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Let the judgment ol AMIGA POWER now be heard. Following the introduction ol Mystery Screenshot Corner to dispel Ihe contusion over an unlabelled promotional photograph on three separate occasions. AP's resident science-battling mutant has evolved into a lest of wits At irregular intervals, when we leel the time is fight la re-introduce an old favourite, or when a halt-page ol the news section needs writing hurriedly because Steve The Publisher and his sinister global mega-corporatlon paymasters have unexpectedly agreed that yet another advertisement tor a magazine unassociated with AMIGA POWER would be shabbily Inappropriate, we pick ai random a screenshot trom an Amiga game and present 11 as a bald challenge lo your powers at recollection. Send your imaginative guesses to I Certainly Didn't. For Example. Look Thlough My Sack Issues For This One with the usual continuation. The prize This must remain* secret. Is It an item ol great value, or one ol little Interest, or perhaps nothing at all beyond being preserved In spirit (or all time Only Huw Iddles ol Rhlwblna. the successlul Informant on Cavitas. and the tibrously unstable time capsule lhal Is Mystery Screenshot Corner shall ever know the truth.

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Amiga Power Issue 45 1995 fev Cover

~\wv MV*L w    A&a

Sensible World Of Softer Jungle

Strike Football Glory; maybe

Or what about Rise of the Robots

Or Cannon Fodder 2 Powerdrive

Aladdin Sim City 2000 Zeewolf

Super Stardust Or even Mr Blobby

We tell you which are great, and

which are, quite frankly, turkeys.

Judgment commences on page 24

i    y CCJ&P    P

ii _SVASr_._



MPUlYiatOR Camaron Winttanlay


Slow Ftri hm

OMNCCNQUS! Jonathan Nath

Stall VMKR Paul Mallanck

am Eaton

Sua Huntley

am (mat m

Sarah ShariayPrlca


Rich Pellay. Traci Rochettar, Jaton Hofcom


Jackla Garlord

DEPUTY Ml MWtaCIR Louisa Woods

sal I SIUCU1MS Diana Clarke. David Matthasrs

GHCU1 Ml UVtV'J R Mary da Sauimatar

at) OESXMR Uz Tuck

PNOOXtlOH COORWMIOR Crai* Hroadbndia

CROF PNODUClkW Mawa R Judith Middeton

rauujciioN return ur

ClaBa Thomas

iKotwc ton conirol asstsiam

Maian Doola

PAPERC0N1R0UIR Fiona Daana

jw-tan asset an i

Suzannah An «lo-Spartin

ao a 9cn uanmj r Michatla Travavat Itro a SCaaMT*. Skmn CMamian Joa Mm. On Sleeker.

' *'Ml\

Vtt v



Ihe sequel to the helicopter game to end all helicopter games. Page 44

Hark Cover, oar Gam

GROUP PufkrsrtR Slava The Publisher

cfcuation OBECTOK Sue Hartley klMiaOCOHCIO Grat Infham ruatiuv. Nick Aiaiandar

After the terrifying success of Cam's first CF guide... Page 84


AIWGAPOMTR fuhae Pubkshng Ltd 30 Monmouth Sheet BalhBAI 2BW IN 01225 442244 Fa* 01225 446019


Cary Court. Somerton, Sameiset TAII 61B IN 01225 442244

Cor. Wow. Stunning graphics. It's undoubtedly the best beat-'em-up on the Amiga, and well worth £43 of anyone's money. OR IS IT Page 60

Beneath the waves, something lurks, tt is us, in our submarine Page 48     _.

This comes from the creators of Guardian, and is the most exciting game we have ever played. Nothing else even comes close. Not even shopping trolley racing. Page 54

na watt, or na stoat a

.rTR‘ <i U w dFl* At,- *! I i ir*li

v Futura Publishing IMS










And hour to spend it.

Our yulellde    BOTTOM

extravaganza begins I LINE on Page 24, and l CHRISTMAS ) then on Page 31 is... \ SPECIAL


Or was it brilliant

Was it, in fact, not much fun at all No, it was

brilliant, with    _ _

hundreds off great games and other stuffff. We tell you about it. Page 36



lm    1995 WM    price

—£ —— ———    Bubble and Squeak A500—57

■    ComplAlA Chass System-68

B..u Jolly Compilation-99    Footb- ] Q ----62

Bubbj 'n'Stir-99    ,    ,    

Jungle Strike------44

Duna 2—••••••• 9B

...    Marvin's Marvellous Adv-52

Police Quest J .. 100

Their Finest Hour-99    Blobby----64

Pawerdrive 67

PQ    Rise ol the Robots CD32-60

Fleming Engines--107    RoadklM CD32----54

Missiles over Xerion-106    Reunion A500----56

TMA-106    Subwar 2050--46

The Unusual Case---------108    Tower Assault-70

PAUL WOULD JUST UKE TO SAY:    ttaid t» *«■-Mom w*a«t'


Sellotaped to the Iron! of AMIGA POWER you will find, it you haven't already, three disks These are our Christmas gift to you. and contain, we re sure you'll agree, the most glorious collection of demos ever assembled on one magazine.

Y«i. On the cover of the Aujuil Inn we promised that YOU (or one of your fellow feeders) would actually II la Cannoa fodder 1. And now, five months Inter, that promise has come to fruition. In foci, twelve of our readers will find themselves Immortalised In Cfl. And this moaih we jive you the chance to ploy the first lour of their levels.



Months aqo we brought you the tunnel sequence from the original Surdutt And now, here's the middle bh from the sequel.


Or Over Maii-Occupicd Prance' as H mi) hi be more correctly named, for thai is where you are, In an aeroplane. And your mission it la destroy enemy in I to I lot ion l.


Three levels of IIS Gold's lerrifyinffy authentic rally jane. Steer left. Steer rtjhi Steer left. Woaaah. Aoarqhh. Woaaah. Oof. Plus! Nay it well and you could win a T-shirt. Or somethin).


A piece of tumbleweed rolls past. The saloon doors flap In the breexe. In the street, two fljures face each other. Their faces arc still, but their flejers twitch...


• Oh nol Are you aura Before you go any further, try the procedure* described In the penel over the pege. If. after all that, you do have dlek problem*, chuck It In in envelope along with an eiplanatory letter and an SAE (or you'll never hear from them again), and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Dlak Return* 45. Diacopy Labs, PO Boi 21, Daventry NN11 5BU. It you send It to ua, you'll wake up one morning In April to find you no longer have a root.






•    You've only got 512K ol memory on your Amiga Blimey, that'* a bit itupld, Isn't it Go and buy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any of the games, all you have to do la switch oft your machine. Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the instructions to load the game of your choice.

•    Just to be on ihe safe side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key to make your selection.

R You'll have lo reset your machine In order to play one of the other demos. When you do so. simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all times. And remember -switching Ihe machine off for 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

•    Have a good lime.


•    Are you sura

•    Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals Ihe program might not 'like', such as external drives.

R It your disk fails to load, then pop H In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 45 Returns Discopy Labs PO Box 21 Daventry NN11 SBII

R We re really hoping that you're reading thia bit, because It's quite Important: please don't send your disks lo us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how lo fix dodgy diaka. and we'll ust throw 'em straight in Ihe bln. So sand AP them to Discopy. Please.

verbal assault on ii. and playing them couldn't be simpler. Simply click the mouse on the box containing ihe level you want lo play. then. er. play it If you get killed (or. indeed, complete the level), the game will lake you back lo the menu screen. Irom where you can quite literally Try Again' At Cam's SPECIFIC REQUEST, we've taken all ihe music out of ihe game lor ihis demo, but vt addition we ve removed the map lunction. as a stingmgly unfair reprisal tactic aimed at punishing you. the readers, lor Cam's foolish daim that CF2 contains no air-to-air combat, when m fact there ARE AT LEAST lour levels containing such chopper-on-chopper-style action Tch, eh’

'Anyway, that's it realty, except lor a lew MINOR TECHNICAL DETAILS. Tracey Stanton's level is called Lover's Leap, and the idea is to kill all the bad dudes and rescue the little hostage biokey Max Harvey s Fran* Klammer Stnkes again has the same obiective (only with more hostages), while in Bill Burton's They All Look The Same To Me and The Road From Hell (by Mark Wickson), you simply have to slaughter everyone and everything you see Likecatiie.

'So enioy the levels, and we ll see you again very soon probably Oh and Cam. anal NME devotee' is a bit nch coming from someone who spent live pages banging on about helicopters last issues, doncha think’ Dosvidanya1'


funsters you1' m an excited squeaky voce' competition, and it's ace All ot the levels come Irom the brutally and unfairly maligned Alien World section, so you can see lor yourself JUST HOW WRONG Cam was in mounting such a vicious and unnecessanly prolonged

Authors: Sensible

'Arnvederci readers' Remember me’ Oh Weil, it s Stuart Campbell again, fresh Irom another hard day's grail as Chiel Servor Executive Vice-President 01 International Gamepiay Development Coordination (I've been promoted) ol SaHron Wader lovelies Sensible Software (and not. lor example. Renegade ). Alter Cam's badly-spelled and tactual inaccuracy-riddled review ol our very beautiful (and not at all. lor example, a hasty cash-in plonked-data-<*sk kind ol affair Whatever anyone says) Cannon Fodder} game Iasi month. I've decided that it's probably best it I left you about this month's coverdisk demo mysell. to REDUCE THE POSSIBILITY of internal misunderstandings It leatures no less (and certainly no more) than lour of the successful entries in AP s great Lard Kitchener says *Hey kids, it's your chance to be in the sequel lo Cannon Fodder Pens and paper at Ihe ready, you muddy

have lo do il on ce Prepare 10 crash a lot. The dea s lo gel lo the end as Iasi as possible (obviously) and the skill’s lo be really i«gW on the stoenng and use Down on the joystick lo handbrake round sharp comers

Once you've qualified tor the third level and completed il. you ! be given a code II you rot this down on the back ol

a postcard and send it to ‘1 Am Clearly The Leader o< the Pack Now Give Me a T-Shirt*. 30 Monmouth Stieel. Bath. BA1 2BW We ll then bung all the entnes m a large barrel and pick out live winners, who! each gel a groovy Powerdrrve T-shirt Which is certainty better than a size 13 bod n the gron For example

Authors: Rage

There are three levels n this demo. but. cruety. US Gold have put the shppy-shdey level lust This means that you not onty have to get lo gnps with the rather sensitive controls which apparently accurately simulate a top raiy car driving over a loose surface) but you

t; Authors:


The one's lor your A1200. everyone NOT tor your A500. NOT tor your A600 and certainly NOT for your A500* Captche7 Understando’’ Speaka da English This, like al the other A1200 games we ve had. is lor your A1200 ONLY, which is why the label says A1200 ONLY on it You wouldn't believe the amount of problems we've had with A1200 dsks in the past, so now that we've sad all ol this, anyone who sends tha back to us because it doesn't work on the<r A600 or A500 shouldn't be at al surprised when a high-velooty sniper IxAet comes crashing through their right temple You have been warned So what we have here is thiee screens ol rock-related rmschiet. or halt a planet's worth or about one fourteenth ol the entire game, which is a mcre-Ihan-geneious slice The demo's joystick- or mouse-controllable, you can view the power-up screen by pressing the space bar and it s all jolly good tun As TV’s famous children s star Brian Cant was lord ot saying throughout the 1980s play away






Author: Seb Grinke.

James Hill

Okay, get a Inend and both dress up n silly cowboy costumes Hals, chaps, spurs - the works Now load GuiAghlers and stand about a foot away from the Amiga Clutch your thighs lo mime holding the butt of a Colt 45 peacemaker, and when the dude «t the game shouts 'Draw1', go lor it Player one hits the Space bar, player two the Return key. and the lust to make it blows a large hole through the loser

Giggle a lot and repeal, then order Ihe lull version Irom PD (tealunng two different players and loads ol backgrounds) and play that instead We've had this one tor weeks and stil lind it lunny



Game demos, like so-called 'portable' stereos, just keep on getting bigger and bigger. Why. only the other day. Cam bought one (a stereo (hat r$ . not a demo) lhat's as large as a canoe and weighs a hefty 10kg. which is hardly very portable And this month, although we ve got lour great demos lor you (live it you've gal an A1200). we've had lo do 'special things' lo them to gel them to fit on the disks. Before you start fiddling around with disks one and three, get lour (count 'em) blank disks together and follow the on screen instructions lo 'unpack' ihe 'data' onto them After that, simply reset Ihe machine, sick m these new disks and away you go Packing Ihe data down lo tit on a lew disks is a bit fidety. but we re sure you! find Ihe exercise worthwhile


Authors: Rowan

We reviewed this back in AP43. we gave it 88%. and we were so impressed with it that we bagged ihe rights lor the demo. We were then m the unfortunate position ol never having enough disk space lo use it on a coverdrsk until now. when we've ust about managed it You've got two chances lo impress ihe he’: out ol your superiors and blow up large sections at coastal Prance m this demo, once with air supenonty and once with two fighters seconds away from shooting your wings oft

The game uses mouse, keys or joystick lor control, so select your choice al the beginning You’re (tying a cannon-and rockeilinng Typhoon, so toggle between them usng 9 on the numeric pad and see which one's selected by

looking al Ihe switch at the bottom nghi ol the control panel

There'ne millions of viewpoints and options available (just fiddle with the keyboard la find them ail) but ihe most important ones are these:


(Backspace) - This keeps Ihe selected target in the centre ol the screen and moves the pilot's head to track it it’s great as tong as the largers above or in front ol you. but gels contusing when you're looking backwards or below When this happens switch lo EXTERNAL TARGET LOCK (Relum) - The looks through your plane lowards the enemy, and is a great way ol orienting yoursell II you'ie sbll in a flap, switch to


(C - Zero) - Yup. back to Ihe bog standard control and forward view, which may be a bil dull and undynamic after the Ihnlts ol the internal cockpit lock, but at least allows you lo straighten yoursell Out and check your altitude and weapons

As well as ail ol the. you can spin around the plane, pul your landing gear up and down and liddle with your (laps and rudders You know Ihe drill, now shoot things



rnui stories


Once more our global news gathering machine creaks into unstoppable action to bring you the LATEST NEWS on the worldwide Amiga scene.


“When’s it coming out ” asks AP reader Roy Nesbit of Crewe. We answer him.

In the darts, slightly seedy world at PC games, the b»g name ai ihe moment is Doom Office blocks across the globe have been grinding to a halt as stnpy-shirt-clad executives pursue each other diang dark tunnels    ■

with sawn-olt Shotguns


have been frantically trying to prevent then systems being swamped by Doom related multi player signals

ll‘s a mare game, basically, where you dash about

• ' :.....t'i‘"r:)

A : s, e • •

made special by the '• >'    1 3D

... * •"

UlBpR R    i sm < in , as

~~    you 90 through doors

.3r d up and c stairs,


,    1    qi a ty w :apcns you ie' tc

hantJe. ranging fiom sawn-oft shotguns to chainsaws And its popularity has been aided by the tact that it's a shareware game, with extra levels and weapons available to those who pay the registralion fee

Doom has proved so successful that is has crossed over into the glitzy, noisy world of games consoles The Jaguar and the Mega Drive 32X are me first two machines to benefit from conversions, with their special graphics chips proving necessary to heave all that scenery about, and others will doubtless follow.

Bui whal of the intimate. carvM-lit world ol the Amiga II conversions ol Mortal Kombar 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 proved economic, along with a seemingly endless procession ol ex-PC games, then surely Doom would loo

TMt k.M men Mm XXim Uh COJt (m k!m% piixlMd M oM • covcrditk «* ••r mijMmii, colt MfuiM). aad Mm

picturt. m Mm Ml. tM »oM»n»s to

il mirali


ila i<

lad li

Given that Doom started life as a PD game perhaps that's where we should be looking tor an Amiga version.


\ , s

. ".


At 200 4- SKIDMARKS 2

"Nash.' says Doug Johns of Virgin, who pubfcsh Ihe enhanced commercial version of Doom (slightly deceptively titled Doom 2) "We've got no plans lo bnng it out on the Amiga, although we'd be surprised it someone wasn't chasing the rights to the name Really you want lo phone up Id Software in the Slates They programmed it."

We tned But unfortunately our attempts plunged us into the raghtmare ol ‘electronic attendance' (Interactive letephone answering machines - £0) A grating vo«e. POSSIBLY THAT Of SATAN HIMSELF. reeled oft a long kst of numbers that we could dial to get vanous services but none of them seemed to mention the Amiga At one point there was something about "If you wish lo bcence the Doom technology then forget >1 - you can't have if. though, which didn'1 sound loo promising Finally we hung up. alraid that we might get trapped on the ElectromagneticIntercityMamline forever

But1 Who needs them, ehi Little matters like licences never stopped the foe body of mvididuals that is the Amiga games industry

The trail led back across the Atlantic lo Wakefield. West Yorkshne amid rumours lhal a local software publisher have been secretly working on a Doom-type game tor several months now.

"Oh all nghl then We are.' admits Team 17's Alan Bunker "It's sort ot Ahen Breed rt 30. with you running around killing aliens In 3D We toyed with the idea ol actually calling it Doom, but

eventually reasoned that Aten Breeds a better-known name on the Amiga, and deoded we ll probably stick with that ‘ Team 17 are hoping to have then version of Doom finished by Easter

Meanwhile, down in Lincolnshire. Apache are putting the finishing touches to Death Masque, which we previewed in AP40 Apache were rather coy about their game S similanties lo Doom, but Death Masque is now to be published by Alternative, who. as well as buarrely retitlmg it Death Mask are making no bones about the Doom connection ‘Doom and WoHenstem type games on Amiga - no way’" runs the first line of their publicity material

"The mam advantage ol Death Mask is its split-screen two-player mode.' reiterates Alternative's Roger Hulley. "This takes ihe place of the networking sluti on the PC versmn *

And. er. that's about it lor Doom on ihe Amiga But if Alternative and Team 17 do well with their Doom games, there's no reason why others shouldn't take up the challenge, and the potential is there lor Doom clones to become the platform games of the late 1990s Probably




A package arrived at AMIGA POWER recently Irom Time Warner, marked The Making ol Pr.mai Rage It goes mio tediously elaboiate detail about how a con-op called Pnmal Rage came into being with lots ol grainy pictures of men making models ol dinosaurs and then digitising them into computers

But1 We ve played Pnmal Rage m the arcade, and As not at ail bad if you like beat- em-ups - not lernbly many special moves, but nice touches like little people running around getting squashed under the dnosaurs leet, and great roanng sound effects The little people even come and crowd around your dinosaur when he falls

over and pray tor him to be brought back to life It's certainly miles better than the dsmal Rise ot the Robots (reviewed on pages 60-61). which a Time Warner's other recent beat'em-up And Time Warner used to be called Alan, of course, and created the Star Wars coin-op. so they Ye all nghl by us

The point ol all this, though, is that Pnmal Rage is being convened to all the vanous home formats, including the Amiga and is due lor release m September next year We're cedamly looking lorwerd lo it. being big dinosaur fens



Guartkan is definitely one of the besi three games o<

1994(AP43 90%). and we re delighted to hear lhal it's been selling well, but up until now it has only been available on the CD32 Not any more, though - an A1200 version was neanng completion as we went to press, and should be m the shops now We d advise all our At 200-ownmg readers lo purchase a copy without delay

And the other good news is lhal Acid Software. Guardian s New Zealand-based creators, have also nearly finished Skidmarks 2. It's supposed to be like Skidmarks, only berter. with up to eight cars dnvmg around at once on the AGA version We ll hopetuiiy be bringing you a review and coverdisk demo ol it next month Book early

What, idari, Btr«jfR *f pfcotOD lire, lEidEdwbdta, fcElufcA







Gnaw off your arm in preference to disturbing the Brobdingnagian temper of...


Identify the picture wiih.M


Let the judgment ol AMIGA POWER now be heard. Following the introduction ol Mystery Screenshot Corner to dispel Ihe contusion over an unlabelled promotional photograph on three separate occasions. AP's resident science-battling mutant has evolved into a lest of wits At irregular intervals, when we leel the time is fight la re-introduce an old favourite, or when a halt-page ol the news section needs writing hurriedly because Steve The Publisher and his sinister global mega-corporatlon paymasters have unexpectedly agreed that yet another advertisement tor a magazine unassociated with AMIGA POWER would be shabbily Inappropriate, we pick ai random a screenshot trom an Amiga game and present 11 as a bald challenge lo your powers at recollection. Send your imaginative guesses to I

Certainly Didn't. For Example. Look Thlough My Sack Issues For This One with the usual continuation.

The prize This must remain* secret. Is It an item ol great value, or one ol little Interest, or perhaps nothing at all beyond being preserved In spirit (or all time Only Huw Iddles ol Rhlwblna. the successlul Informant on Cavitas. and the tibrously unstable time capsule lhal Is Mystery Screenshot Corner shall ever know the truth.

Runs on: A500 (1Mb), A600, A1200 Publisher: Vulcan Authors: Lisa Tunnah and Paul Carrington ETA: January

NO 8



1st ottence: 3-8% ofl 2nd offence: 12-46% oft 3rd Offence: Death by bangng by the teet trom the cable of a crane and being swung repeatedly between two gust sheets ol imperfectly textured plasterboard lo the dulcet warbings of Roger Whittaker

The last issue ol AMIGA POWER contained a malenal inaccuracy We I old you lhal Vulcan are releasing Valhalla Before The Wat as a budgel-pneed, two-level slop-gap But they've changed their minds sree then, and Before The War ts now to be a ful-pnce game with toui levels

We've played the first level a M. and 1 looks very similar to the ongnal Valhalla (AP39 19%). But' In the very Ms) location we interacted' wfli another character - a wizard (He said. 'Go away Inhrwty *) And1 In all the time we've been playing it. we haven 1 faien down a single hole Good news

Sightly oonlusingly. the plot precedes the lust game's, and casts you as the Lord ol Infmty. a baddie who's trying to topple the king trom his tvone He s got a deeper vo«e than the first game's Me ted - more ol a boom than a squeak Tm contused.' he booms it doesn't work' And. 1 hate this castle.' Happ y, there's now an option to turn oft the 'non-essential* speech

Valhalla veterans will already have spotted that the viewing window ts larger, so you can see more ol Ihe playing area at once But they'll be most pleased by the new map facility

back! Oh yes.

