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"Amiga Format Isaue 68 ushers In the world ol communications with a startling expose on the Internet, modems and all that. Written by Future's mast knowledgeble Amiga comms expert. Richard Baguley, AF68 promises everything you'll need to know lo ride Ihe Information Superhighway. Heck, we even review some top new modems. "WeYe also proud lo present Batlle Ol The Beat- Em-Ups, In which we pit all the new and nol-so-new combat games against one another to find the king of the Amiga beat- em-ups. "Our duo of Coverdlaks feature a splendid (and quite huge) Cannon Fodder 2 demo plus a full, working version of Dlgltas Dale Store You may never be disorganised again. "Amiga Formal 68 Because Ihe Amiga's more than a games machine.* Steve Jarrett Editor, Amiga Formal "blah blah Amiga Shopper blah Issue 45 blah on sale now with stonking blah reviews of blah Photogenlca, Image FX 2 0 (Ihe finished version) blah Personal Palm 6.1 blah plus blah Mojo of Foundation blah Imaging shows you how lo blah build your own Babylon 5 blah cargo pod blah not forgetting blah our full review ol blah Wordworth 3.1 and Wordworth 3.1 SE blah blah Ihe real blah truth about Ihe rise and fall of Ihe Commodore empire blah plus all of our usual blah excellent tutorials.

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Amiga Power Issue 46 1995 mar Cover



9 770961 "73105 31



We trawl the globe (or Amiga games news WITH OUR NAKED FINGERS, sacrificing oui marerun so that you may know more.

If God had intended cows to drive, he would have given them wheels. But he didn't. But Acid Software have! And caravans! These and a host of other innovations go to make up Skidmarks 2, which we are proud to reveal full details of in a large preview. Page 1 6


Stew lri t« IBU1D


va To spare you the trouble of travelling to the newsagent each month (at your ropy of AMIGA POWER, we offer to RISK UNPLEASANT DEATH by bringing it to your house for you.

90 Rather than for our own enjoyment, we play gomes far you, so that you may ploy and enjoy them belter. In doing this we often become TIRED AND FRUSTRATED and gel HEADACHES.








O O Our DRAINED AND GREY oppeoiances aie explained by the years for which we have slaved on your behalf, years which are recorded in AMIGA POWER back issues




M O Yet still you write in to complain, insisting that we PUNISH OURSELVES FURTHER to moke your life easier.

Unquestionably the best beat-'em-up on the Amiga. Pago 34



Breathing irregularly, our limbs twitching and our eyes staring vacantly, we sliuggle to compile a complete listing of every recent Amiga release foe you to peruse at youi leisure. We apologise if it has been unavoidably stained by COUGHED UP BLOOD.


As the lost traces of residual strength ebb from us, we slowly, a letter ot a lime, type in advertisements. Far nothing. For YOU.

ue ■ SCME 1mm Ul.


S)mi tin hltih.

noun Menu Sw Hxthj

MIUUX Mtcn Cnf tafkM (■unci Mill AfaimA.

It has taken ages to finish, but now It is. Has been. And, if by adult* it means 'grown* it Is mistaken. Page 48

ignoeui i unnmne wunmi hmMfato l4 awMisi.

MUItH Mil ns (47344 fnOITJS 444014

I. im 1 al I. ip« nl hoi pa 4m Id kflp.pt>.


li it all-new Or, I. (mi, old Poge 26


SAoq ft arrives at the same line as a ■altitude el other beal-'etn-ups. It doasa't have the pecfigrec al Marfa/ Kombai 2, or lire fresh sparkle of SAadaw Figkter. Bal ll does kave a basketball player. Aid it's by Delphiae. Is this eiough la savr it Or aal Page 44

siNsawmm urn ovbsus Mtitnenoa b MtMl.Smlttl1inU 41775 447344

Im. a.)


lew woeld deny thart Aladdm is aa exceleat gome, (far if they did they would be directly coitrodktiaq AMIGA POWER, iavlting severe paaishnraal.) Bat is fit Lion King, as it see as to bo al first glance, as goad Page 40


nariD. nemr. ■ rta aa


aa mui. .a nan a

.lam hUtkk l44S







We stand atop our office and survey the empire of the Amiga. Truly it has succeeded where Napoleon failed. Page 23





Battle For Tha Ashes—---70

Combat Classics 3--------72

Cricket l94/’95 Data Disk-70

Dalphlna Classic Collactlon-71 Lucas Arts Classic Coll---71

All-New World 01 Lemmings 42

Dragonstone — 46

Kick Oft 3 European Chal—36

Dynamite Warriors

Mortal Kombat 2 Shadow Fighter -Shag Fu----------


In addition to this copy of AMIGA POWER, you now own a pair of disks, each containing a demonstrative sample of a fine Amiga game.

Cherish them, for we expended much effort in their creation. Never allow harm to befall them.

Only AMIGA POWtft iiiblu you lo drive com towlfij cinviai. With « ipcciil 'Power' ■ode dedicated lo you, oar ruden. The! b how mch we cere- We heve ao leer of deefh, It hriap eo sorrow, le feet. If SUdmsHa f doesn’t lam oal lo be the best overhead-view racing pae on Ihc Anl] well be enormously sarprised.

Only AMIGA POWlfl jlvn yoa the opportunity to ee lneer e Hjhl betweea two fiHi la e river In treiil. UrIcu yoa actually bay Shsdow fijhtcr, of coarse - tomethiej we'd strongly recommend yoa do, because il really is the best beel- em up on the Anlfi. Aad sadfy H i the oily feeainefy food full-priced jam* we’ve seea this month.


• Oh nol Are you sure Before you go any further, try the procedures described In the panel over the page. If. after all that, you do have disk problems, chuck It In an anvelope along with an explanatory letter and an SAE (or you'll never hear from them again), and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 46, Olscopy Labs. PO Box 21. Daventry NN11 SBU. It you send It to ua. your prized bicycle will be myaterioualy cloven by our ahadowy agenta.




•    You've only gal 512K ol memory on youi Amiga Blimey, that'i a bit stupid, Isn't it Go and buy an eipanalon RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any ol the games, all you have to do is switch oh your machine. Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Follow the Instructions to load the game ot your choice.

•    Just to be on the sale side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate (unction key to make your selection.

•    You'll have to reset your machine in order lo play one ol the other demos. When you da so. follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine off lor 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Inlecled by stray viruses.

B Have a good time.


•    Are you sure

•    Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripheral the program might not like', such as external drives.

B If your disk falls to load, then pop It In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 46 Returns

Discopy Labs

PO Box 21



B We re really hoping that you're reading this bit. because it's quite imporlant: please don't send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know haw to fix dodgy disks, and we'll ust throw 'em straight In the bin. So send them to Discopy. Please.

When il comes to cows, were with lamous Amencan cartoons! Gary Larson History has highlighted lime and again the resourcefulness of the cow. (torn its giving the world the smallpox vacone to the magnificent cow charge at Boswonh Field that decided the future ot England Cinema, too. has applauded the cow. with films such as Top Secret.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Apocalypse Now allixmg the cow and its family (irmly in the popular mind. Truly the bovine is a mghly beast.

And now comes Super Skidmarks, the lirsi game that we know ol to celebrate the majesty ot the cow. In it. you play a wheeled cow pulling an optional caravan and must succeed in driving taster lhan rival cows Mindlul ol Ihe universal appeal ol the cow. Acid have constructed the game so it runs an alt models ol Amiga, adjusting special parts ol iisell to exiract the maximum performance (ram Ihe machine. So, lor example, lo sustain the literally breathtaking running speed ol the game, A5G0 owners enjoy a cow-pulling-cow motif ralher lhan the lull cow/caravan action So a pox on all those people whose habil it is to complain about non-A500 demos

Up to lour players can take part in a race, a pair apiece on (oystick with a further two damounng at the keyboard, with exira options to adjust the number ot

computer opponents and the speed ol the match The final choice governs the presentation ol the racetrack, toggling between a split-screen etfed and a full-screen picture, the latter behaving in a somewhat Micro Machines way as the trailing cow disappears oft the borders lo be reconstituted back among the pack. Herd.

There is little more to add lo this description ol the Super Skidmarks demo beyond that is a tearsomety exerting

Authors: Acid

game, plump with cow carnage and gravitational wrenching, showing we mighty beings Ihe proper respect by labelling its most deadly skill level POWER', and creating m The Black Cow a terrible and ruthless enemy The game even stops you Irom going the wrong way around the intersection by mistake. Given all this, we can perhaps overtook the fact i1S scrolling message spells ihe word lose’ as loose Bui no We condemn its slack proof reading as we would that ot any computer game WE FAVOUR NO ONE

Authors: NAPS Team

Although Pupa«. sinister

puppet henchman of Satan, garnered a respectable number ot votes, the most popular choice lor the official AMIGA POWER demo of this almost unbelievably 91Vscohng game emerged as a scrap between Stout Blonde Lass and Cute Tiger Girt At the waterfall So here it is.

Shadow Fighter, the beat-'em-up ot champions, knocks Mortal Kombat 2 into a cocked hat. and then sets lire to the hat. We mighty bangs, not overly known tor our attraction to boko-bli games in general, found ourselves playing this until our thumbs literally stung unpleasantly. The combination ot diverse characterisation, dissimilar moves and pleasingly tnendly controls won our carefully-rationed admiration, and so we deemed it necessary to secure a demo lor you. our readers

Although you normally have to hunt around the joypad to discover your secret and special moves in this kind ot pugilistic endeavour, we have decided that a demonstration should be as lull and unmifagaied an enpenence as is possible We have therefore pnnied a selection ot the tnckier-to-execute ones

below. The trick with these is to roll the joypad (or slick, but we recommend a j pad) around and f stab fire at the last moment, thus unleashing white-hot fury on your opponent

There are plenty ol other moves available.

Punching the fire bution repeatedly may work, as might combinations of direction and fire I buttons. Try tor yoursell -AND MARVEL

. *■

Claw attack

Lean launch

fijri pound attack

Jumping +

fallen anjal

Ilyins kick



Electric booainraas






Believe us. In these pages we bring you stories that are true.


First there was an overhead-view driving game...

Runs on: A1200. CD32 (possibly A500, A600 later) Publisher: Supervision Authors: The Hidden ETA: Easter

There are enough overhead-view driving games suspended in Antga-space at the moment to make one's head spin There's fiaaoMtrom And and Powerdnve from US Gold (which are both out now). There's Super Skidmarks from Aod (which we re reviewing this month). There's Turbo Trax Irom Kompart and Af Terrain Racer Irom Team 17 (which aie due very soon). There's PlD Irom Terramarque and USA Raong Irom Dynamic Style (neither ol which we've heard ot tor some time). And now you can add to that 1st TBE

The Big End (tsk) - trom our chums at The Hidden Any more and I might c once i vat I y tart

•It s an aoairaie Formula One-style simulation, like Microprose's FJGP. but presented in an accessible arcade style.' Craig Irom The Hidden explains once we have established a telephone link.

Here at AMIGA POWER we re frequently templed to unleash ihe seanng might of Kangaroo Court upon drying games which tell you you re travelling at hundreds of miles per hour when you're dearty doing title over 50 Bui then we remember that they re just a bt of tun. and that it doesn t really matter loo much Even so, though, it TBE speeds and distances are calculated to temtyvtg accuracy, so i reaiy is a simulation The lap record on the Morua race orant ■S something Ike 1 moufe 31 seconds ' says Craig. "Vie tried if in

(he game and our best time e in Ihe region of 1 minute 31.3. So i's pretty accurate. ehT

indeed And the cars should handle much moie realistically than you'd normally expect in an overhead-view game. The 16 tracks are copied Irom real ores, and the cars in the game take comers at the same speeds as their real-life equivalents You'll even use Ihe same gears in the same places that German ace Mdhael Schumacher (hoi ptang) does

"We actually live. Ike. just round the comer trom Ihe Pacific Foimula One team, and they're been helping us out with the handling models and things.' remarks Crag casually "One of their test dnvers even helped out with F1GP~

So. is i gang to have FlGPs massive range ol options7

“Yeah, yeah it is,' says Crag ‘FlGPs ust about my lavounte game, so we re gomg to make sure you can change

your wing settings, fuel loads and everything (alhough no) the gear ratios -1 never seem to bother with those m F1GP\ And i'll have practice and qualifying sessions, as well as a facility to alter the length ot a race After all. with the accurate lap limes, a hill race would run lor about two hours otherwise 'In tact, we re even inducing a quite basic player/manager facility, where you can allot money to research to improve your car. It's very nximeniary. but gives the game more depth *

So why Ihe overhead viewpoint then Would the polygons approach have allowed

lot even mote realism7

“Well, tor one Ihing it's alieady been done And tor another, the overhead viewpoint actually has a lew advantages Wa ve been able to include loads ol detail in the scenery around the tracks, much ol it -ke the sea - arvnaied This makes TBE highly atmosphere The weather will change dumg races, too. so you may need to pul no the pits and charge your tyres And we re inducing context-sensitive sound efteets. so if you dnve past a stadium you can hear the crowds cheenng. and it you go under a badge you can hear the cars driving over the lop ol il. There’ll even be a live commentary on the CM2 version, with around 50 minutes of sound so 1 shouldn't get repetitive."

Craig goes on to explain that me game will have 26 cars taking part n each race, just Hue m Formula One There’ll be 20 teams although they won t be based on real ones Instead they II feature imagnary characters like robots and women (not that women are imaginary] (as tar as I know) drawn a bit like the ones in Street Fighter 2. Each wA have dfferenl driving characteristics - lor example, robots will dnve with more technical accuracy, but not much Hair And there’ll be 16 tracks, based

tunnels and

everything Gut it the cars speeds are accurately scaled down, isn't it gong to took a M stow-movirg compared to something like Super SMmarhsCraig frowns Audibly 'Yeah, yeah, it does a bit to start oft with.' he says. ‘We showed an earty version ol it at the World of Amiga show, and people said jus! thal Bui then we sat them down to actually play it. and challenged them to overtake another car without crashing, and they were all over the place The controls are realistic, so they take quite a be at gelling used to. but they shouldn't be oftputlingly wild"

Finally, and perhaps mosl mpoflantly, whal about crashes7 Can you dnve round the track backwards

'Yes, indeed you can And we re arranging some horrendous head-on editions and pile-ups - all ihe sod of stufl thal everyone likes."

TBE will be appeanng first on the A1200 and C032. with a cut-down 500'600 version possibly to tallow.

on real ones this time, with bodges and    • JON A THAN DAVIES


Grandstands Final Score "We achieved Ihis by putting in al the types! phrases and ckches that (Oumos use and then getting the program to pluck them out randomly. It occasionally repeals phrases, but more often than not. the repods read quite credibly"

Every time your team features on telty (about one game in every frve) you get the option ol playing (he match In much Ihe same way as Sensible Software built SWOS around Senstue Soccer. Audogenic are bas*ig their game on Wembley International Soccer (AP39. 65%) which wc all liked tots, although the tadxts editor has been taken out and replaced with your role as a manager "By giving the option at playing the occasional match, we've slopped the game beccmmg monotonous, but made it impossible lor a player who's handy with the joystick to win a> the ime despite poor management."

It's nearly finished, so nexl month we ought to be able to tell you whether it really is a SWOS beater, or. indeed, stands out at al from the immense herd of football management games that constantly tramples back and lodh across our senstoilibes


Runs on: A500, A600.



Audiogenic Author: Anglosofl ETA: Feb/March

nyore who bought flugby league Coach (AP43.62%) or at least read the review wA be

getting a strange sense ol deya vu lookng al these screen shots There s the same disembodied arm waving over a similar desk, the same selection of pie-and post-match screens, and even the same sinister coach guilty looking round as he hunches over whal appears lo be the rapid/ coohng corpse ol his latest victim Yup. Super League Managers dearly a management game and it's dearly fay ihe same blokes thal wide Rugby league Coach So. I challenged Peter Caber tram Audiogenc. why should we go lor th«s game7

‘It's a lootbal management game with a more human laoe." he explained 'Your manager changes his suit every week, you have to wafer the plant on his desk and i you don't have tea in the atlemoons, (hen the tea lady enquires after your general health"

This "human lace" conlmues lh rough the game, with players being described by a tew lines ol text instead ot statistics and match reports written m the style ol




A game of cooperation Not this time. This time it’s war.

1    h bui we ihoughi ol it

I    first.' claims Simon

Bitmap when challenged about The Chaos Engine 2s time-travelling storyline It sounds uncannily similar to Cannon Fodder 2s. with you lumping about between the an Aztec world. Medieval times. Feudal Japan the future and 'a secret place' We re not so sure, and would like to see the Bros and the Sensible boys battling lor exclusive nghts to the plot, perhaps with one side armed with. say. sledgehammers and the other with sickles.

The original The Chaos Engine is one ol the Amiga's most revered games It'S at No 29 m our All-Time Top 10G and

even AP Art Editor Sue's eyes lit up when news ol a sequel reached us " The Chaos Engine ts the only game 1 like playing.' she said We reviewed it m the February 1993 issue ol AMIGA POWER, so i1 seems titling that we should be announang its sequel an the second anniversary ol lhat occasion Don I you think

The main innovation in The Chaos Engine 2 is the split-screen mode While the lust game had Ihe two players working together, this one will pat them directly against each other, so they ve got to watch out tor each other as well as the multitudinous baddies

'll was an idea

we talked about a loi when we were putting together the first game.' says Simon 'Wouldn't it be nice it the players could shoot each other, we thought And now they'll be able to Do you remember SpyusSp/T


'Well, it’s a brl like that You can booby trap doors lo catch out the other player, and lock him in rooms, and gel ihe monsters to attack him rather than you And the scenery works in 3D now. so you can walk behind and under things, which means you can hide mines si passages where your opponent won't be able to see them But you Ye got to make sure you

Runs on: A500. A6Q0, A1200

Publisher: Renegade Authors: The Bitmap Brothers ETA: Easter

don't tread on Ihem yourselt. ot course * Players ol the ongmal will remember the fiendishly intelligent computer player who would help you out when you didn't have a chum handy. Now. terrifyingly. Ihe computer player works against you The Bros are working on a single-screen mode lor when this happens, wtih the computer player visible in a little window in the comer, but aren't sure whether iltl make it into the finished version

We are happy la welcome back the Bitmap Brothers after their two-year holiday As big Ians of both The Chaos Engine and two-player games, we expect The Chaos Engine 2 will be utterty fantastic


Aa • (Uriel AMIOA town


it was only alter the presses had begun lo roll lhat we noticed. And by ihe time we had lunged lor the emergency slap button it was too late Four years ol AMIGA POWER tradition had been deslroyed in a single act ol carelessness AMIGA POWER collections forever more will be blighted lo read 'AMIGA POWER AMIGA POWER AMIGA PO ER' when arranged chronologically on a shell. II we could have turned back the docks and made amends we would have, but sadly that was beyond even our mighty powers. Readers, we have laded you

All we can oiler you by way ol compensation is this small "W which can be cul out and seltotaped carefully lo Ihe spine ol your AP45 II won't be the same, ot course, but it might be enough to deflect scornful comments tram friends and relatives


: :

i_ _! _j



While tt'a hardly elde-eplitlingly tunny, James Stool ol Newbury'■ Lotus 2 In The Style Of the M2S scores points - 8/10 ot them In feel - not Just for omitting Lemmings being bloodily killed lor various reasons but for the effort James has put Into creating It. He has drawn a splendid JOB digging up the roed, and lovingly written algna warning that the roadworks will not be completed for S7 weeks. The scenery la plaesenL and ha hat even remembered to Include one ol thoee Irritating speech bubbiea that seem to plague ell Lotus games.

But If you study the road cones carefully you'll eee that they appear to grow larger aa they recede Into the distance - the perspective lent quite right. James le thus

docked 3 points, and wM be receiving CSC earth ol gatnai in the poet

It you have a picture of something In The Style Of something else, pul It onto a Deluxe Paint -readable disk with your name and address written on it to: In The Style 01. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bslh BA1 2BW. «rd you could win up to COCHworth ol games.
















5 O






Runs on: A1200. CD32 Publisher: Audiogenic Authors: Peter Irvin, Jeremy Smith ETA: Feb/March

There's an argument used by older game playeis that runs like this Old Spectrum and C64 games, they reason, were better to play and more tun because programmers didn I have tlashy graphics, billions ol colours and custom sound chips to tall back on No way would something as tragic as Microcosm have reared is ugly head, as you didn't have the option ot hieing tired, bland games behind impressive intro sequences Old games were great because although they frequently weren't 100*. machine code, they were always 100% playable It's a neat argument and helps explain the llossy. dewy-eyed nostalgia that anyone over 25 has lor the so called 'good old days.' but it s not entirely true Schizoids and Friday the 13th came out on the Spectrum, and. as well as having rudimontary graphics, they were completely crap So there.

But this doesn't entirely rubbish the argument though, as great games really don't need entirely iremendous graphs Regular readeis ot AP can at this moment, reler back to AP37 s AMIGA POWER All-Time Top 100 and see that there's a bland-lookmg little game called

Exile listed as the eighth best game OF ALL TIME, even though n resembles a cross between Lemmings on the Game Boy and an antiquated fl-bit plaitormet

Exile Exile. Exile. Exile, even the name sounds great It's like elixir (II is -Ed) - a liquor once supposed to have the power ot indefinitely prolonging life, or experiment, or expenence. or excellent It's the sort ot name that, it it were an aftershave, you d cover a large cotton lowel m it and then bury your lace deep into it to lulty savour the delicious fragrance buried deep within the cotton loops We like Exile We like it lots

The good news from Audiogenic's Peter Calver comes in two neatly separate but equally yummy portions.

The first is that the original Exile's getting a budget release in the new year 'We still gel calls tram people who bought it years ago. but there's a whole new generation ot Amiga owners who will have missed out on it.' said Peter 'Getting such a huge game on budget represents hue value, and it's the sort ot game that'll probably clog up your tips pages tor months to come." No doubt Rich Peiley will be overjoyed.

The second steaming slice of gorgeousness is that according to Peter there s also going lo be a souped-up A1200 and CD32 version ot the game, but more ot that in a moment.

