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 The posters Amiga Technolo? gies brought with them from Germany stated that Amiga was "back for the future". It is clear that in spite of the spurts of the last few months, Amiga Technologies is up and running at full speed. Future development has not been scrubbed either. Although the AAA chipset was never discussed (the rumor is that it is already obsolete anyway), they did announce current development of an Amiga CPU based on the Power PC architecture. It will theoretically emulate 060 faster than an 060. Also in the works is a DEC Alpha zorro card for superfast rendering. We have all been understandably impatient for the last 18 months, wondering if our beloved Amiga would disappear entirely from the face of the earth. lt is therefore understandable that we would be so eager to hear news once Commodore was purchased, and angry when no information could be given. Consider that the first piece of information that was given out widely, the old design for the 4000T, was greeted with much venom. I'm sure that Amiga Technologies found out that in the case of the Amiga and its users, PR is better left on the side of caution, and it was better to wait until a product was in its absolutely final stages before announcing anything about it, to preempt any disap? pointment from broken promises based on preliminary work which were later changed through the development stage. Although Mr. McKeever is under? standably upset, I hope that what Amiga Technologies

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Document sans nom Internet Tools: Amosaicl .2, MUI, AmiTCP IP, Mlink Find Them On-Line!
Plus, A1200 The Amiga Surfer announced!
AMIGA Volume 11 No. 2 February 1996 US $ 3-95 Canada $ 5.95 JL. COMPUTING !
Your Original AMIGA Monthly Resource Convert your C programs to C++ IbrboCalc V3.5 Aminet 8 Aminet 9 TurboCalc 3.5 is the powerful successor to the program TurboCalc 2.0, which defined a new standard for spreadsheet analysis on the Amiga®.
The most significant enhoncements:
- Objects (chart, text, drawing, picture.,.) can be directly
inserted into the sheet ond hove o macro ottoched, and also be
printed in the graphic mode.
• Colls rna y contain several lines.
• Drocfano-Drop for moving capying chonging the size of blocks by
the mouse.
¦ Multiple Undo Redo
- Chart module vostly expanded (new chort types, 3D,
Auto-Refresh,...). ¦ Preview for the printing of grophics (from
OS2.0 on).
• Formfeed visible in the sheet.
¦ Data-Mask for an easier input display of doto records.
• Status row displayable with short online-help.
- (Maximal) number of columns increosed; now up to 18278 columns
con be used (A..ZZZ) (together with up to 9 999 999 rows]
• Clipboard support for easy doto exchange with text processing
Sheets can be saved as IFF-images (e.g. for on easy TurboCalc V3.5 m Coming !SV»; soonL*o9 An update to the world’s best-selling AMIGA CD-ROM- 80 MB Business software series has just been released. Aminet CD 8, dated 45 MB Communications October 1995, contains more thon 1 gigobyte (uncom60 MB Grophics & sound demos pressed) ol software in thousands of orchives. Since the 30 MB Development softwore release of Aminet 7 CD more thon 500 M8 new soft5 MB Disk HD tools ware has appeared. The current edition hos a special 20 MB Documents focus on modules. More thon 1.000 were included.
60 MB Games Many modules ore of o very high-quality ond feature 8 45 MB Grophics softwore voices. The excellent user-interfoce hos olso expe30 MB Top-download* rienced further improvements and we ore proud to pre40 MB Miscellaneous sent you a new CD-ROM of superior quolity for the 400 MB Music modules AMIGA.
10 MB Music software 10 MB Text softwore 30 MB Utilities be kept).
New Import & Expa Formats: Excel 4 (XLS) ond Lotus 123 (.WK1 .WKS) both con import formulas, the xfs- filler even keeps most of the cell formatting.
Fast and easy access to the lost used projects via “Smart-Open * ¦ Encrypting sheets using o very sophisticated crypto- grohic algorithm Complete support of OS2.x 3.x (Locale support, me- mory-pools, AmigaGuide).
¦ reqloolyFilerequesler is supported!
¦ AMIGA-Guide help fife con directfy be accessed from TurboCalc.
' Requester far inserting functions macros now with categories to allow on easier and foster access ¦ Many new functions macros.
¦ TurbaColc-Librones for an eosy expansion of TurboCalc with external functions, macros, objects, etc. (Documentation to program own libraries included) TurboCalc 3.5 us*s an enhanced, easy-to-use user interface, utilising numerous innovations such as Drog & Drop for copying moving or filling with the mouse, even easier selection of functions, freezing of sheet tides or the displayable status row. A multiple Undo Redo of a variable depth reverses the effect of erroneous data or commands ond can save much work, as eon the Autosave ond Backup options.
Thanks to the new object concept which allows insertion ond printing of charts, texts, drawings, IfF-images,,, directly in the sheet, sheets con now be more effectively created and designed, Charts (e.g. the new 3D bar and pie charts) can be directly placed beside the appropriate number sequence, longer texts can be compactly accomodated in a cell comprising several lines. The formfeed visible in the sheet as well os the print preview function assist in achieving optimal layout on screen, saving both poper and time.
All this can be committed to poper with using improved print routines, or be integrated in your text I software as IFF graphics or text (via file or ¦ Numerous general improvements (e.g. saving the cursor position, special colors for every sheet, "hidden" possword inquiry ...) $ 69*95 processu A database mask is now ovoilobie to allow eosier management of your TurboColc dotaboses.
Aminet Set 2 Aminet Set 1 GURU-ROM V6 V SE ir.is ft'J van Years of experience, technical know-how, and competence from the world's best Amiga software and hardware engineers are condensed in this penultimate product. It makes it possible for the user to productively and comfortably use SCSI, without sacrificing performance, risk of incompatibility, or waste of resources.
Still V®' available!
Stefon Ossowskis Schotztruhe ond Ralph Bobel, outhor of the well-known *AMIGA Guru Book* ond longstanding former system software developer for GVP, the American campony known for its high-quality hardware products, present: Guru-ROM Version A The final update for all GVP SCSI host adapters!
Together with exhaustive documentation, the »Guru- ROM* enhances each Series-ll host adopter in many decisive and for the serious user essential feotures: Universal: a SCSI driver without compromise for oil Series-ll host adopters and all »Combo* and »G-Force* accelerator cords for the AMIGA 4000, 3000, 2000, 1200, ond 500. This ROM module, which hos been considerably extended in its code arid feature set, replaces oil previously distributed driver ROMs.
Unparafleled transfer rales of up to 3.5 MB s raw (Zorro-ll limit), 3.1 MB s measured with rSCSlSpeed*,
2. 4 MB s measured with *DiskSpeed« ¦ even an a stock 7-MHz
68000-based Amiga! All the while, the CPU typically retains
80% free processing time. Always maximum performance through
the automatic selection of the currently optimal transfer mode
(DMA, buffered DMA, PIO).
MulHfacalr supports all device types defined in the SCSI standard, such as hard disks, CD-ROM drives, streamers, scanners, ond magneto-optical devices.
Compolibl complete support for the RDB slondard resulting in trouble-free autoboot, outomount, ond the exchange of devices and media between two computers from Amiga OS 1.3 through 3.1. disconnect re select, synchronous transfers, and parity checking can be enabled separately for each device (even for devices without on RDB). Also complete write-protection (useful for kiosk applications ond for virus protection) is possible.
: maximum compatibility with nearly all hardwore and software through special handling of all known firmware bugs of the most popular SCSI devices and DMA hardware bugs in the A3000 ond A4000, workarounds for internal errors in the WD SCSI chip, as well as special modifications to occount for defective application software.
Upword-c ampatibli;: completely compatible both to the SCSI-2 os well os to the SCSI-1 standard, thereby providing the broadest support for all devices on the morkef including those still ta came AMINET SET 2, dated November 1995, consists of approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000 archives.
Whether you like applications, gomes, communications or programming, the SET gives you all you need. Easy to use index files ond seorch facilities make accessing it a pleasure. GA y3*95 t Subscription Subscriptions to the Aminet series are ovoiloble. There are expected to be six releoses per yeor, ond the subscription is actually for 4 CD's, regardless of when they end up shipping.
Ajtiinet - subscription; $ 59,95 120 MB Utilities 270 MB Documents 40 MB text softwore 75 MB Business software 630 M8 Pictures & onimotions 170 MB Graphics softwore 150 MB Miscellaneous 630 MB Graphics & sound demos 250 MB Gomes 110 MB Development softwore 10 MB Disk HD tools 5 MB Hardware related 840 MB Music modules 150 MB Communications 30 MB Music software f CD-ROM... BIMIDWL CD-ROM... C M DDL JB-ML.
XiPaint V3.2 XiPaint is O (easing edge 24-bil paint program t' ruled to the d*r .. d* of no»ce ond expert ol-ke, ond within u 1 time you loo wd be cihfe to produce caloi '-I and emotive j't m 16.8 million calai : fr-is ven on ol XiPoiol provides a pic re. --ncil point program at on unbeatable price performance rotio.
Ovi . 8w ol F- 1 Diverse point functions including colour, contrast ond saturation adjustment Mask, outtne recolour and fill functions Airbrush with adjustable '.pray functions light-table function for mampu ling montages and onimotion - Text (unctions with onti-aln mg uvrtg Compugraphtc fpnls Support for a variety af gropl : far1 its - L united Undo • Dive's® rr mipulal.on of alpha channrl Si.pprjh many graphic cord' Lo er» to comfc: s.-dilfrreist projects Axdn pert - Drag & Drop colours External (iltei module - Extern wi documentation 60 textures, 50 landscape*, JO other p rturcj and many
fonts included XiPaint V3.2: World Info '95 Your viTtujol guide around the world. Travel la places, you have never seen before get informed about your rext holiday desXnation beforehand spend seme Bits* in the surd -rc you preparing far a go-a- graphy test? Then you Can firid the mfo hero I Cn ibis CD are infer naKori about all the 194 countries and about rrr.t- than 700 Cities, cftve-vig ol icrti cf Subject* K«e is a short staecSusn cf infomsnhari areas Geography, Maos, Ornate, Tim* zenes. FeapJe, Language, Religion, Foe-d. Follies, Flag. National anthem (see & hear], Economy data,
EnrMonrru itol issues, Holidays, Csties, City M’cpr. Meno Maps. Thosu areas are explained thou- roughly. Difficult definitions ora explained (what is i*.g the lursdra climate). In addition lo tlv.s there is a nsdsw* amount of p.'Clore-s from all over the world available A .iff - dictionary covering the mow important languages is cs so there as a !zd» bonus It It eaiy oad intuniv to use. You can enter and exit at any time There ure exieaiive pos bi-.tics for searching. A pr itout of all miorrnati • is r.a prcr oiri "I all. Minimum system requirements A camputer with Mosaic ar P Jeslcape jn
,7 Amiga, Mot.
OS 2. Unix, Wmdowsjl Crcornmnrded system tr:i nromfli’*s One af lb* u t-.rve computer 1 w.ih a screen resalulian of 640x450 w.lh 256 colour* and v.misd World Gamers' Delight D This CD conforms 1070 gami+s for the Cammr dor* AMIGA from differing categories. Achnn, Jump & Run, Card Games, Puzzl- siratefly Gc-nes - a whcJir range of campuw enieriainmv t own 'si Gortsi i' Dnhght wil ' 4 yc 1 coplrvomd for hr.ir* and rjuaran* - ing pieowre. 70 games are cotnmencid '•‘¦cm - no public doenoin & no demos* Tf 1 CD con bo run any An ¦ 1 w,th CD-ROM drtwt.l M8 free itit-. , ond Joyshc. . Lypcd Go mors'
Delight 2; The Light Works RaytHn.ii -j 11 o fait'neiin j area of comp . Lor graph*c i TicH.i r -. From the compute*. Pet fectly rendered, fascinate people ah ewf the world Tin" A it in wo the firji cc«nf nip ‘.i-i ; 1 d for i lytrac n j, ond todo «l ii I a l« d« -H many ujh guahiy grams A real ortisl of roytracin-j is Tobins J. Richter from Cologne ¦ (many, wfi e detailed objecti stun peaph especia . H i spa *j dups qI famous science fiction films which or. Sod to domontlnit the capabilities of rayfracing programs Now awriatoln on CD-ROM for the fir Km at
o complete collediu his objects are 1'igWy drtaili.d ond c ¦
homely ronlillif due la lb® apf I af cwnp-ex surface t «Tj»*S
0 'he nsadeli l * now it wot ditficu1 to ocqtiwe these oejtcn
in orrier to Create yOut own scenes ar an.nvzLr.nt The Light
Works: » • o • * Q ¦ • a • • o m • o * Meeting Pearls Volume ID
The Meeting I oris Volume Iff cc ' ns 650 MB of the fined FD
salt- ware vio a special user interface, wfiii' been created to
allow you to find the program of your ¦ th ins* rhfr ccn+eeti:
10 MS Packer. Cruncher. ArclG" Piogron 3 MB CD-ROM Utilities -
21 MB Corwnunto*'! 1* und tlerwarl Prcgromi 5 MB [ Nigging
Tools • 29 MB D r*lopm*rtt TaaU • 13 MB Floppy. Hard Disk an*
SCSI Programs 8 MB Educoftwiaf hoflrami 9 MB Gai**s 35 M&
Giophic* Pragran*.! 39 MB Infer**! Mow « Dotob s* LipcM**d
VeoMjn 7 M9 Mi-Ji Toah and Progrumi 27 M3 Moti 12 MS Music
Programs 21 MB • ¦ MS Ann TCP and more Foe Networking oQ MB
Gocunfefltatia . CD-ROM Database*, *W. ¦ 96 MB PasTeX 1 4 - nc‘
)',4 ncu* aniflcibf® any CD-ROM 15 MB UtilitiBj - 30 MB HTMl
hgu CaltactKin 1 ' Juialypts, bene nark progran 1, iconv,
progtnfes I w amateur rodia and electiicol el* trcnic *ngmwlw)
or atia meludrtd.
M etwg Pearls VoL lilt irnirditotran o • CP-Wrfe I* ba* d on 0 simpta but ingann us Jklwiqu - B«aui* you connal an ordinory CD's using ofdmary CD-ROM drtvif*, CD Writ® e..Undi the Amiga 05 in 0 fully OS comp' ont and completely transparent manner, to red.r-ect rrvpdiffcalion* to CD's to a special 1 of your hprddrivp or other 'writable rn ci o. Froet new on you will be able ra frnot CD ROMs Me any other media, writing or delating (ties, moving and snapjholmQ wuidowj ui d icons, chttn rtg the 1 con tea ryf-o tmlds, replacing icons with your favcr+c ones, re- arrongin } iiecta -er, changing the
default configurations of pro gram* rim d™dty from the CD-ROM. Imvtg game high icorev etc. Minimum system requuements Amiga 50C AC00, A' iGO, A 1200, A1500. A2000, A250O, A3000. Nr A4000 w.lh ot ost 1 MB of RAM. OS 1 04 or hugher, CD ROM drive, i'crd di-.k rciT.mmendod. CDWritu: freshFonts II llirboCalc V2.1 CD FtesbFanh valmtie 2 cantatas 632 megobytai 0 fonts for almost any cnmputar • fU«-rt M--..1 the fonts are freely nuKiburcn}! , o*c«»pi for il * Thienen fiWUi. W*nch oie esclusivw on tbii CD Each of the** fonts d*d m fostr different formats: Dmf, Agfa hrtatiFon* Adobe and Trw Type There
are 231 font fomilles 6n this CD (noch containing af up to 8 different styles). They ore clauiffedi ta wvrnn categories: Deco (63 fomilies), Nan-Latin (33 families), Pittuir (16 fomi- iies), Sons Serif (29 •amilies), Script (36 (ami 11), Serif (36 fomilies), ond Tnenen (19 families).
TurfcoCak Vj I CD-ROM u tt-e wmqu« ¦. L-itwau? Solution H'»3t d ires
o new lrorudard fc-1 spread iho*t app' . •• t cm the Commodate
Amiatj'F' Ltpm-nncn i u*a':j unlimited copabiri n all relevant
cofeycviet TurboCak V2.1 CMOM
• 01 ( • o * o*» c * FreshFonts Vol 2: Gateway!
Gotewoyl offett NetfiSD 1 0, o M fn-atured UNIX-like operating system with both winces and binorie* For the Amiga, 386. Sun 3, and other orclniecu-* s Go netmwfing vntti ut Inrnjn selection of supplied nerwatimgi mqji Oth«* supplied packages tndurh o binary releus* of th* X wtadtnr tysim X11R6) tw du AMIGA, with many oddftonol chentiv and packages such os pe»l. Enact games, ma i pragrotT : J many m*gobyti : «np tonl te*l film n ch os RFCs ond FAQs A [amplelw iitltofenon yu dn n avaitabio on the CD.
There aic afso tome Amiga0O5 nit nrr tr ¦ 1 ¦ h o* client* for AmiTCP ond Envoy Gateway): CDBoot 1.0 CDBoet b a lantasltc nevr product that 1-11 ¦ 3 use almost any CD 32 yuine cn art A1200 or A4 1 wbh -.7 . IM Jriv md any files',ilfiit: You tan create a cpnhj,.• h CD, containing rifanwiion about the Joypad emvln 't 1 in t! 10 Sove iIh fnghscore ‘ :ch C.D32 gome. U*e ond if li tion of CDBoot is very easy, men for begin™*, due to the excs'luit momhjI. Staco she carripiaSibilify is very high, you con use 96t« of CD32 gamt currently uvQi'ublo. CD-Boot 11 or*- excellent soflwcre solution lor
oil Arrii- ga amhustoil* who would like to enter the wisrid of CD32 gomes.
CDBoot 1.0: NetNews Offline Volume 1 N« N«wj Offline Vol. I I he fi '• dale of a • ¦» bimcnhly published u . ¦ of AMIGA CD-ROMs Vibi l cantons oil Anuga-refeited newsgroups from (Hr internet. Eve valuma U luces about 50.000 ofht les which contain hot mrnc i t, imp; "jnl mfonr ation obotrt ?!'
Aspr is of lh* Aqtlgo, p eiK«l«as-j - jns and famA wars,. .
A ftewsrrudei Is included. NetNewj Offline ij the cheap aliernotivn of getting in touch with UleniH NetNewt offline Vol. 1
• • Q • • O • • O * O • • O: * All products are available in
your local Amiga shop or though notional mail-order companies
• O • O • 0 * t O • * O * North American distributor: Amiga
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100336,1245 + u t u Editorial A Index of Advertisers 40 10
New Products & Other neat stuff Amiga Technologies readies
the release of the AMIGA Surfer for internet users, AT
opens a new know-a 11 web site, Tangent Music releases a
special CD in honor of the Amiga, Persistence of Vision Ray
Tracer is about to be released in version 3.0, and more.
48 On-Line by Rob Hays Amosaid.2, MUI, AmiTCP IP, VIIink, ppp.device, and iNTERiNSTALL are all important Internet tools discover what they are and where to find them.
14 Cinema 4D by Shamms Mortier Cinema 4D has landed on the American shores with a very deep and full-featured art and animation environment.
30 SnapMaps by Shamms M or tier Save time and effort as well as improve your images with plug-ins for your favorite graphics programs.
Zb New FX in PageStream 3 by Shamms Mortier Add new functions to PageStream with an array of new plug-in effects.
34 Moving from C to C++ by Rattdy finch Upgrade some of your best L programs to C++ with ease.
One of the featuies in Cinema 4D, P. 14 “The range of objects is very impressive.
LIGHT-ROM is worth every penny.” Jason Holbourn • Amiga Format January 1995 “A must have for Lightwave users.” Graeme Sandiford • Amiga Format August 1995 “This CD is a must have for Lightwave users.”
