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FIRST THINGS FIRST If you havan't already, read Stuart s review of Mortal Kombat 11n AP33. As well as amusing you greatly, H will give you all tha background Information you need to know - the controversial gore', tha dlgitlsad-trom-raal-peopla characters, the death moves and all the rest of It. And, more Importantly, you will loam that while the consol* versions of Mortal Kombat ware a bit patchy, the Amiga ona was spot on, with weighty punches, excellent sound sheets, a solid level ot difficulty, and a cunning method ot reducing all Ihe moves onto a one-button joystick. Stuart gave it 86V So - Mortal Kombat 2. What's tha difference The coin-op sequel added new characters, as wall as enhancing the existing ones, both In appearance (bigger) and versatility (more moves). And tha Amiga version “The good news is that wa v* managed lo gel all the characters and moves into tha Amiga version.' says Barg' ol Probe Software, who are developing tt. Tha only thing Is. Shang Taung will just morph Into the character you re fighting against rather than ail of them. Apart from that, everything's there.'

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Amiga Power Issue 44 1995 jan Cover



A special, EXCLUSIVE

Thftt whole holes of this eagerly awaited, et, golf game. EXCLUSIVE, mark you.

9 *770961T731053'




Jonathan Divmi


Cam Wlnatanlay

pwouctkw tonon

Slava Farafhar

AAVIAOtC SCOTT Jonathan Nath



wit tnroncnr Sarah Sharlay-PHca


Rich Pallay, Jamal Birni, Allion SlMart. Jaion Hoi bom

AOWWAGEB Jackla Garford


Louita Woodi

SALES EJECUTMS Diana Clark*. David Matthau*

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Thousands more soldiers moot their


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World exclusive! Only AMIGA POWER boasts a comprehensive listing ol all the games released over the last year or so, with micrpreviews.

deaths lor your entertainment. Plus! The levels YOU designed. Page 42


world of JTmTyvI


Blub. This truly is

the greatest Amiga    -1 f >T*1VI

game ever. And it's ours. Page 60


=WT"C nTi rr»<TB0L ASSIST AN: M*(*n Oool*


joun assistant Suiannah Anfalo-Spariinf

•Vi Ot SAiN UANAut K Mlchdl* Tr***v*i

l NO 1 SCAMWC Smw CMtondan. Jon Moor*. CNv S4oclt«r. Sonoo Whndtor. Jam* TMay. Mart Co. ■> OM* r.bfc.


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The best platform game we've played for ages - and we even got some grabs from past Level 1. Page 48    - _---

SIM    *--

CITY 2000

First there... No. ft's even better than Sim City. Page 66

Amu*    »Mr 139 9*. pau



Mr* Akv 1994

Napoleonic manoeuvres in some fields. Of glory. Page 70

Fulura Publishing 1M4

JONATHAN NASH WOULD JUST UKE TO SAY: 'Th* cunaonit* wtun d c~ JONATHAN WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: 1 am a.    to M you mam. *



Everyfhing you need to know about the biggest game ol the year. And! Win a Mortal Kombat 2 coin-op! Page 8


We try to discover why helicopters and games go together so well... Page 30

...and review what's perhaps the finest helicopter game yet. Page 38

Aladdin ——

Cannon Fodder 2 —

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But it was, so you may (eel free to use this month s disks tor the purpose for which they were really intended - your personal gratification.


Try oil our demo (wfaiefc boiicolty coisuu of ibc obolc of level om) nd fas’ll hi wtf ■« rcckoo AiiddCi io ytsl, Msbil i«f. Alfhovfb H doci )«1 border Iksi ibis Ultr om SIlfMIf. Cipcciolly Ibc hrt where fo« r« maiiaf Ihrocfb fb« cave aed liifa free! bold ! iflddcaty beep oppeoHef la froel of yod. Thai bH'i rcibcr aafilr, If aaytbief.

HI sod, m w vt dubfxd

Scanbla <U»H b a Mrbolc •<« ifyte of foil pccl cad oar d«co fltti you Ibrcc hole of H lo try omi Wifbooi coy bays or ceyibief.


• Oh nol Are you sura Betore you go any further, try the procedural described In the panel over lha page H. attar all that, you da hava disk problams, chuck it In in anvalopa along with an aiplanalory lattar and an SAE (or you'll novar haar from them again), and ratum It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Dlfk Ratuma 44. Dlscopy Labs, PO Box 21. Daventry NN11 SBU. It you aend It to ua. wall aharpan tha adgaa with a Ilia and throw It. Irlabae-ityta, Into your lace




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•    Are you sure

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AMIGA POWER Disk 44 Returns

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• We re really hoping that you're reading this bit. because It's guile important: please don t send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We ll ust throw 'em straight In the bin. So sand them to Olscopy, why don't you

loud and leenng ai gifs You men on the grouid have approached hern poklety and tned pontong out that not everyone Wes modem beat combos at 120 dec4nls. but to no eftect Consequently, you have been ealedff to

R Mow down the yobs m the park That'll leach them to trample on the flower beds R Drown out their stereos with rocket fire as you rip up their convoy Walch out lor ihe moHe radar at the Iront. as it makes any missile batteries it drives past learsomely accurate R Gam air superiority by knocking out anything else that Hies There's no parlicliar reason tor thrs. other than it makes you feel better than everyone else as you tty over them

Once you can complete all ol these missions, why not try again Except now

•    Try to crash the pcne by blowing up the tank and tanchng among Ihe yobs m the park (Watch out tor grenades )

•    Pick up your tank and drop it near the yobs Then watch them (lee as rl asperses 122mm death

•    Try to lake out the defences oI ihe dreaded Hell Island

•    Blow open ail the domes to see what goodies lurk inside.

•    Try to re-supply against the dock by tandmg on Camel Island without taking out Ihe enemy tanks

•    Try lo drop your lank on enemy shgxs.

Author: Binary Asylum

ung any comptarts about this demo straight to us. because we at AMIGA POWER sat down with pens and paper and designed this level all on our own In such a Icnrkshly clever way lhat you can play * over and over again in all manner ol dnerse and interesting ways, natch We are the mightiest beings ever to produce a computer games magazine, alter all The base game's pretty much kke Desert Stnke. with you Hying around, shooting things and Peking up ammo and luef Veterans ol the game recommend you eschew Ihe joystick in lavour ol the tnckier but more rewarding mouse option, as panting in the direction ol travel and throttling with the right button gives much tighter control over your gunship Whichever method you use. keys worth knowing about are

ESC - Restarts the rrassen G - Landrtakaoff H Deploy wveh

SPACE - Toggles dirough cannon, rockets and mssdes

CTRL - Toggles between mouse and joystick control

RETURN - Toggles between tactical and M screen modes

UP & DOWN - Cycle dirough missions on tacteai screen: cyde through weapons an resippfy screen

LEFT & RIGHT - Cyde through ndmduai targets on each mission: alter weapon toad

on resupply screen

Anything btoe n the game ts tnenefy. so you can pek up and transport the blue tank using the winch and re-supply from die fettle blue crane dings Just land next to one. wad tor it to conned up to you hekoopter and then use the arrow keys to load up weapons It a looks hke you're gang to crash rto something whfe landng. pressing Fre wd bounce you upwards, giving you hme to aier your landng s4e

Thismssiondoesnt appear xi the game (Ike we said, we designed 4) and sets you the task ol drasscaly reduong nose poAjbon Everywhere you took on the islands, honbiy loud yobs are ptayng kwfcal to die park, screeching aroord n planes a just driving artlessly round and rotxid >i ordes. hjggng the air wadi monoxides, playing the* car stereos tar too

What s the pant of all of this Wei. there isn't one. but so what

We designed the level sc you can mess around tots and generally have tun. Enjoy.


Author: Virgin

Dsney Harmless

purveyoi d popular entertainment. espousing (amity values’ and teaching small humans that crime does nd pay. or srslei organisation mphcated in Ihe Kennedy assassnaton by shori-kved Brown Bobby McKennel Only you. ihe public can decide One Ihngs tor sure, and that's that Dsney games are tree d controversy Take AiaMn. tor example No pdibcally unsettling content - guaranteed Instead *s a lairty standard platformer bU one with all the

:    retnemenls platform games shodd

J have (support lor two button jcysacks, a lack d athletic hsb and the Ike) We were therefore delighted to secure a bumper demo lor you, our readers Play1 the entire first level with the cunous fruit machine bonus game at the end. withouthavmg to worry about the moral impkcahons d mdnedly supporting a company suspoousfy protUxled by law from buying more lhan a further 6% d Webtey one d Ihe world's tearing small-arms manufacturers fWTiara grand tape eh readers7 - AP legal Dppr;


M • «nm» n



Mlirt MW MM M N


This is absurd 'Give us demos d your new games ' we demand ol software publishers "Make Idem special and great, so ihey will not be embarrassed to be presented on the same medium as Gravity Force 2.

And crush them unhl they are very smal, so tfieie is no need lor an intonating decompression process involving our readers formatting two dank disks beforehand, so that the Zeewoti.'Senscte Go* covercksk will automatcaty wrte on them runnable versons d these games And. by the way. ensure that SenstAe Got wil run even on the anoent A500s d several people' 'No.* reply ihe software publishers haughWy What is a body to do0 We are nonplussed

Author: Sensible

We've just discovered a lab ladder feature ol Sensible Got H you select the joystick part two option with a mouse plugged in. the payer constantly cades las tee. resulting m a spendxSy hypnotic spading view d the green It ■knost makes Lp tor the lack d computer opponents, whch lata nous rormd-the-dock Cannon Fodder £ programming action prevented Sensible liom implementing (Actually, it might be n there after a> It's just we couldn't gel it to work. Teh .)

The necessity of seizing biological compatriots cannot be helped Perhaps you could lake lias opportunity to practise

sooal skills as you persuade people to join in tlas three-hole demo and use Ihe oh-so-obvious left/nght to move ihe cursor and uptown to select a club control method You could descnbe ihe way lo hit the ball by pressing lire to set ihe power d the shot, and then fire again lo stop the blob wrthm ihe red seciot ol the circle. You could explain mat with different dubs, and toperxfcng upon where ihe bail is. the red sector will fluctuate in size lo relied Ihe difficulty ol a particular shot Then, at the cntical moment you could add lhal pressing the space bar gives a map view d the hole, and new lnends wil be youis The possibilities are endless with this exciting new game




It’&bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger - and that’s official. In the first wen it went on sale, the cartridge version of Mortal Kombat 2 netted global sales in excess of £30 million, outstripping box office receipts or True L s, The Mask and even The Lion King. And, as AMIGA POWER 7 exclusively revealed last month, it’s coming out on the Amiga very sooni We feel it our duty to PENETRATE THE HYPE.

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Acclaim Authors: Probe ETA: Out now

Two-and-a-half million cop)** distributed to 15,000 retail outtels across ttte globs... A £7 million msrkating campaign... Biggsat shlp-oul of any vldso gams in history... 85 torrtea, 11  umbo ata and hundreds ot security guards... Straight to number ona In tbs Gallup charts... Sold out across the country within days ot Ha release...

Blimey. But hang on. It's only anothar game. A beal-'am-up. In fact. What’a all the fuss about

Vou muan't say things Ilka that.

Not unless you wish to invite the disdain of all those who consider themselves true game fans. Mortal Kombat 2 la the biggest, most Important video game of the year, and the news that It's coming to the Amiga la a cause for Immense celebration. Or so we’re led to believe.

But we've seen the Amiga charts.

We know that at least half lha games our readers buy are lootball game*, and that Premier Manager 3 is going to rocket straight to the lop spat the moment H's released. We know that, whan you're not playing lootball games, you're playing absorbing strategy games Ilka Theme Park and The Sefffere. Or tricky shoof-'em-ups Ilka Cannon Fodder. We know that, although the original Mortal Kombat floated about near the top of tha Amiga charts lor a while after Its

release. H only kji t II 1 £ made K Into    lflUIlillL

our Readers'

Top 100 at number 18. We

know that, whan H coma* lo beat-'em-upe, you're likely to be about as Intarasled In how to access Sub-Zaro'a death move as you are In the atomic number ot caesium*.

This situation must obviously be rectified If you're to avoid social embarrassment in gaming circles. So by the and of this enormous sli-page feature, you will know all tha characters In Mortal Kombat 2 Intimately. You will know their special moves, their strengths and weaknesses, their backgrounds and even, no matter how much It might gall you. how old they all are. Vou will be In a position to avoid such gaffes as asking if you can he’

Goto, or getting tha blokes with hats mlxad up. You will be fully convarsant with terms such as baballty1, fatality' and 'double flawless'. Without wincing, you will ba able to utter auch phrases as, “Stung Taung. yeah, he can morph, right, but Raiden could have him with hla Uppercut Explosion any time*

Wa re sorry about this, but K Is for your own good.


If you havan't already, read Stuart s review of Mortal Kombat 11n AP33. As well as amusing you greatly, H will give you all tha background Information you need to know - the controversial gore', tha dlgitlsad-trom-raal-peopla characters, the death moves and all the rest of It. And, more Importantly, you will loam that while the consol* versions of Mortal Kombat ware a bit patchy, the Amiga ona was spot on, with weighty punches, excellent sound sheets, a solid level ot difficulty, and a cunning method ot reducing all Ihe moves onto a one-button joystick.

Stuart gave it 86V

So - Mortal Kombat 2. What's tha difference The coin-op sequel added new characters, as wall as enhancing the existing ones, both In appearance (bigger) and versatility (more moves). And tha Amiga version

“The good news is that wa v* managed lo gel all the characters and moves into tha Amiga version.' says Barg' ol Probe Software, who are developing tt. Tha only thing Is. Shang Taung will just morph Into the character you re fighting against rather than ail of them. Apart from that, everything's there.'

Hurrah. And the bad news

"Eh "

Well, H that was tha good news..

“Oh. No. There Isn't any bed news. We're really pleased with how good

wa v* managed lo get the game. The moves are all lha same as

k i i Mi H A I ,hi eo,,vop'

MJlnU/ll and they're not too hard to execute, because wa ve used the same system as we did lor tha first game, substituting combinations ot joystick movements and the tire button for the six buttons of the coin-op.~

How long have you been working on H

“Incredibly, wa ve done the whole thing In about three months. Acclaim only decided lo do an Amiga version very recently, so we've been working horribly long hours to get K finished.'

So. Is the Amiga version going to trounce every other version once more

“It's a bit different this time, because tha console versions are so much closer to the coin-op. But the Amiga version Is basically tha same as lha Mega Drive on* - wa ve taken the graphics straight from that - except the sound should be Improved.'

Lat a hope he a right, ah, readers Mortal Kombat 2 wasn't qulta finished In time to review this month, and will consequently be on sale before we've passed mighty judgement on H. But wa ve been playing a pre-production version which seemed absolutely great.






whole bunch ol new character*, with all-new move* end everything. A good biufl might be to uy aomethlng like, "Hmm, they're all vary wall, but not a patch on the old characters." Although you're unlikely lo Impreaa anyone

Along with Mlleena, one ot the game a two girls. And a really good character to pick, with her terrifying nin)a fan (as long as you don't try using It long-range, as It can be countered with missile attacks).

A US special farces operative, on a mission to rescue Sonya from Shao Kahn. Ratlas on brute force to see him through the game, specialising In picking people up and punching them In the face until they start lo cry.


A goodie, and in fact a direct descendant of the first ever winner of the tournament. Wears a hat, confusingly, and does a shield' that Isn't of much practical value. Otherwise, a good, workmanlike range of moves.

The other girl, and ostensibly the sister of KHana. Possessed of several powerful attacks, although they can all unfortunately be easily blocked If your opponent knows what they're

doing. Does a useful rollflele port-kick combination

*r»>- s


The one with the harpoon. Who * dead. Although now ha doc* a rather useful lag awaap at wall.


Son cA tha goodie, really, and the (worn anamy ot I he evil Shao Kahn. Much aa ha wat In tha tint game. It allghtly fatter.


Still cold, but aadly neglected In I ha sequel.

Tha tource ot much contention among MK2 player*, but wa ve got no atrong opinion* So wa asked tome people who do

good annoying character, and not loo difficult lo look at It you catch my drift. M I couldn't 'hava' her, It'd have to be Liu Kang, because he toundt good, and does good fighting.'




Supposedly a film atar turned fighter. Haa gained an energy boll In the sequel, a shadow punch and a more powerful package check .

BARG', OF PROBE SOFTWARE: “Weil, Id normally go lor Uu Kang. But In the Amiga version, the way the controls work mean that Sub-Zero's a realty good bet -you can pull off his moves realty quickly'

WILL GROVES, FROM GAMESMASTER: 'Er_. Er... I dunno. (Uutfl&d) Does anyone know the best chancier In Uorial Kombal 27 No (Unmuttlad again) No. Er, who are they all again ' There's Uu Kang, Kl_ 'Yes. Uu Kang.' Why's


Previously a 'hidden opponent', now youn to control. The harpoon a gone


ahe a fast, a bit like Chun U. But Zy reckons Uu Kang, cos

that “Has he got a hat ' No, a headband. 'Because

and he can now spit acid, but ha still looks suspiciously Ilka Scorpion.

he's really hard. And quite CO last too."


   SEGA POWER: “Kltana again.

She's, Ilka, good all round, a

he's got a headband."

ANDY DYER. EDITOR OF TOTAL: ‘Sonya, 'cos she's a bird* (You can only control her In Mortal Kombat 1, though, eh readers Tak.)

DAVE GOLOER, DEPUTY EDITOR OF ULTIMATE FUTURE GAMES: ‘Uu Kang, because, er, he goes La-le-le-le-le-le-le. Or somelhlng. Apparently.'

So that settles It, then.




Completely different In every way from Mortal Kombat fa Gore, except for having four arm*. The tint of the two boaaet, and really very difficult to beat.


At the top of the mountain that a gat your apponenta' laces on It Is a horrible statue, which turns out to be the evil Sheo Khan. Ha wears a strange helmet, and keeps barging into you In an unsportsmanlike manner



Our research uncovered very little about Noob, save that he's based on Scorpion, and dressed in Mack to look Ilka a cyborg. Apparently, the programmer of the coln-op Is called Ed Boon, and Noob I* soma sort of In-joka.


It's Scorpion again, only gray. (Except you musn't say that, of course.) These secret' characters, incidentally, are generally reached by defeating apponenta using only one sort of move on certain stages. We're not saying which as It a a secret. Smoke - by coincidence, of course - Is able to perform all Scorpion's moves.


Certainly not a green version of Kltana. Oh no. Legend tells that. If you beaf her, you get to play Sonya from Mortal Kombat 1. Probably.

I am Kintaro and I claim my prize.

Human alias



Cut out this guide and keep It wilh you at all times, leal you find yourself drawn Into in unexpected conversation about Mortal Kombat 2 without having had time to brush up on the many unique forms of expression It Involves.


Rather than Tinishtog' hen (or her], *s poestole to perform a babakty and shnr* your vanquished foe to a baby (or, lo use the Japanese term. Super Deformed) verson of him- (or her-) self The • otmousiy very sty. but does go a long way lo improvng the shed Me of a game based arotmd rapealedy pundang an opponent


Be'-lng Goto is a bit ol a social mneheld. so don't go wandenng inio it wehoul these vital pieces of information For a Start, ha’s not actually In UK so    The key lhaf turns oft the music in the

i you start going on about him. those    MKf. It. at we suspect, its the same lor

around you wtf reekse how out of touch    the sequel, then we suggest it's the first

you are and laugh el you. Secondy. you    thing you press For as we al know. o

never could, and never wrf "be Goto. It's    game muse is THE MALIGNANT

just not pots**) Anyone claiming lo    CRAFT OF THE DARK MASTER

have a cheat to be Goto la a

blackguard, and should never be Misled.    _


Beahng your opponent lo a semiconscious stale simply isn't good enough in UK No. you need lo do a total number on him (or her] and

exactly the same, Kxitaro is apparently completely different from Goto. He does, however, appear m UK2 which is more than can be said lor Goto. Al the time of going to press, we've seen no evidence to sugest that you can be' Krtaro. either. So there


Not. in lad. something lo do with Burger King's midweek specials, but sduaty a way of making things harder lor yoursefl lor pain and prof*. Once you've mastered a cartwheel ippercul or a midair backbreaker, if kind ol lakes the tun out ol it. But wan. what * you could perform a cartwheeling mid-air badrbreaker That would be doubtlessly smart. The Aashier these combustions gel. the more points you're awarded alter the fight. Probably.

thoroughly kill them lo death, which is where fatalities coma in. How It works is this: You pound the opponed until you get to all that macho finish Him1" stuff, and then access your character's special fiddling move In practice, this means learning (or getting a friend lo tell you) a joystick and lira button sequence Get it wrong and the loser tala over Get it right and hurtaga is idketad. It s all very exciting. And controversial Apparently.

generaty regarded as being 'a bit gMe' in MK2 orefes. so it's tar cooler simply to know about them rather than how to actuaty do them.


The same as ortfcnary fatalities, except al the characters can use them, and they only work on certan screens So caled because they nvolve kflrig your opponent by dropping him (or her) ido a pit with soma spikes or something al the bottom. There is a perverse fund Of logic loal this.



Oufdassmg an opponent to such a degree that you eompMlely waste fwn (or her) (barney this is getting terkous) without even getting scratched earns you a flawless victory bonus. If you do it agan in the next round, you get a tagger double flawless victory, plus the opbon to toei smug. Rumours that the con-op version of UK3 vdl contain a quadruple flawless victory tor anyone who can beat up an opponed in Iron! of thee gin- (or boy-) friend have nadiar been confirmed nor denied by arcade giants Midway


These involve inexpfccabiy making it up lo the person you've just half-kiled You can do a little dance, give them an autographed photo or shower them with presents to show them how you leel. Unfortunaiefy. friendship moves are



This is somelhmg Johnny Cage can do. and akhough we've yet lo see one, we re intrigued Surety you can only decapitate someone once Maybe he uses a bacon slicer or something.


A term of vocalised comma, frequently used In conversations about Uortal Kombat 2. For example: “You know Mortal Kombat 2, nghl. wei. right, you know Repflte, right, and he's green, right. * etc.



Aflhough he's got tour arms and looks


See Right


This, surely, is the most    your bedroom and Fight to your heart's

valuable prize AMIGA    content, possibly even loadng up the

POWER has ever grven away. Amiga version simultaneously and We've teamed up with    comparing just how accurals 1 is.

Acclaim to offer you the chance to wvi a gamine, bona Ma. Wy-woriung Mortal WHAT YOU Kombat2 coemp maedna. just kka in    ~

Bie arcades. You 1 be able lo set it up In MUST DO

What we wad you lo do is convince us that you are. in tad. Kintaro out of Uortal Kombat 2 (the one with tour arms) We don’t mod how you do this you might wad lo send us a photograph '    ' i/rl ■or a video recording Or you might want

lo be sightly more inveniive and. for example send us ■ iumpei with lour aims kr'fled by your granny E*cspl V we've though! cl that one) Basically, the more hoube you go lo. and the more

w    convincing an argument you pul up. the

more chance you ve got oI wrnn ng .    A,    F> in the coupon below (or a

,    photocopy] and send it with youi

evidence lo: 'No I'm Kintaro'. AMIGA POWER 30 Monmouth Streel Bath BA1 2BW to arrive by 31st December

*    -    1994 The sight calch a mat wars


1.    Employee* of Future Publishing and Acclaim aren't allowed to inter.

2.    Your entry mutt reach ua by 31st December 1994.

3.    The editor's decision Is final.



Decried as another cynical cash-in by weary SNES owners, Super Street Fighter 2 is actually a significantly better game that the original, if you don’t mind paying for it twice. And next February, as the Amiga goes beat-’em-up-sequel crazy, US Gold are bringing it out on the Amiga.


