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the Amiga market has suffered a great deal of continued disappointment over these and similar episodes for the past several ye.1rs. Petro Tyschtschenko still holds the chief position at Amiga Technologies in Germany. In a recent conversation, he told me that he was answering phones, handling deposits, and basically keeping the office moving. He is working directly for the trustee who, according to Petro, has several bidders currently for Amiga Technologies. Unfortunately, the trustee has not responded to our inquiries and we arc unable to verify the number of bidders now in contention. However, it is safe to say that more than one could cause further problems and delays if they are played one against the other as we have seen in earlier episodes. One truth does remain, the trustee is under pressure to sell off the Amiga. According to one executive who did not want to be identified, Amiga Technologies is the last of the Escom assets tu be sold. There should be abnormal pressure on the trustee to settle this matter quickly so the creditors can be paid. With this pressure and the knowledge that the Amiga's assets will continue to decline, the trustee must move now. As Amiga users

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P. O. Box 2140, Fall River, MA 02722 9 New Products & Other neat
stuff VIScorp announces a change in their bid status, Aurora
Works begins Amiga development, and Air Mail for Amiga email
is released.
12 Columns with Personality by R. Shamms Morlier Create personality in your art by capturing the personality of your 3D objects with one of the powerful 3D programs available for the Amiga.
18 PageStream 3.2 by R. Shawms Mortier PageStream 3.2 and Tune-up 3 is the main DeskTop publishing package on the Amiga, just what does this new version add to the Versatility of the program that is Amiga's answer to this Mac and IBM dominated field.
26 Roughing The Text by Nick Cook The DeskTop Publishing tutorials continue with Nick's unique approach of applying image filters to text for dramatic results.
28 On Line by Rob Hays Amiga email programs once were difficult to set up and run properly. However, they have matured to the point where they no longer need be feared.
32 Ultimate Amiga Emulator fjy Dave Matthews & Marc Hoffman UAE, Ultimate Amiga Emulator, emulates an Amiga 500's hardware on a variety of platforms, including Unix, Linux, (Power)Mac, DOS, and even the BeBox, VTU EXPO'96 Universal City was the site of VTU's last exposition. Many new products were announced as well as the return of some old standbys.
Page 42.
"After a great deal of experimenting with both PC-Task and Shapeshifter, and thinking about the philosophical conundrums of a PC emulating an Amiga emulating a PC 1 have determined that I need to get a life!"
Dave Matthews 48 AmigaFest '96 Toronto once again played host to a major Amiga outing with dozens of Amiga companies showing new product from around the world. Amiga made the most of their central spot in ComputerFest, one of Canada's largest general computer shows.
DEPARTMENTS The following press release was received at press time: VIScorp, December 9,1996 A federal district court in San Jose, California issued a preliminary injunction on December 4,1996, against the source of Dallas-based Curtis Mathes Holding Corp.'s (Curtis Mathes) Uniview interactive television device prohibiting further use of proprietary technology developed by Visual Information Sendee Corp. (VIScorp) of Chicago, Illinois.
Interactive Video Publishing, Inc, (IVP), David Serlin, Steve Owens, and Kaori Kuwata and "all those in active concert or participation with them" were enjoined from using any of VIScorp's trade secrets or technology and "from manufacturing, shipping, distributing, promoting, licensing or selling any of that technology or any product incorporating that technology."
VIScorp filed a complaint in the Northern District Court of California against tire defendants alleging that they misappropriated its trade secrets and technology and licensed the misappropriated technology to Curtis Mathes for its Uni view product. The court recognized that "IVP's deal with Curtis (Mathes) will likely be affected" by its order.
The court found that VIScorp "will probably succeed on the merits of its claim that defendants used improper means to acquire VIScorp software trade secrets, and, therefore have misappropriated VIScorp trade secrets." No trial date has been set.
Getting A Grip With VIScorp's announcement (see page 9 of this issue) that they have allowed their bid option to pass, most Amiga users are angry. This comes because VIScorp had made several strong assertions that they were in near possession of the Amiga and they were only experiencing minor delays.
Unfortunately, those details were insurmountable differences between what VIScorp believed the existing value of the property was and what the trustees believed they could get.
In a recent phone conversation Bill Buck of VIScorp stated that there were still several things that he was not allowed to discuss. The possible litigation above was certainly one of them. However, Mr. Buck did want to make some things clear.
According to Mr. Buck, VIScorp will continue with their designs for settop boxes based on Amiga technology. Although they are not part of the bidding, they are confident that they can establish a new licensing agreement with any company that purchases the Amiga.
Mr, Buck asserts that the problems with the bid were not of VIScorp's making. "VVe had a deal with Escorn which went down the tubes when Escom went into bankruptcy.
We then began to reconfigure the deal with the trustees. There would not be an Amiga today, if VIScorp had not come forward and kept Amiga Technologies open. VIScorp paid the salaries of Amiga Technology personnel from mid-July until the end of October. I continued to work in and out of Amiga Technologies until mid November long after VIScorp could hope to see any direct benefits from our work."
When asked about the state of the Amiga, Mr. Buck responded, "i wish I could put my arms around everyone of the Amiga users, vendors, and dealers, i really want to thank them. We have received a flood of letters of support. I want them to know that we have not given up on using the Amiga we just could not pay the price the trustees demanded for what they eventually were able to sell."
VIScorp's determination to stay in the market seems apparent with the notice above. You don't protect your patents and fight large, entrenched manufacturers for your rights unless you are intending to Stay.
Where are we Now?
Mr. Buck's assertions are well intended and, from his tone, well meant. Unfortunately, the Amiga market has suffered a great deal of continued disappointment over these and similar episodes for the past several years, Petro Tyschtschenko still holds the chief position at Amiga Technologies in Germany. In a recent conversation, he told me that he was answering phones, handling deposits, and basically keeping the office moving. He is working directly for the trustee who, according to Petro, has several bidders currently for Amiga Technologies.
Unfortunately, the trustee has not responded to our inquiries and we are unable to verify the number of bidders now in contention. However, it is safe to say that more than one could cause further problems and delays if they are played one against the Other as we have seen in earlier episodes.
One truth does remain, the trustee is under pressure to sell off the Amiga.
According to one executive who did not want to be identified, Amiga Technologies is the last of the Escom assets to be sold. There should be abnormal pressure on the trustee to settle this matter quickly so the creditors can be paid. With this pressure and the knowledge that the Amiga's assets will continue to decline, the trustee must move now. As Amiga users, we once again must relv on ourselves.
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MasherCarti and Discover accepTed No surcharge on erect can:
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Cash only. Prices are subject to change mftauf notce. Call for current pricing. IVe are not responsible lor typographical errors. T5:o restocking fee for items returned and not exchanged for same Customer s responsible for return $ n ppmg. Returns accepted hr 10 days after mvo ce date SHIPPING: 0-5 £$ . $ 500,6-20 •bs add 5110 IP over 5 0s. Over 20 fcs. Add 50ett over 20 bs. Rates apply fo orders shipped 0 the continental US only Canadian orders add $ 5.00. For your protection we check credit cards thoroughly jACWTO I) 55 1 5olei ll7.355-1785 firfome' erW®' .,, 1 Dear AC, As a last ditch effort
before 'junking' my Amiga-4000,1 am writing this letter with the hope that some good will come of it! First of all, I am probably one of the last purchasers of the Amiga platform. One month after the purchase the company went 'belly up'. I was influenced into buying the Amiga by articles I read in a publication titled Camcorder. 1 have been further influenced by many articles in your magazine.
Almost without exception, every company's software that I have invested in has either given up on the Amiga or has gone out of business. Mv latest frustration comes from ads or articles that 1 read in your publication. 1 purchased a V LAI3 Y C Ext. From Amicom Technology, one of your advertisers. Having trouble with the unit, they advised me to return it for repair or replacement. I did, The company is no longer in business, yet their ads still run in your magazine. I am out 500 dollars!
Also, on the page that lists Amiga dealers, you list ACS of N Highlands, CA as a dealer. They have dosed shop for over three months!! How many other dealers are no longer in business?
1 recently purchased a Cinema 4D, having read the article by R Shamms Mortier. What is not said, however, is that the program has a serious bug! Having switched screens, while using the program, I lost the ability to dose it without rebooting and can no longer reload it! I have tried to reach Oregon Research for over three weeks, but the two hours a day (M W F) that they take calls, their lines are constantly busy. You try calling them!
I will say something constructive, however. If you could start a program that would address the many problems that readers might have, you know, a question and answer article, it could possibly keep me going for a while longer (with the Amiga). Otherwise I will not renew my subscription to AC. There is no help for me closer than 160 miles, that is if the Paradise, CA dealer is still active.
New to computing, I need all the help I can get. I can only purchase through mail order companies and so must rely on the integrity of Amazing Amiga. I have been jerked around for over two years by publications that the Amiga lives! VIScorp would be stupid to reinvent the platform.
Who would sell it? Support it? Mail order houses? I have already lost a couple of thousand dollars 'hanging on'. If your mag can be of GURU help, then all is not lost.
Thank you for reading this and I realize that it is not your fault that I have problems, but I think that, more than ever, you should be doubly careful about the advertisers you accept. I know you need the money, but your readers should be protected.
Sincerely, Paul Sylos Grass Valley, CA
P. S. 1 never did get my VLAB Y C back!
Amicom probably still owes you money for their ads.
Protecting our readers Jias been a consistent theme at AC for as long as toe have been publishing (We are just completing eleven years). 77ie problems you have encountered arc, unfortunately, not unique. People do sometimes get caught in the gears of any business moving or still. As we have said before in this column and to anyone who contacts us about a problem, we will always do what we can to help.
In the case of AMICOM, we are forwarding your letter to the owners, We were notified after their last ad had been printed in the magazine tlwt they were dissolving the retail portion of their business and they were going to continue Amiga development. Perhaps someone at those offices can get your VLAB Y C back.
We will also send a copy of your letter to Oregon Research. They are still very much in business. Their software is one of the main products for the internet.
In the question of the dealers. That was an advertisement from QuikPak. They recently changed the ad due to the problem with the errors in the list. They have told us that a new list should be available soon.
You have every right to be concerned.
Whether this market is doing well or not, customers deserve straight answers and assistance. Your letter suggested that we begin a column on question and answers. This is a good idea that we have carried in the past. While we currently have no one on staff who would be willing to answer all questions on any matter, 1 suggest that you forward your questions anyway to the magazine. We will send them out in our general mailing to our staff and ask for suggestions. On the more difficult subjects, we ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES 35mm AC Needs Advertisers, But Never More Than
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(602) 949-6066 Circle 103 on Reader Service card.
Will contact the individual manufacturers for help.
Yon also suggested that we screen our advertisers. We do and we will continue to do so. AC survives on revenue from readers and advertisers. However, AC cannot service the reader by bowing to an advertiser's force and AC cannot survive without honest advertisers.
If you have a problem with an advertiser, we will do our best to help you solve it. We can say this because AC advertisers advertise in AC because of their commitment to the Amiga community. It is an honor to be in this conimunity an honor that is never taken lightly.
Please Write to: FeedBack c o Amazing Computing
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Way To Hollywood Anymore To Get Grate Fx.
VISUAL FX yoH vol-2 ROYALTY FREE Stock Footage On CD- Rom 9 ipecifcations: UUS: 132MB,'tec PCI-But CPU: Pentium 75-150MHr ROM: PC 104 EPROM RAM; Upto 128MB Cache: 256 K- 1MB Int, PORTS: IDE k Floppy j Ext. PORTS: COM I, COM2, i PS 2 Mouse. RS-232, Enhanced Parallel Slot: Fits in the PCI k ISA bus slot" JnqpCifPJ, Shot On J5Whi fum k Tronsftrtd To 02 inopCHPl Provides You With High Quality Too tog e For Nonlinear Editing Or SO Animation Netdv* SURFACE PRO CD FOR OCHTWAVt S75 3495 SnspCliPS: Airarautics Pentitrator Don r keep Intel Outside Your Amiga; Put a 586 Processor Into Your Amiga w rrt
Hie Pentitrator System Card From Antl Gravity Labsi Pentitrator XX $ 9 95 Pentltratar-7S S124s | Pentltrator-9o s 139s i Pentitrator-too SI49S i Pentitrator-120 SIS9S Pentitrator t33 Si 79 5 Pentitrator-iso SI89S Pentitrator-7 5Sx with.
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Comes With Expand?! Bus Catd.
WuhOui Power Supply SMO With Power Supply 5740 SIAMESE m Pentitrator FEATURES: 4 SEW! Sow records four individual animation frames In a single recording pass using a Video loader at 3.2 sec Frame to record!
• CMX ibt; Import ft Export
• SMPTE time coded dip logging ? A & E Mode auto-assembly
* Pseudo A B roll (A X roll) w Toastcr.
? Dvt transistions CG page function*.
* Stid images: FrameStore, IFF, JPEG, in EDL
* Split audio k match frame edit*.
? 100% accurate * ingle tramp controller.
Been following the Amiga market lately?
¦Htf. Then you must have been reading Amazing Computing. AC has been with the market on every ylpBa|8Spj| rise, fall, twist, turn, and surprising event. Each issue AC not only reviews great products, offers interesting tutorials, and brings you up to date on everything that is coming and going in the Amiga community, we also delve into the future of the Amiga. AC has followed the course of the Amiga for over ten years. It is the longest running periodica! For the Amiga and it is your best opportunity to know just what is happening in the market, before you are taken for a ride.
To climb on board just cail toil-free in the US and Canada 7 1 -800-345-3360 or complete the
I. ' form and send it with check, | money order or credit card
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PiM Publications Inc., , j Cl J I TaV- -| ; P.O. Box 2140,
Fall River, MA 02722 FAX is available at 1-508-675-6002.
VIScorp announces a change in their bid status, Aurora Works begins Amiga developement, and Air Mail for Amiga email is released.
VIScorp Loses First Position in Amiga Bid The following press announcement was released by VIScorp on December 2,1996.
VIScorp announced today that while conducting its due diligence for the planned acquisition of the assets of the former Amiga Technologies AG, its financial institutions and the management of Amiga agreed that the assets to be acquired were of significantly less value than the US$ 20 million which had been proposed.
The original US$ 40 million offer included the guarantee of ESCOM distribution in Europe as well as several other features which disappeared with the ESCOM bankruptcy.
One of these items is the fact that one of the most valuable pieces of the inventory is currently encumbered in a complicated legal challenge to the ESCOM AG bankruptcy estate. Without the assurance that this piece could be delivered as a part of the package deal, VIScorp began to reconsider their offer.
Further, it has been discovered that the intellectual property is being pirated daily by small and large companies alike. To combat this problem, VIScorp intends to partner with Mahr Leonard Management Company, a Dallas, Texas company specializing in patent infringement.
Due to the above, VIScorp allowed its offer to expire on October 2,1996, and lowered its bid shortly thereafter.
Throughout all of this time a wholly-owned VIScorp German subsidiary continued to operate Amiga through Oct. 31, at its own expense and with the concurrence of the Trustee. This was done because VIScorp believed that Amiga was more valuable as an operating company and wanted it to retain this value. During this period VIScorp paid Amiga expenses, including salaries, and generated over $ 2 million in sales which were to be credited against the final sale price at a later date.
The press releases and news announcements in New Products are from Amiga vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the right to edit these articles, the statements, etc. made in these reports are those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing.
VIScorp continues to be interested in completing the acquisition of Amiga. It believes that the future of two-way, interactive television depends in large part on the installed base of Amiga users who currently access the Internet through their televisions and Amiga A1200 computers to reach thousands of available Amiga titles. It also believes the next step is to modify the operating system to further adapt the television market to the vast and developing resources being created by the Amiga world-wide development community - products which include games, entertainment, and information.
