of lasting appeal hampers all educational software.
OVKHALL Fun and a good introduction to computers for young children.
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It assembles at an incredible rate of 250,000 lines a minute!
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What's more, ArgAsm is the first assembler to be compatible with all the three major assemblers; Assem, Devpac and Cape. So if you're looking to upgrade, the chances are you'll be instantly right at home with ArgAsm.
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I ASSEMBLER poiioit Place your order today, using the form on Page 113 Horsey takes king prawn Alastair Scott pits his wits against the latest pretender to the Amiga chess crown i can change the colours to your heart's delight RIGHT from the start Oxford Softworks' Chess Player 2150 has unusual features. After negotiating the password protection scheme, you are given a very clear 2D board. Select the first menu item and the board switches to a 3D representation which is much better than those of Colossus Chess X and Chessmaster 2000.
Here there is no jerky piece movement, no doubt about whether one piece is passing in front of or behind another, and no question as to which piece or square is being pointed at.
Anothor advantage over the other programs is that the board can he rotated, shrunk or enlarged without perspective being distorted. The 2D board has only standard chessmen, the 3D board has an unusual choice of two Staunton sets, spacemen, farmyard animals or toys, the last two presumably for child appeal.
Ail choices are made from menus, with no Amiga key shortcuts.
Requesters with buttons appear on screen when needed and filenames are chosen from a standard menu.
Dialogue boxes are a little flickery.
I've Gurued a couple of times while replaying loaded games, and copies of the master disc occasionally have to be loaded twice before working properly. I found no other bugs.
YOU should have no problem in finding a suitable type of play from the five available. Firstly there is Weak Player, which has 10 sub-levels which force the program to play random but legal moves.
The other four are more conventional: Tournament allows you to enter a move time between one second and infinity, which the program will, on the whole, match: Average makes it take the same time over every move; Matching matches both players' times per move; Infinite ?
¦ R E V I E W ¦ makes it think until Esc is pressed.
1 Be 2 X. 3 SI 4 Tli 5 Bl.
6 Hi 7Ct 8 St 9 Sv 10 0, 11 In' 12 O 13 TJ, 14 O 15 F« 16 B. 17 Pe 18 G 19 Fu 20 Pc 21 G 22 T,i 23 TH 24 d 25 Ini 26 Ira 27A.
28 Be 29 0, 30 Jig 31 32 0, 33 N, 34 Ba S3 37 S» 38 X. 39 M 40 la.
41 Sfc 42 Kn 43 Su| 44 Ho 45 Ch 46 l,|, 47 K* 48 N, 49 S„ 50S In addition. Chess Player 2150 can be told to avoid draws at all costs, always play for the draw, or anything in between, and can be handicapped by being prevented from thinking in its opponent's time.
While a game is in progress you are free to select most menu items. Moves can be taken back and played forward, sides can be swapped, the program can play itself or monitor two human players.
There is some horrific Frank Bruno style digitised sound which will have you reaching for the menu to replace it with a bleep. The board colours can be changed.
It would have been helpful to be able to store such alterations in a preferences hie, but no such option is available.
On loading the program, the first thing to do is switch off the speech By selecting the menu option you can switch to the information screen, which shows moves made, time taken, depth of search and current line.
Chessmaster is still the only Amiga program which uses proper algebraic notation - Chess Player 2150 uses the unambiguous but ancient DlG4, F3D4 form. Hardcopy uses the same notation, but with the neat touch that the time taken for each move is printed beside it.
BUT Chess Player 2150 has features which set it aside from the competition. Provided a copy of the program disc is used, any unexpected moves can be added to the openings library.
Although the library is S3.000 bytes (not moves!) Long, it has some surprising gaps. For example. I.e4 d6
2. d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.f4 takes the program out of book.
More important is the option which allows you to test both your playing strength and that of the computer at any skill level. This involves solving 24 chess problems by giving up to four possible moves for each at two minutes maximum per move.
The manual says this is enough to estimate a grading to within 50 points.
While this is true for my grading - it overestimated by 35 points -1 can't see how it can possibly work in all cases.
For example, computers and people have completely different methods of tackling chess problems. People are analytical, computers are more brute force and ignorance. Giving the same test to both seems unjustifiable. I would be very wary of reading anything into results obtained with it.
There is no substitute for safety in numbers - many games against many graded opponents. Doth computer and human, together with a mathematically sound method of grading.
The final curiosity is What If? This allows you to search the tree of moves and find out why the program rejected a line of play, possibly forcing it to play that line and see what happens.
This option was put in at the development stage and tidied up for the release version. Although difficult to use, it does give you a feeling for what goes on behind the fancy graphics.
CHESS Player's playing strength cannot be disputed. There is a good variety of openings, mostly standard, although with a few exotic lines. Middlegame play is excop- ?
A4»odi VAT.ec ToonV moo., • VAT K»g 0 %*K*tuyd yic 'Zfevtdcwvic &MK*KAd yie tnUqti S tc Mzne 1 Batmon: The Mcwie (Ocean) ..£15.75 2 Xenon II Megablait (Image Worfo) ...£15.45 3 Shadow Of Thu Beast (Psygnojis) .£21.95 4 The Untouchables (Ocean) .....£16.45 5 Blade Warrio. (Image Works) £16.45 6 It Came From The Desert (Image Works) ..£19.45 7 Cobal
(Ocean) ...£14.95 8 Slryx (Psyclapsel .£12.75 9 Swords Of Twilight (Electronic Arts) ..£16.45 10 Dynamic Debugger (Image Works) ...£16.45 11 In ter phase (Image Works) .....£16.45 12 Operation Thunderbolt (Ocean) ...£16.45 13 The Lost Patrol (Ocean) ..£15.75 14 Ooze (Dragonware]
......£16.45 15 Fiendish Freddie's Big Top 'O Fun (Mindscape) .,.£16.45 16 Beach Volley (Psygnosis) £15.75 17 Papulous: Promised Lands (Electronic Arts) £6.45 18 Gemini Wing (Virgin) ....£12.75 19 Future Wars (DelfJline Palace) ....£15.75 20 Power Drift (Activision) ...£16.45 21 Gridiron (Belhesda) . £16.45
22 Triad II (Psydopse) .£15.75 23 The New Zealand Story (Ocean) ..£15.75 24 Ghoslbusters II |Activision| .....£16.45 25 Infestation (Psygnosis) ....£16.45 26 iron Tracker (Intogrames) £12.75 27 A.P.B. (Tengen) ..£12.75 2B Borborion II (Psygnosis) ..£15.75 29 Drogon
Spirit (Domark) ..£12.75 30 Jig Saw (Logolronl ..£13.45 31 hranhoe (Ocean) £15.75 32 Demon's Tomb (Melbourne House) .... £12.75 33 Never Mind (Psydopse) .£13.45 34 Bod Company (logolronl £16.45 35 Highway Patrol (Intogrames) ..£ 15.75 36 Silkworm
(Virgin) £12.75 37 Strider (US Gold| £16.75 38 Xenophobe (Micro Style) £16.45 39 Matrix Marauders (Psycfapse) £13.45 40 Laser Squad (Blade) £13.45 41 Star Blaze (Logotron) ......£13.45 42 Knightforce (Titus) ...£16.45 43 Super League
Soccer (Impressions) ...£16.45 44 Horse Rocing (Mindscape) .....£16.45 45 Chicago 90 (Infogrames) ......£13.45 46 Life & Death (Mindscape) ......£16.45 47 Kees The Thief (Electronic Arts) .....£16.45 48 Neuromancer (Electronic Arts Interplay) ..£16.45 49 Risk (Leisure Genius) ......£13.45 50 Super Ojintel
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Technology (tek'n-olo'ji) 4te application of practical mechanicol sciences to industry or commerce, xenon technology (zen'on tek'n-olVji) the best definition!
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Any less and we'll be giving them away.
"Ana why not?" I hear you askl Because we're not as stupid as the competition looksll All product* ore dispotched widiin 24 hours (subject to avoilobility) by FIRST CLASS po»t. All new tides ore dispofched when released All prices shown ore fully inclusive of Vat, postage, pockoging ond a full guarantee (please odd £1.10 per item overseas). Pleose moke cheques or postal ordors payable to "Xenon Technology".
To order simply write on a piece of paper, your name, postal address, a telephone number (if possible, only used if absolutely necessary), ond the software tide (wHh dre mochine model) Then pop in your payment (either a cheque or a postal order) ond dien pop it in die post (not forgetting of course our name on the front of dre envelope and a stomp).
VAT Registation Number: 543 9020 57 Proprietor: Steve Lowe Note: Xenon Technology is Moil Order ONLY.
¦ REVIEW* tionally good. The program seems lo be able lo calculate much deeper in the time given than its rivals, and the Variable Draw option gives you all types of play from speculative to dull.
Endgame play is even more impressive. Looking at the demonstration games on the disc, it is surprising how often its opponents hold their own until the latter stages of the game and are then ground down relentlessly.
My tests showed that Chess Player 2150 could calculate 12 ply (halfmoves) whereas my Fidelity Designer Excellence, a dedicated chess computer with a 6502 processor, could only manage seven or eight in the same time. Even allowing for the 16 bit processor’s extra power, this is a significant difference.
The disc has all 30 games of three matches CP Software arranged between Chess Player 2150 and Chessmaster 2000 (it won 9-1), Chessmaster 2100 (it won 67i-37J and Colossus Chess X (it won 9' i-' i) ready to play through and analyse.
I find it odd that, although the Swedish grading list issued last June showed that Psion Chess was the strongest microcomputer chess program at that time, with a statistically verified grading of 1925, there was neither a Chess Player 2150 vs Psion Chess match on the disc nor a match with any of the 15 dedicated chess computers placed above Psion Chess in the list.
My test results at 30 to 45 seconds per move, the same as CP’s tests, came out like this: Colossus Chess X: (Estimated grading
1600. Advertised 1850) 57,-7, Sargon Chess III: (Estimated
1650. Advertised 1983) 4' .-l7. Chessmaster 2000 (Swedish grading
1693, advertised 1990) 47,-17.
FDE Computer (Swedish grading 1833, advertised 1987) 5-1 Alastair Scott (Scottish grading 1770, advertised 1770) 4-2 With all these numbers flying around. 1 estimate Chess Player 2150’s real grading at approximately 1900- 1950 and state, without proof. Uncle Alastair’s Law for Chess Program Adverts, which cuts through the mists of claims and counter-claims: Actual grading = Advertised grading minus 400m, where m is the phase of the moon (0 to 1) at the time of reading the advert.
Seriously, until someone takes all the commercially available chess programs and chess computers and sticks them in a room with an equal number of graded players of all abilities in order to play a gigantic tournament, all the claims, of varying degrees of exaggeration, about playing strength should be suspended. The results, however, speak for themselves: Chess Player 2150 thrashes both myself and the opposition.
IF you want an example of what Chess Player 2150 can do, try replaying its eighth match game with Chessmaster 2000, which is a beautifully played endgame with a striking finish. At 79 moves, it is too long to reproduce here. Again, it shows how far Chess Player 2150 can look ahead in simplified positions.
REPORT CARD Chess Player 2150 Oxford Softworks 0993 823463 £24.95 GRAPHICS A little blocky. But this is the best 3D board of all.
PRESENTATION Not quite as good as Chessmaster but more than adequate.
FEATURES Everything you could ever want.
PLAYING STRENGTH...... Powerful in all aspects.
OVERALL The best Amiga chess program.
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Arexx Language -----34.06 BAD. DtekOpJknfser 31.07 BBC EmMtor
30.70 “BSbH 2 DOS File TrarSer .20.00 MssUrptece Fonts 120.05
Muddesk Workbench Ut4*5612 Protect D Bsckug Edior.. 30.82
Superbeck WD Backup ....30.70 Virus Infect Proloctton -34.06
Wbrd Peried Ubrsry 88.00 X Cow 2 Backup Wlor...17.04
Your Family Tree Gen 3406 woROPfiabtsoM Kinrterords
2---------------37.05 ;.17;J4 W- . 100.04 noted
.._6486 Scribbte (PWinum) 4186 Transcrim
..3280 WordPerfect 4.1 .....150 85 n AltfffiATVT
FORMERL V IS BIT SOFTWARE ..£9.95 5 ---------£9.95 9
--------- £9.95 9 ----------£12.95 9 .£12.95 9
------------£12.95 9 ------ £12.95 9 -----------£12.95 9
------------£14.95 9 ------------£14.95 9 ----------£14.95 9
-----------£14.95 9 ----------£14.95 9 ----------£14.95 9
------------£14.95 9 -----------£16.95 9 --------------£16.95
9 ---------£16.95 9 .£16.95 9 ----------£16.95 9
• 9 ------------£17.95 ¦9 .... £17.95 ......£17.95
• 9 ---------£18.95 9 ------------£10.95 9 -----------£19.95
• 9 -----------£22.95 : ¦9 ------------£22.95 I;!
9 ---------£24.95
* 9 ------------£24.95 -I 9 -----------£24.95 A 9
..-...£24.95 9 ------------£29.95
* 9 ------------£29.95
• 9 -----------£29.95 9 ---------£29.95 A500 BAT PACK A500, TV
modulator, Joystick, Deluxe Paint II, Interceptor, New Zealand
Story, & Batman The Movie' _ £369.00 PRINTERS £158.00 £210.00
INCLUSIVE OF LEADS A500 BAT PACK + This pack as above plus Ten
Star Pack 1: Amegas, 2: Art of Chess, 3: Barbarian.
4: Buggy Boy. 5: Ikari Warriors, 6: Insanity Flight. 7: Mercenary Comp, 8: Terror pods.
9: Thundercats. 10: Wizball
R. S. PRICE! £389.00 Commodore 1084S £254.00 Philips CM8833!
LCIOCol BASIC PACK This pack as above minus Bat Pack.
