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It s the same in every genre. The Secret of Monkey Island changed the face of polnl-and-cllck adventures FOREVERI, except, ol course, It didn't as. for example. Universe and the King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry seriea went to show. Mortal Kombat demonstrated that beat-'em-ups could work on the Amiga: Dangerous Streets. Elfmanla. RIsible Robots and, er, Mortal Kombat 2 reiterated they couldn't Second Samurai shook the platform game by the throat: Dennis and Marvin's Marvellous Adventure shook it limply by the hand. Sabre Team showed up Hero Quasi and made K look Ilka a rubbishy old boardgame: Hero Quest 2showed up and looked like Hero Quest. Why do companies persist In Iheaa futile ventures We keep explaining they re rubbish. Amiga owners keep from buying them, publishers keep turning up with more of them. Hey - carry on like this and we’ll start to think the games themselves don't matter to you companies and that Instead of Investing time and effort In nurturing talented programmers Ilka the people behind Gravity Force 2 and Shadow Fighter, you're more Interested In quick slackly-programmed cash-ln lookallkes to fool Indulgent grandparents and stupid fanboys, eh Eh Eh You vlcloua scummy pointy-headed impotent Incestuoua child-murdering friendless bastard spawn of a weasel.

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Amiga Power Issue 47 1995 apr Cover

Ini cspioui iiim e< lUlfll m Mr Do mikai i Rb> return lo Af And (baft MTl hoa Vorkifcirel





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The sun begins to rise over AMIGA-space, touching the treetops with a warm glow. But already, AMIGA POWER is in the air, the earth shaking to the roar off our Fokker engines and our guns. For we have Empire's Dawn Patrol, and we rule the skies. DAGGA DAGGA! Page 30


uk* pawns nvno ■ tm m

It's a platform game. Gal. With nothing much particularly sew la It. Humagh. Bat it's been ■tally pal together, looks alee, is on Ike CD32, aid doesn't cost moth money. What does tkis meaa Sea tke good paints bottle tka bad ems la oar LIVE raview. Sponsored by E-Max. Ike lightly sparkling lisb drink. Page 34



■■ mi am liens >win.a.<pe






Hie Doily Telegraph pales next to AMIGA POWER where news gathering is concerned Eschew it in favour of us.

tun emuh

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QHi UtAm «MeWk Cm Me, Ofte Gftfci

sta.ie kh.

OMLUM Mtnai Sm Hants nenefins onKwe G«n HpN* nuomilfcS AhimA.

tottotiAi t uvntnoec


l«Mi WMaqlll miMdii.i M U: TtW

M11JJS M7N4 Ft>r»S4Mlf

I. dll 1 id 1. Ip m .1    yn Ab.

fed lenm je. He*

wesarmen and ovttsus mstimhoo t*} la.1, ieBMW tune U11 ATI Td C172SW7J44

In bringing pristine, fragrant scented ropies of AMIGA POWER la your door each month, we surpass even Inlerflora in our global delivery capabilities.


A compleie collection ol Haynes manuals, the entire contents af the Reader's Digest How To Da Everything book, and ihe iapanese instructions far (am's missing gun would be drugging to compete with the level of advice in our playing lips pages.

ying lips pages.


vO Were you la trawl ihe

W U Were yau la Irawf the British Museum for months, examining its exhibits and records in the minutest detail, you would find less historical information than (here is in just one sensibly-priced back issue af AMIGA POWER.


O AMIGA POWER receives more letlers from you each day than the Royal Mail delivers oaoss the whole country in an entire year.


O w If yau sailed ihe wori

O w If yau sailed ihe world's oceans for o decade, catching fish and staring them in the hold af your ship under refrigeration, you would not have as many fish as there are Amiga games recorded in AMIGA POWER’S The Bottom Line.


Some ads. from readers.


As vioioare breaks Ml among a faaidy el darafaplats, you m«il step hi with you strange blood-iurklag urges eud repair Ike rifts wklek itvide them. Page 38


Think about it: When was the Iasi time you saw a new dinosaur game We investigate. Page 20


The cast off The Garden That Time Forgot, that's who. Page 29


The first game la (lain, exptcitly or otherwise, ta be Doom - bat oa the Amiga. Bat is it Aad even if it's not, is It still good

And so, why And If xol, why oat Blimey, there's almost enough roam to do the review right here. Page 40




Page 88

THE BACK PAGE The Amiga game off a 2000AD story THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Page 90



Base Jumpers


Dawn Patrol

Award Winners—— European Champions

The Patrician-----—


Death Mask

Guardian A1200

It's Cricket

Captain Carnage Hot Numbers — Punter v2.0-------

Forming a symbiotic relationship with this Issue of AMIGA POWER are two disks.

They take advantage of their host maga2lne to Imparl Information regarding their contents, while the magazine benefits from the Increased sales they generate.

Lai Ilia tnanpats soaadl UN tbo ataraol flam ba Ml Let Iba dandnf trea.es perform! The tie me of ainrlim has arrived oa AMMA BOWIB'a covordbkil Huar tha era. a roar appreciatively as foe taka la tha podlaas lo onomfX oat special level, which brtayt lojsihar worry ol tha baddies frooi talar Imh lain ooa fraaxiad barsl el fawlaj atslast


Ooa of tha sweetest, most I so tattoo, aad ifaplf bast platform faaoai oa tha Aaha 1tee is boo obufaabfa oa Iba SOB, and Iff avail baftar than bolora, lor taaia ratoon Hay ear daao aad m that M b food.

Mr Do rotarvs aeafa, Ibis das loohloy hla bast rat la Ibis laaiasda alts basic-proyraaaid oonloa from Torkshlra. Lot ball aad ba worry.

Its Aacaaa - bat oa tha Aalyi - bar oa

oar covenUtk, la coiapscl demo bra Doooar dels la ctaastiaphobk aiasas, all Iba while porsaod by erased fhosts.


• Oh no! Aie you sure Before you go any further. Iry the procedures described In the panel over the page. If. aflei all that, you do have disk problems, chuck il In an envelope along with an explanatory letter and an SAE (or you'll never hear tram them again), and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 47. Discopy Labs. PO Box 21. Daventry NN11 5BU If you send it to us. the past will be altered to eradicate your parents and. therefore. YOU.






•    You've only gol 512K of memory on your Amiga Blimey. that1* a bit stupid. Isn't It Go and buy an eipanslon RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any ol the games, all you have lo do is switch off your machine. Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the Instructions to load the game of your choice.

•    Just to be on the safe aide, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key lo make your selection.

•    You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one of the other demos. When you do so. simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine off lor 20 seconds or so bet ore loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

•    Have a good time.


•    Are you sure

•    Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not Tike', such as external drives.

•    If your disk falls to load, than pop it In a padded envelope, along with a latter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 47 Returns Discopy Labs PO Box 21 Daventry NN11 5BU

•    We're really hoping that you're reading this bit. because It's quite Important: please don't send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how to fix dodgy disks, and we ll Just throw 'em straight In the bin. So send

AP\ them to Discopy. Please.

Authors: Acid

Guankan the Game of Champions) used to he available only on the CD32 Guardian (the Game ol Champions] was awarded a richly-deserved 90% m AP43 Guardian (Ihe Game ol Champions) was played incessanlly by all members ol AMIGA POWER lor three whole weeks, resulting in the

magazine missing ils allocated print slot and being lined in excess of almost 15 thousand pounds. In New Zealand, where Guardian (Ihe Game of Champions) emanates Irani, il has become Ihe centre ol a growing religious cull lhal has shocked the law enforcement community as well as civic leaders. It’s lhal good.

Being ihe

lechnophobes we are. we thought that the tilting skyline in Guardian (the Game of Champions) probably used some "special" chips in the CD32 and that it was therefore unlikely lhal we'd ever see an A1200 version But no, it turns out that in Ihe field of micro-eleclronics, we know nolhing. as this demo dearly proves.

The game's a 3D version ol Defender. with landers, pods, swarmers and all those ofd favourites, only in 3D. The specially-made level in our demo contains many ol the baddies trom later levels, and rather than protecting humanoids, you've got to try and keep all the ground installalions standing. It you can finish the level with 100% ol ihe buildings inlacl. then you're pretty dashed good.

The controls are a bil Odd. with ihe options being either a C032 controller or the mouse. The mouse buttons accelerate or decelerate you. but use them spanngly. or it all gels horribly last. To change the view, press ESC lo get to the options menu. The keyboard commands go a little like this:


SPACE bar - Nuke (handy for the sian of the level)

Left ALT key - Reverse direction (Great lor taking out suckers on your tail)

Tab - Guided missiles (it you've got them, natch)

The funny spiked balls that appear when you shoot certain things are power-ups. and the trick lo picking them up is to swoop low and grab them before they crash onto the ground and disappear Play the demo, lead the review on page 47 and then Just go and buy the game any way. You owe it to yourself

Author: Nick Slavan

It's a superior version oi Mr Do. a video game older lhan the most elderty giant lorioise that lives in the tar olt Galapagos Islands As old as the mountain streams that carve through the Caledonian mountains, as old as the kilometre thick icellows that press down on the bedrock ol Iceland with unimaginable pressure Older in (act, than many ol the seven or


takes we use. month alter month, in AMIGA POWER

You know the score- Run around, pick up Iruit. drop apples on baddies, hre your bouncy ball and lid through the levels Jusl play it

PUCil/iiVj J



Almost (but not quite) succeeding as a clone.

Pucman nevertheless remains a spectacularly dose conversion ol the most popular coin-op ol all lime and the lirst to attract women in numbers to video games Yes. not only are you bound to recognise the maze and the simple graphics, but the (aithfully-reproduced sound is guaranteed to bring to mind treacly visions ol unpleasantly cavernous halls and sickle-cell anaemia. Wheie Pucman diverges trom the one true path Is in the movement ol ils monsters. The mighty beings ol AMIGA POWER, having invested severally in How to Win at Pacman books, can state with authority that the ghosts ol Pucman do not follow

the correct patterns Damn their omnipursuanl eyes.

Tediously uncovered solutions aside, this version oilers even more options than the original, induding a fiendishly tun simultaneous two-player mode, where you (the player) must decide whether lo help or hinder him/her (the other player) in his/her guest lor maximum poiniaga Pucman oilers hours ol frivolity ol a llee/chase nature and. as a financially taunting bonus, the lull version (available Irom the address displayed proudly in the demo hself) won’t stan going dark in the increasingly more obvious and distracting way that this one does Enjoy


Boy were you lot annoyed when we originally had a Bubble and Squeak disk demo badi in AP42. It was an A1200 demo, you see (one ol our lirst). and everyone (well, everyone who didn't have an A1200) seemed to think this was most unfair. However, with this demo, the only people who can complain are those who tail to appreciate the tricky yet pleasing nature ol this liner than line puzzly game And they're stupid, so they don't count.

The bald kid and Blue Thing are back in lour levels completely drflerenl Irom the A1200 demo, which is surely a Good Thing. The plan is to control the bald kid and coax Blue Thing to the exit, which is accompkshed using the following -special" skills:

•    To fire stars, press FIRE. Obviously

•    To pick up or drop pots, springs, etc, press DOWN and FIRE

These are ail very well and good, but H you get to Blue Thing (which, on the firsl level, is accomplished by putting one ot the springs on top ol the other) then you can try out a lascinaiing array ol new moves, many ol which involve obvious cruelty lo the azure mammal

•    To make It follow the bakf kid. press DOWN and FIRE. Oo the same when

vnrkMM Westwood Helped de*»*n the Hots.

* -

Authors: Audiogenic

you're led up ol il trailing round.

•    To kick ri, stand right next to it and press FIRE. Sometimes you've got to.

•    To get it to throw the bald kid into the air, stand in from ol il and press UP and FIRE. Doing ihis while standing under an overhang means the bald kid cracks his head most amusingly.

•    To gel Blue Thing lo flap its dippers, gel coins by shooting nasties and then feed them into the bubble gum machine

•    And do all ol these quickty. or both Blue Thing and the small bald child will drown Hornbly.




Speculation, gossip, chit-chat, libel and slander Not a single word of it.
Read the truth. Read AMIGA POWER’S news pages. And MARVEL.

Runs on: A500. A600 A1200

Publisher: Acid Author: G Fritsche ETA: March

f •• who    '    ...

currently seem lo be    Rj Rp'‘

AMIGA POWER'S lavOuMe games pnhl sid te“e'

watch A.

They've only got that way by consisienity turning oul laniastically good games, ol course.

Games like    R


Guardian. ftoadki/l m and. we suspect, ihe sadly-delayed Skidmarks 2. Were they ever to let their standards slip tor even a moment, they would sutler with the rest ot them For the time being, however, we seize upon each new game they send us with relish

Center Court arrived

•    entirely out of the biue and

even in its current ijnlmished state s the

best tennis game any ol us have ever played And it seems to have been as much ol a surprise to Ac d as it was

Nobody likes a lavoume.

Favotmie pupils might get special attention Irom teacher, bui the rest ol the class scorn them and steal their dinner money. And lavounte sons and daughters have cossetted upbnngmgs. but pay tor tl later in lite when they find themselves il-equipped to cope in an unforgiving .—    world So Aod

On the Amiga With bells on.

to us It's actually been written by a mysterious German programmer called G Fntsche, about whom we know nothing, and its been done using Blitz Basic, the language Actd used to write Guardian Further delving reveals that il was originally an entry in a Blitz Basic competition run by our neighbours on Amiga Format Acid are planning to tweak the game a brl and then release it very soon as pan ol a compilation (“Possibly with some other great multi-player games including a very good Bomberman IDynabtaster] clone and a cool Gravity Wars ihing," reveals Arad's Simon

Armstrong, excitingly). But wa d probably burst it we waited until Acid's plans have been finalised before telling you about it. so beta goes

There's only so much you can do with a tennis game, and Center Court doesn t have anything particularly unique about it. There's a tournament mode, which is handy, along with a vanety ol surfaces to play on. both singles and doubles malches. and a career mode m which you get expenence points as you win malches whih can be assigned to various aspects ot your game. Acid are hoping to incorporate a tour-player doubles mode before they release it. but apart from that there's nothing m Center Court that hasn't been seen in a dozen other tennis games

Bu1 it just teets nght'. somehow The ball zips about at a tremendous pace, and a careluliy-piace<l serve will need lightning reactions to return - ust like real tennis Serves are achieved by lirst pressing lire, and then holding down the 0ypad (or a bit. which allows you to place the ball just about anywhere you like And once the ball's moving about you've got a lull range ol shols at your disposal Meanwhile, the crowd applauds and goes *Ootf a lot.

Tsk You're not convinced, are you Just take it from AP: Center Court looks like it'll be tun. in much the same way as Super Tennis on the SNES transcended its tenms-ness to become one ol the best games ol any type on the machine II Acid just lake out the unnecessary digitised phdfographs. tidy up the presentation a bit and perhaps incorporate a dack' sample lor when the ball skims oH the top ol the net. (1 may well turn out to be the Amiga's best tennis game yet.



Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Alternative Author: In house ETA: March

Did you know that every

disposable nappy ever used lies Intact In a land-fill she somewhere, a dormant biological disaster jusl welling to explode I mention this because it struck me that there will soon be a similar overloading ol the world a fragile eco-structure by redundant looty marry games, whose numbers seem to be spiralling dangerously out ol control.

With this thought In mind, I challenged Alternative's Roger Hulley to explain himself. Why should we be looking forward to this game What

separates It from the herd

"Er, well..." he replied. "Have you ever played Tracksuit Managed"

Indeed I have The Idea behind ft was that the world (and his annoying younger brother, natch) was crying ou1 to play a football management game without all the tedious financial aspects, concentrating solely on the tactics. It was also the game that pioneered Ingame running commentary, with a text

description in the style ola football commentary letting you know what was happening on the pitch in plenty ol detail And II was rather good. If not quite brilliant.

Well, it's like that only better," claimed Rog. "It II be really last - no having to make cups ol tea while the results come in, lor example, unlike another WELL KNOWN FOOTY GAME that we won't mention.

"Also. It'll have a pretty advanced and revamped tactical engine, with the player choosing formations and playing styles as well as player positions and roles - you know, nominating penalty takers and the like. Also, If you play somebody out of position you'll really notice It Unlike, for example, another WELL KNOWN FOOTY GAME that we won't mention.

“And, ol course, it'll have all the English league clubs and some ot the conference teems. And we ll be making extra sure that all the data will be fully up-to-date on the day ot release."

Will Bath City be In It then

“Who "

Oh. I see.

Tracksuit Manager 2 will be In lor review next month, allegedly, and you can be sure that we will dissect it carefully before either elevating It to the giddy heights of world-wide success or relegating It to the toxic dump of life.



Anyone attempting to pick the best golf game on the Amiga would have a terrible dilemma on their hands. Nick Faldo  No. PGA European Tour. No, Nick Faldo. No. no. definitely PGA European Tour. No ...Oh dear.

Anyway. Nick Faldo is really good, particularly in lit revamped CD32 form (AP36 MS). But that, es it transpires, Isn't the end ol the story.

Grandslam will shortly be releasing a Deluxe Edition (of If) which sounds even better still. We're slightly confused as to how It's being Improved, exactly, but the graphics are supposed to be even better still, there's more speech and the controls have had further tweaking. What a month, eh, sportsters

■w :i« lL




















Runs on: A5Q0. A600.


Publisher: DEM Software Author: John Georgeadis (code), Donald E Kittle (graphics), DEM (design) ETA: Mid-1995

We first saw this Canadian Dungeon Waster-with-guns game back in APJd. when it was called Paranoia WHY HAVE THEY CHANGED THE NAME7

Anyway. Dungeon Masrer-wiih guns it is and, as Ihe accompanying notes wattle pompously (why do programmers insist on writing docs m ihe literary equivalent ot John Gielgud declaiming the rote ot Titus AndroniCus7 "Angst is a tirst-person-perspective space RPG that smoothly scrolls the star ot the game through dank, dilapidated hallways ot a cargo freighter" indeed) the designers were inspired by the creepy erkiFs-round-the-comemess of the Alien and Aliens films Recalling tondly the 8-bit Electric Dreams version ot Aliens, which with the barest graphics and sound that

went bip-txp-bip-bee-bee-BEEE when an alien rushed out at you managed to be one ot the authentically scanest games ever, i sat down to Ihe demo ot Angst with Glee, ihe Orange Juice ot Champions

The plot remains the same: you. a humble lift operator, are somehow the sole survivor of an alien aback on a big spaceship YOU MUST ESCAPE Because you are such a lowly employee, you don't have clearance tor security doors and the like, so must loot the bodies ot people you find for passes and equipment Apparently all the monsters have been drawn on special computers so they look unpleasantly sob and extra-scary. but. oddty. despite the paragraphs given over to explaining the special drawing lechmques no mention is made in the notes ot the sound, which is terrific You can listen with apprehension to monsters breathing m the distance, tremble to their thumping footsteps as they prowl Ihe eotndots and quail before their grotesque trumpeting as they spot you and give chase Let us hope you have not run out ot bullets when this happens, as the multi-decked spaceship is (gngh) a maze, with dead ends and everything. (11 does say in the instructions that the dead ends are a feature though, so that's all right then ) Angst shall appear sometime next month, when we shall pass judgment on whether its intriguing mix ot get object-use object puzzles and ka-chak BLANG! monster death terror action is indeed a Good Thing.


Do you know how sometimes a film doesn't have to be alt that good to be enjoyable Well. Medusa Pictures aie releasing Evdver lor video rental in mid-Apnl. and although it's complete nonsense throughout, and every twist and turn is entirely predctabte. it's stil a bit ot a hoot.

Directed and wntten by Mark "Who7"

Rosman, and wrlh a lul star line up including Ethan "Eh " Randall and John De "Never Heard Of Him" Lanoe. Evolvefs all to do with computer games and robots and Dungs, and therefore just about qualities lor us to mention it here

Thnll1 As the main teenager wins a hyper intelligent robot m a Virtual Reality arcade contest!

Swoon' At the exobng home laser tag games, with Ihe Evotver robol roaming ihe house tiring rubber balls and ihe kids reluming lire with laser guns!

Gasp! As the Evotver turns out to be Ihe offshoot of a military program, goes a txt raving mad bonkers and starts replacing its ruiibety projectiles wtih ball bearings and steak knives!

In a kind ot Short Circixt meets Freddy Kruger scenario, Ihe movie flits amiably across Ihe retina lor a good 90 mwules and, either intentionally or otherwise, features numerous prime comedy moments, tram the video recording ot the military version gunning down soldiers to the laughable way every victim is hit in the leg first SO that Ihe Evotver has a chance ot keeping up with them on its little trundly wheels

It's hugely entertaining in an airhead, trashy kind ol way. and we've got live copies to give away All you have to do is tell us the names ol the computer in Blake's 7 that was dearly built out ol a fish tank, and the computer that Twiki wore as a medallion i Buck Rogers Write the answers on the back of a postcard and send it to ‘I Fancied Genna More Than Calley". AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth SI. Bath BA1 2BW before the end ol Apnl



Tup. Id compo Hnw im again, and the lbn tol art profiling horn IK* US Cold compo we ran back m AP43 in whfefi im chadangad you to land ui • Pttlua ai you playing gall to an toiarailtog of unueuai place Needkee* 10 aay. nol many of you backpacked up toe Hueeteyaa a*h a lour Iran and a Polaroid camera, but a good many of you ciri out picture* and faked H comtncingty. Weft reaeonabty convincingly. Anyway, toe win rang plena* wea Madoua. but w* v* loti R ao you I juM have to taka <w word for ft

David Gorton Horn Gutoborough won Via CM2. Via kicky chappy and all of fheee peopla gal US Gold goody baga

Craig Slake*. Poo**

Mark Thomaa. BrtgNon Rebecca Thornton. South ShtofcM Wmdotone DrandMtm. feeuw Varan*. Holland Richard OaJalaM. Weal Houghton Chart* Woraiey. Guamaey


AP42 law Empire offering ncketi for ton to A hoc Tower* (to* theme park now alntalarty llrWwd la All IGA POWER) in cx* Praam Web compo All you hid 10 do waa ink the deecnptiona ol (Ream* r* haled mow* to View mfte* tout

•    The Muppei Chnatme* Carol taw Nfchaat Cain* being mourned by a bog. a pig and a bear

•    The Laal Temptation ol Chr1*J maw our hero waking up naiad lo a croaa

•    T2 aaw a woman dreaming that the world wa« dealt eyed by nuckrar aiptoaton*

•    A men dreamt ol being a faehton daaiRhR to The Secret Ida of Walter UiRy

•    Her if ton Ford dreama of unicoma to Blada Rumor

•    fa a inbMwdrtaf aclia*; a ■py'* We Rnd txj to Total Recall

•    A yotmg gbf killa a pair of old tadtoa to The WlbtddOf

R Winnie the Pooh OvwnV ol awwet loo* had monaiera

R A Klto gwf Overthrow* Vw monarchy w Alice In Wonderland

R The dramatic weterfall rescue wwa a (beam In Canoe Squad The Motoa

Tferry Owen from Brfeeloi kmw all trt* alrernty Mid we raeerd her with tan Ik kata la Akon Tow we wbiraea lhi« lol gel a pair of bekefe each and a copy Ol Praam Weft

Heel her Shaw. Hudderahetd Alai Sen Vi. Stevenage Alan Suiter. Gtatgow Suaan Week* Plymouth Rob Uoeeiey. Cheffartoeei



■■ukb zm wrouF


Zeewoif is about to sire an offspring. And you can be part of it.

