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The Amiga was an anything machine when it was first released. However, videography did a lot to centralize the Amiga's abilities. After that, it was easy to point to the Amiga and go on about its video editing features, The only problem was that features like sound, animation, multitasking, etc., although important to a full video presentation, were not mentioned often enough for the Amiga's abilities. If we want to sell the Amiga to this consumer audience, we must offer them a solution to their problems. Th 1I solution may well be access to the internet and the AMIGA Surfer mentioned in AC's last issue may well be the best hope for the Amiga. Internet or Bust It is a part of every news show, ii has been mangled by congress, it has been maligned bv the media-the internet, right or wrong, is the main story and the golden fleece at the moment. Advertisers place their homepage address in their print and television advertisements. Macintosh and PC magazines offer CDs for internet use on the covers of their newsstand copies. There is really no place to go in the US today without being hit by the internet. And the Amiga has a surefire solution for the market, The AM!GA Surfer (announced last issue) is an off-the-shelf internet machine. The fact that it is a full Amiga 1200, has a library of software behind it, and has the ability to emulate the Macintosh and IBM is only secondary. This 5800 device is the right solution for today's market. It is now in Amiga Technologies

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Document sans nom Wc! Business App: Balance Books with your Amiga!
Volume 11 No. 3 March 1996 US $ 3-95 Canada $ 5.95 XMPUTING Your Original AMIGA Monthly Create reat m Candle Flames ScapeMa Create 3D Virtual Worlds ,:S fiS Run MS DOS programs directly on your Amiga RE„.HARDWARE...S(IFWARE...MR1WMB,..GDR0M...GDR0M...CDR0M...BDR0M...CDR0 ItorbolCalc V3.5 Aminet 10 Aminet 9 TurboColc 3 5 uses on enhanced, easy-to-use user interlace, utilising numerous innovations such as Dreg & Drop lor copying moving or filling wilh the mouse, even easier selection of functions, freeing of sheet titles or the displayoble status raw. A multiple Undo Redo or a variable depth
reverses the effect of erroneous data or commands and can save much wort, as can the Autosave and Backup options.
Thanks to the new object concept which allows insertion and printing of charts, texts, drawings, IFF-images... directly in the sheet, sheets con now be more effectively created and designed. Charts (e.g. the new 3D bor and pie charts) can be directly placed beside the appropriate number sequence.
Longer texts can be compactly accomodated in a cell comprising several lines. The formfeed visible in the sheet as well as the print preview function assist in achieving optimal layout on screen, saving both paper and time All this can be committed to paper with using ii proved print routines, or be integrated in your text processing software os IFF graphics or text (via file or A database mask is now available to allow easier monagemenl of your TurboCalc databases.
The most significant enhancements: Objects (chart, texl. Drawing, picture...) can be directly inserted into the sheet and have a macro attached, and also be printed in the graphic mode Cells may contain several lines TurboCalc V3.5
- Drog-and-Drop for moving copying changing the size of blocks by
the mouse.
Multiple Undo Redo ¦ Chart module vastfy expanded (new chart types, 3D, Auto-Refresh,...).
• Preview for the printing of graphics (from 052.0 on).
• Formfeed visible in the sheet.
Data-Mask for an easier input display of data records.
¦ Status row displayoble with short online-help.
- (Maximal) number of columns increased: now up to 18276 columns
can be used (A..ZZZ) [together with up to 9 999 999 rows] ¦
Clipboard support for easy data exchange with text processing
5heets con oe saved as IFF-images (e.g. far an easy export to text processing programs) Autosovo (every x minutes, alternatively the last version will be kepi), New Import & Exporf-Formafs Excel 4 (XL5) and Lotus 123 (.WK1 .WKS) bath con import formulas, the xls- filter even keeps most of the cell formatting.
- Fast and easy access to the last used projects via
'Smart-Open*' Encrypting sheets using a very sophisticated
crypto- grahic algorithm
- Complete support of OS2.x 3.x (Locale support memory pools,
Reqtools-Filerequester is supported!
AMIGA-Guide help file can directly be occessed from TurboCalc.
Requester for inserting funciians macros now with categories to allow an easier and faster access
- Many new functions macros.
¦ TurboCalc-Ubrcries for an easy expansion of TurboColc with external functions, macros, objects, etc. (Documentation to program own libraries included) Numerous general improvements (e.g. saving the cursor position, special colors for every sheet, "hidden' password inquiry...) An update to the world's best-selling Amiga CD-ROM series has just been released. Aminet CD10, dated February 1996, contains more than 1 gigabyte (uncom- pressed] of software in thousands of archives. Since the release of Aminet 9 CD more than 500 MB new software has appeared. The current edition has a special focus
an fonts. More than 1,000 hrgh-quolity-fonts were included. The excellent user-interface has also exp* rienced further improvements and we are proud to present you a new CD-ROM of superior quality far the Amiga.
TurboCalc 3.5 is the powerful successor to the program TurboColc 2.0, which defined a new standard for spreadsheet analysis on the Amiga®.
Superior quaury tot me % 9& Aminet Set 2 Still available!
25 MB Business software 54 MB Communications 25 MB Graphics & sound demos 27 MB Development software 5 MB Disk HD fools 22 MB Documents 111 MB Games 52 MB Graphics software 18 MB Miscellaneous 233 MB Music modules 54 MB Pictures & animations 43 MB Utilities Aminet Set 1 GURU-ROM V6 AMINET SET 2, dated November 1995, consists of approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000 archives Whether you like applications, games, communications or programming, the SET gives you all you need. Easy to use index files and search facilities moke accessing it a pleasure.
A pleosure. - m OJI Stefan Ossowskis Schatxtruhe and Ralph Babel, au bor o( the well-known »Amiga Guru Book* and long-slcn- ding former system software developer for GVP, the American company known for its high-quafity hardware products, present; f Guru-ROM Version 6 The final update for alf GVP SCSf host adapters!
Together with exhaustive documentation, rhe »Gurv- ROM« enhances each 5eries-ll host adapter in many decisive and for the serious user essential features: Universal: a SCSI driver without compromise for all Series-ll hast adapters and all »Combo« and lG-Force* accelerator cards for the AMIGA 4000, 3000, 2000, 1200, and 500. This ROM module, which has beei considerably extended in its code ond feature set, replaces all previously distributed driver ROMs Fast: unparalleled transfer rates of up to 3.5 MB s raw (ZorroTI limit), 3.1 MB s measured with *5CSI Speed*.
2 4 MB s measured with »DisfcSpeed* - even on o stock 7-MHz 68000-based Amiga! Alt the while, the CPU typically retains 80% free processing time. Always maximum performance through the automatic selection of the currently optimal transfer mode (DMA, buffered DMA, PIO).
Multifaceted: supports all device types defined in the SCSI standard, such as Hard disks. CD-ROM drives, streamers, scanners, and magneto-cptico! Devices.
Compatible: complete support for the RDB standard resulting in trouble-free autoboot, outomount, and the exchange of devices ond media between two computers from Amiga OS 1.3 through 3.1 - Flexible: disconnect reselect, synchronous transfers, ond parity checking can be enabled separately for each device (even for devices without on RDB). Also complete write-proiection (useful for kiosk applications and for virus protection) is possible.
Intelligent; maximum compatibility with nearly all hardware and software through special handling of all known firmware bugs of the most popular SCSI devices and DMA hardware bugs in the A30QQ and A4QQ0, workarounds for internal errors in the WD SCSI chip, as well os special modifications to account for defective application software.
Upward-compatible: completely compatible both to rhe SCSI-2 as well as to the SC5H standard, thereby providing the broadest support for all devices on the market including those still to come.
Years of experience, technical know-how, and competence from the world's best Amiga software ond hardware engineers are condensed in this penultimate product, it mokes it possible for the user to productively and comfortably use SCSI, without sacrificing performance, risk of incompatibility, or waste of resources.
GURU ROM V6 120 MB Utilities 270 MB Documents 40 MB text software 75 MB Business software 630 MB Pictures & animations 170 MB Graphics software 150 MB Miscellaneous 630 MB Graphics & sound demos 250 MB Games 110 MB Development software 10 MB Disk HD tools 5 MB Hardware related 840 MB Music modules 150 MB Communications 30 MB Music software Subscriptions to the Aminet series are available There are expected to be six releases per year, and the subscription is actually for 4 CD's, regardless of when they end up shipping Aminet - subscription: $ 59.95 Subscription Still available!
Mnews Offline Volume 1 Amiga Library Services 610 North Alma School Road - Suite 18 Chandler, Arizona 85224-3687 USA Fax (602)491 -0048 Voice only: (800)804-0833 [602)491-0442 Email: info@AMIGAlib.com European distributor: Workbench Add-On Volume 1 Your virluol guide around the world. Travel to places, you have never seen before, get informed about your next holiday destination beforehand. Spend some time m the son! Are you preparing for a geography tost* Then you can find the info hero! On this CD ore information about all the 194 countries and about more than 700 cries covering all
sorts of subjects Hore is a short selection of information araov Geography. Maps. Climate. Time- cones. People, longuoge.
Religion, food, PotrfKS. Flog. Notional onthom (see & hearj. Economy data. Ermformsonfol .stues, HoWoys. C*ei» City Mopt, Metro Maps These oreos are explc-ned thou- roughly Difficult definitions are explained [what is e.g the fund«o climate). In addition to thb there is o massive amount of pictures from n"l over the world aval!
Able. A knit dictionary covering the mast important languages is clw there as a Info bonus- it is easy and imitiv lo use Van con enter end exit at any time. There are extensrve possibilities for searching. A printout of oil information is no problem at all Minimum system requirements A computet with Mosaic or NelScope (e g Amiga, Mot, OS 2, Uni*, W.ndawi|l Recommendec system requirements- One of the abo-e compute's with a screen resolut-on of 640x400 with 256 colours and sound World Info 95: $ 59.95 XiPaint H o boding edge, 24 bit paint program Ifi railed lo the demands of novice ond expert a
Me. And within a short time, you loo will be abb to produce colourful ond creative an in 16 6 miKion colour*. This version of XiPaint provides n professional point program at on unbeatable price performance ratio.
Overview of Features: - Diverse paint 'unctions including colour.
Contrast and saturation adjustment ¦ Mask, outline, recolour and f*6 functions Airbrush with adjustable spay functions LighUabfo function for inanipjfoting montages and animations Text function!
With antholiaiing using Compugiophic fonts Support for a variety of graphic lorn a1! • Unlimited Undo ¦ Diverse manipulation of nlpha channel - Supports many graph cords layen to combine drlVem project Arex* port Drag 6 Drop cotoun External fiber module Extensive documentation 60 taxlurei, 50 landscape*- 30 other pictures and many fonts included.
XiPcjinlV3.2j 549.95 Thii CD contain! 1070 gomei for the Commodore Amiga from differ ing categories Action. Jump & Run. Card Gamai, Puzzles, Strategy Games - a whole range af computer enterta-nment awoitst Gamers ‘ Delight wdl hold you captivated for houfi and guararutei lung-lcW- ing pleasure, 70 games are commerce} versions - rca public domain
8. No demoil This CD can be run on any Amiga with CD-ROM drive.1
MS free memory and Joystici Joypad.
Gomers1 Delight 2: 5 i - 5 Gamers' Delight II World Info '95 XiPaint V3.2 The Meei ng Pearls Volume Hi contains 650 MB of the finest fO soft ware vws a special user interface, which hoi been cieoted to allow you to find the program of yaw choice weh eese The contents: 10 MB Packer. Cruncher, Archive Programs 3 MB CD ROM Utilities ¦ 21 MB Communication and Network Programs 5 MB Debugging fools - 29 MB Development Tpab - 13 MB floppy. Hard Dak am SCSI Programs 0 M3 Educcr-onoi Ptogrqms 9 M3 Gomes 35 M3 Grophtct Programs 39 M8 Internet Movie Darobose. Updated Version 7 MB Mid* Tools and Programs
27 MB Mods - 12 MB Music Programs 21 MB Pictures 13 MB AmiTCP and mate for Networking 60 MB Datum niWran. CD-ROM Databases, etc 96 M& PosfoX I 4 - nut previow available on amr CDROM 15 MB Uiil ’ ei 30 MB HTMl-Pcgtt CoHoctic-n cf datatypes, benchmark programs, icons, programs Fcr amateur radio and efocltrcal elec Tronic engineering on abo included Meeting Pearls Vol III: 5 I 1 '
• • O. • 0 • • O • • O • • G • CD-Write CD-Wnfo is bawd on a
s.mp;6 buf ingeftksus technique. Because you cannot write on
ordinary CD1* using ordinary CD-ROM driver, CD- Write gxlendi
the Amiga 05 in. A fully OS compliant and completely
transparent manner, la redirect mod'fic ahani to CD's lo O
Spec.ol area of yaw horddrrve or other writable med a f*o n now
on you will be able to feat CD ROMs Me any other medo, writing
or deleting file*. Moving and snoptboting windows and icom
chongmg the icon toeltype fbWi. Replacing kora with you'
favorite ones, rearranging directories, changing the rfofouh
configurations of programs run d*r*afy From the CMOM. Sonng
gome F»gh Ko-ei, e*e.
Minimum system requirement!. AMIGA 500, A60O, AIQ00, AT200, A1500. A2000. A2500. A3000, or A4000 w.rh at least 1 MB of RAM. OS 2 CM or higher, CO-ROM drive; herd dish recommended.
CD-Writo: 557.95 The Light Works Raytiodng is a fascinating area of computer graphics. Picture| from the computer perfocdy tendered. Fascinate people ail over the world. The Amgo wai the first computer to be used for raytracing.
And today it .j still a leader, with many high qualty programs A real artist of royvocing Is Tobins J. Richter from Cologne Germany, whose detailed objects stun people, especially his spoce ships of famous science fiction films which ore used to demonstrate the ccpa&J*es of fp rraeing programs Now era liable on CMOM for the first « me as 0 complete collection, his objects ore highly detailed end extremely realistic due to the application of complex surface r*xrur*» o! The modeli. Until now it was difficult to acquire these objects n order to creole y&ui own scenes or animations.
The Light Works: $ 14.95 Meeting Pearls Volume m The Workbench Add-On CD-fiOM i» the ideal companion to your workbench On this CD you will not only find lh* bed program], that ate available for the Amiga, but you will also get them reody to-run from the CD. In addition to this there s an installer script that installs the desired programs to your harddisk.
The CD cavers oil areas of interest, o$ r the programmer, the user, the creative and the gamer will find what they qie looking for. On this CD-ROM them ore many shareware programs, some of them at a special price, rf you get registered There is « g ShtspesMier for 40- DM instead of 50, DM), in addition to this there is a 50 MB Moc partition, so that you can start playing around with Mac applications right awoy. Then there is Power Player for 20 ¦ DM (instead of 30-
DM) , rhere are. Of course, loads of modules with is, so that you
con try it right away AmiWin. The new XI1-server for the
AMIGA is available for 540, instead of $ 50 You can ia ve mere
then 100.- DM with this CD- Therefore you only hove lo send
in the appropriate page in the booklet to the author of the
program $ 29.95 Gateway! Offers NeiBSD 1.0, a lull featured
UNIX4A* operating system with both sources and binaries for
the Am-go, 1386. Sun 3, and other orcMectures Go net surfing
wuh the large selection of supplied networking tools Other
suppled packages incude a binary release ol the X window
system (X11R6J for the Amiga, with mony add i-unal clients,
and packages such as peri, emacs, games, mail programs, and
many megabytes of important texl fifes such as GfCs and FAQs,
A complete rnstaffotrort guide is cvo4abfo on the CD, Theto
are d» some AnvguDOS interpet uhlitms. Such os clients for
AmiTCP and envoy.
Gateway!. 52 ¦' 5 Fieshfotiti volume 2 contain] 632 megabytes of fonts fat almost any com put tr system. Mop of the fonts are freely distributable, except for Ihe Thieners fonrs, which are exclusive or this CD Each cf these fonts is included in four different formats Dmf, Agfa Inteflifont, Adobe and TrueType There ore 235 font families on iht CD (each containing of up to 8 d*ffe»e« styles) They ere classified in seven categories. Dkg |63 families), Nan Latin |33 fomifies), Picture? (16 fomi lies), Soni Serif (29 families), Script 36 families). Serif [36 families), and Thienen (19
families] Froshfanls Vol 2: 5 - • • freshftnts II ftlH GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel ¦ Germany Tel. +49-6171-85937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 IhrboOalc V2.1 CD TurboCofc V2.I CDROM is the unique software solution that defines a now standard for spread sheet applications on the Commodore AnugoT Experience its neoriy un!.nwt*d capoWi«ei m oil relevant categories.
TurboCalc V2.1 CD-ROM:
• c• • O • ? O••G• • O• All products are available in your local
Amiga shop or thr ough national mail-order companies
• •o**oeeoe*oeeo» North American distributor: NctNews Offtine
Vol. 1 is the fitst disk of a new bimonthly published series of
Amiga CD-ROMs which contains all AMIGA-related newsgroups
from the internet Every volume features obout 50000 article*
which contain hot rumours important information about all
aspects of the Amiga, pressreleases, discussion] and Rome won,.
A newsrpeder Ts included- NetNews Offline is the cheap alternative of getting in touch with Usenet.
NetNews offline Vol. 1: $ 17.96 10 New Products & Other neat stuff TelevEyes Flus from CeV Design, a new Amiga SX, a CDROM just for A1200 A4000 owners, a CD-ROM of commercial titles, all Kara Fonts on one CD ROM, plus a new Web site from MegageM.
New Column!
AMIGA in Business Easy Ledgers Afraid your Amiga can't count for beans? Try this accounting package that would make any bean counter look twice, page 42.
Personal Suite. P. 10 13pc-task by Marc Hoffman A software utility to run PC software on an Amiga? The Amiga OS is still superior in numerous ways but we are still required to deal with the MS-DOS computing community. PC-TASK offers an alternative to placing an Intel machine on your desk.
North American Amiga Dealer List Can't find a local Amiga dealer? Check the current list of Amiga specialists in this issue page 45.
16ScapeMaker 4.0 by Shawms Morticr Combine the power of Digital Elevation Models from Vista Pro with the abilities of other programs to create your own 3D virtual worlds.
ScapeMaker 4.0, P. 16 by Rob Hays Putting Amosaic to work on the World Wide Web, learning protocals, searching the hot new web sites, hints and tips, and more in this month's column.
Personal Commentary: What Trees do they Plant?
Shamms Mortier asks us to do more than use our computers make a difference page 48.
DEPARTMENTS Editorial 6 FeedBack 47 Index of Advertisers 40 Realistic candle flames, P. 34 34 Creating Candle Flames with Imagemaster and Aladdin 4D Imagemaster is a program that has a durable history of innovative image- processing techniques.
PRINT COLOR PHOTOS DIGITAL COLOR PHOTO PRINTER FROM YOUR COMPUTER The new FotoFUNI Digitol Color Photo Printer opens up a whole new world of fun possibiiities for your computer! With FotoFUNI, you can take any image - from Photo Cds1' digital cameras, on-line services, or your own scanned photos - and print real color photos from your computer.
The color and clarity are as good as that of traditional snapshots! Plus, you can: FORGO t CotM PHOTO WIMM
• Print your own photo postcards, for holiday greetings or
special announcements.
1 Use image-editing software to crop photos and add text for a unique, personal message.
1 Create personalized photo coffee mugs - for gifts or souvenirs.
Mugs and blank postcards sold separately as part ol FoloMUG!’ and FoloFUH! Postcard Film Kits. Image-editing software must be purchased separately.
For real color photos and real fun things to do with them.
For the dealer nearest you | QAA 00 "7 ALQA or to order direct, call: | "OUUvZ "40 Y To order from outside the U.S.A. and Canada, call (612) 941-9470 oi FAX (612) 941-7836.
