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The way we look ai if. there are games that ate obviously great, games that look Ike they're going to be great but turn out to be crap games ihal took ike they're going to be pretty average and really are pretty average games Ihal look like they're gong to be pretty average but actually turn out lo be worse than useless and so on It you look down the fastings m I he AMIGA POWER Big Book ol Games Classifications (a hefty volume bound m human skin Hayed Irom crap programmers) you ! eventually come lo classification 14465 a. which reads Games that look like they re going to be average bul then appear to be ternbly uncontrollable when you play them but then after an hour's practice turn out la be good ton after all Be This is the classification ihal Jetstnke comes mn under We had a demo o( the original Jetstnke back in AP30. but this lime Rasputin have given us these totally exclusive rvght lime nvssions. wtvch are son of like Jetstnke - bul darker The joystick control «s a lad odd in ihal up rotates the plane anticlockwise and down clockwise Lett increases the throttle and right decreases n. bul la gel the nghi selling, you can also use the keys 1 through lo 0 Better std. switch on the auiothroltle using the left Amiga key and lei the computer do most ol the hard work Here's some more al those notoriously hard-lo master controls

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Amiga Power Issue 36 1994 apr Cover


9V70961 731 046


Manchester Utd Premier League


It's lust you and a small, strange friend against the world In this smart platformer from Psygnosls.



night flying

capers with






Your guarantee of value

ISSUE 36 C3.S0 APRIL 1094


Help, there's no room! Page 31

thev're seampy. Hang on, that s a kind ot tish, isn't it Page 28

legacy of SORASIL

Role-playing board games Legacy Ot Clearasil. more like.

Page 38


than Nancy

Page 36






Not a very 'happening' month, really. But you do get another chance to feel smug about the C032 some more..


I W Still Cannon Fodder Or what

1 A THE shape of things etc

■ W This is important, so we'B say it in capital letters. SENSI8LE WORLD OF SOCCER Plus Sierra World Cup 94. Brutal Soccer. UFO. Banshee and lots more.


Our lovely Chians at Gremhn get ZOOL 2 printed in big letters on our Contents page by giving away a CD32.


““ Or MORTAL KOMBAT even. How Just subscribe to AMIGA POWER


KOW Jonathan Davia*


Stuart Cimpbali


Rrwws lcttor Cam Wlnvtanlvy

stwi warns Slava McGill


ART CDTQR Sal Mvddaigi


AO MANAGER Jackla Carlord

MO lOfifC CORSE SPOWENT Marcui Dyion



PAPER CONfflettfR Fkma Daana

ADAAN ASStSIANT Suiannah Angalo-Sparlkig


Mlchalla Trawavas

*UU9«A Slava Caray

UARMoaae EMiCTa Crag Ingham


A colossal l&page special edition of the world's most grudging tips section, including, well, all those games in that little box below and to the right, basically.

Mthi secret garden

Sell your unwanted rubbish to gullible AMIGA POWER readers.


Other mags might (finally) be bringing you up to date with the exploding CD32 scene. But their brts are crap, and they haven't got such a good title as ours.

Tamara Ward

CNCUATONOPECtOR Sua Hanky fNEr Utortg Chrii Andarton

EWfWWIlBA Pbc* PvAvy. On Gaidar, Dan Gram

Mdo the write thing

Mad Readers' Ghetto, more like.


After a sudden and rkamttc. change of heart, Dave Goldens decided to slay on as our regular PD correspondent. hfcirraW What do you mean, you hadn't nohted he was gong anywhere*


I The any Amqga games uuyers guide tfiaTs worth a chuff.    'even if rt

dpesn l have qude as maay game: in a these days as 1 used to.

for one month only, we go compietey tips crazy, missus! Cannon Fodder, Jurassic Park, Settlers, Stardust, Campaign 2 and, rather incredibly, more! Pg 46.

Uj the last Nipper Scompetitlon update before the cut-off date (If your entry Isn't with ua within three daya of this Issue going on sale, le the 20th ot March, then you’ve mlaaed your chance of a place In the C1000 play-oft final at HMV'a Level One In London), and here's how the leaderboard looks:

1.141,810 - Paul Fuller, Bath 2.140,510 - Pete Graham, Oldham

3.139,910 - Blgnose Slgley, Great Wyrley

4.139,310 - Stephan Rogers. Bath University

MPOTR. OWifl Slotsflf

**“• m An Imtm navy.

Mart Cm.

a»is*k --------- ,iivi,ij


Fnkve tatilm* LIU.

BjmiKAi 3R

re 3MS *AZ2ti f» D« J 4*6019


Cairfcki Swurtar. Someiei 1*11 6TB TW 0225 4d Sld Asia* mail ia pnimtio



" ™ Get ’em while they re fiot - you wouldn't wart to miss one, wuuKj you


w Aeroplane crashes Air traffic control strikes’ Terrorist h jacks Lartkng surcharges You wont have to worry about wje ’efr if you take a hofcday on your Arnica Buim your ticket now.




T* 4uM    si Cmiitw

*eew»d cwniieufi

T 34,182

Mi iv-kiw

5.139.307- Nathan White, Walsall

6.137,710-Rob Barron.


7.136,760 - Adrian Mee, Aylesbury 8.136,304 - Steve Hockett. Great Harwood 9.135,260 - David Powell, Braunton ( )

10.134,010-Andy Luty. Leeds


Power, Troon 12.133,110-Ben Hartley, Nelson



What kind o1 a stupid name is Perihelion , anyway

Page 40




Is this the luture ol, well, anylhing at all

Page 34

Batman Ratumi———-SB Blue* And The Bray* —70

Fly Harder-71

Legacy Of Soraall-38


Man Utd P L C-31


Naughty Ones .. 28

Perihelion .40


Winter Olympics-—-36


Second Samurai-7:

Tuba Warriors--7<

Fly Harder ...

Lotus Trilogy-

Nick Faldo's Golf ■

Trivial Pursuit —


Another World-76

Assassin Special Ed-77

Award Winners Qold—-78

D it hell In Space-76

Hyperion —......- ..77


Powarmongar * WW1 —7B Statix-79


Brain Shave-

Crazy Cricket-

Dot 2 Dot-


Morton Strikes Back-



Tactik Tanks ....

Til it MW h ]BOlil PMIll«

jnmt <OM«! lo you Iron Dr]iuJ I lid lions, a Ql hors ol AnfejAf Dr*dm* and PimbsB /iRUsics, and it's harder lo mifiiB loauthiBi much lanhar removed from pinball- IbI hc , nol beinj pinball doe ml amomaiieally make it a bad fame, f know

Yes. we've managed to slop the rot (and just in time, or the decline in Ihe number of AP coverdisks in recent issues would have seen this one disappear altogether), and brought you another disk stuffed to the very gills with, well, that stufl down there, basically.


II to« fhoNShi tfa« arifMil JciilnU ■u mird, in pi*r’ns11 •< "pi rvii CXCLUSIV1 ICI al niinon VmuiI require tfc« oriyiiul JrinnU la plaf it. la load up tart AT carcrduli aid ini*l an al lk< nioti comprchcauec dtinat    ]hn tan ia ayai.


• Oh nol Art you surs Before you go any further, try the procedures

described In the panel over the page. If, attar all that, you do have disk

problema, simply place It In an anvalopa, along with an SAE and an aaplanatory

letter, and return If NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk

Rslumt 36, DlsCopy Labs, PO Box 21, Davantry NN11 5BU. It you sand It to us,


wa ll sail your antlre family Into whits alavary. At Timmy Mallatl'a house.





r1 r Jp







•    You've only got 512K o( memory on your Amiga Blimey, lhal'e a bit itupid, len t If Go and buy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any of the garnet, all you have to do It awHeh off your machine, Interi the dltk, and twitch your machine back on again.

•    An optlona menu will appear. Simply follow the Intlrucllont to load lha game of your choice.

•    Just to be on the safe tide, though, the on-screen Intlrucllont say that you should prats lha appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    You'll have la reset your machine In order to play one of the other demos. When you do so, simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the dltk you are playing your game from In the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine off for 20 seconds or to before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

•    Have a good lime.


•    Are you sure

•    Try all that stuff again, making sura you'va disconnected any pertpherala the program might not 'like', such as external drives.

•    If your disk fails to load, then pop It In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE, 10:

AMIGA POWER Disk 36 Returns

DlaCopy Labs

PO Box 21


NN1 f 5BU

•    We re really hoping that you're reading this bit. because It's quite Important: please don't send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how to fix dodgy disks, and wall just throw 'em straight in the bin. So send them to Olscopy. Please.





i    (aha yMr i

Authors: Rasputin Software

The way we look ai if. there are games that ate obviously great, games that look Ike they're going to be great but turn out to be crap games ihal took ike they're going to be pretty average and really are pretty average games Ihal look like they're gong to be pretty average but actually turn out lo be worse than useless and so on It you look down the fastings m I he AMIGA POWER Big Book ol Games Classifications (a hefty volume bound m human skin Hayed Irom crap programmers) you ! eventually come lo classification 14465 a. which reads Games that look like they re going to be average bul then appear to be ternbly uncontrollable when you play them but then after an hour's practice turn out la be

good ton after all Be This is the classification ihal Jetstnke comes mn under

We had a demo o( the original Jetstnke back in AP30. but this lime Rasputin have given us these totally exclusive rvght lime nvssions. wtvch are son of like Jetstnke - bul darker The joystick control «s a lad odd in

ihal up rotates the plane anticlockwise and down clockwise Lett increases the throttle and right decreases n. bul la gel the nghi selling, you can also use the keys 1 through lo 0 Better std. switch on the auiothroltle using the left Amiga key and lei the computer do most ol the hard work Here's some more al those notoriously hard-lo master controls

U • Toggle undercarriage Space • Eject

Right Amiga - Free Weapon 1 Right ALT ■ Free Weapon 2

Pressing down when you're stationary on the runway wii call up the little tractor, allowing you to change weaponry. Pressing fire with left or right will release either weapon 1 or 2. while fire on its own is your cannon Crashing numerous times is compulsory Enjoy

•Ml to) (On pull various •vers and pc« or drop . things, and you'll quickly I notes ihai as you prod M push vanous I ttvngs Ihe gonk wiii Stanly make his way lo I the )ni Pck him up.

1 movi him around, even f throw him about. il doesn't make any rdifcrcfKelo Ihe gonk He realty is that crap However, it you've got a monochrome gonk. you car. hue just a little bit cleverer (■« he won't walk headlong into acid) by forcing him through the calounng lubes These have to be pnmed with part and then any black and white gonk jumping mto it will emerge as a slightly more intelligent, slightly less c>ap coloured gonk at the bottom Why does this happen  Beals me. but it works all the same NB: Does not work with Worbench 1.3.

Authors: Digital Illusions

Or. to give it its proper title - Micro fkshfiaca. because ust like US Gold's awesome graphic adventure, its a tale ol one man and fits piatlomis. only ihns lime there tsn t any ot that tiresome storyline business And the gtaphes are much, much smaller ol course

Psygnosis have presented us with this small but perfectly formed demo consisting ot a selection ol levels Horn their up-and-coming release We've dscovered that there's a certain credibility gap between when Psygnoss say a game will be ou1 and when it actually manages lo hit the streets (just look at Hied Guns or Combat AirPairoitoi eiampie) so let s just avoid embarrasment all round and say el be out laler I tvs year Probably

What to do ihent Weil, tor Mile or no readily apparent reason you've got to gel

small, bnghlly coloured gonk type things lo the doorway The obstacle to the seemingly trivial act tor without an obstacle, there is no drama. and without drama, where is the tension'’) s that me gonks aie pretty, we . crap rcr.ily They can t jump or Ay or run They have no magical powers no nMrty to transmute base metals lo gold and they can't even smg Hey Jude See'’ No use whaisoeve'

It's just as wcM Ihen that the guy you control n a veritable all backflippm'. all high umpm wunderkmd capable ot rolling out ol danger and leaping reasonably tall buikktgs m a Sinyie bound

Bear m mmd that although he's Rocky lough

he ie mortal, and long tails or bubbling pools ol acidic gook will result tn major huriage Keep an eye on the tile bar positioned at the the bottom of ihe screen to see how he's domg

Once you can run around, you can get on with the haid work ol rescuing ihe gonk Pressing fue when you re stationary

‘PieaUen 'TJttUt Onden,    *°

Mmm tend cheque/PO (mode out to Premier Mad Order) /Attett/Vtec no. I expiry dote fa:

Dept AP36, 9-10 The Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex SSI4 3JJ Tel: 0268-271172 Fax: 0268-271173 Telephone orders: Mort-Fri 9om-7pm and Sat 4 Sun 10om-4pm. We are open 364 days a year. PIP and VAT Is included Far oil UK orders. Please add tt PAP For (urope, elsewhere please add C3.50 pec item For Airmail. Next day service available UK only at C4.00 per item. Seme (Mas may not be released at the lime e< going to press.











































Nr«I« tn

»—fcli Ml Tflaato, ftai

I ■■ t1 ■

Trates, Urn


• i

Game: Sensible World Ol Soccer

Publisher: Sensible Authors: Chris Chapman. Jon Hare. Stoo, Rich Joseph ETA: August


There's two things you always gel when you go and visit Sensible's offices m sleepy Saffron Malden One ol them's a slap-up nosh, which is always a good thing, and the other's overwhelming enthusiasm lor whatever they re working on at the moment Last lime I saw them, it was Cannon Fodder, a game I respect so much. I've now started my own crank raison based on it. This time it s SeosAfe World 0* Soccer, a game that's had people toaming at the mouth m anticipation far a long time now Now. I've never really been drawn into the cult classic that is Sensible Soccer, but from what I can gather Irom its Ians fie everyone else in the entire world), it's pretty much the ultimate game It this is so. then how can those Sensible lads possibly improve on Not even waiting lor the The creators speak bit. Jon Hare was quick to port out that they're planning on SWOS being the ultimate tootbait game that's going to take people a long time to lop Sounds imptessne already

The creators speak:

Football may be a game ol two halves, but SWOS is split up into many, many more segments than that Amusingly, the only section that hasn t been implemented at all mlo the game is the actual tootbait. so I decided that this was as good a place to start as any

'When you're playing a match, you'll be playing an updated version ot Sensible Soccer 92/93 Following cntibsm. we te including a releiee, a physio and more crowd chants, including more iniernaiional sounding chants so that Italian games have aulhentic Italian shouting behind them In addition, you can now edit your ladies before the match This alows you to set up two formations lor regular play, so you can have a 0-3-7 setup lor attacks and a 6-3-1 (like Arsenal) lot more defensive play You can also chose two coiner setups d you don't like the delault sellings and two tree-kick setups when you're attacking '

In a two-player game at its most

basic level. SWOS plays u$ l like Sensi. with the skills ol the two skies evened out to allow a lair malch, but you can also choose real learns with varying skill levels 'Players have eight skills which determine how good they are, and we've tried to match the skills up with real players, so Ryan Giggs m the game will be as fast as he is in real tile Like I said, we ve tried to malch up passing, tackling and heading skills with real players, but due to the number of players, we've had to make quite a lew ol them up'

So how many learns are going to be m SWOS ihen’ A hundred'’ Two


(ITR) ■■■■■■■■ £IM

(ITR) ■■nun £15

(ITA) ■■■■■■£■ UH (BRA) ■■■■■■•■ £IM (ITR) ■■■UUa £IM

NOftflRT *1*0K


i cl.a i tow


OMcaL.DNfD ICMflUOOi UMIIfi) <N0AMOICltti OIMUbOtO <£*»«fiOOt UMtlOi

10 AUOlUOlLa*    'HMUllI i    *

■ MN ZAHOONO    <«IAl >MDIUD>    K

Ik Hn lap, cum oi Dm era* uiaal.

be decided

I'd broken oui m a cold sweat by Bus pcxnt. but Jon. knowing my hatted lot all inings looibalhsh. ust smiled cruelty and pressed on 'As well as all of thts. there's the piece de resistance - the one player career game Th.s gives the player the chance to play the entire 20-year career ol either a manager or a player/manager As the player/manager you have to play every game, so with about SO matches a season, that's a thousand games over r** career It you're mto the management sde though, you can either -.i«w the match, or the highlights or just got the result

The game concentrates on the players and doesn't bother with Bfr-s -«e attendance figures to the matches as that isn't the son ot thing you like to read about n the papers You get an milial amount ol cash and sponsorship money dependent on results, and you _ have to start oft with a team m the lowest division of the country you choc;~

Suppose you start off with Wigan and dossil, ihen after a lew seasons you mighi gel an otter to manage a better team Derby maybe A lew more seasons could land you a db

with Liverpool and if you wwi the UEFA cup. international teams wni gel interested m you Aher a storming couple cl years as manager ot the United Arab Emirates lor example. you could return triumphantly lo manage England and possibly win Ihe World Cup That's the plan any way '

‘When if comes to buying new latent you can literally scout the world, as all the other leagues are playing as wen Each player s form is displayed over ihe previous eight matches, and when combined with the player’s skins the form is used to work out how much each player is worth In this way. it you put a good p-'ayer m a poor position the resulting poor toon will lower their pnea You can specify what position, price and skills you're bokng for. and you > be presented with options If you pul a player on the Seoul ■si. every time they play a match the game wrl give you the option ol watching it lo determine whether they re worth spending money on Most people value star players m Sensi. so they'll love it that you can now have an entire team ol them, it you're nch *

Looking visibly dia.ncd at this point I

feebly asked i! there were thousands ot stat screens displaying everything from results around the world to top scoiers at each and every level ol national and international play 'Yep. we've goi ihose loo' beamed Jon And is there any chance ol seeing any more ot Sent&a GoM other than the single black and white pnnt out and animation of a l.-ttle golfer that I just spotted on that desk over there’ 'Not a chance *

Verdict so tar:

Truly Sensible are mighty programming gods Truly SWOS is sel lo be the rr»ghties! all-round loolbaii experience ever to have graced a computer screen And truly I may never be able to watch the football results on television agatft.

Without screaming • CAU WINSTANLEY


■at be a i ml feed

M (ITR) -•« 1 3 M F (GER) ■■■■■





hundred1 Three1 Four'

'Nope The original Sens/s got about a hundred teams m it. t>.r n the World of Soccer The <&<* s to produce a truly ntematorua game, so we ve got about 1500 teams in at the moment'

Fifteen hundred" l was shocked That means that it you indude substitutes, you're looking al around 21.000 named players in the game1 Since each of the players has eight skills, that adds up lo 166.000 pieces of info Isn't that going to take up a load of disks1 Isn't ii going to take the Amiga an awfully long time to find out ail the names1

Jon shrugged as it he regularly has to crunch this many numbers 'It'll all fit on three disks and there are actuaky more players than that, because once you start to buy players from other teams they've got to fin (he space you ve created To keep numbers down there's a sort ol skrsh pool ol made up players who gel recycled As lor as getting the names nghi we ve got the scanty proficient talents ot Mike Hammond and Serge Van Hoof on the case Mike writes a yearly book on football stats so he's spot on with an the skills for the European teams As you get lurther afield, the Brazilian second division for example, we re lucky lo get names and numbers, so we've had lo make the rest up *

After lookog at various potential games such as Papaloeloe vs Wanganui East Athletic, it was time lo move onto other aspects of SWOS It seems that you can play any existing competition at any •ve! m any country in the world, which seems fairly al encompassing II lor some reason the real world isn't good enough lot you. you can even design your own tournament, deciding how many rounds to C-=>\ whether to pul teams m groups or play it as a knockout, or how many points you gel for each win or draw

That still no* '"tense enough lor you1 Jon seemed to sense that I was losing my rather tenuous gnp on football bases, so callously hit me with the Season option In this mode, you starting oft with up lo 64 teams from any division m the world, assuming that the country has that many teams of course Any or cl! ol these teams can be human players, so depending on how popular you are and how big your hung room is. you can go lor an all out season You're presented with a fixture list which includes bath league and cup matches, and after numerous hours of tram* play, the winners at both leve'.- mi



tie >


placed in then respective groups Should the player require it. the option to chop, change, rename and reconfigure the fixtures ol all the learns exists, so you can actually buck reality and have the home nations m there il you litre Up to eight playe1* are calered lor which means you'll be able to play against your human tnends

Your side consists ol the customary 11 players, collectively known as a learn Each learn member has individual skills. *i this case tackling dribbling and shooting Other laclors come mlo play tor example stamina and match illness, it's possible to carry an m ury and take a while to recover Yellow and red cards are also issued lo players who have contravened the rules ol gentlemanly conduct

As you fl no doubl have guessed, lots ol managerial decisions have lo be made The rules about match suspensions

"Girly Garza gushing off World Cup infamy.

Verdict so tar:

Whal I saw ol the game looks good Obviously quite a bit ol work is gong to have lo be implemented on Ihe goal keepers who seemed capable ol saving nothing but pixeiised turf There are some nice touches I still haven't mentioned, such as the individual differences in the appearance ol team members. At the end ol each match, a statistics table appears telling you all those embarrassing tacts like having shot at goal eleven times and scored nothing  while your opponent has only had three shots and scored three times In ihe inevitable tournament ol loolbaii games this year. Sierra World Cup looks like a strong contender lor the final round at least as long as it can avo«l lawsuits Irom US Gold (lor the title) and from Sensible and Page (lor shamelessly taking then two games and combining them mto one new one) Look forward to a lull review m. ooh probably about threee months time • STEVE McGILL.

Tm cm dumi Mm mmi 4 im m wHk Ini M«M MUX «*«* MW M — WMlrftMS InyUaM

Th« WrrtM    nut proMw<< a r«tWI

UK* a% Mm mm rtwr Cm! m« layUM m than

through bookings and sendmgs-olt have to be considered Sometimes it may be wise not to play one ol your better players tn a match in case he gets booked again witness the gufy Gaua gushing ol World Cup Italia mlamy

Just as a quick mention, some ol the control methods for dead bail situations look interesting Throw-ins lor example, instead ol the fakei pointing at a certain direction and throwing the ball hard or soft, it's the players who. through a selection procedure, run about a bit until they're ready to be passed to As soon as you want to. you hit the lire button and the chap you had selected wi" be thrown to This opens up the possibility ot catching the opposing team completely on the hop


m Mil MMixr Tkcyrt nor i M Mux lOMAthoi Mm at IT

tr< Mmi uam am Mm any mm i« why an

Game: Sierra World Cup Soccer 94 Publisher: Sierra Authors: Steven Dunn ETA: March 94


The World Cup is a one-oil occasion and you can't get much more important than that Well unfortunately, you can get much more important occasions, this time round at least Scotland drfn't qualify for the first time m 20 years (due to an internal rmsundersiendmg). and regretiably. neither did Wales or Northern Ireland England, well, there's always a Silver lining to every cloud and Englands qualifying fortune was the one piece ol news that made Scoitand's pathetically embarrassing ladure a bit more palatable personally. I Laughed myseil lo sleep (We'd just hke to pomt out that Steves offensively parochial opinions do not reflect those ot the rest ot the AMIGA

POWER team Except Stuart - Ed)

So. lei's (fcscuss the new World Cup game Irom Sierra imaginatively known as Sierra World Cup 94

The Creators Speak:

i kicked off (That's enough - Ed) by asknq Steven whal he considered was going to make Sierra's olfenng better to play than Ser&Soccer 'The players are larger tor a start and the pitch scrolls more smoothly." Using my piotessional reviewer s peiceplion and my suilabty equipped tainoeulai vision. I can confirm that the players ate indeed larger As lor ihe scrolling expect some delay an Ihe smoothness decision unM I get my hands on a finished copy and run Sensi side by side, so lo speak

The view ot the pitch, unhke Sensi. isn't a direct overhead, a s more like the 30sh view ol Rage's popular Striker Irom a couple ot years back As with the real Wortd Cup. all 24 qualifiers have been

suitable lor 11 upwards ' Beanng this m meld, I inquired nlo whai Teque s reaction would be il

IVV confronted with the news that someone had gone on an aie wieldmg supermarket massacre due to the influence ol ’ Brutal Soccer "V/ahey' Thai's just whet we need to promote the title *

Time to pace things up a bit now though, and ten you about some ot the promising'sounding goodies that have been pul into the game so tar

First oft. the perspective of the game is simitar to FIFA Iniemabonal Soccer The aim ol the game ts to maim, lame, lacerate and generally cripple your opponents Oh. and you try to score goals as well The various dirty moves available to the on field players are "Throw m - hurting the opponent Blocking - lending oh Ihe attacking opposition

Penalty shool out - the two teams lace oft and tire catapults at each other.