A I least that's what Lord Byron (Father ct Ada. the flaky programmer o t Babbages Analytical Engine -Ed) reckoned in his learsome poem Destruction ot Sennacherib Son ot. And you know, even though he's been dead lot over 170 years now, we leel that it he were around today, he'd agree with AMIGA POWER that when it comes to shooting-at-domes-tiomhelrcopter games. Zeewoif (AP44. 90% is the poet's only choice

Maybe it's due to the programming genius ot Count Wilton. Lord Ot All Spheres, or maybe it’s because it deverty lakes the best bits from Desert Strike and the dassic Virus, but lor whatever reason, it's a smart and dandy shooty game ot epic proportions and impressive length But now. we re toM. a single game simply isn't enough to contain the might that is Zeewoif


Prepare yourselves, mere mortals, there's a sequel atoot


Asylum are taking this opportunity to coned a lew ot the ohgmal game s annoying glitches (such as the guns locking onto dead enemies) and also adding to the anginal You! now be able to take to air. land or sea in your pursuit ot sobbing and poorly-armed enemies thanks to the mtiodution ot tanks, boats and new aircraft. We've seen this kind ot Ihmg before of course, ironically in the sequel to the game that Zeewoif was inevitably compared to. but unlike the linear way vehicle swaps are used in Jungle Strike. Asylum plan to turn ihem into a puz2le element For instance, you mighi have to airstnke a base protected by radar-guided missiles, but first have to knock out a bunker housing a

generator using the lank Or something like that anyway One thing we noticed when we played it was that even though you could pick tanks up and then twirl them round really last, they just dropped down when you released them instead at Dying oft due to centrepetai  acceleration like they should, but we've already told Asylum, and

they're considenng changing it. Such is our might.


Now whereas the readers ot other magazines might Dee in terror and dash lor cover belore the inevitable onslaught Ot Zeewoif 2. we know you're of hardier stock Whenever we sat you the challenge ol contnbutmg lo a game rather than passively consuming it, you nse to it admirably, adding actual levels or characters 10 Cannon Fodder 2 and Ihe Shadow Fighter expansion pack Binary Asylum are absolutely gagging lor new ideas lor Zeewoif 2. and after giving them a bit of a slap behind the bike sheds, we've got them lo agree to stump up some prizes as well, so Ihe designer of the best level will get

•    His (or her) name credited before the level In the finished game

•    A copy of the game, natch

•    £200 of honest-to-good ness CASH'

Since we know you're all great. Asylum aren't putting an upper limit on the number ol levels that they'll include in the game, so the runners-up will gel all the same honour and glory as the winner, plus a copy ol Ihe game, but nof the cash Never mind ihough. lhal's what being a runner-up's all about, isn't it So pens and pencils at the ready, and plough your way through these easy-to-lollow instructions:



1 Photocopy the map. enlarging it up lo al least A4-size, or draw rt out a couple ol limes.

2 Place bases on ihe islands: blue lor Inendly bases, red lor enemy ones Add any roads, but make sure they only run vertically or horizontally No diagonals Clearly mark buildings as squares and domes as circles Add your helicopter's supply ship

3 On the same map as the buildings.

mark all Inendly and enemy ground vehicles and weapons It doesn't matter if you write next to them, or use coloured dots or little shapes, just pul a dear key al Ihe side so we know whai you're on abcul There's no upper limit to the number ot vehicles, but anything over about 50 would be getting silly The vehides are on the nexi page.

4 Mark the routes ol moving vehicles clearly with lines and numbered waypoints For convoys and mass attacks, you only need one Ime. Don't ask us why. but boats can't move at all.

50n the second map. repeal slaps 3 and 4 lor enemy aircraft

6 Write a mission plan You can have up to lour stages, and each must be clearly explained «n a couple ol lines, eg 1 - Destroy all enemy planes 2 - Destroy enemy base defences, etc

7 You should now have two easy-to-read maps and a mission briefing Add your name and address, staple them all together and send them (belore Match 31 si. 1995) to I'm Contused - What Exactly Was The Link Between A Dead Romantic Poet And A High Tech Killing Machine Compo. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth St. Bath BA1 2BW.

BIAi - Imot uak. HIPRO VTOl - Bl«c omi arc b lEptilhjoii iinJon.    friendly, jrtca arc lethal.

SMASH - Rapid flri.j hul (■nobita cacaiy boat

ML I CAM - Protect tbcia oa escort nJuioai.

WASP - Weak iiMBf. VULTURIS arc ntcoocr.

MANTIS - AAA botten COPRAS fire missIWi.


CAMli - Mobil* friendly fuel iftd Ming rejuppty.

WATCHDOG - Ingin r«U> ihn lock. mIuIIu ta yen.

RHINO - lacaiy Mobil* AAA wMi fan raf* of fir*.

Adopt a strange accent and give false names to...


NO 10



THE CRIME- Gamas (hat ara Ilka olhai games but are not as good as those games.

THE CASE FOR THE PROSECUTION: Now this Is one we cennot understand. Like people enjoying Stargalo or thinking 'Seat' Takeshi la a competent director, the concept of someone releasing a game that la Ilka another game but which la not aa good a game as that game Is so utterly alien to us that we simply fall to grasp It It's understandable up to a point - a company looks at, say, Sensible Soccer, a massively popular game creating a benchmark in its held and thinks, hello, there's money to be made here - but Ignoring the reasons why Sens! was so much lun and Instead banging out, lor instance. Manchester United Premier League Champions. Football Glory or World Cup Year 94. clones that succeed only In parroting Senafa look, absolutely confuses ua.

It s the same in every genre. The Secret of Monkey Island changed the face of polnl-and-cllck adventures FOREVERI, except, ol course, It didn't as. for example. Universe and the King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry seriea went to show. Mortal Kombat demonstrated that beat-'em-ups could work on the Amiga: Dangerous Streets. Elfmanla. RIsible Robots and, er, Mortal Kombat 2 reiterated they couldn't Second Samurai shook the platform game by the throat: Dennis

and Marvin's Marvellous Adventure shook it limply by the hand. Sabre Team showed up Hero Quasi and made K look Ilka a rubbishy old boardgame: Hero Quest 2showed up and looked like Hero Quest.

Why do companies persist In Iheaa futile ventures We keep explaining they re rubbish. Amiga owners keep from buying them, publishers keep turning up with more of them. Hey - carry on like this and we’ll start to think the games themselves don't matter to you companies and that Instead of Investing time and effort In nurturing talented programmers Ilka the people behind Gravity Force 2 and Shadow Fighter, you're more Interested In quick slackly-programmed cash-ln lookallkes to fool Indulgent grandparents and stupid fanboys, eh  Eh Eh

You vlcloua scummy pointy-headed impotent Incestuoua child-murdering friendless bastard spawn of a weasel.


First offence: 20V50% off Second offence: 40VS8% off Third offence: Death.


Fans ol complicated German strategy games were dealt a blow this month with 8lua Byte's announcement that they'll no longer be writing Amiga games, preferring Instead to concentrate on the PC. That means thara'i no chance of seeing Battle Isle 2, which la a shame as the PC version Is absolutely brilliant. Blue Byte claim It was a tough decision to make. But they made it anyway.


We were Just wondering: Why are thousands ol Amiga owners buying US Gold's Winter Olympics every month - It's been riding high In the charts for ages. Look, It's awful (AP36 48%). and the Winter Olympics were deed and buried over a year ago. Maybe some shops are selling unsold copies off cheap. But that's no excuse. Whet s the matter with you all Stop It




And when AMIGA POWER recommends, the world takes notice. Or it should.

(AP46 91%)

To Mr Software Publisher, searching frantically for inspiration. a beat-'envup must sound temptingly straightforward A few characters to choose from, some attractive parallax backgrounds, and some punches and locks, and you've got yourself a Street Fighter beater But no! There's much more to beal-'em-ups than that, as Shadow Fighter proves with its excellent range ol characters, subtle special moves, cheeky combos and an overwhelming sense of fun Play it.


(AP45 82%)

Submanna simulators will never be exciting, because the fret on caused when objects ate forced through water means everything happens at a slow pace But Subwar 2050 is a highly successful attempt to iryect a bit of 'oomph' aito the genre, with a sinister setting and a range of futuristic weaponry In many ways it's more like a fhght sim than a submarine sim because the vessels of 20 years hence are so manoeuvrable.

(AP45 84%)

If you're in any doubt as to whether games can be as exerting as real life. try out RaadkJ it we were to tepeat the experiments ot our Games vs Reality feature m AP42 the equipment would quite possibly matfuncbon due to overfoadng. The voiceover, which hisses 'Take his liter and 'Get the Super Jackpot1' has a lot to do with this, as do the terrifying homing missiles and spiked-studded walls For now, ai least, it remains our tavounte overhead-view driving game.



(AP45 83%)


i-J J —

tf Bubble and Squeak is not a huge sales success then a temble cnme will have been commitied. That’s why we'ra leaiunng the A500 version on one ot our coverdisks the month - so that you may try it out and see tor yourseM what a fine game it is. The two-character idea is a good one. and works better in the 500 version thanks to the improved intelligence ot the computer-controlled Blue Thing. And the puzzles are fiendish, and the action frequently bizarre


(AP46 90%)

If s hard to imagme a more sorts** way to spend £30 than tfiis. For your money you get a huge box packed to the gin nab with dsks, each one forming a component of one of Oeiphine s famous adventure games. Future Wars and Operation Stealth are old but still good. Cruse For A Corpse s a terribly good detective game Another Worktts a wonderful cinematic ptattom adventure, and Flashback s its larger (but not quie so magnatnre) sequel

A50O, A600,

Runs on


Publisher: Grandslam Author: Bob Tomlinson. Mike Farrington Release: Easter

I could be charitable about Ruffian and say that it's not yet ready tor release and that the game's going to be tweaked and that I've only seen the first level so if might get better later on. bid why bother It's gong to be another useless platform game devoid ot leelmg, entertarnmenl and merest I lock forward lo the game being released so that some other member ol the AP team can spend a miserable afiemoon listlessly playing this before siaggng it oft mercilessly.

Have you ever wondered who buys these games or why software companies ever bother lo release this junk II tell you Games ot this low-quality ilk are marketed specdically to appeal lo

parents and grandparents who know nofhng about games but thnk that a game with a cute jungle boy on the box wi be tar more entertaining and less damaging to the development ot that ollspnng than one fronted with a full-colour picture ot a bloke Shovmg four feet ot cold steel through an alien rtwio-man It companies get enough copies ol this tat on enough shelves, then someone somewhere will buy a copy Games like this are proposed by men in suits who reter to games as ■products' and gel all their information about the kids' Irom computer trade papers the same papers that reckoned Rise Ot The Robots was a good thing because Time Warner Interactive had spent a smal fortune on TV advertising So what do you want to know about the game then That you've got to rescue pones Irom plants before they're digested

That i you leave the Ruffian alone tor long enough, he makes kooky laces and waves at you  That 4's coming out at a budget pnee If Grandslam have got any sense, they'll lock every copy m a petrol filled basement until the Asks melt away into green, toxic sludge • CAM WINSTANLSY

\m TfCGQ m ®p

Being suckers lor anything with u* In It, we found Eddie Rot* ol Victoria. Australia's A Blg-Nam Software House * Campaign Agalnal AMIGA POWER In The Style Of Floor 13 tremendously amusing (Floor 13being an obscure point-and-click advenlur* Irom 1992. distinguished by Ha black-and-white graphics). We’re printing K • bit bigger than usual so you can reed tha tiny writing. In tact, the only thing wrong wHh H la a minor grammatical arror whereby won't’ la spelled ‘wont’. Bui this is so Insignificant that we've only reduced Eddie's mark - otherwise 4/10 by 2. to ha scores 2/10 and will ba receiving £40-worth of games In Ihe post.

Should you wish to contribute lo In The Style Ol. and asm the chance lo win up lo £200-worth of tree games, send your entry on a Deluxe Palnl-readable disk marked with your name and addresa to: In The Style Ol.

AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street.

Beth BA1 2BW.

at kck:

1 T

i w* a

1 »•» C.fr'ei-jgr 3


i Am :

Aege hi. me

1C* A



A* A**





“No, come on, when ” pleads AP reader Roy Nesbit of Crewe. Again, we answer him.

So Death Mask is out. then (see page 40) And rl's sad cA all nghl. Jhii noi Doom. AMIGA POWER has therelore been investigating ihe progress ol the Amiga games industry since our feature m AP45 Are we any doser (a seeing Doom - but on the Amiga’5

Yes Grandslam this month disclosed

that they're negotiating with a mysterious group of programmers in Poland (or somewhere -like everything else Doom— bul-cn-the-Amiga-related. they're shrouded in secrecy) who re working on a game with the working title Wottenstem Now. Wotfenstem was the game that came before Doom on the PC. so Grandslam will have to charge the name before they release it. but apad Irom that it looks rather promising

We ve only seen an ncredibty early demo ot WoheostenT - jusi one level without any monsters in if. (We did bump mlo a sod of skeleton thing, but he didn't give us any trouble and we didn't have a gun to shoot him with anyway.) But it’s got a

pretty authentic Doom look, with proper texture-mapped scenery instead ol Death Masks tnck 3D And the screen bobs up and down as you walk There's even some unpleasant lave music In the background which must be a good sign The only thing is. the view moves around a little lerkity. but this may well be improved by the time the game ts released ‘some time after Easier*

Even more Doom-looking, however, is the poody-titled Poom. which made its way to AMIGA POWER by a rather circuitous roule and seems to be some sod ot shareware demo written by one Jamo Kilpi ol Finland As usual, d's n a semi-frlshed stale and there are no monsters to shoot, but the 3D scrolling is excellent, with moody scenery and doors that slide open sinisterly The text file that comes wrth it suggests that the game has been knocking aiound since last summer, so it Jarno s reading (which he surety is), perhaps he could send us a more up-to-date version.

But to be honest, the closest we ve yet Come to Doom - but on the Amiga came while we were reassessing Kmghts Ot The Sky this month for Dawn Patrol

companson purposes Jonathan and Cam had been pursuing each other around the heavens tor a while and had damaged each others engines Circling lower and lower, they eventually lound themselves on the ground, unable to get up enough steam to lift off again So they were reduced to taxi ng around, ducking behind buildings and trees and taking pot-shots at each other And it was incredibly good tun

"In tad it's better than Doom.' says Cam. 'because: a) you car change the view to. lor example, an overhead one: b) you can cheat by taking off slightly and hoping your opponent won t notice: and c) it takes more skill because ol the way your bullets arc. which means you can only tin your opponent at a certain range ' Try n and see. Roy.

Nothing may be withheld from...

TME eiggjMgjgJg itl

Thera ts only one excusable reason for buying an Amiga magazine other than AMIGA POWER and that Is to compare their almost certainly Ill-informed conclusions about games with our REVIEWS THAT ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. Well, THE DISSEMINATOR now Imparls this Information directly to your cerebral cortex. Each month we shall print the scores recent releases have received In each Amiga games magazine, saving you a magnificent E7.90 In wasteful mag spendage, and allowing our scores to stand PROUD AND TRUE while perhaps

revealing DISTURBING TRENDS in the scores of others.

The One

Amiga Action






All-New World of Lemmings




Cannon Fodder 2




Football Glory








Jungle Strike




Mortal Kombat 2




Rise Of The Robots




Sensible World Ol Soccer




Shadow Fighter




The Lion King




Tower Assault









One ol our favourite puzzle games of the last seven months is Raspulms Clockwiser. a curious rolating-rectangles-of-blocks-around-inlo-the-nght-seguence game which we awarded a hugely respectable 79% in AP40 And now it's coming oul on Ihe CD32. with 250 levels (as opposed fo the disk version's 110) and a CD soundtrack, natch The big just got bigger


Por those not content with handing over a mere £43 tor Ihe privilege ol playing Rise ot the Robots. it is now possible to visit your local amusement arcade and pay yet more The Rise ol the Robots coin-op has just been launched, and features many enhancements to the Amiga version Including 'more robots, a rebel versus robot option and" - get this - "the ability to jump over opponents' Well done Time Warner


"THIRD WORLD THREAT TO HIGH-TECH JOBS DE8UNKED." runs Ihe headline on a press release we were sent this month by People Management *the magazine for professionals in personnel, training and development") The text goes on to explain 'Doom laden warnings that high-tech ohs in the UK will be lost to low-paying countnes like India are massively over-simplified.' and agrees with the US Labour Secretary, Robed Reich, that ‘international trade is working to your advantage' We ten we should pass this information on to you.




Renegade £30 *****

Acclaim £30 ***

US Gold £26 *

Acclaim £30 ♦ *♦

Bullfrog £30 * * * * *

Gremlin £26 ***

Virgin £30 *****

Anco £30 **

Acid £25 ****

Rpnpgade/Minrlsrapp £26 * * * *

Virgin £26 * ** * *

Ocean £28 ****

Ocean £26 ****

Kompart £28 ***

Kompart £26 ***

Beau Jolly £35 * ♦ * *

BTU8 Byte £35 * * * * ♦

Ascon £30 ***

Microprose £35 ***

Gremlin Interactive £35 *****



Domark £20 * * *

Psydnosis £t0 * » * *







Microprose £30 ****



Bless the poor off the parish with...


As Empire departed our office having brought ui Dawn Patrol they left In their wake 20 email plastic aircraft, each doubly emblazoned with the Dawn Patrol logo. Their auggeitlan wai that we pass them on to you. the readers, which we now Intend to do. And we'll be packaging them In palra, *o that 10 readers may stage dogfights In their homes. First, however, you must tell us the number ol enemy aircraft a World War 1 pilot was required to shoot down before being recognised as an ace. Write this information on the back of a postcard with your name and address and send it to:

Kite Compo. AMIGA POWER.

30 Monmouth Street.

Bath BA1 2BW.

Correctly Identifying January's picture of flier Challenge caused little trouble to the keen-eyed disciples of the strange Interlude that Is Mystery Screenshot Corner. Many entrants supplied unlooked-tor additional Information on the company and programmers Involved, while Christopher Hamilton ol Grangemouth. Scotland mlsaed the point entirely by mocking the screenshot's having been taken trom Laval One ol the game so we threw his entry In the bln and bestowed championship upon Frands Bowers ol Sheffield instead.

It Is apparent that the mutation of Mystery Screenshot Comer from a vehicle to divine the Identity ol publicity photographs that had become detached from their eiplanatory tetters Into a parlour game ol smugness and aneupmanahlp strikes a chord ol concord In those foolhardy readers aver eager la teat their mettle against the mighty beings ol AMIGA POWER.

Bear witness now to the retaliatory measures you begat as we demand ol you the Identity ol the game ol a screenshot whose learsoma powers ol obscurity caused the

Crawford Brothers, lamoua Victorian authors ol Enquire Within Upon Everything, to flee shrieking Into the night. Address your hopeful divinations to Arthur C Clarke's World ol Slranga and Mysterious Screenshots, with the traditional continuation.

Vour reward lor such a tasting venture Gur complicated and seemingly contradictory secret rules do not permit us to reveal to non-wlnners as to the nature of the prize any clue but the templing morsel that, perhaps, there Is none beyond lha Immortal celebrity of a name-check In these mighty pages. Only hall-rtelsona In the mental wrestling match that Is Mystery Screenshot Corner shall ever know Ihe truth.




Once dinosaur games ruled the Earth. Rarely a month would go by without a new Chuck Rock game, or an Ugh!, an Ergh! or an Ook! But then, suddenly, overnight, they all disappeared. Why  What happened Jonathan Davies expounds some shocking new

Imagine a scene on your bedroom ttoor many years ago A copy ol Bignose The Caveman stands by Ihe water's edge, drinking peacefully.

The sun is hot. and it is so thirsty that it does not notice the movement in the trees behind it. With a deafening roar.

Chuck Rock 2 makes its move It leaps onto Btgnose The Caveman's back and attempts to lock its cruel jaws around the slow-witted herbivore's neck But it is defeated by the smaller dinosaur game's armoured collar, and ftgnose The Caveman is able to turn and face its hunter It lowers its head and charges. Chuck Rock 2 howling with pain as Bignose The Caveman's horns tear into its belly. The wound is not fatal, but Chuck Rock 2 knows it has met its match. It retreats back into the trees in search ot easier prey, leaving Bignose the Caveman to lick ns wounds.

The earliest traces ot dinosaur games ate the remains ol The Fluitstones by Grandslam. which lived on Earth as many as Six years ago. during the period


known as the BAPassw Era. Little is known about this primitive game, except that it appeared on a compilation called the Grandslam Collection, and probably survived on a diet ol fruit and small amphibians. Scienlists are agreed that it was probably dreadlul

The age ol the dinosaur games truly began in May 1991, which by coincidence ■s the month that AMIGA POWER was launched. Chock Rock (API 86%) was the length ol six double-decker buses, and set the mould lor many subsequent dinosaur games with its blend ol platform-hopping and comical dinosaur-related japery Some scientists believe that Chuck himsell was a rather charmless character, with his oversued stomach and greasy skin, but they are in the minohty. Chuck Rock later evolved into Choc* Rock 2 (AP24 83%), which was similar in appearance but larger and a little more varied

The Choc* Rock lamily ol dinosaur games is a large one, encompassing a variety ol other piatlorm-based games.

Ubi Soft's BC Kid (AP20 89%) had Chuck Rocks dinosaur-filled platforms, but dispensed with its pu22ley gameplay and large dorsal l*t. A tremendous game The slow-moving Joe & Mac Caveman Ntn/a (AP22 22%). on the other hand, took on boaid the using-dmosaurs-lo-do-things-tor-you approach, but was ruined by terrible controls and

It it Impossible to conceive just how long ago the dinosaur games lived. If today was a Matchbox car. for example, the dinosaur games would have lived as long ago as a slightly-

awful animation Btgnose The Caveman (AP26 63%) was desorbed by Tim Tucker as 'a poor man's Choc* Rock Little larger than a baboon, it was rather simple and unengaging. And Zone Warrior (AP7 42%) wasn't technically a dinosaur game, but the first level had a prehistoric selling, and it was so abysmal that it's unlikely anyone would have wanted to play much further into it anyway.

Other dinosaur games were mote diverse. The primeval swamps echoed to Ihe haunting call ol Metal Mutant (APS 78%) from Silmarils. This graceful arcade puz2ler tealured robotic dinosaurs who could transform into other things, and proved to be entertaining as well as attractive. In contrast, dinosaur Detective Agency (AP33 60%) was rather dull. It only gave you one life, so every time your crime- _ busting hertuvore keeled

' 'v-'V

over you got sent alt the way back to the beginning In common with Metal Mutant. however. Dinosaur Detective Agency was unusual In featuring a dinosaur as its hero; normally they're cast in the role ot the oppressor.

Just as they were in Ugh! (APIS 79%). lor example This was a Scandinavian pu22le game where you had lo move a little crate around the screen, ferrying cavemen trom place lo place. It was good tun. although its vast bodyweight (equal to that at 67S men] meant that it had to spend most of its life in the water.

Perhaps the strangest of all the dinosaur games was Dim _ m    Ware (AP6 45%). It was

kind ot like chess, only with dinosaurs as ihe pieces, and whenever one piece attacked another you entered a dreadlul beat- »■

long«r-than-u*uii but. One ot thoie loreign onet that bend In the middle, perhaps. Only a bit thorler. Examine thlt timeline lor a better underatanding of their reign.




(" The Golden Age')





(Incorporating the Campbellaaale Era)

































1 m X












em-up sub-game A real-time mode added Interest, avoiding the need to sit around waiting tor the other player to move, but there wasn't realty enough to It. It was length o> twelve double-decker buses and a Toyota Corolla

Something ot a mystery, however, la a dinosaur game called Entity The lew traces ot it which have been unearthed show it to have been a scrolling beat-'em-up starring a woman with big bosoms who hits lots ot dinosaurs. But a complete skeleton has never been lound, and it is not considered to have been a great evolutionary success

In tact, the failure ot Entity in a way reflects the tailuna ot the dinosaur game as a whole. Because suddenly.

approximately eight months ago. following the brief appearance ot a couple ot prehistoric characters In Bump and Bum. there were no more dinosaur games.

The disappearance at the dinosaur games has long battled scientists, and many theories have been put forward to try to explain their extinction These are the three most popular:


They were superceded by games featuring mammals, such as Brian the Uon and Cannon Fodder.

