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Game: World Cup Golf Runs on: CD32 Publisher: US Gold Authors: In House ETA: Chrislmas Ever since the CD32 came out. there ve been games that have claimed the title ot being CD32 only. Diggers reckoned it was so huge only a CD could contain ii. but once they'd taken out the instructions and lancy sound effects, it became a tegular Amiga game, and the same goes lor iteration However, US Gold are getting all hot and eicited about their new World Cup God game, saying that ha a the one, tlvs is the game you'll never see on a regular Amiga and you know. I almost believe them For those not in the know (like mysett) it took US Gold producer Steve Hickman several minutes to explain al about the World Cup ol god and the importance of the Dorado Beach course n Puerto H*eo it seems that the Wood Cup is where the big money s at, where the movers and shakers ol the professional golf circuit pot tittle balls xi tny holes lor mayDr cash prizes, and this year it's going to be held at. you guessed it. the Dorado Beach course Now you'll be looking at the screen shots on this page and thinking. Those are PC screenshots. right1 - and being totally wrong With the help ol a lot ot expensive Si-con Graphics and a bd ot clever sneakiness

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Amiga Power Issue 42 1994 oct Cover










else wrote It while I was away. So tor all I Know It could be absolutely terrible. Crumbs. Lat’s hope not, eh And let's hope, in particluar. that

Hello. This is where I d normally tell you how great this issue of AMIGA POWER Is. But I've been in Cornwall all month, on holiday, and everyone



i tv* r» <s* to 1*4 •



• Mt Or as it should be called this month, True Previews. Because Well because it should.

MASTER OMU « surars

Jonathan Davlaa

tenon (ONLV NOT QUTt) Cam Winatanlay

HOME Slava Faraihar

harcu) joacmi Jonathan Nath

Ml 0 IK MSP Paid Mala rick



PonnsxNJrAN Sarah Shariay-Prica



Sensible Software continue their never dull and occasionally lucid tale of an epic golf game in the making.


■" What'S so great about the real world anyway We see how it fares against the Amiga - setentificaify.


w I At dreamy Alton Towers in dreamy Empire's dreamy Dream Web compo. And maybe they'll have finished the game by next month. Grrrr,



AD MANAGER Jackla Garlord

DEPUTY K MANAGER Louis* Woods SALES EXICUTMS Diana Clarka. David Matttwwi


production coorowiior

Craig Brcadbridga


proouctxjn CONTROLLER Clair* Thomas


ACMNASSiSTANI Suxannah Angalo-Spwling

. lHArs A n«NY NAME ISKT in

A whole new experience or fust an A120Q rehash of the original Stantuafl Read ft and weep


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Those are the two choice words lop tipster Rich Pelley used to describe the monthly heipathon that is the one and only COMPLETE CONTROL.

" Bearingmjiilnd Rre dodgfstala of* -Britalns eeal ihemaparka, wa d say jo h)a atle'a her* ]u»T at ffl* rifht time.

Page 40


X Can YOU spot the subliminal messages we've planted to convince you lo buy our merchandise


Mtchalla Trass a vis

ri - Slava Tho Pirhlnhar

MANAfll*-. DUE ere* Grag Ingham CfiCUUTUNOKCIDR Su* Hartjay

W4M f OR THE T*g BEMG: Chrit And* non

LNO t SCAAMsG Simon Chnondon. Jo" Macro. Chris Stockar Simon VAndoor. imam TMoy. Mark Com.


Amgj Power,

F i Lire Pubfcshng Ltd.

30 Monmouth Sheet.

Bath BA1 2BW Te 0225 442244 F«t 0225 446019


Cary Cart. Somertor. Somerset TAI1 6TB Tei 0225 442244 AMIGA no wan ta printed in TH« UK. A* la TOTAL


Reviews of all the latest CD32 converts, only this time in Chaucerian English.


Cheap, very cheap and occasionally downright free games.

Moo the write thing

Containing fact, fiction, comment and venomous personal attacks on variou AP team members, ft's nvehng.


m I AD the releases of the last exciting alphabetical order!


* w Reader ads scented with delicate hint of nostalgia.

A nwreer «v Iwae R Crtwa*

RrpUvttd----~rr -

T73 54,124

■■■■ W-OkIMI


• O Exclusive first review of the mother of all breadbased snacks.

Fulurn PuDIUhlng 1994



------ s


OVER 157





As long as you can't imagine anything more than ten.

Page 61





Ruft V Tumble ..


Super Stardust A1200


Theme Park At 200—


Top Gear 2 A1200-


Halt la Toads Jetatrika —

E Motion

Out Hun—----

Papulous 2— Shuttle-

Sim Claiilca ■


Formula 1 Challenge


Multiplayer Vahtzae Plllmanla-

Steward'* Enquiry--86




Draam Wab-58


FIFA Soccar--58

Mutant League Hockey -58

Jungle Strike----58

Thame Park-58

A bigger, batter--58

Sunnier, happier •—......58

Brighter tomorrow-58


they haven’t said anything horrible about me In it. Oh. I bet they have. And I even sent them a postcard. And brought them back sticks ot rock. Gits.

Jonathan Davies, Editor



The more numerically astute ol you will have noticed that there's a 50% increase in the number of disks this month. That's 50% more plastics, ferrous oxides and metals used in the

production ol this mag. So next time you stare up at the hole in the ozone, think AMIGA POWER.


W« nit hi«a r«vi«w«d lh« *HM vtnioa of iMlIliof i moalillaf ■«« tin fiait, barf wt‘r« caHaj and tfeoofhlfal iao«)k 1o priicif foa tb« ASM itnioa- Tkcrt t (aoifh Chicfcanman, lea cruo ihopi, boaacf Ufdai and    «Im lo m1 op yoar vary own

Hay than* part, kit odd icraamlaj kldi ond Iba imII of voaiH for addad rulbn.

Absaltcitb «*«ryona ■tail hava boaf hi Aika flroard by now, tyaa paopla wffboaai Anitas. So H'i Jail as wall Ttoan 17 but vat prodaicod difca fob dcano of tba aaqaial.


Conclnitva proof that (biidraa ond flraami DO mb. Mono ovtf Maibarcari, Ronofodo oro lo (barya now. Ob yts.


A1104 oofy oatks nltb o small boy o*d hit friend, o lonyo bJaao, Man, Ibinyanity-bob.


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•    You've only gol S12K of memory on your Amiga Blimey, that * a bit atupkf, Isn't H Go and buy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

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•    Just to be on the sale side, though, the on-screen Instructions say lhal you should press the appropriate (unction key to make your selection.

•    You’ll have lo reset your machine in order to play one ot the other demos. Whan you do so. simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine oft tor 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Intecled by stray viruses.

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AMIGA POWER Disk 42 Returns

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• We're really hoping that you're reading this bit, because it's quite Important: please don't send your disks lo us al the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how lo tlx dodgy disks, and we ll ust throw 'em straight In the bin. So send them to DlaCopy. Please.

Publisher: Team 17

Let s be honest - the TkJ*Ii    Aten Breed games aie

SJ”    unoffoar licences ol

Aliens All those dispensable marines with impressively large guns, all thal grubby meialisticky podule scenery, all those - and here we have lo be brutally Irank - aliens: the parallels are unarguable This is not. ol course, a bad thing, and gives everyone a chance to shout exciting phrases (tom the film and pretend they're Hudson (the famous English dwarl who was caun iester to Queen Henrietta Mara) and Hicks (the well-known 19th century Quaker) and look cool and everything

Heie is whet happens n Aken Breed 2 - Special Edition Tower Asssutt - The Demo you run around and shoot things, and escape To stop you doing this, some aliens will try lo kill you So you shoot them and then escape Fast The theme, you see. is shooting' And escaping' What we have here are two entirely new levels that don’t appeal in the finished game or anything, and which son ol pack al the best Ms into one stomach-cruShingly intense, unremittingly vienus, Gatling gun a-go-go extralerresinal lilelorm lerminale-o-lhon


Each at the level* toiiaws the same basic pattern - you must destroy all the secunty installations (big round Ihmgs) before fleeing in terror to Ihe lift, because the secunty installations are Ihe only Ihmgs pieventmg ihe door ol ihe lower you're on horn exploding in a massively destructive yet architecturally considerate lashion But you'll be horrified just how quckiy 20 seconds can flit by afler shooting the last ‘secunty installation' before the floor blows up. so a lair tip would be to And the lift and steadfastly leave the security installation' nearest to it until last

Level two adds the side-spMting complication oi the aliens 'culling the power' (as Ripley, the American social reformer and literary cnbc. says m the film), leaving you to play by the leeble cone thrown out by you' typically costcutting manne-issue tamp You still gel all ihe aliens and ’secunty installations and 20 second dashes lor the lift, though Frightening stuff

Controls are spectacularly obvious, with 1 or 2 starting a one- or two-player game (the latter bemg highly

recommended as you realty haven I a chance on your own) and the addition of M tor a map ol ihe level. P lor pause, and LEFT SHIFT lor retreat' mode (which means you can back away while himg al pursuing aliens) Two-button joystick owners can use the second button lor retreat' mode, or hold it down lor the map. while C032 loypad people can use the red button lor shooting, the blue button lor retreal' and the blue button (but held down) for the map

Things lo watch out lor (apart Irom me aliens, naich) are one-way doors (the arrows on the floor indicate ihe direction ol travel) and radioactive areas which sap your strength all the while you're in them They're marked boldly with big yellow circles lor maximum visibility, and there are medi-packs scattered around, so you should at least be able lo get through salely it only to die 30 years later ol cancer, but there you go. Its a lough life m today's assault corps


Publisher: Bullfrog

Here is what happens m Theme Perk because we. Ihe Hesxxjc Iheogony that ts AMIGA POWER, sutler no invented language but our own. we spurn the blundenng Americanism ol the name and instead officially rename the game Fairground You know we re tight We also condemn the game's sinister commercial sponsorship by a Well-Known High Street Bank, and remind you. our beloved readers, that it is your duty to ASSERT YOUR INDIVIDUALISM and DESPISE AUTHORITY But anyway.


Theme Park is, ot course. Populous al ihe fairground The idea is to bmld up a park' ol fantastic proportions, entice thousands ol people lo come and have a go on the ndes. and make stunningly large amounts ol money. You do Ihrs by exerting a ghastly supernatural influence over Ihe tourists and slatt in your dominion messing with the<r minds so they obey your commands, but ai the same time finding yourself a slave to their desires and purveyor ol their needs Who is the god1 Who is the subject1 Theme Park forces you to question the traditional ooncktsions ot the oppressor/oppressed ethic And you thought it was ius! a fun game about bouncy castles You shallow fools There's actually a tutorial in the demo, which more or less covers everything you need to know n a gently accessible manner, but because we. the mightiest beings ever to produce a magazme. are supremely arrogani (and noi wiihoul good cause) we shall now describe the game after our own inimitable fashion

By choking on icons n the

tuv .uk soiju »ao eat.w w.annir>. oik of m    uoj <»ot

tonvLtmy stuck, firo out .ho uao tikii

approved manner, you can place ndes. lay paths between them, allow lor queuemg on the popular attractions, allocate maintenance workers lo dear up Idler and fix broken ndes. unleash chicken men lo amuse bored lounsls, and. mosl importantly, erect snack stands hddte the sugar content ol the ice-cream and hike ihe prices al cntical moments Everything is mferconneded, so by over-suganng the icecream you could cause people lo gel hyperactive and go on mote ndes. but they d also be more likely lo be sc* and drop Inter in their stunned state. (So you'd then build more toilets, but not too near the ice-cream stands otherwise business would be adversely affected. and anyway you now need some signposts showing people where everything is. and some extra maintenance blokes, and so on and sc on) The tounsts have little thought bubbles that retted their general stale, and ihe inch is lo keep as many people happy as possible

The demo only lasts for three game years, and you've only got three ndes and three types of shop, but that's sift enough to build a hornbly complicated interlinked causal reality sorl ol affair Apparently (he lull game is so well-balanced that they used it to simulate Euro Disney and so proved n woi*J go bankrupt in ten years, or something But would they ksten1 Truly, computet games are better than life This is an obvious lie

Clicking on Ihe gales opens and doses the park The large question mark brings up information about your ndes. shops and start, and a good rule ol thumb is to have less slaft than tounsts No. really We had a fairground with about 50 chcken men who just scared away the tounsts Far more entertamrigty. it you dick on the question mark and then on a tourist, they'll shout either. ‘Hurrah1" or. "Boor

depending on how well you're doing.

The demo always starts with the tutorial, which neatly shows you what goes where (tollow the recommendation' exactly by placing your nde on the ghost image, otherwise the game ust sits there - this caught us out wiih tvtanous consequences) but does mean you end up with a bouncy castle In Ihe rmddto ol your park Cbelong on me dale box (the while box at the top left ot the screen) brings down the man menu, Irom which you can restarl the game to skip past this introductory bn and build from scratch

Lawks. M's complicated But you pick it up (ussky (you do. you really do) and it's lernhc tun Espeoaty when you make everyone s«k but retuse to build toilets, and then dose the gates to prevent them leaving A-ha ha ha




By clicking on the smalt question mark eon. then clicking on another icon, you’ll be told what that con does It s tar easier to reter to a list showing everything at once though, so here's one we made earlier

LAY PATHS Paths should, fairly obviously, conned ndes. otherwise people won t be able lo



get to nde them

FORM QUEUE lithe maximum number ol tounsts is using a nde. others can't join. So you need a queue Pop a chicken man by a queue as we*. to keep the tounsts entertained You know it makes sense

BUILD A RIDE There'S a choice ol three in the demo - the bouncy castle, the ghost house and Ihe whirling teacup nde.

HIRE STAFF Handymen, mechanics, chcken men and. more ominously, armed guards Or posskity they're not armed


can only smk lakes m the demo But they re awlully pretty lakes

BIG MAP Gel a more global vision ot the whole park


More information on the opbons

TOURISTS Who they are. where they are, and what they're thinking

BUILD A STAND There are two xi the demo -an ice-cream stand and a balloon shop


get a bank balance, and get some money in it.



hriden areas and restart points (disguised cunningly as large blocks emblazoned with chevrons), and you can blaze away in all directions by holding down Fire and then moving the joystick You'll love it. it only tor the deeply satisfying opportunity at running Macaulay Culkin on to some spikes, watching him squeal and wnthe in terror and hurrying him along to plummet

slack-mouthed lo his well-deserved doom And don't lake any notice ol Ihe At200-only message on Ihe loading menu - that's just an ingenious practical joke we've added on at the expense ot people who don't read Ihe instructions down lo the last dot ol the last paragraph (Or possibly a ghastly mistake on behalf ol the ds* compiler - Ed)

Publisher: Renegade

Here is whai happens in Rutl n' Tumble you play a small child who looks like Macaulay Culkin. runs around a lores! and kills monsters with accurate bursts ol deadly machine-gun tire The dsadvantage ot the character looking like Macaulay Culkn is that you're playing a

character who looks like Macaulay Culkin. but ihe advantage ot playing a character who looks like Macaulay Culkin is that you don't n the least care when he dies The demo's the whole lirst level, which is a big thing, and the idea is lo collect all the marbles (because, that’s why) and tmd the exit (variety upwards and nghtish from your stad position) The perplexing mixture ol cuteness and appalling violence extends to the monsters, who sport outlandish metallic sixls. attempt to butt, shoot or squash you relentlessly, bul when they stagger back, fall lo sitting down and look Charmingly silly when you pepper them with slugs There are all the usual extras you might expect - weapon power-ups. energy gobsloppers.

Publisher: Audiogenic

_ Here is what happens in

l'l*i Bubble and Squeak the characters, unlike, say. the kiwi n New Zealand Story, kick up no fuss about drownng They stand there, smiling broadly, bubbling gently, right up to Ihe point where they suddenly look alarmed and die This is. however, no excuse lo deliberately leave ihem

submerged It's not tag or hard or dever The Bubble and Squeak demo comprises three levels Irom Ihe latter pan Ol the game that rated a solitfy entertaining (4 exasperalmgiy Ixkfy and frequently unfairly learsomeiy difficult) 77% in AP40. so they're pretty tough Playing the small Child undergoing a course at chemotherapy (even Autogenic ate somewhat unclear about who's Bubble and who s Squeak), you have to gel your stupid blue anmal to ihe striped pole at ihe end ol the level Whereupon you both shake hands and escape But no normal stupid blue animal this Nor are you an ortoary small child undergoing a course ol chemolhefapy Bear in mind the following slanting tacts:

IThe stupid blue animal a your trend By pressing Down you tell il either lo *Come onr or to 'Waif here1' While waiting, you can kick the

stupid blue animal (by pressing Fire), use it as a platform, or get it lo throw you in the air (by standing m Iron! ot it and pressing Up and Fire together).

Bubble-gum is good Shooting monsters reveals coins Coats pay lor bubble-gum at the bubble-gum machine (by starving to the left of it and pressing Fire) If you have paid enough, you can press Down to kick Ihe machine, lingng a piece ol bubble-gum mio the stupid blue animal's mouth You can then jump on it to form a powerful mutant tfxng Press Up to drverge mio constituent forms The RSPCAl be onto you soon

3 Gems are good As well Collect gems Find the large orange dome Use the gems to open the dome and Iree the trapped small stupid blue animal

4 Bui water is very bad The water level nses constantly Do not fan from high ledges or you will drown Disturbingly happily

Remember - it is not enough lor you lo succeed You musi also shoo along the stupid blue animal lo finish a level and not. lor example, push it into a comer and kick it repealerty m order lo make il mewl piteously You Sands



Autumn - season of mists and mellow... gamefulness. Yep, gilded summer days may be gone, but there’re lots of news stories bearing fruit here at AP.

Game: Jungle Strike Runs on: A500, A600, A1200. CD32 Publisher: Ocean Authors: Stuart Johnson Price: £25 99 - £27.99 ETA: October

complicated, now. is it7

01 course. you don't have lo worry too much about the storyline because lt*s is only a game SMI it s also a sequel which means you're all already familiar with the principle o< ihe game (and it you're not. I'm m trouble) and you II just want to know about ail the new bits and why you should be very excited about playing this game Well, read on true believer and I shall reveal all that I have discovered thus tar

For a siad. n the best B sequel lo a shoot em-up .    • • i* qamepiay s

im* sj-rp a ivaly large

twist) play area, a hekcopteMo fly

;; ■ ■ R

t M weapons to firs at loads B ■JB more enemies Oh yeah.

