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The Global Amiga Experience The Global Amiga Experience CD title from Logic Creations of Germany, contains demo versions and full versions of commercially distributed software for the Amiga. Some of the over 200 demo versions include: Caligari 24, XiPaint 3.1, PPaint .3, lmageFX 2.0, Photogenics 1.2, Bars & Pipes 2.5, Interplay, Wordworth 3.1, Maxnn'Tools, MaxonCAD, PhotoworX, FolioworX, MaxonCinema4D 2, Adorage, Samplitude Pro, Turbo Cale 3.0, Cluster, CacheCDFS + CD32 Emu, SB isc4Pro, Datastorc, Office Engine, A Cash Pro, Amiga Money, Turbo Text 2.0, Stylus Pro Vector, MaxDOS2.5, JnfoNEXUS2.5, DirWork, Turbo Print, PPrint3.0, Diavolo Backup, Motion & Magic - Objects, Power Ttiler, c.a.v.e., Art Effect, Camouflage, and many more from other fields such as Graphics, Music, Applications, Games, etc. Besides the above demo versions The Global Amiga Experience also contains 8 full versions (partially fully upgradeable) of the following: Scala 1.12, Imagine 2.0, VistaPra 1.0, Distant Suns l.O, The Edge 1.721 D, X-Copy, Clarissa 1.1, and Steuerfuchs Pro '93. Most demos and all full version can be up and running immediately with no installation necessary. Installation of some of the demo versions is necessary but easy. Most of the demos are included as compressed files. The Global Amiga Experience is distributed by: Amiga Library Services

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Document sans nom Studio Tour: Blend AMIGAs, Macs, and Pcs mazm Volume 11 Mo. 1 January 1996 US $ 3.95 Canada $ 5-95 Your Original AMIGA? Monthly Resource Graphic Tricks
• MacroForm |
• ImageFX Magic ||
• Physics Lab .
• Simple Stat Graph *
• Amiga Internet: Tools & Sources i Find your Arpiga Source with
our Amiga Dealer Yellow Pages
¦RirboCale ¥3.5 Aminet 8 Aminet9 TurboCalc 3.5 is the powerful
successor to the program TurboCalc 2.0, which defined a new
standard for spreadsheet analysis on the Amiga®.
The most significant enhancements;
• Objects (chart, text, drawing, picture...! Can be directly
inserted into the sheet and have a macro attached, and also be
printed in the graphic mode.
Cells moy contain several tines ¦ Droa-and-Drop for moving capying ehanging the size of blocks by the mouse.
- Multiple Undo Redo
- Chart module vastly expanded (new chart types. 3D,
• Preview for the printing oF graphics (from OS2.Q on),
• Formfeed visible in the sheet.
¦ Dala-Mask for an easier input display of dala records,
- Status row displayable with short online-help.
(Maximal) number of columns increased: now up to 18278 columns can be used (A..ZZZ) [together with up to 9 999 999 rows] ¦ Clipboard support for eGsy data exchange with text processing programs.
- Sheets can oe saved os IFF-imoges le g for an easy export to
text processing programs).
- Autosave (every x minutes, alternatively the last version will
be kept),
- New Import & Exporr-Formats: Excel 4 [XLSJ and Lotus 123
(.WK1 .WKS) both con import formulas, the xls- filter even
keeps most of the celt formatting.
- Fast and easy access to the lost used projects via ¦Smart-Open"
- Encrypting sheets using a very sophisticated crypto- grohtc
• Complete support of OS2.x 3.x (Locale support, me mory-pools,
AmigaGuide), reqtools-FiWequester is supporfedl ¦ AMIGA-Guide
help file can directly be accessed from TurboCalc, ¦ Requester
for inserting fundions macros now with categories to ollow an
easier ond faster access ¦ Many new functions macros.
¦ TurboCalc libraries for an easy expansion of TurboCalc with external functions, macros, objects, etc. (Documentation to program own libraries included) ¦ Numerous general improvements (e.g. saving the cursor position, special colors for every sheet, "hidden* password inquiry TurboCalc V3.5 Coming soon!
V* An update to the world's best-selling Amiga CD-ROM- 80 MB Business software series has just been released. Aminet CD 8, doled 45 MB Communications October 1995, contains more than 1 gigabyte (uncom60 MB Graphics & sound demos pressed) of software in thousands of archives. Since Ihe 30 MB Development software release of Aminet 7 CD more than 500 MB new soft5 MB Disk HD tools ware has appeared. The current edition has a special 20 MB Documents focus on modules. More than 1.000 were included.
60 MB Games Many modules are of a very high-quality and feature 8 45 MB Graphics software voices. The excellent user-interface has also expe30 MB Topdownloods rienced further improvements and we ore proud to pre40 MB Miscellaneous sent you a new CD-ROM of superior quality for the 400 MB Music modules Amiga.
10 MB Music software 10 MB Text software 30 MB Utilities TurboCalc 3.5 uses an enhanced, easy-to-use user interface, utilising numerous innovations such as Drag & Drop for copying moving or filling with the mouse, even easier selection of functions, freezing of sheet titles or the displayable status row. A multiple Undo Redo of a variable depth reverses the effect of erroneous data or commands and can save much work, as can the Autosave and Backup options.
Thanks to the new object concept which allows insertion and printing of chorts, texts, drawings, IFF-imaaes... directly in the sheet, sheets can now be more effectively created and designed. Charts [e g. the new 3D bar and pie charts) con be directly placed beside the appropriate number sequence.
Longer texts can be compactly accomodated in a cell “ for comprising several iines. The formfeed visible in the sheet as well as the print preview function assist in achieving optimal layout on screen, saving both paper and time.
All this can be committed la paper with using «m proved print routines, or be integrated in your text processing software as IFF graphics or text (via Fife or $ 69*95 clipboard).
A dctabose mask is now available to allow ecsier management of your TurboCalc databases.
Aminet Set 2 Aminet Set 1 GBRU-ROM V6 Years of experience, technical know-how, and competence from the world's best Amiga software and hardware engineers are condensed in this penultimate product. It mokes it possible for the user to productively and comfortably use SCSI, without sacrificing performance, risk of incompatibility, or waste of resources.
Still available!
Considerably extended in its code and feature set, replaces all previously distributed driver ROMs, fast: unparalleled transfer rates of up to 3 5 MB s row (Zorro-ll limit), 3.1 MB s measured with »SCSISpeed«,
2. 4 MB s measured with *DiskSpeed* - even on a slock 7-MHz
68000-based Amigal All the while, the CPU typically retains
80% free processing time. Always maximum performance through
the automatic selection of the currently optimal transfer mode
(DMA, buffered DMA, PIOJ Multifaceted; supports all device
types defined in the SCSI standard, such as hard disks, CD-ROM
drives, streamers, scanners, and magneto-optical devices.
Compatible complete support for the RDB standard resulting in trouble-free autoboot, automount, end ihe exchange of devices and medio between two computers from AMIGA OS 1,3 through 3.1. Flexible: disconnecl reselect, synchronous transfers, and parity checking can be enabled separately for each device [even far devices without an RDB). Also complete write-prolection (useful for kiosk applications ond for virus protection) is possible.
Intelligent: maximum compatibility with nearly all hardware ond software through special handling of all known firmware bugs of the most popular SCSI devices and DMA hardware bugs in the A3000 and A4000, workarounds for internal errors in the WD SCSI chip, os well os special modifications la account far defective application software.
Upward-compatible: completely compatible both to the SC5I-2 as well as to the SCSI-1 standard, thereby providing the broadest support for all devices on the market including those still to came.
120 MB Utilities 270 MB Documents 40 MB text software 75 MB Business software 630 MB Pictures & animations 170 MB Graphics software 150 MB Miscellaneous 630 MB Graphics & sound demos 250 MB Gomes no MB Development software 10 MB Disk HD tools 5 MB Hardware related 840 MB Music modules 150 MB Communications 30 MB Music software AMINET SET 2, doted November 1995, consists of approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000 archives.
Whether you like applications, games, communications or programming, the SET gives you ali you need. Easy to use index files ond search facilities moke accessing it
o pleasure. s $ 43*95 5tefan Ossowskis Schqtztruhe ond Ralph
Babel, author of the well-known * Amiga Guru Book* and
long-standing former system software developer for GVP, the
American company known for its high-quality hardware products,
present; f Subscription Guru-ROM Version 6 The final update for
ell GVP SCSI host adapters!
Together with exhaustive documentation, the »Guru- ROM« enhances each Series-ll host adapter in many decisive and far the serious user essential features: Universal: a SCSI driver without compromise for all Series-ll host adopters and all iCombo* and »G-Force« accelerator cards for the Amiga 4000, 3000, 2000, 1200, and 500. This ROM module, which has been Subscriptions to the Aminet series are available. There are expected to be six releases per year, and the subscription is actually for 4 CD's, regardless of when they end up shipping.
Aminet - subscription: $ 59.95 iWm TorboCalc V2.0 XiPaint V3.2 XiPamt is o leading wig* 2 A hit pan* program If* suited to thx demands of notice and *ip**t alike, and within a diart time you too will b* obi* to produce colourful and creotiv ml in ld.fi milion colours This version of XiPmnt prorides a prefamonql pa.ni program at an unbeatable price performance nrio Overview of features Diverse ponr functions including colour.
Contrail and saturation adjustment • Mask, Ovlkne. Recolour and fit functions Airbrush with odjuttoble spray functions light-table function for moniputo*mg m-antage* and ommotions Text font lion I with onti-ofapng using CampagrapKic fonts Support lor o variety ol graphic lormati Jnlur wdl Undo Diverse manipulation of alpha channel Supports many graphic cords layers to combine different projects Aroxx port Drag & Drop colours Externa! Filter moduli E*t*nuv* documentation 60 texture:, JO londseapoi, 30 other pictures ond many loan included XiPaint V3.2: $ 40.95
o • World Info '95 Your virtual gmde around the world Travel to a
aces you have never seen before. Get rearmed about your nan
holiday destination be forehand. Spend soma time m the urn! Are
you preparing For o gee grophy test! Then you con find the info
hern* On this CD ore information about all the 194 countries
and about more than 700 abet, covering all sorts of subjects
Her* is a short selection of info "motion areas Geography Maps,
Climate. Time- zones, People, language Religion. Food,
Politics, Flog, National cnthem [see 6 hea'h Ecc nomy data.
Environmental uuvi. Holidays. Ghei, Gfy Maps. Metre Maps. These
areas ore explained thou- roughly Difficult definitions ora
e»ploned (what t * g the tundra denote) In addition to this
there is a massive omourJ of pictures ham tjS over th* wodd
OvoiL cfcle A i.s!e dictionory covering the most important
languages is aha there os a lithe bonus h is easy and intuifcr
to us* You can enter and exit at any lime Thet* or* extensive
possibilities for searching A printout of all information is no
problem at all Minimum system id quiromcnti A campulor with
Mosaic or NetScop* * g. AMIGA, Moc, OS 2, Unix, Windows]!
Recommended system requirements. On* of the above computers
with a screen resolution of 640x400 With 256 colours and sound
World Info *95:559.95 O* Gainers' Delight II This CD conroini
1070 games for the Commodore AMIGA from differ ing ca'egotes
Action, Jump 6 Bun, Co'd Gomes, Puzzles. Strategy Games - a
whole rang of computer entertainment owe:til Gamers' Delight
will hold you captivated lor hours ond guoront**! Long-bit-
Etsg pleasure. 70 gomes are commerein! Versions ¦ no public
daman 4 no demos' This CO can be run on any Amiga with CwtOM
drive, 1 Mbhee memory end Jaysiiek Jeypad.
Gamers' D.lighl 2: 329.95 The Light Works RayWacmg is a foscmotmg orea of com purer graphics Pictures Irom the computer, perfectly rendered, fascinate people all Over th* world. The Amiga was the first computer to be used for raytracing.
Ond today it is sMI a l*oder. With mony high quality programs A real ortisi of rayiracing is Tobias J Rkht r bom Cologne Get many, whose detailed objects tfun people, especrafty hi* space ships of famous scene fiction film* which or* used to demonstrate the cspobdlties of roytrocng programs Now ovobbl* oo CDRCM for the first t m* os a complete collection, hi* objects at* highly dtto-'ed and e*»*m*ly realistic due to the appl-covm of complex kHoc* textures of the models Unhl now t was difficult to acquire these objects in order la create your own scenes or animations.
Th* Ught Works: 1 1 ' Meeting Pearls Volume ID is 650 Mb of the finest FD safti The Mnhng Pearti Volume HI e yaw to hnd the program of your choice wifi ease The consents 10 MB hacker. Cruncher. Archr.e Programs 3 MB CMOW tjtiees - 21 MS Communcoiioa and Network Programi 5 MB Debugging Tools 29 MB Development Tools 13 MB Floppy, Hard Dak atis SCSI Frog ram i 8 MB Educational Programs 9 MB Games ¦ 35 MB Graphcs Programs 39 MB W*rn*t Mgvr* Dotobas*. Updated Version 7 MB Mdi Tods and Programs 27 MB Mods ¦ 12 MB Musk Programs 21 Ml Futures ¦ 13 MB AmiTCP ond more for Networking 60 MB Documentation,
CD-ROM Databases, etc. - 96 MB PasTeX 1.4 ¦ nor previous q.alqfcle on ony CDROM IS MB Utilities 30 MB HfMt Pages CoAecticrs of datatypes. Benchmark programs koni, program for amateur radio and •Uctrtcol elec- tronk *ngn**nrg ore also included Meering PeaHi Vol. Ill: e*oe*oeeoe*oe*oe CD-Write CD-Wr *o s bated on a simple but Ingenious technique. Because you cannot wnr on acdmary CD's usng ordinary CD ROM dr wes CD Wnw- extends the Anngo OS in a ftly OS comphant and completel y banspcuerJ manner. To redirect moddkahont to Cds to a speed area of pnr horda»r»e or other wruable medto From now on
you will be able to treat CD-ROMs 14 any other medra, writing or deleting Jes, mo«ng and snapshot ng windows ond icons, changing the icon looltype hsJdi, replacing icons with your favorite ones, rearranging directories, changing the default configuration! Of programs run directly from the CD-ROM. Saving gam* high scores, etc. Minimum system requirements: Amiga 500. A600. A1000. A1200, A1500. A2000 A2500, A30OQ. Or A4000 with at least I MB of RAM. OS 2 04 at vgh r. CDROM drive, hate disk recommended CD Write: $ 37.95 freshFonts II FreshFonti volume 2 contains 432 megabytei of fonts far
almost any compeer system Most ol the fonts or freely distributable, except for the Thiensn fonts, which are exclusive an this CD Each of these lonti t* included in four different formats: 0MF. Agfa InleikFonl. Adobe and TrueType, There are 231 font families on this CD (each containing of up to 8 different styles) They or* classified In seven categories: D*ca 163 forrnfces). Ncn-Lotin (33 laraikeil. Pictures (16 fom*- bet). Sons Sen J129 fomiWJ. Script [36 fowt*,). $ *rJ (36 fom,k*s).
End Thfonen (19 families] FreshFonts Vof 2: S29 95
* **
* * j ? *** jj
• •* v j
• e * j ee* * Gateway!
Gateway I oHeri NetBSD 10, a UB featured UnlJUA operating system wi+i both sourcet end bmones for A Ar.go. '386. Sun 3, ond odier orchq*ctur*j Go netvjhog weh th* forge sdectfon of soppked networking toofo Ofrwr suppBod packages incud a binary release of the X window system (X1TS6J for the Anuga. Wt*i merry additional clients, and padoges such as peri, emacs. Games, mad programs, and mony megabytes of important text filet Such as RFCt and FAQs. A complete installation guide it available on the CD.
There me also tome AMIGA DOS internet utilities, such as clients for AmiTCP ond Envoy Gateway* ii2 95 CDBoot 1.0 CDBoot t a fontasnc new product that enables you to use almost any CD 32 game on an A1200 or AA000 w ti CDROM dm* and any Metystem You con create o configwraeon Ue lor each CD, coiv Joining information about th* Joypod emulation You can alio save the high score of each CD32 game. Use and installation of CDBoot it very easy, even for beginners, due la the excellent manual. Since lh* compatibility is very high, you ran use 96% of CD3! Games cur* rentfy available. CDBoot is an
excellent software tofohcn for all Am* ga enthusiasts who would like to enter the world of CD32 games CDBoot 1A $ 49,95 ItorboCalc V2.1 CD TudsoCalc V2,1 CD-ROM t th* unqu* sofo-are solutran that define* a new standard for tpread sheet applications on the Commodore Amrgal Experience its nearly unlimited capabilities m all re'evanl categories.
TurboCok V2.1 CGROM: S «.95 NetNews Offline Volume 1 NeiNewt OHIa* Vol 1 it ttse firv dak of a new b.monthly pubkshed series of Amiga CD-ROMs which contains ol A-Twgoreioted newsgroups from th* internet Every volume featotei obaut 5C 000 oft clei which contain hot rumours imporsoni irrformotton about a'J aspects of the Arrvga. Pressreleases, discussions and Rome wars. _.
A newsreader n included NetNews Offfwse it the cheap oftereattve of gehng a touch with Usenet NetNews offline Vol I: SI T 95 oe All products are available in your local Amiga shop or through national mail-order companies oe North American distributor: Amiga Library Services 610 North Alma School Road - Suite 18 Chandler, Arizona 85224-3687 USA Fax 602)491-0048 Voice only: (800)804-0833 |602|491-0442 Email: info@amigalib.com European distributor: gt| Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmiihlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germany Tel. +49-6171-85937 Fox+49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe
100336,1245 10 New Products & Other neat stuff Catch the latest CD collections with games, utilities, demos, samples, and other shareware items, a new video magazine on video, a new start-up Amiga developer and more.
New Products, P. 10 48 Amiga Dealer Yellow Pages Where have all the dealers gone? Check out this latest list of approved Amiga dealers from SMG, the new Amiga distributor for North America.
14 MacroForm: Power Modeling in LightWave 3D by Shawms Mortier MacroForm makes your modeling life easier because, witli just a tap of one key, you can access modeling tools that are either new to LightWave or expand upon its creative options.
MacroForm, P.14 _; ImageFX Magic by Shawms Mortier 42 Simple Stat Graph by Shawms Mortier Statistics on the Amiga do not need to be hard or uninspiring with this detailed package by a one-man Amiga developer.
Apply a little "White Magic" to some of your graphics and enjoy a world of difference.
By Rob Hays Rob travels the Internet with MUCK, MUD, and MUSEs while we learn what to expect from main service providers.
ImageFX Magic, P. 18 28 Physics Lab in Mechanics by Shawms Mortier The Amiga has an educational reference on Physics that is a must for programmers, videographers, and students.
Physics Lab, P.28 3 ’ Welcome to My Studio: A Personal Studio Overview DEPARTMENTS by Sliamms Mortier Can four Amigas of various vintages find hope, happiness, and enrichment with a Pentium and a PowerMac?
