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Bkmdie. The Jam and Hoi Chocolate were topping the music charts and Asteroids was the smash hit at the arcades Converted perteetty Irom the com op version by German coder Kns Schulte, this version shows you youngsters out there what arcade games used to be late before all at that colour nonsense reared its head As with Delander, tor some odd A1200 hardware reason you can’t press two keys at the same time which it nothing else is one up for standard Amiga owners You can t win Asteroids, so it's ust a question of how long before you lose Big locks become little rocks, the screen wraps around on all sides and the small UFOs aim at you where as the b*g ones lire randomly In the bad old days this was an A500-only game, but row A500+. A600 and A1200 owners can torn in the fun too. All hail AMIGA POWER1 HOW TO PLAY Although you can use a joystick (up lo thrust, down lor hyperspace) we strongly recommend you use the keyboard (as long as you don’t have an A1200). and that you start playing Right now

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Amiga Power Issue 37 1994 may Cover




9 "770961 '73' 05 31


Her* you'll find tha o y following gama* from our lop 100:

With lha ultimata baaat ol burdan.


Fragmentary (un at lha galaxy's adga.

Two bat*. And a ball. And it'a graati

It's back! Back! Back!

,    L C Jt

We list the 100 best Amiga games ever! And this lime we real absolutely mean it.

Tha tun continual

i    Tha utterly clinic

I racing gama.


* u WJr' H Ep erata-ahuntlng EjJEUS action. Unmisaibtel


S Wh youn.howgn.1 our damo ol Bana/taa Is,

tha Iasi thing you'll want (Sorry.)

Your guarantee of value

issue 37 ca.as hay issa


IS1UE 37 MAY 1M4


Jonathan DrvMt


fwnuc now tares SI*** Faraway, u cIota!

sauu redmtoou

Cam Winttanlay

AMOR CUTURai ATI arx Slava McGill

MT fOIOR Sal Maddmgi

MT ASSSTWiT Sarah Shariay-Pric*


JacQuia Spa moo. Rich Palay Diva GoJdar

mummcir Jachla Garlord SIMORSAUStnCUTM Anna Graan SAltSIXICl'TM Diana Clark*

Aowach Ui Tuck

gmu> moouenen uanai k

Judith Middlaton

FROOuC HON CON1WXU R Clair* Thotnaa


wtoutwYtrawRCi assima*: M*gan Doola

lltliSSW OCDCAiin i Clur

‘*11 h rnmnri i ta Fiona Daaoa

Suiannah Augalo-Sparing


Mich*II* Tr*aravaa

- »cto* Tamara Ward

C> Slav* Caray ■cifli Grag Ingham aKuaiBMlMCcid Su* Hartlay oWT USOrlM Chri* Andarton


Jaa Hoar* Chria Siackar Sana* Waalaai. Alton TKiay AAart Cow

>JWFK ■ Di TO*

Clatl rnwipi w L a ADVIMTIf IMd

F*«a PtiteWn liq. 30 Monmemk Sood. 6i» BA) 2BW TW 0225 442244



£•“> Cwwt. Si '■ibb. 5ama :AI! CTB Tel 0225 442244



* ■vote*



AA t-C 19!) w*. IVmu Jf .


You thought we'd forgotten about it. didn't you You were wrong.


Sit down. Take a deep breath There's a new CD32 bundle. And it's got some good games *1 it. There, there. Have a rest and a nice cup of tea. now.


And nestling at the back of our new ook news and previews section, it’s,.. Cannon Fodder. Ptus ca change, eh


wW Tipped until their ears bleed this month: Cannon Fodder (part three of four), AirassK Park (part two of two) and The Last Resort with Rich Pelley (part 23 of far too many already, quite frankly).


" Cannon Fodder or Mortal Hombjt for free. Haven't you done it yet


X Wrap up warm for summer in some lovely Lamborghini gear from Titus.


w Your chance to tell us what you think of AMIGA POWER and win £100 of software, in our annual reader survey.


" ” Please buy some of our back issues. We can t fit them all on the page any more. They're cheap and everythmg.

Mhi ho silver lining

in case you didn't know, by the way, tti.s IS our regular update section featuring old Amiga games brought newfy to the CD32. Obvious padding sentence


® A oncenn a lifetime special, in which Unde Dave Golder brings you The Top 25 PO Games Of All Time. Yes



What's the difference between.



Or Lots of Amiga games, listed.


There are no in our fie; ads section, only winners Except Steve, who has to type them all m every month


M V And we do wisii you were here, sometimes Because we tave you



Hello. I'm the new editor of AMIGA POWER. And I'm absolutely delighted about It, and not. for example, utterly terrified at the prospect of having


to attain mastery over the most formidable team of journalists ever assembled. (Linda, just for the record, is now spreading warmth and

games of the


It's taken an awful long time in coming, but it's here ‘now'. Ha ha, get it Now . You see Ha.


• -i* **


Interestingly, 'Darkmere' is in fact an anagram of... oh. Nothing at all. unfortunately.

Page 42




But what we really want to know is. what was wrong with Heimdall - no, er... Sod it. I’m going home.

Page 48


3ut what we really want to know s, what was wrong with Heimdall 1 in the first place

Page 48


But what we really want to know is. what was wrong with K239 in the first - no, hBng on...

Page 50

Selling Amiga Games Magazine. That s right - we re Number One. selling on average 54,124 copies every month. Which Is rather a lot.

Jonathan Davies, Editor

happiness In our sister magazine Total.) And conveniently, my arrival coincides with AMIGA POWER'S seizing Its rightful place as The World's Biggest


Brian The Oh No Not Another Crap    Cute Platform

Game, more like

Page 44

'« lup.rblookjn, *1*t*-lp<cl 1c

• •nlcallf-play (kit.

«lr«aa», ,rl a>*


T'*« Top 100 (I,

loro IO p»j* 11 fp, ifc, ■o less ikee ll«* (coax *•*() luMic Dowel* )ia«i 1 Meekinj reto tkc iBl!a, ”    ■*"« oar back* nr,

■ turocd Wt Ikoafhi that **» ““ WKMtkw, mcrm skaeiinj aboai. ikoajk

(la Ikes* r*«uioa

cOBMioa* Pan), lo m-

ilack >■ « a. * - ffc , TOO (taciyi lor Tttni Pi wkick Mas oa tk« co**r

cSok* cm koa ik* lead o< ih« fra* (jam) stick dlpal aall* aih* p. 4*, ■kick

«a*« are erklck Toall have lo read Ike

Top 10k lo Had oat...




Armour-Caddon 2 Brian The Lion—

Daibmara —

Halmdall 1-K240—------

Total Carnage Zool 2—--


DUpeubte Itero_



Project JDF17 Chal.-OwakJAIIen Breed SE

You know, it doesn’t matter How many times we do it, it never gets any easier. Sensible Soccer or Cannon Fodder Blob or Putty  Desert Strike or International Rugby Challenge AH these questions and some even stupider ones are answered, and it all starts an page 11...

Excellent Card Games John Madden Football Wing Commander— Slmcity —-A-traln -

e Oh no) Ara you sura Baton In tfta penal over the page. It, af plica It in an envelope, along w

not to the ap office l_.

PO Box 21, Divan try NN11 5BU Ignore it but wa ll sail





•    You've only got S12K ol memory on your Amiga Blimey, that's a bit ttupid, isn't H Go and tMiy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any ol the games, all you have to do la switch off your machine. Insert the dish, and switch your machine bach on again.

R An options menu will appear. Simply follow the Instructions to load the game of your choice.

•    Just to be on the safe side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key to make your selection

•    You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one ol the other demos. Whan you do so, simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you ate playing your game from in the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine off for 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

•    Have a good lima.


R Are you aura

R Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might no! like', such as external drives.

R If your disk fails to load, than pop It In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Oisk 37 Returns DfsCopy Labs PO Box 21 Daventry NN11 5BU

R We're really hoping that you're reading this bit, because It's quite Important: please don't send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don’t know how to fix dodgy disks, and wa ll Just throw 'em straight In the bln. So sand them to Discopy. Please.

Authors: Core Design A12DO Only


Banshee ;ong Ins’-i ' .

A female spml who wail: and shrieks before a dea:K -o the family lo which she •s attached


Interesting indeed bul quite a screaming g ghost has lo da with in aatcpi.:ne is beyond us Maybe (he scream's being produced by the howling turbo-prop as il shrieks over the waves and perhaps the impending death raters to the fiery waves ol outgoing ordnance Or maybe the programmers just liked the sound of it

Who knows’ Who cares’ Not u* for sure, because when a game demo s thn

good, they could have called it Mr Jolty-Tols Goes To Plimble-Land and wa d sin Nke it Resurrecting that tried and lasted 1943 form-ji* >jt only on the A1200, sorry A500 owners) Banshee pits your rof'sxes against slightly crap enemies Poor quality solders they may be. bui when (here's hundreds and hundreds ol fhem. even pathet catty > gU'ded missnas and badly-aimed bullets tend lo get m your way

Power-ups are rewarded for blowing up something big. and if averyih-ng gels too miense. you can loop-ihe-ioop your way out ol danger (Player one - space bar. player two - numbers on the keypad) as long as the display on the left says you can Power ups remain even when yrnj re killed (hurrah'i and are cunvat've. so double hoorah, and many but not a4 of them, are listed here


rT3 Tkau liflla prapcllan a«h«

' i RH tip Rk«il

BNMchti ap yaw Maf la tpcad ap IkAl 4<iP %ksm

Tte •■«’! fM aa ltaapatf. Hard hWaj fcallati, a» li


Author: Claudio Buraglio


In 1972, No'an Bushneli formed a sme company m California and hired a young programmer caned Allen Alcorn to come up with a game Three months later they'd finished the prototype version, which they took down to Andy Capp s Tavern m Sur /vale They taped a box onto the machine and asked for people lo put quarters m it, and by the end ol the next year, com-op versions of th-~ crude machine had raked m over S3 r-*:n The game was ca»ed Pong, me company was called Atan, and the rest a history

Author: John Hardie


Canurg an programmers, calling all programmers As you II have almost certainly worked out by now. we're back up to two disks at the rnomem Now whereas uo.~e mags ust Spread out one disk worth of stuff over two to con you into thinking you're getting more (AM value A Pubisher). we re determined to keep ours choc-a-biock lull of playable stuff Tn» means that now more men ever, we need ail manner of quality merchandise so if you ve go! any. send it - arm you WILL be rewarded


John Harde from West Lomian heard the can and sent us m-s tricky little puwler Instructions are in the game, but basicalty you've got to race against the dock to push blocks about which is a lot harder than it so,jnd You have to cover all ol the block destination' squares with blocks for reasons whch we can t quite recall nght now. and you can only pus- the blocks, not pu= m*.T> it's tough, so wear a hal



Left Shift-Up    Right ehift - Up

Left All - Down    Right Alt - Down

Ctrl - Serve    Return - Serve

Pi - Cycles Player One controls F2 - Cycles Player Two controls F10 - Largt'smek bats Del - Reset score

Help - Toggle colour/mono mode (use m concoction with the number pad for that classic full-on black-and-white look) Space - Toggle through tenn&lootoail/squashfpraciice * and - on keypad - increases/decreases ball speed

Holding down Help In combination wllh.

Keypad t-3 - Alters amount of blue Keypad 4 -6 - Alters amount of green Keypad 7-9 - Alters amount of red

Otui Kmif'l M Mm    M

Mm imm, tw«, net, niimitmimi

Author: Kris Schulte


Piepa>e tor a 1979 tlashbaek1 T-shirts ware —

Itgrt and hornble. pants were flared and horrible.

Bkmdie. The Jam and Hoi Chocolate were topping the music charts and Asteroids was the smash hit at the arcades Converted perteetty Irom the com op version by German coder Kns Schulte, this version shows you youngsters out there what arcade games used to be late before all at that colour nonsense reared its head As with Delander, tor some odd A1200 hardware reason you can’t press two keys at the same time which it nothing else is one up for standard Amiga owners You can t win Asteroids, so it's ust a question of how long before you lose Big locks become little rocks, the screen wraps around on all sides and the small UFOs aim at you where as the b*g ones lire randomly In the bad old days this was an A500-only game, but row A500+. A600 and A1200 owners can torn in the fun too. All hail AMIGA POWER1


Although you can use a joystick (up lo thrust, down lor hyperspace) we strongly recommend you use the keyboard

(as long as you don’t have an A1200). and that you start playing Right now

. - Thrust Z - Rollle left X - Rotate right Space - Hyperspace /-Fire


Authors: Acid Software


Con-op giants Wiliams’ addition to the arcade    _

games hall of lame came in 1982 wth ihe introduction ol ihe leirible Iasi awfuby Irani*. iresomeiy perfect biasi-everythmg to-hei'-and rescue-the Humanoids-em-up Delender This version s wntten m ft.tr Base 2by top Antipodean programming team Aod Software, and it’s arcade-perfect apart from the hyperspace (there isn’t one) and the laser beams (witch are shorter) but we reckon you can irve with that

»    9



The keys work like this

A - Up

2 - Down

Space - Reverse

- Thrust

Shift - Fire

Return - Smart Bomb

or you can use the joystick lor everything except Smart Bombs

Check the scanner at the lop for giean Landers, wh*h are trying to make oh with your purple Humanoids H you shoot a Lander that s grabbed a Humanoid and then place the Humanoid back on the ground, you get a bonus, but if it teaches the top it turns into a Mutant wh*h then toiiows you unlit one ol you gels Mled Pods. Bombers Swarmers and Barters get in an the act by trying le kill you. but on the good side, you do gel an extra Me and smart bomb every 10.000 pomis

Ho mill, in a Joke. Hoifilli- And

in »<n twMii.

Author: Jeff Winter


Jell Mmter s classic btastei may look a bit fluffy on these screen shots but once the screen’s feed with supertast monsters (and llamas) and there’s outgoing lire in all directions you tend to forgei about this and concentrate on PC s finest hour Looking more Smash 7V than most ofloal versions ol ihe frantic 360-degree com-op. Llama irons set in a near future where aliens are kilimg every sheep goat and llama an the planet, which is shallow enough justification lor all this slaughter


II if doesnt look like a larmyaid animal, kill it II it does rescue it and then kill everything else You lue automatically in the direction you're moving, but the lire button locks (he direction Remember - Shorn everything that doesn't have lour legs Got that'’


NB Lia matron is a Shareware game, so it you like A you realty ought to bung a fiver m the direction of Jeff Matter The address, we hope, can be found on the disk In return. Jeff will send you some ether Stuff Do the nght thing

Authors: Team 41£


Here on AP we love two things -OM Spectrum games and up and coming programmers So how could we resist the following letter'’

Dear AP.

O’ dear In classic Spectrum fashion Team at; have surfed rhea career by serving you a stylishly poor game Try it on your Amiga and if should be hunky-lunky dory. but il net. well he me down with a Ireshly poked Volvo you rmght presume fhar ALS is Kaputt' as the Germans might say Which it t$ . sort of Hugs N Kisses C Monster and Team * »

ALS stands lor Advanced Lawnmower Simulator. an 8-bil classic first seen in the pages (and an the

covertape] of our dear departed sister magazine Youi Sinclair And before you wnte m and complain - we know, alright1


Oh you’ll work it oul

Ml NAf J




« fi

Author: David Taylor


A conversion of original Sega corn-op Monaco GP which, embarrassingly, s stilt Stuart’s ail-lime favourite driving game


Race through the day Start oft at the side ol the track Accelerate and take over the pack Cosh Race through the ram Stan oft at the side of the track Accelerate and

take over the pack Crash Race through the dead of night Start off al Ihe side of the track Accelerate and take over the pack Crash And so on

NB Some A600 owners may experience problems runnmg Monaco in 50Hz mode We re not quite sure why out ei. sometimes it works and sometimes il doesn t So keep trying Sorry






hat do you do with a game when the box says 'Hot' but the magazines say ‘Not 1 How can you truly know whether superb graphics are just a side impact protection system and crumple zone to protect you against terrible gameplay If someone came up to you in the street and offered you two new games for one of your old ones, would it be the bargain or rip off of the century

It’s a tough old world out there, with every software house and their monkey promising the best, most exciting, most playable and just plain most brilliant game on the market. The thing is, you just know that they're lying, because the simple truth is that 90% of everything is rubbish. What you really need is a simple, easy to read list of the best games around for the Amiga, where hype has no place and massive advertising budgets are completely ignored. What you really need is a list of the top 100 Amiga games of all time, the way YOU want it. And as they say, at AP, you got it.



It probably shocked more than say. seven ol you, that last year's AMIGA POWER All-Time Top 100 (henceforth referred to by the nof-so-snappy acronym APATTOH) lucked off with a lootbal management





Aslound ngty reminiscent ol the old Spectrum game Harrier Attack. Jetslnxa maneges to be fuxnhkngfy neffioari and quainify old-fashioned without bang

outdated Take ofl m all manner ol aircraft.


You know that odd Chinese game Mah Jong Okay, imagine taking all the late ties with funny squiggles on them, and slacking them up into a huge pyramid on the floor Then imagne peering down on


Soundtog like one ol the stranger plots ol some obscure 1970s ail classic TV

series. TheSenbnsfptacesyouinabteak. hostile 30 polygon terrain and pits you in one-on-one combet against the


Avoirkng the obvious Madness references, ducking pest I he lad that you play Coin Curly ol Quavers fame, and hurdtag over the lofty barrier that it s impossible to make it look toieresttog. this

game, because as a magazine, we re no! generaty though! ot as Ians of Ova particular genre. The same can be said lor deep space, luturtsOc trading games, but we re lorted to grve a signify grudgmg

Lack ol speed isn't a problem lharl befalls this little gem. though When it first appeared on out ccverdtsk back at AP28 it brought halt the offices at Future Publishing to a standstill Check it out on

drop hundreds ol diflerenl weapons on targets and crash Many, many times With possibly the most over the lop explosions ye! seen by mankind (indudmg crashes that are only sightly short of

Unusually for a film licence, RoboCop 3s interesting lor two reasons Fast off N's not a platformer, which has got to be some kind of record, and seconrty, it came out before One film an which it's supposed lo

the slack from dredty above and try fo remove matched pans of tiles without undercutting the stack. If you've got that image in your head, then you're had way lo understanding Shanghai, although to

Sifl kicking around the tail end of the APATTOH. we've a sneaking suspicion that Switchblade 2s one of a handful of games that probably shouldn't sbl be here, but 1hat we've all grown terribly fond

eponymous baddy Fot reasons never qute explained. * seems that if the Sentinel can see you and you're below him. then he can dram your life force and tdl you. but if you can manage fo reverse

There's a very s*y party game called Taboo where you heve lo explain a word without using the ten words written down under k. II you run out of trie - you lose. If you accidentally mention one of the

is one vasty entertaining game There's no badtkes. you gel rifinite continues and there's nothing parbcutarty tin oil about the concept, it's just that it's (ippng hard to do i. Jumping ofl a platform makes *


It's the sport of the future, and It's played in five rooms linked together in the shape of a cross. Three teams each have two goals, one lor each in the arms of the cross, and one each in a room with three

*Yo* and a he* hearted 'fle-spekr to David Braben's decade-tale Etna sequel Frontier, or the grounds that il you play it on an A1200 and drop most of the detail, it runs at a respectable speed Sort of.

this month's disk lo see why the mother of all video games (quae literaty in the case) had writers from presbge sister mag Edge dropping then 300s and Jaguars to play a game invoking two sticks and a block.

bang apocalyptic In then magnitude) and one ot the strangest control systems. Jetsf/xte lies somewhere between PD and professional games, and manages lo consistently be a total hoot to play

be based The corrtonabon ot a subtle Hue-and-grey palette and uncommonly good polygon graphics makes for an unusual and atmospheric journey through the cnme-ridden twWght world of Ofd

luty appreciate its serene charm and compulsive elure. nothing beats sating down and haveig a go. We re orty sad that an influx of great new games has I oread this so far down the APATTOH

of. II may be just another Golden Axe-y barbarian hack and slasher with a tew platforms thrown in. but the simple description tails lo convey die fun to bashing these particular baddies in this

the situation, then you can gel him instead. Pine trees are silent observers lo this possibly unique and certamty weird game ol power, altitude attainment and unexplained teleportive powers

taboo words - you lose Now I'm fairly sure that it's not n the game, but the taboo words tor Kfax would be these - Not quite as good as. Tetris. Nocks, conveyor bell, drop- a bit like. Columns. 30 effect.

vanish (a good thing) but a lack of platforms makes a difficult to get lo the exit (a bad thing) and it you can reconcile this problem 100 times, you've Imhed the game. Good tuck.

goals You control a player who can knock the puck, and the toea's not so much u score goals, but to prevent goals being scored against you. It's odd. and the closest comparison we could come up


The tact that you can play if in the original monochrome form or to a whole range ol zany colours is merely eng on the cake. And what a rich, Iruty cake it is. with possibly a hint ol brandy loo


Detroit Bang Robocop. you naturally get to shoot tots of people, drive Iasi cars and piol jetpacks through Ihe sky. so that's all right, and three years on. there's SUI no sign ot the movie. Tch Movie makers, eh


particular platform beat-em-up. However, game technology marches on. so the wil definitely be the Iasi year that this much loved but genatnc game survives in the APATTOH Probably. But maybe not



and so on It's transcended every lormai barner from consoles lo hand fields, so shrug off your predudlces and expect this to be much more then just another Terns np off You won't be deappomied


with was 'air hockey on a cross-shaped pilch with three players.' Sluari and the Steves love it. JD hales * and Cam's never seen 4, hence this low standing in this year's new and improved APATTOH

every cue platform game on (he Amiga, ones m alphabetical order. The Last one in ter instance, you could tel t to throw away    this kst ol maybe hafl a dozen woUd

al the totally crap ones, reducing the 1st    certainly be Zoot 2. which surpasses the

from several hundred to a dozen Then    first Zooi xi every department so wel. ZooI

you could highight the truly exceptional doesn't gel a look In. As we see here

We write tvs magazxie on word processors, you know. They're not only taster and deanef than typewriters (no Tppex. y'see) but they're also never and can do computery flings Takngakstoi

■m m f*» ■ w

<    :    w tercr

Even in today's 'rierracbve computer world, tour player games ere a bit thin an Ihe ground, so it's s right line and dandy treat when you come upon a great one This one revolves around a maze and

kAmg your males (a iheme we shal return lo quale a M later with Oynabtaster) but also has undercurrents ol the cult Spectrum mutt-player game Chaos As well as shooting al your opponents, you

can also vicanousiy do them in by generating latle drone tanks, which Mali wander away and wreak thee own brand Ol machtof on the other players. Hooray, tanky tanky! As Cam is fond ol saying.


Deep down, we re not the nice people we Ike to think we are We try to imagne ourselves as gentle, arfctac souls, but Uiiermun have realised that we hka nothng better than seeing blood spiled.

heads wrenched oh and maxrmrn hurtage on a worryngfy sartebc level, in video games at least BS Footy s a M ol a one joke game 0* death as spoil) but the American football-based action's fast.

furious and supnsngly competitive and you have to play i a heck ol a lol before injury tome1 (ie tana given over to maimng as many ol Ihe other team as posstole) ceases lo be big. hard AND dever


Probably the only decent ttvng to come oul ol the third movie. AtaW (the gams] differs from Alien' (the movie) in thai M's fun interesting and enteitairvng It's MBs more than a platform shoof-'em-up. but

the inclusion ol masses ol mtereslng weaponry, gross and dnpping backgrounds and a rescue prisoners against the dock story ine gives it a Iranac. hang-on-tor-the-nde appeal

Maehna gins, grenades, flame throwers and rockets al make shon work of the ahen hordes as you dash about trying to Irea everyone before Mister Chest-Burster pops his head out to pve a cheery *Heao"


Converted flaelaiaty from the arcade game Super Hang-On uses good old sprite scaling and other quaintly '80s concepts to give you all ihe ttomia of high spaed road raong wrthoui all those

annoying downers of the real thing, such as getting high-sided at 140mph. having your leather jackal cut off you by paramedics and then dying, trs leientfessly one-track in terms ol

gameplay. bui i crossing the fnoh ine firs) is your Utxnale goal, ail you really need to make itvs an entirety realistic motorbike aim is your kid brother throwing handMs ol squashed flies In your lace


Out of an extremely shod list ol contenders tor Best rugby game on the Arrvgo. Work] Class Rugby stands head, shoulders and athlete support above the rest, ft you know your 'union' from your

league' and eryoy sparring your time walehmg a large group ol powerful fit, musaier young man grapple with each other in a sea ol fraezmg mud (Steady on - Ed) then this a surely the game lor you

We don't flunk anyone's got round to callng this the Sans&e Soccer ol Rugby yet. but we joty wel leal it's about flppmg time someone (id. Maybe we shoiAd Okay, we think ir$ the Sans&a Soccer


You know, there wraa a txne when people marveled al more than three colours on flia screen at one time and games came on ordinary audio tapes Being a bunch of oU duflers (wel. over 20 anyway) flws

dawning era of home computing coraded with our own adolescence, so we re naturally a bd soppy and sentimental about It. Hence Kid Gloves in the APATTOH - it might be old. t rrvght not

have fancy parallax sensing but if s got something a mdfion times more important, and that's gameplay. It's pUttormy puzzkng antics, but you've rarely teen them done so addx&vely braxi-leesmgty


By no means a new game we've been leelmg a be gutty about leaving this one oul ol last year's APATTOH ever smee * came out on budget and Tim Tucker waxed lyrical about saymg 'Wbble.

wrtbble' whle starring n a piantpot wish a banana in your ear. The game's set n a tritowed-om snooker table and nvolves propelling bombs through a movable maze so they tel mio buckets ol waler

before they explode, bm a s ihe al round attnass oI the stuffy, frumpy. 19th cenlixy gentleman's dub setting that makes * such fin to play, or just took al It's kooky because it's French, natuelament


"Stand and take a sound thrashing Ike a manr ‘A freezing shower every momxig is good tor your soUf 'Give no quarter, expect no mercy4' These are jusl three statements you'd have certainly heard I

you were a sorier In the Queen's Royal Hussars in turn ol the century Victorian Britain, but curiously enough, two ol them also apply to Uamatron If s basically a PD version ol the seminal arcade blaster

Hobotron (only with llamas and sheep, natch) and involves more shooting, destruction and general mayhem than a Miss Satfridges on sale day. It also happens to be on the coverdsk.


