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And your A1200 into a CD32. Hours of fun. Now although were generally completely in the dark and pretty much completely uninterested in the technical workings ot the Amiga, never let i1 be said that we don't try to keep you informed. So when recent treacherous turncoat Steve McGill waltzed into our office Irom his Amiga Format home and started going on about how all his new tnends were "ever so excited about the new Amiga peripherals' we carefully took notes on his bizarre story. Implausibly, 1 now appears that if you own a CD32. you can convert it to an A120C. and if you own an A120G. it s equally possible 10 turn that into a C032 Contused7 We were Without getting too techy ( cos we don’t know bow) a company called Microbotics have released the SX- f which is a hugely ugly black box that sticks out ol the back ol the C032. rather than running along the back and looking a lot nicer Anyway, it you get this, a keyboaid and an external disk drive, then you can do loads ol Amiga rsh thngs such as load up our coverd'Sks. mess about on D-Paint, surf through the Net. and so an However, it that all sounds horribly contusing, how about this instead Beating Commodore to the launch ol an Amiga CD dnve rs the Zappo CD-ROM drive as featured last issue

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Amiga Power Issue 41 1994 sep Cover



5.. far yourt.lf why Putty Squad it worth 01** by trying our fabulous, tolly ulioblr drma!


l j mm m    What would games be like 11 the Amiga had been

invented in 1975 We investigate.    Page 22


Hello. Here at AMIGA POWER, people often ask us: "Why do you keep giving platform games low marks Don't you like them or something


Or what And the answer to that is simple: Putty Squad. It's a platform game, but one that's full of fresh ideas, that's fun to play, that




■ Play ou bverdl9it dimo. Tlv

l Play

I read our review. And see ft you agree with us. It's the AMIGA I POWER complete interactive 'multimedia reviewing I experience. Yes indeed.

_    Page 34



ym/tug roe m accxknt Cam Wlmtinlay

EkMNCEGRS Stm Farifhar

ousrw baisauo Jonathan Naih

socMNccnr tifMcau Stm Me Gil

NOT «RE IWCH *T» u Sal Madding!

AOTUXlOfi Sua HuntMy

R£ti*hhg h n« reudmii aou or

ART ASSISTANT Sarah Sharlay-Prica

AH0UY ft OUR GRASP Rkh Relay, Dava Goldar

AC MANAGER Jackie Gartord


SATES EttCUTMS Wina Clark a. David Matthaoi

A0DE9CH Uz Tuck





AC*W ASSISTANT Suzannah Angato-Sparing


Mlchaila Trawavat

M1BER S Sieve The Puhlihar kWMGMGDKCTOR Greg Ingham CRaiATmonEClOft Sua Hartley SrurwrUY BCH: Chrlt AmMruxi

UNO * SCjWBYG tenon Chaienden Jon Moore. Chrle Stocker.

Simon MMtter. Jam TMay,

Mark Cover

CCMROCSA Gran Compukig

■orroniAL a aovciiTiaiNa

Amga Pcnwr,

Futize PuMkhrg Lid.

30 Monmouth Street Bath BA) 2BW TH 0225 442244 Fn 0225 446019


Cary Cotzl. Somerton, Somerset TA1] 6TB Tei 0225 442244

auioa town it pkiktid. ounrt taoiv, in th« uk

d ba Alt Bur*. (A CroJikoM RefrUereO cictAaoon 54,124

AAr - Dec 1993



IW Complete with previews, charts and morabstK raging at the norv appearance of Super Stardust. Grrrr.


ft's a feeble attempt to appease the lawyers, apparently.


And vote in your 100 favourite games for the first time (since the last time}.


Sorry. That should read “Win a CD drive lor your A1200.’ And a copy of Super Stardust as well. Courtesy of Team 17. Once they've finished the game, of course, Grrrr.


Where USA' is an integer between 1 and x. Or are we lying Or are we lying now


Because we command it.

«cn«iaw erne sioavs

Nn»i kvw    « SuMumv

1. Futun Publishing 1M4


Stuck in a game Ask Rich Pel ley1 And he might conceivably answer you.

TA back issues/mail order

» Read all the order numbers backwards for a secret message.


®V More chances for us to say that the CD32 version’s the same as the Amiga one. Only more expensive (Cynic. - Ed)

Mpubuc domain

In which Dave Golder tidies up his atlairs before being executed by rusty harpoon for daring to defy u$ .


You write, and we read. Then we write back, and you read that. With hilarious consequences.


* I A list of every Amiga game EVER except most of them


7W Just the place to go for top reader ad action. We think you'll find.

OQ tme schoolboy 70 SPOILSPORT!

With Wiggins of Old House foiled and Madeleine forewarned, Tom arrives at the match just in time. (Now read on.)

OVER 122



deserves to be loved Play our demo, try the real thing, and then think carefully as you votes in this year's Readers

All-Time Top 100. Hmm

Jonathan Davies, Editor



Great name. But greal game Read on.

Page 46




llhlr 3

Kid Chaos-----

King's Quest 6 On The Ball — Putty Squad — Swltchquiz-


World Cup USA '94

WORLD CUP UC 94    *

-Great name. But Great Dane We tind out.

Page 50

t. iMr« a 1IUU

tor UVW


QUEST •    ’■

It s In Morthanta! .Howmany more


Page 38



Yes. Send us the most horrible CD from your collection i d we’ll : _ dyoti a brand new CD drive. (If you win.)

Page 28

Banshee ... — BO

DaikSASu .. '-Lj 1

Legacy Of Sorasll------81


Archer Maclean's Pool-78

Carrier Command-78

European Footy Champ -78 M*ts For Si* Volume 6—76 H<ts For Si* Volume 7—76 H<tsFc-3ht V:*..— S—77 Stunt Car Racer-76




Scorched Tanks----ft5

Task Force-------86

Turbo Hockey——86


Ambermoon ——-----54


Dream Web-54

FIFA Soccer--54

Sim City 2000-54

Super Stardust----54

Theme Perk------ 54

Theme Park At 200 --54

Top Gear 2---54

This month's disks are the keys to a whole new world. Simply walk up to a scientist prominent in Ihe field of parallel dimension gateways, frown, and say, "Sign this letter authorising me to teleport to Alternative 604, or I shall strike you repeatedly with these hard squares of plastic."

Putty Sqasd kt, quilt iinpii, ikt btsi plidorm jtait vt'vt pUytd tor mottks, and wtttrh rtfults tty    I turf ibtft's m IHt Itfi in Rt fttrt, tod iiyotit who writs oat

mtiould bt loilsltlf huritd allwt utdtr 1N,flM unsold capiti of their own fine. Bid whi hoi find 0421 lei fOintH with our bHIliid 1-lcvtl dtatoT

Stt for fouruH wh WI ftwt Empire Soccer *0% lost

month with out cxdusrvt dtmo. And thto Hop buyinj rubbish loot ball fioci by mlstnkt.


H'l cxAdi) whit li touBdi llfctl Yktrt ate lomt mints, tnd you rut it Iktm. Aid, lo

loci, H i jtisi llkt Lode Pmstaet.



l«'» tudh whil H sounds llktl A version of thtt old Uilu' jioc, scercktd a bli.


• Oh nc! Are you sure Before you go any further, try the procedures described In Ihe panel over the page. It, after all that, you do have dlak problems, simply place It In an envelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory letter, and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 41. Discopy Labs. P0 Box 21, Daventry NN11 58U. It you send It to us, we'll pass your name on to the creepy bloke Irom down the road who, we suspect, hea Namble In tils attic.






•    You've only go) 512K of memory on your Amiga Blimey. that* a bit stupid. Isn't it Go and buy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any of the games, all you have to do is switch oft your machine, Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the instructions to load the game of your choice.

•    Just to be on the safe side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    You'll have to reset your machine in order to play one of the other demos. When you do so, simply follow the Instructions above.

Author: Graftgold

We goi a bit panicked in the AP office when we found out that the disk demo of Empire Soccer had been promised to anoiher party We cned. we wailed and we gnashed our teeth because we thought that you. our respected readers were missatg out on such a great game -a game that we rated an astonishingly high 9C percent m Ihe last issue Fiercely we swooped on Empire and made unpleasant noses in the backs ol our throats But our righteous anger was assuaged when the ternlied publishers whimpered that the other party' had been

given a rushed-out earty pre-prod version ol the game, and that we could actually have a tweakerf version of the complete, fully implemented and totally finished version game. Conclusive proof that everything comes to he who warts Hee bee. And. indeed, ha ha and ho ho.

The tweak' takes the lorm of a timer after a tantalising 90 seconds the game finishes, having grven you iust enough time to have a good ptay. get mightily Impressed and yearn for more. This of course is a deliberate ploy by Empire to get you to run out and buy the

Dangerous sports

Rather than going for a typical football Sim which would never have been as good as Sensible Soccer anyway. Graftgold have

game, but in this case we heartily endorse this act ol shameless commercialism Except Jonathan Nash, but he obviously doesn't count.

• Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In Ihe drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine off for 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

• Have a good time.


• Are you sure

• Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not like', such as external drives.

• If your disk falls to load, then pop It in a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining Ihe problem and an SAE, to.

AMIGA POWER Disk 41 Returns

DlsCopy Labs

PO Box 21


NN11 5BU

• We're really hoping lhal you're reading this bit. because IT* quite important: please don't sand your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER oftlce. We really don't know how to fix dodgy disks, and we’ll just throw 'em straight in Ihe bln. So send (hem to Dlscopy. Please.

ts aided by four entirely different things:

IYou are a piece of putty

Try pressing Right and Fire together and watch Putty streeeeetch across the level Press Down while near an object and walch him melt mto the floor and absorb it into hts body Press Down and Fire and watch him slurp through the floor. It may not impress the girlies, but being a tactile piece ol goo does have its advantages

2 You’re friends with Dweezil (almost)

Putty's arch-enemy ol the first game is now on his side, although no one's very happy about it The next best ih ng to a spring is Dweezil's bod, so if you lure him lo you with the cat food and then punch him. you can trampoline on his stomach to bounce up to higher levels. If you don't punch h«m. he'll smack you and leave a

Author: System 3

Six complete levels plus ■'    1 M0 levels adds up

to an awtully large demo, but there again, the compleie game's hoofingiy huge anyway All hail AMIGA POWER"! AH thanks to Syslem 3'!' Now, there ate two ways you car go about this - you can either flick to page 38 and read Cam s glowing review ol the game, or you

can play it nght now and then read the review, well-prepared to agree with Cam's conclusions. Either way. it's one ol the finest games we ve seen all year.

You control Pulty in hi$ quesi to rescue red MIA puttys that have been captured m the war against Napalm the cal This one blob Rambo-esque mission

programmed a (uncus arcade version cl this much loved sport, and it's not without good reason that we ve dubbed it Speedbaii 2 In Shorts The controls are ail very straightforward and corned sensitive, so Fire means either pass or tackle depending on whelher you've goi the ball or noi Alterlouch is also available, so it you waggle the toystick alter you ve kicked, it'll swerve the bail Then there are the completely unreaiisticandbonkers-butnevenheiess-extremeiy-exoting special power-ups lor that extra SpeedbaH 2 fee Whenever the SP Hashes at your end of the timer bar. it means that the next player to hit the ban will execute the move ot your choice Actually, execute s a fitting term since special moves such as Power Drive and Super Baige can render anything up to four ol the opposing players unconscious, and that s without incurring a penalty. Violence in sports Sims is surely something to be encouraged Well, isn't it 0 agree - Andres Escobar}

Author: Michael Welch

Oddly, despite the the game slating boldly that it caters lor 5f2K owners, you may have a bit of trouble getting it to work on such a humble machine Still, eh Scorched Tanks is top ballistic fun for anything up lo lour players - and that s got lo be good news lor the modem tan of explosive projectiles We've seen many of these shoot the tank at the other $ >de of the hr type games over the years, but this ore s got more fiddly bus. add-ons and teatures than all of them put together.

For an easy life one-player game, make yourselt player one by selecting the human toon set the money to maximum and then set the other three players to the microchip icon, and turn their intelligence down This puts you in a great position to buy loads of cool weapons to lob at stupid enemies, but the real chaliarge comes playing against your friends

The shop s dtvided up into shields

and weapons, so buy some shields first, and then click on the Initial Shield' box for your lirsl choice. Some shields take hits while others repel shots, so try one ol each The weapons have different and quite spectacular effects, all with hilarious consequences, so be sure lo try everything (Usetul ones to start with are nukes, cascades weasels and piiedrvers)

For protection, buy aboul six parachutes lo protect your lank from crashing into a crater, a Move Tank ust w case someone zeroes in on you. and maybe a Piasconverfer that turns an the ground near impact into rubber You're now ready to kill kill kill!


Power and angle can be changed either by clicking on the arrows, or clicking on the number and then moving the bars about. You lire whatever's highlighted, and have to keep an eye on the shield power and armour which tick down on the nght, but you can change your

shields around by clicking on Shields (quite unsurpnsmgly) belore you seieci a weapon II the armour gets to zero, that s it Bang

We love this game, we really do All ol us. Except Dave, who said. 'Whal's the point in another version which adds so little to the genre ' - a fatal lapse ol ludgmeni that has resulted m his nstani dismissal Bye Dave

Toil ua **«■ ■iIh up yoar

em 'taolu' jaku

bomb, which could be helpful.

3 You can pick things up

Go lo an object and melt into the floor, and it'll be absorbed by Putty. II it's tood then hts energy lights will go green, but if it's Nitre, a Spring, cattood. or a rocketfiring imp. then it'll appear m the box at the top. To toggle through these, piess Down and then Lett or Right, and to release or use an object, press Fire and it win appear on screen

4 Stars are good things

Pick up stars to increase Putty's punching power, and bear in mind that every time

you get hit. you lose a star as well as a lile point. Oh. and while you're doing all this, look out for secret doors, pick up the shields end glasses and the like, find the red Putties, absorb them all and then escape tc the nexi level through the door. Enjoy, eh’

Authors: Matthias Bock, Andreas Scholl

Graphics vs Playability - that otd political hot potato Give this one a blast though, and everything becomes dear - a great game's a great game, and it it's got good graphics then all the better

This one hasn't (got particularly slunmng graphics that is) but it's more than compensated by all the levels (150 at least) and funousty addictive gamepiay of that old chestnut Lode Runner Genatnc video games, there's really nothing like them

You control a little man who's trapped m a mme with a gang ol people intent on killing him All this is slightly understandable if you beai in mind that there aie heaps ol gold bars lying around, and if you manage to gather them all then you can escape oft the top of the screen I mean, if you had a mine lull of bullion, you'd be precious aboul it loo wouldn't you 0 agree - Andres Escobar)

Contad with any ol

the baddies means instant death, but in your defence you do have a shovel Normal people would dub their attackers until their heads burst open, but tor reasons never lulty explained (which happens a lot m video games. doesn't it ) he digs holes and lets the attackers tali into them You can then run over their heads, and it the hole heals up In a disturbingly organic manner while the baddy's still struggling to escape then he's toast Loads of tun. toads ol levels and more homtying deaths than you can shake the ofhcial AMIGA POWER shakmg-stick at Hooray!






While ihe tabloid newspapers have been suffering the ‘silly season’ of no news storiesi here on AMIGA POWER we’ve been inundated. No, really.


/ ML-


II you've ever managed lo resist ihai overpowering urge to switch oft BBC2 s Top Gear as soon as the tedious rally report comes on. you'll know that rallying has the potential 10 be quite an exclmg sport

And yet. it's one that has largely passed the Amiga by. the only rally games we can think ol. Toyota CeUca

GT Rally and Lombard RAC RaHy, nol actually being very good Spotting this tempting niche. US Gold have announced Powerdnva. an arcade-style rally game using an odd isometric view that should be in the shops by the end ol November It’s got six different cars to

_ "Rendered

* = = = = = = f using


Mint, arc rally quhc cool. Ah. k.    .    „

h.fc.h.    computers"

it was exclusively revealed to AMIGA POWER earlier this week that Sensible Software are set to join the hallowed ranks ot Jules Verne. James Cameron, Terry Nation and Robert Zemeckis as they prepare to 'do a Marty McPty1 and send the entire cast ot Cannon Fodder Zona quest to get back to the future

It seems that not bemg content with snuftmg out human IHe m the 20th Century, those kooky geezers at Sensible have decided to prowl the highways and byways of the fourth dimension, putting the brakes on famous people Irom the past Why your team ol merry men have to do this isn't yet clear, and the implications on future events oi

Yes, time travelling Cannon Fodder 2.

is the twist in



JVIE AT £3.50

drive. which have been accurately rendered using expensive computers, and the idea is to capture the handling ot real rally cars as closely as possible white still producing a playable acbon game Next month in AMIGA POWER a proper preview ot Powerdnve Plus! We (well, JO anyway) go rally driving lor real, to find out just how authentic Powerdrrvs actually is

Commodore are Still no nearer to finding a remedy tor their desperate financial situation, although they ve nevertheless got plenty ot new hardware in the pipeline for Christmas

Since the company's US arm ceased trading nearly three months ago. there seems to have been little progress in agreeing a deal with any potential buyer The latest development has come from the UK management team, headed by the familiar figure of Donald Pteasance He has thrown his weight behind a management buy-out that would see Commodore UK running the entire CBM business empire Meanwhile, strong rumours abound that Commodore have Imished two new pieces of hardware which, financial circumstances

notwithstanding, could be an the shelves ot your local slore by Chnsimas

One is a new machine, possibly called the At 800, which would see an A1200 harnessed to an integral CD-ROM drive and probably retailing lor around £399

The other new piece ol kit is even more ol a surpnse It's a card lor PC compatibles that would allow PCs to run a> Amiga software. The card would simply plug into an expansion slot on a PC

Commodore's UK marketing manager. Jonathan Anderson has so far refused to comment on the existence ol these products However in a recent interview he said that Amiga owners should be prepared tor a taw surprises it they attend Commodore's daustrophobically-titled European World ol Amiga show in November Keep 'em peeled

massacring our ancestors haven't been explained lo us. but eager as ever to speculate wildly and till up column inches with bizarre and

improbable Iheones. we believe the story could be one o< the following:

1. An evil generic madman has stolen a lime machine and is trying to destroy the present by altering the past Defending him Is tvs army ol genetically enhanced done warriors who. since they ve been grown in test tubes, aren't pari ol the past and are therefore eligible lor wholesale slaughter by your team Precedents: the Terminator's attempted

assasiruaiion ol the as yet unborn John Conner.

Marty messing up his parents' date m Back To The Future and every third Dr Who plot line.

2 Accidentally hurled into the past, your warriors must battle to find a

myslanous vortex' that can return them to their own time Battled by their strange mode ol dress and apparently magic abilities lo kill people Irom afar, the locals denounce them as the tiny minions ot the Horned One' and try to kill them The body count Irom then on can be seen purely as sell defence

Precedents: Ash's adventures in Evil Dead 3, Marty meeting up with the Prol in Back To The Future and every thud Dr Who plot line.

3. The team get m a specially-converted Delorean car and hurtle down a motorway When they gel to 88mph. a strange thing happens IThai's enough time travel speculation -Ed)

Whatever the reasons, we know that the action starts out in the Middle East in the modem day and then switches to the mediaeval setting you see here Sensible's Stuart Campbell (Er Naaah -Ed) explains all *We originally had fairy tale castles with pointy battlements and stuff, but Jon Hare didn't like them and made us go lor a gnmmer. more down-to-earth look. The castles now look more like stockades, with wooden walls forming the outer bamers. Wizards finng magic bolts have replaced the rocket launchers, and witches are standing t\ tor the helicopters, so it'll still

be lough lacing the slings and arrows ol outrageous fortune."

The action lumps to the roaring 1930s taler on. so expect plenty ol sleek limos and Tommy-gun toting gangsters in the next issue The original Cannon Fodder featured tour different terrains, which leaves just one time zone that's yet to be revealed

So what's it gomg to be"* We rather lancy either Roman or Aztec levels because ot the fascinating architectural possibilities, or maybe a WW1 level for the horror of shell-strewn trench systems, but who knows Apart Irom Sensible that is. and they're keeping sehtumm






















It feels like we’ve been waiting forever.

Go through it and you'll be laced with a challenge ol some sod hopping across a senes ol unreliable Stepping stones, lor example, or killing a huge spidei

Some ol them are pure icsis ol reaction, while others will need you lo have found the appropriate object from elsewhere in Ihe game The spider, lor

instance, wants to be squirted with insect repeilant On

completing a challenge you may well be given another

obiect that'll come in handy later on

As you might imagine L/til Omlis being billed as an interactive cartoon', and it's certainly one ol Ihe mcer-lookmg ones we ve come across The scenery could almost be Irom a Disney Mm it you squmi There's also a great classically-type soundlrack

And yet. our lellow magazine PC Gamer gave Lilil Civil 43°c when they reviewed it earlier Ihis year, scoltmg at its lack ol interactivity and even cruelly companng it 1o Dragon 's Lair

Bui Ihe graphics have all been redrawn lor the CD32 to take advantage ol the machine's higher resolution, and the tunnel sections now spin around so you don't find yoursett walking backwards oul ol the screen And, although I only played it bnetty, it (kd look very lovely

Lilil Divk will undergo Ihe ulterly thorough (and occasionally brutal) AMIGA POWER reviewing process next month Probably • JONATHAN DAVIES

constructed from tunnels that scroll smoothly towards you, with bags ol gold (lo buy things in shops] and tood doited about along with hazards which you'll need lo hop over And ihen every so Oden you'll come across a door

Runs on: CD32 Publisher:


Authors: Gremlin Ireland ETA: Early September

Gremlin were

originally going to releaso LiMDrvrton the ordinary Amiga But it quickly became apparent that il would fill up at least 16 disks, ousting Beneath a Steel Sky tiom Ihe Guinness Book ot Records and causing possibly irreparable damage lo retail display units across the nation This was clearly a job tor (toot toot loot 1000t .) the CD32 The star ol Ihe game is called Mult, and looks more like a Tasmanian Devil than a teal one. There's a plot, too, which I think I'll save * case Ihe review needs lleshmg oul. bul basically he's got to run around a senes ol mazes, occasionally going into rooms where he'll have to tackle a vanety of challenges

This gives the game a iwo-hered effect The mazes are




Just when you thought ail possible variations on the god sim had been tried several times over. Mtndscape are about to pull another one out ot their hat And the twist thrs time is that all the characters in it are bald

Batdy. as it's to be called, is being put together by Creative Edge, the people behind Euro Soccer (although they stress that all happened a tong time ago), and the company's Dave Whiteman totd us what it's an about

"BakJy Yes. it's a tend ot cutesy, wargamey. thinky. strategic, areadey thing.' he explained, alter some thought "Dunng the one-and-a-hai1 years we ve had it in development, people have

compared it to ad sods ot different games - Populous. Pcwermonger, Lemmings even It's probably closest to Mega lo-Mania, although we re making it much more accessible and the inventions' system won't be hall as complicated *

Anything we should watch out lor m particular

'It'll be Iasi, nol batting an eyelid even it there are 1000 Baldies on the screen (which won't happen very often) There 11 be up to three opposing tribes ol Baldies lo light against, one ot which can be controlled by another player over a senal link it you like And we ve commissioned an animated introduction which is digitised Irom little characters made out o) Fimo modelling day It'll be great, just you see'

We ll try and da a proper preview of BaWy very soon, bui meanwhile here are some early pictures to look ai.



What an irredeemably poor headline Especially when you realise that it refers 10 Dream Webs long-awaited appearance tor review rexi month We angmaily previewed Dream Web way. way back in las! November's AP. and it's taken all this time 10 be finished, something Empire put down to 'perfectionism' To recap, it's a seedy sex-and-violence-ndden arcade adventure with a top-down view not entirely

dissimilar to Empire Soccer's And Steve McGill enthused about it greatly in his preview, which generally bodes well

Tremble in unequivocal panic at the approach off the thunderini hoofbeats off...




THE CRIME: Non-recognition ol additional axtemal disk drives In a multi-disk game requiring extenalve disk swapping.

THE CASE FOR THE PROSECUTION: Now this really la Inexcusable.

Support the Amiga!', cry software developers and publishers alike.

Invest In the future ol your machine! Don't pirate software! Buy originals and enable us 10 aflord la make the games you want and deserve!

Upgrade your equipment lo let ua cater (or the moat powerful configuration, and allow the Amiga lo compete with PCs and hlgh-apec consoles!" And, obedienlly, you do.

You gel a memory expansion so that no-one has to worry about cramming their games Into 512K, You get an expensive monitor so that you can really appreciate their astonishing use ot 256 colours, and a pair ol atuptd-looklng clunky apeakert so that the subtleties ot stereo sound are no longer lost on you. And you buy a second disk drive so that they can spread their games lavishly across several dlaks without making you shuffle them around like a pack ol cards every time you gel la a different kind ol enemy. And then It all goes horribly wrong.

You reach Level Two. The Internal drive whirrs reassuringly. Then stops. The screen goes black. You can see It coming, but you don't want to believe It. It happens anyway. ‘Insert Disk Two In drive and press Fire.' Bastards.

What kind of hall-arsed dlsmaltry is this How lazy and crap do you have to be to simply not bother with ■uch elementary customer care We

don't know, but we do know one thing - you have to be somebody who never actually plays computer garnet, or you'd know how Intensely annoying It la. How completely It destroys the atmosphere ol the game (when we're playing a game we don't even want to know there’s a computer involved, far lass manually service Ihe bloody thing), and how much ol a mockery It makes of Ihe hard-earned cash you Invealed In your machine's future (remember ) when you lorked out far your external drive(a).

And Irankly, In our opinion. It you never actually play computer gamea and you're writing them lor a living, you're in the wrong job. Do ut all a favour - just tod oft and go work lor a building society or bank or something, eh

The penalty:

FI rat offence 7-20% oft

Second offence 15-35% oft

Third ollence Underwater apear-gun execution by scuba-diving tiring squad with rusty harpoons, deliberately shooting to malm and cause s slow desth through bleeding.

JjJkv 3: H i th.nl Look! If! I. mi bink n« iiumil driva that I Jail ip..1 th. ban part al C4C ant Wtul art yan. Kapid ar •am.thlas Or wtul


Unbelievably, tor the fust time in its turbulent history. AMIGA POWER has no lull-time representatives Irom Scotland on its staff. This is due lirshy to Steve McGill's sudden departure this month end secondly, of course, to to er . Anyway, Sieve's moved nexl door lo work lor our neighbours on Amiga Formal, and now

sits ail day amid piles ol video digihsers, hand scanners and 66030 acceleralor cards Thai means we re going to have to find someone else to review all Ihe football games and RPGs Although it also means no more two-page monologues on plugging CD32 controllers mlo the Amiga, and no moie references lo that wrelched football learn Sieve left with the words

'So long, and lhanks lot all ihe disks' We shall miss him Bu1 our toss is also our gam because we've got a new Art Editor m the form ot Sue Huntley Sue's great, and she'll be laying out all our pages while Sal goes olt to (eurch) have her baby.





And your A1200 into a CD32. Hours of fun.

Now although were generally completely in the dark and pretty much completely uninterested in the technical workings ot the Amiga, never let i1 be said that we don't try to keep you informed.

So when recent treacherous turncoat Steve McGill waltzed into our office Irom his Amiga Format home and started going on about how all his new tnends were "ever so excited about the new Amiga peripherals' we carefully took notes on his bizarre story.

Implausibly, 1 now appears that if you own a CD32. you can convert it to an A120C. and if you own an A120G. it s equally possible 10 turn that into a C032 Contused7 We were

Without getting too techy ( cos we don’t know bow) a company called Microbotics have released the SX- f which

is a hugely ugly black box that sticks out ol the back ol the C032. rather than running along the back and looking a lot nicer Anyway, it you get this, a keyboaid and an external disk drive, then you can do loads ol Amiga rsh thngs such as load up our coverd'Sks. mess about on D-Paint, surf through the Net. and so an However, it that all sounds horribly contusing, how about this instead  Beating Commodore to the launch ol an Amiga CD dnve rs the Zappo CD-ROM drive as featured last issue, which means that you can play ordinary CDs and CD32 games on your A1200 See the box lor how much i1 costs

And then there's the rumour of an A1200 with buitl in CD-ROM drive, so maybe you should hang on tor that instead No wart a minute. Commodore have gone bust haven't they Anyway.

both Indi Direct (0543 419999) and Calculus (0543 418666) supply these bolly add-on bits so give them a nng and they'll almost surely talk more sense than us.