The AmiFAST 3000 ZIP to SIMM Adapter Use standard 8-chip 4Meg and or 16-chip 8Meg 72-pin SIMMs in your A3000 instead of ZIPs.
Up to 16Megs!!
Works with A3640 @ 25Mhz MSRP ONLY $ 89 Dealer Inquiries Welcome!!!
R. R. 4 Box 72 Washington, IN 47501
(812) 254-1721 (eve) BBS (812) 257-0902 E-Mail:
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New - From MegageM7 FliteLine A V8R MegageM’s fast, proven timeline technology plus interactive Flyer clip edit controls: play, pause, jog, shuttle, stop, goto in out, set in out, St more. Instant ’audio-autosync-to-video’, real-time timecode displays, & optional hardware edit controller with 7 function keys St jog wheel. ’With virtually no learning curve, you'll be using AV8R in minutes! AV8R makes some of your toughest Flyer edit jobs FAST and FUN!
$ 249.95 A VSR complete with optional hardware edit controller - only $ 499.95!
See MegageM on the World Wide Web!
Http: www.megagem.com DISTANT SUNS 5.01 DESKTOP PLANETARIUM CD-ROM Your Spaceship Awaits!
- 1500 16 color St 256 color IFF images
- Megabytes of 32 color & 256 color anims
- 16 million star Hubble Catalog
- 3-D planet rendering
- View images in 256 colors on AGA capable Amigas
- Display night sky from 4713 BC to 10,000 AD
- Add your own comet and asteroid data
- Comet Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp data included AmigaDOS 2.04 or
newer, 2 megs RAM St hard disk required. NTSC and PAL versions
Specialprice held over - $ 49.95 (Reg $ 99.95) Call for special upgrade prices.
Tour of Mars - CD-ROM An animated tour of the Red Planet as seen by VistaPro. Fly over the cauldera of Olympus Mons, down Tkhoniuni Chasma, see Noctus Labyrinthus terraformed, fly around Ascreaus Mons and much more! Animations in both HAM and HAM8 for use with ALL Amigas! Renderings done with alpha version of VistaPro 4.0. Animation viewer included.
Available mid-January $ 29.95 Amazing Computing has been able to talk with Bill Buck of VIScorp since this release. Please read the editorial on page 4 for more information.-ED Aurora Works Aurora Works has announced the launch of their new software development and publishing company dedicated to advancing the Amiga platform. Their focus is to use retargetable graphic standards, such as CyberGraphx, and accelerators, such as 060 boards and the PowerPC technology, along with the Amiga OS to create games that are system friendly in a multi-tasking environment. With special emphasis on solid game
play, story-line, and multi-player capabilities, Aurora Works will provide entertainment for the future of the Amiga.
For more information, visit their web site at www.auroraworks.com, email at info@auroraworks.com, or call 613-549-0204.
Aurora Works, 358-114 Queen Man Rd., Kingston, ON, K7M 7E8 Canada.
Air Mail Toysoft Development, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Air Mail. Air Mail is an Internet email client for POP SMTP servers. New features in v4.0: Built-in text editor, unlimited user configurable folders, new user interface, true signature, unlimited tags, unlimited filters, supports UU and MIME file encoding and decoding, supports multiple email accounts and many more unique features. With its intuitive user interface Air Mail can be installed and configured in less than five minutes. SRP for Air Mail v4.0 is $ 40.00 US plus shipping and handling.
Air Mail is compatible with AmiTCP 4.0, TermiteTCP, and Miami. Air Mail requires MUI 3.2 or higher, WorkBench 2.0 or higher. For more information please visit Toysoft's homepage at http: www.spots.ab.ca ~toysoft. Dealer inquiries welcome at 1-403-680-1656.
Toysoft Development, Inc., 131 64 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2K 0L9 Canada.
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Flyer Perfect the art of music mixing with Co-Pilot Audio
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Even add a second layer of CG and effects afterwards. Perfect for CG “page buiids” and fast- paced collages.
Aussie’s Pro Tools Handle some professional editing tasks with perfected ease.
Now you will enjoy split edits, matched audio and video dips, multi-camera work, and visual cutaway insertion.
07) "Things are so fastI’m going to up my editing rates ",I’m
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program.” Please contact your favorite dealer, or call:
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Snohomish WA 98290 ozware@aol.com Video Flyer & Toaster are
registered trademarks of NewTek, Inc. Cobmms With Pmmmmlitf
by R. Shawms Mortier We witness everything in the world as
having a potential for being alive, no differently than our
ancient ancestors did. More than that, and something Disney
capitalized upon, we also automatically assign emotions
and personality to every object we encounter. The
personality of an object is vested in both its shape and
its color and texture. If we are rapt and attentive
students of Freud, we may also assign gender to the objects
we perceive.
The great thing about computer graphics is that we have freedom to explore 3D objects geometrically enhanced over anything we can do in the real world. This is because it is possible to play with shapes and alternate textures for shapes at a dizzying speed in the digital environment. We can even animate shapes and textures as they morph and slide in time.
All that you need to accomplish your own experiments and to grant 3D objects any desired personality is to learn and use one of the powerful 3D programs available for your Amiga. It might be Aladdin 4D, LightWave, Real 3D, Cinema 4D, Imagine, or one of the others developed over the years to motivate your creativity. To get photorealistic rendering, you might choose to work in HAMS on an AGA machine, or take the jump and purchase a 24-bit board for any Amigas that can address it. After that, it is purely a matter of dedicated study and play.
Columns Second only to the ubiquitous wine glass (which everybody learns to model as their first real 3D challenge), the column attracts the inquisitiveness of the 3D designer. Columns, after all, have been used from antiquity to symbolize universal law, that which "holds up" the roof of the universe.
The simplest column you can produce in a 3D graphics program is the cylinder. Cylinders are usually listed as "object primitives" in a 3D graphics application. Simply select the column primitive, and do what is necessary to bring it to the screen.
Another way to achieve the same object is to take a circle and "extrude" it, that is, give the circle depth in the direction perpendicular to its plane. A third way to generate a cylindrical column is to draw a rectangle and spin it on a vertical axis, typically one of its vertical sides. Once you have the cylindrical column, you can use the tools in your 3D application to apply a texture to it, distinguishing its personality even further.
Obviously, a cubic surface can also suffice as a column, or better yet a rhomboid (a cubic volume whose end caps differ in size). As a computer artist, it is your cosmic duty not to just replicate nature, but to create objects that stretch the laws of human accomplishment. When done effectively, the screen can actually serve as the parent of an object built in the real world, one which has never before been dreamed.
All of the columns that you see in the accompanying figures in this article were designed by taking simple primitive shapes and gluing them together in interesting ways. To accomplish some of these designs, it was necessary to break the voices of tradition which only allowed cylinders and cubic volumes to serve as archetypes for columns.
The Torus is an interesting case in point. The Torus, or donut, is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a column for a structure, except perhaps as a columnar base. But if we use the Torus as a multiple element, we can construct very intricate columns, columns that suggest an ethnicticiiy (perhaps an unworld I i ness) never perceived before.
To make matters more interesting, the computer graphic artist always stores every 3D object design in a library, where it can always be called up again. Objects in a library can be resized, combined with other objects, and glued into newer and more intricate shapes.
Complex 3D shapes do require more memory (RAM) in your Amiga, so if you feel the urge to explore complexity, realize that it will have to Figure 4 (top). The advantage of computer paintings over traditional methods is that you can turn your subject in space to achieve interesting renderings.
Figure 5 (bottom). The digital camera’s eye allows for interesting close-ups.
Figure 6 (top right). The central golden icon on the temple roof was lathed from a basic polygonal shape.
Figure 7 (bottom right). This is one of my favorite views, adding drama by the angles of the perspective. It's what you would see if you looked up just as you were entering.
AMIGA REPAIRS A500 $ 59 • A600 S89 • A1200 S129 A2000 $ 89 • A3000 S129 • A3000T $ 179 A4000 $ 179 • CDTV $ 59 • CD32 $ 119 A1080 4 4S $ 59 MultiScan momo-n S89 add.in boards dr parts additional_ AMIGA PRODUCTS Fon Fax for availability & prices AMIGA PARTS Fon Fax for availability & prices SPECIALS A 500 & A2000 2MB AGNUS BOARD & Chip Remoral Tool ONLY $ 149.
2 $ 19 • 20MB 3.5 SCSI 3 S39 40 MB 3.5 SCSI $ 25 • 52 MB 3.5
SCSI $ 39 _OTHER HARD DRIVES FAX ! EON_ Integrated Teknologies
Inc 1101 Chestnut St • Suite A • Roselle ¦ NJ 07203 FAX 908
245-9409 FON 908 245-1313 MON & FRI I ¦ 6 PM • WED I - 8 PM
COMPLETE LIST W MODELS ETC Circle 122 on Reader Service card.
Be accompanied by an investment in RAM. Complex shapes also require more time to render, so faster machines do better at complex tasks (either that, or frequent trips to the kitchen in the interim may suffice).
One method that I find interesting is to freely create columnar shapes, and store them away. Keep creating them until you run out of ideas. Then reassemble a selection of your 3D columnar objects by cloning them, resizing, and perhaps using them at different rotations. You may be surprised at the outcome. ! Always am.
While preparation is the watchword and caution of good design, "thinking on your feet" is an even better way to develop a unique approach. Once you get used to being joyfully extemporaneous, you will never look back!
Enjoy! And... what else... see you in ROMulan space.
• AC* Figure 8. Another structure that admits columns is the
stone circle. The Illustration at the top was the initial
camera view, which is far too regular to be interesting. In the
center is a rendering in which the central sphere object has
been resized much smaller. This adds interest, because there
are different heights involved. The lights, however, are too
bright for the scene. The bottom view shows a more interesting
perspective, and the lights have been adjusted as well. A new
ground texture pops the structures away from the background
more effectively.
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3.2 PageStream 3.2 and Tune-up 3 is the main DeskTop
Publishing package on the Amiga.
Just what does this new version add to the versatility of the program that is Amiga's answer to this Mac and IBM dominated field.
By R. Shamtns Mortier Thick, thin and in-between, SoftLogik has stood by the Amiga, continuously upgrading its PageStream desktop publishing software. I remember when PageStream was first introduced. It was originally an application written for the Atari system, and came to be ported to the Amiga in one of its earliest incarnations. It was quite buggv in its first few releases, and crashed often when you even breathed on it. But I was an early fan, because it did things that suited the way that I wanted to work with a DTP program, things its competitors couldn't touch (then or now).
As the years have passed, for both SoftLogik and the Amiga, PageStream has undergone very constant and serious revisions, changes that have made it a primary reason why one might purchase an Amiga in the first place. After all, I was always cautioned that one should purchase hardware by the content and capabilities of the software that addressed it.
Y M. A Q ?
L£31 PmamSlnmmn HmUutor Tip Dl eH t-1 11 Pi D Qp«n Er*f» fcavlous M**t fcjlt P»9*5tr**»3.2 ie 23 % PageSteedhS y v M. A Q S General Type | Pleasure | Drauing | View | Fitw | Toolbox | Toolbar | ainut** revision: | HutoSawe Evenv 1 RutuSackup Keep 131 E*th Itomnntt Bjcliiipt jKrpp Uistorv | Undo LeveIs [4 | y j Shou Dll Fites in File Request* fflutonatic Text Eranes Load [ Savfc fls Save | 1 Use Cancel f Figure 1. The initial screen In PageStream is the Navigator.
Figure 2. I( you select Preferences from the Navigator, you can set any and or all of PageStream’s boundaries.
PageStream Version 3.2 PageStream is now in version 3.2, with a "Tune-up 3" posted on the SoftLogik Web site. It will run on any Amiga with system 2.x or higher, and displays the full 256 colors on an AGA Amiga. I have PageStream 3.2 installed on an Amiga 4000 and on an A2000.
The 2000 is connected to my laser printer (an HP3 LaserJet), so that's where I use it the most.
Special Scripting Effects m r-mi'jjrrgi PageStream is loaded with special Scripts that perform various functions.
These can be compared to the resident plug-ins or scripts supported by PageMaker on the Mac and PC (which differ from the external plug-ins). My favorite is the recording option, which allows you to perform any number of actions on-screen. When finished, you turn the Recording Script off. A window appears rvith all of your actions coded into a script. This new script can be named, displayed in the script list, and be used as a macro-key shortcut. All of this allows you immense automating capabilities inside of PageStream.
Finally, JPEG For an extra $ 25.00, you can add a JPEG reader to your graphic import capabilities. This has been needed for a long time, and if you have loads of pictures in the JPEG format, it is vital to your PageStream work.
A great solution would be to marry PageStream and Image FX from Nova Design.
Effects This goes under the heading of external plug-in effects, as understood by experienced DTP users. Effects are usually targeted to bitmapped graphics, and a package called Gary's Effects does just this. It includes various convolution matrices that apply blurs, sharpens, and other options to a selected bitmapped image imported into PageStream.
The other effects package addresses text in PageStream, and it is summarily called Text FX. When a text block is selected, the Text FX icon can be seen in the PageStream Command Invirt C*nc*l | qf | Font »j Chary-ttonm C StvU Stvle Figure 3 (top). PageStream ships with a good selection of clipart images, and offers more libraries at an additional price. You can also import images in the Adobe Illustrator format.
Figure 4 (middle). The fill pattern of any selected Text block can be altered in the Edit Pattern requester.
Figure 5 (bottom). This figure shows the result of applying the pattern seen in Figure 4.
Ras mm mi
* Untitled-Vigw 1 Leli t ¦ IS-L-J.
Ir n n. y VJ n A Q T«x FX g V 8 *0
• + p* |B«nd Lines ,_| Scale Text; I apply 1 Cane* i Jfcistort
X I 0K I
- Lena J y ij A Q £.
II X ?
O O © A M ita fimr y VJ % A © II ?
O © A o_ 3ageStrea ageStrearr PageStream w Export Graphic j Export | Cancel | zrm vp-rms Su
462. 4xl.Jdl 2 2 HIM unf utlcd-view l Window at the bottom of the
That is, as long as you have purchased Text FX and installed it into PageStream.
What PageStream lacks is a more serious bitmap effects collection. A great solution for this would be to marry PageStream and Image FX from Nova Design, a superlative effects package. If ImageFX could be listed and made a part of PageStream, PageStream could compete more effectively with non-Amiga DTP software.
Conclusions To make valid conclusions concerning PageStream necessitates that you have some experience outside of the Amiga. The Amiga was designed as a DTV platform, not a primary desktop publishing alternative. Having had years of experience with both Adobe PageMaker (and recently having finished writing a book on PageMaker 6.5) and QuarkXpress on both the Mac and the PC, I feel that my observations concerning PageStream can be trusted as fairly objective.
PageStream suffers because tine present Amiga is not 24-bit compatible out of the box, so that PageStream cannot incorporate 24-bit graphics (there is no option that allows it to run on a 24-bit screen, even if you have a 24-bit card). The Amiga also has a problem when it comes to addressing high resolution monitors and high screen sizes. Remember, the Amiga was designed as a video platform, and that usually incorporates a 72 dpi screen at resolutions far lower than those used by desktop publishing enterprises. PageStream is a customized desktop publishing application that is retrofitted to
the Amiga's needs, and some options suffer in the process.
On the other side, PageStream is being ported to both the Mac and the PC (Windows) so that the same files you generate on the Amiga can take advantage of the higher resolution and more varied DTP options resident on these systems. Redraw times are also very slow, even on a 68040 Amiga, when compared to the blazing speeds of 100 Mhz+ PowerPC and Pentium processors. You can read this as another argument for creating a PowerPC Amiga for the millennium.