R. Shamms Mortier • Video Toaster User August 1995 “This has
got to be my favorite CD of all time.” Graeme Sandiford •
Amiga Shopper April 1995 “This CD ROM is an excellent
value.” David Taylor • Amiga Shopper August 1995 “The nicest
collection I’ve seen for Lightwave models Erik Flom • Video
Toaster User October 1995 'k Over 6,500 Lightwave objects
divided into categories including Anatomy, Aviation, Botany,
Buildings, Furniture, FX, Holidays, Household, Logos, Music,
Ships, Space, Sports, Tools and Vehicles.
? LIGHT-ROM 1 had 2,300 Lightwave objects, ? LIGHT-ROM 2 had 3.700 Lightwave objects & ? LIGHT-ROM 3 has 6.500 Lightwave objects, an increase of 2.800 objects over LIGHT-ROM 2!
? Collection of 3D objects in other formats including Imagine (175 megs), 3D Studio (100 megs) and Sculpt 3D (30 megs).
? 700 Textures in JPEG format complete with thumbnails.
? Public Domain graphic programs and demos for the PC and Amiga.
? Collection of 3D landscapes in Lightwave, 3D Studio and Imagine formats.
K Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts.
Bonus “DEM ROM” includes over 1000 DEMs (digital elevation maps) for use with VistaPro, World Construction Set and Scenery Animator on any platform.
? Use DEM ROM (along with any of these programs) to create realistic backgrounds or flights through your favorite scenery to incorporate into Lightwave or other 3D programs as background sequences.
K All DEMs include thumbnail renderings of their topographical maps.
Uslssi Dealers, call 1-800-265-4041 for distribution information.
3 CD ROMs for only $ 49.95 plus shipping.
Ihipping and handling is $ 4.95 for U.S. & Canada - $ 6.95 International.
GRAPHIC DETAIL INC. 4556 SOUTH 3RD ST. LOUISVILLE, KY 40214 USA VOICE I FAX - 502-363-2986 E-MAIL - michael@iglou.com [MasterCard] ORDERS ONLY -1*800-265*4041 "UQHT-RQM" is a reaistered Irademark at Graphic Detail Inc. "DEM ROM" is a trademark of Graphic Detail lac. AII other trademarks are the properly ol their respective companies.
I received a call the other day from an Amiga denier who had read AC and was upset with how positive he believed we had made everything sound. He felt that the Amiga had an opportunity, but that the current policies for dealers (he stated dealers, who order directly from Amiga Technologies' distributor, are required to purchase ten Amigas at one time and pay for them in advance) were too restrictive to allow the market to develop.
Such restraints would require dealers to have several orders booked and paid before they could order the product. It would be nearly impossible to kick-the-tires of a new Amiga and pick one up that day unless the dealer was fortunate enough to have a few left from his last big order. The dealer had a point.
While the dealer was upset with what he considered a too positive position, an Amiga Technologies executive had told me just before that we were too negative. The truth is, AC continues to present the facts of the Amiga market as clearly focused as we are able. This means we do get excited with good news and we do become deflated with negative information. However, many things are looking up for the Amiga.
The AMIGA Surfer On page 12 of this issue, we have an article about a new A1200 package soon to be released from Amiga Technologies. This package is a ready-to-run internet computer with all the software, hardware, modems, and even internet access. AT also plans on releasing the software package separately to current Amiga users.
Without getting too excited (after all they will need to market it), AT has offered consumers a product everyone else is trying to create. IBM, Apple and many others are attempting to develop and release a $ 500 internet box that plugs onto your television and allows you to access the internet. There will be no hard drive, no floppy drive, and almost no means to expand it.
For around $ 800, Amiga Technologies will offer the AMIGA Surfer. A full- powered computer with expansion capabilities, software libraries, and more.
Now' you see why it is sometimes hard not to sound too positive about the Amiga's future.
Amiga Technologies in Koln In a speech on November 11,1995 at the Computer 95 Koln, Germany, Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga Technologies stated, "Amiga shall become the best platform for Multimedia, 3D software, graphics processing, Internet and many- more applications." He follow'ed this up by announcing a new' A1200. "We plan to present the A1200 + in May. This model will feature either the Coldfire processor from Motorola, or the 68030 at 40 Mhz. SIMM sockets w'ill be integrated directly on the motherboard to allow easy memory expansion. The A1200 + is scheduled for the CEBIT in March 96."
In addition, Mr. Tyschtschenko also offered expansion information on the A4000. "This is going to be addressed first with the 060 board that we will market in early 96. Then, in 1st quarter 97, the Power PC 604 will replace the 060 in the new high- end model. Of course, the operating system will have to be ported to the new' RISC- Processor."
As Mr. Tyschtschenko discussed set top boxes with A1200 hardware, he also announced a new drive for the A1200. The Q-Drive is a quad speed CD ROM drive that "plugs into the PCMCIA connector and is provided with software to enable it to play CD 32 titles."
AC’s GUIDE Delayed Our most important task in creating AC's GUIDE is to provide a complete resource to Amiga products and services.
Doing that after the Amiga market has been dormant for so long has been extremely difficult. Our staff works the problem almost daily (we do take time out to complete issues as required). The result of our efforts to date a large amount of unanswered questions. Many vendors have either ceased completely or have sold their products to another company. It is not unusual to chase one product through three or four different companies. However, these are easier to handle than the large number of developers who do not bother to respond at all.
This is why the current GUIDE is still in production. We will complete it soon (come what may'). Any vendor who has not responded will either be left out of the GUIDE altogether or listed as nonrespon- sive. When a customer reads that a vendor is nonresponsive they will probably assume that the vendor will not be responsive to their needs either. This would be a shame.
The Amiga community needs all of its available products. No company is too small to be important to this community. If you have a product and you have not notified our offices do so now by faxing us a 508-675-6002. If you don't want to be involved, OK but you are going to miss some exciting times.
Amazing Computing AMIGA ni Amiga Surfer Great News?
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AMIGA™ is a registered trademark of AMIGA Technologies Gmbh Distributed in the U.S. & Canodo by international Peri coco! Dislrjbulors 674 Via de kj Valle, Ste 204, Sotona Beach, CA 92075 & Ingram Perkxfccfe Inc. 1226 HeS Quaker Blvd.. La Verne IN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. Oregon Research is proud to present a new world of Amiga rendering and animation Cinemo4D is packed with powerful features that will satisfy the most demanding users. All this power with on intuitive easy user interface that actually helps you work!
Modeling Rendering Animation Too s one Effects: Q Flexible tools for object manipulation (warp, jitter, bend, center, align, joining, distort, spin, smooth, extrude...) B Modeless point ond polygon editingFog, Phong shoding B Morphing, Explosions, Wind, Melting, etc. Gf 26 light slyles; Spot-, Sun-, ambient and colored light B Extensive materials library (glass, wood, metal...) Si Texture ond hump-mapping sellings for color, iTonsparenty, reflectivity, displacement,specularity ond luminosity, Si Unlimited expandability with plug in open architecture Rendering: B Screaming fast tendering.
Optimized algorithms B Rendering con be stalled seporafely • fully mulit-tosking B Dynamic Antial iasing for best resu I ts Disk MAGIC Constantly doing battle with Hie Shefl CU? Stop this futile struggle with OiskMAGIC, the eosy-io-use file and disk management utility from Oregon Research. OiskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, from the copying of disks ond files, to the viewing of pictures and anims, to demystifying dreaded archiving utilities.
In fact, you'll wonder how you ever used your Amiga without it.
All AmigaDOS commands are duplicated, and all are available with the simple click of a mouse button, or the press of a key. OiskMAGIC includes a user-definable file types facility,, includes a configurable launch utility, DiskDOCK, to moke the running of Workbench Cl! Programs, Arexx scripts, botch files, includes configurable viewers ond players for a wide range of file formats including, hex files, ANSI ASCII text files, IFF ILBM pictures, IFF anims ond HSN IFF sound files.
Gnemo4D provides a flexible multi-tasking development environment with powerful crpMities including window-hosed realtime interactive modeling directly in 3D, basic and complex primitives with uncountable variations, easy object manipulation, moveable tool, object and texture lists, user definable object hierarchies, MORE!
The Cinema40 animator breathes life into your objects and scenes, allowing you to effortlessly create your own reality. Whether your taskforce is docking with a new spocestotion, 01 you're exploring around the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4D it's simple. With just a few mouse dicks you will hove your objects move fluidly ond realistically through time ond space.
Cinema 4D's features include: B Interactive realtime modeler, Edit directly in perspective Bl Screaming fast rendering times.rendering always cancellable B Moveable tool palettes, Keyboard shortcuts, Undo function B Ful support for graphics cards (Picasso, Retro, Merfci, Piccolo,etc) B Imports ond exports all common modeling formats.
Objects; B User-editable object primitives B Complex objects (mannekin, morph, path, skinned, lathed, extruded, fractal, displacement, sun, fexl objects) B fractal mountain landscapes; Unlimited object numbers B Easily editable abject hierarchy; Direct point editing B Polygon ond 3 spline style models; Scale modeling Profess ono Animation; B Keyframe animation for objects ond the camera B Flexible Key-frame settings fa position, size and attitude) B Point I Click Path-based animation for objects and comera B Hierarchical animation without further editing B Inverse kinematic animation for
character animation B Camera animation (position, target, focal length, bonk.zoom) D Material animation (color, transparency, specularity,etc.)
B Texture animation (in animation playback) B light animation (color, fade, cone angle) B Sun animation (e.g. for simulating sunrise and sunset) B Time list control for precise graphical control of animations Bfi Genuine acceleration, broking, user defined complex functions Bfi kuerpokrtms r time and spocefmmed., bear,B pine ikma,nix) Cinema4D runs on all AMIGAs with a minimum of 3MB RAM, and Kkkstart 2 or higher. Cinemo4D supports idl Amrgo nnd graphic cord modes (HA A, HA A8,24bit,etc.) And recognized file formats (Imagine, Sculpt. OXF, Reflections, ek.). The package includes an extensive
user manual wiltt reference, tutoiiol & glossary sections, modeler, raftroc*, converter, scenes, objects,materiel library, textures, images, & online help.
Creafe your own reality with Cinema 4DH See your local dealer or contact us far a full fealured demonstration disk of the power of Cinema 4D T6200 S.W. Pixilic thvy., Suite 162 Tignnt, OR 97224 Phone: (503) 620-4919 FAX BBS: (503) 624-2940 Internet orms@ielepDif.coin Genie: ORA CIS: 71333,2655 Circle 108 on Reader Service card.
B Eliminates the need la ever use Ihe shelf B Easy-to-use ponh&dkk user interface, graphical view of disks and drawers Bfi All AmigaDOS commands - copy, delete, rename, prated etc,, Arexx scripts, programs ore D0 available at the push of a button, B Built-in viewers players for sound, text, picture & anrmalian files B infinitely configurable; change scraenmode, filetypes, functions, drives, mouse (unctions, keyboard shortcuts, devices etc. A Direct LHA support, copy in out of archws.
B freely definable hie types, setup a hie type for any file format.
B User-defined Drog and Drop facilities.
B DrskDOCK appication launcher - Recfr Cool!
Squirrel SCSI x Finally, a pluo and ploy SCSI 2 solution ( for your A1200 ond A600! Named for the famous storage hungry animal, the Squirrel SCSI interface simply pluas into your PCMCIA port. This instantly opens up a whole new world of possibilities! Attach up to 7 different devices including: Hard Oisks.Tape Drives, Syquest Removable, Floptical, lomeao ZIP. EZ-Drive, and any Scil CD-ROM drive including 3.4, ond 6x drives.
Completely compatible with any SCSI I or SCSI 2 device, Squirrel SCSI ochives a transfer rate 1,2Mb sec on c stock A1200 did 3 Mb sec on a 68030 occelerated A1200. Can be inserted or removed at any time and software outomatKalty mouits unmounts the drives!
Drivers are ofl CD32 compctfcle so you can nm your favorite C032 titles!
Squirrel comes tomptefe with SCSI software drivers and a host of utility programs including an audio CO player, o CO to HO sampler, ond easy to use SCSI formatting and partitioning software.
Squirrel ZIP Tools Full featured disk management software for Iomega ZIP drives! Zip disk foundling, read write protect management, password protect, control software eject. Use wilfi ATI¥ SCSI lnteifate(does not requite Squirrel SCSI). KxMk Now! Coll for information on special Imoega Zip Drive ond CD-ROM Bundles Elegant ond powerful Disk Cataloging and Hard Disk Backup and Restore software coming soon!
Term fe - On The Ball - GameSmith MegaloSound - Devpac 3 - Twist 2 Dear AC: | FEEDBACK j| I thought your Final Calc review in the November, 1995 issue was good. 1 would like to point out one error in the review.
Final Calc does load Lotus 123 and Symphony files. I have loaded a file saved with an old version of 123, 2.01. In Symphony 1 have loaded files saved with version 1.01. The cells with labels are aligned (left, center, right), numbers cells are formatted (currency, percentage, general). Just do a recalc to update formulas. All 1 had to do was just open a Project with that 123 file, as is. I won't say just how easy it was here.
Sincerely, Karl Swisher Dear Amazing Amiga, Like many others, I am glad you have managed to tough it out and 1 am looking forward to an updated Guide.
Regarding another matter, I know you have very limited pages available for each issue of Amazing Amiga, but I would like to put in my vote for reinstating the "Bug Bytes" section, in some manner. This would be especially helpful to those of us who are isolated holdouts of Amiga computing. In spite of all the hoopla and hype, research shows that the vast majority of computer users are not on-line, necessitating other means of seeking help when A500 A1000 use A2000 Zorro II $ 99-$ 399 | (Price varies per unit) US S&H-S30. GND, $ 35. AIR I CeV Design :Dealer Distributor since 1939 I 11 Spring
Street, Reading, MA 01867-2640 tel :617-942-0209 Circle 110 on Reader Service card.
Needed. This would seem especially true with the Amiga fans, as the user base has been allowed to dwindle to nearly nothing in many locales.
Sincerely, Barlow Soper, Ph.D. Ruston, LA Dear AC In response to Martin McKecver's lengthy letter in the November, 1995 AC, I have the following comments.
To begin with, I somewhat resent his belittling of the A3000 as "repackaging of old technology", as I am the proud owner of two of them. 1 would ask Mr. McKeever to try and run SCSI devices on his A2000 without taking up a valuable zorro slot with a 2091 or similar card, or to turn on his A2000 from the front, which seems to be so important to him (yes, the 3000 has a power sw'itch on the front of the console). Not even the old A4000 has a built-in SCSI interface.
As for his complaints about the 4000T design featured on the July cover, I agree with him that the cost of the dramatic retooling necessary for such a dramatic design change would be forbidding, especially for a company looking to recoup its $ 10 million-plus investment as soon as possible. Not only that, but since they have been consulting with former Commodore employees, and not a single Amiga enthusiast 1 know liked the design, I doubt that they had any true intentions of pursuing it.
So why the strange design? 1 have a theory. Amiga Technologies had a twofold problem. The first was to announce as widely as fiscally feasible that the Amiga had returned. By publishing such a talked- about design, not only did the entire Amiga community take notice, but it might have been newsworthy enough to get some mention in one of the generic computer magazines. Also, by showing off a radically-changed design, Amiga Technologies symbolically divested themselves completely from the stigma of Commodore, a name hated by many.
Fortunately, the recent Video Toaster Expo revealed a few things. First, the actual 4000T's have a much more conservative design, although still different from the original. Also, NewTek proclaimed 100% compatibility with the Toaster 4000. 35,000 A1200's have already been sold in Europe, and they are trying to catch up to an 85,000- unit backlog. The posters Amiga Technologies brought with them from Germany stated that Amiga was "back for the future". It is clear that in spite of the spurts of the last few months, Amiga Technologies is up and running at full speed.
Future development has not been scrubbed either. Although the AAA chipset was never discussed (the rumor is that it is already obsolete anyway), they did announce current development of an Amiga CPU based on the Power PC architecture. It will theoretically emulate 060 faster than an 060. Also in the works is a DEC Alpha zorro card for superfast rendering.
We have all been understandably impatient for the last 18 months, wondering if our beloved Amiga would disappear entirely from the face of the earth. It is therefore understandable that we would be so eager to hear news once Commodore was purchased, and angry when no information could be given. Consider that the first piece of information that was given out widely, the old design for the 4000T, was greeted with much venom. I'm sure that Amiga Technologies found out that in the case of the Amiga and its users, PR is better left on the side of caution, and it was better to wait until a product
was in its absolutely final stages before announcing anything about it, to preempt any disappointment from broken promises based on preliminary work which were later changed through the development stage.
Although Mr. McKeever is understandably upset, 1 hope that what Amiga Technologies has done in the last month or so will serve to calm him. Indeed, since the Amiga nearly went into the black hole of corporate bankruptcy, we should be thrilled that someone bought the technology, and is continuing to support it. Constructive criticism will no doubt be welcome, but let's not be negative about Amiga Technologies, since they actually did succeed in getting 1200's back into production in only a few months, even after over a year of closed plants and laid-off technicians. Kudos to them, and the
best of luck, for the sake of all Amiga enthusiasts!
Brad DeMoss »AC PRINT COLOR PHOTOS DIGITAL COLOR PHOTO PRINTER FROM YOUR COMPUTER The new FotoFUN! Digital Color Photo Printer opens up a whole new world of fun possibilities for your computer! With FotoFUN!, you can take any image - from Photo Cds" digital cameras, on-line services, or your own scanned photos - and print real color photos from your computer.
The color and clarity are as good os that of traditional snapshots! Plus, you can: FORGO
• Print your own photo postcards, for holiday greetings or
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T. eiO« FiiftTCl PA'kU* 1 Use image-editing software to crop
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1 Create personalized photo coffee mugs - far gifts or souvenirs.
Mugs and blank postcards sold separately as port al FoloMUCr and FotoFUN! Postcard Film Nits. Image-editing software must be purchased separately.
For real color photos and real fun things to do with them.
For the dealer nearest you 1 A AA 007 AlfiA or to order direct, coll: | ¦(lUU 7 To order from outside the U.S.A. and Canada, call (612) 941-94 0 or FAX (612) 941-7836.
WWW: http: www.fargo.com ’Average U.S. retail price is under $ 400. But dealer prices may vary. FotoFUN1 and FotoMUG! Are trademarks and FARGO is FORGO a registered trademark ol FARGO Electronics. Incorporated, All electronics, incorporated other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
©1995 FARGO Electronics. Inc., 7901 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 U,S A FREE RENDERING
• MamlXJQ'J fitly feocki ¦Alluring ?t«» AiTriuo CW fowtaJWpi the
original demise of Commodore to the final sale to has bean
there! During this crisis, Anuizl has gon to great lengths to
be Mie first witftmews its readers, From interviews with
theuiew 'hts and idei s of Amiga usters, Amazing* the way in
somplete Arnica coverage. Ah s
• st discussed c a the networks*AC should be tjrom tne or
ESCOMyAC Computing h and imormai rmation to the th has 1 is
the your first new format.
Dial toll-free An the US and C 508-678-421)0. You may also adada, 1-800-345-3 60, or dial 1 ax AC at 508-675 6002.
By popular demand, this special edition of the 1994 FrozenFish is the first of the “fish line" to be PC compatible, allowing Amiga users with PC CD-ROMs access to the "fish disk" archives.
FrozenFish '95 contains 100 “fish disks", making it the most complete library of Fish material available. Archived on a per-floppy basis, this multi-platform CD is fully readable on all systems, including Amiga, MS-00S, Windows, OS 2, Mac and UNIX. Each directory contains a standard “FILES.BBS" file.