So what * the difference Obvlouely it may depend on the machine you've got now, but if you're starting Irom scratch...



Keyboard Disk Drive


E240 <lth) £199 £45.99 £49.99


A1200 CD Drive


£270 (Ish) £199.95


Looks like s victory (or the A12001



with Gerald Falsely

• To tie in with the 2Sih anniversary of the first moon landing. Ocean are releasing what they call a 'sort ol light sim m space' endorsed by the estate of Ed Rybeck. the NASA technician who was bnetly the first man to leave Earth's orbit after being accidentally locked m a storage compartment dunng pre-launch tests ol Mercury 1


can mu «•«, bcuiH I km t '    nla*.

•    MicroPros ) are working on a two-player version of Knights ol the Sky using a single machine Usmg a cunning widget, you connect two monitors to the Amiga, and the game protects alternate scan lines to each set m order to create pictures lor both players.

•    Due to a mix-up at the CIA film archives, new CD32 game JFK Assassination features net the Zapruder tootage but the suppressed Hank Yeager film Yeager's home movie, taken Irom

the opposite side ot the plaza, dearly shows a seven-year-oid schoolgirl pull i a handgun from her satchel and lire twice at the motorcade.

•    Psygnosis's new protection method, replacing their ill-fated Match the Scratch 'n' Sniff syslem. has also run into problems. “We were going lo have a small transmitter in the manual, like the ones they have in singing Christmas cards The transmiller was 10 give oul high-lrequency

code bursts lhai the game would check tor. but the ultrasound squeal it emitted killed dogs.' rued a Psygnosis spokesman yesterday.

sharpshootmg champion, revealed he hadn't tired a gun until two days before the tournament which ended in June ■My

brother had bought me issue 37 of AMIGA POWER - the one with Pong on the coverdisk - and I was practising constantly until I could keep a rally going tar hours by playing as both bats. It just sort of grew from there, really.' explained a delighted Davsi •

Back issues ol this tremendous organ can be found on page 72

OKI 'uGO gwtyi ©P


Michael Connor s picture ol Cannon Fodder In The Style 01 the army recruiting advert isn't just a neat idea, but also a viable commercial proposition Imagine an ad which showed two people sitting in a room under a clock looking bored, and then cut to a shot ol some obviously-

exhausted people with huge rucksacks being forced to run across a muddy field through thick smoke with loud pop music playing in ihe background, and then cul lo some toofage ot the great Cannon Fodder in action Sales of Sensible's shoot'em-up would soar In view ol this, we awarded Michael

Connor's picture 6/10 We then thought it only nght to donate half the points to the Royal British Legion, leaving Michael with 3/10 and £60 ot games Send you own contrbutions, as DPaint-readabte files to In The Style Ol. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BAf 2BW


■ David Fesk. Britain's new national





The best games of the last couple of months. Buy one of them, we say.


Empire (AP40 90%)

II IS Speedbati 2 in shorts Empire Soccer's one ol those games that looks a bil odd al lirsl. with gigantic, slockily-built players. and doesn't really seem to play Ike lootbail at all. especially il you lake Sensible Soccer as your benchmark, but then actually lums oul to be a bnllianily playable game in its own right. In lad. it's ihe only game that looks a bit odd at lirsl. with gigantic, slockily-built players, and doesn't really seem to play like lootbail al all especially it you lake Sensible Soccer as your benchmark, but then actually lums out to be a brilliantly playable game in its own nghl

Core (AP39 89%)

The best vertically-scrolling shoot- em-up we've played lor a very long lime The graphics are incredibly detailed right down to the way paratroops' chules crumple up when you hil Ihem. sending their passengers spiralling to ihe ground Although you'll mostly be destroying standard military hardware, there's a sinister alien presence supporting the enemy so you get to blow up loads ol spaceships as well For sheer, devastating violence, this has tew rivals.


Team 17 (AP39 86%)

We gave this Ihe same mark as Mortal Kombat. the game we called ‘the best Amiga beal-'em-up to dale Which presumably makes Ultimate Body Bloats Ihe Joint Best Beal-'Em Up On The Amiga Phew. And it's great, combining both the onginal Body Blows and Ultimate Body Blows, while tweaking the gameplay slightly to make it a bit crunchier. dropping m some excellent new backgrounds, and making the most ol the CD32 s extra buttons You won't lind a more convincing argument m favour ol violent computer games


Audiogenic (AP39 85%)

II is the best ol limes to release a new lootbail game (because ot the continuing aura ol the World Cup), and the worst ol times (because everyone else is doing it). But Wembley Iniemahona! Soccer has some great leatures ot its own The mam one is the extent to which you can control your team's ladies, delining seipieces before Ihe match and so or And then there’s the lad that it can use ail Ihe buttons on a CD32 controller, which seemed to excite Sieve McGill tremendously.


Rasputin (AP40 79%)

Puzzle games used to come out on the Amiga at an incredible rale, but gradually they tailed oil as programmers began to tun out Of new things to do with coloured blocks So when Ckckwiser appeared last month it must have been alter months oil head-scratching, followed by a posriively deafening 'Ol course!" The idea here is to rotate groups ot blocks around by pulling' them with a sort of rope thing, and then do some other things as well, and it works. And at less than £13 - sorry, at £13 - it's quite a bargain, loo

Apart Iron thfci ■party Inti.

Art! ihii looks quit, a lot Ilka tot Stttltri wish ears

Game: All Terrain Racer Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Team 17 Authors: In-house ETA: Around Christmas

Team 17‘s previous

launt into the world ot racing games was. it must be admitted, an abject failure. Overdme (AP31.46%) was a lop down racing game lhai tailed on prelty much every count in its attempt to belter Micro Machines horn Code masters Ail the lums were 90 degrees, you could never see tar enough ahead to anticipate the turns and it was all a bit. well, crap really However Team 17 aren't Ihe sort ol people who sit around licking iheir wounds tor long, and tor the past couple ot months have been scnbbhng. designing and coding tunously on AH Terrain Pacer, or

A TR tor short Ex-Amiga Format editor and current Team 17 PR geezer Marcus Dyson dropped by to visrt his oW work chums and give us Ihe low down on Iheir latest venture.

'We re at a very early slage in programming at Ihe moment, and what you're seeing now's the result ol only six weeks programming Allhough many ot the pickups are visible on screen, they don't actually do anything at the moment, and we've not implemented artificial intelligence lor the computer controlled cars on some ol ihe levels, so they have a habit ol driving round in circles."

The demo I played does look a bit ropey in places, but some levels look completed The lorced perspective view's reminiscent ol ihe arcade game Ivan 'Iron Man Sluad's Super Off Road Racer.

although m ATflthe tracks are much bigger than the screen, which scrolls to keep ihe action centred. The

This magazine

has been voted

Magazine of the year

by people working in the games industry

comrols al the moment consist ot tell, right and forward keys and so even the most dim-wined dullard can enjoy ATR after mere picoseconds of practice.

Marcus again: 'Everything's a bit raw at the moment as it hasn't been run past the playlesters We like the way theie's usually a long and shod route around

each track, although we've yet to see whether the ptaytesters think the track difficulties and computer Al are set at the nghf level Even al this early stage, it's still very playable *

Indeed it is. The lulunstic buggies skid round corners nicely, skip across water with little splashes and even spin out on snowy corners, and just driving round and round knocking over bollards is gieat tun The look of the game's something new tor Team 17 too. being somewhere between Blue Byte s game The Settlers and Cannon Fodder From what we ve seen so tar. it looks possible that we ll soon be able to completely torget about poor old Overdrive and concentrate on smashing new ATR. which is surely a great thing tor programmers and players alike • CAM WINSTANLEY

Revel in our ineptitude with...

One ol the Incks ot the magazine publishing business s having whal l known as a back-up a lealuie or column destined only to see the light ot day f an expected page tails through al the last minute. Back-ups an usually prepared months in advance, no there's "•w.i,!. stock ol. say. at least live en'hrtsiniftg, well-written stand-by abides shwid absolute disaster stnke The unnaturally brilliant bums taut dial * AMIGA POWER shuns sued: conlessi anally talMNa saletynets aMcG ia ally aa'ea had to come up with something on the spw s! the moment when once agnm. the titan ot On Dear was

rvAWesstyq d by Sima The Publisher Gum thank*, mereiorcv to the ptitui tack ot

M m anowjr rmr*c»vn Illustration becoming arevocabty parted horn

its press release, prompting a lurther round ol Mystery Semen Shot Comet It you can make some sense ot Ihd collector ol lines and small, oddly coloured graphic*, wnte to the usual editorial address, being sure to mark your letter 'It There's A Plausible Explanation For Your Continued Lack Ot Efficacy. We'd Al As A Body Look Forward To Heanng It *

By way ol a bnet but highly revealing aside, the last Mystery Screen Shot Comer tailed to raise any interest at a. and consequently the picture remeffs unidentified

Nmtendos T 64b it

Don’t you n want to S know why

Magazine of the year

Issue    onsale at

selected newsagents now





Runs on: A500, A600, A1200 Publisher:

Millennium Author: Ettecto


ETA: Soon. Very soon

players Cnkey However

it’s noi lair lo slag oft a game rl you haven't seen the finished version, so I'm going to have be be diplomatic about how I phrase this There are some obvious problems with the game control which could (and should) be remedied before the game goes on sale, but (lar more worryingty) it’s not very interesting Oh, sure, it s clever and innovative and all that, but it it s not good then all ol that hardly matters does it0 Being arbiters ol fairness and even-handedness, we ll reserve judgment on the game tor ihe final version, but at the moment the best we can say is that it's pretty and plays okay. Ish • CAM WINSTANLEY

From what we can gather from the almost, but not quite, complele version we've been playing, Vital Light is the arcade game that people who live m arcade games play, which is ol course a poorly thought-out idea It games can themselves play games. Ihen you're straight into one ot those mtndboggling paradoxes ot the games that they play actually playing games, and Ihe entire thing zings otf into infinity the same way that standing between Iwo mirrors produces an infinite number ol reliections

Once you get past all Ihe stylish (yet at the same lime completely pointless) Tron-mlluenced storyline stuff, the game turns out to be something halfway between Terns and Space Invaders. Controlling a gun along a rail, the idea's lo lire beams ol coloured light at descending blocks. It you can make all the blocks in a certain duster ihe same colour before the cluster

smashes inio your toice field, then the cluster vanishes It you want lo play it like a total ihicko. you can stick with one colour and change every block to Ihe hue ol your choice, but since your

ammunition is limited, you're better oft switching between your (rve tones and picking the one that most suits the target That's the basic idea, but every conceivable variation ol the game seems to be available

Two people can play co-operatively or against each other, blocks drop at different speeds, your movement across the screen is hindered by obstacles on the rail, power-ups fall on you powerdowns drop on you. and so on There's even a tournament mode for up to eight




CD Bam <5 Am** 6 Ujm fi tC 0 CD-< OCloiitn    fl_





By tai the most important event in the coming months - more SO than Halloween or even Guy Fawkes Night - is the Future Entertainment Show, which takes place at Earts Court in London from 26th-30th October. It's an enormous event that'll pack every conceivable aspect ol home computing under one tool, with games, music. CD-ROM and all kinds ol other stuff lo be seen, tried and bought There ! be a games arcade whete you can try out ail the latest Amiga and console games.

and also the linals of the National Gaines Championship, lull entry details ol which were in True Stones last month (still available Irom page 72).

And apparently you'll also be able to witness the spectacle ol AMIGA POWER “coming to life", something we, tor one. have got to see

So roll up Book your tickets by calling the hotline on 0369 4235 - at a mere £6. they'll save you a pound on what they'd cost on the door


More Amiga games are still sold each month than anything else.

The Amiga row has 21 6% o! the market (which, if you were unfortunate enough to come across a story similar to

this last month, despite our best attempts lo hide it. you'll know is down about 05%), with the next best, the Mega Dnve. on 19 6%.

The CD32. meanwhile, has been overtaken by the PC CD-ROM m the CD market, with 34 9% against the PC's 44.6%. a fall ot ISmp Ed)

We were hoping desperalely that we d be able to bnng you a ieview of Team 17's Super SfardusMhts month. But Finnish developers Bloodhouse are taking rather longer than anticipated over it. so. rather than lob you oft with a review' ot the unfinished version, we thought we d wait til next month

and do the Ob property.

The bds ot Super Stardust we ve played so tar look great, though - the first level and a couple ol the tunnel bits There's an incredibly realistic flame thrower, and the explosions when you blow something up are superb (They've ail been rendered with an explosion generating program that Bloodhouse wrote specially )

   Until then. then, console

yotiiself with these new and gorgeous pictures.


Black Legend £25.99 ★★

4    (NE) WORLD CUP USA ’94 US Gold £25.99 ★


Gremlin £24,99 ★ ★★★




9    (2) ARCADE POOL Team 17 £9.99 ★ ★ * ★


Grandslam £14.99 11(15) SIM CITY CLASSIC

Hit Squad £14.99 ★★★★★

12    (12) WORLD CUP YEAR 94 Empire £29.99 ★★★★

13    (7) FRONTIER: ELITE 2 Gametek £29.99 ★★★

14    (10) BENEATH A STEEL SKY Virgin £34.99 ★★★★



Hit Squad £14.99 ★ ★★★

17    (26) JURASSIC PARK Ocean £25.99 ★★★

18    (RE) A-TRAIN Hit Squad £17 99 ★★★★


Audiogenic £29.99



Krisalis £29.99

22    (16) BATTLE OF BRITAIN Kixx £14.99 ★★★

23    (RE) BODY BLOWS Team 17 £12.99 ★ ★ * ★


Kixx £16.99 *★★★

25    (RE) GOAL! Virgin £12.99 ***

26    (NE) STREET FIGHTER 2 Kixx £14.99 ★★★


Domark £25.99 ★★★

26 (NE) WILD CUP SOCCER Millennium £25.99 ★

29    (RE) MORTAL KOMBAT Virgin £29.99 * ★ ★ ★ *


Demark £27.99

Wa fiQuia you mull haM tom Idm how 11m china wo»% by now. They ra O ELSPA. they frti budget* and lull-pricec* together, wa rat* game* In atari, and you iol go out and buy football management game*













































Achtung readers! Welcome to the leafy village world cl Saflron Walden, home ol Sensible Software and ol the latest instalment ol Diary 01A Game I'm Stuart Campbell, and d you haven't heard ol me belore d's probably because I'm a relatively new kid here at Sensible, having joined ust a lew short months ago as Product Development Director (it says here], responsible lor development and quality control on a whole dutch d exohng new products', induding Cannon Fodder Z Sensible World Ol Soccer and. ol course, the soorvio-be mighty Sensible God So join me. it you wfl. lor another sneaky peek behind the scenes at the work in progress so tar, and let's see what the boys have been up to this month

Well, things are really kicking into Irle with Sensible Go now. What with all our

Like all tighily-knii communities, the Sensible gang has Its own special' language which we use to bailie and alienate all outsiders. But we want you to leel pari at our strange and magical universe loo. so here tor you (and make sure you do keep them to yourselves, now) are Just a lew ol our secret codewords and phrases. Memorise and destroy!


realty unbelievably boring Diary 01 A Game' oh God. is that a month gone already  Sensible Golf

oh God. is that a month gone already work commitments the World Cup 'on schedule'

no more than three months late so tar

other work commitments and all the mportant business meetings wo ve been having lately, programming on the game gol oil to a bit ol a slow start, but everything's back on schedule now

Jon and Chris and Jools and I have al been thinking hard about how we want the game to work, and after halt-a-dcuen attempts at different styles, we've finally gol a control system we're comfortable with At its most basic level, fs not entirely cfcsmiar to the ones in McroProse Godot the original Nick Faldo's Eki it's a M more user-friendly and informative, so you don't have to be a golfing expert lo play a lew hall-decent shots at the start. And you won't have to be telemng to the manual every five seconds (which we thought was a bit ol a problem in Nick Faldo'S - who could be bothered having to remember lor themselves how far each dub coidd hit ).

'business meetings'

hoi sunny weather, ideal for sitting

around outside in. lor example


playing pinball


any time before 4:30pm

after work'


quiet drink’

eleven pints Of JLs Iready home-brew hung over' medically dead Dexters’

'Pro-Plus' concentrated codeine tablets -completely legal and harmless fantastically expensive’ really unbelievably expensive Hickey'

Oh no! Run away' Pretend to be out1 Pretend to be dead1 Help!

We've also tned lo keep it Incky enou i to be a challenge

The most recent addition to the control method was a whole load ol Ude dots and ines which we added to the 'swing bar after early playlesting showed that people coukki'l really fudge on a curved mdicatoi where a half- or quarter-strength shot was -yes. constant evolution's the watchword here at Sensible Software Or watchwords

Now that that particularly tricky stage is out ol the way, we fully expect the rest of the programrrxng to be plain sating al the way in. In fad. so confident were the learn alter completing this crucial stage ol development that Ihey all retired to Jools' house after work for a quel drink, and came in this morning al a little hung aver, so hey - don't make too much noise whde you're rearing this, eh Honestly, those zany programmers -you'd think they worked lor Team 17 or something. Still, I’m sure they'll be alright after some Vitamin C tablets and a few Dexters, so don't worry too much, mil you

What else can I tell you Well, I could tell you al about the lantaslicaiy exciting and secret project that everyone s working on here al the moment, a project that's unlike anything that's ever been seen In the world ol video gaming belore. but sadly * is, as I said, a secret, so l can't.

1 could tel you about Jools' fantastically expensive new Porsche, but then you’d probably just lhank programmers got paid loo much (It's not true, they don't -it's just Jools) and deckle lo pirate Sensible Golf instead ol buying 4. so I'd probably better not do that either I could tel you about some ol the fantastically funny things we do to avoid getting into deadline trouble with Hickey Irom Virgin, but you probably wouldn't know who he was or why we re scared ol him, so I won't do that either. Or I could tell you how I'm frantically mhbtng any old nifbish now just lo try and fill the page up. since I'm not getting paid for it and hence don't really care if I's nieresfing and fuiny or not. But you'd probably spotted that already (chuckle, wink).

So instead I'll merely direct you to the pretty picture of our first working hole elsewhere on this page, and say Ooh, rsnT


Vow il




«Ffc«« 4

whole holt lookj like. Iv«n Sluiri MS


d good 1 in (he hope that you'll be directed and go away. If you've got any suggestions or ideas that you'd like to see incorporated into Sensible God. please don't hesitate lo send them to someone, anyone at all. and we ll see you for more evasive verbal meanderings and vague excuse-makxig next month, if AMIGA POWER don't lire of this obvious drivel before then. Aloha!






It’s not just music and fashion that have gone retro you know. Programmers and Cam Winstanley alike hark back to those ‘good old days’ too.

Everyone's al it Take That get in to the charts singing old songs, and movie rehashes ol TV senes such as The Adda ms FarrJy rake m big bucks. The 70s are big business, with Raleigh Choppers changing hands tor £400 and lava lamps being somehow cool

Why is this Why does the generation bom between 1965 and 1975 insist on dragging themselves through the same old Drayton-drenched decade that they ve already lived through once Wasn't gomg to school looting like an extra from Sesame Street embarrassing enough the first femeCan you honestly look me in me eye and say that you enjoyed the tight T shrts with huge lip pnnts on them and the jeans that dung precariously to your tips

Did Ihe Levi commercials realty whet your appetite for nostalga so much that you want to remember dancing to Oops Up Side Your Head white wearing corduroyWei. do you DO YOU0 0< course not



The software industry's been slow to catch on to this dewy-eyed nostalgia lor all thmgs long gone, but eveniually Ihey've amved at Ihe same money-spinning conclusion.

Revamping old games works because most of the old games had truly great ideas They had to, because let's lace it, in 1980 it was kind ol hard to mask dodgy gamepiay wth flashy graphics when the flashy graphics consisted of Ihe letter V finng hill slops at hordes of mvadng Ds


MicroProse made no bones about updating this old ciassc, and even went as tar as

including Ihe old game m the same package Unfortunately, this move backfired completely, smoe the original's tight design proved to be a far superior game. The idea’s to nr around a bunker complex avoidng robots and collecting parts ot a code key. but snazzy graphics and paraflaxing backgrounds couldn't alter the tact that the new version e sprawling, nieiectuaiiy unchaSenging and a M. well, dull really. Verde! The past triumphs over Ihe present


Sensibly released as a budget title. Fly Harder takes the gravity and inerua heavy controls ot games such as Thrusl. Zarathrusla and Oids and chucks in a toad ol new graphics to bnlliant eftecl. The lovely graphics don't make your little spaceship any easier to control around the caves, the great animations don't make the numerous baddies any easier to kill and the pepped-up sound doesn't make the gamepiay any drtterent from versions a decade older, but so whai It's still a great game, and lor a tenner, it’s a baig Verdict: Same great gamepiay. but with lovely graphics. Hooray1


Read about Fly Hamer, change ihe name to Overfull, and the same applies. Antipodean programmers Vision Software have drawn upon the arcade's Delender 3 - Strike Force and made the graphics a bit meatier - literally.

Aliens burst hke overnpe carcasses bloated in the sun and when things explode, they REALLY explode.

Verdict' Same great gamepiay. but wilh lovely graphics. Hooray! Again!


Scandinavian programmers Blood house

were lairty cool about their new (and to dale only) release and simply left the piess to rave an and on aboul it. To call Stardust just a souped-up version ol Asteroids is selling it short, as you not only get easily accessible power ups and bnlliant light sourced graphics, but also a completely brilliant tunnel sub game thrown in as well.

To date, this is the only retro game that's effectively added to a old game idea Look out lor Super Stardust which is on its way. and will probably be reviewed by us next month (Yeah, right. - Ed)

Verdict: Our antecedents are secure in the hands ol Bloodhouse

wireframe graphics and tilling them in.

Now you could zoom around the endless plains, crashing into coloured blocks without wondering why you couldn't gel through the middle because they were obviously made ot coat-hangers bent into cubes, and blasting opponents that clearly had motive power Hurraht There was even a bit where night suddenly fell and it all went dark and everything.

Just a pity Battle zone was staggeringly dull and only worth playing because you got to look through that tunny periscope thing and use the twin-joystick controls really.

Verrfccl: The past is another country They do things differently there. And their tanks

are better.


(That's enough retro games - Ed)


It requires skill and tudgment to take a com-op that successfully updates the world's most famous game, with power-ups. special waves and an impeccable lightness ot touch exemplified by the cattle-rustling subgames. and reduce n to an achingly slow, gruesomety unplayable disaster. But. with a leap and a bound, a handpicked selection ol cretinous programmers have managed to pull it oft

Verdict' In the same way we need Back On the Buses


Battlezone. the tanky-tanky com-op, is incredibly old Only slightly less ancient is Encounter, which stunned the world by taking Ihe original's

'S r



r- This





Bonono!See flippin' bonzq


We’ve got a packed ish for you this month - our celebrity panel looks ahead to the year 199S (Blimey! I’ll be needing a bus pass by then!!!), Cam goes beach-buggying with surf-crazy Jezza Minter, there’s a chance to win one often space hoppers and Georgie Best ’player-manages’ our fab footer round-up! What’s that, Amy Hey, kids - Amy Power says why don’t you stop listening to me jawing and get on with reading our cool reviews Yeah!




Sued on the latest (and gr« Secret of Danger lifand-lih px trapped In Chriitopher Lee] before all those luscious lz< Phwoar, eh lads! This garni

It's a prat) Isn't Kl You Jo Into jour fare game den and ind that tvhjonc else b snaring the same rol-noch iwnfrr and duality cords as you. Strutting your stuff can ba hard, but check out the threads on these two dudes. Cliff and Wayne come from Battersea and their mums have worked long and hard on Cliffs cool open-thlrtad Showaddywaddy took and Wayne's midwostzm rockablly gear.

briKandy tjriQ

action's tignHyeroppwoiTTSnPpOyerrwtnpHleT pBIIPra BHIIlfpolli Wll rwe

comers of the screen. The lip synch's at b* yf a second off on all the sampled dialogue, the impacts sound exactly like wooden biopffs slapped together (Perfect1 - Knng Fu flightin' Ed) and yes, for the fatality moves, the irfern looms into the player's face. There's even a bit where you get to use Bruce'sj djakas, but our version had a bug in it and kept cutting

and collec Ing balloons. It’s Incredible

Forgot shoot-'em-ups, we re deem this kind of Innovathri gimeplay

Is just wtv t see need. You hoar us, software people! M are levels 'n' ladders games - and


uin) injim ise. trying tu escape you a 'necking' you'll never forget!!! our shorts, we don't mind telling you!

Cool Spot

And what a 'cool' Spot he is! Yes!

Featuring a fab soundtrack by Lalo Schlfrin. Bransansoft's latest release is set to be a real sizzler. Last month we were complaining that their new raccr-with-guns licence Stanley and Hutch -Groovy Cops showed a lack of ideas, when along comes this game to make us eat our words. You've never seen anything like it - you have to guide Spot Enter the Dragon still pulling the crowds at the pictures, thH beat-'em up is around levels made up ol ed. and packed with dynamic realism. Just like in the Bruce Lee movies, the platforms, climbing and

With a shudder, you realise that the hideous alien has ransacked your extensive collection of Slade IPs


Aliens invade Tipton! 0**

Imagine playing Space invaders... for moncyll Well, that's exactly what one lucky kid's managed to do, with a little help from top pop star Toyah Wilcox of course. Spawny Rod Williams aged 14 from Walsall won a whopping £ I SO in the BBC's Space Invaders of the Midlands compo, and will go on to the final In London later this year. Well done Rod!

Top rocker Toyah plays the yarn* for us I


Thu month, our celebrity panel of top pop and TV stars looks ahead to the amazing year 1995 and predicts what life will be like to close to the 21 it century. How will we get to work, what we will eat and will Became* come with quadrophonic found so we needn't bother going out ever again! More Importantly, what games will we be playing) Set your heads for twenty yean into the future!

Who can build the highest block of flats Wbmprrt reclaim living space hy bulldozing painlessly self-indulgent architecture tf fnekest) Don't forget to put two can in every garage or your residents wjj    angry and riot, leaving 12 dead. Bah!

BA ROBERTSON: I predict that Dollar will be the biggest supergroup the world has ever seen, and that Swap Shop will have a TV station all to Itself. Television will be like a gigantic computer game - Noel Edmonds will have wires coming out of his head that connect him to the camera, and by pressing buttons on your set at home you'll be able to influence whether he Interviews a guest or performs a comedy skit.

JAMES HUNT: Formula One motor racing will

be In BOOmph hovercrafts, and we'll all live off Sanatogen multi-vitamins and Dalrylea cheese triangles. Televisions will be shrunk to the size ol handbags to we can enjoy portable games.

MAGGIE PHILQIN: Bell-bottomed pants will be so large, they'll have plastic hoola-hoopt sewn Into the bottom of them. Nylon will be THE fabric of the decade, and wearing special nylon bodystockings you'll be able to get the sensation of'being' In a game.

This must be thejjmmate vertlcaJIy-irrrsUJHg shoot-'em-U  We just cadtyee anyone bettes Its    plane-based action ad

disco soundtrack. Tbo ever-cheeky Core programmer have even put In a tropk fVietn level. They're Jujt-dfiEiblnig mai bonkers jesdfy they are!

STUART HALL: The Olympics will be abolished in favour of games of It's a Knockout, and Eddie and I will be the most famous people In the world.

EDDIE WARING: Surely not. Stuart. I predict you'll end up opening supermarkets and I'll be dead by I9B4. Eh! Eh! Ha ha ha!

