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with good use of the Amiga's intuition environment, although! didn't like HiSoft's editor particular ire being reserved for the clumsy search and replace facility. I would have liked to have seen the editor capable of loading tokenised AmigaBasic programs, and expanding them itself, rather than you having to load the code into the AmigaBasic interpréter, and then saving it using the "A" option to get an Ascii file. it is possible to compile your programs in ram or to disc. The latter option means your finished program can be run outside the HiSoft environment. When compüing to disc, the program generates the necessary icon file to enable it to bc selected from the Workbench. and the code produced seems to muiti-task propcHy under the Amiga Intuition environment. The compücd programs also work properly when caüed from the CLI. The code produced by the compiler is fuliy re-entrant, and can he made résident when using the Workbench

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Document sans nom Volume 1 Number 10 March 1989 £1.95 a f'- & * $ 9 O MrDKfthk: ° v° .3 x , 0 ' to A AMIGAPOWER Speedy 32 bit co-processor COMPILE!
Basic 30 times faster XX AMIGAPRINT Super DTP graphics on tap THE AMAZING AMIGA... AMIGA W hn.tfluluni I' l)u- hum Pack Includes: A500CPU, Mouse. P.S.U.. T.V. Modulator, Very First Tutorial, Workbench 1-3, Basic, Extras and Manuals.
PLUS POSTRONIX BONUS PACK WORTH OVER £250 which includes 10 Blank Disks. Disk Storage Box. 10 Excellent Games. Mouse Mat.
Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.
- £5.(10 post and packing AMIGA 500 plus DISK DRIVE AMIGA 500 +
1084S Instruction Manuals, Extra Disk, Workbench 1-3, CTTItrAI
The Very First Tutorial, T.V. Modulator, Photon a 1 LklU
Paint, Mouse PLUS additional Amiga Compatible rini Aim
H1AMITAD Disk Drive and 10 Blank Disks. LULUUK MU1M 1 UK
£449.00 1084S STEREO COLOUR MONITOR n;Q 00 Compatible with PC,
Amiga, C64c, C128 * £5.00 pusi and packing MPS1200P £229.99 +¦
£5.00 post and packing The Commodore MPS1200P printer presents
the state of the art in do* matrix printers, with all the
features of a printer that would cost much more. Flic MPS1200P
is designed to be like three printers in one. It can act just
like an E-pson FX printer, or with the flip of a switch, it can
act just like an IBM Graphics Printer with IBM Group II-I
character set (Danish Norwegian character set) support. It can
also print all the characters available with the Amiga in the
Amiga configuration .The MPS1200P is capable of all the pnnting
functions you would expect, as well as some additional features
you may not expect.
matrix (9-needle print head).
ORA IT MODE .-matrix: 9 vertical dots x (5 + 4) horizontal dots; print speed: I20char s. At Kyctiar in TABULATION SPEED ..2char s PRINTING DIRECTION bi-directional, with optimised head movement PRINT PITHES lOchar in to 24 char in programmable from line, and in SHT-UP mode LINE FEU) .....- 1 fan (4.23 mm). 1 8(3.17 mm)and7 72in (2.4 mm); n 2l6in and n 72in.
CHARACTER SIT ...ASCI I characters and special characters.
MAX. PRINT LINE LENGTH 40top 192 characters, according to print pitch selected.
V £5.til post and packing I AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE Amiga 3.5" external drive. Capacity 880K PLUS FREF. DISK P 1 A Q QQ STORAGE BOX & dtl4! J 10 BLANK DISKS + £5.«) post and packing A501 RAM PACK £149.99 + £5.00 post and packing 512K for the Amiga ...AND MORE BESIDES!
PLUS A COMPENDIIM OFT.V. GAME SHOWS V Cmc 15)0 Data Cauenc. QtKtske II Joyxnd. TV Great 1541II DISK DRI K PACK Part 1541II Dftk Drive. 1(1 Excellent Du* Games. 20 Blank Disks. 5W Diskenc Storage Box AND GEOS!
£169.99 »£5 ii) (on ind packing
- a. Bdhor Tmul Pursuit Knplati Fade* Plus: POSTRONIX BONUS PACK
Hi. Cimti ISI Moat . Emnokt ivprt l« «t.»Ihe CBM WJ C| I7H RAM
Ram on sow fit. Just phi* in the I7M Module a £149.99 b £19.99
c £99.99 AI'nco !nip Nl«JP«Ul £8.95 TAC5 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK
CanptfiNc »ftli Aun.
£14.95 £13.99 £10.99 A whole new range of innovative computer covers, made from durable clear plastic. Designed lo fit your computer perfectly... not only safe from dust but also all forms of accidental damage.
£6.99 £7.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 CM Oi l) STYLE CMC NEW VLF.
f. t mdudn: CMC CwnpWci IS* D«i Oudltt. QkhM II tarn Peivmil
Hi-R, Ccmmodwc lull Ho» Aud» Tape (10 Hum V .mafia SHSIOFM
Digiul Kcylioanl MiaH.GhoMbmn. Rdbn» .TI CU AgcM XII. Suqxise
£199.99 aUMfatatfpKfaa' makes of Commodore variety of louts
including graphics and near letter quality, reverse pnntmg.
Italics. .» . -n ws tractor Iced and paper scpcrator. Comcs
complete with serial %, J 7, UU cable.
RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSW ITCH JOYSTICK Compatible with Alan cwnpalrrs and Video Games Machines AmMradPCW (withadaptofl Spectnim (mth adaptor).
MICRO HANDLER SILLTI FUNCTION JOYSTICK CW.IfidlMfftegwrdf. SLIK STIK JOS STICK CONTROI.I.ER Compatible with Alan Computers Atan Games System Commodore.
£24.95 £6.99 £9.99 Managing Editor Derek Meakin Group Editor Alan McLachlan Editor Simon Rockman Assistant Editor Jeff Walker Production Editor Peler Glover Art Editors Mark Nolan Doug Steel News Editor Mike Cowley Reviews Coordinator Pam Turnbull 7 LATEST NEWS A big screen arrives for the Amiga, inside tips on the latest software releases and a chance to win one of five limited edition T-shirts.
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ISSN 0952-5048 Amiga (imputing welcomes articles foe publication. Material should be typed or compuler- pnnled. And preferably double-spaced Program listings should be accompanied by disc. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed enxelopr. Otherwise the return of material cannot be guaranteed Coeitri- butioos can only be accepted for publication bv Database Publxations Ltd on an all-rights basis.
© 1989 Database Publications Ltd. No material maybe reproduced in wbole or in part without written permission While every care is taken, the publishers tanner be held legally responsible (dr any mots in articles, listings or advertisements.
Amiga (imputing « in independent publication and Qmaodm Btomos .Ifocbfns (tt) Ltd s not responsible lor any of the articles in this issue or for m of the opinions expressed.
News trade distribution. Europress Safes and Distribution Limited. Unit 1. Burgas Road. Ivyhouse lane. Hastings. East Sussex TOR 4NR. Tei: 0424 430422.
CAMERON’S HI RES HANDY SCANNER More than a toy. The scanner which can pixelate pictures and digitise drawings. It can also understand the written word with nifty software.
LIT 37 , 115)H L i rdl-Hands% M i if, - i„ EFT iti$ -R ishtH sui tl$ = h suitl$ = d .
Sui t.l$ - " s suitl$ ="H ( 90, 165) TE 16, Idf.
Ui t.2$ ="hl jit2$ ~"dl ji t2$ ="s' I ' ;i t2$ = "c" Amiga Basic Compiler... Page 31 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 Precision Software has taken the top Amiga database and added features users have been asking for. The best made better or the lily gilded?
K=Hands%( ¦ cards') Rl ue2$ =LEF ¦i L2$ = R1GI 1: COLOR 4 ¦ : COLOR 4 ¦ : COLOR 7 COLOR 7 ¦x),PSET Bjel$ ¦ : COLOR ¦:COLOR 1:COLOR % -.COLOR CONFERENCE SPRECHEN md W SIE AMIGA?
The Amiga developers' conference in Frankfurt was a chance to meet those who made the Amiga special and find oul whal's in store for the future.
PROGRAMMING I AMIGABASIC J JL COMPILER Tinkering in Basic is fun, but if you have a need for speed then machine code is the way to go. Hisoft offers a bridge to the hard and fast.
Hardware: “C COMMODORE'S NEW i AMIGA SPEEDUP The A2620 board makes the Amiga run nearly five limes faster. A luxury for A2000 owners at the moment, but a useful pointer to the Amiga of 1990.
¦ CONTENTS* PRODUCTIVITY DELUXE PRINT Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Paint must be the most popular Amiga program in existence. EA’s new print program has a lot to live up to. Can it cope?
AMIGA ARCADE Steaming hot reports on the latest programs to tickle your joystick. But watch out. There is the odd duff one about. Stay sharp: Read - then buy.
ASSEMBLER TUTOR Variables are like sweeties, or like kumquals. Rupert Goodwins explains what to do if granny points your program counter at the pick 'n' mix GAME KILLER Max the Hacks, MTH to you and me.
Dips ludge Doom, laps Outrun, saves the world in Rocket Ranger and gives comprehensive pokes for Elite.
PRODUCTIVITY MAKING MOVIES You have probably seen some stunning graphics produced using Sculpt, Videoscape and Silver. But how do you build the movie yourself?
BASIC SERIES LOOKING FOR A PICTURE Have you ever scoured discs looking for some IFF files to load into an art program? Here's a simple C utility to type in and automate the job.
I DRAGONS THE PLAIN MAN’S LAIR GUIDE TO CLI It takes six discs and was first started Phil South digs deeper into the C in the late 1970s. We look at the game directory to find out what lies within and its history. An epic in megabytes, the STACK and SORT commands but is it worth the pain in the wallet? While finding out about spaces.
58sr 93 47 ASSEMBLER 77 42 s? 63 MAKING tl MOVIES FROM OUR POSTBAG Did Commodore make a Basic error?
Should virus programmers be shot?
Are there any decent computer shops?
Is there a future in ribbons?
LOOKING FOR V| KJ £ A PICTURE You can make sums much easier by defining a function. Just the thing for smart AmigaBasic programmers who don't like to clown with a lot of code.
GAMES REVIEWS PROGRAMMINC PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING Lombard steer and chang lh each of the mountain Five - - - four... three - - - two... one -. - CO!
Your 300bhp Ford Group A Sierra Cosworrh roars away from the starring line, skidding round hairpin bends, as you speed through unfamiliar, ever-changing terrain ...in a race where every fraction of a second countsI Lombard RAC Rally recreates all the excitement of the world-famous rally - with the help of RAC drivers who guarantee its authenticity Complete the five stages - down winding tracks, through verdant forests and over precarious mountain ranges - with the additional hazards of night driving and fog.
Repair damage and add new features to your car in the workshop, and earn money for spares by taking part in a TV interview.
This is the official simulation of a lifetime. . Will your skills measure up to the challenge?
0 Inside every box: A detailed 16-page booklet containing a history of the rally and technical specification of the Cosworth, IS maps to help you plot out your course, and a colourful sticker to commemorate your participation in the rally.
Totally addictive a breath of fresh air' - Atari ST User, January 89 Thoroughly engrossing highly recommended the best controls I 've encountered in any computer race game’ - Computer and Video Games, January '89 The definitive racing game Overall 95%' - Computer Gamesweek, November 5-15. 1988 An absolute must? - ST Action, January 89 Please send me Lombard RAC Rally for: ? Atari ST ? Amiga WISH 198291 ? I enclose a cheque for £24 95 |- made payable to Mandarin Software E’Ory • ? Please debit my AccessA isa number - I I I I 11 I I 1 J1 J LLL in association w»rh Database Dlrett. FREEPOST.
Ellesmere Port. South Wlrral. L65 3EB Tel: 051-357 2961 Postage: Add £2 Europe Overseat £5 AM' Soft wa r e Super monitor ready to ship APPLIED Technology Marketing has been appointed UK distributor for Moniterm's Viking A2000 monitor. Based on the same chips Commodore uses in the, as yet unavailable.
A2024 monitor, the Viking A2000 can display a screen ¦ AMIGA SCENE
1. 008 by 1.008 pixels in four shades of grey.
The non-interlaced flicker- free screen measures 20in diagonally, making it ideal for desktop publishing, Moniterm is a major manufacturer of large screens for the Macintosh market and has worked closely with Commodore to help establish the A2000 as a serious rival to the Apple range.
Programs which follow Commodore guidelines, such as WordPerfect, should work on the big screen monitor without modification, although those which open a custom screen may need minor changes.
The Viking plugs into a slot on an Amiga 2000 using a card with 2Mb of dual ported video ram. This memory is not shared with the system, so you can still have a full 9Mb in your Amiga. However most applications will run out of chip ram if you open a 1,008 by
1. 008 window.
To counter this the Viking A2000 will be supplied with the enhanced chip set (ECS) when it becomes available.
This may lead to some delays, since ECS needs Workbench 1.4. In the meantime Viking Is will be sold with a Jumpstart utility which sets the system up for a big screen.
No UK price has been fixed, the US price of $ 1,995 compares very well with that of similar monitors on IBM and Macs. For more details contact Applied Technology Marketing, 2Q The Cad Cam Centre, 16 Highforce Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS2 1RJ. Or call 0642 225854.
Programmers warned COMMODORE has warned its third party Amiga software developers to follow strict programming guidelines or face the consequences (see Sprechen sie Amiga? Page 26).
Commodore's technical support manager. Dr Rahman Haleem. Said: “The warning is intended to draw the attention of developers to some programming practices which have been resul- Here there be dragons LATEST release for the Amiga from Software Horizons (01-348 4577) is Dragonscape. Due out this month.
Aid for autistic LEISURE software houses hope to boost funds of the National Autistic Society by £50,000 this year. Games publishers attending the Industrv Dinner in London ting in certain commercial Amiga programs - mainly games - not running on some versions of our current operating systems.
"The introduction of Kick- start 1.3 should not affect the operation of properly written software, yet we are receiving reports of some games not running".
Dr Haleem has set up a test station in Maidenhead to help developers. It comprises a number of Amigas specially selected to run hardware and software under different conditions.
Transported back in time and space to an unknown era. You have to stop the evil curse that has descended on the land of Tuvania.
A dragon called Garvan helps you through the scrolling shoot-'em-up. Collecting eight key artifacts as you go.
Price £19.95. kicked off the campaign by pledging £15.000 on the night. There are plans for a charity compilation and also a Day of Action set for May 4.
Over the past few years the UK games publishers have raised £500,000 for various charities.
Race for the million THE Amiga now has a worldwide user base rapidly approaching the magic million mark. And Commodore plans to ensure that an ongoing supply of new hardware and software is developed to service this vast army of users.
The company is planning more developers’ conferences where the latest initiatives can be discussed.
The second such conference to be held in Europe was at Frankfurt in January.
Dates of others, including at least one in the UK. Will be announced soon.
Psygnosis on the ball PSYGNOSIS (051-236
8818) , which has just signed a multi million dollar deal to
market its products in the US, plans to release 17 games
this year.
First off the production line for Amiga users is Bal- listix, a fast competitive and tough ball game played on more than 130 different pitches.
Everything including ball speed, control, pitch design and number of players can be selected from the opening screen to give you the choice of pace and difficulty. Price £19.95. Commodore deal signed Microdealer international, the largest software distributor in Europe, is to distribute the entire range of Commodore machines and peripherals throughout the UK under a deal just signed.
"The deal both reaffirms Commodore's total commitment to the independent dealer and ensures Micro- dealer's future success in the hardware marketplace", said a spokesman.
Walk on the weird side RAINHIRI) has collahu-
• ated with the Motor- mouth television programme to pull of a
Saturday morning coup, turning the forthcoming game Weird
Dreams into a telephone general knowledge quiz.
Viewers who send in a photo and their telephone number are entered in a lottery to play W'eird Dreams.
The winner has to answer really difficult questions, like “Who is the Prime Minister?”, to avoid the evil which lurks in the game.
For completing each stage the caller wins a pretty decent prize, a Motormouth T shirt and goodie bag. Some item of trendy clothing and a Walkman. For completing the game, and swatting a giant wasp, the caller gets roped into a final and a chance to win a trip to Egypt on Concorde.
The TV version required a Northern drive NEW boss of Commodore International's legal Scandinavian division is Erik Schale, former sales vice president in Sweden for Apple Computer.
A company spokesman said: "The appointment is part of Commodore’s strategy to boost its presence in the business, government and education sectors lot of work by the programmer. James Hutchby.
Graphic artist Herman Serrano and project manager Gary Sheinwald.
Herman drew a beautiful Concorde sprite in one day.
Unfortunately this work has meant tin* game will be a little delayed - expect to see it this spring.
When it arrives you will want to be kitted out for the event, and Clare Edgely from Rainbird is offering five Amiga Computing readers just the right garb - five Motormouth Weird Dreams T shirts are up for grabs.
All you have to do is send us a postcard or letter telling us the name of the Motormouth presenter shown playing ball with the girl - some call her Denise - in the screen shot above.
Get your entry to us at Amiga Computing. First Floor. North House, 78-84 Ongar Road. Brentwood.
Essex. CM 15 9BG before April 1 and we'll put your name in the hat.
Working from his Stockholm base. Schale will have responsibility for marketing Commodore products in Sweden. Norway and Denmark.
Commodore's plunge into specialist areas was recently broadened by its signing of the Quadrant Network Group to supply Amigas to the UK audio visual market.
Quadrant will aim its sales efforts at small production companies and government agencies.
Popular Euro show WITHIN one month of the European Computer Trade Show being announced half the available space was booked says organiser Database Exhibitions.
The show - at London’s Business Design Centre.
April 16-18 - targets the leisure and small business sectors of the marketplace.
A Database spokesman said: "This unique exhibition is generating overwhelming interest, not only in the UK and Europe but also in North America".
The event received a fillip when the British Micro Federation announced it will throw its weight behind the show.
Into video with Amiga COMMODORE is launching an attack on what promises to be one of the big consumer booms of 1989 - the combined use of computers and video.
To start its campaign it has joined with the leading video camera magazine Video Action! And Southampton distributor Addons to offer video enthusiasts a choice of three price slashing special offers.
Each package will contain an Amiga complete with genlock and graphics software for adding a truly professional look to video films.
There is a package to suit every pocket from a sub £500 start-up system to a fully professional system used by television companies and worth over £3.000. Every one is offered at a massive saving over normal retail prices.
The top-of-the-range package built around the Amiga 2000 is comparable to systems used by satellite TV.
BBC and ITV companies.
It has an internal genlock allowing you to superimpose pictures, titles and sophisticated graphics. There are Key speakers from France.
Germany. Holland. Italy.
Sweden and the UK will appear at the Computer Trade Forum, the extensive 1 seminarfconference programme being run in conjunction with the show.
German distribution giants Kushware and Ariolasoft say they will have a major presence.
A A The UK government- funded network of language Export Centres has agreed to provide exhibitors and visitors with advice 011 how to market Europe, "The computer industry has reacted in the most positive way possible to this event - by voting with its feet", said Michael Meakin, head of Database Exhibitions. "We couldn't be happier w*ith the way things are going".
Powerful facilities for producing sound effects and music, plus a real-time frame grabber The computer comes with stereo colour monitor. 20Mb hard disc. 3.25in drive. 8Mb ram expansion board with 2Mb of ram already built in and includes two graphics packages.
Two packages will be built around the Amiga 500. The first has a colour monitor, external genlock. 512k of ram upgrade, a second
3. 25in external drive and three items of graphics software.
The second package includes the Amiga 500.
Commodore TV modulator, external genlock plus Eantavision and Photon Paint software.
With each special offer package there will be free delivery and unlimited hot line support and Video Action! Is planning a low cost demonstration video to help first time users.
Other future developments will include bringing in some of the latest American graphics software and hardware so that purchasers of the special offer packages can upgrade their systems even further.
For more information on Video Action! See Page 83.
Award for Amiga games THREE major awards two of them for Amiga hits - were won by Telccomsoft at the Industry Dinner. The 16 bit Game of the Year" award Games update OCEAN has a busy release schedule. The French team responsible for Operation Wolf is putting the Finishing touches to WEC Le Mans, while in the UK Robocop has been programmed by Peter Johnson.
Easter should see the release of two film tie-ins; The Untouchables and Batman.
US Gold has two movie titles from Lucasfilm: Zac McKracken, based on the zany antics of a superhero, and The Last Crusade, which features Indiana Jones in his third and final adventure.
On the arcade front US Gold has announced the Capcom trio of Last Duel, LSD Storm and StreetFighter II, as well as the long overdue Gauntlet II, Road Blasters and Tiger Road.
Elite has been quiet for a while, but this should change with Space Harrier II and Ghosts n’ Goblins out soon. While Elite has been a little slow with its Amiga versions such games are always worth the wait.
Barbarian II from Palace has been put back until Richard Leinfellner Finishes coding the gameplay. Palace's other 16 bit game, went to Virus, created for Firebird by Elite author David Braben.
Caring for your Amiga ¦AMIGA SCENE!
Telecom soft (01-379 6755) also took the Best 8 bit Graphics prize with Savage by Probe Software and Best 16 bit Graphics went to Rainbird’s Starglider II by Jez San.
Cosmic Pirate, is nearing completion and should be released this month. Written by Zippo Games, the objective is to fly around the Galaxy working for an arch criminal organisation raiding space trucks.
Terrarium from Image Works is an interactive arcade adventure set in a surreal fantasy world. The Bitmap Brothers are now working on a game which may become Xenon II for Image Works - a scrolling shooty game with Star-ray like effects.
Two titles are soon to be launched on the Cinema- ware label - It Came from the Desert and Lords of the Rising Sun. which will both feature the customary high quality graphics and sound.
Recent releases have shown that Cinemaware has discovered that gameplay is as important as pretty graphics, so these should be ones to watch.
ANEW concept in support packages for the Commodore Amiga range has been launched by a leading UK systems house.
Amiga-Care allows subscribers to buy blocks of support units which can then be traded in for services ranging from training to consultancy system analysis.
It comes from Hurocare Computer Systems of Harrow. Middlesex, a company that has been actively involved in research and development for the Amiga since the machine was unveiled.
It is the brainchild of managing director Steve Lait- man. "We feel that most support packages simply don't go far enough", he says. " This will be to Amigas what the Welfare State was to British people when it was first introduced - a revolution in the field of care.
“In effect, it will offer companies a service that can only be compared with having their own extensive in-house computer department".
The Amiga-Care package covers:
• Training of staff to meet specific requirements.
• Telephone support for both software and hardware through a
dedicated line to a Star of the circus AN Amiga 500 has been
brought in to play a key role in the production of a new BBC1
television computer programme It is being used to prepare all
the titles for Software Circus which is scheduled to go out on
Sunday. April 2.
Using De Luxe Paint and De Luxe Video, it will provide all the computer graphics.
Produced by Bryn Brooks
- with the help of John Allen and Ann O’Dvvyer - Softteam of
• On-site support from engineers who guarantee to to get any
system up and running with a minimum of disruption.
• Technical reports and software updates custom-written to meet
a participating company's requirements, so ensuring a
constant update source on changing technology.
• Consultancy system analysis offering specialist advice on
what is required for future computerisation of companies.
• Accidental damage and all risk insurance.
• Loss of data cover.
Amiga-Care involves buying support units in blocks of 20, with prices starting at £100 a block. Bulk buying reduces Ihis to £85 a block for companies acquiring 50 or more blocks.
Units are then exchanged for services ranging from one unit a solution for telephone support through 10 units an hour for on-site work up to 80 units a day for consultancy.
Insurance of both hardware and software and for loss of data can also be paid for using Amiga-Care units.
Ware Circus is aimed at the home computer owner who has still to graduate from games playing or word processing.
It will involve celebrities such as Gordon Honey- combe, Fred Housego and Tony Soper reviewing software packages on subjects ranging from bird w-atching to genealogy.
"We want to make people aware of the enormous variety of interesting applications for home computers", says John Allen.
Software Circus will be screened between 10am and
12. 30pm and from 11pm to
11. 30pm on Sunday, April 2.
AMIGA PRO SAMPLER STUDIO + DATEL JAMMER Q A top quality sound sampling system at a realistic price.
Q 100% machine code software for realtime functions.
? HIRes sample editing.
_] Variable sample rate A playback .peed. 8eperate scroll line waveform windows A zoom function with Edit windows for fine accurate editing, rj 3D shot of sound waveform. Wave editor to design your own waveforms or adjust existing ones.
Q Microphone A line input 1 4" Jack A Din connections.
!_J Software flies can be used within other music utilities.
To complement the Sample Studio the Datel Jammer gives you a 5 octave keyboard to play A record your sampled FEATURES:- Q 4 track sequencer up to 9999 events.
Tempo A Beat controls.
0 Mixer Controls on Instruments.
0 Load A Save sequence.
Works on standard IFF file sounds.
ONLY £69.99 please state A500 i000 2000 Q At last a logic analyzer at a realistic price for the Amiga computer.
? The Datel Logic Analyzer gives you many of the features found In instruments costing thousands of pounds.
Q Data in Hex. Decimal. Binary.
Octal A Aacll.
? Buffered Inputs. CMOS A TTL compatible.
? Specifications Include 8 channel input. 8K memory, external trig, internal lOMhz crystal clock. 8 ranges from 20-8 to 100-8. Search facilities A word trigger.
? Load A save facilities.
? Complete with pod.
Only £99.99 NIBBLER ? Compatible with A5O0 1000 2000.
Q Easy to use Icon driven programme takes the mystery out of disk backup.
PI Special format parameters for nonstandard formats.
ONLY £29.99 ?
? Fully Opto Isolated.
_J No need to pay more - Full Midi standard.
Q Full dubbing - listen to one track while recording another.
Q Works with many Midi Interfaces Including Date! Midi Master (see Ad) Q 8 realtime Midi tracks for record playback.
(_J Adjustable track length - limited only by available memory.
? Works with standard IFF flies.
ONLY £39.99 MIDI CABLES ? Top quality.
Q 3 metre length.
ONLY £6.99 pair UNBEATABLE VALUE ACQUISITION UNIT Q Turn your Amiga into a sophisticated measuring Instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data inputs.
? Sample A display events from microseconds to hours- with amplitudes from mill volts to 50 volts.
? A Hardware Software package with very high spec, includlng:- DIG1TAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel Inputs.Manual or contlnuoe display.
Timebase SOOtns dlv to 20us dlv- accurate to 5%.
6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY Timebase range 1 sec to lOhrs per plot.
All foatures found on units costing thousands of pounds.
ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 NOTICE 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT DATEL ELECTRONICS Ud. Neither authorizes or condones the use of It's products to reproduce copyright material. It Is Illegal to make copies of such material without the expressed consent of the copyright owners or thler Ucencees DEEP SCAN BURST ? Copy an entire disk in under 60 seconds.
Q Works with one drive or two.
Q Multiple copy option allows you to make many copies from one original.
Q Copy 1 or 2 disk sides - up to 85 tracks.
| | Full verify option.
DATbL cLECTi OplCS" EXTERNAL 3.5" DISC DRIVE Q Slimline extra low profile unit -- only 6-long! F yC Q Top quality drive mechanism. N EL ? Through port allows daisy-chaining a s _] Good length cable for positioning SINGLE DRIVE on your desk etc. V ONLY £149.99 twin dnivi - “
Swlleb ln oot of .it.ra.1 flrtm. -I Dfl * co«In U~l ? O. ,o,
«... J "«* * MATCHING SPEAKERS j High quality miniature 3 way
speaker unite in die-cast aluminium shelf enclosures.
? 30 Watts 8 ohm each.
ONLY £39.99 pair (Special oiler ¦ tree mouse met * mouse house (worth C7.99). ONLY £29.99 200 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics * text on your computer screen.
Adjustable switches for brightness A contrast.
A powerful partner for Desk Top ALL ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 41 HOW TO ORDER PAX 0782 744292 BY PHONE E3*S* X 0782 744707 24hr Credit Card Line CALLERS WELCOME Please reserve goode by telephone prior to visit.
51 2K RAM EXTENSION CARD ? Available with without calender clock option ? Simply plugs Internally Into AftOO slot.
? Switch In out with switch supplied.
[J Pitted In minutes - no soldering etc. ? Accepts 41286 Drams (aero K fitted).
Works with any Amiga BT computer system (please stste which) eta the R8232 Interface.
Features a built-in self-testing function.
Features a diagnostic indicator.
Q Can read codes EAT*. UPC. Inter leaved 2 of 5. Code 39. CODABAR.
Q Comes complete with wand, ready to go ? Easy to Install SALES ONLY 0782 744707 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 ONLY £189.99 AMO 2 DATEL ELECTRONICS LTD.. FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE GOVAN ROAD. FENTON. STOKE-ON-TRENT. ENGLAND.
[ THE latest fantasy role playing game to reach us is Questron II from SSI, distributed over here by IJS Gold. Those who enjoyed the Ultima or Phantasie adventures will find this to he in a similar vein. Questron I (CBM 64) had you fighting to save the land from an evil wizard, Mantor, and his use of the Evil Book of Magic. In that long drawn out struggle you were aided by the King's chief wizard Mesron.
In Questron II, Mesron recalls you to continue the fight against Mantor.
The Evil Book cannot be destroyed, and he fears that Mantor will return and tap its power. You are sent back through time and space to ensure that the book was never created.
This sets up a fascinating paradox.
To give you magical aid, you carry the Evil Book with you.
The screen displays countryside, towns and tombs in plan view.
Dungeons are shown in 3D. To the left of the main display is an action menu and status report with comments on the four lines at the bottom of the screen.
You start with 15 points for your five main attributes - charisma, strength, agility, stamina and intelligence. These will be modified as you become wiser to the ways of Questron.
Mouse or keyboard commands are simple to master. The main menu offers a choice of: Arm (choice of Simple mouse control weapon), Board, Climb, Dismount, End Game (save character), Fight, Game Speed, Inventory, Load Game, Magic, Loot, Speak, Use Item, Wear and Examine.
As you move the screen scrolls showing areas of the country. There are a number of towns. Most of them sell food - which has to be bought fairly often weapons and armour, which come into their own later in the game. In some towns you may buy hit points, spells and different types of transport ranging from horses and llamas to ships and eagles.
Money is important and the two main sources are killing monsters or gambling. Casinos offer three games: High-Low, Blackjack or Wizard’s Squares. A cool head, careful strategy and a strong will (leave while you are winning) can make you rich.