Studio Tour with Sham ms Mortier, P. 32 PRINT COLOR PHOTOS DIGITAL COLOR PHOTO PRINTER FROM YOUR COMPUTER The new FotoFUN! Digital Color Photo Printer opens up a whole new world of fun possibilities for your computer! With FotoFUN!, you can take any image - from Photo Cds" digital cameras, on-line services, or your own scanned photos - and print real color photos from your computer.
E © eff (Iraf frhcso The color and clarity are as good as that of traditional snapshots! Plus, you can:
• Print your own photo postcards, for holiday greetings or
special announcements.
R-iGlHt COCO* 1 Use image-editing software to crop photos and add text for a unique, personal message.
1 Create personalized photo coffee mugs - for gifts or souvenirs.
Mugs and blank postcards sold separately as pari of FoloMUGI and FotoFUN! Postcard Film Kits. Image-editing software must be purchased separately.
For real color photos and real fun things to do with them.
For the dealer nearest you | AAA 007 A LOA or to order direct, call: | "OUUwZ "40 1 To order from outside the U.S.A. and Canada, call (612) 941-9470 or FAX (612) 941-7836.
WWW: http: www.fargo.com 'Average U.S. retail price is under $ 400. But dealer prices may vary. FotoFUN! And FotoMUG! Are trademarks and FARGO is FnRGQ ELECTRONICS, INCORPORATED a registered trademark ot FAHGO Electronics, Incorporated. All electronics, incorporate other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
©1995 FAHGO Electronics. Inc., 7901 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 U.S.A. An interesting thing happened on the way to the printer a few months ago. The two covers above are for the same issue. The one on the left was the published cover of our November issue. The cover on the right should have been the cover for the November issue.
It is very chic these days for a publication to create two or more covers for an issue. One cover goes to subscribers while a second (and sometimes third) cover is used for newsstand sales. One line of thought is that a subscriber will pick up the extra newsstand copy out of confusion "1 don't remember getting this issue."
Hflitoiial Cont|j Some talented art designers are providing their publishers with two alternative covers specifically for newsstand sales. Recently one magazine used a popular celebrity with a smile on one cover and a frown on another. For collectors, they must have both. This is also true for the celebrity's fans. What it means for the publisher is double counts and inflated reader numbers remember, just because more magazines are sold docs not mean that more magazines are read.
All that said, you might believe it was pretty cool of AC to create two covers. OK, it might have been, but the dark cover was never printed only the lighter cover. The dark cover was the original design and should have been the cover submitted to the printer. Somewhere along the way, between the designer's computer and the graphic's film recorder, the background graphic was lost. The issue was running very close to deadline and the people checking the copy were not aware of the missing graphic, after all, the rest of the cover was correct. The first time the staff saw the final cover, it had
been printed, shipped, and mailed.
Tliis is probably the only time the alternative cover will ever be seen. But it does illustrate a point. Consider how a simple omission changes the entire look of the magazine.
The one added (or missing) graphic makes so much difference in the final result. Without the graphic, the cover is able to stand on its own. I lowever, with the graphic, the effect is much more intense and dramatic. The graphic adds depth to the final result, but it is only missed if you know it should be there.
What If There Wasn't... During an interview show recently, the question was raised, "What if there had never been a United States?"
Needless to say, the results appear to be dramatic. We have no way of knowing the full effect the absence of the US would have had on European and Asian history, manufacturing, science, weapons, energy, agriculture, arts, and a million other areas the US has either influenced or contributed. To attempt to imagine the world without the US is not impossible, but certainly doomed to errors.
Each of us affects the other. Our work, play, interests, dreams, and more contribute to the entire effort. Nothing is valueless, in my opinion, this is why Commodore finally failed. They could not be bothered to support and promote the entire market and they allowed key areas to falter, just as in the cover, they did not recognize that a major section of their full effect was missing, because they did not know what it should look like.
A major piece of Amiga Technologies' plan remains unplaced. There still is no word on their marketing plan for North America. We have been informed that several parties have made offers io AT and they are working to clear up the problems. Until they do, the Amiga's image to the world remains at less than it should be and no one can tell how dramatic the finat result could be until all of the pieces have been applied.
Amazing Amiga JL JL, OJ MPUnNTv C7 f Anutzhtg CtiMfnitiHx AMIGA ' The Difference ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Joyce Hicks Assistant Publisher: Robert J. Hicks intern: Nicholas H, Pacheco Circulation Manager: Doris Gamble Traffic Manager: Robert Gamble Production Manager: Ernest P. Vlveiros EDITORIAL Managing Editor: Don Hicks Hardware Editor: Ernest P. Vlveiros illustrator: Brian Fox Contributing Editor: Merrill Callaway Contributing Editor: Shamms Mortier AMAZING AUTHORS Keith Cameron Randy Finch William Frawley Rob Hays Jell James John Steiner Henning Vahienkamp Dan Weiss Doug Nakakihara Jason
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tunds) one year only; Foreign Surfoce S49.97 All payments must
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changes, all foreign rates are one-year only.
Second-Class Postage paid ot Fall liver, MA 02722 and additional maiing offices POSTMASTER Send address changes to PiM Publt cottons Inc., P.O. Box 2140. Fall River, MA 02722-
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Send article submissions In both manuscript and disk format with your name, address, telephone, and Social Security Number on each to the Associate Editor. Requests for Author's Guides should be directed to the address listed above.
AMIGA™ is a registered trademark of Amiga Technologies Gmbh Distributed in the U.S. & Canada by Intemalioral Percdcai Distributors 674 Via de la Vole, Sle 204. Solona Beach, CA 92075 & Ingram Periodicob Inc. 1226 Hei Quaker Blvd.. Lq Verne IN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. Disk MAGIC Oregon Reseorth Is proud to present u new world or Amiga rendering end motion. CinemoAD is pocked with powerful features that will satisfy the mosr demonding users. All this power with on intuitive easy user interface thot actunlly helps you work!
Constantly doing bottle with the Shell CU? Slop this futile sltuggle with DlskMAGIC, the easy-loose file and disk management utility ftom Oregon Research. DlskMAGIC simplifies every task you perform, ftom the copying of disks and files, to the viewing of pictures and onims, to demystifying dteoded orchiving utilities.
In foci, you'll wonder how you ever used your AMIGA without it.
All AMIGADCS commands ore duplicated, and oil ere available with the simple click of a mouse button, cc the ptess of a key. DiskMAGIC includes o user-definable file types facility,, includes o confiauroble launch utility DlskDOCK to moke 1K r Cmemo4D provides a flexible niulti-Tosking development environment with powerful capabilities including windowtesed realtime interactive modeling directly in 3D, bask and complex primitives with unceuateble variations, easy object manipulation, moveable leal, object and texture lists, user definable object hietorchies, MORE!
R a trl i M IB L ' ' ' i i i Spl mm _ ~ rilw ; 1 fSs'j ~T.j a !
0 9 Vi _+x' I i!iiiM.r.. T* 3 2 Hulll fi liflimiaiiii lllA'llll iiI1'Hu iltliVttl
il. illlkfili] fMnnj “’I Twiniiii ffiWml Tll_J wmiirfiiiTra
uflliJriMl 1 let jlil il1,! 1 Iris'.i'i iSSrCSl.
ISM rnrff ImBIBM 1 Dear AC, I own an Amiga 1000 with a Microbodcs SGSi interface. I would like to see an article in the Amazing Amiga on the new I- Omega Zip DRNE and Syquest EZ13S, removable hard drives. Will they work with my Amiga 1000 and Microbotics interface as well as later Amiga models?
Sincerely, David Rydell Rochester, N.Y. There is an article in the works now on the Zip drive. Please be patient, our ivriters are almost all free-lance ami very independent, but we are extremely grateful for their contributions.
Dear AC, I have been scouring the newspapers in my area (Lets Angeles) for any mention of the Amiga or Amiga Technologies without success. This is more than a little reminiscent of Commodore's inability to promote its products. Will we be seeing new Amigas, and if so, who will be carrying them?
In the meantime, 1 own an A3000 running Workbench 2,1, which is fine for most of my current needs: wordprocessing with Final Writer 4), games, and telecommunications. Unfortunately, the battery for the clock has expired, forcing me to update the time and date each time I start the computer, and I am "locked out" of most of the few new software programs available for the Amiga because my machine does not have the AGA chipset.
How can 1 get the battery replaced, and which of the currently available 24-hit boards (Retina, Picasso 11, and Cybervision) offers the best AGA emulation? I would rather buy a new machine, but as that does not appear to be an option at this time, 1 need to repair and upgrade my A3000.
1 am also considering the purchase of a new printer to replace the 24-pin dot matrix I am now using. I would like to purchase a Hewlett- Packard 660C, but I am concerned that there is no Workbench driver available for it. Do you know if a printer driver is available for the newer DeskJets, and if so, where might I get it?
I congratulate you and your magazine for "staying the course" during these difficult times for the Amiga. None of my friends or acquaintances use the Amiga, and bulletin board systems come and go in this area, so Amazing Computing is my only source of Amiga news and information.
Sincerely, Jeffrey T, Powell West Covina, CA On page 48 of this issue is otir Amiga Dealers Yellow Pages, This is a complete list of dealers as of December 15, 1995.
Dear AC, I would like to start out by saying that you're doing a great job with your magazine. With information being drawn thin, you do a great job reporting it. This led me to think of the best way for the Amiga to get back on its feet. I can sum it up in one word, advertising.
The IBM has proved, that with good advertising any product can become a success. Even though the IBM used false advertising, i.e. the first multi-tasking machine. The Amiga, with its superb graphics ability and processor power, can blow the IBM off the planet with a good advertising campaign. I have always pondered something along tire lines of, "Amiga, the computer for the next century and beyond." If some creative genius at ESCOM P.R. is reading this, go right ahead and use it. Like other Amiga users, we would like nothing more than to see our computer truly competing with the IBM.
The Amiga can make its return , and its presence felt. Let IBM swaller in lies, until Amiga unveils the truth.
Sincerely, Scott Doane Edwardsburg, Ml Dear Amazing, Now that the Amiga once again has a parent company, maybe we software developers can finally breathe a sigh of relief. It has been a rough year trying to develop software without the help of CATS.
Over a full year ago we sent in the Amiga developer's registration form and never heard any response from Commodore at all. We perservered, though, and got our hands on as many reference books as we could get; including the AGA hardware memory map (graphics chips only) and the V2.0 ROM Kemal books.
Currently, we are at work on many great projects: like WAVEstudio, CopDisAsm, Serlink, PCKLab, PaletteTool, and WBSoundTool. Also being developed are several system-friendly AGA-compat- ible games which will fully support all CPUs and all known graphics cards for the Amiga: Goblin (multiplayer Pac-Man type game) and Tank (multiplayer 260(1 style tank game). In addition, (unless someone beats us to the punch) we plan to develop the Amiga version of Wolfenstein 3D: Multiplayer, Doom I and Doom 11, a Ranma 1 2 fighting game, and finally an Amiga version of WordPerfect 5.0!
With the addition of a Zorro-based graphics card at least a 68030 CPU, and a hard drive, any Amiga can possess better than PO-compatible graphics speed and functionality. As a matter a fact, we have been bemoaning the short-sightedness of the European game developers who are currently only supporting the base A1200 unit. They are not supporting VGA monitors or enhanced graphics cards, even when the software (and the user) would greatly benefit. That policy is only hurting the Amiga market in the long term, and we think it is foolish to precede like that. We feel the need to try and fill in the
gap and become everyone's favorite Amiga software company; we will even be nice to our competitors! Unfortunately, there are some snags at the moment.
Certain topics continue to elude us, due only to the impossibility of finding the necessary documentation. We want desparately to write software drivers for PCMCIA modems, LAN, and sound cards but we need a system friendly description of how to access the card slot. We really do not want to resort to "poking" , What we really need is the address and or phone number of the current owners of the Amiga OS. We do not care if we have to write in German either! We really need your assistance on this one.
After all, we know you have many worldwide contacts with Amiga. Surely, there is a developer support mechanism being put into place somewhere. We want in there!
Any help you could send would enormously appreciated.
Sincerely, Tern- Miller II Bartlesville, OK Amiga Technologies GmbH Berliner Ring 89 D-64625 Benshcim, Germany Tel. 49-6252-709-195, FAX 49-6252-709-520
• AC* .si | Directory Opus 5. The tradition continues. Smaller,
faster and more efficient than ever before. Opus 5 harnesses
the power of object orientated multitasking design like never
New Design: Opus 5 has been totally redesigned and rewritten from the ground up. It is not only faster and more efficient but has many new and revolutionary features.
Unlimited Displays and Buttons: You can have an unlimited number of lully independent file display windows and button banks. Buttons can be defined as simple text buttons or graphic images.
True Multitasking: Opus 5's internal multitasking gives you unheralded power to perform multiple operations at the same time - no more wailing while one job completes GPFax ¦e OmfE* A MIGA Hr The Ultimate Send & Receive FAX Software For The Amiga. Automatically Broadcast FAX Messages To All Or Some Of Your Phone Book. Send FAXes Directly No Scheduled faxes From Your Word Processing Or Desktop Publishing Programs. Schedule FAXes To Be Sent During The Least Expensive Phone Times. Simple And Easy To Use, GPFax Is The Must Have Fax Software For The Amiga.
Mand2000 The CD (Micro R.&D. Vol. 5) Ask Your Dealer About The "Swifty Mouse". True Three Button Mouse For The Amiga.
New From Micro R.&D. and Cygnus Software, Mand2000, on CD ROM. The best Mandelbrot generator and exploration program, on any platform, is now available on CD. Includes over 600 Megabytes of fantastic fractal images and animations all ready rendered and ready to play. Use Mand2000 to generate graphics for publishing and video work, or just to show off your Amiga. Can be used as a fantastic screen saver as well.
Ask Your Dealer About Micro R.&D.'s Vols. 1-4 New! Easy Ledgers2 Full Featured Accounting Software For The Amiga.
$ 199.00 For Upgrades From Previous Versions of Opus & GPFax, please contact Micro R.&D. Toll Free 1 (800) 527-8797 or I (308) 745-1243 Voice I (308) 745-1246 FAX Internet: ggraham@ios.com GPFax© GPSoftware, Directory Opus© Jonathon Potter & GPSoftware Micro R.&l)., Inc., Home of the Bigfoot Amiga CD32 High Output Power Supplies.
Amlyti 4000 low-fi Strtp!
From the original demise of Commodore to the fin& sale to ESCOM, AC has beeii there! During this crisis, Amazing Compunng has gomfc to great lengths to be the first witiknews and information far its readers. From interviews with theoiew owners to the thoughts and idej s of Amiga users, AmazingK Computing has lead the way in i ;omplete Amiga coverage. AfcTs Coverage is the first discussed c n the networks AC should be your first news format. Revl* .Bit*"* ¦Monti 2000 PtfttttAQ+ o Buy Trtrclny!
¦Altering Phohj In PhofoOw
• Dlrtctay Opij ¦O lHjvy Mortr ’Iftwr Intefm ftresef h ChtKW SB
Dial toll-freenn the US and Carada, 1-800-345-3 360, or dial
508-678-4200. You may also Fax AC at 508-675 6002.
By popular demand, this special edition of the 1994 FrozenFish is the first of the “fish line" to be PC compatible, allowing Amiga users with PC CD-ROMs access to the "fish disk" archives.
FrozenFish ‘95 contains TOO "fish disks", making it the most complete library of Fish material available. Archived on a per-Floppy basis, this multi-platform CD is fully readable on all systems, including Amiga, MS-DOS, Windows, OS 2. Mac and UNIX. Each directory contains a standard "FILES.BBS" file.
F I A UQLlfnE 3 FrozenFish - August ‘95 ’19s GoldFish Volume 3 marks a change in the GcldFish series by presenting material unarchived on a single CD format with user friendly access system allowing most programs to be reviewed and executed from a centralized irterface. Volume 3 contains material From FreshFish Volumes 8-10 as well as the latest PD software. The GoldFish series represents an effective method for users to maintain their "fish library" in a more periodic manner.
GoldFish Volume 3!19E GoldFish Volume 2 !19" - 2 CD set GoldFish Volume 1 s19- 2 CD set
E. S. Productions CD Archive created by Eric Schwartz, contains
a!! Of Eric's previously released animations and artwork. Also
included are several unreleased animations, dozens of
unreleased pictures. Imagine and LightWave 30 objects used in
creating some of the animations and a special set of icons. As
a bonus this release introduces three new large animations as
well as material from other Amiga artists and cartoonists Eric
has worked withl
E. S. Productions CD Archive *24* FantaSeas Portfolio Photo CD,
is a 2-CD set capturing the beauty and diversity of the
oceanic world. Almost 300 photographs encompass the globe from
the walls of Grand Cayman to Fiji's Bega Lagoon. All photos
are 24 bit images providing resolutions up to 30 2 x 2048
Released quarterly, the FreshFish CD's are compilations of the newest programs, libraries, documentation, animations, pictures, etc. presented in unarchived form, FreshFish has been designed with more user Friendly access allowing most programs to be reviewed and executed from a centralized system.
FreshFish "19s Subscriptions (4 CD's) s595 With triple the choice of most photo Cds, FantaSeas is an excellent source for stock photography.
Requires Photo CD compatible CD-ROM drive and system software. Bonus - Includes Portfolio Photo CD software for Mac and PC users.
FantaSeas '39n liiilliiil xEjfJflLTj 610 North Alma School Road Suite® Chandler, Arizona 85224-3687 USA VOICE (602) 491-0442 FAX (602) 491-0048 EMAIL inFoeamigalib.com Oft CALL (800) 804-0833 Circle 116 on Reader Service card.
FrgBfl U'i’I iiJlijJUiiii TjlUJJJiiC JilTJiJliiilTIUJliii SjuJjJI Zbnmersmuhlenweg 73 D-61400 Oberurse! GERMANY phone • 49 617183937 fax • *9 61 18302 EMAIL Comnustn 100336.1245 mastercard visa ACCEPTED Fteshfish'”. FroifnFish’". GoldFivh-" jns FamjSeM“jre trademarks cf Amiga Lb'aqr Skiers.
MEW PRODUCTS d othen neat $ ta an The Global Amiga Experience The Global Amiga Experience CD title from Logic Creations of Germany, contains demo versions and full versions of commercially distributed software for the Amiga. Some of the over 200 demo versions include: Caligari 24, XiPaint 3.1, Ppaint .3, ImageFX 2.0, Photogenics 1.2, Bars & Pipes 2.5, interplay, Wordworth 3.1, MaxonTools, MaxonCAD, PhotoworX, FolioworX, MaxonCinema4D 2, Adorage, Samplitude Pro, Turbo Calc
3. 0, Cluster, CacheCDFS + CD32 Emu, Sbase4Pro, Datastore, Office
Engine, A Cash Pro, Amiga Money, Turbo Text
2. 0, Stylus ProVector, MaxDOS2.5, InfoNEXUS2.5, DirWork, Turbo
Print, Pprint3.0, Diavolo Backup, Motion & Magic - Objects,
Power Ttiler, c.a.v.e., Art Effect, Camouflage, and many more
from other fields such as Graphics, Music, Applications,
Games, etc. Besides the above demo versions The Global Amiga
Experience also contains 8 full versions (partially fully
upgradeable) of the following: Scala
1. 12, Imagine 2.0, VistaPro 1.0, Distant Suns 4.0, The Edge
1.721 D, X-Copy, Clarissa 1.1, and Steuerfuchs Pro '93.
Most demos and all full version can be up and running immediately with no installation necessary. Installation of some of the demo versions is necessary but easy. Most of the demos are included as compressed files. The Global Amiga Experience is distributed by: Amiga Library Services, 810 N Alma School Rci Ste, IS, Chandler, AZ 85224, Tel. (602) 491-0442, Fax (602) 491-004S.
Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill is another in the fast growing CD-ROM collection from GT1 GmbH in Germany. Meeting Pearis Vol III builds on the successful Meeting Pearls II by giving the user even more usable access tools which have been expanded and improved. FindPearls has been improved and extended and an AmigaGuide-style search interface has been added. You can also use a program created for Meeting Pearls to search program instructions for a keyword quickly.
Exclusively provided is a special version of CD-Write, to allow virtual writes to the CD-ROM.
This gives the user the ability to completely customize Meeting Pearls 111 to their needs. Special goodies amongst the hundreds of Freeware, Shareware and Public Domain programs are PasTex 1.4 and an updated MovieDataBase. Contents include: Archive Programs, CD-ROM utilities, Communication and Network Programs, Debugging Tools, Games, Graphics Programs, Midi Tools, HTML-Pages, and much more.
Meeting Pearls III is distributed by: Amiga Library Services, S10 N Alma School Rd Ste IS, Chandler, AZ 85224, Tel (602) 491-0442, Fax (602) 491-0048.
Gamers' Delight 2 Also from GTI GmbH in Germany, the Gamers' Delight 2 CD contains 1,070 games for the Amiga.
Categories include: action, jump & run, card games, puzzles, strategy games, and much more. Seventy of the games are commercial versions, not public domain or demos. Action games include: Alien Hunter, Bomber 2000, Galaga 94, Meteros, Space Dunk and more. Some of the puzzle games are: Bandit, Logik Mover, Pipemaster 2, Reverse, Sort It, and Twins. The strategy games include: Fireball, Labyrinth, Rolling Stones, Spacer, Taxi, Walls, and more. The CD can be run on any Amiga with a CD-ROM drive, 1MB free memory, and a joystick.
Gamers' Delight 2 is distributed by: Amiga Library Services, 810 M Alma School Rd Ste 18, Chandler, AZ 85224, Tel (602) 491-0442, Fax (602) 491-0048.
ProVector® 3 Face it, with its reputation for performance and reliability, there never really was any choice, but ProVector 2 for structured drawing on the Amiga*. Now the choice is even clearer! ProVector 3 features new object effects such as blending, warping and perspective; enhanced text support; LightWave1'1 support, and an improved interface. It takes full advantage of the AGA1' chip set, and OS 2.1 plus. Together with original features the competition stili can't match such as Multiple Undos, Layers, and . Reliability; plus support products such as Pslmport1 ’(for importing and editing
PostScript ) and StylusTracer11 (for auto-tracing), Prcftfector 3 is 'The Illustration Solution."
From design to refer separations, this ad ires produced entirely with ProVector 3. Copyright © 1995 by Stylus, nr.
Stvlus, inc.
P. O. box 1671 fB V Fort Collins, CO, USA 80522 (303)484-7321
ProVertor is a registered trademark ol Slylu , Inc. PSImport,
and Sty lusTracer are trademarks of Stylus, Inc. Amiga is a
registered trademark of Commodoxv-AMIGA, Inc. AGA is a
trademark of CommodorcvNmiga. Inc. PostScript is a registered
trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. LightWave is a trademark of
NcwTek, Inc. Circle 125 on Reader Service card.
NEW PRODUCTS andotke-n- n&at Aminet Set 2 This month's last title from GTI GmbH in Germany Aminet Set 2 is another CD set from the world's largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software. This set offers everything which has been added to the archive since Aminet Set 1 plus 300 electronic books from Project Gutenberg. Dated November, 1995, it consists of approximately 4 GB of software in 12,000 archives. Also included are easy to use index files and search facilities. CD-ROM A contains utitlities, documents, text software, and business software. Disc B contains pictures &
animations, graphics software, and miscellaneous programs.
Letter C has graphics & sound demos, games, development software, disk HD tools and sharware related items.
Lastly D contains music modules, communications, and music software.
This title is also distributed bv: Amiga Library Services, 810 N Alma School Rd Ste IS, Chandler, AZ S5224, Te! (602) 491-0442, Fax (602) 491-004S.
Lightspeed: The Video Magazine for the Lightwave Enthusiast Lightspeed is a monthly video series available in both NTSC and PAL, where Lightwave users can become yearly subscribers and receive a new 60-120 minute video each and every month chalk full of Lightwave tutorials, reviews, interviews, animation's and more. Lightspeed has Lightwave tutorialists showing you how to create a scene from beginning to end, with topics for both beginners and experienced alike.
Watch a video review on a new Lightwave plug-in so you can see exactly what it does. Issue (video) 5 is currently shipping, but all back issues are available. Some tutorials discussed on the first 5 videos of Lightspeed include: Projecting Reality, Cloaking Effects, Camera Dollying, Electrical Effects, Image Compositing, Realistic Lighting, Tunneling in Lightwave, Treading Water, Spline Patching, Bone Influence, Creating Fire and much more. Retail is $ 19.95 each, $ 132 US 12 month subscription, $ 156 Canada 12 month subscription, and $ cali for European subscription. To order call: 805-726-3545,
Fax 805-726-3544, in the US call toll free 800-764-896.
The FX Kit for Lightwave (Book) The FX Kit for Lightwave (Book) is a new Lightwave tutorial book that takes you through the steps required to build some of today's most popular objects and scenes. The FX Kit is over 300 pages and is broken into 11 chapters. If you would like to leam how to design a space ship, nebulas, exhaust, lasers, and other space type objects and scenes just turn to the chapter on SPACE.
There is something for everyone, from character animation using bones and IK to Lighting your scenes like the television and movie pro's do. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on the book.
Retail is $ 34.95 each. To order call: 805-726-3545, Fax 805-726- 3544, in the US call toll free 800-764-
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT PXL COMPUTERS of Canada has announced a new combat epic game, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, to be available for the Amiga by January,
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, which carries warnings of "extremely realistic violence and gore" is not recommended for children or "sensitive persons," is the story of a warrior about to embark on a most dangerous journey. Your goal is to dethrone the evil master of an immense castle. You begin your mission in rancid, putrid catacombs of this castle. However, beware. The master is aware of your presence, and he has placed guards on every floor. You must work your way up to the top of the castle, and defeat all who stand in your way in order to battle the master.
Helping you along will be the spirit of your deceased mentor.
Fiowever, even with his aid, this will without question be a physically- draining experience. Bv journey's end, you will be injured, bruised, and tired.
But if you think of the price of failure, this is a small price to pay. For should you lose a battle, you will suffer a fate worse than death. You see, the master does look favorably upon assassins.
Thus, he has the power to make you immortal, and you will be forced to serve him for eternity in this most unpleasant environment. Even worse, you will be confined to a single room, becoming one of his guards. And, that is the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT has been announced as having superior graphic control as well as the ability to battle via modem and a variety of other unique features. PXL Computers states that a playable demo of the game will be available on-line very soon check out the BBS in your area.
Pxl computers of Canada Internet e-mail address: alexander.petmvic@subterrania.tor250.org
• AC* You have read about the resources available to artists
through the Internet and BBS’s, but you lack the time and
finances to access them. LEGHT-ROM, published every 6 months,
brings to you these resources along with exclusive
contributions for an incredible value.
“The range of objects is very impressive.
LIGHT-ROM is worth every penny.” Jason Holboum • Amiga Format January 1995 “A must have for Lightwave users” Graeme Sandiford • Amiga Format August 1995 “This CD is a must have for Lightwave users.”
R. Shamms Mortier • Video Toaster User August 1995 “This has
got to be my favorite CD of all time.” Graeme Sandiford •
Amiga Shopper April 1995 “This CD ROM is an excellent
value.” David Taylor • Amiga Shopper August 1995 “The nicest
collection I’ve seen for Lightwave models Erik Flom • Video
Toaster User October 1995 ? Over 4500 Lightwave objects
divided into categories including Anatomy, Aviation, Botany,
Buildings, Furniture, FX, Holidays, Household, Logos, Music,
Ships, Space, Sports, Tools and Vehicles.
? Showcase directory features contributions from Lightwave artists around the world including Alan Chan, Jamie Cope, Erik Flom, Tim Nign and Dean Scott.
? Every Lightwave object is represented in Ihumbnaii renderings (IFF, TARGA & JPEG) for easy previews.
? Collection of 3D objects in other formats including Imagine (175 megs), 3D Studio (100 megs) and Sculpt 3D (30 megs).
? 700 Textures in JPEG format complete with thumbnails.
? Public Domain graphic programs and demos for the PC and Amiga.
? Collection of 3D landscapes in Lightwave, 3D Studio and Imagine formats.
Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts.
? Bonus “DEM ROM" includes over 1000 DEMs (digital elevation maps) for use with VistaPro, World Construction Set and Scenery Animator on any platform.
? Use DEM ROM (along with any of these programs) to create realistic backgrounds or flights through your favorite scenery to incorporate into Lightwave or other 3D programs as background sequences.
? All DEMs include thumbnail renderings of their topographical maps.
Mu 2 presents the most :h over 1.9 gigabytes of i Michae ROM eve ; author of includes HT-RQM m D Imeshew, it LlGHT-ROt ibitious issue of LIGHT- ita and ovemB.OOO filer I I I I I I I I I UGHT'ROM 3 is available exclusively through Graphic Detail, Inc. rn 1111 11111 ? Special introductory Offer ?
3 CD ROMs for only $ 49.95 plus shipping.
Shipping and handling is $ 4.95 for U.S. & Canada - $ 6.95 International.
E3 GRArmnmo etai l fn|§ GRAPHIC DETAIL, INC. ? 4556 SOUTH 3RD ST. * LOUISVILLE, KY 40214 USA VOICE FAX - 502-363-2986 * E-MAIL - michael@iglou.com
• ORDERS ONLY -1-800-265-4041 • '‘LIGHT-ROM" is a registered
trademark of Graphic Detail, inc. “DEM ROM” is a trademark of
Graphic Detail, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of
their respective companies.
Circle 101 on Reader Service card.
MacroForm: Power Modeling in Lightwave 3D When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Push a Button.
R. Shamms Mortier For the moment, Amiga LightWave fans can gloat
that they have access to a professional tool that PC LightWave
users don't possess. MacroForm is a high end deformation
utility that plugs into LightWave on the Amiga. It is a Macro
keys are part of the LightWave Modeler system. Macro keys, as
a generic term, are keys on the keyboard that have been
programmed to start a process or bring up a menu.
On the Amiga, LightWave Modeler MacroForm makes your modeling life easier because, with just the tap of one key, you can access modeling tools that are either new to LightWave or expand upon its creative options.
Users are familiar with the set of helpful modeling macros that come with the software. Why then should you consider buying MacroForm?
Simple. MacroForm makes your modeling life easier because, with just good idea to have a working knowledge of LightWave itself before attempting to get too overly creative with MacroForm. If not, you can quickly find yourself in over your head.
The tap of one key, you can access modeling tools that are either new to LightWave or expand upon its creative options.
The first thing after installation is to hit the F I key. This brings up an assignment menu, allowing you to target various MacroForm operations to the function keys. Alternate groups of up to ten macros can be saved and reassigned using the KeyMaster option. This makes MacroForm a gateway that serves the individual LightWave Modeler user. All functions can be edited to fine tune them for individual users and individual projects.
Standard MacroForm Assignments and Their Use "Align and Center" is used to center your foreground and background data. This is very useful when performing Boolean operations, where one object displaces or drills shapes into another. Data can be aligned to either the foreground or background as the source. Data can be set to align using your choice of X,Y,Z references, and data can beset for automatic resizing as well on separate XYZ axis, all axis, or XY, XZ, YZ combinations.
You can also use this function to simply align data relative to the coordinate origin. No more manual frustration, just point and click.
"Dimensions" gives you feedback on the size of your model, and allows you to alter those dimensions. Scaling cam occur independently or by using Figure 1. The MacroForm '‘Keymaster’’ assignment is your first stop in assigning MacroForm functions to the Function keys on the Amiga keyboard.
Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Central Time) VISA Orders Only: 800-556-1562 Info Questions (402) 556-6160 ig 24-Hour Order FAX (402) 556-6160 “ 6057 Maple Street Omaha, NE 68104 1 x Hitachi SCSI External 4x Sanyo SCSI Internal 4x Sanyo SCSI External AsimCDFS 3.3 Starting at $ 49.95 Starting at $ 1 24.95 Starting at $ 174.95 Starting at $ 399.95 Starting at $ 499.95 Starling at $ 1,499-95 MegaMouse(«xwpi) $ 24.95 MegaMouse-Plus (3-button 400dpi) $ 29.95 Crystal Trackball $ 34.95 Eklipse Mouse issodpii $ 19.95 (Champ Mouse (360dpi) $ 26.95
5349. 95
5439. 95 $ 74.95 $ 39.95 GREAT VALUE' $ 2.99 $ 4.99 $ 24.95 $ 9.95
$ 3.00 $ 10.95 $ 9.95 This ad was produced entirely with Amioa
computers PaaeStream and other Amina software Happy New
Year1 Itee Personalized dug, with Every $ 100 Order During,
January' SX-1 Expansion $ 254.95 SX-1 Keyboard $ 39.95
Syquest EZ-135 Removable $ 249.95 Syquest EZ-135 Cartridge
$ 24.95 Migraph 2400dpi 24-bit Scanner $ 899.95 AsimCDFS v3.3
$ 63.95 On The Bail $ 33.95 Wordworth SE $ 64.95 CD32 Gamer
Magazine w CD $ 11.49 Many CD32 game titles also available!
Amiga 4000 Tower: 1GB SCSI2 Hard Drive, 4MB Fast, 2MB Chip, '040 25, OS3.1 Lightwave 4.0 Unbundled $ 774.95 Image FX 2.1 $ 244.95 AD Pro 2.5 $ 137.95 Photogenics v1.25 $ 128.95 Brilliance 2.0 $ 79.95 Caiigari 24 $ 129.95 MegaLoSound: Direct-to-disk sampling $ 49.95 Final Writer Release 4 S105.95 WordWorth 3.1 $ 129.95 Final Data Release 2 $ 64.95 Twist 2 Relational Database $ 109.95 TurboCalc v2.0 Spreadsheet $ 34.95 TextCraft Plus Used Word Processor $ 5.00 A1000 Systems* A500 Systems* CD32 A600 Systems* A2000 Systems* A1200 3000 Systems* A4000 Systems* Word Data Processing Graphics & Sound Specials
A4000T System in Stock! $ 2749 A1200 Systems Coming Soon!
'Refurbished or Consignment Systems below Computer Systems M-TEC 68020S (A500 ONLY) $ 99.95 Derringer 030 25 (A500 2000) $ 309.95 Derringer 030 40 (A500 2000) $ 399.95 Derringer 030 50 (A500 2000) $ 499.95 : TekMagic 040 33 (A2000) $ 999.95 ; TekMagic 040 40 (A200Q) $ 1,199.95 Cyberstorm 060 50 (A4000) $ 1,449.95 Others available, please call!
114. 4 Pract. Periph. Fax Modem $ 109.95
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T elecommumcations Disks & Drives Accelerators Pointers Cables HighFlyer 4000 HighFlyer 4000 W 250W HighFlyer Cable Kit HighFlyer Fan Kit Expansion Cases AmigaDOS 2.1 (A500 2000) $ 77.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A500 2000) $ 124.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A1200) $ 149.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A3000) $ 149.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A4000) $ 139.95 International Flow Charter O (f 2 by Neather Realm Software Dealer inquiries invited This is the perfect program for those wishing ¦to make organizational charts, logic flowcharts, process diagrams, etc. Comparable programs on other platforms sell forS250, Suggested retail price ol $ 39.95.
- Yours for the introductory price of $ 29.95!
15% restocking fee will be levied on returned non- .
Defective items. Shipping is the responsibility of tbe purchaser. Not responsible for typographical errors.
Prepayments by personal check require 14 days to clear.
No surcharge tor using your credit card.
Availability and prices ate sub|ect lo change.
We are always looking for good, new software to distribute commercially, ii you have written a commercial-grade software program, you may submit it to Amicom Technology, 6057 Maple St., Omaha, NE 68104 . Along with a cover letter requesting a review. Enclose a ;SASE if you wish the software to be returned to you.
We carry a large supply of used software and hardware! It you are looking for low priced hardware software. CALL!
Programmers...call our info line to find oul about joining Amicom's remote programming teaml Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI2 $ 98.95 M-TEC AT-500 IDE + RAM $ 149.95 DataFlyer 500 IDE SCSI $ 149.95 159.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI & IDE $ 189.95 DataFlyer 2000 IDE SCSI $ 99.95 84.95 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI & IDE $ 129.95 TekMagic 4008 SCSI + RAM $ 139,95 Oktagon 2008 SCSI2 + RAM $ 149.95 DataFlyer SCSI+1200 4000 $ 89.95 99.95 Vlab Motion $ 1,649.95 Toccata 16-bit Sampler $ 439.95 Vlab Y C Int. Ext. $ 424.95 $ 469.95 Retina Zlll 4MB $ 759.95 Picasso II 2MB $ 379.95 Cybervision 64 2MB $ 464.95 Cybervision 64 4MB $ 595.95 Pyramid MIDI
Interface $ 42.95 1172MB IBM 2.5" IDE $ 109.95 Call for other 2.5" tS 3.5“ Drives
2. 5" IDE Short Cable $ 10.95
2. 5" to 3.5" Cable Adapter $ 14.95 540MB Quantum ’Maverick- SCSI
$ 209.95 100MB ZIP SCSI Removable $ 219.95 Gfx Sound Hardware
SCSI IDE Hardware CD-ROM Drives AmigaDOS $ 89.95 $ 199.95
$ 269.95 $ 63.95 FotoFUN! Photo Postcard Mug Printer $ 399.95
Primera ‘NEW LOW PRICE* $ 599.95 PrimeraPro $ 1,339.95
Primera FotoFUN! Supplies available!
Fargo Printers various reference data. You can resize either targeted data or all data.
"Distance and Angles" is a cousin of the dimensioning tool in that it returns data on the distance and angles between two points.
"Slice and Dice" should come in quite handy for Modeler users. Before an object can be deformed, it must be segmented into polygons that can take on the needed effect. A cylinder, for instance, made of only vertical polygonal planes will not respond to a bend operation. Slice and Dice segments the object automatically, based upon parameters set by the user.
