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the Amiga to make it smaller. We want the Amiga to grow." It was obvious that he felt these questions were already answered by the fact that Gateway 2000 had bought the Amiga. Gateway 2000 has no intention of backing away from the Amiga. They know the Amiga offers them opportunities and possibilities they cannot get through the PC marketplace. What bothers the doubting Thomases of this industry is that Gateway will not telegraph their moves and tell the world what they are doing. Apparently the Amiga market has been spoiled by a group of "bidders" who talked a lot but did nothing when the bids were to be placed. Gateway 2000 has built their reputation in a different arena. Their work has been to have machines ready for shipment when announced. The Amiga is now in the big leagues with big league players and the one thing that can hurt us is if this waiting fever continues. The problem with this thinking is that it is exactly this inactivity in the marketplace that will keep Gateway silent. Why should Gateway chance anything with the Amiga if its own developers don't think enough of it to sell their goods and provide help to their customers. Its time to fish or cut bait. It is time we all found ways to spark the Amiga market place

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Document sans nom EXCLUSIVE * n*erview with Petro Tyschtschenko m' § m ACOMI’UTINGI 1 Vw r f iv V A M 1CwA ftiuuthty Rt*st nrct* AMIGA Volume 12 No. K August 1997 IIS $ 3.95 Canada $ 5.95 V V
• -• • M* Real 3D V3.5 3D Art from 2D Sources WebDesign: A Review
m V’ wHw' ' Ly~ §* i (fi T II ¦ V. A E~ • V TV r, ¦!
- 'C -f s5 Petro Speaks at Amiga Atlanta PLUS!
Amiga Tools Java for the Amiga?
Games from Vulcan Software and more.
Creating a “Hand Drawn” Look to Clip Art.
Introducing The Newest Model From QuikPak The A4040L and A4060L represent the latest innovation from QuikPak. A fully functional Amiga in a portable case, complete with LCD, these computers offer full compatibility with all A4000 peripherals. Combined with the NewTek Toaster and Flyer, the A4040L and A4060L are the ultimate graphics and television broadcasting solution.
* 68040 25Mhz CPU
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Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak QuikPak Welcomes Gateway 2000 to the Amiga Community Once again it seems that the Amiga Community is subjected to another sharp turn on the rollercoaster that is the future of the Amiga. The recent announcement by Gateway 2000 that its bid to purchase the assets of Amiga Technologies has been successful is truly a surprise. Yet, it is a surprise that holds much promise.
Gateway 2000 is a tremendous success story - continually scoring top marks in customer satisfaction surveys based on service, support, and product reliability.
Gateway 2000 is a leader in its market, and brings to the Amiga Community a wealth of resources and knowledge.
While we are understandably dissappointed that our own bid was unsuccessful, we at QuikPak remain as committed as ever to the future of the Amiga. We have devoted a large portion of our energies to developing the Amiga market and supporting the community, and we have no intention of abandoning our position now.
The Gateway 2000 purchase may represent an excellent opportunity to breathe new life into the Amiga platform. We’ve maintained all along that we believe in the future of the Amiga, and stand by our statements.
Thank you once again for your continuing support, and we look forward to bringing you new information as it becomes available. We look forward to working with you, the user, and all our other partners in making the Amiga’s future as bright as possible. And, we look forward to the opportunity of working with the newest player in the Amiga field, Gateway 2000.
Sincerely, Dan Robinson Director of Business Development QuikPak Dave Ziembicki
C. E.O. QuikPak Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call
QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com
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Scala, and preconfigured Internet Software from Robinson
Consulting I.S. Accelerate Your Amiga If you're looking for the
most powerful Accelerator for your Desktop A3000 4000 series
computer or A4000T, then look no further. The A4060T and A4060D
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Both Models are available for $ 999 Now Things are Happening with the Amiga QUALITY Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak 12 Not Just Another Amiga User Group Meeting.
Amiga Atlanta, Inc. User Group presents: Amiga International's Petro Tyschtschenko, "The Amiga market cannot afford to split; we must go together. Together, in one direction."
New Products & other neat stuff SASG Gets 100,000 hits!, Imagine 6.0 special offer, CNET Professional V4, New Sadeness Titles, and more!
SASG 100,0001, P.9 14 Real 3D version 3,5 A Very Different Animal by R. Shamms Mortier Although Real 3D Version 3.5 has been ported to Windows, RealSoft has not forgotten its Amiga users.
Amiga Atlanta, P. 12 18 2D 3D:Producing 3D Art with 2D Tools by R. Shamms Mortier The Amiga was not designed to be a desktop publishing monster. It was designed to address video.
22 Adding a "Hand Drawn" look to Clip Art Real 3D Version 3.5.P.14 by Nick Cook Even if you are not a great artist, with clip art and a few quick techniques, you can produce "original" masterpieces.
34 On Line bn Rob Hays Java for tin’ Amiga, additonal news agents, and more.
Games on the Amiga by Peter Olafson Vulcan Software has had some hits and some misses, but thev have kept swinging for the Amiga.
48 Petro Tyschtschenko Petro Ivschtschenko, President oi Amiga International, discusses possibilities and the need of the next generation of the Amiga.
26 This Old Workbench: Episode 9 Tool Time: Beneath the Hood 2D 3D, P.18 by Dave Matthews A tool of beauty is a joy forever.
30 WebDesign: A Review by Randy Finch Need to layout a new web page? If you know HTML and just want a little help in your format, WebDesign is a shareware program you should see.
"Hand Drawn” Clip Art, P.22 Amiga User (imups.
Vendors I Valors, Shareware Authors, and anyone with a product or service lor the iniga, now is vourchance to register your products Don’t miss this opportunity!
DEPARTMENTS Editorial 4 FeedBack 6 Index of Advertisers 40 We are extremely fortunate this month. We not only have some very good articles from our Amazing Authors, but we have Amiga International's Petro Tyschtschenko on record both at the Amiga Atlanta meeting and in an AC exclusive interview.
Getting Petro to talk has never been difficult. Petro is one of the most accessible leaders in the Amiga community now or ever. He answers his own phone (a few months ago, he had no choice he was the only one there) and he is always direct and honest. However, lately, the biggest problem with Petro has been keeping up with him.
When 1 held the interview with him for this issue on a Saturday (please see page 48), it had been exactly four weeks since our meeting in London. In that time, he had been to Gateway 2000 in Souix City, Brussels, Atlanta, and I believe Russia. He told me that he had not had a weekend off in some time. I am sure this is true and I know he continued to keep moving after the interview. The next Monday, I needed to go over a few of his answers and I received his call after he returned from a meeting in Paris.
In fact, the original date for our interview was scrubbed because he was stuck in a massive traffic jam in Germany. A business trip that he decided to drive to was only three hours away by car. However, on his return, there was a truck accident of some kind and his travel time went from three hours to six.
Petro has been on the front lines of the Amiga for some time. His efforts have not only sustained the Amiga with trustees and bankers through two bankruptcies (a first), but he has also worked to keep the Amiga user involved with the product. This is why his trip to Amiga Atlanta (please see page
12) was not surprising.
Petro went to Atlanta to give Amiga users as much information and personal service as he was capable of providing. His speech and answers were honest and straight forward. His answers were not always exactly what Amiga users wanted to hear (no massive claims of new Arnigas in the next thirty days), however his answers were believable and even acceptable. Petro has come to symbolize, for the Amiga at least, the Energizer Bunny. He keeps going and going and going... Waiting For Gateway For all of Petro's continued hard work, I still hear the phrase, "I am waiting to see what Gateway does." In
short, a collection of Amiga vendors, dealers, and even some users have decided that they aren't going to make any plans until Gateway 2000 tells them exactly what they will do. What makes Don Hicks Managing Editor this irritating is that Gateway 2000 has already said everything they can at this point.
At the London press conference (see the article on page 48 of the July issue of Amazing Computing), Gateway 2000’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Jim Taylor, was asked a round of questions at which point he stopped and said, "We didn't buy the Amiga to make it smaller. We want the Amiga to grow." It was obvious that he felt these questions were already answered by the fact that Gateway 2000 had bought the Amiga.
Gateway 2000 has no intention of backing away from the Amiga. They know the Amiga offers them opportunities and possibilities they cannot get through the PC marketplace. What bothers the doubting Thomases of this industry is that Gateway will not telegraph their moves and tell the world what they are doing. Apparently the Amiga market has been spoiled by a group of "bidders" who talked a lot but did nothing when the bids were to be placed.
Gateway 2000 has built their reputation in a different arena. Their work has been to have machines ready for shipment when announced, The Amiga is now in the big leagues with big league players and the one thing that can hurt us is if this waiting fever continues.
The problem with this thinking is that it is exactly this inactivity in the marketplace that will keep Gateway silent. Why should Gateway chance anything with the Amiga if its own developers don't think enough of it to sell their goods and provide help to their customers.
Its time to fish or cut bait. It is time we all found ways to spark the Amiga marketplace. If you are an Amiga user now is the time to ask about the upgrades and expansions you need for your system.
Question dealers and developers and when you feel you have discovered the pieces to the system that will do what you want, create it.
The Amiga has been a resilient platform. It has weathered two bankruptcies and still managed to stay alive. The classic problem has always been that it isn't conflict that kills a good idea, it is indifference. Now is the time we need to demand more from ourselves, our vendors, and our developers.
For if the Amiga is going to survive, it will need a viable existing market, not a waiting room. We all need to be more like Petro and keep going and going and going... mazing Amiga JL Xcomih I I*ni . LJJ Amuximg (MMputfnfi'AMIGA"* Petro Tyschtschenko, He Keeps Going and Going and Going... ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Joyce Hicks Assistant Publisher: Intern: Robert J. Hicks Nicholas H. Pacheco Doris Gamble Robert Gamble Ernest P. Viveiros Circulation Manager: Traffic Manager: Production Manager: EDITORIAL Managing Editor: Hardware Editor: Illustrator: Contributing Editor: Don Hicks Ernest P.
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AMIGA™ is a registered trademork of Amiga Technologies Gmbh Distributed h the US. & Canada by International PerkxJcal Distributors 674 Vta de la Vale. Ste 204, Solona Beoch, CA 92075 & Ingram Periodccfc be.
1226 Hei Quaker Blvd.. La Verne IN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. Back for the future 0 4.L M I International, Inc. Robert-Bosch-Strasse llB»D-63225 Langen www.amiga.de “So to Gateway I say this... Market this machine!
It will sell, and it will make money for you.” Dear AC: I would first like to share an experience I had with Software Hut. I recently purchased an Amiga 4000T, and had a problem getting the video to work properly with it. The computer was fine, but for some reason my ten year old Commodore 2002 monitor would not display the video signal correctly. Since the 2002 monitor had been operating perfectly with my A500 for ten years, there was no reason to suspect it to be the source of my problems.
I worked through this problem with several technical support, and customer sendee people at Software Hut, and the sendee I received was excellent. Each person I worked with was very knowledgeable about the system hardware and software. The problem was resolved in a minimum amount of time, and the system has been running flawlessly since.
Prior to purchasing my 4000T, I price shopped around a bit, and found Software Hut to be price competitive.
Yet even though there was no price difference, the deciding factor in my ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES 35mm COLOR SLIDES from ALL Amiga Computer & Video Toaster Graphics
• 4000-line Film Recorder Resolution*
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price list, and FREE sample slides: HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC
SERVICES 4301 N. 75th Street, Suite 101B Scottsdale, Arizona
(602) 949-6066 purchasing decision was the history I have with
this company.
After I purchased the computer, I had numerous technical questions.
Even though the "big sale" had already been made, the technical support people continued to assist me in getting up and running with my new machine.
Purchasing a computer is unlike purchasing many other products; you get more than just a piece of hardware, you enter into a relationship with the company you purchased it from. I'm glad I purchased my Amiga 4000T from Software Hut.
On a related note, I decided to stick with Amiga as my platform of choice for a number of reasons. Although the Amiga remains in a niche market. I feel confident that the machine is slated for a comeback, but only if Gateway markets the machine properly.
I do quite a bit of software development as a hobby. Having programmed in over fifteen different computer languages, in seven distinct operating systems, including Windows, AmigaOS is clearly the best operating system I have had the pleasure to use.
Its efficiency, combined with its flexibility makes the Amiga the only platform I will use seriously.
The only problem with the Amiga is lack of marketing. A lesser machine would have certainly perished when you combine Commodore's marketing strategy of build it and they will come, with Irving Gould years, and about a year of no new machines being built.
Yet, despite the marketing departments best efforts, the Amiga survives, largely because of its superior operating system. A stock A500 will still multitask with greater flexibility than a 200 Mhz MMX Pentium based Windows system.
So to Gateway I say this... Market this machine! It will sell, and it will make money for you.
I'm reminded of the days when I purchased my C64. Everybody thought it was just a "games machine". Basically, it was. It also had a few serious flaws: 40 column display, and that wretched 1571 disk drive. Software vendors refused to write programs for it. But Commodore had the intelligence to toss it on the shelves of every Toys-R- Us around. Anybody who wanted a computer, but couldn't afford the expensive IBM machines scooped them up. Finally, when the machine passed the one million mark, all those same software vendors started to take notice.
They started developing software for this little "games machine", and things really got rolling. A little machine with a crummy little floppy drive wedged itself quite nicely into the marketplace.
Imagine what would happen if you put some A1200s on the shelves of Toys-R- Us, or Wal-Mart?
Software vendors love this machine because it is easy to program. With a few operating system calls, programmers can get a lot of functionality with very little effort. Once this machine starts selling like in the "old days", software vendors will easily rediscover their passion for this truly great machine.
Unfortunately the gap is closing between the Amiga and its rivals. No matter how sluggish Windows is, eventually there will be a microchip that will be able to keep pace. If Gateway acts quickly to get this machine back in the mainstream market they will have exclusive rights to a popular machine.
Sincerely, Peter A Phelps Louisville KY Please Write to: FeedBack c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 Circle 103 on Reader
Service card.
6 Amazing Computing Lai'S a 1 ? 800 ? 7 ? GRAVITY ANTI GRAVITY At,, PRODUCTS Sales: 800-747-2848 FAX: 310-399-8262 Customer Service: 310-399-7782 Service Center: 310-399-7446 Search Forward Order Support Location: http: www.antigravity.com OR @ 1649 16'th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA Colorado Blvd c o e & a 2 % c Olympic Blvd I 10-FWY Anti Gravity Products Welcomes You To antigravity.com Anti Grovffy.com Video Products Video Toaster 9 Video Flyer Perception Terms and Conditions: Call lor complete shipping rates, warranties, and other policies that apply. Quantities are limited and
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DPS TBC-IV SYSTEMS Alpha Systems builders. Orders may be paid by Vlsa Mastercard. All sales are Ural. No refunds. Defective exchanges are lor same product only and must have a Return Material Authoricatlon number (RMA), be in original packaging, and condition. No guarantees are implied as to product performance with your svstem or as to manufacturers claims and specifications. A 20% Thank You For Stopping By Our Homepage!
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That are cancelled alter shipping. All orders cancelled must obtain a
r. All exchanges are i advertisement, its contents, and its styfe
are the Copyright ol AGP and r optlo , This cancellation
Cannot be duplicated without express written permission. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies.
Amiga Systems Intergraph Systems S395 "The Fastest Amiga To PC Networking Solution In Existence!"
Siamese System Siamese Systems The Siamese System is many things. You are probably aware that it totally integrates an Amiga with a PC, allowing you to control both computers with a single mouse, keyboard and monitor. However, did you know the Siamese System offers the fastest Amiga to PC networking solution in existance? With scsi networking support, you can share a scsi drive so that both computers can read and write to it at full speed. The Siamese Software will also use the shared drive to transparently buffer data, for example if you copy a file from C: on the PC to dhO: on the Amiga, the
software will automatically copy the file from C; to the shared drive, and then from the shared drive to dhO:. This results in the fastest file transfer speeds around, with speeds upto 3 megabytes per second acheivable, far faster than ethernet. The Amiga has access to all of the PC's drives, including floppy, cdrom, and networked drives, via a virtual drive called PC: that appears to the Amiga like any other drive.
Video Flyer Systems Cameras Kodak Digital Olympus Dlglal Audio Products 3D Products 3D Models Main Features: ? Lot1 grated Amiga, PC and Mac system possible.
? Single Monitor automatically 5 to display PC as if Amiga Screen.
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? Read Write on any PC Drive at high speed, including Networked Drive.
? I ext Clipboard, Cut me! Paste between Amiga and PC applications ? Share Printi rv all Amiga output sent to PC printer, ? Amiga MCI conn oiler from AmigaOoj or Arexx, (Media Control Interface) ¦* Access to Low cost PC products ? (fi hit Sooncf Card with Wave Synth chip.
? Mjpeg Video Recording cards.
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Mjpeg based, SvtiS Anim software" TCP IP networ king support.
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¦Sf • J Then you must have been reading Amazing Computing. AC has been with the market on every PraOSrlJ rise, fall, twist, turn, and surprising event. Each issue AC not only reviews great products, offers interesting tutorials, and brings you up to date on everything that is coming and going in the Amiga community, we also delve into the future of the Amiga. AC has followed the course of the Amiga for over ten years. It is the longest running periodical for the Amiga and it is your best opportunity to know just what is happening in the market, before you are taken for a ride.
To climb on board just call toll-free in the US and Canada 1-800-345-3360 or complete the form and send it with check, money order, or credit card h . Information to Amazing
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SASG Gets 100,000 hits!
Imagine 6.0 special offer, CNET Professional V4, New Sadeness Titles, and more!
MEW PRODUCTS andother neat ftadd Sadeness Software Sadeness Software has two new software titles. The first one is called The Hidden Truth which is a multi-platform title working on Amigas, Pcs, Macs, etc. Topics covered include UFOs, Aliens, Paranormal Activity, Cryptozoology, Science- Fiction and much more. Sadeness has tried to cover the topics from an unbiased viewpoint. They have included leading Skeptical resources such as the Skeptic's dictionary and more.
Sadeness would leave the user to make up their own mind.
They have included two massive new, full Paranormal Web sites - VJ Enterprises, and Dragonbane, on this CDROM.
These two combine over 50MB of information on a wide range of topics. Also included are several multimedia items, such as movie files and sound samples. The Hidden Truth retails for £29.95 and requires 8 Meg+, WB3 Windows95 NT or System 7.1+. The second CD title is The AGA Experience Vol 3. This is the third in the series of ready to run public domain software downloaded from various sources including popular BBSs and internet resources. The title retails for £14.95 and requires an Amiga with 2 Meg+, AGA, and WB3. Both these titles can be ordered from Sadenes directly and dealer inquiries are
also welcome.
Sadeness Software, 13 Russell Terrace, Mundesley, Norfolk England NR11 8LJ, Tel Fax: 011 1263 722169, Email: rich@sadeness.demon.co.uk Imagine 6.0 Special Offer Impulse has announced new features in the design process for Imagine 6.0. A new GUI, inverse kinematics, new preferences editor, optimized for the 040 and 060, power PC Support, new special effects(Jiggle and Jitter), new textures, linear fog fall off, new staging functions to make character The press releases and news announcements in New Products are from Amiga vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the right to edit
these articles, the statements, etc. made in these reports are those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing.