I would recommend an early visit to the nearest casino and a few games of Blackjack, saving your character each time you double your money.
After this, check around the countryside so you know where things are and talk to everyone you can.
Your first quest must be to find the Hall of Visions in Redstone Castle.
Here Mesron will contact you and give you a hint on what to do next.
Dave Eriksson answer st saving worlds, tackling gi and offering hints fothe ¦ADVENTURES!
You have plenty of offensive spells.
There are three cathedrals on this continent of Landor, under one of which is a system of tombs. Explore them thoroughly.
You may loot from any chests you find, but guards will try to kill you.
Before you take them on make sure Different monsters are to be found in the grasslands, swamps, oceans, forests, mountains and dungeons.
Some of the travelling creatures are not immediately hostile. Meet one and you may be offered information or equipment at a knock down price.
When you have reached a certain point in your quest you will be able to travel across the sea to the Realm of the Sorcerers. Deep below one of the dungeons six evil twisted men are helping Mantor create The Book. You must destroy them and the incomplete book.
Ive wers a sterling call to arms, :Ung a graphic interface ’ for the toughest games The dungeons are rife with traps.
By this time you should he bright enough to spot them. Then all you have to worry about are the monsters uriita something of importance to tell you.
That creep up from behind. Look out for the Scroll of Scalna - with its help you can map the twists and turns of any dungeon.
There are lots of things to find and use and all have some significance.
Return to the Hall of Visions at regular intervals as Mesron may have All those physical types that delight in going off into the great blue yonder should polish their boots and oil that sword, for Mesron needs a hero. Just remember, get as much gold as you can, never talk to the guards and leave looting those chests until you are sure of yourself.
REPORT CARD Questran II SSI US Gold £24.99 STORYLINE..... Logical, but more action than story.
... Entering the dungeons can be a nail- biting experience.
Clues scattered around keep you on your toes and maintain interest.
A GOOD adventure is either written in such a way so as to not encourage you to look too carefully at certain items, or simply tells you that the table is "just a table".
Should you wish to pursue the more thorough approach of examining everything. I can recommend Uninvited by Mindscape.
Distributed by Mirrorsoft.
This has a similar operating system to Shadowgate (reviewed in Amiga Computing, September 1988). It is mouse controlled with only 10 commands - Examine, Open, Close, Speak, Operate, Go, Hit, Consume, Save and Load.
Operate is the key word. This enables a large variety of actions. For the normal get, drop and ninve, position the pointer over an object and drag it.
The graphics are very good, and although the picture showing your location is not that large, there is a surprising amount of detail.
The sound effects are well thought out: Thunder and lightning, creaking doors, cackles of bubbling maniacal laughter, screams and growling dogs ... all ideal for a story of ghoulies and ghosties and things that go hump in the night.
Driving along a deserted country road with your younger brother during a storm, you suddenly have to swerve to avoid running over a shadowy figure that appears out of the dark. You lose control and crash.
Waking up, you discover that your brother is no longer in the car, presumably he has gone to call a tow truck. As you fully regain your senses, you realise that there is a strong smell of petrol. If you are quick, you may be able to get out before the car blows up. The need for a tow truck has suddenly become irrelevant.
Only one house, an old Gothic mansion, is in sight. Your brother must surely have gone there for help.
The front door is unlocked and as you enter it slams shut behind you.
And so the adventure begins.
The kitchen is an investigative adventurer's paradise. Each utensil can be examined, even the racks holding them are separate items.
Open a cupboard or container and an additional window will appear showing what is inside. Most contain nothing.
As you explore you will find it is extremely easy to die. Try and visit any of the rooms off the hall and what seems to he a beautiful woman appears. Ignore her and she turns out to be fiendish killer.
In a storage closet on the first floor you’ll find several useful items, one of which will deal with the unwelcome woman in the hall. Just make sure it is ready for use before she appears.
Having mastered this puzzle, you are free to explore the house and gardens. Every location has plenty to (mine Open Close Speak 1 rate 60 Hit Consume Slie is and she There have been several requests for help in solving adventures so I have compiled a list of hints and tips based on your letters.
Can't find the R Humility Honor Valor Honesty Compassion Sacrifice Spirituality Justice Don't know the Humility Honor Valor Honesty Compassion Sacrifice Spirituality Justice V1.
Check out. There is almost too much; it is far from easy to spot what is useful.
A most enjoyable adventure but do make notes of what you find. With so many objects lying around it is easy to forget exactly where you saw them.
REPORT CARD Uninvited Mindscape Mirrorsoft £24.95 STORY LINE..... Old and corny but well presented.
AURA .. Just right amount of subtle horror.
STAYING POWER.I Good, but wading through useless items may dampen the initial thrill.
GAMEPLA Y .... Clever input routine allows commands more complex than you would think.
Short of money Ask Lord British and hit points? About health.
Can’t find Night-Try Virgil in shade? Trinsic.
Can't find Man- Ask Calumny in drake? Yew.
No sextant? Chat in the pub in Jhelom.
Rather expensive hut many hours' play.
DIFFICULTY.... Not easy due to vast number of objects.
Classic story with pood puzzles.
Ask Barren in Paws.
Ask Terrin in Trinsic.
Ask Nostro in Jhelom.
Ask William in Moonglow.
Ask Pepper in Britain.
Ask Mischief in Minoc.
Ask the Ankh in Skara Brae.
Ask Talford in Yew.
: Ask Gem in Vesper.
: Ask Kline Trinsic.
: Ask Aesop in Jhelom.
: Ask Cromwell in Moonglow.
Ask Cricket in Britain.
Ask Singsong in Minoc.
Ask Barren in Skara Brae, Listen to the Druids chanting in Yew.
• To defeat someone invisible : Fight in the dark.
• To get the harp from the Mermaid : Tell Knight to WAIT, GOTO
• To get past the invaders at Tintagel : Get in the cart and wait
until it arrives at the beach. There you could cause some
damage to their fleet. You can also use the cart dodge to get
into Meliagaunt's castle.
• In the Quest for the Holy Grail, making the sign of the cross
will help you determine if you are facing real people or some
devilish apparition.
BARD’S TALEII The first puzzle snare on the third level of the tombs in Ephesus: Try and SAVE before you enter a puzzle snare. Once in, there is no way out unless you complete it correctly.
The entry to this snare is a teleport square at 4N 21E.
The pool of foul water will poison you. You must defeat the toxic giant and then check if someone has found a torch. Let the old man join the party and put him in the lead.
Give the torch to the old man and return to the entry point and the cloudy face.
You have won through, and will find the first segment of the destiny wand nearby. Beware of the spinner trap in the middle of the room between the old man and the toxic giant.
• Let us know if you have any interesting solutions to puzzles
in adventure games on the Amiga. Other people may Well be
waiting for your hints and tips.
One Good Book deserves another and another, and another, andi 4$ et.
E'Hj Amiga V tor Aovtncod Programmers AmigaDOS Inside & Out ' miga V lor Beginners Amiga C JOCr* Programming mi BASIC Amgj System *i3uOr ft* * ComPUT€R vnm ms. Look for these Abacus titles in your local bookshops and computer stores.
Amiga 3-D Graphic Programming in BASIC
- shows you how to use the powertul graphic capacities ol the
Amiga Details the techniques and algorithms lor writing
three-dimensional graphic programs ray Pacing in all reso
lutions. Light sources and shading, saving graphics in IFF
format and more.
ISBN 1-55755-044-1 300 pp £18-45 Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out
- is the most in-depth reference available covering the Amiga's
disk drives. Learn how to speed up data transfer, how copy
protection works, computer viruses, Workbench and the CLI DOS
functions, loading, saving, sequential and random file
organization. More.
ISBN 1-55755-042-5 360 pp £27-95 AmigaBASIC Inside & Out
- THE definitive sfep-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in
BASIC. Every AmigaBASIC command is fully descnbed and detailed.
Topics include charts, windows, pulldown menus, files, mouse
and speech commands.
ISBN 0-916439-87-9 554 pp £18-95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Amiga Tricks & Tips
- follows our tradition ot other Tncks and Tips books tor CBM
users. Presents dozens ot tips on accessing libraries from
BASIC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS. Sound, important
68000 memory locations, and much more!
ISBN 0-916439-88-7 348 pp £14-95 Amiga C for Advanced Programmers
• contains a wealth ot information from the pros how compilers.
Assemblers and inkers work, designing and programming user
friendly interlaces using Intuition, combining assembly
language and C codes, and more Includes complete source code
for text editor ISBN 1-55755-046-8 400 pp £22-95 Amiga C for
- an introduction to learning the popular C language. Explains
the language elements using examples specifically geared to the
Amiga. Descnbes C library routines, how the compiler works and
ISBN 1 -55755-045-X 280 pp E18-45 Amiga for Amiga For Beginners * Beginners -the first volume in our Amiga senes. Introduces you to Intuition (Amiga's graphic interface), the mouse, windows, the CLI. And Amiga BASIC and explains every practical aspect of the Amiga in plain Engksh ISBN 1-55755-021-2 I84pp £12-95 includes Workbench 1.3 AmigaDOS Inside & Out
- covers the insides of AmigaDOS from the internal design up lo
practical applications Includes detailed reference section,
tasks and handling. DOS editors ED and EDIT, how to create and
use script hies, multitasking, and much more ISBN 1-55755-041-7
280pp £18-45 Includes Workbench 1.3 Amiga Machine Language
- is a comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler machine
language programming and is THE practical guide for learning to
program the Amiga in ultra-fast ML. Also covers 68000
microprocessor address modes and architecture, speech and sound
from ML and much more.
ISBN 1-55755-025-5 264 pp £14-95 Amiga System Programmer's Guide
- comprehensive gu«Je to what goes on inside the Amiga m a single
volume. Only a few of the many subtects covered include the
EXEC structure, 10 requests, interrupts and resource
management, multitasking functions and much, much more.
ISBN 1-55755-034-4 442 pp £32-95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference*
- an easy-to-use reference tool for beginners and advanced
programmers alike. You can quickly find commands for your Am.ga
by using the three handy indexes designed with the user in mind
All commands are in alphabetical order for easy reference
Includes Workbench 1.3 ISBN 1-55755-049-2 I28pp £13-95 Computer
Viruses: a high-tech disease1
- describes whal a computer virus is, how viruses work, viruses
and batch files, protecting your computer, designing virus
proof systems and more.
ISBN 1-55755-043-3 292 pp £17-45 'Probably the best ami most current book a bevy of preventive measures " PC Week 1I-2I-HH Distributor Computer Bookshops Limited 021-706-1188 Abacus 5370 52nd Street SE, Grand Rapids, Ml 49508 IN U.S. CALL (616) 698 0330 curate.
Mr a device, usually electronic, use sense and reproduce an image. In mcdw scanners are used in diagnosis (sccDscat UKSPITK 1(1 veils.
Despite I In- very lies! UNK efforts of I In; software 1 writers, despite -ill the pulldown. ( Ik k and cut tmK menus in the world. |H ownership of an Amiga does not automatically an artist make. Paint programs notwithstanding, getting images into the machine is a difficult job for those not blessed with the drafting skills of da Vinci.
One way to bypass mouse mishaps is to buy a scanner. One of the more interesting ones comes from Cameron in Germany, the Handy Scanner, which is hilled as the perfect companion to desktop publishing and artistic endeavours of all kinds.
It looks like a large black mouse.
Computer, not rodent. On top there is a red window and a small, round button. At the sides it has a couple of switches and a knob. Underneath is a clear window and a pair of rollers. It plugs into the Amiga interface through a thin lead that exits from the back of the scanner, terminating in a joystick-like 9 pin D-type plug.
The interface is fairly small. It fits into the expansion socket on the side of an Amiga 500 and contains a few standard chips - nothing exciting. It has a through connector for hard discs, card cages and so on. No switches or setting up is needed.
The software comes on one disc.
Illustrations Rupert Goodwins gets hooked on a small box which sucks pictures off a page into his Amiga Unusually, for “copyright reasons", the disc cannot run immediately, instead you need to make a copy of your Workbench and then run an installation program. This copies files from the supplied disc on to the new duplicate, which is then used to run all the programs.
This process is quite slow. On my single drive, one megabyte A500 it took more than a quarter of an hour of incessant floppy changing to produce the working copy. Nobody else to my knowledge has had copyright problems with Commodore over supplying hits of Workbench with a product; indeed, some people were shipping chunks of Workbench
1. 3 Indore it was V Odd. And a little The insides of the
scanner V are much more interesting.
When it's in operation a row of very bright light-emitting diodes projects a line of light through the bottom window on to the surface of whatever is being scanned.
Above the window is a long thin mirror which takes the light that bounces off the surface and reflects it hack down the scanner to a solid- state camera sitting right at the end of the case. This has a set of lenses which focuses the light on to a silicon chip.
Silicon is light sensitive, if treated properly. One of the reasons that chips are housed in black, opaque plastic is that if it was clear the circuits would be affected by light falling on them. It is even possible, with care, to slice the top off a memory chip and use it as a crude TV' camera.
The image sensor in the Handy Scanner is similar, but because it has been designed to work as a camera it gives superior results. It produces an electrical signal corresponding to the pattern it sees reflected from the mirror.
The rollers on the bottom of the scanner are connected, like the hall of a mouse, to a wheel with holes punched in it. As the scanner is pulled across a surface, the wheel rotates. A light shines on one side, and a sensor sits on the other.
As the wheel spins the light alternately passes through a hole and is blocked by the wheel. When the light Hashes on the sensor it produces pulses of electricity. T he Amiga counts these pulses. The faster they come, the faster the scanner is moving.
So as the scanner moves it produces two signals, one matching the w'hite and black of a line of Ihe picture it's moving across, and the other corresponding to the speed of movement. Software in the Amiga combines the two to display line after line and build up the complete picture.
Unlike a mouse, there is nothing to tell the computer in what direction the scanner is moving. So those with shaky hands or a sense of the absurd can stop in mid scan and push the scanner back up again, resulting in a mirror image of the picture that has been scanned Indore. Or hv jittering the scanner as it moves down the page, patterns of words, like a dictionary in a hall of mirrors, can be produced. Which is of little interest except to producers of peculiar children's TV' programmes or surrealists.
Without a great deal of care the image produced can In? Skewed or off centre if the scanner isn't exactly parallel w ith the edges of the page or imuge being scanned.
(ielting it right needs practice, something that Cameron obviously understands, as Ihe company includes a demonstration program on the disc. As the scanner is pulled across a picture, the image is displayed and when Ihe bottom of the screen is reached Ihe image wraps around and starts at the top again.
T he demonstration finishes w hen the left mouse button is pressed. It’s a useful tool for getting the hang of scanning, and it shows the differences in the scanned image produced by fiddling with the controls.
The other small program is ScanKsave. This is similar to Demo, hut it gives you one chance to scan a picture and then saves it to disc. It can then lie loaded into whatever art program you own and messed around with to taste.
Itoth Demo and Scan&save can be used with an I option, which switches on Interlace mode. This effectively doubles the vertical resolution and captures bigger images with higher resolution. The picture flickers somewhat, of course, but if you want to use the scanner to capture images and text for reprinting it's worth putting up with the palpitations.
IllK major program with the package is Painter, an art program, with most of the usual line drawing, pattern producing and picture editing functions. It also has.
Naturally, an option to import a picture from the scanner. So pick a photo, click on scan and grab some graphics. Then the program can he used to move a nose here, fill a tooth there, shade a Siamese cat there. It's got a comprehensive range of picture- manipulation tools, and can work in up to four bit planes.
There are a number of fonts, stretching, shrinking, symmetry and geometric functions - the Read.me file on Ihe disc expresses the earnest hope that the program is good enough to produce finished pictures without the user having to resort to other packages. I didn’t like it as much as Deluxe Paint or Photon, hut it does seem to have just about everything.
It knows about grey scaling, too.
Ravel back to the gm9g Age of Chivalry when Ihoffi: knights were bold, galloping across the countryside and rescuing damsels in distress.
Level 9 recreate the time of wizards and the Knights of the Round Table in their greatest adventure yet. Lancelot consists of three interlinked adventures, spanning the complete saga from the foundation of the Order to its finest hour - the quest for the Holy Grail.
WIN this solid silver Grail, worth £5.000, in the exciting Quest for the Holy Grail competition. Full details in every box.
Guide Lancelot through his many exploits at Camelot. Battle with wayward knights, and win the love of Guinever and Elaine.
The challenge which has fascinated treasure hunters through the centuries is now yours - and you'll need all vour strength, wit and valour to achieve your goal.
Screen shots from Atari ST version I Inside every box there's a detailed guide to playing Level 9 adventures, a background story to the classic legend, a parchment map of Arthurian England - and full details of how to take part in I the Quest for the Holy Grail competition.
? I enclose a cheque for C ......ftrtckrfng VAT and p&p) made payable to Mandann Software ? Please debit my Access Visa card no: I I 1JJ LI Signature: Name: Address: ... ..... Postcode--------------- SEND TO: Database Direct. Freepost. Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L85 3EB. Tel: 051-357 2961 AMCS Atari ST Commodore Amiga Amstrad CPC PCW Spectrum Plus 3 61TJ IBM PC and Compatibles 5724 Macintosh 10M Tape veralona come with three caaaettea In every package Dealers: Ring Diane O'Brien on 0625 878888 for your free Mandarin Software Information pack With the
appropriate option, expanding an area of the picture with a pattern in it doesn't just enlarge the pattern, which can look crude.
Instead, it expands the structure of the pattern, hut keeps the shading at the same density.
It has seven picture buffers, which makes it possible to take several scans and combine them to synthesise the best overall result. Making good use of any extra memory, it can manipulate pictures much bigger than the screen up to 800 x 800 pixels.
The scanner under review could produce up to 18 shades of grey at 400 dots per inch. This gives good resolution, even considering that a complete screen width is only three inches of scanned image. There are also 200 and 300 dpi versions, with two and 16 grey scale detection. The window set into the top of the unit shows the part of the image being scanned, the button switches scanning on and off. Allowing the scanner to be positioned without sending data to the computer.
THE controls on the side of the scanner select the sensitivity, contrast and grey scale selectivity.
Different settings work best for text on a white background, text on a coloured background, black and white or coloured photographs. A good deal of experimentation is needed to get things right; time spent in the Demo program is never wasted.
It is not possible to scan a picture to produce a coloured image, firstly because the light source in the scanner is a very pure red. So trying to take a scan through a blue or green filter wouldn't work. Anyway, the problems of taking three scans in succession from exactly the same point at exactly the same angle to build up a colour result are almost insurmountable.
The pictures produced were clear and sharp. Once things were working, everything came under the red light - comics, adverts, newspaper photos. (No. Not that page). The controls are sensitive to maladjustment. To save time, the manual recommends that a note is kept of the best setting for each sort of image.
Cameron also produces a text recognition package. Handy Reader takes scanned images of text and produces Ascii files which can be edited and printed using Ed. Notepad or whatever. Dead useful if it works, and - to an extent - it does. Before it starts, an appropriate font has to be chosen for the program to match the scanned image against. Some of the more common ones are supplied, but the software can learn to read new ones.
The learning process takes time, with the computer asking about each new letter. The program can cope with typographically complex text, with proportional spacing and kerning - making letters fit together - not causing too many problems. It can't read very dotty computer printout though. If the gaps between the dots are visible it foils the recognition algorithms.
There are indicators if the controls are mis-set and. Given time and patience, chunks of text could he read in with a fair degree of rapidity and accuracy. I'm not quite sure that it is quicker than typing the stuff in, but it is more fun. It can be useful for someone unable to use the keyboard quickly.
There is also the possibility - although it wouldn’t be simple to overcome some of the mechanical problems - of using the setup to help visually handicapped people to read.
Either the voice synthesiser in the Amiga could speak the text or the scanned image displayed as large as possible.
THE documentation provided with the Handy Scanner is a small booklet in German. French and English. The translation is not by a native English speaker and although fluent and easy to understand there are a few strange idioms to amuse readers.
Most of the instructions are about the painting program and there isn’t very much about the hardware or a lot in the way of “if your picture looks like this, then you need to do this". But there isn't a lot to learn about the scanner, and anyone with some Amiga experience should get to grips with the thing quickly enough.
The obvious areas where the scanner will be useful are DTP.
Poster or video production and general illustration work. Certainly, if 1 was producing a newsletter which could benefit from the inclusion of photographs, the Handy Scanner would he attractive. Likewise anything that makes heavy use of newspaper cuttings, extracts from books, or technical documentation that includes drawings. For leisure use it's a toss-up whether this or a video digitiser and camera would be more fun.
With care and practice the Handy Scanner can give excellent results.
However, the areas in which it is a genuinely useful tool are limited.
There is room for new software to extend these - how about a music reading program? But in companionship with a good printer, it can considerably enhance run-of-the- mill output.
If you're absolutely desperate to get holiday snaps on your Amiga, it's a must, especially in conjunction with Deluxe Photolah. Which can print pictures many feet square. The possibilities for embarrassing your friends and family are limitless.
REPORT CARD Handy Scanner Cameron UK Lid 01-499 9192 £499 USEFULNESS I If you are producing a newsletter which could benefit from the inclusion of photographs, the Handy Scanner will be attractive.
EASE UF USE I A good deal of experimentation is needed. Time spent in the demo program is never wasted.
SOFTWARE.. The Painter program is not as nice as Deluxe Paint or Photon, but it does seem to have just about everything.
SPEED . By the time you fve taken your hand off the scanner and have gone back to the Amiga, your picture will be waiting.
Getting images into the machine is a difficult job for those not blessed with the skills of da Vinci. One Way is to buy a scanner.
The pictures produced are clear and sharp. If you 'rd absolutely desperate to get holiday snaps on your Amiga, it’s a must.
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convenient way to scan through the file Plain Ascii text files can be created, but this is a slightly long-winded process, requiring you to rename the file from its default name, reload it into the editor, delete any lines containing details of ruler lengths and March 1989 AMIGA COMPUTING 23 PRECISION Software's Superbase database family has recently undergone further expansion and a re-alignment of the existing programs.
The original program is still available, but at a reduced price and the subject of this review. Superbase Personal 2, slots into the middle, below Superbase Professional, which I understand has also undergone a review and now incorporates new features including those in Personal 2.
The original Superbase Personal was reviewed in our June 1988 issue, so I do not propose to go through every feature in detail, but will concentrate on the additions and enhancements to the original program. All of the existing features such as the powerful Query processes to select, sort and filter data, as well as generate reports incorporating data from a number of data files, remain.
What do you do with the best-selling Amiga database?
Precision, not being the kind of people to rest on laurels, improved it, as David Foster found out SP2 is supplied on a single disc with a ring bound A5 sized manual of some 270 pages. Also included is a 14 page supplement covering extra features included since the manual was printed, or more detailed explanations of certain features. You also get the dongle.
The pictures produced were clear and sharp. Once things were working, everything came under the red light - comics, adverts, newspaper photos. (No. Not that page). The controls are sensitive to maladjustment. To save time, the manual recommends that a note is kept of the best setting for each sort of image.
- plus commsf avoid piracy, while still allowing owners to make
back ups of their disc, but are Amiga owners really worse than
PC or Atari ST owners, as versions for those machines arc not
The manual is clear, explains the features simply and includes a (Jetting to Know section, as well as a tutorial making use of the example files supplied on the disc. The manual is fully indexed and has detailed contents pages, making it easy to find the information you are looking for.
Shame, a poor index is easy meat for the angry reviewer.
I initially thought that the ONE thing I do not appreciate is waiting until the whole program has loaded before it tells me I have forgotten to plug the dongle into the second games port. I haven’t forgotten actually, but I still have the Superbase Professional dongle plugged in and they are different. At this rate there could be soon be a nourishing market for replacement games port sockets. Time to buy an extension lead I think.
SP2 will run on any Amiga with at least 512k memory and a single drive, but a second drive will avoid a lot of disc changing. Alternatively, the required Workbench files can be copied to RAM: if you have more than 512k.
Very much about the haruwi lot in the way of “if your pit looks like this, then you neei this". But there isn't a lot to about the scanner, and anyor Mime Amiga experience shou grips with the thing quickly c The obvious areas where tl M anner will be useful are D'l poster or video production ai list: was iplement, d that ms menu i disc file rnt. Most Initial setting up amounts to nothing more than making a back up copy of the disc. Superbase2 is not self-booting, so you have to load Workbench first. Alternatively. SP2 may be run from the CI.I after a STACK 8000 command, but running tcision s
jssarv to ¦ R E V I E W ¦ from the CI.I is most conveniently done with twin drives.
Author. Simon Trammer is one of the most active developers in the Amiga community, and perhaps because of this SP2 follows the general feeling of Intuition well. This has paid dividends in the American market where Superbase has conquered traditional US xenophobia to become a best seller on the Amiga.
Ith n e?
Ng to Is, id ut With the addition of its video tape recorder buttons in a window at the bottom of the screen, used to move backwards and forwards through records as well as to call up frequently used functions such as filtering, or looking up a specific record, Superbase is nothing if not friendly. Many shortcut keystrokes are included for those who would rather be quick than pampered.
The changes to Superbase Personal to make SP2 can be classified as a isflies again ... mixture of new' features as well as a number of extensions or alterations to existing procedures and the inclusion of some features only previously available in Superbase Professional.
Many existing features of Superbase Personal have been refined or simplified and some tasks are now done automatically. Loading a Query or Update results in any associated files being opened, for example.
Extra field types have been added, including a time field type and multiple response fields allow you to store up to nine related items under one fieldname. You could, for example, have a field called address, with room for five separate entries, one for each line. The only drawback
- an unfortunate one - is that only one may be displayed at a
time in a record, Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P being used to display the
next and previous entries.
- to the end is automatically adjusted to suit.
Text fields may be forced to upper or lower case, or with first character capitalised if required. Fields may also be set to a read only status, particularly useful with Constant field data. Serial fields are supported, where an incremented value is automatically assigned to the field in each new record.
THE batch mode of data entry now' provided, speeds up data entry at the expense of data security during the batch process. Whereas normally each record is saved when entered and housekeeping is carried out. When batch mode is in- use this is only fully carried out at the start and end of each session. Unless you are prone to crashes, power cuts, or are of a nervous disposition, the time saving is well w'orthw'hile.
One of the features borrowed from Professional, but enhanced a little, is the text editor. This allow's you to create text files and mail merge letters that will make use of data in the database. It is more like a simple, but quite practical, word processor than a text editor.
It can be expanded to full screen by clicking on a special gadget. Once open, you can sw'itch between it and the database using the normal gadgets to push pull the windows to back front. Alternatively, you can close the window, removing any text from memory.
The editor is not a full featured word processor, but includes w'ord wrap and the ability to insert bold, underline and italics in any combination, with the effects displayed on screen. Commands are available to delete lines, or parts of lines and to re-format paragraphs, as well as delete, copy and move blocks of text.
Left and right margins may be altered by clicking on the ruler line in the required position and the text from the current paragraph - that in w'hich the editing cursor is positioned Different settings may be used in various parts of a document, but one minor irritation is that altering the settings for a paragraph in the middle of a document will cause the remainder to be re-formatted, probably requiring you to re-adjust and re-format subsequent paragraphs back to their former layout.
Printing options are limited, not allowing you to set line spacing, or to change the type of justification in use.
There are no facilities for headers and footers or page numbers.
Plain Ascii text files can be created, but this is a slightly long-winded process, requiring you to rename the file from its default name, reload it into the editor, delete any lines containing details of ruler lengths and LAN COMPUTER SYSTEMS Show Room open Mon to Sat 10.30 am to 5.30 pm Telephone 01-597 8851 ¦ REVIEW* then re-save it. Surely an Ascii save option would have been simpler?
Mail merging is now possible, making use of text files created with the text editor, providing a completely self contained facility without the need to export data and create special files in your word processor. When creating a mail merge document, the required field name is placed in the document, wrapped in ampersands &name&, for example. Text is not reformatted during printing, so long or badly placed data entries can cause a mis-alignment of text if care is not taken.
Superbase on line PERHAPS the most unusual aspect of SP2 is the inclusion of a comms facility. This interested me as I use comms a lot, but I suspect that interesting though it may be, it will have little purpose for many people.
It is, however, a competent general purpose file transfer program in its own right and could prove useful to anyone wanting to transfer any data, not only Superbase files, between different computers.
Comms must have been a late addition to SP2, as it is not even mentioned in the manual, the only reference to it being in the supplement, with a further update in the README file on disc.
Files can be transmitted to, or received from, other computers, either by modem or by direct connection and 1 transferred files in both directions between the Amiga and a PC, both by direct connection at 9600 baud and over the telephone at 1200 baud.
Baud rates from 300 to 9600 are supported, but not split baud rates
- 1200 75 and Xmodem Checksum and CRC. And Ivxmodem protocols are
supported. If Vvxmodem is used, it has a 'fall back’ capability
to Xmodem if the other computer is not using Wxmodem.
In addition to facilities for specifying modem initialisation strings and the number to dial, options are available to convert the Amiga line feed character used in text files into the carriage return Process import now provides facilities to convert files created by other programs into Superbase files.
Data from Lotus 1-2-3 and Logistix Superplan files may be imported and converted, as well as DIF format files.
Both dBase II and dBase III database files may also be imported as well as Ascii files in either fixed length or delimited form. In the above cases, the data is converted directly into Superbase format, but Ascii file import is treated slightly differently in that you must create a suitable SP2 file into which data is imported.
Data may also be exported to the same formats as described above. The characters used by Pcs and many other computers. This only works when transmitting text, and the reverse procedure is not possible.
Another option is auto and, if selected, a header is transmitted first, containing the filename. This is a slightly odd arrangement, as Xmodem does not normally permit this and I suspect will only work when two Supcrbase Comms programs are talking to each other.
I was unable to find any of the standard comms protocols, such as Modem7 or Ymodem, that would work with it.
Superbase: Sbp2: Custoners index Nunber: Title: [orenane: astnane; Street: City: Code: Country: Year_to Date: Balance: Built-in comms speeds the transfer of files.
Ideal for PC to Amiga ports The comms facility worked well and the only problem I had was that if SP2 was waiting to receive a file there is no apparent way to escape from it until the line is dropped by the other computer.
Perhaps Precision might like to develop the Comms module into a full blown Communications program in its own right at some time? The foundations are certainly there.
