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London has ceased trading. Amiga Computing has been asked to advise readers that no further orders are being fulfilled. A MIGA games players -Ztcan now reap the benefits of a High Street vote of confidence in 16 bit leisure software. W.H.Smith has trebled its commitment to Amiga games and Boots is to double stocks. "Selling software is what we do well, and the 16 bit market is the way things are going", said computer buyer for Smiths Scan Wiilis. "We are intending to put 16 bit into a tôt of the smaller stores that do not stock it at the moment". Asaresultoftherecent décision, the number of Smiths outlets with Amiga games has risen from 43 to A A7HEN you don't have VVanything to boast about - shut up. Unless you are desperate, then shout so Ioud about something which is mundane that people will believe you have something spécial. So if you corne across an exclusive revlew of Commodore's super new A2500 read it very carefully. You wül find that the machine is an A2000 with Commodore's A2620 processor card, a machine Amiga Computing reviewed last March. And if you sec a review of Kickstart 1.4 don't believe it, the software isn't finished. Amiga Computing had the fïrst full report in April. Now we can spill the beans on some of the newest features. Kickstart 1.4 is a very dif férent beast to 1.3. While the changes between 1.2 and 1.3 meant that some badly written programs still worked by dintofgood fortune, with 1.4 they m'ii go belly-up. The différences are 118. Over at Boots, software buyer Rose Graham told Amiga Computing that its décision will not only increase the variety of Amiga titles in its main store but will also boost the number of stockists.

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Document sans nom Volume 2 Number 3 August 1989 £2.95 A Database Publication Exclusive review of 3D Pool!
The disc you'Te ail been waiting for August 1989 A MEGABYTE OF SUPER SOFTWARE GREAT DEMOS! GREAT UTILiTIES!
• Trained Assassin: Have you • Model Universe: Create your the
skill to survive the test? Very own solar system.
• Raider: Can you defy gravity t DiskChecker DiskSafv: No in your
wardering spaceship? More corrupt disc problems.
To load: Switch on and insert disc Full instructions are in the August issue of Amiga Computing THE AMAZING AMIGA... Pack Includes: A500 CPU, Mouse, P.S.U., T,V, Modulator, Very First Tutorial, Workbench 1-3, Basie, Extras and Manuals.
PLUS PC WORTH OVER £250 meiu lonas* Disks, Disk Storage Box, 10 Excellent Games, Mouse Mt Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.
£399.00 f £5.00 post and packing fflBffleSgagg AMIGA 500 + 1084S The Very First tutorial, T.V. Modulator, Photon Paint, Mouse PLUS additional Amiga Compatible AYTTi 1 f a tttiA'n Disk Drive and 10 Blank Disks. UujLO Liil i OM CAAQ A A t £5.00 post (including the and packing. Amiga 500 1084S STEREO COLOUR MO.MTGR aa Compatibly with PC, J Uy Amiga, C64e, C123 * P051 and « MPS1200P £229.99 t- £5.00 post and packing The Commodore MPSI20GP printer presents the state of the an in dox matrix printers, with ail the features of a printer that would cost much more. The MPS12G0P is designed to be like
three printers in one. It mm just like an Epson FX printer, or with the flip of a switch, it can act just like an IBM Graphics Printer with IBM Group II-I character set (Danish Norwegian is eapableof slltrie printing ftmctkss yon”would extras well as some adidoaal feaiures you may nOt expect.
matrix (9-needle prim head).
BraFT MODE .. ... matrix: 9 vertical dotsx(5 t- 4) horizontal dots; - print speed: 120 char s, at 10 eharin TABULATION SPEED charis PRINTING DIRECTION ......bHrirecriGaal, wim optimised head movement PRINT PITHES ...lOdiar m tQ24 char in programmable from line, and in SET-UP mode LINE FEED .....- lf6in (4.23 mm), 1 8(3.17 mm) and7 72in (2.4 mm); -n 2l6maBdn 72In.
CHARACTER SET ASCII characters andspedal characters.
MAX, PRINT LINE LENGTH 40 top 192 characters, according to print pitch selected.
AMIGA 1010 Amiga 3,5" external drive.
PLUS FREE DISK STORAGE BOX & 10 BLANK DISKS + pack £149.99 5I2K for the Amiga *&0°P°s|and ?adin® ...AND MORE BESIDES!
AN EXCELLENT PACK PROVIDING HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL THE FAMILY Pad include*: C6k Computer 1530 Data Cassette. Quicbhot II Joystick.
Personal Hi-Fi. Commodore Juke Box Audio Tape (10 Hits). Yamaha SHSIOFM Digital Keyboard with Midi. Ghostbusier. Rollaround.TauCeti, Agent XI I. Surprise Game.
Plus: POSTRON1X BONUS PACK OF £100 OF FREE SOFTWARE THIS TOPICAL GAMES COMPENDIUM OFFERS A TRUE SPORTING CHALLENGE Pack contains: C64c Computer 1530 Dataset te, O tuck shot Joystick. Maichpouil (Tennis). Snooker, World Championship Boxing. Daley Thompsons Superlest.
Hypersports, Basketball. Matchday II.
Daley Thompsons Decathlon. Basket Master. Track and Field.
PLUS POSTRONIX BONUS PACK OF £100 OF FREE SOFTWARE £149.99 + £5 00 pwtiftd picking only £199.99 + £5.ffl post and packing £169.99 + £5.00 past and packing ICONTROLI.ER Icontroller is semi permanently mounted on your computer console, Icontroller leaves hands on the keyboard while executing Icon commands with your fingertips.
A) 1750 RAM EXPANSION MODULE FOR CBM118 Simply plug ti into ihc
expansion port on your CBM 12S and 512K Bites of additional
Rim arc available.
B) 1351 COMMODORE MOUSE The Commodre 1351 Mouse is controller
designed lor use »th the CBM 64 128.
total of 320K Ram on vour 64. Just plug in I he I7M Module.
A £149.99 k£19 99 r £99.99 All poccs + X5 00 post and packing.
COMPETITION PRO 5000 Compatible with Commodore W and Vic20. Sinclair ZX Spectrum (interface required).
TAC 5 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK Compatible with Atari.
£13.99 CHALLENGER DELUXE Compatible with Spectrum (with optional interface 1. Commodore.
Atari 2600 Video System. Atari Computers. Amslrad computers.
£4.99 £14.95 A whole new range of innovative computer covers, made from durable clear plastic. Designed to fit your computer perfectly... not only safe from dust but also all forms of accidental damage.
A GREAT DOUBLE THEME PACK OFFERING THE BEST OF HOLLYWOOD, PITS A COMPENDIUM OF T.Y. GAME SHOWS Pack includes: Cwc 1530 Data Cassette. QuicLshot II Joystick. The Great Escape. Miami Vice, Platoon. Rambo. Top Gun. Every Second Counts.
Blockbusters. Bulbeye. Trivial Pursuit. Krypton Factor.
Plus: POSTRONIX BONUS PACK qm ,y £149.99 OF £100 OF FREE SOFTWARE + 15.00 post ind packing SEIKGSHA PRINTER Compatible with most makes of Commodore computers. Features variety of fonts including graphics and near letter quality, reverse printing, italics, n -a p A A tractor feed and paper seperator. Comes complete with serial Cable. + £5.00 pari ifci pidi C64 OLD STYLE £6.99 C64C NEW STYLE £7.99 AMIGA 500 £9.99 ATARI 520ST £9.99 ATARI I040ST £9.99 RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSWITCH JOYSTICK Compatible with Alari computers and Video Games Machines. Amslrad PCW (with adaptor). Spectrum (with adaptor).
Commodore MICRO HANDLER MCLTI FUNCTION JOYSTICK Compatible with Commodore. Commodore C16 +4 (adaptor required).A £24.95 SLIKSTIK JOYSTICK CONTROLLER Compatible with Atan Computers.
Atari Games System. Commodore.
AMIGA SCENE Managing Editor Derek Meakin Editor Simon Rockman Assistant Editor Jeff Walker Production Editor Peler Glover Art Editors Mark Nolan Doug Steele News Editor Don Lewis Advertisement Manager )ohn Snowden Advertising Sales Wendv Colburn ft ™ U NEWS Hot news from the US on Kickstart version 1.4, the Amiga 3000 and new add-ons. Plessey to build a mini- Amiga. Plus full show report.
Future JL JL FORECASTS The latest gossip from the top software houses. Jeff Walker gets the inside info from Coktel Vision, Hewson, Mirrorsoft and friends.
PUBLIC DOMAIN AMIGADOS Editorial: 0277 234434 Administration: 0625 878888 Advertising: 0625 87B888 Subscriptions: 051*357 2961 Telecom Gold: 72-MAGOOl Telex: 9312188868 DB Fax: 0625 879966 Prestef Mailbox: 614568383 UNDER THE KJ WORKBENCH Setting up a hard drive need not be complicated. David Foster turns Prep, high cyl and partition from jargon to understandable English.
PROJECT PLANNER 45 Knowing who is free to work on a project makes planning very much easier. Now there is a program which should automate the process.
FAT ANGUS’S SWEET PD What does Fred Fish look like? Who supplies the best PD programs?
Where can you get a free club plug?
Why, follow Fat Angus and find out.
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News trade distribution: Luropress 5ales and Distribution Limited. Unit I. Burgess Road. Ivyhoase Lane. Hastings. East Sussex TN'35 4 R. Tel: 0424 430422, CRAMMED INTO A MEGABYTE Details of the two playable demos squeezed onto the best cover disc you have ever seen. Plus how to use the great PD utilities which will save you from disc disaster blues. Instructions on how you can earn up to £1,000 by contributing with the first ever all Amiga give-away. Don't just dream load up the disc and give it some stick.
¦ CONTENTS* ART HARDWARE H A MIGA BASIC WIN SIX HARD DRIVES YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE CJ7SI™ i BOARD The animate-turbo board uses the advanced 68020 processor, so how come it can make your Amiga run slower? [ohn Kennedy explains.
WORD PROCESSING DISASTER The golden turkey of the month.
Software which is so bad it is funny.
I) ] Walker-Morgan is the unlucky naffware reviewer who gives it
IDEAL 40 MEG HARD DRIVE Super quick, it auto-boots under Kickstart 1.2 and stores twice as much as the Commodore unit. No wonder Jeff Walker bought his.
Ideal Hardware are really nice people, so nice they have given us six 40 meg hard discs to give to you. Prizes worth well over £3,000.
69 COMPETITION HARDWARE NAFF WARE it h game J KILLER Suffering from joystick jitters? Do you spend more time looking at the loading screen than zapping the sprites? Dr Tennant has the cure.
SPOTTING THE VIRUS How do you know if you’ve got one?
Can they survive switching off? If you want to prevent an infected boot block check the guide to safe saving.
THE MODEL UNIVERSE It has taken Pioneer 10 over 17 years to explore the solar system. You and your Amiga can do it in an evening with Alastair Scott's help.
PRODRAW NEEDS PATIENCE If you are not happy with the hard copy from your art program then some software from Gold Disk will cure the low resolution blues.
Re-inventing shareware, your views on games and some regular help for curing problems if you have one of the 1,041.000 Amigas in the world.
91 FEATURE LETTERS HINTS Trained Assassin - why it was chosen for the disc.
Joe Barbara plays 3D pool - join the cue to play.
Welcome to the Powerdrome.
Top speed racing action.
R-Type may not be the best but sets the standard.
On the Rampage with a monster hit from Activision.
Infocom cracks the graphics barrier with Zork Zero.
Squared-eyed Ocean runs the Gauntlet, a TV terror.
Take Elite, remove the good bits and call it STAG Balance of Power. Would Bush press the red button?
Ferrari F40s add 200mph glamour to Crazy Cars II.
Vindicators ST authentically reproduced by Domark.
Take a walk on the Dark Side.
More Freescape 3D fun.
Demon ware puts some evil colours behind centipede.
§ Tom and Jerry may be cute but they fail at gameplay.
Enter the brand new Computer Shopper Show - the ultimate venue for a Christmas shopping spree for you, the Commodore Amiga user.
More than 100 of the 250 stands will be selling Amiga products, making it the biggest Commodore event of all time
- and Commodore themselves will also have a feature stand.
For three days in November, Computer Shopper will transform London's Alexandra Palace into the world’s largest computer hypermarket.
The choice of Amiga products will never have been greater - nor will the number of special offers.
Order your tickets for the Computer Shopper Show today by returning the coupon alongside with your payment or telephone 051-357 2961 for credit card bookings.
The Great Hall, Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, London N22 Sponsored by Computer Shopper Organised by DATABASE Exl IIB1TIONS 7 Oam * 6pm Friday, November 24 Warn - 6pm Saturday, November 25 Warn - 4pm Sunday, November 26 Please supply: ? Adult tickets at £3 (save £1) .. [H Under 16s tickets at £2 (save £1).
? Family tickets at £9 (save £5)...... Total £.
? Cheque payable to Database Exhibitions ? Please debit my Access Visa card no.
Admission at dooi: Advance ticket orders must be received bv Wednesday, November 15 £4 (adults) O (under 16s) Expiry date: Name...... Address.. Postcode .....Signed PHONE ORDERS: RING Show Hotline: 051-357 2961 Please quote credit PRESTEL ORDERS: KEY *89, THEN 614568383 card number and MICROUNK: 72.MAG001 full address POST TO: Computer Shopper Show Tickets, Database Exhibitions, P0 Box 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EA A738 ¦ AMIGA SCENE Ui New hardware on way THE Amiga 3000 is shaping up to be an amazing workstation, based on the fast 68030 processor, it will
still be Amiga- compatible but unlike the A2500 it will not have a 68000.
Stores go for games This means any program which does not run on a 68020 68030 machine - something which uses self- modyfying code will not work on an Amiga 3000.
The machine is in the early stages of development, so ideas such as individual serial numbers in each machine now being discussed may not make it to the final release.
A stepping stone between the A250Q and A3000 will be the A2630. This is the Commodore 68030 card which runs about 10 times faster than a standard Amiga.
Based on the A2620 card it will take up to 4 meg of ram with more on an additional daughter board. Its designer, Dave Haynie, says it is a far more advanced system than other ‘030 cards which use the high level of compatibility between the *020 and ‘030 but fail to take advantage of the bigger chip.
Don’t believe all you read.. The A590 is a better hard drive than the A2090 so the A2090 is being upgraded with the 2091 which has the high quality DMA SCSI interface and can take 2 meg of ram.
Only one new product looms for the A500, and that needs other computers. The A560 and A2060 are network cards which allow Amigas to be linked, not just to each other, but to Pcs, Macs and other ARCNET systems.
Distributor closes down SOFTWARE distributor Brown Wagh Direct of 2 Hazlitt Mews, Hazlitt Road, London has ceased trading.
Amiga Computing has been asked to advise readers that no further orders are being fulfilled.
AMIGA games players can now reap the benefits of a High Street vote of confidence in 16 bit leisure software, W.H.Smith has trebled its commitment to Amiga games and Boots is to double stocks.
“Selling software is what we do well, and the 16 bit market is the way things are going”, said computer buyer for Smiths Sean Willis. “We are intending to put 16 bit into a lot of the smaller stores that do not stock it at the moment”.
As a result of the recent decision, the number of Smiths outlets with Amiga games has risen from 43 to WHEN you don't have anything to boast about - shut up. Unless you are desperate, then shout so loud about something which is mundane that people will believe you have something special.
So if you come across an exclusive review of Commodore’s super new A25O0 read it very carefully. You will find that the machine is an A2000 with Commodore's A2620 processor card, a machine Amiga Computing reviewed last March, And if you see a review of Kickstart 1.4 don’t believe it, the software isn't finished.
Amiga Computing had the first full report in April. Now we can spill the beans on some of the newest features.
Kickstart 1.4 is a very different beast to 1.3. While the changes between 1.2 and 1.3 meant that some badly written programs still worked by dint of good fortune, with 1.4 they will go belly-up.
The differences are
118. Over at Boots, software buyer Rose Graham told Amiga
Computing that its decision will not only increase the
variety of Amiga titles in its main store but will also
boost the number of stockists.
At present 240 Boots stores take software but the emphasis is on 8 bit. Only 70 take 16 bit and this will rocket to more than 120.
"It is just a matter of timing", said the spokeswoman. “Boots decided that having stocked 16 bit for some time, now was the time to increase this. We have got to keep up with market changes”.
Worthwhile. For a start it looks a lot better with improved designs of icons and drawers. Workbench and CLI are better integrated which will hopefully help to de-mystify CLI for new users.
The Arexx programming language, included as standard. Allows multi-tasking programs to be linked. So from inside your word processor you can send a file to the DTP program which will then spool a file to disc.
It’s the kind of command language invented for big systems which are only useful on micros as powerful as the Amiga.
While some of the improvements are useful, one is essential. This is support for the Enhanced Chip Set. With ECS fitted, an Amiga can use 1 meg of chip ram and display a flicker- free 640 x 512 image although this will need an Turn to Page 8 ?
Pointers to the greys WARNINGS have gone out from Commodore that people buying grey imports of its Amiga 500 could find themselves out on a limb.
Aware that machines are being imported from Holland and sold cheap, Commodore is taking action against dealers found to be stocking the rogue machines.
It will also refuse to carry out warranty work.
A spokesman for CBM’s technical support department told Amiga Computing there are a number of ways to recognise such imports.
All A500s from the UK have bar codes both on the machine and on the packaging if they have come from Commodore in the last 18 months. The power supply on machines from Holland may be 220V rather than 240V.
Unless documents are being translated or forged, the machines could have a Dutch manual and would not have the 12 month UK warranty which goes with all Commodore machines.
"If users ring up with technical questions, they will still be helped because it is very difficult to link them to the grey imports”, said the spokesman. "Because of the absence of the UK warranty, no support will be given on that. Commodore is aware that there is a problem and is doing everything possible to stamp it out”.
No go area SOFTWARE cassettes and discs will soon bear an anti-piracy logo which is the latest move by FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft, Being designed by software house Psygnosis, it is likely to be based on the well-known red circle and diagonal line symbol for prohibition.
It is hoped that when the logo is finished, publishers will be persuaded to use it on their software as a warning against copying.
Amiga 2000 smooths those cartoon capers WHEN your favourite cartoon character chases his adversary round the screen, it’s quite likely that his movements have been coordinated by an Amiga 2000.
Corporation is poised for a massive order.
It has also been found that teaching animation to children with the line tester can prompt computer literacy and improve other aspects of education, particularly for those with learning difficulties. This has been proved by Stan Hayward, creator of Henry's Cat, who has used it in a Kilburn school with dramatic results.
The line tester teams up a video camera, digitiser and the Amiga 2000 to shoot animation sequences and play them quickly so timing can be adjusted and movements plotted before acetates are painted.
At present the top professional system costs £10,000 but there are plans to develop a £2,000 version for education and to make a system based on the Amiga 500 for the deomestic market.
A system based around the Amiga 2000 is now speeding up the production of cartoons, making life easier for the animators and improving end results.
Called the Chromocolour Line Tester, it has been developed by Chromocolour Animation Supplies and Equipment (01-636 2103) which provided all the animation kit used in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Rolf Harris built his recent Cartoon Club television programme around it and plans to use it for another series.
Steven Speiiberg is using it for his sequel to An American Tale, a host of top film companies have bought it and even the giant Disney Waiting for Kickstart 1.4 MAJOR changes are being planned for MicroLink, the rapidly- growing electronic mail service. It will leave Telecom Gold and enter into a partnership with a new telecommunications giant, Istel Inet.
Istel Inet is a partnership of two major international names in the field of data communications, Istel and Bell Canada Enterprises, “We have long been faced with restrictions that have prevented us developing the service in the way we know our subscribers would like”, said MicroLink chairman Derek Meakin. “We feel that the time has come to break away from Telecom Gold expensive multi-sync monitor.
The Fat Agnus chip, which gives more elbow room to chip ram, is currently being fitted to new A200Qs. A batch of 500s went on sale in Germany with 1 meg chips but that was a mistake at the factory.
The Fast File System, which has won friends in the hard drive-owning community has now come to floppies.
It will speed up disc access 2 to 2.5 times. Old format discs can still he read, writNew role for MicroLink and open new doors.
“The result will be a considerable expansion of services available to anyone with a computer, a modem and a telephone”.
Many of the present facilities offered by MicroLink will be improved and the new service will also include news, sport and weather, a comprehensive financial section, plus on-line shopping.
Computer conferencing - a service long requested by MicroLink subscribers - will also be introduced.
Ten and created, but this is the area in which Amiga Computing suspects most things will fail to work.
Intuition now features auto-scrolling, custom gadgets and new string gadgets, which will lead to better requesters and a special kind of window which is character mapped. Currently all text on an Amiga screen is plotted a pixel at a time. The new mode plots whole characters at a time, which should be very much faster.
Major changes have taken place with Preferences. At the moment the Preferences program writes out a file ¦AMIGA SCENE* PLESSEY is making Amigas smaller. The aerospace company is working on the next generation of in-flight entertainment. Instead of trying to watch a film with all the rude bits taken out over seat backs in the half-dark and wishing the chap in 27D would shut his blind, you can play with an Amiga.
The system will build an Amiga into every seat with a small LCD screen set into the back of the seat in front. The passenger will be able to watch the film on this screen or play games. All the A DEAL now set to top the £1 million mark has been signed between HB Marketing (089-544 4433) and audio visual firm OEC under which HB is supplying genlocks and other Amiga peripherals for use with OEC's audio visual presenter Teleslide. It is also to give advisory support on use of the Amiga, which controls this latest product.
“The initial agreement was worth over £500,000 but since then it has risen closer to £1 million”, said Julian Swallow of HB. “It is an ongoing relationship which will bring us even more business and obviously we are over the moon. We have had two and a half years experience in both hardware and software for the Amiga called System-configuration.
With 1.4 the file will not only be written by Preferences but will be expandable from other programs.
The changes involved with Kickstart 1.4 are so major that the release must he a long way away.
Workbench 1,3 took more than a year to be released from the first announcements. You can get a prerelease version of 1.4 if you buy the £1,700 Moniterm big screen, but for ordinary users not only is it not finished it is probably too buggy to be worth rushing into.
Airborne gameplay Amigas will be networked so passengers can order duty free goods, reserve hotel rooms and through a link to the planes flight computer see where they are.
To produce this system Plessey is doing a lot of development work on the Amiga, some of which may filter down to the ordinary Amiga user. We want to play a multi-user flight sim against 200 other passengers.
Business is booming and this is now paying off.
Schoolroom Amigas collect top marks HB is shortly to extend its range of Amiga-related products with the Amiga Virus Protection Toolbox developed by Abacus in America.
"The package contains a book and software”, said Jim Oldfield of Abacus. "The book describes the phenomenon and the measures you can take to protect your computer system from the harmful effects of a virus and the software hunts down suspicious programs”.
With HB awaiting stocks from America, the UK price has not yet been fixed. It sells for $ 59.95 in the US.
ZCL into education Distributor zcl (0543 414817) has become one of Commodore's authorised educational distributors to the trade.
David Cheetham, ZCL’s national account manager for Commodore products, said: “We are already one of the biggest leisure suppliers in the country and we are on target for the business market having taken on Commodore's PC and Amiga 2000s two months ago. A move into the education market seemed like a natural progression”.
NOW two thirds of the way through its nine month preliminary stage.
Commodore’s Primary Project is bringing some startling results in schools.
It was launched in January to assess the potential of the Amiga 500 2090 for teaching in primary schools.
The pilot project started with schools in Somerset, Norfolk. Humberside, Berkshire and Cheshire being supplied with Amiga 500s by Commodore. They also received suitable word processing software.
Impact on classrooms has been notable according to the supervisor of the project, Wiesia Okon, of Commodore’s education division.
”1 have found that children are expressing themselves through the computer on a number of levels, as well as actually doing something such as painting on the Amiga. There is always a lot of talking and discussion going on around the machine”, he said.
"The stimulus that the Amiga can give to encourage group work fits in well with the IT philosophy of primary education. The computer enhances and complements the work already done by teachers and pupils in the classroom”.
Surprised by his pupils’ reaction to the Amiga was Richard Adams, a teacher at Holway Community Junior School.
"All the children have been extremely enthusiastic”, he said. "Children with quite severe learning difficulties are suddenly on an exciting par with their peers. So far the Amiga 500 has brought out qualities in some children that I did not know existed”.
The same effects were noticed by Ian Hollingsworth, headmaster of Tivetshall County Primary School in Norfolk.
“I have found the children to be less inhibited than adults in their use of the computer” he said. "The Amiga’s mouse has made it very accessible for pupils with the art package Deluxe- Paint II creating a discussion point for lessons”.
Findings of the exercise will be used by Commodore to make the Amiga compatible with everyday teaching practices as part of the company’s ongoing assault on the education market.
WHEN 16k was a lot of memory, it was the Pet Show. With the popularity of the 64k machine it became the Commodore Show. Perhaps the 13th Commodore Show should have been called the Amiga Show.
Bargain hunters’ delight A' Commodore computer show ¦ AMIGA SCENE* Downstairs bore a resemblance to a Far Eastern street market as masses bartered for everything from £1 mouse holders to £650 A2U00s. Shows have always been a good place to buy blank discs. At the Novotel 70p each bought good quality double sided discs if you shopped around.
Simon Rockman reporting Whatever your interest or budget there was something to be picked up. Power Computing was doing some good deals on its range of hard drives which offer super fast Quantum units as an option.
The 25Mhz 68030 cards which should speed up an Amiga tenfold spent the show stuck in customs. Even I dug into my pocket to buy a
1. 3 rom.
COMMODORE itself announced an entire new range of merchandise, which in non - salesmanspeak means gifts with the Commodore logo - from a Commodore teddy to key rings and mugs. In true computer company fashion the wallets were not yet available. No doubt they are still writing the manual.
Still, if you really want to snuggle up with a little teddy contact Commodore on 0628 770088. In all other respects the Commodore stand was a disappointment. No machines with the Enhanced Chip Set, no hi-res A2024 monitors (the Commodore version of the Moniterm reviewed last April).
The nearest anything got to being new was the A590, reviewed last month. This succeeded in frustrating me since they are not on sale yet and I want to buy one.
The show saw the public announcement of the Amiga Computing cover disc, which led to a rush for subscriptions at the old price. If you Filled in a survey form to tell us what you want on the disc, thanks. If not send us a letter - we’d love to know.
Thanks to Fred Fish and some like-minded followers, the Amiga has more, and better organised, public domain software than any other modern computer. A sign of this is the flourishing club run by 17 Bit Software.
This was one of the busiest stands as Amigaphiles queued to see what was new and fill gaps in their PD collection.
Two products from ASAP had a low-key launch. The Amidrive was shown, but having only just gone into production was not for sale.
The First shipment had been sent to people with outstanding orders.
Aminet, which is a low- cost network developed for use in schools, was the second ASAP product to make its debut.
Hi Tension is classed by Commodore as a VAR, which stands for Value Added Reseller, and sells Amigas as part of a package by adding its own custom add-ons. Demonstrated at the show was an incredibly powerful video card capable of animating a 1024 x 1024 pixel display in colour. For more details contact Hi Tension on 0252 344454. If your pocket is not too deep have a look at its 16 colour desktop utility. Icon Paint.
While the Amiga leads the Field in many areas it lags behind in one, accounting software. Equinox Business Systems aims to Fill this gap with Small Business Accounts, a comprehensive package with balance sheet, profit and loss, budgets, VAT, a full audit trail and quick ways of checking prof- itablity.
There are extra modules for more advanced users and a £30 personal version for controlling day-to-day finances. For more details contact Equinox on 01-729 0990 THE most exciting stand was Amiga Centre Scotland which always has interesting hits and bobs. Among them was a high resolution 24 bit colour graphics card running through the PC Bridgeboard to display Sculpt Animate 4D images.
They were of television quality and “only took about 15 hours to render on an ‘030 machine”. Make that over a week (just calculating) on a standard Amiga.
Amiga Centre Scotland also had Digiworks on sale for the first time and a new static ram board which retains its memory even when the Amiga is switched off so you can auto-boot from the ram disc. No price has yet been fixed. Amiga Computing will he reviewing it soon.
I was really impressed by Rob Munday’s Hologram.
Produced at the Royal College of Art where Rob is a lecturer, it gave a 3D view of an image from Sculpt 3D.
The first ever home computer-produced hologram, it will be very important as this technique will lead to colour holography.
For more details on any of the Amiga Centre Scotland attractions contact 031-557
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AMIGA PRO SAMPLER STUDIO + DATEL JAMMER J 100% machine code software for realtime functions.
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J Realtime frequency display.
R} Realtime level meters.
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Q Adjustable manual automatic record trig level.
ONLY £69.99 please state A500 i 000 2000 QJ Variable sample rate & playback ¦peed.
Separate scroll line waveform windows & zoom function with Edit windows for fine accurate editing.
3D shot of sound waveform. Wave editor to design your own waveforms or adjust existing ones.
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3 Software files can be used within other music utilities.
To complement the Sample Studio the Datel Jammer gives you a 5 octave keyboard to play St record your sampled sounds.
FEATURES:- 0 4 track sequencer up to 9990 events 0 Tempo Ik Best controls.
Mixer Controls on Instruments.
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All features found on units costing thousands of pounds.
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Fj Edit picture, cut. Copy, paste and undo.
? Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. ! | Increase the width of the display to 320 X 256 automatically or manually.
Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
? Comes complete with It's own power pack.
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J ?
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NOTICE 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT DATEL ELECTRONICS Lid. Neither authorizes or rnnclones I he use of ft s products 10 reproduce copyright material. Il is illegal lo make copies ol such material without the* expressed consent of the copyright owners or tiller llrencccs.
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Special offer - free mouse mat + mouse house (worth €7.99 . An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 200 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics & text on your computer screen.
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_| 30 Watts 8 ohm each.
SALES ONLY 0782 744707 Low price Bar Code Reader.
Model 420. High performance, low cost Bar Code Reader.
Works with any Amiga ST computer system (please state which) via the RS232 interface.
Features a built-in self-testing function.
Features a diagnostic indicator.
Can read codes EAN. UPC. Inter leaved 2 of 5. Code 39. CODABAR.
Comes complete with wand, ready to go.
Easy to install.
_| Available with without calender clock option.
I J| Simply plugs internally into A500 slot.
J Switch in out with switch supplied.
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_| Battery backed to retain time date.
UK ORDERS POST FREE EUROPE ADD £1 OVERSEAS ADD £3 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 FAX 0782 744292 AMG 3 Amiga Arcade TfllS m o n I li secs the release nf the third film in the Indiana |nnes series, and along with it the l.ucas- filrn computer game tie-in.
Mr Whippy rides again Details are thin on the ground just now - US Gold is keeping quiet until its big release al Slringfellows, a night dub so famous they dnn’l hnllier pulling the address on the invites.
However, it seems Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will have you scrambling across a rumbling circus I rain, battling against savage rats, playing a human fly on granite castle walls... all in an attempt to track clown the elusive Holy Grail* Following the all-formal arc.jde game, Lticnsfifm will be releasing a Hi bit only adventure based on Ihe same pinafore news next month vWWr we get back from the big event.
In his spare limn Hurrisson Ford enjoys underground hung gliding nnd listening In herd Time is on their side Indiana Jones and tiro YTS, workers prepare Slringfellows for the big launch Courting success across the globe, covering both clay and grass courts.
Start warming up for Passing Shot now, it’ll be out in the autumn, just in time for the indoor season.
IMA GEWORKS is developing the ultimate tennis sensation, Passing Shot - a Sega coin-op licence.
The game simulates a grand slam season, with doubles or singles championships taking place OXFORD Digital Enterprises has spent the past year researching techniques for generating highly realistic animation on the Amiga.
The upshot is a combination of high frame rates with video-generated images of animation positions.
The first game to use this new technique will be Time, an animated role-playing journey which takes you through the ages.