The one thing I can't comment on is PageStream's capabilities in the area of color prepress, though i would surmise by looking it over that it is not as heavy in this area as either PageMaker or Quark. PageStream does The one thing that really holds it back is that very few service bureaus offer PageStream capabilities.
We are also available toll-free at
(800) 527-8797, (308) 745-1243, and FAX at (308) 745-1246.
Circle 110 on Reader Service card.
I’iijirStrr.mM |)EHSJfTiFy3i3E3PP(H[:izijBp:!i m&ffi £JSEi- ]oJ » ifntHwd"Vitw l ¦ 1.E31 PageStream also allows you to transform text into paths, something not possible in PageMaker or Quark.
PageStream is much more cost effective as a graphics manipulation layout application than either of the competitors mentioned. PageMaker has limited graphics extensions, while Quark has hundreds... but many cost over $ 1000.00!
But what if you need to use a service bureau to print out your work? Well, I guess I would suggest that you first check with them to see what they use. It will probably be QuarkXpress. At that point you have a rather uncomfortable decision to make. You can either save out your Amigans, Get Connected!
World Wide Web www.micrord.com Subscribe to our email list by email to: ggraham@micrord.com offer a selection of Screen Tvpes that can be used to screen selected graphics: Default, Dot, Line, Ring, Donut, Triangle, Propeller. The downside is that you can't see the actual screens on your PageStream interface.
V % A Q £.
II ?
O G A. Jl & The one thing that really holds it back is that very few (if any) service bureaus offer PageStream capabilities, which means that most of the PageStream work that you do is going to be headed for the printer that you own. I can tell you that PageStream's laser output is extremely sharp, and that it will take advantage of the highest resolution of your printer.
SoftLogik sometimes offers various printer drivers on-line (for free) so you should check their Web site fairly regularly.
A Q. £.
II X ?
O O G A A huge plus for PageStream is the way it handles graphics and text. It has features that neither PageMaker nor Quark contain, and it will be a long while before (or if) they ever do. There is a reason for this, neither PageMaker nor Xpress are drawing programs, preferring to leave drawing tools to Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, or another vector drawing program. PageStream contains drawing as well as page layout tools, and I am highly in favor of this approach. In addition, it can import vector and bitmap graphics.
Line a Fill 1 Fill Elat H Black J Scr**n Erequencv V! Eefault Angle y| Dfifau11 Cancel | iinr ? I -m.sy. I Ul ra until x] *| Tj J JBIU3IA £ Untitled-View 1 IS3I I 3±I Pr Int J HP LaserJetill ""PostScript Cartridge v52.2 Cflples [1 [ Method P] Brayscile | | Co I late Copies |H Both | |Be«erse Order VjPrlnt Blank Pages Print Pictures | Printers* Harks J E«uIs ion &oun | Negat tit* Which ?IR tI COMPUQUICK MEDIA CENTER 3758 Town & Country Rd Columbus OH 43213 TEUFAX: 614-235-1180 FOR AMIGA 4000TS, A1200S Used Amigas. All Amiga software, peripherals, Repairs.
Circle 124 on Reader Service card.
Entire PageStream page as an Illustrator graphic file, making sure to translate your text to graphics (outlines) first, or you can purchase a Mac or PC and get QuarkXpress or PageMaker, You can always have the service bureau take the Illustrator file and pay them to fold it into a Quark document, giving them the larger text elements as ASCII files that they can dump in. Presenting them with graphics saved out from PageStream as Illustrator files at least assures that your graphics creativity will have been put to good use.
In order to stay on top of its game, PageStream needs to have a way of publishing a document to HTML for Web use, complete with incorporated text, graphics, animation, and audio.
My fantasy (and I'm sure SoftLogik will appreciate it as well) is that the new mystery Amiga owners could actually support SoftLogik (meaning You have the possibility of owning a PageStream high end professional shop at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.
USER INFORMATION: U»vr Nan* ... “Shaws Mor*tl*r* Conpanv- . "Eyeful Touer" fleg 1st rat i on Nunbttr ...... . 580488 SYSTEM INFORMATION: Klckstart version 37.173* Workbench version 38.35 System 68640 68882 INSTt Cache Burst) D8TR: Cache CopyBaek) Type Available In-Use MaxmuM Largest chip 1879656 1816472 2896128 1086832 fast 26426368 7128864 33554432 26346728 total 27586824 8144536 35658568 26346728 HELP SYSTEM: RnigaGuide. I 4brary. ..... v34.6 RnigaOuide progran . V34.3 ASSIGNS: Crn igaDOS assigns) Sort Log 4 k ... DH8: PS PageSt rea«3 Sof tLag
Ik PageStre»n3 . DH8: PS PageSt rean3 Fonts ... DH8 : PS PageStrean3 ’Sof tLog 4 k Tonts add PROGRAM FILES: PageStrean3 progran v3.2 BrtE progran . v3.2 PageLlner progran .. v2.8 SOFTLOGIK:LI8S (progran libraries) softlogik_app. I Ibrary v18.5 soft logtk_obJ. I ibrarv v1.284 soft logik_rsrc. I ibrary. ... v3.3 softtogik os.Iibrary...... v3.2 sIarexxsupport- Iibrary.... v1 .8 sof t log ik_dIsplav.Iibrary. v1.81 financially) in a Web-intensive effort.
After all, SoftLogik has paid a lot of dues sticking with the Amiga this long, and upgrading their software a megaleap in the process.
PageStream for the Amiga is best put to professional use when the printing device resides at your side.
With the cost of 600 dpi resolution laser printers dropping like a rock, and even color laser printers reaching prices half of what they were just a few years ago, you have the possibility of owning a PageStream high end professional shop at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. After all, you can then offer to become a service bureau on your own, offering PageStream capability to the Amiga community. If you are an Amiga owner, and desire to print out your work in the comfort of your own home or studio, I highly recommend that you investigate SoftLogik's PageStream. It keeps getting
better and better.
PageStream 3.3 SoftLogik Publishing Corporation 315 Consort Drive St. Louis, MO 63011
(800) 829-8608 http:www.softlogik.com Figure 11. One of the most
useful features in PageStream is the ability to record a
series of actions as a script, and save out the resulting
script as a macro that can be accessed at any time.
¦AC* Figure 12. The ‘'Report1’ script displays a complete report on your system and where the PageStream components are located.
Attention Exhibitors Developers Questions Answered by R. Shamms Mortier In the middle of my latest PageStream explorations, I ran into a problem. 1 tried to save a text block that was converted to paths to the Illustrator format, and wanted to import it into Illustrator itself. When I tried it, I couldn't get the file recognized by Illustrator (on a Mac), or by any other softivare.
So, I fired off an e-mail question to Michael Loader at SoftLogik.
Here's the response, with a lot of interesting content. My comments are in parenthesis... The Illustrator filter is far from perfect. It only imports and exports Illustrator 88 1.1 files. This means that when you export, merged paths will be dissolved and a lot of information will be lost. The importing is pretty robust, the exporting isn't. We plan to rewrite this filter from scratch in the next few months, and add support for newer versions of the Illustrator file format.
RTF export is next on the list, however. We understand that there is a problem with newer versions of Illustrator not reading the files. It worked with older ones I believe.
We'll take care of this soon.
For the record, the Illustrator fitter is one of the least important parts of the application for our customers (Here's where I disagree. Anything included in software should work and be "important"- Shamms). We have received only a handful of complaints about this filter, and we believe that few customers are using it. I know it's very important for certain types of work and for some users, but the majority of users don't know or care what this filter is for. While more and more people are using PageStream as their primary drawing program, because it's a DTP application, they aren't using it
to export their drawings for use in other software.
Illustrator 6 can interpret almost any EPS file. I recommend printing the page to disk as EPS and then loading that into Illustrator 6 to get your drawing into it This is a good workaround- Shamms).
Ensure that you have the latest update to 3.2 (I have the latest version- Shamms). TuneUp 3 is on our web site now. This updates many libraries, filters, engines, scripts and modules. 3.2a is also getting dose (probably in a month), so if you are wondering about any bugs that you've stumbled across, attached is a list of changes made since the first release of 3.1 3.2, If the change is marked as TuneUp , that's when they were done. If they don't have this beside them, the changes will be in 3.2a whenever that is released. We'll also upload a new version of the extras updater later today.
This will help people whose TextFX, Gary's Effects, or whatever are out of synch with the current version.
You can also mention in your review something that is still secret: A new extension will be released soon. This will be called Borders. When installed, like TextFX, it becomes an integral part of the program. This will allow What do vendors from past shows say: Date Larson-lntagible Assets Manufacturing, “More sates in one day than we’d ever had before.” Bob Luneski-Oregon Research “Count us in.” For exhibitor information on the best AMIGA show call Bob at 314-739-5181 or e-mail ‘'bscharp@icon-stl.net". For tickets call 1-800-829-8608 (new number). Visit our web page at
“http: www.icon-stl.net ~barlog GAC show.htmr’. Circle 125 on Reader Service card.
People to draw border objects. Some will be geometric borders, others repeating clips, etc. This is one of the more popular extensions for Xpress and has been highly requested by our customers (a GREAT idea, similar to what both Quark and PageStream offer!- Shamms).
3. 2 has proved to be a very stable release and our customers are
on the whole, finally happy. All serious problems have either
been taken care of or tracked down to a system problem. The
most important thing is for customers to upgrade their
systems. While PageStream 3.2 works in 4MB of free RAM, not
total system RAM, but free RAM. We recommend more (1 am
working with 32 megs of RAM- Shamms).
Additional RAM will speed up printing somewhat and allow the creation of bigger documents. 6MB is a more useful minimum, but with RAM prices so low, everybody should add more.
Processor speed is the biggy. Not a day goes by without a customer saying that "PageStream is slower on my Amiga than MS Word is on my office PC." Forgetting about the differences between a word processor and a DTP program, the customer inevitably has an unaccelerated 500 or 2000, or a stock 1200. Even an 040 can’t compare to a 166mhz Pentium. An 060 is closer.
Michael Loader SoftLogik Publishing softhut@erols.com Hours; Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern FAX 610-566-6416 Info 610-566-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 FAX 610.586-5706
• U u ustomers worldwide can now reach us by E-Mail. We always
respond within 24 hours on Quotes & Technical Info, and ship
orders the same day. Our address is softhut@erols.com • Orders
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3. 5Mb Super XL Eli. DrJva S209.95 . ’ ... power Computing 1.7G
xl En. 13*.95 Call! Prices changing daily.
1438 Amiga Monitor
• 14' CRT Hi-Res Color Monitor
* Short Persistence Phosphors
• Tinted, non-glare tube
* ,28mm DP • 40Mz Bandwidth
* 15-40KZ Horizontal Frequency
• 45-BOHz Vertical Frequency
• Universal 100-240 VAC 50 60Hz $ 469.95 15 to 23 pin Adapter
528,95 Sync Strainer Adapter 49,95 Pro-260 Amplified
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Wired - black 16.95 Biofoot A4QOOO Pwr Sy 300W 269.95 Bigfoot
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CDTV Conlrol Pad 34.95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bol) 19.95
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S-VHS, RGB, Comp.. Audio, Sub- Bass 20W Stereo Speakers, Dark
Flat Screen, 181 channel Tuner.
$ 699.95 InfoNexus 2 w DataNexus Insight: Dinosaurs InlerNel Starter Package
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360. 95 international Flow Cbarter Invoice It 1.2 Link III Mac
Lite Magic Lantern v2 Make Patb 2.10 Master ISO IromASIMware
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2 MaxDQS 2.5 MegaBall 4 Motion
Master LW (Spec vl or vZ) MR Backup 2.5 Music X 2,0 On the
Ball vl.5 PageStream 3.x Pandoras CD Path Finder PC Task 3.1
Pegger 2.0 Pixel 3D Pro 2.x Power Macros Lightwave Prellum
NEW Pro Vector 3 Quarterback 6.1 Quarterback Tools Deluxe
2.02 Quarterback a Tools Bundle SAS C 6.51 SCALA Backgrounds
Volume 2 SCALA Backgrounds Volume 3 SCALA MM300 SCALA MM400
SCALA MM400 upgrade lor MM300 Scape Maker 4.Q Scenery
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Snap Maps: Fields 6 Foliage Soli Talk Sparks Squirrel
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Q Copyright 1996. LorryAntcJiictit |Fi AH Rights Reserved DeskTop Publishing on the Amiga Applying Image Filters to Text Roughi ng the by Nick Cook While the breadth of Amiga software in some areas is spaghetti thin, we are fortunate to have a number of art processing packages, such as ImageF X, Photogenics, ImageMasterR T, and Art Department Professional. While most of us think of employing these programs with artwork, they also can produce some eye-catching text.
Roughing the Type tends to appear shiny and new, neat and clean, which may not fit the feel the graphic designer has in mind. Some designers have started experimenting with layouts incorporating ugly, misfit type.
Adobe's "Image Club" company has picked up on the trend and sells some purposefully messy fonts; for example, "Schmutz Clogged" produces characters which seem to be from an old, over-inked typewriter. However, there isn't such a typeface to fit every possible mood, prompting designers to improvise.
To achieve an eroded, timeworn look to type, graphic artists would photocopy the text, make a copy of the copy, then make a copy of the copy of the copy, and so on until copy degradation reached the desired weathered appearance. Luckily, image processing programs reduce the time required to obtain the same effect, not to mention saving a forest.
The old Amiga standbys Deluxe Paint and Art Department Professional (Ad Pro) created a weatherbeaten look to a headline in this example. This effect works best with large type, since it makes small text essentially unreadable.
Step By Step STEP ONE: Layout the text in a paint program (Figure 1). Two things to keep in mind, though. Remember that art programs generally measure in pixels, not points or inches, and there isn't a one-to-one relationship among the measurements. A 640 by 400 hi res screen, for example, becomes approximately 21 2 by 71 2 inches in a desktop publishing program. You also should rearrange the palette. Most paint programs allocate "black" to color 0, the transparent color, whereas desktop publishing programs usually use "white". Setting the paint program's color 0 to white can spare you from
some unpleasant surprises later on in the process.
STEP TWO: Pick up the text area as a brush and save it. Exit the paint program and fire up your image processing package (Ad Pro in this case).
STEP THREE: Import the image, and evoke the "Displace Pixel" operator. Enter a radius of "1" and a probability of "90". You don't need to change the setting of "seed". Execute the operator. While the results (Figure 2) are interesting, they resemble something that splattered against your windshield, which is not quite the effect we're after.
STEP FOUR: Run the "Remove Isolated Pixel" operator to ciean things up a bit.
STEP FIVE: Use the "Median Filter" operator set at "5" or so (Figure 3). You may want to import the result into the paint program again, or into PageStream's Bit Map Editor (BME) to perform some adjustments by hand.
Creative use of an image processing program's filters and operators can create fresh, innovative, and fun headlines. Go ahead and experiment, but don't get carried away. Remember to follow the basic principles of layout, whether you are using processed type such as this example, one of the new "ugly" typefaces, or just a plain old fancy font. Only one design element per page should draw the reader's focus. If two or more elements are battling it out, the page will appear to the reader as messy, at best. Select a simple body text font which will contrast with the focus type.
Finally, repeat the focus type throughout your publication. For example, if a "worn"-looking type appears on the front page of a newsletter, pick it up on the inside pages as a drop cap for lead paragraphs of stories.
But above all, have fun and be bold!
Everything for Commodore Amiga Computers Sell * Trade • Repair • Buy 1420 County Bd 914 Burleson, TX 76028 817-447-6974 - Voice FAX line Main Number 817-295-7658 We carry a full line of hardware, software & magazines, both new & used, including Europeon items & CD's.
Our ftat-rate repairs include most parts & labor.. Catalog - $ 2.95 Trade in your unwanted items.
We Want Amiga 2000s Working or Not!