Only a lew left at this price £349.00 PHILIPS CM8833 £215.00 If purchased with any Amiga ROM UPGRADE Upgrade your 1.2 Kickstart new 1.3 roms now available £29.00 9 Am»g*Mcros i BASC Pracremme«*Guqe(Sco9 Foramen
• kmc :*eA-ngaeft*C :S«re: ._________..... Amiga OIJS Ma'ua
AOTIMi* . ___
• ‘'ograrnirang me 68U0C (Syh**; A-nga Ow« (Vv* n*»oe* Out:
Abacus) (D) ¦9 P*og ammer* Gwde x me Amt a ! **»: 9 A-raga
Programrera t'endbooe (Sytxu) 9 A-*iga P»oc»»"im*ra »-ar*dbooc
voi 2 fStfMs:
* A-*ga ROM amei fW Uun rchxoes A A.sodocs |AW ncWTi 9 Amiga C
for Advanced Programmers (Abacus - NEWI) 9 Amiga
System Programmers Guide (Abacus) (D)
Arnga Graphics Inside A Out. Abacus (New)
.. ¦9 Amiga DOS Quick Reference
(Abacus)__________________ Mo-orae 68000 Fvog.a'w. He*
Ma-rMoiarote: .
001 T* p t0 Do A1- »3u- A~*ga (T«; . .
• 9 A~sgetyBeo*'em 1 Abacus: 9 KicteUfl Oud 10 Ji Amiga
* 9 tnc tw Amiga (Computet) ... 9 f e~w'i.vy Amiga BASC
ScomputBi) (O)
* Amiga a* j.ag (Abacus) (Ji
• 9 Ar»g* M-amnersQuioefCompvia) Amiga OOS Ra'amnce Gvdde
(Compural) A nge Trv»s ax os Abacus) (Ct imsrda Armga G-apPes
(Conputei) ;l * ...
- 9 Arnge c*o* Reg.-tem [Sbecus: so 9 Amsga Acsycarens.Conpaet)
.;ni 9 Fb»* Boo* n ma Amca (Co'p.tel :C: ¦9 Amiga 008 f*deB Cut
(Abac jS) (5i Becoming an Amiga Artist (Scott-Foresman -
Newt)______________ Arnga 30 Graphics Programming in BASIC
(Abacus - NEWI) (D) 9 Amiga Machine lang Programming Guide
(Computel) (D)__________ ¦5 Using Deluxe Paint II (Coopuiel)
..... 9 Learning C - Graphics on Arnga
A Atari ST (Computel) (D) . Amiga BASIC - Inside & Out
(Abacus) (D) ..L. 9 Advanced Amiga BASIC
(Computal) (D) . 9 Computer
Viruses - A High Tech Disease (Abacus-NEWl) ... ¦d Amiga
Users Guide to Graphics. Sound. Telecom (Bantam)_______ BOOKS
SEPARATELY Q-tec 1 Meg 3 5' Ext. Drive, low power, throughput,
slimline. ONLY C79.95
* ***********
* *********** Bulk 3.5- disks x 10 .
ONLY £7.90 - 100 Cap Disk Box £9.00 RAMSOFT EXTRAS RAM EXPANSION - 512K CARTRIDGE: - WITH CLOCK £89.00 STYLE WELCOME Joysticks... Kontx Navigator £12.95 Qulckshot II Turbo Please note. AN oam price* Include VAT 8 Courier delivery.
All Items despatched within 24hrm. Dependent on availability 8 cheque clearance, price* subject to change without notice at any dim AN prices shown ere for maN order only. E. 8 O.E. SOFTWARE SPECIALS BEAST. FALCON USSON DISK:- CUM PROUSED LANDS. C7.M ALTERED BEAST.CI7.M KUOHTORC. CS.M BLACK UAOIC. CS.M
HR. MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 FAX NO. 0473
PC ENGINE PLUS 16 bit games machines PAL version £199.95 AMIGA 500 BATMAN PACK Batman (the Movie) Interceptor, NZ Story, Deluxe Paint II, mouse, modulator, and manuals £369.95 SEGA MEGA DRIVE 16 bit games machine £199.95 A3000s and Sts in stock AMIGA 500 + 1084S As above with Batman pack and 1084S colour monitor £599.99 A590 HARD DRIVE 20 meg hard drive £369.95 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF 90 PACK Deluxe Paint II, Superbase Personal, Maxiplan A500, Doctor Midi recording studio, Datel Midi Interface, BBC emulator, Interceptor, Amiga logo, 10 3.5" discs, mouse mat, VIDI Video digitiser £99.95 disc box and
education support file from Commodore £529.95 MINI-GEN Computer graphics with live video £113.85 C1900 Monochrome monitor £99.95 PUBLISHERS CHOICE 1084S DTP package including Pagesetter and Kindwords Colour monitor £99.95 £249.95 ECE MIDI 500 2000 Midi interlace £49.95 512K EXPANSION + Clock Card £99.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Power drive 1 Meg DS £79.95 MUSIC X The music package!
£199.95 PC ENGINE + 16 bit games machine SCART version £199.95 AEGIS SONIX Composition and MIDI control £49.95 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125..... £6.99 QS Turbo .... ......£7.99 Cheetah Starprobe , .. £11.99 Euromax Racemaker .... ....£24.99 Pro 5000 Glo Green .... .....£12.99 Euromax Prof 9000 ...... ....£11.99 Pro 5000 Glo Red . .....£12.99 Konix
Navigator ..... ....£11.99 DISC BOXES 3 5" 40 Holder Lockable ..£5.99
3. 5- 80 Holder
Lockable ..£7.99
5. 25" 50 Holder
Lockable ..£4.99
5. 25- 120 Holder
Lockable £6.99 DISC BOXES
3. 5" 40 Holder Lockable with 10 3.5" dsdd discs ..£12.99
3. 5- 40 Holder Lockable with 20 3.5" dsdd discs .. £19.99
3. 5‘ 40 Holder Lockable with 40 3.5" dsdd discs ..£33.99
3. 5- 80 Holder Lockable with 10 3.5" dsdd discs ..£15.99
3. 5" 80 Holder Lockable with 40 3.5" dsdd discs ..£35.99
3. 5" 80 Holder Lockable with 80 3.5" dsdd discs .. £55.99 DISCS
Qty 10 Qty 20 Qty 50 Qty100
3. 5" dsdd
SONY ......£7.99 ..£14.99 ..£34.99 ..£59.99
3. 5" dsdd
SONY ....£11.99 ..£22.99
..£99.99 _____- PERIPHERALS
Replacement mouse + mouse holder + mouse
mat ......£29.95 Four
Player Adaptor ...£5.95
Mat ..£4.95 j
Joystick Extender ....£5.95
$ -• Dust
Cover .£4.95
ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 FAX NO. 0473 213457
13. 99
15. 99
16. 99
16. 99
16. 99
13. 99
15. 99
19. 99 ..13.99 ..16.99 ..15.99 QiM 13.99 1998 16 98 , -’699
*599 ’639
• 6»
• 699
• 599 ... *599
• 399
• 399
12. 99
13. 99
13. 99 19.99 ...... 13.99 13.99 13.99 16.99 13.99
13. 99
19. 99 _____16.99 12.99 ‘299
• 299
- 599 "3 95 ‘399 1299
• 6 99 1399 16 99 13 998 1399 *6.99 19 99 1599 12 99
, 1399 1399 24 99 13 99 15 99 e 99 13 99 -9 99 . . 13 99
• 9 99 _ 599 24 99 -699 Quest tar Tm* B»d Red**«--- Heneoeoe -
Po Dangerous __ AOOOCOO---- Rocua Range- Run das av Honoa--
Rad Saxm Rtsng Rarpoe **nds Ran__ Rally Cross_______ Roadwars
Rock and Roll_________
S. E.U.C.K ...... Skldz .... 1698 1699 »5«
• 6 89 1899
- 12 99 16 98 Silkworm--------------------------- Skwoek
Space Quest III__________________
Speed ball . Steve Davis
Snooker ..
S. T.O.S ... Story So Far 1
(Compilation) .... Story So Far 3 (Compilation) .... Stunt Car
_________________ ShinoW __________________________ Street
Fighting Man Scroll ... Sword
of Twilight ______________ Switchblade .
Siarww* Co-parci- S** iepjC* Ca’e SlW Screrpas S SlC*'
Woncerooy OlphMj ___ 1599
• 5» 1299
• 699 ... 13 99
• 699 .. *599 . '999 .....12.99
12. 99
15. 99 .... 15.99 .15.99
16. 99 .....16.99 Siorrnoa ... Snalow ol he
Bees* Siar Bwe ... Supe* Ou-tei , . Sup**
(aague Sotxs* , Supe'Cea----_ SmCty .
San* ana Greavs* Sw*r Gates of .art * Sur Command-- Suvwor Sieta* C'.sads .
TrediifCompiaao'; TestUrn i rv Savsfocmi TrVAlPut.t(tarrWy cdhon* .
TaxafmQui ... TheGaiee_______.. Tower o' Babei Ttam_ Th'j i me •*&-«*- iCo-pimo* Te-y* 4g Advert..* TrVte Spirit.. 999
• 699
* 299
• 699
• 699
* 299
• 599
* 299
• 5 99 .. 6.99 ..16.99 ..16.99 ..13.99 ..13.99 .. 16.99 ...15.99
..15.99 .10.99 Track Ahack..... Tuttx) Outrun ... Ultimate Go*
.... Ultimate Darts.. Universe III Untouchables... UMSII
... Ultima V________ Vigilante .
Verminator .. 13.99 ..15.99 ..16.99 ..12.99 ..19.99 ..15.99 ..16.99 .. 13.99 CHEQUES AND POSTAL ORDERS PAYABLE TO SOFTSELLERS. POST AND PACKING FREE IN UK. OVERSEAS £1.50 per item. Subject to availability and price change without notice.
Not all titles released at time of going to press. Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts on production of cut-off slip.
TITLE COMP COST Name Address . Tel No . Have you ordered from us before YesD NoD -V AMC January TOTAL COST £
- -----------------19.99
- -----------------------16.99
- ---------------16.99 Dogs of
War--------------------------------------------12.99 Dynamic
Debugger ------------------------------15.99 £m ... ..
.. ---16.99 Epoch--------- __ 1698 F y* *»•• :. ««* -6 99 ¦
reo'F-o-.s ...*5 99 Hash Oagor------’3 89
F»«eu*aror---------------, _1699 f 19 Sieefth
Fuier ..’6 9w H6Co't * °.ot 1899 Fttcon .
.______________-9 89 Falcor Meson Oaks_______ *399
FeranFor iteOne _______ tW 11*rhe vea* ------ *3 99 Forgonsn
WorBs ---*399 Fas! Lane---- *299 Fr«r«er»e- .. '2
99 FiAMNM - 1648 ftQitnaSoCCB ... 699 Hsnde'Freddr
999 r«msr Bomtief -999 FkvComad------ .. . ... *399
Genwi Wrg------ 399 Giants (Compilation) ... 19.99
GokJreoons Domain .... 12.99 Grand
Monsler Slam------------------------ 13.99 Grid Iron
..... 16.99 5th Gear______________ 30
Pool ...... Addidas Golden Show
Adored Beast__________________ Astaroth________________
A. P.B___________________ Action Fighter ..... Action 1
or 2 (Compilation) .
Aquaventura .. AiW Karrner Baance o'Power t v9C ftA-ha'an i (Palace) BazaariiPsygnosn Rannofc Kmg*i» Barechws* ftamer :'h»U(r.« Bet'avaJ - Bemari ftoodwytf. R_________ Bood-ycn Dara D*«* Bood Money _____ Beech Vcmy _ ... Ba-evae, Beoe Wav Bee CMP**» • ____ Bane o» Aus-wtz f1000 ____ _ Cha» HO Craoa St'Ma Bao.__ Cat;* War nor Cjetr* ownes Cabal_____ Con%a Fu'ooe CorweWAOc.a Cha-ot* o' Wraj* __ Carnage------- Corvette-- Chicago 90___________________ Commando Chambers ol Shaolin-------- (Fusion---------------- Drakken ___________________ Dynamite Dux ... Double Dragon II Days
of the Pharaoh .. Dragon Dark Fu Die Hard Dragon Ninja--------------------------- 13.99 Dragons ol Flame .....16.99 Dungeon Master Dungeon Master Editor.. Dread nouahi Demons Ton Grm BkxxJ__________ Ghostbuster II__________ Guns hip .... Games Summer Edrtio Greenpeace .. ...15.99 Garry Lineker S. Skids____________________... Gore .....
- --------------13.99 ...16.99 Galaxy
Fore*---------------------------- Ghouls and
Ghosts .....
- ---------13.99 .16.99 Highway
Hiilsfar ..
.15.99 ._.16.99 Hard
H. A.T.E . Heavy
Meta ...._ ....
- ----------------13.99
- --------------13.99 ..16.99 Hound of
Shadow . Hot
Shot .....
...16.99 ..13.99 wcora Jonm
|LS God)------.
Mva-hoo .. wx '-tom
- ....13 99
- --16 99
- --12 99
- ----1248 tr apron .. . r-e'shas*
. .
Intematonai AthWka . ft Came from the Desert .....
- ----16 99 . 15.99 ____________________12.99
....19.99 Impossbte Mission
II .. ....16.99 Jack
Boot ... .....16.99
Jack The Ripper ...._.....
Kult -..... Kick
Off ......
- ---------------12.99
- ---------------15.99 ....12.99 Kck Off Extra
Time .... Krysiu. ..... .
**:•* DM ______...
- -----------------9.99 ..-19 99 ’6 99
* 1* g Ga -• Sr-o* _____ . _____
- ngMVxc* 098
• * 99 AM Squac . .
- -----1288 _ 1399 . Eg end o' 0*1 Six'.
- -----1949 1999 Lombard R.A.C. Raiy .
....16.99 IJH*6'|»II uw Pami-----------
- --16 99
- ----- 16.99
• a* :a»w t ea Mnwi _ . --------- _ 1 99 Mane Meson--------
_______ 1949 m x-ose Soc«*- 11 99 M 1699 Jof-'SC' 12 99 16
99 MufOtf it V«Mo8_____ MNUViruMM 1699 1699 ,......1698 Ninja
Warrior__________________________________ New Zealand Story
________________________ ...13-99
....16 99 Nouromancar
______________________________ Nevermnd
...16.99 ....13.99 Oporaion
Orienia ......
- ------------16 99 ....15.99
Onslaught______________________ ....13.99
Ooze ------------------------ ____
pai»'Doy ...
..15.99 k-’xtM*; 16 98 f*0*» Owes* U Poo's *
RtfOance 1698 18 98 P-x»*x« 1698 I' XX'C,* Jtr* - »»» 9 98 16
99 J (Co- at oni 16 49 P-emwr Coi*c «~ rCom©.a:or. 18 98
P-edaxv . . 1699 M i698 Powerdrifl__________________________
Passing Shot ....