Bemg the longest-serving member ol AMIGA POWER has certain advantages That's why. when Stuart wanted Monster Buaness (an ancient game involving lots ot platforms and baddies thal can only be

goi nd of by being inflated so they float away) in the APATTOH and everyone else tkdn'i. a got in hers nonetheless He insists thal the gameptay s sublme. the concept's stunrmgly original and thal if a

doesn't get in. hel resign And then throw Nmaetf off Bath Abbey, flie tales! structure xi Bath On fire. Faced with such enthusiasm about a single game, how could we refuse to include it

1 1


m m - mi



i tm

■■ ruruLuua ine nir aquaaj

Apart Iron new games coming out every sequel In our eyes, the original God yea/.lhechangng line up ol the AMIGA game is sil the best, and the conflict ol POWER team aft acts the APATTCH. The good god (you) versus bad god (either the year, a good tew of us prefer Populous to    computer or a friend) is pure end simple

its sicker, but somehow less satisfying entertainment There's something so

cnateiy satisfying about butong a hi so your followers can settle on it. and then flooring the world to drown your enemies, that it's possible to lose days and entire weeks In your quest lor global domination

H-TYPt (The Hit 5qu

Taking the concept of the horuontaty-scroilmg shoot-'em-up to the extreme, you ! end up with one that's learsomety last, with detailed graphics, massive baddies and myriad explosions. There !

Type 2. but that only came about because the original was so damned kinky, hence its appearance here. We still gat people coming into the office and asking to borrow' our copy. But we won't let them.

be a parted power up system, and in the few momenta of inactivity, youl be able lo hold lire down to charge up your blaster, allowing you lo daw your way lo the end o< each level We've just described fl-


her command r

thankfuty Carrier Commands not in this    vehides ranging from amphiaous tanks to

category Contioftng a futuristic aircraft    ground attack aircraft The 3D graphics

carrier, the aim of the game's to invade a    are crude and show their age. but at the

string of smal islands. Helping you do this heart o! this old duffer is a ticker that's Shi are an amazing variety of weaponry and beating strong

'Every sha-ia-ia-la, every wooh-wooh-wooh, stilt shines, a! the oldies are goodies ‘ So sang ihe Carpenters, and they were, ol course, completely wrong Most of the Okies are pretty die. but



Thomas is fast. Very fast. Not tasl as in power-valved. after-burned engine Sonic the Hedgehog running down a very    attached to a 8MX. that’s how last

big hi. oh no. Fast as is in FAST Fast as Thomas is. Collecting gems against the in six litres ol turbo charged, luel mjeded. dock seems lo be an obscenely rvtrous-ox ide-and-arrpheramne-boosted    imposstte task, seeing as how Mile time

you've got and how big some ot ihe levels are. but that’s before you realise how Iasi he Is Fast, that's how last he is. Very fast. Did I mention how quick he is (Cam. you're fired agon - Ed.)

■i PINBALL DREAMS (21st Century)

Pinbal on a computer's a pretty dumb to one side when the bail s gong down idea, isn’t it For example, you cant rest a the wrong way (HI crash), so what's drink on the keyboard (HI fall over), you Pnijjl Dreams dong here then 'Cos a s can't crowd round a with your males (nol    bnlliani, that's why, with four huge and

enough space) and you can't even bash if    gloriously cdourfirf tables scrolling sadly

up and down your monaor as bale bounce around n a spookity realistic manner. (I beg your pardon - Smutty Ed ) Look up adrkctrve' n your dictionary, and ai say 'Pinbal Dreams' Probably,


em-up games. It's kooky 'cos a s French (nalurelemenl) and takes the form ol a movie, complete with intro sections cutaways, lades and al that me larky. The polygon based graphics are sturmng. the

concept truly Inspired, and the only down side is that you can do the entire game in a day. buf it's worth sheikng out lor now ifs budge) priced The shape ol things to come. Poss*rfy.

Time has shown some gianngty obvious flaws in the gameptay ol Another World. but years after its release, i still stands out as a truly original game in a sea of generic platformers and tired old shoot


though. THERE IS NO COMPROMISE IN WALKER1! Locked into a 30 loot metal chicken, your task is to relentlessly krfl, maim and pirfverise your loe across bme  ones ranging from WW2 to a post

apocalyptic future. Crank up the awesome sound to an ear-bursting levels and mercilessly mow down infantry, bains and planes to a realistic soundtrack ot suffering and pain.

Compromise is the assassin of true art. fhai's our theory at least As soon as you compromise, high art becomes ad fodder and rock classes become rndefe ot the road ‘soft metal' baiads. Thankfully for us


Brownian motion in sub-atomic partides This almost certainly led to the student failing his degree and releasing this commercially. Hoorah, another triumph for art over real life!

This was almost certainly written by some coflege type really into Newtonian physics end elastic bends. It's sate to say that version one was written on a Kray supercomputer during some downtime

period, and that this fascinating game ol heavy spheres connected by elastic moving through art Asfertvds-inspired screen came about when the author should really have been investigating


and that oh-so-important (yet ofl missed out) slow-down-when-you-hit-things feature make it a winner even after al this bme Short ol driving the real thing it's drfficull to imago more racing tun.

SpM-screen car-racing action in one ol its finest forms at 72. as you and a friend go head to head against a faceless mass ol other equally fast cars. Other games that have come out since may be faster.

slicker, and all round more technically impressive than bus. but this one's St4 got that undefinabie oomph' that make you overtook some ol its technical faikngs. The impressive lap mode, its total hardness


HIR£D GUNS Psyeaosis)

Wandering round dungeons is all very well    Hired Gears not only manages la redress    and grenade launchers can provide As

and good, but traditional first person    the balance, but thanks lo a nifty muto-    your lour-man (or woman, or robot) learn

hack-end-slash dungeon bashes always    windowed display, it also gmes you lour    head further xito impossibly suodal

overtook one very importanl facet ol    chances to reap the kind of bloody harvest    missions, crank up Ihe volume - the pump

modem society - firearms Thankfully.    that only mireguns, neutron flux cannons    action shotgun's incredible



This is one ct that elite set ot games where the character stays in the midde at the screen, and everything eise moves anxrd him. giving the impression ot motion This lime the character's


attempting to get la the lop of a tower, which revolves round revealing al manner ot doors and bad guys It you jump up al the platforms and negotiate all the doorways which nn through the centra ot

the tower, then the entire thing collapses rather pfoasmgty. Why doesn’t this structural fragmentation kfl him' Because he escapes in his submarine ot course.

It s obvious when you think about it

‘ REED 2 (TetjTr %7)

First there was Aten Breed, and then    year now and must certainly have sold

there was a special one ot it. And now    more than. say. twelve by now. The idea’s

there’s a second One. Ot a. Team l s    the same for all games, so we’ve chooser

range ot Akens-fospired Gaundef clones the biggest and newest version to have been topping (he charts for over a represent the tot ot ’em. Run around and

shoot aliens, collect money tor bigger and better guns and then shoot more abens whae frantically dashing for the ant Its fast, a s fun. and a’s certainly almost exactly the same as Gauntlet

68 VIRUS (Firebird)

Love a or hate it. there’s no denying that    as own. and the seamlessly smooth way

Vnis is a unique sort cl game The idea’s    the terrain rols across the screen is

smpie enough (fly around a map and    enough to make your granny (or any other

do* things up) but the novel 30 polygon    tamity lechnophobic) marvel at the

perspective gives a a look and leel all ot miracles of modem microchip technology.

The curious mouse-driven control system and riredionai thrust method gves you all sorts ot ftymg-aroind-uneontroiabiy problems when you first start, but with perseverance comes success


PARASOt STARS (The Hit Squad)

Bub and Bob. those rogueish rapscalions dearfly) rainbows, this time you use your from ftanbow islands, make a welcome    finny (but dearfy) isnbreta to dspaich all

return in this sequel ot sorts It’s as    ot the horribly cute baddes as btoodtoesly

instantly accessible as the previous    as posstoie Now wMe this is great tun,

games, but instead ot making pretty (but    comic umberella antics aren't quite the

fantastic grnmek that rainbows are (hence its lower starving in the charts) but maximum tonnage can be had by all m this excellent platformer, a fact that we respect and applaud


tU*= OF TH£ TEMPTRESS (Virgin)

There’s no way we can manage to get    puzzfe-iness ot that bench mark product,

•trough the blurb on a graphic adventure    but loses out due to the fact that it's

wflhout mentioning Monkey Island, so we simply not big enough However, we re wont even try This one’s got al the    salefy into this listing now, so well chance

finesse, graphical charm and baffling    our reputations by using that trad old

computer journo diche Tf this a the sort of thing you Ure. then you're certain to like this' and hope that no one notices. Did we get away with if I think we dad, you know Yes, wedkf.



Stupid name and functional graphics    arms, blah, etc) you've got to work your    a rope and so on. If s lemfcaty dwoibing,

aside, Fumes still manages la be one of    way across hundreds ot fiendishly dtffcdt    and oomes compile with an automatic

the best puzzle games to have come out    levels in the guise ot a Furry with several    game save feature. It’s kooky 'cos rfs

this year For al the usual computer game    magic rings. These change both his colour    French, natureflement (Hang on a

reasons (filer's been kidnapped, call to and skills, so one can swim, another's got minute. -Ed)

64 SOCCER KID (Krisnlis)

Sensational second minute heart-breaker second division international ne’er-do-as rookie Soccer Kid slams the ball home! wells. Greal goals, giant game grids and In a game ot five levels end to end.    glossy, emm, gripping, ahh, gm (Eh - Ed)

platform performer Soccer Ktd packs a force a decisive last minute stormer powerful puch against a perfxious pack at through for Krisalis's kicking kkf He

swerves, he kicks, he jumps, he even drfobles as this pfocky young Engksh lad blasts a path across lavish backdrops, and at the and ot the day. M's the final score that counts. Over to you. Brian.

SWIV (Storm)

Everything that has its moment ot lame is doomed to plunge to obscurity. The tknosaurs had their chance and blew it. as dfo Hiller. Rubk’s cube. Sigue Stgue Sputnik and vertically scroling shoot-'em-

ups. Curiously enough, many (it not al) ot the above can now be found n the darkest recesses ot your local pub. but SWIV still holds its bante-scarred head high and kxxfly proclaims 'I am a verticaly scrolling

shoot'em-up, and I am PROUDr on Amgas across the country. RefonOessfy btastmg pre-programmed waves ot nasties has rarely been as stonkngty entertaining as this.



Imagine it you can. report day in Graphic prospect ot showing their parents (text Adventure High, the school that all those only adventures) reports such as "not point and ekek games go to. There’s much tunny enough', 'ptotfnes loo convolutedleer and trepidation as snivel ng    or "annoying disk accessing' Bui Head

adventure games burst into tears at the    Boy Monkey Island 2 smugly takes home

an all-A card, with particular dstrebon in dense plotting, high humour levels, credble characterisation, believable kiterradion and snappy delivery. Top marks to that Monkey Island 2 kid!


You’d have thought bog standard platform cartoon licence (usually a Very Bad games would have had no place in the Thing), but Scooby Doc and Scrappy Doo APATTOH, espeoaly ones that were    manages to steer deer of most platform

released straight onto budget (rarely a etches and outperform most lul preed sign ot quality) and ones that use a    efforts Curiously, you only ever gel lo

play Scrappy. Scooby appears only in the intro screen and at the bottom, and there’s never sight nor sound ot lop babes Thelma and Daphne (or Fred), but lor eight quid, it's sUl a berg

60 SHAR 2 (Sil

As we're fond of saying on AMIGA POWER. There's adventure games, and then there's adventure games' and Ishat 2 late into the second category. Displaying wispy, ms)-drenched and


Wargames tend to get a bad press not because they sound (U, but because they frequently ARE ddf But not so with History Una Taking the excellent Sue Byte game engne used in the Battte fcsM


Programmers, eh They're very, very clever people, but somehow never seem to have got to gnps with this story-teling business. Their feeble effort this tome is that Bob s head has been separated from

54 F-2

K took the arrival of produckon edaor Steve Faha-hu-ruh-huh-hm (Ho-ho -Steve F.) to porii out the benefits of playttg this elderly flight sen, and after a lew blasts we reaksed that a had been

Value fighter tha may not be. but what tf»s has gof that Sega s awesome con-op

hasn't is a third fighter Whan you think about this a makes sense, as the extra guy gves you something to hit once

thoroughly dreamy greplkcs throughout. Ishar2 puts you r control of a bunch of five adventurers, many of whom refuse to get along tka you'd want them to There's fights and treasure a-plenty as you tramp

What starts out looking kka if s going to be (yei another colourful and cute, yet thoroughly mratdane. platform game quckfy reveals resell as a thoroughly compulsive, quirky and ail together bizarre

games, the action's fluid, and both players can cleverly move ai the same time thanks to a rather nrfty apM screen, ailematong move and combat system Set. as you'd imagne. during the war to end all

Wh*e watctvng lelevwed go* s undeniably the pastime of dweebs prats, gmbotos and no-hopers. computer goll is the spoil of kings, and Nick Fekto’s done a rather Good Thing by getting hss name

his body, and U rounds them, he's got to battle through 100 levels of game Pathetic. Thankluty. the game's heaps better, involving the entire screen rotating around the centre and Bob's head (or

Blimey, another bog-standard yet ncrerktoly good fun platform game, the time featuring those maestros of matching black suits and deep blue souls, presumably before one of them croaked

foolishly overlooked r last year's APATTOH. It lets you gel arrbome with a hJ complement of high-tech weaponry wtfhoul having lo plough your way through a 300 page manual, and once aloft, the

Tanky lanky antes with ths, or Team Yankee, or Wat in the GUT tor that matter - they're all exactly the same game engne but with different scenarios and they're all purled crossovers between

you've knocked down the tors) opponent, and * also means that in two player mod*, you can cruelty gang up agavtsJ the computer player and slap him about as a learn IK* is a beal 'em-cp without the

So ifs a Tetns game than What makes this so much better than all the others til tel you. Ifs Tetns with a point, Tetns wth a raison tfflire, because in this version, you don't just keep on lorrmng lines unH *

across moors, through otws and even take the occasional boat. Curiously, ft's French, but ifs not in the slightest M kooky, malhereusement (Quote dommege1- Euro Ed)

platform puzzler Bubba s a stupid redneck trucker who gets kidnapped by aliens (Ike you do) and dropped on a tar-flung planet with only a sentient mop-lopped slick lo help him gel back lo

wars. History Lne lets you recreate everything from the waste of trench warfare to trxrmphanl breakthroughs, and all without even leaving your comfy chair Which is a Good Thing.

slapped on this partaker version What makes a stand out isn't the graphics or the control system (which is pretty much the same as every other go* game), but rather the realism and flewtxlty ol the

torso) crashing around to colled cons. It this violent screen movement doesn t make you nauseous, fhen how about reverse or even sde gravity Barfsvile. Arizona ts a flee place lor a day Inp

and toe other one got el lat and btoaty Its goi tots of levels, ifs witty and it's got great gamepiay What else can you say about a predtotable but lir platformer  Very little, so m the meantime, how about

small playing area works n your favour as all grottod targets, ruiweys and enemy bases ate a mere gobsp* away, matong * lust about as action packed as any flight sari can get.

wargames and shool-'em-ups. Ifs realtime and you control tour squads of four armoured vehrdes as (hey try to slop the relentless advance of Sonel armoured dnristons across good. dean, democratic

serious pretentions of Street fighter 2 and Bie Ike. hence the amusing press a button and Iheir pants tall down' routine Even after al ihrs tome, we love it. And there's no silly character justifications.

gets so last you toee. no Siree. You make lines to gam tries ol a background picture, and when the picture's finished, you're onto the next level There's also a great range of neat power-ups AND it s a PD

v \


Lausanne Short of ntobng hen against another stick to start fire. Bubbe can use Stox in al manner ol inventive ways (tram a weapon to a snorkel) to aid his quest homewards Loedsa lafts


game play. Bate gel buned xi bunkers, blown around by the «md and rol reatsticatly down slopes, and you can even play a tow gravity course on Mars Chequered slacks ahoy.


this "We re so glad to see so many o< you wonderful people here today, and we d pariieiiarty ike to welcome al the representatives at the Innas' law

enforcement community '


so*. Chargng bknrfy into bane doesn'! work, and neither does tactically luting in the terrain, so what's needed is planning, with the guts to get stuck in when, and only when. *‘s necessary


game In fad. the only reason it's nol on our APATTOH covertksk is that * we had * on AP35's disk ust a lew short months ago and you can easily gel hold of lhal from our Back issues service.

We arntt OvUiaban as being the game ■eh the broadest scope ol any, simply because we can't think ot any other game Vial takes 6000 years to play. All you've got to do is lorge a mighty empire Irom a

fledgling settlement. AH you've got to do a butt huge ones, explore your planet, raise armies and dash with superpowers across the globe Al you've got to do is manage an entire crviiisabon Irom before

(be bronze age to the space age. end come out tnumphantty as either the wmner ot the biggest war the worlds ever seen, or the space race. Ambiboua thinkers only need apply

Falng somewhere between two game genres. Uhdium 2 manages to combine the programmed attack patterns of your typical horuonal scrotor with the freedom ot movement and (fraction at Do farrier

There’s a rather feeble sub game involving shooting up a reactor core, but the most fun s to be had slamming over the surface ol anbent space hulks, avokfng walls and shooting at everything

that's shooting at you. Urkfum 2s gameptay's arty slightly drtferent Irom the original, butthankfjty, all changes are improvements. Strap yourseM in, he up the rockets and let rip.

He's got no legs, he's got no toobes he's a small round bright blue glob ol putty. (One more line ot poetry and you can deer your desk. - Ed) The game. Wee the •chngiy lovable mein character, is small

but perfectly formed, although it's probably best not to ask how the programmers came up with the idea. Your task is simple - just absorb robots into your tactile body and dump them off

outside the* spaceship Getting m the way are kamikaze letpackers, mushrooms that him into babies (which you can then absorb - weird or what ) and something that looks I fee a carrot with an llzi

The nature ot the naughty’ deeds that these two cheeky young chaps have done is never satisfactorily explained, but as ususal, it makes absolutely no cfcflerence to the game To describe it as a standard

shoot the bad guys and gat to the end ol the level' platform game totally (alts to deserbe the great fur that two players can have across the gorgeous acreage ol the various levels, or the triumphant punch

the air r triumph’ teeing that you get when you complete yet another world. It may not be big or clever, but neither are water-tiled be loons, end they're sill tun. a/enl they

\i:S PCCf. (Yfrcrrj

programmer) (He's a programmer’ - Ed) and he's got his monker attached to the most playable, accurate and al-round entertaining pool game currently on the Amiga. As you’d expect, you can ptay

W Archer Madean a famous Pod player at a famous programmer Either way. he's not so famous that we've heard about him (although there's a strong leafing in tw office that he's probabfy a

against a Inend or computer opponent, but ojnousty the balls adualy wink and wave al you. It's a bit ot a shock when the e ht-bal tears out ol the screen, but it's that kind ol detail that we love on AP


It you're wondering where the overpopular Laser Squad <s in this year’s APATTOH, then look no further, because Sabre Team 1200s representing all ol Knsaks' base-infiltrating type games

Imagne watching the 1962 stenting ot the crystal-deer intro speeches. Sabre Team Iranian Embassy on Irame advance mode. 1200stA retains the ntneate strategy and and you've got a good idea ol how it al    total control ot Laser Squad, but just

works Fealumg great graphics of bad-    manages it in an altogether sicker. AGA

assedSAS types and sWny terrorists, and esqueway. I

Motorbike racing might not be the obvious sport to use filled vector graphics at. but harem lies Thakon's genus. Whte everyone was making racing games using scaled sprites seen Irom a fixed viewport.

I hose wily German types were developing pause the game al any time and watch a game engne capable ol handing a flight the action from all manner of intereshng sim. The end result’s incredbte. with bikes mews inducing one tram a helicopter, that handle realistically on the twists and FlGPon two wheels, without any danger turns ol the course, and the possibility la ol rood-fash

If you remember the arcade version ol Pang, then take heart that this is identical to 1 It however, you've never heard ol the game, then it's a M like a down to earth, pacifist version ol Asteroids. Instead of

rocks whizzing around, you're up against huge bubbles, and instead ol a liny triangular spaceship, youve got a bloke n a satan scat Apart Irom that (and the platforms and ladders ol course) k's pretty

much the same as Asteroids, only you pop bubbles which end up as smaller bubbles, and they drift down Irom the top. But span Irom that it's Asteroids Kind ol. In a drfferenl sod ol way


H-r. SKT (Ykcfc)

□I the team, and then wished they hecki't as they were treated to an enthusiastic double act detailmg (among other things) fas work on Virgin's colossal futuristic I graphic adventure Beneath a Steel Sky.

Words fated to express the excitement M by Stuart and Cam when they were kicky enough to have lunch with Watchmen and 2000AD artist Dave Gbbons. ‘Dave who " chorused the rest

After a pirale-busltfg muki-medu intro (part comic book, pad computer game) you wander your way across ten Asks tut at superb story line with scarcely a disk swap prompt in sight - incredHe

BIOS (Cars Desic;nj

Okay, hold the magazine at ami's length simulation ot the world anxmd Blob as he Now cany on reading, but whoosh it to sits in the rmdde ol your screen lookng wAhin six inches ot your eyes and then atemately cute and scared By bouncing back to arm's length again repeated . and around. Blob can reach various levels ot you're now looking al a laiity passable boating platforms and meet lots ol game

related "things' but should you mistime a jump, you'll probably be forced to go and kA yourself since Blob lalng 1o his death is a heartbreaking sight - one known to reduce grown men to tears




Spkt screen car-racing action in one ol its finest toons at 40 (Hold on, this sounds tamikar - Ed), as you and a friend go head to head against a faceless mass ol other equally fast cars. Other games that

have come out since may be taster, slacker, and al round more technically impressive than this (You said this at manbar 72 - Ed), but this one's stil got that undefinable oomph' the I makes you

overlook 9ome ol its technical tailings The impressive lap mode, its total hardness and that oh-so-imporlani stow-down-when-you-hit-things feature makes it a winner even alter al this time




Trying to fully descrfce The Settlers is like hying to knit a sumptuous sola out ol spaghetti It's got elements ol a God game, but without the superpowers You've got to plan an entire lungdom that

What stops this being way, way up there in the teens Is the dodgy disk accessing n this game which gets to be a real pam in the derrtore What keeps it in well into the lop titty is fine scrolng, lurious gameplay

(Blue Byte)

can teed, sustain and delend rtseft. so it's a bit Ike Sim City, but you can also look at and alter every single conceivable aspect of every single construction process, making it a bit kke. well, real trie. Uttfe loir

and a choice ol some of the neatest Sttte cars ever seen in an Amiga game, from pick-ups to compacts It's basicaly a np-off of Ivan iron Man' Stewart's Super Off Road, complete with full contact and lots


build everything, harvest crops and even take piggies to the butchers, which is the son ol detail you appreciate in a game taking over three hours to play. Curious absence ot women though.

i i


rO\ 1C£1 (Hudson Soft)

Hey! Nicell Game1 German'

Programmers! Take! A! Tired! platforming! Game! Concept! And1 Breathe! New! Life!

Into! It!! Two! Rock! Hard! Characters!

Kick I Mueho! Zombie! Butt! As1 They!



The name lets you everything you need fo know about the game rather succinctly. You find things, you blow them up. and it really Is as simple as that. Looking extremely like a top down version ol

IZtf (Minctecnoei

’ [i . lmiapcj

Oose/t Sinks. Seek and Destroy puts you in control ot one of ihose helicopter gunship things that seem to have been invented just la appear in games like this. I mean, how many drtlereni weapon

Explore! A' Spooky! Castle!! There's! Nol Stupid! Coin! Collecting1 In! This! Game!! No! Way!! Just! Gel! To! Tta! End! Of I The! Level! And! Wreak' As! Much! Damage! On! The! Spooky! Cnttursl You!


systems do you really need on one vehicle Napalm, rockets, missiles and cannon provide the only gameplay variations in this intense scour-the-terrain-and-krS-everything blaster.



And speaking ot intense blasters. 4 Seek and Destroy i&ttasty, then this one's undeniably blimer Based heavily on (or inspired by. as people kke to say when they’re ripping ott an idea) the Mhe-seen


M CITY (Maxio)

A game which you can't win and has no dear objectives doesn't sound partial La rty appealng. but that's just what San City is. It's a kind ot giant playground where you have to plan out and construct a aty.

complete with housing estates, factories and railway networks. The idea's to buid a road system so people can get to work, to keep the nasty lactones away Irom people's homes and generally have such

I r f —




LIBERATION (Mindscape)

Lftereborfs also set to go down m history as the first true CD32 specie game to come out. A stripped-dram verswn's out

coin-op Strike Force - Defender 3. OvsrkJ puts you in the position ot having to rescue lots of bny blokes Irom the advanong hordes ot a ken and mutant nasties The Overkilf thematic is carried

a cast iron intra-structure that 411 survive tires, earthquakes and that sort of thing. It lakes ages to play, natch San Cdy 2000 is on 4s way. though, so wfl ttxs Iasi another year in the APATTOH7

game's capable ol. head tor your nearest CD32 to enter a texture mapped. 30 Blade Runner-esque world where profits


The best indication ot the lasting appeal ot this admtterfy shoddy-iootung game is that Mindscape wasted no time in getting this ageing arcade puzzler onto the CD32 Playing a motorcycle courier who's

blundered into a high-tech research faeikty, the game's perfect learning curve guides you into a battling array of puzzles and arcade antics as you try to work out why robots keep shooting at you with


Rainbows on roses and whiskers on kittens, vinegar wafbng oil Ireshty cooked Chips. Doris Day movies, the smell ot napalm in the morning, bacon sandwiches when you've got a hangover, the last ever

lasers and people keep asking tor help. It's at in a rather pleasant isometric perspective too, end we wouldn't hesitate to advise you to procure this product right now. Buy. buy. buy.

Sega Zone, getting out of the bath and leaping into a fluffy dean white towel, mini chocolate Aeros. Winona Ryder bnnglng you a steaming cup of tea in the morning, running xi Irom the rein and drying oft in

ol Afferent, cute little mud tracks when you net oft the track. And presumably the title means somethng completely innocent In New Zealand, whereas of course in Bntain4... (Snf) - Ed).


Meet! As! You! Can!! Chainsaws! Are! Littered! Liberally! Around! The! Place' And! Molotov' Cocktails! Stick! As! They! Bum! As! They! Eryll It's! Still A! Daft' Name' Though!!


through Irom the gameplay to the graphics, so al the badebes burst apart ike over ripe water melons and your damaged ship goes 14 in a vastly entertaining explosion


mean more than personality and companies woi4d much rather frame and imprison innocents than admit their robots are dangerous kilers. Sounds a bit loo raaksbc tor contort.