(H) LUME 3 GoldFish Volume 3 marks a change in the GoldFish
series by presenting material unarchived on a single CD
format with user friendly access system allowing most
programs to be reviewed and executed from a centralized
interface. Volume 3 contains material from FreshFish Volumes
8-10 as well as the latest PD software. The GoldFish series
represents an effective method for users to maintain their
“fish library" in a more periodic manner.
FrozenFish - August 95 '19”' GoldFish Volume 3 s19* GoldFish Volume 2 *19’i - 2 CD set GoldFish Volume 1 !19n - 2 CD set Eric Schwartz Productions
E. S. Productions CD Archive created by Eric Schwartz, contains
all of Eric s previously released animations and artwork. Also
included are several unreleased animations, dozens of
unreleased pictures, Imagine and LightWave 3D nrII-,:!', used
in creating some of the animations and a special set of icons.
As a bonus this release Introduces three new large animations
as wet) as material from other Amiga artists and cartoonists
Eric has worked.with!
E. S. Productions CD Archive '24A FantaSeas Portfolio Photo CD.
Is a 2-CO set capturing the beauty and diversity of the
oceanic world. Almost 300 photographs encompass the globe from
the walls of Grand Cayman to Fiji’s Bega Lagoon. All photos
are 24 bit images providing resolutions up to 3072 x 2048
Released quarterly, the FreshFish CD’s are compilations of the newest programs, libraries, documentation, animations, pictures, etc. presented in unarchived form. FreshFish has been designed with more user fnendty access allowing most programs to be reviewed and executed from a centralized system.
FreshFish 19” Subscriptions (4 CD’s) '59n With triple the choice of most photo Cds, FantaSeas is an excellent source for stock photography.
Requires Photo CO compatible CD-ROM drive and system software. Bonus - Includes Portfolio Photo CD software for Mac and PC users.
FantaSeas '39*' 111! 11)11 U!jliJUiy uiiilUJL'Da 6® North Alma School Rnari Suite 18 Chandler, Arizona 85224-3687 USA voice (6021 491-0442 FAX (602l49)-0O48 EMAIL infotFdmiqjtib.com OR CALL (800) 804-0831 Circle 116 on Reader Service card.
BTJ fiHMirun TliilDlilD JUTJiiiJliiTILJllii CisiM Zimmetsmuhlenweq 73 0-61400 Oberursel GERMANY PHONE * 49 61 185937 FAX * 49 67 18302 EMAIL Cqmpu rn, 100336,1245 MASTERCARO VISA ACCEPTED FrfrshFiih1*, FrKtnFfoil* GcMFfvK11 and Rs«itaSeas1,,arf trdtffmarta of Amiga Library Service.
Tangent Music Tangent Music, with former England Commodore executive David Pleas- ance, has announced the release of a new collection of music called Everybody's Girlfriend in honor of the Amiga's ten years in existance. Called "a celebration in music of ten years of the Amiga" by Tangent, the music is available either on CD or cassette, and includes songs such as "Living on the Bread Line," "Para Mi Amiga (Homage to Jay Miner)", and "Fiesta after the Siesta," along with others. The collection includes fourteen songs in all, inspired by and recorded with the Amiga. Everybody's Girlfriend is
£11.99 for a compact disc or £10.99 for a cassette. There is also a credit card hotline: 0181-573-5614.
Aminet® 9 Schatztruhe has announced the release of Aminet® 9-December 1995.
This newly updated Aminet boasts more than 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives.
Since the release of Aminet® CD 8 more than 500 MB of new software has appeared. The current edition has a special focus on games, and nearly 1,000 games are included.
Persistence of Vision RayTacer Changes and Corrections In the December Amazing Computing, there is an article on the Persistence of Vision RayTacer (POV-Ray) written by Dave Matthews. Joel NewKirk, the Amiga representative on the POV-Ray Team (e-mail at 102627.1152@ compuserve.com), notified us of several changes.
The AC article is based upon POV- Ray V2.2, which will soon be replaced by version 3.0 (expected first quarter of
1996) and which (according to Team members) is a greatly enhanced
and expanded program. Some of the features new to 3.0 are
internal animation looping, significant changes and
additions to textures, objects, mathematical functions and
atmospheric effects. Also new to version 3.0 Amiga will
be a GUI front-end, and support for 16-bit and 24-bit
displays under WB 3.0. NEW PRODUCTS andother n&at stadd For
more information on 3.0, there is a file called "POV3PREV.
LHA" in the gfx 3d section of Aminet which contains
specifications and some sample images. Further POV informa
tion can also be found at the Team's web and FTP sites:
http: povray.org and FTP at povray.org. Unfortunately, one
of the images accompanying the article in AC, Figure 5, is
incorrectly titled as an alien warship, which it is not.
This is apparently a group of samples on a simple 3D form.
And last, but certainly not least, POV-Ray continues to be absolutely free.
Miss Captioned In the December Amazing Computing, there is an article on the The Persistence of Vision RayTacer (POV-Ray) by Dave Matthews. AC had an incorrect caption on figure 5. The caption read, "Sample POV textures on an alien warship model."
The POV Team contacted AC and said that this is not a warship model unfortunately, they did not tell us what it really is. Any guesses?
DesignWorks features the first h iera re hi a l-s witching, context-sensitive (HSCS) toolbox in the industry.
Accessible and easy to use, it provides instant access to most DesignWorks functions, ft offers a wide variety of operations and tools that make drawing fun and effortless.
Most drawing programs let you undo your mistakes. Only DesignWorks gives you a list of all operations and lets you choose how far back you wanl to go In your drawing! This is just another example of the creative and original thinking that has gone into the development of DesignWorks.
A Revolutionary Drawing Interface Multiple Drawing Layers Powerful Arexx Macro Language Multi-Page Images Multiple Document Support Customizable Multi-Color Fill Patterns EPS, DR2D, and IFF Exporting Multiple Undo and Redo Levels Bitmap Import Support Including:
• JPEG Toronto 371 Old Kingston Road 416-286-0001 London 395
Wellington Road 519-681-0004 Montreal 130 Laurier Avenue West
514-279-0002 Ottawa 1315 Richmond Road 613-596-2542 Vancouver
Unit 280, 4040 3 Road 604-279-4240 Calgary 8180 Maclead Trail
S., Suite 12 403-253-0009 Contact your Local AMIGA Dealer or
call WCI Distribution for ttie to you 613-226-0000 Dealer
Inquiries Welcome Contact: wci distribution 613-226-0000
Fax:613-226 'onder.ca Making your drawings look professional
never been easier. DesignWorks simplifies creative process with
new features that are and fun to use. Features such as a new
drawing interface, modular filter support, and powerful object
creation and controL Its the perfect way to make signs,
posters, maps or to add illustrations (o your desktop
publishing or word processing documents!
Encapsulated PostScript” and DR2D exporting will make your drawings look picture perfect wherever you choose to use them.
BHB In a move to take advantage of the Amiga's unique abilities and the potential world wide internet market, Amiga Technologies has announced the AMIGA Surfer Amiga 1200 bundle. The AMIGA Surfer includes an AMIGA 1200 with 2MB RAM, a 260 MB harddrive, and a 14.400 Baud modem. The software will include a complete Internet bundle which corporate execs say will enable Amiga users to access all popular Internet services. The small computer which can be attached to a television will provide Web- Surfing, FTP file transfer (new drivers, updates, patches, shareware and freeware), IRC electronic
teleconferencing with unlimited amount of participants and email with graphic, sound and animation support. To ease start-up problems, a country specific telephone cable is provided with the system.
Europeans will be able to register with IBM before March 31st and receive 100 hours of free access time.
The AMIGA Surfer will continue to include Amiga Technologies' "AMIGA Magic" bundle of productivity software. The AMIGA Magic software bundle includes WordWorth v4SE wordprocessor), TurboCalc v3.5 (spreadsheet), DataStore vl.l (database), Photogenics
vl. 2SE (graphics program), PersonalPaint v6.4 (paint program),
Organizer vl.l, ScalaMM300 (multimedia authoring
system harddisk systems only), as well as the entertainment
software Pinball Mania and Whizz.
At 1198 DM (about $ 800 US), the complete system will offer the public a unique entry into the internet revolution. AMIGA Surfer will be available in February in Europe and shortly after in North America.
AMIGA Technologies Berliner Ring 89 D-64625 Bensheim FOX +49 62S2 709 520 url: http: WWW.AMIGA.DE Nj%w Amiga Sifet AMIGA a n r Amiga Technologies has a new Amiga web site on the Internet, http: Amiga.de accesses Escom and Amiga Technologies latest releases. Amiga Technologies will publish speeches, corporate philosophy, new product announcements, and more. The site will also be hot-linked to other Amiga sites around tire globe, a ji».
M,u i?
Correction: In the New' Products section of the January issue of Amazing Computing, the address for Amiga Library Services should have been listed as 610 N. Alma School Rd. Ste. 18, Chandler, AZ 85224, Tel. (602) 491-0442, Fax (602) 491-0048.
¦ I! •
• AC* COMPUTERS Canada's Home ol Amiga PC-Task 5.1 ¦Superior
80286 Emulation
- No additional hardware required ¦Minimum 020 based machine
recommended for Windows
* 149-99 (*109.99 US) DirWbrk 2.1 ¦Totally user configurable
directory utility ¦Can operate easily even on 512k Amigas
• Works with AmigaDOS 1.2 and up!
* 79.99 (*54-99 US) Design¥forks 2.0 ¦New Release Version
- All new interface
• Support for several new file formats ¦excellent addition to any
DTP package!
* 149.99 (*109.99 US) GPFax
• Best selling fax software for the Amiga!
¦Class 1 & 2 support in one package ¦Supports all popular fax modems
- Latest revision *79*99 (*59.99 US) Psion 3a Palmtop Computer
¦Top selling palmtop, worldwide ¦Can swap text files,
spreadsheet files, "The most complet image processing
& database material with any Amiga using Workbench 2.1 or above
* 499.99 (*569.99 US)
• Works with any Amiga
• Hundreds of features!
£*19 Epson Color stylus 2s Printer S399-99 ($ 289-99 US) EnPrint Epson Stylus Color Driver for the Amiga: only 929.99 ($ 22.99 US) with purchase of Epson Color Stylus Printer Dell High Density Floppy Drive $ 159-99 ($ 109-99 US) Practical Peripherals 14.4kbps $ 129.99 ($ 89-99 US) Modems 28.8Kbps $ 269-99 ($ 199-99 US) Come and visit one of our many locations... Toronto: 371 Old Kingston Road (Scarborough), London: 395 Wellington Road, Phone: (416) 286.0001 Phone: (519) 681.0004 Phone: (514) 279.0002 Phone: (613) 596.2542 Phone: (604) 279.4240 Phone: (403) 253.0009 Fax: (416) 286.0038 Fax: (519)
681.7736 Fax: (514) 279.6229 Fax: (613) 596.9349 Fax: (604) 279.4241 Fax: (403) 253.2435 Montreal: 130 Laurier Ave. West, Ottawa: 1315 Richmond Road, Vancouver: Unit 280 4040 3 Road (Richmond), New Store! Calgary: 8180 Macleod Trail S., Suite 12, ...Or give us a call!
During these dark times when the Amiga kingdom has been covered in the thick soot left by the fires of the Commodore disaster, it seems that other nearby Amiga realms have been somewhat less affected by it all. Europe, and England in particular, has kept the Amiga tradition alive. With a market base very different from the professional videographics American market, a few English developers have kept up a steady pace, upgrading their Amiga offerings and feeding the Amiga fans' hunger for new products.
Most of these products have, of necessity, addressed the Amiga game market, with a few developers venturing forth into the area that the Amiga is best known for computer graphics. The majority of creations have been in the realm of 2D, with products like Personal Paint and PhotoGenics. The "hit" 3D software has been, up to now, decidedly US products, such as Imagine and LightWave, though many European users prefer Real3D as well (a European package).
I have noticed a definite Eurocentricity in the way European Amiga magazines hype native wares and either neglect or in some cases go out of their way to slam US products when they get the chance (the most noticeable exception being the stand-alone version of NewTek's LightWave). My sources tell me that this is because US developers tried to lock out the rest of the world during the Cinema 4D includes several pre-formatted scenes such as the one at the top of the page.
Cinema 4D’s main editing window (left) holds a number of toolboxes and the scene display in a clear and comprehensive environment. All changes can be initiated visually through icons or numerically when exactness is at stake.
Cinema 4D has landed on the American shores with a very deep and full-featured art and animation environment.
Amiga's hey day, and now it's payback time. Whatever the truth or the grudges, now is not a time to hold to a chauvinistic view of things on either side of the Atlantic, but to look at all products honestly as either beneficial to the new and revitalized Amiga universe or not worth your investment.
Cinema 4D has been around for some time in Europe.
Every once in a while I would see an ad for it in a European magazine. Lately, those mentions have heated up the air, so I suspected that something real was taking place other than European hype. The fact that a major American developer, Oregon Research, has taken over the task of distributing Cinema 4D in the States (it was most difficult to get hold of before this) made it available and inevitable that I would look at it closely.
Cinema 4D Cinema 4D comes on six disks and ships with a 400+ page manual. It requires an Amiga with at least KickStart
2. x, a hard drive, and 3 megs of RAM, but it responds more
favorably to higher specs. For testing purposes, I installed
Cinema 4D on an Amiga 2000, an Amiga 3000 Tower (with a
Picasso card, which the software supports), and on an Amiga
4000. The look and feel seems more suitable for an AGA
machine, though it worked fine on the other two systems as
well. Installation is nearly automatic and a serial number is
provided for the personal registration of the software. No
dongles or other protection devices are needed.
The Interface Certainly "LightWave", or maybe "Caligari" is the first thought that comes to your mind when the perspective grids pops to the screen, but a closer examination allows you to quickly dispense with any suspicion that this is a LightWave clone. This is not a clone of any other package, as testified to by both the toolbox icons and the balance of The Rendering requester (top) shows the amount of time of the render, while the Information Window allows you to target specific properties to Objects.
The Objects Toolbar (upper middle) floats on the interface, giving you instant access to tools and objects.
Cinema 4D generates fractal objects like the terrain in the foreground (lower middle). It also has an automatic “figure” generator like the one shown here.
The “Crumpling” feature (bottom) instantly adds more convoluted detail to the on-board fractal terrain generator, giving it a more organic feel.
Crumpled and textured paper lies atop pebbles in this Cinema 4D rendering.
The way one maneuvers around in its virtual design world.
Most of the icons are not copies of anything we have become accustomed to, and a study of the documentation is vital if you desire to use this software as a creative tool. That is hardly a problem, however, since the manual, all 400+ pages, is well designed and capable of leading you tutorially by the hand through the arcane and sometimes convoluted world of 3D design and animation.
An Overview of Features If you are a 3D feature wonk (and let's confess it, who isn't), then you might want to read carefully as we touch on some of the featured aspects of the software, prior to getting into more detail later in the article.
With magnetism turned on in the Points Toolbar, selecting and moving any point on an object obeys the magnetism parameters, and pulls other points in the vicinity along.
You can preview render a scene at any point bv simply accessing the filmstrip tool in the l tolbox and staling w hat rendering mode you would like to see (from monochrome to shaded wireframes, shaded polys, scan line, or full raytracing). This takes place on a separate screen with impressive speed.
Cinema 4D has large buttons in the toolbox to represent view changes, from the standard three axis iews to a "3D" viewplane (camera view), a perspective view, and a simultaneous tri-view. For Amiga users, il's like having Sculpt 4D and LightWave at the same time.
As for Objects, Cinema 4D offers you thirteen different primitives to build complex models from, as ell as five adjustable polygon objects (I a the, Morph. 1 ’nth. Extrude, Skinned), plus some special poh eons like Star, Fractal (nice for mountains) and my fa orile, Figure.
Figure is a fully functional 3D mannequin, ready for texture mapping and animating. What a great idea, making a 3D figure an accessible built-in part of a 3D design and animation program.
Polygons in a scene can be any number you would like, and all of the edges and vertices on any polygonal shape can be reshaped quickly in any view. All of these functions can be adjusted in real time. Cinema 41) also includes Boolean operators, meaning that you can drill and combine objects in a number of ways. At each step of the wav, the speed of all operations is very impressive.
Cinema 4D also incorporates inverse kinematics, a very high end tool vital to animators, especially when organic models are part of a scene. Inverse kinematics, just in case the term is new to you, allows you to move hierarchical objects that are connected together so that all of the "children" objects in a hierarchy move with a parent (like a lower arm and hand and fingers moving along with an upper arm). Cinema 4D's inverse kinematic controls and processes are easy to put into action, and one of the best implementations I have seen of this capacity on any system (and that means all of the
animation programs on the iVlAC and under Windows).
The magnetism feature created these hilly surfaces from a flat plane in one easy step.
Rendering can be addressed internally from a pop-out renderer already mentioned, and 3D scenes can be exported to a number of formats, including: Cinema 4D, FastRay, Imagine, Reflections, Turbo Silver, VideoScape, PageRender and DXF. Allowing for DXFs means that the scenes can be rendered in most non-Amiga platform software as well if you have that need (LightWave also imports DXFs). And PageRender?! Though no longer on the market, it remains one of my all-time favorites (and obviously Hi-Soft respects it as well).
A texture and material library accompanies the package. The Undo function in Cinema 4D also has a "Safe Undo" feature, allowing you to recall a scene that was undone at a previous phase of your work. Now let's delve a little deeper... The Object Bar This is one of three alternate Toolbars you can bring to the screen at any time. Once you understand the icons, the Object Toolbar can aid greatly in the speed in which you access needed tools. The Boolean operator, for instance, is accessed without going to the top menu bar, a great advantage. All of the objects are represented here as well,
giving you lightning access to them. Icons are also available for both the ground plane and sky textures. All of the toolbars can be made vertical or horizontal to your liking.
Lighting Unlimited lights are supported and, in addition, you can choose to make selected objects glow with their own brilliance. Lights can be set as to both color and brightness, and Cinema 4D allows global lighting and spotlights.
Distance intensity fall-offs, shadowing, parallel, and soft lighting are included. The documentation offers a full lighting chart, the first time I have ever seen this in a 3D program.
The “Fractal” generator in Cinema 4D can create some interesting landscape teatures.
Rendering One welcome rendering feature is that you can watch as a scene is rendered to the screen in whatever resolution your system supports, and at the same time be saving the 24-bit render to a file. This is very useful on non-AGA Amigas, since it means that saving the 24-bit scene still allows you a modicum of visual feedback.
All of the rendering modes can be set as to resolution and bitplane depth by holding down the shift key while choosing the render option. This brings up a requester that allows you to set rendering parameters. It takes a few tries to get used to this new way of operating but, within minutes, it will feel like second nature. Rendering to the screen is where AGA users will benefit most, since 256 color or HAM8 render modes are supported. You can even save the screen render if desired, in addition to saving the accompanying 24-bit version.
The Texture Bar Like the Object Toolbar, the Texture Toolbar gives you more instant access to texturing tools. This Toolbar gives you instant access to wrapping types (spherical, cylindrical, planar), a tiling toggle (user input horizontal and vertical units), using the object or world axis as an origin for textures, adapting the texture to the object, orthogonal mapping, plus mirroring the texture prior to projection (horizontal and vertical). Textures appear on the workspace like any other object, and so can be moved and resized for animation purposes.
Imagine an object on which textures float in a series, as if they were being projected from a distant space. This is possible in Cinema 4D.
The Point Control Bar The third alternate Toolbar is the Point Control Bar, used for easy access to the tools used for reshaping and editing objects. The magnetism tool is one of my favorites for deforming objects, especially during an animation. This tool has a number of default shapes, from sine waves to smooth curves, and with the right settings you can reshape any polygonal surface.
Polygons Cinema 4D has five different polygon interpolation formats: Linear, Cubic, Akima, B-Spline, and Jump.