WWW: http: www.fnrgo.com ‘Average U.S. retail price is under $ 400, but dealer prices may vary. FotoFUN! And FotoMUG! Are trademarks and FARGO is FORGO ELECTRONICS. INCORPORATED a registered trademark of FARGO Electronics, Incorporated. All electronics, incorrjhate other trademarks are the properties ol their respective owners.
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Si. qli CD RiIiases Ovlv $ 19.95 AM1NET Also AvAilAhlr i a4 Cl) Si hsc fei|)Tio Rate of $ 59.95 A New Ai d Exci™q Name For A WeII Known ' CoMpANy!
We Have Cl ianqecI Oljr Name From AviiqA LibRARy Services to Cronus But It Is StHI Us AncI We Are Si ill Here To Serve Vbi Wi rh ThE Latest Axd Most Exci i i c, li CD SoItware!
CE)NTAiNiN(, 1400 Mods, dA Capo is "ilit" source I or hiqh puAltiy Music. Many reIeases are excIusIve to ihis CD-ROM.
CoNTAiNiNq over 2000 hiqh quaIily souNd SA.vipiES pRESEMEd iN fivE diifCRENI loRMATS, Ali F All, IFF VOC And WAVE, dA Capo is Unigurly sORitd by souneI A d maIntaIns FXAMplf dRAWERS.
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DEVIOS, piClURES, Viods, ANIMATIONS plus MUCll. MUCll MORE Amine i Sn I. dAiKi January 199). Is ilu Hksi "uoMpli h * AmIm i rcIiIvc ON CD consistImi ol 4 qiqAbytES of soft waul | 12 )00 arcIlives. Ii is A vIhTI aIIy iNl li4USliblt IttSEKVOiR ( l Top IrLeLv diStHlbUTAblt SoflWMRE.
AmInet Sn 2 clAifti NovemIjer 199). Picks up wIiere Set I lib off. It viso covsisis ol AppROviMAlth 4 qiqAbvifs of soIiware is 12.000 Archivts. Plus 00 fIfciroMc books fRovt Project GunENbERq. Shiplt to UNI fills And SEAHclr fAClllllES Makt ACCLSSiNq EASY.
Lltls poHtlolio Phoio Cl) bRhqs you ihi btutv ancI divERSiiv of ilit octANit would! Pihoto sltrs iiANqE Ihom tIht waIIs ol Gram I Cayman to tIif [ Ile Corner ol PaIau. Litis iwo CD set (".oniaIns MACRO slots Ol ColOfifltl OCEAN lift AS Will AS cil lAlltcJ pftOTOS Of WORld War llwRtcks plus Much more. LltEur are aImost 00 24-biT iMAQES. Eacfl ONE pRf St TF(] iN ftVE dillt.HEM RESOlLTiONS RANQlNC, Irom I92 I28 up to 072 2040 pixels. As a Oonls. Iam.aSeas iNcludES Port I olio Pihoto CD soIiware Ior Mae ane! PC esers.
Orial Con Apple Computer in Decline, Escom loses 46 million Deutshemarks, Window sales off What is going on?
Trouble in the world of computers this past holiday season was not as bright as was expected, Apple Computer recorded losses which resulted in the ousting fairly or unfairly) of their CEO, And, while Bill Gates was quoted by the media as saying Apple would have to do a lot to turn around their downward spiral, he has not been quoted on why the Windows '95 operating system did not meet expected goals or what he intends to do for the millions of customers who are once again unsatisfied with Microsoft's large promises and small results. Manv Microsoft users have grumbied that the large demands
for memory and disk space have not been equaled by increased productivity'. Some experts are saying that Windows '95 may be the reason computer sales as a whole were so far off this past year.
Even ESCOM reported losses of 46 million Deutshemarks at the end of last year. This final comment was from an Escom executive who was attempting to tell me why Escom and Amiga Technologies have still not put any money into marketing the Amiga in North America.
But Escom, Apple, or even grumblings from Microsoft's customers did not prepare me for the news of Wonder Computers.
Wonder Computers A major disaster to hit the Amiga Market in early February was the demise of Wonder Computers. Our office discovered that the entire six-store chain in Canada has been seized. Unfortunately it is still not clear, at press time, why the seizure occurred or if Wonder Computers will be allowed to restructure. Even though, the effect on the Amiga market will be significant.
Wonder Computers had been on a roll.
They had expanded and created new stores in a market where few others could survive.
They were able to encourage a large amount of Amiga users throughout Canada to continue using and expanding their Amiga equipment. According to one executive at Ernst and Young, the trustee organization who is handling the Wonder Computers account, many Amiga users have already called the stores requesting information on who is going to handle product in Wonder's absence.
Aside from the impact this will have on local Amiga users in Canada, there is also a great deal of concern for what this will do to the array of products Wonder Computers has either revived or created for the Amiga market.
DesignWorks was originally created by New Horizons Software. However, New Horizons experienced severe growing pains just as this product was ready for the Amiga consumer and they were not able to properly launch it. The revolutionary drawing tool was never given its full worth.
After New Horizons went into receivership.
Wonder Computers purchased the rights to the product and through their software development division, Lazarus Engineering, they refreshed DesignWorks and began distributing it.
Wonder Computers was the exclusive distributor in North America of EC-TASK (reviewed in this issue on page 13) and DirWorks 2.1 from Australia. Of course Wonder Computers' original distribution agreements will no longer be binding, but what about the money the developers have lost?
While both of these utilities will find homes with new distributors, the developers who created the packages probably will not be paid for the software already in circulation. Dealers have almost certainly paid their distributors, and, if history is any guide, the people who shipped the packages to the dealer have either unpaid returns due from Wonder Computers or were Wonder themselves. Everyone loses.
Wonder as a Symptom As mentioned above, Wonder Computers may be able to restructure and continue. However, without a good strong commitment by Amiga Technologies to this market, they may not be able to raise the funds to make that commitment. And worse still, they may not be the only ones who suffer this fate.
With the entire computer industry in disarray, it would be easy for Amiga Technologies to point to the decline in Europe and North American sales as a reason to withdraw and wait for things to improve. But, Amiga Technologies can't take that route because they have the very tool that will put them in an arena no one can match.
Solutions not Computers The real test of the computer market is how well an application is accepted. Only rarely do consumers buy computers just for the computer.
When the Commodore 64 was in the midst of its hay-dav. Commodore marketed (yep, they did know how to market then) the C64 as the computer students could learn from (as opposed to Atari 2600's). The campaign worked and a few more million of the C64s were sold. But, this is rare.
When the Macintosh was first introduced, it was characterized as the world's first S2500 impulse item. After Aldus released PageMaker on the Mac, the consumer had a real reason to buy the machine.
The Amiga was an anything machine when it was first released. However, videography did a lot to centralize the Amiga's abilities. After that, it was easy to point to the Amiga and go on about its video editing features, The only problem was that features like sound, animation, multitasking, etc., although important to a full video presentation, were not mentioned often enough for the Amiga's abilities.
If we want to sell the Amiga to this consumer audience, we must offer (hem a solution to their problems. That solution may well be access to the internet and the AMIGA Surfer mentioned in AC's last issue may well be the best hope for the Amiga.
Internet or Bust It is a part of every news show, it has been mangled by congress, il has been maligned by the media the internet, right or wrong, is the main story and the golden fleece at the moment. Advertisers place their homepage address in their print and television advertisements. Macintosh and PC magazines offer Cds for internet use on the covers of their newsstand copies, '['here is really no place to go in the US today without being hit by the internet. And the Amiga has a surefire solution for the market.
The AMIGA Surfer (announced last issue) is an off-the-shelf internet machine.
The fact that it is a full Amiga 1200, has a library of software behind it, and has the ability to emulate the Macintosh and IBM is only secondary.
This $ 800 device is the right solution for today's market. It is now in Amiga Technologies' hands to produce, distribute, and market this device to gain marketing position while everyone is still wondering what happened to Christmas retail sales.
Rarely has a market had an opportunity, a tool, and a clear road. 1 hope someone goes with it. Not just because we want to see this market succeed, not just because we want Wonder Computers and others to be able to continue to supply Amiga users, but because, if everyone is going to travel the internet in a low priced high volume machine, 1 want it to be an Amiga. , Sinc dly, -J Ijon Hicks Managing Editor Uregen Keseoitn 6 prowl to pteseni o new vkku or AMIGA renoenng ond ontmofton. Cmemo4D is pocked with powerful features Hurt will satisfy the most demanding users. All this power with on
intuitive easy user interface that actually helps you work!
Modeling Rendering Animation I Tools and Effects: ® Of flexible tools lot object manipulation (wap, jitter, bend, cerrtei, align, joining, distort, spirt, smooth, extrude...) Ist Modeless point and polygon editingFog; Phong shading
9) Morphing, Explosions, Wind, Moiling, etc. B; 26 light styles;
Spot-, Sun-, ambient end colored light IB' fextme ond
bompirtapping settings for color, transparency, leilectivity,
displacement,specularity end luminosity, Bfl Unlimited
expandability wilh plug in open nrchiteduro I Rendering: Ef
Scienming last rendering. Optimized algorithms B Sendeiiirg
cun he started sepoiotely - fully mulit-lnsking 9 Dynamic
Antialiasing for best Constantly doing bottle wrlk the
5hell CU? Stop this fulile struggle with DiskMAGIC, Ihe
eosy-to-use file end disk management utility I from Oregon
Research. DiskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, from
the copying of disks ond files, to the viewing of pictures ond
onims, to demystifying dreaded archiving utilities, in lad,
you'll wonder how you ever used your AMIGA without it.
I All AmigaDOS commands are duplicated, and nil are available ® with the simple click of a mouse button, ot the press of o key. DiskMAGIC includes n user-definable lile types facility,, I includes a configurable launch utility, DiskDOCK, to make the tunning of Wnikbench Cll piogroms, Arexx scripts, botch t files, includes configurable viewers and players for a wide range el file loimats including, hex files, ANSI ASCII text I files, Iff ilBM pictoies, IFF onims ond HSN IFF sound files.
Am ; - 4 Ssf: CsteradO provides a flexible muffi-lasking development environment with powerful capabilities including window-based realtime interactive modeling directly in 3D, hasic and complex primitives with uncountable variations, easy object monipuiation, moveable tool, object and texture lists, user definoble object hierarchies, MDSE!
The Grremo4D onimoror breathes life into your objects and scenes, allowing you la etforliessly create your am reality, Whether your toskfoice is docking with a new spaceslation, orynu'ie exploring oiound the darkest dungeon - with CinemadD it's simple. With just o few mouse dirks you will hove your objects move fluidly ond realistically through lime and space.
Cinema 4D's features Include: B Interactive real-time modeler, Edit directly in perspective D Screaming last rendering rimes,rendering always cancellable ¦ Moveable tool palettes, Keybocrd shortcuts, Undo function Qft Fill supportfor graphics cards (Pknsso, Retina, Merlin, Hccdo.etc) Of Imparts and exports all common modeling formats.
- r Objects: Bf User-editable object primitives B Complex objeds
(monnekin, moiph, path, skinned, lathed, extruded, fractal,
displacement, sun, text objects) B fractal mountain landscapes;
Unlimited object numbers Et Easily editable object hierarchy;
Direct point editing Of Polygon ond 3 spline style models;
Scale modeling Professional Animation: ¦ Bf, Keyframe animation
lot objeds ond the camera Bf Flexible Keyframe settings Hoi
position, size ond altitude) ¦ Bf Point S Click Path-based
animation for objects and camera I Bf: Hierarchical animation
without further editing B Inverse kinematic animation for
character animation H Comera animation (posilicn, target,
focal length, bank,zoom) I B Material onimolion (color,
transparency, specularity,etc.) | B fexture onimotion (in
animation playback) B Light onimotion (color, fade, cone angle)
_ B Sun nnimalion (e.g. fot simulating sunrise ond sunsel) I B
lime list control for precise graphical control of animations ®
B Gen pine actelerolion, broking, user defined Comdex functions
B InterpoJalions in time ctd spoceCimmed.,
tneoi,BsplneAkrtio,cubic) ¦ .....r v-r....." ¦- ' ~ I . -¦ .I
Cinemn4D luns on oil AMIGAs with o minimum of 3MB RAM, and
Kickstart! Or higher. Cinemo4D supports ail Amiga ond jophic
card I modes (HAM, HAMS, 24-hit,etc.) Ond recognized file
formats (htoghe, I Sculpt, DIF, Reflections, etc.). Die pnekoge
includes on extensive user manual with reference, tutorial 8
glossary sections, modeler, ray-tnxer, _ convertor, scenes,
objects,material llxaty, textures, imoges, 8 attPaie help. I
Create your own reality with Cinema 4DU I See your local dealer
orconloct us for o full featured demonstration disk of the
power of Cinema 4D ¦
B. Fkmitiotesthcneedtoeveruselheslrelf B Eosy-lo-use poinl-S-dick
usei interfoce, graphical view of disks and drawees B All
AmigaDOS commands - copy, delete, renarre, protect et, Arexx
sojpts, pmgnms arc all available at the push al a button.
B Budt-in viewers plants for sourd, text, picture £ onimation files B Infinitely configurable; change scteermode, (Retypes, functions, drives, mouse functions, keybond shortcuts, devices etc. B DrectiHAs , copy in out of ordws.
¦ B Freely definable lile types, setup p file type for uny file format.
B User-defined Drag and Diop facilities.
B. DiskDOCK application hutxher- ReatyCool!
Ip • 1 PPPT Squirrel SCSI Ij, dQr Finally, o pi tg and ploy SCSI 2 soJution f ¦ far your Al 200 and A6D0! Named far the famous storage hungry animal, the Squiriel SGI interlace simply plugs into yosr PCMCIA port. Ibis insianny opens up u whole new world of _ possibilities! Attach up to 7 different devices including: Hard Disks.Tape Drives, Syquest Removable, Floptical, Iomega 7fP, EZ-Diive, and ¦ any SCSI CO-ROM drive including 3,4, and 6x drives.
Completely compatible wilh any SCSI 1 oi SCSI 2 device, Squiriei SCSI cchives o transfer rote ! ,2Mb ser on a slock Al 200 and 3 I Mb sec oti a 68030 accelerated Al 200. Can be inserted or removed at any time crad setae automatically mounts uirorrts the drives!
DctversareaSG)32 compatible so you con run your favorite CD32 tides!
Squirrel comes complete wilh SCSI software drivers and a hosl ol I utility programs including an audio CD player, a CD to HD sampler, and easy la use SCSI formatting nod partitioning software, Squirrel ZIP Tools | Full featured disk management software for Iomega ZIP drives! Zip disk formotting, read write protect management, password protect, control soflwore eject. Use wilh ANY SCSI Inlerfnceldoes not require ¦ Squirrel SCSI). Available Now! Cnl for information on spedal Imoego I Squirrel SCSI). Available Now! Col lor inlomotron on spedal Imoego Zip Drive and CD-ROM Bundles. Elegenl and
powerful Disk Cotologing ond Hard Disk Backup and Restore software coming seen!
Termite - On The Ball - GameSmifh ¦ MegaloSound - Devpac 3 - Twist 2 Pram if is orjcjirjcij darnba of Oammadara fnraugh fha final
- jala fa S GQjVJ fa fha araafian af Amiga TaahnaJagia AC has
baan fharai During fnasa dirriaulf firn-35, Amazing Corn-
fjunng has gone fa graaf langihs fa be fha firaf wirb naws and
infarrnaiian far ib reader frarn inrarviaws v iffi fha new
awn- aG fa fha ihaugnb and idsas af Amiga usac, Amazing Corn-
puiingha-: laad the way in camplafa Amiga aovaraga, Acb
¦ Cu-nauid bs fjunngna:; laad rna way in aampJara Amiga aav;
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• Both Amiga® and Windows® versions included!
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• Conversion and file display programs are completely external
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• Automatically adjust filenames to match the appropriate
machine. Support for Windows® 95 long filenames included!
• Amiga® version supports ioExteiuler and Multiface cards.
A Computer Music Lover's Dream!
This brand newCD-ROM contains over 4,200 unique MODS.
Noduplicates because we compared the music electronically, it works on the Amiga, CD32 and PC and contains in excess of 14,000 minutes of music - that's over 10 days if played straight! Includes a great front-end program that allows you to do searches, displays song durations and allows you to use your favorite MOD player.
Now available at your local dealer!_ “ISvTiJiecti'Dns
• Trace your family tree
• Ahnentafel, pedigree and descendancy reports
• GEDCOM Support Genealogy software for the Amiga Family
• Produces various reports including ahnentafel, pedigree,
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• Supports GEDCOM standard genealogy file format that allows you
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T1 General (Canada) Tl Pages 1-4, Schedules 1-9, Provincial Taxes & Credits, Minimum Tax. Northern Residents, Worksheets.and manv. Many more!
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Legendary Design Technologies Inc. 515 Park Road North 9, Brantford, ON N3R 7K8
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CD-ROM 2 ProPics 24-bit Proffessiiiniil l*hoi4»grii|ihic
Background* Coming soon. This brand new CD- ROM contains 1,000
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Produced by Sound Ideas._ World Wide Web Home page”] http: www.io.org ~legend CeV DESIGN CeV Design has announced the release of their new TelevEyes Plus program, and NTSC Encoder to SVHS or Composite Video. The TelevEyes Plus converts any VGA type card to Video without any software needed.
Features of the new TelevEyes Plus include 15 pin VGA connectors-cables which are included, flicker-free composite and SVHS, simultaneous display to VGA monitor and TV monitor, and much more. The suggested retail price for the TelevEyes Plus package is $ 279.00. CeV Design has also announced the release of their new TelevEyes Pro program, a Genlock Scan converter that has a multitude of features found on higher end genlocks. The genlock will automatically adapt to the timing of virtually any analog RGB display adapter's output and converts it to composite and S-Video outputs with NTSC timing.
Some of the important features included in this converter are 15 pin VGA connectors-cables included, built-in underscan overscan flicker filters for flicker-free composite and SVHS with onscreen programming like a VCR, simultaneous display to VGA monitor and TV monitor, and much more. The suggested retail price for this genlock converter is $ 699.00. CeV Design, 11 Spring St., Reading, MA 01S67, Tel 617-942-0209.
Personal Suite: The Personal Suite CD-ROM includes commercial quality programs with no public domain or shareware software.
MODULAR DREAMS INC Modular Dreams Incorporated has announced restarting sales and expansion of Amiga SX, finishing the next generation SX for IBM OS 2 Warp. SX was originally released in January 1995 and the first general release was scheduled for May 1995.
Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties regarding Modular's AGA Amiga keyboard, they decided on a free copy policy for any orders received, a policy honored until the last copy of SX was released in November. All copies of SX 1.01 shipped include a free software-only upgrade to the next generation SX for Amiga, IBM OS 2 Warp, or A1X.
NEW PRODUCTS andother- n at&tam TelevEyes Plus from CeV Design, a new Amiga SX, a CDROM just for A1200 A4000 owners, a CD-ROM of commercial titles, all Kara Fonts on one CD ROM, plus a new Web site from MegageM.
Modular Dreams Incorporated, P.O. Box 682, Vienna, VA 22183, email: MDF@BtX.com THE AGA EXPERIENCE According to its developers, SadENESSand NFA present, The AGA Experience Amiga CDROM is the first CD dedicated to A1200 A4000 owners, and features the very best AGA-only software released over the past 3 years. Some of the main features are exclusive titles such as AGA Slideshows, Klondike card sets and others, plus every AGA NFA release to date, including the brilliant 'Word' diskmag and 'Out of Space' Alien multimedia diskmags. Most of the contents run straight from the CD with over 300meg of
ready-to-run utilities, diskmags, text files, demos, games and much more. Only those titles which NEED to be compressed have been, these include Demos and slideshows which have to be stored in DMS format. Extracting these is as simple as double-clicking an icon in Workbench.
The CD uses a MAGIC WORKBENCH color scheme and icons.