£ U







Runs on: A500 (1Mb). A1200, CD32 Publisher: US Gold Authors: In-house ETA: February 1995

tree! Fighter 2 is the most famous video game in the It affects people m bizarre ways It has spawned a senes cA updates Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition. Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and Super Street Fighter 2 It's sold absurd numbers of SNES and Mega Drive cartridges Street Fighter 2 - The Movie is currently in production In Japan ju can buy Street Fighter 2 comics, Street Fighter 2 sweets. Street Fighter 2 figures and Street Fighter 2 stationery When Street Fighter 3 comes out. the world will stand stil

But in the meantime, we Amiga owners can look forward to our own version of Super Street Fighter 2. the most recent m the series

While the Championship version added the ubiquitous be -ihebosses

vW*' "    ''sv.


V] ■ L * I h 1 k

Certainly won't be wimpy

faokty, and the Turbo version ran slightly faster (and hence would hardty be worth Amiga conversions), Super Street Fighter 2 goes a great deal further, with lour new characters to play, each with a new setting

And the Amiga version, promise US Gold, wil be the best conversion yet, incorporating all the new characters and special moves Its not be*ng programmed by Creative Materials this time, tut by a special US Gold m-house team headed by producer Ken Lockley.    w C

"We have a lotaiy new contoi ' mechanism that enables the " player to play SSF2 Ihe way it was meant to be played in the arcade" reveals Kan. when challenged about Ihe talher vague controls m the ongnal 'The player will have maximum control ol their character "

All the buttons on the CD32 should help, ot course, if you ve gel one Bui  how about the sound7 That was rather weedy originally as well "The sound on the CD32 will be awesome, with a lull soundtrack, and lor the Amiga versions we ll try to recreate the sound Itom the arcade II certainly won t be wimpy"


«• bft


True Super Street Fighter 2 payers pick Fe< Long, because he lakes loads ol practice to get to grips with, and you're probably really great it you can make him work or something He does flekka Ken punches, which you can siring together with devastating results, and a tremendous Rising Dragon Kck He's a movie star, like that one in Mortal Kombat

What about Capcom7 we wondered Do they Ike to oversee the conversion, or do they just let you get on with 4

■Capoom get very involved in all their W£ licences - they re very protective,

■x but they do give some leeway and are perfectly co-operative ' r V The timing thankfully spares us f . a Mortal Kombat 2 vs Super £ Street Fighter 2-type, and as it's j early days yet, all the

screenshots are from the I hopefully not so different) - -dt "I    SNES version

crap, the Thrust kick, which works like a Dragon Punch, and a couple of Slams She is from England, and is (nngh) a social agent


If you like Guile. you It like Dee

Jay whose -    ' •

moves are /    ( 1



based He    .

in d 7 .    ■/’ / *


Boom type

thing, a devastating

Hyper Fist, a     U -f I

Double Dread Kick

and some throws    [r v

His tracksuit    k '▼ A

bottoms are sightly    F

unfortunate, but he has large muscles    r

He comes from

Jamaica, and    JV t . I

(cough) is a    .

musician who    i i

uses ha sense

ol rhythm to    f J

aid his    rv W    I

fighting Probably.


Does a lethal Storm Hammer lock, making some professionals spurn him as loo easy to wm with He is a Red Indian, seeking revenge for No Aaargh. H’s not real It's only a game (Gel a grp - Ed) He is 36 years old.    C

r. Those new characters. Y then


* - Cammy is notable cv lor be mg played by Jj Kyiie Minogue in JL, Ihe forthcoming movie. Her moves include the Cannon Dnll. which sends her spinning horizontally across the screen, the Spinning - Knuckle, which is a bit

LjJSit n

1 F-' If n

1A Qin

VvvT 1

You can’t imagine the trouble we go to getting all the latest news for you every month. Hours and hours of patiently waiting by the phone or fax. It’s tiring.

It’s the game of The Lion King. From Virgin.

cute-baby-grow-nq-ipio-be-iusMike-its-deceased-parent from Bamb and so on Throw in a limp, predictable ptol. songs you'll have lorgoRen before you've even slapped outside the audtonum, and some nonsense aboul a Cirde ol Lite, and you've got a huge Cksappoinlmenl all round, salvaged at the Iasi rrnnuie only by the inevitable lop-qualily animation and Darth Vader

What then, are Simba and bs chums doing adorning our news pages'Has AP sold out Now that we re pari ol a smrsler global megacorporabon (see endless stones in various newspapers City' sections), are we compelled lo pnnl what legions of executives in grey suits tell us lo pnnl. rather lhan whal whai our heads would have us wnie about1 Ol course not

AMIGA POWER Irowns upon The Lion King, viewing il as a cynical amalgam ol the most successful elements ol all Disney's previous tiims Witness the blue parrof and kung-lu-lighting monkey from Aladdm; the large, tierce but ultimately lovable animal Irom Beauty and the Beast the

The Lion King is actually ihe subnet ol a new game Irom Virgm. and ail Ihe ndicabons are that it'll be every bit as slick and entertaining as Aladdin (reviewed on page 48) Like Aladan, The Lion King is basically a direct conversion ol Virgin s Mega Dnve game And. given that that's been gethrrg scores ol. for example.

90% m Gamesmaster magazine, there's much to look forward to

You won't be surprised to learn that The bon King is a platform game Or that you're a lion r it. tumping around the African savannah co*ectmg things Interestingly, though, you start off the game as a new-born cub called S«nba. and then suddenly grow up halfway through mlo a huge, musdey lion with a

mane and b*g teeth and everything Presumably, then, twice the usual runber ot frames cl animation are involved, a (act wtxch w.u no doubt be ably represented on the back oI the box And Virgin are packing in plenty ol other new ideas to ensure mat this ts a bit more than just another platlorm game All the other animals are there lor the interacting with - you can swing trom rhino s tails, nde on ostriches, be tossed about by monkeys and all that sort ol 9vtg And you can loar at animals to make them help you

And. ol course, there aie baddies, ndbdmg the comedy hyenas and a showdown with the evil Scar at the end It'S not al platform-based, either - the rather good stampede in the him has been turned into a 30 scrolling section

where you're runnmg out ol the screen, trying to avoid the buffalo charging 14) behind you But. er. apart fiom that it probably is all platform-based

We've pmched the screenshots on these pages from the Mega Drive version but Virgin assure us the AMIGA one will be virtually indistinguishable. And looking ai the two virtually inrkstmguishable versions ol Aladdin side by side, we see no reason to doubt them

AMIGA POWER has with any luck secured an exclusive review ol The Lion King lor next month to go in the special top Christmas games' extravaganza we re planning, along with an equaly-exduslve playable demo (which is. er. the other reason we re getting so excited about A this month). Until then, accept nothing less


'm m m odd Of Amiga


RE Eh cry Commodoie

E W evoking an unfortunate image ol our favourite computer as some son ol 19th century, coal-tired creation ol Charles Babbage, rather than the miracle ol modern lechnotogy we know it to be. They're refernng to the return of their dedicated Amiga show, which lakes place In December at the Wembley Exhibition Centre in London after a couple of years absence

*The interest has been incredible." claims David Pteasance. Commodore's (at the time ol going to press) oint managing director "We ve sold two-thirds ol the space already *

'That's as good or belter than m past years.* he adds, confusingly.

You'll be most interested in the games area, tor some reason lilted Software City Ail the bag publishers have promised to attend Then there'll be a big Amiga Format/AMIGA POWER stand, where you

might conceivably be able to meet your favourite AP wnters There's the Retail Park, where you can 'spend hard cash* on *products*. il you want to And linaly there's ACE village, which apparently has something to do with 'productivity* Kiss EM will be broadcasting live from the show, loo. which sounds intriguing World of Amiga takes place on the 9th. 10th and 11th ol December at the Wembley Exhibition Centre and is open from 10am-5 30pm on Friday and Saturday and trom 1 Cam-Apm on the Sunday. Tickets cost £6 tor adults and £4 lor under- 14s. and you can order them by telephoning 01369 7711



We were deeply impressed by a large glossy leaflet which arrived in the AP office recently about something called the Eye Massager. "Now.* it says. 'Refresh Your Eyes and Relieve Strain Associated with laitgue in minutes With the Eye Massager' II works by rubbmg Ihe area around your eyes (a helpful picture ol a girl's lace annotated in Cantonese 13 included), and claims it


‘helps ai preventing near-sight or decreasing the nsing speed ol nearsightedness*, which can't be bad The Eye Massager is available trom Gokten image (UK) Ltd (0181 900 9291). who also sell a range ol Amiga peripherals and an adjustable toot rest with built-

in - yes -Massage Facility Truly the world car gel no stranger Or can it Or CAN it  OR CAN IT’




Runs on: A500. A600, A1200 Publisher:


Authors: Inhouse

ETA: March 1995

hero Ihe Bitmap Brothers favour a

metabc grey sheen.

Vulcan would appeal to meine towards a muddy brown colour VitfuOa was daubed hberally m it. and their new puzztegame. Trrnshp, looks to be indining that way as At least Iron the pictures •tey've showed us so tar.

The idea here isthat. totowmg a bungled scientific experiment, a bunch ol people have been scattered through eight eras of Earth's past - the Jurassic period, the Roman age. Meoaevai times. Gothc tones, the Industrial Revolution. Vietnam (to appease Cam. perhaps7), modern-day New York and the Space Age And - yes -you've got to help them home But how. I wondered

■It s a sort of Strategy puzzle game * Lisa Tunnah (from Vulcan) explained ‘You don'1 control Ihe characters directly -they walk around constantly by themselves "


'No, no. That's what we thought at (vs), loo But Timestps going be coherent Irom that Rather than changing the characters themselves and gwng them different skills, you after the scenery tc alow them to get around, plugpng up gaps and placing arrows to tell them which way logo.'

I hope they're gong to vary their palette a bit I suspect 168 entirety brown levels would be more than I could bear But the scenario-kmd ola cross between Quantum Leap and Csnnon Fodder 2 -sounds entertaining enough And. like

Vatoaia, Tmnesbp will feature speech Erk







Gaze transfixed at the paralysing beauty of...



THE CRIME: Attempting to improve a game's presentation by replacing its menu screens with contusing, badly-drawn illustrations, areas of wheh you must dck on to activate the various options

THE CASE FOR THE PROSECUTION: Oui gameptayer sits on ihe boor betide ha Amiga, surrounded by the enormous collection ot floppy risks and excessive packaging that form F-9SB Flight Sim Ha hair a ruffled and ha clothes are damp vrith perspuabon He a muttering to himseil.

To himselP Or to the screen before him. on which a a roughly-drawn picture ol an ofhce Let us move closer, and try to hear what he a saying

“No. I mod the desk U s got to be the window on the left No Then Then whaP The othei window7 Do you really want to quit7 (Y/N) No1 N' N!'

He throws down the mouse and runs ha hands through he hair Noway, there's u$ t no way he's going to open that manual He lakes a deep breath, and further scrutinises the screen

*1 tned the photocopier That was Ihe briefing screen I tned Ihe coat stand That was the weapons screen It's got to be the typewriter Theie'e nodxng else left .'

Tentatively he moves Ihe pointer over the typewnier and dicks Following the on-screen prompts he inserts daks 2. 5. 3, 2 again. 8. 14. 4 Tha much risk accessing must be a good sign Surely


the game mil start soon But no All it's been doing is loading «n another incompreberrsbte. tatty-looking, memory-hungry drawing Tha Imt it's ol a kitchen Our games player shakes ha head slowly

•Why does it have to be tha way7 What's wrong with simpty WtTbng Bnelmg. Options. Weapons, Choose Plane and Start Mission on me screen so I can choose the one that I want  That a. after all. why the English language was devaed.*

He dicks randomly a few mote times The message "Insert dak 35" appears

"Oh. fm sure ii ai made perfect sense to them *

He rubs ha reddened eyes

•    This'll make rt much more atmospheric, they ! have thought'

He pcks up a handful ol dsks and lets them tnckJe slowly through ha lingers

•    And so much more user-tnendy they'll have thought Oh yes *

Tears stream down his cheeks The siack-brained. demented, ugly, evil BASTARDS *


tel nHance: 10-1 . all 2nd alienee: 15-20% olt 3rd aHmca: Death by thirst flrxVor exhaustion following relentless pursut across the Got* Desert by a pack of crazed mules


MM uiassic Park a the only ■ other phenomenon ot Ihe '90s to create such a MM buzz'The Gull WarTake That7 Bungee umpmg7 The Simpsons No Actually. Fronber Elite 2 At least, it a new tips book perversely titled Frontier Elite a to be believed *tn

tha chapter, we'l take a look at that most ignored of occupations - mining. Ouie why so many people choose to ignore it completely is beyond me. but then I come Irom a background of playing Ebte day and night' Fronber a. as youll probably recast, a computer game 'Your reputation a one ot the lew ratings m the game that is kept hidden from you. yet it is one of the


most important things in your life' Only a game, remember7 The only reason you move direetty forward when accelerating a because your mam thruster is directly behind you, firing out m a 180“ angle Irom your line of sight ’ To be Ian. the book does contain some uselul stuff It costs EtO and you can Ind it m bookshops or by phoning 0923 894355



Will Arcane’s new game stop Team 17’s Overdrive in its tracks

resembles an anarchic Balkanisod stale in mmalixe. complete with programmers sleeping on the floor and proped manager Sieve lies usmg a Gtoek sem auto as a paper weight Still, at least you know where you are with someone who uses beams as desk accessories, and he assured me i wasn't loaded, or real, lor mat matter Anyhow, me turmoil's set to end soon when may move back to Bromley They Ihink West Wickham sucks too

Steve and Mark Wortham are the core at Arcane and both graphcs-based Mark's constoerabte artistic latent was on show as he pulihe trusting touches to the end scene ot Tu/bo Trax the top-down raong game I'd come to see Agrtoutota mate-ooentaled, specialist adu4 art magazine' was gammg a sice ot immortal!y by bong redrawn draped across the bonnet ol a spods car Mark was quck la point out that they'd bought the mag just to copy the pictures Yeah, right, or maybe you Ike to read the arbdes It you've never heard ol Arcane 4s because they've made their Irving up td now workmg on graphics convetscns They painstakingly redrew and touched up al the PC graphcs ol Syndcam so (he Amiga version looked dean and sharp, and also <kd the ntro to ftrcts ot Prey, which was actually a lor near than the game Sett More recently, they've done all the be tween-game screens ot a PC helcopter sen cased Kb-SO Hokum, ironically usmg an Amiga with a 3D modeing system to create (hem

Runs on: A500, A600 A1200

Publisher: Kompart Author: Arcane Price: £26 Release: Before


y amtaon id travel to every bleak and crappy town m England has been aided considerably by AMIGA POWER these last two years Programmers plonk themselves down in the strangest ol places, so it came as no real shock to discover that Arcane s dices were above a shop n West Wickham West Wickham was not a nee place, and I don't intend la ever go there again The Arcane odee

Tor Turbo Trax we want every part d me track to look like a nee picture ratier than lustasetcl repeating graphics.' explained Mark "Wa ve gd over 700 graphcs blocks m me game so the snow has texture, the sand a nppled with dunes and the gravel p4S are rutted with tyre tracks We re also irsng cckxr cydmg on water and roadstoe lights so the backgrounds are an mated With each course bang ten screens by ten. and 25 tracks n the game, mapping mem al out s been a bit much, and I've vowed never lo do a ob the big ever agam UnN next time’

The tracks are dnnded ip over hve settngs. wth city, desert, arete, forest and indy car tocakons. and very nee they look too The muse s al done, and most d 4's the standard MOfl rock you'd expect from raong games apart Irom the Shop track, wtkch sounds a bn like New Order and ts adualy quite pleasant Ths is all very well and good, but what about the game 4sal7

"We've only recan tty got some decent programmers, so the gameptay's me last bit to get sorted out We initially had some problems with speed, as live computer cars plus the player's are a tot to cope with The collision detection's realistc. so you bounce oft barriers and cars al the same angle you hi them, and the (radon and handing vary on deferent road surfaces'

It looks good. men. but I've no xtea how 41 play For the two-player game you need to link machines, which Steve doesn't see as a problem 'People lug their PCs round lo their Inends houses lo play Doom so why shouldn't people take their tdc»y tilde Arngas round7" And before everyone pewits out (as I did] mat with the view and nghl-angled comers, t looks Ike Team 17s Overt*ive(AP31.46%), 11 leave the last word lo Steve It's not gong lobe like Overdrive, because its gong u be great' Hmm Well see next montfi.




II you're slicking with yout Amiga, on the other hand, but like the idea ol a big heap ol (Oily good games lor not very much money, you may want lo consider Help 2. a special Chnstmas compilation being pul together by Acclaim Uke Help t (which came out last year, but only on the Mega Dnve). ail the

proceeds from the package are going to children's chanties.

For £29 99 you gel Cool Spot (AP3A 85%). Desert Slnke (AP25 92%). Humans (AP19 70%). Pushover(AP14 79%). fload flash (API9 70%) and Senstole Soccer (AP15 93%).


Seemingly confident that there are. alter ail. enough CD32s lor everyone. Silica have announced a new Chnstmas pack that sounds, n AMIGA POWER S invariably definitive opirwon, tike pretty lop value For £249. their Critical Zone pack contains a CD32 and copies ot Cannon Eodlder(AP40 94%),

Project-X (AP29 86%). Liberation (AP33 91%). Ultimate Body Blows (AP39 86%) and Diggers (AP30 80%). Alicrocosm (AP36 44%) and Oscar (AP32 51%). Mostly crackingly good stuff We salute them



the joystick

Bui I ve never tell the need, the need for speed as much as the first lime I watched Tom buzzing the airtower and making the Colonel spBI hts cotlee on his trousers Evasive Action, then, sounds like a dream come true Il's a llighl sun that concentrales on doghghtmg m its purest lomt. dong away with compfceated controls and concentrating on shooting down other planes In fad. Mind scape claim ‘Evasive Action is not a High! sim It'S an air combat simulation appealing to — game players as well as flight sim Ians"

But the best is yel to come Evasive Action is pnmaniy a two-player game Using either a split-screen mode or two Amiga s connected together, you can play head-to-head against a similarly-minded chum The areadey leei is to be enhanced by

Runs on: A120O, CD32


Mindscape Author: Glyn Williams ETA: November

Nothing, lor me. could so

precisely capture the essence ol high-speed aenal combat as Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Kelly McG'te I've played countless flight sims and shoot-'em-ups with aeroplanes in (such as Jetstnke) I've been 10 airshows and watched real planes Hying about I've even, occasional /, managed to persuade the pilots to let me sit n the cockpit and hold

futuristic space setting, loo, with a Sonsshi Laserman and an Aoun Leatherback, whatever those are.

As well as attacking your opponent there aie ground targets to destroy, like ships and oil installations. And you'll probably Ini you need to land every so Often to re-arm and repair.

Unfortunately (and seemmgty as part o( a developing theme this month) we haven 1 got any actual Amiga screenshots yet Glyn Williams, who's programming a, reckons it's one ol those games lhai 'doesn't really come together until the last minute’, so he's given us some PC pictures to look at • JONATHAN DAVIES

'narrative cut aways', showing the action liom different angles along wi1h plenty of rendered illustrations And the polygon graphics themselves promise all sorts of technical innovations, including (are you ready'3) atmospheric depth queuing true Gouraud sharing, transparent polygons, translucent shadows and geometric coirsrons. We phoned our neighbours on Amiga Format Id ask what that all mean), but they were out.

Plane-wise. Evasive Action otters you lour different time-travelling scenarios It starts oil m World Wai 1. with a Sop with Camel and a Fokker Dr I battlmg it out with their twin synchronised machine guns Than theia's the skies over the Paahc In World War 2, and a Gnjman Wildcat F4F-4 and a Mitsubishi A6M2 For the modem day it's the Middle East, and an F-18 Hornet vs a MiG-29 Fulcrum And then there's a

that someone who's

beer mlens'veiy playing    ..

Ihe game tor say. three weeks should be able lo beat someone who's    «

been playng it lor whal two weeks Football Gtorys gel hidden depths, in other words.

Runs on: A500. A600,

A1200. CD32 Publisher: Black Legend Author: Black Legend Croatia

ETA: November

We were expecting to be able to bring you a review ol FootbaB Glory this month in tact, we were last month as well. And the month before Which is why we haven't done a news story on it But. despite

what you might have read elsewhere. * still isn't Inished Dammit Here s a preview

FootbaB Glory looks reaiy rather good, it suspiciously similar 10 Sensible Soccer Graphically it's uncannily like Sensi, although Black Legend daim the characters are slighlly larger, and it leels extraordinarily Sense esque 10 play But Sensible Soccer already has the being just hke Sensible Soccer (rant pretty well covered, so whal does Football Glory do that's different'Actually, lots Black Legend's Richard Holmes explains: 'With FootbaB Glory, you can do all the things you thought you could do with A Certain Other Game, but m tact only imagined Double passes, overhead kicks, jumping over tackles - it's al possible'

Al least, it's possible A you can work out the controls The various features are activated by special combinations of button-presses and joystick movements that! need loads of practice to gel working, the theory being

FootbaB Gkxys

also got a couple ot other tricks up its sleeve How about an action tepiay lacrfity that'll record and replay an entire game, allowing you to stop it halfway through and lesume playing from that pornf3 Or a window that shows zoomed-in details ol the important bits Or tots of little atmosphere-adding details, like men running on with stretchers, and players hurting abuse at each other via speech

bubbles, or spectators throwing fireworks on to the pitch Whether these things make the game more enjoyable, or whethei they sunpty get n the way remains to be seen, but either way they're unquestionably new lealures

This versus Sensible World ol Soccer, then'3 In a right"3 You'll have to wait rill next month.



Runs on: T8A Publisher: Toam 17 Authors: Andreas Tadic and Rico Holmes ETA: M.d 1995

Wa pentad a raws

story about King ot Thieves way back in AP40, but we ve since managed to loica soma more information from Team 17.

'It's being put together by the same people who did Alien Breed, blurted out Team 17's Alan Bunker as we lifted him up by his jaw. ‘So. although it does atilt revolve around conquering areas cl a map. like Defender of the Crown or. indeed. Risk, it's also got (timants ot Alien Breed In it."

Batore you can gel to see them though, you'll have lo raise some cash by working as a pirate, attacking and plundering passing ships. This Is done in arcade-style sections, the idea being to disable the ships without completely destroying them.

Then, once you ve tilled your cotters and assembled an army, you'll be able lo pick a caalle and lay siege to it (This all begins to sound rather like Impressions Lords ot the Realm.) Again, this Is another arcade section.

artflmyi trwaw dw berk Ayes.



And finally, once you're Inside the castle, you're Into the Alien Breed-type bit. It's an overhead-view maze affair, where you run around the rooms ol the castle dicing up enemy soldiers and collecting things.

So far we've only gol some pictures ol the last bit, along with a castle and a man with a beard This suggests that there's still a fair amount ol work to do on King ot Thieves, and the release dale has been put back from November to sometime neat year. We re concentrating on Tower Assault for the time being, explained Alan, crawling towards Ihe door.


M ’UK]


We laughed heartily at Poppy Hcrrexs Skidmarks In The Style Ol a car boot sale Then we slopped when we saw all the little bargain hunters being crushed mercilessly beneath Ihe wheels of the racing cars And then we lemembered that we re AMIGA POWER, and started laughing again Defxvtety worth 6fi0. we decided, consequently earning Poppy a whopping £120-worth ot tree software But then Cam told us the sad story of Ihe car boot sale he'd been to a couple al years ago He paid nearly £5 lor an angle-poise lamp, but when he gol home found it didn't work We therefore feel bound to deduct three ol Poppy’s marks, so she'll only be receiving £60-worth ol games If you've got an In The Style Of. send it on a Deluxe Paml-readabie disk marked with your name and address, lo: In The Style Of.