040 Accelerators $ 495.00 up Videophiles! A4000 040 $ 1795.00 Y C Plus 3475.00 "Limited quantity on some items, 1st come - 1st served.
A500 Refurb $ 89.95 Composite Studio $ 99.95 A2000 Refurb $ 395.00 Directory Opus 5.5 $ 89.95 Aminet CD Set 1, 2, or 3 $ 38.95 Worms CD32 $ 29.95 System Booster CD $ 19.95 Sensible Goif $ 29.95 Asim CDFS V3.4 $ 77.95 Killing Grounds $ 37.95 Amiga monitors Available. We have hardware, SW, & accessories for the Commodore C64 & C128.
All Major Credit Cards Accepted.
SORRY NO REFUNDS The title of this true-life horror movie (in my refrigerator, at least) started with the original created in Deluxe Paint V. The image was processed in ImageMaster R T. It was run first through the Caricature filter, set at a distortion level of 80%, then through the Melt effect.
• AC* Please Write to: Nick Cook c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 inp by vT - _ Rob n
amiga telecommunications i ¦ II Amiga email programs once were
difficult to set up and running properly. However, they have
matured to the point where they no longer need be feared.
Starting this month, we will look at two types of programs that frankly, I have been avoiding; e-mait and newsreader programs. There are several reasons for my avoidance, including numerous reports of how difficult these programs are to get set up and running properly.
By far the biggest reason, however, was selfishness; I didn't need any separate programs for these functions.
My Internet Service Provider includes a regular text interface, as well as the ppp connection for browsers, and other TCP IP clients. Part of the text services included are both a newsreader program and an e-mail program running on the host system.
Rather than going through the hassle of setting up programs on my Amiga to duplicate these functions, I just kept putting it off, and writing about other types of programs. Well, sometimes procrastination does pay, because in the interim these programs have matured to the point where they no longer need be feared. So, for the next few months we will look at various e- mail programs, in no particular order, followed by newsreader programs.
AEMail AEMail, from John F. Zacharias, is a simple to install and use graphical e- mail system. The main screen (Figure
1) has a row of icons across the top for quick access to the main
Folder L itt D»icrtptton of Folder “SIS?* HP* J!!!1P! |ppp?„;E3 sis*1" SENT Messages that have been sent m » A- 'V- ¦ T ¦ ¦ - Start Net Call: | rtitCP:btn startrtet . | DIR | ELBijDErBULT I v' 1 Start Net Opens on t
* te Workbench Stop Net Call: |ftn 4 TCP : b I n stopnet | DIR |
CLR | DEFAULT | I Stop Hpt Opens on the Monhbench J J Hutonatlc
oonnoctIon to Internet Provider on REHRtL Start Up v l Dltploo
d incnnnect check on flEnfllL onlt Oisehle Queued Matt Check _1
an connection est ab t lahnent j at REN8IL exit DI .nab I e Heu
Matt Check [ on connection establ iohnent J at nEHftIL extt
Check for nee nail everv j2 | Mtnuten QENEBRL 1 PBTHS | J
REQUIRED I USE 1 cmcCL I SbbE 1 Figurel (top). The AEMail main
window Figure2 (bottom). Aemail's TCP IP configuration options
Us*rIO: |rh«v* Rea t Nane: Dortain H*»e: PTTv -ntV PDF Sirutr:
| HPPLY I Add Signature Block Add Attachments | ym 22-t*jv“W
2»*t 24-M0V‘»6 IB 09 24-N0V-96 22-59 25-N0V-9S 10:27 26410V-9S
00 00 27-N0V-98 17.27 26-NOV-95 00 00 29-NCV-96 09 08 30-H0V-3S
11;37 Fjtcr Bepfr Get address Rfiad Get tea!
Passing the mouse pointer over these icons displays a short description of their function in the window border.
The remainder of this screen is taken up by a list of either available mail folders, or the contents of a particular folder.
Usable both on line and off, AEMail can be set up to start or end your network connection from a menu selection (Figure 2). You can also set it to periodically check for new mail on your provider while running in the background. Now you can get your e- mail while you are busy using a browser or other TCP IP client. You can also set your favorite browser to start AEMail when you click on a HTML mailto: link.
The current version, 1,11, does not contain an internal editor, but it is set up to call the text editor of your choice.
The default is to use Commodore's Ed as the editor, which has the advantage of being something everyone already owns. Speaking of Ed, if you haven't heard this tip before, either remove or rename the file S:Ed-Startup, if you are using OS2.1 or above. By doing this you will make available many menu items not normally available, and increase the usability of Ed.
Configuration options (Figure 3) include how the program handles the mail it retrieves from your server, and how it handles your replies. For example, you can customize the way quoted sections of the mail you are replying to are displayed, and the signature appended to the end of your message.
Installation was a fast and painless process handled by the Installer utility.
Some information you will need to get from your provider before installing any of these programs include the domain name of the supplier (usually the part of your e-mail address after the "®"), and the name of the POP and SMTP mail servers. Basically, these are the names of Internet protocols that handle incoming (Post Office Protocol) and outgoing (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) e-mail. If you don’t know these, a quick call to your ISP should provide the answers.
REQUIRED 1 TCP IP 1 PATHS 1 GENERFIL 1 USE ( srue 1 CANCEL 1 No Cwnecfion lo you- KP Server & Rtp-y to a Mestetie 0 1 csd bhhbbhhhhb Return Sub j f i teriene : Attachment Description: CantentTvpe SubType: |lhage jpefl~ J. Book | serlD | Figure3 (top). AEMail’s main configuration page.
Figure4 (middle). With MIME capability, you can e-mail a varity of file types.
Figures (bottom). The YAM main window Sdil Cell: [cJEd *• ~ 1 Editor Opens on the workbench ~[ CLR | DEERULT | CHRHGE PBSSMPRP I Hast Directory: fflEHJlIL: ~l CUK f OEFBULT I m J-StSj ICLkj Nev-oTodd-B Eorvard Undelete j j j i linwriam POP I Archive 1 SMTP Server: fHatl.ktve.net" Edit Signature | ~| CLR | DEFBULT | ~l CLR I DEFBULT ( Workbench Screen_ ? I Workbench 0 Vi¦ *r+i* i u& r ¦jrreithgcr •¦!?. Og; thank you.
Bgjgte DispLay tkxt Print Save Carl Skata Danny Y. Wong £=D I Ken Harvey C~5 Larry McGdhey £3 JohnStevem JW_ Delete Get i detete IBIO E is I IS InKBWig.
Imrnm Don d Fefeftiruegge Ken Harvey m Lite Date: Nov 26 1996 11:86.29 Bfl To: rhay36klva.net Subject: Thank you, thank you, a alt I ton tia Dear Hr. Hays, I'a sure you probably roaeaber »e I case to you a couple of tfaya ago for help with ay unvaUdated and error-ridden hard drive 1 irted to let the hard drive run eo it could DKE Cobra RE contact Info please 1 Sen: | Archived 24-Nav-96 18:05 24-N0V-95 17:58 : 3 !
Figured (top). Reading e-mail the YAM-way!
Figure7 (middle). Total configuration is just a few mouse-clicks away.
Figures (bottom). Filter out your junk e-mail.
(no subject) 06-Dec-3€ 20:35 0 1 CAALXj S8Sft changed.
07-Dec-96 01 48 1 1 Re Air Mai keyffie 08-Dec-96 00 00 2 1 RE contact fotov up 09-Dec-96 1? 43 0 WebDcwgnDocj 08-Dee-96 18-53 17 Close-Up 10-OeC-36 01 48 1 V ffter trzYnn _EL lea I in jgggj Prc ous EorwJira Archive 6et D*t Cancel AEMail also supports the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME), and uuencoded files (Figure
4) . Both of these allow e-mail to handle binary files as well as
ASCII text. The way your system handles the MIME file
attachments is defined by a special text file called a
mailcap. A sample file is included in the archive, and the
AmigaGuide documentation details how to customize one to fit
your needs.
AEMail will run on any Amiga with OS2.1 or above, and a TCP IP stack. If you have AmiTCP IP, TermiteTCP, or Miami, you are in business. Mr. Zacharias considers this to be a beta release, and as such asks for bug reports or enhancement requests as the only payment.
AEMail.lha is a 302k byte file, available from any of the Aminet mirrors in the comm mail subdirectory.
YAM Yet Another Mailer, from Marcel Beck, is similar in a lot of respects to AEMail. It has an installer script to handle the dirty work of copying files to their proper places, AmigaGuide documentation, and it is easy to set up and use. Both handle MIME as well as the more mundane ASCII mail, and both have flexible configurations.
YAM is a bit more polished however, and adds some important features, which is only natural for a program not considered to be a beta release. For instance, YAM can filter incoming messages through up to 48 different criteria, before placing them in your incoming folder. Get a lot of "junk" e-mail? Now you can automatically delete it without having to download and read it all. Yam also includes an Arexx Interface, so it can be controlled from other applications.
When first started, the YAM main window looks like Figure 5. The leftmost column contains small icons to denote the status of each message.
Double-clicking on a message will open the message reader window (Figure 6), This window also gives you the chance to save or display any MIME attachments this e-mail may have. Configuration options also abound for YAM (Figure 7), including the Filters option mentioned above (Figure 8). Message management is simplified by the availability of up to 48 separate folders within the Archive folder.
YAM does include its own internal editor, but you can also configure it to use another if you prefer. The context-sensitive AmigaGuide help is also a nice feature, and saves hunting for information on specific features. YAM uses Magic User Interface, and so gives the user almost unlimited ways to configure the windows, gadgets, fonts, and other aspects of the programs' appearance (Figure 9).
* **WANTED*** A2000 Computers New or Used (NTSC or PAL) Call
Toll-Free: 800 595-5534 Telephone (914) 578-6522, Fax (914)
578-6550 PAXTRON Corporation 28 Grove St., Spring Valley, NY
10977 Circle 135 on Reader Service card.
YAM is currently at version 1.33a, and is copyrighted freely distributable software. The 503k byte file YAM133_3a.!ha is available from your nearest Aminet mirror, in the comm mail subdirectory. Requirements are a TCP IP stack (Miami, etc.), OS2.04 or above (OS2.1+ if you wish to have Localization change the English to one of the 14 languages included), and MUI 3.3+. The archive also includes versions optimized for 68020 and 68040 processors.
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Here are some more Amiga BBS numbers as supplied by readers. The first is an updated listing. If one is in your area, give them a call and check it out. Tell them Rob sent you!
SPEEDS: 300-16,800 baud CONTACT: Carl Skala Secretary Treasurer CAAUG Where To Find Me rhavs@kiva.net http: www.kiva.net -rhays
R. Hays5 on Genie 72764,2066 on CompuServe For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
Workbench Screen If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community 1 will include the information I receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feel would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the Hotlist of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. See you on line!
• AC* NAME: Shadowlands PHONE:
(330) 745-8902 SPEED: 1200-28.8kbps CONTACT: Mark Birdsill
Birdsil@uakron.edu NAME: Amiga OnLine PHONE:
(502) 367-8601 SPEEDS: Up to 28.8 kbps SETTINGS: 8-N-l CONTACT:
Steve Edford 5ledford@iglou.com NAME: Cleveland Area Amiga
Users Group PHONE:
(216) 651-0423 PHONE:
(216) 651-0532 1 1"'° II y Systets I " Windavi I ¦Iwies Hays
jcfnbste U Gratis I i Buttons I Cyetes I ~ Sfcfers
ScrcHfcars Listyevs y Moments- | Tf VsrtKS. I . 9L. . .
Figure 9. YAM uses Magic User Interface, and so gives the user almost unlimited ways to configure the windows, gadgets, fonts, and other aspects of the programs’ appearance (Figure 9) Universal Amiga Emulator UAE, Ultimate Amiga Emulator, emulates an Amiga 500’s hardware on a variety of platforms, including Unix, Linux, (Power)Mac, DOS, and even the BeBox.
By Dave Matthews & Marc Hoffman UAE version ,63 ULTIHATE ahiga EMULATOR UAE by Bernd Shcroidt, DOS port by Gustavo Goedert Additional DOS node by Tin Gunn ft Peter Renners » - Disk settings.
Drive DF0 contains disk file Drive Dfi contains disk file Drive DF2 contains disk file Drive DF3 contains disk file I - Uideo settings.
I - Menory settings.
I - Hard Disk settings : - Sound settings.
I - Other settings.
UIDEO: 800x600 65536 colors Aspect corrected drawing every frame.
. - Load Save Configs ESC to Exit MEMORY: 2048KB chip ft 819ZKB fast.
ROM IMAGE: kick.ron SOUND: Off MEM: Physical 220KB Uirtual 34884KB JOYSIICH: Keypad Off HARDDISK: Current Harddisk file - 40960KB is Mounting uolune Sensai at C: anigaXshiua I IT ENTER TO RUN UAE: AmigaOS 3.0 ECS C; 1701918 (81%) F:1884904 (44%) T:59 1:43 SH ? Stiletto 98% full, eSBK free, 15M in use Prof* HardMochine Mill TheMairlx Utilities classes HTDS Libs Locala Tools Shiva Figure 1 (top): UAE Configuration Screen.
Figure 2 (bottom): Amiga Workbench ala UAE According to conventional wisdom, you can't take it with you.
Well, the Amiga has never been a slave to convention, so if you have had to move to another computer platform, maybe you can take it (the Amiga that is) with you.
UAE, variously known as Un*x or Ultimate Amiga Emulator, does just what it says. It emulates the Amiga's hardware on a variety of platforms, including Unix, Linux, (Power)Mac, DOS, and even the BeBox. In fact I have even heard of people compiling the source code to run on the Amiga.
For years, the idea of an Amiga emulator has been bandied about, but frankly, until recently, other personal computers were just not powerful enough to do it. With the advent of the Pentiums, PowerMacs, BeBoxesand other such systems, the talk has finally become reality.
UAE emulates an Amiga 500 with the ECS (Enhanced Chip Set) and a 68000 or 68020 processor. The emulator does not handle the more advanced AGA chips found in modern-day Amigas. Therefore, the system is limited to the standard 16, 32, and HAM-6 display modes contained in the ECS, as well as a base color palette of 4096 total colors. Most of the functions of the AmigaOS chips are emulated with the exception of sprite collision detection. Sound is also supported via emulation of Paula.
In order to get the system running correctly, an Amiga Kickstart ROM image must be used with the emulator.
The ROM image is captured using the included program TransROM, which, when run on a real Amiga, will capture and save the information saved in the ROM to a file on disk. UAE uses this file to aid in its emulation processes. Please note that Amiga ROMs are copyrighted material, and that obtaining an image without the purchase of a real Amiga ROM is in violation of copyright laws.
Floppy disks are captured in the same way with a program called TransDisk, with the disk's image stored in a file on the host computer's hard drive.
Amiga on DOS by Dave Matthews The version of UAE I'm reviewing is the MSDOS version. This comes in both 68000 and 68020 flavors. UAE for DOS supports the OCS and some ECS chipset features, including up to 2MB chip ram, and the ECS superhires video mode, up to SMB of fast ram, and sound support via the PC's Sound Blaster. Note that my comments pertain to the MSDOS version of UAE, and that versions of UAE for other platforms may have slightly different features and abilities.
Getting UAE set up and running can be fairly complicated on a PC, though certainly no more than many DOS programs.
There are several possible pitfalls.
The first is DPMI. Because of this, you cannot run UAE under Windows, nor will it run if you use a product like QEMM which provides DPMI under DOS. Fortunately, MSDOS now provides multiple startup configurations, so you can boot up with QEMM DPMI disabled.
The second problem is video related. The version of UAE for DOS requires a VESA video driver. Some video cards may have this in their BIOS.