Ascii export option lets you specify the characters required for field and record separators and also whether data should be wrapped in quotes or not.
Both the import and export options are very flexible and powerful and should make conversion of most types of data into SP2 form a practical proposition, as well as providing a convenient way of exporting data for use by many other programs.
IF I wanted to be really critical of SP2, my biggest complaint would be the relatively limited number of ways in which data may be displayed on screen, with only a basic report layout, a spreadsheet type table layout and a form layout that can be rearranged.
There are no facilities for adding textual comments or information and I wish that the custom form facility of Superbase Professional had been included.
The original Superbase Personal has acquired a reputation as an an excellent program, and Superbase Personal 2 can only improve it further with its combination of enhancements and completely new features.
REPORT CARD Superbase Personal 2 Precision Software £99.95 USEFULNESS... Extremely practical with many new features to make it even more useful i long as you do not want a programmable database.
EASE OF USE.... Easy to use once you have come to grips with the Query and Process facilities.
INTUITION Follows the Commodore guidelines well.
SPEED .. Good on the whole, though you sometimes have to wait a second or two for requestors to appear.
VAI. UE ..I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I mu The original version was good value and this is even better at the same price. You can upgrade for £34.95. At £59.99 Superbase Personal I is now a bargain.
I ERMANY, land of leiderhosen.
J Porschcs and liverworst. When belter for a conference to tiring together all the European developers?
Well, anywhere really. Have you ever| been to Germany? If it wasi.
Sprechen : Sie Amiga?
Max Tennant steps out from behind his joystick and goes in search of the Amiga community. Photos by Jez San Belgium it would be the most boring country in Europe.
Perhaps that makes it a better ve___ for a conference. I'm not sure anyone auld concentrate on Amigas if they I Bondi beach as an extramural attraction. The 305 delegates to the developers conference descended on the Intercontinental hotel in Frankfurt. A smart place - all marble and lights.
There was a little gossip, and some details of announced but unavailable products. Amiga 3000 owners who have the standard A2090 hard disc ( ontroller and who were aggrieved at the announcement of the A2090a lutoboot controller will be placated by the news that Commodore will be producing a card designated Ihe 2090h. It plugs into the big Amiga and allows a standard A2090 to autoboot. Availability and prices are '¦till to be fixed.
The big news centered around the enhanced chip set - ECS. This has been mentioned before in Amiga I ompuling. But the big thing at the c ‘inference was the chance to see the i hips in action. Some developers took samples away after winning them in a raffle.
ECS lets the Amiga use 1Mb of chip tarn - the memory the blitter can .iccess. Up until now. Programs n liich used a lot of chip ram. Mainly video applications, were limited to a Official warning to rom-jumpers.
Structure-hackers and others - from Commodore Engineering, Commodore Amiga and CATS.
Maximum 512k. The ECS will work with A500s and B2000s to give twice as much chip ram. Euture Amigas will use ECS to better effect, offering 2 meg of chip ram If fitted.
The enhanced chip set really comes into its own when some extras arc added. A high resolution mode without the interlace flicker displays 640 by 400 pixels or 320 by 400 pixels in four colours, but it needs an expensive multisync monitor.
While ECS should be 100 per cent compatible with existing machines - although only time will tell - it needs Workbench 1.4 to use the extra screen modes.
This new version of Workbench is probably a year from completion but will offer a number of major improvements, including the ability to run ECS. Faster floppies and a standard requestor. II is a major upgrade so some programs, albeit those which do not follow Commodore guidelines, will not work.
While rumours of an Amiga based WE who bring you the Amiga want to make it perfectly clear that if you don't follow Ihe rules, you will break.
The following practices are not supported: lumping directly to rom code, modifying or depending on private system structures, depending on the addresses of system structures or free memory, ignoring hardware or software interfacing specifications.
Do not jump into rom. Beware of any example code that calls routines in the SF80000 to JFFFFFF range.
Those are rom addresses and those games console circulated Commodore refused to comment.
The main aim of the conference was to teach programmers how to get the most from an Amiga. Ratings boxes at the end of software reviews in this magazine include a score for Intuition. This is supposed to be a reflection of the Amiga-ness of the program. Does it multi-task? Does it use the right sort of requestors. The aim is to encourage a coherent user interface so that a user can go from one program to another with minimal recourse to the manual.
Anyone who has been to a conference should have a good idea of what is expected. They may then decide to break the rules, but it is always best to know the rules first.
An example of the information Commodore dispenses is shown in the panel on this page.
Americans talk about conferences as being a good place for networking, which is their way of mying meeting people. And there were some really interesting people to meet.
Rom routines will move. The only supported interface to system rom code is through Ihe provided library. Device and resource calls.
Do not modify or depend on the format of the private system structures. This includes the poking of copper lists, memory lists, and library bases.
Do not depend on any address containing any particular system structure or type of memory. The system modules dynAMIGAlly allocate their memory space when they are initialised. The addresses of system structures and buffers differ Tom Rokicki from Radical Eye Software was flown over by Commodore lo give a talk on the blitter. Tom wrote blitlab and produced the Amiga port of TeX, the desktop publishing system reviewed in Amiga Computing last November.
Texas Tom’s odd pose is due to the weight of the conference notes he is holding and has nothing to do with his hobbies of disco dancing or killing scorpions which crawl into his boots.
Dave Haynie. Designed the A262D processor board reviewed this month, k currently working on a 68030 board, whicMias been tested at 33MHz. This is faster than nth,a tin newest Apple Macintosh - which only runs at 16MHz or the state of the art NeX T machine from ex-Apple president Steve Jobs. Dave’s devices may be the fastest thing you'll see.
But after a heavy evening’s networking he was a mite slow in getting to his lecture.
Dr Rahman Haleem is the UK technical manager for Commodore.
Rased in Maidenhead he coordinates the work of CATS UK and runs the Amiga Developers Advisory Board.
All UK software houses should be in touch with Rahman to make sure their programs will work on future Amigas.
Rick Glover, head of CBM Europe’s technical support, is an amusing techie who has a Phd in aerodynamics and a degree in electronics. Before joining Commodore he specialised in combat aircraft design and control in aircraft, flying his own planes. Rick is an American but lives in Italy and commutes to work in Germany.
Jeff Porter, Dave Haynie's boss, led the design team on the A500. He heads hardware development but met all questions about changes with the comment "apple pie and motherhood". Jeff has worked at Commodores West Chester offices since the days of the Vic 20. Before the Amiga arrived he worked on an
I. CD portable, but said that Commodore would rather work on new
machines than versions of old ones.
Gail Wellington, the mother of Amiga, looks after the software developers. I.ooking great after recent bad health. An American who loves Britain, used to be head of Commodores techies in Britain but was promoted lo the US. Their gain was very much our loss. Gail’s dedication lo Commodore is total. She makes sure good ideas get turned into a lions. Much of the success the Amiga has on loved in the US can be attributed to with every OS, every model, and every configuration, as does the amount of free memory and system stack usage.
If you are using the system libraries, devices, and resources, you must follow the defined interface. Assembler programmers - and compiler writers must enter functions through the library base jump tables, with arguments passed as long and library base address in A6. Results returned in DO must be tested, and the contents of D0-D0 A0-A1 assumed lost after a system call. Do not use assembler instructions which are privileged on any 68000 family processor. All addresses must be 32 bits. Do not use the upper 8 bits for other data.
Do not execute code on your stack or put system structures on your stack. Do not use the TAS instruction.
Do not use software instruction based timing loops or delays.
If you are programming at the hardware level, you must follow hardware interfacing specifications.
All hardware is NOT the same. Do not assume that low level hacks for speed or copy protection will work on all drives or all keyboards of all systems or future systems.
Software distributors who purchase or contract software from outside programmers must make sure that the programmers are aware of correct programming practices and are providing software which will not break on different machines or different OS revisions.
We are dedicated to enhancing and expanding the capabilities of the Amiga hardware and software, while maintaining compatibility.
Those who don't follow the rules can consider themselves warned.
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1. 1 enclose a cheque PO made payable to Power Computing for £_
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AM-C. 9 RQ Now the Amiga makes a new noise.
You’ve got an Amiga but want to expand your programming options and your software base.
Or maybe you've got a BBC Model B computer and want to upgrade to an Amiga without making your existing software redundant.
In either case you need THE EMULATOR.
THE EMULATOR allows you to run programs originally written for the BBC Micro on a Commodore Amiga.
In some cases they’ll run seven times faster than on the machine for which they were intended.
CE Commodore Of course, that also means your own BBC Basic programs will also whizz along at lightning speed.
So for just £49.99 (or £39.99 to education establishments) you could be adding a new dimension to your computing power.
THE EMULATOR includes hotline technical support and is available from: James Associates 6 Hazlitt Mews London WI4 OJZ Tel :01-603 3313 Order by Access or send in the coupon.
Please send me..... . Copies of THE EMULATOR at £49.99 (inc VAT) each plus £2.00 P&P Name: Address: Postcode: Tel: x=l TO b i=l’T055 B (87, 115) =Hands%( card2) ue2$ =LEF t2$ = RIGE COLOR 4 COLOR 4 COLOR 2
love it or loath it, is a computer language which is here to
stay. Virtually all micros are shipped with a version and it is
about the only computer language taught in our schools.
There is a lot of anti-Basic feeling among the so-called real programmers, but much of it is based on experience of weak Basics supplied with the 8 bit micros of yesteryear.
These days the versions that come with the average home computer tend to be quite good, enabling users to write well structured code with hardly a GOTO in sight. AmigaBasic, as supplied on your Extras disc, is a powerful language - it's just that the implementation is poor.
Apart from being an interpreted language like most versions of Basic and thus inherently slow, AmigaBasic also suffers from having an awful - some folks call it klunky - user interface. HiSoft has overcome these problems by releasing its popular Basic compiler for the Amiga which is or soon will be fully compatible with the standard AmigaBasic. As well as being nearly compatible with Microsoft QuickBasic 3 for the PC, and HiSoft's own Basic for the Atari ST (spit!).
I was supplied with version 1.02 of the compiler, and I found a few compilation bugs, some major, plus certain incompatibilities with AmigaBasic. For example, LOOP was a reserved word, so couldn’t be used as a variable name.
As a result of discussion between yours truly, Ed, and HiSoft, a fully compatible compiler will be available soon. HiSoft should have fixed the bugs I found by the time you read this.
THE compiler comes on two discs. Disc one is a nearly complete Workbench 1.3 distribution disc - only the fonts, utilities, and default editors are removed - along with one version of the compiler. On disc two a second version, plus lots of examples and demo programs. The
1. 3 Workbench supplied is the final release, not one of the test
versions, as sold with some other products.
The compiler on disc one is a cut down version only able to produce irdl=Hands%.
- Ref$ (cardj luel$ =LEFTl i tl$ = RIGHTl suit1$ ="hi suitl$ =”dl
suitl$ ="sj suitl$ -"c | (90, 165) I TE 16,161 uit2$ ="hi
uit2$ ="d| jit2$ ~ li t2$ = 170, 165) ,Suits%(l ,x) ,P1
16,26:PRINT value2$ : March 989 AMIGA COMHIWNG 31 code which
requires access to a shared library called hisoft.library in
the LIBS: directory. The version on disc two uses more memory,
but has the option of producing fully standalone code.
1 . ......-WT rvsiftf Gtntratiaf c 4» tiSZm nu : 474 mss any k*y K As HiSoft Basic is supplied with Workbench 1.3, it is able to make use of the available improved maths libraries. These arc much faster than the 1.2 versions and will automatically use a maths coprocessor if you have one fitted. This does mean, however, that any compiled code will only be able to run on a Workbench 1.3 system (or a doctored version of Workbench 1.2) c Exes ProV Scril c File Mil Onl Ant c Di Dc Qi Pn Zi put »«t n Mkl « The manual, in A5 ring bound format, was of a very high standard, well printed,
logically laid out. And even witty in places - a great improvement over the manuals HiSoft used to supply with their early Spectrum compilers.
CUSTOMERS for the first 1.000 copies of the compiler are supplied with a free copy of the Abacus book AmigaBasic Inside and Out. This is quite well written - the text anyway, some of the code leaves a lot to be desired - and forms an ideal accompaniment to the HiSoft manual. Many examples from the book can be found on disc two.
The HiSoft Basic programming environment is along the lines of that started by Turbo Pascal - you edit your code in one window, compile in another, and run in a third. If any errors are found in the compilation you are taken back into the editor at the line where the error, occurred.
This seemed to be fairly well implemented, with good use of the Amiga's intuition environment, although I didn't like HiSoft's editor particular ire being reserved for the clumsy search and replace facility.
I would have liked to have seen the editor capable of loading tokenised AmigaBasic programs, and expanding them itself, rather than you having to load the code into the AmigaBasic interpreter, and then saving it using the "A" option to get an Ascii file.
It is possible to compile your programs in ram or to disc. The latter option means your finished program can be run outside the HiSoft environment. When compiling to disc, the program generates the necessary icon file to enable it to be selected from the Workbench, and the code produced seems to multi-task properly under the Amiga Intuition environment.
The compiled programs also work properly when called from the CLI.
The code produced by the compiler is fully re-entrant, and can be made resident when using the Workbench
1. 3 shell.
The speed of execution and code size can be optimised by turning off various run time error checks. As an example of the code size produced by the compiler, a simple program which plotted every point on a 640 x 200 pixel screen in a random colour - and with all error checking turned off - was 452 bytes long when compiled using the hisoft.Iibrary option, and 13,156 bytes when compiled as a standalone version.
As for speed of the compiled code, HiSoft claims that the compiler will run the standard Sieve benchmark 50 times faster than AmigaBasic. I wrote a few simple programs, and wasn't able to get anything like that figure. A simple program to display a sine wave took 50 seconds in AmigaBasic.
And 12 seconds using HiSoft.
I found that a selection of compiled, programs varied from about the same speed as AmigaBasic for disc intensive applications to around 30 times faster for pure maths code. I also noticed that the compiler doesn't do much optimisation, so it's best to hand optimise where possible.
HERE is no limit to the size of the program that can be compiled, assuming you have enough ram. Likewise string and array variables can be as. Large as you like.
This is a great improvement on AmigaBasic which allows about 24k for programs and just over 4k for data.
All AmigaBasic's graphics and sound functions are provided and its similarity to GW-Basic supplied with ?
DIRECT £ New Price
13. 95
21. 95
19. 95
19. 95
21. 95
19. 95
19. 95
14. 95
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21. 95
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21. 95
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19. 95
21. 95
19. 95
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19. 95
19. 95
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21. 95
19. 95
21. 95
19. 95
19. 95
19. 95
21. 95
14. 95 £ New Price
19. 95
59. 95
89. 95
39. 95
39. 95
49. 95
34. 95
59. 95
89. 95
49. 95 £ RRP
25. 95
79. 95
119. 95
49. 95
54. 95
69. 95
39. 95
85. 00
119. 95
59. 95 Word Processing £ £ New Price RRP Excellence! 99.95
199. 95 ProWritc 2.0 54.95
85. 10 Scribble! 29.95
49. 95 Productivity £ £ New Price RRP File Usg 29.95
99. 95 Microfiche Filer Plus 84.95
119. 95 Online! Telecomm. 24.95
49. 95 Analyze! Spreadsheet 39.95
49. 95 Utilities £ £ New Price RRP Disk 2 Disk
19. 95
34. 99 Dos 2 Dos
19. 95
39. 67 Quaterback
29. 95
34. 95 Project D
24. 95
34. 95 Zing
34. 95
45. 95 Video & Animation | £ £ New Price RRP Aegis Animator
44. 95
103. 50 The Director
29. 95
49. 95
- antavision
39. 95
49. 95 Forms in Flight 2
59. 95
79. 95 Lights. Camera. Action 39.95
57. 50 Modeler 3-D
49. 95
65. 95 ProVidco Plus
149. 95
199. 95 Sculpt 3-D Animate
79. 95
105. 95 TV1 Show
24. 95
69. 95 TV* Text
24. 95
69. 95 Videoscapc 3-D
84. 95
115. 95 Video Titlcr
64. 95
86. 95 Zuma Fonts 1-4 6ca.) 14.95
19. 95 Desktop Publishing | £ £ New Price RRP Publisher Plus
39. 95
54. 95 Graphics Buichcr 2.0 Calligrapher 1.05 Digi-View Gold
Express Pain I 3.0 Impact Photon Painl Pixmate Sculpt-3D
Turixt Silver 3-Demon £ £ New Price RRP AudioMaster
49. 95
65. 95 Dynamic Dnims
39. 95
54. 95 Dynamic Studio
99. 95
129. 95 Midi Magic-
29. 95
49. 95 Midi Rcc Studio
34. 95
49. 95 Sonix
34. 95
44. 95 Arkanoid Battle Chess Bubble Ghost Capone Captain Blood
Champ Football Fire & Forget Firepower Flight Simulator
Fourth and Inches Gee Bee Air Rally Harrier Combat Hole-in-1
Golf Hybris Indoor Sports Lethcmeck Major Motion Paladin POW
Stellar Conflict Superstar lee Hockey Tanglewood Uninvited
Vampires Empire Virus WbrdPlcx World Class Leader Zoom Games
Music Get Up and Call In Now Prices exclude VAT
P. &.P. in UK add £2.00 for EEC orders Please Make cheques postal
orders payable lot BROWN-WAGH DIRECT 2 Hazlitt Mews, Hazlitt
Road, London W14 0.1 . 01-603 3313 March twin AMIGA
(X)MPimN(', 33 REPORT CARD most Pcs makes it a fairly simple
job to port Basic applications from other machines.
All compiled programs have the banner “Compiled with HiSoft Basic” in their default window, so there's no pretending that your masterpiece was lovingly hand crafted in assembler.
However HiSoft does not ask for royalties for any code produced by the compiler which is subsequently sold or given away, it only asks that it be given credit where credit is due.
The compiler will run on a standard 512k single disc drive Amiga, although, as ever, an extra 512k and second disc drive are very useful. I would suggest that the extra ram would be particularly appreciated.
Apart from the compilation hugs and incompatibilities mentioned the program behaved well. At no time during the review did I get a visit from the "Guru", and I found that the HiSoft editor compiler environment lived quite happily running alongside other programs such as word processors and comms software.
Minor upgrades will be for a nominal fee - or even free if you report an unknown bug major revisions will be charged depending on the amount of added features (not bug fixes) in the new version. A recent revision to the ST version of HiSoft Basic was charged at £7.50 Is HiSoft Basic for you? If you have plans to write the blockbusting Amiga arcade game for next Christmas, the answor has to be no. Your money would be better spent on an assembler and some good books.
If you are an experienced Basic programmer then HiSoft Basic would make a welcome addition to your software collection. It is quite inexpensive considering the facilities it provides, and based on its track record, you can expect an excellent level of support from HiSoft in the future.
HiSoft Basic HiSoft. The Old School. Greenfield.
Bedford. MK45 SDE. (05251 718181 £79.98 (limited period) USE FI 11.NESS . For Ihe programmer on a light budget, bul wanting more from AmigaHasic.
Ibis might well be the answer.
EASE OF USE... A nice fully integrated development environment which reduces the time taken to get your programs up and running.
INTUITION.. Thankfully. HiSoft was not tempted to produce YASTP (Yet Another ST Port).
This product uses the Amiga well.
VALUE.. While 80 quid isn't exactly pocket money level, the two well known C compilers both cost many hundreds of pounds each. I suspect it will sell well.
HiSoft has managed to take AmigaHasic and mould it into a credible product.
Mai! Order Offers Reviewed in the December issue of Amiga Computing TYPICAL APPLICATIONS At last, an inexpensive and very easy-to-use spreadsheet that's simple enough for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for professionals.
Digicalc is both menu and command driven. It is fast, with all calculations being performed instantly, and the spreadsheet is constantly updated.
The manual has been carefully designed to cater for all types of user, from the novice to the expert. It includes a tutorial with step-by-step instructions, a glossary of computer terms, a quick reference card, a full reference section and a comprehensive index.
"I really liked the package to begin with, and first impressions are important... Digita deserves full marks for the way in which the menus and command driven operations have been implemented... It's a no nonsense spreadsheet... I'd certainly recommend it for general purpose spreadsheet work". - Rex Last. Amiga Computing. December 1988 RRP £39.95 OUR PRICE £29.95 TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 97 Home budgeting Investment project appraisal Comparing rent lease buy options Processing results of experiments Engineering calculation models Education
1 ? Pack 2
• the following Companion Pro 5000 Joystick Mouse Mat. Oust Cover
«3.5- DSDO Daks PACK 1 Amga 500 Modulator Mouw Workbench .
Bas* E*tr«.
Th« Very Iwt 2 manual* Pack 1 * the following Outrun. Oblltarator. Better Dead Than Alan. Ala*.
Backlash. Stargoosa.
He***. OuatJralan WORD PROCESSING rse ipowna*----------------mb Cl 59 PtoWnto 2 0---------------£71 £40 Ton Pro--------t*T Pro Mi I 4 0 bam A na» Near a.alUMa DATABASES AoquaMoi VI 3 ..... Data Retiava ...... Data Rani* Prol C19B K Data .... .. £36 U *mija PH* RING Mooftch* Urn RINQ S»« *tMW Ptoaonrt C39 fkparbaaa Prol ..£63 Vparbaao Paraon* SPREADSHEETS £7* vtf Protoaocnrt CUMANA DRIVES DESK TOP PUBLISHING 1Mb 3 5* Floppy Do* Dnva -------- i Mb 3 5* Floppy Omk Dnva . PSU
- ---------£68 99 t W) 5 25* Floppy CM* On* ...._________ £116
99 11*5 25* Floppy CM* Ortoa £121 99 £133 99 Crty Dart. V 1.1
. Pagasalar ..£62 £63 PrcUaaaioto Paga------
Pctohahar Pto* .... £196 ......ra?
PU*aM artia Prol____ snatoapaara--------- RING .....£116 SUPRA DRIVES Paf 2* 20Mb tod Da» Orva A5C01000 _ Mmb Hard Dak dwa A500l COO
* 0Mb Hard Da* Dwa A50di 000 _______£564 99 20Mb Hard Os* Ova
- -£629 99 30* Hard Da* Dnva A2000 £1079 99 60Mb Hard Da* Drlva
A2000 £5*4 99 £629 99 £999 99 AC. Baa*: Ca*ip4ar
MCC Paacal V20-- ___M2 PHILIPS MONITORS AC For»an___ AC For
1 Tuitoo Amiga APL 66000 Amiga ________£232
- ---- £406 ..... RING £47 BanOimark IFF Ub----- Cambndga
Uap Davpae ......
- ---MS .£63 £113 £45 Maao aaaambla Modkia 2 Slandad
Modual 2 DavMcpa SAM Baaic £66 ni6 £7* CMSMI 14* RGB
Cdotx CMSM2 14* RG6CVBS Cotour £196 99 CM8S33 14*
RG6CVBS Mad Ra* Cditti £259 99 ..... £206 99 CM6652 14*
RGB.CVBS Ht-Mad Raa Colour £294 99 Aztoc C Prolaaaonal Azlac C
- ---- £156 ______ £245 Fa Van Prol Part------ K Srta Aaaambla V
5 £150
- -----£36 MCCSnrt MCC TocM------- £35 OB £57 UTILITIES Gdincu 2
0 GcAdapal 2 OOMFV21 Grabbrt ._ .Ml Mamdart------------ C24
NawalaTtar Fonts____ C24 Powaraandowa 2 5 £6 PiolMSUkcM__
- CB ProSooidOaa gnarart £16 TMMacSMD - MATRIX PRINTERS Amatad
DMP2160 - Amatad LO3S00 .
Canon PW10B0A
- --------------£14296 MCC P230O- ____________________£34996 MFC
P*------... __________________
- £389 99
- -£542 99 Canon A-60 f .. 1 pacn
LX600 . Epacn L0500 .
...... .....£«23 99 Poiaaomc PI
062______________________ ......£27599
Sakoaha SP-106A . . £38*99 Sakcaha SP-1200A
. ......£252 99 £16999
_________£169 99 Mao P MP165*_______
- -----------------£14999 Star IC10------------------------
- ---- ...r19998 Sto LC10 Colour________________
- ------....£221 98 ________RING LASER PRINTERS Canon L8P* A2
- ------------------£1790.00 MpiaaaoMB-----
- ---£2198 00 Epacr GO3500______ __________________£1796.00
Panaaorac P4450_____________ ...£203000 GRAPHIC TABLETS
CAP A4 T abtat .....£372 98 Cbary
A3TabW . £534 98 CAP A3
- --------------£61588 Eaay L A4 Taeiat ___£26888
VIDEO DIGITISERS ENHANCERS DKWlCWGoto ________________£11698
VOS Fraraa Grrtbar--- __________£568 99 DrQrPtC Fiama Grabbar
- -------£1*9 98 VOS. Cdour Fram Grabbet------ .....ham
.....- . £97 98 Scpbua Bft_______________________
- ---------£126 99 MIDI INTERFACES ' MODEMS Damon
II-------------------- Owrgna --------------------
......£62 98 Paea
Urmat ..... £102 99 Paca Sarae Four
12008 ..... £130 99 £369 99 Mrioom WS20CC Mraccm WS4000
_______ ...- ...£109 99 Paca Saraa Four 21239
---------- .£169 99 Paca Sanaa Four 24003
________ £259 99
- ------£407 98 EMULATORS CABLES Standard Cantor** Prlnto Cam a
..... £7 99 4-Way Adaptor ._
..£4 99 £299 Tam MouaaJoystck £*to aon
CaOa__________£4 98 Modam Cat*-----------------
______________£12.86 A -9* 500--------------------------------
Amiga 500 1084S ....
- ---£359 99 _________RING RING Amiga
2000 .. Amifla
200QM084S .. A2010 3 5* 1 Mb Inland DM*
Drlva ________CPOA ...... £»*OA .....£139 99 A10S4S » V« Rm
Colour Uortto ' SOOM N« Rm Mono Monitor-------- A50t Rm
EipnonOoB __ AUO Modutoto ____ MPS1200 Prraar RINO __£99
99 £134 99 __£22 50 £149 99 A2094 20Mb Amiga DOS M4rd Onva
A2092 20Mb MS-DOS Hard Drlva A2052 2to) Ram E«an4ton-- AJOSB PC
XT Bndgo Board MPS150CC Crtaur Pnrdar £499 99 .....£47*99
£34*99 £459 99 £199 99 DISK STORAGE HEAD CLEANERS Aagia
Admito-lmaga* Aagra Impact------ Ugma Camara Actor.
£62 . £50 . £45 Dato.a Mini 11---------- Dato.a WHO 1 2_ r35 .£107 ___£40 Plmato___________ Pa atoCapArl ___ £38 __£38 A .V aoacapaX)--- Aag* Vtoac T*a Annw 30_____ Anmalcr Appar*oa ----- Anmata Ape* r £113 _ £67 £99 £156 09 Pom Eqiaaa Pant V? 0- ___M2 £55
- -£32 £55 Prtm P*uaV12_ Pro VMM_ Pro Vtdao Font Ub*__ SaApl 30
- ----to _£126 ____£35 £67 £98 Paga Fkppa . Fr ...... £91 TV
Tort ..... £55 Dato.a An Pana --------- Oato*a
Panj I--------- Oatow Photort______ _____£8
- --£49 £49 Photoi Pant____________ Photon Pam E*p Doc Photoi
vaao----- ___£40 __£1* r»t Tvanoar------------- Tha Da
actor_____ Turbo Sitoar______ ......£86 ...... £47 £110
MUSIC SOUND £28 Oatoao Mol 6 Cool J*M £36 Dato.a Roc A RcS-
Anaga DOS Eipiaaa Award Makar ftototar 2________... On ate
....__________ Dakmaalar __ D*2Dto 006 2 DOS FACC4 ___
£36 KcomiJ £24 UonFonto C49 torocl £7 99 (MftcloSOiSB'MU £999 CM* Bo* to 100 . S?5* »«»• »•* Bo. To 80 . 3 5* aii* Dak Bo* to 120 * 3 5* diaka J ft* »•» Mead Claonor El 1 99 C»«* Bo* to 1 SO ¦ 5 25* »•*• C4.M 925* Dm* Hood Clean* BLANK DISKS ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE Most old and new titles available from stock.
Our prices may not be the cheapest, but our service is first class, as is our recorded delivery postal service!
What you can’t see - ask for Please make cheques postal orders payable to SCC MAIL ORDER. All prices are inclusive of V.A.T. Courier Overseas rates on request All prices correct at time of going to press. . . Please ring to confirm before ordering.
All Software orders over £30 P&P Free (UK only) Orders under £30, add £1 P&P Carriage chargeable on all hardware peripherals S.C.C. MAIL ORDER »" H 29 Crowtree Road, Sunderland SR1 3JU. Telephone: 091 565 5756 Cl, TURTLESOFT AMIGA PACK AMIGA A500 Free TV Modulator Free Paint ProQ Free Software the following titles: - Amegas An of Chesa Buggy Boy Barbarian Ikan Warriors Insanity Fight Mercenary T errorpods Wi zball T hundercats £419.95 INC VAT FREE DEUVERY!!
TURTLESOFT PRINTERS Csean 1700 m c) C’*9» Panaaor.. *M ioe» N.Q 0*9 ®S SiarlC-iO --------------------- (199 96 £2-996 Star iC-10 Coax* .. Se*o*n* SP -aoAi SeeosnaSP iTOCAi See©*- Si 8UA 7« £269 96 £•*9 96 C 109 96 £339 96 TURTLESOFT AMIGA MONffORS N«w A1084S Hires Col Mon ..£260.96 PhlW CM8832 Col Mon £219.96 Philips CM8833 Col Mon . £259.96 Phi** CM88S2 Col Mon___________________£280.96 TURTLESOFT DISC DRIVES Cum ana CAX354 880k 3 5' Dnve Now with On-Off Switch £99.95 INC VAT FREE DELIVERY!!
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_____ Bard* T*M II ... Bard* Ta* III__ Buuog
Barr*** ..£19 99 ..£24 95 ..£24.95 ..£24.95 ..£24 95 ..£1995
.£24 95
- .£14 95 ....£•99 £29 95 04 95 ( 996 0995 €24 99 £19 99 £•9 95
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£24 95 £1995 Dungeon Mastar (1Mb onfy) .