“It doesn’t fit.” He’s

"We found that m the ongnal Valhalla' explains Vulcan's Lisa Tunnah. 'many people were drawing maps of the levels as they progiessed This was due to the sheer size ol the game As the levels m Be lore The War are even larger than its

predecessor s. we thought >1 would be heiplul to have a permanent map feature, accessible by clicking the tire button of the loystick on the relevant toon. This displays Ihe entire level you are currently playing ‘

And it does We ined it.

The overall style ol gameplay <s similar.' goes on Lisa 'From the experience of the first Valhalla title, we

found that (he logical puzzles provided a winning formula and the demand tor more in this style was another reason why Before the Wat was initiated The added features are there to enhance rathei than to change '

Wil all this be enough to turn the game around, though So tar we've drunk a potion, pulled some levers, picked some things up and talked to an old woman We ■ do some more things before bnngng

you a lull and incisive review, possibly next issue, but more likely the one after ■ JONATHAN OAVIES

THE CRIME: Making grammatical errors m a game or its documentation and not bothering to hire proof-readers lo correct the mistakes, so ensuring that the first impression (need player receives ol the game, the developer and by implication the publisher is ol shoddiness and ineptitude as he ts asked to believe the game has passed through the hands of 14) to 30 people without anyone pomhng out errors a child ol five would find embarrassing, cementing in his mnd the miserable amateunsm of the software industry with the irrepressible oalishness of the people who pawl special offers on shop windows and possibly even leading him lo believe that misplacement of apostrophes and substitution at verb and noir forms is coned English.

THE CASE FOR THE PROSECUTION: (Scene - a foyer Enter Billy Fan and Graeme Fnend )

Billy Fan: No, honestly. Graeme, you'l be (me. The advertisement asked lor a programmer, and there's noone alive who can program better than you after your identical twin brother Graeme hurled himself under a bus And in view of your infamously timorous and introverted nature. I shal ol course lend

moral suppod during the interview (They enter the interviewer's office ) Interviewer: Welcome to Impaired Mongoose Software Its a pleasure lo meet you. (They sit ) Well. t supose you'll want to know a little about the job, basieaty, we ve got the icense to Bobby Boons Platform Shoot- em-Up 3. and as its a cutsie game we need somebody to harvie the movement routines with plenty ol emphasis on the bounce, your CV is very impressive but we I sHl need to see you do something here, you can practice on the machine there and then knock something 14) for this afternoons board meeting, you neednt worry its a simple task just a bit ol parabola maths, but first you II take you on the lour and you can meet the guy's their a bit w«rd but their labo coder's and thats what counts eh eh haha

Graeme Friend: Aaarghh (Hurts sett trom window.]

Interviewer: I mysed pawt the box artwork.

Billy Fan: Dckens The irony.



mlutonr There are new upgrade* lo buy, Including Jammer*, navigation eld* and more powerful weapon*. Battle* will work differently, to they'll be lest realistic but more fun. and you'll gel tangled up with more than

laa*lM tM,

one ship more

frequently. You can 'Jack' Into 'online' 'Information providers', reflecting current development* along the InformatlonMolorway, and these will keep you updated on what * going on around ihe galaxy. And video clip* are promised for Ihe CD32 version.

Although still due for release In February, the Amiga version of First Encounter* I* lagging a bit behind Ihe PC one. and so far we've only seen PC pictures (a couple of which we reproduce here). They show all son* of complicated texturemapping going on, which presumably won ! make H to the Amiga. Tsk, eh



Still not all Kick Offed out What resilience.




If look* rcBiriublf

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am RiRsik fcefere daikiay Ref es4    srh) fRr

k. ft ike uhc «( ksBUsIry.

Further details of Frontier 2 have been disgorged by Gametek, who are releasing It In February. It's called First Encounters, baftllngly. and Involves the return of the deadly Thargoida lo human space. There are new ships lo pilot, some of which are specialised for certain

Runs on: A500. A600.

A1200. CD32 Publisher: Anco Author: Steve Screech ETA: Out now

Yes. It's back - Kack OH 3. bui this time m a new improved European Challenge incarnation There are more leagues, including the German. Spanish. French. Iiahan and Engksh ores (lo give it that European (eel presumably) and they all play differently Which no doubl means that the foreign teams are all better than the English ones

And Ihere s more - new tactics, new menus, replay options, dead ball set-ups. different pilches, more sound and even improved graphics (if you're lucky you might even gel lo see some rendered Ms) II even sounds like Anca have addressed some of the cnbcisms levelled at ihe rather poor onginal It didn t recognise a second disk dnve. we complained m our review in AP40. where we gave it 69%. II didn't give you Ihe option of using a two-button joystick And. worst of all. Ihere was a disinterested silence when you scored a goal All these problems are being recited st the update, which only leaves us with Ihe actual tooiball-playing lo worry about. (And the small matter of why we’ve had to wait till now to get all ths sorted out. and then hand over yet more money for the privilege. Anco say they're considering otfenng an upgrade lo purchase's of the original, but even so).

We've only played an unfinished version ol the game, but early indications suggest it plays much the same as it did before, only a bn better We tell you for Sure next month • PAUL UELLEFttCK


There seems la be no stopping the Audiogenic cncket bandwagon as they pioudly announce their 4th and 5th excursions into the simulation ol leather on willow

Bathe tor the Ashes is a special edition ol the Graham Gooch World Class Cricket game that we liked enough to give a highly respectable 60% back m AP26 Since Ihen Audiogene have released the updates Graham Gooch's Second Innings and Test Match Special

whch both improved the game further Battle tor the Ashes is a slightly cut-down version of the anginal game leatunng just the English and Australian teams that ate battling down under at the moment, and will cost just CIO. which sounds like a good deal to us It will be released in January

At the same time there will be a new data disk called Cncket 94-95 which will also sell for a lenner Designed to work with all versions ol Graham Gooch (except Battle tor the Ashes, natch) the disk will have up to date statistics lor 9 test sides, including South Afrca all 18 English county teams and the 6 Australian Sheffield Shield Sides that England were playing in the run up lo the lest senes Howrat’

ll'i jxii mi crf«k«l.

Inipl N lx. Clxxrtf.


The Solutions We haven't actually read a copy, or even seen one at first hand, but if it includes, as its publishers promise, solutions to every single level, then ii should be ust the ticket The book t$  published by Kuma ('Bnfish computing books at their best'), and costs £9.95. and its ISBN is 07457 0249 X

While most of us are

eagerly looking forward to Lemmings 3. many readers may still be

struggling with previous Lemmngs games - lemmngs. Oh No More Lemmngs. and lemmings 2 The Tnbes To them we recommend a new book called lemmngs




Oddly, virtually avary In The Style 01 entry we received this month wa* a variation on Skidmarks - perhaps In anticipation ol the imminent sequel. Robert Starling's entry was no exception, but was undoubtedly the best, showing, as It does. Skidmarks In The Style Ot Jurassic Park. It's not particularly tunny or anything, but the dinosaur Is nicely drawn, and eventually we decided to award it 6/10 and send Robert £120-worth ol tree games.

But then, tragically, as we were copying Robert's name and address trom the disk label, we noticed that he'd written his name as Robert R'

Starling, as it we were likely to know any other Robert Starlings. So we were compelled to reduce his score to just 3/10. and his prize therefore to £60 ol games.

II you'd like to contribute, send your entry on a Deluxe Paint-readable disk to: In The Style Of, AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.


Runs on: A1200, CD32 Publisher: Team 17 Authors: Amber Developments ETA: March

“What innuendo ” ask Team 17. Indeed.

We sere thinking ol getting an AMIGA POWER cat Just a small one. to si on our laps and keep us warm in the winter But as sere afraid ol what Cam might do to it Alter work So we ll have to gel by with the new platform game due out Irom Team 17 (i March

It's being wntien by a pair cl chaps caled Matt Bell and Andy Coates Together they are Amber Developments, a new programming team, and this is their tint game Bui unlortunatety they were out stien I phoned to ask them all aboul it (no. realy this time), so I'll have to improvise a be. drawrsg on my vast experience ol platform games generaly, and the information Team 17 managed to wring tram them belore they went out I left a message, so 1 they call back whan they git m I'll be able to tell you more

The game's cast consists entirely ol cals, drawn to look as lurry and enticing as possible The one you control is called ) Bons.'a streetwise aley cal' and you've got to rescue some kittens who ve been placed under a spell by another cal


Guard your Sansbfe Gofcovertksks Irom AP44 carefully, because you'll never see ftie game ri that lorm agari Jusl weeks from Goffs scheduled completer dale Sensble have deeded that as it siood. you couktni reaSy see enough ol the course on the screen So they're zoomng every! hng out by a (actor of about two, making the players even smaller and ihe

holes easier to am at The gameptay engne will remain the same, though Because ol ths, fs haid to magne Go bong finished by the end ol the year as planned Expect il sometime n the new year instead

fr.iibk Cod .i it wax.

called EvV Eric In a

Lemrrrogs-'.ike lasher, kittens    

you've rescued can be used to reach places Bons can't by (kggmg tunnels and things It's an AGA-only game, and were promised this'l mean highly colourful graphics and smooth, parallax scrolling But what'll 1 otter that will make it stand out Irom every other platform game with pretty graphics and puzzle elementsWill it avoid platform pitfalls like hidden spikes and leaps of lath without ending up loo easy like, tor example. Marvin's Marvellous Adventure7 Are frolicking, paslei-hued felines really going to appeal to Cannon Fodder piayng AMIGA POWER readers7

Hang or I'll try ihem once more No It seems I shall have lo leave you m suspense until the game's finished, whereupon we will review it • JONATHAN DAVIES


Several eagled-eyed AMIGA POWER readers have spotted their favourite maga2me m a commercial on television The ads lor bathroom deaner. and stars the bloke Irom Brush Strokes, and apparently you can dearly espy a copy ol AP when he reaches into a cupboard for a bottle ol Ihe cleaner We haven't seen 1 ourselves, so maybe someone could video rt and send 1 in.

And also, you may be aware that AMIGA POWER was recently absorbed into an enormous global megacorporation Well, our new owner's plans mdude branching out into television programming, possibly tied info Future Pubkshmg's magazines. And presumably AP is lo be included in the equation

So we've been thinking What would you Ike to see on AMIGA POWER TV. should it ever gel oft the ground7 There'd be plenty ol Amiga news, reviews and playing lips, ol course, probably presented in the style ol Barry Norman's Film 94 But how aboul other things, lor a bit ol vanety7 Perhaps some sod of cop show, with us running around with big hair and guns Or a consumer advice programme hosted by the Four Cyclists d the Apocalypse Jonathan Nash's Cartoon Time, perhaps And we could probably arrange repeals ot popular '70s shows like Canoe Squad But what elseWnte and let us know at Ihe usual address, and we'll begin to draw up some schedules

[1'DEE OTG @0




We have a Brilliant Year every year at AMIGA

POWER, and this year’s no exception. But was it a brilliant year The distinction is an important one. So this time we’ve decided to provide you with a detailed analysis of 1994 in its entirety, as well as listing our favourite games of the year like we always do. How was it for us  For the Amiga  For games And for, well, things generally

Theie were a couple of months earlier Ihis year, round abcul May or June, whan AMIGA POWER was m danger of becoming enslaved by Gravity Force 2 braver, doomed lo an eternity ol Icy Cave-based duels It kind ol eclipsed everything else - not only games, but also be savageries ol my tormenled personal Ida. wtvch was a relief. Fortunately we've txnd ways to control its hypnotc appeal tut we sWi Ifid Gravity Force 2 a useful way lo settle office disputes too minor to justify be AP sledgehammer and sickle In terms of games that you have to actually pay money for. though. 1994 has been well, not a dassc year, exactly, but certainly one lull of surprises In tact, most ot ora favourite games arrived almost enAiety out of the blue

Guardian is a case at point We previewed it ages ago. muttering something about it looking a bit like Starmng. and had all but forgotten about it It arrived one morning in the post, completely unsolicited, and lay around gaberng dust tor a few days until with a oatto ol pages to Ml. we ihoughi we'd gne it a try. just on the olf-chance And be rest is history The promise ol an A1200 version is good news indeed No A500 version, ftough Every momng we open letters until our lingers are raw. only to Imd they're trom Amiga 500 and 600 owners, complaining that these days they only seem lo be able to play about half ihe demos on our coverdisks. it's disgusting, etc But the Wh a that 1994 has been the year ol Ihe Amiga 1200. with more and more pushers taking the plunge and eommfling themselves to 1200-only games It's inevitable, really - computer games gel more sophisticated every year, and be Amiga is lucky in being ipgradabte. so it can avoid getting left behnd And if AMIGA POWER a going to avod getting left behind as well, it's gomg lo have to carry 1200-only demos like Super Stardust. Aladrhn and Pinfta* Asms We won t ever forget Ihe 500-oerung majority, though, and we hope you II keep writing r We can always get tome more slicking plasters or something

is our leader. We will defend his should the need arise. Ever.

Jonathan own lives

body with our

As lor Commodore, well. tch. eh

It's recently been

announced that iheie

won t be Iresh supplms ol i

Amigas in the shops tor JGEf* f

Christmas, which is

enormously cad news Will t Hg s' people be cmpired ia ho'a iHH $

onto then money until

Commodore gel their act

logeiher1 I'Two to three

weeks at the most' is then

latest prediction but they've

been saying that lor months ) IH

Or will they buy PCs or    SR

someihing instead1 Who can

tell1 Sales of the C032 are

reported to still be healthy, though, and

with hundreds of thousands of Amigas

installed across the nation, it's hatd to

imagine the whole Amiga

phenomenon vanishing overnight. y

Here al AMIGA POWER we re

remaining optirrusfce Sort of.    .

But that's enough gloomy Hi industry commentary (Especially as J I've iusi noticed Cam filling most ol n his page with Ihe same sort ol slut!, Tm and I lenities me when l Imd I have )■ things in common with Cam )

The best pan of 1994 for me personally has been starting the year on the bottom rung as APS much maligned RPG-and-complicaled-naval-slraiagy-game reviewer, and ending if as its editor.

Which presumably makes me technically Ihe single mightiest being ever lo produce a computer games magazine Gosh


Being put In charge of AMIGA POWER. Casualty, all the games In my Top 10, but especially Gravity Force 2. my talking parrot. The X-Flles. AP s charming readers

i i Fiction, the whole Rise of the Robots thing, and that advert lor cere thet goee something like: "The new Toyota Whatever Is so great (hit sometime* It like* to go for a drive... all on lie ownr No It doetn l. They re obviously tying Do they think we re stupid or something Or what

I v* certainly known wore* years And. given fhel 1994 he* pretty much had a monopoly on things over the last twelve months, w* didn't com* out of It too badly.

fmstZ Ill.fl tMs pJctnn It nnut4 kcfm h jo lo pntt. - U)

the ytar UAuoj lo a* oruhctol parrot.


1.    Gravity Force 2

2.    Guardian

3.    Zeewolf

4.    Putty Squad

5.    F1

6.    Fury of the Furrles

7.    Pirates! Gold

8.    Banshee

9.    Theme Park

10.    Cannon Fodder 2


The same, only with A1200 more garnet. And more AP covsrdltk demos, natch.






Gun-totin’, bike-ridin’ big guy CW tells all.

What's been happemg to me m 1994 (hen1 Wei. I answered more moitxic reader calls then ever before lAarghh' - how many limes mist I tiplam lhal A1200 ONLY games woo l work on an A600°). tell ofl motorbikes more than ever before and got more personal abuse from readers and software companies than, you've guessed I, ever before But has A been a good year tor me Amqa. me and AMIGA POWER’ 01 course a has but how good Was n a 1963 ChainsunecH du Pape type ot a year, or ust • rather frufy 1992 Samaburys Dry While’ Was A brAkant’ Wei, m me case at the magazine. I'd have 10 say “yes' In my (entrely unbresedl option. I Itvrk we've turned out enfertairwig and worthwhile maga mat have consistently oti classed anything our rivals could cobble logs me/ A

Gravity /area f

mill ucarty at ■ mb at mater cydai iiA vanai bin

Ihu fill.

pox ot scixvy on a> those people who write n and blab on about ihe Man B«foy Golden Age APi at As best nght now.

in me case ol me t‘s been pretty lunky loo -1 started the year as a stall wrier on an F-reg 350 Yamaha and ended A as a deputy editor on an L-reg 650 Suzuki - an increase ol several thousand pounds and 26 brako horse power

And Ihe Amiga Well, good is all you can say really This lime last year we were fookng back on me finest 12 months n the Amiga's hrstory, wAh new games like Syndicate flashback and Surdusf emerging on the Arraga first, and console hAs such as Mem Machines and Desert Strike being ported over 93 brought us the CD32 and saw the steady nse of the A1200 AI ol this was good

Ths year As all been e bit strained Commodore should have been shaping as many C032s as Ihey could produce They Should have been rood rig the high streets wAh A1200s so lhal the 20,000 new Amiga owners who jort the dub every Chnstmas would have no double getting iheir hands on them And what's happening this Christmas Nothing, that's what Nietski Nada Nothing Dixons a lul at PCs whereas Commodore's still lull ol promises ol a managemenl buyout over six months after the parent company Hushed itsall down the lubes Bah.

The obvious resuS ol this is that there won't be 20,000 new Amiga owners mis February, but the wider, more sinister effect s that software companies are losing (arih m the Amiga Ths is bad lor games players (obviously) bad tor AP but cunousty enough spectacularly bad tor the softies IhemseNes

The Amvjak still the most lucrative end ol (heir opeiakons. tar more profitable than tie doc ring 16 bA console market Surely they're not stupid enough to tom their backs on tuch e market Or ere (hey  Or ARE may OR ARE THEY

I hope not AMIGA POWER S one ol the formeal, beshest computer games mags on me market, and 1 11 be more than happy to stay here as long as AII have me I just hope the Amiga (and. by dosa links. AMIGA POWER I doesn't <*e an isttnefy death because software companies Ihnk As old hat and Commodore can't gel their ad logether. That'd be irage • CAM WINSTANLEY

UPPERS Pulp Fiction, a ( ] brand new Suzuki

DR650RSE. writing Ihe Cannon fodder Playing Guide and being hopeless at Theme Park Being made deputy editor and still





1.    Gravity Force 2

2.    Theme Park

3.    Zeewolf

4.    Cannon Fodder 2

5.    Putty Squad

6.    F1

7.    Jet Strike CD32

8.    Guardian

9.    Skidmarks

10.    Fury of the Furries

galling to play endlas* games ol Gravity Porea 2. Realising that working on AP Is probably Ihe cushiesl job In the world.

® DOWNERS Everything to do with the World Cup, but Wild Cup Soccer in particular. Commodore still not gening iheir act together. Getting smashed up on my bike end limping around tor six months. People moaning about A120Q covardlsk demos and games, when they should be reellslng that without Ihe AI2O0. Ihe Amiga's going to become the Spectrum ol the '90s.


Truly we are the mightiest beings ever to produce a computer garnet magazine, but lor how long Next year s make or break lor tha Amiga attar a standstill 94. And if anyona i listening. I d like a Triumph Tiger lor Christmas, ta very much


What do I remember

particularly as I look back upon the year ol Our Lord n*teleen hundred and raiety lour1 Arvmaniacs returning to Whals Up Doe. of course, all the bits restored tbey cut to make it lit the afternoon slot but with the unwanted addition ol unpleasant scrolling messages advertising 0698 competition lines; the Batman arwnaled Mm; Tiny Toone beng lerrtle every week tor tour months; and my Mac bellowing a random question whenever I type the word What' are items ftal ipnng equally easily to mind Less obwoua. perhaps was the Adwntura ot the Mustard Income, a tala ret must tor the moment remain untold, •rough l am permitted to reveal that had I trimmed two steps to the right, the papacy woiid be a thing ol tastory

Then, ol course, there was my tunphel acqusibon of the very pencil Quh Jones used to toy out the world's gweiest animated cartoon pcture. Rohm Hood Deity By a simulating oonodence. I ear discovered this was too same penoi Jones had won liom Bfl Hanna dumg the tomxe 1946 rterarvmalcr-department poker game played tor slutko property rater toan money (It was the inevitable •etange ol artists' pads (due to two pair sows and eights winning ewer a hearts kah) tval led to the thematically identical Rabbi Rhapsody and Cat Concerto appearing at toe end ol that year.)