It starts at some time in the future in the gallery of a satellite orbiting the earth - a futuristic Madame Tussaud’s filled with statues of very famous and very dead people.
Your quest in Time will take you back through the ages to meet the folk these waxworks were modelled from, people like Julius Caesar, Merlin and Leonardo Da Vinci.
Carry on sniggering SEX Vixens from Outer Space was released last year amid a wave of smutty sniggers. It was an adventure with graphics about a colony of beautiful sex-starved female clones from the planet Mondo, Coming soon from Free Spirit Software of Kutztown, USA, is a sequel, Planet of Lust. It will once again star Brad Stallion as captain of the spaceship Big Thruster.
In a tacky plot featuring Dr. Dildo and Princess Orgasma, your mission will be to destroy a force field around the planet Erotica.
“The music and sound effects are quite unique says programmer Joe Hubbard.
I expect they are. Ya wn.
When finished. Time will feature more than 200 fully animated characters, each of which will be depicted in mid-shot as a GO pixel high smoothly animated character, or in extreme close-up as a full screen animated face.
There will be 10 major playing areas, which themselves will contain 10 horizontally scrolling scenes. All characters will act independently of the player, transferring objects and shifting alliances as the game progresses.
Techniques borrowed from the cinema - like fast cuts from long-shots to close- ups - promise to bring the game to life like none before.
ODE is developing the flagship version of the game on the Amiga. It will be released in the autumn on the Empire label.
All the latest news on the games software scene REVIEWED THIS MONTH OUTH London public relations company Active Sales & Marketing has added Bethesda Software of Maryland, USA, to its growing list of international clients, Active goes for world domination Bethesda’s first release with Active is Wayne Gretzky Hockey - a misleading title if you don’t know he is an American ice hockey hero.
The game features digitised fights, animated penalty calls and an instant replay feature. You can control any player, coach from the bench or sit back and watch the computer control both teams.
Detailed 3D graphics highlight the intricate stickwork and skating of each player on the ice, while the alternative view from above is the perfect vantage point from which to appreciate the game’s offensive and defensive strategies.
Wayne Gretzky Hockey has been voted best sports simulation of the year by the American Software Publishers Association. It’s release in the States caused The Washington Post to write: “...it could be the best sports simulation yet”.
Out in the UK now, it costs £24.99 and we’ll be taking a timeout half way through the third period to give it a full appraisal next month.
On the continent, Active represents the UK interests of French labels Coktel Vision and Tomahawk, plus the German games house EAS. Until this month EAS had been building itself quite a reputation for excellent graphics and absorbing gameplay. Then it released Stag, which has scored an all-time low of 11 per cent in this month's Arcade.
This will inevitably affect the reception of its next few releases - Roll-Out, Wangler and Black Magic. But Kay den Garth, a D&D type game, should go a long way towards putting EAS back on the map.
Kayden Garth is the name of a prisoner detention planet, only the prisoners have escaped their chains and you’ve been given the job of putting down the rebellion.
The game contains 30 dungeons to explore and features some marvellous 3D and bird’s-eye view graphics. EAS estimates there is 60 hours of playtime in Kayden Garth, which is out now priced £19.95. Active also does the PR and sales in the UK for the Impressions label, the first release on which, Raider, is featured on our cover disc this month.
The follow-up to Raider is Chariots of Wrath, a game which has caused the mighty Mirrorsoft to question its ancestry. Apparently the screenshots Active distributed bear a resemblance to MirrorSoft's big summer release, Xenon II.
The screenshots we received were so badly blurred and over exposed that they resembled nothing more than a bad accident.
Chariots of Wrath is being hyped as an arcade epic - “the most amazing shoot- ’em-up yet for the Amiga” it says here.
Written by the team responsible for Sidewinder II, it features in excess of 300 combinations of weapons and seven totally different game types.
Some of the meanest and ugliest end-of-level aliens yet are promised, all of whom will be trying to prevent you rescuing the inevitable captured princess.
It should be in the shops by the time you read this, priced £24.99. Watch these pages to see if it's all just hype.
95% Trained Assassin 91% Powerdrome 88% Balance of Power 87% Zork Zero 86% R-Type 83% 3D Pool 73% Evil Garden 68% Vindicators 67% Artura 64% Dark Side 61% Rampage 51% Tom and Jerry 47% Gunship 43% Crazy Cars II 43% Run the Gauntlet 11% S.T.A.G. MAX HACKS
• 3D Pool
• Baal
• IK+
• Lords of the Rising Sun
• Scorpion
• Silkworm Gallup Chart Last _ Month V Populous I Electronic Aits
I £24.95 1 Lords of the Rising Sun 1 Electronic Arts M £24.99
NE A MicroProse Soccer C MicroProse V £24.99 NE M Forgotten
Worlds I US Gold f £19.99 NE p ‘Gunship MicroProse J £29.99 NE
Blood Money fk Psvgnosss V £24.99 10 m Kick Off 7 Anco f
£19.99 NE A Silkworm X Virgin Games (1 £19.99 NE A Falcon «J
MirrorSoft 7 7 £29.95 0 1 A Millennium 2.2 1 Electric Dreams 1
V £29.99 NE FRENCH games label Tomahawk has its sights well and
truly set on 1992.
Not satisfied with being part of one of the top three houses in France, Tomahawk is ready to invade Britain and Europe in a big way.
The label was launched earlier this year as a sister to Coktel Vision, which has already had a taste of the discerning British with the success of Freedom (80%, AmC February 1989) and the failure of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (15%, AmC March 1989).
No more nudes for Tomahawk You’ll remember Tomahawk’s first release, Emmanuelle. It sank like a brick, scoring 37% in the June issue. But it served its purpose in getting the Tomahawk brand name known.
Sensational publicity stunt over and done with, Tomahawk has announced its release schedule for the coming months. And it’s looking good.
Already in your shops is African Raiders, a game which the company modestly understates as a “simulation of driving”.
African Raiders, fast action and good game play It’s a whole lot more than that. Have you ever played a driving game and wished you could whizz off in any direction under the sun?
Well now you can.
African Raiders is a race from Tunis to Dakar across the burning sands of the western Sahara. There is a track - for those who want to follow it - marked out with oil drums, but it takes a winding course and sticking to it isn’t going to get you home first.
The game comes with a poster which also serves as an accurate map. Within it's limits you can travel in any direction you like. Not just north, south, east and west, but right around the 360 degrees of the compass.
You can even reverse. In fact situations crop up regularly where going backwards is the only way forwards.
Leaping and bounding off the beaten track at more than 200 kph has its hazards.
Great herds of camels sleeping behind rocks inhabit some areas. Other districts are littered with bones - last year’s models, says Tomahawk.
Quicksand is all over the place. Which is where your selectable two-wheel or four- w'heel drive comes in handy.
Doesn’t help much in the graveyard though, where the rusting wrecks of unsuccessful competitors - bikes, buggies and jeeps - stick up out of the dunes like tombstones and stop you in much the same way as do the camels.
All the hazards are marked clearly on the map. Careful drivers will avoid them.
Explorers and burn-it-up merchants will deliberately seek them out.
It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s in the shops now priced at £19.99. We'll have a full review next month.
Hot on the heels of African Raiders will be The Legend of Djel, a point-and-click adventure featuring 30 superbly drawn screens. Set in the Middle Ages, you live in one of four imaginary kingdoms, all of which are suffering from different problems due to circumstances under the control of neighbouring lands.
Your mission is to rescue a sorcerer’s daughter - represented on-screen by a (non- tacky) rendition of the graphics artist's girlfriend - Watching the detectives INLAY cards are usually full of rubbish about how the Qwerties are fighting a terrible space war with the evil Yuiops, Electronic Arts has sent us details of The Hound of Shadow, which has a plot that sounds a bit like this.
According to EA it is a role-playing adventure game with an underlying supernatural theme. Using Eldritch Games’s special Timeline role-gaming system it shares the feel of the Cthulu Mythos which was developed by the author H. P, Lovecraft.
You create a character based on one of six professors with different options for sex, nationality and proficiency in more than 50 skills. Set in the sepia tone of and collect the bits and pieces which will bring health and prosperity to the four kingdoms once more.
Enroute you will have to solve some fiendish puzzles and have the weirdest shootout you’ve ever seen.
The Legend of Djel will come on two, maybe three, discs and will cost £24.99, Still under construction when we went to France recently to investigate the Tomahawk phenomenon is ESS Hermes. This game will put you in full control of the European space shuttle right down to working out your flight path, and will give you a choice of various missions.
On the flying front you can try landing, atmosphere reentry or special manoeuvres, after which you can turn your hand to running a satellite park or setting up an orbital space station.
In the re-entry sequence, the only animated part of the game we were able to see - running on a PC of all things
- you are presented with a 3D representation of the sky ahead
viewed from behind your craft (like Afterburner).
Hard to judge a whole game on one sequence, but it looked good enough to leave us wanting to see more.
Having successfully translated gangster movies, comedies, Saturday morning matinees and adventure films into computer games, Cinemaware has now turned its attention to the tongue-in-cheek horror genre with It Came From The Desert.
The game is a tribute to the Big Bug films of the 1950s and is set in the isolated community of Lizard Breath, Arizona. One day a meteor strikes nearby and mysterious events and disappearances start to plague the town.
You are cast as a young scientist determined to get to the bottom of the affair. In doing so you will risk your life as you face creatures spawned from the supernatural.
Cinemaware claims it is the biggest arcade strategy contest ever created on a personal computer.
Now where have we heard that before?
AMIGA ARCADE Imageworks does it first Photon Paint you will know that HAM leads to slow sprites and furry edges.
Imageworks has cracked the problem to produce DDT, named after the CP M utility Dynamic Debugging Tool. The result is an amazingly colourful game with some incredibly detailed objects.
HAM is unique to the Amiga - and to think it was nearly taken out of the design because Jay Miner, the chip designer, didn’t think it was particularly useful.
Unless you want impressive static screens you might think Jay was right. If you’ve tried cutting out a brush with DDT may only be NTSC, but all 200 lines are HAM - the first game ever to do so Parisian poison Following the success of Bio Challenge, Paris- based Delphine Software’s second UK release is to be Castle Warrior, a six level arcade-style action game.
You take the role of Prince Edred the Brave, heir apparent to the throne of Pacifia. Your father, Edelred the Good, has been poisoned by the evil wizard Zandor (the Nothing).
Rather than rushing to the treasury to count all the money you’ll be coming into, you decide a better course of action is to go off on a quest to force the antidote from the evil wizard.
To reach him and gain the potion you will have to battle through subterranean caverns filled with deadly monsters, spear the massive red dragon Olisos, paddle a canoe along an underground stream dodging rocks and falling stalactites, defeat the huge demon Jibba, and dodge Zandor’s spells.
In the final level you will have to dodge more mighty dragons as you fly high above the clouds on your victorious journey home.
Sounds lethal. Out “real soon now” at £24.99. Hewson backs private enterprise COMMODORE 64 owners may remember enjoying Battle Valley from Hewson.
The programming team, known as Creative Thought, did. In fact they enjoyed the game so much they wrote their own version for the Amiga.
Hewrson, being suitably impressed, sorted out some w'hizzo music and bought the program from them.
The plot is simple; winning is not. The world is almost devoid of missiles and people can live in peace
- except that a gang of terrorists has made off with the last two
missiles and is threatening to unleash them on world capitals.
The missiles are hidden behind well-defended bases in the desert of Battle Valley and can be captured using a tank. Unfortunately the tank can't cross bridges which have been blown up by the Battle Valley from Hewson features three levels of wonderful parallax scrolling terrorists.
You need to repair the crossings and take out defences using a helicopter gun- ship. Once the way is clear you can use the tank to mop up the last resistance and capture the base.
At either ends of the beautiful, smooth scrolling landscapes are the missile silos.
Can you make it that far and save the world? It’ll cost you £19.99 to find out. Release date August.
• TV MODULATOR £305 £520 £1390 £1049 £869 AMIGA B2000 PHILIPS
MOD ....£305 A500 + £200 of GAME
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MONT ......£520 A500 + IRM DRIVE ......£399 AMIGA
EXTERNAL DRIVES Cumana Cax 354E ..£87 AF880
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RF302C £74 Supra 20mb
H disk £499 A All drives imb + on off switch A
Modulator ....£22 Mouse Mat...
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dust-cover ...Call
3. 5 135TPI DS DD Call COMMODORE C64 C64 Hollywood
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Entertainment £173 1541011 5.25 C64
drive ....£139 1581 3.5 800K C64 drive £112 Oceanic 5.25
C64 drive ...£109 A2000 HARDWARE A2000 + 1mb RAM
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H disk ,..£1390 A2000+ 1084(s) .£1049 20mb
hard disk .....£269 XT bridge
BD ..£269 A500 A2000 MONITORS 1084(s)
High res monit .....£219 Philips CM8833 High
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1900 C64 - Mono ..£119 PRINTERS Star LC10 (P)
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LC24-10 (24 din) ......£305 Citizen 120D £105
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Lair ...19.99 7 Victory RD
..19.99 8 Int Karate
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.....19.99 10 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 19.99
11 Operation Wolf 19.99 12 Lombard RAC Rally
19.99 13 Elite .. 19.99 14 Motor
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* 0202 813176 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30 pm All prices and
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To: First Micro, 6 Forest Close, Ebblake Ind. Estate, Verwood, Dorset 1 wish to order Mv computer is 1 enclose cheque PO for £ inc VAT.
Or charge my Access Visa No.
Exp. Date ESJ Fxl Name Signature Address Postcode Tel No: RLANDO is famed for Frak!, his cutesy Beeb game which was ever so badly ported to the C64 by Statesoft. His is also the name behind a number of quite brilliant Acornsoft titles. Now Orlando has discovered the Amiga, and has ported his 3D Pool game from the Archimedes and ST. This is a pool game like no other. It aims to simulate the game from the position of a player. The big 0 says this is the reason you can't see the table from directly overhead.
Even if you stood on the table - before the manager kicked you out - you wouldn’t get a proper overhead view. You would see your feet and the light would get in the way.
So what you get is what you see - a player’s eye view of the table. Except there is no cue. The white ball is fired along the player’s line of sight with top-spin and bottom-spin relying on the viewing angle. Side-spin is selected from an icon at the top of the screen.
Although you move around the table, the lack of a floor sometimes makes it feel as though you are staying still and throwing the table around.
The mouse mechanism takes some getting used to. Since both 3D Pool and Virus started their respective lives on the Archimedes, it might be something to do with Acorn programmers being able to cope with sensitive mice.
Pool is a short game, which makes it more exciting than snooker. Even so, 3D Poo! Heightens the competition by providing a number of computer-generated opponents who play at different strengths.
You can either practice against an individual or take part in a tournament in which the players are drawn at random. The final is played against Maltese [oe Barbara.
Once you have proved you are the hottest cueman to have laid hands on a mouse you can have a go at the trick shots. These display numbers for the angles involved and have you trying to puzzle over how to get balls into the right pockets. After you have solved the 19 tricks you can set up your own using an editor.
From the initial title screen - which was digitised using SuperPic right Overall 83% here in the Amiga Computing office - to the roar of the crowd as you defeat Mr (oe, 3D Pool is great. It is playable, slick and technically brilliant.
Fully Amigaised to use sampled sound, a 256 line PAL display and blitter routines, the result is better than the ST. But then why else did you buy an Amiga?
Simon Rockman :tD Pool £24.95 Microprose Firebird Sound n in him Graphics Gamepiav Value GIVE an infinite amount of designers an infinite amount of time, coffee and money, and it’s easy to make a completely original computer game. If the coffee’s a problem you could always set about taking an old idea and “originalising” it.
For example, you could take Centipede and add some of the ideas which made Arkanoid different from Breakout. The resulting game would end up tolerably close to Demonware’s Evil Garden.
The box is the first main hazard; not merely is it huge, silver and difficult to open, but it has Beware of Demonware writ large in red all over it. Somehow I think this is meant to be a threat rather than a warning.
The plot: You, a successful mercenary, have the job of clearing a garden planet of mushrooms, alien centipedes and other beasties.
Centipedes are relatively innocuous; they are only nasty on contact and the bits you have shot off them become more mushrooms.
The spider usually haunts its web under the score panel, but once in a while it comes out to bounce around and drop mines.
Fleas fall from the top of the screen at an enormous rate. They're very hard to hit and leave a trail of mushrooms behind them. Other beasties appear even' so often to say a big Hi HERE can be few people who have not heard of Tom and Jerry, the funniest double-act ever, responsible for bringing more gratuitous violence to our screens than Rambo, The Professionals and East- Enders combined.
With the exception of the later cartoons, which at a generous assessment were rubbish, most of their adventures have stood the test of time and still manage to be funny at the fifteenth time of viewing.
So if it works for a cartoon, the same zany formula should work for a computer game. Right? Well it's a good theory.
The game’s opening credits are promising, with accurate renditions of both characters, and the Amiga’s sound capabilities reproduce Tom’s manic laughter perfectly. The action, EVIL GARDEN Can you dig it?
And drop the occasional bomb on you.
Loads - it takes far longer than you’d expect. In fact, Evil Garden seems to take at least twice as long to load as it did the last time you loaded it. And even when the drive light goes out, it's only pausing between loading sessions.
Once you’ve run out of lives the disc graunches away and takes at least five seconds to tell you that it's game over time.
Despite the minor loading groans, and the irksome “Type in the word" routine - which only gives you one go and swaps Y and Z around - Evil Garden is quite some game.
The learning curve has been set just right, so you won’t feel left out at the start. What does worry me is that the last Centipede clone I saw cost £1.99. Although it didn’t have half the prettiness, it had most of the features. Stewart C. Russell This plot will be familiar to both of the Millipede fans, Atari's less successful Centipede sequel. What is new is the pumpkin, which gives bonus weaponry when shot.
The standard issue peashootor-on- a- stick can be upgraded, with a little luck, to a shielded turret with bouncing bullets and an orbiting follower.
As in Arkanoid, extra lives and a doorway to the next level can be got by picking up pumpkin remains.
Not surprisingly there is the standard issue mystery prize, which is often a feature which stops you shooting quickly. In the Equally Nice department is the little pill which turns all the mushrooms into centipedes. The screen becomes full of the beasties, all heading your way.
Every’ so often you get a bonus screen which has a huge Audrey II type plant spitting things at you. Hit it often enough and it's biggus bonus time. Apart from that, there's nothing really new. Nothing new apart from a full PAL screen, chock full of fast moving (small) sprites.
Evil Garden £19.99 Demomvare Sound HfMgMMinn Two, three or four players? No problem. Two players simultaneously? Likewise. All this and 1 meg enhancements too.
Value imiiniir A useful few minutes can be spent reading the manual while the game Overall - 73% TOM AND JERRY Downhill all the way Tom and fern £2-1.99 Magic. Bytes such as it is, takes place in various places about the house that are linked, by Jerry’s mouseholes.
The aim is to guide Jerry' through, rooms, over shelves and furniture, devouring as much cheese as possible within the time limit of 500 seconds. Tom is in hot pursuit and for every time he catches Jerry you lose 30 seconds. Jerry risks losing a lot more.
You can fight back by dropping books, bananas, bowling balls and other sundry items of cartoon mayhem on Tom and, when all else fails, you can escape down the nearest mousehole.
While inside the mousehole you have to dodge a series of explosive obstacles and traps at high speed, accompanied by a soundtrack that sounds as if it’s played by a turbo- (. R 1111 i r s 1 I I 1 1 I I I I 1 [,] I I I I Overall - 51% charged Russ Conway on a Bon- Tempi organ.
After about 30 seconds or so it all becomes very boring indeed, which is a shame because the concept is good and the graphics aren't bad.
There must be scope for a good Tom and Jerry game somewhere. This one isn’t it.
Mike Rawlins COULD you never find anyone to put the cars back on the track for you when you were playing Scalex- tric? Did you ever wonder why moths beat themselves to death on light bulbs? The answer to the first problem - and perhaps the second - is now presented in the form of Pow- erdrome.
This is a very innovative implementation of the old favourite racing game, Pole Position. Where Pow- the top of a tunnel is yellow and black then it is curving down ... There are seven different tracks, each with its own set of interesting features which need a different style of driving to negotiate.
Hazards to watch out for are storms - complete with excellent lightning which impedes your engines unless you stop off in the pits for a change of filters - and the other drivers.
You have four opponents, each in a different kind of ship, who will all try to hassle you. Collisions are quite rare but can be nasty when they happen. Keep a look out in your rearview mirror.
There is a very workable datalink option for playing against a similar minded Powerdrome owner communicating via modem or serial cable. The game thoughtfully allows you to copy it for this purpose.
If the unfortunate should happen and you prang a wing or, worse still, the nosecone, you can pop into the robopits for a speedy repair. Here entire sections of your ship can be replaced. You can even get a Quickfit erdrome really takes off (pun intended) is that the cars have become jet aircraft which race around tracks resembling the M25 of the future.
The track features bumps, bends, flyovers, tunnels, chicanes and, just when you thought it was getting mean, worse things which 1 won’t even attempt to describe. Ips more fun finding out for yourself.
The track is a kind of channel with banked sides, divided into equal chequered sections to give the sensation of speed as they flash past. They also serve as roadsigns.
If the embankment is coloured red and white there is a bend ahead, if HELICOPTERS are not flown like aeroplanes. This is why choppers have their wings on the roof, spinning around at 280 rpm.
The angle at which the blades hit the air - known as the collective - controls the amount of lift. By using the joystick you control the overall tilt of the rotor blades - the cyclic - and this moves the ‘copter forwards, backwards, left and right.
This is made easier on the Amiga by having an overlay which reminds you of the controls needed. Then there are all the weapons to control and select, because not only are you expected to fly the thing without crashing. But you have to shoot lots of people at the same time.
Before you climb into your S8m dollar chopper you select your duty assignment and determine the level Overall - 47% of difficulty by specifying weather conditions and troop strengths.
After a short briefing you can decide whether or not you want to be chicken and call in sick. If you do choose to accept the mission, you have the opportunity to become a hero, earn medals and probably get killed in action.
Start the engine, engage the rotors, increase the collective, put out the cat and cross your fingers.
Catamaran's are legal in this America's cup engine.
If you have the time you can pop back to the tune-up screen for a bit of adjustment - very handy in the practice laps. Occasionally you may have to refuel here during long races. All the repairs are accompanied by nice stereo sound effects.
Your ship is flown like an aircraft, rather reminiscent of Elite. Control may be mouse or joystick. The programmer seems adamant that mouse control is superior in terms of response time and it is recommended for the serious contender.
But although I tried very hard, it is similar to other mouse-driven games.
Unless you have an AO sized mouse mat and long arms, it’s a bit difficult.
Additional controls from the keyboard include an overhead display of the track with all the participants marked on it. A readout of the current positions and a really useful timer which gives the difference between you and the lead car or the lag between you and second place if you are leading.
It takes a while to get used to the controls, so the programmer has included a "centre field" option, like a set of magnetic stabilisers which pushes you towards the centre of the track.
The field reduces your top speed, but it is fully adjustable, so you can gradually lower it as you feel more confident and more determined to beat the best lap times.
For those very special moments the Typhoon craft is equipped with afterburners - handy for excessive speed and reckless driving on long straights. Overuse of them causes the twin engines to burn out. If you use them in the tunnels you're racing towards an early grave.
The graphics are remarkable, wonderful and fantastic. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling out of your seat as you try to take a sharp bend - good use of the blitter which suggests the programmer did a deal with Beelzebub.
The sound effects are some of the best I have heard. Wonderful stereo imaging and varying engine noises.
Addictive, fast and professional, this Sound I-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 Graphics H Gamepla H 1 11 1 I I 1 i 11.1 Value Overall - 91% must be the definitive racing game.
As Frankie almost said: Welcome to the Powerdome.
Green from shooting communist guerillas in South East Asia to invading Grenada ail over again.
Sound effects are satisfactory helicopter-type noises and simple biffs and bangs whenever things explode. The opening credits are well worth seeing and hearing - look out for them next time you are in a shop.
And give it a good test before parting with your money because my review copy, which by all accounts was a full release version, crashed several times.
As for realism, well I have never flown a helicopter, so apart from the crashes I can’t be sure. Everything seems to be sensibly done, but after playing Gunship for a while 1 have no urge to actually go out and fly a helicopter.
John Kennedy After checking the map you-can select your target and head off in the right direction. You have the usual split cockpit display with slightly more than half the screen taken up with dials and warning indicators.
The view out of the window is a solid 3D display, but not up to the standards we Amigans.
For a computer with such capabilities the landscape is bland and slow. Enemy planes are simple prisms which move casually past you. All in all it is very disappointing.
The manual, on the other hand, goes well beyond the call of duty with details about everything and anything.
Four battle scenarios and a training mission are supplied. These tastefully chosen war zones range RUN the Gauntlet is a game played on an international scale with four teams from Britain, Holland, Australasia and the USA, all racing against one another in every type of motorised vehicle known to mankind.
The action starts by allowing you and a friend to choose one of the four of excessive violence. His idea of fun is, therefore, to be treated with suspicion.
Run the Gauntlet must rate as the least enjoyable game 1 have ever had the misfortune to play. How Ocean managed to fill not one, but two discs with such tedium is a miracle of modern 16 bit technology.
John Kennedy countries to represent. The game will then select, apparently at random, a set of three special events for you to compete in. These are mostly three- lap races around a four-way scrolling landscape.
In the corner of the screen a small map is supplied to confuse and annoy you - it rather cunningly bears little or no resemblance to the actual playing area.
The computer controls the two other competitors in the race. You cannot play directly against your friend, and all events are scored by the time you took to finish. During the race the other computer players, whether boats, hovercrafts or cars, simply refuse to let you pass.
If you should bump into them, you will automatically go into a time- wasting spin. The computer- controlled boat will carry on as if nothing has happened.
Exactly the same thing occurs if they crash into you, which is not what you’d really go so far as to call fair. To make things even worse, some psycho is shooting at you.
Trying to steer your player around the screen is so difficult as to make play impossible. Just when you think you have got the hang of it. Some prat will shoot you and stop you taking first place. Why? 1 don’t know. I’m sure I would have remembered it if it had been in the TV‘show.
If you win, or least not come last, you will take part in the next event. If you are really unlucky you will win all three and lake part in another series.
Graphically Run the Gauntlet is quite good. With digitised static displays plus passable landscapes and sprites, good use has been made of the Amiga hardware. Your little boat will even leave a shimmering wake as it vainly attempts to take part in the race.
However, the music must he the worst I have heard. A tedious little sampled ditty plays over and over and over again. Even the point when the tune starts and stops hasn’t been blended together, so it sounds exactly like a record playing with a stuck stylus.
The only saving grace is 10 seconds of Martin Shaw sampled from the TV saying what a fun time you are going to have. Martin Shaw, if you remember, was the one with the curly hair from the The Professionals, a TV series banned because | -t i :v*'- si i jw -jV? *§1
* 4 HS -l;y ¦'.] : I Mr i 53 :.«! 3 ,' ;}• Lose control of
yourself TIT TXT TTTF P ATT TTT FT Run the Gauntlet £24,99
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EGABOZ the wizard, wearing a zap-me-quick hat, has cursed Lord
Dimwit Flathead's Great Underground Empire. Your task is to
remove the curse and claim a reward of half the wealth of the
After casting the curse, Megaboz disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving behind nothing but a scrap of parchment. Written on the parchment, which is contained in the pack of goodies that comes with the game, is what you need to do to remove the curse.
The pack forms the nicest kind of protection system you will find. The disc itself is quite unprotected and can be copied easily. But without the pack you will never be able to complete the adventure.
One item is a Flathead calendar for the year 883 GUE. This contains all sorts of hints and tips such as: “Bottomless pits are the second-leading cause of death in Flathcadia”.
Needless to say you have to negotiate a bottomless pit, but make sure you have a light or you might get eaten by a Grue.
Grues are familiar things to anyone who has played an adventure written by Steve Meretzky, the 32-year-old New Yorker with a penchant for melted cheese. Who can forget his pizza in the toilet in Leather Goddesses of Phobos? Did you ever try to eat it?
In Zork Zero Meretzky has written an adventure which is light hearted and at times excruciatingly difficult.
It takes a certain type of mind to dream up some of the puzzles.
At one point you need to show the Jester something that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. The answer is to show him a walnut and then eat it. But to open the walnut is a different matter. With a magic wand and a lobster you should be able to find a way.
This is a new departure by Infocom into graphical adventures. The company always said it would never add graphics to games until it could do the job properly. In some adventures the graphics bear little relationship to the story, but in Zork Zero they are part of fire puzzle.
There are several little games to play which rely on graphics. One such is Double Fanucci, a card game with weird rules. You play against the Jester. If the Jester discards the Three of Fromps, should you ionize your Two of Lamps or muttontate it instead? Don't forget, you have to win at this game!
To anyone who has played a Zork adventure the Jester will be a familiar character. He sometimes helps, sometimes hinders. He is fond of riddles and will often stop and give you one to solve. If you can’t fathom it he will not let you pass. An example of one of his riddles is: One night four men sat down to play They played and played till break of day They played for money: not for fun With separate scores for every one And when time came to square accounts I They all had made quite nice amounts.
What were they playing? I'll give you a clue: They were not playing cards.
Graphics have been used to great effect throughout. At the top of the screen is a compass, so instead of tediously typing letters you can click on the direction with the mouse. This idea is carried further with an onscreen map.
Apart from adding graphics, Infocom has made improvements to the parser. It has always been a cut above the competition, but now it is even better with even more useful features.
One thing I am not too happy about is the on-line help. Type “hint” at any time and you can get full solutions to all the puzzles.
Infocom does suggest you don’t make too much use of this feature, but it is all too easy to give up on a problem at an early stage. The first infocom adventure 1 played - Planet- fall - took me more than six months to complete; 1 finished Zork Zero in less than a week.
It is hard to criticise Infocom adventures. They are so good. This one could do with more graphics and a better plot. Nevertheless. I enjoyed playing Zork Zero very much and have no hesitation in recommending that you buy it.
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R-TYPE Setting the benchmark EVERY court case has two winners - the solicitors. R-Type is the result of another case where the losers won. Factor 5, a German software house wrote a scrolling shoot- ’em-up called Katakis.
This was published by US Gold until Activision complained that Katakis looked too much like R-Type, a licence Activision guarded with zeal, as you would if you had paid Irem, the Japanese originators, lots and lots of yen, US Gold had Katakis modified to look less like R-Type and called the result Denaris. So Factor 5 wrote two games which looked pretty similar.
But the best was yet to come. Katakis was such a good R-Type ripoff that the Germans were chosen to produce the official version.
They have done a brilliant job.
Purely in the interests of research I visited an arcade to check out the original. I used not to be very good at R*Tvpc, but after three days’ intensive practice on the Amiga version I sailed through the first two levels of the arcade version.
Friends in the arcade were well impressed. This reveals two things about the conversion. First, the timing and feel are spot on. Second, the Amiga version is much harder than the coin-op with standard settings.
Increased difficulty is no bad thing.
At 20p a go there is a strong disincentive to practice. If you’ve shelled out 100 times the amount and then all the games are free, you’ll play until your fire button finger is sore. Then you will play some more.
The programmers clearly know and love the Amiga. The game oozes slickness. Graphics are not quite up to the money-munching original but they are pretty close.
Speed does not seem to be affected by swarms of encroaching aliens, the massive end-of-level guardians nor your unleashing megalonnes of death by building up loads of weapons.
Pick up a shield, ripple lasers, side firing lasers, seeking missile and some side shields and no enemy poses a real threat But if your finger slips on the sweaty trigger and you lose a life at a crucial moment, it is still playable.
Dedicated gamers will argue that if you lose extra weapons early you might as well give up and go back to the start. This takes some patience because you have six credits and the temptation is to use them regardless of tactics.