* 3 7 .ffTFRtfFTSEZrz'gs r - vj'ji tV rpifi’ * mflrP, tv .-turv
- A-,’ ¦- H I? Mwtiyf iter'-ttii* £ SASG Products s-tm* SASG has
received over 100,000 visitors to their website.
Animation very easy, animation Deform Tool, free form 2D spline editor with PS font support, new and improved lens flares options, volumetric Light sources, ASL file requester support, Jpeg file support, new electronic manual with Interactive index, free technical world wide web support, and more are being offered in the next edition. Their promise is to make Imagine for the Amiga the best 3D package on any platform.
The rub and the offer is that all of these changes could take at least 12 months. Imagine has created the CUP program where they state you can direct the flow and development of the software. The cost is $ 100.00 US. As a member of the CUP they promise no less than 4 upgrades over the next 12 months. CUP members will receive a special user name and password with a secure location on the web to For More Amiga News & the Latest Gateway 2000 info Don't miss AC’s Exclusive Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko coverage on page 48 of this issue.
(203) 234-1483 We Will Gladly Beat ANY Amiga Retail Price!
The new s iore-fofi Amiga!
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J. -A. Comtuting cT CALL JILL HUGHES AT: (800) 259-0470
Reprints Reprints download the newest code. While disks will
be sent to those without net access, those with net access may
get more than 4 updates per year.
According to Impulse, CUP members will save at least 50% on the release of the final 6.0 update and possibly more as the projected price for the upgrade is over $ 200.00. In addition, Impulse states that the Amiga community is now unfortunately smaller and they need to know that you are still out there keeping the Amiga alive and kicking.
To subscribe to the Amiga CUP by mail, send check, money order, or credit card info to Impulse Inc., 8416 Xerxes Ave N, Brooklyn Park MN. 55444. To subscribe by phone dial toll-free in the US and Canada 1-800-328-0184 while foreign callers should dial 1-612-425-
0557. Subscriptions are also available by FAX at 1-612-425-0701
and by E-Mail: sales@coolfun.com Cnet Amiga Professional
Version 4 Cnet Amiga BBS has changed ownership to ZenMetal
Software and Cnet has undergone a multitude of changes. All
sysop GUIs have been redesigned for a more professional
look and feel. Cnet now has some native Internet
applications such as Telnet, NNTP news retrieval posting
and an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. FTP and SMTP mail
import export are also planned as well as many other "core"
BBS features.
Those interested in ordering Cnet Amiga should access the Official Cnet Amiga Homepage at http: tggh.net
- rakey. These pages contain screenshots of Cnet Amiga
Professional, history, changes, other Cnet links, developer
e-mail addresses and full ordering information. Both framed and
non-framed versions of the page are available at this site.
SASG gets over 100,00 hits!
The Standardized Amiga Shareware Group has announced that their web site (www.sasg.com) has attracted over 100,000 visitors so far.
The site is the home of SASG, a group founded to create a better means of shareware distribution and payment.
The SASG is an alliance of well- known Amiga shareware authors with the spirit to enrich the shareware community with unprecedented service & performance. Their main efforts are to promote Amiga shareware products of exceptional quality and to make these available at a reasonable registration fee.
The SASG is a non-profit organization which ensures that the author of a shareware product receives 100% of his well-deserved registration fee. This system guarantees that software programmers do not get exploited and end users can register high-quality applications for only a few dollars.
To facilitate this, SASG International has just announced that they have completely renewed their services and infrastructure to satisfy the needs of Amiga shareware users worldwide.
They have full Internet presence and are offering various new registration methods, including fax, email and online registration. Promising that they have learned from the past and listened to the requests of their customers, they claim the best ideas and intentions went into their new services.
SignEngine has a New Address The makers of SignEngine SM-100 (Amiga Sign Making Software) has a new address as follows: LaserCraft Unlimited 20 Hamilton Cres Georgetown, Ont Canada Tel: 905-873-6613 Email: signguy@aztec-net.com www .aztec-net.com ~signguy
• AC* New Product, Industry Announcement?
Send it to: New Products Editor, Amazing Computing,
P. O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722-2140.
(508) 678-4200, FAX (508) 675-6002 Amiga Atlanta, Inc. User Group
Presents: Amiga International’s Petro Tyschtschenko Mot
just another i User Group meeting.
“The Amiga market cannot afford to split; we must go together. Together, in one direction.” On Saturday May 31 in the Williams meeting room of the Dunwoody Public Library, Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International, gave his first North American public speech to the Amiga Atlanta, Inc. User Group. Speaking to a packed audience, Mr. Tyschtschenko spoke of the future of the Amiga and the need for Amiga user participation around the world.
Mr. Tyschtschenko was the third speaker on the three man roster. A sales representative from US Robotics gave a short presentation on US Robotics' future.
This was followed by Skal Loret, a founding member of the Jay Miner Society for the Advancement of Personal Computing who discussed the founding of the society and promised the Amiga community that they would see good things from this organization.
Mr. Tyschtschenko's presentation was divided into two segments. He addressed the audience with a prepared speech and, after a short break, he conducted a question and answer segment with the audience.
Petro Tyschtschenko "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for this kind invitation here to Atlanta. Thank you very much for the invitation. This is my first event here in the United States, and I'm really impressed to see all these activities around our Amiga. When I arrived yesterday midnight, I could already feel the warm hospitality. It is nice to see that our Amiga platform is gifted by a community of competent people.
May 31, 1997, Amiga Atlanta Inc. attracted a full crowd for its Saturday meeting.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it is no longer a secret that we have got a friend in business Gateway 2000, the new home for our Amiga. Before I continue, first of all I would like to say thank you for your understanding, for your patience, that you, my friends, have kept Amiga alive.
"It is your success that our wonderful technology, our Amiga, has survived. With Gateway 2000, we all, and Amiga, 1 believe, will have a great and bright future.
Gateway 2000 is a well-known, solid and established company in a computer world.
Gateway 2000 is a leading global marketer of personal computers. Ted Wait, the chairman and CEO, founded Gateway 2000 in September, 1985. The company is located in North Sioux City, South Dakota and Gateway 2000 became a public company in
1993. Today, Gateway 2000 sells more Pcs, compatible systems in
the U.S., through direct marketing, than any other company.
Gateway 2000 has a vision: to be the leading marketer of personal computers, products in the world, and Amiga is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000.
"Gateway's mission is to grow the business faster than the competition by better understanding and serving the desires of the customer. And, ladies and gentlemen, Amiga is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000. Gateway 2000's values are respect, teamwork, common sense, effectiveness, aggressiveness, honesty and, of course, fun. And Amiga is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000.
"Should I say more? You would like to hear some facts about revenue? No problem. Revenue up 37% from 1995.1.9 million Gateway Pcs shipped in 1996.
Shipments up 43% from '95. Earnings up 47% from '95. International revenue up
69. 5%. I believe, ladies and gentlemen, there's a bright future
for Amiga, for our community and for Amiga International.
"As I mentioned already in London, the basis of my strategy is 3 elements: "Supporting the existing Amiga community. How? That's why I'm here.
Through conventions, through press conferences, and the Internet (watch www.Amiga.de), meetings, of course, and useful initiatives coming from the Amiga community.
"Second, leveraging the existing Amiga technology through broad licensing.
The basic of success in this project is to work together with partners to define a common path of development.
"The Amiga market cannot afford to split; we must go together. Together, in one direction. For us to keep the market alive it is necessary to assist many companies in developing products. Products through broad licensing. Our licensing policy will be very open, broad, and of course, simple.
Licensing will be focused on standards, Amiga OS, chip sets, trademarks, boards, etc. Whatever you would like.
"The third basic element of the strategy is assisting in developing new products, based on open standards, through the home computer and video market. It is very important that we explore an open Amiga platform and use industry standard components. That would make our products cheaper to produce, faster to develop, and easier to upgrade.
"At this time, we are identifying candidates to manage the R&D department.
Be sure, we will explore the most efficient method of determining R&D. Amiga's intention is to support the development community through concepts such as the open Amiga initiative. We will explore other concepts to bring developers on the platform. We will explore the development of an Amiga OS upgrade and we will address the features and functions that are necessary. You can be absolutely sure that Gateway 2000 will provide resources to reinvigorate the Amiga marketplace and keep Amiga a profitable subsidiary.
Is this a bribe?
At the close of the meeting, Petro was given copies of Amiga Atalanta’s videos as well as an Aai logo golf shirt.
"Long live our Amiga and our strong community.
"Thank you very much.
Questions and Answers In the question and answer segment during the second half of the presentation, Petro fielded questions from the audience for almost 45 minutes. One of the first questions concerned the support expected from Gateway 2000. Petro responded that he had full autonomy as it concerned Amiga International. He stated he was working within a budget, but if he needed extra money for marketing, or other important areas, he only would need to put his case before Gateway's management.
One key request from the audience was a call for an Amiga laptop even if it was lousy. Petro agreed there should be a laptop, but he would not agree to create a lousy one.
Petro repeatedly asked the users for their support and their patience. He stated that the days of Commodore were filled with talk and promises and that his agreement with Gateway 2000 was that there would be no announcements until the products were ready.
Petro answered questions concerning the current price:preformance ratio of the Amiga. He stated that it was unfair to compare the Amiga with PC systems, but he understood the concern. He promised that Amiga International would continue to work to lower prices on the Amiga.
However, in his opinion, he believed the real emphasis should be placed on new machine development.
Petro was asked where he expected the Amiga to be in a year. "In one year we should have new products and new users.
We have to focus on people who do not understand the Amiga, to motivate them, and bring them into our family. Because we are truly a family. We are different than the PC, God thanks."
At the close of the presentation, Petro was given copies of the Amiga Atlanta Inc.'s video tapes as well as an Aai logo golf shirt.
Tapes Available Amiga Atlanta Inc. is offering a video tape of Petro's speech and Question and answer segment for $ 20 US in NTSC format and $ 25 US in PAL European format. You can send cash (US), check, or Money order to: Amiga Atlanta, PO Box 49103, Atlanta, GA 30359-1103. When ordering, please state you are requesting a copy of the "Petro and Skal Video".
Amiga International asked that if you drop an order in the mail, please notify Aai Vice-President Bob Castro at; bcastro@mindspring.com that your order is in the mail. He will duplicate your copy of the program and have it ready for shipment as soon as your order arrives.
• AC* Don't miss the AC exclusive interview with Petro
Tyschtschenko on page 48 of this issue.
Real 3D version 3.5 A Very Different Animal Although Real 3D Version 3.5 has been ported to Windows, RealSoft has not forgotten its Amiga users.
By R. Shamms Mortier The last time I wrote anything about Real 3D, the dynamic 3D modeling and animation system from RealSoft in Scandinavia, was back when it was in version 1.5. That was quite a few years ago. Although Real 3D Version 3.5 has been ported to Windows, the same improved version is also available for the Amiga. Like the best and most steadfast Amiga developers, RealSoft has not forgotten its Amiga users.
What’s new in 3.5 Let's start with a basic overview of some of the new features present in Real 3D version 3.5, and the enhancements of some features from previous versions.
1. Improved Collision Detection. This allows objects to "know"
about the existence of other objects, so movements do not
allow objects to intersect each other.
Left: Grant Neisner created this trademark image for RealSoft, using Real 3D.
2. Improved Skeletons. A Real 3D "Skeleton" is the same as a
"Bone" in LightWave 3D, allowing you to animate objects
without segmenting their parts. In version 3.5 of Real 3D,
this incorporates a control of the torque (magnitude and
extent) of associated skeletal parts.
3. Enhanced Glow controls, with a wider scale for creating glows.
4. Enhanced anti-aliasing of Field-renders, for better broadcast
videographic results.
5. New material attributes, including the addition of ambient,
reflected, and filtered colors in assigned materials.
6. Improved camera controls. This includes the addition of a new
interactive rotate, scale, and pan view with the right mouse
7. User definable rendering color for B-Spline wireframes.
8. Support for infinite grids.
9. An animation frame renumbering capability that allows the user
to set the index count.
10. The addition of quality controls for JPEG saves.
There are other new and improved features as well, but this gives you a general idea of the depth of the Real 3D 3.5 changes.
An Overview of Real 3D It's been a while since we covered Real 3D and many users may be unfamiliar with its existence as an Amiga 3D art and animation alternative. As a European product, Real 3D enjoys a better penetration of the overseas market than the American market, though it does advertise fairly regularly in magazines that address its Windows version. RealSoft, however, Right from Top to Bottom: Figure 2. As you can see from the Tool palette on the left, the more group icons you click on in Real 3D. The more the Tool palette is filled with representative choices. This is actually a
creative way to make the most out of the limited space in a work area.
Figure 3. The Materials Editor, showing the inset preview screen on the lower right.
Figure 4. You can open as many separate views in Real 3D as you can fit on the screen, each with their own view plane, size, and perspective, Figure 5. This preview rendering of a "Saturnia" object shows that it is composed of sized spherical rings around a “planetary” center.
Figure 6. Real 3D allows you to generate very organic shapes with its Sweep tool, as this preview rendering demonstrates.
Has taken great pains to make sure its Amiga version stays abreast of all of the changes implemented in the Windows version, at least those that do not require hardware considerations that only the Windows version can accommodate.
Easy Views Real 3D allows you to zoom in or out with the plus and minus keys, or alternatively with mouse clicks on a zoom button. The view can be turned left right or up down by using the cursor keys. All of this is even more valuable when you consider that you can place and render as many separate views of a scene on the interface as space permits, as an aid to rendering and animation.
Materials Real 3D can create and assign an infinite variety of textures, including animated sequenced frames and morphing textures. Morphed textures are defined as starting "scopes" (A), and ending scopes (B). Both A and B values are input to generate the starting and ending parameters of a material. This is a very nice feature.
Freeform Modeling in Real 3D Freeform modeling is used to produce organic forms in any 3D application. Freeform models are cuxvier and more complex than simple primitive models, and are the heart of any 3D creation software that will be used to create and render real world scenes. Freeform meshes are simple to create and modify, and can help form parts of organic objects. The sweep function is also easy to learn to use, requiring nothing more than the creation of a profile and a sweep path, and the command that initiates the sweep. A thorough tutorial for creating a B-Spline 3D Freeform head
is included in the documentation.
Custom Modeling Tools There are some very exciting and unique modeling tools in Real 3D, listed under the Custom Modeling menu. The first is called "Satumus", as might be expected, it generates a central sphere with rings of particles around it. The size of the central planet and the particles in the rings are user defined, as are the number of particles and rings. This is a special case particle system utility, as is another: Spiral.
Spiral creates... well... spirals, with user defined sizes and quantities.
Animation Both motion path and keyframe animations can be generated in Real 3D. A full featured keyframe editor is included, allowing you to interact with an object at whatever frame is indicated. Inverse Kinematics is also featured, fostering organic movements. The Real 3D skeleton feature is akin to Bones in LightWave, so that seemingly solid objects can wiggle and move very convincingly. Periodic motions, like bounces, are easy to generate with Real 3D's specific tools for periodic assigns. A good number of specific tutorials for generating different animation techniques are included in
the documentation (Tornado, Bubbles, Elastic Cube and Sphere, Logo Move, Swimming Fish, and more).
If you have experience with professional CAD applications, Real 3D will be a very comfortable environment in which to create. The whole interface and the Hierarchical list is reminiscent of a CAD program. You may have to retrain your intuitive approach to 3D however if you expect to use Real 3D as an experienced LightWave or Aladdin user, since its hierarchical verbal commands and proprietary icons influence a different method of working than that of a more common 3D Graphical User Interface. You will not be able to intuit the creation of objects or animations in Real 3D without an extensive
study of the manual and associated read-me files.
Circle 124 on Reader Service card.
While the hierarchical list approach is fine for the initial design of objects, it is not intuitive when it comes to object modification. Users today expect to simply grab an object and rotate or resize it, and are not pleasantly disposed when it comes to interfacing with a list of choices, and then taking several steps to do a simple operation. Real 3D could use a more virtual reality 3D approach to these operations, with the placement of simple tasks relegated to easily decipherable icons in an accompanying tool list.
The Primitives icons are well designed, and can be popped to view by clicking on "VIS" in the Tool Palette.
All of the other generic control modifiers are grouped under their own icons as well, which is a way of getting the most out of a limited interface space. A more intuitive method of configuring screen preferences should be developed, so that resolution, number of colors, and screen size for the interface could be more easily set.
When it comes to more complex issues of fine tuning objects, numerical controls or sliders should be added to a separate requester. Placing the UNDO function under the Extras menu is confusing. It belongs as a visible icon or button somewhere on screen at all times.
The Materials menu also has a frustrating bug. The items listed in its menu are ghosted out, although they do respond when selected. At first, I obeyed the ghosted out attribute, and it took me a while to figure out that they were still selectable. I'm sure I'm not the only user bewildered by this.
While I understand that the Amiga community should be thankful that RealSoft is still supporting it with the latest edition of its software, I am not pleased to find that the manual for the Windows version is the same as that for the Amiga. Illustrations that show menus and tool options do not always translate the same for the Amiga edition of the software. There should at least be an addendum addon manual, even if it's very thin, that describes discrepancies between the Windows and Amiga manuals.
On the very positive side, Real 3D renderings can be absolutely stunning when it comes to photographic reality, and in most cases, rendering time is pretty fast (certainly far faster than previous versions of Real 3D). If you take the time and patience to learn the workings of Real 3D, you can expect to be able to generate exquisite 3D renderings and animations.
Real 3D has more fine tuning high- quality controls than many of the top commercial 3D packages. The main problem is the design of the user interface, allowing the user to easily access and use all of Real 3D's magic.
Real 3D and the other Amiga specific 3D art and animation applications are a good reason for Gateway to revamp the Amiga, making it faster and better. If that happens, I am sure Real 3D will find a wider Amiga audience. »AO Real 3D version 3.5 RealSoft dingebre@xmission.com (USA) satu@realsoft.fi (Finland Developer Direct) Are Amiga paint programs less applicable for some high-end creative tasks than Mac and Windows applications like Adobe's Photoshop, Corel's Photopaint, or Macromedia's xRes.? To some degree, yes. For one thing, non-Amiga paint software is much more geared to desktop
publishing, and in desktop publishing you are always looking for high DPI output. Typically that output ranges from 300 DPI on up, depending upon the system targeted for the printout. Even prosumer printers address output from 720 to 1200 DPI at this point, and the numbers are going up by the month.
2D 3D Producing 3D art with 2D tools by R. Shamms Mortier Let's be fair though. The Amiga was not designed to be a desktop publishing monster. It was designed to address video. Video, like your TV, has a DPI set to as close to 72 as you can get. That's because NTSC, a TV barrier we still suffer under, comes across at about 72 DPI (See the article on page 21).
The Amiga was not designed to be a desktop publishing monster. It was designed to address video.
Although the Amiga has a harder time addressing high resolution print output (though it can be done with a little work and planning), the focus of this article is more about comparative painting options on the Amiga versus other systems. There again, at first glance, the Amiga user feels demoralized. The bells and whistles of Mac and PC paint programs continue to multiply, while Amiga paint programs like Dpaint and Brilliance are no Above from far Left to Right: Figure 1. The rectangle has become a 3D tubelike object. Notice that the original rectangular brush is at the upper left. If you
drag on different angles, the shading of the 3D object changes.
Figure 2. Look at that! Even more 3D possibilities.