RJ and there're loads more zB missions and campaigns lor you to H blast you' way through as wen But E> 'hen just when you thought this was going to be more ol the same, along comes the chance to hop into a ,    A diherent vehicle - a

change is a good as a


,iv ;t    ,y

■    ■ t

Typical, you spend all that energy, all that time and all those resources putting the world to rights and disposing ol an evil megalomaniac in Desert Strata only to find that he had an equally mad. power crazed son (Kiibaba Jr.) who has teamed up with a - gasp- South American drug lord and is hell bent on causing a lot of trouble. You    -

wouldn't normally be too worried about this, aher all this lakes B place across the water m America, but there's this little    TB

mallei ol some nuclear weapons VS and there's nothing worse than a madman with a hatred ol all Americans and an itchy, nervous Inger hovenng over the big red button (and no. I'm not     Py

talking about Bill    ' jf*.

folks, is Ihe plot beh 1 Jung:-e

Strike Not    * V

1 Mid, 111 realty t.owl.f up tut1. Mi x ■plo ear blidn I. H."

Well how about I a Hovercraft, or a i Morort’ke. or even a

top-secret (so how on    '

sa"h would 1 know

how lofty it’) Fit 7-A Stealth Bomber There, that's exciting

isn't it’ Ail the extra     BC B

vehicles use the

same control method

as the helicopter so    >

there's no need to

learn a whole new

control set up, but each vehicle does have its own tittle nuances that will lake some time and a lot of practice to master The game is '1 also a lot tougher than the first W Strike, with a total number of ■jjMl missions neanng the fifty mark, and a lew very strange terrains fc'you to cop w as an


' 1

campa.gr •

opening up hundreds o*

different strategies to finishing a campaign And lo add even more option-type fiddly bits to the proceedings, there are now several co-pilots to choose from, each with their own skits, which you have to choose according to your awn strengths and weaknesses

The whole game is recety rounded off with a password system to help relieve those tirst-campaign blues and as you can see. even this early on. the graphics are looking pretty damn coot. There will be the usual three versions of the game lor A50(VA600 A1200 and CD32 and it's due to hit the streets sometime around October So start saving • PAUL UELLERICK

"Relieve these first campaign blues"







they're never gang la nolce trial they're playing in a fairly finite environment To this end. there're IS drfferenl modes of play, an option lor more human players than you're ever gong to need and all the usual ma larky associated with goH games In the normal mode you're given the best suited club and the power's set lor you. but as you get cocker you can alter pretty much everything and really loul up your shots For the true believer m got! as the ultimate game, there're even options to add top spin or side spin to the ball, which is apparently a good and clever thing

The game will come on two CDs, but US Gold assure us that nil be a reasonable price, whatever that i$ With simultaneous releases on live CD formats and advertising in goH magazines as well as computer ones, they're obviously assuming this is going to be the hottest selling thing since diamond patterned tank tops and sliced bread got together And Irom what I've seen of a. they could well be nght • CAM WINSTANLEY

Game: World Cup Golf Runs on: CD32 Publisher: US Gold Authors: In House ETA: Chrislmas

Ever since the CD32 came out. there ve been games that have claimed the title ot being CD32 only. Diggers reckoned it was so huge only a CD could contain ii. but once they'd taken out the instructions and lancy sound effects, it became a tegular Amiga game, and the same goes lor iteration However, US Gold are getting all hot and eicited about their new World Cup God game, saying that ha a the one, tlvs is the game you'll never see on a regular Amiga and you know. I almost believe them

For those not in the know (like mysett) it took US Gold producer Steve Hickman several minutes to explain al about the World Cup ol god and the importance of the Dorado Beach course n Puerto H*eo it seems that the Wood Cup is where the big money s at, where the movers and shakers ol the professional golf circuit pot tittle balls xi tny holes lor mayDr cash prizes, and this year it's going to be held at. you guessed it. the Dorado Beach course

Now you'll be looking at the screen shots on this page and thinking. Those are PC screenshots. right1* - and being totally wrong With the help ol a lot ot expensive Si-con Graphics and a bd ot clever sneakiness, the pictures on this page will be pretty much what you'll get xi the finished game, and you won't even have to wait lor them to draw, they'i just

appear like mage

The speed and quality is posstte because the backgrounds are ail prerendered and stoied on the CD. taking up so much space that a disk version just wouldn't be possible Using Silicon Graphics workstations and maps and photos □( the actual course, the US Gold programmers have made a detailed topographically accurate texture mapped model of the entire area, and then taken 400 or so stills o< each hole, which are rendered to include shadows, trees and an the other detail and Ihen slapped on the CD During the game the best camera position is chosen for your

shot and a digitised goiter positioned next to the ball, so although you're conlmed lo these 400 images, the ball can land at any poxit xi the rough or on the lairway

It's an a tut of a cheat, as a the prerendered and never varying "ball's eye' view ol each course, but US Gold are hoping that they're giving the player so many views and so many things lo do,


gang lo be an AGA verson (that'll be two quid exira - gem) and new options such as a one to lour player sudden-death shoot-out. match play and an sight player elimination tournament, whatever one of

Game: PGA European Tour

Runs on: A500, A600 and separate AGA A1200 version

Publisher: Ocean Authors: The Dome ETA: October

In a deliberate ploy to sightly annoy the software companies involved (something we ve been hugely good at recently) by providing duect eompansons between two rival games, we re presenting these games back to back xi a page long gedathon But first to answer that burning question - Why on eanh do we need anothei PGA Golf game

Well, the original was released back in 9t. and this time round there's

those is meant to be Uke ihe US Gold game, you'll have to contend with different weather conditions and like World Cup Goff you can compete m real events but here the two games go off on their own merry little ways Far World Cup'S one course.

PGA can offer you frve real courses. Irom England's Wentworth course to the Crams Sur Sierre m Switzerland; and whereas US Gold tailed to get the licences lor real players, lop pros kke Ian Woosnam and Nick Faldo talk you through each hole m PGA

It's not yet clear 4 Ocean plan a CD32 version to directly mrai World Cup God. so direct compansons between the two are a bit pointless at the moment.

However, that's never slopped us yet. sc whereas World Cup God offers stupendous graphics of a single course. PGA's got five courses, loads ol larrnliar laces and loads of op boos Which one's going to be better1 Well personady. I think they're both going to be lab • CAM WINSTANLEY



Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: Impressions Author: Simon Bradbury ETA: October

main areas' analogy proving particularly illumraling

"First ol all.' he said, "you choose a county and luggle aboul with lanes, food production and things to try to build up the population Secondly, once  your population s big enough, you should be able lo sian dialling peop'e into Ihe aimy without them compiaming loo much Al ih s po ri you car slan •

use*-..- '‘i" oine-s ones

* ih maioi toads in are hardy tor transport purposes, tor eiample - so it should be quae strategy'

I nodded n agreement, conveniently forcing e new paragraph

'Now - thirdly, in tact - you can start building castles This works much as it did in Caesar* - which Simon also wrote, along with the great Chnstopher Columbus game Discovery - "with you having to decide where lo put walls, turrets and moats And it's actually quite educational in a way. because only > property-designed castles will

f P ■ rs going to be a huge game H B Realty big in tact, rm

■    worried I'm rol quite

■    managing to explain it propedy over the phone.* spluttered programmer Simon Bradbury breathlessly ‘Maybe you'd be bettei oh just trying out the PC version' Or maybe not That would have meant typng m strange backslashes and things al the C: prompt, and probably having to tdt the AUTOEXEC BAT Me to rslall OMEMM and disable the CO-ROM drive And then it would most likely have crashed because the soundcard was ncompatibie No thanks

And besides. Simon was explaining Lords ol the Realm just line h«s five

successfully be able lo resist enemy xivadeis *


"Fourthly, sieges This bit's quite novel, with an overhead view ol the castle you're attacking You can > either just wait till they starve ’ lo dealh. or build a vanety ol siege weapons like catapults to hurry things akxig And finally there are the battles, ” which will work a bit like mini-wargames. only massively simplified so they only last live minutes or so'

Forestalling any    fU

suggeslion that Lords ol the Realm might Awa \ . and up being a bit ckSfomted. Simon claimed actually lo be

quite pleased with the way all the components integrated with each other nlo a cohesive whole "And it s historically accurate, loo* he added.

"with a good leal lor 13th Century England *

The pictures here are , actually ol ihe PC version, but if v ' f Simon does a 1200 ■ version - as he's / hoping to - that

i should look pretty simkar, with      the 500 version

J h    obviously having a lew

lj less colours And il does look quite nee. doesn't at Team - ■ '

I    idly it 3(wands '-,i i

bt"'' watch out —■ • JONATHAN DAVIES

hen wi l«r tMyw ywl k*n«

superb pouch1 and a safety lanyard very little more than you'd pay. lor example, lor a pair ol cheap plastic sunglasses at Weston-super Mare


t mmr ot t«s imriii < P« AY MO Hlftl M

MIX' > M I Ml ttnl •f Ml »0 LEKN


This month saw a neckwrendwig sfcanp in the standard of In The Style Ot submissions, with most entries either involving a tasteless Jos Verstappen joke and hence being tnsutable lor industti in Ihe apotheosis ot good taste that s AMIGA POWER) or simpty being obscene So. much as Blue Peter regularly awards the top prize in their Design A New First Class Stamp For The Royal Mail competition to Wayne aged 3 from Walsall forcing us to stick squares fl ol paper covered in what looks like H vomit onto our letters lor months lo  come, we've decided lo make 6- J year-old Ruth Briggs Iron Dunfermline oui winner this monin H Her Fury ol the Fumes (playing hide fl and seek) In The Style Ol Out To Lunch therefore gels a resounding SIC Bui sadly, either a) Ruth has employed subtleties ol rornc    ™

juxtaposition beyond the comprehension ot even the mighty AMIGA POWER, or b) her picture s crap Her score is thus reduced lo 2tt/10, and she walks away with £50-worth of games. Send DPamt-readable disks with your name and address wntten on them to: In The Style Ot. AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW



make the car's

back wheels side oul by suddenly pressing die accelerator You can dnve along backwards really Iasi, and then suddenly hit lhe brakes and spin the wheel, so your car ftps round and goes r the opposite direction

All itus lakes quia a bi o! skJ.

Trough - as does, in tael, gelling the car to go rotfid even the geniiesi comer wlhout crashing mio a iree The controls are hombly sensitive, and lo make things worse, developers Rage have accurately lecreaied the teeing o< driving along on the sort of dusty, gravety. sJoddy surfaces rakes take place on (To make sure they d goi ■ 4 nghl. me programmers wenl lo a real- 11 He rally school lo find oul how rally cars I perform Then they made me do Ihe same thing, to prove how dose they'd got it. I'd have been quite prepared to befceve them) So. how about some cold, hard taels"There i be eight rounds lo play through, each oompnsmg between lour and eight stages There'll be cey stages, gravelly stages, lores! stages desert stages, watery stages and ramy stages And mere'll also be skill Inals, where you've got lo dnve round cones and reverse into incky spaces There are six dflerenl cars - Mm Cooper. Fiat Cmqueoenlo. Vauxhail Astra GTE, Renaul Cle. Escoti RS Coswoflh Toyota Celica (but no Montego, curiously) -although you need lo win loads d money lo buy the better ones And ihe sprees have al been rendered on special computers, so thay look amazingly reakstic • JONATHAN DAVIES

To prove juit how readme Powrdnva It. US Gold took me to a rally achool In Wales, and aal me In a iticker-atrewn Ford Eicon In the middle of a foreat.

‘That pedal make* II go forward*,’ explained the nice man In overalla, ’and that thing makes II go round comers. You'll pick It up In no time.*



Hake* your cheek* go all

Hippy every lime you accelerate    Yes

Rocks left carelessly In middle Ot road    Ye*

Position ot steering wheel seems to beer

no relation to direction car goes In    Yes

No back seats, making H impractical

lor larger tamllle*    Yes

Laavai enormous clouds ot dull

all over the piece    Ye*

Suddenly decides lo spin around three time* and crash into a tree when all you did was press Ihe brake Yea

Comes out black every time you blow

your nose lor two days afterwards    Yes

Runs on: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: US Gold Authors: Rage (Amiga conversion by Denton Designs)

ETA: November

Having pust tmished compiling ihe AMIGA POWER book ot Every Amiga Game Ever (which youT be able lo read al about next month), my brain now thinks ol every game I come across in terms ot a two- or three-sentence descnptxyi PowwdnvBswouid be something like: ’Supercars-style driving game with Ihe emphasis on realistic handing Isfen'i very good* (with the last be ObviouSfy depending on what the finished game s ike - something we I have lo wail lor a monih or two lo find oul).

There's obviously lots more lo say about it. but thal's basca*y US Gold's new rally game. Po*erdnve n a nutshell. The screen scrolls about, using a sightly unusual 3D isometric view, and your car sils m ihe midde

And the handing's very realishc You can. lor example do handbrake turns You can do powerslides, where you


Game: Mutant League Hockey

Runs on: A500/A600.

A1200 AG A Publisher: Ocean Author: In-house ETA: October

oor old mutants, ah'1 Always gening a bad press Its Ike no-one has got anything nee lo say about them Take this game for

O example. Xs called Mutant League Hockey and whilst Ihe integration ot mutants mio

the modem sporting arena is welcome. I'm sure you'll agree with me lhat ttxs a nothmg but a minty-veiled excuse lor the human race lo satisfy its insatiable appetite lor blood and gore

Yeah okay so it's a proper game of hockey, but where did al these traps and holes m the ee come Irom’ Who lefl al those weapons lying around'’ I mean. 4 you saw a c ha si saw lying on the Aoor. would you p<ck i 143 and use it lo chop some poor muiani r ha*1 And yes. I know there s a payed system to fmd the best team overall, and there's a simultaneous two-player

option it you gel bored ol beating the computer, but I stil mink the whole thmg is disgusting and repulsive And what else can me special puck-cam1 action replay feature be used for other than to re-kve that special moment when you scored a goal by rebounding the puck ol some poor mutants lace’’ I'm sorry but I llvnk it's about lime someone stood up and said something Ths has just gone loo tar..


Mac**) sad aataiMi Is afcaxtaf Ute Iguil f«t Mn ndWf




Mm Now which w«i tho« thill itviiifi lookiiif baby

ild foa like

Hardly surprisingly this features a few of our winged fiery friends.

Genuflect hurriedly before the horrifying countenance of .


NO. 5



THE CRIME Using 'up' to ump In platform games, or to thrust In apaca gamaa. or to accalarata In driving gamaa.

the supremely cute woodland creature, the aulcldally laarleaa F1 driver, the laat thing you need la to ba reminded o( tha chunk of faabla pintle In your hand by being forced lo wraatla it Impoaalbly quickly from lha horizontal 10 tha vertical. It juat

Game: Dragonstone Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Core Authors: Bob Churchill, Barry Irvine. Mark Jones. Simon Phipps ETA: Late October( )

Talking to

programmars is always the best way lo gel all ihe juicy gossip on unfinished games Chatting away to Core s Barry Irvine for instance.

I lound that Dragonstone was ongina'ly planned as bang a soqual lo Darkmere (AP37.69%) but than fumed mla a bit o( a moody adolescent ol a game and decided lo wander off and loilow its own path 'Quite a lew ol me graphics people did work * on both games which explains tha similar styles," said Bairy. but (he backgiound and characters are all different now' Barry described the game as an RPG. which is a term that always leaves me a bit llummoxed I mean, what's the dillaianca between

adventure games and role playing games

Software PR people gel really annoyed when you use the wrong term, but trom what I can gather, an adventure game has you controlling a character through various trials and tribulations whereas an

RPG has you controlling one (or occasionally several) characters through various trials and. erm. tribulations Anyway. I guess it's important to someone Somewhere

Dragonsfone's an adventured PG that starts out n a loresl and ends up. unsurpnsvtgly. near some dragons Along lha way your barbanan

adventurer takes r the

scenery of •stands, a seaport some mountains, a neato castle, caves and even a quaint little village As you can see trom the screen grabs, only the first level's been implemented, which involves a lot of running around and killing things The game starts off with loads ol

lighting lo gal you used lo the controls, and then you quickly go on to the village Despite looking good, the game's goi quite a tot of text in rt. mare than the Zetda games on the SNES if you're familiar with those,' commented

THE CASE FOR THE PROSECUTION: Garnet have, quite rightly, developed over Ihe years. Putting at Ida your brand-new Amiga game end returning noitalgically to, lor example, an early round of 8-bit games, you would no doubt be surprised and somewhat shaken at the embarrassing simplicity with which you could rack up previously unimaginable high scores. In much the same way that, say, the language ol film has grown over lime, requiring ever more sophisticated sheets and tricks to allow audiences lo suspend Ha disbelief, games hava expanded lo match the maturing skills of players. There Is little doubt that today’s blazingly fasl-reaction ahool- em-ups. depth perception-defying driving games and pixel-splitting platform games would destroy a player ol yesteryear. And yet. not even AMIGA POWER'S long-lerm campaign ot score deduction without appeal can,

It seems, dissuade programmers from appalling proud owners of exciting new games by demanding they wring affects from their joysticks never envisaged by the designers by using BLOODY up' to jump and accelerate

Twilling a joystick through its diagonals in order to jump over a monster, or lo nip past the lead car on lha curve, or lo jink in Iron! of your opponent's ship to drop a bomb wastes Imperatively valuable seconds. When you're deep In a game, wallowing In Its atmosphere. Sinking willingly Into lha part ol tha character, being the final star pilot,

can't bs done.

"But what are we to do " cry programmers. 'Not many people hava two-button joysticks. We are forced by circumstance to use up' to jump. There just are no other buttons."

Him. Mmm. Let us draw your attention to Ihe 96 buttons ol the keyboard by repeatedly smashing your heads against it until your slippery brains obliterate the letters. What's wrong with a keyboard option How hard is It to tell whether a player Is pressing some keys Do you have special development Amlgas that utterly leek keyboards  (Possibly sxplalnlng the associated crime ot using the joystick lo snter passwords or high scores). What, coma to that. Is the matter with at least giving us lha option ol choosing lirs' to jump or accelerate, assigning up' to whatever the fire button did - instead ol forcing us to go out and spend an extra £20 on Ihe Gravis joypsd which mimics 'up' and down' with buttons before we can play your shabbily unaccommodating games You useless, cretinous morons. Nnnnngh.


First oftence 10-25% oft

Second olfance. 20-40% off

Third ollanca: Public execution by pecking to death by 1751b bio-angineered combat chickens. (CD32 games that use up' to jump or accelerate instantly earn their programmers and their entire families this grotesquely violent death).

8auy The text allows you to communicate and gel a lot ol information trom Ihe people you meet on your travels which helps lo make the puzzles a bit trickier than the find this and lake it lo someone' vanety.'

Like t said, wa ve only seen the first level so tar. which looks line m a sword

wielding, haid guy sod ol way Anyway, now we've brought it lo your attention, wel reserve judgement lor the review and leave you to decide whether you think this is going lo be your sort ol Himg You've probably got a month or so to think about it.



looking, first-person perspective

graph es it adds a to escope lor

more closely examining

distant objects If adds I2C

ports c* ca across the    &

e'-hr* 5'.iso. rather than    j ’ ML

r str-fm-g y i .    ; * “■

Spar s*i Msm It adds the poss-b ity of a 16-sh.p Iteet R-ji And it adds a good many other things as well

Bui apart from that, the basic Pirates lormuia would appear to iemam unchanged Start off as a humble merchant, buy a modest shf. recruit a small crew and set sail By buying and selling things, stad to make a profit, and use the money to pay tor more crew and shes Then get a t»i bored with that, and

_ lutn renegade Ambush

innocent traders. Fire your

L*pawJ    I

■..... j

a 1'

-    '• ,    the    captain    to his knees

.'    J5*     Then    plunder    their cargo

and seize their sh<» for your own dark purposes And get married This is how games should be

the potential of High Seas Trader ts enormous, and I hope k hurries up and gels finished so I can review it And Ihe rest of them can wipe those smirks off their faces Stop it. I say. Slop it You're expendable, you know.