BRIAN CANT: All computer games will be thought-controlled and instead of using TV monitors they'll be beamed onto your wall or ceiling by a device rather like a Super B cine projector. And computers will talk back so you can take part in the Play Away 'that bloke's back brake block broke' game.

MICHAEL ROOD: Following a devastating nuclear war, the deranged and scarred survivors will live in teepees and worship the Soup Dragon from the Clangers. Computer games are a tool of the devil.

SUZ! QUATRO: It'll be exactly the same as I97S, only the T-shirts will be baggier and the jeans tighter. We’ll all still be listening to the same music and everything, and football management games will sell like hotcakes.

BONNIE TYLER: World peace will be brought about by gigantic international computer game competitions, with massive lasers projecting the action on the moon. Earth's overcrowding will be solved by building huge inflatable lilands.

Well readers, what do you think Dollar, cheese triangles and Sanatogen are facets of the future that we all agree on, and Brian's Idea about thought-controlled games has already been demonstrated on Tomorrow's World. But what about llttie Suii Quatro though Football management games Indeed - she's completely barking mad, she is]

Why not send us your Ideal about the future on a post card, and the one we like most will win a space hopper, tickets to Swapshop and tome clackers.


A File Options

isasters klindous

Next Month


1    SENSIBLE SOCCER (Renegiiie)


3    SPEEDBALL 2 (Renegade)


5    MONKEY ISLAND 2 (US Gofcf)

6    LEMMINGS (Psygnoss)


8    IOCK OFF 2 (Area)

9    POPULOUS 2 (Electronic Ada]

10    PINBALL DREAMS (21i! Cenluy]

II    MEGA LO-MANIA (Sensible)


13    LOTUS TUR80 CHALLENGE 2 (Gremlin)

14    PGA TOUR GOLF (Electron* Ans)

15    FIRST SAMURAI (Ub Sod)

16    ROBOCOC (Mflemiun)

17    SIM CITY (Inlogramei)

18    JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL (Electronic Am)


20    PROJECT X (Teem 17)


22    PRINCE OF PERSIA (Domaik)

23    KNK3HTS OF THE SKY (Mwoprose)

24    HARLEQUIN (G»em*n)



27    HEIMDALL (Core)

28    DYNA BLASTER (Ub Sc4l)

29    JAGUAR XJ220 (Core)

30    PARASOL STARS (Ocean)


32    SW1V (Knot)

33    MICROPROSE GOLF (Mcioprose)



36    DUNGEON MASTER (Mirtorsod)

37    APIDYA (Blue Byre)

38    GODS (Renegade)


40    ADD AMS FAMILY (Ocean)

41    CRAZY CARS 3 (Titus)

42    PANG (Hu Squad)

43    FIRE AND ICE (Renegade)

44    FI5 STRIKE EAGLE 2 (kfcroProse)

45    LEGENO (Mindscepe)

46    IK* (Hil Squad)

47    OiGENERATlOWMndscape)


49    CIVILISATION (Meroproee)

50    TITUS THE FOX (T4ui)

51    RODLANO (Storm)


53    SUPER CARS 2 (GBH)

54    ALIEN BREED (Teem 17)


58 INDIANAPOLIS 500 (Electronic Am)

57    HUNTER (Activision)

58    Bubble bobble ih>i Scmhi

59    TURRiCAN 2 (Rainbow Am)

60    EXILE (Audngenc)

61    POWERMONGER (Electronic Am)

62    SPACE CRUSADE (Gramm)

63    ROBOCCP 3 (Ocean)

64    F/A-18 INTERCEPTOR (Electron.: Arts)

65    ELITE (Firebudl

66    R-TYPE 2 (Aownon)

67    POPULOUS lEleaiome Am)

68    SILENT SERVICE 2 (Meiopiose)

69    NEW ZEALAND STORY (Hit Squad)

70    FINAL FIGHT (US Gold)

71    PACIFIC ISLANDS (Empire)

72    VROOM (Uh Sod)

73    WINGS ICmemawate)

74    BIRDS OF PREY lElectrorac Am)

75    MAN LTTD EUROPE (Virgn

76    PREMIERE (Cote)

77    PRO TENNIS TOUR 2 (Ub Sob)

78    DEUTEROS (Activision)



81    F-19 STEALTH FIGHTER iMIcroprose)

82    CHUCK ROCK (Core)


64 LASER SQUAD (Blade)

85    BATTLE ISLE (Blue Byle]

86    HERO QUEST (Giemln)


88    F-29 RETAUATOR (Ocean)

89    LEANDER iPsygnosa)

90    MOONSTONE lUndscapel

91    HEAD OVER HEALS H.t Squad)



94    TOKI (Ocean)

95    GOLDEN AXE (Virgn)

96    ARMOUR GEDOON (Psygnose)

97    SILKWORM (Vrwt)



I 99 BUCK CRYPT (Electronic Am)

100 ISHAR tSilmart!)


With AMIGA POWER’S democratically sound Top 100 readers’ poll.

It's been an astonishing 21 issues ol AMIGA POWER since the results ol the massive readers' poll were printed within these hallowed pages In the intervening years, wars have Hared up and died down (in ihe outside world, not in out oltice. obviously), ovilisalions have come and gone and we've pnnted an incredible two (count 'em!) complete listings ol what we consider to be the best 100 games on the Amiga The last one was back in AP37 and ptovoked a hurry ot letters about how such-and-such a game was positioned too low. or how we misrepresented adventure games or degraded platformers and so on Well. tor all the people we annoyed with our careUty thought-out list ot ihe best games - now's your chance to tight back

Now s your chance to make a real ditterence to the world Now's your chance to plant the banner ol your lavounte game on the highest alpine peak and shout out (in a loud and resonant voce) "In my valued opinion, this is the supremest game on the Amiga May its power last lor a thousand years!'


Looking at the results ot the last poll, it s hard to believe that ri was less than two years ago It looks completely ancient. Observe closely and you'd see games by the now defunct Mirrorsott and Firebird and masses ol games by US Gold, who've

only just returned to the Amiga market aftei a protracted absence

Then there are all the games that have spawned (lor betler or worse) sequels: HetmtaH. Alien Breed. Robocod and Pinball Dreams to name but a lew Has your loyalty to such games naturally switched lo the newer versions, or have you got bored ol the entire thing and moved on to fresh new games'


And what a plethora ot smart new games we've had on the Amiga in the last lew months. Surely you've got to love the likes of Syndicate. Cannon Fodder and PtnbaH Illusions as much as we do It so, then now's your chance lo get it down on paper - and it not, we d be ever so interested to hear what you like. Here's how it works



1 Think tong and hard about what your lavounte Amiga games are. Take some time over this pari ot the process, as you ve only got one chance to get it nght. You could maybe rummage Ihrough your disks or read oid copies ol AMIGA POWER lo relresh your memory PD games are as important as commercial software in your choice When you've finally decided, move swiftly on to step two

2 Take an envelope and then seal it.

Alternatively. tmd a postcard, small piece ol cardboard or a disused cork floor tile. We really don't care as long as it doesn't need opening. Anything sent to us that requires snipping, teanng or cutting to get to your list will be binned instantly, as we do have much belter things to do

3 On ihe outside ol your sealed

envelope (or postcard, cardboard, tile, etc) list your top ten games We repeat, we only need your top TEN gemes. nai the lull 100 Write both the game name and the authors/publshers ol the game

4 Send it into us at. 'I stnke a blow tor Truth and Justice' AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 28W to arrive before Fnday 23rd September and here's what we ll do


Using stale of the art Apple Mac technology, we ll painstakingly type each and every game and its position into a powerful number-crunching program This will sort out which games get the most voles and pnm out a complete run down on all the games voted lor, how many votes they got and so on.

So go to it. We want to know whether you agree with our AMIGA POWER All Time Top 100. We want to know why there are an astonishing 13 lootbail games in the current Gallup Top 30, and whether this soccer mania will result in a tooty-heavy readers' Top 100. You've got about five weeks before we fire up the spreadsheet program, so exercise your democratic right as soon as possible You know it makes sense.

.muui 7


1 sensible SOCCER I Renegede)

2    CANNON FODDER (Vif&n)

3    SPEEDBALL 2 (Kjix)

4    OYNABLASTER (Ub Soft]


6    RAINBOW ISLANDS (The Hit Squad]


8    EXILE (Audiogancl

9    SYNDICATE (Electronic Arts)

10    PINBALL FANTASIES (21 sl Century)

11    APIOYA (Blue Byle)

12    GEMX (Oemonwait)

13    W1ZKID (The He Squadl

14    DUNE 2 (Virgin)

15    DESERT STRIKE (Electionc Arts)

16    El (Domerk)

17    MICRO MACHINES iCodemaslars)

18    HUNTER (Activision)

19    SECONO SAMURAI (Paygnoml

20    LEMMINGS 2 P$ ygnosz5)


22    GUNSHIP 2000 (MercPioae)

23    STARDUST (Bkxxtiouse)

24    ROCLAND (Kbck)

25    HEAD OVER HEELS (The He Squad)

26    FLASHBACK (US Gotd)

27    MORTAL KOMBAT (Vrgkl)

28    R-TYPE 2 (Activision)

29    THE CHAOS ENGINE (Renegade)



32    DEGENERATION (Mindscape)

33    LIBERATION (Mindscape)

34    SIM CITY (Mams)

35    OVERKILL (Mindscape)

36    SEEK AND DESTROY (Mindscape)

37    YO1 JOE! (Hudson Soft]

38    THE SETTLERS (Blue Byle]

39    SKIDMARKS (Aod)


41    BLOB Con Design)


43    PANG (The hh Squad)

44    NO SECOND PRIZE (Thalon)

45    SABRE TEAM A1200 IKnsald)


47    NAUGHTY ONES llnteractivision)

48    PUTTY (GBH)

49    URIOIUM 2 (Renegade)

50    CIVILIZATION (McroPmse)


52    IK. (The Hit Squid)


54    F-29 RETALIATOR (The Hu Squad]


56    BOB S BAD DAY iPiygnosis)

57    NICK FALDOS GOLF (Grandslam)

58    HISTORY LINE 1914-18 (Blue Byla)

59    BuBBA N STIX (Cora Design)

60    ISHAR 2 (SJmirls)


62    MONKEY ISLAND 2 (US Gokt)

63    SWIVlSionn)

64    SOCCER KID (Kriselis)

65    FURY OF THE FURRIES (Mntscape)


67    PARASOL STARS (The He Squad)

68    VIRUS (F.rebrd]

69    ALIEN BREED 2 (Team 17)

70    NEBULUS iHewsqn)

71    HIRED GUNS (Psygnosisl


73    E MOTION (US Gold)

74    WALKER P*ygno*iS


78 PINBALL DREAMS 2l« Caniury)

77    TEARAWAY THOMAS (Soundwara)


79    R-TYPE (The Hit Squadl

80    POPULOUS The He Squad)

81    MONSTER BUSINESS lEclipiei


83    BOSTON BOMB CLUB l&lmaNs)

84    KID GLOVES (Uiennum)

85    WORLD CLASS RUGBY (AudM gerc)

86    SUPER HANG-ON (The Hi! Squadl 67 AUEN 3 lAcdaen)


89    BUG BOMBER (Kmgecftl

90    ZOQL 2 (Gremlin)

91    PROlECTYLE (Eiearonc Ana)

92    ONE STEP BEYOND lOeean)

93    KiAX iDcmark)

94    THE SENTINEL iFi-ebrdl

95    SWITCHBLADE 2 (Gremtoi)

96    SHANGHAI l Aqtnn«n)

97    ROBOCOP 3 (Tha Hit Squad)

98    JETSTRlKE iRatpuIn)

99    PONGlPOl




And. of course, you carl excuse bad CDs as easily as bad LPs, by saying they were just inevitable byproducts ot your reckless youth and that was ail a tong time ago now, because CD technology has only been available tor about ten years.



We have seen the tuture ol video gaming, and it is Super Stardust (We were actually hoping it might be the present ol video gaming, but It was not lobe.)

It features spinning rocks, enormous ond-ol-level bosses and explosions ol such magnitude that they even sent us, the ai-conquenng AMIGA POWER team, scurrying tor cover beneath our desks.

And the CD32 version ol Super Stardust will harness the formidable power ol the compact (fee medium to bring you gamepfaymg sophistication ot an unprecedented level.

But as well as enhancing the aMities ol the Amiga. CDs have caused a great deal ol human sutfenng Cam cues h«s DepAche Mode - The Singles CO (They sounded so good in 196M.‘ he lamented), while Jonathan D holds Nek Berry singing the theme tram Hartbeat 'It was a present, 1 swear*) responsible tor most ol his life's Ills. Sieve atkrits now that Hookers lor JeBuel by the

Spasmodics was a mistake, and Sarah never listens to her Jean Michel Jane CD.


Wa ve learned up with Team 17 (hey .) to bnng you not lust a copy ot Super Stardust on CD. but a CD drive to play if on as well This aweinspiring piece ot hardware wkl plug info your A120Q (assuming you've got one) and bring to it the tut capabilities of the CD32. opening up whole new vistas ol game splaying opportunities. Or something. And on lop of that, frve runners up get copies of Super Stardust


Ves And hero's where we gel back to that iiufl about lerribts CDs. What we require ot you Is lha worst CD you've ever bought The one that seemed i*e such a good idea at the lime, but now has to be kept right at the bottom ot your sock drawer m case anyone sees if ASxjm or Mn0a, a doesn't matter

Just send i to us. and we 1 award


according la which ones off end our ears the most.

Package the disk up salety and send it to us at

Silver Droam Machine.

AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW

Say whether, as a runner up. you'd prater to gel the CD32 or A1200 version ol Super Stardust, and Include a suitably-sized s_a e. H you want your CD back. (Although any desire to see it again wfl obviously suggest that you’re not entirety convinced by its awtulness 1

And make sure your entry reaches us by 30 September 1994.


1.    Employees of Team 17 and Future Publishing will be knocked to the ground and insulted if they try to enter.

2.    Entries arriving after 30 September 1994 will have missed our deadline, causing endless trouble.

3.    Nick Berry's decision is






Qraat Internet Games No 1: Making Crank Calls

What could be more lun than buzzing me US military Or dueing In trie Pope on me (utility ol Catholicism Jus) send a note to your target's e-mail address and let Internet do the rest. Worried abcul investigation by the FBI Just head your note ANONYMOUS' and me central computer will suppress youi identity Trust us.

Great Internet Games No 2: Forwarding Chain Letters

There's no betier way to annoy someone than by pressuring Ihem into passing on some nonsensical missive. Remember - i( the person refuses, hint that you could easity send an ANONYMOUS' note challenging the US President's foreign policy, but acodemally sign their name to it. And not just their cybertag, either.

Great Internet Games No 3: Playing Hlde-and-Seek

Ask' a friend for a game, and agree to start from some neutral location. Then you count to one hundred white they log on to another site, and alter that the chase is on! It's just like playing hide-and-seek in your back garden -except with over 73 million places to hide in across the entire Irans-global info-net. What fun.


Once again, the steady advance ot technology has brought pleas for help from our readers. "Dear Mighty Beings,” writes Mark Dannert of Oldthorpe, “I fear that I stand alone among my contemporaries in not knowing about the Internet. This, of course, causes many embarrassing situations at parties, and I've run out of elderly relatives to have die at critical moments so I can flee into the night, my face burning with shame. Please help before I am forced to cut off my arm.” Mark, you're not alone. There are many people oblivious to the obvious advantages of using the Internet to ‘jack’ into ‘the matrix.' And it is our duty to DISSEMINATE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION. (Like we're doing now.).

So - the Internet then What's It all about Well, the simplest way to explain it is for you to think of your computer, and of a friend who also has a computer. Now suppose there were some wey of getting the two computers to talk' to each other - say by means ol a wire, or something. You could then 'ask' your friend what was on his computer and perhaps share that rlormation. And, ol course, he could ask' the same of you. Now suppose you had a second friend with a computer and a suitable wire Both your and your first friend's computers could now talk' to the second Irienrfs, and it could answer1 back, as well as lalkng' to you without involving the second fnend. and vice versa.

Well, that's all the Internet is. Just imagine that instead of two friends there were six or seven million - aS with computers and wires -and you can begin to understand the excitement ol being what some people are already calling ‘a radio ham of the ’90s'


Using your reel name on the Internet Fatal error! You need a 'cybertag' - a cool phrase that disguises your Identity while at the same lime (and this la the tricky bit) cleverly expressing 'who you are.' Remember, you can choose to be anyone (or anything) at all. Let your Imagination run riot. Take the name of absolutely anything you want Like your favourite computer game, for example.

Unless you're a really great and best selling author, expresaing emotion Is a difficult thing to do In text. But fortunately some founding lather of the Internet came up with the Idea ot 'smileys.' Smileys use characters freely accessible from in ordinary keyboard to form 'face*' that tell other Cybersurfera how you're feeling. For example:

:•) “I am feeling happy”

:-( “I am feeling sad"

<:• "I am wearing a hat and acting very surprised”

(OS. *1 have been mugged and had my face bitten off “I am a character from famous 1970s TV series w-tsHThe Tomorrow People.”

• See It's easy!


Advanced users sneer st smileys. They prefer the more complicated term of expression they call 'punkfuatlon. (An Ingenious pun on tha word 'punctuation' using pari ot ‘cyberpunk.)

Usually you need to be 'In' with a Guru User to find out about punkfuatlon, but you can rely on AMIGA POWER to DISSEMINATE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION.

“I want you to pause In your reading ol this text”

“I want you to prepare lor a different Idea"

I ”1 want to alert you to a surprising fact"

”1 want you to quary the authenticity ot the facta you hava been told"

"I want you to stop”

‘I want you to be a character from famous 1970s TV series The Tomorrow People."

Sprinkle these around your documents and you too will be hailed as a Master Matrix-Jacking Guru User.






Qraat Internet Games No 4: Quantum Physics Experiments

Takrtg to someone on the Internet Suspoous that, although they dam to be of the opposite sex. they're not UnU you ask a direct question (or "measure their probaMrty waveform") they are. n tact, existing in an indeterminate state of non-being - just like m SchrOdmger s famous experiment with that cat m the box

Groat Internet Games No S: Trying to Spark World War 3

just hke m the Mm War Games We can t realty help you with this one. beyond suggesting you look out for mad headed "SAC HO * emanating from Cheyenne Mountain. North America Try logging on as "TOTAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR*, or using the passcode ‘Joshua* vi an attempt to jack «V through the back door'

Great Internet Games No 6: Hacking

Obvious, really, bui the true Cybersurler goes far the more unusual targets. BTs main accounts computer, loc example. Think of the satisfaction of penetrating their password security and actually reducing your own phone bil Paradoxically, ol course, the longer you take to succeed, the larger your bill will become. SMI, eh

After AP30’s virtual reality guide, you’re probably asking, “What’s the Internet, then ” TVust AMIGA POWER to disseminate this information.


1 CLOTHING Want to know what

Inlormahonsuperhighway Technowamors wear on the street Observing passers-by In your local town wdl reveal nothing as all true Natsurlers will be at home in their bedrooms, but there are several I oca to ns where they congregate. Statistically speaking, most Grid Jackers come from Universities Of High-Tech Research Facilities, and In these twin bastions of cool, all manner ol outlandish dress codes can be observed and recorded Give it a whirl, garb yourseil accordingly, and then lock yourself in your bedroom.

2GENDER REALIGNMENT The easiest way to be popular on the Internet is to be lemala because, lor many Inler-Ptayboys, taking lo an anonymous female via a keyboard over a phone network is as intimate a situation

as they can handle. If you know this information (and let's lace H. INFORMATION IS EVERYTHING) then all you have to do is call yourseH Sherry, Bubbles, Ki-Ki or some such name, and in no time at all you'll be everyone's best friend

3BE WARY OF OTHERS Statistics show that al any time. 37% of Net Traffic consists of boys pretending to be girls in (he hope that someone wil speak lo them The problem Is that no one wants lo shader the ilusion that they're lalkng lo Cindy Crawford's little sister (real name -Wayne Putzney from Idaho) and so will never ask any probing questions. NEVER PROPOSE MARRIAGE OVER THE NET.

4BE EXCLUSIVEIII Information is the currency, then exclusive information is bullion. Japanese Grid Jockeys the Otaku realised this ages back, but M's taken

the West a year or so to catch up. Whether It's Colonel Sanders' secret blend ol spices gleaned from the KFC HO mainframe or video images ot Beth from Brockside snogging her lecturer. H really doesn't matter Exclusivity is everything.

5MOVE FREQUENTLY Net Surfing is the equivalent ot phoning somewhere in Ihe South Pacific every mghi of the week. For six hours. Moving into a shared house and refusing lo allow itemised phone bills is one way ol spreading the cost, lumping out ol the window every time the burly Telecom baikffs attack your door with sledgehammers is another. Never allempl to 'jack' into The E-Gri<f using a podable phone - no one is that rich.

You am now armed with the information essential lo become a High Ovedord ot Ihe Infoauiobahn


There comes a point In the day when the thoughts ol even the most committed Cyber Otaku Matrix-Jacking Guru Overlord turn beyond the Internet. A time when that Cyber Otaku Matrix-Jacking Guru Overlord can conault a copy of AMIGA POWER, secure In the knowledge that we will DISSEMINATE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION about alternatives to Cyberiurflng. Like we’re doing now.


Turn off your computer and walk around - outside!


Tum off your computer but remain abreast of currant affairs by subscribing to a newspaper.


Turn off your computer, turn on your TV and cruise the

BBC's and ITVs very own Informatlonhypermoforwsy. Page 600 on BBC1 shows the day's TV listings, wheress 401 gives you a pretty weelher map. Or you can recreate those Internet momenta’ with page 188 - the clock teel page.


Tum oft your computer and go turfing


Turn oft your computer and ehoot peasenls.


Turn oft your computer and then turn It back on again because you can't face tha Idas ol living outside ihe Internet. Congratulations - you're a Cyber Otaku Matrix-Jacking Guru Overlord High Wizard. See you on Ihe Internet! Or possibly not.





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I conEr***'*'-"


nmm« giatJ ,,

I Z* 'Cran9« Hill.

I    jump,,,

I “tern. Hit i-----

•*»*"<*<» as far

soundlrack. ,


9raf>de< ft rairu

"O'* thick. j Roiami ■ and wore

Musical Uttet'if>CS 10

~.a* ,h* SUr War, •fmoogt, he was


Worlds. His -‘ year was >n Devon w* SJran and


We’re not just the two-dimensional cartoon characters portrayed in the magazine. We’re living, breathing human beings, each with a complex past life, each with hopes and dreams for the future, each with some embarrassing photos of us in jiff-the 1970s...    If

,u 4975. JON AT HAH    ,he last US    flB


jharieyThe jtessenge'I'0"the Sour Grape* Bunch. He'd noticed that whenever the


appeared In Th Banana Split* HJlV 8  tion mirrored ,t ol 1 ailed

low.iheeat1' iirapdated that

formation inon -

And Jonathan ' scan.

in Sutton-on-Trent high

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Saturday morning tei y

r*Le„ and then spend sugar-induced hyp*™



, 8 day tdP to"-—

and torgo' her orilclai Bd aun hat. More

f though. 1976 wa. the

l0te in her diary. I

"moltslgnmcanipieof re the world has eve' vw right she was.

'Interference from Hie TV stopped my respirator"

6l*fl« IK cool lltiilH Putty, lobbiay ■ lew bombi.

Game: Putty Squad Runs on: A1200 Publisher: System 3 Authors: John Twidd; kick Lee. Jason Pan Price: £30    —

Release: Septeno




It Sorry you r* not O ing very well at the nent. Strangely Ugh though the nffire wiring n a lohesive unit qJ gueu vrv>« not the

pule iuurru

wised to oe.

i A got doctor s note you sent In, v get well *n«B«nH only «w* hack

jSanvcc re no tonga contagious PSBSprreioiu rttrae week* ••• ueo must ha a ran (Iran to • m setviino eonatff m «u you ui utav <'ni whit

««'*! *viny,i «jo mlgfi) n wen

review u sfluu n «the swquei tu nmy iAPIS qn*.,andtt« mwginatlvety tiflAo winy Squad ilowata • m a Ut wotitat that vnur opening pmagrm , win • true evay otter review nt tla gate in tivel Imi injhvWi

mop cd on no fcwiiiu ■re.iud**n uyhefOttowtng.


to hear you concerned (



Hello Team. Glad

■ftlhla] ■guliUrlli trow lk< pledorw ictioi, Putty tlJei tkrertfk Sc ary Si

[• •










Jonathan, your last t»i aant ma into relapse last night, but I've managed to play the game and (with the help of a stick tied to ntphead and a nurse to mop my fevered brdltj laboriously typed out ] e first few bits of my review. I ll leave you to bolt on some kind of an Intro passage, so here's some game critique...

One thing you notice about Putty Squad is that when you play it, the world takes notice Maybe it's the relentlessly silly sound effects, perhaps it's the almost quite listenable music, or maybe, just maybe it's the fact that whoever s playing it looks like they're having a truly great time. It s a fun platform game. I repeat, it's s fun platform game. Do you have any idea how incredible those words sound to all us lot at AMIGA POWER

We play gamos all the time because it s our ot>, but if there's one thing guaranteed to ruin our day, then It's another bland platformer Just when I was beginning to think that evefjf fctrthcommg platform game was going to be leinbie. Putty Squatf* come along and restored my faith in the future of video games.

suspended in nothingness* nonsense but at the same 9ty. since an the ladders, lifts, etc agiuaiiy look like ladders, you raremfcve at something only to discover it's scenery. The fact that you control a Stringy blob at putt also takes away Mat platform

climbing action' A into I

"lump up and punch a dog soldier"

original game londly, although it did have shortfalls. It was too small and I thought tar too fiddly In places, but System 3 reckon layV saned that out. Putty Squad* got over $ 0 levels



What Is this Feel sorry I

Apocalypse Now Well. Putty t now In the Marlin Sheen role. Dweezll the cat's, his support man and another cat called Napalm's playing Kurtz. There's also a whole load ot dogs playing tha parts of loot loldiera and millions pt local froga ae tbe bewildered natives. You've got to gain, rescue pr I sonar of war pc tty a and take out Napalm, but all this lypmg s plum tuckered me out. so I il

squishing .lrci bouncing, which is neatly accompanied by tortured balloon sound effects. Another

novation is that the

------■ - —-------- r ;

for Cam week Il must be; \ awful for you lying In bed \ while the real of us work ' our derrl&res off. Don't give u me excuses. Play the game.

I must have the copy by Friday.

(as opptttkd la the paltry eeven In the original) which does aaond a bit more

like It.    - al

shapes It's such a simple idea that I'm surprised more platform

Uk 1 KH • Rfc

f 1


'■ f H*'

• 11

* ,*•

r'1 ■!


1. B jLT

if J





The original game had some Inoffensive slory about rescdfrtg robots to build a tower, but this one's got the storyline from hell. Have you ever seen

give It another go letnaim*.



you're tired.


designers don t use it. but there again, h does require a modicum of thought. In most platformers, you start off at the bottom left hand corner and work your

way right, but In Putty Squad, some

levels are long and thin, some are tall

and thin and others are

«qaare. This means that '

you've got lo work pretty

hard to llnd all the1*""","! B

prisoner puttys and bring

'em on home.    '    i


Look Jonathan, that's all I can do, honestly. The    r

doctor says I should rest tonight seeing as the    * k

transplant's tomorrow morning, and I think I might be getting a cold. I'll type more out lata, Bid now I'm tired. So very,

Bard to get to platforms.)

It's a bit of an odd Idea, but the real joy of Putty Squad la that everything is logical within Its own odd little world. I hate games where some things float and othera don't, where you can move some ob eels but not others and where you can awim across some levels and in others water's fatal.

There's none of lhat In Puffy Squad though, so you can move the unconscious Dweezll with a punch the same way you can allda a nltro bomb over to a mortar bunker.

There a loads of little bits la the game that are brilliant refinements. Rather than battling bolj wa S !0 reach a prisoner putty, you can often dalp down through the floor end mmfm using m alternative rente, or H you mlaa I moving platform, you can alien reach the other aide rather than pointlessfy tailing to your deoil.