Eart Weaver* Baaebal C39 96 £103 50 (46 00 (56 96 £19695 £63 25 £143 76 C39 95 £9 99 CO 90 £20 95 £03.95 £3095 £40 95 £156 96 £51.95 £116 99 £50 95 £59 95 C24 95 £49 95 (100 95 £1’4 95 £27.96 £82.95 £116 90 £49.95 £4595 089 95 74 95 £29 95 £56 95 £56 95 £77.95 £69 95 £179 95 £69 95 £77.95 23 95 £33.95 £41.05 £16.95 £36 95 £134 96 £89 95 £55 96 £64 96 £39 95 £1396 £1396 £77.95 £118.90 £23 95 £64 96 £4996 £62 90 £319 £6.9 £49 96 £1996 £•996 £90 95 £1*9 96 C3S99 £79 96 £69 95 £7996 ...£99 95 £99 95 £228 85 £149 96 £99 96 .29 96 .£39 96 £4995 £49 95 Phone £35 95 £49 95 £49 95 (74 90 CU05
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0 * i Construction DeRuiPaan i 0 4« P**i I 0*41 °r»r i Defct v**o Oe*j« ( *«io.ab_ Adrwm
* W A'Smror-Vnagee Aegt* * do Mas'ai Aei* Oca (Ox**"* S-Waai Aeg*
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McaS'c* rre-cepror ion lord ------- .* rsc 0ttc Corttf**.
,oan * A c . .
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I eger* of ** Sword__ i •«** Sue lany_ lontMTd RAC Aa*» .
Mapv Mtwon urai________ M«ca Pacfcff eaoh: Mwigne Momiers of •»* Sg-i Music Con*lrucllon Sol---------- Nebulu .
Oevpac* Assent** dgon toftu.j**c k Seaa aanoo AsaantMBd I arc* C V*r 4 _ log** vi2 3P l»GH:iM8: .
MCC Macro Assembler____ MCCPaac*_ MCC ___ Mere Baae Mcro 'an . .
Mo 4* 2 (Standard) Mod.* 2 Uevwooe'ti Mj* SmdO Noel Mansel Grand Prtt.. Ntgnt Hwnt*r_ Obmeralor ... Opera on Wolf Pec Mania------------------------- Peter Beardsley_______________ Phawom Fighter ..... Pioneer Plague _ Power Drome ....__ Puny* Saga- QuadraMn--- Ouaraoa--- Queatron _______ R-Type.. Reach lor IhaSlar* Roadblastar ... Robbeary ...... Robocop--------- 33“: Roftng T»*a da» . . ... Sargon M-------- Scwwry Oac 11 ------- .. Scenery Disc 7-- Scenery Dt* ,apan .
So*"ery Dtsc w c .r ocean Soaroe (leAne S-adowGale____ Snoot an* ug Con Kl Smb* oi fh* War-1 Soccer Supremo ..... Space Racer ....________ Speed Bal-------------------- Slaffight Star Fleet 1 .... Star Glider II_______________________ Star Goose---------------- Street Fighter_________ sir* Poker 2 Plua___ Strp Poker Plua 2 Data Dec 1 .
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* Show TV * Ten____________ VIP Professional_________________ Vsawrtte Desktop_____________________ Word Pertecl V4.1 ...... Works (The) WP SP D0 ... Wrtt A Fite (WP DB needs 1MB) .. X Copy-------- Zuma Fonts Vol 1,263_ Please ring for availability on these specials as stocks are strictly limited AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS Special Price Special Price Special Price Special Price Beyond the Ice Palace.. Crazy Cats_ £9.99 Dark Cast*___
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..£10.49 Skyfo* II .... £9 99 Spaceport £6 99 T1 Software A small Hama aant 1st Class Post. Chaquaa rsqulrs 7 dsys tor claarsnca. Plaasa maka chaquaa payabla to Turtlaaoft Hardware items sent by overnight courier - Now free of chargo Please ring for availability of new software items
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Lincs. NG31 7SE Subject to availability, all items are
despatched within 24 hours. E&OE ¦REVIEW!
One day all Amigas will be made this way.
But for now only the lucky few can afford one which runs five times faster than normal.
Jez San is among the first of the few LAST August I reviewed the CSA 68020 card. This was a no expense spared gizmo for speeding up your Amiga a few times. Fully configured with two megs of ram would set you back £5.000. about the same as an average car.
Densely-packed expansion card that plugs into the co-processor socket in an A2000. It will not work in an A500 or an Amiga 1000.
If you own an early German A2000 you will need to remove the 512k of ram that previously occupied the First socket, but that is not too much of a loss considering the advantages of your new acquisition, not to mention the Joneses don't have one yet.
Installation is simple. Don’t even bother reading the manual - unless you have to be told to plug the card I mentioned at the foot of the article that the Commodore card would be out soon, hopefully bringing with it more bangs per buck, and probably being a bit kinder to the system reliability. Well, it has arrived.
The Commodore A2620 is a neat, into the only conceivable socket it could fit in. I mean, it's not like a joystick extender, or mouse mat - they require immense technical engineering skills before you are qualified to connect up.
Installing a CBM 6802(1 cord is a trivial matter. Power up, and if all goes well, you should be welcomed by that familiar loft hand holding that upside down disc. Say. Why is that guy left handed anyway? (The artist who drew it was right handed, copying his left hand holding the disc, so they say).
By holding both mouse buttons down with your right hand, and pressing various other pninty-parts of your anatomy on Ctrl+A It+Delete, erm. I mean Ctrl+Amiga + Amine you get a menu of three configurations.
You can either boot into a vanilla AmigaDos 68000, supa-doopa Amigados 68020. Or even 68020 Unix, though the last requires a frightenly expensive Quantum 80 megabyte hard disc laden with goodies before it'll work.
UNIX systems come with 4Mb ram so the price of £3.000 for the card and software isn't quite as outrageous as it first seems.
The older German A2000s don’t have the option of going back to the 68000. As they had a screwed up bus design which didn't allow the processor to go tri-state. And here was I thinking that Germany only had two states.
If you don't bother holding down your mouse buttons on startup, the machine will default to AmigaDos 68020. Unless you have been playing with your jumper switches on the main board.
The A2620 board comes in its minimum configuration with a
14. 3MHz 68020, 2Mb of fast 32 bit ram |100ns). A 14.3MHz 68881
(that's a math co-processor to you and me) and a 14.3MHz
The last chip is an MMU (Memory Management Unit) which performs virtual memory' and address translation tricks required by Unix and other power-operating systems.
Like Ariel automatic, it's a vital component.
If your 68020 card hasn’t got it, you ?
¦REVIEW* can't run Unix. Some may see this as a positive advantage. I think an MMU is the way to go. Which is just as well, since Motorola has built one on to the 68030 chip we'll all be using in a few years time.
In normal AmigaDos mode the 68851 is not used.
MATHS freaks can change the
14. 3MHz 68881 for a 25MHz.
One and move a jumper on the hoard.
This will speed up things like ray- tracing. But if you have looked at the price of 25MII . 68881s you arc likely to have decided it is better to grow old waiting than blow your savings on one chip.
The 68020, being a 32 bit processor, isn't being run at full lilt unless it finds 32 bit ram. Cheaper 68020 cards that lack this are not going to ofTer significant specdups.
The Commodore's A2620 runs its clock at twice the standard speed of an Amiga, making it twice as fast, but the 32 bit ram and sophisticated cache inside a 68020 ends up quadrupling the speed.
For mathematical applications this will be even better, as the 68881 can do some things at 10 or 20 times the speed that the normal Amiga math routines can manage, and if you use Workbench 1.3 the improvements will often be transparent. The advantages of a proper operating system.
To setup a CSA 68020 card with the equivalent features and functions of the Commodore A2620 would not Testing, testing THE public domain benchmark SI, written by Badger Software, claims that both the CSA 68020 and Commodore's 68020 run at 4.5 to 4.8 times the speed of a standard Amiga.
It also claims that equates to 15 times the speed of an IBM PC. Though I'd argue how it worked that one out. My guess is more, say 20 times. But we've all heard there's lies, damned lies, and benchmarks.
I tried a few of my own kludged together benchmarks. I.ike putting individual 68000 instructions in a tight loop and seeing their relative performance compared to a normal Amiga. In most cases, my tests proved the figure of four to five times the speedup.
With real world programs like assemblers and compilers the difference is staggering. Ignoring the unchanged disc performance, most programs show a three or four times speed improvement overall. Even programs that run solely from chip memory like StarGlider-2 show significant improvements, although only about two or three fold.
Compared to cheaper speedup boards, like the CMI Processor- Accelerator, this thing really flies.
But then, you get what you pay for.
After all, the Processor Accelerator is a seventh of the price. Trouble is. For most programs, the Processor Accelerator only speeds them up 20 or 30 per cent, a tenth of the speedup gained from using a CBM A2620 card.
During my one-month testing of the CBM A2620 I found that most programs would run perfectly on it.
Some self-booting games may suffer problems due to the Amiga running unexpectedly fast, causing timing loops to give incorrect values.
The people who issue these games will no doubt offer new, less timing- sensitive versions. While it's not hard to make sure a game runs on a 68020.
Before they wore available it was hard to test if everything was OK.
The good thing about the Commodore card is that if you ever find a program that doesn't run on it.
You simply do the five fingered salute
- both mouse buttons, and the normal three fingered one and you
can then boot into a 68000, minus the 68020 and 32 bit ram.
THAT way. It is very effective in bridging the temporary compatibility gap with some games, though with business or productivity applications there should be no compatibility woes.
I had far more hassle trying to get a CMI Processor Accelerator to work with my system. It worked fine until I | wanted to plug my hard disc back in, or any card on the bus. Friends who have bought newer CMI boards have not had these problems.
At the time of writing. Commodore had started shipping A2620 cards in small numbers to dealers and developers, meanwhile it is already selling a a pilot production run of the new Amiga A2500, which is really a repackaging job of an A2000, A2620 card with 2Mb of ram and a decent 40Mb hard disc. Sounds like a winner, especially in price per performance compared to a Mac II.
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.. DigiviewGdd . Digipic Frome
Grobber DOS to DOS_______________ Express Point 2
Fontovtsion_______________ fc«* in
Flight ..... Futoresound---------- AMIGA Rotound
D t*gn r 62 17 £5S52~ fan“ 72 54 12 50 AMIGAOOS monual 2nd
Edition Aiho * Coiigrofonli 20 75 45 58
Interchong . IntoCAD____________________ AS
20 Modulator . 147 20 23 50 K-Comm 2
K-Doto . 68 44 Kroaet ... Cambridge
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F4* 52 04 122 37 205 00 3002 49 26, 30 59* 5491
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Fricton & Tractor .... Star LC 10 Colour: As above with seven colour option Star LC 24-10 24 pin Excellent print quality .... £169 95 £195 95 £245 95 £319 95 BOOKS: Elemental Amiga Base Kicks tart Guide ... £14.95 £1295 £1295 £’695 Amiga Machine Language .. Amiga Microsoft Basic ... £1295 £1845 Base Inside A Out The C Language .. £18.95
£23 95 DISCS & BQXESl Bulk 3.5 Discs 10 off . Bulk 3.5 Discs 20 off . Sony Branded Box of 10 .. .....£9 95 £1895 £1595 All goods offered subject to availability Overseas orders welcome - Please wnte for prices Callers welcome: Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5.00. Saturday 10 00 to 4.00 Please send cheques'POs to: _M.J.C. SUPPLIES (AMG) 40a QUEEN STREET. HITCHIN, HERTS. SG4 9TS Tel: (0462) 421415 for Enquiries Credit Card Orders R E V I E W I only cost three or four times as much, but lacks an MMU. Making it ideal for Unix-haters but
lousy for everyone else in the world. And seeing as how Commodore's Unix is apparently something fine to behold it would be short sighted to not have the chance of running Unix in a year or two’s time.
Commodore’s 32 bit ram is autoconfigured to reside in the system’s 24 bit address range. What that means in layman's terms is that it will work with existing hardware devices like DMA hard disc controllers, and video boards.
CSA had the stupid idea of putting it's 32 bit ram out of the Amiga’s accessible address range, with a series of trick ribbon cables running on top of the board.
It basically means you are limited as to what hardware works on a CSA- equipped Amiga, whereas Commodore's board ought to run everything. The A2620 design is flawless.
TODAY the A2620 may seem like an expensive luxury, but it points the way for Amigas of the future. Commodore has suffered before from having a lead in a market and then losing out to more advanced machines.
Chip costs mean that we won’t see 68020-based A500s for a long while.
But when it comes, the upgrade will be simple. Then there will be room for the next power-users card - a 33Mhz 68030. Which I understand is already at the prototype stage.
REPORT CARD A2620 Commodore 0628 770088 £1615 USEFULNESS.. Complete compatibility with existing programs and the ability to speed every job make this very desirable.
EASE OF USE..... Plug in and go. Only works in an A2000 because it needs a slot.
SOFTWARE.... Will speed up anything which uses 1.3 libraries. Running Unix it is a serious rival to many more expensive svstems.
SPEED ... Increases the performance of an Amiga nearly fivefold with few problems.
VALUE . The A2620 is cheap compared to a Mac II but a system will set you back at least £5.000. The most desirable peripheral Amiga Computing has tested. The Ferrari F40 of home computing.
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Shoot-em-up construction kit. New series' on Basic and Machine
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reviews and tips from the regular team abetted by Max the
J January 1989 issue Beebulator! World exclusive review of the program which can turn any Amiga into a BBC micro. Protext preview - a British WP to beat anything from the USA. What has 24 pins and looks good on paper? It’s the Citizen HQP-40 colour printer? Home accounts - tales from the valleys? No a package to balance books Midi Magic sounds great, the Supra hard drive isd great but costs. Plus some great tips and games reviews.
Way to look at databases, Cygnus Ed - the best screen editor available; Digicalc - a cut-down spreadsheet at a budget price and the latest 3d graphics tools. A host of games reviews including Legend of the Sword, Bermuda project and RockerRanger. Full techie tips on IFF. Interviews with the top games makers; The Bitmap Bros and Origin.
March 1989 AMIGA COMPUVNG 41 L FTER playing Starflight on the JL XPC I was biased against Electronic Arts, but its other offerings seem to be considerably better.
Deluxe Print II Is no exception.
Deluxe Print II. Dprint for short, isn't copy-protected, which is a point in its favour - presumably EA decided that since you really need Its fairly sizeable manual to use it properly it could dispense with the horrid little coded wheel that taints Starflight and Interceptor.
So what is it. And what can it do?
Well, it's a good program, but not good enough to warrant a six-page review. My rough draft of this review covered the Sign format in reasonable detail, and gave brief details of the other formats. It ended up being much too long. That's not so surprising. I suppose, as the manual consists of 90-odd pages of information.
Dprint II is to signs, posters. LabeLs and other illustrated text what Dpaint II is to computer art - a flexible and versatile aid for those who have a need for such things. It comes on a Workbench boot disc with a complete environment, as is fairly common with the more professional Amiga offerings a Workbench in horrible shades of blue on a black background. Preferences (to let you change the colours to something a bit less funereal), the usual Workbench Command and System directories (sorry, drawers), and the CU. As well as the program itself and the rather important Fonts.
On the Art disc is a fair yfe selection of pictures in ft? various directories - more Jr about artwork later. Jc- ' standard printer. Incidentally, it's a great pity that Commodore doesn't recognise the existence of IBM - most printers have an IBM emulation mode, but I was forced to use Epson mode on my Fujitsu, which doesn't give quite as good resolution as IBM graphics or Proprinter modes.
The default format on startup is the Sign, so let's start there. The program doesn't load any fonts automatically, so before entering any text you have to do this -1 don't quite see why. As further loading is necessary each time you select a new font Presumably the Load Fonts option just makes sure they're available - pity it doesn't do so when it starts.up. Selecting fonts, and all other major options, is done from a standard menu bar at the top of the screen.
A Sign can be up to one full print page, which is 8.5 by 11 inches for a Anyway, that Sign. It can have a variety of border patterns picked from a selection on the Art disc, or a plain border in a variety of colours. You can also use an icon as a border, or design your own. The background can be plain, or you can load a M Steve Rackley finds Electronic Arts' print program a handy tool but
s. painfully slow at output ¦REVIEW!
Backdrop picture, again using supplied examples, or from a suitable IFF paint package.
Text is added by selecting a font and size and typing one line at a time in the space provided below the main Sign, and smaller piccies (icons) can also be added - load them from the Art disc, edit them, and or create your own.
All these selections are made from a number of buttons, which vary according to what you’re up to. With some extra options, such as font types sizes, being selected from the menu bar.
One of the best features of this program is the way you can simply and quickly undo or change just about anything you've done.
Anything can be removed or moved around, icons can be flipped horizontally or vertically, and text can be resized using a rubberband box, which means you aren’t limited to the given font sizes. It can also be recoloured by selecting a new colour and clicking on the line you want changed.
When your masterpiece is Finished, | save it to disc and select Print. You’re then able to specify the print size, up to the maximum of a full page, and proportions if you wish - you can either specify horizontal and vertical sizes, or just enter the width and select Proportional. The image can be output turned sideways.
My first big gripe comes here; printing a large Sign is slow. It takes around 11 minutes to output a full page - I know the program must be doing an awful lot of work converting ?
The small screen image to the requested size and layout, but I’m sure it could benefit from some optimisation somewhere.
Other available formats are the Label - roughly 4 by 2 inches, with no border, the Banner - a double-size sideways Sign which can be up to 8.5 by 22 inches, the Letterhead, which fills the upper third of a standard page, and a couple of others which deserve a bit more of a mention.
The Banner prints even more slowly than the Sign, presumably because there's more work to do in enlarging it and turning it sideways - I didn't time a full-sized Banner because 1 went off and left it printing, but after checking the first quarter page I estimated a total time of more than 30 minutes.
The Calendar is a nice one - pick your month and year and the program fills in about three-quarters of the screen with a pre-formatted calendar, leaving the top for pictures, from your own or supplied icons, as usual. The screen display is hardly readable - which goes for all instances of small font sizes - but it prints OK.
There’s no option to box or circle a date (holidays or whatever), but it's easily done by creating a suitably shaped icon and placing it over the date you want to mark.
The Greetings Card is another novel idea. It prints four panels on a single page with two of them upside-down so that the whole page can be folded into a card. It's basically the same as the Sign format, except that you actually create four "signs", selecting which of the four panels each one is to occupy.
Finally, the four tile Sign is a cross between the normal sign and the greetings card. This one gives you four panels to the page again, but all the same way up.
Final opinions then. It could get very tedious using this program on a single-drive Amiga, although I suppose you could reduce the number of files on the Art disc and remove some of the programs from the Boot disk (CLI and its associated command programs maybe) and combine the two.
Also, as I’ve said, the printing is awfully slow, but that should be less important in normal use, where you can go away and leave it. When trying to run through all the options for this review it was quite a pain.
The print quality could be considerably improved if some kind of smoothing was done when text is enlarged - it gets a very ragged, building-bricks appearance, as do lines and curves which looked quite good on the screen.
It’s a pretty good offering if you have a regular need for this kind of program, but I wouldn't take some of the hype too seriously. As the manual puts it: "Until today, you had to go to a high-priced printshop for business cards ’, and "Until today, you had to wait days for letterhead stationery".
Well. I still would, but for eyecatching signs and posters on the club notice board, as well as labels and stickers, it does an adequate job.
REPORT CARD Product Deluxe Print Supplier Electronic Arts Price £49.95. USEFULNESS ..L Stick to print shops for letterheads.
EASE OF USE ... Needs a fair bit of reference to the manual, but it's a complex program.
INTUITION IT 1 1 1 11 1 1 LLU___ Almost excellent - pity Print locks out everything else, but multi-tasked printing would be even slower.
SPEED [ILL] 11 Li Fast on-screen, horribly slow printing.
VALUE I 11 I I 11 11 1 LUIL Like paint programs, it's an expensive toy. But a fair price if you're going to use it regularly.
Not in the same league of essential purchase as Deluxe Paint, but a handy tool all the same.
SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££’s SAVE ££££’s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££¦§ SAVE ££££'sSAVE ££££'§ SAVE ££££s SAVE ££££’s ¦ FANTASTIC " SAVINGS!
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• DISKS a ss DS HD Kodak...... -
12. 99 34.99 ; Verbatim.
12. 99
13. 99 36 99 ® Dysan......
11. 99
14. 99 38.99 £ 3M
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15. 99 44.99 Sj Sony .
13. 99
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HIMCES * DIVIDERS 25* 50+ 75+ 100+ 150+ 84p 82p 80p 78p 75p All disks are supplied with user labels and are 100% certified error tree.
Price per disk ACCESSORIES _____________________ £4 95 ________________ £6 95
- ------------- C« 95 £9 95 t’295 f’995 UNIVERSAL PRINTER STAND
£1295 W ae. take Printer Stand J M« construct®".
»» an standard and xda tamaga »r.nter» Also »wlas convamem agaca tor paper and tto apa I ft.k»er feel viWaaon abavKng padi MELTON COMPUTER SUPPLIES Unit 20 Digby Drive. Melton Mowbray, Leics. LE13 1YG Personal Callers Welcome mb Y 1 Tel: 0684 410666 (24 hrs). Fax: 0664 410221 H EDUCATIONAL A GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME e*oe Remember the price you see is all you pay (U.K. only). Prices include VAT and carriage SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££’s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££'s SAVE ££££'s datapk?c Conditions of sale All puce* exclude VAT and delivery charge* ESOE ail pnees totted to change
without notice All ejections made by prior arrOTgement 10 Petersfiek) Avenue, Slough, Berkshire SL2 5DN Tel: 0753 35557 Fax: 0753 511122 0753 35557 Please add E1+VAT tor consumables and £6+VAT lor all otter item* tor 3 working day delivery AMIGA HARDWARE Amiga A500 Complete ---------312.00 Amiga A500 with TV Modulator________326 00 Anvga A500 • 1900M Mono Monaor 400 00 Amga A500 • A1064 Cotour Morvtor 530 00 TVModutator----------------------20.00 PhiSp* 8833 Monitor ... 219.00 Amiga A500. 1064 Meritor and AF880 578.00 AF880 Disk Drive 83.00 MPS 1200C Disk
Drive .....106.00 1900M Mono Monitor . 86.00 1084 Cotour Monrtor----------- 239 00 Dataplex 3.5* Dthre------------ -...80.00 Ar-vga Ger*oc* (A500)---------226 00 A501 0SM Ram Upgrade______________113 00 Anvga B2000+1M Ram 880k 3.5* Disk.
Mouse. Software____________ ....865.00 Amiga at above. 1084 Col Moodor . . 1083.00 A2058 8Mb Ram populated with 2Mb . 539.00 A2088 XT Bridge Board 308 00 A2286 AT Bridge Board ...865 00 A2092 20Mb MS Dos Hard Disk 326 00 A2094 20Mb A rvga Dos Hard Drive 433.91 A2300 Wernal A2000 Genkx* 250 00 A2010 W 3 5" Drive______________175.00 A2052 2Mb Ram Expansion -.....399.00 DATAPLEX DRIVES 1Mb 3.5* Extern* Driva - .....68 00 1Mb 3.5* Internal Drive______________63.00 1Mb 5.25* Floppy Drive------------106 00 MOOEMS Miracle WS2000 Modem -.95.00 Miracle WS4000
Modem .147.00 Linnet Modem ......121.74 DATAPLEX HARD DRIVES 20Mb Dnve ASO01000__________________478.00 30Mb Dnve A5001000_______________529 00 60Mb Drive A50O1000 ....910.00 20Mb Drive A2000-----------------------470.00 30Mb Drive A2O00 ------------------ 629 00 60Mb Dnve A2000_______779.00 Pleeee rtng tor other capecxty »rve* PHILIPS MONITORS CM8801 Colour Monitor ..173.00 CM8802 Colour Monitor ....185.00 CM8833 14* RGBCVBS Monilor 215.00 CM8862 Hi Res. Colour Monrtor ..254.00 PRINTERS 1103500 01- ....
2S3.00 ...190.00 ....334.00
365. 00 .... 105.00 ....152.00 ...138.00 ...190 00 ...273.00 I DM
P4000---- Amstred LQ3500 Dl_____ Amstrad LQSOOO Dl-------
Citizen 1200 .. Citizen 180E-------------
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40------ Cttzen MSP 46--- CmzenMSPSO---------- Citizen MSP
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413. 00
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FX800------------- Epson EX800 ______________ Epson EX1000
..... Epson LOS00 .... Epson LQ850
.. Epson LQ1060 ____________ Star LC10________
Star LC10 Colour____ StarNXIS___________________
262. 00
425. 00
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369. 00 ....410.00 .341.00 Brothar HIS Brother
Hlfl OS Postscript Citizen Overture 110*----- Epson GO-3500
_______ Hewlett Pack Laser il________ Hewlett Pack laser
IlD ... Panaeorsc KXP 4450 ... Qume Script Ten
Postscript Star LP8 .
Star NB24-10________ Star NB2415-- Star LC24-10- Star NB15---------- MP135-------- NEC P2200 Plnwnter Cut Sheet Feeder ...... Serial Interlace Kit ... Font Cartridge ...... NEC P56SXL_______ NEC P6+80 Character .... NEC P7.136 Character ! KXP1061__ SKXP1124_ : KXP1S92 Panasonic KXP1595 Panasonic KXP1540 Panasonic KXP3151 PRINTER CABLES Amstrad CPC Paralel .8.90 .6.50
8. 90 BBC Par Met- IBALAmstrad Parallel..... RIBBONS KXP
1081 1000 1 2
4. 00
2. 80
6. 75
4. 50 2J0
3. 15
4. 40
4. 40
4. 40 ......4.40
5. 00 DMP 200030009160 ... DMP 4000--------------
PCW8250LQ3500____ Panasonic 3131 MP26 LX0OQRXMXFX8O___
FX1000fX7RX100_____ NL 10_______________
L0500800850----------- LC10 . NEC
_____________ LASER PRINTERS AST Turbo Postscript..... .1146
00 9 00 .1338 00 2399 00 4699 00 2989 00 ... 1349.00 AH laser
panfrrs tndudo on ulo maintenance FAX Canortax Fail
10----------1044 00 Fax230----------------1199 00 F«*350 -----
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...2359.00 C-Fax
Card SRI ..499.00 Netax N2
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7------------------- 789.00 Riooh 10 ... 1099.00
Ricoh 20 .....- ...... 1469 00 FboohSO ..... 1829.00
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CM000 n»N CVH ? • CNN f»«0 CNN CNN CNN OH CNN C7*N
Microprocessors, he began dryly, manipulate data. This data
can be anything from the cost of bananas to a picture of a
fulmingturve, but it all gets stored in memory. The processor
has to get at the data before it can do anything, and put it
back again afterwards so that it can go on to do something
With only eight data registers in the processor (remember?), and at least 524,288 bytes of data to play with in an A500. The programmer is back at Woolie’s mix’n'match sweet counter.
All those sweets, and only one mouth.
Cue the MOVE instruction.
It gets some data from memory, and MOVEs it into the processor’s Then when the data has sucked and tested for sweetness, it MOVEs it back again. So you were the one that left the sticky pear drops... The format of the MOVE instruction is: Square brackets (like this) will be used whenever there's a choice of things to type in, and shouldn’t actually be used during programming. So a MOVE instruction in reality would look like this: The L, W or B following the MOVE tells the processor howr much data to move. B is byte, or eight bits
- a number between 0 and
255. W is a word, two bytes, which is a number between 0 and
65535, L is short for long word - two words, a number
between 0 and four thousand million. This is also 32 bits,
which is the size of the registers in the processor, or
roughly the number of people ne code magic 7 in the world.
If you use the .L option, all the bits in a register will be set according to the value you pass. If you use .W, the top word in the register will remain untonched, and if you use ,B, three- quarters of the register are spared.
It's as if you’ve got to record a single on to a 20-minute tape if you recorded it with the .L option, you'd record 15 minutes of silence after the music finished, the .W would just add five minutes of quietness and leave the rest of the tape untouched and the .B would be just right. But if you wanted to record the extended scratch dub mix, which lasted all 20 minutes, then you'd have to use the .L option.
The A3 and the D4 are an address and a data register. The brackets around the A3 tell the processor to look at the memory address pointed to by A3 and load the data in that memory address into D4. This is called indirection - if the brackets weren’t there, the processor would just take the value of A3 and move it.
Imagine, if you will, that the sweet counter at Woolies has 10 trays. Your grandmother has written down on a scrap of paper a number of a tray, and she wants to know how many sweets are in it.
YOU have to humour grandmothers - it says so in the contract. So you look at the paper it has inscribed on it, in elegant copperplate, the number 4 - and you naturally go to tray 4 and count the sweeties therein; 17. That's indirection - you get the number 17 indirectly by looking at the number 4 first.
The processor has many different ways of using MOVE, far more than at first seem necessary. But all are useful in the right circumstances. To get the number 4 on to the sheet of paper in the first place, your grandmother would have had to have used something like: | HOVE.I 11,1a The symbol - pronounced 'hash' is 68000 shorthand for; This is a number not an address, so that instruction would move 4 into the A0 register. There's a special shortcut for data registers called MOVEQ for Move Quick. This takes a number Granny has sent Rupert Goodwins down to Woolies to count the mix and match.
¦ MOVE - and, indeed, with other instructions that will shortly become apparent - include post-increment and pre-decremenl. Which look like (A0)+ and -(AO) respectively.
The first tells the processor to look at the information in AO as before, but immediately afterwards increase the value of AO. This is useful if you want to do things with a range of memory' addresses, as AO is immediately ready to look at the next thing without any extra work needed.
Pre-decrement works in the opposite way - before the processor looks at the memory it takes one away from the address pointer. Use one to go up memory, the other to go down. If you bung in a .W or .L as well, as in MOVE.L (AO)+,DO, the processor will add the right amount each time - just enough to point to the next long or short word.
Another trick is to add something to the address register just for the time it takes to carry out the instruction. 54(A0) looks at the memory address 54 bytes after that pointed to by AO but - and this is the good bit - without adding 54 to Ihe register permanently. You know that the price of kumquats is 54 bytes after the price of z.umzum fruit in memory1’ Then: XOVE.B 001,10 HOVE.B
5100) ,D1 will get zumzums into DO and this line only needed for
Devpak opt l-,c*,d* ; this tells the conputer where to find
soae connon infornation incdir *:includc ‘ include
eiec eiec_lib.i} include libraries dos.li include
libraries dos.i N: OTE the little bits of English scattered
about the program.