- ---------- 16.99 ...16.99 Pictionary
__________________________________ Panic
Stalon ....
- ---------------16.99 ....13.99
Quartz .
....15.99 St rider ..
W. E.C. Le Mans Warp ... Winners Virmers jmpDation)
Xenon II ~ Xybols___________________ , ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE
Hampstead House, Town Centre, Basingstoke, RG21 1LG.
3 1 2" DS DD Disks Bulk - Fully Guaranteed b 25 5Q 100 250 5QQ
* 69p
* 63p
* 61 p
* 59p
* 57p ‘per disk LA Lockable Disk Boxes 50x3
1.2- £5.95
100x31 2- ..£7.95 |
Stationery... Stationery... Micro-perl all edges 500
9. 5" x 11"60gsm TrueA4 70gsm £8.50 True A4 80gsm £8.95 True A4
90gsm £9.75 Stationery... L
1. 000 2.000 I £9.50 £15.95 I £12.95 £23.95 1 £13.95 £25.95 1
£14.95 £27.95 1 Accessories 3 1 2" Cleaning
Kit .....£4.95 Amiga 500 Dust
Cover ...£4.95 Amiga 1000 Dust
Cover .£9.50 Mouse Mat
(Foam) .....£5.95 Special Box and Disk Offer
100 capacity disk box only £4.95 when purchasing 50 or more
disks Labels
3. 5" x 1.5"(1 across)
3. 5' x 1.5" (2 across)
4. 0" x 1.5" (1 across)
4. 0" x 1.5" (2 across)
2. 75-x 1.5-(3 across) Orders under £8 in value carry a small
order charge of £2
1. 000
2. 000
4. 000 £5.25 £9.50 £17.95 £5.75 £10.50 £19.95 £5.75 £10.50 £19.95
£5.75 £11.95 £22.95 £4.75 £8.50 £15.95 Order Hotline (0256)
463507 EJ PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARIES All supply the same disks -
don't they?
SOFTViLLE COLLECTION We have collected the best from around the world and compiled them into our own collection, so good other libraries sell them as-isl Now over 400 disks - select from the BEST!
If you want to know more about the BEST Send S.A.E. (28p stamp) and state AMIGA for your FREE 80 page catalogue A NEW FORCE ON THE AMIGA - UGA j V Available exclusively trom SOFTVLLE
* *** Below is a small selection USON1 - 11 Soil* rongi including
moctly h igh-re* picture* amngtd in a ilidrehow. Grant tuna
pby* akvtg aa they ahoart USUD4- Side* how from *Tha Dark
Lord’, ana ot Europe* trading fantaiy artktt, brill unt USUDS-
fUiulcus *1 idea bar of ’Deitinalian dockland*" picture* ?
Great tuna playt along!.
UMUS3 - 10 grot turaa include* SUBURBIA, GAME OVER, FUTURE TRIE POWERFUL UMUS7 - Same af the beat Amiga muiidana wrote the** far thk dkk, 9 gnat aonga.
UMUS12- "Future mirror aoundkk", I grant tunaa included, great graphic*, to amain yui UINT4- I great demo’s include* TEAREROPS, ANOTHER, MEGAHCTURE etoet UIM11- 6 grant demo"* include* ROGER RABJirT, WCRLOAD, ACID DCMQ COCL UAN1M2- 2 animations, STAMP and UGA Iren Tvo ct the very bat vouU see cn ycair Amiga.
UAN1MS- J animations, HAPPY GUY. WINDCW and F15 M1RRCR - incrediHrf Usl'tQ- ZXXJNDMCNITOR plus other*, now write ycur c»n great aongi k* your dtmo’d USPtnO THE MUSICCCMPOSER phis converter* ate. Plus tbwa Thunderbiid* dama USPtpl-GAME MUSIC CREATCR plus other*, brilliant program and tXilitk*.
Wondered where to get those really unusual utilities from?
Mm 1 to 5dkki - £}CC each 6 to 10 disks - £275 each 11 or more disks • £2 JO each Prices include Disk, IstClaaa Fll* are labcL Mail and phone order* received before noon deqietrfied aame day GUARANTEED Deduct £1 from above price* if reading ycur own Hank dkk* Eter 1 SO, YOU COLLECT DEMO’S DO YOU?
SOF2I4 - DEATSTAR MEGADEMO - Simply the BEST - 2disks - £5 SOF254 - The WALKER demo, brilliant animation - Imeg version SOF25S - The WALKER2 demo, the legend continues - Imeg version.
SOF206 - NORTHSTAR EAIRL1GHT Megademol - 2disks - £5 .SOF205 * ROBO-COP demo, sampled from the smash hit movie!
SOF260 - MUSIC MODULES for use with GHOSTWRITER (Uspcc4) SOF267 - PHALANX BEATBOX - Loads of J.M.Jarrc type songs!
SOF274 - PHOENIX MEGADEMOl - One of the best demo compilations get this for your collection nowl SOF277 - SARGON MEGADEMO - Fabulous loading screen, lovt it!
SOF278 - ALCATRAZ MEGADEM03 - Brilliant selection I SOF308 - MAHONEY KAKTUS music demo disk with over 40! Songs SOF318 - MADE IN HEAVEN from KYLIE MINOGUE - Very good sample and very popular now - 2disks - £5
• GOLD1SK (EMI of Ivory) more great music how do they do it?
QUADL1TE MEGADEMO 3UKEBOX 64, very different!
VISION MEGADEMO, some more brilliant graphics music on this, their latest demo disk.
SOF355 - IT WALKMAN MUSIC DISK, one ct the very latest, and one of the very best around.
PLUS we have the largest collection ot FRED FISH disks in the country, the latest sent to us monthly from the man himself. WE ALSO STOCK The EAU.G, SLIPPED DISK, PANORAMA, A.R QC collections and a selection from the AMICUS collection.
So, if you want CHOICE and SERVICE, come to SOFTViLLE, BRITAINS NO.1 DISTRIBUTER SOFTViLLE Unit 5, Stralfield Park, Elettra Ave, Watcrlooville, Hants ______ P07 7XN. 24hr Orderline on jrl 0705 266509 TT T_Fax 0705 251884_ ¦ SOF327 SOF347 SOF352 HOW TO ORDER Phone us with your ACCESS or VISA details on: 01 -530 5988 or send Cheque P.O. made payable to "CASUALS", and send with delivery details to: Q®r Mm CASUAL COMPUTER SUPPLIES 174 George Lane South Woodford London E18 PLEASE NOTE OUR PRICES INCLUDE P&P + VAT Contriver High Resolution Mice complete with tree mouse & mouse pocket for only
£24.99 PLEASE SPECIFY MODEL REQUIRED The NEW "Power Drive" External Disk Drive with 880k formatted double sided floppy drive ONLY £79.99 FANTAVISION High quality software for your Amiga Can use 32 out of a possible 4096 colours at one time.
Synchronised sound affects that use standard IFF file format Generates up to 128 "In-Between" trames.
Supports super high resolution mode ot the IIGS.
144 dazzling colours . Pattens.
Compatible with super hlgh-res paint programs.
Includes Library ot Sound to choose trom.
EXCELLENT VFM PRODUCT ONLY £39.99 NOW READ THIS As an introductory offer (while current stocks last), we will supply 1 x C820 or C830 mouse, 1 x 'Power Drive' CQQ QQ11 & 1 x Quantum paint for the all in price of: !!
Normal value £144.97 EXCLUSIVE CONTROL CENTRE A500 MOUSE + JOYSTICK PORTS: These are positioned on the far right hand side of the machine to save the obstruction of disk drive ONLY £39.95 INC. VAT SERIAL OR PARALLEL EXTENSION PORT: You have the choice ol either. This enables you to model your centre to your needs.
FREE MOUSE HOLDER: Every Centre is designed for every convenience.
TRADE AND EDUCATIONAL ENQUIRIES WELCOME: If you deal with the Amiga 500 and you feel the Control Centre A500 will be an excellent addition to your shop then just send some info on your business and we'll send you an information pack.
Delivery next day after despatch. All goods are tested before despatch to ensure you get them in excellent condition.
"B-VBCTTi-d comp V Please make cheques POs payable to ELECTRACOMP and send to ELECTRACOMP, Dept 33,10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London W4 4PH PRICES SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE FIRST there was RAM: then there was RAD: now there is DMO:.
While the original ram disc has the advantage of growing to accommodate more files. RAD: does not forget its data when you reset the machine.
Unfortunately nothing can survive a flick of the mains switch.
Until now. The German company Combitec has developed a device which can be used like RAD: but which survives your big toe snagging the power cable.
To perform this trick needs special ram chips. Normal dynamic ram (Dram) stores its information in a capacitor. This is a component which holds electricity like a little battery. If there is some electricity in the capacitor, it is set to a binary one. If not it is a binary zero. Unfortunately capacitors leak, so Dram has to be topped up all the time.
Some computer circuitry has the boring job of checking all the ram in the computer and topping up all the bits which are set to one. This little nudge from the computer every now and then, which allows it to remember what is in ram, uses a fair bit of power.
THE Combitec unit uses static ram (Sram) which stores its information in a pair of transistors.
These need minuscule amounts of power to hold the information, and no topping up. The memory only needs a squirt of electrical juice when the value is changed. And since only one location is changed at any one time, this isn't very often. When everything is switched off nothing changes, so very little current is needed to retain the contents of the Sram.
Static ram does have some problems. The two transistors for each bit are much bigger than one capacitor. Remember we are talking about components which are made using a reduced photograph and are so small they need a large microscope to see. But "bigger" is a relative term and two transistors are a lot bigger when you have a quarter of a million of them.
As a result, the chips are larger and you need more of them. Such devices consume more silicon, and so cost more. Sram is also very sensitive to added. Combitec hopes you will use static electricity, so greater this for its hard disc.
Precautions have to be taken in There is a power socket which t manufacture and storage than with allows you to keep the memory active c Dram. Static ram is expensive. The for as long as the mains supply lasts.
N Combitec comes in two flavours, a Most users won’t need this because f 512k version for £279 and the 1 meg the principal method of providing version, reviewed here, which costs power to the ram is through some d £429.
Huge capacitors.
The whole unit plugs neatly into This turns the problem of leaky a the side of an A500 with a through- capacitors into an advantage. The bus so that further peripherals can be gentle flow of escaping electrons is c. enough to keep the memory happy.
The capacitors take their charge from the computer and will hold enough current to last the memory a couple of months. To get the capacitors fully filled you will need to leave your Amiga on for 20 hours. After that your data is safe.
You can even unplug the ram pack and take it round to a friend's house where, if you plug it in straight and carefully, it should be possible to read Early computers used small magnetic cores to store data. Unlike today's micros they held the information without using any power. Simon Rockman looks at an Amiga peripheral which shares this useful property the contents back. Not a reliable method of data transfer, but a neat party trick.
- More use is the trick of auto- booting. With Kickstart 1.3 it
is possible to boot an Amiga from any external device,
providing it has suitable roms. The Combitec Sram has them. So
you can load all the necessary bits of AmigaDos into the DM0:
Booting from this takes about 10 EXPANSION seconds. Booting from an A590 takes more than twice that. For a floppy user, booting from ram is like a dream come true, but then if you can afford the Combitec unit you might be better off with a hard disc.
THIS is an interesting product, but will probably only find a home in a few select applications. A showroom might want to hold a program in the static ram which runs from boot-up.
Whereas a disc left in the drive might become corrupted or be stolen, the solid state ram disc is safe. It is ideal for turnkey systems, which only ever run one program.
With a similar price to the cheaper hard drives, it is difficult to justify' the cost of the Combitec. A hard drive is slower, but it offers 20 times the capacity and you can easily add up lo 2 meg of system memory.
The best thing about the Combitec Static Ram unit is that it exists - it opens up new possibilities for selling A500s to users with specialist needs.
REPORT CARD Combitec 1 meg static ram Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242 £429 EASE OF USE- Simple lo set up thanks lo the power of AmigaDos. Documentation is one A4 sheet in German.
SOFTWARE... .... HUM I : The unit comes with a boot disc which is set up for a qwerty keyboard, but otherwise it is simply a matter of clicking on one icon.
SPEED_________ Very much faster than a hard drive.
Can be configured as a ram disc or as system memory - good if you run a few memory hungry programs but wont speed most of the time.
VALUE ¦ The basic component cost means that the whole thing is too expensive.
OVERALL An interesting add-on which most users could find a great benefit, but at a price which severely limits its appeal.
Travel the globe with the best In simulation software; UFO’", Flight Simulator'', ThunderChopper". Jet'", and Stealth Mission '. Discover the world with Scenery Disks. Flight Controls I. and other supplements to our integrated flight line!
Mai! Order Offers TING Home Accounts pjus Day by Day RRP £54.90 | Our Price Home Accounts has been designed to make .
Use of the Amiga's features, giving you the widest range of home accounting facilities available at this price.
£39.90 The program lets you set budgets and control up to 13 separate accounts, with optional printouts of any data. Within seconds of loading your data disc you can check your budget or anv account, and even display or print the data in bar or pie charts.
Day by Day replaces your manual s' business organiser, notepad, u » juiiouic iui uum uuameaa oiiu iiumc applications, including numerous useful functions which serve every requirement.
Among its many features are:
* Calender diary planner * Updating of regular appointments
• Categories such as bills, birthdays and ' Comprehensive search
facility letters * Automatic reminders ' Appointment sorting *
At-a-glance week and month summaries
• ‘Urgent’ notice board * Print option
* ‘Overdue’ notice for forthcoming events * Grouping of related
messages Both of these powerful programs are excellent value on
their own. But if you buy this exclusive combination package
we'll knock £20 off the combined retail price.
Order today,using the form on Page 113 Miserable Midi SOME months ago. In response to an advert in your magazine, I bought a Midi Interface from Date!
Electronics. My intention was to use it with Deluxe Music Construction Set software. I have failed miserably to get it to work.
Hi. I'm the now mail man. Man. Il's my jnli In snrl your scribhlin's anil spill the Imans mi I hr problems we all have when Dill: starts In whirr. Sn if' you've gal some- In say. Say il In me. The liesl lellers will he seal prizes nl up In £101). Sn "el a copy nf Protexl into your drive prnnln. Drop me a line al Ezra Surf's Postbox (ESP). Amiga Computing. Second Sk Floor, orlh Mouse. 711-114 Ongar Rn.nl. Brentwood. Essex. CM 17 9BC.