Goal Kick - Bail loaded mio a cannon by the keeper II is then aimed at the opposition (with hilarious consequences'). Free Kick - Need I say more'’

Corner - Gangng up on one Ol the opposition and herding him into a comer lor a duffing'

But, what's a game ot soccer without (he following weapons'5 'Dagger - short range only. Sword - longer range Axe -Chuck it at ihe opponent and watch the meal Ity1 Maces - Sends the victims head spinning aromd a la Exorost"

Also scattered around Ihe pitch are a vemabte host oI ball power-ups They are: cannon ban. Itymg ball, rocket ball, melting ball, exploding ball, slashing ban. burrowing ball, fire bBil. runaway bell and multi ball You can expect a rundown ol these power ups it and when we get hold ot the finished game And that, as they say. is that

Game: Brutal Sports Soccer

Publisher: Millenium Programmers: Teque ETA: June 94


Wahey hey hey Millenium have sent us some screenshots ol their up-and-coming brutal brutal brutal - so brutal it's more brutal than violently brutal - Brutal Sports Soccer (or jual plain Brutal Soccer lor ihose loo hip and la/y to give anything its formal title)

It s next in the assembly line ol Brutal Sports titles and it's another ot those games that I haven't had the pleasure ot viewing in an unpolished preview state In tact, dear reader, look around the pcs on the page and you u have seen just as much, if not more, ot the game as me

The creators speak:

Again, the trusty lax and question procedure has been relied upon to garnei some into lor this page Domg the means that I can ask the same old questions ot Teque m a afferent order from normal and manipulate the answers as I see lit

Brutal Sports Footba» earned

*1 60S m the already legendary, f sold Out. no longer attainable I canT gel il-c the shops anymore ‘ AMIGA POWER 32 Cannon I Fodder Od Soldiers IDelete L. marked section - Edl issue ■ So l ve got high expectations W ol Brutal Soccer ’ I put the bool in with a topical L up-to-the-minute question I about the new ratings ’ guidelines set up by ELSPA ‘Do you have any worries about this game passing the new _>' ratings guidelines set up by ELSPA'5*. I queried nonchalantly. "The system is voluntary Itdoesn t have to pass any guidelines The % game however, like Brutal Football is cartoon violence and has been approved by the VSC (r coryunehon with ELSPA) as


Verdict so far:

Weapons, ball power ups and special dirty moves. I relish the sound ol that if I'm good and behave mysed m the office, who knows. I might ust be allowed to ieview it I hope so. nothing gets me going more than a fight • STEVE McGILL



Game: Brian the Lion Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Martin Edmonson. Phil Baxter. Mike Troughton, Russell Lazzari

ETA: Late March

say. wo re nor maanl I,. m ' . -io cast any opinions BmiMSMiiMM whatsoever, so let s gel on with it

One good itiing though, a the exclusion ol a dumb plot The introduction lo Bnan the Lion runs something like this. "The game features a Steamy jungle with 10 levels, a Hums section with 12 levels, a Nightmare stage with 16 levels, a Hying section (on the back ol Mark the Lark] and swimming levels where Bnan j    wears a snorkle ' Sounds

jt>. pretty lair solar no.

hang or what atxxjI bonus levels 'There are also a tew bonus levels thrown in. it you Can Imd them- Phew ■ that was close W Earlier on. we established that Bnan couldn I plumb, but just what can ha do7 ‘As Bnan runs through the game he collects crystals with which he can buy extra abilities in the Cloud Shop' (Splendid Speed. Realty Rai Hoar. Excellent Extra Lite. Heavenly Hit Point. Jmormous Jumping etc)"

Some ol the extra abilities are pretty amusing. I*e. lor example the Realty Raj Roar; you build up power by hokfcng fire button down and then let the roar np Even Bnan looks slightly shocked at the result ol the ensuing roar For many


Uons really are lovely creatures They

know nothing about plumtxng and they

don t wear red shoes However, they

do commit infanticide, let the

women do all the hard work

and steal then kills All this in

return toi protect mg the

pnda from other male lions B X

Xkethemselves Intact on

the lace ol it they're pretty

much the perteci choice ol *3

species io be turned mio a

cute plahoim character And

that's just what Retlections - the

developers ol Bnan the Lion - have

managed to do

One thing that has to be mentioned -unavoidably, as a result ot an internal misunderstandng - is that Bnan the Lton ■s a very pretty and colourful game 'Although the game runs pnnopalty m 16 colour mode, ii makes vast use ol the Amiga's copper colour spiting abilities and at some points in the game there are 182 colours on screen'

situations that 8nan comes up agamst. there is usually an appropnate expression whether a be from boredom (you ve stopped directing him with the joystick) or tear (he's perched precariously on the edge ol a dift)

Tech specs are reasonably impressive so take it away. Reflections 'Bnan the Lion features mutti-layered parallax scrolling m a smooth 50 frames per second m the same way as most console games The Cloud Shop' features a ” unique sme-curve scroll which gives the shop interior a gentle wave motion'


The creators speak

The game is a fast Sonic/Mano type game ky the Amiga - although there are many games ol this type on the Sega and Nintendo there are very tew good ones on the Amiga' Hmm. a bold statement

indeed Bui hey. this s     a preview page Other

tr ,    ,    than showing you some

V *    nice piccies. telling you

our last impressions ol the game and letting '    you hear whai the

programmers themselves have got to

Verdict so far

182 colours, 218 frames of animation lor Bnan alone, over 80 animated adversaries, bags ol character and some nice little touches spotted al over the place. Me. welt I can hardly wait to gel my teeth no the    ,

finished game    (    J

• STEVE UcGILL    i f


nil la.all Hula    aa .

lafl lati yaa ckaaia avklck lavtl la ink Iriaa ia ««*i.

Hmm, a bold



The creators speak:

No. the creators don t speak actually in tact, n :**s ."**-!nce the oo*y into I've go* to judge the progress ot this game by is the lax sent to poor. poor, looked-really-miserable-vrh eo-l-look-his-Wac-to-his-nouse-aliei-he-put-his-back-oui Cam

Briefly again:

Tryx and Treasure is a piraley platlonm romp, set«1641 lor some reason that Knsalis deem rekh.-.int You. as captain Jeremy Flynn, have witnessed rhr. capture ol your ship and the abduction and out-and-out thievery ol your men and gold by the second nastiest ol nasty pirates Redbeard

Rodbeard m a cunning old pirate and he knows that you'll attempt to retrieve your well-gotten gains In order to slop you Irom doing the noble thing, he s set all manner ol traps and beasties to mar you' progress

It you want an example ol the kind ol beasties that you li lace oil lo. swing your cutlass at ttvs lot. sharks (ooh). mutant idler siaftish (aah). sabre rattling skeletons (ooh aah) and evil fiendish ghosts ( ooh aah oh no, help mummy)

The traps sound just as fiendishly ongnal as the monsters Catch this lot in


"The ship would soon be rendered unuseable

the lace with a ballistic projectile, there are going to be automate firing cannons and tailing spikes

So lar. that lot above just aboul covers what I know aboul the game You see. this was supposed to be Cam s page Unfortunately, due to an external misunderstanding, Cam is no longer able to fulfil his contractual obligation Therefore with the kind ol backtracking and Iranhc padding that regular AP readers are so used lo prepare lor some background mlo on some of the more infamous pirate tacts ot the 16 S 1700 s Did you know that there are two hoilyconlesled theones on why the Jolly Roger was named so  Some scholars have staled that the name is derived from the Arabic All

Ra>»h meaning king ol the sea' A flattering and definitely feasible onpn But. the most plausible explanation comes Irom the practice ol pirate ships lo lly a battle nag whose meaning was literally no quarter given or expected Bloodthirsty stuff l indeed The Hag was usually made at crimson silk (net Mack, and without the skull and ciossbones. which was probably added laler by Hollywood) French sailors called a the preny red one' (as French sailors are apt to do) and ol course pretty red one' translated into French is to ioIm rougere' Simple

The lax received on the game didn't give away loo much information on how Redbeard managed lo capture Captain Jeremy Flynn's ship So how aboul some untoward speculation'’

At the lime and m the place that pracy was such a popular pastime, the waters were very warm Weeds used to grow on the bottom ol the boats This made them slow and very hard lo steer As <1 that wasn't enough, a creature called

Game: Traps and Treasure

Publisher: Krisalis Authors: Homan Werner and Orlando ETA: Early April


It wasn't me who saw the preview of the game

Verdict so far:

H looks preily it's the first attempt al a senous game by (be programming team Me lor one I'm going lo be hying my 'Jolly Roger Compromise which means that no quarter can be expected in a full review unless the game is good Shiver me limbers Jim lad and - oh. I've been lired • STEVE McGlLL

a Teredo', a species of shell lish. used lo attach themselves to the wooden hull and eal the wood away

As you'll no doubt have guessed, il this state of affairs was lelt untreated, the ship would soon be rendered unuseabfe To slop this Irom happening, ihe captain ol ihe ship would beach the vessel an its side He would then have his sailors scrape the weod and Tetedo oft and apply a new coal of pilch or whatever lo the bottom (May the Lord have mercy on our souls - Ed)

Obviously, this took a long lime, leaving the ship and crew vulnerable lo attack from whoever happened along This could possibly have been the manner in which yout platform character n Traps and Treasure lound himself under attack Then agam. maybe Ihe above was ust a load of ok) tosh that I'm prepared to diedge up when I haven’t got a due what to write in a preview ol a game You'te the audience, you decide


Nka »ktar<. tort I Kill mm la k>M why ■Itoai ctou la aKUli canto.

Game: UFO: Enemy Unknown

Publisher: MicroProse Authors: Nick and Julian Gollop

ETA: March 94 Briefly:

The Earth ts under attack Irom .•voKri aliens All nations have under your control, to repel m* attack

The creators


Sometimes with the Things 10Come section.

»e don't actua ry see the previewed game in an up and running state - sometimes, the company in question sends us a lew screenshots and a press release the press release usually consisting of a super super super aneee cheese bomber' narrative and other (ir)relevant into Of axxse, m an instance tike this, we re eipeeled to enquire further and do Our pumo be by phoning and taxing oft a toad of n-depth investigatory quasfeons Being a

Supercharged dynamo ol self regulatory perpetual motion f Tar - Ed). that's exactly the course ol action i look Be warned, the following is tor the eyes ot those who want to lind out more about Microprose s up and coming space strategy blaster. UFO Enemy Unknown, only

*    I blasted oil with the following

What influences it any does ihe game draw Irom'’ I'm looking lor anything (torn come books to films to other game genres la just about anything you consider relevant lor the leaders at AP MicroPros* ® Jason Dutton replied Ihusty ‘Originally. Mythos Games bioughi us what is now the tactical part ol the game it was very much the sequel lo laser Squad We asked them to expand me game idea further and add the strategy section aiound the lacteal games During development, the strategy aspect ot the game had more or less taken over, so that what was ongmaity a sequel a now a totally different game'

A-ha. I see. that explains why you've chosen to label the game an some Inc-seek anddeslroy-tadeal-piay strategy game then Tune tor another question

What kind ol interlace are you going to use to< this7 Wilt it be pomi and-dek menus, toyshek control maps. whaP "The most impressive elements

ol the system are ihe Geoscape (a lull working model ot the Earth used during the strategy sections) and the isometric 3-D tactical game The model ol the earth has fully textured terrain appropriate lo the vanous locations around Ihe globe: cycling night and day sequences ft chd that once. on a youth hostel tout ol tha Scottish Highlands Covered 14 hostels *t a tortnght Cychng night and day, we were - Edl and allows complete control over mewing angle and height This is ai done by a combrotmn of the Geoscape and mouse controlled menus'

Okay, let's look into this rsomelnc lacteal play men I take it the means that we re not talking about Ihe style ot space conflict associated with Elite or Wing Commanded "No The 3-D lacteal game is actually based on Laser Squad

X! going    repel ire

il-    acti

i n > nil' .

A gene splicing cattle-mutilator of a game'

However, the okt top-down viewpoint has been charged to an isometnc one. whch allows soakers, aliens, buridngs and obecls to be displayed in a much mere solid way Tins increases the options tor gameptay as the player can only see whal he solders can* Intrguvig indeed The press release mentioned that you have bases built ail over Ihe world to help you «i your tight lo repel itxs skullduggerous UFO activity Does this mean that you could successfully quell one llare-up pomt only to be laced with an eruption elsewhere'5 'Yes indeed UFO Enemy Unknown utilises a random

PW scenano generalor lor f the vanous missions This system creates a different mission every time We are - particularly pleased with it because il works better than we had ongmally intended *


M'droProsa reckon this game improves on the pedigree ol identifiable classes such as Ra4road Tycoon and Crvuiisafion They also ligure they can'l think ot anything quite like it so tar If that's the case. UFO: Enemy Unknown should be a gene-splemg cattle-mutilator ot a game Expect us to chew the cud m a lime-and-relative-dmensionsm space tutunste issue • STEVE McGill





Game: Banshee Publisher: Core Design Authors: Soren Hanibal (programming), Marlin Iveson (mustc/sound), Troy Horton (levels)

ETA: Spring (A 1200 and CD32 only - no A500 version currently planned)

The creators speak:

'Take i he classic arcade game 1942 Add a whole heap ol seasoning in the lorm of stylish state-of-the-art graphics and six sieamm levels ol up-io-daie action Sin m an Alternative Dimension and a heavy spnnklog ol mucho-big gunsn power-propped planes leave to simmer on incandescent heat - and wait patiently lor the best BLAST m light years Banshee EAT LEAD1

Er. thanks The boys continue n much the same vem as this for pretty much as long as you let them Theirs are

the magnetons responsible lor Banshees plot, which starts oM on a nice sensible alternative-future kod ol (rip. set n an Earth ol 1999 where there have been no Wodd Wars and aviation technology hasn't advanced beyond (he propellor So far so good, but then it all goes horribly awry with the introduction of characters like Biardai Makjrear. sleet-studded black leather-wearing megomartiaca! (so) dotaior of the evil Styi Republic, and Sven Svaidensvan (apologies lo all our Nordo readers tf tins turns out to be an meredOly rude word n Swedish or something), son ol a Styx-an inventor murdered by Biardax tor relusmg lo invent colour TV Naturally and perhaps rather disappointingly, you play the part of Sven

Anyway, enough plot lot now (it only gets worse) Banshee U is exactly what it a appeals to be a M smart-looking top-J down vertically-scrolling sfl shool- em-up It’s got six J levels, from the usual sea-sky-desert W stuff to an outer space level

Murdered refusing to invent colour TV"

whete you fty r the hurnedly-mvented Sub-Light Banshee Fighter

There's really nor terribly much else lo tell you about if. so over to the programmers again lor some ol lhai technical information that some of you love so much

'The game will am at 25 trames per second (one pixel per two frames) and Nm will be composed ol 16x16 blocks m <6-1) bupianes The blocks themselves are cul out ol

PV a screen comprised ol y 320x1024 pixels The 7th btpiane wi i show whether the surface enemies are visible or not - w go-be hinds The background blocks wii not be animated Several dummy-enemies' will be used tor ground-anims instead Stationary surface enemies w.ii be composed «n the same way Several mobile surface enemies wtk after exploding leave a bole in the ground, the hole blitted onto the scroHscreens ’ Thanks, guys

Verdict so far:

There aren't nearly as many of these splendid shoo)-'em-ups on the Amiga as you tend lo imagine, and there've been practically no good ones at all Since SWtV (unless you count Sky High Stuntman, which was a direct copy anyway)

Banshee looks really good, and I'm looking lorward to it hugely Then again.

I sad that about Biastai • STUART CAMPBELL



Game: Skeleton Krew Publisher: Core Design Authors: Jason Gosling. James Ryman. Heather Gibson, Guy Miller. Bob Churchill and Nathan McCree ETA: June 94


- 30 so metre shoot- em-up You :    a team ot mercenaries pitted

against the twees ol Muntound    I

Kadsser. Ike evil head ot a cryogenics 1 pies1 and mieni on taking over th-i I siir system What more excuse do 9 you need to dress up n big boots and 8 tool up with some rathi: _>lly-size<d I artiilciy and go about shooting    5

that moves1 To set the P scene the press release, rather    flj

amusingly we thought, has replaced ® most ol the C's with K's so we ve leaded to join m

You kan play any ol the three Sk ton Krew - Spete. Joint or Rib. and guide them around an fl-way skiobng •>■'4 There are passwords at the end ol fa.- evol. something every game should w-e There s also a smvjsaneous two pii-.e. opt on. so you ko-operate m the

spvnwil weapons and equipmAnl *

/ JhI Verdikt so

i; •    »



programme* assures

us that everybody that s seen what they ve wntten so la* has been impressed The skreenshots oenamr, look interesting enough There hasn't been a good isometnk blast tor ages Planet of me Robot Monsters was the last l kan remember Some ol the weaponry you get to play with sounds rather interesting too The Slice n' Dice Trunkaior promises to M !hu enemy m ha*' at waist height ana Wow the sekfcrj. r*j «•. thousand '.taming p>ec.i» vrfvte the F-Ftenze* tears the ttesh Irnm the body of you. en*m. s Mm Given “r trakk rekord ol Korc Skeleton Knewsr jtn h worth a good thrashing «*•    : a:nv=c As the staff at

AMIGA POWER rfehing to kut Ihee teeth n ;t • KHRIS LLOYD

destruktion The akfion kiaims to be Smash TV-kke, that il be squads ol enemies kom.ng at you from ait direktior.s then There are scene-setting animations between levels and lots ol U.-ge sprites and Hash graphiks

It*-j- -ng to be avenaWe tor the A1200 arid the CD32 rulii&y We aie thinking about an A500 version, obviously the graphiks won't be as good.’

and CO musik It s aklion orientated fhwi first I eve' is a straight shoot- em-up iu!i!f levels are more involved You get to uc* jetpakks. etskis and submarines Theie are sekret rooms to lind and power ups Tho.o are e.ght big baddi-r. to beat up as you work your way through the 7 Sv 's. each with 2 or 3 zones Each kharakter has ditferent kapabifitss mkiudng speed, armour and ti'e-pn ' You choose which one you want to u»s at h»

The kreators speak:    ■

'it s a 3D isometnk shoot-em-up (told you so), it s not been seen on the Amiga lot ages It was koncewed as a komik sfnp kind ol thing (One of the team has worked as a komik artist) Each kharakier has an e*iensive history, (suitably dubious) We re not sure whal enhancements there will be tor the CD32. probably animated mtroduktion sequences

"Blow the sektions Into a thousand flaming




One* known as 'Cam'.

B jfl    Wnstanley

boasts a Standard US Army-issue chronometer.

last soon adomng me arm of John Connor in me popular dnemabc feature Terminator 2. It's a great watch.' said Steve, "but what I want to know is, how come 4 ft's a US Army watch. I gels condensation on the inside A tat lot ol use mat'd be in. say. an intense polar ice-cap conflict with a force ol rarfcal commie Eskimos.* Why M you change your name. Steve *To forget" To forget what Tin afraid that information is avadabie on a need-io-know basis only. Besides. I've forgotten Ho '

1    Previously

Wkf    Dave' Steve

Goider didn't actuary mean lo change he

   name (not

bemg a W-bme APstatt member, and

hence not In the office most ol the tune anyway), but an Internal misunderstanding led lo his details bemg led into the computer at the Registrar Of Births, Deaths And Marriages along with the rest ol us 'll was al my watch's tauft.' he explained. 1 meant to go round to the registry office to photocopy my birth cerhficale lor a bet. but I got the tana wrong and turned up as the rest ol the teem were filing In their Deed Pol forms, and just sort ol Joined in. I laugh about It now. though. Sob ’

Ol course, two ol the AP stall didn't have to bother with al the complicated

Vfl    ngmarofo 0» altering

then passports and drtving licences at at As it in celebtabon of this newly-revealed freedom. Sieve

opted not lo carry any indeabon of the passage ol time about his parson. 1 And that a me time’s important In any gnen situation, someone else wH keep me informed,' he (tried bhraty. ‘Phis, every welch I've ever had in my antra He has slopped of its own accord ‘ You're bpposed lo wind them even rvw— *- - ‘     _ _

_    Steve 1

joined us 1 ontyttvs I month from

*'w\.    top dying-

format pubheabon ST Format.


though, she

hasn’t informed the DSS of her new job (or. indeed, the previous one), and so wishes to be identified by the misleadng male nom-de-plume In order to throw the Housing Benefit bfoortrounds off her trail. The multifaceted aspect of her personality »further mudrted by the mynad laces on her ticker - i s covered m little bebies. 'It was the cheapest one in the shop.' she mumbled, reddening slightly.

Game: Naughty Ones Publisher: Interactivision Authors: Melon Dezign Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

On Ihe back ot tlie bon. it says 'One ot ihe most spectacular platkymeis ot ai lime' What a load o* oH losh I mean, take a look - does ibe word spectacular leap even anywhere near your m-ocP No. it doesn't Wby do people wnte rubbish kke this’ Your average punter's going lo lake one look aM m Ihe shop, say That's not spectacular, don't be siupxf and immedalely put il back on the shell, which would be a shame as I'd mean they were missng out on one o< the year's best games lo dale I mean, as it is nobody believes me that it's bniliant. simply because il doesn t look very impressive at first glance. SO spouting rubbish kke lhat is lust going lo lum your potential consumers otl ai source Teh


Anyway, lo the game It's labuious No. really It's Ihe third Bubble Bobble segue! that never was. it s flic* Dangerous ihe way it should have beer it's everything ptatlorm games should be but almost never are It's simple to play but with a sharp ditticiity curve that'll start lo give you problems beta re you're haHway through Ihe first world, it's got a simultaneous two-player mode wheh isn't    *

hopelessly    >

hamstrung by scrolling

problems    ™

(because (here y isn't any scrolling). it constantly introduces new features but never gels contusng it's tun. y'kncwt

'Mi cult platform «n« coirACltn bi«< no    ~ “How do th«y sm«IIT~ TJit

do<nf liioT'rc fictiiiout cai« pltrtonn jama chiraclcn ' 'Oh, ny achisy »td«j

lie - i —fa - .

