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he Amiga, Prelude sound card, Real3D upgrade, Imagine 5.0 upgrade, A VSRPro, REBOL, and more. 14 DrawStudio by R. Shamms Mortier DrawStudio's vectors, layers, and warps are a must see in Amiga graphics. 18 Computer Graphics and Zen Denting by R. ShammMortier The perfect reality often relies on imperfect objects. Give your renderings a feeling of history, and a sense of unpredictability by doing what every human does best, being imperfect. 26 On Line by Rob Hays This month we will try to work some magic on the e-mail problem. 28 This Old WorkBench: Episode 7 Boot Camp, GUI Wars, and Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks by Dave Matthews Expand your Amiga's versatility with a few utilities such as a musical/pictorial boot sequence, a variety of GUI authoring utilities, individualized color on your screens, and more. 32 Translucent Shapes by Nick Cook The Amiga user has several options when it comes to displaying text over graphics. Nick walks us through a few of them. 36 How To Organize Your Life by Steve Yankee A few helpful hints to organize your work life and define your goals that work as well for a video producer or an average, overworked, under-funded, Amigan.

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Document sans nom GAC Show in St. Louis is a hit!
Volume 12 No. S May 199' I s $ 3*95 Canada $ 5.95 (K| miga graphrc j new perspecti We test ttie new Amiga drawing tp nwi ,miga Sate: Petro speaks to Amiga users Add Music to your WorkBench boot sequence Magic with yqurennaiN Organize your NETCOM In the U.S. phone QuikPak at 1.888.784.5725 In Canada phone Robinson Consulting I.S. at 1.800.586.5449 Robinson Consulting I.S. is proud to present special pricing for our iSTAR and NETCOM customers. Together with QuikPak we're striving to provide optimal value to the Amiga community. With offers like this it's clear that Now Things Are Happening. Cruise
the World Wide Web in style with these fully registered browsers. To qualify for this pricing, all you need to provide is your current iSTAR Netcom email address.
Still Not Connected to the Internet?
Get surfin' now with the Internet Starter Kit. For only $ 29.95 you can get your first month of internet access with pre-configured software for iSTAR or Netcom.
Shipping and applicable taxes not included. Prices for Ibrowse and Aweb are in U.S. funds.
Introducing The Newest Model From QuikPak The A4040L and A4060L represent the latest innovation from QuikPak. A fully functional Amiga in a portable case, complete with LCD, these computers offer full compatibility with all A4000 peripherals. Combined with the NewTek Toaster and Flyer, the A4040L and A4060L are the ultimate graphics and television broadcasting solution.
* 68040 25Mhz CPU
* 2 GB HDD
* $ 4495, or $ 9495 when bundled with the NewTek Toaster & Flyer.
* 68060 50Mhz CPU
* 2 GB HDD
* $ 4995, or $ 9995 when bundled with the NewTek Toaster and Flyer.
Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak Terrific Packages from QuikPak A4000T
* 1GB SCSI Drive
* Value Priced @ $ 1997.00 A4060T
* 1GB SCSI Hard Drive
* Value Priced @ $ 2697.00 All QuikPak Amigas come with Wordsworth
4SE, Photogenics SE, Personal Paint. TurboCalc, Organizer,
Scala, and preconfigured Internet Software from Robinson
Consulting I.S. Accelerate Your Amiga If you're looking for the
most powerful Accelerator for your Desktop A3000 4000 series
computer or A4000T, then look no further. The A4060T and A4060D
accelerators offer a 50Mhz 68060, SCSI-II wide, 64-bit EDO RAM
capable, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., and are
available today.
Both Models are available for $ 999 Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak *
• I The Amiga is Back!
V 42 The Gateway AJVtlGA 14 DrawS tudio by R. Sharnms Moriier DrawStudio's vectors, layers, and warps are a must see in Amiga graphics.
18 Computer Graphics and Zen Denting by R. Shamms Mortier The perfect reality often relies on imperfect objects. Give your renderings a feeling of history, and a sense of unpredictability by doing what every human does best, being imperfect.
26 On Line by Rob Hays This month we will try to work some magic on the e-mail problem.
28 This Old WorkBench: Episode 7 Boot Camp, GUI Wars, and Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks by Dave Matthews Expand your Amiga's versatility with a few utilities such as a musical pictorial boot sequence, a variety of GUI authoring utilities, individualized color on your screens, and more.
32 Translucent Shapes by Nick Cook The Amiga user has several options when it comes to displaying text over graphics. Nick walks us through a few of them.
36 How To Organize Your Life by Steve Yankee A few helpful hints to organize your work life and define your goals that work as well for a video producer or an average, overworked, under-funded, Amigan.
9 New Products & other neat stuff MYST on the Amiga, Prelude sound card, Real3D upgrade, Imagine 5.0 upgrade, AV8RPro, REBOL, and more.
N48 The Amiga Sale: Round Two , Amiga Technologies' President, Petm Tyschtschenko, breaks a long silence to tell the Amiga community what lias happened and his expectations.
Computer Show An Amiga User group of 32 people bring together a computer show that attracts Amiga users and vendors from around the world and revitalises an industry, Version 4.3 by Dave Mattheivs Tired of never knowing where your files are? Check out this catalog utility for a multitude of media.
Amiga developers meet to determine cooperative strategies to continue Amiga development.
DEPARTMENTS 46 A New Beginning 34 McFiler 48 The The Amiga is Back!
ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Joyce Hicks The Gateway Computer Show, held March 15 and 16 at the Harley Hotel in St. Louis, (see page 42) was one of the most invigorating events for Amiga users this year. Show coordinator and Gateway Amiga Club member, Bob Scharp, stated that early counts of attendees was over 900. This figure did not include the exhibitors and it could not begin to state the dedication of the Amiga users who attended.
There were groups who had driven to St. Louis from as far away as Denver, New Orleans, Pennsylvania, Eastern North Carolina, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Chicago. Some exhibitors and other users had flown in from France, England, Germany, as well as points in the US and Canada.
In a market that has had a barrage of news ranging from indifferent to bad, it was amazing to see people enthused about their Amigas and actively searching for ways to improve it.
Developers Unite!
In a session held Sunday morning from 8:30 to 10:35, Kermit Woodall of Nova Design moderated a meeting of developers and interested parties (see page 46) on what was required to keep the Amiga growing even while there was no owner of the Amiga technology. Considering the early hour and the fact that most developers were also exhibitors at the show and needed to check out of their rooms before the show started, it was a fantastic standing room only crowd. Bob Scharp went out twice for more chairs.
The general consensus from this meeting was that Amiga developers needed to work together to establish the standards that would allow the Amiga to continue to develop over the next few years. Mundane matters such as co-op advertising, coordinated direct mail, and better communication for vendors and users was also a key element of the discussion.
However, no one discussed quitting.
Everyone in that meeting was focused on what it would require to keep the Amiga an active platform and what changes could be made to assure its continued growth.
Amiga Enthusiasm Again and again, as I met Amiga users on the floor, at functions, and even in the elevator, the mood was the same. They were having a good time and they were taking the opportunity of the show to expand their systems. One user told me, "This is a great time if you are an Amiga user. Things I wanted a while ago I could not afford, but now I can get some things I can really use."
Robert J. Hicks Nicholas H. Pacheco Dons Gamble Robert Garr.ole Ernest P. Viveiros This was not an unusual sentiment as users bought memory, hardware, programs, drives, and just about everything in the Compuquick, National Amiga, and other booths. Not everything was sold by the end of the show, but no one I talked with was sorry they had come.
One major factor for everyone's high spirits was the association with other people who shared a common interest. Amiga users were able to speak with each other about programs, fixes, and new techniques where as they possibly had no one to speak with at home. The other main factor could be that these Amiga veterans have already been hardened in this type of battle and understood that to keep their head was the best way to achieve a good outcome.
No Sale, No QuikPak Unfortunately, another 'deadline' created by the trustees for the purpose of pushing along the Amiga sale had passed and no one was the current holder of the Amiga technology. Many attendees were upset that QuikPak had not appeared as had been first advertised.
According to QuikPak's Dan Robinson, this was a misunderstanding. QuikPak had stated that they would come if there was a sale. Since there was no sale, they had no clear news to tell people.
A Utile Dedication The Amiga is back was the theme of this year's event. Exhibitors and attendees wore bright yellow smile buttons as dozens of helium-filled balloons floated throughout the show area. The show organizers were creating a look of optimism and it worked.
The Gateway Amiga Club is an organization of just 32 people. In any other market, no one would expect a club of this size to effectively create and organize a show like this one. Their effort demonstrates just how powerful a force a well focused group can be. I hope we have the opportunity to do more shows as meaningful as CAC's and I hope we all realize how much the future of the Amiga platform is literally in the hands of its users.
Assistant Publisher: Intern: Circulation Manager: Traffic Manager: Production Manager: EDITORIAL Don Hicks Ernest P. Viveiros Scott Brown Shamms Mortier Managing Editor: Hardware Editor: Illustrator: Contributing Editor: AMAZING AUTHORS Randy Finch Rob Hays Marc Hoftman Dave Matthews 1-508-678-4200, 1-800-345-3360, FAX 1-508-675-6002 http: www.pimpub.com Amazing Computing Amiga™ (ISSN 1053-4547) is published monthly by PIM Publications, Inc.. P.O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722-2140. Phone 1-508- 678-4200, 1-800-345-3360. And FAX 1 -508 675-6002.
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AMIGA™ Is a registered Irademotk of Amiga Technologies Gmbh Distributed In Ihe U.S. & Canada by International Periodical Distributors 674 Via de la Valle, Ste 204. Solona Beach, CA 92075 & Ingram Periodical Inc. 1226 Heil Qucker Blvd., La Verne IN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. AmgaDOS v3.1 320 330 340 ... ..Si 09.99 131.99 131.99
87. 99 Checks d Batercts 3299 37 99 GPFa« . 41 93 13599 SAS C
v6.5 OEM ..
Termite TCP ...... 49, j» Call far
cur extensive If si of light Wave 3D 5,0 pbg-flti!
Every tool you need lo create and manipulate high quality images is right at your fingertips.
Preview effects on thumbnails and work with an unlimited n ol image buffers!
Image FX 2.6 Novo Design .. Catch Lightwave special effects in: The X Files • Jurassic Park • Hercules • Mars M&M Baywatch • Xena, Warrior Princess ? The Simpsons LigMWov* 3D 5.0 Upgrnd* NewTek ...SCALL ..... ..MofL$ 145.» LightROM Gold ... Urtte Magic Box ... .649.99 Video Toaster . Video Toaster Flyer .. Y CPtusS-VHS Hi8 YCP-VTT Toaster Tester.
. CALL 86950 14990 AMIGA Your Toaster Flyer Workstation!
Complete Video Toaster Flyer System ... Amiga 4000 Tower . Video Toaster Video Flyer Newtek ...... CyberVision 64 3D This next generation board features the new Virge chip with 3D capabilities. This chip is able to do complex 3D functions, like shaded and textured surfaces for very realistic real time 3D rendering."
CyberVision 64 3D Phase 5 *287* COMPLETE AMIGA TOASTER FLYER SYSTEMS Equipped with a 25MHz Motorola 68040 or 68060 processor and one gigabyte hard drive, the A4000T is an outstanding system for the desktop video professional and Amiga enthusiast.
Contains 5 drive bays, SCSI controller, two video slots and a 250 watt power supply. The A4000T can be configured to meet the needs of the most demanding of today’s applications.
UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICES on ompletely onfigured systems Select Solutions offers complete Amiga systems with Video Toasters and Video Flyers at special prices. Call lor information on complete solutions including monitors, hard drives, TBCs, memory and more!
.....‘CALL ....‘CALL .....‘CALL YCP-13M 20M Monitors Color monitors designed to operate with the NewTek Toaster Flyer system.
Features RGB Input cable & Y C Input.
YCP-13M 20M Monitors K Plus *429” 569"
* 145" HfCft HARDWARE DalaFyei XDS K* Highflyer Expansion Chassis
w Power Supply .. 79 99
389. 99 Cybervision 3D 4MB 24-bit Graphics Card....
..$ 299.99 Liana Metwortlng Interlace w Envoy .....
8'99 Digmsx 3D Object Dkjiizer 599 99 MegAChp W2MB
Agnus (NTSC) . MegaJosound Audio Digitizer 229 99
Personal Animation Recorder DR215Q 1,729 99 59 S9 Personal
TBCIV VT2600 79999 MtAFsceCard III ..... 69 99
Personal Vsoope VM2000 769 99 Rapid Fire SCSI-2 Controller
139. 99 RocGon Pius 196 99 Sc*1 F e SCSI-2 Control© 76 99
SuperGen $ X 669 99 Sari Sooinei SCSI w Sena . . ... 149 99
YCP t3M 13* NTSC RGB Monitor 429 99 Warp Engine A4COCV4COOT
C-J0 40MHz Act5;iefa!Of WW Frt A2000 060 50MHz Acwkrtf© 879
99 YCP-2UM 20* NTSC RGB Monitor 589 99 1,19999 Circle
115 on Reader Service card.
SELECT SOLUTIONS INC. POLICIES: VISA. MasterCard and Discover accepted No surcharge cn credit card orders. Credit card is not charged until order ships. S5.00 COD tee.
Cash only. Prices are subject !o change without notice. Cali lor current pricing. We are no! Responsible lor typographical errors l5°o restocking lee lor items returned and no! Exchanged for same. Customer is responsible tor return shipping. Returns accepted lor 10 days after invoke date. SHIPPING: 0-5 ids. $ 5.00.6-20 lbs. Add $ 1. TOiib. Over 5 lbs. Over 20 lbs. Add 50c® over 20 lbs Rates apply to orders shipped m the continental US only. Canadian orders add $ 5.00. For your protection we check credit cards thoroughly (ACM9705) 3128 0KB !orA3000 '4000
Ainlra? Trackball __ .. Arisdne Ethernet Board ml Envoy Blizzard A1200 060 50MHz Accelerator .. Blizzard A20Q0 060 50MHz Accelerator m! SCSI.... . Cyberstorm Mk II A4000'403QT 060 50MHz Accelerator... DalaFlyer 1200S- 2000S SCSI+ Dataflyer 500 SCSI - Sftto f0 8n»o’' mil Mi !5SrJa»s-l
S. M' “We need to support the new buyer with purchases of
existing technology and of the new technology when it finally
does come out.” Dear AC, I want to say a little something on
the Amiga situation that we are currently experiencing. I am
currently working as a Producer at Marcus Media in Wausau, WI.
I also have a studio of my own with a Toaster 2000 w 4.1
software from which I produced a Local Real Estate show which
airs in 86,000 homes. I see so many letters telling whoever
ends up with the Amiga, what they feel should be done with it.
Well here's my two cents worth.
I hope that most of these people realize how long it will take for the new' owners to get new technology out to the marketplace. Even if the Amiga is purchased by QuikPak in the next couple of days it's going to be a long hard road. We need to support the new buyer with purchases of existing technology and of the new technology w'hen it finally does come out. But without the support of the current technology, even if QuikPak is unbelievably financially stable, they're going to need money to produce the ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES 35mm COLOR SLIDES from ALL Amiga Computer &
Video Toaster Graphics
• 4000-line Film Recorder Resolution 1
• NO Scanlines • Brilliant Color • Call or Write for order form,
price list, and FREE sample slides: HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC
SERVICES 4301 N. 75th Street, Suite 101B Scottsdale, Arizona
(602) 949-6066 Circle 103 on Reader Service card.
Upgrading of an aging technology, and I know that a lot of us have Amigas because they are actually a cheaper w'ay to get into the computer market. Now I have seen on the web complaints about the prices that older Amigas still carry, but they don't realize that even the A1000 is still basically (other than the AGA chipset) the same computer and for the most part can run current programs that are not AGA dependant.
I am a long time Amiga user that got introduced to the marketplace through video. My Amiga birthdate w'as July of '89. I started with an A500 and a Super Gen, and the very first edition of Jeff Karlines JDK Images program.
We followed Jeff through most of the upgrades that he had to offer.
Then came the Video Toaster and later through many revisions and different jobs I now' use the Flyer. I purchased my Flyer in March of '96. I also purchased a Draco system which for me personally didn't work out. In place of the Draco I got another 4000 with a Par Card. Both have the Warp Engine in them and have 32 megs of RAM.
I looked at many other nonlinear edit suites on different platforms before I bought my flyer system and none delivered as much bang for the buck! And none are as easily workable as the Flyer Amiga.
On the Mac side I looked at the Avid system and I could barely get someone to talk to me about buying an $ 80,000 system from them so I can imagine how tech service is. With the Amiga, the users have more power in their hands than the people that own other platforms. No other platform has users that have the knowledge that the users of the Amiga do. The easy way to prove this is just look at all the shareware and other programs you find updated daily on Aminet. You can also tell just by the day to day survival of the platform. Most of us haven't had an Amiga dealer in their area for years and
had to learn to do things for ourselves.
I also have to say one more thing...the dealers out there have to learn to be more customer based. A lot of times, when I call the dealer, they act like I must be the problem, couldn't be them. Well I know times are tough for the remaining Amiga dealers. But hey it's tough for us too! Too many times I've called to talk to a dealer about something and gotten a person on the other end with a pretty bad attitude.
The biggest thing I have to say about the Draco is their customer service. When I called Eric Kloor at Draco systems and told him how I felt about the Draco and how I felt it wasn't going to w'ork for me he was VERY good about me returning it and getting me my money back. I feel that the NewTek people are also some of the best customer service based people to deal with. The other dealers should take note. Customer service can be the make or break of a company or a dealership!!!
Well thanks for being there and I hope your continued efforts pay off. I also hope that the fall of VTU has helped you get more advertisers.
Sincerely, Chris Wurtinger Please Write to: FeedBack c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 - 00 O When it comes
to all-in-one professional video editing, it's the hands-down
The Emmy winning Video Toaster™ from NewTek is the desktop video production system that puts everything you need for professional broadcast quality video right within reach.
It delivers "must-have" features like 4-input video switching, character generation in 100 Postscript1'1 fonts and over 300 effects, not to mention 2D and 3D graphics tools. But it’s also packed with extras. Like the ability to insert video clips into Lightwave 3D animations. CD quality audio. The ability to overlay animated video transitions across the screen in real-time. Easy drag and drop control. And the most reasonable price tag in the business on a system comparable to those costing 550,000 or more.
But to really make the Video Toaster hum, we created the Flyer...the tapeless, nonlinear Circle 140 on Reader Service card.
Editing powerhouse that revolutionized video editing. There are no bulky, multi-machine systems. No plodding off-line studio. No botched up editing. Nothing but you, the Flyer and the fastest means of getting from rough to finish without losing a bit of quality.
Which is why, from prime time broadcast to local news programming, corporate films to event videography, Video Toaster Flyer is in the picture.
To see why, call: 1-800-TOA5TER. Outside the
U. S., call: 913-228-8000. Or check out our web site at:
www.newtek.com. N=wI=k INCORPORATED An trademarks and
registered trademarks are tire sole property ot their
respective owners. © Copyright, NewTek Incorporated, 1997 Been
following the Amiga market lately?
K Then you must have been reading Amazing Computing. AC has been with the market on every r's0, fal1, ’*’wist' ’t’urn' anc* surprising event. Each issue AC not only reviews great products, offers interesting tutorials, and brings you up to date on everything that is coming and going in the Amiga community, we also delve into the future of the Amiga. AC has followed the course of the Amiga for over ten years, it is the longest running periodical for the Amiga and it is your best opportunity to know just what is happening in the market, before you are taken for a ride.
To climb on board just call toll-free in the US and Canada 1-800-345-3360 or complete the form and send it with check, money order, or credit card information to Amazing Computing, PiM Publications Inc.,
P. O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722.
FAX is available at 1-508-675-6002.
MYST on the Amiga, Prelude sound card, Real3D upgrade, Imagine 5.0 upgrade, AV8RPro, REBOL, and more.
NEW PRODUCTS andother- neat tann AV8R MYST on the Amiga ,W| t I - * JC ¦ . A Promising the biggest Amiga game ever is coming, PXL computers and clickBOOM have purchased the rights to develop and publish MYST for Amiga!
MYST is the widely played game of a mysterious island and its unknown past. Time travel, problem solving, and discovery all take place in an environment of eerie music and spectacular pictures.
Although a date of March 20 appears on clickBoom's web site, no actual date has been released by the company.
ClickBOOM is the entertainment software team of PXL Computers Inc, P.O. Box 969, 31 Adelaide St. East, M5C 2K3 Toronto, Canada, Tel.
(416) 868-6388, FAX (416) 868-9232,
http: home.ican.net ~clkhooi7i MegageM AV8RPro MegageM
has announced a new version of their popular AV8R
controller hardware and software, AV8RPro! AV8RPro has all
of the features of AV8R plus dozens of new features. If you
are already using AV8R, then the AV8RPro upgrade is just
what you will need to take AV8R to new heights of Flyer
editing support convenience.