Linear creates polys with straight lines connecting points, Cubic creates a smooth curve that is interpolated between the points with a tendency to overshoot tight bends, Akima does the same but without this tendency, 13- Spline creates a curve that may skip the control points, and while Jump is a special curve fitting feature for animating. For mathematics students, the manual contains a more complete description of the theory connected with these interpolative methods.
The same landscape as the one on the left with “crumpling” added gives more realism.
Object Deforming Distortions are applied according to the plane being addressed (X, Y, or
Z) and then specific algorithms address the distortion principles
to be applied. It takes a while to get the hang of what the
mathematical relationships are to the visuals (we'll do a
later Amazing tutorial showing the comparative applications of
distortion algorithms), but the exploration is enjoyable.
Distortions are best appreciated in an animation, showing objects reacting to unseen forces. There are fifteen distortion algorithms, and the documentation lists all the formulas for study.
One of my favorite distortion tools in Cinema 4D is called "Crumple", and it does just what you think it would.
Apply it to a segmented planar surface and watch it instantly become a piece of crumpled paper. The wrap function is also interesting, allowing you to take a selected object and shape it to a sphere, cylinder or path, bending its points in the process. All of the deformations have uses as logo animation devices.
Morphing and other effects Explosions. Cinema 4D has them.
Objects can be consigned to explode over time on one (axis), two (plane), or all three (spherical) viewplanes. Both forward and backwards time are supported. How about melting an object? Just enter the strength of the effect and watch your solid objects melt into a circular puddle. Wind effects? Yep. Make a flag wave in the breeze, or find other more arcane uses for this effect.
Cinema 4D's morphing effects demand that both the source object and the target have the same number of points and edges. This is a standard being moved away from in the industry at large, so it would be welcome if Hi-Soft developed a morphing system that did not require this restriction, though having morphing on board in any form is welcomed.
Cinema 4D offers three pulsing effects: Position, Size, and Direction, each of which initiate three different Amiga fonts are translated to 3D fonts.
Kinds of moving pulses to shudder through an object with selectable variance in amplitude, position, size, and proportion.
Animating Cinema 4D has most of the animation tools that advanced Amiga animators have come to expect, including splined control over acceleration-deceleration time parameters, frame speed settings, VCR-like controllers for playbacks, splits and joins for sequences, a full featured information display window, and more. Cinema 4D allows you to create animation paths by using either keyframes or polygonal paths. This is good, since neither method by itself can answer all of the problems and challenges faced by animators.
When a sequence is completed, you can also edit the keyframe's time positions, as well as adding more or deleting targeted keyframes, in an animation editing window. The animation keyframing controls should be intuitive for animators with even a modicum of experience, and easy to learn by the novice.
Magic Link MagicLink ships with Cinema 4D, and looks like a very powerful 3D format converter. It translates textures, materials, and object hierarchies along with object formats amongst several programs (see the start of the article for targeted software).
Conclusions At a time when it seems foolhardy to focus on another 3D animation and design program (after all, don't we have LightWave, Imagine, Aladdin 4D, Real3D...), Cinema 4D has landed on the American shores with a very deep and full-featured art and animation environment. It seems to have taken notice of all that have gone before, and incorporated at least the look and feel VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A 800-735-2633 800-735-2633
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uo surcharge. We also ship COD only in pay uicul of Cash.
Cashier’s Check or Money Order. All returns must be returned and accompanied with a RMA with in 15 days. Defective products will lie replaced with the same item only. Other returns subject to 25% res locking fee. Shipping & Handling charges are uou-refundable. Price & availability arc subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
Info : (408) 626-2633 Fax : (408) 625-6588 BBS : (408) 625-6580 of its older cousins. It offers truly amazing depth at a good price, and also seems to be trustworthy when it comes to service and longevity (since the Amiga market in Europe, its home base, is booming). It will probably be appreciated differently by new users versus those of us already trained and chained to other software. It has features, however, totally unique that guarantees it will not be classified as a clone of anybody else. There are some things I would like to suggest for its next release.
Cinema 4D can certainly hold its own against any of the Amiga 3D competition, though various packages have strengths in different areas.
Suggestions for the Future I would like to see a function added that would allow faster access to a rendering configuration screen. It would also be helpful if there was an on-demand help screen connected to tool usage and properties. I found the text requester a bit strange. I loaded a font that had unreadable attributes, but instead of allowing me to escape this condition, the program kept telling me that the attributes could not Circle 120 on Reader Service card.
Be loaded, instead of allowing me to return to the requester to choose a new font.
I would also like to see an approximate estimate in the rendering window of how much time the rendering might take, so I can go get a cheese sandwich if possible while the Amiga is working.
Setting various rendering resolutions might be better handled if there was a separate "resolutions" item in the menu bar (maybe even a rendering heading) rather than the present method of holding the shift key down while accessing a rendering mode to get the appropriate requester.
It also took me a while to get used to the fact that clicking on an object's axis node and dragging does not drag the object. Instead, the program thinks you're trying to move the axis (rotational center and alignment characteristic). Instead, you click on the node to select the object, then move off of the node to actually move the object. This is a bit confusing and should be rethought.
1 would also like to see Postscript as an added import format, making PostScript Fonts, clipart, and vector drawing shapes possible to translate to 3D. There should also be an interrupt different areas. I would even like to see LightWave offer some of the tools that Cinema 4D has.
If you price the 3D packages around, you will find that this one comes in at a remarkable cost per feature ratio, and, in many ways, it is a bargain considering its quality and the seeming devotion Hi-Soft has for continuing to upgrade it.
What is the most important conclusion I reached while working through the steps to be able to speak honestly about this software? It is that it actually exists, and by its existence proves that superlative software is still being developed for the Amiga, which should make everyone happy. Cinema 4D feels as if its been built for the Amiga and that it is determined to stay around for a good while.
Cinema 4D MSLP: $ 279.95 HiSoft Systems The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK +44 (0) 1525-718181 +44 (0) 1525-713716 FAX email: hisoft@cix.compulink.co.uk In the US Oregon Research 16200 S.W. Pacific Highway, Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224
(503) 620-4919
(503) 624-2940 FAX email: orres@teleport.com added to the "show
picture" button in the "Emboss" menu. I thought that render
times were a bit long, especially when texture maps were
involved ( a standard rendering took about 15 minutes with
a two object raytraced scene on my A4000). Faster render
should be incorporated.
Last Comments My remarks above are meant as critical suggestions for possible changes, and in no way detract from the awesome depth and creative options in the software. Cinema 4D can certainly hold its own against any of the Amiga 3D competition, though various packages have strengths in DKB Announces WildFire 060 Accelerator for the A2000 & RapidFire SCSI-2 Controller The WILDFIRE is the first in a series of 060 boards for Amiga computers. You told us what you wanted in an accelerator and we listened. We have come up with the fastest accelerator for the A2000 to date: the WILDFIRE 060.
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The next design is for the A4000 and A4000T models. This board is ready to ship upon receipt of 060 CPU from Motorola, scheduled for January. If you have any comments or questions please call us at: 810-348-3821.
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H -D Dell Drive High Density, black, ultra illm-llne
1. 78 Mb external floppy drive $ 119.95 We also carry Power
Computing’s hi- Uenslty floppy drives Irom the UK.
Compatible with OS 2.1 or higher.
1. 76Mb XL Ext. Drive $ 134.95
3. 5Mb Super XL Ext. Drive 209.95
1. 76Mb XL Ini, lor A4000 124.95 NEC CDR-210P CD-ROM
• IS09660. Multi-Session Photo-CD
• SCSI • Double Speed • Caddyless Internal model $ 119.95 External
model $ 179.95 Sanyo CDR-H93MV CD-ROM
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100Mb Removable Disk 24.95 100Mb Disks (3Pack) 72.95 Zip Tools
24.95 Sony CDU-55 CD-ROM
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• SCSI, Double Speed, Caddyless Internal model $ 109.95 External
model $ 169.95 MM400 & MM300 SCALA MM300 $ 139.95 SCALA MM400
199.95 SCALA MM400 upgrade for MM300 owners 64.95 lOmega From
Village Tronic, ot Germany, we have the official 3.1 kits!
Each kil comes complete w Manuals, Disks & ROM(s).
AS320 3.1 KI1 lor the A500, A2000, & A2500 $ 129.95 AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000s $ 144.95 AS34Q 3.1 Kit tor all A4000s $ 144.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s $ 144.95 AS306 3.1 Kit for all A600s $ 129.95
3. 1 ROM for A500, A600, A2000 (Specity) $ 59.95
3. 1 ROM set lor A3000. A4000, A1200 (Specity) 79.95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 74.95 AS216 2.1 Kit Irom Commodore
52.95 AS216 2.1 Kit w 2.04 ROM 82.95 AS217 Arexx DOS Enhancer
14.95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 TekMagic (the new
GVP) now suppllies these high quality products. TekMagic's
designers are lormerly Irom GVP.
Combo boards feature sockets to bold 4 GVP SIMM 32s & 4 standard SIMMS.
Guru ROM v6 $ 71.95 Guru ROM V6A500 530HD 82.95 4008 SCSI-2 Controller 149.95 4008 SCSI-2 w 360Mb Quantum 299.95 I O Extender - 2 Serial, 1 Paral, 119.00 A2000 060 50 Combo 1459.00 A2000 040 33 Combo 979.00 A2000 040 33 LC Combo 879.00 A2000 040 40 Combo 1079.00 4Mb SIMM 32 60Ns 199.95 16Mb SIMM 32 60Ns 729.95 A1000 Internal Floppy Disk Drive $ 69.95 A1000 Case w all shielding 19.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard 79.95 AIR A2000 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A3OO0 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 Amiga Replacement Mouse 19.95 Mouse tor CDTV, wired - black 16.95 CBM A3000 Power Supply
139.95 CBM A4000 Power Supply 149.95 Bigtoot A40000 Pwr Sy 300W 269.95 Biglool A3000 Pwr Sy 250W 239.95 286 Bridgeboard PCB Only 69.95 CBM CDTV Control Pad 34.95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bol.) 19.95 Hard Drives We carry a full line ot 2.5' & 3.5' Hard Drives from Conner, Quantum Seagate, Micropolls, & Maxtor.
TeklVtagic 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 39.95 Super Denise 8373 34,95 CIA 8520 Chip
12. 95 Gary 5719 Chip
13. 95 Paula or Denise Chip
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1. 3 ROM Chip
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2. 04 ROM Chip
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2. 05 ROM Chip
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W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8A
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53. 95 Amber 1C 39 95 Ramsey Rev 7
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Card 98.95 Call Us We carry a complete line of RAM, CPUs, and
Please call for pricing and availability.
AMIGA Custom Chips CD-ROM CDTV CD-32 SALE CD-ROM Adults Only liiil Disks will work w CDTV, CD-32, A-570 and any Amiga model with a CD-ROM drive and appropriate driver software. Purchase 4, or more, and receive FREE SHIPPING.
69 XXX $ 14.00 Adult Sensations XXX
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Toolkit & .5Gig of Pics, Anims, Stereogram Pics & Anims;
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School 3 - Ages 5 and under
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Vegs, Herbs 9,00 Business, Politics & Media
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Science Demo Mania 1
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319. 00 j 35,00
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89. 95 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Edition
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exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT
ECopyrigh! 1996, lonyAnlonial* »Fx, All Rights Reserved New FX in PageStream 3 Add new functions to PageStream with an array of new plug-in effects.
I feel like an old timer, the archetypes that I used to think of when I saw Gabby Hayes on the Roy Rogers show as a kid (am I dating myself?). In my mind, an "old timer" is someone who remembers the world when it was very different from today. My children, for instance, used to ask me what life was like "when dad lived in the caves," making me feel somewhat like an old timer many years ago when my own beard wasn't this gray.
An "old timer" in relation to technology, because of the maddening pace at which things keep moving, is someone who remembers (and maybe even uses) last year's technology. In the Amiga universe, an old timer is i - ui»iniQia»i 47.3: i pMaiai hum us* non* ¦ . I-+I , 1-3. . 1-5 . I--9 . 1° I . A . . |2 I . 17 I . 14 , . 15 ¦ . |6 , . 17 , . |3 , . I? , , |ifl . |JA . |ia, . |13, The PageStream 3.x layout screen is customizable to the Amiga user’s needs.
By R. Shamms Mortier someone who has suffered through the Commodore times, which by themselves are responsible for more gray hairs then we would like to think about or count.
Part of my old time attitude stems from being able to remember what certain software programs were like at their inception, and having a remembered and mindful image of how they have either progressed over the years, or, in some cases, when the date of their demise came about. PageStream, from Soft Logik, is a piece of software that I feel especially mentally attached to, and it is easy to wonder about its history.
Not that many years ago (Five?
Six?), PageStream was born. I remember it well because at the time I had just purchased my third or so Amiga "desktop publishing" program, loaded it onto my system, and watched in horror as the printout appeared, looking like some dot-matrix jagged document from across the River Styx.
Having already passed the point of no return as far as my investments were concerned, and somewhat jadedly having been attracted to the ads for PageStream, I took the plunge. At the time, there were a couple of other Amiga DTP programs on the market, most notably Professional Page from Gold Disk, a hot seller.
A fierce competitive struggle ensued between Professional Page and PageStream over many years. Each camp had its warriors and detractors.
Many users opted for Professional Page. It was more stable as far as crashes, and offered the kind of prepress functions that professional users acclaimed. All of the while PageStream, which as I remember was originally a port from the Atari (which in itself irritated many Amiga savants), looked less than professionally oriented to at least the loudest crowd.
But there was something I liked about PageStream from the start, the feel of the interface, its ability to allow for the infinite resizing of fonts, the way it handled graphics, and other features that made me feel I could customize it to my needs. So, I jumped on board the PageStream bandwagon, where I have remained a rather outspoken passenger for many years a PageStream "old timer" as it were.
Now that does not mean that everything Soft Logik has done or is doing now is OK with me. It is not.
When Soft Logik charged customers for the upgrade before this one, and then delivered a quasi-finished product that embarrassed me and others that had stood by them for years, I protested everywhere I could, even in Amazing articles. Though probably based on a dire economic situation, in other words a need for cash flow by Soft Logik in the face of the Commodore debacle, it was not a wise decision by Soft Logik. When you release an unfinished product into this marketplace, you lose ten times what you might ever gain, it is always better to wait longer and make sure everything works. At the
moment, I think some of the extras that PageStream is charging for should be incorporated into the software itself, even if the price has to be augmented a bit to pay the bills.
¦ MINIM II.L ? ! » Untitled. I -View, t ? I - PHTeup * I u 1 % JP LC, ?[100* J736x476x24 1026k RGB (JPEG) All of this aside, however, 1 can happily tell you that the presc'nt PageStream (version 3.0h2) is 95% of the way towards what I had always hoped it would be. Together with my Amiga and trusty HP ill Laserjet PostScript printer, PageStream is more than paying its own way.
Filters and Effects PageStream now has a number of filters and effects, in other words, "plug-ins", to use the appropriate industry terminology. I am sure that we will see many more of these in the future, both from Soft Logik as well as other independent developers.
Wordworth Filter Wordworth is the best selling Amiga word processing package in Europe, although it faces heavy competition for that crown against Final Writer on this side of the globe.
Soft Logik has become the distributor of Wordworth in North America, so it I ED 11 The graphic you see on the PageStream screen (top) is a 24-bit JPEG. It is dithered down to 16 colors because of the Amiga 2000 it is running on. The picture was imported with the new JPEG filter. The BME program (middle) is included with PageStream, and this is where Gary's Effects reside. Gary’s Effects (bottom) allows you to add a good number of image effects to your graphics before importing them into PageStream.
1 3 EHE& A Q A od!
O © A A dv o vy w •4 4 V * * V| Jj.istort X y| Bend Lines
- rt-uiy Amazing te Very 171 lllHtfel I ? I QiIQ. H 94.6% 1
BiBglHl&l mill 5JI »|Q|K|b . . II . . . 12 . , . 13 . , . 14 .
. . 15 . .. 16 . . . 17 . ... 18 . , . 19
* Untitled. 1-View. 1 PaareStr'ean3 6 I ] Apply | lancei | Qk PI
S! W |4.4167" H |1.0667" 1 03m 130% 1 V [e5- FX |1.9333"
Text Effects pops to the screen in a visual display of the
possibilities, adding more value to PageStream itself.
Is logical that there would be a bridge between Wordworth and PageStream.
After installing this filter, it is a snap to load formatted Wordsworth documents into PageStream.
There are some cautions, however.
Wordsworth has text effects, tables, the ability to load in CGM (Computer Graphic Metafile) graphics, and its own hyphenation system. PageStream does not offer access to these Wordsworth features, but Soft Logik may offer upgrades to this filter online at their BBS number that can be downloaded.
JPEG Filter The JPEG filter is simple to operate. You merely choose to place a graphic in your document, the software recognizes that it is a JPEG, and in it roars.
Gary’s Effects Gary's Effects work with the PageStream BME2 module (Bit-Map Editor), which is used to enhance and translate graphics prior to their importation into PageStream. Among the effects that this module addresses are averaging, median filtering, maximum minimum, equalize, solarize, threshold, hue saturation, gamma corrections, blurring, histograms, and convolves. BME2 ships with PageStream.
Text Effects This is the fattest plug-in for PageStream thus far. It was designed to give you more varied control over text blocks so that your DTP publications can be more visually interesting.
There are three main Text Effect options: DistortX (text warping tool), Bend Lines (adds finer increments to text warps), and Scale Text to Fit (needed for text on a curve effects).
Since PageStream has an open and welcoming Arexx port, you could script your own text effects as well as taking heed of those offered. Text Effects objects can be edited like any other PageStream object. The design of Text Effects is truly comforting to the user. All of the effects pop up in a visual display. A simple click on any one of the effects produces the expected result on the text. This is the best effects production tool 1 have seen on any platform, and makes PageStream a value added product.
Conclusions Users who have the Amiga version of PageStream should know that there will soon be a MAC PowerMAC (Spring '96) and a Windows (Later in '96) version of the program. All Amiga files will be transportable, so for those who work on other platforms in the workplace and or at home, know that PageStream will create a DTP bridge amongst all of these platforms. The addition of the PageStream plug-ins assures us that there will be continued development on the Amiga version. I recommend PageStream 3.x to all Amiga DTP enthusiasts.
Plug-ins for PageStream JPEG filter. $ 20.00 Wordsworth filter: $ 20.00 Gary’s Effects: $ 25.00 Text Effects: $ 50.00 Soft Logik Publishing Corporation 315 Consort Drive St. Louis, MO 63011
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1x Hitachi SCSI External 4x Sanyo SCSI Internal 4x Sanyo SCSI Extfrnal AsimCDFS 3.4 * Fargo Printers This 3d was produced entirely with Arnica computers, PaaeStrearr nd other Amina software Snap Maps Sows time ond effort a* w i m imprav* your images wifo plug-ins tor your favorite graphics programs.
These are sample swatches from both the “Fields and Foliage” as well as the “Materials” Snap Maps volumes.
By R. Shawms Mortier Videographics and animation, that is what the Amiga's main niche continues to be, and that is where the central action is as far as products on the shelves. "Clip Mapping" is an advanced modeling utility offered by a very few packages. The software that seems to do the best in the videographic realm, outside of the handful of media stars in the sky like LightWave, Imagine, and a few more, are the utility packages and plug-ins.
Among the high end utility software you would count ImageFX from Nova Design and PhotoGenics from Almathera. But what about plug-ins?
Well, there are external plug-ins, programs that run by themselves but that address other software (Pixel3D is an example). Internal plug-ins are actually placed in a directory where they can be accessed from inside other software. The major Amiga packages that accept (in fact, welcome) plug-in utilities can be counted on one hand.