Iron! of a roanng tog fire, finding a tanner in an old coal that you haven't worn in ages, kstening to music as loud as you can - playing Detonde/s a b4 l*e al of these, and more Alright

Soma games are obviously video games, some are simulations, and then again, some are both. You see. it's entirely posable to race a high speed stock car aratnd an extremely narrow rollercoaster

track, jumping chasms, plunging Into valleys and trying your best to knock your opponent over the edge, but I don't think you’d be able lo find anyone crazy mad bonkers enough to race against

Thankfuty, Sr Geoffrey Crammonds legendary Stunt Car Racer lets you do ust this, without al the potential injuries and nsurance claims, so it's no wonder the man's practically royalty.

Proving the old adage '* ain't what you do. but toe way that you do*'. The Chaos Engine takes a two player version of Gauntlet, whacks m some mcredtte totted perspective graphics and a JJea

Verne-inspired Steampunk setting and manages to be so much better than the original idea that it's almost scary With the sort ol thumping techno soundtrack and speech samples we've come lo

expect from a Renegade game, and a computer-controded character that acts spookky like a human player, the only thing letl to criticise is the limited number oi levels.

There's a constant debate about the price of computer games bemg ter loo htg i. but the game pretty much blows that •gutter* dean out ol the water Okay, so you're going to have to fork out lor the

game, but then just took at the saving*, which, tor your conversance, we've ksied here: Bus down to the arcade - Cl 20 each way R- Type 2 corn-op -20pe go Chips tor the trip back home - 60p - we*

you gel the idea. Amiga fl-Type 2gives you the coin-op in your twig room, and with the best horizontally scrolling shool-em-up ol all time al home, what possible reason could you have tor ever leaving

Each year, at (he Arraga beat - em-ups gather together xt one of «x exotic locations and h* each other unto there's only one starving, and tot year, the vdor It Mortal Komtat. toe game that makes up

in kinetic punchiness what it tacks in spetong It's apparently ever so important to devotees ol the con-op version that all the blood, snot and pain produced by devastaiing dragon punches and whirtrtg

whirlwind kicks are inducted, and whereas these visceral fluids were both lacking and missed Irom some ol the console versons, they're ell here, in glorious lull colour. Hurrah!


After the impressive intro sequence. * looks Wee flashbacks going lo be just another Another World, so when * turns out to be a platform game, it looks Ike Defphne have sold *s loyal public oul it

the interests ol a quick buck. Not so. because * may be a platform adventure game, but It's by far toe dreamiest one you're ever going to see. until flashback 2 comes oul at least. The sound sets the

scene perfectly in the myriad alien local ions, and the rotoscoped characters make the entire game took Ike a movie Predictably, it's sick because it's French, biensur

Ported over from toe Spectrum with only a brief stopover at toe cotounsabon plant Head Over Heels survives sxnply because it's a great game to play, tsna alter tone, after time You simply wheel your

character toto a room con taxiing a puzzle, and to get out agaxi, you've got to solve * by pushing things against other things (Do you want to be a M less specific - Ed) until you can go to another room to do

mote, emn, things Look. it's jus) a great game, so trust us on the one. Worid we Im to you Would we say something that wasn't true We re asking you. sugar, would we lie lo you

Rottand • a wacky game, its reefy rather kxi. where Tam and R* (some Mile kids) set out to And toex mum. With mape tedders, magic rods, and stoked w*h vxn and pluck, they travel up a greet txg

tower, shielded by sk* and kick There's sacks and Iru* and snails and plants, al trampbng you xi toe (tot end tearlii sharks that spark you out and toil can rea»y hurt. It reafty is a cute one. with two

player lun lo make you grin, and smirk end smile and shout. (I'm tense and edgy, nerves akght, I'm Heeling pretty wired Get down to the Job Centre now. you're we  and truly fired - Ed)


Maybe it's the tong winter nights they get in the Arche Circle Or perhaps it's al that blond hair. Whatever it is. Scandanavians are awfuly good al programming games This one's Asteroids, only done in such an

outrageously cool way. youl be reaching tor the Srxvln after only a lew games xt the hope ol being smitten by such ckvine inspiration. Everything's ray-traced (a technical term meaning looks

(xXrageously coof) and as well as having gtfkons ol (tolerant weapons, there's a tunnel sub game that made even us battle-hardened reviewers go *WowT Allaction. all-fun

Modem flight sxrts have got technology conspiring against them, because no matter how pretty they make the landscape, you're always either too high or loo fast to nobee t Not so with Gunship

2000 though, as you can simply hover around adminng tanks and bridges and things, and once you've taken in their beauty, you can blow them up. With heaps ol missions, stand-off smart

missiles, wing men to go and do toe more dangerous missions and plenty of scope lor hidxig behind hils. this is the perfect game for battle-shy chopper plots everywhere.

* 1 ur*

I MtoltO AAA

_ i;—

« I <1 * n i

Words cannot adequately express how good this is, so play it It's on the cover disk.


You COald look upon Lemmngs 2 as a damning enactment on the fulfe nature ol lile. tha sheer inevitability ol death and the struggle oI starving out ol the crowd in today's modem, sanitised. homogenised

society. You could do. but there again you'd be as mad as small goldfish lieineikng through tha hot sands at ha Sahara Like the first game, tha ■naginabvely-litled sequel deals with

getting hordes of ineradbly stupid lemmings to thee nest with the minimum lata Mies There are masses oi levels to work through, but tha time there are 12 tnbes, each with speciality lemmings.

fU $ £MITRA* (Psygnosis)

Averring the temptation to cal it Samum and the general plattomvngdslash-'em-2. Second Samurai manages to 'Do a up/puzzie gameplay Irom the first game. a Lemmings'and be pretty much ike the adds another player, bunga in more, first game, only better Taking the lush bigger and nasber badcies and cranks the graphics, the phrase “Oh no. my sword!" tempo up to at least 11 so that there's a

good chance your headl explode after an hour or so . N you take m to account the sri) games, then SI come as no surprise that this game's known as the King Of Platformers. By ls at least

18 HffffNl (Admsfonj

Years before buzzwords t*e Cyberspace. control a spy who's on a mission to rid the Internet and Virtual Reakty war* (tying world of various Bad Men On this level, areund, there was Hisiler. It's very odd. rt's a senpie arcade adventure, nvohnng defniety unique and consequently sank al the usual wandenng around, speaking without a trace when it was released You to people and kafcng them that you'd


expect, but the big surpnae a that tTs al done in 3D potgon graphes In this exciting Cyberworid. you can interface' with various Virtual objects' such as cars, helicopters and even a wind surfer Coot'

far' m V'MZS (Codemasters)

Do you remember when you were a little- point in the lives of Codemaster's biddy baby and noftvng seemed more programmers, as they actually made an ■nportani than pushing your Dinky cars    entire game about a. If s lop-down racing

across the kvng room carpet Wei. this action as you speed loy boats, cars, tanks memory seems to have formed a pivotal and helicopters across school desks.

round the gerden and even up and down a bath at colossal speeds. If two players are racing, it gvet ports to the lead vehicle Thera's aomethmg immensely satisfying about pushing your opponent off the table


screen display, its now a two player game It's headache-ndubngty last, the cars harvfia briliandy, and I normal speed'a not fast enough tor you. there's even a turbo mode.

Whafa the F for Try last, furious, lantasbc. fandango, feisty, festive (Firtkatromc - Ed) and tab What's the ‘1’ tor Well, you've got us on that one. because the one ttxng that F1 Isn't a a

new game. Remember Vroom that intensely zoomy first person reemg gams that we rated al an entarefy respectable 35 in Iasi year's APATTOP Well, this ts exactly the same, but thanks to a spfet

' IT‘K* (EleefrcFfc Arts)

Amiga owners may Mch and moan about betora we were treated to this pokocOy those trendy console thmgs. but there's no incorrect tale ol one helicopter gunship denying that some great games have    versus a Persian Gulf madman who rsnl

come from them Desert Strike was hugely    (that’s 'ant) Saddam Hussain Nope, no

popular oo bolh the Sega and Nnlendc way. The gameplay is excellent and fu*y

afcaortxng. The graphics and explosions are about a gfnr times belter than die console versions loo, so we get the last laugh on al those saddoe. Ha ha. There a was (us) then.

What we have here is a bniianily playable, complex yet tun. real time wargame Staring off with a humble construction base surrounded by the unknown, you've goi lo search out the

sp«ce Melange to mme as wall as butt up your base Mined spice gives you enough money lo build I ad ones which butt vehicles The so-1i setting gives you great weapons, the real time gameplay keeps

you on yore toes, the brifiiant poke and dek system lets you dopense orders with wild abandon, and if this was a two-player game, a d seriously chalenge the APATTOH lop live

WIZlOP (TT'tF HB %gu

Even i you burst into the AMIGA POWER office ei a balaclava and pointed a large caUira firearm al someone's spleen, they'd be hard pressed to give you a coherent reason why Wotdds so great, or

far that matter, whal Widodha Cam knows this becasue be tned a. and got the totowmg answers Sal - "Sob* Its an arcade game* Sieve F - "Don't shootT JD - "is the safety off Oh dear, well a s al

lembiy original, and. lxti. thmgs * Steve M - ‘tTs an ncracktay off-beat concept If you have to shoot someone, pieese shoot Stuart." Stoart - *Waa' Not" See Its a game with a strangely mercuiai appeal.

fare)    (16)

leel special Gem X makes you feel vary Gem 'Xonfy happens to be the finest special GemXhas a whole host of top puzzfy game available on the Amiga, bar manga girlies who (pggle and pout and tell none, grade-A, number one All you have you that they love you. but that's not why    lo do is malch the gems on the left with

a's mduded here. No. really. Because    the pattern on the right. Senpfe No

We al want to feel special, don't vie No matter who you era. Me always seems to be a lot better it someone takes time out m tel you how teen, hunky or iust plain fluffy you're looking. Gem'X makes you


It takes a true genus lo the* laterally and throw his thought processes out kilo the void of the unknown if Blue Byte hadn't discarded the tired idea of spacesNps and replaced them with insects for thee

horizontaly scrolng shoot-'em-up. we d never have had Apktya. would we We'd have missed out on the novel two player action involving an enact and a drone, we'd have wept in the absence of the

ovenMielmeigty bnlkanl soundtrack and we'd never have soon the Assisting end of level, dead rat wah kxi maggots bursting out ol a. And that wottt have been a real shame

nijljr r, /

V i ram)




Constoenng there s only lour tables in Fantasias. K suflers a pretty poor bit rale Speed Devls isn't terrible, but it’s not

particularly exciting and Bilion Dofiar Gameshow plays ml but has an unpleasant background colour. There's no mUbbail play, lew add bona! tippers and ail ol them have huge spaces In the midtie. but Anbaf fantasies is still responsible lor more lost fame in the AP office than colds and holidays combned It's Mte the game fires kwe fishooks out ol me screen and grabs your eyeballs with them (Bleeurghh. - Ed) and the keyboard wraps around your wrists lo keep your hands on me keys. You come to see what all the luss is about, and stay because it invades your soul.

Some people say mat violence in the meda and video games leads lo violence in real Me These people are completely wrong of course, and are boring old duffers who resent the lad that we re young. They deserve to be thrown under trains, have their cars shot up and their neighbourhoods destroyed by rocket blasts and mini-gun fire. In fad. they deserve lo be a response member of (he public in Syndcate where every trip to the shops a dicing wdh death. The cause ol all mis (Juristic mayhem is lour heavily armed and armoured cyborgs (controled by you) who set out across a

(ME) ■

beaubfuty rendered isometric cityscape to do unspeakably brutal ads of violence against al enemies o< the Corporation, and it's beautiful

8 XILE (Audiogem

Erie's like a huge food blender, into which the programmers have thrown al manner ol

(Mdous ingredients. There’s a cute jetpacker and a quarter pound of underground caverns

lor him lo negotiate. Add to that a pint of realisbc gravity and inertia to form an integral pari of the gameplay. and you've got lo avoid bashing your guy around loo much. There's a dash of mad sdentisi and a good lew ounces of fiendsh puzzles that prevent the jetpacker tram getting to said soenbsi, and then it ail iusl sits there waiting lor you lo switch it on and blend al these together lo lorm a frothy and palatable adventureTarcade game. It may be the oldest, creakiest and generally crappest looking game in the top 10. but lor (hat we’re unapologebc. 'cos it'8 completely great

vj yJliisiVi kwvX \vy74vx

' yj;



■K U

)Tr l

f 1 1 [ ,v;WSS

i j

11 k


Forget radar gutoed air to air missiles, they re for wimps. Sneer al ejector seats and parachutes and spiral down to earth r your flaming plane like some kind of derm-god phoenix. Cutt the snotty nosed tod-punk jet jockey plots on me back ol their heads and tel them how real men used lo duel in the clouds They used lo have creaky bi- and in-planes with engines so leebte that a sleep ckmb would stal them. They flew in open cockpks and barely flinched as bullets splintered their instrument panels, they only had machete guns

(9)    7

with an annoying tendency to jam, and bombtog missions involved flying tow and stow over targets They truly were knights of the sky. end lies is their game. We salute them


Forlhe first two years of AMIGA POWER, this game was the most hotly debated subject on fw letters pages, as it held the number one posflnn in the first two APATTOHs We could

use up al thre space arguing about mis alocabon, but we'd rather not. We'd rather talk about the lantasbc gameplay. the cute and colourful (yel oddy 8-bitty) graphics and (he wonderful dungaree-dad duo Bub and Bob.

We d rather tel you how you've bom got to get to the top ol the screen as last as posstole. with water nsing unstoppably beneath you and al manner of cute beddres fatng down on you We'd preler to explain how each character can cast a temporary rainbow which kits baddes and also acts as a bridge So we wi




FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX (Microprose) (2) M

The Queen raises her sword end pieces i on    with you pkmg into either the barriers or other

his shoiAdars. and w«h the words 1 now    contestants With the A1200 svvhcantty

prodaen you Sir Crammond. Earl ot    increasing the tinning speed ol the game (as

Hertfordshire and Lord ot SihrersJone Ansa. Sir with Knights Of The Sky), FIGPs been given a Geoffrey* the first Duka of all things Amiga-arty    new lease o( Me. but please. Sir Geoffrey, bring

waks oft to take his rightful place in Parkament.    out a two player version Oh. go on.

Ahead ol him lies a Met:me of decking the laws oi this green and pleasant lard, but bah no him 8 a game lhal shall live lor aver more PlGPs not just a racing game, It's THE racing gama. with superb polygon graphics and perfect car hantSng it s a game lor al the people, so you can turn on al the auto-handing tea tores and admire the scenery, the showering sparks and all the other cars, or drive by the seat of your pants with every judgement error ending up


Not two. but five players can lock horns in DynabUstor. making it as essential to parties as a two hire bottle ol Coke and big bag of tortilla cfvps It's a game whose roots ie in the Roman Empire (when the code of the glarkator was that many may enter the arena, but only one could leave) although this violent concept

is masked by some incredibly cute graphics and the catchiest game tunes ol al tame. Al players start off surrounded by I regie blocks, and to get to each other, drop bombs and hide aroind comers to avoid the blasts. Destroyed blocks reveal power ups that give you more bombs and more powerful blasts, but infortunately the screen sknpfy isn’t big enough lor five pyroiechrscally active Charadais Sooner oi later (usually sooner) people try, and when me smgte survwoi looks smug, everyone else nsists on a rematch, and it ail starts agan Locked into ths cycle, the only escape is death o< malnutrition and after about 72 hours of conftnuai play, you hnafy understand why the Roman Empire fell apart



If Speedbol 2wss a sport, it wtxJd be Sunday League FootbaJ H a were a film, t wouU be Roilerbal. If It was an arena!, a pkbul temer, an Ice dancer - Tonya Hankng II It leapt out ol you <fek drive and transformed into a tune dancing across the ether, it would be Jen Hendrix playing The Star Spangled Banner and II it than condensed nio a doud. t woiid be a towering hghtning-iaden arrvi headed Storm doud unleashing as leaden fury into the Indian Ocean. Speedbat2s the sports srn that couldn't be confined by nies. a bad boy. wrong-sidmof-the-tracks sort of sports skn that kicks your worthless butt from minute one and doesn’t stop untal you're tying on the floor In a pool of your own blood. Imagne armoured

players confined in a steel arena, with point scoring sensors dotting toe wats and power ups Mtehng the floor Imagne chargng up the steel bell and then throwing it against an opponent, flooring him instantly. Imagne scoring the seme points as a goal tor permanently crippling an opposing player Such is the Immoral, hell-spawned fury that is... (dramatic pause .) Spoodbal 2.



The Chambers Maxi P&perbeck Dictionary (our dKtionary ol choice) ksts cannon fodder as ‘men regarded merely as material to be expended in war*, which makes this the most accurately named game here Cannon fodder condenses mankind's war sxpenences and packs them into 72 slnfe-fifled phases Mission one puts you in control of two sokkars. who havs names and therefore presumably families

and a nice job to go home to You love these two guys and want them to see thee toddres agan. so you creep them around the jungle usng the ntubve mouse control system By mission four, you're convinced that they're immortal as they fire from the hip and lob grenades, but then you accidentally Mow them up. You're shattered, and although you try and pul your faith in the next guys, it just isn’t the same. By mission eight, you don't even look at the new recruits name What's the paint  They'll be dead soon By mason lan when you blow away a buddy who s impaled on a sp*e. you barely blink, and when the team s pep is blasted by a helicopter, your thousand yard stare kicks m. Remember - the first casualty M war doesn't count - only the last.




(Renegade) (1)

And then lo prove that last year wasn't a fluke and that Cannon fodder being at number two enl a one-ott. tfs back again Last year's top game becomes this year's lop game, showing tol Senstfe Software truly are a bunch ot browed Adonises waking on this Earth like gods amongst men ira a soccer game, and it s a soccer game with pretty try graphics, but screenshots alone can never show the true marvel of Sens! You've heard enough ot our opinions of it over the months (although, irbelwvably. we actually got this very month a letter from some cheese head STILL trying to persuade us that it's not as good as Kick 0(12. so perhaps the message hasn'i hit home yet), so Wa stick with some <Kts. The tact that it's still hanging on in the Gal up Top 20 almost two years alter as original release ought to tel you somefhrg. or maybe the tad that it managed lo irte the AP staff and readerstep in proclaiming 1 the best Amiga game Of al time In Iasi year's charts, or perhaps the fad that if s been converted onto every computer and console tornut In existence, with much the same level of success as the Amiga original No How about tw tad, then, that despite the release ot games in the past year Uce Syr&cate Dune 2. Mere Machines and. of course, the 94%-sconng Cannon fodder, Sertsbte Soccer reigns supreme atthe lop of our AJ-Tme Top 100 tor another year Even lootbal-hatmg Cam didn't



put up a fight on behalf of his beloved Cf. concedng that the tameless depth and two-player combat ol Sensible Soccer deserved lo see < (lying high tor the second time, and we ckdn’l feel disposed 10 argue with him. If s the best there le, and people will sM be playing it In


'1 imi, N'l f«n4, km mmmt mm dM ftmmmd, (linn

Cult O


ftisf hmmm ii m 1mm*

w t


































(Ubi Soft)












(Th* Hit Squad)


















(Elactronlc Aria)






(21 a Cantury)






(Blua Byta)












(Tha Hit Squad)










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(Elactronlc Aria)






(Do mark)
















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(Blood bo uaa)












(Tha Hit Squad)






(US Gold)
































































( )


(Hudaon Soft)




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(Blua Byta)
















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(Cora Daalgn)












(Tha Hit Squad)





















































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(Blua Byta)






(Cora Daalgn)


















(US Gold)










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(Tha Hit Squad)












(Taam 17)










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(US Gold)


















(21 at Cantury)


















(Tha Hit Squad)






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041 )


(Tha Hit Squad)





























(Elactronlc Aria)




































(Tha Hit Squad)



















So there H I*. The beet 100 Amiga garnet ot ill lime. ever. So. er,

■dually, that ihould be 'So there they are' Yea. Bui what doea It all tail ua  Or ahould that be What do they all tall ua Um... (Start again - Ed.)

Phew. The Top 100, eh But H a not all gamea, gamea. garnet, you know. No. the Top 100*a all about ataUatlca aa well, ao why not pull up a comty chair, make a cup ot cocoa, and tattle down with (Something alss aitogathar - Ed) a a pot of technical anatyala Thought cl any good raaaona yat Good.

Thera ara a whopping 41 new antrlea In the APATTOH Ihla year (Including two atralght into the top 10), deapHa a algnltlcantly lower number ol new releaaea Ihla year than prevtoualy to It looka Ilka tha quality not quantity' mesaaga la finally getting through to the nation a publlahera.

Two gamea re-enter from previous charts. 19 go up, 36 go down and Juat two (Including tha Number One) stay In the tame place The highest climber la Sir Geoflray Crammond's Sfunf Car Racer, which leapt 38 places to No. 29, edging back towards the lofty No. 10 position H occupied in our first-ever chart. The longest fall from grace la that of the unlucky Shanghai, which plunges 56 places down to 96. but other nosedives are suffered by Milan(down 49 places to 87 after ual one year on the chart) and Uonkay laland Z which drops a surprising 45 places down to 62.

Just 20 gamea from the Urit-ever APATTOH survive through to the 1994 modal, and only 17 of Ihoee have actually featured In all of the lour charts, with the other three dropping out at some point (none more dramatically than Populous, which debuted In 1991, promptly got replaced by tta aequel In 1992 and 1993. but then usurped the young pretender and regained Its place thla year). 21 gamea have made It from the 1992 run-down, and 57 of last year a titles have held on to feature again thla time round.

Discounting budget houses The HH Squad. Klxx and GBH (with 11, five and two titles respectively), the I op-pa rformlng publisher Is Virgin, with six entries. Mlndscape, Paygnoala and the wonderful world ol PD coma next, supplying the liat with five games each, and then K'a Electronic Arts. Renegade. MlcroProse. Blue Byta, US Gold and the long-datund Activision and Rain bird with three tltlea apiece. No-one else manages more than two, although H you credit all of the HH Squad. Klxx and GBH titles to their original publishers, ar. things probably geta bit complicated. Our heads hurt Wa rs going home now.

No news escapes AMIGA POWER. That which tries is hunted down and

made to feel our wrath. Repeat offenders are rare.


CBM ]*t>    all* k> fcaa.la-l Mafba.

Here are two more reasons to buy a CD32. Or one, anyway.

Perhaps in an attempt to make ammends lor the embarrassingly poor Dangerous Streets bundle. Commodore have put together a new CD32 bundle to complement the old one Two more titles have been added 10 the airoady-m-piaca list of Dangerous Streets. Diggers. Oscar and Wing Commander, the additions being The Chaos Engine horn the Bitmap Brothers and Mcrocosm from Psygnosis

The Chaos Engine shouldn't need an introduction. But just in case you're new to Amiga or CD32 gaming, the A1200 vernon earned 91% m AP 34 ‘Incredible graphics that capture the Staampunk (eel perfectly ’ gushed Cam Wmstanley. We d agree, and reckon it's a worthy and welcome addition to the CD32 told

Microcosm, on the other hand, earned 44% m AP36. basically because it's very shallow gameplay-wise and costs £45 as a standalone game It does took fantastic, though, and is definitely one to show oft the capabilities cl the C032 s graphics.

David Pleasance. Commodore's MO. boomed out from the mountain lops: ‘Amiga CD32 is the most sophisticated platform on the market With Microcosm and Chaos Engine we ve secured two games which really show what it's capable ol ‘

More relevantly, the pnce ol the bundle will remain a) £299 99 and you'll be able to gel it while slocks last We welcome ihis news m a hall-heaned. we'ra-stili-waiting-tor-a-killet-ot-a-C032-game sod ol a way.


tiuM a ’•» tow at k«at

How many more new bundles are Commodmr going to come up with What with lha addition ol two naw games lor ths Dangerous Streets psck (aa« above news story), and now ■ Computer Combit psck as well, they seam to be popping out at the tala

------1 ol one a fortnight

The Computer Combat peck'a Inlenled to tempt mors brothers and sisters Into the ever growing happy-all-year-round Amiga 1200 family. It features s yin yang balance ol productivity software and games, featuring the following Ulles:

'Productivity': Digits Wordworth 20. Digits Print Manager, Digits Day by Day and Personal Psint- lots of combat gblng on with that lot, Eh The bundled gamei, meanwhile, are: Brian the Uon (15% AP37), loot 2(86% AP33) and Totsl Carnage (10% this Issue).

Right, readers. If you can come up with a reason to aiplain why this bundle’s been called Computer Combat, writs In. There’ll be a prize In It lor Ihe most likely-sounding, plus an aulographed AP compllmants slip.

Never mind the combat.

though, hue a lha Info. The


pack will be available at you .

»«***» ■™<1

read this (March releate) and

rwah ■■ eriaiMaiif

will be priced at £349 99

There't no point In telling

rupaaulta (be

you whal David Pleasance


■aid about thia pack, becauaa

JIe>e!i«m1 *R«1 UREA *■.

ha t not tooling anyone.





Great news Irom Daze marketing il seems that they've got so many copies ol Ishar (AP15. 78%) and Transarctica (AP23. 64%) left thal they're able to make use very special offer 'Daze are ottering isharacO Transarctica direct to AMIGA POWER readers lor just £4 99 each.' to quote them duectty Doesn't that make you glad you bought AMIGA POWER1

These games are such a bargain at the price, that it seemed almost nearly nof quite compulsory to let you know about them II you want to get your hands on one. either or both of these games, send a cheque to Daze Marketing. 2 Canfield Place. London NW36 3BT Oh. and don't torget to tell Daze of) lor outrageously presuming that AP would pnnt this stuff, despite blatantly sending near-identical press releases lo ever other Amiga magazine in the world, okay1




For those ol you alto aould like to write or develop gamei ai a vocation, look no further than Middlesei University. That's right, they've officially confirmed that as of this September, they'll he offering a one-year Masters degree course in Games Development

There'll he a limited number ol places, and candidales will have to be sponsored by a company ol same sort.

But it's not just Master Degree candidates who should be getting hot under the collar, oh no. Neat year. Middlesei Uni will be altering a three year Bachelors Degree in something to da with games No details have been released as ol yet. hut they re sure to appear soon in a careers library near you.


There's been some controversy about just where the CD32 stands mthe CD consote/CO-ROM arena, with some Sega mags being controversial with the truth (Surety economtcalt - Ed)

On the week ending Sth March. Gallup confirmed the toltawng

The C032 has overtaken the Mega-CD at market share In the CD-only sector, the CD32 took 44 per cent o< sales wkh the Sega machine's share lalmg to 28 9 per cent

Don l expect loo many mote ot these sorts ol figures to come your way again, though New Ed Jonathan doesn't like hgures 8ut we figured that where darkness and contusion reign, we should bnng you the purify and white tght ol undatable, ndependenlly garnered truth Wahey Thanks Gallup



Wow. The inter-office ballistic postal infrastructure was barely able to cope with the avalanche of Nipper Ccmpo entries over the past few months Future's post room boys don't even talk to us anymore; they've put in so much overtime sorting through your entries that they've forgotten otiat their homes look like.

