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Eagle-eyed players of AP46's Skidmarks 2 demo will have spotted a game called Gloom buned deep within the 'Read me' message. They may have wondered if this was perhaps cryptically referring to yel another potential version of Doom - but on the Amiga Yes! It was. Gloom (probably usl a working title) is being programmed by Mark Sibly, the New Zealand-resident hero who put together Guardian. Overkill and also BM/ Basic 2. which was used to develop Guardian and Skidmarks 2 Marks not absolutely sure what he's going to be doing with the game at the moment - whether ' he'll be publishing it through Ac>d or looking elsewhere (So take note, any software publishers lacking their awn version of Doom.) But it's almost finished and just needs a lew more 1 levels designing and some music and sound effects putting in We've been playing a three-level demo ol Gloom, and have found If to be enormous lun. although rather closer to Wotlensiem ihan Doom You can alter ihe size and detail ol the display, but even with everything trom the blood-lhlrsly characters In current beal-'em-ups' which are a cause of concern to many parents". Phew, eh It's cartoon-style game, appropriately enough, so characters get humorously flattened and stretched about.

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Amiga Power Issue 48 1995 may Cover



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We risk everything bring you ESSENTIAL INFORMATION on the sequel to Frontier!


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Another spectoculor trick photogroph spoiled by your illiterate messoges.


'It leeks pessiie that m l mm be M te ceapMiety Forget aboerl peer oid i

<«e-iaid in Mr preview Bet it i l/baeedeMMakowdy. Pageud

Could this possibly be the Eight-player Cow Game Of Champions we have awaited for months  Or what Page 30


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SU( WOOD JUST UU TO S*T: It Wot . h* .

Mia UISOM would JUST UIII0S4T:    Iot W‘« i >IW.



First there was the BBC A, and then there was another one of It. And then David Braben wrote Elite on it, and then he did another one of that one. And now there is an examination of the one after that one. Page 1 8

Clinging insecurely to AP48 are two disks. Crushed by guilt, fearful ol an uncertain future, but with so much to otter, they would weep with relief were you to sample even just one of the many fantastic demos and games with which they are filled.


Sensible World Of Sorter - rotten with miserably shoddy bugs, or right all along WE ADJUDICATE. Page 24


* Unike 'other' 'guides'

(Gremlin's, for example), we've taken the trouble M lik' to 'be' Pupau. Page 54



1935    b-17 — ..—......-71

Brutal Football    70

FULL-PRICE    ««!•««*--------«

...     ,,    Eillc———--66

*Kira-------Fields Of Glory-68

All-Terrain Racing-------------34    QlobaI Effect......- .----70

Kingpin------------- 43    James Ponds 2 and 3 ..71

Pfnkja 39    Jurassic Park--69

Super League Manager--40    pTemle, Man*9" 3 Editor -67

_ ,     Hackney’s Island--------69

Suoer Skidmarks----------30    $ <>«<;., T..m Manager— -69

Vital Light-- 42    stardust-------68

Some P0 games------------—74    Wild Cup Soccer ..70


Afl«r a fee nliflti oI piayfng our spectacular ckmo of Super Loops, ion'll probably bo dihlag that life could be a scat If onhf k ro ilnph a case of waiting for lk« rigkl shaped piece of loop1 to appear, slotting H info position and waiching ihe comploted loop1 disappear, wftfi fear score being adjusted appropriately. Oaformnalety, it Is not.

In the real world, yon do not have Ihe Ivanry of a limitless supply of small bombs that can bo used to clear obstacles from fear pafh wfih no ihoaghi fo the consequences. In Matter Master, yon do.


i ■

I pI M :


• L .


faef - U) is a battle for survival, In wtikh yon must think of nothing bnf yourself as yon strive lo conquer all. If i a Ml like an old Atari VCS game, bei better.

We were unimpressed by this taned-np version of Qrsrity fort* f, ban would worry terribly were yon unable to try H for yourself. And the mask's quhe good.



• 0h no! Art you iur« Before you ga any further, try the proceduree described In ihe panel over the page. H. after ell that, you do have disk problem*, chuck It In an envelope along with an eiplanaiory letter and a padded self-addressed envelope (don I bothor with a stamp), and relum it NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 43. Dlscopy Labs. P0 Box 21. Daventry NN11 SBU. 11 you send IT to us. we will die.







•    You've only got 512K of memory on your Amiga Blimey. that* a bit stupid. Isn't it Go and buy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any ol the games, all you have to do Is switch off your machine, Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow Ihe Instructions to load the game of your choice.

•    Just to be on the safe side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key lo make your selection.

•    You'll have lo reset your machine In order lo play one of the other demos. When you do so, simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In Ihe drive al all times. And remember -switching the machine off for 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

•    Have a good time.


•    Are you sure

•    Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not 'like', such as external drives.

•    If your disk falls to load, then pop It In a padded envelope, along with a latter explaining the problem and an SAE. to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 48 Returns Dlscopy Labs PO Box 21 Da van try NN11 SBU

•    We're really hoping that you're reading this bit. because It's quite Important: please don't send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how lo fix dodgy disks, and we II just feed them to the neighbour's dog. So

AP send them to Dlscopy. Please.

Author: Audiogenic

you ve got lo create vast ami BD2 complicated loops out ol BBBf pieces ol pipe just, we usl    t

because you're toid to MB f

There's a time limit on    fj

how long yea tari tat! about    fj

"id ialed by th e iuoe al ■ I lop. and each !>me you b iw it you lose a 1e Joystick control's a bit tiddly al lirsl. but after a game or so. it s fast and easy FIRE and RIGHT turns Ihe piece through a right angle. joystick directions move the piece around the playing area (obviously) and FIRE and LEFT places ihe piece

Completing a loop removes it tram ihe board, so it's up lo you whether you risk making huge loops or go tor numerous small ones The only piece you

Arcade puz2le games (good ones at least) ate marked by two peculiar yet contradicting themes - they’re addictive and yet they're completely pointless. In arcade games you know you've got to shoot the aliens because it you don't, they'll shoot you. and this is invariably jusiilicalion enough, but m Super Loop/

can place a piece over an existing one is the extremely rare gieen one. which will remove any unfinished loop that it touches.

Whenever you make a lull loop the apes hoot and holler in the background This, apparently, is by way ot encouragement


Author: The Farm

Although we were somewhat critical ol Rockeiz (AP47. 61%) in the review, we thought it was only fair ihai you could try it yourself, if only lo prove that we aie ALWAYS RIGHT

The Ime ol dots running across the

Di« you mint

middle ol Ihe config screen shows your credit, which you can spend on boosting your fuel, shields and so on (the rad bars in the left corner) or bigger weapons from the green screen Choose a one player game by making player one the CPU on the PILOT option, and alter the control method by toggling through the keyboard/joystick icons

Based (as is seemingly Ihe trend this month) on spaceships, you can either whi22 clockwise round the course following the little arrows, or just shoot at each other Passing the start triggers the clock at the bottom ol the screen, so you can race around to see who car get Ihe fastest lap.

TAN ("if" - M

Authors: Kentucky Periscope Koljonen. Telescopic Lindstrom. Jam Paijanen

Despite the ominously extended name. Tan(~k" - Ed) proved to be the surprise office hit ol the month Looking suspiciously like the lank games from the Alan VCS Combat cart, the game throws you into one of lour mazes with your males and sits back to see who'll

survive. The trick's to work out the angles lor Ihe bouncy bullets and Ihen pour a stream of indirect fire into your hapless toe without ever coming close to anyone.

The numerous options are superbly flagged so that even the most imbecile player could understand them, so we'll waste no more time or space on furthering your education, and merely suggest you play this. Immediately.


Clay Heilman

As we gleefully gathered round Ihe office Amiga to ■rigorously playtes!' this month's selection.

JD pointed out that you're onto a bit of a loser with us this month it you re a real Norman No-Males.

because most of the games need someone to play against We being naturally greganous folk favour multi-player games, and hey. here's another

You can play it in two modes, but by tar the best one s tag. where you're *11' until your opponent ticks you back. As tong as you're "if ihen your clock keeps licking, and >1 it gels fo the set lime, then you've lost We lound the time setting ol 200 to be a bit long. SO try 100 tor a fast game

The other mode's duel, where you've got guns and try and blast each other This is pretty much standard tare, but the tearsome thrust/ media routines add a bit ol spice as you struggle to get round those tight bends

Not a 9>«« ol lag.


I We hear your criticism, and we listen to it. For instance, many people with standard machines moan about our At 200 demos on ihe coverdisk. and while we think this sod ol thing is mainly sour grapes, we re prepared to make a concession to ihem For one month only, we've made il difficult lor At 200 owners by putting on two games that won't work straight away All A1200 owners  wanting to play Master Blaster or Mega Squad have to hold dawn the mouse buttons as the machine boots, then change the chip set to ORIGINAL and  disable the RAM CACHE before telling it to BOOT

If they don't do this, both games will crash, and if they think the disk's I broken and send it back without reading this box. we ve authonsed Discopy to go  round to their house and poison their pets Such is the omnipresent and unfailingly harsh wrath ol AMIGA POWER




Authors: Jett (Petkau Delham - Ed) and Brian (Jehdrau Jethrow - Ed)

II you've not noticed the spaceship theme to this month's disk demos lying into our Elite 3 preview, then here's the clincher. David Braben's fastidious obsession with the physics of the universe is paid homage to in this version ol the onginai grandpappy of all video games

The luck's lo go with the gravity from the huge sun and slingshot past il rather than fighting against it and getting sucked in, but if you feel that the gravitational pull's excessive, then move the mouse up to the top ol the screen lor a mynad of pull-down menus. Oh. and press HELP to get rid ot the intrusive screen messages

using the arrow keys Anyway, here are Ihe power ups that materialise as you blow up blocks, so now lhat we've provided instructions and the game, all you have to do is rustle up some fnends to destroy. Let the bomblest begin.


Author: The Alpha Brothers The idea's so simple that

wolves, owls and even small

We've been ‘surfing the Net" this month you know, thanks to the new system installed into our Apple Macs by Future’s legendary Israeli ex-tank commander Avi. (AB this is true - Ed) As you'd imagine, the future Ot communication's by and large pathelic. but hidden amongst all ol the dodgy "sruff my.handbag' and tedious "teen babes swimsuit.photo' addresses, there are one or two interesting locations and even a lew useful ones. Such as an Amiga games section

Gleaned trom literally thousands of moronic SEUCK and dawdling AMOS games is Master Blaster, a game that's almost, but not quite, as brilliant as that seminal Ubi Soli classic Dynabtaster

insects or monocell protozoa could relate to it - survival ol the fittest. Armed only wilh an infinite supply ol bombs, you've gol to run around Ihe maze and blow everyone else up. so that you're tell as Ihe victor Alternatively, and this is a lactic that frequently works, you could just sit in your corner and wait tor everyone else to kill themselves.

Although billed as a five player game, it seems that you need a joystick expansion lor players lour and five, and it you've got one ol those, you ve probably got the angina! Dynabtaster anyway, so most people will be resincted to two toystick and a player

BOMB Adds another bomb to your arsenal

FEET: Speed up. A couple are more than enough.

SUN Makes each explosion go an extra square.

SUPERMAN’1*: Lets you push single blocks out of your way.


Teleport to    explosions,

anywhere. Press    Hold down fire

tire to reappear.    until you want It.





Like cobwebs, we conceal ourselves amongst the scenery and snare small, airborne pieces of news. Wriggling helplessly, they succumb to our analysis.

“Oh, you guys,” grins AP reader Roy Nesbit of Crewe, killing himself. And then, suddenly...

AHnd I

mher i

Runs on: A1200. CD32 Publisher: Team 17 Author: Andy Clilhoroe ETA: May

impressed by At ihe lime they weren't Sure whether to try tor the otlicial Doom licence, or turn d into an Ahen Breed game, or simply lorget about it altogether They were visibly contused.

Since then great things have happened. The Ahen Breed 30 plan has been settled upon once and tor all One ol Team 17 s graphic aricsis has been brought in to add aliens and robots, and huge rockei launchers that go "Zwooosh Blam' And levels have been designed and packed with every lealuie conceivable by human beings.

*1 think what makes my version ol Doom a bit more pleasing ii :.    than previous ores is Ihe

- ' ' ' ■*

you tmd in Doom plus a lew ere t.ts a d bobs'ike the waler.

Great Scott It's Doom - but on the Amiga Team 17 lirst secretly showed us Alien Breed 3D about a year ago Encepl it wasn't Ahen Breed 3D then, it was just a sod ol scrolling maze that they'd been sent by Andy Cldherae. a Maths/Compuier Science student at Ihe University ol York, and were rather

boasls Andy the programmer "You've got a proper bobbing motion when you walk (which goves your eye a bit ol parallax motion when you walk), stairs, lifts, varying root height (so you l can have low. claustrophobic    I

corridors or huge ehoing caverns. m boih reproving the atmosphere o( fl the game) Did I mention the    fl

waier-5'    M

No    .

"Things stand m it properly, you know And nppte And it's fyyj lexiure mapped too'    MM

ButthereS more Wev« B seen loads ot attempts to create Doom - but on the Amiga. most of which wa ve told you ab j! You xnow, things like MMMt Death Mask and Grandslams B Wcttenstem. and a variety ol PD versions But they ve all been severely compromised, either by    i

having the action take place in a tuny M little window m the middle of the screen or moving about lerk ly. We fl had begun lo fear that, try as it H mighi the Amiga would never quite H be able lo manage a tull-blown    H

Doom done    fl

We therefore stood aghast as fl Team 17 showed us Ahen Breed 3D 1 The graphics don't fill up the whole screen by any means, and they're a bit chunky, but they're by far ihe smoothest moving we've seen, especially when you consider all the monsters and explosions and staircases happening at the same time. Unlike in Death Mask, you've got lull 360 movement, and the screen whirls around speedily when you IliCk Ihe mouse It really does look like Doom, and you could probably show it to the


ol a £4.500 PC    ;

without having to teel embarrassed    J

We are impressed Doom isn't just about flashy 3D graphics, however. Just as imponani is the way you can network two PCs together and pursue a pal about the place This, too. will be possible in Alien Breed 3D if you fix up a senal link And, happily.

, Team 17 are arranging it so that.

rather than having to buy two I copies ollhe game like you ffM L normally do an these    W fl

B occasions, you'll be able M 1 to run oil a copy ol your fl M disks for player two Al:    h fl

M credit lo them    ‘ I .


impressive boasts are made lor the game The aliens aie said to be k intelligent. Hacking you down by J listening to the sounds you make And we're told to watch out lor  B "real-time inverse-kinematic —objects' We've no idea whai this means. Bui syntactical ”■1 (J analyse suggesfs that, if W 'kinematic* means'moving'

W I ihen 'inverse-kmemalic'

r presumably means 'stiir We

V     iheretore have 'real-lime still ■ objects'- If something is still,

Li however, it doesn't matter whelher it's real-time or not, so the 'real-W time' can be considered redundant

V    This feature can Iheretore be M simplified to "still obiects' or.

indeed, 'objects'

Alien Breed 3D has objects in il.

Our only worry, having been none too impressed with the last Alien Breed game. Tower Assault, is that Team 17 really wilt be tempted to turn the game into a 3D version ol Aien Breed, reproducing not only the fnghtenmg aliens and lense almosphere. but also ihe frustrating dead ends, absurd radioactive rooms, unkiitable alien generators that spill out aliens randomly as you're running over them and so on Andy is happy to reassure us that this will not be so

'I'm not puflxig m anything which would annoy me it I was playing it. and I get annoyed with games quite easily I

don't like time limits on levels I haven't seen before, lor flSSfl example, so the only way i'd BH com. jer putting r-r n is if J g you had ic go ihrough a lev*!.

T ...... '    ! A    "■ :

■■I c jCk. and then gel back bc'oie

fljHH you-fmo ran out p'Obably B BBBBI t, it bether with radioacl:. JH areas and w.v !c make earn lev-e-Bi, axe ’' g as possib i.

pointless dead ends are pretty ■■■ much oul as wen If you find a mm dead end. look lor secret HMifl passages1'

He's on our side     ■ JONATHAN DAVIES

Shochinfii, your tOAtr»J p«fld ravcjli

loljto 1*4 lobol irdi hia led (rets parcel ]«il«afhf-


Just as low-quality American cartoons ol the late 1960s would end with a "moral message" (after narrowly escaping from the evil Or Doom, the cute puppies would gather round and one of them would say, "Gee. Snuggles. I figure we d never have done it It we friends hadn't stuck together and helped each other out. which after all Is what friends are for" and another would reply. Sure. Chips, and we should also always be

player mode, too. which can be played either co-operatively or as a head-to-head battle The latter is spiced up by the sneaky design ol the levels, which give you lots ot little comers lo hide in. and a range ot pick-ups that let you do things like looking through waits and turning invisible ‘This is more akin to Extreme Violence, or Atari's old tank games and is awesome fun.' reckons Mark, although we ll be suggesting he includes a senal link option like the one in Alien Breed 3D It's a bit early to say whichll be best out ot Gloom and Alien Breed 3D Alien Breed 3D seems to have the more sophisticated level designs, with its staircases and Ihmgs. but the baddies do explode really well in Gloom Well just have to see. eh


Runs on: A1200 Publisher: TBA Author: Mark Sibly ETA: Soon

turned up to maximum and the picture filling the whole screen it moves smoothly You've got a powerful laser cannon which can be upgraded in five steps (there don't seem to be machine guns and (lamethrowers and things, unfortunately), and baddies swarm all over the place lor you to shoot When Ihey die they explode superbly, scattering limbs and bits ol innards all over the place Extra tun is provided by operable doors, switches, teleporis. and fiendish incks like hiring baddies In ihe lift that you need to use at the end of the level, just like In Doom.

There's a spiil-screen two-

Eagle-eyed players of AP46's Skidmarks 2 demo will have spotted a game called Gloom buned deep within the 'Read me' message. They may have wondered if this was perhaps cryptically referring to yel another potential version of Doom - but on the Amiga

Yes! It was. Gloom (probably usl a working title) is being programmed by Mark Sibly, the New Zealand-resident hero who put together Guardian. Overkill and also BM/ Basic 2. which was used to develop Guardian and Skidmarks 2 Marks not absolutely sure what he's going to be doing with the game at the moment - whether ' he'll be publishing it through Ac>d or looking elsewhere (So take note, any software publishers lacking their awn version of Doom.) But it's almost ■ finished and just needs a lew more

1 levels designing and some music and sound effects putting in

We've been playing a three-level demo ol Gloom, and have found If to be enormous lun. although rather closer to Wotlensiem ihan Doom You can alter ihe size and detail ol the display, but even with everything

trom the blood-lhlrsly characters In current beal-'em-ups' which are a cause of concern to many parents". Phew, eh

It's cartoon-style game, appropriately enough, so characters get humorously flattened and stretched about. A number of true beal-'em-up Innovations are promised. Including an eight-player tournament, an action replay facility, and a system

whereby you start ofl with a _

limited number ol moves and then earn new ones as you attain higher belt

Gamesmaster magazine's review ot the Mega-CD version (penned by crudely-reanimated ex-AP staff writer Tim Tucker)

thought Ihe game worth just 40%, complaining that It was sluggish and

unplayable, so we'll have to hope Ihe Amiga conversion makes significant Improvements. But we've seen nothing so far apart from these PC screenshots. And remember, kids: reviews of Amiga

games based on PC    r . "

screenshots are

Runs on: A5GO. A600 A1200, CD32 Publisher: Gamntok Authors:

ETA: June

the refuge of scoundrels And It's who you are that matters, not what other people think of you. Or something.


A ss tl eo


Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Team 17 Author: Andy Davidson ETA: Autumn

Worms will be so spectacular mai. rather than releasing it straight away, they're holding it back until the autumn when games traditionally aivaci more attention from chilly, house-bound Amiga owners It will then be released amid a publicity campaign ol devastating proportions, perhaps rivalling even lhal al Rrseolthe Robots itself

The version ot Worms we were shown this month despite being m such an unfinished state that it probably wouldn't be ready until the autumn

anyway, allowed us to see / / more dearly its promised yp blend ol Lemmings and    ...

Cannon Fodder

Although actually, to me It looked more like a sophisticated evolution ol Scorched Tanx Irom    4l

AP41S coverdisk Imagine, il you will a randomly-generated landscape, like the ones in    H

Scorched Tanx only more intricate R wilhtrees, bridges and other obstacles Now menially litter it with worms, equivalent tc the tanx' There can be up to it ‘ these

We've brought you news ol Worms in the past, suggesting that it would available m the shops shortly But since then the game has grown into something beyond Team 17's ongmal expectations. They now believe

tour and

each controlled by a separate player Each player now lakes it m turns to control hts worm, attempting to eliminate all the other worms by shooting at them with a vanety ol weapons. Weapons Yes Their numbers keep multiplying as Team 17 think ot new L. ;    ones, but the ist

Rk    v

HUH '    ■


.    _'•] bazookas, cluster

■T_ S bombs, homing IB ak)Hf rockets and Uzis.

*7 The use o( each / weapon is / accompanied by a / neat animation (ihe worms are tiny, so everything happens in mmiscuie detail) and a comically-high-pitched sound sample

A fttrci bent* it rton to bc tn bttnu Arm*. fomul, AMIGA

rowta 004 *«lhr TMt It Wbr


All is laid bare by...

AMIGA POWER TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT GAMES. We are not afraid to reprint the score* we have given In previous ittuet because WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. This THE DISSEMINATOR does, along with the scores ot our supposed rivals. Study It closely, comapre It with your own experiences of games, and perhaps identity DISTASTEFUL PATTERNS. Then save yourself £7.94 each month.

The One

Amiga Action






All New World Of Lemmings








Dawn Patrol








Jungle Strike








The Lion King




Rise Ot The Robots




Sensible World Ol Soccer




Shadow Fighter




Skeleton Knew




Tower Assaull




Valhalla: Lord Of Infinity




Valhalla: Before The War




Illustrated on the cover at the Issue It's reviewed in. possibly as an exclusive'.


If, that is, you are honoured in the list of AMIGA POWER competition winners below. If not, be better.


Asking you to list Ihe 17 songs which would form your Ideal music compilation In AP4S revealed more disturbing facts about AP s readership than any official survey we've ever run. A few entries shone through, however, and a huge pile ol Team 17 games, along with every game they release during 1995. will be sent to Matthew Sayle ol Blddulph Park. A small selection of Team 17* wares also goes to Laurence Browne ot Luton. Richard Dixon at Huddersfield. Jonathan Bopp ot Switzerland. Dave Brown ot North Shields and Carol Doherty of Harrogate.



If you were hoping to win one of Ihe ten Marvin's Marvellous Adventure T-shirts we were giving away In AP43. you II be disappointed. Unless, ol course, your name appears in Ihe following list: Viceroy Areas ol Ramsgate. Deepak Thuse ot Streeliy. Jett Anderson ol Taaburgh. Philip Bell ol Newcaille Upon Tyne. Oyster Casey ol Peterborough, Richard Crass ol Hull. Oliver Baker ol Oswestry. Giles Keith ol Birmingham, Ruth O'Donnell of London and Paul Barker ol Nottingham.


Alternatively rather than us’fig your lum lo attack other worms, you can spend it positioning youf woim somewhere mote advantageous - another advance over Scorched Tan* Worms can tun and jump and also use Bauopes. bungees, tunnelling equipment and teleporters The reason you might want to do this is that, lor example, bridges are terrible places to stand because, it they get bit, you may end up tailing «t lire water and dying, while trees provide excellent cover

First impressions, then1 It's a multiplayer game, which is always good especially with the networking facilities Team 1 ate promising to include It's

amusing, thanks lo the comical animations which accompany each weapon making it rewarding when you do scare a hit It's cute too. although the squeaky cries ol “Oh nor. "Look oulr and '8onngt' may eventually incite certain members ol AMIGA POWER to violence beyond the scope of the game itself.


THE RALLY    spent hour* lovingly constructing an

COMPETITION WITH    exact replies of a Lends Delta HF

NO NAME    Integrate rally ear. tragically losing

In AP44 tea eel you pertup* your    because he tailed to observe the rules

toughest challenge yet: to construct a    sod used the wheels from a model kit

model car without using any ready-    The reel, who also tech gel some

meda components which we would then    Power-drive bits and pieces, are: Frank

roil down a ramp, awarding a fantastic    Evans ol Bootle. Donald Ashmaad oi

day at a rally school In Wales courtesy    Portsmouth, Bill Davidson ol Norwich,

Ol US Gold to the entrant who's car want Turnpike Wills ol Newport. Tim the furthest Despite this, competition Dickinson ol Liverpool, Darren Taylor ol was fierce, with some really quite bizarre Edinburgh. Karen .Green ol Warminster, entries. After extensive testing, we    Mika Lonsdale o< Reading and Thomas

decided lo award the Drat prize to    Cole ol Rochdale.