On my machine, I have to run a program called VVESA to enable this, which is easy enough to include in the startup batch file. You may not have access to all of UAE's video modes depending on your video card and driver.
Program Manager Main Contiol Panel Print Manager Clipboard Viewer B . Accessories a m Cad Fie Note Pad ' -L P b r tLfi ‘hr?* & & Char rr ap Object Pselager Characler Map A 3 Sound Recorder V iKe Terminal Dr. Walson n Merta Player IhiInn Pie Options window (Help yw SlatlUp Darr - The Un*x Emu ator 0 (993. 199& Bernd sthmldl 0 tunmbutari Macintosh Pori: e urn, I99fi frotilo CttruL IfK Wr*WTw1«*i to 26* 9 AM 4mwwi1 IS* SAMfctumml 72K 9(r*p6«.k d«ym rl
* «Wrr
- feWir 2,£jtiK twtlMW When you run the program, UAE presents a
configuration screen (See Figure 1). Here you can set the
memory, video and drive specifications. UAE supports up to
four floppies, a simulated hard drive (using what's called a
hardfile), and even lets you access an MSDOS directory.
I also had no success getting the sound to work. UAE for DOS supports the Sound Blaster, but failed to recognize my Sound Blaster compatible Pro Audio Spectrum.
You will also need a mouse and driver software for the PC. I use a Microsoft serial mouse and Microsoft mouse driver.
As previously stated, to run UAE you will need a Kickstart ROM image, and since PC drives cannot read Amiga disks, you will also need a Workbench Disk image.
You can also select which video mode in which to run the Amiga emulation. If your card supports it, 800x600 w 65000 colors and aspect correction is a good mode to use. This allows the Amiga to run in NTSC or PAL Hires Laced and provides enough colors to correctly display HAM. Note, Laced mode thankfully does not emulate that mode's flicker. Since UAE does not emulate AGA, you can't use multi-svnc or other video modes.
UAE can be booted with up to 2MB of chip ram, and up to 8MB of fast ram. You can even emulate the 500's so called 'slow-fast' ram, for older games and demos.
You can also select vour drive setup. You can use up to four floppies, and you can select the disk image files for each floppy, and disk images can be "ejected" and "inserted" while running the emulation. You can also create a hardfile to simulate a hard drive of any size (you will need to boot off a floppy disk image, and format this before it can be used). You can also select a native MSDOS directory that the Amiga will be able to access as if it were an MSDOS formatted partition on the Amiga.
Once you have the settings you want, pressing the ENTER key will run the emulation. Booting from the floppy disk image is very slow, and can take ten or so minutes, depending on your setup. Booting from a hardfile is much faster and more pleasant.
The first time I saw the familiar Amiga Workbench on the screen, I was amazed. After all these years of PC- Task and Shapeshifter, the worm has finally turned (See Figure 2).
How practical UAE would be in running Amiga programs depends on several issues. Compatibility is excellent. I was surprised at how many programs run under UAE. Even system hacks like Magic Menu and New Icons run. More importantly, applications like Brilliance, Personal Paint, Directory Opus, WordWorth, Visage (image viewer), and Cygnus ED worked. Luckily for this review, even Quick Grab, a screen grabber, worked. See Figure 3 for a shot of True Brilliance with a HAM picture loaded, and Figure 4 for a shot of Directory Opus 4.
For a lark, I tried PC-Task. It worked! PC-Task will even run Windows. I had a PC emulating an Amiga emulating a PC running Windows! You might want to forego this little experience, as it took Windows one hour and forty minutes to boot. Hmmmm- if Chris Haines comes out with the 486 version of PC- Task, you might even be able to run UAE under PC-Task. See Figure 5 for a shot of Windows running under two layers of emulation. (You don't want to know how painful it was getting this screen shot!)
I also tried running Christian Bauer's Shapeshifter, but could not get it to run because UAE could not handle the PrepareEmul program. On the other hand, apparently you can run the standard Mac version of UAE under Shapeshifter. After a great deal of experimenting with both PC-Task and Shapeshifter, and thinking about the philosophical conundrums of a PC emulating an Amiga emulating a PC, I have determined that I need to get a life!
File Etitl Oriuei Memory Utden iTr«hl Sjbiirfcliri or kber.ch :c)or StgWYrrt*- D Amiga Emulator y0.3 3rrt ! Q l)n*x Amiga Emulator yO 6 0 fr Q VafrPay_ 314k Shrfftt D*1ux» arohrr*
- foldar
- 'oV*r File Edit Drlties Memory Uldeo Of course, since UAE does
not (yet) emulate AGA, programs like SCALA and many games and
demos will not run. Also, serial and parallel and other I O is
rudimentary or nonexistent.
[AudioCD I Perhaps as important as compatibility is speed. On my Gateway 2000 486 DX2-66Mhz, UAE is, well, it's a snail. Very rough tests of mine indicate it's about 1 5 or less the speed of my old A500. Actually, UAE would still be usable for some tasks, but worse, it's very hard to control the mouse on the Amiga screen. I don't know if this is related to speed or to a possible conflict between the MSDOS mouse driver and UAE, but it really makes UAE unusable on my system. The mouse has a tendency to jerk halfway across the screen, just when you start to dick on a button. I tried various
settings in the Microsoft mouse manager, and setting the speed medium high with low acceleration seemed to achieve the least aggravating results. Also, disable any Amiga side mouse acceleration, as this only makes it worse. The more programs, commodities and hacks you have running, the worse it gets. This is one time the Amiga's multitasking can get out of hand. On a fast Pentium, 1 f-H PW 'Mill :JFD '?¦ Mrnm A F£ dbdfll li MM !jj v SMEAR COPY J H-SV a RGB J CMY SUSP BASE COLORS SPREAD SCAN RESTORE ¦pja Emulator vO.5 3 [Trash | Figure 7 (top): Interlace Mode Weirdness.
Figure 8 (bottom): True Brilliance Ham on Mac drives (file disks), up to a 640 x 480 display, and support for hard drives.
In terms of hard drive support, the Macintosh UAE comes through with two choices: a hardfile and a shared folder.
The first option, the hardfile, is a file on the host computer's hard drive that acts like a real Amiga hard drive partition. It is the hard drive equivalent of the disk images used for floppy (90Mhz or above) I have heard this is not a problem.
Amiga On MacOS by Marc R. Hoffman The MacOS version of UAE comes packed in one file called a "fat binary."
This file contains the code for both the 680x0 and PowerPC-based Macintoshes. The basic system can support up to 3MB of RAM, 3 floppy File Edit Driues Memory Video Biiasisni Figure 9 (top): PC-Task, under UAE on the Mac Figure 10 (bottom): Real Sports Football under UAE on the Mac The amount of memory available under Amiga emulation is, right now, limited to 3MB on the Mac version.
This is broken down into 2MB of Chip RAM and 1MB of Slow-Fast RAM.
Drive support. The actual physical size of the hardfile is limited to 8MB on the Mac version. The second option, the shared folder, allows the emulation to share a directory with the host computer. This makes transferring of data between the emulation and the host computer very easy and convenient. And what's best of all, the storage space is limited only by the size of the current host computer's hard drive or hard drive partition that contains the shared folder.
Real Fast memory is not currently available on the Mac version.
In terms of video display, UAE uses display techniques similar to those found in ShapeShifter and PC- Task. Since the emulation is unable to update the screen in real time, the screen must be refreshed at regular intervals. These intervals are set by the user in numbers ranging from one to seven. Setting the system to update at number one forces the system to update the screen more frequently than a setting of seven. But a penalty is incurred by doing this. Setting the update to one, forcing more frames of video to be displayed at one time, causes the system to work much harder. This steals
CPU resources that would otherwise go to other processes.
Remember that the main processor is not only emulating the Amiga's main processor, but also the custom chips. This is no small order. Setting the system to update at number seven allows the emulation to skip frames.
This saves CPU cycles, but compromises the smootlmess of the screen updates. The speed, of course, depends on which processor UAE is running.
The rule to remember here is: the faster, the better.
Oriues Memory P*C) |UAt_T«t3; 1992-95 Cjutis Haws I'Ptutuot published by :- P, O, Box t ItR , Sou rlit nil Fax 61 3 SH'j 10?4 BBS isar. Di al ix.oi. .m isitf dFlvpr pr»‘Vs tcftrtniji, JiuiHM.t Dfl t(»i» Uht rCT All soishts wserwtd ’rOOe-ISOT*: I : *• e Ho I tr a I i frrtve- n *s Ppiv* B ifc KatvlDi'tve ' KapitPnv? I ¦ i*. Upvsion 3*9? - QZS14S1Z ihcdltoli OCHS Vi-cs i on 3.9 Microsoft Corp. __AM Isj. 11 36Ftt Tnj. 25.l99?,4 5gFt1 So enough about how the system works what programs can UAE run?
Surprisingly, I found quite a few that would run. And I'm not talking about simple demos downloaded off the Internet. I tested, and ran successfully, some commercial software as well. 1 was able to run Brilliance, PC-Task 3.1, Real Sports Football, StarGlider, Viewtek image viewer, MUI, and several animations. For screen shots of some of these programs, see Figures 8-
However, it is one thing to say that a program runs. It is quite another thing to say that the programs run at full speed. As stated earlier, the processors on these various Macs are emulating not only the main 68000, but also the code contained within the custom Amiga chips. The faster the system, the better the performance of UAE. I tested the emulation on three different processors: a 68040 @40 Mhz, a PowerPC 603 @75 Mhz, and a PowerPC 604 @150MHz. Needless to say, the results were more impressive the farther up the "MIPS ladder" I went.
On the 68040, the speed was extremely disappointing. Just moving the pointer around the screen was quite a chore for the system. Performance on the 603 chip was substan- 16mb 60ns Ei -R ES.S s Photogenic$ v2.0 $ 179.95 CD Rom as good as Photoshop" 89% Amiga Format 8 96 92 % CU Amiga 8 96 Requirements: 4meg RAM, hard drive, OS 3.0+ Virtual memory, file formatsfacbm, anims, noise, raw, targa, PCX, and more) Supports graphic cards.
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249.95 349.95 Circle 121 on Reader Service card.
Tially better, but still quite disappointing. The pointer was still quite slow in mo ing across the screen, jerking as it moved. On the 604 chip, however, 1 began to see some usefulness in UAE.
But still, the system was not as clean as a real Amiga. 1 did notice that reducing the number of colors on the Mac Desktop to 256 dramatically increased performance. In this mode, I was able to play the entire game of Real Sports Football (Figure 10). The animation and playability were both very usable.
The only problem was with the sound, and this is explained later. The Workbench pointer appeared similar to the mild jerkiness of the pointer in Microsoft Windows, On all the computers 1 used, I noticed that they had a problem with Amiga interlaced graphics modes. For instance, when trying to drag a screen or move the pointer, half of the scan lines would move first and then the other scan lines would move. So only half of the graphic would move at one time. This is best illustrated in Figure 6.
In terms of sound output, UAE seems to have its work cut out for it, even on the 150 Mhz 604 chip. When trying to play sounds, UAE seems to go through cycles of playing a portion of the sound, followed by a pause, followed by more sound, followed by a pause, and so on and so forth.
Obviously, this pause is much longer on the slower machines than on the PowerPC units.
In Conclusion A man walks up to his friend, who is playing chess with a chicken.
"Incredible! That must be the smartest chicken in the world!"
"Nah, he's only won 3 of the last ten games."
What is so amazing about UAE is not the speed at which it runs, but that it runs at all. To see the friendly Amiga screen on your PC is an indescribable, somewhat surreal experience. And after using Windows or the Macintosh, to experience ’treal* multitasking is like coming home.
Universal Amiga Emulator Original Unix version by Bernd Schmidt MSDOS version by Gustavo Goedert Macintosh version by Ernesto Corvi Macintosh review by Marc R. Hoffman MSDOS version review by Dave Matthews Available for download from http: www-users.informatik.rwth- aachen.de ~crux uae.html
• AC* Please Write to: Marc R. Hoffman and Dave Matthews c o
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40 A MA 7.1 SG COMPL'TING NEC CDR-222S4X Int..125.00 External .195.00 3000 JPEG Textures 26,00 3D images .....15.00 3D Objects ..15.50 Amiga Developer Vol 1.1 ..18,00 Amiga Repair Kit 39.00 Aminet Set 2,3,4 Call Aminet Vols S -16 Call ASIM CD ROM FS 3.5 63.99 Corp Video Backgrounds .139.00 dataMIX 14.00 DEM-ROWI .....26.00 Desktop Video Dreams ...49.00 Digital Motions Ryer Clips .129.00 Digital Motions JPEG ....129.00 Eric Schwartz Prod 22.00 Geek Gadgets 19.00 Global Amiga
Experience.29.00 GoldfFish Vol 3 ..10.00 Humanoid (Imagine) 89.00 Human oi d LightWave ..160.00 Imagine PD 3D 27.00 Kara Collection 79.00 Light ROM Vol 4 ....39.00 Light ROM Gold 29.00 Lightwave 4.0 to 5.0 289.00 Lightwave 5.0 ..Call Magic Workbench 24.00 MAND 2000 44.00 Meeting Pearls 5 ....10.00 MODS Anthology 33.00 Multimedia Backgrounds ..34.00 Octamed 6 ...20.00 Octamed Sound Studio VI .35.00 Personal Suite 75.00 Print Studio Pro 29.00 Pro Pics 31.00 Pyromania! ..139.00 Surface
Pro LW 3D 79.00 System Booster 19.00 Toaster4.1 d Upgrade....489.00 Universal 3D 135.00 UPD Gold .....29.00 Utilities Experience 22.00 Video Collage ..55.99 VideoGems ..95.00 Visual F X Vol 1 & 2......199.00 DataFlyer 500 w Brd .,..245.00 DataFlyer 2000S ....85.00 DataFlyer XDS 69.00 HighFlyer 4000 Chassis. .389.00 I Cinema 4D ..219.00 TT.--TT Clarity 16... 199.00 ¦ irif.iiiiil Diskmagic ...45.00 Gamesmith .78.00 Megalosound .49.95 On The Ball .34.00 Pro MIDI ....49.00 Sequencer
One + ...35.00 Squirrel PCMCIA .109.00 : Surf Squirrel .139.00 Termite TCP ibrowse 89.00 Twist 2 Database .119.00 ZIP JAZ Tools .25.00 CSA Derringer 50MHz 419.00 FlickerFixer ......265.00 Harddrives, Seagate Ultra Call Hydra Ethernet .299.00 JAZ Drive. Iomega 1GB. Ext..499.00 Mouse, Boing! 74.99 Picasso l!+ Display Board..345,00 RocGen Plus ....195.00 Scanner, Epson 1000C......615.00 Syquest EZ Flyer ...Call TBC IV 795.00
Trackball - AmTRAC 69.99 ZIP Drive, Iomega 100MB...199.99 Zip Cartridges 10-Pk ...145.00 The ONLY Amiga image processing software you’ll ever need!
Image F X 2.6 ......225.00 Jog Shuttle .....349.00 Jog Shuttle MovieShop.425.00 MovieShop F X 3 ....99.00 MovieShop F X 4, 5 50.00 MovieShop Upgrade 95.00 Retina Z3 4MB 468.00 Toccata 16_________ ....499.00 Upgrade Samplitude Pro.99.00 Vlab Motion .1699.00 Vlab Toccata Bundle ..2095.00 Vlab Y C Int 489.00 1 Accel, Cobra 40 Mhz
199. 00 Accel, Wildfire 2000 .1339.00 SCSI-II HC Rapidfire..