Almost every program has a suitable MagicWB icon some even have custom Ray-Traced icons. There are over 80 Klondike cardsets. There is also a ready-to-run version of the Klondike card game, with 10 built-in cardsets. The CD promises hundreds of programs never before seen on CD mostly downloaded from BBSs from You have read about the resources available to artists through the Internet and BBS’s, but you lack the time and finances to access them. LIGHT-ROM, published every 6 months, brings to you these resources along with exclusive contributions for an incredible value.
“The range of objects is very impressive.
LIGHT-ROM is worth every penny.” Jason Holbourn • Amiga Format January 1995 “A must have for Lightwave users.” Graeme Sandiford * Amiga Format August 1995 “This CD is a must have for Lightwave users.”
R. Shamms Mortier • Video Toaster User August 1995 “This has
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Amiga Shopper April 1995 “This CD ROM is an excellent
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Toaster User October 1995 ? Over 6,500 Lightwave objects
divided into categories including Anatomy, Aviation, Botany,
Buildings, Furniture, FX, Holidays, Household, Logos, Music,
Ships, Space, Sports, Tools and Vehicles.
? LIGHT-ROM 1 had 2.300 Lightwave objects, ? LIGHT-ROM 2 had 3.700 Lightwave objects & ? LIGHT-ROM 3 has 6,500 Lightwave objects, an increase of 2,800 objects over LIGHT-ROM 2!
? Collection of 3D objects in other formats including Imagine (175 megs), 3D Studio (100 megs) and Sculpt 3D (30 megs).
? 700 Textures in JPEG format complete with thumbnails.
? Public Domain graphic programs and demos for the PC and Amiga.
? Collection of 3D landscapes in Lightwave, 3D Studio and Imagine formats.
? Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts.
? Bonus ‘‘DEM ROM" includes over 1000 DEMs (digital elevation maps) for use with VistaPro, World Construction Set and Scenery Animator on any platform.
? Use DEM ROM (along with any of these programs) to create realistic backgrounds or flights through your favorite scenery to incorporate into Lightwave or other 3D programs as background sequences.
? All DEMs include thumbnail renderings of their topographical maps.
UGHT-lpM 3 has fiver 1.5 gigabytes Jmw data compared jo the pr ious issue.
Dealers, call 1-800-265-4041 for distribution information.
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Shipping and handling is $ 4.95 for U.S. & Canada - $ 6.95 International GRAPHIC DETAIL INC. * 4556 SOUTH 3RD ST.* LOUISVILLE, KY 40214 * USA VOICE I FAX - 502-363-2986 E-MAIL - michael@jglou.com I J ? ORDERS ONLY -1-800*265*4041 ? E™3 MasterCard LIGHT-ROM" is a registered trademark ol Graphic Detail Inc. “DEM ROM*’ is a trademark ol Graphic Detail Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies, Kara Fonts: The complete collection of Kara Fonts is now available on one CD ROM!
PERSONAL SUITE FROM CLOANTO The Personal Suite CD-ROM includes Personal Paint and Personal Write from Cioanto, Sbase 4 Personal (from Oxxi), Personal Fonts Maker 1 & 2 (Cioanto), 27 professional Kara color fonts (Kara Computer Graphics), Cloanto's DirDiff (file synchronization and replication software) and PNG Toolkit, plus 1 2 Gbyte of pictures, animn- around the World, and straight from the Internet. All AGA Amiga Doom clones, the latest AGA mega-demos, plus hundreds of demos, games, slideshows, utilities, diskmags, texts, fonts, 3D objects etc. round out this CD's features. $ 35.00 USA (cash
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SadENESS PD NFA.,13 Russell Terrace, Mundesley, Norfolk NR11 8L] ENGLAND. TEL ' FAX: +44 (01263) 722169 E-Mail: SadENESS@dcandy.demon.co.uk MegaGem’s New Web Site!
Netscape: The MegageM Digital Medio UIEB Site tions, stereograms, stereogram animations, Amiga fonts, printer downloadable fonts and texts.
The CD-ROM contains no public domain or shareware software. The commercial titles are the latest versions available, with full AmigaGuide manuals (English and German, with some titles also in Italian and French).
Famous Amiga artists like Jim Sachs participated with a selection of their best Amiga art. Also included is a compilation of animations by Eric Schwartz, for the first time in IFF ANIM format. $ 99.95 MSRP Distributed in the USA by Software Hut, Inc. Dealer inquiries are welcomed!
KARA FONTS COLLECTION The complete collection of Kara Fonts is now available on one CD ROM! A professional and unique collection of fonts, backgrounds and tools for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentations.
All items for solo or combined use.
The CD-ROM contains 80 ColorFonts (including effects like brick, glass, chrome, chisel, etc.), 5 AnimFonts (handwriting, rotating characters, static wipes, sparkles, etc.), hundreds of alternate color palettes, Starfields (moving stars seen from different perspectives), textures and backgrounds (granite, marble, sand-stone, wood, etc.), the Personal Fonts Maker software and an anim-brush upgrade for Personal Paint. $ 99.95 MSRP Distributed in the USA by Software Hut, Inc. Dealer inquiries are welcomed!
• AC* Go To friHp f.VT.iii r*t ~tr*gtQ4tn i nv-.in I Welcome to
MegageM Digiial Media M*C PH Difftii tt*4u ctrMt art* ittjrt.ru
prtdueti Ur viitt. Uuufiift. Iurnurpic 3D. Arterial mnlltfrncr,
ii»¥uHrul appNutrm. And mUrfc ir mfnt. JJ« I WlrtrvK., Jut.inni
tmrp rnrltfr »t 4 pttriilr rt .
I,i.- ¦ ¦ t, VM«f Twin. Itwr toi fyrtam.i. M.ppM ipatUlim it, tcctmrm and tu ftp ivrttMi Ur Amit* M*ptrM ¦ « UcfU* U m»u v tuU Marik. Caldtfoia (halfway fc«TV«m In An [tie and Sm rrwuto It mill* inland tram «m Tiaht Oc.ni (Kmrt ymart. Mr s»H refer*? TmpfrrU Ow Uwl AiMfa cfc*. -. •» PI MQ IA*»f Ctah tt SwO XarMkc**. Maft* *U* t4mimirttrl NrvT** * Ui p.riPr.p-un XippN Dipul Mtdt. •• rttMi **d operated hyTOcd VK.
Yrm m*f OUU la M.;VM at Check out MegageM Digital Media’s new Web site at http: Avww.fix.net '-megagem New Product?
Industry Announcement?
Send it to: New Products Editor Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140
(508) 678-4200 FAX (508) 675-6002 Workbench Screen r | Workbench
r| PC-TASK :M®0: Picture Man v.t.55
|COSMOS.JPG:OOOxBnOxflt Yiew flptions petp 3 napeShitter
MjdnttBh E!ltpl» » File Edit Uieui Co Be Transformation
lune Fill area Processing F losd Horizontal .ovation about
's Cool? | T HaiYdbooF Bubber Deformations.
Rotate... Paste frflm.
NETSCAPE Tkii Ttmo* itjporli laltrutioul sturdy nil BflA. P.llit I«T CryjloffT»|kf, MD2. MD5, KC4.
PueLtll- KC¥ DftV TifAYtTCH rkaypr*v«ici6e.f Sottvrut t* ekt V.;&*vtraa*t it « follows: Uf , inflict »& or Figure!: Mac and PC applications running on the Amiga, PC Task A software utility to run PC software on an Amiga?
By Marc Hojfmm t Although many people in both the Amiga and even Mac communities don't like it, the dominant form of computing these days is the MS-DOS based machines powered by their line of Intel processors. The Amiga OS is still superior in numerous ways, but trying to sell this fact to the computing world can be difficult. But there are alternatives to dumping the Amiga and buying a new PC to run the Windows shell for DOS.
A Software PC PC-Task is a software-only, Intel 80286 or 8086 emulator. Installation is easy and straightforward, utilizing the Commodore Installer program. PC- Task comes in four versions to be used on the appropriate Amiga: a 68000 to 68010 version, a 68020 to 68060 version, and a special "Turbo" version for both. The Turbo version is supposedly faster than the normal version, but it does have some drawbacks.
The Amiga is one of the most versatile computers on the market, even after it has taken a year off, and this is shown in its ability to emulate other computer platforms. See Figure 1, with both a Mac and PC running on the Amiga. There is a DOS emulator available for the Amiga, called PC- Task, and it promises to do as one might expect: it emulates the code of a real PC in order to run software written for that platform.
PC-Tus!: 11 Cio-Is illume.
Jj 1 1 J-I lljj h S ;liu- 1 iliJ l lii , This is version 3.10 Published by Quasar Distribution Serial**: 53738 Start | Processor G| 80286 Graphics Adapter &|SVGfi 2Meg| Advanced Video Options | y | Serial -V Sound _yj Parallet ~y | COM2 Mouse
- =l RIDFfl: I -I B IDF 1 : 1 HardDr i ve C |hd0 : Priority
uhen selected U 1 J Priority when not selected -1 _ J
Conventional Menory 640 J£j Extended Menory L|1 5360.2J M in
inun Leave Ava i lab (e 48 21 Use DefauIts | Create
HardDiskFile Save configuration | ttuit Figure 2: The main
screen of PC-Task contains HardDrive and Floppy drive
specification, selection of either an 80B6 or 80286 processor,
Graphics Adaptor, Advanced Video Options, Serial and Parallel
options, Sound, the COM2 Mouse driver, and more.
First, PC-Task Turbo is very memory intensive. PC-Task Turbo allocates about four times as much memory as the normal version of PC- Task. For example, on my 26MB A4000,1 was only able to squeeze out about 4.6MB of usable RAM in the Turbo emulation.This is opposed to about 17MB of usable RAM in the normal version of PC-Task. The other drawback is, ironically, speed. While the basic processing power is inSimply tell PC-Task where the file is to be placed, tell it how large the file is td be, and the result is an instant harddrive.
Creased, the hard drive access is slowed down.
When PC-Task first fires up, the main screen is displayed with the following information (see Figure 2): HardDrive and Floppy drive specification, selection of either an 8086 or 80286 processor, Graphics Adaptor, Advanced Video Options, Seriai and Parallel options, Sound, and the COM2 Mouse driver. Last is multi-tasking priority, memory selection, and configuration settings.
Starting with the drive section, PC-Task allows the user to specify the MS-DOS drives A and B as any Amiga floppy device; DFO: and DF1:, for example. In addition, people using utilities such as CrossDOS can directly mount those devices for use in PC- Task(PC0: could be assigned to drive
A) .
In terms of hard drive specification, PC-Task uses two different formats. The first is a HardDiskFile, which is a file on an AmigaDOS volume that acts like a real hard drive or hard drive partition. This option provides flexibility in terms of the creation of new volumes, making the need to re-partition the AmigaDOS volume unnecessary. Simply tell PC- Task where the file is to be placed, tell it how large the file is to be, and the result is an instant hard drive.
Of course the biggest drawback to this type of system is the speed factor.
Just trying to boot up Windows 3.1 can take several times longer than booting off of a real hard drive. Which brings up the next type of hard drive device a dedicated partition on the hard drive. A dedicated partition is much faster on the order of several times.
Windows 3.1 takes considerably less time to boot off of the hard drive partition.
PC Graphics Graphics on the PC are quite complicated. This is due in part to the large number of standards and even greater number of video drivers available. PC-Task emulates many different PC graphics adapters: MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA, and SVGA 512K SVGA 1 mb SVGA 2mb.
MDA is the most basic of the adapters, allowing only monochrome output. CCA is the next step up from MDA, and according to the PC-Task manual, has the best implementation in the emulation of any of the adapters.
EGA is a step above CGA and it encompasses the first two modes, plus it adds some enhanced modes of its own.
VGA can handle everything that the first three adapters can display, plus it adds higher resolution and color definition. Some displays under VGA require 256 colors. For these screen modes, the Amiga will have to either have the AGA chip set or a graphics board with the ability to display 256 colors. SVGA, or Super VGA, simply adds even more resolution and color capability to the computer; the higher the RAM value attached to the adapter, the higher the resolution and color definition.
One of the main applications that will throw PC-Task's graphics emulation off is games. Sometimes programmers of games tend to be quite liberal in their interpretation of these modes, and they take certain liberties that do not follow the standards. This will most likely confuse PC-Task, and the graphics cannot be displayed.
The way PC-Task actually uses the Amiga to display these different modes falls under the Advanced Video Options, and can be confusing at first.
The first thing is to tell PC-Task which adapter to emulate. For example, if the Graphics Adaptor is set to MDA, then no matter which program is run, the best possible display will be monochrome.
Once this is set up, PC-Task has to know which Amiga screen mode (or graphics board mode) will be assigned to each of the FC equivalents. Figure 3 shows the screen that allows assignment of these modes. Notice that the mode shown is PCMode 3, which happens to be 640x200x16 colors. The Amiga must know what kind of screen to open this on, and as shown, the mode being assigned is DBNTSOHigh Res, 640x200. Now, whenever a PC program tries to open a 640x200x16 color screen, PC-Task will force the Amiga to open up the DBNTSOHigh Res screen instead.
PCModo Adapters 3 con,EOfi,VGR,SVGH ResoI ut i on 648*206(80*25) 16 Set Had? [SUUUWVUU IDBLNTSC :H i ih Res Q3 Screen Graphics Update t* lnrx.it t .ttoi HPB f Doun Mode 1 Up Mode Select Screen Mode | r CyBERv is ion:1024x768x256 CyBERv is ion:1824x?68x64K CvBERvis ion:1128x832x256 CyBERv is ion:1128x832x64K CyBERv is ion:1152x908x256 CyBERvis ion:1152X900X64K CyBERv i s i on:1288x1824x256 CyBERv is ion:1688x1280x256 CyBERv is ion:320x248x16H CvBERv is ion:328x248x256 CyBERv is ion:328x248x64K CvBERv is ion:648x489x16h CyBERvis ion:648x480x256 CyBERv is ton:648x488x64K CyBERvis
ion:768x576x16M CvBERv is ion:888x688x16M CyBERv is tort I 888x688x256 CvBERv i s ion:8B8x680x64K DBLNTSC:H i gh Res DBLNTSC'.High Res Laced DBLNTSC:H i gh Res No Flicker DBLNTSC:Lou Res DBLNTSC:Lou Res Laced DBLNTSC:Lou Res No Flicker EURG72:648 x 208 EURO:72Hz Productivity EURQ:72Hz Productivity Laced MULTISCRN:640 x 248 MULT ISCRN:Productivity MULTI SCAN:Producttvity Laced NTSC:High Res NTSC:H i gh Res Laced NTSC:Lou Res NTSC:Lou Res Laced NTSClSupei High Res NTSC:Super-High Res Laced SUPER88:H igh Res SUPER88:H igh Res Laced SUPER80:Super-High Res SUPER88:Super-High Res Laced All of the
different modes in PC- Task can be custom assigned in this way, and there are 23 of them ranging from 40x25x2 colors to 1280x1024x256 colors. In addition, PC-Task can force the emulation to open inside a window on the Amiga Workbench.
Cane e t | ml Figure 3: This screen is used o select the PC graphics mode you require. PCMode 3 (shown) is 640x200x16 colors.
In the interest of speed of the graphics updates, PC-Task allows the user to set updates to one of five settings: 1,2,4, or 8 frames (a frame is 1 30 second); or, an Immediate setting can be set to force the updates whenever a change to the screen occurs.
When using the MDA palette, the MDA Palette gadget allows the user to set the colors used with this mode via RGB sliders.
PC-Task can be made to use the Amiga’s serial and parallel ports to emulate modem and printing operations on the PC.
PC Ports, Sound, Mouse and more PC-Task can be made to use the Amiga's serial and parallel ports to emulate modem and printing operations on the PC. The parallel option worked perfectly on my Hewlett Packard PaintJet printer. When using tire serial port, I did run into some problems in the area of telecommunications.
For sound support, PC-Task is somewhat limited. Most Pcs have basic sound generation circuitry built onto the motherboard. Simple beeps and sounds are possible with this strategy. PC-Task's sound support is limited to this level. As stated in the manual, PC-Task does not support emulation of any kind of sound card such as the SoundBlaster.
As for mouse support, PC-Task comes through. When the COM2 Mouse option is turned on, PC-Task will emulate a Microsoft compatible mouse. Emulation of this kind increases the likelihood of compatibility with programs that may use custom mouse drivers.
The Priority When Selected and Priority When Not Selected deal with the multitasking priority given to the emulation when its screen is selected and when other programs are selected.
The setting of 1 in the Selected box means that when the emulation's screen is selected, then the bulk of the processor's power is allocated to PC- Task. The -1 setting in the Not Selected box means that when PC-Task's screen is sent to the back, other programs will get most of the processor's time. PC- Task multitasks very well. As 1 am writing this review, PC-Task is decompressing software to the same physical hard drive that! Am periodically saving this review to, and there are no problems. In addition, many different PC-Tasks can be opened at once on the same Amiga.
(continued on page 26) Daniel Wolf of MegageM has been with the Amiga almost since its inception. He has given his best efforts to the continuation of one of the few pieces of software capable of translating the mysterious world of fractal math into startling graphics and animations. He has also continued a steady and dependable upgrade policy for all of his software, even through the dark times just passed the transition from Commodore to ESCOM.
ScapeMaker 4.0 Combine the power of Digital Elevation Models from Vista Pro with the abilities of other programs to create your own 3D virtual worlds.
By R. Sliamms Mortier As we shall discover, ScapeMaker (as well as other MegageM products we will review in future A mazing issues) has many uses for the Amiga 3D artist and animator. It should also be realized that most of MegageM's wares have been consciously connected to Vista Pro, especially when it comes to anv interaction with DEMs (Digital Elevation Models).
DEMs are the U.S. Geographical Survey's way of detailing the 3D information collected by various means that describe terrain shapes.
There are DEMs for every foot of the Earth's surface, and another set for undersea terrain and even planetary geography (Mars and Venus especially).
The reason that MegageM products are so interwoven with Vista Pro is that Vista Pro has its own prioritized way of addressing DEMs.
Other software can read the Vista Pro DEMs (Natural Graphics Scenery Animator, Axiom's Pixel Pro, and others), but MegageM products actually write Vista Pro DEMs. This establishes a veritable family relationship between the products.
ADSPEC's Aladdin 4D can load in a DEM created by Scenery Animator, but not Vista Pro DEMs. Neither LightWave nor Cinema 4D loads DEMs at all. No other Amiga 3D software that i am aware of loads in Vista Pro DEMs. This is a problem, because it is in the major 3D packages that high quality bump maps and textures can be applied to a DEM to make it something really special, though the DEM packages (Vista Pro, Scenery Animator and others) do give DEMs a believable level of realism.
ScapeMaker v3 . 0 319 91 ,2 tiv Daniel Mo I f Snooth IloadDEH Inset ScapeMaker Interface The ScapeMaker interface allows you easy access to all of the tools and options. As you can see, two very different IFFs can be loaded into ScapeMaker at the same time, and can be combined or operated on by the Boolean selections.
UnScale This Scenery Animator generated rendering (above top left) of a ScapeMaker file shows how a simple 2D graphic translates into a 3D world. With just a little tweaking in Brilliance, our new 3D landscape begins to look more pleasing (above top right). The same scene (above bottom left) as before, but turned around so we can appreciate it from another angle. The Dpaint 2D graphic topview (above bottom left) of the above scenes looks simple compared to the 3D world produced from it in ScapeMaker.
Jil u- '¦ ¦ '--1 til11- (UUtil An error flag i ScapeMaker tells you immediately when the software refuses to recognize an image that was attempted for import. This is what happened when Brilliance was used as the IFF generating software instead of Dpaint (above left). This is what a typical IFF (above right) might look like when created in a paint program.
Saving it out and importing it into ScapeMaker is the next step in creating a Vista Pro DEM file or a Lightwave object.