E"v m % • I




M«rt w« i«c M the kvth of World On* Stuck together to form « ti«MK Kak' of liM «rf»ol« UtiR) SomcwKol vooKolfr, M looks (the clcvta seporote screens oM stock together on the 0090, winch isn't rtslff the desired effect. But her. «*e tried, elrtjlit

It s not cost, this jofe.


r* • •nil 1    = r* • • • »


"Well, I'm always a dead sucker"

I    like i1 more the more I play it Here s how it a There are

live worlds at Naughty Ones, each made up o< several sngle screen levels line first world has

II    levels, but the number increases as you go on) In most ot ihs levvfe you have to coiieci a key 10 open the door to the exit, but as you progress things get Crjhtty more complicated with switches to throw to make blocking wall, disappear and operate pulleys and stuff as well Sometimes, in the super-

complcated bits, the switch writ be on a ditferenl screen to the wall (although never mote than one screen away) lots ot bad guys I litter the levels, and you can ktl them it you like You don t have to. but you get points, and if you kir them at a specified order (indicated by a tug arrow above the head of the one you're supposed to get next), you gel more post.1 extra lives and all that kind o( thing I can't think of anything else you have to do


I'm nol really Sure how to make this sound more convincing I saw early demos ot Naughty Ones, and wasn't impressed I only picked it up when it amvsd in the oftce because na-one else had come in yel. and I fen like kiifcng a lew rrvnutes belore I started work And yet live rrvnuies n. I was ailing on I ho edge of my chan, going 'Argh1' and *£ekr and  "Oh no, look at Ihai'" and all kinds ot things Which was stupid, because there wasn'l anybody there to hear y me. but I couldn't really hefp rt Ai first 11 bought *Wei I'm always a dead sucker lor a cute single screen plattormer, I shouldn't read loo much inlo this', buf as I went on and the whole story, as it were, unlokled. I began to hnd

Um. key, leek ,1 IKal inivrcilms ihmy mu ikui, •Hrybody!

'Cor, Ml noM, fm



Therer* 256 colours A1S0 j on duplay n Ihe AG A ' IF version. hul you wouldn't unity notice unlasa you were looking lor them. The CD32 game should be much the tame, and will be out any minute now.

issues ago), by gwing three pages 10 a really simple game that there isn't anything to say about except Mi's really good, buy it * The difference with this one, though, is that you probabty won't irslroma company you ve probabty never heard ol. it was written by foreigners (no1), it doesn't look earth-shattering, it doesn 1 have an amazingly cool central character, and it won't be on GamesMaster I tael sale m predicting a low-20s chan position, at the most. Prove me wrong

But anyway. I guess the only pan ol the review left to do <s to decide on the matk At lirst i reckoned somewhere m the md-80s. but then I realised that I'd be being usi as bad as I'm ranting at you lot lor. martring it down simply because it's not Ng' or glamorous So then I thought high 60s. but suddenly I remembered I d gven Team 17's Owah 88V and while that's a really smashing little game, ft's not as pretty, vaned or involved as this, so it really shouldn't get as high a score Oh. what the hel. I haven't grven anything 90 m ages I'm going lo give it 90.






111 90!



myself thinking 'No, actually, it s not just me this ts really good From straightforward arcadey beginnings, it gradually putts you rto more thoughtful areas, with screens that you have to study tor a bn before you go racing oft. and

1 jal all thou Irm hi iltilii* by tba

war. I’m mi that f«ak. Sorry -

decisions to make about routes, and secret rooms to tmd. and gambles to nsk lor extra lives and power-ups and allsorts (iiteraly and metaphorically) It starts like Parasol Stars. but after a while it s really l*e Rick Dangerous, except without ail those unbelievably annoying invisible hazards that you've got no way ol knowing aboul until they kill you I1's reaDy tneky in pans, but purely in terms of demanding skill from the player not by overwhelming you with speed or numbers o-things you can t see - even with an infinite lives


sum    jg    i .

ibty    fSjiSr” “

any continues or passwords or anyltvng. so you actually have lo be good la gel anywhere, and even when you've been through a screen a dozen times, you sHl have to be careful despie (he laci that bad guys don't come back after you've killed them and only Ihe  destructible hazards remain And isn't it great to have a game that comes on a single r*sk with practically no accessing'’'

Well by the time i d finished thmkmg all that, the rest ol the team had arrived I docked them all a day s pay lo> being late, and said "What do you think d this " They sad "We think if s a bit unfair, actually, a's only quarter lo fen' and I sad ‘No. no. what da you think o< the game’’' But they were too busy moaning aboul their wages to form any constructive opinions, so. er. that's that sketch knackered (Jm


Don't you U5t hale il when you lose your concentration and wander alt the subfeci like that0 What I’m trying lo say here. I suppose, is that I've kmda shot myself m the loot agam (kke with Cool Spot two

single c

cheat I was struggling to get through some ol it You don't gel

Oh how original, you jump on ptatlormi, you shoot thing* and you collect thing*. On* touch Irom the •sorted opponents and you go back to the start of the screen Have we seen all this before Yes, dozens of times. Naughty Ones Is playable, no quibbles there but It's hacknsyed and after a few goes repetitive. Jump, ahoot, ump, lump, you gat the picture. It's one long test of your timing, many of thsm too hard.





A h«i kich owtiid« iA« ImiT Smtty tkjl > a toal, rrfl

rrrrrri—rrr lrrrrrrr~rrr rrrrrri—rrr rrrrrrr_rrr


trlfcif this h the nadtff' pilch, Of iORi€<hJn§ i unl fo«u terribly wrong with oar uritR-fribbia] ifiUn l<4.

Game: Manchester United Premier League Champions Publisher: Krisalis Authors: Neil Adamson (design and graphics). Simeon Pashley. Pete Harrap (programming). Matt Furniss (sound)

Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

Sometimes, in one ol

my oitiei lives. I tind myseM reviewing games lor various console magazines Quite often (console games being whal they are), IT be playing some Street Fghier 2-clone one-on-one beat- em-up. and •ben I do, there's one recumng thought that

comes to mmd Why1 What's the pant1 When a game so tar out in Iron) at the top d its genre exists, why does anyone bother writing games which are usi a pale shadow ol A. identical m every meaningful way but diluted and inferior and bereft o< whal imagination mere may have been in the ongnaP And that's the thought that Keeps on forcing its way back into my head when I'm playing Manchester United Premier League Champions (MUPLC Irom now on, thanks). It s not actually rubbish or anything, indeed it's probably one ol the Amiga s lop three lootbaii games But we've already got one ~ Sensjpie Soccer, thanks - we don'1 need another one wth k halt the features taken out Actually, on second I thoughts, that's a little I unlan While on first s attempt this leels like playing Sensible Soccer six

"We've already got one Sensible Softerthanks"

: bilr. jiin 6 iidur 2 aloe »f»cs

"lH JX1TJ)

II Siw (wai II luti Lt ij

i tririh-*

It’s once, twice, three times a footy-game licence - can Krisalis pull off the treble Or not Eh

lardy till I big f««ui il the bonom offfide, rcfT


Aaoihcr ■■«iij HIM fran Aiuch 04 Th« SO Fool FootbalJ FUiiri'  ■howiaq n m ]io«a4 Mir yew from meI week).

i x * +


It s nice to see another touch of realism In MUPLC - here, Chelsea (In the red-and-white) are putting intense pressure on the Mlllwall goal towards the end of a tight 0-0 tussle. It looks like no-one s going to break the deadlock, but...

A ilctull] Cfiach at kadMl tolar, Maaatc IUi, ap aii■ Ilf claaa to Paadi, pacaa am (fca lad Tito larpnurf fall-ka :h caaaiaaal ilMiaf pail

rta ,rl taifPt Hm paulli Tito drlaaaa mad *ilitapai dafacueti nap la M> app a M pamtaai, ai HaWN haai M ap la tka baa tor a Ml to*far

•at - uarrabl - pitoi ■ aaaai la ba Poat, as ba mina aafla lapUf ahaara Cauanaa'a post kick bib] laraad pad Ma paal bp to* Milkaall haapa i. Ira a toaap ato law. toarkall

• months before il was h finished a kflte persistence reveals its true nature - this is Sensible Soccer, tor He*

Off Ians

ITs true After my firsf lew games of MUPLC, I lound mysell travelkng back, back in time to the almost-forgotlen days before I worked on AMIGA POWER, when I first ined a new and enormously popular football game called He* Off I'd heard so much about if fhaf was almosf beside myself with excitement, but when I J-5 finaty got hold of a copy and E‘ started to play. I was -S crushingly disappointed II was slupirty last, the ball few around like if was on a pinball table, and nothing I seemed lo do to the joystick appeared to have any kind ol . pretkctable effect on the onfield proceedings II was one vj ol the mosl intense ard ; frustrating let downs m my f* long gameplaying He, and I

Ihouqht I'd seen the last of it But it's back Holding up on Ihe joystick and pressing fire only to see the ball shoot off diagonally backwards, overhead-kicking free kicks rto my own nef. goring away penalties while the joystick sal unattended on the desk, ail ot these homhe experiences returned to haunt me while playing MUPLC. and I'm not best pleased about it


MUPLC. you see. features a    ■

conliol system lar Closer to Owio On s on nal -kicking is actually triggered when you fef go ol the fire button not when you tut it - and it's so unnatural the game s almost crippled Irom the oft Sensible Soccers one-tap automatic passing has consequently gone lor a burton too. and with it that game's possibility ol smooth, (lowing, skilful loofbaH MUPLC is a much more reactive affair, where you have lo belt the ball into space and then do the best you can with where it lands, rather than planning any clever stnogmg-together ot deliberate passes Except it's all so last (noticeably taster than Sensible,

As in cm s««, ike tiaihr' pitch n m COM, Ike plxfan art otic1 troioi lo o lUaOinll

"This feels a lot like Kitk OH in play"

and rather loo last tor my liking) that you don't gel a chance lo react property either - you just have to waggle the joystick optimistically in the general direction you want lo go and hope something useful results


There's a lai more unwelcome intrusion even than this, though - reakty You see. while MUPLCs players all have a wide range of statistical attnbutes roughly at line with ihe<r real-life abilities, they're also human beings, and hence not infallible Hence, while MUPLC broadly adopts a bait-sticks-to-feet policy compared to Sensible's demanding dnbbling. it's prone to realistically tailing at random m the middle of a run So, you can be weaving down the wing, beating delender after delender on a wonderful mazy breakaway when suddenly you'll just lose control ol the ball and it'll trickle away Irom your (eel although you haven 1 done anything different lo what you've been doing lor Ihe past 10 seconds when it was stuck to you like gkie This is a deliberately built-in feature (it also applies lo ahertouch -better players can bend the ball better and more often than less talented ones - and refereeing decisions), and it's Ihe most annoying thing I've ever experienced m a football game I've said il before and IT say <1 agam - A I want an accurate and authentic simulation ol real lootball physics. IT go down the park with a sodtfcng lootball Always, always always, the pant ol a computer game is that skilful players should do better at 1 than crap ones - when you start throwing m random elements, you completely knacker the whole shooting match III take a  „ Qoaikick with my goalkeeper R v with Ihe joysbek held

‘ y diagonally lo the too nghl I want the ball lo go at that i direction every single I bme What I don I want ts I tor k one time to fty oft so 1 lar lo the right of ihe pitch that A goes straight out lor * tr a throw in. and another time lor it to go n a dead stia>ght line up the pitch, smack oft the head ol a delender slanting m front of Ihe keeper who then fa)s over in surpnse. and bounce right mlo the path at an onrushing forward who sticks it nto the back ol the net while my (computer-controlled) goalkeeper naps around like a ekekhead Once things like that start happening, what's the point ol hotdmg (he joystick at



Tit icpU facility if a hit •! a


f«acc - at wall a« tfec uiaal flow-mono* aid flill-lfama, ya« caa view ike acriaa (vm ihi reverie aaf le, as wall as itviidisy ap lo Ike aalira leaf Ik af aa« kail rf ya« «« oi aa AHflO

l (Im TwHaf Nit - MM* Mul Ik lallaaikiliat Mi owuaf faalic Baalcally a aaiaral pra rcwiaa al ika

lamcllmi «< a lanimia MMlMBlan, Kara. i«ralfl Pm1

• •in «* «* alairf 1* gel

1. fit lirpmiafhl IMaallaa - ihn aaa aaca aatiaM an in ili ia 11 aiiaalct. Knack Ika kali il/aifki oai la ika UMa l>aa yoalktakai ar MM aM, aaM watch at a linilila) koiMa MaicanMi Mfcataoaltf aa ika ippoiiUoa kaapar. fvaa II aaa f« I laikltM, ikaia aia m but pUran lallawt*) ap ikai Ika bal avaatanlty iaMi ap W Ml Ban tfciaafk ikaar Ml]kl al aaaikan. Bo m la inM paiiiaf aM M ika lak ailaf by acciMaai. koariatr-

i ' »Vny not jus) press fire lo start the gam*, then have the ball bounce around ] completely al random lot 90 minutes and go o« lor your (inner, corrang back only 10 see what the result turned out to be'’

I s crap Realty

As I've sa<d though, th« leets a lot • rte Kick OH n play, and you might like flat it you're mad) So let s look at some  ot the less subjective elements cl the game, lor information purposes You get about 150 teams to choose Irom the ■JiZsus English leagues (no Scottish, European international or wacky teams.

you count the Krisaiis side) You can't customise the players, the teams or hki strips (although, oddly, you 00 get to Choose which ol their three Ms your opponents wear), and you can’t aHer the length ol games, but you can choose ■Aether you want extra lime or not sar-i-ugh. unlike m Sensible, it comes mw mlh penalties or not at alt. you can't ■ )ve extra lime and then a replay)


7rere are seven kinds ol pitch, including a w -:ggy option and you can custom-Mild leagues (including awarding up to *.e points lor a mi and between nought and fcve tor a draw) and cups, and give twm names ol your choosmg. which you coukJn i do n Sensible Actually selecting he teams lor competitions is a bit of an ovircompcaied pam in me bum. but

that's hardy a ma or complaint

UUPLCs big plus point is the Tacto-Gnd’“ system which allows you to precisely tailor your team’s formation Each player can be individually assigned to a single square on the pitch (although obviously he'll still run around wherever necessary), so you're not restricted lo live or six preset set-ups You can even instruct your entire team to line up down the nght-hand touchbne if you like You can access the Tacti-Gnd'“ at any dead-bail pomt dunng a match which i$ great il you get into a i -0 lead with 10 rrtnuies lo go and want to sick every single one ol your men inside your own 18-yard box (Of course, the unpredictable nature of the controls might make this a lather dangerous approach) As an aside to ifvs. you can even decide m advance which ol your players you want to nominate to take penalties, attacking tree-kicks and

defensive Iree-kcks

At the end ol the day. though, even the niceties of the Tacti-Gnd™ are just window-dressing on an ill-considered and irritating game Playing this, in both one-player and two-player modes, made me angry and frustrated, whereas playing Sensible had me shouting and pointing and lumping up and down in sheer excitement Down below in that On The Olher Hand box, Sieve s going to tell you ms isn't as bad as I'm pamting it. but remember - he still really likes Kick OH As I said at the start. MUPLC is mostly almost exactly like Sensible Soccer but not nearly as good So why bother• STUART CAUPBELL

to eey you Kb* II me Soccer TM* la the (or you OtMnete*.

New lkl< aaa Is fribbaVt Male

As I've already said, the best thing about MUPLC is the Tacti-Grid™. No more boring old 4-3-3, 4-2-4, 4-4-2 options here, oh no. Just look at some ol the novel and Interesting combinations you can play around with.







The sound's a lot better £ 2( ,: . and you can witch

replay a of A A 2 the entire length Hi" ol a half. H you want. 1111 =

Stuart and I have something ol an internal misunderstanding over this game It's definitely not a pale shadow ol Sensi til admit that overs I a isn't as good as Sensi. but 1 has saving graces that I much prefer Slued figures that it's much more natural to hit the fire button and then hold if down for the amount of power you want I don't thkik it's as dear cut as that You always prefer the control method that you re used k> (or something l*a that), and UUPLCi kicking « more natural lo me (I've played

a lotol Kick OH P).

Some of the bugs, however, are irritating It seems tar too easy lo score an own goal Irom a flying header or whatever The random element on the dribbling a fan. to be honest II cartaaily diacmngaa you Irom hotting onto the bai too long The potential is there lor a passing game, though admtledy when I played Stuart, the game was more kke a rough and lixrbta. first lo the tag hoot. Scottish Premier League game than a smooth

passing Itakan game But it's detail1, ,i game ol skill • you luck them a be and dtay kck you a bit. II repeal myall 41 not a Sensi beater, but l a eloa* end I meter it s dafmeely worth around 20 per cant more than Slu e qioan it here • STEVE UcGILL

ii j ]


r i


rr ct i

- 1

rcDi r

- '


b r"r

rn rr


■ .CCf! C! rr



“Ugly plastic console and knackered old TV set"

nab b • atop, iwtruR. In km M f* Nkr««fk «■ ih« Mm MA

ling the port liters by the 11 know the

amocrts ol *tloh and talent into butonq up an atmosphere over a mnules-long intro Sequence only to blow *a» n one ad Of brain y v, atupxMy I DON T WANT TO KNOW THAT YOU RE ACCESSING THE DISK. YOU USELESS CRETINOUS MORONS (Strangest sonsabon of dafevu men Never mmj) How hard *• to

anywy amgrt


Its Sewer Shark Or. t you’re not NnAar with that pancuiar Mega CO Me try Space Hamer as a reference port You% rto the icrten. 1000wng a preOetermeted path (except at the occasional OMvvstyto junction where you cen choose one of several, afthou$ y> it's usuaty two afferent routes i Waves d

Gam*: Microcosm Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Pete Marshall. Richard Weekes. Stewart Sargaison, Russell Bartley and a cast of zillions Price: £44 99 Release: Out now

In body armour sland alert beside huge gun platlorms mounted on penlhouM roots Inside, a nervous surgeon stands seedy beside the motionless body ol a Stoker-corporation s duel eiecutae. two ttoawdy-buil men with ponytefe and guns standing by to puntsh any hesitation The teostor ii almost unbeatable And then and ttton - picture ol a com pad rksc Disk

something ass wfech wouttnt . from your newty-enfered virtual world back

jny ng




across the sky Mood*r*t security guards

Acces»g Pease Wait Bloody her

Sometimes when I'm ptaymg games, the wea-prackced epM ot cynotm saps away, and I auuMMMy permit mysetl to be truly and honesdy surprised and horrified at the utter empness ol programmers. The only people m toe wodd who corid expend eneb bags

rto your tatty bedroom wan «s ugry plastic onemtos (m ton case, mostly mearangfeu console and knackered ok) TV and    geometric shapes and btobs crudely

unweshed lager glasses Nothard.xi    superimposed on the backdrop and no*

other words But no They have to let you appearing tob etated to * in any way. know how clever they are Took.'they    wfxehtoc*fewfe enemy battlecraft toan

say. the smug smses almost bursbng thto cheap potato aneeks from Marks And cheeks. "We re uemg a CO ten t It great’*    Spencers - Spey Tomato Flavour Wagon

and toe atmosphere dissipates fester than WheoH or something Me that) attack n

First there was a cosm, then there was a small one of it, or something like that, and then it appeared on the CD32 and there was much rejoicing, perhaps



No other versions ol Mtcrocoam are planned lor ordinary Amiga*. And yal, somehow, I Me goea on.

read Ihem before. Bui Ihe actual game the* a bit Every now and again the tunnels do a quick bd ol maercoaster side-Io-Side or up-and-downing (aShnuqh these bits ware obviously too complicated to have any enemies in], and there's no shortage ol digitised video sequences ai over the place (indudng a hianoualy pomttosa bit where you land in a refueling base and have to walk through 4 with the toypad to the take-off point, although there's only one direction you can walk in and nothing to be gained or tost by either going quickly or taking al day), but nothing manages to disguise the inherent nothingness ol the gameplay. Forty-five quid. Psygnosis You must be foking.


fTT ;    white circle with

Mg Ip    snaky green lines

U    1 scrawled all over a

, M to represent the

4V    * passageways ol Ihe

'bloodstream (did I mention

you were inside a mmialure spaceship (tying around inside

_    someone s body'! Wei, it's not very

important anyway). Great, eh

Circling, shooting and mapping Sounds thrttlmg, doesn't it Oh. it tries,

finger wedged on the fire button, although alright Wei, sometimes The presentation the Kky control responses and CD32    vean wikfy between super sick Mtd

ioypad don't make it easy tor you), you amezfngtystoppy-there's no titte screen, hope you gel lo Ihe end of the currant    tor a start, you gel dropped straight into

section before you thumb falls off. and    the game from the intro, and you car only

you map    switch the sound effects off, not the music.

_ _    Onscreen messages are printed in almost

VOYAGE    unreadabiy tiny lard against constantly

Oops. I almost forgot about the sacond shifting backgrounds, and can t be sk ped gameplay element - mapping Yep. you through no matter how many times you've don't just tty around shooting a! slutt. you have la Imd youi way lo the things you want to shoot at You do this by bunging up a map (which doesn't pause the game, and hence inevitably loses you a quarter of your shield power when you took at it) which shows your ship as a white square inside a


patterns and you Wool at them And SwfS everything

Now (here isn't

necessarily anything wrong with (tat 1 loved Spare Hamer, even on home formats where most people coJrto't get past the loss of the arcade machine's hydreukc char. And Skpheed By common consent the other good game on to Mega CO after Thunderftewfc. uses much the same formula as Microcosm. iM «t a much more stylish way. But Uoncoam isn't even a very good version

of tyeoaHarrier-the graphics, race

hough they are. aren't (be honest with yourself) nearly as pretty, lor one thing.

You get the odd genuinely exciting moment. Ike when you come out ol a tong, narrow, claustrophobic tunnel and suddenly find yoursalt m a big, open dnyvtgttavBm which gives you a daaattng rush of vertigo, but generally the list tenMnulas of play will show you avetyMng there is to see There's little ol he ancient coin-op's variation in background and enemies, and none ol Sapheeds limited interaction math the ■Canary You shoot, you bride (as with Pnost all Space Harrier-type games, the best way lo avoid enemy tire is lo bide round snd round Ihe seieen with youi


Well, there’s no escaping It - the graphics are nice. Not aa nice as Stardust, though, and that a Interactive as well.