These comments mean nothing to the computer, which ignores them, but are purely there to remind the programmer what is going on.
It is often necessary to do something complicated, and it's a good idea to leave enough informtion around to remind yourself in six months time, when the program has left your mind, just what it was you were up to.
Program starts here,, move.I dosname,a1 ¦oveq *0,d0 CALLEXEC OpenLibrary tst.l d0 beq quit-fast ¦ove.l d0, DOSBase CALLDOS Output ¦ove.l d0,d4 ¦ove.l d4,d1 ¦ove.l string d2 ¦oveq stringlen d3 ¦oveq *3 d4 ¦ove.l *fruit,a2 get start pf string get length of string get nuaber of kuaquats get position of kuaquat count BETWEEN the two comments "Kumquat fiddling starts here" and "No more kumquats" you can insert whatever instructions you like to play with the number of kumquats. Set up in D4 to start out as 3, and the computer will display your fruity numerics.
For now. There are a couple of instructions that are used to multiply the original number by two to produce six of the things.
Beware, the simple way of displaying the number will only cope with between 0 and 9 fruit, although the smarter reader, like you. Will be able to work out a way to print more than one number.
Bo aoulkuaquats CALLDOS Unite nove.l Dosbase,al CALLEXEC Closelibrary quit.fast DOSBase dc.l 0 dosnaae DOSNAME between 0 and 7 and puts it into a data register without messing about with length options.
Just moving a number this small might seem strange, especially when the registers can hold numbers of many thousand million, hut much computer time is spent lidding with tiny numbers, and the provision of this shortcut is much appreciated. So: | wovcb «t,tie~| would move the number 4 into data register DO. But. Of course, to get the number of sweets in tray 4. MOVE.L 4. AO followed by MOVE.L (AO).DO would be needed.
Other things you can do with Machine code THE area of memory which holds the number of the fruit is also used for holding the message the computer prints. This shows the use of labels, words or short phrases used to tag points in memory.
By using a label instead of a real number, the code is made easier to read and modify. If you later add stuff between the points where the program is and where the data sits. [string you won't have to work out exactly I fruit CALLDOS is a way to call Amigados. The program that normally runs in the machine and hooks everything together. CALLDOS Write, for example, tells the computer to take some data, in this case the message about those kumquats. And write it out to disc, printer or in this case the screen. CALLEXEC is used in a similar fashion to find out things about the system.
Where to point your address registers Jstf’ngten equ .-string again. The computer will do it for you. Which is. After all. What it is here for.
dc. b Hello, Uorld. You Ha
dc. b 0 kuaquats ,10 JH AMK1A COMRtiriMIl March 1989 SOFTS ELLERS
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Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim approx. 10% discount off R.R.P. on most on production of this advert 4 kumquats into D1 without having to do anything to AO in between. Not brain-numbing enough? Well, addresses like (A0.D4.W) arc quite legal - if you can't guess, this adds a word of 1)4 to AO and uses that lo look at memory. What would (A0.D4.B) do? Same, but just adding a byte of 1)4 to AO.
And. Remember, the 68000 processor doesn't mind what goes where. So MOVE.B D1.54(A0) would move the contents of the bottom byte D1 into the memory location 54 bytes after that pointed to by AO; and there's no reason why something like MOVE.W 54(A0,D1.L).(A5)+ can't be used. You just have to think of a reason why,.. But merely moving stuff about is boring. So it will come as a great relief lo find out that it is also possible to add things together, subtract them or even multiply them.
Simply replace the MOVE instruction with AI)I) or SUB. And it will come to pass. There is a slight added restriction - when using maths functions, either the source or the destination has to be a data register.
So ADD.L (A0) + , D4 will work, as will SUB.W D1.55(A5). but SUB.W (AO).(Al) won't.
In all cases the number specified in the source is added to or subtracted from that in the destination, and the result stashed in the destination. For example; KOVEQ *5,0(1 ADD.B (40),00 would end up with whatever was in the memory location pointed to by AO being stored in DO with five added to it.
AGAIN, some shortcuts arc provided which let you use the processor more efficiently. There's an ADUQ. Which adds between 0 and 7 lo a destination, and an ADDI. Or Add Immediate, which adds larger numbers quickly. ADD itself is best left for register-register additions.
Multiply is a different kettle of hippopotami. Instead of the logical MUL instruction - people who write assemblers hate words with more than five letters, and try not to use them - there are two. MULS and MULU. These mean multiply signed and unsigned respectively; MULU has the distinction of being the most beautiful 68000 instruction, as there is a chain of underwater caves in the Pacific by the same name.
MUI-S and MULU also only work on word length data; MULU multiplies one word by another and leaves-the result as a longword in the destination, and MULS does the same, but if the data is bigger than 32767 in either the source or the destination the processor assumes it is negative.
You’ll be amazed the number of times you don't use multiply.
Now- for that tricky first program.
Most commercial assemblers, and quite a few shareware efforts too, come with something known the world over as the Demo Program.
Called demo.asm or demo.s according to the package’s foibles, it contains a few short lines which with the minimum of fuss contrive to display Hello, world on the screen.
This one is no exception - the example is modified from demo.s in the Hisoft Devpac Amiga package, which is. In any case, recommended as the paid-up code hacker's assembler of choice.
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Comprehensive personal accounts. Svr -le to use A* the spreadsheet essonta* easy to u « Compdes Ansga Bevc FAST' Exceeds ISO 7145 specs mde 330-page manual Piolesuona development system with k*er & ttxanos H h speed dsk backup. Lor hard-Ask users Reads wfitee MS-DOS on 4 3i Ameia drives hPhhOA management, massive ptocessmg ability and high-lovol ___ program languago. SuperBase Professional is the only 7 chono lor your Amga* And with text, sound and graplvcs management, phis rolakonal dais handling. SuperBase PROFESSIONAL Professional is essential lor both boginnor and oxport ¦
DtglPalnt (PAL) 4096 cotours £34 Si ¦ PI.Mate VI.1 34SI ¦ Photon Paint 44 Si City Desk V2 0 134 si Page Setter 74 ss Excellence! T74si ¦ The Works Analyje . Organ e . Scribble, mtograto J desktop 64 si ¦ ProText V4.0 Now fast WP with Engksh (Actionary 74 si ¦ ProV rlte V2.0 Wordprocessmg killy intoqratod with graphics 74 si ¦ VlraWrlte Desktop V2.0 High portoimarKO dosklop WP, now with HO loots CREATIVITY
- mmGAx, Arwja version ol the No 1 best selling w wdprocossor 174
si Tho Idoa Procossor liom New Hortons Softwaro 34 si includes
WP. Dosklop. Colour separations. CAD 144 xi ¦ Word Perfect ¦
Flow ¦ Professional Page ¦ Publisher Plus ¦ Pro-Video CGI ¦
Calligrapher ¦ Express Paint V2.0 ¦ Prism Plus ¦ X-Cad ¦ Intro
Cad ¦ Aegis Draw Plus ¦ Aegis Video Sc ape ¦ Aegis Sonlx V2.0
Enhanced vorston ol ttio ordinal desktofi pubksher 44 si
Ptolosstonal vidoo Mini wdh toms, oxtra lonts a.a-abO 1S4 si
Protossonal ton* ed4or. Tonts up to 160 » 254 p«xols 74 si
Overscan PAL • *4 cotour Extra MaX Brae, lexi merge 44 si 4096
HAM cotour pwnt pack 1024 I 1021 (needs 1MB) 44 SI Protosstona
CAD system (needs 2MB) 3S4 si Enary level CAD package printer
or plotter output 34 si Comprehensive CAO with mulsple layer- 4
windows Fu« 30 anmatione m a resolutions with overscan Score,
edit, synthesise, improvise Mka compatible 124 .
¦ ¦¦ IF VOU WANT IT TOMORROW. CALL US TOOAYI ON 01-546-7256 ¦¦¦ COMPUTER animation is traditionally broken into three stages - modelling, animation and rendering - which form the technical side of what is essentially a creative process.
Modelling is the creation of the objects for the animation. The colour and other surface features, such as shinyness, can be defined as well as the shape of the object. This is done with programs, also known as software tools, that offer the same features as 3D CAD packages.
On the Amiga examples are Modeller-3D, 3-Demon and the modelling aspect of Sculpt-3D.
It is quite possible to design objects from the ground up using one of these packages. Other possibilities are to take and modify objects from libraries or to generate them from programs or digitisers.
If, for example, you wanted to animate a talking bust the sort of objects created would be the head, a separate jaw, eyebrows and eyes, a backdrop, the torso and arms. These would just be individual objects, with no relation to each other. The tools being used may allow the use of objects that incorporate IFF pictures from DigiView or Deluxe Paint. Both Turbo-Silver and Forms-in-Flight 2 allow pictures to be mapped on to 3D objects.
Given this unrelated assortment of objects, the process of defining how they move in relation to each other over time is called animation.
Modelling and animation are not completely separate as the design of the objects has to take into account what sort of animation is available.
A wide range of animation methods are available. Animate-3D provides two - fixed objects being moved along paths in space, and interpolation between key frames. The camera is usually animated in a similar fashion to objects, for example being moved along a path. Some packages, including Animate-3D and Videoscape V2.0, allow hierarchical motion. The rotation of a car wheel can be specified in relation to the moving car.
The animation forms a complete description of how our little universe behaves, along with a description of where the world will be viewed from. The computer may know all this, and be quietly enjoying our creation, however we still can't see anything. The conversion of this information into a series of pictures comprising the final movie is the process of rendering.
Therfe are many techniques for rendering, offering a different visual feel and different performance advantages. At the high end of the range is ray tracing. This takes a long time to produce very realistic scenes.
At the bottom end lies wire frame, visually unappealing, but very fast.
The different rendering techniques are often the most talked about part of animation, yet they are only a part of the whole process, and usually a fairly automated one at that.
HAVING covered these three stages of animation, is there anything left? Yes. The part that is the most difficult, and that the computer will be of very little use for. This is the process of working out a story, what objects will be used in the story, and how they will be animated. Only after this has been worked out can we switch on the Amiga.
The classic way of describing a make movies Sam Littlewood begins a series showing how to create an A animation using commercially ppoov) ic-noN available tools.
This will stretch both your artistic , A and technical abilities story is through the use of a storyboard - a sequence of cartoon style sketches of important points in the animation along with annotations describing the detail of the events and the elements that the picture does not convey, such as the lighting and timing.
BULL MAKES THE POINT Storyboards are like notes, they should be enough to record the idea you had. If you have a strong visual memory and are working alone, then a couple of sketches on the back of an envelope may suffice. More rigour and detail can be added as necessary, but it should not get in the way of having ideas.
Using a 512k Amiga and playing an animation out of memory, two seconds is about the limit for an animation. If there is very little change between frames, that figure might be pushed up to three or four seconds. Using more memory, for example 2Mb. It could increase to around 10 seconds.
The amount of memory occupied by an animation is highly dependant upon the change; between frames, the; type of rendering and the; method used to pae:k the frames into memory.
If a single-frame video recorder is available the; length of the; animation becomes limited by your patience.
IVEN the;se time liniitiations.
The story being told should be incredibly simple, described in maybe two or throe sentences. It is the visual equivalent of a verbal one-liner. It is far e;asier to embellish a story than to try and reduce a complicated one without de;stre ving the point. A good source of information on how to use time and ide;as for storic;s is existing animations, both computer generated and hand drawn, and TV ads.
When exploring ideas for animations it is always important to ke;e;p the; liniitiations of the; tools that will be use;d in mind. For e;xample.
Videoscape; Vl.O did not allow hierarchical motion. Any animation that require;d an object moving relative to another moving object would be difficult.
Similarity, are you going to be able to model the objects you have visualised? Natural objects, such as bits of humans, can be difficult to model realistically - it may be worth stylising the object into something that is easier to model.
THE story that will be used for the rest of this series is something inspired by the recent American election.
The scene opens with the camera looking from the back of an auditorium across an audience at a speaker on the platform.
The camera moves down across the audience to get a close up of the speaker, who is rythmically pounding out some party line.
The camera moves away, through the curtain behind the speaker to backstage where it finds and moves towards a bull with its back to the curtain quietly eating.
The hindquarters of the animal are oriented in the direction of the speaker and shrouded, leaving any connection between the two to the imagination of the viewer.
The total running time will be approximately seven or eight seconds.
If more is required, then some embellishments can be added, such as a detour past one of the members of the audience, or a tour through backstage paraphenalia before coming upon the animal.
The pictures below show an initial storyboard for this animation.
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Callers welcome; Normal Office Hours - 24 Hour Telephone Service?
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC. 6 MUMBY CLOSE. NEWARK. NOTTS NG24 1JE CONDOR INTERNATIONAL LTD 31 Palace Street, London SW1E 5HW Tel: 01-828 9755. Fax: 01-630 7343 CONDOR HARD DISK SYSTEM THE INTEGRAT A complete Hard Disk System packaged in a cabinet matching your Amiga 500 or 1000 The Basic Integrater' included: ? 20 Mega Hard Disk (SCSI) (Autoboot) ? 3.5" Floppy Disk ? 2 Meg Ram Expansion Unpopulated ? Battery Backed Real Time Clock ? AC Power Station with 4 Switched Sockets ? Surge Protector ? Cooling Fan ? Multisynch Output ? Software and
Cables included THE PROFESSIONAL The Ultimate Amiga Office Work Station AMIGA MS-DOS ALL SOFTWARE DIRECTLY FOR Now run the finest Software available for Amiga and MS-DOS right out of the box on one fully integrated system Individual Componanta RRP COMPLETE SYSTEM INCLUDES: £500.00 ? Amiga 500 with 1 Meg £600.00 ? Ram Expansion fully populated 2 Meg £800.00 ? XT Processor £600.00 ? 30 Megabyte Auto Boot SCSI Hard Disk £50.00 ? Real Time Clock £100.00 ? 2nd 3.5” Drive £120.00 ? 3rd 5.25“ Drive £500.00 ? Multisynch Monitor £100.00 ? AC Power Station £3370.00 * - * ¦ UTILITY* * An IFF Picture
.File Search Utility - by Julie Siepson (1989) * * * ?define 8akelD(a,b,c,d) ( (LONG) (a)«24Li (LONG) Cb) «16L I (LONG) (c ) 81 (d) ) ?define I LBN NakeI0( T L' B' N') ?define FIB.SIZE ?define BUFFERS1ZE ?include e*ec types.h ?include libraries dos.h ?include libraries dosextens.h ?include exec ieaory.h LONG *global_buffer_p, *global_ILBH_p;
• ain() void Fi leSearchO; char input_naae[300);
globaLbuffer_p=(L0NG * AllocRe«(BUFFER$ lZE,NENf_PUBlIC ;
gLobaL.I LBFt_p=g loba l_buf f er_p*2; printfCILBN Search - by
Julie SiipsoninEnter Device:path filenaae ? ');
scanf('Xs',input_naae); printff'.. ,searching n*);
FileSearch(input-na«e); FreeNea(global_buffer_p,BUFFERSIZE);
exit(TRUE); ) *
(L0N6)(siteof(struct FiIeInf08Lock)) 12 Looking for a *
picture void FileSearch(filena«e) char filenaeel]; ( char
naaet300]; struct FileLock *CurrentLock.p *Lock(); struct
FilelnfoBlock *FIB_p; BOOL Fi leCheckO;
if(CurrentLock_p=Lock(filenane,»CCESS-REAb)l ( if
(FIB_p=(struet FilelnfoBlock * AllocNe»lFIB_SIZE,NEHF_PU8lIC
( if(Exaaine(CurrentLock_p,FIB..p)) ( if
(FIB-p- fib_OirEntryIype 0) FileCheck(filename); else ( *
Non-Unique Reference found * while(ExNext(Current
Lockup,FlB.p)) ( strcpy(naae,filenaee); * copy the naae • if
(nanelstr len(naae)-1] !=':’) (str cat (naae ");)
strcat(na«e,FIB_p- fib.Fi leNaiie); i f(FIB_p- f i b_0i
rEntryType 0) (FileCheck(nane);) else FileSearch(nane);) ) )
FreeNe»(FIB_p,FIB_SIZE); ) } UnLock(CurrentLock_p); ) BOOL
FileChecktfilename) char filenaaeL); struct FileHandle
*fh,*0pen(); BOOL errorJlag=FALSE; LONG length; if
fh=0pen(filename, HODE_0LDFILE))
if(length!=BUFFERSIZE) error_flag=TRUE;) else * check for
ILBN *1 if(*(global_ILBN p)==ILBN) printffXs n”,fiLename); )
Close(f h); ) else error.flag=TRUE;) return(error-flag); *
Julie Simpson’s IFF search utility sorts Picassos from the
programs THERE are plenty of utilities around for diplaying IFF
pictures, but attempting to display all the files on a
particular disc, because you don’t know which files are picture
files, takes up more time than is reasonable - particularly
when the files are scattered in different drawers.
I became fed up with this and wrote a small CLI based utility program that checks every file on a disc and lists all the IFF pictures.
Type the program’s name at the CLI and it will ask you to enter the device path filename combination. If you are checking a whole disc enter the device name. This is dead useful on a hard drive.
I wrote the program in C. It is an interesting example of how recursion can be used to trim a routine to the minimum. An average disc can be searched in about 40 seconds.
THOSE of us who misspent the best part of the early eighties in our local arcade will have fond memories of Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair, the most spectacular laser disc driven coin-op ever to hit these shores. The gameplay wasn't up to much, but it was worth your while just to see the Disneyesque cartoon plot unfold.
An 8 bit interpretation of the concept followed in 1985. Courtesy of Software Projects, but it has taken until now for a more accurate conversion to appear - thanks to Canadian company Keadysoft. Which has managed to harness the massive power of everybody's favourite 18 hit machine - albeit across six discs.
DRAGON’S The plot follows the fortunes of a brave knight. Dirk the Daring, as he attempts to rescue his lady love, Princess Daphne, from the evil dragon Singe. Five joystick or keyboard driven moves (left, right, up, down and fire) guide the brave swain through a series of movements which are fluid and entertaining, if a little limited.
THE effect on gameplay is highlighted in one scene when?
Dirk is steered through a full 10 seconds of animation, including examining the decor, killing one of the dragon's henchbeasts and escaping from the room - all by a single press of the tire button. The necessary movements never vary, so that the game ends up as nothing more than the learning of a strict sequence of key presses.
Hardened Dragon's Lair fans may be put off by the fact that this version also fails as an accurate conversion of the original coin-op. Including only a fraction of the original's many scenes.
For instance, where are the bouncing skulls, or the ghostly horsemen? Lack of memory is hardly an argument in this case - after all. Is there any real difference between six discs and eight? Perhaps so. The original game offered 800 decision points or nodes.
Emulating this in ram would take megabytes.
The game must always be resumed from the very' first disc when your three lives have run out. This becomes especially annoying at the later stages where the pu . .les become slightly more difficult and the necessity of having to play through the by-now pedestrian first levels is nothing more than a chore.
Hard disc users won't lace this DRAGON’S HISTORY CINEMA TRONICS is usually credited with bringing the world’s first laser disc game to the arcades.
But the company was only a marketing front. The real work was done by South Californian Starcom under the auspices of ex-Disney animator Don Bluth.
A her six years of coding and drawing Dragon’s Lair was launched at the Chicago arcade show in the spring of 1983. For a game which was started in 1977, it is remarkably modern. Now it is ready to take on the Amiga.
You only need one fire button oress to complete this room ’bl“c-lk"‘ghla,,hemd "I the electrified floor II is dilTicult lo know who this product is going to appeal to. The necessity for lots of memory is the first restriction while the £145 price tag puts it out of reach of quite a few budgets. The real pity though, is that it has limited appeal. In the arcades Dragon's Lair Ready So ft £44.95 SOUND ...... Sampled from the arcade game the audio effects are as atmospheric as the graphics but cut short to fit.
GRAPHICS Ll I I 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 1 I 1 !
Star quality graphics make this shine as a demo, making up for the failings in other areas.
Gamepla r ¦mnm Just memorising when to move in one of five directions is not going to challenge the intellect, but you 'II keep going back to it.
Value..... MINIMUM Ouch! Twice as much as most games, OK it comes on six discs, but that does not cut much ice when you have to shell out so much for just one game.
It was a hit in the arcades, now it has made the grade at home. Readysofl is looking at converting other laser disc games. Don Bluth's Space Ace is being considered.
¦ KW I 1 tBiW'Ui* »»« ' limes 1 m®s M* 1 w»*»* 1 »*“ ComwW | twsri"! | s**1® U» H« 9 teW»»"9 1 "f*5 , - I SS5 '' *“
* * i W P - ' ©;««»«¦ 1 SwfcKcW jp0k 0% :. I?» I W* ElecMWiCi’sw
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30 .. Print Master Plus ......
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Setter Publisher
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Mouse Mats from ..... ..£5.00 City Desk
VI.1 ... f75 ONLY £4 99 ONLY £8 99 ONLY
£6 99 rtfc have leads to conned all AMIGAS to your TV or colour
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4096 colours to be displayed and include the audio lead »o give
stereo with stereo tv's) ORDER AL 1 FOR Tvs WITH 21 PIN EURO
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converted to work with the AMIGA OR ATARI ST - the performance
is indistinguishable trom the CBM 1084 monitor After
conversion, your 1901 will cfcsplay aa 4096 colours & existing
nputs are NOT attecled so it remains compatible with the C64 &
128 Conversion costs only £29.95 rvrluding lead for callers
(carried out wh*e you wait). Or £53.95 including nextday
collection & delivery by courier. Please phene to arrange an
appontment or collection A500 WITH
MOUSE ......
£369.99 A500 WITH
£389.99 A500 + MOOUIATOR & £160 SOFTWARE PACK £429.99 A500 WITH
EXPANSION + CLOCK. 512K (md ram chips) .
£360.00 Add £6 for next day delivery (credit caid orders).
2nd DRIVE SWITCHED LEAD - Disables external drive to I™1 NO permit programs to load. ADE 2 2nd DRIVE SWITCHER - Fits between drive connector and Amiga disk drive port Can be used when power is on. ADE 3 MOOSE JOYSTICK SWITCHER & PORT EXTENDER - Extends the port and has sockets tor mouse and joystick with push-button switch tor mouse or joystick selection DJA 1 AMIGA 64 EMULATOR LEADS Connects 1541 ETC to your AMIGA Them are several programs which need this lead AEL 1 MODULATOR EXTENSION LEADS MEL 1 AMIGA PRINTER LEAD - Parallel Type 1 M long AMP 1 3 OM tong ..... SUPERB PERFORMANCE, with
adjustable sensitivity, a LED level indicator to help you set the input signal for perfect results. & even a lead to connect to your personal stereo, rado or portable keyboard is included WxKs with most software including Prosound. Audomasler.
Datel Prosampler & Perfect Sound.
NEW improved A500 Digitiser. Leads & Instruct*** ONLY £27.99 Pu»c Domain t 6k with Sampling Software ONLY £4 99* C SuppWd by George Thompson Services. Qppen Brodck. Arran. Scotland) Gender Changer Required lor A1CCO - £2 00 EXTRA GET THE PICTURE? - IT'LL BE SHARPER, AND CLEARER WITH A TRILOGIC AMIGA TO TV RGB LEAD AND COULD SAVE YOU EEC 's.
PLEASE STATE WHICH AMIGA YOU HAVE WHEN ORDERING OTHER INEXPENSIVE AMIGA LEADS AMIGA HARDWARE NEW - AMIGA HI-FI LEADS & AUDIO ACCESSORIES AMIGA MINIAMP 1 now complete with remote volume control that you can enjoy the AMIGA'S amazing stereo sound in complete privacy.
MINIAMP 1 NOW WITH REMOTE VOLUME CONTROL . ONLY £14.99 C-ALITY STEREO HEADPHONES IF PURCHASED WITH MINIAMP 1 ONLY £3.99 ASOC Modulaio- A 084S Colour Steieo MonBt A*0C • AI064S Hjode A5C1 HaH fxpaosion AxflO. A-084S A-nja AI0131 Mpg 3 S Onve PHINTCRS & PtRIPHtRAlS Hero* 4C20 mk nr A-nija MRS1500C Colour Pnntei NfCP?M0?«c*’ NrC P6 Plus 24 on Ipsoc LxoOO Dot Ma-n fuft-rescuid Pro Sound Oesgnef Sound Sampler Midi Master Designer Modem V21 23 Tilt • SAT.nl Stand tor Mon.tor Control Centre tor A500 LEISURE SPRING SPECIALS 8am - 9pm 7 days a week 01-672 4791 or 0836
MATERIAL ADC1 A4 ANTISTATIC NON SUP FOAM MOUSEPAD AFM1 Please add 75p part postage + packing to orders under £15.00 O , TRIL0GIC.
V WE DON'T JUST SELL EQUIPMENT WE PROVIDE PERSONAL SERVICE MINIAMP 2 combines a mini stereo power amp with two r speaker units which connect directly to your AMIGA They are ideal for use with mono Tvs * monitors.
& simply plug in for instant stereo sound.
Ybu'll be amazed at the difference.
MINIAMP 2 WITH REMOTE VOLUME CONTROL & ALL LEADS ONLY £19.99 W* might NOT ba the cheapest, but one you try us, w* think you'll find us on* of the BEST.
Individual software sent by Special Delivery. Computers, Monitors etc. sent by courier service. Please phone for carriage, P-*P rates.
This is just a small sample, we can supply ALMOST ANYTHING FOR ANY COMPUTER. Give us a ring for anything you need, or even for help with computer related problems. We always do our best to help the most important person in the company, YOU, the customer.
LTD. 52 Idlecombe Road, Tooting. London SW17 9TB MAIL ORDER
correct st time of going to press, but may change without
Plaasa ring for tha latest pncas Premier Mail Order (Formerly Trybridge Software) TITLE AMIGA TITLE AMIGA TITLE AMIGA Aaargh 14 95 Eliminator 13 95 Jet ________2695 Act)on Service ... 1195 Elite 14 95 Jewels of Darkness ... _________1395 Adv Rugby Sim______________ Adv Ski Sim ..
- ------11 95 .11.95 Emmanuellt___________
Empire .... _______1195 ..-19.95
Jmxter_______________ Joan of Arc ..
____1-14.95 ______16 95 Afterburner ..
Alien Syndrome .. Alt
Reality ..... ......16.95 ..1195
..1195 Empire Strikes Back
Enlightenment . Espionage---------------------
....11.95 ....1495 ....11.95 Joe Blade
2 ...... Kennedy Approach .
Knightorc ... ......9.95
.....14.95 .....13 95 17 QS Amiga Gold Hits
1 . Archipelagos______________ Arkanoid Rev of
Doh______ Armalyte________________________ Atron 5000
.. .. 16.95 ..... 1595
- -----14 95 _____11.95
10. 45 Ex o Ion _________________ 4 x 4 Off Road Racing F16
Combat Pilot_________ Faery Tale Adv ... Falcon
F16 . ...16.95 ______1695 ______1695 _________29
95 19 95 Lancelot--------------- Land of Legends_________
Laser Squad-------------- Last Duel .....
______1195 _____16 95 _________1695 ....17 95
Backlash ...... Barbarian 2
Pal ... Bards Tale 2_____________ BAT Batman
Caped Crusader __ Battle Chess .. Bermuda
Project.™ .... Better Dead ....
..1195 ..1195 ______19 95
Fantavision Fed of Free Trade
.... Fernandez Must Die------- 29 95 __ 19.95
______1495 Leaderboard Birdie .. Leather Goddess Led
Storm--------------------- Legend of Sword --------
..... 16 95 .....1995 ...1395 _____1495
- ----is n _______1495 ..1595 ..14 95 ..1195
Ferrari Formula 1------ F15 Strike Eagle-------- Pinal
Firezone .....
Fish ..
- ----19.95 _____14.95 .19.95 1495 14 95 Live & Let
Die___________ Lombard RAC Rally Manhattan Dealer ....
Maria Whittaker .. _____1195 _____1495
...... .1496 .....995 11 95 Beyond Ice Palace .....
Bionic Comm_________________ Blasteroids ..1495 ™.....16
95 1395 Right Sim 2_________________ Rt Disc 7 or 11_________
Fit Disc European------- Fit Disc Japan________________
Football Director 2 ..... Football Manager 2
.-..26 95 _____1395 13 95 Menace ..... _______
Mercenary Comp___________ __________1295 _____1695 _____1495
Blaring Barrels ..... 11 95 ______1395 11 95 1595 BMX
Simulator ..... 9 95 Motor 8ike Madness Motor Massacre
...9.96 1395 Bobby Yazz Show 1195
.....11,95 Bombjack 14 95 Foundations Waste 1495 1943
. . 17.95 Bombuzal
1495 11 95 Navcom 6 ...- . ....1695
Bubble Bobble____________ Bubble Ghost______________ Buggy Boy
- -----11 95 ______1395 1495 Frontier (Ept)------------
Fusion ... Galactic Conqueror ______14.95 _____19
95 1495 Nebulus___________ Netherworld----------- Nigel Mansell
- ... _____1795 ...... .1795 .....17 95 Butcher
Hill California Games ..
Capone_________________________ Captain Blood______________
Carrier Command______ Chessm aster 2000_______
Chronoquest________________ Colossus Chess X .
..13 95 ..16 95 ..19 95 ______14 95
______1495 ________1995 _______19 95 1695 Galdregons Domain
..... Game Over 2 ....
Garfield------------------------- Garrison 2_________________
Ghosts & Goblms-------- Golden Path_________ Green
Beret-------------- Grvzor ... ....13.95
....15.95 1195 _____14.95 _____1495
- ----11.95 1495 .... 14 95 Night Raider .....
Operation Neptune .... Operation Wolf
Outrun .... Overlander______________
Pec mam a------------ Pandora______________
Paperboy . ...1395
.....14.95 1495 ....1395 _ .1496 _________1195
_______11.95 ....14.95 11 qi Combat
School ... Corruption__________________ Cosmic
Pirate---------------- Crazy Cars 2 ..14 95 ..14
95 ____1195 1495 Guerilla War ... Guild of
Thieves .. Gun ship__________________ Hawk 1495
_________14.95 _______14.95 1795 Peter
Beardsley .. Phantom Fighter- ......