.149.00 SCSI Option Ferret.... ...89.00 Spitfire
SCSI-II . ...89.00 3 MeqaChip 2000 . .199.00
MuitiStart li ...26.00 1202 Memory Board
...88.00 3128 Board
195. 00 ( Micro R. &
D. } Directory Opus 5.5.... ...85.00 Easy Ledgers 2 ...
.145.00 GP FAX Generic .. ...47.99 Mouse, WIZ 560
dpi.... ....29.00 Power Supply 500..... ...89,99 Power Supply
155. 99 Speakers, 60 watt
29. 00 © A Web-ll 2.1.. © Iomega ZIP JAZ Tools 25.00 © i Browse.
© CyberGraphX Software 49,00 © Boing! Optical Mouse 74.99 © Enprint 2.1 ..29.99 1987-1997 safe Harbor computers CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE © Image F X2.6 ...225.00 © Aminet CDV14 ..19.00 Art Effect 1.1 ....198.00 Audio Thunder ...69.99 Capital Punishment 41.99 Control Tower ..199.00 Co-Pilot Audio ...95.00 Co-Pilot Video 1.0 ..95.00 Decision Maker 299.00 Diavolo Backup .....Call Digital
Universe ...125.00 drawSTUDIO ....119.00 Final Writer Lite .33.00 ImageMaster RT 75.95 Impact! 1.05 ....195.00 Inter. Flow Charier .21.99 MacroForm 2.0 229.00 Monument Designer V2f.„.249,99 PageStream 2.2SE .39.00 PageStream 3,0i ..179.00 Persona! Paint 6.4 .59.00 ProVector 3 .....179.00 Scala MM400 ...339.00 StormC 1.1 ......398.00 Turbo Calc 4.0 ...59.00 TypeSmith
2.5 ...39.00 WordWorth 6.0 119.00 WordWorth Office ..99.00 World Construction Set 2.0 ..369.00 YBT 89.99 LIGHTWAVE TUTORIALS F X Kit for LW 29,00 F X Kit for LW Adden....19.00 LW Power Guide NEW! ..44.00 gjggCONSUlJBflA VTU’s Last Show A WINNER!
Rendering. It is fully textured (LightWave models only, Targa files included for texturing 3D models) including decals.
Some of the models featured are the A- 10, Harrier, Spitfire, Mirage, Sopwith Camel, MD-500H Helicopter plus 4 experimental aircraft. Comes in LightWave 3D v5.0 and 3D formats.
Just weeks after Miller Freeman Inc. announced that they would cease publication of their Video Toaster User magazine, VTU held its iast exposition at the Universal Citv Flilton Hotel and Towers in North Hollywood. Literally in the shadows of Universal Studios, thousands of videophiles gathered to see what was new for video and NewTek.
The exposition, November 5-8, was a proving ground for developers to meet with users and discuss needs and expectations for their creations.
Promised for this event was aiso the first unveiling of NewTek's LighiWave 3D for the Macintosh. This follows NewTek's release of similar products for SGI and Windows. Also promised, was a new release for the Amiga.
Below arc just some of the products that were offered at this event to the Amiga videophile.
High Desert Digital was showing their product Movie Models©. Included in the program are 21 high resolution 3-D models designed for high quality VertiSketch 2.0 was featured by Blevins Enterprises, Inc. This program allows LightWave animators to make complex organic 3D models from physical objects in minutes. VertiSketch plugs into LightWave Modeler seamlessly. Other features include: a foot pedal trigger, audio feedback, four digitizing modes, a reference manual and much more. System requirements on the Amiga are LightWave 3D 4.0 or higher with its requirements and Amiga DOS
2. 04 or higher.
Crestline Software presented Humanoid which articulates 3D models of a man, woman, child and strongman with walk & run motions, morphing facial expressions and hands all for only SI 95.
The LA Toaster User Group (top) remains one of the largest and most active Toaster groups in the country.
NewTek (bottom) used Star Trek’s Borg Cube as a backdrop to their booth.
Oxygen™ 102 was Dynamic Pictures' offering. This OpenGL accelerator card allows you to create LightWave animations fast.
Siamese Systems from UK's HiQ Limited allows the user to integrate the Amiga, PC and Mac systems. It allows a single monitor to automatically switch to display PC as if an Amiga screen, the single keyboard and mouse operates across all platforms, it has serial networking with all PC drives mounted on the Amiga, full Arexx support is built in, shares printers and much more. The Siamese pack includes an ISA Electronic Video Switcher, cables, and Siamese Manual, plus PC Amiga software.
Ozware showed 4 products at the show. The Co-Pilot Audio 1.0 is a video editing tool designed for NewTek's Flyer used to help with music mixing. It allows the user to automate music levels around narrations, prepare a project for foreign translation, reveal tricky split audio edits in detail and more. Co-Pilot Video 1.0 is useful in speeding up your editing. It can be used to remove waste footage, find unused clips, group CG render and more.
Co-Pilot AVSync expands your Co- Pilot controls by adding this powerful collection of tools designed for: locking matched audio & video clips simple handling of visual cut-a-ways, auto cutting for split audio edits and more.
The press releases and news announcements in This report are from Amiga vendors, etc. While Amazing Computing did edit these articles, the statements, etc. expressed are those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing.
AM 1C A 30 & MULTIMEDIA CD-ROMS Of issues 1,2, 3 with over 6,000 objects fall into mar different categories.
[ Imagine PD 3D is a “5 ¦taw f shipping m um.m 95 + shipping shipping LIGHT-ROM 4, a 2 CD- ROM set features all new Lightwave objects and scene files. The bonus CD-ROM is 3,000 Jpeg Textures, a $ 29.95 value. See below for full description of 3,000 Jpeg Textures CD-ROM.
100% royalty free!
LIGHT-ROM GOLD represents the best of LIGHT-ROM issues 1,2, [ and 3 with over 6,000 l Lightwave objects and I scene files. LIGHT-ROM t GOLD was created for I those who did not 3.
Over than LIGHT- ROM GOLD.
99% royalty free!
World using Imagine 1.0 to Imagine 4.0. The fall into many PD 3D is a CD-ROM work on any computer platform.
100% royalty free-less than 1 cent per file!
Thousands of Imagine 3D objects created by its Amiga i and PC users from around Imadino DH QH rnncictc nf Multimedia Backdrops contains 100 backdrops 3,000 Jpeg Textures covers all categories [including Brick, (Bumpmaps, Carpet, I Cloth, Fabric, Formica, I Granite, Images. Marble, I Organic, Rock. Stone.
K Stucco, Tiles, Wood and DEM-ROM contains over 1,000 digital elevation maps (DEMs) from the USGS for use with Vista Pro, Scenery Animator and World Construction Set.
DEM-ROM originally appeared on LIGHT-ROM 3, and Multimedia work in the IFF24, TARGA, and TIFF file j formats in NTSC (752x480) and PAL(768x576) I resolutions.
1100% royalty free - less in the id TIFF file royalty free - less 40 cents per backdrop!
Royalty free - less than 1 cent per texture!
+ shipping shipping + shipping ORDERS ONLY 1*800*265*4041 VOICE I FAX - 502-363-2986 ? E-MAIL - michael@ifllou.com 10 am to 10 pm E.S.T. Monday through Friday ? Shipping is $ 4.95 lor U.S. & Canada - $ 6.95 International C.O.D. $ 4.50 Extra Hours - rDETAIL DEALERS, CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING AND BUNDLING INFORMATION GRAPHIC DETAIL INC. * 4556 SOUTH 3RD ST. * LOUISVILLE, KY 40214 * USA “LIGHT-fiOM." "DEM-ROM," “Imagine PD 30." "Multimedia Backdrops." And “3.000 Jpeg Textures'' are trademarks or Graphic Detail Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.
Circle 137 on Reader Service card.
Finally, Aussie's Fast Frames can combine sequences of effects, framestores and CG Pages with zero loading time. It is perfect for CG "page builds" where a title screen appears to build quickly line by line. You can play framestores as fast as 15 per second, and also have one effect immediately after another. Fast Frame records your sequence into a video clip in "realtime". Afterwards, place the finished video clip into your project and even add a second layer of CG and effects on top.
Dimension Technologies offered year two of their Club Toaster. During the first year members have received over 170 backdrops, 120 textures, 36 full motion backgrounds, 120 wipes, 17 full resolution animations, 80 sound effects, 60 fully textured LightWave objects 2 full length royalty free music scores, and over 100 24-bit brushes.
Year 2 promises expanded categories.
Visual Inspirations showed two products called Corporate Video Backgrounds and Surface Pro for LightWave 3D. Corporate Video Backgrounds is a collection of 250 Tim Jenison of NewTek picked up a few things at the VTU Expo royalty-free backgrounds constructed primarily for bumpers, bullet builds, and video overlays. All backgrounds were designed and constructed in Video Frame Buffers which means no weird artifacting or unexpected strobing due to chroma saturation. The images are precategorized by type and are provided in Piet, Targa, and IFF 24-bit formats. MSRP is $ 199.95. Surface Pro
provides the user with over 60 new seamless, image-based surfaces that are instantly available through LightWave. No matter what shape or size the objects are you will never see a seam line. It also includes numerous scene files and objects to show you exactly what can be done.
While Surface Pro has been available for the Amiga version of LightWave for years, it has just now been released on CD and includes versions for Amiga, Dec Alpha, MIPS, and Windows. Not only does Surface Pro have plenty of textures but it also includes a number of tech maps. These can be used for many things from space ships and landing bays to buildings and hi tech equipment. Also thrown in with the package is the Pro Textures Combo Collection of 24 seamless images which can be used as backgrounds or image maps. MSRP for all this is S99.95 Dynamic Realities was present showing their products
IMPACT! & Particle Storm. IMPACT! Can be used with LightWave 3D to import and export LightWave 3D scene files, import LightWave 3D objects or import premade LightWave 3D motion paths to override the laws of physics for any object. Dynamic Realities calls this product Physics with collision detection made easy.
Their other product called Particle Storm allows the user with a few simple mouse clicks to create effects such as explosions, smoke, fire, sparks, water, dust, and more. It "plugs in" to LightWave 3D for great convenience, allows real-time interactive previewing of particle effects while changing controller parameters, allows for the creation of force fields to attract or repel specified particles and much more.
Joe’s Digital Bar & Grill was feahiring their product called The LightWave Lab Volume 1: Characters.
Features include MetaNURBS which allows the user to see step-by-step how to build the one universal face object you can then use to create a whole cast of custom made characters and morph targets. Morph Gizmo tenches you how to set up and use this new tool for lip synching and facial expressions, Surfacing which is tips and tricks for creating image maps, and Eyes to take a look at different ways to animated eye movement and blinking. MSRP is $ 49.95. MegageM offered 5 products at the show. The first is called FliteLine AV8R which is a powerful Flyer edit assist tool.
This brand new product from MegageM boasts a fast timeline with powerful VCR-like edit controls and auto-edit features. MSRP for the software only is $ 249.95. Complete with hardware edit controller is S499.95 list. Also showing was their YBT which is a fast timeline viewer for Flyer and Toaster 4.1 with a list of $ 99.95. Thirdly was VideoGems CDROM which includes 60+ Toaster 4.1 effects and 12 ColorFonts for Flyer and Toaster 4.1. Also included are hundreds of real world terrain LWO objects with a list of $ 99.95. FractalPro Image Library CDROM with a list of $ 29.95 is a collection of 350+
Fractal Pro images. The fifth product was ScapeMaker 4.0 which is a 2D to 3D conversion and object compositing program with LightWave object output and VistaPro DEM conversion to LWO. List for this is $ 49.95 Asimware Innovations showed three products: PhotoCD Manager, Master ISO, and Audio Thunder.
PhotoCD Manager gives the user the ability to quickly and easily view PhotoCD discs. This point and click solution lets you pick the pictures you want to see with the full-color thumbnail images displayed in 4,096 or 256,000 colors (HAM or HAM-8 screen). It works with any Amiga equipped with a CD- ROM drive or CD32 and requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher. MSRP is $ 39.95 US funds, $ 47.95 Canadian funds.
Master ISO is a professional program which allows the user to control a CD-ROM recorder in order to create custom CD-ROM and CD-Audio discs.
The package includes an advanced ISO 9660 build utility which allows the user to create a universally compatible CD- ROM volume. Options are provided to give the user control over every aspect of the ISO 9660 volume. Amiga specific support also allows for long filenames, special characters, CDTV and CD32 auto- booting Requires appropriate Commodore developer license). CD-Audio discs can also be created. The discs are formatted to the Red Book standard and offer universal compatibility with standard CD players. MSRP is $ 199.00 US funds or $ 249.00 Canadian funds.
Audio Thunder is an audio format conversion utility. It provides a graphical user interface that can be launched from either Workbench or the Flyer. The user can effortlessly convert from one audio format to another by simply selecting the source file, choosing the desired format and convert. Choose multiple files for a time saving batch process The Multiple Clip editor allows you to easily join numerous clips together into a single audio sample. Audio Thunder allows you to import and export any of the following audio formats: Flyer Audio, Studio 16, AIFF, MAUD, WAV, 8SVX and CDDA. It requires
AmigaDOS v2.0 or higher and a compatible CD-ROM drive. MSRP is $ 99.00 US funds or $ 119.00 Canadian funds.
Y C Plus Inc featured many products in their booth. The YCP-A2D1 with an MSRP of $ 7500, converts your composite video signal to the new 10- bit CC1R-601 digital signal. Other products shown include: the YCP- PTBC TBC remote for Panasonic VCRs which offers a iow cost way to control the built-in Time Base Correctors in Panasonic Pro Video recorders and players; the YCP-JTBC TBC remote for JVC VCRs is a time base corrector remote control for the JVC Pro S-VHS decks; the YCP-BCR & YCP-BCR-S are Betacam time base corrector remote controls; the YCP-100 is a Y C adapter with Faroudja® encoding for
the NewTek Video Toaster and Fiver; the YCP-Audio converts the normal 10K unbalanced line level audio to the broadcast 600 +4Dbm Balanced; the YCP-VTT Toaster Calibrator with power supply tester for Amiga and IBM Style Pcs which can eliminate those annoying "Toaster not responding" or "Toaster will not Genlock" or "Toaster will not auto Hue” messages; and a YCP-688 super 3 4" adapter which converts 3 4" VCRs to Y C in & out NewTek showed their Video Toaster Flyer unit with an MSRP of $ 4995.00. This broadcast-quality, nonlinear editing system can provide the user with the same D2 quality
image you would expect from a $ 50,000 digital video deck. It promises to integrate so seamlessly with the Video Toaster that you will be able to experiment with effects, try out different titles, or add animations easily. The new video compression standard, VTASC enables you to get the quality you want without the unwanted artifacts associated with JPEG, MPEG, Wavelet and other compression techniques. Your final productions will look better instantly with the Flyer since there is no tape generation loss.