What can you gel lor £45’ A Sorry Wakman with built in AM/FM redo and Megabass A Nintendo Gameboy with a fiver left over lor cnsps and pop Or how about Knights ol the Sky. Ffy Harder. Laser Squad and Speedbal Z1 Any ol these options (even the Walkman) otters around oh, about 20 limes the gameplay of Microcosm The eondusron’ It you've got money lo bum or you're rust plain stupid, go lor Microcosm It's a loser • STEVE UcGILL

DOWNERS Precious little gameplay, mates, and what there is Isn't done very well. Oh, and it I wanted to listen to Rick sodding Wakeman (orever with no chance ol respite, I'd have gone to a Yea concert In 1975, alright


45 quid lor a leai coherent and less pretty version ol Space Harrier No, I don't think so, thanks.

Can we have the new state-ol-the-arl now, pieaaa




122 KPN


It snowed in Bath



Game: Winter Olympics Publisher: US Gold Authors:

Price: £32.99 Release: Out now

Before l stan this review, i d jusi 'Jte to mention how nice il is la tee US Gold stil entering mto the Spmt cl international friendship and employing people whose First language isn't English to write their instruction manuals

'll you are playing the game in Fu* Olympic mode, when the last event has been completed you are able to inert the Openmg Ceremony and celebrations winch open the Games Irom the manual, page B.

But hey. there s a    -rtT

senous point here Having seemingly not learned any lessons Irom the last two US Gold games I've played (Pinball Mage and Street fighter 2. both ol which had    

insultingly useless manuals], USG are persisting with instructions which are not only grammatically laughable ('Made ol concrete to high standards, competitors are subject to

"Dancing Playing Hie drums "

Forces ol up to 4G * - page 11). but almost completely without value when it comes to le11mg you how to play the game l‘m stiU. alter three days, not Sure what's going on m the first bri ot the Biathlon event, where you "use the LEFT and RIGHT directions to move the pooler along the bar, fhts w=s improve the biathletes rhythm "What in. dancing'’ Playing the drums11 certainty can’t Find any relevance tor rt in the Biathlon But anyway

Vo not tut objects ott the course as this wiT result «n fatal injury, preventing you From completing your run * - From the manual, page 9


IF it seems like I'm putting off talking about the game here, it's because there's very little to say about it The events are a I ones you ve seen belore n sports Sims.

T    and control is pretty much the

same as it always is. a mixture ol aimngtsteenng and Irantic joystick waggling, with an added puzzle element m that the instructions are so crap, you have to work out the actual mechanics ot control tor yourself In a if . Full Olympics, you play live from the 10 available events, one >t each category (there are. tor example, lour different kinds ot Skiing. Irom which you choose your favourite), but you can also practice

Lilleha mmer £ '94

UmH Hi I Bum « ta Pi fm-Etyta

ndmdua evenis until you ve got the hang d them Up lo lour players can play at once, although the ce-skating events are re only ones m which mote than one player is ever onscreen at one lime None el the evenis ever seem lo get really oh tie ground - the luge and bob can be compteied with practically no intervention kwn the player whatsoever alter the start (and are particularly crude-looking), the Ski-ng is slower, less pretty and less (idling than the five-year-old Super Ski (currently E2 99 m Ihe Pockel Power range), the ski-iumping has no sense at heqhi. speed or tension at all. and the biathlon is just plain weed You spend Ihe first bit swinging the joystick rhythmically loti and right between two parallel lares wtrch occasionally gel closer together (tor as I've already menhoned. no leadiy apparent or ever-explained reason), the second M waggling like crary while your skier takes the (arm ot a little eon r the middle at the screen and a dock counts down liom

15. and then suddenly you're straight into the target shooting t»i and it's at over until the nexi round (you play the btathlon m stages between al the other evenis. finishing oN with a final biathlon mm-stage that's a bit like a strange cross between the first two Ms). That ust leaves the speed-skating, which is straightforward waggling, and rubbish Odd word, rubbish You'd think n would mean like the act ol being rubbed' or something like that, wouldn't you1 But it doesn t Where was I1


The graphics, as you can see lor yourseH (except lor the dodgy scrolling), are alnght. but the sound is very sparse indeed, and what there is is almost uniformly hombie You can use joystick or keyboard controls, and they'ie both okay

Now some people (US Gold, tn ail probabiity) will tell you that I'm completely missing the point here, and that Winter Olympics is lots of fun m multi-player mode It is. moderately, but so what1 We

used lo play a game in the AP office la deode who was gomg to make Ihe tea It was called Spool, and involved al the players hoi ring a number ol cons (between zero and three) ri then closed hands and then taking turns to guess the total number held by all the players It operated m a kind of knockout system until only one player was left, who then had lo go and make the tea It was a good way ol deciding who was making the tea. sure, but it was also lun See whal I'm getting at1 Practically anything you play with other human beings is lun (except maybe Enc Clapton records), you

don't need to blow 33 quid on a substandard sports game tor some top interactive laughs So don't.


You've §oi lo bo hirhiif m*4 lo ovon itJak obovl doinj this.


Mtjal raa owl oT nMenaoy.


froood-i pr«*f.

HO*l 07


EfE cnibi propMo

E UPPERS Some of Ihe graphics ere quite pretty, and li t lun In multi-player mode. Then again, whal Isn't


Imc a M hn , «M (tot, Ala MT>



120 K


Uh Oh sorry, I seem to hsve dozed off. Must be playing this game that does It to me. Every time I start a new event my head goes down onto my chin and my eyes close. Still It's pretty good. No. really... Wall, alright, you've dragged It out ot me - IT STINKS! It s boring and dull and mundane.


DOWNERS Practically none ol Ihe events call lor any raal skill (even Olympic' level la a pushover), and the presentation laavea a lol lo be desired. USG's own The Games -Winter Edition on the Spectrum did almost exactly the same game much belter (and. honestly, 1 lol prettier) abcul 111 years ago.


The Amiga has wilted a vary long time for the definitive Joysllck-waggling sports slm, and It's still waiting. This is a quick and slightly nasty caeh-ln fob. which lan'l lerrlhle In any real Xante, but Isn't raally even worth Investigating ellhtr.


The game comes In 2S6 j,i j nr different shades ol

blue and while inilasd of 16. No. only foklng.

Game: Legacy ol Sorasil Publisher: Gremlin Authors: Kevin Dudley, Mike Hart Price: £25 99 Release: March 1994

Sooner than anticipated the next chapter m Ihe ever unfolding tome ol Gremlin software releases has been unleashed on a thoroughly expectant world The game,

a as you II already know from observation ol the headline fanfare, is Legacy ol Sorasit a 30-isometric view RPG romp

_ The quest -

■ should you choose m " R I to accept it. Mr Hero Tfjr    'Ml _ is simple: nd the

t\ Ril w orld ol a

ffn&ocah'e sorcerer who's been doing rs nasty , - an ,'-"'pr*:s<i utopian ■ ’ •

,    * * as usual

BHBHH plague perfidy and

Thii nap ]lv«i fan lh< Mil idaa oljuil hew flitraoidinanlf bis the plains arta la la lajant

defilement ol all that is good A lime where magnanimous deeds will be appreciated A time where honour is respected A time when cynicism is banrshed A time when seil-sacnhce is cherished and pul on Ihe mantlepiece lor all to rest their eyes on and leel humbled So bugger mat This is AMIGA POWER, aher all (Ger back here -Ed)


But most ol all. it is a lime to start the ' review proper, lor AP has a new    2

publisher and if I don't make a good impression, it will be a time to walk involuntarily out ol Ihe door and never be seen again    •

Legacy ts basically a launtier more colourful, more diverse and more £ varied version oI Hero Quest, it is the Vj first ol a promised senes ol Hero Quest I Master series games Hem Quest hist 1 appeared on ihe Amiga around two and v a hat! years ago and earned a perfectly c respectable 00% n AP2. which older j readers will recognise as the heyday ol

the Matt Bielby golden era. when men were men and heroes were heroes They tell me

As soon as you've booled up and selected the proper language, you initially select a party ol lour characters from a pool ol eight The usual choices are there Rangers. Clones. Paladins. Mag>c Users. Barbarians eic Just as with most RPGs a well-balanced selection ol bram \ and brawn is the best mix and the

tone most conducive to survival The order you place Ihe character in on the selection screen is important The character on the >ry left leads the party. ie he moves lust At    he-'she doesn’t necessanly have to

S , be the leader m a strictly regimental •fa hierarchical miliianslic sense (it could be a collective democracy after all) It’s just that it's more Vg sensible to have the taster moving £hl characters at Ihe front '    Each character has five

atlnbutes body, combat.

' perception strength and mind After

It’s got dungeons galore and probably dragons too. It’s got hundreds of tunnels and, most likely, trolls. It’s...



lwr« XlMWb

■fit Mart.


Morris Travel lari are all very well, but they're slow and they don t really take you anywhere interesting. I'd rather be playing Perihelion than this. At least Perihelion has a tew Interesting ideas rather than just trundling out the same oM tired flPG formulas. It reminds me too ol the first role~playlng adventures I aver played but, unlike the other Steve, I'm glad to have grown out ol them and leal little nostalgia for those long hours of repetitive slash and hack • STEVE FARAGHER




The map is consiamly at hand and costs no action points whatsoever, very handy The shop is also handy lor the Hading and upgrading at weapons, potions and miscellaneous etc

There s a lot of playing time and testability stuck n here as well Apparently, even it you knew exactly whal you were doing the game would lake al least ten solid hours of play to complete

That's also where one al my mam criticisms lies You can only save and load alter completion ol a scenario Now lhal isn't always going to be convenient Say you've only got halt an hour to kil and you want to k4 it playing Legacy. What do you do when you have to switch off’ You lose all your hard work, that's what you do.


Another cntxasm is the limitation of character choice. I like things to be personal Especially with this type of game Surely there could be some kind ol character generaiion within the Clenc. Barbarian. Magic User framework Even lust the ability to change ihe names would be appreciated

The music is nice m a mediaeval atmospheric kind of a way. although, like most computer muse it does tend to grata after a white

So. er, it's summing up time The best conclusion I can draw m this instance is to compare Legacy to a Moms Traveler (otd-styte car ot quaint character - the one with all the wood on the outside) Thinking of Hero Quest as a standard model, consider the Mowing lor Legacy, the wood's been polished. Ihe bodywork s had a good waxing, ihe chassis's been made more ngid and Ihe engine's been rebored and tuned Overall, a more exciting game, but shil a Morns Traveller m essence

I like Morns Travellers and the same can be sad lor Legacy Ol Sorasil • STEVE McGill

you have selected a party, you can tweak Ihe indnndual Ihrbutes further This is achieved through use ot he character modification screen Take a gander at tie selection screen somewhere on these pages lo gel a better idea ot •hat i looks like

"The wood's been polished, the bodywork waxed


Once through the character selection procedure, the land ol Phia awaits Party movement and actons are accessed txough a slick and competent control nterlace Each character, unlike Hero Quest has a sei number of action points: 20 m al Movement points are limited deperxtng on Ihe characler being controlled This is more reatsnc. in RPG terms at least because it makes sense lor rwnble looted Elves lo be able lo move further per turn than say a slunty bearded dwarf Ot course, if lor example you chose to move the Elf hts full complement ol movement points and did (he same tor the dwarl ihe dwart will have more action ports lo play with at ihe end of his move From this, you can plan Simple stralegies such as always having (he dwarl or whoever, search lor traps and treasure ri Vie same lum The control rterlace is sick and competent You can choose lo move characters from ihe compass or click on a destination on screen Either way. the result's me same, although it s more convenient to port and dek directly onscreen Actions are accessed by clicking on the various little action

cons Again actions can be diredly earned out by dcking on Ihe con with Ihe nghl mouse button Okay, hopelully by I now I've established that I the conlrol method is non-mtrusive and. in lad. very helpful lhal each character can travel independently ot the party (thus opening up Ihe poss*ikty of having some friends along lo control individual chaiacters); and finally that I like it Time to cue some overbeanngly slushy sentimental muse

legacy teminds me of when I used to play Dungeons S Oragons years and years ago. Computers were making an impact on the scene and Imng everyone's imagination on all cylinders The Amiga wasn't around at the lime, and there was no software around that even came dose to fulfilling the projected potential


That's where legacy comes m It's like the computer personification ot Ihe first dungeons I used lo play in You don't have to care too much about where you are al any particular lime, because the locations and cotndors are aulo-mapped lor you

This is mN ot Sm character ufari— b.-ecu I gaams lhal mmtm* M twice m jmo4


® UPPERS Variety

Animation. Conlrol system. Auto mapping Is a boon. Logical puzzles, traps etc and oof loo taxing.

® DOWNERS Loading and saving at end of scenarios only. A bit sedate for those with Itchy joystick fingers and acceleraled brains. (Tty Sabre Team 1200.)


A sauped up version of ■ trled-and-tesled formula, which does nothing to detract from Ihe fact «« « that tha game Is lots of tun mi = to play    UU =


H you put high octana t i ■«    - fuel Into • Morris

Travel lei. it would still be as good to drive. And that's what It's like with legacy on Ihe At 200.

ics, bioneerons, moody

Game Perihelion Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Morbid Visions Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

ot tor you* characters with pvoruc powers Tooted up with spots and shotguns it's time to roc* n ro*


You start at the map screen where you can move the party around the    

landscape ot Penhetno Alter a M of exploring. ckmbmg up Vie mountains and such l*e. you reakse the only place you can go rnrhaty a the city ot MrdUght Here the action changes to test person as you roam the streets wondering what to do next Soon you Vid Networv termnals where you can read messages The network part is a nee touch, resembtng a real network terminal, a tut There « Mtte interaction mvolved. you onty meet two characters m the whole .    city and you can do Me

•d up except select it*' on me network and see what Spell*    they have to say tor

lotauns    'hemsetvws Why you

“    have to use the

imP tO    network tot., to

K)p<6 the street <yvi lamed Soon you

-encounter the hrst ot many punch-ups with the unsavoury characters out to slop you During the tights thmgs change agam to an overhead v<ew. the section e almost a game m itsert The altercations are lought out as slurmsh wargamos Each characters has a certain number ot acton pomts You move and fire each ot your chaps, the tastes) character goes test TM section e a M t*e Laser Sguad H g.ves a good degree of control over thmgs Psorac spets and hot lead tty about and your entire party « wiped out Wet.mme was I went back to the character creator, screen with a better idea ot what I wanted and tried agam

The game soon reveals itself to be tairty simple You go to each tocatwn on the map. suss out what your mission is and get a due to the next one There are no superfluous characters or obtects to get m the way Huge underground c*es

You Ifimk this world iS weird'3

With its lift muso. soap operas, step aerobics and the anthropomorphism and idolatry of smal lurry animals3 That's nothing compared to the world ot Penhetan it's got psione power activated by emotions, pools ot energy m time and space, genetically engineered creatures and no colour blue

The world is about to be ravaged by an entity from another dimension, witch should make a nice change The Psmmc Council and the     _

Emperor, sensing the danger. ~ lOI have decided la start    .

Protect Awakening Six AREmi frozen souls are called mlo mhj « existence, with the hope ’ that they can save the    It's

world Thai s you. that is Behind al the wibbie it's a COClK lamiiat story A smal group ot ' hardy adventurers battling against insurmountable odds to save the world as we know it. agam


The first step is character creation There are seven races to choose Irom and a range ot character classes such as mercenary, anchonte and knight As you'd expect there ate a range ot stats to go with each characte< Penhekon Hh has gone overboard on (hts bit iheie ate 2 ions ol 'em mental delance speed physical rarge attack reaction and a host moie There s tiflie due      as to whal they aie about

W ■Wfcu and at sen ot scores 1 BJLaV' are good Psionic

powers ate net uni <e Cl magic You can iLj JE cheese irom a range

• >€■ on III* ixaiyaiM urili you cia I help bm pall • m<» and nitty leak.


Look, 1 ckinclir fo« donl shoot ft, probsbty. Oiincltr idler Action is not !h« ]<n«i firoaj point. Ii) list] asc your ncdallioa.

Ok, >o ik« pool ton'! finished f«t but k'l cktip ud look nl llval dm.





Libtos In tpoct. Hi lofl ol i nballc or ■emikiny.


are also pretty stupid they gel stuck behind walls easily Gnpas aside the battle section a playable and enjoyable n an anoraky sod ol way Be prepared lor long bouts ol it loo The psionc spell selection is cumbersome and you are g.ven no dues what spell does what Gel a pen and paper ready, you need to make maps and lots ol notes

Penhehofi has a wondedui post-apocaiyptsc atmosphere Imagine Ishar with the combat sections swiped (torn Laser Squad and you're dose to the game sysiem ol Penhebon The adventure side is rather linear, you need to solve each mission m turn When you gel stuck that's it. you have lo wander around unM you find the elusive door or object The network and combat system are refreshing additions lo a tired lormat Is it tun'’ Yes Is it the sod ot fun that makes you totally ignore the sound, sensible advice you give yourself, kke 'll I stay up really really lale il will iolaiiy bugger up all my plans lor tomorrow *7 No! quite I was initially hooked by the moodiness ol it all. but after a couple ol lights I lound myself wandering around a maze ol tunnels collecting objects like every other adventure game before it Damn line try at something a bit different though • CHRIS LLOYD

w appear as a small collection of

featureless tunnels with a couple ol people m and a lew obiects JjH lying about Find the Objects you need, gel the nghi network codes beat up any belligerent inhaotans V and then move on lo the nexi W location Simple is this


The graphics are grey and orange, totally Every screen is grey and orange They are also excellently drawn and very atmospheric The sound etlects are good loo. lots ol weird music and noises The whole game has a dark moody theme What's not so peded a the leal - it's small and red and very difficult lo read without an RGB monitor and even then the Ms Ns and Hs all look the same Didn't they spol this al some stage1 'Hey guys, look how hard Ihe lexl is to read, lets make it bigger' Apparently not

The battle system has its share ol problems loo You can Irnd yourseil being shot ai and be lotd that you' character hasn't got ime ol s>ghl so you can't shoot back There's no way lo deter a character's action, rt a last character is stuck behind a slow one. he can't wait unlit the slow one's out ol the way before making his choice ol acton The enemy

®    Deliciously

atmospheric gameworld with some outstanding graphics and sound. Combat system has great sense of involvement. Cybcr-punkiness aplenty

I love it. It's magnificently moody and this really helps to keep you gripped. There are a couple ot minor irritations, it’s true, but the overall impression is really fascinating What does Chris want anyway If they tried lo have thousands of people on screen al once you wouldn't be able to play Ihe thing.

Look for yourseil - the graphics are Just gorgeous.


®    Little

interaction with other characters, linear

progression and some Idiosyncratic combat rules. Underneath all the gloss the actual adventure part ol it all is loo simple.

Jack into the nel, hone those psl-powers and load your scorpion machine guns, the world needs rescuing Irom an unborn god from between the worlds. An adventure game with a gorgeously individual style. With more interaction and depth it would be a real killer, as it is it's merely dangerous.

Not an Ell In sight. The six heroes to save tha day can be any at six decidedly strange races, or even human. All of thorn look well dodgy, the kind you edge away from on the bus.



Word blokes composed ot organic metal They are strong and heal quickly but are vulnerable to psonlc attack.


A mix ol human and cybernetic DMA, whatever that is. basicaSy part mechanical. Very powerful bodies but little brain power.


The oldest race. They can be any character class with no particular strengths or weaknesses


A mix ol human and Bionecroms, only pertly grey. Can see into the future in a limited lash ion so the manual says anyway.


Genetically enhanced humans Either inseetoid, reptiioid or feline. They are last and have sath sense as well as other things.

A1200 It's the same, I'm

W' afraid. Just let me check egaln... no, It'* definitely the tame. Ae far as I can tall.


Why take two bottles into the shower when you could check out the veritable jiny bag full of tips and cheats and letters of complaint we sent Rich Pelley to sift through for us this month, and not bother washing your hair tonight at all




I! Miw«i Korr&jt was a vacuum tieaae-'. men we preily mucfi hoovered fh tviusa ou* •> >55’ Tenth when we devoted an eni.io paga to exposing the Death moves, giving you handy character afsaiySas and g*.. 0.V-/ vliCiling advice On how 10 remove tiufl lays oven mo trickiest of

comeAnd wiih hardly even lime enough to change the tag. Site morth saw Ihe arrival ol four separate cheats which could m ! -t -nidNes aid even ihe «-i o' liGiTiuaianls tc- iupr*ms vrirsy Wishing lo i n,;iri rt> poisonaiiy detached frewn ...., v    though. i ii quote the letter-

directty and allow you 10 mlerprel (2nd fctiiove) mem as you will

’Select the game -x ~ as Normal but only use three credits Choose to play as Rayden and lose on your test match When you are asked to choose your

lighter again, chose whoever you wish to be and you should have ur::f»ied c oiiu Good, eh7' Farooq Afaai Manchester "On me game option menu type it DULLARD cheat DULLARD cheat DULLARD ch. at DULLARD dulard' I know it's a bit long, but it does work ' -Jimmy Dryden in hrfmg

'll you have an Action Replay cartridge you can cheat on the Test Your Strength part by freezing the game and plugging in a mouse Nek Scott Cheshire

it you press Up. Lett then F.m on the Continue screen, it will reset youi lime Baldip Kaur Manchester



ScTfitar-K wa i .itvei understand you readers We let you Cannon Fodder is Ihe game ol m, ijj» ratve months and you an go out and buy it rocketing it to the top g! th~ .-harts Wo let you know that Mortal Kombat ij pretty hot poop, and bmgo - (at tha t.me o' r.ving) n s n iii . two file i Ju'asSK Park M<ro    and Alien

Broad2. w* reckon, may have flaws but arc sM 3par.iung games and thera they are. nestling away in the : add!r ..f the top 20 Dorns. Oootu>, Dangerous Sheers and tnterrntynal Rugby Charge we kindly norm you s's c« *»i l Gaitup have anyVvrg !o say dhout it only Ihe more pervtij-j ul you have bought a copy And then there's Stardust It was the highest rating (A500) game ol issue 33.

rakng up a hopp-.ng 89°. It s only £17 -that's hts-l the pnee ot the majority of lut pace games (>l you. er. skip Ihe McDonald's you d probably- have had when you went to town to buy if!, we even gave you a level on a coverdisk so you could see how great it was tor yourselves And it there any s.ght ot it in the charts’ None whatsoever Ot ecu'**, by the time you read there might be in which case ignore my winging Else • BUY THE THING1 You, and Daze, and the universe Si knew it dsiewc S And once you vk ptgycd the thmg a M, these tips may be ol some use to you

Martin Crossan ol Stirling gives us some 'evoi codes

BZOQVROWAtOK - Tunnel one with ail iwpass. s.- '.»n missiles and 26 Irves CPOQSVQSAFAO - Tunnot twcySpeoat Miissuc one. an weapons, iwo misses and IS lives.

DFQQTaaaAnhl Tunnel three three weapons and si lives EZSQQQQXAFEN - Tunnel lour/Speoal Mission two. all weapons, seven neti-tes and 26 lues

FZOQQQQXAICN Stan, with W weapons seven mtssJes and 26 lives.