Figure 3. Using smaller brushes adds more lace-like elements to the lattice.
Figure 4. The Mirror tool adds more symmetrical interest.
Figure 5. The resulting figure using curved lines and ovals looks somewhat like a Tahitian mask.
Longer in development. What about all of the Amiga users who have purchased these and other bitmap painting software years ago? Are their tools so outmoded that the only option is to put the Amiga in a closet and, swallowing hard, resign themselves to the purchase of another platform? Not necessarily.
The arts are not about keeping up with the Joneses as far as anticipating the latest in technological toys. The arts are about what you do as an artist, what you make, and what you say. For that reason, great musicians treasure the banged up instruments they've been patching up for years. And for the same reason, many digital artists are still discovering magical possibilities in limited resolutions and limited palettes on systems that are not state- of-the-art. Besides, familiar tools are like old shoes with more holes than shoe, they feel so comfortable you just can't walk anywhere without
*** N' € I' '
- ¦ . *( p- ' , i ¦ tbs « ( * v Still Exploring I am amazed
when I return to Dpaint and Brilliance after a long journey
with the painting software on other platforms. I am continually
reminded of the breakthroughs that Amiga painting software
fostered in its heyday, and what it still offers today.
I'd like to point out two specific techniques as an example, one which will be the central focus of this article, and the other for another article to come.
Figure 7.1 suppose I would call this “Mechanistic Consciousness”, a cross between Descarte and the Terminator.
The two techniques involve multiple-tip paint brushes and ANIMbrushes. Let's look at ANIMbrushes first, since we will save the article on how to use them to paint with until another issue.
Fractal Design Painter, the most famous and full featured paint application in the world for the Mac and Windows systems, discovered ANIMbrush painting only within the last few years. In Painter, the tool is called the "Image Hose", and it sprays a collection of modified images on the screen. The Amiga has been able to do this since about day two, the only difference being that ANIMbrushes were thought of as animation extensions and not as 2D painting tools. In a coming issue, we will learn how to use ANIMbrushes as painting tools as well.
Multiple-tipped brushes are our concern in this piece, so let's describe and investigate them. What is a Multiple-Tipped brush? Simple. It's a brush, or more accurately a series of grabbed shapes, that have more than one color and or more than one 2D design.
If you use either Dpaint or Brilliance, or another comparable Amiga bitmap painting program, you are aware that you can cut a shape out of the graphics on the screen and paint with it. Commonly, primitive brush shapes consist of a library of oval and rectangles of different sizes that are used to apply a select color or color cycled range. Instead of using a program's primitive brush choice, you can also grab a shape (rectangular or polygonal) from artwork on the screen.
Commonly, if you grab while holding down the left mouse button, you pick up a clone of the selected shape. If you hold down the right mouse button, the shape you pick up is cut from the screen, leaving the background color.
As far as painting color, Dpaint, Brilliance, and other Amiga painting applications, allow two choices. The first is that the colors painted in using the picked up brush are the actual colors of the brush. The second option is that only the shape of the brush is used, while the color is selected from the palette just as if you were using a built-in primitive brush choice. It is the first option that I find far more interesting, because the picked-up brush can have multiple colors and shapes, and using it as an active paintbrush (or actually brush "nib") produces some absolutely amazing
Suggested Attention Items Art is art, no matter digital or analogue, and artists hate to be given hard and fast rules. That being the case, allow me to suggest some things you might want to pay attention to at the start, allowing for the fact that as you become more acclimated to this painting process, you will likely stretch my suggestions to the breaking point.
The title of this article, 2D 3D, refers to generating graphics that have a 3D look, as if they were produced in a 3D program like Aladdin, Real3D, Imagine, or LightWave. All we will use to create them, however, are the 2D painting tools readily available in Brilliance and Dpaint, or in any other Amiga painting software that covers similar bases.
Since we know where we are headed, let's develop a few axioms on how to prepare to get there. Both Brilliance and Dpaint have similar ways of producing these effects. I used Brillance as my medium for this example, so any direct tool references are for Brilliance.
1. Draw a rectangle, using four different colors for each side.
Make the left and bottom colors darker and the right colors
lighter. When you drag this shape as a brush, it gives the
impression of a 3D tubular object with dark and light sides.
Using the Rectangular Scissors tool and the right mouse button, pick up the rectangle.
2. In Brilliance, select the Straight Line tool. Turn
Anti-Aliasing on High.
With the rectangular brush attached to your mouse cursor, draw a line.
Instead of a 2D line, you will see what appears to be a 3D tube (see Figure 1).
3. Use the same brush resized smaller and draw extended tubes
that emerge from the larger tubes. Each time you draw a tube,
click on "Foreground" in the Stencil tool's requester. This
allows you to draw only on the background. As a variation, use
stenciling some of the time, and turn it off for other tubes
(see Figure 2).
Least to see how all of this shakes out.
4. As a final element in this first exploration, reduce the size
of the brush farther, and complete a more extensive lattice,
using Stenciling to protect all but the background color about
50% of the time. Having elements of different sizes tricks the
eye into seeing perspectives and depth where only 2D lines
Figure 3 demonstrates the effect of smaller brushes.
5. Using the same group of resized brushes and random toggling of
the Stencil operation in Brilliance, select the Mirror tool.
The Mirror tool is to Brilliance what the Symmetry tool is
• AC* in Dpaint, though Dpaint's Symmetry tool allows for even
more variation. In Brilliance, the Mirror tool gives you either
two or four clones of a brush, all grouped around a common
center. You get two clones if either X or Y is used as the
mirror axis, and four when both are checked. Look carefully at
the mirrored graphic in Figure 4.
6. Now explore the same ideas using the outline oval and curved
Notice that this works best when you use random toggles of the Stenciling operation. The forms become more organic with curves.
SIMM Adapters for A3000(D&T) AmiFAST 3000 Change is good?
For the A3000 Desktop MSRP $ 89 SAVE 10% thru August 31st, 1997 Also Dealers and Distributors Save!!
AmiFAST-ll for the A3000T (takes two) and A2386 Bridgeboard $ 39 Also, SCSI Chips $ 22 AMD Replacement for WD33C93A Rev.8 ProvTech
R. R. 4 Box 72, Washington, IN 47501 VOICE FAX (812) 254-1721
E-Mail: provtech@hotmail.com by R. Stiamms Mortier NTSC, the
TV transmission standard set by the National Television
Standards Committee many years ago, is going by the wayside,
and so is PAL and SECAM, alternate world TV standards. The
coming Digital High Definition TV standards will replace all
current TV models and their transmission standards within the
next 10 to 15 years. In not too long a time, all of the Tvs in
use today will have to be either scrapped or expensively
retrofitted to meet the new transmission standards. The new
transmission standards are going to present visual data with
resolutions that are much closer to today's high end RGB
computers than to the smeary low resolutions offered by NTSC,
What this means for the Amiga and all of the other systems out of which have poured millions of NTSC regulated video material is that it too will be pretty useless. Let's face it. When you see an animation set to 72 DPI on a TV monitor, it looks far different from playback on a computer monitor. The Amiga, in order to be a viable tool around the first quarter of the twenty-first century, is going to have to be redesigned and beefed up.
But you know what? With the right type of development in the coming years, the Amiga may be an easier transitional platform than other systems.
The Amiga, after all, was built with TV in mind. It will be interesting at the Circle 134 on Reader Service card.
Figure 5 shows the use of curved lines and ovals.
7. The same techniques can be used to create a grainy graphic,
somewhat reminiscent of grains of sand or pebbles. When you
want the grains to look more like rocks, just add a black
outline around the shape (hit the "o" key after selecting
black in the palette). These elements are then sprayed on with
the Airbrush with Mirroring on (see Figure 6).
Where and how to use 2D 3D art Providing you don't mind a little complexity, this style of artwork can work as a background for video text. Another option is to use it as a foreground in a 3D animation, allowing the background color to be transparent. It's like looking through 3D to see 3D elements in the back. You can also use it as an interesting backdrop on a Web page, or for DTP work.
Till next time, see ya in ROMulan space. Enjoy!
• AC* AcMJk J S "Hand Draw*' Look to Clip Even if you are not a
great artist, with clip art and a few quick techniques, you can
produce “original” masterpieces.
By Nick Cook Clip art is a boon to those of us who are, um, "Artistically challenged." There are thousands of pieces of art available in almost any style imaginable. Despite this abundance, you may still want to alter some of the clips to suit your layout. For example, you find that perfect image in a vector graphic format such as .eps or .dr2d. Although the image is right, its "feel" is not. Vector graphics can appear to be "mechanical" when you want a more "human" touch.
A tip printed in the Image Club's catalog provided a way to create a "hand drawn" clip art from an .eps image. Unfortunately, it was written for the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop packages. Since the Amiga doesn't have those programs, we will do, it on our own.
First, convert the .eps or ,dr2d image into a bitmap format. Do this by way of programs such as DrawStudio, or by opening the graphic in PageStream3 or ArtExpression and exporting the file as an IFF. Once you have gotten your IFF, we are off in Photogenics 2: ???WANTED*** A2000 Computers (NTSC or PAL) TOP DOLLAR PAID If you are sitting with an A2000 in your attic or basement not being used, this is the time to turn it into cash. We offer top dollar for any A2000 and even pay the UPS shipping costs!
Interested in an A3000? Trade in your A2000 towards one.
Call for pricing details. You won't be disappointed.
28 Giov* Street SpunqVfll ey NY 10977 9 I 4-578-6522 • 800 815-324 1 800 595-5534 ¦ 888 PAXTRON • Pavlion FAX 914 578 6550 kVt stiff* WOW OiV'OJ STEP ONE: Load the image (Figure 1). Clone it (in the Project menu) or load a second copy. Make the copy the alpha channel by moving the thumbnail sketch on the image bar into the "alpha" slot, by menu commands or by keyboard shortcuts.
The alpha channel will function as a mask over the original image, like the stencil effect in DeluxePaint. This protects the black lines from paint functions, so you will not have to worry about accidently slopping "paint" all over the lines.
Figure 3: A script font supports the hand drawn feel.
STEP TWO: Add color! The easiest way would be simply flood filling areas with colors. That's appropriate for some types of clip art; however, the sample we are working with has a sophisticated feel to it, so let's get artsy. Select the airbrush brush (click on the Brush icon) and color the image (Figure 2). Don't use filled shapes. Just keep applying lines of color. With Photogenics, be sure to "Fix" the image before you change colors or when the painting is finished!
STEP THREE: Apply a light blur to the image. This blends everything, making the picture look as if it has been drawn with a felt marker (Figure
3) .
Viola! What composition! What balance! What striking use of color!
And what a different feel the image has when compared to the original version. Hmmm, maybe I'll stick it on the refrigerator door!
• AC* Please Write to: Nick Cook c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 Software Hut Folcroft
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11. 95 Paula or Denise Chip
16. 95 Lisa 1C
39. 95 Alice 1C
39. 95 Eproms 2630 Rev 7
36. 95 Eproms 2091 Rev 7
34. 95
1. 3 ROM Chip
13. 95
2. 04 ROM Chip
22. 95
2. 05 ROM Chip
26. 95 Guru ROM v6 GVP A500 series
71. 95 GuruROM GVP or A2091 (Spec) 63.95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev8A
32. 95 CIA 8520 Surf. Mount Chip
23. 50 Super Buster Rev 11
29. 95 Ramsey Rev 7
29. 95 Paula Surface Mount
42. 95 Super Dmac Rev 4
42. 95 Bridgette
29. 95 Video DAC
24. 95 For other caitom chips, call or vliH ear web aHe.
J Expansion Systems DataFlyer XDS1200 $ 79.95 DataFlyer SCSI+ 1200
79. 95 DataFlyer 2000s SCSI
89. 95 DataFlyer 2000e IDE
79. 95 DataFlyer CDS-XDS
89. 95 Phase 5 Blizzard 1230-IVw 50Mz CPU $ 214.95 Blizzard 1260
Turbo Board
649. 95 Blizzard 12x0 SCSI Module
134. 95 Blizzard 2060 w SCSI
769. 95 Blizzard 2040 T ERC w SCSI
499. 95 Blizzard 603e PPC Call CyberGraphx Software
44. 95 Cybervision 64 3D 4Mb
286. 95 MPEG Decoder for CV64 3D
189. 95 Scan Doubler Switch tor CV84 3D124.95 Cyberstorm 060 Mk2
3000 4000 789.95 Cyberstorm 040 40 Mk2
519. 95 Cyberstorm SCSI
139. 95 Cyberstorm 604e PPC Call k. Flat Bed Scanners For the
latest Products, Prices, Detailed Info, Tech Support, &
Amiga News, visit our Web Site at www.softhut.com Epaon
Action Scanner 2,1200 DPI $ 340.05 Epson ES1000 Scanner, 1600
DPI 579.95 Msstek Scinner Call GVP-M DSS8+ Digital Sound
Studio Just releasedl With 3.0 software, for all audio
_$ 99.95_ A4000 Desktop Board 060 50Mz w SCSI-2. Expands to 128Mb. Supports normal 72 pin SIMMS.
$ 399.95_ A2000 060 SOMz T-Rex _$ 849.93_ A2000 040 40MZ T-Rex Expand to 060 50Mz later.
$ 629.00 A2000 030 40Mz 4Mb Combo $ 429.93 A4008 Controller Card Classic SCSI-2 controller card for A2000 3000 4000.
Holds up to 8Mb RAM.
$ 129.93 Each 2Mb increment - $ 34.00 Original GVP made SIMMs lor all older GVP boards: 4Mb - $ 84.05 16Mb - $ 149.95 DSS 84 3.0 Upgrade Software 429.95 I O Extender-2 Serial, 1 Par. 109.95 A1291 SCSI Module 99.95 A1200 SCSI+RAM 33Mz 134.95 G-Lock Genlock NTSC 349.95 G-Lock Genlock PAL 364.95 lOmega Zip Drive SCSI External $ 159.95 100Mb Removable Disk
15. 95 fOOMb Disks (3Pack)
44. 95 Zip Jaz Tools Software
24. 95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb internal
309. 95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb external
409. 95 1Gb removable disk
92. 95 1Gb rem. Disks - 5 Pack
434. 95 Megachip A500 2000 (184.95 Cobra 1240 33MzRC CPU 149.95
Cobra 1240 40Mz EC CPU 189.95 Ferret SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose
84.95 FPU and RAM prices Call SpitFire SCSI2 Controller
79.95 RapidFire SCSI2 RAM Controller 139.95 WildFira 060
50Mz for A2000 1279.00 Inlemo PCI Graphics Card (or WF Call
3128 RAM Exp. A3 4000 OK 229.95 The Clock A1200 17.95 CD-ROM
Drives Sanyo H94S 2X SCSI CD-ROM Internal model $ 49.95
External model $ 99.95 Plextor 4X SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal
model $ 114.95 External model $ 174.95 Pioneer 12X SCSI CD-ROM
Drive Internal model $ 199.95 External model $ 289.95 Toshiba
12X SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal model $ 209.95 External model
$ 279.95 Sony CDU-926S 6x Read 2x Wrlto Recordable SCSI
CD-ROM Drive Now you can inexpensively record your own
Internal model $ 389.95 External model $ 489.95 Modems & InterNet Sporster 5SK x2 Fax Modem $ 234.95 Supra Expr's 33.6 V34 FAX Modem 144.95 Supra FAX Modem 33.6 V34 209.95 Cardinal 33.6 FAX Modem 166.00 Prac. Periph. 14.4 FAX Modem 74.95 JR Comm Terminal Software 5.00 Termite 39.95 Termite TCP 46.95 GP Fax Software • Class 1 & 2 54.95 Help Amiga Gat On I'net Video 34.95 Ibrowie1.1 41.95 Aweb 2 w HTML-Heaven 44.95 Video Products Personal Anlm. Recorder, Amiga Call Personal TBC 4 $ 829.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 224.95 Vldi Amiga 24 RT 239.95 Vidr Amiga 24 RT Pro 329.95 Graffiti Graphics Box 114.95
Vidao Magician 289.00 Super Scan 159.95 Supar Scan Flicker Fixer 134.95 AM-TRADE High Density Drives A4000, or A4000T - $ 109.95 A2000 series - $ 114.95 A1200 series - $ 114.95 Memory CPUs & FPUs Calll Prices changing dally.
Village Tronic Main Actor Professional S74.95 Main Actor Broadcast 169.95 Ariadne 239.95 Ami TCP IP v4.x 94.95 Picasso to 1080 1084 Cable 34.95 Liana Network 89.95 Liana Network 5M 99.95 Pleasio 2 Plot 289.95 Picasso 4 439.05
3. 1 Kits AS320 3.1 Kit for the A500, A2000, & A2500 - $ 94.95
AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000s $ 109.95 AS340 3.1 Kit (or all
A4000s $ 109.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s $ 109.95 AS3063.1
Kit for all A600s $ 94.95
3. 1 ROM for A500, A600, A2000 (Specify) $ 42.95
3. 1 ROM set lor A3000, A4000.
A1200 (Specify) 57.95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 56.95 AS217 Arexx DOS Enhancer
14.95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 A50C Peripherals
BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 $ 84.95 Commodore A500 Power
Supply 49.95 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 44.95 Saturn
External Floppy Drive 880K 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board
33.95 AllaPower Plus 159.00 AjfaPower Plus Other Configs Call
f Apollo A500 2000 2Mb Chip RAM Board $ 154.95 A6D0 630 33Mz
68030 $ 199.95 630 50MZ 68030
234. 95 A1200 1260 50Mz 68060 $ 589.95 1240 25MZ 68040
299. 95 1240 33MZ 68040
339. 95 1240 40MZ 68040
369. 95 1230 50MZ 68030
214. 95 1230 40MZ 68030
179. 95 1230 Lite 25Mz CPU + FPU
119. 95 1200 SCSI Module
99. 95 Cat Weasel Adv. Floppy Contr.
114. 95 A2BD0 2030 25MZ 68030 w SCSI 2 $ 239.95 2030 50MZ 68030
289. 95 A3000 3000T 3060 50MZ 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 719.95 A400Q A4D0BT
4060 50Mz 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 699.95 Cat Weasel (or A4000
114. 95 CD-32 SX32 $ 229.95 SX32 Pro 030 33MZ
399. 00 SX32 Pro 030 50MZ
439. 00 .
Quik Pak A600 A6011Mb Chip RAM w Cloek $ 69.95 A600 w 65Mb Seagate HD Installed - $ 329.95 A1200 Computers Back in stock from Amiga International A1200w 260Mb HD Magic Pack $ 719.95 A4000T Additional RAM, Hard Drives and Peripherals are available at great pricing. Call for a quote on custom systems.
A4000T 060 50Mz 6Mb 1Gb HD $ 2697.00 A4000T 040 25Mz 6Mb 1 Gb HD $ 1979.00 A4060T Accelerator Fastest 06(V50Mz accelerator available for A4000T.
Expandable to 128Mb.
Supports EDO RAM $ 839.95 Trade in your A3640 and get the board for: $ 729.95 We configure complete Toaeter and Flyer systems.