This latest version of ScapeMaker can save a Vista Pro DEM out as a LightWave Object file (.LWO). Daniel Wolf told me that his Fractal Pro software also saves out Fractal elevation maps as LightWave objects (we will explore that also in a future issue). LightWave object files, by the way, work equally as well on the Amiga as they do on the Windows LightWave environment, so the Amiga owners, that use an Alpha system to render LightWave files, will benefit just as much as solitary Amiga owners.
The purpose of this article and the attached graphics is to give you an overview and visual examples of the power and versatility of ScapeMaker
4. 0 and tire awesome beauty of rendered DEM files. We will take
a step-by-step approach as well, guiding you through several
ScapeMaker possibilities.
MegageM ScapeMaker 4,0 @1991-5 by Daniel Wolf Ph.D Them DEMs A DEM file saved out from ScapeMaker and imported into Scenery Animator for rendering can be seen as a topological graphic in the Map view.
ScapeMaker 4.0: an overview of the tools and options Basically, ScapeMaker's first priority is to take in IFF graphics and to translate that data into 3D information that a 3D modeling program can use to generate alternate 3D views. As such, we have to start by having familiarity with a 2D paint program in order to produce the graphics in their 2D form, before ScapeMaker can do its work.
In my experiments, I found that ScapeMaker liked my Electronic Arts Dpaint IFFs more than it appreciated those saved out in Play Incorporated's Brilliance or True Brilliance. I talked to Mr. Wolf about this, and we have not been able to, as yet, discover what the difference is based upon. I just know that Brilliance graphics crashed my system too many times. It may be because Brilliance Graphics write some unique header information to the file that ScapeMaker can't digest. When I find the definitive answer, I will relay it to you.
Meanwhile, ScapeMaker has its own method of handling data.
ScapeMaker reads in the luminance values (light dark) as elevation data, with white being the "highest" and black the "darkest".
ScapeMaker has its own demands as far as file size and bitplane depth as well. It will not read 24-bit, IFF64, HAM and other nonstandard types of pictures. It rejects super bitmaps larger than 768 x 592, and will not accept graphics with more than 6 bitplanes, ScapeMaker will accept 256 color grayscale images (Lo-Res 320 x 200 to 384 x 592 and Hi-Res 640 x 200 to 768 x
592) . It tries to treat anything from 320 x 200 to 384 x 296 as
a Lo-Res picture, and 320 x 400 to 384 x 592 as a Lo-Res
Interlace. 640 x 200 to 768 x 296 are defined as Hi-Res
pictures, and 640 x Before rendering in Scenery Animator,
the DEM file can be rotated and resized until the desired
features are in the viewplane.
By altering the rendering settings in Vista Pro, the same DEM can take on radically different personalities.
All .
*W A
- v-_ -4 MW ’ ¦ ... Alternate Realities 20 A MA ZING C0;l PU7 IN
G 400 to 768 x 592 are interpreted as Hi-Res Interlace. If a
picture has 6 bitplanes, it is treated as a HAM graphic.
Regions ScapeMaker does not cannot save out the whole of a screen as a DEM file, but instead addresses either a maximum area of 258 x 258 pixels or 514 x 514. This is accomplished by selecting the "Region" button after loading an IFF to one of the two active areas on the interface.
Upon selecting Region, you are shunted to the graphics screen where a resizable window sits above the graphic. Resizing it and moving it over the selected area desired, and then closing it down, brings that selected region into ScapeMaker. To see the top view of the soon-to-be DEM, the button "MakeDEM" is pressed. Saved DEMs are always in the Vista Pro format, except,.. LighlWave Object files To save a DEM to the LWO format, the ScapeMaker process requires a bit more preparation.
There are five special files that have to be placed in RAM first (1 wish that the program did this with an interface button, or better yet, a simple selection in the save requester that gave a LWO choice).
Every DEM saved out of ScapeMaker is in the Vista Pro format, except when the software spots one or more of these special files in RAM. At that point, the file is translated to the LWO format as a 3D LightWave object.
Of the five files, four are used to save the DEM region out as a quadrant (grid of 1 meter squares), while the fifth file translates the DEM to a Lo-Res object covering the whole region. Only the 258 x 258 region can be used when saving out a LightWave Object. The DEM30.LWO holds to a true 30 meter grid in LightWave (Lo-Res), giving you realistic landscape distances and covering the whole DEM region as the objects area.
All of the ScapeMaker LightWave objects come in at 16,000 to 17,000 points and polygons. The difference between the DEM30 LWO and the other four quadrangle files is their resolution. Using any number up to all of the four gives you a maximum H i- Res 258 x 258 pixel region separated into four discreet chunks. These four have to be loaded into LightWave separately, and each overlaps perfectly as it comes in, giving you a seamless Hi-Res DEM object that is LightWave compatible. Vista Pro's Z values come "out" of the screen and LightWave's Z values go "into" the screen, so it's best to use the
Negative button first in ScapeMaker so tiie object reads in LightWave as expected.
Booleans and Beyond ScapeMaker 4.0 has a whole set of Boolean algorithms that allow you to load in two separate IFFs, transform them to DEMs, and then to combine them in various ways with one another. They are AND, OR, XOR, NOT and NEC. Very convoluted 3D shapes can be created in this manner.
There are also a number of other ways to operate on ScapeMaker DEM files. If you would rather make caves than mountains, than use the ScapeMaker "Carve" mode instead of "Extrude". All of the higher (whiter) values will read as "deeper" extrusions by doing this.
ScapeMaker translates visual data into DEM elevation data in one of two selectable ways: in Value Mode, the Top: LightWave imports the new DEM perfectly.
Bottom: Once a ScapeMaker DEM is translated to a LightWave object, you can use Lightwave’s excellent surface maps to texfurize it to your heart’s desire.
The Web brightness data is read in and interpreted as elevation data, in Number Mode the number of the color in a palette is translated to a DEM elevation sequentially (4 color pictures will have only four possible elevations).
You can add subtract X values from the picture by using an on-screen slider, and another slider allows you to change the variable depth height of the DEM by multiples of 1 to 99.
A special Inset Mode allows you to inset a small version of one DEM in the comer of another (like "picture in picture on a TV). DEMs in the two active screens can be added to or subtracted from one another.
MegageM operates a great Web site for those of you with access to the Internet. It includes ail sorts of sample files and references to all of the MegageM software line. Its address is: http: wvvw.fix.net -megagem .
Painting a DEM for ScapeMaker Again, 1 had better luck with Dpaint than with Brilliance doing this.
It you want a sharp edge to the 3D object, like a 90 degree sheer cliff, than make sure there is maximum difference between the luminance of the object and that of the background upon which it sits. Tor instance, use a white of 253, 255, 255 (RGB) for the drawing or foreground 2D object and a black of 0, 0, 0 (RGB) for the background plane.
The resulting DEM produced by ScapeMaker will have a sharp edge, a sheer drop in the elevation model.
On the other hand, if you desire a smoother curved drop-off and a more rounded appearance, use descending levels of grays around the object. You can also select the "smooth" function in ScapeMaker which essentially does the same thing. If you prefer carved out objects, just make sure that the background is lighter than the image painted on it.
The LightWave DEM Process This is the only point at which 1 ran into problems with ScapeMaker. It was not the software, but the way this process is documented, meaning not clearly. Because ScapeMaker is such a great package, I will forgive the frustrating two hours I spent experi- menting until I figured it out. Here, then, is the way to go about this adventure.
1. Place one or more of the five TWO files in the "LightWave
Objects" drawer in ScapeMaker in RAM.
2. In ScapeMaker, import an IFF and translate it into a DEM, or
import a DEM that's already translated.
3. Save the DEM as you normally would to your hard drive. It is
now an LWO file, and not a Vista Pro DEM.
4. Open up LightWave and import it from the hard disk.
There are a few other cautions and warnings, but the documentation covers them clearly. Overall, the only comment I can make on this software is "great job, Dr. Wolf"!
ScapeMaker 4.0 MSLP: $ 49.95 MegageM Digital Media 1903 Adria Ave.
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 349-1104
(805) 922-5003 FAX http: www.fix.net -megagem
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Compatible wltb OS 2.1 nr blgber.
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Stereogram Pics & Anims; Amiga & j Printer downloadable fonts
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$ 89.95 Call for details on how Personal Paint and or Fonts Maker owners can upgrade to the Personal Suite CD for only: $ 55.00 Mtec AT 500 No HD 3149.95 Mtec AT 500 w 40Mb HO 729.95 Mtec AT 500 130Mb HO 269.95 Mtec AT 500 213Mb HD 299 95 Mtec AT 500 540Mb HD 369.95 Mtec AT 500 t.OSGig HO 499.95 2Mb RAM lor AT 500 unit 88.00 8Mb RAM lot AT500 unit 298.00 Mtec A500 2Mb RAM Module 139 95 Mtec 68020I Turbo A500 OK 99.95 Mtec Tl 230 42Mz CPU.FPU 244 95 1Mb RAM lot T1230 or 680201 49.95 4Mb RAM lor T1230 or 680201 165.00 Bmb RAM for MTEC T1230 319.00 M-TEC Germany Cloanto Productivity - Utilities
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(Specify) 19.95 Shadow Fighter CD-32 39.95 Sim City 2000 AGA 29.95 Spetis Legacy AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Super Skidmarks ECS CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Theme Park ECS AGA (Specify) 44.95 Viro Cops ECS AGA (Specity) 29.95 Virtual Karting AGA 26.95 World of Golf ECS, AGA 37.95 Worms Amiga CD-32 (Specify) 39,95 CBM Service Manuals A500 Service Menual 19.95 A2000 Rev 6.x Service Manual 22.95 A3D00 Desktop Service Manual 24,95 A3000 Tower Service Manual 25.95 10S4S 01 Service Manual 14.95 1950 Service Manual 19.95 2091 Service Manual 12.95 Prog’s Guide tu Arexx
w Oisk 14.95 A2060 A2065 A2232 SerV. Man, 12.95 A590 HO Service Manual 14.95 CDTV Service Manual 14.95 1960Service Manual 19.95 A23S6SX Users Manual 9.95 Due to ad schedules, all prices are j subject lo change. We accept Visa.
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6 Copyngtrt 1996. KitrAnUnietii |Fi, All Rights Reserved I No waiting tor your orders to ship. Orders j j in by 2PM go out the same day. Second i | Day & Overnight shipping is available. ! International orders ship by Air Parcel j I Post or UPS Express. Domestic orders ; I ship by UPS cr Airborne Express.
I * All orders are subject to credit card verification • Our Policies Workbench Screen r| Workbench 'dpHfciK- W= s: iOraCI Psycnosis Ltd Figure 4: A CGA PC version of Lemmings displayed on the Amiga.
(continued from page 15) Memory on the PC is even more confusing than its graphics adaptors.
PC-Task handles tine two main types of PC memory by allowing the user to set both the Conventional Memory and the Extended Memory amounts in kilobytes. The conventional memory is typically set to 640k, while the extended memory is set to however much RAM can be squeezed out of the Amiga that PC-Task is running on; the maximum amount of RAM that PC- Task can address is 16mb.
Be warned: PC-Task could have the amount of extended memory shown in Figure 2 (15.36mb), and if there is not enough memory in the conventional memory, some programs will not rim. They will not even recognize the extended memory. This is not an artifact of PC-Task, but is a glaring limitation of MS-DOS. In order for such programs to recognize the extended memory, a special program called a memory manager must be used.
The PC-Task manual lists HIMEM.SYS and EMS40.SYS as possible solutions. The MicroSoft MemMaker memory manager program will not work because it requires at least an 80386. The 640k in PC-Task can be increased to 704k if MDA or CGA graphics adapters are used. Any setting above these two adapters allows up to 640k.
The last memory option deals with how much minimum Amiga memory will be left free while the emulation is running. This is to ensure that the Amiga remains stable, if this amount becomes too low (16k to 64k), then the Amiga may crash. This setting is to ensure that the Amiga always has enough RAM to continue functioning.
Is it a real PC?
The question is how well does the emulator function? The results I obtained were mixed, i tested several different PC software packages, both commercial and public domain. One problem in my testing was that many programs on the market today require at least an 80386, which is beyond PC- Task's ability at its present stage of development.
Among the commercial programs tested were Windows 3.1, which seemed to function as welt as can be expected from Windows. Windows '95 cannot be run from PC-Task because this latest release of Windows requires a 386 processor.
I also tested Britannica Software's Algebra 1; First Semester educational software. I must say that things would have been much easier for me if the software would have displayed a menu. For some reason, the main PC-Task M3.00. Copyright 1992-94 Cli**is Hanes. All **isfhts meseruecl.
This is a connercial product published by:- Quasar Distribution, P.O. Box 188, Southland, MIC 3192, Australia.
Tel +61 3 583 8806 Fax +61 3 585 1674 BBS +61 3 584 8$ 90 Internet: pc taskPquasar.di ali x.oz.au To start the nouse driver press LeftAnicja-P (or use FCTMOUSE. EXE .
To qtui t press the RigTitAmiga Del , Processor. 80286 Conventional Menory: 640K Extended Menory: 0K Technical: (location S07CD74C0 allocated 102410 Drive A is: DF0 Drive B is: Unavailable HardDrive C is: Unavailable HardDrive D is; Unavailable Current date is Thu 05-11-1995 Enter new date (nn-dd-yy : 02-94-96 Current tine is 6:47:26.01a Enter new tine: Microsoft(JO MS-DOS(R Mersion 5.00 (Cl Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1991.
Ft _ Figure 5: PC-Task lets you have ail the fun and excitement of MS-DOS, but we doubt you will want to stay there for long.
Company that makes tire game. I then tried reducing the number of colors to 16, which required reinstalling the game, taking over an hour to complete.
The results were a little better; PC-Task was now displaying the introduction animation, complete with enemy vessels and energy weapons. The next screen that PC-Task displayed was the copy protection screen, and so 1 promptly entered tire correct text from the manual. However, that is as far as the system would go.
After pressing anv and every key, the system canre back with a warning telling me that the "Secret Missions Disk" was not installed on my system. So apparently this was another attack of the invisible interface; the same tiring that happened with the Algebra software.
Menu remained blank. However, after blindly pressing keys, 1 finally found my way into the main program, and found that it worked quite well, the menu situation notwithstanding.
I also tested the old version of Wing Commander. Unfortunately, I could not get this game to run properly. While trying to run it in 256 colors, the best that the emulation could do was to bring up the first main animation giving credit to Origin, the PC-Task Performance Tests DECOMPRESS AND DISPLAY A JPEG IMAGE USING WINJPEG* PC-Task Normal - 5 minutes 40 seconds PC-Task Turbo - 5 minutes 32 seconds 'This test involved a combination of computer processing and hard drive access And unfortunately, what graphics and animation 1 did see were painfully slow, even on my 40nrhz 68040 A4000.1
tried SCAN MEMORY AND HARD DRIVE FOR VIRUSES USING MICROSOFT VIRUS SCANNING SOFTWARE PC-Task Normal - 2 minutes 15 seconds to scan memory 1 minute 43 seconds to scan hard drive PC-Task Turbo - 2 minutes 4 seconds to scan memory 2 minutes to scan hard drive "All tests were done on an Amiga 4000 40 @ 40mhz running a dcnro version of Lemmings for the PC, and I could not get tire game to display the graphics correctly in VGA, but CGA worked just fine (Figure 4).
Hr ternrs of public domain and shareware, the choice of what would run on a 286 was nruclr larger. 1 tried software rairging fronr games to graphics processing software to a Macintosh emulation package for the PC!
A program called "Banana Com," a telecommunications package, didn't seem to recognize nry modem, i experienced more problems within Windows 3.1 when dealing with tire serial port. I tried running the Terminal program within Windows, and the program either didn't work, or else it crashed the emulation. 1 had similar problems with Trumpet Winsock: PC- Task crashed.
A call to Wonder Computers in Canada provided some clarity. !t seems that PC-Task has problems dealing with the serial functions while running Windows. But I still could not get Banana Com to work, and it runs from MS-DOS directly, without Windows. 1 ran three graphics programs, Picture Man, WinJPEG, and FVGA, all of which seemed to run just fine.
I did find the built-in mouse driver to be somewhat unpredictable within FVGA, however; specifically in terms of getting the menus to behave correctly , i tried running Executor, a PC-based Macintosh emulation system (ShapeShifter fans, there is not too much to worrv about here). Unfortunately, the program would not run.
And last but not least, 1 ran a VGA benchmark program which tested the speed of the graphics on the system. It VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A 800-735-2633 800-735-2633