Such a prize inevdably dirrwushed toe •nped ot meeting in person James J Dugn. toe athlete prodigy immortalised m ha inspected documentary. The Jimmy Ougan Story

Gu by tar toe most attractive moment ot tie year came with my appointment to tie cloud dossed pentheon that a AMIGA POWER Even the thnll at havng an aid ot a certain Southern Seas repubkc pven my name in the

«    Latin to towing

the resolution ol a diiticu* political question on behall ol the

   \    government


h V besde the

Let the records show that the year in question has featured J Nash in a supporting role. Or has it Or HAS it OR HAS IT

grandeur ol a posing lo AP HHi *-■ - «    ’ - ,, gBjRi'

put at n:i:&e t>, capping oh Biilll « formulae with toe SaBBi banter <g veterans, seeking    Wassif

scraps Irom their mighty table by amusng them with a    HV'

prepared comedy speech and tap routine Before the    HW

afternoon had waned I had    8BwBj

passed the grue "no initiation test, accurately uto'Mytng the next to die trom a list at    WHj

unsteady otWrtr.. and    HHH

making a joke about cancer

Then a hearty meal ot cherubrm and seraphm. and I was equipped to begat ihe long and arduous journey lo ruthless reviewing enlightmenl. onemalic reference and the ptagansng ol obscure books

The year passed steadty. as 1 had

learnt tmm Master Yi that it l »•* was obliged to do. and along with my growing mlo the idle ot the newest ot the world's DISSEMINATORS OF ESSENTIAL INFORMATION, tons passage ol time t>rthed many occurences Outwitting a gentleman brigand m Dawson. Canada compMng The Secret Of Monkey Island mastering the art ot ccnstructng an arquebus tor da amusement and counftng dsk tour ot Universe twee are some ol toe events I can recal with easy warmth Certain others wail behind pamstakingfy constructed memory blocks irtl a number ot nigh placed persons are safety dead although occasional Rashes ol a cradde-lotten calendar handwrflen in an untamliar script and showing fifteen months >. suggests much to lock tarwaid to In \ much the same wary as there <s •*1    \ much to look forward to at. tor

I example 1995's AMIGA POWER J comm ssonad Gravity Force 3, y' the swathe ol Doom donee, the GunAghtorspeoa! etfeion where the

_ vidim crashes to toe *oo< in

HH slow motion and possby jusi B posse., . Guardian 2 Slpl As the year convergr «;,v  B£s 'he horizon I retfeci on hew 11111118    with fiery •- i!

progressed from Ihe filthy ranks mm * '■ -n.i AMIGA iH ' .. HhB seat beside the elder gods Ihemseives The year r* Our Lord nineteen hundred and B ninety tour has done nghl by ™ me. and I. through strange and snsfer acts, have done right by t I now stp kke a shadow into the night. Astractng Irom my egress with a tet ol my favounte games ol the year so tar • JNASH

I mm .el J Nath al all, aad I waai la ■kava yea bald aad iprar-ealx kaad la Ifta colour af yoar ckolca lor oaty Itl.fl Aad Ikii li Ormvttf tarn 4 Ika yaaia al roar* aikar cfcaaplaai.

1.    Gravity Force 2

2.    Guardian

3.    Sinister Theme Park = Empire Soccer

5.    Banshee

6.    Super Stardust

7.    Chaos Engine A1200

8.    Out to Lunch

9.    Scorched Tanks

10.    Bubble and Squeak


So fir. the year ol Our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-four Is on course for a confident victory, but anything yet could happen as I write these words In the closing fortnight of December. Some other magazines may be satisfied with almost all ol the year and mark it regardless, or perhaps even review the PC version, but AMIGA POWER shell stand fast for Ihe fully-finished item





New boy, old Steve became an old boy this year. Sort of. If you see what we mean.


I'M only jus! anved at AMEGA POWER and everyone seems wry tiendy. Sluad Campbell is In charge He's a short Scottish fellow with a pekewtar hair cut. but ha seeems kwla nee For sum reason he flinches wenever anybody mentions poppies' or Cannon Fodder' hie spends the hole monti playing Mortal Combat whilst ewerybode else works frenzaxty I spend most of the month sflmg qulety n Ihe corner and hopmg tiaf no one will speak to me. What does a Pioducstnon Edsor" do I'm no nearer finding out



Phew, made it through! ihe lursl ishew without being rumbled Though I had lo prelend lo have a nosebleed on decline day as i understand a s caned


MARCH 1994

Theyve all sianed looking ai me lunly resentiy and I've been getting worried Every t'tne a magazine cums back Irom the pnnters they huda round it and make tutting noses. wMe occashionaly glaring al me11 don't know wot I'm dong wrong. Somebode help ma.


APRIL 1994

I'm supposed lo korrect ihe spec tog' That's whal a Production Editor does I was tawking with Richard Jones of Amiga Format at the ("Sweet shop' - Ed) and he tole me. I rushed siraite out and brought a deshonary Thank God

ISSUE 37, MAY 1994

It worked. I am now a proper Brodeeehion Production Edior. Sluan s left though to

edit a new magazine called SENSIBLE POWER or something.

We have a new editor caled Jonathan Davies



This month we have James Altwood a schoolboy, on work assignment with us At las) there s somebody in the office l can push about as befts my title James leaves each roghl crying, with sore, red ears (Irom where I've boxed them) Ha



On the Ban World Cup Edition arrives I'm allowed to wnte a proper review Wahey I don my trusty anorak, gel mum to pack me lots ot sandwiches and stay up every right playing ihe game It's lab


On the Ball World Cup is the number one bestseller m the world1 (On Ihe Amiga ) A nervous wave of nausea sweeps over me as I realise Ihe

commercial power my word now has. and Ihe almost holy duty I have lo stay pure lo the ideals

ktj iavoarila object ot 1 Wit n« Amiga, .■qw.ltjoa.fahr (MRU tbat do )


1    SWOS - SensI with exlra options That's gotta be the best news I've had all year. Nearly.

2    Theme Park - I like making small children throw up.

3    Jet Strike C032 - Addiction of the highest order, t didn't sleep lor days.

4    On The Ball World Cup - At last, a football management game with a plot.

5    Putty Squad - Best

platformer ot the year.

6    Super Stardust - Rootin', tootin', shootin'.

7    PGA European Tour - Now you can be' Nick Faldo. Cor.

8    Pirates Gold r Souped up version ot an old Sid Meier classic.

9    Pinball Illusions - Well, it's not pinball but it is fun.

10    Guardian - 3D Defender  I'm first in the queue. Afler Jonathan Nash of course.

nun m. On >»Mq. la BrtgMoa. Wrwtt, a i« lanl


When Ihs passes I nrtg up all ihe software houses and otlar to sell them good scores in the future lor bags ol sweets They ara all unresponsive and < end Ihe month sightly deflated



Guartkan arrives and the aniire team spends tar too much time playing it and consequently the maga2ine is a couple ol days late Oh dear



Stuart Campbell came back to see us in his posh new car We are all highly impressed Especially with his car alarm which is very sensitive and has him running down Ihe stairs every len minutes lo turn ii ofl How we laugh Ha ha Stuarl also brings us Sensible World ol Soocet I can't slop playing it lor days and days. Stuarl turning up out ot the blue (car) makes me slop lor a moment and consider II occurs lo me lhal I've been here a year already Can I go home nowt • STEVE FARAGHER

® UPPERS Working lor AMIGA POWER has been one of the best things that ever happened to me (sob)

DOWNERS NO. cant really think ot any.


WeA you ve all been wonderful. Bui I want you to know that this award's as much tor you as « Is tor me. And while I'm here. I can't leave without saying thangyew lo a tew people Thanks to Mum and bad. lor having the courage to stick by         ,

me Thanks to the little    A    ~

baby Ja_. (That a enough W C 2 f hang yews - Ed)    § m3 >



® UPPERS The earth witn'l hit by a giant, undetected meteorite and we weren't all Instantly killed. And Laser Squad on budget.


Edmonds wasn t hit by a giant, undetected meteorite and Instantly killed And. ol course. Batlletoada


A year much like many others: lots ol Tuesdays, lots ol months    —

ending in a Y\ but most U 1 “ Importantly, kola ol great    All -

Amiga games    WW -

For your comfort, we have passed Rich’s words through complex sound'deadening equipment.

For me. the thing I can remember anioying most about 1994 was the lect that it wasn I 1993 any more because it there was ever a year and a person to which Lady Luck omad some severe apologising, it was me rti

Not only was I struck down with maasies. and bad my Gran die and my man lam bike stolen, bul I also acodsnlaly ran over the family dog whila attempting a particularly tight piece ol (averse parking Actually, I wasn't, she dm. it wasn t and I didn't, but nonetheless i seemed to have a pretty dsmal time drlm 93. and can distinctly remember wondering on more than one occasion when on earth it would all end (Until someone pointed out it would be on Oscember 31st)

1994 was e vast improvement, however, with plenty going on in the world to ka«p my spirits up - the Oy I was brought by England winning the World Cep the abokshment

oi the slave trade and the discovery that the earth was not in tact Hal so you couldn't (all d the edge was marred only Slightly by our slightly embarrassing defeat by the French during that heartfelt weekend at Hastings.

Or. d course. I might have my dales a Idle wrong there, bul I've had my head rather too lull ol computer games Hits year to have had time to take an active interest m pditics But il 1994 wasn t the year ol the Amiga then t don't know what year was. because we've certainly been treated lo a whole host ol exerting new games -Horace goes Sk.ng. Mane Miner and Monty Mole lo name but three.

Or are my tacts a iiffle twisted again To tell the truth, I've become a little detached bom the stale d the Amiga game market d tale, what with having to spend one week each month compiling The Last Resort and Complete Control, the Mowing week it bed

vr R5

suffering from mental exhaustion, and the two weeks after that undaigomg the special counselling I need to psych mysel up rti order lo face the next month's mailbag, leaving me little time to adualy get round to switching my Amiga on kx a tew rounds d whatever we’ve been recommending to you But from what I can gather from the contusion of letters and the swuts d colour which great my eyes as I regain consciousness from my monthly post Complete Control stomach pump and blood change and open up the latest issue ol AMIGA POWER. Theme Pan looks good, as does Guerdon. Aladttn. Super Stardust. Fly Harder and Liberation

And so lo 1995. ter which my hopes are high, but tor which a number ol questions spring to mend. Will the Amiga survive against the ever-inaeasing console marked WO AMIGA POWER survive against the ever increasing selection ol computer magazines aroundAnd will I gel lo have my fust snog7 Let's hope so all round • RICH PEUEY

il piciMd, Rkfa will iqacii i b«L


1    Theme Park

2    Gravity Force 2

3    Fly Harder

4    Liberation

5    Aladdin

6    Putty Squad

7    Super Stardust

8    Guardian

9    Frontier    •

10 Apocalypse


“Christmas ” we mused “Bah, humbug. jJJ We’d rather be stranded on a desert island”. And so began the strange chain of thought that led to this month’s Who Do We Think We Are Let us suppose we actually were stranded on a desert island for Christmas Day...


[ swa * b3»' ' SsSssF

tnT>ca"yu>*,b l V

Sr** mm

v»'hus blow , fewgo*.

y0fS RosrU. ,,


sacs ,


Towerng dep M

fam f«kon3 h, d

t W i „ y 1 d loo busy rV J ""“"cbina my way

olb ,

> Zj SaaaL

SBSiftKaK "

f°"ned    W* -

°«vid Nn n u    « ww



■pfSKssr HSsairr a

**hon as n    j k

0ne 01 us „as

u» Aocf

■    *nolhef (hirx

I 0'ush«sn,wer


■     onfaibiog io bJde ■■ I Oo'O'esJio nn ,.

P epriidwi.fa,

■" -'peys.obT


OF THOUGHT AOhg similar


®*lcV> coriputof *ch. FOR JGHMVpErpe “AS WOULD : SACK TO THE





2Er *EvE!


Reading umpnecVs



-no«*t chicken. ioan


Speaie-O 4

least hell • Set* Le) _ double choc 9*'e»u*p recent HdK-nW

Afaddm »n«t»

met««lxloo*W ChrlvnaWVn0**    .

American Piyc»«bV<


m t get enough P*** would t complain to <




-Evoo though everyone -




jl outoeiandp en ,


.. Ur Pie Blank tacel the bargain t****'■leifactuat eupenw-


A (and. as here games) than confront the probes* bound

n . -    to have aw:

Lethal Weapon 5> kx example But not. of course Natural Born Killers - Em fckn they banned at B' iST becauas it's to blame lor ten murders That say. IK* bookers people eh« dually CM the killings aicat An] how exactly do you lustily banning NBK while Disney a 1977 movie Candle shoe -starring Jodie

Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Ocean Price: £28 Release: Out now

□here s this theory I have about American Alms and mats mat reman ol US enema during the 1900s weie middle dess teenagers tels lace it. the reason all those masked killet movies were so popular wasn't because the masked kilter kept rnafing r“ ' jokes, or the special effects I ,, weneudever or anything S    L Ib

was because middle-class    l' •

America n teenagers kept I gelling hortibly murderod It - • was perfectly deer that the    1

audience wasn't hoping the    I

muMle-dass American teenager I

whod spin up fiom    *

the rest o( the group would notice there was another person in the room and. for example, run outside it was root ng lor the masked kii'e- to hurry up and b.tsh the middle class American teenager over the head wih h-5 jiedemark walnut bookcase (or whaieuefj The psychology behind w.yotr"-fj tho middle class American to die «s a matter open to


the obrvsi n with which actress spurred John Hmckley to shoot Raw. id Reagan - sw iro j available to children ) But any* .

nnta'ing. isn t it. being narangued Thai s what it's Irka playing Jungle Strike Throughout the game you're battered with uneasily right-wing US politics. Irom $ mde i comments during the mho about Congress cutting the spy satellite programme to th* game ending abruptly i you bfest a 'higb-protrSa hostage c error Ban it. "Tits ** solution


debate, but t s p‘obab>y something to do with t:i. tad that nWJdto class Ame'ican teenagers ere vlfi

The 1990s reeded new monsters, and who better to protect Americas ‘hbkncs si g-jilty impotence at than Johnny fccprjrw tkJsto.-y and dtug b:«    •>. * Fir »*« rlc put them in fifer*

Much hyped, much vaunted much awaited much desired. But is it much good  Nash knows.

it was Mrw elwaal (.rule that Ike ipaaiar.e icwf trwep auM lal M xekae ike

"Bash the middle-class American teenager"




two na

stranded on an isTand south of the br t . Rescue then f or* i nte I 1 i gence i rtf o .

. F ur c

i nd o iscr be 1 i e

c 1

d cop


t He


n the


ot toe


fVi« aside (except ot iC.:sc they re not) m    Srnke    -*

>i an

s- uaie conversion of the Mega Drr«* ;B*e Sloppily, unlike its precursor fewn Sfnke. the game hasn't been ’dvd up graphically xi the This lends it a •j*<» *.** :«o! at ail helped


DEMON OF DOOM loading ™ r-wh-ch nd only 4S' y u it ; Loarkng but ari'imihenily

Unpacking' Gnnghh Pul aside also cey- that this may be a 3D game - it's a tack as you lly at a lixed height Indeed. v-:    i,me ihe 30 comes into play ir

••'■en you can t quite place yotrseil m is ihe map due to the acute perre'*!'-' And in a (aaarghhl Tower 'y-y son ot way. pkx plays a big pan m Jb'.jS Stnke The narrative thrust ol the story is that the previously unmentioned son of the villain horn the lust game has turned up with a drug lord to nuke wertana America, and n Ks and darts you have to see o» me drug loads nvnovs lorm a sarketeam U*n the base co anarwofthe pwwouMy

unmentioned son o< the villain trom the first game trom a captive and then blow it up But unlike (aaarghh) Tower Assault. Jungle Strike is terribly good fun Phew (Or is if’ Let us see )

We shall examine a typical session of Jungfe Strike Settling tor the keyboard option m place of the awkward joystckAreytioard "    \ combination you Curse the

lack of support lor the CD32 joy pad or two-button joysticks at large The game begins and you are commanded to prevent me drug lord s minions from destroying important US monuments (or something) You tty around a bit to lamilanse yourself with Ihe slightly tfetHa-y controls, no problem

tor players of Gravity Force 2 You oafl up your etormaten console rung the fad that your

ammo, fuel and armour readouts are lucked away on this supplementary screen, also that pressing lire cycles through the map, and the mission and sub-mission details so that it's letehity easy to scroll past the one you wanted There are your assigned targets - oft you go You come c on a straight path Error Testy villams with rifles run around and pat at you You strata them with your machine-gun. and alter three direct hits they deign to tall down Tsk Aimed tomes 200m about, and your co-pilot locks on wYh a missile or two Explosions tear up the (strangely desolate) Washington roads A single rifleman staggers Itom the smoking wreckage, but a taw rounds firvshes him off and the hostage is liee lo scramble up the escape ladder Victory is yours On to the next Sub-mission

Ripple dissolve to a <eter stage ol the game A jungle section Low on luel and with none showing on the map you're blasting open buildings A pennilessly tedious element this, especially as an madvertent extra shot durxig the bullring's destruction zaps its contents But fortune smiles upon you. and you uncover that valuable petrol can You’ co-plot bungles winching it aboard on the last pass, and you look (onward to rescuing a better assistant trom the POW camps on the next level

Now you swoop mo a heavky guarded m»ia base It's not your primary rrxsson but generally you can tackle the Sub-tawIs mu ol order, dependent on knowing the tocatxyi of your targets (On


_:-------: -


>♦ J

- X

tv. „

some levels the device ol having 'o rescue a hostage who knows these locations imposes a realistic and unobtrusive structure - take note, (aaarghh) Tower Assault) A tank spots your approach, but keeping your ooof you swing around the monster ahead Of AS tracking turret, your gunfire auti aimed by your co-pikA An oily cloud unfolds into Ihe sky as ihe lank



leaving ils charge o'     **7


components open X

1o atlack    I

Success Bui    V ;,

what $ tfiis0 An    •.) „*£" ■

enemy helicopter         >

has been alerted lo your

presence H pursues you across

the forests An ill-timed

evasive manoeuvre.

and your gunship y

rebounds Irom a f

palm tree drinking I     **'*1,

up your energy    V* f

levels as all

obstacles are deemed

to cause equal damage

Another rape lent Ua* The

hekeopler picks up on your uncontrolled

spin and rockets you to the ground Damn

its eyes

Rippte dissolve to a lurthei level Beyond the night attack, where your Uazmg cannon lights you up like a beacon unless you turn up the monitor brightness and be done with it Now you're grappling wth a stolen stealth tighter, having already surprised the viiia.ns with a hoverboal attack and motorbike chase The aeroplane handles differently from your gunsh j and you invariably crash it upon takeoff. cursing the lack ol information about tho tighter and the way you're atypically returned to your faraway base lor your next life Swerving around the airstrip this time around, you concentrate on blowing an island's bridges But the massive ground delances pound you oft the screen Vou have let down the President and hia white-haired mom. Boh

maior failing ol the game. Playing •Axigte Strike at length I found my sell mentally switching oft, and (lying around listlessly as yet another tank-sniper-onclaved mission objective combination hove into view An undeniably tun game, but one that should be rationed

dM btunrjermg m(o By tactical ambushes and scrapping with supenor numbers but as soon as you realise you can avoid bauble by aiding an encampmc"' *n weed out tricky tricksters and then shuttling, raiher than zooming, into the area itself, the thntl is somewhat deprecated

It's as it the designers spotted this themselves, as the later rely tar too heavily on the tries ol severely limiting your munitions so you have to hunt leaderky among the huts They also have an unfriendly habit ol putting slightly loo many hostages m a building so you re forced to go back and forth between locations lor really no good reason, end al pewits you're given no choice about performing some ludicrous task the smallest error In which ends ihe game

For instance, instead ot    .

waiting on ihe ground like every ! other hostage n the game, a    1

delecting general takas it into his I head to run into a tower and stand l an the root where, inenpicabiy. your I wnchman can t collect him You l have to destroy the tower to save l him But destroying the tower reveals 1 a soldier who shoots the general So I you have to destroy Ihe lower and i shoot the soldier remarkably accurately, having lo use eiaclly Ihe right number ol bullets as ihe next one hits the general Tch

Leafing back to Tim Tucker’s review ol the original Desert Sintra, his mast

enbosms appeared IB—to be that the game _    I had lew

missions (tour - Jungle Sinks has nme, although the sub-levcL: bloat the figure substantially) and that the W-:, were too samey Th.i tkd not prevent him Irom awarding the game a spectacular 92% Perhaps ' am less tolerant than AP s torr.-.-.-ily generous and chummy crudety-teanimafed zombie guitar.-'! but raiher than. <**» ._. lack ol variety as a minor pant la be qu-Uked <m< I regard it as a

• •:'    _ //m

Action-packed. .

interestingly-    »

plotted shoot- em-up with dozens of missions and plenty ol ghastly wropans for both sides. The attention to detail Is impressive, with villains poking their heads out of cars lo shoot al you. gun crews swinging missile batteries lo track your gunship. and (my personal favourite) hostages standing slumpshouldered is you fly off with a full cargo bay. No in-game music. Sparsely effective effects It's terribly playable, you know.

But alter a while, the tricks the designers play on you begin to wear you down. Having to hunt constantly lor your supplies Is a terrible Idea, and Ihe separata status setesn tempts you to tike on the most outlandish odds as you (apparently) sutler no Ill-effects. Alto, once you've learnt how to approach a target, ihe game's excitement levels thill downwards severally. The small things annoy as wall: you can't quit back to the main menu (you have to get killed): the clumsy keyboard controls (spice to change weapon. F10 for status -1 mean, honestly): the occasional slowdown; the lengthy loading. And that jingoism, ah

The s*tWjsix;i between levels ol Jbnpie Stake quickly become apparent New

maenjns and challenges (the night

attack tor example    e,

or ihe one where you

have to stop drug    

sh-pmenis reach-ng the shore) can't

disguise Ihe tact that shuttling the ginsr<> between pants ol the map becomes stale with age The arcnement ol the gam*

An appreciable ahoct-'am-up. but one that la dearly tailored lor the shorter attention spin of Irlend console owner. It being a console game. And everything To my mind, It you've jolly well gone to the trouble of waiting (or the thing to load, you should get more than an hour's fun out at It before It starts to get on your nerves



There Is Indeed an

A 5 00 ASM version. Which

should be exactly the same. But £26. Stay tunad to this

He sinks into thy depths with bubbling groan. Without a grave, unkneiled, uncoffined and unknown

«j%ps and increased

seal .    ,    > i    1

M-ght s flmhl

but Seaquesl DSV (and

TNG) choose lo    WujX*

completely >qrore fh«s !

hatfi it because theta's a

motel to be learnsd every H

week end everyth.nq that HE happens does so (or a         /

feasor and results in some Lj2 good, when m tact the world's a jumble ol untorlunatefy random events


Most ol as though I hate it because it bows betore the great god Technology, and assumes that HI ol humanities' problems car be solved by something

harmony and got real Oh sura, you ve got technology that allows you to dive to unspeakable depths, but only to plant bombs or poison Itsh And admittedly, you often use youi impiessne weaponry to

protect Me. property and the pursuit ol happiness, but then again, you could lust as easily otl a whale or rip out the bottom ol an mi (anker with a barrage of rockets

Sac Ik.I blue Ibli] down Ikcra If. a wbala. Allajadtj.

eaquest DSV sucks I hate it m the same burning way that I hate Star Trek The Nail Generation or any other sell important pompous, pious TV program I hate it because it's fu« o< smarmy neatly dressed politically coned non sens), non raosl goody-goody 'race' people, at saying 'nee' things to each other and generally being 'nee' n a way thal real people never are Knuckleheads

I hale i! because it assumes Ihel everyone in the lutuie s gong to get on like lust year students during fieshars week, when recent turns at the political

that s Kevlar-cored and supeicorductiv-Yeah righi

Subwar 2050

could very eauty have been Seaquesf DSV The Game, but thankfully someone got their head into gear kicked out all those wussy notions ol peace and

Identilied by sonar at naulral structures, these oil tankers are the target of this raid.