Phantasm__________________ ..... 14.33 1195
...1395 ________1395 ______1495 Cybernoid 1 or
2 1695 Hellbent 11 95 Platoon
.....1495 Daley Thompson 88 14 95 Hellfire Attack 1595
Pool of Radiance ... __________16 95
Damocles .... ..11.95 Heher
Skelter 995
P0W .. .. .....1995 Dark Castle
Defender of Crown ...... Deia
Vu________________ ..14 95 .18 95 1195 Heroes of
Lance .. Hit Discs Vol 1 .
Hollywood Hijinx..... ....16 95 ... 14 95 795
Powerdrome .... Pro Soccer
Sim ... Puffys Saga------------------
....1996 _________1195 ...... .1995 Deluxe Music Con Set
Deluxe Pamt 2--------------- Deluxe Photolab ..
Deluxe Print 2 .... Deluxe
Production ____ 49 95 ...... 49 95 ..49 95
49 95 ..89 95 Hostage*______________ Hot
Football_________________ Hotshot ..
Hunt for Red October Hybrii ......
_______1495 _______1495 ...-11.95 .....14.95
.....11.95 Purple Saturn Day______
Quadralien------------------ Ram bo 3 .. Reach
for Stars .. Realm of Trolls ...
Rebels in Dark ______1495 ..... 1695
_______1495 .....15.95 .....1695 ....1195 Deluxe
Video .. Double Dragon---------- Dragon
Nm|S____________ Dragonscape -------------
Dreamzone ...- .
Driller ...... 49 95
..1195 ...... 1495 ______995 ..16 95 ..14
95 1 Ludicrus . Inc Shrink Sphere------- Ingnds
Back__________ Ikari Warrior . Impossible Mission
2...... Interceptor ...... ________1495
______16 95 _______1195 _______1495 . 1795
.....1595 Return of Jedi . Return of
Atlantis________ Return to Genesis Road Blasters Robocop
..- .-...... Rocket Ranger
.1195 ....19.96 _____1195 _______1395
....1495 .....19 95 Dungeon Master . ™ ....
..14 95 Int Karate ? .....
.....1695 Roger Rabbit- .
....1695 Earl Weaver Baseball .... 19 95 Iron
Lord---------------------- ________1995 Rolling
Thunder------------- __________1695 Please send
cheque PO Access Visa number and expiry date to: TITLE AMIGA R
Type ...... 1695 Sargon 3 Chess ------------1495
Savage--------------------------1495 Scrabble Deluie
Sentinel ...1195
S. F. Harrier ..9.95
Shadowgate 14.95 Shoot em up
Con Kit . .1495 Silent Service -----------------1495
Skateball-------------------1995 Skate or
Die ..19 95 Skychase
________________________1495 Solitaire
Royale . ....14.95 Space
Ball 1695 Space Harrier
...... 14.95 Space Harrier 2 .... 16.95 Space
Racer____________1195 Speed ball_____________________14 95
Starfleet .. 1995 Starglider
2 ..1496 Star
Ray ...1495 StealB.
Fighter ....1695 Street Fighter
_____________ 16.95 Strip Poker 2------------------9.95 Oata
Discc- Bev & Dawn „------ 7.45 Lee &
Roy 7.45 Rachel &
Kim ..7.45 Suranne &
Bianca .. 7.45 Summer Olympiad .11.95
Superbase Personal 59 95 Superman--------------------1495
Sword of Sodan______________________1695 Techno
Cop..,. . ....1395 Teenage Queen
.,11.95 Testdrive___________________________1995
The Games Winter ...17.95 The
Munsters----------------11.95 Three
Stooges.---------------1995 Thunderblade _______________16 95
Thundercats .... 14 95 Tiger
Road .17.95 Time &
Magik . 11.95 Times of Lore
...14 95 Tracers__________________1695 Tracksuit
Triad_________________________________1995 Trivial Pursuits
______________ 11.95 Turbo
Cup ...1496 TV Sports
Football .....17.96 Ultima
4 .... 1495 Ultimate
GoH----------------------1395 Univ Military
Sim-----------------1495 Urns Scenario 1 ------ 8.95 Urns
Scenario 2 ..... 8.95 Verminator . 1495
Victory Road .1495 Virus
.1195 War in Middle Earth
.....1495 Wee Le Mans ______________1495 Weird
Whirligig ..11.96
Wirball .1695 World
Tour Golf ...19.95 Xenon
1495 Zynaps ... 1395 Premier
Mail Order 8 Buckwins Sq. Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex SSI 3 1
BJ Please remember to state the make and model of your
computer when ordering.
P&P inc. UK on orders over E5. UK orders under £5 add 50p per item. Europe add £1 per item. Elsewhere add £2 per item.
Telephone orders: 0268 S90766.
Amiga Arcade JOAN OF ARC CORRUPTION and treachery smong the French nobility is rampant. Punitive taxation is bitterly resented by the peasantry and the country is on the brink of rebellion.
The 15th century war between the French and English is reaching its climax. Plundering by the military of both sides is the order of the day and only a miracle can save France. That miracle is Charles Aznavour. Did I say Charles Aznavour? Sorry. I meant Joan of Arc.
The game has two distinct parts and objectives. At the start your main aim is to conquer Orleans and Rheims to become crowned ruler of France. In this section you are constrained to military combat.
Once your coronation is out of the way. You can assume royal powers.
A broad range of options opens up as you endeavour to cleanse all of France from the English presence.
Diplomatic initiatives, obtaining the release of prisoners or towns in exchange for money, executions, pardons. Espionage, kidnapping and murder are all possible to a monarch.
Play is centred around a map of France with which you can learn weather conditions, the status of leaders plus the types and numbers of troops in different parts of the country.
Using this data, and the map, you deploy forces to displace and attack the enemy, build fortresses and strengthen your bases.
Combat is arcade style. Scenes involve entering towns, attacking and defending besieged battlements with rocks and boiling oil, battling in What with arrows and stones flying through the air. The various tiny troops surging forward and the frenzied cries and sounds s of war, it really does give a feeling of viewing a battle from long distance.
A host of characters feature in the game.
Once you accede, full details of each one are obtainable throughout.
These characters include enemies as well as allies and can be selected and used in alliances or as spies to further your aims.
Games can be saved and loaded. Disc access slows the game down a little and a second drives helps.
Animated scenes are not the greatest you'll ever see, but the graphics are attractive and in keeping with the game's theme.
The map and icons have an appropriate historic look about them, most of the infor- open country with archers, troops, mortar and knights and man-to-man combat on horseback.
When the opposing factions prepare to do battle in open country the archers, troops and knights are shown as dozens of almost microscopic sprites. At first sight this looks singularly unimpressive, but it works very well.
Mation being presented on a parchment background.
Sound is used to splendid atmospheric effect, particularly on the battlefield. Game controls - mouse, joystick or keyboard - are responsive.
Loan of Arc is not the sort of game you will finish in a single sitting. The depth and detail, coupled with the generous range of choices, characters and decisions, mean that this is one you'll have to come back to.
Bob Chappell 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA THIS purports to be a graphics oriented adventure. The first graphics you have to tackle take the form of the game protection. You have to identify two colours from a supplied grid. Yuk. Then the game starts - digitised sound of the wind whistling as the credits roll. Promising.
Unfortunately from then on it's downhill all the way. Beginning with the title page set against a hideous blue flashing background.
A newspaper page tells you that the good ship Abraham Lincoln is setting off in search of a deep sea monster. As the blurb indicates, the great French professor. Mr Aronnax.
Will be taking part in the expedition.
But before you can say |aques Robinson, the ship is attacked and the bold searchers are incarcerated in Captain Nemo's famous underwater vessel, the Nautilus.
The aim of the game is to record your fantastic journey in a log so posterity can enjoy your exploits. What this actually means is that you spend most of the time exploring the few rooms on the Nautilus.
There's the control room, which houses the instruments and a periscope. The library - lots of books and an organ but nothing else of note - and the living room, which has a porthole, a map and more instruments.
There's precious little else to do except point at a few objects and decide how to manipulate them.
You could go underwater swimming, Or pop up on deck for fresh air when not submerged. Or perhaps even take a stroll on an island. Very boring - five windows of jungly vegetation and a small character who looks as if confinement on the Nautilus has made him stiff as an over- starched shirt.
Captain Nemo gels the huff with his visitors very easily, so they tend to spend a lot of the time locked up in their cabins. Never mind, there can always be another entry in the log: "An extremely interesting day".
And when the game ends prematurely with you having failed somewhere along the line, you'll gel a black screen with a few immortal words to let you know it's all over. To rub salt in the wound, the program insists you go all through the copy protection routine again to restart.
The graphics showing the control room and library are pretty good, capturing the right lone and feel of the Nautilus. But the text is pathetic, even allowing for translation, and the gameplay dire. Best place for this game is 20.000 leagues under the sea Bob Chappell JU.IHHI If nil un I nder The Sea £19.95 Coktel Vision Active Sound ¦ I I I I I 11111 111 Graphic Mlllimilin mm Value ¦lllllllllllll Overall - 15% CUT PRICE SOFTWARE LTD.
(Blank 3.5" Disks with labels only £10.95 per box of 10) RRP OURS 1495 1295 24 95 16 95 24 95 16 95 .1995 1395 1995 1395 24 95 1695 1995 1395 24 95 1695 19 95 1395 24 95 1695 24 95 16 95 24 95 1695 24 95 1695 24 95 1695 24 95 1695 1995 1395 24 95 1595 24 95 1695 1999 1395 24 95 16 95 1995 1395 1995 1395 24 95 1695 1995 1395 19 95 13 95 1995 1695 1995 12 95 1995 1395 24 95 1695 29 95 1995 24 99 1699 1495 11 95 24 99
16. 99 19 99 1399 19 95 29 95 1395 1999 RRP OURS 29 95 19 95 29
95 19 95 .24 99 16 99 RRP OURS
24. 95 16 95
24. 95 16 95 24 99 15 99 29 95 19 95 24 95 15 99 29 95 19 99 19
95 16 95 24 99 16 99 29 99 19 99
29. 95 19 95 29 99 19 99 24 99 16 99 1995 1695 29 95 19 95
Dungeon Master (1 Meg).. 24 95 19 95 24 95 16 95 24 95 16 95
19 95 13 95 45 95 29 95 2495 1695 .1995 1395 .29 99 18 95 19
95 13 95 Who Framed Roger Rabt t 29 99 19 95 24 95 16 95 24
95 16 95 24 95 15 95 .24 95 16 95 .24 95 16 95 2995 1995 24
95 1695 ...19 95 14 95 24 95 16 95 24 95 16 95 24 95 1695 24
95 16 95 45 95 29 95 24 95 16 95 24 95 1695 ...19 95 13 95 19
95 14 95 .24 95 16 95 ...14 95 10 95 9 95 5 95 29 99 19 99
...24 95 15 95 24 95 1695 24 95 1695 California Games
Thunderbtade Outrun .
Return of theJedi ..... Empire Strikes Back Heroes of the
Lance Purple Saturn Day Double Dragon Crazy Cars
N .. Brd.e Summer
Olympiad Speedbaii .. Flight Simulator
II .. Afterburner . Art of Chess
. Wanted- ...- Baal
.. Pioneer Ptague ... Stnp Poker II
Strip Poker Datadisk Rocket Ranger ....
Batman Shoot em Up Con Set Operation
Wolf Owiterator . Teennocop ..... Jet (Subtog*)
Balance of Power Barbarian II .... Three Stooges
Nebulus.. AMIGA GAMES Falcon .. TV Sports
Football Hostages AMIGA GAMES Captain
Fizz .. Star Glider II
Galactic Conqueror ... Gauntlet
II ...... TheMunsters ... U
MS .. ...... Hetfceot
..... Hotball .....
Teenage Queen ..... Kennedy Approach ...
Manhattan Dealers .... Lombard RAC Rally .. War m
Middle Hand .. Gold Hits .
Fernandez Must Die .. Tiger Road ....
World Class Leaderboard Superman ......
Arkanoid II ...... Superhangon
... 2000 Leagues Under ..... Zero
Gravity--------------- Ringside ......
Custopian .... Dark
Fusion .... Galdregons Domain .. Time
Stood Still .. Led Storm ...
Captain Blood ... T R I A D .
Elite (Out Now') .. Heiter
Skelter . Pac Mania ......
Zynaps ..
Superbase Personal 99 95 64 95 Superbase Professional 249 95
169 95 Superbase II 99 95 64 95
WordPerfect . 228 85 149 95 Protext
99 95 64.» Logistixs
....114 95 75 95 VIP Professional 228 85
149 95 Assembler .... 69 95 49.95 Amiga
File .....69 95 49.95 Lattice
C 189 95 1 39.95 Pascal
....89 95 59 95 Toolkit
. 39 95 29.95 Promise .. 39 95 29 95 Comic
Setter 69 95 49 95 Macro Assembler 69 95 49
95 Photon Pamt ...69 95 49.95
Animator Images 103.50 89 95
Animator ...57.50 39.95 Animator
30 ..129 95 99 95 Impact ...
63 25 54 95 V Jeo Title _ .110 40 99 95 Digoamt
... 59 95 39 95 Sculpt
3D 89 00 79.00 Draw Plus
.....198 95 149.95 Express
Paint ..69 95 49.95 Audio
Master ...46 00 39.00
Sonix .57.50 44 95 K-Spread II
..79 95 49.95 K Data ..... 49 95 34 95 K-Seka
- 49 95 34 95
K-Roget ....49 95 34 95
K-Gadget ..29 95 19.95
K-Text ......19 95 14.95 K-Comm
II .... 49 95 34.95 The
Works! ....149 95 119 95 Drum Studio
.. 39 95 29 95 How to Order All Prices include VAT
Game products postage free
U. K. mainland only.
Overseas orders add £2 50 per disk A*r Mail £3 50 per disk Cheques Postal Orders (Sterling only please).
Made payable to: Cut Price Software Ltd., 17, Staple Tye, Harlow.
Essex CM18 7LX All products in Business list must be sent Securicor Delivery £6.95 Recorded Delivery £2.50 AMIGA ADVENTURES Jmxtef ... Guild of Thieves ... Mindfighter ... The Knstal .... Curuption Uninvited .....- Lancelot ...... Times of Lore ... Leather Goddess ... Willow ... Chronoquest Fish Time A Magik Legend of the Sword ..... Visa or Access orders (24 hour Ansaphone) • (0279)
24433 31956 ¦ Tel: 0279 24433 31956 AMIGA SRP
19. 96 22 46
23. 96 21 48 22 46 33 96 2248 2146
23. 95
26. 98 2146
18. 96 1896 23 96 2146 2296
23. 95 23 98 2146
19. 96 RRP
44. 94
49. 94
49. 94
49. 98
49. 94 69 94
49. 98
49. 94
34. 98
54. 94 4994
44. 94
44. 94
49. 98
49. 94 49 94 4958
54. 98 4954
44. 94 4950
54. 90
54. 90 54 94
54. 90
74. 90 5454
54. 90 5954 9190
54. 90
49. 90
49. 90
54. 94 5450
54. 90 5454 fl N
54. 90
49. 90 42*Q
20. 92
23. 42 2452 2144
23. 42
34. 92 23 44 2142 2454
27. 94
22. 42
19. 92
19. 92
24. 94 2142
23. 92 2454 24 94 2242
20. 92 12*2 3994 19.96
44. 94 2246 44 94 23 96 44 98 2148 44 94 22 46 64 94 33 96 4498
2248 44 94 2146 4958 23 98 49 94 2698
44. 94 21.46
39. 94 18 96 3954 18.96 44 98 23 98 i .1 44 94 2196 44 98 23 98
49 98 23 98 44 .94 2146 3994 19.96 32*
49. 94 2156
54. 94 2446
54. 94 25.96
54. 98 2348 5454 24.46 7454 35.96
54. 9* 244* 5454 2346
59. 9* 2558
59. 94 28 91 54 54 2346
49. 94 20.96 4954 20.96
54. 98 25 98
54. 94 2346
54. 94 24.96
54. 9* 255* 59 9* 25 9* 5454 2346
49. 94 21.96 4954 20.96
99. 9* 47 98
54. 94 2596
54. 94 2346 5958 265*
54. 94 2346 545* 2*4* 5494 2346
54. 94 24.96
54. 98 25.98
59. 98 25.98
54. 94 2346
54. 94 2456
54. 94 28 96 PEOPLE WHO
39. 90 19.94
44. 90 22.44
44. 90 23.94 44 94 2146 44 .90 22.44 64 90 33.94 44 94 2246
44. 90 2144 49 94 23.96
49. 90 26.96
44. 90 21.44
39. 90 18.94
39. 90 18.94 44 94 23.96
44. 90 2144 44 .90 2294 44 94 2396 49 94 23.96
44. 90 21.44
39. 90 19.94
18. 96
21. 46 2196
20. 48
21. 46 3196
21. 48 20 46 2198 25 98
20. 46
17. 96
17. 96 2198 2046 2196 2198 2198
20. 46
18. 96
* 9- 4458 23.48
44. 94 2246
49. 98 24.98 53-3* nsss suss 88-w ss&
- 1KF
99. 94
54. 90
54. 90
59. 94
54. 90
54. 94
54. 90
54. 90
54. 94 5954
54. 90
54. 90
54. 90
89. 98
44. 94 23.96
44. 94 2146 49 98 24 .98 4454 2146 44 .98 21*8
44. 94 2146 44 .94 22 96 4458 23 98
49. 98 23.98 44 94 2146 44 94 22.96 44 54 26 96 THE CLUB FOR
94. 94 46.
49. 90 24.96
49. 90 22.46 5454 2558
49. 90 2146
49. 94 23.48
49. 90 2146
49. 90 23.96 49 94 24.98
54. 94 24.98
49. 90 22.46
49. 90 23.96 4990 27.96
46. 94
24. 92 2142 25 94 2142 23 44
22. 42
23. 92
24. 94
24. 94 2142 2352
27. 92
89. 98 4' 44 94 23 96 44 .94 21.46 49 98 24 98 44 94 21 46
44. 98 2148 44 94 2146
44. 94 22 96 44 98 23 98
49. 98 23 98 44 90 23.94
44. 90 21.44 4954 2456
44. 90 21.44 4454 2146 44 .90 21.44
44. 90 2194 44 94 2356
49. 94 23.96 44 90 21.44 44 90 2254 44 90 26 94
49. 94
49. 94 5458 4994 4958
49. 94
49. 94
49. 98
54. 98
49. 94
49. 94
49. 94 2196 Emi 23 98 20 46 2148 20 46
21. 96 2198 2198
20. 46
MANS 44 94 2196 W FROGER RABBIT (1 MF.G)44.94 26 96 - LOOK
39. 90 20.96
44. 90 2346
44. 90 24.96 44 94 2148 44 90 2346 64 90 34 96
44. 94 2348
44. 90 2246
49. 94 24 98
49. 90 27.98 44 .90 2246
39. 90 19.96
39. 90 19.96
44. 94 24 98
44. 90 2246
44. 90 2396
44. 94 24 18
49. 94 24.98
44. 90 2246
39. 90 20 96
44. 90 24 96 44 90 2146 4954 2598
44. 90 2146
• 454 2348
44. 90 2146
44. 90 23.96
44. 94 24.98
49. 94 24 98
44. 90 2146
44. 90 13.96 44 90 27.96
44. 90 23.96
49. 90 2646
49. 90 27.96 499* 2548
49. 90 26.46 69 90 3756 49 94 26.48 49 90 2546 5494 2758
54. 90 30.98
49. 90 2546
44. 90 22.96
44. 90 2196 49 94 27 .98
• 9 90 2546
• 9 90 26.96 4994 2758 54 94 27.98
49. 90 25.46
44. 90 23.96 HF3i 49 90 2756 4990 2546 5494 2858 49 90 2546
49. 94 2648 4990 2546
49. 90 26.96 4994 27.98 5494 27.98
49. 90 2546 4990 2656 49 90 30.96 SPKCIAL RKSERVF; - THE CLUB
THAT OFFERS YOU I WO..... from the selection across the top
RRPs ire the combined retail prices. SRPs are our total
prices for both game* Pick a psir of games. One from the list
down the left side and including posi and packing. Pacmania
and Skychasc are highlighed as an example.
18. 96 f. ----- - " for the two. We only sell to members of
Special Reserve. If you are not already a member please add
the £4 00 membership fee. Please note that we add a 50p
iurchargc per game for orders placed by telephone We sell
almost aU gamea individually at truly amazing pnees. For full
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P. O. BOX 847 1 HARLOW CM21 9PH I Give expiry date if paying by
credit card.
POST CODE NOWOUII The bright new magazine that shows you how easy it is to make your own video movies... If you have a video camera - or just thinking of getting one - you'll find Video Action! Your passport to an exciting new world. No dull technical reviews but pages packed with help and advice - written by experts in a language anyone can understand.
You'll find all you need to know about lighting, scripting, sound dubbing .
And the magic of desktop video - using a home computer to create titles and captions and generate your own startling special effects.
Signed _ Send to: Database Direct, Freepost Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. Tel: 051-357 2961 Now you can use an Amiga (or any other computer) to send correspondence in seconds to ANY of the many millions of fax machines in ANY part of the world.
And if you want you can send the same fax to up to 500 different addresses simultaneously.
All you need, in addition to your computer, are a telephone, a modem - and a subscription to MicroLink.
Fax is just another of the many new services now available on MicroLink, Britain's fastest-growing electronic mail provider.
THE ARCHON COLLECTION HERE we have a set of two related games, both of which have seen service on other home computers for quite a while. Archon was one of the first games to appear on the Amiga 1000, but early versions were not compatible with Kick- start 1,2.
Archon II has also been available for a while, but by making them both run on the A500 and 2000 EA has been able to introduce new Amiga owners to these fave raves.
Neither makes full use of the Amiga's abilities - although in 1985 Archon seemed stunning - and despite their being just a mite long in the tooth, they offer some of the best strategic entertainment you could hope to find.
Each disc contains a separate chcss-cum-arcade game, played out over two types of screen - a strategy board and an open battlefield. Both offer similar screens, the main difference being a change in the significance of the board squares in Archon II.
The game concerns a struggle between the forces of light and darkness, either of which may be played by a human, the computer or a cyborg.
The cyborg option is a useful compromise between the other two - the human player controls the strategy board but lets the computer take over all action on the battle screen. Either side may be handicapped - the higher the handicap, the slower the movement and reloading of that player's pieces and missiles.
The pieces have different attributes and, depending on the type, may move along the ground, fly or teleport to another square. A unicorn, wizard and phoenix are some of the light side's pieces while a sorceress, basilisk and dragon make up part of the dark team, Certain pieces have the ability to cast spells such as heal, shift time - affecting the current luminance of the squares - exchange places, revive, imprison and summon an elemental, which is a temporary attacking piece.
All can engage in combat, which normally takes place when a piece lands on a square occupied by the enemy. At this point the display switches to the battlefield where the pieces fight it out with whatever weapons their individual type decrees they may use - fireballs, rocks, lightning bolts, eviction notices... Pieces are initially positioned chess-like at opposite sides of the board. Some squares have special properties. In Archon I a piece on a square of its own colour is far more powerful than when it is on a square of the opposite side’s colour.
The luminance of colours ebbs and flows, but can be changed immediately by casting a shift time spell. Flashing power point squares offer faster healing and give protec- Overall - 73% 1 m * 1 4 m ¦ * m 'A 1 § WM 1 Each piece on the board has different attributes tion against magic spells.
In Archon II each side starts with four main teleporting pieces, adepts, which can conjure up a number of creatures to assist them. The strategy board is composed of four bands representing earth, air, fire and water, the same elements as the adepts.
These squares act on the occupying piece in the same way as the luminosity of the squares in Archon I, Both games are joystick-driven and response is first rate. The sprites and animation look a little old-fashioned
- chunky and stiff - and the battle scenes are fairly basic by
today's 16 bit standards. FX are similarly functional.
However, the wide variety of playing pieces, their characteristics and the combinations of moves available make Archon a game with all the strategic depth and breadth of chess.
Bob Chappell The Archon Collection £24.115 Tin Ironii Arts DEF CON 5 THE Strategic Defence Initiative forms the basis of this simulation, a game so dull that you begin to view the nuclear holocaust in a new.
More favourable light.
The 12 page manual sets out to provide you with background information. This it does with lashings of militarist jargon and mnemonics.
Skip the first seven pages and begin with the English version on page eight.
Staring at a blank computer terminal you click on the PWR button. The device bursts into life. Silently.
Everything happens silently in Def Con 5 - even nuclear explosions.
A single scrolling line across the bottom of the terminal prompts you what to do next. Your first move is to select which of the six available microwave transmission link stations you wish to control. It makes no difference which you choose.
Def Con 5 is played in four stages.
The first involves foiling a sneaky spacemine attack by the Ruskies.
Drifting slowly across a grid is a circle with the word mine written underneath, In a second square is a triangle labelled ASM.
By causing the two characters to collide you are treated to a close-up "live" video of the ASM and mine.
Using an extendible claw you must remove the detonator cover, remove the detonator and replace the cover within 30 seconds.
In level two a series of interceptors have been launched against your low orbit weapons. You must move the weapon under threat from side to side while a robotic MTE shoots down the enemy missiles.
Amid this melee of mass destruction 1 selected the weapon system designed for use in stage four and crashed the machine.
Steve Brook Def Con 5 £24.95 Cosmi MicroPros?
Sound 111111111111.011 Graphics HIHBXEEIXD Gameplav 1 11 11 111.1 value Overall - 29% SPITTING IMAGE him and save the world from a fate worse than ITV.
Wrapped up in a cute cover offering a free Barry Manilow - not supplied with review copy, thank goodness - the game is essentially a boxing-cum-karate-cum-Ninja Gerbil variant.
First you must - and I quote from the instructions - "select the leader you would like to rule even less than all the other leaders you wouldn’t like to lead either’’. This is one set of instructions you’ll want to read. They are short but hilarious.
Anyway, the leader in question is one you are about to beat up. Next you choose who will do the beating Each leader also has a sidekick who comes out to help when you press the zero key. Mrs T’s sidekick is Dennis, who appears, throws a gin bottle at her opponent - listen for the sound of breaking glass - and then passes out. The Ayatollah’s sidekick sends a burning burst of intestinal gas across the screen.
When you knock out one leader you choose another two, and so on until... well, that’s the whole point of the game, so I can’t reveal what happens.
The main screen, where you choose the protagonists, shows a globe of the world disguised as a bomb. Moving the crosshair over different parts of it reveals such tantalising items of information such as The Wet Bits (oceans), Fuzzywuz- zyland (Africa) and Load- samoneyland (USA). Spitting Image is not a game for the easily-offended.
But then bad taste always sells well.
As a political satire, Spitting Image is superb. As a game, however, once you've chuckled your way through a few bouts it’s bound to lose some of its appeal.
Ian Waugh FLUCK and Law come to the smaller screen intent on giving an irreverent chuckle to all their TV show fans. And offending just as many, too.
Here’s the scene: Within the next seven years a world war will take place, one so great that even the Swiss will get involved. A war so terrible the Italians have already surrendered. One leader will emerge from this war. It is your task to stop up. Scores flash on to the screen at various times, but it's difficult to judge how well you’re doing. Control is with a joystick. Victory is the best of five bouts.
There are six leaders - Gorbachev.
Reagan. Thatcher, The Pope, President Botha and the Ayatollah. As well as being able to strike a blow at their opponent’s head, body and feet, each leader has a special move. The Ayatollah’s is a boxing glove which comes out of his hat. Botha’s involves dropping something and slashing.
The weekly... The trouble with trying to write an ad for New Computer Express is there are so many good reasons to buy it you don't know which to mention out every week, it's bang up-to-the-minute on news and reviews?
What about its series of articles jjH aimed at computing beginners?
Perhaps it would be better to start with the point that each issue includes a special info- crammed section dedicated to each of the main computers.
On'y CRASH! Adult game rocks city - Not forgetting the magazine's dynamic, rnodern layout.
remarkable news mischievous exciting approach to all things computing.
I Oh sae mthoul muxals operating system. Monitors arc gamas • • - Bit Chrt3 Mnt31 fe nm4!'r|«43'»xcfBS*9-CMimsW' *fca60* PsafC Or its ad pages packed with the latest The fact is, it's dangerous to start anywhere with New Computer Express. Once you do, you're hooked for life.
What readers say "I congratulate you on releasing such a + %'!?@ brilliant mag.'
Ronni Stirling, Glasgow 'Your competitors are doubtless quivering in their snow-boots. Your magazine is infinitely superior. It's suddenly worthwhile getting out of bed on Thursdays again.* Don Howard. Croxley Green, Herts 'Our warmest congratulations on the first issues of New Computer Express. We have immediately cancelled our long-standing order with ]t wli] pe interesting to note how long you can maintain your unbelievable price of 48p."
H J Mueller, The Adventure Club "Yours is by far the best weekly computer magazine on the market.'
Roger Davis, Southampton Three of Level 9's most acclaimed adventures - Lords of Time, Red Moon and The Price of Magik - come together in one package. Each has been enhanced and enlarged with more text than ever before - 60,000 mind- expanding words creating magik and mystery round every corner. There's a powerful new parser, and most disc versions include stunning digitised pictures that help to dramatically heighten the atmosphere.
Iugl tmmkmar ketpstlnMrlanUaremt The trilogy r a Interactive fiction f rom Level 9 "Three excellent games...the adventure bargain of the year" - Your Amiga, June 88.
"Each is a classic - so buy it". - ST Update, July 88.
Please send me the following Time and Magik (tick the format you require): £19.95 Disc Atari ST 9137 Commodore Amiga 9600 Amstrad PC and PC compatibles 5574 Macintosh 1042 Tape versions come with three cassettes In every package AMC3 £14.95 Tape )isc Spectrum 48k 128k 9095 * - Commodore 64 128 | 9001 • [ 9002 Amstrad CPC | VTK ' !
Amstrad CPC, PCW, Spectrum Plus 3 6071 Atari XL XE , rO*A * 7049* MSX 64k 909* - Apple II twi' BBC Master (80 track) I ?•«
* Text only Dealers: Ring Diane O'Brien on 0625 878888 for your
free Mandarin Software information pack ? I enclose a cheque
for £ (including VAT and p*p) made payable to Mandarin Software
? Please debit my Access Visa card no: I I I I I II I I I I I I
I I I I I II Signature:.