So 1 wrote to Date! Seeking advice. Despite the sac enclosed I got no reply. Undaunted I wrote again - still no reply. Now it may well be that Datel is entitled to say £35 doesn't entitle you to advice" but at least the return of the sae saying so would have been polite.
Contrast this with the manufacturers of DMCS (Electronic Arts].
When I wrote to them I got a letter back by return of post but still my set up Yamaha DX21 to DMCS Amiga will not work. Can anyone out their help or should I send it back to Datel? If I do will I ever see it again? On a lighter note I have access to an Epson 1X80 with an IBM AT cable. Do 1 need an Amiga cable to use it?
Andrew Shand, Ayrshire.
Hey: don't lay the heavy "it's your fault, the advertiser ms in Amiga Computing bit on me. If someone pays for their bit of the magazine they can say what they like. Legal, decent, honest and truthful of course.
It's good of you to realise that support costs and that the profit Datel makes on a £35 interface doesn't really allow much scope for them to help you. As this is the interface Commodore has chosen to bundle with the education pack it must be a pretty good buy.
Although there is one incredibly naff thing in that pack - you con always throw those magazines away.
Name that tune I'd say your interface is broken.
Send it. Together with photocopies of whatever paperwork you have, back to Datel and ask for it to be repaired or replaced. You only need a special printer lead if you have an Amiga 1000. Otherwise an IBM cable is tickerty-boo.
Getting better 1 AM saving up to seriously expand my A500, Firstly 1 would like to expand the ram. I had considered adding an A501 or equivalent and the Microbiotics Starboard2 added onto their Starboard 2 500.
Are the Starboards fully populated for the £225? Is there a better cheaper way to do this and how can 1 attain the maximum of eight megabytes?
Secondly, which would be the best money performance way of adding an accelerator that would speed up Sculpt Animate 4D or 3D-Animate? Would the CMI accelerator work with 4D or would the CSA T irbo be better? 1 am not worried about any battery I WAS really impressed with your excellent Amiga Computing demo, and immediately dashed out and bought the Devpac V.2. assembler so that I could have a look.
However, I realised to my dismay that the music file source:tune is not included with the source on the September 1989 disc.
This somewhat nobbles the effectiveness of your spectrum analyser, so please would il be possible to either let me have a copy of the tune music data file or for you to produce another music file that is compatible with your source demo? I am quite happy to pay for backed up clocks or the Starboard2 add-on modules, just value for money coupled with performance.
Could you give me £999 for a Triangle Turbo 3 lOOmeg hard drive?
M Allum, Burv St Edmunds, Suffolk.
ERM, I seem to have left my wallet at home. All this ram and a processor board is going to cost you over £1,000 and be a real mess of power supplies, cables and may the original music file, but wouldn't want to pay much because I only want it for testing your demo, not for any commercial propose.
Reg Knight, Baldock. Herts, You need a copy of Soundtrvcker - see last month‘s magazine for more details of this program. Kevin Collier is a professional musician and retains the rights to the source for his music. Jeff has some very special plans for some musical things on the disc, which may include the module you want.
Give trouble. If you are serious about expansion you ought to go for an A2000.
The most powerful processor is the A2B20, although I've heard rumours that the even more powerful A2630 is already on the production line. The system to go for is an A2000 with an A2630 processor card and 4 meg of 32bit ram and to use the 2091 hard disc controller which has space for 2 meg.
This will give you a super-fast 7 meg system. You could then squeeze the last 2 megs in with another card.
The only A500 accelerator which got a half-decent review was the Third Coast one in our November issue. If you want to stay with the A500 - and if you are serious enough to spend £400 on the Sculpt software I think this is a mistake - avoid the processors and settle for an A590 or the cheaper Triangle Turbo drive with 2 meg in it and a 2 meg internal expansion from either Club 68000 or Memory Expansion Systems.
This will give you a 4.5 meg system which should be plenty. In the Amiga Computing office we have one, three and five meg systems.
For normal applications three meg has always been plenty.
Edit suite and sour HAVING bought a pseudo A2500 for use in a professional Video Edit Suite 1 would like to warn prospective buyers of some problems.
It took three hard disc read write errors and reformats before I read that the A2090a hard disc controller suffers from "severe liming problems" when used with ?
Mr • s’) mi Is your time best spent doing the books or doing the business?
“ quinox's SMAU BUSINESS ACCOUNTS (SBA) range is designed to All of which goes some way to explaining why another review stated Equinox's SMAU BUSINESS ACCOUNTS (SBA) range is designed to make the accounting side of the small business manager's life as uncomplicated as possible. And a glance at the reviews shows how well we’ve succeeded.
All of which goes some way to explaining why another review stated 1 i I can make no criticism of Small Business Accounts. It provides everything the small business could want. ST Update ” For more information telephone 01-729 0990. Fax on 01-739 2199 or complete the coupon below.
Please send me more information on SBA (tick) Please send me ...SBA Cash ® £80.44 (Inc VAT) each Please send me ....SBA Xtra @ £114.94 (Inc VAT) each Please send me ....SBA Plus @ £229.94 (Inc VAT) each I require a 3‘A” disc 5Vi" disc I I (tick) ,-1-, Charge my VISA AMEX ACCESS card. Expiry date I I I 1 found Small Business Accounts easy to use even though I have had no accountancy training. Your Amstrad PCW Even people who know nothing about accounts or Pcs should have few problems... If you're running a small business. SBA Xtra should be just fine for you. PC USER VA T,
that bugbear of business, is handled painlessly by the program.
Atari ST User The results are profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and VA T reports every bit as good as the ones your accountant does tor you. And a damn sight cheaper. What Personal Computer?” Equinox offers you 3 carefully graded packages to choose from SBA CASH for the predominantly cash-based business, SBA XTRA for the growing business, and SBA PLUS, a full-featured package for the maturer small business. SBA is supported by an aftersales service second to none with 90 days FREE helpline advice. All SBA packages are available at reasonable prices on probably the widest range of
Enclose a cheque for £ ... have an I8M PC COMPATIBLE (tick) ATARI ST ? AMIGA ? AMSTRAD PCW ?
Small Business Accounts front Postcode Equinox Business Systems, FREEPOST, London EC2B 2EB FauiNax Keeps you in control of your business ¦ a hi-res overscanned screen.
This is scandalous behaviour by Commodore, since one of the main reasons for the purchase of an A2500 is the 1 meg of chip ram enabling full 16 colour, hi-res, overscanned screens?
Not only that, but the flicker fixer and multi sync monitor do not work if the Amiga is genlocked (come back 1084, all is forgiven.) A ridiculous situation considering that the video industry must be a major market for the 1 meg chip ram Amiga.
Could you clarify the situation with an explanation of the many official A2000 2500 configurations.
Which ones are guaranteed 1 meg chip ram etc? Plus any alternatives to the unacceptable A2090A.
And what news of an Amiga version of the 16 million colour Parsec graphic interface or Commodore's ECS?
And how about a dedicated 2000 2500 page or two to unveil these kind of problems. Both Commodore and my dealer have been particularly unhelpful on these matters.
Gordon Booth, London SW15.
Tangled in technology my friend.
The A2090a was designed before the 1 meg Agnus chip. You can either wail for the 2091 or go for the splendid Microbiotics Hardframe, widely held to be the fastest HD controller available. It is available from Oasis Ion 01-859
4936) .
The flicker fixer is designed to be compatible with multi-sync monitors. Genlocks have a very definite idea of what they want the sync rate to be.
Unless the world settles on a sensible standard for high definition television, which looks unlikely. I'm afraid we are always going to suffer this kind of problem. The alternative is lo use dedicated TV nardware which is many, many times more expensive.
New A2000s should all offer 1 meg of chip ram. Sometime soon A500s will also get these. The Parsec graphic interface is being worked on, but it will need its own genlock - a standard Amiga one won’t work.
You should be able to genlock a signal from ECS, but that needs Workbench 1.4 which looks a long way off. Some smart money says April.
Bent copper I HAVE been an Amiga 500 owner for a least a year now. I use it mostly for programming in assembler. 1 started 68000 code by reading Amiga Machine Language by Abacus. I found this interesting though it discouraged programmers from using the hardware directly.
1 wanted to learn more so I started reading the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual from Commodore. This is interesting but there were very few practical examples.
1 read Jolyon Ralph's Copper tutorial in the September issue of Amiga Computing. The article was useful and easy to understand, though I tried the assembly language example but it did not work.
I used Devpac 1.21 to assemble the code.
I ran the program from a CL1 window, the background colour remained the same and the CL1 window disappeared, the CLI window was restored once the left
- _ Golden disc IS it possible to connect a Philips CDV475
compact disc video player to the Amiga? If so where do I get
Doomsday Book and other discs.
Ian Harper, Hardingstone, Northampton.
Wow. I wondered if anyone bought one of those CDV things. They look really neat with those 8 inch golden discs, even if an ordinary CD does look a bit odd in that big drawer. The sad thing is that they are seriously limited when it comes to being interactive. The Doomsday Book only works with an expensive video disc player and needs a BBC Micro to drive it.
Shame, it was a nice idea.
Mouse button was pressed.
According to the article the top half of the screen was supposed to be black and the bottom half red, but this was not so. I would be grateful if you could tell me of any mistakes 1 might have made. Could you suggest any books with better more practical examples that cover the whole of Amiga hardware?
Peter Tvowe, Iver, Bucks.
So it was you who bought that copy of Format. Well the version of Devpac they gave away won't put code in chip ram whatever directive you give it. You could take your A501 out and then the example would work. Or you could buy a better assembler Isee special offers for a good deal on ArgAsmf Or you could use the Hunkfix option in Powerpacker which was on the October disc.
You 've already got the main books. There is the System Programmers Guide from Abacus Idefinitely avoid the disc, it only works with the Abacus assemblerl but none of them do the job properly, which is why we got olyon to write his series. It’s good that so many people are enjoying it.
To take things further folyon recommends 680x0 Programming by Example, by Kelly Bootle published by Howard W Sams & Co.
He has also written the 68000,68010,68020 Primer.
Neither of these are Amiga-specific but they are quite cheap at £14.50. Family fortunes SINCE watching the BBC Software programme earlier this year which featured several program for genealogy - I have been trying to track one down for my Amiga 500.
Despite trying many of the compa* nies who advertise in your magazine, I have failed to find anyone who had heard of such a program for the Amiga or who could tell me where to try and find one.
Nick Hinde Gosfort, Newcastle.
George Thompson Services on 077- 082 234 has a genealogy program.
It’s just like a bog end BBC programme to miss out the Amiga.
Depressing advice THE mag is great, excellent features, reviews. But I've got to complain that due to your telling a reader iconx was available on Fish Disc 65 in Vol 2 No 3,1 rushed out and spent several hundred pence of my available cash, only to find it wasn’t there. 1 was flabbergasted you could make such a mistake and suffered a deep depression for
3. 65 minutes.
Kevin Tate, Belmont, Durham.
WHY isn't the Amiga better known? 1 bought a modem and was having trouble with using a bulletin board. So 1 asked the sysop for help, telling him 1 was using an Amiga 2000. Displaying as much intelligence as a boiled potato, he asked if that was a PC or a modem.
Of course I explained that the Amiga is an advancod 68000 based multi-tasking system with graphics and sound processors which make the IBM look like a bad dream Sir Clive once had.
But how do we get it through to the people in suits that the world of computing is much more exciting when you wiggle out of the big blue straight jacket?
Gerrv Hall, Kullvbackey, Co Antrim.
Leo Schwab, an Amiga expert in California, has a great idea for evangelising the Amiga.
Assuming you don't keep all your copies of Amiga Computing land if you do see the special offers page for a great deal on bindersI don't throw them in the bin.
Keep them until you go to the dentist, or doctor, optician or hairdresser and lean them there with the copies of Punch, Good Housekeeping and Forum, then other people can read about the wonders of the Amiga.
Of course if you were really dedicated you would buy several copies each month and distribute them in this way.
Drive to distraction HERE's an interesting problem. At least I hope you think it is interesting enough to print, because otherwise I'm stuck.
1 bought another disc drive, the one Evesham is advertising. Fired up with excitement I pluggod it in and switched on. No problem at all, the new drive worked fine, as did the internal one.
It wasn't until the weekend when I used the computer for more ?
¦4 thin one boot that I noticed that the computer would only boot up one disc per session. If you reset and try to boot again you just get the familiar picture of a hand and a disc. 1 hope you can help, because fve taken to leaping up and down and scaring the dog because it is so annoying.
Chip fix Andrew Cowper, Amersham, Bucks.
Hmmm, strange Andy, the Evesham is our fovourite external drive. Does the Amiga reboot properly when you disconnect the drive? What about when you switch it off? If everything works OK without the drive send it back to Evesham.
Rich approach 1 HAVE quite a big problem, 1 have an old C64, which is useless for my purpose. Do you think that it would be better to buy an Amiga A2000 or a 2mb Amstrad? 1 hear that the Amstrad is IBM compatible and the Amiga is not. By the way I am going to use it for business not for games. 1 am sending this from Bulgaria. It must be a first.
Henry Mills, St Albans, Herts.
Since you sent your letter on Hilton Hotel notepaper you are obviously very rich, so I’d advise you buy both on Amiga and an Amstrad. This will allow you to see how mis-guided developers are to write big, complicated software for such a poor machine.
Seriously, your best bet is to pop down the road to Watford and visit Y2 where they sell both machines and will sort you out. Call first on 0923 50161 and tell them 1 sent you.
PD CAD for PCB HAVING just started a two year course in electronic-engineering. 1 was wondering if there was a PD CAD program that would enable me to design printed circuit boards. If there is such a program, would it run on an unexpanded machine?
If there is no such program available on PD, is X-CAD Designer the cheapest alternative? That and a ram expansion is a bit too much for a lowly college student like me.
Lastly. I would like to use a I WAS just reading your letter section about Mr Chi Chung Wong’s problems with a presumably blown custom chip. I have experienced exactly the same problem has he described it, but since I was working with a program, and did not have time to send my Amiga to be repaired, I decided lo fix it myself.
I have been working with many computers, and when some one of them breaks down it is usually because of bad contact between a chip and the socket. To solve this you only have to press the chip down again.
Combination of paint package, video recorder and camcorder, to create pictures 1 can put on to videotape and also take off tape and print. Can you help?