"Slice" refers to data segmented along one axis (linear), while "Dice" refers to data segmented along two axis (bidirectional). In addition, MacroForm allows Polar, Radial, and Hemispherical slicing. The best way to get a feel for what each of these operations prepare you for is to try them out and then deform the object.
Keep visual notes in the form of saved and named target objects. "NewBox" may appear to be a simple tool in that all that it does is to allow for the creation of boxes with rounded edges, but that's a major achievement for LightWave users.
Now for the major stuff. RailToolz is the soul of the software, giving the Modeler user a wealth of rail extrusion tools. Rail extrusions arc sometimes known as ?scuipt on a path, because they take a surface and use path information to extrude it in 3D space. If you take a circle as an example and extrude it on another circle, you get a donut shape.
Organic sculpting demands rail extrusions.
MacroForm uses spline curve modeling in an extrusion environment. Using a spline curve as a If your vision includes objects that move beyond spheres and checkered planes, get MacroForm.
Template, called a "form curve", you can bend, form, mold, scale, stretch, and twist your 3D primitives into fully sculpted shapes. There are twelve RailToolz in all. If all that this software did was to offer this collection of tools, it would be worth twice the price asked.
A full Preferences requester accompanies this tool. With it, you can reset the tools to their defaults, access form files and temp files by path strings, create initial form curves to work from, create forms (linear, slope, dome, or sine), set the number of points on a curve (knots) and their precision, and more.
It's the RailBend tool that most LightWave Modeler users will really appreciate, allowing you to easily bend objects on a 2D or 3D curve. The documentation is bursting with tutorials and examples that lead you through every process in this module in a step-by-step fashion. For ease of use, there is a "SmartRai!" Module included. This will allow you to choose a polygonal shape and automatically assign that shape to whatever complex curves are placed in the background layer. Spiral stairways, curved text, snakelike objects, whatever you can imagine is at your service.
Routing is another function performed by MacroForm. I remember how I loved to rout wood in high school woodshop, to force a fancy beveled pattern to conform to an edge. Bringing this same capacity to LightWave modeling is a thrilling option for 3D artists and animators.
Router files can also be loaded and saved, so applying your favorite cuts is doable for the long term. A "Snapshot Curve" is used as tire router pattern, and applied to the object. MacroForm also offers you the capability to wrap or form fit a 3D object to a 2D curve, leading to some exciting organic looking models.
Conclusions LightWave Modeler is not my favorite modeling program. Its strengths are often hidden by a lack of dedicated tutorials in the manual. For every user who has wanted to spend more creative time using the Modeler environment in LightWave and has been put off by the modules arcane and hard to comprehend tools, I recommend MacroForm.
The MacroForm manual is painstakingly designed and clearly illustrated to smooth out the bumps on the learning curve. The documentation, which comes in a hard binder that can be opened flat on the desktop, is as complete and qualitatively designed as is the software. Three disks of data accompany the manual. If tins program is supported by the Amiga community, further development on the Amiga LightWave utility will be possible. If your vision includes objects that move beyond spheres and checkered planes, get MacroForm. The time you spend learning its functions and applications will pay
you back a hundredfold.
MacroForm One and Only Media PO Box 218 Vauxhall. NJ 07088-0218
• AC* Image Magic Apply a little "White Magic" to some of your
graphics and enjoy a world of difference.
_ by R. Shamtns Mortier I have no doubt that Nova Designs' ImageFX is the most full featured graphics transformation engine on the Amiga platform. With dozens of dedicated image enhancement and transformation tools, a preview function that shows you the results of various image features before you render them, and one of the easiest to understand interfaces that any image manipulation and FX program on any platform can boast of ImageFX is a solid utility for any graphics work.
The documentation is in one word "fat," meaning that although getting involved to the waist in the program is easy, tiiere is a lot of room for professional exploration of the tools left. However, this is not a review of ImageFX. This is a visual documentary on its effects as applied to an image, with captions that will allow you to achieve the same results.
My explorations represent only some of what is possible. If you are a dedicated Amiga user, needless to say that Nova's ImageFX should be in your library of exquisite tools. Look over the graphics and see if there are some effects you would like to experiment with, then go for it!
Although the settings referred to are to demonstrate how we achieved the look represented in the associated graphic, all of the effects shown here can be animated over time.
Distort Wave Distortion When we think of ripples we usually think of water, but there is no reason that you can’t apply ripple effects to other objects with computer graphics. Ripples are sometimes used in computer animation to imply distortions of time and space, as those imagined to be experienced by time travellers. Here we have applied a wave distortion to John’s head with the IFX oval brush.
(Amplitude = 27, Length = 19, Antialias and Stretch are on.)
This might be thought of as a cousin of wave distortion.
The image is swirled about a central point, warping it into an ovular shape. When applied to a full rectangular image, and the “outer radius" is set to cover the whole frame, it has the effect of pinching the image in the middle and placing it on a warped sheet. With some alterations, this could be used to wrap a graphic on a flag. (Outer R = 466, Inner R = 0, Angle = 23, Strength = 34, Blend = 0, Stretch and Anti-Alias are on.)
Warp Punch When either Pinch or Punch are applied to a more localized area (as has been done here to the area of John’s head), the image distorts only the features in that area, producing a caricature. More importantly, edges where the warped area meet the normalized elements are blended accurately. (Outer R = 41, Strength = 50.)
Polar Mosaic This combines both the Mosaic function and Wave Distort to effect the image in a unique way. Notice that less distortion occurs at the center of the effect than at the edges. (Outer R = 328, Tracks = 96, Slices = 159.)
Polar Blur This produces a circular smudge in the area to which It has been applied, much like an explosion. (Outer R = 206, length = 50.)
Warp Pinch This function is associated with Swirling with the difference that the frame of the graphic remains in place. Pinching draws the image inward around a cenler. (Outer R = 219. Inner R = 0, Strength = 50. Anti Alias and Stretch are on.)
Dream Have you ever seen the effect on the Letterman show that depicts David going into a dream state? If so, then you will be familiar with this IFX operator. You can apply it either vertically or horizontally. (Amount = 255, Start = 154, Phase = 11, Waves = 39, Wrap Around = On.)
Convolve Motion Blur This is a blurring function coupled with a direction indicator. What I have done in this example is to outline only the figure in Ihe graphic and then apply the operator. This gives me a clear background and a figure that looks like it has been captured in movement.
(Angle = 1, Length = 19 pixels.)
Transform Perspective Rotate This operator sets up a perspective controller that allows you to target the graphic to a 2D plane in 3D space. You can set the background in several ways. We have set it to remain as the graphic here, This operator when used as an animation tool is great for creating flying logo animations.
Effect Oil Paint This creates an oil painting look, great for hanging portraits on walls in a 3D environment. The larger the brush size, the more smeared the rendered image will be. (Brush Size = 2.)
MOTHERBOARD This is your last chance to get this factory new,
latest revision, high powered motherboard. Use it as a spare,
an upgrade or just for parts.
The revision 8A A500+ is an enhanced ECS version WITH 1MB MEMORY on board. Expandable (via trap door) to 2MB CHIP RAM just like the DKB MegaChip at a fraction of the cost.
On this latest revision board is a real time dock, (RTC) with battery and includes the newest chips: 1- 2MB Agnus, 2- 8520 CIA, 1 Paula, 1 Gary, 1 Denise, latest 2.04 O S ROM, 1 68000-8 CPU. If you purchased these chips alone they would cost you $ 191, plus the cost of the motherboard.
NOTE: These same chips are also original replacements for the A2000 series. The A500+ comes with a 90 day warranty, the Final Test system and NTSC diskette.
Nents for the ¦ 4TJt I ® H Oftwml Package fill
A. 3.1 ROM upgrade INSTALLED add $ 44.95
B. 3.1 0 S (6) disks ...$ 10.00
C 2.1 0 S disks (use with 2.04 ROM) $ 10.00
D. ICD AdRAM 510+ (adds 1 meg of CHIP RAM in trap door)
....$ 59.95 E A500+Service Manual by CBM (sells for
$ 17.00) $ 7.95
F. ICD Trifecta 500-EC: Contains IDE hard drive 16 bit
controller, up to 8 megs of Fast RAM, space for 2.5 or 3.5
hard drive, all in a stylish side-car
case ......$ 159.95 (Ail A500+ boards are new
and were recently released from Commodore liquidation sales.)
Iml Paxtron CORPORATION 28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 • ORDER LINE ONLY: 800-595-5534 • FAX 914-624-3239 Hours: 9-5 pm EST • Add $ 5.00 UPS Charges • MC VISA • Prices subject to change Circle 130 on Reader Service card.
Effects Apply Texture IFX comes with a library ot dozens of textures. When applied over an image or a section of it, you have the look ol a material surface that conforms to the texture shape. The texture applied to this graphic is called “Dragon Scales”.
Effects Straw This is one of my absolute favorite effects on any platform. The Image or a selection of it is made to iook like strands of straw. I have even used it on a subject’s hair alone, producing dynamic results. You can set the size from 1 to 50. This image shows the setting at 50.
Effects lens Flares and Radial Stars The radials look more flashy in the graphic. Both of these operators have literally dozens of sliders that can be adjusted to produce an infinite amount ot flare and radial star effects. It is easy to create everything from glints to stars with this tool.
Effects Crystallize You can set four parameters with this operator: Grid X and Y, Perturbance, and Sparkle. I used settings of 10, 10,5, and 55. There is also a Random number generator that sets a different seed number upon which the crystal patterns are built.
Effects Hockney Tiling This can look like confetti falling or a maddening puzzle, depending on what the settings are. You can alter the width hefght of the tiles, their placement, color, and luminance, as well as determining the background they are set against (I chose black for this graphic). Blending the tiles with the original image produces what might be perceived as a color bump map. (Width Height = 15, Hor Vert variance = 12 22, Hue value variance = 0 0.)
I hope you have enjoyed this look at IFX's transformation tools. In a future Amazing we will look at the IFX Cinemorph module as well. Enjoy!
See you in ROMulan space.
ImageFX Nova Design, Inc. 1910 Byrd Avenue Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 282-6528
(804) 282-3768 FAX DKB Announces WildFire 060 Accelerator for the
A2000 & RapidFire SCSI-2 Controller The WILDFIRE is the
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We have come up with the fastest accelerator for the A2000
to date: the WILDFIRE 060.
We have been committed to this marketplace since 1985, and we are still here today, stronger then ever.
The next design is for the A4000 and A4000T models. This board is ready to ship upon receipt of 060 CPU from Motorola, scheduled tor January. If you have any comments or questions please call us at: 810-348-3821.
2(Je tyou favt continued xufifron£.
WildFire 060 50Mz Accelerator for the A2000 List Price: $ 1699.00 WQUPlm Sqwdmm auras?
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• Over 90% of the CPU is available at full speed SCSI DMA
• Fully Autoconfigurable
• 64 bit ram expandable to 128 Megs
• Uses industry standard 72 pin SIMMS
• Allows mixing & matching of SIMMS
• Supports 4, 8, 16, and 32 bit SIMMS
• Twisted pair, optional Thin Coax
• PCI bus for future expansion
• Supports transfers up to 100Mb sec
• Compatible with Video Toaster
• Compatible with MegAChip 2000 500 SftuptiXPtoa (rtiMmm Spmommt
• True SCSI-2 Hardcard Controller
• Compatible with A2000 A3000 A4000
• Zorro 2 compatible
• Two 72 pin SIMM sockets
• RAM capable of up to 8Mb
• DKB’s famous mixing & matching technology
• Add Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, Tape Backups, Scanners without
• RAM configurations of 1,2, 4, 6, 8Mb
• System friendly user interface
• NOW SHIPPING RapidFire SCSI-2 Controller List Price: $ 159.00 We
are currently accepting pre-orders for both of these products.
Please contact Software Hut or your local dealer. Many dealers
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534. 95 Amiga Envoy 2.0b * The standard Amiga peer-to-peer
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559. 95 The Deathbed Vigil and Gther Tales of Digital Angst -
This 2 hour video documentary includes: serious and humorous
interviews with many famous Amiga engineering and CATS
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530. 00 Amiga Guru Book by Ralph Babel ¦ For programmers.
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Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 IDE Cable & Software - 500 1200
20.00 M1230XA Accelerators - All Ccnfigs Call Squirrel SCSI-2
PCMCIA Card 98.95 SCALA MM400 & MM300 SCALA MM3G0 $ 139.95
SCALA MM4DD 209.95 SCALA MM40D upgrade tor MM300 owners 74.95
Power Supplies & Expansion J Boards A2000 300W Power Supply
S149.00 Emplant Basic
269. 00 Emplant Deluxe
359. 95 AMIA Interlace
55. 00 E586DX Module lor Emplaol
119. 95 Muttiface III I O Extender
99. 00 Cyberstorm 060 50Mz
1289. 00 Cyberstorm Fast SCSI-2 Controller
219. 00 Cyberstorm I O Module
519. 00 Megalosound
19. 05 Pro Midi 12 95 Warp Engine Call We carry a complete line
of RAM, CPUs, and FPUs.
Please cat! Tor pricing and availability.
Info 810*586-5703 Tech 610-586-5704 UlGBrS FAX610-586-5706 6416 *** * * * _ . .. Hours: Mon-Fri 9to 6 800-932-6442 Sal 10 to 4 - Eastern WUV Vut UBT“ffc CD-ROM CDTV CD-32 SALE Disks will work w CDTV, CD-32, A-570 and any Amiga model with a CD-ROM drive and appropriate driver software. Purchase 4. Or more, and receive FREE SHIPPING.
3D Arena S4S.00 Illustrated Works of Shakespeare
14. 00 17 Bit Continuation CD
25. 00 Insight: Technology
14. 95 17 Bit 5th Dimension
25. 00 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 17 Bit Phase 4
25. 00 Internet Into
24. 95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 1 or 2 (Spec)
25. 00 Kara Fonts Complete Colleclion
69. 95 A Long Hard Day on Ihe Ranch
9. 00 Light ROM 1 Dr 2 (Specify)
34. 00 Advanced Military Systems
10. 00 Light ROM 3 (3 Cds) Call AGA Experience
24. 95 Light Works
32. 95 All Dogs Goto Heaven 9 00 Logical - CDTV ONLY
8. 00 American Heritage 111. Dictionary
12. 00 Magic Illusions 30 Stereograms
15. 95 AmiNet Share 4
14. 00 Makin Mtisik
19. 95 AmiNet Set 1 or Set 2 (Specify)
39. 95 Maximum MODS Volume 1
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13. 95 AmiNel 7. 8, or 9 (Specify)
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229. 00 Case of the Cauiios Condor
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9. 00 Network CD by Weird Science
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30. 00 Clip Art & Fonts
12. 00 New Basics Electronic Cookbook 15,00 Clipart Warehouse 1
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8. 00 Gamer's Delight
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Mania 1
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9. 00 Guiness Book of World Records
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19. 00 World of Clipart 19 00 Honest 4
27. 00 World of GIF
22. 00 Hound of the Baskerviiles V 800 XiPainl 3 2
42. 95 Cloanto M-TEC Germany Personal Suite CD-ROM Includes:
Personal Paint; Write; Fonts Maker 1 & 2; Sbase 4 Personal;
2? Pro Kara Color Fonts; DirDiff; PNG Toolkit & ,5Gig of
Pics, Anims, Stereogram Pics & Anims; Amiga & Printer
downloadable fonts & texts.
$ 69.95 Kara Fonts CD-ROM Includes tiie complete collection of Kara Color Fonts, Anim Fonts, Stanfields, & Plaquegrounds.
$ 69.95 Mtec AT 500 No HD $ 149.95 Mtec AT 500 w 40Mb HD 229.95 Mtec AT 500 130Mb HD 269.95 Mtec AT 500 213Mb HD 299,95 Mtec AT 500 540Mb HD 369.95 Mtec AT 500 1 .OSGig HD 499 95 2Mb RAM lor AT 500 unit 8B.Q0 8Mb RAM lor AT 500 unit 29B.00 Mtec A500 2Mb RAM Module 139,95 Mtec 680201 Turbo A500 OK 99.95 Mtec T1230 42MzCPUtFPlj 244,95 1Mb RAM lor T1230 or 680201 49.95 4Mb RAM lor T1230 or 680201 165.00 8Mb RAM (or MTEc T1230 319.00 CD-ROM 3 Adults Only 69 XXX $ 14 00 Adult Sensations XXX 1400 American Girls (Spec 1 or 2)
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Tape 29 00 Wei Dreams XXX 14,00 White Underware XXX 14 00
Wild Wendy XXX
14. 00 Your Privacy Assured
25. 00 v Amiga Books Arexx: Your Amiga's Turbo $ 29.00 A12Q0&
CD-ROM Need to Know 29.95 Amiga Shoppers PD Directory 26 00
Internet. Modems & Comms 29.95 A1200 Insiders Guide 25.95
A1200 Insiders Guide. Next Steps 25.95 Amiga Disk Drives
Insiders Guide 25.95 A to Z Workbench Insiders Guide 25.95
Assembler Insiders Guide 25.95 Mastering Amiga Program
Secrets 31.95 Mastering AmigaDOS 3 Tutorial v1 31.95
Mastering AmigaDOS 3 Ref, v2 31.95 Mastering AmigaDOS Scripts
29.95 Mastering Amiga C 29.95 Mastering Amiga Beginners 29.95
Mastering Amiga System 34.95 Mastering Amiga Arexx 31.95
Mastering AmigaDOS 2 v2 29.95 Mastering Amiga AMOS 31.95
Mastering Amiga Printers 29.95 AMOS in Education 31.95 AMOS
in Action 31.95 Ultimate AMOS 28.95 Amiga User In face &
Style Guide 24.00 ROM Kernel: Devices 3rd Edition 27.00 ROM
Kernel: Inc. & A'docs 3rd Ed. 36.00 ROM Kernel: Libraries 3rd
Ed. 35.00 Exploring Lightwave 30 52.99 Complete Post-Prod.
W B, Wilson 24.95 Total! Amiga AmigaDOS 29.95 Total! Amiga
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Productivity - Utilities Address It! 1.5 $ 2695 Ami-File Safe
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MEW Games for Amiga & CD-32 Aladdin AGA S32.95 Alien Breed 30
AGA CD-32 (Specify)
95 Blitz Bombers ECS ASA CD-32 (Spec)
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00 Civilization AGA
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00 The Clue (CD-32)
95 Delender of Ihe Crown 2 CD-32
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.95 Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34 .95 Theme Park ECS AGA (Specify) 44 .95 Viro Cops ECS AGA (Specify) 29 .95 Virtual Karting AGA 26 .95 World of Golf ECS, AGA 37 .95 Worms Amiga CD-32 (Specify) 39 .95 CBM Service Manuals A50Q Service Manual 19 ,95 A2000 Rev 4.x Service Manual 22 .95 A2000 Rev 6.x Service Manual 22 .95 A3000 Desklop Service Manual 24 .95 A3000 Tower Service Manual 26 .95 10B4S 01 Service Manual 14 .95 1950 Service Manual 19 ,95 2091 Service Manual 12 .95 Prog’s Guide lo Arexx w Disk 14 .95 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man.