The Exile blurb calls it a 'text-tree adventure game," which almost, but not quite, completely (aits to get across ihe

separate but equally

k yummy" A

liner points ol the game As a jetpacking hero, you've got to explore the caves and surface ol a planet, not only to defeat the baddie. but also to save your buddies This sounds a bit adventury. as do the puzzle-solving aspects involving pick-this-up'take-it-somewheie-etsergive-iMo-someone/use-il-on-somelheng action as well as Shooimg and bombing things But hey. there are loads ol adventure games like this. Irom top-down adventures such as Darkmew (AP37 69%) to ihe brilliant plalloim advent ute Flashback (AP25 92%) What makes Exile so special is that this is just the start lo ihe tun The game uses teal physics, sc gravity takes hold ol your jetpacker and anything he throws or drops The caverns are also crisscrossed by powerful vents which blow things

around, but thanks to the physics, you can counteiact Ihe bultelmg by picking up a large lock or something equally heavy Clever, huh

There's jusl one huge level to the game, although Peter reckons that it you knew how to do every pu22le and where to find every piece of equipment it'd still take you six hours to complete the game Irom start lo tinish The forthcoming'

A1200 version s pretty much identical to the original in a 'it it am t broke" sort ol way. although the graphics are now 50% bigger This of course means that you can I see as much ol the screen, and although Peter assured me that this isn't a problem I remain sceptical Apart Irom that, it s glossier, it's got tlashy parallaxing backgiounds and it's due out very, very soon Yippee • CAM WINSTANLEY

Th« enfutal - wtrk simple graphic* and la rye play area.' TV

We lex nns re muck. II

So Impreised were they by the Innovative approach to adventure gaming taken by Exile, that Reece Mlllidge and Chris Mullender from Essex decided to have a go at a similar game. Using the unfortunately pretentious slxlh-form-lnaplred name of Unconacloua Minds. Reace and Chris are currently working on Essence, due to be released by Audiogenic around Easier. Set on a number of Islands In a more traditionally adventure setting (you know, ore*, goblins, that sort of thing), Ihe puzzle* in Essence rely on your character's abilities to turn into various things. At well at being a normal bloke, he can transform Into a little bloke (for liny doorways), a bat, a huge bird, a tquirrel (lor running along ropes), a beetle, a large cat and even a rock, which Is always handy if you want to drop on someone and kill them. Although we've had a peek at the game, it's still early days yet, to we'll have a full preview with pictures and everything as toon as wa can.


Runs: A500. A600. A120Q

Publisher: Daze Authors:

Impressions ETA: February

i s been months, possibly years, since we Iasi looked al a hexagon-based wargarrve

fli had tor gotten all about them, lo be honest, perhaps assuming that they had been Superceded by games like Campaign and Baffle Isle

Bui no Take hean. cobwebby wargamers The hexagon is back, rising Lazarus-like trom the grave to lesseiiaie again In Front Lines, due horn Impressions in February, il lorms the battlefields ot the year 2040, where pnvate armies ot mercenanes are laying siege to the nghttul democratic governments ot the land Vou. the player, must lake it in turns with the computer to move hover tanks and 17 other types ol lutunslic weaponry around ihe landscape to repel their advances. All the things a good wargame should have will be included, like air support, weather and supply lines.

IfTuvflVKirs oramtse much

*•*» ■•€« «nu1


You may occasionally see recall notices in new 1 pa pen warning consumers ot dangerous faults in dishwashers and suchlika. Well. Here. In what we hope Isn't to become a regular column. Is Ihe Amiga's equivalent.

H you've not only still got an Amiga 500. but you’re using It with Workbench 12. and you've been playing Cannon Fodder 2 on It you'll have noticed that It won't formal save-game disks. You may even be one ol the 3.500 AP readers who have telephoned ut on the subject Virgin tell us there It a fault In the game, and H you write to them at 338a Lad broke Grave. London W10 5AH they II send you a pre-form Ml ed save disk.

Then there's Super

Stardust. It works    'W*T"

fine... unless,

we re told. / '

you're    A-    K

trying to

install il    VllBVfB

onto an V- ■Mm' REE Aichos    \

Overdrive Vk herd disk. Team 17 ere ready wtth a

solution, which they'll send you II you return your registration card along with an explanatory note to Kenny Grant at Team 17.6 St John* Square. Wakefield. West Yorkshire WF1 2GX

And finally. ZeewoH As we are all too aware here al AMIGA POWER. Zeewolt (and coverdiak demos ol H) won't work on a very limited number ol Amiga 1200*. It's something to do with the dltk drives In them, apparently. There's nothing we can da aboul our coverdiak. sadly, but If you've bought the lull game and are having trouble gelling It to load, tend your diek to Binsiy Asylum    ”

28 Brock Street,    •

Bath BA1 2LN. / «,*«« , r* ' and they'll sort /    . » ■ ■ *

you out with a    V


Step smartly across the road to avoid...


NO 9




THE CRIME: Reminding Ihe player ol Ihe real world    J

THE CASE FOR THE PROSECUTION: Friend programmer lounges in his    /Sfl

warm deep leather chair Before hsn lie the disparate elements ol Atmospheric Victonan Potni-and-Chck Whodunnit 4 It is hts job to combine them into a seamless whole Slimng Ihe erackkng logs afire m the grate, he bends lo hts task

The musician, he notes, has excelled tumselt Reflecting the period setting ol the adventure. Ihe soundtrack blends wittily overdramatic pipe-organ phrases with sinlsterty sedate wolm bowing. A moniage ol samples underscoring each scene such as the creaking ropes and morosely distant foghorns r the docks sequence, completes Ihe aural picture Friend programmer taps out hts bnar pipe on ihe heel ot h« brogues and. smiling gently al the connection, turns his attention lo Ihe packet ol disks Irom the graphic artist Quickly fashioning a viewer program, he examines her work. II is. ol course, superlative The muddied palette of the impoverished areas ol the oty contrasts excitingly with ihe bnghi clutter of nch housing. Skillul animation breathes Me Into the characters: Iriend programmer ts particularly impressed with ihe way a lew deceptively simple touches imply greal age in the detective's disguise ol a bewhtskered colonel.

A muttnng bump distracts Inend programmer s attention He glances through Ihe window ol his library-cum-oftice lo see lhai the mighty oak has shed its crown ot snow The squire's children are already u A disporting themselves in this fcOi \ crisply heaped new

i playground, squealing with . « , r J joy. Friend programmer * / guttaws heartity and settles in Jtir tvs chair wth a shea! ol notes recounting the adventure's story II is indeed an involving read and the ashes are heavy in the grate before he lays the senpl aside

Finally. Inend programmer scans ihrough hts code He is nghdy pleased with himsetl: it is an elegant and comprehensive piece of work. He

congraMates himsetl on the foresight displayed in its modular design, so making the integration of the game s elements a piffling matter Ol slotting m Ihe segments. Fasonaimgly. despite knowing the game intimately. Inend programmer's brief examination lo conlimn all s r order stretches into a thorough playtesting, and quiet has lalen upon the gardens by the time he has completed the adventure.

Only one thing remains An additional task to layer the structure ol the game. Some items, perhaps, the detective could collect on his travels  Fnend programmer nods slowly. But which items would be appropriate He paces around his desk. He stops belore ■ specific bookcase: his hand idty selects a certain book. It is a bound volume ol Sherlock Holmes, chocolate-brown. Fnend programmer riltles through the pages, unconsciously absorbing the woodcul illustrations ol Holmes's study: elements ol his trademark costume, his chemical apparatus, the famous Meerschaum Friend programmer closes Ihe book, noting the detective's Sharp profile caught on the cover. A iightbuib snaps on In his mind. A lunous bout of programming, and the routine is complete Now. as the detective searches the streets ol London in Atmospheric Victonan Pomt-and-Cbck Adventure 4, (or extra points he can pick up cons shaped like )oysticks. monitors and labelled blue disks.


THE PENALTY First offence: 9-l6a« oft Second otfence: 13-21*w off Third otfence: Pubfc execution by having croquet hoops driven into the top ol the head and spun using a length ot chain by a giganlc dynamo, being released at f 5,000rpm to slam into an enormous cardboard facsimile Ol Floella Ben amm Inonting a bulky anvil to the pleasing shams ot Roger Whittaker























The original Loop* was one ol those puzzley games that never realty hit the big lime, but men most puzzle games tail to thnll Oh sure.

Lemmings and Terns ware huge, but that's about n as tar as puzzley blockbusters are concerned Which is a shame, because there's loads ol really great puzzle games out there Fury of the Fumes (AP34. 77%). Pipemama (AP22. 79%) and One Step Beyond (AP29. 87%) to name but a few examples.

Super Loopz is one at those games that has ventured away from the Amiga only to return once more like a prodigal son Loopz was developed into the exciting Nintendo game Super Loop2 by putting lots ol pictures, cotours and animations in the background, and it is this version that is now making its way back to the At200 and CD32.

The idea is to create complete circuits (or Loopz') out ol sections ol pipe that appear randomly, a bit like Telrts. As soon as you've made a loop it vanishes, but as soon as you've misplaced a section and messed up a loop, you've got to battle on and hope that a vanish

section will appear to allow you to zap away all the duller

As with most puzzle games, the basic idea ts fleshed out with loads ol vacations, from an arcade mode where you get less and less time to place each block through to a thoroughly entertaining two-player mode where you compete to be the player who finishes each loop.

It all seems rather groovy, and. In a rare outbreak of common sense, it's going on sale at only £15. which seems to make it the right pnce lor a tun and playable but not overly stunning little game Hurrah tor Super Loopz* Hurrah (or Audiogenic!


Runs on: A1200. CD32 Publisher: Audiogenic Author: In house ETA: Feb/March


If you haven’t bought these yet, we recommend you do. And we’re right.


Acid (AP45 84%)

It we rated games based purely on the gallons ol adrenaline they catalysed per minute. RaadkJ would be looking at a score m the high nineties As it is we awarded 4 a creditable 84. marking i down sightly tor being a tattle shaow. but bevtg utterly bowted over by the incredbly exding atmosphere * generates "TAKE HIS LIFE.' hisses the voiceover. And you simply have no choice

Virgin (AP44 89%)

SensOle captured the hearts ol the world with then Htle _

band of soldiers, trooping through a vanety ot settings agarnst enormous odds And they seem to have done it with the sequel, too - 72 more levels ot the same, with new scenarios including the notorious Alien Planet. It's tougher than the ongnal. so it you enioyed that, and don't mind handing over handfuts more money simply for some new levels, then er. yes

Renegade (AP44 95%)

We must have written more wands about the vanous incarnations of Sens than any other Amiga game But we re always eager to wnte mote Especially when it's concerning this latest, best incarnation, with its lacteal management facilities, stadium round the edge ot the pilch, and litlle spinning 'S' in the comer cl the screen This is the best Amiga game ever

Binary Asylum (AP43 90%)

The world seems much less ol a threat when you’re sitting just above it in a helicopter armed with cannons, rockets and guided missiles. Zeewoti gives you that teelrng. and also an extensive range of missions to tackle, along with slick 3D graphics, big explosions and complex strategic decisions. We'd hesitate to recommend it so readily to A50G/600 owners, as it will run rather slowly on their machines, but everyone else should enjoy it enormously

Audiogenic (AP45 83%)

Oddly, even it you've got an A120C. it's worth going tor the A500 version of Bubble and Squeak. Allhough you lose out on the attractive pmk-and-purple backgrounds, you gam a more sensible Blue Thing who doesn't keep ruming the tun with his stupidity Apart Irom that, it's the same intriguing puzzley platform game as it always was Buy rl

Thl* l< stretching our Amiga-related knowledge a bit. bul apparently there * a program called Imagine which I* what programmer* um to render picture* (Our neighbour* on Amiga Format confirm that this I* Ihe

case.) If you've got It, then you'll be able to detlgn a car. render the 600 Irame* of animation that Skidmarkt 2 require*, import the graphic* into Ihe game, and actually drive your creation around.


Cows on wheels... towing caravans  Such is the sequel to Skidmarks.

Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Acid Developer: In-house ETA: February

Clinging lo Ihe underside ol ihe world. Ac*l Software has become one ol the Amiga's greatest assets over the last Iwelve months. Last February they gave us the popular Skidmarks (AP34 76%, and still regularly m the Top 10). and this February they're following it up with a massively-enhanced sequel, while in between came Ihe adrenaline inducing RoadktD (AP44 84%) and Ihe sublime Guardian (AP43 90%). As lar as our The Incredible Woild Ol The Amiga fealute is concerned. Acid have guile literally put New Zealand on Ihe map

The original Skidmarks was a la mastic game with beaulriully-animated, pleasingly-handling cars, but il was lei down a bit by irritating disk accessing and a tendency lo crash. All Dial'll be lived in ihe sequel, ol course, bul more importantly there'll be a deafening volley □I enhancements including several lealutes Dial have never been seen in any Amiga game before (quite apart Irom the cows on wheels) especially il you're

playing it on an A1200.

Starting with a lew raw statistics, there are twice as many tracks in Stkrdmartks 2 - Ihe twelve Irom the original plus twelve new ones There are now eight different types ol car, including Formula One ones, Mims, pick-ups and -yes - cows on wheels. (And it you're lechnically minded you can even render your own cars and include them in Ihe game ) And there are 12 championship events, including a more challenging one-ptayer game than in Skidmarks

Other aspects ol the game have been fine-tuned The computer-controlled cars drive more interigenlty, occasionally running oh the road, which is nice. The cars handle in a more complex fashion, which means that each type behaves noticeably differently. Registered users will be able to install the game to a hard drive, ihus eliminating Ihe disk accessing that results when you've got so many tracks and Irames ol animation

Bul - and here we enter Ihe realms ol the culling edge. Irontier-crossmg-lype stuff that the Amiga has always devoured - Ihe original's already fantastic two-way split-screen mode can now be extended to a three-way one. so three (31) people can play al once on the same screen And lour can play using a Micro Machines-style lull screen mode, with cars gening




















dragged forcibly back onto the screen it I (ley disappear from view (Four-way joystick adaptors are supported it the keyboard controls prove loo troublesome.) Or. of course, as before, you can link two machines together and do it that way And, perhaps for the very first time m racing game history, you can tow another car behind you. with your car's handling being compromised accordingly (Although only two at a time can play like this on a 5tXV60C. though)

However, it's 1200-owners who'll really benelil liom Skidmarks 2 For starters up to eight cars can take pan m each race, with all of them controllable by human players it you link two machines together And m lowing mode the cats are replaced by caravans, which looks much better The graphics generally look meet on a 1200. with more subtle shading on the cars.

8ut best ol all is undoubtedly the new range ol display options available in the 1200 version. In high-res mode the track is zoomed nght out so you can see more of if on screen al once, bul without cutting down on the level ol detail And it you're playing an two machines linked logelher, you can place the monitors side by side and see the game in a sort ot widescreen', with hail the picture on each monitor (Vile derived much amusement in the AP oltice from playing in this mode, bul wilh ihe two monitors on opposite side of the office, so we had to trample up and down the room to keep track of our cars.)

We are filled with hope for Skidmarks 2 Play our coverdtsk demo and imagine (he same thing but with all ihe exira features listed above and you’ll surely agree Indeed, we were hoping we might be able la review the finished version ihis

. z

This It terribly impressive. If

X. .

you connect two Amiga 1200*

W« H«t cewi km - • km »»»rf«»h«e by - i j Aetfpnyinn % </->

together, and place their

monitor* tlde-by-slde. you can

gel Skldmsrks 2 lo display the

■P mmN ijj

left-hand tide of the course on

X 1

the left-hand machine, and the

right-hand side of the course on

J *1

- yes - the right-hand machine.

Thus Ihe Amiga boldly marches

✓ z

Into Ihe widescreen, high

definition audio-visual world of

1 J

1 ✓ fcr

Ihe 2lit Century.

month, but Acid say they keep thinking of new things to put in to make it even better still Too many more and the game will be in danger ol exploding


Awvnwaaa y a m o d vomv

Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Gametek Authors: In-house ETA: January

Cam's played

Bioodnei on ttie PC. and he reckons that to fully appreciate the baaire tulunsliC setting, you'll need lo have read as many cyberpunk books as he has Untorlunalety the nearest thing I've read to a cyberpunk book was probably Jules Verne's From The Earth To The Moon but thanks to AP28's comprehensive cyberpunk guide. I'm now fully versed in the intricacies ol mirrored sunglasses, light l>henng through Venetian blinds and ■jacking" into The matnx" withoul having to plough through papetBooks cyberFilied with stupidWords. Cam was mistaken

The other thing Bioodnei is about ts vampires. They're taking over a rundown, lutunslic world, and you - a hacker called Slark - ate the only one who can slop them But. in an ironic twisi. you've actually been bitten by one ot them and are sktwty turning into a vampire yourself, a process slowed down thanks to a neural implant in your head that keeps reminding you you're a human and not. lor example, a creepy bloodsucking night stalker.

Learning Irom the mistakes ol previous pomt-and-dick adventure

games. Bioodnei allows you lo treaty wander to most ol the locations from the very start, leaving your powers ot deduction to work out what's relevant and what's not They've also realised lhat laboriously moving the pointer across the screen to look tor a two-pixel passesrd isn't any fun at all. so all pick-uppable objects are clearly marked as oversized icons.

And Ihe olher thing is, it's being promoted as an tS cedilicale game, packed with rugs, socks and sharing Cam says there are quite a lew rugs in it. but not much in the way of socks or Sharing But then he regards Pulp Fiction as light family viewing, so maybe his standards are somewhat different. He did tell me that it's one ol the lew adventure games he s enioyed playing, although much ol the enioyment was gleaned Irom listening to the hammy, overacted dialogues (it comes on a CD-ROM) which presumably will be replaced by text in Ihe Amiga version. How Ihis is going lo affect the game is. at this moment in time, a mystery, as i$ why I'm writing this rather than Cam, who's clearly belter qualified lo do it Maybe all will become clear soon Or not I JONATHAN DAVIES



Some sad news from Ocean: of Ihe seven games they had planned for Christmas, only three actually made It Into the shops In time - PGA European Tour. Jungle Strike and Shag Fu. TEX has been further delayed, and Skllchlh, Mutant League Hockey and Mighty Max have been shelved because, say Ocean, they weren't good enough to release. Skllchln' and Mutant League Hockey weren't actually all lhat good on the Mega Drive either, but we haven't played Mighty Max. so It's difficult


Anyone who bought Augenbliek's Pucman on Ihe strength ol our review in AP44. and agrees that it's a bit hard, will be pleased lo know that Augenbltck do too. Or. at least they're including a difficulty option in all copies they sell from now on, although they swear the game's no more difficult than the coin-op original And if you send your disk back lo them they'll send you (he new version lor free Their address, once again, is Augenbtmk.

334 Marion Road Longiands.


Cleveland TS4 2NU.

We re big fans ol Bubble and Squeak, especially the Improved A500 version (83% AP45). So when    —

Audiogenic whispered    —~~

Into our collective ear that they're planning a sequel, 1 we were Incredibly    1

pleased, and felt we had to V    *

tell you about It. They    1 *1 J E Zy*

haven't really decided much \    9

yet. except lhat It'll be more III V    • C £

ot the same. Oh, and this \    1 S

time you'll be able to shrink    1    \

Squeak down with special    \    >    * ’ i

bubble gum so he can fit \ y    

through narrow pipes.



The official Chnslmas No 1 best sellei was Sensible World ol Soccer - the besl Amiga game of all lime (AP44 95%) And Irufy if deserved lo be. ever if they spell 'its' wrong in Ihe AP quote on the back of the box

In fact, lo the right are the full Gallup Christmas charts, showing which games sold ihe most copies during the festive period And on the whole ri appears that few Amiga owners would have been disappointed on Chnslmas morning. Eyes lit up across the nation as wrapping paper was tom away lo reveal Theme Park (AP42 91%), a fine game indeed, and the No 2 seller And Cannon Fodder 2 would have kept many a rosy-cheeked game player amused through to the New Year n the No 3 slot

As Santa s sleigh

swept onwaids through the sky, further goodies were dislnbuted in Ihe forms ol Premier Manager 3. PGA European Tout. Zeewolland Ihe evergreen Micro Machines Not a lurkey among them The only real lly in the orntment, inevitably, is Rise ol the Robots (AP45 5%) at No 11 Although actually, considering Ihe game's obscene marketing spend', it's a wonder more innocent lolk weren't swayed into requesting it.

Sadly the overall Chnslmas No 1 computer game wasn't an Amiga one. though A tier a lale spurt, FIFA International Soccer 95 on Ihe Mega Drive took the top spot, causing thousands ol bookie-going punters to lose money -mosi people reckoned it'd be Donkey Kong Country on the SNES



"Amiga Format Isaue 68 ushers In the world ol communications with a startling expose on the Internet, modems and all that. Written by Future's mast knowledgeble Amiga comms expert. Richard Baguley, AF68 promises everything you'll need to know lo ride Ihe Information Superhighway. Heck, we even review some top new modems.

"WeYe also proud lo present Batlle Ol The Beat- Em-Ups, In which we pit all the new and nol-so-new combat games against one another to find the king of the Amiga beat- em-ups.

"Our duo of Coverdlaks feature a splendid (and quite huge) Cannon Fodder 2 demo plus a full, working version of Dlgltas Dale Store You may never be disorganised again.

"Amiga Formal 68 Because Ihe Amiga's more than a games machine.* Steve Jarrett Editor, Amiga Formal

"blah blah Amiga Shopper blah Issue 45 blah on sale now with stonking blah reviews of blah Photogenlca, Image FX 2 0 (Ihe finished version) blah Personal Palm 6.1 blah plus blah Mojo of Foundation blah Imaging shows you how lo blah build your own Babylon 5 blah cargo pod blah not forgetting blah our full review ol blah Wordworth 3.1 and Wordworth 3.1 SE blah blah Ihe real blah truth about Ihe rise and fall of Ihe Commodore empire blah plus all of our usual blah excellent tutorials.

'No. that's not right. We leave the blah to other magazines. Amiga Shopper just gives you Ihe facts. Cut the Blah. Get Amiga Shopper." Richard Baguley Editor, Amiga Shoppar


Renegade £30 *****


Bullfrog £30 *★* * *


• iF!