But arrthout further ado, in tensionbuilding reverse order, here are the final positions:

12.138.007 Lee Mager. London 11. 139.310 Stephen Rogers. Bath Uni 10.139.574 Paul Sanderson, Dagenham.

9 139807 Michael Borella. London.

8. 139.910 Bigley Sigley. Great Wyrley 7. 140.353 Ju-ju Sotiri. London.

6.140,510 Pete Graham. Lancs.

5.141,410 Steven Gascoyne. Derbyshire. 4 141.804 Paul Santfford. Essex 3.141.810 Paul Fuller Bath Uri.

2 143.110 Andy Luty. Leeds 1. 145.207 Nathan White land his mum), West Midlands

H you're on this list and you've not been contacted yet. phone us now. before it's too late.


In all e toil MJcr* Ma(hifi«v realty, dofl'i fOE (blah

• LAU nmsrAHlt r

a spM wtrwwn option, ttvw


Gama: Guardian Rum on: CD32 Pulishar: Acid Software Authors: In-house ETA: Summer

There cen t be meny of

you oul there who haven't

either played or aeen

Slanting on the Super

Nintendo. Now, when I

first rested my eyes on

some eieluslve preview

shots ot Guardian on the

CD32. the first thought to

sneak Into the recess at my

tortured mind was how utterly crap It

looked. Compared to Starwing. Guardian Is

aesthetically challenged. Metaphorically

speaking, it Starwing was a lush oasis.

Guardian would be a harsh ominous

uncaring desert In fact. Guardian, as I saw

It. had lha potential to be very

embarrassing to CD32 owners.

And that s where the first law of games reviewing comes In: "Do not udge a game by Its screenshot." Although It was only a demo level I played, the thing that makes Guardian so cool Is the way it moves. Incredibly smooth Not only that, but. unlike Starwing, you can move in any direction you want. Pre-emptive strikes are taken care of by one of those handy little

radar things: you use this feature to guide your spacecraft toward the enemy ships

Bucking the trend of current CD32 releases, the

controls are

Intelligently thought-out.

The right shoulder button la your craft's thrust, and the left shoulder la the brake The cursor pad carries out the usual up/down/afl/rlght stuff And the big red fire button, surprisingly enough, fires your onboard weapon. But the really neat bit la whan you hit the green button - the whole ship luma through 180' In a whip-round U-turn manoeuvre that would make Ryan Giggs look Ilka... Ryan Giggs, oddly enough.

Ally all of the above with some really neat definable camera angle shots and you're looking al what AP reckons could be

Than an eld comftakai packer, lull h

a real winner. No price details as yef, but it a going la be released In the summer. So now. when you get back from the beach or wherever, you II be able to work off any aiceaa energy with a quick blast on Ihe surprisingly promising Guardian

• steve McGill


A report just published by Dr Julie Rutkoarska of Sussex University has revealed that computer games, rather than being the solitary occupation many people imagine, actually ‘encourage and form the basis of friendship amongst children, particularly hoys'. The report has unsurprisingly been welcomed by ELSPA. the software publishers' association, whose chairman. Roger Bennel. said: This is the latest report to state what any parent of teacher wil tell you - that computer and video games are the source of great fun and excitement to groups of children, who compete against one another at their favourite games. Stones of loners are the exception not the rule *

From the maker


Ultimate AMOS

The ultimate games creator just got the ultimate guide

tf you've got AMOS, than get this book! It explains what AIMS can do. and how to nuke it do it There are sections on program planning, producing readable’ code, and screen handling. AMOS is built to handle scrolling animation, sound and music -

everything you'll find In a commercial game. And this book, from the makers of Amiga Power, shows you how it's done. If you've got AMOS you're haH way to creating your own gaming worlds. Don't atop half way -order 'Ultimate AMOS' todayl


flHiiundmt    (opyKopm o< Ultimita AMOS'

tins eech [OffDIB COM: R.BOJSA]

Amount enclosed (

Method of paymant:


E apery dAta: You* Aanif---eM You* signature..

•J* Includes a disk containing all the code printed in the book, plus four complete AMOS games!


Now tend (hit form to: full** Lituea Books Off*r. Fulur* Finishing Ltd. Freepoat Somatlon. Somerset IA11 7B*





Mim yours buying from any mail order company, it i worth faloaing then AMIGA POWER guidalinei:

11 Bifore you send any money, rinf the supplier to make lure tie item you require it in Hock Ask questions about the company's policy on delivery and returns of faulty equipment Make sure there are no hidden costs such as postape and packaging. Find out uh«n you can realistically eipect to receive your poods.

2]    AJuays read the small print on adverts.

3]    Beeare companies that do not include their address on their adverts. Also, avoid companies uhich do not ansuer or return yoir calls

t By far the best method ol payment is by credit card. H orderinp poods of more than £100 in total vibe. remember that you are lepally entitled to claim compensation from some credit companies * the retailer poes bust. Check your credo card company's policy. Vou can also try to pet extra insurance in advance, just in case.

5) I you're not payinp by credit card, pay by cheque Never tend cash, and avoid usinp postal orders i Keep records V you are buying by credit card, keep a note of We time of the order and ask for an order number When erdennp anything aver the telephone, aluays double-check the price to make sure

2] I you are sending a cheque, keep a note of the cheque writer. the dale and the eiact value. Make sure you know the eiact name of the mail order company l When you receive your poods, check them caretuly. H anythinp is mistinp or faulty, contact the supplier immediately.

$ Aluays order from the most recent issue ol AMIGA POWER.

10 K a problem does arise, contact the supplier in the first nearer Calmly and politely tell them your problem Mott problems him out to be minor hitches or misunderstandinpt that can easily be resolved If you think you have a penuine pnevance. contact your local Trading Standards Officer The cumber is in the phone book


11 m

: I

Game: Skidmarks Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Mmdscape Authors: Acid Soflware ETA: Late spring

Skidmark § would have bean an absolute smash at AP if tha disk accessing routines hadn't tumad If Into such a craahlng' lottery. This new CD32 version should hopsfully clear up that, though. It's a 3D Isometric-view raca ganva with around 200 frames drawn for each little car. so that no matter which direction you tum. tha perspective Is just right lor lhal direction. This, as you might Imagina. looks great, fiut as avaryone who reads AP knows

r - -

O.mAiIIUM ta At M

'•■f *iw

by now. good graphics only hold sway with us II tha game Is good And Sktdmarita Is much batter than good.    1

Programmed In Blitz Basic, tha curves, chicanes    1

and bands Ot the track are calculated using quadratic-    a

B-spllnes Vaa. It sounds painful to us as wall, but what It means la that you can choose to power drift Into tha bands ind power beck out. or you can hug tha Inside camber of I ha

track and play a    Uc;

sneaky, skillful driving gams by trying to cul down tha distance your car actually travels. Alternatively, you can atiampt to bump and bash any care that gat In your tnickln way. It all depends on tha tsmperament of tha individual, you tea.

Thera a not loo much mors left to be said, other than tha fact that the CD32 version previewed by us has a far more attractive track - la. the thading is a lol prattler and AGA enhanced -

Mi mw Wag to hWiiik ■ heiir awttoearv h




. B*splines''

looking There are some beefed-up akfddy sounds and. as you'd ■aped with such cutting-edge technology, ths whole thing runs vary smoothly.

Considering that tha twelve tracks of tha original game took up tha apace of two disks, tha humungous amount of space on tha CD leaves space for quits literally hundreds of tracks and car designs. The mors designs tha merrier, wa say • STEVE McGILL



Gama: Ishar 3 Runs on: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: Daze



Silmanls ETA: April


W tribute to the I rasidents of Perthshire " a

Gnmn that all matter Is rasii trintmutabla. and that    —■

the soul Is a transient esAex ot deity. H should coma as no surprise that tha cjisnl adventurers of fshsr 2 have not completely succeeded in their quest to rid tha land of its opprsssor.

Apparently Shandar - the nasty Sorceror who based his dress sansa on that of Sauron from Lord of the Rings - had previously cast soma form ol Insurance spell prior to his repressive excursions. This spell covered him. In a thlrd-party-flre-and-thefi kind o< a way. Irom the unlikely event that soma party-pooping adventurers would spoil hla fun tnd dnpateh him to the nether lands ol ethereal Intraneiganca. And. as you ihould have realised by now. that's luctty what happened to Shandar at

tha end of Ithsr 2. This Urns around.

Shandar'e elm Involves a half-baked plan to reincarnate hla Immortal spiril Into tha body of some legendary 2000 year old evil dragon known as

to the 1 Wohretax. No. really.

Inevitably, you're going to hive lo

_ ■ j m asaemble a bunch of

heroic Idiots to try. yet ■gain, to thwart Shaz's plans. Luckily though. It you've played either of the previous /share, you can use tha party craated with them. H not. thara are over a hundred characters to choose from.

But whai son of a plot are your taam going lo ba dealing with

Shandar a plan Is flawed The reincarnation can only taka plaea during tha planatary conjunction ol tha

tu V    •

If. .    w>«' V la Ik... i la.lai .m.md

   km witorn'

-i:    to*


a «r«mr IVfjrabm i.„

- ——

no loo is. jwor



cr i t«

rrr - t

two moons, tha sun. and the pienet Ishar." Aha. tha infamous planetary-con unctlon-relncamallon third party Inuranca clausa. If only Shandar had coma to ma, I d have told him to go for the comprahsnslva reincarnation policy. No point In crying over spilled souls though. From what we know. It soundi like a race against time.

"Time Is the key In ishar 1 You will have lo travel back in time. Tha Ingenious plot is cleverly >•••4 e devised around a series of time gaits through which - v A you have to pass. Key plot points slratch back through j If i 11 the history of Ishar. and In I, ' M' order to win you must ba Ii , ' there for these plot points.

You need to make lure you are In the right place at tha right time - whenever that time may ba!*

Thera are loads of new features Implemented In lahai 3. potion making, over 40 different spells to cast, automapping, animated film sequences and action events, even mors beautiful locations, time travel tnd. at a special tribute to the residents of Perthshire, animal companion! (Hurrah* - rhe residents ol Parihahlral

We can't say (or sure whet difference these new addilions ire going to do (or /jhat X If they make It any batter than the previous two lahart. then lhal can only bo a good thing. Is that non-committal enough

• steve McGill




*wm lkflaiEll hinti •4 aaiHAlioa, aM mi iWs ■airicjltli itUiii.

im'ii f al la h* tkm ‘Ml in* fee 'Mg'


raw 'dabs'.

Mil t*4f

»•** *»« !’





Given that the number one siol in our new Top 100 is (died by Sensible Soccer, and mat the number two slot is titled by Cannon Fodder, and that both games are by champion programmers Sensible Software, and that Sensible GoHis coming out later this year, and that that s by Sensible Software as well and even though we al realty, really hate goil, we re extremely exoted And this month we re proud to present the first, distinctly embryonic pictuies o( the game As you'll be able to see. the game takes the bird's-eye v>ew and tiny lime people out ol Sensible s other games and applies them to goil giving the spon - quite literally - a whole new perspective Except to appease the sad style-overcontent consumers.’ says Sensible's Jon Hare, ’we ve decided to introduce a liberal sprinkling ot big. sna2Zy graphics, such as over sired pictures ot each woke as he takes his shot * Good on them we say 'Even though Sensible GoH is at an early stage n its development.' he goes on. 'there's no way it wil turn out crap'

And1 This being AMIGA POWER, as trom next month you'll be able to loHow the progress ol Sensible GoH trom drawing board to finished product as we launch a brand new Diary Ol A Game' SEE1 the graphics be«ng drawn GASP1 et the mincaoes ol the programming MEET' the programmers (Agam ] Don 1 miss out1 fWhai a showman - Ed)

Gama: Herewith the Clues Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Domark Authors: Inhouse

ETA: Early April

their new game Herewith the Clues

this very month But    KWiT

unfortunately, possibly due VI I to some sort ol material    ~ i

naocurabes, the game    V Y 't

isn't quite fwshed yel. J 1 So. in an unusually Ka charitable sort of a

v ; . manner, we re going ,"rl ** to tell you about the ““T/T rutlments ol the game llRfel nght here    mmrM

The game is set n 1939 r London Outside the unlfcety-sounding Mifcy Way Oub, a police informant has been shot down You're Assistant Commsswner Fosberry and you have a kst ol 12 suspects You also have things like notepads, dossiers and movie lockage to help you in your quest

The dues lo the murder are presented usmg digitised graphics and an inlormabon

Domark's foray rto the heady wodd ol CD32 has fcifered a brt of a delay AP was expectng to recerve a review copy ol

sheet You've got to trapse around interviewing suspects and deduce trom these interviews usi who the killer is

Domark darn that there are so many plat devices that no two games are ever the same II that's the case, it sounds like Herewith the Ckjes may just be interesting enough to have a look al nexl month • STEVE UcGILL





No Then you've got no excuse tor not going to this year’s World ol Amiga Shoe It's being held at Wembley on the 18th, 19th and 20th ol November, and eill be absolutely packed out nth Amiga games, along eith loads ot techincal-type stufl too. probably. As veil as getting sneak previews ot al sorts o( nee goodies, youl also be able to meet the AMIGA POWER team, along with our chums from Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper. It’l be great. Mote news as ■e unearth it



Anyone experiencing problems gelling hoM ol a Commodore 1084S or ■ 1942 monilor might like to know the toiiowing Silica are suggesimg ihe Microvilec 1434 monitor as an aliemaiive to either ot the above cksptays (Coinadentaily. they also sell them)

This monilor boasts a 0 28mm dot pilch (Amiga Format begged us to believe them that this was a good Ihmg) The monilor will also conligura itsell to incorporate Ihe full span ol poss4Ae Amiga resolutions (Amiga Format assured us that this was a good thing as well)

What realty grabbed our attention, though, were

Car. Lock at llut. eh Aar hoi cl all, Ira jaaraalaad la laprwaa year high acorn by at I tail «0V Probably. Not.

the detachable 2 Watt stereo speakers Now a lot ot you may laugh at a spec ol 2 watts, but surpnsingly. this is loud enough to drive your mummy to distraction The fact that the speakers are detachable stops them from sounding as briny as built-in speakers Mote to the point, you only gel these speakers if you order the monitor Irom Silica Aside Irom the speakers. Silica also bundle Ihe monitor with an Amiga adapter and some utility sottwere The big drawback is the pnee At £299 it s a hundred pounds more than either a 1084 or a Philos CM8833 It is. however. us! about the cheapest you'll be awe to lind one ol these monitors And if your parents own a PC or a Mac. you might ust be able to blag one by telling them that the Microvilec can be doubled up and used with their machine Silica can be contacted on 081-308 1230


Qama: Kings Quest 6 Runs on: A500. A600 A1200

Publisher: Sierra Authors: Roberta Williams. Jane Jensen Reloaso: Mid April

Aa If It waan't readily apparent, the King* Quest aeries of adventures has baan around lor a long time, Ihe previous adventure to this one uniurprfalngly being called Kings Ousel 5. It was reviewed In AP7 by tilled a>-Ed Mark Ramthiw. who awarded It S3 per cent and concluded: 'Simple but neat auma It up nicely."

Sierra have traditionally relied on tary talc-type plots for the aeries, and Kings Quest 6 is no eiception.

One ol the criticisms Mark

made ol KQ5 was that 11

could have been ■    /ju .    .

Monkey /stand beater it

only Siena had    /     u\ju

lonakan Ihe crap

defied plot. So. despite , -j , j the tact that we're

normally rude and    j .J.

derisory about crappy PPG plots, there now tollows some background on Ihe plot of Kings Ouesf &

In Kings Ouesf X Prince Alexander tall in lova with Princess Catalmi ot the Green Isles. And since Man, the two young loves have been writing letters and ill the other soppy stuff that separated lovers tend to do. Suddenly. Ihe correspondence stops. Ceaaims is marrying a Vtrier. No doubt ha s one of those Viziers who oils his hair and beard, laughs In huge booming Ho Ho Ho baritones and locks people up whom he wants to marry. And turpriie ol aurpriaai,

M's tiaclty what this nasty Vizier has done. Poor Casslma. She

Thaa M all cccci Sack la klc, cad ke va SMall be kla leal ckup packer heliSay

shouldn't worry loo much though - Prince Alexander's on to the J / Jiijj ' Vtrier's nasty plan.

having used his magic ijf j'    mirror that he picked up

Irom Home Base lor ES.99 to reveal Casslma's plight.

Therefore, as all foolish lovesick young Princes are morally obilgad to do, he sets out to reacue the Princess. Without sustaining the plot torture lor loo much longer, well wind up by mentioning that you start tha game ahlpwrecked on the vary Island on which Princess Casslma la being held captive. Conveniently.

Another ol the criticisms by Uarlcy Hark Ramahaw ot Kings Quest 5 was that unleas you had a hard drive, the watt times were debilitating. It looks is If tha same thing's going to happen with KQ6. Tha game comes on eight disks, but. SOul-eavIngly, It will be herd drive Intiallsbla.

And finally, In ■ dallbarats digression from the usual aummlng-up verdict type ol finish, there now follows a smsll list of features that Sierra deam pertinent:

Feature: 'More animation In true cinematic graphics.' Benaflt: Sounds good for the unsuspecting, never-played- K/nga-Ouesf-belore punter. Feature: “Mora flexible game design allows you to ovarcome obstacles in a I moil any order.' Benaflt: You can opt to play a simple or a complex style ot gams. In other words, it can take a long time to complete or an even longer time to complete. Feature:

"Mora puzzles and a greater variety ol challenges than any King* Quest episode.' Benefit: Can you really count this aa a benefit, considering that all software houses say this about up and coming games Thought not. We ll point and dick in a suitably exploratory manner next month • STEVE UcGILL

is Klees'. Bm Sierra racket aoi

Tkar.1l be m eU uiw akal wear M i tracer w taka yen awywhere. Vaall sea


TOP 30

11 (14)

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29    (RE)

30    (21)

CANNON FODDER Virgin £29.99 FRONTIER: ELITE 2 Gametek £29 99 *★* LIBERATION Mindscape £29.99 PREMIER MANAGER 2 Gremlin £25.99 ★*** THE SETTLERS Blue Byte £34.99 SKIDMARKS Acid Software £25.99 MORTAL KOMBAT Virgin £29.99 ***** WINTER OLYMPICS US Gold £32 99 *★ MONKEY ISLAND Kixx £16.99 ★ ★★★

AWARD WINNERS - GOLD EDITION Empire £29.99 ★ ★*★


Domark £9.99 *★*


Hit Squad £12.99

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Kixx £16 99 *★★* ZOOL 2 Gremlin £25.99 * * * *

SENSIBLE SOCCER 92/93 Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 MAN UTD PREM. LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Knsalis £29.99 ★ ★*

ASSASSIN SE Team 17 £10 99 STREET FIGHTER 2 Kixx £14.99 *** CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 93 Domark £25.99 ****


POLICE QUEST 1 Kixx £16 99 ★★★ INNOCENT UNTIL CAUGHT Psygnosis £37.99 * * * *


Domark £27.99 ★ ***

JURASSIC PARK Ocean £25 99 ***

A-TRAIN Hit Squad £17.99 ****

THE BLUE A THE GRAY Impressions £34.99 ***

LEISURE SUIT LARRY 2 Kixx £14.99 **** ALIEN BREED SPECIAL EDITION 92 Team 17 £10.99 ***

PROJECT X Team 17 £12.99 ***

STRIKER GBH £9.99 ***

Mi A«m you am tUM wa Idoa how ttu dwrlx sort bf no*. *0 brMy Bwy io C t ISP* awy all budglu and M-prtcan log«*<o>. you an r<aad at alan. and may l* not aid aponaotad by Pangutal



These are the ones that the AP team adore, the ones that you should get.



What s wrong1) we collectively cued Tbs game doesn't have a recognisable cute character It's written by folk we've never heard ol. and. what s more, they're Johnny foreigners Vet Stuarts ogled to award it 90 per cent 'It's everything plattorm games should be. but almost never are.' growled Stuart m his most impressive doubt-rtlor-but-a-rnomenl-and-yourealMiied voice. When he gels like that, we re rarely indeed lo argue




V '.A


1 I

8 1



*1 y

. _



An updated. slicker verson ol Hero Quest with more to it m the way ol tricks, traps and puzzles than ihe ongmal Other embellishments indude a laazed-up palette, easier combat, a better movemenl/aebon point system and auto mapping Altogether a better proposition man Hero Quest and one that AP has no qualms about recommending to anyone who’s into PPG romps



Magnificently moody and atmospheric Penhekon takes you into me strange world ol pstorics. pools ol energy m time and space, and genetically engineered creatures Aside from that.


Ihe world's so weird that it doesn't even exhibrl one shade oI blue in the vis*le electro-magnetic spectrum Grand graph cs and good ideas aside, the game really boils down to a six-adventurers-against-the-world-type scenario which although not particularly original, is one ol the best examples ol its kind out today



Good ideas should never be allowed to go to waste And that's exactly whal happened with Fly Harder Er. that s to say. the idea didn t go to waste The idea in question is as otd as arcade games themselves and is basically a ThrustOdsi Linar Lander derivative What's more, with Fly Harder you can choose between foystck/keyboard control tor the extra-fine control you need when caught m those situations that require intricate manoeuvnng Cam reviewed it. and he can't recommend it highly enough 'Nutt said



The CD32's Hagship game has been broken down mto its component body parts had the saturated lal ol CD quality sound and FMV digitised sequences removed, and been left with an exquisite polyunsaturated exo-skeleton ot atmosphere and enthralling gameplay (We re deeply sorry - Ed) Character interaction is hampererVenhanced by the need to engage in etiquette, and the characters you deal with remember you Liberation's gone straight into the charts at No 3 and that leaves nothing else lo say. other than Treat yourself Buy it some day soon

* RMd « a*







e*1 *



**4 ' di**0"

Vveg '

. ore


ore' '*0 • * kP **

Zif« ***'


r,*an»e‘ <

r Jiiri,*<





   Sluart <Mn1 even

bk* as Jonathan

f I

Ihe floor, bteeekng

Hfep    heavily but


• ■ maintaining ha strH-upper'ppetl glare

HHK oI rksapproval. 'And n lei you another thing I reaty hale - it a bloody crap neo-lasast pa rami Wanes shooting people in the legs just because they were loo useless lo organise a ludnap property" One of the balaclava-dad thugs began to quiver noticeably as AP's diminutive Dep Ed continued his rant. ‘It's el very wel emptying a magazine into poor old Jonathan, but I Just bet you don't even recognise a second ammunition dip.' A rapid-fire burs) proved the plucky Scot wrong, and he lei down id sheer Surpr sc

Game: Apocalypse Runs on: A500, A600.


Publisher: Virgin Authors: Miracle Games Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

Did anyone watch RoboCop on TV a law weeks ago How we laughed In a mbute to censors the wodd over, and m light ot recent developments al the videogame t»z. the rest ot tNs review will (tor your own protection) be written m the style ot a film shown on ITV at halt past ten on a Saturday mghl Thank you

('Flip' - Ed) me1 What a (‘Freaking’ -Ed) great game1 There's all ihese (Crumbag' - Ed) soldiers running around (Kicking' - Ed) loads ot hostages nght. and you fty a> over the place in your helicopter and ('Shout' - Ed) at them with your ('Mischief gunk' - Ed) Sometimes the nasty little (Cork sewers' - Ed) launch f'M«flefoe' - Ed) at you, though so you have to lire oil ('Rococos'- Ed) and completely (Annoy' - Ed) them with (Napkins - Ed). Sometimes, the hostages get ('Shod'- Ed) by mistake, though, and lie on the ground oozing ■Absculeiy nothing a! a!' -E<S) ai eve' "le shop so you

have to fly back    Wr

to your hospital lent and Drnq

S TV i •'    . ‘

stretchers in to carry them away before they i Diet - Ed).


The game starts oil being quite tncky, but the later levels are real (Melon farmers' -Ed), with some real ( Bus stops ' - Ed) ot enemy todrhcations making your Iite mcredbiy hard Many was the time t yelled ('Flamng heck' - Ed) and ('Pinched' - Ed) the wall beside my desk as I plunged to the ground m a ball ol (Contusion' - Ed) alter being hit by a

weli-camoutlaged (Bulletin' - Ed) Irom a hidden (Nun' - Ed) position i hate those

.    The very C sl bit

I I Bw



scheduling reasons -Ed)

bnlliant or

Mr    what’ Yes. this is

■ a game ol I Viohns1 - Ed) m more [ ways than one Censors, eh1 What


k • v _ _j



a load ol (Publishers' - Ed) I can I stand self-appointed moral Quartans of any hind (Even given lhal right' and wrong' were any kind of scientific absolutes, which they're obviously not. what makes Mary Whiiehouse. say. any better judge of them than. say. Madonna ), and if (Parks my car" - Ed) that they re starting lo creep mto Our little world now loo


Apocalypse is almost certainly the kind ol game that would get a '15-17' m the new videogame rating system (realistic' graphics, little people getting wounded as well as killed, the screams ol the dying politically sensitive ptel scenario, whatever), and I'm nol really sure quite where it's all going lo get us save lor making me industry look more responsible'm the eyes of a group who don't really give a (Fig' - Ed) about it anyway I mean, it you're a parent, what really wornes you more - the lact that little Jimmy's seeing a tut of spiolchy computer blood in Mortal Kombat. oi the lact that he's locking out 60 quid lor it in the lirst place Exactly Anyway back lo Apocalypse

Apocalypse, as I'm sure you all know by know, rs an updated version of Chophfter a hugely popular shool em-up from ihe early days of me C64 and the

Alan 400 You pilot a helicopter into enemy lerntory. blast open pnson huts, and terry me thus-released hostages back to the safely ol your base mi your chopper Enemy units (tanks, infantry, he!copters, gun positions) Iry lo shool both you and the hostages, and there endeih ihe plot It's a straightforward and old-fashiored arcade game, and Apocalypse doesn't mess with me winning formula

As well as being a strength, though, that's possibly the game's greatest weakness - what's alright lor a liver in 1965 doesn't necessarily make tor a good deal mi 1994 at £30 Apocalypse is beautiful while il lasts, but you only gel live levels, and there s a limit lo how many limes you can go back and play mem again belora it gels a little dull

I'm getting a little ahead ol myseil. though Let's talk about the gameplay lor a bit (go on. you know you want io] Like I said, it's Chopper wilh a lew Inlls. namely some power-ups and some pretty scenery But what pretty scenery -Apocalypses lush greenery and mist-shrouded mountains conjure up the image ol the besl Vietnam movie you've never seen Level two is especially lovely, with waterfalls cascaOing into shimmenng pods beside terraces ol jungle huts snuggling together underneath skyscraping machine-gun lowers, but every level (wen. the lour I've played) is a verdant symphony ol mellifluous - er. sorry, gelling a bit earned away (here It's nice, anyway It's a satisfymgly difficult game, too You start oft with no continues, earning one only for saving every single hostage on a level Without them your chances are minimal, because Apocalypse starts oft hard and gets exponentially harder, but there s always a way through - so long as you keep plugging away you I always gel somewhere eventually

It helps lo discover the best order to destroy Ihe various buildings mi - lor example, on level one you can save

Here are just a tew of the hilarious helicopter-based antics you can get up to.