It is possible that, as mammal games became more widespread, they prevented the dinosaur


Inc red i My. if tha history of the Amiga was compressed Into on 24-hour dsy (Fig 8). then the dinosaur games would have arrived at about half-past nine, and nol disappeared until tea time. This issue of AU1GA POWER would have existed onfy for the last twenty minutes. .

HfliTW taifi

■ § Say.

games from breeding by leading upon (heir eggs Fossilised, halt-eaten egg shells have been discovered as tar away as northern Siberia



A giant asteroid (tram Asteroids) collided with the Amiga world, earning a cloud ol dust lo rise Into the air.

There is strong evidence tor this theory in the term ol AP42. which immediaiely followed the release ol Bump and Burn, the last ever dinosaur game. It may be no coincidence that Ihe cover leatured Super Stardust. the relurn ol the long-absent Asterords at a new and more deadly form Most types ol games could have ridden through it. white the dinosaur games, with their need to eat constantly.

would have been unable to survive such a catastrophe


They were unable to adapt to the change In climate which accompanied the arrival ot sllppy-slldey ice worlds.

An increase m the number ot slippy-stidey ice worlds in plattorm games did indeed corode with the demise ot the dinosaur games In their place came Arctic-dwelling games such as the giant woolly Robinson's Requiem

Scientists will probably never agree on exactly why the dinosaur games died out. and the supply ot new theories seems endless Bui the Amiga world is certainty a poorer place lot the loss ot these temfymg but beautiful creatures.

temtymg but beautiful crealuras.


•    Chuck Rock 2 waa over 3.S00K in length, but had a brain the *l« of a plum.

•    SC Kid had a novel form Ol protection: when itariled It could apil a deadly codeword up lo 26 metraa.

•    Heist Uutants. by Sllmarlla. was at high at twelve 14-year-old girl*.

•    Early dinoaaur game apeciallata believed that the flying cratae in Ugh! were horn* mounted on the game's head. It wai only later that their true purpoea wai dlacoverad - lethal blg-toea which could gouge out the eyes ot another dinoaaur game.

•    The FUnutonea waa believed extinct until 1991, whan alghllnga ot a living example were reported by pearl divert ott the coaet ol Zaire.

•    Pengo It Ihe cloeaet living relative ot the dinoaaur garnet.


With Ihe current rate ol progreae In genetic engineering, many reader* may be wondering If It will eventually become poetIbla to recreate the garnet ol Ihe peat here In Ihe present. Some sciential! believe that by combining fragments at fossilised dinosaur game byte* (Fig 14a) with the genetic lingerprlnl ol a frog (Fig 14b). and than Injecting the reeult Into e penguin egg. It might be potilbie to hatch a new-born dinosaur game. Indeed, such a technique la currently being experimented with at Time Warner, with the early results appearing promising (Fig 14c).

110001111000101010101010100 II) 14*i Over IS** bytes' inch es these ere 110011101010101000111000011 necessary te describe eae 9am. 111010101010001011100010101

101011001000110101010101010 ' ~~—100001111001010101000101111 00101010001D110001001010101

/ W    V 001010000101110000111101010 1

I    t \    101010110101010101110000111

_    ‘ \!i 100001111001010101000101111


I19 1 chi A fra*.


What if the dinosaur games had never died out. but had Instead continued evolving to fill the rale currently occupied by tha latest beat-'envups and driving games Our artist's impression showi how a modern-day dinosaur game might look.

It] *i Aa artlffl iapressloa of haw a dlaesaar jam today islyht look.



“You’re a loser baby, so why don’t we kill you ” asks Cam Winstanley.

I hale people who cheat I think they should be put to the sword as a warning to others. On national TV. Just after the National Lottery on Saturday evenings Liars and thieves too. Kill 'em all. that’s my opinion. Dishonesty sucks and I should know, tor only this weekend someone stole my rather llashy and coot Uzi airgun that (ires little plastic pellets. Bastards.

Cheating in games is. as we tell you constantly, a completely dumb thing to do At least it you're blackhearted and soulless enough to, lor instance, break into a pensioner's flat on a sheltered accommodation estate and sieal her iile savings from the ageing shoebox on lop of her cupboard, then you'll end up with loads of cash la spend an your scurnlous and miscreant lifestyle But what happens

if you cheat at games You finish them quicker, that’s what, knocking anything from a tew hours to months off the shelf life of something you’ve just larked out 30 quid or so on. So you're the one who loses. You're the one who has to save up another 30 quid (Or go and raid another pensioner's shoebox - Ed) belore you can buy another game so you can spoil it lor yourself Again.

But everything (apart from pregnancy and death, perhaps] has various stages of wrongness, ranging from mildly wrong matters such as not returning your library books at lime and eating peas off your knile to realty, really incredibly wrong things such as starting World War 2. selling oft the nation's assets to bigwig financial laicals and stealing my BB airgun. Cheats *i games

can be beneficial and tun, but this is very rare indeed. And. although we have occasion to tind game cheats mildly helpful when compiling our mighty magazine, as HONEST AND UPRIGHT CITIZENS OF THE TRUENIVERSE we damn them as DOORCODES TO THE GATES OF HELL ITSELF.

In ou> view, it is easier tor a tat Idd in a Poison T-shirt to pass through the eye of a needle than it is tor a game cheat to find the favour ol AMIGA POWER. It you CHEAT then you are a SINNER Sinners have no more righl to live on God's dean earth than a weasel and. shall be CAST into the PIT when the Four Cydisls of the Apocalypse return to REND THE WORLD ASUNDER. However, being the caring benellcent mighty beings that we are. we now give you a chance to QUANTIFY YOUR SINS ano ATONE TO SAVE YOUR IMMORTAL SOULS. Categorise yourself according to these explanatory delineations and RAY THE PRESCRIBED PENALTY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.


SPECIFICATION Cheats that make games harder or give them a new twist. AMIGA POWER'S RESPONSE A firmly emplsced sesl of approvsl.


PENANCE: Buying yourself a delicious sandwich and sitting out In the park eating H. while listening to the unforgettably whlstly theme tune ol Terry Nutklns' Wlldlrack on your Walkman.


Pressing T on the keyboard In this most tearsomely entertaining beat-'em-up will make your opponent's trousers fall down The programmers quickly realised this wasn't so much a cheat as s special move and so transferred It 1o the CD32 version, where you press the red button.


It you type In POOR as your name then you’ll actually be hindered by being ; given the miserable sum ol live pounds In your bank account It you can still win then truly you are a mighty bronzed gaming Adonis bathed In golden sunllghl and we salute you.

Li Banshee

Type In MARY WHITEHOUSE at the . beginning to access the graphic violence mode, allowing you to shoot the tlshermen. the polar bears, the

mothers pushing the prams and the blokes hiding in the phone boxes. This can only add to your en oymenl and since Core wimped out by censoring these acts of senseless violence In the first place It's only (sir that we return them to you.

Thome Park

Build a bouncy castle and a roller coaster. Arrange lor the bouncy castle to explode on March 15th. Using s maintenance man who hasn't yet fixed anything, rebuild the castle directly to the left ol the rubble. Now wart for a sinister teddy man to entertain a red-Iscketed boy In the queue to the roller coaster and as the boy gets on to the ride quickly type A CLOWN IS MY FRIEND, A CLOWN WILL NOT BRE ME OR THROW ME IN THE BASEMENT (without spaces). The adviser will now ask If you want to play Sinister Theme Park. Press Y.

Gravity Force 2 Make sure that the arrow's not on the Start Game option end type In GLAPPKONTAKT, which Is Swedish lor ‘dodgy engine’. We think. Your rocket engine will now splutter and misfire throughout the game, usually at the exact moment you need to thrust out ol danger- We smirk si such random misfortune.

B Shadow Fighter One ot the few criticisms we levelled at Shadow Fighter when we reviewed It was that you couldn't 'be'

Pupazz, the spooky punch bag character. TRUST THE MIGHTY WORDS OF AMIGA POWER TO BE HEEDED. Go to the options screen and type In PARAPONZIPOPO to 'be' this scary puppet. You can also MBARIVIDISOCCAFFARIMBARI to be the Shadow Fighter himself, AN ENHANCEMENT WE DID NOT EVEN DEMAND.



- -


I r ]



SPECIFICATION: Cheats that lessen a game's challenge.

AMIGA POWER S RESPONSE Low-key lulling and general disapproval

PENANCE: Sitting In a sauna wearing an 80% wool, 20% libreglaaa jumper while listening to the Beautiful South's caver version ot Paula Abdul's Girlfriend'.

Cannon Fodder Typing In JOOLSRIP as a save game name will make Ihe leader of your learn a lour-star General, giving you an unlalr and undeserved advantage over Ihe enemy.


The true way to play Ihe plane la lo play all the way through all at the missions, but you can deviously shortcut that by typing In FRAMPAGE. Okay, so playing Ihe plane is actually

harder than the chopper, bul that's no excuse lor cheallng. Oh no.

Zool 2

You could play the game properly, gaining our smiling approval, and collect all the relevant bonuses to get to the end ol level bonus subgame Involving the lunny, two-headed dog-Ihing running around, or you could sneakily type In NAPOLEON to get the bonus level al Ihe end ol every stage You rogue.


Naming your company WATCH THE CLOCK speeds Ihe passing at the days so you won't have to wait as long for the lax money to flood Info your coffers. You disreputable blackguard.

Pinball Fantasies Want some cheals for a pinball game  Then you're an extremely miserable Individual Indeed. We can almost understand wanting to cheat 10 gel to a distant level, but to disreputably notch up points That's dismally poor. Anyway, If you really must, type In EXTRA BALLS (no spaces). This gives you extra balls, a point 11 eel I must make clear to the slavering. Imbecillc morons that would consider using this ridiculous cheat.




, £

t ‘


;    r l


«' .o

level one without ever having lo reload your guns. For heaven's sake.


FZQOOQQXAICN gives you an astonishing 7 missiles, 26 lives and ALL the weapons from the starl of level ore. Why not just tell your mates that you've finished ihe game Instead  We're sure they d be as Impressed.


NUK THEM reactivates all your dead cyborgs, effectively wiping out all the tension relating la building up and protecting your fearsome warriors. Go ahead, ruin Ihe game.

Keep s«t>la killed n«e pier Ben

iaprevc, you ■IseraMe, ao palkellcaltf dHppla  Ilata leilet.


SPECIFICATION: Cheals explicitly awarding unearned extra lives.

AMIGA POWER S RESPONSE Arched eyebrows, sharply Inhaled breaths and a refusal to return your telephone calls.

PENANCE: Ealing a bag ol sugar, drinking 57 cans of Red Bull energy drink and then sitting through back-to-back screenings of Lawrence of Arabia (The Recently Restored Director's Cut), Shoah, Gone With The Wind and The Sheltering Sky WITHOUT ONCE LEAVING YOUR SEAT.

that many lives you'd not only be a filthy swindler but also possibly the worst Desert Strike player In all of Christendom. We're talking about a game where you can complete all of

Desert Strike BQQOAE2 gives you an

astonishing 10 lives, but lo need




































Ckeaiie* * Ifm+, m m a capital It tfcaald be.



I And that's why we'll continue to pour our scalding scam an those blancmange heads who phone In (usually near deadline) asking for Cheats for Premier Manager 3 and Theme Park.

Da you honestly think that someone who uses an invulnerability cheat will be as happy to finish Second Samurai as someone who's battled through It  Or that a football management player who gets a tsMIlon quid In a cheat would be as proud to reach the Premier Division as the upright citizen who's struggled to the top without a backhander Or that the tosser who stole my alrgun would feel as proud to own It as me - the person who earned the money to actually buy the damned thing

Well, apart from the last one, the answer has to be no. They can't feel as good as the noble, honest, upstanding player, which Is why we sound a little tired and bored when you ruin our days by phonlngj  ask for cheats and why we II B m continue to head The Last Resort with a word Implying you're all useless.

Play the game for heaven's sake, and If you get stuck, try again. That's all there Is to It. K

This has been an AMIGA POWER policy statement and can be read In full In our trusty magazine manifesto, whose lltanlum-bound pages lie resting In a secret vault In Zurich.

We thank you for paying attention. YOU ARE DISMISSED


SPECIFICATION: Cheats bestowing Invincibility or offering shortcuts lo the end sequence.

AMIGA POWER'S RESPONSE: Words cannot adequately express the revulsion we feel for people who would actually consider using cheats of this diabolical power and magnitude.

PENANCE: Spending all ol eternity burning In Ihe deepest, moat sulphurous pits of the underworld.

can play for ever and natch up hugely Impressive scores. Impressive until your friends and family discover how you achieved this score and machine gun you In the shower, that Is.

Populous 2

How's this for being totally stupid Enter the code for Ihe last level In the Conquest game - WOITAB - and quit. Select I AM BAD from the Custom game, quit again and start a Conquest game. Play so badly that all your men get killed and a screen will say LAND COMPLETED BY GOOD. At this point you can get all your friends lo run In and watch the end-ol-game sequence While they're doing this, loudly claim that you're the sort of person who can fight your way through 1,000 levels to gel to the end and not, for example, the sort of putrid melon-fuddlng chicken socket fridge who'd rather faff about using a cack-handed cheaty method to slither your way to the same point.

Desert Strike

And again, Incredibly there's a cheat that lets you bypass THE ENTIRE GAME. Every single flipping bit ol the game, each and every part ol the four huge levels just files by If you simply type In (Thais enough about cheats In games. - Ed)

Banshee KANNUADE KREW makes you Invincible, although whal sort of

Imbeclllc ne'er-do-well would want to play a shoot-'em-up where you can't be killed

Hired Guns Ditto for this one. Type In AMIGA to become invincible and spoil the game entirely. Why doncha

Pinball Illusions The bile rises quickly, and audibly. Into my mouth at the mere thought of this cheat, so H you're a fine and upstanding member of society, prepare a large waterproof receptacle (a washing up bowl or bucket, perhaps) before reading further.

Typing DIGITAL ILLUSIONS (no space) will actually disable the drain, so the ball ust bounces oft Ihe bottom of the screen. This means that you



SPECIFICATION: Cheats giving Infinite lives or powers.

AMIGA POWER'S RESPONSE: Daubing offensive slogans on your front door and employing some plpe-wleldlng, hard-hitting homeboya to get mediaeval on your ('Antonio Fargas" - Ed)

PENANCE: Paying Sicilian hitmen to break Into your house al some point in the next 20 years and shampoo you In your sleep.


Typing In COOPER TEAM gives you the ulllmale team, the best modifications and the best weapons, thus negating the entire R&D and tax-ralslng sections and reducing one of the best games of all time to a rather sophisticated shoot-'em-up.

The authors of Syodicafe would be turning In their graves If they knew you used this one. If they were dead, of course.

Back to the Future 3 Complete levels by typing ROTTEN


Disappointingly weak epilhefa lor such scummy behaviour.

Zool 2

The password TOUGHGUY renders all of Ihe bad guys completely harmless and the game nearly pointless. You're still vulnerable to killer walls though, which Is why this slimy cheat appears here and not in the next section.


Typing your name as RICH gives you a million pounds, allowing you to beef up your car to monstrous proportions. But why stop there Why not use a cheat to let down your opponents' tyres Or pour sugar Into their petrol tanks Scum.

The mighty beings ot AMIGA POWER quest for the truth about 9al"e*>
fearing nothing and n°-°neve being taken prisoner by a WW1 U-boa
and then getting lost in fog beaching on a volcanic island where the dinosaurs survived. For example


Ga"''«n'* *wod «8,




<rrte«. »*    Th*» s

- <52*



' TsotsSt -

n bach-    cHS w



rP iTm-ot

TtWtT "°*f“Dor,,C01 0'

1iavrtScor«<l« lo<)>.With«

Mrt)lvore    A, tnVgW

COT*‘lf,9P*,tLw Wt



The Party moved cautiousfy through peo**r,wa kmflfe. muted

*>y the lots of ran Sydow wt>o had immediately fallen off the U-boat and drowned.









trsl. Be afraid

A500. A600. A1200 Empire Rowan £35


baddies. Nat so much de s vu, than, aa de a review.

A-ha ha.

Dawn Patrol la organised aa a kind ol Interactive book. You click on page numbers' to jump to 'chapters' on various aspects ol World War 1 aviation - the history ol the war, the aces, the aircraft, or a selection of pilots whose careers you can follow through. From within these chapters' you can then choose individual pilots, or planes, or whatever, by turning' to ths appropriate page And once on the page' you can read Iota of test with an accompanying picture or animated sequence, and then go from there to actually Hying a mission.

It s rather a tortured analogy, especially when you lind yoursatl typing page numbers tram i memory Into a fiddly little boi in the corner ol the screen, but It's wholly preferable to the dreadful ‘click on various buildings on an airbase' system ol Rowan's previous game, Overlord, and it could be said to be taking the Amiga boldly forwards Into a new era of interactive InfoEduTalnment.

Once you're up In the air, Dawn Patrol looks much Ilka any other Amiga flight aim. The aeroplanes are all neatly modelled, with roundels and iron crosses and little struts around their undercarriage, and there's a nice hazy affect on Ihe horizon, but avan on an A12QQ it moves a bit jerkily unless

u o'clock

SEkSiriUlTV z

OaM MUMS 201

Today I was struck by a

worrying thought. What If a parallel could be drawn between my tile, and current theories regarding the creation of the universe From the day ol my birth equivalent to the Big Bang) it would have Increased In size rapidly, thrown outwards by the vigour of the Initial explosion. Then it would gradually have begun lo lose momentum, expanding more and more slowly unlit one day - 11th July.

1993 by my reckoning - it would have succumbed to

I the gravitational forces at Its heart and. attar pausing momentarily at Its zenith, begun to collapse in on Itself.

And as It shrunk smaller and smaller - and this Is Ihe really disturbing part - It would have replayed In reverse the events which took place on the way outwards. If my reasoning holds, it continues to do this as I write, until on a day 22 years from now It will have contracted to a single poinl of Infinite density. I'm not sure what'll happen then, but I don’t expect it'll be very nica.

"Struts around their undercarriage"


you lum same of this detail off. Curiously, lba aides oI lbe screen somelimas move In and oul slighlly, making the picture bigger and smaller Apparently this la to keep the speed of I ha graphics up. but It made me

I wee sal on this path of thought by. among other things finding Byselt reviewing Dawn Patrol • yeei-jnd-a half after 11 ih Jul

jfc 1993. It's ■ World

War 1 aerkd ccmbal game, in which you roem Ihe skies of France Mooting down beddlea. Meanwhile. usl over

Ihnpryc-.irs ago. a yenf-and-i-halt Thwc 111h July. 1993, I was reviewing KrflgMs ol the Sky a World War 1 aerial combat game In which you roamed Ihe ■k rnl France shooting down

The standard cockpit View only gives you a thin letterbox shaped peek at the action. Bui that, of course, la where you can call upon Rowan’s now-famous s

■it* AW. I ■ k 11 I *.fe*9


a i

■ M'lCrfli

■:: «


Why. back In the early days of military aviation, when all the good aeroplane names (Ilka Phantom, Lightning, Mustang and so on) had yat to be used up. did msnufseturers give their aircraft teebla titles like the Pup. the Camel and the SE5e How mlghi the balance of the war have been altered If the Germans, Instead ol calling their main frontline fighter the Albatross, had down Into battle agalnat ua In Fokker Thunderchleft, or DR4c Soul Extinguishers Or did they realise haw Inappropriate such axclting, thrusting names would have been tar their underpowered, unsafe aircraft And In that case, shouldn't those pioneering aviators have been taking to the akles In the Fokker Fliegenkoflln

The Nieuport Pagnell Or the Sopwlth Crap








T“">* tarsi * *” todo-

V* >KI

’•Or . •* ***r 2 '.Vcj 2 c»fc'*

IT>' .rT *r2

**««»<•    **<■*«

£    V


snerni views which w+r» •rpialnael

plsne you’d ba

»hie to ImI the quotes aad see your «"iijy iirirtriTiw about arth grourK) ruumtny up to moot you, ana suggested that maybe the screen ihiitl actMi about ■ban vnurs mUng lha plana too toad i JUeu your iMortataoilyjao • eueing-fiju A* ►ase to Heat out and alab rapeATARIty at the it key m llpfy deer (Although u • artualty nm quite odan (her.

« castatally and again gats

*■■ t»ii ir.

ant Tnu • an took at pot* oho piano •to att w wts >4 hittwaot angtae Yr* tail yai iaa> of all the ananar planaa. And tWhtVtbe iia istiilriy iraaful tomtoafciottr added trainer* the i»»* *1 uaddbaraond the sky so you do» > spend the wherie rime wrtrV «g (ham aM/rtrg ana yn Wd al nm tuinuung (or ihd (AIT and ogtlTView kaya as you manoeuvre


■ ra isaMam you rs aflar than marts fla in ill li off Ida kipa Enginaa uuboe**hm» utaua riaas (aabty at •ha air )oat i Jta a biptaoa should Tnr too many haoyriwitly tnanouesras and sour stings aid Hit oft i Although thH m ina v getsa Oft annoy inn oarauaa Aurarmrasi say vs *•■.>w.» y whan you ra arcaadmg your plana a limita.

Cam pointad out that, in a


luntruta ppaannpt in ptartnrre gamaa * tnarears • * aaroptanas to rraxrxs *mm aom 'ha daaparataiy aisdaouata OtU mthe nidMS ErWksr TBptai* along arid* tana ilntha hnmhaia which «nu cani fly And lha mittlont ara

aa wait aa atttbKing

pratty «aneo toe

formations of haddiaa you've got to ear ort bombers attar* bwraos nauoona and Wats tarries ruu can atsu oa a wide rausty ui top ates. like Immalman. Ball and Rlchtholan. although In practlca thla maana doing exactly the aame sort of miaaiona you d same jBb and the be doing It you were Smith. Jonaa or. indeed. Davlaa, but arith a bit ol  historical preamble belorehrw Except, having said thm the


the Battle of Cambrel in November 1*17. JO** of pilots were lost par gay.

below and the i n la behind yi

hlaiorical aecaunis and you    15f\HUr    realty do have snrortaa on vour

•v«n gel the chance !o re-enact    Oewn Pefrtri certainly has lAantygn    Tha coarputn planaa aypn'T be

Richthotan’aBnal, fateful flight    ■ ■«*!*-*nri"n <jt UrSmrRgBby more    you umii yotannsrigpi y «>

where ha failed    ttjrbw trv* ..si inena and agrvwlsr

rerfeapa It’s unfair to    variety e vNadng angina lor example.    with dogfights umi. c.itatanai

eirecti, compare Dawn Patrol    icaisu l ows o> a huge boa wim an    ara dead thayf '»ausc«tarlr

with ttr ghts Of Tr* Sky simply    avcellart Asian aladboofc about the    maing and Baa ■-,w-.. al Jd

Because they ra both 30    Bad Baron and a manual ffJlM with    chase attar them or to va up

oiygww World War 1 flight aims. fascinating tacts. lAppwrantiy. during    dot Kfri p!l> oi ' adj, p



«rr*s*- '*

practice Allow the AMIGA POWER™ IntoCannon® to tear through the Winding log ol your Ignorance with Ita thunderous ejaculations.

Dawn Patrol la organised as an InTeracTIve MultlMedla book, with everything divided up Into chapters and pages. But how, you might be wondering, does this work In

LvyanL>i C Jerr 1

6m0 *, *M c«w*t* e« i*i« 4WH    A WBH •<

k    t •kktfl •*» «r*“*-* 004 ,«M    t» rj * •»«• D «t 4M

u tl s.« (Mil* IMdlKjl ‘'A Mt4s’r*»i« l >f«    l(*( *, Ia« a v] i

(M AAttMf    “»rd    <0*4    *1 <M ** lr«M *V«

mi «*.- * a *    A*

« '11*11 «A tw CW4 it <~M ImI «•:•!« Ml it C*A4 M    *4 I A- ••*4*4

AJtVe*,* Kll    *M*4    ■    (M (•»>«•

hi *«    >r»*r« « »r'    '*» w * •

AJI»(r I Kit (W I C2<< «*4>4 i('« Altai TVI A»,".r Oil    U«l 4»l*uci< + utl 1H(. •OVH

■    IlHB'ty 4m    H. 0 I -*■    *    ■* *r At* t

1*4 M(W* l 4l< AM *«14 *4 Cl AM.