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QioJUuoua amiga telecommunications Of MUCK, MUD, and MUSEs Traveling The World Wide Web Before we look at the internet features offered by the major on line services, we need to tidy up a few loose ends. Specifically MUD's and the Web.
Of MUDs, MUCKs, and MUSEs Muitiple-User Dimensions are a specialized form of the Internet Relay Chat we discussed last month. A MUD is a role playing game, where you interact in real time with other players.
All of this takes place in a virtual world that operates much like some of the early adventure games. Simple command's such as "go north," and "pick up weapon" control your characters' movements and actions within this setting. Because the other characters in the adventure are being controlled by other people, don't expect pure logic. Just like reality, some people may get pleasure from random acts of violence.
There are many variations of MUDs, and if you remember and enjoyed the original adventure games, you are sure to find some to your liking. Other names that games of this type are known by are MUCKs, and MUSEs.
The World Wide Web The World Wide Web is a hypertext-based system for nav igating parts of the internet. It is called the Web because conceptually it resembles a spider web. Every point on the web is connected with several other points, and from any point you can branch off in different directions.
There are two different ways to browse the WWW. One is graphical and requires specialized software installed on your home system. The other is through a text based system called Lynx.
As you use the Lynx system, which requires you to be using a terminal program that supports the VT-100 standards for cursor control, certain words in the screen of information will be highlighted. These are the links to other documents on the Web.
By placing your cursor on one of these links and hitting return, you will be switched automatically to the new document. Often this will be on a completely different system, perhaps even in another country.
Because of the free-association nature of hypertext, starting with a document on beer, for example, may lead you to ancient Egypt. This could lead you to archeology, which might land you in Germany, which could lead you to a history of Socialist regimes.
Tile graphical web browsers use the point-and-click interface familiar to all Amiga users. These specialized documents are known as Web Pages, and not only can contain text, but also images, sounds, or even animations.
By clicking on a highlighted word, or image, you may change to another page, or transfer software to your home computer to be displayed. These web browsers are a topic of their own, and we will have to save them for next month.
Services What follows is a thumbnail sketch of the internet offerings available on the commercial on line services.
Portal Portal offers most of the best features of the internet. Portal's services include the Usenet newsgroups, FTP, IRC, Telnet, Gopher, and Muds. Also available is the Lynx text-based Web browser as well as some special menu selections. These items give one-key access to certain internet databases, one of which is the Library of Congress Information System. Besides 15 different MUDs, Portal gives internet users access to Chess, Backgammon, and the Oriental game of Go.
Genie Genie also offers users Lynx, Gopher, Telnet, and FTP. You will need to he running a VT-100 compatible terminal program to make use of the internet sendees. While these internet services are available by following the Computing menu choices, your best bet will be to go to the Starship area at page 555, and choose menu item 19. This is the Internet Launch Pad, and again you need to be using a VT-100 terminal program rather than the Aladdin automated program.
At this menu item you will find a Lynx-based browser with links to all things Amiga on the internet, By using your cursor control keys, you can access the above functions, as well as all of the Amiga Usenet newsgroups, which at this writing (early December, 1995) numbered 66. Direct links are also provided to various Amiga WWW Home Pages, and on-line magazines such as Amiga Link and Amiga Report.
Delphi Delphi's internet selection is similar to Portal's and Genie's. In addition to FTP, Telnet, IRC, Usenet, and Gopher, several utilities are also offered. These utilities make possible tasks such as finding people when you don't know their e-mail address.
CompuServe CompuServe is a bit of an enigma. On tire one hand, it offers literally everything, including the PPP type of connection that is preferred for using a graphical WWW browser. On the other hand, if you followed the menu prompts to the internet section, you would be told only Windows, MS-Dos, and Macintosh users are able to access the internet through CompuServe.
If you access the FileFinder in the Amiga section, and search the keyword "internet," you will find the solution. Along with numerous text files detailing what to do in order to use CompuServe as a gateway between your Amiga and the internet, are all of the software programs you will need.
More Info If you would like some more information about any of these services, you can call the following numbers.
CompuServe 800-848-8199 Delphi 800-695-4005 Genie 800-638-9636 Portal 800-433-6444 Updates In the November On Line, I mentioned that the total number of Usenet newsgroups was "more than
5000. " It seems I was more right than I knew. Harv Laser, head
moderator svsop of the Amiga Zone on Portal, advised ine
that the total number of newsgroups is now 18,000.
Also in the November column, I printed a BBS listing for A.l.M.A. World BBS, in San Bernardino, CA. I have since been advised that the BBS is no longer at the phone number listed.
Please remove this number from your lists. My apologies to the new owners of that number.
Who Ya Gonna Call?
NAME: AmiTrek BBS PHONE: (407)348-3365 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 33,600 bps CONTACT: Ken Rumsey NAME: Paradise City PHONE: 315-668-8171 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: up to 28,800 bps CONTACT: Kevin DeNardo NAME: Big Ed's Tavern PHONE: 609-723-3414 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 14,400bps CONTACT: Ed Plants NAME: Edge of Reality PHONE: 905-578-5048 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 14,400 bps CONTACT: Murray Smith NAME: South of the Border PHONE: 502-942-3660 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: Up to 28,800bps CONTACT: Patrick Greene Where To Find Me
R. Hayso on Genie RHAYS on Delphi 72764,2066 on CompuServe
Everytfiingfcr Commodore Amiga Computers Sell • Trade * Repair
¦ Buy 1420 County Rd. 914 Burleson, TX 76028 817-295-7658
817-447-6974 - Voice FAX line We carry a full line of
hardware, software & magazines, both new fir used, including
Luropean items & CD's.
Our flal-rHte repairs include most purls & labor. Call for details.
Trade in your unwanted items.
Catalog - §2.95 Big Sale on CD32 Software
• Limited quantity on some items, 1st come - 1st served.
A500 Krfurb 11+9.95 U.F.O. CD32- *24.95 A 2000 Refurb -*395 Shadow of lie Beau - *995 Oplical Mouse *3795 lemmings DC32 - *1495 Killing Cloud -*795 Jungle Strike CD32 - *24.95 Chaos Kngine *1495 Amiga Monitors Available. We have hardware, SW, fir accessories for the Commodore CCA & (.128. All Major Credit Cards Accepted.
Circle 105 on Reader Service card.
Rob Hays on Portal Internet users, my provider has recently made a change that allows a shorter version of my email address: rhays@intersource.com. For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 474Q2 Please include a SASE if von
need a personal replv.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need lo access your system Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community, I will include the information 1 receive in this column from time to time. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That is all for now. Next month we will show you exactly how to surf the Web graphically. See you on line!
R. Shamms Mortier Physics Lab in Mechanics The Amiga is an
exquisite educational interface and Physics Lab is an example
of what an interactive program for the classroom should
One of the things good oi' Commodore never did was to take the necessary steps to bring Amiga technology to the classroom. Schools that did purchase Amigas based on their own research were ecstatic if they were involved with video editing or computer graphics, but, because of Commodore's lack of developer support, interactive educational modules for other academic pursuits were seldom promoted when they were developed.
The Amiga remains to this day an exquisite educational interface because of its extensive built-in multimedia interfacing. Those of us that write for and design Amazing Computing feel a responsibility to the general reader and to the Amiga educational community to keep you informed when educational software packages for the classroom are released. Physics Lab is an example of what an interactive Owl Software's Physics Lab is loaded with learning tools, from interactive formulas to graphics and animations.
Program for the classroom should encompass, and it sets the pace for interactive learning design.
Physics Lab 1 wish this software was around and available when 1 was studying physics. I can feel the cold sweat starting to form on my back, the anxious expectation of tomorrow's test, the surety that I won't remember all of the formulas I'll need even though I crammed them in my brain for hours. Remembrances of high school and college physics classes recall volumes of formulas applied to arcane problems. Then again, I'm old enough to have missed out on the electronic aids available to the learner today.
CAL (computer assisted learning) was attempted in the '60's, but failed because the technology just was not up to it. Its resurgence in the '80's and its wide use today is tied directly to the extent and attractiveness of the technological advances in computing, especially memory, color resolution and speed.
Owl Software's Physics Lab takes advantage of all that the Amiga can offer as an interactive multimedia engine, its graphics capabilities and speed. Using theCanDo software (sadly, no longer in production), Lori Vinciguerra (Owl's chief programmer) designed an interface for Physics Lab that enhances learning by inviting exploration and experimentation. At each segment of the learning process, steps are taken to address the needed memorization of formulas by showing how they apply to laboratory experiments.
Procedures Physics lab opens up with what appears to be a laboratory notebook.
You enter your name on the cover, allowing it to become a saved record of your experiments for any return visits.
The software is ready-made for groups studying the same topic. There is even a bibliographical reference of suitable and commonly used physics texts so that the software can easily he integrated into targeted academic pursuits.
There are two Physics lab modules (Mechanics 1 and II), each containing different groups of experiments.
Different experiments involve various graphics enhancements, animations and sounds, all contained in the package. There are three learning choices for each topic: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Physics Lab in Mechanics 1 contains Kinemat- VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A 800-735-2633 800-735-2633
snles@ visionsoft. Com http: www, visionso ft.com Memory
Peripherals EXPANSION Upgrades & Custom Chips lxl-80ns Page
Dip 5.25 lxl-100ns Page Dip 4.95 1x4-70ns Page Zip 20.95 A3
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256x4-70ns Page Zip 5.75 256x4-70ns Page Dsp 5.75 256x4-100ns
Page Dip 4.95 lx9-70us Simm 29.95 1x8-70ns Simm 38.95 lx8-80ns
Simm 37.95 4x8-70ns Simm 132.95 4x9-70ns Simm 134.95 A4000
l 32-60us Simm 139.95 lx36-70nsSimm 159.95 2x32-60ns Simm
299.95 4x32-60nsSimm 499.95 8x32-60ns Simm 1039.95 GVP32
ImbSimm 65.95 GVP32 4tub Siinm 185.95 GVP32 IfimbSlmm 779,95
Hard Drives Maxtor 2.5" 128mb 89.95 Segale 2.5'210mb 169.95
Quantum .3.5" 270mb IDE 149.95 Quantum 3.5" 340mb SCSI 179.95
Quantum 3.5" 540ml) SCSI 259.95 Quantum 1.08gb SCSI 399.95
1. 3 Kieksiurt Rom 19.95
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3. 1 Rom for A500 2000 69.95
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3. 1 Kum for A4000 64.95
3. 1 Kit for A500 2000 129.95
3. 1Kit for A3000 144.95 Fat Gary 39,95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev. 8A 34.95 SuperBusierRev.il 56.95 8372A I mb
Agnus 34.95 8375 1 mb Agnus 19.95 8520 A 1 CIA 13.95 8520
Surface Mount 24.95 8364 R7 Paula 17.95 5719 Gary 17.95 8373
Super Denise 35.95 Super Dmac Rev.4 52.95 A2620-30 Rom Rev. 7
39.95 A2091 RomRev.7 36.95 Software Clearance Prince of Persia
Pirates Gold CD32 Space Legends Disk Master A20Q0 Professional
Chaos Engine
6. 95
9. 95
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39. 95
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19. 95 Amiga Unix Multiuser 89.95 A520 Video Adapter 19.95 A500
880K Int FI Dr 45.95
169. 95
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99. 95 A2000 880K Int FI Dr 79.95 A500 Power Supply 49,95 A2000
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Info : (408) 626-2633 Fax : (408) 625-6588 BBS : (408)625-6580 n ics, Newtonian Dynamics, and Statics.
Dart two centers on Universal Gravitation, Work and Energy, Impulse and Momentum, and Rotational Kinematics.
After signing in on your lab notebook, you can open the pages until you find a topic and learning level appropriate for your period of study.
Under the notebook pages are controls and active buttons that are modeled loosely after VCR controls, but with more options.
You can press the formula button and spend some time working through and learning the various formulas connected with the chosen experimental topic, or you can select the ruler to get details on various measurement options. A button with a face on it will take you to the historical data section where you can learn about the scientists associated with physics in general, and your topic in particular.
A button with a question mark represents access to the help menu.
Here you can receive help on tire Circle 120 on Reader Service card.
General and reference topics associated with your area of learning as well as refreshers on things like Newton's Laws of Motion.
You can also get help on the basics at any point, like trigonometry, math symbols, scientific notation, and vectors. At each step along tire way, every opportunity is taken to assist you in the learning process with experiments, working out formulas, and associated content in textual, numeric, and visual environments.
Who needs this software?
The apparent answer is anyone who is involved in learning physics in or out of the classroom. If you are a plain lover of science and math, even if you arc not in a formal school setting, get a copy of this software now.
Anyone involved in the home schooling movement who uses an Amiga should also jump on the bandwagon.
1 am even going to go farther and suggest that every graphics and animation user, and most certainly every developer, should add this software to their library. Why?
Because the algorithms that underlie all animation programs are built upon the exact mathematical formulas and their understanding that this software walks you through. Physics and math are the soul of the foundation upon which fancy animation interfaces are constructed, Multimedia programmers engaged in the development of learning modules will also benefit from just studying how a master programmer has configured a learning module that addresses whatCAL has always promised, an enhanced interactive learning experience that works.
Physics Lab in Mechanics Owl Software 460 Summer Avenue Reading, MA 01867-3819 email: owl@davinci.reading.ma.us BBS: 617-942-7216
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ADULT SENSATIONS DODY LANGUAGE CHEEKY CHICS CIJMAX ERUPTION EXOTIC EXTASY GIRLS OF PARADISE HOT PIX 5 HOT PICS:VOL SEX LUSCIOUS IJPS MOODY NIGHTS PARTY TIME PUSSY GALORE BETTER CONCEPT INC B6 DYE TREET OAKNERVILLE MY 109X5 1-800-151-6441 ALE 914-786-0118 INFO 914-786-1708 Fax Email: bettcrc@j5l.com WWW: http: common .j5l.com bci Welcome To My Studio: A Personal Studio Overview Can Four Amigas of various vintages find hope, happiness, and enrichment with a Pentium and a PowerMac?
By R. Shamms Mortier This is the fourth in an ongoing series of articles spread over the last seven years. In the previous articles, I have shown you my secret den, my lair, my cave of digital possibilities...my Amiga-centric studio as it has grown in a step-by-step fashion. I have even confessed to you my wishes and dreams and how I saw my studio expanding into the future.
I have no patience, by the way, for folks totally addicted to a computer platform at the expense of their own creative potential, Artists should use whatever creative tools are available.
This article is similar to those of the past, with one exception, my studio is no longer exclusively Amiga based. I have had to include other platforms because of my vocation as a technical writer, electronic artist and animator. ESCOM just didn't arrive soon enough for me to pul off that decision, though my present Amigas are as useful to me as they ever were, perhaps even more.
In times past, as an Amiga-only user, 1 could rant about the advantages of the Amiga over other systems all I wanted to. It was as if I were a member of a secret club and had the privilege to shout whatever invectives conjured up, even if my pride was based in ignorance of the competition. Not that I had no knowledge of MACs or Pcs. 1 used both (mostly Pcs) over a ten year period at work. But until something is at your elbow, you never really know it. Now a PowerMAC and a Pentium sit nestled in between my four networked Amigas, and I have come to know, love, and hate in a fashion that only
familiarity can breed.
I wanted to pen this article for several reasons. One was certainly to show you what a fine creative mess you can get into, even though I have no regrets for my digital involvements.
Secondly, I wanted to inform you how you might handshake between and among applications and platforms, giving you more options as an electronic artist and animator. I have no patience, by the way, for folks totally addicted to a computer platform at the expense of their own creative potential. Artists should use whatever creative tools are available.
The Amiga was and is an important creative platform because of its tools and not because of any infatuation with its name.
Thirdly (a point that should make Amiga-centric readers drool with glee), 1 wanted to relate my firsthand comparisons between the Amiga and the way it operates versus the MAC and the PC, and why and how I have rediscovered a new respect and admiration for the Amiga as a creative tool in the process.
Finally, 1 wanted to suggest some thoughts on the directions that 1 feel are important for Amiga Technologies to move as tire Amiga comes back on line.
First, allow me to take you on a short tour of my studio.
The Cave I spend about seventy to eighty hours a week in my creative cave, my studio. It is housed in an upstairs room that measures about 12' x 16’, with a small attached closet used for storage. I have filled the space horizontally and vertically with all of the electronic and digital necessities that 1 could and could not afford.
My work, in addition to writing, consists of both DTP and DTV enterprises. I have worked for numerous clients, including the regional ABC affiliate. As far as non-video work goes, I serve as a desktop publishing service for the local area. In addition to that, as a computer graphic artist and gallery artist, I am developing a showing of 22 3' x 4' prints due for exhibition in the Spring. At the time this article is being written, 10 of the 22 are finished.
Each of the systems I use is dedicated to a specific purpose, and is either or all DTV, DTP, and electronic music configured. Each system is integral to the whole.
The Four Amigas I suppose that 1 could name them as the four musketeers, or the four archangels, but in reality they are called simply SI, S2, S3 and S4. There are two 2000s, one 3000T, and a 4000. As far as the architecture is concerned, I feel that the A2000 can't be beat as far as easily configurable inner works, the 3000T is a masterful concept that includes built in SCSI and support for a multiscan monitor, and the A4000 was the poorest designed system Commodore ever manufactured as far as its box.
Spend about seventy to eighty hours o week in my creative cave, my studio, Figure 1. My four networked AMIGAs: A. The A2000 with the "Video Siot Box” on the right. An external 4X CD-ROM drive sits undernealh. B. The A 4000 in a Toaster Oven case. Notice the switch boxes attached with Velcro at the side. The Zip drive on the top is for the PowerMAC. C. A multiscan monitor sits on top of the A 3000T, one of the best designed Amiga consoles built. D. The A 2000 I use as a MIDI music studio, with a GVP IV24 box on the side. E. Shows the fold-out mouse pad holder built from pine and attached with a
large hinge. F. A BOSS 16 channel stereo mixer used for MIDI recording and playback. G. A Casio keyboard used to input music into the system.
There was no room in the A4000 box, and over-heating was is common, leading to all kinds of nightmares. I threw out the original A4000 case and installed the guts in an Ambitious Technologies Tower case, giving me more room for expansion boards (two more slots) and a more powerful and dependable power supply. The A4000 came as a great soul in a useless bodv.
Oh, before I forget, I also have two old AlOOOs tucked away. 1 couldn't stand the thought of throwing them away, though their use and health is questionable at this point.
All of the Amigas are connected with ASDG (now AVID) "Rover-net" boards and thin ethernet cables. I use ENLAN-DFS as the software part of the LAN (from InterWorks). ENLAN-DFS is a miracle with capabilities unmatched on any platform. Just try and connect Pcs or MACs in as easy and deep a fashion, and you will hug your old Amiga. I can read write the RAM disk on any connected Amigas, dip into any media on the system, and print from any of the four. Now let me spend a few moments telling you about each of the four Amigas.