No, wall, kii) on. I'm Mod » Idea -look, lm flrii] ipwirdt, you cat only do ikai who a yoart flying 1*    S««, I

njir'I tying. Hi.


And look, dm it lot frvt HMRvtci after tcfttoikoi luobir two, and lm mil In caacliy tko mho place. Hovering. Sac


(Thsi't whoft Miriflifi (Hirji you can do io four A«0copter. - id)

Til, I know you caal tail iron thi tCMcaikoi, bol I'm soil] backvjrdi. Hoatii I am.


Okay, io your« having 10 taka at oi trail again, bat i n not moving kora, ■tally. No, ratify.

My very tevouriie thing about Apocalypse. I think, it (hat enemy ordnance (a* Cam would call It) haa the tame effect on everything in the game world, not juat you. Henca. H an enemy chopper la chaalng you around and a big howitzer on a far-off hill flrae at you (Flfl.1) and miisaa. the ahot can actually blow up your opponenl inalead (Fig.2), or land on Ihe ground below and take out infantry or    _

hoatagea' hula.    ~ "

' - Lal 1


[f A

\ 1 'v.'





Yes! Another blow struck for realism in computer games! War is stupid! Oh, the horror! And so on!


Cui Ride of Ihe Valkyrie*, cue Robed Duvall caat a* a not al all crazy' Air Cav captain In the only truly memorable teen* Hrom Apocalypse Now. You've teen the film, now play the game. Boom I1 K rump! II Ttiwup-thwup-thwuplll Tabka. takkal! Dlllleeeeellll It1* that kind of game, more John Woo lhan John Wayna with atunta and a body count to match, and like Woo'a movlea, the ralentla** action a fleetlngly fun but get* a monotonou* later. Fun, but only fleetlngly.


yoursell an awlul lot o< iroubl by taking out ihe big gun mounted on ihe hillside and then the enemy rata hut nearby, whtch prevents enemy choppers from being summoned to attack you every lime you land to pick up hostages This is pretty much the only element ol strategy m Ihe game, so make Ihe most ol it


The only annoying thing about Ihe gameplay structure, in tact, is that you can only carry su little geezers in your chopper at once (or two il you've got a medeal team on board to pick ip the wounded) Th«s is. ot course, a deliberate ploy gamewise. but it's a bit of a pam on the second level, where (he only sensible way to play is to wipe out Mi opposition first, then release the hostages and take them back without ihe danger of accidentally wasting them in a firelight

The problem is that there * 40 ol Ihe little bleeders, so you have to do seven trips Laboriously trudging backwards and

forwards across almost Ihe entire length oI the stage and it's a bn pennilessly dull Um anything else I can tell you about Apocalypse No. don't think so.


UPPERS Beautifullooking. tough and addictive

® DOWNERS Hard a* they are. five level* aren't going to 1**1 you forever And It doesn i. would you believe, recognl** a second disk drive. Five percent off.


Overpriced at 30 quid, undoubtedly, but i deeply enjoyable am  game all the same, and IIII ~ well worth it least 81V uu =


Disappointingly, you fityi'}don'1 gel 256 shades of green In the ungle foliage. 0* anything else any different from Ihe A5O0 version.

Ail laltrnil nltiiadcritiidli) Icadi lo tone el Iha hoilejai bcia§ aomdad by friaadly Are'.

■el ir« col ell over f«1, oh ao.

A rccaaf lypnvatnad lua el pjriaadtu niihci lo Ihe iccae ead certs o«r h«fO«i pH OB iirefchen.


Ibeaa solely lo e IttfA leal

VAT, mete Ob, be appeort

(be joofle Tbefll b beve dod ol been feiharr

(Above) He be, eienesed lo §el Ihel eaiucriay Ihe lea octal' pit la here. Hvrreh.

(■i*hl) lehe oet ihel bridge I (Specie! aevel fay theie, aurilmc leei. Checn.)



Game: Darkmere Runs on: A500. A1200 Publisher: Core Design Authors: Zero Hour Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

Examine a table m Darkmere and you'll be told something like 'Its top is made ol oak whilst the legs aie carved Irom yew The top bears score marks made with a knife ' Which Itn Very descriptive and everything BUT NOT EVEN REMOTELY INTERESTING

We re meant be caught up n some penlaus quest to rescue a princess or something, and the game slops to tell us what sort ol wood the legs ct a table are made from Why’ Why put lable1 in the list of examinable objects it that's all it’s going to tell you’ In tad, why stop at the furniture’ Why not include 'Hoot'. or right arm', or an'’ 'The lloor is Hat. and made ol a hard, igneous rock It supports your weight with apparent ease ’ 'Your nghi arm is covered in skm. and adorned with trie hairs A joint at its centre enables 1 to bend through approximately 180* and further pnls at either end attach it to your shoulder and right hand ' “The atmosphere is composed ol a mixture ol 78h* nitrogen.

21*- oxygen, and 0 03N carbon dioxide, with the remainder comprising argon, water vapour and traces ol other gases In addition, it cames many particles ol dust and pollen, and its overall movement indicates a light southwesterly breeze' Tcb


II. despite all Ibis, you decide lo carry an playing, you'll discover that you've been zapped into a village, and encumbered with the task ol treeing it Irom a Darkmere (wheh is some kind ol spooky curse) The whole place has been over run by ores and dragons, and most ol the inhabitants seem to be dead

Needless to say. the world of Darkmere is one of those PPG-type ones that s lull of halt-timbered houses, tankards at ate. tiickenng torches and men with long hair, so you should know your way ground pretty well There's even a pub called the Tolk Inn' Gosh I laughed And it's all rendered in 3D. like m ShJ da wtands with your  Stumpy


No. 1:


The best way to restore your energy in Darkmere it, oddly, getting Into lights. Every time you strike a blow on an enemy, your energy gelt topped up. Eating tood also help*, at does, er, not getting into fighti in Oie first place

No. 2:


All the slrsels In Level 1 of Darkmere have names So you can draw a map H you wsnL and write mam ail on. In this tepect. Darkmere closely resembles an old Spectrum game called Dun Oarsch. which was ready good.

No. 3:


There's no save game facility In Derkmtta as such. But youTl occasionally find Uma reveres potions lying around which will, whan swallowed, save you' game. So actually, theta Is a save game facility after ell. Phew

No. 4;         •


Every time you uaa a key in Darkmere the gamateela compelled to coma up with an excuse tor it having become (tuck in the lock and removed Irom your Inventory - It was rvsty. (or example, or snapped off. This gets Inexpressibly annoying attar a while.

No. S:


You can lull the rabbits And eat them

won 1 usi leil you me password and lei you get or with saving Ns town isn't clear, and given mat mere's no hold a sword to his throat' option m any ot the menus you haven't got much choice So oft you go to tnd two mgots

And so on You do that tor a bit. and pedorm a lew other adventure-related tasks, and presently you'll Imd youtseH on level two And - behold - the blighted town has been replaced by trees, terns fits green fronds seem strong with no hmt ol disease"), mushrooms ('Its skin is smooth and seems to be slightly slimy”), rocks ("The boulder seems to be ot limestone and has lichen growing on if] and brainy rabbits But all s not well The lores! is crawling with lrols. spiders and skeletons, and there are dead bodies ('The sku« si'll has decaying tlesh hanging loosely oh ol Ignngftj it Numerous Hies buzz around it. some landing to teed and lay their eggs") lying around j    all over the place

And - again - so on, until you gel to the third and final level But we ll kWh* ’    leave the details ol that

one as a surprise, eh w>nH And by the tune you ve finished that, you it have been playing the game lor absolutely ages Which can t be a bad thing

Bui wil it have been time well spent In other words. >s Darkmere any good

Well, the graphics are mce. They're nothing you won't have seen belore in a thousand other RPGs. but they do look pretty, especially once you get mto the forest with the bunnies hopping about The sound, too, « undeniably all nght, with the png and click' ot    m

‘coking bloke plodding around killsig ores I'd generally being in an RPG


A*hough the actual walking Irom screen to screen is done m an animated, actually wallcng-around kind ot way. everything •Isa seems to be achieved by flicking trough menus Once you're standing m a room there are menus to search it. pick lungs up. examine things (but don't - no. leaky), eat things, use things and all the rest ot it You don't actually see any ot thus happen - select pick up bread Irom a menu and. when the menu disappears, the bread s picked up ust like that

Oh except the lighting s animated ICO It you see a monster you can walk up to i and ha it with your sword This tends to be a b<l haphazard, though, with your character otten turning his back on the monster lor no apparent reason And paying the consequences

There are three

to is, each one    1

consisting ol a mir»- f J adventure which you ve got to complete before proceeding lo the next ' ’.

Three might not sound like many, but they're massive. consisting ol hundreds Ol screens each with loads to do in. er. some ot them.

So otl you go. plodding through level on* with the initial task of discovering a password to get out o< the town After dy chatting to some ol the lew surviving locals, you ■ hopefuly stumble into the blacksmith s. where the proprietor will otter to fell you the password - if you give him •** ‘.ogots in return Quite why he

things being chosen Irom menus backed up by atmospheric middle-earthen sound effects although the lormer tend lo drown out the rather quieter latter


But (and you could sense that coming. i couldn't you ) Darkmere doesn't    <

honestly stand out as a classic I was I never actually bored while playing it. but at the same time I was hardly on    *

the edge of my seat I dunno I think    ■

it's manly to do with the menus You 1 spend so much time looking at them I that they, rather than your little 30 warrior and his surroundings, become    '

the mam focus ol the game, and it's impossible lo become truly involved m the storyline Although selecting take' and then bottle' Irom a menu is much quicker than pointing at the bottle, watching your bloke walk over to it. and getting him to pick it up. it's also less exciting, and reveals the rather dunky mechanics ol the game all too dearly Three disks ot rrvkjy deeding. ore-slaying. door-un<ockmg, gotdpece collecting RPG action, then But at the last count, the AMIGA POWER cupboard (the one marked Games We re Never Ever Gong To Play Again Now We've Reviewed Them', m tact) already contained at least 700.000 disks of orc-slaying. door unlocking, gold-piececollecting RPG action Hmm • JONATHAN OAVIES



I suspect that Darkmere was developed simply because Core had come up with a new isometric game engine lor Skeleton Krew, and figured they d cash in on ft. Although the graphics are pretty tasty in Oarkmere. they're fronting tor such a glib storyline that all this hard work's been in vain. I don't know, maybe I'm just all Tolkien-ed out. but a game s got to have a bit more than a wander, slash, wander, pick up game How lo keep me interested. This doesn't, and consequently, it didn't. • CAM WINSTANLEY

UPPERS Looks great J and sounds nice, with V J plenty ol playing area to explore, alt in a comfortably familiar setting. Takes centuries to load, but there s no disk accessing at all while playing It's easy to gel to grips with the controls.

® DOWNERS The menu-based control system pushes the pretty 3D graphics into the sidelines, and is what you'll be looking at lor 90*. ol the time (pehaps explaining why the pedantic descriptions ol every wretched abject in the game get on your nerves so easily) And there's nothing particularly new In there.


Pleasant to look at (when the menus aren t blocking out the view), but curiously mechanical to play. Buy it, but don't come crying to us when you discover there's    AA S

nothing about it that's    l l «j

actually all that great. Uw ~


r,f, Uncannily similar.

















born a speckled flycatcher, hmm

What a fitting name

Game: Brian The Lion Runs on: A500, A600. A1200

Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Reflections Price: £29 99 Release: Late April

Lei's make a list, shall we7 Lei's, jusl for easy future reference, make a list of all the Itvngs that we really, really hale about cuie platform games. Because we re always gong on (well. Cam is, anyway) about Oh no. nol another cute platform game or Isn'ttlgreatlo see something that isn't a cute platform game7, and all that kind of stuff, bui we've never really eiplamed why After all. some of our lavounfe games are cute platform games, so why should we hale mosl of them so Here's why


Leaps ol faiih. where you have lo lake pol luck and ump blinrfy off the screen, hoping lhaf there isn't a spike pit or deadly lava pool beneath you. although there frequently is Incredibly tncky sections where you have to painstakingly edge all the way lo the end ol a level, only to gel killed just before the end and be sent af the way bach to the bloody start invisible

for a lion. Lucky 7

dangers where you can be slanting happily on a harmless-looking platform and then suddenly, without any kind ol warning whatsoever, a toad of spikes spnng up from    “Jjj

nowhere and perforate you lo death Bits where you can tall oft' what looks like the ground and plunge down a seemingly bottomless pit and die Hidden rooms which are hidden down exactly that kind of pi. and don't have even the mosl subtle signs to indicate their presence so to discover them you have to go randomly jumpng down deadly holes Slippy bloody slidey bloody ice bloody worlds Up all night thinking ol that idea, eh lads7

Having lo jump on bad guys heads to kill

them, but having some bad guys who us! kil you if you jump on their heads, even if Ihey don't have any obvious warnings like spkes on their hats or something Dead bad guys who regenerate as soon as you move their starting position about three

pue<s oft the screen Bad guys who fly at you Irom ofl-screen when you're *i met-jump, hit you when you can't avoid them, and bounce you straight down one ol the aforementioned bottomless pts Bemg able to stand on one bit ol scenery, but not

Tk«(«'l mm nail) aka parallaa icroltisj os ifcii bat. to who u««di janapli), *h


another, completely identical one loa no readily apparent reason Unbelievably annoying sections combining about lour ol the above, where you have to climb to the top ol something, making leaps ol laith onto bats ol scenery which you sometimes can and sometimes can't stand on, bul keep getting knocked down by regenerating baddies and tailing all the way down to the beginning again until you np your eyebats out with your Imgemaks r frustration (even when you're playing with a cheat mode gvmg you 50 times the normal hit points).

And while we re here, let's make another 1st Let's make a fast, ths time ol things we    -

iea»y, really hate m games generally, cute plattormers or Otherwise Things fake-

Not recognising a second dsk i dnve (natch), especially ft (say) three-disk games with three disk swaps before you even gel to start the first level Stupid copy protection which

appears m the middle o! the game. would you be I level (And not just once, either) Mazes Oh God. I can t go on


What we really hale most ol all.    >

though, is seeing some poor lovable a character, trying lor all he's worth. < taking hs one big shot at megastaidom. being put through all ol these terrible ordeals at once it happened to Oscar (poor, sweet. almosl-mvistoe Oscar), and now it's happening la Brian The Lion It's a crying shame, rl really is Bnan - . is such a cuddly little cartoon Inn. v    with hcs Bermuda shorts and

his amusingly 70s haircut “■*    and his chubby cheeks and

his repertoire ol lunny looks f and his comnai power-ups (or abittys'. as the game calls them) and hiscule array olfattte lurry animal chums, bul he doesni have a chance up agamsi gameplay this ‘ 1 annoying iris desperaieiy dying lo be Super Mano kVorid, with a similar w ;1 J '    as 1 -



, ', ~j ' 'HaS

backdrops and tilling


, 8 K Bw ■


Never rated Sonllj ever upm, or n

these - jet e load el tbel Ibere ea Ike Ml. Is Ikal a he Jest seme tiled e« >esiie

made exactly the y yi same mistake that

almost everybody    I

makes when they try SS’lWCflEX to copy the Super Khtno games - they spot the cute

graphics, they spot the hidden worlds, they spot the basic game structure, they spot the bouncy music, bul what they all somehow manage lo mss is me painstaking perfection of (hold on to your hats) the gameplay


In Mano games you never gel leaps ol laith, you never have to deal with things you haven't been previously introduced r a gentle, learning kind of way. you never gel killed by things that you didn't have a chance lo see beforehand. It's lun. lun, lun and a hard-but-lair challenge all the way. whereas Brian The Uon is ust irritating and aggravating and makes you bounce the (Oystek oh the wal m a screaming lit when you've made a smgte mistake, fallen oil a precarious platform to an ■ • uncertain death and been sent j back to the beginning ol a long

and tedious level lor the Uth time vi a row I speak from experience And m Mano games you don't joy battle your way hetocally through (wo worlds, defeat the boss and bCu look lorward to what s coming **next, only toImd that you have, in •5“ (act. completed the game. There are 38 levels xi Bnan The Lion (compared lo about 90 in Super Mano World), but I won't count ifa * - that as a flaw - I thunk most people !■)* will give up xi (lustration well

Dxtai, 11 1 about tkli growth oa i»f kaaa...*

® UPPERS Brian It a

gorgeous character, and the enemies all have personality aplenty. The scrolling shool-'em-up section Is especially pretty


stupid, crap, annoying platform game cliche you've ever torn your hair out over It present and correct here. II It's trying to be Super Uario World, It's about 60 levels short. And how came it can detect and utilise extra memory bul not a second disk drive Answer me that.


I started out quite liking Brian The Uon (It's as technically accomplished an Amiga platformer as I can remember seeing), bul as time wore on and I discovered more and more, the score just plummetled and plummetled. For Brian's take. I decided I d better stop 1 ft ~ playing It while II still had / " tome marks left.    Ik *




a ir at a belore Ihey run out ol game It r looks lovely So bloody what • STUART CAUPBELL

now entering... The Exactly The Seme As The A500 Version Zone.



Game: Heimdall 2 Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Care Authors: The 8lh Day Price: £34 99 Release: April

We re seemingly m lor a glut ol 30 isometne view RPG's and adventures So lar. we've seen me updated version ol Sabre Team A1200 (AP 35).

TTm Legacy ot Sortctl(AP36) and there s also the up and coming UFO: Enemy Unknown (previewed n AP36)

I was trying to work out Ihe appeal ol this type ol game me other day. knowing I had a review ol Heimdal 2 lo write Suddenly, as I watched the Coca-Cola Cup final, it came to me You know those supposedly sexy shots that the vision controller opls to change lo Ihe ones where you're right down there on the louchlme with the footballer1 Well, yeah it's a nice touch when the lodbaii that's gong on is largely inconsequential But when the ball's anywhere near Ihe hoi, I want to see what's gomg on round about that immediate area I want to see the bigger smal picture, it you like, rather than the penpheraity-limited view that the Sideline camera affords us. The isomeinc view is what the viewer expects it's part ol the football narrative it lets you see what's going on - who's positioned where, etc I lost oouni ol the number of limes I started shouting at the leleviston. ‘No. no, switch to the isometne view, you stupid (Controller' - Edf

So. what's the appeal oI the 30 isometne vnnr1 it's pretty simple you gel to see what's going on all around you. not


»*1M I NWM Ht> M too

had Kwa t»»«i' Me lea.

ISv    Jfs


ihe whole picture by any means, but cenamiy the relevant part ol the aciion as it happens And that's rather what Heimdal 2“S tke


The game is a 30 isometne (Are you being sponsored by 3D isometne - Long-Forgotten Gag) PPG puuler - one ol those games where a quesl is gmen lo your characters and they've got to do their besl lo solve il Without gotng too much into the ridiculously dumb plot. Ill cover the rudments o< what's required Lofcj (the

Ulfard il a lead o« l<]«d II fO*i b«(h lo At tim« wfc«n «*r piniU w€f« Tmr f rjndpjftnls.

puzzle like ihat by natural deduction would be A I had visited every other posstte location, and realised that the death room was the only one ol the 100-plus possible rooms left to give up a secret Then, and only then, would I have returned to that room to see if anything coiid be done


In essence, what I'm saying is tins: This game belongs to the "It this s the sort of game you fake then you'll like this kind ot game" school cl thought Adventurers and puzzle sobers will love it There's so much to do and so much to be discovered - a cornucopia ol tncfas, traps and tnte The biggest gripe comes m the shape ol incessant dsfa swapping, even with an exira dove added The tksk swapping is compounded by the need to regularly save your position it you know or suspect that some combat is on the way. a dodgy room is m the oftmg or whatever, then it's best to save It helps avoid unneccessary repetition ol actions

So. its conclusion time now I'm not gong to say rush out and buy this And I'm not gang to say don't rush out and buy this I'm rtoi even going to say buy this if you're not in a rush Al I'm going to say is that it you're into puzzles, dapper graphics and an absorbmgty stupid storyline. Hemxiall 2 is definitely wodh thinking about Beat m mind, though, that it's going to set you back £34 99. which m my book is tar too much lor what's on otter.


bad apple o< the Teutonic Gods Pantheon) has gone on the rampage In order to stop him. you've got to assemble together four pieces ol a magcal amulet Each piece is situated m a different world In eltect. your quest is broken down into sub-quests across the worlds Some ol them can be completed rather quickly, while others take skghtly longer than a tong time.

Unkke the ongnal Hmnxfs*. it's not a party ol characters that you control Rather, it's big dumb Hemndall himself and a rather cute blonde-haned Vaikyne (It you read the preview m AP35 you'll know that, rather comically, she walks like Shaggy Irom Scooby Doo) Only one ot

cnckens and pick up another one. it s added to the same slot with the other chickens to make Irve chickens The usual (unctions ot an inventory screen are here such as examine eat. drop, current health ol character and so on

these characters appears on screen at any one time, you switch between them usmg the mouse There doesn't appear to be any great reason for this, other than the lad that you can carry double Ihe amount ol equipment ot one character And it's wodh bearing n mind that if one of the characters gels inadvertantly killed, you lose all the equipment they were carrying (Presumably >1 just sort ol evaporates, or gels dissolved m all Ihe spilt blood, or something like that)

Control is pretty much as you'd expect The joystick is used to move the character iound about the screen, pick things up. engage m combal and the like The mouse is used lo access the inventory screen, a typical Dungeon Master layout with Ihe added novelty of being able to slack similar equipment in one slot - lor example, it you have lour


So what does the game play like, then

It's pretty slick Vou start oft in the Hail of Worlds and you're laced with a choree of several gateways to other strange tends Al first. this is pretty engaging and youl find youisell oohnq and aahng at the cutesy beauty ol the graphics, constantly returning lo the Hall of Worlds to check out other places Some at the puzzles and happenings seem a bit strange at first, until you start lo gel Ihe hang of what's going on For example, in the Druids Grove you come across a Jack-m-the-Green type character He begins to speak lo you until his patron god arrives When that happens, you're treated lo a Wayne's World ‘I am not worthy" joke trom Jackin-the-Green The God lumrshes you with information that will later prove useful Nat being a diehard Ian ot this style ol game. I have to admit  that Ihe storyline engaged me while some at the puzzles left me completely slumped One ot the rooms i visited seemed empty By accident, mote than design I managed lo fail oft both characters y1 Imagine my surprise when a beam ot light highlighted the tar wai ol the room The Goddess ol Death (or whoever) spoke to my characters and gave them a couple at artefacts that proved useful later on Now. I know for a tact ihai I would never have solved that puzzle ever The only way I could solve a

,"A rather cute* blonde-haired Valkyrie"

® UPPERS Loti of puzzle* ringing from the eioterle to the superbly simple. Prefly gripping In ■ mild-mannered, do you mind If I grip you kind of a fashion.

® DOWNERS The pries I can see no excuse for Ihe 35 quid Core expect you to pay.


Big. bold and beautiful. Engaging enough to smooth out any frustration lelt at the    "10'**

numerous seemingly    I U £

uniolvable puzzles.    I W ■


Thera are no plans yet A17 O 0 to Implement the game on the A1200


The Greeks and Romans did it to Europe and so did the Vandals. The British did it to the world. Now you can do it to the Magellenic Cloud. Apparently.

Game: K240 Publisher: Gremlin Authors: Graeme Ing &

Pete Daniels Price: £29 99 Release: Mid April

race against lime, a race to preserve your soul and destroy your enemy.