Aladdin4D, Imagine, and LightWave are a few primary examples. On non- Amiga platforms, the idea and reality of plug-ins brings in hundreds of millions of dollars. On the Amiga, the figures are a bit more conservative, but growing.
Now that LightWave comes in a Windows flavor, the development of more plug-ins for LightWave can be expected. But what about the Amiga?
Snap Maps It turns out that there are some excellent plug-ins available on the Amiga for LightWave, as well as for a few other 3D packages. The focus of our attention in this article is on a series of plug-ins called "Snap Maps".
These plug-ins address LightWave, Imagine, and Real3D. I tested them on LightWave, but have little doubt that Real3D and Imagine users will find them equally as effective.
Snap Maps utilize what is known as "Clip Mapping". Clip Mapping allows you to take a shape and "cut" an object to its dimensions. Available at the moment only for the Amiga version of LightWave (as "Snap Map" volumes from Anti-Gravity Workshop), they can help you produce some very unique models.
Snap Maps actually apply clip mapping, bump mapping (for perceived depth), and color-image-pattern mapping all at the same time. This is a great time and headache saver, because trying to model what a Clip This screen (bottom) is the LightWave interface. You can’t see the Snap Maps applied to the objects until the render, but notice the fairly simple looking shapes.
In the final render (top), just for fun, I used flower Snap Maps where Ferns should have been. You can see a lot is possible with this plug-in utility.
Map can produce in minutes can take you literally hours or even days to accomplish by conventional methods.
Amiga users are treated to two Snap Maps volumes: "Building Materials and Fabrics", and "Fields and Foliage".
Installation of the Snap Maps volumes is simple, but you had better have a good amount of hard drive space available. Each of the two volumes comes on a fat collection of disks, and there are clip maps, textures, and bump maps connected to each Snap Map sample.
Clip Mapping in Lightwave Each pixel in the image is addressed by a snap map, therefore lineup of the color maps and bump maps is vital (unless you like abstract chaos). Each point in the map either exists or it doesn't, as clip maps are only two color affairs showing where an object exists. That means that in the final animation, you can actually fly through a clip maps' open spaces (the space between a chain link fence, for example) even though the "object" the clip is addressed to may be a solid plane.
When you think of the rendering time saved (and the hard disk space) when comparing using a clip map and actually modeling a similar 3D surface, you immediately appreciate the value of a clip mapped scene. It may not look like much in LightWave's Layout, just a bunch of planes and other vanilla shapes, but the magic is in the rendering.
By the way, you save even more polygons because clip maps do not take notice of the amount of polygons in an object, just the whole object itself.
Therefore no extraneous polys are needed, and this also speeds up rendering and storage space.
Also realize that shadows and reflections attend to the new objects clipped shape, not to the polygonal shape upon which the clip map is applied. Clip maps seem to give you the impossible faster renders, more hard drive space, and a great amount of detail. Make sure that you store the snap map images in the images file, by the way, or rendering will be a pain.
Knowing where the various components are when using Snap Maps makes the application a breeze.
Surfaces and Bump maps must also be assigned according to LightWave conventions. It is also best to click on automatic sizing unless and until you become a Snap Maps master (which should take a couple of days).
LightWave users who don't have Snap Maps in their library should make the effort to purchase them at the earliest. They are really useful and fun to play with.
Snap Maps (designed by Jeremy Birn) Anti-Gravity Workshop 456 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90402
(310) 393-9747
(310) 576-6383
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Commodore-Amiga Several years ago I wrote a function evaluator
for a 3D function plotting program. It allowed the user to type
in a three-dimensional equation of the form Z=F(X,Y) and then
calculate the value of Z for any combination of X and Y. The
function evaluator was written in C. I wrote an article about
it for Amazing Computing (October 1989).
Moving From C to C++ Upgrade some of your best C programs to C++ with ease.
By Randy Finch Several months ago I rewrote the function evaluator in C++ using the SAS C Development System v6.50. I found that the code was much more organized and easier to read and modify. Occasionally in this article, I will refer to the October 1989 article when comparing it with the new code listings here.
Also, if you want to know more details about how the function evaluator works, you will need to read the older article. So, if you have a copy, please have it at your side while you work with this article.
C VS. C++ C++ adds many features to C. Some of these are stronger type checking, object-orientation, and inheritance. The first two were important to my program. Stronger type checking simply means that C++ is more persnickety about making sure that appropriate variable types are passed to functions and that variables are used in a program as they are declared.
As you know, C was fairly good at type checking, but not as good as it could have been. I have been bit several times due to this laxness. Most of the changes to the function evaluator code, as opposed to its structure, were to satisfy the type checking of the C++ translator. If you compare the new code with the old, you'll see many places where type casting is used in the C++ code, but not in the C code.
The object-orientation of the code is the major enhancement to my program. A C program is made up of data and functions. Many different data types are available and data structures can be declared as custom data types. Typically a function is passed one or more variables, the function then operates on the variables, and control is returned to the calling code. In complex code, this can lead to confusion when similar, but different, functions are used to operate on similar, but different, data.
C++ gets around this problem by combining data and functions into one entity called an object. The definition of an object is called a class. A C++ class is very similar to a C data structure. It contains data, but it also contains functions. A function that appears as part of an object is called a method.
Thus, an object contains both the data it needs and the code to act on this data all in one place. If a program needs to tell an object to do something, it simply calls one of the object's methods.
A typical example is a vector-based graphics program that allows geometric shapes to be drawn on the screen. Each geometric shape could be an object created from a class definition. When an actual object is created in computer memory from a class definition, this is called instantiation, or creating an instance of a class. The object might contain a ChangeColor method.
If the object's name is GeoShapel, then something like the following statement could be used to change its color to red: GeoShapel .ChnngeColor(RED). Typically, when defining an object in C++, two files are created: the header (.hpp) file and the code (.cpp) file. The header file, also called the definition file, contains all the include's, define's, structure definitions, etc. as well as the class definition. The code file, also called the implementation file contains all the methods' code. By separating the code in this way, any program that needs to use an object can simply include the
header file and the object will be available to it. It is recommended that each object have its own header and code file. This allows one object to be changed without having to recompile any other objects.
FuncEval in C++ The C++ version of my function evaluator program defines a FuncEval class that contains all the data and methods necessary for creating a function, performing syntax checking, getting error information, and evaluating for values of X and Y. The functionality is the same as the older program, but easier to understand and modify. Let's look at it.
Listing 1 contains the header file (FuncEval.hpp) for the FuncEval object. Notice that all the syntax error definitions have been incorporated into this file. They were separate in the C version. The structure definitions CharStackType and NumStackType are the same as the CharStack and NumStack definitions in the C code. It is highly recommended that when defining a structure, StructName, that the structure be named StructNameType. Immediately following the definition, a typedef statement should be used to define StructName as a new 4variable of type StructNameType. This is what I have done
for CharStack and NumStack.
The actual class definition for FuncEval appears at the end of Listing 1. Notice that the data and methods are divided into public and private. Public data and methods can be used by an outside program, whereas private data and methods cannot.
Private data and methods can only be used by the methods within the object.
Generally, it is not recommended that any data be public, only methods. If data needs to be changed by a program, it should do so through a public method. In the example of the geometric shape object, the color was changed by calling a method; however, it could have been done by making the color variable public and letting the program execute the following statement: GeoShapel.Color=RED. By using a method to change the color, new features can be added to the object with no need to change the program that uses it. For the FuncEval class, all data and most methods are private. The public methods
are used for converting a function string, getting an error number, message, and position, and evaluating the function for values of X and Y. When a public method has the same name as the class itself, it is called a constructor. This is a special method that executes each time the class is instantiated.
The constructor is used for initializing variables and other tasks that need to be done before the object is used. Although the FuncEval class does not have one, a class can also have a destructor for cleaning up before an object is deleted. Its name is the same as the constructor but with a tilde (~) in front (e.g., ~FuncEval).
The code file for FuncEval is shown in Listing 2. All of the methods, except the constructor and the ones used for error handling, are the same as their equivalent functions in the C version with just a few exceptions. First, type casting is used in the methods to satisfy C++'s stronger type checking. Second, the method names are different than their equivalent function names. If the function name is CheckSyntax, then its equivalent method is named FuncEval::CheckSyntax.
The "FuncEval::" prefix associates a method with the FuncEval class. Other objects can have a method with the same name. As for the constructor, it simply initializes the error position to zero.
Listing 3 shows a program, Main.cpp, that uses the FuncEval object to evaluate a user-defined 3D function. This program is similar to the Testfevl.c program in the October 1989 article. However, the code is somewhat different in order to interact with the FuncEval object properly.
At the beginning of main() is the statement: FuncEval Tunc = new FuncEval. The new operator instantiates the FuncEval class, creating an actual instance of the FuncEval object in memory. The pointer to this object is named func.
The rest of the program is easy to follow, but notice how FuncEval's public methods are called: func- PublicMethodName. The name of the pointer is used because the method is part of the object. -FuncEval I hope you have enjoyed this short introduction to converting C programs to C++. If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to me via this magazine or Email me at RandyWrite@aol.com or rcfinch@HiWAAY.net. Also, by the time you read this, my home page (http: fly.HiWAAY.net ~rcfinch rcfhome.html) should be up and running. I plan to make available the text and programs from all of
my articles in Amazing Computing. Check it out. I look forward to hearing from you.
If you want to read more about the differences between C and C++, I highly recommend the book listed below. If you are already a C programmer and want to move to C++, you can't live without it. Sessions, Roger; Class Construction in C and C++: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals; PTR Prentice Hall, Inc.; 1992.
Listing 1 ifndef CLASS_FUNCEVAL (?define class_funceval *- INCLUDES * (?include stdio,h ??include string.h ??include math.h include float.h ??include stdlib.h ??include ctype.h *- DEFINES -- - « * Variable Types * typedef unsigned char UCHAR; typedef unsigned int UINT; typedef unsigned long ULONG; * Errors * (?define misplacedop 1 * Misplaced operator * * Illegal character * * Illegal exponent * * Illegal function * * Missing operator * * Missing operator or right parenthesis * * Missing left parenthesis * * Missing right parenthesis * * Missing
parameter * * Lone decimal point * * Extra decimal point * * Extra B in exponent * * Stack underflow * * Stack overflow * * Too many constants in function * (?define ILLEGALCHAR 2 (?define ILLEGALEXP 3 ??define ILLEGALFUNC 4 ??define MISSINGOP 5 (?define MISSINGQPRP 6 ??define MISSINGLP 7 ??define MISSINGRP 8 ??define missingparm 9 ??define lonrdecimal 10 ??define EXTRADECIMAL 11 ??define EXTRAE 12 ??define STACKUNDERFLOW 13 ??define STACKOVERFLOW 14 (?define TOOMANYCONST 15 * Constants in formula * ((define numsym 128 * Number of constants allowed in function *7 (?define
SYMBASE 128 * Base value for constants symbols * * Stack size * (?define STACKSIZE 256 * Stack size * * Functions in formula * ((define SIN 1 * Symbol for sine * ((define COS 2 * Symbol for cosine * (?define TAN 3 * Symbol for tangent * ((define ASIN 4 * Symbol for arcsine * ((define ACOS 5 I* Symbol for arccosine * ((define atan 6 * Symbol for arctangent * ((define SINH 7 * Symbol for hyperbolic sine * ((define COSH 8 * Symbol for hyperbolic cosine * ((define TANH 9 * Symbol for hyperbolic tangent * ((define EXP 10 * Symbol for exponential * ((define SQRT 11 *
Symbol for square root * ((define LN 12 * Symbol for natural logarithm * ((define LOG 13 * Symbol for logarithn base 10 * * Logical stuff * Bdefine TRUE 1 * Symbol for true condition * ((define FALSE 0 * Symbol for false condition * *- STRUCTURE DEFINITIONS -* struct CharStackType UCHAR C(STACKSIZE]; long top; ); typedef struct CharStackType CharStack; struct NumStackType ( double n[STACKSIZE]; long top; } ; typedef struct NumStackType NumStack; *- CLASS DEFINITION -* class FuncEval public: FuncEval(); Constructor double Evaluate(double x, double y); int Convert(UCHAR
*FunctionString); int GetSyntaxErrNumO; char *GetSyntaxErrMessage(); int GetErrPosition(); private: int SyntaxErr; char *ErrMessage; int ErrPosition; CharStack cstack; NumStack nstack; double Constants[NUMSYM]; UCHAR CurConstant; UCHAR fstr[512] UCHAR NewExpr[256]; char ChaxInStr(UCHAR *s, UCHAR c); void Deposit(double num); void Substitute(UCHAR symb, UCHAR *ptr, ULONG len); void RemoveSpaces(UCHAR *str); void AddZerofUCHAR *ptr); UCHAR CPOP(); char Cpush(UCHAR c); UCHAR CtopOfStack(); double NpopO; void Npush(double n);
- cstack.top; return cstack.c[cstack,top + 1]; ) } * Cpop *
char FuncEval::CPush(UCHAR c) ( if (cstack.top == STACKSIZE)
return FALSE; else ++cstack.top; cstack.c[cstack.top] = c;
return TRUE; } ) * Cpush * char IsFunction(UCHAR c); char
IsSymbol(UCHAR c); char Precedence UCHAR cl, UCHAR c2); UCHAR
‘CheckSyntax(UCHAR 1Str); char ConvertConstants(UCHAR *str);
void ConvertFunctions(UCHAR *atr); char InfixToPostfix(UCHAR
*str); double Calculate(UCHAR s, double a2, double nl); };
endif UCHAR FuncEval::CTopOfStack() ( return
cstack.c[cstack.top]; } * CtopOfStack * double
FuncEval::NPop() (
- nstack.top; return nstack,n[nstack.top + 1]; } * Npop *
* Copyright 1995 Randy C. Finch * void FuncEval:iNPush(double n)
++nstack.top; nstack.n[nstack.top] = n; ) * Npush *
* ********** * *- INCLUDES -* char
FuncEval::IsFunCtion(UCHAR c) ( include "FuncEval.hpp"
LOG) ) return TRUE; else return FALSE; ) * isFunction *f
char FuncEvalCharinStr(UCHAR *s, UCHAR c) ( while (*s 1=
NULL) if (*s == c) return TRUE; + + s; } return FALSE; )
* CharlnStr * char FuncEval::IsSymbol(UCHAR c) ( if ((C
= SYMBASE) && (c SYMBASE+NUMSYM)) return TRUE; else
return FALSE; ) * isSymbol * void
FuncEval::Deposit(double num) ( Constants[CurConstant -
SYMBASE] = num; } !* Deposit * void
FuncEvalSubstitute(UCHAR sywb, UCHAR *ptr, unsigned long
* ptr = syrab; if (len 1) ( do ( ++ptrj
* ptr = *(ptr + len - 1); ) while (*ptr != NULL); ) ) *
Substitute * char FuncEval::Precedence(UCHAR cl, UCHAR c2)
if ( (CharlnStr((UCHAR *)"+-* ",cl)) && (c2 == '*') ) return
FALSE; else if ( (CharlnStr((UCHAR *)"+-",cl)) &&
(CharlnStr((UCHAR *)" return FALSE; ",c2)) ) else if ( ((cl ==
'(') && (c2 != ')')) II (c2 == '(') ) return FALSE; else if (
(CharlnStr((UCHAR *)”+-* A",cl)) && (IsFunction(c2)) ) return
FALSE; else return TRUE; } * Precedence * UCHAR
‘FuncEval::CheckSyntax(UCHAR *str) void
FuncEval::RemoveSpaces(UCHAR *str) ( UCHAR *ptr; while (*str !=