Input Devices Mlndicape Powerpliyera Joystick S9.95 The Bug 18.00 Alfa Data 2 Button Mouse, 300 DPI 19.95 Alfa Data Mega Mouse, 400 DPI 26.95 Alla Data 3 Button Mouse 27.95 Wizard 560DPI Black 3 But Mouse 24.95 Wizard 560DPI Beige 3 But Mouse 24.95 CBM CD-32 Joypad 14.95 Logic 3 Action Joypad 19.95 Golden Image JP-100 Pen Mouse 19.95 Amtrac Trackball 69.95 Golden Image Trackball 49.95 WICO Black Max Joystick 7.95 PawsTrac MicroTrackball 49.95 4 Player Joystick Adapter 12.95 KB100 Adapter for AT Keyboard 49.95 Epaon Action Scanner. 1200 DPI 399.95 Epson ES1000 Scinner, 1600 DPI 599.95 Wacom
ArtZ-212x12 Tablet 569.00 Topollno PC Mouxe Adapter 42.95 ScenOulx 3 Scinner Software 114.95 Power HD Floppy Drives
3. 5Mb Supor XL Ext. Drive $ 209.95 Power Computing 1.76 XL Ext.
134.95 B Info 610-586-5703 mm iu"8009I2S42Software Hut Info
610-586-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 FAX 610-586-5706 6416 Hours:
Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat - Sun Closed CD-ROM Software Titles SEW,
lower pricing and NEW titles. Purchase 4, or more, and receive
3D Arena $ 37.95 Into the Net (2 Cds)
21. 95 3D CD-2 Images
14. 95 Kara Fonts Complete Collection $ 4.95 3D CD-I Objects
14. 95 Learning Curve
21. 95 17 Bit Continuation CD
12. 95 Light ROM 3 or 4 (Specify)
39. 95 t7 Bit 5th Dimension
18. 95 Light ROM Gold
24. 95 17 Bit Phase 4
12. 95 Magic Illusion
13. 95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 1,2 (Spec)
12. 95 Magic Publisher
49. 95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 3
22. 95 Magic Workbench Enhancer
26. 95 1078 Weird Textures
19. 95 Maximum MODs Volume 1
25. 95 2000 Greater Mysteries
29. 95 Meeting Pearls 3 or 4 (Specify)
13. 95 3000 JPEG Textures
22. 95 Mick Davis' Cartoon Clipart Call A Long Hard Day on the
Ranch 9,00 Micro R&D Volume 1
25. 00 Advanced Military Systems
6. 00 Micro R&D Volume 2
40. 00 AGA Experience
24. 95 Micro R&D Vol 3 or Vol 4 (Specify)
14. 95 AGA Experience 2
19. 95 Micro R&D Volume 5
44. 00 AGA Experience 3
24. 95 MODs Anthology
36. 95 AGA Toolkit 97
17. 95 Movie Maker Special FX 1
59. 95 American Heritage III. Dictionary
12. 00 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 Amiga CD Sensation f ¦ Demos
15. 95 Moving Textures 100,200 (Spec)
239. 00 Amiga CD Sens. - Golden Games
15. 95 Mud Puddles
10. 00 Amiga Developer CD vl.1
17. 95 Multimedia Backdrops
24. 95 Amiga Emulator (or Pcs
32. 95 Multimedia Toolkit
10. 95 Amiga Repair Kit
45. 95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
26. 95 AmiNet Share 4
7. 50 Music MODs & Sound Samples
8. 95 AmiNel Set 1 or 2 (Specify)
32. 95 NelNews Offline 1 or 2 (Specify)
16. 95 AmiNet Set 3 or 4 (Specify)
37. 95 Network CD 1 or 2 (Specify)
19. 95 AmiNet 5.6 (Specify)
12. 00 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 AmiNet8.9.10, ft, 12(Specify)
17. 95 Nothing bul Tetris
14. 95 AmiNet 13,14,15 (Specify)
19. 95 Octamed 6
19. 95 AmiNet 16.17,18 (Specify)
19. 95 Octamed Sound Studio
29. 95 AMOS PD 2
21. 95 Online Library
19. 95 Amy Resources - US Edition, Vol f
24. 95 Pandoras CD
9. 95 Anime Babes
28. 95 Paperbag Princess
10. 00 Arcade Classics Pius
23. 95 Personal Paint 7.0
69. 95 Artworx
12. 95 Personal Suite Irom Cloanto
59. 95 Assassins Games
8. 95 PhotoCD Manager
33. 95 Assassins Games 2 or 3 (Specify)
22. 95 Print Studio Pro
37. 95 Audio Thunder
69. 95 Pro Pics
24. 95 BCI Net
8. 95 Psycho Killer
8. 00 Beauty ol Chaos Fractals
15. 95 Retro Gold: Emu-late
22. 95 Blanker Collection
19. 95 SFX Volume 1 or 2 (Specify)
29. 00 C64 Games 97 Call Scene Storm
24. 95 C64 Sensations Volume 2
26. 95 Sci Fi Sensation v2
28. 95 Card Games
22. 95 Solar System Kit (or LW
84. 95 CD PD 1
8. 00 Sounds Terrific 1
12. 95 CD PD 2.3,4 (Specify)
24. 00 Sounds Terrific 2
17. 95 CD Write
42. 95 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 Clip Art h Fonts
9. 95 Speccy CD 97
27. 95 Clipart Warehouse 1,2 (Specify)
18. 00 Sports Football CD-32
6. 00 Colour Library
15. 95 Strip Poker
12. 95 Corporate Video Backgrounds
118. 95 Surlace Pro & Pro Textures Combo
55. 95 DataMix
16. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM vl, v2 (Specify)
79. 95 da Capo Mods & Sounds
22. 95 System Booster
32. 95 DEM ROM
22. 95 Tales ol Peter Rabbit
10. 00 Demo CD 1,2 (Specify)
24. 00 Ten on Ten (10 Cds)
49. 95 Desktop Video CD 2
29. 95 Texture Heaven 2
12. 95 Distant Suns 5.01 CD NEW
49. 95 TTOH Business. Politics & Media
15. 00 Draw Studio f.f CD
158. 00 Town With No Name
5. 00 EMC-Phase 1 or 2 (Specify) 33,95 Turbo Calc 2.1 CD
12. 95 Emulators Unlimited Plus
26. 95 TurboCalc 4.0
64. 95 Encounters: The UFD Phenomenon
16. 95 Universal 3D ROM
137. 95 Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 1997
46. 95 Ultimedia 1 & 2 (2 Cds)
21. 95 Epic Collection 3
34. 95 Utilities Experience NFA
19. 95 Epic Paranormal Encyclopedia
39. 95 Utilities Volume 2
29. 95 Eric Schwartz CD-Archive
19. 95 Visual FX LW 1, 2 (Specify)
129. 00 Euro CD Vol 1 or Vol 2 (Specify)
19. 95 Visual FX lor ImageFX
129. 00 EuroScane
8. 95 Weird Science Clip Art
14. 00 EuroScene 2
18. 95 Weird Science Fonts
14. 00 Eyes of the Eagle
9. 00 Weird Science Animations
19. 95 Fantaseas
22. 95 Weird Science Demo Mania 1
20. 00 Fractal Pro Image Library
19. 95 Weird Science UPD Gold
26. 95 Fresh Fonts Vol 2
24. 00 Women In Motion
9. 00 Frozen Fish 8 95
14. 95 Women of the Web
39. 95 Gamer's Delight 2
24. 95 WordWorth 6
79. 00 Gateway 1 or 2 (Specify)
18. 95 WordWorth Office
99. 00 Geek Gadgets
19. 95 Workbench Add On
27. 95 Geek Gadgets 2
24. 95 World Atlas trom Wisedrome
39. 95 GFX Sensations
16. 95 World Info
45. 95 GIF Gallery Volf
22. 00 World of Clipart Plus
24. 95 GIF Sensation
24. 95 World of Photo
19. 95 Giga Graphics
39. 95 Wrath of the Demon
5. 00 Global Amiga Experience
26. 95 XiPaint 4.0
55. 95 Gold Fish 2,3 (Specify)
16. 95 Zoom Release 2
32. 95 Guiness Book ol World Records Hidden Truth
6. 95
44. 95 COM Service Manualt Horror Sensation
26. 95 A500 Service Manual $ 14.95 Hottest 4, 5,6 (Specify)
24. 95 A3000 Desktop Seivice Manual
19. 95 Hound ol the Baskervilles
8. 00 A3000 Tower Service Manual
22. 95 Humanoid LW or Imagine (Spec)
159. 95 1084S D1 Service Manual
14. 95 ImageVision
184. 95 1950 or 1960 Serv Man (Specify)
19. 95 Imagine PD 3D
23. 95 2091 Service Manual
12. 95 Insight: Dinosaurs
14. 95 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man.
12. 95 Insight: Technology
8. 95 CDTV Srvice Manual
17. 95 Interior Design Collection 169,00 A1200 User Manual
5. 95 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 A4DOO User Manual
7. 95 Amiga Technology Monitors We are pleased to announce the
exclusive North American Distribution of Amiga Technologies
Monitors. These are Highest Quality monitors, made especially
tor your Amiga. 1 Yr Warranty through Electrohome, in the USA.
M1438S Amiga Monitor M1764 Amiga Monitor
• 17" Diagonal FST Invar mask
• ,28mm DP • 85Mz Bandwidth
• Anti-Static AR faceplate finish
• 15-64Kz Horizontal Frequency
• 45-125Hz Vertical Frequency $ 679.95 Toshiba 20’ Multlscan
S-VHS, RGB, Comp., Audio, Sub- Bass 20W Stereo Speakers, Dark
Flat Screen, 181 channel Tuner.
$ 459.95
• 14' CRT Hi-Res Color Monitor
• Short Persistence Phosphors
• ,28mm DP • 40Mz Bandwidth
• 15-40KZ Horizontal Frequency
• 45-90Hz Vertical Frequency
• Universal 100-240 VAC 50 60HZ
• Amplified Stereo Speakers $ 349.95 15 to 23 pin Adapter $ 26.95
Sync Strainer Adapter 46.95 Pro-260 Amplified Multi-Media 60w
Speaker System 39.95 Productivity - Utilities Address 11! 1.5
$ 26.95 Image F X 2.6
229. 95 Air Mail 4 Email
39. 95 ImageMaster R T
69. 00 AmiPC Power Mouse Software
18. 95 InfoNexus 2 w DataNexus
59. 95 AmigaVision Clips v1 SFX
8. 95 IntarNet Starter Package
27. 95 AmigaVision Professional
24. 95 International Flow Charter
23. 95 Art Effect 1.5
109. 00 Invoice It t .2
34. 95 Art Effect 2.0
179. 00 Link III 49,95 Art Effect SuperView
45. 00 Magic Lantern v2
94. 00 Art Effect Power Effects
45. 00 Make Path 2.10
29. 95 Artworks Clip Art Library
22. 95 Master ISO Irom ASIMware
174. 95 ASIM3.X upgrade for 2.0
42. 95 MaxDOS 2.5
79. 00 ASIM CDFS CD-ROM Driver v3.
59. 95 Media Magic
79. 95 Aweb 2 w HTMl Heaven
44. 95 MegaBell 4
19. 00 Batch Factory
49. 00 MR Backup 2.5
45. 00 Blitz Basic 2.1
49. 95 Money Matter by Dlglta
39. 95 irilllance 2.0
124. 95 Network PC
32. 95 Cinema 4Dv3
239. 00 On the Ball vl .5
35. 00 Composite Studio Pro
149. 95 Organizer by Digita
39. 95 Control Tower
139. 95 PageStream 3.2
159. 00 Jo-Pilot Audio or Video (Specify)
99. 00 PC Task 3.1
49. 95 Gross DOS v6
46. 95 PC Task 4.2
94. 95 Gross MAC
79. 00 MS-DOS 5.0 3.5“ HD Version
9. 95 Decision Maker
199. 00 Pcx Software PC Emulation
69. 95 Diluxe Music 2
59. 95 Pegger2.0
29. 95 Design Works 2
29. 95 Pixel 30 Pro 2.1
195. 00 Desktop Magic
28. 95 Power Macros Lightwave
89. 95 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack
14. 95 Pretlum
46. 95 Diavolo Backup Standard 69,00 ProMIx Call Diavolo Backup
98. 00 Pro Vector 3
179. 00 Dice 3.2
89. 95 Quarterback 6.1
49. 95 Digital Universe B9.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 2.02
49. 95 Directory Opus 5.5
79. 00 Quarterback + Tools Bundle
74. 95 DirWork 2
59. 00 RenderFX Cell Disk Magic
54. 95 SAS C 6.51
89. 95 Disk Sahr 4
29. 95 SCALA Backgrounds 1 or 2 (Specify) 14.95 Distant Suns 5.01
57. 95 SCALA MM400
199. 95 DJ Helper 2
59. 00 SCALA MM400 upgrade for MM300
69. 95 Draw Studio 1.1
129. 00 Scape Maker 4,0
39. 95 Easy Ledgers 2
149. 95 Scenery Animator 4.0
58. 95 EnPrinl 2 Epson Stylus Color Drive
34. 95 Secal Programming Language 49,95 Envoy 2.0
39. 00 Sequencer Qne+
35. 00 :amily Connections
34. 00 Snap Maps: Building Materials
124. 95 :iber Factory
79. 95 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage 124,95
- inal Calc
134. 95 Soft Talk 7,50
- inal Data Release 3
59. 00 Sparks
119. 95 :inal Writer 97
112. 95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools
24. 95 Final Writer Lite
59. 95 Storm C 2.0
375. 00 :ractal Pro 6.10 w FPIL v1 CD
85. 00 Storm Wizard
84. 95 Fusion Call Studio Printer 2 v2.14
85. 00 GameSmith Development System
68. 00 Super HP-DJC 3 or HP-LJ4 (Spec)
37. 95 GeoMorph 1.0
49. 95 Surlace Pro
55. 95 Gigamem 3.x
58. 95 Tableau LT Driver
31. 95 HiSoft Sasic 2
94. 95 Termite TCP
46. 95 Ibrome 1.1
41. 95 Terra Form 2.10
29. 95 Turbo Print Pro 5 Twist 2 Relational Database
69. 95
119. 95 f" Amiga Parts TypeSmith 2.5 Upper Disk Toots
69. 00
25. 95 A1000 Case w all shielding A2000 A3000 Keyboard A600 t 200
Internal Floppy Drive A2000 Internal Floppy Drive A3000
Internal Floppy Drive $ 9.95
79. 95
69. 95
69. 95
69. 95 Vista Pro 3.05 Wave Maker 2.0 Wipe Studio World
Construction Set vl World Construction Set v2 World
Construction Set v2 Intel
49. 95
179. 95
137. 95
158. 95
368. 95
589. 00 A2000 Power Supply
109. 00 Mouse for CDTV. Wired - black
16. 95 Bigfoot A40000 Pwr Sy 300W
269. 95 Amiga Books Bigloot A3000 Pwr Sy 300W
239. 95 Exploring Lightwave 3D $ 52.99 286 8ridgeboard PCB Only
69. 95 PhotoReal FX
42. 95 CBM CDTV Control Pad
34. 95 FX Kit for Lightwave 33,95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bot)
19.95 Power FX for LW 5.0
27. 95 2088XT Bridgeboard complete
15. 00 Conned Your Amiga
19. 00 CDTV Keyboard 8lack
59. 95 Lightwave Power Guide
42. 95 a wr e jrsw Games for Amiga & CD-32 Alien Breed 3D
AGA CD-32 (Specify) St 9.95 Alien Breed 3D 2 AGA 39.95 Akira
CD-32 w T-Shirt 9.95 Big Red Adventure AGA CD 29.95 Bograts
AGA 29.95 Breathless AGA 29.95 Burnout AGA 39.95 Capital
Punishment AGA 34.95 Chaos Engine 2 Amiga 38.95 Coala - for
all accelerated Amigas 29.95 Colonization 29.95 Defender of
the Crown 2 CD-32 9.95 Exile AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Exile
ECS 24.95 Extreme Racing AGA CD-32 (Specify) 19.95 FIFA
Internationa I Socces 19.95 Gloom Deluxe Amiga 24.95 Gulp
CD-32 9.95 Hillsea Lido Amiga 29.95 Humans 3 AGA 39.95 Jet
Pilot Amiga 36.95 Lion King AGA 24.95 Nemac 4 Director’s Cut
CD 44.95 Odyssey Amiga 34.95 Overlord ECS AGA 24.95 Pinball
Illusions AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37.95 Pinball Mania AGA 37.95
Pinball Prelude ECS AGA (Specify) 34.95 Pinball Prelude CD-32
34.95 Roadkill CD-32 17.95 Sensible Golf Amiga 37.95 Sensible
World of Soccer 95 96 34.95 Slam Tilt AGA 34,95 Speris Legacy
AGA CD-32 (Specify) 26.95 Star Crusader AGA 42.95 Super
Skidmarks ECS CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Skidmarks Data Disk
AGA 19.95 Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Street
Fighter 2 19.95 Super Tennis Champs Amiga 34.95 Theme Part
AGA 9.95 Timekeepers Amiga 29.95 Timekeepers Data Amiga 14.95
Tiny Troops Amiga 38.95 Valhalla 3 Amiga 38.95 Virtual
Karting AGA 26.95 Waich Tower AGA 24.95 Worms ECS or AGA
(Specify) 22.95 Worms: Director’s Cut AGA 29.95 Oh Yes...
More Worms! 19.95 XP8AGA 38.95 Our Policies No wailing for
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O CopyriQhl 1997, (MyAitMiccii |Fi, All RiQhts Reserved This Old Workbench: Episode 9 This episode, I am beginning a series on some powerful tools for working with your Amiga. It is time to peek under the hood. Remember, when using power tools, safety first! These programs do many strange and wonderful things, and properly used, can make your Amiga an even finer testament to modern technology. But, always make sure you read (and follow) the accompanying documentation!
Tool Time: Beneath the Hood A Tool of Beauty is a Joy Forever by Dave Matthews As with all such power tools, blindly flailing about the interior of your Amiga can lead to unpredictable behavior, and nasty crashes, as well as feelings of fear, uncertainty and guilt.
* maoic wahd • ink uTTT iel SS5?Tc prT37TTJT Hltr-ooiu* ultt tie
set to the ««lvr Indicated by the slider.
Executive UNIX-like process scheduler (V2.10) Author: petrin@megabaud.fi (Petri Nordlund) Version: 2.10 Aminet: util misc executive.lha Requires: AmigaOS 2.04 Distribution: Shareware Executive is one of the more sophisticated programs I've covered for the Amiga. This program brings UNIX-like enhanced multitasking to the Amiga. Of course, the Amiga already has one of the best multitasking operating systems around, but what Executive gives the Amiga is process scheduling.
Before 1 get to Executive, a little background on the Amiga's OS might be in order.
I The Amiga's system of 1 multitasking is known as preemptive, prioritized, round-robin.
Preemptive means the OS controls the multitasking, and acts like a traffic cop, controlling the flow of the multiple programs as well as preventing conflicts and traffic jams. Because of this multitasking OS, it may seem like the Amiga is running many different programs simultaneously, but, since the Amiga is not (yet) a parallel CPU system, it really can only do one thing at a time. Because the Amiga can only use one program on the CPU at a time, when you run multiple programs on the Amiga, the OS must share the CPU between the programs. This is the round-robin part.
The OS, acting as a sort of traffic cop, lets a program run a bit, then moves permission to run to the next program, while the other programs wait. This normally happens so fast as to give the illusion of all the programs running simultaneously.