A well-programmed conversion of one of the best games in the arcades is the most you can hope for. The music doesn’t grate, neither is it great, but the result is spot on, Denaris may be a better game for its deviation from the original, but R-type is the benchmark by which other games of this ilk must be judged.
Simon Rockman Overall - 86% VERYBODY must have at some stage in their life watched a film and wished they could be the hero.
Well if your hero is the same as mine, Godzilla in The Beast That Ate Tokyo (b w 1949), your hour has come.
Rampage puts you in the role of one of three towering monsters: a giant King Kong type, a vastly oversized werewolf or the old favourite Godzilla. What is your objective?
Simple - smash, maim, kill, destroy, obliterate... Each scene begins with our assembled heroes on the pavement outside some suspiciously fragile- looking buildings. Do what comes naturally. If you find it hard to get motivated into all this anti- humanitarian destruction, think of what destruction on this scale will do to all the estate agents and insurance salesmen.
When the place is completely decimated you move on to the next town - of which there are 738, all the way from Peoria to the dark side of the moon.
In an effort to prevent you from turning the civilized world into a Beirut lookalike the Army has pos- Sure to be a monster hit Rampage £24,99 Activision time, though using the keyboard is verging on the impossible. If the players are not friends, you will be pleased to know the monsters can beat each other up as well as the buildings.
There is not much by way of a plot, it’s just mindless destruction, which is perhaps is more honest than many games on the market that try to dress up violence, destruction and general bad behaviour as being brave and noble as long as there is a cause to be championed.
There is no “fight the good fight” here unless you’re in the Animal Rights Militia. There is a small amount of romance though. Occasionally a girl will appear in one of the windows. She can be rescued for extra points. You can eat her afterwards, of course.
Graphically the game is very pretty and the animation of the monsters is excellent, from the defiant growl and shake of the fist to the way they cover their eyes when they fall off a building.
Sound is adequately supported.
There are some nice stereo effects with the toppling buildings and a satisfying chomping noise when the beasts tuck into a human.
Green Graphics 111 1 1 I 11 I ITTT Gumt'playH Value Overall 61% itioned SWAT teams in cunning vantage points from where they assault our metamorphic monsters.
King Kong will have more to deal with than a few pathetic biplanes this time as a few helicopter-gunships enter the fray, straffing wildly.
Later tanks appear with more advanced firepower, which can cause a fair amount of pain judging by the expression of the stricken beast.
Each hit you take may not inflict much damage, but it all adds up. The only way you can make up for this is by eating regularly. What do you eat?
Well, as you are climbing the sides of buildings, smashing as you go. You may notice that some kind people have left out some food, milk, toast or even their goldfish for you.
If they haven't, that’s OK because you can always eat the people and have a few choppers for dessert, Up to three people can play at a Trained Assassin £24.95 Digital Magic Software I Sound 1111 Ml Graphics MumMMIHII iiimiinmiii Value 11111111111111 Overall - 95% ONE of life's more cuddly ironies has to be the arcade conversion. We spend many hours and pounds for the thril! Of seeing our initials on the screen in a (possibly) rather dodgy establishment. After a while we dig out some more cash to spend on the home computer conversion, which we batter away at for a few days.
All we get to keep is our initials on the screen and a very short-lived hit of adrenalin. The other parties involved get our money in large quantities. Who gets the better deal?
He asks in a concerned Channel 4 consumer programme kind of a way.
Because conversions cost publishing houses a lot of money, wouldn’t it be cheaper to nick some good points from popular games and add a completely flimsy to the point of being see-through plot?
Wouldn’t Robert indeed be your parent's sibling? Ah, but games like that are easily found - in the bargain bin, at the back of the software drawer, in a skip... Without polish or class, or at least some good honest hype, more money is lost than saved.
Currently, Digital Magic Software
- or DMS to those who want to sound in with them - are doing with
arcade games what Frankenstein did with dead bits, although
with a slight difference. Frank took the best bits but kind
of spoiled them all when joining them together. DMS takes good
ideas, stitches them together with good coding and the joins
are nowhere to be seen.
DMS, to use another tedious analogy, are the Classic Car restorers of the computer entertainment world.
Trained Assassin has got more arcade elements to it than a fan heater on Brighton Pier. On the lowest level it's a scrolling shoot-‘em-up with add-on weapons; no chocolate watches awarded for originality.
It's got five levels. “Zz zz zz," comes the reply. It's got a tiny plot, all about destroying King Rhizo- flagellates and creatures “whose touches are fatal”. With one mighty, apathetic accord, humanity manages a deafening “ !ft Not very impressive sounding, is it? But read on.
There’s a fair amount of money in the trained assassin business; there's equally as much in the untrained assassin business, but it goes to the next of kin. There would certainly need to be big cash involved to face King Rhizoflagellates’s hordes of nasty things, all of them with more kick than an uprated onion bhaji.
The standard weapon deals quite adequately with the First few waves, but things very soon get out of hand.
You'll need the laser and the orbiting-buddy weapon to even think of getting rid of them.
Each stage can be learnt; in fact it’s vital to do so because some bits are dead ends and you get crushed by the relentlessly scrolling scenery. There isn't as much scenery as you'd expect in an arcade machine, but there's certainly enough to get in the way.
The First level has slightly futuristic bits all over the place, like a simplified R-Type. It's fairly predictable once you learn where to go and what not to do and ends with a fairlv traditional Big Nasty Dragon. It serves as a good warm up for the rest of the game and has enough initial wow-value to keep any gonzo arcadist happy.
The second level scrolls down the way, which causes some problems because your main weapon shoots horizontally. It has bubbly scenery, not dissimilar to Starquake, the old B bit Bubble Bus classic. It is extraordinarily difficult, far more so than the third level, and could spoil the"game if you can’t suss what to do.
Level three has a desert-cum* ancient Egyptian feel to it. But has the added twist of seemingly solid scenery', which can only be got past once shot.
It’s a good level, loads of traps for the unwary and just as many for the fully clued-up. It scrolls horizontally but, unusually, from left to right.
Level four isn’t for the weak of stomach, nor those who have eaten within the previous hour. It’s got flying eyeballs, leaping protozoa, and tracker tumours, This has got to be one of the most tasteless levels of a computer game I have ever seen, but is a difficult blast because the scenerv moves upwards. Me, I nearly lost my lunch.
The final level is everything a final level should be; excruciatingly difficult, but with features learnt from previous levels. It is uncomfortably similar to R-Type and more difficult than all the other levels put together.
When you cop it - notice the "when”, not "if - you get put back to the very start of the level; a pest, but you should have learnt what you did wrong and will be able to avoid it next time.
The team of Burt on coding. Derrett and Law on graphics, and Harris on sound has made Trained Assassin a very' fine game. Better, even, than the last DMS offering. Scorpion.
Everything moves quickly and smoothly without fuss or flicker.
The presentation is much better than in Scorpion, with a very nice Tim White illustration on the box.
Poster and title screen. The effects, although loud and atmospheric, aren’t much more than OK. The same cannot be said for the title tune, which even manages to sound good through headphones.
I appreciate that rather onedimensional scrolling shoot-’em-ups may not be everyone’s pot of Darjeeling, but Trained Assassin appeals to me.
It doesn't say anything new, but it is of a standard that could probably survive unaltered in a real arcade. As good as the Amiga is, few games could manage that.
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Box ol 10 SONY Disks ... ...5.90 ...7.90 ,,.9.90
19. 90 ...9.90
45. 00
15. 90 Knight Ore Spaceballs Strange New World Major Motion Tetra
Quest Mach 3 Goldrunner II Final Assault Bionic Commandos Eif
Bobo - Stir Crazy Dugger 4x4 OH Road Racing WizbaJI Strike
Force Harrier Whirligig Return to Genesis Iridon Karate Kid 2
Terramex City Defence Ebonstar
Plutos, Mouse Trap, Seconds Out Winter Olympiad, Suicide
Mission SUPER 6 .. 16.90
Thai Boxing. Karting Grand Prix, Grid Start, Flight Path 737,
Las Vegas. XR35 Furry Mouse Cover!
..6.90 Mouse Bracket .....2.90 Mouse Mat 5 90 Keyboard Cover . 5.90 The above is just a small selection of our VAST stock of AMIGA software!
Callers welcome; Normal Office Hours - 24 Hour Telephone Service!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG241JE PPARENTLY in the year 2567 Earth gets destroyed. A big shame. Some survivors, who presumably had been out walking the dog at the time, decide to set up a trading company. They plan to exploit the alien worlds, all of which have less sense of economics than Nigel Lawson. With a small cargo ship they ply the spaceways trying to con anything they meet.
This is the plot to Stag. It seems a little familiar, right? It sounds a little like Elite, doesn’t if? There is a subtle difference though. Elite was good. It had animation. It had gameplay.
Above all, it was fun. Stag, on the other hand, is pathetic.
It has been semi-converted from a German game. 1 say semi-converted because it is only partly translated into English. A few things have been left out. Like grammar It doesn’t realty matter - you don't have to understand it to realise how terrible it all is.
Another stunning concept is that the game is completely mouse driven. In itself not very original, but the underlying philosophy of making it completely impossible to do anything without having to make 67 factorial button presses and generally work the ball off your mouse is.
I expect EAS will be bringing out a mouse-only text adventure next. Or perhaps a word processor where you choose your next phrase from one of 8,000 icons.
Trading means haggling with strange creatures over a limited range of goods. When 1 say haggle I mean it in a strange new sense of the word where you tell the other bloke his price is way out and he tells you to go away. Not much scope for Thatcherite entrepreneurial acumen You are not given information about any of the other planets, so it’s pot luck whether they actually want the stuff when you get there. Oddly, the entire galaxy lives on a diet of milk and alcohol. Perhaps they listen to too much late 70’s rock music.
The space flight sequence is the best part. This does not mean it is good, it's just better than the rest.
Does the ship glide silently and majestically through stardust panoramas? No. It flies though squares. Or space-streets as EAS would have it.
It’s very reminiscent of Master- tronic’s Chase, which can only be bad news. If the ship hits the sides it loses shields and eventually disintegrates. Amazing.
Sometimes pirates attack your ship. You will know when this happens because you will suddenly stop flying through squares and some text will appear telling you that some pirates are attacking your ship, fust as well. You would never work it out otherwise. Some small blobs appear on the screen. They get bigger. You die.
Amazingly EAS has password protected this offering. Perhaps the company reckon software pirates are as stupid as the ones in the game. If anyone is doing a bit of shady dealing here it is EAS trying to offload this lack-lustre effort for twice the price of the original Elite.
Green Sound 1 I 1 ( 1111111 IIP Graphics 111 I I I 11 111117111 Overall - 11% HERE we have one of those games where even the Amiga’s sound chip wouldn't be good enough. You need a recording of Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner’s Ring Cycle, Deutsch Gramaphon) and the urge to destroy your fellow man. Ah, SOMEBODY somewhere is doing a rather nice line in hot motors.
The FBI want this stopped. The annoying thing is that the felons are corrupt policemen who can bring the law to bear on anyone they take a dislike to.
So those awfully nice FBI people have called you in and given you an F4Q with a neat line in bolt-on goodies.
You must drive across four states before the corrupt policemen roadblock all the exits. Your onboard computer will tell you which freeway exits to take, but won’t know if the way is blocked or not.
The fun of world domination at the click of an icon.
A well written manual takes you from clumsy amateur to world psychopath in gentle stages. One or two can play, with the option to be the American Eagle or the Soviet Bear.
The computer is a good opponent.
There is no blood, gore or offensive language; no smutty pictures or blood curdling screams. This program looks at the academic side of war and peace and reacts well to player input.
The initial simple settings guide you through a predetermined set of moves to show what effect different decisions will have. After this you get to try out the various menu options.
A wrong decision could accelerate you to Defcon 1 and the chance to wipe out the entire planet.
If perchance you do cause thermonuclear global conflict, a simple text Crazy Cars II £19.95 Titus Overall - 43% The radar detector can tell where the nearest police car is and can be used to check for roadblocks. It’s also very handy for keeping clear of screen tartly informs you that there will be no animated mushroom clouds. There are no rewards for failure.
BALANCE OF POWER Let’s not beat about the Bush 1 can’t stop playing Balance of Power. What started as a few decisions about whether to drop troops or dollars somewhere has escalated to form a habit. The further I get, the more I want to do.
There is always something new around the corner and the inclusion of 80 countries, all reacting independently, means that there is no chance you will exhaust the possibilities. If you get stuck, a crisis advisory service appears at decision time and gives you a clue as to which way to turn.
You start in 1989 with a reasonably stable planet. If you can maintain stability the game can last eight years, after which the winner will be the side with the most prestige. I’ve played solid for 14 hours and couldn't last longer than three years.
Then again, I always was quick on the button.
To help you to decide whether to give a country aid in cash or troops, a screen lists the political persuasions, stability and stuff like that. If you are playing as the good ol' US of A and you give too much help to neutral Sweden, uncle Gorby gets a tidgy bit miffed and puts you in a precarious position. Ouch.
I started at the beginners’ level and worked through intermediate and expert. As I went up each level and the amount of factors that the program used got more complex, the results I got began to mirror history.
There's nothing like a bit of realism, so I got out the history books and looked up a couple of the more delicate diplomatic situations from the ‘sixties, when the Bear and the Eagle were at each other’s ambassadors.
I couldn’t hope to simulate them accurately, but the basics were there.
Using the world as a three- dimensional chess board, I made the USA moves to see how the USSR would react.
1 then reversed the roles and played the USSR. As both superpowers had blamed each other for the initiative in the 'sixties, it was interesting to note that the only way to get a similar result was to cast the USA in the role of aggressor. Tut-tut, President Johnson. And you said it was them.
Balance of Power £24.99 Mindscape In the levels up to expert the game takes the rather simplistic us-and- them stance. It only calculates the reactions of the two main powers and anything else brought into direct action.
In the final multipolar level Balance of Power gets closest to reality with the computer calculating the reactions and decisions of all 80 countries.
In fact it's quite uncanny. The results at this level were accurate enough to write a newspaper article Realism 111111 U 11 11I I 11 sm,iTrmmmrm Gameplav mTUTTITTITm Value 111ITIII II IH 111 Overall - 88% which wouldn't have looked out of place at the time.
If this sort of simulation can get so close to actual events, perhaps we should send Bush and Gorby an Amiga each and let them get on with thermonuclear war in the comfort of their own palaces.
Keith G. Pomfret honest policemen, wrho take extreme exception to the speed limit being exceeded by 145 mph.
The FBI has rigged the engine to explode if you don’t make the checkpoint in the set time.
The engine also happens to explode if you hit anything - car, lamp-post, bollard - or travel too fast for too long off the road.
And that’s all there is to it.
CC2 is difficult and very frustrating. It must be the only game to give a car inertia - it becomes very easy to spin uncontrollably at high speed.
What Titus hasn’t put into the handling is the natural way steering wheels return to their centre position.
1 don’t know how Titus can keep a straight face when it claims that the screenshots on the box are the same as the graphics in the game. They’re not, they are re-touched saved screens, not ones from the game.
With the handling of an elderly 2CV, the sound of a sewing machine, and graphics which wouldn't be noteworthy on the machine which starts with an S and ends with a T, Crazy Cars II will appeal to somebody I’m sure. Possibly one for a connoisseur of the truly mediocre.
Stewart C. Russell Vindicators £19. Tlfi Domark sound iiiiimiijinr Graphics I I I II I II I I' I I I I , Gamepla j| U I ¦ I mTUT!
Value I I I III lit I I II 111 Janet Earth are getting siandably hot under the collar. It’s a _ood job. Then, that they’ve just developed a mega battle tank, the Vindicator.
Let me guess which patsy has been volunteered to drive the thing: Men* Klein from Athens. GA has just sawn his leg off for charity, so you’re the only one qualified. What a surprise, through the Van Allen belt ot a chance to check out your , little engine of destruction.
Despite its jaunty paintwork and rotational controls, this jalopy packs quite a punch.
If you're not too familiar with the vehicle, Mission Control suggests Overall 68% for the picking. Collect you can choose new bolt-on goodies when you go back to your ship. The best ones to get are the Increase Shot Range tokens, which allow you to take out things before they do the same to you.
As with the arcade original, these tokens are cumulative, so it’s relatively easy to upgrade your tank to something fairly intense. Some Smart Shots can come in handy, especially when things are getting out of hand.
Once through to the top level your task is to destroy the control centre, which can be a valuable source of bonus bits if you don’t mess up and get trashed with the rest of the centre.
If you choose to play this the two* player way the dominant player can ripe for the ] of these and 1 Dark Side L24.95 MicroSlatus | Sound HiHIIMIII n Challenging alien Gamep I av Value [U nnn Overall 64% WELCOME to another adventure using the Freescape 3D environment, Dark Side, the successor to Driller, set 200 vears later. It stars those enemies of the Evath. The Ketar, in another bid to destroy life as we know it.
It all started with a probe passing over the dark side of the moon Tricuspid detecting a plexar just before being destroyed. A plexar is a giant construction designed to fire a high-energy particle beam at Evath.
Blowing it apart. It is fed by Energy Collection Devices - or ECDs - which resemble crystals atop poles.
Your mission is to destroy the plexar, but more immediately you must starve it of energy, thus slowing down the countdown to the time of firing.
As soon as you see an ECD, shoot it. If it is in a line of others it will re-charge immediately, so the devices aside it must be destroyed first. Other things to worry about are the Plexors, which are tank-like defenders, the slab-like power porters and the tele- pods, which must be activated by- hidden crystals.
You start in a sector of the moon guarded by a plexor and decorated by a few tree-like constructions.
Moving forwards in full 3D, .the first objective is to avoid the plexor and penetrate the next sector where you can destroy an ECD.
Tanks, but no tanks the good bits, leaving the garbage to the other sucker. You people wouldn’t do that, would you?
Once you've endured the tacky scene, and man is it tacky, el to the .next space station, has a few less nerds and loads tanks. Tn feet tanks a million!
’s the one to blame for pfaics are, as they should ' faithful to the arcade, with !
All the right things appearing at the right time. The sound is exceedingly faithful to the arcade as long as you are used to hearing it through several layers of old socks. It's iuzzv and frankly it stinks.
One small problem surfaces when large amounts of scenery start appearing. The durn thing slows down to a snail's pace because the programmers felt they had to use software sprites to achieve the desired effects.
Hnunm, they probably had to use a 200 line screen for the desired effect, too. And that desired effect, dear readers, is to make the Amiga con* version a quick job after the ST one.
The programmers claim memory problems.
Don’t get me wrong. Vindicators is an exceedingly playable game that stopped me toying with Daleks for a while. The graphics are good, it's just j that when tilings start getting sticky imHinfl I'li.i.i The B52 board - that’s what’s in the A500 - is capable of a lot more than just a bare 68000; the conversion is faithful, but no! Wejl If Domark hadn't cut corners, dicators would probably ha Excellence gong. At le low.on fuel, the race for a capsule becomes more important than the ultimate ta I%n you am hot environment Come back then and enter a building which houses stores of shield and
fuel materials. Getting into the building is easy since the demo mode shows you how to do it.
Although it feels like you’re driving a tank, you are actually in a spacesuit and can look up and down,
- tilt-the angle of perspective, even fire-up your jet pack. The
trouble with these movements is that they are fairly laborious.
Movement forwards and backwards is relatively smooth and fast, sideways movement is very slow' and jerky. Considering that only around half of the screen is being used, this is disappointing.
The jet pack activated, take to the sky - or what passes for one - and zoom into the buildings, down the corridors and round the constructions in search of crystals and ECDs.
While some situations are familiar
- corridors in buildings and surface features outdoors, for
example - some of the features indoors are very strange and
infuse a sense of something completely alien. Very unwelcome to
the eye. Plus it’s difficult to figure out what is what.
The sound effects are goodish, but there aren’t enough of them. You’ll soon tire of seeing and hearing the plexar destroying Evath every time you blow your mission impossible.
Nevertheless, Dark Side is a challenging and worthy addition to the Freescape stable. It is slow and thought provoking and will certainly be welcomed by devotees of the 3D arcade adventure. But be warned, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, Duncan Evans H ARUJ POWERPLAY pack 2 eSSS*®* mluw'8®*nombte W °£e5 'tsZ’StfZZ untortur sie'v Stifaafsgfi« POWERPLAY pack 1 Our SUPER VALUE POWERPLAY PACK 1 offers you the chance to buy your Amiga A500 with ELEVEN GREAT GAMES FREE to start you off right Not only that we also include ABSOLUTELY FREE, a Mouse Mat TV Modulator and a Tutorial Disk, This adds up to
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WHY is life never simple?
When I bought my Amiga 2000 I specified a hard disc and Workbench 1.3, When it arrived, the disc was already formatted with a Workbench boot disc set-up. The only trouble was that it was installed with Workbench 1.2. As I wanted to use
1. 3, the only solution was to start at the beginning, re-format
the disc and re-install Workbench.
Under the Workbench Setting up a hard disc can be very confusing as you juggle file systems, formats and manuals. David Foster shows the path to take Commodore, largely because of poor documentation, has a knack of turning simple tasks into epics of trial and error. The Workbench
1. 3 manual is an improvement, but you now have to flip between
it and the 2090 hard disc controller guide to decide which
bits are relevant. Two or three pages in Appendix A of the
Workbench 1.3 manual cover hard disc installation after a
One of the drawbacks of the A2090 hard disc controller and the Fast Filing System (FFS) is that the whole disc cannot be formatted as a FFS disc because the A2090 automatically attempts to mount the first disc partition as an old filing system (OFS). This has been fixed with many of the more recent interfaces such as the Commodore A590.
The solution is to partition the drive into two logical drives, the first of which is formatted as a standard drive, called DH0: the other formatted as an FFS drive. The procedure is quite straightforward, or it would be if you didn’t have to dig the information out of two or three different places.
If your hard disc is already formatted and contains any data the first thing you should do is back It up ‘ 'V on to floppy because the process of installing the FFS destroys all data.
Understanding the procedure carried out by AmigaDos to initialise the hard disc for use might make things clearer later on. AmigaDos automatically mounts the floppy as DF0:, because BindDrivers, one of the command lines in Startup-Sequence, has built in drivers for DF0: and, if a hard disc is present, it attempts to mount a hard drive called DH0: as a standard hard drive.
If you add any further drives, or partition the hard drive into a number of logical drives, you must tell AmigaDos that you have done so.
This is done by making entries in Mountlist and then mounting the drive.
Mountlist is a text file and may be edited with ED, or any Ascii text editor. The layout of the entries follows certain rules. You will find that sample entries are already included which need altering or duplicating to suit.
Just making entries in Mountlist does nothing and you have to mount the drive with the Mount command, using the name of the drive involved.
Mount FS1: would mount the drive defined as Fsl; in Mountlist. You can use Mount commands from the CLI, but would normally put them into the Startup-Sequence.
Once mounted, the drive is ready for use, but its icon is not displayed until the drive has been accessed with a command. Just CD and the drive name is sufficient.
Make copies of the Workbench 1.3 disc and HDInstall disc never use the originals - then switch off and re-boot the computer from the copy of Workbench 1.3. Make a copy of the Mountlist file in the Devs directory of the Workbench disc with a different name so that if you get things wrong it is only a second’s work to copy it over the messed up one and start again. You are now ready to begin the real task.
Insert the copy of HDInstall into the floppy drive and click on the disc icon, then double click on the Install icon to load the program. The first thing you get is a warning about the procedure completely clearing the hard disc of existing data.
HardDisk New CLI task 3 First tine hard disk installation.
Warning: this procedure will clear your hard disk.
Your Ahiga Must be rebooted at the conclusion.
Do you want to continue ? [Press RETURN to exit] y Checking your HountList.
Copying hddisk driver into your Expansion drawer.
RAH DISK:HardDisk hddisk..copied DISK :HardDisk hddisk,info..copied Copying Prep command into your C directory.
Loading driver Mounting hard disk and initializing hard disk.
Is this a SCSI hard disk ? N Can't cance1 dhB PREP the first ST-506 drive (DH0:) ? (All info on DH0: will be erased) y Device RES0: already Mounted PREP Version 33.19 Drive types: PLUCK up courage and select Yes to continue. The program will check Mountlist and copy the hard disc driver and other files on to the Workbench disc. There is a final chance to escape just before the program does anything more than copy the necessary files on to the Workbench disc.
0) USER DEFINED ieneric 2 head 10MB (ST506) ienenc 4 head 10MB
3) Epson HMD-726A (SCSI )
4) KintScribe 3425 8425 (ST506)
1) Gi
2) G
5) MiniScnbe 3650 (ST506)
6) HiniScribe 8425S (SCSI )
7) Quantun 0280 (SCSI )
8) Rodine RO 652 (SCSI )
9) Seagate ST225 (ST586)
10) Seagate ST251 (ST506)
11) Seagate ST138N (SCSI )
12) Seagate ST157N (SCSI )
13) Seagate ST225N (SCSI )
14) Seagate ST251N (SCSI ) Select drive type [6]: 0 NuMber of
heads [41: 4 Nuriber of cylinders : 615 Nunber of sectors per
track [173: 17 Write pre-coup cylinder C6153: 611 Do you want
the heads parked autonaticaily after 3 seconds of inactivity
? [Y N3 : N Last cylinder used by first partition (range 2 to
[default]) [6141: 3 Nunber of AnigaDOS sector buffers [301:
38 Would you like to nark any blocks on the disk as bad ?
CY N1 : N Continuing will destroy any infornation on the
entire physical device, and the systen will have to be
Do you wish to proceed ? CY N3 : y PREP complete. Reboot the systen before using this drive.
Then ForMat dhB: You are then asked whether you are using a SCSI hard disc. In most cases the answer is No unless you have specifically requested such a drive and the program then asks whether the first ST506 drive should be Prepped. Answer Yes. The purpose of Prep is to specify the type of drive and its specifications. It must be run to prepare the hard drive.
A list of drive types appears for you to select the one you are using.
Things are not always as obvious as they seem. My drive is an Epson ST506 type, but the Epson entry in the list was for a SCSI drive. If you are unsure, check with your dealer. If your drive is not on the list select option 0 for a User Defined drive and answer the questions.
Figure I: Installing a cylinder DHO: partition from s The first few questions are about the drive's specification. If none came with the drive you might have to ring the supplier to check. I did so, to check that mine was, in fact, a bog standard one of the type used by many IBM PC computers, with four heads, 615 cylinders and 17 sectors per track. The required answers to the questions are shown in Figure I. You are next asked for the last cylinder being used by the first partition of the drive. AmigaDos takes cylinders 0 and 1 for its own purposes, which means that the lowest cylinder of the
first partition starts at 2.
AmigaDos automatically installs the first partition as DHO: All that Prep needs to know is where the first partition ends. Prep already knows that it starts at cylinder 2. I decided to make partition one - DHO: - as small as possible.
The 1.3 manual suggests that you might like to make DHO: large enough to hold the contents of a Workbench disc, primarily so that you can re-boot from the recoverable ram drive RAD: if you have enough memory for all the required files. This process also requires many of the Workbench files to be present on DHO:.
I chose not to make use of this feature, so gave DHO: only two cylinders - 68k, the minimum permitted - and subsequently installed Workbench on the FFS drive.
The final question requires a little explanation. Often when a hard disc is produced parts are not quite up to standard. You need to tell the program where they are so that those parts of the disc can be marked unavailable. There is usually a list stuck to the disc.
You have a final opportunity to abort the procedure, or continue to Prep the disc. Prep creates the device I BUD ill 'tart tn finish RESO: which consists of tracks 0 and 1, used by AmigaDos for its own purposes and not available to you.
If you make changes to the settings in Mountlist for the device RESO: you must re-run Prep before you can mount or format the hard disc successfully.
Now re-boot the computer again, load Mountlist into a text editor and check that the entries for RESO: are correct. Check that the Unit entry is 1 for a first hard drive of the ST-506 type and that Surfaces - the number of heads - and BlocksPerTrack match those for your drive. Don’t make any other changes but check that LowCyl and HighCvl are 0 and 1 respectively.
Look through the Mountlist file; you should find an example entry for a device called FAST: You can change its name to anything you want. 1 chose Fsl:.
The majority of the entries should be the same as those for RESO:, but you must change the LowCyl and ?
Check your software installation Two types of drive are commonly used with the Amiga. SCSI and ST5G6 types may both he used with the Amiga 2090 and 2U90A controllers, but only the ST506 drives are normally supplied by Commodore. This is not true of some third party supplies, so check which you have before setting up. It is assumed in this article that you will he installing an ST506 drive. The software installation is essentially the same for both types, with the following differences: S 1506 SCSI Description RESO: Unit=l DHO: RES2: Unit=3 DH2: Device name for cylinders 0 and 1, used by
AmigaDos Used in MountList RESO: and FFS partition definitions.
Drive name for first partition of first hard drive.
Further partitions may be called whatever name you choose to give them in Mountlist.
Startup-Sequence on the floppy uses an Assign NIL: DHO: EXISTS line. This checks to see whether the drive is present. We know it is, so comment out the line with a semicolon and also the If Not Warn line and all the lines from and including Else to the end of the file.
Now load the Startup-Sequence file on the hard disc and comment out the BindDrivers line, as the command has already been issued from the floppy disc. You might as well change the SYS:System SetMap usal line to read SYS:Svstem SetMap gb, so that the keys do what you expect.
As a little extra bonus, I also include the following line immediately before the EndCLI line at the end of the file: HighCyl values to suit the size of your partitions. In my case, as DUO: is using cylinders 2 and 3, the entry for LowCyl needed changing to 4 and HighCyl to 611, as I wanted to use the rest of the drive as one partition.
If you want more than one partition in addition to DHO;, set HighCyl to the value you want for the top of the first FFS partition, then copy the whole entry for FAST: and change LowCyl for the new entry to start at the next higher cylinder and the top with the highest cylinder you want and so on until you have created the number of partitions you want and • used up all the cylinder. Don't forget to give the second entry a different name from the first, by changing FAST: to something else, say FS2: Mountlist can then be saved and it is time to format the different partitions. This can only be
done from the CLI. DHO: will have been mounted automatically when you rebooted the computer, so you can just type: FORMAT DRIVE DH0; NAME MyNarae Once DHO: is formatted it is time to format the other partitions. Before you can do this you must mount each drive. Enter: MOUNT FS1: or whatever description you gave the entry in Mountlist, and follow this with: FORMAT DRIVE FS1: NAME HyName2 FFS Don't forget to add the FFS to the end of the command this time, so that the partition will be formatted as a FastFileSystem drive. Repeat the procedure of mounting and formatting for any further
partitions you have created.
You are almost finished now, and you should find that if you type: CD FS1: the new drive responds to other commands such as Info or Dir. If everything is OK make changes to Startup-Sequence so the new drives will automatically be mounted every time you boot the computer.
Now copy the Workbench files from floppy to your hard disc as some of them will be required when you boot up.
In the S directory of your floppy you will find a file called Startup- Sequence.hd. This is the one you need, and its name must be changed to Startup-Sequence. Delete the original Startup-Sequence file on the floppy as you won't need it again and rename Startup-Sequence.hd to Startup-Sequence.
Load the new Startup-Sequence File into ED and Find the BindDrivers command. Insert lines after BindDrivers, the new Mount commands for each partition - except the first - DHO:. Further down the file you will see a line assigning SYS to DHO:. You should change DHO: to the name you have given the drive partition which now contains Workbench, Save the file and you will then be able to reset the computer and boot from the floppy drive. You can make improvements by editing the Startup- Sequence files on the floppy and hard discs.
NewSheiL ‘NEWCON:440 150 200 50 SheLL‘ This provides a small CLI window in the lower right corner of the screen, on top of the Workbench screen, so that I can either use the mouse or issue CLI commands directly from the small window.