Virgin £30 ★***


4. ftOflTAL KfllEAT 2

Acclaim £30 ***

5 ppcAAicn MANAGER 3

Gremlin Interactive £26 * * * *


Kcirca.l £26 ***


US Gold £26 *


Virgin £30 *****


Anco £30 * *


3odemasters £26 *** *


Miraoe/Time Warner £40 *


Ocean £26 ****


Team 17T20 *★


Binary Asylum £30 *****


Ocean £28 ***

19. ON THE Bi

Ascon £30 * *

FJ'JInT’ '■>.

US Gold £30 *










Hit Squad £13


E CD32


Mtraqe/Time Warner £35 *



Acid £30 ****


Grandslam £30 ***



In a so tof travelog, if you likfe am Winstanley sets off On an expedition around...

Like the British Empre cl the

1930s. the sue novet sets on the. Amiga Empire. with outposts in every corner o) the globe. Apart tiom China of course And South America Anyway, the same could be said of the British Empire, so the analogy still holds. And, like the British Empire of the 1930s. the Amiga Empire currently stands at its point ol greatest power and inttuence. while at the same lime loetering on the brink of a dramatic and possbly cataclysmic constitutional crisis.

The reason Well, at this moment in lime, there are more Amigas spread over a wider area ol the ptanef than in any moment during THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF MANKIND We re seeing games Irom as lar away as Poland. Scantknavia and Croatia, and regulatiy get letters and phone cals Irom leaders in Australia and Now Zealand - which are on the other side of the globe for

heaven*1,sake TheAnugfr eofWwrTthe world Is. at this wy moment"as mighty as it's ever been, wtncfnjwhy we M the need to mark the moment with a ■ splerxMfy patriotic world map showing that no matter where you are. you're probably efoaer than you think to'someone working on something fab. groovy and Inimitably Amiga-tsh

So seize the day and all that stuff, for tomorrow might ret bn the bnghi and gionous future that yesterday, erm. was /Are you sure about fh« H - Ed) Pul a pm in the place you live, visit towns mentioned here in the hope ol


holding hands with Amiga celebrities, and level m your status as a member ot our very own diquey global

village >



Student geniuses behind Gravity Force

2. and our heroes


Tacticaly-mirided originators ol On The Bel and The Patrician


v Ot Gcouns. Gct*ra 2 and i Cottas 3 tame


• ' Y T T Y I' ( «


All the Ishar games.

Ktngs Quest All ot them


The wacky Fury ot the Fumes people



Noi that they re there now cl course. They went bust. Flipping hack, hey

Favoured programmers ol Shadow Fighter.


Rave-music-listening-to programmers at Stankat and Sopt' Stardust

The ones who gave us Ettmarua


Architects of the superb Battle Isle and The Settlers


Devisors ol Ltooheart and bike game No Second Prue.


Something to do with Black Legend


Long-time writer to AMIGA POWER

iRIlii. I7«f,


Bearing m mind that everyone's Amiga had to be carted haH way round the world (a process that took, at the very tastes!, around 7 weeks] d a a miracle anyone got to buy one These days, ol course, the factory stands quiet and empty, as it has done lor pretty much all ol M Snitt


Promising newcomers behind FootbaP Glory and Embryo.


Talented purveyors ot Guardian and Skidmarks.

The people to thank tor RoadkiP and Seek and Destroy




V j Jll


h. ufi/

! /«» m


» ° *• :

si j

II !



It is over. Not the world, nor the Amiga, but 1994. And as we step lightly into 1995, let us pause for a moment to consider Those Who Have Pleased Us, and bestow awards upon them.





in a peaceful meadow, cows graze contortedly. Binds sing. Butterflies flit from flower lo flower A horse stands quietly In the shade of an old oak tree

thing. Everyone could get knighthoods. Ike Si Geoffrey Command About two pages ought fa do it

"Very we* II shall be so" They appear lo converse lor a moment.


















There is a distant rumble The cows glance around nervously, and look up lo see dark clouds ruling across fhe sky. Rain lashes against the ground, driven by a fearsome wind As the earth bogns to shake, the cows eyes grow wide with tenor. Suddenly the ground is npped apart as a vast stone portal rises from it. shaped as a giant mouth, a bit like that one al the beginning ol Aladdin Four dark ligures move slowly forwards through the smoke, silhouetted against the helllire behind them They sit astride btcydes "Who has summoned us ' cry The Four Cydisls ol the Apocalypse (lor rl is they), then mighty words rending whole mountains asunder

It is us. AMIGA POWER We humbly beseech you to fudge the Amiga games industry for its deeds during 1994. and produce a son of gforiied awards feature, you probably know the son of

though no words can be heard. Then the First And Greatest Cydist speaks:

'But tel one Ihing be clear Only those who have significantly touched the lives ot Amiga owners everywhere shal be considered Those who have merely turned out tedious copies of games we ve al been playing lor years will be scorned1' A lightning boll shoots Irom his lingers and strikes down a cow which has been slanting transfixed wrth terror nearby. 'Let judgement commence'

The four cowled figures begun to pedal forwards surveying the landscape with their retributive gaze •You bastard"

■What '

*11 was just standing there “

‘What was *

That cow'


'I think you've broker its leg'

leek! leek ft thei, trm, mcrcdi hr enimel.d tl4m« end intekt point's out of the

We adore Corel flanahaa, but the beet thing about It la the little anlrrabona when you shoot s sosi Of blow up s isisphsns box Those are the work of graphic arttat Jacob Andareon, who haa ainoe relumed to Scandinavia whence he came. Hie title muat therefore remain an honorary one until ha rabrma to theea ehoraa to collect ft.



We have always had a place in our hearts ter Andrew Not only did he write Unduns f and Z and ftantow Islands, but he also did Upper, our special AMIGA POWER game And then, this year, he created Empire Soccer, which we're sbl trying to convince some ot you is one ol the finest football games avadable

The spooky punchbag from Shadow Fighter nets an earldom lor keeping us constantly amused during the dosing weeks ot 1994 He smiles sinisteriy no matter how may times he's knocked down - much like us. m tad

EiVJ A 0 A

John entertained ua greatly during 1994, with a solid conversion ot Aladdin and the fantastic Putty Squad. He truly la the mailer ot the platform game, and we hope others tollow hla example rather than simply rehashing the same old stuff over and over again. j We also congratulate John on his recent marriage.

Great work has been done by Arran In the lorm ol Jetstrika CD32, a game which Sieve and Cam have played lor many hours. As well as constructing an enormous variety ot aeroplanei and levels, ha was also Ihoughtful enough to Include the most bizarre UFO-related bonus feature which only a tiny fraction ol players will ever encounter.




We've singled out Nick, though his award really goes to everyone at The Dome tor constantly surprising ua with their sllppy-slldey, rollercoaster-style output. From the fabulous Bobs Day    /

Out they plunged to

the dismal Last Action    /

Hero. Dracuta and

Ctltthaitger. and then    V"    “

lurched back upwards    v    \

to the sublime PGA    \

European Tour. We    \

don't understand them, fT]    _. I

but we lave them. I    ... .

A long-overdue recognition ot Peter Molyneux'a services to the Amiga, as brought to our attention by AP reader Beatrix van Oranje Nassau of Holland In last month's letters page. He haa brought us a stream ol good games, such aa Populous, Syndicate and Powarmonger, culminating In this years Theme Park.


We felt that nothing less would be appropriate tor Jens Anderson and Jan Kronqvlst. the people who brought ua the tantaitlc Gravity Force 2 on AP39's coverdlsk. Unfortunately, despite his name. Jan is actually a bloke. But It wouldn't have sounded right otherwise. We hope he doesn't mind.


We grant Binary Asylum's Andy Wilton his title primarily lor hla use ol advanced curved-auriace technology in Zeewoll. We were beginning to doubt that Zeewott would ever appear, so delayed was It, but eventually It did, and It was really good. So that’s okay.

H tl flood bCCAUtt H it round.

• J

• J

1 ■ 1


MultiFacets of MultiMedia No 1: Digital LandscapoCapture Technology

Regardless of ihe selling, irrespective of the lime period, all MultiMedia presentations MUST use compuler-geneialed backgrounds. These gorgeously rendered, light-sourced 30 marvels will feature chess sets, bottles, bowls ot tmrt and angle poise lamps, because they're easy la create in 3D modelling programs They'll never feature trees, animals. Henry Moore sculptures or fountains. Because they aren't. Or people, because they're scary

MultiFacets of MultiMedia No 2: Digital PhotoCapture Technology

Making the CD seem jam-packed with data is always a problem, and the best way ot doing it Is to indude a reference section.' These consist of video ckps transferred from Paine newsreels, and smudgy photos taken Irom encyclopaedias, local newspapers and builds week by week into an essential reference library' Ortxs partworks They're then hastily scanned ai a nsibte resolution and crammed together to complete that Var Format ambience.

MultiFacets of MultiMedia No 3: Digital AuralCapture Technology

Another technologically exoting way ot tilling up Ihe CD is to slap a load ot crackly old sound dips on it. That jittery sequence ot Winston Churchi talking just isn't enough -you're atso going to need his ‘blood, sweat and tears’ speech almost (but obviously not quite, see number 4) synchronised lor that full edutainment package So hurry! It's straight back to that PathO newsreel with an inexpensive microphone.


The CD age is upon us, and our readers are awash with fear. Harry Zimmerman from Rifle, Colorado and Daniel Uphaven from Welwyn Garden City are just two of the tens of people who have turned to us for help. "How can I have allowed myself to be left behind " questions Harry. “What is this MultiMedia lark, and how can I get a slice of its high-tech action " drools Dan. Fear not. AMIGA POWER shall equip you to straddle the untamed beast of CD interaction and ride triumphantly into the FUTURE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

So - MultiMedia then What's 4 all about We*, the simplest way to explain it«to think ot a sturdy cardboard box. Into ttus box can be put al manner ot things A reape tor apple crumble, say. and a tape recording ot someone rearkng it out Another tape recording, but this time ot the muse from an Asda induction video, a grainy video recording ot someone Mowing the reape and a small photograph ot an apple Now you start the tapes and seal Ihe box. Prepare some other boxes, each dealing with a different tope Sheet muse, perhaps, or architecture Now arrange the boxes so you can open one. ckmb inside. absorb the information, and then move on to the next box Welt, that’s al MultiMedia is. Just imagme that instead ot the three or lour boxes you've prepared, there are rnAons of them con lairing a multiple media' show for

every conceivable topic - and that you aren't actually climbing nside a box but using your computer to access a complicated (kgrtal matrix stored on a compact rise using a speoai wire - and you can begin to understand the excitement of what some people are already calling the Pathe newsreel ot the '90s'


MultiMedia is a near-orgarxc phenomenon, with a language, reproductive system and other things Let us examine them

1 WORDS OF POWER The language ol MuftiMerka is a special language, with mageal words that transform unattractive leckous ideas into magnificent, explosive






MultiMedia'* Mill In IU Infancy, ao there * still time to Jump on the bandwagon and make pots ot cash. All you need la a computer, a WORM (Write Once, Read Many times) CD system, and mats duplication facilities. That takas care ol the technical side, but whet about the Ideat Presented tor the first time, here's everything you're ever going lo need to cobble together MultiMedia package! until the cows come home In DlgitalOelry 2: How Do Bessie's Udders Work. Farmer Dan

1.    THE WORLD AT t AR ON VIDEO Great lor everything Irom Dr Knowledgej* History Untold* through to Derek Anorak's University,ol Smart Aeroplanes. The World At War combines detaljed Information with lots ol valuable shots ol things blowing up. Also features Winston Churchill's 'blood, sweat and tears" speech. It IS the Pathe newsreel - but on video!

2.    CHRONICLE OF THE 20TH CENTURY 14SS pages detailing every major event ot the century. Make it the centrepiece of a wacky 'On This Dsy In History' InterActive

game, or an amusing companion to Mr Organized!'! Personal Organiser and Diary Database. It IS the Pathe newsreel - but on paper!


4.    ORBIS PARTWORKS Reach down behind Ihe sofa, or examine the mulch In that forgotten recycling bag in the garden, and you re bound to lay hold ol al least parts one to three. Scan In the pictures, get Leslie Judd to read out the Information, et volla (Monsieur Myope Preaente FunFactorFourFrenehl, two-CD set) - Instant Interactive databases on everything under Ihe sun.

5.    COPYRIGHT-LAPSED LITERATURE Sticking to MultiMedlaOzIng books by safely dead people neatly avoids expensive litigation over breach of copyright. You’ll only be sued H the books you're ripping oil aren't In the public domain, or It Orbls llnds out. Right, kids




MultiFacets of MultlMedla No A: DigIDelayLipSynch

A major pan ol any DaiaPackage is tha dialogue track dragging behind the Video Action by anything up to 15 seconds. This gives nse to pregnant pauses in the middle ol heated on-screen arguments and equally bLzarre chatter ages alter everyone's let! the scene. All the MuiliMeria producers we talked to assured us that this delay was ESSENTIAL and in NO WAY a tailing ot the current generation ol underpowered hardware tailing to live up to unattainable public expectations So that's okay then

MultiFacets of MultlMedla No 5: Digital



In the bad old days, would-be ihesprans had to struggle on excruciating daytime TV drama programmes, hoping to be spotted' by influential executives. But thanks to the exciting MultiMedia revolution. interActiveMoviesare now THE place to be seen it you're struggling to make n' In the tug time' Or it you're too tat. old or ugly to appear in proper films.

MultiFacets of MultiMedia No 6: Digital TextPageCapture Technology

Bui none ol these MultiFacets can make sense without the currency' ol MultiMedia - words - and on a CD you can store millions ot them: literally1 The tact that the text is tiny and illegible because the screen Is filled wrih clips ot Winston Churchill and computer-generated chess sets or digitised Margot Kidders trying to revive flagging careers is unimportant Use the phnloul option, or read the books listed in the CD s bibliography.


“What’s MultiMedia, then ” Let another SALVO OF TRUTH ring out from the AP'" InfoCannon®.

concepts The art ol using the words is called SeparaimgConfoinedNounsWiihCapiialLetiers: actually Separating Conjoined Nouns With Capital Letters, bul through separating the conjoined nouns with capita) letters an obvious phrase lent a proper ring ol decisive, progressive, knowledgeable authority. You see

2EDUTAINMENT Edutainment ( educational

entertainment' - MeUhngSluptdPhrases is another ol the MulliMetka Words ol Power) is the attractani which MultiMedia uses to reproduce through tech-hungry lathers buying £2.000 PCs lor the kids'. It's interactive, entertaining education that's tun, Fun, FUN! By staring at a screen, interacting with on-screen characters' and asking questions through a complex seres ol mouse-driven menus, children can tkscover everything about the

world outside that they never see as they're too busy learning about it. A bit kke interacting with teachers' and ‘friends' by putting your hand up in class and asking questions, only without the crippling necessity ot having to converse with another human being. Or leaving your house even

3INTERACTIVE GAMES By YiierAduig' (’interestingly acting ) with the computer and software using a hands-on character manipulation device.' you can actually control the character or vehicle in the game, deciding when it should move. ump or lire Similar to an ordinary game, but better, because ol the 25-mmute rendered introductory sequence, and the ingenious way the tedious requirement ol constant control is streamlined to pressing left or right every ten minutes

4INTERACTIVE MOVIES InTeracTIve (inside terra(c)pin throw-rug imperative') movies are inter Active games, only leatunng presumed-dead actors mugging in Iron! ol computer-generated sets Smtslerty. even frantic usage ol a hands-on character manipulation device' will tail to skip past those hammy performances, so you'I have to watch them over and over again.

5INFOTAINMENT Infotainment ( infotainment ) is exactty the same as edutainment, only passing through adolescence to reach maturity with me addition ol blood and naked llesh. Its dual purpose is lo sel £2,000 PCs for ihe lech-hungry falhers' and embarrass unwitting grandparents In shop demonstrations

You can now discuss MultiMedia with an air ol well informed confidence.


WIrjIoe Churchill 1


The CO has finally spun to a silky stop. The ‘hands-on character manipulation device' has been carefully put away, and the crackling monitor has ceased irradiating your children. Glance up Into the night sky to witness the AMIGA POWER InfoCannon peppering the flrmamenl with starbursts of erudition concerning alternatives to the octopod embrace ot MultiMedia.


Read a book about some cars. In a car park.


Take the script ol a play along to Ihe performance. Thus at any particular moment you can randomly access the text while still keeping open ■ visual window. What with the constant stream of audlal Information that your ears are Intercepting, you really can’t get much more of a MultiMedia experience than this. Buy a programme lor extra depth.


See an exciting Him, and then play an associated game. Speed and FI, tor Instance.


See an exciting film with a tew friends and then talk about It afterwards. Buy the soundtrack end play It In the background for another 'layer' ot experience.


Smear lard across the lenses of a pair of sunglasses and flick through Penthouse or the lingerie section of the Lltttewoods catalogue because you can't face the idea ot going without Inlotalnment.

Congratulations - you're now a MultIMedlaMarshal of Dldge City! Perhaps you could start work on Integrating Virtual Reality, Ihe Internel and MultiMedia so YOU NEED NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AGAIN.




' v« never really

contemplated shortness.


T 0"    S,eve

Jve been tall all my «,

R**,fy Th« must have


rather an interesting "Ves Indeed * alerted off

8re bom they're "Wjr than usual Then

™*a< cord taut in order

1<Jo°* hissing and



"Nothing would °*ar greeter redef, “ •Mt* Btem-even-by-

oor-etandarda deputy •<«tor Cam. ‘All my lit,

I have had to grit my teeth and amile good-naturedly aa people have walked up to me

Rich Isn't tall, exactly, but you wouldn't guess It if he walked up behind you. “ACTUALLY, WHEN I GOT MY FRIEND'S MUM'S CAR STUCK IN THE SANO AT WESTON-SUPER-MARE




on »« u"

arbfOtha ’




assistant rlnertdibtY

\ spptacWWW altttwW--

■—1 y-ar    but

mY    coutd rtM J


' [ • M



V i 1

r 4


Game: Shadow Fighter Runs on: A5G0, A600,


Publisher: Gremlin Author: Domenico Barba Fabio Capone. Fabio Clcclarello Price: Around £30 Release: Out row

Fata* me an *us are Everyone In beat* em-upa hales each other. righC II ihe/re M 'he brother ol another on who's chosen a path ol Ihe Dark 9Wc tan they re a pupil gone oil Ihe rah and tor ever chased by their good and trusting teacher They've murdered each other* Bisters cheated on their wives and maybo. just maybe stolen each other's winning lottery tickets These •re all good meson* lo luck each other's .duodenums out. end enghis level beat-

19 >r >*i and consequently sucking charge did o' pockets across the world lasiet and with greater on so than a giant vacuum

Waring and with the i«sk ol serious injury ■ leveled to an art term and would take a maasM amount d good wit and cooperation kx both lighters to book the tvne cl work, buy their (ic atb .md lum up at iha same place at the tvne time Hanty tna actions ot two me vklils wfw have uacut id beat each o'tci nto a bloody

mcatnad to a spy satellite m fl—yn hronous orbit II you've ever nartfci a Misprint tor a perfect (pme.

atari in out iherwin moat arcades, .is OBBBQuer tly a cm trading to see 'C aitut slmuM ur as that CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY Rim on* fktms wti ch tad to taka into vs:* it any ol fc lessons teamed by other gardes and are consequently about as playable Ws underwater tennis

Shadow Fighter steals shamelessly Irom here, thete and everywhere, snipping ell the best bits Iron) everywhere and •quashing them all etto one. There's a scary butch bloke v.lu Iopm ami moves a

I Sottvit'athn

rKent.ro eoi'oepi otj 1 story tons ■ r edited and i usherl ihenl on t care whether t, S'j.CuuJ diciVi pa enough attentat m hi ® ther as a or it Liu is the love Ql Manlyn 9 « and ee. and to si. until I played Shadow Fighter I d.dn'l teaiiy cs a it beat■'em upa existed at all I'd always taught that

Swilt. rmproramu bMhrrts fuelled by alCOlk macho lak. alto > IBs ol embittered ha trod Theyro orfSnsed. three round matches whveh nvoive at least one. and usudly both combi aris Hying had way rotvi the nk to Meet at a set place in a famign oajirtry to light each other iontiers, only

li'edBix Sim

without Eddy

pkr,mg it oonimmj,, Wi i Wove got the thump bkfecr


u it the game m p<. • ■ .itty firWicd) haw la-i'W- 'dNI nt the v*.*id around them and >' Liked note. Although I've only ever played * Tit :6u ivvioe. Supm Street Fighter 2 In the BPado3 l» (apparently) Ihe world's g. itatl beat 'mb-up combining shortterm playability Haafessiy w«h long-term

_ \

L_/ \_A

1 AT \---/ j


Every character's got a stupid name and dafi reason to light, which we

cant be bothered to go Into. Here's a broad cross section ol them though.




I A bland, generic.

Indenti-kll type ol " guy. With boxing gloves.




Rooaaargghh! Right lads


Just don't talk to him about girls, alright


Hot oft the streets ol Medellin. Colombia, he looks mean and turns Into a panther.




Complete with baton, handgun and silly haircut.




Has harnessed the power ol the universe. Or some old tat like that.


Despite his misleading title, Hal Geezer sports a massive, but curiously non-latal sword. Nice trousers too. don't you think




Just an average girl. With electric powers. In lycra



Jual like the guy out of lhal Jean Claude Van Damme movie.



Behold, he is a learsome warrior. Fearsomely dull. With a beard


Complete with hands tum to blades' attacks.



Scary end ol Mh level baddy that ■H we haven't

actually got to yet. Oops.