The Amiga uses a system of task priorities to control the flow of program traffic. Each program is given a priority from -127 to 127 when it is run. The higher the priority, the more CPU usage the program gets. For most situations, this system works brilliantly, and the user never needs to mess with or even know about any program's priority. There are times, however, when more control of the situation is desired.
For instance, say you need to raytrace a large animation project, one that might take weeks of constant rendering. Because raytracing is so CPU intensive, you may find trying to run any other programs intolerably sluggish, and thus you could be without the use of your Amiga until the animation is finished rendering, for some a fate worse than death! Luckily, the Amiga does make provision for controlling this via Priority settings in the icon tool types, or the ChangeTaskPriority command.
Unluckily, these are often inconvenient or ineffective.
This is where Executive comes in.
Using the included scheduler to dynAMIGAlly control task priorities, you can run that CPU hog of a raytracer to trace your masterpiece, and still be able to use the Amiga as if the raytracer were not running at all.
Of course, to quote Heinlein- "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch!"
When you use the scheduler to lower the priority of the raytracer, you are giving it less CPU time, so it will take longer to complete your picture or animation, but at least you will have a usable Amiga for the duration.
Executive uses the tried and true client server model. The server is the main program, which normally you would start in your WBStartup drawer. Clients are programs that use and support the server, such as the task manager, and the various CPU usage, task performance display utilities.
SnoopDOS System monitor, many new features added.
Author: ecarroll@maths.tcd.ie (Eddy Carrol) Version: 3.0 Aminet: util moni snoopdos30.1ha Requires: AmigaOS 2.04 Distribution: freeware Have you ever tried to run a program, and it either crashes or just won't run at all, even though you know it ran before? Often, if a font or library was inadvertently deleted, the Executive includes a system of 'genies' and 'magic wands' to make scheduling different tasks easier, and to help with those programs which do not respond well to Executive's meddling.
Executive might seem rather daunting at first, and the truth is, most beginners will find it a tough go.
Softuore nniUdOS Figure 2 (top). SnoopDOS looks behind the scenes.
Figure 3 (bottom). Syslnspector System Information However, the documentation for Executive includes plenty of good information, general and technical, on multitasking, scheduling, and the Amiga's OS, and also features a helpful tutorial.
Executive should prove very useful to those Amigans who do a lot of rendering, but still need to use their Amiga's for other tasks at the same time, or to those who just want more control over how their Amiga runs.
See Figure 1 for a screenshot of Executive in action.
Integrated Teknologies I ne AMIGA REPAIRS FLAT RATE LABOR RATES A500 $ 59 • A600 $ 89 • A1200 $ 129 A2000 $ 89 • A2000HD $ 99 • A2500 $ 109 A3000 $ 129 • A3000T $ 179 A4000 $ 179 CDTV $ 59 • CD32 $ 109 A1080 4 4S $ 59 MultiScan (nowq*s $ 89 add~in boards & parts additional AMIGA HARDWARE PRE-OWNED • SURPLUS -NEW Fon Fax for current availability & prices SPECIALS MULTISYNC REFURB MONITORS W CABLE CHOICE NEC II $ 199 * NEC 3D $ 299 ALTEC LANSING CS31 MM SYSTEM AMP - SUB WOOFER - 2 SPEAKERS $ 99 HEA VY DUTY EXT SCSI CASE KIT SINGLE 5.25 HH BAY, PS,CABLES $ 49 RECYCLED SSOK DISKETTES 100 $ 29 A3640-25 CPU BOARDS
$ 349 GREAT tlPGARDE FQRA3000 SCSI HA RD DRIVES • PULLS ¦ UNTESTED 20MB 3.5 HH 7 $ 39 • 40MB 3.5 HH 4 $ 39 _OTNBK SCSl lDB DkfVES FAX FOB_ 1101 Chestnut St • Suite A • Roselle • NJ 07203 FAX 908 245-9409 FON 908 245-1313 BUY'SELL • TRADE AMIGA HARDWARE FAX YOUR COMPLETE LIST W MODELS ETC MON X Fit I I - 6 I'M • II El) I - S I'M Circle 122 on Reader Service card.
Offending program will simply refuse to run or crash without giving a hint about the reason. It would be nice to look behind the scenes and see what is going on with that program.
Enter Eddy Carroll's SnoopDOS.
This handy utility has been around quite awhile, and while it won't help with every problem, I have used it to track down quite a few otherwise unsolved mysteries. SnoopDOS allows you to track all sorts of system functions, including Findtask, Lockscreen, OpenDevice, OpenFont, OpenLibrary, ReadTooltypes, SendRexx and a whole slew of other esoteric happenings. While many of these may not make any sense, and may not be of all that much use to any but the expert, some, such as the OpenFont, OpenLibrary, and ReadToolType can be indispensable to help track down program problems.
See Figure 2 for a screenshot of SnoopDOS.
Syslnspector System monitor, with ClassAct GUI Author: merlin@thule.no (Eric Sauvageau) Version: 1.1 Aminet: util moni SysInspectorll.lha Requires: AmigaOS 3.0+, ClassAct
2. 0+, latest version of ClassAct can be found at
ftp: ftp.warped.com pub amiga classact Distribution:
Shareware Syslnspector, by the author of newlcons 3.0, is
another system monitor, though with a different focus than
SnoopDOS. Syslnspector lets you examine much of the internal
workings of your Amiga's OS, such as Assigns, Commodities,
Interrupts, Libraries, message ports, tasks and processes,
screens and windows and the list goes on and on.
Above and beyond just looking under the hood, you can use Syslnspector to tinker with the engine, as it were. Close orphaned windows left by crashed programs, selectively flush memory, send the break signal to programs, change a program priority, and more. See Figure 3 for Syslnspector.
SysSpeed Amiga System Speed Tester Author: Torsten Bach Version: 2.31 Aminet: util moni SSpd231.1ha Requires: AmigaOS 2.04, MUI 3.0+ (avail: util libs mui38usr.lha) Distribution: freeware Finally, when asked how fast my computer is, I normally respond, not fast enough! However, sometimes, a less vague answer might be helpful.
SysSpeed is a program designed to test your Amiga's speed, and compare it against other Amigas. This will give you some idea of your Amiga's relative standing speedwise.
SysSpeed has various methods of calculating speed, including memory, drive, intuition (drawing windows and screens, etc.), graphics and others. It also has several 'real world' tests, using ADPro, CygnusED and other Amiga applications. See Figure four for SysSpeeds results on my 1200 68030@28MHz.
Tooled Out Well, that's it for this episode, but there are loads of Amiga tools I haven't gotten to yet, so stay tuned.
And, as always, feel free to write me c
o Amazing Computing or via email: dm05438@navix.net
• AC* Please Write to: Dave Matthews c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 'Turtle HlgKtrilng
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5-563-431 5 E-mail: Turtleguy@Apex2000.net
P. O. BOX 30499 - MIDLAND.TX 79712 We ship within 24 Hrs-Snbject
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45.45 FIELDS OF GLORY AGA (CD-32).... 9.95 GLOOM AG A OR
Adventure 12.95 Pinball Fantasies & Sleepwalker.... 12.95
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U. S. (MINIMUN $ 6) Averxjge= 6.50 CANADA (MINIMUN $ 7) Ave= 8.50
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A15% is-stock tee on relumes not exchatged lor sane. No returns witiout return number.
Shipping charges are NOT refundable.
Orders subject lo Credit Card Verification.
6-CKSK CAT-SET $ 3 WITH ORDER WebDesign: A Review Need to layout a new web page? If you know HTML and just want a little help in your format, WebDesign is a shareware program you should see.
By Randy Finch Having written a ten-part series of articles on creating Web pages using HTML for Amazing Computing, I was asked to review programs now available for the Amiga that assists in this task. I will begin with a shareware product called WebDesign.
WebDesign's Background WebDesign was written by Larry McGahey with the CanDo authoring tool. The program is shareware with a recommended fee of $ 25. A fully functional version of the program can be downloaded from Larry's Web site at http: www.net-link.net
- lmcgahey. Just before I began writing this review, I found out
that Larry had released version 1.5 of WebDesign. I downloaded
and installed the new version. This article covers version 1.5.
Installation and Execution Installing WebDesign could not be
easier. Just create a directory where you want the program to
reside and extract the program files from the LHA archive file.
The program files take up about 700 KB of disk space.
Once the files in the LHA file have been extracted, just navigate, via Workbench, to the directory where WebDesign is located. Double-click the program icon and you are on your way.
Stuff you c 60: Hume V li l Page Created v, ith Y eh Design [file Hit fie l-'i iIk r-'jhr frame Fjal Flames Configuration ft im KsBK ' ?
Upon executing WebDesign, the "Go Configure" window appears as shown in Figure 1. This window allows some global settings to be specified. On the right, you specify the browser you use and its location on your hard disk. In the lower right corner, you specify the name of the directory where all of the Web pages you design will be saved. Along the left side, you enter the names of the subdirectories where images, backgrounds, and sounds will be stored.
These subdirectories should be located in the directory where the pages will be saved.
3mP* VBBSHnku KK.
Mm Below j a -ample £s 1: Amiga The lir*t a cat intihita-ljjig and tunltoncdia computer.
PC flic computet of choice torbu«nc» Macintosh The computet to beat m dctklop pubbrhoiz Below, a -ample Table; r -mputcr W«»H J f omttirt tr Imn ll rflflilion HI ML Ftoj •- . _1 ASCII A Simplified ¦•mptftcT Inter face f»t Idi *t» AMIGA Amencan Invcriun Gone Awry Belov, (•) 3 iample t r rTTi_ m| ElnaJ: Cstnder ft Male ft i cm.tic Once all of the settings have been entered, click on a button in the lower right corner to specify the size of the window that WebDesign will use. You will then be transported to the program proper.
Ficoiifc Computer* md- Program Interface The program interface is shown in Figure 2. It consists of drop-down menus, buttons, and an editor window. The code you see in Figure 2 is automatically placed there to get you started with some of the basic tags that all HTML files should have. If you need to start over with a fresh template, delete all the code and press the Template button.
Figure 5. Test Code Generated by WebDesign Code Generation Code can be added to the WebDesign editor window in several ways:
1. Entered via the keyboard.
2. Inserted or appended from a file.
3. Automatically generated by selecting menu items and buttons.
Many editors let you type text and insert other files. What makes WebDesign different is its ability to insert proper HTML code into the document based on a menu selection or a button click. Therefore, this is the area I will concentrate on for this review.
WebDesign normally inserts code wherever the cursor is currently located. However, WebDesign also has what I call the auto-insert-where- relevant feature. If the code about to be inserted does not belong at the cursor position, it is inserted where it makes sense. For example, if you choose the NLINK button, which lets you set the color of hyperlink text in the document, the appropriate attribute code is inserted inside the BODY tag because this is the place the attribute makes sense. This happens regardless of the cursor position.
If that's not enough, then how about this. If you choose NLINK again and set a different color, WebDesign will replace the existing attribute with the new one rather than leave you with duplicate code.
If you mistakenly add code to the wrong location in the document, never fear. WebDesign has the ability to cut and paste text.
Tags “R” Us WebDesign has the ability to autoinsert many different HTML tags.
Some of these include the old standards like paragraphs, breaks, special characters, horizontal rules, anchors, links, lists, etc. There are also some more advanced features such as relative font size, forms, tables, frames, Listing 1.
Program to Create Frames - wdframes.html HTML HEAD TITLE WebD«sign Test Page TITLE META NAME="GENERATOR” CONTENT="Web Design 1.5 © 1996-1997 Larry McGahey" META NAME="AUTHOR" CONTENT1"Randy Finch" HEAD FRAMESET COLS="100,*" FRAME SRC="wdle£t.html" NAME="left" TARGET="_top" FRAME SRC *"wdright.html" NAME="right" TARGET = "_top" SCROLLING""YES" NOFRAME CENTER BIG WebDesign Test Page BIG BR CLEAR=ALL CENTER HR SIZE-3 WIDTH=90 ALIGN=CENTER P ALIGN=CENTER Shame on you! Why haven't you upgraded to a browser that supports frames?
You won't be able to really see what this page does until you do.
HTML Code for Left Frame - wdleft.html HTML HEAD TITLE TITLE META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT*"Web Design 1.5 © 1996-1997 Larry McGahey" HEAD BODY BACKGROUND*".. backgrounds Cotton.jpg" Stuff you can do: BR BR A HREF=".. home.html" TARGET*"right" Home A P A HREF="wdright .html" TARGET*"right" The test file for the right frame A P P A HREF=".. home.html" TARGET*" top" Exit Frames A BODY HTML From Top to Bottom: Figure 6. Requester for Generating a Full URL Link Figure 7. Requester for Creating an Ordered or Unordered List Figure 8. Requester for Creating a
Table Figure 9. Requester for Defining a Frame etc. Among some of the newer features of HTML supported by WebDesign are marquees, banners, background sound, embedded sound, and the META tag.
In some cases, when a menu or button is selected, the beginning and ending HTML tags are inserted into the document. In other cases, a requester appears on the screen and awaits further input. Once the information is entered and the Okay button is pressed, all relevant tags and attributes are inserted into the code window in one fell swoop.
Help There are so many tags and attributes available in HTML that even an expert programmer can forget a few from time to time. The same goes for WebDesign's interface. There are so many menu items and buttons, you may forget what some of them do. If this happens, just press the Help key and an AmigaGuide help file will appear.
The contents page is shown in Figure 3. The help file is a bit sparse, but it seems to cover the essentials. Information is available for each button and menu on the program interface. There is general information about the program as well as contact information. Some of the information in the help file had not been updated from previous releases, but nothing significant. You can still use the program while the help file is being displayed.
Driving WebDesign Obviously, there are far too many features in WebDesign for me to discuss them in detail. Therefore, I decided to take the program for a test drive by creating some pages. I decided to create a main page consisting of two frames and then produce one rather simple page for the left frame and a more complex one for the right frame.
Listing 1 shows the code generated by WebDesign for a FRAMESET consisting of two FRAMEs. Remember, when Listing 3- HTML Code for Right Frame - wdright.html HTML HEAD TITLEx TITLE META NAME""GENERATOR" CONTENT="Web Deeign 1*5 © 1996-1997 Larry McGahey" HEAL BODY TEXT=" FFFFFF" BGCOLOR-" 00415C" H2 ALIGN=CENTER A Teat Page Created with WebDesign H2 CENTER IHG $ RC=".. media winthavn.jpg" ALIGN=MIDDLE ALT="Teet Picture"* P A HREF="mailto:rcfinch@hiwaay.net" Send mail to Webmaster A CENTER* P* HR SIZE=5 WIDTH=90% ALIGN=CENTER P* Below is a sample list: P DL*
DT Amiga DD The first great multitasking and multimedia computer.
DT PC DD The computer of choice for business.
DT Macintosh DD The computer to beat in desktop publishing.
TYPE="RESET" NAME-"reset" VALUE="Reset Form" FORM CElWER BODY HTML using frames, the FRAMESET tag replaces the BODY tag in the HTML code. Fortunately, WebDesign has the ability to start you off with a frame template rather than a standard template. Just delete everything in the code window and select the menu item Frames Frame Template. The code shown in Figure 4 is inserted into the code window. At this point the code for the frames needs to be inserted. Also, if you want to gracefully handle browsers that do not support frames, code can be added between the NOFRAME and NOFRAME
Listing 2 shows the code that is displayed in the left frame, and Listing 3 shows the code that is displayed in the right frame. Figure 5 shows how all of this looks in a browser.
As I mentioned earlier, WebDesign sometimes displays a requester, seeking additional information before inserting code into the document. Figures 6, 7, 8, and 9 give you a flavor of how some of these look. The captions explain what you are looking at.
Complaints WebDesign 1.5 is quite stable. There is one situation under which the program bombs and takes you back to the Workbench. This occurs when pressing the Cancel button on the file requester that appears after selecting the Add Address to List button in the Full URL htp (Figure 6) and Local URL requesters.
A minor source of irritation was the fact that I could not specify a TARGET attribute when creating hypertext links.
This would be nice to have when creating links that work within frames.
When using the arrow keys to move through the code, the cursor was very sluggish. If you need to move a distance through the file, it is better to just click at the new location.
Conclusions Obviously, it is a great advantage to have a prior understanding of HTML coding when using WebDesign.
Having started my HTML coding with just an editor, I like the control I get using a program like WebDesign. However, if you don't know HTML and don't care to learn it, you might want to try something different.
If you would like to check out the pages I designed with WebDesign, point your browser to: http: fly.hiwaay.net ~rcfinch webdesign wdframes.html. Let me know how you like them.
• AC* WebDesign Larry McGahey 6092 N 8th Street Kalamazoo, Ml
49009 lmcgahey@net-link.net http: www.net-link.net ~lmcgahey
http: www.net-link.net webdesign Shareware: $ 25.00 A VGUST
1997 r n linPa.
Amiga telecommunications Ic Java for the Amiga, additional news agents, and more.
From Top to Bottom: Figure I: The NewsAgent main window and Group Picker window.
Figure2: Click a subject to tag it for retrieval.
Figure3: Today’s reading list.
Figure4: The Article Reader window.
This month, more news programs, more news, and more updates. These may be the "dog days" of summer, but you'd never know it from all of the activity in Amiga-land. So much to talk about, so little time.
NewsAgent We begin this month with another newsreader program, NewsAgent, from Jason G. Doig.
After unpacking the archive, use the included Installer script to copy the files to your chosen directory.
Because NewsAgent is intended to be used with AmiTCP and I use Miami, I had to add a couple of ASSIGN statements to my s:user- startup script. Assign the volumes UUSPOOL: and UTJLIB: to the directory where you installed NewsAgent, and things will work properly.
When connected to your ISP, start the program and the main window will open. Click the "Group" button, and an editable listview opens (Figure 1). Here you can enter the name of your favorite newsgroups. Double click the name of the group you wish to retrieve the headers for, and the display will change to (Figure 2), showing the available topics. Single click the ones that interest you to 'tag' them (notice the small "+'"s along the left edge).
When this is finished you end up with a list of articles (Figure 3) to then read, download, treat as a binary file, or delete. Reading opens another window (Figure 4), with its own options.
NewsAgent is currently at version 1.4, and is shareware, with a fee of $ US20 requested. Requirements are AmigaOS 2.04+, and AmiTCP 2.2+ (or similar). The documentation is in AmigaGuide format. The file NewsAgentl4.1ha can be found in the comm tcp subdirectory of your favorite AmiNet mirror site, and is 51,013 bytes in size.
WorldNews From Danny Y. Wong, author of AirMail comes WorldNews. Although still in beta stage, the current version
0. 75 is certainly stable enough for normal use. After unpacking
the distribution archive, installing the program and starting
it, you will see a deceptively simple-looking window (Figure
5). Click on the "Prefs" button to set up the usual newsreader
requirements things like your NNTP server name, user name and
After retrieving the available newsgroups from your server, WorldNews organizes them into an alphabetical list. A triple listview gadget opens (Figure 6). Click a letter in the left side, and all of the available newsgroups whose names begin with that letter appear in the center LIAGE INTERNATIONAL, INC. 36 DYE STREET GARNERVILLE, NY 10923
(914) 786-1711 (914) 786-1708 FAX 1-800-OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK F29
RETALIATOR The only flight simulation to provide 100
complex missions over four intense battle scenarios.