AV8RPro not only accesses Flyer projects and clips, but AV8RPro now is linked to the Toaster Switcher Flyer system as well!
The new features in AV8RPro includes: fast automatic timeline update, quickly access clip in out 'match' frames, quick 'trim' buttons for + - 2 or + -10 frame edits, edit Still & Framestore durations, direct access to Flyer Toaster screen, instant freeze load save of Flyer video to from IFF and Toaster DV1 framebuffer for CG overlays, complete Amiga menu support, more hotkeys, timecode displays for AV8R's unique auto-sync edit tools, improved timeline EDL interactions, extended functions for the AV8R hardware edit controller, and MORE!
AV8RPro complete with controller is $ 599.95. AV8RPro software only is $ 349.95. Upgrade from AV8R to AV8RPro for $ 100.00 (FREE VideoGems CD-ROM through March 17,1997).
Upgrade from AV8R to AV8RPro WITH Controller for $ 349.95 ($ 50 off controller). Free shipping in the US. CALL MegageM to arrange your upgrade!
I lie press releases and news announceiuculs in New Products are from Amiga vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the right to edit these articles, the statements, etc. made in these reports are those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing.
MegageM Digital Media, 1903 Adria Avenue, Santa Mo iica, CA 93454. TEL (805)-349-U04, FAX
(805) -922-5003, email dwolf@7negagem.com, Web Site
http: wxvxv.megagem.com Prelude Albrecht Computer Technik
of Germany has announced Prelude, a 16-bit sound card for
the Amiga. Prelude will include: Crystal MultiMedia Codec;
hardware supports 2x 16-Bit lO up to 48kHz; 48kHz Stereo
even on plain 68000 machines; full multitasking (68020
recommended); 2KB FIFO on board; MPC2 Online mixing
(Amiga-Audio, CD-Rom-Audio, Prelude-Audio); additional
speaker supported (now Amiga beeps!); LINE, AUX1, AUX2, MIC
to DAC; fully documented shared library; software support
for 4 voices in mixed mode (16-Bit); and a Feature
Connector (PreludeBus).
Software being shipped with Prelude 1.0 will include: fully documented shared library (with autodocs, C-header files and FD), commodity to make use of the online mixer (mix Amiga audio CD- ROM audio, Prelude audio and Mic-Audio to one common Out), Surround Sound Decoder software (yes, it is possible to create full surround sound with a standard PRELUDE card!), Sample Playback software with support for WAV, A1FF and other common audio file formats, some more demos of commercial and shareware based software supporting Prelude.
Expansions will include, Digital IO (SPDIF), Midi AddOn, MPG Decoder (supporting Layer 1 and Layer II MPEG streams) - simply copy your MPG stream to Prelude and listen to full quality music! Plus DSP add on and Wave Table.
A. C.T., Albrecht Computer Technik, Seth 2, 21769 Lamstedt,
Deutschland, Tel. +49 - 4773-8910-73, Fax +49 - 4773-8910-72.
Real 3D New Release!
Previous versions of Real 3D introduced high-end features like inverse kinematics, particle animation, collision detection, photo realistic rendering, power spline modelling, motion blur, atmosphere effects, depth of field, open architecture, and B-Spline modelling. The just released version 3.5 continues that development offering almost unlimited possibilities to design three dimensional models and visualize them, to experiment with different materials and light effects and to produce high quality animations.
Pa® ©y@mr We are proud to onnounce the releosejApril '97) of Professional versions of the internet clients supplied with Termite TCP.
9} Termite FTP PRO includes the complete FTP command set and adds exciting feolures like dual directory view and drag and drop file transfers.
Termite Telnet PRO extends the standard telnet client to include feotures like edilable review buffers, programmable keyboard macros, and zmodem file transfers!
El Termite Mail PRO is the complete e-mail solution for single users or businesses alike with powerful features like multiple mail box support, automatic email posting and retreival, flexible addressbook, macros, and drag & drop mailing.
Each of the Professional clients will run under AmiTCP, Miami, or TermiteTCP. They will be available seperalely or as part of the ProClient Pack, which will also include additional bonus clients.
(P.S. Termite News is coming soon tool] TlSaWi TT©P New Version - Lower Price!
549. 95!
Now includes E-Mail client and regular Termite!
Easy to use GUI configuration and operation. It virtually configures itself! All you need is your ISP's El phone number, your user name and password, and the ability to click on the connect button. It's really that easy!
Comprehensive and fully indexed 150+ page printed manual takes the mystery out of the Internet!
El Puns on ANY Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or above El Supports High Speed Seriol Cords like Surf Squirrel, etc El Optimized PPP support with PAP CHAP built directly in 1 GUI telnet, ftp, and e-mail clients supplied.
El Prog rammers Developers Kit provided for third party clients (j3 Patch library allows AmiTCP clients to work with Termite TCP 12 Now includes regular Termite V1.1 2! (upgradable to VI .2 1) El Termite TCP is smaller, easier to use, consumes fewer system resources, and is faster online than any alternative. The provided clients, written documentation, and regular Termite make it the ONLY one stop telecommunications solution for your Amiga.
El Competitive upgrades are available from AmiTCP or Miami with proof of purchase.
©MNlilSM 4® iToC3 = Cinema 4D addons: Cinema World is a flexible and powerful automatic world and terrain generator; Cinema Font a large collection of scalable 3D Postscript ronts. A 4D world awaits your command!
©MUM®® jrjfV' Video CD MPEG Player nHWntitK, PwiAdts Froa OREGON ibrows® THE World Wide Web Browser for Your Amiga!
Ibrowse supports more H1ML features, like Animated GIF's and Frames, than any other Amiga browser! With it's easy to use GUI and features like multi-level hotlists, configurable fastlinks, and local disk caching.
Ibrowse makes surfing the World Wide Web a breeze! Let Termite TCP and Ibrowse help you experience the excitment of the Internet!
Affordable MulliMedia!
A supurb new program for designing and playing impressive MulliMedia presentations on your Amiga.
The interactive drag&arop presentation editor nas it all: fades, effects, audio, all graphics formats & cards. Everything that is except the high price!
Aho avoiiable... Zip Joz Tool), DiskMaau, Surf Squirrel, On The Ball, + More I620QS.W. Pacific Hwy., Suite 16? Tigard, OR 97224 PH: (503) 620-4919 FAX:(503) 624-2940 Tech Support: (503) 968-9250 E-Moil: info@arre5.com WWW: hltp: www.orre5.com -orre5 Circle 142 on Reader Service card.
According to Real3D executives, many improvements throughout the program make modelling and animation easier and more productive than ever before: New material attributes, self-illumination-, reflected-, and transparency colors, allow interesting new shading effects. Skeleton control functions have been further developed to enhance the creation of fluid character animations. Nearly 400 new high quality textures give many choices when texturing materials.
Distribution media is now CD with hundreds of megabytes of high quality textures, impressive demo animations and useful examples. REAL 3D release 3.5 is available for: Amiga, Windows 3.1; Windows 95; Windows NT3.51, Windows NT4.0 on Intel, MIPS, DEC Alpha AXP.
For more information : Realsoft Oy, Kettukankaantie 34, 35700 Vilppula, Finland, Tel. + 358 3 4718 390, Fax. + 358 3 4718 533 or Anti Gravity Products, 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402, USA, Tel: + 1 310
3. 9.9 8785, Fax. + 1 310 576 6383. RealSoft NA, 5620 Waterbary
Way, Suite A-100, Salt Lake City, LIT 84121, USA, Tel. + 1 801
277 4406, Fax. + 1 801 277 4380.
Impulse Announces Special Offer for Amiga Imagine 5.0 Impulse Inc., the makers of Imagine, have recently released the 5.0 version of Imagine for the Amiga. They are offering a special one-time offer for all Amiga users to order the 5.0 version of this 3D software complete with Arexx and Cybergraphics support for $ 100.00. This special offer will make you a registered user.
If you live in the USA or Canada you may call 1-800-328-0184 to place your order for Imagine 5.0. If you live outside these areas you may call 1-612-425-0557. FAX orders to 612-425-0701 or e-mail sales@coolfun.com. The price is $ 100.00 USD (Visa, Mastercard, or money orders) and can be mailed to: Impulse Inc., 8416 Xerxes Avenue, North Brooklyn Park, MN 55444.
REBOL Amiga notable, Carl Sassenrath has announced a new computer language with an attitude. In an address made March 4, Carl Sassenrath stated, "We are rejecting the notion that modern software has to be more complex in order to be more useful.
We are opposing the trend that enslaves us to our computers, rather than being their masters. We are fighting the claim that software and hardware must be continuously upgraded in order to function productively."
"We do not accept the status-quo. We haven't seen the benefits of overrated operating systems and application programs which are now hundreds of times larger, require ever greater computing power, and have become more prone to problems, bugs, and crashes. We no longer buy the hype now recognizing the garbage that is being packaged by ever-growing mindless, faceless bureaucracies."
"I guess that makes us just a bunch of rebels! With that idea in mind, perhaps it is fitting for our new solution-oriented language, previously known as LAVA, to be given the new name of REBOL (spelled uppercase and pronounced as the noun 'rebel', with both 'e' sounds as in 'set')."
According to Mr. Sassenrath's posting, REBOL was designed to be of benefit to a wide range of users, from novices to experienced programmers. A beginner can start writing simple scripts within a few minutes, yet sophisticated programmers will soon discover the true depth and power of REBOL's semantics with a smooth transition r, i ¦I ittfic m« RsflPf ..»«.«««. Ax set or 1 crrcct '¦FilHCL* 1 . Trjfa J ¦f§Jgl Pul (if with tons of options.
WnTyffl tn EH i 0 ¦ i control the flight path with Flyer Options such as: Picture In Picture Record CG Overlays directly to Clips Build Clips From Individual Frames Batch Process Frames To Clips or Stills Batch File Conversions between clips l« J ?¦ r.-. brc’Tsfliffimuuiirrt KtSij RRH si i fP'Hj - Come visit our new Online Magazine for Toaster Flyer & Lightwave users at: ICU FTiKUiifK? MiT Visual Inspirations 809 West Hollywood Tampa, Florida 33604 ... ,•'.•*5 ’ 'V*.
Http: www.vionline.com ???WANTED* ??
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Interested in an A3000? Trade in your A2000 towards one.
Call for pricing details. You won't be disappointed.
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|l‘l Vl ritll 914-578-6522 • 800-81 5-324 1 800-595-553-1 - 888 PAXTRON * FAX 914-578-6550 I (I A I I II It Houtt: 9 5 pm ST Mon -Fm • Aoa £6.00 UPS Ch.rgr-. • MC ViSA ¦ F.ico* itlh|tcl lo chwifo t: o a p o 9 a 1 O 1i E-MhII for order* £ eojr *pond«n«: pnxlroneoip a reknpl.com WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!
Between tbe two. REBOL was developed to strike a balance between productivity, simplicity, consistency, compactness, power, portability, and extensibility.
The Alpha version of REBOL, targeted for release on March t, has been delayed. A second release date was unavailable at press time. Send comments to: REBOL@sassenrath.com Contributions are requested. Send them to: Car! Sassenrath, PO Box 264, Calpella, CA 95418. Or, you can send First Virtual Contributions. Watch www.sassenrath.com for more information.
Amazing Tip For more late breaking news and specials from Amiga companies, don't forget the Gateway Amiga Club show coverage on page 42.
Amiga Enforcer V37.70 Enforcer is an advanced debugging tool for Amiga computer systems equipped with a 68020 68851, 68030, 68040, or 68060 CPU. It uses theMMU to help detect stray pointers and access to invalid memory. The Enforcer archive includes tools to help identify the exact location of bugs, including the line of source code in most C or Assembly code, as Circle 135 on Reader Service card.
Well as some other languages. It also includes a large on-line manual and some examples as to how errors can be caught.
The original Enforcer was written by Bryce Nesbitt and copyrighted by Conunodore-Amiga. Enforcer V37, by Michael Sinz, is a completely new set of code designed to provide even more debugging capabilities across more hardware configurations and with more options. The new Enforcer has added 68060 CPU support, a new MMU dump tool, and extensive new documentation.
Much of the new documentation talks about how and why certain things were built the way they were. Some of the documentation is a "must read" for Amiga system hackers and CPU hardware vendors. It includes some source code for some of the patches that were needed to make the 68040.library support as much Amiga software as possible.
Questions about Enforcer should be directed to enforcer®iam.com. Michael Sinz replies to mail sent to this address.
The current Enforcer archive (in LHA format) is available for anonymous FTP from ftp.iam.com Enforcer source code from IAM is S60 (US) for a disk or Email archive that contains the complete buiid of Enforcer, including source and object files, makefiles, icons, etc. The source is frilly commented and should be of interest to anyone who likes looking at how things work on the inside.
There are some restrictions: a) The source code is not to be distributed; b) Any programs made with the source code are not to be distributed without first letting LAM see the new code; c) For commercial use of the source or programs developed from the source, please contact I AM.
Special needs or requirements should contact IAM directly.
Intangible Assets Manufacturing, 828 Ormond Ave, Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2604, Voice (orders only) 610-853-4406, Fax 610-853- 3733 or visit them at http: mrw.iam.com.
• AC* New Product, Industry Announcement?
Send it to: New Products Editor, Amazing Computing,
P. O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722-2140,
(508) 678-4200, FAX (508) 675-6002 Terms and Conditions: Call for
complete shipping rates.
Antics, and other policies that apply. Quantities are limited ilnout lers payat ily. Payment must accompany all purcnase orders. We are able hout notice. Anti Gravif ivablo by cashier's and prices are subject to changi Products (AGP) accepts COD ordt ravity check to offer quantity discounts to dealers and system builders. Orders may be paid by Visa Mastercard. All sales are final. No refunds. Defective exchanges are for same product only and must have a Return Material Authorisation number (RMA), be in original packaging, and condition. No guarantees are implied as to product performance
with your system or as to manufacturers claims and specifications. A 20% restocking fee applies to all exchanges of unlike products or any orders that are cancelled after shipping. All orders cancelled must obtain a Cancellation number. Alf exchanges are at our option. This advertisement, its contents, and its style are the Copyright of AGP and cannot be duplicated without express written permission. All trademarks arc the property of their respective companies.
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P MAPS Fields & Foltagi AnimWorkshop Super Bundle F&f plus WaveLink The Solar Syilem Kir r cmlJlfis objects, ¦ ii imaqi 1 bfudii s, k ” backgrounds tor yoii*- ¦iiu iiiiuat inn nwdt (Afiuni Done fteep Intel outside Your Amiga Put e 5S6 Processor mo Your Amiga with c nr Pent:trot or System card From Anti Gravity Labs jb royalty free u}c; Stock Footage 0 On CD-Rom Specifcations: BUS. 132MB scc PCI-8us CPU Pentium 75-150MHz ROM: PC 104 EPROM RAM*. Uptd 128MB Cache; 256K- 1MB Int. PORT5; IDE £* Floppy Ext. PORT5; COMl,COM2.
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The New An Easiest Mutimedia Authoring Tool For The Amiga JMACeVFSlON Intro Price i 135 Pixel 3D Professional SIAMESE System $ 395 Integrated Amiga & PC with the Siamese System.
Main features: ? Integrated Amiga, PC and Mac system possible.
? Sing! Monitor automatically switches to display PC js il Amiga Scro-tm ? Single Keyboard .sod Mouse operation across all platforms.
? Built in Serial networking with all PC drives mounted on Ainiqj.
? Siamese uses high speed SCSI net wort with suitable SCSI interfaces.
? Read and Write on any PC Drive ar
* ngh speed, including any Networked Drive.
? R cxi Clipboard, Cut and Paste between Amiga and PC applications ? Full Arexx iupfjcrl built in. Share Printers, all Airiiga output sent lo Pcprinter.
? Use PC runtime versions Of 3D programs on a Pentium and watch cm Fly- ? Amiga MCI controller from AmirpOos or Are.xx. (Media Control interlace) i'1. Digital Mpeg Video, Sound.Mnti ? Allows Amiga act* ss to Low cost PC products:-16 bit Souk) Card with Wave Synth chip; Video Recording cards; PC Ethernet Cards; Use Cm'-ip PC SVGA monitor with AGA Arniqas; Use PC ScJiirnjr with programs like PfrotoCtnic s ? And This Is four High Speed file Windjammer $ 1395 The FASTEST CROWING video editing RAID O&l controller SUSTAINS data rates in excess Of 13 M8 s SCSI FAST & WIDE Whtrn You Need Sf You Need
• Works with the Video FLYer
• Use Non FlYor Harddrives
• Frees workstation resources for other tasks 9 Increases
workstation throughput
• Single host adapter can now support multiple devices Requires
fewer cables increase system MTBF (UN E( A KL- BS433A DEC
Special Base System: 43]MHi Alpha AXP 21 IMA CPU! MB of Ckttt
(tX*OEEE Mfc BSSOOA DEC Special Bast system: SOOMHr Alpha
AXP2II44A CPU 11MB of Cache
- ES275A Umj - t 1-1 1 ~ L nknEYE Hnslc Animation System for
cable re, music videos, nightclubs. And concerts. THE Amiga
sued acllvaltd visual Mgimitlon device. Patented DSF hardware.
Co Pilot Video S85 t. Afi3 Co-Pilot Audio 585 ,| ¦ LI Ozwjfe piviculi Cd-PIIoI tw ) JH JBJ powerful rvew pets of edvting tooh i'0 that provicto hnnov.ttlve controts anti HHB expanded methods for piloting Ihe I IB Video Elycf editing system Co Pilot Audio Itrrak |fw foundbafffcr it unleash your flyrr't audio w tft.
Lead Mix I nwrri the levels of any audio that s playing under selected rlipf O Music Mix- Adds automatic iwdh k Indes into ymir munc. Around sound other clips! Features 'Envelope Style' control.
Sound Typ 'CLnstfy sound clips for group audio mixing (i v narrations, music, sound fx etc.) Road Signs- Powerful new audru troutum to keepchanoes ir» sync.
HI-Sp«eo Fast beittons to but I, Wend,cut find, force,'link tacate, mark, fHiili and more Co-PI of Video Aittltrolt yaw Hying and lirckle trhhv immtuvtn with: Create Automatically builds projects from a folder nt thps.
Dirt Recorder Start rccordwig to hard drive with full jttess to Toastrr cnotmls keys, overlays Locate- Find tiriuiod clips, missing tllpi. Wasted foofngc, key word search, etc. Pick Lock Reset or adjust clips that are locked to program (fames.
Unroll?; Converts CG pages direrlLy iuilo Flyer sixltrljstcr toading Plus Real Cut CupvTPaste ramnianris. MlgWlrjht pfek, Hltjltlignt range, extra keyboard rontrWs .
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Circle 128 on Reader Service card.
NEW TELEPHONE NUMBERS Sales Order Line: Sales FAX Line: Service Center: Customer Service: 800-7-GRAVIT 310-399-8262 310-399-7446 310-399-7782 DrawStudio by R. Skmm Mortier DrawStudio’s vectors, layers, and warps are a must see in Amiga graphics.
... tins leistmigsfiihirc nan Ztichtmtntgramnt Kr dtti AMIGA.... o Q* A P Q 0 0 dJSl .....i J» -
L. S31 ¦=& 01 11 7 81 11 7 1 11 7 01 11 7 01 11 7 01 11 7 I YA %
81 11 7 1 7 01 11 7 Cane* I Save I Usel Figure 1. Though the
Toolbox in DrawStudio is deceptively simple, the menu lists a
number of powerful requesters for applying effects and image
There are three main general categories of "productivity" software available for use on the Amiga: Desktop Publishing, video and animation, and audio. The Amiga has enjoyed some use as a desktop publishing platform, due mainly to developers like Soft Logik and their PageStream software. The Amiga has enjoyed deep use as a video and animation platform, due largely to NewTek and Nova Design as the dominant industry leaders. The Amiga has made little difference in the realm of electronic music except for the persistence of a few dedicated developers. In terms of DTP and music, the ol Object
attributes- ColoursJLin* st|Lln* *nj Pr*vl*w| _JMon* r Sol Id _)Pattern Z3 Gradient Dbitmap Jnone C Sol Id _) Pattern _) Gradient 3 Bitmap Igiaek |Black Edit 1 Edit 1 P*n colour VI Lin* dash VI Fill colour Lin* Join VI Lin* thickness Lin* ends Alexandra, font 1,044 Asfniel I .f ont 1,M4 Barn.font 1,304 cBarn.font 264 CGInterface.font CAT In**.font 264 CGTInes.otag 261 colossal.font 264 cPIca.font 264 cSwlss.font 264 diamond.font 924 Drau*r Ihorkbenchifonts FI I* |H1P0 PF1 OK | Volumes| Parent
o i up*n font¦ £pnc»l Mac got there first, and is still firmly
entrenched as the dominant platform.
Ln terms of video and animation, the Amiga got there first, and still enjoys wide usage in both fields of endeavor.