Btanka .1 scary    / "OH

thin ttoke who s    J

dearly a non cubbery / OtU6 Dhalsmv A'    I

cute girl with lethal    \    IHQS

hair not entirely unlike \     j t

a character from the V,,wl disappointing EltnxirhJ


Than a grabs a tow bits from Sup*-Sfre*0<gNerPXarv*AA.taft&vn6*r whoever gets me tost hit r gets a point    r.i'Jenl

bonus yon menw ffpridtvee . miinm....    .. V. » 1 I*SV ... * ,1 get an

.....    .... i.sign'


lj« /    -

/ makes us think that the

programmers achciiy love beat em-upe. and dtdn'l just s nply try to ca&h in oit the craze. Wa ve not gore lo


<tkmb (wiiwL o • i nsse

wnaiMhingirti* they add rbnsdeatiy to 04ijW Mil A too i *aak on e* lieu

teOuns i« o • ■ ■ u jnriawaMj sujj

Wnp«vwh it iuea* «n masses

nl rtwrarter*. to itay Shartowfitarteo* yooritn ® east a aaefciy ooetotyiralue with «ou arxj a bend trying w» el the rmsrtc r«(ntwatms at i Wet tors and inralm • mr*ti<hUbeeVl non* WAI ye •tsi ioe ««na> ouzz mpqst atKna aah* i«.d «>«vii i v« (lor ww on ttk N art w • ui pjtiofv nogtodod A500 «*•*»• * "»*iiModi f

«—ri» nrflb* Tyri with k-to « tight aama nstbv fism ttm umny uK UUVVN KK>H I combos ut MKx.


Drfterent moves workeHOm


) dose

rkstennes so rather


.itfljjj untfung, swinging a

rvEtgcDTOts and mnte colours


«teen than m supposed mow pussMet thaw's sUtaarh to «a» end dn I ne control system s exueder n. eru

terknuw rf othei

this kmd ot flexibility

® UPPERS It1* the best

baat-'em-up Mi tha Amiga In •very respect: playability, graphic*, sound, characters, spaclal moves, everything.

DOWNERS A Mot disk

® swapping, occasionally mlamatehed one-player mods and, moat Importantly, you cant ‘be' Pupazz.


To sea this on any Amiga * a Joy, to sea It on tha humbla A500's a programming mlracts. Gallons ol care and attention have been poured Into this, and by borrowing all tha beet bits of all the other baat-'am-upa. Shadew    Jfc ■ Z

FJghfar'a blown tha competition dean out of I — the water.    f MZ


~ fJdeatmg On ihgpkjs sbe, theone-


murh damage a< a.

:au wi


...    . It's still greet, but why

W 1    U no, h4ng on a month

or so and wait what we've got to say about the A1200 specific version, due out very soon


III lie* Lit

• a i W i 1 < ■

haram>r TO <mrr» (my a

W . bib d wi rfikirj ■



1 blfr I.

woung coni





A clearly nonsensical title, it is plain to see.

® UPPERS Visually

exciting, terrific sound (the speech samples are fantastically sinister, and the chunky effects the most palntul since Way of the Exploding Fist], 'weighty' characters, everything that's In the coln-op Is In there. The two-player mode's okay.

—S. DOWNERS UK2 Is all

J about deliberately

«,_S complicated moves, but

squashing everything on to a singlebutton joystick has rendered It a laborious exercise in waggling. The lack of support for two-button pads la Inexcusable, especially as the option's In the menu. The characters are boringly similar In look and (eel.


It's tun, but really only If you give up on the special moves. And bashing someone repeatedly in the lace is only good lor a couple of plays. I may have marked It higher had Shadow Fighter not    m jw

existed, but we ll never L • know, will we Buy vl — Shadow Fighter Instead.    *

Publisher: Virgin Authors: Probe Price: £30

Release: Out before now

last longer than 13 seconds, however you are still hampered by the artificially complicated moves In Shadow Fighter. performing special moves Is a relatively invisible task because the programmers have realised the inanity ot stringing together a list of liogical joysfck movements Mortal Kombat 2. ot course, rakes on such moves lor its success. (Or does it Apparently I op-d ass MK2 players just bash each other around, because -tellingly - they say there's never enough time to get in a special move) But to get the moves runrvng on a single-button loysbdr. the movements are even siller than before Particularly stupidly, the method to differentiate between punches and kicks is so unwieldy (it depends on which direction you're moving when you press fire) (1 may as wen be random So if you want, tor example to perform a friendship' ending, the trick to which is not to punch your opponent during the bout, it's effectively a matter ot chance whether you unintentionally brfl Nm as you fia>< away And ail this despite there being a (dearly redundant) menu opbon lor two-button pads and the original game handling them with no problem.

Playing Mortal Kombat 2 s an empty experience When you beat your opponent (having dsmssed the one-player mode wth

its devastatngty effective s/igte _

rvws nonsense) there's no    .

teeing of success -

you've won because    / 'U If fib

you were qwcker If t bashmg the fwe    gRIil

We've been to a preview

screening ot Stargale It'S a litm directed by Roland Emmerfich and starring Kurt Russel and James Spader, and it's about this alien played by Jaye Davidson who kidnaps ancient Egyptians and lakes them to another planet to mine a special mineral, and it explains how ihe pyramids weie built and everything, and it's professionally made and visually attractive and it a absolutely lernbte. Not at al relevant to Mortal Kombat 2. but we had to drop ihe story Irom last month's news pages so I thought I'd get it in before the Mm opened officially


Modal Kombat 2 is a triumphal conversion All the characters' Ail the moves! All ihe speech1 Al the secrets' It s just enormously dui that s all In the one-player mode, the computer characters have inflexible programmed responses to your moves so a scrap is less a pugilistic challenge than an exercise n whisking through your moves and see ng which one tools your opponent And even on the toughest difficulty level, computer players still blithely walk into Swordbtoke's waving arms and get cut to bis Buffoons

The two-player option unsurprising)y plays tar better, not least because bouts

’four opponent doesn't damn you eyes and swear la beat you nexl time: you just don't care And such an mpresson bodes i tor repealed play. "But practising the special moves ■$ pan of ihe appeal.' below the appropriate people But there is no mecharesm to practise the speoal moves there s no equivalent of Pupazz xi Shadow Fighter and you cant even turn oft the timer. (And why don't beat-em-ups allow you to toggle the energy bars, so you can experiment with k combxtations without prematurely endmg the match Perhaps j\ because as soon as you ve I discovered ai the secrets'.

/ interest r the game rise*

J plummets, eh ) Even the trivial y taiAs renkte. For example, i you're slightly too tar away to execute an uppercut the computer player's identical move connects flawtessty Or because of the bizarre credits system, you can only play 30 two-player bouts before the game ends Or the tact there's no sconng method beyond showing a player's consecutive wins Or the way the game doesn I recognise two external drives despite its three dsks Grrrr.

In terms of plan old fin. the Amiga conversion of Mortal Kombat 2 S a Step down from the grubby but impressively thought-out original But both suffer from bemg t«d to coin-op games dearly designed lo be over as soon as possible, and thats where Shadow Fghter comes ft • JONATHAN NASH



Less speech and

A500 music, more dlsk-

swspplng (especially when you pull off a finishing move*] and. even though the manual saya It's so. two-button joypads still don't have any extra effect. Tsk.









Just how hard should I kick this then

Publisher: Anco Author: Steve Screech Runs on: A1200 Price: £30 Release: Out now

England, you can lake youi leam lo Germany. Italy. France or Spam A truly European' motrl. there


Scheming Cell turncoat Sieve liked the pinbalty' feel d the Kick OH senes and. while I (fed Lke Kick OH 2 when it first appeared in 1990 (or thereabouts). Kick OH 3 loses the sense ol accuracy and urgency that you should get when playing a loolbal game As tar as I'm concerned, tootbail games are supposed to flow from move to move, leaving you in no doubt that you're r complete control ol all the action When. say. your centre Icrward plants a cultured volley into ihe lop left hand corner as the result ol a beautifully lofted cross from your winger, you have to be sure it was as a result ol your gaming skills.

With Kick OH 3 European Challenge or nol) you'll be lucky A you manage lo lime a tackle correctly, or even get the bal dear ol the defence. In an allempi lo masler control ol the ball I ined every conceivable mixture of options, using each of the joypeds scattered about the AMIGA POWER office in turn and even slowing ihe game down to novice level and investing much lime on the practice screen II was all to no avail. You cant apply the right amount ol power lo a pass, and the time delay between pressing a button and the intended move actually I happening ts ridiculous Also, ihe I computer opponents always seem la I know exactly what their fellow players  are do«ng and so are ai over you wshin

Back agam. eh Mr OH Some games never learn. You may recall scheming Cell lurnooal Steve McGkl reviewing the original version of Kick OH3m issue 40. com glaring that ail manner of problems In lha game detracted seriously from the amount of fun that could be had. and roasting the sound and controls in partx:uiar before awarding 4 a respectable-but-llawed 69%

As with the A500 version ol Bobbie and Squeak last month, it appears that software publishers have taken nol a ol our cnbcisms With Kick OH 3- European ChaMenge, Anco have altered ihe sound so the crowd roar appreciatively when you score instead ol reacting with silence.

They ve added soma more control op boos so that people with a CD32 joypad can enioy pressing loads ol buttons And on lop ol aX that they ve even decided to throw in all sorts of new leagues and competitions as well For as wel as

/ "All over L_you within

le ol I a couple ol minutes.

\ J But ihe worst pan is” J about ail ol ihts is that

7 although l fell l had almost /r no conlroi over what was going on and very little chance to change the outcome ol the game I still managed lo score consistently. In each match I put away at least a couple ol goals, and al one point managed an impressive 4-4 draw agaxisl Blackburn while playing as Manchester

Sc then This new and improved version does indeed lake ihe original version and new and improve' it, and it's refreshing lo see a company responding lo criticism, but the real problems with Kick OH 3 go much deeper U s the game itsetl that's at bull, and no amount ol new options can disguise that.



wh«re>» um mit o*.

njH id obtcur«4 fe

A slightly toned-down

A 500 version with less

colours and lest sound Is on the way. we are informed

® UPPERS You can now uie a CD32 pad. a two-button pad or even a normal loyatlek. There are dozent of teams lo choose from, a chance to play In different countries (round Europe and the sound even works properly this time around. Oh, and there's a lovely rendered-type background for the menu screens.

x—*v DOWNERS In fad, j yj j everything's been Improved

V_J but the game Itself, which

means we’ra left with an Impressively-optioned, silty and uncontrollable, frustrating tootbail game. Oh, and there'* a lovely rendered-type background for the menu screen*.


It may be new and Improved' In some areae, but not where it counts. And because I think famously generous scheming Celt turncoat Steve McGill overrated it by quite a bit m first time around, I'm L J ■» going lo knock down the J ~ score substantially.    *

Hum on: A1200 Publisher: Virgin Authors: Dave Simmons (programming). Doug Townsley (graphics). Alastair Brimble (music) Price: £30 Release: Out now


never dull, with

plenty ol parallax scrolling. The music isn't loo bad. You can even choose between using the fire button to jump or roar.


But there the Aladdin similarities end Ataddm is packed with references to the film, bursting with comical characters and humorous moments (even it most of them are crammed cto (he first couple of levels) The bon King has a tew hyenas, but they just wander about the platforms looking bored and apart from having Simba in. a could be any old game There’s always something gomg on m Aiedckn. whether it's a comedy kmle-thrower trying to kill you. an

exhilarating slide down e washing line, or a little bonus game ol some sort The Uon King has long periods where nothing happens at all Aladdin (the film) I* Ideal platform game-fodder - a madcap chase through the bustling streets ol Agrabah The Lion King is more about foiling savannahs and herds ol zebras milling about and just doesn't feel rfghi as a platform game even with the novelty ol a four-legged hero Aladdm was blessed with the magical touch ol Dave Perry, the near-legendary designer ol Cool Spot bui The Lion King isn't

The skek animation masks a character who's terrible to control.

Ranged jumps are

tMt kiwi wet k«i iratlins at M. H1I

probably kill Mai


The games that score high marks m AMIGA POWER lend to be the ones which either cause huge crowds ol us la game' aroixw pie osttM A-"ga tor days and days shouting uproariously and not doing any work (recent examples ol which are Guardian. Shadow Fighter and RoadkiMi and those which inspire fanatical devct on on the pan ol one or two lone employees who sd transfixed in the corner, muttering a lot and not doing any work Sensible World ol Soccer. Pnbau Illusions, Theme Park and Zeenolf) Sadly The Uon King tab into neither ol these categories It's a very duS game - not a patch on the splendid Atadtfn (APM 86%) which ii superficially resembles.

Like Aladdin. The Lion King the game) is a platformer. Like Aladdn. it opens wdh a tune from the him that includes some pleasant singing And like Ateddm. the character you control is brilliantly animated using special drawings

direct tram Disney Simoa lycur on cubi hops about almost as I ne s alive He pounces trom p'atlorm la platform and clings on to ledges by his claws with his legs dangling m ihe air. II you lake your hands off Ihe controls lor a while he starts to bat passing insects with his paws He goes 'Eeeekf if you press up. with the aim ol terrifying baddies into submission And he even suddenly grows up into an adult lion halfway through the game, and can then whack baddies with hts paw while going 'RROOOOAAAR1' In tact, animation-wise. Simba is even better than Aladdin A: the graphics are pretty good actually, not just Simba There are some nicely-animated vullures. and the scenery

in lb« 1C wildebeest stampede level. Tk«y na toward! Slab*, amoplli) lo craik kin hiiiill their kooacs.

He nail dan Iran tide lo lida. aaenlaj, ID Iko obttnrar, lo saosa Ikcn bakiod kin arttkaut aaaa looklof or aaylhlaf

My ka doesn't nerely roa lo Iha itdo ol Ika folly aad kldo lo a craaica ta bayood aaao our ntf kty cofoittaa poeren.

Simba leapt mao rbe air lo avoid o rock. II docs teem to yo oo a bn loaf, this section, than the only May.


(»—*v UPPERS High-quality /\ j graphics, especially the

animation of Simba himself. A nice tune at the beginning. The 3D level Is good. The first four-legged game character. Ever. (Apart from the camel in Revenge of the Mutant Camels, ot course. And the cat In Paws. For example.)

® DOWNERS Not In the least bit engaging to play. Lots of wandering around empty platforms. An Invisible cut-off point at the bottom of each level which you mustn't fall past. Deceptive scenery that blocks your path for no obvious reason. Embarrassing sound effects. Only a nod In the direction of the film's atmosphere and humour.


The Lion King comes hot on the heels of Aladdin, from the same publisher, and has no excuse for not being Just as great (except, perhaps, being based on a tedious, formulaic film). At first glance H looks to be on a par with Its great predecessor. But In fact The Lion King's _    -»

no fun at all. and utterly rili failed to captivate any of    2

us. Even a bit    aM m *

lump a W crapty.

"Periods N where ! noHiing happens"/

Jl mean) rather than

anything connected with the action. The coiSskw detection is shaky - I still keep getting killed on the theoretically straightforward Level 1. and I’m sure it's not my lauk And if you're hoping tar a taithlui conversion ol the console versons, you won't be disappointed unti you try to laid the rhinoceros and wATARIall levers which have been missed out because V»pn 'ran out ot time' However, the 3D ; wWlahaaat stampede level Is a real

handled by

was trying to dodge a dangerous rock.

But thats it. realty Slick manufacturing and good looks aside. The Lion King’s heart just isn't at it II seems to have been designed from the Simba animations upwards, with the inspiration rapidly evaporating as the lime came to make it list to play Apart from the 3D level. I didn't enfcty any ol i.

On Level 4 The Lon King starts randomly dropping rocks on yoia heed, is that the action of a game which wants to be played


havetg Simba leap forwards lor at tag as you hold me joystick to the left or n0i , and then dropping straight downwards as soon as you release It -the same crap and unnatural system as used In Benefactor The sound effects sound like sound effects (if you see

i winner Hairing Simba running out ol I the screen with wildebeest charging I towards him Item behind is a great I Ides I was actually gelling quite '1 excited laibeit imperceptibly) as three I wildebeest bore down on him while he


its The Lion King shall w not be appearing on the A500. Calamity.




there was an


A500, A600


powers lor each ‘into' to

shake up the variety, a    R

vastly reduced number ol

pui2l«s demanding exact lem <5*-    1

positioning, larger levels that    O

scroll In eight directions and a Z

definite goal to aim lor in end-ol-

game medallions depending on the «

number ol lems saved'

And now, inevitably, we have Lemmings 3. (None ol this trying-to-pretend-it's-something-dilferent nonsense, thank you.) And. inexplicably, it's a step backward to the cumbersome original. There's something odd going on here.


Using the peculiar excuse that ‘Lemmings 2 was just a little bit too complicated lor some people* DMA have greatly simplified the third game Gone are the 12 tribes' You now have Ihree - the Egyptian, Shadow and Norwegian lems -which most obviously means you've only


A1200 Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: DMA Design Price: £30 Release: Out now

There's something odd going on here. "Excuse us.' said the world as a body after the dust settled on Lemmings, one ol the most popular games ever In the history ol all things, ‘but (his really isn't that good at all. is it As soon as you start a screen, you pause the game, examine the level and work out how to solve it. The trouble Is. you then have to implement your solution using the gleefiily antagonistic controls and rather overly pixel-pedantic lem placement'

'Righto,* said the programmers 'Here's Lemmings 2. with 12 'tribes' ol lemming so you have to get stuck 12 times before you're realty stuck, different

grenades), have a singular advantage • » V* over their predecessors:

V* you have to earn the right to use them by working out a way to collect the blessed things In the first place, it's a terrific idea, and the simple refinement ol having a lem only able to carry one type ol object at a time rockets the antic factor skyward. Not only do you have to master swapping objects at the correct moment, but you are also required to coordinate backup lems to carry on with the discarded pores, and transpon apparently useless items to a point where they can be dropped to a waiting conspirator below Prestidigitation indeed.

The monsters aren't as successful Whoever thought that the tricky trickster terrors ol Lemmings weren't enough and what the format really needed waa a bat ol last-paced, military-

* to gel stuck

three bmes lor the game to grind to a hah. Gone also are the characterful individual 'tnbe' powers In their place is a common pool ol usable objects. The lems have, however, gained the ability to leap a shod distance forwards, and a 'raved to normal' icon means you can save btockers instead of having to blow them up. There's also an option to turn red an object-carrying lem with the intention ol making him easier to pick out of the inevitable waddling mass, but this doesn't work as you still have to dick precisely on him to turn him into a digger (or whatever). And the replay feature whereby you can mark your place in a level and then stan from that point when you tail BUT WHICH ISN'T COUNTED AS COMPLETING THE SCREEN shall be dismissed with the haughty contempt it deserves M “ * Objects and monsters are the genuinely all-new' elements ol Lemmings 3 The objects, while being nothing beyond collectable lem E 'powers' from the previous games (instead ol diggers,    f&k

swimmers, builders and    

sacrificial bombers you get spades, lifebelts, hods ot bricks and '

Imp he Vm Im»JI««i wtiM toiMbl*! baildi Maj*. Succtll, Milq.

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Ocean Author: The Dome Price: £26

Release: Out now

He's a big bloke, oui Shaq (Ur O'Neal lo you.) Very strange Ihen that someone who's an inch over seven leet tall and weighs about 300lbs (or 21 stone In old money) ends up in a beal'emup looking like an meflectual midget This is presumably a device to make his opponents m the game


Bless you.

look really tough and imply matches of gteat challenge, whereas ol course in real life Mr 0 Neal would simply crowd them into a corner, lower over them menacingly and kick them in the head until Ihey died

•: "—I itumbf«d neon a tm.ll Run) Fa doio with M old man tattd*...'


I 'tonwhin la lk< IwtU World 1 Fun kiiaft Mt tluklo. loldi.n io trf« "

1 IO

Every beal-'em-up need* ■ convoluted plot. Well, actually It doesn't but Shag FUa gol one. And not only that. It's got a crap one as wall. But Initsad ol me wlbbling on about It for * couple of hundred words, let me put you though the same torture the game does. Ha!


Every game has a gimmick. Shaq FU& is that the graphics have been digitised using a method called 'motion capture' which appears to be digitising but with a special name. It’s an impressive technique which does indeed lend the animation a human' quality. Unfortunately, with such a large number ol animation Irames the characters need to be small in order to move quickly, and even ihen Ihe game misses out Ihe odd frame in order io place

least you can choose who tflUn you want to fight There ate three sections to the map. with about five or six locations and Vj lighters in each You can visit the locations m any order you like, and t once you've completed them a t a magical bridge appears to take you to the next section A good idea, methinks - it breaks up the monotony of lighting the same character until you beat him. and a iso gives you a feeling of (slightty) controlling what's going on. If you can't be bothered with all this though, there’s the usual two-player mode and a tournament option for three to eight people And that's ihe information out Ol the way


In the tine tradition of the mighty beings ol AMIGA POWER. I don't really enjoy beai-em ups unless they're a bit special. I dislike Mortal Kornbat 2. tor example, because of ihe tedium ol getlmg the moves working, and en Oy Virtua Fighter because of its accessibility I didn’t enjoy Street Fighter 2, lor instance, because of the tedium ol getting the moves working, and liked Shadow Fighter because ot its accessibility There's a pattern developing here Shaq Fu has a lew good features to it. but the feet and the way 1 handles combos (Ihe liteblood ot a decent fighting game as far as I'm concerned) are nothing short ol shameful


basic moves all    f-

work as fhey should do. and thankfully the special moves are    p—.—

straightforward enough to    "    ■

execute, bul when you fry to ■ — .

throw them all together into a _

cohesive attacking

combination, it all goes hombly wrong Let s say you want to punch someone and then mme back so you can jump in wrth your special move. Although you can dc all these things separately, trying to combine them means everything apart from the initial punch will fail Even your fastest move (the back flip) can t move you back quickly enough, and the distance you ump is way too long in relation to the characters By the time you've got to the right place to pull oft your special move, your opponent is either on Ihe other side of the screen or has thoroughly beaten you up

The keys to success in Shaq Fu ate either to get in a lew quick hits and then b«de your time for the rest of the match, or to trap your opponent in the corner of Ihe screen and er. kick him at ihe head until he dies. So much Icr Ihe foundation stone of beal 'em ups: that YOU SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO BEAT EVERYBODY WITH ONE MOVE. Nngh

you tn the right area doing the right thing at the right time It all works though Just Sort of.

There'S a comical plot to Shag Fu So comical in tact that I have reserved


With Shag Fu. it's the ok) story ol playing on automatic ust to see what happens next (In this case, what absurd thing the next character will say as he lies crumpled on the floor.) I don't wish to keep harping on aboul a particular game but you'd be barking mad even to consider buying this when Shadow Fighter is on the shelves • PAUL MELLERICK

/a \ UPPERS Choosing your j next opponent In the story mode Is a good Idea. The accessibility of the moves (special onea Included) meana It's aaay to get started with.