Just as with Sun City, you've got to build Build power plants lo power the mines that mine the ore that lei you build spaceships and missiles and as much ohensrve.’delensive hardware as you can afford Of course, as any expansionist dictator of grandiose all-conquenng exploratory plans wifi tell you. in order lo expand and grow you need intra-structure

Came companson number one lime Many ol the elements ol K240 resemble Sun City Everything relies on everything else As already mentioned, m order lo mme you need lo be able to sustain ihe hie ol your miners, protect and nourish, as hne a proverb as you can gel To do this, you need Ihe lour basics conducrve to survival, namely: power, air, food and

You know ihe song that the dwarves Irom Snow White and the Seven Dwarves smg when they're working. You've got to dig tkg dig dig dig dig dig dig DIG the whole day through"* Now it you substitute the word . dig' lor 'build' and ihmk build.

think build and think build again H you'll have obtained the correct  Irame ol mind to play K240 property It you think that sounds

V bonng. stay / Is with me

V i '    ™

rm ! / game s set r

/ i I an utmpk’fed

exterminate - the three t s that prove Es are good, as I believe is the popular conception these days

Exterminate There also happen lo be aliens out there From now on I II refer to them as Native Magellenieans Now. these Native Magellencans are the indigenous population ol Ihe sector Somewhat understandably, they re going lo try and slop MHf you in your colonial    ■MM

expansionist plans So. as soon as you start laying your loul 0HH  J ..    ,: *    ' ft* i- 4 8BBj B