These handy lines always point up. . helping you heap your bearings.

Sometimes you have to be bad to be good, as Subwar 2050 realises and Seaquasi DSV. TNG or any olher wishy-washy liberal TV shew refusal lo admit


SliXMr 2050 doesn't have any new ideas m it . but if does slap a load ol old ones together n new and interesting ways At Ihe heart of the game, a tub sim lurks, complete with el the features you know and (me about submarine warden. Sub games are traditionally dull to look el

Your bearing and dapth to match up with the nav comp.

Your next waypoint. Go through It and you're doing line.

All that dull nevigetlon stuff 's tucked away here.

Shows the weapon or device selected for firing.


avugh with a 2 D display tfcwsv; youf position and a lH depth gauge to place ypu 3-    IJfl

.-trjinsonally bul Snbwafs    1

■Hung none ot ifnat Forgoing suer a traditional view, we ve got . first person polygon generated HE rJ * :o Ook at which is similar fa • nof entirely the same as a Q  Sgh! >m finally, to justify this UwJ odd blend ol game types B*  '•1 to explain why the subs can go so fast there's a tutunstc setting ehere corporations battle each other on r-3 <toor as well as n board rooms, am* where freelance submanne lighter aittt are called upon to resolve territorial • if'-ifes with toree

So it s F-117 Stealth Fighter meets

attack Sub meets Syndicate which is s good enough breakdown to use when b2ung at the separate elements ol the gsm* The flight sim bit. well, it looks like 3 fcf-J sim. doesn't it’ You ve got a tew oduprs dais an artificial honzon depth oiuir weapon display and so on.

Tfiuugh thete are a lew things lo warn «u .nat you're not in a plane


for a start, nothing's got wings,    _

i trh a huge cross section ■aid prevent a cra<t Irom /itr\-tsnngm water    /    UD\

Secondly, it you took at /    »    •

an extanot view when    /    iHII

yeure turning, you see         SOI11I

tfaams o( bubbles I

teaing oft the edges ol ' \    fish

jo* craft This looks \

prtey coo. but also    \mean

meases your deteciabi'ty

■huh. *i me shadowy coven

world of submersible hde-and-

seek. isn't such a good bung

The craft doesn t handle like a plane ****«, preferring to be ether bolt upright cr upstoe down, so when you turn, t atner tips over or bobs straight back to r* opnght position the moment you let go dew controls I can only assume that this n ha* submarines handle, but i wouldn't '•ah,'know

Your mam

weapons are torpedoes and rockets, bul you do gel decoys mines and special things tor certain missions flockets ate coot because they travel last and car be used lo shoot down aircraft but they're a bit feeble and ol couise are unguided, so you have to lead (Aim a bit m front ot - Ed) moving targets to score a direct hit Torpedoes use sonar lot something) to lock on to targets and have bigger warheads, so it you blast one oft ■* ! generally find a taiget This is Ine as long as there aren't any friendly ships m the

_ _ area, otherwise you'll end up wiih

one of those embarrassing blue on blue’ Ineodty tue

OUSlyX incidents

I*    \ Another handy,

,m9    \ flight sim type leature is

Bne f I that you ve often got I one or two wing men, stock I when you can dueci / with simple keyboard war"/ ' commands to piolecl you. head tor home, or (my tavounte) attack the target you're looking at This is such a good one as i1 means that they lake al the nsks and leave you to grab the gkxy and the money - Hooray’

Meshed in with all this dogfighting tomfoolery is the submarine shill The sea (as any lute kno) gets colder and darker as it gets deeper, but it does so m dramatic steps This results in thermal layers (shown in the game as coloured

P«chHan - «■ a w«1 Sjlnsd i aftcniooa

gods) where warm surface water meets colder, deeper water which apparently redeef sound waves In game terms (as » sub game veterans know) Ss means that it you're above a thermal layer and another sub's betow it. then you can t deled each other wtlh sonar, which is particularly handy when avotffcng surface sh-ps or dodgng by seabed bases

Sub feature number two is your ability lo alter depth by blowing or flooring tanks, which ts handy as you can climb or dive independently ol the drechon you're lacing Once aeionautc bods tiity develop 360-degree vectored thrust and ie it to flyby-wire technology, lighter planes will be able to do this kind of thing too. but tor me moment they can't, and the only reason I'm teiflng you is lo appeal knowledgeable and wet' informed But I digress


Submarines use sonar to detect objects which is largely made redundant by the tact you can see objects most ol the time in Subwar Passive sonar works by just Peking up notse made by other objects and consequently isn't that impressive, whereas active sonar sends out a ptng' and trstens to the echoes, pretty much like radar Obviously Me * great and everything but the downside rs that it announces your presence and makes >1 easy tor enemies to tock onto you

Generally speaking, the best tactic ts to use passive sonar unlit you're delected or start to fire weapons and then go all kill crazy with the active sonar biasing away

The trail element is the story, which n somethmg we generaJy shy away horn on AP. but wheh goes a tong way to making this such an eryoyable game The problem with Sctowdr is that if you take it al lace vatoe. it's not that impressive to took at Most vehetos surface ships and bases ate ample polygon stapes, me sky's tkue. the same as the sea so n s practically impossible lo lei if you n ■stand, andaltuugh the combats 1st. d'l hardly serious competiton lor Knights ottmSky

It'S not all saving whales you know. Sometimes you gel to sink things

Here s a Japanese war fleet, with a helicopter buzzing around overhead, waiting lo land.

Things hot up below as your torps start flying. Or swimming

If you control your wingmen. you can attack several targets

And bingo1 Torpedoes and rockets strike home Ooh, Ahhl



<L*fl) TW piakiiB wttk aA p«hq«a 1«RCI ll \kai 1W1 iMtl 1 1*4 bctlcf •ACE    f«1 M«vl> Trail Aft.

**•««) Am imri nhainii ht tk* far ««Sft la hH bf a v*ftci a4

radtU At 474 ■«tm ftilcr4«

After a lew missions ol Sutm/ai. none of this really matters. as you really gel info 1. with me siorylme adckng to the atmosphere n much the same way lhal Syndesis s deliberately amoral missions drive you mio a blood Irenzy Set all across the globe, each of the sn campaigns starts out with a Orel mission screen explaining who s employed you. wnat their goats are and who ihe bad guys are

It's the brief lhal s important here, as it doesn't have to revert to animated liim-type sequences or stupid 80-page novellas to set the scene You re simply told your mission and left to read Under Currents - The Mantime Corporate Defence Journal, whch comes with me game and <s a sort ol AMIGA POWER lor mercenary submarine pilots

The idea is that « the tuture.    j

corporations can engage at corporate wars, which are an accepted pan ol business life As tong as the fighting doesn't spread and crvikans don't get kiled. these wars are used in conjunction with mare accepted business practices to get ttvngs done Quickly

It's iheretore considered acceptable to blow up sortie robot drones la break whales out ol en Arctic whale tarm. or sneak into a South China Sea trsh tarm to at drop canrxsters trial'll render the Itesh ol « the I ah purple and inedible Obviously,

** tainting someone’s lish slock means war.

> so there s plenty ol more traditional

*    shooting action too, from protecting

*    submarine tankers from pirates to basing z surface Meets and trashing VTOl planes

<    All destroyed craft slip into ihe

-» gloomy depths, but surface ships do it lar better than anything else, breaking up a bit and plummeting so quickly that a you're flC directly below them, they stand a good w chance ol wiping you out


& To recap Flight sim(ish). suo sim(ish),

<    Syrxkca/etey) Odd controls, mce exterior 0 views o< occasionally drab scenery

2 Rockets torpedoes, mmei. trsh and ships <- (clever wotting I know Cheers), corporate naaimese. Subwar 2050 would have

©Sea quasi OSVa bunch at wrmpy toaet workers m a light any lime Easy • CAU WINSTANLEY


ea Wm ■wriSwit IMfc. Cwyk Ole.

Imaginative and

f A ) evocative futuristic setting v—/ with ■ good spread ot mission objectives The gloom ol Ihe deep1 is pretty good, ss Is sinking things and rocketing ocean-based mammals fTsk. - Ed).

Subwars hard-disk-installable and controllable with joystick, keyboard or mouse - Hurrah!

®Very often there's little to look at. and there a noticeable slowdown when a lot's happening. The sky looks Ilka the see and the controls are sluggish, but hey. maybe that's how futuristic lighter subs handle.

Although II looks a lad sparse at 'fcmee end often slow* down the Mrwd »ntwm and mtereslrrq «pi .ng* draw you ririru Into iw* game As a. i us® •«*> between a fligtb Stan and • sub oam» n writs well, tlrutig me uesi u*»* iruin ouri■ genres, but I m a bit A A concerned that you might run through all the    /l /

missions loo quickly.    Ai

&G £ D rDvQ D< Q

J J    J J A A 'I

"I searched in vain for some soap"


“GOT ANY GAMES FOR ME TO REVIEW ” hollered Rich. “Yes we have,” we replied,


Marvellous Adventure

21 st Century Entertainment

In house A 1200 £30

Out now

j\l J LI ji


(J*cxtad vial i waint ready to taoa m* acrid yet (tat atont

i    j ">*.

Msnrm «n*Wy it “• <e»o octet. ci rt«4«n

Too con lock Ne Or i M KM AtafcM um


Or tMMlerty e

hafl lita Ik..

Or. M Mbit uitrekn ftp. «t«n «M *n *ets n.fMUt





xoo mxoo

RoMdklll couldn't be more appropriately named. For not only doei it taka place on a road, but you kill people. When this happena, It la called a roadkill' - a kill, on a road. You aee It all makea complete aenae. Thia game la a marvel Indeed.

I am the Night Rider. Renpmbi

Runs on: A1200, CD32    ove< ead-vle» dnvng

er me when

look at the ni<

Runs on: A1200. ( Publisher: Acid Authors: Vision Price: £29 99 Release: Out now


cop es cl    appear on

Oul    u".yu’C:; ml

nog he HPance lo tell you advance II means ihey * manacedlo evade our ainalalteMac oe and

without leBvmg hR about IbSHi advaner have eonshow maB

network d internal

dacad. dipping pad ef*et ol unmarked Traoa i nns to ke l<Aptmgly on the deheanl computer game shops, their origina uAewwn It doesn't happen oheo. but ypu can be assured that when it does, our stria Iniimil aedpinary procedures are r-gocouiiy appled

fiaettof thee, comes (tom New Zealand, end (rorrWhe people who brought

wasm ad sb/H nslead bai£g fl

Stick .’.ndjud JifJ

it tofcvr flak

overhead-view drmng games, and wd theretore be ic aganst Team 17s Al Tarrar) flacer. Ronpad s Tutc Trax. Acxfa Stow Starts. US Gedda ftiwerdme Terramarques PIDand posstty men the ongnal Sludmarks. which has recently been bobbng about near the bottom ol the charts again And at lirst. n the face oI such sort competition, its hard lo see wtfll it oriersR

capselect vehicle

CPhampions) II mby Acid.

[I:r tel low k but a s just as


That's ufldHuw put the CD in and the intro se Bhas begun Unlike most loo ofWBH introl you'll want to watch it several times Ftosstfy as many as five H shows superkty-rendered cars zoomng smoothly aromd a racetrack, crashng nto each other and fSppng up nto ihe air be tor* erupting r Karnes, making frustrated cinematographer Cam rave about the camera angles and how as got motion btu' and everything. It also leaiuia perhaps ftp most delightfuly unpleasant mbmem in ” computer game hrslory. bul I d n*n a d I (0*1 you involves And. in tact, thats enough Bfcvte intro, because I you're ptayn RlBgiy d>< version you don't gel to see I anyway

A'-tf 0 v> me game    /    ■

isrirh aprobabiy Ihe one    f    

wo ve been playing most l RRE during Ktpmoments al AP V COV this month Alter you've \  selected your car horn the eight available, you And yoursed sitisng alone on the track The is your chance lo do a practice lap. and tamiiianse yourseil wgh the coig e -where Ihe power-ups are.Vhich are me tricky corners, that son ol thing Tjj Whe screen dears U*au on the startng grid, in eighth pegitfilmi ol n§e. The crowd roars


1 fvsses a smster-sountkrg I unseen commentator • "Ybulneedd' f    The muse starts to

play taster, and louder Engnesrev


Faster and louder Two'    _

Faster Louder * •One*

Sinister rock music begins to play



sQdpai oh the mark, and straigf' away a computer-controaed car cuts

and music. Slick graphics. Realistic handling. Well-judged difficulty curve. Compulsive Crest Intro.

A lew

annoying quirks Not much depth.

Definitely the moil exciting game we've played this month, it not the most original.

fl0 fi 0 XI lL    1

tuix/fwn oum/u nr

h««4 la


fnrn or-rw SCOPINB fi JOOLPOT U5tlH I    out ron-


•cross from o\ yriEBBv racing. you t>3}* lorwaid lo ckaw towel with him. ■DESTROY HIM’ _

m Yours n the kill 2one. an area ol the l ac* Ranked with spiked wab Before he ip°s tie same idea, you throw the (Oystiek b fa left and side slam the computer car. tend --g him spinning Into the wall


llhgti the takes don't IdUka <* aright, ft nets potty shaken unitor* r*u the


The music starts to play taster end taster One more kl and S50.000.000 is yOursBre. Hurrah. There's a rising screaming sound, a huge explosion and 'JACKPOT'

Some more •GET

in tie n0l you, but c Most Of ttl




toeardi tie car r tront TWO MILLION’

takatOj L«JN or youdont pas only I

gloss, fsavery drrvng game TY behave very ay


Wa have yei la iee the A1200 Happy duk veisiar.

but we re told It's the same, only - tragically - without the Immensely good Intro sequence.

The frustration, eh

AHH . ■.

1 Hugely f

1 ilmospherlc. thinks

1 to the sound effects


[ ii

I' 11 1 $ 1

k p i. V ' > & *■ 1/" ■ v


. -1 a. M f> - V-. T L ■

* in


pBB « pRE



. r" “x /

First there was Bubble and Squeak, and now there is the same one again. On the A500. Of it.

Junior. Smtod upon by AMIGA POWER lo the tune cl 77% the mam tailing ol Bubble and Squeak A1200 was the annoying imbecility ol your fatuous companion and the bizaire time limit lealure which gradually tilled ihe level with water so that a tumble Irom a high ledge inevitably led 10 a drowning death )

The game now flows' much better with the challenge coming Irom solving the level rather lhan solving the level and keeping Blue Thing on track I'm still not convinced about the water time limit (on the later levels there are so many traps and dead ends you have to spend time scouting out the screen, but you're not given enough lime to compose a solution and then go back and carry n out) but the tact Blue Thing no longer takes it into his head lo plunge lo his doom lor no acceptable reason lends il a mote excilmg. less annoying air

And nothing's been lost m the translation lo Ihe humbler machine; the backgrounds are plainer but I could delect no other appreciable differences Further in a move designed to please scheming Celt turncoat Steve McGill, Ihe game supports the CD32 joypad on a non AGA machine, buttons and all (It's a world's l«rst. apparently)

Ves I think Bubble and Squeak has indeed benefited Irom a bit of a rejig And have adiusted iis mark accordingly.


Runs on: A500, A600. A1200 (non-AGA version) Publisher: Audiogenic Price: £26 Raisas*: Out now Authors: Pat Fox and Scott Williams (design).

Alex Slater and Ray Price (code), Pat Fox and Richard I Smith (graphics), Allister  Bnmble (music)

The mightiest beegs ever lo produce a computer games magazine as we are, it is appropriate that software puttehcrs take note ol our criticisms and act LfXXi them Take L&nbeart lot Cijmpfe AMIGA POWER intoned. The na>i character - he runs like a m ncmg psssfe.' and lo, Thalion did enbulch their hero Or Stper Stardust 'll is loo easy," Miv-xjuded AMIGA POWER, and lo. Team IT <£d gel Btoodhouse lo pul back m all N nahcull pads they'd made Ihem take out two weeks before

To this pioperly acquiesenl company ■e must welcome Audiogenic 'Stupid Qua Thing is lar too stupid.' AMIGA POWER ululated "It is most annoyxng'

So tor the (until now cunningly kepi secret) A500 release ol Bubble and Squeak, ihe programmers have adiusied Sfcjpid Blue Thing so he no longer tails oft a platform it you turn around, nor leaps lo nr dealh because you sneezed This is a Good Thing

li t Olly meresiing to see whai a difference is made by changing the few of code governing how ciosety you have lo gel lo Blue Thing to make him run around behind you to maintain his distance (As I'm guessing is what's happened here) Whereas betore a single lap on the loystiek as you adjusted your stance on a lilt made Blue Thing leap into the air as it attacked nasally with a cattle prod, now the tool at feast is prevented Irom destroying your careful plans by your inadvertently walking towards him

(For people who missed the original ■anew at AP40, you play a small child remarkably similar lo Charlie Brown who has lo guide a siup<d blue thing through some attractively clever platform levels broken up by welcome shool'emup sections Blue Thing can be used as a convenient platform spring, or high-lumping-mouril'thal'biows-bubbfes depending on whether you destroy enough villains and loot their bodies to feed a bubble-gum machine

The subsidiary aim lo each screen beyond reaching the exit (something that may involve kicking Blue Thing through pipes so he knocks down blocks you can use to dimb up to a previously unreachable ledge and Ihe like) is to rack up enough carelessly mislaid gems to pay the ransom ol a kidnapped Blue Thing

vary playable

platform game that V avoids Ihe obvious (suits and is. shockingly enough In these modem limes. A Lot of Fun. It's got nicety different sub-games, wall-balanced puzzles, pots of character and, amazingly, good music. Hard drive-installable. Supports CD32 joypad.


troubles afflicting Ihe A1200 version - all lo do with the Intubating stupidity ol Blue Thing -have been cleaned up In this new. Improved version. But the water time Ilmira sllll overly harsh.

A creditable platform game, the slight changes from the original enhancing It considerably.

Highly enjoyable




First there was an A1200. Version. Of it. And now there’s, an A500 one. Good.

Gama: Reunion Runs on: A500. A600 Publisher: Grandslam Author: Amnesty Design Price: £35

Ralaasa: Out now _

Cam waa. ol course, only joking at the and of his Reunion review In AP43, whan he told you lhat an A500 version ol the game wouldn't be appearing. The giveaway waa his use ol the phrase "Not even In eight light years" to suggest an unteaslbly long period of time, whan, as we all know, a light year Is a measure of distance. Ho ho. ah


So hare, In feet, Is the

Amiga 500 version of

Reunion. And It's the same,    « ■

only without all the sound p***!

and lovely 256-colour    - , I

screens. Any 500 or 600 with *

at least 1 lib will run It, and H

you've got an external disk

drive (or three) you can cut

down on the disk swapping

as wall. Hurrah.    I

Unfortunately, If you play

thla version on a 1200 you'll still need a

hard drive.

Now, although the graphics and sound have been toned down In this version. It's exactly the same strategy 1 adventure game. And aa such it lan’t half bad. Basically It's your job to find Old Earth (the one you're sitting on right now). To do that you will need to find the warp engine your forefathers used all those years ago to find the New Earth (which la where the game Is set). And to do this you re going to have to mine for minerals. Invent and build things, go searching In apace, find and start up colonies and all the

usual apace quest things. zLsr

Everything In the

game Is hidden behind a -

menu, and aoma of the menus or icons won't appear until you've done something else. You can't launch a satellite Into apace If you haven't invented one yet. can you But 1 thankfully there are plenty of tastefully drawn pictures to brighten up the action. And If your Idea of fun la plenty of head-scratching situations, than you'ra going to love this.


There's no one set way through the game, and most of the decisions you make In the beginning will be completely wrong, but learning through trail and error la what the game la all about. It's also massive, and anyone who gets well Into It will find themselves hooked.

It has lo be said, though, that a second, and maybe a third, disk drive la essential unleas you fancy endlesa disk-swapping aa you mnihrough the massea of men *.

All in all Reunion's a nicely competent strategy game with a large playing area to explore and lota of stuff going on In It, and It ahould provide you with many hourJof lun once you've got to grips with It • PAUL UELLERICK

a j j JJJ.J


JVw VIA seed ea.



Rise off the risible, more

Runs on: A500/600 (1Mb) A1200. CD32 Publisher: Mirage/TIme Warner

Authors: Instinct Design Price: £40 (500/600). £43 (1200). £35 (CD32) Release: Out now

marketing campaign has led lo a Rise at the Robots novel from Peogun and dscussnns are underway reganfcng Rise ot the Robots toys. Rise of the Robots comics and a Rise ot the Robots cartoon senes There's even been some tak o< a Rise ot the Robots movie

Meanwhile, here s the Rise ol the Robots game

opponent in some way - you can t throw him or crush him or launch a lueball al him. and you certainly can't pul oh his head or tsar out his heart

•    Oh. except there ate ’secret moves as well These involve becoming mvistoie (sc the other player can t see you), becoming invmobte (it you manage to do this before the other player, you can then kJ him without him being able to do anything to prssni al. sad - MSS out lor bs one et i future Kangaroo Court - reversing me other player s conirois.