Which brings me neaOyon tothg tew grlpee I ve got with the game.

There a too many Instant deaths for my liking, moot notably of the telling off the bottom ol the screen variety. The

screen's so busy and wonderful and colourful that It's hard to work out where the bottom ot the level actually la, ao you often ump down a hole only to find you're dead. There are also a few baddies that kill you the Instant you touch them, which Is something I could do without, but they're usually easy to spot and avoid, and aren't a complete disaster. Minor problems Indeed lor such a great game, ao buy. buy buy!

using the space saved by rot mentioning the graphics the superior and well ihoughl-ouf * gameplay. Have you actually piayeflttw gam et ls superb.,Ule ' most platform games you . have lo pfehlNngs up  te * (In this case the

MIA puttys and stars) pl but there a also a I    wealth ol power-ups

and helpful items 1 _    a. available

"    The stars first.

rfhey Increase Putty's a punching power, ao he gDM from a ■scmal punch to ~    * i. ■loctrecuilan and

r Backingout •wsier Every time eltlar. so ie levels la rewarded


Oh that'll do I suppose. When can you come In and lake all the pictures


fROM: JONATHAN DAVIES RE: YOUR EMPLOYMENT You call fl«f reviewing It's pathetic, and worse than that, it's not enough to ■ the page. !‘ve instructed your surgeon lo operate under local anaesthallc, and you can damn wall type while you're tying around. I need this revljfifinished quickly, otherwise It could well be time for you to reexamine your position on the mag.

And what about the graphics, why haven't you mentioned that yet Putty slithers and bloats and slinks along wonderfully All the other characters look straight out of e cartoon, but you hamnt mentioned them. The way lha dog soldiers load the moriar or pull out thalrgune before they fire Is masterful animation, yet you've not mentioned those either. Or the tlaelliq mystic throwing angry tomalDM at you. or the ■ay that baddies go out In a load ol bubble* In the underwater levels, or tha neat way each and e«y characters animated perfectly WNy haven't you mentioned thaae yel Sort It out by tonight or send In your surgeon to clear your desk.





by your pawn pnduelly Increasing. As mil as the normal attack, If you jump up and punch a dog aoldler, he llatlana down Into his helmet and then use hla compressed bod as a weapon to take out other nasties, a bit Ilka In the Mario games.    ■

Come to think of H. there's a good lew Mario touches, such as secret doors and blocks thal _ regurgitate helpful Items when you jump on them If you up enough


blocks or awash enough craiaa you'll find all mannei ol Good Things such as Groueha Marx novelty gloaOdd BDd no&e fiMS, shields, springe,eat food mA nliro glycerine. Out ol u of thaaa. the cat food's one of the most vital enaa as It's tha only my to lure Dwaatrll lo you. (Owiezli, If you mmamber, waa you* anamy In the llril game, but now Rally s termed an unaasy alliance with him, and being a bit of a rat cal. you can thump him and use his prostrate form aa a trampoline to reach those




HAEMORRK Can't... thirJ It’s the.... sp* medicine thrj given... mg;' Cam, ihNfttl think. _

mention the graphics In the captlgii and leave the ogeous plelurea to tell their ■n tale. Once again I'm touched by your overriding concern lor my well being.


l was planning on

Think ot every good 'Cf > game superlative and apply It to Putty Squad. Fantastic graphics and sound, awesome addictiveness and relined gameplay - It'a got the lot.

Too many

Instant death scenarios such as tailing oft the screen and hitting rock hard nasties. Finding the door at the end ot each level's a bit of a pain too.

It's big, it'a bold, It'a beautiful and It's a real shame that you can only play it on an At 200. Every aspect ol the original Putty has been Improved on and the 50+ varied levels will keep you going lor ages, making this the first worthwhile platform game to come out all year.

nff vc





going to




Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: Sierra Authors: Roberta Williams (original design). Revolution (conversion)

Price: £35 Release: Out now

cycle through the most frequently-used ones by pressing the right mouse button. Three years ol progress has changed nothing. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as the system s Iasi and efficient, but it’s been overtaken by more recent pont-and-c!ick adventures in terms of slickress. and it doesn't let you do much interacting with other characters.


Rather more o( a prty >s that the storyline feels iusi as dreary and dich6d as King's Quasi 5s Ifs filled with the same old princes and princesses and grand viziers, the same ofd shopkeepers and sailors and lamp-sellers, none of them with any dsoertiible personality, and all ol them spewing out screenful of dialogue that simply isn't worth reading

Bui alter the initial disappomlment has laded, it's business as usual King's Quasi 6 (subfitted Heir Today. Gone Tomorrow) s just as big and enjoyable a game as the last one Bigger, In (act Vou're Prince Alexandei (and not a king al aii), and you've been shcwrecked on an island, And ch no Cassima, the

The chances are that most Ians ol the Iasi King's Quest game, number five, will either be dead by now or loo weakened by old age lo operate (heir Amigas properly. It was reviewed in AP7 - that's an incredible three years ago. almost - making King's Quasi 6 one ot the most. er. awaited sequels ever As lor King s Quest 4. well, heaven knows It probably came out belore the Amiga was even invented, and involved wooden cylinders with bits of card and mirrors stuck to them.

Thai being the case, it's perhaps surprising that the mechasies ol King's Quasi 6- the user interlace and so forth -are almost indistinguishable from King's Quasi 5s There's st<» that little bar of ■cons at the lop o< the screen, and you sell

'How odd. •••»TUlln, M1 rtillr null if you look at it tkiaefh fit*.'

Tn*o too, tna und ef tn« 6r**r Is *r .* z.*»u to *»P or tft* bound ar*j of irvj world ana in* n*wt Cv*r. <tari*r (X*c*s tea n*put*d to b* 0os*r h*c* loan anywn*r* *u» ui Ui* world -

"V* say da »■ s*m ya’ z tan'i m <avj Tn* f*rry« not rurvvn yaknew *

"Master <nO I fottoweo Prtne* «t*xan«r as you unsnei From us* paura/nop owner n iust obsta n*q uh. just reprieved vc> h* just got a rugae nap "



® UPPERS Pretty

graphics, and a general hugeness that most other adventures struggle to match. The plot Is never actually bad. and often quite good when It puls Its mind to It. It’s likely to take you several

princess you used lo go out with, seems la have become engaged lo an evil vizier who won l let you anywhere near her, and who'll become ruler ot the Green Isles it the wedding goes ahead. But where's he keeping her Why doesn't she fancy you ary more How can you persuade Ihe townspeople ol your royal identity. Will Patch gel out ol the way ol that car in time And who is the mysterious Mr Small Just some ol Ihe questions you must find answers to And some you mustn't.)

And actually, maybe lhal stuff about ihe storyline isn't absolutely lair Much ol your lime will be spent chatting lo shopkeepers and wizened old sailors, true, bul King's Quest 6 does occasionally manage la pull itself together One ol Ihe islands you'll travel to is enchanted, lor example, and features a series ot bizarre Alice In Wonderland-style puzzles involving insomniac oysters and a rotten tomato who's incredibly rude lo you. And then, much later on, there s a great bit where you travel through the underworld to fill up a liask trom the nver Styx There aren't e huge number ol locations, but most of them have several puzzles lo solve, and quite often change when you relum lo them later

The graphics are nice. loo. Surra were originally pfenning to release an enhanced 256-colour version lor Ihe 1200 as well as Ihis 32-colour version, but decided that it looked so good already there wasn t much point. And we re prepared to give them the benefit ot

ihe doubl. The scenery's lovely, and there's slacks ol animation

II you drew up a kst at Ihe Top 10 pomt-and-dick adventure crimes, though, and held it up alongside King's Quest 6. you could tick off al least eight ol Ihem. Yes! ii has you hunting around each screen with the cursor trying to find minuscule objects lo use. Yes' not only that, but Ihe cursor doesn t change when you move over them, so you have lo keep rearing messages like "You cannot pick up ihe diH face' until you slnke lucky. Yes! many at Ihe puzzles are so obscure that you've often no option bul lo Simply try everything in your inventory until something happens. Yes'

ntrr lint that on Ike Northinti/Oilonlifairt bftfdcrT

there are pointless sudden deaths -including one notable one near the beginning when you're invited to ioin somebody lor a swim in the sea. then promptly drown when you do so and are (old that he must have been an exceptional swimmer. Riled by Ihis. you It find yoursell automatically saving every lew seconds iusl in case something similar happens, with the game's atmosphere suftedng accordingly Saving should be something you do before you have lunch or go to bed. not a routine precaution to be taken before every move.


and the puzzles more A**1 absorbing. Some ol the characters are almost memorable, and some ol 1he jokes almost sulticienl lo raise a smile II deserves la be scorned lor remaining stuck in ihe past while all eround it games like Beneath a Steel Sky aspire lo newer, greater ideals. But al the same lime it's ten rksks lull ol reasonably solid entertainment And anyway, you'll already know rt you wan1 lo buy rt. and it so, you probably already will have. My only hope is that belore they gel stuck loo lar into Kings Quest 7 (reported to carry the even worse subtitle ol "The Prince-Less Bride', indicating some sort ot tote-reversal scenario). Sierra check then watches and suddenly realise it's 1994.



But even so. loads ol people bought and enjoyed King's Quests, and they'no unlikely to be disappornted with the sequel it the base game engine remains stuck in the past, the storyline's stronger

-,--J V« V»*l» *4    »•<

iw> « Mverry T M >.f»« n *u mwir‘1 ®v "g toix rv* t  writ*

First there was King’s Quest...

weeks lo complete...

/■""■X DOWNERS although ( J much ot that can be pul '* down lo the frustrating obscurity ot the puzzles, and the defiance with which the game hides Important objects In Ihe scenery and then bombard* you with tedious responses when you try to search lor Ihem. The script lacks sparkle, too. and could do with some attention trom a Lucas Arts detector. And a hard disk Is essential.


It's another polnt-and-cllck adventure, and a big one with a name lhal should ensure II sells plenty. But you're unlikely ever lo actually think, "That's really good, I liked that bit." while playing It. In tact you're much more likely lo be given copious opportunities to growl.

"GrT, how Irritating.

f IV uv



What Aren't you

AlV OO paying attention I've already said that this version looks so good that Sierra have decided against an AGA one.





000E00 ’ir—;

win ikiny fOM into dungeons. But why

inrj ntM


What would you do if you were catapulted forward thousands of years

joyfully out of the


Game: Kid Chaos Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Ocean Authors: Magnetic Fields Price: £25.99 (loppy £27 99 CD32 Release: Out now

Phew Good job we held oh

leviewmg Kid Chaos until it had beer completely tmtshed and had had its name finalised, ehOtherwise we might have done something embarrassing like writing Kid Vicious' on our cover

But anyway Nomenclature contusion aside. Kid Chaos looked decidedly impressive when Ocean first showed it to us last month Developers Magnetic Fields

really did seem to have got to the bottom ol what makes a good platform game Kid Chaos didn't ust scroll really tast

-    heck, a game could scroll Irom one side ol the playing area to the other m 0.25 seconds without necessarily being any tun

-    but it made use ol that speed by sending you Hying joyously through conveniently-placed lines ol collectables, hurling you miles up into the air and Hinging you from bumper to bumper in pure rapture And on top ot that it was lull ol original thinking, like having little Duck Shoot and Breakout games at the

ends ot levels. Magnetic Fields genuinely seemed to know what they were doing

So it came as , something ot a

surprise when I lumped down a shaft near the end ot level 3 and got killed by some spikes There weien't any spikes at the bottoms cl the last two shafts I'd lumped down I had no way ot knowing there'd be some at the bottom ol this one I put my head in my hands and wept, realising (or the first time that Kid Chaos is, in tact, no ditferenl It's just like all the others


And as it turns out. Kid Chaos is a game o< extremes On the one hand there are the brilliant, truly inspired features like the spiky balls which make

stereophony swooshing noises as they swing Irom side to side (once you've turned o« the ill-advised rave

I soundtrack), and the way your powei level gradually rises if you stand still, so f you can trade lime for energy, ot the liltle room in the Toy Factory where you've got to bash into rows at Space invader-shaped baddies And on the other hand there ate pointless, brainless Ihmgs like barrels which suddenly come rolling towards you giving you no chance ol avoiding them unless you're expecting them, and bumpers which send you liymg backwards into spiky pits, and spikes which blend into the background so well that, although you can ust about make them out while you're standing still, you've no chance ol spotting them when the screen s scrolling, and - perhaps most witless ol all - orange bubbles which inexplicably appear directly on top ot your sprite and kill him It s a bizarre kind ol Jekytl and Hyde-lype situation, good

versus evil, and at the moment I'm not exactly sure which side triumphs Going back to the good things, the settings make a refreshing change You'll find no slippy-slidey ice worlds or runaway mine-carts Instead there are neat ideas like the Toy Factory where all the toys are running amok, and the pcilutKw ndden Toxic Wasteland, even it it does start oft m a garden


The graphics are generally all nghl as well, it a bit muddily-coioured The levels are about the nghl length, and each one's got a different emphasis, whether it's having to make your way carelully through a particularly inckiiy-piaced senes ol platforms, having to hunt around lor thinly spread Smashable Things (which you've got to hit a certain number ol to open each level's exit), or simply having lo race lo the end against a particularly tight time limit. This, along with the amusing end-ol-levei bits, makes lor a game containing plenty ol variety.

But what about the momentum on Ktd fiimseli7 It's a teal effort to get him moving, and just as tough to get him to

stop again, which means he's constantly blundering into baddies, sliding oft platforms and not being able to make it off collapsing platforms And he's hardly the most ideniihaUe-with of characters -a caveman in Zany Cool Sneakers who I was rarely sorry to see plunging to his death Cute woodland animals might be defied, but they do at least appeal to the protective instinct in us all

Kid Chaos has gol kwety tuts where you go whizzing along winding pipes and burst joyfully cut ot the end. and then completely stupid bits where you've got to tiptoe between closely-placed crushers, only can i possibly make it through because the controls are so sluggish It sends you bouncing in exhilarating zig-zags between caretuity-placed bumpers, but then puis an electric force held at the end that you go flying towards and die II recognises a second disk drive, but then draws a huge picture of a disk on the screen and writes 'Please insert disk 2* when disk 2's already there. AND THERE'S A POWER-UP THAT HEVERSES YOUR CONTROLS

I desperately wanted Kid Chaos to be a great game and. on balance. I think I like it quite a bi more than I hale <1 Bui it's almost as if Magnetic Fields spent months wilting this beautifully platform game, fine-tuning It down to the very last detail, and then lati it on the kitchen table overnight ready to post off to Ocean the next day, whereupon some mischievous mice crept In and inserted a load of completely ndiculous flaws into it. in a sort of reverse Tailor of Gloucester scenario

And yes. if does Sock like Some.


s—. UPPERS Doesn't juat A, ') half-heartedly mimic Sonic.

\ S but manage* to capture all tha bait bits of It. In place* it's truly uplifting aa you get lucked along pipes and thrown from bumper to bumper. The graphics are confidently good, end the sound effects are pretty spicy too. Thera's a thoughtfully-implemented password system. And above all H a varied, getting more end more complex the further you get.

® DOWNERS But there are enough classic blunders to keep Kangaroo Court going for months. Spltafully-pleced spikes, obstacles you can't avoid unless you memorise the entire game's layout, sluggish controls and restart points directly in the path of deadly laser bolls conspire to make H Intensely frustrating.


Kid Chaoa could have been something really special, but la relegated to mere Well worth a look' atatua by a catalogue of ludicrous flaws. If you buy It. ba prepared to explain your blood-    ■■    ■ Z

curdling howli of     I "

aiaaperatlon to the         I “

neighbours.    ■    ®    -•


Looks the same on the A1200 1200. There's a CD32 version, though, if that helps, which outrageously coats £2 more and features marginally-improved graphics and sound.




i m

- wr, ■





on here The world

Just what is going

Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: Daze Authors: Ascon Price: £30, £33 (AGA version)

Release: Out now

desk *111 get someone to review >1 straight away Thanks CtrH No, really." he added more loudly as Clift (from Daze) ran away JD eyed the game with suspicion, already regretting his impetuous words Perhaps Cam would care to review the game’’ He glanced across at his Deputy Editor, who was always coming up with top ideas lor features end suggesting JD go on holiday and was never asked to make the lea. just «i case Cam was ■■ carving the words. 1 desp<se football with every fibre ol my being into his desk with a sickle.


Jonathan Nash then JD slid the game inconspicuously across his desk m

Just another day r the Sam

Cruise detective agency, except it was the AMIGA POWER office.

"Good morning!" sad Ctift (Irom Daze] as he strolled in. I've gal a great new football management game From Germany" He waved it around hopefully "Oh good," mumbled JD unconvincingly, trying to hide under a

football club. He was the man lor the 0b. Bui a quick search ol the office revealed no McGill There was. however, a small note pinned to hts computer. "I've had enough," read JD, his stomach between his knees "Nobody respects my religious beliefs, so I'm off lo make my fortune with the scnpt of a new Tom and Jerry cartoon, Killie Kitty" The hapless Editor tell back into his chair, perspiration spotting his brow. Surety he wasn't going to have lo review a a football management simulation himsett!

Just then a familiar figure appeared It was AP s tousle haired Production EditoT&eve Paregou Fagaarrr Steve, er. Thing$ . and he’was whistling something Something

tantalisingty familiar Why. it \ was the theme tune to Match ol the Day!

"Steve," cned JD. almost excitedly, "do you \ like football7"

Jonathan's general A    .yt

direction, but lo no    % &

avail, tor Jonathan    -

was in a Afferent room    ®

using seven thousand

pounds' worth of complicated scanning

equipment lo digitise himself into an

episode ol Animamacs. JD gnawed his lip.

Suddenly. Ighl burst upon him Sieve McGill! He was always going on about Kilmarnock and they, apparentty were a

r "Already regretting I


Alteduo -ftrt there    All ovt Much

end hc K four ell.    end ten mine*

choore two cleneott tket decide etui tort of «t»*e too wM pier- The bosk types show* here ere on hr owe lector The eyyrcssioe retM»T (sec over) Is the ocher. This is






le oOdftioff lo tM not itts 1 fonoeboes end stuff.

Oeleesiee - yettin bock behiod the bed.

Ceuiious - e heel roe mfe



® UPPERS Great

gameplay. lovely graphic*, deep Involvement: everything you could atk from a management game. Your player* retpond to your treatment realistically and (here are just load* ot different little touches that make this an extraordinary game.

/'-'N DOWNERS Two points ( V* ) tor a win What on earth are 's—*s they on about Also, the translation s a bit dodgy In places (but this actually lends a little extra charm tor me).


The opportunity to have up to tour player* Is a good thing. Thera are some minor Imperfections, more than made up lor by the joy that this game will bring you. II you like football ol course. M may be prohibitively big for A wm some machines, but with D L. an A1200 and a hard drive this is very heaven.




The A500 version A500 should be exactly Ihe same as the AG A game I played. We ll let you know Ihe details as soon as we see a

Steve jumped bach in alarm, dropping his copy ol 90 Minutes and nearly snapping Ihe harness ol Ihe complicated car-bane ry-smal I-lelevtsKxv vi deo-r eco rder arrangement he was using to watch the 1958 World Cup (Brazil v Sweden) 'Possibly,' ha answered guardedly. JD ate a chocolate biscuit In triumph


And sc it came to pass that I got to review On the Belt World Cup Edttron And am 1 ever glad. It's terrific It's also incredibly big (about 10Mb) which means it's best to play it from hard drive or have at least two external drives

The plot's the same old thing: your task, as a national coach, is to prepare and qualify a squad tax the World Cup Or. It you prefer you can skip ali ihe qualification process and go Mraighi into the Cup. You can choose to be the coach ol any learn in ihe world and you have a period ol months over which tc organise friendlies and training sessions around the qualification matches

It s the way the game's been put together that makes it so entoyable. Numbercrunching's kept in the background where it belongs, leaving you to get on with the important business 0<


Quite possibly fhe finest aspect cl On The Safi is its storytelling leature. Ybu know how in other footy manny games your players are just a group ol statistics In 07B, they realty do come to life, training badly, attacking unkind (Ournalists, having good days and oft ones As coach, you have lo attend press conferences, gne interviews on the touchline alter an important match, deal with players' personal problems (when I was playing, one of my team tell madly In love, which affected his

form) and make stirnng speeches at halftime, being sure to single out the right people lor praise otherwise everyone else will gel cheesed off Its a level ol involvement that turns a game into a memorable story - something I've never belore seen in a footy sim.

The game s also helped a lol by the excellent graphics The match highlights are true Roy Ol The Rovers, and the static m-game screens are beautifully diawn Even alter several hours ol playing, I was still discovenng new pictures - and some ot them are really lunny, displaying an unusual (and hugely welcome) lightness ot touch

This sort ol skewed thinking is typical ot the approach to the game -make it tun to play, and all else will follow. And. ol course, it is tun to play The menus are all easy io use. ihe results ot ihe matches are bekevabie, and your decisions have a significant effect on I hose results.

You get to know your players, tailoring their training accordingly, and learning who to praise and who to criticise If I've a criticism, it's that the game's limited in scope: you only play in the World Cup and there are no financial decisions to make Bull according to Daze a league version will be released in Sepfember. fealunng exactly those things in addition to sponsors and FA Cup and European tournaments I can't wart.


bellowing in disbelief as your striker completely misses his shal and nibbling your tieclip in a Irenzy as Ihe opposing team swoops on your goal The highlights are a mixture ol tunning text commentary and 3Dish animated Ms. and they maeh pertedty Which is more than can be said for your players



In Thai case naybe I'll let you in for a second . But don't think I'n sours to let ny suard down for one norvent! First show ne sone identification


At least there can be no Universe 2, (Infinity joke.)

CsanneiUniverse    terrible Let us Investigate with the aid    written and told with

Runs on: A1200    of these helpful sub-headings.    Universe starts with

Publisher: Cora    Exclusively inside. Etc.    and careens downwa

Author: Gary Antcliffe     *n*nuiPt    The game seems des

Price: £35    THE GRAPHICS    the good thing*aboi

Release: Out Now    Universe trounces Monkey Island In    adventure and harai:

every way graphically. II uaea angles ol dull and badly-wrll and perspective to lebulous ettect, with polntleasly descrlbln your bloke hacking around smashing see perfectly well tha backgrounds in finely-rendered 3D    As an example, wher

without ever looking blacky or

cartoony. Great shading, too, especially    -E

on the Introductory eeterold bit with the planet's atmosphere boiling

away In the distance. Actually. / *    ' wj.-.'4,'

the graphics aren't at all terrible. Hurrah.    A*


Adventures are stories.

And the point with stories I .•    L _    *

la that tha telling ie    !*'-/*!    • ad

everything. Even old Jokes \ \ can be put across if nealty V

Listen to this. It's a game that goes out of Its way to be friendly. Controls are kept to a minimum, to you can get on wrtheolvmg the puzzles without grappling with ridiculously unlikely action combinations. It's eery funny. It takes your side at every turn: It recognises external drives, Is hard disk-installable and you can't die In It. Technically It's linear, but there's plenty ol 'give' and you don't feel like you're being bustled around In a tour group. Sounds great, doean t H And It Is. ITs The Secret Of Monkey Island. Universe, on the other hand, Is completely terrible. But why ie 11 completely

*'£fri Here's your tr-jjflj r: eni> e f.i

»il le

in i2>: c

moronically tedious series of events"

A $ l*af tj] viifa la a naa la if. has ao krnct Or proper shoes.

\ and Intert them. (And ‘ •$     yea. I know you could

open and dote or push *    \ and pull things In

Monkey Island, but those were obvious objects In the background. Ilka doors Wf or handles, rather than stuff In your Invenlory.) y/kjr'    Aa an example of

how stupendously awful the interlace Is. here's the very flrsl puzzle.

You find a satellite dish with Its controls obscured by a panel V'1**! You re carrying a couple of Small rocks, a circuit ‘ . board and a bent metal bar. The aolutlon la I INSERT METAL BAR IN I PANEL. Not. tor * U example, the equally llkaty OPEN PANEL i WITH BAR. PUSH/PULL JM PANEL. ATTACK PANEL WITH ROCK or COMBINE BAR j V WITH PANEL.

Nope, m the

'    • , : ’ *    \ worst text

adventure tradition, only the

VHHpHMHtv exact

verb!noun rK' combination

will do the trick, rendering the whole 'piMZle nhnngproeess • momolcaliy tstoksn qpto* <>• attempt* ««* try «• the aritanKxMs with everythin in yenn invenlnvy. Spit not tOWllnfti ’ Arnuing that mtvnmalhe bet as a tevw is radrry


“■» »'t    j11 pTT1"—f*r»

and than there t a hh requniim too tn

death snuggle with manual landing

clews* * 'ir4!* • ip.


Vhii can't skip the Introduction the nonds aadut with an iniiniteiv repeating b» in' musk that tun of gets thamaMcady njurtr and than sol nf vis Pismafs *o* guietax and than sort

somelhlng out. the pointer II changes to a thumba up Kjl or thumbs down Icon to V let you know It you're on ■ the right track - s great Y Idee. But It you're wrong, you aleo get a random, standard meeange Me. I don't think that would be a good idea,' or, You -Can't do that her suae obviously, yuo re an mihecBa. Thanks, guys.

OTlH'i'IH IU '» ....." » Vmv


imk rnwpmy wtuail tO iwnrh I.It

Uo i enpnlw musk > n tranpdartutn

o-X'ns. <rm liWi iwaklarsIliXTe

ertrltass so you t an gel him 1 ■ write tome rise»s notes ami ihengut

"oirtn snh slnsjuiip mi lamriv mu it

•tonsni raoogniee a eeroou os uru drive despite coming cmsu dt*»».

The Secret Of Monkey Islands three yaars old you know.


hiqhi Mraighi

i traverse is unhandinnly linear. You wm nui progress to the

nexLpuzrle until you solve the prssem one Sntnng use nrasent raw Is made intiniteiy more oi a iketmnvettnry Dicrre by the uniat homa -y r ompbr atad i unties method Not only can you use objects, yc ,m “*    *'f t> '.oil.

openfclose. combine.' wear.'

■ wee s a mirror stock tn it tha you nag 11 daflwi some lasers than k> you as euun' asryou uy lorwetk through a nrheniy carnan* docs ...et'swhv Oh •as—you iji. me... universe as wau. wi yop sod p saving every tmw you move to avoid tuning > stati again ♦mm the bsgtnn. tg Except and you'll oacdon my rftgueakei you don • n«* •sjtnghi bul are rapiuied irlwniio a prison pianei whers «iu tt s is ii»* best bit - a text screen tails you that 'von reaBhnbaxaUooaatapalrom ♦>Vs penal ■ »**■* 8UI wot the whole pne aheu isciuxiuny ndnuksn tody to i war throw an ad gdatk empire > Consistent game toga so I wait) which you manage io do noioy opening tha vara or ( taking on » or rsarluig rrairseif or any one ia a retzan (than stupid but ptausdas mmgs out ba oushCpuding vuur way ouam n is m <ourse *1x101 now that you jiefcee how the action kuna can softs to jnat atm anything except warn is course that's a unique mb Phew i Apartkmxi the <inw you have m


Truly lovely graphics, with an

axcitlng use of forced angles and 3D space. Greet name.


people really have no idee what make* a good point-and-cllck adventure. Friendly controls, good scripting, leeway with the plat end satisfying puzzles are just soma ot the things that have vanished without trace. And you can die, too.


It s the sort ot game where you can feel (he programmers looking over your shoulder, exchanging uproarioui laughter when you get ttuck or die. without ever ■ Z realising exactly what / I ” they ve done. Oetestsbly K I — unplayable    A I _


Game: Switchquiz Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Switchsott Author: In-house Price: £29 (two-player version) and £37 (lour-player version)

Release: Out now

What's the link between slates at Australia. Bend movie locations and 1950s rock ('arxT - Ed) roll songs A due Okay, this is a review ol a game called Switchguiz - think about it. the answer's in the Idle.