Name: Address: ... Expity date: SUPERMAN Graphics are true to (he comic our hero being authenbcalh recreated in piieb
* J
* _: _ . V
- 1 *¦ «*'’ a ! J I 1 WARLOCK S QUEST THIS is not the man in
blue's first computer outing. He was imprisoned in a C64 by
First Star four years ago. But it is his first appearance on
the Amiga. TynesoR having licensed the rights from DC Comics
and First Star.
Superman comes on two discs and is split into several sub games, each more perilous than the last. As the game loads, a very agreeable rendition of Ihe Superman theme plays in stereo harmony.
A nice, if somewhat pointless addition to the game is a mini comic strip which describes the storyline of the current mission. The first of these secs Superman battling Darkseid's Parra demons, Space Harrier style.
Whether Superman selects heat vision or superstrength, you have to select the less than superhuman power of extreme patience to overcome the evil Parra demons. Once the first level has been completed the game becomes much more playable.
As well as having to deal with Darkseid you must take on Lev Luthor, who has formed an alliance with Darkseid to destroy the earth.
Graphics are true to the comic, our hero being authentically recreated in pixels. Some of his flying is a shade rusty, but on the whole the game has been well implemented.
The music and FX arc top notch, especially the high score table which shows Superman’s home at the North Pole. Overall, though, it lacks that special something.
Chris Holmes DEEP in the boiling entrails of the earth dwell the infernal powers of darkness, ruled over by he whose name must never be pronounced.
The Lord of Wrongdoing - oops - has stolen the Kama from mankind, the ultimate precious jewel granting infinite power to he who learns the secrets of its workings. Your task is to wrest it back.
In the steaming pits of the abyss, among grotesque demonic beasts and cruel traps, you must find eight objects that wiil lead you to the Kama.
Your character is a tiny wizard who jumps and leaps around the screen pointing his magic wand at the beasties and zapping them.
The bottom two-thirds of the screen contains two levels which you can flit between. The top third contains information about your wellbeing or lack of it.
There’s a highest score and a current score, but no high score table.
There is a pause, and you can use keyboard or a joystick. If you have 512k you are advised to disconnect your external drive.
Objects to collect include druid stones - less painful than the gall variety - and treasure chests. You can pick up a fire trident if you can swing on some creepers over a lake. There is also a bottle of life potion, but you'll never get this if you have ara- chnaphobia.
Some of the objects add to your score. A lot of good that does you when you're dead, Your armour score rises if you pick up protective scarabs, but the instructions give no clues about what to collect or avoid. In fact Ihe instructions are almost non-existent. Yep, it's another seat-of-your pants game.
The screen remains static, only scrolling when you reach the lefi or right edge. This moves you on a level, not to be confused with the two vertical levels. Seems to make little use of the Amiga's facilities, but the sampled FX are rather good.
Professional music systems MUSIC SYSTEM SPECIAL! ¦ 4 channel stereo sampler with mid controller, mid interlace and 5 octave keyboard • £179.95 • PRO SOUND DESIGNER (v2) GOLD new gheatly enhanced version £79.9?
Four-channel sound sampler; high-quality 8-bit stereo hardware; sample I to 28 kHz mono & t to 17 kHz stereo; playback to 35 kHz; advanced editing functions: block copy, move, cut, overlay, echo, edit waveform "Super Edit mode", fade, adjust value, compress expand; save load standard IFF samples; save as multi-octave IFF instrument; edit up to 8 samples; playback up to 4 samples; independant looping: volume control; etc Original Pro Sound Designer (v1j still available - only C59.95 'Upgrade your old v1 - please phone!'
PRO MIDI PLUS MIDI SAMPLE PLAYER four channel polyphonic: play sampled sounds as real midi instrument voices; load up to 10 sampled instrument sounds at once; select any sound to act as instrument voice; up to 4 keyboard splits; looping, hold & sustain controls; fade controls; save & load sample sets automatically: works with most midi instruments via standard midi interface; works with MM5000 Keyboard MM?()()0 ? OCTAVE PROFESSIONAL KEYBOARD £ 99.95 very high quality 5 octave polyphonic keyboard with a real professional feel; connects via parallel port; software patches keyboard in to act as
midi keyboard - without the need tor a midi interface; works with most midi software, including Pro Midi Plus; includes all software, instructions and interface Interlace and software also available to make C64 Music Expansion System keyboard work with Amiga!
MIDI INTERFACE Standard midi interface tor all Amiga 500 and 2000 computers (connection to Amiga 1000 computers requires separate gender changer
- not supplied). Plugs directly into serial port and conforms
exactly to Commodore's Midi standard.
Amiga Music System including Midi Interface.
A f 79.95 COMPLETE SYSTEM OFFER Pro Sound Designer Gold. Pro Midi Plus and Keyboard Name: _ Address: Post Code: Please make cheques Pos payable lo Power Computing Access I Visa: I i i i I i i i I i i i I Expiry Date: Please rush me Amiga Music System as shown below: ? Music System: £179.95 ? Midi Interface: £24 95 ? Pro Sound (v2) Gold: £79.95 ? MM5000 Keyboard: £99.95 ? Pro Sound (v1): £59 95 ?Programmer'sToolkit: £34 95 ? Pro Midi Plus: £34.95 ? C64 Keyboard l F: £49 95 POWER COMPUTING
• 44 aSb Stanley Street • Bedford • MK41 7RW • Tel: 0234 273000 •
HELLBENT IN the year 3530 Captain Drak Hellbent carried out a
feat of daring and bravery that has yet to be surpassed.
Single-handedly he annihilated the Kraellian usurpers of
Aldonicha, displaying to all and sundry the absolute supremacy
of the Stcllarfleet empire. Hellbent, a vertical scrolling
shoot-'em-up. Is a computer simulation of this historic
The Aldonichian landscape is divided into 10 regions and your objective is to destroy enough of the ground forces in each to be allowed to enter the next region.
Ground targets can only be destroyed by laser blasts, which arc fired at an altitude of no more than a few feet above the ground. This means that much of your time will be spent flying between buildings - a difficult feat under ideal conditions, a monumental task on the battlefield.
On level one a steady stream of enemy fighters attempts to shoot or ram your ship. Thankfully their efforts can be largely ignored. The main obstacle en route to success is your own heavy handedness.
Your fighter has a phenomenal turn of speed, accelerating from 0 to 60 in milliseconds. Combine this thrust with a twisting path through the built-up regions and you have a recipe for disaster. Your first few sorties will be short ones.
Fuel consumption is the second game-limiting factor. I had scrolled no more than a foot before the Fuel Low indicator began to flash.
Stocks of fuel can be replenished by flying over the small grey silos that have thoughtfully been labelled with a large letter F. Similarly your shields can be recharged by flying over an S. Another feature of these two types of silo is their ability to provide the skilful pilot with bonus points and lives.
As the last target crumbles to dust you are prompted to exit via the north gate and move on to region two. This second zone is far less hospitable than the first - enemy activity has doubled and loss of shields is now a very real threat.
Overall - 78% A feature that soon becomes apparent is the fact that you can no longer fly over the ground targets unharmed - you must blast your way through a veritable forest of obstacles. On top of all this the aliens have installed laser fences that activate at regular intervals, preventing your further progress.
|on Revis CAN you remember when Breakout was described as knocking bricks out of a wall? Well now they've changed the name and given it a new raison d'clrv Actually, they did this ages ago with a plot the Beano would have rejected, I just can't imagine the bat as a spaceship and the ball as an energy bolt. Even the instructions can't keep up the pretence and resori to calling a spade a spade.
The Dob of the title is a dimension- controlling force which has entered our universe in the spaceship Zarg.
Doh was thought to have been destroyed in the original Arkanoid game, but both it and the plot survived.
What the heck, it's still a good game. And so it should be - it was converted from the Taito coin-op by Peter johnson. An old hand at conversions.
So there you are, batting balls around the screen trying to knock out these bricks. At various stages in the different screens aliens move in to hamper you, When these are hit they go out with the sound of a match striking.
The first few aliens are minor nuisances. Some are large and bounce all over the screen. Really annoying.
When hit, some of the bricks release capsules which have special powers - they may open the side wall, allowing you to move on to the next level, or they may turn your bat into a magnet so the balls stick to it.
Other capsules give you an extra life, slow down the ball, cause a ghost bat to follow you around, effectively increasing your chances of hitting the ball, and produce a twin bat, effectively doubling the size of the hat - but watch out for the gap between them.
I like the laser, you can just blast the bricks away and forget about the ball.
Ian Waugh Irkanoid - Rei en«e (H Doh L19.95 Imagine Graphics Gameplay Value Hhmn] Overall - 72% SWORD OF SODAN THIS, the latest game to be marketed by the people who wrote Arkanoid and Revenge of Doh, was programmed in Germany by Soren Grunbech with graphics by Torbcn Larsen. The package comes with manual and four discs, indicating just how much programming has gone into it.
Hero or heroine, you must leam the five offensive moves that arc possible with your sword. To begin with the gameplay is similar to Rastan Saga - you move through a series of parallax scrolling landscapes destroying beasts and devils as they come into view.
If you complete a level a scroll detailing the next mission appears while the next level loads.
To help you avoid hazards like rolling barrels and trapdoors, you can collect extra weapons and potions. The list includes magic zapper. Power shield, extra life and increased hit strength. The first two enhancements are essential if you are to achieve real success in the game and venture far into the castle.
The animation is impressive. Each image is at least four inches high and two inches wide. With all the processing power used for animating the characters, I expected the scrolling to be slow and jerky, but to my delight the parallax scrolling is super smooth. A programming marvel, no less.
The sampled speech is atmospheric, it interacts with Ihe game and is more than just an aesthetic delight. When you enter the game a voice shouts, "Halt stranger" alerting the player to the presence of enemy guards. Sampled cries and shrieks of death are all very much a part of making the game more playable.
The graphics are on a par with Cinemaware on a good day. Throw in the odd special effect - the stunning thunder sequence in the graveyard is just one - and you have covered every area of graphical excellence that a game like Sword of Sodan could have.
Chris Holmes TECHNO COP REAL X-rated stuff - not an ittempt to capitalise on Robocop by producing a cheap and nasty copy. For those among us who are guilty of such vindictive thoughts, it's time to eat our words.
Techno Cop is a completely different concept.
You will be asked to move on to stage two.
After each stage Techno Cop is promoted through the police ranks, and enhancements in speed and firepower are added to his car.
Presentation is of the highest quality. Gameplay touches top levels of excitement and exhilaration. Each sub game would stand up on its own right as an Amiga release. Combined, they represent outstanding value.
Chris Holmes The first sub game is a car racing shoot 'em up in the Roadblasters mould. Through the windscreen you sec the front of your car and enemy vehicles.
The objective is to reach the criminal's hideout in Ihe allotted time. Unfortunately life isn't that easy because drivers in other cars adopt kamikaze driving.
Your car, equipped with an automatic five-speed gear box and standard blaster, can accelerate out of trouble leaving a trail of metallic debris from wasted enemy vehicles.
In fifth gear you can cruise at 223mph. The speed the programmers have achieved with the scrolling and animation is really impressive.
When you reach the criminal's hideout the action changes from a race game into an arcade shoot-’em- up. The car door opens and Techno Cop jumps out.
During a brief delay while the disc drive loads the new backdrops and game action, the dashboard is swapped for a gadget-packed wristband. II is important that you learn what every gadget does. Part of the strap contains a small screen showing a picture of the villain and his physical statistics.
To locate each adversary you must follow the radar. You can either destroy foes using a special purpose gun or catch them with a net. Succeed and you can return to your car where SK MARKETING LONDON'S LARGEST 1 ? ? COMPUTER SUPPLIES 4 4 4 AMMGA 10 Fulham Broadway, London SW6 1AA (24 Houra) Telephone 01-381 6618 9. Fax: 01-381 0528 DEALER All Prices Ind. VAT Carriage Free Mail Order Immediate Despatch COMPARE OUR PRICES BEFORE ORDERING FOR UNBEATABLE OFFERS!!
Export. Government and Educational orders welcome 01-311 5611(24 hours) Mail Ordsr- Immsdiats Dssyalchl!
A500 + Deluxe Paint & Modulator Special Xmas Offer £380 only!!
• Amiga A500 complete, now
only £365
• Amiga A500 with TV modulator .£395
• Amiga A500 wilri 1900M high res mono monitor
• Amiga A500 with At 084 high res colour monitor » Deluxe Paint
• TV Modulator ......£23
• Philips 8833 Monitor £270
• Amiga B2000 with 1 Mb RAM.
880K 3.5" disk, mouse, software ......£1145
• Amiga B2000 as above, plus At 084 hi-res colour monitor
• Amiga B2000 TM as above, plus PX XT bridge board 8 floppy.....
• Amiga 1084 Monitor ......£210
• A2010 Internal 3.5" Drive £175
• A2052 2Mb RAM Expansion £399 SKM SPECIALS Sony 3.5*
DS DO-----------------------£18.X X Col Space Saving Printer
Stand £45.00 Storage Box (1X)------ C10.X Mouse
Mat----------------------- £5.76 E10.X Printer Duet Covers
-----------E5.75 A4 Ccpy Holder H33--------------£17.25 4-Way
Anti Surge----------- £19.X Konix Speed king
Joystick----------£20.X LEISURE SOFTWARE £18.50 £18.05 ,C’75C
,C1«06 £18 06 ,£1800 ,£'306 £18.50 ,£1306 ,£1760 ,£•8 06 ,£•306
ACWOK COPtOvOIOfi S0 A~ Mov« MM ______________ 8en» .*« inr
Ai n "«X vOtV |f|JO PMM SwnOZty* Orpv CMC* -tft.
Oc*C'u' '*•' Gotca. Net 2 '"eve* £1?X £1306 £2- X £1606 £10 X £1806 £16 X £•806 £•805 £1306 Ciex £1306 £1305 £I7» £1506 C’CaS £l 4K £12.46 CU05 £’305 ,£’680 £’805 £’?60 £1805 ,£’046 £’805 .£’4 06 £•780 £’ 7 X £-006 £1305 Time* Mag*..... TrMal Pursuits... Uttn«4----------- Unlv Miliary Sim Uninvited________ Vln* ------- Vanplre Err ra.
Verminatof .. £14.05 £14.05 £’645 PC* Pvm* St-uggto £13.05 £15.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT CARRIAGE FREE All prices are subject to change without further notice. All goods subject to availability “The most impressive looking backgrounds, action areas and character sprites that have been created for home screens."
"Hauntingly realistic..." Amiga User International.
“Animation, authentic sword fights, beautiful digitised speech, an orieinal sound track, the feel of a professional and successful stage production."
ST User,' An epic arcade and adventure game. Strategy, swQrd fights and space shoot 'em-ups all feature in this unique fantasy of pirates and princesses, a far-away universe and a quest for the mysterious KRISTAL of Konos.
The KRISTAL is the first of its kind..' "An experience once played never forgotten."
"£29.95 AND WELL WORTH IT TOO" GAMES MACHINE ATARI ST & AMIGA IBM PC coming soon “The biggest game ever... exquisite backdrops."
Games Machine.
“An epic game with a style and content not yet matched in breadth of vision and development." "Mind blowing."
Privtfw C & VG "Complex game play, stunning graphics, nice sound and sense of humour. What more could you wish fort" Computer Games Week.
Max Tennant has mastered turning his A500 off with his toes - the power supply on the floor keeps his feet warm.
And when he’s finished ridding the galaxy of aliens it just takes a flick of metatarsal major to shut down the system. But it is not just hardware he has under control, most of his tips are for games grab them all in one go.
RUN RABBIT, run rabbit, run.
Run, run. Don’t let Judge Doom have his fun. Fun. Fun ... If that is the tune that has been playing on your mind while you’ve been playing Activision’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit, read on for some helpful hints and playing tips from Adrian Curry.
The most important part of the race against Judge Doom is timing, as the quicker you get there, the more time you will have in the gag factory to rescue Jessica, To make sure you jump in time to avoid the Dip try keeping your eyes nd on the far right of the screen for both chemicals and pick up any item which may be hanging from the walls.
Only use Benny’s super accordian suspension when you have to - you could accidentally land in a pool of Dip. When you do have to jump try not to come down on another car travelling in the same direction because you may bounce on its roof a few times before being dropped off in a puddle of Dip, Jumping around also tends to end you up on the tiles, and consequently usually to an abrupt halt. If you are quick enough the rooftop can provide a route which will avoid all the Dip.
If you decide to use the roof method it is a good idea to jump down to pick up items, all of which last about 10 seconds.
Hints IN the words of Elvis Costello "Accidents will happen" so when you do suffer a smash, don’t panic.
Judge Doom won't go anywhere while you are standing still.
If the opposite lane is clear, pull into it and drive off. If there is a road hog there, go forward very slightly, then leap over the obstacle. If you don’t move that bit forward before jumping you will get nowhere - except straight up.
After you reach the Ink And Paint Club good timing is needed to grab all the paper you can. For the best results on a table with one drink and three napkins for example, just after you pass the drink press the fire button very quickly three times to This is the only way you will be able to get all the papers and the special message from Jessica before ?
Y hostile, se up out sstssszs Arrive in t, one of the he nick of „me
• o'eaed planets r a Gravity H Sub-£,jciidia, Pioneer Probe Mk IV
- a self-replicating robotic spaceship
- is out of control, destroying all life as it travels from
planet to planet in the Starion Cluster. Your mission is to
stop the spread of the plague before it's too late.
Please send me Pioneer Plague for the Amiga.
Action ? I enclose a cheque for £24.95 made payable to Mandarin Software ? Please debit my Access Visa number SOFT WA R Signature Name ..... Address .
Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Postcode ..... Send to: Database Direct, Freepost, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. Tel: 051-357 2961 Postage: Add £2 Europe Overseas £5 AMC3 * the music stops. To Ret the necessary items from the bottom two tables without being ejected from the club, go to them just after the bouncer has walked past.
If you have too many barrels of Dip and cannot risk getting another, try avoiding the bottom two tables, which are the only two within the bouncer’s reach.
After the last race through the streets you will reach your destination, the Gag Factory. How much you beat judge Doom by in the two races dictates how much time you will havo to find Jessica and save her from judge Doom and his evil Dip contraption.
Almost every section in the factory' has a gag lying around on the floor.
To Find out which ones do what consult your catalogue. Some gags - such as the exploding cigar - are useful for making the weasels laugh.
Some like the portable hole are very useful indeed. 'This can be found on the floor above the entrance to the factory, access to which can be gained by using the lift (you will have to. Jump into it).
The portable hole is the only way you will be able to get past the large pool of Dip. The vanishing cream can be used to walk safely past the weasles to make sure you do so before the cream wears off try throwing a pot of stay-put glue in their path. Then, while invisible, leap over them and the glue. Quick though. Jessica is depending on you.
DERMOT Smurfit is an old hand at beating games, he obviously got Rocket Ranger for Christmas. Here arc Dermot’s tips.
The most important part of the game is the start: what you do initially influences the whole outcome. You must go straight to the war room, ignoring the Barnstoffs’ crios of help, as they will wait.
Once there you must get all your agents together so that you have five in reserve. Now place them in countries surrounding Europe - Algeria. Libya. Egypt. Mideast and Russia. What this does, in effect, is to quarantine the enemy and contain them in Europe, where they start.
When you come back from rescuing the Barnstoffs you will find the agents want to report back as they have infiltrated their countries by then.
When you have read the reports get them to organise resistance in the country. If you are lucky this will contain the evil empire.
Then move your agents to West Africa. Nigeria. Sudan. East Africa and Arabia. Carry on this strategy to have a fighting chance. This will reduce the Nazi efficiency which you must try to keep to a minimum. For this reason you should also destroy the zeppelin factories, camps, bomb and airplane factories.
Several times during the game a zepellin will land in Washington DC and capture your good friends the Barnstoffs. Of course you have to go to the rescue. The whole operation becomes easy with practice.
There are three chances for you to get the zepellin gunners or else it is curtains for you. The first is simple, dodge or shoot the oncoming aerial torpedos as they hurtle towards you from the super zep. Don’t worry about hitting the zep at this stage it is out of range of your radium pistol.
The next part is more difficult. You are now within range, so a stray shot will send the big balloon sky high.
The third attempt is the easiest, as you fly right up the rear end of the ship.
ONCE inside the Zepellin you will be confronted by a very suspicious pair of Barnstoffs. You will have to do some smooth talking to gain their trust. Try these speech selections:
• Loosen up doll face 9 1 like your style
• I oughtta teach you 9 I took the scenic route 9 Can you use
some help?
Now the professor should step forward and tell you the zeppelin won’t fly itself.
You will find the five parts of the rocket you need to fly to the moon in the rocket factory. To begin with fighting is easy and amounts to slugging the guard’s groin and face.
Unfortunately every time you get one of the rocket pieces the sequence gets tougher, with the guard becoming very difficult to out-punch.
A good method of reducing the chance of the guard getting in multiple hits is to push forward on the joystick as soon as he lands a blow, as very often he will try to give you a hat trick of punches and pushing forward on the joystick reduces the damage he inflicts.
When an agent finds an enemy base it will be located in either the desert or the jungle, jungle bases involve a bit of target practice but be careful of the machine guns. Desert base attacks LATEST RELEASES GRAPHICS VIDEO TITLING Vldao Gm Maatar £69.95 A professional easy to use TV tiler. Control veil rates, horizomal vertieal rol. Standard lonts, colours, shadows.
Video Wipe Matter £68.95 Excellent translion system tor video changes.
Many different wpes, use your own masks Kara Font* £59.95 superlative titling fonts NEW PRODUCTS Ricker Meal Plastic mar I *snigh- -s Professional Drew The ultimate drawing tool- Vector graphkSTjK more Jaggies Vldeotcape 3D (PAL) £143.75 create and animate 3D objects - as used by video professionals Sculpt 3D (PAL) £85.00 create and modify shapes, move viewpoint, ray trace Animats 3D £125.00 companion lo Sculpt 3D - animate your objects, Sght sources and viewpoints.
Turbo Silver 3D £139.95 3D graphics, animation and ray tracing Animator Apprentice £199,95 multi-module lull colour animation The Director £59.95 an animation ’programming' system BOOKS Vol 1 Amiga for Beginner* £12.95 Vol 2 Amiga Basic Inside & Out £16.95 Vol 3 Amiga Dot Intld* 8 Out £18.95 Vol 4 Amiga Machine Language £14.95 Vol 5 Amiga Trick* 8 Tip* £14.95 Vol 6 Amiga Systems Prog. Guide £32.95 Vol 8 Amiga Dlak Drlva Intida 8 Out Companion £27.95 Dlskattaa with Examplaa for all of the above booka(aach) £13.95 Comic Setter £69.95 Kerpow! Create your comb strp page and printer to colour or
B W graphics printer.
Cdmle Setter Clip Art Disks Super Hereos £19.95 Sdenoe Fiction £19.95 PanM2|McjeflKT £19.95 Lights, Camera, Action £57.50 Combine IFF pictures, ANIM animations and Sonix instruments and scores into complets presentations Fancy 3d Font* £49.95 Proportionally spaced characters for Sculpt and Animate 3D (including European characters eg £, 5, u, 6,4, etc) Professional Data Retrieve Ephone Relational database, 8 Hies at once. 80 index lieldsJlile. Not copy protected ie hard disk OK. Many cither professional features Movie Setter £69.95 Push button animation. Use cup art or your own characters. Add
sound, test & dump to
V. C.R, Full overscan support up lo 60 trames'sec Video Effects
3D £159.95 New Broadcast quality tiffing system Design 3D
£79.95 The 3D design package with a easy User interface A1000
Internal Memory Ephone LEARNING TO PROGRAM?
MCC Assembler £69.95 Benchmark Module 2 £139.95 Benchmark C library £79.95 Benchmark IFF library £79.95 Benchmark Simplifier £79.95 Abeoft AC Basle3 £195.00 Abeoft AC Fortran Fjj £295.00 £189.95 AztecC £199.95 Lattice C developers pack £275.00 Module 2 Standard £99.95 Module 2 Developer £149.95 MCC Pascal 2 £89.95 HISoft Devpec 2 £59.95 MUSIC & SOUND NEW-Sound Oasis Ephone Listen to ’Mirage’ sample disks convert them tor use with midi on the Amiga Reel Time Sound Processor £115.00 Use your Amiga as an echo unit, a Hanger, a reverb unit.
Set your own parameters, f ' Plug in a guitar or a mike Make yourself sound like a robot. Make up your own distort ions changes elleds.
All the above products, and many more are supplied by your local Amiga dealer, phone for details or your nearest stockist: HB Marketing Ltd Brooklyn House, 22 The Green, West Drayton, Middx UB7 7PQ.
I Special discounts to j 4 User Group Members.
P. O. Box 240 WEST DRAYTON 4 0895 441964 « j 4 involve flying
over a barrage from anti-aircraft guns. Their shots are not
difficult to dodge if you keep to the bottom of the screen.
The best method of destroying the guns is to spray a long line
of shots along the ground.
Whenever you are flying over Europe from New Jersey it is always a good idea to make a detour to the nearest base to top up on Lunarium.
Perhaps the hardest thing for a rookie ranger is the aircraft dogfight arcade sequence, but it is really not that hard. Just follow these tips:
• Always stay in the middle of the screen to avoid planes
appearing from the edge.
• Let the enemy fly into your line of fire, don’t chase targets.
• Don’t fly for too long or you will overshoot the destination.
• Keep out of the line of fire. Three hits and you are dead.
GO to it. Shoot for the moon. Oh, and while we are in space.
Darren Rawson’s tip for Empire Strikes Back is hold down the help key and type XIFARGROTKE
V. You will now have infinite shields then press L, C or D for
pictures of Luke. C3 PO and Darth Vader.
Darren also offers a tip for Nebulus: Type "Hclloiamjmp’’ on the title screen and then the function keys will warp you to later levels.
To finish off this month we've got a couple of pokes from Justin Garvinovic. First up Out Run. This is the sort of poke that will produce an error when the disc is inserted. As usual this should be ignored.
The next poke is for Elite. Once the routine has been run it will checksum the data and report if there are any errors. If all is well the program will prompt for the hyperspace delay. This is the time it takes to count before you enter hypcrspace. The default value is 10. But it makes life easier if this is made smaller to permit faster getaways.
AT the end of this routine you can sec the various different pokes that can be implemented. If you don't want to have infinite energy, for example, you would simply remove the line after the REM statement. If you don’t want to change the hvperspace delay, removing this line will also disable the delay input section.
Tot=0 FOR'(1=4587528 TO 4590408 STEP 2 READ at a=VAl('Rh**aS) tot=tot*a POKEN n,a NEXT (I IF tot=8557858 THEN 60TO section2 PRINT 'THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE BAT*.'
END section?: READ aS IF aS=T THEN GOTO startgaie IF aS=T THEN GOTO delay a=VAL('Sh'*aS) POKEN n,a n=n*2:GOTO section?
Startgaie: cheat=4587528 CALL cheat delay: INPUT 'Enter hyperspace delay ',d IF d 0 OR d ?55 THEN GOTO delay POKEN n,d:n=n*2 GOTO section?
REN INFINITE ENERGY...... DATA 13C1,1,1F78,33FC,6088,1,2038 REN INFINITE NISSILES..... DATA 25C0,1,2472 REN INFINITE FUEL DATA 23C0,0,8F6C,I3C1,0,8FC4 REN NO LASER HEAT DATA 23C0,1,2328,3308,1,2326 REN NO CABIN HEAT DATA 2300,0,4574 REN HYPERSPACE DELAY...... DATA 13FC,X,0,8DD5 REN LEAVE THE NEXT LINE---- DATA 4EF8,400,2 MEGALAND Specialists in Mail Order.
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LEFT. 3 mine WALK FROM STATION FOR the last 12 months you've
been working on the sequel to your best selling game, Bar
Glider Too. You've been slaving away al night, all you can do
is think about the strategy of what is undoubtedly the best
game not yet released for the Amiga. It's nearly finished. |ust
take out some of that debugging code, one last compilation,
ring for a pizza, sit back smugly and relax.
But wait, what’s this: Error reading device OHO:. You re-boot (that seems to clear most Amiga problems). Error validating disc OHO:". "Oise structure corrupt". "Please use diskdoctor".
DIR OHO: "Device in unit I is not a DOS disc".
Your worst nightmare come true.
You search your room frantically for your last set of backup discs. You find them under a pile of red telephone bills - the date scribbled on the label is exactly 12 months ago today.
The computer industry is teeming with stories along these lines. For this reason, most large companies are now Getting your back up Paul Ockenden tests a program which could be the most valuable utility you ever buy insured against loss of earnings due to computer failure, and that includes hard disc crashes.
So why didn't Says Jan (the programmer in the above story) take regular backups of his hard disc?
Probably because backups tend to take a lot of time. Possibly because backups use a lot of floppies. Maybe because a lot of backup software is not friendly to use.
Perhaps this disaster would not have happened if Says had seen SuperBack. A new hard disc backup program from The Disc Company.
Actually, SuperBack isn't just for backing up hard discs, it can be used with any Amiga file structured device, with the sole exception of DFO, so you could use it to backup across a network.
SuperBack writes to a normal Amiga disc in a serial format, block by block. This means that just under a megabyte can be packed on to a disc, as there are no directories or other file system overheads. As the method used is based on the standard Amiga format, backup discs can be copied using the standard DiskCnpy command.
This unusual disc format is what gives SuperBack its tremendous speed. The package claims 20Mb in 20 minutes. I wasn't able to achieve this, and I was using a very fast hard disc along with the 2090 controller card. How'ever the timings I obtained were still very impressive. As shown in Table 1.
The user interface shows that the program was designed especially for the Amiga. There is no need to touch the keyboard everything is mouse controlled. The file requesters are especially good.
Three versions of the program are ?
Supplied on the non-copy protected disc, giving texts in English, German, File system verify after write lime Fast File System, verification off 35:00 Old File System, verification off 41:20 Fast File System, verification on 68:40 Old File System, verification on 71:40 Table I: Time taken to backup a full 30Mb partition.
Ei PHI: C3 Audiorus ter El Effects Ejlnstr intents
E) S»m les Qc El Conns Ejbsi El Irashcan El turbo Ejdivs
El clipboards Elkeynaps Sprinters Sdlgi-vieu Seftptp and
French. The manual, printed in these three languages, is well
written and informative, although I found I didn’t need to
refer to it at all during the review.