The Amiga market is supported, at this point, by two main developer camps: North American developers and European developers. Although there are also Amiga developers in ? I Lavers _LEI Layer nan* Laver 1 St at Visi L V H*v I ft*' 1 Nam* Ilaver
1. 1 State DIVIslblel BK I Cancell .63
Fonts RenIngtonSte*I.
Fonts Sh*ffield.pfb Fonts StabSerIfFat.pf Fonts Trafford.pfb Fonts Tr ffor Sotd.pf Fon s 1 affordBoldlta Fonts Trafford11a I 1c .
Workbench:Fonts WIPO, Bdd lont... I Remove font I J E3I Add dir... I Remove dir I Cane* 11 widespread areas such as Israel, France, Japan, Australia, and a few other countries, the majority of overseas development occurs in England and Germany. The German developers produce more professional applications than do their British counterparts, though there are a few exceptions.
The English developers are known mostly for their game development, and for supporting a population of creative people I would classify as "advanced hobbyists" on the medium- high end, and beginners on the other end. This is because the Amiga audience in England, and in many other parts of Europe, tend to gravitate towards lower end Amigas (a lot of 1200s are still in existence there).
European developers tend to write for a nonprofessional audience because of these economic and distribution factors.
Higher end applications need higher end systems, mostly A4000s.
Non-USA Amiga users also tend to AMIGA work with less RAM in their systems, and high end applications need beefed up RAM resources (typically, at least 16MB for graphics and animation use).
All of this has an effect on the software being developed for the Amiga overseas, and certainly has an effect on products produced by LH Publishing.
The Studio Trio We will take a peek at a set of three related products from Graham and Andy Dean: Draw Studio, Image Studio, and Texture Studio. While DrawStudio is a commercial product (about $ 99.00 US), ImageStudio and TextureStudio are shareware programs at this juncture. They all come on a CD-ROM, and can simply be dragged to a hard drive to install. They require the MMU utility, and that too comes on the CD-ROM.
I installed all three applications, and the MMU utility, on an Amiga 3000T and an Amiga 4000. The A4000 allowed me to run everything just fine, but DrawStudio would not run on the A3000.1 kept getting the error message that said I didn't have enough Chip RAM (I have 2 megs), and that I should try shutting down other programs (nothing else was open). So my remarks are based upon using these applications on my A4000.1 can't vouch for their smooth use on any other Amiga configuration except for the 4000.
DrawStudio, the flagship program, is a vector drawing application.
Vector drawing is related to desktop publishing more than to desktop video, the Amiga's stronghold.
ImageStudio is a bitmap image processor. Bitmap images are a major resource for Amiga video work.
TextureStudio is a bitmap texture creation program, and textures are vital in Amiga 3D work.
DrawStudio DrawStudio describes itself as a cross between a vector and a bitmap application. Though this is partially correct, I think it leans more towards the vector than the bitmap end in all areas but one. DrawStudio does accommodate a 24-bit buffer, so that saved out data can be written as a 24- bit ILBM, JPEG, BMP, PCX, and TIFF.
The addition of Windows specific graphics file formats makes DrawStudio an excellent Amiga accompanist for Windows graphics applications. You can set DrawStudio's preferences to fit the resolution and color depth possible on your system, though I think attempts to use it would be severely limited on non-AGA systems.
Layers?! That's right, real layers.
Image compositing with layers is an expected part of any serious non- Amiga application, and now the Amiga can boast its own. Layers allow you to reposition whole groups in the visible image stack, so that fine tuning a composition is more natural than moving components in the stack one by one, Text, for instance can remain on one layer and images on another.
This allows you to use the graphic layer(s) as a template, and change the text message as needed.
Envelope Warps The Warp requester allows you to apply Skews, Perspectives, Bends, Waves, Wedges, and Bulges to selected graphics and text. You can determine the intensity of the effect by moving a slider in a positive or negative direction. As an alternative, you can also select to manipulate an on-screen warping envelope, forcing the selected graphic or text block to assume a new distortion. This is one of the best vector warping modules I have seen on the Amiga, and far outweighs the standard envelope warping systems contained in many non-Amiga high end DTP programs. It is more intuitive
to use than similar effects generated by the Circle 141 on Reader Service card. Competition.
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Terry Rd. Stamford N.Y. 12167 Strokes and Fills These are terms commonly understood by vector drawing masters, but may be new to Amiga users. A Stroke is the outline around a graphic, its border perimeter. A Fill is considered to be the color, gradient, or pattern inside of the Stroke. Strokes and Fills can have their own separate colors, gradients, and patterns, and Strokes can be rendered in various thicknesses. Text can have both a Stroke and a Fill, allowing for great variance in the text block's look.
PageStream on the Amiga addresses all of these options, but not as easily as they are addressed in DrawStudio.
Simply click on either or both of the Stroke and or Fill icons in the toolbox, select a color, and watch as your selected text block assumes a new personality.
Amiga bitmap painting programs do not address Strokes and Fills, so if you need to have text appear with a Stroke and Fill in a bitmap painting file, best to create it in DrawStudio and simply export the text as an antialiased bitmap. If you desire gradients, patterns, or even bitmapped graphics to be used as a Stroke and or Fill, use the Attributes requester to make the assignments. This is one of the best high end features of DrawStudio.
Automatically, bitmapped graphics can be assigned to fill each letter in a text block, a difficult procedure to accomplish with any other software on any system!
Balloon help?
Balloon help is something Mac and Windows users expect in complex software, but up until now, it has been noticeably absent from Amiga programs. When you place the cursor over any of the icons in the DrawStudio Toolbox, a balloon pops up (like the text balloon in a comic book) that tells you what the tool is and how to use it.
This makes the paper documentation almost unnecessary except for first time uses. Another great helpful feature.
Figure 5 (Bottom). As the images on the right demonstrate, TextureStudio is capable of producing very professional looking textures. The price however is high, necessitating slogging through a too-complex non-visual interface.
Conclusions DrawStudio is not perfect. I experienced several crashes while trying to move a requester to a new location. Perhaps there is something here that conflicts with PAL and NTSC adjustments, or it could even be software conflicts on my system. I was not able to duplicate the same crash twice. I would also like to know why the software would not run on my 3000T. Other than that, DrawStudio is the most promising graphics application to come along for the Amiga in years. Many of its attributes far outweigh those found in other Amiga DTP software packages.
I have just hit the highlights of what this software offers. The addition of real Layers (ala Adobe Photoshop) is a late but welcome addition to Amiga vector drawing options. I would like to see more drawing tools added, and I also would hope that future editions offer the user the possibility to leave windows on the screen while a page is being edited. I had many reservations based upon previous interactions with non-US Amiga "professional" software, so DrawStudio gets my praise even more for allowing me to crack through my own prejudices. I think that given the condition of the US Amiga
market however, that the price should be dropped to around $ 49.95 for the CD, not $ 99.00. DrawStudio could become the best Amiga vector drawing alternative on the market with a little more attention to detail and additions, and could even offer Amiga users with other platforms some neat alternatives for creating graphics.
The shareware program ImageStudio is another matter. Except for the beginning user, ImageStudio is far too basic to be of much value. Nova Design's ImageFX does all of what ImageStudio can do times 1000.
ImageStudio needs light-years of development time to even dream of becoming a professional tool.
The other shareware application included on the CD-ROM, TextureStudio, is too wrapped up in its nonvisual interface design to be of value. It would have to be severely ' -=3*1 ' :D r V CONNECTING YOU TO THE WORLD "'s Air Mail Features:
• External and internal text editors
• Static and dynamic tags ASCII or custom bitmap signatures itX
Speech and sounds for mail notification
• Message filters
• Forms. Very Cool!
• Offline reading and mailing
• Supports AmiTCP, Miami & Termite
• Many more features TOYSOFT DEVELOPMENT INC. 131 - 64 AVE N. W.
VOICE: 1-403-680-1656 (9 am - 6pm mst) ,' AV a" CALGARY,
ALBERTA T2K0L9CANADA EMAIL: toysoft@spots.ab.ca WWW:
http: www.spots.ab.ca -toysoft Circle 143 on Reader Service
DrawStudio lmageStudio TextureStudio Graham and Andy Dean c o LH Publishing 13 Gairloch Avenue, Bletchley MK2 3DH, United Kingdom larry@em.powernet.co.uk rewritten to accommodate a much more visuai interface that can be navigated intuitively. It does some nice things, but the learning curve is way too high. It desperately needs a visual preview mode, and I would think it should be marketed to AGA users alone to reach its potential. Everyone would be better off if the developers concentrated on DrawStudio, and folded in the shareware as modules later when it is up to snuff.
Also mentioned: Hieroglyphics Font Set DeniArt Systems Box 1074 Adelaide Station Toronto, Canada M5C 2K5 deniart@idirect.com
• AC* a I ConvoIvt a I Scr ipts __ lalanceTest tat c hCorwert
tatchProcess latehProcessNot i fv tested??* i«no leg ionftecalt
teg IonStorv Tolcon_ Load 256 colours Figure 6. ImageStudio
allows basic image processing, but nothing worth writing home
about in this version.
Computer Graphics and Zen Denting by R. Sliammp Mprtier The perfect reality often relies on imperfect objects. Give your renderings a feeling of history, and a sense of unpredictability by doing what every human does best, being imperfect.
OK. I'll admit it. I dislike the Enterprise, and even the shuttle craft. They are just too clean and shiny. I distrust things, or even people for that matter, that are too clean and shiny. Clean and shiny people remind me of the sales person who always follows you around the store, saying "is there anything I can do for you?" Over and over again.
Clean and shiny objects have a flimsy consciousness.
They are hiding the fact that when you need them most, they suddenly break. Clean and shiny objects never perform as they should, not Like scratched and more "experienced" objects. Show me a twenty-five year old toaster that still works, scratches and burned on crumbs included, and I will show you an object with personality, an object that manifests a perceivable survival instinct.
- '.PhO • x 2 ¦'v- ¦ ¦•' .Wit ,, ; D- •V'Svv’-r1 fry** , - C s .
XVi * i V .0'S 1 i ;* L* v v ’ 1 V- m . y V 17'ir
• x. N jt 1 vVm
• 'VV 5 t* *1 * ‘ x? Jn-1 ¦ m s ’ . I1 ,*iv f Figure 1 (Top).
The ball in the background displays a smooth procedural
texture, while the more damaged ball in the foreground has a
bitmap applied to it with a bump map. Which one appears to have
a real personality?
Figure 2 (Bottom). Bump maps are used on all objects here to give them depth and a strange dreamlike believqbility.
Give me inhabitants that are the refuse of the galaxy, that sport missing limbs from battles of inconsequence in some out of the way space bar.
So the Enterprise, in my trekky estimation, is way off base. I mean, we are talking about a vehicle that travels the galaxy, in and out of plasma clouds, across the remains of super novas, into the dirty atmosphere of rolling gas giants.
Not a scratch? C'mon! Does someone get hired to polish it when it stops at r&r ports, like window cleaners are hired to polish soot laden skyscrapers? No. For all of my love of the characters on the various star trek adventures, the ships are not quite believable.
A believable computer generated object, like a believable person, has to have some wrinkles and scars. People who are too "beautiful", just like objects that are too smooth and symmetrical, have no personality and remain suspect.
People and objects who run with the too-beautiful crowd give the appearance of airheads, with no meaningful substance to display or share. I have no perfect beautiful friends, and I own no perfect beautiful things. My best friends are like my most cherished tools, held together with duct tape.
Babylon 5. Yes! Give me ominous spider-like craft, marred and twisted from journeying to a thousand systems and across the wrenching mouths of a hundred wormholes. Give me a space vehicle that has been patched and jerry-rigged with gum, whose doors sometimes stick. Give me inhabitants that are the refuse of the galaxy, that sport missing limbs from battles of inconsequence in some out of the way space bar. Give me the Millennium Falcon, a good runner with dents and barnacles. Don't give me a ship resplendent with chrome, like the obnoxious bumpers sported by a fifty- six Buick. Give me some
Two ways to achieve computer graphics reality Let's talk about two very different ways to evoke reality. One path leads to dents and bruises, of patchwork and incongruities, reminding us of the infamous bar scene in Star Wars (not the Disneyesque cutesy elephant creatures in Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi either). The second way to emulate reality follows the way of Spielbergian cartoonism, Daliesque compositions, and reminiscences of the bulky rockets from the Flash Gordon serialized adventures of the 1930's.
Zen Dents The Zen artist appreciates the dents that come with reality. In the practice of Zen pottery making, it is suggested that a dent or incongruity be consciously added to a piece before it is fired. This breaks the machine-like symmetry of the pottery, and at the same time makes it look used and "experienced", just like the valued wrinkles on the potter's hands. There are two specific ways to give your computer graphics creations the same Zen benefit, and the living personality that accompanies it.
"Zen denting" entails manipulating the actual construct of the object.
By pushing or pulling on the polygons (whether a polygon mesh or a bezier Figure 3 (Top). Here, the background colors add a degree of mystery and Zen Denting to the array of contrasting reflective spheres. Green is not a "normal” color to incorporate into a sky, and emphasizes the effect.
Figure 4 (Bottom), This is a cartoony vehicfe. Instead of all metallic surfaces, a near plastic look is achieved by utilizing bright primary colors in the construct.
Object), you can subtly break the rigid computer symmetry. This causes a true "dent" in the object.
Suspicion is that some event caused it, giving the object a "history" in time.
History-in-time in human terms equates with a true personality and a lived existence. To have survived the onslaught of time gives a being and a thing a soul.
The second way to achieve Zen Denting is to manipulate the texture Using that object in a scene that allows the dent to be displayed every now and then keeps the viewer interested, The viewer waits to see it return again and asks, "Why is that dent there? How did that occur?" The L v,*-
i. ',,.t- . . *v * 7 -'V ’’"-,' : O » “ A 5 :* ¦v. * - „ ? *
v- ¦ f V T-s. R i '. -O % _x- , - % w ’-¦.. m' - ’
’ ’S. ’I-. . ' , * •
* . ¦% - vV'r*.. * ¦s | 1 ‘ '* • -¦- ' it ¦** -¦* .-¦
a,‘*vas • ; iVjN*. * .*?*'*'-¦ ¦ .' t*'¦ v r~ A-'.'
F-A. V y. *.'‘A » vt '-a -A A ' '"C; i » ' -’l *
- sav,. -i vi -... -.' *.
. ..f-,'. v . It ••• -
- - • v~. 'v: j L C. * - ' A - ':-V.A a I? ¦' Jufti ' & . V A
" • : V U'. .
&¦ J|r -. J ,i y; r- : - ,
• ' V i" - .:Trv *¦¦ '..
i. ' t ••*• . - Figure 5 (Top), The cartoon look is emphasized
when cartoony objects are grouped.
Figure 6 (Bottom). Even a simple cube can evoke a Zen Dented personality. Notice how this bump mapped texture alters your appreciation of the underlying structure.
Procedural mapping as far as metallic surfaces are concerned, unless your 3D application has controls for introducing anomalies and inconsistencies into the procedural texture (few applications do). Of course, as long as your 3D application supports multiple textures mapped to an object (both LightWave and Aladdin 4D do), you can always use a procedural base texture and "dirty it up" by overlaying a bitmap. A few ways to introduce Zen denting in your texture maps are environment mapping, bump mapping, and displacement mapping.
Maps. If you use procedural maps, this is harder to achieve than with bitmapped textures. Procedural mapping is always perfect, and designed to be so, and evidences no jaggies or other anomalies. Procedural maps are great for mimicking marble and wood textures. Stav awav from j j Environment Mapping Environment maps are sometimes called Reflection Maps. They act to display whatever image is involved in objects that have a reflective surface.
Ray traced objects with a reflective surface automatically show the perfect reflection of the space they are in and all of the other objects in it. This is sometimes needed, but often leads (like any perfect moments tend to) to boredom.
Reflection maps can either be added to raytraced reflections, or totally replace them. When I add an Environment map, I often look for an image (or a series of animated frames) that have little to do with the rendered scene. This adds strangeness, mystery, and personality to that object, all of which equate with viewer interest and the attraction to watch the animation loop one more time.
Bump Mapping Most professional 3D applications allow you to apply a bump map over a procedural or bitmapped texture. A bump map is usually a 256 grayscale picture. The more white the area of the grayscale, the "higher" the bump appears. The tendency is to use a grayscale of the same image used for the color data, thereby giving the color data a perceived depth (bumps). This doesn't have to be the case however.
For more radical effects, add a bump map that has nothing to do with the color data. This effect can be likened to placing a ruffled up piece of fabric under a tablecloth. The ruffled fabric provides the bumps, while the tablecloth provides the design and color information.
Displacement Mapping Displacement maps are also 256 grayscale pictures. The difference between Displacement maps and Bump maps is that while bump maps appear to effect the underlying structure of the object, Displacement maps really do.
The Snap Maps Collection (from Anti-Gravity, for use with LightWave) are excellent examples of Displacement maps. They can be used to "cut" polygonal data into diverse 3D shapes.
Displacement maps are used when the underlying 3D form has to be literally cut into a new shape.
Cartoon Reality Spielberg, Dali, and Flash Gordon, quite a trio. What do they share in common? All three work with images whose surroundings are not what is expected, so our perception and expectation of the objects in those surroundings is altered. Each does this in a separate way. Dali placed objects that didn't belong together in a scene, and thereby always made the audience uncomfortable concerning the historical "familiarity" of the object (why, for AMIGA REPAIRS FLAT RATE LABOR RATES A500 $ 59 • A600 $ 89 • A1200 $ 129 A2000 $ 89 • A2000HD $ 99 • A2500 $ 109 A3000 $ 129 • A3000T $ 179 A4000
$ 179 • CDTV $ 59 • CD32 $ 109 A1080 4 4S $ 59 MultiScan (noiws) $ 89 add-in boards 6 parts additional AMIGA PRODUCTS Fon Fax for availability & prices SPECIALS MULTISYNC REFURB MONITORS W CABLE CHOICE NEC II $ 199 3D $ 299 ALTEC LANSING CS3I MM SYSTEM AMP - SUB WOOFER - 2 SPEAKERS $ 99 Computer graphics reality is only believable when we play it like a jazz composition, giving the graphic environment some things that just don't compute.
IIII 3 $ 39 • 40MB 3.5 HH 2 $ 39 52 MB 3.5 LP $ 39 OTHER
SCSI IDE DRIVES FAX FON comfort. The use of cartoon figures
in one of the trio of screenplays that made up the Twilight
Zone movie is an excellent example, as is Roger Rabbit. In
both, the use of cartoons becomes very menacing. We're not
sure if we want to laugh or run. This is psychological Zen
One of my favorite examples of the cartoony approach to reality is based upon the Flash Gordon serial movies of the 1930's. 1 still love the obvious rough quality and cartoonishness of the Flash Gordon am never sure that my crusty old friends won't have some deliberate trick up their sleeve the next time we meet.
No relationship, whether with a person or through perception with an object, can last and remain vital without some element of mystery and surprise. With no risk there is no excitement, neither in life nor in the digital playfield we patiently construct on screen. Computer graphics reality is only believable when we play it like a jazz composition, giving the graphic Integrated Teknologies Inc 1101 Chestnut St • Suite A • Roselle • NJ 07203 FAX 908 245-9409 FON 908 245-1313 MON & FRI 1 - 6 PM • WED I - 8 PM FAX US ANYTIME BUY • SELL • TRADE AMIGA HARDWARE FAX YOUR COMPLETE LIST W MODELS ETC
Circle 122 on Reader Service card.
Instance, is a giraffe in one of his paintings, Nightmare, on fire, while people are dining at a banquet?).
Spielberg and others have done much the same thing, in order to evoke mystery and disquiet from things that should have provided COMPUQUICK MEDIA CENTER 3758 Town & Country Rd Columbus OH 43213 TELVFAX: 614-235-1180 FOR AMIGA 4000Ts, A1200s Used Amigas. All Amiga software, peripherals, Repairs.
Circle 124 on Reader Service card.
Spaceships. The fact that they are obvious models actually adds to their strange appeal.
How can you evoke the same quality in your 3D art and animations?
To make a spaceship look cartoonish, and thereby to give it a menacing humor as well, there are a few rules to follow. The first is to make the shape elements blatant rather than subtle.
Use larger elements in the vehicle's composite, instead of small details.
Second, and very important, is to use more garish primary colors in the object. Even the texture maps should look more contrived than "real", so the whole impression begs the question: Is this a cartoon or a hallucination?
By the way, the best example of a truly frightening cartoon is the recent movie "Mars Attacks". Through black humor and the use of cartoon style vehicles and aliens, Mars Attacks becomes a movie with much more frightening potential than the more "realistic" but similar theme portrayed in the movie "Independence Day".
Both use computer graphics to get the story across.
What’s it all about, Alphie?
A valued relationship always has an element of excitement and risk. I am never sure that the Millennium Falcon will make light speed one more time. I environment some things that just don't compute.
Some years ago a famous Amiga 3D developer (whose name I will not divulge as a matter of keeping my sources secret) bubbled with ecstasy on the other end of the phone. "You know what I've done", he squeaked, "I've modeled a pair of gym shoes with my 3D software, and they look perfect. Everything is sharp and clear, no missed polygons and nothing out of alignment. Perfect!".