sales@visionaoft.com http : www. Visionsoft.com Memory 1x1
100ns P.igc Dip
4. 95 lx4-70ns Page Zip
20. 95 A300Q Ix4-60n* SC Zip
25. 50 A3000 U4-70rw SC Zip
24. 95 256x4- 70n$ Page Zip
5. 75 256x4-70ns Page Dip
5. 75 lx9-70ns Simm
29. 95 1x8-70ns Simm
38. 95 1 x8 -80ns S imm
37. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
132. 95 4x9-7Gns Simm 134,95 A4000 lx32-6Gn* Simm
129. 95 lx36*70ns Simm
159. 95 2x32-60ns Simm
279. 95 4x32-6Qtvs Simm
469. 95 8x32*6Qns Simm 969,95 GVP 32 lmbSimm 65,95 GVP 32 4mb
185. 95 GVP 32 16mb Simm
729. 95 Software Clearance Advanced Dungeons Dragon Cruise of the
Azure Bondi 15.90 Secret of the Silver Bonds 15.90 Eye of
the Beholder II The Legends of Darkroom 29.95 Amiback Tools
29.95 COM Amiga I'nlx Multiuser 89.95 Am I Net 9 CD 19.50
Ami.Net Set 2 39.50 A SIM CDFS 2.0 42.95 ASLM CDFS 3.0
w Fish CD 64.95 Chaos Engine 19.95 GunShip 2000 CD32 19,95
Gold Fish CD 14.95 Lemmings CD32 19,95 Populous 6.95
Syndicate 15.95 Wild Wheel 12.95 Upgrades & Custom Chips
49. 95
45. 95
89. 95
89. 95
59. 95
99. 95
109. 95
39. 95
45. 95
79. 95
9. 95 13 Kicksuut Rom 19.95
2. 04 Kicksum Rom 29.95
2. 1 Upgrade Kit 85.95
3. 0 Rom 49.95
3. 1 Rom for A500 6GOCGOO 69.95
3. 1 Rom for A3000 79.95
3. 1 Rom for A400Q 64.95
3. 1 Kit for A500 600 2000 129.95
3. 1 Kit for A30Q0 144.95
3. 1 Kit forAJOOO 144.95 8575 I mb Agnus 19,95 8372A I mb Agnus
34.95 8372B 2mb Agnus (A3000) 39.95
9. 95
19. 95
29. 95
19. 95
6. 95
8. 95
39. 95
129. 95
79. 95
35. 00
23. 95
89. 00
55. 95
19. 95
14. 95 Call Call Call 8520 A-1 CIA 13,95 8520 Surface Mount 24.95
8364 R7 Paula 17,95 8373 Super Denise 35.95 A2620-30 Rom Rev.
7 32,95 A2091 Rom Rcv.7 29.95 Super Dmac Rcv.4 52.95 Super
Buster Rev. 9 39.95 Super Buster Rev. 11 56.95 l:ul Gary
39.95 5719 Gary 17.95 Hurd Drives Segate2i"210inb IDE
169. 95 Quantum3.5’ 27Qmb IDE
129. 95 Quantum 3.5" 340mb SCSI
179. 95 Quantum 3,5“ 730mbSCSI
279. 95 Quantum 3.5“ 840mbSC’SI 299,95 Quantum l.Ufcgb SCSI
359. 95
2. 5" Hard Drive Cable
9. 95 Modems Supra 14.4 Ext. Modem Supra 28.8 Ext Modem Jft Comm
Software Null Modem Cable
79. 95
209. 95
5. 00
9. 95 Hardware & Peripherals A500880K ImFlDr AI000880K Int FI Dr
A2000 880K Ini FI Dr A3000 880K Ini FI Dr A500 Power Supply
A2000 Power Supply A3000 Power Supply A500 !¦ .’ey Board A120T
Keyboard A2f30.nl Key board Keyb ad Adapier A3XX1 Ke ooard to
A4000 System Kc ' uurd Adapter A4000 keyboard to A2000 System
A500Case A1200 Case A52G Video Adapter RCA Video Cable RF
Modulator A501 Ram Card For AilMJ A500 Mother Board (6Al A1000
System w Keyboard Micro R&D C64 Power Supply MieroBioUcs 1200
Clock IC'D AdSCSI 2000 Advanced Amiga Analy zer Ekllpse Mouse
wf Mai Mindscape Powerplayers JfS A1200 System A4000 040 50
mhz System M1428S Monitor Amiga Books
19. 95
30. 95
27. 95
12. 95
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25. 95 A600 Insiders Guide Mastering Amiga System Mastering Amiga
Dos 3 v. Making Music on Amiga Amiga Workbench A-Z Amiga
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SCSI 169.95 DaioFlyer 1200+ SCSI 109.95 DauFlyer 9000 • SCSI
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SCSI 109.95 Baseboard 1200 29.95 Baseboard 60: ;_39.95 dkb
DKB Wildfire 060 50
1499. 00 RapidFire SCSI U
149. 00 DKB 1202 for A1200
99. 95 The Clock Tor A1290
16. 95 Kwikstart 11 for A1000
54. 95 Megochlp 500 2000
199. 95 MultiStart ii for A500 2Q00
29. 95 DKB 2632
189. 95 Cobra 28 for A1200
139. 95 Cobra 28 w( 4mb
269. 95 Cobra 40 for A1200
249. 95 Fercei SCSI II for A1200
99. 95 CYBERSTORM Cy berStorm 6806Q 50mhz 1349,95 CyberVision 64
2mb 469.95 CyberVi:don64 4mb 599.95 CyberVision 64 .Memory
(2mb) 119.00 Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo 269.95 Blizzard 1260
Turbo 949.95 Blizzard 2060 Turbo 999.95 Blizzard 1230-IV SCSI
129.95 HOT ITEMS RENO Portable CD ROM Drive & CD Player Tor
AmlgalMac IBM PC tIncludes AC Power Adapter _ & Battery
Aecessory Pack 19.95 (Includes a Padded Carrying Case, Headphones &¦ Stereo .Adapter Cjble) Rechargeable Power Pack 29.95 External SCSI Cable 19.95 Iomega Zip Drive (Removable Hard Drive) Tor Amiga Mart IBM PC (Includes AC Power S apply, e y ¦ Gable & lOOmeg Disk) ’ Squlrrd ZIP Tool 24.95 Plcassu 11 Graphics lt-j.trcl v 2mb for A20O0!30lK)!4Oa0 $ 375.00 Alfa Data Mulliliu e Card HI Tor ,V200Ur3U60l4X)( $ 129.95 Sony Quad Speed CD-ROM Drive 600 kbytcs s (quadruple).
190ms Randow Access Tun:_ * SCSI II* Caddykss ** Cvl* 1230 Turbo* wttmb Tor A1200 $ 549.95 GVP A1200 SCSI! KAHit K1I $ 39.50 A2630 Actelerslor Tor A2D60 wf4mb & Rev. 7 ROM $ 395.00 Visa, Master autJ Discover Card orders are accepted witli uo surcharge. We also ship COD only iu payment of ('asli.
Cashier's Check or Mouey Order. All returns must be returned and accompanied with a KM A wiiliiu 15 days. Defective products will be replaced wilh the same item oulv. Other returns subject lo 25% restocking fee. Shipping & Handling charges are uou-rciundablc. Price & availability arc subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee hardware .uid software compatibility. We arc not responsible for any typographical errors.
Info : (408) 626-2633 itMRHTi Fox : (408) 625-6388 BBS : (408)625-6580 n seemed to run perfectly, although very slowly.
In addition to the above problems with software incompatibility and modem problems,! Had some difficulty getting the graphics boards routines to work correctly. At first, when 1 tried to run the emulation on my CyberVision 64 and GVF Spectrum cards, the graphics updates were actually slower than my AGA updates!
After changing the parameters on the refresh, I discovered that the IMMEDIATE refresh option should not be used with graphics boards. I found a reasonable compromise at a setting of four.
Unfortunately, some of the modes cannot be set in terms of refresh variables. In particular, the 256 color modes are frozen at the IMMEDIATE refresh, which means that these modes do not do very well on either an AGA Amiga or graphics board-equipped Amiga. In addition, don't plan on using Windows in the 256 color Video 7 modes, because the mouse pointer is not visible. This is documented in the manual, and one can only assume that Circle 120 on Reader Service card.
A fix for this problem is on the way.
And one other problem that I found with the graphics handling appeared when the program opened in a window on the Workbench. At certain times when I tried to drag the PC- Window to a more accessible place on the Workbench, the entire Amiga locked up. However, the manual does state that in order to get the best stability in graphics handling, AmigaDOS 3.) Should be used.
I discovered one other problem regarding the emulation in general: whenever I tried to change the Amiga screen mode after 1 had quit PC-Task, the Amiga would completely lock up, and a complete warm-boot was required in order to get the Amiga back.
In Conclusion PC-Task is a product in development. It still has a long way to go, however. I did contact Wonder Computers about the future of the product, and the future is a very bright one. It seems that the program is undergoing a complete re-write. It will include a new processor instruction set, so instead of the outdated 80286, it will emulate the 80486. And the speed will be increased considerably due to a new way of processing the code of the 486. The code of the 486 will be recompiled into 680x0 code, and therefore can be executed directly by the 680x0 processor. But until then,
PC-Task is definitely in its development stages.
PC-TASK 3.1 $ 114.99 WCI Distribution 1315 Richmond Road Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2B 8J7 Phone: (613) 596-2542 Fax: (613) 596-9349
• AC* At Press Time At press time, AC hns learned that WCI is
currently being held in bankruptcy pending a restructuring in
Canada. We will follow with more information about this and tlw
other products they were sponsoring in North America as soon as
details are available.
Putting Amosaic to work on the World Wide Web, If you followed along with last month's column, you should now have a working Amosaic setup. Since we are going to continue where we left off, it would be a good idea to get your copy and review.
The address I had you change in the Amosaic icon is more properly known as a URL, or Universal Resource Location. Just like the more familiar e-mail address, the URL consists of several different parts. Let's use the new URL for the Amosaic home page from last month as an example.
Http: www.omnipresence.com Amosaic 2.0 The first section, http: specifies the protocol the various internet computers must use to transfer the information to you. In this case they will use the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The server, or home computer system where the information resides, is designated by www.omnipresence.com. The last section of the URL is the path to the specific page, in this case Amosaic
2. 0 . Just like the directory structure of your disks, we want
to go to the 2.0 subdirectory of the Amosaic directory.
URL's can be confusing, and tricky to type in correctly, but it is important to know about them and how they work. While it can be immensely enjoyable to surf various links at random, often it is important to be able to go to a specific spot at once. The hotlist feature of your browser allows you to save a list of URL's that can be accessed directly by selecting from the list.
Every Web page Amosaic, or any browser accesses, is loaded in pieces.
First, the text elements are loaded and displayed. This usually happens at once. Then each different graphic element is transferred, de-coded through the appropriate DataType, and displayed. At a time when the internet is not busy, and with a page containing only a few in-line images, this may add a few seconds to the time needed to display the page. If the net is busy and transfer times stretch, you may find yourself waiting minutes for all of the graphics in a complicated If everything is set up correctly, and you are using Workbench 3.0 or above, Figure 1 is the result. If you are using
Workbench 2.1, or do not have the necessary DataTypes installed, the Figure 2 is what to expect. The difference of course is the graphics.
These are known as in-line images, and can be a major portion of many Web pages. They can also be a major source of frustration.
Onn tpresenc* . Cort anosa'ic 2 . 6 Hon» | _ URL: |http: uuu.
H. cl AifiMgsi The AMIGA VW-Browser
* »!
Anuga Mosaic 20 bttal is aair available! See Welcome to Amiga Mo said Amiga Mosaic is based on NCSA's Mosaic, but is if*? R distributed by the University of Illinois or NCSA It is being developed by Amiga Mosaic Information © e ©
• AmofucFJPor H.TIE dovmload © © © e U ! ] Data transfer
Figure 1: This is what you see if everything is set up correctly, and you are using Workbench 3.0. page to be displayed. These are times I have seen while using a 14,400 bps modem connected to a minimal A1200 with the standard processor, and a couple of megabytes of fast ram.
Obviously a faster modem and processor will speed up the displaying of images.
If you return to a previously viewed page shortly after leaving, it will likely be displayed at once, because Amosaic maintains a file of images called a cache. The size of this image cache is determined by the amount of hard drive space you have available on your System partition.
.••.I "”•• • • • - Uc.cunr.it u.tu._____________ _____ .
1 S31 tea Title: jftnia* Moult Hon* URL: |ht tf» : ««(*. Dnnlprojonce.con attosatc 8 “
- 1 J .J | fie load | .. - ......- Amiga Mosaic 20
beta! If no* nvmlnbleJ .S tt and If the net is busy and
transfer times stretch, you may find yourself waiting minutes
for all of the graphics in a complicated page to be displayed.
You can turn off the loading of the inline images if you wish to speed up your Web surfing session.
Remembering the hyper-text nature of tire Web, you will notice that certain words will be displayed in a different color, or otherwise highlighted. If you pass vour mouse pointer over these areas, and often the in-line images as well, you will see URL's displayed at the bottom of your screen. These areas are the links that will take you to other Web pages when you dick on them.
X ] i JJ & If you have Workbench 3.0 or above, one of the first links you should follow from the Amosaic home page is the one labeled Amosaic HTTP download. This will take you to the location of the latest version of Amosaic. Click on the name of the file you want, and it will be downloaded directly to your Amiga. Be sure to select the Options Load To Local Disk menu item first. Figure 3 shows the Amiga home page viewed with this new version of Amosaic.
Hints and Tips If you have spent much time with Amosaic, you probably have discovered that it is not tire most stable of programs. It sometimes crashes your system for no apparent reason, f have had the 1.2 version bring my Amiga to its knees through the simple act of resizing the Amosaic window while it was trying to establish connection to a page.
Thankfully, even the beta version currently available of Amosaic 2.0 is much more stable. This stability can be further enhanced with a few simple precautions. Once you get the new version installed, click once on the icon, and select Information from the Icon menu on Workbench. Click on the box labeled New, type the following into the string gadget, and click on Save.
Stack=50000 Welcome to Amiga Mosaic! Amiga Mosaic is based on tJCSA’s Mosaic, butis not distributed by the University of Illinois o NCSA. It is being developed by Amiga Mosaic Information Occasionally during your online session with Amosaic, select the Options Clear Image Cache menu item. This will delete the accumulated image files, and prevent your System partition from filling up and causing a crash. You should also be sure you have the latest version of MUI installed.
* AM.makFTP or Kup4«wnl«i4
* ¦ • va Unfortunately, it seems that no matter the precautions
taken, a crash is almost inevitable if you spend enough time
using Amosaic. If you configured your modem correctly during
the installation process, you should stil! Be connected after a
reboot. If this happens, and if you used the iNTERiNSTALL
package, simply double click again on the Internet icon. Then
restart Amosaic and you can resume surfing. If you installed
everything manually, restart AmiTCP and MUI, then Amosaic.
Updates In the January column, I reported that using the text based Lynx Web browser on Genie required a separate terminal program. Since then, the automated terminal program Aladdin has been updated and now automatically switches to VT100 emulation, eliminating the need for a separate program for browsing on Genie.
Also in the January issue was an update concerning the BBS info published for the A.I.M.A. World BBS in the November 1995 issue.
Current information for this BBS is listed below.
Finally, I received e-mail from Ken Rumsey stating that his AmiTrek BBS listed in the January issue is no longer in operation, and the listed phone number is now a dedicated fax line.
?1 2.B (pre-release): Docunent Uieu Title: |The flniga Hone Page.
„ om Open ¦ Hone OM Tlon Euiuard rC40t What’s New. .Riaftftttr Quic-link.
News: RY'.yslem'-fs, iTimyiira... User Page w-W Awci i; [new].
User Support radlnw Upfe. BBS's, nc-v swoupi:.
At out the machines and, peripherals for them.’ Software Plus: [ ].
Ects science, commerce, fun... Ivfetufoetorers. Retailers .. __ Figure 3: The Amiga home page viewed with the new version of Amosaic.
Hof List Of The Month If you have Amosaic working, but want to fine tune your setup, check out: http: www.cris.com -Kainaw tcp index.shtml This is an Amiga page maintained by C.S. Wagner that is loaded with information concerning AmiTCP, Web browsers, and other programs that work with them.
For the latest concerning the Amiga, go to: http: www.amiga.de This page is maintained by Dr. Peter Kittel for the express purpose of letting us have access to the latest news from Amiga Technologies.
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Here are some more Amiga BBS's you might want to call.
NAME: A.I.M.A. World BBS PHONE: 909-428-2029 PHONE: 909-428-2270 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 38,400 bps CONTACT: R. Dewey Mullins III NAME: Cobras Triangle PHONE: 201-402-0434 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 14,400bps CONTACT: Damon Evans NAME: Starfleet Command PHONE:201-402-1072 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 16,800bps CONTACT: Ben Liebowitz NAME: The Bard's Tavern PHONE: 817-243-5110 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 33,600bps V34+ CONTACT: mikelynn@scs.unt.edu Where To Find Me
R. Hays5 on Genie RHAYS on Delphi 72764,2066 on CompuServe Rob
Hays on PortaL Internet users, my provider has recently made a
change that allows a shorter version of my email address:
rhays@intersource.com. For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a sendee to the Amiga community I will include the information 1 receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feet would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the Hotlist of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. See you on Line!
• AC* by Charles F. Cavanaugh Attempting to achieve realistic
worlds colored by our imaginations is what drives many of us to
spend countless hours in front of our Amigas.
What enhances this process is the special program or programs that manage to help us realize our visions, and, at the same time, startle us with new discoveries and explorations, Aladdin 4D, and its companion piece for this project, Imagemaster, are two such programs. Each is complex, without being needlessly daunting.
Each of these programs allows the user to bring forth his own creative skill Creating Candle Flames with Imagemaster and Aladdin 4D without being hindered by technical conundrums.
Aladdin 4D is a 3D program with a very unique feature. It has the ability to generate realistic gases which can emulate anything from a cloud to a star-studded nebula. 1 have always been interested in dark, fantasy-like settings in my graphics work, so I have long sought to create realistic torch and candle flames. The gas feature in Aladdin goes a long way in generating realistic torch flames.
By determining the right turbulence, color, and motion, you can create fantastic torch effects, which can actually be flown through in the latest version of Aladdin 4D. But these flame effects are somewhat ethereal, and have an other-worldly look which are not always desirable. Candle flames are subtle, dense wisps of movement which would require great efforts in using Aladdin 4D's gas effect alone.
Enter Imagemaster Imagemaster is a program that has a durable history of innovative image- processing techniques. In one of its more recent revisions, the folks at Black Belt added a few unique special effects to the IM roster, one of which is AMIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS ANR SYSTEM UPGRADES is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips AMIGA REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (Factory New) PRICE
1. 3 ROMO S S12
2. 04 ROM
O S ......$ 27.95
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A500 & A2000) .....Si9.95
2. 04 ROM A300Q (Set of 2 Rom 0 1) ......S39.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) .S52.50
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4000) .....SS2.50
3. 1 ROM (A
1200) .$ 62.50
3. 1 ROM(s) Software Manual ..$ 124.00 $ !37.50
3. 1 Software for abo e, 7 diskettes including exclusive
'Workbench for Floppy Users" disk ..$ 10.00 A2091 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ......$ 29 95 A2620 3G 7.0 ROM
Upgrade .$ 31.50 8520
CIA .$ 12.50
S372A Agnus with diagnosfic disk guide .$ 29.95 8375-B
(2MB) (A3D00) 318069-03 ..S35.50 8375*10 Agnus
(316069*10) PAL, ...S17.95 Paula
(8364) ..S10.95
Denise (8362) ..* . .$ 12,95
Supor Denise 8373 w diagnosfic disk .....$ 19.95 Gary
5719.,, ...510,95
Buster 5721 (A2000) ...Si
4.95 68000-BMHz
CPU .....$ 13.50 68000-
10MHz CPU .....$ 19.50
Western Digital SCSI chip 8A, $ 32,50 Video
Hybrid * (A5C0 390229-03) ...S9.95 GVP
Upgrade Chip Series II .....$ 34.95 SURFACE
MOUNTED DEVICES ¦ SMD (For A1200. A3000. A4000. CD32) 8520
PLCC (391078 02) $ 19 50 Amber
(390538-03) .....S27 50
DMAC 47 (390537-04 D7) .....$ 44 50
(391227-01) ..$ 37 50
Ramsey (rev. 7) (390541-07) .$ 29.95 A
ce 8374 (391010-01) S29 75 Gal
(XU9) (390123-01)) $ 21 95 Gayle
(39155-02) ...$ 29 95 3jdg.e
(391425-01) ..$ 38 50 6571
Koyl'oard Chp (331079-01) .....S14 50 6570-036 Keyboard
Cmp 3281S1-02i . S19 SO Paula 8364
(391077-01) .S29.95 Gary
(390540-02) .$ 32.95
Super Busier Rev. 11 (390539*11) .$ 29.95 Bndgetle
(391380 01 .. $ 34.50 Video DAC
(391422-01) .SI 9.95 MC
66882HC25A PGA New (390434-01)......$ 19.95 MC 68030FE25B QFP
(390399*05) $ 19.95 MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New)
CD32 $ 74.00 C64
(relurbi&hed} .... $ 34.95 C64
untested, all chips clearance 2 S25.0O
C65 .....$ 54,50
28 ..$ 49.95
C12BD .369.95
A501 '? Meg RAM Expander (original) ....S19.95 A500
(Rev, 5 6) with Super Denise ....$ 89.50 A500+ Revision
8A 1MB board all chips S69.95 A2000 LATE Rev.
8372 8373'2.04 ..S279.95 A3000
(16MHz) ..$ 274,50
A3000 (25MHz) .. $ 359.95 1541 II
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1581. .... S36.50 1541 Alps
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Mewtronics (310420-01) ......$ 17.95 AMIGA
FLOPPY DRIVES (Factory New) 1541
(refurbished) $ 44.50
1541 11 110 volt power supply $ 74.50 1571
External . $ 99.95 1581 Internal Drive
only .S21.50 High Dens.
(Dell) Ext. Floppy for all Amigas. Sl 14.95 A6QO 12QO
Internal ....S63.50 A500
Internal . $ 38.95 A2000
hierna! . $ 46.95 A3000
Internal... .$ 49.95 IDE
cable A600 A1200 .. S6.50 POWER SUPPLIES (Factory
New) C64 nonrepayable . $ 14.95 C64
repairable ...... $ 19.95 C64 5.2 arnp Hv.
Duty S39.95 C65 220
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I. .579.95 ...$ 12.50 ...$ 21.95 ...$ 14.95 ...574 50 ...S33 50
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- $ 99.95 .5199.95 ...$ 34.95 ...S34.50
- $ 34,50 C128D
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A590 external ...
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. CD32 Original Factory (110
volts) .
CD32 Original I Factory 1220 volts) ..... CD32 Big Foot (200 Watt) Micro R D .. CD32-SP switching-type high amp. Output.
A2000 110 220V, internal original . 42000 Big Fool (300 Wall) Micro R D . A3000 internal (110 220 volts) . A3000 Big Fool (300 wads) Micro R D .