» “n **»n •< a* kgmIiimi («At«r t**\ m Ci*«ta i«*-.-.-a hi p- "M r»*•«    • n»/i « u »tr»e*i » • a*'*a

c*h *A r iar o- c AM •*«.* **4 CltM'f    ‘Hitt

11*4 MC» »* fW' »• <• M C»Mr Mir • *M tl (W »*M >evv«M»e as vpiewt • • m A•*



i M Me

AleOtll «• IMr" A •

» . «    • * Ovkii


THE AIRCRAFT: Airopliiti notnd ripldhr daHa* ike war. Til first few ware ill« dreadful (the Wrijbl broilers bad oaff wade the fin I powered flljK 11 yean earlier), bad they iloedf (■proved aatll they were Barely crap. Dswn Pstrod flees yea 11 lo cboota (roa, wHh laformatloa abort eacb.

HISTORY: Tarakaf' lo 'pafe‘ f froa tfec I Oder' cllcfa a series of periods frea the war, stretcblaf how I hose first laatatfve eacoaotan to Ibe cvealaal den be of tbe German air force. Taralof ‘ to ooe ol these fries yoa towe feel to read •ad a choke of absioas from that period fo fly.

Chain EQirtfleitar

I-QV Vwi Pn>*fn/trr

i-AcIi" }«a lltUWm -iHSTiJ U r,

'.A«4Hr MM 1 tO dllA W'A* kMN NAS Alt    (AMW'l fel

*M N<I(4M '( MM A Alfa•* MIA. M Ml NWM (M Mi 'Mf MdA* AA A »«M1 « A «ri*< «Ufl IMM WIA at* a (SMMWltrM «( «<M th**yi tAAi «• »»•-.< Ml -OMfll l« rtftMl a Ar**» lta«4 <A* 'MffAl »«ft1 IKM Utl, AM Am 4* >A4«1f MitlA I 4AM AMtU It AM (nil ler«4 t« tAd A» force Ul4lf<M4tAl M —*4 AMIII A I <*AA*    14* 4 AM kitt (W

It4ta WM, A IfMls >M AAA *1*1*1    M4 *141 'O ' 1(11*1

1* M( III A/WMI l«4Ct Am **4 4mi< Ml »*i * A* H *Am. l« M»y

ANI*«* A.

_ —    N*«    «*«*». SIMIJl

.    .    (I S<IK*44* ♦     S.A

f 1 * If *• 4*Al *M (1(1 •* MW :m *    -4

■    (« In t pi* lU «■>■«

tKio-Hi *J4 H:>m a (A4 r*»» ha ~4f

A* it' »M4 Ml'lf W4IVI4M M* M AH

HA M4H4 ttkAI Ml <W w-«M] M «Cl<* AAA -•» '* *• <A *u (AH **a A C4(Af4' *41 (« I4A 'df AM “M tnl • M* 1* M* t •» «H« t*    M 1*

rx hoi to* i

i a*

THE ACES: Tk« best pitots sfcoi daws loads si pUm, and bp tanb,' la tlb pa**' M1 b« abl* ta read *boat <k< ■«* Bara*. Albert Ml. (ddle Ikkcibachcr sod ftelr dsn. Tb» yoa ca* My ■*■« al It* ■ liaiaai Utry flew, led lot yea caaiplete aae you'll be ottered loader. Tbb k probably tbe wail IsvoMa* way la play Iih Patrol.

PILOT BIOGRAPHIES: Daws Patrol falli dawn a bH wtea M comes la creatla* year ewe pilots. Tbe nearest yea **1 Is dis 'pa**‘ wbar* dare are eiyht flctiooal pilots. Uetorbiaeiely yea coal deep* dair wars or eaydia* ebaat dew, aad yoa're simply yrve. j list of wissiaas ta daase from ter ead aa*. Desperately Imp.

repetitive patterns - but its shoot-em-uppy leel means It works much

better as a game.

Dawn Patrol, on the other hand, la slick and worthy, and In most respects a tine product, but just a trllle dull. Each mission Is carefully staged and happens exactly as planned, so you're never surprised by anything. In (act. Ironically, you never actually get to patrol' at all.

You're never just sent up on the ott-chance ol running Into some baddies, as tended lo happen In World War 1, And It doesn't really con ure up that pioneering, barnstorming spirit that's one o( the big  advantages ot a good World War 1 f flight elm: although your wings fall off occasionally, you leel almost as Insulated as you do In, say, an F-117A Stealth Fighter.

Overlord was good because, apart Irom perhaps Reach For The Skies, It's got no serious competition In the World War 2 flight elm slakes And you could launch rocket attacks on boats and factories. But Dawn Patrol Is slap

flight, you're

over enemy lines, the air thick with Fokkers and tlak bursts. Massages appear on the screen Ilka "Bullets whistle through the air around youl" and -Gun jam clearedl", which add greatly to the tension. The ground is littered with buildings, trees, guns and trucks, which not only provide a better sense of eltltude, but give you something to Skim over sa you attempt to evede pursuit. There's even that fantastic two-player serial link option Knights might nol be ae realistic as Dawn Patrol - the number of planes and ground targets has been exaggerated so there's more to occupy you. and dogfights land to follow

after all this lime, so much more atmaipherlc end exciting. It opens with some tllckery, black-and-white credits and a tlnkly piano tune. Then, after negotiating the menus, you find yourself sitting on your airstrip with friendly planes circling overhead and lorries driving up and down the road. (Dawn Palrofa missions all start In the air. and you're never really aware ol what a happening below.) You atari up your engine with a satisfying splutter and lurch along Ihe runway, clawing your way Into the air ust before you run out ol grass. Then, afler a short

bang up against

Knights Of The Sky and. although Dawn Patrols got plenty going lor It, Ifs knights that we always reach for.

What's bothering me now Is that. If my life really Is replaying Itself In reverse, then It's clearly slightly worse on the way back. So this summer, although I was planning to go to California, I'd better brace mysell for the moat appalling holiday in Wales on record.



® UPPERS    Vi

Incredibly realistic behaviour on Ihe pert ol the computer-controlled aircraft A wide variety of planes to tty. Detailed graphics. Good viewing options. A novel EduInfoTalnmenf approach which gives you plenty ol interesting stuff to read. Speaking ol stuff to read, the Red Baron book Is great And biplanes always make for Ihe most enjoyable (light slms.

® DOWNERS Not much action on the ground, although there are allegedly a tew trucks knocking around. Or scenery. No two-player facility. A slightly fragmented leel. whal with all Ihe various routes Into the action. Poor sound effects. A distinct lick ol World War 1 atmosphere.


A comprehensive WW1 flight tlm which stretches the Amiga about as tar as it s likely la go polygon-wise, and which Is wrapped up neatly as an Interactive educational experience (or something). Bui ultimately ll falls a little ** aa ’ short ol Knights Ot The Ofl ” Sky In the atmosphere    I -

and excitement slakes    W *


We've been playing It A 5 00 on a 1200.    _

It runs fine » M m on a 500. just a bit    lO;

jerkler and less detailed §     * *




■ * us* * -r-i-rs %u .tkj* u*u»« i*



fl JAH ««*< nil! «y MA*A >•••■ liAAi A* A* (lANl. aUT 14*' A* a *H ■ .*•*»

• 1*1’* osse —4 /■ sa* Ur 'Is * 1* uJ

AA A *»■ 1 «•*< Mtf A*

98 [g]

A r .. *4 . 6»*<i* V4 ♦*<•*•** . _ **Af

- . ’ . Af€** 4*4 At .

L *.




terror on Pink's (ace as he runs out o( control down really steep hills). It's packed with ideas. Not all of them are successful and most are simply plundered (tom other games, but at least there are some The spell-casting system adds an e«tra dimension for example and you can pick up stunned baddies and hud them at other baddies as with the Koopas m Super Mario World. The music is. sadly, from the beat-box o< Beelzebub (Steve s ime). but that is only to be expectec There are some cracking end-ot-wodd bosses. And there are loads ot secret bits to discover. Bas ca iy. a determined effort has been made to create something

special something that can oe sold lo you the game-buying public, wiihout the cnsiS of

conscience which must surely accompany the

release o( so many platform games


Why then does Flmk. your character react to the controls like a cretin When you press left or right he walks forward arthdticaiiy slowly for a few seconds before suddenly lurching up to speed frequently plummeting Irom the platform to his death or crashing into a monster A child ol three could spot how feeble an attempt to simulate inertia tins is. so why did it escape Psygnosis's team ol o aytesters Furthermore, Pink has a

fniclratirvi Tnrwiflrrv In din Itwvinh


squarely or them Neither ol these flaws is enough to seriously compromise the game and you do almost become blind to Ihem eventually, but to take so much care over everything else while messing up something as fundamental and straightforward as the way your charade t walks about is criminal

Flmk begins mnovainrely. in a Forest Wodd*“. You run along Irom left to right, kill some baddies usmg the erratic and much-hated (by me) but traditional  umping-on-trieir-heads system, and collect power-ups. and lhat's largely if. Buf things soon liven up with the arrival of firebreathing monsters, rotating platform-wheels showers of falling leaves which you've got to Jump about on. and forced-scrolling levels (more ol which later).


There are some mildly enierlammg puzzles, too. Invotv ng dropping rocks or see-saws to catapult yourself into the air and tossing other rocks onto platforms so that the weght causes them to sink to wiihm reach And later them's a tremendously exciting bet where you've got to try to escape Irom a herd ol stampeding boars by heaving yet more rocks into their path Flmk hardly heralds the arrival ol a brave new era ot platform game technology, but at least it makes the effort, and it's never dull


Runs on: C032 Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Erwin Kloibhiofer (programming). Henk Nieborg (graphics) and Matthias Steinwachs (music) Price: £20 Release: Out now

The nncompoaps. They've

dearly sweated over FJm* for months The graphics are delightful - Psygnosis at their best, with pretty scenery and lovingly anlmaied characters (We were partcu arty amused by the expression ot

Like 90% of ell game characters. Fllnk ie an apprentice wizard. This means he can mix up Ingiedlanii to make spalls, ot which there are about nine. (All right, exactly nine.] These will then aasltl him In varioui ways

Tirol, (heal*, feel «•! ie fleS ifca mfeu. These larfe Ie chests aeS pieces. Tfets perWcalec eee is dearly e llsfetaiei spall.

Meafen collected the fe]Rlliib (which an scattered araaod ee Ac fleer), Too'es pet Ie wts then ep. This 1s ail a bh ehviees. Ions

off the

\ jA    bonom ofihe

lS 7 \ screen and reappearing again. _    \ So you jump onto it. But -oh

no - as soon as the barrel disappears off ihe screen and your character fallows it across Ihe level's arbiirarily-chosen cut-oil point, you die. Preposletous.

Tfeca, pep h tale jeer spall haoh la ese al a laisi Sale. Wave oah ahat eaa spall bare, hei wa cmIS hast wised ap, let asaaipia, twe.

Its also tautty

structured There are tour worlds, each divided mto several levels These are farther chopped up into short sub-levels, with I ho result that no one section lasts tor more lhan a minute or two. And, as there are plenty ol baddies all over the place, the game teets pacy and action-packed.

Further examples ol mepi design do rear their cfestastefal heads, though Those breed-scro*ng levels, tor example The idee ol farced scrolling is to keep you moving lo make you think fast, lo deny you the chance to stand around gelling your breath back. Fink however, uses d to slow your progress YOu ump onto a plattorm and Itnd i smkxig rto the water beneath your tee! It you don't n*np oft quickly, you'll dn Excepl there s nothing lo jump onto because the nexl platform hasn't scrolled onto the screen yet You were, m lad. supposed to wart tor it to do so be tore lumping onto the lirsi platform Rxkailous

Even worse are the occastonal bits where you’ll see a banel floating temptingly n the water. The waves are making it bob up and down - so much i so. in fact, that it keeps disappearing [


Aod then m arc. Grabbed wilk pfapwlaa accaracy, Hiktninj beb bfokn hanawi rcbrfbailaa apoa all baddies la Ibc local**

Bui Fltnk rallies bravely with lots of nice bits The bosses looks excellent, with special C032 rotating bits although ihey're rather routine to actually lut and one ol them makes the scrotkng stow down to a judder. I was deeply touched by ihe baddies who run aiound with bags on iheir backs with spell ingredents poking out ot Ihem It you kill the baddie he drops the ingredient, which is much nicer than having it simply appear from nowhere.

The eonhnues system seems just about right, loo. There are no passwords, but you can choose between three or five continues, or pradice mode In the case ot the latter you can continue as marry

times as you want, but you won't be able to tackle ihe final

r    \ boss and

bOisit \ complete the rrnrl-inrl    \ 9ame W*131

cracKing     hs

till you get lo (he Runaway Mine Carl™ level No. really.)

Fink's good. then. But there are annoying Ms. And it's not very original And it's not entirety dear why it'll only work on the CD32 • JONATHAN DAVIES

mean, though, ts that il you want lo play the game through to the end you'll have to do it in one silting - a save facility might have been slightly more convenient.

It's fun. then. But how long wd if last'’ Hmm. I woukfn I really kke to say. Although ri s big n s not all that bard (and not particularly clever), and I'd seen pretty much the whole thing by the end of my first day's play What s more. J was getting ever so slightly bored ol umpng around the Tree World, and having apples tall on my head And the controls were starting to gel on my nerves again And 98% ol it we ve already seen elsewhere. (Jus! wait


Deeperafely vA beautiful. Smooth *  animation. Packed with stuff, evan if moil of It hae been rehashed from other games. Generally highly entertaining.

✓—v. DOWNERS Despicable fp I controls, and a couple of entirely original and Immensely Irritating blunders. Oh. and an incredibly obscure bug which corrupts Ihe screen II you change from 60 lo SOHz mode while In the menus.

Owe of (he gimi caaalaSiblfl bosses.


If you lined up all the platform games In the world In    .

order ot merit - against a wall - FHnk would be I In the top 10% of them. J t

CKiS. TM» «-HTUS yxi Mt in C f >JCi, his b««fl do*rtOd<i«J <nfo ynir uni iUrvd jMifi tr ftjl«r ifo a Koit fc©**.

Murder. Vampirism. Revolutiodrlhe amusingly disparate one on the end perhaps involving cream teas. We could have written film postered

H Spe«d is ttj only hof e. iv« b««n in this 91<:*9« for days. usually. rt-.e Company 9Ixist erases your deck's memory and 91 ceases you, but they « 30t P'ans for 211. My bo-dy can * sustain itsett much 91 lorvger, arid my soul box matrix is Hdecaymg. if I tv*-re a samurai I'd ■■already be dead. They should have Bcome for me by noi*. They can't just 9 mean to kill me ke this.

Runs on: A1200 Publisher: fiam/Mpk Authors: iafca / >.riffi«;h and TteenyWetfl iy ijames Certificate: 18 •

Price: £35 Release: Out now


loomed like

week or so of

1r attentive paywpwe [m that flat. mdeoisM k ous experience


state Bui men. a


Rirw*v« ithe ov*afi»v tak9 i rs a ptBKx'W S pnwhandirtck «S«Md «< Far pnenuu eiuuaei maiyp needed. « lact with a CONTROL METHOD OF ASMODEUS that usfeboth mouse buttons m an uraSpfui manner a a doorstopApuai oi easen

here used to be a computer

i vamo'c cumptex

■ compute magarme has to have a gimmick - AMIGA POWER'S, lor example, bemg that we always tell the truth about games - Ace had a tarocai smnoo sv*,‘»m Ca h name ■evieweu u» Ate leseweu not only a mark out ol a thous ‘    ' i

gently or sieeplv mrvmg Ine pretkong how yutn merest m me game would be retained over tmo Nonsense

"Plotting to free the world's

computers”    ,,

as you sUugg o " -.he controls Pidung up en object it WWJSSy the point is whde    a throe-stage affair hrst. you double*

mass** I've been mentaly    ckck on it with the right button to bring up

plotting my own lasting interest curve and a nevription m the n»w«ct then you it looks like a row of spikes on a    saiqteiA ana with (bengb* button to

lachycardiac sugar-fiend's    nut * «' your ism men yuutum your

eiectrocarttograph machine Not since    ter lobe* (.n <• the v reen and

EMo has there been such a nettimg    xkHes- fccfc rwi him wth the tolt button to

mixture of the buznngiy temf and    maw two ink ■> «> n>» mwi*..

crashmgty poor No sooner would an    t ae rtea is tnw asm me otyeri m

intriguing plot tins pup situ new man a your hara. you can switui iu anuthe<




t-tem - an agQQpji ) laul when Mi Mf; Ccse-igAm took absolutely nothing tike “ M pictures (At a Iranian!

■ample, an obviously age bent Ilk woman turns out m dosa-uj to ba a 12-year-old Hack arms dealer CheervMrAdistT

And play ng Irom floppy Is «©oss.bio - everything you do causes lengthy dH* accessing and from being kjled

away after you've mere Joualy placed your companions in fighting positions, we re on the subject And. cheaply, in fights everyone's ih you don't have to represented by the same sprite so you ■ en lo prefc up objects can't easily see who s shooting whom game takes the And even il you've already talked lo them ,On (each    you don t get any indication o( who the

n sw ch directly to characters are on the screen until you

-    commit to talking to

whose inventory


adjacm room and the is

untabeled toons m

objects to appn


‘ /

}* -mC


j pi

i ■


M " " i

4/ V



m ■ . J



Pifi ' \ 7

O* M

7 ■

r \


Mert murdxr. Bui, of twit, ihcrt'i no umbidi. Na wiitiy-wBthj moraiiuk Mine*. Baa ipIcadM.

gameKvnipir swaps

And yow il gel to talk to people, you jusi gel ted ! rtes and occasionally answer yes or no to a question. And ttisra are minor bugs, like people chatting about people you haven't met yet as it you have, or tattling about people you ve iust shot In from ol them without apparently having noticed you ve iust shot them. In Iront ot Them Brrrr


Such ate the laults ol BloodneL skiddng maiictously beneath the hammer ot kindly indulgence like the hamster in the undedelt ot tile. It took me the week or so ot aitentive playing to realise I didn l care about them at all because I was having far loo much tun.

Being a brt ot a pomt-ana-d ek player, i ve come to loalhe iheir addle-paled Saxmraxin-Raxlniraxtn plots (att _ which hang lots ot obvious puzztes lor no ‘ teason other than pomt-and-dick gamep have to have lots ol them and they haib k be obvious), theu plastic characters (den existing solely to blurt out a vital due I beloie dropprng dead) and their crass storytelling (clearly planned without a

® UPPERS Great plot. Tremendoua storytelling Good dialogue ae well - the characters are neatly delineated You don't have to search lor objects or walk over to people to talk to them. Crafty puzzles that slam from the story. Refreshingly grim and amoral. Dialogue replay' means you can retar back lo any conversation (typically conslatent with the game logic - It's lhanka to the neural Implant that's keeping you Irom becoming a lull vamp). It's nonlinear. It hat the line Ram It, Stark -I got Chinese to debug" In II.

writer in sights Biooonets story w anger. On ihe TObts ot 21 st Cedi

® DOWNERS You need a hard drive and 2Mb ol memory: playing tram floppy it unlhlnkeble at the game has 12 disks and accesses at least two every time you do the slightest thing. Learning to use the bstlllngly aver-compiei controls Is a maddening hurdle. You can gel killed (but only In a tair light). Exits Irom a room its poorly labelled, and walking your character through them la cursedly tricky. Music from Danny Etfman'a bin


t computers 'a sinister

Irom me o' multi-national CoiperatiOR people aie

t- eryimnga got accuildRenl . o'

being bumped oft in ksbaopaca Jut j-

trying lo laid scmeorf Hban m ' n <Adh van-- irjfaxgsi'ie %

undoing you urcHKplOl f tete&IT proportions that only pcockroacn ', y embittered by a life oTpitiable k uselessness would reveal to you. f. Isn't that fantastic A tremendously involving immaijj'ate y-senoted story that IiziA with ideas, populated eJk characters who ■ never rmtHse. stocked wilh sly. saHsfyiaalu22:es that don't leave

you can thflfwklg ii everyone ic act fc berk and waich hope1- terror.)

A a Bajol-p bii ihepame concerns syR hig danercus Mgh-tech drugs to ne'p BRfcrtyfft grts or :n cyberspace' (or to s9ba Ry onCi) and most entenaini uii a naif-vamp you're forced oeriomBg Id Ibh lor blood the nebulous 'innocence' ol your vicim deternrwvng how much you lose ot your precious humanity Truly. Btoodnei is a 9a*» where you are in control AS IT SHOULD BE (It's also luxuriously large: alter that week or so of attentive play ai a guess I'm a ktite over hallway through the

Sfctt'11 visiimg new locations and sti'i ning to dd onea anaed with extra raster to make se-iia of the rum goktgaem. Although of coi/se the nonlinearity mikes it splendidly difficult lo estahlsh how tar 1 am irom success) Pomi-and-dick games a(% m the vast rneprtty an insolently poor Crunch.

Bbeetee! loins with ease the pantheon of ,rtR (beTIng Beneath a Steel SJry and


Olavat, vnll-arilpted. thoroughly anginielng arhanluie THAT IS FUN Buy a hard DRIVE. take the trouble to

• beliEEafnant AND I ORtflN SIGHT

£v» more ratresfingy Ca in -non-' near. letting you loitow op cads and explore the city- and cytei'-scipa In any aiPoutegiB saving i: iq you to ha up pur findings. (1 twpall cnrikua b mt on ihe side niton ■ivyai taking up a numonr rtf hxenars o their eagat onwaR'impaga through 'cyher aca. but tor ■« moment rfltli ip'ffiy harfl Pi hit squad to ffutee sure ol arty . opposition ) Aftd Ihe game's % cheertuiiy amoral

There's a bit. tar instance, where you bid out a gang is


A500 Work proceeds apace on a 500/600 version. But It Is a slothful pica. Many months" will pass before it arrives. Write lo Gamelak and DEMAND REGULAR PROGRESS REPORTS.




penalty b Inends m ihe scar



Climb tall buildings and throw ourselves off without caution Yes.


® UPPERS The Idea ol

running as loti as posiible to the loo ol a tall building and jumping oft It is remarkably appealing. The attention to detail marks It out as the work at somebody who Cares About Games, which Is a tare thing these days. There Is a pleasing sprinkling ot the macabre.

/ \ DOWNERS ll s not

l J structured to take lull

advantage ot IIS mulll-player potential, and doesn't stand up as a one-player game. It's also too expensive, to be honest.


Good, hearty lun, and refreshingly original. But M A — it doesn't quite all come fll~ together. It's so nearly M I I ~ there' It hurts.    •    ** —


We squinted till II hurl, A1200 but could discern no differences between Base Jumpers on a 500 and Base Jumpers on a 1200.

Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: Grandslam Authors: Rasputin Price: £26 Release: Out now

At the magic words tour-player", AMIGA POWER stopped Keyboards tell silent Joysticks clattered to the floor. Even Steve's Roger Whittaker tape came to an end, knowing somehow. There was a pause And then we sprinted into position around the Amiga, seamlessly tailing into tormalion - Jonathan and Sieve in Iron! on the keyboard, and Cam and me behind with joysticks And We Had Fun.

Base Jumpers is based on a truly tantasiic idea You start oft inside a lower, on the bottom Hoof. And you've got to sprint madly lo the top The screen scrolls to Id low the leader, with anyone who tails otf the bottom losing points In the way are baddies, tricky arrangement ot platforms, guns, loree-lietds. trampolines and so on.