I looked at the graphic. So perfect it had no value. Where were the discolored blotches, the rips, the half removed logo, the broken eyelets that gave me such respect (at an aromatic distance) for my son's gym shoes?
Missing. No personality. Like a fourteen year old guitar player with magnificent technical chops and no life experience playing the blues.
Reality, substantial reality, is based upon our perception of how a thing or a being has been effected by time and experience in the world, and the bumps, dents, and scars that come as a result of having an interesting history. The eye that perceives reality and the mind that loves a good mystery care little for false perfection.
Take care till next time, and enjoy!
See you in ROMulan space!
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34. 95 Ibrowse 1.1
41. 95 Aweb 2 w HTML-Heaven
44. 95 lOmega Zip Drive SCSI External $ 199.95 100Mb Removable
16. 95 100Mb Disks (3Pack)
47. 95 Zip Jaz Tools Software 24,95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb internal
399. 95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb external
499. 95 1Gb removable disk
99. 95 1Gb rem. Disks - 5 Pack
449. 95 7 Phase 5 Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board $ 749.95 Blizzard
2060w SCSI
849. 00 Blizzard 2040 T ERCw SCSI
559. 95 Blizzard 1230-4 w 50Mz CPU
254. 95 Blizzard 12x0 SCSI Module
169. 95 Blizzard 603a PPC Call CybarGraphx Software
49. 95 Cybervision 64 30 4Mb
349. 95 MPEG Decoder for CV64 3D Call Scan Doubler Switch for
CV64 3D139.95 Cyberstorm 060 Mk2 3000 4000 849.95 Cyberstorm
179. 95 Cyberslorm 604e PPC Call For the latest Products, Prices,
Detailed Info, Tech Support, & Amiga News, visit our Web
Site at www.softhut.com CD-ROM Drives Sanyo H94S 2X SCSI
CD-ROM Internal model $ 49.95 External model $ 99.95 NEC
CDR-222 Quad SCSI-2 Drive Internal model $ 119.95 External
model $ 179.95 Amiga Tech. 4X1241 Q-Drive For A1200 w PCMCIA.
CD-32 Emulation $ 179.95 Pioneer 12x SCSI CD-ROM Drive
Internal model $ 249.95 External model $ 319.95 Sony CDU-920S
Read Writeable 2x SCSI CD-ROM Drive Now you can
inexpensively record your own CD-ROMs.
Internal model $ 399.95 External model 5479.95 f - Apollo A500 2Mb Chip RAM Board $ 165.00 A6BB 630 33MZ 68030 Call 630 50MZ 68030 Call A12BB 1260 50Mz 68060 $ 729.95 1240 25MZ 68040
379. 00 1240 33MZ 68040
399. 95 1240 40MZ 68040
449. 95 1230 50MZ 68030
239. 00 1230 Lite 25Mz
139. 95 1200 SCSI Module
129. 95 A2BBB 2030 25Mz 68030 w SCSI 2 $ 299.95 2030 50Mz 68030
w SCSI 2
389. 95 2040 25MZ 68040
449. 00 2040 40MZ 68040
529. 00 2060 50MZ 68060
849. 95 2Mb Chip RAM Board
185. 00 A3BBB 3BBBT 3060 50Mz 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 829.95 A4BBB A4BBBT
4060 50MZ 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 819.95 CD-32 SX32 $ 279.95 SX32 Pro
030 33MZ
459. 00 SX32 Pro 030 50MZ
499. 00 AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000S
5119. 95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all A4000s
5119. 95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s
5119. 95 AS306 3.1 Kit for all A600s $ 104.95
3. 1 RDM for A500, A600, A2000 (Specify) $ 44.95
3. 1 ROM set for A3000, A4000, A1200 (Specify) 59.95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 59.95 AS2I7 Arexx DOS Enhancer
14.95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 Main Actor
Professional $ 74.95 Main Actor Broadcast
169. 95 Ariadne
239. 95 Ami TCP IP v4.x
94. 95 Picasso to 1080 1084 Cable
34. 95 Liana Network
89. 95 Liana Network 5M
99. 95 Picasso 2 Plus
289. 95 Picasso 4
439. 95
3. 1 Kits AS320 3.1 Kit tor the A500, A2000, &A2500 -6104.95 A500
Peripherals BlgFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 $ 84.95 Commodore
A500 Power Supply 49.95 A500 Case complete w shielding 17.95
A500 Internal Replacement Drive 44.95 Saturn External Floppy
Drive 880K 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 33.95 Mtec A500 2Mb
RAM Expansion 139.95 Village Tronic Quik Pak A600 A601 1Mb
Chip RAM w CIOCk
569. 95 A600 w 65Mb Seagate HD Installed - $ 369.95 A1200
Computers A1200 Magic Pack
5599. 95 A1200HD Magic Pack
5749. 95 A4000T Additional RAM, Hard Drives and Peripherals are
available at great pricing. Call for a quote on your custom
A4000T 060 50Mz 6Mb 1 Gb HD $ 2697.00 A4000T 040 25Mz 6Mb 1Gb HD $ 1999.00 A4060T Accelerator Fastest 060 50Mz accelerator available for A4000T.
Expandable to 128Mb.
Supports EDO RAM $ 879.95 Trade in your A3640 and get the board for: $ 729.95 We configure complete Toaster and Flyer systems.
Input Devices Mlndscape Powerplayers Joystick $ 9.95 The Bug 18.00 Alfa Data 2 Button Mouse, 300 DPI 19.95 Alfa Data Mega Mouse, 400 DPI 26,95 Alfa Data 3 Button Mouse 27.95 Wizard 560DPI Black 3 But Mouse 24.95 Wizard 560DPI Beige 3 But Mouse 24.95 CBM CD-32 Joypad 14.95 Logic 3 Action Joypad 19.95 Golden Image JP-100 Pen Mouse 19.95 Amtrac Trackball 69.95 Golden Image Trackball 49.95 WIC0 Black Max Joystick 7.95 PawsTrac MicroTrackball 49.95 4 Player Joystick Adapter 12.95 KB 100 Adapter for AT Keyboard 49.95 Epson Action Scanner, 1200 DPI 499.95 Epson ES1000 Scanner, 1600 DPI 699.95 Wacom
ArtZ-212x12 Tablet 569.00 Memory CPUs & FPUs Call! Prices changing dally.
Vv , . Rc ’ r:J-* y:’.- Into 610-586-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 VlQGlS FAX 610-586-5706 6416 ___ _ Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 8nfl-Q 9-fidd9 Sat-Sun Closed VUU Wt CD-ROM Software Titles NEW, tower pricing and NEW titles. Purchase 4, or more, and receive FREE SHIPPING.
3D Arena $ 37.95 Kara Fonts Complete Collection
74. 95 3D CD-2 Images 14,95 Learning Curve
21. 95 3D CD-I Objects
14. 95 Light ROM 3 or 4 (Specify)
39. 95 17 Bit Continuation CD 12,95 Light ROM Gold
24. 95 17 Bit 5lh Dimension
18. 95 Magic Illusion
13. 95 17 Bit Phase 4 12,95 Magic Publisher
49. 95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 1,2 (Spec)
12. 95 Magic Workbench Enhancer 26 95 17 8it & LSD Comp. 3
22. 95 Maximum M0 Ds Volume 1
25. 95 1078 Weird Textures
19. 95 Meeting Pearls 3 or 4 (Specify)
13. 95 2000 Greater Mysteries
29. 95 Micro R&D Volume 1
25. 00 3000 JPEG Textures
22. 95 Micro R&D Volume 2
40. 00 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Micro R&D Vol 3 or Vol 4 (Specify)
14. 95 Advanced Military Systems
6. 00 Micro R&D Volume 5
44. 00 AGA Experience
24. 95 MODs Anthology
36. 95 AGA Experience 2
19. 95 Movie Maker Special FX 1
59. 95 AGA Toolkit 97 17,95 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 American Heritage III. Dictionary
12. 00 Moving Textures 100, 200 (Spec)
239. 00 Amiga CD Sensation 1 - Demos
15. 95 Mud Puddles
10. 00 Amiga CD Sens. - Golden Games
15. 95 Multimedia Backdrops
24. 95 Amiga Developer CD vl.1
17. 95 Multimedia Toolkit
10. 95 Amiga Emulator for Pcs
32. 95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
26. 95 Amiga Repair Kit
45. 95 Music MOOs & Sound Samples
8. 95 AmiNet Share 4
7. 50 NetNews Offline 1 or 2 (Specify)
16. 95 AmiNet Set 1 or 2 (Specify)
32. 95 Network CD 1 or 2 (Specify)
19. 95 AmiNet Set 3 or 4 (Specify)
37. 95 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 AmiNet 5,6 (Specify)
12. 00 Nothing but Tetris
14. 95 AmiNet 8, 9, 10.11,12 (Specify)
17. 95 Octamed 6
19. 95 AmiNet 13,14,15 (Specify)
19. 95 Octamed Sound Studio
29. 95 AmiNet 16,17,18 (Specify)
19. 95 OnLine Library
19. 95 AMOS P0 2
21. 95 Our Solar System
18. 00 Anime Babes
28. 95 Pandoras CO
9. 95 Arcade Classics Plus
23. 95 Paperbag Princess
10. 00 Artworx
12. 95 Personal Paint 7.0
69. 95 Assassins Games
8. 95 Personal Suite from Cloanto
59. 95 Assassins Games 2 or 3 (Specify)
22. 95 PhotoCD Manager
33. 95 Audio Thunder
69. 95 Photogenics 2
159. 95 BCInet 1,2 (Specify)
8. 95 Print Studio Pro
37. 95 Beauty of Chaos Fractals
15. 95 Pro Pics
24. 95 Blanker Collection
19. 95 Psycho Killer
8. 00 C64 Sensations Volume 2
26. 95 Retro Gold: Emu-late
22. 95 Camelot Collection
169. 00 SFX Volume 1 or 2 (Specify)
29. 00 Card Games
22. 95 Scene Storm
24. 95 CD PD 1
8. 00 Sci Fi Sensation v2
28. 95 CD PD 2, 3, 4 (Specify)
24. 00 Solar System Kit for LW
84. 95 CD Write
42. 95 Sounds Terrific 1
12. 95 Clip Art & Fonts
9. 95 Sounds Terrific 2
17. 95 Clipart Warehouse 1,2 (Specify)
18. 00 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 Colour Library 15,95 Spectrum Emulator 1996
27. 95 Corporate Video Backgrounds
118. 95 Sports Football CD-32
6. 00 DalaMix
16. 00 Strip Poker
12. 95 da Capo Mods & Sounds
22. 95 Surlace Pro & Pro Textures Combo
55. 95 DEM ROM
22. 95 Syndesis 3D ROM vi, v2 (Specify)
79. 95 Demo CD 1, 2 (Specify)
24. 00 System Booster
32. 95 Oesktop Video CD 2
29. 95 Tales of Peter Rabbit
10. 00 Distant Suns 5.01 CD NEW
49. 95 Ten on Ten (10 Cds)
49. 95 Draw Studio 1.1 CD
158. 00 Texture Heaven 2
12. 95 EMC-Phase 1 or 2 (Specify)
33. 95 TTOH Business, Politics & Media
15. 00 Emulators Unlimited Plus
26. 95 Town With No Name
5. 00 Encounters; The UFO Phenomenon
16. 95 Turbo Calc 2.1 CD
12. 95 Epic Collection 2
26. 95 TurboCalc 4,0
64. 95 Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 1997
46. 95 Universal 3D ROM
137. 95 Eric Schwartz CD-Archive 19,95 Ultimedia 1 & 2 (2 Cds)
21. 95 Euro CD Vol 1
19. 95 Utilities Experience NFA
19. 95 EuroScene
8. 95 Utilities Volume 2
29. 95 EuroScene 2
18. 95 Visual FX 1,2 (Specify)
129. 00 Eyes of the Eagle
9. 00 Weird Science Clip Art
14. 00 Fantaseas
22. 95 Weird Science Fonts 14,00 Fractal Pro Image Library
19. 95 Weird Science Animations
19. 95 Fresh Fonts Vol 2
24. 00 Weird Science Oemo Mania 1
20. 00 Frozen Fish 8 95
14. 95 Weird Science UPD Gold
26. 95 Gamer's Delight 2
24. 95 Women In Motion 9,00 Garden Fax: Fruits, Vegs, Herbs 9,00
Women of the Web
39. 95 Garden Plants
9. 00 WordWorth 6
79. 00 Indoor Plants
9. 00 Word Worth Office
99. 00 Gardening Handbook
18. 00 Workbench Add On
27. 95 Gateway 1 or 2 (Specify) 18,95 World Atlas from Wisedrome
39. 95 Geek Gadgets
19. 95 World Info
45. 95 GFX Sensations
16. 95 World of Clipart Plus
24. 95 GIF Gallery Vol 1
22. 00 World of Photo
19. 95 GIF Sensation
24. 95 Wrath of the Demon
5. 00 Giga Graphics
39. 95 XiPaint 4.0
55. 95 Global Amiga Experience
26. 95 Zoom Release 2
32. 95 Gold Fish 2,3 (Specify)
16. 95 Guiness Book of World Records Horror Sensation
6. 95
26. 95 CBM Service Manuals Hottest 4,5, 6 (Specify)
24. 95 A500 Service Manual $ 14,95 Hound of the Baskervilles
8. 00 A3000 Desktop Service Manual
19. 95 Humanoid LW or Imagine (Spec)
159. 95 A30G0 Tower Service Manual
22. 95 ImageVision
184. 95 1084S D1 Service Manual
14. 95 Imagine PD 3D
23. 95 1950 or 1960 Serv Man (Specify)
19. 95 Insight: Dinosaurs
14. 95 2091 Service Manual
12. 95 Insight: Technology
8. 95 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man.
12. 95 Interior Sesign Collection
169. 00 CDTVSrvice Manual
17. 95 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 A1200 User Manual
5. 95 Into the Net (2 Cds)
21. 95 A4000 User Manual
7. 95 Amiga Technology Monitors We are pleased to announce the
exclusive North American Distribution of Amiga Technologies
Monitors. These are Highest Quality monitors, made especially
for your Amiga. 1 Yr Warranty through Electrohome, in the USA.
M1438S Amiga Monitor M1764 Amiga Monitor
• 17“ Diagonal FST Invar mask
• .28mm DP*85Mz Bandwidth
• Anti-Static AR faceplate finish
• 15-64KZ Horizontal Frequency
• 45-125Hz Vertical Frequency $ 699.95 Toshiba 20" Multiscan
S-VHS, RGB, Comp., Audio, Sub- Bass 20W Stereo Speakers, Dark
Flat Screen, 181 channel Tuner.
$ 599.95
• 14“ CRT Hi-Res Color Monitor
• Short Persistence Phosphors
• ,28mm DP* 40Mz Bandwidth
• 15-40Kz Horizontal Frequency
• 45-90Hz Vertical Frequency
• Universal 100-240 VAC50 60Hz
• Amplified Stereo Speakers $ 379.95 15 to 23 pin Adapter $ 28.95
Sync Strainer Adapter 49.95 Pro-260 Amplified Multi-Media 60w
Speaker System 39.95 Productivity - Utilities Address It! 1.5
$ 26.95 HiSoft Basic 2 94,95 Air Mail 4 Email
39. 95 Ibrowse1.1
41. 95 Ami PC Power Mouse Software
18. 95 Image Fft 2.6
229. 95 Amiga Envoy 2.0
45. 00 ImageMaster R T
69. 00 AmigaVision Clips v1 SFX 8 95 Imagine 5.0
159. 00 AmigaVision Professional
24. 95 InfoNexus 2 w DataNexus
59. 95 Art Effect 1.5
109. 00 InterNet Starter Package
27. 95 Art Effect SuperView
45. 00 International Flow Charter
23. 95 Art Effect Power Effects
45. 00 Invoice It 1,2
34. 95 Artworks Clip Art Library
22. 95 Link It!
49. 95 ASIM 3.x upgrade for 2.0
42. 9b Mac Lite
54. 95 ASIM CDFS CD-ROM Driver v3.X
59. 95 Magic Lantern v2
94. 00 A Web 2 w HTML Heaven
44. 95 Make Path 2.10
29. 95 Batch Factory
49. 00 Master ISO from ASIMware 174,95 ilitz Basic 2.1
69. 00 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2 24,95 irflliance 2.0
124. 95 MaxDOS 2.5
79. 00 Cinema 4D v3
239. 00 MegaBall 4
19. 00 Composite Studio Pro 149 95 MR Backup 2.5
45. 00 Control Tower
139. 95 On the Ball vi .5
35. 00 Co-Pilot Audio or Video (Specify)
99. 00 PageStream 3.2
159. 00 iross DOS v6
46. 95 PC Task 3.1
49. 95 oss MAC
79. 00 PC Task 4.1
94. 95 Oecision Maker
199. 00 MS-DOS 5.0 3.5" HD Version
9. 95 Deluxe Paint 5
124. 95 Pcx Software PC Emulation
69. 95 Deluxe Music 2
59. 95 Pegger 2.0 29 95 Design Works 2
29. 95 Pixel 3D Pro 2.1
195. 00 Oesktop Magic
28. 95 Power Macros Lightwave 89 95 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack
14. 95 Pretlum
46. 95 Diavolo Backup Standard 69 00 Pro Vector3
179. 00 Diavolo Backup Professional 98 00 Quarterback 6,1
49. 95 Dice 3.2
89. 95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 2.02
49. 95 Digital Universe
124. 95 Quarterback t Tools Bundle
74. 95 Oirectory Opus 5.5
79. 00 SAS C 6.51
89. 95 DirWork 2
59. 00 SCALA Backgrounds 1 or 2 (Specify) 14.95 Oisk Expander
37. 95 SCALA MM300
144. 95 Disk Magic 54 95 SCALA MM400
199. 95 Disk Salv4
29. 95 SCALA MM400 upgrade for MM300
69. 95 Distant Suns 5.01 Floppy
57. 95 Scape Maker 4.0
39. 95 OJ Helper 2
59. 00 Scenery Animator 4.0
58. 95 Oraw Studio 1.1
129. 00 Secal Programming Language
49. 95 Easy Ledgers 2
149. 95 Sequencer Onet
35. 00 Emplant A1200 & CD32 w SX Unit
46. 95 Snap Maps: Building Materials
124. 95 inPrint 2 Epson Stylus Color Drive
34. 95 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage
124. 95 Envoy 2.0
39. 00 Soft Talk
7. 50 Family Connections
34. 00 Sparks
119. 95 :iber Factory
79. 95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools
24. 95
- inal Calc
134. 95 Storm C 2.0
375. 00 Final Data Release 3
59. 00 Storm Wizard
84. 95 :inal Writer Ret 5
112. 95 Studio Primer 2 v2.14
85. 00 Final Writer Lite
59. 95 Super HP-OJC 3 or HP-LJ4 (Spec)
37. 95 :ractal Pro 6.10 w FPIL vi CD
85. 00 Surlace Pro
55. 95 GameSmilh Development System
68. 00 Tableau LT Driver
31. 95 3eoMorph 1.0
49. 95 Termite TCP
46. 95 Gigamem 3.x
58. 95 Terra Form 2.10
29. 95 Turbo Print Pro 5 Twist 2 Relational Database
69. 95
119. 95 f N Amiga Parts TypeSmith 2.5 Upper Disk Tools
69. 00
25. 95 A1000 Case w all shielding $ 9.95 Video Backup System Vista
Pro 3.05
69. 00
49. 95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard
79. 95 Wave Maker 2.0
179. 95 A600 1200 Internal Floppy Drive A2000 Internal Floppy
Drive A3000 Internal Floppy Drive
69. 95
69. 95
69. 95 Wipe Studio World Construction Set vi World Construction
Set v2
137. 95
158. 95
368. 95 A2000 Power Supply Mouse lor CDTV, wired - black
109. 00
16. 95 World Construction Set v2 Intel
589. 00 Bigfoot A40000 Pwr Sy 300W
269. 95 Amiga Books Bigfoot A3000 Pwr$ y300W
239. 95 Exploring Lightwave 3D $ 52.99 286 8ridgeboard PCB Only
69. 95 PholoReal FX
42. 95 CBM CDTV Control Pad
34. 95 FX Kit lor Lightwave
33. 95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bot) 19.95 Power FX for LW 5.0
27. 95 2088XT Bridgeboard complete
15. 00 Connect Your Amiga
19. 00 CDTV Keyboard Black
59. 95 Lightwave Power Guide
42. 95 HOT * vi Games for Amiga & CD-32 Aladdin AGA $ 24.95 Alien
Breed 3D AGA CD-32 (Specify) 22.95 Alien Breed 3D 2 AGA 39.95
Akira CD-32 w T-Shirt 9.95 Breathless AGA 29.95 Capital
Punishment AGA 39.95 Chaos Engine 2 Amiga 38.95 Chaos Engine
CD-32 6.00 Coala - for all accelerated Amigas 29.95
Colonization 29.95 The Clue CD-32 16.95 Defender of the Crown
2 CD-32 9,95 Exile AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Exile ECS 24.95
Extreme Racing AGA CD-32 (Specify) 29.95 Fears AGA 37.95 FIFA
International Socces 19.95 Gloom CD-32 24.95 Gloom Deluxe
Amiga 34.95 Gulp CD-32 9.95 Humans 3 AGA 39.95 Lion King AGA
24.95 Nemac 4 Director’s Cut CD 44.95 Odyssey Amiga 34.95
Overlord ECS AG A 24.95 Pinball Illusions AGA C0-32 (Spec)
37.95 Pinball Mania AGA 37.95 Pinball Prelude ECS AGA
(Specify) 34.95 Populous 14.95 Roadkill CD-32 17.95 Sensible
Golf Amiga 37.95 Sensible World of Soccer 95 96 34.95 Shadow
Fighter ECS AGA (Specify) 19.95 Shadow Fighte r C D-32 39.95
Slam Tilt AGA 34.95 Speris Legacy AGA CO-32 (Specify) 26.95
Star Crusader AGA CD-32 (Specify) 42.95 Super Skidmarks
ECS CO-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Skidmarks Dzta Disk AGA 19.95
Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Tennis Champs
Amiga 34.95 Thame Part AGA 9.95 Viro Cops ECS AGA (Specify)
29.95 Virtual Karting AGA 26.95 Watch Tower AGA 24.95 Worms
ECS or AGA (Specify) 29.95 Worms; Director's Cut AGA 36.95 Oh
Yes... More Worms! 19.95 XP8 AGA 38.95 Our Policies No
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time of order. 15% restocking fee on all returns not
exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT
G Copyright 1997, lonyAnloniccio |Fr, All Rights Reserved r n linP;. .. amiga telecommunications tt This month we will try to work some magic on the e-mail problem.