(continued on page 46) Orders Only 800-735-2633 VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Internet: sales®
visioasol't.com Homepage: http: www.vtsionsoit.com Holiday
Special Wizard 3-button Mouse $ 22.95 Asim CDFS 3.6 w Fish CD
$ 49.95 GVP I O Extender Curd $ 115.95 Quantum 2.5" 540 IDE
$ 149.00 Memory Upgrades GVP-32 60ns 4mb Simin
109. 95 GVP-32 60ns 16mb Simm
299. 95 lx8-70ns Simm
19. 95 lx8-80ns Simm
17. 95 lx9-70ns Simm
20. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
39. 95 4x9-80ns Simm
39. 95 72-pin SIMM Special lx32-60ns Simm (4mb)
24. 00 2x32-60ns Simm (8mb)
45. 00 4x32-60ns Simm (16mbi
89. 00 8x32-60ns Simm (32mb)
179. 00 DRAM Special lx4-70ns SC Zip
9. 95 lx4-70ns Pago Zip
9. 95 l, 4-80ns Page Dip
14. 95 256x4-70ns Page Dip
3. 95 256x4-70ns Page Zip
4. 95 lxl-100ns Page Dip
3. 00
2. 5 " Hard Drives A600 1200 SX-1 Hard Drives Quantum 540mb IDE
149. 00 Toshiba igb IDE
309. 95 Toshiba 1.3gb
399. 95 Toshiba 2.Igb IDE
589. 95
2. 5" Hard Drive Cable
8. 95
2. 5 "Hard Drive Bracket
14. 95
3. 5 11 Hard Drives Conner 54i)mb SCSI
199. 95 Seagate 540mb IDE
159. 95 Seagate l.OSgb SCSI
329. 95 Quantum 1.2gbSCSl
339. 95 Quantum 2. Igb SCSI
649. 95 Quantum 4.3gb SCSI
939. 95 Software Aminet Share 4
7. 95 AniiNet 13-16
18. 95 Aminel Set 3
39. 00 Amiuet Set 4
42. 00 Amiga Developer CD 1.1
17. 95 Amiga Repair Kit
45. 95 Arcade Pool CD32
22. 95 ASIM CDFS 2.0
22. 95 The Battle of Britain
9. 95 CBM Amiga UNIX Multiuser 49.95 Chaos Engine CD32
9. 95 Cygnus Ed Professional
45. 95 Defender of Crown II CD32
9. 95 Deluxe Paint II
14. 95 D Generation CD32
9. 95 Euroscene CD
6. 95 FantaSeas CD
22. 95 Fresh Fonts 1 CD
9. 95 Harpoon Challenger Pak
19. 95 image EX 2.6
225. 00 Lemmings CD
9. 95 Light ROM Gold CD
24. 95 Light ROM Vol. 4 CD
39. 95 Magie illusions CD
13. 95 Microcosm CD32
9. 95 Print Studio Pro CD
39. 95 Turbo Calc 4,0 CD
64. 95 Nigel Mansel CD32
9. 95 Word Perfect 4.1
29. 95 Zoo! CD32
9. 95 Peripherals & Hardware A1200 880K Int. Floppy Dr 65.00
A2000 880K. Ini Floppy Dr 69.95 A3(JU0 880K Ini Floppy Dr
69.95 A500 1200 Power Supply 49.95 A20U0 Power Supply 109.00
A3U00 Power Supply 79,95 A400H Power Supply 119.00 A2J3000
Keyboard 79.95 A4000 Keyboard (white) 79.95 A40U.U Keyboard
(black) 89.95 Keyboard Adapter A2000 Keyboard to A4000 System
9.95 Sale Skin for A12 20 30 4000 19.95 15-23 Pin Monitor
Adapter 24.95 15-23 Pin SVGA Converter 24.95 A520 Video
Adapter 15.95 RCA Video Cable 5.95 RF Modulator 7.95 MidiGold
500 29.95 Micro oa Flicker Fixer 225.00 ICD AdSCSl 2000 59.95
Mierohioiies 1200 Clock 19.95 CRM 20b5 Ethernet Card 239.00
Mouse & Joystick CD 32 Joypad 12.95 Wizard 3-Bultou Mouse
Uiege I Blaek 560dpi 22.95 Powerplayers Joystick 6.95 Oregon
Research Bundle Ibrowse TermileTCP 89.00 lbruwse 39.95
Squirrel Jaz Zip Tools 24.95 Surf Squirrel SCSI 129.00 Termite
TCP 59.95 PC Task 4.0 & Upgrade Advanced PC 486 Software
Emulator Available Soon Turbo Print Pro 4.1 Enhanced Printer
Software $ 84.95 Epson Flatbed Scanner Action Scanner 2 $ 490.00
ES1000 Scanner 2 $ 675.00 Amiga Technologies A4000T System
04Q 25inhz 6mb lgb HD
l) 60 50inhz 6rob lgb HD A1200 HD System 68020 14mhz CPU, 2meg
Chip RAM 8S0 Floppy Drive, Hard Drive Magic Software Bundle
1438S Monitor 14" tube, ami-glare, .28mm dot pitch, Hori
15-40kHz, Ven. 45-90Hz M1764 Monitor 17" diagonal, ,28mm dot
pitch Hori 15-64kHz, Vert. 45 !25Hz Call for Pricing CD ROM
Drives NEC 4X SCSI Int Ext 115 165.00 Teac 6X SCSI Int Ext
209 269.00 NEC 8X SCSI Int Ext 239 369.00 CD ROM Driver for
All Amigas ASIM CDFS 3.6b wI Fred Fish CD Special Pric: $ 49.95
GVP-M I O Extender 2 Ser, 1 Par 115.95 Guru ROM V.6 (Low
Profile) 70.95 Guru ROM V.6 62.95 Math-Cu Processor & CPU
ITEMS M68882 25mhz FN-PLCC 35.95 Amiga Technologies 1241
Q-Drive Quad speed external CD-ROM Drive fur At 200, via
No additional Interface required.
Only... $ 179.95 M68882 33mhz FN-PLCC 39.95 M68882 40mhz RC-PGA 55.95 M68882 50mhz RC-PGA 69.95 M68010 CPU 15.50 6803 ORC 40mhz 75.95 68O40RC 25mhz 95.95 Crystal Oscillators 8,95 QtiikPak
29. 95 internet Starter Package 1 A4060T 060 50mhz
999. 95 M-tec 68020 A500 Accelerator Accept* Standard 72-pln SIMM
$ 169.00 EXPANSION DataFlyer SCSI 4G00SX 83.95 DataFiyer SCSI
4000 SX-25 88.95 DataFlyer SCSI+ 1200 ' 98.95 Apollo 620
Turbo for A600 6802 0 2 5mhz w FPU $ 175.00 Apollo 1240 Turbu
For AI200 68040 25inhz $ 375.00 DataFlyer SCSI* 4000 78.95
DataFlyer 2 3000 IDE 78.95 DataFlyer 2 3UOO SCSI 88.95
DataFlyer Snib Ram Board 88.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI 149.00
AM-Trade Computer (Germany) High Density Floppy Drives
A40l»(T| AIZOOGOM $ 109.95 $ 114.95 Baseboard 1200 19.95 dkb
SpitFire SCSI I! Card 79.00 Rapid Fire SCSI 11 Card 135.00
MegaChip for A500 2000 185.95 MultiSlart 11 for A500 2000
25.95 3128 Expansion Board 189.00 Cobra 33 fur A1200 149.95
Cobra 40 fur A1200 195.95 Ferret SCSI II for A1200 89.00 The
Clock for A1200 13.95 1230 Turbo'03075'OmEz 237W 1260 Turbo
060 5 Omhz 759.00 1230 1240 SCSI Module 129.00 2030 Turbo
030 882 2Smhz 299.00 2040 Turbo 040 25 nrhz 449.00 2060
Turbo 060 50mhz 849.00 4040 68040 40mhzSCSI-lI 629.00
A500 2000 2mb Chip Ram 179.00 Phase 5 Biiz-Jtrd 2U6U EKCfur
A2UUU CyberVisiim 64 2D fur AMO & ,14UU0 CybtrrStonn It
68040ERC 4‘J nh' Available Svua CyberStorm Mark II 899.00
Cyber Storm SCSI Option 199.00 CyberVisio 64 Memory 79.00
CybcrGraphies Software 49.00 Blizzard 2060 Turbo 899.00
Blizzard 1230IV Turbo 269.95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo 799.95
Blizzard 1230 1260 SCSI 169.95 Modems & Telecom.
Supra Fax 14.4 Ext. 79.95 Supra Fax 33.6 Ext. 199.00 Supra Express Fax 33.6 Ext. 149.00 Supra Sonic 33.6 Ext. 269.00 A Web-11 V. 2.1 (New) 44.95 Senal Null Modem Cable 7.95 Custom Chips
1. 3 Kiekstarl Rom
13. 95
2. 04 Kickslan Rom
22. 95
2. 05 Kickslarl Rom
26. 95
3. 0. Rom for A4000
49. 95
3. 1 Rom fur A5J600 2000
49. 95
3. 1 Rom for A12 30 4000
69. 95 8372A hub Agnus
34. 95 8375 lmb Agnus
19. 95 8372B 2mb Agnus (A3G00)
39. 95 8373 Super Denise
29. 95 8364 R7 Paula
16. 95 5719 Gary
13. 95 85211 A-1 CIA
12. 95 8520 Surface Mount
23. 50 Super Buster Rev. 11
29. 95 Super Dmac Rev. 4
42. 95 Ramsey Rev. 7
29. 95 Fat Gary
39. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8A
29. 95 A2620-30 ROM Rev. 7
29. 95 A209 1 ROM Rev. 7
29. 95 Upgrade Kits AS 320 3.1 Kit for A500 600 2000 2500
114. 95 AS 312 330 340 3.1 Kit for
129. 95 A1200 3000(T) 4000 Software & Manuals Only
69. 95 All upgrade kits include Manuals, Software and Klcksiurt
Picasso II + 2iub Graphics Board for AZOWOOWMOQO $ 349.00 Power Computing LTD (UK) High Density Floppy Drives
l. 76mb XL Internal Drive A4000(T) $ 89.95
1. 76mb XL External Drive 5119.95 Visa, Mauler and Discover Card
order* ore accepted with no surcharge. Wc also ship COD only
in pay incnt of Cash, Cashier's Check or Muncy Order. All
rrLurot must be returned and accompanied w ilh a RMA w iihin
15 days. Detective products will be replaced with the same
item only. Software is non-returnable. Other returns subject
to restocking fee.
Shipping & Handling charges are non-icfundable. Price & availability are subject to change without notice. Wc do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
Tech (408) 626-2633 Fax (408) 625-6588 BBS (408) 625-6580 Reprints Reprints TO ORDER CUSTOM REPRINTS OF ARTICLES IN: Amazing Amiga M JL COMPUTINGOf CALL JILL HUGHES AT: (800) 259-0470 Reprints Reprints (continued from page 44) NewTek also announced a partnership agreement with Advanstar Communications to create a new publication to showcase NewTek products, NewTekniques, The first issue of NewTekniques will be available at NAB '97. Advanstar Expositions also in concert with NewTek will host the NewTek International User and Developer Conference in Fall of 1997.
• AC* (continued from page 48) professional CD-ROM authoring
station first quarter of 1997.
NevvTek was also present at the AmigaFest '97, and Don Balance demonstrated LightWave 5.0 for the Amiga, which will be shipping soon.
Also they were showing off the Toaster- Flyer non-linear editing suite which can play back real-time, real color full motion video right off the hard drive, GPSoftware from Australia was present with the new Dopus 5.5 which can now act as a complete Workbench replacement and GPFax, the only available fax software for the Amiga platform.
Holger Kruse was at the QuikPak booth showing Miami, the TCP EP stack for the Amiga that features easy configuration for any ISP. It is available from Robinson Consulting I.S. in Canada or QuikPak in the US as a complete registered internet suite for the Amiga with either Awebll or Ibrowse. Also Dale Currie from AmiTrix was at the QuikPak booth demonstrating the newly released Aweb 2.1 with the latest in Netscape features including tables, colored fonts, e-mail, ftp, and almost anything else you can think of.
ClickBoom was letting people come out and try the long awaited final release of Capital Punishment, the first rate beat em up for AGA computers. They even held a contest where the winner received a copy of the game.
Also present were a number of Amiga dealers, who were selling an impressive amount: of Amiga merchandise. Many Amiga users were ecstatic to discover hard-to-find products at great prices.
All in all the Computer AmigaFest was quite a success, a rumored 35,000+ people attended the show, 7,000 estimated to be Amiga users. Also Dan Robinson (the Director of Business Development for Amiga Computers, QuikPak) announced that "QuikPak is currently negotiating with the liquidators for the purchase of Amiga Technologies."
Lie suggested that everyone watch the QuikPak homepage (www.annigasupport.com quikpak) for any further developments. QuikPak has adopted a new saying, "Now Things Are Happening" which appears to be quite appropriate.
• AC* VTU EXPO Developers and Vendors Anti Gravity Zone Dimension
Technologies LightSpeed ProWave, inc. 456 Lincoln Blvd 1156
West 8th Street 3763 W Ave L Ste 172 110 Oakland Trace Santa
Monica CA 90402 Erie PA 16502 Lancaster CA 93536 Madison AL
35758 Tel: 310-393-6650 Tel: 814-838-2184 or Tel: 805-726-3545
Tel: 205-830-2767 Fax: 310-756-6383 800-525-2203 Fax:
805-726-3544 Fax: 205-830-2767 Asimware innovations Dynamic
Pictures MegageM Digital Media Siamese Systems 600 Upper
Wellington St Unit D Products available Ihrough TS 1903 Adria
Tel +44 1525 211327 Hamilton Ont Canada L9A 3P9 Computer or
Anti Gravity Santa Maria CA 93454 Fax: +44 1525 211323 Tel:
905-578-4916 Tel: 805-349-1104 www.hiq.co.uk Fax: 905-578-3966
Dynamic Realities Fax: 805-922-5003 email
steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk 21800-B Doral Road
http: www.megagem.com Waukesha Wl 53186
T. S. Computers Blevins Enterprises, Inc. Sales Tei: 800-944-5520
NewTek, Inc. 11300 Harlland Street 121 Sweet Avenue Main Tel:
414-798-9400 North Hollywood CA 91605 Moscow, ID 83843 Fax:
414-798-9403 Tel: 913-228-8000 Tel: 818-760-4445 Tei:
800-205-5161 Fax:913-228-8001 Fax:818-505-1811 Inti:
208-885-3805 High Desert Digital URL: http: www.vgn.com Fax:
208-885-3803 5901 -J Wyoming NE Box 290 Nova Design, Inc.
e-mail: sales@vgn.com Albuquerque NM 87109 Tel: 804-282-6528
Crestline Software Fax: 804-282-3768 Visual Inspirations P O
Box 4691 Joe's Digital Bar & Grill 809 W Hollywood Crestline
CA 92325 PO Box 1665 One and Only Media Tampa FL 33604 Tei:
909-338-1766 Westminster CA 92684 267 Montclair Ave Tel Fax:
813-935-6410 76432.1122 @ CompuServe .com Tet: 714-891-1800
Vauxhill NJ 07088 BBS: 813-935-6513
mvw.mindsprrng.com ~surferjoe Tel: 908-964-4546 Internet:
http: www.portal.com Desktop Images Fax: 908-688-6647
- visual 1805 W Magnolia Blvd Los Angeles Video Toaster User's
URL:http: chelsea.ios,com:80 - Burbank CA 91506 Group aomedia
V C Plus Inc Tel: 818-841-8980 10330 La Tuna Cyn Road 310 SW
6th Ave Fax: 818-841-8023 Sun Valley CA 91352-2105 Ozware
Topeka KS 66603-3109 Tel: 818-504-6337 21230 Meadow Lake Rd
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800-586-1700 Tel: 360-805-0148 Fax:913-235-3485 Fax:
360-805-9786 LIAGE INTERNATIONAL 36 Dye Street Gamerville, NY
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IN-TO-THE NET CD PLUS FREE OUT OF THE NET CD EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET ON line! SPECIAL $ 18.95 AEGIS ANIMATOR Includes Aegis Images Paint System, Put Your Ideas In Motion. This Program Alloews You To Create Different Shapes and Animate Them.. Over 4000 Colors. $ 2.95 S 13.95 S 22.95 1 29.95 S 2.00 $ 5.00 S 12.95 S 15.55 S 17.95 S 15.00 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 S 17.95 $ 17.95 S 19.95 S 13.95 S 2.00 S 12.00 S 12.00 $ 16.95 AMIGA TRIPLE ACTION
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This game has taken the Amiga where no Amiga Has Gone Before. Hold Your Breath Here We Go. With FREE COPY OF CARL LEWIS CHALLENGE A LIAGE SPECIAL AT $ 29.99 WORLD GOLF Challenge 5 of Ihe world’s most famous courses. 1 -4 players. Complete 18 hole courses. Super smooth 360 degree scrolling. 5 skill levels, 64 computer opponents.