SI is the eldest. It has the NewTek Toaster installed as well as a Progressive peripherals 33MHz '040 board with 40MB of RAM. Hard drive space is about two gigs. Connected at the back is a Digital Creation's (now PLAY, Inc.) Video Slot Box. Connected to the slot box, so that I can switch among them, is the Toaster, a DCTV box, and an OpalVision card remember them?).
Four floppy drives complete this system.
I use it for video animation playback, Toaster effects, and most of the DTP laser printer (an HP iascrjet III) work that I do. I would like to replace my laser printer in tine future with one of the 600 dpi and higher models, but that may be a few years away.
Here's how my dream goes, i'm in a room with Bill Gates. He's chained to a table that has an MS-DOS Windows '95 system on it.,. Figure 2. Other parts of my setup: H. A Polaroid FreezeFrame slide camera. With this you can dump graphics from an Amiga directly to 35mm slides. I. A 75MHz Pentium. J. Storage cases gleaned from thrift stores. K. A monitor from a C-64 used as a Toaster monitor, and the Primera Pro color printer. L A Sanyo S-VHS single-frame recorder. M. Other video decks, a SONY VHS and a SONY Betacam. N. An Epson 600 dpi scanner tucked under a desk. O. A great SONY 17" multiscan
monitor connected to an Amiga 4000, a PowerMAC, and a Pentium via a switchbox. P. A 100MHz PowerMAC, S2 is the Amiga 4000, It has 32MB of RAM, 16 of which has been added on a DKB memory expansion board. It houses a MacroSystems 24-bit Retina board and an Emplant unit from Utilities Unlimited. 1 should thank Utilities Unlimited for hipping me to the MAC as far as painting software is concerned, so much so that I added a real PowerMAC to the system and don't use the slower Emplant anymore. I would still recommend it for Amiga users who want to have MAC capability at a ridiculously low price. I
bought the Windows chip for the Emplant, and 1 don't recommend it at all. The A4000 is one of three computers attached to a 17" high quality SONY monitor via a small ABCD switchbox. I have also attached a joyport switchbox to the 4000 for switching between dongles when needed. Everything is attached with Velcro strips which I highly recommend for this purpose. The A4000 has a stand-alone LightWave unit. T-Net (ToasterNet), also from InterWorks, is used to connect all LightWave equipped Amigas as a rendering farm.
S3 is an Amiga 3000T (for "Tower"). These units were being clearanced at a ridiculously low price some years back. I have never been sorry I purchased one. This has 44MB of RAM (it should be 48, but 4MB of the original RAM failed and I've never done anything about it). It has a stand-alone LightWave and a Picasso 24-bit board.
Attached is a Bernoulli 150MB external replaceable media drive, and inside is about 11 2 gigs of hard drive space. It has two high density floppies, and is connected to an older NEC Multiscan monitor. This is one unit that 1 use to record directly to S-VHS utilizing a SANYO recording deck. I also use it for fax modem work in cooperation with the AMIGA REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (rectory New) '.3 ROM CVS - .... PRICE ..SI 2.50 .527.95 .519.95 ..539.95 „S52.50 .562.50 .S62.50 ...CALL .529.95 .531.50 .513.50 ..529.95
535. 50 .$ 17.95 .$ 10.95 .512.95 $ 19.95
510. 95 $ 14.95
513. 50 $ 32.50 .59.95 $ 34,95
2. 04 ROM 0 S.
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A50Q 5.42000)_________
2. Q4 ROM A30Q0 (Set of 2 Rem 0 1)
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2900) sav add S10.00
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4000) s w add S1O.O0™.
3. 1 ROM (A1200) Sw add S'0.00__________
3. 1 ROM(s) Software Manual A2091 7.0 ROM Upgrade
_____________ A2S20 30 7.0 ROM Upgrade 8520
CIA______________ ...... 8372A Agnus with
aacnestl-c disk _____ S375-3 (2MB) (A3000) 318069-03.
8375-10 Agnus (315059-10) FAL... Paula (8354) Denise (8362) .... Super Denise 8373 w diagnoslic disk ..... Gary 5719 .... .... Busier 5721 (A2000) .. 58000-8MH2 CPU . ______ Western Digital SCSI chip 8A .. - Video Hybrid - (A503 390229-03)__________ ©VP Upgrade Chip Series II .. SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES - SMD $ 520 PLCC (391078-02) .. ..... 519.50 Amber (39053803) _________ 527.50 DMAC 4 7 (39D537-C4 07) .. $ 44.50 Lisa (331227-01)
. .....537.50 Ramsey (rev. 7) (390541-07) ..529.95 Afice 5374 (391010-01)____________ ..$ 29.75 ©a! (XU9) (390123-61))________________ -$ 21.95 Sayie (391 »02)_________________________S29.95 Budgie (391425-01)_________ $ 38.50 5570-035 Keyboard Chip (323191-02) Si9.50 FaulaS354 (391077-01)..... 529.95 Gary (390540-02) -..... $ 32.95 MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New) C$ A (refu-bished) ... S39.9S CS4 untested, all chips ....,$ 17.55 C128 549.95
C128D . 559.95 A5Q1 fi Meg RAM Exoander ... S29.95 A500 (Rev.’$ 6) ..1 ...CALL A500-*- Revision 8A 1M.3 bcard a'I chips .559.95 A2000 LATE Rev. 33728373 2.04 .5249.95 A3000 (15MHz) ..... ...$ 274.50 ...5359.95 5*7.95 S36.50 S17.95 A30CO (25MHz) ..... 1541 !| ..
1581. ... 1541 Ales (*5000401).. 1571
Newtrcnics (310420-01)...... 517.95 AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES
(Factory New)
* 541 (refurbished) .._ .....544.59
* 541 11 110 volt cower supply____________________374.50 1571
External ....$ 99.95
1561 110 voR oowe* supoly___________ 563.95
* 58* Internal Dnve only . 521.50 High Dens. (DeB) Ext.
FtocDy ‘or ail Anusas-Sl 15.95 A690 1290
Interna! .....Special Price SS9.95 j A2000 'msmai $ 46 95
A300Q Internal $ 40p=j POWER SUPPLIES (Factory New) ..$ 13.95
..524.95 C123 externa! 5.2 a*nos ....
..$ 39.35 A5CGA50 Ai20D 8g Ft. 200 Was) Micro RD..579.95 CD32
Oners! I Factory (110 volts)___________521.95 CD32 Odsma!
Faotd-ry (220 vote! ..$ 14.95 CD32 SsrFeet (200
Watt) Micro 3© ......574.50 GD32-SR swSehinG-type high
amp. Output .533.50 A2000 110220V. Internal
original .$ 99.95 A2000 Big Foot (300 Y att)
Micro R© .....5144.50 A3000 internal (1*0-220
vote) ......599.95 A3000 Big Foot (300 watts)
Micro R D ..$ *44.50 A3QC0 Tower ..... $ 124.00 A4000
internal (220 vote) ... 599.95 A4000 int. 110 volts Big
Foot 300 Watt) $ 199.95 1054SR Phillips Fsybaek Transformer.
S39.95 1084-01 Fhinips-'Daewoo Flyback ......534.30 10S4-U2
Daewoo Fiyback Transformer 534.50 1084 (S) Motherboard
(refurbished)-......S59.95 1084 (S) Power Supply board
(refurb.) ...529.95 KEYBOARDS (Factory New) ...$ 19.95 ...$ 39.95
A600 ...$ 29.59 C128D
. ...519.50
Special Price S34.95 | .42000 (U.S. ver.) KKQB94YC 312713-02 ......569.95 CDTV Back (U.S. versren) .. $ 52.95 CD32 pack___________________________________539.95 A2000 (US. Version} ... . 569.95 ADD ON 30ARDS (Factory New) A385 (25 Mhz) Sridgeboard SW7 Instr._5279.95 A365 (20MHz) Sisfcebcarc SW teste .$ 259.95 A2056 (5K) (.42030)’Exsan cm board- ....$ 59.95 A2058 2 Megs Expansion board (A2000) ....$ 149.00 2091 Hard Disk Console? OK new ROM .SS9.95 A501 ohgtea! Ram Exn. - 512K (A500) ..S29.95 MISCELLANEOUS A2C00 (refurbished) complete keybcard... S369.00 Video
Enhancer Plus for the CD32 ..$ 24.95 CD32 Network; CD RGNVcabfe... ____553.75 VGA *5 pin to 23 pin RGB Adapter (390682-01) very rare_____________________519.95 A520 (New) Video Modulator Adapter kit cables i nstructicns. $ 17.95 Monitors 1084. Eta Refurbished . CALL CBM 1351 Meuse (C54 C12S) -...... ..51 S. 95 Amiga 1352 Mouse $ 17.95 Amiga A1000 Mouse.. ______ 511.95 Arrcga CDTV Mouse.. ... . $ 15.95 Swifty Mouse (3 button)-----------------------522.50 Amiga mouse by Micro R$ D. --------$ 22.50 CD32 controler___________________________ $ 11.75
CD32 CD Replacement Drive____________ _$ 39.95 Rom Switch - (Switch hi) with speaker $ 14.50 Advanced Amiga Analyzer (10.000 s d) $ 69.95 Arnica Dacnc-str'an Trouble Shooter Gube ...$ 7.95 1230-hnter (Citizen 120 re rb.) $ 39.95 Monitor Cabtes CALL 55 dHerent ser-.nee manuals tn stock EXCLUSIVE NEW PRODUCTS JUST RELEASED FROM COMMODORE Amiga CD32 VE.V-; $ 424* On hr’s o'esi y sic-n: ccg'c =5 c rec time doct. |RTC] wrh end indudes ‘ e newest chic : ]- 2MB Agn-js, 2- 8520 CIA. I Pqute, ' Gory, 1 Denise, best 2.0-41 O S i 61000-S CPU. If you pu'chosed ‘Pese chips Gene they wade
cost you Si'?], plus ih-e co$ f ot the TnofherboGrd.
NOTE: nese $ cr~ chips are engird 'eobcements tor *he A2C00 se-es.
Cories with c 90 dcy worcnty, the Find Tes? System end PAL NTSC diskette.
Loir sUovz
• 3.1 ROM 0 S (Insialled) with obove
board ......! C ftc$ 49.95
• ICD AdRam 510-*- is a 1 MB expansion board. When plugged info
the hop door gives you 2MB of memory, equivalen! To the DKB
MegcChip ....$ 59.95
• New Amiga A50Q-!- complete service manual (normally sells for
$ 17) wish above
$ 7.95
A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses
point and click software interface.) The analyzer cable plugs
into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated
software, displays 8 screens to work from. Shows status of dota
ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto
test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from
track 0 to track 79. Software automatically telb what errors
are found end the chips components responsible. 85 to 90% of
the orohlems presented to service centers are found with this
analyzer. Saves you lots ot money on repcrs and no end user or
repair shop can cfford to be without one. Don't be fooled bv
its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This
diaanosfic tool is used bv end users end Arnica repair centers
ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER™ An Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer
That Works On Ail Amigas IS versror, WITH IMS ¦s DK3 iVeasChb:
irfo jUSr rrfe ; his is yorjr k s? Cncnce to oef this tcctcTY
new. Bfest re 'ts'on. N:ah cowered rronei&ocfd. U» i‘ cs a
spare, on ucgrcde or jusr for oars.
A500+ (revision 8A) populated MOTHERBOARD JUST RELEASED FROIVI COMMODORE NEW? VIDEO ENHANCER PLUS™ tris unique adapter module converts and enhances the CD32 standard composite output to a MUCH improved RGB signal. The VIDEO ENHANCER PLUS will brighten and sharpen all your colors so that reds are redder, blues are bluer, and greens greener, all without having that washed out look that usually comes with adjusting your brightness and contrast controls. You will notice an incredible difference. The ENHANCER works with all Amiga compatible monitors.
Some multisync monitors may require the VGA Commodore adapter(390682-01).
See above listing for part.
CD32 is a powerful 32 bit console with dual speed CD SOM drive -16.8 million colors - plays audio and CD plus graphics CD - eleven button controller. Comes with free software and 90 day warranty. Also includes new special “switching- tvpe high amperage output power supply. Runs coo! And is idea! For adding on SX-1 Expansion ' *72 - module. PAL units also available.) Flew iece Tie-w X$ w Optional accessories include PC-type black keyboard, internal 170 MB IDE hard drive and floppy (uses all A1200 software).
- QQ huh&rv Cr(fi t&eDtsZ't SX-1 EXPANSION MODULE Transforms your
CD32 into a high powered multimedia computer system.
Effectively turns the CD32 into a fully functional A1200 com-
Outer with up to 8 MB of RAM. W -f 'V 72e&j Xpvj psuce &»¦
'P-Ucc- $ 229!
$ 2195 28 Grove Street, Spring Valley. NY 10977 914-578-6522 • ORDER LINE ONLY: 800-595-5534 - FAX 914-624-3239 Hours: 9-5 pm EST * Add S5.00 UPS Charges - MC VtSA • Prices subject to change Paxlron COBPORATtON Circle 123 on Reader Service card.
GPFax software from GPSoftware in Australia. Most of my addendum LightWave object files are stored on this system. Though it lias an '030 processor, it is fast enough for most of my needs.
S4 is a vintage Amiga 2000 that i use only for MIDI work and recording, it has about 100Mb of sound samples stored on it, and includes every Amiga music program around for composing and playback. It is connected to an external Roland Sound Canvass and a Midia Musicbox, and internally addresses a One-Stop-Music-Shop from Blue Ribbon Soundworks. It has a four MIDI-out card from the same company, allowing me to address 48 MIDI channels in unison if I want to, though that's usually too thick. It also sports a MacroSvstems' Toccata for 16-bit Plug-and-play or shrug-and-pray, it's all the same to
me. Windows '95 is ten miles above Windows 3.1, and ten miles below the Amiga operating system.
Sampling. This system also is equipped with a GVP IV24 24-hit card. This allows me to edit picture-in-picture on the screen with Visual Inspirations' DST software, so that I can place sound effects on video.
Non-Amigas As 1 stated at the start, my studio is equipped with two non-Amiga systems, a 75MHz Pentium and a 100MHz PowerMAC. I use both to reference non- Amiga software that 1 write about, as well as running graphics and sound applications on each. In the near future, I will join both of these systems to the Amiga network, so that everything will be able to read write to everything else.
Each of these systems has a 100MB Zip Drive. Zip media costs only $ 12.00 per
100. MB, and these drives are honeys. 1 would like to connect a
Zip drive to one of the Amigas, but Iomega doesn't make any
Amiga interfacing hardware (look for a future article in
Amazing for an Amiga connection with these drives).
Both of these systems are useful, and they both address some awesome software, but... Pentium: A Dream of Terror Here's how my dream goes. I'm in a room with Bill Gates. He’s chained to a table that has an MS-DOS Windows '95 system on it, and next to him on the table and spread all over the floor are a bunch of peripherals, hard drives, printers, modems, and more. He asks if he might be excused to journey to the men's room.
I say "sure. Bill. But first you have to connect these plug-and-play peripherals to the system and get them working. He breaks out in a sweat and fumbles with the hardware. 1 leave the room. He screams... Plug-and-play or shrug-and-pray, it's all the same to me. Windows '95 is ten miles above Windows 3.1, and ten miles below the Amiga operating system.
To be sure, it has some nice features, but connecting third party hardware is not one of them. Firstly, if you want to connect a SCSI device (which is a snap on an Amiga) you have to have the politically correct plug-and-play SCSI adapter card. 1 bought an ADAPTER, the only card made for "plug-and-play" connectivity so far. After three weeks on the phone with a very kind ADAPTER techie, I was able to get my CD-ROM drive recognized by the system, and even my external hard drive finally works, The Zip drive, however, sits mute, refusing to give up its identity to the system. ADAPTER has
suggested a work-around which 1 will try when I get time, hut this sure isn't any kind of "plug-and-play" that 1 am familiar with.
The Pentium has 32MB of RAVI, enough to run minutes-long animations on any Amiga at full overscan and 30 fps, but on the Pentium it's barely enough to run a minute long animation that is only a quarter screen in size at about 12 fps.
More acceleration (money) and more RAM (more money) would be needed to bring it up to a minimum of professional video use. The system is very useful.
However, for producing print graphics, and so I have connected it to a Primera Pro color printer. The Amiga lacks the higher scan rate and the ability to address the large screen sizes that are possible with the Pentium. By the way, about 8MB of RAVI is needed to feed the operating system overhead on the Pentium, compared with the Amiga which requires only about 512k.
"Multitasking" is a word touted and hyped by MicroSoft as the sole property of Windows '95, even though it's been possible with the MAC for a long time and was always one of the strongest features of the Amiga since its inception. Sure, you can multitask with non-Amiga systems, but running more than one intensive program with less than about 32MB of memory (and more in most situations) is a disaster waiting to happen.
The PowerMAC Amiga users should feel more or less at home on a MAC. After all, the Amiga interface owes its existence to the original Apple interfaces, it is just that the Amiga makes more intuitive use of the design. As for Windows '95, MAC users are furious about the way that MicroSoft has copied the MAC interface and Windows '95 does not optimize most of the resultant interactions at all.
My PowerMAC was purchased from Power Computing in Texas at about $ 1000.00 less than the comparable Apple system. It's a gem for DTP and graphics processing, but suffers equally as does the Pentium when it comes to video. The new dual PowerPC processors due in the near future and the coming P6 chips should address much of that, but there are few software bundles as ready made for video as there are on the Amiga (though they're getting better).
The Apple disk drive is still a mystery to me. Li is electronic, and to get a disk out, you have to literally "throw it in the trash". This goes against my being and experience. (The Pentium on the other hand has a dumb disk drive. The system doesn't recognize that a disk has been inserted until you tell it to look for it.) An anomaly with the operating system is that when shutting down, my PowerMAC asks me to "insert the hard drive", so I have to shut it down Windows™ Screen A It's finally here! An easy way to transfer files of all sizes from computer to computer. This product works between
two Amiga®'s. Two PC's. Or between an Amiga® and a PC. There is no other product like it!
• Serial or Parallel transfer.
• Perform file conversion as you transfer! Imagine selecting
several IFF picture files on the Amiga® and have them
transferred in PCX format to your PC!
• Extensive AREXX™ interface - evens allows you to send commands
to the remote computer.
• Easy, one-terminal operation.
• Both Amiga® and Windows® versions included!
• Works with Windows® 3.1 3,11, Windows® NT. And Windows® 95!
• Conversion and file display programs are completely external
and therefore completely upgradeable as new file formats become
• Automatically adjust filenames to match the appropriate
machine. Support for Windows® 95 long filenames included!
• Amiga® version supports ioExtender and Multiface cards.
• Includes 6 foot parallel cable.
Genealogy software for the Amiga COMPACT
• Produces various reports including ahnentafel, pedigree,
listing, summary, family group, & descendancy reports
• Supports GEDCOM standard genealogy file format that allows you
to share data with the PC or Macintosh!