And the tirst person to reach the top gets a bonus


And then - then - you al jump oft the root. As you treelai! down you can attempi to jostle each other into Hagpoles and things sticking out Irom the building Anyone untortiinate enough to hit one goes splat', and bits of him tumble down the screen. Then everyone starts to get tense as the ground approaches You see, the last person lo pull then ripcord lands first.

and gels a bonus But leave it loo late and the results are ternbly unpleasant

We loved it, inevitably. The alternating mad scrambles to the lops ol the lowers and tense descents make a perfect mixture, and the prditeration ol dsmembered bodies made us chuckle (fisturbingfy And, following Ihe success of the dnids and UFOs m Jeistrtke. Rasputin have lei np wilh a devastating range ol secret bits and bonus things By collecting letters In the right order as you run around, you can gain access lo "at least 11" bonus games - things like Joust. Kung Fu. an excellent tour-player variation on Breakout, and a curious invisible Space Invaders.

The graphics, meanwhile, are cheery and colourful, it a little sloppily animated and the sound effects are entirety appropriate.


But Base Jumpers is Hawed. It ust doesn't work at all as a one-player game - it's a bit ike going bungee jumping with no-one watching to see how brave you are. And you run oul ot lives too quickly in multiplayer games Pretty soon there's only

"Sticking out from the


one player left, and he's not going to want to continue on his own aher he knows he's won

And despite all the bonus bits and pieces packed into it, it feels too flimsy to lustify the £26 being asked

So although Base Jumpers tilled our hearts with joy lor a couple ol hours, pretty soon we were beginning to gel disgruntled We liked it a lot, and its made us laugh more than any other game this month, and there are secret recesses ot it that we've yet lo explore Bui it's not a game we ll be returning to all that often • JONATHAN DAVIES


leave some demand that you k>» al the opposition boforo you can leave, and sometimes you nave to find or destroy an obiect Tne rationale for all this nvodiess mayhem <s‘ some baloney about it being me year 9030 you being hybrid rat men with datt names (and Shotguns, natch) and the aliens coming Oh dear The second way of playing Death Mask is competitively player against player, over any one of ten specially designed levels

The controls are effective enough on the CD32 with the shoulder buttons swrveawg you around and the (oypad moving you left right forward and bach bui • keeping you facing the same »vay The red button is lire and the yeifov. brmgs up the map Moving around is confusing al first but. with tone the controls became mebnctive

Death Mask is a poor man's Doom Its 30 mare is all a brt ot a trick, given away by the square by-square movement of Ihe characters. No smoothly-moving. virtual 30 environments here Instead we get siep-by-slep redrawing of Ihe calculated position and viewpoint of each player which gives an artificial feel to the game II also means Ihai all ihe levels are designed square by square (or. in tact, to give OW its ful credit, half-square by halfsquare) and this does make everything look Ihe same There are plenty of afferent wall textures on drffetent levels, but its d'tkcuM la left where you are or any partictiar level without ihe help of ihe map In fairness. Apache have named

Death Mask is the first o! ihe Doom- style games thal we ve been speculating about (very idly) m this mag lor sometime For those of you who emulate Ihe bears and hibernate all winter, thereby missing our erudite meditations. Doom is a game that has revolutionised PC gaming This is more than a little surprising when you consider that it's essonnaty a 30 maze with ultra-violence (time was thal 30 maze was a phrase associated with PD programmers of the most limited imagmat«n) SMI . no matter the PC game is revolutionised and by the son of mckte-down effect so favoured by 80s Conservative politicians, so shal the Amiga game also be revolutionised Probably.

Death Mask can be played two ways The first presents you with 32 levels ol 30 maze fun that can be played by one or two players Some levels require only that you find the exit and

Normally I don't get much time lo review games, stretched lo nervous breaking poinl as I am through trying lo force ihe endemicaily lazy AMIGA POWER lo hit deadlines, so if was a bit ol a luxury to come back after the Christmas break and have plenty of time lo sit around and play a game I've been looking forward lo.

Rune on: A500. A600. A1200. CD32

Publisher: Alternative Authors: Apache Prico: £30 (CD32). £26 (floppy)

Ralaas : Out now

him, tot






One ol the truly annoying things about Death Mask Is thal poor game design hat led to Inconsistencies In Its Internal logic. Take the lollowlng examples...



UPPMI Tfaa r

f A J best gun In an Amlg* _ >—s game aver. Enfoymant. £ Action Two-playsr game

® DOWNERS Not enough levali. Annoying graph paper dealgn. Silly plot. Everybody alee found the contrail fruitratlng. although I didn't mind them at all.


Death Mask la undeniably fun and beneflta from a two-player element but It took me only five houra to complete the game and that's Inexcusable, especially with a CD game. The player vs player option la nowhere near as exciting as It should be.


It works usl as well on

A1200 Ihe A1200 The only

thing missing Is Ihe large selection ot music tracks and a couple of levels. Unfortunately the flooppy version doesn't recognise a CD32 joypad and control with a joystick Is Infuriating. You really need to be able lo move around In Death Mask while maintaining the same facing and although you can simulate this by moving diagonally forward or backward. It's much more awkward.


Thtu —--- - cTUIarti

Ami r1---beats.


Slightly less detail on 4 500 the graphics and fractionally slower, although still very Impressive at dealing with multiple monsters. It suffers from the same control problem as the A120C version.

Sen Is lubtr Jacket! an peasants, la taal IWa laa.

Ninja, ninja, oa tba wall, atai lb* blaafail at tbaai lit

areas on each lard so that a Irttle message Cflmes up saying supply room' 0< whatever, but this is a poor substitute and yOuVe left with Ihe leeiing that you re paying a computer game rather than wndanng around a cSstani planet in Ihe tar future You iust don't feel like you are' tnpre Which is a shame The plus, and isumably ihe reason that Death Mask has been set up this way. is that it runs srooothiy and quickly No matter how explicated the level, no maner how wfeny Monsters are on-scroen. the action never slows down In lad the only nffeeable pauses are when the next cfejnk ot (surprisingly pleasant) background music loads Irom the CD


tMath Mask <s parhcularty drsappomiing m the player vs player game, which should M the best pan. There's nothing lo beat tl» tense excilemenl ol player-on-player

label n iltqul Rabat M«v IIm. tan loan.


action    'T'VO

hkkng around cornets hying lo lei the location ot the olher player by his fooisieps: rushing headlong across open spaces while firing oft bursts ot machine gun tire: laying ambushes: exchanging snapshots when your ammo runs low: and so on. Unfortunately m Death Mask the excitement is marred by the tack ot meaningful sounds: the uncertainty of where you are: the over abundance ot (yes') regenerating ammunition; and the tact that you can see where your opponent is on your map (and that consequently he can see where you are on your map as well just by looking at your hall ol Ihe screen). Every competitive game I played ended with the protagonists standing ioe-lo-loe and shooting it out.


Mall*, in a NiiIm. Whan ha Xabj la lha «1ai CaataryT

The olher big

problem that ihe game (aces is that it's just loo easy. With ihe aid ol Jonathans both Nash and Davies. I completed the 32 levels In just over five hours on the first day of frying Only ihroo levels caused enough of a problem lo make us start them again, so we effectively played straight through them What there is of Ihe game is entertaining enough with plenty ol atmosphere andsome well designed levels However. Death Mask just isn't well enough thought Out or (rankly big enough to justify its price.



Winder «round Venn, destroy those reector things In ihe comer.

Hey you, the Skeleton Krew. Can you spin on your head

ioads-ol-cok>ur-30-vt8ion. it would be lab. (YoucotM cat il FIFA Soccer, or something, - Elf) And it someone dd a shoot* em-up in this iorced 30 perspective that would be equally (ab because it there s one thing I love more than a shoot' em-up iis anolherore Yes A shoot-'em-up. viewed tram thai forced 3D peispedhM That would be good. Oh look, theres one.

I've been looking forward Ic Skeleton Krew skice it was first previewed last Apr 'There's a big range of special weapons and equipment-, 'one of the team has worked as a comic arDsf and 'the Slice ('Arxf - Ed) Dice Trunkator promises to cut the enemy m halt at waist heighi end blow the sections inlo a thousand (laming pieces while the F-Flenser tears the flesh Item the bodies ot your enemies' were just some ol the attractive phrases used by K hns Uoyd *1 his hilarious K-lor-C

concept piece The game _    — was mentioned m the

\ same breath as

Smash TV and Eshape From, the Pianet ot the Robot Monsters and. in (act. previewed opposite the seme company s spectacular 1943 done Banshee And now at last, here it is


But let's not get ahead ol ourselves In atypically tolerant AMIGA POWER    1

tashion. there's a plot to describe first.

It's Ihe year 2062. and there is an evil bloke by the name of K'adaver at large There are three members ol the Skeleton K rew named Rib. Joint and Spine (and not Knuckle, which seems the obvious ehoicel who must stop him Rubbish of course but a good excuse tor Core to do what they do best - make lovely-looking, atmospheric games. There's a little comic book at the Iron! of Ihe manual, and the chunky art is earned over into the animation and backgrounds It's a refreshing

I ha EH 11 tall ot ■alii Oh, pah

othti iMnfi lee.

Run* on:


Publisher: Core Authors: Jason Gosling (code). James Ryman and Heather Gibson (artists) Price: £35 Release: Out now

f»ph.c style -distinctly different without being too over-the-top - and I tike it The imuessrve atmosphere >s further ennuiown    the

contrast between the levels: afenear ; bed guys and things

So Good graphics thj B Staff about the oni BP Sung the game has going fork Each ol the six levels (spread over 'our  worlds - Earth. Venus i Mars and - Khar - tno Psy V ogonesrs Planeii sprawls all over the place but there s a defied route

Now I don't know about you. but I really i<ke forced 3D perspective In (act. I'd go so tar as to say it s the best new x you can get n any game Just imagine U something like Sensible Soccer m tr glorious    ~~

"Coil it FIFA SecceB or something"

b«ii rm K itilns* *

I« W<"

Him «a tataele dm at da tin’, (r ika Jaajli

itfnraJ- Kitlin* Oifcifi.






l <!




to' you to follow. Exploration is limited to coming across the odd sacral room or two There are no extra weapons, different' things to do. or wrong' ways to go. and without this variety the simple blasting becomes letkous

It a shoot- em-up is gang to work, tor want ol a better descnption it's got to tap into certain emotions Vbu have to have danger. Action Excitement Uncertainty Unpredictability. How about an absurd number ol outrageous and spectacular

weapons (Ttw a supposed to be 2062. remember.) What about adding vehicles lot those really difficult parts ct the level  You could even give the player the opportunity to wander around a bit. not necessarily going in the right direction bui at least giving them a chance to roam You should certainly give the monsters a bit ol venom, as in Skeleton Krew they seem just to go through the motions rather than actively attacking you. It s actually much easier to run around them than get into a light Even the two-player mode which should

game, just ends up doubting the frustration It's du*. and the only element ol competition comes when you see a pile ol k'ash lying on me floor and both race to loot as much as you can

Individually, these problems with Skeleton Krew are minor. Collectively they severely restrict the amount ol tun and excitement to be had Its by no means a bad game to play Oil II is badly designed, and when Core caaido something as anarchic and tun as Banshee and have had the game in development tor almost a yeai, we expect a lot more than what Sfrteton Krew has to offer.


® UPPERS No fancy

gaming elements getting In Ihe way here, just blast everything thal moves. Until It stops moving.

® DOWNERS Glrfywuss aliens, none - that's right, NONE - ol those essential over-the-top power up*, noi enough variety In the action and a whole host ol minor problems that make Ihe game not really that much tun at all to play.


There's just simply not enough In here to excite or make you want to see what the next level has In store. It could have been a real hotshot.

A big disappointment.


The details are very

CD32 sketchy at the

moment...C0 version reported to have better sound (no. really)...no more known at this lime...keep ’em peeled.


AS 00 **


Best original game name of the year award goes to

Mrrrl icrtii- W* •■iic a tv

iim olcl

STh« reasen I poinl this out«that ihis Its Cnckel bieaks up I he action So let's analyse each bit in turn


To slarl with. the ball has la be bowled The screen Hips 10 show you the bowler and his end ol the wickel From here you've gol a couple of options to choose from (Bowling is controlled by the mouse.) Firstly, do you want to come over or around the wicket'’ And secondly, what type ol ball you're going 1a bowl Once that s done you flip to the batsman and position a small target on the ground which is where the bail wki end up.

Now the batting    


You can see where the bal / OH Is going to Land, and know /    . ■    .

you've gotto decide on    I    IHfll

your shot. There are    1    film

twelve shots available 10    \    ----

you: tour tor the diltereni \ ilie positions ol the joystick (up. \ down, lelt or right) and thiee x. ditterent sets ot shots tor each lime you press the lire button Press the lire button three times and then press down lor a straight drive, or just press tl once and right lot a leg glance. Initially you'll have problems remembering which shot is which, but repetition will soon remedy dial situation With any luck, and some skill, you'll hil the ball and send it out into the held..


The ball s on its way. You can see it mwng. A! you ve got to do now is slop it Pick a J player and then select a position 00 the held to move h m lo It's '    besi il you

move him to where the ball is And then throw ihe ball at Ihe wicket, either to stop play or try to run out a batsman

And so that's the game. Explained But how does it play Here's another breakdown ol how those various parts work.

Well, the bowling s fine It s just rather dull. I spenl ages frying lo gel people out. eventually finding one style that works almost all the time In lad. out ol ten wickets nine ol them were stumped by ihe wicketkeeper A bn more variety in Ihe style ot batsmen, and the odd mistake, would make it so much better. And speaking ol batsmen balling is great lun. The shot selection b<1 does take quite a while lo pedect. but once you've sussed out how to control it. you can do some really nice shots

Bui there's no real point to "    all ol this because ol the one

am \ major flaw in the game:

• .    \ ihe lieldmg. It's crap,

I StylC \ (rankly. Selecting a \ player and then

WfllBS    I moving him without

ie _l    J knowmg where the

j ball is going to slop finiC” J lust takes too much / time, is loo random and gives your opponent (computer or human) too much ol an advantage as you tumble with the controls. And when Ihe computer he ids. it automatically knows where the ball is gang to be. and doesnT have 10 worry about all this clicking on a player, clicking 00 where it wants him to run to and clicking on the wicket

So what conclusions can we draw Irom this Well, it's the tarmliar story of okay bits mixed up with dodgy bits. The graphes are cod (except lor the Football Manager-style fielding) and the sampled speech is equally good wiih lots ol examples, and there is a strong cricketing atmosphere. Bui the poody-handled holding jus) kind ol puts you oil Ihe whole thing Damn. And I realty wanted lo like dits as well • PAUL UELLERICK

Game: It’s Cricket Huns on: A500. A600. A1200 Publisher: Grandslam Authors: Nightowl Software Price: £27 Release: Oul Now

You know how there are certain types ol games that you like playing Some people like shoot 'em-ups and some like platlorm games Well, personalty I'm a bit ol a sports tan It s probably got something to do with me being merely okay-tsh at most spons in real lite. and yet actually quite good at them in their digitised form. Football, tennis. American football, rugby, boxing, table tennis, tenpin bowling you name it. I can play it. One spon that hasn t really gol it right, though, is cricket Graham Gooch's Cnckel is the only one worth playing, but even that's Hawed lo frustration And so, even though I'd heard nothing about It's Cndtet until today. I was excited nonetheless I suppose I shoukfve known beher. realty.

As most ot you know, there are three mam parts to playing cnckel There's Ihe bailing, ihe bowling and. o< course, the


t _ Yeah. yeah. Slop me il AI200 you've heard this one before, but It'S no diltereni. Not even a bit. I expect. Well that's how It looked to me.




T»vc< *

® UPPERS The batting Is ace - you can really put some nice shots together and play defensively when you want to. There are plenty of stats and things, and you can enter you own details Into the game


bowling Isn't up lo much, and Ihe fielding la truly dreadful. The unfair advantage II gives to the batting side Is unforgivable.


Fielding may only be a third of the game, but It really does detract from what could have been an en oyabie game. This Is a little bit beher than Graham Gooch, but still only lor n die-hard cricket Ians



Tbit ii vkil you icfual ut on the screen - tim jnptiki In the middle of a eosi pool of not much.

There is no easy way out.

Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Psygnosis Author: Steven Bond and Richard Hackett Price: £20 Release: Out now

The Psygnosis oere house

clearance continues It's herd to mow round a computer shop without tripping over teetering piles ot Psygnosis titles, at the knockdown never-lo-be repeated price Ol one of your Earth tenners Walker (AP24 65*<) tor a tenner0 Yes please Armour GedOon 2 (AP37.

57°.) lor ten pounds0 Umm. maybe not. eh°

Arrvd the tandshde oI back catalogue stuff comes anew

game. X-ii. when used to be caled (ugh) Zonked and a so obscure a title, that when I got stuck and phoned up the Psygnosis help line (051 709 5755 - Phone them, not us, for pity 's sake - Ed), the the existence ot the game and •ten went on to say that even 3 it has been released it certainly vwsn't one o< (heirs Wen 1 does, and 1 ts

And we ve seen it before. Check back la AMIGA POWER 37, and on the second disk you'll see a PD game called Soto Sun. In it. you're presenled with some coloured blocks and lloor tiles Against the dock, you push the blocks around until each bkxk is on top ot the corresponding coloured trie, making sure you don't push the blocks into corners where you can 1 move them - my pent to all this being, see that Soke Ban  That's X-tt. that is


Weeeeeli n ts and t isn't, for although the basic idea's exactly the same. X-lts tar cleverer and teaiure-packederer than Soko


San The time you don'1 have lo push blocks onto coloured ties you have to push them into holes so you can gel to ihe exit As wes as stogies some bocks are stacked on top ol each other, the catch being (tos is after all a puzzle game] that you can only push two at a time These could be two single blocks, or a single stack ol two but certainty not the stacks ct three, wbch can onty be moved by Mchirg wheels to them And then once you w got ihem going, icy .*•* patches send them slithenng ofl or ice blocks melt before you need Ihem or you have to teleport somewhere lust And so on

Starting from the f rsi lew Soto Barvesque leemer levels.

X IIcranks ip toe number ol objects and the complexity ol each across a fwdred and odd levels To avoid you getting stuck last, you can enter the game at every fifteenth level, and compared with some ol toe horrendous level codes of recent iimea toe ones in X-tl are me redul keyboard-typeabie six digs codes


Playing toe game directs your swearing mostly where it belongs (the puzzles) and not at stupid problems or disk accessing, and much tun was had alternately cusmg when I was stuck and punching the air m rk iteots jublabon when I cracked a level The problems Well, kves - do you need or want lives in puzzle games Isn't being stuck on a level punish mem

enough, withom all Ihe added sues* (and dtek accessing) ot reluming lo the menu to type to a code every five attempts And why re all the characters tiny and the playing area only about 15S ol the screen Shurely shome mishtake The lime allowances are a brt strict too. leaving no margin tor you to make a couple ot mistakes and just scrape to. And the music's crap, and plays to the menus even alter you ve turned n oft But. hey. smal problems m a sen stoly priced. rather enduring puzzler • CAU wmSTANLEY

® UPPERS More variation lhan most puzzler*, cheap (poitlbly 'er‘ alter a couple of weeks, eh Psygnosis ), snd not Ihe kind ol game you'll finish in • weekend. Unleu you're better than me. that Is.

® DOWNERS Weeny graphics, many limited lives, crap music and you're not likely to play it once you've done all lha levels. Same as any other puzzla game really.


It's a puzzle game. And a Jolly nice one loo.


A1200- The same.




•    Tha HgicjV. ■vie ihe puzzles

are    m some cases

entertainingly punnish) there's no atlempi lo put the puzzles in the context ol the game'WE they're usl puzzles lor the flit ol it. As with Dream Web an  the Dizzy games It's less a case ol deverty combining objects than waring for someone to give you a key (or whatever). There's no sense to the objects either: what someone guards bears no relation to who they are (a long pies you a hearing aid. i for example), and you rind    I

the moat ndfoufousiy    

important rtams hidden under paving slabs Why Because 11 is a computer game, ol course

•    The deady water In Ifeaia ia - Before the War. you are forced lo cross rivers cl deadly water Sometime there are stamina pctlona In looms beyond the meets ol deadly waier Sometimes Isay in ihe lust hal ol level two) there are not So you can die through no laud ol your own beycnc nol do ng things in exactly 1he Older Vulcan dictate.

•    The giammai Valhalla - Before the War is an adventure with bocks to read and messages to d-sccver They are all ridded with grammatical errors

•    The save routine You can save once per levs the new save overwriting the oUai one Even on ihe hard dove

•    The longevity Once I understood the way the designers mind wotted (marching objects with synonyms, tor example) I rampaged ibrough ihe game. Level tour (the last and haidesii look three hours lo beat. Indue ng si the walking around. In all the game s taken a weekend lo finish



turn, with the atd ol th< AMIGA POWER point • The levels The itrte and you car call up «l

Large, ip at any time.

■Dream Web tfc size is aitiliciaUy 3y spreading out the puzzlaa and o loice you to do a lot ol walking Ycur nhnracier moves extremely vj can't go cLagonaly. Scenery la deliberate y placed m your way to mate walking a'tara oven more annoying • The atmosphere, l/atha/ta - Before the War has no mmosphere. I'd assumed quite reasonably i ha I ihe game look place in mediaeval limes and was therefore

SWatty surprised 10 stumble across Bc-gsr.s. cement mixers, lible "and electronic ghostbuBbrig men What about using mediaeval egriu ns la repealing crossbow, an nale artisan a candle and a moody exordsi lor example) so friend player isn’t brulaily lemmded that he's shuffling around solving a collection ol logic piot>ems But no.


• The speech. The speech is cleverly integrated Into the game, wlih several puzzles revolving around lidding pieces of paper and reading out the messages on them (There's an espeoafiy real bit where you find a password, but have to drink various pafeona to alter your voice so you can sing or whisper it as required )

But the speech is muffled and at points unintelligible. (There'a a moment where a character demand! 'Bring me a scythe " It's supposed to be atpi'.) Worse, on later levels your character doesn't bother explaining what an obi eel ts 'You already KNOW wbai that is' he mumbles testily But deady I don't. That is why I am asking tor a descriptfen. So whai it I ve come across Ihe object in a previous level, or is the game a lest of memory as well

I Aajfy lemur-I

I *««!.. a

® UPPERS Good use ol speech In puzzles. Some neat puns. It's linear but there's plenty of 'give'. You can die. but never unexpectedly Painless controls. Looks appealing. Paving slabs with objects hidden under them have blobs on them. You can turn off Ihe pointless wittering. You need only swap disks between levels. It's hard-drive Installable.

Runs on: A&JD A600 / Publisher: Vijlran Authors: LmaTunnah

(design). Paul Carrington (code)

Price: £35 Release: Oul now

was going lo ojpn this review with a digression nboid Frank MMcr but he H have lo wa. Vafoafta - Bekya the Wards .....

® DOWNERS Once you've tumbled to the dealgner's approach, the puzzles are dismlsslvely simple. Anachronisms ruin ths atmosphere Some ol the speech Is difficult to make out. You can save one game per level. It uses the odious device of spreading out the ob ects and having a slow-moving character to make the game seem bigger.

the lull word 00 Jill.

It'S tie prequel1 to tfcfhulla (AP3S,

with you now cast a$ the villain ploigng la bump oft Ihe king lie un.spot table Ira pa Irom the first game iivo been lemawed sc you can walk arourwwrihout lea' of plullimelting ihro-jcjffler apparently sound paving slab This is me- Good Thing about Vdhaiu - Before ihj War •

The Bad Thng about k'alail -Before the Waiarqninltoki, o> al lead ctghi Lei us dlMill each in ' - ‘ m


Valhalla - Before Ihe War Is a 1982 text adventure with graphics: you walk around, finding Incongruous ohjects under floors, giving them to people and receiving Incongruous objects lo give to other people. It Isn't engaging. It Isn't involving and it Isn't at all fun. Few ■ a lessons have been learnt I ll ” Irom Ihe first game    I —

Dismayingly poor.    I M i


Completely different. AT5700 No It isn't.