Street. Bath 8A1 2SW Be warned, however we re growing weary of ihe Cute, Lovable Game In The Style Of A More Violent One With Guns And Things In If formula BE DIFFERENT



“In an amazing move of Incredibly dexterous proportions wa have fought oft AMIGA POWER and grabbed an exclualve-to-Amlga Format review ol UorUl Kombat 2 - probably the blggeat game ol 1994.

"On the Coverdlsks wa have a demo ol Binary Asylum's brilliant first evtr game. Zeewott, and Ihe amazing music saquancer Tiger Cub. Also Included Is a fix for AFCS's Pixel 3D Professional Coverdlak.

"Other great games In this Issua Include the gorgeous Aladdin and tha gory Cannon Fodder 2. plua a least of other glittering games mors than worthy of your Chritlmai stocking, "And on the more serious side wa have a huga CD-ROM round up. (AF66 on sale November 17)."

Sue Grant,

Deputy Editor, Amiga Format



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"The December lisue of Amiga Shopper will no doubf be regarded as a landmark in Amiga history. Our comprehanslvs supertest of hard disk interlaces will ba ragarded as the standard, and our reviews of Anlm Workshop. Prograb 24RT, TurboCak and version 3 of the Video Backup System will be examined by scholar* lor years to come lo figure out our secrets. Future historians will stars in wonder at our tutorials, which cover subjects as diverse as Assembly language programming. Chess. Comma, C Programming and AMOS. And futur* generations ol schookhlldren will marvel at what Is without doubt the most stocking serious Amiga mag In the known universe. Can you afford to miss It  On sale at a purveyor ol printed journals near you nowl"

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Jungle Strike, Desert Strike, Zeewolf, Seek & Destroy, Gunship 2000, Cannon Fodder and Jet Strike.

They’re all great games. And they all share one common feature - the gunship. What is it about the helicopter gunship that makes it so special

Cameron Winstanley went I t ' * 1    in search of the answer.

ome things attain coolness and others aie created that way Look at the VW Beetle -m the mid-thirties the humble Oub was the People s Car. an example ot Teutonic efliciency to give every man and woman a set ol wheels In which to cruise the newty I constructed Autobahns

The Beetle was cheap to produce, it looked okay I (ah) but it wasn't really considered remotely cool until one I starred in The Love Bug over 20 years laler And now a I Beetle s as essential lo your gnarly surt dude type as the I board that sits on top ot it and the cute blonde babe that j takes up the passenger seal Cool Wen yes. but it sure I took <s lime Maybe it they’d had metiguns and rockei  pods they’d have appealed lo the general public sooner

HELICOPTER GUNSHIPS on the other hand have I always been cool. They weren't arotnd when helicopters I were all gangly and geekylooking, when Igor Sikorsky I tested them by roping them down jamming hi* hat on I hard and hoping his bucking invention wouldn’t throw him ip through the rolors They missed out on al that I business In Korea when choppers were little more than I some bits ol Meccano with a huge perspex bubble at the I front Nope they missed out on the awkward pre-I pubescent stage and gunned right into the ultimate rock I and roll war - Vietnam

In his book Dispatches, Michael Herr describes a I conversation with war photographer Tim Page, who’d I sowed numerous wounds, including a two inch piece ol

shrapnel «i his brain Bade in England, he was asked to wnte a book called Through With War to totally lake the glamour out ol war Page was stunned 'Take the glamour out ot warr he raged. *! mean, how the bloody hell can you do that'’ Go and lake the glamour out ot a Huey, go take the glamour out ol a Sheridan, can you take the glamour out a Cobra 11’s like trying to take the glamour out ol Ihe Rolling Slones ’

It's a view that might have been a bit crazy-bonkers and not particularly in keeping with the Love and Peace mood ot the early 70s. but maybe Page was ust ahead ol his time In the not so caring 90s. helicopters soak up a lot of TV air time and yes they still look glamorous During the Gull War ol Dt and in the midst ol an almost total media blackout, pretty much Ihe only views ol Ihe battle we saw were Irom the nose cameras ol smart bombs or the gun cameras ot helicopter gunships.

Can you imagine the BBC showing uncensored loolage ot troops being mown down by machine guns or ripped up by grenades on the 6 o'clock news'’ Of couise not ITS inconceivable. Yet it was deemed ail right to show tanks and trucks blown apart by Heflfire missiles tired from Apache gunships because there wasn't any blood or anything, gusl images Irom the ultimate game m a televised Nintendo war

SO WHAT'S THE APPEAL then They’re *1 films al the time and video game producers love them Deserf Strike (AP25. 92%) was one ol Ihe many odd spm-ofls horn the Gull (you've seen the war now play the game), and also

hugely successful Guns/ip 2000 (AP28. 85%) Irom Meroproee was also a hit and now there's Zeewoffand Jungle Stnke set lo stomp the same ground as Desert Strike 1 asked Andy Smith from Binary Asylum why they'd

"They can hover, turn tightly and even fly backwards"


Blatantly ripping oft the Gull War. EA went on to make a fortune with Desert Strike, but It s kind al inieresting lo see how much homework they did. The fearsome 2SU-33 lor instance actually exists, using lour high speed cannons guided by ridar to fill Ihe sky with sheets al lead. As we see here.

kni e>* i*«* •*"*•* •I om iwe veto****

Meres e reel Apache m Ihe real Ml 111%

chosen a gunship tor (heir first and. lo dale, only game 'Zee*ctts programmer Andy Wilion had the basic idea, but helicopters are an obvious chase lor an arcade game, which is why ihere're quite a lew ol them about People seem lo prelei real technology rather than spaceships and things, but they also like tots ol options Real gunships are packed with an amazing variety of ditleren! weapons They can hover, turn tightly and even tty backwards Also, they can land mi enclosed spaces and carry equipment and men, whch in game terms gives you toads ol mission possibilities'

You can see what Andy means about the versatility ot helicopters Electronic Arts' Jungle Stnke (due out on the Amiga before Christmas) has a level where you tty a Stealth tighter, but after rwtsbng and turning at a chopper, having to keep going forwards in a fixed-wing plane s a real drag

Helicopters in games are great because, as Andy  pointed out. you can lob them about, blam ott j ■ ■ • loads ol rounds and    *

still believe that it (eels like the real thing

• -


PAUL STARTED OUT m the regular army arid is currency in a sort ot weird limbo slate where he's attached lo the Army Air Corp (AAC) but SMI n the Royal Signals

He spent 10 months training on smgle-engaied Chipmunk planes and then on Gazelle helicopters, wtach he's been Itying now tor three years He'S been posted fn Northern Ireland. Cyprus and Germany and through ati thal lime, his trusty batteied A500 has newer led Ns skle Well, his flat al least With such credentials, he seemed the right person to have a geneial yak about helicopters, games and guns

The Gazelle's a smal observation helicopter and

■M fcctl Itn «M oar uriid Ua pooodiT

I m. Suit* MM ml]H lx fua, bal hi aoi a palcb oa All Uad el Ihlvy

Well, we had to gel round to It at some point, didn't we To justify ill this glorification of weapons ol war In an Amiga games mag. here s all Ihe helicopter games we could think nf. We were going to make this a bit bigger, but we thought you d probably prefer to look at huge photos of the real thing. So there

has been around lor 20 years or so now They're tun lo tty but are actualy guile basic m then design, and also run the risk ot be rig squeezed out by technology

‘Their )ob is lo go out and find the enemy, but with the advent of plane-mounted, sideways-looking tadar. that sort of thing can be done a lot safer by people much lurlher Itom the battlefield

Tro currently converting to a Lynx, which handles Hie a sports car wdh rotors A Lynx holds the world airspeed record for helicopters and when you whack m ihe collective (The lever tfiaf afters the angle ot the rotor blades, increasing iff - Ed) they rockel skywards It’s all very oppressive’


rA general yak about computers, games and guns

For al their power. Lynxes look jusl like any other vehicle dose up. with plan, evened panels, doors with dunky kxfcng mechanisms and rather uncomfortable seals m ihe back IPs hard lo believe they can fly al all. especially after you've seen one start up ei a btasl of dense orfy smoke

The engoies were designed lo lie flat.' explaois Paul, Txit when Westland installed them, they stuck them In at a slight ingle lor some reason This makes them leek oil Irom their maoi seals, and it s al ol thal junk getting burnt off that you see when they start up* Helicopters are also surprisingly Iragle things, and not Ihe sort of vehicle I’d want to be in it someone was shoofing at me.

I found this out while I was lulling a dvktxxxf


fantasy Ol mine

and sitting on the edge ol a Huey with my feet on the skids (you know, like they do m al the Nam Hms) and suddenly realised that the door and roof appeared to be made out of biscuit tins. Nasty

BEING A CIVILIAN at Middle Wallop's a strange experience, even without the prying eyes of the MPs Perhaps it's the mixture of high-tech helicopters housed n WW2 hangars, with wooden huts and bomb shelters scattered around Wallop was almost entirety flattened during the summer ol 1940 al the height of the Battle ol Bntain. but looking around al the neatness of Ihe place, its hard to imagine it as a war zone Or maybe it's (he fad that men my age casuafy stroll out lo helicoplers when my mum still doesn't trust me borrowing her car Simulators play a vital part in the initial training and regular flying practice ol pacts, and what are simulators i not supremely expensive video games'!

disch huh (u. mi, m

Abiaifeias stupid ■■Bill al dimiyi aad unyia] passaajart Ital realistic, bal so villi In inII a tap s booty ia«.

XKXAimi (Iflrjla, U1>, (0%)

Aa Apncbv Ofala, tkli llaia dlspaasiag daatb aad napalm la a laapad up vanloa al Iba aorta at arcada jama CbapiiWai.

ItIWOLf (Siaarr Alylsm. AM4, *•%)

A lluaaiay Mead at Dasart Sinks aad Viral, Iba movamaal aad caatrel al Iba balMOpiar'i pratty damad statistic.

Bui Ihen / again.

how would I know if ZeewoDot

r Gunshtp 2000 are realistic simulations'’ Now seemed a good time lo get Ihe verdel ol a professional

I caught up with Corporal Paul Murphy al the School Of Army Aviation al Midcfle Wallop and spent ihe day alternately hanging out with Ihe pilots and being hassled by Military Police whenever I got my camera out


CINSHir «««• (Mlooprot*. AMI, MX) Tk« oiti in»« Aljfcl ll» «l ik« knack, mi] fM (oilflar (l Ur auf la laijtli m4 f«« llol lo« oHi dan. Trkl).

Sill AND 0I5TI0V (AAli, 7*%)

Marah dalfiaf ill cap la realism, SAD atat a clappar as lls sakicla le a Iranile mnlai-liraclioaalls tcrolUai blanar Gaad Ina.


Caaainf lull clrcla, aaa'ra bach la tba aoaa-la-ba-ralaaiad laqaal la Dtstn Stale, lhai laaki Ika uaa, Oats fraanar.

avionics, a's a great machine capable of carrying huge amounts ol weaponry while staying agile

The electronics on the Apache are a lot bener. but at a price The Apache Longbow's got a mllmetnc radar system mounted oner the rotors which can measure the length, width and wheel spacing ol a vehicle and make a good guess at what it is Based on these pretkebons. it can deckle which is the biggest threat and prioritise targets in order firepower, and then you can take them out one attar another ust by allocating a Heiit re missile to each one from a lew ktometres away'

NOW THIS WAS more Me * Heeds up tftsplays, night-vision goggles and lire-andlotget missiles, truly this was the stuff of video games, the stub of modern legends I asked him how close he thought the Mm and video game

"Some procedures are just too dangerous to try with a real helicopter"

view ol gunships was to the teal thing

'Well, do you remember that Hoy Scheidei film Blue Thunder liom a tew years back The ending was all based around how no helicopter apart from Blue Thunder could loop the loop, which is nonsense as loads of choppers can loop Also there was a bl where two helicopters had a dogfight, a theme that was taken up in Wings Of The Apache This soft of (king's misleading, as helicopters are just no good at that There have been jusi a few cases ol choppers taking down planes, whereas planes shoot choppers down all the tvne

The Apache and all other gunships are ground attack aircraft, designed to chew up armoured vehicles and convoys, and the best way to protect them from air attack is to slap some Sidewinder missiles on them There's also the name -Apaches don't have wings Apart tram that, it was quite a fun film, just not a

conditions and overlay them on various maps We can practise landing m restricted areas at night as easily as we can practise flying at 6.000 tael

The flight model of the system's accurate too and. combined with the hydraulic ramps tiat throw the Siitkilalor around, provide the same leel and handing * * as a real helicopter. To the pomt that you can leel

\!he difference between a simulated heavy and light passenger load Even with all this money I and technology though they still haven tgof the ground texture right

'For lixed wing simulators this isn't a problem, as planes ust whoosh across the surface When you're hovering a helicopter though, you need surface reference pants such as hedges and trees to make sure that you're not drifting backwards or to either side, and when you're landing you need la see the textuie of the grass or tarmac to udge how close to the ground you are This is the kind of deled that s missing, so landings and low-level Hying are a bit tncky'

Surprisingly, the British army doesn't have any helicopter gunships. although there's plenty ol talk about what they might be getting

A Lynx can carry tour tow (TlCw launched. Opbcaty tracked. Wire guided Ed) m&siles. but they weren't built to take the learsome strain ol tiring these things and each airframe's tinned to firing 250 missiles" Not realty (he stuf of boyhood dreams then, are they

They're gieat planes, but TOW missiles have the problem that you have 10 stay viable, and therefore vulnerable during the enliie (tight ol each missile When the AAC get gunships. they're probably gouig to be either AH-64 Apaches or CSH-2 Rooivalks

The Roorvaik's South African and apart Irom sparse

'Although there>e plenty ol things you can practise in the air. some procedures ate just too dangerous to try with a real helicopter Engine tires, rear rotor failures, gear box Double - all these emergencies are peeanbaty fife-threatening. but at the same lime aie wady what we need to prepare tor 8y bunging us in a onxialot we can work out how to survive without trashing -jneious choppers

The graphics on the simulators are brilliant, but to ox down the number ol visible polygons and reduce processing time, the one here at Wallop luns only in night Idle conditions They can punch up all kinds ol weather



Or « It M>-'«***• Top military boda Ilka the Idea ol aii (M» new techrc'cgy at it distances the !»*• SrC'm llrt ;*iecl ol hit v=**pon This make* it taler, riwnw and (mof , MDiaterty) lett ot a moral dtimTiiT* it tc .vhether to puli the trigger.

paiticularly realistic one

‘Games on the other hand have the role ot the craft right, and also their weapon loads and, in some cases, their handing too Helicopters really shouldn't fty. and it's only the constant action ol several opposing iorces that keep them m the air.

The main rotor Ask supplies both kit and motion, but as soon as you Ut tor extra motion, the Mt fcxca reduces, which is an eHect used In both ZeewoH and Gunstvp 2000 It the tail rotors damaged m GunsAp 2000. you start to spm round, but m an (he games these effects are toned down. There's simply nol enough feedback Irom them io simulate helicopter IkgM accurate*/ The mam inaccuracy is the amount ol damage helicopters take n games ‘

I was way ahead ol him on this and I explained my biscuit tin theory hatched earlier in the day Scanty, it

Siaatalon mch m tfai* allow djofcraas mjfiocuvrti io be pracliitd and alio have lower rvaaia-f coats lhaa belicoplcn.

"Planes shoot choppers down all the time"

turned out to be more or less true ‘Aircrew seats are armoured, but air frames ere tttn and provide little or no protection against even smell arms hie A lucky round ti the mam gearbox could bring a helicopter down A missAe almost certainty will. When ydu're looking at a krtine speed ol 43.700 rpm and rotor speed ol 430 rpm, it doesn't take much to unbalance a chopper enough to make it if its own guts out*

SITTING AT THE EDGE ol an anlwld chatting about laser-guided weapons, rates ol climb and other boys stufl. it suddenly occurred to me that we'd been talking about accuracy, range and targets rather than actually Mimg people

Maybe that's why everyone's Impressed by gunships - the tad that they even fly at al Is so impressive that you never stop to think what they're tor

A thermally-enhanced image ol a tanks so divorced lion reality that it makes no difference whether it's a video game or the real thing, a training mission or a combat Situation - the fact that there re people inside never enters your head

That's why we were allowed to view death Irom alar during the Gull War. and that's why Nicolas Cage and Sean Young had a lair tight against another gunship rather than using their Apache to hose down tleeing Iraq troops at the Mullah Gap Hollywood doesn't like giving e heroes unlair advantages

H's a question of distance Screaming down a road on a motorbike you're iulty aware that d you mess up. you'll die However, on the same road al the same speed you'll leel invulnerable in a car. even though a crash would still lull you.

Imagne how disassociated you must teal at 200 teat, with enough chain guns, rocket launchers. 40mm grenades and missiles to wipe out anyone who even looks at you wrong And their families

l< you can't be bothered imagining, play a helicopter game. See what its tike to be a vengeful Od Testament god sinking down pathetic ligures Irom alar Play the role at an invulnerable warrior surrounded by outrageous technology and firepower

Gurtships are cool They're armoured Hying Ferrans lor little boys who never giew up. And that's that

111 a Hacy, ai i»d k ‘Nam aad carrdatly daia* lima ia Balila, the irHiih army* oaty rtmalaiay Jaajly oat »eil.


We now owe eternal gratitude to these line people. Thanks to: Peter Russell et the Military Phol: Library lor all the big pictures. Patricia Wilson at Atlas Aviation South Africa for all the Rooivalk i David Lewis at Medusa tor the Wi Of The Apache photos.

The School Of Army Aviation. Mk Wallop tor letting me poke aroun: suspiciously.

And. ot course. The Military Pollc not arresting me.

The mighty beings of AMIGA POWER gazed down at the smoking corpse of Alien Breed 2: Tower Assault The building was empty apart from their all-powerful selves. It was obvious that the murderer stood among them. Or was it Or WAS it OR WAS IT



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lot of time wid ***** Peking .lory -

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of the crime.

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J -W.m* Brother*

t the room.

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_,    -Look here." chippy1

Juc*Y P*odSt.« I -t v heerd pteoW 0


of » motive Wh

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V 1 would enyooe M»* /    I    Rented to «mi««

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•    it    jiUtGft POWER

! 1 be. perttep*.»° m>*

StnslbJ* ilbl6 boys i

No time to be catching Zeds (or is that Zees ) Go forth and destroy the enemy,

Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: Binary Asylum Author: Andy Wilton (coding). Allisler Brimble (sound). Jim Gardner and Andy Smith (level design) i Price: £30 \ Release: Out now

music fra I all helicopter games play Zeewot is almost exactly a cross between Desert Strike and Zarth It’s got the graphics out of Zarch - everything takes place over a scrolling patchwork square, with buildings and Dees and things made out ot polygons. And it's got the game play (rom Desert Strike - not jus) the helicopler-based acbon. but the whole way the missions are organised.

There are 32 missions (quite a lew more than Desert Strike a lour), and. as in Desert Stnke. each takes place o a different playing area, and is rtoided up into a set ol smaller sub-missions You might have lo assassinate a general by destroying the building he’s hiding tn, then rescue some POWs and destroy an enemy base s defences lo leady it lor an invasion Just like in Desert Stnke. really But you can do things you carl do In Desert Stnke. the most appealing ot which is carrying tanka, helicopters and planes around on a winch The physos ol this works just like when you pick up an orb o Thrust except tanks are often bigger lhan your heioopter and swing around quia alarmingly There are also escort missions, where you've got lo Mow a fnendly aircraft Irom A to B making sure i1 doesn't get shot down

The only area m wtxch if loses out lo Desert Stnke is strategy In Desert Stnke you ve got lo think quite carefully about the order you do things m Do you hope your tew remaining lockets will be enough

m    s one ol AMIGA

POWERS loremosl proponents ol the helicopter (second only lo Cam) (and maybe Sue], I approached Zeeuofl with a militaristic sense ol purpose. Fhdung ihe fuel feed lo on', arming Ihe weapons systems, checking Ihe flight controls, starting the turbine and engaging the mam roior drive (m my magnalion, this is - in reality you just press Fire and you're oil). I embarked on Ihe first ol a senes ol missions which would have me swearing enormous amounts 8u< I didn't mind, because Zoewoite great

Its great because e's so heicopiery. To w* a) it makes a chodta-chocka-chodca nose as you By. b) the hetcoptar’s nose tilts ferment, and c) you can unleash apocalyptic locket-death with a tap on me fire bull on. The only snag Is that the hekcopter Is bnght 'Please shoot me* blue. And you gel that terrible not-quJe-rock


How much money you've 401 (or, tr, krinl), «ad Hit CErrealfy-selecled weapon.

Tilt ifcort-ranje scanner. (led doll Indicate baddies.)

Tour helicopter.






1 *


annon she.


to destroy m« power station1 Or do you 'Sk deem by popping over lo the other uje ol the map to pc* up some more  There aran l realy any power-upe xi Zeeaol. though - you by bade to your earner lor extra weapons - and 4 doesn't tend to mailer whch order you Mm stuff up « The only thing s. you can trade rescued POWs lor repairs to your helicopter, so you've got to work out the best I me to return to the earner with hem But where ZeewoH does win over Desert Strike (this might be a good point to stop mentioning Desert Strike and consider Zee*cM as A Game In Its Own fhght), a ei tactics

Tactics come r when you're over the target area and are consdanng the safest meihod la deal with the various guns, tanks and helicopters ranged against you.


Tvsdy. it can be pretty fiddly trying lo hit twigs with your weapons The aimng system « semi-automatic, and to get e lo ex* on you've got to have the nose poneng approximately at the target. So reefy you want to come zoomxig m towards yotx prey at low altitude, let np

zoom oh agaxi betore the enemy gets a chance to lire badr As soon as you starl tryng to turn aiotnd over the target to get another shot your helicopter’s nose comes up and you lose airspeed, get caught xi the enemy crossfire and dw

And then there's the interaction between the various enemy units Cobra SAM sites are pretty nasty, but they're ten times worse when there's a Watchdog radar tank nearby guxfing the missies towards your helicopter So you've got to ignore the missile sites to begin mm and go tor the radar.

I dto get a Hie vexed with it at times Given that success depends on firing up perfectly with a target and hitting a betore 4 has the chance to lire back, it seems a little unlair that because ol the way the graphics work, you can't actually see things triil you're right on lop ol them The scanner helps a tut. but doesn't really give the necessary precision The other irritating thng is the way targets don't disappear Irom your scanner once you've blown them up. You can spend >

An menu airstrip has been discovered . Stop the eneav aeinino air super i or* i tv fine destrovlnq all their air units ,

f«1 s bridles Ike ik a M ib* tun ml eecb reliiiM.

ftissiew 16 - Sleep Scrwpper

m -

At the bottom of the range I* the machine gun. It takes quite a lew bullets to kill snythlng. and you'll frequently get shot down as you circle targets trying lo linlsh them off.

Neil up. and generally Ihe besl all round, are rockets. Two are aufticienl lo destroy most targets, and you can come swooping In. fire them oft and be gone again within moments. They're pretty tricky lo aim, though.

Finally there are AAMs (alr-to-afr missiles). As their name suggests, they're besl tor shooting down last-moving planes, but they II happily lock onto ground targets as well. They re difficult to come by. though, and not much more explosive than the lar-more-pientlful rockets. And you can only carry a lew at a time.