A3000 Tower . A4Q0Q internal (220 vote) .. A4000 ini. 110 volts Big Foot (300 Watt)..,. 1084SP Phillips Flyback Transformer .. 1G84-D1 Phillips Daewoo Flyback 1064*02 Daewoo Flyback Transformer...... 1 1084 (S) Motherboard (refurbished)...... 1084 (S) Power Suppty board (refurb.). .S6S.95 .S2S.95 KEYBOARDS (Factory New} C65 (Special Keyboard) , .$ 19,95 A500 ...$ 39.95 A600 ...$ 29.50
C128D ..524,95 flTim... ---Special Price $ 3Q?l A2000 (U S ver.) KKO E94YC 312716-02 ......$ 69 95 A3000 (U.S. version}..., .... $ 69.95 CDTV Black (U.S. version} ..S52 95 CD32 Black ....539.95 ADD ON BOARDS (Factory New) A386 (25MHz) Bridgeboard fSW Instr ....S279.95 A386 (20MHz) Bridgeboard ISW Instr ..$ 259,95 A2058 (OK) (A2000) Expansion board $ 69 95 A2058 2 Megs Expans on board (A2000) ..$ 149,00 2091 Hard Disk Controller OK new ROM $ 89,95 A501 original Ram
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. $ 22.50 Amiga Mouse port A1200 .S7.0Q Amiga CDTV Mouse.., .....$ 15.95 1352 Amiga mouse by Micro R&D $ 22.50 CD32 controller..., .$ 11.75 CD32CD Replacement Drive . $ 39.95 Rom Switch - (Swilch Itl) with speaker ....$ 14.50 Advanced Amiga Analyzer (10,000 sold) $ 69.95 Amiga Diagnostician Trouble Shooter Guide....S7.95 256X4 RAM for A2058 expander, etc .$ 5.25 Monitor Cables CALL 65 different service manuals in stock EXCLUSIVE NEW
PRODUCTS JUST RELEASED FROM COMMODORE A500+ (revision 8A) populated motherboard This is your Iasi chance lo gel this foclory new, latest revision, high poweied mothetboard. Use it as a spare, an upgrade or just far parts.
The revision 8A A5Q0+ is on enhanced ECS version WITH 1MB MEMORY on board Expandable [via trap door) to 2MB just like the DKB MegaChip at a fraction of the cos!.
On fhis latest revision board is a real time clock (RTC] with battery and rrcludes the newesl chips: 1- 2MB Agnus, 2- 8520 CIA, 1 Paula, 1 Gary. 1 Denise, latest 2.04 O S ROM, 1 68000-8 CPU. 8 * 256 x 4 DRAM If you purchased these chips alone they would cost you $ 191, plus the cost ol ihe mothe'boaid.
NOTE: These same chips aie original replacements for the A2000 series. Comes with a 90 day warranty, the Final TesT system and PAL V JpF NTSC diskette. (Runs both NTSC or PAL,] ¦ol Aiov ficcewoue*
3. 1 O S ROM (Installed) in above board . add
$ 44.95 ICD AdRam 510+ is a 1MB expansion board. When plugged
into the trap door gives you 2MB of memory, equivalent to the
DKB MeaaChip ....$ 59.95 Amiga A500+ complete service manual
(normally sells for $ 17] ..$ 7.95 JUST RELEASED FROM
COMMODORE Amiga CD32 CD32 is a powerful 32 bit console with
dual speed CD ROM drive - 16.8 million colors - plays audio
and CD plus graphics CD - eleven button controller.
Comes with Global Conquest & Defender of the Crown plus a list of other heavify discounted programs. Includes a 90 day warranty.
Also includes new special ‘'switching-type” high amperage output power supply. Runs cool and is ideal for adding on SX-1 Expansion module. .
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Fire, f was thrilled to see this because I know how well the
graphics output of Imagemaster, whether still-frame or
animation, can be utilized by Aladdin 4D (See Aladdin 4D
Tutorial 10 by Shamms Mortier on lens flair creation, Amazing
Computing, Oct, 1994).
Aladdin 4D is a fantastic manipulator of bitmap images. Flares and the Fountain particle system of Aladdin can take still or animated bitmaps and do marvelous things with them (Imagine a chalice brimming over with Imagemaster is a program that has a durable history of innovative image-processing techniques.
Bubbles, and each bubble has a morphing face on it. Incredible!). The output of Imagemaster's Fire special effect, saved as individual frames of an animation, can be applied to an Aladdin Flare polygon, and then carefully poised over a modelled candle. Paired with an animated light source, numerous evocative effects can be obtained.
Basic Steps In Imagemaster, compose your fire by first creating a new buffer. Click on Buffers in the main menu, then New Buffer, then Custom. Give your buffer an X and Y dimension of 200 pixels each, and then initialize to Color Black. After the program creates the buffer, click on Process in the Main Menu, then Special F X.
Before clicking on Fire, choose to create the fire with a rectangular base, since the fire effect will actually be created over the area you choose to process. Click on the tool, Rectangle from Corner, and then Fire, You must then draw a rectangle (somewhat blindly) at the bottom of the screen.
Then you will be presented with all of your Fire options, which include Color for Tip, End, Middle, and Base, and a variety of numeric settings which include such things as wobble and turbidity. Fortunately, there are presets, which include Candle, Torch, Forest, Logs, and Oil Wick. Each of these automatically configures the parameters for the optimum look. For my project, I bypassed IM's candle setting, which was too blocky for my tastes, and chose Torch as the most interesting Flame effect.
This endeavor produces a single image, and there is no direct way in this menu area to create an animation.
Imagemaster, with its wonderful hypertext manual, comes to the rescue.
With its excellent tutorials on animation and Arexx scripting, 1M guides you through the process of animating fire. I am no programmer, and even Arexx intimidates me, so imagine my surprise when I found out how easv it was to write a cool script which suited my needs perfectly. It did require some work, however.
In the section on Fire, 1M cryptically refers to "trending the propagation option" for stunning effects. This particular trick modulates some of the flame parameters over time so you achieve a looping flame effect.
Crypticism aside, these guys were right. Once you do the work, the effect is stunning, and you must see it to believe it.
I have saved you some labor by providing the Arexx script 1 wrote and used for this project. Create the animation by enabling the Filmstrip (allowing you to see each frame as its created, and viewing the animation in a small, postage-sized window), and then entering the Multi-Frame Sequence area from File I O in the Main Menu of IM. This area allows you to set the number of frames, pinpoint the destination file(s), and select any Arexx script you would like to apply.
After setting the number of frames, and selecting the Primary Buffer (This is the black 200 x 200 buffer we described earlier; we're starting from scratch now), click on Set Scripts. Clear the Anim writer scripts (we need individual frames for Aladdin), and click on 'Set' next to the Pre-render Script window. This will give you a file requester in which you may select the script TrendFire.rexx from wherever you may have placed it.
In the Multi-frame Sequencer, make sure you have chosen an appropriate destination for your frames. To do an actual save, vou must have 'Save Result' selected. Click on Run List to actually start the process of composing the frames (For my anim, I created 20 frames).
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C. O.D. Information and Orders: Call 915-563-4925 The
TrendFire.rexx script takes you through a number of
spline-based controls for each parameter of the flame.
Trending the propagation actually means having a straight
spline from 0 to 360 when that window comes up. For the other
parameters, I actually copied the values from the
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Torch preset, and applied them in the spline controls.
As mentioned before, a good program serves you well by doing tire tasks that you require of it; a great program inspires you to go beyond your initial conception and try for something far greater. A nifty flame is nothing without an atmospheric setting. Aladdin is a 3D program suffused with potential atmospheric and special effects. For this article, I'll deal with how we apply our animated flame to a flare object. The rest, the modelling, rendering, and other aspects of 3D work, I will leave to you.
Fortunately, the flare objects are very easy to understand and use in your projects. In Aladdin, choose the menu item, Flare Add (shift-x). The Flare Source control opens up, allowing numerous options for treating bitmap images created for flare use. The default settings are fine to begin with (these can be adjusted later to suit your own tastes). Click Accept, and a triangle appears at the Attach Point (Either the central point of the 3D universe, or the last selected point of a polygon). This polygon serves as the flare object. It requires a texture to be visible, so you must select the
triangle, press keyboard-t to get the texture lists requester, add a list, and go to the Member Control Panel to assign the parameters.
Our flame will be a Normal Projection type on the Y axis. Click on Select, and you will be taken to the Procedural Resource window. Click on Show Bitmap, then Load, and a file requester appears through which we may load our flame animation.
Aladdin requires individual frames with a numeric extension (.001,-0001, etc.). Find the directory where your Flame frames are located, and load the first frame (fire.0001 in my case).
Aladdin immediately recognizes this as an animated texture and counts the frames for future loading as its own animation rendering takes place. Back at tlie Texture Control window, click on 'Suggested', and Aladdin sets the proper parameters for this texture type.
There are many ways to display the flame. The flare objects in Aladdin have traditionally used transparency mapping to composite with a background scene. That means if a part of a flare is very dark, it will be very transparent; if it is very light, it will be opaque. If you are using a dark background in your scene (as I have), this traditional way works very well.
If your flame appears in front of a lightly colored scene or objects, the flame may appear to be too transparent. In the new version of Aladdin, you have the option of making the flare object completely opaque (in the Flare Source Control window). This creates the problem of aliasing, and opacity in the dark areas of the flame, which we definitely do not want. There is a solution, however.
You may use Imagemaster, AdPro, or a paint program to make an Alpha channel for the flame, and then use this image as the first member of your texture list. If you do this, you must set the projection type to ALPHA. Add a second texture list, and use this for the flame.
Aside from further niceties in both programs, that's basically it. Aladdin has marvelous animation controls, and 1 encourage you to explore and take full advantage of them. The candle flame can shoot up, or fade out. A red, turbulent gas can be added to create wisps of smoke and flame. Other flares or fountains can swoop in, adding magical sparkles or other effects. Red and Yellow lights need to be added to 43711-File Safe Consumer
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'-o.hwm;; |.Tj- ,'t itrf *i itifciit ii,,miaf' * '¦ vV
,' (ifAiy ¦_ ¦; . ,j;V i ii 1pwitii8 liiliiif|iii' i'} -d.fti
'v ?
'i ¦ . O','.i'i. i jo, ¦ :f1 ‘fl.iNiJ 'j’ iflW ¦ ' ¦¦‘.rp, provide the glow shed upon other objects to give a vivid realism. These endeavors and more will draw you in, and the engaging grasp of both programs will be hard to escape.
* TrendFire.rexx • * The following line of the code is absolutely necessary if you wish to
* * create animations in the nrnltiframe sequencer. It determines
the current
* * frame and the total number of frames.
• parse arg iframe nframe "" renderfile "" address('IM Port')
* The following code sets up the parameters for the fire
* * is the Imagemaster command that creates the graphic spline
control windows that
* * you will see. The first two numbers at the end of each line
specify the
* • range for each parameter; the third number is the default
value you will
* * see when the control window opens.
* t if i£rame=l then do 'trenddraw "propagate" 1 'I InframeII' 0
360 0 "Propagation"*; 'trenddraw "length" 1 'Mnframell* 0 1000
400 "length"'; 'trenddraw "Direct" 1 ' 11nframe]I' 0 360 0
"Direction”'; 'trenddraw "seed" 1 ' Mnframell' 0 100 5 "Seed"';
'trenddraw "Hetruct" 1 ' Mnframell' 0 200 12 "Horizontal
Structures"'; ¦trenddraw ''Hturb" 1 ' Mnframell* 0 100 50
"Horizontal Turbidity"*; 'trenddraw "Vstruct" 1 ' |Inframe I I'
0 200 5 "Vertical Structures'"; ‘trenddraw "Vturb" 1 1
Mnframell' 0 100 100 "Vertical Turbidity’"; 'trenddraw "wobble"
1 ' Mnframell' 0 20 10 "Wobbles”'; 'trenddraw "wobamt” 1 *
Mnframell' 0 100 50 "Wobble Amount"'; 'trenddraw "distort'' 1 '
Mnframell' 0 100 20 "Distortion"'; options results; 'messagelow
Select the Base Color*; 'askrgb',* colors=result; parse var
colors bred','bgrn','bblu; 'messagelow Select the Hid Color';
'askrgb'; colors=result; parse var colors mrud',’mgrn','mblu;
'messagelow Select the End Color'; 'askrgb'; colors=result;
parse var colors erud'.’egrn','eblu; 'messagelow Select the Tip
Color'; 'askrgb'; coloraaresultj parse var colors trnd','tgrn',
'tblu; options; end; • Trendget in the following code picks up
the values you set in the spline
* * control window for each parameter, and then sets it for each
frame of
* * the animation.
* options results; ¦trendget "propagate" ' iframe; time=result;
'trendget "length" ' iframe; lengthsresult; 'trendget "Direct"
' iframe; directsresult; 'trendget "seed" ' iframe;
seed=result; 'trendget "Hstruct" ' iframe; hstruct result;
'trendget "Hturb" ' iframe; hturb=result; 'trendget "Vstruct" *
iframe; vstruct result; 'trendget "Vturb" ‘ iframe;
vturb=result; 'trendget "wobble" ' iframe; wobble result;
'trendget "wobamt” ' iframe; wobamt-resuit; ‘trendget "distort"
' iframe; distort=resuit; options; * The following code sets
up a rectangle at the bottom of a 200 X 200
* * buffer screen, above which the flame will be drawn. This
should be
* * changed if you use a different sized buffer.
* 'rect 50 150 150 200'; * Finally, the fire is drawn with the
command 'fire' with all the
* * individual parameters assigned to it. The 'finish' command is
* * necessary command in creating anlms. If the current frame
(iframe) is k* not the same as the total number of frames
Inframe), the script will
* * repeat, picking up the values for each new frame with the
* * command.The 'finish' command will terminate the program once
the value
* * of nframe is met by iframe.
V 'fire 'bred bgrn bblu mred mgrn mblu ered egrn eblu tred tgrn tblu length, Direct time seed Hbtruct Hturb Vstruct Vturb wobble wobamt distort; 'finish'; Please Write to: Charles F. Cavanaugh c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
(Centra! Time) D!.;C*V£R WtCHNOL Orders Only: 800-556-1562
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System in Stod' $ 269)' Inquire about our price-matching
Amiga 4000 Tower: 1GB SCSI2 Hard Drive (5MB sec), 4MB Fast, 2MB Chip, ’040 25, OS3.1, Software Bundle A1200 Systems Call for BEST PRICE 'Refurbished or Consignment Systems below Lightwave 4.0 Unbundled $ 774.95 Image FX 2.1a $ 244.95 AD Pro 2.0 (Preowned) $ 75.00 Photogenics v1.25 $ 128.95 Brilliance 2.0 $ 79.95 Deluxe Paint V $ 114.95 MegaLoSound: Direct-to-disk sampling S49.95 Final Writer Release 4 $ 105.95 WordWorth 3.1 $ 129.95 Final Data Release 2 $ 64.95 Twist 2 Relational Database $ 106.95 TurboCalc v3.5 Spreadsheet $ 64.95 Final Calc $ 127.95 A1000 Systems* A500 Systems* A2000 Systems* At
200 3000 Systems* A4000 Systems* Word Data Processing Computer Systems Graphics & Sound Specials M-TEC 68020I (A500 ONLY) $ 99.95 Derringer 030 25 (A500 2000) $ 309.95 Derringer 030 40 (A500 2000) $ 399.95 Derringer 030 50 (A500 2000) $ 499.95 TekMagic 040 33 (A2000) $ 999.95 TekMagic 040 40 (A2000) $ 1,199.95 Cyberstorm 060 50 (A4000) S1,449.95 Others available, please call!
6’ Printer Cable *great value* S2J 6' Serial Cable $ 4.!
ParNet Cable 8716’ $ 24.95 34.!
SerNet (Null Modem) Cable 59.!
ParNet SerNet Software S3.I AB Serial Parallel Switch $ 10.!
2 Drive Internal SCSI Cable $ 9.!
7 Drive Internal SCSI Cable $ 16.!
Other Cables Available!
14. 4 Pract. Periph. Fax Modem S109.95 Connect Your Amiga
w Software S57.95 Amiga Surfer Internet Bundle CALL
28. 8 Cardinal Fax Modem $ 179.95 (Other Fax Modems Available)
Termite *HOT SELLER* $ 35.95 GP Fax Universal $ 58.95 Dell
1,76MB External Floppy S119.95 A1Q10 880K Ext. Floppy (Used)
S35.00 50 3.5" DD Disks (Prelabeled) $ 16.95 50 3.5" HD Disks
(Prelabeled) S21.95 Call for pricing on preowned 880K and
1.76MB Drives MegaMouse (4oodPi) $ 24.95 Wizard Mouse
(3-button 560dpi) 529.95 Crystal Trackball S34.95 Eklipse
Mouse (200 1)519.95 Champ Mouse (mmpo S26.95 all 402-556-6160
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T elecommunications Euro Magazines Disks & Drives Accelerators Mare Titles Available!
Pointers CU Amiga Amiga Format Amiga Power Amiga Shopper . This is the perfect program for those wishing to make organizational charts, logic flowcharts, process diagrams, etc. Comparable programs on other platforms sell for S250. Suggested retail price of $ 39.95. Yours for the introductory price of $ 29.95!
15% restocking fee will be levied on returned nondefective items. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Not responsible for typographical errors.
Prepayments by personal check require 14 days to clear.
No surcharge far using yaur credit card.
Availability and prices are subject to change.
We are always looking for good, new software to distribute commercially. If you have writlen a cotnmerciai-grade software program, you may submit it to Amicom Technology, 6057 Maple St., Omaha. NE 68104 along with a cover letter requesting a review. Enclose a (SASE if you wish the software to be returned to you.
We carry a large supply of used software and hardware! If you are looking for low priced hardware software, CALL!
Programmcrs...call our info line to find out about joining Amicom's remote programming learn!
Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI2 S98.95 M-TEC AT-500 IDE + RAM $ 149.95 DataFlyer 500 IDE SCSI $ 149.95 159.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI & IDE $ 189.95 DataFlyer 2000 IDE SCSI $ 99.95 84.95 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI & IDE $ 129.95 TekMagic 4008 SCSI + RAM $ 139.95 Oktagon 2008 SCSI2 + RAM S149.95 DataFlyer SCSi+1200 4000 $ 89.95 99.95 Vlab Motion $ 1,649.95 Toccata 16-bit Sampler $ 439.95 Vlab Y C Int. Ext. $ 424.95 5469.95 Retina 2III 4MB $ 759.95 Picasso It 2MB $ 369.95 Cybervision 64 2MB 4MB $ 499.95 649.95 Vidi 24RT framegrabber $ 249.95 Pyramid MIDI Interface $ 42.95
2. 5" IDE Drives CALL for availability
2. 5" IDE Short Cable $ 10.95
2. 5" to 3.5" Mounting Bracket $ 4.99 100MB ZIP SCSI Removable
S214.95 100MB ZIP Cartridges $ 19.95 Call for sizes & prices of
3.5" drives FotoFUN! Photo Postcard Mug Printer S499.95
Includes 4 FotoMug kit & 36 Foto Kit Primera Pro 51,339.95
Primera FotoFUN! Supplies available!