I found SuperBack to be an efficient and reliable utility, worthy of recommendation to any hard disc owner. It made the whole process of backing up a hard disc seem so simple I had trouble finding things to write about it. „ REPORT CARD SuperBack The Disc Company Amiga Centre Scotland £52.95 USEFULNESS.. A decent backup utility is essential for owners of hard disc systems.
EASE OF USE.. Can he used straight from the box.
Three weeks later you might notice that it came with a manual... INTUITION...... No need to touch the keyboard unless you want to. Uses very little ram.
Multitasks nicely.
SPEED .. Using a special disc format enables SuperBack to work at lightning speed.
VALUE There are cheaper - even PD - backup programs available, but SuperBack IS good.
OVERALL 91% Different options affect the speed of your Backups Exclude Draaer mowm SuperBack is a hard disc backup utility which won 7 get your back up!
A world ot information at your finqertips TELETEEiT 16-BIT SOFTWARE OF ROCHDALE - AMIGA BOOKS AND UTILITIES SPECIALIST £9 96 £9 96 0296 (•296 029* £*295 £i?95 £•495 £-495 £14.95 ......£14.95 £14.95 £1495 £1496 C16 96 £1696 £1696 £1696 £1795 £1 95 £‘ 95 £•8 9* C’895 £*.996 £27 95 £22 96 £22 96 £2296 £22 95 £24 9S £24 95 £24 95 £24 95 £29 95 €3295 £1295 £9 95 uoiarc** 6t 000 P-og-a-r T «-j R i*r "c* Ma-uai :Ma*D-oie:.
Toei Th-g* Is OoW-h vx-An-cat'Tatt A t.5* io Hag'n*'* :Abacus; (fed* *D ihe A r QS iA-i*(Jft :
• '«» lha A riQa iCo-jV«I| tto-er-a-y An-ga RASC iCo'W '! |0:
A mge Mac'n lavage :Abacus; ;D; .
Am e iGc-nxsa a 005 Pa'a a- :a Compute :
• T • *a-d T©»lAaac'-tilC) .
3-apracs fDi A' 9»£ •o- (A&acv* - NtWI) . .
A-vga a*k»«-*-«!' u**'t D| F«* ftoo* oi AT»*a Cc D-ta ; :D A~«a OOS - t-sde A Our lAoacvs; 0; A renced A -«ca RASC (Computet (O) Ar i Osar’s 3,0 » Qraobc* So-ftfl Teecor. Bama -) Recomasg an a - Anei Scofl Fyea-ei- - NlWi AA«®a Mac- ne . Av A)* Prog»amr-rtg Gude ;C y-t*,-a : :D) Ua -g t a x a Re** P : Connie taa«- -flC R-O0 (.«a*4w» on A - )a 6 Arar. ST iCompcta'MOl Ant a BASIC moe 6 OJ :Abatu*i (0| Airv a Merest 8AS1C P«oc«a- -ar s 3cda *kx*i Fo-asne-, i *d* •?a Aflfli wn C (Samsi Ufrlwk * » Mi 'AOCfSO* Wesej) A-V M mjii.n .Addao- Was a*.
A'k jaOOMK* aiPaia arK*Man.al t.ec (Andaor. W**i*y. .
A~ Qa OOS Manual iBanra*) The mouse may by used to select any page then print it or save it to disc.
Saves may be compact or IFF, it can read out the news and is easily programmed to do all these things automatically. With true ’FastText’, the system knows what pages are likely to be selected next and gets them in advance making them available instantly. Many more facilities arc also provided. The Adaptor connects to the Parallel port, your printer is then reconnected to a socket on the Adaptor and when the computer is not in use you can watch TV on the monitor!
"A highly recommended purchase" Amiga Computing - Feb '89 At only £124.80 ? VAT for an advanced Teletext TV, its excellent value for money, VHF UHF International version: £16950 S-ves-l-sdeSOm.Aoac.s NLWhOi .
A to S'* S»3*«: A~- a System C Gud* iAoaa.S) lO) A- aPOMKar'* Re- Mloa 4 (Aodsen «*s*t ¦ • “ ¦ K-A AfiACVS TIM* medec *«' :D» Ohe« T«« -an.*c w** (D) L - Now In Stock! - RRP £249.95 _II - Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm Coma and sae us at:- 1st Fkxw. Draka House. 160 Drake Street. Rochdale ACCESS VISA MASTERCARD HOTLINE ENQUIRIES TEL: (0706) 43519 f an A«._ ... i. ....iUkiia.. .1 uu i-» C art P E3MICROTEXTS Dept AG, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW Telephone: (0705) 595694 Sand Cheque PO Access or Visa details 1o: 16-BIT SOFTWARE, (Dept. ACM), 24 Bankfield Lane, Norden, Rochdale,
Lancashire OL11 5RJ (England)
* *************************************************** Doing it by
the Of course this is a fairly trivial example, but it does
tidy up your programs to have a series of "tools” at hand to
use whenever or wherever you want them.
Phil South looks at the DEF FN command and how it can streamline your programming Basic isn't just a programming language.
As someone once said of C, it's an attitude. The attitude you have to cultivate in order to become a master of it is basic style, and that's what this series is all about. And one of the main points of basic style is the use of subroutines, neatly organised listings and defined functions.
Defined functions are special variables to which you have assigned a formula. Then when that variable is used the formula is executed and a value returned. The DEF FN keyword is responsible for the handling of this datum. For example: SO why would you use a DEF FN and not a variable, or even a subroutine? The difference is that a DEF FN is smaller than a subroutine and provides a similar service. It is, however, more convenient to employ than a variable or typing the function in every time you want to employ it.
Functions are "filters" through which your data is fed, and a sum or product is generated which is then fed back to the program.
Although you can define a function within a subroutine or main program, you cannot specify it in immediate mode - typed into the AmigaBasic window - or as part of a subprogram.
Don’t confuse a subprogram with a subroutine. Subprograms are sets of program statements similar to subroutines, but one of their chief benefits is that their variables are isolated from the main program.
There is no way you can define functions in them.
The other benefits of subprograms are that they can’t be accidentally executed in programs with no END, and they are portable between programs. Incidentally, when you CHAIN into another program, you don't retain the same values for any DEF FN staements either.
There is an extended version of the DEF FN command, the format: DEF FN naae [(parameter list)] = function Notice the square brackets, indicating the optional nature of the argument.
The parameter list contains the ?
• a variable names in the function that are to be replaced when
the program invokes the function.
The paramoter list is always contained in parentheses, and each name in the list separated by a comma: BEF Fngarbigt(i,b,c) ¦ i2*bZ*c2 Variables in your program which have the same name as the names in the parameter list are not affected by the list.
THE function itself has a physical limit of one line. This is the major difference between DEF FN and a subroutine. A subroutine can be any amount of lines long, and indeed may constitute a program in itself.
When you define a function the DEF FN line must appear in the program flow before the use of the function. Unlike certain other functions which arc globally understood by programs, you must ensure that the program looks at the DEF FN before it comes to a use of it, causing a Undefined user function error.
This doesn't mean that the definition has to be above the use in the program, just as long as the program GOSUBs or GOTOs the DEF before it is required to be used.
DEF FN can define either numeric or string functions.
Obviously the function part will always return a sum or product of the same type as the type specified in the DEF FN. AmigaBasic issues a Type mismatch message if the data specified the line which calls the function doesn’t match that of the DEF FN.
Finally, if you should DEF FN the same name twice by accident, the program will take the last definition to be the correct form. Just thought that might help debug your program if you've got you DEF Fns in a twist!
• Next month we'll be looking at error trapping in AmigaBasic.
With the ERL ERR. ERROR and ON ERROR...GOTO statements. Sen you
N. B.: Model SP180 El 29.00 VAT Inc. Draft 100 cps. NLQ 1 9 cps
N. H.: 49
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Menu driven professional results easy to use editors Already a massive success on the Commodore 64, Shoot 'em up Construction Kit has been hailed by Zzap!64 as "one of the greatest packages ever released on the 64", Now a team of top programmers, between them responsible for a string of hits including Wizball and Barbarian, have brought their skills and experience together to produce the ultimate user- friendly 16 Bit game designer.
AMIGA - £24.99 ATARI ST - £24.99 COMMODORE 64 Cassette - £14.99 COMMODORE 64 Disk - £19.99 Outlaw Productions, The Old Forge, 7 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX Please check for availability ol individual formats Girls in computing I AM fed up with the way women are treated in computing. I've got a Bsc in computer science and know what I am talking about. However when I go into a computer shop to ask ahout Amigas the salesmen all talk down to me. I am told how I could use Superbase Personal to keep recipes and how educational it could be.
I know those things. What I want is advice on what compilers are available, what the operating system is like and how to really get the most from an Amiga.
In the end 1 bought a machine from a cut price mail order company. I would have paid the full price, but only if the company offered decent back-up.
Tanya Al-Rais, Gravesend. Kent Women are not singled out for bad treatment in the Amiga world - there are many senior women in Commodore development. Gail Wellington and Caroline Scheppner are two who spring to mind.
The curse of the ignorant salesman is one we have to live with. Anyone who is keen and learns about the computers in the shop seems to get promoted. A good shop to deal with is The Amiga Centre Scotland, on 031-557 4242.
Starglider shield DO I detect slight radiations from the planet Argonaut in reply to Omar Farooq's query (Starglider slug January 1989J as to why Starglider II runs slightly slower on the Amiga than the ST?
If you treat the Amiga like an ST it will run slightly slower. It is more sensible to treat it like an Amiga. The whole point about the blitter is that it will co-process with the 68000 if the code is properly written. Used in this way it is very much faster than native 68000 code at screen operations.
Writing portable code to make life easier when you move programs from one machine to another makes commercial sense, but does not have a profound effect on the hardware.
To put it another way: My neighbour's push-bike is a hell of a lot faster than my XR3, so long as I don’t turn the engine on!
Jim Hawkins.
London N16.
Well you know what they say about XR3 drivers. Yes, we have been "got at" by Argonaut. We complained about the ST version being slower and their explanation (excuse) sounded very reasonable.
The Amiga runs 10 per cent slower than the ST. For most purposes the custom hardware more than counteracts this. Sound will not slow an Amiga program, nor will colour cycling. But the blitter is only fast when it comes to filling large areas.
"Ah", we pretend to hear you say, "but Starglider has lots of big areas to be filled". We couldn't agree more, hut according to fez San and the team at Mill way, Starglider doesn't plot big areas, it draws the difference between the shapes.
Setting the blitter up to draw such small areas, which may just be a couple of pixels, takes longer than using the 68000 to plonk the bytes straight on the screen.
The latest news from Argonaut is that the game is starting to have an effect on real life. Thu car which provided the inspiration for Professor Taymar's transport caught fire and Al's chair - the original pilot's seat - has collapsed.
String up virus writers LIFE is hard enough for an Amiga owner. IBM owners laugh at the prices we pay for hard discs. Atari owners ridicule AmigaDos and my cousin with a Spectrum calls me a computer snob. Since I suffered a bad Write to: The Editor. Amiga Computing, 78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood. Essex, CM15 9BG.
We'll send the writer of the best letter each month a program from our goodie drawer.
Attack of Byte Bandit I feel like a Lamborghini owner who has just been caught at 105 mph on the Ml.
Amiga viruses are the most contagious going, thanks to the Amiga’s wonderful operating system: while I haven't lost any discs, the sight of a blank screen makes my heart skip.
I can't see why people write viruses, they are not funny, annoy a lot of people and worst of all taint the Amiga's image.
It should be illegal to write programs which are so dangerous. If 1 was caught littering park benches with poison sweeties I'd go to prison.
People who write programs designed to corrupt discs should suffer a similar fate.
Ben Alison.
What is a virus?
WHEN I was at school I was scared to put my hand up to ask questions in case I looked stupid. Now I regret not really understanding elasticity of demand. So here is my hand, or rather your hand holding my letter.
Last month 1 bought an Amiga and am very pleased with it. My question concerns viruses. If I used an infected disc what exactly happens to my Amiga? If the virus installs itself in the Amiga is it lost when I turn off the power? Can a virus damage the computer or the software?
Craig Thornton.
Nettleham. Lincon.
Elasticity of demand governs the effect a price rise will have on sales of a given product. Demand for basic essentials doesn't change much, so it is called inelastic.
If milk was Bee we wouldn't all start drinking gallons of the stuff, similarly if it went up to 5Op a pint we would have a few less bowls of cereal hut we wouldn I stop drinking tea. Demand for luxury goods is more elastic, which is why budget software outsells full-price games.
Viruses sit inside an Amiga and corrupt discs. When you put the first disc into the Amiga after switching on. The computer loads a bit of software from an area on the disc called the hoot block. The computer then goes on to load the main program, workbench or CLI.
A virus takes over the boot block, so when an infected disc is used to power up the system the virus program is run before the main program. Whenever you put in another disc the virus transfers itself to the boot block of the new disc.
And so the virus spreads.
When you turn off the power the virus is destroyed, but it can survive a Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga. If your start-up disc contains a virus all the discs you use will probably have it too.
You can erase a virus by typing INSTALL DFO: from the CLI with the infected disc in drive 0. But it is better to get hold of a virus checker. See last month's news about VlrusX 3.1 A virus cannot damage the computer, it might appear to do so, depending on which virus it is. If the screen goes blank you probably have an attack of Byte Bandit. It can damage some software, usually games which have disc protection in the boot block.
Piracy is not a crime MOST decent games cost over 20 quid. My friends and I get about half that every week in pocket money. The only way we can afford to buy games is by clubbing together.
But I’m not going to fork out a fiver when my mate Rob gets to take the game home and I don’t get to play it.
So we copy it. If we didn't we wouldn’t buy the games. I don't see why this should be illegal.
(Name and address withheld) Just because you cannot afford something is no excuse for stealing it.
Someone once said that if you could photocopy cars we’d all have Rolls Rovces. We don 7 believe that you wouldn 7 buy games, just that you would buy fewer of them.
And if you are pirating the programs you buy we II wager you pirate programs that other friends buy, or "get bold oft’.
The people who suffer are the programmers. This is best summed up by a message inside Dragons Lair which reads: "A message to crackers: Nobody wants copy protection. All it is designed to do is give a program a fighting chance. Now ive realise that there is great competition to see which group breaks this game first.
However if you do break it please consider this: If you let this game out early after release, and there are few sales, it will be very difficult to justify folio wup games of this type. Nobody benefits: not the developer, not the user and not the Amiga community.
The decision is yours”.
Please heed these words. Pirate games and software houses will stop writing for the Amiga. They will go over to the PC where potential sales are better and piracy is less of a problem. The health of the Amiga market lies in your hands.
Unwanted Basic WHY oh. Why, oh (spells Yo-Yo), why. Does Commodore include AmigaBasic with the machine. I mean it’s a pretty poor version of a language we should have forgotten when our Commodore 64 was introduced to the cupboard under the stairs.
The right language to use on a machine which has a proper operating system - and Amigados is the best thing this side of Unix - is C. Failing that Modula-2, or Pascal.
Anything but Basic.
All programs written in AmigaBasic end up as kludges. There is none of the elegance of C and it is wrong to teach the programmers of tomorrow the bad habits of yesterday.
I think Commodore should have put a C on the discs. Microsoft may have a long established tradition of writing Basics, but then they have a long established tradition for everything they write because all Microsoft programs are way overdue.
So Commodore, next time you decide on what should be bundled with an Amiga think C. You know it makes Cents.
Ian Rook, Scunthorpe.
Crash course 1 AM leaving school this coming July and am very interested in becoming an Amiga computer programmer.
Could you answer these simple questions?
Can I draw an IFF format picture on. Say, DeLuxe Paint and merge it with an AmigaBasic program? I've tried many different ways and failed.
Is there a special routine, or even a listing? And is there a routine I can merge with an AmigaBasic program which will let me sample sound effects to put into a game of my own design?
Finally, can you give me some information on how I go about becoming a computer programmer?
Neil Mansell, Canvey Island.
Let's deal with your last question first.
To gain even slight success as an Amiga programmer you are going to have to learn either 68000 machine code - the Motorola 68000 being the microprocessor inside your Amiga - or the C programming language.
Basic, even AmigaBasic. Isn 7 fast enough.
As far as machine code is concerned, start following Rupert Goodwins' tutorial, ivhich began in last month's issue. When an affordable C language comes out we’ll run a tutor series on that. Too.
If you want to learn more about C right now. The book to buy is a Prcntice-Hall publication (ISBN 0131103628) called C Programming Language 2nd Edition by Brian Kemighan.
IFF Files can be read in from a Basic program, although it’s a fairly slow and complicated procedure. The best examples we have seen can be found in a book called Amiga Basic Inside and Out (Abacus. ISBN 0916439879) by Rugheimer and Spanik, although if you can put it on hold for a few months the subject is going to form the basis of a future article in this magazine.
Both the above books can be bought mail order from The Computer Store on 021-770 0468. Ah yes, and if you want to be a programmer you 've got to learn how to juggle.
Spray it again, ma'am LAST month you advised Arthur Wyatt not to use stamp pad ink to re-ink his printer ribbons, but to contact Aladdink who, you said, would re- ink Mr Wyatt’s ribbon with the proper, specially formulated, stuff.
But I have found a better and cheaper way to make my printer ribbons last longer. It comes in a spray can and is called Refresh.
It also is specially formulated for fabric printer ribbons. I got my can for £7.95 mail order - and very promptly too - from a company called Wacci (01-898 1090). Works a treat, and re-inks up to 30 ribbons, depending on hpw generous you arc with it.
Sue Denham, Cork, Eire.
The U.K. Amiga User Group Are you new to the Amiga, finding it difficult to harness the power of this amazing computer?, Then what you need is help from the largest group of Amiga enthusiasts in the world outside of the United States.
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Just how good is Protext?
Mai! Order Offers Protext is acknowledged by many as THE word processor for most home micros, and the Amiga version is no exception.
With over 4 years of development by one of Britain's top software houses. Protext has evolved as more powerful micros came along - each version being extensively tailored to fit in its new environment.
So what you get with Amiga Protext is a powerful workhorse with a proven track record and tens of thousands of customers who wouldn't consider using any other word processor.
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time, but that's only the half of it.
In the CLI, to set the date you type: DATE DD-MMM-YY where the date is in the European format day- month-year. The first three letters of the month are sufficient to tell the computer what month we're talking about. The year is just the last two digits - the computer assumes you know which century you’re living in.
To tell the time just type: DATE HH:MM:SS where the time is in hours, minutes and seconds, all separated by a colon. You can tell the whole story in one line, like so: DATE 06-MAR-89 10:20 which is a bit easier. Now every time you type DATE, have DATE as part of batch file, or in a startup sequence the currently set date and time will be printed on screen.
If you have an internal clock or memory expansion, you set the time in the internal clock by using DATE first, to set the time, then using: SETCLOCK OPT SAVE to dump the current settings to the clock. Then in your startup sequence you must insert SETCLOCK OPT LOAD which pulls the data from the battery' backed clock into the AmigaDos system.
Interestingly, AmigaDos understands the terms tomorrow, today and yesterday. You can also refer to days of the immediate week to set the date. Like: DATE Wednesday or even: DATE 05:30 Friday which advances the date to the day specified and to a new time if one is given. The input is quite flexible.
One interesting by-product of the DATE system is discovering days to dates. For example: DATE 25-DEC-OO sets the date to the birth of Christ, provided you accept that the festival is accurately placed and not in June july as some suggest. Then typing DATE informs you that the day on that date was a Monday. Instant recall of any day within the century. Well, that should keep you amused for a while. It did me.
If you use your Amiga frequently the DATE Friday approach should be all you need to keep.
Having mentioned DATE, there’s another vaguely time-based command Plain ’s guide to CLI man which could bear inspection. WAIT is a useful timewaster in a batchfile, for sure, but it has other uses. Like the pause commands in other languages, H is,a handy timer for certain short term events. You will want a WAIT 30 in your start-up sequence if you have a Bridgeboard. This is because it takes a while for the PC card to intialise.
But what about longer term events?
How about using it to put a timelock on your Workbench disc? The syntax for the WAIT command is: WAIT n [SECSjIMINSjjUNTIL time j.
You can time a program event to seconds instead of the standard clicks.
But you can also hold a program event UNTIL a certain time of day.
Like WAIT UNTIL 21:15 or WAIT 10 MINS and so forth.
So how about putting a WAIT into your startup sequence? How about: WAIT UNTIL 09:00 for instance, would wait until you got into work before allowing your computer to be started.
Of course you would be able to override it if you wanted to get in at another time, but the puzzle would probably be too much for the average non-Amiga user. Another use for the WAIT command is as a kind of alarm clock.
Why not set a WAIT comm and to sit in the background of all your tasks, until a certain time of day, when it goes to a SAY command, which talks to you and reminds you of the appointment in question? The batchfiles in question in these two examples could be RUN as separate CLIs in the multitasking environment, thereby running them in the background of any task.
Tune in next time for some more thrilling forays into the AmigaDos jungle. If you have any queries resulting from this article, or your own programming hints or problems, drop me line at Plain Man’s Guide, Amiga Computing, 78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9BG.
Please remember I can only answer questions through the pages of the magazine, and not by correspondence.
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Box .£12.49 50 5.25' DS-DD 96 TPI with 100 Capacity
Lockable Storage Box____£18 49 75 5.25* DS-DD 96 TPI with 100
Capacity Lockabla Storage Box____£23 49 100 525" DS-DD 96 TPI
with 100 Capacity Lockable Storage Box .£29.49 ALL DISCS
AND ARE SUPPLIED WITH FULL USER SETS AT M.D. OFFICE THE BEST COST LESS 34 34 ....£22.95 £29.96 £36.95 £4395 £4995 £6495
3. 5" DISCS & BOXES 25 3.5* DS-0D 135 TPI wrtfi 40 Cepecity
Lockable Storage Box 30 ar DS-DD 135 TPI wtth 80 Cepecity
lockeble Stotege Box 40 3.5* DS-0D 135 TPI eetfi 80 Cepecity
Lockable Storage Box 60 3 5- DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Cepecity
Lockable Storage Box 60 3 5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Cepecity
Lockable Storage Box .
80 3S DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box ALL DISCS ARE CERTIFIED 100% ERROR FREE.
3. 5' 40 Capacity lockable box £5.95
3. 5* 60 Capacity lockable box £695
3. 5‘ Disk Drive cleaning kit £2.95 (Only if order
with other goods) Mouse
Mats ...£4.96 STOP PRESS First
come first served BRANDED MAXELL DSDD !35tpi 10 £12.95 20
AX our Discs are lop quality products and are certified 1OOW
error tree Should you ever see a comoarabie product advenised
in this magatine at a lower price we ww not march x we wia
[ 3 18 CRESC All prices Include VAT and Delivery UK only
- 61400 Supplied subject to avaBablllty. E Of SPECIAL OFFER
stylish, credit card sized, solar powered calculator has all
the functions you'll need for most calculations, including a
memory feature, a percent function and a handy mark-up
Sporting the Amiga Computing logo, the limited edition Artecarte is only available when you subscribe. And don't forget, because it's solar powered you won't need to buy any batteries!
ARTCARTI artqtfte ?n DUST COVER BINDER Your Amiga Computing is the ideal source of reference for every Amiga computer user.
Keep your magazines tidy and in tip-top condition by using our top quality binder, holding 12 issues. Each is embossed in silver and features the distinctive Amiga Computing logo.
Keep your Amiga 500 keyboard free from dust and grime with an Amiga Computing dustcover, made from clear pliable vinyl, bound by strong blue cotton and sporting the Amiga Computing logo.
,RRP'f5.95 ... when you subscribe to COMPUTING ohderforM Al overseas onion despatched by Alrmal Vaidlo 31.180 Take out a yearly subscription for just £25 and we'll send you an Amiga Computing binder (worth £5.95) to keep your issues in - absolutely FREE!
But that’s just for starters, you'll also get a limited edition Amiga Computing solar powered calculator worth £7.95), an Amiga 500 dust cover (worth £4.95), and a giant mouse mat worth £6.95). That lot adds up to a tidy saving of £25.80. So after paying for your subscription you'll actually be in pocket!
But remember, because the Artcarte is a limited edition, this special offer will only be available for a short time. Take out your subscription today.
GIANT MOUSE MAT UK £25 Europe 4 Eire £34 Overseas Airmail £46 Back Issues (see page 41 June-September 1968 October-January 1989 £6.45 9835 £6.45 9836 H Add £1.50 per bundle Europe 6 Eire £6 Overseas February 1989 Add 50p Europe 4 Eire £2 Overseas £2.10 9708 c=i Dlglcalc 1aaapagaM) £29.95 9831 =i Pioneer Plague (aaapaga 7B) £24.95 9626 =D Lombard Rally 1saapagaSS) mm £24.96 9629 =] Protext Version 4 taaa paga 92) 4J3J4 £79.96 9530 C= Lancelot taaapaga 19) £19.96 9522 =1 Time and Maglk taaapaga 70) £19.95 9630 =1 For each item add C2 for Europe and Eire or £5 for Overseas, unless otherwise
indicated Payment: please indicate method (?)
I I AaessrUastercarO EufOcanVBardayci II I I I II I I I Annual Subscription Include* FREE Artecarle, Duatcover, Binder and Mouae Mai (UK only) NEW RENEWAL 9523 9504 9505 P 1 ? ChequaiEurocbeque payable to Amiga Computing
- Siflned .
Daytime telephone number In case of queries- ST & AMIGA OWNERS
• Have you ever bought software only c find if s not whai you
expeclW1 CENSORED!!
Would you l*e lo Buy software. Hardware. Pefloheralsi consumables al prices only available lo dealers?
A e you blinking ol Buying an ST or Amiga?
We can supply member with.
AmBa's (Ind. Modulator) £341.50 520 STFMs Super Pack £341.50 Xerox 4020 colour Ink jet printer Irom £1000.00 Blank Disc's DSDO Unbranded (Memorex) 25 lor £25.00 AH prices are lully Inclusive. Nothing lo add.
Save up to 35% on all software, not |ust games We supply a full product range from A to Z If you answered yes to any ol Ibe above questions then send an s.a.e. to ST & AMIGA CLUB (Dept AC). PO Box 3, Openshaw, Manchester Ml 1 4FZ For tut (MUM and turn fl.Kend BFPO oNyl Pont enrol MM any Mmr due unOI youV. Clucked us out fret MAKE YOUR AMIGA EARN!
Yes making money becomes incidental when you know how Your micro is. It only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant.
Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever makeI REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's "ditch".
Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: 31 PILTON PLACE (AM2) KING AND QUEEN STREET WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR 40 Stonay SM i Nottingham N01 1LX Tal: 0602 252113 Fa* 0602 4*3102 TacftnoCop _ ThBCftara IhaDaap ... Tha Kitslal______ Tha Munsur% Tha Pawn Thraa Stooge* koto . . . - .44 5 (nmnn«nn nn 10 * 3 5* D&OO Owka B M ADVERTISERS’ INDEX 16 Bit
Software .....83 Amiga PD .50 Brown Wagh Associates ..33 Byteback ..55 Calco Software 52 Castle Computers ..87 Centec Disk .....95 Cestrian Software .66 City PD Library .....94 Clik 46 Commodore
Computer Show ..6 Computer Bookshop .16 Condor International 56 Cottage Software ...40 Cut Price Software 65 Databrain .61 Dataplex ...45 Datel Electronics ..10,11 Easyprint ..39 Evesham Micros ...51 H B
Marketing .80 HiSoft ......99 Hi Tension Company Services .100 Home Based Business ......98 Humgold Computers 94 James Associates ..30 Lan Computers .....24 Mandarin Software ....6,19,70,78 M D Office Supplies ..95 Megaland .84 Melton Computer Supplies ....45
Micro Partners 94 Microtext ..83 MJC Supplies ..40 New Computer Express ...69 Palace 88 Postronix .2,3 Power Computing .... 28,29,72,94 Prism Leisure ..76 Purple PD Software ..91 SCC 35 Silica
Shop ......21 SK Marketing ..75 Softsellers 49 Special Reserve .....65 ST Amiga Club .....98 T C Computers 91 Trilogic ....61 Trybridge ...... 62 Turtlesoft .36 Worldwide Software 98 Send to: Database Direct,
FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L65 3EB (No stamp needed* posted In UK) Please alkmupto 28 days tor dadvary ¦ rrotects iduietups!
* Extra large! (277 x 240 x 9mml «
- Order at any tlma of tna day or night - Telephone: 051-357 2961
R 9MBS5pptC!tl !
I Fax Odors: Oden by Prrntal: I | HxcmLink'Taiecxxn Odd I 051-357 2S13 || Key'89, then 61456S3S3 || 72:MAQ001 Don't forget to give your name, addreea and credit card number HiSoft BASIC for the AMIGA A fast, easy-to-use interactive compiler Fully compatible with: AmigaBASIC Microsoft QuickBASIC 3 ST BASIC Power BASIC ST HiSoft BASIC ST Runs on any Amiga Faster than any other BASIC on the Amiga Full use of shared libraries & multitasking More powerful than you can possibly imagine Special Introductory Offer!
As a very special offer, the first. 1000 copies of HiSoft BASIC for the Amiga will be shipped with a FREE copy of the AmigaBASIC Inside & Out Book and Software so that you can instantly experience the true power of HiSoft BASIC. If that wasn't enough, we are also reducing the price from £99.95 to £79.95 (inclusive) for the first 1000 copies. Hurry to get your copy now!
HiSoft BASIC for the Amiga is available from all good shops or, in case of difficulty, directly from HiSoft. You can order using Access & Visa.
HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE High Quality Software Call: (0525) 718181 1 Sales purchase nominal ledgers
• Payrolls
• Price lists 2 hardware orders Picos are quotod
s. ib|ect to a.avaC-i'ty LAKESIDE HOUSE. KINGSTON Hilt, SURREY.
KT2 TOT. TEL 01-546-7256 3 Post
Code: . Tel.
No: .. Please
send me Printer at PDS €149 00 | A cheque is enclosed lor
-------------------------------------------------- Please
deb* my Visa Access Account No_____________j Most goods sent
by return of post. New releases sent day of release Please
note We use 1 st class post and offer 1 st class service 4
Gives super positive control!

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