It you start running low on ammo, head lor a trlendly ship to pick up some more.

This screen then comes up. where you can pick out what you're after.

There are Quftatos. loo - mobile rearming vehicles that're frequently placed In awkward spots.





Haiti la bauu> ifilulaal la ftar icon - Tfli <aa i mill naad H oa aatylliiaf.

Soak and Oostron

Find and oliainato

onwiv Ad


132.250 20.000 12.000


(•no. Clever, MT

Knocked out Mantis 000


Extra lives awarded:    1




hours on a destroy ai the patrol boats' mission llyng round and round the sea vtsang the same targets over and aver again inbl you find the one straggler you missed Couidn'i the dots change colour, or something’ And. n tact, your weapons still lock onto blown-up targets, which can make d unnecessarily difficult to pick out a fee lank from a group ci dead ones Hrumph,


Ail the same. Zeewo/f is an enormously absorbing game that strikes a perfect balance between fast, helicopter-

spectacular style Waich I out. too. tor gaiaga    \

doors that open lo allow    \

tanks to drive out. bullets \ splashing into the water, and the shadows beneath anything that Hies And. except when there's absolutely loads happening, the screen updates utterly smoothly (On a 1200, this is Our increasingly beleaguered SBOO-ownmg readers wil find it's a* a bit jerky, though stii just about playable).

And It all comes on one disk, whch is nice, something you can put down to

rapidly begin to make sense Be J wary ol the y’ mouse option.

though - Binary Asylum dam it ultimately gives you more control it you practise with i. but It jusl seemed completely bonkers and uncontrollable lo me

And the password options a bit ol a bodge You get a password every fourth level up to mission 25, but as a level can take up to 20

orientated action and slower, more thoughflui ptay One mnde you're frantically pumping rockets mto anything that moves, with bulets streaming past your ears and huge explosions rodung the earth. The nexl. you're hovering qiaetly in an unpopulated corner ol the map. ponderng your nexi course of action.

Although they're not all that

the polygon graphics and absence ol Party-drawn graphical menu screens There's no dak-accessing once the game's started, and it al seems sfcck and wel-organrsed (apart from you having to use the cursor keys rather than the joystick to seled I twigs Irom menus] The controls take a bo cl getting used to. but

minutes to complete, there's still qixte a M ol slogging Ihiough the same ok) mtsssions to get la the one you re stuck on ti does gn/e you a chance to accrue handy exira lives though.

Zeewo is fresh and different, and yet reassuringly familiar. It's explosive, indent, but also coolly detached. ust like

modern warfare

But I couldn't honestly recommend t lo A500 owners as enthusiastically as I can to people with A 1200s On a 1200. overflying a Ingale is a truly Miikng experience: on a 500 rl causes the screen lo shudder hombfy That's progress, or something like that • JONATHAN DAVIES

sophisticated, the graphcs do the pb nicely. From trry POWs to hulking great Ingaies. they al look neat and tidy. And then you ve got some excellent explosions - enemy planes, in particular, go down In


So juat how does Zeewo/f measure up





Bullets splash pleasingly In wstar  Ym

Can 'scddantalty' shoot down the plane you'ra meant to be eecortlng Ym.

Can blow up your jwn aircraft carrier Na.‘

'Although you can deuuy the radar mnmr on top.

® UPPERS Helicopters, tanks. VTOL aircraft, patrol boils, aircraft carriers and guided mltsllei. Crisp graphics. Sizeable explosions. Fins attsnllon lo datail. Realistic controls. Absorbing missions. And It's all on jusl one disk.

® DOWNERS Infrequent passwords. Blown-up targets contlnua to gal In your way.


We'vs been waiting ages for It. but now H e here. Zaewo/f Is simply great, and a convincing argument for the more Irequenl placement    w w

ol helicopters In games    -

Running on an A1200 wall 2 wed glva Zeewo/f    /V*



An A500 struggles to

A500 run It last anough.

though. (Try our coverdlsk demo gm m 2 and sea what you think.) g f\ On an A500 wa d glva /    -




•u, n bMl Tkiita M mt doM ptnwil da luilUa, M IM ua ka' Cm.





I'm assuming ihai everyone knows everything about the mouse control system, the rockets and grenades and the tareed-perspedrve viewpoint ol the original, so I'm basing this review around

content with lile. this is obviously a Good Thing Cannon Fodder was excellent, and la muck about with a winning formula would be the height ol toty. So to release a thematically dentcai sequel with the same number ol missions (24) and levels (72) as the original guarantees al least the same degree of entertainment If, however, your outlook on the world corresponds more with the pie-death one ol Bill Hicks, you'll be looking ai CF2 as no more than a luii-pnce data disk; a corporate cash *i and a traitorous exploitation ol the zoo-gong children of the world To which view do I subscribe  Read on. dear punier

the changes between that game and the sequel CF2 features the same kind of foot soldiers (with guns and rockets), (he same kind of lurreis and the same kinds

Runs on: A500,

A600, A1200 Publisher: Virgin Author: Sensible Price: E30 Release: November

Poppies, huh They've got no

Inends at AMIGA POWER. I can lell you ll's hard to believe, but it's been a whole year since Cannon Fodder came out. Yup. twelve issues since Our 'poppy cover that never was' and our legal scrapes with the Bnnsh Legion over whether a poppy is just a fewer or a recognisable symbol ol a regtslered chanty A whole year since our appearance m The Star under the headline "Poppy Game Insult to War Dead" and practically the anniversary ol the same i tabloid rag's follow-up I piece libelling Sluart Campbell as "spotty"

And. ol course, ol Virgin sitting back and drooling al

"Poppy game insult fe war dead1

all the tree pubhaty for what must surely have been one of their biggest games ol the year

Learning from iheir mistakes, the icon of Cannon Fodder 2: Once More Lfoto The Breach is a hand grenade, because the great thing about an explosive charge wrapped in hundieds ol metres ol wound-nficiing wire is thai it doesn'1 have the same chitd-lrighlenmg. responsible aduli -lreakng. sooety-disrupiive efleci as an iddy-biddy flower. Thank God

But to the game itself Co-designed by Sluan and the other Sensible muiii-milkonaires (with a special guesi

designing appearance by a couple of AP readers), what does it ofler that the original game didn't   What will you be gening that's Iresh and exciting, innovative and cratty enough to warrant parting with 30 quid  WeeeelSW

Nol that much really, to be hones) II you're leeling chirpy and




ol vthcles (tanks, helicopters jeeps, etc] as tha first game, only they all look afferent But no amount of new graphics can nMtguise their true nature The rocket fc/irhcrs' may be blobby a kens or powerful wizards lor example: the 'loot iwlars' gangsters or mediaeval knights, •w iteps ancient battering rams or sleek

gangster limos: and Ihe helicopters' witches or. er. helicopters; their true nature is unmistakable

There's a new song at the beginning loo It's a lunky dance tune complete with neato horn section stabs, but somehow not quite as lisienablelo as the original CF tune (Jon Hart I only iked him n ha


i arortal Uvd - ftUarrjfc.

tM« brtf Inch Mu

ifklcd vi uif wpkMti

early years - Steve) And although much of Ihe ri-game muse s been remixed and lazzed up. I bund myseil turning down the volume between levels to avoid most of it Maybe it s because I've played CF to death and therefore heard all the chiirupmgly yngocsbc WW1 tunes hundieds ol gillions of times before, bul I

really wish they’d induded a Music Oft option this lime around.


My initial feelings about the game were ol disappointment It's quite clear that only Ihe graphics and maps have been changed (no air-to-air combat, tor example, which is something that was missing from the ongnal) This s Cannon Fodder Again rather than CF2. with new wacky pictures ol the Sensible boys at Ihe beginning, a new-loofc alien cemetery in which to bury your lads and (he like Knowing monihs before you see the finished game that there arer l going to be any new weapons and vehicles still hadn't

Ua Imi starts wMk a Vn'n akin a u

Oattaf «Wtb il Jail a start. Vm feM Mi ftnI bead vMh hra fana bal «i imi back aala.

Mart impact

CompUkaf Mi finl Up, k Uolu Ski yaa’vi biatiA tkiu, M baa* mm, vbtrt 4M Mat...



r TWrtl a pif hag

ol -cod bum ad Mcfn fol M. Bak

'..‘tv*    •


prepared me lor playing il and getlmg (lie leeiing that I d done it all belore Scepticism turned to bnel horror when I started playing Irom the bepnnmg only to discover that the missions are graded m exactly (he same way as belore The lirsl mission gels you used to the mouse, the next one

introduces grenades, then you get mines, lockets, vehicles and so on introduced discretely to build you up to the carnage ol the later levels I thought this was kind ol odd es most people who are going to buy CF2 have already played the anginal, and thereloie have no need tor tramer missions Why not have included them as a separate training mode Forcing the player to trudge through them is like Psygnosis putting all those easy warm-up levels in ihe Lemmings lollow-ups

Well. Ihal's ihe low poml rjjjnra ol ihe review over with

Okay, so the slarter levels look simple, but they re much  JvSJ harder than ihe originals and I jujpB that sort ol makes up lor il. n After about seven missions •    *. or so you slan lo see two

ime and dandy rhemes ' *. appearing n the game The ; r;i lirsl 'S that most (rl nol all)

& I phases are named alter ■HI song lyrics or lilies, winch 2 has lo be ihe StuaM ] Campbe' influence l spotted

Mew Ml M M «»1>I kM f*«. Oak-


of omo,

i OOd P Op<rfy 11

N Mf look Mm o wttc 4001 kt fooled, in a




t, <,

' kMk. iDWCfiP M3 rauiMfc


® UPPERS All Ihe tame gameplay ai Cannon Fodder The Beirut. Mediaeval and Chicago levels look and play wonderfully. The level design Is consistently better than the original. It's harder too.

® DOWNERS Nothing new has been added. The alien levels look terrible and, lor me at least, spoil Ihe hardcore combat leel ol the game.


I'm In the enviable position ol being able to play It without paying lor it and I love II. Evan with Ihe offensive alien levels it's a learsomely cool piece ol entertainment. But - and It's a significant but - being a Cannon Fodder fan slavering for new challenges and    A S 2

having to lork oul 30 quid » I j * 10 feed your addiction s bound to sling a bit.     • ■*


•    Still last, still turlous,

Ull Jim (he Mma horrible purple alien levels and unconvincing spaceship saltings.


The compiMitlon to design a level ol Cannon Fodder 2 was far and may Ihe most popular we d ever run For every day up to the closing date we received a slab ol entries, and amuaed ourselves by thinking up terrible punishitMris lor the useless, cretinous morons who posted their shabby Mis ol gr lh papas to The Editor, or perhaps Do The Write Thing’ Instead of the compo address. Following a truly heroic eflorf on the part ol Sansibla actually lo sit down and examine every map. a list at winners emerged. Some ol them failed to maintain a consistent level of entertainment, so their better Ideas were cannibalised into other missions, but every victor will be receiving all manner ol SensIbWVIrgln loot. More importantly, of course, they've been Immortalised as soldiers In the game. And here in the mighty page* ol AMIGA POWER as well. Natch.

Wa'll be going into more detail next month, but a quick Hat ol the winners Is as follows: Ian Gray, Tracey Stanton, Bill Burton. Adrian Priddls, Daniel Bolger. Adam Booth, CpI Chris Cameron-Witton, Max Harvey. Peter Mitchell. Tadgh Smith. Edward Tlllotson-Sllls, Mark Wlcksan. Well done.

So there we hav* it CF2 has lost the coherent leel ol the original (a minus) bulk ts harder and has more challenging levels (a plus) It's got some gansh a ken worlds (a brg minus) and is overpriced (a nwius) but at the same time has a> the amazing control and playability ol the second-best Amiga game si the world (a big plus).

Add at of Ihose together and you end up wnth something that's not quite as worthwhile as the ongnal But something stall br&ant



some ol the more obvious ones Such as Itkof Country and Stuck In The Middle With You, but * will taka a really lop-class anal NME devotee to make sense ol the ikes ol Terminal Beach (A Jesus and Mary Cham lamed edition 8-sd» Apparently - Ed] and Watusi Rodeo (A song by Guadalcanal Dtary. It says here - Ed)

The second line and dandy theme is tot there's a lot more tncky tncksterness r CF2 The levels penalise you tor taking tw obvious route and reward you lor lying an obscuie approach (except when trying an obscure approach becomes too obvious, natch). Roads are mined and vehicles temptingly placed wither your grasp to lure your squad la a messy death Sneaking behind huts might not be glamorous, but it's often a better tactic •fan charging straight down the middle, and loads ol levels make you think before you move, injecting puzzle elements lo cowttrpomt all the king The origmal game went in pulses ol hendishty hard and siupKfy simple levels, but m CF2 the dffoAty curve's, wel. mote of a curve There are even varying levels ol difficulty bun nto each mission, with the enemy getting more aggressive and accurate the longer you take lo kill them This teafure.

combined with lower sprawkng and empty levels, and a good mix ol tncky and brutaty harsh gung-ho phases creates a much smoother, altogether more entertarmg set of challenges lor you


So Why's the Final score less than the onpnai’s 94%. then The reasons are twotoW. You start oft »i Beirut, head oft to battle mediaeval knights, then take on gangsters m Chicago and I maty board an alien spaceship and trash their home world. There's little explanation r the manual as to why you're dong this and absolutely none in Ihe game. As a result, the game doesn't hang together. Senstke are bextg clever at the expense ol being atmospheric Flying from a jixtgle to the

arctic is one thing, but Irom the Dark Ages to an a ken spaceship is something else entirely. Yeah right, you may be thnkng. but 4* true For me, Cannon Fodder means oflmg hordes of blokes n sordid warzones It s kind ol the computer equivalent at a John Woo movie, or of be-xig big Arne in Commando Placing the guys xi Chicago seems odd. but having them on an alien planet's fust downnght wrong (At least the earth-based levels have both feel on the ground, if you see what I mean I hate the entire took of Ihe alien planet, despite some ol the levels being very well-designed From the disgusting purple pools to the skly flowers, it goes agamsl the entire Cannon Fodder concept of bemg an arcade wargame)

More universaly. there's the value rating ol the game I harped on about this at the begnnng. but the lad is that A you bought Cannon Fodder then you ve akeady paid once kx all Ihe time and eflort that went vito designing and perfecting ihe game engine. Now you re expected la do the same a gam CF2 is not a new game, ts a new coBedion ol levels And m video games. A you're standing stri then you ie mowng backwards




;    There's no. There's no,

no, no. There's no. no, no. Thsret no. There's no difference. (Tachno, tachno. techno, techno)

— UPPERS Excellent

presentation. extremely assy

_ lo atari playing, and a raal

laeling that you art gatllng somewhere lor the first lew hours.

/    \ DOWNERS And

( auddanly. all Ilia lun wears off. The icona are

particularly drab, and playing with a lima limit Inalaad ol lurna may have bean a better Idea Oh, AND IT DOESN'T FLIPPING WELL RECOGNISE A SECOND DISK DRIVE. Ten percanl oft.


tf aailing around a big map trading thinga aounda like your Idea ol a good night In, then    aw a 2

don't tat me atop you. Jl " 1 “ But you really should try Y m — to get out more.    FR -

Only prime fillet cod and the best in naval-based strategy wargames are good enough for the Captain’s table...

Game: Voyages ol Discovery

Runs on: A1200. A500 (1 meg)

Publisher: Kompart Author: Software 2000 Price: TBA Release: Out now

■cons to more around Bui there's nol actually much new lo try out You can add on ports, churches and torts, but that's nol really very exciting Getting attacked is pietty boring (you just fire n turns until a wanner is deeded Yawn), and although you aie playing against up to another three players (you must play against at least one computer player), there is little sense ol any real direct competition It only you could do moie with your villages - little Populous people lunmng around with Mega to-Marua type factories inventing things would have been good, y maybe turning the building aspect into a kind ol msii-Siffl Cify Bui any game in which you've explored more or less everything you can do in two hours, knowing all you then have lo do is to keep it up. isn't going to score that highly Such. I'm alrald. is life • RICH PELLEY

A number ol people are excused Irom this review It you haven't got one meg you may leave now It you haven't even got an Amiga and you're usl. say, reading this m the waiting room at the dentist's then. er. I'd spend your time worrying more about how your mouth is going to (eel in halt an hour than dwelling on whether or not the Amiga really needs another naval-based strategy wargame it I were you And it you're absolutely sure I doesn'1 (need another naval-based strategy wargame. that ■$ ) then please make your way quietly to the exit.


The toea ol Woyages of Discovery is Simple - take over the world In turns Like in a wargame But one thing you wouldn’t normally expect to lind s in your everyday WG' are some hallway decent graphics. These come in Ihe form ol superbly-drawn atmosphere stiis (sometimes with a bd ol animation) Vbur home port, which consists of a

number of these, is the first place you'll need lo visit to loot up be tore hearing overseas Ybu'li be needing a crew (Irom Ihe pub, mevrtably), and some equipment (water, food, treasures, and a cannon or two), and ought to transfer soma money from ycur office aboaid. ail via menus and mouse-button-ckcking.

From your port you set sail a hexagon at a lime (movement ponls depending on how much cargo you're holding] in search ol land Fnd a

colonial vdlage and you can either invade, or negotiate with the village leader to move your troops in. Your settlers wrfi then magtoaily start to multiply, build up their viiage and. i you open up a mine or a plantation, sei about producing some son ol export You can then sail od


But tor potential naval-based strategy wargame buyers, this idea that you simply keep on going until you win, lose or draw with no short-term goals could be a bit ol a worry As your settlements and Heel increase in numbers, so turns take longer and longer as you have more and more

again gel some more people Irom back home, find another village and set that up loo The rest ol Ihe game is spent much m the same way - searching tor new villages, nurturxig your existing ones, trading exports and expanding your Ifeel, the game ending either when your last ship has been impounded because ol debts (you toss), you survive until the begmning ol the French Revolution (a draw) or your king and church are convinced you have done great deeds tor your country (you win).

"imi v

01 01
















2 <

All right, so it’s Aladdin. That’s all very well. But where is Widow Twankey Somebody’s lost the thread somewhere.

Game: Aladdin Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Virgin Author: John Twiddy Price: £30 Release: Out now

Perhaps it's a sign at the limes that, ufl as American tool ban was designed in the 1960s with intervals lor commercial breaks

to be mserled on the television, flm scripts are now being penned with computer game conversions n mod. Why. after all. woiid the big Hollywood studios have nsked making the same Arnold Schwarzenegger him len times in a row all through the 1960s - the one where he walks around shooting people tor an hour and a hall - it it wasn’t to facilitate the production ol ten identical walkmg-around-shootmg-people games’’ Why. halfway

through Jurassic Park, did the action suddenly switch horn the jungle to the inside ol a building, i not to allow Ocean s programmers to join in with the current vogue tor MtoHensran-style 3D shool-'em ups’3 Why were the executives behind Speed prepaied to risk everything on a him set entirety on a runaway bus, unless they were perhaps thinlung of the driving game which is surely to follow’

And why. do you think, does Aladdin

(the Mm) open with Aladdin (the lovable rogue) lumping Irom rooftop to rooftop, swinging on flagpoles, sliding down ropes, bouncing on people's heads and collecting apples, while being puisued by dozens ol identical-looking men with swords’

It's therefore impossible to blame

Nm *m iMl Wl.k DM Arab* an imiiisU, <• imI

' "Run straight e baddies waving"

the results be«ng virtually indistinguishable Iron the original

The Mega Drive game was designed by Dave Perry, who cM Cool Spot And there are plenty of wrnianiies beween the two games, especially in the design ol the levels, which keep twisting back on themselves and placing bonuses *1 hard-to-reach places

There's a screen at the beginning with all the power-ups and things on it. with arrows pointing to them saying which one does what But in gameplay terms AtaMn is streets ahead of Cool Spot (which I ! must say I cfcdn‘1 like nearly as much as Stuart Campbell did - he gave it

85% in AP34) The

swordfighlng is excellent If

you run straight at baddies waving your sword about, you ! kill them but almost certainly lose some energy II you edge up lo them carefully, though, you can stay just out of range of their swords and kill them safety You've also got the option of starving just out ol range and pelting them with apples, although the isn't so

Here's Ami cwgigcd la one ol ill beau unn

Special bonus gamaa pop up at tMand of each level, like the one below You ve got to slop the symbol* that Hash past In the middle, hoping to get in aitra Ufa rather Ihsna ou You get one go for each

gem you've collected, and you can also wln more gems for extra goes. (Sorry, this Isa bit tedious. Isn't H )

Audi Some levels have Abu bonus games at the and (as Illustrated, confusingly, above), which you can play it you've managed to eoEed

Vie picture of Abu.    -,- -,,

They Involvs our    !

simian chum hopping    sJm '

about colliding things

and avoiding rock a and    J

stuff. They seem rather    J .A    J

tricky, and we haven't 1 J '—

got to the and of on* l\,    SM A 1 >A

yet. but you seem lo '    **

gel an extra life or    

something. And that *    

enough of that    L W J    )



i .


* ~ - 1


■ \

— ■— e «».

Mare* picture ol AUddm being I lifted dp on n (nag* rope.


_A* !

Virgrt lor turning Aiaddn into a platform game Especially when ray ve made such a

splendid job of it.    -

Now. there ve already been two Aadon video games - one released on tie SNES al the beginning of this year, and one that came out on the Mega Dove more recently They're both platform games, they're both beautiliity presented, •ah carl oon-quality anmatayi and nice touches like writing

everything n the same typeface as the tarn's credits and they both look uncannily similar But m terms of gameplay they're very different Capcom's SNES game, in keeping with Nrtendo's snice-abandoned no-violence policy, has you tumping on baddies' heads to make them disappear while Virgin's Mega Drive version gives you a proper sword lo hack people up with The SNES game was perhaps a little mora graphically inventive, with a great bl where you fall down a hole in the floor of a dmgy cave and. after a long drop, land on a lop ol a huge pile of gold; some really good bits wiih the genie and Abu the monkey in: and lots of graphical interludes to axpiam the plot The Mega Drive one, on tha other hand, is more satisfying to play, with its swordlighting action, steadily-■neiaasng difficulty level, temptingly-placed bonuses and lack of a ' crap ffytng cat pel section It's also takes longer to play through and isn't over-easy-tied by a password facility So guess which one Virgin have chosen to base the Amiga version on. Capcom's attractive SNES game9 Or Vitgn's sokty-piayable Mega Drive one


Oh. No Hang on. It's a bit obvious, isn't if They've converted their own Mega Drive game (Otherwise they’d have had lo pay loads of money lo Capcom. and ended up with an inferior game anyway, which would have been plain skly.) And John Twiddy. the programmer, has made an ncredtxy good jobofU.


much tun and you ! probably warn to save the apples till latei on when you have lo start hitting Hungs lhai're out ot range o< your sword

And there's much mare to it than jumping across plattorms and shinning up and down ropes There are spnngy flagpoles you can bounce on. magic ropes thal carry you upwards, washing lines thal you can slide down, and plattorms lhat shoo! up on jets ol , j water Each level has    "Go

new tasks lor you to    _    .

complete, like smashing    Ow!

statues to reveal    •

plattorms. or collecting     E

flutes to release magic ropes There are bosses, too. which there weren't in Cool B Spot, and they're tough enough to stop you m your trades without spoiling everything by being loo hard It s varied all the way through, while not deviating loo dangerously from the platorm-hoppeig it eicels at


Graphically. Aladdn s superb - the best I tfwik I've seen on the Amiga The animation ol Aladdn a stick and fluid (he's probably traced directly from Disney's original animation cels or \ something), and the same goes lor all the other characters Look out tor the camels who spit out apples when you iump on    -

their backs, or the baddies whose trousers i tall down lo reveal    M

spotty underpants, or the bloke who runs    f

across burning coals    

going Ooh1 Ow‘ Ooh1' just    I

like In the film It is - yes 1 - just like watching a    '

carioon And it's got the    I

sound effects to match    •"

(lhat baddy really does    n

quite literally go Ooh'    B

Ow1 Ooh1') along with    -

wonderiui rendilcns ot all the songs liom the tilm, right down la a version ol A Whole New World at Ihe beginning, which starts oil on the piano and then all the singers come in halfway through m whai will surely become one ol history's Greet Gaming Moments

I really l*e Aladdn (it even spares you Up-to-jump it you've got a two-button joystick), and it's with some regret thet I must mention its one drawback In (act I was lempted to keep it quiet m the hope that no-one would notice, but it's acluallly an obvious one

a limey. This is • krt bly. coaiidertey 111 Ini a picture tram Ike Intro.