Rogero Jaan-Michat, a Frenchman who's currently a student in Glasgow.

His curious-looking entry, constructed Iromone of AP44'* coverdisks and some cotton buds and things, proved to have a surprisingly low rolling resistance and want lor miles. Among I he runners up, an honourary mention goes lo Jason Cook ol Colchester, who cissi


There were cheery smiles all romd at ShellieW s Moadowhal Oasis shopping centre this momh when TVs famous Hunter, from the Giadators. made an appearance lo endorse Gremlin's lantasbc beal-'em-up ShadowFighter(AP-i6 91%). And much innocent lun was had as members oi the pubke. such as the comically bespectacled individual n our photograph, grappled wdh Cute Tiger Girt. Hal Geezer and the macabre Pupazz.

This, ai least, is what Gremlin wish you lo believe

But AMIGA POWERS network oi mlormers can leveal that behind this seemingly innocent publicity slunt lurks an altogether more sinister story Hunler il lums oul. was rushed lo the scene ai me Iasi minute when Gremlin's ongnal choice the moie appiopnalely-named Shadow, was cited by the popular press in alegalions involving THE MISUSE OF I "RUGS' Ed) Be appropriately outraged parenls and guardians


Meanwhile, the patience of At 200 owners awaiting the AGA-specific version of Shadow fighter (AP46.91%) has bean rewarded, vaguely dsappoinbngly, with ■ game ol solely cosmetic changes. Continuing the tradition of looting ideas Iron previous blffum games the programmers have changed the colours ol the characters' outfits, added layers ol parallax scrolling and generally made everything look slightly sharper. Oh.

end (lor some Inexplicable reason) the special moves' fora few oi the characters have been changed. And H's hard drive-installable.

At with the A500 version Gremlin haven l set a recommended retail price' but deduce confidently you should expect fa pey about £25. A lair price for the Beet-’am-Up of Champions, the CD32 Incarnation of which. Incidentally, is expected in March. We predict eplcedlal music.




tv-*-* ,

Following out preview ol the splendid-looking lenms game Center Court last month, we re

pleased lo hear that the tour-player mode has been    _

successfully implemented by the game s mysterious Geiman programme! Endless multi-player lun is now a virtual certainty Thera are also rumours alool lhat Codemasiers have taken an interest m Center Court They ve currently got the rights to Ihe Peie Sampras licence, and they've been looking lor a game lo attach it to. It they're reading this, which they surely ate. Ihen we'd recommend they go ahead as long as il doesn l mean we have to wart ages lor Ihe finished game

















trui storiis




These are the games we have been playing the most this month. We suggest you do the same.

(AP47 90%)

BJoodnaf lurprlsed us greatly last month, transcending the replacement of the PC CD-ROM version s speech with text, thanks to a rlvettlng plot, cunningly devised puzzles and a well crafted atmosphere. Jonathan Nash, we're sure he won't mind us revealing, devoted over a week and a half to his review of this game, largely because he was unable to stop playing It.

(AP47 90%)

The Game of Champions has sustained a few compromises In being' transferred from the CD32 to the At 200 - a slight thinning out of the graphics, a tricky mousa control option and no music - but makes up for them with far-superior packaging and simply being such a fantastically exciting game In the first place. Truly one of the Amiga's finest shoot-'em-ups, and a game YOU MUST BUY.

(AP47 91%)

Shadow Fighter Is the game that proves that a) beat-'em-upa can be fun, b) they can be tun on the Amiga, and c] they don t have to be conversions of tediously over-promoted coin-ops.

Shadow Fighter has Its own collection of unique characters and moves, an Intuitive control system and fantastic graphics. And It really la enjoyable In a way that things like Body Blows and Mortal Kombal 2 somehow fall to be. Another game which you must buy, for YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION.

(AP47 70%)

While we couldn't honestly suggest you buy Base Jumpers - at C26 If'a Simply too expensive for what turns out to be a thin and fundamentally flawed game - we do urge you to have a go on It If you get the chance. The Idea Is that you and up to three friends clamber to the top of a skyscraper and freefall off the lop. And that's what's so good about It.

(AP39 coverdisk)

Ah yes. We've been playing Gravity Force 2 again a great deal recently, the reason being lhal we've been evaluating - wait for It - an AMIGA POWER special edition of this, the greatest two-player game ever devised. It's got a long list of great new features, Including remote-controlled bomba and gun turrets defending the bases, and It'll be appearing exclusively on an AP coverdisk very soon. Be thankful.

Runs on: A1200. CD32 Publisher: Team 17 Author: Alan Carter ETA: MarcIVApril

oes the Amiga really need another cricket game'1 Eerily, yes il does There are only Iwo senous contenders at the moment: Graham Gooch, which would be bnthant if it wasn t full ot bugs, and It's Cricket, which we reviewed last month and lourtd to be a bit patchy. So il. lor example, Team t7 suddenly announced lhat they were doing a cricket game at budget price to lie In with Arcade Pool and Kingpin. Steve, lor one. would be pleased And that's exactly what's happened Final Over doesn't boast anything particularly innovative. It's got all the standard cricket game leatutes - things like diliering abilities lor all the players, sampled sound effects and so on indeed. I got Steve to thoroughly scrutinise the list and the only thing he could find that seemed vaguely new was the way you can vary the power of hits when you're balling

Bui the mam thing is lhat il Team 17 can manage all this, and m ed the results with the same sense ot tun that tills Arcade Pool (if not. perhaps Kingpin), then it'll finally be possible to play cricket property on the Amiga And lor only £13, too • JONATHAN DAVIES

0G0 TiTSO SuTMl ®Pooo

AMIGA POWER MUST BE OBEYED, ao despite hti pteex for clemency Paul's prize Is reduced to ust £80

The Style Of

entries with your name and addreai and send them to: In The Style Of. AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 28W

We laughed out loud on flrat hearing Paul Hamilton of Exeter's unorthodox entry, Valhalla In The Style Of a dance mualc track. Tiffed *M'a a skull". H has been creeled using voice samples from "the Amiga's first speech adventure". The chorus goes "It's a skull, ft's a skull, it's a, it's a. it's a skull", and the verses In between consist of lively and humouroua exchanges between Infinity end the Prince, with a particularly good joke right at the end. Wa only with you could hear H, and didn't haaltata In awarding Paul 8710, which branaiataa to £160-worth of games. Regrettably, however. In The Style Of t fine print does stale thal ail entries must be Deluxe Paint readable. Although this is clearly difficult In the case of



Runs an: A500. A6O0. A1200 Publisher: Team 17 Authors: Binary Emotions ETA: June

HeIIo »t'% « p4ej»ur to vou Lho, I'r Pittor Job I'r bu%v ITAVtRS At thr Rtfiwnt %0 I C AT» t b «p you. If vow'd Ilk to ti'R t*<V At VA vt 11 rfk* hour*, ru r*v *- «l to ««4t.

ear’ 17 aren't now going 1o be releasing Witchwood (previewed so long ago Ibal I can t actually find the relevant AP despite several minutes ol frenzied thumbing], iheir Zeida-like adventure game that was supposed to appearing about now The reason is that they'd been concentrating on gelling the PC version finished, and neglecting the Amiga version hornbly. when suddenly The Sports Legacy turned up in the post "Phew." they thought "We'll do that

_ instead"

Like Witch wood The Spans Legacy is an overhead-viewed RPG/adventure closely modelled on console games like ZeMa. The Secret of Mena and Final Fantasy. It's being pul together by a brand new Salisbury-based programming learn called Binary Emotions In charge is Andrew Jolly, with whom I spoke

"Hullo," he said

I asked him why they'd chosen lo begin with a ZeIda-type game

'Well, because there aren't really any on the Amiga The only one that's come Oul recently is Dragonstone. which isn't very good And besides, we really like them We've go) a SNES in our oftice which we play them on *

So is it going lo be copied straight tiom Zeida'1

‘Not exactly We've pitched it somewhere between Zeida and The Secret of Mans, but we've added refinements of our own Conversations with other characters are based vaguely on Monkey Island, lor example, with lists ol options lor you to choose Irom And the puzzles are more complicated and subtle - there's more to it than jusl picking up objects and giving them lo people '

And he speaks the truth We've been playing an incredtly early demo of Specs Legacy, m which you can t do much more than wander around talking lo people and killing things Conversations are indeed Monkey /stand-style, allhough we were immensely annoyed by the way that, atler you've chosen what you want lo say Irom the list, it's then repealed again

on ihe screen betore you're allowed lo see Ihe reply

Binary Emotions cenamly seem lo know what they're dong They've captured the atmosphere ol the best Japanese RPGs perfectly, with neat graphics and context-sensitive music, and there seems to be no reason why Spens Legacy shouldn't be really enioyabie.

What's really important is Ihe storyline, though the game needs lo untold almost as it you're reading a book, and not go dull in Ihe middle or anything.

II they can get that nght, we should witness an inlense bailie between this and Krisalis's similar (though currently slightly delayed) Legends.






Run* on: A1200. CD32 (and hopefully A500. A600) Publisher: Gametek Author*: Creative Edge ETA: April

Grammatical errors dismay us. especially the swapping at verb and noun forms when talking about, lor example, film licences Trepidation was therefore writ large upon our tacos like this: TREPIDATION when further information arrived on the game we first glanced over back r AP41 Headlined Bakies. Ihe blurb firmly names the game as Salty, descnbing its object as commanding tnbes ol 'Baldys'

A thunderous phone call to programmers Creative Edge resolved the situation "It's called Bakies' demystified spokesbloke Dave

Wightman tremulously. "You do know it's now being released by Gametek and not Mindscape1" Of course we knew, lor we are the mightiest beings ever to produce a computer games magazine. What, Wightman, has been done to the game since we last saw it

"It's still the same," was the reply, "but better. It's hard to describe, there's so much in it. What did I say betore * ‘It's a kind of cutesy, wargamey, fhinky, strategic, arcadey thing.' "Yes, that's it.

The idea is to conquer the world with your tnbe oI baldies' by killing the other players'Hibes. Your basic 'baldy', the woiker. is the only type who can breed, which is how you build up your tnbe. Then you can turn "baldies' into new types - soldiers, builders and scientists -and use them m your plans For example, the builders make new houses, which is where the worker baldies' breed, and the scientists invent traps. Do you remember Spy vs Spy "

Oh yes.

'Weil the traps are like that. Say you start off by making a landmine which can kill one enemy ’baldy' Then, once your scientist has leaml' that, he can go on to make a mufti-directional claymore mine, and then a huge bomb.'

Sounds a bit like the evolving inventions in Mega Lo Mama

"Yes. Your workers can do that as well, improving houses tram the original huts up to castles. It's sort ol a cross between Mega Lo Mans. Populous, San City and the ease-ot-use ol Lemmings * But better There are over one hundred levels, set on Themed' worlds like North Pole World, where you have to oome up with inventions quickly to keep your tnbe Irom dying of exposure. Or you can invent things lo adversely attecl an opponent's tribe. Or you can surround one ot his castles with traps, and then drop a tenet on its root to chase out all the workers*

Er, lovely. (But at least it's dearly not going to be a cute' game. Phew.) With tour tribes fighting tor survival, it's a mulii-player game, surely

"We re working on Ihe network

version now It'l probably have to be a cut-down game - the serial link's just too slow to move all the information around because a tnbe can consist ot thousands ot tialdies' The same goes tor the A500 version - iherell be less tallies' in a tnbe. although you won't notice ihe difference. The CD32 version will have plasticine animation cutaways when you make a new invention or something, and like on the A1200 you'll be able to zoom oul lo see more ol the map."


"And there are vehicles, and you can fry opponents with your cook cook cook' power *


‘It's really gruesome.*

No. really.

Wightman did try lo send us through a demo ol Ihe game using the InlormalionSuperCanalRouie, but his technical knowledge easily equals ours and hall ol it went missing in transit. These pictures, therefore, are Irom the PC version. We shall examine the game proper when it arnves. possibly the month after next. And since if you tire of your talries' you can diown them it's almost certain lo be great • JONATHAN NASH




Runs on: A500. A600. A1200 Publimher: Kompart Author: Talking Bird ETA: March


acbcal Managet 2 yes It's just like Tactical Manager which we didn't review because that was too much like Football Tactioan which Stual Campbell, our erstwhile game reviewer supreme and now head whip-cracker at Sensible Software, gave 61a* m AP29. dismissing it m the process as average' So what's new now'’ And should we be interested"5 Well, aside from the reams al cosmetic changes (more colours, icons mslead ol drop-down menus. small-si2e club logos only and a whole list of other tedious minor changes which do. in iheu defence, make the game a liltle more Inendiy) il claims lo be A BIT harder m that the player's morale is more likely lo dip as a result ol being led out ot the team and that computer opponents aie A BIT more canny in their choice ol

formations and tactics


RflNntRt F,


1 «* rnl


1 - LJJ


Electronic Arts £30 ***

Virgin £26 *****

Gremlin Interactive £26 ***

U' U. .    1

Bullfrog £30 *****

Codemasters £26 *****

























Acid Software £25 ****

Anco £30 **


Tidying their cupboard recently. Audiogenic discovered a prehistoric (or, al least, pre AMIGA POWER) version ot Breakout called Impact. It didn't look loo bad. so they've dusted it down, tacked on <tfl new

levels and are releasing il at some point ft March It'll cost £10. and we shall review it nex! month


Virgin £10 *****




Al True Stories near* completion we begin to explore the darkest receiaet ol the AMIGA POWER Newt Cupboard. Every scrip I* carefully picked over to enture that all Information II fully dliiamlnatad. And It It lometlmee the ceee that, ai part ol this process, phofogriphi become separated from the documentation that eccompenlei them Thle month, for example, we discovered a picture ot what appears to be a chef, made Irom gins or perspex, with a silicon chip superimposed over H. Quite what rslevtnce It might have to the Amiga we aren't sure, because II didn't seem to match any of the photographies* press releases we found with II. And the seme goes lor a picture ot a large, plaatic chair containing a ahop dummy crudaly disguised as a crash lest dummy We assume we were teni (hem tor a reason, however. *o here they era



by whal Future Zone have on special ollar Ihls month

Until a month before It hlta tha ahelvaa, First Encounters only exists on lha PC, ao all tha acraan ahota used in thla preview are PC onaa. Due to technical alutt like acraan update tlmaa. proeeaalng power and alhar fancy bits, il’i Inevitable

that tha Amiga version won't look as good as these ahota. To give you a rough Idea, here are few screenshots without texture mapping. Examine them, look at the differences and then amend your excitement levels accordingly.


SHtPHMflBteCTJS Sakr rttj-hfcMrt Drive System- Clan t Hgpirdrivi [max.2B Sllyli Hall Condition:    ISO OK    [current

Shield GmratffvD anlt[i]

SHIP EmilEMEIIT5TOTUS -5ik*r ittKKjAtn Drivi Syttam Clan Hgpudriv* [mix BBSTju] HullCardilion 100 Ox    [(arrant Bfi

Shield G*n*tatM*II unit[i]

Frant Cun Mount ffij    IMH Poll*laser

Hilr Cun Moulding Emptg -

Franl Cun Mourftfflf'1    1M'J P

Htir Gun Mounting    Em g

namiming uuo

Z 5 Carh 0 ■ Catim o. o min:::ic]c

■- atom C. 0 01000001

5*1 99k G kmtr flillGSSkmtf

lav* Statio

lav* Statia

First Encounters Cam Winstanlevj just how cleva h

Jpe final Frontier Kks David Braben e thinks he is...

We'va got ■ bit ol • problem with thia ana. I moan, la it front* Z or Ellto 3 Ha etaarty I ha third apace trading gama from David Brahan, but Ooao It oara mora to Ita anclanl and maaalvaty raapactad pradacaaaor Elifr, or Front!*, tha laaa wall ragardad sequel from a yaar back

Thara was my friand Liam lor example. At wall aa having a ravolllng rad «kl jackal, ha llvad tar Elite, and paaaed ovar pratty muR wary othar tapact ol hi* Ilia In ordar to pi* j . Slav, homework, food and baalc aanltary

all that

flying from planat to planal And whara was tha and ol lava! biddla

Tha point to ini anacdpla la tan ■ lid obvlouata mtaaad the fojrt Tha point la moil people w*a that thara

aaiia cans as aU *1 ■

diaappakitaaei to uti Although you could now play different rolai and taka

poke Tha hot* Mi M tMa provided a mat open ended mm torment to play aroond la rather than forcing you lo play along a eat roufo. Fiaai Me lummar ol 'H iwnla aotnpiier magi devoted mSta regular column*

with great trading routei. ipacvitationa on tha my atari oua Ran Thargotd* and

ordar to gat a few mora houri play In and lift hla character closer lo the elusive Elite rating.

Peering ovar hla ihoulder In tha school library as ha got a sneaky hour in during dinner lima. It waa hard to aaa what tha appeal waa. Okay, so tha wire frame graphics zipped along al a good pace, and apaca combat seemed pretty cool, but what waa I he point of

sprawling and amply, and tha airnpla and playable combat lyMam from E)Hm had given way to an ungainly, much

known that had Ilka people to think at il slmdE m Orel Eacmmiart 1.

Ta tfliUara al people, David BrAafl ta an Icon of their youth. Bui not macHe'i the guy who, along with Ian Ball, wrote the gama Gita, which wa* a gama that created an entirely new gama genre, and It soaked up months ot many people s teenage years. But not mine.

an A1200. While most mega raved that this waa THE game at the decade AMQA POWER carefully and


paey wabeab*»aosBrteMrtthAng

1988-1993 "Working lira! wllti Konaml and (hen with Gametek, I slowly produced Frontier. It's amailng how quickly Ihe time gets used up. but when I started ott, I allocated six months tor one section, six months tor another and so an, and It was clearly going to be a long haul. I spent a lot ol time looking Into how things work and the behaviour ot the solar systems, so a lot al time went on the astronomy side."

1993-1 995 "Alter Frontier. I'd resolved never to do a major project on my own. so I set up Frontier Developments and got a team around me. Because ot this help, and because I'd laid down much ol the groundwork In Frontier, First Encounters has taken less time to develop even though It's a much bigger and more complex game."

First Encounters Is Ihe third and newest game In a trilogy that's been 11 years In the making. Even the Slat Wars trilogy only look six years from start to tlnish, so I asked David Braben to take me through the decade ot events that lead up to First Encounters.

1984 "Although Elite was finished In the summer ol 1964, my connections with the game kept me busy for a good lew years as Ian Bell and I worked In many ot the conversions."

1985-1 988 New and exciting machines were coming out all the time, and I was asked to develop lor same al them. Lender and Virus were both hugely popular, and I was asked to produce something to show oil the capabilities ol Ihe Acorn Archimedes, so I did a version of Virus called Zsnch."

1 988 Elite was proving to be Still popular, and I cowrote a version lor Nintendo with Ian Bell. I'd also got some new ideas lor the Elite universe, so I started work on Frontier on my own. I was working an a PC and the graphics were all finished the same year.

'Looking back on It now, it was a mistake not to do anyihlng with them, as back then the graphics we produced were truly ahead of their time. I'd not seen lexture mapped graphics as good as them, and l should have used them In a simpler game, because they were ahead ol their time In 1988 but slightly behind the latest Innovations by 1993."

!£££**&, M\. fWiSH

)1M «>n Set* r, i    o :*» «■

a -

11    rtfl .91 t * » ■    »{jumi [dataz/press_magazine/AMIGA_Power/HTML_TXT/Amiga_Power_Issue_48_1995_may.htm]} w.

K&! A. A lit ©

*    tv..* r.i    > i» -w • •

i    .Ti* . fl a~ n, Hex .'    1 . <>i vroatt.

Pf uaa(H(]«ni»HiKiaii«KniAiii «



conflicting gravitational pulla cancel each other out. - Ed) then It'd be okay. Thl* hat boon teatad out on vailoua com pul or modal* and proved right, ao on that ona amall point I'vo challenged tho accepted thinking."

Juat In caaa you're completely obllvlou* to tha obvloua, It * worth pointing out that David Brabon la really Into aatronomy. No. raally. But attar looking round hi* offices. I was forced to aak tho burning question

Where a tho telescope then

"I haven't got one; people who use telescope* are the tralnapotiers of aatronomy. You sit out In the dark and alare at Iota of little white dote, and whan you look through tha telescope, you see... Iota of little white dote. Unlesa you've got a huge observatory, the theory of astronomy la a lot more Interesting than tha practical work."

Does any of thls work show up In your games

“The entire universe fa accurately modelled on astronomical physics. Mora curious features are thing* Ilka suna flattened at Ihe poles, which la due to a high rotational speed. You can see this sort at thing In our own solar system. There are also misshapen planets or stars which have bean affected by Intense gravitational forcas from nearby objects. There's a lot of what I do In this field that can't easily be Identified In tha game, such as all the planets orbiting their suns or the land masses actually mapped out onto the curved surfaces of the planets, but they all go toward* making the Elite universe as realistic aa possible*


"Well, It used to be said that you couldn't have planets In a stable orbit around binary star systems, aa one or tha other sun would eventually pull It In and bum II up. However, l put forward Ihe Idea that If a planet were to be placed at a LaGranga point (The area where

ST and PC 2M were al aMMeny

pnn eterl. end you eordd take a game Uw Mrus and work out the maximum number of polygons at of ties* aaarhfnee could harsta aMc ul slowing down. Now (he SNm in running speed and pmrseawg power between an A1200 and a PC 4« OX is pnenomanai. wxo we base to enecnveiy produce two completely Afferent versions of ttw same gema.*

dip* and moat of tha taxtura —*npw»g will have lo ba dropped, and aeon then It II only run on A1200*. CDS2* and A4000a with 2Mb RAM.‘

■ M was really nice so do conversions ol games betas tie divergence ol machine power There was once a time when tha Amiga. Atari


ete we tned to dimonawate aero*

out much quicker than a stupid ona.

There a a higher political order lo first Encounters that wasn t In tha previous games, but this layer t been added onto the existing framework laid down In Frontier. If you raally eranted to, you could ignore the main game and play Finn Encounter Ilka Frontier by ust going on assassination missions or ploughing along profits bis trading routes. Obviously though, the idee la to work out whet the story da mends and then make money lor bigger shape end batter weaponry with a be of honest aweas and loti

OHppmg Irom Its PC version, but the ptan tnAMe met el the moment an Amiga version fust doesn't exist Using


e There were NO dredgers In the game et all. The manual claimed they were gigantic vassals that trawled for apace Junk after battles, bul they wars never Included In any versions, and anyone who a claimed lo have seen one la a big llbbar.

• Elite ta now available, by David Braben a reckoning, on around 17 different lormata.

• In Korean. Elite meant, quite literally, tndlea* montoon",


• II all tha capiat ol Elite In axialanca war* laid end to end, they d stretch the length of 1,472 medium tlxad primary school playground*.

ta Arm

• Counting Individual sales and Ha appaaranc* on numerous compilations, Elite ha* sold around half a million copies.

38 actas Ageeed ta video

The tact that Oevtd Brabon s even bothering lo do an Amiga version is. In hfe own words. 'Part loyalty part

Men tha code and led rm*w PC we re a month or eo he Amiga. The tnfseioni and M of the 30 modedmg Vtt be exactly the terse In both Vernons as may uae the same code


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As the curtain goes down on Sensible’s long and glorious romance with the Amiga, they find themselves being pelted with fruit -! by AMIGA POWER readers.

Jonathan Davies investigates.

Matthew Simmon* of London. Slightly worrying.' add* Oave Waiaon ol Beverley.

The letter* go on 10 cite a string ol complaint* about the

Never mind the Cannon

Fodder 2fAllen Planet Level fiasco, what about Sensible World Of Soccer We gave it 95*. In AP44. heralding It a* unquestionably the greatest Amiga game ever. And you lot agreed, right  IUiaa« O*. at Meat Mi aawiUy.

Since the day of SWOS* release, we've been deluged dally with letters about the game. A lew do indeed agree that SWOS is beyond compare - the best Amiga game of all time, and Sensible s crowning achievement.