When the time comes to do next year s AMIGA POWER AJ-Time Top 100.1 intend to ensure personally that lAeroproses Pirates features pretty highly n < Possibly even at number IS. It's a fabulously good game Unless, that is. f*gh Seas Trader turns out to be even better, which a conceivably might.

Yes High Seas Trader may well lepresent the future ol mantime nawgabonal entertainment It takes the basic Pirates theme and adds gorgeous




Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publishers: Electronic Arts

Authors: In house ETA: Next month

Amusingly. Nick from EA turned up two days before deadline with his preview copy of this great looking game, so we re not able to give il the time or Ihe space it dearly deserves Still, have a look at the screenshots and marvel at what looks like it might just be the long-awaited, oveidue even, nval to Sensible Soccer's crown I never thought Ihe day would come Look out lor a detailed and exhaustive review m nexi month s AMIGA POWER • STEVE FARAGHER

Restricted to the Spanish Main"

movies using just in Amiga, a camcorder and a few naked women. Jason Holbom provides us with a roundup of Ihe top genlocks and Nick Veitch Is In a work! of his own with Lightwave 3.5. And of course we have some lop notch video titling software on our disk. So, If you want to get Into movies, sprint gently


emporium    fcT j TT*

and pick up a ■

your own chess program. Can you live without It Amiga Shopper - It's pretty damn good


"This month's Amiga Shopper gives you Ihe real truth or expanding your A120Q. Which RAM board will give you the space you need Which accelerator will push your A1200 Into fifth gear We review and rate every option we can gel our hands on In our axlanslve Superlesl, and you can even    DS

win yourself a rather nice GVP accelerator. Plus, we give you Ihe lowdown on programming In assembly . — language In the first Instalment of our new    "" "

tutorial. Not forgetting our new series on how to write


This month In Amiga Format, we're having a big party because Ihe evil Steve Jarritt has gone nn holiday (off lo

K Transylvania lo aal B babies and dunk V pints of blood).

Asa result the * Issue Is filled with lop - stuff. Slave McGill is producing a fop faalura on how lo make epic blockbuster


Another bit ol this game I'm involving myseH w«h is the sound, having just written an appalling track called 'D yd Wanna Ray Gar and gone and recorded ii at Retard Joseph's house as a proper song belore we spurt it down onto the lour channels available on the Amiga II features more al my crap Snpng and some nail SFX gags that we thought were really tinny al the lime We're also trying to gel logether a video lor il like the Cannon Fodder one which you probably failed lo see on ihe Chart Show Iasi year

Anyway, in 1463 the battle ol Gluduggan (Oh no - Ed) was tought m pounng ran not more than two miles Irom the birthplace ol Sir Walter Raleigh who ol course was net yet bom The Purpleheads led by Hugh Duncan the tying neep ol Kknamock numbered about 500. all on horseback and al brandishing sawn oh Kalashnikovs They were dressed in pretty green I rocks with pink nbbons on the Ironl and each wamor had a Mile cotton name tag sewed on the insrie oI tvs collar by ha Mum ust m case On the other side ol the hi stood the f Blasted" - Ed) Fkh dressed al n blue with Shny Helmets and Plastic Shields and they were al armed with Tear Gas and sitting on Alsatians

The battle raged lor weeks and weeks and lots oI the men gol very wel and upset because then shoes gol muddy and they didn't have any shoe polish r those days The dogs gol hungry because the dinner lady forgot to pack enough dog loocl To cut a long story short the whole battle was a total disaster and alter a month or so everyone gol bored and went home Only one person eked r the battle and he was 86 years old and got a nasty cold one day and (ked ol writer's cramp the next day. while wring a postcard lo hts wife Bui the arriving thing about this true story is that every single one oI those sorters that (ought in the Battle of Gluduggan was not Ike you and me. because they were al blind Don't you think that's amazing How brave same people are They were al blind Anyway time a money as they say and I've got to dash I’m due to meet Chns oo the first lee in ten minutes (19th hole more ike - Ed)

Lots of Love Jops • JON HARE



Hello everybody, my name's

Jonathan and I'm here to give everybody - and I do mean everybody - a realy good time taking all about SensPfe Got This e the bit that I do tor the game, apparently, so here goes Well I am ol course, really important m at this goll malarkey. in lad I do the whole bloody thing on my own Bui to cut lo the chase and get on with n (Surety some mistake - Ed), some time about a year or ao ago we decided that it would be a good riea lo do more sports games, following the success ol Sensnxxcer So we toed lo pick some sports that were popular and that would be lun and relatively easy to do. In the end we pumped lor Go«. shortly ahead ol Motor Racing with Three Day Eventing a dstani seventeen !

Having chosen Goll as our next game subject. choosing the viewpoint was easy -let's do it the same as Megato-Mana and Semite Soccer and Cannon Fodder.' we thought, 'il t ar t broke don t In a ' As (hey say. But then we came up with a sticky

problem - what about the console market and the lad that they re nol really into small sprites and the lad that Gamesmasfer won t pul Senseoccat v\ the telly cause they reckon the graphics are too small (it makes my blood boil, thal does), and what about the other problem - thal you haven't gol a hope ol being able to pun property in the traditional Sensi viewpoint"’ Eh7 Then one ol us had a bnght idea 'Let s make the graphics bigger lor the putting, then we can hi the console mags with screenshots & the greens only and it might stand more chance ol gelling on the telly and the putting will be more playable'

"What original tealures can we include " we then thought Wow, we can have lour players on the course at once shouting You ('Flanker' - Edf' al anyone who plays a really good shot."

'Wei have

almospherc sound like

Cannon Fodder, n lad we can base the whole game or Cannon Fodder What a pushover, what easy money*' (It only)

Then we beaded to boll onto the game a Goll Season. 20 courses made ip oI rearranged holes and various player options and computet opponents plus skins, louibats. Hitler-has-only-got-one-ball etc It was my task to wnte ip the entire game design inckxkng the control system (which has changed completely, as always) and other intricate details

After designing one hole and working on ihe control pane* with Sloe and Joots I handed over the reins to my partner Chns Yales who designed 35 more holes We then argued about Ihe control system and handed over lo new boy Siuan Campbell (who's demonstrated lo us a reinforcement ol ihe concept ol the money-minded Scotsman You should hear the tales ol hardship he comes out with to justify why we should give hm an extra SO pounds a week (What do you mean, extra - Stuadfi Stuarts beer employed lo whip Joas and Stem with a great big ihmgy when they slacken oft

:.vW» i



CABLE STRffT CASTlfflaD MANQES1B) Hi THBPHONE 061 832 6633 tt* 061 834 0654

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ir l


l« L,

1 1_



c mjviwstanlev

Wfwnlused te(eJ( •vwyoo*ttwl,


W8Sn 1 flu'le vvhai I

C M9Cd adm,”e<j C«i. casually CJean

2* ,”*"'«ls Mff, )Nf9 P0lnI ol M663 US

and    6(J. S


c‘LStFUNNv- fiUTl

CAM T REMEMBEft Wuch of mv life

mag)REjo'Nwgthe "AC, pondered Rich


; «h,spoofme


**% dear reKte,, ' "

Is (he 0„ '****■ *<eh


- *“PPed r, «*>* *

s** —» rasa*

assr,00"”•    ,notnd

'to new and irT,Pr0W*d Rich  Al/igh).

<**w‘Wink and <*C4*tona(ly ui22;«». lathy **

°® SI huge

■f vemfntod lh* sld model

*•>* late an

cow( nd Bobby s<* P**1®



s- ; rrrfr-.

character*!ZZ irmhlened and «" r"*V


Jop songs,e, P.odEd

- pop llrCj;”4

2L"\USiC*'inHu«nc. a


th     _« Steve, slar

m Uta mid Ms , •»"«»"* *e,e «

hu"V and sold all my (nMve ,h* cOun,ry ,n •bp When I returned    lo finance th.

te"Wrth amST •* pSsI

K - *>PPen i ■ as    ‘-5J

S(w"* «9»» on his SSS * C4« «o

-No- 9ninted Steve    e grat.on

'!SC1'«* -urn awa n'0 PfCSS «** In

r you ask

*98‘", III kill    -bdoivT


It’s just Asteroids with knobs on really, isn't it (Or is it ) (Well, yes It is.

klM - « - f    V ii j WV    ■ W ■

Emphatically so, in fact.)


amng yes - Ed). outlining I he    inclined towards the office    1    I J

tagemXiS power-up system er shouting    tire-buttons--repiacOjfup-    1

tfxxit people not buyng the game) leaving and-down joypad actually] \ s*' me na right old pickle. Crumbs And    so all hail to AMIGA POWER* \    '

you is probably all just interested n         m \

looking at the pictures anywf EI    J suppose I suppose I \

Actually, there s one unBBxrd    oud Wik about the basics ol the \

say In the review. Skjart (ftafStfOur game, because, technically, it's not comrade has ttv-rdeensd ol (be to:fibre quit Asteroids Thai venerable game, as ernes trwnped up b* the (tettfc.y head    you Mi no doubt recall being tars ol old

Of tie oppressive regime overthrown by cca'qta end not. lor exam pie dynamic cm glorious counter-revolution -    ycitiapnplc Irving for the here and now,

Conrads Ahcky Kruschevl complained    had ytn shooting at t»g rocks, when split

tcu the lack o( keyboard control It was    into smaller rocks, then tiny rocks which

Re said, a fatal error consrdenng the    Inaity exploded In Super Sfudusl there

•nounl Ol pxel pertecl manoeuvring    lie difteienl strengths ol root, The

nqured Wei, such is the influence thA ordinary grey rocks (except thSpa more AMIGA POWER commands. B>oodhou —    sod ot ruggerty srtver. Look at thflf-

have tued things tor Super Stardust Mj raytracing1 Bui that's talking about the There are. m tael two keyboard odHCin graphics, which has been done Jntiny) tor do Mlh the positioning ol the ihiusflB*    example take but a lew hits to

tvs keys or something (I'm unsway ably    demotoh. whereas the mauve boulders

scircra nne rttwi


vcim tisif

are substantially harder than I he intermediate blue ones (Gold boulders are very bad news.) In lad. nor only do Ihe rocks vary m residence (he drfterent chapters move at ckflerent speeds, so rather than having a predictable As mods screen where you know that the Mchy bonders wiS zoom around taster than the tag ones, the game Miers the playing area with Incky bkghlers that tend la lake you by surprise.    "

Actually, taking you by surprise is a speciality ol Super Stardust Quae apart Iron the difficulties ol playing a game where using the screen wraparcxrid a ol tremendous importance (and it's a breakthrough moment when you slop frantically Hying lo slay in Ihe cent eUbe. screen where Iaidy obviously me I concenlral'On ol boulders is at its hitp.mi ’ and work wilh Ihe wrap lo speed oJol f

danger and pounce on

\ something from beh.nd) Ihe nlroducbon oI monslftt wilh the second level 1 causes near-panic i These monsters -I unlike the leebie  bleep oI the original I game, heralded L with a piercing.

jangling alarm klaxon - try I heir damnedest lo do away with you in so many nasty ways, ihe very least of which is loilovrtQflyou doooerty around the  semen i ihe very mod involves ' 1 something remarkably unpleasant io do wrth overwhelming odd*, spinning spiked arms that overlap ihe screen edges so you re in daager Irom Ihree directions ai once, and leisurely bombers spiling proximity mmes.) II makes each new screen an adventure, with you whittling away al Ihe rocks then being expertly tightened by the klaxons. Hitting around the screen nervously trying lo annotate where Ihe monster&wd appear, and then gaMf MHRii.. :naa.IOatax mima

Mlhmah men The bits wt RltSget

lm saVvei to another alter delealmg ■ It monster, except that's NaoEL cSrxkng atop the Blackpool Tower ia a  H wind with a btg nappy edif and rafl   ftxarrpfe anyth**) to da »ti the Sfg"' OnMfe Legal Ed) reasej bwgorafeng

majesty oT apladlcri l i yon're

there, bobbing ITynilSSl la ma links ot

your ship and scream'ng n empRuc tear as it detonates against a razor-edged

wheel Ihe si2e ol Peru. Again, i


[as they del

What* 'not be mumtkngs Yi


you speed oABa\*sd


Wy WC<3 .m (Mm .

u. Jfl

There* iKm+"e< on* ih.ng woogM St*** Stt/buH One quile b«g Bung. eAi.*y lireaS/ soft After the lerrKymg ■ tfnlsnga oi StudusJ. you d aspect Ten

/*T\ UPPERS ( A ) Spectacular, that t

---- the word lot Super

Stardust. And elegant. Playable. Ihat'a another one. And thumplngly exciting. (But that t two.)

yam between dMlMs to be thamtn a jjfceen 10 a txeanaM audenfAwarre percentages (such as shoMo-hi ratios ind er. power-up coni nxssed) and frankly astonetng pMertabon Good tor you  • JONATHAN NASH    ■**

® DOWNERS Vastly easier than the original -you should have no trouble getting to. say, level three on tha llrst day. The engine power-up's annoying as well - H just Increases your speed, which scuppers your turning circle.


The mechanics have been tidied up Since Stardust, and II obviously trounces the original on presentation But I'm genulnaly perturbed by the lery ease with which 1 tailed through 6B% Ot the game. Hmmm It is a great game, there's no denying that, and I have little doubt that I shall be reluming tor another prolonged crack at It in a couple of weeks. So... subtract this, add that. Yes. All things considered. I d say the U (J original mark stands. - U 7












ftnchng as the shards of cathode ray tube embedded in it cut mto my palms), I'd vow to get even -maybe firing on the baddy from the pfatlorm above him. out of range of hts guns - and make it lo the ne*t level fluff n' Tumble is that kind of game

It s also, in a funny, platform gamey sort o( way. surprisingly original It looks reassuringly tarn liar when you first load it up. but think about it when was the last time you played a platform game where instead of umpmg on baddies heads to kill them, you could shoot them

Gama: Ruff 'n' Tumble Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Renegade Price: £26

Release: October

Ruff n' Tumble made me swear one helluva lot. and I hate it when that happens It's quite the most difficult frustrating game I've played all month And yet. because it's so good, I had no choice but to keep playing it

"You you dirty rotter1" I'd cry as yet another armour-plated baddy shrugged off my hail ol bullets and continued to stomp towards me. tvs laser bolts ripping me apart like a watermelon (remember that scene from Day of the Jackal7 Yes. like that ; Riled beyond measuie. I'd hurl my Idyslick through the screen, resulting m hundreds ol pounds' worth at damage and iusing (he electricity on the entire second Hoot of Future Publishing, unwittingly causing work to grind ponderously to a halt on several ol Britain s biggest-selling ♦ ■Sure computing magazines But. attar walking swiftly round the block a couple of times to let oft steam. I'd always return, sweep away ifte debns. purchase a new monitor liom Dixons and arrange lor Chris ifte Handyman lo reconnect the electricity Grasping my joystick with renewed vigour and determination (and barely

- ■*! a variety ot iitearms

Quite a while ago. IT    flMfl

•age' Tjmcar. s the    Slilii

Obvious example, and Ruff n Ttnpte i- kind ol a cross    H

between lhal and something cute end s-ck like Naughty Ones or    V

indeed Putty Squad    

The first world's even a Woodland'" on* Ysu leap from grassy knoll to leafy ireelop venturing into earthy tunnels from tme to time m search of bonus items It <1 weren't tor the lamentable rave music Beraig out ot the speakers, drowning out ki but the loudest sound effects, you couU almost imagine you were happily playing Mr Hull

Oh. except instead of rogue Meckcunants and chickens, your path *. blocked by a band ot the meanest.

toughest robotic baddies    —_

eve fo feature r a computer game They re t swathed in armour

plating (your bullets    nJIJ    m

png' into them quite    tlVp

satisfymgly], and even

»* weediest ones - the

ones that stream out ol

generators and queue up to be    J

Mown away - would be more yj

ftan a match tor ED-209 The truly

tn ones meanwhile - like the    .