Provides detailed daily war update reports. Complete with
new hitech ECOP cockpits. Blackwinder AAMS, Supercruise,
Stealth & more. F29 Presents the fastest & most Detailed
graphical environment ever seen in a flight simulation.
Offers a wide range of difficulty levels. AWESOME !!
SALE PRICED AT $ 14.95 INTERNATIONAL SPORTS CHALLENGE 6 Sports covering 21 exciting events. With FREE limited Edition Wallchart produced by the Guinness Book of Olympic Records.
Supports 1-4 Players. Stunning combination of 3-D vectors. Features Diving, w 40 dives to pick from. Shooting- 4 different events offering a wide spectrum of challenges from pistols to double barrel shotguns.
Slow-Jumping & Cycling. Simply Breathtaking CD Action ... SALE PRICED AT $ 9.99 THUNDERHAWK The ultimate helicopter combat simulator! Congratulations- You’ve been selected for the hottest seat in helicopter history.. The cockpit of the AH-73M Thunderhawk. Zip up your flightsuit, ajust your sunglasses & control your nerves. This one makes Nam look like a day at the beach ..... SALE PRICED AT $ 9.99 AMINET 18 PRICED AT $ 17.95 AMINET 14,15,16 & 17 $ 12.95 HILL STREET BLUES The computer game. The 1 series in TV history. Hill Street Blues is the most honored series in the history of
television with the Stunning accomplishment of 26 Emmy Awards. Now you can play in this re-created simulated city of Hill Street. Digitized pictures Pictures and sounds. Fantastic 3-D graphics. Over 400 male & female pedestrians with individual characteristics. WOW!!!
SALE PRICED AT $ 10.99 AMINET SETS 1-4 $ 29.95 EA.
ANY 3 FOR $ 73.95 ALL 4 $ 105.00 SPACEQUESTIV A 3-D animated adventure game starring roger wilco & the time rippers. Well written & satisfying, Futuristic color graphics. The most realistic animation you’ve ever seen in an adventure game. Simple Point and click operation. Scrollong screens, The first ever in a Sierra adventure. Awesome soundtrack. & much More.!!
SALE PRICED AT $ 6.99 NETWORK PC Connect your amiga to a PC via the Parallel Ports. Read and write access to all of your PC drives & visa Versa. Load files from PC to Amiga & More..... SALE PRICED AT $ 19.95 AGA EXPERIENCE VOLUME 2 PD Shareware for AGA Amigas. This Cd is Filled with over 600 mb of Software including: Games, Utilities, Demos, Pictures, Slideshows, Diskmags, Text Files, Animations, Fonts, Plus Much, Much More.
CLASSICS PLUS This CD contains hundreds of variations of all
favorite games including: Pacman, Asteroids, Invaders,
Galaxians, Donkey Kong, Pengo, Tetris, Defender, Frogger,
Missle Command, battlezone, Tepest, Combat, Tron, Space War,
Thrust, Q-Bert, Lode Runner, Hunchback, Moon Patrol Trail
Blazer & Loads More... SALE PRICED AT $ 14.95 AMIGA DESKTOP
VIDEO CD 2 Original textures & backgrounds in JPEG, Overscan
IFF & Video Creator Formats. Over 200 color anti-aliased fonts
in sizes up to 200 points. 3D object data for
Lightwave lmagine Sculpt. Over 150 objects in each format.
Current Desktop Utilities. Image Studio, Viewtek, PP Show,
main Actor, NetPBM, HamLab, Fractint. Anim Players, Titlingm &
Morph Plus much more.
SALE PRICED AT $ 19.95 ROTOX The jolt of the landing jets, A piercing whine rapidly descending in pitch. 10 Brilliant levels. Each contains a different theme. Stunning state of the art graphics & music. Unique 360 degree rotating landscape technique. Weapons Include: Scatter Bombs, Grenade Launchers, Jet packs, Heat Seeking Missies, & more....Awesome! Just Awesome!!!
6.00 FOR SHIPPING window (Figure 7). To subscribe to a group,
drag its name from the center window into the right hand
window (Figure 8).
When you have selected the groups that interest you, save the list with a representative name. WorldNews allows you to have multiple sets of lists, so you can separate your newsgroup interests into logical groups. Opening one of these groups displays the newsgroups selected for this group, and causes WorldNews to get the number of available articles from your server (Figure 9). Retrieving the article headers and the articles themselves is a matter of a couple of mouse clicks (Figure 10).
As 1 said above, this is a beta version of a forthcoming program, with minimal documentation, but has been very well behaved on my computer. Go to the Toysoft homepage to download the latest version to try for yourself: http: www.spots.ab.ca -toysoft While you are there, check out Danny's other programs, including new versions of his AirMail e-mail program.
Updates VoyagerNG, Microdotll, and Awebll all have been updated. But the big news could be on the horizon. We are being promised JAVA for the Amiga.
VoyagerNG & Microdotll VoyagerNG has been updated to version 2.88, with a previously removed version for advanced CPU's fixed and returned to the archive. Programmer Oliver Wagner in addition to working on VoyagerNG (hints about version 3.0 are starting to be dropped), has been updating his German-only news and mail program, called Microdotll.
Currently at version 0.182, he asks that this version not be reviewed, so while you are at the Vapor site getting the latest Voyager, grab the most recent version of MicroDotll to try. 1 think you Left: Fom Top to Bottom: igure5: The WorldNews main interface.
Figure6: NewsGroups A-Z.
Figure7: C for “comp.sys.amiga. ?". Figure8: Drag your favorites to the right window.
Figure9: Your own personal group of NewsGroups.
Figure 10: The topics (center) and a single article (bottom).
Will like it a lot. The URL for Vapor is: http: www.vapor.com Awebll Awebll, from Amitrix is about to get a major update. Version 3.0 is to be released soon, adding support for frames, better "cookie" control, and new versatility in handling plug-ins. For the latest, check the homepage at: http: www.amitrix.com aweb.html Java Developed by Sun Microsystems to be a platform independent programming language, Java has found its first uses on the Internet in thousands of Web sites. Small Java programs, called "applets" download with a Web page, then run on the home system.
These programs can be as simple as an animation, or as complex as a database. Up until now the Amiga has been left out of the Java rush, but that is about to change.
Haage & Partner, a German Amiga software development company, has been working on the first Amiga implementation of Java (Figure 11). They are expecting to release the first version about the time you read this. This should be a big boon to Amiga Browsers; no longer will we be locked out of Web sites that depend on Java. This also should appear just as several major software packages written in Java start hitting the market. Like to see Corel Wordperfect Suite running on your Amiga? Stay timed.
For the latest updates, check the Haage & Partner site at: http: www.haage-partner.com Hotllst of the Month If you do any work with the CanDo authoring program, be sure to check out the following site from Carlos J. Velazquez (Figure 12). He tells me that as far as he knows, this is the only site in the world devoted to CanDo. Lots of articles, reviews, downloadable programs with the Orders: (800) 735-2633 RMA: (408) 624-5879 Tech & Info: (408) 626-2633 Fax: (408) 625-6588 VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Email:
sales@visionsoft.com Homepage: http: www.visionsoft.com Visit
VisionSoft’s Web Site to obtain the latest pricing, product
information, technical tips and hot news in the Amiga
community Memory Upgrade* GVP-32 4mb Simm 59.95 89.95 GVP-32
16mb Simm
199. 95 lx8-70ns Simm
17. 95 lx8-80ns Simm
16. 95 1x9-70ns Simm
28. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
34. 95 4x9-70ns Simm
39. 95 72-pin SIMM Special lx32-60ns Simm (4mb)
29. 00 lx36-70ns Simm (4mb)
29. 00 2x32-60ns Simm (8mb)
49. 00 4x32-60ns Simm (16mb)
89. 00 8x32-60ns Simm (32mb)
189. 00 16x32-60ns Simm (64mb)
459. 00 DRAM Special lx4-70ns SC Zip
9. 95 lx4-70ns Page Zip
9. 95 1 x4-80ns Page Dip
9. 95 256x4-70ns Page Dip
3. 95 256x4-70ns Page Zip
4. 95 lxl-lOOns Page Dip
3. 00 Hard Drives -¦
W. D.2.5" 540mb IDE
149. 00 Toshiba 2.5" 1.3gb IDE
279. 95 Quantum 3.5" 1.2gb SCSI
279. 95 Quantum 3.5" 2. Lgb SCSI
349. 95 Quantum 3.5" 4.5gb SCSI
989. 95 Quantum 3.5" 9.0gb SCSI
1489. 00 Quantum 3.5" 1.2gb IDE
209. 95
W. D. 3.5" 2.lgb IDE
249. 95
W. D. 3.5“ 3.lgb IDE
279. 95
2. 5" Hard Drive Cable
8. 95
2. 5 "Hard Drive Bracket
14. 95 rare Alien Breed 3D CD32 AGA 9.95 Alien Breed 3D II AGA
24.95 Aminel 15-18 17.95 Aminet Sel 3 32.00 Aminet Set 4
35.00 Amiga Developer CD 1.1 17.95 AmiTCP V. 4.3 87.95
Aweb-II V. 2.1 42.95 Capital Punishment AGA 32.95 Chaos
Engine CD32 9.95 Deep Core CD32 9.95 Defender of Crown 0 CD32
9.95 Design Works 1.1 14.95 Design Works 2.0 24.95
D Generation CD32 9.95 Directory Opus 5.5 74.95 Draw Studio
1.1 CD 155.00 Geek Gadgets CD 18.95 GPFAX 47.95 Harpoon 6.95
Insight Technology CD32 9.95 Lemmings CD 9.95 Light ROM 3 CD
24.95 Meeting Pearl IV 11.95 Microcosm CD32 9.95 Nemac IV CD
29.95 Nigel Mansell's CD32 9.95 Pinball Sleepwalker CD32 9.95
Photo CD Manager 29.95 QuarterBackTools 6.1 34.95 QuarterBack
Tools Deluxe 34.95 Turbo Print Pro 4.1 49.95 Wild Wheel 6.95
Wing Commander 19.95 Zool CD32 9.95 Custom Chips Ill :
1. 3 Kickstart Rom
13. 95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
22. 95
3. 0. Rom for A4000
29. 95
3. 1 Rom for A5 600 2000
42. 95
3. 1 Rom for A12 30 4000
57. 95 8372A lmb Agnus
34. 95 8375 lmb Agnus (318069-17)19.95 8372B 2mb Agnus (A3000)
39. 95 8373 Super Denise
29. 95 8364 R7 Paula
16. 95 5719 Gary
13. 95 8520 A-1 CIA
12. 95 8520 Surface Mount
23. 50 Ramsey Rev. 7
29. 95 Super Busier Rev. 11
29. 95 Super Dmac Rev. 4
42. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8A
29. 95 Guru ROM V.6 (A530)
70. 95 Guru ROM V.6
62. 95 A2620-30 ROM Rev. 7
29. 95 A2091 ROM Rev. 7
29. 95 Upgrade Kits AS 320 3.1 Kit for A500 600 2000 2500
89. 95 AS 312 330 340 3.1 Kit for A1200 3000(T) 4000
104. 95 Software & Manuals Only
56. 95 All upgrade kits include Manuals, Software and Kickstart
A500 2000 880K Ini Floppy 49.95 A500 1200 Power Supply 35.95 A2000 Power Supply 99.00 A500 Keyboard 49.95 A2 3 4000 Keyboard 74.50 SafeSkin for A12 20 30 4000 19.95 Keyboard Adapter 9.95 A2000 KB to A4000 System A4000 KB to A2 3000 System KB-10 PC Keyboard Adapter 39.95 15-23 Pin Monitor Adapter 24.95 A520 Adapter wI Cable 15.95 MidiGold 500 (Midiinterface) 29.95 External CD ROM Dr Case 59.95 SCSI Tower Case 2HH 1FH 159.95 SCSI Tower Case 4HH 2FH 219.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI (Ref.) 129.00 Data Flyer A2 3000 SCSI 84.95 DataFlyer 1200 SCSI+ 79.00 Baseboard 1200 Clock 13.95 GVPDSS8+ Software Udgd.
27.95 GVP Impact HD8+ (Ref.) 189.00 CBM A2091 SCSI (Ref.) 99.00 PC Software Clearance Campaign II 19.95 Chess Master 4000 Turbo 19.95 Comanche CD 9.95 Education Platinum CD 6.95 Encyclopedia 5.0 CD 9.95 Eye of Beholder Trilogy CD 29.95 Mavis Beacon Typing 2.0 9.95 MPC Wizard 2.0 CD 6.95 Power Tools CD 6.95 UNIX Power Tools CD 9.95 Using WWW w Mosaic CD 9.95 Wing Commander Deluxe CD 9.95 Amiga Power Shot Cable 5 foot coble for A500 600 120Q to interface any PC power supply to your Amiga.
$ 29.95 Video Magician Scan Doubler Flicker Fixer Internal Amiga to VGA double scan rate converter for A2000 3000 4000.
Sale Price: $ 229.95 CBM A1200 (Refurbished) 5 foot cable for A500 600 1200 to interface any PC power supply to your Amiga.
$ 529.00 High Density Floppy Drives Amtrade A1200 Internal $ 114.00 Amtrade A2000 Internal $ 114.00 Amtrade A4000(T) Internal $ 109.00 Power XL External $ 125.00 GVP I O Extender Card Mix and match a full range of connections with 2 serial and 1 parallel ports $ 109.95 Internet Package Deal $ 229.00 Supra Express External 33.6 Modem, Termite TCP & iBrowse PC Task 4.2 $ 69.95 Advanced 486 Emulation Software 80486 compatibility, supports Windows 3.1,
3. 11 & MsDOS., full FPU emulation.
MS DOS 6.0 w Manual $ 29.95 A600 630 33mhz + FPU 199.00 A600 630 50mhz 249.00 A1200 1230LC 25mhz+FPU 109.00 A1200 1230LC 33mhz+FPU 139.00 A1200 1230MK2 40mhz 159.00 A1200 1230MK2 50mhz 189.00 A1200 1240 25mhz 269.00 A1200 124Q 33mhz 319.00 A1200 1240 40mhz 359.00 A1200 1260 50mhz 569.00 A2000 IDE SCSI Ctrl. 89.00 A2000 2030 25mhz 229.00 SCSI 2 + 68882 FPU A2000 2030 50mhz 299.00 SCSI 2 + 68882 FPU A2000 2040 25mhz 349.00 A2000 2040 40mhz 429.00 A2000 2060 50mhz 699.00 A1200 2000 SCSI Module 109.00 A4000 4040 40mhz SCSI 2 449.00 A3000 3060 50mhz SCSI 2 709.00 A4000 406Q 50mhz SCSI 2 709.00 SX32
249.00 SX32PRO-33mhz 399.00 SX32PRO-50mhz 459.00 2meg Chip RAM A500 2000 155.00 Graffiti Graphics Box 99.00 Budda Zorro 2 IDE Ctrl. 89.00 Calweasel-A 1200 4000 109.00 Catweasel-Zorro 2 149.00 AT M1438S Monitor $ 349.00 14" tube, anti-glare, ,28mm dot pitch, Hori 15-40kHz, Vert 45-90Hz AT M1764 Monitor $ 679.00 17" diagonal FST Invar Mask, .28mm dot pitch, Hori 15-64kHz, Vert. 45-125Hz & CPI; M68882 25mhz FN-PLCC 35.95 M68882 33mhz FN-PLCC 39.95 M68882 50mhz RC-PGA 69.95 M68010 CPU 15.50 68040RC 25mhz 95.95 Crystal Oscillators 8.95 SCSI CD ROM Drives NEC3X Int Ext 79 139.00 Panasonic 8X Int Ext
149 209.00 .Pioneer 12X lnt Exl 199 269.00 Toshiba 12X Int Ext 199 269.00 Toshiba 15X lnt Exl 229 289.00 RENO 2X Drive Kit 99.00 AT 1241 Q Drive 159.95 Asim CDFS 3.8 wI Fish CD CD ROM Driver for all Amigas Special Price: $ 49.95 Mice Powerplayer Joystick 6.95 WICO Black Joystick 7.95 Wizard 3-button 560dpi 22.95 CD32 Joypad 9.95 Village Tronic Picasso IV 439.00 Picasso II Plus 289.00 Cable 1080 1084-Picasso 34.95 ag MultiStart II for A500 2000 25.95 3128 Expansion Board 189.00 MegaChip 500 2000 169.95 A1000 PAL Chip 19.95 Rapid Fire A2 3 4000 129.00 The Clock for A1200 13.95 Ibrowse + Termite
TCP 82.00 Ibrowse 39.95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools 24.95 Squirrel SCSI 89.95 Surf Squirrel SCSI 139.00 Termite TCP 44.95 Phase 5 CyberVision 64 3D 4Meg 279.00 Sean Doubler Switch 124.00 CyberSlorm Mark II 060 789.00 CyberSlorm Mark 11 040 509.00 CyberStorm SCSI Option 139.00 CyberVisio 64 Memory 59.00 CyberGraphics Software 45.00 Blizzard 2060 Turbo 769.00 Blizzard 2040 Turbo 499.00 Blizzard 1260 Turbo 649.00 Blizzard 1230IV Turbo 215.00 Blizzard 1230 1260 SCSI 135.00 Modems & Cables Supra Fax 14.4 Ext. 79.95 Supra Fax 28.8 Ext. 119.00 Supra Express 33.6 Ext. 149.00 Cardinal Data Fax 33.6 Ext
165.00 Serial Null Modem Cable 7.95 Order* could be placed by telephone, fax, c-mail or snail-mail. Viua, Master and Discover Card orders are accepted with no surcharge. We also ship COD only in payment of Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order. All returns must be returned and accompanied with a RMA within 15 days (Call (408) 624-5879).
Defective product* will be replaced with the same item only. Software i* non-returnable. Other returns subject to 15% restocking fee. Shipping & Handling charge is non-re fundable. We ship via UPS, Federal Express, Airborne Express & US Postal Mail. Price & availability are subject to change without notice.
We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We arc not responsible for any typographical errors.
¦H COD Ithdfewifcptof'owatf’the AMIGA w ArtEtecl 20 DenoVERSION now ayaitaue.
Code name "MERABI* tirnw ludto Ihe JAVA Mure oi the Am jai We are proud to be aWe to announce a new project that wiH -1 .
Affect thB future of the Amiga very much. The development's (-¦¥ started about a month ago and we hope to be able to present a first version In June or July *MERAPf will be an interesting project for Both "parties*, the
- WVA t-J JTF I - _i- L Amiga Developers, User Groups, & Dealers
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Welcome to CanDo Corner This
- twy me From Top to Bottom: Figure 11: Java and more, from Haage
& Partner. Figure 12: The CanDo Corner. Figure 13: Games and
more. Figure 14: Good News!
Source code, and more. The URL is: http: www.tfs.net ~augkc corner.html On the other hand, if you need some hints or outright cheats to get over the rough spots in that game that has you stuck, Eddie Ivanov may have the site you have been looking for (Figure 13). Check out: http: www.tfs.net ~eivanov Lastly, I found this Eric Schwartz picture on the Haage & Partner site that pretty much sums up the hopeful optimism most Amiga users seem to have concerning the sale to Gateway 2000 (Figure 14).