NULL) ( if (*str =='*)( ptr = str; do (
* ptr = *(ptr + 1); ++ptr; } while ( Mptr - 1) != NULL); str; )
++str; } * RemoveSpaces * void FuncEval:;Add2ero(UCHAR *ptr)
( unsigned long len; UCHAR *i; len = strlen((char *)ptr); for
(i=ptr+len+l; i ptr; -i)
* i = *(i - 1);
* ptr = 'O'; ) * AddZero * UCHAR FuncEval::CPop() if
(cstack.top == 0) return 0; else ( int numLP = 0, numRP = 0;
if ( (CharInStr((UCHAR *)" *AE)"t*str)) && (strncmpl(char
*)str,(char *)"EXP",(UINT)3) 1=0) ) ( if (CharlnStr((UCHAR
*)" *A",*str)) ( SyntaxErr = MiSPLACEDOP; return str; ) else if
(*str == 'E') ( SyntaxErr = ILLBGALEXP; return str; ) else
SyntaxErr = MissiNGLP; return str; ) } » if * for (;;) *
forever * if (*str == '(') ( ++numLP; ++str; if (
(CharlnStr((UCHAR *)"* AE",*str)) && (strncmp((char *)str,(char
*)"EXP",(UINT)3) != 0) ) if (*str == '£’) ( SyntaxErr =
ILLEGALEXP; return str; ) else ( SyntaxErr = MISPLACEDOP;
return str; } • if * return (atr-1); if ( (*str == ')') ||
f-Btr == NULL) ) } * else if * else if (CharInStr((UCHAR
*)"XY",*str)5 ++str; if ( (!CharlnStr((UCHAR
*)")+-- A",-str)) k& (-str != NULL) ) SyntaxErr =
MISSINGOPRP; return str; ) ) * else if * SyntaxErr -
MISSINGPARM; return str; } * if * else if (-str == ')')
++numRP; ++str; if (numRP numLP) SyntaxErr = MISSINGLP;
return (str-1); ) else if ( (ICharlnStr((UCHAR *)") +
- A",-str)) && (*str ! = null) ) SyntaxErr = MISSINGOP; return
atr; } * else if * else if ( (isdigit(-str)) I I (*etr == )
char RxitFlag = FALSE, OneDecimal = FALSE, OneE = FALSE; if
(*str =« OneDecimal = TRUE; ++str; if ( (OneDecimal == TRUE) &&
(Iisdigit(*str)) ) ( SyntaxErr = LONEDECIMAL; return (str - 1);
} while (((isdigit(*str)) II (CharInStr((UCHAR *)",E)-str)) II
(-str == NULL)) && IbxitPlag ) if (-str == '.') ++str; if
(OneE) SyntaxErr ±= illegalexp; return (str-1); } else if
(OneDecimal) ( SyntaxErr = EXTRADECIMAL; return (str l); } else
if (strncmpf(char *)str,(char *)"EXP",(UINT)3) == 0)
SyntaxErr = MISSINGOP; return str; ) else if (
(ICharlnStr((UCHAR *)"+-* AE)",-str)) && (Iisdigit(*str)) )
SyntaxErr = ILLEGALCHAR; return str; } else OneDecimal =
TRUE; ) * if * else if (-str == 'E') ( ++str; if (OneE)
SyntaxErr = EXTRAE; return (str-1); ) else if ( (I
CharlnStr((UCHAR -str)) && liedigit(-str)) ) SyntaxErr =
ILLEGALEXP; return str; ) elae OneE r TRUE; ) * else if *
else if (CharTnStr((UCHAR -str)J if ( *(str-1) *= 'E' )
++str; else if ( !OneE II (OneE && isdigit(*(str-1))) )
ExitFlag = TRUE; else SyntaxErr = MISPLACEDOP; return str; }
* else if * else if ( (*str ==')') II (*str == NULL) ) if
(CharInStr((UCHAR *)"+-E",-(str-1))) ( SyntaxErr = ILLEGALEXP;
return str; while ( -ptr != NULL ) ( if ( (Char In Str (UCHAR
*)"+-*', -ptr)) && *(ptr-l) == ' ' ) AddZero(ptr); ++ptr; }
* while * ttif DEBUG printf(" nAddZero: %s n", str); Oendif (
* begin block * unsigned long j; UCHAR numstr[80]; double
number; ptr = str; curconstant = symbase; while ( -ptr Is NULL)
( if ( (*ptr == '.') || (isdigit(*ptr)) ) ( unsigned long
lennum = 1; while ( (CharlnStr((UCHAR *)".E-+",*(ptr+lennum) 5)
11 (isdigit(*(ptr+lennum))) ) else ExitFlag = TRUE; ) } *
else if * else (
- f+str; } - else * ) * while * if ( !CharInStr( (UCHAR
*)"?-* )", *str) && -str != NtJLL) ) ( SyntaxErr = MISSINGOP;
return str; ) ) * else if * else if (CharlnStr((UCHAR
*)"+-* -",-str)) +*8tr; if ( (CharInStr((UCHAR
M")E+-* A",-str)) I I (*str == NULL) ) ( if (strncmpf(char
*)str,(char *)"EXP",(UINT)3) != 0) ( SyntaxErr = MISPLACEDOP;
else if (isupper(-str)) if (strncmpf(char -)str, (char *)"LN"
str += 2; ,(UINT)2) =* 0) )"SINH",(UINT)4) == 0)
)"COSH",(UINT)4) == 0) )"TANH", (UINT) 4) == 0) )"SIN",(UINT)3)
== 0) )"COS”,(UINT)3) == 0) )"TAN",(UINT)3) == 0)
)"EXP",(UINT)3) == 0) )"LOG",(UINT)3) == 0) )"SQRT",(UINT)4) ==
0) )"ASIN",(UINT)4) == 0) )"ACOS",(UINT)4) == 0)
)"ATAN",(UINT)4) == 0) else if (strncmp((char *)str, char * str
+= 4; else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char * str += 4; else if
(strncmp((char *)atr,(char * str += 4; else if (strncmp((char
*)str,(char * str f= 3; else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char *
str += 3; else if (strncmpf(char *)str,(char * str += 3; else
if (strncmpf(char *)str, char * str += 3; else if
(strncmpf(char *)str,(char * str += 3; else if fstrncmpf(char
*)atr,(char * str += 4; else if (strncmpf(char *)str,(char -
str += 4; else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char * atr += 4; else
if (strncmpf(char *)str,(char * str += 4; else SyntaxErr =
ILLEGALPUNC; return str,- ) if (*str != '(') ( SyntaxErr =
MISSINGLP; return str; } } * else if * else if (-str == NULL)
if (numLP numRP) ( SyntaxErr = MISSINGLP; return etr; else
if (numLP numRP) SyntaxErr = MISSINGRP; return atr; ) else
SyntaxErr = FALSE; return OL; ) * else if - else (
SyntaxErr = ILLEGALCHAR; return str; } * for * ) *
CheckSyntax * char FuncEval::ConvertConstants(UCHAR -str)
UCHAR *ptr; ptr = str; " i *ptr) ) if ( CharInStr( UCHAR
AddZero(str); ptr += 2; if( (CharInStr((UCHAR
*)"-+",*(ptr+lennum))) && (Mptr+lennum-1) != 'E') ) break;
++lennum; } for (j=0; j lenniim; ++j)
* (numstr+j) = *(ptr+j);
* (numetr+j) = NULL; number = atof((char *)numstr);
Deposit(number); Substitute(CurConstant, ptr, lennum);
++CurConstant; if (CurConstant = SYMBASE+NUMSYM) SyntaxErr =
TOOMANYCONST; return Fax.SE; } } * if * ++ptr; } * while *1
} * end block • return TRUE; * ConvertConstante * if
(NextChar != ')') if (CPush(NextChar) == FALSE) SyntaxErr =
STACKOVERFLOW; return FALSE; ) } * else * ++il; ) * while *
while (cstack.top 1= 0) ( TopSymbol = Cpop(); if (TopSymbol !=
J(’) ( NewExpr[i2] = TopSymbol; + + i2; } ) NewExpr[i2] = NULL;
return TRUE; } I* InfixToPostfix * double
FuncEval::Calculate(UCHAR a, double n2, double nl) switch (a)
void FuncEval:jConvertFunctions(UCHAR *etr) case return (nl +
n2); case ' -' r return (nl - n2); case return (nl * n2); case
: return (nl n2); case '*'i return ( exp(n2*log(nl)) ) ; case
SIN: return ( sin(n2) ); case COS: return ( cos(n2) ) ; case
TAN: return ( tan(n2) ) ; case EXP: return ( exp(n2) ) ; case
SQRT: return ( aqrt(n2) 1; case LN: return ( log(n2) ); case
LOG: return ( loglO(n2) )t case ASIN: return asin(n2) ); caee
ACOS: return ( acos(n2) ); case ATAN: return ( atan(n2) )j case
sinh: return ( sinh(n2) ); case COSH: return ( cosh(n2) ) ;
case TANH: return ( tanh(n2) ); while ( *str != NULL ) if (
(isupper(*Btr)) && (!CharInStr((UCHAR *)"XY", *str)) ) if
(strncmp((char *}str,(char *)"LN",(DINT)2) == 0)
Substitute(LN,str,2L); else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char
*)"SINH",(DINT 4) == 0) Substitute(SINH,str,4L); else if
(Btmcmp( (char *)etr, char *)"COSH",(UINT)4) == 0)
Substitute(COSH,str,4L); else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char
*)"TANH",(UINT)4) == 0) Substitute(TANH,str,4L); else if
(strncmp((char *}str,(char *)"SIN",(UINT)3) == 0)
Substitute(SIN,str,3L); else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char
*)"COS",(UINT)3) == 0) Substitute(COS,str,3L)j else if
(strncmp((char *)str,(char *)"TAN",(UINT)3) == 0)
Substitute(TAN,str,3L); else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char
*)"EXP",(UINT)3) == 0) Substitute(EXP,str,3L); else if
(strncmp((char *)etr,(char *)"LOG",(UINT)3) == 0)
Substitute(LOG,str,3L); else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char
*)"SQRT",(UINT)4) == 0) Substitute(SQRT,str,4L); else if
(strncmp((char *)str,(char *)"ASIN",(UINT)4) == 0)
Substitute(ASIN,Str,4L); else if (strncmp((char *)str,(char
*)"ACOS",(UINT)4) == 0) Substitute(ACOS,str,4L); else if
(strncmp!(char *)str,(char *)"ATAN",(UINT)4) == 0)
Substitute(ATAN,str,4L); ) * if V ++str; ) * switch * return
0.0; should never happen, here to prevent compile warning )
* Calculate * * while * * ConvertFunctions *!
Char FuncEval::InfixToPostfix(UCHAR *str) unsigned long 11=0, i2=0; UCHAR NextChar, TopSymbol; cstack.top = 0; * Initialize stack * NewExprlO] = NULL; I* Initialize expression * while ( *(str+il) != NULL ) ( NextChar = *(str+il); if ( (IsSymbol(NextChar)) II (NextChar == 'X') I I (NextChar == 'Y’) ) NewKxpr[i2] = NextChar; ++12; ) else for (;;) * Forever * if ( (cstack.top ==0) I I (!Precedence(CTopOfStack(),NextChar)) break; if ((TopSymbol = CpopO) ==0) SyntaxErr = STACKUNDERFLOW; return FALSE; ) if (cstack.top != 0) if ( (I©Function( CtopOfStack() )) && (NextChar == ')') ) (
TopSymbol = CpopO; NewExpr(i2) = TopSymbol; ++i2; break; ) * if * ) * if * t if ( (TopSymbol -= '(') &&. (NextChar == ')') ) break; if (TopSymbol != '(') NewExpr[i2] = TopSymbol; ++i2; } } * for * *• FUNCEVAL PUBLIC METHODS -* FuncEval::FuncEval() ErrPosition = 0; I int FuncEval::Convert(UCHAR *FunctionString) ( ( UCHAR *ptr; SyntaxErr = FALSE,- RemoveSpaces (FunctionString) ,- ) if DEBUG printf(" nRemoveSpaces; %s n", FunctionString); flendif 8trupr((char *)FunctionString); if DEBUG printf(" nstrupr: %s n", FunctionString); flendif if (ptr = CheckSyntax(FunctionString))
ErrPosition = (int)(ptr-FunctionString)+1; return GetSyntaxErrNumt); ) strcpy((char *)fstr,(char *)FunctionString); if DEBUG printf("XnCheckSyntax; %s n", fstr); tfendif if (!ConvertConstants(fstr)) return Get$ yntaxErrNum(); It if DEBUG printf(" nConvertConstants: "); for(ptr = fstr; *ptr != NULL; ++ptr) printf("%d ", *ptr); printf(" n"); ttendif ConvertFunctions(fstr); It if DEBUG printf(" nConvertFunctiona; "); for(ptr = fstr? *ptr != NULL; ++ptr) printf("%d ", *ptr); printf(" n"); ttendif if (!InfixToPostfixffstr)) return GetSyntaxBrrNum(); ttif DEBUG ( UCHAR *pt r;
printf(" nInfixToPostfix: "); for(ptr = NewExpr; *ptr != HULL; ++ptr) printf("%d ", *ptr); printf(" n")j } Itendif return GetSyntaxErrNum(}; ) * Convert * ErrMessage = (char *)"Missing parameter"; break; case LONEDECIMAL: ErrMessage » (char *)"Lone decimal point" break?
Case EXTRADECIMAL: ErrMessage = (char *)"Extra decimal"; break; case EXTRAS: ErrMessage = (char *)"Extra E"; break; } * switch *f ) * else *1 ) * it * else ErrMessage ® (char *) "Acceptable"; } return ErrMessage; int FuncEval::GetErrPosition() ( return ErrPosition; LISTING 3. Test Program for FuncEval Object double FuncEval; Evaluate(double x, double y) ( UCHAR symbol; long i = 0; double tempnum; nstack.top = 0; * Initialize stack * while (NewExpr[i] != NULL) symbol = NewExpr[ij; if (symbol == 'X') Npush(x); else if (symbol == 'Y') Npush(y); else if (lsSymbol(symbol)) ( Npush(
Constants[symbol-3ymbase] ); else if (IsFunction(symbol)) ( Npush( Calculate(symbol, Npop(), 0.0) ); ) else tempnum = NpopO; Npush ( Calculate (symbol, tempnum, NpopO) ); } + + i; ) * while * return NpopO; ) * Evaluate * int FuncEval::GetSyntaxErrNum() return SyntaxErr; char ‘FuncEval::GetSyntaxErrMessage() ( if (SyntaxErr) ( if (SyntaxErr == STACKUNDERFLOW) ErrMessage = (char *)"Stack underflow"; else if (SyntaxErr *= STACKOVERFLOW) ErrMessage = (char *)"Stack overflow"; else if (SyntaxErr == TOOMANYCONST) ErrMessage = (char *)"Too many constants in function"; else switch (SyntaxErr)
( case MISPLACEDOP: ErrMessage = (char *)"Misplaced operator"; break; case ILLEGALCHAR: ErrMessage = (char *)"Illegal character"; break; case ILLEGALEXP: ErrMessage = (char *)"Illegal exponent"; break; case ILLEGALFUNC: ErrMessage = (char *)"Illegal function"; break; case MISSINGQP: ErrMessage = (char *)"Missing operator"; break; case MISSINGOPRP: ErrMessage = (char *)"Missing operator or right parenthesis" break; case MISSINGLP: ErrMessage = (char *)"Missing left parenthesis"; break; case MJSSINGRP: ErrMessage = (char *)"Missing right parenthesis"; break; case MISSINGPARM: Mam.cpp Test
program for FuncEval.
Copyright 1995 Randy C. Finch liinclude "FuncEval.hpp" MAIN void main() FuncEval *func = new FuncEval; double result; char *eq; double X=0.0, Y=0.0; char buffer[128); int errnum, errpos, i; printf(" nFUNCTION EVALUATOR PROGRAM BY RANDY C. FINCH n n"); printf("Enter equation: "); eq = gets(buffer); while (*eq) errnum = func- Convert((UCHAR *)eq); printf("Converted equation: %s n",eq); if (errnum) ( errpos = func- GetBrrPosition(); printf(" "); 20 spaces for (i=l;i errpos;i++) printf(" "); ) printf("*%d n",errpos); printf("Error %d: %s",errnum,£unc- GetSyntaxErrMessage()); ) else
while (Y != -1.0) printf("Enter X: "); X = atof(gets(buffer)); printf("Enter Y: "); Y = atof(gets(buffer)); result = func- Evaluate(X,Y); printf("The result is: %f n",result); } ) Y=0.0; printf(" n nEnter equation: eq = gets(buffer); ) delete func;
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......49.99 Final Writer IV . ....105.99 Final
Writer Lite ..... ...Call Image F X
2.1 .....215.00 ImageMaster RT ....
......49.99 Impact! 1.0 . ....195.00 Macro
Form .....169.00 On The
Bail . ......34.00 PageStream 3.0 .....
....225.00 PhotoGenics 1.25 .. ....105.00 ProWipes Vol
II ...... ......65.00 SAS C 6.5 ...
....149.99 Scala MM400 .. ....389.00 I mi
UtTILlTlE-S Amiga-Link Starter Kit 270.00 Amiga-Link
Expansion Kit..160.00 CyberVision Display Card Call CyberStorm
‘060 ...Call Drawing Boardlll
12" ..430.00 Emplant Deluxe 339.00
FiickerHxer ... 265.00 Harddrives Various
Sizes .Call MAC Emulation Pro ......34.00
Megalosound .....49.99 MIDI,
ProMIDI ...45.00 Monitor, CD Solutions
14”......530.00 MultiFace III I O .89.99
Picasso II Display Brd ......Call Printer, Epson Stylus
Color II ..429.00 Retina 73 4MB .836.00
SCSI-II 2008 Oktagon .149.99 Squirrel
SCSI .....99.00 Syquest EZ135
Drive .239.00 TBC IV ......795.00
Micro R. & D 1200 RAM Expansion OK...95.00 Directory Opus
5.0 .89.00 Easy Ledgers 2 .....167.00 GP FAX Class
1 & 2 54.99 Gigamem 3.12 .59.00 MIDI
Interface .45.00 W 2
cables 61.00 Mouse. WIZ 560 dpi .29.00
Power Supply 500 ..89.99 Power Supply 2000.....155.99
Mlero R&D Cds Games & Publishing......15.00 MAND 2000
.44,00 Transition ....31.00
Video Pro’s Companion ..16.00 Accel, Cobra 28MHZ....155,00
Accel, Cobra 40MHz....225.00 Accel, Mongoose
50MHz ..335.00 Accel, Wildfire '060 ,.1499,00
SCSI-II HC Rapidfire ..149.00 SCSI Option Ferret 89.00 MegaChip
2000 ...199.00 MultiStart II 26.00 Dale
Luck's Boing!
Mouse Having trouble linding just the right mouse?
This is a top-of-the-line optical mouse with precision handling lor anyone who wants the BEST lor their Amiga ..74.99 Trackball, AlfaData .34.99 VIDI24 RT Pro 369.00 ZIP Drive, Iomega 100MB., 199.99 Valentine’s Specials + *(You II LOVE these!) * © Pro Vector 3 .159.00 (Save $ 20.00!)
Data Tax CD ...24.00 Ami FileSafe Consumer..34.00 Sanyo 4X Internal 179.00 External .259.00
* ******* Amiga Desktop Video CD..27.00 AmiNet Set
*2 39.00 Am Me: Vol 9 ..19.00 ASIM CD
ROM FS 3.4...63.99 CD Write .....48.00 Eric
Schwartz Prod 22.00 Euro Scene 2 ..19.00
FantaSeas ...26.00 Fresh Fish Vol
10 ...19.00 Gamer's Delight 2 25.00 Gold Fish Vol
3 ......19.00 Global Amiga Experience . 29.00 Light ROM
Vol 3 ....46.99 Makin Musik ...19.00 Meeting
Pearls Vol 3 ....13.00 Personal Suite 70.00 TurboCalc 2.1 CD
14.00 World Info ‘95 55.00 CONSUIMW Cross
MAC ...69.00 Read write files from MAC
floppies and harddrives directly from your favorite Amiga
CrossDOS 6.0 Pro ...39.00 The classic PC to Amiga utility has just been improved: faster floppy access, faster HD writes, creation of MS- DOS partitions.
LEGENDARY DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Business Package .50.00 Address It, Invoice It, DataTax All in One!
DataMix CD 19.99 Family Connections......29.00 New geneology program Link It! 41.99 Sound Ideas CD ....24.00 ProPics CD .....38.00 1800 252 6442 SALES 914-786-0218 TECH INFO 914-786-1708 FAX betterc@j51.com 36 DYE STREET GARXEltVILLE NY 10923 http: commons.j5Lcom bci BETTER COHCEFT INC W 170 MB Int HD add $ 195 w 210 MB Int HD add $ 260 6MB 'JOYPAD & POWERSUPPLY CD32BUNDLES
• Bundle 1-CD32 w Extra Joypad, Diggers CD & Groliers
Encyclopedia II CD $ 300
• Bundle 2-CD32 w Extra Joypad, Global Effect CD & Defender Of
The Crown II CD $ 290
• Bundle 3-CD32 w Extra Joypad, Last Ninja II CD & Chaos Engine
CD $ 290 $ 279 $ 89 Buy Both CD32& SX1 For $ 469 !!
L Plugs into the back of your CD32 and allows you to add RAM, Int. Or Ext. IDE Hard Drive, Serial Port (Modem), Parallel Port (Printer), Keyboard Port, Midi Port, Floppy Drive Port... Turning your CD32 into a full Amiga 1200 clone! Sxl Unit only $ 229 Sxl
• 4MB RAM for SXI $ 165
• 8MB RAM for Sxl $ 299
• External Floppy Drive $ 75
• 210MB Int. 2.5" IDE HD $ 260
• 540MB Int. 2.5" IDE HD $ 525
• Microbotics MBX 1230XA 68030 w mmu & fpu 50mhz $ 279
• DKB Mongoose 50 Mhz RC w FPU $ 359 SCSI CONTROLLER
• Hisoft SQUIRREL Controller-Plugs into PCMCIA slot & allows you
to hook up to 7 SCSI devices! Hard drive, CD ROM, Optical...
Emulates CD32&CDTV! $ 99
• External Case & Power Supply For SCSI Hard Drive $ 99 ?all AJ200
& A4000T Computers Come With Escom’s Free Software Rundle Plus
Our Owu 25 Floppy Disk Pack Contaiiiiug Tons Of Useful &
Eutertaining Programs! Wheu You Order A System With A CD Rom
Drive, You Also Receive Our ’BCI 6 CD Pack’! Coutaiuiug Aioinet
3, Aininet 4, BCI Net I, BC1 Net II, Euroscene I, And GIF’s
A fin 3.1 os, AG A CHIPSET, 2MB no hd £599, NEC TRIPLE SPEED $ 219 NEC QUAD SPEED $ 319
* *Call For Current Pricing On All Hard Drives! Please know
approximate MB size and whether IDE or SCSI when calling!* IDE
• Dataflyer XDS External 3.5" IDE Harddrive case with cable
• Cable for 2,5" IDE Internal $ 15 A4000T
• 4MB SIMM add $ 165
• 8MB SIMM add $ 299
• 16MB SIMM add $ 599
• Internal Quad Speed CD ROM Drive add $ 260 68040 25MHZ, 3.1 OS,
• Keyboard (White) $ 40
• Keyboard (Matching Black) $ 49
• 2 Button Mouse $ 19
• Call For Any Other Configuration!