As those lamiliar with Ihe console versons may have suspected. Aladdn is A Bit Easy Even with no passwords, and with continues that you have to buy Irom shops as you go. and the option ot setting * to Difficult, you'll romp through huge swathes ot >1 on your first go. and gobble up enolher couple ot levels on each subsequent turn, and it won't be until much later, on the liery escape-trom-the-KCJI cave level that the frsi drops ol sweat will begin to coiled m your eyebrows Vie must assume that its ■ V been designed *or ihe console I market under ihe ali-ioo-HSI common delusion that  because they're generauy • I younger than us. Mega Drve . ®j ,• I owners aren't as good at playing games (lr tad. c< course gameptaymg ability '    '* inve,se'y proportional to

K / H v age. which is the

reason we periodicaity have to pension oil AMIGA POWER learn membeis when they ctne'wise seem 10 have


ih-ough a te» moie ':mes lo

tercet Out all the secret bonusy B Ms. unlike ihe SNES version whch is very much a watch-lhe-end-sequence-and-toss-n-aside affair

II Disney realty did make *— AJadckn with a game in mind JT (which, okay, e unlikely, but we love a good    —

conspiracy theory here MU al AMIGA POWER)

Virgin have risen lo Ihe challenge admirably The game's just as nice lo look al as Ihe Mm. just as laugh-packed, and iust as entertaining. Let's hope they cope as we< with Ihe ralher tougher task ol turning The Lion King nto something presentable • JONATHAN DAVIES

H«fl l lk« end-of l«v«l-tkr<* bon, wfeo'i lusyrr ojl, c«m u *«t««r


Graphically In. V -er, a whole new world compared lo moet Amiga plallorm games. Greal sound and music. Amusing animation. All the spirit of Ihe Him. Plenty of variety without degenerating Into a collection ot sub-games. Thoughtfully designed throughout. Recognises a two-button controller

® DOWNERS Occasional leaps ol faith, particularly In Ihe escape-trom-the-cave level "Loading Please Walt' messages Ihroughoul. Bui the biggie Is that It won't take terribly long to finish.


Takes a couple of much-abused genres - Ihe film licence and Ihe platform game - and really shows what can be done with    A 2!

them. Don t eipecl It lo    D L -

pul up loo much ot a nfm 2 fight, though.    W *

* Ascendency is entirely your own domain"

<hOlC* ,0*

Every player can be given Individual Instructions. The first and moat obvious is a positional one The pitch is divided into 12 squares and you can define where each player will be when the ball is In I any particular square Or 1 at least, the position    ■

they II try to reach lo Ihe best of their ability.

Anything too clever early on in your team's career will only leave you with players out ol posllion.

You also control each player's passing, running and shooting using a percentage system For example, you might want a competent passer to pass 80% of the time he has Ihe ball, running with It only 20% ol Ihe time. In addition, you can set the distance tram which a player will take a shot (short, medium or long), the kind of pass the player will aitampl lo make dear. long, medium or short), lha area of the pitch they will aim tor  any. lell. right or centra) and Ihe height of the pass (normal.

414. You'd have lo be mad or Graham tailor lo chooic Ihli ityta. Cat be useful lo a cup aulch Ijalni much b«t<i oppootati H loajai tour dtlttdcn lo hoof Iba ball.

Tilt da*»K tbosohe*

low or high).

Wilh all these options you can have an incredible level ol control over your team. The downside to all this Is lhat II can lake a long lime lo set up your perfect squad Equally, any substitution you maka can involve long periods ol positional tweaking as you Integrals the sub into Ihe learn, perhaps even changing your basic tactics. Which look like this.

out tb«

Yack ood hot*

I I I iiiitftli cnoajh this stems lo bt the choMt oI msI CotkitKi Stems lo MU Solid defeoe* and tht cheat* of Ik* odd «oei would stem to b« ihe rtexoa.

1-4-J. Oo tr, hit coeliaeiiul ihli oat. Try H a in end welch your lied l«ok joeli (•eltli you've sol Ik* bell lkr«t defender!

l i t. This It e bfl of ee imprevemeel over ]

4-1 eed k e eolker popeter choice ei

■ iiiee

te your leeyue, Ibel «

slightest advsnuge - leaving broken-



’ i - ! 1* 1



I Ta





1 wt



I one

team a

cyn call/ —dch dubs lo gan the


Haw** tliJs for a p*opk«Q fcrtu la bay Batr«9MCM aid aria 1l« PA Cap 1-0. II cover a ay bets.

iodfy yea aid ap aauiiiny Ike oatch like Ikh, wttk ike playon lainod OH, M tftial yaa doa*1 laMti aye Hrala.

The aid pkaaa Irea Mil is still tkere. flalanasaiclf Ibey e donyed da cheat nambers.

- i l-_i- w i <v

T i.- Uru.V‘i

U«i in I


Uw ->rt« Ua a' «.

"Dene lor and sliding back*

Premier Manager 3 stars the voice cl TV* Famous John Motion Mono as both friends and Ians know him, Is Ihe BBC * voice ol lootball' and has commenlaled on every Importanl match In the last ten years. Eicept! This year In Ihe USA he was inexplicably dropped tor the World Cup Final, leaving many to speculate that his golden-larynxed period was over. But! He has now bounced back with this incredible set ol poorly-

recorded samples that highlight the action In what will surely be one of the big Christmas sellers on the

Amiga His career Is sale. Here, lor your enjoyment.

»re just some ol ■    the classic

(“fatuous , surely

f cl oni diners «r are treated 1o In '    Premier Manager 3



2    BROHM

3    OGLEV


5    BEECH


and buy this 0M. 1 know lhal

sounds Uce the dass* inuiMer s cop-out (Damnyeweyas -Cop Out Erf) but m this case it s true PM3s go! every element that

can decide. And decide you must

PM3 Is a football management Ian’s lootbal management game. II has all the classic elements you can think ol; lots of stats, in-depth match reports, youth learn management, sponsorship deals. director s cash hard-ouls laciea decision-

“Ooh, great reflex save- or “Oh. UmutHul etop“ Or “Oil that's a terrific save" Sublime, every one



01 «


















Or, more precisely,

Game: Theme Park Runs on: A500. A600 Publisher: Electronic Arts

Author: Bullfrog Price: £35 Release: Out now

New leaders lo AMIGA

POWER will no doubl be baffled lo tind a humble single page near the back ol the reviews sector devoted to such a glamorous and much-awaited game as Theme Park Wei dear readers (and you are dear to us. we love each and every one ot you Sod of) it's because we raved about the A1200 version back in AP42, and very nice it was too It got 91% and everything, and we promised to tel you about the A500 version the moment we got it in. Hence this page


Standard Amiga owners who were dazzled by the wondrousness of the A1200 game and then sickened to the







Iter tki»s» *mi rkwyr TIM iMn dree UMr awd iM twOrwu drwh i««

is it only five-twelfths as good Eh Eh

core by bilious jealousy ol al A1200 owners will be glad lo know that the A500 version remains as tun to play and fme to took at as its posher t>g brother. Yeah, okay, comers have been cut and bits taken out, but unless you’ve actually played the A1200 version a lot. you're going to have a hard true linrJng fault with Ihis one.

Remember the flashy lendered intro to the A1200

version Ol course you don't, because we cfcdn'i use any pictures of rt in the review or take up any space talking about a. With a game as complex and nvotved as Theme Park, why should we have wasted space talking

about an intro that's very nice and all. but that you're only gcung lo watch a lew limes before heading straight lor the game  Anyway, it s not In this version, and it's no great loss Although it was good Espeoaty the bits with the dog m.


The A1200 version had a Ulmgty hypnotic sound loop ot happy crowds and tairground ambience thal started lo pop up m my dreams alter a lew days, and that's not ai this version either Neither* the electric s>gn over the gates that scrolls the name ot your park, or the while paving slabs at the sides of the path The coffee shops and ice-cream franchises are no longer in huge ItnegLass cups or cones, and all the smal stands are in generic wooden huts with little signs on the front. Only the Chicken Men survive as entertainers (with the Sinister Teddy Men reduced to lurking elsewhere) and if you scan the crowds, you ! notice that there aren't as many different faces

Why this list ot little changes Whai port am I trying to make1) Wei. the whole






On thn l*h In thn UN union, on tkc ri,kl tk« A1*M Tto nnnci ii obviously not a« tluk ■■ H wax, aod aaltbnr am ik«

ilaoai, vkicfc now ail Ieoh lik* ikndl nrtrk lijas ootsidn Iknw. Them am lawar typai e< anion loo, lo yon jail j«1 tMyi and fktl M thn A500 nnnioa. Ok, and thn patfci don't bam dinky wTirtn bordnn monad Ikata trtfcrr Duallir

game s lul ol compromises lo tha graphics, running speed or memory of the standard Amiga, but by making these changes Bullfrog haven t compromised the game itsell I’m sure it would have been much easier to take out entire sections ol the game, but you can still play it at varying levels of complexity, plan your park, manage your stall levels and invest in development tor rides, facilities and forthcoming attractions There's stil the same number ot countries to set your park in. Sid the same number o< order and management screens and, although the financial matters have been s*nplifwd a little, there s stil the same loot ot the devil' sponsorship deal with a major high sireel bark.

I was worried thal this version might chug along so slowly as to render the game unplayable, but it s fine, although it does drag its heels a little as your parks get bigger And as it comes on just two disks, rather than the 1200 version s lour, there isn't even the problem ol needing to play it from a hard drive, as thera's kttle disk swapping None if you've got a second dove, ot course

Al at all. 4'S a huge thumbs up tor Buittrog There are fewer shops and lower rides, but thal s a smal price lo pay lor such a great game Seeing as the alternative was no A500 verson at all. it's a fme compromise

So run out and buy it today No. drop thus magazine right this second and run out and buy it. not because the review's convinced you (because, let's lace it. if you didn't read the review m AP42, you won't have a due what the game's about) but because I say so And I'm unusually big and enjoy reading about attack helicopters Oh yes.


UPPERS 11 1 Thame Park, one ol tha beat three game* ol the year.

✓"—s. DOWNERS It t not got ( J quite ai many feature* a«

V—S tha A1200 version. But uniats you've got a smug. A1200-ownlng Iriand. where's tha danger In that You won't mitt what you've never had.


In my view the bast, most enjoyable aim game so fir. The  combine brilliantly w noted business side alternatively helping torturing little people In a god-lika manner have to be played out lo be believed.



2oyi of



So. think ol International

Sensible Soccer, except with a small

And the clouds parted, and a choir came forth and sang: “First there was Sensible Soccer. And now there is...”

Runs on: A5O0. A GOO. A1200 Publisher: Renegade Authors: Sensible Price: £30

Release: 6th December

Swmmcg always troubled me

Up dll the age ot eight l couldn't do H at al. and every afternoon had to IVxnder about in the shaBow end with children much younger than me. and the chtonne sling ng my eyes I tned to do it. I really dto. and did

rotating S' and the time at the top □( the screen (4 you're playing on a 1200). a si ad urn around the edges ol me paeh (which actually improves the atmosphere immensely), a stats-screen after each • match with detads ol possession and so Oh. the players each having indnndual strengths and weaknesses (more ol wtxch later), the tactics altering the way the game teets slightly (more ol that later too), and there being a bn more control over tackles and headers («t tact, there's more on all this later), and that's me tootbail-

Until finally, one day. at the age ot eleven. I managed ft. 1 had to hold on to me side a M whde the teacher wasn t looking, and afterwaids be pulled irom the water exhausted, but I Imaity managed to swvn Irom one end ol me pool to the other Now I swvn SO lengths before breakfast every morning, but the day i ined up m irom of me whole school, oblivious to the way I towered above the children next to me. and received my one length swvnmmg certificate from the headmaster was one

■ F    ■    - f ’

And mis is the other one

walls But while everyone else (foaled. I lust seamed to sink My arm bands were getting tighter every year, and my nose-dip had long since stopped preventing me cy water from Ming my nostrils And afterwards, when the rest at the class had gone home. I'd sit in the changing rooms and weep, the tears ftowmg down my legs and inching mo me drain m the floor


I stand before you today, noble readers of AMIGA POWER, holdmg a copy o< Sensible    /

World of Soccer, the greatest /    4

computer game ever created /    -

It is. basically. Sartsfoie £ All Soccer - wh<h still re<gns ! supreme at ihe tops of both !    10

the AMIGA POWER Alt-Time \

Top 100 and the AMIGA    V I i

POWER Readers’All-Time Top \

100 - only with a whole load ol management options that open up whole new vistas of potential (Er, am I rising to the occasion okay here )

Now we've wnnen tar loo many reviews of Sens** Soccer to go through it an again Irom the begnning So A you're n need ol a recap, the orignal review in


"POWER All-Time Tod 100 and Hie I

0+mgf    j I'We short, and

AMIGA    / there was a one-

k    / page review of

\    / Sensible Soccer

   92-93 In AP21 which!

n I    bring you up to date on the

current state ol play Oh. except for 1    International Sens*fe Soccer, but we

3ugh (Mn'l bother doing a review of that you're because they d just put a referee in and * to that was about K.







hi ll« itall uim 11*1, aat

!*• bigger, l*t wilt d    THC-JS OFF

IK Amga

Than - and the a the bgg« -twe s ail ihe marvagemani stuff winch has been heaped on lop.

Regular readers may realise that I'm ml the most avid devounr ol tootbai nanagemanf games So Ive enksled the help of Paul and Sieve, who relish football

Well that night be gcng a be hr SIMOS has lots of management-style options, but a doesni quite go In lo the detail ol a dedicated tootbai management game It doesn't have the financial jiggery-pokery at something l*a Tactical Uanaget - you don't get the opporiunty to cnrt up gate receipts, or mpm**

phyng side ol SWOS Its sfi great, and

management games and who. through me. will explain how SWOS Ms in lo the general football management scheme ol things Is it just an ordnary football game laded up a bit with a rather more extensnre-than-usual sel of Iront-end menus’ Or is rt. by neatly stradAng the management and arcade football genres, about to turn the games world on its head.

- _Haling enlire continents with nvers of

ijv u a cnMee the Mies ol

Tacacai Uanagat i wvtVoofMf Gtory and


nr .w -20 r —--—




As well as customising players and teams. SWOS lets you set up leagues, cups and tournaments in any way you like. For example:

H«r« we've sal Ep i CEp faalariaj 14 lap Alias IUE1 AJI Iba oulchai *rs la ba cawplEUd la a paaiiliiBq icfcadala wrfhifl foar waalu.

Ie tbi flnl raaad UMry'rc divxlad iaia IbrEE jroEp* of    ItaEi Wrtbla

Each jroap, Each laais pUp avarf aifcar tvrict, jm to mailc mra.

14 lEEHif ihEB fa as 10 ifca lacaad rottid, wfeara Ifcay'ra dividad lirto four Siaapi aad play aacb eibar ihrat Ubiei far as oipcciaily dcdtha ratal*.

The* rn aa la (He quarter Audi

Aad lha taisi flaali. Vfcla ipacifiad paflakiEi la Iha evebI of a vaptay, ahhoosh Iha painbilrty of tfeii li iebioIe yhaa Ikal male hat IflcJada Extra bsM. And finally tha, art final. In tfiii, tha two luai dash a jrvalllflj Ion limai bafora a wiaaar it dacldad.

your stadium You have 10 worry about major stuff like transfer lees, obviously, but even then it s done n a rather ckncal manner, with Irtlle

opportunity ol picking up a p£ 22 bargain through careful    Lon**—”

bartering And there * none    1

ol the human element that    ——1

makes On The Bail Wok) \

Cup fdfion so successlul with its eschewing ol stats m 1 lavour ol players grUnends    1

and your Own home life    \

instead. SMOS gives you    1

an extraordinarily detailed.    \

intense level of control over match tactics More so. even, than *i Prommi Manager 3. the \    _

virtues of which Slew was    1    ""

extolling a lew pages ago For example, as well as instructing an ndrvxJua. player lo move out ol position when the ball

areas n PM3. 35 in SWOS) you can go on to specify the dreebon m which he should run rf the bai «(hen lucked Irom that spot to another So you could haw overlapping lul backs m a 4 4 2 who would run round a midfield winger with the ball and provide twit with another passing option, just as m real life (The only thing you won t be able to do is engineer an offside trap - Sensible haw always excluded the ofl-side rule Irom then games, disapproving ol it on the gnxxvis that it s a bit siSy)


In a way. by look rig at options available m SWOS you can becyr to understand why Sens, was such a good game lo begn with. Alt the stuff has always been ntnnsic to the way Sens, players behaw. ex planing why the game teets so much i*e real tootban ft's just that now you haw the chance lo fine-time rt al lor yourself, and watch the results m action And then you W got a Simply staggering array of learns lo amuse

SWOS r tact ngpKabout 1.500 teams from al frAund the world, encompassing    000 players, and

Sensrtke haw yt d *t the stats lor every

ewryihmg was up lo dale as Ol approximately 15 minules be lore the game went ol to be duplicated - even lor the realty obscure loreign teams.

All the teams are arranged mto the* own cups and leagues - 146 in al. rangng Irom the FC Cup lo the Taiwanese Premier League And. of course, you haw (he opbon lo customise the teams rtl any way you see trt . and devise your own compelrtnns Phew

The lust thing Sensi wferans will probably notes once theyw ploughed through al the menus and got a match stalled is that the players don't respond lo the bait as readify as they used lo

There s nothing wrong here - it's because you really need to play around with the tacbcs editor before your players will start to mow about properly (al least, we think so. although Sen

me (now, if you tap the fire button lightly as you go in lor e tackle or header you can nudge the ban gently rather than booting i lor mites), but the taefety s there rl you want A

Bui now. as you're ptaying Wan think: "Hmm I could do with my defenders

-i u

MBlCOHI to our cl hr xmmtmmk me loom fcrmbbo to much axem moh ocr


1 <*ja PRBICLV Cm


The ability lo change Ihe formation of players, and lo speclfly exactly where all the players should be when the ball Is In each area of the pitch. Isn't new. But whal Sens! does Is make It work. It divides the pitch Into 35 areas, and not only lets you define where each player should run lo when the ball moves Inio each one, but which way they should run If the ball then moves Irom lhat spot. It sounds ralher complicated and. indeed. It Is, but SWOS provides plenty of editing tools to make the process easier. In fact, here's an example that Paul's put together.

(number 7) wasn't running into space when I put the ball through the midfield to number 1Q.~

Step 3: So Into the Tactics Editor we go. and I move the ball on the pitch to approximately where It was In the game when the. ahem, mistake occurred. Right, now I move player 7 up and over a bit. move player to down a bit towards me, so he can run onto the ball, and then I save the formation.

Step 4: "Next game. I select my new formation, and get to work.

Step 1: 'First I picked a 4-3-3 formation A nice, simple playing formation.'

Step 5: *1 deliberately spend a lot of time trying lo get Ihe ball Into the right position. To see If my formation works And II does. And, again, here's a screenshot lo prove it."

Step 2: ‘ After playing for a while I noticed that tor my style of play, my star forward

Using the tactics editor you can move defenders up slightly to annoy attackers, move midfielders around to give coverage on forward runs, or even go lor the counter attack from a corner wllh a lone man up front. "It truly la a brilliantly executed concept." says Paul, "and the bast example of tailoring a football game to your own ideas that I've ever seen."


"Probably notice once they've ploughed"

} 3*0 l*es al the beOy-drawn J pictures of men at - sheeoskat coats Steve is the sort of person SWOS will ” fmd 4 hardest lo appeal lo. Hoemver. Steve thmka SWOS a the greatest game he's ever played

Ajyxi be other hand, plays ChamPHn Manager 93 He laps up as reams o* facts and figures, and doesn'1 mss Ihe plot stuff or sdy pictures one M Paul aba binks SWOS is the greatest game ha t every piayed Although a helps d courswOtat he flap likes Sansfoia

The b Piing about SWOS i you're pbyrtg it from a manager's point ol


oomng forward a bd more dtan be bars up the other and.' And than you can idutfy go atto the tactics adtor and sod a out. The e -ndoublacty A Good Thmg ABematrvely. you mght be ipproachaig SWOS as a seasoned tnnbal management games player And you mghl be a bd sceptical about the omssatn ol stuff like gale rece fs and stadun improvements

Our Stave, tor example, a a commdied Or 7he Sal tan. precisely bacause a goes into so much detail about ll bat lend of thing He enjoys keeping aba on tit players' love byes In a stnctfy pmftsacnal sense) and getbng home to tnd ha wde'i left him because he's been



IB 2


And win one of five limited edition Sensible World Of Soccer football shirts and a copy of SWOS signed by those wacky    /

Sensible boys!

Tha relaase o( lha greatest Amiga game ol all time seemed too

monumental an occasion to pass by without soma sort ot celebratory distribution ol prises So that s what we intend to do Renegade are producing a strictly-limited number ol special SIVOS lootball shirts, and we ve secured live tor our charming readers. And! Each prize-winner will also win a copy at Sensible World 01 Soccer signed by Japs. Jools. Stuart and alt lha rest ol that lovable bunch


Clearly great prizes, so you must earn lor lootball. More specifically, we want football chant, to be sung In support ot the AMIGA POWER dream football team listad below. You might want to do something along the tines ot Oh. when the Saints, oh when the Saints ", In honour of the team generally, or you might want to single out one ol the players lor Individual praise as with Ooh! Ah! Cantona.' Whatever, gel some ot your chums to help with the singing, and then send your chant on a cassette to: A Sensible Name For A Sensible Competition Competition. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW. to arrive by 31st December. 1994. And do wrap It securely.

them by demonstrating your enlhuslam you to write and perform a brand-new


1.    Imptoyaaa of Saniibla Software, Ronogado and Futura Publishing ora prohibited from ontaring.

2.    Knfrios must orriva on or bofora 31st December, 1 994.

3.    Tha decision of tha aditor is final.

based on the tactics you came up with before the match, and make sustitubons and everything And. of course, if you're a player/manage youl be able to p*i r the game as well

The ultimate way of playing SWOS woukt be to k>!low through an entire career as a ptayer/manager. which throws up some quite terrifying theoretical numbers A career lasts 20 years end if you're realty good and get through to ell the finals and everylhng. you can expect to play a maximum of about 70 games per season At a minimum game-length of three mmules. ptus a coupfe of minutes per game on the menus, that's a total ptayng erne of. er. (3+2)x70x20 • 7000 minutes, or 117 hours, ot nearly live days.

enlivened by an achievement acreen, which updates you on your progress, and the possOAty of berg offered an nternational management job i you do really vwl

While there ! always be room lor quirky rivals like Empire Soccer on the one hand, and On The Ball on the other. Sensible World ol Soccer does, bascaly destroy all 4s direct ovals n an expfoson ot apocalyptic d meeamodike that M (t Star Wars where the Star blows ip Princess Letas planet no matter how many lootball games you've already bought, the is better than all ol them.

