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he drew parallels between Gateway and the Amiga and stated how much the Amiga was important to Gateway. Petro Tyschtschenko was adamant about the growth and the direction of the Amiga system. What seemed to bother most people was the absence of delivery dates on new Amigas or a new operating system. The truth is, Gateway doesn't know. Jim Taylor made the comment during the question and answer session after their speeches that Gateway had only had the Amiga for twenty minutes. When you consider that Gateway was busy with the paperwork and the procedures required to purchase the Amiga almost to the day of the conference, this was fairly accurate. One Gateway executive explained it this way. Imagine you are at a garage sale and you see an interesting box in the corner. You find a tool in it that you could use. You look at the price, decide the tool is worth it and the buy the box. Once your home, you begin looking through the box and you discover all these wonderful little items in it. Some need cleaning and a little tender loving care, others need repair, some just need to be used to limber their joints. When you getdone with your assessment, you have a whole lot more than you bargained for in the first place. Gateway has opened the box. They have created Amiga International to limber the joints, oil the cogs, and start repairing the parts. The important point is that they have something they believe is very valuable and they want to make it work. By tradition, Gateway 2000 makes no announcements until they are ready to ship and, when they are ready to ship, they ship. This is unusual for the Amiga community, but with the possibilities that Gateway 2000 has brought to the Amiga

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Document sans nom cexclusive: World of Amiga, London! page42.
JLC'OMPUTINC . | Yn$ sr Original AhiKiA M*n»ihiy Rv&49urc0 fAMIGA Volume 12 No 7 |ul| 1997 US Si.9* Canada SV9S Gateway 2000 Signs!
Amiga International and Gateway 2000 on m Mi HP the road to the future.
Add Depth with Offset Type NM Brilliance Lives! Hi New ways to utilize a classic.
Visual FX for Image FX!
Getting news On Line.
New Life for Old Drawings and more!
Rr • -rrTir* HBI tfc AV Amiga Anti Virus Programs Avoid headaches for you and your Amiga.
Introducing The Newest Model From QuikPak The A4040L and A4060L represent the latest innovation from QuikPak. A fully functional Amiga in a portable case, complete with LCD, these computers offer full compatibility with all A4000 peripherals. Combined with the NewTek Toaster and Flyer, the A4040L and A4060L are the ultimate graphics and television broadcasting solution.
* 68040 25Mhz CPU
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* $ 4995, or $ 9995 when bundled with the NewTek Toaster and Flyer.
Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak QuikPak Welcomes Gateway 2000 to the Amiga Community Once again it seems that the Amiga Community is subjected to another sharp turn on the rollercoaster that is the future of the Amiga. The recent announcement by Gateway 2000 that its bid to purchase the assets of Amiga Technologies has been successful is truly a surprise. Yet, it is a surprise that holds much promise.
Gateway 2000 is a tremendous success story - continually scoring top marks in customer satisfaction surveys based on service, support, and product reliability.
Gateway 2000 is a leader in its market, and brings to the Amiga Community a wealth of resources and knowledge.
While we are understandably dissappointed that our own bid was unsuccessful, we at QuikPak remain as committed as ever to the future of the Amiga. We have devoted a large portion of our energies to developing the Amiga market and supporting the community, and we have no intention of abandoning our position now.
The Gateway 2000 purchase may represent an excellent opportunity to breathe new life into the Amiga platform. We’ve maintained all along that we believe in the future of the Amiga, and stand by our statements.
Thank you once again for your continuing support, and we look forward to bringing you new information as it becomes available. We look forward to working with you, the user, and all our other partners in making the Amiga’s future as bright as possible. And, we look forward to the opportunity of working with the newest player in the Amiga field, Gateway 2000.
Sincerely, Dan Robinson Director of Business Development QuikPak Dave Ziembicki
C. E.O. QuikPak Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call
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Both Models are available for $ 999 Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak Brilliance Livesi, P. 12 Visual FX for Image FX, P. 16 Amiga DeskTop Publishing, P. 18 Welcome to Voyager-NG On Line, P.20 DEPARTMENTS Editorial 4 FeedBack 6 Index of Advertisers 40 Games on the Amiga, P.26 9 New Products & other neat stuff It is Official: Gateway 2000 is in charge!
Opus 5 Magellan released, clickBOOM to produce PowerPC Games, Cloanto releases PowerPC Library, and more!
12 New Logo Backdrop Ideas (or "Brilliance Lives!") by R. Shamms Mcirtier When a computer program is a classic, it isn't old, just under utilized.
16 Visual FX for Image FX by R. Shamms Morticr Making a great program even better!
18 Off We Go!
Offset Type Creates Depth by Nick Cook By offsetting your type you can give some shady characters a rest.
20 On Line by Rob Hays On-Line News: How to getit and whatyou get!
26 Games on the Amiga by Petere Olafson Which Amiga games to keep part 2.
30 New Life « For Old Drawings by R. Shamms Mortier With creativity, traditional drawing practices and digital techniques can enhance each other.
36 Amiga Anti Virus Programs, by Dave Matthezvs Computer viruses are very contagious.
When your Amiga gets sick, you will also become ill.
New This Old Workbench: Episode 8 ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Joyce Hicks Assistant Publisher: Intern: Circulation Manager: Traffic Manager: Production Manager: Robert J. Hicks Nicholas H. Pacheco Doris Gamble Robert Gamble Ernest P. Viveiros World Of Amiga, Gateway 2000, & Amiga International nitorial ConWfl Doing an issue which contains a show report is never an easy task and this issue was no different. In order to maintain our schedule, it was necessary to prepare and forward a large section of the magazine to the printer before I had been able to attend the World of Amiga and Gateway 2000's
press conference.
While I was fairly certain that I would uncover enough at the show to cover the final section of this magazine (pages 42 to
48) , you can never be sure. This meant that I would absorb
everything I possibly could from both the press conference on
Friday and the World of Amiga over the weekend and then
prepare the pages and forward the material to the printer as
soon as I returned.
I took pictures, video taped the conferences, and picked up every flyer I could get my hands on. The result is seven pages of the smallest type and finest detail of any Amiga show we have covered. Only one of the pictures I took during the show made it into the final coverage (to see these pictures, go to our web site at pimpub.com yes, it's working). However, short of being there in person, we have delivered more information on who was there and what they were showing than anyone ever has.
Did we miss anyone? Probably.
Murphy's Law prevails and you know in your heart there must be at least one booth or individual that did not get in the release.
However, if they did get missed, I promise we will find them and place them in the New Products section of the next issue.
Why Is This Important One of the most valuable assets in the Amiga market are the developers. At a show like the World of Amiga, Amiga developers not only get an opportunity to meet with users and sell their products first hand, but they also have an opportunity to talk with the press. This means they can talk directly with editors and writers and demonstrate their product without restraint.
While no self respecting editor or writer would use a demonstration like this to create a review, it does offer them an opportunity to get the feel of a program and decide how they would best like to approach the review. This means that we all have better access to information and that has been the key element in keeping the Amiga viable.
Gateway 2000 The question most often asked since I returned was, "What did Gateway say?" I tell them that Gateway was more than positive they were downright ecstatic. Jim Taylor gave a warm speech in which he drew parallels between Gateway and the Amiga and stated how much the Amiga was important to Gateway. Petro Tyschtschenko was adamant about the growth and the direction of the Amiga system.
What seemed to bother most people was the absence of delivery dates on new Amigas or a new operating system. The truth is, Gateway doesn't know.
Jim Taylor made the comment during tire question and answer session after their speeches that Gateway had only had the Amiga for twenty minutes. When you consider that Gateway was busy with the paperwork and the procedures required to purchase the Amiga almost to the day of the conference, this was fairly accurate.
One Gateway executive explained it this way. Imagine you are at a garage sale and you see an interesting box in the corner. You find a tool in it that you could use. You look at the price, decide the tool is worth it and the buy the box.
Once your home, you begin looking through the box and you discover all these wonderful little items in it. Some need cleaning and a little tender loving care, others need repair, some just need to be used to limber their joints. When you get ¦ done with your assessment, you have a whole lot more than you bargained for in the first place.
Gateway has opened the box. They have created Amiga International to limber the joints, oil the cogs, and start repairing the parts. The important point is that they have something they believe is very valuable and they want to make it work.
By tradition, Gateway 2000 makes no announcements until they are ready to ship and, when they are ready to ship, they ship.
This is unusual for the Amiga community, but with the possibilities that Gateway 2000 has brought to the Amiga community I can live with it.
EDITORIAL Managing Editor: Don Hicks Hardware Editor: Ernest P. Viveiros Illustrator: Scott Brown Contributing Editor: Shamms Mortier AMAZING AUTHORS Randy Finch Rob Hays Marc Hoffman Dave Matthews 1-508-678-4200,1-800-345-3360, FAX 1-508-675-6002 http: www.pimpub.com Amazing Computing Amiga™ (ISSN 1053-4547) is published monthly by PiM Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722-2140. Phone 1-508- 678-4200,1-800-345-3360, and FAX 1-508 675-6002.
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readers with useful information.
Dear AC, Hi. I am writing to you in support of the Amiga. Having recently upgraded my Final Writer word processor to '97, upgraded my hardware at National Amiga to include CD-ROM, and having purchased games from Wonder Computers and Valley Soft all this year alone, I would say that demonstrates my commitment to the platform and I'm sure that I am not alone in this commitment. I thoroughly enjoy my purchases and look forward to new programs to enhance my computer hobby as well as the new possibilities arising from the Gateway 2000 takeover.
I would like to comment on your June issue of Amazing Computing. It is so different from Amiga Format and CU Amiga that I am startled to read it every month.
I wonder if you would consider incorporating some of the features present in those other magazines, such as rating different aspects of programs and hardware in reviews, more ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES 35mm COLOR SLIDES from ALL Amiga Computer & Video Toaster Graphics
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Comparisons of various programs for a particular use such as word processors, drawing packages, and public domain games, and playing up the Amiga wherever it is commercially or academically contributing. Then, perhaps the magazine will attract more advertisers and grow into a larger publication.
Regards, Mark Dekeyser madsci@sentex.net Thank you for your comments. Since you asked about the Gatezvay 2000 takeover, I know you will be interested in the coverage of their press conference in London. You will find the latest information on page 48 of this issue.
Keeping to our commitment to provide all the Amiga news fast, you can read the coverage of the London World of Amiga beginning on page 42. It is our hope that by taking the time and the effort to cover these major events for the Amiga, we have been able to keep the Amiga a vibrant platform in the minds of our readers.
In regard to your comments on Amazing Computing, I ivould like to cover these slightly out of order.
As far as covering the Amiga in industry and academic, I have always asked for these stories. In the many phone calls 1 receive, I talk with people using the Amiga in a variety of applications and I always ask them to write down their experiences and send them into us. I know AC has run many more articles on the real Amiga story than other publications and we will continue to do so for the very reasons that you stated. The best way to show the Amiga's worth is to show the Amiga at work.
On reviews, Amazing Computing covers almost every package we receive and we would also like to entertain comparison reviews. Unfortunately comparison reviews require more time and space and that is not always possible with the budget constraints of the current market.
However, Gateway 2000 may be able to open this market up for all of us and this could all change.
No Grades As far as your suggestion to grade portions of a product, I, respectfully, refuse. Baseless numbers and rewards conjured up by nameless entities at publications and then tacked on to the rear of a product review are possibly the most damaging thing in the current computer publishing market. The reviewer will painstakingly go through a product's pros and cons, good points and problems and then the editors will place a scale at the end of the review. In most cases, readers do not take the time to cover the points in the review, they just look to see how many stars the product has been
A review should be a portrait of the program or product. It should exercise the product in such a way that the reader is completely aware of the product's highs and lows. This allows the reader to access the product's viability for their use. When a reward symbol approach is used, often the insight into the product's character is lost to someone's subjective reasoning.
Keeping reviews focused clearly on the product is hard enough without distracting the reader and the writer by defending the grade the product has been given.
I sincerely believe that no one is served by a grade system. Reviewing a product always involves some subjective judgement. Our duty is to keep this at a minimum and provide our readers with good sound information that allows them to make their own choice. ED Please Write to: FeedBack c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 ¦ a; a al ANTI GRAVITY „
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Matt Bettlson: CU Amiga's-Aug'96 1 never expected the Siamese to puil off PC and Amiga integration to this degree, 1 consider this to be the most revolutionary product of the year tor the Amiga. ’ Ben Most, Amiga Format, March'97 'The Siamese is definately the must-have peripheral for Amiga owners with PC V ' All in all the Siamese System is something so important to the future of the Amiga that it s hard lo really explain just what is so good about it."
Networking_ Ram Memory Anti Gravity Labs Software Amiga User International, December 96 The REAL New Amiga is here NOW' This is what the Amiga should be like, and this is what it should be able to do.'
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Jj|g| 1 * Then you must have been reading Amazing Computing. AC has been with the market on every rise, fall, twist, turn, and surprising event. Each issue AC not only reviews great products, offers interesting tutorials, and brings you up to date on everything that is coming and going in the Amiga community, we also delve into the future of the Amiga. AC has followed the course of the Amiga for over ten years. It is the longest running periodical for the Amiga and it is your best opportunity to know just what is happening in the market, before you are taken for a ride.
To climb on board just call toll-free in the US and Canada 1-800-345-3360 or complete the form and send it with check, money order, or credit card jinformation to Amazing i » ' ] 1 ' i Computing, PiM Publications Inc.,
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It is Official: Gateway 2000 is in charge!
Opus 5 Magellan released, clickBOOM to produce PowerPC Games, Cloanto releases PowerPC Library, and more!
NEW PRODUCTS andother neat&tudfi Amiga Acquisition Finalized!
On May 16, Gateway 2000 representatives and Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International (formerly Amiga Technologies) announced the final acquisition of the Amiga patents and other assets (please see the article on page 48). Jim Taylor, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing of Gateway 2000, stated, "Every Amiga customer should know that we share their belief in this product..." Petro Tyschtschenko outlined areas that Amiga International will use to reinvigorate the Amiga market:
• Supporting the existing Amiga community.
• Leveraging the existing Amiga technology through broad
• Assisting in developing new products based on open standards to
the home computer and video graphics market.
AMIGA International, Inc. will operate as a separate business unit of Gateway 2000. AMIGA International currently has operations in Braunschweig, Germany and has opened new offices near the Frankfurt airport in Langen, Germany. AMIGA International can be reached on the World Wide Web at www.amiga.de. Gateway 2000 is available at www.gw2k.com. Opus 5 Magellan from GPSoftware!
Opus 5.5 with the Magellan version is not just a simple upgrade but the product of 12 months of intensive development of many components of the Opus 5 system and enthusiastic testing by beta testers. This new version offers greater control over icons, actions on and with icons, plus many new features such as Start Menus, extra popup sticky menus and new background images to name but a few.
This package has also improved the compatibility with Workbench and other Amiga programs with in-built support for the Newlcons system, better Cybergraphics support, faster icon layout, dragging and display routines and so on. A rewritten OpusFTP module complements these changes and not only yields up to five times faster access to the Internet but now has a full GUI for the Address Book and operational parameters.
Features include:
• Enhanced Lister functionality
• New popup menus
• Optional Space Gauge showing free space on drives
• Enhanced Opus FTP
• Up to 5 times faster access with less memory usage
• Individual directory cache exclusive to each FTP Lister The
press releases and news announcements in Neiv Products are from
Amiga vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the
right to edit these articles, the statements, etc. made in
these reports are those of the vendors and not Amazing
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Direct from GPSoftware, the Magellan upgrade will be priced at an upgrade fee of Australian $ 65.00 plus Australian $ 10 package and air mail postage.
GPSoftware PO Box 570, Ashgrove, Brisbane, Australia 4060 Phone Fax +61 7 33661402, Email: zzgperry@mailbox.uq.edu.au clickBOOM Promises Power Up Support PXL computers and clickBOOM have announced a cooperation with Phase 5 Digital Products on making games for Power Amiga. "We strongly believe that the future for the Amiga computer lies in PowerPC processor. Furthermore, we believe Phase 5 is and will continue to be the Amiga hardware leader.
Therefore, we have selected Power Amiga as our future platform of choice", stated Alexander Petrovic, PXL and clickBOOM producer.
The first ever Power Amiga game will be Myst from clickBOOM. Following Myst, other forth coming clickBOOM games will be fully optimized for the PowerPC chip, as well.
"We are happy to see how engaged clickBOOM has realized all their ambitious projects in the past, and we are excited that their new projects will be targeted for the PowerUp accelerators" stated Wolf Dietrich of phase 5. "Beside all the demanding creativity software that we expect to come for the PowerUp boards, it's good to see powerful games with the real thrill coming also soon. What would such a powerhorse Amiga be without some breathtaking amusement? Still fast, but less fun... It's really impressive and good to see that clickBOOM is in the front line of visionary development for a new
performance dimension."
According to clickBOOM, their strategy can be outlined in two steps: 1. Starting with Myst, a couple of forth coming For More Amiga News & the Latest Gateway 2000 info Don't miss AC’s Exclusive World of Amiga, London coverage on page 42 of this issue as well as the exclusive coverage of the Gateway 2000 & Amiga International Press Conference on page 48.
TSBlDTri Tf©!?
New Version - Lower Price! $ 4°9nly95j Now includes E-Mail client and regular Termite!
E) Easy to use GUI configuration and operation. It virtually
configures itself! All you need is your ISP's phone number,
your user name and password, and the ability to click on the
connect button. It's really that easy!
Comprehensive and fully indexed printed manual takes the mystery out of the Internet!
El Runs on ANY Amiga with Kickstarl 2.04 or above Sf Supports High Speed Serial Cards like Surf Squirrel, etc. El Optimized PPP support with PAP CHAP built directly in 1 GUI telnet, ftp, and e-mail clients supplied.
Ef Programmers Developers Kit provided for third party clients Si Patch library allows AmiTCP clients to work with Termite TCP Ei Now includes regular Termite VI. 1 2! [upgradable to VI .21) (•3 Termite TCP is smaller, easier to use, consumes fewer system resources, and is faster online than any alternative. The provided clients, written documentation, and regular Termite make it the ONLY one stop telecommunications solution for your Amiga.
Ei Competitive upgrades are available from AmiTCP or Miami with poof of purchase.
CD Pa® ©y iot If&m We are proud to announce the release(April '97) of Professional versions of the internet clients supplied with Termite TCP.
Ei Termite FTP PRO includes the complete FTP command set and adds exciting features like dual directory view and drag and drop file transfers, gj Termite Telnet PRO extends the standard telnet client to include features like editable review buffers, programmable keyboard macros, and zmodem file transfers!
Ei Termite Mail PRO is the complete e-mail solution for single users or businesses alike with powerful features like multiple mail box support, automatic e-mail posting and retreival, flexible addressbook, macros, and drag & drop mailing.
Each of the Professional clients will run under AmiTCP, Miami, or TermiteTCP. They will be available seperately or as part of the ProClient Pack, which will also include additional bonus clients.
(PS. Termite News is coming soon too!)
©DBSIM 4'® available. Also exciting Cinema 4D addons: Cinema World is a flexible and powerful automatic world and terrain generator; Cinema Font a large collection of scalable 3D Postscript ronts. A 4D world awaits your command!
Udes Version 3 available.
Video CD MPEG Playe nnotmtiin Products From OREGON ibrows© Ako available... Zip Jaz Tools, DukMagii, Surf Squirrel, On The Ball, + More 16700 S.W. Potifk Hwy., Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97274 PH: (503) 620-4919 FM:(503) 624-2940 Tech Support: (503) 968-9250 E-Moil: inlo@wrR.com WWW: httpy www.orrR.com HjrrR THE World Wide Web Browser for Your Amiga!
Ibrowse supports more HTML features, like Animated GIF's and Frames, than any other Amiga browser! With it's easy to use GUI and features like multi-level hollists, configurable fastlinks, and local disk caching.
Ibrowse makes surfing the World Wide Web a breeze! Let Termite TCP and Ibrowse help you experience the excitment of the Internet!
MA §D@ Affordable MulliMedia!
A supurb new program for designing and playing impressive MultiMeaia presentations on your Amiga.
The interadive drag&arop presentation editor nos it all: fades, effects, audio, all graphics formats & cards. Everything that is except the high price!
Projects will support both 680x0 and PowerPC chip. 2. ClickBOOM will use this transitional period to work on a first Power Amiga-only "killer" game. After its release, all the following games will be Power Amiga-only.