Where To Find Me rhays@kiva.net http: www,kiva.net ~rhays rhays@amigazone.com
R. Hays5 on Genie 72764,2066 on CompuServe For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
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If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community I will include the information 1 receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feel would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the HotList of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. See you on line!
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4.0 66.00 TutorVision .49.99 Universal 3D 119.99 Utilities Experience 18.00 Video Collage 55.99 VideoGems .56.00 Visual F X Vol 1&2 159.00 1987-1997
Olafson Vulcan Software has had some hits and some misses, but
they have kept swinging for the Amiga.
Who would have guessed it? About three and a half years ago, right on the cusp of Commodore's collapse, England's tiny Vulcan Software Ltd. Released a top- down puzzle adventure called Valhalla & the Lord of Infinity. It was at once artful, simple and charming who could resist a character who looked guilelessly up out of the playfield and squeaked at you in the tiniest of voices? and it quickly won my heart.
A second Valhalla (Before the War), very like the first, followed on its heels, and based on that title, and the games that followed, Vulcan quickly established a reputation for cute characters, rational hard-disk installation routines, tidy little manuals, reasonable prices, and economical packaging (without the huge ratio of dead air-to-product in so many IBM games).
All around them, game publishers were postponing and abandoning their planned Amiga releases wait and see was the word of the day and Vulcan could surely have been forgiven had it joined in the waiting game. But, it seems being at the right place at the wrong time isn't necessarily a bad thing. For, in mid- 1997, Vulcan is not only still around, but the most prolific Amiga game publisher, with 10 games on the racks (where racks can be found) and at least a dozen in the hopper. Based on early looks at some of those titles like Hell Pigs (Figure 1) there's every indication the best is
yet to come.
At the same time, there have been signs of growing pains. Diversification is a natural offshoot of success, but it has accompanying risks. When a publisher moves away from things on which it made its bones in this case, the Valhallas the possibility for slips increases. And, sure enough, a look at Vulcan's recent output suggests that, as it has grown prolific, it has lost some of its keen edge. This issue, we'll look back over a few of Vulcan's releases since Valhalla 2.
Bograts The concept's nice: an amiable spin on games like Lemmings and Troddlers.
You're Mama Bograt, and, by throwing levers, bouncing on springs and collecting the stuff of life, you're trying to guide your two offspring safely to level exits while collecting any eggs you happen to find along the way.
The 60 levels are cleverly laid out even No. 3 will keep you busy for a while and you'll have to make good use of tire scrolling map mode and power-ups (like bombs) to plot a path for the young'uns. But, the execution is somewhat lacking, and I never quite connected with the game. The frog-like characters don't have any real appeal. The graphics are rather broadly drawn. The effects sound corrupted. There is no way to restart a level except by restoring a save.
And considering you have to pay for the privilege of saving, that doesn't seem quite fair, Burnout I'm reminded of a gold-plated doorstop. It may look nice sitting there on the floor next to the door, but what's the point, please?
Burnout is the simplest of games: a demolition derby. Bump your three opponents until they explode or fall off the playfield. You earn points and cash depending on how long you last, and the cash can be invested in car upgrades at a shop.
Here's the gold: The tracks and high- gloss cars look sumptuous. It's the first high-spec commercial game Burnout requires AGA, 6 MB of RAM and a hard disk rather than one corseted to run on a 1 MB A500. And, yes, it's nice to be able to play with three other people (using a parallel-port adaptor) and to add extra arenas and cars.
But the reality is that the game itself is dull. The playfield is one screen only, and the vehicles relatively large, so the possibilities for strategy and maneuver are limited. (Every game effectively turns into a boxing match.) The effects aren't up to the level of the background graphics, so there's no sense of pay-off when you win; it's as mundane as losing. And the would-be commercial arena and car data disks now available free for the downloading don't add much.
This is also a case in which Vulcan could have used a conventional hard-disk installation program. Manually copying over the archives from the seven disks and then manually decompressing them is a bit much. In fact, five minutes with Bumout is a bit much.
Hillsea Lido Now this is nice. It's a sort of Theme Park Lite in which you adorn beach and boardwalk with the machinery of capitalism: postcard and ice cream stands, boat rentals and so on. And keep them well-supplied, clean and well-lighted lest you be issued a summons. And hire workers. And place ads. And hire an act for the theater for Sunday night.
The key: It's manageable. Even in its simplest mode, Theme Park was so hands-on that there wasn't much time to just kick back and enjoy your creation without looking over your shoulder.
Hillsea always leaves room for that pleasure. You even get to go to see the show.
Jet Pilot True, there was Tornado AGA and Fighter Duel Pro 2. And DiD's TFX still lingers unreleased. But the Amiga has had very few full-bore, high-spec flight sims.
Add another to the list: Jet Pilot is very much a full-bore, high-spec flight sim. I suspect a lot of flight-sim devotees have skipped to other platforms flight sims thrive on raw processor power but those who remain are in for a proper treat. Jet Pilot provides in the neighborhood of 80 missions, 27 European airfields, handsome (if rather angular) scenery from a wide range of perspectives, a spectacular level of configurability and, with detail knocked down, a fluid 25 frames-per-second update. (To my thinking, the most striking feature is the presence of other air traffic and the
detailed to and fro of radio communications.)
The problem is that it's really, "really* high-spec. Like most of Vulcan's games, it will run on a basic system, but you will get the most out of it only on the fastest ones. (At full detail on an 060 50 A1200,1 was getting an update of between 7 and 8 frames per second.) Also, why no cool crash scene? And why no real manual? While I like the Big Little Book approach that Vulcan has adopted for docs, as well as Jet Pilot's readable online guide, it needs a proper book. (The size of the box shouldn't determine a product's design.)
Timekeepers This Valhalla spin-off it uses a variation on the original Valhalla's game engine put me a little in mind of Dongleware's great puzzler, Oxyd, and I can't think of higher praise.
It finds you sheperding 14 blankfaced cops they look like potatoes through a treacherous past in search of hidden nuclear bombs. The twist is that they are not under your direct control; you have to instruct them by laying down direction and task markers (jump, operate, beat on) in their twisted path.
And quickly, please, because there be lava and worse out there. (To say nothing of the traffic jams you can create.) It's too addictive to easily put down. And if you do somehow manage to finish, a solid data disk awaits.
Tiny Troops This one has a pre-Vulcan history: The animated strategy game was originally developed for release by Mindscape UK. Mindscape never got around to releasing a lot of its later Amiga games remember MegaRace and Evasive Action? but Tiny Troops survived.
And, by and large, we should be happy it did. It's a little like Dune II, only the Sim City construction element excised and the 65 battles played out over a Micro Machines-style landscape (Figure 2). You teleport your cute little troopers in and USED AMIGA EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
• 4000-040 Desktops $ 995
• PAR Cards $ 595; TBC-IVs $ 475
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• Sunrize AD516 cards $ 550
• 3000S $ 350 up; 3000T-040 $ 949
• 2000S accelerators tower kits BUY SELL USED NEW AMIGA SYSTEMS
407-636-3393 green@iu.net Circle 155 on Reader Service card.
Send 'em off, in a formation of your choosing, to do battle with other cute little troopers. (You can play as either the Klutes or the Furfurians.) Bear in mind, it's rather airy in tone more like a battle of garden bugs than grim Arrakis and it doesn't have the depth that made Dune II so addictive. (TT doesn't have scenarios; it has battles.)
But once you get a handle on the slightly arcane control system, it's fun, and, the farther you get into the game, the more fun it becomes. That's always a good sign.
Valhalla & the Fortress of Eve Now, what happened here? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and the Valhalla series was most assuredly not broken.
Traces of the old charm does linger.
The squeaky voices, the infernal puzzles, the giant, rambling levels that sent you hither and thither.
But, for some reason, Valhalla 3 has acquired an angled-down point-of-view in place of the original top-down one. I suppose change is healthy. And yet, in the process, something's happened to the game's basic appeal. (It seems vaguely cluttered.) I felt like a kid coming home from college who discovers his bedroom had been turned into a storage closet.
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PageStream 3.2, PageStream 3.2 and Tune-up 3 is the main DeskTop publishing package on the Amiga. Just what does this new version add to the versatility of the program that is Amiga's answer to this Mac and IBM dominated field.
Roughing the Text, The DeskTop Publishing tutorials continue with Nick's unique approach of applying image filters to text for dramatic results, by Nick Cook.
On Line, Amiga email programs once were difficult to set up and run properly. However, they have matured to the point where they no longer need be feared, by Rob Hays.
Ultimate Amiga Emulator, UAE, Ultimate Amiga Emulator, emulates an Amiga 500's hardware on a variety of platforms, including Unix, Linux, (Power)Mac, DOS, and even the BeBox, by Dave Matthews & Marc Hoffman.
VTU EXPO '96, Universal City was the site of VTU's last exposition. Many new products were announced as well as the return of some old standbys.
AmigaFest '96, Toronto once again played host to a major Amiga outing with dozens of Amiga companies showing new products from around the world. Amiga made the most of their central spot in ComputerFest, one of Canada's largest general computer shows.
Gag ' A "3 A r-n a J. VOLUME 12.3; March 1997 New Products and other Neat Stuff, Personal Paint 6.4, Storm C, Audio Thunder, the new ARCH Computer Technology company, QuikPak accelerators and more new products are now available.
The Egyptian Connection, The rich symbol heritage of the Egyptian Hieroglyphics language could be just the thing for your next artistic enterprise, by R Shamms Mortier.
Kara Forever, Kara Software's font volumes have played an important part in the Amiga's history. Kara fonts were made for video display, yet they work equally as well when targeted towards desktop publishing, by R Shamms Mortier.
Audio Thunder, AsimWare Innovations makes it possible to translate audio files to and from other formats, by R Shamms Mortier.
Installing the AmiFAST 3000, Improve your Amiga 3000's capacity with standard 72-pin SIMMs with this hardware project.
Stretch Your Available RAM to the MAX, Do you have an old A500 or even an Amiga 1000 with little memory? Perhaps you can still get some useful work out of them with these special memory saving techniques, by Dave Farquhar.
This Old Workbench: Episode 6 Progress Is Our Most Important Product, Mr. Matthews offers a variety of utilities to brighten up your Amiga or ease your task. This month's assortment includes a program to liven up your bland Amiga boot sequence, a utility to display icons for files with no icons, Pop up 3D style menus, solutions to mode promotion, and more, by Dave Matthews.
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The Amiga Sale Continued... VlScorp fades as QuikPak announces offer for Amiga Technologies in an open letter to the Amiga community.
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On Line, AmigaWorld is back!!! Well, sort of.
Also, learn the latest on MiniMail, MUI (version
3. 7), and Voyager NG, by Rob Hays.
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This Old Workbench Special Delivery Alternative Views, Dave Matthews has received a great deal of mail concerning his suggestions on the next Amiga OS. Read what the Amiga users want and then write Dave with your own needs, by Dave Matthews.
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VOLUME 12.5; MAY 1997 New Products & other Neat Stuff, MYST on the Amiga, Prelude sound card, Real3D upgrade, Imagine 5.0 upgrade, AV8RPro, REBOL, and more.
DrawStudio, DrawStudio's vectors, layers, and warps are a must see in Amiga graphics by R Shamms Mortier.
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All TECH SET (S2t Foreign) Prices Include shipping & handling Please add SS SSIf fur each set Computer Graphics and Zen Denting, The perfect reality often relies on imperfect objects. Give your renderings a feeling of history, and a sense of unpredictability by doing what every human does best, being imperfect, by R Shamms Mortier.
On Line, This month we will try to work some magic on the e-mail problem, by Rob Hays.
This Old Workbench: Episode 7 Boot Camp, GUI Wars, and Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks, Expand your Amiga's versatility with a few utilities such as a musical pictorial boot sequence, a variety of GUI authoring utilities, individualized color on your screens, and more, by Dave Matthews.
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Translucent Shapes, The Amiga user has several options when it comes to displaying text over graphics. Nick walks us through a few of them, by Nick Cook.
Call: 1-800-345-3360 How to Organize Your Life, A few helpful hints to organize your work life and define your goals that work as well for a video producer or an average, overworked, under-funded, Amigan, by Steve Yankee.
The Gateway Computer Show, An Amiga User group of 32 people bring together a computer show that attracts Amiga users and vendors from around the world and revitalizes an industry.
McFiler Version 4.3, Tired of never knowing where your files are? Check out this catalog utility for a multitude of media, by Dave Matthews.
A New Beginning, Amiga developers meet to determine cooperative strategies to continue Amiga development.
The Amiga Sale: Round Two, Amiga Technologies' President, Petro Tyschtschenko, breaks a long silence to tell the Amiga community what has happened and his experiences.
DO IT NOW, We need your latest information to complete the long awaited AC's GUIDE.
VOLUME 12.6; JUNE 1997 New Products and other Neat Stuff, Gateway 2000 wins the Amiga, but will not speak until May 17th, Amiga web design with Pagemonster
1. 0,Siamese System RTG v2.Q, Asimware upgrades, and more.
Picasso IV, Is it time to see the world of your Amiga in a little more depth and color? Picasso IV is the latest edition to Village Tronic's long- running graphics card, by William Near.
Animating Video Backdrops, Use the Amiga and a few secrets to create sequences that rival those from the big boys, by R. Shamms Mortier.
On Line, While THOR is just the god of thunder, rain, and farming of Scandinavian mythology, he is one powerful multitalented program for Amiga net surfers, by Rob Hays.
Final Writer 97, If you compose your prose, SoftWood has created a new version of their product word processing software designed to make your muse cruise, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Soft Shadows, To satisfy your thirst for a mystical look of soft shadows in your graphics and text does not require a large bite of effort, just a little reflection, by Nick Cook.
Games on the Amiga, I'm getting rid of my Amiga games. Got your attention? It's true. Peter talks about certain games that have exerted (and continue to exert) some sort of hold over him, by Peter Olafson.
Gateway 2000, Who are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Where does the Amiga fit in?
NewTek ® NAB '97, There are hundreds of displays at the National Association of Broadcasters each year, but NewTek remains a key player, by Thomas G. Reed.
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VOLUME 12.7; JULY 1997 New Products and other Neat Stuff, It's Official Gateway 2000 is in charge! Opus 5 Magellan released, clickBOOM to produce PowerPC games, Cloanto releases PowerPC Library, and more.
New Logo Backdrop Ideas: (or "Brilliance Lives!"), When a computer program is a classic, it isn't old, just under utilized, by R Shamms Mortier.
Visual FX for Image FX, Making a great program even better! By R Shamms Mortier Off We Go! Offset Type Creates Depth, By offsetting your type you can give some shady characters a rest, by Nick Cook.
On Line, On-Line News: How to get it and what you get! By Rob Hays Games on the Amiga, Which Amiga games to kepp - part 2, by Peter Olafson.
New Life for Old Drawings, With creativity, rtaditional drawing practices and digital techniques can enhance each other, by R Shamms Mortier, This Old Workbench: Episode 8 Amiga Anti Virus Programs, Computer viruses are very contagious. When your Amiga gets sick, you will also become ill, by Dave Matthews.
World of Amiga London Another Amiga Success! Amiga vendors, Amiga users, and even the new Amiga owners gather in London to show new products and prepare for a new future.
Gateway 2000 & Amiga International, Jim Taylor of Gateway2000 and Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International address the Amiga market together for the first time.
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Other agreements in the pipeline...so, we are working very hard to show progress. Facts not only smoke!
AC: Should we expect to see a PowerPC AMIGA in the near future?
Petro: Good question. AMIGA International will explore the development of new hardware products including the processors that are needed.
AC: Can we expect to see standard CD ROM systems? Bundled software?
Petro: You can expect standard CD ROM systems. We will also continuing to bundle software.
AC: Are we going to see more A1200s in North America?
Petro: I think so. If I see my order intake, the USA is improving a lot.
And this is a very good sign. I am running out of NTSC conversion kits, but I just recently placed an order to satisfy the US market. My wish is to install more US distributors, we need distribution channels.
AC: Can we expect a price reduction anytime in the near future for AMIGA computers such as the A1200 or the A4000?
Petro: Yes....I have aggressively reduced our distributor prices for A 1200 and A 4000 effective June 1st, 1997 AC: Are their quantities available for the A1200 and A4000?
Petro: Our AMIGA A 1200 are still available ex Warehouse, A 4000 also available sofar, but I have to think about further production.
AC: The AMIGA market has been without clear product and marketing for some time. The North American market felt deserted long before Commodore liquidated. Are there plans currently being made to jump start the market in North America?
Will we see print advertising? Should any of us expect television advertising anytime in the near future?
Petro: In the old Commodore times 80% of the revenue was generated in Europe, and so far I remember, there was always a very professional marketing strategy driven.
Of course I will activate the North America market, but the most aggressive marketing activities will be definitely started, when we will have new products available. Current activities are to reinvigorate the AMIGA name through advertising, conventions, public relations and AMIGA Magazines. As a part of my business plan there is money set aside to develop the market place in a profitable manner.
AC: When discussing pricing and marketing, what does Gateway 2000 have to offer the AMIGA community?
Petro: Gateway 2000 is continuing to support AMIGA International, Inc. wherever it is needed and requested, but please remember: AMIGA International, Inc. will be treated as a separate subsidiary of Gateway 2000.
AC: Speaking of Gateway 2000, have they made any further announcements concerning the AMIGA? Do you know if we should expect some announcements this summer?
Petro: As I mentioned already before, we have special installed our AMIGA DIARY, at www.amiga.de and all news will be announced thereon immediately.
AC: Petro, you have been a fighter for the AMIGA for some time. You worked with the AMIGA through two bankruptcies. Yet, there are some people who have openly stated that if the same people are still in charge at AMIGA International now as in the past, that the same mistakes, low marketing, no real R&D and other things will continue to occur. How do you battle your critics?
Petro: Oh boy...it you are a person working in public, like me, there are always some people who disagree with actions or decisions,...mostly, because they do not see the whole picture.
"We didn't buy the Amiga to make it smaller.
We want the Amiga to grow."
Jim Taylor, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Gateway 2000.
Gateway 2000 Press Conference Witness this historic event from a unique perspective. Learn what Gateway and Amiga International said first hand. Listen to the complete Question and Answer session. Plus PIOS Press Conference on the same tape.
Also available: London Developers’ meeting, Gateway 2000 Press Conference with PIOS Press Conference: S19.95 plus $ 5 s&h London Developers’ meeting: S19.95 plus ss s&h Both tapes: $ 34.95 ptus ss.co s&h This is a product of Fly on the Wall Video ® This is not a professional, edited production.
This is raw, uncut footage for a you are there feel!
Visa, MC, Discover, AmExp
(800) 345 3360 or send check or money order to: PiM Publications
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02720 Criticism is always welcome
and even, if it hurts from time to time, I always listen to
such comments. I try to understand the motivation and I
respect criticism.
AC: Even though Gateway 2000 has purchased the AMIGA, made open statements concerning the longevity of the AMIGA platform, and have a history of doing what they say they will do, many AMIGA users are still unsure of Gateway's motives, or their true loyalty. How do you handle this problem?