Low«ly girl, you iMuld i«« h«r no«c.    J

Phuojr,    A

ih lAdf T






* at POE1W*


Who needs a 1200

/V,    - m Will you might. jull 10

~~~ w w hear the beautiful enunclationi of Tracey Parka (voice of lha computer), which la available to anyone (A50OS00 or 1200) wHh 1 meg of Chip RAM.

enough it's an important pan o!

Ihe game Unfortunately, ihe programmers have opted 1o msisl that you click on a little icon that looks like a return' key on a keyboard This means that no matter what you were Oomg before, you have to move the pomler to ihe return button and dick No matter what you were dang or where on screen your pointer a There's no keyboard cvernde Now. it may sound like a petty point, but when you consider that you re us! about always carrying out some (unction or other, it quickly becomes tedious and cumulatively time consuming Anolher annoying aspect is the control of singular spaceships Unless ihey'ie ei the hangar or moored vt a spacsdock. you have to dck on them while Ihey orbit one ol your asteroets it’s no great test ol skill, but it's tedious No getting away from it. mighty tedious


Oespite Ihe gnpes, I can lorgive the game At first I resisted It seemed too big and complex; the manuars over 100 pages long tor Hare Krishna's sake But no. the game pulls you n There's a nee tutorial at the stari ol the manual that lets you access the building and mmmg part You'll tart around lor quite a bit. but Ihe game itsetl starts teaching you what you should be doing; a progressive gameplay evolution it you like Hang around too long not doing anything and the Native Magelienicans will take care of you incidentally. d>d I mention that you have the option to choose from live different Native MageiiencansT Not Welt.

I just did. alright Each is progressively more difficult and requires different tactics in opposition

It s conclusion lime now. t love this game It's no great deviation Irom many of the god'Sim-cum'Slralegy wargames. but considering I've managed to resist those type ol games so tar. it seems la me an ever grander testament to Ihe playability of K240

I honestly tell like crying the first time I thought I was doing really well I had pul together a couple ol squadrons at spaceships and thought come on

Native Magelienicans, make my day' And you know something They did attack I witnessed a valiant delence by my home boys, the apples ot my eye But sadly it wasn't enough The Magelienicans whacked the space fleet and proceeded to bomb my Jewel m me Crown asteroid to rubble I was lorced to look on impotently Rest assured I will have my revenge I've booked two pages ol lips tor next issue It gives me an excuse to play K240 dunng office hours and that's definitely a good thing • STEVE McGILL

water Each asteroid can initially support Vb tor a limited amount of time After that, spending on the slate ot production you can choose to add extra Solar Generators. Hydroponics. Hydration Plants and air producing Life Support modules Assuming you've got the mix ust about sfa. production wilt be in lull swing rtke &m City you don I have to worry tfoul connecting everything up by road ml rail, that sort ot magically gels taken care Ol tor you.

By this lime. you'M have a load ol ore acred n a storage facility somewhere Every hundred days or so. a transport ship tom the Empire arrives It always amves d tie asteroid with the most mned and £ ed ore Sale ol ore. surplus to your tuning requirements, is earned out with he Empire ship Prices lluctuate. up and flown so sometimes it can be worth

speculating about the pnee you! be ottered That's the crux of the game - sel in order to buy things later on


I! also give a quick mention to Sci-Tek blueprints; they're related to the arrival of the Empire transporter. <e. it you purchase blueprints, they arrive with the next empire ship Aside Irom standard armaments and production tools such as Heittue Missiles and Napalm Orbs. Scout Ships and Assault Eagles, standard bore mines and deep bore mines, there's some really groovy equipment to be had The Sci-Tek button holds the snakey promise ol torbidden fruit, lorbidden by pnee that is Among Ihe many tempting technically exotic hardware bluepnnls on dsplay. check out the following multi-headed dnl bits to double the output ol all your mines, construction droids to help you construct twice as many ships as betore. Fleet Baltiesh ts that let you (Asperse your enemy like chad among human wheal etc etc Oh. and as a final mention what red blooded human from me other side ol the Magellanic Cloud could resist the allure ot the formidable sounding Seismic Penelrator Nol me Interlace-wise, you can place cons where you want, which helps undeniably Unfortunately, there are SMI some very annoying implementations that may drive you to distraction For example, throughout the game, information screens pop up 10 inform you of something that's happened or going to happen Fa<r

® UPPERS The hardware.

Ihe Involvement, the itrategy. Ihe worry, the peln. the decifloni, Ihe mind bending gameplay and most of all the aenie of power and the throat of losing If. IU fabby dabby doo.


The tedloutneu of some of the control aspect*. Daunting manual. Thrae Independent natives of Ihe office remarked that It looks dull: the graphics are functional No second bloodin' disk drive recognition.


I fael compelled to mention that this gams has a mighty gestalt. So many disparate parts that farm a collective game greater than the    5

whole or something like x J * that) It a good    till =





mm •


mm 0

*o 0) mm •







MB •



oh, the tension as we unwrapped the package...
















Here's a funny thing


Mm’Mm a

Game: Total Carnage Runs on: A1200 (all Other versions to follow) Publisher: ICE Authors: Black Pearl Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

A leaflet enclosed with Total Carnage oilers trie lucky purchaser, as well as a chance lo buy cheap l-shirts and posters. a competition "Wnle a review ol Total Carnage and you could win a com op ol ihe game*. <1 says Right I'm going to have a go It only look me 30 seconds lo gel contused by Amiga Total Carnage Alter loading it up. wmcng al Ihe dreadful atlempl al Ihe shoolmg eftecl on Ihe idle

screen, and selecting Hard' (nalch)

Irom ihe (rankly muwnaksl options screen, there was a r»sk accessing pause.


A butch bloke (either Captain Carnage or Mator Mayhem I'm nol sure which) appeared with a blood-red speech

bubble instructing me to PLEASE WAIT But then Ihe words Press Fire',« a slightly

less imposing khaki kind ol colour, seemed lo sneak on Irom nowhere al the bottom ot Ihe screen Whal a dilemma (Great cars, them - hang on, I don I understand ifxs /oke - Ed} Should I, it I mighi paraphrase The Clash al !h<s poeit. wail or should I lire’ I pondered lor 20 minutes or so. until Jonathan explained Ihe precise terms ol my contract, and then decided to get on with rt And yet somehow. my heart. I knew I was making a big mistake


When the AP boys (and on the occasion I do just mean the boys) lirst heard that Tour Carnage was coming lo Ihe Amiga and. more especially, ihe At200 and CD32 we were quite excited Attar loving the corn-op. we d all been a bit let down by the disappointing SNES conversion (as wall as by Ihe Amiga version ol Smash TV), and we were looking lorward to seeing it done in glorious 32-brl-o-vision. using a proper a-butlon foypad and everything and hopefully with all the blood and nasty bits that Nintendo wouldn't allow in the SNES game When will we learn, eh Witrvn three minutes the far-off glory days ol SNES Total Carnage seemed like ihe high poml ol our very lives.

Lei's start with the obvious stuff -whal s missmg The very lirst screen points to two absentees Irom the com-op -the maps and Ihe passwoid warps Total Carnage was (lo my knowledge) Ihe first arcade game ever to give you level




015100    .    .

t>B 3a *MT

l never thought I'd say this, but I realty Bunk Stuarfs gong soft n has old age l v« played the con-op and I've played tt*s and a'l hard to believe Biey're the same game I'm usng the term game' r its loosest possible sense ol course, because me most obvious Bing lading Irom Bus verson s any kind ol entertanment value It's (U and letharpc tor ages, and then it's mpossibly hard And then you die Truly Bus is the International Rugby Chaienge ol con-op conversions Avon! Avon Avoid • CAM WINSTANLEY


(L*M) Mm eras IihUi




!• IkM • iuJ

UPPERS The 4. speech Is good Vg


W similarity between this and Total Carnage the arcade game li purely coincidental.


A barbaric mauling of one of the moat entertaining eoln-ops of recant years. Halt of lt‘i missing, Ihe half that a there la all but unrecognisable, and Ihe other halt la - no. hang on. that * not right.

Purely aa a game It* pretty diabolical, but H you're specifically looking tor a conversion *1 O ~ of Total Carnage, take another 10% off this mark, i U “

pisswords. bul there are none here, either node ihe actual game iisell (as with ihe con-op) or as a trortend option You don'! gel any continues either


Th« colours are also a bit worrying, with tie bright pnmary yellows and greens of t* original bevig replaced lor Ihe most part by murky browns and dark greens It's not an auspicious beginning, but make Ihe most ol it. because things only gel worse As well as missing the level-jump warps, tie ones to all ihe secret rooms and bonus sections appear to have gone tor a burton Several power-ups (ihe speed-up bools, tie shield, and the drone, oil Ihe lop of my head) are nowhere lo be lound. and Ihe ones thai are tell have (heir individual graphical pyrotechnics reduced to being small round dots in different colours tor the afferent weapons

The first level cannon-fodder grunts can now lake up to three hits before dying, and when they do die. their stumbling, bleeding bodies continue lo stagger towards you. and are deadly to (he (ouch will the last drop ol blood has d&appeared Irom the screen All the baddies attack by wandering onto the screen until they're in a drect honzonlal or vertcal kne with you and then queueing up and coming at you m Indian fie. just like twy used to do m ail those old 2X81 games you typed n Irom magazines 10 years ago This doesn't make them easier lo shoot, though, because they're

(ipula (aiusa <ti e lew Jeep Sk rill a. Ha ho.

eght-hour day to get Iwo-thirds ol the way to ihe first boss, and I can finish ihe com-op in my sleep.

Disk accessing is tegular and ugly (and comes complete with the Please Wa t’Piess Fire enigma every lime) Overall pace is slow, much slower than the com-op Enemy vehicles don't blow up they lust have lots ol eiplosions supenmposed on them then drive oft the screen (I hate that) And when they do (dnve oft exploring. that is), sometimes you can walk through them, and sometimes they still kill you. apparently at random The collision detection s appalling There's an abort facility, but no pause (unless you simply don'1 shoot certain things, at which point the game wil quite happily sit there al day waiting until you do something)


Juit thinking about what this I* going to be like on Ihe A500 (quite serlouily cut down, apparently) gave me Kafka dream* tor a week and a half Don't wait up for II.

proportionally bigger than they are in the other versions (reducing your manouvenng space), and even as they die. their bodies block your bullets, hemming you into a earner taster than you can say ( Bother' - Ed) And this was alter switching back into so-called, sell-styled Easy' mode, too


There ate a lew bad-guy-relaled compensaiwis, though - several waves and typos of enemy and enemy weaponry are also AWOL irom Amiga Total Carnage, including the deadly pink paratrooper things and the homing missiles Cheers The game knows how haid it is. though - there are tons ol extra lives scattered around all over the place, which is always a sure sign that something's gone hombly wrong *1 the gameplay department The programmers haven t bothered making the game diftcult m terms of clever enemies, unpredictable atlack patterns or whatever - they ve usl made lots of bis where it's simply not possible to avoid losing several lives (like the first appearance of ihe mutant axemen m level one), then thrown out a tew f UPs as compensation I thought we'd led that kind ol design behind years ago. but then I realty ought to know better by now It took me an entire


There's a bit in level one where the screen blanks lo access the disk, you come back m a completely different area, and you're actuaty slanting on top ol a mine (boom, bye-bye another irreplaceable Me) There's a two-player mode, but the second player can only jom *1 Irom the menu screen, not during the game How much of Bw do you want lo hear0 It's awtui Don 1 buy *

But hey, let's finish on a high note There're a couple ol tunny bits in Ihe manual I'll give it Irve percent    .

lot recognising a Iwo-buiton lOypad (and sensible coniroi in general), and live percent lor Ihe speech The i, rest ol the .


score is for the H game    _

The only thing i s got in common with Total Carnage is the name


Mero'i e biu, bm cam yam ipM *a EXACT pile* E«I illE M poll


at AP central. He

loves them.

Another luloq, It.n . pLiee It a li.i. I.n before I cr.fhed. Oe i.

10 It.. Off ■II Ike ID jrepklci, ikere'i oil a...ei ol l.tereill.i exterior elewi. He ace lfel> ainklp.

v ■ i

—]    , •-


Poll apocalyptic Pahl Where are Ihe car* cannlballaed Irom '57 Chevlee Where are Ihe scary dude* In hockey matkt Thi* sotting i u«l no! credible. War game, atralegy game, adventure - tt's all ol them and they re all a bit naff, a bll Ilka Ihe third film with Tina Turner.

















Game: Armour-Geddon 2: Codename Hellfire Runs on: A500, A1200 Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Paul Hunter. Steve Riding, Andy Ingram. Price: £29 99 Release: May '94

Hmm I can see lhi$ game gelling huge marks in other mags simply because it s tag and looks good, and reviewers are prepared lo give it Ihe benefit ol Ihe doubl However. I've played il lor lour days now and still find it contusing, and no game should be that user hostile in concede that it's tag and that by only completing about a third ol Ihe 20 odd mtssons. I'm bound to have missed out on loads ol exciting things that happen laler on, but the simple truth s lhal I tmd if infuriating to play I hate designing something and then being told there aren't enough minerals lo build it I hale having to lind the EXACT point of an enemy base lo park my lank so lhal

it'll have been captured by my side What's wrong with ust getting armour into Ihe general area (you know, wilhm a yard, say) I'm annoyed by the constant a<r presence ol the enemy if they've got so many planes, why don’t they usl bomb me into oblivion It looks good, it's vast, and I'm glad that III never have to play it again Picture the scene - It s Ihe postapocalypse year 2063 and an uneasy peace exists between the hornbly mutated surface survivors and the clean skinned bunker-dwellers As you can imagne. the mutants hate the underwortders because (hey haven't had than DNA ravaged by the nuclear holocaust ol 1997. and the underwortders m their lead-lined bunkers hate them upstairs because they're eky to look at. with hands growing out oI their heads and teeth running along their forearms, or should that be four arms  Hoo-hoo. nothing like a good mutant gag. I always say

The original Armour-Geddon (API, 87*) was based around the first conflict between these two. and you had to race against the dock lo pick up the parts of a neutron bomb to use against the mutants, otherwise they'd unleash particle beam death from the Hellfue SOI satellite orbsting the planet The sequel's set 70 years later, when it's just been discovered that the Hellfire satellite's still up there and just needs a battery charge and oil change Once again (ta-da-da-da-daaaa'l!) the race is on


But wouldn't you us! know it Your people have been on a constant war looting lor seven decades, but they haven't got enough weapons or lactones to launch a lull scale attack In all that time, they haven't got round to developing vehicles past the lightly armoured, poorly armed, gas guuimg' stage, or worked out how to manufacture cannon shells that do mote than plop pathetically into the

strontium-laced sand 30 metres m front of your tank So you not only have to grab enemy lactones, but also develop and build weapons agamsl the dock It's a crap premise, and the review dock starts taking down Irom this pomt.

You start oft wilh a base and a few feeble vehicles The game's mission structure starts you oft on a simple task and builds up lo all-out combat and space rocket construction Along the way. you capture enemy lactones and mines, build mote weapons and expand across Ihe map Mission one's simply lo capture an unguarded enemy base, but even this highlights many ol the strengths and nearly all the weaknesses ol the game

It you want a vehicle to have a chance ol surviving on the surface, it needs to be wen developed with powerfj weaponry so BSD is task one You usl choose an item (eg light tank, teleporter, min-missiles) assign some scientists to the Ob and then wail until they get developed from stage one (low range, power draining, heavy] to stage three (light, tuet efficient, powerful) before going




Tilth.    lw Hldh;

lurii at txahtadt-

CaU Re lm tat Chanel rrmw i by haA.

(■••■In aad I

mrr i

S4k tcarvci aw4 Intan

leu «*4 Ilf ki. ]iui

Tki bMmrIe kB Imm

Rdww. TeSy be etaftri

weaaeaa >Maia, etc.


Nijhi fails •«trv (til niflilEi of ie, wfctch is a real draj, bccjHii h l«is darli aad


TkaBhlfllly, with Bijhf visioa i«ar,

fll CAB

dH«« oa all ihfOBffc ih« ihorl ilfll

® UPPERS Smooth 3D and enough missions to keep you going (or agei. Teleporter* uve you driving mile* aerotf dMarti and a hao player aerial link option adda lo game life.

on to build it it's easy to use. and it's also completely bonng

Another task is to supply the production plant with raw matenals from tie mines Looking at the tactical map. you can see the position ol the main baselactory complei as a green blob, but it took me ages to realise that there's a mine right rant to it Wouldn l it have been sensible to colour mines and bases diltefent colours9 I think so To In a supply route you drag the mouse Irom mine lo base a distance ol some two pixels in this case), and they link with a pulsing line Fascmaimg


You can then manufacture anything you've researched (providing you've got enough raw materials, ol course) and launch up lo sa vehicles onto the batilefietd at any one time Each vehicle has equipment mounts onto which you can bolt weapons, night sights, cloaking devices or fuel tanks, and tien you're ready lor war

in an extremely prelty 3D polygon desert II you're in a tank, you trundle

across rt. it it's a hovercralt you nse slightly as you start the engine and then cruise across o. and it you're in a plane, you can sail over it and frequently crash mto it. so lop marks lor the 3D modellers

What do you do m this terrific 3D landscape9 Welt, you dnve around (obviously) and marvel as the colour lades from ihe scene and right falls. Then you either switch lo your night sight and contnue to drive through an eene green darkness, or you curse your lack ol image intensification and sit m the darkness getting bombed until dawn

It you've got your missile systems selected, then they automatically blast away at air threats, wheh leaves you tree to Tap ground targets with lasers, shells (which are a bit useless) or rockets It you're m ihe air. you can strafe enemy armour with unguidad rockets, or bomb them, although I found this ternbly hard. The combat s son ol souped-up flafflezone. but the added complication detracts from stalking your enemy rather than adds to the enioyment It's just so lull of targets that I was led thoroughly

contused. You're never sure which enemy to shoot at next, there's just so many ol them out there

Come to think ol it. 1 was contused by the entire game, as it really doesn't seem to know what it's supposed to be The RAD and mining elements make it seem very strategic but you can't implement these strategies without battling your way across the surface m Ihe 3D sections The fact that you've got Six vehicles to control's battling as wall. maxVy due to a particularly ineffective waypomt-basad automatic pilot that's supposed to allow all six craft to function simultaneously


The waypoints are hard to use because there's no clear map ol the game area, only the hornbfy cramped tactical map I mentioned earlier, and a pretty rotating map showing enemy armour and planes Pretty useless that is Like I said at the beginning, expect other reviews to mark it high because they think it'll be good once you gel mto it but ignore the tact that you probably won't want to Trust us on this We re professionals • CAU WINSTANLEY

® DOWNERS Muddled

and unrewarding combat, dull research section, cluttered and confuting map* and relenllea* enemy attacki, even in Ea*y mode. The waypoints are hard lo *at. the overview map s a waate ol time and controlling tlx vehicle* at a lime doesn't work it all well.


Being complex and tactical. It'* tori of Carrier Command tor the 90a, complete with Hash graphic* and load* ol great vehicle*.

Unfortunately ll'a difficult lo get Into and even harder to Hick with, and my heart goes out to whoever'! got to play it to write 100 word* in Ihe On The Other Hand' box. One lor Frontier and Csmptlgn 2    *>w    

tana everywhere,    n I    ■

methmba     J j    —


Slightly smoother 3D ■ j —> r, rj bits, poaaibly a tad Inter all round, but still tadloua to play and Incrsdibly hard to get Into. Not lor me.




And! Your personal problems expunged In

The Leal Resort 68-69

(Adventuresoft, AP34,


In the Itadtional manner ol subsequent-issue two-pan solutions. *e ve elected to conclude this two-part solution o< Adventuresott s Monkey isfand-iasiic il a little nauseating) latest - having ust swiped the beer barrel from the bar. worn the beard and used the password Beer to enter the mine as we did last month

Give the barrel to the dwarf, use ihe leather on the sleeping dwarf and pick up the key Go up and west into the mine Smuggle mto your possession the hook hanging over the bridge open the door with the key. inform the dwad msde that you have an offer lor hart and hand over Ihe voucher Go lo Ihe dragons cave, use the hook wiih ihe boulder above, go up.


and use the magnet-on-a-rope with the hole three limes to gel the gem Go back to the dodgy geezei and leu him that you w* exchange the gem lor 20 gold pieces Climb the vnes downwards northeast ol ihe crossroads and otter Gollum the Slew lor the hshmg rod Give Ihe shopping list to the shopkeeoer back at the village and buy the white sprit and the hammer

Go to the bar and give the gold to the wizards, and then visit the talking tree lisa the white spirit on the pink splodge and m thanks the free wilt ekcit you with some magic words lo help you fight the witch Back at the v»Uge. open and clime into ihe cardboard bon wtieh has appeared outside the shop Leave the bo. when you aie next m control, and mow t

Gillette may be the best a man can get, Heineken might refresh the parts other beers cannot reach, and maybe there is no quicker than a Kwik-Fit fitter - but for tips and cheats you can’t surpass the monthly advice of Rich Pelley. (Except you can with a Nissan, - Ed,)


Simon Sarcaiar    56

Bubba n' Stlx    56

Laltura Suit Larry    57

Cannon Foddar    58-61

Juriixic Park    64-65

pIciMd lo 1€« Bl' Joke



liaf ocrvfi as artmrtrwic ■> new

ft kits rev ew d know me story Cam a ha* teretmtooH but tam ol g Se’ T k. W Warn - Wtiba ettortidng next month


PaBXKMd - vx£P)UGa

PuMi <aai iha aoriW. twe Sri <" •whole batfitfetop oi tw red banal, dz, rmve left to tie Creature Dam'at ar-a tw a Red Monster Whap hen one lhal yjroe vis the Tryi ne switeb one turn macn «*"* true Ihe ins; iaFiww tc jrth sle sw-tch two end

the Bouncy M'r-s'er to >each me second -jmW'O h»s Scoop «eur WMM before ziirn ucmg yeuieal to aw

At Telepart Central you tee tost Ke zonae ft, 2. 14 end $ - you started at A) axe at yav macn «t aw For now track Wfl rmp the and knock cd the monitor on e your way to the C mature m* bo*e before usetg anothet to me wwpooer Goto 2 monster* to aw gnt ksv you leech aw M* Monsaei Up. led end use teach two to deectwaw one c* the seomiy door*, tewpori beck to 4 end from here to 3 Skateboard to the nght we» waptng <* at me -as! mnu; The Oopenser yvee you a Beech Bet Creature ne «to Bw tetopone« end go to 4 end ute 4 Wftptettomn Headngwone order a Fyng AM>" from toe Oscense*

to reach

Hawiq u toman tc &. -jt nght and [imp up to pew* a Knack aid aw Ry*~j aiwn and Mw» -niM Hr awKP owe lo activate the mmrmq uui*towr is jm you la r-a ptadonn above wit Depress s—trh m»aa to aen ofi the security (taor. and making Sure the Ahea it m tow. lolepod 08 to 4 and dwn 3 Use sad altar lo negotiate aw pkmfcrm to the wh and again lo Url ut rw etoetoc held wtvwt you head upwards de-securty ate doors ■ the Wt! and ratam to 4 UM iko Beech ftai la hart kxh tna Snookai BaS CnetKia Irrm nw uppermost ten ckattorm and toWport me pee ot you to 2 Prod the Snooket Bal Creature iefewisdi taioi k luma berth tween ana on and aw fjwk on. laiewt the Sneeuer Ciaaiuia tram me ted and ism wb so that he aets Monster Two Ctmte a hr lens you roach a tuck c* battels, hd (be Id oi me tap one aod ni a. The uni caiaa a Hrbbw at gas - jump on to if to fam at Swrteh Thiea and awiacta Ifca lan anva Mix tra banal again. sumo rw the cxrt*W ml the tuna dusk ana crawl wrwn rwcaisary aa you near toe i-vp Mena ogle ■r order >u deactivate me trial Sacurry Swlcft laWpdrt beck la 4 ana art


Password KY570J&«.‘;t

Cxi-naa youi fra umc win me talma rock xacsxag at tre jva and coxna wh >’oul name la m me wrka Dww« uou> twin and tot <anw i-u-m -—- t. ™ eating ,causing an asmo. akai some way along the j ,ne At tfw teyhiiucw nuoga too writ toe* urxr tna li<e spout ene you’ll tw ate* to roach me ock sal Make rcgnt i using Sin r tna news wnura nacassaiyt tael yeu roach toa mamnq rorxs rs Ihe Wve Mw Cano (tee, f.mo to the M and Cnrliraw to trw car. kaapirai » wmcrt'J eye out ler aiaixdilai end knocking trw Id of


'»* to tee    enter. m*f<> Fawn

•1.1 and «*ii tea


C»*toa Imi b«nMK iterator and *w» on the Honeymoon Sute • ten 3oc< wtoi tea heart Tom a* tea sxko mson ■» iMfcar gw oa ihe corrmaroal

issB-aeaai iih tr* m«jw mc* down

and. >< anturn 5»-W y6ur way up to

illqhly tta ttoac <Ek tea aieia


*i< far tr-e WTf ar»3 fw*d ove* a doAar Read a megwxw bom tee radr male Oil a Mia o aim nan tea ian wtoi am SutcfM UBa MM QhI 8*5-8969 oft ■» f*ora back ouisato T/tHaMOi

cl to tea liaanp ini «Mtl you ar« aaitog tei ika phone if, tmg brows* «tw* HP ar*at apart Whan <i does

«**• jau «o*ad from the ccrnmeroai (J4 S»! wid aniatotoig accotdopy Cab back to to* Caano


Hbji ma aa. aia de B-a amgun Cat aa rcpa via; rat kntle aag fhe iota ami gembla nnai — rms ai laacrt SAC ITtie ma rn« tout! nek is <b Laity's


Sa<S t« Mat ftookir * :«jbi fpataoifb s” *8; ara/av* j." :»■ ibi in oi ill M «eai og lyarlir aid. at agtaa la gc ix tea nay Taka na ante era wMka a eaaay anga olSBa wwm walk Id ihe nofi oi the lira uacam arr- •><: toe "jpa ic you* *au at nan tc uan tna hammer iq iai im pit Jnlw ma ooa get ta/ft using ina lie-try iitxai la tra left sirne eel ha (tin mo ct! sc lha oseio


Fte* eignl oat* l> toe >imZ3Sl.

;!t star « les y,ss£ am - - age ra/ietwion Cj mw -H«r '“s gtia dibs It* Stolon sb to oni «mi* oflnT*j «* ;aa: sail w irw elevator or me nn. rear* tee ;ios: Taw rtIUte at*! -lad-tail (he -jo* UIMe al s-a */t ip t/n rect ice usragns. taw mi he* itarmvg eat me laflasFb K» a ektarei wBla.T r* minat)

■fat :-*« net ijh give aia issAa to En and


Trsu mayii gal rjr eva* by a tee lamnttaw. so -•jeiitarjia *c taftfat Mow dm tut apnea, sc a «ip ar i-nvaqp. drfl post it to

Complale Control.

AMIGA POWER 30 Monmouth Strati.

Bath BAt 2BW

(K)xx, BAP)

I ra Jin-ma tbat Vaguaoi Tba Last f;rs;a aacP inrailh can pithy accurately be tended nao caiagone* enffusuaw pbAaranrocMA sam-tootmt M/grnt tow aw (totting tea stera abaejtt aw! adiana panaris 3uk-Magrrwg taa Mat gnu llhsw wne ucatey nw tawrg atsn c tiuucw.

I haw vteo ancoM mta aac! wa laiato */• '« M ma Laaum Stx immy i-kjyar - a atari tahe lima m ny eeaing a goad ten at lathi towt a atwft. repnal  Rato — tee /atear grs) itsa t«a««y aaiuat) Ifcjnaay totom iwm "tyaxi-teem and teeyi go away'. > anaa ar»ay» told. Oat with ma anmtnaei ta i B la ft tna gama ai    total. I toe/ ar

ona/atd H at guana atmti irtwi! ad P«ey aerie taa:


Ooee tta ocu< and chaok cut is h«*rtg unde* tee mart Sa or tea emc*v anci

to) order ■» eterVry En terevgn ter oy* te* r*u»r <y T4 room ! iia»e noto o* tr» moose haatfl ard y ■.! i ■-■ s rose ‘'om ire taoto «* tee room ta lha la* Eisnasga jsut efSiaky ter the iaaaaiu csnltol wee tea druak aw epaa iha m ra me -gts SM fl» Ihe Intol It a jpilann liran ol trna end eaemna tea snk Jtar a eiamsua rmrj . nwror (to MB total juu aaL ’ty lc> • me), and tea Mil (to* a« p,*o *«xo iXen sen nta jf. Oa»T lutk me totlai.

•n ana gum tea nan c«e»QB tea Boo tc te* ngra Vde ol aba loom lha Btisrwrrt you JUM pCMd up

Tarr on tea TV wte tea iamoE Cortes/ and <aap chanting chama/ ie*ai tea Pimp n rttaiealed eoougb to some or. oiai and Mkte and ytw can rvak* a ra* lot 4 hpaton Pam) tamotoi,. * van tra hoailt. pOEXei tea candy Soar tee tebie end canb at lha sivton ttik tra maieaum rtiiiaeu to tea ad ol tea f-ra B=apa. ptcS us ma rur/nn arm ti.ate 9id oi tea or Wan 0 aait you - rted and nail a cao in tea stfinr

ol harms way Look al the pile ol 2te$ . adding the spall book and tat bone ciW, are uncovered lo your inventory lha the paper with the door, tee rat bone me kxk and pick up the paper Use .uy at the lock and open the door Pick up the bucket and go down the pry to bag the mints and tlamaig bands kfcrtg lo the Druid and remove the ring toioia ra-argagmg m conversation and in tn uS«ig the bucket and darning brand on vti. Open the Iron Maiden, walk into it m *=*! When you are able lo pick up tee tori.*** Irom the hog use it to saw the ton and escape Open the witch s house feor grab the broom and tight - it is. as d probably imayne m these cases -P&i&y worth saving here Use the mage ds to metamorphose. ALAKAZAM into r.snaka, HOCUS POCUS aiio a cat ABRACADBRA into a mouse and SAUSAGES into goodness knows-what Upon winning the witch changes into a nagou - whch is your cue to mouse up nap and scurry through the hole between »cii*air and the cabinet

Go see the Druid, he ll ask you lor xme irogsbane. and tee place lo go tor iuasbane when you want some, is the iphng s house Move tee boi aside, ihe hap door descend, use the iwvner on the loose plank, go east and have it away with that trogsbane - the id will now eachanga te; tor a potion Uto the -limbing pm on the hole northeast mite east ol the dragons' cave, talk to the an then eat the mints Northeast, .salk to door, use bloom, dnnk taken, pick up leal, look at bucket, pek up Pone go west, pick up seed and return to «<yc Use the hair on the tap. stone on


fVay an apoia inew ina man m tea dn pail infMjn *»■ aur-biino araa anc Jtob fcvl l«a aah nav may or *« s=* mnma or BiaotoacS uving tea CJma wtvnavai wr. tnr. jam rtortay taking a cab in ma dace wr*»- w*, have wor ma tw rue aArtn


Shew your Atoiabsrshto *ro enter Jem the angto gu*. sinbi uy a nersareaiw jw ana a iifca iq darse &: •srrn and pnAr lha rng. caray rase and ai SlSB When aha haa nut na< b*-j mate ftoui ax) gc a ten

the seed and oil on the lap and pick up ihe han Take the boat west and scoop up tee tadpole Irom the water Talk to Ihe trog and agree that this tadpole ■$ going to get k Eat the mushroom, and pick the branch from the tree Open the door - east twice once through Use the branch on the desk and abscond downstairs with spear and shield lo use the tatter with tee skull at the lop ol the screen Pick it up. along with the chest to the right, move the lever, use chest on block, move lever twice, get candles, go up twice Take pouch trom bed. wand trom table, sock liom floor and book Irom nghi ol screen Use the latter with the sock having previously opened the lormer Now use it on ihe mouse hole, and go upstairs Pick up the chemcats and then the red book Open the thing and douse the shield with the chemicals before placing it on the hook Downstairs, ask the minor to show you to the lab on tee lop floor Talk to the demons (upstairs) three bmes and then go to the teleport upon their departure Now switch oil your computer and go outside and play m tee fresh an loi a change

tea pee when you coma to it. Bv menq tee oar and atogging oat tea MM to the all once only, you will t.'*j teal oar* at tea ppa the car to bapainir ; la tkaaen down lha blue btob tor you Whao it haa an ao uaa too BtoA la hruxto up -i> ppa Exsy when you ama now

Vou raappaar m an aiaa mUi aavan fludhai One ■ ll wih the wvar at tee par*, iha others at areas A to E aa indcatad ao ibe mac to reach T«se you mj-j v tea Alias Zee Keaeai up ao that ha diaapoaan up tea ppa and *o*ow rwn f'n.-jr New la >aac*i area A taka tea ppa iteuch takes you to i** room contanr i banuaea and ar ama lie Eaitiog tea ioem wrt aoptoa* you n a rubNe atomng trom pent ana to paint tea on lha nap. bat he*o*e tin you mutt piara Sin » (ideated on the map Now aa you reach inn top ot tea CuOOtos 'eras Sti lo tom tee bubble and let you out Tba fnat lavat it otoout tea second »tectodad bahterl i door - jimp on tea head ol lha (ptoan vywggyy a*ant lo reach tea antoch to span a

Araaa B and E are iiinpi* ta enough ai them fie v D actuate «/-p o/< tea ada el iha staring piatfatm bit Mid tea 18 rasaa hip. ra-eper ma door with Ski who you wd Ina luma nki what leetoi Irka a giawa tauaagt Hat taa barm Id normal whan you reach tea aaalch banaate the graan Itatnal Aiaa C la a Da of a Mas though. ump onto ina moving utaplaakkCh na nghl tala to in* wna Vou ■toad to reach the other Me. but twwara ol tea toa bill aterch a pc on ana trraam fOu whtoi you ve got aboto Nal way Uaa tea pnaig balk aa a pUMaas »reach a hr* tor Sin teach drops gtoa on a Midi la lha nqm Gat up to tba tafp on tea root above tea steal el tfua wa anctoiar aaf of balk, aiaa tea nxai aaih taata pit lha fnat tovar er tea n-gn a/afeam and aie imough the hnatal you baepr tna

kvto tirough



Fed up of biting arctic winds or glaring desert sun Completely bored with plucking slimy leeches from your nether regions as you wade through a tropical hell In the third part of his four part guide, Cam says goodbye to these hostile climates, tunes into The Archers and goes all rural. Why, even the underground bunkers are air conditioned.



Phase 1

From now on. il's worth remembenng that linng rockets at enemy turrets won t always destroy ttiem Often they can only be destroyed by another turret or a tank Bearing this in mind, head right as qwekly as possible and cross the river Head up to the front ot the bunker (1) and get the turret 10 shoot at you After a shot or two. the door will tly oft and after a lew more shots, the turret vwtl succeed m blowing itseft up Click directly on the turret across the over and open lire on the teep as soon as you can 2), then get out and blow up the hut (3) before splitting the team Send one man down to shoot the rocket launcher (4) and then get fi the turret to blast its enemy counterpart Mission over, and 15 new recants for you.



Phase 1

Shoot the launcher (t) and then blast the two turrets (2) with grenades Head over the bridge and go left, but (3) BEWARE THE MINES1 Get the helicopter and marvel r the destructive possibilities of unlimited heat seeking rockets 4J as you destroy everything arid everyone

Phase 2

Get m the jeep and prepare to play cat and mouse drift the helicopter You've got to orcle the enemy turrets (1) :r*I they either blow themselves up or catch a stray rocket Irom the Chopper, but at the same time avced gelling caught ei the blast The choppef »4 ixiund you ‘or about thirty seconds, but as soon as it leaves you atone dash over to the landing pad (2) and blow it up on the ground After you've taken out the turrets and the helicopter, bombrng the huts and mopping up is easy


Phase 1

Head left as soon as you start, and walch out for any soldiers lurking near the hedges Go and p«k up the chopper (1) but steer clear of me farmer, as he n shoot a you but you can'1 kit him Fly over to the clearing (2) but watch out lor the spnng loaded spike when you get cat Pul one sotdaer m the tank, and simply keep moving ooa' the screen Wasting the three turrets and the bunkei

Phase 2

Swim nght and shoot the entremely well camouflaged rocket launcher (1) and the sheep Stnctty speaking, only the sheep by the badge is dangem-c-s it eiplodes. you see) but the other one deserves to die lor not gaeng you any sod ol warning Head up and destroy the hut. then Shoot the rocket launcher (2) before getting in the Chopper

Head over to the clearing (3) and pound the area with bombs before landing The enemy lire so quckty that unless you're very lucky, some of your squad w»l get Shot before you get in the turret, but once you re there,  ust blaze away at everything

Phase 3

Get m the chopper, land near the houses (1) and leave two guys there before getting the rest of the squad Ss!e and airborne Hop into the turret (2). tire oft a shot at the enemy turret and hop out again before return lire wrecks it





z m-

JtM 1 * Q ;

. • ' -    ■ r ”

f    £&

Wander over to ihe bunker (3) and destroy ■r -Tvsr> the turret, walk over the lend bridge and stand by Ihe S'de ot the real bodge (4) Front this pomt the jeep can t gel you. but you can grenade that tittle sucker

That iust leaves live iiut (5). and the tank (6) which you can probably get with one ot the two turiets (7). If the tank c out ot range, position the helicopter to lute it »*>

»n ambush


Phase 1

Take out the two rocket launchers (f) and then grenade the doors (2) Send one man <c>»g the room (3) to kill the launcher, but BEWARE THE MINES1 Send the other guy to get th» extra grenades (4) and destroy Ihe door, then link up and

Phase 2

Swim imough ihe slime and climb the ladder belore blowing the door

(1)    it you go to the tat lett you'll see a wen guarded lout star general power-up

(2)    wheh e pioteeled by a

blast wan You'l be seeing more ot these guys, and the only way to get past tr-.tm if. 10 use tour rockets Or grenaCfsor 'horn so that they drop down mto r- ir-zr Anyway, to complete me lev* shoot your way to Ihe turret (3 and blow olf all the steel Ooo's


Phase 1

Blow the door of Wt- house next to you. and then cross the river (11 Head along ihe road, then charge the isur-cher (2) belore grabbing the tank and wrecking Ihe hut (3) Blast the barn cade acr-it tm road, shoot the launcher (4). the hoi.-se

and then the hut (5) Once everyone's dead, the hostage wet wander over to your lank, so head down to thn bndge (6) and get everyone but one soldier out This is just a precaution so Ihat it the tank gets blown up as you take out me turret, you don't all die Cross over th- land bndge to ths Red Cross lent and shoot the tasl hartJTo-spol launch**guy to faiiSri off yet another ;-*,ccessful mission


Phase 1

Right, as you've picbanly gueseec me previous few uweso't nave <ay bean ►


out ol doors with alarming regularity) and conserve ear 1 and every grenade and rocket as it it were your last carter ol orange )uce on an extremely long tram journey

Send a single sokfcer without bombs to the turret (1) and destroy the enemy turret and the door Bring everyone over to the first blast door (2). but BEWARE THE MINE1 just before i Blow the door ooen. then

boosting up your troop reserves, so we're back to a major league, war of attrition set of phases a gam On this one. you ve got to move very fast (as the enemy spring





■» jj







position the squad usl in front of it Spin oil one sokfmr and pul him in the lurtei (3) so he can blast the door and enemy turret and (her go and pick up the extra rockets (4)

Jom the squad up and Open the next blast door (5) So you can rescue tne first hostage and get yet more rockets, and then go to the shme pit (6) to pick up the next hostage and open the double set of blast doors

Send just one soldier over lo shoot his way to the turret ( ) and blow both doors at the top and bottom ol the room, and then continue your one man crusade by leaping m the next turret 8] and taking out the tmal door Once you ve mopped up any survivors. Simply wheel the hostages in and let them meander their gentle way over to the lent

Phase 2

Have you ever been hassled by drunks in the street alternatively trying lo be nice to you through a drunken ha2e and then getting all

o9P9 o

■ agSr

abusive when you won t give them any money0 Well it s all recreated here n perfect detail, and the really annoying thing is that even though you've got loads ot bombs, no conscience and unlimited ammunition, you can 1 go on the rampage Killing the scroungers is a definite no-no, but their empty odor bottles can kill you extremely dead, so etlher avoid them and run up Ihe map. or get in the car and try not to run them over

Dash up the steps and thm the baddies down as much as possible by lobtwig grenades over the wal. then send the boys in to the turret and blast Ihe three bunkers And it really is as simple as ihai

Phase 3

There's lots of running about and no real set way to do this one. so I'll ust lell you where everything is. You ve got to rescue the three hostages (1) and take them lo Ihe Red Cross tent (2) and the simplest way of doing this is to use the helicopter (3). Grenades are more valuable than rockeis smce you can throw them over wails, but should you want more rockets, there are two pods lying around (4) Apart from the soldiers dashing about the other mam obstacles are the turret (5). the jeeps (6) and the rocket launcher (7) but as long as you know where ihey are. they're all easy to gel nd ol II you fail to complete this level first time, you realty are a sad loser

Phase 4

To quote Joe from Reservotr Dogs, there s two ways you can go on this - my way. or the hard way It you thmk you're immortal then simply head over to Ihe right as quickly as you can taking casualties an the way in and all the way back again This is not clever, itvs i$ net advisable, and th>$ is certainty not my way

Clever people will head over io the left, grenade the door and then put one guy m me ieep (1) They ! then send that one guy leaping over me slime, hurtling through the chicanes and then jumping the gunge at ihe oiher end (2) They'll gun down the guards, stop lor the bnelest moment as the hostage leaps aboard and then speed back to me tent (3) as quick as they can Oh yes

Phase S

It's a tough one this, isn't it° And. at the time ot going to press. I've only got the vaguest notion of how lo do it How come you've got so many guys0 How do you diop al those blast doors0 How come the tanks gel you what ever you do. and shoutdn 1 there be something like a fat juicy rocket hong helicopter lying around somewhere0

AH these questions and more will almost certainly be answered m nexl month's startling rxmduskxi to C&nnoti Fodde< Probably • CAU WINSTANLEY

P o w

Concluding our two-part guide to the monolithic JP, we cover all the dingy, er

sorry, dinghy bits, and do some more of those fabulous 3D bits as well.

I reckon that I must have done something to upset Stuart or Steve F or even our new editor Jonathan. Chris Lloyd did the smart thing and left us before he got given any more Jurassic Park tips to do.