ClickBOOM's web site is at www.clickboom.com clickBOOM “Conversion Wish List” PXL computers and clickBOOM announced the "conversion wish list", located on their web site at www.clickboom.com. ClickBOOM stated, "Choosing Myst as the first conversion game to go to the Amiga was a simple task, for it truly is a special game.
However, for our next projects we would like to convert games you, Amiga players, would like to play the most. Hence "conversion wish list"!
It is clickBOOM's plan to asses Amiga market needs by asking users to vote for the games they would like to see appear on the Amiga. They have assembled a list of titles from consoles and PC, and they want Amiga users to let them know which ones the Amiga community would like to see on the Amiga as soon as possible.
Circle 142 on Reader Service card.
Cloanto Releases the POWERPC Blitting Library for Personal Paint 7 The "personal_ppc_blitlibrary" for Personal Paint 7 and other Cloanto programs has just been released on Aminet (biz cloan PBlit_PPC.lha). Like previous 68K CPU blitting libraries, this library allows Personal Paint to work on bitmaps in Fast RAM instead of Chip RAM in supporting RTG environments.
The PowerPC version adds to this advantage a considerable performance boost.
Benchmarked on a PowerPC 603e running at 150 Mhz, this software-only blitter performed twice as fast as an AGA hardware blitter. The tests were conducted on a PowerUP board by Phase 5, running a mixed combination of average blitter operations (not just simple copies, but complex blitter logic).
In spite of the very difficult times for Amiga software developers, Cloanto continues to invest more than ever in the Amiga, and they are working on new versions of popular titles such as Personal Paint.
For more information write to info@cloanto.com, or visit the Cloanto web site at http: www.cloanto.com. Aminet CD 18 - April 1997 Aminet is the world's largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software. Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives daily, and countless programmers publish initially via Aminet. Only five years after its inception, Aminet now holds the equivalent of more than 12,000 floppy disks of software. Aminet CD 18 contains more than 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives. Since the release of Aminet CD 17 more than 600 MB new software has
Schatztruhe, Gesellschaft fur Software mbH, VeronikastraBe 33,45131 Essen, Germany, Tel: 201-78-8778, Fax: 201-79- 8447, Email: stefano@schatztruhe.de, www: http: www.schatztruhe.de
• AC* New Product, Industry Announcement?
Send it to: New Products Editor, Amazing Computing,
P. O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722-2140,
(508) 678-4200, FAX (508) 675-6002 DecisionMaker DM bv J.L. White
takes the drudgery out of moving selected chunks of video
to your hard drives. You have full control over your video
deck directly from your Amiga screen. When you Find useable
footage, simply set your IN & OUT points and add it to your
Batch digitizing has NEVER been so easy! Import & Export CMX or Grass Valley formats. Requires Newtek Flyer, VLAB Motion or Draco system.
Support for the Sony VX 1000 now included!
Software only: Sale: $ 299.95 Retail; $ 399.95 Software & LANC cable Sale: $ 399.95 Retail: $ 549.95 Software & 422 cable Sale: $ 399.95 Retail $ 549.95 Corporate Video Backgrounds * Sale: $ 129.95 A collection of 250 visually stunning royalty free backgrounds constructed primarily for bumpers, bullet builds, and video overlays. All images were designed by award winning graphic artist Guy Bickel. Everyone that has bought CVB have called to thank us for releasing such a high quality set of professional art work. Find out why! Perfect for use with any linear or non linear system. Comes in IFF 24, Piet
and Targa formats.
Sale: $ 169.95 Retail; S249.95 Control Now Includes Over 200 Macros!
Q-Co.xtrol Tower Control Tower by J.L. White contains over 200 macros that let you soar to new heights with the Newtek Video Flyer. Everything from clean Picture In Picture, to Blue Screen Compositing to Batch Processing of Clips & Frames make this a MUST HAVE program for ALL Flyer owners. Saves hours of time by automating the entire process. Find out why this has become a classic in such a short period of time. Requires Image FX and the Toaster Flyer.
Si re ice Pro for Lightwa ve + Sale: $ 79.95 A collection of useful, ready to use, low memory, seamless surfaces for the Lightwave Professional.
SP by Leo Martin offers a w ide variety of over 60 seamless image based surfaces that are instantly available through Lightwave. Includes Liquid Metal, Circuit Board, Nebula, Globe Wrap, Water, Flames, Marble and more. Also included are a number of tech maps as well as the Pro Textures Combo Collection.
W Visual FX for Image FX + Sale: $ 129.95 per volume VFX by J.L. White brings all the power of Image FX Retai[. Sw ) )5 volume to your finger tips. Simply select w hat effect you want to create, replace our default images w ith your own, and hit Render! It's that simple! Each volume comes f „ w ith 20 effects w ith tons of options. Beginners can use • the default settings while the more advanced users can customize to suit their needs. This has been our fastest selling product on the Amiga to date. Buy one today and you will see why! Volumes for Lightwave also available.
Visual Inspirations, Inc. 809 West Hollywood Tampa, Florida 33604 Phone or Fax: 813-935-6410 http: www.vionline.com Visual I All manufacturers trademarks are acknowledged.
New Logo Backdrop Ideas: (or “Brilliance Lives!”) When a Computer Program is a classic, it isn’t old, just under utilized.
By R. Sham ms Mortier OK. Let's get to the second title of this article first, because it entails some important points for all computer artists, and especially those who use the Amiga. It will snow little puppies on Mars before you see a new edition of TrueBrilliance or Brilliance, the Amiga painting software par excellence from what is now Play Incorporated.
The folks who developed the Brilliance painting software no longer have anything to do with the Amiga, having made a megafortune with the Snappy video digitizer for the PC. So Amiga owners of Brilliance (it is still being sold, albeit for around $ 20.00 Figure 3. A simple first step in the process background, as in this example.
Is to mask the foreground graphics, and add another perspective tiling to the US) are stuck with a has-been application,.. right? Wrong! The worst thing about the headlong march of technology is the headlong march of technology- Technological advances never erase their heritage. At best, it entices new consumers to join the fray, while seducing owners of previous editions of whatever to consider upgrading.
There are times, however, when having a kerosene lamp causes great joy, even for those with abundant electric lights. A storm that brings down the power lines can give you a beginner's eye for the kerosene lamp, or even its ancient predecessor, the candle. A new appreciation for a technology long ignored.
Now all of this may or may not be exactly the correct metaphor when it comes to computer software. Software usually gets upgraded, so the next revision addresses new solutions and fixes old problems. Software like Brilliance however is a special case.
Brilliance was truncated around the Autumn of 1994, commensurate with the time Commodore was making terrible noises about bankruptcy. Yet the Amiga, the platform Brilliance was written to support, still refuses to die out. The Amiga still dances and manages a wide toothy grin.
So there you are, jealous of all of your friends who are creating images with Photoshop 4, Fractal Painter, and the other Mac and Windows bitmap art applications. Not that all of these non-Amiga apps aren't wonderful.
They are. But listen to this me buckos,.. Brilliance still can do things that nobody else can touch. The moral is: never allow the march of technology to force you to throw away vintage software or kerosene lamps. Now for one more example of why this is so.
New Logo Background Tricks You cannot find the tools to do this exercise on anything but the Amiga, though you can use that other tattered warrior, Dpaint, to accomplish it as well as Brilliance. The thing with Dpaint however is that it's a lot slower than Brilliance when it comes to the same tasks. That is why I chose Brilliance (Brilliance by the way is a 256 color AGA paint program, while TrueBrilliance allows you to import and export true 24-bit work on an AGA platform).
% S v Figure 5. Let’s use this graphic as an example of a symbolic logo, one that you would like to combine with a logo text block.
The central focus of our attention lies in the ability of Brilliance to fill the screen with perspective tiles, as a first step in the process. In Brilliance, the settings in the Animation Controls menu determines the rotation and placement of the tiles, even when the output is to be a single picture and not an animation.
It is assumed that you have a working knowledge of Brilliance's tools. If not, read the documentation before trying to follow along with this technique.
1. Open Brilliance, and create or import a text block to serve as
your logo example. Pick up the text as a brush, and copy it to
one of the pots in the Brush Reservoir area.
2. Go to the Animation Controls menu. Alter the XYZ rotation
numbers as follows: 25, 25, 40.
Close the Animation Controls menu.
% 2 S SP v ¦
3. Click on the Bucket Fill tool. Open the Brush Effects menu,
and click on Perspective under the Brush listing. This will
allow you to fill the screen with your logo brush, using the
rotation settings you modified in the Animation Controls menu.
Click the Bucket tool in the work area to tile-fill the screen
with your logo type.
4. Click on the Stenciling tool with the right mouse, opening its
configuration settings. Click on Foreground, which stencil
protects the foreground elements.
5. Return to the Animation Controls menu, and reset the XYZ
rotation numbers as follows: 45, 45, -60.
Click on the Bucket Fill tool again and fill the non-protected areas of the screen with the new tiling logos. The finished screen will be a composite of both perspective fills.
Refer to the accompanying figures to see other variations on this theme.
There is an infinite amount of alternatives to explore using this technique, allowing you to create unique tiled logo backgrounds for your projects.
This method produces excellent Web backgrounds by the way.
As for me, I sleep peacefully, knowing that there is so much more to explore, using the secrets of Brilliance.
Brilliance lives! The Amiga lives!
• AC* Figure 6. Using the symbol in Figure 5, the logo type was
placed behind it and then in front of it, allowing us to
preview what placement works best.
NEW FROM BLACK FOREST PRODUCTS GmbH JET FIRE 132 Black Forest Products is pleased to announce a 68030- 25MFIz accelerator that will speed up your Amiga A1200 computer more than 400 percent. The Jet Fire 132 is priced substantially lower than any of its competition.
Includes: +6882 FPU running at 25 Mftz +built-in MMU at 25 MPIz +built-in real time clock +accepts standard 72 pin (PS 2) SIMM for 4 or 8 megs +simple, easy plug in +1 year warranty THIS IS AN UNBELIEVABLE ACCELERATOR AT AN UNBEATABLE PRICE!
PRICE FOR EVERYBODY $ 109.95 Plus shipping Coming next month: 68030 in 33 Mhz version.
CONGRATULATIONS GATEWAY 2000 Paxtron congratulates Gateway on their acquisition of Amiga Technologies.
IMPORTANT NOTICES REPAIR SERVICES In the middle of June we will be opening our service facility and technical department to the general public. For years Amiga dealers and service centers worldwide have relied on our expedient service and very reasonable prices. In next month’s issue we will publish a full price list for Amiga repairs.
WANTED - AMIGA A2000 COMPUTERS Top dollar paid for your A2000 computer.
Call for details.
"See our full page ad on the inside back cover.
28 Grove Street Spring Valley. NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 ¦ 888 PAXTRON * TAX 914 578 6550 I to ,1' . R I ¦ ; I r.' '¦ 1 • • Anri t. mi |i'V Cii.i; • f A *1 • . V.lh|« • I to : H.i i -Mail lor order). A coireipondeiice’ p.txI’O'icorp a rcKn«l com IV£ SHIP WOFtl DiVlOt Visual FX for Image FX Making a great program even better!
By R. Shamms Mortier OK. Name the most supportive utility application developer on the Amiga. By that, I mean, a developer who supports the other developers, especially the ones who have kept carrying water during the dry months. In my estimation, it is Visual Inspirations by two hands and twelve toes.
Figure 1. The Visual FX for ImageFX interface.
Starting with programs like Batch Factory, released a couple of years ago, and with all of their work on providing a front end to the NewTek Flyer, Visual Inspirations has consistently offered the Amiga community a way to take the software they have and make it perform better, faster, and far more efficiently. Some time back, they also released Visual FX, a nifty little application that allowed you to generate transitional animations (used for segues between two video clips) by taking one picture from the end of an animated sequence and bridging it to a picture at the start of another animated
sequence. In carrying that same idea forward one more notch, they have now released a special edition of Visual FX for Image FX users.
The Interface and how it works Image FX is accompanied by a tiny pamphlet of instructions.
Normally, I would find this irritating, but to tell you the truth, after a few seconds with Visual FX, it's OK to lose the documentation. I'm not kidding. Experienced Amiga pros will master Visual FX in about 30 seconds, while it might take a minute or so for the novice to get the hang of it.
Visual FX comes on a disk and a CD-ROM. The disk has the executable program , while the CD-ROM contains animated previews of the effects. The only problem I found was that the software cannot understand where the CD-ROM is if you have it connected via a network. It keeps asking for the location of the CD-ROM, even if the network has it securely connected.
This should be fixed.
If you don't have a connect to the CD-ROM, you cannot see the neat preview animations of the effects playing on the Visual FX interface, not unless you want to blow away a lot of drive space and transfer them to the hard drive (not a pleasant solution).
Otherwise, everything worked as it was supposed to during an animations session.
The interface is a multicolored panel that shows images representing the twenty animated segues included.
When you start Visual FX for ImageFX, the program automatically looks for and starts ImageFX as well. That's the core magic. Visual FX uses the effects and capacities of ImageFX (Nova Design's superlative image modulation engine) in the creation of a series of animations. Obviously, this means that Visual FX assumes you are also an ImageFX owner, and that it is readily available on the system you are using.
Clicking on any of the twenty animation icons arranged on the Visual FX interface brings up a short descriptor of what they do. There are four buttons: Load New Volume (loads a new collection of animation presets, meaning more are probably on the way), Preview Effect (shows a small animated sample of the effect, as long as it can be found on the CD-ROM or on your hard drive), Generate Effect (sets up an animation script that applies the effect to your selected images), and Render Effect (renders all generated scripts in the render que as directed by the script). During the Generation process,
you are asked for the location and name of your respective image files, and you must also provide a name and path for the rendered animation. Animations are rendered as 24-bit single frames.
If you are an ImageFX addict, you should think about adding Visual FX for ImageFX to your arsenal of tools.
This is especially true if you do video work, and often find that you have a need to produce A B Roll segues without the A B Roll hardware usually required.
Visual FX for ImageFX Visual Inspirations Merlin’s Software 809 West Hollywood Tampa, Florida 33604 813-935-6410 visual@vionline.com
• AC* A selection of single frames taken from Visual FX for
ImageFX animated sequences, showing a variety of generated
Wfftfe $ m&f dmr & .
The printed page is, to evoke a creaking cliche, as flat as a pancake.
Placing shadows below text is the tried-and-true method of adding depth. It also can become a tad boring after a while. Another way of creating a third dimension is through offset type. The Image Club web site offered a tutorial on offset type for Adobe's "PageMaker". Even without that program, Amiga owners can do the same thing.
Making offset type isn't difficult, and the principles can be employed in most Amiga DTP and by Nick Cook paint programs. In a nutshell, you are going to stack three copies of your text.
The top and bottom text should be filled with different, but complimentary, colors. The characters in the middle layer should be white, or the closest match to your page color as possible.
Here is how to create some offset type in PageStream 3: STEP ONE: Enter your text and change it to the bottom layer color (Figure 1).
STEP TWO: Click on the arrow icon and on the text from Step One.
Duplicate it via a "d" keystroke or by selecting "Duplicate" in the "Object" menu.
STEP THREE: Click on the text icon (the "A"). Select the text created in Step Two and change the color to one which matches or closely matches the page color.
Whoa! Where did it go? As you might expect, the copy of the text vanishes. After all, it sure is tough to read white text on a white page. Since you're going to have to move these invisible characters in the next step, you may want to use a light grey color for the text initially. Once the text object is in place, change the grey to white (or whatever your page color is).
STEP FOUR: Click the arrow icon then position the page-colored text object so that it is slightly below and to the right of the first text object.
STEP FIVE: Repeat Step Three, except change the text to the top layer color.
STEP SIX: Repeat Step Four, positioning the text from Step Five so that it is slightly below and to the right of the page-colored text.
STEP SEVEN: Use the "Edit" menu's "Select All" command and "Group" all the text objects (Figure 2).
As long as you get the type "sandwich" correct, you can fiddle with the various layers all you want.
You don't have to set each layer below and to the right of the previous layer. Stack it up and to the left, below and to the left, up and to the right. It doesn't make any difference. Experiment with the width of the middle layer; for example, have a narrower band of white showing. Finally, play with the colors. The darker the color of the bottom layer of text, the "deeper" it appears.
Offset text adds something new to your DTP toolkit. Now you can give the text shadows a rest.
• AC* Advertising posters from the middle to late 1800s were
generally explosions of mixed fonts, rules, and seemingly every
ornamental doo-dad in the printer's type trays. Let's say you
want to recreate that period look, but you don't want to buy a
new typeface, such as Image Club's "Gold Rush" font, just for a
couple of words. You can reproduce a passable imitation of that
"old tyme" look with the offset type technique. Create your
type sandwich with a few changes. First, the bottom layer type
should have at least a one-point black stroke (outline) and
white fill.
Next, it is easier to stack a little differently.
Place the top layer (in this case, solid black type).
Position the white type middle layer (slightly down and to the right) over the top layer. Use PageStream's "Send to Back," or the "b" keystroke, to move the white layer behind the black type. Use the same strategy placing the black outlined bottom layer.
• AC* on amiga telecommunications On-Line News: How to get it and
what you get!
We begin this month with another program to read the news, then finish with some news and updates.
FFNews FFNews from Thorsten Stocksmeier is a news reading program that does not try, or claim to be, the be-all and end-all of news programs. Instead it concentrates on doing the job at hand reliably, and with a minimum of fuss. This is not to say that FFNews is a "one trick pony" however, because it also functions as an e-mail reader.
When started, FFNews opens its main window (shown at the top of Figure 1), which shows the newsgroups to which you have subscribed. Obviously the first time this section will be empty. To get a list of available newsgroups from your news server after configuring the program, click on the Group Manager button at the bottom of the screen.
This will open a double listview window (Figure 2). On the left will be a list of all of the newsgroups available on your news server. Double-click on the name of each news group you wish to subscribe to, and the name pops up in the right side window. A double-click here will un-subscribe you from a group.
Save your choices to disk, and FFNews will automatically go to your llRaak Ingeeann Laebertsen newsserver and download the headers and articles for the newsgroups you have subscribed to (Figure 3). If you click the "Scan all" button, FFNews will get all of the news articles for all of your subscribed newsgroups. This allows you to disconnect from your Internet Service Provider and read and reply to the articles while offline. This would be the preferred method for those who are charged by the minute for connections.
Now a window opens (see the bottom of Figure 1) displaying a list of headers for the active newsgroup. This list shows the article number, author, subject, the date it was posted, and the file size. This list can be sorted by any of these criteria except file size. A double-click on a header opens another new window (Figure 4). This window displays the contents of the article, and gives you the chance to reply either by e-mail, or within the newsgroup.
FFNews is not exactly a speed demon at retrieving headers and articles from your newsserver.
According to the documentation, this is because it only uses one network connection or socket, and may, or may not, be corrected in future versions.
This is version 1.56 which is the first public release, and is shareware with a fee of US$ 20.
Biggest News Gateway 2000's purchase of the Amiga has everyone tripping through their web site (Figure s right) at www.gw2k.com Integrated Teknologies Inc AMIGA REPAIRS FLAT RATE LABOR RATES A500 $ 59 • A600 $ 89 • A1200 $ 129 A2000 $ 89 • A2000HD $ 99 • A2500 $ 109 A3000 $ 129 • A3000T $ 179 A4000 $ 179 CDTV $ 59 • CD32 $ 109 A1080 4 4S $ 59 MultiScan *oi«o s, $ 89 add-in boards & parts additional AMIGA HARDWARE PRE-OWNED • SURPLUS -NEW Fon Fax for current availability & prices SPECIALS MULTISYNC REFVRB MONITORS W CABLE CHOICE NEC II $ 199 • NEC 3D $ 299 ALTEC LANSING CS3I MM SYSTEM AMP - SUB WOOFER ¦ 2
SPEAKERS $ 99 HEAVY DUTY EXT SCSI CASE KIT SINGLE 5.25 HH BAY, PS,CABLES $ 49 RECYCLED SSOK DISKETTES 100 $ 29 A3640-2S CPU BOARDS $ 349 GREAT UPGARDE FOR A3000 SCSI HARD DRIVES • PULLS - UNTESTED 20MB 3.5 HH 7 $ 39 • 40MB 3.5 HH 4 $ 39 OTHER SCSI IDE DRIVES FAX FON _ 1101 Chestnut SI • Suite A • Roselle • NJ 07203 FAX 908 245-9409 FON 908 245-1313 BUY • SELL • TRADE AMIGA HARDWARE FAX YOUR COMPLETE LIST W MODELS ETC MON & FRI I - I’M • WED I - S I’M Circle 122 on Reader Service card.