' Incafentaliy", continue; Martin it you p:an v: use these codes, I found I needed to typo m serns ,-sruJo.m codes first or the game t3kos a wobbly And LnaSy, :l anybody has a code for tunnel tour, with fu'i weapons and upgrades and 26 lives.

I'd very much appreciate it' (Okay - It fbek you m The Last Resort - Rich )

And Antony Warrener ol Laxton sccmo tc have unearthed some sort ol a among cheat

Type INTRODUCTION m as ihe password, stage one wft have been completed for end yau a. i ha.- fourteen tvci nsied of -■ it.:.ai seven You wH> be pcocrcd Aifh three-way shot, bouncer and buster Bui what's more, f you press Ihe ESC button as if lo quit the game and then come back, you can skip levels - even the xss' Excellent news




'It looks kke Populous, plays like San City, and is reminiscent of Lemrrmgs.' reviewed Cam no! loo long ago. 'and I think that it s excellent' in lad. it s probably the besf value for money game this side of Monkey island and Speedbai 2 ’ Reader Rich Romanowski of London (who wil soon be recaemg the best value lor money pnze this side of Blankety Blank) writes, 'and as I've flushed the thing, f should know Here are the level codes, and some general bps to boot'

small surplus tor those lean tmes

4    On higher levels, combat can be lough, so is probably best to attack with a ratio ol between ten and fifteen to one

5    If your settlement is under attack, aback an enemy settle mem directly m line This will lead to your lorces dashing halfway between the two settlements il you have good supplies of gold then you are certain lo wipe oul many ol Ihe enemy before ihey teach your settle men! As a bonus, you could ever lake Ihe enemy settlement

6    Try to surround the enemy mam castle This, coupled with the potential ol vnpmg oul any of las warehouses wit also hall fas expansion

7    As a norm, on the troop allocator table have

lev* 1 - START

level 16- RIVAL

Level 2 - STATION

Level 17 - SAVAGE

Level 3 - UNITY

Level 16-XAVER

level 4 - WAVE

Level 19 -BLADE

Level 5 - EXPORT

Level 20 - BEACON

Laval e - OPTION

Level 21 - PASTURE

Level 7 - RECORD

Level 22 - OUNUS

Level 8 - SCALE •

Level 23 - TRIBUTE


Level 24 - FOUNTAIN

Level 10 - RECORD

Level 2S -CHUOE

levaffl - CHOPPER

Lever 24 - TRAILER

Level 12 - GATE

Level 27 - CANYON

Level 13- ISLANO

Level 28 - REPRESS

Lever 14-LEGION

Level 29 - YOKt

Lever IS - PIECE

Lever 30 - PASSIVE

FULL/FULL - Front Ine FULL/MEDIUM - Beheld Front Line FULIVMEDIUM - Wei behind enemy knes MINIMUMMINIMUM - Wei out Of it The will prevent Ihe enemy rvppmg in end alladung when your sokkers have set oil lo a ruck the enemy, since on higher levels Ihe enemies awal lor you lo attack someone, then aback your reduced castles 8 Always have seven lo ten n your infeaf castle lo prevent surprise attack (See our odor Seders ups on pages 54 and 55)

GeanxorksP 'Awlul tooking. be' y T intriguing puzzle game based on connecting up gear, in what look like the insides ol a dock,' says The Bottom

Lm«. reviewed m i ue 30 scoring

60V Oh, rhal Gesrworks

. • _

l*e* i



LC.C'- m



Loc! *







Lc.-c: 6


E i2t

L*vCl 7



level 6



1    Attack enemy wood supplies (woodcutter, sawmli) to effectively has r»s or her expansion and then slowly eat away at their territory

2    Have el leas) iwo weaponmakers and three von foundries lor a decent expansion ol weapons

3    As a rule of thivnb have one mme per buttng requiring mated supplies, so for Ihe above example oI mkrtary expansion have five coatmrws and three von mines The shotid produce a

I Turks fwn. I suDoose. to Al.in Dix ol Palmers Green



More ups than you can snake Cam's mock-heavy artillery coltedior, at hero ta» tho budget te-release ol the mighty Las»

use me isputser on the chocolate door Enter the house, and pocket the smokeboi and hat. and use the smokeboi on the beehive to obtaai the wax Go beck to the bar and have a word with the barman ask lor a dnnk and whilst he s detracted use the wax on the beer benet bahmd him

Leave the bar. taking the beer barrel with you. go to the centre ol the lorest, put on the beaid and go into the nine (The password, incidentally, s Beer') Hand over the barrel to the dwart with the spear and toiow Mm Use the leather on the sleeping dwart and pick up the key Go 14) and west into the mne. taka the hook taring over the bridge end open the door with the key Tell the dwart evade that you have an otter lor turn grve Mm I he voucher, and head oh lor the dragon's cave CONCLUDES NEXT MONTH'

B Rj    east and accept ihe metai

:    C ■ m    detector with glee Back

alihe troa bndge tak 10 BCjSjff I     Ihe troll who wkl

B " Jg    evenluaty Mow your

M _    wMebe summoning ihe

■    barbanan who will

—J    cfcspoce ol hen

Vv=r    ■ » accordingly Take Ihe

placard, go east three

" r'    . JR times. left lo Ihe oel. go

east lo the crossroads.

northwest, pick up the been lion the puttfe end beck at the usage behind ihe do Rage to be exact. pfont the beans *1 Ihe compost Take the watermelon northwest ot the troll tutige end use it wlh tie aouiaphcne Back at the meddle ol Ihe loreel go northeast and then east unM you tnd Ihe saampfngs house Use Ihe specimen tar on the slaw and eel ihe next bowl and as the swamping leaves lo go gel more ingredients, ail and waft east ihree screens Use the metal detect or haia. use Ihe semaphore on the sleep ng gar I ■ screen to ihe east and the cold remedy on the dragon in M dragon's ease further 10 ihe east Claiming tie lee eitingoishef as your own. leave and head northeast By your Inouiape a e mid rock Don't juet leave it there, go east into the ey ledges, east two more spams, talk, and agree to help out. the tree Return to ihe milage and go to the biaefcamah s Use ihe lossii rock on the envk The mountains west ol Ihe oenire ol the forest a your next slop, and the del by Ihe hole a whai you shoMd be interested ei Pick up the pa and gel the Mackamah to use e on the a awl and present Ihe woodculai aeih hie staiy new axe head When he haves enter ihe house, take the dimpng pn Irom the table, use the l ie extinguisher on the fireplace, move the book aad beg the mahogany and gwe if to the woodworm (west. east, southeast and east; Male your way southeast of the crossroads use the dapper on the bell aod use the hair to dimb up ihe lower

Following Ihe small romantic scene, use the woodworm on the ftoorboerdi end the ladder on the hole go down and open Bp Ihe tomb Take ihe loose bandage from behind the mummy and have it away with Ihe staff Show the wizards the staff back at the bar. venture two screens west from the dodgy geezer and

(Adventure Soft)

A coaplela tMiAon'’ Why. ms raght usl be your lucky flay you know

Grab the desk soccers from toe desk draw and the magnet Irom Ihe ledge door and dap Outsde Head east lo the lorge. take ihe rope and bel dapper Irom me able, use me cepe on me magnet and talk 10 ihe dodgy geezer lo the east Smpe ihe ladder from outside Ihe house to Ihe weal and I ha specimen pt (upstairs) and me cold remedy (Irom lha riownatara tabs) Make yfejr way east past the shop 10 the pub Talk id an present, make a grab lor the matches on the Iruit machine and alter some dacrele tasMon advice to the see png dwarf by way ol lopping oft Mi beard uaih the teens Tell IM wizards thal you'd da anyiMag IB be one of 1 horn and itayii obtge you with a mage stall Back nnfhrie. west twice east south, east and waft past lha ihica Hurry) a couple cl tune* and ktlan lo whal Ike woodwun have 10 say Agree lo man pleas go eaii tan wan ihnce. down and wm again At me witch's house, use me tantPe. take the bucket oi water and go east aatl west wesi, and then eat Say hi to ihe be manes and do me man a favour by ■amoving Ihe thorn Irom Ms loot r slum lor which ha will gwe you a whistle. East west twee and talk to the owf Add the learner lo your inventory, easl. east, northeast and check oul me sign B<d the man in the hole good day and go east Wife any luck you should now be at lha centra el Ihe toresl

live ihe alone steps 10 guide you north unlit you come across a stone lagged as paper Pck it up. go east and lake a Moser look el Ihe Slone from m Iron) ol me mme Agree wiih the wooden tiers request lo me

Two reasons, by Ihe way. why we havenl devoted a double spread 10 Senon the Sorcerer with lots oi screenshots We you rag hi have eipeeied us lo Firstly, great as certain oner magazines may have ihoughi 4. Simon did little to tickle Jonathan's fancy And 4 JD s laney hasn't been letted. then we d lend to agree our tanoes stood MB* chance eetar And tecontpy.« may actually be a Mile loo easy - so tar we've received seven sckdins lo the game. First opened (and therefore used] was David Lincoln ol London (who ! receive a prize), but muchc thanks to David Downe ol Fife. Glynn Clarkson ol Bradford. Retard Burke ol NoUngham. Craig Cope ol Lancashire someone else whose covering latter I've lost. Dave Slaytey ol Derby and anyone etse's soMoa wfto el the time ot writing s testemg away r the Complete Control dustbin waiting lor me to colled n a month « *me

Squad H may play much the same as the onpnal Speccy version, but hey. that's not a bad thing considering how great ihu wax and at least now we've dispensed wth all lhal need lor tape recorders, lubber keys and a power pack that heats up so much you could try an egg on it Colin and Gavin Young are the men to tip your hat lo hero

f The pnee of weapons on each level doesn't vary, so you can calculate how many credits to spend on armour so that enough weapon-buying money remeins

2    Don't go on a spending spree it you have money teh Carry too much and you reduce the action points available

3    Take your tune, you always have plenty ot turns Explore the area carefully and always leave your men on auioiire

4    Use a couple of guys 10 guard the rear of your squad

5    On higher levels always scavenge »w dead operatives for weapons They atmosi always seem to be carrying valuable ammuniton

6    Weapons

Heavy Laser - Powerful, with lots ot ammo, hut heavy and burdens your man reducing action points

Marsec Aulogun - The best all-round weapon

M4000 Autogun - The best budget gun. but lor its pnea you aie forfeiting the accuracy ol the Marsec L50 LAs-gun - Unfortunately, not very powerful or accurate Sniper Ritle - Lacks aulofire but it a cheap, powerful and accurate Marsec Pistol - Autotire1 Yes Power’ No Dagger - Very good lor dose combat, if you can ever gel your hands on 4 APSO Grenade - Just the thing lor blowing up operatives who are waiting on autoVc-lust around the comer Get oul ot range belore it blows, but on the other hand don t forger lo pnme >1 before you throw it Rocket Launcher - This is a luxury tor the early levels Its power is awesome but it tacks ammundion and also has a nasty habit ot blowing up the user it he is loo near Ihe target

7 The Assassins:

On the first ska level you can equip your men with rocket launchers and blow up the house (and Sterner flegmx1) without even entenng the bulling On later levels, progress is best achieved by splitting your squad to carver both ends, and exptonng very carefully

8 Rescue tram the Mines:

Belore you use the explosives, which are needed to blow up the pnson door, move the pnsoner away Irom tta door otherwise he will be caught on the Mast When blowing tta door always remember 10 pnme the explosive before dropping 4. but ensure that you leave yourself enough erne to get clear ot the explosion

As previously mentioned, try to gel the video key as this wilt allcut you to ambush the enemy




Merry Christmas 10 a> overs ol Christmas Lemmings with no patienceIrom Matthew Dmeen ot Lincoln






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L 6


L 15

L 7






L 16







My Mum makes me write an my Christmas and Birthday Thank You letters within two weeks Oi the occasion, 'otherwise it's rude and they wont send you anything next year.' Luckily it's not my birthday or even Christmas tor some time now. which leaves me with plenty oi time lo sort through all the letters you're bound to be posting me in tta month to come. Complete Control. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW on the envelope ought to get 4 here


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Bored of Cannon Fodder yet If so, you’re probably bored of life, as it gives me great pleasure to carry on with more of these scrupulously researched tips and things. Lets face it - it’s got guns, it’s got bombs, it’s got tanks. What more does a game need




* * - *

,T *1*. - »



Phase 3

Spin the group into two. and send one pax over to the tight lo take out the (wo huts and turret (1) Team up again and get in the jeep, jumping the fence using the ramp (2) This mission only asks you to Mow up buildings so ignore the turrets and lank m the rnidde and just hurry into the neit section You can tire Irom the jeep, but be caralul not to hit any civilians or you'll tail the mission instantly Jump out and grenade the two huts (3) lo move your team swiftly onto

Phase 4

This is another blast the building level, but this time there's a bunker Although there's a turret you could use m the centre, it's a real hassle to get to. so usf rocket the first launcher guy you see(1) and move near to the bunker(2) The lank opens up on you. but is thanklully slup d enough not to notice there's a hooting great block of concrete m the way. and blows the door oh alter a tew shots taking out the bunker

After that, it s a franbc dash through a hail ol gunfire and explosions to lake out the two huts (3). preferably before the tanks squash you Not very sophisticaled. I know, but if anyone's got a solution that's more elegant.

Old be interested to hear it As long as it'a just as exciting and involves taking the lives of just as many of the enemy o< course

Phase S

Now ihis would be easy ii it wasn't tor the turret that blasts you the second the level starts Damn you Sensible, and your mums Assuming that any ol your blokes survive thus initial onslaught work them up the left hand side, throwing grenades with reckless abandon Take out the two turrets at the top with rockets before getting in the tank (1) and getting some senous payback Blast al the huts, but

watch out for the remaining turrets, and entertain yourself by chasing affer a few fool soldiers in the tank You It never catch them *i the open but you can squash them aganst the sees o( buildings Hoo-hoo


Phase 1

There S all manner of distractions on this one, but the best way s lo take the left fork and head [>asi me quicksand(l) There's a helicopter buung around that lands to drop off troops, but doesn't shoot at you. so there's no need lo hide You're ambushed by lour soldiers al 2. so exact your revenge on the native hut I don't think it's strictly necessary, bul it always makes me feel good At the narrow, there's another ambush and once you're through switch to rockets and head along tne over bank

The enemy ate fast and rapid hnng. but you should be able la outrange them, so keep going, rocket the next native hut (3). then the turret and finally the green hut (4) to finish the level

Phase 2

Kklmg absolutely everyone is just a means to an end on this one. as you ve got lo break out the pnsoner and gel him back lo his hut II either he or his hut gets blasted, you've tailed, so watch out

Move over to the hole and split me team into pairs, giving you two chances at the mission Send one pair over the nver and grenade the first turret (1] Switch to rockets

and gel the next one 2), then hide behind the bunker (3) until ihe ned turret blows its doois oil Also, n the* position, there s a good chance you can nail the chopper when it lands

Get into the tank (4) and lake oul Ihe remaning turrets (5) and the roving lank (6). then make sure the chopper s dead belote blasting the stockade wall (7) Eventually, the native wet wander back into has house and

put the kettie on. or something

Phase 3

The problem's finding everything n this level, but

thanktuity there's a helicopter hidden m the maze(t) Simply pile all of your blokes n and fly around, knocking out all the turtets and huts If you ve not managed to catch the enemy helicopter on the ground by the time you ve finished, send one of your guys up in your chopper to fake it out kamikaze style to complete the mission Tough. I know, but effective


Phase 1

Switch to rockets and head down to the outcrop (1), where you'll be able 10 see (he siudoo just af Ihe top ol the screen (2). and the lunef al the extreme nght (3) Blast them with rockets and then make straight tor the lank (4) It the helicopter starts to buzz you al this early stage, press ESC and try again

If the chopper hassles you once you ve managed to get nlo the tank, it really doesn t matter, so ignore it Destroy the three bunkers to complete the phase

Phase 2

The only problem with the first bit ol this is drawing a bead on the enemy tank, but once you've got that, the two turtets and


bunkers ate a pushover Kill everyone on ths side of the water, including the seal (1). It may seem harsh and cruel, but si's actually 200 pounds ol blubber and piastre eiplosive which will blow up it you gel near it Split me teem and send one guy over to the path on the opposing bank (2) It's boaidad up. but when you get dose, the rocket launcher will blow it up. and you ve really got to John Wayne it up the path, killing everyone as last as you

can Shoot everyone, blast the hut. and that's about it really

Phase 3

Take out me tirsi two turrets (1) and then grenade the line Ol mines (2). which! blow out the next turret Get the helicopter (3) and land m the deanng (4) Grab the tank and blast all the bunkers, tekmg care not to gel caught eithe explosions Machine gun all the soldiers n the water (S) (I usually laugh a lot while doing this bit) and then finish oft with the hut (6] and the Imal turret (7) Easypeasy

Phase 4

Grenade or rocket the turrets before picking up the helicopter, and don't forget to blast the distant turret ft). It you cross to the island with the hut on it. you can get the turret r from to blast the hut lor you It saves two grenades, and you can laugh heartily as the door shoots oh and blows up the turret As you lly to the top, use the nde to spot all the rocket launcher positions, end then land in the lop comer (2) Grenade the turret before getting m the tank and blasting the two bunkers, then move to the front ol the nearest bunker (3). You'll start taking incoming rocket hits from oft the screen and even though you can't see the launcher, you can take him out with some nitty counter-battery work Get out and work your way down the steps, remembering to save a grenade lor the final hut et the bottom

Phase S

Rocket the first turret (f] then head up and rocket the turret on the tar bank )2). Swim across to it and you It see (he hostage on the other side of the trees Before you can rescue him, you need to destroy both turrets on the island as well as the one in the trees and the hut Aher that, you've got to shoot all the enemy soldiers without hitting the hostage

Unfortunately, the hostage can’t swim so you need to airlift him out Head over to where the chopper is (3). but before you get mio it. rocket the turret guarding the Red Cross ten) (4) Pck up the hostage and land near the tent to drop him off

Phase 6

There's a bit of comoversy about how to do this one. hut hare's how I did it Move your team to the far side ol the ■stand before splitting them up. or the ones on aulo-pifot will waste valuable grenades on soldiers m the water Go to the lop and right extremes ol the island, and rocket the bunkers (1). taking out the turrets on lop. then swim to the top one

Head clockwise round the factory and lake out the other two turrets (2). You If get buzzed by the chopper but you should be able to avoid the bombs that it drops Wait until if goes away shoot all the solders nearby and get *rio the turret on the factory. Blast the doors oft all the bunkers and then the factory itsell 11 takes quite a tew shots, but eventually the factory door will lly oft and you can pronounce the building welt and truly dead

That should just leave ihe enemy chopper to be taken out. but the chances are lhat it'll be hovenng at the bottom corner (3) To take it out you I need the chopper Iron the root ot Ihe factory, and to get that, you need to put a soldier on each ol the three pressure pads (4) Once you've done this the chopper Hies down to the tasl activated pressure pad. and you can use it to ram the chopper Hoorah'

Now this seemed awfully hard, so I phoned Sensible, and they sad that you shouldn't be able to get to the lactory turret without first using the chopper, and that there must be a mistake on my copy But hey, it's a boxed copy, sc should be the same as any other version, so on that mysterious note I'll sign otl until next month's thnllmg continuation of more ol the same

Remember Kids. Commander Cameron says "Hooray1 tankie, tankie'














So she sprinkled stardust in your hair and

a Millar o< a game, aslerods on steroids To help you combat the lorces ol the nutty professor we have a lew lips from me horses mouth Daze sent through a helpful load ol tips la help avoid the embarassment ol being shot to bis time and time again


Folio* these simple steps and clearing the ties) world should be a breeze, allegedly Sian at level 1. top left on the war plan Tackle one meleor at a time If you shoot all the btg boulders the screen soon (ills up with hundreds of small ones and you II never make it

On level 1 try to pck up a gun power-up. then go to the bottom centre level and collect another one pjffHpil Your 3 way biaslei is row el full Bl power and you can do lots cl damage Trash the small ship I lhal emeis Irom ihe left and gel A*. Ihe bouncer. Suilabty locled up.  H p lackie ihe oiher levels, finishing S5L I with ihe level or the bottom let! ol the war plan

C    The first end ol level

guardian is dealt with by flying S - I your shp from lell 10 right, so you *    can shool the boss as we'i as fhe

shots he fires Try to stay al Ihe I same vertical position as <1 I doses its doors, rciaie 90 H degrees and fly slowly away sc you can enter on ihe other side ol the screen Repeat until it s

destroyed If things start to go horribly wrong hide behind the bullet-prod open doors where you can’t be shot

In the warp tunnels the mines are indestructible and a lot smaller than the rocks which can block your vision, so caielul Keep moving about and locus your sights on the centre of the tunnel - >1 gwes you more time to react


On the second world you encounter a wave d Stellar Blades, ihey home in on you and do nasty things The besi detence is to keep moving around so they can’t locate you A couple ol bombers await you m the top centre level, they leave behind eiplodmg mines These can be desiroyed with a couple of well placed shots In the bottom nghi level are tour huge Space Balts Get one tirst and break the formation, the rest will be a lot easier la u m th* bottom ten level are a squadron ol

Tnions, you are going to need shields to take these on Put up your shields and tly slraight tor them as soon as Ihey appear Shod the appendages ol Ihe end d level guardian and keep out d ihe way d ihe tailed eye If you shool its tail d1. it heads back to the body When all the appendages are destroyed your shots can damage the man body, just leaving the eye alnre Fly backwaids and forwards al the edge of the screen, thai way the eye can’t home in on you When the guardian is finished you have the option of a special mission, it's a lough one You> ship is conslanlly being pulled Iowa ids fhe ground, keep an eye on your fuel When you fly through light spots use your brake Use the same tactics in the warp tunnel as in the first one. the blades are more difficult to shoot than the rocks though, so watch out


"'te bombers now leave spinning morph se-ids instead o( mines They rotate and breathe lire, when they sian to change iiom the ball shape do a runner or you'll gel wasted

In the bottom nght level you will have another new danger to cope with. Thorn Bans They spn around, bouncing oh the edges ot ihe screen Get into the comer and fire at them by rotating on Ihe spol In the bottom lelt level is an Orbit Plate, it Wes randomly so get those shields ready. The next nasty is the Space Worm, it's best taken out with missiles Ply around worm trying to hit the body parts K a> else lull put up youi shields and go lor a kamikaae attack

The guarrkan is easier to kill than he looks Ail you have to do is fly behind him not too dose Ol course, and shoot When he stops keep your distance and hit him with everything you've got

The warp tunnel contains a lol ol Thom Balts on collision course with your ship They bounce olt the walls and are indestructible, so avo<t them


Now things are starting to get really seriously drfticult In Ihe lop centre level you encounter waves ol Ortkl Platers hying from me bottom ot the screen to Ihe top Shooting them won't help. SO concentrate on avoiding them and use me shield m light spots

The guardian is the professor himsell He attacks first with an egg shaped machine armed to the hilt It will try lo crush you so keep moving and shooting When the egg slops a hatch will open revealing a llame thrower or a cannon The flame ihrower has a limited range and only comes out ot the top ot the egg. phew Other weapons include a missile launcher and a rapid fire plasma cannon When the egg is destroyed the prolessor wki appear shooting at the sides at me screen at an incredible rale He's immune to your weapons so concentrate on avoiding his shots and attack by moving up and down at the top and bottom edges of the screen If you make it this far give yourself a hearty clap on the back, you deserve it

to rotate

The guardian has three phases When it spins round accelerate, tty away and turn around to shoot it When it slops it either morphs into a plate or a ban It it's a plate you can expect a burst of shots II it's a ball watch out lot homing missiles The best weapon against it s a flamer

You need all Ihe energy power-ups you can muster lor Ihe warp tunnel, it's a real toughie


Two nevwes here Speeders and Beetles Speeders home in on you like Stellar Blades, but they can lake more punishment and are effected by inertia Make sure you keep moving while you shoo) at them The Beetles attack in groups, it's best to attack when they begin



Are you playing this game for hours and hours, losing sleep and friends  Well we’ve got some advice for you.