Guide to setting up
1. Back up any existing data on the hard disc to floppy, for
possible later restoration.
2. Make working copies of Workbench 1.3 and HDInstall discs.
3. Run the Install program, found on the HDInstall disc.
A) . Select option 0 from the list of hard drives.
B) . Answer questions about number of heads, cylinders, and so
on, according to the drive you are using,
c) . Specify last cylinder number of first partition.
D) . Select default for AmigaDos buffers.
E) . Mark bad blocks, if any.
¦ f). Complete Install procedure.
4. Re-boot computer.
5. Check Mountlist file for correct entries and adjust to suit
your drive if necessary. Add new entries for partitions.
6. Format DHO:
7. Mount and format each further drive partition, according to
the names you gave them.
8. Copy required files on to hard drive.
9. Alter Startup-Sequence as necessary.
SOFTSELLERS MAIL ORDER MAIL ORDER 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK IP4 1JB E 24 HR. MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 ST AMIGA 30 Pool_________________ Afterburner ______________ Airborne flangar ...... Amiga Gold Hits ...... Archipelagos .... Amalyia Astaroth ________________ Baal_____________________ Balance of Power 1390 .
Balistick*____________________ Barbarian II______________ Batman ..... Battlechess ______________ Bio Challenge____________ Bism ark ______________ Blasteroids ...____________ Bloodwych______________ Blood Money...... , Bubble Bobble ..... Buggy Boy Butcher Hill . Captain Blood , Carrier Command_______ Chaos Strikes Back_______ Chrono Quest Combat School____________ Corruption ________ Cosmic Pirates ... Crazy Cars 11 .. Custodian.,..., .. Cybernoid II ---------------- Daley Thompson's O.C.
Oarkside _____________ Degas Elite_________________ Deluxe Monopoly_____ Deluxe Music . Deluxe Paint II ..... Deluxe Paint III ..... Deluxe Photolab_________ Deluxe Video________ Denans--------------------- Double Dragon___________ Dragon Ninja Dragons Lair_________________ Dragonscape ______________ Driller ______________ Dungeon Master..... Dungeon Master Editor.. Eliminator ______________ Elite _______________________ Eye of Hercules ... FIB Combat Pilot Falcon_________________________ Falcon Mission Discs Fed. Of Free Traders______ Fernandez Must O e .
Ferrari Formula One . Fire and Forget ______ Fish ...... ... Football Director II Football Manager il . Forgotten Worlds ..... Fright Night________________ Fusion ..... Gauntlet II Gemini Wing .... Ghosts and Goblins______ Giant _____ Goldragon's Oomain Grand Monster Slam...... Gryzor .. Guerilla War .. Gunship .... Hate ..... Heroes of the Lance Hostages , _ Interceptor Joan of Arc .... Kick Off .. Krista I
., ... Lancelot .. Last Crusade .... Leaderboard Birdie .. LED Storm ...» Legend of the Sword Lombard RAC Rally_____ Lords of the Rising Sun .
Manhattan Dealers_______ Menace , ...... Microprose Soccer ... ..-.15.99...... 15.99
13. 99 ______ 16.99 ..... 15.99 .... 16.99
____________________16 99
15. 99 15.99
12. 99 _______ 12.99
15. 99 _______ 15.99 ..-12.99________„______12.99
- .15,99________________15.99
12. 99__________________12.99
12. 99 _______ 12.99 12 99 15.99
16. 99__________________15.99 15.99 15,99
16. 99___________________15.99
12. 99 ...__.15.99
- .15.99________________15 99 ,.-16 99 .. 15.99
12. 99 ...-.12.99
12. 99 . 15.99 16 99 16.99 ,...1599
...... -.15 99
15. 39 .... 15.99
- .13 99 13 39 ....19 99...-_______ 19.99
12. 99 ... 15 99
- .15 99 . 15 99
- .12.99 .....- .....12.99 15 99 . 15.99
- .12.99 ..... 12 99 ....12.99 . 12 99 ,,12 99
. 15.99
- .16.99 ....-.15 99 ....16 99
- .1299 ...12 99 ... 49 99
.- - .49 99
.... 43 99 ...... 43.99 _________ 13.99
- .12,99_________________12-99
- 13 99 ______ 15 99 ___________________29 99
- 12 99 - . 12 99
- .15 99 15 99
,,15.99 ......15.99 7.99 .. 7.99
- 13.99 _______________13 99
15. 99_________________15 99 ,, 16.99_________ 16 99
- 15.99________________15 99 15.99___________________19 99
12.99 12.99 19.99______ „_______19.99
- 15.99 .. .....15 99
- .16.99 16 99
- .15.99_______________________15 99 16 99., .1599
- 12.99_____ .12 99 ...12.99 .... 1299 13 99 __________
13 99
- .12.99 ......12 39 ....16.99
..16 99
- 13.99 ... 16.99 12.99 ..... 12.99 ...12.99
..15 99
- 21.99___________________21 99 ,..12.99 12.99
12. 39 ... 15,39
12. 99 ... 15.99
15. 99., ...... 15 99 ...
13.99 ..13.99
16. 99 16.99
15. 99...... 15.99 16.99
13. 99 .. 16.99
12. 93 .. - 12.99 .-19.93 19.99
12. 99 . 12.99
16. 99 ... 16.99
16. 99 . 16.99
13. 99 ... 13.99
15. 99________ 15.99
15. 99 _________ 15 99 _____ 13.99
12. 99 ______ 15.99
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per item. Subject to availability and price change without
notice. Not all titles released at time of going to press.
ST AMIGA Mi enium 2.2 ... 16 39 .....15.99
1343. .
1339 .....16.93 n 99 .....13.99 Operation
Naptuna .... 1999 ... 15.99
Operation Wolf .... 1233
13. 99 .....13.99 OutrunEuropi .. lfl 99 ....10 99
Overlander 12 99 ..
Patland .
1739 .....12.99 Pacmania
1799 ..12.99 1239
, 15 99 Peter Beardsley .
17 99 .....12.93 Phantom
Fighter ..
Phobia ......
13. 99 ... 15.93 Pionaar
Plague .... Police Quest
11 ..... Pools of
Ridnnc* ..... 1599 1699
15. 99
15. 99 ... 16.93 1699 .....16.93 Populus Data Disks . 9 99
Powerdroma ..... 1699
Powerplay ......
1299 .....12.99 IS 99 .....15.99 Premier
Collection .. 19 99
12. 99 .....1239 16 99 .....16 99 Purple Saturn
Day .. IS 99 ..,1599 R Type
..... 13 99
.....16.39 Rambo
III . 17 99
.....15.99 Real
Ghostbusters .. 13 99
.....13.39 Realms of the
Trolls 1199 .....16 99 Red
Heat,, ..... 17 99
.....15 39 Renegade
.... 17 99
.....15.99 13 99 .....1399 Rick
Dangerous .. 1S99 ,,15 99
13 33 .16 99
Robotop ..
12. 99 .,. 16 99
15. 99 ... 19 99 Run the
Gauntlet . 17 99 .,15 99
Running Man ..
15. 99 .....15 99
15. 99 1199 1599 ... 1699 Savage
15. 99 ..... 1599 Shoot em up construction ...
15. 99 17 99
- -----
- ----
- .15 99 1299 Skate or Die
IE 93 ... 1699
16. 99 .....1699 SK
Week ...... 13 99
.....13 99
12. 99 .....12 99 Space Harrier 1 or
11 ..... 1799 .. 15 99 15 99 1599 ST
Five Star . 15 39 Star
Ray ... 17 99
15. 99 .....15 99 Steve Davis
Snooker ..... 17 99 .....12.99
STOS ...
1999 Streetf
ighter .... 13 99
... 16 99 13 99 .....1699 Sword of
Sodan ... .... 1999 Techno
cop ...... 16 99 . . 1639 Test
Drive ..... 16 93
1639 Test Drive
II .... ., . 19 39
IS 99 .....16.39
13. 99 .....16.99 17 99 ......16.99 Tiger Road
..... 13 99
.....13.99 Tima &
Magik ..... 1? 99
.....12.99 IS 99 .....15.99 Tracksuit
Manager ...... 17 99 .....12.99 19 99
.....19 99
13. 99 .....13.93 Turbo Cop ,, 17 99 .....12.99 TV Sports
Football ... 16 99 .....19.99
19 99 U
1S99 .....15.99 Ultima V .... IS 99 ,15 99 17 99
Vigilante ...
10. 39 .....10,99
13. 39 .....13,99
Virus ..
1799 .....1299 Voyager
17 99
.....15.99 War in Middle Earth .....
IS 99 .....16.99
Waterloo ....
15. 39 .....15 99 WEC Le Mans _ ...
12. 99 15 99 Where Time Stood Sttil ...... 1233
1599 Wizzball .....
17 99 .....15 99
Xenon .....
12. 99 ,.. 12 99 Xenon
II ... 15 39
,15 99 Zak McKraken ..
16. 99 .....16 99 16 99 16 99 Name.... Address Tel No.
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- Prolects internal and external drives
- Always present after warm reboot
- Gives alarm signal if a virus is found
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•a * g i- ¦- ¦ -i i-¦ ¦“ ¦
- ¦ ¦¦ i; ft: w i*, % ¦ Clt fi 6S000 DO YOU OWN AN AMIGA
Si«7e 1, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Rd, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey KT1 4DP Tel: 01 -977 9596 For everyone who owns one of these computers, CLUB68000 offers members software, hardware and accessories at huge savings off recommended retail prices! Each item has been carefully chosen to offer the best value and quality.
HERE’S WHAT YOU GET: When you join you will receive a free games compendium and a free catalogue every 3 months AMIGA TOP 100 GAMES Member RRP Member RRP Member RRP Member RRP Afterburner . ......15.95
24. 95 Elite ..15.95
24. 95 . .15 95 24 95 Star Glider II .....
24. 95 Alien Legion ......15.95
24. 95 Flight Simulator II ...... ..27.95 3995 ,
..15 05
24. 95 SOI ... 15.05
24. 95 Archipelagos ... ......15.95 2494
Falcon F16 . 19.95 29 95 19 95 29 95
Speedball .. 15.95
24. 95 ......15.95 24 95 19.95 2995 1595 24 95
Sword of Sodan 19 95
29. 95 Battle Chess ......15.95 2495
Forgotten World..... .....15.95 2495 . 19 95
29. 95 Super Hang On . 15.05
24. 95 Ballistic ......12,95 19
95 F16 Combat Fighter ... ..15.95 2495
Manhunter..... ..15.95
24. 95 Space Quest 11 .. 19.95
24. 95 Billiard .. ......12.95 19
95 Gunship .... 15.95 2495 12 95 1995 Time
Scanner .... 15.95
24. 95 Bio Challenge .. ......15.95 2495
Games Winter Edition ..15.95 2495 15 95 24 95
Times of Lore .... 15.95
24. 95 Battle harwks 1942 ..... .....15.95 24 95 15 95 24 95 1595
24 95 Tiger Road - 15.95
24. 95 Blasteroids .. ......12.95
19. 95 Gauntlet II . ..15.95
24. 95 ..15.95
24. 95 Thunderbbde .... 15.05
24. 95 Blood Money ... ......15.95 2495
Galdregons Domain ... ..12.95
19. 95 Operation Neptune..... ..15.95
24. 95 Triad (3 Games) 19.95
29. 95 ......15.95
24. 95 ..12.95
19. 95 1299 19 99 Talespin .....
29. 95 Barbarian II . ......15.95 24 95
19. 95 15 95 24 95 Tom & Jerry
24. 95 California Games___________ ......15.95 2495 Heroes
ol the Lance ... ..15.95 2495 P O.W ..
29. 99 Typhoon Thompson ..... 12.95
19. 95 Capone . ......12.99 2999
Hollywood Poker Pro..... .....15.95 2495 12 95 1995
UMS . ......15.95
24. 95 CoHossus Chess X .
24. 95 Hostages .. ..15.95 2495
..... 15 95 24 95 Ultima V .....
24. 95 Cosmic Pirate .. ......12.95 1995
Hybrls ...... ..15.95
24. 95 .....19.95
29. 95 Victory Road ..... 15.95
24. 95 Crazy Cars II ... ......15.95
24. 95 Interceptor ..15.95 2495
15 95 24 95 Vigilante ......
14. 69 Danger Freak ... ......12,95 10 05
International Karate..... .....15.05
24. 95 15 95 24 95 Vindicator ..
12 99
19. 99 Darkside ...... ......15.95 2495
Joan of Arc ..... ..12.95
19. 95 15 95 24 95 Voyager .....
24. 95 Demons Winter ...... ......15.90
24. 99 K'ekOtl ..... ..12.95
19. 95 Robocop.... .....15.95
24. 95 Wee Le Mans .... 15.95
24. 95 Dragons lair ......29.95
44. 95 Kristal ..19.95
29. 95 15 95 24 95 Who framed Roger Rabbit .
29. 95 Dungeon Master .... ......15.05
24. 95 Kings Quest IV ..19.95
29. 95 .....15.95
24. 95 Willow ... 15.95
24. 95 Denaris ......15.95
24. 95 Kennedy Approach ...... ..15.95
24. 95 Steve Davis Snooker .. ..12.95
19. 95 War in the Middle Earth...... 15.95
24. 95 Dragon Ninja ... ......15 95 2495
Kult ..15.95
24. 95 Shoot Em Up Con. Set...... ..15.05
24. 95 Zany Golf ..... ......15.95
24. 95 AMIGA PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE Member RRP 64 Emulator 2.0 64
Emulator . .44.95 6995 Aegis Animator !
Mages 3D Animation .69.95
109. 95 Aegis Draw 2000 Cad Cam ... ......149,95
229. 95 Aegis Modeller 3D Cad Modeller
.44.95 6995 Aegis Sonix
Music .30.05 5995 Aegis
Audiomaster II Music Midi Sample..... .39.95 5995
Aegis Videoscape 3D Cad Animation .....
149. 95 Aegis Videoiiller Desktop Video . ...6995
119. 95 Aztec C Prof Prog. Language ... ......186.95
249. 95 A Talk III Communications . .59.95
70. 95 BBS PC Communications . .89.95
119. 95 Benchmark Moduia 2 Prog. Language ....
139. 95 Bulcher Utility . .21.95
29. 95 Comic Setter DTP Comic ... .47.95 69
95 Come Setter Art 1 Super Heroes .12.95
1995 Comic Setter Art 2 Funny Figures ......
19. 95 Comic Setter Art 3 Science Fiction ....
.12.95 1905 Cambridge Lisp Prog. Language ...
149. 95 Caligrapher 1.05 Font Editor
89. 95 Critics Choice Text SprearVDBase..... ......104,95
149. 95 Dos Toolbox Utility .
49. 95 Digiview Gold Video Digitizer ..... .90.05
129. 95 Deluxe Paint II Draw Graphics .... .55.00
79. 95 Deluxe Music Music .47.05
69. 95 Deluxe Video 3D Video Animation ... ..69.95
99. 95 Deluxe Photolab Animation Ham ... .47.95
69. 95 Member RRP Prim Utility . ...34.95
49. 95 Prof. Drum Track...... .....6.95
24. 95 Spreadsheet ...... ...27.45
39. 95 Prog, language .. ...41.95
59. 95 Draw Graphic* ... ...27.45
39. 05 Transfer Utility ... ...27.45
39. 95 Desktop Video ... ...41.95
59. 95 Utility ...... ...21.95
29. 05 Cad Elect Technic..... ...47.95
69. 95 Prof. Drum Track...... ...69.05
99. 05 Music ..... ...69.95
99. 95 Ani nation ... ...29 95
49. 95 Prog. Language . ...49.95
69. 95 Spelling Checker ...27.95
39. 05 Guru Buster ...27.95
39. 95 Copy Program ... .....6.95
24. 65 Home Finances .. ...27.95
36. 65 Cad Etec Technic...... ....41.95
59. 65 Communications...... ...21.95
29. 95 Wordprocessor .. ...34.05
49. 95 Prog. Language . .170.95
249. 95 Desktop Video ... ...36.95 59,95 Prog.
Language . ...62.95
89. 95 Disk Turbo .. .....6.95 2495
Prog.Language .. ....49.05
69. 95 Mailmeroe .. ...34.95
49. 95 Member RRP Movie Setter Desktop Video ......
49 95
69. 95 Omegafike Database ... ..6.95
24. 95 Publishers Choice DTP ....
119. 95 Page setter DTP .... ...... 54 95
79. 95 Professional Page DTP .... .....
199 95 249,95 Photon Paint 2.0 Draw Graphics .....
49.95 89,95 Pixmate Utility ..
34 95 4995 Photon Vrieo DeskTop Video ....
69.95 99 95 Prolessional Draw
Cad Graphics . 97.95
139. 95 Power Windows 2.5 Utility ..
48 05
69. 95 Pro Video Video Animator .... .....118.95
169. 95 Promise Spelling Checker .. ..6.95
24. 95 Quarlerback Harddisk UtUity ..... 34.95
49. 05 Synthia 59.95
79. 95 Slperbase Personal Database ...
79. 05 Slperbase Personal II Database ...
69 95
99. 95 Superbase Prot.
Database ... ..... 179 95
249. 95 3D Animation 62.95
89. 65 Studio Magic Sample Midi . 48.95
69. 95 Superback Harddisk Utility ..... 34.95
49. 95 Turbo Silver 3D 3D Animation 97.95
139. 65 Text Ed Plus Utility ..
49. 95 Video Generic Desktop Video ...... 59.95
79. 65 Wipe Master Desktop Video ...... 59.95
79. 65 Word Petted 4.2 Wordprocessor .... .....169.95
228. 00 Workbench 1.3
1. 3+ Manual . 12.95
19. 65 Xcopy No1 Copy Program .....
19. 05
29. 65 Deluxe Print II Drum Studio Digicalc Devpac II Digipaint
Dob To Dos Director Director Toolkit Design 3D Dynamic Drums
Dynamic Studio Fa rrta vision GFA Basic GoHspellfl Gorrrl 3.0
Hercules Copy Home Account Introcad K Comm 2.0 Kind Words II
Lattice 5.0 Dev.
Lights, Camera. Action MCC Pascal Magnum Turbo Macro Assembler Mailshot Plus M-M.- 9 CLUB 68000 INTRODUCTORY OFFER Fill out this coupon and return it to CLUB 68000 Ltd. Your only commitment is to pay £10.00 for one year's membership of CLUB 68000. Mail this coupon to CLUB 68000 Ltd., Suite 1, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT1 4DP Please send me Name,... Address Type of computer .. Membership £10.00 d! Cheque enclosed ..... Postcode .. Telephone No.
Date Signature . n Visa Access Master. No . ...Total D Postal Order Softwuc free of post & packaging within the UK. EEC £ 1, Non EEC G. Hardware Courier service £6 512K RAM EXPAISIOI FOR THE A500 The 512k card from memory expansion systems is probably the cheapest way to expand your A500. M.E.S. have used the latest high capacity dyr compromising qu underneath the I memory 'on off' systems is prob
M. E.S. have used keep costs down into the expansio useful
expansion memory 'on fi memory expansion systems i expand your
A500. M.E.S. dynamic rams to rn I r* s pro the la without slot
unde memory 'on systems is prob
M. E.S. have used keep costs down without compromising quality.
The card plugs into the expansion slot underneath the
keyboard, and features a useful expansion memory ’on off
switch.The 512k card from memory expansion systems is probably
the cheapest way to helfQeep costs down without Ijgg into the
expansion slot atures a
i. ro ip lugs ures a rd from st way to gh capacity compromising
underneath the memory 'on off ansion systems is
500. M.E.S. have used help keep costs down plugs into the
expansion ures a useful expansion ara from memory expansion
t way to expand your A500.
Pacity dynamic rams to help Steve Rackley looks at Project Master and comes up with a cheaper solution DURING idle moments I've often wondered about the usefulness of management tools. Do they serve a purpose beyond keeping managers busy and giving them something to justify expensive hardware on their desks?
Project Master splits a job into stages. You give the system your estimates as to how long each step will take. You then add estimates for the cost of each step and the resources needed. Some steps may be concurrent, so that if you have sufficient resources the steps can be carried out simultaneously.
The system calculates total time taken, total costs and resources. It can also calculate critical paths, the tasks which must be finished before the project as a whole can proceed any further.
Then by entering real data as it becomes available, for example how long a step took or how much a certain resource actually cost - often nothing like the estimate - the system updates its totals and revises the overall timescale to take account of late or early (ha ha!) Completion of the tasks. Ifs this copious re-entry of data that makes a project management system’s data entry facilities so critical.
Project Master’s features include the ability to produce time, cost and resource charts giving a graphical representation of the duration and cost of each task, with statistics such as critical and maximum paths, progress and cumulative costs including percentages of estimates.
INITIAL data entry is laborious; keeping everything up to date is almost as bad. Project Master works happily with incomplete data, giving you as much information as it can from the input provided, but that is no excuse for the poor design of the data entry stage.
Charts can be printed and plain reports produced. Resource charts are an easy way to highlight idle resources or show' up overlap caused by allocating the same workers to two concurrent tasks. Project Master doesn’t warn of this sort of thing automatically it allowed me to allocate one person to three concurrent tasks, spending all of his working week on each of them.
Compared to similar offerings on the PC, Project Master doesn’t seem to offer anything special, but does lack some features found on more expensive products, such as the ability to specify the extent of a resource’s availability.
Pm not a project manager, but I know a man who is. In his opinion perhaps the single most important feature of his expensive PC software is its ability to set up a “resource pool”, which is independent from any project and includes individual calendars.
When holidays are booked, they are entered and reflected in all future calculations. The lack of such features relegates Project Master to the amateur scale, which in turn casts doubt upon its entire worth.
1 work in a large office where several software projects are always under way at once. Although most of the managers have tried tools such as ?
* this, they generally give up on them as being more trouble than
they’re worth. An exception is one colleague who is using a
package costing around £1,000 to control several large
interrelated projects involving dozens of people and other
factors over a two-year period. I'd hate to try that with
Project Master.
If this kind of software is to earn its keep, it has to be easy to use. I’m afraid Project Master just isn't, although it seems so at first sight. It’s very well presented, it multi-tasks beautifully, and it is fairly well documented. But this type of software stands or falls on its ease of input.
Project Master falls. Dates must be input with separating hyphens.
Rates of pay can only be given as a whole number of pounds or dollars per hour, which could give some pretty large discrepancies on a major project, I found that going back to look at a previous task in the middle of entering a new one lost half the data in the new task.
I’ve got a better project management aid. It’s called pencil and paper.
REPORT CARD While any attempt to produce Amiga software aimed at corporates is laudable, this is a disappointment.
DISCOUNT SOFTWARE FOR THE AMIGA GAMES: Archipelagos ..£16.95 Balance of Power 1990 .£17 95 Blood Money .£16,95 Colossus Chess ....£16.95 Dragon Ninja .£18.95 Galdregons Domain ....£13.95 Gunship ...£16.95 Hawkeye .£13 95 Kick
Off £1395 Lancelot ...£1495 Lombard RAC Rally ....£1595 Lords of the Rising Sun ...£19.95 Millenium 2 2 £18.95 Populus ...£1895 Running Man ..£1895
S. D
I ....£18.95
Super Hang
On .....£16.95 Test
Drive 2 - The Duel ..£1895 War
in Middle Earth .. £15.95 BOOKS: Elementary Amiga
Basic .£1495 Kickstart
Guide ......£1295
Amiga Tricks &
Tips ....£12.95 Advanced
Amiga Basic ...£16.95 Amiga for
Beginners ...£10.95 Amiga
Machine Language ....£12.95 Amiga
Microsoft Basic ...£18.45
Basic Inside &
Out £18 95 The C
Language ...£23.95
£229.95 Protext V4.2 Latest
Version £64.95 Kind Words 2
..£39 95
Microtext £1595
SPREADSHEETS; Home Accounts (by Digita) ...£20.95
Digicalc ...£26.95
II ......£49.95
Personal Tax
Planner .£29.95 GRA-PHj.CS;
Deluxe Paint
3 ......£59.95 Digi
Paint .£41.95 Photon
Paint 2 ......£68 95
PROGRAMMING; Hisoft Basic (includes extra book)
£59 95 Hisoft Devpac
V.2 .£39.95
K-Seka £34.95
Pascal .....£68.95
Data ..£34.95
Microbase ......£15.95
file .....£18
95 SOUND: Amas
Midi Sampler ....£74.95
Adrum ..£29.95
Sonix ....£44.95
EDUCATIONAL: each has 8 games Fun School 2 2-6
years . £13.95 Fun School 2 6-8
years ..£13.95 Fun School 2
8-12 years £13.95 Mouse
Mat £3.95
Amiga Keyboard Cover £3.95
Amiga to Centronics P. lot Lead , .£6.95
Quickshot Turbo Joystick ......£10.95
3. 5 Head Cleaner . £5.95 Comp Pro
5000 Joystick £12.95 A500 Ram
Expansion (inc. Clock) £139.95 All printers listed have a ten
inch (A4) carnage, are Epson compatible, and feature friction
and tractor teed mechanisms for continuous or single sheet
paper. All prices include the necessary cable PANASONIC
KXP-1081 New Low Price Offers ail the draft mode text sizes of
the Epson FX compatibles and offers N.L.Q. tnalf sizes and
effects. Well built, very reliable, highly
recommended ..£159.95 STAR LC-10 As well built
and reliable as the Panasonic. Has four N.L.Q. fonts
(typefaces), in combination with all sizes and effects.
New low prices makes it well worth considering £195.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR All the features of the LC-10, but with a seven colour option.
Uses the Epson JX80 printer driver from Workbench + others .£249.95 STAR LC 24-10 24 pin version of the LC-10. Has 5 excellent letter quality fonts available with all sizes and effects. Two extra effects, outline and shadow are also featured.
Good value ..£339.95 DISCS; Bulk 3.5 Discs 10 off .. ....£9.95 Bulk 3.5 Discs 20 off ..£18.95 Sony Branded Box of 10 ..£15.95 All goods offered subject to availability. All prices include VAT & Delivery. Overseas orders welcome. Please write for prices.
Callers welcome: Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5.00. Saturday 10.00 to 4.00. Please send cheques POs to: Proprietor: M J. Cooper M.J.C. SUPPLIES (AMG) 40a QUEEN STREET, HITCHIN, HERTS. SG4 9TS Tel: (0462) 421415 32897 420874 for Enquiries Credit Card Orders Wrning TtfuT been such m School 2 f(
• ieofho cl! issy®* !a»«$ £S u.
S *P ° 0Ur y e k-' C a 0cfUr t t &1a*ord. %°f0 bJ£%!f% Shoppy ° OUr *W Cr* !&&sg'*s.
"‘• saSSg ]UCTang& with ana hj s&es
* SS&ff£8s*~ „„p: PW» Wn Now children can really have fun while
Fun School 2, designed by a team of educationalists, is available for three age groups: Under- 6s, 6-8 year olds and Over-8s. Each pack comes with eight colourful and exciting programs, a colourful button badge and detailed instructions giving educational help.
The computer itself monitors the child's progress. The skill level - initially set by parents
- is automatically adjusted to suit the child's ability.
J 1 I 1 I I I I I 1 I Expiry date i I Now children can enjoy using their parents' computer while they learn at their own pace.
Available for: Spectrum, Commodore 64, T nAT'A D A CE7 Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro Electron LJItvI aO aJ L £9.95 (tape) £12.95 (disc). EDI 1CATIONAI - Also: Atari ST, Amiga, PC £19.95 SOFTWARE (PC version released in June) Postcode.
AMC8 Format Under-6s 6-8 years Over-8s Tape Disc Tape Disc Tape Disc Spectrum 9094 9095 9096 9097 9098 9099 Commodore 64 9064 9065 9066 9067 9068 9069 Amstrad CPC 6179 6180 6181 6182 6183 6184 BBC Micro Electron 2239 2242 2245 BBC B+ Master 40T 2240 2243 2249 BBC B+ Master 80T 2241 2244 2250 Atari ST 9192 9193 9194 Amiga 9842 9843 9844 PC 5.25" 5764 5765 5766 PC 3.5" 5767 5768 5769 Please supply Fun School 2 for the code numberls) circled ? Cheque payable to Database Software ? Please debit my Access Visa card no.
Signed Add £2 per program Europe & Eire £5 Overseas Name.
Please circle the code number of the format you require Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB, Access Visa orders: Tel: 051-357 2961 DIGITAL Magic Software has pulled off a real coup. Its first two games releases have won Amiga Computing Excellence awards. And when we first saw Trained Assassin, we knew we wanted this game for our debut cover disc.
The folks at Digital Magic Software chose to give you level four, the Chasm of Skulls. It’s got flying eyeballs, leaping protozoa PM*** and tracker tumours - a level not for the weak of stomach.
Even our most hardened games reviewer almost lost his lunch.
Shoot the eyeballs for points before they jump out of their sockets. Pick up the extra weapons, but watch lui for the relentless scrol- ing - you might get iquashed.
As a budding assassin you need to know how to make the most of the weapons. The attract mode screen describes some of them. It also advises you to press Help for extra descriptions. Don't bother, the second page isn't included in this version.
All the weapons auto fire.
There is no need to set the switch on your joystick, just hold down the fire button.
You can’t turn and shoot.
This is so you can flee and fire.
Remember to let go of the trigger if you want to flip round or shoot in another direction. Once you have some of the more powerful weapons, the way you are facing becomes very important.
If you need to take a trip to the bathroom or rest an aching index finger, hit the Del key to pause. If you are doing so badly you are ashamed of the score, press Esc to quit.
Because of the way the program has been compressed to save space on the disc, you may have problems loading it on an unexpanded 512k machine if you have a second drive plugged in or if you have run another program first. The remedy is simple: Switch off, unplug any memory hungry peripherals, switch on and try again.
DISKSALV is a program designed by Dave Haynie of Commodore US to salvage any files and directories from a damaged AmigaDos file system device - hard or floppy - to a good one.
This is version 1.40 - the very latest update which works with the AmigaDos Fast File System (FFS). It Fixes all the bugs found in previous versions.
To recover files from a bad disc in DFO: and restore them to a good disk in Dfl: you would type: DiskSalv VI.40 Copyright (c) 1985 by Dave Haynie Salvage FROM Device DFO: TO Path DF1: DEVICE = trackdisk.device (DFO:] 1 UNIT = 0 FLAGS = 0 HEADS = 2 SECTORS = 11 LOCYL = 0 HICYL : 79 LOBLOCK = 0 HIBLOCK = 1759 RESERVED 2 HEMTYPE = 3 ROOT BLOCK = 880 DISK SIZE I 1760 Typing A will recover everything left at the current directory level, U will skip everything left at the current directory level and Q will quit the program completely.
Full details of the program, the options and the error messages are included on the disc in the file Disk- Salv.doc, Double-click on the icon and read the documentation before using the program for the first time.
IF you damage your disc for instance if the dog has chewed it or your mum has washed it you can get a new one by sending £1.50 to: Direct Disc Supplies Ltd making your cheque or postal order payable to Direct Disc Supplies Ltd.
THE- WHOLE GAME THE trouble with playing one level of Trained Assassin is that half-an- hour later you want to play another. Don't panic!
We've thought of that.
So sure are we that you’ll want more of this mindless mayhem which scored 15 15 for game- play that we've got our mail order boys and girls to stock up on the full version.
And as a special treat for Amiga Computing readers, we’re knocking a fiver off the the retail price, which means you can pick up this coin-op quality game for under £20. Check out Page 52 for full details.
The FROM and TO keywords are optional if the input and output devices are kept in that order. In use, DiskSalv will immediately print to the screen the detail shown in Figure I. At this point, pressing Return will start the recovery process, pressing N followed IF you are not a subscriber and your disc does not work, please send it to: Direct Disc Supplies Ltd, Dept Amiga Computing, Unit 19.