An Installer script and AmigaGuide documentation is part of the package available as FFNewsl56.lha in the comm mail subdirectory of AmiNet. Requirements are OS2.1 or higher, MUI 3.3 or Welcome to Voyager-NG Release i.70 O l£T : ' Ip ¦ ip. - yager Next Generation above, a TCP IP stack such as Miami or Termite TCP, and one megabyte free RAM.
Updates Of course the biggest news lately has been about the actions of Gateway 2000 to acquire Amiga Technologies. If you are hungry for info about Gateway, check out their Web site (Figure
5) at: http: www.gw2k.com Voyager NG Almost overshadowed by the
Amiga acquisition news was the release of a new version of
Voyager NG by Oliver Wagner (Figure 6). Now at version 2.70,
NG has added some substantial weapons to its arsenal. A couple
of quotes from the documentation to whet your appetite; "the
most technically advanced web browser available for the
AmigaOS platform"; "Supports T TCP (TCP for Transactions)
requests allowing much faster establishments of HTTP links";
"As far as we know, Voyager is the first browser on any
platform supporting this!"
In addition, NG now supports Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encrypted transfers with full strength 128-bit encryption. Also new is support for the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format. This is a new graphic standard intended to replace the GIF standard now in use on the Web. There are several reasons for wanting to replace the use of GIF files, but development of the PNG standard began in earnest after it was announced in late 1994 that GIF files used a patented compression algorithm. NG now decodes PNG as well as JPEG,and GIF images internally, eliminating the need for various DataTypes for
this task.
For the absolute latest, visit the Vapor Web site at: http: www.vapor.com Because of the encryption abilities included, there are two different versions available to download, one for the US Canada, and another for everywhere else in the world. This is required for two reasons. One is the US Government's position that too powerful encryption software cannot be exported. The other reason is avoidance of patent infringement. Be sure to download the proper version for your geographical location.
The documentation for Voyager has been split off into a separate file, so be sure to grab the Docs while you are there. Since the Voyager program and documentation files are compressed with LZX, you will need this archiver program in your C: drawer. If you don't have it, go to the util arc subdirectory on AmiNet and get the file lzxl21.1ha. Miami If you live in the US Canada and want to use the new SSL abilities of Voyager NG, you will need the latest update of Miami. Version 2.1 adds some new utility programs to the package, quashes a few more bugs, and most significantly, adds support for
the SSL standard. Go to the Miami site at: http: www.nordicglobal.com Miami.html You will need to download two files, Miami21main.lha is the main program archive. Then you need a second file depending on whether you are a registered user or not, and if you are, what sort of CPU your Amiga has.
Unpack the archives into the same directory, and use the included Installer script to install everything.
Once you have everything installed, read all of the documentation carefully, and it will walk you through the ? ? ?WANTED* ? ?
A2000 Computers (NTSC or PAL) TOP DOLLAR PAID If you are sitting with an A2000 in your attic or basement not being used, this is the time to turn it into cash. We offer top dollar for any A2000 and even pay the UPS shipping costs!
Interested in an A3000? Trade in your A2000 towards one.
Call for pricing details. You won't be disappointed.
28 Grove Street. Spring Valley. NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 - 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-578-6550 I'iivlron Hour* 9-S pm LT Mon * n • Add S6 00 UPS Charges. ¦ MCA ISA • Price* subject lo chH-’ge E-Mail tor orders 4 correspondence: paxt*oncorp 8 rcfenel.com LV£ SHIP WORLDWiDI Circle 153 on Reader Service card.
Process of obtaining the necessary SSL programs.
Mill One more update to get, especially if you want to try the newest Voyager NG, is Magic User Interface (MUI) version 3.8. Go to: http: www.sasg.com Who Ya Gonna Call?
Here are some more Amiga BBS numbers as supplied by readers. If one is in your area, give them a call and check it out. Tell them Rob sent you!
Spare Parts BBS Random Access
(414) 731-7697 1200-33.6kbps SETTINGS: 8N1 CONTACT: Peter Veach
N9QZD@compuserve.com The Flipside! BBS
(309) 343-7312 300-14.4kbps SETTINGS: 8N1 CONTACT: Mitch Durdle
Pres. Knox Computer Club BBS is run on an Amiga 1000 using
Cnet Pro.
Where To Find Me rhays@kiva.net http: www.kiva.net ~rhays rhays@a migazone.com
R. Hays5 on Genie 72764,2066 on CompuServe For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community I will include the information I receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feel would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the HotList of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. See you on line!
• AC* The Aniga business progran, HBJL.3 & up A R, A P, G.L.
Invoices, Billing Inventory, Payroll Client List Circle 126 on
Reader Service card.
July 1997 23 Software Hut AMIGA Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 softhut@erols.com Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat»Sun Closed FAX 610-586-6416 Info 610-586-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 FAX 610-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA
• All our customers worldwide can now reach us by E-Mail. We
always respond within 24 hours on Quotes & Technical Info, and
ship orders the same day. Our address is softhut@erols.com • k
NewTek Lightwave 5.0 Amioa $ 1179.00 Lightwave 5,0 Intel
1099. 95 Lightwave 5.0 Upgrade Amiga
289. 95 Lightwave 5.0 Upgrade Intel
469. 95 Video Toaster 4.1 Upgrade CD
499. 95 Video Toaster 4000
2079. 95 Video Toaster Flyer
4195. 00 Power Supplies A Expansion Boards A2000 300W Power
Supply $ 149.00 Megalosound
57. 95 Pro Midi
42. 95 A2000 Replacement Power Supply 109.00 Big Foot CD-32 Power
79. 95 A3000 Tower Power Supply
129. 00 Squirrel SCSI-2 PCMCIA Card
94. 95 Surf Squirrel PCMCIA Card
139. 95 The Siamese System
389. 95 Bio*Con M1208A for A1200
74. 95 Buddha EIDE Z2 Controller Call $ Custom Chips 1Mb Agnus
8372A $ 34.95 Super Denise 8373
29. 95 CIA 8520 Chip
11. 95 Paula or Denise Chip
16. 95 Lisa IC
39. 95 Alice IC
39. 95 Eproms 2630 Rev 7
36. 95 Eproms 2091 Rev 7
34. 95
1. 3 ROM Chip
13. 95
2. 04 ROM Chip 22,95
2. 05 ROM Chip
26. 95 Guru ROM v6 GVP A500 series
71. 95 GuruROM GVP or A2091 (Spec) 63,95
W. 0. SCSI Chip Rev8A
32. 95 CIA S520 Surf. Mount Chip
23. 50 Super Buster Rev 11
29. 95 Ramsey Rev 7
29. 95 Paula Surface Mount
42. 95 Super Dmac Rev 4
42. 95 Bridgette
29. 95 Video DAC
24. 95 For other custom chips, call or visit our web site.
Expansion Systems DataFlyer XDS 1200 $ 79.95 DataFlyer SCSI-r 1200
79. 95 DataFlyer 2000s SCSI
89. 95 DataFlyer 2000e IDE
79. 95 DataFlyer CDS-XDS
89. 95 Phase 5 Blizzard 1230-IVw 50Mz CPU $ 214.95 Blizzard 1260
Turbu Bnard
649. 95 Blizzard 12x0 SCSI Mndule
134. 95 Blizzard 2060 w SCSI
769. 95 Blizzard 2040 T ERC w SCSI
499. 95 Blizzard 603e PPC Call CyberGraphx Software
44. 95 Cybervision 64 3D 4Mb
299. 95 MPEG Decoder for CV64 3D Call Scan Doubler Switch lor
CV64 3D124.95 Cyberstorm 060 Mk2 3000 4000 789.95 Cyberstorm
040 40 Mk2
519. 95 Cyberstorm SCSI
139. 95 Cyberstorm 604$ PPC Call Flat Bed Scanners For the latest
Products, Prices, Detailed Info, Tech Support, & Amiga News,
visit our Web Site at www.softhut.com Epson Action Scanner
2,1200 DPI $ 399.95 Epson ES1000 Scanner, 1600 DPI 599.95
Moitek Scanner Call GVP-M DSS8+ Digital Sound Studio Just
released! With 3.0 software, for all audio needs.
_$ 99.95_ A4000 Desktop Board 060 50MZ w SCSI-2. Expands to 128Mb. Supports normal 72 pin SIMMS.
_$ 899.95_ A2000 060 50Mz T-Rox $ 849.95 A2000 040 40MZ T-ReX Expand to 060 50Mz later.
$ 829.00 A2000 030 40Mz 4Mb Combo $ 429.95 A4008 Controller Card Classic SCSI-2 controller card for A2000 3000 4000.
Holds up to 8Mb RAM.
$ 129.95 Each 2Mb increment - $ 34.00 Original GVP made SIMMs for all older GVP boards: 4Mb - $ 89.95 16Mb - $ 199.95 DSS 8* 3.0 Upgrade Software $ 29.95 I O Extender - 2 Serial, t Par. 109.95 A1291 SCSI Module 99.95 A1200 SCSI*RAM 33Mz 134.95 G-Lock Genlock NTSC 349.95 G-Lock Genlock PAL 364.95 lOmega Zip Drive SCSI External $ 159.95 100Mb Removable Disk
15. 95 100Mb Disks (3Pack)
44. 95 Zip Jaz Tools Software
24. 95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb internal
329. 95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb external
429. 95 1Gb removable disk
92. 95 1Gb rem. Disks - 5 Pack V
434. 95 Megachip A500 2000 S209.95 Cobra 1240 33Mz RC CPU 154.95
Cobra 1240 40Mz EC CPU 199.95 Ferret SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose
84.95 FPU and RAM prices Call SpilFire SCSI2 Controller
79.95 RapidFIre SCSI2 RAM Controller 139.95 WlldFire 060
50Mz for A2000 1279.00 Intemo PCI Graphics Card tor WF Call
3128 RAM Exp. A3 4000 OK 229.95 The Clock A1200 17.95 CD-ROM
Drives Sanyo H94S 2X SCSI CD-ROM Internal model $ 49.95
External model $ 99.95 Plextor 4X SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal
model $ 119.95 External model $ 179.95 Amiga Tech. 4X
12410-Drive For A1200 w PCMCIA. CD-32 Emulation $ 159.95
Pioneer 12X SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal model $ 219.95
External model $ 289.95 Toshiba 12X SCSI CD-ROM Drive
Internal model $ 209.95 External model $ 279.95 Sony CDU-926S
6x Read 2x Write Recordable SCSI CD-ROM Drive Now you can
inexpensively record your own CD-ROMs.
Internal model $ 389.95 External model $ 469.95 Modems & InterNet Sportier 56K x2 Fax Modem $ 234.95 Supra Expr's 33.6 V34 FAX Modam 167.00 Supra FAX Modem 33.6 V34 209.95 Cardinal 33.6 FAX Modam 166.00 Prac. Parlph. 14.4 FAX Modam 84.96 JR Comm Terminal Software 6.00 Termite 39.96 Termite TCP 46.95 GPFax Software - Class 1 A 2 64.95 Help Amiga Get Do I'net Video 34.95 Iorowat1.1 41.95 Apollo A5B0 2000 2Mb Chip RAM Board $ 164.95 A60B 630 33Mz 68030 $ 199.95 A1200 1260 50Mz 68060 $ 679.95 1240 25MZ 68040
329. 95 1240 33MZ 68040
359. 95 1240 40MZ 68040
419. 95 1230 50MZ 68030
214. 95 1230 40Mz 66030
179. 95 1230Lite25Mz CPU* FPU
119. 95 1200 SCSI Module
119. 95 Cat Weasel Adv. Floppy Contr.
124. 95 A200B 2030 25Mz 68030 w SCSI 2 $ 279.95 2030 50MZ 66030
379. 95 A3000 3000T 3060 50MZ 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 769.95 A4000 A4000T
4060 50MZ 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 759.95 CD-32 SX32 $ 269.95 SX32 Pro
030 33MZ
449. 00 SX32 Pro 030 50MZ V
489. 00
3. 5Mb Super XL Ext. Drive Power Computing 1.76 XL Ext.
Aweb 2 w HTML-Heoven 44.95 Video Products Personal Anim. Recorder, Amiga Call Personal T8C 4 $ 829 00 RocGen Plus Genlock 224.95 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 239.95 Vidi Amiga 24 RT Pro 329.95 Graffiti Graphics Box 134.95 All Macrosystems Products Call Video Magician 289.00 Super Scan 159.95 Super Scan Flicker Fixer 134.95 AM-TRADE High Density Drives A4000, or A4000T - $ 109.95 A2000 series - $ 114.95 A1200 series - $ 114.95 Memory CPUs & FPUs Cam Prices changing daily.
Village Tronic Main Actor Professional $ 74.95 Main Actor Broadcast 169.95 Ariadne 239.95 Ami TCP IP v4,x 94,95 Picasso to 1080 1084 Cable 34.95 Liana Network 89.95 Liana Network 5M 99.95 Plcaiao 2 Plua 289.95 Plcaito4 439.95
3. 1 Kits AS320 3.1 Kit for the A500, A2000, & A2500 - $ 94.95
AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000S $ 109.95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all
A4000S $ 109.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s $ 109.95 AS306 3.1
Kit for all A600s $ 94.95
3. 1 ROM for A500, A600, A2000 (Specify) $ 42.95
3. 1 ROM set for A3000, A4000, At 200 (Specify) 57.95
3. F Manuals 3 Disks (no ROM) 56.95 AS217 Arexx DOS Enhancer
14.95 M ulli-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 A50B Peripherals
BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 $ 84.95 Commodore A500 Power
Supply 49.95 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 44.95 Saturn
External Floppy Drive 880K 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Soard
33.95 AllaPower Plus 159.00 AlfaPower Plus Other Configs Call
Quik Pak A600 A6011Mb Chip RAM W Clock $ 89.95 A600 w 65Mb
Seagal* NO installed - $ 329.95 A1200 Computers Back in stock
from Amiga International A1200w 170Mb HD Magic Pack $ 749.95
A4000T Additional RAM, Hard Drives and Peripherals are
available at great pricing. Call for a quote on custom
A4000T 060 50Mz 6Mb 1 Gb HD $ 2697.00 A4000T 040 25Mz 6Mb 1Gb HD $ 1999.00 A4060T Accelerator Fastest 060 50Mz accelerator available for A4000T.
Expandable to 128Mb.
Supports EDO RAM $ 839.95 Trade in your A3640 and get the board for: $ 729.95 We configure complete Toaster and Flyer tyetema.
Input Devices Mlndtcape Powarp layers Joystick $ 9.95 The Bug 18.00 Alla Data 2 Button Mouse, 300 DPI 19.95 Alla Data Mega Mouse, 400 DPI 26.95 Alla Data 3 Button Mouse 27.95 Wizard 560DPI Black 3 But Mouse 24.95 Wizard 560DPI Beige 3 But Mouse 24.95 CBM CD-32 Joypad 14.95 Logic 3 Action Joypad 19.95 Golden Image JP-100 Pen Mouse 19.95 Amtrac Trackball 69.95 Golden Image Trackball 49.95 WICO Black Max Joystick 7.95 PawsTrac MicroTrackball 49.95 4 Player Joystick Adapter 12.95 KBIOOAdapterlorATKeyboard 49.95 Epson Action Scanner, 1200 DPI 399.95 Epson ES1000 Scanner, 1600 DPI 599.95 Wacom ArtZ-2
12x12 Tablet 569.00 Topollno PC Mouse Adapter 42.95 ScanQulx 3 Scanner Software 114.95 Power HD Floppy Drives $ 209.95
134. 95 Tech 610-586-8640 V A f aj m m JL software Hut Info
610-586-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 U1Q61S FAX 610-586-5706 6416
Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 ..... Sat - Sun Closed
800-932-6442 CD-ROM Software Titles NEW, lower pricing and
NEW titles. Purchase 4, or more, and receive FREE SHIPPING.
3D Arena $ 37.95 Learning Curve
21. 95 3D CD-2 Images
14. 95 Light ROM 3 or 4 (Specify)
39. 95 3D CD-1 Objects 14,95 Light ROM Gold
24. 95 17 Bit Continuation CD
12. 95 Magic Illusion
13. 95 17 Bit 5th Dimension
18. 95 Magic Publisher
49. 95 17 Bit Phase 4
12. 95 Magic Workbench Enhancer
26. 95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 1,2 (Spec)
12. 95 Maximum MODs Volume 1
25. 95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 3
22. 95 Meeting Pearls 3 or 4 (Specify)
13. 95 1078 Weird Textures
19. 95 Mick Davis' Cartoon Clipart Call 2000 Greater Mysteries
29. 95 Micro RAD Volume 1
25. 00 3000 JPEG Textures
22. 95 Micro R&D Volume 2
40. 00 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Micro R&D Vol 3 or Vol 4 (Specify)
14. 95 Advanced Military Systems
6. 00 Micro R&D Volumes
44. 00 AGA Experience
24. 95 MODs Anthology
36. 95 AGA Experience 2
19. 95 Movie Maker Special FX 1
59. 95 AGA Experience 3 Call Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 AGA Toolkit 97
17. 95 Moving Textures 100, 200 (Spec)
239. 00 American Heritage III. Dictionary
12. 00 Mud Puddles
10. 00 Amiga CD Sensation 1 - Demos
15. 95 Multimedia Backdrops
24. 95 Amiga CD Sens, - Golden Games
15. 95 Multimedia Toolkit
10. 95 Amiga Developer CD v1.1
17. 95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
26. 95 Amiga Emulator for Pcs
32. 95 Music MODs & Sound Samples
8. 95 Amiga Repair Kit
45. 95 NetNews Offline 1 or 2 (Specify)
16. 95 AmiNet Share 4
7. 50 Network CD 1 or 2 (Specify)
19. 95 AmiNet Set 1 or 2 (Specify)
32. 95 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 AmiNet Set 3 or 4 (Specify)
37. 95 Nothing but Tetris 14,95 AmiNet 5,6 (Specify)
12. 00 Octamed 6
19. 95 AmiNet 8,9,10, If, 12 (Specify)
17. 95 Octamed Sound Studio
29. 95 AmiNet 13,14,15 (Specify)
19. 95 OnLine Library
19. 95 AmiNet 16,17,18 (Specify)
19. 95 Pandoras CD
9. 95 AMOSPD 2
21. 95 Paperbag Princess
10. 00 Anime Babes
28. 95 Personal Paint 7.0
69. 95 Arcade Classics Plus
23. 95 Personal Suite from Cloanto
59. 95 Artworx
12. 95 PhotoCD Manager
33. 95 Assassins Games
8. 95 Print Studio Pro
37. 95 Assassins Games 2 or 3 (Specify)
22. 95 Pro Pics
24. 95 Audio Thunder
69. 95 Psycho Killer
8. 00 BCI Net
8. 95 Retro Gold: Emu-late
22. 95 Beauty of Chaos Fractals
15. 95 SFX Volume 1 or 2 (Specify)
29. 00 Blanker Collection
19. 95 Scene Storm
24. 95 C64 Games 97 Call Sci Fi Sensation v2
28. 95 C64 Sensations Volume 2
26. 95 Sixth Sense Imvestigations Call Card Games
22. 95 Solar System Kit forLW
84. 95 CD PD 1
8. 00 Sounds Terrific 1
12. 95 CD PD 2.3,4 (Specify) 24,00 Sounds Terrific 2
17. 95 CD Write
42. 95 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 Clip Art & Fonts
9. 95 Speccy CD 97 Call Clipart Warehouse 1,2 (Specify)
18. 00 Sports Football CD-32
6. 00 Colour Library
15. 95 Strip Poker
12. 95 Corporate Video Backgrounds
118. 95 Surlace Pro & Pro Textures Combo
55. 95 Data Mix
16. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM v1, v2 (Specify)
79. 95 da Capo Mods & Sounds
22. 95 System Booster
32. 95 DEM ROM 22,95 Tales of Peter Rabbit
10. 00 Demo CD 1, 2 (Specify) 24,00 Ten on Ten (10 Cds)
49. 95 Desktop Video CD 2
29. 95 Texture Heaven 2
12. 95 Distant Sum 5.01 CD NEW
49. 95 TTOH Business, Politics & Media
15. 00 Draw Studio 1.1 CD 15B.00 Town With No Name
5. 00 EMC-Phase 1 or 2 (Specify)
33. 95 Turbo Calc 2.1 CD
12. 95 Emulators Unlimited Plus
26. 95 Turbo Calc 4.0
64. 95 Encounters: The UFO Phenomenon
16. 95 Universal 3D ROM
137. 95 Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 1997
46. 95 Ultimedia 1 & 2 (2 Cds)
21. 95 Epic Collection 3 Call Utilities Experience NFA
19. 95 Epic Paranormal Encyclopedia Call Utilities Volume 2
29. 95 Eric Schwartz CD-Archive
19. 95 Visual FXLW 1.2 (Specify)
129. 00 Euro CD Vol 1
19. 95 Visual Fxfor ImageFX
129. 00 EuroScene 8,95 Weird Science Clip Art
14. 00 EuroScene 2
18. 95 Weird Science Fonts
14. 00 Eyes of the Eagle 9,00 Weird Science Animations
19. 95 Fantaseas
22. 95 Weird Science Demo Mania t
20. 0D Fractal Pro Image Library
19. 95 Weird Science UPD Gold
26. 95 Fresh Fonts Vol 2
24. 00 Women In Motion
9. 00 Frozen Fish 8 95
14. 95 Women of the Web
39. 95 Gamer’s Delight 2
24. 95 WordWorlh 6
79. 00 Gateway 1 or 2 (Specify)
18. 95 WordWorth Office
99. 00 Geek Gadgets
19. 95 Workbench Add On 27,95 Geek Gadgets 2 Call World Atlas
from Wisedrome
39. 95 GFX Sensations
16. 95 World Info
45. 95 GIF Gallery Vol 1
22. 00 World of Clipart Plus
24. 95 GIF Sensation
24. 95 World of Photo
19. 95 Giga Graphics
39. 95 Wrath of Ihe Demon
5. 00 Global Amiga Experience
26. 95 XiPaint 4.0
55. 95 Gold Fish 2,3 (Specify)
16. 95 X-CD Call Guiness Book of World Records
6. 95 Zoom Release 2
32. 95 Horror Sensation Hottest 4,5,6 (Specify)
26. 95
24. 95 CBM Service Manuals Hound of the Baskervilles
8. 00 A500 Service Manual $ 14.95 Humanoid LW or Imagine (Spec)
159. 95 A3Q00 Desktop Service Manual
19. 95 ImageVision
184. 95 A3000 Tower Service Manual
22. 95 Imagine PD 3D
23. 95 1084S D1 Service Manual 14,95 Insight: Dinosaurs
14. 95 1950 or 1960 Serv Man (Specify)
19. 95 Insight: Technology
8. 95 2091 Service Manual
12. 95 Interior Design Collection
169. 00 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man.