Chris sneaks into ihe AMIGA

POWER office arid loss hard to look invisible H is midday 'Sorry, et. I've been playing Sellers all night * He explains rather sheepishly "Wen you can do some tips then can! you‘r Suggests Ihe ever helplul ptodocfon editor Thanks Steve

Seniors ts a vile, evil ciealion it's only when you Stan to taint from lack of food and sleep that you stad to realise now tong you ve been playing For those poor, addicted souls here's a rough guide to successful kingship

The placement ol your castle is vital, it must be near a range of mountains You can t hope to win without lots ol mines There are often oniy a few suitable mining areas Later on a lot ot the fighting w4i be over who controls the mountains

Now lor your buikkng program. The fighting doesn't usually stad until most o< me land is occupied You can do this quickly with guardrooms but they don't otter much secunty and will quickly be over-run by your enemies Proled important areas with Watch towers or Gatnsons it there's room

The Goldsmith, I ha mora gold you hsvs tha belter your chapa fight to gat at laaat a coupis built at quickly aa pctalbla.

Goth how cult A com farmer, look how ha wanders about •owing tha aaad and harvaating tha crop, H avan goaa In aaaaona. One miliar and one bakar can vary aaally hand la tha output of throe or mora of thaaa com farma.

Tha blggar tha military building than the blggar tha area It commando. Be vary careful whan knocking them down, or you'll loaa precious building*.

Tha warahouaa, loo cioae to tha main caatla to be of much uaa hero. At laaat It's wall defsnded.

Tha enemy caatla, nearly surrounded by our chapa. Strong forts insure ha s not going to gat tha land back easily.

Eventually tha supplies of mlnabia raw materials will be exhausted and It'll ba time to fight with tha neighbours over tha remaining supplies.

Keep those roads in a neat grid pattam. As soon as you spot a blockage, build another road to go around it It's frustration-city to sea precious supplies getting stuck at tha crossroads.

v«yl at Most one of each building

*Wy an. except the boat yard rsnd pops • P'9 lan11    Start

buiiding military buildings on ilw fcSgn cl your :«»filory straight away Gel your geologists out prospecting erxt jw! those •n-nes garyj« so.e-n at they wvj m y.ng Tnt sv*r    the mksI to

get it • 'o Svi--- lyser on yo-j -v.n :*->:tevs to t-jnvii Ne»t; tan a couf-j ot weettufle - and Slone cutter For every .-nK-Jcutte' bund a (lueStef. or you'll snon

run out ot trees The- stonecutter v>i exhaust suriace stone aher a wlwc so destroy t»v> building and put up another one or the poor chap has to wander .*.r, ever lh: i.wi inching tor smtabk Stone The aawrwl i next, place ■! noar to ■.Cur casSe You fry : i-uvs ati ra* :T.j'.onats tor bjddrrg so;« flaw get me ot'w' -arxitj. fwwg ta»d*gs going mo Steal .vsrVct goldsmith r.-insurst and looi-rr,;.. * You ■ generally start the game With stock-. a.1 <3 ’viler;.vs to qel nem

-To production without min,ng anything Put •■hi    as close

•vs poss ble to you' r r. jt■ o ■ fr'j with a

m-jitjry building or two lor protCCI-gn These arc Vital buCct ngs vo„ need we.ipuni and gold to Avi the tights Gel l 1ST:    go.ng

I your m isers ioc* iao r,,mwig oul ot I nod Tnen ether a o-g farm and butcher. nr a wn*- •« .ynd baser Or bijlsber can serve  evn.'j« ,sg farms and one baker artj    ..;

several com (arms so you are art -•>-,- to need two of these un*oss your tarr.tui', huge When your power _p second goldsmith and armauwr wi ce-'p you army expand and gel louytu f Attack enemy terr.tcr es CA'v'uity expand soo .;«jcV.»y .and ,-o~u are led - Jh targe areas dotted n.tti g.*,v<J •n c e sc your army a ; bo stretched . <■■> In n Keep the garrisons h ;T k-J its Stocked with gold It s easy t.n hv k* rr-.v;.-guard rooms watch tOAesy and g.Trnucc* kxi you have knights to !•* them

Ke .-    <!'sight and bu*d a tew ihod

Cuts i* y. j can Avoid budging ied' roads ki.-or. t.-,( iev.-i and your cnaps vtJi gei about a tot quicker It yc. sec- p*cs o! roe matv >ir, tjmSdmg up at a junction tt.6B a a*; , tf. 1* rr. '.into.’ Try find buid toads v. a gnd >ss»«t rather mars a star or you* gwf fiffc pHUMti

Watch your e - ter a a«ik a Strife v-:if. 4 mm -jr » atM wc-safe m as bjt‘y*-*g 'etwrery .ws M iooes vMb • - , or two Ha-. «took at the 'ap or. tne W.OT.y dv.c-ftng and make sure your evsspa i'o up »ih ob. you :-v- m a lot ot low

Leave the waioh-ocse lor last you omy rc-a'iy ficv-1 -•! -.vnen you nave a 'arc* iw'.gdom and iortg S.ppty routes Once ’Jr n-irenai p’oe-j~ ~~ >c vt tjs sw tg concentrate on gold and weapons ana bui*d uo you< a-my To keep your army well trained keep rotating them win vnignts m rn« cast'e where they t'jm

level -•■..ghtt m an attack on a ww: dStensed iAwkr. g A n i1 .'Vd rat'V;.' meon ■i Ci is tc sKSFO-1 bidding dcMp. rmea

—■ i■.->■, vOu i c-’coob'y f.'be 4 vs-on v. «igf .! cnerry t% arsr good t-ut it caa causes lots o' destruction And itv.r; AtNoys a good tnmg • CHfl/S LLOYD

Vaa mi (all yaar cimin which yoodi la carry lint. When yaa aaad (oaclklaj ia a harry pul rt •I Use lap aad lh«y will carry it In pralaraaca la uyilui] alia.

Thit Itaw chan Kill yoa if yoai chapi arc fcilnj c «aayk raw aialanali. Yaa caa qaichty ipal aay tharuiat and lahe aelian

Van caa ralaaia a lai al taldian far cewtul hy lawanaq accapalion Icvtii for a while, yoall lull lojdl le play with, ■ewarc enemy cluck] ihaajh.

Vaa can ad;ail which miaci yci whal prapanion al lha laad. If yaa laa lomaoat walhiaq ap aad dowa eauida lha miaa, ha t aa ilrihc cat he t kaijiy.

Ai laaa ai pradaciiaa laaali nan Iclllay da lamclhiay abaal M. H i «jiy la fiad aaarythiaq hold ap brum yaa rt than al aaa laal.

When will those mad scientist types learn I mean, who’s idea was all that messing about with DNA Good job we’re here to save the world.

The graphics and sound are the computer game equivalent of heroic Greek sculptures," upped Steve McGill in issue 33, "but Jurassic Park is more than a little tedious." he downed. Apparently the main problem was that underneath the bowel-shatteringly good graphics, the game is basically just walking about and finding things - fine if you know what you are doing, but rather irritating if you start to get lost. So some sort of solution looks like it might be in order - and did Steve bother to include one in his review Astonishingly, he did. he told us how to do level one. So Chris Lloyd took John Overy and Benjamin Coleman of Suffolk's solution from level two onwards and added some pictures. Part two will be coming next month. Prizes, by the way lads, are on their way.


down the corridor You wii automatieaBy drop all your berries and while the 3 nosaur slops lo eai the exconfenis ol your trousers (I'm sorry - Ed) you can peg it along the east comdor to the exii Go northeast now until you find one Tnceratops Drop n front ot him. run south, alternating from corner to coiner ot the wall until it collapses and continue south until sale To the west of your current position lies the pass, to the north lies your exiling bunker



:untion go south and keep gang untn the exit, easy



Password - D5F4AB62

3 You reed to retrieve Tun and Lex from the other side ol the paddock usmg a lot of block pushing Go east past the fust Stegasaurus Ibelow). take the second (light ol steps, push one btock oft the south edge (facing page] Go back down and push the bock to the first set of steps you can now climb them Go east past the second Stegasaurus and up the next steps Go west and up. knock the block off. descend and shove the block right ofl the edge ol the level Return down past the Sfeg. gve the bock you dropped a second ago a westerly heave, go up. west, up east north west, cross budge, northeast cross stone bridge follow path southeast and fake the stairs by the dinosaur Push down one block and the other east to the steps and do the same on the level above



The cattle prod rs more effective a weapon than the rifle, and safer lor pushing bncks over ditfs than shoolmg In the sewer section it a advisable io remain m the water as the Pteradactyls can t teach you (but do walch out tor the alligators) Pteradactyls are highly likely to attack you on high cliff lops Sneaky beggar. Johnny Pteradactyi. so walch out

Ammunition and first ax) a sparse - if you run low. check dead end rooms To kill Raptors, wail for them lo attack and walk backwards whilst firing You can fell if there's one realty because the music changes, rang m volume




Password -B5A48352

IYou need to collect all the berries you can find to pass the bg mean Tnceratops Follow the road to keep your bearings When you come across the car. go north through the broken lence. grabbing any more bernes your inventory will allow Go past the dead Tnceratops (below) and go east unN you encounter a rather more lively one (left) Run south

- •

Password -E54CA7AA

2 Faidy safe this M there don't seem to be any nasty dinosaurs about Go north and enter the lift and find the exit on the next level while admiring the clever texture-mapped walls Go south, take the right door, at the


There's another block 1o the northeast Drag 1 back round lo where you came up. and use it lo ascend ihe slaus to ttie west *'Tpse of) northwest ASAP and push this tock of) the west ledge, running with it 3.-1 toppling of) Repeat twee more and '.vicre you can say Jack Robr'sco youl he standing on a stone budge with Tim are Lex



Password - I5C4B37A

4 Tim and Lex go through the tunnels ,\h<te you find the pass Go west until K-u find an oil drum Push it south over the carelul not to lollow it down Go back to »te stan position and go northwest and tall down all the levels until you Imd the bunker The children will leave you at this pcxnl. so continue west against the southern wall (below) and take south txrwig number three South, up. through BL*y and down

Run east collecting Hares as you go

As soon as the T-R«x appears, turn and lob one. but continue east Vou II cross a pit K    with a broken oil

i -    ' drum, run a tew

more inches and chuck in a IVare to igmte the place. Head east, south west past the bunker, up the levels and northeast lor the pass Return to the bunker and getTim and Lex


Password - 95B48B42

5 Opening the mam gate Head sobBi west and southeast Go under Ihe fence by pushing the block (lower picture' which can be tricky, use Ihe cattle prod tc get it moving Go east, up steps.


% <

northwest across bridge west and across Ihe second bridge Continue northwest on ihe same level passing through a narrow gap until you stumble across a motion sensor Activate, and open bunker door

Go east along the north river bank and across the nver until you see a narrow path leadmg down Take this west n order to retrieve the pass from Ihe bunker Walk back to the steps near the nver, up the east set ol stairs, go southeast, and enter the Pterodome

Head northeast stepping down to destroy ihe eggs in the nest, (lop picture) The pass is hiding m one ol the nests somewhere, there is some exlra ammo through a hole m the eastern wai The exit * . tualed m the outer wan



Password 85A4834A

6 Collect all the embryos. Imd the pass and exit the pterodome Follow the nver southeast to the bridge, north and follow nver northwest and activate the motion sensor (bottom pcture) Unlock the Plerodome door within sixty seconds or else the door closes Fall oft the step to the north head east, collect all the

embryos you can carry.

lake the pass from beside Ihe crushed car (top), south west. Imd gate and enter Pterodome door If you take too long and the door has closed, explore the surrounding area until you unearth a set of steps facing wesl Ascend and walk south to the start ol the level and take the same route as before to open and go through the door


Password B584935A

7 Go southwest through the narrow gap. make your way up the steps until you come across some blocks Push one ol these over the wesl Clift, make your way back down the steps and push the block north and up

Go north, west, and north along the narrow river path to a retracted bndge and west to shoot the power box with the cattle prod Head east back to the bndge. which should now be extended (below), cross, southwest follow river, push block south, climb steps, southwest and exit, giving yourseil a hearty pat on the back


Mere dieoiaur wild lb* ftn el ihe levels Iroa lobe ead lenieaie, helped by oer Chris, eext noelK. Probably.

Meaeorbile here's e ike df Bolder

piefere for yo«.


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, er, (Get on with it. - Ed) there was a little boy called (I’m warning you. - Ed), oh dear, can I go yet It’s the last line and everything. Tips.

TAa, direct control of your took, it Ion dot too coo mitck Ump no if too don t keep foot eiu .bout too.



•    Adopt a sooabie ex dor of battle lor your forces Depending upon the enemy, you wil need lo advance m tine astern (to avoid defection eicepi by I be intended target) or fcne abreast (to attack or defend across a broad front)

•    Use dumps to ensure that your forces are always well provisioned It fbey run out of fuel, they will stop and dig m This ts alright when the enemy are looking tor you. but not vice versa Running out of ammunition is more serious, since they will only be able to conduct very limited operations Running out of food is the most serous shortage, since when this happens all of the a fleeted hoops will surrender immeckalety

•    Ensure that your forces are each provided with artillery aviation and air-defence sections, smee these can play a decisive role in battles Both automatic and manual baffles can use these supplementary forces lo good effect, so don t neglect them




free rntmon Uil 11 Oa l«rn fat Itifbajid NRinindi



• Helicopters are enormously powerful when used skilfully, bul il ts difficult to both fty and tight The best answer is to have a

tkk la Mm nf, ■) mIt kiof, Mm i

two player team, one flying, and the othei tmng missiles or using the gun

•    The chin turret on modern helcopters can lollow the weapon officer's head by using devices mounted in the helmet This is impossible until Vidual Reality amves. so it is best lo use the gun automatically, by selecting targets using the cross-hair

•    A stable platform is necessary when using the weapons, so try to avo«f high speed manoeuvres while aiming your missile, as you will almost certainty lose that vital missile lock

Armed wrth mli.ilc. Ike hclkopt.i can <M a. imania unit lo ribbon. and Ik.n tl« them into ini.renin, bowl ihjl would ,iac« ail kom*. fiob.b'T


• Using the auto gunner is a good idea, since 1 is pretty accurate However, it doesn I take account of speed, as it jusi avns af the current position rather lhan where the target will be when (he shell hits Your skil dt shooting will be better than the automatic system when you can antic tale the target's position

• Based upon the above pomt. A is sensible lo drive across the enemy s field of view, rafher than directly towards or away, since it will not anticipate youi move Try to avoid staying still, since it you do you will almost certainly be hit

• With tho modem lulty-stabilized turrets if is possible to "jink" (drive m a zigzag manner), and keep airnimg at

~wm m

l the target This IS an

m ■

\ accepted lactic ai real


l warfare, but demands


\ practice, especially it one

l player is both the driver and

\ the gunner

,n M $ »*•*

1 • The duties of gunner

------J and dnver can be split

npany, Platoon 2 BMP-l spotted

procedure until all targets are accounted lor.

• The automatic gunner should be used tor gun based air-detenca vehicles (such as 2SU-57-2. 2SU-23-4. M163 Vulcan, etc). unless you are very shitful The automatic systems are good at staying with the target, unless it gels loo dose or tar away, whereupon it will lose it


your *K


• Don't lorget that the artillery shells won't I land lor about thirty \ seconds alier \ targettmg Also, keep \ n mmd ihat they wilt -I be scattered across a Ii (airly large area so 1 you must keep your * \ lorces well away

_j from the inlended

large! tone or they'll come under friendly tire'


in m*1*1

•e* oht« lk« o**"

Ohillliill a llil« mil* udlcal iMIfl mid Ii Ireop diplaywiil dvrfef bitili Ml wti« Jmi piidlcli] k«r«

between two players It will be necessary lor either the keyboatd layout to be changed, lor one to use a joystick, or lor tie gunner to select taigets using the crosshairs


•    The older APCs (Ml 13. FV432 BTR-70. etc ) have only a machine gun tor local defence This is no use except against vrtanlry m the open. so. as soon as an enemy i$ spotted, disembark your mlanlry They will be armed with a selection ot weaoons which will probably include an anti tank missile

•    II is important to dsemtoark your rtantry n good time, since the individual soldiers will only select targets and shoot when they are standing st'<

•    When using the new MICVs (M2 Bradley. BMP. etc ). then don't lorget to use the guided missiles These aie very elteciive. but requite attention to guide tiem n flight

•    A$ soon as an enemy vehicle spots an APC with mlantry. it will open lire with its machineguns, so there is a nsk associated with rksembarkmg your soldiers, but their ability to tight back outweighs the nsk


• Successful an-defence can make a huge difference Some vehicles (Streia t & 10. Rapier, etc J have anti aircraft missiles which can home onto their targe) automatically. Use these vehicles to provide effective air-defence With pratice. they can be very useful They will tire automatically, but can be fargened faster

than this Since each missile will home in on its selected target, the vehicle can lire multiple missiles agamsi multiple targets simultaneously, by getting a lock", hnng. and then repealing the

Neu Blue Side (Fuel dunp) created

Avoid oat-ol lunl misery by cvnninjly placing faal damps on tha vup, crafty or aluit

Vour Mil Mi-

unner reports:

4 Hind □ spotted

Sat the anti aircraft tanka on to falty automatic and wateb ibnm briny tha chop pan down, what Inn.

, Platoo 2 spott

Post-Battle Debriefing

Military High Connand have rated perfornance in this battle as


Mobile anti-aircraft ysni, ikonld kava lont or bn to helicopter attack.

and take great pleasure in auard;

Tk« ycmrali all kava a

diiconccrtlnyhf iliisyi

look about iknna

Hooray, unkin la* kit




It’s time once again to draw the curtains, dim the lights, put on some mellow music and snuggle down deep with Rich Pelley and his cuddly pages of fun.

Compiling The Last Resort month after month is rather like being kneed in the groin. An initial yelp of searing pain signals the arrival of the Last Resort Jiffy bag as it drops through my (specially enlarged) letterbox, and myself into the foetal position. A feeling of acute sickness and extreme discomfort follows as I open up your letters to examine what joys are getting the

combined goat of the AP reading public this particular month, the experience concluding with a hazy loss of interest in the world, usually ten minutes (max) into actual word processing. Needless to say. the entire process is one of excruciating agony. Oh well. Things could be worse. I suppose. At least they haven't started doctoring my photo, like they used to.


Drinks all round to these helpful bunch of readers. Twiglet, anybody


Q Interlocking pipes, exploding security systems and big robots with whips amongst other things were playing havoc with Mark Reid of Killlney's life two Issues ago.

A “We'll take things from the start of the second level which you reach with the conveyor belt. Walk right, kill the zombie, leave the first gate closed and open the second. Walk left back to the conveyor and descend to the main conveyor. Select to go left, ascend to level three, walk right and kill the zombie. Continue right, see to the flying turtle (this time with the battle axe), close the first gale to the right and open the second. Use the rope to the left to gel back to the conveyor, go down, left and up back to level one. Walk right, knob the zombie and prepare to meet Robodroop,

the big whipping, barking robot. Provided you know the correct method of attack he's pretty easy to kill. Take two steps to the right, jump, and lay Into him with your battle-axe. Each time his whip pushes you away compensate by walking forward again and letting rip with the old axe. Make sure you avoid the end of his whip though, as It's highly deadly.

After Hla Grossness has bought It, head right, Ignore the first gate and open the second. Take the elevator down and make lor the conveyor and lake it all the way along. Transform to Dlno and traipse off to the right. Use the Hypnotic Ray to defeat Cervax, open the first and close the second gate, and with any luck the metal bar blocking your way should rise. (You'll need to be In Tank mode to pass underneath It, of course.)"

Robin Julie Grant, Lancashire


QRamy Wurgaft of Herts never could work out what the camera was for.

A “Place the thing In front of you and press the bottom left key on the remote control.

This will switch on the fifth television along. Click the left mouse button on the TV to move forward, on the left and right arrows to turn, the green cross to take a snapshot and the red cross to blow up. Use of the camera, by the way, is vital to finish the game - you should use it to search around for aliens and also to see through (about ninety percent) of closed doors. For best results In the latter, open the door, nudge the camera through and close it again. You can now nose around in safety from whatever horror may have been waiting for you." Paul and Narfc Southport

(or poaalbly Paul and Mark from Southport, If tharo la auch a place as Southport. -Rich.)


QRImshot Edwards of

Cheshire was having riddle-related problems In issue 33.

A “If memory serves, Tiature'a beauty Is my meat, small and red, tls such a treat,' Is a ruby. I can't remember exactly where K la, but It's not far away. As for from the fiends from below, find the Item with the hidden glow,' that's the Mantis Idol. If you haven't located It yet, it is below In a large room full of Mantis eggs. It Is at the end of the room behind a secret panel In the wall. Give these to the lips and you can then go through the door at the end. Once through, there Is no turning back."

Le Harrison, King's Lynn

Any other answers Bung 'em to me at the address on the right.


Help one ol these readers In need and I'll buy you a drink. (HI ever meet you.) (In a pub.)

Qfor me, please. I have found the first, second and fourth horns but the third eludes me completely.