Most, however, are rather more abusive

'What the hell has come over Sensible Software in the last tew months ' asks Paul Fillery of Worcester. 'Spanklngly disappointed, moan* The Slug of London. Bitterly disappointed spits John McNally of Birmingham. 'Incredibly shoddy) cries

omissions and

oversight* Some go on to    - '

pour icom upon Sensible themselves, saying they're no \ longer the heroes they once were.

And a lew even dare to question the integrity ol AMIGA POWER Itself, wondering why we didn’t mention SIVOS1* faults In our review, suspecting we'd been playing an mcompiei* version ol the game, and insinuating that the high mark might be connected with the tact that an ex-AP atari member now works at Sensible.

Whit happened How come the

W/    awaited

Amiga game

ot recent hislory wo*

seemingly releaaed In an unfinished state  And what are Sensible going to do about It As you know, we are your tnends and would do anything tor you. so we thrust your letteri under the noses of Sensible s Jon Hare and Chipper and (orced them to explain themselves. And. more thin that, wary of their reputation tor being the bad boys' of the games industry, we asked them to BE POLITE ABOUT IT.

"Sensible Soccer was my favourite game ever, so when SIVOS appeared I ol course immediately bought a copy. And. yei. it is indeed even better: ust about every team In the world; a better, more realistic leel to trie action: and. imporlanlly to someone wrio had mastered Sc .ns/ if* much harder Why, then, am t writing in to complain about wrist Is now trie best game ever’’ Because ot the indescribable wretchedness ol trie career game section. In my first season as piayer/manager ol the mighty Arsenal I won the Premier League by 15 points and reached the Cup Winner s Cup Final. Despite this, every one of my players values went down.'

Matthew Simmons. London

Even though my three strikers are leading goal tcorea m the League as well as in ihe FA Leapse and European cups, their values continue to decrease.

The Slug, London

My striker scored 17 goal* in trie first t league games, only to be rewarded with his value dropping by 10V So he scored another 20 goals and was slightly miffed when his value dropped by another 5V‘

Paul Greenwood

Jon: Were really incredibly sorry.




everyone. This *n a shocking ovtrelght on our part, and will be completely rectified In tha fraa updata disk aaa and ol taatura. chums]. Sorry.

2)' Nona at ihc oihar clubs do transtara aicapt with you. Nona ol tha othar playara change In value. Nona ot tha othar playara gat Injurlaa Tha Slug, London

Jon: We ra so sorry about this One Tha reason was so lhal whan you came 10 look at Arsenal over tha years, they'd be a recognisable Arsenal and got a rneanlnglesaty unfamiliar side you didn't know, because obviously SITUS doesn t have big newspaper faaturas keeping you up to data with f-Trh.sters as they happen. Also, you wouldn l want your Amiga to be hung up for hours at a time whila It haggled with Itself over transfer fees, would you Still, we're very, very sorry anyway. How can you aver forgive ua

3) "lie such a tragedy I could cry. .

For some reason they decided to tinker with tha actual football Itself. Why It was perfect as it was. Now the game is so difficult it beggars belief, even for a seasoned Sans/ pro like myself... Why does my team run at around half the speed of any other I team It comes up against ... Why do I they miss nearly every header they attempt ... After ten games I was bottom of the table, having won only one game and conceded 25 goals... I can't halp but get the feeling that StVOS was rush-released for Christmas without really being play-tealed thoroughly.'

Paul Fillary, Worcester

Jon: We triad really hard to pull this one off. realising how unhappy It would make hard-drive owners If we failed (and quite rightly so), but when It cama to the crunch we just weren't up 10 tha task. Aren't wa crap We re very very sorry, and hope you can find It In your heart not to think too badly of us tor it.

Chipper Now. we don't want you to leal inferior or anything. God forbid that would happen, but you re the only person aver to complain that the first Sensible Soccer wasn t too easy. But that doesn 1 make you a bad person or anything We re sorry. But don t forget that you now have accurate and

6) There ua no World Club Championships In my version, although there was one in a coverdlsk demo. Thera Is also no South American Cup nor African Nations Cup.'

Dave Watson, Beverley

realistic Individual player data affecting Chipper: Oops, sorry. We didn't have

the gameplay. Although we re sura you    enough accurate data on these

wouldn't have forgotten that. Sorry for    competitions to do them In lime, and


even mentioning it.

4)    "I have purchased all tour versions of Sensible Soccer, and I am bitterly disappointed with SWOS The computer team a goalies are ALWAYS better lhan yours. EVERYONE In ihe computer team Is faster than your faatest player. The computer team ALWAYS wins penalty shooi-Ouls. The computer wins fi5-90‘« of the tackles. John McNally, Birmingham

Chipper: It sounds like you va been terribly terribly unlucky, with bad refereeing decisions and unnaturally motivated opposition sides putting up unusually good performances against you. We re very sorry about that. Honestly. Sorry.

5)    Why Isn t it hard drive installable " The Slug, London

rather than watt to do them properly     _

and risk losing some money over the la SWOS really too hard We certainly don't think so, end nailbae do plenty at

lucrative Christmas selling period we AP readers: just rushed the game out with little or

no consideration for the software-    "I'd like to address Paul Flllery's load of rubbish in AP47. Sensible am still liuly

buying public. We realise now trial this    glanla and goda amongst man. I don't know about Cannon Fodder 2. bul 5Itt’S

was wrong and will hope to make    ie undoubtedly the beil game ol all lime. In Ihe world, ever., In Ihe beginning II

some small amends by correcting the    seems bloody hard, but II Jusl lakes practice..."

oversight on the update disk. W* re    ftofien Patel EnBaid

very sorry.

'Lika others, I gol elutfed playing Liverpool ve Preston North End 8-1 erarel 7) Why Is t that tor an Innocuous    times But I look stock and tiled to work out what waa going on. And I

challenge in my own penalty area I am diacovared that thing* like petting, tactics, goal keepers and tndlefduil player

often shown a red card Yet (or a    ability were actually working!"

similar challenge in the middle c< the    Andy Scoff. LiMfpno/

pitch it s yellow

The Slug, London    II you really can I beat any laama In SWOS. I suggest you go to tha cracha and

play Marvin'a Marvalloua Adventure SWOS uber alia*!

Chipper We can't f-nd any technical reason tor this n the code o' the game

but It you say it's happening then It    'SWOS is excellent”

must be so. 2nd tor the! we r« very    Cede

very sorry



TIM •« SWOS, ■» r****"*-


BHHK f239.'B



)—MUX    '

£ . jost m-vAR®***

,R*OUH-«>    "

IAp<w«cn> *B

irM> °

,T«uMM«*>    "

■•'■vssss.. °

<*ljanza> o

««HK £2.810000 CRITERIA

(SAL) CtRO*' lfAL> *•** UAL' CRO*'

<**»_> C»©* (SM.I C*0** (IM.I *«OK <**»->*•«»< CTIOK


* •    l«.lrtmornc

*    * W,CH RO NCHHRN ( H • rrrzmor sihfson

*    • RNOY SV4TON

*    • "**>r POSTER


Tfc« twos*1. hc.,1,,, Jl would Appear, ■■varal apHoai moriiidut iiMovie

'MUOOCRSFiCLXI) t <normch crrr>


'IntFRELp HQ , <*ORT W*_E> (SMPOOn Tommi

** <KNO> £500* UM 'EMCD C«SOK

M ICMOl) CTso*< *w 'Engj oox *-*    <»*a>C»SO*<

" ‘CNOjChSo*

*** >exs) c ioos

8)    "Altar completing a 20-year MaioB career I was merely ottered retirement. That's IL No option to vie* my careef. Nothing. After playing 20 years ol tootle It'a not much to ask lor a little reward at the and, Is It "

Marc Ames, Wellingborough

Jon: This Is pretty slack. Isn't It All that hard work and then the equivalent ol a tatty old "You have tinlshed the game. Well done" screen. What can we say Again, we ust didn't have the time, and we decided to go for the bif Christmas cash-in rather than wait and make the game better We're Indescribably sorry.

And this month's Complete Control suggests further shabbiness:

9)    "Before you piay a match, on the screen where you select your players to play in the match, put aH of your most valuable players on the subs' I bench, and all the rubbish players In their place. Start a game but before you kick off. bring on your subs and. bizarrely. they will piay tar better than normal."

Samuel Bailey, Brading

Chipper: Another bug. we re afraid We re really sorry.

10)    'll a player is given the red card, as he Is walking off bring on the sub bench and the player will stay on His feet will be cemented to the ground but - hey - he can still watch.'

Ales) Tzitzas and Trevor Myers, Cheshire

Chipper: Vet another bug. but we promise that this one wilt be Died on the update disk. Although that s realty no excuse for It being there in the first place, and for that we're very sorry Indeed

11)    Press M on the transfer screen and you will receive one million


’ John McOillivray, Falkirk

Chipper: Now, this Is actually a playtasting teatuie that's only piesent In pirated copies of the game taken trom bulletin boards, but that's allll no excuse. After all. you're probably quite shon at cash after the festive season and simply couldn t afford to spend £30 on our game Instead ol stealing it. We don't blame you at all. but since there* nothing we can directly do. we can only hope that the pirate boards have a bug-corrected version available by now. We re sorry we couldn't be ot more help.

12)    'When you are sacked In the career mode you can stay at the dub if you want to. You do this by pressing continue career NOT looking at the job otters and you get your oid ob back so you can get millions into debt get sacked but get your oid )ob back and gat out of debt at tha same time." Richard Boll' Wilson, Sheffield

Jon: Oear oh dear, we realty did leave a lot ol bugs in SWOS in our hast to get it out in time tor Santa's deliveries, didn't we We can only say that this Is another bug that It be fixed by the update disk, and that we re terribly sorry for upsetting you with It. Sorry. Sorry.

13)    'When you are playing a match, try pressing W. Tha match will atop and you'll And you've won 2-1.’

Sam Ruddell, Angus

Chipper Again, this is a playtesting feature only present in pirate copies of the game, but we re sure you weren t to know that whan you wrote in to complain about It Even though you didn t pay any money lor the game, and are the main reason we re not doing any mora Amiga games ever, we re extremely sorry it you've been inconvenienced in any way by this occurrence Once again, sorry.

14)    'Start eithar a twenty year management game or e demo between two computer players Dribble the ball up to the opposition s goal poet shoot.

hold down Fire and IMMEDIATELY press R lor replay. Provided you remember not to let go ol your joystick, every player should stick to the ground . including the goalie who you are shooting against. Let go ol the Fire button end play resume* a* normal. This actually works at any point during the action. If you've got enough fingers to manege if Martin Peeve, Potters Bar

Jon: Stick a large banana up your (That'a enough from Jon and Chipper for this month, actually. - Ed)

Hem. So what about our review, then Did we really pull a last one on you. our fruiting readers No. We aland by our mark. SWOS it a fantastic game and truly deserve! the 95% we gave it But - yet - we did review an unfinished version of It.

All magazines review unfinished games trom time to time. Some are absolute devils (or It, and have even been known to review PC garnet in order to claim 'exclusive*'. They know who they are, and wa sincerely hope you do too and will Slop buying them In auch ridiculous numbers before too much longer.

AMIGA POWER would never, ever do anything Ilka that. In the case ol SWOS. however, we had a tough decision to make. Attar numerous postponements and delays, the game waa finally due for release on 27th November, and AP44 was due out on the 17th. We could either review the game aa it stood, very nearly llniahed, or keep you all hanging on until AP45, by which time SWOS would have been In the shop* for ages. In the end we decided to review It. with Sensible a assurance that various problems in the game would be sorted out by the time the game appeared in the shops.

But. sadly. Senilbla simply ran out ol time.

“SWOS had already been delayed lor months, and in tha and you've got to draw the line somewhere.' Jon Hare explains. 'To keep everyone hanging on any longer would have been lunacy. Wa were actually tweaking tha game right up until tha day it had to go off to

be duplicated, and we still didn't manage to Iron out everything.''

So, sorry 11 you felt misled by us. It'a worth noting, however, that the magazines who did claim to have waited lor the tinlshed version ol SWOS (making plenty of noise about it In some cases) didn’t mention any ot tha game's problem! either, so quite what they're playing at we don't know.

And the main thing it that despite tha rather flippant altitude ol Jon and Chipper. Sensible and Renegade are prepared to make amend!. Everyone who's registered their copy of SWOS will have an update disk sent out to them automatically, to It you haven't got round to It yet. tend off your reglatraflon cards sharpish. And It you ve lost yours or can I be bothered, the June Issue ot AMIGA POWER will carry a disk containing both tha update and a special SWOS demo, miles better than the one oft AP43.


Senilbla aren't just terribly sorry about tha problems you've been having with SWOS. They're actually doing something about It. By the and ol March they hope to have completed an update disk. This will

a)    tlx aa many buga as possible and add In lota ot the teaturas which had to be missed out. such as the South American Cup. and

b)    update all tha teams using tha latest data.

There are two ways ol getting hold ol the disk. Eithar;

•    Make sura you've completed your SWOS registration card and returned It to Renegade. You'll then be aenl a copy ot the disk automatically, aa toon aa It'a ready. Or.

•    Hang on lor AP5Q, which will come with a copy ot the diak aa wail at a demo ol tha new, Improved, tully-updated SWOS.


kB    ' "Seeing as how i don't

. know how to make 1 bullets," admitted Cam, wjk® "my encylopeedlc / 'Ajtt'    knowledge at weaponry

/    would be ol little use. And

f . W Jf anyway, I'd rather be a benefactor ol mankind than a conqueror." He

—IV ».    leafed through a history

book 10 determine where he could be ol most use. ‘The Sixteenth Century," he concluded "The people had a rudimentary grasp of metalworking, so after Inventing Lifebuoy soap to Improve general hygiene I could bring about the Industrial age lar sooner than would otherwise happen. And make a fantastically loud ateampunk motorbike nalch


I    Paul had been listening to the

conversation with alarm. "I xB couldn't possibly allow  B Jonathan Davies to

l    ■ assassinate Elvl a Presley a

\jf "    parents," he vowed. “I'd have

*    lo go back lo the day they

printed the book he reed to ascertain the appearance

_f of his Inlended victims.

distract the printer's attention and replace the photograph with one of a couple who'd died on the Hlndenberg. Then I d whisk the couple out of the airship moments before the explosion and put them In Elvis's parents house. Jonathan H would arrive, shoot them and P return to Ihe future, and I d jfWraQB simply clear away the bodies.

The future of pop would be


■ '‘Maintaining my mental age but regressing to Ihe body ol a child," said Steve, who'd

*— f\B 3 obviously been thinking ['    I about this lor a long time,

B f' « j I 1 "I d go back to 1932 and ... M ■ befriend the seven-year-I \ r il old Margaret Thatcher.

■ «    We'd have all sorts of

advenlures and get In no end of scrapes, becoming the best of friends. Then, one summer, perhaps having given her her first kiss. I'd leave under Ihe pretence of my parents moving house, my job done. For she'd go on to become a mentally-well, emotionally secure Prime Minister and not BUGGER EVERYONE UP. Right on."

-MB- "What Paul didn't take Into

account of course," said Jonathan, "Is that after returning to the future I /    realised my plan had been

I    thwarted as he played his

il    Oasis tape again. Surmising

with ease the details of his counlar-plol, I vlsllad Ihe printer's just after he'd

left, distracted the printer again and replaced ■ the conect photo. The rest was easy "

had a spaces

h catapulted r

it we had a sp i.rl us into the

w spo sw'0 me «»'" *i! ue* ' * <*®u'.'>°00 mwuw *


OARt.    d

. «ltt>S b’°*rV.SO 'i    .


- 1



More fun than you can shake a gear stick at.

Runs on: A500, A600, A1200, with a CD32 varalon to follow Publlahar: Acid Author: Acid Prloa: £25 RsIum: Mid March

onda Pilots are nifty little offroad go-karts with tubular steel roll frames and odd hands-only controls. They're laud, they're muddy and they go round corners In exactly the same slippery-sldeways-slidey way that cars in Super Skidmarks negotiate tight bends. Honda Pilots are better than a 15-storey tower of chocolate digestives.

The trick ot cornering them (and, ol course, cars In Super Skidmarks) Is to point the nose ot the buggy towards

the apex and put Ihe power on. so you slide through the corner. This kind ol rally handling was rather limply attempted In US Gold s Powerdrive (AP45. 61%) but Is recreated pretty dashed effectively here. Super Skidmarks may not be as good as Honda Pilots, but Ms benefits are numerous. It's cheaper, ecologically sound, and you'll never, lor example, get shouted at by Irate farmers for chewing up Ihelr recently planted fields of spring barley Super Skidmarks Is al

least as good as a malt loal the size of a house.


Gnhff, but hang on a minute, ANOTHER racing game There's nothing new about Ihe Idea, and In fact there are few things Immediately different from the original Skidmarks game (AP34. 78%). but yet we've been slavering at Ihe prospect of getllng hold of It. Why  Because It's a very. very, very special racing game.

The speclalnass has much to da with the track, which Is constructed using quadratic B-spline curve mathematics Acid did their best to explain this In the first game and received nothing but scorn and ridicule from the technophobic luddite rabble that forms AMIGA POWER, so they've kept quiet about It this time, but what It means Is that all Ihe bumps, pits, ramps and curves of the track affect the cars as they travel over them. After playing Team 17's still-born overhead racer ATH this month, seeing a car lake off over a ramp or bounce into a hole is tremendously invigorating, and has restored my faith in Ihe Amiga as a tap games machine.

The cars themselves are also supremely special, having been light-sourced and then rendered so you gel glints of light off the windscreen and can make out all kinds ol tiny details. Check out Ihe pictures and be Impressed, even though our screenshot technology Isn't too good al this sort of fiddly detail. What we can't gel across In the magazine Is the great way the cars handle, sliding and weaving and even doing pointless but fun aerial stunts on Ihe ramps. If you're crap at games, or simply on Prozac, you can race at a stupidly slow pace, and If you're one of those ridiculously good players. Ihe speed goes right up to unplayable (by mortals). Take my word for It, the cars drive perfectly and all options are catered for.

"None other that truly sums up my

lliM ■***. fai'rt ha *•«■* bullish.

me courses, loo. ere Indeed (and allhough I feel that I iti over using the word. I can find none other that truly sums up my feelings) special. Even though they Initially look ssmey. the curves and gradients of the game's 3d plus tracks hide myriad different arrangements needing different tactics. Acid have learned from the mistakes of others and made all the circuits small, so you quickly learn the track, and never run out of opponents to hit. You'll run Into the tail enders when you're ahead and the leaders when you're trailing.


Why all the efforl to keep the cars together Well, because Super Skidmarks is all about bashing Into other cars, and from the start, the only way forward is to crash through the pack and Inflict well-timed Impacts to send opponents Into walls, leaving them trailing by seconds It'S easy to work out Ihe line each car Is taking and lo block them, and getting Ihe right line on corners can sling you Into the lead. If you’re struck directly from behind you'll get a huge speed boost although whether this Is a pain or a prt2e depends on whether or


Oa a ilaaSaiS udlu, M ha nkkln hi each race, eikkcfe Man ikkn faar Mparaia Hhkki w twa kowtw  carnaH. far twa pLrfrri, yea yn tail attry lylk unit mode

TWaa a* htm Hf M a nay la airthi an farced Into the lejM faMlllaf earl ef (ha tana- The acraaa arachi the laad player, m4 Mote badtl aft Pm hack reaper an behkad Ua.

Daley tare machinal liekcd lafafkar (ikmra ratkar laeff a dually abeec by a aaaall yellov baad jaleley aha I pldaiti above) yaa fat wore optical Ware ikaalay twa played raclay fall urata, hoi you coaid alao haea fear played oa iwo aplll mean.

not you're on a straight. Acid have been keen to point out Ihe difficulties Ol making computers drive cars, which probably explains why Super Skidmarks Is at Ms best as a playground for numerous humans and at Its worst when It's just you versus the system. The one pleyer game highlights how much each computer cer behaves like all Ihe others, although to be lair, they da err much more than cars In other driving games, and can quite easily be forced to do

something disastrous. The more real players (hough. Ihe merrier, as your unpredielable paths conspire to mess up Ihe paths of Ihe computer. If It's Just you. fhe sinister computer pack slides along bumper (o bumper, leaving you to chug along.

Bui hey, what kind of saddo plays driving games on their own anyway  Super Skidmarks is all about playing against your males, and It's here that It excels and also (quite lortunetely) lhai Ihe computer ear/unlalr overtaking effect Is at Its most minimal. On a


H ku betx, M hai a bad. It b Aon* tbit or her Sami of Champions. ..

Super Skidmarks comes on seven (count eml) disks. There's a bool disk, tour track disks and two car disks, and a track change means one disk swap, a car and track change means two. It's quite stow on a standard machine, but extremely zippy on an A1200. and there isn't any ol that annoying dlak shuffling you often gel. Anywsy, you esn put all Ihe data onto a hard drive AND there's a great Pong game lo play while you wait. With apln and everything. Marvellous.

standard Amiga, you play with a split-screen mode for two players and a full screen for Ihree or lour players, where you can use either keys, or a joysllck adaptor In Ihe parallel port - good call Acid. There's Ihe serial link option loo. but on a single machine. Ihe tour-player game Is Similar lo Micro Machines, where the players knocked off the edge of Ihe screen are reinstated just behind Ihe leader alter having a point docked off. I'm not really a tan ol this Idea, but allhough it's my least tavourlle section ol the game. It works because of the human element,

There's plenty to recommend the



game to all Amiga owners, but A1200 owners have an extra special treat waiting lor them. Standard Amiga owners are going to huft and putt at this, but. like Binary Asylum's Zeewoll. I'm sure this was written with the A1200 In mind. Unlike Zeewott (which

runs terribly slowly on A500s and A£OOs), Super Skidmarks runs at the same speed on both, but you're offered a multitude of new options on the A1200. and they're all Included In the standard version Instead ol stuck away in a rlp-oft more expensive A1200

version. Once again, kudos to Acid.

The msaslve difference Is that the A1200 can handle eight vehicles, which means that the thin tracks appear Just that bit thinner, the Intersections a bit more frantic and the starts even more Intense. The next major addition Is the


II »



hlgh-res mode which makes everything smaller, and therefore lets you see more of the track. Once wed stopped marvelling at the huge graphics ol the normal game, this Is the mode we stuck with, It makes racing much easier by letllng you see the corners sooner.


Finally, and this Is what elevates the game to near divine status, there's the widescreen link mode. You need two computers and a null modem csble for this, but only one version of the game, and It spills the entire course over two monitors, allowing you to see all Ihe track, all Ihe time. This means (deep breath) that you and your friend, and their friend and their sister, and her mate and her brother and his mate and his dad can all play Super Skidmarks AT THE SAME TIME. Yes. EIGHT players, and YES, it Is TRULY FANTASTIC. The game Is a LANDMARK in game history, It's a CLASSIC, and It's a great shame that only the small section of people with access to two A 1200a can play It.

So phew, we've actually got a great game In this month. Move over Ff. take a hike FfGPand get your flaccid, runty little bod out of town ATS. Super Skidmarks rules, because It s great, because It s Imaginative, but moat of all, because we say so.


® UPPERS Fantastic

handling, superb graphics, great tracks and suitably screechy sound effects. The tracks are contoured and gel muddler the more you race on them, you can race round In either direction, there's a serial link mode and a points system I've not even mentioned. The difficulty range Is huge and most of the data's hard drive Installable. Also, Pong.

® DOWNERS The one-player game wears a little thin after a few hours, and there's that predictable but frequent disk swapping.


Were I washed up on a desert Island with a small selection of computer games. I'd be hard pushed to choose between this and Micro machines. Truly Super Skidmarks Is one ol the finest Amiga games around.

A a 2



. .    The AGA version Is

Al    almost another aame

entirely. The hl t E — mode Is Ihe Mode of Chai J I ” eight cars on the track m; f I * frantic bumper-bouts, the * “* accessing's at least 50% dfc ■ ’ faster and the cinerama ll 1  mode deserves a Nobel    I —

prize. Unmissable.     I —

Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Team 17 Authors: Jamie Woodhouse (code). Danny Burke (graphics), Allister Brimble (sound). Woodhouse and Burke (design)

Price: £26 Release: Out now

Everyone had something to say when it came lo reviewing ATR "Play Micro Machines’ advised Cam ‘That's ihe benchmark for overhead-view racing games, and is dearly what ATR is trying lo be' 'Play Overdrive; ottered Sieve ‘Thai's Team 17s previous overhead-view racing game, and it'd be interesting lo see whai they've, learnt from if ‘You only wnte seven pages per month.' said Jonathan 'And everyone hales you.' ‘Stop worrying about whether the secret Valentine box you sent got lost m ihe post ' whispered a small inner voce. ■Ask tha girl you tool'

And so n was I tound mysed playing ATR and Micro Machines and Overdrive, and looking frightened whenever my telephone rang (which it hardly ever does) and yet being nervously excited ri case it was the girt expressing thanks lor the Valentine's box havwig cleverly deduced the 'derttty ct the sender (which d never was), white a large pde ct frantically looked tor reviews built up on my desk and everybody went out wrth thee trends and had a - really great time. How has your

monlh been then Eh Eh EH i. But anyway AH-Terrain L    Racing it s the duiest.