® DOWNERS But there a tomethlng seriously wrong with the reaction time and judgment of Ihe whole game engine that cautet everything to go horribly wrong once you atari actually fighting anyone.

THE BOTTOM LINE A very flawed game engine and too-amall. If Impreative.    _

graphic*, apoll what    ’

mighl have a been a    j C

decent little beat-'em-up.


la there any difference A120O Not one jot (except of course It runs a bit faster). C'est la vie.

„jK 1



L -f u


8 si


’ ,77 i


flRffl 3

Draaon Isle The Gateiaai*

Quail* balan the ItliMui nU]M el THI iiiiiaDi non mill.

Pr«s« fire To Start P*SSUOOO

Hy1Ylwb — LkqxXRGLT 4R9





















A great darkness

It's a lime of peace and goodwill though so nee things first

The game does indeed recognise a second disk dm/e and is handily arranged on the disk to cut down accessing. The game's spot up into ditterenl locations, and you only have to change disks when you move Irom one location to the othei. rather than lidding around mid-level That's good

There's no tedious 18 page novella t<R H0h through, or stupid animated opening sequence to explain the bred, worn out old fantasy setting Instead of all that tosh, there's the slightly cryptic message lorn from limbo' and then bam. that’s it. you're in the game as either a scantily dad butch female warrior or a completely dressed and slightly less butch male equivalent. That's good loo


The game looks a lof kke The Chaos Engine, with the same forced-perspective aimost-but-not-quiie-looking-directly-down view that means you can walk behind objects and be obscured only slightly II works well, and combined with objects casting shadows, gives a real depth to the playing graphics progress Ihrouc mountains and



plenty o) varied and nice graphics to look al. This is also good

Even with all the peace and goodwill on Earth, that's pretty much * lor nice things 1o say about Dragonslone. so we'll move neatly on to bland, middle-of-the-road aspects of the game. Such as the setting, for insianHMow. regular readers ot AMIGA POWER, and Kangaroo Court in particular, will know that we re no great fans ol settings that indude elves, pixies and god ms. and Dragonsiones got more taverns, beards rogues. Raxinfraxns and Saxnraxins than most How hard can it be to set an adventure game in an alternate pasi where the Roman Empire never fell, or where the petrol engine was developed during the Dark Ages

Not hard at ail. so why this repetition ol a world invented by JRR Tolkien to entertain his trench-bound son during WW1 II you like this kind of thoughtless mush, then take heart that since this is the season of peace and goodwill, I've not penalised the game tor being set in a whole world of dches 8ut be aware that you're a very unpromising Individual, things next:

system sucks. You (ace

your enemy and have to swipe the sword at exactly the right moment so the baddie wales into your swipe A few hits like this and they're toast However, mistime the swipe, and the baddie doses on you. jostles you and injures you. To stop being hit. you need to run away to get some space and repeat the process, but if you're backed up against a wall hedge or another baddie. you II keep on getting tostled. hit and damaged Sure, there's a psyche missile attack, but you have to stand still tor live seconds white 8 charges up. and car l

-g AV, """■


upon the land. Wake us

Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Core Authors: Barry Irvine, Mark Jones, Simon Phipps Price: £30 Release: Out now

T »ne's a tairty abstract concept in Magazre Land, you know. For instance, even though this is the February issue, it comes out in the middte of January, and I'm adually writing this a few days before Christmas, this game being the last thing I've got to do on this issue before heading home to Wigan And rl bemg Chnslmas. I've decided lo devote a little peace and goodwkl to my treatment ol this game Believe me. it needs it.

Be left in no doubt though, even though I'm going to try and be fair and impartial and all that. I hate this game totally I'm playing i in the last week before a b g holiday, when I should be playing Gravity Force 2 or our Skx)marks 2 coverdisk demo and having a good time, but m tad am shouting at the screen, throwing my joypad at the floor and calling it a fMefon luddng, ct»ctao socket fridge' - Ed) of a game, while ihe menopausal lady who periodicaly sanitizes our telephones looks on m shocked sience

If there's on* thing guaranteed lo rMlIy annoy you while you'r* playing an adventure game, It'* being told that you can't do aomethlng even though you clearly ahould be able to do It. You want example* Oregonifon* hae plenty.


and rill consistently cosh out when l try and examine a certain

11 object m a certain location. Also, I     \ ( can Imd my way mto (but not out

■    \ of) a secret room beneath the

■    i Wiage that I can I gel out of and , l that kits me slowly while I'm m

~——J It. That cam be right

• There s a password system trom he*. Not only Is each password 20 characters long, not only are there numbers, capital letters AND lower case (causing immense frustration when rt comes to the difference between 0. 0 and o) characters, but to add to all the frustraimn, YOU CANT USE THE KEYBOARD! Incredibly you've got to twiddle the cursor round ihe screen rathei than simply ust typing it in. Unbelievable • You encounter a broken bridge with a two toot gap In it. but you can't jump over A mushroom blocks your path and you can't go round. Tiny streams and Clumps ol grass block your path, even though a real person could dearly step over or go round, and buildings are much bigger inside than oul. Whal s Ihe point ot having a realistic-looking setting it you're confinod

■ 4" you ve released rt. Pathetic

•    Further compounding Ihe agony ot

. conRt saddles constancy regenerated in 3 me i*veis I played, meaning that after wading inrough a pack ol bad boys and taking the arbitrary damage that this involved. I had to do the same a gam on the way beck Terrible

•    After searching all the visible areas fruitlessly tor hours. I discovered a secret room accidentally, and was horrified to learn that they're an integral pari ol the game Aaarghh' I've already witnessed the tedium-filled horror ot having to search something like 60 floor ties m VblhaJta And The Lord Of Infinity lo find out which one the scroll's under, and now I've had lo

push my character along all of the edges    to the route chosen by the programmer    nothing In the first Ihird ol    Ihe    game

of the maae until he walked through the    and enforced by on-screen obstacles thal    encouraged me lo play on or    explore

hidden doorways This isn't entertaining.    a two year old could navigate     further as it's entirely devoid at

or dever or taxmg. lis a heap of clapped-    „. .. .    atmosphere, interest or appeal

out, rusty old offal    WINE STAIN    So do I wani a dul sub-Zetda-esque

•    Talks with wuards. Exchanging herbs    Oh suie. there’s loads of it, but so what     araKte RPG with mggly problems, a dol-

tor scrolls and blokes gasping out hatf    I've only played through the first three    to-dot plot and terrible combat system'7

messages with their dying breaths Yawn    levels and hall-hearledly used level codes    No thanks

•    Bugs. I've been playmg a boxed copy    to get pictures ot some ol the others, as    • CAU WINSTANLEY







away to see it properly and so I have to contirm I want to go over to it (which may involve my character walking round in an unnecessary circle) belcre I gel the option to examine it.)

"Oh dear' (Thai's me realising I ve not yet left the lirsl location )


'Oh dear." (That's me later that morning, having gone to my character's flat Upon leaving my virtual girlfriend's house, my character mused. 1 can't help teelmg I've forgotten something" This turned out to be the mystical key hidden in her microwave cooker At my character's flat. I'd used his in-game computer to discover he'd been tired from his job at a bar I'd instantly travelled to the bar ready lor a jolly good argument, only to find this is one of those pomt-and-dick adventures where, instead ol getting multiple-choice questions and answers. I merely click an someone and the game conducts the whole o( an embarrassingly banal, badly-wntfen conversation on my behalf)

'Oh dear' (That's me realising I'm

Like this insubstantial pageant faded, leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. It says here.

ol my immediate surroundings They have, however, declined the opportunity ol realisation to. say. repair the damage by redrawing Ihe graphics or throwing away at least some ol the near toiaily pointless duller in every screen )

'Oh dear' (That's me discovering that after trying to use my in-game computer by clicking on the keyboard and reading the excitingly lengthy description only to discover it's useless, clicking on Ihe mouse and reading the excitingly lengthy description only to discover it's useless, accidentally ckdung on the mouse mat while trying to click on a disk but reading the excitingly lengthy description anyway only to ckscover it's useless, and clicking on the monitor and reading the excitingly lengthy description only to discover it's my virtual gullnends m-game computer and I shouldn't be messng with her stud, that I'm supposed to use my in-game computer when I find it by clicking on its monitor screen )

"Oh dear.' (That's me realising lhal whenever I click on something, the game arbitrarily decides I'm standing too tar

Runs on: A500, A600.


Publisher: Empire Authors: Creative Reality (code by Neil Dodwell, graphics by David Dew) Price: £35 Release: Out now

This is what I was thinking while playing Dream web

'0( course They re the chaps who did The Fury, Nemesis the Wat lock and everyone's tavounte illiterate adventure Siame'

(That's me suddenly remembering who Creative Reality are)

'Oh dear' (That's me realising the inexplicable pauses when the game locks up but the cursor is still movable before everything unpredictably snaps back to life are gomg to continue to happen about

every IS seconds throughout every session I play Perhaps it is decrunchmg data or something. It can't be loading from disk I know, because then it helpfully turns your cursor into a disk )

'Oh dear.' (That's me realising this is one ol those poiniand-diek adveniuies lhat. tar from having ihe courtesy to tell me which objects in the picture are ot value when I point to them, is m tact going 10 regale me with an exolmgly lenglhy text description of every single object, supporting character and piece ot scenery in the game universe and then put a use' option in Ihe top-right ol the screen It's only when I dick on this option that Ihe game admits if the object (or whatever) is ol any use or whether i! has been put ihere solely lo enhance the atmosphere' And not. tor example, lor the purpose ol Intensely annoying me because I'm now forced laboriously to check everything (and that is. ol course, everything) so as lo be sure not lo miss that vital object or giveaway due)

'Oh dear' (That's me realising that this is one ot those poml-and-click adventures that demands pixel-perlect cursor control. Curiously, the programmers have clearly realised the lolly ol this because ihere's an invaluable opiion to have a window display a btocky close-up


to lor example, create a cohesive, rounded leer to the game rather lhar reducing it to a senes ol aloot sections with everything you need to soNe them contained within Or anything.)

“Oh dear " (That's me n the studio alter cunningly gaming entrance try Shooting the security guard I am upon a high gantry above the set Ironn where my enemy is broadcasting A (used winch supporting a gigantic crate points to my method ol dispatching him But alter having just shot a harmless old tellow I decide instead to tue at my enemy trom above But the game decides I had better not use my pistol at the moment, even though nobody has shown the slightest interest in my blasting down the elderly security guard.)

'Oh dear " (Thai s me realising that instead ol bypassing the blown tuse with, say, an identically-sized piece ol metal, a wire exposed at both ends, a kmle. a screwdriver or (rather cleverly I thought) a chewing gum wrapper excitingly desenbed at length as being tin tail. I'm meant to examine a brochure to discover a security pass and use this to enter a storeroom containing a single brand-new tuse.)

"Oh dear.” (That's me realising that I'm haltway through the game and the puzzles are indeed going to remain at the same level ol laiiedText-adveniure feebleness The games stops lor its irregular rest break I throw myself wearily at the guns ol some guards )



® UPPERS The 4p

way the handwrit I ng In the accompanying diary regresses to a childish scrawl Is effectively creepy. The plot turns out to be satisfyingly odd as well. The action scenes are surprisingly well done. It's hard drive-installable.

DOWNERS Risible puzzles.

®Hootlngly badly-written text. Cringlngty eager scenes of explicit sex and violence. No, really. Irrelevant objects, locations and sequences that are there solely to show oh the graphics. (I'm suspicious that It's the graphics that came first, and the game later.) Dismal controls. Inexplicable pauses every IS seconds or so on the hard drive version. Fearsomely dull.


A phenomenally punishing game whose only saving     m 2

grace la the Initial ■ ■ n « mystery ol your    ~

predicament.     *




Less colours on ihe A5D0 graphics, but.

apparently, ihe sound shall remain Ihe same. And they won't even have to cut back on the game Itself. What good news.


carrying too many objects and will have to drop some I do so only to discover the game places everything I've specified m a single heap on the doer so it I've inadvertently discarded something important I'm gang to have to pick it all back up again later Except I can't, because I'm carrying too much So I shall have lo crawl the cursor about the heap pixel by pixel patiently waning for Ihe t5 second catalonics to pass, until the game has decided I'm pointing to a t>t ol the object I require Foduratety. since this is only an adult' adventure stamng the dregs ol society even the dregs ol society shun as dregs and featuring graphical violence and murder aplenty. I can rest assured that the pile ol objects will never be stolen)

"Oh dear " (That's me cottoning on to the artificial size ol the game To separate the interesting bits and so make it appear larger and more complex than it is. each set of locations to which I can travel via

desenbed knife trom my virtual girlfriend's kitchen tor just such an occasion Now ive exposed some wiring Now I've had lo use' the kmle again with a separate use' command to cut the wires It appears the tilt is now sale to dimb on lop ol Lucky I didn't tall lor the old ignoring exposed wiring trick. ehT)

"Cnpes" (That's me being shot by a guard when I use d a lire axe to break through the doors ol the floor above )

"Oh dear.” (That's me having reloaded my saved position and attempting to drop my axe to show the guard I mean no harm The screen row shows my axe lying cn the floor next to me holding my axe I recall a similarly shoddy bug trom eaitiei on. when after seeing a crime boss and buying a gun, I return to the building la be toid the crime boss is impatiently wailing lor me. 1 get shot again)

"Ctimiry” (Thai's me having used ihe axe. unexpectedly swinging it at the man beside me I'd assumed was the tellow I'd been chasing around the ofy but who m tact turns out to be another guard This throws the aim ol the man with the gun. and I'm able to shoot him I relied on Ihe ingenuity of this scene From bursting through the doors to the man tiring at me. I've been given a few seconds to call up my inventory and make a plan it's a real-time action sequence in a pemt-and-click adventure - THAT WORKS' I am pleased.)



"Oh dear" (That's me in the next part ol the game I d found the man t was chasing and killed him. only to be dragged lo a place where someone explained the plot of Ihe game Since the port ol Ihe first pari is that you are wandering around in bewilderment convinced you ate gang mad. only a cockroach would spoil things by revealing what is really going on tn the nexl part ol the game I am to kill anothei man But where is this nexl victim'* There appear to he no new locations on the map. But wail. I go to my characters Hat and use his in-game computer to read an embarrassingly banal and badly-written news report that mentions Ihe victim is lo appear at a television station, reminding my character that he knows where the station is It is now visible on the map. replacing the locations used in the last section Still It's not as it they're needed

the main map requires me to waik stoically through irrelevant streets and hotel lobhies. using lilts that only go to one floor and passing locked rooms whose inhabitants never answer the doorbell belore reaching my intended destination ) 'Oh deal" (That's me being told hying to 'use' Ihe suspiciously loose lift control panel isn't gang to woik Apparently I d be well advised to use' something sharp heie Phew I'd been careful to pick up that excitingly lengthily



Iff we were to say that Complete Control aren’t the pages you’ll be wanting to check out to see what’s hot Amiga tip-wise, starting here with some naughty-but-nice small tips, continued over the page with a great Jungle Strike guide and then part 2 off Cam’s Cannon Fodder 2 tips, and coming to a climax with the most helpfful helpline this side off Clare Raynor, then we’d be fibbing most

heinously. (Eh - Ed)


Here's a handy dp. wth no amusing inlro at all, far Empire Soccer which makes healing (he computer a tar easier task, as sent n by Stephen White ot Tyne and Weir

Select the ten mnuie game (plenty cl lime to hammer the opposition) and hold down the Fm button at af times - so even when your player gets the ball, cease running but keep the Fire button pressed The opposition wil immediately slide tackle you. but aknosi always their actons mil be branded a tout and they *4 be given the yellow (and eventually even the red) card (and senl oft). Continue this therefore irid only three opposing team members, the goalie and two field men. remain (you'l be lucky to get any more sent otf) 'rtnj can now run rings around them as you should stl have ysir fui quota cl eleven players And it you cant win now, then you've been hanging arotnd with Steve McGil lor too long.

rJ 1


We all know the A1200 cheat from last issue, ol course (Enter your name as ‘I AM EXQUISITELY EVIL' 01 FLEV1T Into the hlghscore labia tor Gore mode and level skip with the F keys respectively). but hare are the ones lor the CD32 version

Enter your name as MARY WHITEHOUSE' on Ihe high score table lor 'kill the polar bear' mode, or enter it as KANNIJADE KAEW' to become irrvinable, end level skip with the two buttons on the top ot the Wiped Cor

■yp« U

(pause), I, (pause), V, (pause). E. (pause). C. (pause), A. (pause), S. (pause), H. (peuse). P and P. You should now get a new shop and ride every year. Just like Glen Brakey ol Poole claims to have done.

And don't lorget that to get the biggest, taslast, longest, highest, and betletl rollercoaster without having to pay for It, place your roller coaster doorway where you want It. build the smallest loop you can around It using the least number of sections possible, open tt up but close It down straight away (to only be charged lor the tiny ride), and remove the tiny loop and build your coaster to your heart's content without having to send another penny. Just as James Blnns told you to do In his big guide In Issue 45.


A multitude ol cheats You betcha. An Introduction with even a molecule ol Innovation

You'd be lucky.

Insert disk three to load without the Intro sequence, advises Michael Fllby ol Bedfordshire, and as the screen goes blank press C a lew times. Once Ihe game has loaded, select a new game, then when you get to the map screen you should notice that your player s name has changed lo It's You, Buddy'. Now when the game starts, you will have a tidy sum ot cash In your bank account, eliminating the need lor annoying loam with the irritating credit payments.

You could also try calling your park FLIGHT SIM’, as Fergui Reid ol Glasgow did on his AGA version. And if Fergus Is to be believed In anyway, you will now start Ihe game with 200K Instead ol the uaual130K.

Ot you could enter your name as Oemo lor s ready made park. Or Position s bouncy castle anywhere in Ihe park (positioning the entrance and exit anywhere you lancy). pause Ihe game until you notice the writing above the entrance speeding up. and


Completely great, or a bit eack It depend* who you believe, because Eltmanla was one ol those games that. In spite ol the tact that virtually every other magazine on the shelves Irom (“Currant Bun'- Ed) to Good Housekeeping (all right, maybe not quite that lar) reckoned EHmania to be completely great, we reckoned it waa a bit cack. Some said we were wrong, some said we were just being our usual cynical selves, and someone even said 'In that case. I'm not paying lor the pizzas." but admittedly that was about something completely different. Still that hasn't stopped Steven ‘Prize Winner' Hyde ol Nottingham sending In a tactical guide lor us alt to share.


PRACTICE - A good way to practice Is to start a two player game and practice against a static opponent. This obviously won't help you much In learning attack patterns, but should gel you co-ordlnaied with the controls. THE MAP - The easiest way to do this Is to go around bashing all ol Ihe weedy characters (that Is to say Talks, Tenko and Janlka) until you get enough money to buy Seven or Kosken, then link the wins together by beating the rest.


Long range kicks, good special weapons, but weak and shod


PLAYING AS - The head-butt Is particularly useful lor dodging weapons and punches. A good method of beating opponents Is to kick them In the face and quickly activate the special move. PLAYING AGAINST -Keep your distance.

Kicks tram anyone are effective, along with Seven's sword. Mallkl's aie or Kosken's punches.

SPECIAL MOVE - Hold down Fire and press Away.


stop moving and kicking, but be ready to avoid his special move. SPECIAL MOVE -Hold dawn Fire and press Away.

Long limbs mean good kicking and punching range. Weak though. PLAYING AS - His long reach Is his number one feature, so keep moving, kicking, punching and ducking whenever appropriate. PLAYING



Fast, effective special move, long range kicks, but weak.

PLAYING AS - He's got a speedy recovery, so you'll be wanting to get in close and bash and kick as last as


PLAYING AGAINST - He zips about like a total madman, so prepare yoursell lor his lightning-last tactics. SPECIAL MOVE -Hold down Fire and press Away.


Good points with this fellow Include his long range sword, special weapon, and speed.

PLAYING AS - The Ken ol the EH Mania world, Seven Is Ihe best all-rounder, fast, and a dab hand with the old sword.

PLAYING AGAINST - Very hard to beat.

because of his pokey-pokay sword, so the best tactic to adopt Is to one of jumping around madly all over the place. SPECIAL MOVE -Hold down Fire and press diagonally Up Away.


Slow and dumpy, but powerful and hard to Injure.

PLAYING AS - With the eaception of Matiki, just punch your opponent In

the lace and go in for the attack. PLAYING AGAINST - Again speed Is the

key, and he won't know what's hit him. Head butts are particularly uselulfor dodging his lethal slap.

SPECIAL MOVE Hold down Fire and press diagonally Up Towards.

MATIKI - His axe is short range only, but otherwise he Is a good all rounder.

PLAYING AS - Blaze away relentlessly with your axe when In close, kick when at a distance.


annoying tendency lo chop your head off, but the smack in the teeth/speclai move routine can prove quite a boon.

SPECIAL MOVE -Hold down Fire and press diagonally Up Towards.


Two things. Firstly, please send ell your tips to:

Complete Control, AMIGA POWER,

30 Monmouth Street, Both BA1 2BW

And secondly, never agree to superglue your head to a railway line, nol even tor a bet.


Well, it may be a bit old. yes, but Andrew Stake ol Newcastle-Upon-Tyne has come across a secret alien 10 play agamsl which you may nol know about 01 course, you might But we were kind of hoping for the sakes ol Hits page ihai you wouldn’t Anyway, on Ihe dtsk operations screen, select to ptay a loaded game but when

you are asked to insert your game save disk, leave in disk two and dick the leh hand mouse button When the saved game list now appears, ckck on slot one (bile Babylon S), and you! get ihe extra hard opponent we promised


Fans ol the onginal game ought to be lamiliar with Glenn Bra ley ol Poole's way ol thinking here. Start a new game, any year on Hard level, type 'FUND' (in capitals] until your cash is at $ 60,000 (replying 'YES' to all queries), then nip into the budget menu, into bond repayments, dck on REPAY BOND' and say 'YES' to 'repay bond at 3%'. You should now gel $ 50,000 every year.