I AmigaDOS 2.1 (A500 2000) $ 77.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A500 2000) $ 124.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A1200) $ 149.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A3000) $ 149.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A4000) $ 139.95 International Flow Charter by Neather Realm Software Dealer inquiries invited Gfx Sound Hardware SCSI IDE Hardware CD-ROM Drives Fargo Printers AmigaDOS Hard Drives 1x Hitachi SCSI External $ 89.95 4x Sanyo SCSI Internal $ 199.95 4x Sanyo SCSI External $ 269.95 AsimCDFS 3.4 $ 63.95 uced entirelv with Arruaa comouters PaoeStrearn and other Arnioa software AMIGA REPAIRS A500 $ 49 • A600 S79 • A1000 S39 A1200 $ 129 • A2000 $ 89 • A3000 $ 109 A4000 $ 169 •
CDTV $ 69 • CD32 $ 119 A1080 4 4S $ 69 MuliiScan (HO ItWS) $ 99 parts additional_ AMIGA PRODUCTS prices starting at - availability varies A500 S169 A1080 4 4S $ 149 169 199 A600 $ 239 KEYBOARDS CALL A1000 $ 99 CD ROM DRIVES CALL A1200 SC ALL HARD DRIVES CALL A2000 $ 399 TOASTERS CALL A3000 S599 ELVERS CALL A4000 SCALL MEMORY CALL AMIGA PARTS A520 RGB &F 1 S19 2 $ 3Q
1. 3 ROM $ 9
2. 04 ROM $ 35
2. 05 ROM $ 40
2. 04 ROM A3000 $ 59 AMBER A3000 $ 39 1MB AGNUS $ 25 2MB AGNUS $ 39
07 $ 19 BUSTER SUPER 09 $ 29 BUSTER SUPER 11 $ 69 DENISE $ 19
S-DEN1SE $ 39 GARY $ 19 PAULA $ 19 DMAC $ 29 SUPER DMAC $ 59
7. 0 ROMS A2Q9I $ 29
7. 0 ROMSA2620 30 $ 39 WD SCSI-02 Chip $ 9 WD SCSI-04 Chip $ 15 WD
SCSI-08 Chip $ 29 688RI 68882'S CALI, 68020 30 40 60’S CALL
DRIVE $ 19 JOYSTICK m $ 9 pr £15 ROB CABLElOSD 4 $ 25 AUDIO Y
Cable $ 3 AUDIO S Cable $ 5 MONITOR Cables CALL.
DS DD 100 $ 19 DS IID 100-new- $ 39 SCSI Cables Ini & Ext CALL SQUARE DIN'S S 4 AMIGA LOGO'S $ 10 Parnel Cable 12’ $ 29 vt frte Software A10OO PARTS INSTOCK ORIGINAL CHI NON FLOPPY DRIVES A500 DD .880 MB Internal ’Refurbs' S 39 A600 DD .880 MB Internal ’Refubs’ $ 59 A1000 DD .880 MB Internal ’Refurbs’ S 39 A101O DD .880 MB Internal ’Refurbs’ $ 39 A1200 DD .880 MB Internal ’Refurbs’ S 69 A2000 DD .880 MB Internal ’New’ S 69 A2000 DD .880 MB Internal ’Refurbs’ S 49 A2000 HD 1.76 MB Internal ’Refurbs’ S109 A3000 DD .880 MB Internal ’New’ S 79 A3000 DD .880 MB Internal ’Refurbs’ S 59 A3000 HD 1.76 MB
Internal ’Refurbs’ SL19 A4000 HD 1.76 MB Internal ’Refurbs’ SI29 new drive* hive ~duit doom” not found on original Amigiii A500 & A2000 2MB AGNUS BOARD Chip Removal Tool ONLY$ 149.
NEC MULTISYNC I MONITORS REFURBS W CABLE ONLY $ 199 A4000 BUSTER 11 UPGRADE ONLY $ 149 includes new socket, buster & labor
1. 0 6 GB SCSI Hard Drive ONLY $ .119 ALTEC LANSING CS3I
IHAIR1 WA1R1 90 Day Parti A Labor lit pot Warranty - Servicer
A Pra tuct* prices availability tabject to change without
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Suite A • Roselle • NJ 07203 FAX 908 245-9409 FON 908 245-1313
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EnPfint 2.0 Driver.. Final Date IK ... Final Writer IV . Final Writer Lite...... Image F X 2.1 .. ImageMaster Ri.... Impact! 1.0 ..... MacroForm ..... On the Ball ..... PageStream 2.2 SE PhotoGenics1.25„ ProVecior 3 .... ProWipes Vol II,..... Sample Wrench..... Scale MM40G .. CyberStorm ’060 ...Cali Drawing Board 111 12” .430.00 .,49.99 .233.00 .140.00 Emplani Deluxe 339.00 RickerFixer ......265.00 Harddrives Various Sizes Call MAC Emulation Pro ..34.00 Megaiosound .....49.89
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New Ccilumn AMIGA in Business Easy Ledgers 2.0 Afraid your Amiga can’t count for beans? Try this accounting package that would make any bean counter look twice.
Reviewed by John Bishop There is not one section of business endeavour that is more disliked than accounting (at least by non-accountants). Unfortunately, one of the last jobs to get completed is always the paperwork and, equally, it is the most important. Procrastination is always a concern in running a business and not w-atching the bottom line has sent more than a few' companies to oblivion.
Easv Ledgers 2.C is a fullv jO j integrated accounting package that tracks inventory, sales, purchases, and individual jobs. Your General Ledger can be manually processed as well as updated automatically from your sales and purchases books. Inventory is AMIGA in Business is a nezu column dedicated to programs and products that have potential in business applications. Many Amiga users have requested information concerning these types of products, while even more believe that none exist, Amazing Computing offers AMIGA in Business to assist the first reader while dispelling the beliefs of the
Adjusted for purchases and sales automatically.
Features One exceptional feature in Easy Ledgers 2.0 is the ability to export data and import data (as either an update or an addition). Reports can be sent to the printer, the screen, or even batch filed in text format on disk. This is unique to the way most accounting systems are handled.
Most accounting programs believe that in order to maintain the integrity of the system, users should not be allowed to enter or retrieve information in anv other manner than bv j j keystrokes. With Easy Ledgers 2.0 it is a snap to set up a new business and input your database of suppliers and customers from vour existing programs.
As far as exporting, Easy Ledger not only allows you to use standard ASCII text files, but it will also let you export data in Lotus 123 format or Maxiplan. The program even allows an option for w'hich items you want to export and what ranges.
In fact, range setting is available in any manner of working with Easy Ledgers 2.0. If you need a special report of a specific area of your clientele, it is just a few mouse clicks in the on-screen menus and you can send your report to the printer, the screen, or a disk.
If you have a complicated group of reports required from a series of vendors or customers who are not necessarily in order, you can send the selected group one at a time to a disk file or dump the whole set and edit the undesirables in your favorite editor.
This one feature offers a wide variety of opportunities in creating your own reports, using the data in other systems, and more. All of this is rarely, if ever, offered by other systems.
This one feature offers a wide variety of opportunities in creating your own reports, using the data in other systems, and more.
Setup If you are just starting out and do not have a database or spreadsheet of your accounts, Easy Ledgers 2.0 can still incorporate your information.
However, as in all accounting systems, you will need to have some idea of where you are going with it.
You should know your starting invoice number, have the names and addresses of your suppliers and customers, and an idea of the types of accounts you will need before you start. While Easy Ledgers will automatically establish your books for you, it is important for you to establish the accounts that axe important to your company if they are not readily offered.
Setup only takes a few moments and can be painlessly automatic. In addition, should you forget a ledger account or any other pertinent information, Easy Ledgers will allow you to create the entry from the appropriate section (General Ledger, Easy Ledgers 2.0 uses screens io move you through your accounting data. From the „ , nr. ° list of Purchasing accounrs (top), to a review of an account (middle), ond on to a Sales, Purchases, etc.) ar any fame. Of a payment (bottom) the screens show you exactly what to do.
777 ~ Brown P.B 365 Othello Road Northern Districts fiaintown Peter (123 ) 45678’ gfoflfe sj Ws-Ih-] Adhesives Haltpaper Paints 7 Tools Electrical Plants Rater;®?
Seeds g Sardenin?
Cohpttters Bread 5?m 6mU Saressvari Prises j Btdcklakej Balsa 5«n x 30ns BgfljglK-7 Balsa 5wi x 58ret : Meranti Architrave 25rw Pine - Dried - 188 x 58 3,8n Pine - Dried - 158 x 58 3.8n Pine 25*n x 158 m Planed ' Pine 25rei X 75 m Planed Pine 58 x 388 Planed Pine 58 x 488 Planed Pine 58m x 158m Planed Pine 58m x 258m Planed Veneer - English Oak Veneer - Red Cedar Xdma Deunited' Add Entries imA 28 F 7 BO oreTW Hli}28 m Bi END feta ggj28 F 9 -gi~' END Data ' mm 28 F 18 JTWMT F i. T3T AccountW F 2 F»3 Bi figdressT~ F 4 gr TddressT’ F55 B: MdressT: F S B- T iirks While accounts are easy to review
and reports are quickly created, one of the best features of Easy ledgers 2.0 is ifs ability to import and export (bottom) information for use in spreadsheets, databases, editors, and more.
Conclusions While no one is going to fall in love with an accounting program, a program that saves you time, accurately tracks your efforts, and even gives you reports at the drop of a hat should at least be offered a bonus occasionally. In our tests, we found the system to be a good addition to our efforts.
However, any accounting program is best reviewed over a full function of a business. Unfortunately, we have only been testing Easy Ledgers 2.0 for approximately two weeks. While our tests have been complete and we believe the product has stood up well, some accounting systems do not create their idiosyncrasies until later in the year of a company. We will keep an eye on the program and report any failings if they become apparent in the future.
There was only one main thing that bothered me about Easy Ledgers
2. 0. It requires a dongle on your number two mouse port. While
this is considered an excellent way to safeguard a developer's
software from piracy, if is extremely difficult to accept this
in any productivity package. Anyone using an accounting
program is probably not doing it for fun just a guess. If
someone has their entire business in a software program, they
will most probably want a software package thev can depend on
x 7 - JT and will not be using a pirated copy.
By the same token, it becomes ex- tremelv vexing if vou have reports or 4 V 4 X taxes due and you suddenly discover the dongle is not in the port, the drawer, the file, or wherever you could swear you left it last.
Dongles aside, this program has the standard features you would exoect from an accounting program x O X O with a few neat tricks that everyone can use.
Easy Ledgers 2.0 $ 299.00 US Small-Biz Software Pty. Ltd.
P. O. Box 24 Golden Beach, Queensland 4551 Australia Tel 61 74 91
9190 FAX 61 74 92 6860
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dealer? Check out this list (effective February 2,1996) and
find a supplier close to you. Amazing Computing offers this
list as a public service to the Amiga community. Any
corrections should be forwarded to Service Management Group
at (410) 715-6850, via Fax at (410) 992-9979 or (410) 715-6850,
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913-894-8480 913-631-0045 913-235-3481 508-697-6060
617-868-5150 617-769-7810 301-670-7906 207-784-2048
207-829-3959 313-761-4506 313-522-6005 810-546-3475
517-366-8569 800-388-0008 612-698-1175 612-642-9890
417-882-1899 919-968-9477 910-785-3695 402-556-6160
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206-223-1107 414-435-5353 414-798-9400 800-544-6599
414-778-0944 304-345-3490
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Brook Las Vegas Buffalo Central Islip Churchville Ceram East
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Plains Columbus Columbus Cuyahoga Falls Findlay Lorain Toledo
Clackamas Corvallis Springfield Erie Feasterville Hermitage
Norristown Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Rockton West Reading Hilton
Head Knoxville Memphis Corpus Christi Dallas Dallas Houston
USA Wl USA USA USA USA USA Wl Wl Wl WV Dealer Name City
State Prov Phone Computer Shop ol Calgary, Lid.
Calgary AB CAN 403-243-4356 Wonder Computers, Inc. Calgary AB CAN 403-253-0009 A 1 Computers Edmonton AB CAN 403-448-0632 Software Supermart Edmonton AB CAN 403-425-0691 Desktop Computing Red Deer AB CAN 403-342-4444 TVI Interactive Systems, Inc. Burnaby BC CAN 604-298-5657 VFX Video. Inc. Richmond BC CAN 604-244-3000 Wonder Computers, Inc. Richmond BC CAN 604-279-4240
J. L. Fotovideo Camera Ctrs.
Winnipeg MB CAN 204-475-8730 Corey's Computing Winnipeg MB CAN 204-654-3194 Interactive Computer Sys.. Ltd.
Fredericton NB CAN 506-458-8858 Young Monkey Studio Fredericton NB CAN 506-459-7088 Animax Multimedia, Jnc.
Dartmouth NS CAN 902-468-2629 Atlantis Kobetek. Inc. Halifax NS CAN 902-422-6556 Legendary Design Technologies Brantford ON CAN 519-753-6120 The Computer & You Etobicoke ON CAN 416-231-0205 Forest Diskasaurus Forest ON CAN 519-786-2454 Visual Vision Georgetown ON CAN 905-873-4959
J. L. Folovideo Camera Clrs.
Hamilton ON CAN 905-575-3000 Altair Electronics, Lid.
Kingston ON CAN 613-384-3876 Zen Computing Leamington ON CAN 519-322-5893
D. F Technologies London ON CAN 519-439-3181 Wonder Computers,
Inc. London ON CAN 519-681-0004 Cancom Audio Visual Inc.
Markham ON CAN 905-470-0466 Computer Express. Inc. Mississauga
ON CAN 905-672-5595 Amiga North North Bay ON CAN 705-495-3605
APIX Systems North York ON CAN 416-750-9909 National Amiga
Canada Oakville ON CAN 905-845-1949 Media Direct Orillia ON
CAN 705-327-7583 Wonder Computers. Inc. Ottawa ON CAN
613-596-2542 Valley Soft Pembroke ON CAN 613-732-7700 Wonder
Computers, Inc. Scarborough ON CAN 416-286-0001 Atlas
Computers 8 Consulting Sudbury ON CAN 705-522-1923 OBY's AMIGA
Computing Shop Sudbury ON CAN 705-524-5826 Electronics 2000
Thunder Bay ON CAN 807-577-1759 Comspec Communications Toronto
ON CAN 416-785-3553 Randomize Computers Tottenham ON CAN
905-939-8391 Centre Maxi-Mini Amos QU CAN 819-732-6464
Informatique Richard Lamond Lac Des 16 lies QU CAN
514-226-7506 Gfx Base Electronics LaSalle QU CAN 514-367-2575
Wonder Computers. Inc. Montreal QU CAN 514-279-0002
Electromike. Inc. Quebec QU CAN 418-681-4138 Info Plus
Trois-Rivieres OU CAN 819-373-0894 System Compbac. Inc, Tokyo
JPN 81-3-3837-868 The Computer Image Birmingham AL USA
205-933-8970 Pro Music, Inc. Fairbanks AK USA 907-456-1994 The
Micro Shop, Inc, Little Rock AR USA 501-568-8023 SoftWood,
Inc. Phoenix AZ USA 800-247-8314 Troxell Communications. Inc.
Phoenix AZ USA 602-437-7240 Wenlek Scottsdale AZ USA
602-483-7200 Transdata Systems Co., Ltd.
Anaheim CA USA 714-630-8711 Connecting Point Calabasas CA USA 818-222-3822 Visionsofl Carmel CA USA 408-626-2633 Century Systems La Habra CA USA 310-697-6977 The Lively Computer La Mesa CA USA 619-589-9455 HT Electronics Milpitas CA USA 408-934-7700 Applied Computer Systems North Highlands CA USA 916-338-2000 TS Computers North Hollywood CA USA 818-760-4445 Alex Electronics Paradise CA USA 916-672-0896 La Bine Productions Rialto CA USA 909-355-9756 Wave Systems San Diego CA USA 619-495-9283 Sur-Tech Santa Clara CA USA 408-496-6664 Megagem Santa Maria CA USA 805-349-1104 Anti Gravity Products
Santa Monica CA USA 310-393-9747 Amiga Exchange Torrance CA USA 310-534-3187 Compuhelp Computers Van Nuys CA USA 818-901-0280 The Computer Room Aurora CO USA 303-696-8973 Davis Audio-Visual. Inc. Denver CO USA 303-455-1122 Softown, Inc. Danbury CT USA 203-797-8080 Computer Source Fairfield CT USA 203-336-3100 Derrick Electronics Hamden CT USA 203-248-7227 Videology Newtown CT USA 203-270-9000 Infotronics Woodbury CT USA 203-263-5350 DeVine Computer Sales Newark DE USA 302-738-9046 Eagle Computers & Video Melbourne FL USA 407-951-9732 Harddrivers Co.
Merrit Island FL USA 407-453-5805 Centennial Video Systems Miami FL USA 305-633-2200 Creative Equipment, Intl.
Miami FL USA 305-266-2800 Miami Picture & Sound company Miami FL USA 305-666-4055 Computer Video Associates Pinellas Park FL USA 813-576-5242 Apogee Technologies Sarasota FL USA 813-355-6121 Discount Computer Sales Sunrise FL USA 954-797-9402 Showcase Video Atlanta GA USA 404-325-7676 ACS Computer 8 Video Norcross GA USA 770-263-9190 Hawkeye Communications Coralville IA USA 319-354-3354 Computer Advantage Des Moines IA USA 515-252-6167 Commodore Computer Center Boise ID USA 208-342-3401 Maxximum Video Creations Boise ID USA 208-322-3091 Blackrock Computers Plus Pocatello ID USA 208-232-0012
Trend Port U.S. Algonquin IL USA 708-854-9671 MicroTech Solutions Aurora IL USA 708-851-3033 KBI Systems Integrated Teknologies Inc. Amiga Lynx Network Co.
Electro-Tech The Microworks Mr. Hardware Microbyte Computers & Video Area 52, Inc. AMIGA Business Computers Better Concepts. Inc. Armato's Pro Video Revels*Bey Music CTL Electronics Tri-State Camera. Inc. Seismic Business Systems
T. J.’s Unlimited Copperhead Technologies Tronix Micro Systems
Paxtron Corporation Software Link, Inc. Bartha Visual. Inc.
Compuquick Media Center Neather Realm Software B&J Video
Systems Industrial Video. Inc. Penguin Music Store *3
Clackamas Computers Magic Box, Inc. Computer Users Computer
Discount Center New York Camera & Video British Magazine
Dist.. Inc The Lerro Corporation CDR Systems Mega Bytes J&C
Repair Electronic Connection Kasara Microsystems Via Video
Interaction Opus 2 Audio & Video Computer Ease Metropolitan
Computer Products On Video. Inc. Microsearch Computer Wise.
Inc. Digitechnix Dewberry's Computers & Supplies Danville
Whitlock Group. The Richmond Spectral Multimedia. Inc.
Bellevue Amiga Northwest Studio Bothell Computer Concepts
Bothell MS Digital Edmonds Envision PC Consulting Lynnwood
Omni International Trading Seattle Zipperware Seattle Camera
Corner. Inc. Green Bay Images in Motion. Inc. Waukesha Safe
Harbor Waukesha Taylor Pro Audio f Video Wauwatosa Computer &
Supply Co.. Inc. Charleston Dealer Name Micro-PACE. Inc.
Select Solutions Ring Video Systems Keyboard Studio Digital
R. C. Instruments CPU Inc. Desktop Video Systems Mission
Electronics. Inc. Video Lab Smith Audio Visual. Inc. Icon
Computers & Software Crimson Tech The Camera Company Kipp
Visual Systems EMH Systems Amiga Crossing Thalner Electronic
Labs Computer Link, Inc Slipped Disk Spectrum Computer Product
Alpha Video A V Solutions Raymond Commodore Amiga St. Paul
Data Gratix Spnntfield VIP Systems, Inc. Chapel Hill Magic
Page Products Winston-Salem Amicom Computer Technology Omaha
System Eyes Computer Store Merrimack Sir Render A V Mays
Landing (continued from poge 48) Why didn't Commodore know any
of these things? Their inaction, insensitivity and, yes,
ignorance helped to drive dozens of the top developers under,
or making haste to other platforms. Ah, but enough of that.
Breathe easy. Say "Escom" over and over in a mantra while
staring at the digital m and a la on the wall.
Escom They love us, they love us not, they love us, they,.. It isn't enough that Escom has saved the Amiga and its technology for users on this side of the great watery divide (OK, the Atlantic).