\ ckjmsiest, sloppiest overhead I racer 've played. Overtime • included From the menus «i ■ which only player one s joystick works (and that indudes the bits whore everyone has lo input iheir names) to Ihe incredtfy poor design ol the courses, the game reeks ol shoddiness It shouldn't, ol course After al. Team 17 look note ol AMIGA POWER'S criticisms ol Ove/tfrrveto the (Mint ol pulling it Irom iheir budget release schedules, and (mce relevantly) ATR is going up directly against Codemaslers' labulous Mew Machines Mxj might therefore. have thought tairty reasonably that some attompt to. tor example, write a game better than the champion of the field wotAd be in order But no.

AJf- Terrain Raong has three game

\ "You've flicfceringly reappeared'

Astonishingly, this blind cornsr-rlddlcd, trap-pjehed courts is usilv Ills lalrsst of 1hs mow tracks on otfsr.

Pa ■MlciMonfa mi fhli ipuciiiy do ■othioj.


As you poati* aroundjhe tuckJn ATft you might without quite meaning to drive If rough a power-up Icon Sometimes you might even notice sometMng-happonlng. Let famous n motesworth explain what goes an.

■oliiworth u mint

cotuoh. so.

tTJ" ■ok,*,

/r, Thl,-eh,


Otlfe Ml

roe so

owordx edwr

■ molmarlfe u: Me.

modes battle league and arcade'. All. naturafy. centie on driving around a variety ot courses as quickly as possible, and this is where the game lefts down There's a choice ol three types of course, but only m pie sport tracks (yer basic racing circuit types) are at al playable The others - bear with me here - don't have the courtesy -no. wait lor rl - to mark out the track so you know where you re gomg The excuse Is " tM driving in snowy1 and rocky

conditions as you are, the track wd have been obscured by snow or rocks ot something and therefore the designers can get away with suddenly lading out the road an.utdnty; and having you careening across blank countryside to smash into a wall cenkmetres beyond a smal arrow pointing , VQU bade vi the right direction Incredible yob cafft even argue that memorising the courses solves the problom, because An-Terra m Racnc/s cyaphics are so bland and repetitrve you haven't a chance ol picking out landmarks


The othei thing about Al Terrain Raonfs courses is that they appear to haw been laid out tor the twisted amusement ot the dMtgnors. rather than. say. with a view to being fun to race on They're ndtcukxrsJy ■ over-complicated, lidded with obstacles and surrounded by tiaps lo totally ensnare anyone coming oft a bend. This is bad enough in arcade mode (six-lap races -against tour computer drivers, finish in the lop three 10 quality, wm money lo - Sigh

UPPERS The cars move wall and go "vroom ."

,—v DOWNERS Appallingly ( y J unworkable trick* that play boringly and teal empty.

Very law shortcut*. Not nearly enough ol the track ahead vltlhle. Hatty leal to the whole thing. In two-player mode It'* axtremety difficult to tell who'* who. In league mode, all playeri hive lo uaa player one* joystick. Strangely, they've made Ihe second-least-poor tracks (the space onee) a 'hidden feature'. You gel Infuriating slowing cones all over the track even whan you turn them off.


ATR manages, astonishingly, to be less exciting lhan Overdrive, and Is sn embarrassment alongside Micro Machines and Roadklll.

A stunningly poor game


It Is exactly as dull and '    as - dare I use the

word once more - empty.

upgrade your car) but n the idertical-bul tcr-lhe-numbeiot' players ball's' and league' modes it's a foke.

The idea in a ha mo ot league' game is that you strive to get so tor ahead ol the other player that he disappears oft the ■ stroking and you gel a point (Yup. just tike at Mcio Machines) Unlike that game's slop-slart teef with the match halting as Ihe other player is put back on the track.

ATRs tacos aro continuous, with Ihe haptoss loser leplaccd at real lime jusl * ■ behind the speeding victor (The overai winner Is the player who teaches las point quota and then crosses Ihe hnish hoe lirst) This conlmuous racing is a deuat mprowmenl. exoepi it's not. and it look me barely hnlt-arvhour to tumble the reason why The great Swig about A kero Machines was lhai its big, Inendy courses ottered scope tor improvisation and orally short cuts while keeping enough ol the track on the so eon so the hailing player had a chance lo catch up

ATRs courses delighl at the contusing. Ihe misleading and the ha* pm so trial t you to second, you've had il. Evert though lo your nvnd you re comlortat}  dose to the fender. when he goes round one ol Ihe maiy corners Ihe screen aeroks through the sharp angle with twn and you to chucked oft the screen leclrig Immensely hard done by Then, nsianily. you ve ftckemgly reappeared beside the other player, your lining thrown oil as you're momentarily made lo tokow hts line

rather untortunale it he's gust skidded oil ihe track (In one memorable game I reappeared on lop ol my opponent's car. causng us bcih to crash )

PowTK ups abound on the Hacks but they re redundant Not only do the power ups bounce so you can drive straight through them (there's no erianctol turning back lo ity again obviously) but they re also etrtiiaiy useless Apaii horn Ihe messAo (a single-Jtiol weapon which lues Straight ahead and. cr, doesn t realty do anything when H hits someone) they lake ettoci a ulom.il icafiy as you pick them up - great il there's a turbo-boost usl bo lore a comer

Worst ol all, even wiih all Ihis going on. the game manages to feel empty For Ihe most part you're )usl driving around at a sonsAHe speed (otherwise you crash with Inesome regularity), zooming through slupitfy simiar-looking power ups wilhoul any thought la usmg them slralegtcnSy and sin coming oil at indefensibly slrtcl corners. Some cars go past and oft you go again And when a tussle does occur Ihcro's no sense at victory r shouldering your way pasl your opponents because you know that, thanks lo die loatttsoma design, you'd going to crash or ton youi way or suddenly drive into a wall because (hhtihhkkk) your controls have been reversed.

AS'Termin Racing is rubbish • JONATHAN NASH

Well, it« •    ■

d«Md food Iob tho«« tr»*» srt there to    A



As the scrolling In ATR follows the ca> In Ihe lead, much lun can bo had with Ihe new game Driving The Wrong Way Around The Track. In Ihis exciting new fwlsl on ATR. the leading driver annoy* the other piaycr by lurnlng and zooming off the other way ju*l as hie opponent roaches tbs edgs of the screen. Several time*.    m

Are terrapins retarded Alt typos re-worded Any tea, Reginald No.
















No light, but rather

Runs on: A500. A600,

A1200. CD32 Publisher: ICE Authors: In-house Price: £30 Release: Out now

darkness visible, serv’d only to discover

caued "bonus' grenades eart«r on.    begmrwig

because you coukfn t possibly have    Level one ol Alura s a memory test,

antopated needing mem. and you ve no men. and so insultingly tedious mat idea what sort ol "bonus' the cones are    there's no way I'm prepared to play it long

gomg to gnre you unW you've hit them, so    enough to memorise my way through to

you've got to hit them all it you re to stand the end and see what the following levels a chance Smuiarty, you must be sure to    are like (They're platform shoot- em-ups

pick up every single "bonus" fuel can.    to fudge trom the pictures on the back of

otherwise you* run out of fuel "Bonus" the box) Were you to fork out the speed-up arrows are another    extraordinary £30 being asked

matter, however    lor the game. I think you'd

Sometimes you! drive past one    do the same, and feel

only to Imd a gap scroAng onto    thoroughly npoed off And I

the screen that you re now not    can say this with even

gorna last enough to lump over    greater authority than usual

So w§ n hit me next one to be    because even after we d

on Ac safe sOe and discover    asked them politely several

that it propels you mio a dead-end jHv times. ICE failed to send us a where you <ke    review copy of Akira, and I

and have to was compelled to . go Pack    ' .. " •

sights ofwdb. J

game myself from WlMWV B


16V then    ■ J


Oh all right Given that I waf aired P£3Q I down and the importance ol complete dssemination, I thought I’d better make the effort and find out what the rest ol Akira is like. So I obtained a set of passwords trom a suddenly-more-obliging ICE. Bear in mind, though, that unless you either do the ae me or have the patience ot a gibbon, level one >s all you'll ever see

this is Probably just as


Persevering with ihe scrolling motorbike section leads, as it turns out. to. another scrolling motorola

Jr'-    section This fi much

the same, except u ..rj    you're chased by

E.you a    police cars who kit

Having suspiciously peeled the labels off your Akira disks to find they ve been recycled bom unsold copies of Total Carnage, you'll discover that the game opens with a horizontalty-ecrolling mo torb*a level

You hde along from left to right avoiding obstacles and leaping over gaps in the road. The manual suggests you Hit the canes for points and bonuses' Except they re no) merely "bonuses' at all as you'B rfiscover when you come up against a barrier in the toad which you can i get past because you rkdn't pick up any so

you it they catch up 1 wtti you And they always will catch up with you because they

le. r.«

1 • •.



.• " *.• a








Maun Oar -vj---    ~    by aa mmul

Xck-m dM b«i Should M (a) attempt ta climb over it, ■tain ciniWIr ylkaj kilted by rba dcadhr Man laMiaf fr— ■— - —-wu-* eras, or (b) limply walk around NT

Oddly, (a), «M climb over k Thu it bvcaaM, aNhouyh tkc floor It dravra io three dwacatloat. you can only move in two. Or the ret alwayt    (c) - harlm, year copy ol

Akira lata the path ol a lail moviay vehicle


which work even slightly. OMM

but you'll soon lire ol having

to pump tour or five blasts

Irom your tww laser cannon mlo

the casually-dressed baddies

before they'll slop throwing grenades

And lastty there's the linai showdown with Tetsuo

At no point does Akira even begin to

• • • • •••*11 •


.. ..

imprecisely, without even a approach the quality ol the ongnal film

suggesmn ol inertia     generally agreed by AP to be pretty good.

Running jumps, essential to    if unnecessaniy hard to undersland) The

dear ceilam obstacles are    graphics aren't even remotely stylish or

achieved by first pressing    Japanese looking, with feeble animation

down-and-right to run. and and messy colours The presentation, then somehow switching to involving digitised stills Irom the film is can go tastei thon you. Unless, lhat is.    up-and-righl at ihe appropriate moment to    tairty slick, but serves only to make the

you collect EVERY SINGLE ONE of the    jump It inevitably ends in disaster.    actual game look even more terrible

■bonus" go-taster power-ups. Sigh    Your opponents are lilchy little    And it's incredibly drfficull Being

_ , _ _    _    sprites which take loads ol shots to ki. difficult isn't a bad thing m itself, d course.

NEO-TOKYO    the game havng presumably started out    as long as its    done    properly But Akva is

But then having typed in the nexl    loo easy Either that or they skulk around    more unfair than ditlicutt. with its loads-d-

password. suddenly I longed to be back    on the Door where you can t shod them    shotsto-MI baddres and unaniiapataMe

on that motorbike. For what come next are    because your gun will only fire    dead ends And it doesnI earn your

indeed platioim shooi-'em-up levels bul d horizontally.    respect *1 a way lhat makes you want to

such lamentable quality lhal I. along with    Once the platform levels are out ol persevere with it. like a proper rktficuli

ihe rest of AMIGA POWER, weren I sure    Ihe way (through judoous use a< the    game should.

whether to laugh or cry. In the end they Escape key and some more passwords).    Which is why you won't ever gel past

laughed while I. £30 lighter, elected to cry.    you're into the scrolling shocl- em-up levels    level one

The budget doesn t appear to have    These are perhaps the only bits d Akira    • JONATHAN DAVIES

stretched to a standing si if frame ol animation lor the little bloke you control, so instead one d the running' (or actually, mmang) ones is used, thus virig him a permanent list lo one side Then, when you 16l hun lo imp he floats about in the

lu t t»l«k krthiku MSUa'I «M MiU


UPPERS The chance* ■re you'll never tee moat of It A free T-shirt

® DOWNERS None of Akira * atmosphere A hotch-potch at badly Implemented, hackneyed tub-games. Dodgy graphics. Difficult in entirely unfair ways. Second diak drives flash their lights and make promising dunking noises, but this proves merely to be a cruel charade


Quite how auch a spectacular film haa been turned into auch an utterly wretched game Isn't entirely clear, especially given the    ■    «

supposed Involvement of L -the Hint's production company.    I    V-


The same.






There wat no way we

CD32 were forking out

another £30. so we borrowed The One's CD version. It wts the same.



A will-bHitla j jIauc, no ld«*( * ip«id-ap koo, waII jubbiii, m ifHni a hraka, flippers and show cblm. All lor n« Md ■! cor

e Sister sang

Pinkie!, No! as


l ■ Runs


■ PiMblishor Millennium Authors ntt Williams uata Desiyn 3ysiems>

Pr.o P26 9clv;.- « Oul now.

ixampie ck just not to     _1

s Xlu "w «op‘«s at an, as

happened with Ai m («•***    

too/ uy* and. yes    rW"1 a*

P nine Were we *114*1    8 "

peop.<‘ we could put    M

this down to a    ■

re -to- ht. W

but wo SuHXX* «S

because the oompan ,*s JSBi> •• want tn so" 'i* as w1,    a

v* the* >iuui a» uusmj* MP/,

N i HPVIFWS l MAI AMt AUMKT8 •airttose RIGHT pom! Out TVf

Truth rvi net bun .i game rnM m>'ue •fo mptoreyou foAh* sake ot your s hjI*.


*hoMa then Cursed with the worst •stnnni nautl tineHerd

nv- >us*a •••' attwabout tvvijs hrfwt •    .11 ue e ' WBer'riMdblv

-i ye. e*i v> uorv . od mdeanngfy

•C'oon ab' 'he vtanpx rnimea de*orfi"o. wuv«iW he Aioe


i *»r«tw j.l tow» .!■ >m am.

ta ueing un a rodyu iem it«o Wttnit *sato but has* to " uu* your mi nack tsnuyfllhe Wmti ■ > "vtiapof

nUmetsaod mflan mot* poett bonuses «u maaand ryfcugh oyh iiwaopcBnoe tats **• toe far H

can du ever ymn >y irum jwsn w «xv . A

' 4 toe «ua ■> flnhomdl toe eggs M vou

unjotoeoi m«e hatch wit a    >i«.

tor '*• and lhe way toet wmqT ■ ■>«

ew Pans wryftenp aba (ai a ka •fltaratm pen tom* m> tai tyug

rovarnn m to* port thetempeo

eaau wet tot vxi atnn it mtt»*.i any rewwcv. ■.

■Vto . * nRtonntnrj rtrtn rsn wvn 1'1UV).i /» .-wfxjr . . is.

Similarly, sottwaie publishers don t .    0** straight

--S Recently there s ~ *    p been an a’nrrrmg

tendency wthm to hotel tsrv imaew

me nr onon • tan • toe* of anything ■ i tow »< wtm wto ham irwii.-- ■ h«din wu yn another bakt wogteaauMk * aet ottauttsandaoncf 3toaatoaB»»’ td

m had »(he and to goaoti> *

.•« mtnevie imoiaga leeUe

•■Danse tpane Wm paaaon. the


have to dr

tost pato

.BOUto r your r.v and tmd toe oggs and

p< •nasi. ■ > —*r* f***1 **i—»«..... me

<i>i buy Seim tuopgiari* jun 1 *•’ atto iwrt»»m4a>lPSMas and go to toe

'toll planet Jnrf tfi.lsm ytu i m yuu iktve id uuy .niutoei une ana su yu oack

fiuu.j* «iwn i.n vtini-.ih .    . yrw*

oo i

■taiayie lew to y toy uu ■-*» «»• ggii irmdVA iitkQks n dv iu see ueyonu itvi gndiines ui iftt



There's no A1200-

A1200 spccillc version, but CD32 one Is at large. "Includes full-motion cartoon animation and CD digital soundtrack." It claims rashly on the back ol the bos. Our sinister agents seek It AS WE SPEAK


F ,

ZmCSmbwSI i

1 ... i i



Blue is the colour. Football Is the game.

Run. on: CD32, A1200 Publisher: Audiogenic Authors:

Pries: £30 R.l.a..: Out now

Serendipity. The faculty ol

making fortunate dlacoverles by accident. That's what I've got this month. Uke finding out that I've got more money In Ihe bank than I thought by pressing the wrong button on the cash dispensing machine. And then discovering a

record I d been unable to find for ages Hied In the wrong rack In the record shop while I was looking tor something completely different. And like being the only person In the office when Audiogenic phoned up and started talking about their new footy manny aim and therefore being the one they sent It to and the one who got to review It. It's been a good month.

So why am I so pleased with Super League Afanager After all. an the face of It SLM Is a very ordinary looking footy manny game. I mean for goodness' sake, there’s a desk from

where all the decisions are made which has every bog standard option going. See for yourself In the big bos. But what makes SLM so splendid are two great features that you'll find In very few other footy manny games.


SLM Is set In an Imaginary world. You start life managing Folkford United, a team struggling so desperately in division lour of the Audiogenic Super League that they would have been relegated Into the Coldwell Freezers League at the end of laat season had It not been for Ihe bankruptcy of Polkrlngton Stanley. You're a player yourself, and a good one too - at least you were until a cruel Injury cut short



CALINDAS Cllckl.f ea tfcn kuacti a day. Va« play a add .vary Sana day.

mu SLOCK «i... yen the opdoat icraa. letilas ya. lara Mm awtal walk off (ebatn).


TtAM SMUTS Fraa ban yea CJ. u< aK year ptay.n, pat Mia aa the Matter IP, amayi their traialay KhcP.les and chairs, tb.fr I very Friday ya. caa ulrct year teai

WHO'S WMOfflANSIII HU A coapiet. lilt at ...rybady aad every Seam la the taper luyrn Vae caa fat year tcaal la watch ■eaatt ar ladhddaal pltytrt aad taaha appreecMet la daba trie bare.

IN TKAY laa wall, bate sail aad ieb rejecMaat fraa other debt. They all iMd ia

NIWSMeia Fall Mich report!, lease. potMaat, itaMbn vacaal. wd latya Masbet' (as, rally) newt raaaS-ap. A vital tael

A ,, J- 'U"    *


The Hrat and



Thera will aoon be an t S 00 A500 veraion lhal will work with Emlyn Hughe* International Soccer In a bizarre aymblotlc lashlon. Expect a lull report next month.

control only cornea up every couple ol houra of playing, there's not much chance that you'll gel to be much good at It. Not unleaa you've got a copy ol Wembley International Soccer already, that la.

Its atlll a welcome addition though, particularly if viewed aa the slightly superfluous Icing to an already fruity cake.

Soccer League Manager la fantastic fun. Playing thla you'll enter Info a little fantasy world ot your own and only be dragged out by the cruel necesalties of the physical body. Buy It and en oy.


A make-believe world that lets your imagination do the work. The game la Intellectually challenging and very deep. The atmosphere la perfectly maintained right down to the amalleat details.

It can seem

a little daunting at first.

Setting up training schedules every week can become tiresome and you don't get enough chances to play Wembley International Soccer. There ought to be an option that lets you play a weekly practice match.

A great game that dares to be different. I'd grown tired Of Ordinary football management games, and was so delighted to find one that so fully rekindled my    

enthusiasm that I've    -

ottered to do tips pages on It next month.    *




selecting the training can sometimes be a bit tedious.

especially on the CD32 veraion where you have to waggle your joypad all over the place, but the rewards to be gained are Immense. If you're getting things disastrously wrong your trainer and the chairman will let you know, and as soon as you start to get things right the results will speak for themselves.


So you've picked your team and they've spent a week training hard and It's finally match day. What happens next Well, In common with most footy manny aims the actual match day is a bit dull. Pictures ot cheering Ians when you score a goal, teleprinters tapping out Ihe results - you know the kind of stuff. But. BUT. BUT SLU has

something else as well.

Every week there's a match of Ihe day' ('Week', surety. - Ed) which you can choose to watch. Every five or so games you're one of the teams featured and you're given the opportunity to play the game yourself. Whether you watch or play, you're using Ihe game engine from Wembley International Soccer which scored a very respectable 85% when Conniving Scots Blackleg Steve McGill reviewed It In AP39. So In some respects you're getting two games here for Ihe price of one. Unfortunately this Is the one area In which this otherwise excellent game has a small problem. There's no option to practice the actual playing side ot the game, and as a

your career and forced you inlo management.

Vou've been hired by straight-talking and tight-fisted chairman Les You can call me Les" Wilkinson to restore the club a good fortune.

What thla means Is that there are no Ryan Giggses, or Andy Coles or anybody even remotely familiar playing In any ol the 32 teams that comprise Ihe four divisions of the Audiogenic Super League. Now. while this seems a bit daunting at first and requires more effort from you when playing the game to try to find out who your players are and what they're good at. let alone the hundreds of others, it is much more rewarding in Ihe long tun. You're not burdened by preconceptions and. providing you've got a healthy Imagination, you'll gel a lot more out of the game because ol it.


The other startlingly good feature Is that there are minimal player statistics. Football Is not sn exsct science where each player can be broken down inlo a reliable set of numbers describing their skill, strength, leadership and aggression and. unlike nearly every other looty manny game. SLU makes no attempt to do this.

Vou are given indicators as la what your players are like and you must use your judgement to decide how much weigh! you give to them.

'    how much a    !■

player's worth. This gives you s good starting point for gauging fhelr skill. Then before each malch. when you're picking the teams, your trainer rates each players fitness, enthusiasm and performance aa one of three things: declining, static or Improving: although this may have aa much to do with the training regime you're using as anything else (see below). And after each game every player Is given a mark out of 10 by a sports journalist from The Gazette, giving you a clear Indication of how well they're playing.

Thla Imprecision Is again hard to get used lo Initially - you just don't know who lo pick. But as lime goes by and you atari to get to know your players It becomes apparent who's happy playing In what position, which players are right lor you and which ones ust don't fit In to your style of playing.


The key lo success in SLM is training. You have to choose the right routines tor the right players. Every Monday morning you have to choose from a range of options the extra training that each player will do that week. The actual process of

' Initially most Impressive indicator is


® UPPERS Combined

mighty being cogitation lad to, "Tha preview captloni were quite tunny,"


controls ere horrible, using 'up' to lire and flra-»laft/rlght to cycle through the colours, so moving diagonally (as you do almost Inevitably) means you lire the wrong colour. The basic Idea Is Hawed: there's no facility lor planning ahead, you're just shooting down a row at a lime. lt‘s repetitive, It's unlnvolvlng, It's extremely dull even with two players AND IT DOESN'T RECOGNISE A SECOND DRIVE


Calling Vital Light a puzzle game Is a He. and as a shoot- em-    _

up It's axcramentally bad. *1 V — Vital Light Is awful and Millennium must surely I Is know that.

Lightlcertainly. But vital Certainly not


Runs ALvOO. A600.