• Easy to use 2.x 3.x interface
• Documentation included in a handy binder to make reading
• Only$ 39.95! U.S. SCSI 4000
• Add an external SCSI connector to your Amiga 4000
• Plugs into your Warp Engine1 other internal SCSI device
• Includes interna! Passthrough connector
• Easy installation - no soldering!
. Only S49.95!
Flyer™ Drive Enclosure ¦ Trace your family tree
• Ahnentafel, pedigree and descendancy reports
• GEDCOM Support MODEL ¦ 230w Power Supply ¦ 3-3W & 3- 5W buys
Additional fan ¦ Two PC slots (power) ¦Illustrated users guide
• 300w Power Supply
• 2-3!* & 9- S!4 bays (5 'A to 3!* adapters included) ¦
Additional fan 9523 ¦ Two PC slots (power)
• One year warranty
* List price: S399.95 3533
• One year warranty
• List price: J299.95 CALL FOR CUSTOM BOXES!
ProPics 24-bit Proft'SMuiuil Photographic HutkgrtmniK ni.w ihi m i. »p* vkv. V Legendary Design Technologies Inc. r i 515 Park Road North 9, Brantford, ON N3R 7K8
P. O. Box 1147, Lewiston, NY 14092-8147 U.S.A. Tel: (519)
753-6120 Fax: (519) 753-5052 Internet: legend@io.org Circle
112 on Reader Service card.
Home page: http: www.io.org ~leaend I______1 J Figure 3. Where’s Waldo? It's not uncommon to find your studio buried in shelves of documentation, i've taken every available space to build storage facilities for the papers that accompany the programs, not to mention the old material I’ve stuffed into moisture proof containers and stored in the basement through the years.
Manually. When I called about this, I was told that this is just an unknown bug in the operating system. Has any Amiga user ever experienced a flag that asks for the internal hard drive to be inserted before turning the computer off, and The MAC has its compatibility problems nested in what are called "extensions", system code that comes with each piece of application software.
Would an Amiga user just blithely shrug it off as a "bug in the operating system"?
Mr. Morlier's problem ivith the Imni drive request is not a problem with the standard Mac operating system and is possibly only confined Jo Power Computing Mac clones. Ed.
38 A MA ZING COMP UTING Standards MS DOS machines are notorious for lacking development standards, Windows '95 software wili not work on a non-W'95 system. When you upgraded your Amiga to 2.x or 3.0, did you have to throw away all of your previous software? Did the upgrades cost you dearly? 1 doubt it. People are developing software for W'95 that actually interferes with other W'95 software, and their answer when you complain is "it's the other guy's fault... tough luck". How long would an Amiga person stand for that? Corel 6, which was made for W'95 only, did not install (would not) on my
Pentium from a CD-ROM drive because of incompatibility problems that MicroSoft knew about with NEC CD- ROM drives. Did they bother to tell Corel, one of their major developers? No.
Bv the way, even in the dark days of Commodore, 1 never experienced the hubris and arrogance of a company as much as I have in trying to get technical help from MicroSoft, especially after the release of Windows '95.
Die MAC has its compatibility problems nested in what are called "extensions", system code that conies with each piece of application software.
Sometimes one party's extension will interfere with another party's software, and it will scramble it up while it's being installed. Tracking extension problems down is a pain, and can lead to a messed up hard drive as well. Crashes on both the MAC and the Pentium are frequent.
Unlike the Amiga, which usually offers a look-up guru flag, there is no warning when these other systems crash and burn. They just say good-bye, and either shut down or crash the program. Much of this is due to memory (not enough RAM), bul couldn't they be kinder when they say good-bye?
The latest trendy activity for Windows is to ask the user to shut down the computer, lending to a wait while applications are deftly redressed and turned off, and then the screen says "it's safe to shut down your computer", at which point you throw the switch.
Shutting down the system in the wrong order has a tendency to completely jumble the screen palette the next startup. The MAC, for reasons due to its operating system, has had this in place since about the start. I have no idea if Windows '95 emulates this behavior just because it's familiar to MAC people who are switching over or not. 1 do know that with the Amiga, you just shut it down.
Unless the hard drive is in physical operation during a shut down, no harm comes to the system, Now, after ail of my snide remarks, I'll bet you are thinking that I have nothing but plaudits for the Amiga, and nothing but slicing remarks for the other systems. You are dead wrong. The Amiga lacks a lot in several areas, and without some non- Commodore thinking and planning at ESCOM, there will be no light in the tunnel ahead.
The Amiga Now, after all of my snide remarks, i'll bet you are thinking that F have nothing but plaudits for the Amiga, and nothing but slicing remarks for the other systems. You are dead wrong. The Amiga lacks a lot in several areas, and without some non-Commodore thinking and planning at ESCOM, there will be no light in the tunnel ahead, It will take more than refurbished 4000's to get the Amiga back in play. For that reason, and because I would love to see the Amiga play a larger role in the future of creative digital enterprises, allow me to tell you what I think is very good and right
about the other systems 1 mentioned.
The Pentium The Pentium is fast and getting faster. Good 24-bit cards sell for about 1 3 the cost of comparable Amiga hardware. There is no contest when it comes to the variety and quantity of software availability, with about ten times more MS DOS software available than there is for the MAC, and about a hundred times more than there is for the Amiga. Some of the newer packages are offering video interactivity and multimedia usage that is at least as good as anything on the Amiga. Many of the best Amiga packages have either been ported to the MS DOS environment, or are on their way.
MS DOS and associated Windows environments are the number one standards in the industry, like it or not.
The thoughts and expressions In Mr. Mortier are Ids own and not necessarily those of Amazing Computing or its staff. However, his thoughts have been expressed by a variety of Amiga users and we are grateful to Mr. Mortier for expressing them in the above manner. Ed.
The MAC MicroSoft and Intel would like you to think that the MAC is on its way out, but don't bet on it. With the coming Spring '96 release of the Copeland operating system upgrade and enhancements to the PowerPC Buss, the MAC PowerMAC is going to be around for a long time, Other coming PowerPC systems that will take MAC cloning to new heights, like the BeBox dual PowerPC platform, will find a market that will challenge the Pentiums and their ilk on their own territory, by incorporating MS DOS applications and compatibility instead of trying to fight it.
Many of the top graphics and animation programs now on the Pentium will be ported to the PowerMAC environment just to cover the bases (LightWave, an Amiga original that is now a PC native application, has a PowerPC application in final development). The MAC PowerMAC is firmly entrenched in design businesses and is deeply established in music recording studios as the preferred platform.
MicroSoft's hype will not shake it loose at any time in the near future.
The next Amiga: things it had better do!
The next Amiga absolutely has to incorporate MS DOS as an optional pathway so that PC applications can run on it with no effort. This should not be a software fix (like "PC Task") or even an add-on (like an Emplant solution), but a built-in ready to rock and roll integrated part of the system. ESCOM has announced plans to build the next Amigas with PowerPC technology, which should allow them to rim both PowerPC and PC applications right off the assembly line. I hope so.
The next Amigas have to be priced to sell. Competitive pricing will demand that the fantasized Amiga 5000, should there be one, has to be offered for about $ 2500.00 and maybe less. It should come with a higher scan rate to drive better monitors, 24-bit built in graphics, a multimedia card (video and S-Video in and out), and perhaps even a non-linear editing system. Ft has to be Internet plug- and-go, and it wouldn't hurt to have a built in 28,8 modem as an internal option. A 4X CD-ROM is a must, and not an option, with a 4X CD-R for a few pennies more. And most of all, even with ail of these
ideas being addressed, it has to be marketed in the real world by creative and conscious beings, not by arrogant managers. At that point, we will not have to mumble the word "Amiga" under our breath when we answer the question "what platform do you use to do creative work?". We have a lot of work to do.
¦AC* ay qs part of upgrcfde your cription.
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DOS 2.1 500 2000 55.00 Includes ROM!
AmiBack 2.0 ...20.00 n. A4Q00T | 58040 25M Hz 1 GB SCSI Harddrive Lots of software includedI O GPFAX Generic.. ..54.99 I Aminet Vo! 7 .19.00 © Ami-FileSafe Pro.....
90. 00 0 Mega Mouse .25.00 ©
Termite ..39,00 © D0S3.I
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Cobra 28MHz... .155.00 r! Accel. Cobra 40MHz„.
225. 00 f Accel. Mongoose 50MHz .
315. 00 Accel, Wlldtire '060 ..1499.00 SCSi-ll HC Rapidfire
..149.00 SCSI Option Ferret..... ..89.00 : MegaChip
2000 ..
199. 00 MuitiStart II . ..26.00 ( Micro R. & D. )
1200 RAM Expansion 0K...95.00 j Directory Opus 5.0.....
.89.00 Easy Ledgers 2 .... 167,00 GPFAX Class! & 2....
..54.99 Gigamem 3.12 ..... ..59.00 MIDI
Interface ..... ..45.00 W 2 cables .
..61.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button ..29.00 z Power Supply
500 ..89.99 Power Supply 2000.....
155. 99 Micro R&D Cds Games & Publishing.... .15.00 MAND
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FlickerFixer ......265.00 Guru
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CONSUIMW DRIVES & TITLES CD ROM Simple Stat Graph With the author's stated commitment to continued program development, SSG promises to become the Amiga statistics package, the one I anticipated years ago.
By Barlow Soper, Ph.D. Graphics and video excite while statistics often strike terror. Yet, statistics delight those who understand that they provide a ready means of learning about the world. As a behavioral scientist, it was with exhilaration that 1 bought my first Amiga in 1987 anticipating doing desktop data-analyses between Deluxe Paint animations. Wrong. Searching fruitlessly for Amiga statistics software, my initial enthusiasm quickly cooled.
After a time, 1 stumbled upon a couple of shareware analysis programs but found them extremely limited, needlessly complex, or hopelessly bug- ridden. 1 lusted after the dozen or so professional packages reviewed in the MS-DOS press. But I did not admire their prices, some being nearly a thousand dollars. Next came what looked to be essentially one-person developed, semi-commercial, Amiga products. One of the packages was powerful and the support excellent, but it was complicated, clunky, and difficult to use not being significantly Amigatized.
Though 1 could now do statistics on my Amiga, the process was neither easy nor fun. Promised commercial packages never materialized. So, I clunked along - year after year.
Finally, I spotted an announcement in Amazing Computing for Simple Stat Graph (SSG) by Dr, Douglas Stockman.
At a reasonable price of $ 79.951 decided I had little to lose. What a pleasant surprise! With the author's stated commitment to continued program development, SSG promises to become the Amiga statistics package, the one I anticipated years ago. Though labeled an entry-level program, it must not be inferred that SSG is feature poor or lacking quality. It is only somewhat limited in breath and depth of analyses offered.
SSG ships with a superb 200 page manual, 3 disks which provide both 68000 and floating point processor versions, ten shareware postscript fonts, and a couple ancillary utilities. Detailed instructions are provided to run SSG from floppies but, of course, it is meant to be installed on a hard-disk. The Commodore installer is used and worked perfectly. However, Dr. Stockman's attention to detail is evident here in that the manual lists where each of the many support files should be placed for the software to work correctly, in case of difficulty. The program requires Workbench 2.04 or higher and
at least 3 or 4 MB of ram. Some features are not available with less and file size is limited by memory, as well.
SSG is comprised of three components each with a dedicated window): a comprehensive editor for data entry and manipulation, statistics routines for analyses, and graphing capabilities for presentation of results. The documentation gives detailed but straightforward explanations of each of these three aspects of the program, providing many screenshots, examples, and an in-depth tutorial which reallv shows off what can be done through data manipulation. Online help is provided via AmigaGuide and the manual has a real index, not a token list of a few key words. The two resizable output
screens lie under the AMIGA REPAIRS A500 $ 49 • A600 S89 • A1000S39 A1200 SI 29 ¦ A2000 $ 79 • A3000 S109 A4000 $ 169 • CDTV $ 69 • CD32SI29 A1080 4 4$ $ 69 MulliScan $ 99 __parts additional editor, back-to-front, mouse-clicks away.
The output buffer can be printed, saved, or cleared periodically in hardware environments where rain may be limited.
Keyboard shortcuts are provided and the M-key, in conjunction with the left Amiga-key, brings forward the Workbench.
The editor provides a spreadsheetlike interface for data entry which is intuitive to use. The mouse or a requestor can be employed to quickly select and highlight which data points are to be the The editor also includes a variety of tools to copy, cut, paste, merge, convert, and sort data before getting into the business of analysis. These are powerful tools, well documented, and demonstrated in the manual. One drawback, which the author says will be addressed in the next version, is the need that data points be contiguous in the editor for them to be highlighted and analyzed.
Though rather inconvenient, the copy tool offers a fairly simple means to work around this limitation. The exact method AMIGA PRODUCTS prices starling tit - availability varies A500 5169 A600 $ 239 A1000 S 99 A1200 $ 399 A2000 $ 299 A3000 $ 599 A4000 $ 1799 AMIGA A520 ics efSIU 2 $ 3(1
1. 3 ROM $ 9
2. 04 ROM S3 5
2. 05 ROM $ 411
2. 04 ROM A3000 $ 59 AMBER ,430(16 $ 39 ]MB AGNUS $ 25 2MB AGNUS $ 39
8520 CIA $ 24 BUSTER A2000 $ 19 BUSTER SUPER 06 $ 15 BUSTER SUPER
07 $ 19 BUSTER SUPER 09 $ 29 BUSTER SUPER 11 $ 69 DENISE $ 19
S-DEN1SE $ 39 GARY $ 19 PAULA $ 19 DM AC $ 29 SUPER DM AC $ 59
7. 0 ROMS A2091 $ 29
7. 0 ROMS A 2620 30 $ 39 AI0SO 4MS SI49 169 199 KEYBOARDS CALL CD
Chip 158881 (588 82'S 68020 30 40 60*3 CRYSTALS 20MB 2,5 IDE
CABEE1080 4 $ 25 AUDIO Y Cable $ 3 AUDIO S Cable $ 5 MONITOR
Cables CALL DS DD 100 -Reeled" $ 19 DS HD 100-NEW $ 39 SCSI
Cables hit & Ext CALL SQUARE DIN S S 4 AMIGA LOGO'S S 10
Parnet Cable 12* S29 tv free Sufi*tire M000 PARTS INSTOCK 59
$ 15 $ 29 CALL CALI CALI $ 19 CALL $ 19 Statistical analyses can
be performed interactiveiy on a given data set or by batch
file when repetitive work is required. Both processes are
explained in clear detail.
Focus of manipulation, analyses, or graphing. If the user finds a requested statistical procedure produces a "cannot divide by zero" notice, it is certain that no entered data were highlighted. Oops; no problem. Simply click off the requester, highlight data, and go again.
Voila, results!
Data can be entered directly from the keyboard into the editor or from a comma, tab, or space delimited ASCII file with ease. The latter is helpful if one wishes to enter data by rows instead of columns, though the former can be accomplished indirectly with a simple transposition within SSG itself. This is important because it is often easier to enter all data from a single subject or respondent file or questionnaire at one time, across variables (columns), instead of entering all persons' responses for one variable, followed by the next variable, etc. Unlike other statistics programs, it is
not necessary to know the number of rows or columns when loading a data file, nor are any conversion processes required, SSG just loads the data and displays it in the editor, awaiting manipulation, analyses, and display. For anyone who has fought conversion programs, this capability may make SSG worth the price of admission.
Is intuitive but explained in the manual, nevertheless.
Statistical analyses can be performed interactively on a given data set or by batch file when repetitive work is required. Both processes are explained in clear detail. The range of statistical procedures is perhaps the most limited part of the program, even though a nice set of entry-level techniques is provided.
Descriptive stats, several t-tests, one-way ANOVA, Pearson's correlation, four nonparametric tests, chi square, 2- variable crosstab, cutoff tally, linear regression, and frequency analyses are included, as are significance levels where necessary. Later versions are intended to expand this listing. For instance, multiway ANOVA is noted in the manual as not vet implemented, but is ghosted in the stats menu, supporting the author's stated upgrade intentions. Further expansion, especially post-hoc tests and multivariate techniques such as principle- component analysis with rotations,
discriminate analysis, etc. would go a long way toward making SSG a truly full-featured program and the premier, affordable, Amiga data-analvsis package.
Regarding presentation of results, the user has the choice of employing either preferences or postscript printers.
ORIGINAL A500 DD .880 A6IJ0 DD .880 A1000 DD .880 A10I0 DD .880 A1200DD.8S0 A2000 DD .880 A2000 DD .880 A2000HD 1.76 A3000 DD .880 A3000 DD .880 A3000HD 1.76 A4000IID 1.76 new dri'c* hiv CHI NON FLOPP Y DR IVES MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal MB Internal 'Rcfurbs ’ 'Rcfttbs ' 'Rcfurbs' ’Refnrbs' 'Rcfurbs’ ‘iV'eu11 'Rcfurbs' 'Rcfurbs' 'blew' 'Rcfurbs' ’Rcfurbs ' 'Rcfurbs' S 39 S 59 $ 39 S 39 $ 69 S 69 $ 49 SI 09 S 79 S 59 Si 19 SI 29 "dull door*" iiol found oil oritinnl Amiga* A500 & A2000 2MB
AGNUS BOARD & Chip Removal Tool ONLY $ 149.
NEC MULTISYNC I MONITORS REEURBS W CABLE ONLY $ 199 PA L-NT S C KIT ONLY $ 29 with instructions £ wired switch for A500fA 2000 provides PAL & NTSC mode switching . Requires soldering!
tlof fartr A Lohor Ihtpot Warranty . Srrrirrt A Vrojucti
prlctt A atailability mbjret to chttttfo without natter r Yot'
tmwr SEE If CALL ¦ &E MAI HAVE IT OH BE All LB laiiEIil :
Ai-LnucEsr.uiH • minimum onmm tir.
ORPKH l--MJ.FR $ 100 ADD S5 IIAMH.1NC • MCATSA 13 5VC IIOI RS 1 - 0 J*M M-3V-11' A 1-8 PM T A I Integrated Teknologies Inc 1101 Chestnut Si A1 * Roselle • NJ U7203 AX 908 245-9409 FON 90S 245-1313 Circle 122 on Reader Service card.
January 1996 43 It is for use with the latter that the type-1 fonts are included. I had immediate success producing publication quality graphs with my HP LaserJet III. However, I did not have a postscript printer or interpreter installed to check postscript functioning. Yet, given that all other aspects of the program performed exactly as presented, I expect postscript printing would, as well. Many of the nice graphs in the manual and on the cover were produced with SSC postscript output. Finally, graphic results can be saved in a variety of formats including: SSG's own, EPS, IFF, DXF, and
HP-GL 2.
Unfortunately, DR2D is not yet supported.
The possible graphing types entail an assortment of pie charts, a number of line and bar charts, along with needle, step, histogram, and text charts. Error bars are available where appropriate and the user is given considerable control over all aspects of graph layout and printing, via requesters. It is quick and easy to experiment with different types of charts and attributes in order to obtain precisely the presentation one desires.