Teddington Business Park, Station Road. Teddington, Twll 9BQ. You will be sent a new disc.
By Return will abort.
There are quite a few options in DiskSalv that wi modify in various ways the recovery action, including ASK, which allows the disc salvage to proceed interactively instead of automatically. You will be prompted at each file or directory.
Entering Y will recover that file or move into that directory. A reply of N will skip that item. Replying ?
Will list all the valid options.
IF you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disc has been damaged in the post, please send it to: Database Direct, Amiga Cover Disc, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. You will be sent a new disc.
Now lurn lo next page What you'll find on our first cover disc A BAH |A k sound when you are low on ONE of the most addictive games ever released on 8 bit machines was Thrust. Fancy graphics were sacrificed to make room for the best gameplay this side of Tetris.
Many an addict found himself playing through the night, battling bravely against the seemingly impossible forces of gravity and strategically placed gun emplacements.
Imagine a 16 bit game with that sort of playability but with great graphics as well.
Raider is that game.
To load: Raider boot up the cover disc, open CD001 and double-click on the Raider icon.
You can re-definc the playing keys to use either joystick or mouse. Don’t bother, the keyboard is the only sensible way to play.
The default keys are: il A I I fuel.
I I Ml 1 I II On the right-hand side of 1 III II II the status panel, the middle II I light (green) remains lit for II I as l°nS as fuel capsules are ft I AAIA II II available on the current I I I I II I I P net.
I II I M | I I The bottom, orange light I || | mam I I remains lit white the end-of- level bonus is still available.
you successfully j j- ’ ' complete the first level tlie s Password to the second will ft" * y collecting green cogs which are hidden from you at the , A *. " start of each level by a cun- krv • * . V, -' . K ning cloaking device, ~ ' * ' ?. * Let gravity do all the work ¦ t' have'LTo sLuW rarely
* aVG rUSt d°WnWar S* capsules, but blast away at 'j*
free. Be careful not to get too close to something you are
are caught in the explosion.
Thrust Fire Shield tractor Rotate left Rotate right Pause Right shift Return Spacebar V '5 f l line with your shield on and
* T ' blast away.
The bases, the top light of the three blue will be lit let- and go straight to the more at bottom left, the upper of ting you know that the cog’s If those don’t suit, you can re-define the keys to your favourites. Don’t worry about Vis, the visibility torch, you won’t need it until you buy the whole game.
Press P at the re-define screen to enter a password difficult second level. We'll the two counters. Extra fuel cloaking device has been deleave you to discover the can be ga ned by picking up activated, identity of that four letter the blue capsules with your You must hunt down the word for yourselves. Tractor beam. This is direc- cog, collect it with your trac- As you use thrust, your tional - you do not have to tor beam and thrust away fuel decreases. The amount be exactly over a capsule to from the planet to finish the you have on hoard is shown grab it. A warning siren will level.
Pressing Esc in pause DO you often copy software on to floppies to take home from work or for archival purposes? Every once in a while, do you find that something has been written incorrectly to disc? Are you sick and tired of this? You are? Then you need DiskChecker.
This program, based on DiskSalv and written by C. Harald Koch of Toronto earlier this year, will read every sector on a hard or floppy disc, reporting any read errors found. To check a disc type: DISKCHECKER This program runs from a CLI or Shell. To check a disc type: DiskChecker [option] device-name where device-name is the name of a disc device - DF0:, FFO:, DHO:, RAD:, and so on.
DiskChecker will print statistics about the device and then read through each sector on the disc. It will report any errors encountered by error number.
In addition, if the error is a valid Trackdisk.Device error, the program will print a descriptive error message.
There are two options: -q (a hyphen followed by lower case Q) performs the check quietly and only reports errors encountered.
DiskChecker The second option, -v (a hyphen followed by lowercase V) performs the check verbosely displaying data about every sector checked.
So to check a disc quietly in the internal drive, type: diskchecker -q df0: The program will abort if inodti aborts the mission.
Now stop reading this and go and have some fun.
Because of the special compression technique used to squeeze more of the game on to the disc, A500 owners with no extra memory may experience d ifficu I ties running it if a second disc drive is fitted or if another program has been run before Raider. If the program hangs with a blank screen remove the disc, switch off, wait 20 seconds and try again.
THE- WHOLE GAME After completing this demonstration version of Raider, you’ll want to get your hands on the real thing - the other 38 levels which scored 15 15 for graphics and caused our reviewer to comment: “The graphics used to define the various planets and moons are wonderfully drawn and smoothly scrolled in all directions. Every new landscape is a joy to look at and explore”.
Name ...... Address .. ...years Daytime phone ....after....am Evening phone .....after....pm Submission name .... Submission size .. bytes in total NOTE: We will accept submissions up to 500k in total length, including documentation. But the shorter your submission,
the better chance it stands of getting on to the disc. If it is a compiled program, include all the source code, but do not count this in the size of the submission.
Write a brief description of your submission below. If it consists of more than one file, describe what each file is for. Attach an extra sheet of paper to this form if necessary: Never fear, mail order is here. Turn to page 52 to read full details of how to get hold of Raider for just £14.95. WE are looking for original contributions for the Amiga Computing cover disc. If you think something you have written or drawn is good enough to share with everybody else who reads the magazine, send it along and we will have a look. If we like what we see, it could earn you up to £1,000.
Please let us know if your submission needs any files from the Workbench disc. Programs which use the Amiga’s built-in speech can be particularly greedy in this respect.
If your program is clickable from Workbench, feel free to design an original icon. In fact, we’ll pay small amounts for good icons, even if there is no program attached. Hut don’t make them too big. And please use die standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512k machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the disc.
Please enclose this coupon, or a photocopy of it, with your submission.
Include a file on the disc with full documentation, your name, address, phone number and a few details about you and your kit. Don’t forget to duplicate on the disc label the program name, your name, address and phone number. If you want your disc back, enclose the correct amount in stamps.
Sign this declaration: you type Ctrl-C or Ctrl-D.
DiskChecker tries to make certain sanity checks about devices. It will not let you check CON:, for example.
However, these checks are far from perfect. You will crash your machine if you try to check SER:, PAR: or PRT:. Make sure the device statistics printed look reasonable before proceeding.
DiskChecker does what it says, and will only check discs, not Amiga devices.
The stuff on this disc is mine. I didn’t nick it off someone else. It hasn’t been published before and I haven’t submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it.
Signed .. Date Post your submission to: Jeff Walker, Amiga Computing, North House, ¦ 78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood, CM15 9BG.
Disc bargains!
Send for the full version of the great games on this month's Amiga Computing cover disc - and SAVE £10!
This blockbuster combines the best features of some of the most popular games ever to have appeared on the Amiga.
!t features five action-packed levels with different varieties of scrolling and gameplay, with the fifth level guaranteed to raise your joystick's temperature by a few degrees (if not your own).
"Trained Assassin is of a standard that could probably survive unaltered in a real arcade - few games could manage that" - Stewart Russell, Amiga Computing.
RRP £24.95 Our Price £19.95 Skill and determination are the qualities you'll need in vast amounts if you're going to fully master this game.
Your mission consists of collecting pods by hovering above them and switching on your tractor beam, but all the time you have to take into account the effects of intertia and gravity, controlling your ship as smoothly as possible - to avoid colliding with the planet below.
TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 95 "The graphics are wonderfully drawn and smoothly scrolled in all directions. Every landscape is a joy to look at and explore... delicate, addictive gameplay."
- John Kennedy, Amiga Computing.
RRP £19.95 Our Price £14.95 place to find one MY guru is busy meditating but while he was away doing grinding-halts to my machine I received a package from a cheeky chap who reckons he can find his way into Amiga Computing on the merits of his work. A cunning ploy to slip past the armed guard in the lobby, abseil up the stairwell and arrive at Angus's linen cupboard in the fourth floor washroom.
Money for nothing Pssst, want a free plug for your PD club? Fat Angus's fourth floor office is the best virus fettlers.
The second disc is a collection of PD utilities, 600k of them trawled from other discs and assembled as a sort of general purpose disc dabbler's toolkit.
Hiding on the third and penultimate coaster is a wee beastie by the name of Diskmaker. Frenchie describes this as “a minor utility by myself that runs from Dos and prepares discs for booting”. At present this only works for rich people, but a version for single drives is imminent.
The final disc will have to wait until another day for its international debut because I’ve used one hot cup too many on it and it's gone to that great random access in the sky. The newsletters are informative hints and tips written in a zingy and easy to read style. Their style and content leads me to believe that we’ll be hearing more from David French, David French, or David French Software as he prefers to be known, is one of the growing band of speedboat drivers who realise that at the age of 13 there is more to life than modelling life jackets.
Swapping throttle and surf for Amiga and mouse, he’s tied up his powerboat and left the swell of the ocean for the smell of the keyboard.
Not content with sending me discs which make good drinks coasters, he sent me a swatch of newsletters wrought from his own fair nine pins.
Taking the discs in reverse order (scsid eht) there’s a collection of virus killers, including the very useful VirusX and the pretty but not too delicate Blizzard. With the Prat Quotient on the increase, it’s not enough to set the write-protect tab on the disc. Everyone must have some sort of virus protection.
The disc autoboots to a choice screen. It’s here that I may fall out with young French. He’s included that damn awful progette that makes the screen undulate as if you’re looking through rippling water. It’s OK for a minute or so but there’s no room for it on a serious collection of MARTIN at 17 Bit must get Angus’s award for turning out the largest amount of quality PD the quickest. I can’t remember whether I’ve burbled about 17 Bit Disc 323 before, but even if 1 have, it’s got to be worth another paragraph.
Remember when digitised music first appeared on the Amiga and we all went Pheeeeewwwwww corrrrrrr hi****** h**** and all that? Nowadays it all sounds similar, uses the same samples and has that infuriating electronic drumkit that Kraftwerk threw out in the ‘seventies.
17 Bit 323 uses all those predictable digitised delights that are apt to make us yawn but young Sixsmith, the Programmer Compiler, has welded them together in a rather pleasant six minute rendition of something by Vangelis. The accompanying slideshow is simple but effective. The overall effect is slightly stunning.
Arghhhh, I've done it again.
Slightly stunning. As you read this, think of the poor old sub editor, whose job it is to remove nonsensical drivel such as “slightly stunning” from this article. I’m sure that as he ?
MJV this solid silver Grail, worth £5,000, in the exciting Quest for the Holy Grail competition. Full details in every box.
Inside every box there’s a detailed guide to playing Level 9 adventures, a background story to the classic legend, a parchment map of Arthurian England and full details of how to take part in the Quest for the Holy Grail competition.
Semen shots from Atari ST version F T WA R E IpvpI Q the format you require): Please send me the following Lancelot (tick ? I enclose a cheque for £ .....(including VAT and p&p) made payable to Mandarin Software ? Please debit my Access Visa card no: U i I I II I II I I I I I Mill £19.95 Atari ST Atari XUXE Commodore Amiga Amstrad CPC Amstrad CPC PCW Spectrum Plus 3 Expiry date: Apple II BBC Master Signature: Name:...... IBM PC and Compatibles Commodore 64 Macintosh MSX 64k Tape versions come with three cassettes In every package Spectrum .. Postcode
SEND TO: Database Direct, Freepost, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. Tel: 051-357 2961 AMC8
* Text only Dealers: Ring Diane O'Brien on 0625 878888 for your
free Mandarin Software Information pack arrived at it he
drooled with anticipation and pulled out the blue pencil Alas
for him, I’ve gone on to tell you what he should do.
If you’re reading this and there isn’t a reference to “slightly stunning” two paragraphs back, then the sub editor has deleted it without reading the rest of this. Have him taken out and shot.
The Starship Enterprise leaving the spacedock demo on 17 Hit 329 has lost some of its sparkle, which brings me to a valid point. If I'd wanted a machine that gave me pretty pictures and sound, I’d have bought a video recorder. For a couple of hundred pounds it will run animation and sound for four hours. I mean, it’s nice to see the Amiga stretched to its capabilities, but if a film company were to put four shots of the Enterprise leaving a dock in space on a video, we'd consign it to the bin.
Mind you, I got a buzz from watching Arthur Fairclough (three doors up the hill on the left) drop his jaw in amazement and head off to the local paper to put in the following classified ad: FOR SALE. Atari STFM.
Only 2 weeks old. Still in box.
Unwanted gift.
That's all very well, and at least it got Arthur a decent computer, but I still feel that demos of this sort have to be looked on as a consumable that may only be watched a few times and then either consigned to the disc box or reformatted.
OLLOWING John Kennedy’s advice in the Basic series last month, I decided to look to the chocolate digestive as an alternative data storage medium. But although it’s a good standby, the constraints of a single sided 178k format is too restricting for my purposes. So I delved deeper.
I’ve found that chocolate Hob Nobs will format to about 440k, but again they are only single sided. My finest result was to use a Burton’s Wagon Wheel as a 20 meg removable hard disc, taking advantage of the alternate layers of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit to distinguish the different plattens. Only problem there is that it needs to be kept cool or your programs all run together.
Less of the frivolity and back to the serious stuff.
Public domain software is arriving so thick and fast that it would need a magazine all to itself to cover everything. It is easy to keep on looking for the new stuff and forget the old, so every month I’m going to blow off the cobwebs and tackle a couple of golden oldies.
And where better to start than with a goldfish. There are two ways to get a goldfish - win one at a fairground or send Fred Fish some money. I chose the latter, and for a mere Five US dollars each plus Five dollars postage, Fred sent me some goldFish.
Goldfish discs are selected popular goodies from the Fish collection put on to a compilation disc. On the original discs Fred usually includes the source code but on the goldfish you get just the program and documentation.
This saves a lot of space and makes for a disc absolutely crammed with buckets of programs. The documentation has a note saying which Fish disc has the original and therefore the source code, thus making a reasonable compromise.
First into the; deep fat fryer was Goldfish 1, a collection of games and things. It has the ever present Triclops and Gravity Wars plus a directory called Cutestuff which contains a few of those silly little progettes that make Workbench misbehave.
There is the one that tilts the screen, the other one that makes the windows bounce around the screen and a nasty little varmint that causes the screen to become like a slightly out of tune TV with a snowy effect.
Goldfish 2 is a tidge more serious with C-Shell and a few other straight faced programs. There are a couple of PD comms utilities as well, but despite its permanent frown, it’s still good value.
Sitting next to a portion of chips is GoldFish 3 with its zillions of neatly ordered utility progs. SunMouse, DiskSalv, IconType, ID Handler DropShadow and about umpteen more make this one a contender for the most crowded tlisc of the year.
You can read more about DiskSalv on the cover disc pages because we’ve given you the latest version on the front cover this month.
Yorkshire has 7,943 telephone boxes. And if Datameg of Canada succeeds, each one of those will have a universal socket connector. Undergoing trials in Ontario at present, the connector is a simple addition to any pavphone allowing direct connection to a modem.
Designed by Mick Saunders, it was a product of necessity. Mick lived in a college house where the only line was a payphone. No more installations were possible, so he made modiFications to it.
It worked Fine and Mick was able to download from his favourite PD bulletin boards. His cousin Eileen brought a diagram home to the UK, and with some changes to voltage it has been working in a phone box in West Yorkshire since April. The price is to be set at £12.50. Ho-hum, if you had a hundred grand to spend you ?
Could do the other 7.942 boxes and still have enough left to buy an Amiga, a good monitor and some software.
Good old Vic West, the Calor Gas Man. He came round with yet another pearl of wisdom last week. “I won’t come in.” he said. With all these viruses about, you can’t be too careful.” “It's OK, we haven't been ill.” I said.
“No, no, not you,” he whispered.
“It’s your computer I’m worried about. 1 wouldn't want my BBC Micro to catch anything off your Amiga."
Still. I suppose I can’t expect any more from a guy who says that the BBC implementation of Elite is the best.
Importers beware. As well as rumours of a new tax on software any program you import from abroad attracts vat at the standard rate of 15 per cent. 1 was leafing through some Stateside mags and saw what looked to be a bargain.
After I'd added postage both ways, the price of packaging, the loss of funds in the exchange rate and the dreaded vat, it would have cost me £16 more and taken a month longer to get. The Romans used to say caveat emptor. For the benefit of those who only use living languages it means: Buyer beware.
This column wouldn’t be complete without a word about quilted anoraks. I was taken to task for my shoddy treatment of train spotters last month. One reader invited me to stand on the end of the platform with a bunch of his friends and savour the delights of waiting for D200, the first of the English Electric type 4s. To steam past.
“How can a Diesel steam past?” 1 asked.
“Don’t be pedantic,” I was told by WHERE IN THE WORLD?
David French Software, Gateacre, Devon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HQ.
(Tel 0548 842965), Fred Fish, 1346 West 10th Place.
Tempe, Arizona 85281, USA. (Tel 0101 602 894 6881).
17 Bit Software, PO Box 97, Wakefield, Wfl 1XX. (Tel 0924 366982).
Trevor. He’s one of Ralph’s friends.
Sheesh! Three and a half hours waiting in a Nor Easterly gale to be tolcl by a leering BR employee that it was diverted by the Settle-Carlisle line and was now cosy and warm in Palmadie shed.
Still. Ralph's mum’s homemade vegetable soup from the thermos made up for the cold and all those quilted anoraks. I never saw anyone wear one with the pixie hood up before.
M. D. Office Supplies would like to take this opportunity to
apologise to all its competitors. We shall with immediate
effect supply direct to the public.
Computer discs. Storage boxes, etc. AT BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES 5k 3k 3k 5k
5. 25" DISCS & BOXES 25 5.25' 0S-DD 96 TPI with 50 Capacity
Lockable Storage Box £12.49 50 5.26' DS-DD96TPI with 100
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.W.V-V.'.V.V.V.V.VV.V MOTOROLA chips arc rather remarkable in
the computing world insofar as they are very compatible. The
least powerful member in the family is the 68008, as used in
the QL. This was hampered by an 8 bit address bus and only
really took off in the control mechanisms for washing
The 68000, which we all know and love, has a 24 bit address bus and 16 bit internal registers. That is, it can move data internally 16 bits at a time.
It works at a clock rate of 7.16MHz - a respectable rate of knots - but there is always room for improvement.
The model up from the 68000 is the 68010, which is slightly faster because it has an internal ram cache. Here the processor remembers the last couple of bytes it was looking at and a few bytes on either side for good measure.
After completing execution of an Undercover operation John Kennedy lifts the lid on a 68020 for the A500 instruction it checks to see whether or not it can use the data held in its ram instead of reading the slower main memory. If it can, the operation is much faster, since no external accessing has to be carried out.
The 68020 goes one step further because it is a 32 bit processor. This sounds wonderful until you realise that the processor needs two cycles of the 7.16MHz clock to read the data from the Amiga's 16 bit ram into its registers. The Animate Turbo Board counters this problem by upping the clock rate to a whoppingly fast 14MHz.
Unfortunately - isn't there always an unfortunately? - the rest of the custom chips in the Amiga will still chug along at 7MHz, limited by the speed the processor can get the operating system data from the roms.
The nett result is that when you switch the computer on you won’t notice the difference.
The other important chip which you can fit to the Animate Turbo Board is the 68881 maths coprocessor. This shares the data and addresses buses with the processor and whenever it sees a maths instruction go by it says: "Hold on, I can do that one!" And tells the processor the answer. Because it works at the upped cycle rate of 14MHz, the chip is very fast. The coprocessor is now supported in the libraries supplied with the latest (1.3) version of Workbench, which means any C or assembler programs you write can take full advantage.
Fitting the board on an A5G0 first involves removing the outer case and waving bye-bye to the warranty. The ?
Outer case is held in place with half-a- dozen small screws with Allen key heads. These are easily removed with a pair of long-nosed pliers - or the correct official Commodore tool - and the case lifts off to reveal the large metal RF shield. More screws hold this in place. Removing the shield will allow access to the unsuspecting 68000.
Taking out a large chip is always a heart-in-the mouth process, especially as the first time it is removed the fit is very tight, causing that horrible noise which sounds like something very valuable being slowly broken.
Once the 68000 is removed the new board can be inserted into the vacant socket. This is where the first problem becomes apparent because pressing the board home can displace a small capacitor mounted nearby. In my case it didn't break off, although it was a very close thing. The second problem comes to light after the board is fitted - there is no longer room for the metal shielding, leaving no choice but to reassemble the computer without it.
Powering up revealed a black MODE 68020 68881 68000 Speed-up Pai nti ng
12. 4 secs
25. 1 secs 202 ,4% Scan 1i ne pai nti ng
34. 3 secs
62. 2 secs
181. 3% Snapshot
903. 2 secs
2416. 6 secs 267 . 6% Some real results using the hoard with
Sculpt Animate 4D. The times are those taken to produce a
full image of a coffee cup screen. This was a tense moment.
A thorough investigation traced the problem to the power
supply plug which had not been inserted properly into the
SUPPLIED with the board is a disc of software which demonstrates the speed of the new system. These timings are reproduced in Figure I, while Figure II shows the times taken to produce a ray-traced coffee cup with Sculpt Animate 4D.
Using the board from AmigaBasic reveals some interesting results. Of four programs written for testing purposes, dealing with floating point operations, integer operations, string operations and graphics, only the floating point program showed any signs of a speed increase, and then only a touch faster. If the programs were compiled with Hisoft Basic, which uses the 1.3 maths libraries, the difference would have been greater, AmigaBasic uses its own routines which ignore the 68881 (curse you Microsoft).
Other programs actually ran slower by a very small amount, probably due to the increase in processing speed being absorbed by the need to access ram twice as often. Other accelerator boards solve this problem by supplying a healthy quantity of 32 bit ram - usually at least 2 meg. This is why other accelerator boards cost several times as much as the Animate Turbo Board.
A very worrying point is that some software, including LED Storm, will not run with the 68020 processor in place. Fitting the board is definitely something you want to do as little as possible. Having to remove it to run certain programs is a serious no-no. It is academic whether this was caused by illegal code on the part of the programmer or as a consequence of the internal, ram cache of the 68020 - the software did not run and needed the 68000 refitting before it would.
FLOATING POINT 68020 68881 68000 10000 functions 256000 functions
4. 7 secs 48 secs
17. 5 secs 150 secs SAVAGE TEST 68020 68881 68000 2500 iterations
0. 46 secs
59. 6 secs SIEVE TEST 68020 68881 68000 100 iterations
27. 2 secs
45. 72 secs WHETSTONE TEST
35. 82 secs
213. 06 secs Timings of the demonstration software - all very
impressive, I’m sure WHEN money is no object and a heavily
maths-dependant piece of programming is needed, this board
will do the job nicely. When using software such as
Sculpt-4D, the speed increase is considerable.
However, when using AmigaBasic the program will usually run slightly slower than if it was using the good old 68000. Programs must make special use of the maths libraries to effect any speed increase.
To an average programmer like myself the Animate Turbo Board is nice, but too expensive to be worthwhile. The money would be better spent on a hard disc.
REPORT CARD Animate 68020 68881 Turbo Board £498 Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242 ease of use ....II 1.111..LLI1TTTTT] A very worrying point is that some software, typically a good game, will not run with the 68020 in place.
SOFTWARE ......riilllllllllilll Supplied with the board is a disc of software which demonstrates the speed of the new system.
Programs must make special use of the new maths libraries to effect any increase in speed.
VALUE ... I Too expensive to be worthwhile.
OVERALL 53% The money would be better spent on a hard disc.
3. 5"
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19. 95 Virus Killer for the Amiga as endorsed by Commodore
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EDITORS are one of those things we all argue over. Like
languages they all have their good and bad points; like
languages there are those who love their editors, and loathe
all others.
TR TextEd is different. Nobody will love it. It falls untidily between light modification editors like AmigaDos ED and the power editors like MicroEmacs.
It comes on one disc, which does not have Workbench installed on it silly, because Commodore has gone out of its way to make that as easy and cheap as possible. There is no excuse for not having it as the disc is only half full.
Once you have booted Workbench and opened the TR TextEd disc you can load the program. Click the icon, and up it pops. Kerpow. It decides that your Workbench colours aren’t up to scratch, and sets its own. There isn’t a good reason for changing the colours, as it runs on the Workbench screen. It’s just done to annoy you.
You are now running. The first thing I usually do is hit the Help key.
TR TextEd says in the bottom left of its window; “Help is active”. You see, this is a help system which now wants you to press a key or make a menu selection. No index or menu of functions.
On its own this kind of Help is practically useless. Of course TR TextEd surpasses itself when you press a key because then it asks for disc volume HELP.
And where is HELP? It’s a directory on the TR TextEd disc, and you’ll have to get a CLI up and do a “Assign Help: Dfl:Help”, and then you'll get Help. I hope you are following all this, because the novice user won’t.
The final indignity in the system appears if you resize the TR TextEd window. Make it smaller than 73 columns and Help ceases to work because it doesn’t pop up it’s own window, but uses the edit one, which is formatted to you guessed 73 columns per line.
So after being irritated by the Help system, on to edit a file. Select Edit File in the menu, and up pops a requester. No, not a file request like practically every other Amiga product, just an Enter a file name requester. Unforgivable. File requesters aren’t hard to write, and there are plenty of editor requesters which you can duplicate in function.
But there you go.
CATALOGUING misfeatures goes on. Mouse positioning? Only on the current screen, and no scroll bars, and you can’t double click to mark start and end of block.
Status lines? Two, one at the top telling you the usual bits, like Line, Column, Insert Mode, if Search is case sensitive, the Ascii value of the character you are on and how big your line buffer is. Then at the bottom of the window two lines are wasted telling you what your right hand margin is set to when there’s space up on the top line.
Cut and Paste? Apart from the confusion of options, it turns out that you can only do this on complete lines, so no snipping that function out of that bit of C code. Crude is not the word for it.
It keeps on in this vein. The fonts option which will only use non- proportional 8 point fonts unless it’s its own deformed 8 point font.
Eventually you’ll get to the keyboard layout. All the functions which aren’t on the menus are on the function keys, with combinations of Shift Alt and Ctrl. Lovely and easy to program, especially as you can’t reconfigure them.
The more I played with TR TextEd the more irritated I became with it.
The manual, a demonstration of why you must never let the programmer write the manual, says the author had 18 years of working with mainframe, mini and micro editors. He must have used some damnably weird and hideously cut-down editors to produce this one.
I can’t recommend TR TextEd. The version I had was V3.0, and quite honestly, if it's taken this long to get to this, it’s going to be a long while before it becomes a worthwhile editor. You get better (ED and MicroEmacs) on your Workbench discs, and much better editors are available commercially.
REPORT CARD TR TextEd HB Marketing 0895 444433 £29.95 EASEOFUSE. I I 1 I I I I I I I I M I I 1 There are always people who buy things out of masochism. If you do, you'11 like this one. Quite a lot.
SPEED ....i II I I I 1 I II I I I I i I Lovers of the cack-handed user interface will rejoice in complicated fixed function key combinations.
Value nnnnnnm i Does anyone want to buy my copy?
OVERALL 7% A generous score for a program with absolutely no redeeming features.
99 £133 99 SOFTWARE £67 35 £101 00 £83 40 Word Processing
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This is the official simulation of a lifetime... will your skills measure up to the challenge?
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'Totally addictive ...a breath of fresh air' - Atari ST User, January '89 'Thoroughly engrossing... highly recommended... the best controls I've encountered in any computer race game' - Computer and Video Games, January 89 'The definitive racing game... Overall 95%'- Computer Gamesweek, November 5-15, 1988 'An absolute must? - ST Action, January '89 Please send me Lombard RAC Rally for: ? Atari ST ? Amiga ? PC (5’A") 191571 19829) (5728j ? I enclose a cheque for £24.95 made payable to Mandarin Software ? Please debit my AccessA isa number: Li I I II I I I-Jl I I..1 -I I II I I Signed_ Name._
Address.__ Postcode.
Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral, L65 3EB Tel: 051-357 2961. Postage: Add £2 Europe Overseas £5 WRITING fora computer magazine is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when the editor plonks a lump of hardware on your already overcrowded desk and requests 1,200 words by Friday. No sweat.
Then you remember the magazine has reviewed three similar lumps of hardware in the past six months and you are expected to find something new to say. Words flow like cold treacle. Ah, the joys of computer journalism.
Luckily for me the Vortex System 2000 has a lot to offer over and above the features of your bog standard Amiga hard drive. For a start, it’s not just for the Amiga. It comes in two bits - the 40 meg drive, a stylish grov white metal box about 9in square hv
2. 5in deep, and something called a Personality Module.
The Vortex Personality Module makes it possible to fit the System ¦ 2000 hard drive unit to any number of computers. Modules are currently available for the Amstrad PCVV. PC and PPC ranges, the Schneider kuro PC. The PS2 Model 30 and other IBM compatibles plus, of course, one module for both the A500 and A1000, Before you get excited, this doesn’t mean you can remove your formatted Amiga System 2000 hard drive, attach it to the Personality Module on your PC and immediately start reading and writing to it. You have to reformat it first, losing all your data.
But it does mean that if you c ecide to change your computer systeri, a tried and trusted hard drive is just a £195 Personality Module away. It’s probably a feature we loyal Amigans will never use, but it’s nice to know Ips there.
Inside the paperback-sized module is the Vortex developed Amiga BIOS eprom. It gives the System 2000 some pretty amazing autoboot facilities.
If you haven’t upgraded to the Kickstart 1.3 rom yet, don't bother - this box of tricks will do what Commodore says can’t be done: It will autoboot from Kickstart 1.2 and Kickstart 1.3. It will also autoboot from a Workbench 1.3 FastFileSystem partition. With a typical Startup- Sequence you can expect to be up and running in under 10 seconds.
MIRACLKS have to be paid for.
To autoboot from KS1.2, about 100k of memory needs to be reserved for the; system. With the four default 10 meg partitions grabbing about 30k each, this doesn’t leave much elbow room on a vanilla A500.
Depending on what you are doing in your Startup-Sequence, you’ll only have about 200,000 bytes free after loading Workbench nowhere near enough to do any serious computing.
If we told you that we know of a 40 meg hard disc which autoboots in under 10 seconds from Kickstart 1.2 or 1.3, you’d probably tell us to pull the other one. But Jeff Walker discovered that the Vortex System 2000 is all that it claims to be If you have a KS1.3 machine, the System 2000 doesn't need that 100k so you’re left with around 300k free, which is perhaps just enough to run one application. Multi-tasking? Unless they are very small programs, forget So you’re going to need more memory, which - as long as you have the cash - isn’t a problem. 512k in the A500 trapdoor will do to start
It’s what I used to review the system.
If you want to fit more, the Personality Module has a through connector on to which you can push a 2 meg expansion.
Having been brought up like a good boy to believe that it was impossible for a hard drive,to autoboot from Ksl.2,1 was interested in finding out how Vortex had worked this miracle. The West German company is insistent that it hasn’t broken any rules. “We’ve patched Workbench.” is the official line. And indeed, below the '(c) Commodore et al bumpf on the supplied Workbench disc is Vortex’s own copyright message.
Commodore technoboffins have their own theories as to how the System 2000 works. Randell Josup, programmer of the A590’s HDToolbox, reckons that “drives which autoboot under Ksl.2 take advantage of the diagnostic vector used for testing the, machines in production. It works, but is not recommended in genera 1”.
Lean confirm that it does work. In fact it works very well. Over a period of two months the System 2000 has done me proud. It has not fallen down and I have yet to find a program that won’t run with the hard drive plugged in.
This doesn’t mean every program ever written is going to run, although Vortex says that if any software does not work with the Personality Module attached, it’s because that software is breaking the rules, not the System
Nevertheless an option is at this moment being added to cut out the hard drive on boot-up. Holding down the left mouse button while the system is initialising will prevent the Personality Module from activating.
This has been included so that users who are short on ram will be able to run their larger programs without having to remove hardware from the expansion port. A little thought goes a long way.