After reviewing this game. I never ever wanted to see it again in my life ever. But, contrary to good taste and well balanced judgement, you lot went out and bought it in aroves. Okav. so I pretended not to be bothered After all. they wouldn't expect me to do the tips would they Would they Guys Blimey, alright then, but don’t expect me lo talk to you for the next three issues.

■« cifltlll not !• I All off H TOO d«cid« 1 coilaci (k< firsi aid krt. To nil die.



Head south men west, until you come across a turning Now go north to the nver and follow ii westwards Head South, then take the path round, back to the rivet Go back southwest along another section d the water, south, southwest, along the path, north along the path and lind the dnghy It's easy lo Imd, so no slacking Neil. throw yourself into the water and dimb on to the raft Follow the flow ol the nver east pass under the bridges and continue east Try not la gel caught on me nver banks and islands

kit lies, alight the dmghy and make lor try south nver bark

Once oft the dnghy head south ana walk down the steps, southeast and wail on the oulcrop south ol the watedaii You will see me dinghy approaching once it has taken me torrents ol the watedaii when it rs near gel back in. lot low the rvr east and the exit won't be tar

One. located, jootp lo 1h« dla,ky quickly YmII jui coiau If you don't.


Continue with the mer flow, east After passing the place where the bridge was. keep lo Ihe south liver bank whenever possible When you arrive at the narrow section ol the nver wheie me first aid




No password (accessed via first dinghy section)

Follow the nver easl until you come lo l~« island with a mown sensor on it Guide me dnghy to me west ol the island and gel out Activate the mown sensor and . unlock ihe lence gale Climb back m me boat and go around ihe island anticlockwise. Ihen north between me tw: islands and head lowards the lowest section ol the north bank

Once back on ground go southeast acioss the bndge west along the nver bank as tar as possdXe, south and tone* the lence round until you come across the gate Go on through    jw


Descend the steps south

l« (jfiial th*f lk« diijfeT doaia'i iLarl 10 drrfl my from f*»«.





trm. ;>nd a path «tofcage which lAnrts wist Follow this path around and go north unfil you come across a s-hjOnw pit Push r* Stock to clrr* the steps and once at M lop activate the motion sensor and

gate and reunite with Tim and Lex This is a good point to pul the kettle on and give yoursel! a congratulatory hug


unlock u- fence gate

Down the steps, west, southwest, wsl through the fence gate, cross the t>-dg§ north to the mar


The start ot me level reveals your companions Throughout this level vetooraptors win ump out at you The best way ol dealing with them is to move backwards while 1rng. but be wary ol gelling tost that way Proceed north east east north north west, west west, south south southwest, west south, south east north, east, east south and west to the stairs


Wish* k«r* wad fellow t*« eUllorm Is Iron ol you.

FIND THE EXIT TO THE ENCLOSURE OUTSIDE West, south, east, south and south to the exit


Southeast, east, north, east, east east, north north, west west to the maintenance shed



West, nonh west west tor me goggles (make sure you pick these up) Return to the start position ol this level and to tow the kghts on the ceding to the lift



1)    Follow the lights to the power supply

2)    Take the handy shortcut South west, west, north, west walk into northwest corner ol room and walk into power supply to activate it



With the power supply activated you wic be informed that the route you entered by is now Overrun with raptors and that you must proceed to the visitors centre via the underground tir.-vsi* .-;!ead You should have the goggles in your possession - it not (hen you must return to the tirst section ol the maintenance shed and remove mem Then go southeast west, and west to the lift Hooray another section completed Have another cuppa, with maybe a race choccy btccy this lime



East, south, east, south west west weast. south, south east. east, northeast, east, southeast, north to the utt


MAKE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE TUNNELS TO THE LIFT South, east, south south east. east, north, north, east south south, south, west, north, west west and north to the lift


Southeast, north, east southeast, north, east, east north west. west, southwest, west north, east and northeast to me felt


You w it be informed that me raptors have broken through the glass, and that your companions are going to use the ventilation shahs to gel In the lobby, and that is where you should meet them (The lobby is the round room that you left earlier to get to the outside enclosure )

South south, east north, east, east south and west to the staus West, south, east, south and walk to your companions And that as solutions these days lend to conclude. <s >t

Next month I I be doing some tips lor K240, a game that's much closer to my heart — t ve already booked two pages with the editor Asde Irom letting me play the game some more it $ r<uuld allow you more insight on how :i% game plays • STEVE McGILL



Amiga games No one knows more about them round here (apart from the lady who comes in to clean our windows) (oh, and most of us) than Rich Pelley.

Allow me to take your coat, letch you a drink, and bid you welcome you to pages 68 and 69 of Amiga Power. It you take the numbers 68 and 69. find the sum. divide by 37 (the issue number) and add 3.95 (the price, in sterling, ol the magazine) you arrive at 7.6527027027 - a number which, when rounded down and ordered

in a Chinese takeaway, will give you prawn balls. Many would months ago have taken this sort ol thing as reason enouah to avoid The Last Resoii. but please - as you've come this far, at least stay lor a little while I always enjoy a little company at about this time ol the month.


QLall I tsue a reader wishing (lor, one can only presume, security reasons) to remain anonymous, requested a cheat.

A “Try typing ROGER MOORE AND OLIVER REED WERE NEVER GOOD SINGERS, swapping the names around, or entering JAMES POND If it doesn't work." Jonathan Glddinga, Leak

imK-t'S (.A'jrrr nmi-muR

Q Gerard Lae was being driven round the bend trying to figure out Hlldegard’a obscure musical nates two Issues ago.

A "Walk up to the skulls and took at the grail diary, which will show you a musical notation on one ol the pages. Read this from left to right. The top line of the staff corresponds with the left skull, the second with the second to the left, and so forth. A note below the staff corresponds wilh the far right skull, so with soma luck you should be able to calculate the correct skull-puahlng order to open the door to

level three. Selecting Push from the text and positioning the cursor over the correct skull to click will help cut down on any errors.*

Phil Ducker, Bedfordshire

QAnd Davlnla B of Kent

wondered where you need to use the Crass of Coronado.

yy “Nowhere I"

Daniel Watkins, West Wycombe

HERD gum

QMr A Hlnehliffe of Bridlington had found a portal on the secondary mission with the Inscription:

Unfortunately, he'd be jiggered H he could find the exit.





A “As fat as I


remember, if you follow the directions you should arrive at a teleporter, which provides your exit, although the key you have la only one of approximately twelve needed. When

you head to the exit door a key is used, but there are more doors behind hiding more keys. Tackle the teleporters in any order that takes your fancy — you'll receive a key from each. Beware of the Ladies In Rad because they're a bitch to kill; when you're on the one where you take a lift up to the surface, I find it’s best to dodge rather than kill, grab the boxes and jump off. Then use the medi/drold kit and return to the exit to use your kay. Oh, and a warning to everyone: the ending to this game really redefines the epitome of naffnesa.*

Ur N. Cumberfcateh,


QTwo months ago we received a letter from Habeeb Mustala ol Plumatead, to wit: “I have scoured the entire planet looking for the Starport. but I can t find It*

A “The Starport In question can be located at Grid Reference 55.60, 46.00 on the map supplied with the game. To get there, walk from the citadel In a northwesterly

direction. Very soon you should arrive al the Starport which, the Citadel excluded, is the largest town In the game.*

Stuart N Hardy, Sheffield

Q Sports level one and Tricia Trancor of Bolton were not on the best of terms last time we met them. In Issue 35.

A “You have forgotten the whole essence ol Lemmings Itself. Roundabout thinking, remember  Let the little Lems haplessly saunter over the first drop. They bounce on the trampet into a jet of steam, which will catapult them onto another platform. Ignoring their cries of pein, ready yourself with a flamethrower to take care of the vertical pipe blocking your way. Again they bounce along merrily until they fall down the hole between the two tennis balls. Now usa your bomber — they fall into another steam jet and are fired left. After bouncing on another trampet. and being tired up, left, up they head right, hit a stone ball, and reverse their direction. Flamer the two vertical pipes, the Lems walk Into more steam, are fired upwards, and land right next to the exit* Thomas Finlay, Inverness

Help one of these readers In need and I'll buy you a drink. (If I ever meet you.) (In a pub.)

Q "Please assist this weary traveller in the dungeons of BLACK CRYPT. I am In the litestealer section and have found two of the three skull crowns: one at the end of the passages with key two, and the other at the end of the passages with the pits. But I am totally stumped on the third."

Bob Jones, Greenford

Q“On the mission called Kanchatka In SYNDICATE, where you have to assassinate someoneorothar s wile, I can locate and persuade the Informant, but whan it comes to actually killing the woman I have rather less success. I go in with my guns blazing but am still told that my mission has failed.

Also, on the Iran mission, who on earth is shooting at me Every lime I start to move towards the target, bullets come from nowhere. The people who are firing don't even show up on the map."

Craig Blackthorn, Wakefield

‘And I'm stuck in Paraguay.‘

Nail Ewin, Baahlil

Q'Does anybody know how to fix the stairs in the library In the game UANIAC MANSIONS I've bean at it six months!"

Claire Smith, Gwent

Q ln the same game. I have four problems H you'll Indulge me a minute.

a) I can empty the swimming pool, bul have no idea what to do with the radio and the glowing key.

b) I can't work out what use the garage has.

c) I'm unable to ascend the stairs that are out of order,

d) And the man wrapped up in the bath - what do you do to him  Gareth Harding, Kent

Q-WING COMMANDER (CD32 version), Mission 12. I'm overwhelmed by enemies at Nav

point one. Any advice "

Allan Hlalop, Chester

Ql've reached level 17 on

ALIEN BREED 2. but I can t gel through without being killed. I've got all the codes, but I'd like to be able to do It without cheating!"

Lee from Middlesbrough

Q “Please save me from

premature hair lots by telling me how on earth I complete the Wading Around level ol COOL SPOT. It's driving me bananas." Simon Davies, Surrey

Q‘On INDY J'S LAST CRUSADE, can you help I've got to the Zeppelin, smashed the radio and got Into the envelope. I'm finding my way around, but after about three fights I Invariably run out ol energy and lose the game And can I avoid being chased off when starling the biplane "

Phil Payne, Bedford

Q‘Are there any BLOODWYCH fans out there than can help out a fallow RPG nun Where in heaven's name Is the Gem In the Keep I can't get Into the moon tower and I'm most distressed." Paul Japp, Surrey

Q "Please help me with a couple of problems that are driving me up the wall. The game Is HEIMDALL, and my problems are Thor's hammer, the room with the tree-branch tree and the magic doorways I've visited every room in World One. but can't find it; I've put the diamond on one side and the runeslone on the other, but what goes in the centre ; and I've been told Choose your class, choose your path . but how do I choose " Martin Crossan, Stirling

Q‘ln the same game, I've given the apple and the necklace to the two godessas bul I don't know whal to give the third to restore her sight. I've heard somewhere that you need dragon's eggs, but I don't have much ol an Idea where they are. Pkeaaa m alder lines a la mode, mon brave — Euro Ed) — I've been stuck for ages."

Alex Meeoudi, Watford


Q"t have been wandering about the snip and have iound lour bocks in me sludy with letters on Whal do you do wiih memi Also, where is me screwdriver "

Hugh Jarvis, Lseds

A Rearrange me books so that they read INCAL - this will open a secret door which leads to effectively the end ol the game, via a shod arcade sequence and a modest amount of puzzling The screwdriver is outside Hector’s room You'll Ihen be wanting to use it on the projector in me smoking lounge, ol course


Q'l think I have just about got to the cno of this great little game, but I can't seem to get any finishing message

or end-ol-game sequence Once I've activated me nuclear device, all I seem to be able to do is to run back along the completed play area until the place bows, with me still in it"

Stsvan Marsh, Co Durham

Ait you manage to run back lar enough and quick enough) there ■s a means ot escape. However, the easiest thing la do is to use the teleporter Once you’ve teleported down the tinal shah, pick up Ihe receptor and take it as lar nght as possible Although nothing registers here at the moment, this is where you will be picked up Irom to escape the exploding planet Drop the receptor, and walk back under the Shalt, dewn. and then nght to activate the nuclear device. As soon as you've done so. teiepod back to the final screen, and walk lo ihe right


Q "Sorry to seem stupid, but can you give me the level codes’ I'm really crap at it'

Andy Nolan, Woking

A No prottemo. Andy TWILIGHT, PEA SOUP. THE SKIDS. PEACHES. LIVERPOOL. BAGLEY and E BOW will gel you across Ihe levels in order (night, log. snow, desen. moiorway. marsh and siorm) For infinite time, try TURPENTINE: to qualify whatever, try DEESIDE. and lor a pointless hidden game, try DUX


Q'l've oniy just recenity got my hands on this great adventure, and I'm stuck on the Bugblatter Beast' Paul Walas, Aahurst

A Crikey — an adventure game. II memory serves (which, it this month is anything to go by. it probably doesn't) I think you have to put your towel over your head to diguise yourell from me beast, and then carve your name on a stone so he thinks he's already eaten you

The Last Resort,


30 Monmouth Street,

Beth BA1 2BW.

Thet’s the eddress to write In to. Not forgetting to mark your envelopes ‘Questions', 'Answers' or 'Nonsense' eccordingly.



If you took all the budget releases for one year and laid • them end-to-end along a road there would be quite a few of them and it would take, ooh, several seconds to walk bast them all. Probably.

Omjr ShiHf iin'l Jail Iftpfi lop ht i «iio ih«if fliiioul cHtabjjc iijv


Publisher: Tower Software

Author: Richard Brown Price: £10 each Release: Out now

One drawback with our faithful games playing machine is that some things are just better when you play with humans. Card games, like many things, are best enjoyed in the small hours oi the morning with a bottle ol spirits (Taer' - Ed) and some close Inends That sat), there are some instances where such a happy circumstance is not possible to arrange, and your Amiga can fulfil some ol the promise ot its name (If's Spanish tor

girttnend - but then you knew that, right )

If you are going to play cards with your computer then Excebeni Cards ISH are pretty damn (me. and not likely lo break the bank either Excetent Cards I otters you five games tour patience games and Black Mana (that's the one where you play a kind ol reverse wtvst, the point being to lose the Ace. King and Queen ol Spades) The patience games vary from the put-lhe-black-suiled-card-on-the-red-siiited-card and iry and lmd-ali-the-aces-guiddy vanety (Yukon) to the ndcutously complicated must add-up-lo-ten-belcre-you-can-discard-lhem-and-there-are-speofic-places-io-puiihe-royai-cards type (Frustration!). The Black Mana plays a good game against you. although you seem to be limited to only being able to play agamst two computer opponents

ExcoAent Cards II is more ot the same with another lour patience games and the much under rated stalwart ot the public bar. Cnbbage There are several

versions ol Cnbbage but untorlunately ECll only plays su-card It does play a very good game however, and this is an excellent lutonal lor anybody wishing lo team the game

Both sets ol card games have excellent on-line help facilities that will tel you dearly how lo play the games, as well as several good choices (torn a preteience screen that will keep the games entertaining lor a tong time

Tower Software seems to be a bit ol a one-man organisation mat also produces a version ol Backgammon and the ctassc African pea-game' Mancala The Backgammon has been recentty revised and will be reviewed *1 these pages ere long These are extremely testing games and you will lind the computer players neither predictable nor easy lo beat Tower Software can be contacted at PO Box 9. Goslorth. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. NE31QW.



Well presented, good fun and tough computer opponents Worth buying.




Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £12 99 Release: Out now

It you've already read the All-Time Top 100 lealure (which you should have.

















Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £14.99 Release: Oul now

talking about Wing Commander. And he was wrong.

What Wing Commander It, In tact. Is some shoot- em-up sections linked together by some plot-type bits where you talk to other characters. The letter are unbearably dull, and you'll rapidly grow to hate them. At you play, a plot unfolds about defending mankind from the Kilrathi.

with you working your way up the ranks by blowing up spaceships.

This lends the game a weighty, role-playing air, which can easily tool people Into thinking there's more lo II than shooting things.

The shoot-'em-ups sections, meanwhile, aren't very good either. Vou stare out of the window of your spaceship walling tor a baddy to come Into range. When It does, you move up, down, left or right lo bring It Into your sights, and then shoot It. And then you do It again. And again and again, until all the aliens die. Then you re back at base wading through another load of 'conversations'.

The reason lor Wing Commander1 a considerable success Is probably Its graphics - as the spaceships tty around they rotate and

"Full on raging 30 action you can t afford lo miss," enthused Mark Ramthaw In AP21. "The landmark In shool-‘em-ups.~ I'm such a Ian ol the game." 'The moil complex 30 images yet seen In an Amiga game." He was

tlMwirswi are

Wl» »OI<l MM It ItS

zoom In and out. despite being textured sprites. This it meant to look really impressive and better than ordinary polygons But It doesn't, and It's not. And that's on an Amiga 1200. loo. On a 500 Wing Commanders farcically slow and unpleasant.



Wing Commander ■ overrated and unsatisfying.

It's also hopeless If you don't hive an A1200.



:ct i

y— i




ur'ess you're the kind o< deviant who reads magazines from ihe back to the iron)), you might have beer surpnsed to see this game dropping from last year's number 21 to. well, not m the chart at all anymore You shouldn't be It's rubbish

Charming, witty, loveable and in every other way b respectable and valuable member ol society, ex-AP start writer Tim Tucker firmly believes that John Madden Football, in its various computer and console incarnations, is the best video game ol all time I1's difficult to clearty express exactly how wrong he is without resorting to base personal attacks, so instead in simply otter a hearttett counterpoint

Now I don't actually hate American Football It annoys me a tut that they call it footbai when 95% of the players never touch the ball with their teet at their entire careers, but that's ust Americans lor you. and the time l spent watching this year's Superbowl was the most unenioyabte lour hours I've had m quite a long time, but I do see the basic appeal of the sport The warlike subtext (all that methodical advancing into enemy territory) to the game plays skilfully on the mosity-male audience s suppressed hormones, whke the more aestheticaiiy-mmded can appreciate the nice uniforms and the occasional moment ol sheer sporting grace contrasted against the brute thuggery ol the rest of the proceedings. Generally, when it's actually happening and not bemg interrupted tor ad breaks every 98 seconds. American Football is a nice thing to watch It makes for a tembie video game, though

Here's what happens when you play John Madden Football, in my experience You can't be bothered reading Ihe instructions because it all looks hombfy complicated So you jump straight In, and expenment completely at random with a few plays until you find one that seems to work pretty well (in my case, a straightforward QB Sweep running play). You repeat it over and over and over again whenever you're on the offense', and choose defensrve plays by waggtmg the joystick and hitting the fire button and hoping for the best Everything else you just try to pick up as you go along. If you get stuck, you just leave the joystick alone and the computer actually takes control lor you. Even without this help, you wm your

first-ever game by a S6-pomt margin You wonder when the gameplay comes in.

This is a problem that's applicable to every verson of Madden I've aver played, but even with a single-button joystick making things harder lor Amiga players the game s a pushover m one-player mode. It's a good two-ptayer game, they say But so is Snap So. more relevantty. is (say) Sensible Soccer, and you can have a good time with that even if you haven't got all your Inends round There's no point in owning this at all.



In my opinion, one of the moat overrated games in Ihe history of anything you care to menilon. I can understand Ihe appeal of the sport, but I don't gel 00 = the lure of the video game i i  In the slightest.    UU ■


Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £16.99 Release: Out now

Look. I'm not reviewing Sim City agam No way. Forget it S STUART CAMPBELL


It's Sim City, all right



Bo cwr

Runs on: A500. A1200 Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £17 99 Release: Out Now

Unbelievably lor a game involving trains, they never break down, always run on time and in all the time I played it. were never halted by wet leaves or casuaty dropped pizza boxes on the ine Astonishingly, you can also build huge lower blocks roads and stations m an instant (not there, blink, finished) but have to wait until the banks open *t the mom og before you can ask lor loans Odd that The best way at descnbmg A ■ Tram is that it's Sm City with Irakis Or Railroad Tycoon with buibngs. but more o< the former Obviously you need passengers to catch your trams, so you just build a load ol houses with a station near them They've got to go somewhere, so you just build a central business district with masses ol office space and connect it to the buibs with another station and a length of track Once you've got that sorted it s a simple matter ol building more offices, more houses and more lactones to keep everything supplied

Well, actually n s not a simple task at all. because alter a tut you get what my old geography teacher used to call diseconomies ol scale, where the advantages ol living in a b«g city (dose lo work, work close lo consumers, nice restaurants, etc) are outweighed by the disadvantages (pollution, congestion and having lo pay seven quid lo go lo the psduies) So il you plan your city badly.

everything gets hombfy clogged up

So you build more cities and more lactones and more houses and fry and keep me money coming in. It's one ol I hose games that keeps on gomg. and it's ever so easy to get wrapped up m planning overnight trams and new lines and all that stuff n looks great and it plays wen It must be said Inal the seeding's cranky on the A5O0. but it's smooth and silky on the At200 In terms ol hours per pound, this scores highly • CAM WINSTANLEY


Trains, money and construction don't sound that thrilling, so It's a pleasant surprise that A-Traln’s so darned interesting. And    nfl '

only C17.99 too. Yum.    (Ill =

yum. yum yummlty yum. uu =













12 z»i




12 MM 12 ota

972 ,n I    Swift    Witlt nerittt

---- Du Tank (This Ink Vnur CM.aaai






1,432 11*12 <iWt








310,32c as a J2C

t <x

C <M

c « 0 «







ZOOL2 A1200

proper release date Is anyway, given the notorious uaeiesan ** ol Amiga game publishers at (a) setting a specific data lor a game release and telling people what H Is. and (b) keeping to that date when they do.

Most of the lime WE haven't got a due exactly when moat games are supposed to go on sale (Zool 2* press release Itself says Hid March'), and wa*ra the world's leedlng Amiga games t gL magazine, so what chance have mi the general public got

M It s a (utile complaint, but I'm I ™ going to keep making K until we all live In a glorious perfect world where hones) game - buyers don't have lo put up with this kind of crap any more.


I Anyway, Zoo! 2 (sorry, spent a ' bit more time on all that than I meant lo). It's kind ol Ilka Zool. but lees aimless and a bit more ' action-pecked, and It's got a few nice (dees tucked away In H later on. It rewards persistence, because the first level Is awful but things start lo improve quite dramatically after World 1.2, with a law etever-lah Ideas (Ilia the level with lets ol transparent pipes where yoe can t quite see wharf you're n&vTand ol course. M's got lap International computer game lass 2ooz

First there was Zool, then there wa&a second one of it, then they made another one of the first one, and now there's another one of the second one. I think.

Game: Zool 2 Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Gremlin Authors: The Warp Price: £25 99 ReleamlQui now

publishers, "but it's those nasty pirates, they make us do K. we have to protect the game-buying public Irom these avail men, we're terribly sorry and averythlng. but lhat'i the way It What a load ol old dog's nob. Because even II you've never owned or played a pin lad game in your Ilia (and tet'a hope you haven't, eh ), you know the first thing that happens when a game gets cracked and put on the bulletin boards - they taka the protection out. So what does that leave us with The poor sap who actually does the decent thing and forks out hit cash la the only one who has to knacker hla eyesight sitting under an are-lamp trying to decipher the difference between half-a-dozen near-identical Zools In slightly    --

Word T Includes the title*, paragraph headings and whatnot, or not.


'No. you don't understand,' the soltlas protest, “we do H so that the pirates have to spend a couple of days cracking the protection, so they don't gat the game out lo the public the seme day It gate released and

destroy the sales.' Toes Do they seriously think that anybody who's going to pirate the game Is going lo be put off by the tact that they 11    might be able

to gat It two days earlier by coughing up 26 quid Always assuming that they'va got the ramotesl * Idea when the


Before I atari, id just Ilka lo hava a qukk ward about manual-Bjsad copy protection, n aeemi to be making a comeback, with this and Brian The Lion (a particularly annoying axample. whera you hava to pore aver the manual AFTER the first lavel) this month, and Naughty Ones and Award Winners last month (another couple of diabolical efforts, for various reasons), and It Irritates the hell out of me.

~Vea, It'S terrible.' cry the software

Zool aaam* to gradually Improve with every new version, to I'll be expecting truly great things Irom Zool 4 whan they bring It out on the CD32, but this tsnl bad for now. Okay



Pretty new parallax-scrolling backgrounds on all the Mveli, and some new sound that wasn't In the A500 varaioiv

but less j aimless" J

® DOWNERS Control S * bH on the iklttsry side, and Ihera'i avan less excuse for 'music or sound effects on tha A1200. It could uaa soma passwords, loo.


A tangible Improvement on both tha original Zool (gamaplay-wise) and on A500 Zool 2 (aesthetics-wits), and a neat platformer In Ha own right Zool tana will love H, and the rest ol ua might begin to *V Z eaa the attraction In the II I 5 nippy nln)a.    U I =



A fairly nlca platform

CD32 game mads a lot nicer

for tha format, and now load* of fun, aapaclally In Ihe split-screen two-player mode. Hat* off la The Hidden. I eay.


Gremlin, £25.99

And hara i another welcome change.

Disposable Hum waa a potentially neat shoot-em-up when we reviewed it back In AP31 (77%), utterly ruined by a difficulty level that would have given Superman a bit of a tore head. Tha CD veraion I*

Identical to the original, except that the    but far from impoaslbie blaatar that'*

difficulty level haa been heavily    at leaat five time* aa much lun. Now

downgraded, turning thi* Into a tricky everyone * got a fighting chance of


Syitem 3, £14.99

IK* i* on* of anty 17 game* to have been In the AMIGA POWER All-Tima Top 100 In each of the chart * four year*, and there * a good reaaon lor that - 11'a a completely brilliant beal-em-up for on* or two player*, but In which there are alway* three lighter*

Cora Design, £29.99

In tome way*, this represent* the opposite end of tha CD32 equation -a game ported straight acroas with practically no change*, for four quid more than tha floppy version. Still.

In which Stuart Campbell has to step deftly out of the way to avoid being run down by the CD32 bandwagon. Software support - we love it.



Loading... Pleas* Walt' for Donk. thank God - which la exactly the kind of thing wo love to see here at atmosphere-conscious AMIGA POWER. *o an extra tlva percent lor intelligent programming. Hurrah.

Supervision, £29.99

Yes! This la more Ilk* H - another game that a actually been aignlflcanlly Improved before being ported over to the CO format (original veraton 76%. AP31). Tha Hidden * Don* hasn t been drastically overhauled, but H'a been aertouily ■martened up. with a much ailckar front and. animated parallaxlng backdrop*, new CD sound and a general all-over raapray. The game a actually structured a lot Ilka Super Mario World on the SNES, although In play it'a more of the traditional Troll* atyla platform antica. but what i very clear la that with 112 levels (and not aaay ones at that), you're going to gel a lot of play out ol It (There * a aava facility, though, so you won't have to gel all of H In ana go.) Tha other thing worth mentioning li the clever dlsguiaing of the (quite lengthy) dlsk-accesalng pauses with bonus countdowns and animations - no



tt's ■ little expensive

C D 3 2 <or a game thla old

and Ihla un-flddled-about-wlth. but IK* It superb and, as we keep saying,    AA ;

everyone ahould oarn II M n " one way or another. uu =

making lor an extra element ol comedy tactical depth, at you can now dltlrac) your opponent by dropping averyone't pintt without that dead-giveaway lunge at the keyboard, then imack him In the face at he turns away from the tcreen to look at you In surprise In real life. too. if you Ilka. Apart from that, a itralght port, and a mutt-buy If you've got a CD32 but not an ordinary Amiga. (Otherwise gal the floppy version for eight quid from The HH Squad).

on screen. Confuted You shouldn't be - the third (or second and third) flghler(i) la/ara (oh God) computer-controlled mercenary types, and ll't every man for himself, with the lowest-scoring lighter In each round being eliminated from the bout. It's fast, easy to control, exciting and funny and we love It This version has been parted directly to the C032. without even having the screen thst tells you about the various keyboard controls removed (Ich), but the make the fighters’ trousers fall down' button has been moved to the joypad.

Sadly, while Disposable Nero has lesmed its lesson regarding ludicrous difficulty before moving to the CD32. the world's second-hardest Amiga shoot-em-up ever la just as unfriendly as It ever was on floppy. The version on the CD Is the sllghtly-easler-than-the-ortglnal Special Edition (86% In AP29 -1 must have been In a really good mood that day), but It's still laarsomely annoying, never more so than when you STILL change to completely the wrong weapon by accidentally jiggling the joypad around while trying to avoid baddies, even though there's a joypad button to do the job now. and hence no need for it whatsoever. GrrT. FI7 Challenge Is crap (55% In AP3G). and at

C12.S0 each,


Annoying shoot-'em- represents a up and tedious racer    noticeable

combine to form a    bargain,

thoroughly missable double bill.

With a decent version of D-Hero available on CD32 now. there's very little point In bothering with Project-*, and there was never very much point in bothering — a* with f 17 Challenge In    K 1 E

the first place.    U W ~

you do get a nicely-done animated Intro, and Subba n Stir is a dreamy and loveable (84%. AP34) platform puzzler (with the emphasis on the 'puzzle') In the first place, so I'm not going to give It too hard a lime. But do consider getting the floppy version instead If you can. because It is quite a bit cheaper


The first of Team 17'a budget-price double-packs weighs In with the supercute Bubble Bobble-esque platformer Owak (AP31,88%) and the seminal Gauntlet clone Allen Breed (just In case you were In danger of confusing the two). In a bizarre but effective pairing of game styles. Alien Breed la atmospheric and scary (K a little uneventful In parts), and Qwak is bright.

Jolly, fast-paced, action-packed, and uses 'up' to sodding well jump.

For God's sake.

I'm so annoyed I can't write any more. No. really f can't. Absolutely nof. No wey.

Halle taka, far a eaw aarart

Doesn't do a lot with €032 the CD. but a great game nonetheless. Sick of that phrase yet • a . Me too. Let's hope J n ~ someone's listening out "f -there... Hello

ar- n Smart compilation (if that's not too strong a word), but offers no advantage over buying both the floppy f) fl -versions on budget and II “ having a fiver left over lJu = for crisps.

The CD32 avalanche Is picking up speed as It slides down the side of Software Mountain, so look out In the coming weeks for

making It to the exceptionally pretty later levels (although there are still a lew annoying bits where you'll get killed almost without warning, or because you weren't sure what was background and what was foreground), and that's got to be a Good Thing.








ICE. £29.99 Team 17. £29.99 System 3. £14.99 System 3, £14.99 System 3. £14.99 Renegade, £29.99 Renegade. £24.99

...and frankly, loo many more to mention, or even fit In two pages. We re going to have to do some realty liny screenshots next month, I reckon. See you then.


\ Immeasurably

CD 32 improved by the

toning down of the difficulty, this la now one of the Amiga's top horizontally- — . scrolling shool-'em-ups. II A Thoroughly groovy.    II*4


1 1

t '

'V1 \ t

In keeping with our charty theme this month, Dave Golder takes time out to bring you his very personal All-Time Top 25 PD Games. And, as he claims some PD is good enough to be sold commercially, he’s putting his money where his mouth is and putting a price on quality, too. Bless him.


A huge, gotgeoua-tookng SF exptorafcon game with some nifty tuning puutos Overhead viewed and tip-screen. but don't lot that pul you oft

PO’i answer to: I'm not sure, realy (Great

start, eft )

Commercial value: Two pints al cola and a

packet oI crape, pteaao

When PD isn't producing cut-price versions ol ctosac games. * a cemtxrang two d.iree games to create hybrids And ocrjiiionafty thaes mongrels develop a pedgree ol the* ovm OWrerafton crosses Pang with Tumcan to engrossing sited PC s answer to: Ttmctfi meats Pang Commercial value: The bit at your TV licence that doesn't gel spent on sports coveiage or Terry Wogan



Cotoured blocks rol down Ive conveyor bells towards you then lal oft the end You have to catch them and than drop them mo a grid to make tnes ot blocks ol the same cotour and .. Hang on - toe nountfclMar...

PD i answer tor Mai Commercial value: E7 99 '


Side the squaies aromd to meke a continuous pipe wtvch'll get toe ball from toe start la toe lirash before toe kmer rune out Hours ot pur .riecreckng squere-sftiiflng lun

PD s antwer to: Ppemema Commercial value: The budget ol a Tan

Pope wdeo



An admirable stab el reproducing Alano Bros on the Amiga Fast and lunous. Doody shows that spendng ESO on e cart game lust rsnl very sen stole really PD's answer to: Alano (rather then the two-hngered salute he notmaly gets). Commercial value: Well. Nmlendoere gating away with charing about £50 e cart

You don't gel many PO beat-'em-ups (you cen t do 'em in SEUCK. /see) which makes Madhghten even mote impressive It's eicetleni. with 12 characters Irom which to choon (ri the registered sherewera vereor.. anyway), speaal movia. superb graphics, great animation and bettei then-average atotrats

PO's answer to: Street Fighter 2.

Commercial value: Only etigtilty toss than the real SF2


A biast-'em-up so mindtose you wonder whether the Mto refers to toe characters on screen or the person playing it But A s sli great lun with some superb grephcs And f s also morally sound - your victims are already deed

PD s answer to: Lethal Enforcers Commercial value: 20 bolltoa at runny

lomalo ketchup



The mein sp<Ve looks Be Jon Bon Jon. but don t lei the I pul you oft He trudges ha way arottod. collecting power-ups. amlng nasties and looking lor something or other full get fwn onto toe next level Base enough g.imepley but the graphtos, animation and sheer sijBere impressive PD s answer 10: PmceOlPmam Commercial value: What I wotdd pay to No.  fgrgeithai Wrona wotid never agree

There are more Terra clones ai toe pubhc domain than pints ol blood to Reservoir Dogs, and most ol them are dre Bui this one i excellent, and not ust because a includes a picture ol Bugs Bonny PD's answer to: Guess Commercial value: A week's supply ol Fisherman s Friends

Or. how lo gel Irom A lo B via a lour ol Ihe whole alphabet, atode someone keepe changng the goalposts (Mxed metaphors dontcha just love 'em'’) The marbtos keep on roitmg. but you have 10 point them to toe right dreebon PO's answer to: Locomotive (Honest gurv ) Commercial value: A years interest on sham n Brush Te1000m


It s that oriental patience game that's more infuriating than openmg a mto carton The banc game a a classic, and tha version deserves a Tap 25 ptocmg purely because Ihe plantation is so polished PD s answer to: Shanghai Commercial value: Two number 23s and a 37 with sweet and sou sauce and a bag ol chpa

This little IrJow shoUkt be larntar to anyone who's up early enough on a Saturday mommg He runs around a mne at top speed looking lor the way out while trying not be tolled Great tun. and looks slunrwtg PC's answer to: indgestmn Commercial value: Dirmo I wonder what What's Up Doc pad

• •


-. 21




H i


T gJ


a. «l


The recently-released souped-up version ol this game otters some ot the fastest overhead-view raong aebon you I! see anywhere. It's you versus the computer m an SF-tinged race lo the deafh.

PDs answer to: The moral questions posed by MPs sleeping with the* secretaries. Commercial value: A Tnumph Stag hub cap.


Look. I know there are some people who loathe this game, but I love it And so will you it you kke Breakout with extra bits Ingeniously designed screens, smooth acton and soma cunous power-ups A superb lime waster PO's answer lo: AAanord Commercial value: A bottle at whisky and some lemonade.


Hey. a cute platformer it's go I obsiedae and enemies and platforms and everything Pretty basic but ingeniously designed and very addictive Ob yeah, and very, very big And the pengun fevet ■s so cute it ax*J van an Oscar tor cuteness PO's answer to: Any ode platformer - (LaJ lake your pick

Commercial value: About £8.26 I think

A bal bounces along a road suspended m space that's got the craziest paving you've ever seen Different coloured tales do different things to the bell, like stowing *. down, speeding it up. making it txxrce or reversing your contras Watch out tor the holes PO'a answer to: Tr&tbtazef Commercial viability: A oott'e ol whisky, some lemonade and a bag ol ketfle chips

Okay. I'm biased. I loved the original 8-t>l game. Q Bert, on which this IS based. But lha verson kves up lo ihe nostaipa. Bounce around pyramids suspended in space, changing the cotour ot the Cw* as you go. As always though, there are some ai«na with attitude problems cut Ic get you PD s answer to: Q-Bert Commerdel value: Burt Reynolds' autograph

An rwvffwed-tdaw raong game that pits you aQpmsl the computer. There's an enpresstve range of tracks and difficulty levels, missiles, smoke screens and a vanity of lourramenll.

PO'a answer to:

Commercial value: What you'd pay not to have to listen to a Chns Rea abum


Punsts will harp on about Asrarttadfs' wireframe space debns. and Defender's four-pixel shps and bow gameplay is more important than graphics But why noi have both Whal e wrong watt having asteroids that look like dog baoude Cytremetu does a. and ends up a storming trffie game.

PD s answer to: Defender meets Asteroids. Commercial value: Yes

A cartoon-copy ol the class* De'coder. That lust about says it al. really less is more, as they say.

PD s answer to: Defender, basically. (Though not so much an answer as an affirmation)

Commercial value: The Star Wars trilogy on video (widescreen versons)


Two players. Two tanks. Lots ol weapons Lots ol levels Lots ol fun PD s (non-violent) answer to: Any family dspute

Commercial value: Two things (hat'd cost twice as much as they would rl they were sold singly.


Seriously weird (are I ram the senousty weird Jeff Mmter (but you knew that). This C64-ongmaled shoot-'em-up stars a Ltamafron wkh a supporting cast ol Coke cans The action never lets up. the graphics are svnpia but incredibly effective and Ihe power-ups are begpng to be picked up Epc stuff PD't answer lo: The question. "Why can't PD programmers ever come up with anything ongmai'*'

Commercial value: Marc Solans oil lamp al auction

We re back lo that old colour-chanpng malarkey again This ivne you've gol to repari al the pipes on every screen Apart Irom the prerequisite nasties, there are some handy bubbles that provide instant transport PO's answer to: Pemter (which was a bit kke Pieman, actually).

Commercial value: A bottle ol Southern Comfort

A cartoon copy ot whal I sod lor Defender, but with Defender'Tppexed oul and Asteroids written n biro over the top.

PD a answer to: The mearwtg ol tile, ihe ureverse and everything Probably Commercial value: It'S wonh buying an Amiga lor. basically. In fad. play if on our Coveidsk and find out tor yourself


In space, no-one can hear you go: ‘Damn, wrong turning again ‘ A sort of rote-playng game in which you try to survive a Inp through a monster-infested maze-like spaceship You play Irom the point ol view ol Ihe protagonist, and pick up weapons and treasure along the way. Atmosphere: and adddive.

PO s answer to: HemOuasi (nearly) Commercial value: A bottle oI whisky



~ ~ *

• M





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