12. 95 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 COTV Srvice Manual
17. 95 Into the Net (2 Cds)
21. 95 A1200 User Manual
5. 95 Kara Fonts Complete Collection
64. 95 A40Q0 User Manual
7. 95 Amiga Technology Monitors We are pleased to announce the
exclusive North American Distribution of Amiga Technologies
Monitors. These are Highest Quality monitors, made especially
for your Amiga. 1 Yr Warranty through Electrohome, in the USA.
M1438S Amiga Monitor M1764 Amiga Monitor
• 17" Diagonal FST Invar mask
• ,28mm DP • 85Mz Bandwidth
• Anti-Static AR faceplate finish
• 15-64Kz Horizontal Frequency
• 45-125Hz Vertical Frequency $ 679.95 Toshiba 20* Multiscan
S-VHS, RGB, Comp., Audio, Sub- Bass 20W Stereo Speakers, Dark
Flat Screen, 181 channel Tuner.
$ 459.95
• 14" CRT Hi-Res Color Monitor
• Short Persistence Phosphors
• ,28mm DP • 40Mz Bandwidth
• 15-40Kz Horizontal Frequency
• 45-90Hz Vertical Frequency
• Universal 100-240 VAC 50 60HZ
• Amplified Stereo Speakers $ 349.95 15 to 23 pin Adapter $ 26.95
Sync Strainer Adapter 46.95 Pro-260 Amplilied Multi-Media 60w
Speaker System 39.95 Productivity - Utilities Address It! 1.5
$ 26.95 Image F X 2.6
229. 95 Air Mail 4 Email
39. 95 ImageM aster R T
69. 00 AmiPC Power Mouse Software
18. 95 InfoNexus 2 w DataNexus
59. 95 Amiga Envoy 2.0
45. 00 InterNet Starter Package
27. 95 AmigaVision Clips v1 SFX
8. 95 International Flow Charter
23. 95 AmigaVision Professional
24. 95 Invoice It 1.2
34. 95 Art Effect 1.5 109 00 Link It!
49. 95 Art Effect SuperView
45. 00 Mac Lite
54. 95 Art Effect Power Effects
45. 00 Magic Lantern v2
94. 00 Artworks Clip Art Library
22. 95 Make Path 2.10
29. 95 ASIM 3.x upgrade for 2.0
42. 95 Master ISO from AslMware
174. 95 ASIM CDFS CO-ROM Driver v3.x
59. 95 MaxDOS 2,5
79. 00 Aweb 2 w HTML Heaven
44. 95 Media Magic
79. 95 Batch Factory
49. 00 MegaBail 4
19. 00 Blitz Basic 2.1
49. 95 MR Backup 2.5
45. 00 killiance 2.0
124. 95 Money Matter by Diglta
39. 95 Cinema 4 Dv3
239. 00 Network PC
32. 95 Composite Studio Pro
149. 95 On the Ball vl.5
35. 00 Control Tower
139. 95 Organizer by Digita 39,95 Co-Pilot Audio or Video
99. 00 PageStream 3.2
159. 00 Cross DOS v6
46. 95 PC Task 3.1
49. 95 Dross MAC
79. 00 PC Task 4.1
94. 95 Decision Maker
199. 00 MS-DOS 5.0 3.5" HD Version
9. 95 Deluxe Music 2
59. 95 Pcx Software PC Emulation
69. 95 Design Works 2
29. 95 Pegger2.0
29. 95 Desktop Magic
28. 95 Pixel 3D Pro 2.1
195. 00 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack
14. 95 Power Macros Lightwave
89. 95 Diavolo Backup Standard
69. 00 Pretlum
46. 95 Diavolo Backup Professional
98. 00 ProMlx Call Dice 3.2
89. 95 Pro Vector 3
179. 00 Digital Universe
89. 95 Quarterback 6.1
49. 95 Directory Opus 5.5
79. 00 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 2.02
49. 95 DirWork 2
59. 00 Quarterback t Tools Bundle
74. 95 Disk Magic
54. 95 Render FX Call Disk Salv4
29. 95 SAS C 6.51
89. 95 Distant Suns 5,01 Floppy
57. 95 SCALA Backgrounds 1 or 2 (Specify) 14.95 DJ Helper 2
59. 00 SCALA MM400
199. 95 Draw Studio 1.1
129. 00 SCALA MM400 upgrade for MM300
69. 95 Easy Ledgers 2
149. 95 Scape Maker 4.0
39. 95 Em plant A1200 & CD32 w SX Unit
46. 95 Scenery Animator 4.0
58. 95 EnPrint 2 Epson Stylus Color Driver
34. 95 Secal Programming Language
49. 95 Envoy 2.0
39. 00 Sequencer Oner
35. 00 :amily Connections
34. 00 Snap Maps: Building Materials
124. 95 :iber Factory
79. 95 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage
124. 95 :inal Calc 134 95 Soft Talk
7. 50 Final Data Release 3
59. 00 Sparks
119. 95 :inal Writer 97
112. 95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools
24. 95 :inal Writer Lite
59. 95 Storm C 2.0
375. 00 Fractal Pro 6.10 w FPIL v1 CD
85. 00 Storm Wizard
84. 95 Fusion Cal Studio Printer 2 v2.14
85. 00 jameSmith Development System
68. 00 Super HP-DJC 3 or HP-LJ4 (Spec)
37. 95 SeoMorph 1.0
49. 95 Surlace Pro
55. 95 jigamem 3.x
58. 95 Tableau LT Driver
31. 95 HiSoft Sasic 2
94. 95 Termite TCP
46. 95 Isrowse 1.1
41. 95 Terra Form 2.10 Turbo Print Pro 5
29. 95
69. 95 Amiga Parts Twist 2 Relational Database TypeSmilh 2,5
119. 95
69. 00 A1000 Case w all shielding A2000 A3000 Keyboard $ 9.95
79. 95 Upper Disk Tools Vista Pro 3.05 Wave Maker 2.0
25. 95
49. 95
179. 95 A600 1200 Internal Floppy Drive A2000 Internal Floppy
Drive A3000 Internal Floppy Drive A2000 Power Supply Mouse
for CDTV. Wired - black
69. 95
69. 95
69. 95
109. 00
16. 95 Wipe Studio World Construction Set vl World Construction
Set v2 World Construction Set v2 Intel
137. 95
158. 95
368. 95
589. 00 Bigloot A40000 Pwr Sy 300W
269. 95 Amiga Books Bigfoot A3000 Pwr Sy 300W
239. 95 Exploring Lightwave 3D $ 52.99 286 Bridgeboard PCB Only
69. 95 PhotoReal FX
42. 95 CBM CD TV Control Pad
34. 95 FX Kit for Lightwave
33. 95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bot) 19.95 Power Fxfor LW5.0
27. 95 208BXT Bridgeboard complete
15. 00 Connect Your Amiga
19. 00 CDTV Keyboard Black
59. 95 LightWave Power Guide
42. 95 wos f wm Games for Amiga & CD-32 Alien Breed 3D AGA CD-32
(Specify) $ 19.95 Alien Breed 3D 2 AGA 39.95 Akira CD-32
w T-Shirt 9.95 Bograts AGA 29.95 Breathless AGA 29.95 Burnout
AGA 39.95 Capital Punishment AGA 34.95 Chaos Engine 2 Amiga
38,95 Coala - tor all accelerated Amigas 29,95 Colonization
29.95 Detender ot the Crown 2 CD-32 9.95 Exile AGA CD-32
(Specify) 37.95 Exile ECS 24.95 Extreme Racing AGA CD-32
(Specify) 19.95 FIFA International Soccei 19.95 Gloom Deluxe
Amiga 24.95 Gulp CD-32 9.95 Hillsea Lido Amiga 29.95 Humans 3
AGA 39.95 Jet Pilot Amiga 36.95 Lion King AGA 24.95 Nemac 4
Director's Cut CD 44,95 Odyssey Amiga 34.95 Overlord ECS AGA
24.95 Pinball Illusions AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37.95 Pinball Mania
AGA 37.95 Pinball Prelude ECS AGA (Specify) 34.95 Pinball
Prelude CD-32 34.95 Roadkill CD-32 17.95 Sensible Golf Amiga
37.95 Sensible World of Soccer 95 96 34,95 Slam Tilt AGA
34.95 Speris Legacy AGA CD-32 (Specify) 26.95 Star Crusader
AGA CD-32 (Specify) 42.95 Super Skidmarks ECS CD-32 (Spec)
34.95 Super Skidmarks Data Disk AGA 19.95 Super Stardust
AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Street Fighter 2 19.95 Super
Tennis Champs Amiga 34.95 Theme Park AGA 9.95 TimeKeepers
Amiga 29.95 TimeKeepers Data Amiga 14,95 Tiny Troops Amiga
38.95 Valhalla 3 Amiga 38.95 Virtual Karting AGA 26.95 Watch
Tower AGA 24.95 Worms ECS or AGA (Specify) 22.95 Worms:
Director’s Cut AGA 29.95 Oh Yes... More Worms' 19.95 XP8 AGA
38.95 Our Policies No waiting lor your orders to Ship. Orders
in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight
shipping is available.
International orders ship by Air Parcel Post or UPS Express. Domestic orders ship by UPS or Airborne Express.
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0 CopyriQht 1997, iMiyAnlMiaii |Fx. All Rights Reserved EJ 19 9 JL r P BIRD I V 3 ) [ T HE Suf J gu 'l Tl 1 1 - * ym 1 , W 4* . 1 ~1 pjj -vf «*.»¦« wJJ W 1 ff| J 1 By Peter Olafson i i u r i r j f jr j ??
Deuteros by Activision Which Amiga games to keep part 2.
When we last left Peter, he was reviewing his choices of Amiga games he has decided to keep. Since his collection included almost every Amiga Game ever written, he wanted to describe the games he decided were worth keeping and why he wanted them. His hope ivas to shoiu everyone that older adventures are still adventures.
The Chaos Engine (Renegade): I kept this game simply out of a nervous apprehension that I would be missing something if I let it go. 1 have often seen this burnished Bitmap Brothers romp described as the best two- player Amiga game. It does look wonderful as though it has been rubbed down with a soft rag and running around with an ally, shooting down enemies, collecting keys and cash, is a pleasant experience in collaboration.
But I have been using the computer- controlled second player and I expect I am not experiencing it fully without a second person at the table. So this is one to come back to.
Gobliiins & Gobliins 2 by Coktel Vision) Notes: An HD installer is available.
The sequel is finally out, and we will be looking at it in an upcoming issue. And check out Alien Bash 2. (I know, It sounds like a Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit game. But it's an amazing homage to The Chaos Engine.)
The Clue! (Neo): I kept this simply because it seems daring. The shadowy subject matter you are an inexperienced burglar gives the game a dark sense of adventure. I keep thinking the computer-game police are going to break down my door.
Hey, they could make a case. After all, I have been buying burglar tools, enlisting confederates, plotting break-ins, selling the meager proceeds and staying ahead of the long arm of the law. I especially like reading about myself in the newspaper afterward.
Conan the Cimmerian (Virgin): This is my current favorite. This enormous action adventure, based on the third generation of the War in Middle Earth game engine, represents the pinnacle of Synergistic Software's work on the Amiga. It is big, it is beautiful and it is deep. These days, as more and more IBM games use randomization it is a big element in both Daggerfall and Diablo it is a particular pleasure to play a game that has been conspicuously hand-designed. You could play around in the opening city of Tarantia for days.
And that is just the beginning: The game has seven huge episodes. And then there are the side quests.
Downside: The arcade combat lacks a certain flair: too few moves. It should have been more like Death Sword! Notes: Synergistic is still around; it's currently wrapping up Birthright (IBM) for Sierra.
Deuteros (Activision): The follow-up to Millenium 2.2 (AKA Millenium: Return to Earth), Deuteros finds Earth (resettled after an asteroid touched down in the Pacific) reaching into space again.
It is one of the best resource management games for the Amiga. There is enough detail that you feel fully in control of the preparations, but not so much that you feel lost, and enough maneuvering room that you never feel you are simply following a single game track. It is also entertaining something resource-management games often neglect. You are not simply working the books; you always have a sense of participating, and that makes all the difference.
Dynablaster (UBI Soft); Our journey started on a day bright and clear, and we nade quick Pi'ogi'ess down the gently winding l'oad that leads south, past the boundaries of oiu valley.
The air was warn, but the cool north wind at our backs reninded us that winter was near.
It seened that we had only just started out when we arrived at the outpost town of Lauos shortly past noon.
So this was Lavos* We stood in front of an old wooden storefront, that of a prouisioner Farther down the road, the Lands End tavern beckoned us with the promse of food and CHORE 1
- Individual Cottnands- I had been looking for this one for so
long that I actually bought it while I was selling off
everything else. This 1992 release is Bomberman by any other
name and currently one of the most imitated Amiga games. (You
can find at least six clones on AmiNet.)
Start Background Change Nane Help Gane As a one-player game, it is nothing special a cute, simple arcader. You run around and plant bombs to clear obstacles and enemies (and, unless you are careful, yourself) from a grid-like maze. However, as a mc-player game (using the included parallel port adaptor and the keyboard), it is an absolute scream and one of the best times I have had in any computer game.
Lth OAOTrfJ. MTw 'M Gobliiins & Gobliins 2 (Coktel Vision): SO 110 140 170 £00 £30 The Lost Vikings, more or less, but in an adventure-game setting and with dopey goblins three of them in the first game and two in the second in place of the guys with homy hats.
Journey by Infocom (Top) and Stunt Car Racer by Microstyle (Bottom).
They're solving puzzles, and acting very silly, and it's the gentle silliness that 1 remembered most fondly. I can't play these games without smiling ... and maybe cursing a little. (They're not easy.)
Notes: There's also a much larger Goblins 3, in which there's just one goblin remaining. Clever, certainly, but betrayed by the Declining Goblins Concept. (It's a more conventional graphic adventure.)
The Gold of the Aztecs (U.S. Gold): Usually, I know why I'm holding onto a game: Liked what I saw; didn't finish it, but want to; spent too much on it to dump it; and so on. In this case, I didn't have a clue. I still don't really have a clue. This large-sprite arcader is excruciatingly difficult; the character doesn't walk so much as goose-step; the copy protection (multiple entries from a black-on-black code wheel) is hugely annoying; and the whole game runs as though pulling a boulder behind it on a chain.
But while The Gold of the Aztecs has the look of a side-scrolling beat-em- up, it has the texture of a puzzle game and I admire the rigors of the little dance you have to perform to progress: Jump just so here, stand just so there, shoot just so over there. I like the auto-scrolling map that displays the whole game at the outset. And I like the game's rubbernecking penchant for showing you falling through all the terrain you haven't seen.
What a way to go. Note: Kinetica's follow-up, Saragossa, though its development was better than half complete, never saw the light of day.
Hired Guns (Psygnosis): Regarded by many as the best Amiga game ever created, this classic action adventure from DMA Design (Home of Lemmings) puts you in charge of four individually-controllable commandos each with his (or her) own gifts, auto-map and inventory and sends you out on an arduous campaign. It's an unbelievably rich experience. You can finish a mission and not see half of what there is to see. You can ignore the mission, and have a great time exploring the giant, twilight environments. You'll enjoy the intra- party chatter, the extensive use of ambient sound, the tight
integration of puzzle with the environment and the pressure. The air always seems charged with Hired Guns is running. And, oh, yes, be sure to look over your shoulder.
For there is something coming up behind you.
Notes: An AGA version is reportedly complete, but won't be released.
Author Scott Johnston (who went on to help port Xcom and Colonization to the Amiga for MicroProse) indicated on-line some months ago that he was planning to clean up his level-building tools and post an HG editor on the web, but that doesn't seem to have come together.
Hunter (Activision): Flames of Freedom with a personal touch. Hunter is outwardly similar to that celebrated Mike Singleton 3D action strategy game: Your missions find you roaming around a raft of islands in an appealing range of polygonal vehicles. But I never felt as though I was quite there in FoF; it was more like floating above the game. Hunter's more hands-on, more intimate, more detailed and grittier, and I feel my successes (and failures) more acutely. Notes: A patch recently uploaded to AmiNet will allow Hunter to run on an A1200.
N. -vriEv'.'ngn Utopia by Gremlin Interactive Journey (Infocom):
When Activision bought Infocom and ordered up graphics for the
next batch of text adventures, it set off a rebellion in the
adventure-game community. Who needed graphics? After all, the
pictures were in your head. Text is a catalyst it casts a
different reflection upon the mind of each reader but
graphics are specific and concrete, and superimposing a fixed
vision of, say, Zork's Great Underground Empire was fraught
with potential problems.
Journey, which debuted on the Amiga, is best of these next-generation adventures. Written by veteran Infocom author Marc Blank (Deadline and Border Zone, among others), this quest to find the wizard Astrix is almost a role-playing game in feel. The graphics? They're Zeewolf & Zeewolf 2 by Binary Asylum tzr (U) .5 $ A Warhead by Motion Picture House pleasantly rough; they sketch out, but don't define the game. The choices on which you point and dick are not limiting; they are natural and they branch in interesting and provocative ways. (I love being able to ask for the advice of other party
members.) The story never stumbles over some arcane inventory command combo; it goes on differently, if perhaps less than optimally.
Journey is also one of a very few games in which you feel you know the members of your party at some level, and fret over their safety while they're gone. In short, 1 took Journey personally.
It's the best of old Infocom in a wonderful new wrapper.