The software is good stuff, although if you’re not a meddler you’ll have little use for anything except the public domain hard disc backup program. This is because Ideal Hardware of Surrey, Vortex’s distributor in this country, supplies the System 2000 ready formatted and partitioned with the contents of the Workbench 1.3 already copied across.
It really is a case of plug it in, switch on, and go.
Plugging it all in could be a The non-standard hard drive port has been by Vortex to give high data transfer rates developed problem if you are short of space. A sturdy cable runs between the Personality Module and the hard drive, but it is only a couple of feet in length. Much longer and the drive would suffer read write errors. This means the drive unit has to be positioned either directly to the left of or behind and to the left of your A 500.
I have one of those split level tables that has a shelf above the main table on which to plonk a monitor. The System 2000rs lead is just long enough to allow it to sit up there.
I’m a meddler. I like turning knobs, pushing buttons and typing commands just to see what happens.
The first thing I do when I get my hands on a hard drive is fiddle with the partitions. Usually it’s a real pain, even when you know what you’re doing. Vortex has made altering the System 2000’s default partitioning dead simple.
You run a program on the installation disc called Part. It presents you with some information on how the partitions are currently set up, and then asks five questions about how you want your new first partition to look. It gives intelligent defaults. The only question you need to think about is length. The figure right shows my responses to set up a single 40 meg partition - all 803 cylinders under one roof.
Following the partitioning process, which is over in seconds, you have to format them - or it in my case. This involves re-booting from the Workbench disc, opening a Shell and using the normal AmigaDos Format command specifying the FFS option to get the FastFileSystem format and QUICK so you don’t have to wait an hour for plaj'time.
All that’s left to do is copy the entire contents of the Vortex Workbench disc over to the hard drive and away you go. Literally five minutes after starting the process it’s finished and done with. Painless.
More good news: Vortex is making the setting-up process even more user-friendly. It is being re-written to be totally icon driven.
Ideal Hardware says the new software should be ready about September.
You will be able to upgrade if you buy a system with the old software.
REPORT CARD One of the things you normally have to do when setting up a hard drive is add the partition details to the Mountlist file in the Devs: directory.
Not with the System 2000 you don’t.
Vortex System 2000 Ideal Hardware 01*390 1211 £573.85 EASE OF USE .. Plug it in, switch it on and away you go. No setting up needed, but easy and fun - to change things if you're a born meddler.
SOFTWARE ....I Extremely user friendly. A lot of thought has gone into it and it is being continually upgraded. The addition of a PD backup utility is a nice thought.
SPEED, Hard drives are getting quicker all the time. Being able to autoboot from a WB1.3 FastFileSystem partition makes this the one to beat for speed.
VALUE ...-1 H 1 I 1 1 1 H i j 1 1 I Although almost £200 more than the CBM A590, the Vortex System 2000 is faster, has twice the storage capacity and autoboots from KS1.2 or 1.3. It comes with a file called Vmountlist which the system reads along with Mountlist on startup. Neat.
But to make roses smell sweet you generally need a bit of quality dung.
The System 2000 has a real stinker.
There are two ports on the Personality Module, the back one for plugging the System 2000 into, the front one originally intended for piggy-backing another hard drive. But the ports are not SCSI, and the piggy-back option isn’t available.
The front port instead serves as the correct hole to plug the lead into if you are fitting the unit to an Al,000.
So if you’re looking to stack up a couple of hundred megs of hard storage, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
German manuals rarely translate well into English, and the one I got with the System 2000 is no exception.
Because of the excellent software, however, the manual was only needed to convince me I was pressing OVERALL Except for the lack of a piggyback option, the System 2000 is hard to fault. Most users will find 40 megs more than adequate for their needs.
PART for System 2000 on the.Commodore Amiga
(c) 1988 89 vortex Computersysteme GmbH The harddisk has 4 heads,
26 sectors per track and 803 cylinders and has a capacity of
40.8 MB Existing partitions: 1-Partition: System 2000 Ins
StartCyl = 1 Length s 200 FastF ileSystem
2. Partition: System 2000 Ins StartCyl = 201 Length = 200
3. Partition: System 2000 Ins StartCyT = 401 Length = 200
4. Partition: System 2000 Ins StartCyl = 601 Length = 202
FastFileSystem Please enter new partition data Abort entry
with End RETURN Taking over the defaults with RET(JRN
The first Partition should beginn with cylinder 1, the lower
cylinders are reserved for the harddisk and partition data H
The partitioning program is the picture of user- friendliness.
Soon it will be totally icon driven One cylinder equals a capacity of 52.0 Kbyte Startcylinder: 1 Length: 802 Log. Name: DH0 Name: HardO FastFileSystem? Y Startcylinder: End the correct keys at the correct times.
Not to worry though, it has been rewritten to make more sense.
In a way this is a shame, because there are a couple of screamers in the original. I may have the only hard drive in the world which has a backside.
Talking of backsides, in the rear of the manual is an appendix containing C listings and details of how to call the Vortex driver from your own software. Techies will need this, because instead of using the Amiga's Trackdisc. Device this hard drive is driven by the System 2000’s custom Vortex.Device. The associated .H and .1 files are on the installation disc.
This kind of documentation is a bit heavy for me, but no doubt programmers will be glad of it and will understand every word.
In use the System 2000 has a good feel to it. It's quick and solidly built. I liked it. In fact I like it so much I bought it. Pingpong dor technik and all that.
Vortex system 2000 hard disks Now available - Vortex ‘System 2000’ hard disks, offering versatile high-capacity storage, suitable for use with the Amiga 500 and Amiga
1000. The units are of a high specification, with a formatted
capacity of over 42Mb and an average access time of 45Ms.
The system consists of a hard disk bese unit, cables and an
Amiga interface module, with utilities software including
an autoboot facility and a hard disk backup utility.
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is colour matched to the Amiga, and has a throughport
connector. The drive is capable of a number of configurations
including 40 80 track switching and 360 720K format, giving
full ’Transformer’ compatibility.
Only £114.95 Including VAT & delivery Probably the best and most complete
3. 5“ disk copier for the Amiga user.
Can even copy MS-DOS, Atari ST. CP M, Xenix and Archimedes disks.
Because ol the high specification of the Amiga drive, this copier is prob- ably the best for the Archimedes or ST. Also includes track editor.
ONLY £34.95
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• Throughport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity
• Slimline design
• Very quiet
• Long cable for location either side of computer
• Full 12 months guarantee disk backup utility Ultra low price!
£74.95 inc.VAT and delivery High quality medium resolution colour TV mordtar now available to suit the Amiga. Features teletext, full Infra-red remole control, SCART connector, Video Audio input and headphone output connoctorB. 39 tuner presets, oxtemal aerial connector and a loop aerial.
Supplied with connection cable.
PYE TV MONITOR (MODEL 1185) ONLY £269.00 includes VAT, cable and next day delivery
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to order from RrafiHiirrrhTO All prices include VAT and
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[w] Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESSFVISA card details Evesham Micros Ltd 63 BRIDGE STREET EVESHAM WORCS WR11 4SF © 0386-765500 fax 0386-765354 telex 333294 E3 Phone us with your ACCESS or VISA card details on : “BT 0386-765500 Govt, educ. & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible All gixxls subject to availability, E.&O.E, Open to callers 6 days, 930-5J0 Also ut: 1762 Ptrsborr Rd_ Cotteridgt, Birmingham B30 3BH Tel: 021 458 4564 YOUR Amiga has a hard life, regularly saving the universe and your valuable data files, indulging your artistic fantasies with Deluxe Paint - and
other fantasies with Teenage Queen.
It is time your Amiga was given a present, and the ideal thing is a hard disc. The System 2000 drive from Ideal Hardware is an amazing unit. It autoboots under both 1.2 and 1.3 Kickstart, runs incredibly quickly and stores 40 meg of data. Supplied complete with the easiest to use utilities Amiga Computing has seen, the System 2000 has proved popular with many of Britain's leading software houses.
If you went into a shop and bought a drive, a pretty sensible thing to do - your Amiga will love you for ever after, a System 2000 would cost you £573.85. But you can win one without paying a cent - 19p for a stamp yes, a cent no.
In fact this is no measly one- prize competition, the chaps at Ideal Hardware being truly wonderful human beings are offering SIX System 2000 drives as prizes. All you have to do to stand a chance of winning one of these is answer five simple questions and send in the form to us.
The ideal present HARD DISCS
1. Ideal Hardware import and support the System 2000 hard drives.
Where are they based?
(A) Surrey
(B) Manchester
(C) Glasgow
2. The System 2000 uses a special device which allows the drive
to be used with different computers. What is this device
(A) A SCSI interface
(B) A Personality Module
(C) Disc support unit
3. The hard disc, sometimes called a Winchester, was invented by
(A) Charles Babbage
(B) IBM fC) Sir Clive Sinclair
4. The System 2000 was designed by a company called Vortex. Which
country is Vortex in?
(A) Germany
(B) England
(C) Canada
5. Which special file is used by the Vortex System 2000?
(A) Vmountlist
(B) Startup-Sequence
(C) Narrator.device Rules
(1) The first SIX correct entries opened in the Amiga Computing
office on September 1, 1989, will win one of Vortex fabulous
System 2000 hard disc drives.
(2) You may photocopy the form, but only one entry is allowed per
reader. Anyone found entering more than once will have ALL
entries disqualified.
(3) Employees of Database Publications or their associated
companies may not enter.
(4) The editor's decision is final.
Name.... Address Postcode Send to: Amiga Computing, North House, 78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9BG.
I AGGEDNESS won’t do when I you’ve a quality publication to fun. Just imagine if your Amiga Computing was full of grainy pictures. What do you mean, it’s like that already? If it was, nobody would take it seriously, or at least no more seriously than it’s taken now. So the difficulty of producing computer artwork is in eliminating the inherent pixellation.
Graphics on the Amiga are great as far as they go, which admittedly is a fair old distance. Like 99 per cent of all known computers, Amy uses raster scan graphics, allowing a large number of colours in a high resolution with a low memory overhead. This produces lovely onscreen effects, but when magnified they can appear blocky. Unless you use some very cunning smoothing techniques, lines will appear jagged when output to a printer.
In much the same way as the old Asteroids machine worked, objects can be defined on screen by a series of points. No matter how much they rotate or enlarge, they keep their smoothness. This is not strictly possible on the Amiga, not unless someone has produced an advanced vector scan graphics system for us and hasn’t said anything. With Professional Draw though, it's the output that is important.
ProDraw lives on two discs and is accompanied by a 120 page manual.
It needs a meg and one drive minimum. The program disc is virtually a full Workbench 1.3 distribution disc, complete with all the improved printer drivers.
OUTPUT is either to a Preferences graphics printer or to a PostScript page printer.
PostScript, which was developed over there by Adobe Systems, is a method of describing objects on a page for typesetting. Rather than being a control code based system, it is an English type language. Mid-range laser printers speak it, as do vastly expensive Linotronic 2400 dpi machines. If you feel the urge for a Linotronic coming on, you’ll need another couple of mortgages first - 70 biggies might buy you one, cable extra.
Hiding behind an outrageously large icon is the 270k main program.
Default display mode is interlaced, so either change it pronto or don the Polaroids to cut down the painful flicker. The default mode is also the most memory hungry because all pictures are shown as Wysiwyg in colour. The menu bar allows this to be changed, plus the defaults can be reset using Info’s Tool Types once you’ve decided which settings suit you.
The right-hand side of the screen contains all the tools and gadgets that ProDraw has to offer. Initially it may seem quite limiting that there are only six drawing and six editing tools, but each is very versatile.
The Pen tool creates bezier curves and straight lines. Beziers are defined by two points and an initial curve gradient, consequently a low drain on ram. They are initially a real pain to get right because their formation isn’t naturally intuitive, but the smooth curves produced once they have been mastered are worth any amount of What would you draw with an art program that offers the finest quality your printer can deliver? Stewart C. Russell drew a blank Like watch i pain dry cursing.
The Text tool can produce two fonts, Times and Univers, from 24 point (third of an inch) to 144 point (two inch) at any angle. Each character is built up from a series of beziers, so a full set takes up well over 100k - very tight on a one meg system.
Gold Disk really intends ProDraw to be a companion program to its Professional Page DTP package, which handles fonts quite a bit better.
Still, the two typestyles are very plain, and something like Gothic would have been nice to see.
THREE of the tools produce pretty much what you’d expect from their icons - Ellipse, Rectangle and Rectangular Grid, The final tool, Freehand Bezier, is a boon for people who can’t draw curves smoothly. It takes a curve traced by the pointer and smooths it according to the number of direction changes made.
This tool, when coupled with ProDraw’s ability to import bitmaps as tracing templates, allows artistic no-hopers like me to produce bearable artwork.
The bitmap is converted from a multiplane, multicolour image into a four grey-scaled representation the width of the page, ProDraw doesn’t seem to keep a copy of this reduced form in ram on a one meg machine, so zooms cause very lengthy recalc periods. Sometimes the wait can seem so long that AmigaDos 1.6 will be released by the time it’s finished, especially with a 32-colour bitmap.
Stick to two-colour or four-colour bitmaps and all is sweetness and light. Nearly.
THE six editing tools are immensely powerful, occasionally at a price. Object- described graphics take up a lot of space, so many thousands of relatively simple calculations need to take place after every movement.
Objects, or groups of objects, can be resized using a fairly speedy process. If colour Wysiwyg mode is selected the screen is redrawn a couple of times, slowing affairs down a tad. The Rotation tool allows faultless rotations to take place about a point.
The right-hand side of the screen contains all the tools and gadgets ?
Pioneer Probe Mk IV - a self-replicating robotic spaceship
- is out of control, destroying all life as it travels from
planet to planet in the Starion Cluster. Your mission is to |
stop the spread of the plague before it's too late.
7 «3 j b A A?o m Please send me Pioneer Plague for the Amiga.
9828 SOFT WA R E Postcode ..... Send to: Database Direct, Freepost, Ellesmere Port, South Wi'ral L65 3EB. Tel: 051-357 2961 Postage: Add ££ Europe Overseas £5 AMCBj Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
? I enclose a cheque for 624.95 made payable to Mandarin Software ? Please debit my Access Visa number I i | i i n M i hi i I II l ]_LJ Signature . Name .... 1 ...... Address .. I I Expiry date * If there are many points - as in a font character - the process is irritatingly, though understandably, slow.
By far the most powerful editing tool is Distortion. A selected group of objects is enclosed in a rectangle, which can be stretched and bent as much as you want. A gentle touch of the spacebar sets the Distort algorithm churning into motion. Depending on what mode you’re using, whether there’s a bitmap template visible and the number and complexity of the objects, this process can be almost instant or can take two to three minutes. This is bad if you decide that you need to tweak it a bit more - another two-minute wait ensues.
The manual makes no mention of the amount of calculation that is going on in every edit. A little paragraph would certainly not go amiss to the effect that the user might be a little more sympathetic to the developer’s plight. But ProDraw is touted as a professional package, and in that respect should live up to it.
Even moving the Null pointer - the basic system pointer - about the screen produces momentary Zzzzs.
ProDraw needs its manual since so many of the commands are not immediately obvious. There is a good tutorial section and a very good condensed reference section in the back for advanced users who can’t quite remember how to access the more obscure commands. Most of the menu bar commands can be accessed using Ctrl4-key or Alt+key combinations, so muriphobes are well catered for.
GRAPHICS packages may have all the features in the world but can be spoiled by an appalling front end. ProDraw uses the standard Intuition environment to a laudable degree and the manual gives a very good description of each of the tools and gadgets. It might take a couple of extended sessions to get it working properly, but all the cursing and head-scratching will be worthwhile.
One thing a professional package should not do is Guru - sometimes ProDraw runs out of ram and gives a custom recoverable alert, sometimes it meditates for no adequately explained reason.
A major crime in the manual is that it doesn’t tell you about the online context sensitive help. This function, PROFESSIONAL DRAW | GOLD DISK The Text tool can produce Times and Uni vers from 24 up to 144 point accessed via the Help key, will produce a useful screen of the options currently open to the user and a brief summary of what each does. You'll still need the manual, but it will save shifting the pile of floppies which forms over every open computer manual.
Will ProDraw allow the artistically inept to produce fabulous pictures?
The short answer has to be no. In the same way a word processor does not instantly bestow on the user the literary skills of a great author, ProDraw won't put you in the Salvador Dali league.
The program has extensive support for clip art. Unfortunately only three clips come with the package, so unless Gold Disk produces some clip art discs, it’s build-your-own time.
This is easy enough to do, but a little more help would be appreciated.
Friends could be won and people influenced if Gold Disk expanded this, and the fonts, section.
ProDraw’s most notable feature - and the one which will sell it - is that all illustrations are saved in Encapsulated PostScript Format (EPSF). Many ‘Teal” publishing programs talk EPSF, such as Aldus Pagemaker and Xerox Ventura Publisher, neither of which have hit the Amiga. PostScript handles colour separation if your printer can, but it will be of more use to those with a phototypesetter.
Colours can be described using rgb values or by yellow magenta cyan (ymc, as used in printing) which can either appear as a close approximation of rgb or can be set to the user's preference. This allows colours which are similar to be discernably different on the screen.
Little touches like this show that useful research went into the planning.
If a printer can produce graphics, ProDraw will probably support it. It has the full complement of Preferences 1.3 printer drivers plus all ?
The smoothing and dithering parameters. Since my Linotronic 300 with raster processor and furry dice is in for repair (cough) I had to make do with my trusted though not altogether fast Amstrad DMP2Q00 Epson compatible.
Results were as good as can be expected, and it certainly didn’t hang around. This speed increase is effected by ProDraw splitting the image into horizontal strips, translating from objects to bitmaps and outputting the results via a standard driver. The only slight glitch here is that ProDraw doesn't always calculate the number of strips correctly. So if it says five strips, sometimes it really means six. This in no way impairs the output, but is a little disconcerting.
THERE is nothing in the package that doesn’t work in the way that Gold Disk meant, it’s just that some of them are unbearably slow. If I was very forgiving I’d put all ProDraw’s faults down to the fact that the copy reviewed here is vl.O. Gold Disk claims unlimited telephone support and a newsletter, but the economics of supplying them from Ontario to the UK are likely to shy away all but very rich people.
The program would certainly benefit from at least two or three megabytes of ram and possibly a coprocessor to speed up calculations.
Currently it runs at well under the speed of the behemoth AutoCAD on the utterly pedestrian PC. Those who know how quickly AutoCAD redraws the screen will feel a homecoming with ProDraw.
It will happily import and export pages from and to Gold Disk’s ProPage, but only versions greater than or equal to 1.2 because earlier ones don’t support EPSF. The Amiga has yet to gain full acceptance with the DTP crowd, who currently seem rather besotted with Macs.
With a bit of a rewrite to increase the speed, and some more fonts, this package could become a serious contender and really merit its “Professional” title. In its current form, despite the relatively low price, ProDraw is just too slow.
REPORT CARD Professional Draw HR Marketing £139.95 EASE OF USE 1 Good results need practice and lots of thumbing the manual. Handy online help. Capable of professional quality colour separations.
Bring a pillow and a good book, translations can take several minutes.
Worth it if you need high quality output often, but too costiy for the occasional flyposter. Perhaps a little cavalier with ram.
OVERALL Professional by name and by output quality. Rewarding to use, but the irrational snooze periods will annoy all but the very patient mm, Mai! Order Offers Don't miss these back issues TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 95 Gold Disk s MovieSetter - cartoon capers on-screen. GFA Basic roasted, The Amiga Show in the Big Apple. Prettier icons with Icon Paint. Opus-1 plays specialist music. Learn how to use functions from Basic and the Move command from machine code. Sam littlewood looks at the different forms of ray tracing and rendering TR Sketch dragged to the trashcan. WordPerfect
Library fares a little better. Plus a mega collection of games including the earth-shattering Populous and the truly cosmic Cosmic Pirate.
Exclusive review of Commodore A590. X-Cad designer, the Amiga program which leaves AutoCad in the Shade.
Pagestream - quality DTP on a low budget. Essential tips on how to make more room on your Workbench disc. Musical scores ten out of ter with Dr, T’s Copyist Professional.
Teaching is more important than Education, a look at Amiga’s in schools. Plus a packed games review section.
Deluxe Paint III - the number one art program gets better with animation. Scorpion heads up the games. The Aprodraw graphics tablet, using lines from Basic. Sculpt- Animate 4D reviewed - a bargain at £400? The best of the Public Domain and the CMI processor accelerator run through its paces at 14MHz.
Superplan, the businessman’s menage-a-trois flexes its muscles. Zoetrope, animation at a price. Amigas by accident
- we meet the Burocare think-tank.
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receive ' i WHAT VIDEO VideoStudio for the AMIGA THERE have been many important landmarks in the development of computers. Apart from the obvious ones like the invention of the transistor and silicon chip, there is the modem, the hard drive, the high level language compiler, the multi-tasking operating system and the virus.
The amazing thing about the virus is that it is a program which can operate and duplicate itself without the consent of the user - a major step none of the above deficiencies. The only way to kill it is to turn the power off and on again. This is bad for the Amiga’s electronics, but extreme measures are needed here. Leave the machine to cool off for about 20 seconds before turning it back on, boot from a guaranteed clean disc and Install every infected disc.
Like many modern viruses, Byte Bandit causes deliberate damage.
When it first came out I instigated a policy of inspecting the boot block of every disc I got, looking for suspicious text.
About a week ago a virus got past my defences and infected five discs before I noticed it interfering with the system’s operation. I tracked it down, disassembled it and named it the YH virus after one of the intelligible pieces of Ascii in its code.
Everyone else seems to be calling it the DASA virus after the other piece of intelligible Ascii in its code. OK, now i know that DASA and YH are suspicious text, but this sort of thing renders the old technique ineffective.
Which doesn’t do anything much except pass control back to AmigaDos. The SCA virus hides itself in memory in such a way that it can survive Ctrl+Amiga+Amiga. When this happens it puts a copy of itself on the disc you reboot from, so it can spread slowly but surely through your floppy collection.
Since the virus causes no damage, you might never know about it if a message didn’t come up after every 16 reboots. The exception to this is if Something wonderful has happened... towards independent computer systems. Of course, the purpose of this article is not to extol the virtue of viruses, it's to tell you how they work and how to make sure they don’t on your system.
When this message appears on an Amiga's monitor you know that the virus epidemic has infected you too. Russell Wallace traces its history and dissassemhles the mystery within the micro The SCA virus was the first to appear on the Amiga, indeed among the first to appear anywhere. It is located on the boot block - sectors 0 and 1 of a disc - containing up to Ik of code which is executed on boot-up before the Amiga does anything else, including execute the Startup- Sequence.
The boot block isn’t really of much practical use except for copy protection systems, but it’s a great hiding place for viruses.
When you Install a disc you write some standard code to this block the virus overwrites boot code that is being used for something like loading a game, which will make the disc unusable.
The SCA virus is pretty feeble by today’s standards. It deliberately announces its presence and it only infects discs you boot from rather than every disc you put in the drive.
Even when it’s in memory and has control of the Amiga, it does nothing to stop you inspecting discs and killing the copies of it you find.
It can even be vaccinated against by SCA Protector, a program which puts a fragment of the virus code on the boot block to make SCA think the disc is already infected so it will not write itself to it.
The Byte Bandit virus is the next step up the evolutionary ladder. It has So what can you do?
Nowadays you should examine the boot block with a sector editor - there are many in the public domain and I use SmartDisk. If the boot block corresponds byte for byte with an Installed disc - check the first 40 bytes and ignore the checksum in the second group of four - it’s OK. If it’s a recognisable virus take appropriate action. Otherwise boot it. If something like a title screen appears before or instead of the standard CLI window, it's probably OK, the strange boot code is doing something other than infecting your system.
If the CLI window comes up, the disc is suspect. Remove it from the drive, turn the power off and on again, boot up AmigaDos and sterilise the sick disc with the Install command. To avoid risk of a virus getting past your defences and infecting your CLI discs, have one disc that you never put in any drive except to boot up after power on, I use my original Workbench disc for this. A virus killer such as VirusX will provide further protection.
There have been rumours of boot block viruses that can survive Install and viruses that can live on in the battery backed-up clock, even with the power off. I can assure you that this is theoretically impossible. To be executed on boot-up, a virus has to have some code in the first 40 bytes of the boot block, and these 40 bytes are erased by Install. And the Amiga never looks for executable code in the clock.
Np HE method I have outlined will JL provide a virtually invulnerable defence against boot block viruses. So what other kind are there on the Amiga? Until recently there were none. Then came IRQ.
This stands out from the crowd in that it is not found in the boot block.
Instead it attaches itself to executable programs, one of its prime targets being commands in your C directory.
You download or otherwise acquire a new program which happens to be infected. You execute this program.
The virus then attaches itself to memory by taking over a machine code vector. You run a program which, unbeknown to you, uses that vector, IRQ opens your Startup-Sequence, picks the first filename it sees in it, sees if it’s executable and, if it is, writes itself into that file. If the file is not executable, the virus will try to write to the Dir command file on that disc.
IRQ is mostly a harmless joke. It changes the title bar of the initial CLI window when you boot and it will try to write to any disc inserted, thus bringing up the Volume whatever is write protected requester whenever you insert a write protected disc. It will not kill commercial programs, it doesn’t attack anything, it doesn’t do anything malicious. It’s not nice to have around, but it’s certainly better than a rash of Byte Bandit.
Versions of VirusX 3.0 and greater will deal with IRQ and. Funnily enough, this virus will not work under Kickstart 1,3 - you will get Software Error requesters whenever you run an infected program. Another public domain program called KV - for KillVirus - will check a whole directory’s worth of files for this specific virus.
Viruses like IRQ present a deadly threat to computer owners, particularly as hard discs are becoming more widespread. Some will gradually destroy data over many weeks so that by the time you’ve detected the cause of the damage hardly any of your files are intact, backups included.
The most important protection against viruses is paranoia. Inspecting and sterilising discs should be automatic, pot something ever to be forgotten.
Always think of an unknown disc as a possible threat. This is the most important computer game of all. It’s great fun killing viruses, and even more fun taking them alive and disassembling them. But the stake isn’t a little blip at the bottom of the screen, it’s your software and data.
Simulation software; UFO™, Flight Simulator™, ThunderChopper™, Jet™, and f Stealth Mission™. Discover the world with Scenery Disks, Flight Controls 1, and other supplements to our integrated flight line!
Forget the bikinis and bathing bimbos, Alastair Scott shows you that with AmigaBasic you can watch heavenly bodies which are out of this world MOST people think of Galileo as the inventor of the telescope, however it was invented in 1608 by a Dutchman, Hans Lippershey.
Exactly 100 years later history was equally unfair to George Graham, the inventor of an ingenious machine which displayed the motions of the planets around the Sun with correct velocities and periods of revolution.
Four years later John Rowley built a similar device for his patron Charles Boyle, Forth Earl of Cork and Orrery, who took no part in its design or construction. It was eventually named after him.
This program simulates an orrery by using the laws of celestial dynamics. Given six variables which define the size, shape and orientation of a planetary orbit, these laws give the position of the planet relative to the Sun for any time you choose, taking just a few program lines to do so. You need to enter three pieces of information to get started - the three ?
Ifar from Edengarhn is the castle of the evil | j one. &WWWTXI
- Far from your village, a lorjd keeps the I secret, such a
powerful lord that he cannot be human, a creature floating a
world that dies and grows again * » r Targhan is probably the
most stunning game you'll ever play, v : Targhan is an adven
ture-acfcion game with more than 120 landscapes and 40
different characters; The game is playable on either keyboard
or joystick.
Look for reviews in Commodore User] Popular The One, ZAP, The Games Machine 1 and Amiga User International soon!
The game offers digitised sound and outstanding graphics.
It will be released on Amiga, Atari and PC £ H m -'ksn H o EGA-VGA and CGA bvthe end of ,vlay-The Tm II II Hr m l i liKb qarne will run on both colour arid mono To enter our competition please send your warranty cards of TARGHAN and complete the following: Send your entries to: UNIT 1 (Rear of 7), WELLINGTON ROAD, SANDHURST, SURREY GU17 SAW S (0252) 877431-879718 • Fax: (0252) 877431 Closing date September 1, 1989.
Steps to heaven if you will: Due to the huge spread of sizes of their orbits, all nine planets cannot be displayed onscreen at once. Pressing I displays the inner planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Pressing O displays the outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
The date is typed in in the form dd,mm,yyyy. For example: 15,6,1989.
The planets are displayed using “snapshots” separated by the step time. Use values of 3 to 10 days for the inner planets and anything more than 50 days for the outer planets.
Once these parameters are entered the screen clears, the Sun is drawn in the centre of the screen and the planets begin their gravitational waltz, which only ends when you press the Escape key.
A small diagram of Earth's position relative to the Sun appears simultaneously at the top left of the screen - useful for when you are studying the outer planets. The current date is continuously updated, it appears in red at the top right of the screen.
Holding down the left mouse button displays a window with the name of each planet visible, its angular displacement and its distance from the Sun in astronomical units: One astronomical unit (AU) is the average radius of the Earth's orbit, or roughly 93 million miles. Releasing the button removes the window and lets the show go on. Finally, Right- Amiga-S freezes the program until you press another key, and Right Amiga-fullstop returns you to AmigaBasic.
STUDY the planets’ motion for any appreciable amount of time and you will see many interesting features, the swifter inner planets overtaking the slower outer ones, the elliptical rather than circular shape of most orbits, particularly in the case of Mercury and Pluto and Pluto crossing and re-crossing Neptune's orbit. Try dates around 1999 for an example.
You can find the times when planets will be easily visible from Earth or lost in the Sun’s glare, where the planets were when Aunt Madge and Galileo were born and when the planets are all in a line so you can hide in the coal bunker before Armageddon comes. And so on.
My main programming problem was how to display the planets without making you have to type in a gigantic program or causing the crashes AmigaBasic is prone to.
Calculating the planets’ positions is easy, and the program is quite simple in structure. One unexpected problem was that there is no built-in constant PI. Unlike most other Basics, so I defined the variable pi=4*ATN(l) as an exact equivalent in the Params subroutine.
I ruled out bobs and sprites. There are nine planets, and typing in line after line of numbers representing each graphic would not be very appealing. Anyway, Orrery uses 16 colours in lo-res. Whereas ObjectEditor uses four colour med-res and is meant for graphics much larger than the ones I needed.
1 thought about using GET and PUT to pick up and display the graphics.
This seemed quite promising because these commands are fast and give smooth animation. But they are poorly error-trapped. A typing mistake resulting in PUT being used with a non-existent array or a position off the screen would mean a Guru.
My chosen method is the most satisfactory and needs the least typing. The subroutine Put.planet draws a small filled circle of appropriate size and colour to represent the planet and adds a few details - continents for Earth, the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and a white ring for Saturn. It also stores the screen coordinates of the image in the arrays qx() and qy(). On the next pass of the program the planets’ new coordinates are calculated in px() and pyO- Immediately before the new image is drawn, subroutine Clear.planet wipes the old one by drawing a black box over it. As there are no
calculations between these two steps, the movement appears reasonably smooth.
Why not wipe the image simply by redrawing it in black, you may ask.
Well, the Amiga’s CIRCLE command is slow - you can see the separation between unfilled and filled circles even with the small ones used in the program but drawing a box. Filled or unfdled, is extremely fast.
LOOK at subroutine Small. It draws the Earth-Sun picture using only three boxes - two for the bodies, preceded by a black one which completely wipes the previous picture. It is so fast there is not the slightest trace of flicker, despite the crude method of clearing the area.
It may seem awkward not being able to use lots of sprites and fancy redefined character sets when writing a program for someone else to type in. However, circles, lines, boxes, points, patterns, areas and ingenuity will serve you well.