•    Because ol technical limitations, the characters can t turn around and lace in the opposite direction This means that in two-player mode you can t jump over you opponent's head lo. tor example, avoid bemg trapped al the side ol the screen and helplessly kiled

•    The backgrounds are static, rather than scrolling, so the playing area a only as large as the screen

•    The impact ol these huge metal warriors siriung each other is indeated by a couple of small triangles floating to the ground, and a ounch noise.

bgep ieep-beep noee It a therefore necessary to switch these oIf

•    As the two characters then lace Rch other the battle a begun not by a tKe crymg fight1*, but by some more t«t being written a letter at a time acoomparved by a beep-beep-beep no<se

•    There are 7 different characters m Rise ol the Robots in Street Fighter 2 mere em are 12. n Mortal Kombet 2.17*a

•    In a one-player game you can only be one of the characters - me blue one

•    In a two-player game one ol the players has lo be the blue one

•    Each character performs me tame set

of basic moves plus as many as two speoar moves, performed, tor example by moving the ioyst>Ck Down and Up and \ then pressmg Fire

•    Or*y one be button a used, even on me kxr-button C032 toypad

•    Al the moves involve hrttmg your

We previewed Use ot the

Robots si AP32 over a year ago Edge magame pul I or men cover n the same month (an accolade usualy reserved tor new consoles trom Sony or Sega) and ran an wghlpage teat ire on al the short that was going into creating the graptxcs using 30 Stucko rendering software Since then, work on me Ansga version has been delayed by a prokterabon ol versions tor other formats - in total. Rise ot the Robots is being produced for 22 differem machines, nckxkng CD-: and 300. and there's even a coin-op verson. The music has been written by Brian May. who used lo play the guitar tor pop grot*) Queen A mufti-mAon-pound    —


• The graphics are great The robots look suitably fearsome and move about smoothty The backgrounds look good too

• The scene a set before each round by armaied sequences Shewing your opponent

/ "Becauseoff i ' technical V I ins stations"



A J Nice graphics


J Farcically tedious


Even It you don 1 believe in Father Christmas, it might be worth ■ Z writing to him to make lure k ” he doesn t bring you a copy at this.    Ip *

.j, -

I i 1


f J

i ! 1

—Kir -

They think it’s all over... it was. A long time ago.

Runs on:





lot a Shot Bui Ihe mnptomantalon is inadequate - white Sens handles passes by slipping the ball in (he path ol a player, a quick lap ol (he lira bution «i Football Glory leaves the ball (ailing short ol its intended reopeni so he has to circle

The whole pom *1 reviewing a game is lo compare it with software already out (here, and tell you what's whal FootbaB Glory and Sens&e Soccer, lor example You ve seen all the preview screenshots, you’ve heard an the stupid stones about how this looks incredibly like Sensi (Allegedy - Ed; (bul apparently the programmers have never even seen Serojbte Soccer] (Allegedly - Ed), and you’ve also heard that this had loads more features that Sens. Everywhere you (urn. someone s been touting it as a Sens beater This a not true It doesn't even come dose When it comes down to it FootbaB Glory a yet another average luckabout-m-the-park when compared to the Wambtey Stackum ol Sensibte Soccer

around lo pek it up (A slightly-Ionger bul-nm-long-enough-to-be a shoi tap does indeed get ihe ball to the other player, bul instantly, which s olt putling and unraakstic.) In addition to this, the atlerlouch is handed barky Now atteriouch is great - after Kick Od introduced it. every single football game since has attempted to hone it to perfection But Football Glory has gone the other way wnh tar too much altertouch It's sity that you can be clear on goal with only (he keeper to beat, and your gorgeously crafted curvng shot will suddenly bend away from goal ai the last possible moment There seems to be an incredibly thin line between exactly the right amount ol aftertouch and way toe much, and FootbaB Glory has loo nxrch


The strength ol the rmghty Sensi ts in its passing, and FootbaB Glory diectfy emulates its method ol lapping the fire bution lor a pass, or hokkng it down

Where it does score over Sens a win its catalogue ol speoal moves Back-heelers. one-two passes, overhead kicks, ndng tackles (Jumping over a tackle ai the critical moment I am led to understand - Ed), voltoys diving headers and power attacks to give a player that exira brt ol oomph can all be brought into play lo shake up the game Or ai least they eodd A they worked property The opposition an FootbaB Glory bears down on you all the lime. and your only thought is to gel the ball up Ihe other end ol the pilch and mount an attack ot your own So as tar as speoal moves go. there s I.me chance ol putting together a lovely one-two or attempting to curve the ball around a detender and then run on to it -you've only got lime lo try to head the ban away or into goal The only usabte move (usable because you can see the bail coming and therefore have time to try lor il) is the overhead kick It’s by no



roNV rooms


means easy, bul very effective and spectacular K you pul it o«


Ol course, whan playing a computer opponent they perform the speoal moves immaculately every time, except when they blow it completely FootbaB Glory tails mlo the old Irap ol making its computer players play either perfectly or amazingly stupefy I’m not sure il this ts meant to grve the game an edge ol realism or whal but al some points m the game, the computer opponent will get things horribly wrong And I'm not just talking about passing the ball d redly to my attacker On one occasion the goalie attempted to kick the ball out. missed the shot, turned



A* you'd expect the A 5 0 Q A500 version runs a bit slower, there Isn't any apaech In It and tha Mg'* overall sound Isn't as £ £ — good All in all that    2

reduces the score to...    VV;


it you r,v. pars iade .i    or vs to 0in

ft yc„ w4 iri yo-j'seH    j or>g quit*

happAr t s u-’ It *!' wher ycuvo Seen playing Sen&ibw WyV o> Soccer all month (see my lovely gufle slatting on page 88) th.s riong with a"~= every Other loottsa* gems rw'es comparison • PAUL UF±LEf»CX

I tagh rd try «y Wt V et !• reset (MaSlMeW ta b lii J trt: irwSf tsv »l al eva «■■■< la a*r*>tL

Or it you play tiom the hard chs* the game crashes atst one match because neither it nor the manual l«::« you about having to keep disk ore *; ir*£ df.-vs os copy protection


Cteaiiy footfuJ .G'-rry is .a threat to senoas threat to Sens r. i;r,ai reckoning But although I've conceaieried on the bad pomis ol the game, its not a bad game overall - tr.v.al (but annoying) tauita aside There are plenty of options you can mess around with. compet.t«r~ to enter your team in. and creating your own leagues and cups is alway . !-n And

law ef •tali (7*9

H M)y

m4 iwril mkt§ lift— •

® uppers it i;,(

plays an okay game ot tootball. end I do like the overhead kick ability because It works very wall. The speech, even It there Is only one example of It ( Magnificent goal!", er. usually when you score from a penalty) Is good as swill.


aflertouch Is absurd, the computer opponents can vary from atupld to world class during tha same gama and tha ■peclal moves don t really work (mostly because you don’t have the chance to try tor them before you loae possession ol the ball).


Ah. well, never mind eh A nice try but In the end It ust doesn't have the right combination ol options, new features or I A' gameplay that is really JL U ■ should have to be    ~

number one.    W -




urd. ten alter tha ball and hooted n i he own net Comedy I had lo pek tel cf the floor

On top ol an tha there are al the i. fevia: tis that on ihe<r own wouldn't ioc much at a problem but when Md together- become a real pain For area. I you quit the game when you re oai ahead, you! sen that maleh Or m someone get’, booked or injured r.) the match, the tat and players ex* about >t n lunny' speech bubbles




came up

with Mr Blobby But anyway.

colored n. you move to the nexl level There ere bonus screens You gel power ups FaAjre to finish a screen n ixne resuts r your being chased by a tufler etoud. The mrsic is inswervingly chpper The graph OS are agomsngly bnghl II s THE IRREDEEMABLE DISCIPLE Of THE SUBTERRANEAN HIGH LORD Let us examine me shabbmess of me enterprise The Vs) toeaioi of me game is Mr Blobby s house Emm here you can choose to be Blobby. Mrs Btobby or their repugnant chid The character* drier only m appearance (n Super Trof island the tno has complementary ab*bes) and alter selecting one you have to wart tor the level to toed Yxi can swap between characters at any point d me one you're playng has mpped over the go slower' con. tor example, or it you're stuck c me top ol the screen thanks to the shoddy piogrammngt vrftch involves letoadng the character screen end imping at a diflerem blob, then retoadrtg the level again lo reappear exactly where you left oil Why nol avod al the r*sk accessng by swappctg the characters wrth FI. F2 and F3, or sometfvig'Playmg reveals snxtor amateurishness. Item me mayor (jimpng can tar too easily carry you firougfi the ceeng to land on ihe piatkym above stepping oil ladders on lo a ledge fe absurd, drfficult. no wkcatar A ven o< how much o< the level needs 10 be OdOured ri. SO you don't know i you m supposed to chance waking over mat spited plattorm or not tatbg too tar destroys vital

• >2



■per Trail

1 f 1




sake) to the

trrvtal (Blobby doesn t even say'Blobby h ubby" when he gets Mi And everyfhmg rrwnics the worst 8-txi games

imtatngty stupid monsters move on tnear paths and the later levels are po-'tSessfy booby-trapped so * you do sometomg wrong al tbe begenng c4 the screen you won't be able to complete it -but. of course, you're not toto you're westing your time carrying on

To its creckl. the levels are extremely large and mroduce new elements (spmgs. spikes, swinging chans and so on), and weapons are handled inusuafy nielligentty Btobby can pek up objects and chuck them around, and can shool at any ppnt (as opposed to. tor example, bertg defenceless when he's on a ladder or somethng) and ihe monsters commendably stay dead But. um. that s about it The game s exceptenaty easy (you! only get killed by bemg caught out by the Haws) and i you can overcome you understandable apathy, you'll probably complete (first go • JONATHAN NASH


Send oft your A500 A i MB 0 copy and £10 tor Ihe extra-special AGA version. That's what It aaya on the back ot the potter.

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Millennium Authors: Paul Carter (code). Leavon Archer and Antony Ward (graphics) Price: £20 Release: Out now

here was a moment <n the embarrassingly shabby Mr Blobby when I tell things weren't mat bad I'd been playing tor about three hour* on a single credit and completed maybe a third ol the game s 60 levels, when I tound mysett no longer actively hating it The alternately dumsy and slack movement ot the characters, the ambiguous percentage-painted target you needed to reach to finish a screen the awkward joysbck-to-mova-but-space-io-tire controls and the tediously identical monsters had ceased to hurt me mentally But I was living a be The toul program had drunk deeply at the pool ol my will, and I was functioning automatically Only pop music could save me now except I don't like pop music.

Mr Slobby is Super Trot Island (a poor SNES paxit-the screen plattormer). from an ongnal game by Txn Class' as the cretMs put t. You rut around the screen, colouring n the floor When the screen «s sufficiently

® UPPERS Well, at least Its a complete game with Blobby bunged In, aa opposed to tome toeh hastily cobbled-togsther around the character. And N la tort of acceptable. In a low-quality way.

® DOWNERS Sllpahod design and lottery programming, and aome obvious (suits. (As wsll as gsttlng stuck at the lop ol one of the levels,

I failed entirely lo get Blobby to “turn Into a whirlwind" aa the Instructions on the back of the ghastly poster I Immediately threw out before rasllslng there wars Instructions on tha back of It assured me was possible.)

THE BOTTOM LINE Stunningly, not the unmitigated disaster you'd reasonably expect Hi not vary good either, but at leatt II afford* a couple of hours of unexceptional entertain ment. If you rs nol particularly bothered about say. getting your money's worth.

Runs on: A500, A600,

A1200. CD32 Publisher: US Gold Authors: Rage (original) Demon Designs (conversion)

Price: £30 Release: Oul now

Travel the world, go to exciting places, and drive around them. Fast. Very fast. So fast you probably won’t see the scenery. Smart.

Most people's reaction on lust playing Powerdme is:

'Aaaighh The controls are a brt weird, aren't they " The car studs and slides all over the place, with even the truest nudge on the controls serekng you tumbling into the undergrowth

But that s the idea You see although it looks like an ottknary overhead-view arcade driving game. ftiwendlnvB is sort of hattway towards being a rally simulation And to that end. the cars have been

designed to behave just     like real ones It you

press Ihe i acceleralot \ while you're \ gong around I a corner. Ihe I rear wheels / will sktd J outwards m a / powers!>de Or (I you hit ihe brakes when gong fast into a haupn bend, you can handbrake-turn to lace m the other direction (Readers who spent their tormulative years investigating such phenomena In Samsbury s car park w*i leel immediately at home I, ot course, came tc all this as a novice )

So. allhough it feels terrible at first, with a bit ol patience and practice you'll

the excitement that accompanies real rallying - no clouds ol dust, no gravel spraying about, no terrifying G-tofces no danng skids

And so you begin to lose interest. And that's when you begin to crash

And it you crash, even once, you might as well

words and to escape it you've basically got to give up and start again, only not crash this time

This financial thing casts a shadow I over the whole game dominating everything you da. when it should really just be a little extra something in the background la spree things up How abcul d the slate was wiped clean al Ihe stan of I each at the eight rounds' Thai way you'd  have obvious hurdles that you could dear I and wouldn't have to play with that constant, nagging doubt that perhaps, although you might seem lo be doing okay, you were sliding slowly mlo a

" Run-overable

spectators might have helped"

■ yoa wfc*. pkh ehtapx ap la* apaak tluui. Ob yei

learn to treat the controls gently and stop crashing all ihe tkne And everything II be great

In theory. But if you re going to practise playing Powerdnve. then you need lo be motivated to do so And <1 you're to be motivated by a game, it needs to be lun And unfortunately Powerdnve just isn'i. somehow.


The problems seem lo begin with the way that, when you've played Powerdnve tor a bit. and got the hang of the

a controls, and you re doing all right at it. and not crashing, your car ust bumbles around the frack like a Nissan Mere on a Sunday afternoon

There s none ol

g>ve up 100 and start agam Ybu see, when you go oft ihe track, the  first thing that happens is that you slow down And the computer car you're racing    a

against, which irritatingly never crashes, will overtake you and. even i! you never crash agar win the race    b

And that means your prize money will be reduced, which n turn means you won t be able to aftord to repair the damage to your car. which is Ihe second thng that happens when you crash

So m the next race, your car's performance wil be reduced, and you’ll crash more, and stand even less chance ol winning, and gel even less prize money, and so on You may well quality tor further races, and finish them okay, and maybe even get through to the next round. But you won't have enough money to fix you' car property, and your times will get steadily worse, and your cash reserves will go down, and so on and so pn and so on Its a vicious circle, r other

A piciara al a kirk balplalti naMi iaa Sul lr» all tax) a caaipatar jiai

Than art lii can la Mm, bal iaa caa aat ckoala Iran a ILal Claqaacaala aM a Wat to bajla akf. TWy'n vary uoadl.

Nicely t

i Iron: whnwli Min i you aioarj ihai I full lifil rial ohm TMa i* probably the bail rally game an toe Amiga. gi*an lhal the earrpalilion lan'l up lo «be6 And H a ebailanglng.

I it perhaps more than a basic Amiga joystick Orhnng wound amply I never gals to ba much

aspects prally much crush any an aymael you mlghl have akad

Irom It in ilia llrsi plaea. And tha soundi


PowwrOcivw has some quite nail idaaa lhal somehow tail lo coma together Into an enjoyable game. N lakes hours balore you can start lo gel anywhere, and     E ~

doesn I reward your    L 1 “

pallance with anylhlng fl I -much once you do.    v I!

downward financial spiral not winning quite enough money 10 keep your car m good enough shape to make it through to tvertual triumph

So Ihe more I played Powerdnve. the non l tailed to enioy it. and the more I tkbd to enjoy it. ihe worse cy driving got And te worse my driving got. Ihe more I crashed, and Ihe harder I tound i to gel

taiaj iiir a jnap Ib a pish ur.

anywhere, and the less I enjoyed it Another, bigger, vicious cirde. then And to escape this one. Fbwertfnve really needs something extra so that, even it you're not doing very well, it's still lun fiin-overabie spectalors might have helped, or better sound effects to give it more atmosphere (as it stands there's a temple engine noise and some diabolical ntajc). or a simultaneous two-player mode (there's an option lor up to eight payers lo take it in turns driving, but it doesn't really work because Powerthv* makes tor such a dull spectator sport), or computer-controlled cars that race against you properly, or a bit ol leeway to allow you lo crash a bl and have some lun arthoul mstaniiy losing, or perhaps even some reaty exciting roll-over crashes That way. even it you weren't very good at

Skill in] a bll la a v«««

car. tart Ur All aanliy. T*» IUli4.

Low km] at law* ryictiltn hi <h« read.

Tha napi awlrl arwaal, waUa] aa Seal Il lutr HI. hi n'll ihai aww. Thawkj.

managing la write down the code and than typing it back r talar without making any mistakes And it you do gel a letter wrong, ii doesn't even have Ihe courtesy lo tell you. so the first you'll know is after you've started the game and tound yoursell thrust back into Level 1 What's wrong with using a save-game desk  Honestly

So untortunatety. most people's reaction to AawenJnve generally, no matter how much they've played it. tends to be 'Aaarghh The controls are a bit wend, aren't they ' Which is a shame, because l raaly thought it was going to be quite good





FUNDS *33feV

it. it would stll be lun. and you'd keep playing it, and keep trying lo improve your playing skills, and you'd enioy it even more. And so on Bui as it stands. Pomrdnve isn't lun. and tha temptation Simply lo give up and walk away is uresrsttke


And lo cap it all there's the most absurd 20-dipl password system, with a negligible chance of anyone first



Not everybody like* chess and CCS Is not the game that a going to change your mind about that It is however a tine chess game with plenty ot W I * options The database in Q I ~ particular is excellent W I -



1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bb5 Bb4 5. 0-0 0-0 6. d3 d6 7. Bg5 Bxc3 You’ve sunk my battleship.

! ' ... 1


el sham. Itos is else es 1

<* i. a «.t ,‘=*j

1 *

yen CknikTtiiiirk H

J to..— .

Runs on: A500, A600.


Publishers: Oxford Softvuorks

Authors: C Whittington (chess engine), Chris Emsen and David Hunt (code), Calvin Hutt and Andrew McNab (graphics) Price: £35 Release: Out now

esjgnod by Oxford Softworks. a company that speoakses in bringing card and board games lo Ihe Amiga, The Complete Chess System comes on tour disks and is hard drive-installable (Steve has been on a joumaksm course, everybody. - Ed) CCS lets you play chess against the computer, against a triend with the computer ‘supervising' and making sure all your moves are legal, or you can even force your Amiga lo play agansl ifseH CCS can play two levels ol chess against you The first is as a weak opponent, suitable lor beginners, which is further sub-drvided into ten categories These range Irom CCS makng virtually random moves lo il playing the first good move it can think ol. On the second level CCS plays as a strong opponent Here Ihe option lo change the strength of CCS as an opponent depends on the amount of time you let it thir* lor, including an option lo have if Ihmk lor as long as you do and

an option lo lai il think infinitely (definkely one lor the very petient).

CCS plays a good game ol chess. The technical among you may kka lo know thal tl uses ‘an inieHgem beta-type search strategy' The bask: idea behind this is that il searches lor possible moves in a more human' way than other chess programs which tend lo be very calculating. Other chess programs search through every possibility open lo Ihem bekxe reaching a conclusion. CCS supposerfly only looks at those which it believes to be viable according lo its own human intelligence model. This sounds a bit scary, bui is now accepted by most chess tanates as the best method

You can also vary the range ol opening moves that CCS chooses In its default mode It nearly always plays openings thal are in favour among the chess aide of today. By mowtg a stder you can increase the chances thal it wi make more unconventional opening moves. This can make for some interesting matches and definitely gives a an edge over the average chess program



One of the reaky good features of CCS is thal A has an enormous database of past matches. This database can be accessed at wi. and any one ol the hundreds of matches thal come with the game can be

played through a step at a ttme This « an excellent tool tor leamng how to play good chess Ybu can even search the itoUbai n by player's names, or by particular positions ol the pieces AJ of which « dead xnpressrve but. of course, useless unless you're a chess lanatic Unfortunately CCS sutlers Irom bemg a kttle unfriendly There are pul down menus at the lop of the screen that you use lo control Ihe game, but quae a law ol these are dafoAt to imderstand Who wcxid have thought that the option Supervisor' woukf be (he one that would let you play agamsf a fnend rather than agansl the computer Certamfy not me und I read the manual tor a second tme As wah most chess programs you have the optxn to view the action n either 20 or 30 mode And again. Ike most chess programs, the 30 mode makes A dkficult to see where your pieces are and to get an overal view ot the game Vbul find yourself playmg hs game n 20

Once you've understood al as tables though. CCS turns out to be a very hand) chess tool, as we* as a good player its daMntaly not toe pretbeal game In tot world, nor toe best planned and lato-oul but * does the task a tatt Rsatf admrabb • STEVE FARAGHER

® UPPERS Whatever

programming wizardry fashioned the algorithms that drive CCS. It has done well. This game plays in interesting and challenging game ot chess.