UPPERS The latest version ol Sensible Soccer built-in. A massive database

precise control over tactics

between the playing and



Slap 1 - High!, Ihe land It Hat. Ihera't a bit of water to lal'i start building. Jutt a small group of rones to start with, but note how Iha power plant It

Step 2 - A law years have passed and I've decided lo concentrate on Iha rlghl-hand side ol Iha city lor residential zones, with soma light

whan thngs realty stan la p«* up. you rraght even want to build an underground rail system lo ease traffic congestion and make it easier tor residents to gel lo work


Once your mind has grasped the concept ol the addrtions in Sim city 2000. you've

then got to mess around with the menus Thankfully, buridmg up afferent zones (indusInal, commercial and residentialJ n sell the maxistay of the game, but now there are many mote things to do. many more objects lo place and more ptoblemi lo work out. And usl as you'd expect, fs si paced. catenated and worked out

But what it you're new to Sim City end the concept ol the game Well, here III show you whal you can accomplish In ust a tew hours. I've called II Melleritown. Imaginatively enough, and this It how It grew from zero population to jusl over 8,000 You can try out some ol my technlquet. Or you can Ignore them and come up with soma Ideas ol your own. I won't be ollended.

next lo the industrial zone and the residential zone la not too tar away for people lo commute, but hopefully far enough away lo avoid naaty pollution. I've alio Included a small railroad aytlem lo encourage people to get to and Irom work, cutting down on car travel. Take note ol the simple, yet affective road system It may seem excessive at the moment, but It'll come in handy laler on.

Runs on: A1200 (3Mb). A4000; hard disk required Publisher: Maxis Price: £40 Release Date: Out now

oy. is this giving me a headache I mean I've played ihe

original game and eryoyed it tors, bm n's child's play compared lo Ihe new. improved and amazingly detailed S*n Cty 2000 Bui whal have Maxis done la make one ol the most imaginative, addictive, complex yet simple games even better The answer is a devil o< a lot

The first, and probably most impressive, pari of the new game is the graphics While in the origcai make-your-own-oty game they were okay and

functional, in the yeai 2000 things are very different The lovely tsomelnc 30 viewpoint is much more pleasing io the eye. of course, but thanks to interlaced graphics with an increased level ol detail you leaty do gel ihe leelmg that you're hovenng about over your very own hastily burn city.

Bui hang on a mmule It the first game was ail about burfdng a cty. whal can a sequel add on top The answer ie. n doesn't - e adds on underneath inslead Yes. the level ol detail and number al options has increased, but we ll get to that later. The biggest, most Interesting new aspect ol the game is ihe subterranean level Although you won't be using it nghl away eventually you'i need to lay a city-wide water system, and then

Riots, taxes, arcologies, tube stations, pollution and drains. Iff only real life was this easy.

Original Sim City player*, who dive (freight Into the game without reading Ihe manual (or thia review) are going to find a fow problems almost straight away. The reaeon lor thlt I* that each ol Ihe Icon* that are shown In the toolbar hid* little eub-menui. Thl* means that If you click on Ihe little lightning eign (top left underneath the bulldozer. See It Good) you get the choice ol power lines or power stations. It you than select power stations you can choose from all the power atattone that are available to you at Ihe time. Unlike Ihe original Sim City, new options become available lo you is time goes by and discoveries are made. Such Is the advantage of advanced technology. Forward to Ihe new millennium1

perfectly la give you all me creative satisfaction you could ever want

I mean anyone can build a smalt oty mm 2,000 people in it. but men wtiaP Do you start another community at the other side at the level, near the saa maybe'1 Or do you carry on expanding to unknown heights and the dizzy levels ol 10.000

people living under your control'1 The game itseil is Inlimie. and wiii still be as intriguing a hundred years alter you've stalled your city as it was m the early days Steady on - Ed)


And once you've started playing, you'll


Loti iad loll of btj butldiofi. Cool.


Step 4 - Everything It working perfectly, all the zones are filled and

expanding Demand Is high for residential and Industrial zones, and as soon as I'vs got soma more of them. I'll need to have tome mors commercial zones is well. Now you have i go. I1 really Is quite amazing what five or six hours sowing rtaps.

commercial bit* thrown In as well. Tha Police Station. Fire Station and Hospital make the area sale and encourage people to move In. At you can tee. the road system Is expanding nicety as well.

Slap 3 - They want more Industry, and that's what they gel. Expending the already extensive Industrial zone, I'm still staying away from the main residential area*. Tha other sections ■ra all coming along nicety a* well.
























So you va gol your city built, and there are some impressive multi-storey buildings dotted around the place. But hold on. I can't see whal e behind Idem. Maybe a section ol road has collapsed, or perhaps there* a dodgy power line. Whal do I do now  Simple, you just use the rotate icon to move the view around, adher clockwise or counter-clockwise that's what. Here, have a look what I mean.

Everything you'll ever need ts m there, somewhere - you ust need lo find it As a rule I don't normaly enjoy very complex games, and I try 10 steer away Irom conquest or god games But like Theme Parti San City 2000 had me trapped m Iron! ol the screen lor days, completely enthralled

• wr

totuft joJoj on

* * btfeiad Ike    StAlioi

Oh, Hghi, iflihiflj a«r much mi «ll riillf


It’s a shame ihen. that the Amiga version ol Sen City 2000 has one major problem: speed Or, rather, an absence ol it Even on our A1200 with 8Mb ol Fast RAM and a hard disk, the game was pamliily slow, sometimes taking a couple ol seconds lo respond lo a mouse dick, and the scrolling ts

terribly sluggish But as Ihe game is slowpaced and requires patience anyway, i didn't tind it loo much ol a distraction (Steve did, though ] Mans recommend you play the game on an A4000. but its hard lo vnagme many ol our readers owning one ol those

Another gmpe is the pnee Although £40 relates well to console games and this is better than the majority ol Ihose. rCs sMl enormously high lor a disk based game and hard lo justify I won'l mark it down because ol that (its gol nothing to with the quality ol the game), but I thought il needed saying (if M - £d)

Sim City 2000 has been wet received on ihe PC and Mac and even though Iha Amiga is clearly struggling lo cope with its complexities. I suspect this will be one of Ihose games that jusl keeps getting played over, and over, and over again • PAUL UELLERICK

11.ic■ like Ibii

Ilk big, II a egli jad tfi

miking rear «i*T-




_. «£J


soon Imd there's no way you can slop Theme Park is an excellent example of a game that s accessible to stari oh with, but has more things to unearth as you go along. Sim City 2000 is exactly the same

ts    sol


As you can see Irom my little demonstration (Mellerstown]. you can get a cdy started within a lew hours (all mine took was one intensive atteinoon in tionl of the monitor!, deal successfully with all Ihe

Lay a citywide water system

problems you encounter. Bnd then make your own problems by creating more cities Problems are always solvable, so you never gel frustrated or annoyed You lust have lo tax your brain spend some money and create something

And thanks lo Ihe sheer number of new options, creating

.    something is easy But

instead ol simply grvmg you a list ol all the new features. I've explained a couple of the best ones m a little box on these pages


li t u«t not going lo Y)0 happen. Lika never.

But all la not loti

Theme Park's out on Ihe A500 and li t great (sea page 58).


A whole new section lo the game It Ihe Terrain Editor. From here you can after Ihe way a level looks, down lo the tmallesl detail. Mainly though, you can create hills, rivers, streams, forests... anything you like really. And then once you've done that you can build your city on top of it.


® UPPERS Too many lo

mention. All the new optloni are ace. the graphics are truly fabulous and any Sim City fanatic Is going to flip over this super-deluxe version.


Interlaced graphlca are dlslractlngly ftlckery X you haven't gal a monitor designed to cope with them. And It runs terribly slowly, even on a 1200.


A huge advance over the original without losing the essential almpllcity which made It    _ i

so good. Slow-moving, yet O L » somehow still amazingly A addictive.    Ulv *

It you gat bored of youi own city and have explored Ihe posalbllltlei ol the onee supplied with the game, try your hind at Ihe dlfterenl scenarios. This Is Ihe only part ol the game wHh a specific goal to complata. Read the aynopsis, select Ihe scenario and lhan complete the task. Ranging from hard to nearly impossible. Ihe scenarios are a real test at Sim Cify skill



Now «h




I Rf r .14(1 iRR


4ii* ev

m Tr

Mm m V.. ■

TIM MHi ereek eMm

TMtrai on nan

Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Microprose Author: In house Price: £35 (£30 for A500) Release: Out now

cavalry strike down fleeing survivors. Each dash leaves the hauielieldscatiered with bodies and tmashed equipment and it's sanpty a matter at counting the holes m the ranks to See how many casualties a ink's taken.

Its tun. but the down side is that you can only scrol around a small area ol the map at a time, so have to keep aoommg out and then back m again to gel to different areas ol the battlefield


The control methods fine, but could be improved Every lime you dick on a unit, an information and order box pops up obscuring much of the screen, so you re endlessly moving the command bc« around to get ["Wh af if1® map underneath Hot keys o» some command oplbns down one side ol ■A B the screen would have been j-    much heller

The ihiee scale system B    cleverly portrays the contusion

ol wai by sucking you into minute details when you should be looking at what WW1 generals referred to as "the big picture * Although you can move the entire army by selecting the supreme commander s Hag, or a division by

Fields Ol Gkxy is all about what might have happened during two days m June 1815 Although younger readers probably won t remember H. June 1815 was particularly memorable tor a series ot battles between the French and various allied armies teadng up to an almighty bang shoot at a place called Waterloo Belgium

The tactics are a Irttle too complex to go into here, but basically much maiming and hurtage went on with both sides kicking mucho pClass"- Ed) Eventually the Aiies won. leaving the victorious English tree to go into terminal economic decline, and the defeated French to indulge r their twin passions ol food and making arty movies about relationships Still, c est la guerre, nght kids'


The game's spiff nto lour real battles and two licbonal ones, and you're tree to play either side n al of them, and it you're not happy with the placing of troops, you can move them all around Being a Napoleonic wargame. each battle has the French hghlmg either the Prussians or the Engksh (although — i «n Waterloo itself those Gallc tunsters had to cope with both enemies al the same tune, so it's

hardly surprising they lost) Each battle's viewed n I Bj three scales The largest scale shows just the location of unit

t “ commanders and so s ju&J a map overlaid with


‘ WKci lifaatn art atudicd by cavalry, ■ lh«Y fora a iqufc end shoo! lliafi.

lots of flags It's good tor the start ot the battle, but you quickly need more into than it's giving you

The next scale's tar more helpful, and it's possible to light an entire battle quite successfully from this view, as you can see and move mdnndual units ot infantry, cavalry and artillery This foetuning's essential as artillery units are weak n hand-to-hand combat and need to be protected by mtantry. and it's useful to back up charges with cavalry.

The foal scale lets you see

individual figures with each man on screen i t'w

0 ery and each ljur a Battery

In th s scae you    **t    -

can actually sac -re B* -

( **nciiveness c! different formations dunng attack and massed cannon fue on mtantry Troops advance, let oft a volley of musket fue and then charge into the enemy to give them a taste of cold steel, and

Get a hundred mui sometime end try Rurchiny Ifafaujh woodteid.

A pretty vilUpr Alltioefh todly with no strife jic vela*

Scenes of bnrteJ violence teed lo jet very messy very qeickty.

Mud, blood and death, concealed in the swirling FOG of war. Cam must be a happy man. Or is he

"Eventually the allies won"



'*    *    c -

* * *

more annoying lo have to say that it s fatally Hawed In all but the hardest levels, the enemy ate loath to attack, forcing you to go on the offensive all the lime

This gets to you when you ve spent ages setting up a lock hard defensive line only lo have to send them all forwards, ruining all your planning It also piompted a sily stand off situation wheie I had only one company of inlantry lacing about two bait at on ol French who wouidn'i attack and finish me off

"Take away the need to


selecting one ol the lesser commanders, command at this level is unwieldy, and rvanabty places some units in the wrong place Ths toices you to dose in an the action and concentrate on moving battalions, and once you do that you start lidding around with mcfcvideal companies within the battalion

This constant stepping down ol attention means that either you've got to think extremely test, or spend all your time gaating a victory at ana end ol the battlefield only la find that youi neglected Hoops at the other have been wiped out Such is the Joy of real-time wargaming As you can see. the game's got masses going lor a. which makes a all the

Being real-time, there's a clock ticking away in the lop comer, but battles can last live, ten or even twenty hours without it ever going dark or any unit reporting fatigue You can wipe out al the troops at a battalion but can't target the commander tor attack, whtch leaves toads of impotent enemy officers on horses drifting across the baffleliefd Clearly stupid, dearly mggfy ’ faults

The big.

cnpplftg problem is that the game completely tails lo take terrain into account, which is a bit like having a

llighl sim that ignores the ground Artiiery tfiits can travel through woods, cavalry can charge thiough them Hiis don't slow me progress ol units, roads  don't speed them up. and gel this - rivers can be I crossed at any point by I anyone without mcurmg casualties or taking any more lime than it would take them la cioss a field And. worst ol all. artillery can even lire Irom the rmdde ol woods or the middle ol a river, which is quite dearly nrhculous

The Battle ot Wavre looks kka it's going to be a fantastic struggle to see who can control the bridges that cross the wide river, but seeing as alt units can cross anywhere, the entire thing (or indeed any battle ft me game] might as well be p ayed on a green, featureless background tor al the dfference <t d make

In 1963 I was hooked on a Lothlonan game called Johnny Reb tor my Spectrum, and even that recognised the tact that units couldn't cross rivers, so what's gone wrong here’’ We seem to have gone backwards


Take away the need to capture woods or bridges, to delend farmhouses and hits and you've got a wargame that requires little or no strategy FOG is fun tor a while, but you soon realise that all you have to do is dose in and engage the enemy It's all a tut samey and tedious

FOG is stil the best wargame of ihe year (which says more about Ihe faults ol ihe others than the quality ol thrsj. but Microprose haven't hall messed it up.

Get some terrain recognition in. and it would be bniiieni. but as it d. it's nothing special You'd be better employed dusting off Dune 2 and playing it agam • CAM W1NSTANLEY

® UPPERS Atmospheric battle sounds, good graphics and a wide selection of scenarios from simple

sekllfllws In tiewWylee*TS Cl

sai ske to gel Mo easy la contra ewri raw he quite air king Hmxi*

qottkty from disk and It herd drive-installabte.

® DOWNERS By the time you've played the intro game there's very little left lo do By ignoring ihe r restraints


Sec Um becUeficM ho* afar.


PI in mfermeum bwt < rod doll I

„' •' • ■=“

E    * f

reman the game Imianitj inocks sway JOVoMhe strategy.


If prntieeae lo be agree* war-game but turns out lo be an — okay one fbe backgrounds •tiara josi lor thorn whk h when ihe sham is revealed reeky puts trie dampeners on pour „ enthusiasm to take on such a big battle as Waterloo, fi t - — w simply not deep enough / ; to warrant the hefty    I 2

price teg    U I «


A 5 00 We ve yel to see the

’    A500 vanlon but It

. Vrould taka a major revamp ot the 4 game lo son out all its problems I and that seems unlikely.



















Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Black Legend

Authors: Magnetic Fields Price: E30 Release: Out now

Whoo. I'm glad that's % that ewer with. Yep, I've finished playing Crystal Dragon, and I can safety say that I'm never going to go back to a. Which is a M ol a shame realty, because, with a good difficulty level, loads ot characters and lots ot large lewis. I he had all the makings ot a lop Dungeon Master done Until you actually start playing the thing, that e


The game starts oft favourably enough with ihe RPG-tanabc-pleasmg character selection screen Here you can select the two characters you I play with, be they wamors paladins, denes, mages, thieves or assassns. That's not al. though (and senous gamers will really appreciate thts): thanks to a 'rotr taokty you can / alter Ihe    . f

ratings, and chance

And once you've

t ' Andegwi Andagan u ' UnW you flmsh the game As .'0 you progiess the enemies get ’ harder, your experience level increases, and your spells (it you've got someone in your team who can casi them) get better In tact it's got everything that a serious RPG tan should love But hang on.

Why do game designers insist on stifling our lowly Amiga with games like this Why does the game haw to be set in this same old fantasy .    world with magicians and

! ~ '    war* s j'"3 Wi ,■

r (    can't it be sei tn 'he

' FT V future - a Syndcafe

type of future with danr.

.    moody, industrial

sett-egs *s o'

Tn fl V    t..... >    ■:    S

■ ;> .'By and ids >t ttood-> It

r’    Wv dbea ot more hjn

and a id more interesting Instead we bump into the same tired-looking charaders. with a shield, a sword and three frames ot

animation with whom you haw 1o deal' by pressing Ihe nghl mouse bull on Wow Top lighting action There's no opportunty la use stealth or guile al all. and so the fights, the most exciting pan ot the game, get really dul maty quickly.

As I've said, ihe lewis are large, but inc/edby bonng both m terms ol gamepiay and grapheal style And if it wasn't tor the map bemg permanently available on ihe beginner tewl. I would haw spent most ol ihe time wandering around doubkng back on mysed


Crystal Dragon ts large and difficult, and has all ihe options you could ever warn to alter and all that, but it doesn't aciualty do anything that hasn't been done countless limes before II you like this sort ol Ihng. you'll already haw hundreds ol simitar, better games II you don't, then there's nothing new lo lempt you here I can see no reason lot its having been brought into miserable existence • PAUL UELLEftICK

ura,rn Vy

thai you'i gel

a statistically Oj. AP better player than    *

the one you staned with And you can also change iheu names


Once yOu'w got past this

screen (and Ihe ovedo"g    '

ntro) you're into the    C

game As you can see.

It'S wry much your

f traditional first-    '

■    person perspective

30 seek-, search- V L

3 fight- k p * up-    '•

■    use-and expiore- em-

*■    up You wander

around, see what's J—I I    rppen.ng, open doors, and

fusl keep going until you figure out just exactly where you ve got to go The end ol Ihe level is the objective bul Iheie are secret rooms, keys lo tmd    H

and a3 sods ol other    H

dslracftons 10 keep    H

you Irom gening    H

there    K


■    -w    'V, AJJL E

: '

th« u»e»ch and iKvri tk« entrants ra *h« fertTtn.

x UPPERS The Character J detail and sheer tiie ot the s_/ game are very Impressive.


grsphlcs are drib. Ihe storyline Is so tired you esn slmost hesr It yswnlng. and you lose energy If you walk Into walls.


A generic role-playing game. Incorporating all ihe genre's cliches and conventions while doing nothing new. Difficult to criticise In any specific way. but at a a Ihe same time It's got "J Q m nothing In particular to    Z

recommend It.    E111 *


Not noticeably faster, i !0D no less or more diskswapping (there Isn't too much either way) and. er, well nothing different. It's the same old tripe on the A1200.

3 as u. me


Ha 1 (le a urin af 1V fUrk aa

on imam m wnt «M>


Ml ' s D

ini i •





and maidens had




.    . _ .    _    _    „ with

cricket, everybody fought a lot. Now you can. Too. Hooray for Impiessions.

Runs on: A1200    order lodafiis So Ids examine each ol

Publisher: impressions    them In turn

Author: Chris Poster    - j The first a to wm the respect

Price: E35    of your own people Food is

Release: Out now    the number one essential. , i .

orris of me flejtn te the best war5ame i .a ewer played Which is qu<ie a good slan. eh It's set in mediaeval Britain (wall meriaeval England and Wales adeaiiyl _ ttau start oul in contiol oi one at its 3" ■

of your own people Food is the number one essential. You are provided with 16 SI    fields a®Ch car be

Vhch    ised either tai growing

s set    wheal or graziiq    

caiile and sheep, and illy)    you wtl have 10 asaign

32 B _ a suitable number of

kingdom Trorejnftour main il10leg.es (ol which you may be aware il you read our preview 01 il you ve any knowledge o

wargama), each turn repressing a season, aech season

mine each al sown m spring and harvested In autumn.

livestock tends t orn in the spnno but aspect    is prone to dying out viMawioteJl

Each season requires y6u to re-ndiuat yofUo&ton BP

/    Tl _ people Crap radkn s a

~Lw-1 yAf - ' - —1 — " important tM tnAIRa "Crap    • !    • • • r„i ,

V •    .1 i 2 t«w’dad you remembaM

Eolation is /    1


community (the happ ' oss f ot your people each season -    . ■    . r • the most area method*

seemg how wel you are doing): a i season    tairtyta*ed communay wfk provide enough

mats when a merchant comas to

our ptaview. ot il you ve any knowledge al piomoimg or impetfing your farming the PC vantoh) whfeh you must adopt in (obviously again - wheat needs to be

t»ry ta*ed community wfa provide enough revenue to spend on tood (a you’ve had a Md year) bear (Instant happiness pants)


Thelseowd thrag to worry about a your «my -loq u barer get one Drafting unvanllpeesants straight in wont do tfwmoralemuch good.thesedastaerh ot the villagers any favours or an enemy much damage m a combat sSraboo. Far better to grve them some weapons But lor even a base arm'd youl need to mme k> iron and then aiioc*p tome of your tok etSo swqrd prdbucton - a lengthy proem Ybu coUd buy soma stoearms tram a mejjjflout you are unWiaty to be able to lipid a sufficient number The opeon o< rerufkig mercenaries is aiso ava atxe -these are trained and armed, and wont


One at the nattleit things you can do In Lords ot the Realm la deelgn and build your own castle There’s chose one ol default onee Inetaad) but lt’s great fun.

actually no need to do thla (you can

The signs arc good, mg lord. The news I get is almost aUuags positive, however I would still urge caution, upon you_

peasants 1104 Counties I Ai>. si/c 1104 Health perfect health

Happiness 13 Food reserve:; 4390 Farm output 135


.Ninvte l CvVitc i}i< fldil

wU UicoUviluFe

The battle is between

25 Yeomen of


"The Lenders "


:>:):} people oj I iactln June

Take charge of

Che battle


print) l /b

T>« uia aip tciaai, ilocii) kai> ajai al ik< J1 maiii) iff umitti aadar pair ceatrol. I'm tka black ftafi, la 111 gel, ar, aa«. i«K.

(lick am a■« el Ik* ceaarlai »4 im ca* tak* a daiar laak. Thai cam aiaaai tbai I'm f*l <am« cowl la aa* al ay ftaMi. Uafortaaalali, Ikaral aa way al killlaf k. yea ca a cal k, bel torn caat ikaal tL (t»T - U)

i)l:s;Mi’»,h. a message Do another noble

Message Do 0E The Countess Message style QQ Flattering


n RuiUter;

Oh good and great lord, I write in wander at the fair get tyrannically iron fisted way you rule yc**x happy lands.

Dispatch this message fe i i iii «i*o*fe to exit.




Nei eiff It Quia In. ■art to arc all her tuin.

Fields of Yorkshire


fertility    Crop rota cion +**+++

(fm. fkn

MM -    fcTOCX -

MLU) >10« flTOBU tfTtC T

Sh**p    o     li    )    <    rlock rtklu t

Cattle    33    <33    )    f    MihD anoac iy

Serfs    to    ( m    )    -    nikcs nMirr»

Groin    non    < III    >    KC    «oo uiu oikki





Map* are an Inlegral pari o< tha game, and youll find you reed referring lo them constantly. Or aba, you II, er, have no Idee where you ere. or where you are going.