506n:a gr qol u Lionheart (Thalion): No computer has ever done side- scrolling action adventures as well as the Amiga. (A Psygnosis rep once explained to me that it would have required very hefty 486DX2 to achieve in software the effects used in the Shadow of the Beast games.) And none are quite equal to the majesty of Lionheart. The graphics are sumptuous beyond telling the game looks like a poster for a game • the gameplay fluid and, once you get the hang of it, the jumping, running and slashing evolves into something loftier. Notes: Thalion's history: these days, Lionheart author Erik
Simon is with Blue Byte, which published his Albion on the IBM.
Metro (shareware): I've held onto this one ever since I downloaded it from the Amiga Zone in
1988. Maybe because it's the perfect combination of simplicity
and intricacy.
(I don't think I've looked at the docs even once.) Or maybe just because I like subways. At any rate, you're given a budget, a color-coded city map and the tools to build a railroad and make it run.
If it doesn't run well, you're fired. If it does, you'll be taken on for another year, with a budget commensurate with your success. Quick, logical easy to play, hard to play well, it's a small resource- management classic. Downside: It's a little short.
Scorched Tanks (licenseware; Mike Welch for Dark Unicorn Productions): It appears that version 1.9 which was distributed by the former NWPD will be the final Amiga incarnation of this classic artillery game. Inspired by Scorched Earth on the IBM, it's the most elemental kind of fun plotting trajectories, launching projectiles and trying to blow everybody else off the hilly map with a huge range of lively and absurd weapons.
Notes: Dark Unicorn Productions had grand plans, and there was talk some ways back about a CD edition, but the Unicorns seem to have stampeded off in their own directions. Last I heard, Mike was learning the C language (ST was created using AMOS Professional) and working on an IBM version.
Stunt Car Racer (Microstyle): Geoff "World Circuit" Crammond created this simple polygonal racer (also known as Stunt Track Racer) and in the process gave us one of tire best Amiga games of all time. You're hoisted onto a roller coaster-like, jump-laden track, given a limited supply of nitro to boost your acceleration, a single cautious (but determined) opponent SCR can also be played head-to-head on linked machines and a finish line three laps distant.
Stunt Car Racer is just about perfect.
The "feel" is just right (aim for the inside of the curve on the way in and the outside on the way out) and the damage meter a crack across the top of the screen enforces a certain caution. Lead your division in points, and move up to tougher tracks and sturdier opponents.
Notes: It begs for an update, and there's been some chatter in comp.sys.amiga.games about an STR for the '90s. There's no replay function so you can't watch your more spectacular tumbles. And the victory screen could do with a little animation and sound. (It has the sullen air of a lynch mob.) But the game proper is so much of a piece that it defies this sort of dissection.
Utopia (Gremlin Interactive): Well, I couldn't get enough of Dune II and this is the closest thing I had. In some respects, it's better. Dune II was essentially an animated war game (and a great one, to be sure). Utopia is more focused on Sim City-like colony-building and resource management. You'll need to keep your people healthy, happy, fed, and housed. But the aliens are out there in fact, they may come calling and you'll need to build up your defenses along with your mines and hydroponics.
I like the balance of domestic and military; there's nothing else quite like it for the Amiga. (At least until Vulcan's Breed 2000 comes along.)
Downside: The payoff the assaults on the enemy settlement occur off-screen. What were they thinking? Notes: Utopia also spawned a "New Worlds" scenario disk and a sequel called K240 (which is even better).
A third chapter, the recent Fragile Allegiance, is only for IBMs.
Warhead (Motion Picture House): Hyperbole on. Forget Wing Commander and Frontier. Forget Star Crusader. Definitely forget Epic and Federation. They're nice games, some of them, but this is the best space opera for the Amiga. Trouble is, I'm not sure how to quantify it, except to say that this mission-based adventure your attempt to repel a merciless assault on Earth feels like nothing else I've experienced on any game platform. It has a certain elegant weightlessness to it perfect, just perfect and when I played it, I was in my own world. Be warned: It is lonely out there.
Downside: The program works only with 512K of chip memory, and the program seems a _little_ bit fragile.
Notes: MicroProse would later take the core of Warhead and turn it into Manta on the IBM. Unfortunately, Manta, in my opinion, is one of the worst spaceflight sims of all-time. (Blissfully, the Amiga version was cancelled.)
Watchtower (OTM): Many have tried to replicate the feel of Ikari Warriors on computer, and few have succeeded. Leatherneck didn't have it (though it was an awful lot of fun).
Dogs of War and Line of Fire didn't have it. Mercs didn't have it. War Zone didn't have it (though it did talk the talk). The clones created under Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit certainly didn't have it.
In fact, the only games I have played that come close to that classic vertically scrolling shoot-em-up is ... the Amiga versions of Ikari Warriors and Commando. I sold IW because I finally finished it Commando because 1 got mad at it and then cast about for something like them. I found Watch- tower.
Watchtower comes surprisingly close. It's got die addictiveness; it just keeps dragging me farther and farther in.
I keep thinking I have reached the end of a level, and I keep finding bridges and rivers and nasty surprises in its place.
And suddenly the lives I have built up so carefully are gone and the screen winks into a black-and-white snapshot preserved in my enemy's scrapbook Aw, rats.
And then I start all over again.
The levels are roomy they are more like worlds with the occasional alternate path (and the odd reminder of The Chaos Engine). The enemies won't blaze you with their brilliance, but neither will they go stupidly into that good night. The game goes on hard disk, and runs fine on an NTSC A1200 without jumping through hoops with Degrader or the startup menus. And while the AGA graphics may not have the new-car sparkle for which developer CyberArts seems to have been reaching the player and enemy sprites are curiously dull they are more than serviceable.
And yet... well, Watchtower *does* lack a certain hard-to-put-a-finger-on spark. (Maybe because it's slightly too hard.) But, it turns out that you don't always need a spark to start a fire.
Zeewolf & Zeewolf 2 (Binary Asylum): Now and then, people who write about entertainment are seized by the urge to create it. Movie critics write scripts. Book critics write novels.
Computer-game critics design games.
(Mine was an unfinished RPG war game created under Bard's Tale Construction Set and called Within the Walls of Astia Caron.) This team of UK game reviewers had that urge, and, as an added benefit, knew what they were doing. The result is a pair of vastly entertaining mission- based helicopter shoot-em-ups that recall everything from Virus to Choplifter.
Zeewolf 2's even better than tire original.
Notes: HD installers for both games have been uploaded to AmiNet.
GAME OVER And that's it. I never imagined I could condense my Amiga games collection into a few thousand words I was thinking more of a few thousand pages but it's done, and, for what it's worth, a couple of months after I started, the games are all still here.
Next time, we will start on the new stuff and there's more of that than you may have expected. So douse those torches. Use the rope for clothesline. Play those Amiga games. I'm back.
• AC* By R. Shamms Mortier New Life for Old Drawings With
creativity, traditional drawing practices and digital
techniques can enhance each other.
Some years ago for a book illustration.
The computer is not the be-all- end-all for the exploratory artist, not even when that computer is an Amiga.
It is not only possible to carry over traditional practices into the electronic medium, it's also fun. Instead of combating each other, traditional drawing practices and digital techniques can actually enhance each other, and the result can be something that neither mode is capable of on its own.
What are the strengths of traditional drawing methods? The first is that the computer mouse was never conceived of as an artist's pencil or paint brush. It was designed so you could enter data efficiently, and move around the screen with ease. The feel and control of a pencil or a paint brush in your hand leads to a very different picture concept than a mouse does.
Hardware designers, well aware of this early on, offered two alternatives: the digital pad and touch-screen utilities. Neither compare to the feel of an in-hand art tool.
The digital drawing pad attaches to the computer via either a serial or mouse port connector. The best ones come with what appears to be a pen, a stylus that translates both the pressure and direction of a drawn line to the screen. I have a great one,., in my closet. The problem that I find with using it is that I either trace a hand drawing I made previously, or I draw on it directly. When drawing on it directly, my eyes have to watch the screen, not what my hand is doing.
This is disconcerting. The only convenience offered is that the drawing is instantly translated to digital format, which to me is outweighed by the necessity of having my attention split in two directions.
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21.95 WIZARD MOUSE 560 DPI 27.95 Mega Mouse 3-Button 400 34.95
Golden Image PEN Mouse 16.95 GRAVIS GAMEPAD 24.95 LOGIC 3
ACTION JOYPAD 18.9 5 CD-32 CONTROL PAD .. 14.95 Competion Mini
Joystick ... 18.95 JUPITER JOYSTICK... 19.95 Figure 3 (Left).
Here, we’ve used TrueBrilliance to colorize the drawing.
Figure 4 (Right). The to-be-animated elements are cut away. Notice that the arm and the foot have also been extended a bit and painted in, just in case we need to see more of them.
Whatever my complaints about digital drawing pads, they pale in comparison to my opinion and experience with touch screen drawing tools.
The ones 1 have used (and purchased) are poor imitations of anything an artist would use. The first problem is they fight gravity and the tendency of the hand to relax. You have to draw on a vertical plane, unless of course you have mounted your monitor screen up so you can draw on it at an angle approaching the horizontal. Touch screens are also notorious for being less than static free. It is interesting, but not very pleasing, to watch lines you never intended to draw appearing haphazardly on the screen.
What then?
I spent years as a pen and ink illustrator, using every waking moment to practice and refine my technique.
When I began, there was no such dream as computer graphics, though when it did appear on the horizon, 1 realized its import immediately. I have not, however, traded one for the other. I still look for ways both the analogue and digital worlds can work together.
As far as 2D drawing practices, and the translation of pen and ink graphics to the screen, I have settled on a more basic method. Scanning.
For a scanner, 1 use an Epson 2400 DPI flatbed. It is an older model, but serves my purposes well. It is limited to an 8 1 2 x 11 inch paper size. At times, I wish I had a scanner that would accept a 12 x 18 sheet, but to be frank, I don't have the room for it.
When I need a larger drawing scanned and saved to a disk in digital format, I take a trip to Kinko's Copy center a few towns away. For most of what 1 do, the smaller paper size is just right.
If you have a scanner and an Amiga, that is only 2 3 of what is required for scanning drawings. The third element is good scanning software, so the computer can read what is placed on the scanner platen, allowing you to adjust the scanning dimensions and crop the viewplane.
The best there is comes from Nova Design, and it is just one of the modules accessible from their ImageFX package. The ImageFX scanner module allows you to set both the DPI and dimension of the scan, and offers a Preview mode so you can check things before the final run.
Now it might be argued that any scanned artwork should first be translated to a vector format to get rid of the jaggies. But I seldom use the method lam about to describe for print-to-paper output, a place that demands vectorized treatment.
Besides, paint programs offer far more tools for manipulating an image than vector drawing programs do, at least on the Amiga.
The Steps Let's discuss what our goal is first.
We want to build a 2D animation out of a single scanned drawing. You should use a drawing that has a recognizable silhouette if at all possible. Otherwise, this process can take an overlong time.
If you need an animation that features a subject or subject going through convoluted movements, then you might want to consider actually doing the animated frames by hand, and scanning them in to build the animation one at a time. This may sound time consuming, but it still offers advantages over doing an entire animation by hand. The computer is great for adding digital effects and colorization.
To proceed, after checking to see that you have the right kind of silhouetted black and white picture, scan it into your system and store the image on the hard drive. Make sure it fits in the dimensions of your computer screen.
Bring up the image in a paint program (I use TrueBrilliance from Play, Inc.). Zoom in as close as desired LIAGE IN I ERNA I IONAL, ITSC 36 DYE STREET GARNERVILLE, TSTY 10923
(914) 786-1711 Voice (914) 786-1708 Fax 1-800 25AMIGA OUTSIDE NY
GAMES GALORE STARLORD The Game of Galactic Domination. You
area Starlord. In Command of A Planet But Hungry For Real
Power. Your Ultimate Aim: To Control The Entire Galaxy And
Enable Your Family Dynasty To Rule Forever. Features
Exciting 3D Battles. Diplomatic Planning and Trading
Skills. Beware, As Your Power Increases, So Does The Price
Others Put On Your Head! Nothing Short Of Great!!
SALE PRICED AT $ 15.95 NIGHTHAWK F-117A STEALTH FIGHTER 2.0 The Definitive Simulation of America’s Radar-Elusive Jet.
When you’re at the controls of the F-l 17A, you’ll know how it feels to own the night. Nine Real World Combat Zones.
Spectacular Graphics. Realistic Landscapes, Seascapes, and Detailed 3-D Shapes give even experienced pilots a new thrill. Awesome night Combat Action. Two Flight Options.
SALE PRICED AT $ 15.95 EA AIR FORCE DESERT STRIKE RETURN TO THE GULF Pilot your AH-64 Helicopter against a ruthless tyrant.
With a fiery blast from your Hydra Rockets you must annihilate the military arsenal. Take out Tanks, Chemical Weapons Plants, Airplanes and SCUDS. Get Debriefings, and plan missions on detailed maps. Pick up fuel, manage weapon supplies and feel the power of a modem, multimillion pound attack chopper.
SALE PRICE $ 15.95 COLONIZATION Create A New Nation!. This Game Contains Complex Strategy, an Intuitive Control Interface and Depth of Gameplay. It Looks to Have the Same Addictive Gameplay That Characterised Civilization. Before you Lies the Promise That the New World with all its peril and infinite possibility.
¦ Vast, Lush green tracts of forest; freezing, crystal clear mountain rivers, plains stretching as far as the eye can see.
And you must become its Master. Don’t settle for anything less. Be there at the birth of a Nation.
WING COMMANDER The 3-D Space Combat Simulator. Stunning Graphics, Attention to Game Detail, a Remarkable 3-D Combat Machine. This is Space Combat The Way it Should Look. New State of the srt Computer Graphics & Sound System. Detailed Ray-Traced Bit- Mapped Images in Cutting Edge 3-D Technology. This Game Puts You in The Middle Of The Most Intense Starship Action You’ve Ever Experienced Outside of A Movie Theatre.
SPECIAL FORCES An Action Packed Simulation of Elite Rapid-Deployment Combat. Features An Exciting Combination Of Action.
Strategy, Danger And Suspense Which Will Push Your Decision-Making Skills And Reflexes To The Limit.
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SALE PRICED AT $ 15.95 UFO ENEMY UNKNOWN Command Earth’s Forces Against The Alien Terror. Command Deadly Close-Combat Battles. Research And Manufacture Alien Technologies. Develop A Strategy To Save The Earth.
One Of The Best All Time Amiga Games.
SALE PRICED AT $ 19.99 WORMS THE DIRECTORS CUT Voted The Most Original Game of The Year! 300+ Colors, Super Smooth Quarter Pixel Scrolling, 9 Level Parallax.
Graffiti Mode, Draw Your Own Landscapes, 15 New Weapons, Cavern Levels, Personalised Worms Sound Samples, The Ultimate Game Experience. Possibly The Finest Amiga Game To Date.
SALE PRICED AT $ 15.95 PRICED AT $ 19.99 CALL NOW Jf Figure 5. Here are some sample frames from the finished animated sequence.
To close up any areas that you plan to fill with color (not to do so is to watch as color leaks to parts of the image it is not intended for). Colorize the image fully, and save it out as a 256 color image. Saving it to a 24-bit format is not a good idea for intended animations. 256 color animations run faster, and colors can be controlled more precisely. The only reason to use 24-bit color is when you intend to singleframe record the output for broadcast purposes, or when the image is photographic.
After the image is colorized, it is time to cut it apart. You will want to select elements of the image that can be animated on their own as they are cut away from the main image. As each selected part is cut away, it should be named and saved as a separate Brush to a dedicated animation library drawer. Usually, you will wind up with about half a dozen image parts to be saved out, and seldom more.
Now, decide how you want these separate brushes to move. Rotation is the most common option. Load each of them one at a time into a paint program, and determine the number of frames each element will have. Set that number of frames as the total number of pages in the paint program using just a blank screen with only the background color visible.
Now grab the brush from the library, and target it for a rotation using that number of frames in the program's animation controller. Set the controller into action so that the frames of the brush are painted in animated rotation on each of the frames in the page sequence. Grab the brush area on the first page with Brush Animation selected, and watch as this new brush is grabbed as an AnimBrush. Save this AnimBrush to your library with its own unique name, and repeat this procedure on all of the brushes targeted for an animation.
The final step is to compile the finished animation frames. Larger Brush elements will probably remain in place for the animation, so make sure they appear in the same place on every frame in your new sequence.
Now simply add in the AnimBrushes in the desired location. Save the animation as an Arum file that can be viewed in your Amiga 2D paint and animation program.
This technique produces interesting 2D animations that fully incorporate your scanned in pencil and ink drawings. If the animation is to be "projected" on a surface in a 3D application, save the animation out as a single-frame sequence. 3D programs utilize single framed sequences rather than animated compressed movies.
Happy animating! ,«q Orders: (800) 735-2633 RMA: (408) 624-5879 Tech & Info: (408) 626-2633 Fax: (408) 625-6588 VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Email:
sales@visionsoft.com Homepage: http: www.visionsofft.com
Visit VisionSoft’s Web Site to obtain the latest pricing,
product information, technical tips and hot news in the Amiga
community Memory Upgrades G VP-32 4mb Simm 59.95 89.95 G VP-32
16mb Simm
199. 95 lx8-70ns Simm
17. 95 lx8-80ns Simm
16. 95 lx9-70ns Simm
28. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
34. 95 4x9-70ns Simm
39. 95 72-pin SIMM Special lx32-60ns Simm (4mb)
29. 00 lx36-70ns Simm (4mb)
29. 00 2x32-60ns Simm (8mb)
49. 00 4x32-60ns Simm (16mb)
89. 00 8x32-60ns Simm (32mb)
189. 00 16x32-60ns Simm (64mb) DRAM Special
459. 00 lx4-70ns SC Zip
9. 95 1 x4-70ns Page Zip
9. 95 1 x4-80ns Page Dip
9. 95 256x4-70ns Page Dip
3. 95 256x4-70ns Page Zip 4 95 lxl-lOOns Page Dip
3. 00 Hard Drives
W. D. 2.5" 540mb IDE
149. 00 Toshiba 2.5" 1.3gb IDE
289. 95 Quantum 3.5" 1.2gb SCSI
289. 95 Quantum 3.5" 2. Lgb SCSI
359. 95 Quantum 3.5” 4.5gb SCSI
999. 95 Quantum 3.5” 9.0gb SCSI
1499. 00 Quantum 3.5" 1.2gb IDE
219. 95
W. D. 3.5" 2.lgb IDE
259. 95
W. D. 3.5" 3.lgb IDE
299. 95
2. 5" Hard Drive Cable
8. 95 IS "Hard Drive Bracket
14. 95 Software Alieu Breed 3D CD32 AGA 14.95 Alien Breed 3D
29. 95 Aminet 15-18
17. 95 Aminet Set 3
32. 00 Aminet Set 4
35. 00 Amiga Developer CD 1.1
17. 95 AmiTCP V. 4.3
87. 95 Aweb-II V. 2.1
42. 95 Capital Punishment AGA
32. 95 CBM Amiga UNIX Multiuser 49.95 Chaos Engine CD32
9. 95 Deep Core CD32
9. 95 Defender of Crown 11CD32
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9. 95 Draw Studio 1.1 CD
155. 00 GateWay 3
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29. 95 Quarter Back Tools 6.1
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34. 95 Turbo Print Pro 4.1
55. 95 Wild Wheel
9. 95 Wing Commander
29. 95 Zool CD32
9. 95 Custom Chips ' ‘
1. 3 Kickstart Rom
13. 95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
22. 95
3. 0. Rom forA4000
29. 95
3. 1 Rom for A51600 2000
42. 95
3. 1 Rom for A12 30 4000
57. 95 8372A lmb Agnus
34. 95 8375 lmb Agnus (318069-17)19.95 8372B 2mb Agnus (A3000)
39. 95 8373 Super Denise
29. 95 8364 R7 Paula
16. 95 5719 Gary
13. 95 8520 A-1 CIA
12. 95 8520 Surface Mount
23. 50 Ramsey Rev. 7
29. 95 Super Buster Rev. 11
29. 95 Super Dmac Rev. 4
42. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8A
29. 95 Guru ROM V.6 (A530)
70. 95 Guru ROM V.6
62. 95 A2620-30 ROM Rev. 7
29. 95 A2091 ROM Rev. 7
29. 95 Upgrade Kits AS 320 3.1 Kit for
89. 95 A500 600 2000 2500 AS 312 330 340 3.1 Kit for
104. 95 A1200 3000(T) 4000 Software & Manuals Only
59. 95 All upgrade kits include Manuals, Software and Kickstart
A500 2000 880K Int Floppy 49.95 A500 1200 Power Supply 35.95 A2000 Power Supply 99.00 Video Magician Scan Doublerf Flicker Fixer Internal Amiga to VGA double scan rate converter for A2000 3000 4000 Introductory Price: $ 229.95 IDE Zip Drive (Internal) (Removable Hard Drive $ 159.00 A500 Keyboard 49.95 A2 3 4000 Keyboard 74.50 SafeSkin for A12 20 30 4000 19.95 Keyboard Adapter 9.95 A2000 KB to A4000 System A4000 KB to A2 3000 System KB-10 PC Keyboard Adapter 39.95 15-23 Pin Monitor Adapter 24.95 A520 Adapter wI Cable 15.95 MidiGold 500 (Midiinterface) 29.95 External CD ROM Dr Case 59.95 SCSI
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Interface reqmred. 1.y5 Power Computing LTD (UK) External High Density Floppy Drive $ 129.95 AM-Trade Computer (Germany) High Density Floppy Drives A4000(T) A2000 $ 109.00 $ 114.00 Asim CDFS 3.8 wI Fish CD CD ROM Driver for all Amigas Special Price: $ 49.95 PC Task 4.0 $ 69.95 Advanced 486 Emulation Software 80486 compatibility, supports Windows 3.1, 3.11 & MS-DOS.