American Footballer type ones who (j

pul then heads down and charge at

you. absorbing hundreds and hundreds of shots, and even after you've finally managed lo take them down get up again and have  another go - would probably give an Imperial Star Destoyer a run lor its money And what about Ihe metallic firemen, who come running towards you and suddenly, with no warning k whatsoever, tire out some sort ol hose *1 thing which impales you through the r stomach No mucking about

hr    A    1

m the - yes1    x/n

Cave’“ level There '    4

are also all ihe usual shields, energy power-ups and extra lives, many of which can be released it you kill a whole senes ol baddies in quick successor (The game works a bit like a scrolling shoot-'em-up m that respect, which neat) And. on the subject of pick-ups. you can get bonus points lor running through (s>gh) floppy disks joysticks. mice, batteries and (groan) microchips (Why can't people occasionally search a iittfe further than their own desks tor inspiration Printing ‘Loading, pease waif m between levels is one way ol shattering the fragne illusion of a computer game, having loads of floppy disks and joysticks tying around all over the place is another How about hanging banners from the scenery proclaiming "You are playing a computer game"1 Or making the baddies hold up little signs saying T am not. m tact, a netanous robotic alien bent on your destruction, but merely a collection of \


4 Yout standard gun is F     pretty hopeless m ihe

face ol odds l<k« these and. although power-ups _ -    /re

Mr/ sparsely scattered about M There's one that doubles your F rate Ol tire one that turns your r bullets into laser bolts and then

various special

,    • j • «wp B . 9* ones in each

wc,id'iika a llamethrawer in me Woodland

W Jr A world end a F *    btiiiiani rocket


passage you just passed And sometimes you re better oH leav-ng weapons alone tar a while unfei you've Sh=; ay a lew ol the easier baddies and then going back tor them when you re m realty desperate need at them Ths is a game that starts oh looking impossibly difficult and then once you ve worked out a technique to' each level, turns out merely to be incredibly hard instead Easy


There are doors to open. too. which rsqu-re you to find keys Some irr-nive you venturing mto tncky parts oI the level you'd otherwise have given a miss, while others, although it's not essential you open them, have tempting power-ups lurking be It-id them All very Alice vi Wonderland    >

"Your bullets 'ping' into them quite satlsfyingly"


residing within youf computer's memory" Tsk)

Bui. although power-ups are tew and tar between the way they ve been scattered about ihe levei-;-H has been achieved with

dastardly devtousness That H group ck robotic wasps swarrm-g

■    towards you m gh! ‘ook pretty

■    terrifying, but not it you picked


There's one such door nghi near the start of one ol the levBis with a handy extra hie behind it. but you'll search m vain tor  //a the key it's not

until you

gel right to the end ol the level that you realise that you ve gone all the way found m a circle, and you're back where you started, but behind the door Pretty damn sneaky, I thought And also, ol course, formidably hard Baddies don 1 generally reappear it you kill them, they don't walk away and come back again But there are generators which carry on spilling them out - like the ones in Geuntiei - except you can't deshoy them That means the place is always crawling with lobols And really-hard-to-kitl ones, loo, who take great delight m running towards you and taking advantage ol the tact that, as <s the universal rule in games, in any collision between you and a baddy you'll always go 'Aaargh' and lose some energy whde Ihe baddy will come off usl line AND they're all really intelligent, as well it you sneak up behind one and /yC' sian merrily biasing away, he won t ust dumbly blunder onwards until he dies, oh //. no-he II wheel

aiound and pump you full ot a veritable hail ot

photon unpleasantness, learsome fireballs or common or garden bullets


And the bosses Phew It you’re ol the opinion that bosses are meant to be some sod ol reward for completing a level, a kind of interlude, rather than some sort ol test you ve got to pass before going onto the next bit. then you'll hate RuH n Tumbie The giant owl at the end ot the first world comes (tying towards you n a hail of laser bolts and kits you virtually instantly He s got a pattern you'll eventually learn, but. of course, lo do that will fake toads of lives, and once your meagre ration has expired you'll have lo go all ihe way back through World 1 before you can try again Challenging') 0' fruslialing1 II probably depends on your temperament Atier a lime I ran out of expletives and had lo content myself with Simpfy gating af the screen in shattered rksbeiief, dazedly shaking my head

But, although Rutf n Tumble might be difficult, it s always completely fair Every level has been meticulously designed lo ensure mat you never have to lump blindly oil a platform m the hope that some spikes won t scroll onto the screen underneath you (Indeed, the screen often scrote of it s own accord to show you otherwise-hidden bits ) Every baddy can be dealt with salely if you work out the best approach Power-ups a>e placed iusl where they re needed Indeed, if you were some kind of gamesplaying colossus, with pico-second reactions and immense powers ol calculation, there s no reason why you shoutdni be able to play through the entire game on your first go without losing a drop of eneigy - nothing's been left to chance

And on top of a> that, it's fabulously slick and weil-piogrammed A slightly dull choice of colours means our screenshots probably won't do the game justice, but

the animation >$ beyond compare, and ail me sprites have loads of character The name throwers work just like real ones, rockets woosh off purposefully, and the explosions when a baddy dies really justify all the effort you have to put in The only things I could really find to complain about are a) up lo jump', although given that the firebution's given over to controlling your weaponry, ifs hard to see how this could ve been got around (apart (torn recognising a two-button joystick, of course), b) a slight tack of suipuses once you ve encountered all the basic baddies m a wodd - there aren’t any special one-off ones, so you know pretty much what lo expect after the first few screens, and c) the way Ihe game seems slightly uncomfortable being both a cute platform game and an al-Out Walker style mggerthon' (as Cam would say) - it doesn t quite go to either extreme, and some meaty gun-reloading noses might just have helped the atmosphere ckck into place Nothing too serous, though, eh’

As long as you're prepared to suffer for your ad. fluff n' Tumble is one of the noesf games around at the moment In a nasty sort ol way • JONATHAN DAVIES

UPPERS Firm but fair-A every Inch ol it hat been

\_/ designed lo feet you to Ihe

limits. Impeccably put together, with deliciously slick graphics and great sound effect« (when they're not being drowned out by the awful music).


people could find If too J difficult, and be pushed lo acla of relallalory violence.


A brilliant game Ihafa clearly been pul together by people who care about getting it right. You'll get angry with ft. but all you’ll be able lo do it wag your A A finger at II and say,    sfjff

"You. you.. Oh. all right then My miafake."

oa b, biaxial nxwy wNb \


Astonishingly Identical '    0 lo playing 1 or the

A500. but I gueat regular < readers ol these A120Q boxes will have already guessed that. Hey-ho.


, We keep . telling you -it’s a FUN FAIR. Don’t you speak the Queen’s English


   caffeine levels in

each cup or Jo*

'    J and you II have

lourills coming back lor lecond. thirds and more! Gel Ihem hooked Ihen boon Ihe prices, that's my hint

li t your ob to make everyone as happy as possible, because II they re happy, they'll slay longer, spend more and make you rich quicker. However, it's Inevitable that you're going to have to cut corners, compromise quality and cheal a little to get every last coin out ol their nasty, grubby hands.

’    «    . . V". th ■

they re yummy. Once you've gol a huge mark-up on these processed ollal slabs, why not Iniect more and more tal into them II no one notices you can double your protit margins.

BIG TIME FRIES Smolher the tries In masses ol sail and giggle in glee as parched punlers ruth lo buy cold drinks They ve paid extortionate prices tor chips, only lo pay again to quench Ihe thirst! You simply can't lose.

-y—~mm mr valley ices

Jm Pack your Ireeiy-whlps I _«    with almost

•rM “'J illegal amounts L ~ <    cl lelmed sugar

so when weary mums buy whining brats a 99. they inadvertently create hyperactive, hyperglycemic whirling dervishes who run from ride to ride and speed up their spending. Until they re sick.


•    expensive

J U    carbonated

drinks when you

*     1. can sell cheap

I----TrKaftJ water Rake in

the cash big time and rip oil the snulfies by packing masses ol ice into each cup belore filling it with generic, non-name brand cola.

re m*u umu u unpc :i u >«j ;ih.i itnau

Runs cm: AL2QO PuWivtw»r r-iwcuonic Arts Author: Buliirruj Price: £35

Rn'ease: October


il help much


"You re given a finite amount of

jjjrtnSse They talk to each oih*.

-rfiterenl slvnuli and have drastic mood swings and



1 . s


** wteaam.



■■ 'T.i


HX’le ) Otoer

' a S’ • i i f- ■ . • I 1 .

1 •' III* ■ 1 ■«..!•■ a 1 E.»

tt.*1*7' '<1 i ■ ■ * i ~ ’»" _ _ _• •_ _


jperedhmk or Kxn€0* sacked them only toe i mugged Oops Inane" apocryphal] tala, a write

about all the features would take up another lour

magazna swears btatd ll

a Chicken Man sloping oil

the bushes and smoking a

quekoggy StA, these

stones al go towards

showing you what an

To go on and on

boo/eni packing bu

mstead oI meat are the only ways you're gomg to afford repayments on your loans and survive m the cut and tfvust world oi international fairgrounds


Against all my expectations, the business


eywy lu itwiet thaw towaerH shops wkartnraaMe bat trymg to keep poo .. .>iw fvgher Stenya* n Api ys is truty pe vii u i .urkjaustaff may f ►

unt a * •utaaniti as was i > ng ■tide expotM oeuauee the imtanu were overworked The be I don t Ike is fie sta" a'«j i/iik -x»yi f»hr». s.

4fP grin**** *r*1 AM**' *+40*'*    *»f.«,«t. < VV ym 4)

tn make v»v •«» F **>ry ,mar VE 4m    to -v»** '*•

vula R«gc nq gui uvng the system or mow-fl* ,iand up and down a scale unl pi qu>te ■eraty shake on e means mat


1 Ayu«iD * y vTMi w f *•>«

as v»» is tout 90t i



They sey everything comes to he who waits, but in Theme Park all you gsl for waiting is ■ pita of rubble. Rides must be maintained and paths kept swept clean, or you'll soon be sorry. Scruffy parks attract undesirable riffraff elements who work hard to make your rides break down even quicker Take a look at Ihe sorry spiral you get mlo if you take maintanaca men away.


side of e a reatypin hayerf the gamewwh SOTdbcn WmtwhaH

Despite the obvious cute took of the game. A doesn't take you tong to realise that A s a HlflHosed and

i<ii Jfl Mile park r-g up toys over f 00%.

The Sandbox level o< the game completely trees you of the burden ol paperwork. The Sim level introduces negotiations (or staff and goods rises, and prepsres you for the Full level, which throws everything si you. Including the slock market

You sun off the game with this humble earth closet.

However, investing in HAD produces this shiny thing.

And you end up with this smsn super-loo. Not bed



These are your whimpering curs, lo hire as you see lit. They will clean toilets lor you, they will repair your scary mechanical amusements lor you, they will dress up In large animal costumes and trlghlen small children tor you. You can work them tirelessly and Ihen, whan they re no use lo you. cast them aside without a pension. For you are their master and they are there lo serve YOU! Ha ha hat


These cheery    """

tallows slop T;    P - I*

people In queues

Irom getting W. ' ' 7U lUUlfl bored, keep

everyone Whr and hepfc amfca an ha -    “ '*

wnan ri starts to rant, stopping them irum getttrrg soggy and going home

bout how you


system ol

ass at your command

Me honl ol this mag so you can leal i it tiM by pfaymg M you ve not

piayade then why not4 II you havcgfj computer then why are you reading1 Yrttal are you, weird or something B


• ml id an

jtnw iakvs hous aud tuas kj play au> is kkary to rtkn Peep uattams manages eon nan ravisnn schedules m steal. A coUu wel destroy your lite.

a halt without this highly-paid lot


I’ve only skimmed the surface ol Vw

seemmgty myned possMMaa nl mfc




All that wa ve seen of '    0 the A500 version so tar

la Ihe demo that's on this month s eoverdisk, and theta pretty much the same aa the At 200 version. However, Ihalt no guarantee It'll be at tab as this, so ■ when we gel a version, we'll lell you ■bout It. Stay tuned.

r T


• a

1 LM. »

• i


Racing found Aytn Rock is Ike tone os

rocioj round i low*. Only undicr


We don’t know. Racing games, platformers and football games. What happened to imagination Creativity  Trying something new for a change

Game: Top Gear 2 Runs on: A120Q, CD32 Publisher: Gremlin Author: Mike Chilton Price: £26 Release: Out now


. etofe you Start flicking through ' your back issues ol I AMIGA POWER to find out whal we taught ol the anginal Top Gear target it. there wasn't one Weil lor all we know tare rrwghi have beer one on some other formal, but it certainly never came out on the Amiga Gremtn started using the Top Gear name for console racing games when they found they couldn't use the Lotus licence, so what we've got here s a SNES version ol a Lotus-style game converted back to Ibe Amiga. The Lotus series, you II recall, started with. er. the prehistoric Lotus 1. hit a Ngh with the graphically lovely, very last and split-screen two piayer-moded Lotus 2  AP7, 87%) and then went away for almost a year before returning with the

new and improwd' Lotus 3 (AP18, 74%). Number three may have had a course designer, but it simply didn’t have the same wboomph' as its predecessor, and it's Has lack ol whoomph' that severely miures Top Gear 2


There's not that much to say about the prmopie ol the game You ve got a Lotus meets Ford Probe kind at car l and the idea's to work piur way round 64 tracks

in 16 countnes There are 20 cars n each race and your position on the starting gnd inversely depends on your (inching position ol the previous race (so it you won you start at the back and it it you were useless you're neat the I root) Alt

you have to do to quality for    _

Ihf next lace is la linish r the lop ten although you ve got to finish higher to win money and earn points The more you win. the more you earn


around under Hie red line tor ages"

Hai.tih, U till .bul.ub Tip worn roio 1 «ff*ci ioo'vc iwruolt. ooyihiofT

which means you can splash out on better engines, ratro boosters, tyies and all that happy-Haitords slutt to make your car bigger, better and generaly groovier Eleventh position or below and you’re out ol the game

You're given the option ol an automate or manual gearbox, which m my case ctrectiy translates to Irtshmg first or finishing last In Lolus 2 and 3 l (yeah. I know I'm gong on about them a tot. but they're I awfully similar lo Top Geer 2) there are two ways you know when to charge gear, namely a rev counter that rapidly iodines (increases to the maximum speed tor that gear- - Ed) and the accompanying unhealthy engine squeal that tells you to change up or blow up In Top Gear 2 though, the revs are a bit wishy-washy and hang around under the red line for ages and the sound, well, read on

This game s gal temble. terrible



Thm or lain tioa. Thb ii ik« Sjdae O ara Hoem. Ib Sydaoy, Mich.

TWi H ih* viatBi froBi llio bodrooaa wiadow el ay rtaicd terraced hoaie.

Till ii loadoB. II ii i pitiful iIbhi that daienei 10 parlife ia aaciaar fire.

Wleieai Ikii b Ike outskirts of beaalifal talk, ky for tke prettiest town Ib laytoad.

In*, mil anyway, tack ra« It tal la a riiflaraai place. Sa that*.

conclusion mat most in game music originates m the hell-spawned mind ol Beelzebub himsell (with the exception ol DynatAaster and The Chaos Engine) but the music in this b extra

specially poor III wanted to listen to listless, generic, halt-hearted, pieikety-ptonkety music. I'd go out and buy a Transwsion Vamp CO (Or play yew Ptuhp Glass

soundtracks A pan - Ed)

Thankfully you can turn the music oil. only lo have it replaced wdh horrible engine sounds and a piercing tyre squeal on EVERY PIGGING CORNER Aaargh. another game played n total silence The races themselves turn out lo be an the same, apart Irom some tracks bemg longer than others In the Lotus games, you had rices where lorries thundered across

crossroads at Iron! ol you. or where you could crash through the central reservation and run the risk ol ploughing into oncoming traffic, but in this you've got the wide road all to yourself Yes. iust like FIGP. but that's a simulation and not a thnlls-and-sp'its speed racer. So there


What realty hampers Top Gear 2 is the surefire way ol Vushmg m the top three r every single race Here's how it goes At the start d every uce regardless ot how big your engvie e. or bow many nitros you use. or what place you start off at. the entire pack will sweep past you and speed off into the distance.

Then, alter about ■ thirty

seconds. you catch up wilh the

lail-enders and. assuming you don't run into the back ol B anyone (which drops your speed " by about 30mph) you can usl overtake everyone and hold tenth position or thereabouts Then, on the penultimate lap o< the race, just start hitting the nitros to boost your speed and blast you to the front. but don't lorgel lo save one lor the very end. as two or thiee cars usually storm past you practically on the !ma. even though they ve been trailing you round lor most ol me race

It's a simple, winning system (and one that highlights the lubbishy opponent drivers - there's no logic as to why the cars

overtake you at some stages ol the game but you can zoom past them at others, and you rarely have to battle lor a position against another car. either blasting past them or getting blasted past In tact, on one rare occasion where I actually seemed lo be going the same speed as another car. I tried to barge it off the road, only to see myself spin out and watch it shrink to a dot m Iront ol me. So if a car barges me off the road. I crash, and if I barge a car off Ibe road. I shl crash Great) wheh allowed me to get through

Ht was lata far hi* ua aad lha qalchail tenia wax throne* the lineal. *a*artiHl

"I tried to barge it off the road"

about ball ol Ibe game before getting bored and grving up.

Top Gear 2 just doesn't give you the feeling that you're driving a car You can get round most courses with the throttle permanently open (The fira button held down a* the time' - Ed), the turning arete ol your car's wide and ponderous, and when you steer it looks like your car's turning on its centra point rather than the front wheels All criticisms that can be directed at Lotus 2. true, but that's slit: more enjoyable than this It just ■$ Trust me - I'm a professional

It I were a cruel and heartless man.

I d give Top Gear 2 a score in Ihe low 40s lo convince people not to buy it But. er. it isn t that bad It's damned with being average - torus 2 beats it on crash-zoom-spill antics. FiGP beats it on realism and handling, and FI beais er«rylhing hands down m terms ol excitement and all-round brilliance Top Gear 2s all right - iust don't buy it. okay  • CAM WINSTANLEY


Gilllona of different race courses, a fairly competitive two player game and um. It's nearly aa good aa Lotus 2. (But not quite.)

® DOWNERS It s not aa

much fun as many other racing games already on Ibe market, tacking both excitement and variety. The save game codes are a device Ot Satan (22-character phrases ol random latlers that. er. you can t use the keyboard to enter), Ihe race tactics don't maka much sante and that rain effect has to be seen to be believed.


When a company releases a game that isn't aa good as one of their own from a tew years back. It’s goi to be time for them to all down and have a serious rethink. II you want a really good racing game lor your A1200 buy Domark** FI    A fLZ

Instead. You want a    

Gremlin racing game    B 1

Buy Lotus 2.    ww-





o —


- _

or your


Well, at least it’s not an ’n’ game. (But we’re going to change it anyway.)

Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Gremlin Authors: Gremlin Ireland Price: £30 Release: Out now

launched from spiffing heads lo bounce unavoidably along their allotted loule. Since they are unavoidable you have lo lump back and lonh item bridge to bridge m the best Frogger tradition until you can advance to a clear space The speed ol the balls and the sluggishness ot your character, the demon ot the title, makes completing the screen extremety indcy But that's not all A section ot each bridge is pointedly cracked and worn, and when you jimp on to such a segment you discover why - it collapses beneath you. tumbling you mo ihe abyss and leaving an awkward gap in the walkway But that's not all A small hopping monster constantly makes his way

and it he

catches you.

knocks you off Ihe bridge. You have to slay on the wrong bridge long enough lor him to spot and follow you before making the jump you were planning all along It the balls haven't gol you by then, of course

But that's not all. In common with the rest ol Ihe game, your demon has a bit Ol an independent view or movement Sometimes hell respond dutifully lo you' button-pushing, at other times he might go *1 completely the wrong ckrection Or he might just not move at al The rascal But that's not all The creakmgly lorced perspective ol the graphics makes fudging jumps fiendishly difficult Should you jump forwards1 Left1 Diagonally forwards and left1 And once you've reached Ihe tar door (a teal I managed exactly twee) m what direction does the game consider it lo be1 It might appear to be forwards (ot left) (or diagonally

Folks. I'm reviewing Lima Devil at the same lime as Super Stardust, and both games neatly support the same argument That argument concerns Ihe difficulty of games and goes along the lines of it is impossible lor a game to be loo difficult, merely unlair Whereas Ihe sudden fiery deaths ol Super Stardust were quite clearly my fault, my inability to get beyond level two ol Little DevW is a problem to be laid at the scufled loafers ol the designers

Let me regale you with an example i puzzle from the game by way ol I explanation The very room, in tact, that ft has defeated me The idea ol the H puzzle is to gel (tom Ihe botlom ol the ■ screen to the top by leaping across a Sft tno ol spindly bridges Plasma balls Hft patrol the walkways, irregularly


ihe mam game wilh lull energy), tediously unpredictable (sometimes your Mows connect, sometimes the troll dodges A them, sometimes be just flattens you be tore you can move), you can't skip H, arid ii appears to be iheie HB only to make you very angry before even beginning the game proper M

TNs consists ot waking around some 3D tunnels that look identical except tor the amusmg obstacles scattered about (hotes m the centre ol the tunnel that you can't see until you're upon them and spikes at the sides ol the tunnel that you can't see until you're upon them and many other similar irritations) and picking up energy-replenishing food or gold which you use to buy objects in the shop It is. basically, a giant 3D maze with an auto-mapper (except the auto-mapper doesn't indicate m which direction you're tacmg. so you keep going the wrong way).