'■■tore lequred. a no I hen people noeo true to work out what ihwyare (tong Tka

r > i

► ►



W- o. . ■ ■ 1 ,




your army sort ad

tt* netting Ma

Your Rind, words of prats* do not go unnoticed. Long mag our friendship last!

Cbcfe right to exit.

ever seems to



k    s) J A*.


11 iqu» n men


Lackih, I'M ORCRM«bdr«d the «m««t II* «o IS, to I mlly ought to wii this iicoNiUr.

To otlocli i co—ly tom Most m troops mi towards the entity I


® UPPERS lords    ;

it fun to play, with a 'OTl well-thought-out

control lyatem. There's plenty to    '

keep you occupied for hours In a wargamey sort of way

® DOWNERS Lacks the engaging and Immediate charm of, say, The Settlers, and It therefore destined lo be enjoyed by only a lew.


Lords of the Realm lakes a lot of thought and responds well lo your commands, giving you the leeling ol true Involvement that is the hallmark of a good game. If you like god games, this might not    jk as ;

appeal to you quite at 0*1' much, but It is an excellent game.



Arcm4m Pool ......

. . M

Populou. 2

. .07

Bonofoctor ,

• 7

Putty Squad


Bump and Burn


Sc ore Had Tank.




Ilum. Park Owmo .


RmMBob .... ..


Thant Park Quid.


BOA Tour ....


Tha La.t Rtiort

94 95






























Super Mario Kan meets Wacky Races we decided a couple cl issue ago: a game that OOuld have been great but (insert Mutley-siyte laugh), due to a certain degree ol gameplaying laults only permitted us to award it an averagey kind ol 70V Still. Ihal's 70V boner than nothing, ah'1 And here's what I've learnt about the very same game from a letter.

(Team 17)

"This will work on most modes ol play but il is best on the speed round.’ advises Colin Forster ol Stanley ’Pot all the balls except one - it you can. leave Ihcs last one over a pocket Save the game and select new to start a new game with only one ball let! and you II be able to record a t>me ol 0 mins 00 seconds'

(System 3)

Here are some codes lor Putty Squad I'm not quile Sure wtial levels they correspond to. and il seems rather dubious that the two sets (the larger from William Orandatas ol Holland, the smaller Irom Richard Slokes ol Shrewsbury) conflict, but here Ihey are anyway They might work, they might not But such is the excitement that Is Complete Control

signed by a mysterious character calling himself Peter Hoods' from a place apparently known to you Earth people as Birmingham'

On start up. exit the options screen, then when the Burning Rubber screen appears, type (he keys ZXR750R' n quick succession The screen will Hash and aftei the lirst race you will be awarded £9.999 Interesting

(AP41 covcrdisk)

Here's how to trash your males at Scorched Tanks For starters, heie are a oonjie ol things lo try out in Doghgdl mode that weren't mentioned in AP41 Xtmgusher and Magnetic Shields aia the best, otter preventing damage completely Chan Reactions can be horrendously damaging in direcl hits, and only cost 2000 credits It you are piaymg only one round, or one opponent, then take Super Nukes and Super Zappers. and watch your enemy squirm n pan Another uselul tactic is lo mote underground or lire Weasels or Groundhogs

Now tor the real killer Set money lo maximum (obviously) and buy the following Absorb one plus two shields - ninety each, one Fiekt Medic, one Teiepon and share ihe rest between Move and Mega Move Tanks. Moles and Laser Beams The base idea ■$ to mole underneath your opponent and hre a laser beam (witch cuts through ihe ground like butter on a hot day) through his belly It laser beams go through your enemy in the nght places he will lose 70 points o) damage each hit. He'll be hard pushed to hit you. and 4 he hasn t got something lo move himself then he's dead meal Computer players are complete suckers lor this tactic. The Teleport <s in esse you Stan oft too tar away Irom anybody else, whilst the second sh«id and Field Mode are just precautions. My name's Jon Le Mottee Irom Vicars Cross n Chester, you've been wonderful, and GOODNIGHT"



A rolling stone may gather no moss, time and tide may wait for no man, many a mickle may not make a muckle, and kind words may butter no parsnips. But never mind, eh  Here’s Rich Pelley with Complete Control - your indispensable guide to a better computer game-playing life.



(AP42 Coverdisk)

Excellenl although the Theme Park demo we kindly included on the front of issue 42 aw the cheat mode Biillrog included was so brain-ttendngty obvious that (as is so often the case witn cheat modes) approximately 97 247556% of the AMIGA POWER leading world instantly worked it out and held no qualms m iacmg to see who could be h first to hit us wiih the necessary rformabon As if we didn't know anyway. (As it -Ed) But m case YOU are somewhere n the remaining 2 742444% who stil haven't worked it out. here's an example of the son ol thing we were told

'It you are running out of cash press C' on the keyboard and a little box will appear informing you ol your cheating exploits Click on the Uric tck and you will find dial your money has gone up by about fifty grand' And the), as they My. is that


Neatly coinciding also with ihe release of Epk on budget arrived this letter Irom Steven LVyke of Whoknows, containing the codes lor it

Mission ora (Tracking Station) - AURIGA Mission two (CPU/Space Ports)


Mission two (Mining Complexes) - APUS Mission three (Glory) - MUSCA

M-ss-on tour (Magma Canon) - PYXIS Mission five (Galactic Siorm) - CETUS M*s*oo six (Command Centre) -FORNAX

Mission seven (Mother ol ail Bailies] -FORNAX

And don't forget folks, that you can re-fueU're arm by pressing ENTER on Ihe numeric keypad (If you've got one)

(The Hit Squad)

Neaiiy coinciding with the release of this epic game on budget (and with the game Epic coincidentally, bul that's another story entirely) comes a letter Irom Charles Hobbs ol Bristol lettmg us know (well, letting rtv know) how you can gel 10 view Ihe ert ol game sequence Useful, say. tor fooling pa&ars-by into thinking you've played your way thiough ait one thousand levels when n truth you. er haven't Enter ine last level code 1W0ITAB m a Conquest game. quit, select I AM BAD' Irom Ihe Custom game quit again and Stan a Conquest Get ALL ol your men killed a screen will pop up saying LAND COMPLETED BY GOOD' and. as prooised. you «n gat lo see the end ol game sequence


Paul Japp from Surrey is no stranger to these pages, and atxdng by our best two tips each month now win a pnae' rule, wins himself a pnae for his latest contnbubons to these pages Witch, n case you're stupd or somethmg. is the Mowing complete sal of codes tor Benefactor

Level 1 -3213J2HPOL Level 2-64JM4SL4Q5 Level 3-3BQPH3J31B Level 4- 1NMDNDDGQ Level 5 - 3F13JFHPQM Level 6 - 0FJ2PJKFQK Level 7- 1K02340234 Level 8-14QHNVPGM5


Level 1 - 66N4K4KLHL Level 2 - 3KQJHLV4MQ Level 3 - 32QKPGRLQH Level 4 - 0CNG53JC02 Level 5 - 6PN4KVLM3T Level 6 - 6VDJ3G34NL Level 7 - 0PLFR5K2QT Level 8 - Q0NG5JJCQF Level 9 - 2GQKGMK21G Level tO - MOORHFMNDB


Level 1 - Q2J2R3300H Level 2 - 3NOL3QSNKS Level 3- 1PQHNWPGMV Level 4 - 1POHTWN20T Level 5 - QFJ2TJGBOG Level 6-54HH0R2214 Level 7 - MSIMD2C4FG Level 8 - MG0TPNR5O4


Level 1 - MGQRNLT5Q4 Level 2 - M3MSR4LRON Level 3 - 2LQGCN421L Level 4 - 2JOF2KSHGM Level 5 - 2BOFKCWLQ3 Level 6-5FNKRLMJOK Level 7 - MNQNGN5RKR Level 8 • 24QJLTRKM5 Level 9 - 52NKTKKHOH


Level 1 - MKCNLLHSOO Level 2-MBQTH3JM1B Level 3-MXQTJ4KND3 Level 4-MWOTNN4RLL Level 5 - MGQTTNNQQK Level 6 - 23QMXQJFOJ Level 7-2R0H32R3JF


Level 1 - MCQ4Q2Q4Q2 Level 2-2POJJ5P33T


Level 1 - MNCN343T45 Level 2-2P0LTWN30T Level 3-MNQ5WVK40P Level 4 - QMDBCNDBCN Level 5-6KFK2MFKPM Level 6-62DJKFJPCL Level 7-OMOBMNHFCR Laval 8 - OVNGHLHIBF Level 9 - OJLFH43C2L Level 10-3FOKLHVPOM level 11 - 6LFKMNJ4QR



30 Monmoutfi Street, Both BA1 3BW (Thanks]


ride on each side ol the loop. A vend duphcating rides, unless you're feeling particularly Hushed with cash

Your research policy will depend an whet drives you. It you went to burn out in a fiZ2 at glamour then spend It all on rides. AP. however, recommends the following spread of investment:!:

1/4 New shops 1/4 New rides 3/8 Amenities 1/8 Upgrades



, M iCX


Mi IM8



1 »*»» ! • .f I Ml I IK III

1 mlm rrtisiftv

• **£ : MB .

[ Uvs

L SU* > 1 «Vl ».


i 9






Last month we gave you the raw basics of playing Theme Park The rice and potatoes The month we bring you the curry sauce and gravy as we present our Theme Park master dass

IYou want your guests to be able lo visit every area at your partr, giving them as tew decisions about direction as possible, white not forcing them around with too many one way signs In short, what you want to do ts thrs Split them up the moment they arrive by taking the entrance paths on routes to the left and the right Then build yourselt a loop, so the entire park is accessible


Complete the loop first, then place ndes and stalls the moment they come through tram research Open up after placing a



2 Investing m amenities research is essentia! tor bu4dmg up your bus. to ensure a regular How of guests to the park


3 Place a balloon shop by the entrance tor the moment your guests arrive The balloon will make them happier lor the duration of the visit, as well as making you some easy money


4 Hide queues around Ihe bar* ol ndes Guests may haw lo wart tonger. but it the rides are last and exciting enough, then they'll come off happy anyway


5 Link nde exits to the Ihoraughtare with a short path then place a one-way sign on 4. to stop guests Irom wandering up the wrong route By placing the exit close lo the nde entrance, your guests won t be disorientated when they come oft the spmny-pukey attairs.


6 Allocate and zone one handyman to each side ol the park, in the early stages of the game, then taler go up to sut - that's one tor each straight path


Butt your shops directly onto the palh Then place I ha ndes behind them



Leave room on the edges ot your park tor your second wave ol expansion You'll wanl a second loop over the original




Your park gait It* lame from your mod Impreatlve user-detinible rides, so if you want the biggest, faitett. longed, highest and most expensive roller-coaster In the world, follow these simple steps:

1.    Place your roller coaster doorway.

2.    Build the smallest loop you can around it. using the least number of sections possible

3.    Open it up. and then close it down immediately. You've only been charged for a liny ride

4.    You can now remove the puny loop and really go to town on the roller coaster, without spending another penny.



I‘N    novelty shops

ft.    I w automatically theme

themsehres to the nearest user-► . »J del matte nde. So that means ' / guests leaving ihe roller-coaster ■A tor example, are buying Tve been , on the roller-coaster' T-Shirts


H Avoid building lood stalls too dose to your mote thnllmg rides, or you'll be r a whole world ot vomit trauma


Save your biggest nde lor the depths of the park That way your guests will have to walk through all your stalls and shops to get there


7 Put a signpost to your star attraction by Ihe entrance to the park Clicking on sign posts again charges the direction they point in - there's nothing wrong with ere odd white he.


8 The key to making a decent Hal track nde is to put m as many turns as you can Bridges to go under end trees to go pest are equally groovy, and sure to pull in ihe ciowds


9 Keep your toilets away from food-stalls They II lower the quality ol the food, although make toilet-gomg a more pleasant experience


4 4 Every time you 1 a new nde. get into the habrt ol increasing your door price immediately • JAMES BINNS


X c

Vlfl 4


Frank Sinatra once sang It went straight down the middle’. And so you can see what happens when you use our top guide to PGA European Tour - even internationally famous mega-stars get affected.


ow. you wouldn't think that ihere'd be a lot ol problems with playing PGA European Tout Gott. and you'd be absolutely correct But if you want to start winnng some money, maybe even a tournament or two. then you might want to know about things like Draw and Fade, or even how lo combat those annoying blustery winds So tdkrw these lop poll tips, and you can finally leH Save Baltasieros where he can suck hs trve iron (Ouch1 - Analomicaly Comet E<ti

This is the lirst part ol the game you ! need to alter to your own speciticalens. Everyone will have their own idea ol ihe petted set ol clubs, but this isn't real hie, it's a game You need a driver, another wood (preferably a three) lor the long Par Ss. and a lull complement ol irons lo survive the ngours ol the holes ahead

Vtour lirst shot, and obviously you need to gel I nghi On Par 3 holes, you need lo gel on ihe green it one shal. and the game will usually seled Ihe best dub tar ihe job (see Club Selection lor more details). On Par 4 or 5 holes though, you wilt need to use some real tactics For a long Pai 4 or Par 5 hole, you will almost definitely need to use the overswing (that' letting the power meter go past (he 100% mark) Get a decent

wind behind you and you can start hitting those drives past the 300 yard line, and on par S holes you can even get on ihe green in two shots, giving you a good chance ter an eagle But when usng overswmg you ve got to be carelul that you hit the ball right on target or you wil gel some wildly unpredictable results (usually sending you way off course) This is why on smaller Par 4 hales, it's jusl nol worth the risk Practise your liming though, and you II be onto a winner.

You'd think that this would be one ol Ihe most diflcult aspects ol ihe game, especially when it s blustery, but m tact it's very easy lo gel used to and you can even use it lo your own advantage Once you ve pressed the mouse button lo lake your shot that's the direction and speed you've got lo cope with Yss, you can gel caught out by ihe odd gust, but Dial's why. once you've set up mo shot, you should study ihe wind-o metei ter a lew seconds When iTs stable, hit the lhmg

YouH also soon learn that anything over lOmph wil pul a serious curve on your shots and either push the ball further on or drop it short depending on the direction There's no sel formula lot how much extra you can get from a shot, or how short it will tall, ifs simply a case ol preparing lor if

Great birdie'

Pool fnellenck

Hole    Por 5

Stroke H E Disf once: 11 in

0 in. above oup


nol getting it loo wrong

With winds Cuttxig straight across you though, you can use ihe Draw/Fade option lo try and bring the ball back on line and end up with a relatively straight shot (useU on fairways when approaching the hole) Quite simply, every point on Ihe Draw/Fade scale s equivalent to about Smpb worth ol wind II you ve got a wind direction of ISmph going west, you will need lo lade the ball Move it three notches up the scale and (hen lake the shot You can. ol course, use Draw/Fade lo bend balls around corners in the course, and w a by tar the meet practical and best use tor the feature

Poul mtlltnl


Hole Pori Stroke 3 E Distonce 20 ft

2 in. belour cu

*" ■ \r .

Right, so ideally you're on a par Irve with a cross wind ol ISmph. and you ve used al ihe locks and laches desenbed here to gel on the green in two shots, and you're in with the chance ol an impressrve eagle (Wow. 2 under par tor the hole) Now you're al (he (ncky pan - putting

Some holes are bumpy and hilly, others seem flat but are. in tact, either tails oi slopes You need lo be carelul and canny when choosing your shot and power Always (and I mean. ALWAYS) have a look al the run ol a hole (you might, tor instance notice a dip right after the hole that could send your hall way oil course), and then act accordingly Also, don't always hit a deadly accurate shot as the loll ot Ihe green can have a devastating eltecf 11 the green rolls lo the nghi. hitting ihe ball early wil combat much of the toll, giving you a better chance to gel nearer the hole You also need lo check whether you re above or below the cup. and by how much and then compensate There's nothing worse than being live leel away Iron the hole, hitting the ball and watching il inckle to wilhm a lew inches ol the edge And (hat's it really Practice does, ol course, make perfect, but with these hints and bps you should see your name up in fights, twinkling away, real soon • PAUL UELLEPICK




Er... Protect the skyways with a newspaper

oks. 1 hate Complete Control I loathe the ihniong behnd it that after spending anything up tc £40 on a game, you, our readers have no desire other than to let us tell you hoar to trash it What are you. stupid or some thing Or what Why not ust pay us £40 to descrtoe the end sequence to you'

I was therefore defeghiecf at the prospect ol dong Guardian ll berig X Detender and the best C032 game ever 1 crxid think ol rtothtog more enecing' than to destroy the tin ot it tor people who coUdn't be bctheied playing the game There were strong cornier arguments, of course that unkke. say, a ponl-and-ckck game there was no 'solution' to Guamfcsn. md that any bps vwxAd therefore be general and helpful rather than comprehen-sne and runous: and that i*ng the Space Themes CD toroetuey denied me the reljge ol prmcpted ratesg it a. therefore, with great reluctance that I describe a lew techniques and hints to save you bothering convng up with any ot your own

The two best paces ol advice on playvtg Guerdon (aside from, you know, playing it) are go for the tong, high angle, and don't (trust when lumng. The detail view a all very well, but you can't really see whats going an I habitually start the game. fly straqh! upwards, then pull the view up and back until the horror is almost (but not quite) ofl the top ot the screen The way.


get a dear took

at the wnxrdng area The drawback is that when you drve to gnxnd level you cant see any

ynlung at speed between foorrvng buttngs

Tumng jam down (TV- uiirvi Luinir


reteasng « as you weave produces a tar bghte< turnng orde Tea* momenh/n wtf cany you forwards for the qutot second and the near right-angle move baffles pursuing monsters

Collecting power ups is a horribly Indcy busnass The only way to do 4 consstenfly 6 ether to fly straight at a bomber, biasing 4 at the last second so you instantly hit the power-up. or to wa4 tor the power-ip to land and sente, and then swooping down on it II your shield is at M strength when you get the staid power-up. you get a bonus d dual lasers

The monsters are largely stupfo and if chasing you will float together into a group Weaving sightly and varying your height will prevent them from locking on to you (flying straight and level is an amazingly stupad thing to do), and if any

get to Iron! ct you (the circus tents and tanks, lor example), drying, hitting reverse and then raking them with fits teaches them the latal error of their criminal ways

I tend to stay away Irom the flp manoeuvre, retyng nslead on bghi turns the irvng about flipping a that on toe later levels where there are dozens ol butdngs. 4's extremely Ikety you'll crash rito one as you shudder backwards comng out of the flip There is. however one fantastic stunt you can pul wrth the ftp. and that s to wail until you're bang chased by a pack and then lip and drve Marry of the monsters wilt smash into each other confusetty. and you’ll go right ixtder toe rest to see them smash into each other trying to turn to no space Hurrah1

The mothershp sequences are randomly dfficuli At best you can lust hold down fire and step left, at worst, loads ol monsters will appear Skies you re m the

ha flier lo Suck V 4m ai !>•■ ike paak. a ad taalck ban Ha. ha,

mtdde every shot they fire automatically hits you unless you bob up and down So bob up and down While stepping left and holding down Are. natch

Save your smart bombs By level four you won’t get a chance to hunt the bombers - ai your energy will be channelled into staying alive. So follow toe mothershp and nuke the tot as they appear Remember -anyone can get 100,000 by hangng around on les«i one and shooting monsters The (nek is to get 100.000 by teaching level Six

And the simple, obvious ones don’t peppei a target because toe strays may M a budding, don't launch mssites at zero teet because they! crash (unitarty don't hoard them, but Ate them instantly 4 there are bombers on toe radar Misskas ensure a bomber kill, and that's A Good Thing): and on a new level invest n flymg high and shooting once al an unfamiliar budding II the shot goes over, so can you

Guamksn - toe game ol champers And I'm skit the best at 4


>••1 uaonioaa himo


Nnnnnnghhh. Hnnnnnnnnaaarrrgh. Jjjtttxxxeeeskkkiiiii. No good Then maybe Rich Pelley can help.

With all due respect to my creative talents, it has to be said that the standard of introductions to The Last Resort has plummeted somewhat over the past lew months, from what was rather a low in the 1irst place. The obvious solution (my immediate resignation and suicide) beckons as ever, but then it suddenly struck me - why not sell ofl the relevant 10 x 5cm as advertising space My Dad ottered me a liver if I could sell his lawnmower, whereas JD insisted 1 ought to plug his Every Amiga Game Ever book. But - hey! I thought - this is my column, so I may as well use the wide open spaces to plug my own publication - the Big Amiga Power Book ot Every Amiga Tip Ever; every tip. code and solution in existence - which I, er, plan to compile. It'll be every true gameplayer s delight and, well, you can read more about it next issue.


Q'Rich! Help1 I'm really bad at playing adventure games, and I have a problem In the Team path, when l fly the balloon where do I land’ The Nomads don't help me much ’

Keeper Wysocki, Norway

A‘Really bad" You must be 1 Totally useless' - Ed\ All you have to do is to land al the first camp you come across show the Nomad the map and then head otl or the

beanng he gives you. Continue landing, asking directions and tollowmg beanngs until you are told  that you are "very close', at which point an X'will appear on the map -the point to linalty land on


Q*On the thiid level, whilst attempting to find the white powders tor the king, you need tour gems to be put into boles I can only J find three - one m the strongbox in that room and two from the room with j the moving coins. Where is the fourth. please7"


Grigori Efimovich, also known as Rasputin, was a Russian peasant and mystic who becr.me a powerful end    favourite in the court of Tsir Nicholas I!.

Q l know about the cheat In HEIMDALL 2 about using the Operation and Detection runes (Place the two runes In the spell book, activate them as normal and your party witl become Invincible. - Rich). but I have every rune except the Detection one. Where ia ft "

R Headley, Cheshire

Q“On UNIVERSE when we gel to Sllphlnaa's house, she let* Boris in. talks la him but Is then killed by a robot and the game la over. We've got a sharp bH ol metal, a bent metal bar and a last food container. What next ' Mat Fenton and Steven Hem, Dunstable

'Have you got any codes to get me pest the level with the Madman's yacht on DESERT STRIKE "

Marti Blackburn, Cleveland

Q"l am hopelessly stuck on the Newtown map on A-TRAIN. I can t gel the simulation to build residence after going through the process so could you help me on my guest to complete the game."

Rosa Hlnkea, Wakefield

Q"How do you do the boas on level two of R-TYPE 2 "

David Wilby,


Q-INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE. Bui how do you get through the gale into the room with the caskets beneath lha Venice caff " John Anderson, London

Q“ln LEGENDS OF VALOUR I have gathered the lour skulls, the Amulet of Delance, the Orb at Vision and the Calling Book, and have called the Demon. He give* me a key to old King Will. I have found Wilt and he lays that he Is to be reinstated thanks to me. Bui once I get back la the surface all I can do Is ask 'Where is Sven ' and everyone saya that he hai left town. Eh "

Oliver Hill, Aylesbury

A You should have got it trom the Royal Ma2e. when you visited it dunng the second quest on this level Remember the bit where you placed the lour red candles in the lour red citdes. put the handle m the lever skx. leleported back to the candles, found the chest and opened it up to find the nng and some gold You do Well from here you should have headed oft ' to open the casket with the nng. bu> J you press the Right Button In the room belore the casket, you'll gel the gem you're after as well


Q"The cheat codes: am I ihe only person who can'l gel them to work Which title screen do ihey have lo be entered on The main picture  The intro one where you select continues' The map ol the islands

Do they have to be m capitals And do you have to press RETURN Can you only enter one Do Ihey only work ( on certain versions of ihe games (i.e have they been removed trom the Hit


The uvula is 8 smalt mass of muscle covered by mucous membrane that hangs down from the middle of the soft palate at the back of the mouth.