Uclcoae to Voodoo, the preaiere E-Kait prograa for fiaiga This aes3age Is an introductory note to the finer points of the Voodoo nterface Please take the t»ae to Hrel read through the whole aessage. And follow the instructions In it This should give you soee idea of how to use Voodoo HIRE is one of the aost itportant things tn Voodoo HIRE is an Internet standard for Including binary data such as pictures or sound in an eaait aessage l*a going to try to Introduce you to how to use thts tn Voodoo.
Take a look at tha row of buttons above That la the speedbar On the left end of that speedbar are the function buttons for sanipulating the folder and its eessages In order, there are Quit Voodoo, Icomfv. Open new folder, Send new ¦ail Delete aessage. Save to folder. Reply to this aessage Select previous aessage and Select next aessage If you can not see all buttons, take the window wider or scrott the bar by holding down either shift key and the left aouse button, and dragging the souse around Voodoo Voodoo, from Osma Ahvenlampi, begins its documentation with one of my favorite quotes, "Any
sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." In case you don't recognize the quote, it was said by the man who "invented" both geosynchronous telecommunication satellites and the HAL 9000 computer Arthur C. Clarke.
Voodoo is a bit different from the other programs we have looked at, in that it does not do the actual retrieval or sending of your e-mail. Rather it provides a user interface for you to read and write your email. To send and receive mail from your internet account requires additional programs, such as AmiPOP, Sabot, or InetUtils. All of these are available from your favorite AmiNet mirror.
Installation is handled by the Installer utility, and the documentation is in AmigaGuide format. Requirements are OS 3.0+, 2MB of RAM, and an internet connection.
Once installed, Voodoo will work with any TCP IP stack, such as Miami, AmiTCP, or Termite TCP. It is a multithreaded program, allowing multiple messages to be written and read simultaneously. Internal MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) displaying using the OS 3+ Datatypes.
Concerned about security? If you have PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) installed, you can encrypt your files, and decrypt those you receive.
The main interface (Figure 1) shows the list of available messages in the upper section, the body of the selected message in the lower section, and a row of icons in between. These icons give quick access to various functions such as Reply, Quit, etc. Additional icons will appear to denote the various parts of the message. For example, if an audio file is attached, a speaker icon will appear to let you know. A click here will start the appropriate Datatype to play the sound file.
Text can be edited with either the built in editor, or you can configure Voodoo to use an external editor of your choice. If you use the internal editor, the screen that opens will be similar to the main message screen (Figure 2). In this case the icons allow you to delete the message, send it, or attach files to it.
Additional icons will also appear to designate the various parts of your message.
An address book (Figure 3), Arexx interface, and an unlimited number of mail folders round out the feature list.
The flexible folder system allows you to group your mail by various criteria, such as sender, content, etc. Voodoo is shareware, with a fee of $ 35. When you register, you will receive a key file, and you can download the professional version, called Serious Voodoo. Look for Voodoo in the comm mail subdirectory on AmiNet.
Hotlist Of The Month Mathew R. Ignash maintains a Web page you might want to take a look at the next time you feel down about twists and turns the Amiga has taken the last few years (Figure 4). Enter this URL into your favorite Browser: http; www.rust.net ~mignash honorabl ement ion.html Mathew currently has over 125 articles from non-Amiga publications that mention our favorite computer. It is interesting to see the number of times writers about other platforms have wished that their systems had features we have taken for granted since 1985.
Updates Work continues on Miami, the excellent shareware TCP IP substitute.
Currently author Holger Kruse has the program up to version 2.0i. Recent enhancements include support for users of SANA2 networking products, For the latest information, go to: http: www. America.com ~kruse airiiga Mi ami. Html Work also continues on VoyagerNG, although as of this writing, there have been no further released versions.
Where To Find Me rhays@kivn.net http: www.kiva.net ~rhays rhays@amigazone.com
R. HaysS on Genie 72764,2066 on CompuServe For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community I will include the information I receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feel would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the HotList of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. See you on line!
• AC* 5 01
- pl. ; r or b %nch: £ pi 3 0 c Boai CcJi Jpj G UJ VvcJjfjj
tJ Ji cJo'nlijcj Ojd DrJrJj r19w "_TjTJruk; Expand your Amiga's
versatility with a few utilities such as a musical pictorial
boot sequence, a variety of GUI authoring utilities,
individualized color to your screens, and more.
By Dave Matthews Boot Camp Normally, the Amiga's boot process is pretty boring. Unless something goes wrong, all you see is a black screen until it finishes booting. Well, enough of that! The Amiga has several programs to liven up that dull boot process. Last episode, I covered Syspic, an excellent example of this genre. But as usual with the Amiga, there is more than one way to give your Amiga the boot.
Rainboot Author: Kimmo Pekkola (rainy@iki.fi) Aminet Filename: util boot Rainboot.lha Mailware Kimmo Pekkola's Rainboot is another such program, with a few unique touches all its own. Rainboot can display IFF pictures, and can also stamp IFF brushes on selected coordinates of an IFF backdrop pic. All IFF pictures, including AGA modes can be loaded, however, HAM pictures are not recommended as they interfere with the text display. Rainboot also has the ability to force the Workbench to open behind the currently displayed screen. If visuals are not enough for you, Rainboot can play IFF-8SVX
sound samples, and it can also play music MODS via the Ptreplay.library. In addition to scenery and a sound track, Rainboot can provide your boot display with configuration information about your Amiga, such as OS version, processor, RAM, and current time and date. Rainboot also features an Arexx port, for those wishing more control over its operation. Finally, Rainboot can display a progress gauge to let you know how far along the boot process is.
Rainboot has the occasional minor glitches. Unlike Syspic, Rainboot has no built-in facility for adjusting the screen display to your overscan settings, so if you use an overscanned Workbench, the Rainboot display will jerk when Iprefs kicks in. A program called Fixjump, by Alien Design, will fix this problem. You can find this program included in the MCP package (reviewed in Episode 4 in this series), available on Aminet in util cdity. See Figure 1 for a screen shot of my Rainboot configuration.
Mifc Window Settings J Simple aad Bexchange 1.2 • Doguet Emmanuel Commodities manager CycleToMenu Directory Opt ¦1 haul.doc bqu i.guide Cussftct About. Iff ClassRet About.Iff.Info C LassActPrrfs.qIf ClassflctPrrfs.gif.info Copper-Denon.izx devnan14.izx FastIPrefsUBPattern.gif FastIPrefsUBPattern.gif.info Fmath486.Izx Foundat ion.izx MUIPrefs.gif 11UIPrefs.gif.Info Suazlnfo18b.izx SyrtenPrefs.gif SyrtenPrefs,g i f .info tenp.gif tenp.gif.info To ileflhr.guIdc TolletJhr .png Toliellhr2.png UBStartup+Prefs.gi f UBStartup+Prefs-gif.Info MBSt art up*Pref s.t f f MBStartup+Prefs.iff.info 26477
24031 6888 368 26496 369 21124 28810 21780 360 9240 79616 32929 366 69697 19634 366 1468 . Info As lr*COFS_Btif f er * info CdChangcr CdChangcr.info Cine.info Crypt,info 0JRezz.info Disk.info Ddpus.info Hardflacltine. Info IlDToo I Box HDTqqIBox»Info Hiani.info _ 16 1767 22744 B33 2129 1664 1713 1876 2126 1677 97144 2182 1786 The GUI Wars The Amiga has always had an excellent Graphical User Interface (GUI).
However, programmers have always struggled to add all the Amiga's power to their programs, as accessing these features can be a complicated and somewhat mysterious process. With the introduction of MUI and other GUI programming tools, there are a variety of ways for programmers to get more from the Amiga without sacrificing their souls.
MUI - Magic User Interface Author: Stefan Stuntz Aminet Name: util libs MUI37Usr.lha Shareware MUI, reviewed in Part 2 of this series, is now at version 3.7. MUI is an object oriented system to help programmers provide better GUIs for the programs. MUI allows programs to be font sensitive, and super configurable, without the programmer worrying about all the little details. MUI allows users to configure nearly every aspect of a program's appearance, from fonts, colors, bitmap backdrops, and even ure ] Ac‘ Pre,S .
R r Figure 4 (Middle). Bexchange, using BGUI custom gadgets. Figure 5 (Bottom). Directory Opus, Courtesy Copper Demon A R, A P, G.L. Invoices, Billing Inventory, Payroll Client List_ Circle 126 on Reader Service card.
All this flexibility and power comes at a price however, and MUI has been (and still is) somewhat controversial, First, it is frustrating to acquire a new program, only to find you can't run it without the requisite MUI libraries. Once you have the MUI package, of course, this problem is solved. MUI is shareware, and many have objected to paying this fee, when they may have already paid the shareware fee (or even bought the commercial program) for the main program. Also, MUI can be resource hungry, and on slower machines, can be rather sluggish. Still, MUI is unarguably the most popular of the
GUI enhancement programs for the Amiga, and many shareware and even commercial programs use MUI. See Figure 2 for the MUI preferences.
Class Act Phantom Development Aminet Name: ???? (Programs which use class act normally come with all the necessary Class Act files) Free for users Class Act is a newer object oriented system for building GUIs. It is a bit smaller than MUI, and is free to the end user. Unlike MUI programs, most programs using Class Act come with the necessary Class Act files needed to run. Many people find Class Act faster and more elegant then MUI, but so far, Class Act has not enjoyed the widespread popularity of MUI. See Figure 3 for the Class Act Preferences.
BGUI The Aniga business progran, UB1.3 & up jan van den Baard Jaba Development Aminet Name: dev gui bgui!2.Iha (Developer package, library is normally included with programs that use BGUJ) Gift ware BGUI is the third object oriented GUI system you may run across when using shareware programs. BGUI provides most of the functionality of the other two GUI systems, with sensitivity, window re-sizing etc. However, BGUI is intending to be a simpler and smaller package. Rather than the large collection of libraries of MUI, or classes of Class Act, BGUI just has one library. A program using BGUI can
be seen in Figure 4.
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks Bexchange Douget Emmanuel Aminet name: Util cdity Bexchange.Iha Giftware The Amiga's Commodity system provides a powerful and flexible system for extending the Amiga's OS with add on utilities. After installing many such commodities, you might find the need for a better way to handle all these different programs.
Enter Bexchange.
This program provides a modern, resizable, font sensitive, nice looking GUI (it uses BGUI) for control of all your Commodities. Bexchange features keyboard shortcuts for the list view' and buttons, opens on the active screen, and can do actions on all Commodities. Once again, see Figure 4.
Copper Demon Valenta Ferenc Aminet Name: util wb copperdemon.lha Freeware Attention: Amiga User Groups Get Registered!
Not only will your registration get you listed in AC's GUIDE to the Amiga, but you will also be eligible for special discounls, additional newsletters and more, If your organization has not registered with AC since March 15. 1997 (using the new Amiga User questionnaire), do il Now!
You can request a questionnaire by mail: AC’s Guide User Groups PiM Publications Inc.
P. O: Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02720 by phone: 1-508-678-4200, by
FAX: 1-508-675-6002 or by email: DonHicksffflaol.com. Copper
Demon is a neat little program that can add a splash of color
to any screen. Copper Demon works like Magic Copper, in that
it provides a 24-bit color gradation (on AGA Amigas). Unlike
Magic Copper, Copper Demon can work on any public screen, not
just the Workbench.
You select the beginning and end colors, and tell it what screen to show on, and what screen color to replace with the 24-bit fade, and instant face lift. You can see the colorful, if not entirely practical results of Copper Demon on the Directory Opus screen shot in Figure 5.
Well, that's it for this episode.
Next time, I will cover the latest stuff, including Amiga anti-virus programs.
As always, you can contact me via Amazing Computing or at the email address below. Ciao!
Dave Matthews dm05438@navix.net
• AC* Orders: (800) 735-2633 RMA: (408) 624-5879 Tech: (408)
626-2633 Fax: (408) 625-6588 VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Email:
sales@visionsoft.com Homepage: http: www.visionsoft.com Visit
VisionSoft’s Web Site to obtain the latest pricing, product
information, technical tips and hot news in the Amiga
community Memory Upgrades GVP-32 4mb Siimn 69.95 99.95 GVP-32
16mb Siinm 179.95 199.95 lx8-70ns Simm
17. 95 lx8-80ns Simm
16. 95 lx9-70ns Simm
28. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
39. 95 72-pin SIMM Special lx32-60ns Simm (4mb)
25. 00 2x32-60ns Simm (8mb)
45. 00 4x32-60ns Simm (16mb)
85. 00 8x32-60ns Simm (32mb)
185. 00 16x32-60ns Simm (64mb)
499. 00 DRAM Special lx4-70ns SC Zip
9. 95 1x4-70ns Page Zip
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9. 95 256x4-70ns Page Dip
3. 95 256x4-70ns Page Zip
4. 95 1 xl-100ns Page Dip
3. 00 Hard Drives
W. D. 2.5" 540mb IDE
149. 00 Toshiba 2.5" 1.3gb IDE
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1. 3 Kickstart Rom 13.95
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3. 1 Rom for A12 30 4000 59.95 8372A lmb Agnus 34.95 8375 lmb
Agnus (318069-17)19.95 8372B 2mb Agnus (A3000) 39.95 8373
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A-1 CIA 12.95 8520 Surface Mount 23.50 Ramsey Rev. 7 29.95
Super Buster Rev. 11 29.95 Super Dmac Rev. 4 42.95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8B 29.95 Guru ROM V.6 (A530) 70.95 Guru ROM V.6
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upgrade kits include Manuals, Software and Kickstart Rom(s).
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3. 11 & MS-DOS, transfer files between your Amiga & MS-Dos,
supports up to 256 colors on AGA machines. High density
floppies & CDROM support, fastest software emulation for
Amiga, compatible with Picasso, CyberGraphics & EGS Spectrum.
$ 69.95 AlfaData Multiface I O III Card Expand your Amiga by adding 2 serial & 1 parallel ports, which will works at the highest possible speed.
$ 109.95 GVP I O Extender With 2 serial & 1 parallel ports, you can mix and match a full range of connections all at the same time.
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We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
COD t f -a oJransfiiccnt gfaapcs ¦» f MR The Amiga user has several options when it comes to displaying text over graphics. Nick walks us through a few of them.
You want to create a layout in which text overlays a photograph. You have your photo, you have your text.
Putting the two together can be tricky, though. The text may be hard to read if you set it directly on top of the photo.
On the other hand, if you add a colored solid shape in back of the text, the photo may look like it has a chunk by Nick Cook missing. What to do? Adding a translucent shape to the layout acts as a "container" for the text without obliterating the photo under it.
Cohen, Brown, Jeans and Wendling's excellent book "Professional Studio Techniques: Design Essentials" (Adobe Press, 1992) gives one method to create translucent shapes for "Photoshop" owners (not surprising, given the publisher).
Luckily, Amiga owners have three ways, and at least double the number of programs, to perform the same technique. Select one based on what programs reside on your hard drive.
METHOD ONE: Figure 1 (Left), Photogenic* created the translucent rectangle under the title text.
If you own a program which incorporates both paint and image processing features, such as Image F X, ImageMaster R T, or Photogenics, creating a translucent shape is a doddle (to use some British slang). For example, with Photogenics (Figure 1):
1. Load the desired picture. A "paint layer," which floats above
the picture, is automatically created at the same time. You
can perform operations on the paint layer without affecting
the picture underneath.
2. Select a color. White, off-white, or cream work best as the
background for text.
3. Click on the brush icon to open preferences. Set the
transparency slider to 35% and click OK.
4. Click twice on the square icon for a filled shape.
5. Draw the rectangle.
6. To soften the transition between the two elements, we will
blur the rectangle. Go to the Alpha Paint Layer menu, and
apply either Blur function.
7. Fix the image by clicking on the hammer icon.
8. Save the file out, then import it into PageStream, FinalWriter
or WordsWorth to add the text.
METHOD TWO: Translucent shapes can be created with separate paint and image processing programs (Figure 2).
1. Draw a filled rectangle in a white, off-white, or cream color
in the paint program.
2. Pick up the rectangle as a brush and save it as a file.
3. Exit the paint program and launch the image processing
program. We will use AdPro in this instance.
4. Load the rectangle brush and apply the blur filter. Store the
result with the Temp saver.
5. Load the photograph. Switch to Compose mode and load the
rectangle from the Temp buffer.
6. Use the Compose screen to place the rectangle brush in the
desired location. Set the opacity to 35% and dick the compose
7. Save the file out, then import it into PageStream, Final
Writer or WordsWorth to add the text.
METHOD THREE: An image processing program alone can create a passable translucent shape. For example, using PageStream's companion program, BME with the Gary's Effects extension (Figure 3):
1. Load the photograph.
2. Select the marquee tool and outline an area of the photograph.
3. Go to the Effects menu and choose Brightness. Set the slider
to +35% and click OK.
4. Enlarge the selected area slightly, so that the dashed
rectangle falls barely outside of the lighter area.
5. Run the Blur effect.
6. Save the file out, then import it into PageStream, Final
Writer or WordsWorth to add the text.
There are variations possible with all of these methods. For example, the translucency does not have to be 35%.
Effective results can be had with translucency set up to 60%, so go ahead and experiment. Use different colors for the shapes (although be cautious not to make your work harder to read by using an eye-popping shade). Textures could be added to the translucent shape, particularly if a paint program is making the shape.
A translucent shape functioning as a text container adds a professional touch to your documents, and is something different from the ubiquitous "grey box with text on top of it" frequently used.
• AC* If you read Amazing Computing regularly, you may have read
my series, This Old Workbench. During the writing of that
series, I have collected a huge assortment of programs,
backdrop images, icon sets, and various other files. I also
have many projects, artworks, 3D objects and textures I have
created myself, as well as files I have gotten from other
sources. All in all, I have over 5,000 files stored on
floppies, and even more on various CDROMs.
It is all very nice to have all this stuff, but what happens when you want to find a particular file? Unless you have a photographic memory (and sadly, I don't) you will need some way to keep track of all your files.
This is where file catalog software comes in handy. I have tried many different programs for various computer platforms, and most left a lot to be desired. Remarkably, the best such program I ever found was SuperCat, for the venerable C64.
Unfortunately, that does not help much with my Amiga or PC files.
Fortunately, the Amiga has a program that does.
McFiler, by Roberto Bizzarri, is one of the best cataloger programs available on any platform. McFiler is a simple yet powerful tool for building and maintaining a database for your files. Very easy to use, yet with many more features than most other catalog- ers. See Figure 1 for a screen shot of McFiler.
It’s Not in There- Yet!
McFiler Version 4.3 Tired of never knowing where your files are? Check out this catalog utility for a multitude of media.
By Dave Matthews Of course, the first thing you will need to do is to get all the file information, name, size, comment, date, etc., into the database. This is the bane of all such information management type of programs, but McFiler makes this a reasonably painless process. Insert a disk, click the Read button, and all the information on the files on the disk are read into the database, including filenames, storage date, file size, and any comment a file might have. Better yet is McFiler's auto read ability. With this turned on, you simply insert a disk, wait for McFiler to read it in,
insert the next one, and so on. This is a very comfortable way to read in a lot of files.