Petro: I do not know why there are still AMIGA users which are unsure of Gateway's motives. I can tell everybody in our community that Gateway 2000 is the best solution for our so loved AMIGA. Gateway's spirit fits exactly into our AMIGA spirit. A loyal user base, a good brand name and our technology are the best assets. I am so happy that we have found such a great home. I receive every day tons of email, and all most all of the users, which are writing to me, are meanwhile very pleased and convinced about Gateway 2000. Gateway 2000 has made a commitment to AMIGA and will stick to this
commitment. Very easy and true.
AC: What has Gateway 2000 done to maintain the AMIGA market throughout the world? In North America?
Petro: Gateway 2000 invested a lot of money in AMIGA Technology and kept AMIGA alive.
AC: How many people have you hired in the last four weeks? How many people are now AMIGA International employees? How many more do you plan to bring on?
Petro: At AMIGA International, Inc. we are 7 people as of today. AMIGA International will grow with the business. Lean and effective, that is my slogan.
AC: Will AMIGA International; maintain a corporate office in North America?
Petro: The Corporate Headquarter is located in the USA. If further development shows a need for sales offices we will undertake any necessary actions.
AC: Many developers and users are concerned with the current state of the market. They believe that the AMIGA has been left idle too long and it can no longer compete with Pcs and MACs using the latest technology. How do you and how should we, as AMIGA users, combat this problem?
Petro: I can only repeat myself. My strategy is based on three elements:
1) Supporting the existing AMIGA community
2) Leveraging the existing AMIGA technology through broad
3) Assisting in developing new products based on open standards
to the home computer and video graphics market AMIGA users
should continue to support the AMIGA technology.
A UGUST 1997 47 AC: W hat message would you like to get directly to the AMIGA user?
Petro: Thank you for your support in the past. Trust me: good and great news will be announced in the near future. »AC* Just four weeks after Petro Tyschtschenko made the announcement in London that the Gateway 2000 sale was complete, AC was able to get AMIGA International's president to discuss some of the problems, solutions, and opportunities facing the AMIGA community. In a phone and email question and answer session, Petro responded to our concerns.
AMIGA International, Inc. Petro Tyschtschenko, President of Amiga International, discusses the possibilities and the needs of the next generation of the Amiga AC: It has been almost four weeks since the press conference in London. First, can you tell us if you have hired a new R&D head?
“Of course I will activate the North America market, but the most aggressive marketing activities will be definitely started, when we will have new products available. Current activities are to reinvigorate the AMIGA name through advertising, conventions, public relations and AMIGA Magazines.” Petro: We are improving every day. We will employ a Senior Engineering Manager from Gateway 2000 organization, who also understands the AMIGA very well. He will be located at Gateway 2000 in Sioux City. In addition, we are still identifying candidates, especially for Software, and interviews will be
continued. But please understand that we will announce details in an official press release, in a professional manner and I promise you, that will happen very soon.
I am sure that you have already noticed on our web page www.amiga.de a special rubric called AMIGA'S diary. You are welcome to follow up there all our performed activities.
AC: What is the major priority for an R&D group on the AMIGA at this time?
Petro: The priority is of course to upgrade our AMIGA Operating System 3.1. We will explore the development of an OS upgrade and will address the features and functions that are necessary.
AC: At the press conference, you were adamant about keeping the focus of the AMIGA on one computer one goal, has this changed?
Petro: Not at all. I am keeping focused on one AMIGA and one goal. Our AMIGA market can not effort a split.
We must go into one direction.
AC: You were also focused on licensing agreements from other companies.
Does this mean phase5 and PIOS could be licensees but still allowed to create their own AMIGA?
Petro: Yes, you are correct. They can create their own AMIGA, but the platform must be compatible with our current Operating System and must be compatible with existing Software around our AMIGA. Before we will grant a license, we will check the technical side and performance benchmarks. If the test is passed, we will approve and license: POWERED BY AMIGA.
AC: Have you been able to come to an agreement with phase5?
Petro: We have contacted phase 5 and we are still in negotiations.
AC: Have you been able to come to an agreement with PIOS?
Petro: Also we have set up a meeting with PIOS and we are still in negotiations. As soon as there are some result, we will announce of course to the public.
AC: What other companies have you considered with regards to R&D and have you been able to come to an agreement with them?
Petro: We have negotiated an agreement with MICRONIC already and MICRONIC will have an A 1200 in a TOWER CASE available, "POWERED BY AMIGA". Three versions (continued on page 46) PgXjEOn AMIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS AND SYSTEM UPGRADES Paxlron is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (Factory New) PRICE
1. 3 ROM
0 S .$ 12.50
2. 04 ROM
O S .....$ 16.95
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A500 & A2000) ......$ 19.95
2. 04 ROM A3000 (Set ol 2 RomO 1) $ 34.50
2. 1 Workbench lor (loppy users (complete O S without support
tile) ..$ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) ..$ 37 50
3. 1 ROM (A3000) .$ 52.50
3. 1 ROM
(A4000) ..$ 52.50
3. 1 ROM (A
1200) ..$ 52.50
3. 1 ROM sottwara manual (A500 A2000) $ 99.95
3. 1 ROMs software manual (A 1200 3000 4000) .§114.00 ROM
Switch Switch-Itt with speaker $ 17.50
3. 1 manual
only ..$ 59.00
3. 1
Software .$ 10.00
3-1 Workbench for (loppy users (complete O S without support
tile) ..S7.95 A2091 7.0 ROM
Upgrade $ 19.95 A2620 30 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ..$ 19.95 8520
CIA .$ 11.95
8372A 8375 Agnus with diagnostic disk guide....$ 29.95 8375-B
(2MB) (A3000) 318069-03 $ 25.50 8375-10 Agnus
(318069-10) PAL .$ 17.95 8375-18 Agnus
(318069-18) 2 meg PAL $ 15.95 Pauia (Q36-4)
A500 A2000 ......$ 10.95 Paula 8364 (391077-01)
.... $ 27.95 Oon.se (8362) A500 A2000 $ 10.95
Super Denise 8373 w diagnostic d'sk $ 19 95 Super Doniso
(391554-01) ...... S29 95 Gary 5719 A500 A2000
..$ 10.95 Gary (390540-02) ... $ 32 95
Buster 5721 (A2000) . $ 16.95 Aiice 8374
(391010-01)... . .$ 19 95 Gal (XU9)
(390123-01) . S21.95 Gayle (315107-02)....
.. $ 19 95 Budgie (391425-01) $ 33 95
Bndgetie (391380-01) ...$ 29.50 Vioeo DAC
(391422-01) ....$ 19 95 68000-8MH2 CPU (OIP) .
$ 1150 68000-I6MH2 CPU (DIP) .... $ 22.50 68030-RC50
PGA $ 84,50 MC
68882RC25A PGA New (390434-01) $ 19 95 MC 68882RC20A
PGA $ 30.00 MC68882RC33A
PGA $ 37.50 XC 68882RC40A
PGA $ 68.95 MC 68030FE25B
QFP (390399-05) ..$ 19.95 MC 68030RC50
PGA ..$ 69.95 Western
Digital SCSI chip rev. 8 ..$ 23,95 Video
Hybrid - (A500 390229-03) ....$ 9.95 GVP
Upgrade Chip Series II ..$ 24.95
SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES (FOR A1200, A3000, A4000, CD32) 8520
PLCC (391078-02) .$ 19.50 Amber
(390538-03) ....$ 24.50 DMAC
4 (390537-04) ..$ 34.50 Lisa
(391227-01) ...$ 24.50
Ramsey (rev. 4) 390544-04 $ 19.95 Ramsey (rev 7) 390541-07
$ 29.95 Super Buster Rev. 11 (390539-11) .
$ 29.95 680G0CPU (390084-07) $ 13.95 68020-16
(391506-01) ...$ 18.95 MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New)
CD32 (no RAM memory) NTSC ....$ 89.95 CD32
complete with RAM tested NTSC .$ 109.95 CD32 complete
with RAM tested (PAL) ...$ 89.95 CD32 replacement CD
mechanism ...$ 39.95 A500 (rev. 3) inc all
chips $ 39,95 A500 (Rev.
5 6) ....$ 89.50
A600 ..$ 124.50
A1200 (NTSC) 3.0 O S all memory New ...$ 300.00 A1200
(PAL) 3-0 O S all memory New ......$ 300-00 A20O0 LATE
Rev. 8372 2.05 $ 399.95 A3000
(16MHz) ...$ 264.50
(25MHz) ....$ 294.50
A3000T (Tower) 25MHz .$ 389.95
A4000T with 68040 (A3640HNEW) CALL C64
(refurbished, tested all chips) .$ 29.95 C64
untested, all chips clearance ...2 S25.00 AMIGA
FLOPPY DRIVES (Factory New) High Dens. External floppy for all
Amigas $ 114.95 High Density Internal Floppy Drive:
A4Q00 ...$ 104.95
A2Q00 .... $ 109.50 AS0C Internal
880k ......$ 38.95 A6O0 1200 Internal
.....$ 39 95 A2000 Internal
080k ... $ 39.95 A3000 Internal
880k ....$ 39.95 A4000
Internal 880k ....$ 49.95
CD32 Replacement CD mechanism .$ 39.95 1541
(refurbished) .$ 33.00
Catweasel Advanced Poppy Controller (A1200 A4000)....ST24.95
Graffiti Graphics
Box .$ 109.00 POWER SUPPLIES
(Factory New)
A500 ....$ 38.95
A50Q A600 A1200 8ig Ft. (200 Watt) Micro fi D S79.95 A50O
power supply (used) 220 volts Europe...$ 19.95
A590 ....$ 19,95
At 200 110 volts original factory ....$ 38.95
CD32 Original Factory (110 volts $ 21.95
CD32 Original Factory (22D volts) ..$ 14.95 CD32
Big Foot (200 Watt) Micro Ft D $ 74.50 A2000
110 220V. Internal original .$ 89.95 A2Q00 Big
Foot (300 Watt) Micro R D ....$ 144.50 A3000 internal
(110 220 volts) .....$ 110.00 A300Q Big Foot
(250 watts) Micro R D ...$ 144.50 A3000
Tower $ 124.00
A4000 inlemai (110 volts) .....$ 119.00
A4G00 int. 300 Watt Big Foot (exchange). ...$ 169.95 1084S
Phillips Flyback Transformer only .$ 29.95 1084-D1
Phillips Daewoo Flyback only ....$ 38.50 1084-D2 Daewoo
Flyback Transformer only,..$ 38.50 1084S new
Motherboard Flyback ..S69.95 I084S power
supply board (refurbished) .$ 29.95 064
nonrepayable .$ 14.95
repairable ......$ 19.95
064 5.2 amp Heavy Dufy (also 1750 REU) $ 39.95 C65 110
Volt $ 21.95 Cl28 external
5-2 amps .$ 39,95
154111 1581 ...
$ 7.50 KEYBOARDS (Factory New) A500 (limited
quantity) .$ 39.95
A600 ....$ 26.50
CI28D (limitedquantity) .S24.95
200 ..$ 34.95
A2000 U-S . Vers, (no foreign keys) ..$ 67.95
A30Q0 U.S. vers, (no foreign keys) $ 87.95
A4000 U.S. vers, (no toreign keys) ...$ 67.95
A2000 keyboard adapter to A4000 $ 8.95 A4000
keyboard adapter to A2000 A3000...... S0.95 KB100 adapter to
use with IBM keyboards $ 34.95 ADD ON BOARDS (Factory New)
(A400Q) .....$ 67.95 68040
processor board (A3640) ..$ 238.50 A4000T
ports board .....$ 99.00
A4000T audio visual board ....$ 110.00
A400GT disc
board $ 99.00 2091
SCSI RAM card ..$ 79.50 GVP
SCSI card ....$ 74.00
2620 Flicker Free Display Enhancer .$ 79.00
Emplant 1200 - MAC emulator ......$ 46.95
IV .....$ 439.95
A2058 (0K (A2000) Expansion board 8k .$ 49.95 A501
original Ram Exp. - 512K (A500) ....$ 17.95 Microway
Flickeriixer .$ 224.00
Slingshot Pro pass thru (Micro R D ...$ 37.50
A1050 RAM Expander (A 1000) 256K ......$ 10.95 Jet Fire
133 A1200 accelerator See below APOLLO
ACCELERATORS 1230 Lite 25MHz 68030 W MMU+FPU (A
1200) ....$ 119.95 1230 Turbo MK2 40MHz 68030
(A1200) $ 179.95 1230 50MHz 60030
(A1200) .S214.95 1240 MHz 68040 (A
1200) .....$ 329.95 1240 40MHZ 68040
(A1200) $ 419 95 1260 50MHZ 68060
(A1200) .$ 679.95 1200 SCSI Module For
Apollo A1200 Accelerators..S 129.00 2030 25MHZ
68030+68882+SCSi-2 (A2000) ..$ 279.95 2030 50MHZ
68030+68882+SCSI (A2000) ....$ 379.95 2040 25MHZ
68040+SCSI-2 (A2000) .....$ 449.00 2040 40MH2
68040+SCS1-2 (A2000) .....$ 529.00 2060 50MHZ 68060
+SCSI-2 (A20Q0) ....$ 849,95 306Q 50MHZ 60O6O+SCS1-2
(A3000 Desktop) $ 769,95 3040 40MHz 60040+SCSI-2 (A3000
Desxtop) $ 559.95 40W4QMHZ 68040+SCSI-2 (A3000T 4
A4000(T)) .$ 559.95 40&3 50MHZ 60060 +SCSI-2 (A3000T 4
A4000(T)) ..$ 759.95 Mini Meg 2Mb Chip FIAM
Board ..5149.00
SX32 .$ 269.95
SX32 Pro -
33MHz ....$ 449-00 SX32
Pro-50MHz ..$ 489 00 PHASE 5
ACCELERATORS Blizzard 1230-iV w 50MHz
68050 ...$ 214.95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board
w 50MHz 68060. $ 649-95 Optional Blizzard 1260 or 1230-IV SCSI
Kit...$ i34.95 Blizzard 2040 ERC w 40MHz
68040 ......$ 499.95 Blizzard 2060 Turbo Board w 50MHz
68060..$ 769.95 Cyberstorm Mark II
040 40MHz ..$ 519.95 Cyberstorm Mark II
060 50MHz ..$ 789.95 Cyberstorm Fast SCSI-2
Module .$ 139.95 CyberVision 64 3D
4Mb $ 299.95 CyberVision 64 3D
MPEG Module audio video..CALL CyberVision 64,GD Scan
Doubler Monitor Swrtch... SI 24.95 MOUSE CONTROLLER (Factory
New) Amiga
1352 ...$ 22.50
Wizard 3-button (lor all Amigas) ..$ 19.95
A40Q0 $ 26.85
CDTV ......$ 15.95
Amiga A1200 mouse port replacement kit $ 7 95 CD32
controller ...$ 11.75
DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga
Analyzer .$ 59.95 Final Test diagnostic
disk by Amiga ...S7.95 Amiga Troubleshooting
Guide .S7.95 Commodore Diagnostician
II ...$ 6.95 Complete Service Manuals:
A500, A500+. 590, A1000, 1230 printer, 1802, 1902, 1902A,
1934, 2002, 2091, 2300, 2630, CDTV. 1501,
C65 ...$ 19.95 A500 schemaiics, A600,
1084S, 1084S-D1. 1084ST, 1936A, 1960,
A2000 ..$ 24.00 At 200,
A3000, A3000T, A4000, CD32 $ 39-95 CLEARANCE SALE A6Q0 compuler
system ......$ 269.00 A520 Video
Modulator Adapter Cable S 12.50
2. 04 3.1 ROM Swrtch - (Switch itt) with speaker .517.50 15-23
pin VGA adepler ..$ 19.95
Monilor Cables - 30 Different types .CALL
Monitors: 1084S, 1802, 1950 etc ....CALL
Laser printer memory board 0K (All HP units) $ 24.95 Sony
QD6150 data cartridge ...$ 7.50
Joystick - Captain Grant (tor ail Amigas) $ 2.99 1x4 S C ZIP
(or A3000 ..$ 8.00 Upgrade
your A3000-16MHZ PC8 to 25 Mhz (plus UPS). ..$ 44.50 DKB
MegAChip (refurbished) .....$ 75.00 Mindscape
Power Players Joystick .$ 5,50
* ONLY AT PAXTRON * Amiga A3000 Computer Includes:
• A3000 16MHz (factory refurbished) motherboard with 2 megs of
RAM (25MHz version, add $ 35.00). Includes 90 Day Warranty.
• New A3000 Power Supply (110 or 220 volts).
• New A3000 Floppy Drive 880k
• New Daughter Board.
• Amiga 3000 Mouse
• Full A3000 Service Manual (valued at $ 39.95).
• User Manual $ 439.50 (plus UPS) ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE
Ramsey 7 Upgrade DMAC 4 Upgrade Super Buster 11 Upgrade Western
Digital SCSI 8A .... $ 23.95
3" PACKAGE PRICE $ 79.95
3. 1 Operating System Upgrade
ROM ...$ 49.95
3. 1 ROM Software (package of 7
discs) $ 7.50
3. 1 Books Manual (without disks or
ROM) .....CALL
1 x 4 Static Column ZIP (8 zips = 4
megs) .....$ 7,00
Keyboard $ 67.50
KB100 adapter to use with IBM
keyboards ..$ 34.95
Drive ...CALL
AmiFAST 3000 Adapter (ZIP to SIMM
adapter) .....$ 74.50
Rack Mounted enclosed A3000
Cabinet cabling ....$ 54.00
The above prices are special to those people who purchase the
A3000 ? ? ? WANTED ? ? ?
Top dollar paid for your A2000 computer CALL FOR DETAILS NEW FROM BLACK FOREST PRODUCTS GmbH JET FIRE 133 FOR THE AMIGA A1200 Black Forest Products is pleased to announce a 68030-33MHZ accelerator that will speed up your Amiga A120O computer more than 500 per cent. The Jet Fire 133 is priced substantially lower than any of its competition and even includes 4 megs of memory.
• 4 meg SIMM installed
• 68882 FPU running at 33MHz
• Built-in MMU at 33MHz
• Built-in real time clock
• Standard 72-pin (PS 2) 4 meg SIMM (Also accepts 8 megs)
• Simple, easy plug in
site: www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with
latest products and pnce changes. This ad is only a partial
list o-f products we eel). Visit us and check it out. Enter
your order there or by E-maiimg us at paxtroncoip ® rcknet.com
ATTENTION DEALERS: II you would like to receive our dealer
caialog lax us your letterhead.
20 Giovo Street. Spring Valley. NY 10977 914-578-652? • 800-815-3241 800 595 5534 • 808 PAX IRON • FAX 914-578 8550 rrn u ££ Ki« 1 dXlI (111 Hours 9-5 pm ET Mon -Fn • Add S6 00 UPS Charges • MC VISA • pnces subject to change 1 j COI IPOI IATION E-mail tor orders A correspondence paxlronrorptrrcfcne! Com WE SHIP WORLDWIDE1 Video Toaster™ Support Flyer™ Support Lightwave 3D™ Support Blue and Green Screening Morphing and Warping Wire Removal File Format Conversion Image Processing and Effects Arexx and Batch Processing 1 o«rsiz:e| j »«w*i*unni j.___,__( j f ---- 1HR fitT I r r 2 PiM
Publications. Inc. reserves the right to edit product descriptions.

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