® DOWNERS It doesn't look very nice or have a slick interface It s not terribly exciting.


an elaborate yawn 'CM course, the two soldiers are completely mismatched and loathe each other with a white heat' The executive s eyes shxie at the ingenuity ol the idea and you plunge on 'Once inside, you discover that the defence computer has gene nto lull siege mode Subsidiary systems have been damaged by the aliens, with the resull that each of the six lowers ol the complex is misbehaving ditterentty. With one. tor example, you have to circuit its

toims around the

obvious question about nuking the site trom ortxl. but by pointing to a teacup and looking surprised, you distract his attention

'Now obviously the odds are tar too great tor the pair to survive So new weapons aie available from the computer stations scattered around, it you have looted enough currency trom the victims you find" You jiggle your hands as it mixing a popular cocktail "Bit ol moral struggle there, one ot the soldiers a hardened mercenary, the other baulking at lobbing the dead Anyway, a lot ol

base and manually start the power generators before the doors will open; with another, the generators are overloading the door seals and mult bo destroyed But youi objective is the same n each: set the sell-destruct mechanism. and escape ‘ The executive'! mouth

tooting as you also need keys and lift passes, and expensive maps Why is this, you're asking7' The executive is closely examining the teacup, but you rap hon

smartly on the head with a rUer. It is because the soldiers have only local area scanners, and the towers are not buJt logically It they were bud logically, you would know where everything was and wouldn't, lor example, follow a trail lor a good ten minutes and find it led to a dead end Or anything But. Ol course, these maps only work al certain posits, and tail entirely tfuring the thrilling 30-second dash to the axil after the self-destruct has been triggered by. say. innocently logging on lo a terminal lo ask for an armoured suit because ol the energy-dramsig radioactive areas you're forced to go through because of the warped designers' idea ot appropriate challenge Oh. what's the posit ' Shouting now. saliva wtmlashmg across the cowering executive so alarmed he is barely bothering to think ol ways to cheat you in a contract, you break the table

Runs on: A500. A600, A1200 (enhanced) Publisher: Team 17 Authors: Stefan Boberg (code), Tony Senghore (graphics), Alfister Brimble (sound). Martyn Brown, Andy Robinson and Satan Himself (design)

Price: £20 Release: Out now

Let us imagine tor a moment that Toner Assault« being pitched to a film company with a view to using the pfof tor a science-let ion pctuie. The besuited executive has been enticed with the 'pitch' ‘It's Aliens meets Lethal Weapon 3' (deciphered in his reptilian rrund as 'Gnmy. smoky SF buddy move*) and is awaiting a more detailed treatment' of the plol

You lean torwards m the unpleasant virtual-leatherette chair, describing an ellipse with your pallid hands 'It is the future.* you beg-n using simple words m view ot the executive's enleebied mod 'A military outpost on a dstant planet has been overrun by sanguinary aliens slightly modified cosmetically to avoid legal infringement You are part of the taskforce despatched to save the day But with no one to instruct it differently the automatic defence computer regards you as intruders and destroys al shos but your own Crash-landing xi the surrounding desert, you and the only other surviving soldier must fight through the minefields, first-stage aliens and aulo-cannon to enter the compound " You stifle

First there was Alien Breed, and then there was another one of it. And now there is a sequel to the other one. Of that one.

"You die In file maze el burning corridor**


llSOC (-•** leu tilky, but still lhe ura game.

/'T'V UPPBB8 4,

\ A Clawy    <0-

—v presentation (the ■peech in particular le eicellenl). Enormous levels (and titty of them). Tense and exciting. The ’retreat' feature (backing away while shooting at something) Is a pleasing Improvement. The two-player mode Is en oyabty fricative. Hard drive-installable. Supports CD32 joypads.

® DOWNERS Impossibly difficult because It doesn't give a damn about the player. The collision detection la appallingly lackadaisical, the design greasily pleased with Itself, the monsters so tough they'll walk through your gunllre and kill you, and It's bugged (But the bugs are avoidable. So that's all right than.)


The occasional burst of excitement (such as lighting back to back out of a terrifying ambush, or managing a 30-second dash) can't make up for the enraging awfulness of the way it's been put together. This could have been such a good game. But it isn't Grim determination may pay off, but It's really not worth the heartache Tower Assault Is like one of those hideously expensive 1960s concept' movies: everybody's    -a

clearly had a great time    m

making tt. but it's an    £

unendurable mess.    *

(0 blow open doors (but. hey, lhats okay because ihere are medikils ststde). or transport you lo a sub-level where you dumsily have lo blow yourseil up to escape’’ A whole week ol playing (including two stoical seven-hour sessions) has done nothing to alter my opinion that Tower Assault is a horribly dishonest and utterly (unless game • JONATHAN NASH


Look, I'm not joking here You may think that I'm obviously stupid, and that practically everything I've whined about is a legitmate gaming device m the eyes of God. but it's not The previous Aken Breed games were hard enough, and had their share ol stupid problems (the collision detection, the smugly confusing self-destruct mazes) but this appears to have been designed solely to anger its players How can you compete fairly with a game whose idea ol a good lima is to have a torehiit. mapiess level with no wall markings, or requite you 10 run over mines

powerful guns shoot over Slones or through wire-ink tencss. and why are all the major doors one-way’ (So the process ol manoeuvnng you where the designers want you to go is clever and discreet rather than obvious and infuriating’) Why is the collision delection so amateurishly poor’ (In the desert, rocks cast shadows these are counted as part ol the rock, which means you can t go through a dearly wide enough gap because it's in the shade You can get hil by an alien that gets slightly neansh. ammed m a corridor because the second piayet a standing ol) lo one sde. and blown up by a one-way door because you looked at if funny.) Why do aliens appear and varksh randomly if the screen scrofts away Irom them’ What possibly is the justification for having ratkoaetrve areas’ (Not only are you lacing aliens and rogue security lasers that are indestructible, sadistically placed and wipa out a quarfar of your energy with one shot, but you now gel hurt by standing in a room.) Why do painstakingly destroyed desert cannon regenerate’

Why can't the second player join in hallway through’ Why hasn't it been debugged’ (You can get stuck m the graphic ol an exploded generator, and -this one took quite a bit ol work rig out - it you pause using a CD32 oypad -n the mouse port, the game locks up) In short, how can a 1994 release Irom a consistently satisfying software house be so wretched’

n two and strike the executive across the head with a cushion and tear down the walls and crumple the loom into a ball and •trow it in the waslepaper basket and leave


Consistency, chums, that's the key

Consistency begets atmosphere, begets suspension ol disbelief begets success Tower Assault is exasperatmgty inconsistent, and so tails. Great play is made of (he

towers built with deliberate dead ends’ (So after playing carefully lor 45 minutes to build up >ur powers, you trigger the self destrucf and lose everything in 30 seconds because unless you happen to pick exactly the correct route you die in the maze ol burning comdors ) Why are there no floor signs to indicate exits’ (There were xi Ahen Breed ) Why can't you switch off the external defences’ (So getting to a tower isn't made as lutkerously drflicuil a task as surviving inside one.) Why can't your mcretkbly

developing story, but the game sutlers at its expense Why won't your maps work when the building's about lo explode even 4 you buy the hideously expensive military scanner’ (Because you're in the prison complex, and 'naturally' maps would be outlawed ) Why are the





'■ • • »    W    J    


Touted as the best platformer ever, this sadly tails to deliver Although it's huge and there aie loads ol secret rooms, it's very annoying to play There's even a (dramatic gasp) slippy-sfcdery ce world. No. no. no.' That's what we reckoned ol James Pond 3 But should you have accidentally purchased a copy, then what Kevin and Martin Heaid ol Co Durham

have to say could help you to    !-C '    ‘

reach ihe end (and herce J     \J     7wH H

never hive to play the thirg H4 .    '\    „ M

:    I ' .    K& JA AB '

... NL> ’■.'*>"1    V'W, *    %

..... '    '

irn w; i! p 3 lengthy    j, - , ,

.    . v. .    ' In

tu chose to play Fmnius, you

must pause the game and    yd v    \    .

press ESCAPE lo restart And

typing EVAS in ihe same place    '    —

will allow you lo save the game al any point' Thanks, boys


We Ure flartshee 'Its cleverly though-oul.' a just one Ol the complimentary things we have said about a It s hard, smooth and great to look at." is another one Or three, really. 'And fs gerunety tunny n parts' we said too, ahudng to the way you can. for example, render duty rinoceni looking polar bears to piles ol blood and llesh 'Banshee is a good, honest, np-roanng. barn storming pwerhouse ol a blast-em-

up,' we hnaly concluded n our own imitate way recommending at one point that you should even lake out your bran, put it lo one side, tweak your reaction glands to max mum response and just get shooting; biit obviously we were exaggerating with that last M: what were simply trying to imply was that you should buy it

The Sas 67 ol Eccies of Manchester whoever he may be. also guile likes Banshee, although he didn't actually say so m his letter, but for argument's sake we'll say he did Because why else would he wnte lo you saying “On the title screen or during the inlto, type FLEV1T and press RETURN The screen will Hash, and you will now have infinite lives Typing I AM EXQUISITELY EVIL' (followed by a stab at the RETURN key) at the same place may also surprise you*


U* *4V

Stephen Spooner ol Leicester 'Level one - DZ15YS Level two - PHiGTB Level three - PJ69JP Level four - ZA6189 Level five - HK94DV Level Six - RR13RV Level seven - XH372T Level e*ghi - PKY9F0 Level nine - KB15HL Level ten - W18PV Level eleven - BY87PY'



It tikes a lol to Impress us here at AMIGA POWER, and In spite o< the lad that II looks greet, fiber 3 letl with no hesitation Into ths games that haven't Impressed ua at all1 category. "Entirely uninspired and choking of excitement,-1 think we said.

"But here's a thing," writes Gina Galder ol London. "To return lile points lo maximum, simultaneously press CTRL. ALT. V and the lalt mouse button with Ihe cursor positioned at tar to ihe left of the screen aa possible." So that's quite ustful then, to lhanka. Gina.


Us 'No matter how much you like adventures, no matter how rtngued you may be over the concept ol a lahng game, no matter how much money you've got don't waste any ol it on this It looks great, but so wha 7 It's boring'

the same

Level two (The Sanctuary) - LOPFGW Level three (The Chapel) - UHGWit Level tour (The Tower) - ABHEFT

Paul Evans of Maryport "Well. I quite like it And so did a lot of the other magazines, actually. Bui here are some level codes all


Us. 'Good, wholesome fun

Paul Evans ol Maryport 'Level codes


Wesl Indies - PLANTAIN

Mexico - FAJITAS

China - WON TON

France - CHOUX"

Send us some tips, and we’ll file them in a big box, then give them to Rich, who’ll sort them, type them out, try to be funny and pass them back to JD, who’ll edit the copy and give it to Steve, who’ll check it and give it to Sue, who’ll lay it out. And it’ll then get printed. And you can read the result here, in Complete Control, next month,


Banihaa .....

Cannon Foddar 2......

Impoulbla Million MIS

■ char 3

Jamai Pond 3 .

Kid Chaoi ....

. . .02 .04-07

. . .0a . . .02 . . .02

. . .03

Lail Raiort . Out to Lunch

SWO0 .....

Thatna Parti


Zaawali . . . .


already devoted a consoler a tie proportion ol past Complete Controls to np Ms/). SO 111 cut mysell Short here Basically whai follows is a complete set ot codes for every combination ol level and character (something which we haven't pnnted r its entirety before), and it's been uni n by Jamey Giley ol London



Section two





Section one

Sector two Sector three





r) •! 1


-J -i_r


First up is a selection ol passwords By foe took ol it. they seem to take into account the number ol lives with which you completed the last level (and let's lust keep our fingers crossed that they are not. tor example, spectre to each rtdividual copy ot the game, such as was the case with Goas) So it we were to marshal the codes winch a number at people who saw tit to write in with into some sort ot list, this is what it would look like. Try them and pek (obviously) the one which gives you most lives tor each world

World one -World two -World two -World two -World two -World three World three World three World tour -World tour-World lour -World trve -












If. on the other hand, cheating Is more your game, then enter the password as HARDASNAILS1 tor a special menu And entering it as ARCADEGAMESapparently bungs up some kxid ot a bonus games menu

rcnzB jiun














Considerable space has also been allocated to Theme Park over the last two months, but the toAowmg could prove uselul Its Irom Lee Smith ot Rotherham, who reckons he has lound a sort ol bug To lake advantage ot Lee's fmd, what you must do is open the park, ptace a single nde and pump all your cash into researching shops (increasing the game speed to maximum to speed things up) When research into shops has finished you will get the amusement arcade and all the lights on the research screen should turn white Ytou should now find that all the rides aro available and you won t have to

do any research Careful though warns Lee. not to waste all your money else you'll have no cash to buy any ot the rides with

Alec Games also phoned in with this cheat When you re buktog lube.'car/roller coaster rides, you will be charged for each section laid however, it you make a Imy course, place the entrance and then exiend ihe track, you won t have to pay tor the extra bn you've added on. le you gel a long course lor tree Placing the entrance to the nde next lo the park entrance and looping the track around the entire park, everyone goes on the ride first thing and comes off it hugely happy

And it. on some sort ol hypothetical third hand, playing tips were what you were alter, then look no further


For ihe duration of the first couple ol worlds, soma ot ihe walls can be smashed The lirst is by the two walking rabbits, and the second a little further along by the bees at the check point


To Imd ihe smashable wan on this level you must lake the pathway leading under the water at the tirst bridge - that is to say the one with the swan Hying over it Go all the way down to the bottom, use a spin to tun the rats, and head past the red flowers


To pass any water droplets, position yourse* sightly away and then spin through


Keep lumping, and make sure you collect all the capsules with things m them And mmd out for the yellow mud at the base ot the level


When you reach the fast checkpoint leap

oft the platform and pcA beck on Vie joystick to stop Jump again and repeal the process There is some orange slime on the next platform so you II need to ump then jump again but leave tits platform as quickly as possible lo avoid the orange worm When you reach the next checkpoint, re trace your steps m order to pocket the goodies, and use the rubber ped to swipe even more booty to ihe tell To lump OJtt the barrets repeal the tnck ol puikng back on the joystick until you reach the next checkpom Continue all the way lo (he sp*e-covered drums, check under the drum la the right lor some foot, and ump the next set ol percuss** Gel back to Vie first opening and take the hole to the left Jump up the two drums, go foil, leap the gap, scale Vie stack ol damns and lump across the rksmtegratmg platforms to the right MxTII want to be jumping and spnmng when you get to the drips and spkes. of course Smash the flowers and go nght. up to the platform with the orange sinie. along the fourth platform, jump nght and exd

Thanks to Kewi and Marin Heard. Co Durham. Pari Evans agari ol Maryport.

Rchard Samaras ol Burnham. Mr Draxipipe Wiser ol Blackpool and Smon Pegler ot Whcknows tor all ol the above


These pages are la year hands - snnd as tame tips end are caa prlaf them and sand tha hue mast helpful paapla a prise. (Raul Ivans and tha Naard hrethen gal them this niaarti.

Incidentally. Daa't, and ura won't. Tha address la sand (ar aal sand, as tha case ■ay ha) yau stuff fa 1st

Complete Control, AMIGA POWER,

30 Monmouth Street, Both BA 1 2BW.

I'll saa yau uenf ■aufh than, if I (an uaht It.


Game solutions are a funny old thing aren’t they  When we did the tips for the original Cannon Fodder, we started them at mission seven or so, thinking that you’d at least want to try a few levels before having all the fun spoiled for you. Nope, how wrong we were. If a game’s good, you want to know EVERYTHING about it, even if that means someone else doing all the hard work for you.

So you want to know everything Well, how about these stunning tact-totes;

•    CF2s harder than Cannon FoOdoi right from the very start The enemies are surfer and meaner, which makes them more likely lc shoot at you and more likely to actually Ivl you Always KEEP MOVING, and it possible move at an angle 10 them rather than toreclty towards or away from them, as ihtsll cut down the chances of you being he

•    CF2s srrrvlar to Cannon Fodder. The best way ot getting rid ot rocket launchers is still to charge a single bloke directty at them while hong It works every time, unless ot course the rocket launcher's getting (ue support Irom another rocket launcher, in which case you're toast

•    CF2s trickier than Cannon fodder Take special care and attention with hut doors set at an angle, as they're designed to tty oft and hit you You have been warned

•    CF2s zippier than Cannon Fodder The longer you take to finish a phase, the meaner and surlier the enemies get. so don't dawdle Also, huts generate baddies quicker, so it's vital that you take them out Don't wait to gel dose before lobtong grenades chuck them Irom the maximum range as you KEEP MOVING

As usual, rt you disagree with the way I've done a level and think you ve got a better way. wnie m and tell me about it It it l make you teet any better that is.

It's just a warm up level, but even hero it's po&stoe to lose a man Always remember - CF2 « harder than Cannon Fodder. And then just blow everyone arway


Phase Three

CF2s harder than Carmen Fodder as rare aien t as many spare grenades and although there are quite a lew boxes lying around (1), there re also a tot ol doors lo Wow oh The easiest way <s to blast (he first iow. and then gel the second row by lobbing grenades over Ihe rooftops Watch out for your troops getting separated or rushed by enemies at the nght hand side, and you'll be okay on this one

/rjv’ RedHRR

Phase Four

You only really need one or two man to complele this so split the team at (1). Dash m to grab the grenades (2) but be aware that the baddies could wel throw grenades at you The walls restrict your movement, so to avoid getting caught in explosions, take out the huts either trom behind or by chucking grenades ever watts Once those huts are gone stand a man on the pressure pad (3) to summon the UFO. then use the other squad lo mop up any


Phase Two

As soon as you sian. MOVE Lett. nght. up. down, it doesn't matter, but after about three seconds, rockets are going to start whooshing m on your position There are loads ol rocket launchers (1j and the best way to take them out is the simplest Simply run straight at them while firing, and you'll knock them over while their rockets explode behind you The problem with this is that with large groups, the last Woke sometimes gets hit, so once you've taken out the first two head back down to the start, select two men and finish the fdb with them Simply grab the grenades at the lop (2) and bomb the lent

Another regular lealure si CF2 is the ■print start, where things start to happen the moment you start the -»$ son In this case, yout boys are rushed by a toad of troops, so gun nn down grab the grenades and **n take oul ihe two huts (1) by ■tending behind and throwing . trades over them The bottleneck to final hut (2) is littered with (virtually resale) mines, so spray the area with v .-lire to trigger them II you're lucky. ~e explosions wilt lake out the final hstetng. if not yju » have to bomb ii

Phase One

Grab the box ol grenades (1) and then immediately take out Ihe tirsl building (2)

Head up to the line at lour buildings and grenade them alt but make sure that you're standing lo the BIGHT ol Ihe building you're throwing grenades at If you're to the left, ihe door will tty oh and take your men out And avoid the road ■ it's mmed

* • • • » * * * * *

T •’ »* »" »' »* »* % •

•&>    v

<*•    t

1    4 * %    % :*iy - *-

I V \    <*

'    v    v*    *

v              •

* - £ m '

*    *    • jU    ‘ ***•    v *    '

'    . **’ 4    * *    1    I “T    "*    4

* - *


ttr U 1 «r    at*

.    3

1 I


■ mm m


ty ■

A * •    •

• * • * • * * % %'r—





Phase One


unbelievably, the action now switches to the cavernous interior oi a space ship, which has particularly nasty red Mobs on the Itoor that mark instant death toe anyone unwary enougii to walk over them Take the team up to (1) and then split them Send a squad forwards to bias! the two rocket launchers then grab me grenades (2) and take out the two doors (3 by throwing bombs over the wall Reconnect the squad and do the seme trek on the matter transporter

(4)    beta re climbing

to the lop o* the ladder and bombing the two matter transporters (5) You should find fhal the bits ftymg off hit the pool tabes (or whatever they are) instead of you. so phew, eh FmaBy, blast the last door (6) and finish off any stragglers

Phase Two

There's a lone a'ten above you. so kid him before he gels up lo any xenomorphe mischief You need to grab I he grenades and rockels (1) but they re protected by a rocker launcher (2)

Smack him then grenade the alien in the lower 13).

Grenades are mote important than rockets m this one. so rocket the doors nearby (4) before attempting to run the VALLEY-0 DOOM

(5)    This isn't actually that bad As long as you KEEP MOVING and take out the rocket launcher al the end quickly, then anyone you nrkss on the way m

can be blasted on the way out If the level doesn t tmrsh. then check (6) lor stragglers and shoot their green butts lufi ol iittle-biddy holes


Phase One

Okay, the last one tor this month starts with you hugging the tence until the launcher (1) blows himself up You'll notice that wails can sometimes be fired through, so kill any soldiers before they get you. then lob a grenade over the

wall for the hut (2) Enter the compound, blow the hut (3) and shoot the guys m the keep before recovering the grenades (4) From here, bomb the huis (5) and hang around long enough tor the stray rocket or enemy grenade to blast the castle, as you haven't got enough grenades to finish the lew on your own The right side ol the compound

The level s a huge target and you're in the bull's eye so scarper across the bridge to gel the hell out ol Dodge It you'd got time to admire the scenery (which you haven't) then you'd notice that everything's gone a bd 13ih century, and the bed guys are quite literally getting mediaeval on your ass There's a rocket launcher (well, wizard but he s a rocket launcher really) by each hut grenades at the lop (1). and no swanky or sophisticated way to complete this If you run around a lot. then enemy rockets will take out a lew huts while you gun down the remaning launchers, and all I can suggest is (hat d the box ol grenades gels destroyed, you should escape and fry again Not very helpful. I know Sorry

Based (n the loosest possible sense) on classic Spectrum game Chaos, this phase features a wood and wizard in each corner (11 with a soldier next to him to represent the monster Agan, there's not much you can do apart Irom run around like a mad 'oft vnd never stop moving Sometimes it s reactions rather than tactics that win the day.