Nor is McFiler limited to floppy disks. McFiler, with a few limitations, can be used to catalog almost any media, CDROMs, Hard Drives, Zip Drives, you name it.
Once you have a file entered into the database, you can add a comment to the file, or modify an existing AmigaDOS file comment. A file comment in McFiler can be internal to the database, or you can save the comment to the file as an AmigaDOS filenote. You can also select a category for your files. McFiler offers a number of different categories, similar to those used by Aminet. See Figure 1 for the category list.
J Gadget 3 Output window | " CON : 8 20 640 208 «- Ctrl + Redundant; See also Redundant McFiler has a powerful tool to check for duplicate files. You can either check for duplicates as you read in the disks, or do so later. When a duplicate file is found, you have the option of ignoring the file, deleting it from the disk, or hiding it. Hiding a file removes it from the database, but does not delete it from the disk.
In addition to reading in files, McFiler has several tools to help you store your files efficiently. The Single Fit tool helps you store a single file by searching through the database for a disk with enough room. You can also store a whole slew of files using the fit disk tool, which will scan through a directory of files, and use a best-fit algorithm to store as many as possible on a disk. Very handy for conserving media. See Figure 2.
Seek, Locate, Enjoy McFiler also has handy abilities for finding specific files. A search mode allows entering all or part of a filename, and all files matching are then displayed.
Have you ever looked though a disk of files with cryptic names, and wondered what the heck they were?
Well, McFiler can help deal with this situation as well. McFiler allows defining external commands to be associated with particular file extensions. For instance, you can have McFiler call multiview to view a picture on the disk, or LHA to list the contents of an archive. See Figure 3.
Your Export License Finally, when you have your files all cataloged, you can export the database as either an ASCII text file, which can be printed or loaded into other programs, or as an Amiga Guide document.
Now the bad news Like any program, McFiler is not perfect. One rather serious bug occurs when updating disks that have already been cataloged. Unless you manually resort the database, you run the risk of corrupting the database when you save it. It is simple enough to do, simply iconify the window, and restore it. This is not a problem when adding new disks. Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon. In light of this, I have the Backup Datafile option checked, and regularly backup the datafile to disk.
Mcfiler also has a few design limitations. One of the most aggravating is the inability to recursively load files in sub-directories. Only the files in the root directory of a device will be cataloged. The McFiler package contains external tools to work around this, so cataloging a CDROM (for instance) is possible, but it's something of a kludge.
Another lack is a rather inflexible display format. You can display the filenames, the disk names, or the file comments, but not at the same time.
You can click on a file name, for instance, to see the disk it is on, the file size and comment, but there is no way to see a list of files with disk name, file size and comment all displayed at the same time. The best way to currently do this is to save the database as a text file, and view it that way. It would be handy to have this available in the database, perhaps the author will add this in a later update.
To Sum Up Without a good cataloger, keeping track of even a moderate file collection is a nightmare. If you have many files at all, particularly should you actually need to find one of those files, I recommend McFiler highly.
As always, you can contact me via email: dm05438@navix.net or by mail care of AC.
• AC* McFiler Version 4.3 Disk Device File Cataloger Roberto
Bizzarri Aminet Name: biz dbase mcf43.lha Shareware: ($ 20 US)
Back when I was young, I had a boss who had lists of lists.
While I thought nothing about hiring a crew of studio musicians
and walking into a sound studio with only a vague idea of what
music theme we'd produce for an industrial video soundtrack, A1
(not his real name) would have a list for each day of the week,
including Saturdays. Which invariably started with "shower and
A few helpful hints to organize your work life and define your goals that work as well for a video producer or an average, overworked, under-funded, Amigan.
While I am not suggesting that you develop all the qualities of an obsessive person such as my former boss, being organized definitely helps life run smoother particularly if you are a typical entrepreneur with a hundred projects running all at once.
Enter The Work Wall: Life At A Glance.
Most of my script writing and video pre-production work is done at a large table, facing a wall in my office Steve Yankee is an independent script writer and sales consultant, and the author of over 50 books, tapes and Special Reports on video marketing, advertising and production topics. He can be reached by emailing syankee@springlakemi.com, or writing to Steve Yankee Communications, 101 Washington, Suite 230, Grand Haven MI 49417. Phone 616- 844-6783. You’ll find lots of moneymaking FREE information on his website: http: wunv.syonline.com By Steve Yankee (windows distract me). Mounted
on the wall is a large (4' x 5') cloth-covered bulletin board. I refer to this space as "my life at a glance".
Stretched across the top of the thing are a row of file cards titled as follows: Projects Projects Projects Projects in in in in Development Scripting Production Marketing Underneath are separate 4" x 6" file cards on each project that I am currently dealing with; the latest issue of Success Ideas, my quarterly resource guide; a card on my upcoming Small Business Promotional Seminar; another card on an article I am drafting for a national magazine; cards on two ideas for new books; a dozen cards on writing and video production assignments for my clients that are currently in the works; and
a couple of other cards for marketing tools (a newsletter, new direct mail package, audiotape) that I want to finish up before this coming fall.
Each of these cards containing the name of the project, its job number, and the target date for completion is pinned under the appropriate category card. The new Corporate Identity video I am writing for a client is, for example, pinned under Projects in Scripting. When it is finished and it is ready for release, I will move the card to the Projects in Production category.
I can also write down specific information on job cards. If it is a video production, I can jot down the date it is due at the client, the date that any animation has to be completed, the date revisions must be finished that sort of thing. In the case of a brochure I am preparing for another client, I can write down the printer's name, the date it is due to the printer and the date it is due to be delivered to the client.
With this system, at a glance, I can look up at the board and see where I am at with the couple of dozen projects that are "in the shop" at any given moment. And so can anyone else who needs to know.
That is a big chunk of the Work Wall. But, there is more.
Like you, I need a daily dose of motivation. I need to know why I am working, and what I am working towards. My main goal is on a separate card at eye level. It reads: To become the best source of script writing and video training materials in the country; and then to leave the country. 1 see this every morning. It is my reminder that in a few years, I want to be able to move this business to Tahiti, or Cancun, or the Virgin Islands; somewhere where the palm trees sway and the ocean breezes blow, and...well, you get the picture.
Whether or not I actually move out of the U.S. of A. at some point or other is fairly irrelevant. I simply want the option to say 'yea' or 'nay' in the near future. And, just like you, I need to be reminded on a daily basis why I am doing what I am doing LIAGE INTERNATIONAL 36 Dye Street Gamerville, NY 10923 1-800 25 AMIGA Outside N.Y. 914-786-1711 Voice - 914-786-1708 Fax Email: liage@qed.net Homepage: http www.qed.neyOiageinc !! NEW !!
$ 159.00 NEW IN BOX THE KARA COLLECTION CD A professional and unique collection of fonts, backgrounds, special effects, animations, titling, and presentations. 80 color fonts including effects such as bricks, glass, chrome, etc., plus hundreds of alternative color palettes, animated letters with effects like handwriting, rotating chatacters, static wipes, sparkles, & more. Animated space objects such as earth asteroid, comet, etc. Textures and backgrounds like granite, marble, sand-stone, wood etc. PFM & colorType software to edit all fonts. Includes additional printer downloadable fonts in
BAV. Anim-Bnish upgrade for Personal Paint up to version 6.4. Awesome Collection LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 49.95 RETRO GOLD CD Spectrum & CBM 64 Emulators with games for both Amiga & PC. Includes over 3,000 games and 1,200 CBM 64 Games for use from the C D on an Amiga or PC LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 21.95 NEW AMINET ft 17 Since the release of aminet 16, hundreds of megs of new software has been uploaded to the Aminet site. There has been so many uploads to the aminet site since the last release, that there was 110 room for a theme on this
CD. This is the very latest & greatest.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 17.95 INSIGHT DINOSAURS CD Fantastic Multimedia Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs On
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 6.99 WOMEN OF THE WEB CD This exciting new inuitimedia experience brings all the latest technology to your home. Using pictures, text files, animations,and sound samples. Over 450 Megs of information on over 250 of the world's most beautiful and famous women. Color Images & Video.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 31.95 POPULOUS H - PLUS EDITION Featuring: The Challenge Series Games. 40 unique challenges, 500 worlds Populous II Triials of the Olympian Gods. Incredible, Probably the best video game in the World.... Amiga CU Rated 97%.
Addictive... You could play until the Gods come home.
Over 35 Supernatural effects. Create your own God.
Design your own cities. Ancient monsters including Medusa and Kraken. Billions of worlds to support. 2 player modem support. Plus much more !
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.95 DAWN PATROL The AMIGA FLIGHT SIMULATION OF THE YEAR. The aeronautical experience of a lifetime 13 period aircraft. Over 150 missions. Over 4 times the resolution of standard VGA flight sims. Awesome!!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 16.95 ORDER TODAY !! Don’t Miss Out SUPER SKIDMARKS The racingest, chasingest game in Amiga history, has I just got 200 times better.More 1 cars, tracks, player options, and more view modes makes this the biggest & best racing game ever. Change your underwear, grab your joystick and lets go.
LIAGE PRICE $ 29.99 CANNON FODDER Platinum Edition "Brilliance, sheer unadulterated Brilliance". Excellent characters, Amiga Format Gold 95%. War has never been so much fun. Shoot anything that moves, throw grenades, shoot bazookas, drive tanks, fly choppers, split up and do your own thing. But please don't leave the screaming wounded to die. Bite the bullet, so to speak and do the decent thing; finish them off.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 SYNDICATE Platinum Edition one of the best games ever to appear on the amiga. An instant classic. Top-grade entertainment of the highest order. In the dark and twisted cities of tomorrow, corporate syndicates compete for global dominance.
Compete with 8 other Syndicates for control of over 50 territories. LIAGE PRICE $ 18.99 ARCADE CLASSICS PLUS CD Arcade Classics Plus Contains Hundreds of Variations of All Your Favorite Games.
Includes: Pacman, Asteroids, Invaders, Galaxians,, Donkey Kong, Pengo, Tetris, Defenfer, Frogger, Missle Command, Battlezone, Tempest, Combat, Tron, Space War, Thrust, Q-Bert, Lode Runner, Hunchback, Moon Patrol, Trail Blazer, Breakout, and Loads More. SPECIAL AT $ 20.95 AMINET 16 or 17 $ 17.95 THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA CD This New CD is an Exciting new Multi-Media CDROM. It Features a superb 256 color interface, hundreds of film dips, sound samples and subject information. Features include: True Multi-Media Interface unlike anything ever seen. The very latest information from around
the World Thousands of subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich. Hotlist editor so you can create lists of particular subjects. Fully spoken Media Show, Hundreds of Images, Import New subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk. Export Data to Printer or File and use it in your own projects.
Search and deep search facility. Create and add your own subject matter.
LIAGE SPECIAL $ 45.95 DUNE II BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS The best strategy game sver. Awesome graphics, incredible music & sound effects. Frantic & exciting.
Fight for control of Dune. 3 Armies, but only one can survive. Your battle begins NOW!
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 SPACE HULK The graphics are fantastic. Plenty of action and gripping play. Addictively challenging. A derelict spaceship is infested with Genestealers.
Immensely fast, immeasurably strong, these insectoid beasts from hell breed by planting their genes in living humans. Bolt on your power armour and awesome weaponry, You’re going in.
Terrifying real-time coinbat. Lightning fast freeze time Strategy. Over 50 deadly missions including Death Wing Campaign. 12 weapons including Lightning claws and assault Cannon. 5 man squads or multiple troops.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.99 VALHALLA & THE LORD OF INFINITY The first ever speech adventure. Four long years have passed since Infinity murdered Garamond, the King of Valhalla and claimed the crown, yet Garamonds’s young son and heir to the throne escaped the slaughter. Now come of age, the Prince is returning to enact vengeance for his father's death and claim his birthright . You are the Prince’s mentor on his quest, inching your way through four vast levels iu the chilling castle of Valhalla. You encounter a world crammed with logical puzzles and richly interactive characters. The
cinematic graphics are dazzling, the spine tingling sound track mesmerizing, in this magical world of words that redefines the adventure game. 96% Rating.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ VALHALLA BEFORE THE WAR The second ever speech adventure. In this sequel to the blockbuster, Valialla 1, you play Infinity’s mentor on his quest of hatred in which murder is the ultimate goal. Infinity has been jealous of his brother, the good King Garamond for as long as he can remember, and all for a twist of fate.
Infinity had been bom to late to be King. Set in the Mystical castle of Valhalla, you encounter a horde of brain melting puzzles through four vast levels of dazzling graphics and exceptional game play in which the art of cummimications is the name of the game.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 18.95 CHILDRENS7 CORNER AU Floppy Titles Bully’s Sporting Dans Dino Detective Agency High Sieel Huckleberry Hound
Y. Y PI ay days Point Postman Pat 3 Operation Hormuz
Snapperazzi Sooiy’s Fun With Numbersj Sooty & Sweep WOW!
Thomas The Tank Engine $ 6.99 Thomas’s Fun With Words $ 6.99 NOTE Add $ 5.50 Minimum for shipping (UPS Service) Within The USA. International Orders Must Use Credit Card, Or International Money Order. All Prices subject to change, subject to stock on hand.
NY residents subject to state tax.
V1SA MC D1SC AM. EXPRESS (besides the more mundane reasons of paying the rent and buying gas for the car, that is).
Also on the Work Wall, I have pinned pictures of my children, my grandchild, my mother and my fiancee. 1 want to be able to help these loved ones both financially and emotionally. Because I see their pictures several times a day, they are a constant and silent source of motivation and inspiration.
You might be surprised to learn that your picture might well be on my work wall, too. Several photos of my friends, a few fans, role models and even pictures of my best clients adorn one corner of the wall as does a list of all my clients names. Each time I glance at the wall, these names and pictures serve to remind me that I am working for them, and must keep their best interests at heart.
There is more. One eye-level card reads "The Task At Hand." This is where the list of this week's activities goes. And a card next to it lists the month's goals (sales volumes, that sort of thing) and weekly activities like when edits are due to be completed, when meetings are scheduled with clients, interview dates times and the like.
Day and Date One thing the Work Wall lacks is a calendar, and let me discuss this briefly.
I use a Day Runner "Time Management System" planning book with separate time sheets for every day of the week, and a separate section with two pages for every month of the year. EVERY meeting, every edit session, every follow-up phone call, every birthday or anniversary that 1 have to know about is in that calendar.
You don't need a calendar at your desk, another one in your briefcase, another one on the kitchen wall, another one in your study. You need ONE calendar that has everything combined, and you need it with you most every place you go!
As I sit here typing away, my own personal, portable "life-at-a-glance" sits just to the left of my keyboard, open to today's date. Glancing down and to the left, I know exactly who I have to call today and what I have to do today. Glancing up, I know why I am sitting here working, I know for whom I am working today, and 1 know exactly what has to be done next after this article is finished.
If you are a typical animator or video person, no doubt that you have a dozen projects all in various stages of completion or disarray going on at any given time. You are working on a client project or ten; you are attempting to prepare a news release; you are writing up a proposal for a big prospect; you have got a big production job booked for the end of the month and you have got a dinner meeting to attend this weekend. A Work Wall is an eminently simple, cheap and effective way to organize your work AND your life in one fell swoop.
Get yourself down to the local office discount store tomorrow morning and pick up a large bulletin board, a box of art tacks and a pack of 4" x 6" index cards. It doesn't have to be fancy, although you can cover a piece of thick foamcore in a hopsack fabric to match your office decor, of course. All it has to do is facilitate your own individual work flow.
You may feel that you don't need a Work Wall or a carry-around calendar system right now but face it as a motivated businessperson looking to succeed, you are well on your way to prosperity and success, and you are going to start implementing some of the tricks and techniques that we are sharing with you, and your business is going to grow and grow and grow. In that case, one of the best tricks I can tell you is to get prepared NOW to manage your growth and success.
• AC1 Amiga Developers Amiga User Groups Amiga Dealers DO IT NOW
We need your latest information to complete the long awaited AC
s GUIDE. If you are an Amiga developer or dealer, please copy
the form on the next page and complete it for each product and
service you provide. If you are an Amiga User Group, please
complete the same form and describe when and where your group
meets, what areas you cover and any other pertinent
information, Please complete the form and mail or fax it to the
address listed.
Only with your help, can we be certain your products, services, and organizations are included in this valuable resource.
Don't Miss, Steve Yankee's Master Video Series program "Secrets of Producing A Dynamite Demo Tape" (VHS 55 minutes, $ 34.95 & $ 3 s h.)
To order this tape, or to get a free one-year subscription to Steve's "Success Ideas" resource guide for video producers, call 1-800-544-4649.
Foreign, call 616-937-5117.
Visa MasterCard orders welcome.
Or send check or money order to: Steve Yankee Communications, Inc. 101 Washington Street, Suite 230 Grand Haven, MI 49417 Email syankee@springlakemi.com. Website: http: www.springlakemi.com
- syankee.
Relentless Promotional Copywriting and Marketing Services Info available at: http: www.springlakemi.com
- syankee aC‘ guide Amiga Vendor Product Registration Please make
as many copies of this form as needed Include a separate form
for each product to be listed Check here if you are a new
vendor or group. Please type or print clearly.
Please check one: New Product Listing Updated Product Listing Vendor Information: (please be sure that company name is complete and accurate watch use of caps) Company Name Address City State Zip Code Country Phone 1 FAX email Contact Person Web Site address: Product Information: (please be sure that product name is complete and accurate watch use of caps) Product Name Product Category (seo back of form) Version Information Suggested Retail Price (in U.S. dollars) If Affiliate Label, name affiliate Availability (when?)
Localization: Display (NTSC PAL) National Keyboards Foreign Language Support Foreign Distribution Product Description: (50-75 Words) Please be descriptive avoid hype language" Attach additional sheets if necessary.
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P. O. Box 2140 Fail River, MA 02722 Moving? Don’t forget to tell
your friends!
Stay in touch. Inform us of your move so we can continue to inform you of the Amiga marketplace. Send old and new address to: Subscription Services, Amazing Computing Magazine, PiM Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722.
TO ORDER CALL 800-544-6599 MON.-FR1. 8-6. SAT. 90 CST INFORMATION 414-548-8120 • FAX 414-548-8HO TECH SUPPORT'RMAs 414-548-8159 • 2-6 PM, Mon-Fri.
On 19874997 Safe harbor computers celebrating 10 years of service TOTHEMICACOMAKNm Terms: Pos accepted from schools and government agencies • Personal checks require 7 days to clear • Defective products replaced promptly. RMA number required (call 414-548-8159) for all merchandise returns.
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Opened software not returnable. Shipping charges not refundable, Returns subject to a 15% restocking fee
• Not responsible for typos.
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The ONLY Amiga image processing software you'll ever need!