A12QO 1

PublUtibr: Millennium jkithortt Eteclo Caos

iS&Ou. now

room to manoeuvre    l    M

Complete etghi levels lor a 1 password, and complete tifleen levels to move to I he next stage


Vital Light is extremely borxig Blocks tall, you count how many «i green ones there    ■

arc as opposed to    ,

red ones (say), you • • -S select Horn your limte supply ol green or red    

appropriately and you shoot them The only possible trick comes with being able to / turn blocks any colour, so it you

couldn't be    SW*"

bothered reaching    I

blue (or whaleverl    CT

you could turn the    V*

entire row yellow Ol course, you d Ihen    *1' »

quickly run out o( yellow V *. and be scuppered So all you do is lemember lo use ihe 'correct' colour, as having more such blocks than you had ammunition to paint would dearly be impossible There s an attempt lo complicate matters by having two shades ol each colour (a hit cycles Irom light lo dark and b.ick again) but it lust means more shooting Power-ups do things like freeze the blocks some blocks have to be made speed* cotouis. some rows tal taster than others and obstacles appear occasionally lo gel n your way or knock out your gun. but Vital Light is still a game ol sitting there and shooting things wdh coloured beams It's only when lots ol small blocks tall or a taster low brings down a wedge ol blocks that things change, but even these moments are

\only mindlessly panicky and irksome rather than exciting The computer \ opponents are a (Oke - there's an PS 1 option lo meet' them but this I    involves merely watching

/ _ while they rattle call a leebie cross-talk routine (lalher than lor    —

There are moments that make aorking with computer games worthwhile Moments such as the arrival ol Gu.mk.in. tor example urmumpetod and tantastically good (and rncidentaly. with keyboard control on the A1200 version * you select tv roypad option and use the arrow keys fchceis Mr Programmer: no cheers Mr  nsH actons) or being asked what's wrong [with a game and having those cnticisms tided upon, or being introduced to Knights Of the Sky. or being sent Its a Skull (the Valh.iH.1 Remix), or tmdmg a photograph ol Louise Brooks in the pile ol largely lernbic magazines we keep being sent or Bulling on a Grjniy Force 2 power swoop Bom the top ol the level to hit the other Wvip three-quarters ol the w.iy down and hummel hm into submission betoie he Iquae realises whal's gong on

And Ihen there aie moments like the arrival ol Vital Light Why have Millennium released Vital Light0 Five minutes into playing ttvs game I knew, to the marrow ol the bones at my soul, that it was wholly, hopelessly fundamentally, irredeemably terrible, and I refuse to believe the company s pUytesters could have missed that and still have been able lo look each other m the eye

The game is a wannabe puzzler where rows ol coloured blocks tail and where you. with the aid ol a KAiting disc Imng coloured beams, have to turn al the blocks in the row the same colour so the row disappears betoie crashing down on a nckolty barrier Complete a level and Ihe Lht''«.'i moves up a notch so you've less

example    ,    *    TO

being    <•%,

able to    -—

chalenge ,i ditteient one or betting that

you It wm the next match, or something), and they don I appear in the game itseit (They re supposedly the people dropping the blocks ) Even the two-player mode is pitifully dull you pkly exactly the S.WV game but split the playield down the mtddk’ in co operative mode, or bang into your opponent to put oft his aim in combative mode And. as a shiny cherry lor the game s unpleasant sundae the blocks m a level till m patterns so it you lose the first time round, you know what to expect in the rematch Vital Light is ciap • JONATHAN NASH


At with Mr Blobby. the

A1200 back at tha shoddy

paster discloses the existence ol s special A120C version tor only CIO more. Good lord.


< r—


—*—*- ■* A-

r\ -3 » \»


This game off your shopping list.

youi cr.vn suis .liter every competitive maich to see Ikav youic doing And Hut’s only the boginnxig

Bui to sLul with you'll probably want to sk*) all that and gal out onto the alloy. And it you're anywhere near as cynical as me. you’ll be wondering just exactly what can be done with len pm bonding lo lum X into an enteriaxiing computer game I’ve played a tew PD versions, and they're okay X a bit dull And although Team 17 have done then best with me presentation and look and sotnd ol the game. 1 Still can’t imagine fighting tor possession oi * when there s nothing much to do on a Friday afternoon

The isn’t because the game s awtul. or bugged, or doesn't work property It's because you throw a ball down the lane, having selecting the weight, power and direction, and then pul a bX ol spin an X using allertouch And you see what happens Which is hne loi a while, but betore loo long you've Inod at the possXXkties and you're starting to get bored. The tedium is worsened by the way the compuiar-conliotad player wvt almost always select the same weight ot bal and throw it m exactly the same direebon And he lends to score a sinks i almost every time, which, as we* as bemg boring ta realty annoying


The saving (quite literally) grace ol the game Is the way you can create players and back up thoir stats, so that you can take some sort ol career lor yoursel (I’m on a 166 average alter lour games with 12 strives to my name) And it you can gel three or lour tnends to visit you regularly and set up a Kite league, then you rtvght oven get some

Runs on: All Amigas Publisher: loam 17 Authors: In house Price: t'13 Release: Out now

i vo boon ikiting about wnth this lor <tivs I o.iMiig It lot a bit and Ihen coming Kick, and even going so (at .is to sol up my own player, play a tow wines .md lata a peek al my sLiitsiics You ee. the lust thing you notice about kingpin is presentation

its >>Kh'u*Itom the title screen ihal wo re dealing wilt a len-pn bowling sun. txil as soon is the maxi menu pops up vou re howled - yes - over by the number ol opiums


Do you wan! to play a quck game Or a

whole .tries How about the Arcade

Spams Challenge Or X you're more

seiiuus than that, what about creating a

lew i' oyer* And as I've already

ni> t atad. you can keep

rivi long out    ——1

® UPPERS Practically

everything you could think of hat been ahoved In. There'! load* ol apeech and real' bowling alley aamples. There a the chance lo create players and then save their statistic*. And It's only CIS.

out ol X.

ll's laudable that the

game e being released lor only CI3, and Ihal Team 17 have dearly tried to pul everything I hey poesXXy could mto it, inducing some amusing speech But the overriding sense ol dullness never goes away. And in all Hie time I've been playing it. it's always been a case of "Oh well, noihng belter to da I'd probably better have another crack at Kjngpirf. rather than 'Hooray, now I've linohed that I've just lane lor a quick go on tongpn' You could argue that's got more to do with AMIGA POWER'S vast and mighty kbrary ol aRemalrve games But. of course, you'd be wrong



computer len-pln bowling simulations have been done before. And they've all euffered from I he tame thing: tedium The game always plays the tame way. unless you doe* your eyes or something, and the computer opponents always know where to put the ball and how hard to throw It

r "Oh well, > nothing better to do" I


This overall score may seem a bit harsh, especially when you take Into account all the extra leature* that have been Included. But Kingpin Is only tun lor a short    m n

while, betore becoming n T ” Increasingly repetitive    m —

and tedious    Iff 2

a BAA Slightly duller graphics 3VV and sound are the only thing* that non-AGA machines will (utter from. But they don't make that much ol a difference.

Blueprint for a brighter future Phase 1: Artist's Impression

Curiously, the development of a new video games machine is initiated not in die laboratory, nor even in the boardroom, but or the artist's drawing board. The artist, that is, ot one ot the world's leading games magazines, which, stuck lor a new version ol Street Fighter 2 to write about this month, decides to fii space with a earelully-blurred speculative sketch. This is generaty light-blue or siher. or. it the currant vogue is lor ight-bfue or silver games machines, black. Any suggestion ot what might lurk inside its smooth contours Is avoided because IT DOES NOT MATTER

Blueprint for a brighter future Phase 2: Impressive Statement

After glancing at the protit graph edging its way towards the sterling board behind him, the managing d red or ot the company concerned w l emerge with a Itsi ol 'recently declassified- specifications (usually arrived al by hastily doubling al the figures on hts nearest rival's latest spec sheet and stainng them with cold lea] CO access rates, running speeds, memory and some sort ot speoaT chip alowing the machine to do special things are al discussed The fad that al this is intikety to bear any rotation to any video games machine which may eventuafy appear IS IRRELEVANT.

Blueprint far a brighter future Phase 3: Media Hype

The timing ot Phase 2 means that magazines are forced to run another story, reprinting the artist's impression alongside the kst ol incomprehensible technical specs. Armed with lads, official confirmation AND an Increasingly overused picture, TV programmes run briet news pieces. The magazines get exerted about the TV coverage and run a further three months ot stories Feeding off itsetl like a pack ol hungry rippy fish, the media wtvrlwind leaves the public in no doubt that this wtl be THE BEST GAMES SYSTEM YET


Spring ’95

it now appears that last month's 16-page cover lealuro and pullout supplement may have contained some material inaccuracies The new machine is in tact called the UPUOB Kyushi LM47B CariFun. and although the version on display was a mockup made Irom egg boxes and marzipan exaled press photographers pushed, jostled, and in many cases stabbed then way to vantage points

So we were clearly wrong about the 3DGOONBUYONE. the PlayStation the JaguAr and pretty much everything in the previous 15 issues THIS is the console to buy. end all the others are crap ['sub check this please'] The luiure Is almost here

UPUOB Kyushi LM47B

CariFun tech specs

Gex Dimensions:    lfeSmm x 257mm

x 137mm

Disc capacity:

12 45 gillcns (imcl

Numerical Aperture:


100m Hurdles:

13 7 seconds

Enor Correction:

CAflK secofliw


3 7 tx/loom

The very latest news from across the entire world of videogaming features a shock announcement in Las Vegas Verge was there

The UPLfOB Kyushi LM47B la tha hit ol lha 3-day Okinawa Supflr-Kirl fair. With tflituro mapping like Ihla, who caroa

Blueprint for ■ brighter future No 4: Machine Prototype

It's smooth t’s stylish, its official and fs qute clearly made o< balsa wood It s the excrtng mock-up ol (he new machine, and it locks ircam*y like the ongral artist's impression Shock 'news' surroundng the unveAng ol the model comes in one ot two versions:

1 We said S was going to be a CD machine, but it takes carts 2. We sad * was going to be a cad machete, bul t takes CDs PUNTERS AROUND THE WORLO SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST WITH ANTICIPATION

Blueprint for e brighter future No 5: Japenese People Queuing

Japanese people love the tales! technology so much lhat every year they all throw away their electric toothbrushes and trtdges so I hoy can buy new ones. They kwe lo queue up In an orderly manner loo. so you can imagine their dekghl when they leam ol the release ol Ihe tales) piece ol drooisome gamefodder. Pictures ol thousands oI Japenese people queuing outsrfe a department store ell night are an ESSENTIAL AND FREQUENTLY OVERLOOKED ASPECT OF THE FUTURE OF VIDEO GAMES.

Blueprint for a brighter future No 6: The Official Launch

Approximately two years taler, following postponements due lo "product shortages' and "thousands ol ihe last bloody machine we stil cant gat nd ol Sony where were you cabng Irom again", a ship docks at Liverpool containing a large quantity ol unsold consoles wrth "PAL" written on them in lelt-tip and solder oozing Irom ihe back This constitutes the Official European Launch Sacfy. nobody notices, as Japanese mags have recently canted blurry pictures ol a black, angularly-shaped new games console .


New games! Bigger! Faster! More! “What’s going on ” ask Richard Teideman from Bromley and Marie Arymar from Bournemouth, prompting the AP Perception Periscope to rise trom beneath ihe waves. Witness streams of silvery air bubbles streaking through the Sea of Knowledge as AMIGA POWER submersibly despatches a further barrage of TruthTorpedoes.

SO - what’s al this mystery and exoiemenl

surrounding the future ol videogaming then

Are we destined to become caught in an eternal stream ot add-ons. upgrades and shiny new machnes Can Capcom possibly squeeze out yet another version of Street Fighter 2 to accompany the

After AP46’s MultiMedia guide, you’re probably asking, “What excitement does the future of video games hold, then ” Admire our diligence in answering that question.

latest Sony PlayThing or Panasorsc 3D-NO-ITS-NOT-SELLING, or will there come a point where the buying public says 'Oil Capcomt No!'

The tutors ol video games otters a dazzlrg and bewitdenng array ol new machines and incomprehensible technical specifications, but what does it actually otter the punier on the street Ingest the bitter pills ol two rarkealy opposing viewpoints so that you may make up your own mind. Truly knowledge IS power

One view is to beteve that the Next Bq Thing in the game world is the only thing that you (the pubic) and us (the game journos) ever think about Accorrtng to this theory were driven by a desire to know when the newest, most powerful game machine EVER will hit the slreel and how much it wil cost. This is the theory that corporators foaled by GREED and PROFIT actively promote in glossy advertising, and therefore is the more martslream viewpoint The other theory is that the current wave ol interest

in games that started with Sonc has ended with Doom, that (he computer game wars have been (ought through the '90s and that Ihe PC has won hands down. This is a scary notion to the thousands ol people who write, market or review games lor a Irving, so Ihe theory claims they've conspired to contrive a false reality where the Next Big Thing is (ust around the comer in the vain hope ol retaining the massive interest level ot 1991. And. ot course, their jobs. Their main hope is sipposedy that the public will splash out hundreds ol pounds on a string ol Impressive bul poorly supported machines that are destined lor obscurity while magazine publishers hang numerous short-runneig titles otl the firework-briel interest In this conveyor belt ol faifores. This is a viewport not particularly favoured by the corporations fuelled by GREED and PROFIT, and it s entirety possible that by DISSEMINATING THIS ESSENTIAL INFORMATION WE HAVE FORFEITED OUR LIVES


Perhaps the future ol video gaming le an odd thing to ba worried about. Perhapa you could take time out from pondering which version ot Street Fighter 2 will arrive with the next super console and take ■ look at the future of other, more pressing, more Important latuea.


(“Ceke" - Ed) or (-Epilepsy’ - Ed) - which ol thasa two sod drink giants will ultimately gain global •upremacy With brandname bottled water featuring so prominently In Gulf War TV coverage, will these twin Kings ol Caries slep up the odds from setling lire to the occasional Ingenuous pop star's head to an all-out armed conflict, conducted In the Third World ol course, giving Ihe world a true taste at the Real Thing



With the advance of the Global Village, Ihe Inlaraat (see AP41). fast food and e-mail, we'ra all gsttlng used to the Idea o< everything happening Instantty.

In this modem world, aren't time zones a bit out dated Shouldn't we have (he same time everywhere to avoid Internal misunderstandings, business confusion and Jet-lag And shouldn't wo base It on Greenwich Mein Time so that we're not Ihe onee who have to get up In the middle ol the night to go to work


Maybe we could have more and more features as the number al games decreases. And maybe we could start dropping the occasional comment about

w i    J r .    «11     y x 7 xi,

how PCs aren'l actually that bad, sad that what the market really needs Is a mag Just like AP, only for PCs. Yes, that might work.


In the lete 80s, the charts wars lull ol '50a music. In the early '90s, the charts were full of 70s music,

■nd now we heer that 95 la sat to be the year of tha 'Ms revival. Charting this exponential advance, we've calculated lhat by 19th Auguel this year, the two pop time line* will converge, and groups such ■a Eternal and Boyzone will be doing noetalglc covers of Oasis and Take That songs lhat are still In the charts.


Er... (That’s enough about the future of things. - Ed)





Eating death Biting the dust Receiving it rather sharply in the groin of failure Don’t fret. AMIGA POWER is here to help you kick ass, show them who’s boss, surf the waves of victory and patrol the highway of success. High on tips, low on jokes: Rich Pelley.


Tile cheat. from Martin Lewis of Darlington, gives you access to every spell and level Start as normal press Dawn and Pause, release Down keeping Pause pressed and press Right.

Right. Righi, Left, Left. Left.

Right, Right. Left, Left. Right and Left. And that, accenting to Marlin, ought to do the trick. Andrew Brice ci Purtxook. on the other hand, supplies some selective hints and feM.

Mix up spalls as follows:

•    Qulckgrow: Leal, feather. Silver ring

•    Spirit Bomb: Feather, gold ring, leal

•    Lightning: Two diamond nngs, feather

•    Dust Devil: Leal, silver ring, Feather

•    Demon: Gold ring, mmor, neddace

•    Shrink: Mirror, necklace, amulet

•    Ghost: Skull, tooth, magic root

•    Platform: Feather, tiger aye. feather

Look out for extra lives on the first level:

•    By ignoring the springy leaf, walking through the tree and jumping quickly on and off i he platform

•    By bouncing on an enemy's head to reach the platform just alter the springy leaf

•    By taking the first two leaves following

the stalk and jumping left.

And take out the end of level baddies thus:

•    The Hairy guy with stills: Run beneath him as he jumps, walk with him, pick up the bauldei when possible. ump as he turns at the bridge, climb the platform and throw the boulder.

•    Walking machine: Walk to the far nghl, lake a boulder, bounce on the spring and aim ihe rock at the drivers.

•    Ape: Move into the gap which opens, wait lor ihe apples 10 tall and throw Ihe bright red one.

•    Spirit: Avoid his hands as he daps, and use the smoke douds to squash him on the head.

•    Wamwrighi: When the fireballs stop, attack When he morphs into a dragon chuck Ihe creatures he spews back at his cranium


Cannon Fodder 2 ......52. 56-61 Powordrlvt .... , , , .52

Fllnk CD32 ..52    Premier    Manager 3    . ,52

The Lest Reeorl ..... ,62-63    Roadklll 53

The Lion Ring ......53    Shadow    Fighter     .. .54-57

Marvin‘a Marvalloue Adventure 53    SWOS ..S3

Mortal Kambat 2 ....53


So says Chris Dodd of Reading.

‘Here are the official cheat phone numbers: Go to the telephone and dick on the numbers with mouse.

400040 - Gives players high fitness and morale and both feet. Anyone you couldn't sell you will now be able to. The diredor's debt will be deared, as will the number of voles ol confidence.

Insurance will also be boosted

343343 - Gives you an extra £300.000, and can be used as often as you like.

1)    Always start oft with Halifax Town as they have the best strikers

2)    Always pul your striker In number nine.

3)    Set defensive players to long shooting

4)    Set midfielders to long shooting.

5)    Set sinkers on medium shooting, expect for player number nine who should be on short range.

6)    Never sell youth learn players

7)    Ensure that ai players have at least tour matches lined up by the end of the season. Including any youth team players They will improve more.

8)    Set defence passing to 70%.

9)    Set mid-field passing to €0%.

10)    Set attack to 75%.

11)    Hire the best staff you can afford.

12)    Buy players through the phone as the enables you to find out about conirad payers and therefore save money.

13)    Always keep your players ki training

14)    Always keep morale at seven or more.

15)    Use player loans as often as possible

16)    For the Conference you must have:

•    Ground safety - two stars

•    Ground tacirty - basic

•    Gym - None

•    Ground rating - 40%

•    League seat pnee - £5

•    League terrace - £3

•    Cup seat - £8

•    Cup terrace - £5

•    OverdraMoan - £250 000*50 000

17)    For the Third Division you must have:

•    Ground safety - two stars

•    Ground tadty - Average

•    Gym - Basic

•    Ground rating - 50%

•    League seal price - £8

•    League terrace - £5

•    Cup seat-£12

•    Cup terrace - £8

•    OverdraMoan - £750 000*10 000

18)    For the Second Division you must have:

•    Ground safety - three stars

•    Ground tacfity - Good

•    Gym - basic

•    Ground rating - 60%

•    League seat price - £12

•    League terrace - £6

•    Cup seat-£18

•    Cup terrace - £9

•    OverdraMoan £2 000 000*200 000

19)    For the first division you must have

•    Ground safety - lour stars

•    Ground faolty - Excellent

•    Gym - Average

•    Ground rating - 70%

•    League seat price - £14

•    League terrace - £8

•    Cup seal-£21

•    Cup terrace - £12

•    OverdraMoan - £5 000 000*500 000

20)    For the Premier League you must have:

•    Ground safety - lour stars

•    Ground facility - Excellent

•    Gym - Average

•    Ground rating - 80%

•    League seat price - £16

•    Cup seat - £24

•    OverdraMoan - £8 000 000*750 000

> 'J V7iiLUil 7 J

(US Gold)

Some more codes, tram aptty-named Tony Friend o< Didcol.

Stage two (with $ 17.809) -

D2PB2LXFQBBB2GU4XMHN Stage five (with $ 28,262) -CUBUCXFQBBCLG2XXMHX Stage six (with $ 52,951)-BUPBOFFFOBBOWWVQXMHM Stage seven (with $ 68,504) -BQDUJB2VQBBFLNCHXMHR

BUULCBMMBB81 UDlXMHE Stage thrae (with $ 32,733) -CBGBSFM8MBBCWS03XMH5 Stage four (with $ 18,243) -

Stage elghl (with S26.009) -CGCBNGBV38BCJBOSXMHJ Stage nine (with S35.175) -B2DULB5F36BCZD7TX MHJ

i r j r i r j J S    i-j_ —i


Here Is a small cheat, from David Williamson ol Ely. which works in both Cannon Fodder games. Firstly, you must harve tour men. Highlight one man and send him out with lour grenades and two rockets. (If he gets killed, then send another out armed in the same way) Around the weapon cone you should notice a box with black and yellow squares Click on the rockets and grenades and the flaehrig outer box should disappear Click on the regimental logo above to split the group and. hey presto, both groups will now have four grenades and two rockets when they should only have two grenades and one racket each. This works on all levels, but is more effective when you have four men with rockets and grenades And. note that the original JOOLSRIP cheat works on the follow-up too




Yel more codes, from Alexi Tzitzas end Trevry Myers oi Cheshire Level three - HQPOONFGJT

Level tour - PQPOPPMCRJ You may also like lo try pausing and keeping your finger on fire, tor some reason It says here

j'jlAil'JtiVJ Ad VA'ii1 \JjlA


So writes Jagjrt Singh ol Bristol:

•    Prldelands: There is a circle ol life and a one-up to the tar right Jump onto and over the ledge guarded by the two lizards.

•    Elephants' Graveyard: A drde ol lite

resigns in Ihe lop part ol the level under and to the left ol the stretched elephant's hide Jump Inom the big sloping bone and tall hack inwards. There is another one-up lo the left of some small ledges leading upwards. And also roll beneath Ihe wall to the left ol Ihe ledge tilled with porcupines

• Be Prepared: To the base and left of one ol the big diHs lies a circle ol light, a one-up and a blue beeiie. At the end ol the level, there is no need lo dodge ihe rocks. By jumping as lar as you can from the ledge without tailing, you should be able lo stand in a spot invulnerable trom the rocks.

(21st Century Entertainment)

Codes. Irom Stephen Jumping Jacques ol


Level one - HEART OF GLASS

Level two - BIG BANG SYSEX

Level three - DOING THE DO

Level four - ZERO PLUS ONE

Level five - SPIKKELS

Level six - MOTORCYCLE

u\OA j'A.'j



You may recognise this cheat Irom ihe previous Mortal Kombal, because apparently 11 you lype Ihe letters ol Ihe alphabet Irom A to U (in order) an the option screen (as recommended by David Gotfin ol Cleveland), or all the letters Irom

Level seven - TWIN PEAKS Level eight - SO ALIVE Level nre - FALLING Level ten - APHEX TWIN Level eleven - ELASTICA Level twelve - MAX GOLDT

Also, the cheat mode lo skip levels is OSTERWALD. Now press HELP or the yellow button on Ihe C032 lo skip.

Raingham). you will be presented with a whole new cheat screen. But it Ihe notanety of the cheats fcx Ihe original Mortal Kombal are anything to go by. we wouldn’i hold our breath it we were you.

solutions and cheats with the maximum haste possible to: Complete Control, AMIGA POWER,

30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.

You'll always got our thanks and sometimes a price too.



Spinning Roundhouse - 0 Flying Kick - G Double Drop Heel Kick - J

Unable to tease the ‘special moves’ from the characters in the Beat-’em-Up Of Champions despite their being simple variations on swirling the joypad and pressing fire

Then call for Paul


Much cl Shadow FighteS s fun lies in learning how to access ihe special moves lor each character So H you've any sense at all, you'll completely ignore the pages which follow and play the game property Go on - go away. Shoo.

Sell here Tsk In tact, the game only requires you to master a limned number ot joystick-waggling manoeuvres, a selection of which are then applied lo each character. We've given each manoeuvre a letter lor convenience, because we re like that:


Jumping B-ball -C Spinning Fire Kick - H Speed Attack - G Spinning Fire Basketball - D Head Spring Kick - B

Jumping B-ball -C Spinning Fire Kick - H Speed Attack - G Spinning Fire B-ball - I) Head Spring Kick - B



Forward. Down/Forward.

Down 4 Fire


Backward. Down/Forward.

Down 4 Fire


Down. Down/Forward.

Forward 4 Fire


Down. Oown/Back. Back 4 Fire



Down. Down/Back. Back 4 Fire


Rapid Fire


Back. Forward 4 Fire


Oown Up 4 Fire


Jump. Down/Back 4 Fire


Up. Back 4 Fire


Electric Body - F Power Launch -C Earth Power Energy - E

Electric Boomerang - D Double Kick - H Spinning Jump - G


Gun Fire - 0 Power Fill - C Earthquake Flit - A


Kulo Kick - A Fait Punch - F Flying Power Kick - G

Kulo Fireball - D


Sinister Genie Hurricane - D Mystery Fire -C Teleport - E Magic Carpel - A


Power Smash Flit - 0 Body Drop - C Rock Roll - G Spinning Fire Hand - E


Burning Uppercut-A Spinning Fire - E Flame Kick - B Massive Uppercut - H





Fire Handspring - H Fist ol Felling Sun - C Fire Fill - 0 Fury Kick - F Felling Nunchaku - A


Fire Hands - A Cutting Claw* -C Bolling Claw Slash - G Tiger Pounce Attack - D Falling Angel -1


Fast Fire Somersault - 0 Spinning Kick - A Power Combination - E Speed Elbow Smash - G Hangman a Uppercut - H


Electric Speed - E Spirit Power - 0 Electric Splash - J (on the A1200 version, try - I) Spinning Arms - G


Electric Sword - F Spinning Blade-C Thunder Power - J (on the AI200 version, try - E) Steal Sword - A Teleport - A

This ter rear firth


Fireball - D Speed Dragon - E Dragon Uppercut - H Dragon Kick - C Circle ol Fire - A


Liquid Sliver Attack - □ Melting Body - E


Flame breath - A Teleport - B Fireball - D Speed blue - E Flame kick - F Flame dive - G Flame uppercut - H




Bowling Ball - D Buzzing Saw - E Electric Fence - A Flame Thrower - F Jack-in-box Punch - B Head Bomb - G




•    To play the game aa the macabre Pupazz. type PARAP0N2IP0P0 on the option* tcreen and away you go.