Jack Martin, Camberly. Surrey PCBTool is the program you are after, it's not very good, but what do you expect for free? You can get a copy by asking Seventeen Bit Software for a copy of Fish 158.
Call them on 0924 366982.
Disc dilemma PLEASE could you help me, but first I would like to congratulate you. Your magazine is well written and your cover disc is brilliant.
The problem is I’ve bought a 3.5in disc head cleaner recently hut the instructions said command your disc drive to operate for at least 30 seconds. Please tell me what the command is to make the Amiga's Bigger and better 1 AM considering a one meg expan- sion, but should I buy two megabytes, as quite soon games will exceed one megabyte? Already there is a PD demo which needs two megs.
Vivian Lawson, Harrogate, N. Yorkshire.
Whatever they tell you, size counts, at least up lo three megs. If you want to use multi-tasking the more memory the better. The same goes for applications like art. Animation and ray tracing programs. I doubt that games will start to want more than one meg, there are only a few which need more than 512k. If you can afford it go for a two meg board.
Consequently, I opened by Amiga and started to press softly on all chips. Voila, it worked! It was not a blown custom chip.
This little operation saved me a lot of money and trouble, and it took less than five minutes However, it is important to notice that this will ruin your warranty. But it you do not have any warranty, and want to fix it without paying a lot of money for some new chips you actually do not need, it is worth trying.
Anders Bjerin, Richmond, Surrey.
External and internal drives to do this, if there is one.
Lance Palmer, Pontefract, W Yorkshire.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
Right, what you need is a program which takes control of the disc drive. Diskcopy on the Workbench will do. Run Diskcopy from CU, then when it asks for a disc put the cleaner in. You'll get some errors but retry until the drive has hod its 30 seconds. Do not over-use disc cleaners, they can screw up the heads.
Starting over 1 WANT to stan learning machine code on my unexpanded A500 but the software and books all seem to be for the expen.
Could you recommend a package? And how much would it cost?
Where can you get a full memory map of the unexpanded Amiga 500?
Lauren jones, Fordingb ridge, Hants.
Asking for a memoiy map shows that you have moved up from an 8 bit machine. The Amiga is a very different beast, things don't work in the same way because the memory map shifts around. To start with you will need an assembler, either Devpac or ArgAsm (see special offers). This will cost you £70ish.
Then you will need a book on 68000 assembler - see my reply to Peter Trowe’s letter - and o book on programming the Amiga.
Computei's Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide is a good bet. All in all you are looking at £100.
Who’s bad?
COULD you please explain exactly what NDOS is. As when 1 insen my Virus game disc after loading Workbench the computer responds with a request and then calls the disc NSDOS.
Steven Godwin, Finchley, London N12 Some programs, well pretty much every game, grab the Amiga by the electrons and take over. NDOS stands for Not Disc Operating System. This means it doesn't use the standard Dos which Workbench understands. You need to put such a disc into the drive when the Amiga hand appears.
Back-up blues MY Workbench does not duplicate.
The copy window is blank and the disc drive keeps going round but nothing else seems to be happening. It does not copy disc. I have only had this problem recently. All other functions of my computer have been working fine.
1 tried VirusX (no viruses) I looked to see if the copy command is there, and it is. Could it be that my internal drive is corrupting the disc?
1 have cleaned the head with the recommended cleaners but to date I have still had no luck in copying discs consistently.
On September 6 it copied one disc but since then it has returned to not copying again.
SCClaphoe, Taring, Worthing.
Sounds like bit rot, a strange software problem, best cured by a new copy of the Workbench disc. It is unlikely to be hardware. You aren't Hying to copy a protected disc are you?
No back-up WARNING to all MicroEmacs users. The version of Memacs released with WB3.3 does not alter the archive bit on the file just edited. This means that if you back up your hard disc incrementaly any files edited using Memacs will not get hacked up until you do the next full backup. Anyway, that's what happened to me.
Trevor Wood, Lewisham, SE13.
AMIGA PACK 1 Amiga A500 computer mouse, TV mod, WB 1.3 manuals £349 inc. AMIGA PACK 2 Amiga Pack 1 with 10 games, (worth over £250) £379 inc AMIGA PACK 3 Amiga A500with 1084 monitor, and Plinth 5 blank discs £589 inc AMIGA PACK 4 Amiga A500, Philips 8833 monitor, Plinth 8 5 blank discs.
Only £569 inc AMIGA BUSINESS PACK A500, 1084 or 8833 mon, second 3.5" drive, plinth, Platinum Scribbler software. STAR LC10 Printer.
£839 inc AMIGA GRAPHICS PACK A500, 1084 or 8833 mon. A590 20Mb Hdisk, 512k extra memory, DigiPaint 3, STAR XB-24 10 (24 pin) SLO Colour Printer £1435 inc AMIGA A500 Custom PACK CHOOSE YOUR OWN CUMANA CAX 354 ,,..£85 NEC Drive ......£85 inc CMB 1010 ......£89 inc CMB A590 ..£380 inc (20Mb Hard Disk) Vortex 40Mb HD £510 1084S .....£239
1084. ......£239 Philips 8833 £229
NEC Multisync II £479 NEC D range Available AMIGA
Enhancements A510 RAM with On Off Utility Software....£129
inc A590 20Mb Hdisk ....£380 512k Upgrade A590...E77 1 Mb
Upgrade for the A590 £144 2Mb
Upgrade for the A590 £275 TV
Mod ...£19.99 Mouse Mat £4.95
Steel Monitor Stand..£14.75 Double Level Monitor
Stand ...£22,95 PD Software (over 500
titles) £2.50 each Send big s.a.e. lor
catalogue Disks 3.5" from £7.50 for 10
5. 25" from £9.00 for 25 As a Commodore Amiga 2000 Dealer we are
pleased to announce the launch of 20 new packs covering DTP,
CAD, Audio Visual & Art Systems. Please phone to discuss your
requirements AMIGA B2000 1 Mb, XT Bridge Card 20Mb Hdisk, 1084
Monitor £1598 inc AMIGA B2000 1Mb RAM
3. 5" Drive ..£1057 AMIGA B2000 Enhancements XT
Bridge Board £469 INT Genlock ......£210 A2058 8Mb
Card 2Mb populated .£759 20 Mb Hard Disk £399 Western
Digital 32Mb XT Hard Card .....£228.85 68020, Memory, HD
upgrades, please call.
STAR Printers LC 10 ......£159 LC 10 Colour .....£195 LC24-10 .£279 All Star Printers below include Free 1 yr on site warranty.
FR-10 (300cps) .£379 FR-15 (wide) .....£495 XB24-10 (SLQ) ..£496 XB24-15 (wide) £655 Colour Option ......£45 RING FOR THE AMIGA Drives I AMIGA B2000 Athene Computers 0705 511431) Dept AMC 16 Stoke Road Gosport Hampshire P012 IB c* Commodore AMIGA BAT RACK £399."
INC VAT RRP | INCLUDES |~ 'D' PAINT II BATMAN THE MOVIE F18 INTERCEPTOR NEW ZEALAND STORY TV MODULATOR BATMAN POSTER AND MORE ATHENE COMPUTERS For Business and for Pleasure All our products UK spec. Say No to Grey imports Cheat nasty & Max the Hax presents the collected wisdom of the greatest games players on earth - all of them Amiga Computing readers CHRIS WEBB says: Have you completed Batman - The Movie? I have. Here's a few tips which helped me on the way.
On level two, when driving the Batmobile try to slow down and go round the cars rather than hit them.
This saves time. Take it easy for the first 50 miles. Then if you snuff it before you reach the end you re-start half way with half the time.
On level four take it easy when cutting the first 50 ropes to repeat the re-start trick. Use the shadow of the Batwing to line up with the lane PAUL BROWN says: Referees can be a pain at times. Zappa and Fernandez give out pretty coloured cards for you to collect. When taking comers always use the high kick.
This stands the best chance of scoring because either you put it in the net or an opponent will score an own goal, or the wind will score for you.
At throw-ins keep the ball away from the men near the line because they are likely to kick the ball straight off again.
Knowing the tactics different countries use can stand you in good stead for International games. Choose the USSR for your own team because they are the fastest. West Germany tackle hardest, so if you dribble in the the carnival is in.
While level one also has a halfway stage, level five has re-starts a third and two thirds of the way through. These tips, along with an extra life every 100,000 points should see you defeat The Joker.
STEVE METCALFE say9: When you load the game wait for the loading screen with Batman and the Joker and type JAMMMMMM. Keep pressing the M until the screen flips upside down, then press fire. This will give you infinite lives. Pressing F10 takes you to the next level.
¦ HINTS ¦ penalty area you might get some penalties awarded. Holland are a strong foe; try and keep possession, England try to shoot too often, while the rest are pretty average.
In general when you want to get the ball into your opponents’ half run up to the ball in the direction you want to go. Tap the ball at the same time pulling the opposite way on the joystick. The ball will be thrust high in the air and cover a good distance.
¦fry to dribble the ball a lot. If you are fouled you will earn more time, or your opponent will get sent off. The best formations are 4-2-4 and 5-3-2.
0) - 13 re C re .c o. JOHAN LIST from Amsterdam says; Hello. 1
have a great tip. If you want to make a lorra money without
using your laser you can play the markets.
Enter the Galnet computer and go to the trading section. Look up foodstuffs. It they are not available quit the computer until you are at the bay doors and try again. When some foodstuffs are offered buy as many as you can. The price will rise. Sell the lot at a profit and the price will fall.
Buy them all again and the price will shoot up. You can keep doing this until you have built up a lot of money.
JULIAN SMITH says; To buy anything on the black market for one credit get an id number and then blast off. Enter the net, logon, press T and Return.
You should now be in communication mode with the alien.
Keep him talking until he offers to trade. Make him an offer of one credit. He will tell you where to stick your credit. You logoff if he hasn't.
Now due to a bug everything you buy or sell will cost one credit.
Great if you are buying, incredibly naff if you are selling.
So press T and Return to talk to the alien. When he offers to trade make a bid of 200,000 credits. He will say “insufficient funds" and logoff. Then when you next trade the items will change hands for 200,000 credits.
GAME Killer is always on the lookout for hot tips, so if you have found a cheat mode, bug or written a poke drop it in the post
- on disc if it is a long listing.
If your work is used I'll send you a game drawn at random from the goodies box and a Konix Speedking joystick. To speed up getting the prize to you please cut out, photocopy or copy this form.
It will be used as the address label to send out your parcel.
I confirm that the information 1 haiv supplied is mine. It hasn't been published elsewhere and I haven't sent It to anyone else.
Send this form to Max "The Hacks" Tennant. Game Killer. Amiga Computing.
Second Floor. North House, 78-84 Ongar Road. Brentwood. Essex. CmtS 9BG.
Signature ... Date .... MAX Ol-SSON says; To get more money and deposit some gold. When asked how much type 9999999.
This is turned into 27009. Do not deposit any more money or your account will go back to nothing.
R have supplied tips pokes cheats for Write to Max Name..... Address.
- that leaves all other driving games behind!
How would you like to test drive a high powered sports car on a stunt course? Have you ever jumped a draw bridge or driven a loop-the-loop? Now's your chance!
Or maybe high-speed driving is your idea of excitement. Step on the gas and try to keep control while skidding round the corners, weave in and out of the traffic and avoid oncoming cars!
Hard Drivin'. Available for your home computer, is not just the best game on offer - it's a whole new driving experience.
Take Hard Drivin' for a test drive today!
| TEIXIGEIM The Name in Coin-Op Conversions.
Domark Lid, Fefry House, 51-57 Lacy Road. London SW151PR Tel: 01-700 2222 18M PC Amiga Alan ST CommcOofeW Amslrad Soec*i n Good at magic, are you ?
UNBEATABLE MANSFIELD PRICES FROM COMPUTERS BULK DISKS WITH 2 FOR 1 LIFETIME WARRANTY SOFTWARE MCE'S TOP TEN Contlnartal Ctfcus .....Cll.n StrydM C19.80 Plo Tennis Tour .£17.50 Paperboy .....£1!.» Shadow or me Beast ...£22.M New Zealand Story .....£11.40 Passing ShoB ...£11.40 Rick Dangerous .£15.00 Wayne Grelsky Ice Hockey .. £15.00 Xenon II ......£11.40
103. 5- D S. BO 135 TPI disks in while
box ...£1.10 25 3.5* D S, D D 135 TPI disks
in 40 cap disk box ..£22.05 40 3.5* 0 5. D D
135 TPI disks In 80 cap lockable box £12.05 75 3.5* 0 5. D 0
135IPI disks n 80 cap lockable box £54.05 10 3.f High
Density (2 meg) disks In while Sox £11.05 AMIGA
SPECIAL OFFER Amiga A500 with Mouse, Modulator, Workbench
1.3. D Paint 2, Interceptor, New Zealand Story 5 Batman.
Plus: 10 Blank Disks, Mouse Mat, Dust Cover, Mouse Holder,
Disk Head Cleaner, 4 P D. Disks with 24 games - FOR LIMITED
PERIOD £379 SPECIAL OFFER Wh*fi you purchBM oo« of fh« aDova
itama why no« Boat younatf to our aupar De-lux
MouwMH_____________________an 3 5" Heed
Cleaner „ Cl II 100 Adi»n* KM 3- 2-* ....
50 35* DM LibeV Moutt HoMet .....
1. 000 MdrenLiM 3vr*17ir ......C4.M A500 Memory
Expansion with clock ...£149.00 Latest Cumana external 1
Meg Drive with through port enable disable • :vh3
switch £99.00 Modulator .....£24.95
Remember ell disks are candied 100% error free and ere
supplied wHhtul user sets. Plus our enuring 2 lor 1 Idetlme
wenenty Sana or phona your orOar lo: Mansfield Computer*, 33
Alben Street, Mantlleld, Not Tel: 0623 3120223043 Fax 0023
4229*1 All prices Include VAT 1 Delivery In U.K. None.
24 hour answering service After tpm phone 0623 653512 end leave your order (AO offers subject lo availability) RealThings Animalion Series runs In Deluxe Paint III. By Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with I Meg min. Then meet Artie. If you can turn this page into an Amiga, you can hit key 4 and he'll come alive before your very eyes.
Not that good ? Never mind.
Get the first of the animation series, RealThings - HORSES.
That's magic !!