68060 50MHZ, 3.1 OS, RAM, 1 GIG SCSI HD GAME CONSOLE UNIT, 1 $ 3049’ ASSORTED HARDWARE RLOWOUT 1.0 Gig SCSI 3.5” HD $ 399 AMIGA REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS CALL FOR WEEKLY UPDATED IDE & SCSI HARD DRIVE PRICE LIST A2091 7.0 ROM Upgrade $ 35 A2620 30 7.0 ROM Upgrade $ 45 8362 R8 Denise $ 10 8364 Paula $ 5 8373 R4 Super Denise $ 30 8520A CIA 2mliz $ 20 8327A I MB Filer Agnus $ 30 8375B 2MB Pattesl Agnus $ 50
1. 2 ROM Chip $ 5
1. 3 ROM Chip $ 12
2. 04 ROM Chip $ 34.95
2. 05 ROM Chip $ 39.95 OTHER HARDWARE A501 Clone 1 2MB $ 25 A500
Motherboard Rev 5 or 6A $ 99 A500 Power Supply $ 39 A520 Video
Ailnptcr $ 30 A590PCBSCSI $ 59 A600 Keyboard S39 A600 Power
Supply $ 39 A1000 Power Supply $ 45 A2000 Mother Board Rev's 6+
S250 A2088 Disk Drive (5.25") S25 A2090 HD ConUotler $ 25 A3000
Daughter Board $ 50 External DD Floppy Drive $ 90
3. 1 Complete Upgrade Kit A500 2000 Scall
3. 1 Complete Upgr. Kit A4000 3000 1200 Scall BAG O’ 1084 Monitor
New Parts $ 10 Cable for 1080 1084 Audio (RCA Y Cable) S3 CD32
Competition Pro Pad $ 19 CD32 Standard Replacement Joypad S8
• External SCSI HD Controller $ 159 CALL FOR
• A501 1 2 MB Clone $ 25 OTHER
• ADRAM540 Int. Mem. Board 0k (Up to 4uib) $ 89 CONFIG'S!
• MTEC 68020 Accelerator $ 99 FUTURE SHOCK 2 AUDIO CD By
Sidewinder This Audio CD was completely made on an Amina using
Protracker and MED, 15 butt kicking Techno tune6 by one ol
todays hottest writers! Plays on any audio CD player! Only $ 15
CD Caddies $ 4 Chinon Int. 1,4MB Floppy Drive in 5.25" brkl for
a2000 brgbrd $ 75 CommodoreC-I600 Modem $ 10 CRT 1084 (Picture
• Comes complete & ready to plug in!
• Hooks up through your PCMCIA slot!
• Emulates CD32 & CDTV on A1200! ‘Emulates CDTV on A600!
• Plays all Audio Cds & ISO 9660 Cds!
• Consists oftExlemal Triple Speed CDROM Drive, Squirrel SCSI
Controller & Software, 5 disk utility pack for your A 1200 A600
& 1 year warranty!
• Plus you can still add up to 6 other SCSI or SCSI2 devices!!
BCI TORNADO CD ROM KIT $ 399 Same as above except il comes with an external SCSI Quad Speed CD ROM Drive!
CRT 1802 (Picture Tube Only) NEW! $ 10 Fjcct Button For A500InL Floppy Drive S3 ECLIPSE 2 Button Mouse $ 19 EMPLANT MAC Basic $ 259 EMPLANT MAC Deluxe $ 359 EPYX Ergo Hand Held Joystick $ 13 .486DX Upgrade Module For Emplanl $ 109 Golden Image Pen Mouse $ 22 Guru ROM (For GV1 Boards) $ 79.95 Picasso II Graphics Board w 2MB $ 399 Power Supply (Replacement) A3000 $ 89 Power Supply (Replacement) A4000 $ 129 QUANTUM 52 MB SCSI or IDE 3.5" Hard Drive NEW $ 50 Sonnet Doubler A4000 0)0 50MHZ $ 599 Video Adapter Cable 15 pin to 23 pin $ 35 Video Adapter 15 pin to 9 Pin $ 15 SERVICE MANUALS I SYSTEM SCHEMATICS
64 64C • CDTV • I084-SD1 • A2300 • 1402 03 A500 • A3000 • A3000T • 1084 PAL • A2058 $ 9.95 EACH ASSORTED BOOKS ROM KERNEL Manual V2 $ 20 Commodore & Amiga Software Information Book $ 15 Commodore Parts Cross Reference Manual $ 25 )fDon’t Forget That We Will Always Match Any Competitor’s Price Ou Auy Product! Prices Are Subject To Chauge! Computer Prices May Have Falleu, Call For Latest Prices!
CYBERGRAPHICS CyberaU,rm 060 $ 1350 Cybcislorm SCSI $ 250 Cyberstonn I O $ 550 Cybervision w 2MB $ 470 Cybervision w 4MB $ 599 EXPANSION SYSTEMS Dataflyer 500 SCSI Cntrlr $ 159 Dataflyer RAM SMB Board $ 89 Dataflyer SCSI IDE Card $ 99 Dataflyer XDS for A1200 $ 89 Dataflyer 4000SX SCSI $ 119 High Flyer Case & p s $ 399 DKB WILDFIRE 060 for A2000 w 4MB $ 1679 w SMB $ 1829 w 16MB $ 2039 w 32MB $ 2489 Rapidfire SCSI n Controller $ 150 inT£Rn£T yrupp 'External 14.4 Modem Fax $ 109 'External 28.8 Modem Fax S209
• ’Connect Your Amiga’ Book S27
• 9 Disk ’Get On The Internet’ Pack $ 27 1 ’Amiga Tips & Hints On
The Internet’ Booklet $ 19
• GP Fax Software Class 1 & 2 $ 59
• Termite Telecomm. Program $ 39 CD32’Fat Boy’ CD32’Obese Boy’
Power Supply Power Supply
- 120 watts A: -250 watts & fan coo ed! $ 49 fan cooled! $ 69 CD3X
$ 18 $ 10 $ 27 $ 35 $ 34 $ 18 $ 27 $ 30 $ 10 $ 10 $ 34 $ 16 DIGGERS $ 8
2025* $ 32 JAMES POND II $ 10 JAMES POND III $ 12 JETSTRIKE $ 12
$ 10 MICROCOSM $ 35 MORPH* $ 10 MYTH $ 13 OUT TO LUNCH* $ 12
SREEDBALL 2* $ 35 $ 15 $ 30 $ 12 $ 30 $ 12 $ 10 $ 15 $ 10 $ 10 $ 12 $ 15
$ 32 $ 15 $ 10 $ 32 $ 10 SOFTWARE Abandoned Places $ 10 Addauw Family
$ 10 Aegij Animator $ 10 Alien 3 $ 10 Alien Dreed 2 AGA $ 12 Alien
Breed 3D AGA $ 37 Amiga Foul Set 1 $ 5 Amiga Text Craft $ 10
Amiga Vision $ 19 Apidya $ 10 Arltanoid $ 6 Armour Geddou $ 12
Aaimware3.0 $ 68 Atomino $ 8 Back To The Future 3 $ 5 Barbarian 11
$ 6 Bhte Angel* $ 12 Bhie Max $ 10 Body Blows A500 $ 8 Body Blows
Gk'Jc AGA $ 12 Bomber Bob $ 10 Brutal Football AGA $ 10 Bntning
Rubber AGA $ 25 Burning Rubber A500 $ 12 California Games $ 5 Carl
Lewis Oiling $ 8 Ccutrfld Souarcs (Adult) $ 20 Christina*
Lemmings $ 8 Chuck Rock $ 10 Colonization $ 30 Curse Of Eucliantia
$ 10 Cyberoou $ 5 Cyberlasi $ 10 Cytron $ 8 Day Of The Viper $ 15
Double Dragon 2 $ 12 Dragon scape $ 10 Dr. Plummets Hse of Flux
$ 6 Elvira 2 $ 10 e Of The Beholder 1 $ 10 . C Of The Beholder 2
$ 12 F-17 Challenge $ 15 F-19 Stealth Fighter $ 19 Fears AGA $ 37
Fire Force $ 10 Football Director 2 $ 10 Future Classics Clktn
$ 15 Gloom AGA $ 35 Golf Challenge $ 9 Gold Of The Aztecs $ 9
Graphics Studio $ 10 Guardian AGA $ 25 Harmony $ 10 Heatwave $ 5
Hook $ 10 Hot & Cool Jazz $ 5 Hoverforce $ 10 Hunter $ 10
Impossible Mssiou AGA $ 15 Impossible Mssiou A500 $ 15 iutul
Soccer Challenge $ 10 Jack Nichlaus Unlimited $ 10 JUG $ 5 Kevs
To Manunou $ 10 Macro Assembler $ 29 Mafdet $ 10 Mig 29 $ 10 Moucy
Manor $ 10 Murder $ 10 Nicky Boom $ 10 Nigel Mausel AGA $ 10 Oh No
More Lemmings $ 8 Ork $ 8 Outrun $ 10 Photon Paint 2 $ 19 Pirscy
$ 10 Pit Fighter $ 10 Predator 2 $ 10 Prime Mover $ 10 Prime Time
$ 5 Project X $ 10 Pugsy $ 19 Pushover $ 10 Qwak $ 8 Raider $ 6 Red
Zone $ 8 Rick Dangerous $ 10 Robocod $ 10 Rotox $ 8 ShadowOfThc
Beast 3 $ 10 Shadow lands $ 10 Shuttle $ 10 Skidmarks $ 19 Soccer
Kid AGA $ 8 Space 1889 $ 10 SpeclForccs (6games)$ I 0 Specdball
$ 10 Street Rod $ 10 Super Spftce Iuvadere $ 10 SuperStrlFghir 2
AGA $ 35 SuperStrtFghLr2 A500 $ 35 SprStrtFghtr2Trboaga $ 39 Super
Tetris(6games) $ 10 SW1V $ 6 Tcugcu Arcade Hits $ 15 Termite
(Tclecouiui.) $ 39 Test Drive $ 5 Test Drive 2:Spr Cars $ 5 Tes
tDr i ve2; Cal i f -S ccucsS 5 Tetris $ 6 The Godfather $ 9 Theme
Park Mystery $ 5 Theatre Of Death $ 10 Thuuderblade $ 10 Tina The
Fox $ 20 Trolls AGA $ 8 Uuiverse $ 18 Uridhiui2 $ 10 Vaxiue $ 10
Veteran $ 10 Virocop AGA Or Reg $ 30 Viva Authoring Pack, $ 19
WizNLiz $ 8 Wonder Dog $ 10 Wrld Clss Leader B rd $ 10 World
Class Soccer $ 9 WWF Ettro Rampage $ 15 Zero Gravity $ 5 Zool2
ASSURED $ 17 $ 18 $ 34 PUBLIC DOMAINSOFTWARE AH our PD disks are
now only 99C EACH! That includes all disks from our library,
Assassin Game disks (200+), LSD Utility Disks (170+), 17 Bit
Software disks (3800+), Amos PD disks (700+), Fred Fish Disks
(1-1KKH-) plus more! Thats about 10,000 PD disks available to
you for only 99C each! Why bother paying more when you can get
it here for less? Send $ 3 for our paper catalog. 4 disles of
disk catalogs '& a sample disk from our library! See something
we don t have? Call us & well get it!
ADULT SENSATIONS BODY LANGUAGE CHEEKY CHICS CUMAX ERUPTION EXOTIC EXTASY GIRLS OF PARADISE HOT PIX 5 HOT PICS: VOL SEX LUSCIOUS UPS MOODY NIGHTS PARTY TIME PUSSY GALORE Kings Bounty $ 10 Knights Of Crystal! Ion $ 10 Leatherneck $ 5 Leisure St Lrry 1 Fiilined $ 9 Luxor $ 10 HOURS Monday Through Friday SALES 9-5 Eastern Tech Helpllnfo Customer Service 1-5 Eastern Saturday SALES only 10-2 Sorry, no customer service on Saturdays SHIPPING & HANDLING $ 5.50 MIN. Charge For UPS Service Many other Shipping Options Available We accept Visa, MIC, Discover, CK, M O ?Slight fee for Credit Card Users* ISALE!
AMIGA CD ROMS 17 BIT 2 CD COLLECTION $ 34.95 17 BIT CONTINUATION $ 24.95 17 BIT PHASE4 $ 24,95 17 BIT 5TH DIMENSION S24.95 AGA EXPERIENCE S29.95 AMINET 3 (JULY 94) $ 9.95 AMINET 4 (NOV 94) $ 9.95 AMINET 5 (MARCH 95) $ 14.95 AMINET 7 $ 17.95 AMINET 8 $ 19.95 AMINET SET 1 (4 CD’S) $ 39.95 AMI NET SET 2 (4 CD’S) $ 39.95 AMOS PD CD I $ 19.95 AMOS PD CD II $ 19.95 ANIMATIONS 2CD SET $ 24.95 ASSASSIN GAMES CD I $ 14.95 assassin’s games cd ii $ 22.95 BCI-NETI CD (DECEMBER 94) $ 9.95 Bd-NET II CD (APRIL MAY 95) $ 14.95 CD PD I, II. Ill, or IV $ 19.95 DEMO CD I or II $ 19.95 DEMO MANIA I $ 19.95 DTP CLIP ART & FONTS CD
- By John B Graham. Desert Apache is another software based Full
Motion Video (FMV) game that runs on any Amiga with 1MB RAM all
the way up to AGA machines. Includes new Digital Video Engine
which allows for Full Screen game play!! Try to free your
captured comrads from the enemies ground bases by flying your
Apacne Helicopter through enemy territory. Watch out for enemy
fire! A game of non stop Full Motion Video action!
- By Kit Felice. Amazing multi-level AMOS arcade game. REQ:Hard
drive, 2 MB RAM, ECS or AGA, LHA decompresser, any Amiga OS. 3D
tunnel scenes are featured in this excellent arcade adventure
game. Hours of tun!
- By John B. Graham. Experience Amiga's first software based Full
Motion Video arcade game. Any Amiga with 1 MB of Chip FiAM and
hard drive can play this thrilling arcade F- 14 fighter game.
Over 11 megs of hard hitting all video action!
- By Shane R. Monroe. So easy, you'll learn it in 5 minutes; so
addictive you'll play it for 5 hours! This strategy game
features EHB graphics, digital speech, original music, two
player mode and much, much more! Complete with many awesome
backround yaphics! You'll love it!
- By Shane R. Monroe. If you love Psycho Squares Deluxe backround
graphics, imagine playing for STEAMY ADULT pictures! 13 levels
of beautiful, hot women! Requires the registered version of
Psycho Squares Deluxe sold above.
- By Sean Emerson. Your favorite wargame can now be played on
computer, using a friendly graphic interface. Positions can be
saved, as well as detailed histories of where each unit moved
in the previous turn or phase. Other features areicompatible
w most strategy board war games, play by maiL Email, full color
graphics scrolling play screen, replay review moves, automatic
dice rolls, customizable dice, stores any H of games setups at
once Also comes with a module editor that allows you to
generate WGP modules for your favorite wargames and edit the
heck out of them!_ SUBWAR 2050 $ 30 SUMMER OLYMPIX $ 15 SUPERFROG
ZOOL* $ 10 ZOOL II* $ 12 co r%?rTstr IPPOKER $ 17 SEXUAL FANTASIES
MeiWlSSlilii The following is a list of Adult XXX CD ROM titles that are made to worn with your Amiga and or any PC Compatible!
Cml COMPETETlOmnvm JI9 Made from heavy duly plastic, this quality joy pad replaces your original plus it indudes slow motion switch, turbo fire, auto fire, extra long cord and a one year guarantee!
TIGHT PANTIES TOPHEAVY TROPICAL HEAT WET DREAMS WHITE UNDERWARE WILD WENDY ?MUST BE ATLEAST18 YRS OID* $ 19.95fAfiH AN UIl W9.95 «*flQ FOR $ 149.95 BETTER CONCERT INC B6 DYE TREET OARNEHVIU.E NY I09X* 1-800-151-6441 ALE 914-786-0118 INFO 914-786-1708 Fax Email: bcttcrc@j5l.com WWW: http: common .j5l.com bci Keep Up With the Latest in AC!
Volume 10, Number 5 May 1995 New Products and other neat stuff. Use a Vcli ti Back-up your hard drive, check out a new series of CD-ROMS and more.
NAB '95, The DraCo Amiga emulator, Newtek's Toaster for Windows NT, Trinity from Pi.AY inc., and several new tower rases for 4000 owners at the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas.
Digital Image Special FX, Color correction
1. 02: Advanced i-To-1 pixel transformations, by William Frawlcy.
Transporter 2.0, Move single frame or compressed animation files to video with a single frame controller, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Bit Movie '94, See the Amiga used in winning entries and art displayed here is some of the best in each category.
I wo Genie Tool Tutorials, A Plnstance tutorial example and an FFDeform and Bones example, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Using Postscript fonts with Professional Page, A tutorial on the use of Postscript Fonts in Professional Page without the use of the CG-conversion program, by Douglas Nakakihara On Line, A look at some programs on the nets that should help keep your Amiga hopping, database programs, and more, by Rob Hays.
Inside Arexx, A handy and ingenious Arexx macro lor Directory Opus that allows you to view the contents of LHA or LZH compressed archives, by Merrill Callaway.
Alien Breed Tower Assault, The third and final game in this series is one of the easiest, but also proof that the Amiga can still provide an exciting arcade experience, by Jason D'Aprile.
Rise of the Robots, A review of the hyped CD32 release, by Jason D'Aprile.
Fred Fish Disks 1041-10&D, An Amiga specific E compiler, DiskSpare3,(), Super Du per 3.13, a great Chess game, and more from the Fred Fish Library.
The Commodore Auction, A race to discover the outcome of one of file most- watched auctions in the computer community, as AC rushes to provide you with the best information available.
Volume 10, Number 6 June 1995 New Products and other neat stuff, Help Wanted Service for Graphic Artists and Animators, Accelerators for the A4UO0 40 and the A2000, and more!
Creating Nebulas With LightWave 3D, Unlock some of the greatness of LightWave by recreating those awe-inspiring background nebulas often seen surrounding Babylon 5, by William Fraw ley.
Dpniiit V, is this much awaited upgrade to Electronic Arts' major contribution to the Amiga for everyone? By R. Shamms Mortier, Connect with Enl.AN-DFS 2,0, Network your Amigas for maximum performance and full Amiga productivity, reviewed by Shamms Mortier.
Vlab Motion: Tips and Tricks, Use Vlab Motion's editing software package, MovieShop, and Arexx to ease your animation tasks and more, by Douglas J Nakakihara.
Revitalizing the X-Specs 3D Stereoscopic Glasses, Program your software to use the Xspecs.library and create 3D viewing on your Amiga, by Randy Finch.
ESCOM Interview, Manfred Schmitt of ESCOM AG speaks directly on the future of the Amiga, ESCOM’s plans and more.
BiondNet, Journey through the streets of Manhattan and Cyberspace in 2094, by Rob Hays.
ATR: All Terrain Racing, Team I7's ATR is an overhead, small sprite racer with a sci-fi bent, by Jason D'Aprile.
Volume 10, Number 7 July 1995 New Products and other neat stuff, The Amiga 4000 Toaster Oven Tower from Anti Gravity, Photogenics 2.0, make your own hidden 3D images, and more.
ESCOM creates Amiga Technologies, ESCOM ends specualtion on their plans for the Amiga as they hold a press conference for journalists.
Brilliance Tutorial, Use the power of this program to create realistic still masterpieces fit to hang in any gallery, by Marc Hoffman.
Basically Bone, Our authors use the Amiga to train young doctors and keep the files where they belong, by Michael Tobin MD.
On-Line, Keep your electronic messages safe, discover a way to retain your clipboard information, and more, by Rob Hays.
DirWork 2, Use this point and click interface to speed your way through the Amiga's disk functions and file handling, by George Evans.
Beginning Assembly, In his third installment, Bill Nee demonstrates the Amiga's libraries and how to utilize them.