There was no need to use fancy manipulations of mouse and menu bar because there are not enough ?
inputs nr actions while the program is running to make the several k of extra programming - and subsequent typing in - worthwhile. If there were provisions in AmigaBasic for gadgets and input fields without resorting to libraries (curse you, Microsoft) the program could have looked more professional.
Windows are useful though: WINDOW 1 is the main one and WINDOW 2 is the smaller one which displays the orbit parameters. It vanishes without disrupting the area it overprints. How many other Basics could do that?
' The Model Universe ' By Alastair Scott ' (c) 1989 Amiga Computing Start: SCREEN 1 320,200,4,1: WINDOW 1 Orrery",,30,1 DEF1NT x-z:OEFDBL a-w DEF Fnrange(k)=k-360*INT(k 360) PALETTE 0 0 0,0:PALETTE 1,.5,.5,.5iPALETTE 2,0,0,1 PALETTE 3,0,.72,.88:PALETTE 4,0,.56,.2:PALETTE 5,0,.8,0 PALETTE 6,1,0,0:PALETTE 7,1,1,0:PALETTE 8,1,.52,0 PALETTE 9,1,1,1:PALETTE 10,.7,.7,.7 GOSUS Parans FOR phi =0 TO 2*pi STEP pi 6 LINE(150,92)- 150+4*COS(phi),92+4*SIN(phi)),7 NEXT phi COLOR 2:LOCATE 8,2:PRINT"Earth" COLOR 10:LOCATE 23,1 PR I NT"P re s s button for data or Esc to restart"; L1NE(10,10)-C50,50),2,b WHILE
INKEY$ CHR$ (27) FOR z = Lo TO hi ecc=ett(z,4) an1 = Fnrange( .985647332 * julday e It (z,D) an2=radian*(anl+elt(z,2)-elt(z,3)) psi=FNrange(an1+elt(z,2)+twodeg*ecc*S!N(an2)) phi=radian*(psi-elt(z,3)) rad=elt(z,5)*(1-ecc*ecc) (1+ecc*C0S(phi)) rad(z)=rad psi(z)=psi px(z)=150+scale*rad*COS(psi*radi an) py(z)=92-scale*rad*SIN(psi*radian) NEXT z GOSUB Date:GOSUB SmalUIF MOUSEC0 THEN G0SU8 Info FOR z=lo TO hi:GOSUB Clear.pLanet:GOSUB Put.planet:NEXT z julday=julday+stime:julian=julian+stime WEND RUN Small: an1=FNrange(.98563709A *julday) an2=radian*(an 1-3.76286301 )
phi=FNrange(an1+98.83354+twodeg*.016718*SIN(an2)) LINE(11,11M49,49),0,bf:LINE(29,29M31,31),7,bf LINE(30+16*COS(phi*radian),30-16*SIN(phi*radian))-STEP(1,1),4,bf RETURN Info: WINDOW 2,"Information’',(20,40)-(210,90), 16,1 FOR a=Lo TO hi COLOR 10 teraplateS=" Y r+CHR$ (176)+" . AU" PRINT USING template$ ;planet$ (a),psi(a),rad(a) NEXT a WHILE MOUSE(0):WEND:WINDOW CLOSE 2:RETURN Put.planet: x=px(z):y=py(z) CIRCLE(x,y) Cir(z),col(z),,,1:PAINT(x,y),col(z) IF z=3 THEN GOSUB Earth IF z = 5 THEN GOSUB Jupiter IF z=6 THEN GOSUB Saturn qx(z)=x:qy(z)=y:RETURN Earth:
LINE(x-1,y-1)-(x-1,y+1),4:LINE(x+1,y)-(x+1,y+1),4:RETURN Jupiter: LINE(x-2,y+2)-(x-1,y+1),6,bf:RETURN Saturn: LINE(x-4,y)-(x+4,y),9;RETURN Clear.planet: x=qx(z):y=qy(z):LINE(x-4,y-4)-(x+4,y+4),0,bf:RETURN Pararis: RESTORE Planets FOR a=1 TO 9:READ planet$ (a),col(a) ,cir(a):NEXT a pi=4*ATN(1):radian=pi 180:twodeg=2 radian COLOR 9:PRINT:PRINT SPC(6) Inner or outer planets?
PL$ =w WHILE INSTR(-*I0",plS) 2:plS=UCASES(INPUTS(1)):UEND COLOR 6: PR I NT plS COLOR 9:PRINT:PRINT SPC(2)"Starting date (DD,MM,YYYY) COLOR 6: lNPUT’',day,nonth,yea r COLOR 9: PR I NT: PR I NT SPC(8)’Step time (days) COLOR 6:1KPUT’-,st i me plane t-ADS plS="I") ON planet+1 GOSUB Outer,Inner yr=year:mc=month IF month 3 THEN yr=yr-1:mo=mo+12 a=yr 00:b=2-a+a 4:c=INT(365.25*yr);d=INT(30.600H(mo+1)) julian=b+c+d+day+1720994.5 :juLday=julian-2444238.5 CLS:RETURN Outer: lo=5:hi=9:scale=2:RESTORE Outer.data:G0SU8 Get.data:RETURN Inner: lo=1:hi=4:scale=50:RESTORE Inner.data:G0SUB Get.data:RETURN
Get.data: FOR a=lo TO hi:FOR b=1 TO 5:READ elt(a,b):NEXT b,a:RETURN Date: f=lNT(julian+.5) IF f 22991618 THEN a=f ELSE g=INT((f-1867216.25 ) 36524.25):a=f+1+g-gV4 END IF b=a+1524 c=INT((b-122.D 365.25) d=lNT(365.25*c) e=INT((b-d) 30.6001) day=b-d-INT(30.6001*e)+julian-f IF e 13.5 THEN month=e-13 ELSE month=e-1 IF c 2,5 THEN year=c-4715 ELSE year=c-4716 IF month 3 THEN year=year*l month$ =MIDS('JanFebMarAprHayJunJulAugSep0ctNovDecr,month*3-2,3) COLOR 6:LOCATE 2,28:PRINT USING’ £ ";day,month*,year RETURN Inner.data: DATA .24085,231.2973,77.1442128,.2056306,,3870986 DATA
.61521,355.73352,131.2895792,.0067826,.7233316 DATA 1.00004,98.83354,102.596043,.016718,1 DATA 1.88089,126.30783,335.6908166,.0933865,1.5236883 Outer.data: DATA 11 .86224,146.966365,14.0095493,.0484658,5 .202561 DATA 29.45771,165.322242,92.6653974,.0556155,9.554747 DATA 84.01247,228.0708551,172.7363288,.0463232,19.21814 DATA 164.79558,260.3578998,47.8672148,.0090021,30.10957 DATA 247.691,209.439,223.5224,.2502,39.409 Planets: DATA Mercury,9,1,Venus,7,2,Earth,2,2,Mars,8,2,Jupiter,7,3 DATA Saturn,8,3,Uranus,3,2,Neptune,5,2,Pluta,9,1 AMIGA A500 + 500 AIR MILES £449 % NEWt NEW. : Sixteen Bit
Superdeais from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! When comparing prices remember ours include fast delivery by courier Air Miles pack includes everything in our Amiga System 1 pack PLUS: ? Spritz Paint Package ? Disk wallet for 23 disks ? Star Ray ? Who Framed Roger Rabbit ? Nebulus ? Plus 10 other free games worth £230 ? PLUS 500 free Air Miles, that's enough for a return flight to Pahs, Amsterdam, or Brussels.
Amiga A500 System 1 £365.00 Inc Vat and Next Day Delivery System 1 includes:
* Amiga A5Q0 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk dnve
* Free TV modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga
with a normal TV
* Amiga BASiC, Amiga EXTRAS 1 3. Workbench 1 3 PLUS the Amiga
Step by step Tutonal
* All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and mams plug1 Amiga A500 System
2 £385.00 Amiga A500 System 1 plus over £280 worth of software,
comprising 10 games and either Spritz or Photon Paint graphics
package EXTERNAL DISKDRIVES Amiga A1010 1 MEG £139.00
CumanalMEG £99.95 NEC 1 MEG £89.95 NEW! AMIGA 1 MEG! £499.00
Announcing the new Amga 1 meg - an A500 system 1 with fitted 1
megabyte memory expansion and clock card PLUS TV Modulator AN0
DRAGON'S LAIR a six disk 1 meg megagame1 AMIGA 1 MEG+ £519.00
Our Amiga 1 meg 4 also includes the £230 worth ol games
software normalty given with our A50G System 2 Games Pack
MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1G84 Stereo colour monitor inc
lead ... Philips CM8833 stereo colour monitor
inc lead .. PRINTERS
Seikosha 80 column NLQ (inc
lead) . Seikosha 80 column
24-pin LQ (inc lead) ...... Star LC1Q
including interface lead
Star LC1Q colour including interface
lead ...... Citizen 120D including interface
lead ...... £289.00 £249.00 ....£139
....£279 ....£199 .... £249 ....£159 CREDIT CARO ORDERLINE Tel:
0908 78008 (Mon-Sat 9am - 6pm) To order either call the order
line above with your credit card details OR make a cheque PO
payable to Oiglcom Computer Services, Bnd send it with your
order to the address below. Callers are also most welcome at
the address below DfGJCOM Unit Tfi Whnrfcirfp Fwrnu trstfnrri
Mil TON KFYNF'S MK2 2AZ A VISA LJ bill, JU] Tt 1 10 1 Itl Illy
OU GlbUI ItI 1 L. 1 L 11 l L. 1 11 LU in I Vi. I. r *.
AII prices include VA T and delivery by courier [ ... 1 .
Telephone Hotlines: EAZYPRINT Sunbury (0932) 781257 (0932)780103 Authorised Amiga 2000 Dealer Fax:(0932)780367 The all-new Commodore B2000 solutions now available - systems including 8Mb RAM, 21* FST Monitor, 68020 Co-Processor, A2094 Autoboot hard disk, Internal Genlock etc. QUJQIAIIQNS..1MMEDIATELY AVAILABLE Amiga A500 c w TV Modulator, 5 P.D Disks 370.00 Amiga A500 c w 1084S Stereo Monitor 619.99 mini-GEN genlock 99.95 A501 512k RAM expansion for A500 130.00 External 3.5* Quality Cumana Disk Drive 99.95 Rendale Broadcast Genlock 750.00 A2058 B2000 RAM Card c w 2Mb 649.00 15* High Resolution
Multisync Monitor 885.00 21* Flat Screen Multisync Colour Monitor 2770.00 40Mb Autobooting Hard-Disk 1150.00 Amiga 2000 AT Bridgeboard 861.00 PRICES INCLUSIVE QF VAT @ 15% Generous Discounts available to PLCs, Limited Companies, Government authorities, ICPUG members and all Consultancy Agencies. Please Call.
The new Commodore Amiga 2000 systems now available. For perfect solutions for your DTP Audio Visual CAD Presentation needs, call one of our Commodore-trained experts today. Full training and Support available.
HIHMH 1 VISA | New Catalogue now published - please call for your coroplimentaiy copy.
Eazyprint Computers, Denmar House, 30 Scotts Avenue, Sunbury - on - Thames, Middlesex. TW16 7HZ.
The bright new magazine that shows you how easy it is to make your own video movies... If you have a video camera - or just thinking of getting one - you'll find Video Action! Your passport to an exciting new world. No dull technical reviews but pages packed with help and advice - written by experts in a language anyone can understand.
You'll find all you need to know about lighting, scripting, directirig, sound dubbing . . .
And the magic of desktop video - using a home computer to create titles and captions and generate your . Own startling special effects.
ORDER FORM Please send me the next 12 issues of Video Action1 for f ie special price of f13 (normally ft 8) (1530) Payment Please indicate method iyi
- £ .pny r I- | Access'Maste Cttrd Etirocard BurclayC'ird'Visa
Dale 1__L__J no. LI. UJ LXAJU Mill [ Cheque Eurocheque made
payable to Database Publications Ltd Name_ Signed _ Address
Post Code.
Send to: FREEPOST. Video Action. Europa House. Adlington Park.
Adlington. Macclesfield SK10 4NP AMC8 ¦SOFT WA R E * AMKSA LEISURE 3D PocJ . 1795 High Steel 14 95 Aincan Raiders .... 14 95 Hollywood Poker Pro 16 75 Afterburner 1645 Hostages .... 16 45 . 17 95 16 75 A cNpotagos . 1075 It Came From The Desert 22 95 .... 1795 14 95 Balance ol Power 1990
18. 75 Journey ..... .22 95 Barbarian II
15 95 Ken Dagkwh Manager 14 95 BalUehawks ’ 942 19 95 Kennedy
Approach ________ .16 45 Bxj Challenge ... . 17.95 Kck Otl 14
95 BkxxJ Money .. 17.95 Kings Quest Triple Pack 17 95
.....17.95 Kurt 17 95 Bridge Player 2000 14 95 .17.95 Carrier
Command______ 16 45 .17 95 CasCo Warrior ...
......17.95 Lombard RAC Ratty .
Chariots ol Wrath .... 17.95 Lords of The Rising Sun.... 22 95 CoJosus Chei.s X 18 75 Manhunter N Y 22 95 Cosm*: Pirate 16 45 May Day Squad 14 95 Dark StJe 17 95 Micmprcse Soccer . 18 75 Data Storm 17 95 Mitemum 2 2 .. 16 75 Fast delivery on all stock ftems by 1st Class Mail in UK. Special overseas service by Air Mail worldwide. Creoil Card orders accepted by Phone or Mail.
1 Brldgo Street Galashiels TD1 15W Tel: 0B95 57004 (24 hours) AMIGA LEISURE 106A Chllwell Road Beeston Nottingham NG91ES Tel: 0602 252113 AMIGA LEISURE Spherical Star G«der II Siar Wars Steve Davrs World Snooker Super Scramble Sword of Sodan...... Talesp n ..... Tank Attack The Duel - Teel Onve II ...... The Krstal . The New Zealand Story ...... ThurxJerbirds .... Times of Lore Time Scanner „...... TV Sport Football Typhoon Thomson . Univ. Mil Sim ... Ultmate Goll Voyager
. Wanderer War in Middle Earth 14 95 1645 14 95 14 95 14 95 19 95
22. 95
17. 95
22. 95 21 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95 1875
21. 95
17. 95 1645 t4 35
17. 95 1495 14 95 Credit Card Order Telephone Lines: North,
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95 Xenon II MegabUst 22 95 Xeno Ptiobe ..17
95 Xytoots ..... 14 95 SPECIAL OFFER Amslrad 3160 NLQ
Professional Dot Matri* Printer lor AMIGAST Normal Price C199
93 Offer Price £169.99 fine. VAT, all connecting cables and
next day delivery} JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125+ .6
95 Cheetah Mach 1 ....tC 95 Comp Pro 5000 12 95 Comp
Pro Extra 14 95
* ********w* ********** 10 x 3 5* DS.DD Drsks .9 95
* ******************** Navy Moves _____________ .1675 D H* Vu II
17 95 Operation Wort 17 95 Demons Winter 17 95 Oulrun
Europa 14 95 Domna tor 18 75 Personal Nightmere 18 75 Double
Dragon 16 45 Phobia 17 95 Dungeon Master (i Mog) 16 45 Polce
Quost ... 18 75 Elite 16 45 18 75 EmmanueJle
adults only) . 14 95 Power Drome__________________ . 1895 14
95 18 75 Ffying Shark 17 95 18 95
F. O.F.T .... 24 95 Red Heat 18 75 14 95 .17 95
F16 Combat Pilot IS 95 Run the GaunBet 18 75 Fi6 Falcon 20 95
18 95 Fright Night..... RVF ..17 95 Fun School 2 17 95 Gcrrxm
Wing 17 95 Goldrush 17 95 Shoot am up Con Set 22 95 Grand
Monster Slam 14 95 Steeping Gods Lie__________ .17 95 Gunsh p
... 17 55 Space Quest II 18 75 Hawkeye ... 14 95 SpeedbaJI
1645 Please make cheques and postal orders payable to
WORIDWI0E SOFTWARE. AH prices include postage and packing In
UK. Credit card orders accepted by phone or mail. Europe other
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for express airmail.
Advertised prices are for Mail & Telephone Orders I I ACCOUNTS Accounts Payable ..41.40 Accounts Recei able ......41.40 General Ledger .....41.40 Inventory Control ., 41 40 Invoicing Sales Ledger 41 40 Financial Cookbook ......40.25 Home Accounts ....22.77 Small Business Acc 64 63 W0RDPR0CESS0RS Becker Text .96.37 Excellence ......134.78 Kmdwords 2 35 42 K-Text 2 ...43.70 LPD Writer 1 .95.37 Microtext 14.95 ProText ...64.86 ProWrite 2 67.39
TextPro ...39.10 TextCralt + 39.10 VisaWrite Desktop ..59.92 WordPerfect 4 1 . 169.97 Wrile & File 1Mb 69 69 SPREADSHEETS Dgcalc ..29.90 K-Spread 2 .49.91 Maxiplan A500 .... 69.92 Maxiplan Plus .....109.48 SuperPlan ... 67.85 VlP Professional ..73.37 DATABASES Acquisition v1.3 ..159.85 Data Retrieve 42 32 Data Retrieve Pio ______160.77 db MAN 109 94 Form Master .... 40,02 K-Data ..34.96 MatlShot Plus
....36 34 Microbase ..... 14.95 Microfiche filer .. 58 88 SuperBase Personal ..... 40 94 SuperBase Personal 2 ... 69.92 SuperBase Professional 156 40 COMMUNICATIONS A Talk Plus .67.16 A Term .. 49.91 Aegis Oiga .. 41.40 BBS-PC ... 99 82 K Comm 2 22 77 j5 Crd d] i ’EL: 0983 79 496 COMMUNICATIONS continued UTILITIES continued On Line .40 02 Enhancer 13______________ 1472 Ruby View Term ...... . 7V99 E-Type . .39 79 DESKTOP PUBLISHING Face II
.. .2139 City Desk vl 2 ... 7935 Family Tree ...... 39 79 Page Setter ... 62 10 Fine Print .. 39 79 Page Setter Laz Driver .29 90 Flipside .. 25 07 PageStream ..... 116 84 Flow ... .79 81 Professional Page vl.1 174 80 Gizmos Prod Selv2 .... . 19 78 Shakespeare ....
109. 94 G old Spell 2 ..... 23 69 GRAPHICS Gomf 3
... 23 69 Comic Setter .... .37 95
Coml. The Button 49 91 Deluxe Paint III ..
..60.95 Grabbit . 23 69 Deluxe PhotoLab
...... .50 37 Interchange ...... 39 33 Movie Setter
..... .48.99 Interchange Modules. .. 1978 Zoetrope
. COMPILATIONS ..77.97 JDK Images Video Fonts
39 79 K-Gadget 23 92 Critics Choice ....
111. 55 Kara Fonts .. 4439 Publishers Choice......
..74.75 Life Cycles .. 29 90 The Works
. ,69 92 Lions Fonls ...... .50 37
UTILITIES Malhamation ...... 5037 AIRT2
54 97 Maxidesk ... 5612
AmigaDOS Express ... .24.15 Newsletter Fonts 23 69
Arexx .. .29 21 Outline
. 35 88 Ashas Caligrafonts ...
45. 31 Power Windows 2 5 .... 50 37 Award Maker Plus...... .29 90
Project D 29 90 B A D. Disk Oplimiser 33 58
Quarterback ...... 3611 BBC Emulator .. 39 33
Studio Fonts .... 23 69 Calligrapher ......
CLI-Mate . .72 45 Superbaek ..
.39.79 .29 44 Text Ed Plus ...... .4232 Cygnus
Ed . .74.98
39. 79 Desianosaurus .. 29 90 Word Perfect Library .... .
88.09 Disk 2 Disk ..... .28 06 Wshell ..
.31.97 Disk Master .... .31 97 X-Copy
. . 23.69 DiskPro & Dimmer ... .2185 DISKS
(10rs)KAO branded Japan Diskwick .39 79
3. 5’ 135tpi 8B0K ...... . 13.80 DOS 2 DOS ..... .29 90
5. 25- 48lpi 360K 6 90 Encore .49 91 5
25'96tpi 720K ... 9 20 Richard Howe & Angela Hammel
Applied Research Kernel Corve Farmhouse, Chale Green, Ventnor,
P03B 2LA, U.K. POSTAGE: UK Free. Europe £2. World £4. Swiftair
+ £2 COMPANY: Amiga QL Specialists, established 3 years
V. A.T.iAII prices include U.K. V.A.T. at'15% CHEQUES: London
Sterling payable to ARK EXPORT: Remove U.K. V.A T. (=Price 1
15) PRICES: Are subject to change ATARI ST AMIGA IBM £29.95
HE MOUSE L T * * f 11 m h Br B I ’ ir, 1 LINK TEXT BOXES TO
INTERACTIVE PROGRAM CREATOR what is m Talespin is a package
which allows the collecting together of drawings, texts and
sounds onto a series of pages together to form an interactive
story, guide or textbook, which is read purely by clicking the
mouse on the drawings or texts. Variables may be used to
control the flow of narrative or record progress made.
Talespin itself is entirely mouse-driven and very
user-friendly, requiring no programming skills for its use. It
includes an art package as well as importing Neochrome, Degas
or IFF picture files and also imports ST-Replay or Amiga A. M.
A.S. created Digitised Sound. The use of sound is optional.
Its facilities include giving full details of disk space
usage, location of all pages referring to any particular page,
drawing, sound or variable, completely interactive development
allowing changes to any part of a title at any time, the
copying of drawings and sounds from other titles, the
’chaining’ to other titles allowing the spreading of a story
or textbook across several disks, and the provision of Demo
mode, which allows a title to run on its own for demonstration
It can be used to create interactive adventure games, for profit, pleasure or instruction.
Or in business to create a sales demonstration, or product servicing manual. Or in education: either using Talespin itself to teach the design and logic of computer systems in a non-technical way, or using Talespin as a vehicle for the teaching of any other subject. Or create an expert system with it. Or a school magazine. Or... CREATE YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS Once you’ve finished developing your program whether it’s an adventure, an educational program or other you can lock your program so no one can enter the development mode.
TALESPIN comes with a public domain display program called “Telltale” with this you can distribute your own programs or offer them to publishers.
COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL The manual comes as a complete Tutorial with a scaled down version of “The Grail” adventure and also a comprehensive reference guide.
* choose; create title *Save position *load position * Select
driver folder *auto start
* dcmo program *help *drawing define *page define *sound define
*variable define
* turn to another page *add drawing to page * modify palette
*select background colour *Page entry options *List conditions
*Iist sci variables *move drawing *swap colour *shrink reverse
drawing *change drawing order * add edit delete text *add
delete chain sounds * ocate item *showdisk space *show drawing
sound page size.
REVIEW FOR TALESPIN ST USER: ‘Microdeal is putting its money where its mouth is and exhibiting justifiable faith in a very good product. ' MICRO COMPUTER MART: Talespin in my opinion, is a highly commendable program. ’ ST;AMIGA FORM AT: *Graphics cleverly used for variety Talespin offers the opportunity to create an RPG type of adventure game which STAC and STOS certainly wont' COMPUTER GAMES WEEK: Talespin gives the programmer all the scope he could possibly need. ’ ST ACTION: Talespin has brought the task of adventure creation within the reach of everyone!'
* If you have a modem, phone our BBS (0726) 65422 & download
Talespin demos written by users. * 30 day money back guarantee.
TO ORDER SEND TO: MICRODEAL - A BY PHONE PO BOX 68 St Austell A WITH CREDIT CARDS Cornwall PL25 4YB TELE (0726) 68020 Allow 28 days for delivery £29.95 (incl P&P) Please send me Talespin at £29.95 (incl P&P) I OWN A ? ST ? AMIGA ? IBM ? Cheque enclosed made payable to MICRODEAL ? Please debit my credit card account Expiry date .... Name.. Address Signed: SOMEONE with his own keyboard steroids is Stephen Walker from Basingstoke. He is so good at Police Quest it’s criminal, Stephen says all the telephone numbers you should need during the game are 555-6674 for Lt Morgan and 555-9222 for
the taxi firm you need to get rid of Sweety in the hotel room.
Pressing 0 on the phone in the hotel gets two more useful numbers.
Joystick jihad Stephen also says that after talking Max the Hacks, the man who is so good at games he can play I Spy with his eyes shut, shows you how to be as good as he is to the hotel barman you should say “gamble” to get further in the game.
When you join the first poker game don’t quit. Try to win by getting more than Si,000. In the second game it is harder to win, so just play 40 hands without running out of money.
When asked if you talk business answer “yes” and follow the man up to the top floor. Before entering the apartment use Ctrl-D to call your backup. Always check the car’s wheels before leaving base by using the Check Car command. And if you are attacked by bikers use the nightstick which is inside the car.
Thanks, Stephen, At the end of his letter Stephen says he is having trouble with Guild of Thieves, so it is lucky that Darren Self has written in from Berkshire with some tips. Qne of Stephen's problems is crossing the coloured squares. The solution is to follow the rainbow backwards - violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Thanks a bundle Darren, Mr Postie will be bringing you a present.
HERE is one game, one very, very special but difficult game, which has won the hearts of all at Amiga Computing - Silkworm. There are two versions with different cheat modes. For early versions get to the controls set-up page by pressing F10 from attract mode, hold down Help and press Fire to get infinite lives.
If you have a later version press F10 from attract mode for the controls page and type SCRAP 28. The single space between P and 2 is important.
The screen will flash once. You now have infinite lives.
Pressing F1-F10 will slow the game down from normal (Fl) to a crawl (F10). Pressing 1 to - (minus) lets you jump levels.
Scorpion was the rave game in the June issue. It may be good, it may have great sound and sprites but the regular quota of lives just isn’t enough. To get lots more lives (about eight I think), type INPORTLIGAT into the high score table. There are other things you can type in. CRL is one, Clement is another. Try them for a laugh.
READERS who took the editor’s advice last month and stopped eating so they could afford a Commodore hard drive are probably looking for some games to put on to it. They are also probably very hungry. Ian Mackenzie from page 93 of my London A to Z has some advice for them.
Since you can’t eat Cinemaware’s Lords of the Rising Sun, however yummy the graphics are, you can put it on the hard drive, despite the message from Mirrorsoft saying you can’t. Make a directory for the program and call it “Lords”.
Using CLI, copy all the files using the line copy dfO: dh0:lords all. Do this for both discs. Then edit your Startup-Sequence file to include the lines assign RisingSuni: dhOdords and assign RisingSun2: dhOdords.
Then whenever you want to run the program make sure disc 1 is in the floppy drive and type run Main. The game needs the floppy for the disc protection, but actually loads off the hard drive.
Baal is not what one sheep said to another, but the name of a game from Psyclapse. Jerome Sanders from the Netherlands has sent in some tips and is going places. The particular places are the grid locations in X-Y format for objects.
You will find things at 00-53, 12-62, 17-28 where you will get weapon number 2), 28-50
- where you will get weapon number 3 - and 36-28, 24-04, 48-02,
48-65 and 48-65 which is the exit to level 2.
Note that from 40-02 to 48-65 is too SEVENTEEN BIT SOFTWARE The UK's leading supplier of European PD Software, as seen at the Commodore Show, Novotel, London.
Seventeen Bit are pleased to announce the... AMIGA COMPUTING PACK Containing the following discs... Disc 404 - 17Bit Supreme sounds Vol 1, excellent jukebox featuring a brilliant modem version of Toccata by Allister Brimble and more... Disc 423 - A special compilation of Star Trek Animations for ALL Amiga machines, animations by Tobias Richter. Compiled by us.
Disc 424 - The first of the popular Quickstart III discs containing some top-class utilities (including CLIwizard to tame the CLI) and three top-notch PD games (Gravattack, Invaders and Tiles) also includes VirusX 3.2 to banish all current forms of virus.
Disc 421 - A special compilation of Ray-Traced images created by Adrian Purser via his ovvn program, still under development, stunning 3D graphics and shows just what is possible.
Plus!! Issue six of our latest disc-magazine. Plus!! Free membership to Seventeen Bit (No obligations!) And access to the full range of PD discs ALL THIS FOR ONLY £10.00 Inclusive of P&P etc!!!
All discs available to members at £2.50 each, coming VERY soon.. NEWSFLASH!! A brand-new disc- magazine for Europe created by UGA and 17Bit. Exclusive distribution in the UK by Seventeen Bit Software, write for subscription details (only £3 per issue).
Quickstart III pack still available for just £5, contains 3 hi-quality PD compilations.
SEVENTEEN BIT SOFTWARE PO BOX 97, 1st Floor 2-8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 1XX Telephone 0924 366982 (24 hours) Solar powered, see through calculator FREE with orders over£25* Mai! Order Offers Using state-of-the-art technology this calculator has an invisible membrane keypad, runs from solar cells (so you'll never need any batteries), and because it's only the size of a credit card it fits easily in your wallet or pocket.
This exclusive limited edition calculator can be yours for just £7.95 - or we'll send you one ABSOLUTELY FREE with every order over £25!
UK orders only (not subscriptions). Subject to availability TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 95 far. Make a stop at 17-28 or 36-28 and take a new power cartridge before you continue to 48-65. When there are two cartridges leave one behind at the first visit.
Archer MacLean’s codes for International Karate Plus Level 2 has fewer stopping points, but often more than one object per location. Hop through these. 12-16, 30-32, 24-00 and 12-53 are the resting place of weapon number 4 and the exit to level 3 and the battle with Baal.
You don’t have to go to all the places in this order, hut on level 1 it is wise to get weapon 3 as soon as possible. The best approach to level 2 is to go to 12-53 twice, once to get weapon 4 at the first opportunity and then again when you’ve picked everything up and are ready for Baal.
Finally Esther, some solutions to trick shots from Firebird’s Maltese Joe Plays 3D Pool. Shot 1: 0768 024 63
10. Shot 2:1002 041 63 09. Shot ARCHER likes to send messages to
people he knows in his games.
You can read them if you know what to type. Some codes change what is happening, but don’t swear twice or the program wilt reset.
Just type them in.
FISH, BIRD, PAC, and PERI make different things happen.
SLAN produces a line of slanted text.
FAST speeds up the music while you hold down the letter T. FILT turns the music filter on.
3:0032 100 63 00. Shot 4:0962 024 63 00 and Shot 13:0004 054 58 20. A great game, you’d be daft not to buy it. OK. Orlando?
That's all for this month, I’m off to wax my joystick ready for next DATE shows when the program was written.
TITL jumps back to the title screen.
FREZ will freeze the game. Great for screen shots.
GERM changes all the messages to German.
UK turns them back into English.
JUMP is an advertisement for Archer’s custom jumper service.
Month’s top tip bashing, but I need help. So if you have a hint or a hack pop 'em in the post to Max The Hacks, Amiga Computing, North House, 78-84 Ongar Rd, Brentwood, Essex, CM 15 9BG.
«?°*Eacc°unts Quality m*as °"«o 1 for money'- Ce ,enf volut _ Vailshot j it vrvflt gsSSiss- ? Mmki ?
A comprehensive diary pianner which is eaua ly suitable for the business or at home induaes built-tn mfe figenr calendar, search sort, printing, weekly monthly planners, etc ? DGCAIC ?
A powerful menu-driven mailing program using a unique system for on screen scrolling of labels This WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) system means that any label format you define on screen will be identical when printed.
As well as powerful sowing and searching (search for anything, anywhere!), Special Routines include detection of duplicate labels, surname sorting and many, many more. For business users, MAILSHOT PLUS is also available.
Ideal for both home users and small businesses Supports workbench and multitasking, simple to use, this complete home accounting package will cater for up to 10 income accounts (e g , bank, credit card, HP} and 60 categories of household expenditure (e g, mortgage, rates, food, etc.) with optional budgeting. The program will automatically handle 100 Standing Orders, etc, and allow you to produce your own statements to check bank account(s) charges, credit cards, etc Process up to 300 transactions per account per year Comprehensrve reporting facilities include detailed statements, budget
forecasts, pie and bar charts, etc YouTI wonder how you ever managed f flfl fl C without id I A + W At last, an inexpensive and Senuinely easy to use spreadsheet program.