Internet Package Deal $ 229.00 Supra Express 33.6 External Modem Termite TCP & Ibrowse GVP I O Extender $ 109.95 Mix and match a full range of connections with 2 serial & 1 parallel ports DSS8+ Software Upgrade $ 27.95 CBM A1200 (Refurbished) $ 529.00 68020 14mhzCPU, 2 meg chip RAM.
880k Floppy Drive. Hard Drive (Optional) Toshiba 20" Multiscan $ 499.00 20" FST Black Dark Tint, 0.58mm dot pitch, 181 channel, S-VHS, RGB.
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Supra Fax 14.4 Ext.
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7. 95 Order* could be placed by telephone, fax, e-mail or
iinail-mail. Visa, Master and Discover Card orders are
accepted with no surcharge. We also ship COD only in payment
of"Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order. All return* must be
relumed and accompanied with a RMA within 15 days (Call (408)
Defective products will be replaced with the same item only. Software is non-returnable. Other returns subject to 15% restocking fee. Shipping & Handting charge is non-rcfundable. We ship via UPS, Federal Express, Airborne Express & US Postal Mail. Price & availability are subject to change without notice.
We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We arc not responsible for any typographical errors.
COD This Old Workbench: Episode 8 One oft heard complaint among Amiga users is the lack of developers.
In one area, however, this is occasion for celebration the Amiga has far fewer worries in regards to viruses than the PC or Mac. Unfortunately, the Amiga still has enough miscreants with enough talent and too little regard for their fellow Amiga owners to ignore the issue. Fortunately, there are several excellent Amiga anti-virus programs, which, with a little care, should keep your Amiga healthy and happy.
Amiga Anti Virus Programs Computer Viruses are very contagious. When your Amiga gets sick, you will also become ill.
Virus Headaches A computer virus is a program written to do a number of specific things. The first goal is to be able to replicate itself, and spread to other files and ultimately, to other computers. This is accomplished by hijacking innocent programs, and inserting the virus code somewhere in their _ a Use XFD Master Ignore Capture factors y»e Uindow Use gootBlock.library Ignore BB Read Error Check Into JL.HA LZH Files Ungack F i(as Appleon On Check DF§ BootBlock Check DFS Full Check DF1. BootBlock Check DF1 Full Check DF2 BootBlock Check DF2 Full Check DF3 BootBlock Check DF3 Full Scan
tjatch Uindow Arexx Scan Uindow Start Iconified j£X PopUp Hotkey Iconnand shift help Jenporarv Directory [RAM : tfCTEHPIIRC Sava Options 1 Close Uindow S j’ Options 1 Flle Vlr Hatch 1 Scan Fil.s
- las If 0»*clc Now jf BuU f
- -ZT7-- -- - --* Figure 1. Virus Checker’s Options Screen.
By Dave Matthews innocent programming. When the newly infected program is run, the virus is also activated, and can infect other files.
There are generally two ways to spread a virus, via a boot block on a floppy disk, or via infecting programs.
When you boot your Amiga from a floppy disk, a small program on the boot block is loaded and run. A virus can modify this boot code so that your Amiga is infected when you boot with the floppy.
As floppy disks become less widely distributed, file viruses have become more prevalent. Only executable files can actually spread the virus.
If your system has been infected with a virus, that virus can change, corrupt or delete your data files, but your Amiga cannot catch a virus from a data file.
Once your system is infected with a virus, it can be difficult to eradicate.
This is particularly true of situations IS where the virus is a sleeper or time bomb.
These viruses infect your system, but do not announce themselves right away. They bide their time, waiting for a specific amount of time, a date, or perhaps some future event. During this period, unaware of being infected, often people will back up their hard drives, including the virus, resulting in possible reinfection should any files be restored from that backup.
Most viruses have other agendas, aside from the basic act of infection and replication. Some viruses merely display "gotcha" messages proclaiming the cleverness of their inventor, some are of a far more destructive bent, and can crash your Amiga, delete or corrupt files, or even format your hard drive.
Recently, several new developments have lead to much confusion about computer viruses. There is a virus capable of infecting Microsoft Word Macros. You might not think of a macro as an executable program, but in actuality it is. Depending on the sophistication of the Macro language, there is some room for mischief. So far as I know, there are no macro viruses on the Amiga, and no, that is not a call to action!
You may also have heard of the infamous pen pal email virus; you download an email, and just by reading it, your computer contracts a virus. This is a hoax! You cannot get a virus from reading an email message...and neither can your
- - Ql PFB | Hang | jSiandard bootbtock 2.8 g»U 1 l««d U«rtjfc»
ggtljMMKSfrs S»»» m 2??
A ijfH- u flctiyati
• 37S3.
__ . Tor by°3. El lass 5r by Mart in Berndt y Jean-Mlcnel Forgeas uono tlickelsson MJFPatch py David Jenkins xfdPatch by Georg Hbrnann xLoadSeg bv Chr, Schneider Figure 2. VirusZ is a veteran in the Amiga anti-virus business.
COMPUQUICK MEDIA CENTER 3758 Town & Country Rd, Columbus OH 43213 TEL: 614-235-3601, FAX: 614-235-1180 Amiga 4040 and 4060 Towers Amiga 1200 HD's CD 32, SX32, SX32 Pro Amiga 600 Accelerators for Amiga 4000, 3000, 2000,1200 CD Rom software Custom Amiga chips, CD Rom drives internal external writeable CD's, software disk drives, high density, internal external, all Amigas.
Hard drives, SCSI & IDE, also for a 1200, controllers Amiga & CD 32 games, internet software, modems Zip & Jaz Drives, joysticks, mice Amiga monitors, 14" & 17" Amiga O.S.3.1 upgrades, power supplies application software Video Toaster, related products & Lightwave Picasso 2+, Picasso 4, Cybervision 3D Ethernet Cards, sound digitizers, keyboards WE TAKE TRADES.
Computer! Only if that message has a program attached to it, and you run the attached program could your system be infected.
Don’t be a Hadley!
As in biological viruses, the best cure is prevention. A little prudence and forethought will go a long way toward keeping your Amiga safe from infection. Some simple rules:
1. Get yourself an Anti-virus program, and use it! There are
several, three of which are covered on page 38. Look in the
util virus directory of Aminet for a plethora of anti-virus
programs and information. Make sure you get an anti-virus
program either directly from Aminet or the author. There have
been cases where bogus versions of antivirus programs were
themselves infected with a virus! Modern anti-virus programs
generally can check themselves when they are run, to prevent
this nasty trick. Be sure and check periodically for new
versions of the anti-virus program, to protect yourself from
new viruses.
2. Be careful where you get files.
Your best bet for Shareware freeware is Aminet, or a commercial outfit. These are generally conscientious about viruses, and do all in their power to keep their offerings virus free. You can also trust most Amiga developers, whether shareware or commercial, many of whom provide their programs via BBS or the World Wide Web. Be wary of unsolicited programs sent to you either via email or via floppy, especially if you don't know the sender.
3. If you do get a virus, remember that it may have infected any
floppy disks or backups you may have made.
4. Don't panic! After all the press computer viruses have
received, the first thought for many people when something
unexpected happens on a computer is, "Oh no, a virus!" Not to
slight the real danger of computer viruses, or imply that the
press is uninformed or sensationalist, but in over ten
years, I have only seen one Amiga virus, and the antivirus
program I was using at the time, Steve Tibbett's VirusX,
spared me any damage it might have caused. So take the above
precautions, but don't lose sleep worrying about it. In fact,
we can all have warm and fuzzy thoughts about our Amigas,
knowing we face less danger than the far more inviting target
of the PC or Mac.
Beck«r rancois _.or reben Nielson asson
• »P-NupvNu os.Iibrary•expa sIon.t ibrary Er»f» I Install I 5 T?‘
Name: Virus Checker 8.04 Author: John Veldthuis Distribution:
Shareware Aminet: Util Virus vchk804.1ha Requires: OS 2.04+
Virus Checker is a widely used anti-virus program for the
Amiga. This program checks both file and boot block viruses.
Features support normal executable programs and many compressed
file formats. The registered version can even detect a virus in
an LHA file. In order to deter bogus versions from being
distributed, the archive is "signed" using PGP (Pretty Good
Privacy). For those unfamiliar with PGP, Dr. Michael Tobin
wrote an excellent introduction to this
encryption authentication program in the January 1997 issue of
Amazing Computing. See Figure 1 for a screen shot of Virus
Checker's Options.
Name: VirusZ II 1.37 Author: George H. Farm an n Distribution: Shareware Aminet: Util Virus virusZ_II137.1ha Requires: OS 2.04+ VirusZ, a veteran in the Amiga anti-virus business, also detects Viruses in files and bootblocks. In addition to the standard background virus checking, VirusZ has a number of useful utilities, including Bootblock lab, for examining modifying a floppy disk's boot block, a disk sector checker, and memory and vector checking. VirusZ supports XFDMaster and Unpack library to check compressed files for viruses. See Figure 2 for a screen shot of VirusZ.
Name: Xtruder 3.4 Author: Martin Wulffeld Distribution: Shareware Aminet: Util Virus xtruder34.Iha Requires: OS 2.04+ (3.0+ recommended) Xtruder is a powerful and flexible anti-virus program with capabilities such as: file check interface, report creation and checking facilities, virus information interface, font and screen mode sensitive GUI, DMS archive boot block checking, LHA as well as LZX archive checking, xfdmaster library and the unpack library support for checking compressed files, and more. Xtruder also uses PGP for program authentication.
Amiga Developers Amiga User Groups Amiga Dealers DO IT NOW We need your latest information to complete the long awaited AC s GUIDE. If you are an Amiga developer or dealer, please copy the form on the next page and complete it for each product and service you provide. If you are an Amiga User Group, please complete the same form and describe when and where your group meets, what areas you cover and any other pertinent information.
Please complete the form and mail or fax it to the address listed.
Only with your help, can we be certain your products, services, and organizations are included in this valuable resource.
Hello Nurse!
The best bet to prevent infection from viruses is to run an anti-virus program. The programs on the left can scan for boot block and file viruses, and everyone should have at least one of these programs on their Amiga.
Please see the Receptionist as you leave.
Well, there you have it. All three of these are good programs, though Xtruder is the one most recently updated. With your digital medicine cabinet stocked with one (or more) of these programs, and a little common sense, your Amiga should always get a clean bill of health.
• AC* AC GLIDK miga Vendor Product Registration Please check one:
Please make as many copies of this form as needed.
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Label, name affiliate Availability (when?)
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1 - «, J..L.1 tv- u.o-U-v 4‘ -y, u»y i La ifi b MW towrtwiri ihMwwMBeeaa!
SupraExpress 33.6 .149.00 SupraFAX 33.6 189.00 Sportster 33.6 ..169.00 WWIWiH E M S CD ROM DRIVES & TITLES TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 8-6, SAT. 9-5CST INFORMATION 414-548-8120 • Fax 414-548-8130 TECH SUPPORT RMAs 414-548-8159 * 2-6 PM, Mon-Fri.
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Prices subject to change.
€ Air Mail 40.00 Aladdin .....199.00 AudioBlackBox ...49.00 Audio Thunder ...69.99 Aussie’s Fast Frames ....62.00 AV8R .215.00 Batch Factory .....49.99 Cinema 4D 219.00 Control Tower ..139.00 Co-Pilot Audio Video ....99.00 Decision Maker 199.00 Diavolo Backup Pro ......98.00 Digital Universe ...125.00 Imagine 5.0 .....100.00 MacroForm
2.0 209.00 Monument Designer V3 349.99 PageStream 2.2SE .39.00 PageStream 3.2 ...225.00 Pretium 45.00 Pro Mix 95.00 Puppet Master .159.00 Render FX .125.00 SAS C Dev ..69.00 Scala MM400 ..219.00 Studio Printer II .84.00 Termite TCP iBrowse ...89.00 Twist 2 Database .119.00 TypeSmith 2.5 ...39.00 Wavemaker 2.5 159.00 Wore,Worth 6
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CrossDOS 6.0 Pro .39.00 The classic PC to Amiga utility has just been improved: faster (loppy access, faster HD writes, creation of MS-DOS partitions.
Com IRON CSA Derringer 25MHz 269.00 CSA Derringer 33MHz 299.00 CSA Derringer 40MHz 309.00 CSA Derringer 50MHz 329.00 Cyberstorm Mark II SCSI Call Cybervision 64 3D 4MB 389.00 DataFlyer XDS ...69.00 Harddrives, Seagate Ultra Call Hydra Ethernet .279.00 JAZ Drive, Iomega 1GB, Ext..499.99 Picasso IV 4MB ...439.00 RocGen Plus ....195.00 Scanners, Epson ...Call Siamese System ..395.00 Surf Squirel .....139.00 Syquest EZ Flyer ..299.99 Syquest, SyJet ......Call
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OF SERVICE TO THE AMIGA I World of Amiga, London For two
days, Amiga users gathered with Amiga developers and the new
owners to see where we have been, where we are, and to
prepare for where we are going.
Saturday Morning on the show floor although attendance figures were not available by press time, it was obvious to everyone that the event was well attended The World of Amiga in London (May 17 &
18) was, according to show sponsor Peter Brameld, the thirteenth
year for the event.
This year it was held in the Novotel at Hammersmith. The large room occupied a main floor of the hotel and provided space for over forty exhibitors and an untold number of attendees ( attendance figures were not available at press time).
The major draw for this event was, of course, the announcement by Gateway 2000 that they had secured the technology. Many attendees were also anxious to learn what Gateway 2000 had planned for the Amiga.
While Gateway 2000 executives assured everyone that they were going to continue Amiga production, R&D, and sales (see the Press conference coverage beginning on page 48), they were not yet in a position to release new product information or other projections (their final approval was only a few days old at the sale. One Gateway 2000 executive commented that Gateway 2000 would not say anything until they have done something.
This position by Gateway 2000 caused some misinformation to be spread among users who had built expectations beyond the limits of a publicly held company such as Gateway and Gateway executives were criticized unfairly. But they were upbeat and remained positive in regard to the Amiga and its future.
Amiga International, Inc. The Amiga International booth housed several developers demonstrating aspects of the Amiga system. Paul Noland of HiQ Ltd. Was just one of the developers who spent time demonstrating in Amiga International's booth. He demonstrated his Siamese System to the crowds (please see the description of the Siamese in the HiQ Ltd. Section of this article).
Amiga International was showing various new Amiga monitors, a CD-ROM drive Amiga Surfware and Surf Kit. The monitors included an Amiga M1438S which is a 14", high resolution from video to VGA monitor with stereo amplifier and loudspeaker. The Amiga M1538 S is 15" with resolution of 800 x 600 pixels at 60 hz with 23-Pin-Amiga monitor connector and stereo amplifier and loudspeaker. The Amiga M1764 features a 17" screen, high resolution (1024 x 768 pixels at 75 hz), 15-Pin-VGA- monitor-connector by adapter (incl) up to 23-Pin Amiga monitor-connector, on-screen display for adjustment and power
management to save energy if the monitor is out of use.
The Amiga Q-Drive 1241 is a CD-ROM drive featuring: open architecture - PCMClA-interface, compatible to 1SO9660, Amiga OS, PC-DOS and Mac HFS, quad speed - data transfer rates up to 600 Kbs, multi-session multi-tasking ability, reads audio Cds and Kodak Photo Cds, mixes sound from audio Cds with the sound from the Amiga audio stereo exit and it operates most CD32 games and programs.
Amiga Surfware is internet software which provides access to the World Wide Web, FTP, E-Mail, and IRC. This is for all Amigas under Amiga OS 3.1 with at least 2 MB RAM and a hard disk with at least 5 MB free storage space.
The Amiga Surf Kit is a modem and Surfware. It contains a Hayes compatible external fax modem with a data transmission rate of 14,400 bps. This is for all Amiga computers under Amiga OS 3.1 with at least 2 MB RAM and a hard disk with at least 5 MB free storage space.
Amiga International, Inc, Robert-Bosch- Str.ll, Langen 63225, Germany, Tel 49 6252 709788, Fax: 49 6252 709427 Analogic Computers Analogic Computers provides sales and repairs of all Amiga models. WHILE- U-WAIT Repair service is their speciality.
They carry a large stock of Amiga motherboards, chips and spares including floppy drives, keyboards, and power supplies. Their customers range from local school children to large corporations as far as Australia. Analogic Computers provides door to door pick-up and delivery service throughout the U.K. Their products include IDE and SCSI CD ROMS, Memory upgrades, Accelerators, 2.5" and 3.5" IDE and SCSI Hard Drives. Customers can trade-in old working hard drives while buying new preformatted and partitioned drives from Analogic. Analogic Computers can be contacted at Units 6 & 8 Ashway Centre,
Elm Crescent, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH. Tel: 0181 546
9575. Fax: 0181 541 4671. Email: Analogiccomp.uk@compuserve.com.
Blittersoft Blittersoft introduced a few products at the
WOA show. First came an enhanced IDE controller for Zorro
II systems, Buddha.
It is a controller with autoboot capability and two IDE ports, CD-changer software, CD32-emulator, Cache CD-filesystem, and harddisk-autopark. It is prepared for Mtsumi IDE-CD Writer. Also featured was the Catweasel controller, which uses standard 3,5" and 5,25" diskdrives. It reads and writes Amiga (DD, HD) formats, and 1541-filesystem is included. It's compatible with any Amiga OS based program.
Blittersoft also demonstrated Aweb-II ‘New’ v3.0. Now with internal FTP, Clipboard support, new configurable buttons and popup menus, full Frames support, new Hotlist manager, enhanced Cache browser, and much more. Also available is Amiga-Link with Envoy and SCS1-TV & SCS1-TV570, hard drive controllers for CDTV and A570.
Among other features presented by Blittersoft at the show was infinitiv Amigal200 Tower, infinitiv Amigal300 Ti, infinitiv Amigal400 Ti, full-pull Power Supply external for A500 600 1200, RAM- Extension for Amiga 1200, and HD Floppy Disk Drives 3.5. Additionally, Blittersoft also offered VGA-Adapter, 4-fold AT-Bus Adapter, Bus-Board-Zorro 11 111, and more.
For information on any of these products or on Blittersoft in general, contact 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry, Milton Keynes MK8 0ER. Tel: 01908 261466. Fax: 01908 261488. Email: sales@blittersoft.com. Web: http: www.blittersoft.com. Digita International Ltd Digita International Ltd had their entire line of Amiga software on sale.
Wordworth 6 (CDROM or floppy disk), the award-winning brand new version of Wordworth. Wordworth 6 Office (CDROM), combines award-winning new Wordworth 6 with Datastore 2, Organiser 2 and Money Matters 4. Personal Paint 7 (CDROM or floppy disk). TurboCalc 4 (CDROM or floppy disk). ClipArt Combo (floppy disk), a bundle containing all of Digita's popular clip range. Digita also had their Digita Mouse Mat with its special Softmat-design. For more information, Digita can be reached at Black Horse House, Exmouth EX8 1JL. Tel: 01395 270273. Fax: 01395 268893.