In Issue 33 you confidently said that It was In a niche near the stairs leading to the poisonous spider level (level 5). but despite the hours I have put Into looking, the hom just seems to be nonexistent. Please help as I am losing sleep, my grades are slipping, and If you don't I will tell all of my friends that you are just a load of turkeys Ha! Hal Ha! Hee! Heel Hooo! Hooo! (Sounds like you're the one who's totally Paxo to me, mate - Rich)"

Rhys O'Caln

QHas anybody out there got a code for tunnel four of Stardust with full weapons, upgrades and lives "

Martin Crossan,


Q Hello. I have a question for the Last Resort. On Worlds of Legend I have come across two rooms In level one of Toklyama. The first has a sign reading 'Security Level A' with four skull pads In each comer and one switch. The second has a long red circle In the middle and two switches. I have managed to lay my hands on the crystal key, but I can't get any further. Thank you." Karo Ryder, Newt Zealand

Ql've been playing the same game for some time now, and although I have experimented with all the different Ingredients I haven't discovered any new spells. Is It hard to do, or am I ust being stupid "

Chris Alderaly, York

QOn Arabian Nights I have been all the way through level one (nearly) but I can't find

the key for the last door. Ou, je voudrals connaltre, est " Catherine Jones, Tyldesloy

QThe year Is 3209.1 currently own a Panther Clipper and a large Plasma Accelerator. Does anyone know of a system that sells a weapon better and more destructive than the Accelerator and a ship bigger than the clipper (No game name was given - so unless this Is a genuine S.O.S. from the distant future which by some means beyond our current thinking has speeded through time and space end ended up In my postbag (this Is unlikely though), or (as I 'm more Inclined to believe) I've had to deal with more than my fair share of nutcases this month -perhaps someone can actually help. - fUeh.r J. Jameson Jnr, Sirocco Station, Meriln, Ross 154

QDear Sir. Please can you give me some cheats for Dalek Attack (Never heard of It I'm afraid, bul all the same - Rich.) Falling that, does anybody know where I should look for the Smart Card because I can't find It’

Q Slightly Magic Is the bane of my life al the moment. I cannot get past Zlpp the Dragon, Sir Rustalot and the bubble to reach the magic wand, nor can I work out a use for the Flea Collar. Magnet, Fright Spell or Megaphone. And what's more, Herbert and Hubert keep telling me to (and I quote) 'Clear Off. Why I'd like to know."

James Bachelller, Paignton

Q Could you help me on

Monkey Island 2 as I am very stuck Would you please tell me how to get the crypt key In Stan's shop I would also be highly appreciative if any of my fellow readers could tell me how to get to the collage on Phatt Island as I don't seem to be able to.

Kleron Priestley


QDear Mr P I can'i get the gold pieces to purchase the white spirit. I hope you can help me!"

Paul Rodgers, Kllbimie

A Hang on another month an all will be revealed m the concluding part ot our S the S solution next month' Can't wail Well, just lor you. Paul The dodgy Geezer (who you ve probably talked to already) will give you the money m exchange lor the gem To get the gem you'll need to use the magnet-on-a-rope with the hole above the dragon's cave There's a bit of stuff about using hooks with boulders, and giving vouchers, barrels of beer and leathery tickles to dwarves in between where pad one ol the solution left olf and where you are stuck, but I'm sure you H be able to work it out lor yourself.


Q'l'm trying to disguise a

cockroach to look like a ladybird to feed the Ignoble Ammak.'

Philip (with one 'L') Leggetter, Fife

Q 'l m trying to utilize Ihe machine to help the Prince without swapping his head or entirely

disintegrating him."

Mrs P. McBurney (age 40+), Cleveland

Q'And I'm trying to work out what Ihe heck's going on in the Music Room

Rachel Workman, Birmingham

AOooh - the ever popular

Goblins 2 - only in a game (his French would you find requests for help that read so bizarrety. So then Let's get down to business 1 Use the Kmdelixir on stage two of the level to catch one of the aforementioned crawhes and take him to the next stage. Get Fingus to take a feather from the helmet and dip if m the paint pot, then use Ihe brush on the cockroach and put it in front ol the little hole al the front Cover this with pepper, and Ktndelixir and click on the loose stone at the bottom of the tower. Simple, eh

2 Simply place the Prince Buffoon near the shrinking machine and make Fmgus stand underneath it Do the same with Winkle and jump out the window

3 Use the headlight with Winkle and send Fingus to the spring. Use the headlight to receive a pump lor your troubles. Use the drumstick wilh the

hood and Winkle, and gel both Gobliins to ump off the spring together With Winkle use the peg on the hose, send Fmgus through the door and the other through the hole at the bottom right Have Fmgus speak to the guitanst and Winkle catch the note, then send Fmgus down the same hole as his chum, and have the latter Goblin use the pump on the saxophonist Catch the mosquito, use the mosquito on the headlight and catch the note


QDear Rich, I'm left with a column and a half ol text to fill this month and I don't know what to do -frankly. I'm stuck. You see it all started when you asked Cam if it was possible that, just this once, he could do some Cannon Fodder tips. Sadly Cam wasn't in Ihe AMIGA POWER office because he’d missed his bus, or put his back out. or some other unfeasible excuse, I can't really

remember So he wasn't able to do it Can you help

Steve Faragher (age 30], Bath.

A Okay Steve, here's what you want to do: write a fictitious question and answer at the end ot my column First pretend to be somebody with a genuine question to ask, don't forget to use a false name (Damn -SfeveJ Then all you have to do is pretend to be me and give one ot my usual willy and comprehensive answers to your pretend question If you've followed my advice so far. you should be left with just a few lines to fill. You can probably Mi them with some ridiculous wibble about next month, or how the readers musn'l forget to send in questions and answers for this section or you'll end up having to pull the same ridiculous stunt again nexi month. But don't worry Steve, the readers care They wouldn't want that to happen to you. I'm sure.

The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER,

30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.

That's the address to write in to. Not forgetting to mark your envelopes 'Questions’, 'Answers’ or ‘Padding’ accordingly.


















the streets. And

Batman, too

Game: Batman Returns

Publisher: Gametek Authors: Dentons -John Heap. Roy Bannon Price: £14 99 Release: Out now



This reeks el damage imitation It looks like they bough) Ihe licence, staled Ihe game, realised Iheyd never gel it out in time to catch the publoty wave, finished A oft as qiacfcly as posstta and stuck it out quielty with the minimum of luss and effort r the hope that it wouldn't lose too much money I wouldn't mind betting there's no more than about 500 copies m existence n the whole world, in a completely uninformed, stab-m the-dark. I'm-only-saying-thal-m-an-exaggeraled-pomt-makmg kind of way. of course I mean, we re talking about a game here that doesn't even have a title screen m the conventional sense When you finish one game and entei your name on the high-score table d just sits there Hashing Press Fire To

Hmm, Ihifc i ■oihiaj like a Cipfd cruudcr la black leather.


/ "Batman > moves like a puppet on elastic strings"

Start at the bottom of the screen forever, unlit you start again There's no demo mode No options screen No picture saying Hey. This Is Batman Returns.

Be Exoted1' Nothing At al (And it you do have another game. you don't even gel a Game Over' screen when it's finished)


Now. obviously, that's not really a flaw as such We wouldn't take any marks off lor nol having a pretty title screen between games Bui ail the same, it's a pretty good stadmg indication ot the loving care and attention that's been lavished on this

game isn't it’ Okay,

nobody s bemg exactly flue conned - Gametek have      spoiled ihe state of things

VL al an eaity stage and 4 afllBi stuck it out at 15 quid.

t but frankfy that S slid

■    two or three times

■    what it's worth I I remember Dentons

W (or Denton Designs W as they used to be)

” Irom back in the old 8-bil days They were good What the hell are Ihey playing at with diabolical crap like this’

It's a scrolling beat em-up It's got tmy little graphics, which would actually be a good thing it any use was made ol them, but all you actually get is lots of tmy spnles walking up to Batman, just the same as m Final Fight oi something, and tons of empty space all around You get loads ol moves, but the best way to deal with baddes is to stand on a platform higher than them and punch repealedly as they lump at you Batman moves not i*e a bat. but like a puppet on elastic strings, and appears lo jump, move and stand in a completely arbitrary way Sometimes you can jump straight up and reach a platform, sometimes you can do the same ump and not make it. Sometimes you can stand on the edge of a platform, sometimes you tall through it like it wasn't there Sometimes touching the i ays tick makes Bats shuffle along a pixel or so. sometimes it makes him lunge about 12 leet and right oft the edge at whatever he was standng on You get power-ups. but even the lirsf-tevel

carmon-todder baddies

to go on. but I've only I got a page, so I'll slop I Don t even ttwik about

-    pathe! c

Wfcl*    ♦    • STUART

Wf fd -    '• CAMPBELL



® UPPERS Nice.

appropriate mutic. It II leke ■ while to finish, on account □( your brains will melt.

DOWNERS Your kid slater's My

® Little Pony could write ■ better Batman game then this with a badly bugged version ol Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit. With a better difficulty structure. And the pony probably wouldn't lorget to put Game Over' on the screen when you died, either.


Shoddy halt-baked    1£ —

rubbish. Get It out ol my I H ~ sight. Now.    I U ~


Exactly the same h f'/ (>' i lhod<,V halt-baked

rubbish, but even more ol an Insult to the machine It's running on.





fr V;

1 ' Jf -

n if


9 I ji


I • HI ■ m-<!-

- » V




Aren’t aliens dumb We’re beginning to lose track of the number of them who’ve crash landed on Earth.

I cotld iiaii done wHi el lh«f« ■hm I 90c seel le ttic Aeifi lereul efflicc.

Game: Puggsy Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: The Dome Price: £29 99 Release: Out Now

Righi. I've got this review to write, but I don I have the disks ol the game Cam tells me that I have to pick the disks up from the Amiga Format office because the guys tore have borrowed it tor a bit. Fair enough I climb the stairs, open a couple of doors, go through Commodore Format's office and open another couple Ol doors From there. I go down the stairs, through another couple ol doors (there's lots ol doors at Future) till finally I reach the Formal oflice But oh. blow ol blows, the Amiga Formal door is dosed to me (Irteraly it not metaphorically)

Hmm. what to do1 Ah, I know, 111 go down to reception and get the key One Right ot stairs and some more door opening later, and reception is finally reached The persons ot lemaie gander who work there inform me that the key is m another ol the Fuluie buildings One set ol directions and some head scratching taler. I finally reach the other bmkfcrg Again, another obstacle besets me I don't know the key code security number, but I know a man who does, onfy thing is. he's in another building

Now I know that I've probably tost a toed ot you already due to the tedious nature at that opening. Alter all. these sort ot minor mishaps and message-running chores happen every day everywhere The

n« wick mlt bi ult i. he aania] iha tUBiaa.i la taj ira <aMfa.

tasks are boring but have to be done because that's what -'    -

real lite is all about. apparently

What I reed explained to me is why someone woufd possibly 1 want lo replicate this tedium in a game and intensity it Yet that's just what Psygnosis have done with Puggsy


It I was still working in the shop that I used lo work m and someone asked me what I thought ol Puggsy. I'd be non-committal about it. I d say something like “Weil it's got beautiful backgrounds, the animalon ol the sprites Is slick and smooth and there's some pretty nice colours it there and it's got lots ol puzzles Oh. and cutesy characters it platform games ate loved by lots ol people'

t haven't given the

customer an opiraon because if I did. and told die truth about the game, he wouldn't touch it with a barge pole

It s RUBBISH, CRAP. TEDIOUS and BORING beyond beket And that's just the good points Why anyone would subject themselves to the torture ol playing this game unless , they were getting paid lo L review it is beyond me

The character (Puggsy) I looks like a crudely shaped I piece ol plasticine with a crap antenna on top He doesn't so much move as plod He looks extremely dumb and. unless ol course you're Bubba from Bubba'N Stu. that’s a bad thing in my book

The objects that this dumb blob picks up and moves around apparently behave m a manner akin to Newtonian physics ie they sutler from inertia and mass

Fine, you might think But let me tell you this Wait until you've just about built enough wooden barrels up so that you can reach a previously out ol reach platform Unless you're realty careful, unnecessary careful. A's ustabouia sure fire bet that

you're going lo knock barrets oft and have lo start building again - Aaanrggghh1


In all the months that I've been here at AP this game came the dosesl lo making me lose it You know, lose it Lose the rag. the head, the place And remember, it was me who reviewed Snapperazzi and sUI managed to retain an attachment to sanity So the advice I'm gang lo gve you is simplicity itself, avoid Puggsy ai ai costs, even if it puts your tile at nsk There are some tales worse than death •STEVE McGill

UPPERS It looks good. Smooth animation and scrolling and all the other competent flashy stuff you aspect from Psygnosis.

DOWNERS The only emotion I leel toward it Is one Ol loathing.


It's a platlormer that cunningly excels In Just about all the . —  worst aspects ol    41

platformers.    1 U w


“Can you tea any dillatanca between these ", I asked the team while running two copies of Puggsy side-by-side on the office A800 and A1200.

“None at all”, they said.


“When two sides go to war, one is all that you will score.” Never a truer word spoken in a vest.

Game: The Slue and The Gray

Publisher: Impressions Authors: Edward Grabowski Price: £34 99 Release: Out now

When you move one al you' utils onto an enemy you have a battle

First up we have here one ol the most tortuously written manuals I have ever seen I think one example will do: 'You can see how there are two cWerem statistics nexi to each troop type The larger number represents the number ol men that you have ol that type, but a much smaller number indicates the number at divisions in that category The laige mass ol soldiers that you have are divided into a number ol units called divisions Thank God they explained that I'd never have worked it out on my lonesome.


The Blue and the Gray ts a wargame Based on the American Civtt War you have the opportunity to take control ol either the southern. Conledeiale forces or the northern. Federal lorces You move your little units (Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery, each representing a dnnsion) around the map and no the oties You can move them on to trains and boats and


When a battle happens you have two options, you either lake command at the battle yourself, or tel if happen automatically The automate play feature ot the battle seems heavily based towards the computer On one occasion I had over 20.000 m!amry supported by 240 cannon up agamst under 10.000 enemy mtanliy with no support I tost 3.500 men. the computer lost 1.500 and won the battle Shurety shome internal mishundershtamkrig'’ This was by no means an isolated modem and you need to have odds of over 2 to 1 to go tor the automatic option, and even then your tosses wit be ndeulously out at proportion to the odds

The other battle method, where you take direct control ol the Hoops yourseK. is lust like table-top wargaming With the « Meets oI Mis. trees and fortifications being the onfy terrain lactors. your tactics are a Irttle limited Also, although there is an overview

tactics work well Occupy the hills, let the enemy come onto you. outflank them with your cavalry, etc etc It al happens a hi loo slowly though.


® UPPERS Well, the

battles look quite nice. Oh, and there's loti ol rather nice little options that brighten It up quite considerably.

® DOWNERS As Abraham

Lincoln once said: “I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me."

Because the Confederates get a million new recruits during the war and the Federal forces get two million. It's always a one-sided affair. Or, as Stuart Campbell once said: "There's no place for realism In computer games'.


Interesting, informative and uniformly dull. It'S a fairly reasonable Civil War    AA :

simulation but mostly devoid of character.    UU “


A.1 - O it's a bit faster.


Despite I hat. I simply love it to “J death, even though it's only got A eight levels and even though I can ■fM only play it on the easiest level with H the wimpiest gravity Alter a lew ■B hours you realise it's all atioul

shooting switches to turn alt various r force shields, and that all the

J' shooting the aliens nonsense is just distractions, and every time I crashed. I just came back lor more It's saved from being impossibly hard by the keyboard option, which gives you the precise control that a joystick doesn’t, and the . "V low pnce sort ol excuses / » the low number ol levels Acceleiatmg at a    J

constant rate ol 9 8 m/see/sec has never been so much of a challenge • CAM WINSTANLEY

Game: Fly Harder Publisher: Krisalis Authors: Starbyte Software Price: £9.99 Release: Out Now

and the dassic Alan ST    >

game 0*&    i \

The thing i$ . the /vJH , game wodd s like Hollywood - it hales to see a good idea go lo waste, and would much rather repackage it. redesign it and pul some bigger explosions m it Which brings us neatly onto FJy Harder We re back lirmly in 'Good guy/ bad alien' temtory. with the evil empire ol Thargold exploiting the planet's resources by fitting eight giant reactors in caves and buildngs Not the most credible story line, which is why we lend not lo waste much hme on them in our reviews Your mission is lo fly mto these heavily guarded complexes and overload the reactors by dropping energy pods into them Simple Well. no. not in any meaningful sense of the word, lor many things conspire against you The most obvious thing is gravity. which constantly tries to  splat you against the

herd, unforgiving floors    , ■

ol the caves Thankfully.

your ship s got a     HdBPV

poweriui engine and a

limited supply of fuel lo

keep it going

Secondly. there s all

manner ol Thargoid gunners B

In case you're wondenng. by the way. me reason we re giving a budget game a lul page review ts because (a) it's also an original CD32 game, (b) because if seemed loo good not to get more space, and (c because we tell l*e it Okay1 Anyway, on with the review It seems that due lo recent staff changes, we re so oM mat we all remember Lunar lander the ancient Alan game based (quite unsurpnsingly) on tawing on the moon without crashing, exploding or otherwise scratching Ihe paintwork The basis of Ihe game was lhal fiatoanran physics were altve and well h-4 that gravity can be a real pain m Ihe bum sometimes, and bolh these lealures went on to appear in the fabulous Thrust

and Hying things that gel at your way, shoot at you and generally try and make sure your day is lass than a nice one Fortunately, your ship can take a lair old bashing before il blows up (shown by an energy bar at the top of Ihe screen) and also gradually repairs itself, giving you a potentially long lite span To fight back, you've got a weedy gun lor starters and vanous power-ups to pick up Hurrah lor high energy particle beam weapons1


Finally. Ihe energy pods lhal you pick up have an apparent mass greater than the ship This means lhal , once you've picked up a ifet globe in your tractor beam, li red up the thrusters and shot oh somewhere, you la ■ going to slop a lot quicker than the globe is H s alt about media, you see. so while you may stop Shod ol a '    wall, the gtobe will carry on and

smash into rt

This turns the gameptay mto a senes ot delicate manoeuvres, a sod of fmesse-'em-up if you wilt, and it's this light-touch approach that makes the game so compulsive. Untodunalefy, it also makes it practically impossible to play lor ihe first hour or so. when the game ust sneers and laughs al you as you blunder uncontrollably into force shields, reverse gravity generators and enemy spaceships Fly Harder doesn't have a learning curve -you can either play it or you can't

l was e in this

UPPinSltlookagood.il playt well, aed on the normal

V S level, N s mow challenging

than I can mamaga. 'I

DOWNERS Vary hard to gad Into, and I don't like tha Mf that all the guns you've destroyed came back whan aatfyoo'ra killed

“The game just sneers


It's a sirnpla game, and one that we've seen before, bul never In a game that tooka thla good. Thruai tar Ihe Ms

Yeah. I'd say so


Faster No. More A1200 colours No. Extra sound No. Anything different at all No. Still great Yea.

A veritably fining cocktail of



With load* ol huge, playable

levels, you r* not going to get through thle one In a hurry. The graphic! are auperb, and you can lum the music down without a fleeting the sound ettecte.

® DOWNERS Many ol

the annoying glitches that appeared In the original still haven't been Ironed out, and the two player game Is surprisingly less tun lhan the single game. Also, many of the baddies are dumb and cartoony, and don't really III In with the hardman Image ol the rest of the game.


A slick, enjoyable and graphically lavish platform beat 'em up. with a surprisingly varied selection ol sub games hidden throughout the levels. It's also playable enough to torce me to swallow QA ~ my In-bullt hatred lor    n U *5

platform games.    UU S




J ' 1 I ' 1

i J *

11 j ■ y * 11

j o.OU _r_








irai. 1


n thei



1 j





It must be time to use the c-word Cyberpunk, that is.

Game: Liberation Publisher: Mmdscape Authors: Tony Crowther and Ross Goodley Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

In last month's news, we you that Mi netscape had penciled m a release dale ky I he A1200 version ol iterator - Captive 2 lor mid-lale February Well it's here, bang on time, and I've been given Ihe opportunity to rewrite what Steve F said about Ihe onginal CD32 version in AP33 TNs lime however, the review will be written in my own inimitable Style II that means anything to you The one annoying thing about the situation is that I've got la assume you may not have read Ihe ongnal review. It you have read it. slop reading now and skip the page If you haven't, there's only one question I want to ask Why noP Anyway, onto the game liberation is set n a totalitanarvsh hi-tech erty The hough I police have been framing innocent oldens to cover ip tor the fatal mistakes of iheit interrogation droids it the news was leaked to the Emperor, contracts and xrvestments would be ai risk. You are a kbertanan type chap who objects to all this corporaie-powers-ihai-be nefarious cover-up skullduggery


To investigate, raiher than submit yourseH 10 the drudgery ol walking all over a city, you control four pretty versatile droids

a non accelerated machine, slowdown becomes pedestrian So it's probably bosi to leave it unless you have an AI200.

I'm not gong lo give this game over 89 per cent due to personal jpl lorbles To play properly lakes loo

These drotds are jusi about literally

you* eyes, ears and legs: a

son of cybemetc mtc

extension ol the central

nervous sysiam The

control system is neat ■ _* ■    «

and user Inendly You

can make the dicuds do

lust about anything -

walk, run, shoot guns.

move through doors.

mleracl w.1h Ihe denizens ol

Ihe city, enter buildings.

withdraw money Irom the bank that

likes 10 say "gve us your money and we ll

smile al you" etc

Another novel ability ol the drops >3 the facility to took at different perspectives ol the same view ie lop down, look up. right and left. Use ol this facility will probably be relatively frugal, but it does help clarity whether or nol an object is pick-uppable or not.

interaction with Ihe inhabitants has to be dealt with carefully, the mood that they're in on a particular day can have a beating on the pioceeckngs Much like Beneath a Steel Sky. you can annoy who you speak to and they also remember Ihe Iasi conversation entered into With you So. almost unbelievably for a computer _ game, you have lo enter into -_s ■ that most annoying of social

BPjlglBM - .

BWjHjfll Pah ihe cheek o’ v'~e programmers

HEYjS    Tup, I (eel

Mjcy compe led lo admit, ai first

the rt art positive If loads ol shops and things lo visit.

much time Despite that, d I ever v,* find mysell with a lazy Sunday afternoon la toil. Ill definitely think about loading up Libera Ion • STEVE McGILL    

when I started playing the game. I figured that this review was going to be the biggest On the Other Hand' box that you would ever see ei AMIGA POWER However, alter the initial bewilderment al the s>ze ol the city, it became apparent just how brg it is And. lust kke Steve F n his onginal CD32 review said. "You never seem lo run out ol things to do' This game should come with a government health warning that it could seriously damage your social life


In writing up. II give a quick mention to

the installation proceduie for the hard

drive It's easy to

implement and also gives f

you the option Ic have up lAUh

to 71 drtlerent texlure maps

for Ihe walls of Ihe city    dBj

buildings and interiors

All this extra

detail extracts a

heavy payoff in

speed though.

‘ you'ie uS’og f JRTrtWlflC

® UPPERS Level of detail. Generation of plot, very In* depth. Choices. Slick interaction with believable characters. Hard drive Installable, and not too much swapping bstwsen the five disks.

yi DOWNERS Takss too

long to get tangible results; not the sort of game you load up for a quick half hour's play. Oh. and (this Is Important) YOU NEED 1.3 MEGS OF FREE RAM TO BE ABLE TO PLAY rr.