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Toronto Canada’s successful tribute to loyal Amigans Holger
Kruse (left) at the QuikPak booth showing Miami and Phases
from Germany (below) demonstrated the diversity available at
this event.
AmiTra Devel by Clint Robinson AmigaFest '96 was held recently at the Toronto International Center on Airport Road, November 30 and December 1.
The show was presented as a joint effort by Amazing Software and Accessories, Robinson Consulting I.S. and Randomize. Amazing Software is the Canadian Distributor for NewTek, Oregon Research, Phase 5, DKB, and several other Amiga related hard ware software manufacturers. Randomize is a Canadian Value Added Reseller of many Amiga related products and services. Robinson Consulting I.S. is a Canadian company specializing in Amiga Internet software and support, and web developer and content provider for several Canadian and US companies.
Show officials stated that AmigaFest 96 was well attended by manufacturers, developers, end users and media from around the world. This was the first time in several years that the Amiga community was represented at Computerfest, arguably the largest consumer computer show in Canada.
The AmigaFest section of Computerfest was a good cross section of the very much alive Amiga marketplace.
As well as the companies mentioned below, there were several retailers present who specialize in Amiga related products and services.
The Computer and You booth (an Etobicoke Ontario, based Amiga dealer) directly across from the QuikPak booth, was constantly jammed with Amiga users purchasing the latest hardware and software...many products sold at the show were available for the first time in Canada.
Stephen Jones (President of Hi-Q) demonstrated the A5050T at the QuikPak booth. His partner Paul Nolan, of Photogenics fame, demonstrated the Clint Robinson is an executive with Rolhnson Consulting I.S. Photos by Clint Robinson RTG feature of the Siamese system he created, on a DEC Alpha station at the Anti Gravity booth. The Siamese system allows a user to use both an MS DOS and Amiga system simultaneously.
Applied Magic showed their brilliant Broadcaster Elite, non Linear editing system. Nova Design was there demonstrating Image FX2.6. Wizard Developments was over from the UK displaying several new Amiga products.
Silent Paws (whose display technology was utilized in the A4060L) was on hand with all their products available for sale, including their 1200 portable, the Gekko display enhancer and the Silent Paw's Trackball.
Quikpak Quikpak, an American based company that has been manufacturing Amiga computers for 2 years, was displaying two new prototype models at their booth which happened to be one of the largest in the show.
The A50 50T is comprised of an Amiga 4000 060 with a Pentium 150MHz (upgradable to 200MHz), PCI slots and Zorro III slots, built in. The Amiga OS and IBM Windows 95 both run simultaneously with each other using the Siamese system mentioned above which allows clipboard and hard drive sharing. You can switch between computers with a click of a button. Soon planned for this model is Rc-tnrgetable Graphics software that will allow you to run Workbench right on the Windows screen.
Also introduced was the A4060L, a fully functional Amiga 4000 060 with an LCD display, one video slot and 4 Zorro- lii slots. Tire one on display at the show was a complete Toaster-Flyer.workstation and was showing Lightwave 5.0 demos as well as Flyer clips. Tire projected MSRP For this model is S4995.00 US or S9995.00 complete with Toaster and Flyer. QuikPak says both models will be shipping first quarter of 1997 with the first production run commencing in January. QuikPak also held a free draw for a complete A4000T system.
More from the Show Floor Phase 5 was demonstrating their Power PC '060 board, they played an MPEG movie in one window while another window displayed a fractal generating program. The fractal was handled by tire Power PC chip and it was able to recalculate and redraw the fractal real time. The MPEG movie was being run to show the co-processing between the 060 and Power PC. Unfortunately there wasn't any product from Phase 5 available, including their long awaited CyberVision 64 3D.
AntiGravity products (as stated above) was demonstrating Siamese System from Hi-Q, with a 200MHz DEC Alpha machine running Workbench in a window off of Windows NT. They are the North American distributor for the Siamese package.
Asimware displayed their new Audio Thunder audio editing and conversion program along with MastertSO the easy to use CD-ROM recording software. Of course they were also displaying AsimCDFS the drivers that let you connect most CD-ROM's to your Amiga. Rumor has it that Asimware will be releasing an Amiga based (continued on page 46) 03 .*0 £ £ "O 03 O E c .o 03 § £ .c 03 2 5 JD L) X3 U-.
L) _D £ Z D U u. D C 3 CA %- O "3 73 U CX O fc O o CL F3 U) c O t ) CQ 2?
K. 2 § CN qj £ s O) t ) § % 8 Please call for all other
Canada Mexico foreign surface & Air Mail rates. See page 40
for reference numbers Check or money order payments must be in
US tunds drawn on a US bank; subject to applicable sales tax.
0 y 0& ?
Ol 1 c 3= o aj ¦Q 03 E .E i o o o t 03 03 ffl 55 O o c .0 03 E t) ct3 § C 3 C 3 .C -Q 3 ~ Q- co 0 c' .2 o .|. c s 1 g £ o 03 -Q g. fi* 5 0) I 8 03 £ £ 03 I 6 to E ?
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o o s CL X LU b w CD 0 tfl -Q O) 002 LO .C y_ -t 0 0 o|o ® o S'
V _ 0 o ® LO C +- LJJ £ b CO .Q Z3 CO ® D 2-5 £ E 5 s S ?
C o 3 ) "O CO CO CD C N «* O O n D 2 J3 3 CO o Vh 13 Q. ?
O CO ra CO 0) 0 s "¦ 1_ 43 ?
(f O 03 a o 3 CO 1_ CC flj 0 0) N - T o _ o C r*l CO, vO " “ “ - ” Cb O' Q O' O' c O (N ro -r coi oc CC OC oc oc O * N m ¦ t *n “ “ “ r- r~ r- r~ 0~ r~ o ol ro to " “ ~ " SO sO SO ¦-C VO vO o of CO -T in “ “ “ *“ " IT, V3 in m n O (N ro T n tJ- Tf rt c
* * n O", 4 n C r r*“, O', O', n O ri O'l 'St n ~ CN (N Ol Ol Ol
Ol O n fO rt n “ ™ o ri O', n r- & r“i "V.
Cn c 3 .'S 15 r- gn Cts Xl £ u 0) © 05 a © 1 © © H ra CL + ¦ © o CL ra
* * CO D I Q5 © O) Q. O ffl © (n « CL o CL CO © 0 O) o ©
- R 10 Us i CD B. D O Og © 5 § . CO "¦ Pi X5 £ Cp 8 SJD « »¦
1 I a IM 8 .
- d I • W I N ¦§ a & * O I s ™ ¦w 5 a «
* ® w = o tp 1-H W I N (N t N © o M* Y-t N I M iM t iM O o ®
o CO O r- tp s yH N h x gi © z cp pq 0 rd r* r« CL fei u a s
(9 i- v S *3 £ 0 ® i s .. a s E a s © © 05 a o © £ © f) ©
- * 1 CO © CO fl) o 0 D co CO a a "0 c 0 CO CO I a o TP iH N
N CM O N © c 0
* ¦ C m hH 2 ®o 0 G V .2 +j SID a 1 © : -
* ¦ © S * a Pi fM M = § s CO *- CO Ijz 'S 0 S0 . O
* O C LO
o LU CO © TP N U x gi ° 4 CP Pi si P- Pi 0 'a 2 E c t Paxtron
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file) .... $ 7.95
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3. 1 POM (A3000 A4000) . $ 62.50
3. 1 ROM (A1200) .. . $ 62 50
3. 1 POMlS) Software Manual 5124 03 $ 137 $ 0 ROM SwstdvSwitch ltt
with speaker......Si" 50
3. T manual only ..... .... ,,$ 69.95
3. 1 Software .. $ 10.00
3. 1 Workbench for floppy users (compete 0 S without Support
file) ...... $ 7.9$ A2091 7 0 ROM
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puller $ 10 50 Paula (8364
A500 A2000 .... $ 10 95 Oen.se (8362) A500 A2000 $ 10.95
Super Denise 8373 w 'diagnostic disk .S19.95 Gary
5719 A500 A2000 ... $ 10 95 Buster 5721
(A2000) ...... S16.95 68Q00-8MHZ CPU
(DIP) .$ 11.50 63000- 16MHz CPU
(DIP) .$ 22 50 68030-RC50
PGA .....$ 84.50 68882-25
PGA .. . $ 24 95 Western Digital SCSI chip
BA .$ 27.50 Vdeo Hybrid - (A500 390229-03)____________ $ 9
95 GVP Upgrade Chip Series II ... $ 34 95 6570-01
(71) (315107-01) Keyboard 1C ...S14.95 SURFACE MOUNTED
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(391227-01) ... Ramsey (rev.4) 390544-04.....
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Budgie (391425-01) .S33.95 Super Denise (391554-01) ...$ 29.95 5571 Keyboard Chip (391079-01) .$ 14,95 5570-036 Keyboard Chip (328191-02) .S14 95 Paula 8364 (391077-011 $ 27 95 Gary (390540-02) .,$ 32 95 Super Buster Rev. 11 (390539-11) ..$ 34.50 Bnogette (39t 380-01) ... ..$ 29 50 Video DAC (391422-01) ... $ 19 95 6SQOOCPU
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Cabinet) $ 89.00 Laser printer
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ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER 2.0™ An Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer That Works On An Amigas A complele diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and click software interface.) The analyzer cable plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software, displays 8 screens to work from. Shews status of data ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of ony read write errors from track 0 to track 79, Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips components responsible. 85 to 90% of the problems
presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don't be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This A500 COMPUTER with power supply and latest chips (eg 0372 Agnus. 2.04 O S). Includes your choice of the following soltware books: Starter Kit, Discover Kit (inc Kind Words, Deluxe Parnf II) or Deluxe Kit Also includes free Amga Troubleshooting Guide ($ 7 95 value). 90 cay warranty, lested & ready 1o go Fantastic price . $ 119.95 Options: A501 1 2 meg
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1581. C65 . 519.95 A500 schematics. A60Q.
1QS4S. 1084S-O1. 1084ST. 1936A, 1960.
A2000 ..... 524.00 A1200. A3000. A3000T.
CD32 539.95
- This new board will cure 90 percent ol 1084S monitor
problems Simply switch the motherboard and your monitor
problems are solved1 This motherboard with the liyback
factory mounted is the exact replacement and works with
1084S models only. It s easy to
install .,
$ 69.95 AMIGA MONITORS - We have a large supply of
refurbished 10B4(S). 1902. 1930. 1802. 1702 monitors, etc
For example, the 1084(5) is $ 169.95 with cable. 90 day
warranty ....CALL With 3.1 O S ROM add
Just Released from Amiga Technologies Amiga "Q-Drive" 1241
CD ROM Drive for the A1200 The Amiga Technologies "Q-Drive"
1241 is a PCMCIA interface for the Amiga 1200 (CD32
emulalorj. It is a super fast CD-ROM drive equipped with o
PCMCIA connector.
Plug in your Amiga A1200 and discover the world of CD-ROM.
The 1241 operates at quad speed with data transfer rates up to 600 KB per second guarantee optimal access times. The system supports multi-session and multi-tasking mode. It is able to manage several jobs at a time and is easy to operate.
View your favourite photos on your PC screen: the Amiga Q-Drive 1241 is Kodak PhotoCD compatible. Enjoy audio Cds in hi-fi quality or mix the music with sound generated by your Amiga.
Features: • Open Architecture; PCMCIA Interface • Compatible with 1509660, Amiga OS, PC-DOSand Mac HFS • Portable System • Extremely User Friendly
• Quad Speed: Data transfer rates up to 600KBs • Supports
multi-session and multi-tasking • Reads audio Cds and Kodak
PhotoCDs • Mixes audio CD sound and sound from the Amiga stereo
audio port • Runs most CD32 games and programs. Price: $ 179.95
(Quantity pricing available)
• A1200 MOTHERBOARD - Paxtron has purchased a limited supply of
new A120Q motherboards, both NTSC and PAL. They come with 3.0
O S, all chips, 30 day warranty, Specify NTSC or PAL Very
limited quantity, very rare
find . $ 289.95
(Optional - 3.1 O S and diskettes, installed add $ 56.95.)
• SUPERGEN (Internal Genlock) for A2000 - By Progressive Image
Tech Digital Creations. Most flexible Genlock and video overlay
device for all Amigas. Supergen provides a flexible broadcast
quality Genlock af a very, very affordable price. Comes with
external control box and cable. Includes a 90 day warranty
instruction book, This is a factory relirb unit selling for a
fantastic low price
of .. $ 179.95
(Internal Supergen sold initially for $ 650.)
? ?? WANTED ?? ?
GET CASH FOR YOUR A2000 COMPUTERS NEW OR USED (NTSC OR PAL) WE’RE ON THE WEB www.paxlron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and price changes. Visit us and check it out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknet.com. ATTENTION DEALERS: If you would like to receive our dealer catalog fax us your letterhead.
28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 * 888 PAXTRON * FAX 914-578-6550 Hours: 9-5 pm ET Mon.-Frl. * Add S6.00 UPS Charges • MC VISA * Prices subject to change E-Mail for orders & correspondence: paxtroncorp@rcknet.com WE SHIP WORLDWIDE1 Paxtron CORPORATION 'gAlar ifj? Tu'izizf' flmM ImageFX’s advanced Toaster support not only allows you to capture and display video frames, and to load and save images in the Framestore file format, it also allows you paint directly on the Toaster’s composite output, Video Toaster™ Support Flyer™ Support Lightwave 3D™
Support Blue and Green Screening Morphing and Warping Wire Removal File Format Conversion Support provided for loading and saving new Flyer clips so you can add special effects, transitions, and rotoscoping to your Flyer clips.
Extensive painting tools and Arexx support allows the power user to create hand painted textures, and automatically add special effects to Lightwave rendered scenes.
Cinematte™ is included with ImageFX to perform digital blue or green screen keys with professional, reproducible, results. More than just simple Chroma-keying, you can actually maintain precise details such as hair, glass, and smoke, and output finished composites or individual elements for use in Lightwave!
CineMorph™, the Amiga's most popular full motion, cinematic quality morphing and warping package, is included at no extra charge.
Advanced Wireless™ program is included to remove wires, support rigs and even film scratches from your work. Supports key framing and sequence processing as well.
Professional support for reading and writing nearly all file formats from a wide range of platforms such as Amiga, PC, Macintosh, Sun, SGI and many more.
Image Processing and Effects Functions and effects that can create fires, swirls, waves, ripples, sparkles, lightning bolts, motion blurs, electric arcs, distortions, edge detects, mosaics, lens flares, turn your video into paintings and a million other possibilities!
Arexx and Batch Processing Sophisticated Arexx batch scripts can be run with ImageFX’s AutoFX and IMP batch processing utilities. Don’t know Arexx? Automatic macro recording is built right in to write your scripts for you! ImageFX is also compatible with Visual Inspiration’s Flyer utility, Control Tower, for advanced Flyer interaction.
With ImageFX and your Toaster, or Toaster Flyer system, you can achieve creative heights you never thought reachable.
You’ll be able to create video masterpieces impossible to create on any other platform at any price! That's why the maga zine Video Toaster User said about ImageFX, "You need this program. Period.” Circle 106 on Reader Service card.
Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue., Suite 214, Richmond, VA 23230 Dealer Sales: (804) 282-5868 - Fax: (804) 282-3768 - Customer Support: (804) 282-6528 All registered and unregistered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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