Rwr.-r.ra.ewr- YOKE STYLE
T. C. COMPUTERS TEL: 02357 60177 ¦|*_PC SPECIAL PRICES Commodore
PC-10111, SO. Mono______________ Commodore PC-10111.00, Mono
.. Commodore PC-20111, SD, 20Mb HD. Mono ......£785
commodore PC-20111, SO, 20Mb HD, EGA ......£1099 Commodore
PC-30111, SO, 20Mb HO, Mono (AT) ....£1130 Commodore PC-40111,
SO. 40Mb HD. VGA.
Mono (AT)--------------------- £P0A Amiga ASOfVTV Mcdutatcr 8a*. -Mo. £359 Amiga ASOfyiV Mocuta-cr ¦ Tan Sta* Pack £379 SieefittuISZ. AmgiASOfVTVModulator 2-d 0».Cure £439 AmoaA50fX1VMaruator *VbP*n £485 AmgaA500 Cdou-Won tor ________ £579 DELTABASE JOYSTICK FOR A I. FLIGHT V SIMULATOR II DELTABASE A Flight Simulator Joystick. Plugs into port 2 and gives analogue joystick function on Flight Simulator II. Other programs are currently being modified to work with Deltabase ......£29.95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II ..£27.95 Scenery disks
available from ..£11.95 to £19.95 Standard analogue spring return to central joystick with fire buttons available shortly ... £14.95 VOLTMACE Unit 9, Bondor Business Centre London Road, Baldock, SG7 6HP Telephone 0462 894410 Prices include VAT & 1st class post » w Dealer & Distributor terms available AMIGA AUDIO DIGITISER
- NEW. CHOOSE MONO OR STEREO VERSION Both Amiga audio digitisers
give superb performance, unsurpassed at the price. No software
is supplied, since they are fully compatible with Perfect
Sound. Prosound Designer. Audiomaster, and Datel's Prosampler
Sampling rates up to 60KHz are possible depending upon the
software An audio lead is supplied for connecting to the
headphone socket or line output of a radio, personal stereo,
keyboard etc. Full instructions are included, and the mono
version also has an L E D. overload indicator. A public domain
"Sound Workshop" disk is available which has demo versions of
Audiomaster & Fhjrfed Sound etc. MONO DIGITISER £27.99 POST
commodore I Amiga A500 corrptote. Now only £349 I Amiga A500MM
with 1900M £429 high-res mono monflor £615 MIGA Prtcea Include
VAT. Delivery A warrenty.
Please add CIS for overnight delivery.
All ays lama are tested before despatch, ¦lie maintenance options availabia.
A1064. XT bridge board 20MB hard |_M 200 rldg oar 108 0M tar l8 1995j EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVES I 3 m DS DD dokettes. Per 10 I A501 plug-in RAM cJock 512K IC1010 NEC 3j- hall-horghc drive I ASM 20MB autoboot hard disk I RAM lor ASM. Per MB I Amdrlve 2CMB SCSI hard disk I Amdrlve SCMB SCSI hard disk 11900M high-res mono monitor £10 £119 £79 £375 £149 £339 £425 £115 PERIPHERALS I A2620 68020 Accotoralor Card I A2264 PC-AT board A bi* dnve IA20M PC-XT board & sj- drive I C2056 SMB Board. 2MB instated I RAM lor above, per 2MB ... I 20MB Anvga MS-Ooe hard disks I 20MB autobool herd cksks Irom
I 40MB auto bool hard cfcsks from I Flicker Flier Muiuecan Adaptor I C2OI0 NEC 3$ * interne drive Phone £739 £249 £425 £350 £229 £495 £795 £375 £79 RGB TV & MONITOR LEADS We have leads to connect all AMIGAS to your TV or colour monitor provided it has an RGB input socket All leads give a much clearer picture than using the AMIGA MODULATOR, permit ALL 4096 colours to be displayed and include the audio lead (togive stereo with stereo tv's). ViL.s ORDER AL 1 FOR TV s WITH 21 PIN EURO (SCARF) SOCKET FITS PHILIPS, FIDELITY, SONY. GRUNDIG, NORMENEDE. ETC ONLY ORDER AL 2 FOR FERGUSON Tvs WITH 7 or 8
695 I HP PaintJet colour mkjal 180 dp. £889 I DXY1200 A3 8 pen ptotlor £1159 I Trackball Mar com RB2 £59 X £9.99 t 40MB fast hard disk: autoboofs from 1.2 Roms! £475 I NEW - MONITOR SHARER Why noi en|oy the free Teletait databases with the Micro Test Te*ote«T adaptor . Futy programmable, with Faatesl lecWy, meant access to lesl 18 pages, double page view, telesoftware loader. Euto-starVbac* ground _ operason... Pages can spoken, printed as ASCII or graphics, saved as ASCII or IFF Mas.
Plus digits* tuned TV on any A1081 1064 CM8833 monitor Avetebie now lor onM33«l TELETEXT 'AMIGA SHARE 2 COMPUTERS WITH ONE TV MONITOR Plug in the scarf leads from any two computers eg AMIGA £ ST, and connect the SHARER to the tv or monitor’s scarf socket. Just press the switch to instantly select either computer MSWI £15.99 OTHER LEADS AMIGA 64 EMULATOR LEADS MODULATOR EXTENSION LEADS ... AMIGA PRINTER LEAD - Parallel Type 1.5M long
3. 0M long ...... AMIGA A50GBBC EMULATOR
(RS232) PRINTER 1.5m...... AMIGA A500 TO MODEM (25W‘D') 1.5m
AEL 1 ONLY £4.99 MEL 1 ONLY £8.99 AMP 1 ONLY £6.99 AMP 3 ONLY
£9 99 BE1 ONLY £7.99 RSI ONLY £9.99 RS6 ONLY £9.99 RS5 ONLY
£7.99 HL1 ONLY £4.99 HL2 ONLY £5.99 I ¦¦¦NEW half-halght NEC
external drive with awftch a througtport £79! ] Lattice C vS
C179st Oos-2-Dos 34 st PC Emulator vl.1 24 is C84 Emulator v2
39 is BBC Emulator .U 44s Workbench lO Enhancer 14 s*
Relational database power, without programing' 39 is ¦
SuperBase Personal 2 As above, plua tern, mail marge, batch
entry etc 621* ¦ Professional v3 With Forme Edilor and DML
programming language 154 s* Pro Spreadsheet with business
graphics, time planner $ 7.as Ultimata Amiga spreadsheet *
lert graphlcs speoch 59 s* High performance desktop WP. Now
with HQ tonts 69 st High qualify oulput. Prefer eocee Post
Sap! Compatible 149 st PRODUCTIVITY ¦ SuperBase Personal ¦
SuperPUn ¦ Maxlplan 600 ¦ VlsaWrlte Desktop v2 ¦ Pagestrearn
vl.a _ .
¦ Professional Page vf .3 Includes WP. Desktop, colour separations. CAD ¦ Arena Accounts ¦ Personal Tax Planner ¦ A C Basic v1.3 189 s- Sales. Purchase end Nomsnel Lodgers plus invoicing 168 at UK Income Tax computation program, from Dvgrta By Absoft Compass Amiga Basic . FASTI Backs up 20MB in 20 minutes, any Amiga hard drive Speeds disk access up to 900%. Work Bench or CU ter*! Guide
39. At 129 at 37 at ¦ B.A.D. Disk Optimizer ¦ Publisher's Choice
¦ ProText v4 ¦ Amiga C for Beginner* ¦ Amiga C Advanced Pro
NEW COMPACT DESIGN 79 at ¦ Amiga Basic Inside A Out
18. «t ¦ AmigaDos Inside A Out 24 as ¦ Amiga Tricks A Tips MIN I
AMP 2 combines a mini stereo power amp with two neat speaker
units which connect directly to your AMIGA They are ideal for
use with mono Tvs £ monitors, £ simply plug in tor instant
stereo sound. Ybu'll be amazed at the difference MINIAMP 2
comprises separate 4 watts per channel high quality mini
stereo amplifier with loudspeaker headphone socket, separate
speaker units with 4" twin cone drivers, mams power pack £
connecting lead for AMIGA. % CAN BE USED AS WALKMAN’ BOOSTER
SYSTEM MA4 £34.99
uporP| eaMlm A o|ou lglllse n onlock 495 ¦ Anlmagic ¦
Dlglpalnl 3 ¦ Design 30 ¦ DlglWorVt ¦ De Luxe Paint 3 ¦
Photon Paint 2 Aegis Images Aegis Animator'Aegis Diaw Aegis
Artpak Without doubt the best preca of MIOl aotfware lo date’
3D graphics and animation tor the professional 62 s* 69 s* 69
st 199-.* 369 s* 109 St 129 st 199 t* 425oc 625oo
34. es
79. es I Graphics Starter Kit I Muslc-X I Sculpt-Anlmate 40 MIDI
INTERFACE 1 FOR A500 2000 OR A1000 MIF1 £29.99 _ This has
A500 2000 OR A1000 MIF2 £34.99 ¦ This has MIDI IN. MIDI
to save you having to swap MIDI leads when using more than
Sculpt-Anlmate 40 Jr. As Sculpt 4D above, without HAM
ray-lraong I Sculpt 3D XL I Pro-Video PAL Ptue I SummaSkelch
Ptue I PAL Rertdale Pro I Professional Draw I Aegis Oraw 2000
I X-Cad Professional I X-Cad Deslgnar Much (aster than Scupk
3D. With 24-bit plane option Professional video tiler wflh
tonts. Extra fonts available 12x12 Graphics Tablet with last
driver eottware Broadcast quatfly genlock tor the
professional user C114.st Bfantavlslon 179 s* ¦ Pagcf Upper •
F X 399 st ¦ DlglViaw Gold
100% Guaranteed DSOD disks Lowes! Prices Per 10 £12.99 £
Postage Lowest Prices F r 25 £28.49 Post Free Lowest Prices
Per 50 £55.99 Post Free Lowest Prices Per 100 £99.99 Post
AFMl .
WELCOME Please add 75p part postage 1 packing to orders under
SURREY. KT2 70T. TEL 01-546-7256 Hampshire Micros What's
going on ? Or off ?
Philips CM8833 £179.00. VAT Citizen 120D £104.00. VAT Amiga 500 + Mod £279.00. V»T Epson LX400 Amiga 500 Bat Pk £312.00. VAT Tenstir pack with A500 £17.39 Commodore A501 upgrade £99.00 Cumana CAX54 (1M) 3.5" £69.00 Panasonic KXP10B1 £119.00. VAT Panasonic KXP1180 £139.00. VAT £129.00. VAT All prices Include Cable & Paper (1
103. 5' 13SIPI 0S DD _...£5.frO*VAT SO 3.S-13Stpi
DS DD ...£26.30. VAT 100 36' 13Stpi
DS DO .£52.00 . VAT 50 Disk box binge & lock £4.30 .
VAT 100 Disk 00k binge A lock ....£6.80 . VAT Phone lor our
lull catalogue best prtc*. Fast service A 12 monihs
guaraniee Prices sublecl lo change. We are closed Saturday
Postage £1.00 .VAT (£1.15). Secu ncor £7.00 . VAT (£8.05)
Hampshire Microcomputers Unit 11, Kingdom Park, Sagensworth,
Titchfield, Hants P015 5TJ.
Btel:0489 885911 (Fax 885651) Larger Items by Securtcor RealThings Animation Series runs in Deluxe Paint III, by Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with I Meg min. So you’ve done it, have you ?
Ve..ry clev..er ! Fact is, Artie's just fed up waiting. So to see a lot more of him and his friends you'll just have to get RealThings - HORSES.
That is magic!!
Software for serious sports enthusiasts POOLSWINNER n THE 1 I TIM ATI-! ROOIS PREDICTION PkfXiRAM
• MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinner Ita sophisticated Pools prediction
aid. It comes complete with the largest database available •
22000 matches over 10 years.
too. Predictions are based on many factors recent form, the
massive database, current league standing, goal scoring rates,
and draw average* (each factor is independently switchable by
the user).
• SUCCESSFUL Selec guarantee that Poolswinner performs signifi
cantly better than chance. _
• LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE matches are covered.
• FULL LEAGUE TABLES are automatically generated as results are
• AUTOMATIC FIXTURE GENERATION : Futures lor English and Scottish
League matches are generated automatically by Poolswinner’*
sister program FIXGEN I FIXGEN : No need to struggle lor
KIXGKN 89 90 _ hours to get the future list into the £28.50
computer - just type in the date, Fixgen contains the complete
Poolswinner fixture list for the whole year’s league soccer.
IpuNahrd under vvith Fixgen licence from the Football League,
and rhe Scottish Football Ixague) Public Domain Disks We have a
large number of Public Domain Disks in stock, includina: Fred
Fish TBAG Amicus Send now for your fr simply send order d
cheque (Plus £1 P&P) Compul 1-5 £3.00 each 5-9 £2.75 each
10. £2.50 each je catalogue, etails with you payable to Am ng Dr
ech New To PD?
Try our PD Starter Disks, especially prepared for the new user: Games 1 £3.00 Graphics 1 £3.00 Utilities 1 £3.00 Or try all 3 tor only £7.501 Please add £1 P&P to all orders.
Commercial Software The Worksl £64.95 X-Cad Designer 82.95 For free PD Catalogue send your name and address to: Amtech Computing 2 Cowdray Close Lordswood Southampton SOI 8EB SOFTMACHIINIE AMIGA HARO WAR E A500 BAT PACK Arrtaa 500 (1.3 ROM) Moum • P.8.U. Modukwor ? Leads Wortocnch 1.3 Baste 1 3* Extras Tha Vary Fir* Tutorial Introduction to lha A500 "»m* gsr Batman. Intarcaptor Naw Zaaland Story Dafcxa Pm* il £372.99 A2000 SYSTEM 1 Amiga 2000 A1084S Mortlor A2090 20Mb Hard Drlva PHONE • Whia stocks lasll A2000 SYSTEM 2 Arrkga 2000 A10B4S Monitor A2C68 PC-XT Bndgaboard A2092 20Mb MS DOS Hard
Dnva PHONE • Whla stocks iMtl A500 PACK ?