TNs leaves (he puzzles They're beautHul things They glister Bui. readers, as lhal wise old saying solemn-noddmgly corroborates, they are noi gold They are. m tact, rksguised versions ol the walking along and hitting people beal-’em up. the Mow the leader shapes game Simon, and the board game Downfall where you twiddle interlocking dials lo jog a prize into your hands They are but a tmy. tiny part removed from the rooms ol Dragon's Lav That senes ol games, you will recall, required you only to move the icyslick al certain points In Little Devil you have lull control over the character, but always within straitjackeimg parameters

forwards and left) but. stunningly, lunging te joypad those ways seems lo do noihng at al I d be tempted to say that. Ike so many other puzzles, you probably don’t have the correct object to complete fie screen (for example, a beat-em-up mom has you lighting a sieno wrestler but no matter how many blows you land your opponent shrugs ihem oh and batters you to a pulp Collect Ihe pin Irom another room, however, and you can pop the v*am like a balloon There's no mrkcahon fxs nvghl work and it's only after scrappmg lor a lew, vitally soul-destroying seconds lhal the demon impishly takes it upon Nmsetl to use Ihe pm on Ns own nnative) but since you've had no chance to pck anything up. that's obviously not fie case

Bui that's nol all Although this room 6 blocking Ihe way - you can't gel further mto the game except by completing il -after six attempts Ihe room resets and you're thrown out. And you have lo go back In agam straight away, except <Ts not quite straight away because of the universally slothful but up until now not generally accepted to be menially toduously maddening CD loading times

But that's nol all


When you starl Little Devil - before getting to the game, or even the load saved game screen - you have lo fight ths troll on a bodge It's a pointless exercise (no matter how many limes you get Nt, you can't be lulled, and you slan


I tried to approach Little Devil as a player, ail bnghi-eyed and excited about the prospect ot the fust real not-about-

lo-lurn-up- MClHiNy


CD32game I've been cruelty and completely disappointed.

Mayhaps the remainder ol the game improves sharply, but I can'i equate drastic change with the initial lefts' identical troll maze-erash.ngty untair puzzles structure (The PC version certainly didn't get better, and if Ihe programmers have bee ted up the gameptay as they said ihey had last month, why pul the rubbishy bis first II doesn't make sense) Little Devil is an exiremely poor game, and that is that • JONATHAN NASH


® UPPERS The animators of Little Devil really have got the hang of timing. The demon s got character, the monsters are splendidly villainous and the gags are lunny (my favourite being the bit where the demon shines a torch under his chin to scare away some monsters). I've never really rated the Dragon)s Lair graphics (they're large and last and smart and clear, but the gaga are (ust flurrying slapstick) but Little Devil realty Impressed me. Just the rlghl amount ot sound, too: the music's nondescript lute stuff, but the incident-triggered voice effects crisply enliven the action.


Depressingty predictably, the gameplay. Unfair, simple-minded, repelitive In Ihe tunnels, unfair, simple-minded and haughtily antagonistic In the rooms. It's like Ihey didn't want you to play. And I'll admit that I've only got lo level two. but not lor want of trying.


A great piece tor the artists' portfolio: a great piece ol evidence against the designers    Z

when they tall into ihe " M " M « hands of the ruthless    M a ~

secret police.    mtmA




Car design Is easy. Look - just by changing the rear end I've crealed live distinct models. Hurrah.

Runs on: A500. A60Q.


Publisher: Impressions Authors: In-house Release: Out now Price: £35

This ts a management simulation, ihis is Slarting at ihe dawn ol auiomaiive technology, you are the president ol a cat company By youi financial wizardry and expert marketing nous you are supposed to create the next General Motors (Hurrah1 -Michael Moore) You design cars (hooray), you build lactones and sales ottices (hmm), you hire and lire workers (yawn) and assign them to different individual projects (big yawn), you get drowned m tedium by setting their wage levels (inn) you have to set the budgets tor yOur marketing spend (aaargh) and Ihen. three years into the game the computer mysteriously builds a level eight factory lor you in Mexico along with minus S6 sales ottices and your modest annual profit ol S3.000 or so becomes a $ 4 5 billion loss and you have to start all over again (Pcks up computer, thnks about smashing it against wall, looks round, realises everybody is stanng. sits down )

I hate this game I desptae I I hate as

I like driving in my car...

From the main screen you choose any one ol the live departments that lorm the company. Aller you've given them Instructions you perform ■ month end and ell their orders ire carried out

simultaneously. Simple.

slupkl nsiprd control system (Hang on -nspid control system'7 - Ed) For example - and you really only need one example -different pads ol the game use dttereni key tetters to represent the same command So instead o( teaming to move speedfy around the various screens you end up peenng at the screen and trying to decade which ol Ihe many letters n the command you're trying to use is the one you have to press as a key tetter Nnggh. as JO would say. were he here (When lam. ot come. and not. tor example, on hoUay on deadkne week Otanvthmg - Ed)


Worse still is the way in which the game lorces you to perform every action repeatedly The running ol the company s broken down into tasks as I dasenbed earlier, but as the years roll by the tasks don I change to keep' you interested No.lheyjusl have to be repeated more often so that what once bared you when you had 10 do if lor one sales office now crushes you when you have to do 4 lor twenty - step by painstaking step it's empty no tun Detail prom ass

merest and then destroys every last bit ol it by its awlul control system


Don 1 mistake me lor somebody who doesn’t ike management sims either. I'm a Ralroad Tycoontanatic I ma &m Cifynul Theme Park has had me dang metaphorical back-flips with joy But this stinks It stinks of cash-in It sinks ol small-minded greedy people who have looked over the shoulders ol other people s success and thought - how can we get our grubby hands on some ot this money7 The authors ol this game must KNOW that it s leckcus Don't buy * Don t encourage them Don 1 let them get away with it • STEVE FARAGHER




'Everything' is Of course the answer to the question 'Okay, but what exactly is the problem " The sprites are tiny with only three frames ol animation, the scrolling bnngs tears to the eyes, the sound effects are so bad they'd make a Speccy blush, and (d you haven't already thrown a brick through the screen m rksgust at the appalling backdrops) the music would have you seriously considering ripping the speakei out o( your television There ate programming bugs (jump ovei a gap and the screen might not scroll in time la let you over, you can kill baddies offscreen, and sometimes even walk oft yoursell). there ate blatant design Haws (you can tall oft the edge ol level one -great) and the manual is awful, filling you m lor eight pages on the loads' ages, history, hobbes. favourite (favours ot Cotnelio. etc. and then cramming the controls into seven Ivies (wdh no mention ot how to barge into people on level one. or how to turn into a bashing ball while swinging down the ropes on level two Cheers). Having such a varied Ire-up ol levels was stupid (you can't help thinking that if they'd got the beat-'em-up bit right and moderated the rest rto sub-games, it wouldn't be quite so bad] (Er. ftcft is obviously comptasmnQ about fhe variety oi levers being poor, rather than rtsmssmg the variety itsett as a sty idea - Ed) and. oh. I give up Barrtefoads is cack. right, and it it gets ten percent it ought to count itself extremely lucky • RICH PELLEY

UPt’EHS Atlgeg last. . [ A ) finally, eventually, boy-w*-piavicwed-thli so-long-ago-l-don l-thlnk-my voice had-even broken-then, you can play BelUeloads on your Amiga

® DOWNERS Don't, however, expect your computer aver to speak to you again II you try.


There is absolutely no fun to be had playing Baltleloads on the Amiga M s chronically badly-programmed, and the only reason you'd ever carry on playing past your first game is to see what all the levels    a    w

look like. Quite Irankiy.    11    -

this never ever should    w    -

hive boon released.    M    *

[: 4 r


-3s. If you thought the A1200 A500 version of

Battleloeda was bid. then you should sea It running on a A1100 It's exactly the same.

Game: Batlletoads Runs on: A500 and A600 (1 meg). A1200 Publisher: Mindscape Authors: Rare Price: £20 Release: Out now

B ante toads, be tore you consider exciting yoursell over the emergence ot the most long-awaited game in Amiga history, s cack Our seeds ot suspicion that this be the case were sown by the tact fiat Mindscape didn't men see tit to send us a review copy Were they just having a busy week'’ Had they just forgotten Or does it rather suggest that they thought it they put it in a race box and got it into the shops before we at AP had a chance to dssuade you otherwise, it might just sell  (Who can left - Ed)

We can only hope that none ol you acted before sensibly waiting tor a word or two Irom us because, rather emberrassngly. we tkdn i even know SifSefoads was out unU I inadvertently walked info a computer shop in Bristol the other day (to fry to get recognised still no luck, though) and. m an linguaided moment, saw it on the shell. Or more correctly, reduced to £10 m the Bargain 8in a large-scale

avoid the rocks and press Fite), the fourth a a vertically scrolling version of the first and. from what I gather from the positively ancient NES ongmal (on which this is based), it carries on m pretty much n the seme vein Irom there on

version ol which should surely be constructed, and xito whrh all copms ol Batileioeds should be Hung to rot lor ever more We often lell you here at AMIGA POWER lhal games are crap’, but it there was ever a reason lor relaxing Future Pubfishing’s rules on swearing, then 8d mo loads is it; thus game is not so much crap as fOufe dearty' - Ed) lernbie


Baffle roads is divided into twelve levels The first is a scrolling beat-em-up. very much a poor man s Golden Axe (walk up to baddies and press Eire), the second s like that bit in Ghosfbuslers 2 (the game) where you are lowered down a cavern on a rope (swing into baddies and press Fire), the third has you in a spaceship Hying through a scrolling tunnel (move up and down to



tie characters n the game. It's a M Ik* a rado play, with pctores

Now bang uncharadenstaaRy appreciative ot the aesthetes oi a game wrti no regard to toe desgn. ttw 8 a tend* (tea No matter how good a script, i s tie dekvety tiai carts Look ad. say. tie B*o scripts They read wed you gel tie jokes, bui I s nol irtl you see Phd Savers smrk hs way through tie show. machme-gravwig the gags, tiai tie scripts come to Me Yes indeed. I pretkd dial once tiese laiues gel nto tie* stride wel ad have a Id ol kn ftghi, critical head back on.

Being ai tie torelroni d lake games (Qarkseedbeng tie only otter one), you d expect Smon to have a lew toetmg problems What you don't expect are the glanng ladts The speech beaks 141. misses words, and. si one memorable scene nvotang a td bridge, dashes so bacty wdh tie backgromd samples (to the case, a nsving walerial) that hugs chunks d d simply dsappear There are also mnor but mady strange bugs evolving Smon sayng somethng that s just obviously wrong lor example, examine a statue and hel remark. 1 have sometxng else lo show you.' And ttete's nd even a token attempt at Ip-synchng (Yes. I know, bul t does sheet tie atmosphere, as anyone who's seenadtobedNmwiI attest)

Bul most Ltododinately. tie actors employed to play tie characters are tasty temple Apart from the two headkners (sacom staksad Chns Barns and Btoke Who Does Voces On Spdimg image. Roger Rake), tie cast d unknowns performs as il at a school play, swappng hmng and characterisation lor sAy voces and flai readng Everyone plays


Hall to

Ahtttb (jOotdt Offr / fefcr*    yC

Consume Piet. up Ct&x Use    ®

fc&A to Remom kh&r Qnm    

Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Adventure So(1 Authors: Simon and Mike Woodrobe Alan Bridgman and others Price: £34 Release: Out now

A question dear readers Whal's the paint d saving you pas*on in a game7 I'm prodding that you I be saying something Ike. 'Why. so 1 can tun on the game, play sametwig else and. perhaps weeks tater load up tie ongnal game and cany on Irom where I left oh you tod.’ n whch case, youl be aushngly d&appotoied by Smon tie Sorcerer CD32 The save rtxsne all bul Nls tie CD32 s store memory, destroying saves Irom dher games Equaky dimsiy il you tier play anotier game and save your position. <1 wi overwrte the Smon save So you wtier have to play S»non exclusively unM you krvsh 4. or resqn yourset to restarting when you play agar U s more tian annoying A s downright nfunarng


Bul you don’t wad 10 hear about that You want 10 hear about the el taking verson d the game Which lbs * Yes. to a shnckrgTy moratory sod d way. Advedure Soft have rewntlen tie game so that mstead d readog text, you get to hear people Deng

more than one part, and you can let tostanty who s dong whom because they always sand exactly tie same


But let us nd heap dame upon the actors The senpt a babdcal Jonathan s d; ady dsmembered the intend hrenour m AP34. but I shal add that, unike. say. oooh. what The Secret Of Monkey liiend. the jokes d Sown tie Sofcerp' just don't kavfi It s a buane experience tofennq to (he on-so EngAsh Berne dekver L>-i -tDouI 'pizza bars" and 'quarters' to 1*5 lamAfcy arrogars, 'iitednoslni slyk.1 And beca.r * you can't bypass single tewe. or opt tor tie lexl verson or anythrg. you have to c-f*1uw the whole scnpl. beca ie chrac-.-il,-. 4 you skg stub you ! mss somethng mportani (Remember, because d f*«i siupd save louire. you l be playng Iho to (he end) So you srf I he re and fume whin an owl murtoJes is way tvough a hug speech nddted weh dues, or while some wizards swap inconsequences bekxe comng 10 the pom, or wtvie a depressed green Izard •tiers on about its non-existent trends be lore asking the vital queskon or any cne d a (kindred exasperating sequences The actual game s unaltered Irom *s Arrvga ocamalion leasmg.'y Lvfetfd graphes that dsapponi when you rentoe nearly everything on screen is scenery. I toy objects bindngty obvious puzzle amaze ngN al the begnrmg d tie game, lookshty empty locations and dead ends .nd shademgty poor misc It r hrtSSuvy. .in utierfy ordnary pom and-ckek adrentue. and no amount d Tak can change that • JONATHAN NASH

UPPERS Realty gorgeous graphics


with hundreds ot main and InofcWitel animations. Jokes a-pleniy You can t get kilted. Splendidly sensible use ot CD32 joyped. ire Ilka an eager puppy, frisking and gambolling exerfedy with a toy In Its desire to pteew.

DOWNERS But one you haea to kick and throw in the riser because it biles the children. The talkie stub annoys no end. but you hiM lo put up with it. (Oar*seed did it all better with text and aptiaral speech). The uva game laetuia Is preposterously Iambi* the puzzles ass spread thinly over the painltessly large playing area and the Jahaa just aren’t tunny. They really aren’t.

A refratellngty different idea, but one that hasn't coma oft. Better writing woma nave naipea pm isibib sins, a closer look al the compact trickiness ot, ooh. arfwl Monkey /aland would have helped Ifaa aprseriiegly cotourteesgameptay Real least 17% mere annoying to play than the silent version, so It's toeing marks.

- t


Hhghty Max O 1993 BlueOnd (UK). Film Roman. Inc . Canal • DA Under I marine Irani Bluetiiid (UK)


AMIGA 1200

2 CASHL STREET CASUEFIELO MANCHESTER M3 4L2 TEL 061 832 6633 . UX: 061 832 0650

1 *”• -5

1 ’


bigger arptoelone. ** bonkers ml—tom, -y hundred* ot plan— and bomba and lota lo antartaln (ha modam military obaaaatvs.

® DOWNERS Tha muale a tarrlbla, there'r* all 11 aome odd glltcbaa In It and moal ot tha In-batw— n acraana a till naad more attention paid to them.


Tha move to CD haa b—n good lor JetatrfJre, and once you gat peat tha odd control ayatam (dockwl— and antt-cloclml— rotation - (or fllp'a uka], you'll have a great m lima. H'a quirky, lt‘a wacky, and I Ilka It Iota. W I


The base game idea s pnmaive. being only one slap above Ihe ancient Spectrum game Hamer Attack, with you I tying either left or nght across a wraparound screen lo tftam * bomb twigs There s somethmg lragea»y wrong with the (tying model, which resets at planes stalling as Ihey turn, or twairoly Itangng at the air. nose up. tail down lor anything up to live seconds Tlvs ts particularty noticeable during air combat whch atvanabiy ends up with ihe two planes comrcaty and unieakshcalty ordatg each other And the music marks an all-time low lor video games, with Top Gun-atspred

punchy MOR rock songs     -

written, performed and    ■'iIBIuSb

recordM (we have to f \    ■ * ■ ™

presume) by the / f—c ip pfogfammtrs / tuend ai his mum's I    fllFOUl

living loom    I ,    “

Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Kompart Author: Rasputin Price: £26 Release: Out now

Daspte the tact that it looked and played like some son ol elaborate PD game the original version ol Jetstnke (AP32.68*.) managed lo anpress us enough to atdude a down at the tail end o< the AMIGA POWER Ai Time Top 100 There was no gating away Irom the lad that a was luted through and through, not least with fie lad that lor every minute ol game m. you had to endure an almost equal amour! ol Ask accessing Being available on a bright and shiny CO has seen oft that problem, but it's std an odd catalogue ol garfcy Khosyncrasres

For a start, the between game graphics are mostly lerrble (although (wra a a pretty good logo you gel lo see dung loading breaks, and il doesn't say te usuaiy irntatmg Loadng. please wait aa no marks lost there) The grammar ol tie mssmn boatings sucks, with such howkn as Tty out and make them ecology * whatever that might mean, and re mdio n—lQBl that pop up rvcaanvhN t'Thta a hw tower, you r* deaied lor In»a cthi sound spook'ly l*e a passer by who's lad a tape recorder shoved under (vs nod". Professional vocsover work this iJn't

    wnnnuge    ncor4

I 0*pk*KVlS

j on land and    .

y / g«»vy / splash— ai sea. You gel a number Ol t»is»Ons across ihe same lor ram so takng out

targets early on helps _i

you lalcr. and should

Ihe prospect ol    1    [

blowing ttvngs up boro **vll“ *-you. you can always JH • n go on lo Ihe SlupKSy -    “ * *

hard and hugely    K_n


Aerotymprea ieclion which gets you doaig dumb Ihmgt kko Dying last Ots Ihroogh narrow linnels

Despite ai as problems and a lew armoymg gMchos. Rasputm have bruty produced a jolty satisfying version of

Once you ve \    .

started playing, it's \IUHB I kind ol hard 10 slop I    .

think my problem is that it's been programmed by someone danqriouafy obsessed with Ihe modern rrditary. so mislead ol ten or Iwelva planes and a low helcoplers. there's pretty much every smgie modem military aeroplane to choose from, each with suitable sound effects It you choose the A-10 Warihog lor instance (my lave piano), you got a realistic lurbno whme and a staccato _    chainsaw raiding every

Slime you lire Ihe Galling gun winch certainly made my day ospeoaly when I 1 oared towards a poorly delondod convoy and blew Ihe blooming ■Bejabers'

mvis<»Hy and Ihe now background and weather efforts improving the ovor.il took ol i They've also used the joypad wisely, which gtves il a huge usot Inenrty advantage over I ho clumsy toyslck koyboard combmalnns ol Ilia anginal I lot best ol al. it's usl good okl laslncned lun In play And Huso fiipki-inns pliwn.ii

eh lads'’

■ CAU WINS tANI fY    _

an combat s poor, Ihe mam game's sol around ground attack, which s fearsome lun


There'll be an Identical U 12()Q hard disk-installable

version oul soon which arill even allow you lo use a CD32 controller. 1 approve.

compliTM control


They’ve donated their brains for computer game research. They’re knocking on the door of Silicon Heaven. There may be more to life than computer games, but as only those who have had the insight, patience and skill to investigate will appreciate, there is more to many a computer game than meets the eye. Rich Pelley reports...