•    It the Shadow Fighter lx more your thang, typing MBARIVIDISOCCAFFARIMBARt on

the optlont screen It going to    -—

bring your wlldeit dreams to Hte. I

•    For those ol you who want to \ cheal in the more traditional tense (In which cate, a curse

upon you), there are a couple of \ *    ®

more codes for you to enter. On

the optlont screen (becoming    \    «

predictable this Isn't 117),

entering TERAKAKKU will give

you unlimited credits. Useful It    \

there's a character you can't get \    —

past. And If you still can't manage, type EBBRAVOSCECCU ("Scum" In Italian. - Ed) at the start ol each round and your opponent will lose all their energy.    -i

lip H P**    \



Phase 1

The first foray info the mem itreeie of Chicago le a lot eaiiar than It looks. Although there're loads of doors, tha bad guys only coma out of ■ taw ol them (1). so pick up tha extra rockets (2). look out for tha enemy sniper (3) and just tramp up and down aach street. Simple.

Phase 2

There's jual a couple of doors to knock out (1) on this level. The main obstacle la the two jeeps (2). H you stay off lha road and hide round the comer of buildings when they rush towards you. It's really easy to blow them up. Mean streets Wusa afreets more like. Congrats, you’ve got another IS recruits.

Another month,


another selection of CF2 levels.

They start not, as Cam predicted last month, with the nasty purple ones with blobs as enemies, but with the rather natty and cool Chicago gangster settings. With a hey and a ho and a fully automatic firearm, let’s get those boots a-walking.

Phase J

4V -




Phase 1

Minion 14 starts with one of those famous panic openings, as you've got to blast the two guys In the compound with you. Go to the front of the compound and grenade the door (1). H you time it right so that there's a car to the left of the door, you can take out ore of the speeding cars with the door as It flies off.

Get In the helicopter and lard It on the sniper

(2) , squashing him under your skids, then land at

(3)    to shoot the sniper at (4). If you leave the helicopter where It Is, it'll probably get bombed, so move It to (4) and then go down the ladder and use up all your ammo on the doors (5). Leave one man al (4) and taka the other man in the chopper over to the roof to get the grenades (6). Watch out tar soldien In the street below, because due lo the odd perspective effect of Cannon Fodder, they'll be able to shoot at you even though In reality they wouldn't be able lo see you. Land in the courtyard (7). You'll have to be quick and accurate hare as you have to run up to the sniper and shoot him without hitting the explosives.

Once you've got all the bombs, pick up the other guy and work your way round the remaining doors (8). making sure the door files off each one lo show It's been destroyed. Hitting the two speeding cars Is a bit tricky, but if you stand well back from Ihe road to avoid their indiscriminate fire and aim ahead of each vehicle, you'll eventually be able to rocket them.

Phase 2

Another last atari, and If the helicopter gets In the air. press ESC and try again. Click directly on the rockets (1), ahoot the soldiers to the left, and the moment you've picked up the rockets, grenade the chopper. Extra grenades are up at (2) and out of all the doors on the map. you only have to taka out a few (3) la stop the troops coming out.

Phase 3

The main problems you've got with this one are eeps, but you can use their tendency to make a beeline for you to your advantage. All you have to do Is make sure there's some scenery between you and them, and you can grenade them as they bash up against it like hies against a window. Take out the first eep (1) and then climb the ladder to

get the rockets (2). Charge the two snipers (3) and again be thwarted by the curious perspective, because even though you should be able to drop grenades on the door (4) and two jeeps (5) directly ’below’ you, they're actually too far away. Bah.

Head back down Ihe far ladder and destoy the Jeeps (6) before finishing off the door and eeps (4,5) with rockets. If you get both jeeps with one shot, then kudos to you.

Phase 4

You need both men to finish this mission, so If one gets killed, press ESC and try again. The idea's to get a man on each of the two pressure pads (t) so that the lIFO'll turn up. >













Ptiase 4

Phase 2

Throw a grenade over the bolding to deitroy the door and then charge the anlper (1). To the right of Ihe anlper you'll see one of those crap dariek things (2). which II almost certainly blow Itself up If you aland on the far aide ol the building.

Head down peal the hostage recovery point (3) and grenade the turret (4) before heading down to (5). There's another dalek thing which should take out Ihe door (6) for you.

Go round the top of Ihe central building to (7) and take out the final door (8). There's an enemy car (9) that usually gels caught up on the corner of a building, so rocket that, take out the sniper (10) and then escort the two hostages (tt) up to the recovery point (3).


Phase 1

Bleearghh. UnfoHunatety we're back to those nasty, pukey alien levels that spoil a good 40% of Ihe game. Why oh why oh why (oh why oh why) did the designers do this Anyway, you've gat ta try and miss the hostages and hit the baddies, which might be tricky since Ihey both look similarly like blobs.

However, you’ll soon notice lhal all Ihe hostages are contained In squares surrounded by lethal floor tiles, so Just get the grenades near the start, blow away the two doors (1) and shoot anything that looks remotely free-roaming, you should be okay.

but to ensure the survival at both Makes, It's wise to take out all the baddies before you split them up. There are extra grenades at (2), a sniper al (3) and doors all over the place (4). The two turrets guarding the far pressure pad will either blow themselves up when you get near or can be simply blown up. and once you've got one guy there, the other one can speed his return by using one of Ihe two jeeps (S).


Phase 1

There’s a car laid on lor this mission, but I don’t think you should bother with It. Inalead. shoot the sniper (1) and then chuck a grenade over the building to take out the door (2). Wander along the road and use rockets on the doors (3) before picking up more at (4). Edge dawn the road an Inch at a time until you see the car (S) and rocket It belore it gets a chance to move.

Thera are some spare rockets at (6) It you really think you'll need them, but otherwise, head to (7) and grenade the tlnal cat over the building, leaving just one more door (8) to blast and survivors to mop up to finish the phase.

Phase 2

Waste the sniper (1) and move over quickly to get the car (2) belore It starts moving. Grab the two lots ol rockets (3) and then head up to the lop left side to (4), where the remaining enemy car will bump up against the door (S). allowing you to use a single grenade to lake them both out. That leaves one more door (6) and a sniper (7] to round off the level.

And would you believe It, not enough space to go through phase three but at the same time too much space to just leave blank. So far, this Cannon Fodder 2 guide’s sparked off pretty much zero Interest Irom people writing in or calling, compared to the virtual telephone selge the mag came under when we did Cannon Fodder. As a bit of a tester to see If anyone out there's reading this, we're giving It a rest next month and devoting the pages to some other up and coming young upstart of a

game. If the prospect of this solution finishing here fills you with dread and fear, do write in and tall us, otherwise this bit will just fade away and you'll never lind out why the shops In phase three have rocket launchers.

Remember kids - people power starts with you.




Inexplicably lost your guitarist Does the world think your new play’s crap Not much we can do about that. Rich only gives Amiga game advice on this page.

Imagine, if you will, lying on a bed of marshmallows while Annaleyse from Neighbours tickles your feet with a partridge leather and Joanna Lumley reads you Aesop's fables from a big pictured book and feeds you grapes while Beethoven's fifth plays soothingly In the background at 8.00pm on a Saturday and your winning numbers come up on the National Lottery and it's also your birthday. Phwoar, eh But anyway, on with some letters...


Q'On Operation Stealth..."

Richard Johnson, Macclesfield

A Right, that’s it. I never, ever, want to hear another word about Operation Stealth IS THAT QUITE CLEAR Here, for once and for all. is a complete solution


It really would be sweet of you if you could lend a hand to these folks in distress.

Q"ln ELF how do you get off level five (the dwarf caves) I keep wandering around, but I can't find all the parts at the Invention that the Inventor Is looking lor. I know about the CHOROPQO cheat, but that didn't help me that much." David Scanlon, Waterford

Q'On level one in

SLEEPWALKER there la a long strip ot water In the sewers and I can't gel past it. I know about the DtNGADANGADINGALINGLONG cheat, but again that didn't really help that much."

Fintan Scanlon, Waterford

Q'On KING'S QUEST IV how do I catch the unicorn and the frog, and what do I do with cupld'a bow and arrow "

Craig Ritchie, Bradford

"Ashamed as I am. I have to admit that I am stuck on the

Csve ol Wonders In ALADDIN. On the first section ol the level I can t get across the river or lake or whatever it Is. The stalactites which you hang onto seem to run out before you gel to the water, so presumably this Is not how you cross the water. And lumping gets me nowhere either. Has It got something to do with the flah that  umpa out occasionally, or something "

Ian Hughes

Q"l know exactly where thla letter Is going to go: The Last Resort. Loose Ends. Anyway. I need help, and I severely doubt that you will be able to help. On level 23. Tree Top Rescue, The Bungee Trap, I can get the key to free both merry men but when I go to get the second one. I can't get back up. (Of course. If you'd remembered to point out what game this Is. you clot... - Rich) David Jeffery, Lincolnshire

Q "Having fought by Harkonnen army through almost a year's worth ol DUNE 2, we are always pipped to the post on the last level. Even the lime when we had ten missile tanks, twelve siege tanks, fifteen combat tanka and two trikes we still got stuffed. Any suggestions to add to those that AMIGA POWER have already divulged "

Simon and Chris Allgrove, Chichester

Q“ln FRONTIER I was In Ihe Andancan system (grid reference -2 -4) when a pirate came along. I wanted to BLOW HIM INTO THE NETHERWORLD but he was tiylng too close to get a decent laser shot In. So I tired a missile. It hit and he blew up. Great,' I thought and tried re-armlng my Naval mlsalle.

But Lot Instead ot saying 'Armed: Naval Missile' it said 'Armed:

Nuclear Missile.' Please explain. Dale 'Bird' Bird, Cannock

AIRPORT: EXAMINE coin return slot, buy newspaper and EXAMINE il to find out which country is currently triends with Santa Paragua. Go through the doors to left, secrete yoursell in cubicle and OPERATE briefcase. Remove pen and American passport, EXAMINE passport. TAKE dollars. OPERATE calculator. TAKE passporl from secret compartment, choose nationality shown in newspaper and OPERATE validation button. Exit toilets, USE false passport on customs officer. SPEAK to hostess in kiosk. EXAMINE telegram. USE airline licket an security guard and go through to baggage claim halls as prompted by telegram. EXAMINE blue baggage marked MR MARTINEZ. TAKE il and head for toilets again. OPERATE shaver. USE cable you find on socket. TAKE cable and shaver, leave loilets. show customs officer false passport again, head through automatic door to left and wail by the TAXI' sign

TOWN CENTRE: USE wad on Bank Clerk. Repeat, head for tlower shop, USE coins on florist. TAKE red carnation, go to park and sit on bench. Your contact will arrive, but'll gel shot. TAKE key card and leave immediately. Return to bank, EXAMINE key card. USE It on bank employee who'll open the sate. USE key on (he sale correspond ng with card, OPERATE lock, swipe envelope. You're caught In the act though, and dumped in a cave. OPERATE giound, USE piece ol metal to cut ropes. OPERATE ground again, TAKE pick axe, EXAMINE rock wall and OPERATE pick axe three times on the part where the draught's

Mm '

You shouldn't ha


you know, but

awfully for helping out just where we needed it.


Q George Fraser from Stenhouse Muir was having severe asteroid-related problems way back in the days of issue 45.

A~l assume from your mention of asteroids that your Mission Six Is with Maniac In Scimlrats at Brimstone rather than Raptors with Angel at Gime. On that assumption, your problems Is not that you are a Captain, more the tact that Nav 2 is hideously difficult. After fighting the Grath near Nav 1, head straight from Nav 1 to Nav 3 (which is clear), and thence home to the Claw. Nobody will mind and with any luck you ought to live to tell the tale. Save Nav 2 for when you play through again with another character.

Here also are lew tips for the nexl two missions. For the Exeter escort mission, avoid the asteroid field and fly out via Nav 2. disposing of the four Salthi encountered en route. Chase the four Dralthl off the Exeter at Nav 1. then return via the now clear Nav 2.

For the Dorkir (Kllrathi transport) destruction mission, the first two fighters you meet are Jalthl. They are a new type carrying six front-mounted cannons. Close quickly, dodge II they shoot, get behind them and attack from there. At Nav 1 you will meet Khajja; a Kllrathi ace. not a new type ol fighter. He and his three wingman fly Krants. Leave them to Maniac and go tor the Dorkir. Contrary to what Iceman might have told you.

your guns will have an effect on it. Kill it and then atterbum home with or without Maniac. Unless, that is. you wanted to stop and dog-fight..." Bossman, Longfield


Q Steven Hyde of Nottingham was willing to sell his own granny for the codes to the easy levels of Flashback. So please forward her to...

A "Level one - WIND Level two - SPIN Level three - KAVS Level four - HIRO Level five - TEST Level six -GOLDRPL Level seven - WALL"

Carl Raynor, Suffolk


QKi Ra Barnet of Milton Keynes and Zeewolt weren't on the best of terms In issue 46 either. Why couldn't he pick up the men after he'd freed them on mission two

A The reason that your chopper will not pick up the people is because H has not landed To do this you need to press G key. This will lower your landing gear and. If you are playing by joystick, you will automatically land. If not. landing is a little tricky, and may cause you some damage. As long as you land close enough to your men they should run Into the chopper. When they are all aboard, press G again, fly back to your ship, land again and your men will run out to

safety. Mission complete. This was. of course, all In the manual. You did read It didn't you "

Daniel Irvine, Crawley


QFor Shirley Baker of Bristol who was stuck In Issue 41, help has arrived at last. Better late than never, eh Shirley

A "Gel past the blades and across the spikes. Turn around to face the spikes and go to them without touching them or jumping. Face the acid again and run at it. Just before you fall in jump to first height and keep going. A fan should break your fall and lift you to the other side. From there keep going until you find a circle of air. You can get out of the other side to the exit."

Mini Possum Brown, Leeds


Q"Dear Rich," writes Philip Colvin of Poole, "here are the answers to the two Maniac Mansion queries In issue 46." The cad.

A "First, Adam of Norfolk's question. The dime. Pepsi and jar are for getting to the telescope The paintbrush is useless, the yellow key Is tor the car. and the manuscript Is only useful for Wendy. If you have Michael you will need the sponge The key for the door you asked about is In the basement near the fuse box and the gas is on Mars. And for David Hilllngbery of Maidenhead. The tentacle can be passed in a number

of ways; by handing him a badge from the meteor police; by giving him a contract for the manuscript; or by getting either Ed or Green Tentacle on your side."

Philip Colvin, Poole


QMore help lhan you can shake Eric Cantona's legal costs at for Premier Manager 3 back a few pages. But not wishing to see Kev Shackleton of Stockport bringing the game Into disrepute with last month's revelation ol the cheat phone number (896610), pen was put to paper by a number ol readers.

A "Follow these guideline. Kev, and you can’t go wrong. PASSING - This depends on weather and formation The best formation is 4-2-4 or 4-8-3. If it is windy then pass low; if icy, then pass high.

MARKING - Remember that it Is your defenders that are marking so divide your defences between their attackers. If your formation is 4-2-4 then theirs is 4-4-2 then zonal is best. SHOOTING - Medium to short range is the best as you won’t miss too often forcing the keeper to save. He'll miss eventually!

At the beginning of the season, buy everyone whose contract Is on zero; you will not need to pay a club lee, and can hence flog them off after a few games."

Tom McMain, Tyne and Weir

A "Also, Kev, did you know that the exploitation ot fans Is not only fun but earns you money as well Simply by upping your seal prices to £25 and terrace prices to £20 you will rake in around £30.000 every home game."

Marc Ames, Welling Borough

coming In.

UNDERWATER: Use left mouse button to swim toward rocks, and swim to surface if your oxygen gels low.

HOTEL: USE coins on man on beach to buy inflatable bracelet, go to hotel. OPERATE lift button, alight at second floor and take stairs to third Turn nght, and OPERATE last door.

You are kidnapped this time on a boat. OPERATE bracelet, operate again when you reach seabed and swim towards Julia using left mouse button OPERATE her. and you'll be rescued.

PALACE: Locate key, use rotating doors 1o avoid guards, OPERATE door, and OPERATE statue's arm. A sale will appear. USE little box on sate, OPERATE the button and arrows, OPERATING valdabon button every time light comes on. TAKE envelope tram sale.

JET SKI BIT: Avoid shark fins and let skis, basically.

ANOTHER UNDERWATER CHUNK: Head for seaweed, locale and EXAMINE odd' section of plant life for elastic band. Head right. EXAMINE and OPERATE palm tree. OPERATE button, go towards entrance and

OPERATE hatch.

SECRET BASE BIT: USE pen on lock, and watch on hghi and left walls. Head tor grill, wait underneath and OPERATE.

ANOTHER MAZE: Pretty similar to the last one. realty.

SHOWER: OPERATE soldier, EXAMINE his shoes. TAKE laces and lowel and USE them on him before scarpering with his shoes, clothes and glass

CORRIDOR: Go downwards ANOTHER CORRIDOR: Head lor opposite door.

STOCKROOM: EXAMINE. OPERATE, Ihen EXAMINE again third draw (o left. TAKE and USE laces. EXAMINE, OPERATE and EXAMINE bottom draw to right and take stamp.

ANOTHER CORRIDOR: The exit’’ On the right.


through opposite door.

GUARDROOM: EXAMINE clothes. TAKE orders, USE glass on fountain. OPERATE untidy desk. TAKE lifeboat and leave, pronto.


up and right, hand glass of wafer over to officer, head up and right and then, go (awards to the lop left exit bul lake firsl lo ihe nght.

OFFICER'S ROOM: USE glass ol water on officer, then when he turns TAKE sIBMp.


exit lo the right. Ihe bottom right, then Ihe door.

GUARDROOM: Take inkpad from between chair and mess, ink stamp. USE it on the orders' sheet. OPERATE cigareffe case. EXAMINE and OPERATE blue one. and USE cigarette paper on glass.

ER: Mare corridors. Exit to tap nghl. USE fingerprint on keypad, take armoured door and exit right.

THE LASER ROOM:USE siamped orders' sheet on letter box. and go towards laser doors.

A PINAL CORRIDOR: USE electric cable on socket, OPERATE electric razor and USE It on waslepaper basket.

CONTROL ROOM: Wait lor ra20( lo give message EXPLODE. ONE.

TWO ' and qukddy USE red cigarette

on computer. II will explode, then OPERATE Otto, USE CD on the laser-reader and head for door lo lop left.

HELICOPTER SCENE: USE elastic band on bomh and tall to ground.

And when second screen appears.

OPERATE ihe lifeboat    *

You've won!    Z


To tell Ihe truth, if has now reached the stage where I'd happily pay AMIGA POWER each month what they pay me simply not to have to ever have to write another Last Resort. But until you stop sending your stuH to:

The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER,

30 Monmouth Street,



I can't really foresee anything much changing. Sob.





With nearly twenty games suddenly released this month on budget something is quite plainly going on. What  Once again a wake is created as the AMIGA POWER INFOPERISCOPE™ breaks the surface of the muddy waters of obscurity and launches a stinging attack on the creaking hulk of the software industry. Or something.

II hasn t escaped our notice that some of Ihe more scurrilous software houses are practising a form of BUDGET BANDITRY on U9. How can the likes of Empire reasonably lustily charging C17 for Elite Plus on Iheir budget' label Action 16. when an equally great game of Ihe same era. Slum Car Racer, is available lor a mare £5 from Kixx Elite Plus has one disk and a finy manual so there s no justification. And it's nol just Elite either: C17 for Team Yankee £17 tor Fields ot Glory No. no. no.

And anyway what is a budget game When new releases such as Kingpin cost just £13 and yel games that are several years old cost £17 how do we know what s classified as a budget and what isn't. WHAT KINO OF FARCE IS THIS

Nobody we spoke to seemed able to give us an answer either but Ihe software houses should BE WARNED. AMIGA POWER has your phone numbers and NO FEAR about using them. There is no excuse lor *budgei’ games that cost £17 or more. A tenner's a fair price.


Runs on: A500. A600. A1200 (RAM caches disabled) Publisher: Audiogenic Price: E15 Release: Out now

Do you read AMIGA POWER regularly*’ 01 course you do And do you eagerly look forward to our annual AMIGA POWER All Time Top 1007 Only a cretin wouldn't You may have thought that we were completely potty to place Audiogenics Exile at number eight, but now that Audiogenic have sensibly rereleased it so you can actually buy a copy, each and every one ot you lucky people can revel in the enjoymenl of this nigh on ancient gamo

Exile may look crappy and bland, but that s entirely misleading It s an adventure game compielely devoid ot all that ledious ’dick here to interact* stutf. burying the

puzzle solving and eiplarmg in a gorgeously fluffy duvet ol arcade action Controlling a squat 6I packer in a maze ol tunnels and caverns, you bump, shoot and blast a path through an incredibly convincing "real physrcs" world Heavy objects weigh you down, rocket thiusters fight against gravity and winds blow your little guy around in such a believable way that alter a tow minutes, you just know how ho s gomg to behave in a given situation It s jusl as well that Ihe main control's so intuitive, as the keyboard controls take a bil ol getting used lo They're tiddly because there are so many actions you can perform You can drop or throw objects, carry them or store them away, and use different weapons as you tmd them as well as altering their direction Ot tire And with ihe controls for all this spread over about 15 keys or accessible thiough an odd little menu. <l's just as well you can pause the game and refer to the extremety Helpful manual

The game's a single, vast level, and even after hours of play I've clearly only scratched ihe sudace. but the mam thrust of the game is picking things up. faking them lo olher places and using them to

transport waler or

activate robots. Exactly Ihe sort ol thing in tact that'll keep Rich Peiley s The Last Resort lull of enquiries lor months lo come

I'm nol really putting across my enthusiasm lor the gamo as it's hard lo say exactly whai s so appealing about ii It s one of those games that jusl leels right when you play it, the kind ol game that'll eat up afternoons without you really noticing. II doesn t even leel like an adventure game, in that you don't gel bored ol traipsing round saying "I'm scared* or talking to people with lar loo many Xs in their names I like it • CAM WINSTANLEY

Fun and hugely absorbing but a little confualng whan you tint atari playing 11 a alao £25 aa we go to preas, but'll be downprlced to £15 aa toon aa the A1200 veralon arrives. Walt lilt II la. then PURCHASE WITHOUT HESITATION.




Runs on: A500. A600. A1200 Publisher: Empire Price: 017 Release: Oul now

A tide from tha crazy price, it's great to asa thla old cheatnuf back In the arena and demonstrating that gameptay beats flashy graphics every time. For those of you who don't know

what Elite la (well ihe sandwich / man didn't know - but then I ‘ he a a fool anyway, albeit In a [ rather sinister, overly-cheerful l ' way), It'* the seminal open- \ /' ended apace    V

combat/adventurertfading game N. that launched a million virtual careen for piralea traders, bounty human and mlnen back in Ihe early '80s. It's the tint game I waa ever

1 addicted lo and I waa pleasantly surprised lo find that II allII hat a lot of tha old attraction (ia I spent far longer playing It than waa strictly necessary for thla review) You're after three thing* In Elite-, money, a bad reputation and a clean driving licence (juat like real life, eh kids ) and by piloting your spaceship through ■ ludicrous number ot planets In each of eight different

galaxies that a    ‘ " 1

what you'll get.