In the 1980s, Trivial Pursuit sets instantly robbed parlies everywhere ol communication, variation and interest, repiabng the buzz and laughter, loud music and the guzzfcng ol gallons ol (lemonade' -Ed) with the homogenised sounds ol rolling dice, arguing couples and cnes ol 'Quel now. this one's lor a pie.' The pubs lell next, with crowds ol folk hanging a round Give Us A Break machines, all shouting ‘A. it's A< No B1 0 maybeP while knocking back pints ol fTizer'- Ed) and leering el members ol ihe opposite sex. And now ol course, the inevitable computer trivia games are upon us.


There's already a C032 version ol Trivia/ Pursuit but Swrtchqutz is different because you need additional hardware. For your lairty large wad ol cash, you get a connector box that plugs into the parallel pod and links up your handsets to the Amiga The answer boxes are black plastic decorated with tour buttons and a sticker marking them A. B.

C and 0. and they look exactly like ihey were made in someone's kitchen, which presumably they were.

However, on the good side Ihe wires are long enough and the game suppods the second disk drive, so once you've slammed in the boot and question risks, there's no disk swapping You can alter the time limit on each question, the number ol points needed to win and whether Ihe correct answer la Hashed up alter guessing, but unfodunatety not the names, so everyone gels to be plain old Player One or whatever

Curiously tar a game that places lour buttons in your hand, you've got to use Ihe mouse to start Ihe game and pick the number ol players So what's wrong with A for one player and 0 lor four And lhat's another thing - a one player game option  Doesn't that sound bke Irving well into the borders ol Sadshire



Aad Mr* H It...







I'l' "■

rum ro«R




No no, Mr Bond, we expect you to answer tricky questions about Australia.



—I =15

□ — s

□ =s

_ 18

HI    9


7 6 5

® UPPERS N'( ■ four player gama. there's no doubt who got the answer first and as long as Swttchaoft kaap pumping out quaattons It'S

v ® [/JnOuD tv .


expensive, the handsets ire a bit Heath Robinson (Wilt Lunn, more like. - Ed) and the questions ara too small on the screen and frequently repeal during a game. Oh, and that bloody “Gulz-tsatlc mate- sample freaks me out


A nice try at doing something different with the Amiga, but the hardware makes It too expenalva and the relatively lew questlona don't justify the cost. It you'ra prepaarad to overlook the shoddy presentation and you think the data disks will malarlallse. than by all means consider It: there's certainly nothing else like it. If Ihey could only link the ft A Z hardware to the     /I "

professionalism ol the Jsf ~ Trivial Pursuit game, eh ■ -


The questions come up in teensy letters and everyone races to get Ihe answer nght before time runs out. This Is actualy quite tun first time round, but every lime someone gels the answer right, you're, o-ho. rewarded by a sample of TVs lame us Mike Smash saying, "Quiz-taste mate,' which grates after the third time and forces you lo play any subsequent games in silence

Odd things happen the more you play it. Even though there are. as they say. 'over 1000' questions on ihe disk, you frequently get the same question asked twice In one game To be lair, the possible answers are differently ordered each time, which loads lo everyone waiting hawk-IAe lor the correct one to appear with a leisurely ping.

The greatest laull is Ihe limited range ol questions. Whoever set them obviously ha* a faclbook on the slates at Australia and a worrying tendency towards '50s music. Still, further Asks are promised, so maybe we ll gel a question master with a more comprehensive library, eh But even lhal won't help the alarming lack ot

excitement In Ihe game. Considering ifs the first person lo get 75 points to be declared the winner, there's a distinct lack of flashing lights or hooters as you pass 25. or 50 or whatever. And nothing happens when you win a game, beyond a message saying. 'Player X wins.' Bah Switchsott reckon they'll sell their game to pubs and dubs across the country - this mouldy old presentation does them no favours at all.


So how many games did we play before we all got bored'’ Five, which works oul at over seven quid a game. Even Ihe lorthcoming sports and trivia data disks won't draw us back as ifs the mcreAbte dullness ol the presentation that does the most damage Who wants lo crane forward lo read liny writing Ifs the psychologically-designed Hashing lights and tweety sounds that trap people on pub machines. Fact.

If you are inleresfed in buying Swrichqurz, then Swiichscft can be contacted at 26 Ridgeway, Darlington, Co Durham DL3 0SF.




A1200 Equally tatty

presentation and the "Qulz-tastlc- sample * still there. Aren't Harry Enlleld's characters great, mate




Hang on a minute, it’s all over isn’t it Brazil won, it’s four years to the next one and everybody’s gone home. Just when you thought it was safe to say ‘football’.

load. Eleven minutes, all told. Enough lime lo Match a good Tom and Jerry cartoon (say, Solid Serenade) and make a realty Splendid cup ol lea spent sitting in Ironl ol a loading screen. Sigh


Now you may think I'm going on a bit here, but consider this: today, the Amiga laces war on two fronts. From the West, the marching ranks of the PC compatibles,

wilh their hard dnve-based power games: from the East, the Ihundenng brigades ol the consoles with the immediacy ol cartridges. Eleven minutes for loading is a joke. Moreover, a joke by Jimmy Cnckel.

The game. The game is catastrophically bad The game should never have been released in its present form The algorithms governing play are amateurish. For example: tackling. Tackling in a tooty game should be a case of running at the player with the ball and pressing fire: you then tackle him (Or not. if we're talking about strengths and direction and so on.) With USA 94 not only da you have lo time your lap on the fire button (don't press it. otherwise you'll go into a treacie-slow sliding tackle and miss the ball completely) but be in precisely the right position due to the inexplicable pause your player makes

Gama: World Cup USA '94 Publisher: US Gold Runs on: A500, A600,

A1200 Price: £26 Release: Out now

Ol course, it all began in 1966 US Gold had the licence lor the World Cup. and promised a game that would trounce everything previously seen in the history ol the world. When Worid Cup Carnival turned up, the large box was US Gold's (and really quite impressive) but the game was Artie's garganluanly awtul Something Soccer. 'Programming ditlicullies' had prevented the everythmg-irouncing epic from turning up, but at least you got some badges and stickers in the box to make up lor the two-year-old crap game, eh

Ripple ckssotve to 1994 US Gold have the licence lor the World Cup, and promise a game fhaf will trounce everything previously seen in the history of the world. Suddenly, the game's or sale Strangely, magazines haven t been sent review copies Is it because the maiority ol software sales take place in the first week Could US Gold really be trading on then rosier ol great games like Flashback



and Monkey Island in order to pass World Cup 94 to some ill-informed shmuekos  Only you can decide But World Cup 94 is near impossibly lernble


The first thing that kicks you accurately in the lace is the loading time. From insertion of disk to appearance of Irani end takes over six minutes. Six Minutes. It's hard disk-installable, but that's hardly the point, is it Especially when, alter choosing your options (a task made a choie by the bewildering array of very pretty bul mostly meaningless icons) you have lo waif a further live minutes tar the game itsell to

® UPPERS Front end looks good. Choice ol sound samples. Lots o< options awaiting those who can decode the menu icons.

® DOWNERS Loading

times-start folding till receipts or something. Slowdown of players when tackling Is ridiculous. Standard of goalkeeping leaves a lot to be desired. Too easy to score an own goal with your keeper. Too easy to score a goal full stop. A pathetic game amateurishly programmed.


Top-down footy games nearly always fall when viewed by Ihe light ol the Sensi sun. Work! Cup USA 94 thoroughly deserves Its    Aft.

place In Ihe foul stinking    'fin

hell of Inferior comparison. L U =


World Cup 94 runs on f .Ot    ,he *1200. You should

bum down your house

to prevent this.

before moving, otherwise you get left behind looking very foolish You car almost hear the crowd braying mockingly


The most fun 1 had with USA '94 was to play Who Can Do The Mosi Laps Before Being Tackled.

In this great vanaiion on the game, one player grabs the ball and starts making circuits of the pitch The other player has to make a successful tackle belore time runs out. My worthy opponent managed two-and-a-half laps belore our increasing difficulty with drawing breath between hoots of laughter brought the game to a premature close.

Hear the crowd braying mockingly'

Playing yer actual football just doesni enter into it. because when you try to do so you encounter features' like the 100% successful pass Yes. no matter how far away Ihe player you're passing to (and we could be talking opposite ends ol the pilch) the ball will gel (here So scoring goals consists ol getting the ball, passing blindly to the player nearest the goal and blammmg it at. Or eschewing the passing method and getting anywhere neat the haltway line and blamming it in one time out ol every two attempts made

The ridiculous ease with which you pummel opponents sod of balances out the appalling viewpoint, which is a

similar Goodyear Blimp overhead view to Senst, but from a leaky blimp (so ihe players are rather bigger) and by a cameraman without a wide angle lens (so there's less ol the pitch). There's a radar display inset on the fop fell, but whafs the point, eh

World Cup 94 is an inoperable canker on Ihe lungs of (be innocent children ol the world (Alleged, no. spot on actually. - Ed)




Thrice upon a time sounds just a tiny bit daft doesn’t it

non-specific fantasy pap. from ores and    You can attempt lo slop Shandy turning

efves lo dragons and cute girts in leather    into Weelabix in several ways If you've

Mums Oh dear    played the previous games and got













Game: Ishar 3 Runs on: A500, A600. A1200

Publisher: Daze Author: Stlmarils Price: £33 Release: Out now

So /star 3s an RPG then For those of you who missed the first two it's all set on a distant planet tn the kingdom of Ishar which ts ail a bit sword and sorcery based and not really ripped off front Tolkien books at all Nope, no way The bad bloke's some old gadgy called Shandar. but it you were successful in Ishar 2. you'll have kilted him Unfortunately for the good people of Ishar. death Simply isn't a big enough stumbling block for Shandar. who now plans nof only lo reincarnate himself, but to use the body cl the immcrtal Black Dragon

Tim njickct ai, and Ihe uttkif iib pluagai everythin) Into i world of piok. Night Sot'i i coming.

And to w« rnneh aaother gtorioni dawn, altar poitibhr

lit pub throwing out lima, hot where are the drnahea

Mere*! a typically gorge out looking idee! from lha city, tafl hong around and tan what happaai thall wef

Ihe city landscape qeichty givey way to a familiar daogeoa theme


Wchraiax. the last ol hts species and the hardest hombre on the face of the planet. But as we all know, reincarnation can only take place when the planets are m alignment, which gives you a short time to thwart his evil plans


Fantasy plotlines huh1 They get me every time What's wrong with going out on a limb occasionally1 What s wrong with steering away from the typically sad. jaded, overused cliches of the fantasy genre1 Ishar 3 features time gates which hurtle you into the past but since the past ust consists of jungles and forests instead of mediaeval crfies. it's hardly groundbreaking sluff. From the very start. Ishar 3s packed with generic.


'Stop shandy > turning into Weetabix" L_'

AP39 In my humble opinion, il doesn't work lor Ishar 3 Or rather, the view works, but the movement doesn't There isn’t any animation involved, so you ump Irom one static shot to another ore 25 leet down Ihe trail and It you turn you gel a completely new view With your direction shown only by a small compass, it's horribly easy to get lost even with the map

The combat's equally dire You lust dick on an icon to make a team member swipe and watch spiots appear on you or the enemy. Since your attacks are a curious yellow, it looks like some kind of flan light to the death, only not as interesting You'll have guessed that I'm not particularly taken by this one then. Adventure games are all about immersion in a strange and alien world, and this one doesn't do ii lor me There's all manner oi siutl that could well excrle a hardened adventure gamer, but it's implemented so boringly and with such a creaky old game engine thai I tind it hard lo believe myself Certain team members won't gel on lor example, and it you decide lo kill ihem olt. this could well lead to turlher internecine strife, bul lo gel lo this kind ol interesting in-frghting. you've gotto be enthralled in the game world, and I never got that far Ultima Underworld and Doom on the PC - now they re adventure games Flashback. Worlds Ol Legend and Monkey Island on ihe Amiga - lop adventure games each and every one Ishar 3 doesn't ever gel dose.



compatible with the Ishar title*.

®DOHNBHS Ignores external and hard drives, rambling, empty levels pathetic combat system, minimal Interaction with other characters, cliched plotline and little or no en oyment gained Irom playing it.


I And it hard lo believe that people are still into this uninspired lanlasy dross. It you are. you re going to be a bit more tolerant lo this game, but there's no gelling away from Its ageing game engine, m as vacuous plot and empty £ T ” levels. Even cutting il a jl I -■Lot slack, it still only V V -

am us


attached to your team, then you car use them If you tancy bursting into pubs and shouting Tm going to save the world! Who will aid me on my quest ' Ihen you can generate a single character and pick up the rest en loute. but it you fancy an easy life, you can conjure up an entire learn ol five adventurers Irom Ihe very start.

Despite Ihe torrent ol cniicism that's about lo erupt Irom my word processor, there's no getting away from the tad that Ishar 3 looks great From the deepest dungeons to the streets ol the city and the paths ol the lores), it all looks gorgeous The streets look lived m. the lungles look ungly and all Ihe incidental charaders pout and pose in perfect digitised glory I'll say it once again so you're left m absolutely no doubt - Ishar 3 looks great



I haled il Irom approximately 20 minutes after I started playing it. and lor each and every minute ol the long and tortuous hours that dragged by atterwaids For a Start, going mlc any building m ihe city involves disk swapping, and ihe game doesn't recognise a second drive (Instant arbitrary percentage penally - Kangaroo Court Judge) To add insult to in ury. you have lo press Return once you've put the disk in. which I found out after I'd wandered olt to make a cup of tea and came back to find I still had to sit and listen to the drive whirr away You can t install it on ihe hard drive either Grrrrrr

The game s certainly mass but also lor the most part empty, resulting in miles and miles ot fruitless wanderings. Quite often you bump into characters who don't speak, don't move and don't do anything at all really. You can't buy things off them and you can't hit ihem. so what's the point They're ust scenery.

The city forms only one ol live giant locations, but it takes literally days ol game lime lo gel from one side lo ihe

other. This could be blamed on Ihe control system (commg up at a bd) but it's mainly the stupidly compressed day/mght cycle Every lew minutes real time, the sun sets and the night begins, and ol course all the interesting places to visit are shut at night Terrific. It's sort ol like battling great hardship lo arrive Imally al the library in Alexandna (intellectual centre of the Hellenic empire Irom 323BC) and being told it's hall-day closing.

You view the action Irom a first person perspective, which in many cases is a good idea it works far Battle zone il works lor flight stms and it even works for 7nc* Or Treat, our ccverdisk game from


A1200 There'S an A1200

version out In late September that’ll be exactly the same but hard disk installable and with 25G colours. Unfathomably, it’ll also be two quid more. And no, we won't be reviewing It.

TIm Sam* tuns off with o Moke oa a horse. I'm no M«0 why, hot








>u frrm s Jt t lUi - —"    m m«5





1 4


-t- ■'Cv. --rri.- **

. tJJ* f , *** «* _i*'>



..i e. V..

)in vi c*<*>'=.-•=«'









la Simon Barlow from High Wycombe. "His name la Dealruptica. his motto -Destroy and be tree." Simon Informs us. Thanks. Simon.

lor Patrick Lambert, Quebec.

The doubtlessly talented Patrick proves here that Just because you can draw well. It doesn't mean that you've gol any better ideas than the rest of us. An alarming 8S% ol entries used exactly the same elements as Patrick s picture, and were promptly binned. Hanging a man on a wall and pointing a laser at him isn't at all big or clever. In real life loo.


ompletely stealing an Idea Isn't Edwin Wake tram North Yorkshire necessarily a bad thing, as    made us laugh more than anyone else.

Michael Conner from Glasgow    and la promptly rewarded with a brand-

demonstrates here.    new C032 and a copy ot Disposable

Between us, the AP team have Hero. In recognition oi his seen this gag In two TV appearances achievement, we present, In Its blow-end Fat Freddie's Cat. However, we by-blow entirety. Edwin's trap (and still like It, and appreciated It because    escape clause). En oy. and thank you

It's one ot the lew entries that didn't    ell lor entering. Even the stunningly

have the hero tied down with rockets dreadlul ones. No, really, pointing at his groin.


and raltet flag.    on cactus. Cactus spina embarks or

tt. Flag Mocks out sun. wtikri Captain Kirk Journey, hitting vicar's aw mistakes ky Kllngon Bird ol Pray Ha Urea    26. In great pain, vicar uflara "Jesuit*

Phaser*. which hH corner of a leopard a eye.    27. God strikes down hem. mistaking him lor

12.    This encourages swan to sell three bars clergyman,

ot gold to cod.    THE ESCAPE

13.    New wealth upsets whelk, who Ursa jet 1. Mr Hero lalapathlcally contacts eagle.

towards Poland.    2- Eagle drop! cheese on rooftop.

14.    Buikeri in Poland da wool around barn 3. Slats becomes loose.

to ward ott evil spirit.    4. Discarded chair starts squeaking.

11 In disgust- spirit throws can ot Lyna at    S. Entices mouse Irom route 10 Auslralle.

bam, can rebounds striking man an htad.    I. Knocks over Barry Kancov'a Ice-cream

16. Man looaae bookmark Irom book.    makar.

Bookmark causes mass plls-up on M27.    7. Eacesa Ice-cream causes staple guns


•s.avT La<t .*vp rttn HUXur'-r .*1 v    "t


[ >l*u-




1.    Mr Hero Is lied lo a chair.

2.    Mr Evil Villain pulls lever, which activates springboard, sending onion towards mouse.

3.    Mouse tees dying vegetable and runs lo weal coast of Autbalta. En routs lo Australia, ha knocks over fisherman's Sound Of Music vtdao.

4.    Fisherman la so distressed, a milk bottle lop Idas out ot Ms pocket, colliding with stray waap.

5.    Waap becomes disorientated and drops copy ot The Beano on pensioner s pen raflll. 1. Passing salesman sees this happen and ruahee lo help.

7. Eyelaah dlaiodgamenl causes lamp post to turn on lor sevin milliseconds.

6.    Power change helps Belgium win el Snap. 9. Over- oyoui reaction makes termite In carpet drop crisps.

16. Widow In Greece senses Isrmite a grist

17. Han Solo quickly reacts and throws radish si Daley Thompson.

16. Delay picks up phone and airs opinion on Communism

19.    Neighbouring swordfish slops watching TV. which anaMes Mower lo ump Irom window bos.

20.    It gels caught in helicopter blades, lotting heltcopiar lo swerve 32 degrees.

21.    Change In wind causes zebra's elds parting lo wavar.

22.    Zabra'a third cousin mocks and tells down ravins. The splash makes a tornado In Kent which pulls up huga rock.

23.    Worm Is ralaatad and crawls Into man a briefcase.

24.    Man drops pint snd piece ol glass lodges In llama's aar.

26. Llama splla al lamp stand. Stand tails

worldwide lo rust

6. Rogue staple gun calls elephant's Mutt. 9. Elephant alarms Mr Evil Villain's hideout treeing hare!

ealurlng loads at sad old cliches (killer bees, blah blah, acid, blah blah, spikes In Ihe head etc etc) this drawing Irom Laurence Jerkins had numerous redeeming features. It was the only entry to leature Jimmy Tarbuck. the accompanying escape plan was particularly clever and ol course It's well-drawn. Laurence, like all the other runners-up. gets a Gremlin T-shirt lor his troubles.

e particularly liked the economical way Dene doubted up many of hi* machines, so the cogs move the spikes AND turn on the gas. whereas the spikes skewer the hero AND light the gas pipe. Also, and most Importantly, the hero gets a chance to escape, which was one ol the main points of the compo.




early, but not quite Ihe winner was Thaddeus Blair Irom Cheltenham with hie giant Ker-Plunk set. True genius indeed, and yes Thaddeus. it Is a stupid name.

here's something about this entry by Jamie Long Irom North Humberside that's hard to explain. It's Ilka, you know, less Is more. It's a Zen thing. The more you look al It, the better it gets. It s like every single James Bond movie, only shipped down to the most basic level, man. You dig



The games they’ve played. The tips they’ve found. Once again Rich Pelley pays homage to those who’ve risked everything, teetered on the edge of cathode-ray oblivion, and pushed computer games to their absolute limits and beyond...



With h«s cheesy gen. bushy tail, ndeutous quiff and cute little walk, the AP office sure tsn'i quite the same now that Stuart Campbell has taken leave ol his senses and quit the team lor lhal rob parking trollies at Salisbury's, or wherever he went. No one else could review a game as Stuart Campbell could: the eitelligence. the wit. the humour, the overall leeling that this-man- knewwhai-be-was-on-aboul conveyed In every woid he wrote. Stuart Campbell was truly a gifted man Ol Mr Nutz back in issue 38: 'It's probably the best-programmed Amiga platformer I can recall.’ said Sluan, h«s remark winning him a place in software history lor ever more. "It's

extremely well programmed, pretty, big and sort-ol difficult.' proffered the Great One. and the Gods smiled down "A game with a hazelnut in every hyfe" he joked, and the roles of comedy were mstanlly re-wnlten Bui. or. anyway The tip - (his coming from Alex Allen ol Bnslol. With a little practice you should actually be able to stack up as many Wes and stars as you want to get you through the game To do this you must complete all the bases r Nature World bui not transport trom the level. Now. provided your flying skills are up to scratch, enter the level passed to the blue flagged base with a ghost nearby. There are six extra lives near the exit (at the top nghl ol the level), and enough gems lying around tor a star. Ihe beauty being that ycu can keep emenng the level as many limes as you wish. You'd be fooksh not lo

aUxlnlM fMr a. liln.li. i.l.r.cllea wllk o.r iptdil tlpf.



GRAVITY FORCE 2    69    MAN UTD PLC    62

HEIMDALL 2    62,66-8    MR NUTZ    62


IMP MISS 2025    63    STARDUST    63



An old lavounle of The Last Resort, the original HeimtaH has kicked up its lair share Ol kerfuflei amongst many an AP-teadmg game player In rts lime. 'Where is Frey s Spear in UigardT Where do you use the Desericon spell " and ‘How the heck do I open ihe door to the Orchard d Iduna " are just the kind ol bizane-soundng questions I've been asked tar loo frequently lor my liking. (Luckily more knowledgeable souls have pul me right). And with the release d Heimdal 2.1 have the alarming prospect d staring in the very near future with equal bewiidermenl at questions such as Where do I lind Ihe magic parsley to garnish Granvill's hdy parsdps 1. whai style ot haircut will win me respect with the Barbers d Kemache * and Will ihe spel ol Staff Discount be useful in Ye Olde Store ot Waifrose ’

Hopeluty, though, with the arnvat ol this invincibility cheat from Tony Mitchell d North Wales, such letters may be delayed lor a while Over to you. Tony.’l was busy messing around trying to figure out some new spels. and whist attempting a reveal spell l seemed lo activate the cheat mode. It goes like this.

Place the Idlowing rones in the spell block and activate them as normal.

And that's it You re perty will now be invincible, while still able to build up their stats which, I think you'll agiee. is extiemety uselul *



And now. Football Whilst playing Man Untied Premer League Champions, my goalkeeper gave away a penalty. In despair I lor some reason pressed Fire and pushed the toystick up The opposing player look a shot, but my goalie saved it." But surely. Mchael McMahon ot St Austell (whose letter we are quoting here) this could have just been a co nc■dence, Complete Control hasn't got time for coincidences, you know 'But no! I teed it again, and he saved it

again1 Now every lime I concede a penalty I just press Fire and Up and my goalie always saves it11 have discovered a cheat!’ Ah - good man We ll print this one. then Cota Wmnard also advises thus Tor people who can'i score": "Firsl you need to be able to dribble lairty well Now pul Ihe ball down either wing and ail inside. The keeper should go for your leel so dnbble past him and pul ihe bal in the empty net ’ For what it's worth, Colin, we ll pnni your brainwork loo


meijut wMi at.





More illicii penalty-saving advice, this time trom Matthew Softly Ol Essex.

’ll you get lo the penalty shoot-out and you are not very good at saving goals, then as the opposing team player is running towards the penalty spot press C. F2 then Fire. This should cause a while wa> to spring up out ol the ground in front ol him, and his shots will then either miss Ihe goal or fly straight into your arms ’

n in i itn- iiz-j    —rctctb-



* I .•


(ESP Software)

Blatantly obvious, but possibly not something you'd have thought ot without Isabelle Rees ot Surrey pointing it out first, Accordng to our Is. you should save the game then continue lor a day or two writing down the names ol the winners of the

races Then load back up your saved game and bet as much money as you can on the horses which you wrote down, and as they'll all be certs, you'l be onto a winner!








You warn levels codes You warn extra mayo on that And hold the tomato As we say at AP. you got it.

Second world completed, access to warp

sequence and special mission -


Second world completed, lull weapon

power and lots o< lives - CISUVAATANGK

Third world completed, access to warp sequence and special mission -DBSSUAAAANGL

Third world completed, access to warp sequence with eleven lives -DLSUVQATAIMK

Fourth world completed, access to second special mission or tmal tunnel, eleven lives and lull weapons - ELSUVXRRAJLL Thanks to Duodenum Patel ol Norbury.

Keep om maataj, do doodv doo doe.

lUHul, ft* ]«m Ikai jail yoT uptitr Iku aaar btlori.

, I M. >T



Now back to Hired Guns, where Graham Purtuns ol Midlothian was worried that there might be leiiow APers struggling on a couple ol bits that the tips we previously printed did not cover. It's race to know

lat cse.ve- ten ww alt ocmf

I no tlMD R MflM nicctsr CTTP1ATFQ THREAT )

“    A    -

people caie. eh

1)    On level one ol Ihe tull mission the hole al the top ol the three lifts is opened by pressing behind the blocks at ihe back ot one of the starling buddings

2)    Don't forget to press the switch si the

bottom o! the first lift shaft on the Artificial Island in preparation tor later in the game

3)    Run a character north to the Laboratory Test Site to open a hole (near your slanng position) used to skip part of the level.

4)    And what about the door halfway up a wait near the beginning ol ihe Animal Enclosure level0 Combine the Psi-Amp behind Ihe right door in the laige cavern in the mam building with the lift.

dk,    S *

:    s


Here aie some level codes lor MicroPiose's tun. it slightly tfcsappoinlmg, Impossible Mission 2025. as sent in by Raymond Orchard ot Poole. Or, lo put it another way. here are some level codes lor MicroProse's lun. it slightly disappointing. Impossible Mission 2025. as sent in by Raymond Orchard ot Poole.


Section two-ETOFJXXD Section three - EXOEJDC


Section one - FBQDDXRE Section two - FDFQCVXIA Section three - FJQCHXOM







Up hexadecimal creek without an Action





Right hand

Replay cartridge Quote the number

Batman Returns



Player wins

001F53 lo your patents over Sunday lunch

Cannon Fodder




and they'd probably think you were mad.





quote it to a queue ol people waiting lor a



Mr Nutz



bus and someone would probably call the


Ntki Baum



poles, but quote it to an Action Reptay-



Home Goals

PP Hammei



wMkftng Cannon Fodder enthusiast who


Away Goals

Protect X



always seems lo run out of bazookas and

Crystal Dizzy




their eternal thanks (and maybe even a




RBI 2 Baseball



box ot chocolates) wi be yours And when






you let them know what the number

Global Gladiators 045E6C


Soccer Kid



000639 does - we*, let's just hope you'll


0104AF Goals (home)



invite us lo to the wedding. Of course.


Goals (away)



were still nofentnety sure how many

Crash Dummies






Aden Replay owners there are out there

Jimmy Whiles'


Points lell

(left player)

(and hence how much use pokes will be).


Pants nght



but (as ever) what the heck Thanks.

Micro Machines



(nght player)

today, lo Srmor Pegier of Worcester and






Katy Appleton ol Notts Bless their little

Mortal Kombat


Lell hand

Turnon 3



cotton socks

Player wins






11 Li


Section one - FNOAYXHI Section two - FROYCXVL Section three - FUQTBXQE


Section one - FYQOPXEF Section two - GCQLRXWB Section three - GGQKTXUF


Section one - GKQJYXDI Section two - GOQJFXBK Section three - GSQFDXZA


Do not bring to the boil or overheat as this will impair the flavour. Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean and dry and free from grease. If it has not cleared up within three days consult your doctor. And please try not to let it slip your mind to send us something along the lines of what you've seen here in preparation for next month's tip section at Complete Control, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. And make it a playguide, and we'll send you a prize!