Amazing Artist, Marc Hoffman demonstrates Ills abilities at creating other-world scenes on the Amiga.
Litil Divi), Try your lurk in the lower labyrinths of this dungeon folly filled with puzzles and twisted routes, by J. D'Aprile.
Mu Volume 10, Numbers August 1995 New Products and other neat stuff.
Genealogy Tools, an Expansion for the Toaster 4000, Northwest Public Domain joins Zipperware, and more.
Aladdin 4D 4.0, "At a price that belies its exhaustive power, Aladdin-4D 4,0 remains an Amiga artist's and animator's miracle package,” by R. Shamms Mortier.
Pro Vector 3.0, The drawing program that works in vector instead of pixel formats while supporting tracing, AGA, Arexx, and more, reviewed by R, Shamms Mortier, Photogenics 1,2, Learn to create and manipulate images with the same program as Photogenics takes on the market with features unlike any other package of its kind, by R. Shamms Mortier.
On-Line, The Device Masher System or What is the best way to compress a disk full of data and more, by Rob f lays.
AndFurtherMore..., Paradigm Productions, of Memphis, Tennessee lias taken 3D design and computer graphics and has built a company on creative animation services, by Belinda Jones.
Super Stardust, You are a lone fighter who must destroy an asteroid onslaught as well as out maneuver menacing aliens, reviewed by Jason D'Aprile, Zeewolf, A helicopter arcade shoot-em-up, reviewed by Rob Hays.
Ijgm rrg A "iji Volume 10, Number 9 September 1995 New Products and other Neat Stuff, A Tower Case for the A 3 2(10, tools for LightWave 3D, hundreds of royalty-free photo images on CD-ROM, and more.
Fun with Fiber Factory, Fiber Factory will quickly become an essential pari of your creative options while also being easy to use, reviewed by R. Sham ms Mortier.
Impact! 1.0, Finally, a real LightWave physics engine, giving LightWave 3D users the ability to design objects, apply attributes, and let the laws of physics do the rest, reviewed by R. 5hamms Mortier.
Advanced Amiga Analyzer, Sooner or later, something is going to go wrong with some part of your Amiga system. Start here to discover the source of the malfunction, reviewed by Ernest P. Viverros.
WaveMaker 2.0, WaveMaker's prefab choreographies and utilities may be just the tool an Amiga animator needs in order to meet crunching deadlines and leave the studio before midnight, reviewed by R. Shamms Mortier.
On-Line, Take the first step in the long journey through the internet jungle as AC’s premiere wired authority explains where the Internet came from and where you can travel, by Rob Flays.
Overlord, Join the RAF in WWII as they Switch from defense to offense and battle the Germans over Europe, reviewed by Rob Hays.
m,izing iMiGA Hot! FTP 5 7X5 AwIua |
• fine! LUmar 4.0 | ¦(WwOfi ifi Volume 10, Number 10; October
1995 New Products and Other Neat Stuff, Aminet CD-7, World-Info
'95, Guru-ROM V6, and Cd-Write round out this issue's New
Products section.
Final Writer 4.0, The quest for a better word processor in a post-Commodore World, by R, Shamms Mortier.
StereoLithography, This new technology opens the doors for an Inexpensive wav to make movie props, prototype parts for molds, and countless other projects, by Mike ?anger.
AsimCDFS 3.0, Enlighten your CD-ROM with a AsimCDFS, a compilation of useful modules that allow your Amiga to speak to your CD-ROM, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Bit Movie '95, Take a look at the winners of this year's biggest European computer art show, plus information on how you can submit your art for next year's contest, Aladdin 4D: Tutorial 15, Eden City: the first block, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Exploring LightWave 3D 4.0: The Book, A review of a must-have book for LightWave 3D 4.0 users, by R Shamms Mortier.
Hop and Hop "N Bop, A comparative review of several Amiga and CD32 games in the Hop 'N Hop platformer style, by Jason D'Aprile, Online, Travel to the new Hot FTP sites, by Rob Hays.
And Furthermore..., 1 lot web sites visits the hot Amiga web sites now as close as your modem.
Volume 10, Number 11; November 1995 ShapeShifter3.1, Find out whether or not the Macintosh and the Amiga can find peace at $ 40, as this powerful shareware product permits the Amiga to run Mac software, by Marc Hoffman.
TrueBrilliance, Discover the secrets and fun of creating your own universe with Brilliance, and learn how to creatively produce a star background and populate it with your own heavenly bodies, by Shamms Mortier.
ChestNet, Can the Amiga be programmed to recognize disease and more from X-rays?
Listen to the Amiga's favorite radiologist as he describes his specialized program, by Michael Tobin, M.D. On-Line, A continued exploration of the Amiga on the Internet by discussing newsgroups and the advantage of telnet, by Rob Hays.
FinalCalc, Looking for a spreadsheet program for the Amiga? See if FinalCalc offers you a few new opportunities, by Merrill Callaway.
Family Connections, Turn those family stories and ancestral history into a genealogical database of your family. This specialized database should lead you on a merry climb through your family tree, reviewed by Shamms Mortier.
AndFurthermore..., Ever wish you could design the Amiga of your dreams? Amiga artist, Dave Matthews has already created his. Take a look at his renderings and then apply your own artistic talents to the challenge.
Labyrinth, With outstanding graphics, and exceptional soundtrack, as well as a good story, some may think Labyrinth should be praised higher than its moist cousin, reviewed by Jason D'Aprile.
Volume 10, Number 12; December 1995 New Products & Other neat stuff, Amiga Technologies announces a new monitor, a mondular screensaver called Aurora, XiPainl v3.2 and TurboCalc V2.1 from GTI GmbH, Nova Design's ImageFX 2.1a upgrade, and much more!
Mand 2000: The Fires of Chaos, Mand 2000 is a newly released CD-ROM version of Cygnus Software's Mandelbrot-based fractal picture generating software, by Shamms Mortier.
Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer, Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer POV ray traces is a powerfuDD artist's tool capable of creating stunning imagery, and it's free! By Dave Matthews.
Directory OPUS V5.ll, What possible improvements could have been put into this already best of all directory utilities? Find out who should and should not use this latest version, reviewed by Merrill Callaway.
Altering Photos in PhotoCenirs, Tour some of the special effects of this image manipulation package and discover if you should add it to your other Amiga graphics tools, by Shamms Mortier.
On-Line, Explore how telnet can be used to augment the services available from your internet provider, by Rob Hays.
AndFurthermore..., On Thursday, November 2, 1995, Petro Tyschtschenko, of Amiga Technologies, gave a speech in L.A. to a group of Amiga enthusiasts and journalists.
Here's what he had to say.
3 Sci-fi 3D Animated Adventures, If you are a science-fiction fan, check out the following 3 game litles: DarkSeed by Cyberdreams, Beneath a Steel Sky by Virgin, and Universe by Core Design, reviewed by Jason D'Aprile.
LD Volume 11, Number 1; January 1996 New Products & Other neat stuff, Catch the latest CD collections with games, utilities, demos, samples, and other shareware items, a new video magazine on video, a new startup Amiga developer and more.
MacroForm* l’ower Modeling in LightWave 3D, Macrol-orm makes your modeling life easier because, with just a tap of one key, you can access modeling tools that are either new to LightWave or expand upon its creative options.
ImageFX Magic, Apply a little "White Magic" to some of your graphics and enjoy a world of difference, by Shamms Mortier.
On-Line, Travel the Internet with MUCK, MUD, and MUSF.s while learning what to expect from main service providers, by Rob Hays, Physics Lab in Mechanics, The Amiga has an educational reference on Physics that is a must for programmers, videographers, and students, by Shamms Mortier Welcome to My Studio: A Personal Studio Overview, Can four Amiga*; of various vintages find hope, happiness, and enrichment cvith a Pentium and a Power Mac? By Shamms Mortier Amiga Dealer Yellow Pages, Where have ail the dealers gone? Check out this latest list of approved Amiga dealers from SMG, the new Amiga
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46 Amazing Computing (continued from page 48) addresses of its nameservers. This last will be a string of numbers such as
149. 174.211.5. Also verify that you have what is known as a
dynamic PPP link. This means that each time you connect you
are assigned a different IP address. This is the information
needed by the rest of the internet system to find you.
Once you know these bits of data, log on to your provider manually with the capture buffer of your terminal program on.
Answer whatever questions you normally answer, such as username, password, etc. Follow whatever menu prompts or commands your provider requires to initiate a ppp connection. Once you have done this, dose and save your buffer. This will become your template to modify one of the example scripts.
When you are ready to begin, load one of the example scripts into a text editor, such as ED. Each line either contains a command, such as ECHO OFF, or contains an installation prompt such as ;INSTALL Enter the modem initialization command.
When the iNTERiINSTALL script comes to a line that begins INSTALL it displays the part that follows on your screen during the installation process and waits for your answer. The following line always reads SEND "SRESPONSE", and the installation script replaces the RESPONSE with your answer to the question. When you compare your capture buffer with an example script, it should be obvious what modifications you will need to make to the script.
When you have finished, follow the instructions in the readme file in the iNTERiNSTALL package. Make sure your modified script is in the directory, and start the installation script. After answering the questions, you should be left with a working Amosaic AmiTCP IP setup.
Before you run Amosaic for the first time, there is one more detail to take care of.
The location of the Amosaic home page has changed since the 1.2 package was put together. Open the Amosaic drawer, click once on the Amosaic icon, and select Information from the Workbench Icons menu. In the Tool Types window will be a line that reads: http; insti.physics.9unysb.edu AMosaic Click once on this line, then click the Del button. Click the New button and type the following line EXACTLY: http: www.omnipresence.com Amosaic 2.0 Click the Save button, and you arc all set. This Tool Type is the address Amosaic connects to when it is first started. You may wish to change this later,
but for now this is a good starting point.
Where Are The Files I Need?
Amosaic 1.2 On CompuServe, go to AM1GAUSER Forum, in the Networking library, and get the file MOSTCP.LHA. On Genie, it is file 23661. On Portal, the file number is
4842. 3.13.68791. MUI You will find MUI 3.1 on Genie as file
26633, as MUI3IUSR.LHA on CIS in AmiGATECH System Utils.
On Aminet look in the dev gui subdirectory for
mui31usr.lha. AmiTCP lP From Aminet, get the file AmiTCP-
demo-40.1ha from the comm tcp subdirectory. On Genie get
file 25104.
From CompuServe, get the file TCP4.LHA from AMIGAUSER Networking.
Mlink I found Multilink as tile 26657 on Genie. On Portal it is split into two files, 4842.3.72.122220 is the Amiga half, while 4842.3.72.9648 is the Unix part.
Ppp.device Get PIT 1 30.1 ha from the comm net subdirectory of Aminet. On CIS ITP130.LHA is in AMIGAUSER Networking. File 25111 for Genie.
INTERiNSTALL Version 1.51 is file 26499 on Genie. In AMIGAUSER Telecommunications on CIS it is saved as I1NST151.LHA. Aminet keeps iiNST 151.Iha in the comm tcp subdirectory.
Delphi users can go to the Telecommunications database, and get the file INTERNET TOOLS, and download everything needed in one package.
You can see from the above that I was unable to find some files on some of the systems. Be sure to search your favorite system first for new uploads since I collected this list.
Where To Find Me
R. Hays5 on Genie RHAYS on Delphi 72764,2066 on CompuServe Rob
Hays on Portal Internet users, my provider has recently made a
change that allows a shorter version of my email address: r ha
ys@i.n tersou rce.com. For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone numbcr(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community I will include the information I receive in this column from time to time. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That is all for now. See you On Line!
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V1.5 Aminet 10 (Feburary 1996) 19.95 » 3668 word search
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19. 95 in 3694(AB) BLOX-Sliding puzzle game 24 95 3 3695 SUPER
DMS'GUI ,ront DMS- amiga telecommunications Hays Amosaicl.2,
MUI, AmiTCP IP, Miink, ppp.device, and iNTERiNSTALL are all
important Internet tools discover what they are and where to
find them.
Trying to find and install all of the pieces of software needed to begin using a graphical Web browser can sometimes make the search for the Holy Grail seem like a piece of cake. We look with envy at ads for products that promise one click internet access for other platforms. While several products of this type are rumored to be in development for the Amiga, currently we have to do it ourselves. As Amiga owners, we have always been a little more self-reliant than the average clone owner, and Web browser software is no exception.
Here is the software you need, where to find it, how to install it, and what you will find with it.
What Do I Need?
First of all, you need an Amiga with a hard drive, Workbench 2.1, a modem, and an internet provider. These arc bare minimums, especially Workbench 2.1. In order to have the graphic images that form major portions of most Web pages, you will need Workbench 3.0 or higher. This is because all current and projected Web browsers require Datatypes that are not available for 2.1 or lower. Your internet provider should offer the PPP connection protocol, but if you have what is known as a shell connection, such as Portal offers, this can be utilized with an extra piece of software.
Currently, there is only one Web browser available for the Amiga, and that is Amosaic. This is a port of the original Mosaic Browser developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.
The current Amiga version, 1.2, was done by Michael Fischer, Michael Witbrock, Michael Meyer, Graham Walter, and Steve Dunham. Amosaic is freeware, although the next version is rumored to be intended for commercial release. There is also an early beta version of another commercial browser called 1 Browse, that was released as a demo in December 1995. Part of the rumor mill is an internet kit from AT Escom that supposedly will be available soon.
To support the Graphic User Interface of Amosaic or Ibrowse, you will need the MagicUserlnterface. MUI is a shareware package by Stefan Stuntz that allows programmers an easy-to-use method for creating the GUI sections of their programs.
It also allows users nearly unlimited ability to customize the way a program looks on their computer. MUI 2.0 or above is required for Amosaic version 1.2. MUI 3.1 has recently been released. It is required for Ibrowse and highly recommended for the new versions of Amosaic.
You also will need some networking software. If you intend to connect to the internet, you will need AmiTCP IP. As I mentioned in an earlier column, TCP IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol. AmiTCP IP is the Amiga port of TCP IP, and while version 4.0 is a commercial product, there is a demo version that will work for our purposes.
If you are using a shell account, then instead of AmiTCP IP, you will need Multilink. This is a shareware package by Ezra Story that contains software to run on your internet provider's Unix system, as well as software to run on your Amiga.
Between the two of them, they emulate both the AmiTCP IP and AS225 networking packages. Documentation is in AmigaCuide format, and an Installer script is included. Multilink is uncrippled shareware, with a $ 25 fee requested.
Because my provider uses the PPP connection, I have not used Multilink myself, hut many favorable messages have been posted by other users.
One other puzzle piece you will need is ppp.device. This is a software device that handles the serial port connection between AmiTCP IP and the internet, and is a shareware package from Holger Kruse. A freeware evaluation version will allow you to get started, but a registration fee of $ 15 will get you a full version with much better performance. Multilink users and users whose internet connection uses the SLIP protocol do not need this software. Each of these packages contains other programs needed for their operation, as well as documentation.
If you don't already have it, you will need a copy of Lha to unarchive the files needed for the installation. Copy the file Lhal38.run that you download to the ram disk, open a shell and type: ram: Lhal38.run When you press return, the files will be extracted from the package. Copy the Lha file to your c: directory, and it is ready to use. Lha version 1.38 is by Stefan Boberg, and is shareware, with a $ 20 donation requested.
Putting it all together While it is certainly possible to install and configure all of these software packages by hand, it is not easy. As I recall, the first time 1 installed them, it took several hours spread over a couple of days. My monitor screen was a confused jumble of windows, with several text-readers displaying different doc files, and three or four copies of ED running while I modified various scripts (isn't multitasking wonderful!). All punctuated by attempts to connect to my internet provider.
Thanks to Christopher Laprise, we now have a much easier solution.
INTERiNSTALL includes an Arexx script, that will take all of the above software packages, install them, plug in information about your personal internet account, and construct the needed scripts. When you have finished the installation, double clicking a single icon will configure your modem, dial and log on to your provider, and start AmiTCP IP. After AmiTCP IP is running, start Amosaic and off you go.
The iNTERiNSTALL package includes four installation scripts for CompuServe, LogonAmerica, NetCom, and EmpireNet. If your internet provider is one of these, you are all set. If you have a different provider, it is very easy to modify one of the example scripts.
Before starting, verify with your provider its domain name, and the IP (continued on page 46) USED AMIGA HARDWARE COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES: The 1 dealer in quality pre-owned hardware!
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We buy used Amiga computers and accessories.
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A 500 $ 55 A2000 $ 145 A 600 $ 85 A3000 $ 145 A1000 $ 75 A400O $ CALL PRICES INCLUDE PARTS AND LABOR
- CALL FOR DETAILS- CBM HARDWARE A2630 Accelerator Fo' A2000 25
Mhz 030 882 w 2 Megs Latest Rev. 7 ROMs $ 365 A2091 SCSI RAM
Card For A2000 3000 4000 Systems Latest Rev. 7 ROMs $ 49 A3640
Accelerator Card For A3000 3000T 4000 Systems Latest Rev3.1 MMU
& FFU $ 375 A2058 F ast Ram Card For A2000 300Q 4000 Systems
Includes 2 Megs RAM Expandable to 8 Megs $ 75 MISCELLANEOUS
HARDWARE SPECIALS GVP 28Mhz. 040 W 2 Megs For A3000 $ 645 Zeus
33 Mhz.040 W 16 Megs for A2000 $ 950 Impulse Firecracker 24 Bit
Card $ 125 GVP 22Mhz. 030 W 1 Meg, SCSI, A2000 $ 425 Spirit A1000
1Meg Fast Ram Card $ 89 GVP IV-24 24 Bit Gfx. System $ 595
Paravision SX-1 CD32 Expansion Unit $ 139 Supra Power PC 286
Board for A 500 $ 75 CBM A2320 Display Enhancer Card $ 125 CBM
A500 Refurb. 8372A 1.3 512k $ 89 Commodore A520 RF Modulator $ 17
GVP 4 Meg 32 Bit Simm Module $ 129 Baseboard A500 Ram Card W 2
Megs $ 75 AMAX-II+ W Roms, Software & Drive $ 175 CSA Mega Memory
Card W 2 Megs $ 89 RocGen Plus External Genlock $ 145 Macro
Systems V-Lab External $ 145 Vector 030 25 Mhz, W 8 Megs A2000
$ 465 New A500 600 1200 Power Supply $ 25 DataFlyer Ram Card OK
for A2000 $ 35 A601 Ram Expander W 1 Meg $ 59 CBM A1300 Genlock
for A1000 $ 29 CBM CD1300 Genlock for CDTV $ 25 DataFlyer XDS for
A600 A1200 $ 39 Commodore CD32 NTSC Refurb.
$ 169 MicroSpeed Am T rac Trackball $ 29 A3000 Computer System 25 50 6 $ 795 Bigfoot Power Supply for CD32 $ 55 GVP 1230+ 40 40 4 A1200 Accelerator $ 245 Supra RAM2000 W 2 Megs $ 79 A3000 Computer System 16 50 6 $ 595 Supra Turbo 28 Accelerator A2000 $ 89 A1200 Computer System Refurb.
$ 395 Commodore 15-23 Pin Monitor Adapter $ 19 Geodesic Air-Link I.R. Controller $ 65 ChromaKey Add-on for Genlocks $ 45 Genitizer Drawing Tablet W Puck $ 145 GVP 040 33 Mhz W 4 Megs for A2000 $ 849 Commodore A3400 Accelerator $ 59 COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES INC- 106 JAY ST. SCHENECTADY, NY 123 05 SALES 518-346-3894 BBS 518-346-7532 FAX 518-370-3416
HARDWARE * NOVA DESIGN, INC. f 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214 -
Richmond, VA 2323y Phone: (804) 282-5868 - Fax: (804) 282-3768
- Customer Supports (804) 282-652!
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