Elite look* horridly ft-bit -although lha graphics broke new boundaries when the game first came out they look very jaded now - but there's *1111 enough to glva you several months of Intriguing fun or, aa In my case, feary. noatalgla-filled evenings In front of your Amiga. All this on one disk - and they still have the nerve to ask Cl 7 (or It. Tch eh


Excellent gameptay Yea, moil certainly. Galaxy-spanning action  Yea. Indeedy. A bloody good time crulalng the Infinite vaatness of cold, dark space Yes again, no doubt aboul It. Value lor money

No. NO. NO.


fastness of

' I





ha manual s enormous, and

Ktha gama'a design gives you no choice but to alt down and read It all belore you start playing. I hate that. 11'a nothing against the game itself. It's Juat me

being petty (and lazy). Gut whan you aee the size of the Tornado manual, I’m sure you’ll feel similarly queasy. And when you then open up Ihe control summary card (and this’ll mean unfolding It several times), you may well fall over altogether.

Still. After managing to avoid having to play Tornado for some 1lme. I eventually relented and loaded It up. If took me a while actually to get off the ground, and then I had some problems figuring out where to go and what la da,

compounded by the fact that Ihe game didn’t inspire me to learn more.

You see. the graphics do their ob well, as does everything else In the game, but I couldn't shake Ihe overall feeling that Tornado is very much tailored to experienced flight-simmers. And the sheer amount of Information and detail, although undoubtedly accurate, fumed me off Instead of Impressing me. Perseverance rewarded me with a couple of exciting flights, but I ended up simply going through the motions of playing the game for the review rather than enjoying myself. I'm sure Olhers will find It Interesting and possibly even

fun, but If you don't know your rudder from your pitch control, then stay well Clear of 1hla.



Technically accurate, full of detail and pleasant to look at but there t just too much Into to take in all at once leaving you grasping for the manual or summary card when you should be shooting down enemy planes.



Runs on: A5600.

A800, A1200 Publlahere:

Gremlin Price: £15 Release: Out now

Premier Manager 3 Editor. It’s an editor.

For Premier Manager 3. That lets you edit Everything. You want superstars in your team You can have 'em. You warn Arsenal to play in the Conference You can (evil chuckle) MAKE THEM. You want to turn Vinrty Jones into a assy  Easy. You want a ground like the Neu Camp in Barcelona Well actually the editor only lets you have up to a 99.999 capacity, but that's not bad.

Ah. but I'm not supposed lo just tell you what it does am I I’m supposed lo tesponsibly cast a critical eye over it So what am I going to say

I know back in AP44 I said in my extraordinary, compelling and erudite review oi Premier Manager 3: -it's a bit hard" And. well. It is. So now with the new editor it's easy - you just make all your players into multi-million pound stars, fire up the game and away you go. winning everything in sight. Except lhal ironically you don’t. I musl be some kind of a crap manager cos I got Ian Whghi lo play for Bath City, made all my players superstars and stifi had no success getting out of the Vauxhall Conference. I couldn't even get Ian to score a goal lor me.

Anyway. I digress Albeit charmingly. Aker Cam's tealure last issue drawing parallels between people who use cheats in games and the cheenng. leering THRICE DAMNED

HORDES OF SATAN you woukf imagine, correctly, that AMIGA POWER rather disapproves ol cheats PM3 Settlor is essentially a glorified cheat lor the game and therefore not Ihe kind ol ihmg we approve of. However there is a good reason lo buy It and thai is lo keep your players up lo dale. No football game on Earth can hope to keep pace with a>

Ihe action ol ihe Iransfer market, but Gremlin have done a good thing and given us a tool with which lo keep all our information current, thereby elimnalmg Ihe need for data disk purchases in the future

And between you and me. while Cam's busy on the phone, it can be fun lo cheat a little bit That player you always thought was vastly under rated  Not any more. He's a star That team you despise All their players are suddenly crap. Bath City European Champions mate.


Cheating • not good (although It can be tun), bul never having to buy an update for a footy manny game la. Good, that It.


Runs on: A500. A600, A1200 Publisher: Action 16 Price: £17 Release: Out row

Team Yankee. Pacific Islands and War In The Gull a re more or less three data disk versions ol the same game that were rather cleverly marketted as completely diHererl lilies. Thankfully, then shared game engine is challenging and entertaining, so we It forgive them on that point What's harder lo let slide is the fact that this one's even older than AMIGA POWER, yet they're Hogging ii at £17 On the other hand, the Combat Classic 2 compilation from Empire contains Pacific Islands plus F■ 19 Stealth Fighter and Silent Service 2 tor a mere £30. making it a belter value and generally more worthy way to have a go at commanding tanks

Based on the novel ol the same name. Team Yankee puts you in simultaneous control of 16 armoured vehicles. Irom hulking mam battle tanks to rather weedy missile firing APCs The game's split into interlocking real-time missions where you desperately try to hall the advance ol Ruskie armour across pre-Gtasnost Europe in the Inst desperate days ot World Wat 3.

Simultaneous control ol so many vehicles is both the strength and weakness of the game Your forces are split mlo four groups ot four vehicles which simplifies things, and you keep track ot things either on a map screen (where you also plot waypoints lor each unit) or by splitting the screen into four sections so that you can see whal s happening wilh each unit.

Before the start ol each mission you can re-equip your vehicles, study ihe map and call in artillery strikes at pre set limes. This invariably gives rise to hilarious friendly fire incidents as you plough one

unit through ihe fire zone at the set time and get them all blown to heck. Just like the real thing.

The map shows alt enemy units that your guys can see. and the hrst person view uses what looks like a combination of vector graphics for buildings and roads, and scaled sprites tor all the vehicles Like most sprite scaling, they took a M crap and blocky close up. but since they explode quite nicety and burn merrily, that's not realty a problem

What is a problem «the complete lack ol artificial intelligence on your side, so unless you re controlling your units,

they'll ust sit there and get Mown up This means you can only realty lake one unit    —

into action at a time unless you re    A

inhumanly last with your mouse, which «    >

a pain It's also difficult to work out which -o unit s being shot at until a vehicle    o

explodes, which is ot course way loo Late $ The only annoying features ol an    m

otherwise classic game    2



A great wargama. combining itrategy with true arcade action, but It'i been published at much too high a price. Go out and get the excellent Combat Classics 2

compilation and en oy three time* Ihe tun for juat a few pound* more











Runs on: A1200 Publisher:

Powerplus Price: £17 Release: Out


ell. Ilnal didn't lake long, did ft

Reviewed by Cam n issue 44 (be gave it 61%, lad tens), tor some reason (and it's not my 0b to speculate) Ibis is surprisingly out on budget already And alter a quick discussion with Cam because he's the one in the know when i1 comes to war. and some thorough play testing, I've concluded that there's very little reason to gel excited





<h ht4 mc> nit aed *ti tiys t iMili .

about the price cut.

fields ol Glory is a war game It s all about 1815 You know. Waterloo;

Wellington. Napoleon.

BJucher and all that. You can control all the elements you need to. and choose which side you want to be'

Untortunately. thanks to a lew dodgy bits - the control system and lack of attention to detail, and a major problem with not recognising the terrain and taking it into account when processing movement orders - the game quickly degenerates into a lapsadastcai, strategical farce.


You could ipend dayi arguing that being a budget raiaaae makaa thla game batter value tor money and ai such deserve* a itlghlty higher ■core than an gave It a couple of iaaue ago. Bui I don't care. I've already made my mind up.


Runs on: A500, A600, A1200 Publisher: Dazo Price: £10 Release: Out now

We marvelled at this when it was first released (reviewed in issue 33 by ex-AP-Dep-Ed-turned-Alien-Planet level-specialrsi Stuart Campbell), because for a lap-quality game to be released at only £17 was gteal lor everyone concerned And now it’s a mere tenner We marvel yel turihcr.

Yes. Soper Stardust (the new and improved version) has been out lor a while, bul il you ve been ummwg and aahmg about whether or not ic spend your hard earned cash on an updated version ol Asteroids, then ai this price you ve got no room lor indecision

Although Asteroids is an old game (one ol the first coin-ops ever, in tact). Stardust is lull of great graphics, excellent gameplay and best ol all. a challenge It's bloody hard Bul thankfully, bloody greal fun as welt And the potentially repetitive nature ol Asteroids ts broken up with the tunnel sections that get you to the live different worlds in the game. And there are the optional special missions (using another dassic game. Thrust) to try out as well So not only rs it greal. it's tremendous value lor money loo

It’s all lovingly pul together, beautifully drawn, adrenalme-pumpmg stuff, suffenng slightly Irom the fact that there's no keyboard option, bul still one ol the most addictive, enioyable and lough games it's been my pleasure to play

So if. like the vast majority ol unseemg Amiga owners, you (ailed to buy this the lirst time round, make amends without delay. Or else • PAUL MELLERICK

A first-dan game at an amazingly low price Stardust la a model to programmera everywhere ol what can be achieved with jual thought and patience.

Original Wall no. But cracking good tun Yea. at courae.


Hun* on: A500 A600 A1200 Publisher: Alternative Price: £13 Release: Out now

There are two poailbla

reasons why there are so many football management games around at the moment and which one you believe depends on your general stance on lile.

For the cynical among you. those who view every lacet o< life with caustic suspicion, the reason will be clear. The software houses have realised that Amiga gamers will buy any old crap, uat so long as It’s a football management aim, and they're CASHING IN.


For the other halt ot the world, those who think that life is genuinely getting better and that world peace is a possibility, it only enough people believed It was, there Is another answer. It s that so many people love lootball management games that there're always people programming them at home, trying to add their own unique contribution to the tooty manny pantheon.

As far aa this game goes I'm of the second persuasion: this game is obviously written by Italian tooty manny aim Ians who obviously have a great (ahem) love ol Championship Uanager.

Let me get to the point. (Please. -Ed) Soccer Team Manager Is crap. It's

well Intentloned I'm sure and the publishers tell me that it's "attractively priced" and "easy to gel Into" and that their young children love playing it, but It's a very simple, text-based game which has lifted moat of Its English and quite a lot of Its approach from Championship Manager However the game lacks the depth ol Championship Manager and, frankly, quite a bit of the charm.

In Its defence it's very up-to-date and 11 features the Italian Serie A as well, In case you want to manage an Italian team. Frankly, though, It you want some depth and sophistication, together with lota of slats buy Championship Manager on budget • STEVE FARAGHER

"But till shol laclu power" Hmm. Sounds familiar.

HI ► ■ 1 a»OI lACrl Fatfp


Straightforward lootball management game that's basically the same aa all the others except that It's slightly less attractively presented (and I didn't b a 2 think that was possible). f « It's cheap tor a new    :-

game, but not worth It.    1 2



Ponderous and onerous overhead sections, speedy but dreary 30 bits. A different kind ol Him licence, except It turns out to be just aa boring as usual. Buy Starduaflnstead. You'll save money and have much mere fun


Runs on: A500. A600. A1200 Publisher: Megatronix, 21 Tiled House Lane, Brierley Hill, West Midlands Price: £10 Release: Out now

i don't really want (0 talk about this one lor too long. It's a platform game. It'S a very simple platform game. And ll> also dull, unplayable, boring to look at and not much fun at all.

There are about two colours on the screen (or so It seems), the controls are ewkwerd, the geme structure Is poor and repetitive and tha whole thing It about at original ai American tourists.

Okay, so It's only a tenner, but I could fill up the real of this magazine on better things to do with a ten pound note. In fact, as may have already been said, take a good, long look at the Stardust review somewhere in this section.




no! bothering lo be ai all clever Or good while i‘, rooks and sounds tremendous it plays like a platter ol fishpasle sandwiches You can outrun ihe scrolling of the maze sections and so drop off unconvincingly dangerous high cliffs' before you can see where the ledge

uviun ta picmvu, nieres terrible slowdown when more lhan tour dinosaurs are on ihe screen and Ihe puzzles tenaciously refuse to rise above Ihe locked gate/interrogaie computer,learn security key is in ihe shed in sector ihiee/but - oh rot - ihe power to the door's oil level The one whit ol intelligence comes in tying the levels together in one huge map so that it s

possible 10 escape a section only to find out you vo missed a special pass (or something svnilar) and so have to go back later on

And so to the 30 bits Damned impressive on first sight with shadows and lights, pictures on the walls and music that gets all excited when a dinosaur is about to leap upon your head, you soon realise they're exactly as vapid as the maze sections You run around, you shoot a dinosaur, you go through some doors, you Curse the oily controls and lack of sense ol direction on the map. you become annoyed at not being allowed to shoot Dickie Attenborough despite the tact he's dearly standing directly in front ol you. then you get a bn of a headache and go home to watch Duckman (The Late-night Cartoon ol Champions) It s all a bn empty and dull really • JONATHAN NASH

Puchhhm Ka-Chak a Dagga Dagga Doo" (Scheming Celt Turncoat Steve McGill. AP33) "Alter reviewing this game. I never ever wanteO to see n again in my life ever " (Scheming Celt Turncoat Steve McGill AP37 ) It's amazing how a tew weeks of enforced play to provide a step-by-step solution can change your mind But the criminally disloyal Scot's ettorls were not in vam lor I was able to use the passwords littering his guide to see the famous Doom On The Amiga 3D sedions alter losing patience with the tiresome three-guarters view maze'puzzle levels Jurassic Park, you see. while commendabty denying the platform format ol ease, tails into the Mm licence trap ol laigettmg the largest possible audience by

Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Ocean Price: £17 Release: Out now

kwlw... .nlnAwJ Ik

A map


TtoMft. UfH. Galore




your own mlerpretalion oJ periecl) ol wfial a world should be

The iwisl is that this lime, rather than the relalrvely simple task ol Sim City, building cities, your task is to make sure the world doesn't get over polluted, damaged and all sorts ol other things into the bargain

Global Effect is a novel slant on the gorf game, but unfortunately there S a severe lack ol anything going on to keep you interested in the game. There's also a long list ol (suits - the mam one being that success depends, bizarrety. almost entirety on how many trees you get to grow and little else • PAUL UELLERICK

Rum- an: Publisher:    - -

Price: ■ 11) Release:    ■


Global E/feef is very kke Stm Crty m initial mpact You know, you've got this wodd and all the tools you're ever going to need and you’ve got to bueld it up into a perfect example (or



Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Kixx Price: £10 Release: Out now

I you don't like the idea ol Brutal FootbaB (see below because it's based atound American Football then Wild Cup Soccer could be the game lor you.

Or the other hand, all we've gol here is the same game as Burtal Football, but about real lootbaii instead It's gol ihe same mindless (and really not very amusing) violence, the same slow and repetitive gameplay (just gel Ihe ball and tuck ii up field a la late 80s Wimbledon) and some really bad and

unconvincing animation just to round things oil wceiy

Cam didn't like it very much when he reviewed it m issue 40. and even with the always welcome addition ol a two-ptayer mode, it sWl isn't very good • PAUL UELLERICK


Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Kixx Prlco: £10 Release: Out now

NO. no, no and. er, no Again I'm not gong to stand tor this The Scheming Cell Turncoat Slew McGill may Ike Brutal FootbaB. but in my opmton he was wrong Reviewed just over a year ago. this scored a mammoth (tor AMIGA POWER) 88%. It was compared to the god-like status ol SpaedbaB 2. It was said to be quite tunny.

Wall, I'm sorry, but I'm not as easily impressed It your idea at tunny is slompng on people, slabbing them wtth swords and all manner d grotesque acts ol violence then stick to your Nighlmare on Elm Street or Frxlay Ihe 13lh films And when Ihe


begins la get In the way ol the game, then tranHy it just ends up like Mortal Kombat 2 - all blood and no guts

Okay, so the basic idea ot the game is a be ol laugh and there are plenty ol gaming opbons (league, cups and the like) but the whole effect is ol just a hyper-vtoient yet diluted SpeedbaB 2 rip-off. viewed from the side Instead ol above And that's no good.


Although the theory behind the game Is Intriguing - building up i world the right way, Inatead ol Ihe way we've done It - Global Effect la poorly conceived and takaa agea to get inywhara In. Damn ahama that.

Almoat exactly ihe eime game aa the now diacredlted Brutal Football (aae below) only about Soccer. And acme worse In the playability atakea Unbelievably.


Wall It faeluraa Ires kith, aenaelaaa violence galore which la normally ■ good aign, and Brutal Football a aaay enough to play, but Ihe end result la neither aa eiliafylng nor aa compelling aa the mighty SpeerAalJ 2.


Huns on: CD32 Publisher: Kixx Price: £10 Release: Out now

ell. all I can say is thank goodness they decided lo do a third one. because il this had been the Iasi m the James Pond senes, it would have been a

disappointing end Whereas JP3 gets loads ol things right. JP2. although regarded as cool and even (possibly) revolutionary at the time, doesn't In tact it's an awtul game

Okay, the first eight or nine levels are tun and inlrigumgly big. but when you realise that there are something . all bascaiiy the same, the tun begins quickly wears oh And alter an hour or so ol playing level alter level, jumping here, stretching there and bouncing oil this and that, the game quickly loses any appeal It started with It’s not badly drawn or animated There's no dull sound or bugs It's just that it s completely bonng and utterly predictable



Ai lar aa I'm concerned Mill Is one of thosa great computer gam* mysteries (What, Ilk* tha Whate happened to Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery' mystery

- Ed) Why doss everyone but me seem to like It so much Eh


Runs on: A500. A600 A1200 Publisher: Powerpk:

Price: £17 Release: Out now

In many ways AMIGA POWER can be likened to a B-17. Il thunders around the world, bringing devastation upon the unworthy In the name ot justice. J Nash spits incomprehensible cartoon references trom his position ai the tail gun Cam drops thousands ot pounds ol lethal games knowledge through the bomb doors Steve

navigates us through the complexities ol football management games with his remarkable map-mind Paul speaks a strange language into the radio set. Sue squats tetchiiy m the ban turret And I, ol course, sit at the helm, guiding us safely to our ultimate destination wherever that might be. with a steady nerve and a steady hand And my special Dawn Patrol Jacket, which I'd realty rather not give away in the competition on page 45.

In S-I7(AP25 83%), however, you must do all these jobs single-handedly, jumping (torn rile to rile rather like Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts And Coronets The computei helps you out. though, looking altei everyone apait Irem whoever you're currently controlling

the graphics are tantastic - your B-

17 really does look like a 8 17. complete wiih propellors lhal go round, wheels that don't quite retract completely so the tyres stick out a bn. frames around the windows, guns which swivel about, and stars on the wingtips, Il taxis onto the runway and ihen. as it gathers speed, the tail wheel tilts oil before the mam ones follow a lew moments later And it looks even bener just as soon as it's in formation with a couple Ol Others

Perhaps a lumbering bomber isn't quite as enienainmg to lly as a nimble tighter, but 8-17 compensates with its tricky crew-jugglmg and slick, atmosphereenhancing presentation

Unquestionably, 8-17 is the king ol World War 2 bomber simulations, just as AMIGA POWER is the all-powerful cosmoplasi ol computer magazines • JONATHAN DAVIES

¥TT *QT*a

8-17 may be a Utile alow on Amlgaa, but la otherwise a and hugely entertaining simulation ot this papular World War 2 strategic bomber

Stack la wUAta-- WitfeflM- AM he he-


Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Klxx Price: £10 Release: Out now

So you like Pond, do you

Then with the beat two Pond gamea going lor a tennar each, this la definitely a good month tor you. I actually prefer the third (end final ) game because ot lla size, variety and hidden bits.

James Pond 3 la trying very hard lo be an Amiga version of a game from the Super Mario genre. What thla means for the player la a game

varying In pace, with Iota of hard 8 thinking to be done and ■—-    all aorta ot tricks and

tactica to learn.

There are some annoying plxel-pertect jumps and some of the game mechanics (actually trying to stand on a solitary block, for Instance) are frustrating. But It's quite clearly the most enjoysble and playable ot the James Pond gamea and will definitely keep you going happily for a long lime. (Paul Is. of course, entitled to his opinion. - Ed)





Beat-’em-ups, Batttezone, fruit machine simulators and multi-player tank combat games What a terrific array of PD games we have in this month’s section. You might as well tear the rest of the magazine up and burn it. If you want.


Exclusive PD

Name aside. this is neat, playable and a bt Qi a laugh. II you're expecting to tind a cheapo Shecfcni Fighter you're gong lo be mote than a little upset. But A you knew someone who's forked out £43 lor Rise ot the Robots, this ah' id give you more than enough Maser 10 laugh at them in a heady lash or

The graphes are a bit on the shabby side aiihough they n me quite convincingly and have ust lha right  amounl ol wasghi to them and there's a problem with iho cession detection jflL when you're up really closaloM H IV opponent The game can also be uodec-dcd about when you need to turn around id face the other way (when you jump over the other play* a head, lot Instance)

As usual there's a two-player mode

a one.player SiBhamen! and  Hjpvgh The Ait Of Breaking

Hlli'S doesn't do

flight Straight Iron Ihe olt,

let me say this «the best name lor a beat-'em-up I've ever heard Foigei street lighting and kombal - breaking heads is what it's realty all about

That McU MctyUiUr ■ k Hk.il a MU.

pMtu'arly real

or totereettng to

the genre, this is

a perieciiy playable

game which could be really good with

some new graphics and a We

tidying up


The first truly playable beat-'em-up I've seen on PD. but there's nolhing new or interesting la make it stand out And there    niggly faults



Have you seer the Scorched Tanks game we put on our coverdsk back on issue 407 It you have, then you! already be familiar with the game style, but it you haven't, lei me explain what's going on.

It's your ship against up \ to seven others, in a battle to ' the death Your only means oi attack are your stock ot missiles You set the angle, set the power, make sure you've chosen the right type ot missile and then fire it Finally, you get 10 watch ihe explosion

There are all sorts ot options, all sorts ot weapons, different types of shields and terrains to mess around with and ihe computer opponents can even be tailored to make things that much harder (or easier). It's very similar to Scorched Tanks. but different enough - with loads ot weapons and things, and most importantly an eight-player mode -to warrant a look


An erght-player game is a riot, and with all those options you could be playing it (or ages before you get bored ****

Tkrllllaj action Jiabi Na 4 la a la riel ot 13.

i tor if you get Even it 4 is a



All iacrcdibta annul







Right. So you've read the reviews. Don't believe a word of what I'm saying and reckon you quite fancy playing them yourself, do you Fine. If you want to know where to get them from, ring the following companies for more information. Exclusive PD are on (0705) 642409 and Online PD can be contacted on (0704) 834335.


IYi »i t 4 i*i

drib l « ns i

i a a Mug'

ft 9

. Taa rand H bera tint.

Gamefr>Ihat are relfr been released on the


r Tl Mk

a k\ui


* JL

i j ui_i

r—Jl 1

MU t«U


A more than pleasing selection off letters both real and ‘virtual’ this month encourages us to increase our endeavours, to strive even harder in the cause off Amiga justice and gives us a funny, warm glow in the pits off our stomachs. Aw shucks.

• Address your letters to: Do The Write Thing, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Or ‘netsurf’ us at: ampower@futurenet.co.uk.


Dear AP

I could ooi agree more on the baronship of Peter Molyneux. but did you know that In Japanese, the words Peter' and Molyneux' rather embarrassingly mean Wooden lip I hope the inlarmalion above DOES IN NO WAV endanger Mr Molyneux s credfcdity In the world of professional programming.

Vours truthtuly,

Craig Hesmondhalgh, Blackpool

Hooray. ana what a sun »this month's

tenets page - It ptcks uponaflotAP s mannerisms. refers to past mags, has a lew capitals in It and contains a blatant be. Ot does n Or DOES H OR DOBS IT’ And speaking ot which



As a regular reader of AP, I feel its my duty to DISSEMINATE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION and 1 believe Ihe contents

ot this letter to be VITAL TO THE SURVIVAL OF MANKIND Some AP readers may have noticed a lot ot words in CAPITAL LETTERS in recent issues, and I can exclusively reveal that these aie but one pan ol a sinister plot to DESTROY THE WORLD AND ALL WHO LIVE IN IT. hopefully including MR BLOBBY

The capital ictteis that we have seen so much of recently are ideally a paper-based version ot STAGE HYPNOTISM, in this case forcing all the readers ot AMIGA POWER to PICK UP THEIR WEAPONS AND FIGHT FOR THE CAUSE OF STEVE THE PUBLISHER.