Tips so good that even Marlon Brando wants to read them. Way cool AP.

I've tailed all my exams, my Iriends donl bother inviting me out any mote and, it I had one, I'm sure my gullnend Mould have left me by now. Bui anything I can do to convince you further that I am actually capable at more (ban mindessty typing out letters month to month (with what, for all you know, could be a virtual eompiele ignorance ot compuler games altogether) and sticking in a lew pathetic jokes (most of which get edited out anyway), has lo be worth it. Having upped my games-playmg credulity one notch last month with my solution lo Innocent until Caught, maybe. I thought, I could score a lew extra boy-he-musi-be-really-good-at-ptaywg-games brownie-points by running a guide to Apocalypse So strap youisetves into your multi-rote combat choppers and let's get ready to rock, children.


1 Firstly you'll want lo rid yourself of the Howitier - fly immediately left and lei it have it with a rocket or some fire. You can't crash into the platform or the gun itsell, but it will lake some shooting at

2 Next, Ry right and lire-bomb the radio operators' hut (lire-bombing a hut instantly kills everybody inside - and you don’t want to let these guys out as they're armed with rocket launchers] Rescue ihe PCWs from Ihe hut next door and to Ihe left of what's left of the Howitzer, and head back to HQ (And, yes. you can shoot your own men whilst (hey enier the tent, so be careful and don't!)

3 The remains ot the level is now a doodle Blow open a! the huts it you like (one at a time because enemy soldiers


will start to kil any lose POWs] but you may as well ust collect the remaining men from the first, second, fourth, frfth and eighth huts along Don't gel too close whilst firing at a hut or you'll gel caught in the explosion


IThe hardest levels by lar - don't lei anybody out until you've cleared the area of danger (If you play carefully there's no need la let any enemy out at al.) Fly right lo give you room to take out the enemy chopper. Fty siowty left along the line ol the trees spreading bullets to nip the first two gun turrets in the bud and return to HQ. Fly to the bottom ot the play area and head left lull peh firing bullets into the ground - this should scupper the tank as you pass (a rocket or homer on ihe way make absolute sure) Fly up to bump oft the third and fourth lowers and return to where you just took out the tank Position your chopper in the middle ol the screen and zoom left over the water and past the second tank tiring into the ground as you go. Turn around and you should have no problem killing the tank. (It will be tiring in the wrong direction and less likely to hit you.)

2 Shoot the hut to ihe left of the waterfall and chopiift the four POWs back home (Irom now on you should return al PQWs as soon as you find them) but beware ol the tank that has appeared on the Hospital tent H-Pad. Fly around ihe waterlail to take out tower number live and six (warning: tower six is very

dose la lower live, but lower down) then approach the land lo the left ol the waterfall spreading bullets lo take out the gunner (before he gets you) but not the hut. Get turret seven (warning: it's higher up than the others so lar) then lei the POWs out ol the hut - they split into two groups taking four flights to gel them back to safety Avoid scrolling loo far left lo pick up ihe left group or you'll gel shot, and prepare to spray Ihe rocket-launching baddies that have appeared as you approach HQ with bullets and (lames.

3 Fly vertically up the tower you last destroyed spraying bullets to take out the next three towers along (warning: they are very close, and at different heights). Spray bullets and rockets and seekers to take out the gunners below, shoot the next tower ahd fty back to lake out the lank Irom the other side. Let the POWs out ol the hut. blowing up the hut on the ground nearest to HQ on your way back lo get your remaining men to appear from the hut to the left. (But don't blow this up. or enemy soldiers come out loo, and start killing them.)


IHotd down fire and fly slowly lotting bullets oft along the height ol the trees to take out the gunners, crates and boxes until you reach the ship (where there are two choppers walling tor you).

2 Take out as much ol the ship as possible - the gun turrets donl fire al you (so don't worry) and you can fly in front ol the ship If you fly slowly along the deck ol the ship (don't crash into it though) you should be able to lake out the rocket


launching enemies and ihe lank before

they even appear on screen wiih a

chance logel you.    —    t'l

Now fly back over the     P*

boal The scientists.    M1    jjJbft

along w;!h numerous    - •

baddies, should have !,    . ':vE*4

appeared The secret

here is to ure everybody

Inwards ybur chopper    11    '

’    iwn

over (this prevents the    »«£■

enemy having any

chance of launching

rockets at you) and when

they start walking towards

you. tty back and land on the edge ol the

ship. The enemy soldiers should walk into

your fire, whilst the scientists will scramble

aboard your chopper


the second platform pracbcaty belcre they're even in view. Again, ancle back under the platform firing to fake out the next jeep and hut Fly along, shoot the other hut and prepare tor another jeep. Two more huts and plenty more soldiers lie to your led. along with seven gunners hiding in the trees

3 By carefully flying back and forth (but net ever) coupled with selective firing you should be able lo lure all the baddies info your spray ot bullets, and all the scientists aboard You'll need lo make two tnps to get the scientists home and dry -ptovidng you fly full pelf you'll be invulnerable from any rockets that may be launched ai you.

3 Follow the bees ip. shooting as you go. and as land appears, prepare lor three choppers. II might be wise to go back and hang around HQ lor some mote seekers, or you could try flying right la the top of the screen (you're safer from their fire here) and letting them have it with rockets, fire and bullets. There are two more gunners lo the led ol the platform Now al that remains is lo take out the tank al the bottom, blow up the door and head back to HQ.


IFty right lo give you room to lake out the two enemy choppers with seekers, and you may as well blow up the huts while you're there it's easier to take out baddies on this level before ihey appear on screen. Fly left and down slightly from HQ and spray the enemy soldiers with bullets or fire-bombs but don't scroll right over the platform


Don't crash into the walls or ceiling lor slaners. Just fly along Letting everything you see have il. And with the amount of credits you should have buifl up by now -victory will be imminent. You see, it s easy when you know how. er. or something like ihat. I forget • RICH PELLEY

2 Now. circle back under the platform and slowly lelt in order lo machine gun or rocket Ihe teep. soldiers and hul on



to strap that girding around your loins once more, and head off into ie long dark night of ytfur quest.














1 O a.



2 <

3si month. you were left r the lorlunale posted of havng procured the first piece ot Ro'Getd and a talisman allowing you access to the magical world at Utgard This month, we're going to take you through al tut two ot the remaining worlds

First oft. taka heed ot the following hints. The gude csnT just a straghi walkthrough You're going lo have to stock up on a lew essentials such as healing potions and Mana replenishment potions Learn how lo cast some oI the handier spells, such as heat, shield and tire bolt Before you engage in any combat with skiMuggetous denizens, save the game -you might screw up. Saving the game saves a load ot bme in the long run And. er. that's it reafy.

armour. Go back lo the circle ol fire and let oft another arrow. Put the armour on and head lor the castle at the lop of the screen Give the King the letter Irom the dying man The king will gwe you another letter Scout about the castle for a bit until you come across a table with a rainbow nrtg on it. Take the ring from Ihe table and then head tor the map screen It's to the right of the entrance to the King's hall

4 Go to the Grant s Isle and head lor Ihe Ice Gods cavern

Once there, HI your flask with water Irom the pool r front ol the statue.

Go hack into the Fire God s cavern and pour the water on the fire Head back lo old Frigidahus's boudw Miraculously, a bridge has appeared Cross the bridge and tolow the path untf you come across a

Go through the new portal in the Hall of the Worlds. Waft untf you come across a dying man Speak to him uni I he dies. Go beck ink) the previous screen and fire an arrow into the erde of Are. This takes you Into the hall-world. Go back to the dead man and speak to him some more. Ho i leave you has

room with a token irksome creature inside. Kill it oft and pick up the talisman you And there Throw the rainbow ring into the sphere of fcghi.


Walk until you come across a desk with a cande on it Push the candle over Take (he talisman after the flash Are and head back to ihe Hal ol the Worlds


As soon as you go through this portal. Heimdall gets knocked unconscious He wakes up inside a cell Outside, there is a rat Knock the bread over to the rat.

As a reward, the rat pulls the lever that opens the cell door,

Explore the casite until you come across the Dwarven King. Grve him the letter In return, he will give you another letter. Go down the steps and take the second piece ot Re Geld from (he skeleton He wont mind.

Gc back to the Hall at the Worlds by following the route behind the King's throne. Before attempting to jump past the jet (lames, save the game Hoad back to the Hall ot the Worlds.


Into the jaws o! the Druid s Grove you go. Speak to the Druid and then go mio the map screen. Go to the Dakta Village. Ignore the lirel Dakta you come across at the quay Head to the armourers and kill the Dakta there Speak to the man who is making a sword Toot yourself l$  with the sword. It vri make any combat you enter into from now on that bit easier to see through to a Innthil end

Fighting Wee that is thirsty work Head (or the pub (or a lemonade Kill the brilying Dakta. Explore the place some mere until you come across two Daktas r a room Ki both at the (ynuddy funsters' - Ed) and head hack to the map. J A >1 Goto _


youtsell mentally to kick

some butt Jump down    nyKlljI

past the spikey bail and vX»< jt

hide n the alcove    V

Press the switch on the

wall. The bal writ

freeze and some



steps will appear Go into Ihe room lhal con la irs a pile ol treasure and press fire in front of the map on the wail.

You'i be faced with a mirror reflection of yoursef Kill it. Kill Ihe Dakla. take the Talisman and make your way back fo the map screen

Travel to the 7 Island Ignore the sptder. you can easily outrun if.

Now. you'll find yourself laced with one of those infunabng puzzles that you're supposed to solve from the given dues II. unite me, you can't be bothered to work it out for yourself. here's whal to do: go to the furthest left column, up lour tiles, down one. nghf one. 14 two. left one and up the rest Tighten your bow string, synchronise your timing and sharpen your marksmanship r preparation lor the next task. Shoot an arrow into each and every mouth and colect the Ro'Geid Head for the Hail of the Worlds agam


This is ihe Hall ol the Gods Go Into the Death Goddess's room. Kill Heimdall and Ursha by walking into the statues. Walk into the light that appears on the wall Take the crown and the holy symbol, and then walk out ot the room to bnng both characters back 10 life.

Go into the Judge God s room and place the crown on lop of the head in front of the lectern

You will now be judged Assuming that you haven't committed any crimes worth retribution, the judgement should go well Take the holy symbol

Go into

the Air Goddess's room - the Cloud Room - and walk into the lightning in order to teleport Take the shield, armour and helmet Discard the helmet in the main room A bridge magcaly appears Take the Holy Symbol and pick the helmet back up.

The next room you should meander into is the God of the Weak's room. In true Teutonic Aryan style, lull him and praise the god of ihe struggle agamsi weakness. Kill the other man as well He may prove a bit tricky. Make sure you're well stocked up with throwing weapons and arrows. Once again, take ihe holy symbol The Light Goddess's room is easy. Make your way across the tiles. II would be an insult 1c your intelligence 10 tell you how.

Take the Holy Symbol.

This bit is annoying, because I forgot to lake a note of what I did. So. sorry about this, but you're

the Worlds and head lor Har Ker'Rn Give Ihe Druid Ihe symbol.

Walk through the gate m the trees. Walk onto the turtle's back and say hello to Ihe fire sprite. He will leleport you back 10 the Hall of the Worlds. Well done.

Tune in for Ihe Iasi of Hetmdali 2 next month • STEVE McGILL

going to have la work if out for yourself. You have lo colled seeds from three of ihe plants and ihtow them on the lawn To prove that I did it, look at the screen shot Take the Holy Symbol

Go to the closed door at ihe end ol the corridor and place the Hofy Symbols on the spaces on the floor. Go up the stairs and place the shield in the path ol the laser light.

Take the piece of fio'Gekl. Go back to the Nature God room and take the other symbol Back to the Hall of

It’s for two players! It’s Thrust! It’s two-player Thrust! It’s...

Slmptl * «• tot

rlouih throat «

II we were lo cast our minds back over the last live years or so. the event that would spring mosi dearly lo mind, even more than the Gull War. Mrs Thatcher's deposition or the first pictures from the Hubble space telescope, would be the appearance of Gravity Force 2 on AP39's coverdisk. It was a truly monumental occasion, and one which has truly changed our lives tor the better So we've been playing it quite a lot and. as a result, we've reached a terrifying level ol Gravity Force 2 knowledge Here is some ol it:




• The longer the game lasts the better, we find - there's more chance ol the best man winning' So set the shields and lives to maximum.

• Don't bother (iddng about with things like gravity and air resistance settings - it's rarefy as much tun as it sands, and you!I onty end up having to change them beck again.

• We only really tend to use bombs and non-guided missiles (rockets) Irom the spedal weapons menu. Guided missiles are tun. bul a bit impractical, and the rest don't really seem much use.

• And don't target to switch Fast Menus on


Gravrly Force 2ts in tact two games m one (sod of).

• Play It the normal way by selecting cannons and rockets and trying to blow each other up.

• or there's the method favoured by our mysterious Reviews Editor, Jonathan Nash

(who we suspect is (nghtened ot explosions). Disable the cannons altogether, and select Super Brakes as your special weapon Then attempt lo ram each other into the walls. This lends lo work best on soft, squidgy levels like The Circle and Snow Castle - it's a< over a bit quickly, otherwise.


•    It you choose a two-player tournament rather than a straight two-piayer game, you can have lights on the race levels as well as the normal ones, with no tunny numbers in the way.

•    For the ultimate in destructive weaponry, choose non-guided missiles and a cannon with the shcdest possible reload time Then, send a stream ol bulets  towards your opponent. Just before they reach him. lei oft a missile along exactly the same path. (Easiest if you're pointing straight up or down.) II you time il right, the missile will collide with the bullets just next to your unsuspecting opponent, with the ensuing expioson either killing him oulnght or sending him spinning inio Ihe nearesl wall

•    Can you find oul whai the secret message says at the lop ol Lying S. on ihe Legotand levels’ We'd suggest you lop up your fuel be tore making the attempt

•    Or try bombing you* way through the floor on the Grasslands level Race 0. Spook, eh

And that's if. Apad Irom the box on the right ol our lavoume levels.

Ron on. Gravity Force 3. we say.



The smpler ones am best, we lend lo find. THE TOWER

Its symmetry makes tor an even contest, with the soft bit in the dividng wal makng a tempting but hazardous short-cut to victory The lancing pads are tiny, and tricky to hit it you're in a hurry, making the big walled-oft landng area pamcularty handy - unless your opponent s got rockets ol course.


Hmm They've all been Grasslands levels so lar, so how about this Or indeed any ol the other largety-similar Arctic levels. They ve got tats of narrow passages lo chase around, bui nice, soft walls so il doesn't matter too much if you hit them

«*« herd

***» *«*• bn***.


Thts works best it the player at the bottom has bombs, and the player at the lop has rockets And the rabbit proves surprisingly dangerous


Small and confined, tar brief, intense battles. Dare you mger on your launch pad We rather think not.


Do you blow a hole in the wall above your base lo allow lor a taster exit Oi content yoursefl with sneaking out through the hole at the side, sale In the knowledge that you're less likely to gel bombs landing on your head

Dots RETORt know vrfc«t K «i the top tfctt Iml


Agadoo, do, do, push pineapple, shake the tree. No good Then write in and let Rich Pelley prune your gameplaying problems with his magic secateurs.

Nice new photy, eh That's probably because it isn't actually me. Psychological torture (the perpetual dripping of water on the forehead and such), theory supposes, is even more unbearable than actual physical pain. Lack of experience prevents most of us from believing this but let me assure you - if there's one thing likely to dissuade you from writing to me when you're stuck on a game, it s a photo of what I look like after marshalling together a year's worth of Last Resorts. So we got In this stunt double of what I'd probably look like had my destiny proved otherwise, and photographed him instead. And tile, the universe, and The Last Resort will, with any luck, be allowed to go on as ever.


Q'ln issue 33 a Mrs Diaphonous Grant of Lanarkshire blew the gas on how to gel unlimited money, but you can't start on the planet Lava. And when you get there, there's no Cobra Mark Ones for sale." Jerusalem Bates, Yorks

A "I've been putting the barrage of Frontier queries we've received over the past few months oft lor a while (until I worked out what was


Okay, I admit I haven't got the faintest clue as to what these people are on about. Have you

Q'ln DEUTEROS where and how do I find the plans lo the Star Class Galleon and the helium deuterium fuel I can defeat the melhanoids and locale the self destrucl mass trancerver, but when I finish oft the last drone it says We are certain that there is no more mechanoids left Victory is ours. Game over Eh ' Antony Williamson, Skegby

Q'ln DARKSEED I have recovered Ihe shovel, bmoculars and used the axe handle on the heart ot the Power Nexus Vibrating with horrific alien energies'. Whal do I do with it now I have also recovered the grave journal and was promptly thrown behind bars. Does this connect with the message turn yourself in and leave behind the key...* If so what am I supposed to leave behind What is

the purpose o! the car in the garage and the painting on the living room wall '

Steve Dagllsh, Scarborough

Q'l cannot get to ihe end of the linal level of OSCAR on the Amiga 1200. And I'm not much cop at DENNIS either.'

JuBtin Sira, London

Q'l'm seriously stuck In Kurst street in KGB (the part with buyer 2 and Hollywood). I've been beaten up around there a hundred limes trying things!"

Antony Carla, Hounslow

Q*On the fourth level ol the pyramid section (with frve minutes on the ctock) in FURY OF THE FURRIES there is only one red Furry available

and Ihere are two saws that appear near the start. There doesn't seem to be any way through - eating blocks has no effect and heading right gets you to a long bath of acid.*

Shirley Baker, Bristol

Q'DUNE 2. Mission eight. (And there's still no reply to Ian Crawtery 's request a lew issues ago tor help on mission seven Anybody -Rich,f

Ben, Uttoxeter

Q'ln LEISURE SUIT LARRY 5 I have the battery charger, camcorder and tapes but I still can't gel anywhere. There are no other places to go and I cannot move along the road outside. Somebody please show a little mercy on me..."

Mr Airbrush Walter, Barnstaple

going on for myself), bul now, I think answers must be giver Firstly. 'J', the planet's name is Lave (not Lava), one of the offered start positions (and familiar from the original Elite) (don't blame me -1 didn't type the thing out), and secondly the ships appear randomly (so you're right - the chances are there won't be a Cobra Mark One up for grabs). But the place and exact ship is not important. The cheat involves trying to sell a ship with passengers still on board where you will be credited for the return value of your ship and debited lor the new one bul (because at the passengers) no exchange will take place. The trick is lo attempt to buy a ship worth less than your current crafl so that you're credited wiih more than you're debited. And don't lorgel to take your passengers lo where they want to go before you go shopping with your new-found wealth, or it's straight back to poverty again

Q'Whenever I try to land on a planet I'm attacked by enemy fighters. No matter what planet I go to I still gel laid into'

Mr Jaw Pea Brown, Renfrewshire

A'More practice at space combat is the only solution here, Jaw. The cheat above will buy you a better ship, and if that still doesn't help, try saving the game every time you dock (so you can reload if you get shot down). And an easy route if you're just beginning is Ross 154 to Barnard's Star and back trading in animal meal, machinery and computers: the chances of getting attacked are lairty low.


My knowledge pales into significance in contrast to the combined knowhow ol our reir-orship.


QWe ran a complete solution to this one back in issues 36 and 37 - complete that is. as Dave Booth ot Biddings pointed out, with the exception ol telling exactly where you could lind the shopping list.

A "The shopping list initially registers as a piece ot paper -once you've given the beer voucher to the dwarl in the cave, collected the gem and been escorted out. walk to the top left ol the mine and you’ll lind it lying on the ground."



QPhil Payne was certainly finding Indy J's Last Crusade a bit ol a payne' (chortle). He had got into the Zeppelin, smashed the radio, got into the envelope but kept running out oI energy.

A "You cannot avoid being chased oft when starting the biplane so you should be pretty last. Remember the following when starting H up though: a) turn on the APU, b) pump the oilpress handle three times, c) turn on the luel pump, d] switch to the tanks with luel in them, e) turn on both magnets by pushing the switch to tar right, f) put the throttle out and g) switch on the ignition. Now when the APU meter reaches 300 press the relevant bution and you'll be airborne.


QJex Chin ol Humberside's bane in life was a simple one: he had no cheat lor Lionheart.

A "At any point during the game (allhough obviously it makes more sense to do it at the start) pull the joystick down and pause the game, press CTRL and HELP simultaneously (the screen should shudder). Your IHe-worrying days should be now over."

Alex Murlson, nr Swansea.


QPhil Docker ot Bedfordshire was sceptical that anyone else would have even heard ol this game, let alone be able to help him out with his particular dilemmas

A "Hey. Phil, I've played the game tool And, just tor you, a complete solution to Kingdom one and two will follow.


‘Take the pebbles and the bowl Irom the hut. head through the north door, shool any bandits that get in the way and pocket anything they leave. Listen to the old man to the north, exit east and head to East Caila (the mole hill to the south containing the back door key to your house) Return to Southern Caila and till your bowl with water, re-enter east Caila and head south towards a pair of dosety spaced trees They let you through it you have

water. Northern Taira is now open In the north west corner you'll find the bandit leader - shoot him and colled the map he was carrying. Go to the east exit of Northern Taira and enter West Caila. You'll lind a peasants' hut containing some uselul items - yes. even that mouldy looking lump ol cheese. This can be used to distract the mousey creatures whilst you sneak through the exits they guard. Chances are you'll have met a good tew bandits by now and picked up plenty ol extra weapons - you'll need the Stall Sling to bump oft the two headed thing at the north ot Western Caila. It drops a drole ol concentration when deceased Return to the old man and he'll reward you with a potion, needed to find the hidden pass in the south east comer ot Northern Taira. It's represented by two dosety spaced stones. Once you're into Southern Taira you have only to lind the magic tree at the centre and you're taken to the next kingdom, and Prince Gregor.


‘(Ot no you don't! We ’ll finish off next

issue thanks. Lee. - RichJ

Lee (Colin) Blackman. Nottingham


Qls there a cheat " asked Thelma. Daphne. Fred and Shaggy in issue 39, the one with Impossible Mission on the front. And did the world care Well, a small proportion ot it did.

A "On the map screen which appears between levels type SCOOBY DOO lor infinite lives. Got tha1 "

Matt Donovan, Kidderminster


QAnd to conclude. Steve Sedgely ot Eastbourne couldn't get much further than finding a dollar, buying a lottery ticket, buying some soda and then getting shot because he couldn't afford it.

A "Walk over to the studio and give the ticket to the woman behind the desk. She will have lost her glasses and in her blindness will give you the winning number. Write this down, then when she asks you lor your number enter the one you now know is guaranteed to win. When you are in the green room sit down on the chair at the back ot the room You will gel invited to a dating connection show - when that's over sit back on the green chair and you will be invrted to spin the wheel You wilt now be a millionaire!'

Sam Clarke, Llttlehampton

Well, two pages, 2561 words and three jokes (What was the third - Ed) later, that's it.

Write in and tell me all at 'Questions’ or ‘Answers', The Last Resort,


30 Monmouth Street,

Bath BA1 2BW, and I'll do my level best to include you in next month's festivities. Probably.

Q"l am having difficulty completing the photograph missions lor the Imperial Navy The mission briefs you to snapshot a building on a certain (usually unpopulated) planet. Locating the planet is no problem, but where are the installations to capture on Kodak  Jet-set McAlpine, Glasgow

I ve never actually completed a photo-recon mission, but I think I'm right in saying that the building will appear as a different colour dot whilst closed in so the planet surface just tilts your view screen. (Taking it down to minimum detail might help). Head lor the dot - eventually you should be able to target it. and then it’s merely a matter ot flying in. The closer you get. the better the pictures are. though I'm not sure it you gel extra credit tor this. The same tactics are. I believe, used in the nuke' mission.

Q'Can one buy any ship bigger than a Panther Clipper And is there a more powerful weapon than a Large Plasma Accelerator '

Matthew Blades, Lancashire

A Neither the Long flange Cruiser or the Lynx are lor sale: m tact, they don't seem to do a lot apart Irom hang around outside space stations next to that big sign marked laser Fodder' However, rumour has it ot a ship called the Mirage which is only available once you are an Imperial Prince and Elite. As tar as weaponry goes, can’t see why anyone would need anything more powerful than a Large Plasma Accelerator, but there is a special mission in which you're given a nuclear missile to take out a building (not that you can lire it at anything else, though).


Q'After two and a half hours ol playing I have no qualms about admitting to the world that I am sluck. In the police station when you talk to (he sergeant about the drugs raid it says in the solution he will then give you a bag ol flour. Well, how ’

Mark Payne. Coventry

A Both the instruction manual and every other solution I've seen

actually tailed to mention this (you really should have wailed tor ours last issue you know. Mark), but when you are talking to a character, it you move your speech cursor over his or her speech bubble sometimes, specific words will highlight, and by clicking the mouse button you will automatically enquire about the highlighted topic. The police sergeant is the only case you actually need to do this m order to complete the game (highlight and click on 'drugs bust' and he'll hand over the bag ol flour), but others will reveal more information than it you'd only talked to them with the standard choice ol questions.


Q‘l got an Amiga 1200 tor

Christmas - my first Amiga - and also a copy ol Parasol Stars Please could you give me some hints or cheats to give infinite lives because I can't get past level three without being killed off Paul Hundson, Co. Durham

A Ah - Parasol Stars, truly a great game and (in spite ol whatever the rest ot the AMIGA POWER might tell

you) a tar superior game to Rainbow Islands. As far as game tips goes, you're speaking (in something ot a first) to the right man. Make sure that you reveal all the hidden bonuses. You realise. I take it. this is done by throwing objects (frozen baddies, bubbles, each other etc) along certain sections ol ground. The value of the bonuses increases Irom basic Iruit up through chocolate cakes to crowns and eventually a 100 point coin, in tael worth an entire credit. It you die then the value ol the bonuses resets slightly, but play i1 right (throw each other around before you kill the last baddy on each screen) and you should be able to collect three credits by the end ot level one. Bonuses to took out tor are the candy staff (and race to colled the huge bonus which appears once you've completed the screen), potion bottle (race to see who can colled the most bonuses), and rather more rarely the yellow and orange teapots (turning all bonuses to money and credits respectively). I've still got to tell you about Miracles and The Secret Worlds, but I II let you digest that lot and get back to you next month.
























Do you have any idea of how difficult it is to come up with a witty introduction to this section every month without once mentioning the word ‘cheap’. No, we though not.


Runs On: A500, A600, A1200

Publisher: Kixx Price: £5 Release: Out new

It's a completely bonkers idea lor a game, but that's no reason lo criticise it. Stunt Car Racer's an ancient game relatively speaking) and it s been m countless compilations, but seeing as this release is

so cheap, ihal's not a problem either All you need lo know is that it you don I already have this game, you should rush straight out and gel hold ol a copy as soon as possible

It's the game that the brilliant Sir Geott Crammond cut his teeth on belore giving the world FlGP. and although the graphics are a lad sparse lo say the least, the superb gameplay and bniiiant handling that characterise FlGP ato luily represented here.

You and your opponent have to race round three laps ol a track to win. which sounds simple enough. The tracks look mare like roJler coasters however, with sweeping bends, huge lumps and soaring

pinnacles which means ihat il you spin oil the track it lakes a crane to get you back an again Now cntics ol the game like to pomt out that it you come oil Ihe track, then you've tost the game, bul alter playing the game tor years and years. I can say that they're wrong It's hard to wm when you've come oil. bul not impossible

The one player game's a lop treat in itself but it you can get two computers and a null-modem cable and play agamsi a Iraend. then il deties descnplion

For me. there's still nothing guile like the joy ol landing hard Item a lump, bouncing, knocking your mate straight oh Ihe track and ihen scraping across the timsh line on a broken axle to gam maiimum points

Competitrve games rarely gel any better than this • CAM WINSTANLEY


There are too (aw tracks, bul thankfully they're all great. Klxx have saved you the trouble of hunting through garnet exchanges lo find this clastic racer by Sir Geofl Crammond. Every Amiga owner should be lorced to own a copy ol this classic by law.





