Command and menu-driven, 512 rows, 52 columns, programmable function keys, text overflow and much, much more. Simple enough for the beginner, powerful and fast enough for the professional.
For the best laid plans £29.95 ? £-TYPE ?
Transform your existing computer into a fully fledged typewriter, displaying and printing text instantly ideal for form-filling, addressing envelopes, memos, etc. Character by character or line by line pnntmg (with word-wrap, justification, etc.) The emulated typewriter SEND FOR FREE BROCHURE PACK Why set your sights lower A calculated desfbuy £39.95 £24.95 ORDER NOW - 24 HR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE , 0395 270273 £39.95 PLEASE RUSH ME BY RETURN (enter Quantity)" | * r Please debrt my ACCESS VISA CARD DIGITA INTERNATIONAL DGCALC HomE ACCOUNTS MAILSHOT MAILSHOT PLUS DAY BY DAY E-TYPE DEMO DISC £39 95
£59 95 £5495 £49 95 £29.95 £39 95 £5 95 Expiry Date Signature Post to DIGITA INTERNATIONAL LTD BLACK HORSE HOUSE, EXMOUTH DEVON EX8 1JL Please send FREE Brochure Pack TOP QUALITY PROGRAMS AT MAGICAL PRICES i | Address All software written in the UK Prices include VAT & PSP (add C2 00 for export ' financial inionnat'o*'
* fr*nsfawns Co P news ftCdautese- ¦.ui bourg Look what s
waiting for you join the fasKst growing!
Electronic mail servic Four years' continual development have made MicroLink into the COMPLETE communications and information system for everyone with a home or business computer.
And it's so easy to use. From your keyboard, linked to a modem and phone, you can directly key into an ever-growing range of services, both in Britain and around the globe.
Every day thousands of electronic mail messages pass between MicroLink subscribers throughout Britain . . . And many other parts of the world. From their keyboard they can also send telex and fax messages, without the need to buy expensive equipment.
MicroLink can be used with ANY computer, from a tiny hand-held Psion Organiser or 288 portable to the most sophisticated computer of all. And from anywhere where there is a telephone point.
So if you want to speed up your mail, tap into a weather satellite, carry out company searches, obtain free legal and financial advice, order flowers, book theatre tickets, negotiate a mortgage, help yourself to free telesoftware programs - or go adventuring in the land of Shades, the world's biggest multi-user game - then there's only one answer - MicroLink.
Please send me Name_ more facts about Address mkrolioh One number to dial one security password one simple log-on and you're only a keystroke away from the best information and entertainment services now available.
FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Itlicroli mailbox. So Y°“ ca you 3 pennv-
- |S aM about withou* Send to: MicroLink, Europa House, Adlington
Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK1U 4NP.
AMC7 I jpphone, ¦ Piracy and copyright WHY cannot consent be given for software to be copied at home in return for a royalty fee covering programming costs?
This would give each copy the legal status of an original in terms of copyright and enable those who wish to pay for the use of the software, but cannot afford the overheads of commercial distribution, packing, copying and advertising, to do so.
E. O. Hobden, Lincoln.
Such a system exists, it's called shareware. Software is freely distributed on the basis that if you like a program you will send the author some money.
This is much more popular in the US, where users are more honest about coughing up. We will be bringing you some of the best shareware on future cover discs.
Please send the authors a contribution. We will be.
Next move?
MY interests He in the field of art and animation. At present I have Deluxe Video and Deluxe Paint II and am contemplating buying Aegis Animator and Images along with a music compilation software of some type, as a suitable package.
But here are my main expansion considerations: Should I invest in an A501 memory extension, a dual 3.5in second third disc drive, a single floppy drive or upgrade completely to a more powerful machine, such as an A2000?
Marcus Barrett, Somerset, We would go for Deluxe Paint III as an animation package. If you have Dpaint II it is a cheap upgrade (£30), and very easy to use. You will need at least 1 meg of ram. Preferably more if you want to produce a decent animation.
A second drive of some sort is a must and for these reasons go for the Commodore A590 Hard Drive Plus.
You can add ram more cheaply than buying an A501 and it saves floppy shuffling because everything Fits on to the hard disc.
Leaving home ain't easy WOULD it he possible to connect the Plotmate A3M plotter I am using with an Archimedes in school for GCSE technical drawing to my Amiga A500 for use with programs such as Aegis Draw 2000?
A friend is planning to buy an Amiga A500 but is moving to Canada soon. I know that the PAL and NTSC systems are different, but would buying a Commodore hi-res monitor solve the problem of running European software on an American machine, or would it be pointless buying any software here before moving to Canada?
R. S. Jones, Gwynedd.
There should be no problem using the plotter with your Amiga and Draw 2000. Have a look at X-Cad Designer.
Some programs are deliberately fixed so that they will only work on a PAL or NTSC system, not both.
Buying a Commodore monitor will not solve the problem.
The best solution is for your friend to wait until he gets to Canada and buy everything out there. Check any software bought here carefully.
Sounds better ONE small piece of knowledge has escaped the entire Amiga population.
The Amiga possesses an audio filter.
This amazing piece of hardware can be switched off unless you have an A10G0 and you get ail your treble back. It is very simple to do, and can be achieved by the following machine code instructions: 35ET *Sil,SbfeB81 Power light off, filter off or... 5CLR *5l1,Sbfe00' Power light on, Filter on, or,., BcfiS *W,Sbfe001 Toggle state of filter Will all software developers please take note.
Please plug my bulletin board: If the line isn't dead and I haven’t been cut off, you can call it on 0362 698867. It runs on a Beeb at the moment, but I have almost finished a new package written in 68000 for the Amiga.
One last point. Our group (The TMB Dev.Corp) is currently working on a new game for the Amiga. We need original music rather desperately. If you think you can help, get in touch with us.
Toby Simpson Spixworth, Norwich.
Hi praise WELL, what can 1 say! I am 29 years old, and for a very long time now I have had an addiction for computer games. It is all very welt being able to heat the highest score on the games in the pub, but when you come down to realise how much money you have spent at the end of the evening, it hurts.
I very soon came to the opinion that the Amiga was by far the best value for money. I have read all the magazines that are going around for it. I am not creeping by saying this (oh yes you are - ed) but your magazine leaves all the others standing.
Your games reviews could not be bettered: in fact I won’t buy a game unless I have heard what you have got to say about it in the first place.
When you show screen shots they are very clear images.
I bought my computer originally just to play games, and to save myself a lot of money. Because of your magazine, I am now interested in expanding my Amiga and learning how to program it myself.
Now I can get down to why I originally started to write this letter. I am that enthralled by your magazine that I would like to be able to boast about having the full collection on my bookshelf.
I have numbers 5,7,8,9,10,11 and would very much like to know if it is possible to obtain the copies I am missing. Also, do you supply a binder to keep them in mint condition? If so, please let me know the price as soon as possible, and I would forward a cheque straight away.
Chris Maynard, New Milton, Hants.
Wc suppose you went a freebie? Well it is nice to be appreciated. Back numbers and binders are available from the subscriptions department which is on 051-357 2961. Take out a sub to get the binder and a host of other goodies free.
Talking windows PLAYING around with the Say command under Workbench, I have found it impossible to alter the pitch and speed of the computer’s voice. I have tried every possible combination of inputs in the phoneme window, all to no avail. The manual talks about changing all parameters together - hut how?
Mr P Ambrose, Southampton.
The obvious thing to do when using Say by clicking on the icon is to type into the phoneme window the string you want to have read followed by the option. This is wrong on both counts. You should type the option followed by the string into the input window. Click it in first Clickable scripts UNDERSTANDING CLI makes using the Amiga very much easier. I’ve written several batch files to do various tasks. To access them I have to go into CLI and Execute them, I thought it would be a good idea, however, to create an icon for the task and be able to run it from Workbench without needing to open
Unfortunately, all I know how to do is edit an icon using ICONED, which is no good. Could you please supply me with a solution if one is available?
Many thanks, Martin Lea, Lancs.
Once again the solution is in the public domain. Get a copy of Fish disc 65 which contains the ICONX program. This will help you create icons for all sorts of programs.
Stop frame CONGRATULATIONS on such a superb magazine. The Amiga is a brilliant computer and deserves such support. The main thing I use my A500 for is art and design. I would be grateful if you could supply me with details on digitising pictures - video digitising and so on. I am most interested in this field and would welcome your response.
C. Hoper, Portsmouth, DigiView Gold produces the best digitising
results a full colour image using filters. It costs £150
excluding the black and white camera. It is available from HB
Marketing on 0895 443333. DigiPic and SuperPic from Precision
(01-330 7166) grab frames faster. DigiPic was reviewed in our
June 1988 issue.
Misleading adverts SURELY you check adverts before publishing them in your magazine, if so, why don’t you notice errors like “comes with Kickstart 1.5” What?
Jumpstart 1.4 is around and available if you’re a registered developer, 1.5 is still “erm, we’re thinking about it”.
It is either their name for their own product, if so it shouldn’t be allowed as it misleads people, or a typo - but the same error has appeared in two magazines. Just a tiny little bit of checking would eliminate that sort of thing.
Martyn Oakley, Surrey.
Ads are checked to make sure they are legal decent honest and truthful.
They are not checked for stupidity.
The editorial department and advertising departments work separately. This is good because it removes any likelihood of us saying that Wizzo GamesTatest is also the greatest just because the ad department have their eyes on Wizzo's budget.
Any company which advertises things it doesn't have hurts itself in the end by ruining its reputation.
Only the best WHY review totally useless games?
Please, in future, only review games that we want to buy. If it is a waste of disc space we don’t want to know.
Why don’t you make a list of all the amazing games we ought to buy?
Here’s a couple of mini reviews to start you off... POPULOUS: Brilliant. Everyone ought to have it, Granted, it’s ported, but that’s a small price to pay for such an addictive game. Takes on a whole new meaning when played over the serial port friends become immortal enemies in seconds.
But watch out, if the game gets mega-complex it collapses over the serial port and won’t continue. It seems that if your cable is high quality you may be OK.
SUPER HANG ON: Amazing nonported game. Great fun with the built- in cheat mode using the machine gun on the front.
PACMANIA: Really shows off the Amiga’s* abilities. For a real laugh play it next to the ST version.
Good points... yes, there are some.
The paper you print your magazine on is very nice. Most posh! Nice logo on the front, good use of colours. A sense of humour (I hope).
No, really, your reviews are good, and on the whole accurate. The news pages are informative. In fact, apart from all the stuff above, the magazine is perfect!
Matthew Likierman, London W8.
Unless we review the naff games how do you know which ones they are?
Besides, the evil reviews are the funniest to read.
When is IFF not IFF?
PLEASE advise me. I have Kindwords and while, I am happy with most aspects of the system, I am very disappointed with the graphics.
The manual is quite straightforward in its instructions for using graphics. I will quote the relevant passage: "Kindwords allows you to insert graphics made by any program which saves pictures in IFF format. You may insert low res or medium res images”.
I use Photon Paint graphics which are IFF format. No matter what picture I try to insert - even just a simple black and white line drawing of a square, for example - the message: “Not IFF Format” appears on the screen.
S, Palmer, Luton.
Photon Paint only works with hi-res HAM images. Kindwords needs medium or low-res images. A word processing program which supported 4,096 colour HAM mode would run too slowly to be useable. Have a look at one of the non-HAM art programs such as Deluxe Paint.
MaiI Order Offers Pretext is acknowledged by many as THE word orocessor for most home micros, and the Amiga vendon is no exception. What you get with Amiga Protext is a powerful workhorse with a proven track record. Plus a saving of £20 off the retail price of the new version 4! __ ¦'For power and value for money, I ¦don't!hjnk that Pyotext can be beaten. It can be used simply as you choose, or can handle the most complex mailmerge routines... in short, it can be - what you want it to be". - Micronet .. ,.
ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY, USING THE FORM ON PAGE 95 ‘...merely the best word processor for the Amiga’
- Reviewed in Amige Computing, January 1389 S2 a refreshing
ch.nge.. re.ie. sn inexpensive w. »ir.eh hv.s r::~
r;:,h;r.m* - Iteteiirrr.'p.el... I. * - - ~ ,
„«rte.irioratinn" - Amstrad Professional Computing "Deserves
very serious consideration . Mmsua MaiI Order Offers Reviewed
in the December issue of Amiga Computing TYPICAL APPLICATIONS
At last, an inexpensive and very easy-to-use spreadsheet that's
simple enough for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for
Digicalc is both menu and command driven. It is fast, with all calculations being performed instantly, and the spreadsheet is constantly updated.
The manual has been carefully designed to cater for all types of user, from the novice to the expert. It includes a tutorial with step*by-step instructions, a glossary of computer terms, a quick reference card, a full reference section and a comprehensive index.
"I realty liked the package to begin with, and first impressions are important... Digita deserves full marks for the way in which the menus and command driven operations have been implemented... It’s a no nonsense spreadsheet... I'd certainly recommend it for general purpose spreadsheet work”. - Rex Last, Amiga Computing, December 1988.
RRP £39.95 OUR PRICE £29.95 TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 95 Home budgeting Investment project appraisal Comparing rent lease buy options Processing results of experiments Engineering calculation models Education SMALL BUSINESS APPLICATIONS Cash flows Profit and loss statements Balance sheets Purchase orders Invoices Costings Stock control Sales purchase nominal ledgers Payrolls Price lists Mai! Order Offers smscMWON 12 month subscription OFFER Cover price £35.40 Offer price £29.95 SAVE £5.45!
S ne*rly
- '-Oi ny £40 ¦ when you subscribe to Amiga Computing bracked h
7 t0 US6 in its price T montf) stJbscrintf Pr,ce for 12 r, '
°"e bV return.
You',fa Pg°tn®h0r 9 m,3ssiVe mon disc.
La, ffo t J,Co« i Socks Sells for E39.95 . . . But yours EREEf imimw m,84 *¦ ? S.fi Fisax '38X 512 rows by 52 columns Menu or command driven Adjustable column widths Text overflow Instant recalculation Integrates with other programs Window feature User definable formulae GOTO feature Password protection Ceil justification powerful line editor UNDO feature Beginner's tutorial Supports keyboard or mouse UK only Cover price £70.80 Offer price £54.95 SAVE £15.85!
24 month subscription To place your order, please use the form opposite Some of DG Calc's numerous features: Otl&rs subject to availability Valid to 31,8.89 Annual Subscription Including DG Calc (UK only) 12 months UK £29.95 9553 Europe & Eire £34.95 9543 Overseas Airmail £49.95 9545 Cover disc Offers (see page 52) Trained Assassin Raider Add £2 Europe & Eire £5 Overseas £19.95 9850 £14.95 9849 NEW RENEWAL 9554 9544 9546 Fun School 2 (see page 47) Under 6 years 6 to 8 years Over 8 years Add £2 Europe & Eire £5 Overseas 24 months UK £54.95 9555 Europe 8. Eire £63.95 9549 Overseas Airmail
£91.95 9551 £19.95 9842 £19.95 9843 £19.95 9844 NEW RENEWAL 9556 9550 9552
* New subscripiions commence with the next issue Back Issues (see
page 74) Tank Attack £19.99 9848 Add £3 Europe & Eire £7
Overseas February 1989-July 1989 bundle £9.95 9852 Add £3
Europe & Eire £12 Overseas February 1989 £2.10 9708 March
1989 £2.10 9709 April 1989 £2.10 9710 May 1989 £2.10 9711 June
1989 £2.10 9712 July 1989 £2.10 9713 Add Sop per issue Europe &
Eire 1 £2 Overseas DG Calc (see page 93) Add £2 Europe & Eire
£5 Overseas £29.95 9831 Pioneer Plague (see page 72) Add £2
Europe & Eire £5 Overseas £24.95 9828 Transparent calculator
(see page 88) Lombard RAC Rally (see page 63) Add £2 Europe A
Eire £5 Overseas £24.95 9829 Protext Version 4 (see page 93)
Add £2 Europe & Eire £5 Overseas £79.95 9530 Tick here if you
are ordering the calculator £7.95 9854 Tick here if you are
spending £25 or more on reader offers (excluding subscriptions)
and wish to claim your FREE calculator 9853 Lancelot (see page
54) Add £2 Europe & Eire £5 Overseas £19.95 9522 TOTAL eiii
n w nu in mi - hi hi na Payment: please indicate method
| | Access Mastercard Eurocard Bardaycard Visa Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirrat L65 3EB (No stamp needed i! Posted In UK) Please allow up to 28 days lor delivery
- Order at any time of the day or night - No. I j
ChequoEurocheque payable Exp.
Date Amiga Computing Telephone: 051-357 2961 Name.
Signed Fax Orders: 051-357 2813 Orders by Pres lei: Key"89, then 614568383 MicroL ink Telecom Gold 72:MAG001 Address.
Post Code Don't forget to give your name, addreaa and credit card number AMCS Daytime telephone number in case of queries fAmtech omputma (0703)731974 Quality Amiga Software 2 Cowdray Close, Lordswood, Southampton, S01 8EB The Works!
The popular Word Processor, Database and Spreadsheet at your fingertips for just: £74.99 Inc VAT Word Processing Scribblel Word Processor with spellcheck and Mailmerge.
Database Organize I Database with form editing facilities.
Spreadsheets Analyze I Spreadsheet including graphs and macros.
X-CAD Designer The new, powerful design and technical drawing package for professional and home use. Many drawing features plus: Fast refreshes Macro commands Publishers Choice DTP Pack including: Pagesetter 1.2 KindWords 1.2 Artists' Choice Artpack 100,000 Word Dictionary Disk KindWords Superfonts Headline Fonts Laserscript Only £88.99 Inc VAT!
Great Value £89.99 inc VAT Public Domain PRICES I - 5 disks £3.00 each 6-10 disks £2.70 each II + disks £2.50 each PD Starter Disks Try our compilation starter disks especially prepared for those who are new to PD.
Graphics 1: Collection of IFF and HAM mode images with viewing programmes.
Games 1: A selection of PD entertainment software.
Utilities 1: Create the environment that suits you with window shadows, customized pointers and much more.
PD Ranges Available: Disks 1-188 Disks 1-28 Disks 1-25 Fred Fish Amicus T-Bag Free Catalogue Send now for this valuable directory of PD software.
COLOUR PRINTNG SERVICE:- Try our colour printing service - any IFF of HAM file printed on our HP PaintJet Colour Printer using the highest quality paper. Prices: each file £1.00 for first print; 50p for each additional copy. Simply enclose disk and instructions.
How To Order [ Name Specify Item Quantity The Works!
Publishers’ Choice PD - Graphics 1 Price £ £ £ Simply complete the order form on the r 7i right and send it with your cheque payable to AMTECH COMPUTING to: 2 Cowdray Close, Lordswood, Southampton, Hants SOI 8EB.
If you prefer to book your order by phone then call our 24 hour ansaphone service; simply leave your name and phone number and we will call you back I I Address I I PD - Utilities 1 £ | PD - Games 1 £ i Post Code ¦ Phone 1 X-CAD Designer IFF or HAM prints £ £ £ for full details.
1 Computer £ Please note that all orders are subject to the avilabifity of stock, and prices may be subject to change without prior notice. All prices Include VAT.
1 RAM j ? Tick for PD Catalogue 1 P&P (fixed charge) Total £ 1.00 £
50 CAPACITY £3AS WO CAPACITY *7A3 * j si v w X w O X m 250*
350 + hH W H Books Amiga Basic Inside And Out (Abacus)....
....£18.95 Amiga C for Beginners (Abacus).... ....£18.45 Amiga
DOS Inside and out (Abacus).... ....£18.45 Amiga DOS Quick
Reference (Abacus).... ....£13.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside and
out (Abacus).... ....£27.95 Amiga Machine Language
(Abacus).... ....£14.95 Amiga Systems Programmers guide
(Abacus) .... ,..,£32.95 Amiga Tricks And Tips (Abacus)....
.,..£14.95 Amiga For Beginners (Abacus).... ..,.£12.95
Advanced Amiga Basic (Computel).... ....£16.95 Amiga
Applications (Compute!).... ..,.£16.95 Amiga DOS Reference
Guide (Compute!)..., ..,.£14.95 Amiga Machine Language Guide
(Computel)... ....£19.95 Amiga Programmers Guide (Compute!)...
....£16.95 Beginners Guide to the Amiga (Compute!)...
....£16.95 Compute's 1st Book of the Amiga (Computel)...
....£16.95 Compute's 2nd Book of the Amiga (Compute!)...
....£16.95 Elementary Amiga Basic (Computel)... ....£14.95
Inside Amiga Graphics (Computel)... ....£16.95 Kids and the
Amiga (Compute!)... ....£14.95 Amiga DOS Manual
(Bantam Commodore)... ....£22.95 Amiga Hardware Ref Manual
(New Edition)... ....£21.95 Amiga ROM Kemal Ref Includes (New
Edition)... ....£28.95 Amiga ROM Kemal Ref Libs & Devs (New
Edition}... ....£29.95 O Jjl ONLY 9I11 0 2 Qfl 0 2 DSDD Oup
DSDD EACH A500 Second Drive Quiet NEC Mechanism Able Disable
Switch Through Port and Full Metal
Jacket . ....£79 95 A501
Ram Expansion .... Amiga
2000 Internal Drive . Single
Disc Cases (20) Disc Box
Holds 30 3 1 2" Discs . Disc Box Holds 60 3 1 2"
Discs .... .£7.99 3 1 2“ DSDD with 1
for 1 guarantee (each) 80p 3 1 2“ DSDD
with 1 for 1 guarantee (50) ....£38.00 3 1 2"
DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (100) ...£75.00 3
1 2“ DSDD Branded with 2 for 1 guarantee (10) ..£12.99 3
1 2" 2 Meg Branded with 2 for 1 guarantee (10) .£24.99
Printer Lead 1.8m long (PC ST Amiga) ...£6.99 23
Way D Socket (make your own monitor lead) £3.95
Caspell's Ribbon Refresh Re-Ink your Fabric Printer Ribbon
160ml can will Re-Ink around 30 Ribbons. Save Pounds! ..£7.95
• « 0=10103.5” DISK DRIVE £9*9?
O AMllGA MOUSE £24.??
FUTURE SOUND 500 £74??
Mini GEN £99.9?
RENDflLE 8862 GENLOCK £269.99 GdLd £7799?
? ECI % AMMtyk ££299 AECIS £51.99 Kind Words 2.0 £44.99 deluxe PkWTHF £71.99 2 WATERLOO RD. CHESTER CH2 2RL SALES: (0244) 312744 DESPATCH: (0244) 312675 1*2® CERTIFIED uch 4 + BULK PURCHASES 4 4 150 + AT EACH 250 + AT 71 f EACH 350 + AT 70P EACH PREFOKMWTTED VAMI6A S9r EACH H ATARI ST 8Sr EACH
s. 25" a CERTFED Z4r EACH 4- 4- BULK PURCHASES 4 4 150 + AT 22 p
PLEASE MOD 75' OH ORDERS UNDER £15 BOOKS - PLEASE RING Unit 82 In Shops 2-8 Greenwood Way Chelmsleywood Shopping Centre Birmingham B37 STL CALLERS WELCOME 021-770-0468
NEWS Chiron Conceptions are a great new collection of Public
Domain Compilation disks. Each disk is just£4.00 and is packed
with programs relating to a specific area of interest. Below
is a listing of just some of the disks in the collection. If
you would like the full list send an SAE or phone.
Chiron Conceptions £4.00 each Other Disks at £3.00 each O FISH 1-204 O FAUG 1-75 O PANORAMA 1-72 SLIPPED DISK 1-40 O AUGE 1-25 OTBAG 1-23 AMICUS 1-16 Catalogues available write or phone for details.
STOP PRESS for a limited period we are offering one FREE disk when you order five.
CC16: Ray Tracing - create your very own ray traced pics.
CC25: Utilities - some useful utilities for a variety of tasks.
CC33: Games & Demos - includes Milestone, Startrek, Zoing! & more.
CC35: AmigaBasic Progs - full of Games, Applications & Educational programs.
CC49: Sound Digitizer CC50: Animation Demos CC51: NASA Digi Pics - HiRes digitised photos of the Space Shuttle taken at NASA.
Tilt AMIGA FV LIPZAZY 140 Rushdale Road, Sheffield S8 9QE w (0742) 588429 AmigaTEX AmigaTEX provides a powerful alternative in document preparation. It enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially those of a technical nature such as user manuals or journal papers. It gives you true typeset quality with kerning, ligatures, full floating accents, mathematical and technical symbols and the ability to produce tables and special formats, AmigaTEX will accept input from any text editor or word processor and with its built-in screen previewer, a document formatter of mainframe power
becomes available.
Also included with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter with dozen? Of preformed styles, SliTEX - a slide generating macro, and BibTEX - a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully file compatible with other versions of TEX.
Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set of Computer Modern Fonts is included. A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones.
AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series, Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LQ series, HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage.
Access and Visa accepted.
For further details and free demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY 14 OSBALDESTON ROAD, LONDON N16 7DP TEL: 01 -806 1944 17 Bit Centre .... ..88 Amiga PD Library .....98 Amigatex ......98 Amiga Users Group . 76 Amtech Computing ..96 Applied Research Kernel ...* 84 Byteback ......31 Calco Software ...* ....27 Castle
Software ... *....60 Cestrian Software ...97 Club 68000 .. 42,43 Computer Shopper Show 5 Computerstore 97 Database Educational Software .47 Dataplex 75 Datel Electronics, .12,13 Digicom .... 83 Digita. . * . * 89 Easyprint .. *.....83 Evesham Micro ...68 First
Micro 19 Gainstar ... ....80 Gordon Harwood Computers 36,37 Mandarin Software ....54,63,72 Maze Technology .....76 MD Office Supplies ..... 56 Memory Expansion Systems ......44 Microdeal ...... 85 MicroLink ... 90 Midland Microsoft ..,,....,......59 MJC Supplies ......46 Palace Software . 100 Postronix ... 2,3 Power
Computing 25,27 Purple PD Software . 75 Shield Computer Services ..98 Silica Shop .... 99 S K Marketing ..11 Softsellers .....41 Sublogic Corporation .....78 Sunderland Computer Centre ....62 Trilogic .... 75 Worldwide Software ... 84 ST & AMIGA REPAIR CENTRE £55.00 FIXED PRICE REPAIR Indudes - courier delivery, parts, labour, full service and
V. A.T., 90 day warranty, 5 day turnround (subject to parts
availability) All our engineers are fully experienced in 16
bit technology Estimates given for: A1000,2000, Mega ST,
Monitors, Printers and customer damaged units Dealer enquiries
welcome SHIELD COMPUTER SERVICES LTD 50 Fjixton Road, Urmston,
Manchester M31 3AB Tel: 061-747 3185 Fax:061-747 0515
o Commodore £346 The Amiga 500 is one of a new breed of
technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as
the new standard for home computing, based-around the new
Motorola 68000 chip The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double
sided disk drive built-in. It can be connectec directly to a
wide range of monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV
modulator Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a
user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free
mouse And, when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK’s
No1 Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales
service that is second to none, including a technical support
helpline and free newsletters and price lists. Return the
coupon below for our current information pack, which wiil give
details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga
offers. E&oe .95 +VAT= £399 INCLUDES FREE UK DELIVERY FREE! -
£399.99 £24.99 £69.95 £229.50 £724.43 £325.43 £399 £399.99 £299.99 £69.95 £229.50 £999.43 £350.43 £649 Amegas Art Of Chess Barbarian. Ult Warrior Buggy Boy Ikari Warriors Insanity Fight Mercenary Comp Terrorpods Thundercats Wizball £14.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24,95 £229.50 Before you deode wher 10 Ouy your new Commodore Amiga computer, we suggest you consider very caretuiiy WHERE you Ouy it There are MANY companies who can Qlfer you a computer, a lew peripherals and ihn lop ton selling lilies There are FEWER companies who can oiler a w de range oi products
lor your computer as well as expert advice and help when yovj reed d There is ONLY ONE company who can provide jrw iargesi range of Amga related producis m the UK a lull lime Amiga specialist technical helpline and in-depm aMer sales support including free newSleiierS and Drotmires delivered Ic your door lor as long as you require alter you purchase your computer That one company is Silica Shop We nave oeen esteoiished in Ihe name computer held tor ten years and car now claim to rnee: our customers reauremecis w.m an accuracy and understanding which i$ second to none Here are iust some ol me
ihmgs we car Oder you THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range ol Amiga related peripherals, accessories, books and software in Ihe UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT: The stafl at Silica Shop arc dedicated to help you to get the besl Irorn your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Mailed direct to your home as soon as we print ihem, featuring oilers and latest releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers within the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE: We will normaliy match our competitors offers on a same product same pr-ce' basis FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE; Full lime learn ol
Amiga technical experts lo help you with your technical queries Bui don’t just take our word lor il Complete and return ihe coupon below lor our latest Amiga literature and begin to experience the Silica Shop specialist Amiga service A500 Computer TV Modulator Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: PACK PRICE & A500 Computer 1084S Colour Monitor Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: PACK PRICE M ¦I'; LI When you buy the Amiga 500 bom Silica Shop, you will not only gel a high power, value lor money computer, we will also give you some spectacular free gills First of
all, we are now including a TV modulator with every A500 sland alone keyboard, so you car plug your Amiga straight into your TV at home (the modulator is noi ncluded wilh Ihe A500-A1G84S pack as il is not required lor use with monitors) Secondly we have added a free copy of Photon Paint, an advanced graphics package wilh an RR*5 of £69.95 Last lane by no means least'j. So mat you can be up and running straight away, we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES PACK with every A50Q purchased at Silica Shop This pack features ten lop Amiga titles which have a contained RRP of nearly £?30'
Return Ihe coupon lor details FREE TEHSTAR PACK When you buy your Amiga 500 Irom Silica Shop, we warn lo make sure you get the best deal possible That is why we are giving away ine TENSTAR GAMES PACK worth nearly £230, absolutely FREE with eve'y A500 purchased Irom us The TenSiar Games Pack includes ten titles lor the A500, each individually packaged m its own casing wilh msiruclions TOTAL RRP: £229.50 Jl you already own an Amiga computer and wouid like lo be registered on our mailing list as an Amiga user, iet us know We will be pleased to send you copies ol our price lists and newsletters
FREE OF CHARGE as tney become available Complete tne coupon ana return it lo our Sidcup branch and begin experiencing a specialist Amiga service that is second to none Silica Shop Lid, Dept AMCOM 08 89,1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4 4DX V IIGA | PLEASE SEND ME FREE LITERATURE ON THE AMIGA Surname Initials SILICA SHOP: SIDCTJP (& Mail Order) 01-309 1111 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Road, S dcup. Kent. DAI4 4DX OPEN: MON-SAT 9am - 5 30pm LATE NIGHT: FRIDAY 9am - 7pm LONDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road, London. W1P OB A OPEN: MON SAT 9 30am 6 00pm LATE NIGHT. NONE Postcode
LONDON 01-629 1234 ext 3914 Do you already own a computer If so. Wh ch one do you own-7 Seffrtdges 1st floor), Oxford Street. London. IvtA 1AB OPEN: MON-SAT 9am. - 600pm LATE NIGHT: THURSDAY Bam 8pm .
To find the SOFTWARE 1 Drone flight patterns that you can program to soak up energy from the city below
• Carefully-designed instrument panel - to help you plan your
• Your performance analysed to show your strengths and weaknesses
• Dazzling HAM-mode graphics: 4,096 on-screen colours
• Eight-directional scrolling over a detailed cityscape t Stereo
music score and digitised speech

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