The game leaiurmg Hulk Hogan, surely me man with (he second most ridiculous moustache to ever grace the upper-lip ot a human being (Nigel Mansell s coming a dose third, with the title led open lor Jonathan Davies on the day he decides to grow one), Suburban Commando was concluded by one ol our reviewers lo be ideal budgei I odder - in other words, not worth the cash, but worth a lew plays it it was put onto a budget label What our reviewer completely tailed lo include, ol course was any reference to Hulk's tache - how he ever gets it through customs is a mystery to me I mean there ate handiabai moustaches, and there are handlebar moustaches, but

you could piacticalty win the Tout de France with his

There was very little tafc ol level codes dunng the review either, so here some are. courtesy ol one ol those miamous readers whose name has become detached from its letter

Level two - PIXEDXE Level three - THOMAS Level lour - POSTMAN PAT











1 O &



2 <


(AP40 coverdisk)

On the PD demo ol Tanks 'n'Stuff. which came tree seitotaped to ihe cover ol issue 40. pause the game and piess N You will have lound a mysterious hidden game1

Tasar Rash>d ol Luton let us know about that one. and threatens that it we don't pnnt his letter.


he'll go out and buy an IBM PC. Which isn't really that lorebodmg. s <1 Tasar’ Threatening to cancel your subscnplioo come round, torch ihe AP office and brutally murder our immediate lamiiies ij • threat. Buying you well a new computer, is not

You want to waste your money’ You go nght ahead my boy



Future Publishing)

Due to a bizarre set o< circumstances, there was no way ol gelling your hands on the Mission Disk lo Bultrog's excellent Syrdcate until our sister (and now just round the corner) magazine. Amiga Format deeded to publish it themselves It you want more into give AF a bell or it you Simply want to order a copy send a cheque lor £12 99 (made payable to FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD) 10 Syrxtcate Mission Disk. FREEPOST Cary Court. Somerlon, Somerset TA11 7BR You ai.'i ol course need the orgmal

Syndicate (available from Electron*

Arts) but it you've already got one then don’t lorget to try out Ihe exclusive mssen on the lionl ol AP38

It it's tips you re after, then we ve featured a whole host ol slufl lor the ongaal Synrkcaierci naues X. 31 and S3, and lollowing you II tind some weapon and mission advice tor the Revolt misnone (from Russel Bagley o' Halifax Cheers Russel - have a prize) You'll need to buy next month's issue tor the conduaon. although if you can't wait iheie's always the (cough) Future Publishing Official Syndicate Playing


HEIMDALL 2    69






Guide loaiunng all-new tips and strategies and a walkthrough o! every mission ol the original and the mss-on disk available lor t14 95 from Ihe same address as the disk

And finally, it anyone would like to buy a W registration mark tour Ford Cortina, with eight months MOT and 77 thousand miles on the clock there's a man down my road trying to sell ono


MINI-GUNS: Plenty ol ammo and decent range make this a weapon that you really shouldn't be wthout GAUSS-GUN: Long range enormous power, but severely limited in ammo it a rocket isn't pont on then it won I damage your target although the llames left by the explosion will sel lire lo anyone stupid enough to walk mto them -it's almost worth sending m

a hail

a rocket if say there are lots ol agents coming down an alley As an assassination weapon the Gauss-gun is essetttal because it: % powerful enough to kill people through *3ifc LASER: The longest range, bul if your target ponter doesn't glow red then don 1 expect the shot to be accurate LONG RANGE RIFLE: Range’ - Long Ammo’ - Plenty Bul power’ - not nearly enough If* only leal use is tor stopping cars. or. in deiicale situations iMjch as when you have to avoid killing



! lots si exciting things happened 1 issue 35 On page 13 in AMIGA POWER Recommends, accidentally mused out a lull i Hop - it was supposed to come nsde the second bracketed sentence ol the fourth paragraph til *a torgol The shame Then on page 43 we gave Dangerous Streets three, reducing our ell time lowest score (previously held by International Rugby . Osa Benge) by a percent, the sales of C032s by a significant number ol units ! i7*s was the Iree game supposedly showing you whal great things your machine was capable ol) and Elan (ihe programmers) to tears

There was a feature on serial-knkng fnnoeent Ural Csught on the cover part one ol our guide to Cannon fodder, and lets ol tips on A torts/ Kombat. ahch is where Dominic Conneallry Irom ( London comes at

We've pnnted some cheats since ssue 35. including one in ihe Last Resort j which you might have missed (lypa in all 1 tie tellers Irom A to U three times 1o be presented with a cheat mode where you car turn oil Raiden's Body electncity. tight Reptile and loit of other stuff), but i Donwkc advises simply typing CATHULU he's also included some corrections to twadvee given m issue 35. hopefully to j dear i« any contuson that may have ! been caused

To make Reptile appear, for one.

you must win a double (lawless fatality at the pit without blocking dunng the light Remember that you can us! hold punch to block which can be particularly uselul when trying to get Reptile to appear. Lui Kangs Death move a Down. Away. Up. Towards. Down. Away. Up. Towards and Fire - le rotating the pystek twice m a cude and pressing Fire, whereas Sonya's Death move a Towards. Towards. Away Away and Fire

And most importantly. Domnc'S decided to let us have some alternative playing advice as well - put this along side what we ve previously told you (lor playing as characters) and use it wisely to kombat your way to victory:

RAYDEN: Hts tong legs are his strength Flying kicks have a very good reach Try a teleport when your opponent throws something at you. and torpedo him Irom behind

LIU KANG: His supersonic kick <s good lor getting otA o( comers.

SCORPION: Hts Death move is

(Core)    Level two-471174

Cyberpunka "Nauseatlngly cute    Level three - 159361

cartoon character* wander around Level lour - 066990 killing alien* In a maze Pick up    Level live - 135642

object*, carry them around and. er. End Sequence - 297797 u*a them Pick up gun*, carry them    AI*o. by pressing R    .    G    and    B

around and. er. ahoot thing*. There    aimulleneoualy with    Fire    and the left

■re live huge level* each with ■    mouse button, the screen should

myriad ot different sub-level*. There    Hash to enable Ihe following:

ate load* ol power-up option* that FI to FS - select a mission lend some Interest to this otherwise 1 to 4 - select a deck tedious game 70 percent." Oh, lhat    A - use auto sentry

Cyberpunka. (And that introduction.    S - use parly shiald

- Ed). Here's some stuff Irom    0 - use droid unit

Jonathan Cawley ot Leicester.    Z, X and C - test weapons

paiKuiarty effective but once the computer learns 10 block your combination ol rope-uppercut and flying kick, things start to get tncky Try to slay neat the ceniie ol Ihe kombat zone so that you can always leieport out of troubla. and try to harpoon Rayden whenever you knock him down SUB ZERO: Not many special moves, so practice fighting without until you are good enough lo hold your own against anybody, then the eefre can be dropped into any bout at Ihe perfect moment tipping the balance compteiely n your favour

JOHNNY CAGE: Another character with

a particularly lethal Hying kick, bul unlike Raiden his Hying punch is good too Leg Sweeping Ihe computer opponent often causes them lo ,ump. leaving them wide open lor a package check SONYA: Speed is the key Continue flying around to confuse your foe. then smash them m the head with a leg toss

KANO: H'S uppercut s reach is more useful then you may be led to believe -back an opponent into a comer and all sorts ol damage is possible GORO: It you us! keep doing backward jumpkicks then ha l walk nghi nto them ‘cos he's thick. I guess

someone in a Persuade mission), lor only inflicting minimum damage on a target Remember ihal the time bombs can be set horn a distance ENERGY SHIELDS: Useless when under attack by laser or Gauss-gun welding enemies, but as police are not usually armed with such heavy weaponry, you should carry at least one per agent.

FLAMER: Cheap, tons ot ammo and no one can survive a blast (except you).

One or two at the group ought to do it AVOIDING ROCKETS: This is the best tactic to employ when laced with exceptionally heavily armed agents or guards You should be able to hear the sound at Gauss-guns being tired, and so 4 you know where Ihe enemy is lurking then you can move m accordingly for distance if the projectile is coming at Irom the North, then move East or West (or H

you are m group mode, click at the rn-ddle ot your agents lo scatter), and with luck the rocket will fly straight past you and provided the explosion isn't too close, you're sale


Be wary ol the agents standing by the poice car with with Gauss-guns Thera are over titty agents to contend with on this level, so don't torget lo pack plenty at lead, lights and rockets

It your energy gets low, head tar a building reduce IPA levels to a minimum and watch the scanner


Head west and take the north road as tar as it goes it the tram is convng. go up the ramp and lump in You'll have some guards to deal with, and they have Gauss-guns It you shit cannot compete the mission then next time you start engage the enemy to the sheltered blocks to the east before making to Ihe tram It may have been destroyed by then, ol course, m which case walk along the tracks


Equp each agent with a Gauss-gun and a couple ol shields so that you can dear

Ihe agents to Ihe south m order to leach ■he east entrance to the north section The guards will move Irom their positions A Gauss-gun rocket ought to see most ol them oft. then head lor the car to the tar east ol Ihe city and take it through the door Sweep the area kill everybody oft. and lire any rockets you have left into the target's house Ha won't be pleased, so wad for him to come out and blast him with a Mint-gun


Arm up with lasers Move lo the top levels and send agents one and two to the front car gate (lasenng down the police cars and then lowenng iheir intelligence), and three and tour to the foot entrance Once the Inspector is inside, agents one ana two's intelligence can be increased

NORTH WEST TERRITORIES Have about three energy shields per agent Activate shields and run straight through to the badge and up to the Hitman's house Use Gauss-guns (or alternatively drop a lime bomb inside) It you now lower your intelligence and move to the trees tor Ihe temporary protection the target should die (he may be on tire, ot course ) before anybody is dose enough to come m lor the attack remember, if someone is screaming then they're still alive


Wait a moment and a car w-H dove in Blow it up (it's lull ol guards), nek the police car and drive it just outside (so that the guy you are protecting can't get out) and ump out yourself Make sure that no one it able to get dose Stay here and wait lor the pokce car full ol enemy scum, and let them have it with a laser Destroy any remaining enemy agents, guards, police or anything else you And that moves Move your police car and tump m your protection taigei'i He n get out to see what all the fuss is about h« wile seems to have turned up too ). so just wait tor him lo gel on with it


We have over 54 thousand readers a month, and it’s leu than 54 ol you who write Into this bit ol Complete Control every issue. So that's one In a thousand, or 0.1 percent, which Isn't very impressive, really. So come on, you might even gel a prize In addition lo the warn glow of helping your fellow man and getting your name In print. The address Good thing you reminded me.

Complete Control.


30 Momouth Street.

Bath BA1 2BW






















Three characters. and practically no difference! between them Well. obvlouily    or even II you want to live out a

With our help, it’s not that impossible you know

the game am MASSIVE, even early on. and ihe circuit pieces are also spread about the place very evenly. This means searching through the whole ol the level and that lakes time, ol which you've got plenty, as long as you don't get killed And to avoid getting killed you ve got to go down the long and dangerous road known as power-up collecting You'll need weapons to destroy some ol the droids and don ) lorgel that everlabuious and very-useful jeipac in order la reach those inaccessible places lhal could hold that vital last circuit piece

Thanktully there's more than one way to collect power-ups - you could search all over the place and lind them, but lhal would lake ages and be loo ledious Instead simply use the two sub-game terminals Now you all know lhal ihey give you pnras i< you win bul did you know that it you keep on winning ai the same terminal the chore ol

Ihe robots, you've read ihe lips on collecting ihe power-ups - lhal means you're now ready lor the level

Right, oil you go. collect all Ihe mne pieces ol circuit board. Imd Ihe Circuit Board Configuration terminal and then Imd the ent lilt WhaP Sorry, did you say. can'i" Oh yeah, it would be nice il I told you a bit about each level and the various differences between each one, wouldn't iP Okay, here you go then

Right thereto a couple ol ways we can approach this, we can either be Inghtiully adult and map Ihe whole game and do all Ihe usual lips (which would probably end up as a 300 page loWoul posler lip book on Ihe lionl cover, and take about three years to compile] or we can ust give you all ihe cheats and tips we could find and some general playing tips that would hi nioely aver the next three pages and then lei you complete the game i! you want Yeah, that sounds about right


As you'll no doubl be ewate the levels vi

power-ups opens up lo you. allowing you to get more than one ol those elusive lel-pacs.

You'll need to play it about six or seven limes to gel hold ol the iel-pac, but believe me. it's worth it Playing the game does take lime, but noi as much as the three minutes you lose every hme you die and once you've goi a lew jet pacs dying should be less ol a problem Probably Don't forget though, that as you go through ihe levels the sub-games get harder and harder, so Be Prepared (as Ihey say at the Scouts).


Right, so you've lead the lips on avoiding

Ihere are aome difference* (lor one. Ram I* made ol aome tort ol alloy), but in lantaay at a robot, then take your pick

Ihe game they are basically the tame. So it you like playing aa a woman, a bloke because It doetn'l really matter that much.


Name:    Felix

Number: X011S3KL Age:    32

Height:    6ft 3 Ins


Weight: 2l0lbs


* Occupation: k    Riot Ranger



Each level, apart from the ImaJ ail guns blasting confrontation one with Etvm, « split into three subsectons But because this is only the fust level, don't expect too many problems negotiating the Car Park, sxnpfy use it as a chance lo practise stun) jumping over a few robots ill stand you n good stead lor later on So don I say I d>dn t wam you The third and final subsection at this level though is very large indeed so you d be wise 10 plan ahead and try to get hold of a couple ol jei pacs m

need to go

Now things are are starting to get a bit lough, and in a somewhat panicky slate you might start thinking that the level seems to be stuck n stupidly large' mode and that there are more man enough (too many) maintenance droids and other robots to watch out for and there are loads of items to seek out. most ol them with nothing m 'em Well you could be right There are also loads of ktts to negotiate so having a tew Universal Lift Resets and Power Magneis handy is definitely the order of the day on ihese levels


Now thirty really start getting ugly, with these large metallic and very dangeious levels Once you ve goi hold ol a jei-pac it's a good idea to fly around and take out a lew things with your laser fkeep a really close eye on your fuel level though - it's highty na‘to plummet out ol the sky just because you've forgotten to tank up Taking out the opposition now wife a.v« you the chance to lly around later m search of those circuit pieces you need

Ail three levels will definitely take lots ol practee lo get past, but once you've found out where most ol the circuit pieces aie located you should be able to progress quite quickly




Phew! Just how t>g can these levets get Not much txggar surety1 Anyway, these levels i>e gsneiany vary sparse with several lactone burstng with things to search through and there're always a lew droids waiting tor you to jump on lo Ib&r ptatlorm You're going to have to lime you*








The other power-up* arc handy, but we reckon that with a alack ol the above-mentioned little beaullea you really don't need the reel and ahould progress through the game pretty haaale-tree.

well, basically loads ol everything Still, it you va got this lar you should now be able to handle all ot these problems And then you can lace ihe might ot me fearsome (and vnerdty named) Etvm Atom bender


You ve made it through to Ihe end. and now all mat stands between you and victory is Elvm himself and a very pitiful one-screen Operation WoK-type level You've got a shield and a gun. now simply fire the gun at Elvm when he s not using his shield and use yours when he's linng ai you Of course the shield doesn't last very long at all. so be careful

A couple of cracks ai this (at ihe most) and you will have completed the game and saved ihe world ■ hoorah1 And thank god that's all over, es I've got 1o out tonight and it s already 7 30pm • PAUL MELLERICK


You could spend all your lime collecting power-up* that will enable you to finish the level, end you could also arm yourself with loads ot weapons to attack the various droids, but ultimately you shouldn't have to (and you should save Ihe items you're carrying lor something more Important). For a start you've got the Cloaking Device which will stop you getting attacked and let you aeatch without drawing attention to yourself, but this Is best saved for desperate situation* where there le a lot ol tearchlng to be done at tt't only a temporary thing. And then there’* the Hdo Disguise which turns you into a hulking great robot which unfortunately can't jump and can’t search. Again this will only last lor a short time.

This leaves you with only one real means ot avoiding the robot* and that'* the somersault Everything in the gam* can be avoided by jumping over It and thanks la the control system you can jump continually by holding the button

down and even jump back to whore you started by holding the pad in the opposite direction before you Ml the ti. skews'     _    ground. It doe* take a lot of practice

krsak    but If you're acrobatic enough you

dew-    thoukl be able to get out ol most

situations. Don't lorgal though that ..    soma robots move taster lhan

"    i others and you won't be able to run

m 4    away from all ol them, so try using

a bit ot strategy as well to gel youtsell out ol trouble.


jumps lo perfection be quick m getting oui of trouble and most important of ail lake your time on the levels You * also need to have got used to a new technique running and jumping oft moving platforms And there are plenty ol them around as well



Right this <s the last set ol normal levels and if you've got this lar then nothing is going lo stop you now. Everything you have sampled so far in the game is thrown in on the last level massive levels, loads of items to hunt lor. loads ot piaitorms (both moving end stationary ones) and

Although all the power-ups are useful, there are really only a lew that you thould consider using or collecting Irom the sub-garnet. And these are the ones we recommend you gel your hinds on:

. _ Jet-Pact - Obviously 111    these are Ihe moat

!    Important power-up. So

gel more than one It you can and don't lorget you can lira a laser whan you're In the air.

Cloaking Device - Uaatul ft when you need to search a lot ol thing*, and that particular section Is blocked by several droids. Limited use though

   Naedla Gun-This will

!Jf kb taka out some droids but 1    not others, and It only

works in a short rang*, so use H carefully.

Power Search - It you can get hold ol a lew ot these, and use them with the Cloaking Device, your life Is going to be a lot slmpisr

Auto Solve - Don't bother salving the puzzles, just gel hold ol on* ol these, use It straight away and then when you collect all tha circuit pieces walk up to the Circuit Board Terminal then sit hack and watch Ihe tun.


Tkii briiifi a noli in panpacifrv* la plfflRo ia die both

The final chapter of the gripping epic will have your buttocks clinging to the edge of your chair.

r» Uui it iim!