Runs On: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: Prism Price: £26

Authors: Several persons

Is this a collection of ancient games picked at random hoping to sel on the strength o( the big-name MicroProse entry, or a box ol okl rubbish Only you. the pubfcc. can deade


As with ihe lead MicroProse games ol the other volumes, this submarine sim takes up a good 96% ot the manual - and that's the abridged version When you come down to playing the thing, it's a massively involved and absolutely authentic (cue anecdote about being banned in Germany) but only moderately exerting game likely to leave the casual player cold And judging by its edeebe selection of bedlellows. that’s who Prism are aiming lor. isnT it The casual player Hmmm



Footy management by numbers, which means flash icons tailing to conceal a lot ot tedious figures and quite amazingly awful animaled highlights that manage to he worse than the original Football Manager's. On the Speccy Wholly gruesome 7%


Cricket captaincy sxn (no. raa»y) from the author ot Graeme Souness. with exactly the same mix ol Hash icons and tedious figures. At least the highlights are competently animaled. this time.



Explore the urigles of South America, trading objects between villages lo end up with the pieces of a valuable Idol.

Stunningly bonng with most ol the gameplay mvofving bartering your icons tor other icons: and a driving sequence where the scenery doesn’t move Bleogh 9%


Exact conversion ot the undemandmgly all rightish B-hit game, complete with

learsomely irritating ;ump mechanism and pomhessly obvious puzzles Why didn’t they tweak trie arrogantly linear gameplay. which, it you don’t do things precisely in order, enjoys trapping you in a section of the level you can t escape trom or even gel killed In, so have to restart. Why  Why (Etc.)



Surprisingly attractive mix of management and actual tennis that has you picking lights with various people around the world to improve your lorm (you start oft such a poor player thal you can’t cross the court in time lo reach shots) belore taking pad In one ol the big tournaments. The tennis bit’s well done, with an unusual viewpoint (behind your player, but scaling as you run in or out) and some nicety generous collision detection on the hall, and the management stuff helps flesh it out Yes. I like this one.



. - . .

Not quite ai bad value at Ihe other two It you can't be bothered picking up the titles you want on budget.


Runs On: A500. A600,


Publisher: Prism Price: £26

Authors: Almost certainly

Is this a collection of ancient games picked at random hoping to sell on the strength of the big-name MicroProse entry, or a box ol old rubbish’’ Only you. the public, can decide


Clumsily in-depth war game which takes ages to get going and even longer to understand Basically, it's a more realistic Cannon Foddar (te. you run out ot ammo and get wounded) wrih some terrific xteas like being able to quarier the screen to see all your men al once. Far loo complicated to be tun (all this fog ol war stuffs very well, but 1 doesn’t make up lot your squad being wiped out two maiutes into the mission because you didn't know about the machine-gun nest) but litluty absorbing and terribly devet.



Terrible boxing game. In 3D. Summed up neatty by the eight pages of irrelevant


X~ -v

jS-L    *

ft If' -/VvS

ij I** t —    -

I b«l Mi anna in wift f



Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Action 16 Price: £17 Release: Out now

Legend has indeed become something o( a legend. 'Fab and gripping." chirruped Tim Tucker when he covered its budgel

re-release in AP26 And. ’It’ll keep you entertained lor months' when, m the same issue, he reviewed Worlds ot it.

And Tim was nght Legend is a fabulous game, and one o! the very, very lew RPGs I’d ever consider playing lor pleasure (raiher than through a seltless sense ol duty) And. given that Worlds ot Legend is the same game with a different storyline and puzzles, it's hard to see how you could go wrong with it.

It's displayed tn isometnc30, as I'm sure you can see lor yourselt. which means it's easy to work out where your team ol characters is in relation to everything else To assist your further. a map is

drawn as you go along. And. despite having one ol the most complex, flexible spell systems ever, despite laying bare all those hit points and things, despite having loads ot drfterenl onsets which you can interact with' in all manner ot drfterenl ways. Worlds ot Legend is a game you can almost (almost) pick up and play without ever opening the manual II really is very accessible And it looks nice. 100. with slick presentation throughout

But the spell-casting system is the best bit. Rather than simply building up a list of spells as you gain expenence. you invent your own spells trom a list of basic nines So you could (to cop out and quote an example from the manual) combine the nines Heal, Anlimage, Surround. Paralyse. Continuous.

Damage, Missile and Damage to create a spell that heats the caster, gives him immunity trom mage, paralyses anything in the surrounding locations, and creates a wall ol continuous damage spells which then shoots out missiles containing further damage spells. Phew.

When I used to compile The Last Resort every month (during one ol the most miserable periods of my hfe). I got more letters about Legend and Worlds ot Legend than any other game except Monkey Island. And its populanty truly is deserved.



Basically the same as Legend, and

now si a similar budget price. Either

ol them can be thoroughly

recommended. And In

tact are. By me. Right

hare and now. In thla


history about boxing and the paragraph at the end taking you la hold down fire and waggle the joystick.


MCt *»« GCA* O0.35 ■ 49    1


utc -**



Charming race game set In the 1920s where your grealesl problem is bits of your car tailing oft

Super atmosphere, trom the scal-smging introduction to the digitised photos ol the era, but almost no playability due to the riexpressabty annoying random "wheel tarns' and typical racer faults bke being smashed oft the road by another car and seeing it zoom oft with no damage. Quite lovely in a poeitlessly Terry-Thomas way though 48%


walk along a bit more

Pick up a scroll and gel atlacked by some monsters Then walk for a bit more, then set lire to your head    8%



Gvnmeky and stupendously dull beal-'em-up-with-a-sword played in silhouette. Walk along, hack up some monsters, and

Almost Inconceivably worse value then the other two volume* H you can t be bothered picking — up the title* that you went C on budgeL    [


Runs On: A500, A600.


Publisher: Prism

Price: £26

Authors: Jim Yibble, Eric Tom, Peter Legs

Is this a collection of ancient games picked at random oh what's the point


Bizane 3D windsurfing sim ot zero appeal (apart from the spectacularly enthusiastic samples when Wily does a special trick) because by the lime you've got the hang ot reading' the wind and turning the sail accordingly (in order to get through an impossibly Sind slalom) you may as well be doing the real thmg.    19%


Famous C64 platform game set on a rotating tower which is still very pretty and still very annoying Some monsters can be shot, some home m on you. some doors go nowhere - It's basically a game that does everything in its power to tick you off Grm. And bah 62%




joky along your players with pithy comments. Frighteningly bormg. but 3% exira lor being the first game I ever reviewod lor VS. Hurrah1    17%


Passable Rastan Saga clone with indefensibly awkward diagonal control but some tremendous programmers-getting-


More light-hearted than TVs famous Sid Meier’s other games (Civilisation. Sdeni Service el al) and more accessible to players not fanatically interested in the subject while at the same time delivenng the level ot detail and complexity expected of The Sidder. He's a genius, apparently. So it’s my fault I found it all a bit lacklustre and tug boy tramsetty. I expect. And the word’s Taifway.' 64%

‘M U. ixi* kau ttw mu ban Muck ii Wk la pedtiaar




a-tut-carried-away war cry samples tun.



Marvellously playable tennis game wilh loads ot options (singles, doubles, maxed doubles, court surfaces, computer intelligence), lomon-squeezy controls and real excitement in the rakies. And you can annoy the bal boys by running in their path - re Match Point al over again Quite the best game on all three compAations and definitely worth the £8 it costs on Zeppelin's budget label 83%


Big game fishing    3%







it's Boulder Dasli In space' With guns! And it's extremely dull'    24%



This lime round you gel to see the whole match in interminable jerk-o-vtston and

Batman's back on Thursday afternoon*, you know. It's great Especially the episodes with Claytace and the Mad Hatter. They've mucked up the Rlddler rather badly, though. Tcha.










18 i







Runs on: A500, A600.


Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £15 Release: Out now

long considered itie pool genie la end all pool games Archer Maclean s get a fight on his hands in the torm cl Team 17‘s Arcade Pool Who will ww. which one s better and do we really care that much1

Stay tuned and read an (As opposed to stay lured but don't oh. never mind -Ed)

The instruction manual calls ihis a virtual pool had, A and lor once, the virtual    *'

moniker Ms You're presented with a pool table floating in the infinite inky blackness of space (or a    /

particularly dank (-Youth dubEd) maybe) and using the easy-lo-understand icon menu, you can zoom in and out and alter your view of the table This is all very well and good, but you can never get a directly overhead view at the table, and when you re using a close-up wew. you re left in the dark as to what's happening on the rest of the table in tad. there isn i a single view where you can see all ot the table, so



Mm ua IMS •rhjl this ht Stu before an, ekf

0 iw-r n*c

boo to that, and big points to Team 17 lor their top down view

As tar as the accuracy of the

simulation Id say it was pretty close to the real thing Hardened players can judge their shots by eye. but for us lesser mortals.

you can opt tor the line ot travel option, which draws a Helpful dotted line across , the table, but sadly doesn't show you where your shot will go il it  rebounds otf the cushions 1 (unlike Arcade Pod] which, depending at couise on haw you look at it. is either jusi like real tile, or slightly annoying

Beth games have got American competition rules. Bntish rules and so on and both have a number ot different computer opponents, but only Archer Maclean s has stuped balls that glide across the table rather than railing and that pull laces at you from time to lime. This is lun, but it's usi a bit too much ol




a pool sim rather than a game for my liking. Team 17's Arcade Pool is more ot a trashy bung the disks in and have a go sort ot game, which works tor me • CAM W1NSTANLEY


A great game, and the deflntttve pool aim on the Amiga, but somehow not m much fun aa II raally should be. For pure, arcadey pool antica, Taam ITa poof pfpa ft lo the poat, but hay. It doean't atop this Iron being pretty great too.


Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £13 Release: Out now

Were Mehael Jordan. Shaqu lie O’Neil. Karim Abdul-Jabar and 19 of then baskelbali-playing chums suddenly switch their allegiance lo football, this would probably be the result. It s a tast-maving. hrgh-sconng. running-rapeaiedty-from-one-end-ol-lhe-pitch-to-the-other-and-sconng goals type of football game that couldn't be further removed from Sensible Soccer. But is it actually enjoyable enough to be a decent game in its own nghl

No Basically. ‘Hundreds ot frames ot superb animation taken directly from the corn-op' is the boast on the back ol the box Well, maybe, but what about

the thousands ol frames they evidently let! behind ‘Spectacular stunt shots and tackling moves.' True, but the players move so jerkily that special moves are hard to spot

Far more serious, though, is that EFC tails into the ancient football game trap (and here's where Ihe basketball comes in) of not actually requiring any skill or tactics at all. From the kx* oft. you just tun along with ihe ball towards the goal, occasionally (but arty occasionally) swerving to avoid detenders, and then boot it at the goal

Hah the time it'll ga m and halt Ihe time it won t - whether you punt it straight at the goalie or attempt some sort ot daring shol from the wing - and that's it The whole process takes but a tew seconds, and then it's the other player's turn to try.

Scores depend on how long a game you choose to play, but they'll generally be at the 18-16 vanety And who actually wins comes dawn to which teams you pick With me plumping tor Italy and Sieve M picking (as he generally does) Scotland. I always lost, Steve scoring about two goals lor every one of mine, simply because all his players ran slightly faster

It's not supposed to be a serious football simulation, of course - there's a comedy tat referee who keeps tailing over, and touting is positively encouraged - but it doesn't really work as a lun arcade game either.

Oh. and Neil West was quite obviously suffering from some torm ol temporary madness when he gave 11 64% in AP1S. It's only worth just over halt that.



The vary worst tort ol football game. Backward* and forward* you'll go, backward! and forward*. If* actually more like playing baaketball than football. No- Iannis, in    _

tact Only without the    **

taxing strategy. About aa    m

poor aa It gal*.



Runs On: A500. A600. A1200 Publisher: Kixx Price: £5 Release: Out now

This is a game that goes up against Armour-Geddon 2 (AP37. 57%) and manages lo beat it hands down, despite it being seven years old. massively Hawed and. well, a bit crap really. Il was out on budget even m API. and now US Gokj have decided to make il a bit mote budgetier. if there is such a word. (There isn't -Ed)

You control a huge earner *i some far-flung part ol the world where recent volcanic activity has thrown up a load ol mineral-neb islands and the idea's lo grab all Ihe islands belare your opponent does He's got tanks, you've goi tanks. He s got lasers and planes and bombs and things and so have you Hmm, this can mean only one thing

Blowing the crap out Ol Ihe enemy in as short a time as possible's made simple by the easy peasy way you can send a load ol craft into battle ai the same time Everything's «ecn-and mouse-controlled, so to send out a wave ot lighters you simply arm 'em up. give them a waypoint and send them out

The same goes lor amphibious tanks which are needed to colonise the islands, usually alter they've wiped out the settlers wilh virus bombs or guided missiles

Your carrier's also got defensive weapons which can be brought to bear on ground targets if you bring it in close enough, but as well as the 3D bits, iheie's also the strategy part ol trying to cut otf the enemy's supply roules.

This is where it fans down a M because it you isolate the stockpile island, you've pretty much won the game, and maintaining a supply ot fresh weaponry does gel m the way ot the shooting There s also the enemy earner out there promising a colossal bang-shool. but I could never find it. And if takes ages to gel from island to island, and the tanks gels Slaughtered by aircraft and a hundred other little glitches that don't slop d being a thoughtful and enjoyable game.



Clunky, quirky and definitely hard to gel into, Carrier Command at III manage* to be a aurprlalngly playable blend of (graphically poor) action and (atunnlngly    ,

poor) atrategy. And to think II waa revolutionary whan It came out I ilka it


iri ■ *kui i


Hurrah for the excitingly purple pages emblazoned with the second greatest “Hi ho” phrase in the world where Jonathan Hash looks at some games. That are on the CD32 that is.


Amiga version: 89V AP39 “It's got no In-game music," gloated Cam In his original review, prompting flutters 0< worry lhal the CD version would spawn a clunky audio track. But - hurrah) - that's

not the case. Banshee remains silent, apart from the oddly drumlike thunder of your guns, explosions aplenty, and the Irate moans of the dying. There are purportedly two extra levels In there, but. er. I didn't gel to see them. Banshee Is a stunningly tough gsme. with your plane under constant attack from all angles.

It's also a hugely clever one. from the power-ups you shoot to rotate through their effects, knocking them back up the screen as you do so (an Idea pinched from the gorgeous SNES game

•MtuSt-Kraltai ecdoe we've ever teen.

Poppy Twrnbee. but far superior because Instead of confusing coloured bells the power-ups are easily recognisable Icons) to the way enemy bullets thump your plane backwards In a Ihal-hurts manner. The game la brimming with spectacular touches like collapsing hangars revealing airships, or plummeting troop transports spewing hopelessly optimistic burning parachutists, or palnlully Inept hot-air balloonists chucking bombs, or (by far the best) the most dangerous monster turning out to be a lone soldier crouched behind a packing case with a machine-gun. How you admire hit stupid bravery, even as you Strata him with four-way fire It s still a great

game, even though the amount of movement on the screen does sometimes cause your eyes to go a wee bit funny.

A shoot- em-up that CD32 wears Its special

pants with pride, and comes with two extra levels In this CD32 incarnation. Peculiarly, the hilariously gruesome civilian death animations have been cut. because apparently only men    Afl —

wllh guns gel killed In 8I wars Right, kids     uli -


ira a bravura attempt at something different, and genuinely unsettling In Its depiction ol a small town harbouring a Sinister Secret, but the game la deeply    -

unsatisfying Wait lor kJ the promised sequel. uu =


Amiga version: 88%, AP22 Well, It la hugely atmospheric, there's no denying that. This version adds speech (which doesn't really help, as the character's are just speaking lines you're reading from the screen anyway, but it's a nice thought, and worth it just lor the Impossibly melodramatic delivery ol lines abaui old, slightly dusty chairs) and the hideously repetitive music shows an understanding ol cliched horror with Ha use ol off-key lullabies and chords In descending thirds. Curiously, despite all the mutant dolls and biomechanical Impregnation, the bit that disturbed me the most in this lamously icky adventure look place In the local comer shop. The friendly shopkeeper is assiduously polishing the counter, which, when you examine It seems to have been polished for hours on end. Aaarghh.

The problem wilh Darkened is that the adventure really Isn't that good. It's small, it's linear, It Involves swinging the pointer around the screen looking for almost Indiscernible object* (the manual claims this Is part ol the game, but what's the point of making finding and collecting hems incredibly tricky  There sre scenes In the game that are mindbogglingly picky; where the difference between, say. being told a car Is In a run-down condition and getting the game to acknowledge the existence ol the bool is measured in pixels: or where a blob on the floor that looks exactly the same as the planking luma out to be a pocket watch) and it insists you solve puzzles on the correct game day otherwise you'll lose. The player character's really annoying sa well - ha moves unbelievably slowly and will happily walk right round a desk to reach an object that's already beside him. And you can't Interrupt the leisurely animations ol him walking up stairs or climbing ladders. Bah.





Amiga version: 80%, AP36 Lightning cracks the sky. A castle shivers from the depths of Hell as earthquakes shatter the land.

FJT from out of lh«. . cr, WtlM:

dwr !»■»«, M«Ues j«»tK*.

Explosive music blasts Irom the speakers. Crescendo. All spirals Into silence. But wait! What's this message swimming into existence  'Loading.' Cheers.

Lord only

"    knows what Steve

** was thinking when he awarded this game 80%. It's quite as toul as the original Hero

j    Ouesland entirely

k    falls to break tree

>    ol the rigid tedium

of the board game .    It‘s the sort ol

•    game where.

jti    A i    because one ol

r•    your characters

s has a toolkit, the ,    -    , designers leel

i ■*'    justified In placing

i    up,0 •even re-

l—k.kl fgi.    --idrai arming traps in a

room. There's an option to click an a aquare and have the character move there automatically (Instead of laboriously clicking on points ol the compass) but because of the acute perspective the game thinks you want to go somewhere else and your character stomps off In tha wrong direction and wastes all his movement points, there are lots of single-file corridors, monsters sit there until you stumble across them, combat is handled automatically while you make a cup of tea and it all feels like a game of AD8D run by a pedantic cretin. Curiously, the CD32 version, while adding the expected lutey soundtrack and (really rather good) spol effects, also features a brand-new bug which frequently gets confused when you're trying to attack something and moves you Instead, and occasionally locks the game up completely. And you still can't save until you finish a level.


Painfully obvious

CD32 RPG stuffed with

monsters and traps that hamper your progress In entirely the wrong way. If this was a board game, you'd want to strike the moderator repeatedly about the head and body. You'd be better off going for the structurally similar but vastly    m a ■■

superior Laser Squad n A ~ or Sabre Team instead 4*f —



CD32 titles have fused together and attained a strange alien intelligence. Flee in terror from the unstoppable behemoth while glorying In the pathetic display of lassitude by the programmers of these games that prevented their appearance to swell the monster's mighty shape.

Supertmg Team 17 £1S ETA: August 15 Arcade Pool Team 17 £15 ETA: August 15


* u 4i an

Man Lfld Krisslls £15 ETA: September Dizzy Compilation Codemasiera £TBA ETA: September


1    '~y . I till In Ike

BHpp f rnriiWr I *

H _:...,' -"' --■    ’ utiiiiiiui '    * ' I '■ Hr- y. di •    ■ Hit

!«.*« the    1 grp tsn!s art ' "    • (:jkr

..    .. Uiduipti io another sip. yes. they're most definitely there -

it    <ke piiTir'i decent controls, last action, unlimited ammunition.

tRi*fln.tio. you know ‘ . sort ol thing.

jj    But vanety row there's your problem One

£ !;    taste, one instant h’t. and then „e it rather loses

® n    it's flavour. Not that there's anything quintessential

(hie) wrong with it. and it you've got nothing better

PD SOFT    (hie) hidden away m your games cellar, ti ll do to be

Guest reviewer - Oz Clarita ol TV's famous Food    going along with it's (hie) jusl that il (hie) doesn't

and Dnnk: Mmmm ahhhh. mmm. yes. yes. yes. You lease you (hie) it doesn't say come (hie) come back can ust leel the excitement fizzing tram this game lor another (hie) another (hie) an (clunk), lika. mmmm. mmmm a Ireshwaler spring in

Snowdonia that's had been carbonated by nuclear    BOUGH TRANSLATION: A competent enough two-

explosion    player battle-mode blaster that delivers the goods in

Two-piayer split screen 30 wireframe duel-style terms ol instant playability, but Lacks originality and shoot-'em-ups - I love'em This may not have the vanety + + +

Dave ‘The Secret Word is Decent’ Golder is skiving this month, so we went on a talent search to bring you some of the best reviewers in the country to cast their beadies over a new batch of PD software...

taipli iky at .lyll, ad ul«i peno.'. d.lljki, parpi. iky I. tfc« morriny. . Iupya.«r.


Guest reviewer - Steve Pnestley of TVs famous Movies, Games and Videos: Heio and welcome to this, my guest spol reviewing PD lor AMIGA POWER. That's AMIGA POWER, the magazine with ATTITUDE And betora we start wrth the review here's a quick compo in association with AMIGA POWER. If you want to win tickets 10 see Macaulay Culkln's latest US blockbuster smash, Don't I Make You Feel Sick, al you have to do is answer this question. How many words begin with A in the name AMIGA POWER Is it (a) One (b) John Ca&sevetes. or (c) Car you possibly conceive how much I'm paid to tali excitedly over trailers and EPKs cheaply provided by the production companies

And now on to the review. This week it's a game that's taken Germany by storm, and one


Guest reviewer - Dr OJ Wickeeeed ol DJ magazine: Yo! This funkity grooving 10120 spm (shots per minute) blasterama. a remixed, revamped and rejuvenated 12-mch hardcore version ol the classic Tanks, provides extra kiilingly hip weapons and seriously bumin' effects but the overall eft eel barely improves on the original's bumpingly grinding playability.

The rhythm and melody remain essentially untouched - up to four awesomely smotari tanks take it In turns to lire heavy ammo al each other, having to decide the angle of the gun turret, the force of the blest and what sort of missile lo use when they shee-ooot.

Does remix improve groove No way. Sait Tropez. Changes minimal - up lo lour tanks instead of just two about the best. While non-detracting Iron ihe primeval playability ol the shattemgfy shootworthy original, the new stuff just ain't worth a wink Pointtessly needless exnrctsngly expendable.

In which the mouse has to get the cheese before the rat gets the mouse The screen is divided into a nuirter of blocks containing various obstacles, or slaps, or slides which you swap around in attempt to get the mouse lo the cheese and to keep the rat away from the mouse.

It al looks brilliant fun. Er, except that ifs a M slow And the controls are crap and make the game vi dually unplayable And the graphics aren't very good. But I'm not allowed to actually make critical comments in my imriews so I won't mention these things. Kafm/g it's briianl. See you agam next time m AMIGA POWER, the maga2.cn with ATTITUDE end ONE WORD BEGINNING WITH A' IN ITS NAME Don’t forget tc enter ihe competition


ROUGH TRANSLATION: The game itself is still pretty decent, but what's the point in another version which adds so lillle to the genre

★ ★★

Dir.a kht ok. Jakr IMi

■kMtfaf, *k Hnr tl Ml Hr

an I .Halation. N«**r ieM.

you can bet wil be racing up the charts pretty * soon Kasqadg is a rat and mouse platform game

warzone selling. The player moves his men. then the computer moves the enemy soldiers, you both take turns Imng at each olher. then the whole cycle begins again

You choose the weapons you want to take on the missions, and as you become more successful, ihe more money you earn and the bigger weapons you can gel. Well, thus is the materialistic 90s. Your men have different altnbutes. includng Iheir strength and how lar they can move each go. so you need to be a strategic thinker

The baste theme is strong and compelirg, but some ol the elements tail to build to a satisfying harmony - it's not always dear what your mission is and the even on the easiest levels it's difficult But the unde dying passion ol the game wins through


Guest reviewer - Pete Tenshus ol NME War. what jgj is it good lor Absolutely nothing, as Edwin Starr J once slated and Frankie reiterated so torcelully in jM Ihe mid 80s to an uncanng paternal worldwide Hi society during that classic counieractive youth HI] rebellion But limes move on and so do the youth of *rj today, who weren't the youth ol then, but rather the youth ot now. the youth ol the '80s now being the f driving lorce ot the global youth culture generator we know as the software games industry.

Bh The result is that war is now hip War is what BH the kids want Though in a potentially cathartic torm B9 such as the video game And so we have things i*e ■B Task Force in which we can alt Irve out our lanlasy  B to be Arr a leading a team ol special operatives on i B a senes ol military missions Heavy stuH.

But its roots are still very much In Ihe '80s. It B is. in essence. Space Crusade m a terrestrial

ROUGHLY TRANSLATED: A decant enough strategy RPG. ★★★*



thl4 or rt« ]ii

bad either. The graphics are a bit crap -I coulda done better meseM But the game S'okay. It's a two-player-lype thing with onfy two players plus two goalies on the screen No chance ot a big ruck, then The playing area's ust a sngie screen targe and the players hack around the nnk trying 10 ram the puck in the goal and their sticks up the other s where-the-sun-don I-shine er-huh, er-huh Sorry. )ust a Irffte crude humour there Wrfe loves rf when I talk like that It s last and the controls are suitably slippery. In tact most ot the sMI comes trom mastenn' the Joystick, cos tackling is more down to chance It s Just a case Ol grabbing the puck, runnng around the screen with it and tinng a at the goal when you get the chance, and it the other player saves it. he runs around the screen until he gets a chance at goal Good as tar is goes, but a only goes as far as my Ford Cortina To the pub next door and back Er-huh. er-huh.


Guest reviewer - Bill Armchair Sports-Critic ot 89 Plumberry Crescent, Milton Keynes: Right, let's get one thing straight. I know what f tike and I like what l know, and when it comes to sport. I like to lhmk I know quite a be. it you know what I mean I coulda played lor City, y'know, it I hadn t got drunk Ihe rnghl before the trials. So don't talk to me about cnfictsing what I don't have the guts to do mesell

Anyway, this Ice hockey lark -never been much into it me sett Foofy. that's my game And real foofy. not this poncey American stuff with padded shoulders kke some bird outa Galas But ice hockey Well that looks like a real man's game Looks like they realty need that padding Especially dunng Ihe rucks This computer game thing ami loo

0 0 * « • * AS wall, la *11 ». Ml cam, *h Is anr tall aaar •aptioa k» Amifm ham

iri a pat la jal imiSm* tale Cf0a Yw IWV - IM)



Guest Reviewer - Barry Norman ot TV s lamous Hiya Barry: This is. is rt not. unless my humble senses deceive me, a puzzle game involving oogs Yes cogs. Not any old cogs, but cogs with coloured spots no less, and halt ol them with their teeth missing Some might say that describes perfectly Ihe cast ol Grumpy Old Men, but I would not venture to be so bold.

So. to the plot. Oh. there isn't one Well, not one to speak ot. but that hasn't hampered John Hughes for the past decade, so let’s not dismiss this out oI hand. In place ot a p)o4 we have what those wacky Hollywood suits call a concept. If you manage to turn all the cogs so that all matching

coloured spots end up next to each other then you've completed that screen and it s on to the next, which will, no doubt, leatura more cogs. and. perhaps, less teeth, bul. definitely, a bigger challenge.