Direct Software Direct Software offers over 500 different Amiga titles from ail the brand new releases, including all the Vulcan range, and the classic software range dating back to Project X, Monkey island, Lure of the Temptress, and many more. Direct Software also caters for all Amigas from A500, 500+, 600,1200, 4000 and their latest development, The Power Amiga. Direct Software can be reached at 166 Birch field Road, Northampton NN3 2HF. Tel: 01604 722499. Fax: 01604 722498.
Discs Direct Discs Direct supplies a range of computer consumables at competitive prices. Inkjet refill kits, Floppy discs, and more. For more information on Discs Direct products, you can contact 39 South Street, Manningtree, Essex Col 1 1BQ. Tel: 01206 395275. Fax: 01206 395275.
Epic Marketing A new addition to the Epic Multimedia stable which was revealed at the WOA was the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia of the Paranormal, featuring hundreds of detailed articles with film clips, samples, animation and still photos covering everything from UFOs to sea creatures, spoon-bending, ghosts, aliens and much more that is weird and exotic.
There was also an opportunity to view the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 97. This latest version has new features including enhanced speech, Inter-ACT, zoom into text, zoom into pictures and animations, national anthems, Euro-pedia, and more.
There are over 16,000 subjects, 4,000 color and mono images, 200 sound clips, 200 film clips, three search engines and over a million words, plus the ability to create your own articles, and export any text or images.
You can contact Epic Marketing at Epic House, 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2NF. Tel: 0 1 793 514188. Fax: 0 1793 514187.
Eyetech Group Ltd Eyetech displayed some of their current products and some brand new ones: the SX32 Mk2, Pro-50 and NEW Pro-33 expansion units for the CD32; the 8 speed and NEW 16 speed CDPlus CDROM and IDE port expansion system for the A1200; and the internal, bootable IDE Zip drive for all IDE Amigas.
Additionally, Eyetech also displayed ScanQuix 3 software for Epson HP Artek Mustek flatbed scanners; EnPrint for Epson colour printers; 2.56GB InsbJrtfDrifes for the A1200; Apollo accelerators; PC floppy drive interface for Amiga DF0:; GG2+ Zorro expansion bridgeboard; Quickcam interface and software; Cocktel Amiga Videoconferencing software, and much more. Eyetech Group Limited can be reached at The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, North Yorkshire, TS9 5BB. Tel: 01642 713 185. Fax: 01642 713 634. Email: eyetech@cix.compulink.co.uk. Web: http: www.eyetech.co.uk -eyetech. Finale
Development, Inc. According to Finale Development, 1997 will see the release of a full line of products to put your Amiga on the internet and keep it there. Finale is the publisher of ClassAct, the development system for GUI (graphical user interface) creation. This software is in use on Amigas in both commercial and shareware applications.
Finale Web Cruiser is based on a complete and modern implementation of the HTML 3.2 standard as well as including non-standard features found only on Netscape or Explorer. Finale includes Voodoo and New York software to handle your e-mail and Usenet needs. The user can also link FWC with Moca, Finale's Java virtual machine based on JIT ("Just in Time") compiler technology. Expected in June of 97 it will retail for $ 60.
Moca: Don't let anybody tell you the Amiga cannot handle Java. With Moca it is all possible. This is due in September of '97 with no price announced yet.
Voodoo allows the user to configure mailboxes that suit their needs. It integrates PGP protection, MIME encoding, and more.
It is available now and retails for $ 35.
New York: if you have been scared away by news readers in the past come and try this innovative software package, it features a friendly GUI and a logical, easy to use configuration which will have you on the newsgroups in no time. Available now the SRP is $ 35.
ClassAct: ClassActs is an intelligent and friendly system for GUI creation, at a price for anyone's budget. Now available with an SRP of $ 69.
Digital Quill: This software package is the text editor with a fully graphical interface, strong Arexx support, and easy interfaceability with Amiga compilers.
Finale Development is interested in bringing as much quality software to the AmigaOS and pOS market as possible.
Software developers should feel free to contact them concerning product ideas.
Finale Development Inc, P O Box 6905, West Palm Beach FL 33405, Tel: 203-235- 7518, Fax: 203-237-8459, http: www.Finale-Dev.com GP Software At the WOA show, GP Software offered Directory Opus, GP Fax, Opus Magellan, and EasyLedger 2. Their newest release, the Opus Magellan supplement for Directory Opus is an extensive redevelopment of the Opus system. GP promises greater control over icons, actions on and with icons, plus many new features such as Start Menus, extra popup sticky menus and new background images.
You can contact GP Software about this and any of their other products at: GP Software, P.O. Box 570 Ashgrove, Australia 4060, tel 61 7 33661402, http: www.gpsoft.com.au, and email: greg@gpsoft.com.au Gasteiner Technologies Ltd Gasteiner Technologies offered deals on hard disk drives (internal and external), memory, floppy drives, mice, CDROMs, accelerators, etc. You can contact Gasteiner at 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton, London N18 1Y2. Tel: 0181 345
6000. Fax: 0181 345 6868.
Golden Image (UK) Ltd Golden Image (UK) Ltd has CD ROM and hard drives for all Amigas. Mice, trackball, optical mice, and RAM cards are also available for all Amigas. In addition, Golden Image (UK) Ltd offers accelerators, speakers, CD cleaners, wrist pads, memo pads, lazer lens cleaners, and many more items. You may contact Golden Image (UK) Ltd at Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, HA9 OLB. Tel: 0181 900 9291. Fax: 0181 900 9281.
Guildhall Leisure Guildhall Leisure has been providing publishing Amiga software for over ten years, and, according to Guildhall Leisure, they publish thirty of the Amiga's all time top fifty. Guildhall will have Microprose Grand Prix, RailRoad Tycoon, Silent Service II, Fis II, Fifa Soccer, Road Rash, Wing Commander, Theme Park, and more.
Guildhall Leisure can be reached at Unit 15, Guildhall Industrial Estate, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster, DN3 1QR. You can also contact them at Tel: 01302-890000, or Fax: 01302- 890010.
Graphic Detail Graphic Detail presented Light-Rom 4 at the WOA show, a 2 CD-ROM set for the Amiga, which features all new Lightwave objects and scene files. The bonus CD-ROM is 3,000 jpeg Textures, a $ 29.95 value, along with thumbnail renderings for easy previewing. Light-Rom 4 also includes a collection of scene files by Alan Chan, author of Power FX Kit Lightwave 3D book, featuring the Lightwave 5.0 tutorials included in his book.
Graphic Detail also introduced Imagine PD 3D, which consists of thousands of Imagine 3D objects created by its Amiga users from around the world using Imagine 1.0 up to Imagine 4.0. Dem-Rom for the Amiga was also demonstrated at the show, and it contains over 1,000 digital elevation maps (DEMs) from the USGS, along with thumbnail renderings of their topographical maps in Jpeg format for easy previewing. Additionally, Graphic Detail presented 3,000 Jpeg Textures, which contains over 3,000 textures in the Jpeg file format, with thumbnail renderings of every texture for easy previewing.
Finally, Graphic Detail showed off Multimedia Backdrops, a program containing 100 backdrops designed for Desktop Video and Multimedia work in the 1FF24, TARGA, and TIFF file formats in NTSC (752x480) and PAL (768x576) resolutions. For information on any of Graphic Detail's products, contact 4556 South 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40214. Tel: 502- 363-2986. Orders Only: 1-800-265-4041.
Email: michaeI@iglou.com. HiSoft Systems HiSoft introduced several new products including Whippet high-speed serial port for the A600 A1200 for all Internet and BBS users. Hot on its heels was the launch of the CD Edition of CINEMA 4D raytracing package, packed with extra scenes and textures plus a completely new release of the CINEMA program. Also new at the show was the Squirrel CDR CD-ROM recording system, an upgrade to Termite TCP with email, telnet and ftp clients and the latest release of Studio 2, with support for the photo-realism Canon printers.
HiSoft can be reached at The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE. Tel: 01525 718181. Fax: 01525 713716. Email: sales@hisoft.co.uk. HiQ Ltd HiQ Ltd was featuring the Siamese System and RTG. The Siamese System and RTG was designed to enable the computer user to have multiple platforms (Amiga WB 3+, Windows 95, MacOS) appear as if they are a single machine. It does this by taking the two machines and a possible MacOS emulator on the Amiga and uses one keyboard mouse monitor.
The user can run Win95, MacOS or Amiga. All the drives from the different operating systems are mounted within the Amiga OS so the user can share files instantly between applications. With the standard pack, transfer is via serial, but if you have suitable SCSI cards and a SCSI drive you can send the files via a very high speed SCSI network developed for and included in the Siamese System software.
Rates of over 2Mb sec have been recorded with a high speed SCSI network setup between the machines.
The user can cut and paste text between applications and other functions are available to make the system integrated, programs like Winexe or MCI which allow the Amiga to launch PC applications from the Amiga or control PC MultiMedia devices, even from Directory Opus.
RTG was added in March as a low cost upgrade. This system opens Amiga screens on the PC graphics card enabling from 256 up to 16M colors, higher resolutions and a flicker free display for all Amigas with WB3+.
HiQ Limited, Tel 44 1525 211327, Fax: 44 1525 211328, internet page www.siames.co.uk or email steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk IrseeSoft Irseesoft represented themselves at the WOA show by sharing a booth with Wizard Developments, G.P. Software, and Nova Designs. The German company displayed TurboPrint Professional 5.
Nova Design USA Nova Design brought along the latest version of their top rated image processing and special effects software, ImageFX, to the WOA show, sharing a booth with Wizard Developments, IrseeSoft from Germany, and G.P. Software from Australia. They also showed their video demo reel that demonstrates the use of ImageFX from broadcast video and film sequences and custom sequences, including many using Nova's forthcoming Aladdin 4D package.
"Nova Design remains excited about the future possibilities of the Amiga market," said spokesman Kermit Woodall.
"While some companies have chosen to abandon the format, we continue to provide new and innovative software to Amiga users worldwide."
Phase 5 phase 5 was showing their complete line of PowerUp accelerators for various Amigas. All the accelerators offered are designed as upgrades for those users who already own a 68k-based accelerator for the Amiga. They come with a socket for either a 68030, 68040, or 68060 processor which they need as a companion processor, and which can be taken from the user's existing 68k accelerator card. After installation of both the 68k processor on the PowerUp accelerator and the PowerUp accelerator into the Amiga, the world of PowerPC 68k multiprocessing is available to the user immediately. With
this upgrade, the investments which once went into the existing accelerators are saved, as the old processor does not become obsolete.
Following is a summary of the PowerUp accelerators which will become available in 1997: Cyberstorm PPC: This is a high end accelerator for the A3000 4000T systems and systems with a compatible processor slot. It features a high-performance PowerPC604e RISC processor in different clock speeds and a socket for either a 68040 or a 68060 companion processor, a memory expansion option for up to 128 Mbyte of fast 64-bit memory, a Wide-Ultra-SCSI controller on board and an expansion slot for high performance expansions such as the CyberVisionPPC. Its availability is scheduled for the end of May '97.
Blizzard 603e Power Board: This is an inexpensive accelerator for the A1200 system. It features a high-performance PowerPC603e RISC processor @ 175 Mhz clock speed and a socket for a 68030 companion processor @ 50 Mhz, a memory expansion option for up to 64 Mbyte of high-speed memory, and a Fast SCSI-II controller on board. It is due out at the end of June '97.
Blizzard 603e+ Power Board: This is a high-end PowerUp accelerator for A1200 systems. It features a high-performance PowerPC603e RISC processor @ 200 Mhz clock speed and a socket for a 68040 or 68060 companion processor, a memory expansion option for up to 64 Mbyte of high-speed memeory, and a fast SCSI-II controller on board. It is scheduled for release at the end of July '97.
Blizzard 2604e Power Board: This is a high-end PowerUp accelerator for the A1500 2000 systems. It features high- performance PowerPC604e RISC processor and a socket for either a 68040 or a 68060 companion processor, a memory expansion option for up to 128 Mbyte of ultra-fast 64- bit memory, a Wide-Ultra-SCSI controller on board and an expansion slot for high- performance expansions such as the CyberVisionPPC. Availability is set for August '97.
Phase 5 digital products, In der Au 27, 61440 Oberursel, Germany, http: www.phase5.de Tel Sales: 49 61 71 58 3787, FAX: 49 61 71 58 3789.
PIOS Computers AG PIOS unveiled the newest in their Amiga hardware line. Making its first public appearance in the UK was the transAm, described by PIOS as "the home computer of the future, the Amiga of the next generation, faster than the Amiga world knew before." The machine runs under more than one operating system. It offers BeOS and Linux with real multitasking, multireading and object orientation. After transAm came Maxxtrem, a fast PowerPC designed again around the modular concept which offers, as well as BeOS and Linux, MacOS included. The common denominator was the CHRP (Common
Hardware Reference Platform) compliant board designed by ex-Amiga hardware guru Dave Haynie. PIOS can be reached at Moat College, Clopton, Northampton NN14 3D2. Tel: 01832 720706.
Fax: 01832 720706.
Power Computing Ltd Power Computing launched their new game The Big Red Adventure, a graphical adventure game for the 1200 A4000 which comes in CD format. Power Computing's new 12 speed SCSI CD ROM player was also available at the show, along with a full range of accelerators, Ram expansions, floppy and hard disk drives, mono and color scanners and CD Roms. Plus the GVP range of products including IQ extenders, DSS8 sound sampler, Genlock, GVP Ram and hard cards. The 68060 board for the A4000 desktop was also available. For any more information on Power Computing Ltd products, contact 82A
Singer Way, Woburn Road Industrial, Estate, Kempston, Bedfordshire MK42 7PU. Tel: 01234 851500.
Fax: 01234 855400.
Premier Developments Premier Developments introduced some "desk-top" work games centres for business and leisure computer applications.
First was the Stow-A-Way, for all Amiga (A4000) Computers, which uses the fast slide away of the keyboard and wrist rest to provide valuable desk space. The Uni- Centre is a universal fitting (Amiga A1200, A600 500 500+) computer work-centre, with no extension leads required. The Mul- T-Media is an extended width version of the Uni-Centre, and is ideal for the Amiga A1200 with PCMCIA ported "Squirrel" SCSI Interface and "Overdrive" (etc) products. Premier Developments also demonstrated the Combi-Centre, a nylon rollered sliding shelf work games centre for the Amiga, keyboard, monitor, and
peripherals. The View Centre is a strong, "single stage" TV Monitor stand for front loading games consoles and small computers of the Amiga A600 type size.
Also, the Games Centre was introduced, which is a strong "low level" television monitor stand, incorporating a nylon rollered sliding shelf for most top loading "super" games consoles. The Games Centre Plus was shown off, a nylon rollered sliding shelf gamestation for most top loading "super" games consoles, with space underneath for general storage. The Uni-Plinth Expander is a strong, "single stage" stand for Amiga (A4000), mini miditower desk-top computers and monitors, with under for keyboard storage. Finally, Premier Developments unveiled the Super Stow-A-Way, which is like the
standard Stovv-A-Way, but with an Expander fitted above the platform, such providing a shelf for various peripherals, etc. Ideal for most Amiga (A4000) mini-tower and desk-top computers. To reach Premier Developments, contact 4 Third Avenue, Warboys, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE17 2SR. Tel Fax: 01487 823684.
Premier Vision Being shown from Premier Vision was Silicon Studio. This digital audio workstation features an A4000T with hard disk, CD, HD floppy, and DAT, digital audio converters, processors and parallel printer, serial MIDI, video & SCSI peripheral interfaces. External units include a display monitor, controllers (tablets, mice etc.), optional laser or inkjet printer and up to 4 external SCSI drives. Major software features include: 8 16 24 32 track audio recording and replay, automated digital mixing of up to 24 tracks at 44.1 Khz, 32 tracks at 32 Khz, etc. it requires an A4000 Warp
Engine, big SCSI drives, AGA chipset, Multisync monitor and Amiga controllers. Recommendations include SCSI 2 DAT, Amiga MIDI i f, and SCSI CD ROM.
Premier Vision, 156 Blackfriars Road, London England SE1 8EN, Tel: 171 721 7050 Sadeness Software Sadeness Software revealed 'The Hidden Truth' at WOA, their latest Amiga compatible CD-ROM title. It's an interactive paranormal encyclopedia created over the past year. And, there's good news for all 'AGA' owners as Sadeness Software has also released the latest in their award- winning CD-ROM series, The AGA Experience Volume 3. Sadeness was also selling the latest CD-ROMs, games and productivity titles. Sadeness Software can be reached at 13 Russell Terrace, Mundesley, Norfolk NR11 8LJ. Tel:
01263 722169.
SCALA UK Ltd Scala Multimedia sold a variety of merchandise and Amiga parts while also offering their line of Amiga software. Scala Multimedia MM400 contains features that improve and extend the power of Scala.
Scala MultiMedia is used for high-impact multimedia productions as stand alone displays, interactive multimedia applications for games, teaching and training, and desktop video work for adding titles, symbols, and special effects to videos.
Scala also had ScalaType, the new generation of font technology. ScalaType allows you to load outline fonls just as quickly as bitmap fonts. Super high-res gives broadcast-quality video editing, and ScalaType features an automatic aspect ratio. Other features included in ScalaType are AutoKerning, font stretching, improved antialiasing, save text, color shuffler, automatic saving of IFF files, and much more, such as support of graphic file formats and Lock Palette, which saves your colors. Minimum system requirements are an Amiga 500, 600, 2000, or 3000 with 68030 processor. 3 MB RAM (1MB
Chip, 2 MB Fast), along with Workbench 2.0 or higher.
Recommended system requirements are an Amiga 1200 or 4000 with 68020, 030, or 040 processor 6 MB RAM (2MB Chip, 4 MB Fast), hard disk. Also recommended is Workbench 3.0 or 3.1. SNAP Computer Supplies SNAP Computer Supplies made their full range of accessories and consumables available at the show at special prices.
Blank disks, blank CD-ROMs, disk and CD storage boxes, joysticks, mice, dust covers, speakers, printer ribbons, and more. For any additional information regarding SNAP's complete line of computer consumables and accessories, contact Unit 12, The Sidings, Hound Roud, Netley Abbey, Southampton S031 5QA. Tel: 01703 457111. Fax: 01703 457222.
Weird Science Weird Science are developers, publishers, and distributors of CD-ROM Software and they had their full range of products available at the WOA show.
Launching at the show was their new Network PC, which provides a file system for accessing your PC drives from the Amiga. Their system will provide any WB program with access to any of your PC drives, including CD, Zip, Jazz, fixed hard drives and also networked drives. The PC acts as a slave machine and can therefore not access the Amiga, however an Amiga can read and write to the PC drives. The system is WB 2.04+ compatible and the PC can perform other tasks simultaneously. All of the PC drives are available with full read and write access.
Other new releases from Weird Science were Assassins CD Volume 3, Miami 2.1 (full retail version), Personal Paint 7.1, Eric Schwartz Collection, Euro CD Volume 2, Geek Gadgets 2 (Unconfirmed), NFA AGA Experience Volume 3, Hidden Truths, Encyclopedia of the Paranormal, Epic Collection 3, and Flash Rom. If you're looking to contact Weird Science, they are at 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester LE4 2SE.
Tel: 0116 234 0682. Fax: 0116 235 0045.
Email: tech@weirdscience.co.uk. Web: http: www.weirdscience.co.uk. Wirenet Wirenet is the UK's first Amiga-only access provider. Offering 100% Amiga support U-Net from Wirenet can get you on the internet fast using 100% local access. For more information contact: Wirenet Amiga Internet, 39 Larch Avenue, Penketh _ egacy FROM THE MAKERS OF AMIGA REPORT COMES: The new video magazineabout the Amiga!
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46 Amazing Computing Warrington Cheshire, England WA5 2AZ Tel: 1925 496482 or e-mail sales@wirenet.co.uk Wisedome Ltd Wisedome Ltd produces CD-ROM projects exclusive to Amiga. Wisedome appeared at the WOA show with new programs, such as their History of the World Cup and the World Atlas. Contact Wisedome at Flat 20, Breezes Court, 20 The Highway, London El 9BE.
Wizard Developments Wizard Developments had new Amiga 1200 Magic Packs with faster processors and hard disks as standard.