The an of HYPNOTISM THROUGH CAPITAL LETTERS was first used successfully dunng WW2 by German forces to make people succumb easily to advancing armies by dropping copies ot YOUR ENIGMA magazine over enemy lines

This is the real reason why 300,000 troops were trapped at Dunkirk This is the real reason lor Stuan Campbell leaving (And not. tor example, a 250°' pay nse -Birterty poor Ed) and anyone who suggests that he was leatous ol JD


There s only one way lo slop Sieve die Pubksnor TAKING OVER THE WORLO. and Ihafs UNITING UNDER A FLAG OF HUMOUR and wntmg letters ENTIRELY IN CAPITALS untt he slops Yovs paranoia ngfy Brett Davids

Sorry9 Slave the who9



Cooey all. Henry the pouncing lion here again. I'm writing lo complain, ust by way of a change. Simba the Lion King9 Simba the Pouncing Pillock more like! ITs giving lions a bad name you know. Ol oourse. I'm nol jealous al all. I auditioned lor the pan of Simba you know Said I was too British Whai did they expect Irom a lion Irom Bromley9 Henry is a much belter name than Simba when il comes lo royalty How many King Simbes have there beenExactly Honeady, I ask you Ol course, il fd been in it. the computer game would have been lab trifl *11220 Oh well.

Please spare a thought tor poor Uncle Arthur liom London Zoo, who passed away recently. He didn't like being cooped up in a zoo you know, people staring at him ail day long. At least he had two decent meals every day though

Must go now 'cos there's a rather large herd ol wildebeest grazing outside my front door Bnd I'm feeling a little peckish Pounces and purrs to you all and may your joystick never wilt in the noonday sun Yours at the shrubbery.

Henry ihe Lion. Bromley.

You're being siby now Everybody knows that hons cant write letters without proper supervision



You have no idea what it's like being a cow I don't mean lo beet about it. AAa ha ha. - Ed) bul when you're a regular lor Sunday lunch and people wear your skin. It's enough lo send you mad. At last though, we cows have the recognition we deserve Congratulations must go lo Add Software lor realising the importance ol things bovine. Cows have known for quite some time that we are supenor creatures and it's mooaic to Our ears (Aha ha ha. -Ed) to lind some humans who agree with us. Cows ol the wand rejoice

I say let Ihe message be herd (Aha ha ha - Ed) (l want to milk this one (Aha ha ha - Ed), uddenun sc (Aha ha ha. - Ed) what's the point ) and we must get it off pal (Aha ha ha. - Ed) or face the Items ol a dilemma. (Aha ha ha - Ed)

Yours Cud-chflwmgly.

Clover Cow, The Countryside.

Cows cant write letters either. And who's Rat Can ive have some letters from people now Preferably without cows in them Pteaset


Dear Animal-hating AP,

So you tioughi you could lool me wnh your 'Protect our woodand Iriends routine Well, let me tell you that putting wheels on cows' legs isn't very aiumai-hicndy. There'll be a cry ol outrage as innocent cows will soon be tormented across Engfend by children following your lead and tying wheels to cows You should be ashamed Yours angrily.

Joao Cunha de Sequeira Amaral. Amaranfe. Portugal



Dear Mr AP.

Al the beginning. Kangaroo Coun was witty, ongmal and tunny. Now it's about as good as International Rugby Challenge

Gel rid of it Now Thank you Or else you shall be mlesied with maggois and when they are finished crawling through your mlesied llesh. you shall pupate into a tty only to dn when your best mate comes along with a fly swatter Or one ol Kangaroo Court's alighiiy more hornfic executions.

James Hutchinson, Newiownbutler

You hate It. rrnthons don i. According to reader potts. it's one ot our most popular features But because you. James Hutchinson ask us to stop, we shau The person responsible tor Kangaroo Court has been fired and fus lamtty shot and kitted The matter rests.


Dear Sirs.

Hello. I am doing a project on computer piracy and I was wondenng it it is possible that you could give me some information on this topic. For example, do you have any information on how the large companies suffer from the ellecls ol piracy, how large a scale piracy is on. what is berg done to combat the problem and where the software is being made available. I would be very grateful if you could help with my research.

Andrew Buchan. Glasgow.

No Andrew, you would be very grateful if we would write your entire project tor you. saving you hours ot research. Sod oft and DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK


Dear AP

For a long lime now, my comrades and I have been greatly offended that you. our heroes, have singled us out to be regularly put down, otlen using unnecessarily harsh language. Wo consider ourselves professionals m an increasingly small area Ol work, and we pirates take our dbs seriously (Hang on - 'increasingly smab"> - Ed) Many ot us have dyed our facial hau and collected a sizeable stash ot booty over the 30-Odd years we've been roamxig the high seas Although ►




—- ■ - - •

Where once there was nothing, now there is torm. Where once there was silence, now there Is noise. After months of relative calm, the InformatlonSuperAcaclaAvenue has finally choked up with traffic. From universities and from unwitting parents' expensive PCs messages have been buffeted along the HyperSpeedDalaRiver to reach the AP office MERE SECONDS LATER


Dear AP

I wish 10 register a complaint.

I wish to compfam aboul this Rise cl the Robots whal I purchased rot half-an-hour ago from this very boutique. You want to know what's wrong with if I'll tell you what's wrong with it. my lad. it's dead, that's what's wrong with it. No it has not crashed. Look, matey. I know a dead game when I see one and I'm looking at one nght now Beautiful graphics' The graphics don't enler mlo it. It's sione dead (Takes joystick and beats up third character without looking)

Now that's whal I call a dead game Oh Got it in Easy Mode' have I Look, mate, when I purchased this game no! half-an-hour ago you assured me its complete lack of difficulty was due to it being in easy mode That was deedin' medium And on 'drfheuH' it am t even worth a mention. Pinin' tor the 1200 "’ Whal kind ol talk is that7 Look. I took the liberty ol examining the code and I discovered the Only reason it was an the shelves is because they spent a hell ol a lot ol money an the graphes and wanted some reiurns.

This game has passed on It is no more. It has ceased to be It's expired and gone to meet its programmer It's a stiff Bereft of gameplay. it rests in peace If you hadn't pul it on the shell ifd be kicking up the daisies It's kicked the bucket It's run down the curtain and joined the bleedm choir invisible1 THIS IS AN EX GAME

Kindly letch me another game. International Rugby Challenge7 That II do Graeme 'Plagiarise' Robb 94564270 lewis, sms edinburgh.ac.uk


Just out ol interest does anybody know the gross domestic ('Product' - no. hang on - Ed) of Bolswana7 It has had me puzzled lor weeks Yours Rarely Sober Sludenl,

Rich Lockwood RJ.LockwoodSbradford.ac.uk


Dear AP

My mate Rich says that you put Helsinki

in tho wrong place, and he made me write to you Don't pour scorn upon me. pour it upon his shrivelled body

Who dd that bloke who wrote aboul printers think he was7 Oh goody, a techie letter Yawn You could fell he was a PC owner fOh no - Ed) He has a problem and has to run tor help Typical!

I noticed Isabelle did not gel a letter in the last issue Are you worued Is she dead7 What will we do without her endless exclamation marks Surely it is Ihe end ol tho world Yours Nelsurlmgly.

Paul Scholes



Let me try ONE MORE TIME to get through to the mighty AMIGA POWER I really am fed up of failed mail, so please tell me if this gets through or not Cheers.

Duncan Tlmlney csc4dvkt@sun.leeds ac.uk

It. didn 't gel through No. only jc* mg. Or are we tying Or are w» tying now Or were we lying then


I am sorry lo report that I have some TERRIFYING information of VITAL and IMPERATIVE nature lor you

In your esteemed organ daled February ol this very year you stale lhal the amusingly-coiffured Cule Tiger Girl, leatured mast heavily in the beat ’em up Shadow Fighter, cries "Judith'' before assaulting all and sundry Would that this was the case In fact. Ihe dear wee lass shouts ‘Student1' before unleashing a lernfying hail of slern and. indeed, sturdy blows upon the opposition 'Student1' Thwack1 'Siudent1' Bonka! 'Student''

Bish bosh ooh ow argh' and so on The good people of the world need to be fold! About things! Mary, many things!

Simon J Brown

luclferfi a mdev demon.co.uk

Truly this is Ihe work of Ihe dewI.


I was out surfing the nef the ether day. when what should I find bul an AMIGA POWER site' on the World Wide Web' (see. I know all the jargon) “Watch this space1' it proclaimed, jauntily So I did. And nothing happened. I shall be writing to my MP Mat


This is quite clearly gelling out ol hand. The sinister organisation behind AMIGA POWER has posted' some ol our pages ai this address.

HTTP WWW FUTURENET CO UKjGAM ESAMIGAPOWER HTML We've no idea what that means and urge you to buy (he magazine instead


Dear AP.

You ever read AMIGA POWER, kids7 Weil I do. and I've got this passage memonsed. AP 25:17.

"The path ot nghieous magazine is beset on all sides by the indignities of programmers and the tyranny of evil PR people Blessed is the magazine who shepherds the readers through the valley of bad games Ear he is truly the finder ol great games.

‘And I shall slnke down with great sarcasm and furious captions those who would attempt to poison or oppose those views. And you will KNOW my name is AMIGA POWER when I lay my vengeance upon thee'

•A.Maaaa-1-aawinieeeooeee""1"* Biam' Blam1 Btam' Blam1 BlamBlam!

The Dark Lord of Ihe Sith 94564270lewis sms.edlnburgh.ac.u

PS We have a plant m our Hat called Sieve', alter Steve

Sieve says: And I now have a shrub m my neighbour's garden called 'The Dark Lordot the Sith'


All hail the overtords that are AMIGA POWER"!

Just thought l would utilise the wonder of modem technology that is ihe SuperHighOkaduInformaticnAuloBahn to drop you a little missive.

First and foremost, the magazine is cooler than ihe first couple, so anyone who wibbles on about the Golden Age is a liar. I mean, how can they compare the wonder of modern medicine that is the current AMIGA POWER, to the quite drab-looking AMIGA POWER of yoreFoolish people

Now I have ihe grovelling out cl the way. I can address ihe issue lhal has plagued my humble existence. What is the music of choice ol the funsters at AP  I want lo know. You criticise rave music in games, then you criticise grunge-type music in games What do you tike7 Tell me. man And J Nash Ren & Stirrpy are far superior to Arvmamacs. How do you feel7 Well thanks for listening and that. Paul Scholes

P.M.Scholes 0bradford.ac.uk

J Nash says You are wrong


Dear Auntie AP.

Please help me I don't know whal to do I've been lold all along that an Amiga and an active social Me don't mix. bul I didn't believe them, until now For the past three weeks, ever Christmas. I've been living a lie. I've hardly seen my Amiga at all Instead I've been going out with my girllnend to parties and meals and generally enjoying mysell I can't help it. Am I addicted

This is ruining my gaming life I have however managed to save mysell lo some small degree by at leas) reading about games at these hallowed pages but still I cannot help leeimg that this just isn't normal behaviour for a student such as

mysell in this day and age (in Edinburgh).

I am now not sure what lo do. please help me in my dilemma (great cars them) (Great cars, (hem damn - Ed)

Graeme No non-social life' Robb 94564270lewis.sms.edinburgh.ac.uk

You 're the (ahem) Dark Lard ol the Sith. aren't you


Just a thought, who actually answers Ihe letters page

Stuart Tomlinson. Manchester stuert0lomonet.demon.co.uk


If. as the song suggests. I’m a goal sconng superstar hero, then why am I so crap at SWOS

Chris Adcock


Maybe your copy 's bugged, or something



Hi! Just to say that I'm using the InformationSuperBusRoute fo give you a big virtual kiss, for all the effort that you put into AMIGA POWER last year' There isn't a single thing that you did last year lo make me leel upset in any way. I even think Cam is funny! So! bouncebouncebeonce I just want to say. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK'!! Anne-Llse

xuuaw0csv.warwlck.ac.uk PS Don't pnnt this - it's just a compliment

PPS No. Isabelle Rees DOES use more exclamation marks than me - I counted



You're nght. Stargate is crap Ludwig Ledbury pl0SQton.ac.uk

We are nghl. As always


or oh"

Aren't e-mails a wonderful thing So speaks an acknowledged expert on them, an expert cos I spend most ot my life on CompuServe. You should check out the Village Inn. where the booze is tree, Ihe muse's good and the men are cheap (’And" - Ed) easy (Not that you guys will really want to know where lo find cheap ('.And" - Ed) easy men. but the gals might.)

Well, after that I'm sure you'd appreciate a sensible comment from me. (Wracks brain frantically.) Nope, sorry. You'll just have lo do with this load of crap. I conge at Ihe thought ot some Ot my earlier letters, written in a spint ol 'oh it doesn't matler. they'll never pnnt this.' Are you that hard-pressed for letters to pnnt7 Oh God. 1 can't cope any more.

Well, that II be all for now folks. (Everyone heaves a huge *•





sigh of relief) I'm off lo do some cruisst' out there on the highway ("Watch out for fhai truck1 Oops, loo iaie') No I meanl the Information super highway See y'afl.

Isabelle L EU" Reese 100104.S50ecompuserve.com


Dear hunts, pits and mustards

Everyone buys AP because it's tunny * Who wrote this You pigs' I hale you all. I'm going 10 go into a comer and write a particularly stem letter to the Mail on Sunday Then I'm going to burn a calt in ritual piaise ot joumo-egocentnc-oll types who should know better Boo-hoo Are the walls ol the AP olhce covered m mirrors’ You tarty-tarty-pimp-pimps So there

Don't take it as a personal anack. think ol it more as a redressing ol the balance Perhaps you d had loo much F-Max on ihe day lhal you wrote lhal bit Tim Page


Tim Page That's a bit ot a tunny name, isnlit


I have iust finished reading issue 46 ot your (me Amiga oncntated publication and wish to complain On the cover ot the ottendmg issue, the words Mad Cow are prominently displayed However, imagine my disappointment when I turned to the letters page and there were, m tact, no letters by Isabelle Rees at all This is not good enough Mat




Just a lhank-you lor providing Ihe most comprehensive and honest game reviews ol any ot the Amiga magazines You were the only mag to see through the over-hyped Frontier and so far are the only mag to do a decent Mortal Kcmbat 2 review Keep it up (Inarr)

Jon Mahoney


And you were going so wen


I thank at the interests ot unbiased reptesentation you should pnnt this letter as you have shown only the more militant side ot Ihe games-wi1h-animals-tn-ftiemthat-you-havelo-kill argument You are suggesting to impressionable minds that violence and dirty tactcs are the onty way lo get the cause noticed Wo al the AiGlYHlKFP jED) or Animals m Games that You Have to Kill Freedom Party (Edinburgh Division) have been campaigning peacefully lor a number ol years now and have made substantial progress in the field For example, alter a number ol stern letters and chanty car-boot sales we managed to peisuade Psygnosrs to release the ammal-lnendy

Wiz (mAnd~ - Ed) Liz But now your haish tactics and violent methods are likely lo bnng our whole organisation into disrepute. The sad thing is that this will now bring the issue to public altention. but lor all the wrong reasons And we shall be back to square one.

Take a leaf trom the AiGtYHtKFP (ED) book and start employing nonviolent means How about sJoganed T-shirts ‘Mutilate a Bunny’ No Thanks' or ‘Just say NO lo mass killing on a random basis o! animals in computer games" Pretty catchy I think you'll agree Or perhaps print some badges, or put up small non-oflensive posters in legally designated areas, or perhaps you and some close personal triends could gather on a street corner and smg to passersby about the plight ot our graphically bound chums

Again I implore you to revoke your violent ways or at least lor Ihe sake ot laimess pnnt this letter Graeme Robb (AiGtYHtKFP (ED) president)


By tar the most popular topic this month after SWOS has been the last minute replacement Woodland Friends'back page Undoubtedly the planned Can a 14 Year-0td Boy Do the Special Moves ot Hs Shadow Fighter Counterpart ' article wrth James Attwood being beaten up and set alight would have passed without comment


"I remember the day Fiankenstem came to visit And Robby sad he was an anniversary piesenl because we'd known each other for 27 days there hadn't been any nights ' (giggle) "And as we watched the sun go dawn with a Diet ("Stoke" - Ed). Robby said (giggle) "Now wo ie a lamily. we should get married. " "The Passion Springs Motel had only one room, with one double and one single bed Robby and Frankenstein took Ihe double bed. What exactly do they pul m that drink’"


mjr100a@hermes cam.ac.uk


Hello Irom ihe USA

Just a note from "across the pond" to let you know how much I and many other Amiga tans here m the Slates love your magazine Amiga users in this country are at a very weird situation: the computer was developed here, but marketed miserably (It al all). So. there are almost no dedicated Amiga dealers left here and none ol the major software retail chains carry Amiga software: say 'Amiga' in those stores and you'll get a augh or a blank look Thus, lor many ot us. you> magazine is a lifeline to a world where peope have actually heard ol and suppod this wonderful computer!

Love those coverdrsks. loo1 Good job. folks Long live AP Steve Folberg s.lolberg®genie.gels com

> regarded by many ot the world's navies as a bunch ol salty, unshaven criminals, we regard the unprovoked smeanng ol the pirating profession as unacceptable in today's world. Please stop this harassment which will undoubtedly damage oui already diminished lifestyle Bluebeard and chums


She's nghl you know The nice lady who wrote in to your letters page m AP45 Pat Reeves is her name, and she's right Yes Why oh why do you make it harder to read the mag by porting text or black letters on dark backgrounds or on pictures’

There are enough colours in the pictures and photos to cater tor people with readmg problems, so stop messing up the text pages, black on whae is tine.

Stlg Stlgglei Modln. Sweden



Why oh why does Isabelle Rees bother to wrile such incessant tosh that NOBODY WANTS TO READ’ Such vital irtarmation as WHAT SHE DID ON HER HOLIDAYS and he< histone achievement of SENDING

YOU HER BUS TICKET It that makes interesting reading, then you can bram me senseless with a teddy bear's slutting Tim Causer. Wester-Ross

And as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared


Dear AP.

So you should help people with their printer problems (see AP46) should you  I'd like to refer anybody who is ot this opinion to the bit on the cover where it says "The World's Biggest-Sellmg Amiga GAMES magazine." (Although it doesn't any more. It turns out some German mag seis more. - Ed) See that It means that the esteemed writers at AP don't care about printers They help people with


So If you want a magazine that deals with printers, I suggest you go and start one yourself. Bui somehow I don't think we II be seeing PRINTER POWER In newsagents In the foreseeable tulure And I lor one. am happy about it Thank you Isabelle Rees. Surrey


Dear Sue,

I have a malha teacher called Hunlly. Pleaae be related to her in aome kind, unproless-hunal way.

Will Tiberius Shatner

Sue says: I'm noL The clan Huntley is tar rarer than your Huntlys. Bui perhaps your maths protess-hur Is related lo Hunlly. the Page 7 Mia Or Noah Huntty trom Emmerdale Or (That's enough Sue. - Ed)

In the Secret Cavern, are the Four Fabs Beatle lookallkes or members ol the Paul Merlon fan club

Claire, Barry.

We shall never know. The Cavern Is no more. Long live the Garden! Until we gel bored ol It

Did you know that the loading lime of SWOS corresponds to the time It takes for Stealer's Wheel's 'Stuck In The Middle With You' to run through fully, lo the exact second Creepy ah Perhaps there la some divine force at work here which controls our destinies.

Ian Martin, Bristol

And lhal bloke trom Tlr Ns Nog used to walk In sync with Ray Parker Jr's Ghostbuaters.

In months to come, will the number ol reviews get less and lesa And why do I naver see a picture ol Jonathan Nash And SWOS Is totally bent, and could you print more about Sinister Theme Park please


Yes. Because his kind can 'I be recorded on film. We know, and possibly.

An ad lor King's Quest 6 on the back of AP37 said "40% of the game la fully optional. An adventure so vast, you may never see ft all." Why bother to Include It then

Marculae Fresher, Stoke-on-Trent

Dear Dazed Cut-out ot a man.

I too was a jaded war prostitute during Ihe nineteen-eighties.

Yours ultimately sell defaatlngly, •Ganger MacMartln

Remember kids. War prostitution -lust say NO.

By the way Isabelle, I hope you're not a lad In disguise, because t've fallen madly In love with you.

Brett Davids

Slop that al once.


don t lorgel. is:

Do The Writs Thing.


30 Monmouth Street.

Bath BA1 2BW.

Cyber Otaku Matrix-Jacking Guru High Wizards can e-mall ua at: ampowsr@luturenet.co.uk but we ll only reply In these pages, 'cos we re tar loo busy otherwise So there.

Granom's voice] I'M SLEEPING. Grandma's VOICE) GO AWAY, INFINITY. Susie: I HATE THIS CASTLE. (She runs upstsirs to her room.)

Mvross: Tsk. I've a daughter the same age. What can you do You can't continue to treat them as children It they aee themselves ae adults, and yet at the same lime you can't let them do whai they want until they've proven they’re mature enough to handle all that Ills can throw at theft, Dent you agree. Infinity     l»= i

Simon: I'M HUNGRY. BANG ME FOOD. Mvaosa: Er. quite. What'S that dellcloua smell ot cooking, Mrs Infinity

Susan: ITS A CAKE.

Mvaosa: Oh, lovely.

Suian (indicating lipstick on Simon's cottar): EH WHAT

Simon (in alarm): ITS A PLANT Mveost (thunderously): I thought there was something going on with Miss Largesectaliry at that ofllce party Yoijhjrjys were weak-willed. Infinity Simon (regretfully): I'M NOT THAT STRONG.


(Doorbell rings. Enter Derek Ntmmo as Reverend Handshake.)

Hanosmske: Good evening. Infinity.


Handshake: Don i tell me you've foropttoa our weekly Mpa iilM

Good heavens, my trousers have fallen down

(Doorbell rings. Enter Hattie Jacques as Mine Largesecretary. Reverend Handshake hides behind the umtMella stand.)

Laaoiucheiahv: Oh Wr Infinity. I had lo tee you. It's all a terrible misunderstanding. I mistook you in that darkened photocopying room lor Mr Myboes

Mvaosa: Silence. Miee Largesecretary. Laroesecretary: I won't be silent. Mr Myboss. The truth must be told. I'm madly In love with you. you fool. Mveoee: Oh. Rita.

Laroesecretarvi Oh. Marmaduke. Handshake: Oh, crikey.

Mveoaft Infinity, I'm giving yaathe promollon


(Myboss and Largesecretary leave


Handshake: II only I had a button lo saw on these trousers Simon: fT’S IN MY POCKET. Handshake: Gosh, thanks Infinity. I'll be sure to tell God to give you a big house and lota of money. (He leaves.) ('Simon and Susan look at each other Laugh heartily.)

(Loud banging ot walking stick from room above.)

Grandpa's voice: BRING ME WINE. (Susan raises her eyes heavenwards and amlles Indulgently. Hugs Simon.) Susan: I LOVE YOU.

Simon (hugging her back): IT'S A MOLECULAR STABILISER (They go ups fairs. Title music. Kitchen explodes in /lame. Infinities run up and down stairs behind credits, throwing buckets ol wafer info kitchen snd laughing heartily. Jimmy O Youknow dies and is replaced by Donald Slnden In second series,)

again,” said Daily Daily.

Regretlabiy, APAOt The Secret Ot Monkey Island In The Style Of John Woo felled al the box office, putting paid lo the planned sequel Flight Ot The Intruder Al200 In The Style Of Ken Annakin. The most pragmatic mightiest beings ever lo produce a computer games magazine ■■ we ere. It seemed sensible to turn Instead fo the profitable world ol television sitcoms. Exhaustive research revealed that for a sitcom to succeed it had lo be based around a middle-class suburban lamily the head of which wee worried constantly about losing his Job, and Derek Nimmo had (□ be In It.

The choice ol Amiga gimdflhfta

eilcom lo be In The Style Of was a foregone conclusion. What else could capture the crisp one-liners and comic banality of everyday family life but the firsi ever' and second ever' 'Amiga speech advonlures' Valhalla and Valhalla: Before the WarT HOMAGE MUST BE RAID.

Cue titiesi Caption:


the Infinities, by Jeremy Lloyd and

music peters out Inferior. Infinity Enter Simon

Mvaoss: I always like to Invite myself to dinner with my employees, Infinity, especially ones I'm thinking of promoting to ofllce manager, eh  (Nudges Simon.) It lets me see how they really are. understand

Simon: I'VE GOT IT.

(Enter Susen Infinity.)

Mveoia: Good evening, Mrs Infinity. Susan: I M SCARED.

Mvaoss: I beg your pardon


(Enter Susie Infinity on her way out.) Mvaoss: Ah. this must be little Susie. Simon: YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS. Susan (Indicating Susie's heavy makeup): YOU CAN T DO THAT.




Susie (sobbing> I DON'T UNDERSTAND.




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Amiga Power Issue 48 1995 may Cover

Merci pour votre aide à l'agrandissement d'Amigaland.com !

Thanks for you help to extend Amigaland.com !



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