Previously unmenfiioned sons of villains killed at the end of the previous game giving you trouble Let Paul Mellerick apply the SOOTHING BALM OF RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE.

Four different vehicles, nme

different campaigns, at leasi fifty missions - THE LIST IS ENDLESS. And unless you know someone who’s been through the game time and again you're going to have lots Of problems with Jungle Strike I have been through the game time and again, and shall be your mighty guide to success and glory.

Mission 1: Protect the Monuments

Sian with the monument directly above the launch pad and use a Heilfire and three Hydra missiles to gel rid of each HARV. The unit to the west of the monument conceals an armour crate. Now rush to the other two monuments before they are destroyed.

Mission 2: Terrorist HQs

Typically, these lerronsts haven't planned ahead, so you've only got to worry about soldiers with AK47s and the odd twin-gun which won't give you loo much trouble. Use your chain-gun lo take out the AK47s and Hydras lo blow up the twin-guns. Ybu need lo destroy Ihree HQs 10 complete the mission, but collect all tour commanders and you'll get a bonus.

Mission 3: Car Bombs Watch out tor the station wagons (the car bombs) because they are very last and will also fire at you as you try lo shoot them. Vbu haven't got a lot time to destroy them once you've found them, so gel in dose, and let fly with a tew Hydras to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Mission 4: Agent Akbar

Not so much of a problem this mission Just locale the house and clrde around it. firing your chain-gun to fake out the AK47s. You can shoe! the police cars rt


Washington DC is under attack, and the president's Ida is In danger. You must saw both for the fun of ii Ybu re going to do a lot of flying around Ihe city, sc lake a note ol where the fuel drums are and keep one eye on the fuel gauge - you don't want to be too tar away from a fuel drum when you need It m09t One of the petrol stations hides a useful armour craie. so blow up the statons after you've looted their fuel This introductory campaign gets you used to the feel ol the helicopter, but it's still capable ol causing Ihe unwary a lew minor problems.







Back to the helicopter lor this one.

Mission 1: Training Camp Don't take on the first mission straight away, firstly fly down (or sooth, compass Ians) and blast the car to




*A Vi *V \    

you like, but you! lose points lor it. Shoot the front of the house when everything is dear, and then pick up the man who runs out to uncover some usefii information.

Mission 5: Motorcade

Neither rain nor sleet nor terrorists with bazookas can dissuade the president from driving around In a big car. The tool.

Before beg fining the mission, make sure you're loaded up with fuel, ammo and armour. Now go to the bottom left-hand corner of the map to intercept the motorcade, and fly slightly ahead of rt. destroying the buses and AK47s you come across

_n ■    Easy.




Mission 6:

Enemy Sniper As you escort the motorcade past a buitdmg you might see a bloke running out. This is the enemy sniper Eliminate him. And that's the lirsf campaign over with



Right. New vehicle on this level. Ifs a hovercraft, and it works in a sightly different way to the helicopter, being on the ground and everything. So take your lime to master it. Also watch

out for the odd extra life left behind when you blow up a gun boat

Mission 1: Rescue Navy Seals

Fly to the east to pick up the Navy Seats, usmg your cham-gun on the AK47s. Now drop them next to their helicopter, so they can switch oft the eiectnc fence

Mission 2: Electric Fence

Shoot the guards surrounding the eiectnc fence island to prevent a nasty between-vehide firelight, then land and steal the handy hovercraft

Mission 3: Plutonium The previously unmentioned son of the villain killed at the end of the first game Is using boats to smuggle plutonium. Either shoot the boats Irom behind with Hydras, or mire the water In front of them. Be

careful not to hit the plutonium itself. If you miss a boat, you've shil got a chance fo recover the plutonium as it's driven away in a lorry: use Hydras lor this.

Mission 4: F-15 Pilot Shoot the AK47a and rescue the drowning pilot who can then be used as a replacement wingman. Destroy the F-15 to prevent it from tailing Into enemy hands, so forcing them to go out and buy one on the International markets. Or something.

Mission 5: Nuclear Subs

Disable the subs with a mme placed <Jrectly In their path and tire Hydras at them urrlk they blow up. Then stop.



gain a speed winch. Hydra the gun towers In a precautionary manner, and then use the chain-gun to destroy the tents, so secunng any power-ups beneath

Mission 2: Landing Zone Go to the clearing and retrieve the man Examine the map to find the landing zona, and destroy the guard tower to prevent attacks as you drop oft people later on.

Mission 3: Mobile Radar 1

A Shendan lank is a 8ad Thing. There are targe numbers of them on this level, so use your chain-gun to destroy the radar units, saving your Hydras (and posstty Heitfires) to rout the tanks

Mission 4: Communication Expert There are plenty ol huts to blow up, and although some ol them do have people inside lor you to rescue, use the map screen to suss out which particular one houses the communication expert, A useful tip when you've dropped him off at the telegraph poles is NOT to blow the

poles up. because you'll ruin the mission and have to start all over again. Just like I did the first time around when I thought I was being dever. Oh, and as you lly out ol the north-west corner of the area you'll see a tank. Destroy ft tor an extra Irle.

Mission 5: Tank Depot

Prioritise your responsive monitored contingencies, and destroy the active (moving] tanks before the dormant (stationary) ones. Make sure you drop ott all the people you're carrying at the landing zone, then find some ammo and fuel before entering the depot. Completely obvious yes. but I tell you this anyway.

And if you see anyone running out ol the tank, be a love and pick him up. Ymj might get some armour points out ol it.

Mission 6: Mobile Radar 2

Exactly the same as rl was on mission three So do exactly the same as you cfcd then You need only destroy two units to complete this mission.

Mission 7: Training HQ

A bit ol

leconnaissanee belore you actually get down to the business of attacking things is ei order on this mission. Plan your attack, ihen zoom in and demolish the huts, capture

Hun OM Tr«m.»s Camp

i um tm caal hi nkm

aad then tori M) th*i No dor luMt iMnyi


commanders, collect those vital codes and then, as H by magic (C Paul Daniels] the nudear reactor will appear on your map

Mission 8: Nuclear Reactor

The reactor is. ol course, supremely weit-guaided Destroy the lowers. Gating guns

and tanks as you see fit, and then blow up the buildings. Keep blowing them up until you destroy the one with the nuclear box control thing in it.


Who turned out the lights

Mission 7: Weapons Commander

Up urtlM now, m true Strike style you should have taken all Ihe missions in the correct order. Well, now's the time to change all that and attempt mission seven belore you start Capture the commander and make him give you Ihe location ol all the luei drums and ammo crates.

Mission 1: Watch Towers

Now you've goi the location ol the fuel and ammo, on with these missions UnlAe. lor example. Tower Assault, you can't turn up the brightness on your monitor to make things clearer, but the

—    flashes Irom your

cham-gun kght up the place adequately The towers are arranged in a circle, so follow them around. Destroy the towers for a rewarding explosion, although you’re only really required to pick off their gun crews.

Mission 2: Green Beret

Examine map. Pick up green beret from appointed place. Go to village north ol appointed place. Destroy AC API with Hellfire rockets. Drop ott green betel

Mission 3: Helicopter Pads

The pads are guarded by helicopters (no, really] so lake things siowty to give yourself plenty of time to dodge any air-to-air missiles Destroy the helicopters with Helltires and shoot up the pads with your chain-gun. looking out tor hidden prizes.

Mission A & 5: Scientists and POWs

Both the scientists and the POWs are held in the same area, so treat both missions as one. Just remember to shoot the guards next to the cefts before you rocket them open, and watch out for the odd AK47 popping his ugly little head up from somewhere in the bushes

1 tM kelKOptcr It a Moke. Tte Green Sere!, Mui).


   • .<«w-

My, m. 1M MWq laota a hh oa tb< da<n •Ma, I think I'M Wow M U9, )*r»t la com in a »««a«w pUM. TO* never kaaw.

Mission 6: Weapons Plant

The best way to attack the plant ts Inxn the top downwards Concentrate on the ACARs first, and then destroy everythrg you see. whether it's moving or not. Oh. and you can see that the place ts sort of split into two halves, yeah Wei just north ot the lower halt (some would say in the middle), you! find an extra life hidden under one ot those pad things.





Here's the second new vehicle - the

level, so lake care. There's some extra tc be found under the buildings, so shoot all those you see

Mission 1: UN. Rescue

Lots ol hostages to rescue. 21 lo be precise, but remember you can only hold six at a time. You need only rescue 18 to finish this mission, but those other three could come in handy later on it you need extra armour.

Mission 2: Drug Plant

Use the chain-gun to destroy the buildings in order to conserve your rockets, and then pick up the men Inside. Retrieve or destroy the drugs, it s up to you.

Mission 4:

*    Power Grid

At this stage ot the

game you don't want to fly into a Danger Zone (or you WILL pay the price) so approach from the north and fust chain-gun the power lines until they blow up There's a building to the north of power lines that will give you two (count 'em)

pick a up - not loo fast or rl will blow up

Mission 7: C4 Explosives

Yqu vh linished with the bike now. so return to the helicopter Use your Hydras to destroy the MLR units defending the warehouse, then chain-gun the building and pick up the C4.

Mission 8: Drug Lord War Roam

find the war room and destroy the patrolling lorries. Land. Your co-pilot will run Into ihe building to set the explosives. While he's doing this, shoot the reinforcements. Pick up your co-pilot and revel in the explosion of ihe sinister war room. Return to base.

Assault Cycle. 11s big and 4's heavy but it's got good weapons. There's a speed winch hidden in buikkngs by the hostages on rmssion one, and an extra life in the buildings north ol Ihe UN landing zone

Thera's not much fuel or ammo on the

The files are now dosed upon .Angle Strike until next month Meanwhile, you could, say. try playing the game youised, or possibly concoct a plausible scheme by which the helicopter pilot could have picked up his wingman using a winch designed lo be operated by that very wingman and which he therefore couldn't have reached Computer game lope, eh  We love it.


ammo crales.

Mission 5: Armoured Cart Don't follow the game advice here. Instead, lake your helicopter and destroy Ihe labs in the downtown area, where the counterfeiters' hideouts were, which will flush out the cars. Fly south Just above Ihe landing zone is a police station Land here lo gel the assault cycle As with ihe hovercraft, play around with it lor a while to master the controls, and then hunt the cars. Mine their paths as you did with the gunboats n campaign two (remember ) for maximum effect

Mission 6: Detonators As you blow up the cars, some of them will leave a deionaior behind. Slowly drive towards and over the detonator to

Mission 3: Counterfeiting Again the buildnge don't take much to blow up, and again anyone running out of the wreckage should be picked up instead of shof. buf chock behind you lor reinforcements showing up.





And we’re off again. This month has seen Cam clawing painfully through a few more missions, making him realise just how difficult CF2 is compared to the original. It’s for this reason that we’re now telling you that this is a guide, rather than a solution to the


Phase 2

Many levels in CF2 pul you In (he firing line from the start by having a few misguided fools running straight al you, and this one's no exception.

Blow them away, and then head straight up the bank until a third soldier on the far bank spots you and starts to swim towards you. Blast him as he flounders In the water, then cross the river (1) and halt the team at (2).

Split one guy off 1o Charge the enemy rocket (3) and then put a couple of guys In the battering ram (4) to protect them during the dash to the grenades (S).

You can take out one hut (6) from this position by lobbing a grenade over the bushes, and then it's just the tricky matter of dodging the hall of Incoming fire and blowing up the remaining three huts ( ) to finish off the phase.

game. Even if you follow these instructions perfectly, it’s no guarantee that you’ll finish each phase, as the baddies are so rocky tough that all it takes is one missed baddie to end your plans for world domination and leave your team in a sticky, squelchy pool of their own viscera. But anyway,  here goes:


Phase 1

This one’s SOOOOO hard. Incredibly fiddly and takas ages to do, so bear in mind that this Is the least dumb way of doing H that I came up with, rather than the cleverest or dee nest way. Due lo the rims on the elevated sections, you can’t lire rockets very far, but thankfully, the explosions ate big enough to take out doors when you shoot directly down at them. Rocket two doors at (1). Spilt a man off and stand him above and to the

send a single man to dear the way to (6). then bring up the team and grab the grenades (7).

There're now five targets (three doors, two turrets) but only lour grenades, so attar bombing two more doom (8) send a man la stand by the last door (9) so the turret'll fire at him. Hopefully the explosion will take out the turret as well as the door, which just leaves the turret at (3) to bomb to finish the level, and lor what it's worth, It took me over 20 goes lo finish this.

left of the door (2) to make the turret (3) take a shot at you, Mowing the door off. This leaves you two rockets lor two more doors (4) before you descend at (5). The narrow corridors force you to advance in single tile, and a single enemy soldier can gun you down in seconds, so teave the team at (5 and

Phase 3

There * e redneck yee hew way ol doing thle and a aenaible appioach. which ii the one I d go lor, limply because It galli me lo leave anyone left alive In any level ol Cannon Fodder. II you're loalhardy and reckless,

Just ump In the battering ram and activate the preiaure pad at the other end. Job done.

The cleaner way ol doing It Is to pick up the rockets and grenades (1) and then Inch forwards carefully wllh your pointer at the extreme left ol the screen. Every time a turret comes Inlo view (2), blast II with a rocket and then run back a bK, just In case It Urea al you. While you're doing this, there's a smattering of soldiers to shoot, but this one really shouldn't be too much ol a problem.


Phase 4

Head left and shoot the L -launcher (1) before stopping at (2). A tunny dalek thing will spot you, take a lew shots and ultimately blow Itself up like  the alupld knucklehead II Is. so wall until It's dead before rushing In to shoot everyone and grab the rockets (3). Take oul the turret (4) first before blasting the doors, then shoot the two launchers (S) guarding the final door (6). It's as simple as that.

Phase 3

You need every single grenade in this phase, so don't start lobbing them around with reckless abandon.

Pick them up at (1) and then use one to blow up the door nearby. Split off one man without grenades and stand him near the door (2) whilst keeping an eye on the enemy launcher (3). As soon as he tires al you. head down and watch his shot take oul the door lor you, then kill him for his troubles. Kill the next launcher (4) before getting In the turret (5) B and taking out the next door with

II. then finish oti this lone soldier's valiant run by killing the final launcher (6). Reunite him with the rest of the team lo blast the last door (7) and grenade the raving car (8) from (9). Survivors need lo be mopped up from

Phase 2

You only need one man to finish this level, so split one off and KEEP MOVING all the lime. Simply charge

down the level shooting all the racket launchers (1), pick up the grenades (2) and blast all four doors (3). Easy-peesy lemon squeezy.

the area near the car, and also from the central section near (7), which can be machine gunned Iram the top. Like floppy fish In a very small barrel.



Phase 1

The story Jumps Implausibly back to modern day Beirut, to a phase that a littered with that scourge Ol the contemporary battlefield - mines. Honestly, they're absolutely everywhere, and they're so small and well concealed that you can't really see them at all, even If you know where to look. Wa ve shown the IIrat few for you (1) but the besl plan Is to decide where you're going to go. and then spray the area with gunlire betora you move, aa your shots will detonate the mines and avoid one of those unpleasant and embarrassing Oh no. there go my legs" Incidents.

Avoid the roads    on is a bit hard due to (he fact that the    lop to blast the remaining two huts (4).

completely aa    attacks from above don't really stop.    As In previous levels, don't charge

they're heavily    so the beat way is to spill the team so    straight at an enemy soldier, cos he'll

mined, and head    there's always someone out of the    probably kill you. Instead, move at an

straight down    water who can fire back. Once you're    angle to him by clicking to one side ol

from the start to    on Ihe Island, you can take out the hut    him, and his shots should go wide.

Ihe edge ol the    on the other side (3) by going to the    Aa I aald. Ihe main problem is

oil. before making    extreme left of the Island and throwing    still the mines, so even It there aren't

your way along    a grenade - it'll Just about reach. Once    any enemies around, always fire

the coast to the    again, split the team to allow each    before you move,

grenades (2).    section to give covering fire as they    Your ammunition's inexhaustible

Getting to the    head back to the mainland, then    and everything, so It's not as if you

little Island they're    cautiously make your way up to the    have to be stingy.




Phase 1

Thera're quite a lot ol enemy launchers In this phase, but II you follow this route, most of them will hit nearby Ireea and blow themselves up, so that's all rlghl then.

Take the first enemy launcher (1) for example. II you make a bee-line for the grenades (2). he'll blow himself up, which leaves you free lo keep an eye on the helicopter, which should fly around a bit before settling down. The moment It does this, waste it by rolling

a grenade under Ita skids, and then head straight down lo the bottom before setting off for the left hand edge of the map. There's a turret you can use (3) but I wouldn't bother If I ware you as It uat exposes you to enemy lire. Instead, simply keep lo the bottom, shoot the mine at the corner of the building (4) and keep going towards the launchers (S) who've hopefully managed to blow themselves up. All that's left is a mad dash through a clump of enemy soldiers towards Ihe final door (6). which Is guarded by a launcher.

Phase 2

Of all the levels of CF2 we've covered so far, this one looks the most realistic, don't you think Like an average street In a little Beirut market town perhaps It's because It looks like a real street, I think.

Anyhow, the level starts with your team staring down a lank barrel, which Is not a good situation to be In, In real life too. If you stand still,

then you'll get blown Into bloody tatters, obviously. However. If you sidestep it, you'll be able to nip round the aide of It, grab the rockets (1) and carry on down the street. Blast all the passers by and blow up the doorways (2) and then turn around and wonder what the flip you're going to do about the tank.

You can't actually destroy the tank with your rockets, bul it you can

lure It to the end of the street, there's a slight chance that you can take It out with a long range shot from the turret (3).

Alternatively, you can run round the back of the buildings (4) and shout rude words at the tank crew, forcing them to tire at you. hitting the building and killing themselves In the process

Those tankles. hey

Phase 2

Hard. Hard, HARD! Success or failure of the entire level depends on whether you can get a single bloke into your eep before an enemy jeep tiles In from the side, rams you and explodes, torching you In a fiery, erm, fireball. But since there are two men In the team, you simply don't have time to hop Into the agonisingly close  eep. Somehow, you've got to get one man Into the jeep, and the only way I ve found Is to head up and split them on ihe move. The enemy eep will appear and start to chase one of the team, so send him to his certain death over to the left then switch to the other man and bolt him back to the jeep.

The obvious down side of this Is that the decoy bloke dies under the axles ot a powerful four

by four, but e'est la guerre, right kids Swing the jeep behind the building (1) and out of the compound, then along Ihe road and over the ramp (2). Run over the enemy launcher (3), then park up, grab the rockets (4), and hop Into the turret There's a special, extra thick, grenade-proof door on the little bunker In the comer (which explains why you need the turret) and when you've done that, you can have some fun by swinging

the gun round and blasting all the enemy soldiers that are pressed up against the fence like the front row of a "popular beat combo" concert audience. Not that this aids your quest or anything, but you can't pass up on a chance like this, can you

Get back In the jeep and drive back to (5). To finish the phase, you've got to take out Ihe two buildings In the compound, but unless you've been obscenely lucky, there'll still be a few cars and maybe even an armoured

personnel carrier still roving around the compound. If you can get the APC up against the fence, there's a good chance it'll blow Itsell up, bul to gat the jeeps, you have to sneak towards Ihe compound entrance, blap off a missile and hurriedly retreat until they're all dead

Remember that you must save two rockets for the buildings, or you'll have to escape from the phase and start It all again, which would be a very bad thing Indeed.























Mizzen drooping Crew mutinous Parrot giving you the hump Then write to PIRATES POWER and leave Rich to answer game-related Amiga queries. Ta.

What's the point, eh Of life Of love Of Banana Bubbles - the cereal that thinks It's a milkshake I’d be the first to admit that I haven't got the foggiest, having never fully come to terms with the insignificance of my life compared to that of the planet, having never felt able to wholly share my feelings with another human being and having decided that the last thing you fancy In the morning Is a bowl of Rice Crlsples that tastes of banana. But one purpose that I have fathomed Is that of The Last Resort - you send us In some letters, and we print them. So please carry on.


'I am sack at the end ol Cadaver. 89% or so in, unable to Ml Danes My orb power is 245. I've been through Dianos' Lair once to collect the exira ten gems, but should I realty think about collect some more before laying waste on Dianos And stolid I be able to open the locked door leering tram the Great Tower at the start ot the lever ZERO magazine (RIP) published a complete

solution eons ago but, needess to say. I can't find 1 anywhere."

A "Ahem - you don i say But anyway, to defeat Dianos you'll have to cast both Mindblast and Banish in his general direction To cast Banish you'll need lo be touching the guy - this palpitation drains your slamina. bul provided you've got a decent Orb power (and 245 sounds fine lo me), by



Q“l have been doing TRAPS AND TREASURES for months but I cannot get off level two. Can anyone show me the way to success "

Mrs J Jackson, Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Q“t've been investing an awfully large amount ol time into playing the great tank-’em-up that Is PACIFIC ISLANDS, but I can t tor the life of me complete the mission on Banaba Island, (he one where you need lo clear the (oresl of (he enemy, protect the bridges and destroy the communication equipment. Whatever I do I just don't seem to be able to kill off enough ol the bad guys before my time limit gets the better ol me. And where will I uncover the hidden tanks In the forest Can some tank-obsessed maniac please help me in my hour of need "

Miles Dinneen, Wellington

Q ul keep getting attacked by aliens at the start(lsh) of REUNION. How can I stop this ” Dale ‘Dlmriir Rltd, Cannock

Q'On DARKMERE I can get to the Dragon Queen, but on level one I can t find a way Into Granny's house (1 Holan Street), and on level two I can t get past the pile of stones." David Holllngbery, Maidenhead

Q" Can anyone help me get past level 48 of BLOB (as opposed to just giving me a password) " Jonathan Cawley, Leicester

Q"ln MANIAC MANSION, what do the Dime. Can of Pepsi. Yellow Key. Glass Jar, Sponge. Paintbrush and Manuscript do Also, how do you gel Into the door through the dining room, and where's the gas to power the chainsaw "

Adam, Norfolk

Q"And I'm not entirely sure how to gel past the purple tentacle in the same game as above. Do I turn oft the power to get him out ol the lab. and then nip in with a different character or something Or what " David Holllngbery, Malndenhead

Q“l cannot answer some of the riddles In AMBERSTAR. namely: a) What is the most beautiful llower  b) Who Is the master of the hut outside Twlnlake  and c) all the ones on the Riddle Master's Island."'