Image F X 2.6 ......225.00 Audio Thunder ...69.99 Camelot Collection ......179.00 Capital Punishment 39.00 Control Tower ..199.00 Co-Pilot Audio ...99.00 Co-Pilot Video 1.0 ..99.00 Decision Maker 299.00 Diavolo Backup .....Call Digital Universe ...125.00 ImageMaster RT 75.95 Impact! 1.05 ....195.00 MacroForm 2.0 229.00 Monument Designer V2f....249.99 PageStream 2.2SE .39.00 PageStream
3.0i ..179.00 Personal Paint Call ProVector 3 .....179.00 SAS C Dev ..69.00 Scala MM400 ...339.00 Turbo Calc 4.0 ...66.00 Twist 2 Database .119.00 TypeSmith 2.5 ...39.00 Wavemaker 2.5 159.00 WordWorth 6,0 ..79.00 WordWorth Office ..99.00 World Construction Set 2.0..369.00 YBT 79.00 ZIP JAZ Tools 25.00 O Studio Printer II V2.13... .....84.00
©TermiteTCP iBrowse... .....89.00 © Wiz Mouse ... .....29.00 ©AWeb-112.1 . .....45.00 © i Rrnwse .....44.00 © Iomega ZIP JAZ Tools... .....25.00 0 ArtEffects 1.1 ... ...109.00 © Mega Mouse .....29.00 © Cross Dos 6.0 Pro .. .....39.00 © GPFAX Generic .....4799 SOFTWARE w Harddrives, Seagate Ultra Call Hydra Ethernet .279.00 JAZ Drive. Iomega 1GB, Ext..499.00 Mouse, Boing! 74.99 Picasso Display Board Call RocGen Plus ....195.00
Scanner, Epson 1000C......615.00 Surf Squirel .....139.00 Syquest EZ Flyer ...Call TBC IV ......795.00 Trackball - AmTRAC 69.99 ZIP Drive, Iomega 100MB...199.99 Zip Cartridges 10-Pk ...145.00 Stffk Accel, Cobra 40 Mhz ..199.00 Accel, Wildfire 2000..1189.00 SCSI-II HC Rapid1ire....149.00 SCSI Option Ferret 89.00 Spitfire SCSI-II 89.00 MegaChip 2000 ...199.00 MultiStart II 26.00 1202 Memory Board Call 3128 Board 195.00 Jog Shuttle ...349.00 Jog Shuttle MovieShop.419.00 MovieShop FIX Disks Call
MovieShop Upgrade Call Retina Z3 4MB 468.00 VI ab Motion ......Call Vlab Y C Int 489.00 HAAGE& PARTNERS Art Effect 1.1 .109.00 drawSTUDIO .129.00 StormC 2.0 .....Call Storm Wizard 109.00 Hardware Micro R. & D. Directory Opus 5.5 .89.00 Easy Ledgers 2 .....149.00 GP FAX Generic ......47.99 Mouse, WIZ 560 dpi .29.00 Power Supply 500 ..89.99 Power Supply 2000.....155.99 Speakers, 60 watt ...29.00 NewTek INCORPORATED Lightwave 5.0 .Call Lightwave Upgrade
289.00 Toaster 4000 ......2150.00 Toaster Flyer 4.0 .3999.00 Toaster 4.1 d Upgrade..489.00 EXPANSION 2000 3000 IDE 80.00 DataFlyer SCSI+ 1200...79.00 DataFlyer XDS 69.00 HighFlyer 4 000 Chassis ..389.00 TOSHIBA NEC CDR-1401A8X Int. 199.00 External .269.00 Toshiba 12X also available 3000 JPEG* Textures 26.00 3D Images .....15.00 Amiga Developer Vol 1.1 ..18.00 Amiga Repair Kit 39.00 Aminet Set 2,3,4 Call Aminet Vols 8-16 Call ASIMCD ROMFS 3.7 63.99 Corp Video Backgrounds .139.00 data MIX 14.00
DEM-ROM .....26.00 Digital Motions Flyer Clips.129.00 Digital Motions JPEG ....129.00 Eric Schwariz Prod 20.00 Fly FX CD .....189.00 Geek Gadgets 19.00 Global Amiga Experience.23.00 Humanoid Call Imagine PD3D 27.00 Kara Collection 79.00 Light ROM Vol 4 ....39.00 Light ROM Gold 29.00 Magic Workbench 24.00 MAND 2000 44.00 Meeting Pearls 5 ....10.00 Multimedia Backgrounds ..34.00 Octamed Sound Studio VI .35.00 Personal Suite 75.00 Print Studio Pro 29.00 ProPics .29.00
Pyromania 1 ..139.00 Surface Pro LW 3D 79.00 System Booster 19.00 Universal 3D 119.99 UPD Gold .....29.00 Utilities Experience 20.00 Video Collage 55.99 VideoGems ..95.00 Visual F X Vol 1& 2......199.00 ggCONSUlMW The Gateway Computer Jh- Show -V * aa • QfK Amiga 97 The Gateway Computer Show Amiga 97 (March 15-16) drew Amiga lovers and vendors from as far away as France. In fact,
J. F. Beachelet of Romactnat France won the LightWave 3D package
that was offered as a grand prize in the show's drawing. But,
this was not the only winner for this event.
The Amiga market received a boost from the enthusiastic turnout and spirit expressed at the event.
Over 900 attendees were present for the two day event. From young couples and college artists to Amiga hardened veterans, people drove from as far away as Denver, North Carolina, and New Orleans to discuss Amiga topics and purchase hard to find products.
Europe was represented as well with Richard Kiernan from HiSoft and Mathias Drees from the German Amiga Magazine.
Unfortunately, Continental Airline misrouted Mr. Kiernan's baggage and he never had his products for the show.
Amiga enthusiasts spent two days roaming the show floor, attending the different meetings and demonstrations, or attending some of the seminars and classes available. Many seminars were conducted at the show: Tips & Tricks of PageStream v3.2 by Andy Green, Using the Toaster Flyer by Norman Ford (NewTek), Web Page Design using HTML by Brian Flanagan, Advanced LightWave by Spike Dauner (NewTek), Advanced Web Page Design using HTML by Dave Waldrop, Arexx for the World Wide Web by Jim Goodnow II, and Dpaint & Special Video Effects by Brandt Dargue.
Generally the Amiga user groups and a few smaller companies maintained tables outside the main show, w'hile the main booth area was in the Harley Hotel's main ballroom.
Grafica Software Rene Amador was on hand to demonstrate Grafica Softw'are's new1 product, MoneySmart, exclusively for Amiga computers. MoneySmart is a program designed to help the home user and the small business owner organize his or her financial matters easily. MoneySmart is easy to use because the graphical user interface, which exists throughout the program, represents the paper materials
• • Smile buttons and balloons were the dress of the day as the
Gateway show took on the theme: The Amiga is Back!
Used in everyday account management on the computer screen. Additionally, when using MoneySmart, you deal with accounts and their contents. With MoneySmart you can: write checks, memorize checks, print checks, reconcile your bank statement, edit income and expense categories, set up a yearly budget, split categories, get reports, and handle credit cards and cash accounts.
Rene stated that the next upgrade will include the ability to import and export data from Quicken, Microsoft Money, and other programs. The new feature will use ASCII text files so you can edit your data in a text editor.
MoneySmart retails for $ 69.95 (plus S&H) and includes a User Manual. In addition, Grafica Software provides free technical support for registered MoneySmart users. System requirements include: AmigaDos 2.0 or above, Lont Topaz 8, printer driver for your printer, floppy disk (hard disk optional), and 512k of RAM.
Grafica Software, 5255 Stevens Creek Blvd Ste 282, Santa Clara, CA 95051, Tel: (408) 249-9275 Jason Compton’s Legacy Jason Compton who is known for his Amiga Report on-line magazine (as well as a short tenure as press officer for VIScorp) announced a new magazine produced on video tape, Legacy. Legacy is dedicated to the Amiga - its hottest products, its coolest tricks, and its future direction. Offering news reports, tutorials, and review's, the 90 minute Legacy will be available 5 times a year (3 in 1997). Single issue $ 14.95 each (+2.05 S&H), 1997-3 issues $ 12.95 each (+2.05 S&H per issue)
or 1997-98 - 8 issues $ 11.45 each (+2.05 S&H per issue). S&H price is for US only.
Legacy, P O Box 60711, Chicago, IL 60626, or wiWlv.xnet.com
- jcompton legacy .html 1AM IAM has combined DiskSalv4 and
MRBackup 2.5 in a package called SYA created to protect your
valuable investment. DiskSalv4 offers features never before
found in DiskSalv or other Amiga disk utilities, and it
supports all AmigaDOS file systems through 3.1. Use DiskSalv4
regularly to check your disks for trouble without actually
making any repairs. DiskSalv!
Grafica Software's Rene Amador was busy throughout the show demonstrating his financial software, MoneySmart, ARCUG (Amiga Response Crew Amiga Users Group) of Indiana was represented by (Irom Left to right): Bryant Pedigo, Andrew Gray, and J.R, Wilson.
Promises to recover data from a disk in severe trouble and to fix a number of disk problems directly on the problem disk, or it can locate valid partitions on a disk with an unknown layout or a damaged rigid disk block. Undeletes can often be performed in- place. A new filter mechanism, supports pattern matching on full pathnames, file notes, dates, file sizes, and or protection bites. Requires AmigaOS 2.04+ and 1MB RAM.
MRBackup 2.5 is the latest version of a backup program which has been available on the Amiga for ten years. MRBackup will protect your available files, remove rarely used files to free up needed space, and transfer very large files between systems.
Features: graphical user interface, complete Arexx interface launched separately or from the Macros menu, Amiga multitasking compliant, optional data compression, saveset catalog files to make retrieval of individual files easy, and it uses speech capabilities of the Amiga to present prompts. MRBackup works with a wide variety of media: floppy disk in AmigaDOS format, floppy disk in special "fast" format, any sequential file or device (local or networked) in "fast" format, and SCSI tape.
Optional speech requires DEVS:narrator.device and LIBS:translator.device. Intangible Assets Manufacturing, 828 Ormond Ave, Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2604, Voice (orders only) 610-853-4406, Fax 610-853- 3733 or visit them at http: wmv.iarn.com. Anti Gravity The Anti Gravity booth was showing the Siamese Systems. This program makes it possible to integrate Amiga, PC and Mac systems. Features include: single monitor automatically switches to PC if Amiga screen, single keyboard and mouse operation across all platforms, built in serial networking with all PC drives mounted on Amiga, uses fast SCSI
network with suitable SCSI interfaces, Read Write on any PC drive at speed including networked drives, full Arexx support built in and much more. The Siamese Pack includes an ISA Electronic Video, switcher, cables and comprehensive Siamese manual, plus PC and Amiga software.
Anti Gravity Products, 1649 16th St., Santa Monica C.A 90404, Sales Order Line: 800-7-GRAVITY, Sales FAX Line: 310-399- Directory was touring the floor.
8262, Service Center: 310-399-7446, Customer Service: 310-399-7782.
Compuquick Media Center Randi Jesrani was all smiles as his booth was constantly busy. His store was opened in Columbus, OH in August of 1990 and remains committed to the Amiga community. They not only sell Amiga systems (both new & used), but are an authorized Amiga service center. In addition to the Amiga systems, Compuquick carries a full range of Amiga products, and will put together "special orders" of Video-Toaster and Flyer systems. On the internet a simple Yahoo search on Compuquick will bring up a link to their site and they are also listed on all major search engines. (Web-site
address: http: www.infinet.com -compuquick, email address: compuquick@infinet.com). Compuquick supports the Amiga with pride and is dedicated to customer service and promptness of supply of Amiga products going out of their way to make available items customers want.
Compuquick Media Center, 3758 Town & Country Rd, Columbus, OH 43213, T F: 614-235-1180, Tel: 614-235-3601.
Nova Design, Inc. Nova Design showed their ImageFX 2.6. This upgrade features: complete NewTek Video Toaster Flyer 4.1 support, updated CyberGraphX previewing, new Fargo FotoFun support, Hewlett-Packard Scanjet Iic 3c 4c support, new wireless program, updated effects, and new effects. The upgrade price is only $ 34.95 plus shipping and handling, ($ 5.00 US, $ 7.00 elsewhere) for registered owners of ImageFX2.0 and higher. Contact their order lines at 1-800- image-69 or 804-282-1157 to place your order.
Also featured was their Aladdin 4D upgrade for only $ 99.95. Many new features are involved and current owners of any version of Aladdin 4D can upgrade to Aladdin 4D 5.0 for this price plus shipping.
Retail on this package is $ 349.95. As a bonus Aladdin 4D owners can also crossgrade to the current ImageFX version for only $ 124.95 (retail is $ 349.95). Bonusx2!
ImageFX owners can also crossgrade and get the all new Aladdin 4D for only $ 99.95 as well.
Nova Design also distributed a video demo tape of ImageFX and Aladdin 4D.
The tape features footage from videos and films using ImageFX and Aladdin 4D and demonstrates their power and possibilities.
Other segments of the tape feature specially commissioned sequences show off all the newest features of ImageFX. Animated fires, blue screen composites, lightning, distorts, morphs, liquid effects and much more! The demo was created by Bohus Blahut of The Vantage Point and uses the contributions of many professionals in the video and film world.
By Hook or By Crook The Gateway Amiga Club Inc. garnered publicity for the Gateway Computer Show Amiga 97 by a variety of methods. Bob Scharp (right), GAC show coordinator, was featured on station WEW 77 AM on an hour- long radio broadcast called Computer Time.
Computer Time was hosted by Joe Balserratti (left), owner of Software To Go in Clayton Missouri. This live call-in talk show was heard throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.
The video tape is free to all Amiga dealers, Video Toaster Flyer dealers, or stores carrying Amiga software. User groups may get a copy of the demo tape by contacting Nova Design, Inc. and then putting Nova on their subscriber list for their newsletter. The tape may be freely copied and given away to anyone. Dealers should call to order a copy of the tape.
Others wishing a copy can get one for $ 10, $ 5 more if shipping outside the The Topolino (arrow points to device above) is an adapter to use PC-style mouse devices on the Amiga. This device appeared first in the HiSoft Booth on Saturday (none ot their materials arrived) and then it was seen in the user group area on Sunday. No further information is currently available.
Continental US, that covers our manufacturing costs and shipping charges. Those interested in ordering their own copy MUST call 1-800-1MAGE-69, or (804) 282- 1157, Monday through Friday between 1pm and 4pm eastern time, to place their order.
Nova Design, Inc, 1910 Byrd Avenue Suite 214, Richmond, VA 23230, Customer support: 804-282-6528, Business: 804-282- 5868, Fax: 804-282-3768 NewTek NewTek's booth was packed with a variety of their products. Shown was The Video Toaster: "Television-Studio-ln-A-Box which provides the user with all the tools necessary to produce broadcast-quality video at a price affordable to home users, the Video Toaster Flyer which is their broadcast quality, nonlinear editing system allowing users to edit video and audio without the complexity of an analog videotape-based system, and last but not least
LightWave 3D which is a powerful animation system in a price range for everyone offering features such as ray tracing, motion blur, depth of field, variable lens settings and much more.
NewTek, Call 1-800-TOASTER, outside the US call 913-228-8000 or check out their web site at: www.newtek.com Ozware A new program from Ozware was shown which brings the Toaster's powerful Framestore sequencing capabilities back to life. Aussie's Fast Frames (available immediately for $ 69) records any sequence of Framestores, Effects and CG pages into a Flyer video clip but leaves out ALL "loading time" delays. Run the clip to see Framestores and titles playing as fast as 15 per second, and video effects triggering immediately one after the other.
Fast Frames records the Framestore sequence in "real time", as fast as the Flyer can play. Designing sequences is easy since all loading times are irrelevant. Fast Frames also has options to let you quickly repeat effects, replace cuts with fades, and butt effects together. Other tools help create titles that type on the screen like a typewriter, or automatically build a CG list with each line of text coming quickly with its own effect.
Aussie's Fast Frames works with every version of NewTek's Video Flyer nonlinear editing system. It will also share hard drive resources with Ozware's Co-Pilot series of high speed editing tools, also featured at the show. Aussie's Fast Frames is available from NewTek Amiga dealers or you can order directly from Ozware at (360) 805-
0148. Ozware is located at 21230 Meadow Lake Road, Snohomish, WA
98290. Send e- mail to ozware@aol.com and check out their
web page at www.vionline.com ozware for more detailed
product descriptions. Aussie also writes a monthly column
of tutorials and tricks in the free Third Part Web Magazine
(www.vionline.com newtek). Visual Inspirations Visual
Inspiration products were being shown in the Ozware booth.
The title Merlin's Software takes the mystery and hassle
out of Internet presence by providing you with: design, set
up and maintenance of your web site, promotion and
marketing of your internet site, graphics, animation, music
and video clips to meet your needs, ability to set up your
e-mail account and customer database as well as internet
programming for customized services.
Their other title Visual fx allows you to harness all of the power of ImageFX and begin to turn out top notch images and video sequences. No previous ImageFX experience is needed. Each volume comes with 20 effects, each of which has a full 30 frame preview animation attached.
Volumes for LightWave are also available.
Visual Inspirations, 809 W Hollywood, Tampa, FL 33604, T F: 813-935-6410, or http: www.vionline.com ProWave, Inc. ProWave, Inc. featured Render FX and ProMix at their booth. Render FX with an SRP of $ 129.95 plus S&H has developed a way to render any toaster effect directly to a flyer drive, with no loss. Once the effect is a clip, you can use ProMix Tools to create audio cross-fades and join the clips into a single A V clip. What this means is that you will never see that "not enough time to load effect" message again. In fact, you can even layer effects.
ProWave has also built an envelope editor for effects and transitions. With this you can execute a partial transition and return back to the original clip. This means that those 20% layered dissolves you used to do manually with the T-Bar will once again be at your fingertips.
ProMix, with an SRP of $ 99.95, will mix your selected audio clips down to a single clip, while preserving audio levels, pans, balance, fades, and timing. You can layer, and layer, and layer audio - with digital accuracy. ProMix is a set of four audio tools. In addition to mixing you can: add replace audio on a video clip or animation; replace mix audio from one video clip to another for those multiple camera shoots; join video clips or audio clips to make a single clip; or insert a section of audio into an existing clip without disturbing the audio before or after the insert.
Order either by calling 1-800-930-anim (orders only); international orders call
(205) -551-7710 or call (205) 830-2767 for more information.
ProWave Inc, 7950 Highway 72 West Unit G102, Madison AL
Silent Paw Productions New from Silent Paw Productions is PUMA and LEAP Projects. This is Silent Paw's new line of PowerPC (PPC) based systems. Current Prototypes include a desktop and a laptop. These systems include support for multiple PPC processors and will utilize BE OS, p-OS or LINUX.
Support for AMIGADOS will be covered within the PRODAD p-OS or future versions of AMIGADOS. Release date for the PUMA laptop and LEAP desktop are currently set for the third quarter of 1997.
Silent Paw also produces the PAWSTRAC trackball which is a palm sized, high precision pointing device; the CUB, a stand alone LCD panel for use with a desktop video suite which comes with Active Matrix LCD, LCD Panel driver, and power supply; the Paws 1200 Portable Amiga Workstation; and the Gecko Converter which is an external video converter that allows a user to utilize any standard VGA or SVGA monitor in most Amiga modes.
Silent Paw Products, P O Box 1825, Manassas, VA 22110, Tel (703)-330-7290, FAX (703) 330-5752 or on the internet: slntpaw@ix.netcom.com, or Compuserve:GO SPAW (Amiga Vendor Forum) Y C Plus Inc Todd Kroeker of Y C Plus was showing a few new products. The first is the YCP-VTT Toaster Calibrator. This product eliminates the "Toaster Not Responding" or "Toaster Will Not Genlock" and "Toaster Will Not Auto Hue" messages. The YCP-VTT includes an easy to read LED for testing the power supply in the Amiga or PC. The bright LEDs will not light if the voltage drops under 0.2 of a volt of the listed
voltage. The kit comes with a simply instructional VHS tape.
Y C Plus also showed a new line of color monitors for Amiga Computers, RGB, Video and more. The line includes a YCP- 20M 20" (SRP $ 599.00), YCP-25M 25" (SRP $ 799.00) & YCP-27M 27" (SRP $ 899.00). This new series of color monitors also offers a solution for basic 15.75 kHz RGB video requirements. The chassis is manufactured by Philips. Y C Plus adds additional electronics for a crisp clean RGB input from any Amiga computer or other RGB video source.
YCP monitor features include: six foot 23 Pin Female to 9 Pin Female, Y C (s- video) Input (4 pin micro din), Composite Video Input (BNC), RGB Input, cable optional, direct audio input via RCA connector, 181 channel cable ready tuner, on screen control menu, mono audio input, closed captioning compatible with all FCC recognized modes, audio video mutes with loss of signal, 120V AC, 60 Hz. An optional remote control sells for $ 38.00 and an optional RGB (9 pin to 4 BNC) cable is $ 44.95. Also introduced was a YCP-13M 13" color monitor with an SRP of $ 439.00. This monitor has true RGB input and
operates in the same manner as the former Commodore
1084. The YCP-13M displays NTSC Hires monitor mode from the Amiga
computer. It also accepts standard Red, Green & Blue inputs
with optional cable. It also has composite video, Y C and
mono audio inputs. As an added bonus the YCP-13M also has a
181 channel cable ready tuner and remote control. Of course
the monitor is designed to operate with the NewTek Video
Toaster and Flyer systems. Because the monitor is true RGB
there is no dot crawl or flicker in the Hires
non-interlaced mode.
Y C Plus Inc, 310 SW 6th Ave, Topeka, KS 66603-3109, Tel (913) 235-5014, Fax (913) 235-3485, or call toll free anywhere in the USA and Canada 1-800-586-1700, e-mail: ycplus@kspress.com. ProvTech ProvTech is a home-office-based small business specializing in niche hardware for the Amiga computer. Their first product, the SIMM adapter for the A3000 has done well worldwide. ProvTech is now putting the finishing touches on another adapter, the AmiFAST-11. This adapter is designed for the A2386SX Bridgeboard, the PC emulator for the Amiga, and also for a predominantly European card, the AlfaData
2008-1DE. In addition, a pair of AmiFAST- 11s can be installed into the A3000T system.
In both cases these products allow Amiga 3000 users to switch from hard-to-find ZIP chip memory to standard 72-pin PC SIMM modules, providing a more cost-effective solution for memory expansion.
ProvTech has plans for expanding its product line to include a new keyboard design that will incorporate many new and innovative features. This keyboard design will find a much broader audience by filling the needs of Pcs and Amigas.
Oregon Research The Oregon Research booth was manned by Gateway Amiga Club members.
Unfortunately Bob Luneski, President of Oregon Research , was unable to come. He had sent a letter to the club and attendees explaining that current Amiga situations make it impossible for him to attend. He called for a support of Amiga developers and promised to continue Oregon Research's commitment to quality software and solutions.
Amiga Termite TCP & Ibrowse demo disks were available as well as sales sheets and order forms on the variety of software directly available through Oregon Research.
Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. Soft-Logik was showing their PageStream 3.1 3.2 for the Amiga which was released in October 1996. A version of PageStream for Windows is in development. A new Amiga and Macintosh version is also planned for late Spring 1997.
In addition, Soft-Logik had Organize (a Personal Information Manager) and the Wordworth word processing package on display.
National Amiga National Amiga was selling a showroom of merchandise. They were also focusing on their new keyboard adaptor. National Amiga and MicroBit Research have developed a new solution that will allow Amiga users to place a 104-key PC keyboard with an Amiga 2000 3000 or 4000.
They have mapped a PC104 key keyboard Reprints Reprints TO ORDER CUSTOM REPRINTS OF ARTICLES IN: Amazing Amiga X L COM PUTINC C7 f CALL JILL HUGHES AT: (800) 259-0470 Reprints Reprints to an Amiga keymap by using the Windoze keys as Amiga keys. They have also created some extra special keyboard functions to make using your Amiga easier. These new features include: Left Amiga-m to switch between screens, Left Amiga-n to take you back to WorkBench, Left Amiga-v for OK, and Left Amiga-b for CANCEL. The suggested retail price is $ 39CAD. For more information on the Insert 104, visit their website
at www.nationalamiga.com or call them.
A Ne Amiga developers meet to determine cooperative strategies to continue Amiga development.
National Amiga, 111 Waterloo St. 101, London, Ontario, N6B2M4, (519) 858- 8760, Fax: (519) 858-8762.
Micro R&D Micro R&D had several products in their booth. MouseMaster ($ 49.95) products allows the Amiga to use two joysticks on one port. Slingshot Pro ($ 59.95) lets A500 users mount up to 3 A2000 style slot on their computer. The Wizard 3-button mouse ($ 39.95) was also on display. MicroR&D,
P. O Box 130,721 O Street, Loup City, NE 68853, TEL: (800)
527-8797 or (308)-745-1243, FAX: (308)-745-1246, Web Site:
www.microd.com It Is Not Over!
The GAC did a great job and the entire Amiga community is indebted to them for this effort. The often heard question was, "When can we do this again?"
With only hours available to create this piece in time for this month's press run and only a small (5 pages!) Amount of space to cover everything, we know we have left some user groups and other companies off the list. We will follow-up this article next month with a coverage of anyone we have missed (as well as more pictures).
If you are not in this article and your product and service was offered, please give us a call. Everyone deserves an enthusiastic slap on the back for the outstanding job they did in this show and we do not want to leave anyone behind. »AC* On Sunday morning, March 17, 1997, at 8:30 AM Kermit Woodall of Nova Design Inc, hosted a very informal meeting of developers and interested parties at the Gateway Computer Show.
The purpose of the meeting was outlined in a prepared agenda and distributed to the attendees. The meeting called for Amiga developer interaction via the internet with a web site and FTP site.
WWW.Amiga.org developer was eventually selected as the natural site for this work.
Stressing no formal voting, coordination by members in areas of their expertise, and a hands-on approach to solving.problems, Mr. Woodall addressed the need for the Amiga developers to work together. He noted that the original Amiga developers brought products to market without a Commodore run organization to get in the way, The effort throughout the meeting was on the ability of the Amiga developers to help themselves.
New Standards One major factor of the meeting was the need to establish new standards for the continued development of Amiga software and hardware. The agenda called for standards in the areas of a new AmigaGuide (possibly based on HTML code), real Twain, a further refinement of IFF tLBM, AN1M, and sample code collections, However, the point was again stressed that these were suggestions and areas that immediately came to mind, but everyone was free to suggest other areas of need.
Working Together The main push at the meeting was the need for everyone to work together. A new Developer directory should be established so that members could continue to contact one another.
Developers could share announcements and offer each other products or special rates on products and services. A point was made that the developers could share in a mass direct mailing to Amiga users.
They could also join together in like- minded advertising, booth sharing at trade shows, and lead sharing.
For Further Information Amazing Computing will continue to support and to follow the efforts of this new Amiga developer's association. If you wish to join or add your thoughts, please address them to WWW.Amiga.org develnper or send them by FAX to Amazing Computing at
(508) 675-6002 or by mail to Amazing Developer PiM Publications
Inc., P.O. Box 9490, Fall River, MA 02720.
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Credit Card Orders: 1-800-345-3360 (toll-free in the US and Canada) International Orders: 1-508-678-4200 Fax orders: 1-508-675-6002 Mail checks or money orders to:PiM Publications Inc.,
P. O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722 The Amiga Sale: Round Two
Amiga Technologies’ President, Petro Tyschtschenko, breaks a
long silence ' to tell the Amiga community what has happened
and his expectations.
In late February, Petro Tyschtschenko, the president of Amiga Technologies in Germany, placed a statement on the Amiga Technologies web site in German. After several attempts by users to translate the text into English, on March 10 Mr. Tyschtschenko placed an English version of his statement in the English portion of the AT web site.
Dear AMIGA community: It has been a long time since you received the last message from our Homepage. Since October nothing happened? So it seems at least. But this is not entirely true.
First of all, I wish to say thank you to everyone for the numerous emails I received. Of course, I got criticism for my long silence, but in most cases I received motivating encouragement! For these, I thank you very heartily. It is really a great feeling to know that you can still rely on the AMIGA community.
What happened meanwhile?
First, VIScorp is officially out of the race. There are still some stubborn rumors that VIScorp is interested in AMIGA, but officially there is nothing concrete. Thank God I could convince the trustee not to smash AMIGA for the present.
Since bankruptcy on July 15th 1996, we continued our business under the same conditions as if the bankruptcy has never happened. In fact, our distribution network has grown. New AMIGA distributors are selling our products successfully in Russia and in Malaysia.
Our price structure of our products is on the same level as before the bankruptcy.
With our sales, we can keep ourselves easily alive and this is great under these difficult circumstances.
Thanks to all AMIGA fans who actively helped to keep our company alive by buying our products!
Since VIScorp is out of the race, the trustee received a number of very interesting takeover offers for AMIGA.
He did not commit himself yet, but how I assess the situation is that there will be a decision at short notice.
Who are the bidders?
These are companies involved in the bidding process who want to continue AMIGA and are also able to guarantee a future for AMIGA. Of course, there are also companies who only wish to purchase parts of AMIGA, like the intellectual property. Ultimately, the administrator will make his decision of who will get AMIGA.
This decision will be based on the size of the offer versus what can be achieved for the overall AMIGA. The highest offer is decisive, provided that it is financially secured. Please be sure that we are looking forward to some weeks full of tension.
How are we handling our current business?
Our company is currently maintained by three employees: Axel Kraemer and Andreas Steep located in Braunschweig and myself. Meanwhile I have moved my office into the former ESCOM AG building. From here I try my best to keep AMIGA alive. Please refer to the employee page for further details.
As soon as there is a decision about who is the successful bidder and future AMIGA owner, you can be absolutely sure that 1 will provide you with details.
See you soon.
Yours, Petro Tyschtschenko, President Amiga Technologies As of press time, no announcement concerning the disposition of Amiga Technologies has been made.
Watch these pages! As always, AC will remain on top of this story. When news is officially available, AC will promptly provide its readers with the breaking story. Amazing Computing News you can trust.
I'axlimi AMIGA RKPUGKMKNT CHIPS A Nil SYSTEM lIPCItADES I'axtmn Paxtron is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips Gary (390540-02) .....$ 32-95
4. 50 3-50 Super Busier Rev 11 (390539-11)... Bndgette
(391380-01) . .
Video DAC (391422 01) 68COOCPU (390084-07) . .. .
68C20-16 (3915C6-01) MC 68882RC25A PGA New (390434-01)... MC 68882RC20A PGA MC 68382RC33A PGA XC 50882RC4OA PGA MC 68030FE2SB OFP (390399 05) $ 34, S29.
$ '9.
. $ 13.
. $ 18.
. .$ 19. . $ 3C.
. $ 37.
, $ 69 . $ 19.
2. 04 ROM
O S Si9.95
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A500 &A2000) ......$ 19 95 2 04 ROM
A3000 (Set 012 Rom 0M) S34 50 2 I WoiKbrnr.h for floppy users
(complete O S w-lhout support tile) $ 7 95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) .$ 49.95
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4000) ....$ 62.50 3 1
ROM (A 1200' . $ 62 50 3 i ROM(s) Sottware Maruai $ 124
CC S137 50 ROM SwiiclVSwitch-)tl with
speaker ..$ 17.50
3. 1 manual
only .....$ 69 95
3. 1
Software .$ 10.00
3. 1 Workbench lor floppy users (complete O S without support
file) .$ 7.95 A2091 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ..$ 19.95 A2620 30 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ......$ 19.95 8520
CIA ...$ 11.95
8372A 8375 Agnus with diagnostic disk guide. ..$ 29.95 8375-B
(2MB) (A3000) 318069-03 ...$ 25.50 8375-10
Agnus (318069-10) PAL .....$ 17 95 8375-19
Agnus (318069-18) 2 meg PAL ....SI5.95 Paula (8364)
A500 A2000 ....$ 10 95 Denise (8362)
A500 A2000 .....$ 10 95 Super Denise
0373 w diagnoshc disk .$ 19.95 Gary 5719
A500A2000 S10.95 Buster
5721 (A200Q) ....$ 16.95
6SOOO-8MHZ CPU (DIP) $ 11.50
68000-16MHz CPU (DIP) ......$ 22.50
68030-RC50 PGA ....$ 84.50
PGA ......$ 24.95
Weslern Digital SCSI chip 8A .....$ 24.95
Video Hybrid - (A500 390229-03) ....S9.95 GVP
Upgrade Chip Series II ...$ 29.95
8520PLCC (391078-02) Amber (390538 03) DM AC
4 (390537-04) ... Usa (391227
01). . .
Ramsey (rev 4) 39C544 04 .
Ramsey (rev 7) 390541-07 Alice 8374 (391010 01) Gal (XU9) (390123 01)) Gayle (315107 02) Buugie (391425-01) ... Super Dense(391554-01) .
3. 00 C50
9. 95 J 95 MC 6803CRC5C PGA $ 79 95 MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New)
CD32 (no RAM memory) NTSC ...S89 95 CD32
complete with RAM tested NTSC ...$ 109.95 CD32 compieie
with RAM tested (PAL) ......$ 89-95 CD32 replacement CD
mechanism ..$ 39.95 A500 (rev. 3) inc all
chips ...$ 39 95 A5Q0 (Rev.
5 6) ......$ 89.50
.$ 134.00
A1200 (NTSC) Umitod quantity 3.0 OS an nunory Nwr $ 300.00
A12001 PAL) Lnw« uuartty 3.0 &S af nwxjry New. .,$ 300.00 A2000
LATE Rev. 8372 2.05 ... $ 399.95 A3000(
16MHz) ...$ 264.50
(25MHz) .....$ 294.50
A3000T (Tower) 25MHz ...$ 389.95
C64 (refurbished, lesled all
chips) ....$ 29.95 G64 untested, all chips
clearance 2 $ 25.00 AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES
(Factory New) Airfcja “Q-Drive" 1241 CD ROM Drive for I he
A1200.S179.95 High Dens. External floppy for all
Amigas ..$ 114.95 High Dervsriy Internal Floppy Dnve:
A40Q0 ......$ 104.95
A2000 . $ 109 50 A500 Inferno 880k $ 38 96 A600 1200
Internal ..$ 47.50
A2000 internal 880k .....$ 39.95 A3000
internal 080k $ 49 95 A4000 ir'emai 080k $ 49 95 CD32
Rcp'dCement CD mechanism .$ 39.95 1541 (ref
urbrsl.e:) $ 39 95 1571 (lirtted quantify) $ 49 95 POWER
SUPPLIES (Factory New) A500
...$ 38.95
A500 A600 AI200 Big Ft. (200 Walt) Micro R D......$ 79.95 A50O
power supply (used) 220 volts Europe.....$ 19 95 A590
.$ 19.95
A1200 1 IQ volts original laclory $ 38.95 CD32 Original
Factory (110 volts) ..$ 21.95 CD32 Original
Factory (220 volts) $ 14.95 CD32 Big Fool
(200 Wall) Micro R D ...$ 74.50 A2000 1KV220V.
Internal original ....$ 89.95 A2000 Big Fool
(300 Watt) Micro R D ......$ 144.50 A3000 internal
(110 220 volts) ......$ 110.00 A3000 Big Foot
(250 watts) Micro R D $ 144 50 A3000
Tower .$ 124.00
A4000 internal (110
volts) .$ 119.00 A4000 int. 300
Watt Big Fool (exchange) $ 169.95 1084S Phillips Ffybaek
Transformer only .....$ 34.95 1084-Dl Phillips Daewoo
Flyback only .....$ 38.50 1084-D2 Daewoo Flyback
Transformer only.....$ 38.50 1084S new
Motherboard Flyback .....$ 69.95 1084S power
supply board (refurbished) .....$ 29.95 G64
nonrepayable ..$ 14.95
repairable .$ i9-95
C64 5.2 amp Heavy Duty (also 1750 REU) $ 39.95 C65 110
Volt ....S21.95
C128 external 5.2
amps ...$ 39.95 1541
.11 1581 .$ 7.50
KEYBOARDS (Factory New) A500 (limited
quantity) ..$ 39.95 A600
$ 26.50
C128D (limited
quantity) $ 24.95
A1200 .. $ 34,95 A2000
(Amiga Technologies) ...$ 74,50 A30Q0
(Am»ga Technologies) .....$ 74.50 A4000
(Ami-ga Technologies) ....$ 74.50 A2000
keyboard adapter to A40O0 .....$ 8.95 ADD ON
BOARDS (Factory New) 68020-030
(A4000) ....$ 67.95
A2058 (0K) (A2000) Expansion board 8K ....$ 69.95 A50I
original Ram Exp- 512K (A500) ......$ 17.95 Microway
Flickerlixer ...$ 224.00
Slingshot Pro pass thru (Micro R D) .$ 37.50
A1050 RAM Expander (A 1000} 256K ..$ 10.95 APOLLO
ACCELERATORS 1230 Lie 25MH: 6*030 W MMU+FPU Jo: A1200
axnpuiers $ 144.95 123O 50MHZ 68030 for A1200
computers .$ 239.00 1240 25MHz 68040 for A1200
computers .$ 369.95 1240 40MHZ 68040 for A1200
computers .$ 459.95 126O 50MHz 68060 lor A1200
computers .$ 729.95 1200 SCSI Module for Apollo A1200
accelerators $ 129.00 2030 25MHz 68030+68882+SCSI-2 for
A2000S299.95 2030 50MHz 68030+68882+SCSI-2 for A2000S389.95
2040 25MHZ 68040+SCSI-2 lor A2000 .....$ 449.00
2O4(V40MHz 6804G+SCSI-2 lor A2000 ....$ 529.00 2060 50MHZ
68060+SCSI-2 for A2000 .....$ 849.95 3060 50MHz
68060+SCSI-2 (or A3000 Desktop .$ 829.95 3040'40MHz
68040+SCSI-2 for A3000 Desktop .$ 559.95 4040 40MHz
68040+SCSI-2 for A3000T & A4000(T) $ 559.95 406Q 50MH2 68060+
SCSI-2 lor A3000T & A4000(T) $ 819.95 Mini Meg 2Mb Chip RAM
Board .$ 185.00
SX32 .....$ 299.00
PHASE 5 ACCELERATORS Blizzard 1260 Turbo
Board ......$ 749.95 Blizzard 1230-1V
Turbo Board S289.95 optional Blizzard
1260 or 1230 IV SCSI Kit. $ 169 95 Blizzard 2060 Turbo Board .
$ 849 95 Cyberstorm Mark II 060 5CMHz . $ 849 95 Cytwrsiorm Fast
SCSI-2 Module......S179 95 CyberV sion 64 3D 2Mb Caii
Cyt*?rVis*on 64-30 4Mb $ 389 95 CyberVision 64 3D MPEG Module
.. -Ca«l CyberVision 64 3D Scar Doubter Monitor Swich Ca-i
Software .$ 49.95 MOUSE
CONTROLLERS (Factory New) Amiga
1352 .....$ 22.50
Wizard 3-button (for all Amigas) ......$ 22.95
A4000 ....$ 26.85
CDTV .$ 15.95
Amiga A1200 mouse port replacement kit S7.95 CD32
controller ..$ 11.75
DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga Analyzer (see below)
.....S59.95 Final Test diagnostic disk by
Amiga ....$ 7.95 Amiga Troubleshooting
Guide ...S7.95 Commodore Diagnostician
II $ 6.95 Complete Service
Manuals: A500, A500+, 590, A1000, 1230 printer, 1802, 1902,
1902A, 1934, 2002, 2091, 2300, 2630, CDTV, 1581,
C65 .$ 19.95 A500 schematics. A600,
1064S, 1084S-DI, 1084ST, 1936A, I960,
A2000 .....$ 24.00 A1200,
A3Q00, A3000T. A4QO0, CD32 .$ 39.95 CLEARANCE SALE
A500 Computer (NTSC) with P S .$ 119.95 A520
(New) Video Modulator Adapter $ 12.50
2. 04 3.1 ROM Switch - (Switch 111) with speaker...$ 17,50 15-23
pin adapter cable ...$ 19.95
Monitor Cables - 30 Different types ..CALL
Monitors: 1O04S. 1802.
Etc ...CALL Laser printer
memory board OK (All HP unils)....$ 24.95 Sony OD6150 data
cartridge $ 7.50 Joystick -
Captain Grant (for all Amigas) $ 2 99 ? ONLY AT
AMIGA A3000 - TWO CHEAT DEALS Amiga A3000 (25MHz) Computer Includes:
• Factory Refurbished Motherboard (keyboard, P S, etc are NEW).
• Complete A3000 Service Manual (valued at $ 39.95).
• User Manual.
• 90 Doy Warranty.
$ 524.95 (plus UPS) Amiga A3000 Computer (in kit form) Includes:
• A3000 16MHz (factory refurbished) motherboard with 2 megs of
RAM (25MHz version, add $ 35,00),
• New A3000 Power Supply (1 10 or 220 volts).
• New A3000 Floppy Drive.
• New Daughter Boord.
• Amiga 3000 Mouse
• Full A3000 Service Monual (valued at $ 39.95).
• User Manual.
• All Cabling.
• 90 Day Warranty (on motherboard only).
$ 489.95 (plus UPS) SPECIAL OPTIONS Ramsey 7 Upgrade .....$ 31.95 DMAC 4 Upgrade ......$ 29.95 Super Buster 11 Upgrade ...$ 29.95 Western Digital SCSI 8A ....$ 23.95
3. 1 Operating System Upgrade
ROM ...$ 57.50
3. 1 ROM Software (package of 7
discs) .$ 7.50
3. 1 Books Monual (without disks or
ROM) .....CALL 1 x 4 Static
Column ZIP (8 zips = 4
megs) ....$ 7.00 Hard
Drive . CALL AmiFAST 3000 Adapter (ZIP to SIMM
adapter) ......$ 74.50 Rack Mounted
Cabinet ......$ 54,00
Spare A300 Motherboards - See lop half af ad (Motherboard
Section) for prices ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER 2.0™ Am
Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer That Works On All Amigas A
complete diagnostic hordwore and software analyzer (uses point
and click software interface.) The analyzer cable plugs into
all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated
software, displays 8 screens to work from. Shows status of
data ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and
outo test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors
from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what
errors ore found ond the chips components responsible. 85 ta
90% of the problems presented to service centers are found
with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no
end user or repair shop con afford to be without one. Don't be
foaled by its law cast. Simply plug in cables from the
onalyzer box. This diagnostic taal is used by end users ond
AMIGA repair centers worldwide and is the only one af its
kind. Over 15,000 sold.
New low price Amiga "Q-Drive" 1241 CD ROM Drive for the A1200 The Amiga Technologies "Q-Drive'* 1241 is a PCMCIA interface for the Amiga 1200 (CD32 emulator). It is a super fas* CD-ROM drive equipped with a PCMCIA connector Price: $ 179.95 (Quantity pricing available) ??? WANTED ???
Get Cash for your A2000 computers.
New or Used (NTSC or PAL).
We pay top dollar. We also pay UPS shipping charges.
ATTENTION DEALERS Paxtron has been appointed as a North American distributor for ACT Apollo and Phase 5 accelerators. Give us a chance to quote you our best prices._ New enlarged Web page: www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and price changes. Visit us and check it out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknet.com. ATTENTION DEALERS: it you would like to receive our dealer catalog fax us your letterhead.
28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 • 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-578-6550 Paxtron CORPORATION Hours: 9-5 pm ET Mon.-Fri, • Add S6.Q0 UPS Charges - MC VISA * Prices subject to change E-Mail for orders & correspondence: p8xtroncorpSrcknet.com WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!
Video Toaster™ Support Fiyer™ Support Lightwave 3D™ Support Blue and Green Screening Morphing and Warping Wire Removal File Format Conversion Image Processing and Effects Arexx and Batch Processing 1 PiM Publications, Inc. reserves the right to edit product descriptions.

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