It isn't enough because so few people are aware of it. I talk to dozens of computer artists, animators, and software developers every week. Many of them think that Commodore is somehow still at the helm.
Plant?" In a way, I want to ask that question of all of you who are now and have been involved with this digital tool over the last years, "what arc you doing with it, besides getting radiation bum."
As far as the Amiga is concerned, I am sure that some of you are using the new technology for income purposes, creating logos for broadcast, artwork for friends, or just relaxing when you have time for delving into your own creativity. But just as the Chicago riots had a positive side (initiating political change and retrospection) and a negative side (for many, an escapist escapade), so this decade of digital mania has its own light and dark aspects.
I have already mentioned some of tire positive ways that the technology can be and is being used, but what about the darker? What about those others, a more human physical internet that requires your person in the world.
Become a Guttenberg, and allow your creative work to reach other eyes, hands and minds. Do video exhibits, gallery shows, performances of your MIDI music. Reach out with the technology. Go into tire schools with what you love to do and help to teacli others.
The second part may seem a bit seditious in a computer magazine, but I think it is vital. Get out of your workroom once in a while. Take a walk, garden, visit your friends, play with your children.
Hemmingway suggested that the writer authoring books about bull fighting needed to go to a bull fight. I am stretching the metaphor somewhat by suggesting that if you want to create artwork, animations, or music that touches a human audience, you Get out of your workroom once in a while. Take a walk, garden, visit your friends, play with your children.
If Escom is to attract new North American users in its marketing projections, it has to initiate a dedicated advertising campaign here, and the sooner the better. The lack of doing that was a major factor in Commodore's demise. I hope Escom knows better. Getting all of the old- time Amiga users to upgrade and to support the coming newer hardware will not be enough. We need virgin minds. Besides, most of the old timers are tapped out.
What trees do they plant?
The one thought that has kept returning to me over the last ten years does not really have to do with the Amiga specifically, but computer art and animation, as well as ail forms of new age creativity, in general.
When the Chicago riots took place around the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968, a Japanese American artist asked the question I used to head this paragraph,.. "What trees do they individuals with no recourse to human interaction, no social skills, whose addiction to the trance inducing capabilities of 3D virtual worlds robs the whole population of their participation in the human tribe? How many people do you know who have lost touch with lovers and spouses, having substituted the light from a CRT tube?
The answer for me, reflecting upon my deep immersion in the technology and the Amiga over these last ten years, is that a balance must be struck in order that health and healthy creative attitudes are nurtured and maintained. That balance has two parts, one relating to the computer and the other to anything but.
As far as computing (Amiga computing in this case) is concerned, I would advise you to do something with your collection of technological toys that enhances and contributes to the human community. That means to consciously seek an outreach that helps or at least makes contact with need to be touched by human concerns.
Jay Miner, the father of the Amiga, who I was fortunate enough to hear speak at an Amiga convention years back, admonished the audience to do the same. He was involved in concerns for Public Television, freedom and creativity all of his adult life.
Get involved in other pursuits in addition to your obsession with the Amiga. Then the work that vou do on your Amiga or any other tool you wield will contribute to a better world in the next ten years, and for a long time to come.
• AC* Please Write to: Shamms Mortier c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 Dear AC, FEEDBACK Saving
Money on CD Drives, Zip Drive testimonial, and catching the
next wave with ESCOM I'm a subscriber to your mag and
naturally turned to you when I needed to get the word out
about something.
I own an A500 with a Supra 500XP SCSI hard drive and I've wanted to mount an external, low-cost SCSI CD ROM but couldn't find an item to fit the bill. Well, recently J ran across an ad in a catalog for Damark International in Minnesota, describing a 2x portable unit from Media Vision. I bought the item and found that it fit the bill perfectly. I've been using it every day for three months.
Lately, I've seen ads in the English mags for Power Computing, First Computer Center, and others selling this same machine for £129-£199, so this is a deal here at $ 107 delivered!
But how many Amiga owners here in the U.S. are aware of its existence or where to get it from? Damark's toll- free order number is 1-800-827-6767; their customer service number for info is 1-800-697-2002. I hope that other Amiga users will be able to access this fantastic deal.
Sincerely, Kenneth E. Lizotte Tlmnks for the suggestion.
Dear Sir, It has been almost 10 years since 1 bought my original Amiga 1000. Since then I have seen many disappointments and setbacks to the Amiga line under Commodores' aegis. Now with ESCOM in charge, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter instead of the dim flickering (bordering on extinction) I have seen for the last two years. With new Amigas being produced and a team dedicated to their promotion I think that we finally have a good chance to win back the market share that was gradually lost to other much less capable platforms.
The road to recovery is going to be a hard one to negotiate, however.
Other manufacturers have quietly been chuckling as they weaned weary Amiga owners away to their product lines. When the opposite starts happening and their customers convert to Amigas the fur will start to fly. With a current market share of around 1%, Amigas have nowhere to go but up, and this means the other manufacturers have to go down with all things being equal. This makes the Amiga line an inconvenience to them in the short term and a direct threat to their interests in the long term. I would not be surprised if toward the end of 1996, verbal sparring will be well under way in the major
clone publications.
What the "heavies" used to be able to ignore, will surely come back to haunt them as time goes on. The introduction of computers with similar sounding names like Aptiva, and Ambra will actually help promote Amiga lines. In the end, you will know that the Amiga line is seen as a contender the day Microsoft announces an Amiga software development division!
In order to start the promotion of Amigas off correctly t would like to relate an experience I had recently. A friend invited me over to show off his new system. It was a 586 lOOMhz IBM system with 4X speed CD-ROM, 2GB Hard drive, 16 Megs RAM, Windows '95 and SoundBlaster sound card installed. The first program he showed me was the latest Wing Commander release. It looks like a great game machine... Simon Parkinson Dear AC, I found a recent article by R. Shamms Mortior to be both interesting and amusing. However, there are a couple of points in which I believe lie some confusion.
In the article, he mentions that he would like to connect Zip drives to the Amigas in the group, but that Iomega doesn't make any Amiga interfacing hardware for tire Amiga. I'm not sure what Mr. Mortier means. I do believe that the Amiga is fully capable of using a SCSI Zip (or other removable media) drive with no additional hardware or software. I'm assuming that he means the parallel port version of the Zip drive, but since SCSI is so common, and relatively affordable, on the Amiga, there should be nothing stopping him from connecting Zips to the Amigas (unless the expansion capabilities are
all used up).
Second, at the end of the article, he mentions that the use of a PowerPC processor in the new Amigas should allow them to run MS-DOS and Windows. I do not believe this is the case. There is no version of MS-DOS or Windows95 that will run on PowerPC processors. Tire new Amigas will be able to, at best, run PreP and maybe CHRP software, which does include Windows NT, but not Win- dows95. They would also be able to run such excellent operating systems as AIX (IBM's UNIX), and Solaris (Sun's UNIX, and in my opinion, the best UNIX available), this would also include the MacOS if tire Power Amigas
are CHRP machines.
In my opinion, Sun is the only company truly set up to dislodge Microsoft from their throne, and if Solaris can be priced a bit more competitively (currently the street price for Solaris is around S400 to $ 500), and made to run oir all the major platforms, it Iras a chance of taking a serious dent out of Windows' market share. A CHRP Amiga would help to reach this goal. Maybe we can topple this giant yet!
Sincerely, Matthew J. Harrell We have heard from several Amiga oioners who have used the SCSI Zip drive with great results. 100 MB of removable disk space for as little as $ 14.00 is something that ‘moves' all of us.
Please Write to: FeedBack c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 What trees do they
B "What about the Amiga? Don't B ]| m you think it's a better bet than the C- A 64, and aren't you going to get one 00 My reply was given in the heat of B the financial moment. "No! It's way y ‘ B too expensive. I have no need for an expensive toy". I'm not even sure I knew what the Amiga was at that point, but I wanted to sound knowl- Personal Commentary edgeable and authoritative. Two by R. Shanms Mortier weeks later I had a C-128. Remember them? I hardly ever used mine, and I As my grandmother would have finally sold it in 1992. Two months said if she were around to witness my later,
I had my first Amiga, dance with the Amiga over the last ten Like many other digital years, "what a strange trip it's been!". Obsessives, I was completely swayed As I try to dredge up memories that by the Juggler animation. Someone I answer the perennial "where were you knew had an Amiga 1000, and when I graphics engine for my work as manager of the Media Service department. They wanted me to buy a computer with a name, and not the name Commodore either. I had already purchased an IBM some years before, and even after thousands of dollars in upgrading it, all I could get were 16 color jagged
graphics. I promised that the Amiga would make all of us look better. It did.
Over the years, I have added another 2000, a 3000 Tower (at a bargain price when they went on sale), and finally, my Amiga 4000. They have all been souped up over the years with RAM, peripherals, and whatever else I could buy or trade.
It took me months to convince them that the Amiga would be a viable graphics engine for my work as manager of the Media Service department. They wanted me to buy a computer with a name, and not the name Commodore either.
Commodore when" questions, snippets of vaporous saw that animation, I could feel the recollections drift irlto view. The first lust in my heart taking over.
Amiga memory 1 have goes back to the time it was introduced. 1 was giving a presentation at the local Commodore User's Group club (yes, Virginia, they did exist). The presentation was on C- 64 graphics, and a query aimed in my direction from someone in the group pierced my concentration.
I have lived with my Amiga long enough to harbor very angry feelings The Amiga 1000 to 2000 towards Commodore. After all, most Remember the 1000's. I still have of the multimedia capacities exhorted hulks of two of them. In Vermont, by other platform vendors today were everyone keeps a Chevy or ten in the started on the Amiga years ago. Even back lot for parts. Where I imagine I though it lacks the speed of the latest will use A-1000 parts at this point is processors at the moment, you still beyond me, but I can't accept the can't match it for solid video work in thought that all of that money
and love many cases. Its surprisingly small I put into those 1000's was for naught. Quantity of RAM required for the Shamms Mortier is a teacher, writer, philosopher, artist, musician, and an Amiga enthusiast. Mr. Mortier's articles have appeared in the major Amiga magazines atid he is currently an Associate Editor far Amazing Computing.
The universe has got to be more fair operating system makes PC and MAC and balanced than that. Users incredulous, and the Amiga has Next came my A-2000's. The had full screen animation running at!
Plurality means two, one for home and 30 or even 60 frames a second without the other for the University where I a problem for years, worked. It took me months to convince them that the Amiga would be a viable (continued on page 46) Amazing Computing 52 u t I nj 0 -T 1 .o *3 CO § s C CD CD u A 9 u 0 O O 0 O O C4 CO W9 sO “ ~ " “ Sei Oh Oh Os O' Os 0 ri CO 2 n
* *“1 X X X X X X c (N CO ¦'T V9 ” ““ r- r- r- 0
* • CN CO 'rt n " £ xC *o sO sO so 0 (N m -t n U9 W9 IT) in n n
* » CN C9 V9 “* 3 N Tf r9 n ~ ” (T1, CO CO cn 09 09 O
• ri C9 '¦t V9 "- ~ “ ¦“ (N N n n ri ri O
• • .CN 09 2 V9 1 _ O ri 09 W9 " " ~ o lu XI la -O E 3 2 o CJ
u 0) c 3 u ”«-!
QJ TJ CO 13 C* 4 ' O E o u u 43 CL R vo g § g ? E I i Q) c5 55 O o CO E *0 c co £ o J§ 5 0) £ 21 Ov C O' ._ i-H Q U *- 3 O £ * l-H 1) 43 y M !a a oo U C CO I £ £ 0) £ a 1 5 3- ® S E O z £ o CO r 0 C rl 0 0 T3 0 c
Q) P E ® © 5 5 3 s 21 ° o 5 £ 5 12 U in ¦= 2 ri Q = £ £ g|o°=o
o O 0 0 § (J u « 3 0 © 0 3 £ § p ?
S I 0 ° C £ £ - p 'r d
o o 0 0 0 U 0 8, 8 8 CD D 00 CO CO c 1 CO s K 2 § CM CO E S O) 1
a I Q. O "S 0 c 0 w CO s 1 o o 0 E
* *3 8 * 0 03 5 co 1 3 § «
a. «• 0 "c 't .2 § f 1 ¦§ I «
* qj 0 £ £ .c S1 -Q O W co Q) a. to to 0 C it o p CL R £ co I £
,E i O D ¦Q * a ¦5 s zp 00 3 CO 0 09 0 3 CO 0 s z j- C mi
o p "fS5
• 50 -0 O c tO j-t n 0 D 09 £ 3 "tS C g b 0 ?
15 c O) CO £ ?
S § ¦Q 5 0) CD £ C 6 CD ¦Q CD 0) s CD CL O CO w. 0 a ?
CO l_ (0 0 c3 , Q E o Si c3 o £ CO s 0 £ (U E (0 Z 0 E (0 z b O LU © CD 0 © * 'nP O'" o w © O 0.8 0 a © o © .2 S CO 0 4 o 0 co co "0 c D H GO c § I co c CO it kr 0 sP O C LO O LLI CO USED AMIGA HARDWARE COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES: The 1 dealer in quality pre-owned hardware!
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SEAGATE 3.5 SCSI 20 Meg $ 10 50 Meg $ 35 120 Meg $ 90
2. 5 DE DRIVES ASST. BRANDS 40 Meg $ 49 50 Meg $ 55 65 Meg $ 65 80
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(391010-01) $ 28 KICKSTART GARY (390540-02) S 30 (A500 2000)
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(390541-07) $ 35 AGNUS 8372A $ 24 PAULA 8364 (391077-01) S 35
CIA 8520 $ 10 BRIDGETTE (391300-01) $ 35 CPU 10 Mhz 68000 S 13
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(391508-01) $ 35 DENISE 8362 $ 12 MOTOROLA 16 Mhz 68020 CPU $
S. DENISE 8373 $ 21 ADV101KP30 7120KPS0 $ 20 PAULA 8364 S 9 CBM
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Includes 2 Megs RAM Expandable to 8 Megs $ 75 GVP 28Mhz. 040 W 2
030 W 1 Meg. SCSI, A2000 $ 425 Paravision SX-1 CD32 Expansion
Unit $ 139 CBM A500 Returb. 8372A 1.3 512k $ 89 Baseboard A500
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A500 600 1200 Power Supply $ 25 CBM A1300 Genlock for A1000 $ 29
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Supra Power PC 286 Board for A 500 Commodore A520 RF Modulator
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DataFlyer Ram Card OK for A2000 CBM CD 1300 Geniock for CDTV
MicroSpeed Am Trac Trackball GVP 1230+40 40 4 A1200 Accelerator
Supra Turbo 28 Accelerator A2000 Geodesic Air-Link I.R.
Controlter GVP 040 33 Mhz W 4 Megs lor A2000 $ 950 Impulse
Firecracker 24 Bil Card $ 125 $ 89 GVP IV-24 24 Bit Gfx, System
$ 595 $ 75 CBM A2320 Display Enhancer Card $ 125 $ 17 GVP 4 Meg 32
Bit Simm Module $ 129 S175 CSA Mega Memory Card W 2 Megs $ 89
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HARDWARE * |FX features include l»rmat Conversion |afid changes
in applications Newtek Vic Toas- llvjy amt mectiy interactive
on tne master a; ¦ . .
A snap! Graphic Boards - Supports all Amiga modes, ,, -j - ivei y equin, Firecracker, DCTV, HAM-E, all EGS- »yOu?!jwTft idsLipports the .new. Cybergraphx 24-bit retargetable Kso much in hadspace to barely scratch miga owners." Scanners - Epson 300 600 800 and 1000 1200,
- iv 4 vi ar YC framegrabber, PP&S Framegrabber noh
P Bwi(|es*compatibleyprinter, PostScript printers, and full
color klor prinBi yidegdToasteKUser: "...it outshines
everything else yacfcggj Ultfpitfform." Re Hffle -pah Hjg -
Emulate traditional v -BBtajLjg Markers, WatercolorsxGmyons and
dozens of and te j BTo pecial Effects ana painting u|tng egions
and the L2.0 is lik j Bbs tip Fractal Painter for the Aimga
vihe&-adisLand i A acom andB orpP- Advancecl Compositing -
Create oel|ages mattes.) Image Rotation - Complex ©
• e. TV Techno o Mmay iFX isjan outstanding program that may,
rs," PaintFX™ - Ar fcgiaiicf inting generator can turn a film
or rping - Automatical!y%o| Bw* p jra£gjJjk scale images to
any ally color correct for vj ;*o1Bu Lightning Realistic
lightning bolt re! Amiga Computim "iWmfrtual memor opFdyUs
nothing short is - Using Cinemat*™ you cM&ato optical
qualiftblue and green fopforeground andfcackgrouidBgmt nts.
Just Amiga Monthly: "I Loading and saving from jfctister
fyafflBtew* , r Video Toaster, Retina, FfcaS&o, ly ,
compatible hardware suet ps rhe gpectrta !Buvv if! jnd supports
the ievyCybe graphics software. MicrcTimes: ("Too
cood feornuch in tnfb&gpKSye tflSntyeopj the surface.
ImageFX itja must-have fot senmk miga owners." Scanners -
Epson 30i Hewlett Packard ScanJet Series II, Sharp JX1C n
VB Htebbers - iv d Vi ar yc framegra and Framegrabber 256.
Printers - Any Workb* "h P mmi( es compatibl printer, PostSc
support for the-Fargo Piimera and PrimeraPro ®or p infjM||
Video ToasteKUser: "...it around, and can stand v ith any
painting-effectsmacijigtf Rmc form." ReaHime patf media such
as Airbrush, Charcoals, Chalk, Oil Tingei Markers, Wateppoloi
other drawing modes anc styles! Friskets, maPw, and
texiC Bro pecia! Effects ana paii alpha channel. Amazing
Computing: "ImafeflLzo is like fltthsl sop Fractal Painter for
t animator." Pressure-ser sitive tablets - Su[ prtYln§SWacom
T-n fccomp. Advancecl Com and more using ImageFX's dedicated
tools Vor i mattes.} Imagi image rotation and 3D perspective
rotation afid rt»re. TV Techn oi mriagffFX isjan outi well
become the required software for all Amiga hers." PaintFX™ -
AnB|h t!Cf®inting g video sequence into Art! Image scaling ahd
popping - Automatically size. NTSC and PAL video filters - can
automatically color correct for v olBfeiit jJghtnii generator
can create iigftning, electric arcs nd more! Amiga Computin
"Tnm&tuql merr, of a masterstrokeBlm Green Screen Composites -
Using Cinemattj|™ yotf c Bmate opt screen composites and
maintain your color integrity fop foreground
andjDackgroun BajJeuts.
Am in deep awe of (ImageFX's) PaintFX. Yes indeed, I do want to lave its thiTcSBjf Spt raytraced spheres. Made in the USA. Lens Flares - Advanced leni flare genet Btaaac designed flares. Image warps - Warp an image or add distortion lens effects. SpeeialBSk, combinations of effects you can achieve using the provided speciayCffects. MinimurrMeS Swirls and Twirls, Canvas and Paper textures, Relief maps, Water nd Glass distorliohSBnc available - A comprehensive video tutorial that guides you through image procisBk upgrade information call 1-800-IMAGE-69 (804-282-1157). Print Support - Use the
buft-M CMYK color separations for your professional printing needs. Video Toaster User: "You Mm tpherize - Mad images onto yadd preset flares or custom l|s -There are hundreds of um filters, |id much much rm5reThk?w Bwith ImageFX 2.0, For iMrapit for RGB, CMY and dmmprooram. Period."
T*wm im.
! JK J (Vi NOVA DESIGN, INC. 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214 - Richmond, VA 2323Gf Phone: (804) 282-5868 - Fax: (804) 282-3768 - Customer Supports (804) 282-652 Circle 106 on Reader Service card-

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