Welcome back to the ullimale chapter at the unloldmg H&mdaS 2 saga By row you'll have banted through fwnerous disk swaps, erduring memory (tat disappears lor some godtorsaken laason and an installation routine that beggars belie) But hey. isn't that pan ol the hm ot playing rsometnc adventure games in the first place'5

No. it is not Oh Okay, let s hit the nil then from wheie we stepped oh it lor a break last month

By now. you should have been transported on the back ol a turtle You should also have found the lire spnte and let have teleported you back to the Hall ot the Worlds

In case my rstructwis were contusing last month, travel to the lower Hall of Worlds and use the new exit available to you. You should see a fire boat Step onto this boat and you'll be transported over to Nifi Heimi

Once there, you'll see an evil looking dog guarding an entrance Ignore him lor the time being Go to the nght o(the screen and pick up all of the dragon's teeth that are scattered around Walk up the stairs past the dog ignore ha

comments, he’s jusi a bully Walk up the stairs on the left of the screen Don't bother lighting the creature in this room, he lesurrects almost as quickly as you Ml him

You aie now m Loki's daughter's ioom Admire her beauty and ignore her comments Go to the right ol the screen beside her There is a secret door nght here Activate it by pressing the area

Go into the room Fire an arrow into each ol the mouths A door will appear Walk through the door and place a dragon’s tooth on each of the red circles Separate the teeth by picking them up with the left mouse button and then diking on the nght

Tip-toe past the dragon s head and exit the room Tool yourself up with some shield spells and some kghtnmgor whatever you fancy You re in lor a hell of a fight with a Chief Hakrat If may even be worth saving the game before you enter into this fight

Once dispatched, make your way mto Loki's room You wiO be teleported into Batdurs room at this pewit Before you can even

trank ol despamng. Ander will teleport you to the world ot Sho KerYn

Traverse your way over the tiles Just m case you haven't, save the game again As soon as you have completed the tiles, get ready lor combat and kill the double Haimdali and Ursha

Walk through the gate and enter the room you find there Hurrah, you've found another piece ol Ro Geld To obtain it though, you ve got to turn around so that the shadow character m the room laces the Ro'Getd Press fire

Leave (tvs section and into the room where you will find a Dakta Kil the Dakta

and cut the rope on the

wall Walk across the '

wood plank into Ashok’s room Okay, you can't see Ashok. so you have to throw the Ro'Getd at him Have a good laugh at what happens

I'm not going to rum the next bit for you No. really Good idea to save the game before you go into the next room though Enter the room and prepare for the final showdown with Loki And hey. that's all there is to it

So tor the final credils. I'd like to apologise profusely to Sieve Faragher for my apparent indolence. It wasnf deliberate Honest guv • STEVE McGILL

— i. I

Lohi l diufkUf If < M af a laakir. Skaai about fht tafl. '




















Everybody’s gone surfing, surfing USA. Except Rich Pelley, of course, who’s still here waiting to cook up some more gameplaying injunctions in his magic wok.

You're ugly. You're fat. No one likes you. You're loo Ihin. You're never going to pass your exams. Every one thinks you're weird. Your ears stick out. No one ever fancies you. Your hair looks stupid. You're too short. Your job is pointless. Your girlfriend is two-timing you. You smell. Life can be paranoid and insecure enough without having your Amiga rubbing salt into the wound every time you switch it on. Which was what we thought when The Last Resort was conceived. “Let's create a page,” someone suggested, “where you can write in when you get stuck." “And we can get Rich Pelley to do it.” But why don't I ever get any games to review, I want to know. And why do the team laugh at me every time I go into the office And never invite me out


Q'My overall erapness is really putting the name ol Frontier players to shame Can you give me any advice'7*

Sam Wall. Oldham

A Heard ol the Wormhole Cheat, wi1h which you can get to anywhere in the galaxy with a single load of luel It relies on the fact that, after 655 35 light years, the computer loses track of the distance between

the current and selected system and warps the range back down to 2ero.

So, practically speaking, all you have to do to get from, say. Sol to Achenar is to pick a third system that forms a Inangle with these two so that the distance from both is a light year or two over 655 35 (81 92 sectors on the map) and use that as a stopping-oil pomt

You will, ot course, need a basic know how of tngonometry m order to do this Er. good luck1



tn*sp •.vcTr.rr, hry.*e v    • . qred.vnts f or .ji-sstcr, and you could make their day by providing

a rcotpo tor sdccilt.

Q*l understand that you help people get through level* of PUSHOVER. Well, could you help me I've got all the way to level 24 but I have to aklp level 13 and I really want to be able to do 11“ Verily Whitting, Peterborough

Q“l have a problem with KGB. I tried your solution, but even that'a no help. I've turvlved Cut Throat, rid mysell of the body In the canal, found out about the proatltule In Hotel Syevynaya Zvezda's other room and got Into Chapklni recording studio, but when I return to my hotel either Chapkln shoots me or Savlnkov fires me."

Vicki Slade, Surrey

Q"lm, stuck In KGB as well. How do you get Into Anatoli Styenko s flat on floor two of lha Kurat Street Apartment Blocks I have already visited the meatshop and found the carcasses.*

Emma Clark, Portsmouth

Q-I'm also atuck In LEGENDS OF KYRANDIA. I've got peat the cave where I first meet Malcom, but how do you get over the Chasm of Everfall (I think Oliver Hill ot Aylesbury just answered that one In Cases Closed actually, Vick. - Rich) Vicki Slado, Surrey


my knickers In ■ twist. On the Team path, I'm not aura what to do Inside the Labyrinth at Crate. I've explored, and gol through at least two locked gates, found Sternheart, the chain behind the waterfall etc etc but haw da I get to the gold box containing the Ortchalcum (Actually, I know this one. Climb tha chain behind the waterfall, take the left door, place the three statues heads on the shell. walk through the gateway, take the stairs., remove the chock from the counterweight, go back through the door to the right ot the steps and stick the staff In the mouth ot the large face on tha wall. - Rich) Also on the Wits Path, I can't gel to Al-Jabbar. I've given Trottleri

business card to Paul, but he keep* coming back and saying Al-Jabbar can't see me. I've tried following Paul, but he Just vanishes when I exit the stall. (Not sure about this, though... - Rich)

Mleholla Sampson, Ilford (And I even gol a kiss from her at the bottom of the letterl - Rich)

Q“Haa anyone got any hints for level* one to three of EYE OF THE HEHOLDER, please "

Mrs Jack)* Smith, Sheffield

Q“ln BENEATH A STEEL STEEL SKY. after getting Joey up and running, I gel him to put hla hand on Ihe plate, the door opens but Joey gets stuck. Then I tie the rope to the second pipe support, go down the rungs and drop In the frozen tissue. The solution In AMIGA POWER 38 tells me to awing on the rope to get Into the room and tell Joey to alt on Ihe chair, but I keep getting told that I'm stuck."

(Er) Daniel Pipe,

Tunbridge Wells

Thanks and a metaphorical box of Quality Street to everybody mentioned belt


Qll looks like Dave Hetfon ol Glasgow's plea for help In the final quest ol The Thieves' Guild In issue 39 has come to a conclusion.

A "The map of the Forbidden City you have obtained Is referring lo the underground route. It Is entered from the tower half way between the castle gate and the Inside of the west wall In the castle grounds. Once underground follow the path south until you come across three waterfalls - one of these can be walked through.

Follow the pathway you come oul on to the two staircases leading to the Forbidden City. The jewelled rock Is In the room of stones, and a wide selection of hide, tar and gems can be bought from Downenda Provisions at very reasonable prices. The Forbidden City can also be entered through the window In a room lo the south of the Casino If you don't fancy all that mucking about underground.* Oliver Hill, Aylesbury


Qian Scott of Cardiff said that he would be about this grateful [holds hands far apart) If someone could tell him which stones to place In the alter In the Pantheon of Moonlight, and how to cross the chasm of Evertall.

A "The gemstone you are looking for can be located by dropping

a coin (from a later cavern) down the well In the forest (opening the forest gate by throwing five rocks onto the metal dishy thing) and taking the moon stone you receive to the Pantheon of Moonlight. This, your second magic gem, allows you to Wlllow-O-WIsp, that Is float (in order to cross the Chasm of Everfall) and Self Illuminate (aiding your progress around the caverns).”

Oliver Hill, Aylesbury

Q Whereas Craig Stuart of

Aberdeen was after the answer to a problem only this big [mimes small gap between fingers], namely where could find the potion mixer.

A "It's through the secret passage hidden beneath the rug In the hut. Go down as far as possible, go left one screen, down two, right and up and there it Is.” Oliver Hill, again


QWhen David Mallet of Bristol wrote In querying the white code needed to use in the map room (which didn't seem to be Included in the budget version he had bought) I had a sneaking suspicion who might write in with the anawer.

A "To obtain the white code from the map room, you must activate the following planets: Pesht, Skye, Benjamin, Summer, Ryerson, Kathil and Achernar.

These work on the old Infocom version, so there's no reason why the Prism budget version re-release should be any different.”

Hardy, Stuart Nibble, SheHield


Q Stuart Wuglet of Bradford posed a selection of problems, neatly categorised from a) to e), and ranging from castles to pieces of silver tablet.

A "a) SUTEK S CASTLE: Cast Telekinesis on the Drawbridge crank, b) THE MAGIC GEM: Any old gem will do - the Guild shop has a selection, c) THE BLUE LENS: The lensmaker/astronomer in Moonglow will make one for you. You'd better take along a glass sword, though, d) THE MAP PIECES: Not worth the effort, male, e) THE SILVER TABLET: This Is burled In a dungeon beneath the notably swampy Pirates' Island, northeast of Serpents Isle. Use a spade to dig a hole in the second bald patch from the left in the middle of the Island, go down, proceed west to the ladder leading to the water-lilled cavern.

Southwest is the Maze of Death, and somewhere nearby there Is another ladder guarded by a daemon. From here take the tunnel westwards, follow the west wall as it runs south, west, north then east and you should be standing next to a hole. Take the nugget, drop down, follow the long tunnel until you reach the poisoned fields. Cast

Dispel Field, take the middle tunnel, hack through the slime to the door, cast Lock, Magic Unlock and Bob's your Uncle, you're In the the Pirates' Treasure room. Cast Negate Magic and the second halt of the silver tablet will be yours.

"Incidentally, there's only one thing I've never worked out In this game. Who betrayed Quentin at Skara Brae ”

Richard Magog Daniz, London


QPoor old Joe Quinn of

Noglvenadress was stuck on floor 84.

A "When the bloke goes on about Black Wings in the desert, use the code DEATH.”

Luka Croll, Kent

Well, two pages, 2446 words and only two jokes this time (The second being - Ed) later, that's it again. Sticking your query or solution in an envelope and labelling it something like:

The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER,

30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW ref: Questions' or Answers' usually does it for most people.


QPaul Hundson ol Co Durham was asking last issue about Ihe great Parasol Stars, but my enthusiasm tor tf; game coupled with severe lack ol space prevented me from divulging all I wanted to. So

A Okay. Paul You request for help seems to have reawoken my love for Parasol Stars - smca speaking to you last month (my Inend and) I have started playing again and (after two years of playing on and oh - games these days take anything Irom an hour and a half upwards1) finally completed it So here’s all you need to know The most important point is that you iust lo play with a Chum - it you don't not onty will you be missing out on one of the greatest simultaneous cooperative two-player moments in software history, not onty will « wil be at least twice as hard, but it will be mpossible (so lar as I can see) to enter the tirst Secret World To get to this first Secret Wo rid you need to get to Ihe fourih screen ol Ocean World (World Three), the one with the sea horses

flying around in the big rectangle Jump inside, collect the pink heart, kill all the baddies and collect the in' sign using the other players umbrella to reach the lop peppers. This world is the trickiest of the lot - if you don't lose practically an ol your credits getting through then you probably will on the demon at the end. but make it and you'll receive eight more to top you up. Save up for big Miracles in th . order Lightning, Fire and then Star; learning where they all appear is essential You need three Star Miracles at the end o( Rainbow Worid to get to the final two secret worlds (Bubble Worid and Hell), but (and here's the big but - I've only just managed to do it myself) if you manage to collect

three Star Miracles before Rainbow World, you li receive a giant hundred credit com'

Andyou don't like Ihe sound ol any of lh=*. there's always the cheat Type CYNIX dunng the game and the cheat mode is activated You can then use the following keys M - gef all three stars G - kill all the baddies on the screen C - exira credit D-die

X - skip to extra level T - end the stage 1-7 - skip stages F1-F10 - skip levels B - skip lo bonus screen

The cheat won't lei you beyond Rainbow island lo the last two levels, though.


Q'ln spite of all Ihe tips you've pnnted I still can't find the South Wind Can you give me any directions7* Richard Duffy, Slough

A Sure. Take the second nght. right again at the roundabout, straight through the traffic lights, down the hifc past the Post Office and you'll see it on the left






















Cheap, cheap, cheap. Some little bird’s told us these originals are going for a song at a shop hear you now. How sickly saccharine. *    *    .    *    •’ ’


Slnpll h.rv.n Ik. vHl.i.t' w..pam (bp clM.11.4)-


Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Ocean Price: £15 Release: Out now

Back m issua 15. Karl Foster described this game as suffering the typical failure of crop gamepiay (sic] Hcmi right he was, I ttenk. Epics cenamiy less than a-maiza-ing and wasn't worth the tong wheat' A-ha ha ha. Sorry

Epic's a poor relation la Wing Commander It has a strikingly lamiltar this-couid-be-the-end-oHhe-human race sort of plot (involving masstve space convoys, pursuant villains and a sun going supernova) and your part m the drama is to pilot the ultra-sophisticated Epic starfighter and claim glorious victory. Did somebody say Battlestar Gaiacbca1* No1 Good

Epic suffers from programming myopia that rare (maybe not so rare ) disease that makes people working

closely on a game completely forget their audience. For example. Epic has great graphical interludes that try to tell the story, but they make no sense unless you’ve already read the story an the way through in the manual And the mission orders They're usually farcically incomplete, so that you spend ages hammering some ground installation, only to discover that there aie another lour over the honzon that you're supposed la blow up as wen Aaargh' The game looks like a cross

between Eire and terrestrial Right sims such as F-)9. The graphics, which were great m their day. look just a little outclassed now The game ts mission structured, with the basic idea that you're sabotaging ihe villains' attempts lo pinpoint the location of your ragtag lleet by blowing up radar stations and the like Successes and failures in certain missions supposedly take you down different routes in the story so that no two games are the same etc etc. but m practice this simply means that mission

seven the climactic showdown where the villams catch up with J you - gasp] occurs as soon as you tail any one ol the preceding missions

The missions are loo short (dumb), there's often a lime limit on them (dumber] and ihe game has a cheat mode lhat's m the manual which means that you need never lose a battle (very dumb indeed and neatly indicative ol Epic’s slapdash design]. All ot th>s adds up to a game that wii last you about three hours At the new budget price that's still I £5 an hour tor some fairly tawdry entertainment so I d lecommend that you give it a miss • STEVE FARAGHER

Still completely crop after all time (aorry). Epic la just another one ot thoie games that never lived up to iti own hype. Avoid like the blight

Runs on: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: Hit Squad Authors: Bullfrog Price: £15 Release: Out now

WH. it's et. ftyxious really With a tew extra bats on Actually, that's a bit untair. because reafy it's Populous with loads of extra tuts Now. I don't really l*e god games'. 1 thnk they're over-compticaied. 100 slow and ncradtty uxtous Trouble n I m pncSaty alone m thanking this (some strange people actuaky beiaave

the game is adtkctrve) and all bough 1 do agree you can spend something l*e four hours playing the game without realising how long you've actually been staring no your monator. I think that's more to do with the intricate level of detail and trying 10 suss out what each icon does lather man the enihaelmg gamepiay.

But wail' Maybe you don't know what a god game is I I give you a brief run down You're this bloke, actuary one ol Ihe arm ol Zeus, and as such you need lo prove yourself worthy enough to Sd atop Mount Olympus Ybu do the by defeating the 32 divine opponents who

t ‘«; • 4 c: *• eo*.3UOhb I    r X ACiEDiJCiH'-i :• rjf '•

rule 1000 worlds Simple, eh’ To deteai the forces of evil on each world you must overrun it with your own people, build up dies, increase the population and stop mem from dong the same Then and only then, can you move onto ihe next world Of course, it s a tot more complex than that, but I'm sure you know where I'm comng from Exciting

stub though, isnl if

S&l. just because it bores me silly to have to play something like this, doesn't mean I don't appreciate what it's trying lo do There's every posstte element covered, and with an intuitive mouse interface, some action once you get into the game (prepare to lose at teas) three weeks ol your life) and those




Runs on: A500, A600 Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £15 Release: Out now

its noi my day today li started on meaty enough a pleasant bike nde into work, the sun shnmg and a nee cup ol lea sitting on my desk wtfhso minutes oi my


arrival (chaars, Sue) Than it went downhill from theie very qmckty indeed First ol all I get to review Populous 2 and now I get Shuttle And it there's one thing more boring than god games, it s fight sims

And it you can imagine a (light sim with all the lighting end heart-stopping action taken out. then you're almost

there - because

r-- _ _J Shuttle is duller

SM It’s a W worrying whan you thmk that a whole load o» people

obviously spent






3* ry

Ltaft C



3* ra

\LafK OiK


***** OIK


1 irvt-5-a NMU


uH ft


52 ' 4*>

a lol ot time and money to get this as accurate as possible (and m that sense, it's a real achievement because this is Imety detailed - right down to every last swileh on every control panel), without realising that without anything to fight or basically anything remotely dieting to do. the whole game just ends up as a simulated walk-through oi how the Space Shuttle works

Now r1 you were doing a school protect on the Shuttle, or you re a really sad anorak astronomer, you may actually (>nd this interesting, but if you're an Amiga gameplaying nutcase, then this reeky isn't going to bdde yout fancy Oh yeah, and although the 3D graphics are race, they re starting to show their age at the edges iusl a teeny txl I just thought you might like lo know that last t>t • PAUL UELLERICK



- ’ rtr ■

An amazingly In-depth simulation of the technological achievement that li (was ) the Space Shuttle.

It a ust a really boring game at well


Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Kixx Authors: Probe Price: £5 Release: Out now i

i 000 worlds lo conquer you can't accuse we game ol not comng up with the goods And at a budget price ri's even more ertong Probably.