Phase Three

"rte first of the really mean missions Iiarts with a simple grenade lob to take oul a door (1) Head your guys over lo a sate zone (2) and split oft one man. •M.ing the precious grenades with Ihe man squad It's the lone guy's job lo Cash around and take out all the rocket —ethers (3). and if he manages this, tand him to grab the grenades (4) and take oul the duster of doors around the hca It he's STILL alive (although this sn t massively likely) then he should taka oul the remaining doors, climb the udder (5) and waste the aliens on the ra sed section Should he cop d at any Ccmt though, replace him with another member Irom the squad This may isem a bit tatty, but sending them an m M once merely pushes up your body court Sc don't do it

is almost finished now, so lake out ihe launcher (6) then head round the top lo waste the launcher (7) and hut. which by this time w be pumping out

baddies al a fearsome ram That just leaves one mc’o ieuncher (9) and the bottom hut lo finish off. which you shoufd manage with your last grenade Blimey, that was light, wasn't if*

See’ There s nothing very ditlicuit about this lot is there'’ Presumably things will hot up next month with mission six. phase two and beyond, but in the meantime I have to say ffus because Sensible's Sfuan Campbe* (once APs Stuart) pointed oot a MATERIAL INACCURACY «the CF2 review si AP44

“There ARE air to air combe! missions," he rants "Mission 24 5 « one. and so's the one »* m-o big lower m the middle" Now you know And we know you c.ve


Having trouble with your dribbling  Leaking too many goals  Can’t find your winger Nor could we until Paul told us how to.

auntmg. aren'i they’31 mean il's fairly easy lo gel no SWOS a quick game or two. but il you reaty want to make the most ol the new aspects ol the game you've got some

serious figuring out to do What with transfers, tactics, money, playing, managing - it s all-encompassing, and you need to know what's what if you're going to take your team of no-hopers onto greater things

Now. rather than grve you a kst of endless sn pety tips (as I like to call them). I've broken down all the new sections of SWOS and gone through each of them with a fine-toothed comb Remember, though, that

Ihis isn't a game about putting the right guy in the right place at the right time (although that plays a major part, obviously) There's luck, ski and your own gameplaying talent to take into account After all the game wouldn't be anything if it wash! possible for Plymouth Argyte la beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final It probably wont happen, bui n s possible

cam Buht ii if Ifctff irf.

Lee hi liha ■ i ■mid i

So whai advantages does be-ng a player manager have over being (usl a manager’3 The most important aspect «the



It you read the review of SWOS m the Last issue, you will have noticed that a lot of attention was paid to the tactics eckior. and justifiably so This is THE most important part ol the game, Irom a strategy poett of view, and amazingly vital it you're actually playing the game as well as managing

How do you play Sensi’ Do you go lor the counter attack') Do you like your left or right backs to push up and a hack-3 What about set-puces’3 There are so many combinations and different styles of play (haf 4 would be impossible lo cover all the positions and fades you can choose (there are 12 formations, six extra, definable formal ions and you can place any ol your eleven players m any one ot the 240 positions on the pilch relative to the 35 different positions the ball couU be in). So I'm going to suggest a lew popular styles, and you can either tailor them to yourself, or ignore them and go your own way This w4 also give you a good idea about the right players to buy oo the transfer market, if you need lo improve your squad (tor more delate, see the Transfers sod non)


2: 4-3-3

Good, all-round, attack-led formation.

It you've got a couple of good forwards, you really wan! lo push them forward and then concentrate on getting them into space with the long ball Irom the back You can also drop a midfielder or two back lo help out when ihmgs gel light in your end

I <

3: 4-2-4

Attacking, winger-inspired set up.

This is my personal (avounte, and it you've got a couple ol fast wingers you can really exploit defenses With Ihis formation, you can either attack with your midfielders or pul the ball vtto the box for your attackers it's completely up lo you

W y —t a rtnate sWtw


1: 5-3-2

Strong at the back, with a good counter attack.

Get mio that tactics editor and start changng some people around With five at the back, you can push up one or both ot the full backs, or bring them up to the midfield and give you some strength



teaka nara afl tea rtf* playn an W tea rifts paaMaaa hatan yea atari tea said.

when attacking the goal You can also grve one ol your sinkers a lone role up fiom for Ihe counter attack

ability la take a good player and turn him Mo a valuable commodity Say you'

Sinker a valued al £1 5m Adiust your tarmalon with the tactics editor, use your amazing Sens/ skills, score something like <0 goals in a season (it you're really

For a bailer example al the tactics editor at action. I've decided lo throw in a couple ot my own examples, namely CITY TWO and CITY 3 Thu will show you how you can alter a base formation and tailor it to your own style cl play


A normal formation with the emphasis on the star atlacker.

This s my altered 4-3-3 We re okay at N back, so that's no problem Bui my star forward is amazingly quick, so as soon as the ball gels mlo Ihe middle ol tie p4ch ho moves up by himseil and hen I can put the ball through the middle towards him It works really well, end he's scored toads ol goals from al sons ol angle He's also well backed up by pushing the two other attackers in behind h«n when he's on goal


Less attack, but some more control in Ihe midlleld.

And this « my altered 5-3-2. I've go) a good midfield and a couple ol well-'ard attackers, wd with (his formation and

pretty much cover ever part ol the pitch and atso break on the counter It does leave me a bit shod at Ihe back on attacking runs, so it's best not used agamst teams with last attackers or you could pay the pnee



good] and you might find yours*tl with a player wonh something Mce £2 5m or even C3m Now you can sel him ott, and buy a real' E3m player and carry on like that

II you're gong to get anywhere with your loam, you're gong to have to dabble in the transfer market Even teams such as Manchester United aren't as Strong as they could be - personally I'd lake to see Chris Sutton up from Bui you can t just keep spending and spending You need to analyse your squad, and deodo what players you need to keep and what players you need Id sell Then you need to decide, from your tactics editor, what special skills, if any. your new player w.I need Once you've gal an thai figured out. you then just need to buy bim.

Don't torgel. though, that you don't haw to attempt to buy a player who's up tor sale - you can poach from any team, but unless you make an offer substantially higher than Iks actual worth, you probably won t persuade ihe team to sell him Also, don't stick with the domestic market There are plenty o< foreign markets to try. and although you may not be aware ot the player, vou can use the game to see

hcwl II IW ubti rtl loom ckeif*

available to you. and then if you sMi can't make up your mmd, play a lew more games and have another look

Or. like me. you can ignore the best offers, and slick with the s*y dream of making your favourite team (Leicester City in my case) the best in the world

whether he'll til into your grand scheme of things In tact. I picked up a great Italian goalie I'd never even heard of before So don't be scared.

After getting rid of most ot your players on the transter market, you'll notice that poorty-vaiued players start appearing n your squad These are either reserve or youth team players taking gaps m your squad You musl have at least 16 players ri your squad, so it you sell a player when you've only got 16. a youtn team/reserve player will appear to make up the numbers This isn't that much of a bad thing though because you can either cultivate tnese players by giving them the odd game (your team strength shouldn't alter that much), aitoweig you 10 find a new talent or even improve on one and sell ism oft. or you can sell ihem oft straight away if you need to obtain a bit of cash You'll also sometimes find that olher teams will try and buy these players

A tricky part of the game this, because you can't directly alter what's going on you can only view it The only way to accrue money is by setting off players or playing at home, but m the begmnmg you won'l need to worry loo much about this. It's only after you Start improving your squad (and as such start paying them more money) or even when you play abroad either as manager ot a foreign s>de or in a European competition, that you realty begm to nonce the money disappearing Irom your account Win a lew competitions, gel a lengthy cup run going and even wm something and you will reap Ihe towards Just don't spend it all at once, or you'll end up In financial trouble (and with costs running at something like Cim a week m Kalian Sene A. that's not hard) In tad, at one pomt my

So you re good, are you'7 Been ottered any lop fobs The FA screaming at you to become national manager It's a lad that as soon as you start to look even remotely impressive (eg. gel lo Ihe fifth round ol the FA Cup. or even simply put logether an impressive run ot games), job otters wvi start pouring m. True, most o< them arenl al that glamorous (lor some reason Port Vale just won't take no lot an answer), but alter an impressrve season o< taking Leicester Gty to Ihe lop ol the premier league, winning the FA Cup and European Cup Weiners'

Cup. Sampdona made me an otter I couldn't reluse. and the chance to play with a forward line-up rated al something like £llm doesn't happen every day A couple more successful seasons and that national manager's job is nmne. And then I'll finally get my hands on that World Cup Anyway, when a job otter presents itself, don’t make a decision straight away Take a look at the squad, check out the players, look at the league position and see how much money will be

chairman sold oft one of my players without leihng me Good job it wasn't anyone important

Stay m debt loo long and you'll e<thei gel the club shut down or get the sack And you don't realty want that to happen

< **

Personally. I get the most out ol StVDS by aduaily playing and controlling the adion Although there are some management options, it's not truly a age merit skn like Premier Manager or Ch&rnpionshtp Manager By following the above advice you should be able to get on with the management section ol the game, but you will still have to put up with statistically poor teams Whereas it you play the game yourself, you can have more influence on the game Better stfl play two separate games - one as manager and one as player manager. And if you still can‘1 gel anywhere, pradice your Sens skills some more


We wanted to give you the best tips on one of the best new games for the Amiga. Who better to ask than one of our deep double agents who’s officially ‘retired’ from the sinister organisation behind AMIGA POWER and gone to work for Zeewolf publishers. Binary Asylum Ladies and Gentlemen we proudly present Andy Smith.


se your range When taking out enemies it's a bit foolhardy to pita into the middle of a bunch of them and just open up with your guns and hope you hit something (although it sure is tun).

The best way to tackle multiple snemies is one al a time. Ttour gun camera range it equal to the enemy's iBack range, so you can start firing al an •nemy as soon as it appears at the gun camera This means that you'll only activale one enemy at a time and won't have to deal wtlh several ol them firing at you at once

Watch out when you're refuelling and rearming trom land-based Camels On several missions we've pul enemy units lusualty Hippos and Rhaios) nearby on •hat we call 'Ambush This means that the enemy units remain stationary until you land, whereupon they become actnre and head towards you - with guns barmg, natch

Don't overload the Zeewoll with weapons Rockets and AAMs are a valuable resource, so don’t waste them unnecessarily. II can be a real pain to load up ihe Zeewoll with 90-odd rockets and hall a dozen AAMs only to gel blown out of the sky before you gel a chance to use more than a handful of each It's much more sensible 10 keep your on-board immo levels low and rearm olten

Don't get cocky (kid) when you've got men on board the Zeewoll Gel them

off-loaded as soon as you can so they don t die if you gel shot down (bul of course, that won't be happening once you've read these tips).

Don't set oft friendly units that you're supposed to escort until you've cleared Iheir path If you know you've got to escort, say. a Pelican back to the carrier, don't go near the Pelican until you're actually ready to escort it - once you've triggered the Pelican off it's going to head lor its first waypoint and that's probably going to be right over an enemy unit who s going to down the thing with ust a few shots (we put this feature m deliberately, just to be mean You know, tar kids)

Beware when blowing open the doors ol buildings to release hostages Although there's a buffer between when the doors blow and when the building is destroyed, it's still possible, if you keep pumping m the rounds, to destroy the building before the little man s had a chance to get out and so you'll kill him Be especiaiy wary ol this when you're shooting at garages because they only need a lew hits before they re totalled

Those oh. so difficult later missions


The teasing thing about this missnn is that we've given you two Buffalos lo use (they're on the Carrier at the start of the mission) Now. by this time you'l >


The joystick control it fir and away the easiest lo gel to grips with and it Tine to begin with, bul once the missions start getting really hard (from about mission 12 onwaids) you'll find It doesn t react swiftly or precisely enough You're going to have to get used to ftying the Zeewolt using the mouse.

Flying on mouse It actually much easier than Jonathan Davies would have you believe - just remember to use very small mouse movements while you're flying. The biggest problem people seem to have with the mouse Is that they forget that the Zeewoll acts, sort of, like a real helicopter - It you're changing direction then don't expect the Zeewolt to move instantly, there a inertia to deal with for example. Don’t Imagine you're sitting In the cockpit ol Ihe Zeewolf when you're flying - M's more like a remote control helicopter.

Start on the tint mission and just get used to moving the Zeewolf around the landscape. Then take on the three Bears - get used to circling round

enemies and filing at them with your cennon. This will give you a good feel at haw the mouse control works and how the cannon and other weapons perform In action.

When you're just starling out with the mouse, don't use the throttle (right button). The Zeewolt will hover anyway and the throttle wilt just make things harder on yourself (you'll soon find out that being able la use the throttle el will is what makes mouse control much better than Ihe joystick).

II you're using the mouse you'll soon find cut that landing without a bump can be tricky - try a quick blast of the throttle (right button) just before you touch down or. even better, hit CTRL when you're over where you want to land (ensunng you've go) your landing gear dawn, natch), switching you to joystick control. The auto pilot will now guide you gently in and you'll land perfectly

To taka off again, hit G to retract the gear, and once you're safely airborne, press CTRL to return control to the mouse

Muilaa IS. You wait Wikw al Ihaia knu.



know how useful Buffalos are and how lo use (hem (keep witrwi a certain range and they I pofler aboul shooting at whatever enemies are nearest to them). But. as you soon discover, all the enemies on thus level seem to target the Buffalos immediately and their life expectancy is real low

There Is. however, a very easy way to complete this mission The mission objective is to destroy the three bases on the landscape The first base has a dome (directly south of the earner and your start pOYit) containing another Buffalo and this is the key to sofvmg the mission

Use your other two Buffalos as best you can 10 lake out anything around the first dome and blow the dome open The Buffalo inside has a peculiar characteristic xi that because it starts «i a dome the enemy don't target it In effect (hoy don't know it's (here, so once it's released if can happily trundle around the landscape taking out anything it comes across without the enemy shooting at if

oi (he level

II ycsu've got thus tar you already have noticed ' 'h i ' • ' w

a mere 50 cannon rounds

HRI    , ,

rearm because there are no obvious Camels on the level Now. the smart ones among you will have realised that you start right next to a dome a bine dome If you shoot open the dome you'll discover a Camel, bul you'll also notice there's a Hippo right next to the dome and it you try and land lo use the Camel the Hippo will waste you But if you take out the Hippo you've got no ammo to open the dome So. use the Hippo to take out the dome

Position yourself lo the south ot the dame, making sure you're dose enough lex the Hippo to remain tn your gun camera (so you know you're in range) and encourage n to shoot at you Wilh ■w good lodgement and control you should be able to duck ►    behind the dome when

* ♦ V ,he H*pos fires and the L    shots will eventually

deslroy the dome (you migh! lake a ” couple of hits and 501716 Gafr!-a9fi

~ '    (torn bouncmg oh

wW the dome, but don't NMr B ** worry about it loo much).

Once the dome j ™ r    is destroyed use youi

ammo to Ml the Hippo I and Ihen dock with the

Camel - which you'll discovei contains toads ot ammo


There's a realty frustrating area on this landscape and that's the base al the top right Basically you've got a Watchdog, a couple ol Cobras and a garage wilh friendly men in it You! soon discover that AAMs are useless on the Watchdog because it s too dose to the garage and you'll take out the Inanely men m the garage it you try lo use them (and because all the men on the level need rescuing this makes the mission impossible lo complete) You II also find rockers far too imprecise lo be useful There's no real soentife way to complete this mission Out best advice a lo tackle this pad ol the mission straight away Deckle where you're going lo approach ihe base from and ihen pick away al the outer defences, taking great care not la shoot into the rmdde ol the


Buffalos, Ihough, it has a v(ruled operations range, which means if you wander too tar away from it, if goes dormant And. like other Buffalos, it has a tendency lo gel itself studi on wreckage so youi reed to airlift it around the landscape from lime lo lime m order lor if lo do its 0b property


Remember, the due s n the question

lo be more piecse. the

due is m the name    _ V





• Enemy frigates Always approach these from ihe back - there are two types ol enemy legate and both are armed with waous front turrets Some have turrets that fire homing missiles (like the ones Ospreys fire) and others have turrets that lire shells (very quickly) The best way to

• To earn extra points, make Sure that you drop oft any extra men and load up with as much ammo from Camels or the Ingate as you can belare you complete Ihe mission

• Although we've tried to be mysterious on some Of the bnelmg screens by. say. telling you to rescue men which are at one of two bases, you'll find (hat the precise location of the men

base Once you've taken out as much as you can you're going to have 10 Summon up some courage and head straight into tie middle ol the base The idea behind this is that the closer you ire to a target the easier it is (0 sae what exactly you're aiming at Obviously you're gomg 10 lake some hits and probably lose at least one life, but it can be done without killing the friendlies (eventually)


• There's an extra life on Mission 26. Brass fliiibing In one of the domes you'll Ind a replica 2eewofl This needs to be unified back to the earner to earn yoursall in extra life

destroy them s to switch to rockets, come at the frigate from Ihe rear, take out the radir on top of the bridge, keep as low and neat to Ihe bridge as posstue and pump some rockets into the turret. The turret has a limited amount of traverse so a s unable lo get a bead on you if you come at it Worn behind

• Vultures (enemy attack hekeopters) take two AAMs to destroy whereas all other flying craft take one

• You have lo be on mouse control lor this one If you've stumbled across a Cobra and Watchdog combination and the Cobra looses off a SAM at you. week the throttle on full and throw the nose ol the 2eewol! right over Fly as close to the giound as possible (bouncing oft the giound a couple ol times it you have lo) and you usl might be able to get Ihe

missile that's tailing you to plough into (he ground or sea

• To destroy domes, switch to rockets and approach the dome from a direction that means there S a dead enemy on the other side Fly low enough and the rockets will 200m towards the dead enemy - hitting the dome

• It you re having problems on escort missions then try to stay with the craft you're escorting, otherwise it will just wad lor you at a waypomt

• Exchange pieces if if means you can open a rank ot a file without a loss ol a tempo (thanks to Aron Nimrowilseh).

• Use the Zeewoil s shadow to onentale youisett when shooting at enemies - this is especially useful when attacking enemy aircraft, because it can be tough to work out it you're xt front of or behind them

on the correct base is marked on the tactics screen - this was due to technical reasons (ahem).

• READ THE BRIEFINGS! Often you ■ find the tactics screens don't tell you how many men you've got to rescue or wheie they are and unless you've made a mental note ol how many there are. and where they are. you can easily find yoursaif Hying around lor ages trying to find that elusive last Woke - who may not ev*n be at a building On some missions we've deliberately put men out in Ihe open, just to make things a lithe more difficult for Ihe player ■ ANDREW SMITH


Cannon 20





You haven’t been good boys and girls this year, have you And that means that Rich will not be visiting you with a present each. Don’t cry. You were warned.

Melanie gripped Ihe handrail as if her life depended on it, her sweating hand clamming to the cold metal as she tightened her grip. The phone call had been brutally specific - place the money, loose, in a black, unlocked suitcase and meet under the old railway bridge at 9.3Qpm. An owl hooted; or at least Melanie wished for some sign of life, but there was none, not even from her dog who lay curled up asleep in blissful unawareness on the step. She could remember running up and down the tow path as a child, but never before had the water seemed quite so inky black or the gush as it poured over the weir quite so deafening. She glanced at her watch -9.32 - and turned to go. And as she did, a distorted figure stepped out of the shadows and followed her up the steps.


Well it's certainly not been a very impressive post bag this month - only one person had anything helpful to say. Come on - you can do better than this. Can't you You're supposed to be the best Amiga gamers In the world. Tch.


QWell, at least Edna Norton from Couldbeanywhere will be pleased - the three queries she posed back In Issue 43 have been answered.

A“1) To build up sufficient

strength to open the first door you alluded to. you'll be needing to use the Hunk-o-Matlc machine InTed's bedroom.

2) To open the other door by the reactor, you'll need to get the record from Green Tentacles' room and the tape from from the library. Use them In the Plano room to make a recording of the record onto tape,

and use this In turn In the tape player In the chandelier room. The necessary key will fall nearby.

3) And to crack the Ihe sale, you'll be wanting to locate two dimes (one from the Radio room and the other from Ed's room), a jar of watar (from the swimming poo!) and the Pepsi (from the fridge). See to the man eating plant In the Typewriter room with the water and Pepsi, and double click on the hatch above to climb up the plant. Use the dime In the coin slot, use the right hand button underneath twice, and take a peek through the telescope to view the combination."

Philip Colvin, Poole


Q'Hey Rich' is there a cheat7' Michael Sanderson. Lincoln

A Hey. Michael7 Apparently there are two cheats Rather weirdly you’ll need a copy of Captive for the fust; mserl it during the level select screen and press FIRE, then when you get a DISK ERROR' message, insert the correct disk and Ihe cheat mode wilt be active The second sounds a bit more probable, though -enter your name as CAAA' and try pressing ESCAPE during play.


Q'flich7 CheatTips7"

Mike Stelllard. Shropshire

A Mike7 Okay When creating a new pilot. Stan your career on the opposite side Irom the one you actually want to light on

Select any mission and area (although BordenSea Patrol and a general dynamics F-111 or a Sukhoi Su2d Fencer might be a good choice), load up with ground attack weapons, taxi out ol the hangar and cannon down your own airbase Continue taxiing around and blast the control tower, radar, aircraft shelter and hangar, making sure you don’t start shooting until you've physically left the hangar (or the doors will seal you in) and you don't get caught within halt a mile ol any explosion Take oft. bomb Ihe runway, cruise around and blow up any Inendly giound targets you dap your eyes on

All this seemingly uncalled for behaviour will label you a Irartor. and accordingly you will be assigned a new

heme base on the side you actually want lo light lor So head lor (his base when your tuel and ammo runs low and then proceed into the game as normal, only now you'll have a huge head stan

The war can be shortened to about a filth ol its normal length this way, also allowing you lo land on an enemy runway during the mission and blow it up Irom the ground rather ihan looming ail over the place trying to line-up a decent aenal shol But mnd you don’t blow a hole in the runway betore you try it And beware of aircraft taking off white you try lo land


Q‘Richey Boy! I'm completely and utterly stuck on Mars In whai order do you press Ihe buttons '

Dave Woolen, Ashford

A Remember when the witchdoctor m Kinshasa showed you that lunny dance, about tour pages ago in the solution I’m consulting in order to prelend I actually know the answer to your question (Er. oops.) Well, the order in which the doctor and his two fnends bow. having lined up at Ihe lop ol the screen somehow corresponds to the order in wheh you need lo press the burtons It you missed the dance, then go back to the hut and hand over Ihe cash card to the witchdoctor and he'll show ii to you again

Q’And I can hardly gel anywhere I cannot Imd any crystals, I can't Imd Anme and I can t even Imd anything to use as kindling maienal m the fire pit in Seattle *

Graham Chaplin. Glasgow


Ah but you're rather better at sending your own hitches, aren t you So come on, if you kno the answer to any of these. pte.ivj do write in.