James S, London

Q "ls there a cheat lor SABRE TEAM "

Adam Chldgey, Gosport

Q "Although I have tried my best.

the BATTLE ISLE series is still getting me down a bit. Passwords are what I'm alter; on the original I

can get to level sixteen with just one player (password: River) and level 18 (password Europ) with two. and likewise level 24 (password: Wertt) and 8 (password: Magma) on the Scenario disk, and 24 (password:

24) and 6 (password. Ebton) on the 93 version. Can someone out there who cares please let me have a complete set ol codes "

D Wood,Essex

QTve had MICRO MACHINES lor ages, but can't get any further than level fifteen. Does anyone have anything lo say "

Tom Brown, Northallerton

Q“ln LEISURE SUIT LARRY 3 all my Larry has Is a towel, soap-on-arope and knile. I have used a grass stick disguise to get S20 from the girl on the beach, and subsequently blown the cash for a view ol Cherri Tart. As I see It. my options lie In a) Patti's bar, b) The hotel/casino reception, c) Fat City and d) The forest area near the Comedy Hut. Is this right Or am I barking up the wrong, erm. leg "

A Sears, Reading




Q Jordan Eaton ot Cleveland found that his miners seemed to be perpetually on strike, and was fully prepared to hear out any suggestions you AP readers might have as to why this was.

A There may be a chance that you have set your miners digging for something that isn't there - for example they may be trying to excavate coal in a area where all they will find is stone. To avoid this sort ol thing happening, take a little time at the start of the game to see what the geologists suggest it would be wise to dig for, and only go for what you are told Is at an average supply or above. Then, before doing any actual mine building, plant a flag on where you are above to erect, connect up a road, click on the flag and then on the man with the board. Soon you should see a man with a large board tapping at the ground - if he sticks up a board with a yellow spot In the middle then he has located you some gold. It ihe spot Is red then he's found Iron, black and It's

coal, while and it's stone. The size of the dot Is proportional to quantity, so build your mines accordingly.

It the above does not turn out to be your problem, then the only other explanation for your lack of miner activity is that they have got too much food and so are just sitting around eating all the time. Or they may of course just have run out of raw materials. You did read the manual, didn't you "

Phillip Marsay, Oarlinerton

A "Also, although not actually answering the question in hand, here's a little mine-related cheat that la still worth bearing in mind. When the message appears telling you that a mine can haul no more materials, disconnect it from the road system (so no more food Is brought In) and you should find that it will haul some more produce whilst using the food it has stored in it, food which is normally wasted when a mine Is burnt down.

Mark Pursglove, Sheffield


QMark Blackburn of Cleveland was after some codes to get

him past the level with Ihe Madman's yacht.

A "Try these out for size:

Campaign two (Sand Buster) -LQJAQRJ

Campaign three (Embassy City) -TLIJOAQ

Campaign four (Nuclear Storm) -JTEKOMK

(And don't forget that you can enter the code BQQQAEZ tor ten lives and Infinite ammo. - Rich}

Liam O'Grady, Norfolk


Q Everybody who purchases a copy of Lemmings 2 seems to get stuck sooner or later. And Dominic Conneally of Plumstead was no exception.

A EGYPTIAN LEVEL FIVE: Bash through the palm tree, scale the wall to the right and slide down Into Ihe space below. Your greenhaired cliff-diving pal should now have enough room to turn around, quickly bash through the wall and pour glue over the first gap beneath the entrance. Make him a runner, and aa he ventures to the right, bash through the second wall, jump the second gap and (In order to

maintain as level a path through as possible) start bashing as close to the third partition as you can get. Next make him a runner and jump the small gap before the exit. And in order to tree the trapped lemmings, stomp through the ground to the left of the entrance and pour glue to the right to flow through the tunnels created by the basher and form a patch over the two remaining gaps.

SPORTS LEVEL 6: As your first lem walks down the slope to the left, make him platform across the narrow gap using three tiles. All but one of the lems will be trapped -Super lem the only lem to have made It past the platformer to the top of the screen and from right to left Into the ground above the entrance. As he now walks to the left, fence through Ihe earth and platform across to the exit. Now. using one of the trapped guys, rope diagonally up from left to right at an angle of approximately 45 degrees into the lop right corner. When the position is correct the lemmings, having reached the top of the screen, will turn around and crawl up through the metal celling towards the exit I'm not sure whelher this is the correct method, or just a bug in the game, but you can save yourself bother by crawling through a ceiling on Sports Level nine as well." Michael Pickering, Hull

the fame you've cast Mindbtas). made physical contact and cast Banish, hss head should be ope tor you lo sw>pe and cany through the rmrirtte door, completing the game in the process


Q'How do you steady the plank down the (rap door in Ihe Swampiing's house. Also, how do you get mto Ihe Dwarven mine '

Daniel Gore, Wallsend

A To steady the plnnk down the trap door m the Swampings house you must nail It back inlo place by usmg the hammer which you should have bough! (along with the while sprit) Irom the shopkeeper in the village And to get into the Dwarven mire you r need to be carrying the barrel oI beer (which you racked from the bar by asking the barman for a drink and using the wax whist he s detracted), wearing the beard (which you lopped off (he sleeping dwarf at die pub), and know the password (it's Boeri)


Q'How do you get the pirate' uniform. I've proceeded lo Ihe washing line with the pole, but that doesn't do much. Basically, I'm utierly stuck."

Wendy Williams, Essex

ATVhal you need to do is lo knock on Mrs Smeedles' wash-room door, but - and here is die trick - swing back on the rope before she gets a chance to open it Now go hack all Ihe

way around lo the start o> ihe game and you should be able to snatch the jacket with the pole Just as I said in issue 31. And again in the complete solution we printed in issue 33.


Q'Can you please tell me J there are any cheats lor Lemmings 2. Chase HQ or Shadow Warriors '

Anthony Gaucl, Canada

A Well, lot’s see. From the start: Yep (In order to salad any level or any tnbe and have sixty lemmings on each, go to tho comer of the menu screen and press both mouse buttons until you heal a lemming family squeal Tel's go'. You now have only lo complete Ihe final level of each tnbe to complete the game); there Is (Hold down the left mouse button and joystick Fire whilst typing GROWLER’ The T key will now reset your lime Also, pressing Space rapidly when you area supposed to be pressing Fire lo start a game ts rumoured lo increase your top speed lo over 1000 miles per hour. And pressing Space on the miaic selection screen may also give extra turbos II you're lucky), and You Belcha (Type GIVE ME INFINITES' for mfiniie everything).


Q*l cannot get past the first of the three trials leading to the Holy Gr»i Another magazine told me lo ‘walk to tho large rock*, but this was nof helpful' Richard Everltt. Tewkesbury

A You should see two areas near Ihe corpse split by lines - walk towards this in order (Eh - Ed) and press Ihe blades lo reap your safety. On the second lest. In case you encounter problems the only sale tiles to gel you to the other side of the cavern are the ones which spell out the God's name, changing from game lo game. And in the third, lor when you get there, move the pointer to Ihe outcrop of the rock above the opposite tunnel entrance.


Q'l need help. I know it's an ancient game, bul are there any cheats lor. wart lor It, Beast 2T Karl Wild, Sheffield

A You Jest Surely You mean, you really don'1 know it Ask the first pygmy about TEN PINTS' and you'll gel Infinite lives.


Q’All was going well unfil I got lo mission two I can Iree the little blue guys by destroying Ihe little tanks guiding the blockhouses, locate the landing ship thing but can't set my chopper down lo pick them up. Ideas ' Keen Rock Barrett. Milton Keyne*

A'To lell Ihe Iruth, KB, no I haven't.

However, one interesting thing I know aboul Zeewoft which you may be interested to henr ol (<f you haven't already) is thai it you enter the password as FRAMPAGE, your

chopper will be exchanged lor a lightly armoured fighter plane, capable ot tighter turning circles and generally more manoeuvrable than the helicopter.

Also, in case you were wondering, here's how lo complale Ihe mission we cunningly gave away two issues ago, courtesy ot Lee Reader ol Essex, a reader At the start of the mission, collect tho Allied Tank and drop if oft ai Ihe enemy picnic. Fly over to the right a bit until an Enemy destroyed’ message comes up, then pick up the tank again and lly north. Drop your tank next lo the convey, By lo either of the bsses and > shoot down all the planes and choppers 2 - 4 «hey take oH then all they’ll be    o

heading to one ol (he bases lo another    >

round the coast, so lake them out there.

And is that it You betcha    Z

The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW

Is Ihe address to send any questions or answers that you may have to. not forgetting to mark your envelope Questions or Answers' accordingly. That way. we get lo see what they are without having to open them up which, although no one has yet quite worked out why, surely must be useful for something.



While it’s been a pretty poor month for full-price releases (with the honorable exception of Shadow Fighter), the budgets are here to remind us that the Amiga is a great games platform. That was a party political broadcast.


Runs an: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Audiogenic Price: £10 Release: Out now

Bart!o lor the Ashes is a cut-down version ot Graham Gooch s World Class Cricket You can play only five day. unlimited aver test matches, and you have two teams at your disposal. Ihe current Australia and England Test sides However, this does mean it all tits on one disk But frankly, I'm disappointed This is the lourth version of Graham Gooch (after the original. Second Innings and Test Match Special) and they ve still not debugged it For instance, sometimes when the bail is played behind the wackei the wicket keeper runs after it himself instead Of leaving it lor a fielder As soon as he catches up with the hail he throws it wildly out of bounds lor a tour Dimwit

Then there's this bit where, it the ball is played behind the wicket and one of the slips picks if up. instead ot. say. underarmmg it to the wicket keeper tor an easy run-out, he'll race the entire length ot the pitch with the ball in his hand to knock ott Ihe bails at the bowler's end Blind lool.

Then there's this bit where, if a lietder could gel a batsman out by throwing the ball to the bowler, he insists on throwing the ball to the wicket keeper Irntatmg pillock.

Then there's this bit where Oh you gei the idea

Alter tour games have been brought oul with these problems, these si ghtly notating (and. it has to be said, initially endearing) faults have become enraging botch ups, causing me to hud my special Bug to the lloor And it's the Bug that I reserve for playing Sensible Soccer, that I

love as much as life itself so you can be pretty certain that I'm genuinely annoyed when it hurtles towards the floor

I ve enjoyed playing these games greatly Truly, they are cricket - BUT ON A COMPUTER - and if you can cope with Ihe slightly Sloppy programming, you'll enjoy Idem too • STEVE FARAGHER



The latest In the beet eeriat of cricksf games you can buy. But for gawd s sake don't If you already have one of the previous games. It s annoyingly Hawed fun. I want another go, but I know it'll only make me angry. What am I to do I don't know. Help.
















international teams as well as English and Australian county sides. And that's it.


Truly this I* a plate of refreshing orange* brought on al half-time to revKallaa your flagging cricket gamaa - BUT ON A COMPUTER Lob of data, but It doesn't fti the bugs.

I Plfljpr l Splprt: Ynttr Tp-am

Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Audiogenic Price: £10 Release: Out now

As wel as Baffle tor the Ashes. Audiogenic are releasing this data rksk which requires either the ongnal Graham Gooch s World Class Cocket or last year's Test Match Special to run. It wont work with Battle for the Ashes

The dtsk prundes you with updated





Runs on: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: US Gold Price: £30 Release: Out now

Pop quiz. (Inodentaty. how did Dennis Hopper dmfc on to that tube train without besng squashed against the tunnel walls'  But anyway.) How many programming teams can you think ol

that consistently come up with great ideas Sensible Software, yes. The Bitmap Brothers, okay. But how about Delphine  As this compilation demonstrates, they've been courtng the daughters ol

the inspiration gnome br a good tew years In no particular order, you've got Flashback. Future Wars (an alien nvasjorVtme travel jaunt that was the company's first crack at the point-and-cfck market), Another World (the smpier precursor to flashback). Operation Stealth (a James Boorish point-snd-cScket) and Cruise For a Corpse (a port andckck whodunnit),

They're al lumped together under the adventure banner, but Another World and (in particular) Flashback have at least as much fighting and shooting tun as solving ol puzzles

This balances the collection perfectly, and also shows what clever chaps Delphine are. Persona*y, I thunk Future Wars and Op Stealth suffer slightty from their age and lose a tot in comparison to the newer and father Cruise For a Corpse. but even so your £30 6 paymg tor three First-class games and two that are never less than good.



1 compilation of top-quality adventure-type game*. There'* not even the uaual runt of the litter In there. (Although the two early point-inricllcktn are looking a little ragged nowaday*). Splendid value for money.


Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: US Gold Price: £30 Release: Out now

Similar to the Delphine compilation, the Lucas Arls box is a sort of poignant stroll through the now-moved-or-lrom-the-

Amiga company's back catalogue Also as with the previous compilation, these games are blanket labelled 'adventures' But this time, they're right

Lucas Arts are. ol couise, the port-and-click adventure game company ol champions. The compilation (eatures Maniac Mansion (the lirst funny poinl-and-ctickfir), Zak McKracken and the

Alien Mindbenders (the second one).

Loom (the one that really got if all together and paved the way for Monkey Island). Monkey Island itsett. and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade It's fair to say not all ot these ate stunning classics, although taken as a set it's fun to see the way this genre has developed from the (ussy, verb-heavy, text adventure-influenced Maniac Mansion to the elegantly straightforward, user-friendliest Monkey Island • PAUL MBUERICK



■awcfcui] me rta pa arty drawn *m— i, dean ol dtipalr. )


Monkey Island - great. Indy -Loom - good. Zak McKracken -good. Maniac Uanalon - the (practically legally required) poor one. Juat ahowa that aometlmea you can’t hava too much of a good thing. And I never thought I'd aay that about polnt-and-elfek  adventure*.





Cl ;iS

Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Empire

Price: £35 Release: Out now

Funny old things, budget releases II they can sell it once at a lower price, they'll try to sell it live times Take, tor example, Gunsttrp 2000 In AP43's budget section we said it was a frighteningly hard helicopter flight sim that was nonetheless great fun. with enough options, missions and all-round llight-simmy stuff to keep everyone happy And here it is again as this compilation's lead game

And with it out of the way. the other two games are revealed to be wargames No. wait, come back Rebuff that quiet shed bidden within a dark lores! Not all wargames are bad Just most of them Fortunately, it's the not-bad type that appear here, represented by a pair (and I don't really want to say thus, but I can't stop myself) that Changed The Face 01 Wargames As We Know Them Campaign (AP20. 83%) combines hardcore flashing square movement phase strategy with driving a lank around and shooting things battle sections, and it works extremely well il a little loo slowly It's probably the nearest thing there is to a wargame that will

<9 fee

appeal to non-wargamers.

and tar better than its sequel Hu lory Line (AP22. 87%) is a no-apofogies hexagon-based game that's certainty the slickest example ol its type and thoroughly engrossing to play. Easy to control, loo It even looks pretty Like Campaign, though, it's sluggish on a non -AG A machine and needs two drives lor the best results Combat Classics 3 is another well-balanced

compilation, ottering a good variety of game types And as well as being entertaining (and despite the crass ad line of 'A century of superb military warfare*) the trio ol games and History Lme in particular do have a few things to say' on the thorny topic ol war Edutainment, eh


Smashing (light sim and a couple of surprisingly accessible wargames. Revisit both world wars AND HAVE A GOOD TIME WHILE YOU RE DOING IT As varied a combat compilation as you could gel without hiving, aey, Cannon Fodder in it. and lor your money you ra J; * $  getting a couple of unique j1  gammg experiences    A A

Artillery M7 Priest HhC

-**1 <vl

P: O Oi


21 at Cantury/CSO

AP45 26%

T>am 17/C30

AP42 69%

SFVFRJUHUbHA' F HSHTF trttrn rsn i loniiluch It u • (‘•XL •atm eeaten amain .4 maimed snip* ubrberi natues mm*. •eptoelona end »wn trot» xnti) acting (i m not a nun critic you know* which all njtft together to produce me nasi and most inlarastkai

•tag a nrh tcana riaslmytng the film-Uk* ■inrn akin eunuapneie mat aiuvi hm> this

Still, you've got the whole game no one compact disc to theca'* no iwawt io> any oi thnaa teriiout disk cntyjntadxtieaiinuoi Am  Own » a txrfl! eu* pleasant arimstior

wssaub one. your* going io be disappointed it t a hit nt matt The Jmagnaxa nic* and the aoimatm it gnat If abb robotic, but there teemt fn he tut wet n» lartbent with the adding. between wane* kiileed ei hcttBnq the image ano the loading in the next tcene. there t an awful black gap between

CO-HUM HTie* inuney can buy.    /

Which make* It aU the---

more embarrassing when the game ftnatiy appear* Jonathan Hath gat* rower Assault to*, last montD ■nturtated by » test at sfaxalciniinqs. none orf wttlfh nate dear* remediao on the v-o release, dy way ut

compensation    ™

you do get the original Alien Breed 2 (AP32 81V on the CO a* well but then you're • barged an extra r if. irv it and they oaten i eten taken uoi me tedious pointless first level • rttt/L Htu.tr!KA

Bixwxing up Of whiliffi it a itidli g arguably the best explosion scene in a computer game - to date.

• paul ueuemcK




You know how much

CD32 we like the game, and

we know how much vnu like It so if vou ve got mg* ;» a vOXc you can now Oin DQ ” in the fun as well.    0/ *






Tomer Assault Urgh

CD32 Alien Breed: limmm.

Rendered intro

sequence (and outm    § m —

apparently): LOiety. All in ” all: Urghmmmmovely.    \lw *


Scouring. That’s what Paul Mellerick does a lot of. Scouring for secret surprises in the PD libraries of the world. Wearing his intrepid hat and spectacular dark glasses. And long, straggly scarf. And cavernous, warm overcoat. Because it’s cold. Out there. Or so he tells us.

Iwcy a,« j..t uioh wtui arc (halt ifclnji  Sliicbimii or dull

Online PD

bomb*. And the whole Idea la lo blow up all your other opponents. You can collect powar-upa which appear when you blow things up. but moally It's down to your skill and timing.

On Ihla PD version there can be up to live players using all manner at  oystlck and keyboard combinations. And. In a perfect example of PO games being primarily designed to be for fun rather than profit, there's even a little options menu that lets you Iweak all sorts of things to make the game easier or harder.

I did have a lew problema with Dynamite V/atnota. The acllon sometime* slow; down and evan stops for a second, and the action of lha computer opponents are sometimes laughable. But that's It Bo get a few males round and have a

Well It s, orm. Dynablaatar. really. Only thic It tha cheapo PD veralon. Bui before you ruah out and pick up this bargain priced, (op-quality game, there are a few thlnga you might want to know. For those who are unaware ol the premise behind Dynabtaatsf. you're In a maze. You've got tome

bash at this cracking little PD game. You'll be glad you did.

VERDICT: A bera-benes version of Dynablaatar retaining all the lun and even adding a few user-friendly elements. Top class PD. and no raiaWia. * * » *


.« asm.


twi Kta


Online PD

The best thing about Monopoly

Surety it's got to be buying hotels and then watching all the money roll m as the others all land on your valuable (or not) property. Well, imagine Monopoly with everything else taken out and you've got Island.

With between one and three other players, roll the <fce. move around the board and buy hotels Keep improving them to bump up your earnings, and try lo make your opponents bankrupt

The board ts pleasantly bright, and as the hotels improve in size and stature, the graphics complement the action. Unfortunately it's all a bit slow, switching from one pad ol the game to another, and would

.-.a* SC' rr.ucn Mtier 4 little menus popped up m the game when you Martoe to ac> something As it is i s neat and plays a decani game (if a little on the uneventful safe). and & worth a look

I* I AV*-r 2    Wanna know How

Manav i I    aoinat Look

Ownrr of :    h«r« Ihtn.

Brgpplv Hills Hot* L Ail iin Hot* I

Bitivlon Hot* I

VERDICT: A simple concept, and indeed a simple game Still, it provides some lun. and it you can gel a couple of olher people interested you can up the stakes and gel the old adrenaline pumping. ■***


Klondike or whatever you want to call It, but with tome subtle differences. The moil obvious ol these are the card sets. The game lets you choose from 20 different card sets (you gel two with the game, but there are other disks available) and tome of the them look great. The Star Wars one It especially good looking.

It also his loads of options to switch on and off and three difficulty levels, and when It comes to starling a new game, just clicking on an Icon sure beats shuffling a new pack of cards and dealing them out. If. like me, you like playing cards but don't like all the effort Involved (Sheesh. - Ed) then you'll love this. And the card sets add a greet novelty value.

Okay, so H't basically a card game. And just the one game at that. But this special AGA version has so many features, and Is so well put together, lhai II would be a shame not to play It. It's a normal game ol Patience, or Solitaire, or

VERDICT: It's very pretty, and does everything It should do. and II plays a mean game of cards into the bargain. Ace! eee*

Knowing Ihla, you ve now got to negotiate the level ahead ol you, picking Ihe right course through It while avoiding hedgehogs, kangaroos, floating ayes and all earls of other stupid obstacles. Bui being simple doesn't necessarily make It any good. The controls are fiddly and unresponsive, and Ihe tedious level designs don't help matters. It's time we left most (II not all) of these Speccy games In the past where they belong, and concentrated on new game — — Ideas instead. Unless, ol j course, someone fancied doing a version of Sack fo Skoof, or Exoton, or I Cyb&moldor.

It's time far another classic (le. old, but remembered fondly by someone, somewhere) Spectrum game to be given the Amiga PD treatment. Wheefto is a simple left-to-righ! scrolling maze game, with the player sat on a motorbike. Pressing left or right on the stick will alter Ihe speed of the bike, and If you slow down enough, you can turn and drive the —    other way.

VERDICT: It wasn't very good when It first came out. and still Isn't now.


Right. So you've read the reviews. Don't believe a word of what I'm saying and reckon you quite fancy playing them yourself, do you Fine. If you want to know where to get them from, ring the following companies for more information. Online are on (0704) 834335 and F1 can be contacted on (0392) 493580.