Pack 1 put thafoAowmg: ikan Wamon . Insanity Ftght Marcarary 1 . Art P Chaas Tarrorpods * Thundarcals Barbarian * Buggy Boy Amagas . WabaH Amlgi500.A10*48 .. £824 99 A58020Mb HsrdOrWa £372.99 A501 Rsm ExpsnskorVCtock--------£134.99 A520 ktodubtor £24 99 MPS1230 Prlntar ---------£134 99 A1084S Colour Monitor £279.99 A1900M Mono Monitor C99.W A1010 OakOrlvs £9199 A1352 Moum £33 99 S» T«KKm Suma P t A2000______________________POA P6HPHEBAL5 «CCtg»ORItt«OOK» !*»»¦« J L **»M« C»»e«uiU »ii HltscN HV720 ------------ Panasonic WV1500 ...... 8 mm Ism_______________ 16mm Lens £193 99 £17999
- £4440 £36 00 DKJT«ER8 Dtgpc .. £182 99 9nc-Ck-C
£126 99 Ronbo WJ-Amga £98 99 Svberpie--- £48199 Linn*
1200......__ lAncom WS3000 Mukoti WS4000 £74.99 £79 99 £88 99
Advanced Amiga Baaic £19.96 Amiga 30 Graphica Prog. £1146 Armga
Applications ......£10.96 Amiga AsaamWy lang Proof 10 90 Amiga
Basic Intida « Out £18 96 Amiga C Ada Programmara £22 96 Amiga
C for Bagmnara £19.46 Amiga DOS Inada AO* £18 46 Amiga DOS
Manal £22 96 Amiga DOS R* (kuda £1495 Amiga OrMalrwda AO* £27
95 Amma For Bagfem £1296 Amgs Handbook £15 96 Arrsgs Macn Lang
G*ds _.£21 95 Amiga Machma Languaga £14 96 Amiga M S BASIC Prog
fiu«* .....£18 46 Ang ProgGulda- Comptai-------------£17 46
Amiga Prog Quids - Wabarf18 46 Amigs Tricks A Tip* £14.96
Beginners Qiada to* -..£19.96 Compula'a 1* Book" £16 96 Compute
s 2nd Book* £16.96 Elemenury Amiga BASIC . £14.96 Hardware Ref
Man ---------£22 95 Inside Amiga GraeNm £16.96 Ins* the Amiga
wflfiC £2096 Irtubon Ref Ifcnual £2296 Kclsun Guide M3 95 ,
Programmari GuOe to* £23 96 Prog Handbook Vol 1 £23 96 £23 95
_______________HIM _______________£M M Futur eaound .. Cailei
£224.99 CsttPrWttr-Dskrxi Crt PrUtv-aM .
OrWMonlor E* £81999 a--"***** £224 99 £45499 ww £7 99 £1498 £599 _______-£4M RS232 M-AYM-F T-f D«L«*M0 99 RS232 UbWU'f f-f Stt 0.99 Scarf-----MO 99 NfL i Mjlsy-x :i * CW&fw
L. jfcwftipwug.J Contrtvsr Vto jar lor A ngs £24 98 PsiNTfU
MATBiX »u ai0i»itP8iP0 101 Scry Bulk UnbnndwJ £10 99 10 « Sow
Brsndsd £13.99 10 x TOK Brsndad £14 99 Di.'St.ra'i Hui j Clmih
j zsn Swfl 24_________£327 99
- *°n 10500 ---------------£389.99 rva u Epson
LX800 .....£227.99 £2222 Sslkoshi SL-8QA1 24......£277 99
lamia oneiLii it ¦ ¦ ij»o ¦¦ S|»tlC10 thuthm.-Fi.m j z$ gsz=m
uissr A2024 Hass Mono MonlorP.OA Ormans 1146 3.5*_____£98 99
A2010 irtarnal Dm* POA Cumana 1Mb525'--£12299 A2090 20Mb Hard
OrfM POA --
* 2083 Xub A'bool D-** POA D 8* D« ro - H»«8 A2C95 40M6 Aboot
Drka POA 1 W ¦ 1 A2092 204ft M5-00S DfhaP 0 A
Amdnw30l*____£37299 A2088 PC XT BrxJgsbosrd POA Amdn«50tft
£0599 A2286 PC-AT BrxJgsbosrd POA VonaClft_____£497 99 10 TOK
MF200 Daks 90 Capacity Dak Storage Bo
3. 5* Haad Ctaanar ASCO Dvsl Covar OMLVC2S- ALL PWCES INCLUDE
V. A.T. AND DEUVERY (U.K. ONLY) Control Cantra---£45 99
OhIOmwMOO---£599 0u*CowA1900M_____£599 33500 M497 99 Du* Cow
A1064 1064S ,-BJI SSSB:iSL.«,ya Suutll ktouss Brack* £3 99
- •-3 ----------- _£7.99 PlIBTEM - LUCV Rom Kemal R* Msn - £29 95
Rom Kemal Ref Mvi • Eaac--- Rom Kemal Ref Mur •
Lb--------------£32 96 System Prog Guide £32 96 £229 UOIW.C*
_P0 • SwifalHMT.
Roi S£S A235Q Prof VkMo Adartor P 0A Interlace A2032 PAL Comp Vld Card POA Omega MxJ. I iris rtsca Please ring for pricma anrailability on any hanfwara softwara pariphsrals not listed. (Full price list on raqaatl) Courtar Overseas ralaa on raquest Plaase make chaquas postal orders payable lo SOF TMACHINE. AN pricas are inclusive of V.A.T. Al pricas sublet to change without notice. AO items subject to avaiiabkky. E.AO.E SOFTMACHINE Dept AMC 1, 36 Guernsey Road, Sunderland SR4 9RR. Telephone: 091 385 7928 Flying Fight Simulator ----£7.95 Flying on Instruments------£995 Gunsnip
Academy----------£14.96 J*FtaNar School N----£14.16 Laarrwig to Ffc--------£14 96 £1296 Saa our Advartl**- man! In Last or Naxt Month's Amiga Com- Kroouciiviiy 17Bit Software That Bit Better Than The Rest!
THE Uks LARGEST AMIGA ONLY USER-CLUB WITH OVER 9,000 MEMBERS, AND A REPUTATION SECOND TO NONE FOR SERVICE 17Bit have one of the largest PD Selections around and prices start from just £2 per disc* fully inclusive of all postage and packaging costs. All PD used is the best around, you would be amazed at the ease of use and quality of it all... so good other libraries use the discs and claim they have compiled them! So make sure you deal with the people in the know ... And we don't just handle PD, we supply all the latest software at amazing prices to members, give out hints, tips and help with
all sorts of problems and much more ... Subscribe to the best Disc-Magazine around ... NEWSFLASH (from 17Bit UGA) - Only £2.99 per Issue!
Join now! Quickstart + Pack: Utility Disc, Demo Disc, Catalogue Disc and an issue of our Disc-Magazine PLUS Membership for just £6.50!
17Bit Software, PO Box 97, Wakefield WF1 1XX, UK _ TELEPHONE 0924 366982 |-H clndi idual discs £2.5(1. HI discs for £20 inclusive of all postage, packinj; and quality media AmigaTEX AmigaTEX provides a powerful alternative in document preparation. It enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially those ot a technical nature such as user manuals or journal papers. It gives you true typeset quality with kerning, ligatures, lull floating accents, mathematical and technical symbols and the ability to produce tables and special formats. AmigaTEX will accept input from any text editor
or word processor and with its built- in screen previewer, a document formatter ot mainframe power becomes available. Also included with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter with dozens of preformed styles, SliTEX - a slide generating macro, and BibTEX - a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully file compatible with other versions of TEX.
These three make magic together !
@ The Superb... AMIGA The Brilliant... Deluxe Paint Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set ot Computer Modern Fonts is included. A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones.
AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series, Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LQ series, HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage.
Access and Visa accepted.
For further details and tree demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY SUFFIELD WORKS. 1 SUFFIELD ROAD, LONDON N15 5JX TEL: 01-802 4470 True animation is about the living .
RT is the series that brings you action-art of real living things.
Collect RT animation software and you’ll have real creatures, people, active environment, all for you to bring to life on your Amiga. Make your pictures LIVE.
Start now with HORSES. That's magic !!
Real Hungs Animation Series runs in Deluxe Paint III, by Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with I Meg min. s RealTWngs ¦*» ANIMATION The series that brings you action-art of real living things Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga The 11.% Amiga Users Qroup is the Largest Amiga only user group in the world We are now in our fourth year and are the most established and experienced’ Amiga user group in the V.% We have over 1,500 members and are able to offer an unrivalled level of support. Our members receive a 60+ page bi-monthly newsletter packed with articles of interest at all levels, we
have a massive library of public domain software and run an Amiga only bulletin board. We offer our members superb discounts on all hardware,software and books- Ihe 11.%A.11.Q. is the group to belong to regardless of your age or level of experience, our aim being to provide support and encouragement to everyone. Why not join us and start to appreciate what Amiga computing is all about.
& Horses HorseYHon T«® 2) (5l00‘6 Produced by RGB STUDIOS - Distributed by DICIPRO LTD RealThing Animation Series runs in DeLuxe Paint III, by Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with 1 Meg min. Watch TV on the move - and SAVE £20!
.. . With the unique CASIO Colour Pocket TV Look what it offers: A 2" HQM LCD colour screen A Internal loudspeaker A External aerial socket A Earphone socket A Automatic tuning A External power supply socket A Takes four standard AA size batteries ? Volume control A Brightness control
* Colour control A Extendible aerial Because of a breakthrough in
technology you can now watch your favourite TV programmes
anytime, anywhere - and in full colour with the new
pocket-sized Colour TV400 which features a revolutionary high
quality matrix LCD display - giving crisp, bright pictures.
Measuring just 5 x 3 x 1 inches, the TV400 sits snugly in the palm of your hand, or you can use the built-in rest to place it on most surfaces - at just the right angle for optimum viewing. The screen itself measures 2 inches diagonally.
When the TV400 was designed, part of the specification was that it should be useable virtually anywhere. As a consequence it has a built-in signal am plifier which can pick up some faraway stations your ordinary TV can't! Plus it hasautomatic tuning, so at the touch of a button the TV400 scans through the band and quickly locks into all receivable broadcasts.
We have tested the pocket TV in trains, on buses, in cars, indoors and outdoors, and in most casesthe picture remained sharp and clear.
However, reception could vary depending on obstacles in the way of the signal like large buildings and hills.
Ilf, a member of your family the TV400 makes an excellent present which will give entertainment and pleasure for many years to come.
Due to our purchasing power we can make the TV400 available to you at the exceptionally low price of just £94.95* - a saving of £20 off the normal price. We have not seen the TV as cheap asthis anywhere else-includingtheHigh Street stores.
And remember, you can buy with complete confidence as the TV400 comes with a full one year guarantee for parts and labour (in normal use).
RRP £114.95 £94.95 OUR PRICE
• Plus Cl 50 post and packing Please note: The TV400 is tuned for
UK PAL broadcasts.
Therefore we can only accept orders from the UK You know how expensive it is to replace your batteries when they run down.
Even with rechargeable batteries and a charger you still have to wait 14 hours for a full charge.
Save £'s on batteries for your TV, radio personal stereo.
We have solved the problem with the unique super fast powerpoint battery and charger kit.
This amazing device will completely charge four standard AA size rechargeable batteries in under 2 hours and each battery can be recharged at least 1,000 times.
Further, for a limited period we can sell the charger and four rechargeable batteries at the staggeringly low cost of£19.95 (plus £1.00 p&p) It will pay for itself within weeks.
Place your order today, using the form on Page 127 Su&ttc htUMM ScdUcifitiottA Subscribe
- or die of embarrassment ORDER FORM Valid lo January 31, 1990
Please tick the appropriate box New Renewal I I 96SJ I 19663
New Renewal [ 9564 ?? 9565 Subscription plus cover disc UK
£29.95 Subscription plus cover disc UK £54.95 12 MONTH
SUBSCRIPTION 1* Renewal BS B Renewal B« B OVER the last year
Amiga Computing has broken the news and the rules. We have some
cracking reviews, news and features lined up over the next
year. But you risk missing out. Your local newsagent may be
stocked to the gills with Anglers Monthly but it is unlikely he
will have enough copies of Amiga Computing to cope.
You'd miss Ezra Surf's letters, Jeff Walker's disc pages and Green's style. Max Tennant's secrets would stay secret and you wouldn't finish games.
Without the crucial information that's in Amiga Computing you might become a social outcast.
Shunned by those who understand what a rigid disc block is and laughed at by friends with silly high scores.
Don't risk it. Your lifeline is here. Fill out the form alongside and subscribe today. And as an added bonus, to thank you for being so clever and showing foresight, if you subscribe for 15 months you'll get three issues free. With a 31 month subscription you'll get seven issues free.
Hey, this is brilliant, tell your friends and show them what being smart is all about.
| | Accees Mastefcard Eurocard BafctaycarO VlsaConnect Eq [ n .ini i i i i 11.-i i i i ux Only subscription applications received by Wednesday. December 20 can be guaranteed to start with next month's issue.
Subscription plus cover disc Europe & Eire £63.95 Overseas (Airmail) £91.95 Subscription plus cover disc Europe & Eire £34.95 Overseas (Airmail) £49.95 Payment: please indicate method (?)
Chequedurocheque made payable to Dat . Signed .
Note to current subscribers: We haven't forgotten you! If you would like to take advantage of this extra special offer you may renew your subscription early. It will then be extended accordingly.
Daytime telephone number in case of queries_ Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No starrpneMadi posted muk) Order at any time ot the day or night Order* by phone: 051 -357 1275 Orders by Fa». 05l-357 2813 To place your subscription, please use this order lorm Orders by UtctoLInk: MAG001 General Enquiries: 051-357 2081 Mail Order Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Offers This is an artificial intelligence software system from the writers of Chessmaster 2000 - winner of the US Chess Federation Computer Chess Championship.
It checks youLntooress lesson by lesson, every step of the way. Through a typing course tailored to your individual needs.
Mavis makes the learning fun when creating your lessons by selecting quotes from history's greatest writers, countless riddles, rhymes, jokes and hundreds of fascinating facts from the Guinness Book of World Records you fee your typing could be better, this is the ideal way to leam!
RRP £29.99 OUR PRICE £24.99 MiniGEN
- Genlock The MiniGEN takes the output Amiga and combines it with
an source such as TV. Video or ca give a rock-steady image This
is the ideal way to overlay animation created with packag
From your external imera, to titles or es such as unce you ve plugged In your Mini GEN you'll be wall on the way to having your own professional Desktop Video system!
RRP£113.85 OUR PRICE £98.85 Flight Simulator II m'mmi Put yourself in tho pilot's scat of a Cessna 182 singlc-cnginc aircraft and head for the skies! - Or fly a Gates Lcariet 25G.