It's a simple enough sort ol film, with lew surprises and a dearth ot decent cameos, but somehow, and don't ask me how, it works It is decentfy addictive, with some Ire cinematography supported by Strang direction, which keeps it developing at a line old pace And you can't say lairer than that

ROUGH TRANSLATION: Okaysh two-player, head-to-head ee hockey sim (sun used m the loosest possible sense) but it could do with a lew more options and vanety ***


Readers' PO Soil can be lound at 1 Bryant Avenue. Southend-on-Sea. Essex SSI 2YO. (Tel 0702 466983.) PD libranes1 Why not send r lots ot your games and so ensure a large plug In the fearfirify decent pages at AMIGA POWER"5 PO Soft did. and look -their name's al over the place, even though these games are available from loads ol other (regrettably anonymous) sources. You know rt makes sense (It does, honestly.)

ROUGH TRANSLATION: A tairty decent puzzler.

★ ★★★


More magic missives from our marvellous malcontents. Yes, we mean you, the wonderful, wonderful people who help us to make Amiga Power the fabulous organ it is today. Truly we are the envy of the world. Let us march on, singing joyous songs and hosannahs to the creator.

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Do The Write Thing, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.


Dear AMIGA POWER people,

The Amiga going down the lubes'5 No way Pedro! Sponsorship is the way forward Just imagine if games were sponsored by famous people instead of lollipops and choccy biccies - I'm sure people would love to be associated with games that reflect their personality or the way that people see them. To set the ball rolling, here ts my top ten list of games and sponsors that would hit the spot for me

1    Cannon FidtSer-Nigel Kennedy

2    D Generation Game - Bruce Foisyth

3    Yeo1 Jeo' - Tim Yeo

4    Body Blowa- Rodney King

5    Shadow ot the Bust - Madonna

6    Backet Ranger- Robert Man well

7    Brutal Sports Football - Gaiza

8    Bubble Biobble- Mr (Hobby - Ed)

9    Way of the Exploring fist ~ Julian Clary

10    Really Mortal Kombal - Oliver Reed This could be the start of a new irend in Amiga gam mg Oi maybe not Cheers. Phil. Newcastle Upon Tyne

Jonathan Nash says: Commends/ sponsorship is a foot ot the devil



I am writing to you In the name ol Justice, because it hasn't been done Recently I have acquired a demo Ol the yet unreleased game called Valhalla and the Lord ot Infinity Vy lirsl Impression ol il was 'Brilliant, how original) This kind of game has potential' I considered buying It almost immediately.

But then I discovered the noies in the floor m which lhe young pnnce keeps falling down And I've got lo say this became a right pain in the backside, continually having to restart I thought lhal Ihis couldn't be right and no-one could make an adventure game with no warning when the hero is about to fall to his death At this point, my brother joined me and suggested that there must be maps somewhere, so we looked, and sure enough there were under tiles in the floor So I'm writing lo complain about the short-sghted ATTITUDE that the game was reviewed with AMIGA POWER has shown

itself up by only giving Valhalla 19%.

You ve only got to look at any other review in other Amiga mags to see that Cam got il wrong All the others gave it over 90%

I think you owe VafhaXa a big apology

Yours quite angrily. Matthew Brown, Grimsby

We qoI it wrong because every ether mag gave it a higher mark7 Geia grip.

Matthew. II we took any notice ot other mags, as our marks would be at least 75% and you'd have no Idea which games to buy. We knew about the maps m Valhalla. but there was no way we were going to go searching undet every tile tor them, with the bloke saying There s nothing there'in hts imtatmg. squeaky voice over and over again One thing that is worth pointing out, though, s that based on comments in Amiga Format"a review which came out shghity before ours (and m witch they gave Vstialls 24%), Vulcan altered the game lo make wobbly tries more visible It was too late to change our mark by then but it’s unlikely we would've much We don't hke Valhalla. It's duN and annoying


Dear AP

l ve been the owner ot an A1200 and a SNES lor about a year now but. ironically, i s not Lhe Amiga that I'm concerned about here I was wondenng what Stuart's views were on the SNES. I'm not trying to prompt a my machine is better than yours' argument. Tm just mtngued to find out how Stuart rates some of the SNES s finest such a* Station and Mano Kart

Thanks loads tor the tree copy of Cannon fodder that I gol with my subscription. It’s really great, but aHer playing it all halt-term instead ol revising. I'm worried mat I'll an down to taka a history exam Ihis week and all I II be able to remember about WW2 is that it's allegedly never been so much tun Anyway thanks tar everything. you'Vfl been groat.

Mark Smith, Oswestry

Stuart Sony, there's no one here in the office wrth that name, and there never has oeon Maybe you've wntten to the wrong magazine by mistake


Dear Cam

I'll just point out the problem with your admittedly interesting football improvement Idea from AP39. Teams could come to a pre-match agreement along the lines at 'in score ten and then you score ten. and then we'l ptey as usua ' thus making a mockery ol] ooh, everything But I do agree wholeheartedly with the idea behind your. er. idea

Gravity Force 2 (From AP3S s coverdak. - Ed) is more tun than two rubber chickens and some superglue Whoever decided to put it on the ccverdisk should Immediately be awarded a medal lor being ever so good. And speaking ol prize-type awards, why not oiler a prize lor the first reader wno can leu you what's wntten on the wall at the top ol Legdand level ‘Lylng-S Anyway, bye tor now Yours Metallica-ly.

Dominic Coneally, London

Hmm, we'd better net Despite numerous attempts, we can't gel to the top ot that Screen, and 4 might be rode (Actually. I


Dear AP Dudes,

At a dedicated long-term Amiga gimeplayer. I find It extremely encouraging to see the efforts of software coderm such as Terramarque (EHmanla) and Bloodhouse (Stardust) In utilising more fully our beloved machine's In-built capabilities.

I realise that (lash graphics alone maketh not the game, and this is borne out by the above examples, as both games suffer from slightly suspect playability. However, both are also a very big step In the right direction, and prove without doubt

that with a talented coder Issuing Instructions, even the relatively humble A500 can successfully emulate ■ modern coln-op without the need lor custom chips such as Nintendo's Super EX.

In an Ideal world this would al the very least eliminate liny game screens, bland graphics and erky scrolling. Are you paying attention Mlcroproae Impossible Mission 20257 Come on guys, this ta 1994 lor (lip's takel What I'm trying to say is that lancy book-leaml hardware tricks and pretty sprites are nothing without a playable game to support them, but by the same token, a playable game It

only half a game without smooth-moving groovy graphics, one example being the Bitmap's Magic Pockets. We all now know what the Amiga Is technically capable ol, ao lei's bm Its potential realised with tome pretty and playable games.

There's no shortage of programming talent out there, as the demo scene bears witness, and crap like Ctlffhanger Just gives the Amiga a bad name, at well as severely shortchanging any unfortunates unlucky to be tuckered Into purchasing IL Etfmenla, Sterdust, Mr Nutz and Brian the Lion are all Hawed, but must be commended tor al least trying. They are paving the way for greater creations to follow. Here's hoping. Yours optimistically, Steve Brown, Chepstow

We agree with Steve (Although we did like Stardust. Oulte a lot. No, actually an awful foL In fact we loved H.)

have Ana now I know what if says So net - Ed)


Dear AP

It's all gore horribly pear-shaped I was so engrossed m last month's AP that my wile sued lor divorce on 1he grounds ol neglect. I lost the house, custody ol the kids and my collection ol pincushions On lop ot this, my cat died because I largot to feed it The most expensive AP ever'’ You decide

Yours. David. Russell. Surrey


□ear AMIGA POWER Ever since I starred playing Syndicate I have been having dreams about the little men in the game I dream that I am playing the game bul the lovable little guys *1 irenchcoats lump oul ol the screen and run around the room This may sound great, but the problem is they try to use their little weapons on my whqjpel. and he doesn't like It much. What shouki I do  Yours Sincerely, Alex Smyth, Sheffield

It's a problem that's hounded us lor some time now, and one that we Ve yet to cope with Bul speaking of Syndicate...



Three months ago. I sold my Mega Dnve and 16 carts ol Jap crap and used the money to buy an A1200 from my mate.

Am I chutted ot what’ Anyway, 1 decided to gel stuck into Syndicate end finished d In a couple ol weeks I was made up after I look the Atlantic Accelerator mission. I can tell you but now sadly. I leel mere is something missing from my lie

Imag ne my surprise when browsing mrough the only three copies o< your mag that I Own. to come across your review ol Syndkate m the AMIGA POWER All Time Top 100 i refer to the smaller ol the iwo screen snots where mere Is a definite yulatide flavour to the goings-on. including snowmen and a liberal sprinkling ot snow and ice. The agents siais indicate that they are either dead drunk or dead happy and they are accompanied by a Chnstmas greeting. There Is also a larger vehicle that I have not seen before. Where does this screen sbol come from

Yours. Charlie Big Potatoes. Barking

There are two possible replies to this I) It's from Butting's never-released Syndicate: The Arctic Missions, which tailed to see the tight ol day due to its in-conceived and poody thought-out harpoon weapon and the numerous 'Assasmate the


this, you onrs


Ws were delighted when Gremlin gave us a CD32 back In AP36. and set you some impossible (or so we thought) questions In sn attempt to stop anyone winning It.

So confound Jamie Appleby from Folkestone, who won the console and a copy ol Zoo12. the cunning swine. Further copies ot Zoo12 go to Sam Simpson from Bridgewater. Chris Rees Irom Elan College, and Peter Ellison Irom Hunmanby (where ever that la).

And finally, the live runners up all get a Zoo 12 T-shirt. Hurrahl The lucky blighters are David Lawranaon Irom Clrencsstar. Mark Leighton Irom Shipley. James Attwood (Hmm, lamtltar sounding name - Ed) from Clevedon. Gavin Winters Irom Ireland and Marl Jeffries Irom Slreatham.

And the answers were: 1) wool. 2) pool. 3) tool, 4) cool, S) Jools, 6) tools. 7) mule, 8) gruel, 9) spool, 10) cruel,

11) school. 12) stool. 13) ridicule. 14) luel. 15) ghoul. 16) bull, 17) rule, 18) boules, 19) Hereule. and 20) Joule.

Whac missions. We have the only copy locked away m the AP office, although we rarefy have the stomach to play it 2) It's from Syndicate In The Style Of It’s a Wonderful Life, which featured m AP20. and we reaHy should pay more attention to what our art staff get up to.

Take your pick.


Dear AP

Everyone gels everything he wants. I wanted a mission and for my sms Iftey gave me one. In my opinion, the cyborgs in Syndicate ate suffering from a process known as de-lmMduahon. that is. they feel they are part of a corporate entity and have lost their Individuality Their uninhibited aril-soots behaviour and lack ol altruistic acta can also be attributed to peri-up negative emotions causing their apparent need to comer civilians and aggress at them.

Yours qualified to question others' sanity. Or Ban Vowlet. MSc. PhD. Trumpet. Clinical Psychologist

So now we know


Dear AP

I thought I d pul pen to paper and have a little chat with you and Angus McPhearsoe


Titus stumped up five Lamborghini goody bags in AP37. and then we blocked your path to them with our cunning "Send us something Italian' challenge. As was mentioned at the time, obvious things like Opera tapes and spaghetti would get you nowhere, so you thought about II and sent all kinds of things. GIft-wrspped. natch.

Dave Brown Irom North Shields sent a pair of Pavarotti's, er. heavily sailed underpants, which he claimed to have stolen from an Italian poolside. His Mediterranean nefarious dud swiping earns him a goody bag coniistlng of a video, rucksack, cap.  acket and of course a copy ol Lamborghini American Challenge

Mr Rat and the Grand Lobaier King from Glasgow dazzled us with a bumper pack of all things Italian to earn their prize. Including such handy phrases as Ml hsno rubato la mla coscls (My thigh has been stolen), Vorrei farm! tere Is permanents (I want a perm) and ml sangulnano i bagagll (My luggage Is bleeding). All that, and

aboui English How often are you sitting In front ot the news or listening to the radio and the reporter uses the phrase 'an horrific'’ Is it iusi me. or does thai sound cumbersome What's wrong with ‘a horrific" pronouncing the 'e' as in 'ay And there's another tunny word. Why isn't it pronounciabon, or pronunce It's a tunny old language, isn't it

Thai word 'natch' - it crops up everywhere In your mag. What does it mean And sexy to describe graphics or a game Ooo no missus. It’s a word Itvat makes ms cringe whenever I hear or read it in that context Gel your brontosaurus out and find a belter word please

My daughter can speak one third ot hei bilabial locatives' Three months old and she can go Mmm.' ImpressedYours faithfully Laurence Browne, Luton

H you think that "an horrific" is bad. think ot the number ol times newraaders say 'an ‘otef when referring to a place where you pay to stay the night We hate that, and would be interested m hearing your pel newsreading gnpes, but bear in mind that we won't tolerate anything bad said about Zamab Bedew,


Dear AP

So Richard Downs thinks his AP was

an invitation lor a cheap night out st his uncle's restaurant. Waheyt

By lar the creepiest entry was Irom Darren Garret of Hull, who sent his sister's toenail clippings on Ihe grounds thal the was born In Italy. So that's how It It In their family.

Mark Lewis Irom Bath sent a film review of the Wesley Snipes movie Passenger 57 lhal was written In Italian by hit girlfriend. II was for an exam or something, apparenlly.

And finally. Michael Hofls Irom Glasgow sent us a deliciously naff Leaning Tower ol Piss keyring, earning him a goody bag.


When Team 17 ottered us a brand new CD32 on a plump and fluffy euahlon. how could we refuse All you had to do wai cast yoursell In soma fearsomely lifelike combat situations and answer a lew multiple guest questions All we had to do was Ignore the pitifully antagonistic answers and pick oul a tew at random.

Here a what happened: Stephen Glilard from Walton Le Marsh got hlmselt the CD32 and a copy ol Team 17 s excellent Body Blows (AP39.

86S) to play on IL And Rococo Headley Irom Maccleafleld, Meconium Wheeler from Romlord, Adrian McMahan Irom Tooting. Thomas Waud Irom Andover and Adam Kloot Irom Westcliff-Ort-Sea were the runners up. This meant that they each gel a copy ot Apidya. Arcade Pool and Assassin Special Edition lor their plain old Amigas. Well done.

expensive7 Well. I can lop that I am a nuclear physicist working exclusively with the manufacture ol dirty nuclear weapons lor foreign dictatorships, and as I popped into ihe newsagents la pick up a copy of AP, I completely forgot that I had a Tndent missile In my lett hand pocket Needless to say... (And so on. - Ed)

Yours Paul Smith. Leicester

Look, can we slop this /oke now



I have been a reader of AMIGA POWER since issue one back in May 1991. and yesterday I thought it would be interesting lo (lick thiough my AP collection It certainly brought back memories, such as reading the CDTV feature in issue three and smirking when ihe CDTV Proieci Manager said ol Ihe machine "CDTV will truly change the way people learn and are entertained It s the real new media ol the nineties ' Yeah, nghl

And then *i the same issue, it was interesting la read Stuart's preview ol PP Hammer m which he criticised ils 'Disk Operation - Loading Level' message on screen Things haven't charged The tellers pages were then lull ol complaints about ihe lack o< lull games on coverdisks and Ihe excess amount ot (Nngh -Ed) Stuari N Hardy. I also noticed ►







UJ CD 2 ui K Q. UJ











that the magazine isn t as white as it used to be

Now I teel it is my duty to reveal my favoume five letter headings ol all lime taker from AMIGA POWER 1 ■Commander.Dangerous Knob. Ei Sorry' (AP38) - Ar absolute classic, which I now regularly drop into conveisatKsn when I'm not sure what to say

2. "Ease of Playability My GirtfnentT (AP36) - Was this really from ar AP letters page'’ Or was it a problem page'’

3 ‘I Like The Amiga' (AP 19J - The writer of this tetter should be credited for daring to be so controversial in an Amiga mag i Repeatedly Hit Their Head Against The Oftica Photocopier" (AP32) - Violence in letiers pages aflecis society, you know.

5. Hello John. It's Your Mum Hera"

(AP 19) - Proves that AMIGA POWER really does bring people together and makes a better world tor us all.

Finally, could you please persuade someone to release a CD32 version ol FtGP Preferably someone related to the games industry and not. for example your milkman.

Yours (Insert something witty hare).

Ben Bulbeck. Soulhbourne

Wen mare you have it-an introspective thats bound to be crashmgty duB lor alt newcomers (o the mag. but interesting to out tong-term "How I loved the golden age. etc' readers. Seeing as were on this retro ttnng at the moment we think you should know that you'll soon be able get your hands on the tabled Issue Zero ol AP that ongmally appeared in Amiga Format More details next month


Dear Everyone.

Hello, how are you I love you! I love each and every last one ol you. the mightiest and most fearsome beings ever to produce a computer magazine, because you're so

perfectly you

AP is becoming a lurther incarnation ot Your Sinclair, isn't it Are you doing this on purpose'’ t could gel annoyed and call it sacrei gious. but you're so dam good at it. I can t help myself thanking you msiead

Who writes Who Do We Think We Aren ii never tails to be a classic comedy interlude A couple ol things:

Cam - Keep sate honey Don't wander the streets alone late at night Or at all in tact Stuart - You're not about to quit the mag are you'’ Don't disappear on me you're an mlnnsic part ol AP s deep zippiness Please stay, or what am I supposed to do  But then agam that would be ust like you to leave me

JD - I love you Be happy'

Bring back Oh Dear and I'll personally come round to the olfice with a packet ol biscuits and make tea loi everyone Every


Love. Frankie McCarthy

See’ Someone loves us Anyway, the tad that three ex -write is ol your Sinclair now work lor us is purely coincidental, and as tor Cam wandering the streets at night, well it a 6 S' bloke can t go where he wants to then these are truly dangerous times that we live m.


Dear AP

I have a problem with my printer, and I'm wondering it you can help me I am 36 and a mother ol two and NO NO NO1 Not really. I wouldn't really ask you a printer question Just joshing, ha ha1 Now. about my joystick port

Ahem I am writing to you today because I have a mission Yes folks, a mission Not a Itssion or even alishoo. but a mission. This assignment ot mine is to tell the world in as few words as possible how sad piraies are. PIRATES ARE SADI There, shon enough I'd like to see someone do it shorter. Their first excuse is that games are crap. Why pirate crap games then Who d want to play crap games Their second excuse is that games are too expensive l say Gel a job. you lamer pirates1' So there you have it PIRATES ARE SAD!!'

Okay, I've calmed oown now. I have a Inend who reckons his SNES Is much better than the Amiga' How sad. I pointed out that to ed t Sensu on the Amiga is a bioeze, whilst our keyboard-less, 6 bit console owning Inend has to struggle with a crap joypad! And F-Zero is rubbish. Every SNES game is rubbish and that's a tact!

Yours sincerely,

Derry Woaton. Crawley

No. Derry: It'S you


Dear Mr McGill

Fab AMIGA POWER reviewer and allround top Kilmarnock FC supporter, ust recently In some ol youl top reviews (the looty ones) you've been mentioning good old Killy, and to be a taithM AP reader, I decided to place them in good old Sense Lo and behold though. I don't have any of the players! Help, can you, god ot all things great and Kiity-ish. please print a team list ot them Pretty please - I'll use Ihem to thrash Rangers. Oh. and my mosi expensive AP was £3 95 Yours. Bingo Bongo-ly. Russ

Steve says. Sure thing Heres how Tommy 's boys look at their most tormidabte:

I    Bobby Geddes. 2 Gus MacPherson

3. Tom Black, 4 Ray Montgomerie

5. Tom Brown 6 Andy Mil/en 7. Ally Mitchell, 8. Mark Reilly 9. Bobby Witkamson.

10 George McCluskey

II    Shaun MeSkimmmg

12. Craig Napier. 14 Danny Cramie Gk Gary Matthews

You won i go tar wrong with a bne-up kke that, and you might want to make Bobby Geddes star goalie. Tom Black star defender, and Shaun McSkjmmmg star mid-lietder

(Sony, musi have dozed off tor a moment there Did I miss Nngb - Edl



I was wondering why after three years the authorities have not changed their minds about full games on cover disks Many ot the other Amiga magazines have fully-working utilities on their Iront covers I teel that many people can only attord one game a month like myself and by puffing games on Iront covers it may stop them from turning to pirates to boost their software collection

I am sure a lot ol the software houses could still make money from letting you pul their games on your cover by ottering special upgrades or extra missions fora lee Yours sincerely Richard Samaras, Slough

No. we magazines are stUt standing firm on this one Starting to 'give away' fuff-price games agam would only push up the price ot AMIGA POWER and send us and our competitors into a rapidly-escalating game war possibly resulting in the destruction ot all hie on Earth. Besides, why content yoursetf with a bunch ot elderly, too-crap-to even-sed-at-bodget-pnee titles when you could be playing top PD games kke Gravity Force 2 end exchJSive-IO-AMIGA POWER ones kke Super Obiteration. along with bang-up-to-date demos otthe latest Ail price software Hmm


Dear Editors.

In our English lesson we have spent some time looking at teenage magazines and I have enjoyed reading your magazine and there are some good and soma bad points I like to point out

THE GOOD POINTS You keep us up to date on the charts and on the new games out You let people know soon alter they wm, your logo stands out Your pictures are brill and you give disks away with your magazine to make you popular THE BAD POINTS. You start off telling us about film stones about superheroes You don't tell the game rating but in the magazine The One it tells you the rating and that is all I can spot out in youi magazine Yours sincerely John Brocklehurst. Sussex




I was sitting on my coach reading AMIGA POWER when a sexist pig said: ‘Girts don't read computer magazines ' II this is so then I must be a psychopathic tree A three per cent female readership is lembte. 1 don't see why more guts don't read AP. Maybe you should give liee Take That postcards with it. But there again, do you want Take That fans reading AP No way1 Well forget I said that I know, how about a giant poster ol all you AP hunks, and so the mate readership isn't left out. you could put all the AP women on the other side Jodi Crisp, Kent

Blimey, fwc letters Irom girls m one issue Is this a record According to our advertising department teenage boys read computer mags and Viz whereas teenage girts read Smash Hits and Fast Forward Until dial changes. I guess you're going lo have to be prepared to be m a very small mmonty. Jock Although we agree with you. the more female readers we gel. the better And the happier it witt make us. so keep reading. Jodi and spread the word to other women


Chris Evans Awsrd for Oranglness:

1.    Cam

2.    Perihelion

3.    First Class Stamps

Tim ’Monotony' Page, New Ayresford

What does the term ‘natch’ mean I have never heard it before, so maybe you made It up.

Michael Alcock, Staffordshire

Oh. work It out yourself, tor heaven's sake

Dear AP

Please I promise I won't tell anyone. You know you want to.

Yours, Paul Smith, Leicester


I no longer play Cannon Fodder, ’cos I can't complete mission eight without dying. I'm trying to complete the game without losing a single man.

How long did it take you lo finish H Commander Hind, New Southgate

Cam says : My men were slaughtered like cattle from mission 7 onwards.

Thanks for the fonts which I found on disk 38 along with Super Obliteration and the like. They have come In very handy with my DPalnt stuff.

APE, Cheshire

Um. no problem We think,


don't forget. Is:

Do Tha Write Thing.


30 Monmouth Street.

Bath BA1 2BW.

Or ‘comma' fans (as we believe they're termed) can contacl us in tha FUTURE-LEISURE conference onCIX.







Chapter 7.



"Pass, you dunderhead!"

Tom Wagstalf grinned. tgnoring Boh Erskine's frantic advice, Bob was famous among I ho chums of Grimforvst School for offering unsolicited advice, and Tom knew that it would be folly to pass at that moment, for the shot would be easily intercepted bv IRIldale's Ernie Cubshaw and manoeuvred up the field to a positional advantage that could prove disastmus for the Cnmforvsl Upper Fourth - especially now they were playing with ten men follow ing Frank 'lollop s inadvertently heavy tackle of I larry Salmon which had pul the plucky Lancashire scholarship lad out of the match. Instead. Tom coolly turned aside ImmCrubshaw's charge and dribbled the ball to a clear position. I lis healthy, clear eyes shone with excitement - he saw his chance and he took it!


Billv Wainwright the Hilldale goalkeeper, goggled Somehow the ball had passed his outstretched fingertips to land in the back of the net' It was utterly impossible and yet it had happened!

"Oh. well played, Grim forest!" shouted Mr Jampling, the Shell master, quito forgetting his dignity and throwing his mortar board in the air to the delight of the boys watching the match in tense anticipation A goal lead' With only seven minutes le’ft to play! Sun'll Gnmforest couldn't fail to win the School Cup

Look lively, chaps,' murmured Tom as his teammates trotted hick to their hall "The Hilldale lot will be playing their hardest to make up the goal. We've got to he on our toes."

"Oh. come now." sneered IXiedaluv Thorpe, the slacker of the Fourth who had been given a chance in the Eleven by Tom but was not at all grateful and had tailed to plav up for the side. "We can lake it easy We've got these Grammar School cads licked.

Tom's lip curled "The Grammarians are good lads to a man. LXaedalus-Thorpe, and don't you forget it'

Daedjlus-Thorpe bowed slightly.

■As you say, Wagstaff.' he smiled mockingly

"Don't lake any notice of him. Tom," said Terry Dabner, Tom's study-mate.

taking his friend aside as Tom's fists clenched.

"Thanks. Terry," confided Tom as they ran to their positions. "I fell sure I yeas going to dot him one."

"Just ignore him." said Terry. "He's deliberately trying to provoke you."

"Righto!" ansyvered Tom. his face breaking out once again in a cheery grin. But in a moment his face clouded. "I jus! hope The Schoolboy Spoilsport' doesn't make an appearance. You recall that he promised, in that note we found pushed under the study door yesterday after tea. to ruin the match for Grimforest." His face broke out again in a cheery grin. "But this is mi time to worry about mysterious notes - yee've got a match to win!"

Then the yvhistle blew1, and the most exciting seven minutes ever to he seen in a footer match at Gnmforest began!

Time after time Hilldale swooped on Grimfurest's goal But Fatty Rcnshayv yvas not to he beaten. Wherever the skilful forwards placed the Kill, a fat fist was there to Kish it away.

"One minute!" shouted Xavier of the Sixth, in his capacity as referee.

Exctfoment rippled thiough the masses of lower school bovs watching the match -Cubshaw had broken through the midfield' His long legs carried him ever closer to the goal as Tom sprinted to intercept. Cubshaw jinked past Tolly Kippers and left Oliver Binns sprawling in ihe mud. Only Fatlv to beat!

And Fatty was beaten!

With a tremendous kick. Cubshaw sent Ihe ball sailing towards the goal. It was a beautiful shot, and caught Fatty completely off his line. There was only one chance - old Captain Paggers's spectacular diving header that he had

taught Tom during that summer holiday xehon the Battling Three had uncovered that gang of war profiteers, and with which Tom had saved the match against Stonetovver.

Tom hurled himself down in the special coil'

He sprang forwards!

A rifle shot rang out! Tom's football jersey was sucked in at the chest as his back exploded in a ghastly shower of blood and bone! The agile fooler captain xx’as hurled backwards bv the force of the impact - and the ball thumped into the Kick of the net!

Hilldale had equalised!

The match would have to he replayed!

And Tom Wagstaff. Gnmforesl's best player by far, was dead at the hands of The Schoolboy Spoilsport' and his peculiarly high-powered assassin'rrifle!

What would Dr Randall. Grimfurest's stem but kindly Headmaster, have to sav

Chapter 8.


I lerhert Farnsworth, the genius of the Shell, paused in his studies. There were voices outside his study door. Conspiratorial voices! His hand moved to the Fives bat he kept by his desk. It wouldn't be the first time Barnes it Co had tried to rag him for being a swot!

Farnsworth moved quietly behind the door, where he would be in a strategically powerful position and able to rjm blows down on the intruders' lumber regions. He listened carefully. The sokes didn't appear to belong to Gerald Barnes or his cronies Castle and Poames. They were older, he realised. The voices of rough, dangerous men such as one would find in the tap room of the iniquitous Three Ravens public house at Marsham' Cautiously, he crouched down and pul his ear to the keyhole. The men carried on •Continued on page 77.)

Following second lesson after dinner, Mr Lagg took the ihlrd formers to town In order fo jibe Ihe nouveaux-rlche. (See Chapter 4.)

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Amiga Power Issue 41 1994 sep Cover

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