So away, Intiattf.' %

Uz«r -


V 2 •


' *


HL.'HT-'ffl *

i -Ss-ffl viffl




® UPPERS incredibly last. Incredibly playable, Incredibly exciting. Incredibly tough Defender clone. In llrat-peraon 3D. Hard drlve-Inatallable (eon of - the levels are Hill read from floppy). It aavea your high tcorea on the hard drive veralon. No mualc.

Tali floal cg oki Marc, yoa car.

S~~\ DOT5Ht;ns The mouae control! unpleaunl, and there's no keyboard optloc. You really need a CD32 oypad to gat the beat out of the game. The high detail option‘a useless It'a still overly tricky to gauge the height of the floating power-ups No mualc.

Guardlsn la the Gama of Champlona. And now It’a on the A1200. Buy It, because you know we re right. Aa always.

The Game of Champions On an A1200 REJOICE

background looting al me hr! era] Is lately aeeHd !    /

Sliglity iniMing / d«k access

Skgf!0y inflating

back meets of Level 3.3 wdhnoWM


Well, they said it would A500 never appear on tha A1200 ao who knows, eh No. Wa deceive you cruelly. It will not appear. We weep tor you.






Feast your eyes on the veritable Karma Tiptria of information that is the Complete Control pages; scratch your head in curiosity at how we managed to cram so many useful tips into this opening spread; revel in the glory of part two of our Cannon Fodder 2 guide; loosen up your fingers in preparation to try out all the death moves in Mortal Kombat 2; and flick quickly past The Last Resort. Words and musings, as ever: Rich Pelley.




"Ncl as bad as you might expect.' wa discovered when wa reviewed Mr Bobby the game in the not too-dstanl past, which is ironic because in real Ide. Mr Blobby is every bit as bad as you might expect, and Noel Edmonds worse. Here though, without further ado, are some codes 'surplled' (as he puls it) by Simon Pegler of Worcester.

Level 2-

Level 4-

Level 6-

■    hohl bojo

■    doul

■    awmo

■    goau - hopl

■    seed bdbh

■    oodk -fodf

■    hdhm

-bd p


■    exmd

'Now deni ask me what happened.' adds Simon, “but having pul In fha code to level 41 and completed it. I was given the code to the level 60 Instead * He continues: 'Abo. one useful thing that I have noticed is that i you lose a live, then if you can manage to find a clock and press ENTER you should gain a Irla back again* And as a stem final warning, he adds: 'Leave the viking helmet well alone as it will only slow you dawn *


Level 15 -anab

Level 29


Level 18 - tmbf

Level 30


Level 17-ggbl

Level 31

4 - amea

Level 18-aikb

Level 32

5 - flat

Level 19 - bbjn

Level 33

6 - ggak

Level 20 - okbq

Laval 34

7 - haa]

Level 21 - dbti

Level 35

B- ba m

Level 22 - evmb

Level 38


Laval 23 - gobt

Level 37


Level 24 - eido

Level 38

11 - goes

Level 25 - oooj

Level 39

12 - aaob

Level 28 - domb

Level 40

13 - oofal

Level 27- eoeo

Leval 41


Level 28 - fnol

Level 60













(Time Warner Interactive)

To be the Superviaor in Rtsa ot the Robots' enthuse T Rawlings and B McCormack ol Oxfordshire, seetrwgly unaware that as the ttve percent we awarded Rtsa two issues ago suggested, hare at AP we were looking forward more to being locked tor elemity in a room that smelt ol hsh with only our oU

Geography teachers and a perpetually looped lape of Whlgfiekfs Saturday Night lor company than the amval of any news about Time Warner Interactive's laughably appaling beal-’em-up, 'here's what to da ‘Start a one player game and lose to the Military Droid Set the options to Dilfieuty: hard: Timer: off; T Bouts: on;

Cinematics: on: Shadows: on: and Screen Shade: on Start up a two player game, than on the handicap acreen push laft so that the red bar moves about e quarter of the way Into player one's side, and back about six limes until the screen fashes After this has happened, cycle through the opponents and you stated And her in the list after the sentry droid ready lor a second player lo select. Her Special Move, incidentally, is Down, Towards. Up. Down. Away and Up*



Scheming Cell turncoat Steve McGil demonstrated hie inadequacies by neglecting to include these cheats In his 'comprehensive' guide to K240 We salute Cian Cabell of Limedck. Ireland tor putting him straight Type in any ol the toCowmg on the main view acreen and press return. . skyscraper - shortens the construction time ol all luiure building loedaadoah - adds 100,000 credits telescope - shows all asteroids Iceman - Ireerea all asteroids Icbm - gives you four of every missile and satellite laming adds SO to population








(Issue 43 Covnrdlak)

Stephen Clark of Glasgow writes in to tel us know about a cheat he has found tor the demo we gave away on the front of Issue 43. (Not that we have tried It on the tul game to tell you that

Cannon Foddor    2 ..58-61

Jungle Slrlka . 62-65

K240 ..5a

Last Rasort ......66-67

Mortal Kombat    2 ..56-57

Mr Blobby ..54

81    Riio Ol Iho Robots ...55

65    Sanslbla World ol    Soeear.....54

54    Supar Stardust ......55

67    Top Goar 2 .,55

57    Towsr Assault ......55

54    Zaawoll 55

it doesn't work on that as well, but we doubt Sensible would have been so silly as to let It sip them by. Although...) Go to the transfers acreen and purchase one ol two players. Make sura that they lake you as low as possible on money without gong Into (he red, but low enough sa that alter the next match has bean played, you wil be. Return to the transfer screen, go lor any pieyera you want and you should be able to spend up to £50.000,000 on each because ekhough your money keeps going into the red. nothing ie ever said about It. And don't torgei white doing (his that you can buy another player from the same team as the one you are making a bid tor. (So you ccxJd, tor example, buy Giggs or Caniona at the same Urns as, say. Dennis Irwin.)



(Binary Asylum)

Mission five - IMAGO Mission nine - TIBURON

Mission seventeen - MARTEN Mission twenty one - SOCKIN M

Marcus Cm oi Leicester' Thanks tor those. And as pointed out In Iasi months Last Resort (but considering most people lend to start scouring down the list ot games advertised by Special Reserve on

the made from cover lor spelling mis lakes, or trying lo Improve their speed ai reading upside-down before they'd consider

probably worth pointing out again), having finished the game you'll be given the code

password in Ihe normal place, enables you lo run through the missions again In charge of a Kestrel Jet. handling more like Ihe spaceship in Virus than the original chopper you were given

re fast May la rtw room M I were TOO, my IrtciMi.

(Taam 17)

Although we Sdn'l take loo Sandy lo this tales! addition to the Aten Breed family, it didn't stop Mark Dolphin ol Stourbridge sending In a liberating envelope ol justice lo vanquish the evils ot disaster. (His words.) It went on a bn, but this Is essentially whai he was trying to say:

Rom your start position head one screen up and one left for a In-laser; to Ihe bottom left of ihe screen tor an extra Ida. Work your way up Ihe stores collecting ammo, keys, credits to the massive slock pie ol keys on Ihe third level. Head lo Civilian level three and west to the computer on Engineering level three. Spend your first 6000 credte on a high powered machine gun. then heat-seekers, (tamer and laser. And lor passwords, try 'EJDSNDAAIDCAAADC . EEFCJDAASDCAAADS' and EEHLLDAASDCAMDS'. Not loo revealing. I know, but Mil have lo do until someone wrrtes in with something better.

- twti

U1 «r rial -



l*    I


Without gong mio details ai the lime of writing I've actually become detached (ram my collection ol back issues of AMIGA POWER and. having rtf done much revt&on ot tale, am entirely unable lo comment on Ihe anything we may or may rtf, have said about Top Gear 2. nor on ihe implications on the world that printing these passwords (sent n by Matthew Newman of Surrey) might have Siting here on a lonely Monday evening behind my keyboard busy typing out this month's Complete Control. I also !<nd myseH unable lo Itily remember quite how exactly I got this job m the first place, unable lo cease wondering why I seem lo have computer games on the brain tor at least hall of my waking hours, and triable lo convince myselt that maybe I really do do this ob tor the love ol the Amiga and rtf simply tor Ihe money. Bui life, as it always seems to da in these cases, goes on. Hero (sigh) are those codes


Britain - ]PNj +VSI PN13 47G%] 743HH Canada - HLF6 8JHJ GBLV 23J*T MHG66

Egypt - ]FB3 S5 2 HNPB M3T5] 521FF France - T65W 2BSY S84R M34DQ


Germany - HLFS B2SR JNRS 3M977 it 521FF



Ireland - 51FS


Italy - C1G+ C*«DV GS6S PC3Y3 JFD44

Japan - G9NF J22J P%RL SGM46


ScanOnawa - J2FS BMLQ COVI FL35 MHG66

South America - CG 4 7F60 YBHC T«*S2 NJH77

Spam - SG82 5Q1T [MV9 84* IV HDC33 Switzerland - 1o7VM QSSY 2NPV *»2TFB 743HH



Britain - 6SBJ *DtS HMMW 34L*iV NJH77

Canada - L-G3 LC8Q 380T 12HSR LGF55

Egypt - L20B 59B2 N»9I C7N**T PU88

Ranee - S.VRC GRF4 5BOD )67MY TPN

Germany - CB5 PYLW QPP7 1QRSH DS,+YY

Greece - 273M S79M TB13 FFGMY D%+YY

India - 4TN+ 3L*„M GN67 LLMR4 JFD44

Ireland - (TP% 4)88 30LB JT948 PU88 Italy - LBWP R1%* f L4 LH1GF»76MM Japan - T94 6TC2 *2T[ TBP « 1VT%% Scandinavia - 6083 563N >L$ M «T7ML ♦(•RR

South America - T572 4T19 B6«1 G7C2I MHG66

Spain - 95T2 4HY« LDSW D5».YW JFD44

Switzerland - NWJR VC29 3«GF





H««m. To:


30 Monmouth Stroot,

BA 1 1BW

< nmion




“How do you do all the finishing moves ” asks Stephen Gorton l of Cleveland thinking to ANNOY US with his TRICKY query.

Games maestro Rich Pelley answers him in a sort of (cut-out-and-keep’ or even ‘swap-with-your-friends’ kind of way. Just for a change, you know. We’re like that.


Awptng Fireball Standing Frabtal Crouching Flrahwl Concord. Kick Blcycta Kick Dragon Morph Whatl Kick Plt/Splka.



Tarerd. Towards, Fra Toward. Towardr Fra

Down. Dmh Fro Array Towards. Fra

Faa /hokf tor 5 saoorwt!) Doan. Towards Away Away. Fra (up dom) Toward. Up. Aarey. Oown (from doc* MO FlraJ Away Toward. Towards. Fir. Down. Down Towards Away. Fra Toward. Away. Away. Away. Fir.


Johnny Caga Combo: Wack yw arm your knaar r jnpmg luck fian. u toy dp a < a Shadow Kick High Fireball Low Firebar Shadow Kick Shadow Upparcul Paekaga chack Toreo flip Dacaprtabon Prl/Splkai Baballty Friandahlp

Towarda. Down Away. Fra Aarer tew. Toward. Fire Towards Away Toward! Fits Away. Doan Away Fra

Down. Faa (up dost) Oown Doan. Towards. Towards Fire (tf dot*) Towards Toward. Oown. Up. Down. Fre (updoaa) Down. Down. Oown. Fra Away. Away. Away. Fra Down. Down. Down Fire



Super Fraaza

Shatttf Punch





Sduota Kick Mtd-AIr Throw Spaarawfpa Flamer Big Flamar PtUSpJkaa Babalily Frlendahlp

Oown. An Fa In—rda Down. Assay. F«e

Um n air and Down Towards Towards Towirti Down Fn (doe*) Block, Up. Up. Rataata Fa (up dose) Stock Away Away Up. Up. HUeaia Fra Towards Towards. Down. Fira Down Away. Away, Fn Away Away. Down Fra

Blada Swlpa Blada Fury Blua Spark DacaplUtion Skawar and Lift Pll/Splkaa Babalrty Frlandahlp

Amy Away. Aaay. Fra

Down Aaay Fka Block. Away. Away Aaay. Ralaaaa Fra Away Towards. Down. Towards Ftp (up dee*) Towards. Towards Down. Fire Towards. Towards Towards Fire ESoo. Up Towirds. Towards FI ale ass Firs

















_ • 1

















In the month that our readers shockingly have a go at Sensible in the letters page, Cam Winstanley continues to keep reader perception and the profile of Cannon Fodder 2 high by battling his way through yet more of the game many people have been calling “quite literally the sequel to Cannon Foddei*,


Phase 3

Annoyingly. In bolh this and other lavala in CF2. the civilians hava a marked tendency to throw themselves under vehicles or get caught in crosslire, which makes finishing missions a bit ol a random affair. All you ve got to do on this one Is work your way up the left hand side ol Ihe map and avoid Ihe two mines (1)- Even on a monitor ihey're hard lo spot, so I dare say they're totally

my pride and phoned up Sensible to help me on my way. You atari the level without any explosives, and the only rockets are right al Ihe top ol the map (I). Since the helicopter will hunt you down II you run lor the rockels. you have lo hide all but one ol your men in Ihe trees (2) and send Ihe remaining bloke lo grab the rockets. Then it's just the learsomely hard matter ol blasting all Ihe enemy snipers (3) and taking out the chopper when It lands.

Phase 5

The last phase ol this mission's pretty easy, requiring just a fairly leisurely wander round the level. Wall a second lor the nearby enemy launcher lo blow himself up, then cross the river to get Ihe grenades (1J before shoollng Ihe launcher on the island. Bomb Ihe nearby hut. then lake out the two doors al the middle (2). Shoot the launcher (3), bomb the lent In front ol it and Ihen destroy the turret (4) by

throwing a grenade over ihe wire.

Once inside Ihe compound, move Ihe helicopter away from Ihe hul (S) and Ihen blow It up. Take out the final hul (6) from behind the wire. Ihen go Into ihe central compound and kill the survivors by landing your helicopler on them. Mop up the other compound (6) In a similar way. and then take the hostage back to Ihe little UN lenl. Simple stuff. Time to pul the kettle on. you've earned a nice cuppa.

Invisible it you're playing It on a television.

Once you're at the lop of the screen, jump Into Ihe lank (2) and carefully work your way down to the armoured bunker thlngy (3) at the boltom. This Is the random bit ol the level, as even II you atop, civilians will occasionally walk Into your tank and die. Assuming you avoid any roadside fatalities, just blasl the bunker door to finish the phase.

Phase 4

This one had me so completely slumped that In Ihe end I swallowed


Phase 1

There'* a huge rtft between knowing how to do this one and actually managing to tlnlah H, aa the knlghta are both fast and accurate, tt'a worth knowing that you’re:

•    Better oft Inside the compound than outside it, but that

•    The Inside ol the compound la, unfortunately, full at pigs. Exploding pigs. Shoot them as quickly as you can.

Bun past the first tew huts and then grenade the two huts (1) nearest the compound entrance. This slows the rush ot troops Into the pig pen, and gtvee you more time to shoot all the pigs and grab

the grenades (2). The Idea's then to keep the knlghta on the outside of the compound while you run up to the fence and bung granadae over, blowing apart the remaining tour huts.

Phase 2

This level's too random for Its own good. Evan H you know what to do, you’ll probably have to keep plugging away until n lets you finish. The problem le that It any civilian huts are destroyed, you lose, but the three enemy tanks (1) ara taaraomely trigger happy. H you cross ths river, blast the turret (2) and then eend two men to gel the tank (3) then eventually, youII make It Not very aattafadory I know, but I didn't dsalgn It



This la a very allly one, and not (In my opinion) particularly In the aplrtt ol Cannot) Fodder. You've baalcally got to grab the rocketa and move either left or right, but alnce the rocket lira's random, aurvlvlng Ihe Oral three eeconda la baaed entirely on chance. Shoot at the enemy turret! and hula H you like, but one way or another, the level will be over with in a tew aeconda.


Phase 4

As soon aa the level starts, click on a point above Ihe Ireea (1) and switch 1o rocketa on Ihe move. II you're last enough, you’ll be able lo lake out the helicopter on the ground, and II you grenade the turret, there’ll be a 50 rocket power-up underneath, although I

Phase 3

This one's just a straight forward blaster, requiring you lo pick up the grenades from (1) and Ihe hostage from (2). The compounds at (3) are sealed and Ihe soldiers can't gel out. ao leave

them till last and hoot with glee aa tana ol bodies fly Into the air aa a direct result of a single grenade.

Phase 1

The entire level's littered with holea. which are In facl tunnel entrances. It you take out the castle (1) and hut (2) Ihen the supply of troops coming out of Ihe holes will rapidly dry up. There s a couple of crates of grenades (3) to help you out, and nothing really that scary to go up against. It's nol a hard level.

Phase 2

Continuing the trend for levels that are over the moment they begin, you've gol about a second to jump into the battering ram and roar oft before the enemy rams lake you out. The beat way la to atari the level, position the cursor over the vehicle and then press ESC. so you're positioned perfectly the next time.

Once you're in the vehicle, simply race around Ihe track flattening all the soldiers, but look out for the extra enemy battering ram walling for you at the end of Ihe first lap. Since you haven't got any weaponry, you've gol to get the bad guys to kill themselves in one of two egelneouse" ways You can keep doing laps unlit Ihe helicopter witch thing bomba Ihe enemy vehicles, or you can wait until all the rama are together, and jump out of your own. As you (lee for cover, the enemy vehicles will ram Into yours and explode, leaving you tree to stalk the hellcopler until It lands, and rockettlng It.

reckon you re better off without It.

Simply chert a zig-zag path up the level by clicking directly on eech Ol the enemy snipers (2) end changing course when you shoot one. At the top of the map. make one final heeding change lo Ihe right, rocket the turret and blasl the hut. It's a bit tranlic. but not really hard.

Phase 5

There're falrty mean turrets In the comers ol the map (1) and just enough grenades (2) to take everything out Since Ihe hostage (3) slops and puts her hands up every time there's a baddie on the screen, you should wipe

out everyone first before going to gel her. otherwise Ihe journey back lo the middle of the map Is a bit of a drag.

Phase 6

Ignore Ihe turrets - that's my advice. Simply ump In the vehicle, zoom over to Ihe Iwo pressure pads and jump out. If you move your men underneafh ihe pads and then directly upwards, then they'll stand on both at Ihe same time, activating them, summoning Ihe UFO and neatly finishing this month s solution at tha end of a mission. No doubt nevl month will see us back on those nasty purple alien levels. Humph.





Phase 6




Nice of you to wait for me to finish. Thank you.

Las) month we did one to five.

and logically, we re following that up with campaigns sot to nine this month. Follow us. and you'll finish the game Heck, you might even enjoy it


Hey, check out all that snow. Nice isn't It All white and everything. Anyway, the first thing to do on this level Is open the landing zone. Just west ol your starling position To open' It. fire a couple al rounds el the igloc and then you can destroy the Irttte huts surrounding It lor al sorts of prizes and things, including a useful speed winch.

««Wr to r«*a

Mission 1: Wild Bill Although the point ol this mission is to rescue Wild Bill, you've got to pick up some POWs as we) In tact, pick up five, drop them oft al the LZ to finish the mission and then pick up the rest of them because you might need some armour points later on in the campaign With prison camps like this it's always best to attack around the edge, taking out the towers and the like, before attempting to actually rescue anyone. Oh yeah, and Wild Bill is In the hut nexl to the two lowers In the rmdcJe ot the camp. Blow up one ol these lowers to gel an 12L-. armour crate as well

K*rd l—kj, you'll km to

tor of ftyf)



• ~TJ




Moil ol Ike huti am tfelj lt«il arc hldlaf special boium. So i too I ‘tm.


Mission 2:

Radar Sites

Vtou ve seen and dealt with the likes al these before, and apart from haider prelection in the loim ol M1 Bailie Tanks there's nothing la wony that much about Underneath the northern-most radar buck is an armour crate, so be carelul not to tire too many rounds at the truck or you won't be able lo pick up the armour crate because you'll have destroyed it. Also don't stray too tar Into the fenced area or the enemy will be well prepared tor you.

-I ge ik*

* *    BtU.

Mission 4: Soviet General Right, yet another easy misskxi for you to handle, just blow up the lower and tank (and it you've got this tar you should know how 10 do it) and then gun the house to pick up Ihe General.

Mission 3: Missile Depot

Stupidly impossible it you don't take out the radar sites first, but if they don't know you're coming (see last mission) then it makes things a lot easier.

Take your lime on this one Use '' your chalngun lo take out the lowers and missile the M1 tanks. Then just gun ihe sheds lo reveal the missiles and carry on shooting to Uow 'em up

Mission S: Launchers Yawn1 Oh, I'm sorry, but so tar this hasn't been all that taxing has rt Still, let's gel on with it Although there's plenty ol Stull to grab your attention (either a soldier, a Gattlmg gun. an M1 Tank or a combination ol the three), lots ot evasive action and missile firing should mean you don't sustain too much damage Once all lhats out of the way. chamgun the launcher and you're done Easy, eh



separately Thera's usualy a surprise hiding inside one ol the buildings as wail, something l*e a soldier with an AK-47 or a even a Tactical, but that really shouldn't cause you loo much oi a probiem.


It's dHlerent vehicle time again This lime though, you're getting to grips with the top secret Slealth Fighter Be care4ul when fiying this thing because with up and down control ing the height of (he plane you can crash. And it you bump into anything you'll lose a Me. Sal, you do have infinite ammo and fuel as a little M ol a bonus. Oh yeah, and drectly la the nasi ol your staring position are tour little stone pyramids protected by two Twinguns. Gel rid ol them, fire

at the stones and lour (yes, I said lour) extra lives are yours.

Mission 1: F-117 Stealth Fighter Loaded up with lives, you can now leel a little more confident about things. Fly south lo the hangar and use those Hydras and the odd Helltire to take out the Twinguns Now land and get ready lor some really tricky (tying

Mission 2: Troop Bridges

Infinite luel and ammo may be yours, but that stil doesn't slop the lighter horn being ridculously hard to control. Spend some lime (tying


around, especially learning the turning circle, before you attempt any mission. Once you've got used to rl start on the bridges to the south and work your way north. Don't bother with the tanks or whatever near tha bridges, just tire a lew missiles as you pass over each bridge and then move on lo the next. When you've finished the last one. you should be at the lop ol the map and ready kx the nexl mission

Mission 3: Drug Fields

Reckon you're a dab hand with the old Stealth Fighter do ya Well, this mission wil soon sort you out. For a start. II you fly towards the lowers at anything less then maximum height you're going lo hit them and lose a life (now you know why you were given tour extra ones al the start oI the level) The best thing to do on this mission is jjs) lo attack the fields with a few missiles and then move onto the next one imb'l they've all gone

As you've probably discovered the Stealth Fighter's a bugger lo control. Fortunately, if you land il you can gel back in the much more manoeuvrable chopper Jusi line h up with (he airstrip and lower the plane. The game will lake over and land property it you do It correctly. Or you could just die and that way you'll be in the Comanche auiomaimlly. Or you can Ignore our advice and just carry on using the very dNicuil to fly fighter. >

Mission 6: Power Lines Now it s time tor some serious gamespiaying. Bfltors you can even think about taking out the power lines, destroy the radar site north-west ot the main power plant and now attack the power pylons. Underneath the power plant is an armour crate so be carelii you donl destroy it. Blow up the rest cl the tanks, pytons and things and in the IrRte hut just north (and a bit over to the east) ol where the power used to be, youll find a lovely extra life

Missions 7 and 8: Fortress and Warheads

It's another one ol those two-in-one itksstons again. And even though they're supposed to be covered by snow drifts they’re still really easy to spot. Concentrate on getting rid ot the helicopters before anything else, though, because they can be a reel pain. You can do the missions in order it you kke (if you see a little thing sticking oul ot ihe ground there'll be a warhead Inside) but it's realty not worth the hassle ol ftytng about al over the place lo complete die missions




Mission 4: Patriot Mlaallea No one ever said it was going lo be easy, so iusl make sura you've got a lull complement ol everything (fuel, ammo and armour] and if it moves, blow it up And I you star! to run a bri short on fuel, there's some over by the starting point

Mission 5: Fuel Depot A couple □< missions led. and you might have noticed that there's no fuel about the place Wei, don't worry too much about that because your next slop is the luel depot. Yxjr task here Is to destroy all the BIG fuel tanks and then worry about the other sort ol tanks, the moving and firing missies type. Sat. a couple ol Helifires should see them off. Then you cart look around the depot (try where a tank used to be] tar some much needed luel.