Q'Has anyone got any codes (or FLASHBACK I know the BURN EGGS, GURT. CHIP. TREE. BOLD set. but has anyone got any lor the sat starting WIND. SPIN. KAVA " Steven Hyde, Nottingham

Q“l have been playing PREMIER MANAGER 2 lor some months now without much success. At last the temptation has begun to slip and I have decided that I require some help. I have tried using the telephone numbers Irom the lira! game (753423, 250967, 000123, 220769 and 781560) to no avail as these take me to gambling machines where I always seem to lose. Does anyone have a number which will bring me any decent luck "

Kev Sheckleton, Stockport

Q"lm stuck on FATMAN A1200. Is there a cheat, or

something "

Steve Gibson, Borehemwood

Q"And I wouldn’t mind some codes lor the same game.” Robert Hewitt, Shoeburyneaa

Q"How can I reach the last level Ol SECOND SAMURAI " Ahmad Aizayer, Saudi Arabia

Q"On HEIMDALL 2 In Talker’yn In Ander's room where you have to plant the seeds I cannot pick the correct ones '

□lend Barker, Leeds

Q'On WING COMMANDER Sortie 6,1 always get blown out ol the sky by lighters or crash into asteroids. 1 think it may have something to do with me being a Captain. Can any one help me out with this mission "

George Fraser, Stemhouse Muir

Q"l have just clapped my eyes on The Last Resorl In Issue 43 in which my previous letter requesting some advice on how to do Classic Level ten and Sports level live ol LEMMINGS 2 was answered. Thanks lor your help and all that, but to tell the truth I what I was actually wanting was help on Sports level ten and Classic level live. Any chance ol a correction " Joorta Palaate, Finland

Q-l have had POLICE QUEST 3 tor ages now and I still can't get oft day six. i have been to the coroner, hospital and 400 West Beach but when I return to the station and hand everything over, 1 am not automatically taken home as I usually am."

Dale Smith, Manstiald

Q "Hello. I can't llnd the

screwdriver outside Hector's

room in CRUISE FOR A CORPSE. Where precisely Is it "

Padraig Long, Kilkenny

Q“l have been playing

BLOODWYCH with my brother and we have now moved onto DATA DISK 1 and are In search of some sort of chromatic key. If you too have played this far and think you may be able to help, here are a lew more details: We have picked up the yellow Chaos crystal and reached the relevant tower. We are in the area where there are rooms with green pads which teleport you to other similar rooms, and we‘re sure we have been everywhere possible bul can't find anything else to do. Please help us.”

Jalll Purtow, Herts

Q"On the original POLICE QUEST I am having major problems getting the man violent at Wlno Willy's. How do you do it " Chris Stapleton, Cheshire

Q"l know it's an old game but can anyone please help me get past level three ol ROGUE TROOPER "

John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

A To sort out your kindling problems.

once inside the cave turn on the lighter and move it along the top side ol the screen to find a birdnest That'll do nicely, so get it down with the golf club. And don't worry about the crystals and Anme - you'll be getting to see them with*. oooh ten steps ol getting your fire going.

‘I've got a problem with this, Gremlin's excellent platformer, inside the docktower. about three percent into the game, there are two exits, both which lead to some kind ol desen level which has no exits. Huh " Chalhlen Brunges. Belgium

A Providing the desert' level to which you are alluding is The Dream Mile then there is a way out. From the first pyramid you come to. slide down and dimb up the next pyramid. Gel onto the left platform and. accounting lor the wind, negotiate your way along to the switch, head nght and continue along Ihe middle level of the pyramid until you reach the Lost Temple Of Hur-Ho-Hi.

Enter, trampoline your way up to pull the second switch, exil, head left past the hourglasses and exrt up and through the door This will get you back nside the dock lower, and trom here you want to get back outside. So you'll be wanting to crawl lefl along the tunnel, nek the switch, use the trampoline and pendulums to reach the switch at the top ol Ihe level, and jump nght through where there was previously a wan Climb up the outside of the lower, swing onio the dock hand and grab the laie. leaving you at least another ninety

percent ol the game to explore And fee! tree to write m again if you get stuck.


QTm stuck on ihe part of the game where you have to chose which stab to breakdown ‘

Martyn Squires. Portsmouth

A At ihe stained glass window, take a shufty at your Grail Diary, noting the picture and statement Now search for the metai post and lor the stained glass window which matches the one in the chary Note the pillar comesporxhng to the one m the diary, and use the post to open the slab as shown by the nscnptnn

QTm stuck in the catacombs * John Anderson. London

A Say no more Fill the bottle with water at the pool and use it on the torch. Take Ihe hook Irom the pirate s arm. pull the torch and follow the new passage to the dnpptng ceiling Read the inscriptions across the bridge, cross back, pull the wooden plug and whip the plug out of ihe ceiling.

Go back up lo where you filled ihe bottle and the pool will have been emptied Search lor the room with the three pidures (consulting the diary in order to move them nto the correct configuration), but before you go through Ihe door head back the way you came to the room with the machine and use it lo lower Ihe drawbridge

Cross Ihe bndge and go through ihe lomb lo the room of skulls The highest note in the diary corresponds lo the skull with the highest tone - play the tune on

the skulls to enter the Knight s Tomb Take a peck i »ide the Knight s casket, walk to the grate, pull ihe old rusty lock and exit the sewers through the man hole cover

Tm at the village, but haven't gol a clue what to do l have a lockpick to get in to Taidgh's house. I can then gel Ratpouch to open Taidgh's door, have a look around, spy the apparatus, try to pick n up but can't and get killed by a Skort "


A Find the ol burner in Taidgh's house and use the tmderbox to light it Find Ihe tap. pour ihe potion into your empty flask, drink the potion and you'll turn into Selena, free lo leave ihe house and command Ihe guards ai the town hall to let Goewm go Iree and you get on with the rest ol the game

Q'And l can t even gel out ol the


Chris Cox, Dorset

A What, nght at ihe beginning of the game you mean Even I know the answer to that - use the torch and it will tall onto your straw bed and set the place on fire. Stand by the door, and when the Skorl guard comes tn to investigate, walk out through the open door and lock him in.

‘Do you have any cheats ' Steven Hyde. Nottingham

A Yep Press R. G. B. FIRE and the left mouse button all at the same lime and the screen should Hash, enabling the following

F1 to F5 - to select a mis on

1 to 4 - to select a deck

A - to activate Auto Sentry

S - to activale Parly Shield

0 - to activate Droid unit

and Z. X. and C to test the weapons.

And I've also got some level codes, seeing as you are asking The things I do for you lot.

Level two -471174 Level three - 159361

Level lour - 066990    >

Level live - 135642    j;

End sequence - 297797    q


Well, I don't know who is the most glad that we've reached the end of another Resort - you or me - but at least we've both got four weeks off until the next one. And in preparation for that, you think of a question or answer and send it to:

The Last Resort,


30 Monmouth Street,

Bath BA1 2BW.

And I'll cower under the table


Runs on: A500. A6Q0,


Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £15 Release: Out now

I was only something like 12 Of 13 when Dune (the Mm) came out ongmaly I wenl lo see it I don't know why Still, strangely enough I enjoyed it. and I even

OVTIOXS I Crcdite ’ I B O*

The red it IN tpKC DmI jut' ut tfc«rc. Mmm it

thought Stmg was quite cool *t ,1. C mon. I was only 12 Anyway, remembering bits ol it fondly I was very impressed with the ongeal and quite excellent Dune sa fi adventure game, but I was even more blown away with the m-yer-tace batlte.slrategy action Dune 2 The Battle tor Arakkis

And even though I was more than willing to give the game a go because I knew and quite liked the storyline, you don't need lo know everything, or indeed anything about Dune, to enjoy this game - a s»gn ol a classy game, it there ever was one As with all great strategy games, you start oil slowly with very little lo do (mining lor spice). but as you progress the game introduces little extras that rmghl not seem important at the time.


fit-eides harvester is empty.

■    ■ At.

with a neat angle on the

Combining Sin Dly-rlka touches with all out action And It wax**.

A particularly tine selection of budget releases has enlivened the AMIGA POWER office this month. Possibly one of the best compilations ever is reviewed in these ssftes, and we start with a truly great game.



but come m to their own later on m the game And thanklully they don't overpower the game play to the extent that you get hornbly confused The basis ol the game is. ol course, very simple Choose one ol the thtee houses to lepiesent (Atieides, Harkonnen or Otis) and then work through each level ol the game You complete a level by mining enough spice You mme spee by bidding, manning and aiming a refinery And while all this is going on you've got the other two house trying to do the same thing, at the same time In the same place

Get really into the game and it gets tough, but thanks to the brilliant learning Curve, you will have

developed your own strategy and tactics lor dealing with all sorts ot possibilities, and it they don't work, you'll have lo start ai over again

The graphics are ace. the sound is ai moody and ottworldy and there's some great speech as well Bui it's (he all-consuming, sleep-depnvmg game play mat is die real gem ot this game You owe it to youiseH to buy this. And I realy mean that


Select your next conquest



Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Beau Jolly Price: £35 Release: Out now

So. where do I start Well as it s a oompilalon here's a qu<k run down on how these games originaty scored when tiey appeared m AP Cannon Fodder AP32 94V The Setters AP32 88%.

Chaos Enpne - AP22 89% and 72 The Arcade Game - AP33 57% Okay, so apart (torn 72 (which isn't that bad. but isn't great either), you've got a great Hite set ol games at a good puce And the best thing about the set is the ditterence ri gamepiay

Okay, so basically Cannon Fodder and Chaos Enpnc could both be termed as overhead shooty type things although only a cretin ot the highest order would

imagine them to be in any other way similar And 72 is an Operation IVotf style shoot'em-up and no mistake However The Semen n (quack office poll t a god game So the variety on otter here is truly encaMent

It you've only got one ol the three good games on this compilation then common sense will ten you that it's a great buy II you ve got two ot them and you re a big Terminator tan (assuming that you read Stuarts review in the ever popular and sliti available AP33 and avoided 72 like the plague, natch) you stiii might get some value out ol it - but I'm not so sure And it you've got the three good games anyway don t even think about it Now -it me or does every games compilation have at least one crap game’


Three great, classic and good quality games and one so-ao shoot-em-up. You know it makee same (at long aa you don't already own more than two ol the good ones).


Runs on: A500, A600, A1200

Publisher: Care Price: £10 Release: Out now

Now i s not every day you get to play a game as a moron with a stick And *S not everyday that you enjoy it e4her I'm not going la go mlo a lengthy description ol Bubba and his

Vm aol sure wfcji nn froj Is iolif, but ri ImIu CMl«.

1/ J rr :VA

slick, or the reasoning behind the game I'll just tell you that it's an arcade platform puzzle* with the gaming leaning heavily towards the puzzle element

Bubba 'n' Stix is a wonderfully animated eadoony affair in which, as you travel trom level to level, you must use your pal. the stick, m a vanety ol ways to overcome the various obstacles in front ol you There are ol course millions ol little creatures and things that can be despatched with a simple thwack ot your stick but it's definitely more ol a thinkers game The graphics and animation are labulous and provide a real comical edge to the plot and the acton, and an the humourous touches are amazing because they are genuinely tunny. There's only five levels lo Ihe game, which is a senous downer, bul while you play II you'll have lots ol tun And that's really Ihe mosl important thing isn't it



Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Kixx Price: £17 (Missions £11) Release: Out now

Another monlh ol the year known as 1994 rolls by (and 1's almost over now. you know) and as is now almost Customary, we find our Budget Ban’ (as we lovingly reler to it as) has one of those



things In 4 You know, those omble techie flight sim whatsits And not only that but you can also gel the mission disk (with well, with lots of missions on ii) and all lor only £11

Nice flight sim, this one A couple ol good points - it's set in the first world war so there’s lots ol nostalgia to be had and loads ol wartime planes to fiy. There's even a mission editor type thaigy so you can make up your own scenarios (and very useful it is loo).

The mission disk has 23 tough mission tor experts or people who couldn’t be bothered to make up then own missions with the original program

There are a couple ol bad points though - the game s looking very old now (it's almost four years since it first came out) and although I’m no expert at flying these simulations, it seemed very hard to get into and difficult to control With a real selection of top-class budget flight sims (especially last months user-

Inendly FI17A) out there, you’d most probably be a tool to buy this Well, you did ask



The mission editor is s lop ides i s few years sgo this wss s good game, but time has ravaged this gear soul md it’s no longer the basal n used to be.



It you've got the original (and you can't design levsls using lha game level adllor) this will prove a bit of a bargain. Otherwlaa you shouldn't bother


greal cop and lab bloke

But a policeman’s work is never done 1‘rtseH your own pokbcatry correct /oke here - Ubet Ed) and so Sonny nas a case to sohre 0< course at the start ol the game you don 1 know what it is. or what you ve got to do. that's the supposedly tun pan ol ihe playing the game It's the usual pomiandcfick game you d expect trom Sierra, with the exception ol some nee cutaway sections when you walk into rooms and a boring driving bit to get trom scene to scene which I couldn t control properly and so kept crashing There's plenty ol wandenng around, plenty ol paperwork

to do and as such plenty ol boredom involved

The game is very slow, there s not an awful lot lo do (and what there is is boring) and after playing even lor jusi half an hour you gel really tired Now I know why cops drink coffee and eat doughnuts all Ihe time - ihey need the energy'


Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Kixx Price: £17 Release: Out now

Apparently police work is somelhmg like 95% boredom (paperwork, doughnuts and watching episodes ol Starsky and Hutch) and S% excitement (driving around without a care in the world and nol slopping al red lights) Now. if Paice Quest 3 is an attempt to let you experience this ahem, boring world, then it succeeds In tact if succeeds very wet indeed You are Sonny Bonds - all round

Slow and unfortunately nol very engaging but nicely atmoepherlc In a dull police work-iin'I-very-giimourous type way


So just Who* can yon expect to be playing on yottM*IM 2 in 1995 A very good question. So good in fact/we decided to ask around a bit. ---

ormally you'd

expect lo find Hi-Ho    X

Silver lining    /

brimming with    /

aim of Amiga g*m«f lhat / now find themtalvat    f

irtntfarad onto CD Bu1 fhl* month, bacauM If*

Crmatmat (and alto becauta. \ ar, no Amiga garnet teem lo    \

have been frtntfared onto CD    \

recently) we thought we d do thing* iiqhtly differently, and bring you a •otl of tpaclal CD32 preview of 1995 Thla month, for example, we were luiiy aipecflrtg to be able lo bring you t review ol Speadbali 2, but it wain t flnithed In lime. It thould be eicellenl. Hugh. what with Speadbali 2 being officially the 3rd beat Amiga game of all time.

Alto due at any minute now from Team 17 la the enhanced vertlon of Tower A tuu/f (with lit amaxlng Intro tequance and aitra tpecJal found


effect*). From    I *"■_ ev

Alternative there*    !£——a. '■

I he Doom-type

adventure called Death Mas*, and from Hkroprote a CD32 vertlon of Flakft of Glory at wall.

Thote thould ill be in the thopt before Chriatmat. But whal ol the new year Of 1995 Should you. Indeed, be aiding Father Chritlmat for a C0327 Or doti the flnt aver review-free Hl-Ho



_ L

Silver Lining herald the beglning of Ihe and for our grey-platllc-clad pal

Fortunately not. The informalion-galherlng capability of AMIGA POWER hat uncovered an attentive 11*1 ol CD32 re let tet tcheduled for next year, which we reproduce for you here in it* entirety. K unfold* thua:

All- Terrain Racing - Team 17 77m Clue- Kompart Dragontfone - Cora Embryo - Kompart Evasive Action - Mindtcape Pint Encounters - Gametek Football Glory - Kompart King Ol Thieves- Team 17 King Pin - Team 17 Pusslas Galon - Team 17 Skeleton Knew - Core Subwar 2050- Mlcroprote Super Skidmarks - Acid Software Theme Park - Mindtcape IVifchwood - Team 17 World Cup Golt - US Gold Worms - Team 17

With lop tillei like Iheta on the way. it look* like the CD32 It going lo have a great atari lo 1995. And developer* tell ua they have plenty more aecret project* In the pipeline. So next month'* Hl-Ho will tureiy be brimming with review*. Join ut then.


Paul knows and loves a good PD game when he sees it and doesn’t, for example, run screaming from the room when another pile of thirty disks arrives from one of the six PD companies who supply us, and have to be tracked down with nets and handguns. No.


Ever played i game and gol fed up I with starling at the same position I all tha lima And hala tha tact that L tha power-upt and baddies appear I al Ihe same lima In tha same placa i ever, time you have a go It you I have, then you're not alone. Bui hara s a game trying to remedy the situation (or so It says here).

TMA It a Hip-screen, multidirectional. mare-baaed shoot- em-up In which you simply have to shoot everything. Fly around, pick up passes (to allow you ■"    to go through lores

„ rj,„ \

itiuupi a X 'Mrtgs and

Tk.i.'i a.II. a lea el ib«u Imc. UrnMi ifomi lb. elec..

be In different places. Nice Idea. Awful game.

The response of the ship Is a bit off. making mlalaket easy (usually resulting In an explosion and a loss of a life), and Ihe graphics are boring -Just a black background with a dodgy wall surrounding Ihe playing area. Perseverance might bring out a bH more of the game as you leant how to gat over tha problems, but you certainly won't en oy It.

ganarilly have a

• :i bit ol a laugh.

' J] And the twist la that each time '7 you play H. you'll

y' atari at a different point somewhere on r Ihe level and the power-up. and things will

VERDICT: Bland, boring and not much fun really. *



muefi m a tew months lime

Cam i. u. i.ll e. wbi all iK.ii Kim re b. nabs eth 044. deal yea tbr.kf

VERDICT: Very polished with some clever ideas It does gat a bii dull after you've played it more than 20 times though **«


Exclusive PD

Ace game 9tis    rot -;ce. U

• I realy reeSy rfl.il    .sry natiy

pm-”.    v.T.ii.li t) most try-nsf

►Jen r. - if; -asceiiy a super pejupred-up    Con.rV. iJ    - it you



Tin .j

to Mar its also a be on the aft

pKVNfly wen say. rcraased aba pant and a cook of bombs, you ooukl hast a

mil problem trymg io gel through even the lt-3 level

Tnere's j 'o*ely Star Wars-type mtra sequence to set the scene, end you can choose between Oystick or mouse lo control the n-game act'On Thera's even a traner mode mat allows you lo alter all sorts ol things m-game lo make it easier, at the expense ol entering your name on the high score table The graphics and sound ate boih greet and ire game even _ has an amazingly good high-

• score-name-enlenng-thingy whch has to be seen lo be believed The action does get a bt lepettive. but.

Ht at Iks

Now where Nava I aaan Oita bdorci I dunno. My memory just Isn't whirl H uwd lo ba. Bui I'm aura I va ptayad thia loads ol limaa yaara ago. Lai me explain and maybe you can remember lor me. You play Or Strange (lop bloke by all accounla], and lor some unexplained reason you're m a dark, dingy, bfob-mteated caatla. Obviously you want lo gel out. and to do that you va got lo clear the level ol blafaby things.

Climb ladders, run around plartorma, and al various points create holes In Ihe platforms by hacking al them with your pick axe (apparently H's what all upwardly-mobile doctors are carrying with them these days). When the blobs get trapped in the holes you ve made, hack al them undl they tall and watch them disappear In a splurge ol green stult (H'a dearly Panic, then - Ed)

Don't laugh though, becauaa a couple ol levels in tha number oI blobs increases dramatically, and things can gal very tricky indeed. The graphics are



Right. So you've read the reviews. Don't believe a word of what I'm saying and reckon you quite fancy playing them yoursell, do you Fine. If you want to know where to get them from, ring the following companies for more information. Exclusive PD are on (0705) 642409 and 17-Bit Software can be contacted on (0924) 366982

VERDICT: Initially it's good lun. but It's a bit simplistic and gels samey very quickly Indeed. * * fe


Flaming control system mors like. Yep. it's lime lor i PD overhead racing game that. If it was easier to play, would be be loll more lun and might even be worih seeking out

As it is. the cart slip around loo much. Ihe same computer opponent always wins the raca. gels ill Ihe points and then gels all Ihe besl upgrades in Ihe ehap. meaning you can't calch him. and Ihe whole thing just tails apart very quickly indeed. Although

Ihe game is very nicely presented and tome ol the track designs are quite clever, ihe gameplay Is ust loo Irustralmg lo make it enjoyable.

VERDICT: Badly Hawed in Ihe area where if counts - gameplay. *


small but nicety drawn, and although the whole thing la very simplistic, it a quHa good fun when you gel Into IL H'a also quite tricky, end llthough I'm not sure how many (avals M has altogether, something Ilka a password system would have been a godsend la avoid (ha samey first taw levels.

Sllll. you can't have everything, and the lack of a password doesn't lake loo much away Irom e decani bd ol platform fun.



■■■ I i I i •





■ 7/



mi m . iia

Pw .




■ 11


( AVAILABLE FOR AMIGA 500 , 600. 1 200 )







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Amiga Power Issue 45 1995 fev Cover

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