Other items included 560dpi 3-button Wizard mice, A1200 Hard Disk Kits 1.3Gb-
2. 5Gb, Aladdin, Directory Opus 5.5, Image FX 2.6, Magnum
68030 40 and 68060 cards, PC Task 4.1, PowerBox 250watt Amiga
PSU, SIMMs and FPUs, TurboPrint Professional 5 and Epson
Printers. To obtain additional information regarding Wizard
Developments, contact 6 Kent House, Old Bexley Business Park,
19 Bourne Road, Bexley, Kent DA5 1LR. Tel: 01322 527800. Fax:
01322 527810. Email: sales@wizardd. Demon, co.uk. Computer
Clubs Chic Computer Club Chic Computer Club is a very active
user group in the U.K. Among many other things, they offer
networking and contact with other members with similar
interests and experience across the world. There are regular
exclusive special offers and discounts, members only prices
and deals on many computer goods and services.
There are regular dub newsletters, including product news, reviews and information. Chic also offers very low cost club Internet Access for all main computers, and free access to the IACCD database of local independent consultants and dealers.
For full information on the club, send an A5 size SAE requesting your free introductory pack to Chic Computer Club (SHI), P.O. Box 121, Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 9]P.
(01753) 884473. Let Chic know your name and address, computers you own and use, and your main interest areas.
ICPUG ICPUG, the Independent Computer Products Users Group, now in its 19th year, is a non-profit making co-operative of computer users working together for mutual benefit. Members have access to a free PD software library for the Amiga, PC, and older CBM machines, plus technical assistance and discounts. For more information, contact Membership Secretary, 17 Colne Drive, Oakfields, Didcot, Oxon 0X11 7RZ or email digits@cix.computlink.co.uk. Or call John Bickerstaff at 0181 651 5426 after 8:30 PM, www.icpug.org.uk. IFAUG The Infinite Frontiers Amiga Users Group is comprised of fellow Amigans
learning to use their Amigas in the best possible ways, as well as having some fun with their gaming competitions. Meetings are held every month in Birmingham City Centre. If you would like a membership in the IFAUG, send a request to Infinite Frontiers, PO Box 8966, Great Barr, Birmingham, B43 5ST, enclosing 2 first class stamps.
Other Amiga Magazines Of course there were other Amiga magazines at the exposition. Three British magazines had stands on the show floor.
Amiga Em Magazine LH Publishing, headed by well-known Amiga writer and publisher Larry Hickmott, is the producer of DrawStudio as well as many other items of interest to Amiga owners. Of course, LH Publishing also produces AmigaEM. For more information on LH Publishing or its products, please contact LH Publishing, 13 Gairloch Avenue, Bletchley MK2 3DH. Tel: 01908 370 230. Fax: 01908 640 371.
Amiga Format Amiga Format represented themselves at the World of Amiga with their magazines, samples of their cover Cds, as well as bargains on upgrades. For more information, you can contact Future Publishing at 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BN.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732275.
CU Amiga Magazine CU Amiga is a magazine aimed at all Amiga enthusiasts by providing news, reviews, features, tutorials, and cover disks and CD ROMs. At the World of Amiga, they offered the opportunity to meet members of the CU Amiga team, and also showed hot properties of the Amiga community. CU Amiga Magazine can be reached at Emap Images Ltd, 37-39 Mill Harbour, The Isle of Dogs, E14 9TZ. Tel: 0171 972 6700. Fax: 0171 972 6715.
Conclusions: Obviously this is exactly what the Amiga market needed. According to one vendor, half of the exhibitors had already signed up for next year's event by the close of the show. The World of Amiga was a great opportunity for developers, dealers, and users to come together and everyone appreciated it.
Pictures and Links For additional pictures (no room here) and links to the above vendors, please visit our web site at pimpub.com.
• AC* (continued from page 48) people we would have had nothing
to acquire. So the first obligation of Gateway 2000 is to say
thank you. It is the Amiga community that has kept this brand
and this OS and this product line and this concept alive
without the support of strong corporate financial backing,
without the support of a wildly competitive advertising scheme
and without a lot of things. It is the belief in the OS and the
belief in the value of these products in the world of computing
that has kept this product alive. So Gateway 2000 would like to
say thank you very much because without you guys there would be
no Amiga."
Jim Taylor then introduced Petro Tyschtschenko as the president of the newly formed Amiga International. Petro addressed the audience with his own words, "Now that AMIGA is owned by a successful company - Gateway 2000 - there is a bright future.
• Gateway 2000 is a solid and well established company in the
computer industry
• Gateway 2000 has consistently been honored with awards for
products and service
• Gateway 2000 is the right partner to give AMIGA new life and
energy for the future."
Petro went on to state, "AMIGA International was formed as a US based company in March, 1997 to acquire the assets of AMIGA Technologies GmbH. AMIGA International will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000.
"Over the past month, we have been very busy finalizing the acquisition, performing due diligence, setting up operations in Germany and communicating with the AMIGA community.
"We have a new office in Langen, next to the Frankfurt airport and I am happy to report to you that we are operational again.
In Langen, we will have three people handling sales, marketing and general administration. We will be running at the beginning of June.
"Since early April, we have four employees in Braunschweig that are taking care of logistics and warehousing, order processing and customer support, Internet support as well as technical service.
"Finally, we are in the process of identifying an individual to manage new product development and R&D. What are we going to concentrate on? Implementing our strategy.
1. Supporting the existing AMIGA community
2. Leveraging the existing AMIGA technology through broad
3. Assisting in developing new products based on open standards
to the home computer and video graphics market.
"How will we support the community that has kept AMIGA alive? Through conventions, press conferences, via the Internet, meetings and all useful initiatives coming from the AMIGA community. I have already been to conventions in Germany and in Sweden and will entertain any suggestions.
"Continuing to sell to the distributor network that has supported AMIGA.
Working with developers tfirough concepts such as the 'Open AMIGA Initiative' that is being formed with the support of many of the prominent names in the AMIGA community."
In a plea for unity, Petro stated, "The basics of success in this project is to work together with partners and to define a common path of development. The AMIGA market cannot afford a split, we must go together into one direction.
"For us to keep the market alive it is necessary to assist many companies in developing products through broad licensing. Our licensing policy will be very open, broad and focus on licensing and standard O S, Chipsets and the trademarks.
Also, licensing will allow the AMIGA to be spread to many different embedded applications in field such as medical solutions, simulation applications, fitness equipment, irrigation systems and kiosk terminals. Of course, we are looking for new partners.
"Through licensing and focused R&D managed by AMIGA International, we plan to assist the market place in developing new products for the AMIGA. We are currently exploring many of the possible new products that have been suggested including such things as an operating system upgrade and new hardware platforms. We would like to keep the procedure as simple as possible.
"We need to talk with the technology companies from the AMIGA business and exchange know-how. It is also important that we explore an open AMIGA platform, use industry standard components to make it cheaper to produce, faster to develop and easier to upgrade. These things need to happen quickly, but in a very managed fashion.
"With this strategy and the support of the AMIGA community and Gateway 2000, we are convinced there is a bright future for the AMIGA.". Questions and Answers In the Q&A session, Jim Taylor and Petro Tyschtschenko sat in the front of the room and answered questions from the floor.
One of the first was would Amiga consider creating a new range of Amiga computers.
Jim Taylor answered, "We didn't buy the Amiga to make it smaller. We want the Amiga to grow."
They were asked if they would be developing new products of their own. Petro answered that it depends. He stated that they were currently talking with other developers and would need to see what could be done.
But he stressed, "We have to go in one direction only. This will be our strength. We cannot split it up. It will be my goal to put one system on the market. One Amiga only."
When asked in what time frame we could expect a new product. "To develop a new product, it will take twelve months.
Don't expect any miracles. But, maybe we will have some surprises."
• AC* RIFFS 2 bar IFF Samples of Horns for your MODS and or MIDI
sequences VARIOUS Horns - Brass and Woodwind Tempos - 30 bpm
120 bpm Styles - Jazz, R&B, Blues.
Ballad, Classic FREE!
Write for free disk to: DW Inc. 6971 Rooks Ct. Frederick MD 21703 Something NEW for the Amiga Gateway 2000 Press Conference Witness this historic event from a unique perspective.
Learn what Gateway and Amiga International said first hand. Listen to the complete Question and Answer session. Plus PIOS Press Conference on the same tape.
Also available: London Developers’ meeting, Gateway 2000 Praaa Conference with PIOS Preea Conference: $ 19.95 piuiis b&h London Developere' meeting: $ 19.95 piui is a«H Both tapes: $ 34.95 plus $ 5.00 s&h This is a product of Fly on the Wall ideo ® This is not a professional, edited production. This is raw, uncut footage for a you are there feel!
Visa, MC, Discover, AmExp
(800) 345 3360 or send check or money order to: PiM Publications
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02720 FIRST ISSUE 8 issues
(1997-98) 3 issues (1997) ga Jubilant Executives. From right
to left Stephen P. Johns, Director of Corporate Development
Gateway 2000; Petro Tyschtschenko, Amiga International; Jim
Taylor, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Gateway
2000; and Keith Bradach, Manager of Corporate Development
Gateway 2000.
One of the most anticipated events of late has been the sale of the Amiga the finalization of that sale. To that end, all eyes and ears were turned to Hammersmith, London UK for the Gateway 2000 and Amiga International press conference on Friday, May 16th.
Before a standing-room only audience, Gateway 2000's Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Jim Taylor, was introduced. Mr. Taylor began by quipping, "1 really am pleased to be here today. As you all know, Gateway 2000 has agreed and has completed transactions to acquire Amiga. It is a wonderful opportunity for Gateway 2000 and we hope for the world of Amiga it turns out to be just as rewarding. I would like to say, on rumors of this meeting, Gateway 2000 stock rose seven and a half dollars yesterday."
Mr. Taylor addressed the audience by first giving them a small background on the Gateway 2000 company. "I thought what I would do though is spend a few minutes talking about Gateway because I think we are all going to be friends going forward and I think it is important that you understand who we are as a company and hopefully gain some confidence in the kind of organization that Petro and the Amiga people have chosen to associate themselves with.'" Mr. Taylor drew parallels between the Amiga Community and Gateway 2000. Mr. Taylor told the story of Gateway 2000's beginnings horn a $ 10,000 loan
to its 1996 record year of 5 billion dollars in revenues.
Gateway 2000's start was in a small town with a deteriorating economy and no real opportunity. They were at the "last vestige of the great American cow industry."
Mr. Taylor suggested that the growth of Gateway was unique to its character. "It is happening because of what we think of ourselves as an organization, how we run the business. We are perhaps the flatest large corporation in the world. There's about 10,000 people in the world of Gateway today. There's one chairman, Ted (Waitt), there's a president Rick Snyder, there's 7 senior vice presidents, there's a dozen or so vice presidents and then there is everybody else.
"We run the business in such a way that everybody shared in a common set of values about the relationship that we want to have with the customer and everyone else limits the need for having a lot of supervisors running around telling everybody what to do. Therefore we remain very flat relative to our market size and as a result we remain very profitable.
"We remain able to move in an organization that's as large as we are against the speed of technology. When P2 was launched on Tuesday of last week by the time Intel made the announcement we had sold 1300 systems. When MMX went on sale in January at a 9AM press announcement from Intel, we announced at 10AM that we were shipping MMX. We are able to respond very quickly to emerging market expectations, emerging human resources expectations, and emerging opportunities like the opportunity represented by the Amiga opportunity."
Mr. Taylor went on to say, "We believe in respect, caring, teamwork. We believe in common sense, we believe in honesty, we believe in efficiency, and we believe in having fun. I have noticed that at least on the last one we share something with the Amiga community right out of the box. This is the technology that is about not just working with computers but having fun with computers, making computers make a difference in people's lives. Our market position, we use the phrase silicon prairie to describe ourselves, because we are interested in making technologies more accessible to the ordinary
people. Sometimes 1 like to say that our business is to take extraordinary technologies and make them into very ordinary things so that people can do more and better things with their lives."
Mr. Taylor also suggested, "We are also an innovator. We invented and launched the PCTV last year with our Destination line. This is a product that puts the tuner on the motherboard and converts very large VGAs into functional televisions while retaining all the capacity of computing."
With the Amiga, he stated, "It wasn't hard for us to decide to talk to Amiga and talk about Amiga because one of the bedrocks of the Gateway customer relationship has always been being next to the people who are the most enthusiastic users in the world." He underlined this by stating, "The cornerstone of the company has always been and will remain the relationships with enthusiasts. Another point of similarity is, and I can tell you we've gotten thousands of letters now, I mean thousands of letters from Amiga enthusiasts, running the gambit from 'Oh boy, are we glad you guys got it.' To 'Oh,
boy, if you screw this up I will kill you.'" "We have now completed the transaction through the German bankruptcy court. It has now been approved the German regulatory council. They are not disclosing terms of the transaction, but I want you to know the transaction is completed. The parent corporate name will be Amiga International which will be listed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000 and will continue to run as an autonomous company providing services, products and developments to the Amiga community.
"We acquired all the assets of Amiga which included inventory, the trademarks, the operating system, the hardware designs, and the intellectual property. But what we really acquired, what we found we acquired, what we were surprised we acquired, was the world of Amiga."
Mr. Taylor also wanted to thank the Amiga community. "I spent a lot of time studying this. 1 want to take a minute to say something, it is clear that without you (continued on page 47) Save Over 50%* and receive the best Amiga Coverage “off newsstand price.
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A1200 computers .$ 369.95 1240 40MHz 68040 for A1200
computers .$ 449.95 1260 50MHz 68060 for A1200
computers .$ 729.95 1200 SCSI Module for Apollo A1200
accelerators $ 129.00 2030 25MHZ 68O30+68882+SCSI-2 for
A20OOS299.95 2030 50MHZ 68030+68882+SCSI-2 for A2000$ 389.95
2040 25MHZ 60O4O+SCS1-2 forA2000 .....$ 449.00 2040 40MHZ
68O40+SCSI-2 lor A2000 .$ 529.00 2060 50MHz 68060+SCS1-2
lor A2000 .....$ 849.95 3060 50MHZ 68060+SCSI-2 lor A3000
Desktop .$ 829.95 3040 40MHz 68040+SCS5-2 lor A3000 Desktop
.$ 559.95 404G 40MHZ 6804Q+SC$ l-2 (or A3000T & A4000(T) $ 559.95
upgrade chips 4060 50MHZ 68060+SCSI-2 for A3000T 6 A4000(T)
$ 819.95 Mini Meg 2Mb Chip RAM
Board ....$ 185.00
SX32 .$ 279.95
PHASE 5 ACCELERATORS Blizzard 1230-IV w 50MHz
68050 ..$ 254.95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board
w 50MHz 68060....$ 749.95 Blizzard 1 230-iV Turbo Board w 50MHz
68050 S254.95 Optional Blizzard 1260 or 1230-IV SCSI Kit
$ 169.95 Blizzard 2040 ERC w 40MHz 68040 ..$ 559.95
Blizzard 2060 Turbo Board w 50MHz 68060....$ 849.95 Cybersiorm
Mark il 040 40MHZ...... .$ 559 95 Cybersiorm Mark 11
060'SOMHz .$ 849 95 Cybersiorm Fast SCSI-2 Module
.. $ 179.95 Cyber Vision 64 3 D 4 Mb $ 34 9 95
CyberVision 64 3D MPEG Module audio video Can CyberVision
64 3D Scan Doubler Monitor Switch..$ 139.95 MOUSE CONTROLLERS
(Factory New) Amiga
1352 $ 22.50
Wizard 3-button (lor all Amigas) ....$ 19.95
A4000 ..$ 26.85
CDTV ....$ 15.95
Amiga A1200 mouse port replacement kit $ 7.95 CD32
controller .$ 11.75
DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga
Analyzer $ 59.95 Final Test
diagnostic disk by Amiga ....$ 7.95 Amiga
Troubleshooting Guide ....$ 7.95
Commodore Diagnosiician I! ...$ 6.95
Complete Service Manuals: A500, A500+, 590. A1000.
1230 printer, 1802. 1902, 1902A, 1934, 2002. 2091, 2300, 2630, CDTV. 1581, C65 $ 19.95 A500 schematics, A6O0, 1084S, 1084S-D1, 1084ST, 1936A. 1960, A2000 .....$ 24.00 A1200, A3000. A3000T, A4000. CD32 $ 39.95 CLEARANCE SALE A500 Compuler (NTSC) with P S ...$ 119.95 A520 Video Modulator Adapter Cable $ 12.50
2. 04 3.1 ROM Switch - (Switch lit) wilh speaker...$ 17 50 15-23
pin VGA adapter ..$ 19.95
Monitor Cables - 30 Different types .CALL
Monitors: 1084S, 1802. 19 50 etc CALL Laser printer memory
board 0K (Alt HP units)....$ 24.95 Sony QD6150 data
cartridge .....$ 7.50 Joystick -
Captain Granl (lor all Amigas) $ 2.99 1x4 S C ZIP for
A300G S8.00 Upgrade
your A3000-16MHz PC8 lo25MHz (plus UPS) .$ 44.50 ONLY AT
PAXTRON Amiga A3000 Computer (unassembled) Includes: O A3000 1
6MHz (factory refurbished) motherboard with 2 megs of RAM
(25MHz version, add $ 35.00). Includes 90 Day Warranty.
• New A3000 Power Supply (1 10 or 220 volts).
• New A3O0O Floppy Drive 880k 9 New Daughter Board.
• Amiga 3000 Mouse Full A3000 Service Manual (valued at $ 39.95).
User Manual.
• All Cabling $ 439.50 (plus UPS) ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE
PACKAGE PRICE S79.95 Western Digital SCSI
8A ....$ 23.95
3. 1 Operating System Upgrade
ROM ...$ 49.95
3. 1 ROM Software (package of 7 discs) ... $ 7.50
3. 1 Books Manual (without disks or
4 Static Column ZIP (8 zips = 4 megs) .. $ 7.00
Keyboard ....$ 67.50
Drive ....CALL
AmiFAST 3000 Adapter (ZIP to SIMM adapter)
...$ 74.50 Rack Mounted A3000
Cabinet ... $ 54,00 The above prices are
special to those people who purchase the A3000 kit NEW FROM
Black Forest Products is pleased to announce a 68030-25MHz
accelerator* that will speed up your Amiga A1 200 computer
more than 400 per cent. The Jet Fire 1 32 is priced
substantially lower than any of its competition.
• 68882 FPU running at 25MHz 9 Built-in MMU at 25MHz
• Built-in real time clock
• Accepts standard 72-pin (PS 2) SIMM for 4 or 8 megs
• Simple, easy plug in
PRICED FOR EVERYBODY $ 1 14.95 (plus shipping) Coming next month: 68030 in 33 Mhz version “This product is also available from our U.K. dealer, Dart Computer Services (01162 470059) in Leicester.
?** WANTED ???
Top dollar paid for your A2000 computer CALL FOR DETAILS New enlarged 14-page Web site: www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and price changes. Visit us and check it out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknet.com. ATTENTION DEALERS: If you would like to receive our dealer catalog fax us your letterhead.
28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 • 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-578-6550 Hours: 9-5 pm ET Mon.-Fri. • Add $ 6.00 UPS Charges • MC VISA • Prices subject to change E-Mail for orders & correspondence: paxtroncorp@rcknet.com WE SHIP WORLDWIDEf Circle 123 on Reader Service card.
Aladdin 4D is here with a whole new interface and a whole new set of features!
Aladdin 4D was always ahead of its time as a 3D modeling and animation package with its advanced particle systems, volumetric gases and animated procedural textures. Now it’s easier than ever to add stunning effects to your 3D animations using Aladdin 4D... and at a price that anyone can afford!
Tion paths and then render out your true color frames or even render directly to an Amiga animation for immediate playback. This is all controlled through Aladdin 4D’s easy-to-use virtual environment that gives you an immediate 3D display of your work.
Load an Aladdin 4D drawing, a Lightwave 3D object, add a beautiful organic texture, swirling and mysterious gases, light it all with some dramatic spotlights, then render it to your Video Toaster or any other supported display card.
You can also add spline based moModeling and Light and Shade Spline Tools Proudly brought to your Amiga from the creators of ImageFX, the Amiga’s top rated image editing and special effects package for two dimensions.
Circle 106 on Reader Service card.
Aladdin 4D and the rendered lamp logo are trademarks of Nova Design, Inc.. 1910 Byrd Ave, Ste 214. Richmond. VA 23230 Sales Information: (804) 282-5868, Fax: (804) 282-3768, Web: http: www.novadesign.com Animation and Particle Systems Rendering and Gases Images and models contributed by Jason Grimes and James Banks

Click image to download PDF

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