It should be understood that SSG does not supply the purchaser with a detailed statistics text or training, it assumes a working knowledge of what procedures to do and when to do them as well as the interpretation and meaning of results. But even here users are not left completely on their own since a brief description of each procedure is presented, along with a short bibliography of texts appropriate to teach the basics or refresh latent memories.
Finally, in any program, no matter how well done, there is always room for further development. The anticipated enhancements noted in the manual will remedy most of this reviewer's concerns or desired missing features. However, It is gratifying to find such effort expended on a quality product for so limited a market segment.
Some other additions would be appreciated beyond those already suggested.
Sire: 158 Rous x 28 tnlunni, Celt Sizv 1?
SSG Cjitor BOGUS CHART For example, it is not yet possible to automatically create a multivariate correlation matrix, And, another suggestion is for more screen resolution options. Several are available for the output windows, but additional ones, such as 800 x 600 pixels, commonly used on 24-bit display enhanced systems, are not currently supported. But these are really being pretty small items, especially considering this is still version l .0 of the software.
Made-up Data ?Stuff ?More Stuff SSG Editor Table* StrM 159 Rows, x 29 Colunns, Cell Si re-l ¦ Tile = - Col R Med 1 art
- 1 , RrtllHHrt Sbeu
1. H12654 Observ 7 Htrv
2. BB9899 Serr 9,695114 Mean
4. 571429 Max
7. 609999 Skew
- 9.626434 Kurt
- 1 , 767499 Col 8 Median 19 . 999999 Soeo
5. 19156B Observ 7 Min
19. 060099 Serr 1,962228 Mean 17,428571 Max 23,960009 Skew
- 6,222626 Kurt
- 1 . 834 743 Col C Median
3. 999999 Sdew
1. 11269?
Obherv ?
Bin 1 .990990 Serr 9,429568 Mean
2. 714286 Max
4. BBH08B Skew
- 6.152373 Kurt
- 1 .636934 Student’s t Test-P r1 2 9.936361 S2
5. 191568 Col ft-B ttest
6. 12B455 DF 6 S1
1. 812654 p Value
9. 998863 _ . . . , .
T I i Col H-B Pearson r Sla
- 9.939361 9.949481 Fiiher*m Z
- 0.936371 A v In the manual it states that because SSG is the
labor of a single individual who must work at another job for a
living, it's creator cannot offer the level of customer support
expected of commercial programs (e.g. telephone support). Dr,
Stockman goes so far as to offer a refund to anyone who
purchased directly from him if this is a problem.
However, I found that any question I had was promptly answered by post and i suspect the response would have been quicker were I available on-line.
Also, a program revision disk (vers.
1. 0a) arrived unsolicited, within a couple of weeks of the
original package. Some larger commercial concerns I have dealt
with are not as responsive.
Dr. Stockman writes in the manual that he spent three years working on SSG and it shows in all aspects of the package. It is gratifying to find such effort expended on a quality product for so limited a market segment. I would recommend that anyone who has need of an easy to use data manipulation, analysis, and presentation package, check out Simple Stat Graph and support the author's work.
Douglas Stockman 38 Tryon Park Rochester, NY 14609 716-288-0387
• AO "Seattle’s Last Great Amiga Store" 76 South Main Street
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 223-1107 (206) 223-9395 FAX email zipware@nwlink.com
* * Ajnrth A pcf Puhlir D Visa MC AMEX Discover with NO "slight
fee for credit card users"!!
S&H Min.S4.00 Foreign S7.00. FedEx, UPS, Airborne Next dav available! C.O.D. S5.00. M-F I0am-6pm PST lpm-9pm EST Sat. Noon-5pm PST 3pm-Sp!n EST All prices subject in change. Returns are subject to 15*? Re-si«lcing fee S&H non-rcfundable. Not responsible for typos!
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Amiga Dtaltr YtHow Pag«i VII’ Systems, Inc. Chapel Hill, NC 919-968-9477 Copperhead Technologies Schenectady, NY 518-346-3894 (continued from page 48) Centennial Video Systems Digital Arts Miami, FL Bloomington, IN 305-633-2200 812-330-0124 Computer Video Associates Desktop Video Systems Pinellas Park, FL Lenexa, KS 813-576-5242 913-782-8888 Creative Equipment, Intl.
Mission Electronics, Inc. Miami, FL Lenexa, KS 305-266-2800 913-894-8480 Showcase Video Smith Audio Visual, Inc. Atlanta, GA Topeka, KS 404-325-7676 913-235-3481 ACS Computer Sc Video Icon Computers & Software Norcross, GA Bridgewater, MA 404-263-9190 508-697-6060 Hawkeye Communications Crimson Tech Coralvilfe, 1A Cambridge, MA 319-354-3354 617-868-5150 Computer Advantage Kipp Visual Systems Des Moines, 1A Gaithersburg, MD 515-252-6167 301-670-7906 Commodore Computer Center EMH Systems Boise, ID Auburn, ME 208-342-3401 207-784-2048 Maxximum Video Creations Amiga Crossing Boise, ID Cumberland,
ME 208-322-3091 207-829-3959 Blackrock Computers Pius Thalner Electronic Labs Pocatello, ID Ann Arbor, MI 208-323-0012 313-761-4506 MicroTech Solutions Slipped Disk Aurora, IL Madison Heights MI 708-851-3033 810-546-3475 Micro-PACE, Inc. Spectrum Computer Product Champaign, IL Prudenville, Ml 217-356-1884 517-366-8569 Select Solutions Alpha Video Champaign, IL Edina, MN 800-322-1261 800-388-0008 Ring Video Systems A V Solutions Riverside, IL St. Paul, MN 708-442-0009 612-698-1175 Magic Page Products Tronix Micro Systems Winston-Salem, NC Stoan, NY 910-785-3695 716-668-8176 Amicorn Computer
TechnolPaxtron Corporation ogy Spring Valley, NY Omaha, NE 914-578-6522 402-556-6160 Software Link, Inc. Sir Render AIV White Plains, NY Mays Landing, NJ 914-683-2512 609-625-0472 Compuquick Media Center KBI Systems Columbus, OH Mountainside, NJ 614-235-1180 908-654-3600 Nealher Realm Software Electro-Tech Cuyahoga Falls, OH Las Vegas, NV 216-928-1738 702-435-3201 AVM Solutions, Inc, The Microworks Miamisburg, OH Buffalo, NY 513-859-5657 716-873-1856 Penguin Music Store 3 Mr. Hardware Toledo, OH Central Islip, NY 419-882-0961 516-234-8110 Clackamas Computers Area 52, Inc. Clackamas, OR
Coram, NY 503-650-0379 516-476-1615 Magic Box, Inc. AMIGA Business Computers Corvallis, OR East Northport, NY 541-752-5654 516-757-7334 Computer Users Revels-Bev Music Springfield, OR Hempstead, NY 541-726-8500 516-565-9404 British Magazine Dist., inc. CTL Electronics Hermitage, PA New York, NY 412-962-1218 212-233-0754 CDR Systems Tri-Slate Camera, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA New York, NY 412-351-1700 212-633-2290 Mega Bytes Seismic Business Systems Pittsburgh, PA Poughkeepsie, NY 412-653-9050 914-462-4518 J&C Repair
T. J.'s Unlimited Rockton, PA Rochester, NY 814-583-5838
716-225-5810 Kasara Microsystems Hilton Head, SC 803-842-5058
Via Video Interaction Knoxville, TN 423-687-4328 Computer Ease
Corpus Christi, TX 512-882-2275 Metropolitan Computer Products
Dallas, TX 214-702-9119 Microsearch Houston, TX 713-988-2818
Computer Wise, Inc. Logan, UT 801-752-2500 Whitlock Group, The
Richmond, VA 804-273-9100 Spectral Multimedia, Inc. Bellevue,
WA 206-451-4075 Amiga Northwest Studio Bothell, WA
206-488-5664 Omni International Trading Seattle, WA
206-217-0607 Camera Comer, Inc. Green Bay, WI 414-435-5353
Images in Motion, Inc. Waukesha, Wt 414-798-9400 Safe Harbor
Waukesha, W!
800-544-6599 Taylor Pro Audio Video Wauwatosa, WI 414-778-0944 For further information or to add your dealership to the list, contact: SMG (410) 715-6850, Fax at (410) 992-9979 or (410) 715-6850, Internet email at pbielski@interramp.com CompuServe mail at 72060,3271 Become An Amazing Writer Amazing Computing is always searching for contributing authors. If you want to share your experience, your knowledge, or your insight in the many different areas of the Amiga, write us today: AC Writer’s Guideline Amazing Computing PiM Publications, Inc.
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722 Stay in touch. Inform us of
your move so we can continue to inform you of the Amiga
marketplace. Send old and new address to: Subscription
Services Amazing Computing Magazine PiM Publications, Inc.
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722 Amiga Dealer Yellow Pages
Looking for an Amiga dealer? The following list is current as
of Dec. 15,1995. New dealers are being added each week by SMG
(contact information on page 47). If you do not see a dealer
in your area, contact SMG for updates.
J. L. Fotovideo Camera Ctrs.
Computer Shop of Hamilton, ON Calgary, Ltd.
Calgary, AB 905-575-3000 403-243-4356 Attair Electronics, Ltd.
Kingston, ON A 1 Computers Edmonton, AB 613-384-3876 403-448-0632 Cancom Audio Visual Inc. Markham, ON Software Supermart Edmonton, AB 905-470-0466 403-425-0691 APIX Systems North York, ON Desktop Computing Red Deer, AB 416-750-9909 403-342-4444 National Amiga Oakville, ON VEX Video, Inc. 905-845-1949 Richmond, BC 604-244-3000 Media Direct Orillia, ON
J. L. Fotovideo Camera Ctrs.
705-327-7583 Winnipeg. MB 204-475-8730 Wonder Computers, Inc. Ottawa, ON Corey's Computing Winnipeg, MB 613-226-0000 204-654-3194 Valley Soft Pembroke, ON Young Monkey Studio Fredericton, MB 613-732-7700 506-459-7088 Atlas Computers & Consulting Sudbury, ON Atlantis Kobetek, Inc. 705-522-1913 Halifax, NS 902-422-6556 OBY's AMIGA Computing Shop Legendary Design TechnoloSudbury, ON gies 705-524-5826 Brantford, ON 919-753-6120 Electronics 2000 Thunder Bay, ON The Computer & You Etobicoke, ON 807-577-1759 416-231-0205 Comspec Communications Toronto, ON Forest Diskasaurus Forest, ON 519-786-2454
416-785-3553 Randomize Computers Alex Electronics Tottenham, ON Paradise, CA 905-939-8391 916-872-0896 Centre Maxi-Mini Wave Systems Amos, QU San Diego, CA 819-732-6464 619-495-9238 Informatique Richard Lamnnd Megagem Lac Des 16 lies QU Santa Maria, CA 514-227-3799 805-349-1104 Gfx Base Electronics The Computer Room LaSalle, QU Aurora, CO 514-367-2575 303-696-8973 Info Plus Davis Audio-Visual, Inc. Trois-Rivieres, QU Denver, CO 819-373-0894 303-455-1122 USA Softown, Inc. SoftWood, Inc. Danbury, CT Phoenix, AZ 203-797-8080 800-247-8314 Derrick Electronics Troxell Communications, Inc. Hamden, CT
Phoenix, AZ 203-248-7227 602-437-7240 Videologv Wentek Newtown, CT Scottsdale, AZ 203-270-9000 602-483-7200 Into Ironies Visionsoft Woodbury, CT Carmel, CA 203-263-5350 408-626-2633 DeVine Computer Sales The Lively Computer Newark, DE La Mesa, CA 302-738-9046 619-589-9455 Eagle Computers & Video IHD Global Computer Center Melbourne, FL National City, CA 407-951-9732 619-477-0402 I larddrivers Co.
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to: Amazing Computing Amiga PiM Publications Inc.
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722 USED AMIGA HARDWARE
COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES: The 1 dealer In quality pre-owned
AMIGA hardwarel Looking for a fast easy way to sell your Amiga
computer or accessories? Give us a call,,, BEST PRICES PAIDI
Want to buy quality computers & hardware with out paying "NEW
prices? Give us a call... WE CAN'T BE BEATI Interested In
doing a trade? Give us a call... We're willing to make a deall
We buy sell & trade the complete line of Amiga computers and
accessories, from the A1Q00 to A4000. Call for all Amiga
needsl MISC HARDWARE Video Backup System $ 40 Commodore A10
Speakers $ 20 CBM A520 RF Modulator $ 15 Quantum 40 Meg SCSI
HD $ 30 CD1300 genlock For CDTV $ 19 CBM A2088 XT-BrldgeBoard
$ 5 Amiga 500 1.3 8372A $ 85 A1200 Power Supply NEW $ 25
SyQuest 105SQw Cart $ 99 BOMAC A2000 Tower Case $ 125 Retina
Z-2 w 2 megs $ 225 PPS 68040 w 16 megs A2000 $ 945 CBM 1571
C64 Disk Drive $ 15 CBM A3400 030 Accel.
$ 65 A600 KlckStart Rom Switch $ 15 Sharp JX-100 Color Scanner $ 245 Bernoulli 150 Meg Cartridge $ 35 NEC P2200 Printer $ 20 Okl-10 Color Printer $ 15 GVP A1230 030 882 Accel, $ 145 Mtec A1200 030 882 Accel.
$ 99 Miracle Plano System $ 155 Supra Turbo 28 Accel. A500 2000 $ 95 ICD AdSpeed Accelerator $ 65 Copy Stand w llghts $ 45 Supra Z-l Internal Modem $ 20 Supra Word Sync SCSI A2000 $ 45 GVP IV-24 A2000 Adapter $ 59 CBM 15-23 Pin Adapter $ 25 A3000 25 Mhi Computet Pkg.
$ 795 A500 Rev.6 1.3 8372A NEW $ 175 A3000 System Schematics $ 11 A500 System Schematics $ 10 A3000T Service Manual $ 11 Sunrlze Color Splitter $ 25 CDTV I.R. Remote Control $ 25 DataFlyer 500 SCSI $ 75 Midi Gold Insider A2000 $ 25 AMIGA. COMPUTER RG PAI R COPPERHEAD TECH. IS THE SOURCE FOR AMIGA REPLACEMENT PARTS A1200 4000 1200 KS 3.0 ROMS ....$ 29 4000 KS 3.0 ROMS ....$ 29 LISA (391227-01) .....$ 32 GAYLE (391424-02) ...$ 28 ALICE (391010-01) ...$ 26 GARY (390540-02) ...$ 30 BUDGIE (391425-01) ...$ 35 RAMSEY R7 (390541-07) .$ 35 PAULA 8364
(391077-01) .$ 35 BRIDGETTE (391300-01) ..$ 35 CIA 8520 PLCC (391078-02)...... $ 18 KEYBOARD MPU (391508-01).....$ 35 MOTOROLA 1 6MhZ 68020 CPU ¦ - - - $ 20 ADV101 KP30 71 20KP50 ¦ $ 20 CBM 2620 2630 REV 7 UPGRADE ¦ - - $ 28 2091 REV 7 UPGRADE ..$ 28 COPPERHE,AD rECH SERVICE CCAM SRIVG VOUR AMIGA B GK TO LIFB F *.STI A 2000 $ 145 A 3000 $ 145 A 4000 $ CALL A 500 $ 55 A 600 $ 85 A 1000 $ 75 PRICES INCLUDE PARTS AND LABOR
DRIVE'S 40 Meg $ 30 60 Meg $ 60 120 Meg S 99 42 Meg $ 35 85 Meg
$ 65 170 Meg $ 125 52 Meg $ 49 105 Meg $ 85 540 Meg $ 199 CONNOR
3.5 SCSI 20 Meg $ 10 40 Meg $ 25 100 Meg $ 75 120 Meg $ 90
MAXTOR 3.5 SCSI 80 Meg $ 55 120 Meg $ 95 200 Meg $ 129 245 Meg
$ 145 S€AGAT€ 3.5 SCSI 20 Meg $ 10 50 Meg $ 35 120 Meg $ 90
2. S ID€ DRIVCS ASST. BRANDS 40 Meg $ 49 50 Meg $ 55 65 Meg $ 65 80
Meg S75 120 Meg $ 100 AMIGA TOUCH SCR€€N !NT€RFAC€ Turn your
monitor Into an Amiga compatable Touch-Screen Monitor!
Fits 1080, 1084, 1084S, 2002, 1942, 1960 and most any other 14ln. Monitor Includes all necessary software & hardware EASY TO INSTALLI Includes Amiga Vision Software Package ONLY $ 225 WE WANT YOUR HARDWARE!
Thinking about selling your AMIGA?
We buy used Amiga computers and accessories.
Top dollar paid. Call for a quote by Phonel CUSTOM CHIPS A500 2000 KICKSTART VI .2 $ 3 KICKSTART VI .3 $ 18 KICKSTART V2.04 $ 25 KICKSTART V2.05 $ 25 KICKSTART (A500 2000) V3.1 $ 55 AGNUS 6370 $ 10 AGNUS 8372 A $ 24 CIA 8520 $ 10 CPU lOMhz 68000 $ 13 GARY 5719 $ 10 DENISE 8362 $ 12
S. DENISE 8373 $ 21 PAULA 8364 $ 9 Video Hybrid S 8 Ref=6RB(SHeD
MONITORS C- 1080 RGB $ 145 C- 1084 RGB S 165 C- 1084s RGB S
175 C- 1 950 Multisync S 245 C- I 960 Multisync $ 265 DISK
DRIVES CBM A1010 $ 35 AIR 3.5 Ext $ 45 C6M A1011 $ 45 A500
Floppy S 45 CBM A 1020 S 55 A1000 Floppy S 45 CBM A2010 S 3B
A3G00 Floppy $ 45 CBM HARDWARE A2630 Accelerator For A2000 25
Mhz 030 882 w 2 Megs Latest Rev. 7 ROMs S365 A2091 SCSI RAM
Card For A2000 3 000 4000 Systems Latest Rev. 7 ROMs $ 49 A3640
Accelerator Card For A3000 3000T 4000 Systems Latest Rev3.1
MMU &FPU $ 375 A2058 Fast Ram Card For A2000 3000 4000 Systems
Includes 2 Megs RAM Expandable To 8 Megs $ 75 A4091 SCSI-II
Controller Card For Amiga 4000 Computers Fast SCSI-II $ 189
MOTHER BOARDS A 500 $ 75 A1200 $ 285 A 1000 $ 65 A2000 $ 265 a
12305 SALES 518-346-3894 BBS 518-346-7532 FAX 518-370-3416
HARDWARE * NOVA DESIGN, INC. f 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214 -
Richmond, VA 2323fif Phone: (804) 282-5868 - Fax: (804)
282-3768 - Customer Support:) (804) 282-652 Circle 106 on
Reader Service card,

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