In the beginning animation was dene with toys. Toys like the joetrope, where you had a drum with slits «t, pul in a toil ol paper with drawings cl someone m different positions and span the drum to produce the effect of movement: also nausea, because if you (Mn't gel Ihe speed right. you found yourself looking at a ftckanng object, and the brain really doesn't ike that sort ol Dung ai all And. do you know, you can recreate those tentative first steps with Out Run. because it's from Ihe school of racing games that cunningly reproduces the ilusion ol 30 by moving some blocks and hawg a sfnpy road Unfortunately, dating trom 1987 and so being just about the first ever racing game on the Amiga (nol to mention a tairty obvious ST port) Ihe blocks and stripes move about fifty teel at a tune with no animation whatever Comcaity. this means that playing

Htn'i aaeliii horn the uni ilbuii - frrtcriai holiday - this tin* were la Ike lockiai.

time! -/HI [SCORE] 01496435 pi-AI j f

Hcr«'x a sup from oar holiday album- vt'n la I mH

the game is nearly impossible Your eyes jus) can't cope with the ludwousty luddery. coiled panther springing Suddenly upon unsuspecting gazelle like steps fi movement The opposfig cars move like the puck in air hockey, with simiarty dangerous results d they hit you. and it's only these appallingly destructive

smashes with your car spinning end over end for miles before landing upside-down * in some bushes that afford any    \

eniertamment (because after thus    c>

gruesome pile-up Ihe view cuts lo you > and your passenger skiing dazedty by the road in best A-Team style before    0

scampering back and carrying on).    j

There's really little lo recommend    m

Out Run. and I have become bored with jj attempting to catalogue its plenitude of tksasiers Leave me now • JONATHAN NASH    °

THE BOTIOS* LINE H i Ihe belt god game ever (If you like that aotl of thing). If was worth paying for It on full-price rale ate. And now it's on budget.    

And If that * not a    ~

recommendation, I don't    *i

know what li.    /    *


Fully and unrepenlantly poor thing dating from the dawn of time as we know It. If you really, really, really want an old racing game, gat Super Htng On. which Is yummy and u*t fine and dandy.










Runs on: A500, A600.


Publisher: Kixx Price: £5 Release: Out now

lmag-ne. lor a momeni, lhal you are a gardener A nice, friendly, late-middle-aged sort ol gardener, sort ol tattistr, son ol sdorttsn. the kind ol gardener who walks atx)u< permanently m hardy slippers, except, of course, you don 1 walk, you shuffle. You have retired following the mulli-million pound sale Of

your tremendously successful business, and so can devote your whole day lo your garden It a. to be exact, more ol a sweep of land than a garden comprising maybe an acre-and-a-half. and. following a large breakfast, you spend most of the morning ambling leisurely past your impressively vaned I lower beds, your near-manicured bushes and your carefully-placed, oh-so-young trees, pruning a little here, watering a little there, aiming lo reach the shade ol your central swinging gaiden seal by noon, when the sun <s al its zenith and when your garden looks its most pretty There, following a hearty lunch ol sandwiches and fruit, skiing and watching the wikfite of your gaiden. lor you have declared all your land, which stretches tar beyond your private arbour, a reserve tor all nature you perhaps spend a pleasant hour in the maze, whose hedges are still maturing, but will make a tine and delightful puzzle when fully-grown, before conhnuing through the garden lo its very boundaries, unlenced ol course, but still marked by a succession of attractively irregularly spaced shrubs, and looking

back al your garden, which has. aver the years, (aken on the warm, open personality of its owner, and then seeing the three men systematically razmg the entire place to the ground with flamethrowers and realising (here are two more behind you. watching helpessfy in their vice-like grip as your beloved gaiden is annihilated without reason or remorse.

This would not. however, be quite as blue-faced, deep-gulpirvgly frustrating as playing E-Uobon. a game where you try lo push bals on elastic around obstacles and info each other to make them disappear, watching emaged as they

instead hit difiarenf-eoloured balls and create a third, explosive sphere • JONATHAN NASH

It's supposed to be a calming, lloaty. back-io-ihe-womb aort of game, this Asferoids-on-strlng Is. But it sura isn't It Is, In tact, disastrously annoying, and not even entertainingly ao. Exactly (he sort of game lo put you oil physics tor life

















3    .


Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Maxis Authors: In-house Price: £35 Release: Out now

News of the release ol Sim Classics I had me searching through the official AMIGA POWER archrves lor a) copies ol the games and b] the old reviews I emeiged several hours laler. covered in dust and sneezing frantically Ha ha' I Ihoughl. it's the easy life tor me Wh-le partaking ol a low sugar based snacks I shall lead the ievews. play all ihe games and then write a witty and erud-te review First Sim Oty. an old favourite This won't lake long I thought. I know this game backwards I shoved ihe disks m the drive, whistled tunelessly while it loaded, selected the option to build a new oty and started laying out my first industrial and resxJenlial zones Five hours and hall a million people laler it was lime to go home ’Don I forget,’ said JD as I left, that I'm away all next week and you ve got to write this quickly’

The next morning I arrived with new resolve I loaded Sim Am. learned a bit about ant behaviour, foraged lor a bit ol food, attacked a few red ants and built a huge nest Then I swrtched lo experimental mode and made ihe anfs crawl around inside huge and fiendisn mazes that I devised Towards late afternoon I became aware of a gfowenng

presence Somebody was standing behind me. ’Oh, er sorry JD,' I mumbfed. 11 gef if finished, er. tomorrow’

And so it was Fnoay al last Just Sim fiifs to go Thai couldn't take long could it0 Well, after a little tinkering wilh the geography and dimate at a world, some light animal design and a whole series ol species demographics, it was. as you might expect by now. again ralhar lata at the day And I was in trouble I did the only sensible thing in the circumstances (three days wasted on a budget review. JD gong on holiday tor deadline week, elc etc) and went to the enema with Cam and Jonathan to see The Mask And joiy good it was. too

So why have I uSt bored you with these turgid reminiscences'’ To make the point that this collection ot games is not an ordinary one Each game a an attempt at the unknown desenbed by Maxis as software toys' not games These are sims ol complex biological and sociological machines: they're studies in dynamics

Sm Cty is a classic and even it you

one absolute classic and two interesting, but not exciting, others Rather like one Jimmy White and two Sieve Davises Buy this collection it you don't have Sm City Or better shit buy Sm City on its own on budget version 0> even batterer still save your £35 tor Sim City 2000 which should come out m lime lor Christmas • STEVE FAPAGHER

think that you've played it so many limes that another go eouldn I possibly interest you. you're piobably wrong There s still an undeniable excitement lo building your own city It is the king ol software toys' - there it no end. no final scene and you play lor as long at you like (which is usually a txl longer lhan you ought to)

Sim Ant is intereslmg without beng rivaling, and tun without beng addictive When you first get hold ol it you II play it lor a while Bui then you'll put it away lor ever Matt Bielby gave it 59** tf AP14 which seems a bit harsh lor a game that attempts something completely novel and does ft quite wen But Sim Ant doesn't deserve much more than that because it won't keep you entertaned for very long

Sim fide sutlers from the same problem as Sim Ant. whSe it's a

fascinating subject and Maxis have approached it in a stimulating, thought provoking kind of way it stil eventually leaves you dissatisfied and not wanting to play any mare This musl have been whal was an JD's mnd when he awaided if a measly 50% m AP29

So wtiai we have here is

Oklm 1

Dimn <in»qjjk< NooW. aha 1 A

.Til «tif

A rather overpriced collection of genuinely unique simulation games. Each is interesting and certainly worth trying In Its own right, but only Srm City

really makes Ihe grade of ’classic' So sadly only...

Now sit back, kick off your shoes and get funny looks from the other people in the queue at the shops while several persons get a-reviewing.

System 3/C1 5

Amiga vanlon: ITS. AP15 W* played this a lot In Your Sinclair, you know Whan It cama out on budget. wa hunkared down around tha crap TV (which avantually ralusad lo dlaplay any colour hut purpla) and mada appraclallva mouth noltaa, confounded Ita lack of a aava game facility by copying tha entire memory to a freah tape whenever we got lo a new level, and awarded It a characfarletlcally overpowering 95%.

And here It ia again, and I’ve not played It before on the Amiga, and no doubt you're expecting me

time to light the llkaa of the Meduaa, that dragon from Lord Of the Rlnga and the giant atalua from Jason and tha Argonauta. Beat up mlnlona and you can ataal their weapona. use these lo knock off the demonic middle-management and than loot their fabulous powers to destroy the overlords - you know the drill.

Disastrously, the CD32 version uses - no! But yea! - up' to ump. which, coupled with the unfathomabiy sluggish response, means you'll spend more time leaping screaming into monsters than poking at them with aworda.

Unlathomably sluggish. In fact.


(Censored - BO)


y r* *» *s lit a SaMefoads. But on the CD32. p And five pounds Is more expensive. So    jj

Aw leek, Ms Kki« wickls her kevs lalka M freer of Ms eyes

Tb e«i iihia] 10 pmUi/ . Vm n«H Bfkiflf iIMh.1 » ■*

w to compare it unfavourably with the sums up the game as a whole. I'm    characters move like they're trying to

O    mlcroscopically-graphlced original

O    Well. We shall see what we shall

see. but don't assume I'm that shallow and predictable.

Amiga Myth la structurally Identical to the old un, but the

ail In favour of splendidly grubby graphics with flames a-go-go. Greek tragedians morphing Into unpleasant flying monatera and large blokes on thrones waving their beards, all to tha accompaniment of

gameplay differs substantially.    some gruesomely neat sound

break tree of Jupiter's gravitational filling son of way with a cold hate, pull, something really should be dona. • JONATHAN NASH That's more or less H. The impressively atmospheric puzzles are still there (use the gorgon's head to

turn the hydra to stone, attack    THE BOTTOM LINE

Achilles In the heel - that sort of    It's the same grand

thing) although the manual has    CD32 old Myth-except

dispensed with the cryptic clues In    Wlth the sense of

favour of Instructions like. ’Use the excitement and discovery all but gorgon's head to turn the hydra lo    ground away by the toffee-like

stone and attack Achilles In the heel,"    speed and unrelentingly nasty

but the slow movement, unlalriy    monsters. It s the sort of game that

swarming and regenerating    you stick at grimly rather than play,

opponents, leaps of faith. Intro screen The Speccy version genuinely was crashes and, of course, fact it wasn't m0re fun than this running on a Speccy. quickly eroded    Dammit. I really am that

my Interest to replace H In a dentistry    shallow and predictable



Team 17/C1S

Amiga vat*Ion: 78V AP26

In a naat CD-exploltlng aorl ol way.

I ha olharwlaa Identlcal-to-the-Amiga varalon ol Superfrog also has a playable demo ol Arcade Pod and clips ol Super Stardust So that's what It looks Ilka. No. only joking.

There's a great Intro to Supertrog animated by TV's lamous Eric Schwartz which paints the frog as a coolly cynical sort, with a permanent knowing smirk and piercing ayes peeping out from under hall-closed lids, so it's a bit Ot surprise to lind In the game itsell he's a chubby smiling

•    cute thing. Vup,

"    Superfrog's a


platformer. A coin-collecling-to-open-lhe-axlt cuts platformer, to be exact. With monsters That you kill by lumping on their heeds. And there's a slippy-slldey ice world.

And spiked pits lhat kill you Instantly.


The difficulty's very ‘there' -you'll get that special bit further each lime - and there are some jolly silly (as opposed to jolly silly. II you see whal I mean) sub-games, like a Irult machine and (apparently) some sort ol shooi-'em-up al the end It all hangs together well, the scrolling's fine. Ihe levels are big and It's as playable as a cute platformer can be And if lhat sounds Ilka a cop-out cliche, so Is Superfrog. But In a nice way, of course.



It's a cuta platformer

CD32 ol the Sonic Clone

k    school - lots of fast

scrolling (but Stupidly dead-stop obstacles] and coin collecting. Acceptably budgety and innocuously tlme-pesslng. easy lo put down and even easier to forget about. 1 suppose It's all about personal lasts: me. I prefer Ihe splendid

characterisation and Q Q much tighter design of H p Out to Lunch.    **

well thought out. And the moving around to different countries every lew levels does add a bit of variety. And the CD32 controller has been fairly well programmed with one button lo jump, another to lob flour and a third for the vegetable-netting. But. this Is still just another culeey platformer with alt the Inttationi of the genre barring up-to-Jump". It even blacks out the screen and displays a huge white 'LOADING" sign between levels. Grrr.



It's an alrlght-lsh CD32 game but suffers so

r* x many convictions from the Kangaroo Court that It's hard not to drop It down from the original Tj score. So I won't resist I11 the temptation.    I U

Manchester Utd Premier League Champions -Krisalis £15 ETA: October

Dizzy Compilation -Codemasters £15 ETA: October

Arcade Pool-Team 17 £15 ETA: October


Amiga Version 76%. AP39 Travel Ihe world in Ihe guise ol a chubby French chel and capture rebellious vegetables by stunning them with flour bags, collecting them in a net and ihen depositing them In a cage. That's the plot.

JD gave this cuta platformer 76% only a couple ot months ago. and used some rather uncharacteristic phrases in his review.

~t didn't bat an eyelid when a rogue avocado revarsed my controls."

"The fact that you can move straight through some walla and platforms, while other. Identical ones block your progress was an Irritation, but only a minor one"

"Even the slippy-sltdey Ice worlds ..seem perfectly legitimate In context"

Control reversal Indeterminate scenery  SLIPPY-SLIDEY ICE WORLDS ON LEVEL ONE 76% Good job he's taken a holiday, that's all I can say Let's hope he's back lo his sensible sell when he returns.

Okay, so Pierre (the chef) Is cuta. And the running around collecting vegetables against the clock Is alright. And the platforms are fairly



Ghostly apparitions have been seen shimmering through Ihe coiling mists. Seers have reported contradictory accounts Ol the imminent end ol Ihe world. Clutch religious teats lo your chests as you give thanks for the nonappearance of uncannily linked and eihereally unstable games like these (Pardon - Ed)



eawlelM »n»f »r Nm to Cfcrf


Super Stardust -Team 17 £TBA ETA: 1997, probably


Pay attention. This is an official announcement. After some regrettable anti-revolutionary remarks made by Comrade Golder in AP 40, the Revolutionary Future Party has decided to give a younger comrade the chance to shine. Welcome Comrade Paul Mellerick...


Magnetic Fields    or three goes, you can plan ahead -take three

Ves I do know thus is a pub quiz game, bul it's    numbers il you're feeling lucky or you ve gol some

actually quite good When this s the game I've bonuses already

played most all month then it must being doing    There are loads ol questions, and n a good tew

something nghl Right1’    days play I only came across Ihe same question a

As with most pub-quiz games, the rules and lew times and I must have seen hundreds Okay, so concept aren't loo hard to grasp - it's b*go. and you you don t wm any teal money, but in a realty lone'v answer questions to collect numbers to till up your sort ol way it's addictive stjl „methmg that card and wm money. The more numbers you go tor should keep you at once, the hardeilhe question (picked liom the entertained (and who seven categories and 3.000 questions] will be Vou said educated’3! lor a start with £1. each game is 20p a go. and when good wfina

you've run out ol reney i s game over    KS SSj

But wait. State s more You see. seme ot iho VERDICT: Very    

runtien are special bonus numbers that will ether polished And ihere are HEsI rx, give you mere nervy, or spaani bonus features    toads ot questions and    I ■—O I    1

such at Select Calege.y. Rats No C (so there are    some nifty bemuses to     BE5

only tec possible ireaars to Sis quasten) or even a    make playing .1 a tor tees     GU

Bonus Contnue And behave < or not ITS ne    bomg ran you nghl    Irv l T

F1 Llcencaware

It you can't desgn a playable raong game whet s the nest best thing you can do'3 Wei you axAl desgn e nicety presented detailed but r-'-ghtty Rawed FI management game instead - a bit kka ths one. r tact

Yep. we ve gol all the teams and at the drivers but iriortunately we've got j the adreraiine-pumpng acton ol This Momrg with Retard and Judy. Let s gel something straight nght from the off it you re gong to do a management sim game about anythng you've got to lemember a lew thngs First you need an the details (So tar so good - we ve ai the drivers, teams engnee courses the tot 1 Then you want H the nght options and menus end thugs v the nghi piece (Yep. got those too) Then you need to make sure that you can arhi»*y play the damn theg use some proper strategy and reefy get somewhere Ah. forgot ret M did we

1 could go on totever. rvgging about ihe little things m the game, but the mart problem is money You spend ail your time trying to accumulate more, only to spend it al and have no chance ol buying any new equgmeni or ergnes. so you I never win a race os gel some mote money - a hornbty vkxxi onde So instead Ql getting any erypymanl Out ot the thrg you end up getting mtensety frustrated rsteed

So you've got these live ace nght'3 And you throw them on the floor up to three times and see what combinations you can come up with Then you get points tor these combinations and men you add af me ports up and saa what your total score ■$ And that's Yahuee And this is Multiplayer Yahtzee. on an Amga

Up to tour people can play me graphes are

VERDICT: I m sotry bul I ve always found piatendng to race cars much more enjoyable than pratanOrg to manege them »*

VERDICT: Wei it s nol gomg to change the world t&amng roma sort ot Butterfly Effect-Style escalaiofy occurence Ed) but it's a tun game and wodb a took **






SI D - aT




3 31 1

■ § w IT




lull wtiaa Mcnrlhli]

■ % AMI



v« lookia, bleak.





! 1 BJ

■ •> >U«T

• ID



ft •

1 15j 2

SI i





t a



191 2Nl 3M

r .' -



retat of



OIL Dice


ft 3

ft 2

ft 3


* 25







= 5




-- . M t

t a











tl M CM MS, M n«lki arc M tmilmdmd

«Mgm thr, do*M Ofc H*cc fjti toad I up pc* a W KnM KM somt pretend money and have 1M0U taught domg« Who

couW as* lor more’

Bub Stop PD

'rh*y're unoer staners orders and may fa away ’ O something Ime that anyway

JuB ai caaa you haven I guessed from (ha ode (ha screenshots or ma opening sentence, thts a a bating game and a bcancawara one. too It s very

VERDICT: Well il’s not stunrwig and a s not poor It lull Ms somewhere m the maMe • a

fro* «y

ci ass..


DdUC WITT good Iuch ■ith tho

OnLine PD

Ever heard ot Dr Mano. the Nmlendo game We* it you haven't then pteganstc Ptimanu will quickfy gel you larmlur with the game lhai s. ahem, nsprred by Terns, only not qute as playable

As with most puzzle games the concept s simple: there are some germs m a ar. ot al dtlerenl colours, and by placing the falling pills n the jar so that you make a vertical or horizontal kne ot lour the same colour, the germs

will tfcsappeai When you ve got nd ot them all you can move onto I he nexl level and do it al over agact

The controls are a bn odd. and dropping the pill down is a M loo Iasi, but it’s a good puzzle game and there's a two-player option which will always add a bit ol He lo a game Yep. not bad


slightly oft with the i controls, but apart Irorn that it's a decent np-od ol Or Mano. and an okay puzzle game ***


So where do you get this stuff bom1 Wei, our helpers this month were Magnetic Fields who can reached on (0772) 681190, OnLine PO whose phone number« (0704) 834335, those lovely lasses at Bus Slop PD al talk to you if you nog (0455) 554982 and Inaly (it you're after Ft thnlis) you can contact FI Ucenceware at 31 Wellington Road. Exeter, EX2 9DC And that just about Ms op tfvs box neat/, don't you ttwtk

i usiiifitiiii timmup mim

j an in



/ 1

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Amiga Power Issue 42 1994 oct Cover

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