Million 6: Nudear Missiles

The motto "be prepared1 seems very apt tar this mission, because you're not guile sure what the game is going to throw al you unU it does Each of the missile silos ie hidden under a stone pyramid, but a lew rounds ol your chamgun will expose it lo the world. Then you’l find it guarded by a couple ol AK-47-loufrng soldiers, some Sheridan tanks, Twstguns or nothng al all. So taka ti carelully. and (hey) be prepared to gat the hell out ol there when you need to. Once you've picked up all the missiles, gel back lo base end gel ready tar the next campaign


You're doing in. and the drugkxd and Ihe

madman and are almost yours. The smal (and perfectly formed) stone pyramids on this campaign hide a variety of objects rangng from fuel, ammo and armour to nothing. So it might be worth Hying around and sussing out whal s where, because there's not a lot ol fuel on this level tar a start. Thai was a hmt.

Mission 1: Control Towers Things start lo get a be tricky now. as Ihe game throws in all sorts ol little unexpected things to make your kfe just a bit more interestmg. The major things to worry about on Ihts mission are the sneak attacks by various Ml Tanks Although not very powerful, they do have a pretty impressive lire rale, and one of the tanks wil also leave behind an armour crele when you biow him up. so make sure you remember la use it.

Mlailon 2: Tomahawk Missiles

Again the actual mission here isn'l fraught with any danger (unless you can'i see the rock formations hktng the missiles and iusl fly straighl into them), but it's the firepower protecting them that will cause you problems The Mobile Cannons used car down a fulty-armouiBd Comanche in two shots, so you need lo be carelul and quick Once you've got Ihem out of Ihe way. chaingun the rock lo reveal the missile and then shool lhat

Mission 3: Power Supply More annoyances on Dus mission, prowled this time by those Gaming Guns They don't causa that much i damage lo you. but do take a good tew hits be lore they blow up Oh yeah, and there's also another chopper around ihe place, but a OOuple ol Helltires and some Hydras should make easy work of him


Then you can gel

on with blowing up the various buildings 10 complete this mission.

Mission 4: Villa

With the power all out. you can now see where the Vila is on die map. There * only an Ml Tank and a lew AK-47-eguipped soldiers hiding around the bunding lo prefect if, but aa you blow the up (tie burking end other bits, watch out tar bonuses that might reveal themselves. Fly in front of the door lo the v*a, bias) II with your chaingun. gel rid ol the solders and then go after the drugkxd

Mission 5: Oruglord Nol a stupid man. when you started to blow up his house, ihe drugkxd made a run tar it Fly lo the east of the villa lo ihe pari of ihe river that forks, and you should see hta helicopter appear from nowhere Keep up with him. firing your guns as you chase him and destroy (he chopper Then just pick him up

Mission 6: Air Strip

Not much ol a problem here. Take out the helicopter first, then attack the cannons, and I hen biow up the stolen Stealth Fighters. No surprises or hidden stuff here, just lots ol destruction I like this mission Lots

Mission 7: Bunker

Look, it's his secret bunker. Bit big tor a secret don't you think Stil. never mind, just take out Ihe two Gattling Guns on Ihe platforms and then use a variety of weapons on the bunker You don't have to at course, it just makes things a bit more tun When you've destroyed it, youll move immedialety onto the next mission

Mission 8: Midnun's Helicopter

As if by magic, the madman tries to escape in his helicopter. Just how or where that came Iran is a mystery, but hey. It's only a game. You'i need almost a full complement of ammo lo bring down his helicopter, but once you heirs you car pick if the madman, and feel very proud ol yourself 'fou've saved the day And the free world. Well, almost.


any way, it's just thai this level is so boring lo play.

Let s be honest about this, having the Drug tort! end the Madman imprisoned in the city was a M silly wasnT it And now they've escaped and there are terrorists running ail over the place Because this isril a proper campaign, you won't know what to do next until you complete the mission you're on. But hey. ifs more exerting that way

Mission 1: Air Force One

It's time to protect our chlcken-like president again. In the first campaign he waits until the fighting a al over, and then on the last campaign, he's getting out early His hefccopter can't take too many hits, so be careful. And quick.

Mission 2: Enemy Weapons Are you ready lor this Cal me picky it you warn, but this is one hell of a boring mission Somewhere in the city are loads ol TWmguns. All you’ve got lo do Is tty around the map and shoot them They're no< hard lo destroy or even annoying In

Mission 3: Generals Before you can get after ihe druglord and the madman, you'll need lo know where they are (no realty, you wil). Find Ihe two armoured command cars and destroy them with lots of Hydras. Then pick up the General and hell tell you all. Wimp.

Mltalon 4: Druglord

Right, fly over lo the where the Druglord is (use the map] and use all your weapons on the tour bus. Don't worry about hanging around waiting to pick him up. He's history. (Ooh, you ruthless coldblooded killer, you ]

Mission 5: Madman It's time to the do the same to the madman, 'foul probably need some more ammo before you car take exit him and the oil tanker he's trying to gel away In. So gel some

Mission 8; Nuke Missiles

Time to finish the game and not give a

toss about the environment as you need to find the trucks with the nuclear missiles on them and then blow them up. Still, what's a couple ol hundred years of nasty pollution as long as they don't destroy the White House, eh Anybody know the words to 'The Star Spangled Banner '

Anyway, realism aside, you can now sit back and enjoy the end sequence.

End Sequence Password: L4SJY7S6FB6





Do you wake up in the middle off the night with icy cold bed sheets but drenched in lathered sweat Can you hear voices Sorry. Can’t help you with that.

My theory is that next to no-one actually reads The Last Resort, and hence I can say more or leas anything I like In these Introductions without anybody really noticing. I can be sexist. (Phwoar. I really fancy that Nicole Irom the car adverts.) I can be racist (All foreigners smell.) I can be controversial. (Well, I thought Stargate was really good. No, honestly.) I can be personal. (Terry Wogan's a twat.) And I can be totally unneceaaarlly rude. (NOB and POO.) (And clever. - Ed) And the beauty Is, there's absolutely nothing anyone can do back to embarrass or humiliate me back. (Except ol course, getting your Mum to forward us one ot your baby photos. - Ed)

II you could write in and help out any ol these readers In distress, that'd be great. Saves me working.


Q'lt you take a look at the upgrade panel on the Tiger Trader (second the last) on page 104 of the FRONTIER: ELITE 2 manual, you should notice a strange upgrade which, despite the hours I have put Into playing the game, I have never encountered. What the hell Is It "

Gary Blakeny, Bootle

Q "Could anybody tell me what book John Travolta reads on the lavatory In PULP FICTION, as I was sitting behind a woman in a hat. who was In turn sat behind a 7'8”

man with a 4 3 diameter afro, who was sitting In front ol a circus performer juggling medicine balls  In an otherwise empty cinema." (It's "Modesty Blaise". - Cam)

Pimple Tork, Wolverhampton

Q' Like Mark Gibbon (In AP44)

I'm sluck In BENEATH A STEEL SKY trying lo swing into the room with the orifice. Steve Mann ol Virgin explained what to do, but despite following his solution lo the last word, for the life of me I slill can't gel him lo jump the cable." Dimitri Buytoert, Belgium


And - hayl - thanks a lot to everybody who halpad out here.


Qln AP48 Padralg Long from Klieony penned In a bizarre dock-, ecnwDRIVEr- and berret-retated query.

A “Check the dock-If ft ehowe 4.60 then the screwdriver will be on the benel In the engine room. H the dock doee not ehow this time then don't bother wtth the screwdriver - you don't need It yet'

Philip Colvto, Poole

Q Whilst Chris Stapleton of Cheshire wee having

flwuxlilaaee aA a

prooMfTiB of a rwmm mors personal nature.

A‘Go up to the mein biker bloke In the bar and ask him to move the bikes. Whan he prepares to do you In, uet use your nightstick (In your polloa car) and he will run away.' Michael Campbell. London


QAnd that'a, of courea, not forgetting Kev Shecklelon of Stockport who wee dying to know the cheat telephone number.

A “Wail, Kev, 666610 ought to get you a whole load of goodies. Okay dokay "

Marti Driver, Newcastle

The next Last Resort is potentially only a matter of weeks away, but the only way it s going to happen is if you send in some questions or answers, labelling your envelope accordingly, to:

The Last Resort,


30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW for me to do my usual on. So please do.

*>9 *>, _’ 'IbrokZ .*™ af«. In



i° 5* SSt* 8Big« '■ 2S2 en 52s* «2SSif!

!** i,**oui«ra*'*i,bY





Playing Guide


You only need two men to complete this mission (one if you're very good) so give them all the grenades and rockets and shove them into the chopper. The helicopter hasn't got any weapons, so land by (1) where you're out of range of any of the turrets. Grenade the hut (2) and then rocket the turret (3). This leaves two more turrets to take out (4,5), so creep forwards and rocket them as they appear at the edges of the screen. This is complicated by all the troops pouring out of the huts (6) so bomb them as soon as you've destroyed all the lurrets.

All that's left to do is get back to the chopper, land near the three hostages (who'll be near the three destroyed huts) and take them back to the Red Cross tent (7). Don't be scared to land directly on top of them, as they’re strangely immortal, which makes you wonder why they didn't just walk to safety under their own steam.















success And just like ieai life, il siaris oil simply enough (moving backwards and forwards Irom pods selling goods lor more money than you paid lor them) bui then gels incredibly detailed and complex as you ply your trade, bribe otlxMls and engage in all manner ol other activities. There's no ore singular route to finishing the game, and because there are so many diHerert events and random happenings gomg on, no two games are ever the same. Sure, it’s tactical, head-scratching stud, but thanks to the Iasi mouse/menu system and some really nice graphics, you don't get too bogged down by all the tacts and figures

It did take a while to rub oft on me. but once I'd buitl up a money-spinning route (selling wine and wood], I quickly made money, and then sliding buying some more ships to make even more money. In lad I think I'll throw a celebration in the town square tor everyone Excuse me will you. I'm oft for another go (t still Ihmk it's boring - Ed)



■ 11


Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Ascon Price: £17 Release: Out now

Ah. peace and quiet. Don't you just love it There's no one in the office apart from me, I've got my tavounte tunes coming out ol the office CD player (These rwo facts are not unrelated - Ed), and it has too be said I'm teelmg pretty good Just the right mood. I think, in which to play The Patrician The Patrician is a strategy game that's come out previously at lull price (AP29 54%). Yep, it’s no more complex to describe than that, but boy is it complicated to gel to grips with Well, not

exactly to gel to grips with, just to perfect and start making things happen Here, let me explain

The whole idea ol the game is to trade goods, make money, influence people, attain power and make your life a

There’s no such thing as a dead Amiga game, they just get re-released in some sort of eternal cosmic cycle from full price to budget to compilation to £3 in a garage. And we review them. For you.


















graphics aren't a terribly interesting environment In which to nurture mighty civilisations, and it's terribly slow-moving, but underneath kirks a big. deep strategy game that I've got a real fondness lor Then, in the best tefs-mvent-a-whole-new-genre iradtfon we've goi the original Lemmings Lemmings a getting on a bit now. having onpnaly been released in the murky pre-AP years, and its Mdy control system now taxes the patience more than 4 used to But S's a true classic that has cotecbvely given centuries ol pleasure to marry thousands ol people

Runs on: A500, A600, A1200 Publisher: Empire Price: £35 Release: Out now

Right, simple enough this one. Three games CrvrAsafton. Lemmings and Procter. A curious mixture. The games don't have much in common, except that they've all had a high profile in ihe past.

Firs) there’s the fabulous god-sim CrvUlsation (AP16 80%). IIS dull. Hat

Finely, Frontier (AP32 65%, or 75% on a 1200). Frontier, the sequel to Erie, a a game ol spectacular vision - a whole galaxy lo explore, with mflens ol planets to fly between But (a tkeadfuSy dul. with far too much ledtous ttyng about Icckng lor something rterestmg to da and Hie sense ol the supposed enormity ol yoir suTtkndngs. And the graphics are slugpsh on an Amiga 500 Many disagree, and think its great But. Ike al who oontraAd AMIGA POWER, they are wrong A tairty decent package, then, perticuiarty it you've go) the stomach lor Frontier



Lemmings. Frontier and Clvltleetlon In one box lor £35, baelcally

1 1 • 1



Runs on: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £17 Release: Out now

could go on tor a good couple of pages discussing the relative virtues ol football games - ones that get it right, ones that get it wrong and the


ones that just art in the middle, being sort of enjoyable but not really. But I won't. Let's jusl say that European Champions isn't destined to become a dassic

From the horrible presentation to Ihe game itself, there's just nothing sparkling, attractive or even remotely interesting about the game. There are plenty ol teams, a couple ol leagues to set up and even a (disgusting) tactics editor to use.

but It's all been done elsewhere Better There are


two modes you can play the game In: an overhead view showing too little onscreen and with badly animated players; or the more Iriendly side-on view which improves things a bit and allows you put together passes and things, but doesn't really Improve on (he graphics.

But it's the awkwardness ol Ihe thing - the pessing and shooting especially - mat causes all the problems Getting possession is easy enough but once you've got the ball, you cant pass quickly enough tor I to work. The trouble is. once you've got the bal you've then got to decide what to do with it.

This means running wdh it unti an arrow appears, and then decking where the bal is going to go and wdh how much power. Read ihe manual and It soinds simple enough in theory, but try lo put I into practice and it al goes horrfcty wrong. This base flaw drags an average, i graphically poor, game down into the realms ot the mediocre. And maybe even lower • PAUL UELLERICK

i i

Football It may be. But It looks bad. doesn't have anything new to offer and gela even the moat basic things horribly wrong.


Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Exclusive PD,

7 Beresford Close, Walerlooville, Hants.

P075UN Price: £10 Release: Out now

eleasing a new game Why not gel a great new idea that you want lo share with the world, and make heaps al cash into the bargain’) Or maybe revamp an

old game and make it look smashing and spangly new - as with Stardust, tor example. You could always write a blatantly crap piallarm game or some cobbled logeiher film licence, but why bother'’ Why not just shoo! yourself Or maybe you could lake an existing idea and improve on it. Alter all. it you're going lo base Ihe game on one that you already know is great, than it shouldn't be so haid to improve it, should it Well, should it

Hare lies the tragedy, lor time after lime we see games that are obvious

copies ol other, existing games, but simply not as good as ihe original. Like Roketi and Gravity Force 2. one ol which is an infinitely playable two-player battle game featunng inertia-packed spaceships flying round high gravity caves, whereas Ihe other's a bit of an unplayable leebie shadow of the foimer

Good points in flofcetz There are different spaceships to choose trom which handle differently. Some ol ihe weapons are cool loo. as along with homing missiles, you've got some lirework-Hispired ones lhal fizz oft n different directions. When you're fatally damaged, you plunge out ol control, which can be quite funny if you hit your opponent on the way down and lake him out loo Like Ihe magnets in GF2. there are airduds which either blow you oft course or keep you suspended in the airflow. Unlike GF2. there's also a one-player mode where you light and race the computer And. ot course, there are gorgeous rendered graphics throughout, and some palatable, atmospheric music Bad points in Roketz There are only eight levels compared with GF2s 60-plus. and even with maximum shields, the ships are so fragile that dogfights last for only a lew seconds The computer player's a bit thick and offen crashes into walls it you just land and wail lor it. The levels are all quiie small and the scenery doesn'i gel damaged like it does in GF2. Most ol all though, it simply isn't as much lun lo play as GF2. and seeing as it's a tenner whereas GF2s on PD (Or the coverdisk ol AP39 - Ed), that's why I'm comparing the two Roketi loses out to GF2 on pretty much every point. Long live Gravity Force 2.



The graphics In Rokmtt will probably Impraaa your trlenda. and it'* good lun for ■ ahort lima, but It's no match for fha mlghllaal two playar gam* In tha history of mankind. Order a back Issue of AP3S to gel QP2, and you’ll have a batter gin plus six quid still In your pocket. And ■ particularly I laaua ol AP. of coura*












AP43 84%

Tim at* no differ core* between tbit arm ine Aft a fska> aw mriewari oatk >n rsaoe A3, ngtu (team to me erica Sohasirally It'* tbe beat golf game un (he i -u W (IBxugh arm augm nni tnkaan an eye rmen tor W1 MMn—**p Tr. m Moriee Me

• .Anting m«A™ \ an AtfniOve control system end ptentv rt qrAftrq

appeal flat gnti t unpntei narnea nave even to thoewarho normally despise golf A truly fine game

Into reviewing q mes re-released onto CD. For a living. Hey! Life could be wo


A tremendously good _ _ _ _ golf game, and well worth

seeking out A I even If golf normally does Qal: nothing for you.    7* 1 '

so well let them get away with It. Just this ones.

Anyway, for those of you lhat don’t know anything about Dizzy, a brief explanation Each Dizzy adventure Is a multi-screen, collecl-and-use. puzzley adventure type thing. Vou wander around the place and collect abject*, and. using a gentle sort of lateral thinking (eg, II there’a a fire blocking your way. Ihrow a bucket ol water on It to put It out) (That's pretty gentle. - Ed) you must complete your queat. Fame, fortune and the love of a good egg, Daisy, Is your prize.

Dizzy is a refreshing little character and the puzzles, although not very complex, can sometimes be frustratlngly hard until you discover what you're doing wrong. There's even a new CO soundtrack to accompany the action. Six versions ot Ihe same game on one disk will gel repetitive, though, so rather than play all six games Ihe minute you gel them horn, this'll be Ihe sort of compilation you'll dip into over a period of several weeks. And at ■ tenner Its purchasabillty Is secured.

Six Isn’t exactly a big number, la It And these six Dizzy games, the full run-down being (deep breath) Dizzy: Prince of trie Yelk Folk. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, Uaglcland Dizzy, Spellbound Dizzy. Treasure Island Dizzy and Fantastic Dizzy, aren't the biggest games of all lime. But I think putting six games on one disk is a BIG achievement (Bang...lhud. - Ed).

Neo/C 26

AP43 60%

So how do you turn a mouse- , tm based point-and-cllck game    l.

Into a Joypad-based one Well, *-actually you ust take out all the mouse movements and replace them with the pad movements, which seems to work okay In the case ol Trie Clue. Oh. snd because the game's now on CO you can't save your progress as you go.

Vou can have up to four games stored, but at soon as you turn off the CD32 you lose them. Blzarrely. Still, every time you complete a burglary you get a password which will allow you to continue from where you left off.

The CD version gives us Ihe usual continuous music and the occasional

bit at speech, although this seems to occur at random, with moat dialogue simply being printed an the screen. The rest of Ihe game remains Ihe same, however - wander around a bit. talk to people, suss oul Ihe action and then commit a crime. And as Jonathan said In his review (Issue 43), It's nice to see something original, and the burglaryplanning sections work surprisingly well, but the pseudo-polnt-and-click-adventure sections In between are tiresome to plough through.


Six good games for ten quid. Great value. The » D 3 games themselves aren't too

bad either so our hats are AA ~

off to Codemasters for

this.    * “ 2


Another of those CD32 * updated' CD games with some music and some speech, bul . _

It plays the same way as J l -Ihe normal versions. Uu Z

Wherein Master Paul Mellerick takes it upon himself to search the Public Domain and runs into a few interesting surprises, casts a critical and discerning eye over them on your behalf, and reports his findings in a style filled with wonder and whimsy.


Converted from the NES. II'* a tactical little game that's noi too hard but not too eaay either. A break Itom the norm.


17 Bit

17 Bit

Blimey, my head * hurting alter playing thla.

I can tell you. It's a sort ol puzzley/Lectical numbers game, and you really need to concentrate to get good at It.

There's this big

square grid, and on each Individual square ol thla grid is a number (from one to 11). You chooss to play either horizontally or vertically and then start the game. Now pick a square and that number will be added lo or taken away Irom your score. Itireen ones add points, red ones take them away.) Then It's the turn ol player two (a mate or the computer), and so on. The tactical pan ol the game comes In choosing your number. H you're playing horizontally tor example, the number you pick only allows your opponent the opportunity lo choose Irom the


vertical column. You've got to look several moves In advance and Iry to figure out the beet way lo score points for yourself while giving your opponent as little chance as possible. Win the game and the grid will reveal a picture of a nice little anlme Japanese girlie. Then you move onto the next level with a similar prize If you beat your opponent again. And so on. and so on. It's easy to control, allhough the mouse can be a Utile over-sensitive, and as such easy to play. Not stunning, but still a break Irom the ueuat stuff.

It's always been sard that the simplest games are the best This ia. o( course, comptela rubbish, because some ol ihe really complex ones are great as well But still. Vipe/is a really simple idea that luma out to be rather a lot of tun.

You are a Imo. A never ending line, drawn by the computer. You can control the duecbon you go r. but not the speed or anything Irka that. Oh yeah, and at regular niorvais. as you travel along, a small gap appears In your line. With me so lari Good Now things get Incfcy. because on the screen ai the same time am other lines. There can be up to Six altogether, esher human- or corrputer-controiied) Run into a line and you aril sioptdie Run through any gaps in Ihe lioes. either your own or ihe other playan and you

DM you ntr bavc i SpIrojrRph

score a

point. You will also score a point when another line s!ops/d«s Al you have lo do lo win is score 30 posits. Oh yeah, and as the other lines stop’die the speed increases In other words, it's Tron. only more compkcatod

It's ol very lovely lo play, and with a couple ol players hoggng the keyboard « can get quite ntense as well The computer players are also inlet gem wliboul being xnposstte to play against There are some mco Star Trek The Next Generation samples and other sound effects to round things ofl nrafy and make t enlertamng

In one-player mode

HB the game loses some at h i edge, but the tun to be had r multi-player mode is immense, and this is a DTI great all-round game


Simple «to ottipaling with enough opWai lo pay anxaxj with and an excellent muin-pUyer option Gil It. ****



F1 Licenceware

Like horses do you And. it so. do you like belting on them as wel Well, it you've answered yes to the Iasi two questions (and you're old enough) ihen just visit your local Icensed betting establishment and play away. Or lake il wiih a pen. some paper, pretend money and Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon


Whichever you decide to do. it's going to be a helluva lot more tun itian playing this. Welcome to Punter Version two. i'll have you know

You start the game with CIO,000. and through various options (betting, buying or sailing horses, loans and the like) you've got to make money There are tons ot horses, jockeys, courses, distances and condemns to take mto

outcome ot the races - hts success rate would prohabty improve

The game Isn't trying to be a simulation, so it scores no ment points then and it's not a very interesting game either, irs difficult to see why anyone would actually sit down end play it lor more than live mrutes Unless they have lo review the damn thing, ot course.