High speed 3D graphics provide a spectacular panoramic view lAJLUBi*Ifc£J as you practico takeoffs, landings and aerobatics. |VJj; | -J; '[» Complete documentation gets you airborne quickly - even it you've never tlov n betore. And v hen you're ready you can test your Hying skills with Ihe World War I Acc aerial bailie game rayjstfrii Flight Simulator II Scenery Discs A set of two discs to enhance Flight Simulator II. They cover all Western Europe and Japan.
Once you've got to know lire scenery in Flight Simulator II, these will give you evenmore weeks of entertainment.
Flight Simulator II + Scenery Discs Save an extra £2 when you buy both together!
SOFTWARE SUPERMARKET Each month we scour the Amiga marketplace to find special reader offers with a difference - either the pnee is lower than you'll normalfy find, or its an excellent product that's not easily found.
Now. After many weeks of elimination we have narrowed these products down to those few we think represent the best value, or are the most innovative or powerful.
However, there are still more than we can fit in this section, so over the next few months we will be discontinuing some lines to make room for new ones.
To make sure you don’t miss out on any ol these exceptional offers, place your order soon. Remember, we can only guarantee to supply goods up to the date shown on the order form on page 129.
WordPerfect KVTfJS This is THE word processor for the Amiga. II features all KaflaA3 the power and flexibility of the PC version, and Is ¦«W*1 specially adapted to the strengths of the Amiga Itself.
WordPerfect works the way you do. It can be controlled with either the mouse or function keys, and you can display up to five text columns, side by side on a screen.
Plus, all the extra features so often missing from other word processors are fully implemented - such as footnotes, endnotes, a thesaurus, spelling checker, mail merger, over 200 printers supported - and FREE SUPPORT is available should you need it.
RRPE228.85 OUR PRICE you're in any way serious about word processing WordPerfect is the program you need. And with a £50 saving it represents exceptional value for money.
£178.85 Place your order today,using the form on Page 113 Publishers' Choice Whether you are designing a simple flyer, creating a newsletter, banners, posters, or even producing a magazine, Publisher's Choice offers a ' comprehensive solution to your Desktop Publishing and presentation requirements With the program you can easily combine text in a variety of styles, in multiple columns and with customised graphics. It comes with over 200 professionally designed images, and high quality "Headline' fonts.
In fact. Publishers' Choice combines the Kindwords 2.0 wordprocessor, PageSetter 1.2 page composition package, RRP £99.99 Artists' Choice art program, and the Headline fontpack.
OUR PRICE Because the Amiga is multi-tasking you can have all the programs working on the screen at the same time, or lust use them individually as powerful stand-alone programs.
£79.99 SBA Xtra SBA Xtra Is designed for Ihe many small businesses with both
* 0 cred't and cash customers, who need a system for providing
quick lists of Debtors and Creditors and Individual account
histories, without 'the effort of keeping a complicated Sales
and Purchase Ledger system.
Among its many fsaturss are:
* Profit and loss statamants * Day books
* Balanca sheet * VAT raports
* Trial Balance * Account group raports
* Budgets * Transaction listings by batch or account heading
* Full audit trail * Constanta on-ecraan update of cash position
and profit figure What tha proas say RRP 114.95 "SBA Xtra la a
winner In the low-cost accounting stakes." - What Parsonal
Computer OUR PRICE “ftyou'ra running a small business. SBA Xtra
should be just fine for you." - PC User £89.95 X-CAD i Designer
Probably the most powerful and comprehensive Amiga Cad program
X-CAD Designer is a full- featured, professional, two- dimensional design and draughting tool suitable for draughtsmen, designers and engineers alike. It's also Ideally priced for education and technical training organisations.
It features an easy-to-use and learn pull-down menu system and a comprehensive tutorial guide - so that even a beginner to Cad can get going very quickly.
The combination of X-CAD Designer and the Amiga create one of the most cost- effective end flexible Cad workstations you can buy RRP £113.85 OUR PRICE £89.85 Binder £5.95 Twelve rods hold your issues in place and keep them in pristine condition in this smart PVC binder.
Keyboard dust cover (A500) £4.95 Protect your J Amiga with, this top- quality cover made from clear, water-resistant vinyl. It's bound with strong cotton and features the Amiga Computing logo.
Disc Storage Box £4.95 This luxury padded box is the ideal storage medium, holding up to FIFTY 3.5" discs Mouse mat £6.95 The perfect desktop environment tor your mouse with its specially-designed, pertect- grip surface. It ensures much smoother movement, gives super-positive control and protects your table top trom scratches.
Mm READER OFFERS VsMdlo 30.1.90 Back Issues July 1989-December 1989 bundle Tadd C3 Europe & Eire Cl2 Oversees t€l7.00 9876 I July 1989 £2.10 9713
• August 1989 £3.10 9714
• September 1989 £3.10 9715
• October 1989 £3.10 9716
• November 1989 £3.10 9717
• December 1989 £3.10 9718
• trdjdm cover dmc Cover Discs August December £7.50 9877 _I
Protext Version 4 C79.®s 9530 [=) Games Selection Freedom
£15.95 9837 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea C15.95 9838 Hellbent
C15.95 9839 Backlash £15.95 9840 Buy 2 Games and SAVE £10 £29
90 9186 Buy 3 Games and SAVE £21 £38 05 9187 Buy 4 Games and
SAVE £40 £39 00 9189 Special Offer. If you are buying more than
one game, please tick tfie box next to each game, then tick the
box lor the number you are buying to qualify lor extra
Add £2 Europe 8 EiraES Overseas_ DTP Yearbook 1990 (to* page 73) £14 .95 9862 Pocket colour TV £94.95 9865 Plus post and packing £1.50 (smpags 1101
* 33* Battery charger ,Tt* 119 95 986 (Xus post and padung £1.50
'B Amiga DABhand Guide sese | Cover disc offer Home
Accounts Day by Day £39.90 Mall Order offers (*** pap* 112)
Flight Simulator £35 95 9868 jinn - Paif of 5canefy Disks
£31.90 9872 f-ught Simulator.scenery [ scs £65.85 9878
Publishers Choice £79.99 9867 ftflrti Gen £98 85 9869 Word
Perfect 4.1 version
178. 85 9870 X-Cad £89 85 9871 Small Business Accs Xtra £89 95
9873 Mavis Beacon Typing £24.99 9874 Tank Attack £19.99 9848
1=1 ArgAsm f iaQt*) £54.95 9858 _1 Dust covers £4.95 9507 =
Mouse mats £4.95 9508 = Binders £5.95 9509 = Disc boxes
£4.95 9860 = Addition for postage: Europe & Eire add £3 _
Overseas add £5 I I Unless otherwise irxfcMdO) S«nd to:
Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65
3EB (No stanp needed I posted In UK) Products arm normaty
dsspMchad wIINn 48 how ol roc* bur defvery of cmtaln Seme
couU taka up to 26 days Payment: please indicate method ( )
| Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Datebeee Direct j
Accees Mastercard£uroca d Bardayca d VisaConnect E***[
* 11111 I I I I I I_L Order at any time of the day or night _
Signed .
Ode* byphona 051-S57 127S Ordsm by Pox: 051-157 2*13 DonY torper Io gam your neme.
Ode* by MooLink: MAQ001 Daytme telephone number in caae of queries .
Qananl EnquHas 0S1-M7 2M1 MAKE YOUR AMIGA EARN!
Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how Your micro is. It only you knew it. A gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make Ihe initial eftort. NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You’ll never get rich by digging someone else’s "ditch".
Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a lew basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benetits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: 31 PILTON PLACE (AM1) KING AND QUEEN STREET WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR A500 S ? £54.05 FIXED PRICE REPAID* ST's Includes courier delivery, parts, labour, full service and
V. A.T., 90 day warranty, 5 day turnround (Subject to our terms
of trade, copies available on request.)
Collection can be arranged £11.50 extra.
All our engineers are fully experienced in 16 bit techology Don't risk damaging your ST. Ask about our all inc. Ram and Drive Upgrades Repairs undertaken on Amiga 2000, Atari Mega ST, Printers, Monitors, V.D.U.'s etc. and most Business & Home Computers SHIELD COMPUTER SERVICES LTD 50 Flixton Road. Urmston, Manchester M31 3AB Tel: 061-747 3165 Fax: 061-747 0515 . COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON S 674626 AMIGA SPECIALISTS WE HAVE 10Os OF SOFTWARE TITLES (MANY ARE NOW DISCOUNTED), BOOKS AND PERIPHERALS IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES.
CALL IN TODAY FOR YOURS EOPEN 10 AM TO 6 PM MONDAY TO SATURDAY 44 GEORGE STREET. KEMPTOWN. BRIGHTON OPPOSITE THE AMERICAN EXPRESS BUILDING ADVERTISERS’ INDEX 17 Bit Software .... ....108 Fnhirenlara .... 37 Amiga PD Library ......89 Hamnshirp Mirrn Cnmmitars .107 Amiga Systems .... 64 Harris Hi-Tek . .....63 Amigatex ....109 Home Based Business 114 Amiga User Group ... ...109 HSV ..... .....92 Amtech
Computing . 107 Infogrames ..... 7 Anco ... .7.1,31 26 Applied Research Kernel...... Amor .. ......89 .60,68 Mansfield Computers ...... 105 in Ashcom .. ......83 M U VJIIlLc OuppilUS . cc Athene Consultants . 101 Microdeal .....33 1?
Byteback ......70 73 Calco Software ..... .,..106 Club 68000 ... ......56 Compost . ......13 .....bo on Computer Bookshop Computer Express ... 8 ......57 RGB Studios ...105,107,109 Computerwise .... 114 ...IUS Contriver Europe 93 oeniac oouware .... Shield Computer Services..... CP Software „ .. ......20 114 Silica Shop ....
UUIIUUld .....11 Database Educational Software ...65 S K Marketing ...... Softmachine., . .....39 ...108 Softsellers ..... 90,91 Uatel hlectromcs . Diamond Computers ..... .44-47 74,75 1Q Softville .. .....92 Sublogic . .....96 6 TC Computers ...... ...105 Q Third Coast .... 69 Tyilogic ... Digital Magic ooitware ... 104
Tkirbosoft Electracomp 93 Overseas Media ... .....16 Voltmace 105 Oft WTS Electronics .. 114 Evesham Micros ......80 Xenon Technology .. .....87 First Micro ... ......25 Y2 Computing ..... .....78 OMPUTER REPAIRS fc FIRST AID STOP PRFSS* FOR A500 612K RAM upgrade switchable £74 TECHNOLOGY ATARI ST AMIGA with a £15 diagnostic fee anii.
You will be sent a written ' quotation for the cost of repairing your machine.
0582 491949 (4 LINES). Fax: 0582 505900 C" Commodore AMIGA
FREE! - MERCENARY COMP - Dy Novagen FREE! - BARBARIAN, ULT WARRIOR by Palace 11 FREE! - TERRORPODS by Psyqnos.s FREE! - BUGGY FREE!- THUNOERCATS by Ente FREE'- W1ZBALL hy Ocean incl'-.oi v&SBB IBB? VI ™ B DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one ol a ne* breed ol technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard lor home computing, based .around the new Motorola 68000 chip The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-m It can be connected directly to a wide range of monitors, or to a domostic TV set through a TV modulator Designed with the user in mmd,
the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free mouse And when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK's Not Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers not THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range ol Am.ga rerated penphera* accessories boons and software n the UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT The siaft at S.
-ca Shoo we dedicated to heip you 10 get the best from your Am.ga FREE NEWSLETTERS Ma.tea d.rect to your home as soon as we pnnt them featuring otters and latest releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On an hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers withm the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE We will normally match our A500 Computer TV Modulator Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT PACK PRICE S A500 Computer £399.99 1084S Colour Monitor £299.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £999.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £350.43 PACK PRICE Si: £649 uga 500 from Sikca Shop you not
only oe for money computer we anil Mo go* ‘ree gift* I r*t 0* a WM noai K ud ng can plug your Amiga straight mo your TV at home (the modulator it not nc.uded with the A500-A10MS pac« at it i* not required tor use with monitor*) Secondly we have added a free copy of Photon Paint, an advanced graphics package with an RRP ot £6995 last land By no means least') so that you can oe up and running straight away we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES PACK with every A SCO purchased at Srlica Shop This pack features ten top Amiga Mies which have a combined RRP of nearly £239 Return me coupon
tor detent TOTAL RRP: £229.50 To: Silica Shop Lid, PLEASE SI Mr Mr$ Ms Surname SILICA SHOP: SIDCUP (Kc Mail Ordor) 01-300 1111
p. Kent. DAI4 4DX IHT: fPlDAY 9am pm 1-4 The Mows. Hatherloy
Road. Side OPEN MON * At torn ¦ MIC’"' LATINI DON 01-580 4000
52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P OBA OPEN MON SA’ 9MX,rr
ft g||v„ I ATE NIGHT QNF 01-029 1234 ext 3914 Oxford Street
London. W1A tAB LATE NIGHT THURSDAY 9*- *vn .
Choosing oulot Ocompolil you con mote none ollhe mony choices tOC* torrom Wo!’, oners par retncles hooOlit 50 FRAMES PER SECOND!- lake part in twelve different competitions Race in Sli pieces ol driving music any ol six vehicles, including a Jet-Ski for Ihe bonus 12 different competitions levels Pit your speed skill and endurance against _] 50 Irames per second the elements and eight other competitors in a hard “ 30 different tracks lought battle for positions Races take place on No disc swapping (950K on disc) various terrains affecting each ol your vehicles in 6 different vehicles different
ways So thrmv caution to the wind and drive 5 varied terrains tor all you re worth to reach * ur ultimate goal U Practice option ? Choice ol country I male or lemale Onvr Force runs m FIFTY FRAMES PER SECOND Joystick or mouse control TO ORDER NOW n 051-423 5943 r-
- the same speed as the fastest arcade mactmes Bopponents
r™ffi&m «.l?h00FuaI?', F0R AVAIIABILITYAMIGA 124 95 Norrember
89 A DEMONSTRATION better stilt - BUY IT ATARI ST 119.95
N F O C R A M E S •-**- Mitre House - Abbey Ronrl - Enfield
Middsx - EN2 RQ - tel. (01) ’6.40123 2 Easy access to joystick
parts 3 ¦ Monitor sits about A500 £54.95

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