QMirfc Gibbon ol Tyne and Wear wai having problem* blinding tha lire! eyeball with the tuning fork (zapping hfmaetf out ol LINC-SPACE every lime he triad) whilst Daniel Pipe ol Tunbridge Well* could get Joey up and running but kept getting (tuck trying to awing Into the room (a* he w** told lo do in AP38).

A From a phone box at the front of u*t such a short pier Steve McGill had suggested I took a long walk oh as I questioned him on the Inaccuracies ol tha solution ha provided for us in Issue 36.1 phoned Stave Mann ol Virgin lo see It he could throw any light on Ihe above two readers requests. He could.

"The Ural eyeball will remain blinded lor about twenty seconds. Provided you make It to the maze and tuning lork within this short time, you will successfully bo able to pick up the fork and taka care of the eye accordingly.

"The second query Is a little more ambiguous, but here a my guess at what you are doing wrong. Firstly, don't bather trying to gel Joey lo follow you - he will automatically appear In the room once you have entered It. You must have the tissue on you when you enter the room. As It too has the virus, you will need the tongs (from between the tank and the door) lo pick it up. Drop it In the liquid nitrogen and feed It as quickly as possible to the respective orifice." Steve Mann, Virgin


QAnd whilst I was at ft. I thought I'd push my luck by seeing It Steve could help out the two iovety ladle* from Issue 42 who were stuck on KGB.

Vicki Slade of Surrey kept getting shot In Chapkm s recording studio...

A Before Chapkin comes In. ael your mini-recorder to voice-acilvatad playback and place H on your bed. Then, when ha questions you in the shower, choose Ihe reply which says something like. I'm ready to talk. The word Talk' la the countersign lo activate the tape recorder, distracting Chapkin and giving you Ihe chance lo knock him out. Inject him with the truth drug loaded in the syringe In his pocket, and question him."

Slava Mann, Virgin

Q ...while Emma Clarke of

Portsmouth wanted to know how to get Into Anatoli Styenko's flat on

floor two ol tha Kurst Street


A No need! Having visited

apartments seven, live, four and the meatshop. go lo apartment six. talk to Ihe guy. and head oft for number eight.”

Stave Mann, Virgin


Q Verity Whitting of Peleraborough promised her last Rolo (steady) to whoever could help her out on

level 13.

A "When you come out ot the door.

pick up Ihe llrst block, walk right and tall off the edge with It. The block will now stand in the empty space, so leave ft and head down to tha lowest lloor and push the blocks Irom the left hand side so that they tall to the right. The exit door will open and the level will be complete.”

Maciej Plerxchala,

Abbey Wood


QLast Issue. Antony Homer of Hudderstiekt claimed to have been shot down by an alien space craft and given some sort of futuristic Jet as a replacement. Any Idea what ha‘s talking about ” I asked Cam (who. when he's not thinking about guns, riding his motorbike or. er. listening to Enya. is rather partial to a shot or two of said game). 'None at all.” he replied. “But tell you what - i'll phone up the programmers and ask them ”

A And here's what we discovered. If you fty at a high altitude along a straight line. In every frame there is a one in eight hundred thousand chance (or one in a million on the C032 version) ol a UFO appearing. This, according lo my entirely dubious calculations, moans once every live and half hours or tour hours twenty six minutes lor the two versions respectively. But It one does appear (which I think we can simply conclude Isn't going to be very often). Ihe aliens are so embarrassed about accidentally shooting out ol the sky that they lend you one ol their planes with some pretty Impressive statistics - extremely high manoeuverablllty. a chain gun with six times the power and a 32.000 pound payload under each wing

And if you also manage lo bomb Stonehenge, you will be cursed by the Druids and H will be cloudy lor ever.


QMrs Jackie Smith ol Sheffield wasn't having much luck getting oft the ground in Ihe original BEHOLDER "Okay. Mrs Smith', writes Marc Ames of Wellingborough.

' Hara re a couple of pointers to get you started.”

Squad re-release) Please help - I've had Ihis game for a couple ol years now and I'm just aboul ready to chuck it m bin because I still can't gel past the baddte at the end ol Monster Island Yep. that's how sad l am at games'

Paul Flllery

A Yes - I think you might well be (The only person who still can't get them to work. I mean No. honestly) In case you had lorgotlen. here are ihe codes again

BLRBJSBJ - Permaneni Magic Shoes RJSBJSBfl Permanent Red Pot SSSLLRRS - Permaneni Yellow Pot BJBJBJRS - Hint A ULSLBLS - Halt B SJBLRJSR - Hint C LBSJRLJL - Bock ot Continues RRLLBBJS - All hidden bonuses become money bags

RRRRSBSJ - Boih ot above

Type Ihe code of your choice on the Rainbow Islands title screen after the rambow has begun lo flash Do not press SHIFT, or RETURN You can only choose one al a time - a large version ol the relevant object will be shown on the credit screen In order to complete the game (I've but come close, but still haven't) you'll need the Book ol Continues lo allow you to continue after Doh Island (otherwise, once past this island, it's Game Over irrespective ot credits as sodn as you lose your lives) And I can't see that they would have been removed from the Hit Squad version, since the codes are actually given lo you one al a lime along with Ihe big gems in the secret rooms at the end of each level (entered by collecting the small gems in order) But. as ever. I could be wrong.


Q*Cheat '

Dominic Conneally, Plumstead

A-Please ”

Q'Please ”

Dominic Conneally. Plumstead

A "Select HARD and six credits from ihe option screen, ihen m-game press SPACE and N' simultaneously which should propel you up a level

"Thanks '

Dominic Conneally, Plumstead

J No problem

A ”a) PARTY SELECTION Choose a M Paladin, a FighterfCieric. e Fighter/ClericMage and a Fighter/Thief Don't worry M your Clerics and Magic Users seem lo be s bit slow gaining experience al first because there's plenty ot time later on. Equip the front row characters with two weepone, or uee bare hands for second attacks -the enemy won't strike your people loo often. And uaa the Modify button lo maximise your parties

b)    COMBAT Use of Ihe mouse button le essential. To avoid taking any punishment during combat, move ■round In squares, make an attack ihen move until your characters' weapons art ready to make another onslaught. It you are set upon in a corridor, mike your aaaaull then keep moving back. And when lighting enemies who cast spells, nip behind a corner to thield yourself.

c)    AND DON'T FORGET: walking sideways down a corridor can help locate button. And keep an eye on the compete because some areas can twist you around”

Marc Ames, Wellingborough


Qfllch Ouffy of Slough couldn't find Ihe South Wind. ‘Where » the wind ” he asked. "You know - the South one.”

A'The South Wind Horn Is located on level Hires ol the Catacombs. To llnd ft first make your way south to the room with the six pressure plates. Place an ob ect on Ihe lour comer plate*, step on the piste In ihe centre and a door opens. Now drop another Item to keep the plate weighted down and open, walk on through end press the secret button on Ihe east wall.

Follow Ihe passage, kill tha margoyles. opan tha three northfacing doors (lor which you'll need one Spider and two Darkmoon keys), and tha horn it in tha east wall at tha loot of the stairs.”

Mr S W Greenham, Portlshaad

Well, blow me If (thank goodness) I don't have to think about writing another Last Resort for a whole tour weeks. A query or answer Is tar more likely to get solved having been encapsulated in an envelope and sent to:

The Last Resort,


30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW

than bottled up Inside your head, so think about it, and get writing. To me. that is.









Embryo...the ultimate in three-dimensional arcade action.

1 or 2 players via optional link cable

The smoothest and fastest vectors, guarantee fastpaced action.

16 colour vectors.

20 detailed missions.

Intro sequence, numerous pictures, sound effects and superb music enhance the great atmosphere.

Many different fully animated enemies, weapons and bonus objects.

Supports ail Amigaa (1 Mb required!.

Automatically recognises the machine's capabilities and utilises extra memory, processor power and the AGA Chipset.

Fully hard disk installable.


"Embryo is possibly the fastest FLIGHT SIM to date for the Amiga. It is hard to see how it can be beaten in the future” I ■! Amiga Action

u\ An atmosphere generating soundtrack and storyline are the tips of a VERY IMPRESSIVE iceberg"

US Amiga Action




Copyright 1994 O Black Legend Software. Pulling Mill Barn, Fulling Mill Lane, Welwyn, Hcrtfordthlre. AL6 9NP Tel: 0438 840003

Runs On: A500. A600.


Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £13 Release: Out now

We just can't gel enough ol helicopters Definitely Cam s favourite mode ol transport (H someone invented a heli-bike. ne d be in heaven], they also make good when they appear m games ZeewoH pioves this. Jungle Strike probably will do. and it an started with this one Desert Strike And boy is this good Ah. bui wtvai makes d so good  Personalty. I think it s originality. Desert Strike first came out on the Mega Drive, and was just the kick in the pants that the machine needed It was big, brash and very bold, but also incredibly playable It finally gave the machine a top quality shoot-'em-up, along with a whole new style of game Not long alter the Amiga version appeared - bigger, better, louder and. mote important , tougher It's not very often that a game comes along that's so complete m every

impressive it <1 wasn't tor the sound (KA-BOOM1] it your ears are used to more subtle sounds you can always settle *or the more realistic rumbling ol tanks or the desperale ones of over here' coming Irom your Missmg-ln-Action buddies to gel your fix

Finally, there's the gameplay Initial intimidating, eventually highly rewarding there's just the right amount of lorethought needed to give you a little bit more from a shoot-'em-up without it turning into a slow-moving strategy game Add to all the above the tact that, even with passwords to save those first-levei blues, you won’t be able to finish this in one sitting (or even ten sittings, tor that matter), and youd be right in guessing that this is a top class shooter and no mistake

But wail1 Jungle Strike is coming out k any minute now (review next issue, k hopefully), so is this really worth considering1 Yes Buy this, play it  k lots, finish it. and then check out Jungle Stnke next issue Even it you end up buying bcih games Hk you won l be disappointed

aspect that you almost leel guilty about playing it tor too long Er. no - Ed), but Desert Stnke is one ol those games Although you could accuse ihe grapties ot being samey. remember that (his s sei m the desert, so sand ts going to play a

major part in the proceedings. And this lack of background detail is more than compensated for with amazing attention to detail on foreground objects (the helicopter, tanks, buikfcngs etc) and by the over-thetop, highly pleasing _ explosions ■ Th

nplosons. though, woukjnt be half as

New boy Paul Mellerick was looking enthusiastic at the start of the month, basking in the wide-spread admiration that goes along with being one of the mightiest beings in the world. So we msde him do all the budgets. Ha.

£ UN Si. 1176 } vHVDRHS’3&l

LORD » 8 FUEL ’t88


Great games don't age.    

And Desert Strike is still 1 ~ as fresh, fun.    \M I 2

impressive and axciting 7 I «




Only a liny review - you'll have heard pleniy about Monkey 2 already - but It truly is a cracking game that makes an excellent budget buy.

quick look a I the graphics lor European Tour and ihen have a look at the screenshots on this page Big diHerence. eh’

But hey graphics don't make a game, and il there's one thmg PGA Tout Goff has lots ol. it's gameplay The straightforward click dick clck hitting system, me attention lo detail ihe number ol courses (seven with the data disk) and the all-round top-quality presentation gel together perfectly to form an enthralling and exciting game Yes. goil can be fun

And it's cheap too. especially considering it comes with three extra courses and tournaments The only problem I have with the game is just how

good the latest European Tout version is over the original I can't help but the get Ihe leelmg that someone buying this, and then seeing or playing ihe new version is going to leel suddenly very inferior indeed This doesn’t take anything away fiom how good the original game is, it just shows how much games have come on m the last lew years Soil, it you're after a cheap, playable gel game.

■t and you can pul up with aging 3k graphics, and you don 1 have a tendency lo gel i/X    jealous ol other

people's new games, you II

uve this

Runs On: A500 (1Mb), A600, A1200

Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £15 Release: Out now

It s been my great pleasure lo have pul together a small player s gu de lo the latest m the PGA series. PGA European Tour Go And returning to this original version a couple ol weeks later really showed how much the game has Changed Jusi lake a


H PGA Tout Golf were a TV programme It would be the Tom Baker period of Or Who jk a •» - not great la look at D J -and starling to show itf 1 I 2 age. but still great fun. w W *

as much money as we can.

them an in the army and then go and kick our neighbour' butt Not me most polite gammg actions I ve ever come across, but the only way to gel anywhere in this game

As you can tell tram ihe 30 overhead viewpoint, this is a god Sim Only il s no) You see while games like Populous give you god like powers (how else do you describe the ability to create a volcano’). Realms is different

You're a normal bloke, with normal people ai your disposal Ail this really means is that at the end. winning « down to defeating your opponent ai pitched battles and generally killing more of their men than they

kill Ol yours

An this needs to be financed, of course (living m Ihe real world and all that), and so you need lo tax your otizens and pul the money to good use -there's no point having a cracking army ot 15 000 people if the rest of your citizens ate starving Not only is this a bit dangeious tor them, it might also incite them to revolt, tosmg you valuable

Runs On: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: The Hit

Squad Price: £13 Release: Out now

Go lorth and fight1 Now that's what I call a game Let's target about peace and harmony (although that is the goal of the game] and gel down to the basics -namely a good old scrap Forget about terming alliances, torget about looking alter your people, let's just np mem off tor

territory And so the game commences You fight, you win. you fight, you lose, you buy things, you sell things and you keep going until all ihe realm e yours It starts oh easy, and then gels harder and n’s not bad lun Sort ol

The whole package is n cely pul together with vanous screens to interpret the action ranging from close-up battle acton to a distant overall picture And there's even a good iitite theme tune going on m the background as wen But there's a severe lack of different ihmgs to do. and once you've got the hang ol the initially awkward menus and things, you qu<kly work oul what needs lo be dona and do il And there s not much more lo it than that

Whai the game sets out to do it does very well, but Realms is sd severely limited - all you do is buitd dies, buy lood and make armies - that a lew goes later you're nol really interested any more It might just appeal to hardcore strategy fans, especially at this bargain price, but it's too limiting and loo bonng
















lt‘i a bade strategy game and once you've grasped the concept, you've mastered H. Good fun lo atari with, but very toon becomes rather dull and samey.


Runs an: A500 (1Mb),

A600, A1200 Publisher: Powerplus Price: £17 Release: Out now

Ever n«d to actually pick up a flight am and play it without reading the manual11 have Not because I think I can fly a stupKty expensive aeroplane without knowing anything about it. I just can't stand manuals. They're always bogged down with descriptions ol what keys do


what and how much a missile weighs and how tar it will go Eventually you do have to read them, but with F-i 17A and its step-through training missions, you won't get bogged down trying to remembering which key does what A nice touch, methxiks.

Once you've cracked the training, you can then move on to the guts ot the game, and believe me there’s a lot ol guts. Loads of missions, loads ol theatres (why are they called theatres ol combat1) and loads and loads ol enemies lo blow



Rum On: A500.

A600, A1200 Publisher:

Augenbtlck Designs Price: £6.50 Release: Out now

It s Patman And it you don't know what that's about, its a maze game. It looks like the old classic aicade machine and ii sounds like it as well, and although it doesn'l play 100% like 4 (al those years spent learning the movements oi the ghosts won't help you here), it's still a damn good game There also a Pucman Plus game with some nice new power-ups and a simultaneous two-player (competitive or co operative) mode lo help give ii that '90s boost But there's a smai problem with the dktticuHy. in that it's a tut hard By level lour Ihe ghosts only turn Hue lor about a second ones you vs eaten a power pdl. causing you lots ol

problems And as this is one ol the strategic parts ol the ongmal game Pucman sutlers a bit because ot it that s a shame rea*y




Pucman looks.    '    tk M.

sounds and plays         '

almost like ihe

original.         V V


Augenblick Designs, 334 Marton Road, Longlands, Middlesborough,



But It's been spoiled by Ihe diftlculty. However. L “ there Is a two player § J ~ mode.    m IP —

up It’S Still a very complex game so experienced simmers (is lhat the right term1)

(No Bui >11 do - Ed) will like it lots, but it's definitely one ol Ihe very lew sims I'd recommend lo Ihe uninitiated simply because cl Ihe unpalmnising and uncomplicated way it breaks you m

For the record, the graphics, sounds and all that are great (c'mon. what (fed you expect Irom Microprose1) and it plays very mcety indeed There s no doubting that this is a top budget release worthy ot a place si anyone's software cokecton - and tor me to say that about a light s>m is about as high a recommendation as you can gel


It's the usual polished liicroprose flight slm stuff, and thanks to a fabulous training mode It's one of those rare beasts that    M Z

should appeal lo all U /I » types ot gamers. Don 1    -

be scared. Give It a go A A ~



Runs On:

A500 (1Mb),

A600. A1200 Publisher: Powerplus Price: £17 Release: Out now

’Right. I'll have ten pounds on that vioous-looking Pit Bull in the red waistcoat. That poor little Fiench Poodle doesn t stand a chance' Okay, so it's not about canmes ripping bis out ol each other, but you try introducing a game that's basically a light sun with all the tedous Ms taken out and replaced with lots ol shooting instead

Still, gnore my rambling and gel ready lor some amazing aenai antes We al know the Amiga is a lop machine tor flight sims I see Ihe review of F-t I7A above), but after a while they all get a M repetitive and samey Which is why Dogfight es very letroshing it's a typical sim as such (nee 3D graphics, lots ot detail and all thal) but when it comes down to if. it really is ust a lancy type of shooi-'em-up You pick your plane, take 10 the sky and Iry and shoot down your opponent

Now this would get bonng very quickly it it wasn't lor the multitude ot lighters you can gel your hands on -covering 80 years ol air eombai. as it

happens Sc d you ve always fancied piloting a Sea Harriet FftS 1 r combat aga nst a classic Sopwith Camel (My Ihe long winter evenings must guile Morally fly by - Ed), this is the game lor you As well as an ingenious concept, the game also features missions and ihe like to grve it a M more depth But you'll spend mosl ol your lime on the head-lo-heed pan cl the game simply because it's the most tun

This is a great lithe game and a real steal at this price Anyone interested in shoot-emups or flight sims will enjoy it immensely


A top Idea that's backed up by ■ brilliant selection of fighters to use. missions to give the game some longevity and lots of action. It's just a shame there's no two-player link up mode. A -really. Still, at this VI" price, you'd be a tool J I * not to


Well. there t not • lot to My about thi* CD32 ver»»on of the A1200 game we reviewed two ittue 090. It t really

long line of racing game* that do everything well, but nothing spectacularly. You throw the car

, ■ BT-1










* •

Quality is a rare thing indeed. So when the young and dynamic Paul Mellerick brings you a whole two pages of quality reviews of quality games that cost you very little money indeed, you should feel very privileged. Very, very privileged. Go on, then.

and tarting II up a little (th* graphics aren't fabulous but they 're smart and very neatly done] while (till retaining the addictive gameplay. I've been playing II all morning, I've Hill only managed lo gel to level 19 (1

don't know how many level* the game ha* got) and as soon as I've finished writing this I'm going lo go back and play It some more.

VERDICT: Classic shoot-'em-up slufl. bought bang up to date with top sound, nice graphics and a storming two player mode. Essential e * * *16

OnLine PD

Now you're all probably aware ol this, but public domain is a very wonderful thing. Okay. H's not perfect - we've all bought something we thought was going lo be greal but turned out lo be complete losh - but when you get a


V*1t*r a*..,

Mit mu. several

playable, quality shoot-'em-up tor just a ridiculously small amount ot money you do start lo wonder why you spend £2S« on proper' games. So iboul Deluxe Gaiaga then.

Well, It's a shool-'em-up.

You shoot the spacecraft as

hurtle toward you and Ihen you on to the Ot course the usual bonuses

this latest ...... . even ■

simultaneous two-player mode (yippee) tor literally twice the eicltemenl. This is a brilliant example cl taking an old coln-op

OnLine PD

So you like Gravity Force 2then’ Well, we do and that's why we pul m on our coverdsk back n issue 39 In lad we d go as lar lo say that it's one of the best games ever It s not very pretty lo look out. the sound's al right, bui it's thal old devil caled gameplay that hooks you almost nghi away and never lets go The reason lor al this wattle about GF2 a a game caled Rocketi It's basically a GF2/Thmsl-type thing only with some fabulous graphics. quakiy sounds and even the add Won ol a one-player mode ( - Ed) The obied ol the game ie ol course to destroy your opponent by k*ng him lepealedly ixiN he runs OU ol lives You Ity •round the level deveiopng a strategy and fan take greal delight« watering hm pummel downward lo a fantastic explosion It’s tasier than GF2, but not too last, and the whole package is ncredbly pralessonal. There are aI sorts d options to change and even an mpressive array ot stats to took at Be warned trough that tie


Small, bul perfectly formed All we need ate graphics and sound tke this with the sue and attention to detail ol GF2 and we d be on to a real winner * » * *

PD version arty has two oul ol the su levels and even f you do decide to regsler tor the full verson, six reaiy an t that rrxjch The two levels that you do get. the Wasteland and the Refinery, are also a bt on the smai side

It'S a tun game to play though, and the presentation is amazing I'm not going to recommend Ibis over GF2 IT smple say thus ■S great it Hawed yet sfili deserves lobe a POhit


















FI Licencewara

Some people have too much Iree kme Od you see tha! Morton Stnkes Beck game we reviewed on budgel last ssue Good, wasn't it Wei. the same chap

(programmrig legend at tvs own mmx), Dave Parson has giver us another platform Phaser, £«fc Much Ike Morton. £r*isa basic, platform game with a sxnple am and nice and easy ptayaMty

Jump trom platform to platform on the vt.-ucatfy sctwUmr; tan (he bad tongs with you laser gui, and ptfk up ttamonds which wd tun nlo cash and lei you buy tongs m the shop it&sfcghCy. ahem, nspaetf by /bnbcv. Islands, but d timers It's also tul ol htoOen bts and there are lots ol traps and tongs to avort making t rdersstng and rswardng but also hard A very prolessionai game, and dai ries «ah a look i you Ike platform


games and you cant get ei':. ct em Lite me

VERDICT: Prolessionai. playable and hard What more could you potstoy nek lor'’ Rating * * * *

002458 SCORE 000000 I 2    LIVES    0

1 0    DOG O T TflCK 0

till, Ilka, twa kwa n It's Ilia, Kali) imI Hah. Wk laa keew, *e, rra,



OnLina PD

A tad little TV thow turn* Into i tad little PD game. I tuppase I shouldn't really hive expected too much. The tongue-in-cheek, nicely-sampled Intro got things oil to i good start, but unfortunately It Introduces what could only be called a single-screen mow-'em-up. Take control ol Beavlt or Butt-head and then, using your lawn mower, mow

• everything In sight. Planta k and all. Avoid L the. er, thing I that can take I your mower W away from f you and don't (all In the water. Clear the

level and move on to

the next one.    - ’

Of which

there are six    ,

Wr re

talking very baalc graphics here, and absolute zero playability - tlx levels, and when you've seen one you've seen them all. Aa with most PD games, the samples are decent but unlike a vast majority ol PD games, the gameplay truly sucks (as the infamous pair would no doubt say).

VERDICT: A watte of space. So many Idaas that could have been used to really greal effect, but weren't. It's ao bad I'm not even giving H halt a star.

"... ■■ «MS*

5 c i

N't Him xobwj



Met Melt.




1 MAM DMMI tos

•i ~«c«



l . 777



It you want more information on these games (and believe me, you do) you should try phoning the following numbers. For Online PD call (0704) 643335. but II you're after F1 Llcenceware you should be ringing (0392) 493560


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Amiga Power Issue 44 1995 jan Cover

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