THE VERDICT: Stow.dull, and annoying at limes. The only tun ju II get Iroa the game ia from putting all your money on one horse and fust 'gong tor if Ol course, you Iom and iTs gam* over. But it's III! turn A bit *


F1 Licenceware

game doesn't have that many naw thrills (the graphics are samey throughout and there's not much in the way ot animation), what you'ra getting tor your money la great stuff. Tha levels are alio obscenely large, and avan a good law hours ol play only mw me getting something like 40% ol level one completed. With cash and keys to pick up, computars lo Inlaract with (so that you can upgrade your equipment and buy all sorts of other usetul Items) and a real challenge In actually getting anywhere although you do progress aa you play, Captain Carnage (great name) Is a slick, fast and enjoyable blast that v shows exactly what PO Is all about. \ This It the most tun I've had In \ age*. Well since Christmas,

\ anyway. (Or, surely, since Viper on the previous page. - Ed)

Allen Breeder more Ilka. Yea, It's time once again lor a PD game to pay homage' to a clastic (or Insanely popular) Amiga game. Thla time It's those Allen Breed things where you view the action from a top-down point ol view (aa If you we re stuck to a very high celling) with the aim ot the game being to kill everyone or thing you come across

The simple blasting action It great lun, and although


/ and enjoyable with lots of blasting ' Things can gal a little on the rapetitlva side, and there's no two-player mode which Is annoying. Still, It's a laugh.


Right. So you've read the reviews. Don't believe a word ol what I'm saying and reckon you quite fancy playing them yourself, do you Fine. If you want to know where to get them from, ring the following companies for more Information. 17 Bit are on (01924) 366982 and F1 can be contacted on (0392) 463580.







We’ve had it all this month. A torrent of abuse for Sensible has resulted in Stuart Campbell hastily erecting an umbrella to shield himself. Steve's hard drive has been filled with emails. And the usual flood of incoherent rambling has arrived on our doormat. Blimey.

• Address your letters to: Do The Write Thing, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Or ‘netsurf us at: ampower@futurenet.co.uk.



Bieepbleeep, bleeep-bleeep, bleeep-bleeep God I hale ibal noise, but no* on that Chilly morning! I jumped out ol bed. dressed and went outside I got onto my bike and was up the steep hill to the papershop m manias I did 119 paper round and collected my pay. At last I could afford it' I rode noma to collect the met ol my hard-earned cash, then hopped onto a bul.

I simply couldn't vmt to gat to that rinp

There it was, lilting on dlgpiay, gleaming' \ pushed my way through the crowd toward! I. The price wa! high but what the heck Aa soon as i got * home, I turned on my new CD32 and loadK up my second new game my new bitty. It took ages to load. ‘It must be massive.' I thought. It was! A massive pile ol poop lhai is.

Oh why d d I buy it Why did I believe all the hypo Why didn't I save my money'1 Tharktully. there's a happy endrg as I lock it back to the shop. It hasn 1 even oeen played.' I feed. “So why has it got fingerprints on the CD * acted the man m the shop, *Erm 1 think my mum tned it out.* I bed lor the second time

In the end. I swapped it tor UFO. which is excellent so before you buy trash like Rise of the Robots, wail until you've read the review in AP. It makes sense Robert Bennetl.


A cautionary tale indeed, bul as you sad. one with a happy ending DON T be rash and hasty.

DON'T rush out and buy a game as soon as it

nut .it.

poll M Ah 1 dm

. w«

appears in the shops. DON1 get burned by softies cashing in on your support Read the review in AMIGA POWER and we wiHbe good and true to you After aH. would we he to you


Deat AP

I want to know the name ol Lucifer's company The company who had the gall to wish you an untimely death HOW DARE TREY Anyway, I think I know who these morons am. I believe they work In the north ol England. In Manchester In Cadielield Ian Brown, Crewa.



Oear AP

The Amiga is in shambles. Why has a once world-beeling machine been seconded by practically everything on the

market Is t because Of your tendency to have an releasing amount ot A1200 only coverdisks On. - Ed), which I won't bother moaning about In depth Is i! due

to piracy No, ‘cos the PC has pirates and look where it is now.

No. one ot Ihe mam culprits Is Commodore They Hop because they don't advertise (murt. anyway), get •saved' by Commodore UK. who m turn are destined 10 flop because ihey...guess what ladies and gentlemen’ The C032 Is a line machine and Ihe Cnilcal Zone pack la great, bul who's buying the CD32’ People who aie already Amiga owners, that's who The same people keep buying the new Arrugas and these aie the loyal user base that slapped Commodore flopping a long lime ago What Commodore need 10 do is lei the console owners how great the CD32 is

Some ot these people still think the Mega-CO Is a good idea, so they won't be hard to convince I mean, doing betler than the last CD32 advert (where you see about two seconds of 'gameplay' - the nail Microcosm/ won't exactly be mlndbogglingly difficult

The second tador is that Tale* little video game Icon, fa masef t Saga have had Some, and Nniendo have had Mario lor quite some time now. so the Am ga cant really compete on tin arcade game front The Amiga needs a mascot more badly fan it ever has done before as ail ds potentel mascots - 7<xt. James Pond Cannon Fodder, etc. have defected to the consoles Something original, more than anything else. Is needed, preferably a supposed tachnieaJ achievement Look at Some - the Mage Drive isn't anything special Look at Doom on the PC - it isn't ever real 30, let alone wrtuai reality, it's all about kwkng tie pubic and lying, something which Commodore do to us existing Amqa owners, so why cant fay do I when it counts Altar al. It's tor their own good Yours a bit annoyedly,

Jon Le Mottee. Chester


Dear People.

Da us all a tavour - the Amiga community, lha! Is. Try getting real...really' Floppy disk piracy will always be a problem on all computer formats, bul you don't see major software houses slopping writing games lor the PC You can t blame Sensible and the like lor abandoning the Amiga. The reason lor this Is that Commodore have seen 10 it that very soon, there won't be an Amiga to write tor They have mismanaged their affairs in a manner that's breathtaking m its scale ol incompetence The lust, most popular, mast advanced home computer bar none is now set to become history. This could not have been achieved without the most prolonged and persistent management failure imaginable

So DON T YOU DARE blame a handful of cheats for software companies deserting the machine. Comments in the mag such as 'We lold you so' aie misinlormed. ingenuous and completely

untrue So like I said, do us all a favour, stick to what you're good at - game reviews - and leave Ihe senous stud alone 10 people who know what they're talking about.

Yours faithfully,

Derek Evans, Bristol


Deer AP

In AP45 you told us not to go and see Stargaie because it's femwe WHY Is it so bad’ I've only seen the trailer and it looks quite good, especially when that sand'space/lighler ihmgy Hies over them I knew you ire always right about these things but please ten us why it's so poor. Yours tarthtuliy.

A Coventry Family.

Banal dialogue, nonsensical plot-holes, absurdly pompous music, lax editing, interminable shots ol crowds ol people mining about in the desert... Stargaie isn't just bad, It's embarrassing, and indoubtarty the worst film any of us have seen for at tfesl ten years. Many people walked out halfway through Ihe preview showing we went to And yeL incredibly, we haveni mad a single bad review of it. Barry Norman summarised t as harmless tun. and even the ncrmally-mkabie Empire gave it three stars and conceded that it 'swings along with a committed gusto rarefy seen since the heyday ol George Lucas . Whafa going on Has Ihe nation feffen victim le some sinister brain washing plot, one which we were mighty enough to resist7 Or what7


Dear AP,

I noticed while reading your guide lo writing a letter pnnled ages ago. Ihal you told us innocent readers not to say anything like ’I bet you won't print this letter' as that's exactly what you'd then do. So I'd just like to say - If you don't print this letter I will personally come down lo Bath and sick black paper al! over your light bulbs so that instead of getting light when you switch them on, it'll actually get darker I hope that clears that up. >

It mmi that tha paopla we thought could do no wrong finally have. Dona a wrong, that la. Amid the complete absence of letlers praising SWOS and CF2. we ve received a whole bunch of very long lettert slamming them. Read these edited highlights and ponder this: Could tha honeymoon finally be over between Sensible and their adoring fane


Gooood Morning API

Having ust purchased AP45, a few


What la Itils I see proudly displayed on the first coverdisk What tempting treat la presented to us long suffering punters, having uat returned our copies ol Cannon fodder 2 to the shops by prelanding It waa an unwanted Christmas gilt We few, we happy law  Four more levels of unplayable purple nastiness, that's whaL

you're wasting your lime with a CF2 guide, as nobody Is a-playlng It. Not cos it's too hard - I speak as someone who can finish the original with 100* man. but because It's so boring, flalanliaxa attacks by numberless enemies Is NOT more exciting - It’s merely monotonous. By the time you've worked out which blobs are your men, there are none left alive, and unless you're alive you can't play, and If you don't play...

And the whole thing looks so ugly, and takas ages lo load, and Isn't hard disk Installable and la completely lacking In atmosphere - tha people responsible deserve to be shot without trial, bugger Kangaroo Court The game was obviously cobbled together by 'someone' who totally falls to understand tha appeal ol the original CF

And another thing: You should have a new feature called "The games we want to see" which would naturally begin with my own magnificent Cannon Fodder - The Greet War, but would also Include Ideas from other readers as wall as from you lot. Okay, so we re not likely lo see them appear on tha Amiga, but where else are the games oi tha 21st Century going lo come from If not Irom I he fertile-futile-furtive minds ol we happy lew Tha decline ol the Amiga has coincided with a year which failed lo produce a single significant original game on ANY system Since software developers seem bankrupt of Ideas. It's up to us lo keep the dream alive.

You're doing a man’s job, sirs, Theobald Von Betmann-Hollweg, North Humberside


Dear Mr Faragher.



I am writing to you, aell-evldenily.

On a second point, will you please pan on to Cambium Wlnstanley my beat wishes. Pal him on tha back. Hug tha man long and close. In an Intimate, yet both perfectly secure In your sexuality kind at way. Thank you. Thank you tor being tactile on my behalf, because I need lo let him know juat how right he la about tha Allen lavala ol Cannon Fodder 2- aa seen on your cover disk. He * spot on about this aesthetic Hades ol mauvenass appearing aa a torn linger nell on the eye. and electrodes being applied lo the testicles of atmosphere.

I suggest that ha taach Sensible a lesion by steadfastly refusing lo Incraaae hla already horizonless personal torfuna by bringing out a CF2 playing guide, thereby:

a)    Denying Sensible extra publicity and Mr Hare tha chance ol getting hla lace In every magazine on Earth.

b)    Not adding In any way to tha LIES AND TREACHERY In which the world la already nostril-deep.

c)    Avoiding all that business with The Sun and the Daily Star wanting to name him.

dj Gaining tha knowledge that he can bear to look In lha eyas ol any Camelopard Wlnstanley Jnr who may appear In Ihe future.

Anyway. Davy sands lava to you all tor tha AP T-ahiri you sent after my tail letter. Hla liitle eyas walled up. he stroked the latest Issue ot AP and hla voice cracked aa ha murmured. “Now I'm a believer." Predlctebly.

Mike Nesmith, a hugely successful business executive In Wolverhampton now, apparently.


Dear lovaa.

What the hell has come over Sensible Software In the Mat few months, and la It related to the arrival ol games playing guru Stuart Campbell I’m talking about the HUGE ump In difficulty In the CF2 and SWOS games, tor although Cm not brilliant at games. I managed to get to level 12 In the original CF before getting bogged down, and I'm good enough lo baal Germany using San Marino In Serial, to Imagine my frustration when I can't maka any progress beyond level lour In CFZ

Now It's all well and good making lha second game more difficult, but why didn't they either tell Joe Public that it would be more tricky or release It aa a form ol upgrade lor aeaioned fodderltea Garnet should tempt you In. the learning curve ahould tease you to get you Juit a little bit further rather than just shutting you out.

Personally, Ihe only I avail I've

lound Interesting have been Ihe desert onea (although I obviously haven't seen many) - your review waa quite right about the Alien levels, to Ignore Stuart's petulance. Whan push comet to shove, It'i juat not worth what we’re being expected to pay, and I'vi abandoned It ind gone back to lha original, basically because It’s more tun to play.

Whet about SWOS then Well. H i such a tragedy, I could cry. All Sensible had to da wus perk the tactics and management section on tha original Sens! game angina, and then watch the accolades end cash coma flooding In. But what happens Fcr soma reason, they decided to tinker with tha actual football game Itsall, and now tha gama'i to difficult that It beggars ballet, even lor a seasoned Sent! player like myaell. I loaded It up and prepared to play my beloved Liverpool against Blackburn, and than lost 7-2. Aa a player manager In Division Three (which the manual suggested la the beat way lo start lha game), I won on  ol lha first IS games, having scared six goals and conceding SO, Including two 10 - 0 thrashings from Min Utd. Nol a very good Introduction to Ihe wortd’i greatest soccer game, la It

Aa much aa I hate to think any natty thoughts about Sensible Software, I can't help but gel the feeling that SWOS was rush-released for Christmas without actually being play-tested thoroughly. The demo Irom a couple ol monthi ago actually played like the original, so whet changed At the end of tha day. Brian, I just think tha Sensible boys itand a real chance ol alienating their cuatomeriAins. Which It, obviously, not a good thing.

Paul Flllery, Worcester


Dear AMIGA POWER Maybe my copy ol SWOS la bugged, but I've lound that If you gel tacked, you can continue your career WITH THE SAME TEAM the next season juat by going to the continue career option, but only If you've got a job offer.

Tom Kench, Eaaax

In the face of such massive end lengthy criticism, we thought It only right to give Sensible e right to reply. So here's ex-AP Dep Ed and CF2 designer Stuart Campball:

•    Price. A talr cop, guv. We think 30 quid It too much at well, and we d have preferred to aea II as a data disk, but decisions like that rest entirely In the hands of tha game's publishers, Virgin. Might sound Ilka a cop-out to you, but it's the truth. Anyway, from tha day ol release, CF2 was selling lor £19.99, so H you paid £30 tor It, more tool you.

•    Tha difficulty ol Sensible Soccer. Experienced Sens! players regularly recked up scores of 20-0 and more, and when wa took the game round the magazines lo preview It, lha single overwhelming bit ol feedback wa got waa 'Make the goalie* tougher’. Yea, tha game's harder now, but It's still bealable. OF COURSE Exeler got thrashed by Manchester United, you utter buffoon. OF COURSE their players aren't aa fit or at talented.

•    The difficulty of CF2 The predominant feature at ihe levels In CF2 (and I should know, line* I designed them) It that there are usually two waya lo do them. The obvloua. difficult, stupid way, and the clavar way. Try thinking Ilka a bit more ol a tricky trickster and you might atari to gat somewhere. Cam ■pottad this In hla review. I'm surprised I have lo tell you again.

•    People ‘new to lha whole Cannon Fodder experlance'7 Like who It waa almost Impossible lo buy any kind ol Amiga hardware over the recent Chrlatmaa period. Almost everybody who's bought CF2 (or SWGS, come to that) waa already familiar with tha gama(s), both ol tham having baan permanent tlxlurai In tha upper reaches ol the charts since they were releesed one yeer and two-and-a-half years ago respectively.

•    And please, can wa atop all acting ao surpriaad that CF2 uaea tha aama engine and gameplay at tha original. Wa said, from the word go, until we were blue In lha face, that It would be so. Stuart Campbell, Sensible Software





Soma of you aaam to be getting a foamy Off carried away by thla email malarkey...



1 won * Star Laflar prize once In Your Sinclair. The prize - three garnet -never arrived. I phoned up. Jon Boy Davlet answered and teld they were In Ihe post...they never arrived.

Boo Hoo. plfiaoton.ac.uk


Hal And you thought SHE (Mitt Reea) was a problem., email doean't cott anylhlng and 1 can do It all day at work. Hahal Tell Jan Boy he had better give me a freelance reviewer'! job or I'll start tending him letter! with Program Pltatop Listings. Yet, I remember Jon Boy's cheerful, cheeky-chappy face peering out ol Ihe fillet lor Your Sinclair's type-ln program tecllon. Remember those  No. don't print cny more ol Isabella fleet' lellert. She's very weird. pl9soton.ac.uk


I'm slightly worried now. That plccy ol Cam In Ihe latest Issue. Lera compare: Cam: 6'5". Me: 6'5"

Cam: Black Jeans, black lop. leather jacket; Me: Black Jeans, black lop. leather Jacket.

Cam: Slightly stlcky-out ears, Me: Slightly sllcky-out tart.

Cam: Youthful looks, Me: Youthful looks.

Cam: Er, not sure...looks like red-glngery-brown hair. Me: Red-glngary-brown hair.

Cam: Likes violent games, Me: Likas violent games.

I'm very worried Indeed. And Cam should be as well. To quote someone... Pleeksrsl pl0soton.ac.uk


Are you lot tllll skiving off on your Christmas hols Rise of Ihe Robots...It s a bit cack, Isn't it  pl0soton.ac.uk


You bunch of liars Tower Assault is the best Allen Breed yel. For 20 quid, it's brilliant. You're ust crap. pl0soton.ac.uk



Blimey, Ensign Ro was a bit ol a looker, eh lads Pity about Ihe note. pl0eoton.ac.uk


Co you ever answer this crap or do you do an Amiga Format and receive email but never reply  pl0eoton.ac.uk


How come I knew about Allen Breed 3D four months before you did  Hmm


You didn't Now be quiet.

DO THE • _



Congratulations on being the mightiesi beings ever to produce a computer magazine, and keep up the good work. But game reus* - tool ol Ihe dew7 Come on Are you senous7 Why did you only cover Ihe seriously crap music m your lealure and not any ol the even slightly good museHave you ever listened to any of the tracks from Lotus 37 That has to be some ol the best muse ever featured on the Amiga, and olher classics include Assassin, Protect X and PinbaB Dreams and Fantasies Come on. you play games lor a kwig. den I tell me you never listen to any of the music

l have a very large selection of games and tots ol them have respectable, it no! very ksfen-to-able music and iSaaaad!. I hear you cry) I have n lad taped most ol them and now have ai leas) lour 90 minute tapes Med weh game music

Oh, and you (ergo! to print a W on the spine ol January's AP,

David Burgess. Derby

We listen to computer game music all the bme. n/sch is how we know that it's remote Wood you is fan to a mnute-long version ol an Erasure song over and over again lor fwo hours at a erne Wen m you case you probably would, but the rest ol the work) woc-dn 't. which is why we applaud sound effects and both hale and tear game music


Dear AP

Wow. surely AP44 was the grunglest. moodiest, cyberpunkiest and downright blackest cover ever7 As I see it if is the symbol Ot ettitude But anyway

Once upon a lime, there was a lad (me) who was sitting in his room just leisurely leafing through hi$ old APs and readrg the cheeky spine messages - "You know (or kids", Tiookah hookah hookah chakka' Bob is a hamster and the one obviously referring lo Sieve Hardware McGill's departure lo Amiga

Format "The man s an oat ’ /Wrong - Ed) Just when he wanted lo pul Ihem back in ihe Golden Box ol Good Things, he saw that he had accidentally piled them up in reverse order He noticed this because all ol the spme letters didn't lorm the usual AMIGA POWER AMIGA POWER that he had grown so used to m the course ol time, but instead read REWOP AGIMA REWOP AGIMA

Startled by this miraculous event, he stumbled lo the other end ot the room and took his Indian encyclopedia out ol his Mighty Rack ol Learned Literature, and lealed until he found whal he sought Rewop agima - ancient Indian spell meaning 'Send your sister to a Libenan slave trader, set your parental residence alight and smoke some /'iguana' - Ed) while hanging trom a bridge on a lubber band ol excessive length ' Blimey.

Youre nicely.

Thijs Vissia, Apeldoorn, Holland



As my old manager said lo us al halt time: "Come on lads, your standard has dropped You re letting yourself seaway.

I KNOW you can do boner than mis - you know YOURSELF you can do a whole tot better. Go out mere and prove to me, to yourself and to your Ians that you HAVE NOT croakeG Go and winir

This talk turned us hom a pile of rubbish to a mountain ot strength. We had lust been relegated to Ihe second division and were treikng 2-rel at home to Barnsley. We drew Ihe match 2-2 In the end. but had it not been lor that great speech by out manager, we would have been stutted.

I believe mat his words will help you to make AMIGA POWER great once more. As your standards over the last 12 monihs have slipped and you are beginning to tall into the same category as Ihe other computer mags

His words helped me lo help Manchester United, we were promoted after that season and I can only hope it will have the same altecl on you Good luck Ot course. I will always continue to read AMIGA POWER, but a tew improvements WILL make you into champions once more, instead ol also-rans. I believe by the way that at 77.1 may be your oldest reader, but I also know ot at least four others who are over 65 and also read your magazine Samuel Batley. Isle at Wight

No. hang on, come back Our standards have sipped7 Standards ol whatImprovements7 To whal7 Eh7 We d love to help, but unless you ten us specifically what's wrong we re powerless to act - or. indeed, to consider that we ve been entersed at all. Blimey, this s like reading a review n one ol the Other computer mags


Dear AP.

Here s a picture ol Lauren Irom Neighbours I look al the True Lies premier in London She wanted my phone number but I can't be having a> these super star women pestenng me You must know how it s From one great person lo eight great people Barrie. Mason, Tooling.


I reckon the phone call you printed in ish 43 was made by a member of a programming learn whose name bepns with T and ends In “earn 17" Am I rightColin Money, Ayreshlre



Dear AP.

I'm writing on behall at my family to publicly disown my brother. In public He was the gibbering lunatic who wrote a grumpy letter in AP45 about the number ol seconds till Chnstmas He asked 'How sad can you get "

I'm sure millions Ol readers agreed with him about Christmas coming so early, but leel that they should be lold that 1 Ha proudly boasted in early November that he'd finished his Chnstmas shopping 2. The closest he got to Christmas shopping on Christmas eve was well, not very close. Nowhere near in tact 3 And on the sub/ect at sad. he has a hilanous bul horribly offensive beardy lace. Fuzzy ol lace, fuzzy at mind, I always say.

4 He drives a Ford Fiesta A while Ford Fiesta with white wheels Although 'drives' is stretching the term a bit tar. It's more ot a Fred Flintstone- typa Experience, with his legs whirring away just before he sets oil Slowly

Slower even than Mr MacHenry's whizzy bicycle from ihe Magic Roundabout

So he's been disowned lor being sad We weren't related anyway, because I was swapped at the hospital Yours incidentally.

Michael Donlevy. Harrow.

don't target, is:

Do The Write Thing, AMIGA POWER.

30 Monmouth Sireet.

Bath BA1 2BW.

Cyber Otaku Matrix-Jacking Gum Overlord High Wizards can email ut at: ampower0luturenet.co.uk but we'll only reply in these pages, cos we re Isr loo busy otherwise.

Nyskayoli ayah. Rasy.

' [ mt s*or*‘t tenon 1 MWNINt m My -V vims now it t 4 \ WAITIUtt to* Ml J

( n Ut! A

_ si ha 14

l» Malay lalo iba a wbirtag loior Itafaai al.



‘Ualadky Doydnaau1 O'Macbaaila Ada'I * load a tbaaia.

9 no! it$ real ...


It wot Chad's till day oa Iba job bafoia idatalay la Us wHa aid aawbora bsby. Hi bapad aolbiay would bappto, Ilka baby K1M by o gloat crocodRa ibot nap! ap baUad Ua, at oaylblag.


Dmihlr dang!

Ah well, lime (o scream and faint dead iwav.


('had! Rang!

This is the best game I’ve ever seen” 97%


1999. You are in control of XCom; charged by the world's leaders to strike at the alien menace that’s terrorising the Earth.

At first, you’ll scan, track and shoot down the slower UFOs, but that will just be the beginning. Whenever a UFO crashes, or lands, you must be there; leading a squad of armed soldiers fr t ‘'i* 6 ’ building, from street to street, using all your tactical skills to capture or destroy the aliens.

If you succeed in your First missions, your scientists and engineers will copy the alien technology to create more powerful weapons and craft for your  forces to use. Gradually, you’ll build up a ■ terrifying picture of this Unknown Enemy, and their real aims and desires then you’ll have to work out a strategy to stop them.

One thing is certain - it won’t be easy!

IBM PC screenshots shown. Actual screens

Click image to download PDF

Amiga Power Issue 47 1995 apr Cover

Merci pour votre aide à l'agrandissement d'Amigaland.com !

Thanks for you help to extend Amigaland.com !



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