J RiiO l

■mo .



Will they ever give Natural Born Killers a certificate allowing it to be shown at British cinemas We think they should. But this is your page for your views so write in and tell us what you think. You could jot down a little something about Amigas too. If you like.

• Address your letters to: Do The Write Thing, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Or ‘netsurf’ us at: ampower@futurenet.co.uk.




Dear AP.

I'd like, if I may. fa point out the tallowing useful piece ol information:

A subscnption to AMIGA POWER makes an absolutely splendid Chnstmas or birthday present.


Dear Cam,

What can I say Having usi relumed to England alter sperxfcng 3 yearn at Euro Disney. I decided it would be a good idea to get back in touch with what was happening on the Amiga scene.

I sorted throu i the rr»gs al my local newsagents and was drawn to AMIGA POWER Al I can say r that I made the ngrt choice Bang a keen tight sim tan. I was paitcutarty mpressed with the comprehensive artcie you wrote on hetoopters. Butl and this ie the meson lm writing, I did find a sight mistake on page

Thank you

Yours hello-Danlel-tly,

PS Mum. it you're reading this, by spooky coincidence my own subscription is about to run out. Not that I'm hinting at all. In any way

And, witti Valentine s Day coming up. donl forget that an AMIGA POWER

34 ol the mag

Quote - IPs a Huey, as used n ■Nam’

Unfortunately not. 11 ear Yes 4 Is a Huey, but ITS a Huey UH-1N, a hwn-engmed variant ol the Huey Although H made its first flight in Apn of ‘69, it never saw active conflict during the Vietnam war Yours sincerely,

Soliloquy Deale, Cambeiley

And not for example. a single-engmed Huey UH-1F. one ol which is currently making its way fowamfs Cambeiley to rake your goldfish pond with machine gun fire

SUBSCRIPTION also makes a fitting modem alternative to boring' chocolates and flowers


Dear AP.

Sorry, I don't understand. Has "Do The Wnte Thing" been transformed into the NME letters page it not, why all the crap about Kurt Cobain'’ 'This has seriously changed my opnlon o< AMIGA POWER, and I mighl nol buy your mag any more,’ wrote a distressed Nirvana Fan' Whoa! Seriously changing your opinion about something - have you had permission horn Melody Maker Also, I hale la disappoint you, but you not buying AMIGA POWER is hardly going io sand Future Publishing into receivership, so donl throw yoursell to the kons Just yet.

Next up on morons' comer we had Roy Hants Irom 8olton who. it you remember, was deeply upset about Andrbs Escobar and the resulting AP comments. Mr Hams staled ’I am a football Ian and I fa4ed to see the funny side ol if Blimey, a football tan who didn'1 get the joke, whatever next’’ A veggie who doesn't eat meal'3 You mad tools

And Hally Tedious loatbaii management games, and aren't they crap Now it you coiid gel a game where you actually see the players sod of runnning around and that, ii would be great. Mind you, I'd never have time to play them anyway as all my time's taken up posing lor photos and making up totally wacky names lor me and my lop male Carrot Tree Ram Curtain Head Dude. These number crunching games simply devalue human life and it's like, we re all just numbers, two dimensional and Hal and Ihey're like, winnmg You know. Mr Big No. Big Brother, teal's him. He's bad, man So let's stand united against the evil Irom within and make this a victory lor tee common man A victory lor something that matters Amen

A Partly Toasted Cheese Sandwich,


A promising start, but we can't help flunking that you lost it a tittle M near the end Five out of ten



I don't often buy your magazine. but today I thought I may as well I got home and placed Aladdin into my A600 and it didn't load when I opened the magazine and looked inside It said A1200 ONLY on the Irom of the disk in minute pnnt it said A120C only. Lwas Blinking ol buying a Super Nintendo so I oouid play Aiaddm but I no Amiga are best. After this experience I shall never buy another AMIGA POWER in my life, and as tor giving up an SNES. no way.


Slupld Ford, Bournemouth

PS I would be graielui tor an apology ol some kind

An apology We should apologise to you because you (SdnT spot the enormous A1200 ONLY label on the Irom We changed the A1200 logo U A1200 ONLY lor folk like you who cant make the synaptic leap that a game labelled A1200 wit ONLY WORK ON AN A1200.


Dear Everyone,

I wenl la see Punt and Dennis last month and they were really tunny, which surpnsed me ‘cos they were crap on tee telly. I'm looking forward to December because I'm going to see Carter USM in the Vtc Rooms ki Bristol And also it's Chnstmas in December! My gilllrierd has bought me The Settlers lor Christmas, so foil on the 25th'

l crushed my linger tn a machine at work last week and it really hurt Oh. by tee way. regarding your review of blah blah, yackity shmaekrty, moan, moan, etc Ha ha'

Lots ol love, bul no tunny business,

Mark Lewis. Bath

Thai s nee. We're happy for you.



I've compiled a list ol the TOP 5 CIRCLES In Amiga gaming:

1 SYNDICATE Alter a hard day's

butchery, there s no better sight lor sweaty (but happyl cyborgs than the big red circle on the radar map. Home time! Jellied eels

2.    EXILE The little circle that bounces all over the place at this game is m tact Fluffy, a Inendly alien chum Fiutty likes to go Into cracks and retneve objects tor you. Fiutty is fireproot but is not happy whan drowning

3.    PANG This is very satisfying tor me It I shoot the big circles, they split into smaller circles, therefore achieving greater enjoyment

4 IK+ Good value for money at this game Plenty ol circles bounce around angnty, tnng to knock the player over. There ts a fnendty shield to help lend oft their advances

5. CENTREFOLD SQUARES - Several circles in this game You’ll have to excuse me now

Yours sincerely. Alex Smyth. Sheffield PS I can never wait lor the next issue ol AMIGA POWER, so I put a sticker on Ironl of the magazine with the day's date on if. The next (by i change it lor the new date, and so on. therefore I get a new Issue ol AMIGA POWER every day PP8 Coufd you pteaso stick a lolly on the . (rent of the mag It would have lo be fixed or securely 'cos kids'd nick 'em PPFS I'm a mushroom lover, some would I «yfm a fungi lancer But lhal would be kinky, so I wouldn't go that tar, NATCHurally.

Oh yes OH YESJ,


Mmm. and only a month late Congrats.



Why are you so against cftacussmg primer arotriama lor the Amiga (Uh-oh - Ed) In r Mperfence everyone who owns a canpUar sooner or lalar wants to print oul soma thing - even pertiapa write a letter to ydu> They are going to turn away Irom Aitdgto >t their needs are not catered lor You take money from advertisers whoauppiy printers and ribbons carMdgaB etc. and yet donl want to have anyftlng la do with their products Aren't you being ■ little mean"3

Go on - what's wrong with the occasional thon article giving help with mstdlng printers The Amiga is designed to add on a printer, so I can't understand why you so steadfastly ignore this. I have yet to find an Amiga magazine which even discujaaaprinters, let atone their problem, so you have a great opportunity to exiend your market

I own an Amstrad and subscribe lo PCW Plus which is ever ready to soh/e ANY problems as well as reviewing software, including games So wheie is your problem'3 My son owns an AI200

and a bubblejel punter which be ts having problems installing Witnessing this, and reading you) magazine, I have to say that I am not impressed with Arrigas, and on this evidence cl poof support lor customers, would not advise anyone to buy oneYours sincerely.

Limpid Boyle.

Isle of Man



Dear Cucumbers.

Puffy Squad was reviewed in Sepiember by your good sefves. yel as I wnie this,

I ve not seen it in any shop, anywhere Rise ol the Robots is in the shops, yet you haven't reviewed it WHAT THE VEGETABLE IS GOING ON’

I refuse lo buy a game you've not reviewed

Alex Tomato. A northern ahlre

Normally we re sent review copies of games a lew weeks before their release. giving us bme to evaluate them property and lev you alt about them in advance.

With Rise ol the Robots, however, we were given the option of either travelling to Mirage's HO and spending a tew hours reviewing' it under their walch/ul eye. or waiting until a jusi a couple ol days before it went on sale and doing the job property m out own bme. We waited, obviously, with the inevitable result thai Rise ol the Robots was topping the charts several weeks before our review appeared Sony, but there wasn't much else we could do.

As for Putty Squad, System 3 tell us they 've held back the release unhl they 've finished the Nintendo and Sega versions, so H won I be out until the new year (which is now. m fact) Do buy a copy, though, as It's great.

thing to say

BY ALL MEANS CONTINUE THIS WAYI I've bloody had enough of all these polAcaily coned, coercive utopian, age ol-the-wimp knee-jerk Itoerai whiners with their setl righteous, momksbc, holier-than-thou postures and sermons on the adverse effects of computer gamestmovies/bookstcomics on poor, misguided Joe Pubfcc'a mnd. II is good to see a magazine that both upholds the customer's nghta and takes a stance against the New-Age Inquisitors who are ready lo pul all the blame tor modem society's troubles on everything but themselves and then peers' AMIGA POWER is the Solder Of Fortune ol Amiga gaming, and although I buy other computer mags, it is the one on whoee potbes I agree wrih most and on whose reviews I buy games Keep up the fight! Sincerely. David Cuclz. Lugano. Switzerland

Phew. You had us worried at the beginning them, but then comically changed tack at the beginnerg of the second paragraph


Dear AP.

As a long-time reader ol your magazine lYe always noticed lha partcular 'attitude' ol Cs stall in the lace ol sex. violence and bed language r both computer games and movies, tor which you've sometimes come under cmicsm, and your no-nonsense, even brutal approach to game reviews About all ol bus. I've only one


Dear AP.

Being one ol your newest converts (AP has got to be one of the funniest mags arcind), I'd just lice fo say that It's good lo see that (he spirit ot Your Sinclair lives on. Before I spill the beans, though, a couple ol questions:

•    Who or whai to Stuart Campbal

•    Are all ycur letters made up Is this one

•    Do you know roughly how many people buy AP when they haven't gol an Amiga, or am I the only one’ Maybe you axfid do special APs without coverdisks lor us Amiga less people and diop the price.

But I digresa. I'm Writing in to answer wfiiai seems to be a right chestnut of a problem with me word na- (Snip - Ed]

Who's Stuart He's, you know. Stuart AMIGA POWER has NEVER made up a tetter And as tor your last question, we neither know nor care to find out. Next1



Now that Stuart has gono I would like to say that he is a whimsical tattoo on the buttocks ot humanity

Now that Steve has gone I would just like to say that he is a grainy polyp of humanity.

Johny Tough.

Westward Hoi



Good evening I've been a loyal AP fan since issue 12 and it's Still as funny as it was then. I'm a normal, everyday person and I find the letlers page severely funneeee. but just recently some A500 owners have really bi*nl my custard' Now then, the A1200 has been around lor over two years and about hall

01    al Amiga owners have one. so why shouldn't AP put A1200 demos on the cover I mean, the A500 is almost seven years old and il shows. Times are changing, and these days, it you don't keep up with technology, then you get letl behind (sorry).

It's the same with PCs II PC owners donl keep ibeir machines up lo dale, they can't play the latest, coolest games So. A500 owners, you have three options: f Upgrade to the latest technology and play cool games

2    Don't upgrade and then whmge a loi while your A500 sinks into OBLIVION.

3. Enjoy tie demos on AP ihal DO work on your A500

I'm aorry lor being so nasty about A500s (after all. I used to have one) bu1 then again, tile is nasty. HAH HAH HAH' Goodbye Signing ott.

Blrkllng, Chesterfield.

Harshly pul perhaps, but pretty much underlining AMIGA POWERS sentiment We can only report on the changing lace ot the Amiga game scene, which is sliding more and more towards the A1200 What can we do it fewer and fewer A500-compatible games are produced We can t write the flipping things ourselves, can we


Dear AP,

I'd just like to say that il Bullfrog make a Syndicate 2. they should add a two-player option and the weapons they promised ages ago I'm sure that running around a city shooting your friend with a shotgun might not sound that great in real life, but in a split-screen it would be. quite literally, bloody good tun Lastly. I thank you tor putting such excellent games on your coverdisks. Gravity Force 2 being by >



far the best Bye tor row.

Richard Slakes. Shrewsbury

We agree mth Richard


Could you pieeeeeeeease wish my mum a very merry Christmas as I love her lots Thanks a lot.

Andrew Lawrence, Croydon

Aw We nope you had a smashing Christmas. Mrs Lawrence.


Dear AP.

I write this letter to ask tor your help. Whether ihrs tetter will reach you is unknown to me I lied this letter to my dog the other day and let him escape through the ventilation shaft Why your help  Because it is all your fault I wish I had never made that first Breakfast SandwichDamn you! Damn your Breakfast Sandwich! I AM ADDICTED TO THEM' Do you know what I have to do to get them I steal money to buy the ingredients or, it i can't itrd any money.11 shopkfl instead After many weeks in a jam-induced blur, i decided to try to quit but where can I get help There are no Breakfast Sandwich Anonymous or Pearuttefte Patches, so I deeded to go cotd turkey I locked mysell and my dog (tor company] in the downstairs Intel with a padlock. I let! asleep hungry and when I awoke I found mysetl m the kitchen eating a Breakfast Sandwich I tell so dirty, so unclean, and cned myselto sleep

The next night I locked myseH in the toilet and t ushed the key down the bog. I need help If I don't gel help soon. IT break hee and OD on Breakfast

Sandwiches Help1 Trent Reznar. Cumbria.

AMIGA POWER cannot accept liability lor injury or illness caused directly or indirectly by recipes printed within its pages Your statutory rights are not affected



Dear AP

It Streetfighler 2: The Movie is a big success (which it will be) and Ihey go on to make a sequel, what will it be calledSheettighter 2, 2° Streetfighler 3  Sireetlighter 2: The Movie 2° Streetfighler 2 Championship: The Movie What


All great tiims have computer games made ol them, and now they're going ihe other way round, so what about Cannon Fodder: The Movie And how abou! plays and things becoming games How about Macbeth: The Game or Anton Chekovs The Cherry Orchard

The Mad Potato, Bolton


Dear Mr Dflvies

The subject in question is coverdisks. I was appaled when a friend of mine recently stated that he only bought magazines tor the coverdisks. I personally buy Amiga magazines especially AMIGA POWER lor the reading contents within I now believe that Amiga magazines, all ol them, should stop giving away coverdisks for about three or tour months. This would show who the loyal readers realy were.

I hope this suggestion has opened the discussion further and will act as a catalyst tor many other letters Yours faithfully.

Dale Norman, County Durham

An interesting idea Dale, but isn't that going a tittle too tar We like to think that everyone buys AP because it’s funny and informative, and that the coverdisks are an additional bonus, but <s that how you alt think Do teO.


Dear AP,

Actually. I’m missing my old A500 a bit. I

don't suppose there's an A5O0 emulator for the PC is there I wish to complain about university. It's not lair, you have to do your own cooking here, I wish to complain about that. And I ve got a cold. I wish to complain about global warming too Where ihe hell is it0 It s bloody freezing here.

Well. I'd better be oft now. as I've run out ol things to say, except that whatever Isabelle Rees is on. I could do with some Particularly in the mornings Is it Red Bui energy drink by any chance

How's Bob

Steven flosanko, S.Bosanko©east-

extra coverdisk issues, and i‘ve noticed that A1200 only games generally come on a separate disk tram the others

And finally, do you all like Marmile0 Personalty I hate it. I realty can't stand it. but pretty much everyone I know loves it. Bye lor now.

Adam Noble. Hove

Most of us love it to and always have, Steve has grown to ike it and Jonathan Nash hates it. Spodland We realty don't know, but win no doubt ten you if anything interesting ever happens


We don't know what Isabette Rees is on. and as tar as we know Bob is just (me.

Last we heard, she was recovering mcely.



What happened to Spodtanf! Are The Hidden stilt working on it. or have they given up It did seem an interesting game. SO H they ever limsh >1. will it be on your covenfck0

On Ihe subject of coverdisks. 1 think you should drop then in favour o! PCMCIA smart cards iust to make a) the A500 owners feel even more alienated Alter a lew months ol that you could move onto CDs. perhaps ones which only work on the CDTV so that only a few hundred people at ihe most could use ihem.

I realty don't understand why al the A500 owners complain about you You give them a gift and all they can do is complain that A1200 owners gel a bigger gift, and before anyone asks, no I haven't got an A1200. just a 600. but I can appreciate that a blank disk costs about the same as the exlta that you charge tor



A couple ol days ago. I posted you a realty bnbianl letter Every loyal AMIGA POWER reader has at least one truly brilliant letter ■t them which should be released belore they die, And this was mine. Sadly, some vandal had put a ferret In the post box and it ate all the letters Since my letters come straight Irom the heart, I don't have a copy and I cannot remember what I wrote because I took a blow to the head immediately after posting It I cry mysell to sleep most nights now All I can do is light a candle every morning and think of whal might have been This has got to be the saddest letter you ve ever recetved Alex Smyth. Sheffield

It depends how you define sad. Alex. It you mean feeble minded and pathetic' then the saddest one we ever had was the Amstrad PCW owner complaining about our lack of printer support. It you mean ‘emobcmatly draining' then yours was tairty sad, as this tear-drenched page will testily And what do you know

On that note, were out ot space For the letters Again Bye bye then.


Why can't you tell Future Publishing to make your magazines waterproof so I can read Ihem In the bath

Neil Thomely, Sunderland

Why do you think7

Ta very much lor the mouse maf with the huge novelty breasts on It (Leders, AP41). Rodent manipulation since has been a joy to behold for all concerned.

Sieve Browns, Chepstow

No problem whatsoever.

Sensible Software nick Stuart Campbell from you and then refuse to write games tor the Amiga. Some cheek, huh

The Chairman of Ihe Mary Whitehouae fan club


On page 61 ol AP44. you showed a screenshot ol Cojulepeque and a caption that read "It's the Colombian Premier Division.' Now as any

football Ian can tell you. Co utepeque do. in fact, play In El Salvador.

Mick Allken, Dalchworth


Can you send me some ol that Red Bull stuff, cos It's illegal here In good old lolerant Holland. Tolerant Maybe, but not very consistent. Cannabis Is (virtually) legal, but an energy drink isn't.

Thljs Vlssla, Apeldoom, Holland

Sorry, but we've moved on to F-Max.


don't forget. Is:

Do The Write Thing,


30 Monmouth Street.

Bath BA1 2BW.

Cyber Otaku Matrix-Jacking Guru Overlord High Wizards can email us at: ampowertflulurenet.co.uk



Fa ioc long, soltwaie compands have evaded moral re soon ability Games have mlhoul remorse exploited and destroyed harmless woodtend creatures IN PURSUIT OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS No thought has been given to the DISTRESS caused to RIGHT-THINKING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE

We GUARDIANS OF MORAL VALUES stand alone among the powerful organisations that could PREVENT THIS COMPUTER GAME CARNAGE TAKING ACTION Other decretal bodies haw SOLD OUT lo the software companies and DENY ALL KNOWLEDGE at the slaughter


kmd protaci cut oqootk ■obimIUr dia« from lorptdo terror.


Hey, kids! Do YOU know that YOUR favourite software company is probably EXPLOITING AND MURDERING OUR WOODLAND FRIENDS It's true. BUT TOGETHER WE CAN PREVENT THE CARNAGE. Just follow this five-point action plan to THWART THE CORPORATE FIENDS.

1.    Dome CARDIGANS with CAMPHOUR or PEPPERMINT and drag thorn ACROSS popular routes to shops known to bo sailing gamas such as Banshee, Sub War 2050, Cannon Fodder, Llamatron and Bubble and Squeak in ordar to DECOY SHOPPERS WITH A FALSE TRAIL

2.    PICKET shops known to bo soiling games such as Banshee, Sub War 2050, Cannon Fodder, Llamatron and Bubble and Squeak. MARCH UP AND DOWN bawling a TUNELESS FIGHTING SONG, such as "Two four six eight -what don't we appreciate Gamas with animals In thorn. That you have to klll.<* Or "APae says no to scurveo. And games with animals In thorn that you have to kill."

3.    If you SEE somoono going into a shop regardless and buying such gamos as Banshee, Sub War 2050, Cannon Fodder, Llamatron and Bubble and Squeak, HARASS THEM. Follow thorn OUT of the shop, SPRAYING thorn with a HIGHLY VISIBLE shade el PAINT. POINT thorn OUT to passers-by. If thoy attempt to leave by car, BLOCK TNEIR PATH. LEAP on their bonnet to OBSCURE THEIR VIEW. Film thorn with a video camera. Use COMPLICATED EDITING EQUIPMENT to digitise thair likenesses into a specially prepared VERSION of tha game they havo bought. OBTAIN THEIR ADDRESS via SUBTERFUGE and sand thorn tha VIDEO with a voiceover asking how THEY Ilka appearing in a game whore people havo to KILL thorn. SET FIRE TO THEIR HOUSE while making it clear they boar FULL responsibility.

4.    WRITE to your MP demanding an INQUIRY Into games with animals In. THAT YOU HAVE TO KILL.

5.    DRAW ATTENTION to the fow bad apples by BOYCOTTING the produce of countries WHERE PROGRAMMERS LIVE until Hie software industry ACCEDES TO OUR DEMAND TO LET WOODLAND CREATURES LIVE FREE FROM FEAR.



Warn pack a RIG GUN all inifl

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Warn Hast fan m tkraaik tha aaraga secrat nits, daadli Xmfrais, ■ad'a'lad feilldlags aid kldaaas aad-al-laval Psikas cionrising I HUMUNGOUS Inals el 30 Isaaahik karaaga - aid vaai a siaclacilirtf sail, kveai kl-tak. Ilg Ordinance Naatrallilag Exa Skalataa la latf

Wall faa ial D all - M ally II iaa lala Sglaa. Jalal aad Rlk. aUianalsa Imam as Ika SKELETON GREW, la Mali lint aaUUGEous blasted! I

Available on: Mega Drive, Amiga 1200 & CO 32

Miiiiiii™    Skelelon T 5s5ffiirs

55 Ashbourne Road Derby DE22 3FS Telephone (01332) 297797 Facsimile (01332) 381511

Skalelon Kr*w la a iradamark of Cora Daalgn Umllad


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Amiga Power Issue 46 1995 mar Cover

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