Despite the stripping down of all the ornamental icing (sound FX and haunting music) the cake and the jam In the middle still give the game the taste ol Hrt T paradise, or somelhing fill  like that.    UU E


Runs faster, lets you fi-'t ‘j (>.; > use all those lovely wallmap textures with virtually no noticeable slowdown In speed; adds to Ihe claustrophobic atmosphere


Your character Ml about flva attaching moves, all ot whleh look Ilka halfhearted and slightly pathetic mincing ralhar than life-threatening acta ol vlolanca. Flva parcant oh lor ganaral utalaaaneia. All tha animation la daaparataly poor. Flva parcant oH for not being able to do aomattilng that your avaraga AMOS programmar maatared yaara ago. Tha sound effects ara dismal, and Includa tha aama aiclamation ol pain whether tha character axclalmlng It la mala or lamala. Four parcant oh tor tha sound aa a whoia, and anothar tour parcant off for unlorgtvaabla tail nets. Flva parcant oft for tha music. You can win tha flrat match by rapaatlng ona flying-klck manouavra ovar and ovar. Thraa parcant olf lor complala lack of Intalligance. Attar you'va aaaoaad of tha llrat opponent, than a (hn»a disk swaps and ovar a mlnulBlMnrTttif of accaaalng bafora you gtf Id lha second fight. Flva parcant off lor Hie next opponent not being worth tha wall.

Game: Tube Warriors Publisher: Dynabyle Authors: Dynabyte Price: £25.99 a i. Release: MldfBbrch



Whan you ioaa to tha next character, it'a thraa more dlak swaps and anothar mlnuta and a half of accaaalng, than you gat sent atralght back to tha atari of tha first match again - no continues, no sacond chance to access tha options lcraan (where you can - wow -changa tha number of playara or tha number of rounds In a bout Thraa percent off tor nof avan being able to awhch the mualc off), nof avan anothar look at tha pretty 3D tunnel bit. Tan parcant oft lor really, raally puahlng Its luck in tarma of how much you'ra llkaty to want to peraevara with anything this crap. Flva parcant oft becauaa I had to. It's my }ob. Lat'a do soma arithmetic.


you hoppers out there

Right. I aaam to be carvtnftfpt an unwanlad niche lor mygelf ai tha office bait- am-up a span which I could wall do without, so I'll try to gat this ona out ol tha way quickly. Hara goal

It'a a beat-am-up. Five parcant oft lor being boring. It'a for tha A1200 only. Two parcant oft lor restricting tha audience, and inolhei live parcant oil for fhera being no obvloui need for It - you d naval know this was an A12tMgamainamllllonyaara.lt starts with a raally Inlaraallng-    ,

looking 30 tunnal bH (lika in Starduat). which than navar appaara again. Two parcanl off for railing talaa hopes. It comaa on thraa disks, but doesn't recognise tha second disk duva Tan paicant off foi crap programming. It lakes over thraa mlnulaa from starting up to actually j gaffing to have a go. Thraa parcanl . oft lor being a pain in tha bum. You can't chooae a tlghtar. you have to play tha dull namalaaa ona In a crap

orange suit that you gat •iCS    *- glvan at tha atari. Flva

v    parcant off for lack of

f. EST'    character. Whan tha

first fight ttarta. you'ra, tnaspllcably and without warning, tha ona on lha right

of lha acres* aad am ioaa ball peas

energy bar bafora you've worked out1 why your character doesn't aaam to be responding to tha oyalick movements. Two parcant off tor being polntlaaaly

swf ‘ “

wtaasiri. Once gSH m masked tel

r<ViBnalsyan. oysllEliHpwsak

only slightly Improved. Flva percent off lor crap programming, again.



I don't know of any plana to bring this game tn lha a malic' machines. Gal down on your knaaa and thank your lucky stare.


‘The best things in life are free, but you can keep them for the birds and bees, I want budgets. That’s what I want I want budgets. That’s what I want, that’s what I wa-a-a-a* ant, that’s what I want.' - There in the words of great beat personality and all-round, all-star pop personality, John Lennon, is all the reason you need to read these pages.


Publisher: Darren Ithell Price: £3.99 Release: Out now

Ddfiell has a tog while line around his head, it's his spaceman's helmet Ha also has a gun You got il, s's lime lo shoot aliens And what do shot aliens do Yes. they lum into fruit to collect lor exlra points Dithei m Space is a simple piallormy shoot- em-up set over 70 shod levels, thankfully with passwords

The aim is uncomplicated enough. lap every alien Levels switch between platform-covered planets and horizontal

shoot-'em-ups There are exlra lives and weapon power-ups to be had 4 you waste enough nasties Dilhell's jet pack means you don't have lo lely on the platforms Hovenng is Inefcy though, you tend to being up and down The bonuses and nasties zoom around like nobody's business The games are ohan shod and sweel as an alien comes out of nowhere and quite unfairly ends it all

The graphics are simple and cadoony with some lovely swirly backgrounds Sound's agreeable loo. with music and lots ot sound effects.

One look tells you this is not the product ol a big software house It isn't, it's the result of a lot of hard work, probably in the back-bedroom (but we can't be sure at this stage) ot one chap. Darren ithell At E3 99 including P4P i starts to look like rather good value loo It's only available

directly Irom the author by mail order. The address'3 Oh alnghl. it's 36 Podia Avenue. Betxnglon. Wural. Merseyside L63 5LF Just this ence, y hear



Simple zap-and-collact antics, not the most sophisticated of games but jolly olly and It's certainly not going to break the bank.

Publisher: Kixx Price: £12.99 Release: Out now

play the game, compare t with what was said about a in a back issue ol AP and then get my own ti pence worth In. Sod ot a historical perspective, it you lAe.

Avid followers ol the mag wil know by now that I've re-reviewed a lew games ongnalty covered by ex-AP Editor Mark Ramshaw. The bme, the game's Another

World If was origmaly reviewed n A APtO and Mark awarded it 69 per £ cent; * a game destined to be a    jfl

landmark ' he said. And. er. time prove hen to be absolutely coned The secret of AW s success at the bme was the implementation ol cnematc narrative amd beaulifuly animated arcade sequences, eg rf you saw a gun on tha floor and ined lo pick * up. the frame would switch to a dose up ot the hand reaching for the gun

I'm hardly bong controversial, but I pretty much agree with everything Mark sad Mol having too much bme to spend on this review. II just tell you about my first mpresskxrs

You know straight from the aranaled nlro-sequence that you're d tor a treat II looks a bn old hat now. but me kx one. I'm strii vnpressed Sod of groovy, but frustrelngfy annoying in places For example, alter you've sussed that you have to go up straight away la avoid being drowned, the next screen is ful of poisonous slugs that you have lo

One of the very very very (very) interesting things about working on AMIGA POWER Is the phenomenon of re-releases comng out on budget I get to

kick to lull Assuming that you haven't played the game before, you're going to gel killed Lots.

Do you start from where you were previously tailed7 No. you don't. You start off in the drownmg pool where 'up' stops you Irom drowning Tins repeats throughout each section, so that when you meet the end of level badde (a greal big tour-legged beast) your temper is sorely lested The beast a the first big chaflenge and you don't have long to

teleasmg 11 on budget so that we now have Assassm - Special Eaton So what eiacify have they changed’ Well the lest thing you nonce is that level one has eomptetety disappeared Whereas bet eve you started above ground and had lo locale the secret entrance to the wicked overlord's base (by following the siraighi line ihe program allowed you, ol course) you now start in the lirst level cl the base immedraiety This sadly means no pit biki terriers hanging onto your legs, a lavcunie tealure ol the onpnals first level I realise that the government got tough on voous dogs a while back but I hadn I realised they'd been banned from games (dogs that «)

The second thing I noticed that had changed was the weapon our heroic assassin uses Gone is the game s best gimmick, the boomerang, and m comes a very otAnary pulsey laser type thing lhat fires blue. er. spots II just doesn’t have

the quirky leel ol Ihe original and that's a great shame

Other changes are minor ihe hero's hair has turned black (perhaps it's a Osguise) and there are some barely noticeable changes in the way ihe character responds lo your control

So why bother chanpng things’ I mean. Team 17 had an exltemety good game one that would have sold well on budget, and they've changed it Probably due lo some kind ol internal misunderstanding it tfvs is an attempt to make people who own the original go Out and buy it al over again then I hope that it fails, because those people aie gomg to be unhappy when they gel it home

Having got that otf my chest I have to report that this is stilt an excellent game, lul ol Iasi action and beat the clock' fun Assassin Special Eaton will keep anyone who hasn't played the ongmal absorbed tor ages It iust doesn i seem i<ke the dass< it used to and that's a shame There s a great motto - H 'taunt broke, don't In it In this nstance Team 17 would have done welt to heed it • STEVEFARAGHER

Publisher: Team 17 Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

Way back m AMIGA POWER 19 Matthew Squires (whatever happened to Matthew’] gave Assess*: a massrvo 69°. and said ol it 'Assess*! performs with the arrogance and showmanship ol Sugar Ray but packs a punch Uke Marvellous Marvin this is Team 17'almest moment" Foi Team 17 this was apparently not enough In !he>r admn able quest lor perfection they have tinkered wilh the game bolote


Seen It before Try and get hold of the original. Sadly If* better. It you don't know the Ural veralon and you want a *10 — good, cheap game gel I U jj> this. If* ace.    I V =

work out what you should be trying to do. It kits you qurckty and ettoemly and then guess what’ That s nght. you’re back to the drowning pool Aha ha ha. hold your breath and couni to len. slowty

Luckily help was al hand m Ihe shape o4 a complete solution pnnied at AP's 11 and 12.

So there you go Mark's cnhdsm of the game being lovely, but ultimately limited due to the restrictions that the emematre process imposes on it stkl applies It’s a good game, but one that's been outdone and outshone by later releases. And basically, that's why I'm awarding ii quite a bit less than the onpnal percentage score Another World was once lovely, but time has slowty laded k'S charm • STEVE UcGILL


h i a nice showcase tar the potential at games on Ihe likes ol the CD32. Only there should be more ol It.

Am tfe« run eel loaijkil I deal knew M Ifs dandy ar brifkt-


Publisher: Black Legend Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

Remember Virus’ If had a lew reviewers scrabbling around lor superlatives when it was first released The same game engine was Ihen used lor Conqueror I didn't like it then, and lime has not mellowed my lodgement ii used some very clever 30 routines and looked extremely good, but was truly homfe to control Hypenon is Virus without all the Inlty bits, the resemblance is uncanny

II looks reasonable enough, moves

■ last and has some

nice crashing explosions, but it's fettle more than a coAection ol ingenious 30 routines roughly formed into a game. There are 10 missions featuring various bits ol hardware to destroy and you have lour kves to do it with No passwords or anything, play till you <ke ihen back to mission one There is imie more than the 3D game ri&eil and a lew screens ol text

Your ship is a mouse-controlled nightmare to tty A little note to the programmers It really helps >f one end Ol the spaceship is significantly Afferent Irom the other, it makes it so much easier to tell which way you're going There's an invaluable little radar map in the bottom nght comer. Fty towards the dots with a reasonable gnp on the craft's trajectory.

come within Imng range, then lose it completely, circle eccentrically trying to bnng your guns to bear and crash into the ground or catch a missile lull m the lace With practice control comes and you start to land some shots on the enemy The game starts lo become tun. but it's too much kke hard work • CHRIS LLOYD


An ordeal by mouse. Working this hard lo squeeze enjoyment out of a game la no picnic. Once you get the heng of It some spectacular aeronautical manoeuvres AA 3 are possible, but getting    "

there, ugh.    UU “




Totally topping power-crazed tun that will keep all the family nr* » (well the aoclopatht at IIW ” lent) happy (or day* U U ~



Publisher: Bullfrog Price: £14.99 Release: Out now

Powermonger. (or those of you who have been living with your heads stuck down a rabbi warren tor the last three years, is like Populous without the godly controls (no earthquakes. Hoods and stud) but with more violence

It looks very similar to Populous, with the screen divided into a 3D. isometnc close-up view where individual figures are shown and a map overview that lets you move around quickly

The scenario tor the basic version « that internal misunderstandings have forced you to abandon your kingdom and. with a small band ol hearty tallows, land on a tar distant continent. This continent must be subdued You can gather food, raid enemy settlements, trade with other settlements and generally behave at a low and despicable fashion until you have thrown the entire population into chains This salely achieved, you move onto the nexi section

With ihe basic game comes the Work! War One data disk This allows you to do to Europe whal you had previously done lo a fantasy kingdom Bizanely, your first task is to wresi control ol the Orkney islands The daia disk is fundamentally only a cosmetic addition The gameplay <s not one bit different, but the icons and graphics have all changed

Poe/tmonger is great fun and can be played against a Inend using a nui modem cable (see last issue for more details of that) Ai Ihe price, with the data cksk thrown n, it's a real bargain for the megolamanac-at-home The interface takes a little getting used to, but once you ve spent halt an hour w<h the manual propped on your knees you'll become quite proficient From there on in it s one of those cunmng games lhat never supplies you with too much raw data about how you're domg and therefore encourages you to develop strategies of your own If you think a tactic is working, (hen il probably is



■ tl*.

Title: Award Winners Gold Edition

Publisher: Empire Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

Compilations, eh I bloody hate ‘am. Everybody already knows what's on them, bul you have to do four little paragraphs, one on each ol Ihe games, then a tithe summing-up M. then a bit about how you should only buy this compilation if you haven't already got onartwo/seven/al of the the games on it. then a knd of wishy-washy fudge on the overall rating It's a reviewer's nightmare.

I can Myou LucMy. though, this one s a M ot a godsend, because therere lithe quirky things about each game that need explaining Phew

So. first we've got Zoot The thing you need lo know is thai the is the ordinary A500 verson ol ZooI, not the nce-loofcmg A'200 one with the pretty (d slightly visually contusing) parallax backgrounds and the groovy sounds. It s a tut of a shame, but some purists prefer the uncluttered scenery of this version, so make your own mmd up What's harder to lorgrve is the game sbll not recognising a second risk drive alter all the time, or the way the title screen screws up on an A1200 (although the game isn't allectedl. but pewits back on lor losing the annoying copy protection of the original version This is a neat enough zippy ptaHormei. if hardly Ihe Sonic-heater that it was originally heralded as

Onto Sensible Soccer. and the matter lo be clarified is that you get the 92/93.

SensCte Soccer t I version ol Ihe world's grealesl football game According to both us and our readers, it s Ihe best Am«ga game of all time, so d you ve somehow been stupid enough not to buy d m the past here's a golden opportunity to snap it up did cheap

Jimmy Whitt's WhuUmd Snooker didn't used lo be compatible w*h the A1200. but the version on this compilation shouldn't gnre you any trouble (except perhaps m ploughing through no less than 35 pages Of comprehensive instruction manual). It's a corking game, fealunng some o( the best 30 you ! ever see and some senously tncky opponents It's ikffiadl lo enagme how you could gat closer to the feel of real snooker wdhout. er. adualy going out and playing real snooker. Oh. and waleh out for the copy protection - it's al the back, okay

Lastly. ftfe Urn. there isn't adualy


Smart compilation of genuine grade A elastics (with the possible exception of Zool, and even Ihat's, at worst, oksy). The usual how-many-of-these-ha ve-you-i I ready -got  aquation applies, but as it stands this Is pretty unimpeachable value for money. (Plus It's your only chance lo play    00

Jimmy Whitt a Snooker    il si

on the A1200.)

anything unusual about the verson of ft ft on tfw compilation - d's the bog-standard. everyday Amiga version of one of the true classics of home computer entertainment if you don't know the game already, it's basically exactly the same as Frontier, bul less complicated (And less Ironty - Dave Green) And it's lab. despite the rather nobby filled polygon graptves

So it looks kke l was ty*ig about ihe interesting quirks, but it got me lo the end of the review, so that's alright I'm sure you can work out lor yourself whether or not the number ot these games you don't

HI 001200

'Leek ■■■>i, mi ikitfi.*

. The «I)U, amd Wen He.

already have (ushfies the price of the compSabon. so, if it’s all the same lo you. I'll be off Cheeno • STUART CAMPBELL




Holburn Software (0224 211866 for info)

Price: £5.99 Release: Out now

You're gomg to lake some convincing on Ms one. I can tell On first glance, you're inclined io go "Burgh1 CM PD game'" On first play, you re tncfcned to go "Burgh1 CS4 PD game with pomttessty stupid and pteky controls and utterly tedious gameptay1' Two minutes at. and you're inclined to go "Burgh1 C64 PD game with pennilessly stupid and preky controls, utterly tedious gameplay. and the world's most impossible third level'" Very shortly after that, you'll probably be inclined to wrench the offending Ask from your disk dnve and hurt it aito the darkest lecesses of you' never-to-be-piayed-agam' cupboard But don't Stick with it (m facl. I'll help you -Ihe password Id level live s KAKAS] I'm prepared to bel that what you'll end up being mdmed lo do is go "Hey1 C64 PD game with some of the cleverest ideas I've seen at a puzzler for ages (kke having lo triangulate up to live clones of your character all at once), that really gels you thinking and really makes you feel pioud of yourself when you frnaly work out Ihe solution to a level II gves you all the basic instructions you need, but never hands you the answers on a plate, and with 7S

levels (passwords every five) A s going to hold my attention tor ages'" Probably Despue a terrible start (useless graphics, seemingly endless disk accessing, dire opening levels), you quickly gel absorbed n - hey' - the gameplay In fact, the only annoying ihing when you're aduaty playing the game is that sometimes you can spend up lo 20 seconds at the start of a level just looking for your character on Ihe screen, so unassuming is tvs appearance (this also applies on some busy stages with teleports) That aside, cast away your preturkces - this a bloody good ■ STUART CAMPBELL


Forget how It looks (and get past level three) and this la an engrossing and seriously tricky puzzle game reminiscent of Chip's Challenge, with some brilliant Ideas Shame about those graphics, bul this Is worth six quid of anyone's money.


It'i a same of two haivei. Wall, In two-playor modt anyway.


iFUcftl DC


Game: Statix Publisher: Black Legend Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

How many variations on the (ailing-blocks-trom-ihe-sky games can tneie possibly be1 Just when you thought your sanity was sale, along comes anolher twist Srahx cs played out on a seesaw The blocks appear at the top o< the screen and you move them left and nght before the time limit expires and they tali Arrange a row. column or diagonal line ol three ol more similar blocks and they disappear The cunneig bit is the seesaw, it it tips over too far either way you blow it It loo many blocks colled on ihe seesaw Ihen the central prvol is lorced down a notch If ti goes down too far it s

game over too That's the whole game Each level has a target number ot rows or whatever to complete There are passwords tor each level It s simple and maddening, you need lo think quickly and keep your wits about you Er. I Ad quite wet. sort ol The blocks fan faster and the balance gets more sensitive and your eyes start lo go lunny II Ihe seesaw starts to lean one way you have lo make a choc* between balancing it with the next block or trying to complete a row on Ihe heavy side lo lighlen the load

There is a wicked two player option, each player drops blocks on one side ol the seesaw You can eiiher co-operate to keep the balance or f>ghi i1 out against each other trying to make A overbalance on your opponents side, using a mixture ol fiendish cunning and sheer luck The


You know Stafix already don't you loyal readera A demo verilon wai on laal month s Cover Disk. The full version Is only available directly from Black Legend for the noi-at-all-conslderable sum of £9.99 plus £1.50 post and packing which la, er, £11.49 by my watch. Send your cheques payable lo Black Legend to Black Legend UK Ltd. Fulling Mill Bam, Mill Lane, Welwyn. Herlt, ALG 9NP and the lull version with manual will be pushed Ihrough your letterbox by a uniformed man. Modem life la tlrange. (Rubbish’, surety - Ed)

duel mode is great tun. piling loads ol blocks on your side Ihen clearing a mass at once sending the other side zooming down so you can gioai. ha

The graphics are simple. Ihe rotating etfect on the blocks is pretty neat, but the game is played agamst an unremittingly white background Some colour at some stage wouldn't have hurt Different coloured blacks on each level or something Long sessions staring at the same screen can i be very good lor you at all. probably

Statu doesn't have ihe sheer hypnotic power of Terns, but it should keep the attention from wandenng

aimlessly It's the sort of game that either bites or it doesn't The big question is does shuffkng around taling blocks appeal and can your bram stand the necessary concentration• CHRIS LLOYD


My eyei are alerting lo water, can I atop know please Devloua puzzlery and no variation lead to Itxed-atares horror. Engrossing enough with a good two player mode.














1 <

Gremlin, £29.99

Grendslam, £34.99 This it another title theft actually been fiddled around with a fair bd before being ttuck on CD32, and there wasn't a whole lot wrong with it In the first place. Probably the AP laam't lavaurlta golf tint (88%. turprltlngty far back in Ittue 22), CD32 Nick Faldo'i had all the graphics redrawn lo taka advantage of the enhanced palletla. resulting In tome truly lush shades of green, and the sound's had some sampled caddies speech added to It lo somewhat Russell-lsh affect. Most Importantly, though, the control

method a been changed from the rather demanding original style to a system all but identical to PGA Tour Gotta. I'm not actually totally convinced that this Is a good thing (whaf a so wrong with needing skill to be good at a game ), but It certainly

Look, that's whaf they call It alright Nothing to do with me.

Wa ve reviewed the various games on this compilation, ooh, sevan or eight hundred times already, but  ust In case you've never bought the magazine before or something, here's a recap on the party line. Lotua Esprit Turbo Challenge (the first game In the series) Is a brilliant laps-bated racer, with a negligible flaw In that In one-player mode, you only play on half of the screen. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (no Esprtt' this time, because you could drive three different kinds of Lotus, to little discernible affect) abandoned laps In favour of a racing-through-checkpoints system, which was less fun In Itself (It's much harder to team the tracks and hence gat any worthwhile feel for them), but also a complete nightmare In two-player mode, where one player could be left twiddling their thumbs for most of the game If they missed a checkpoint. Also, hitting things In Lolua 2 results In practically no apparent speed loss, which feels a bit silly. The atmospheric road and weather conditions Introduced in this sequel were little compensation. (Oh, and the null-modem-link four-player version of the original Amiga version has been lost from this Incarnation too). Lotus 3 - The Ultimate Challenge

(words were dropping out of the title like flies by this stage) attempted to rescue matters by reinstating lap races as an option, as wall as an Intareating (H flawed) course designer, but driving games had moved on somewhat by the time It came out, and the likes of Crazy Cars 3 left Lofus looking sadly dated.

Lotus f is still the best of the three, but at 10 quid each on CD this set Is wall worth having In your collection Incidentally, the prase release with this claims re-styled graphics' In addition to tha predictable CO music track, but I couldn't say I noticed. And Is It my memory playing tricks on me. or were tha Lofus > sound affects always this bed


SUghlly overpriced In

CD32 this format, but easily

the best driving action you can get lor your CD32. even II only far ihe sake ol Lotus f.


Who’s that fainting in surprise as AMIGA POWER actually gets its very own CD32 delivered at last Why, we do believe it’s Stuart Campbell.



Almathera, £19.99

This, apparently, was a CDTV game which has been enhanced lor the CD32. but Since that means about sevan of you (mas) might have seen H before, we'll assume no prior knowledge, fl's a 30 maze Job which Is vary obviously trying to be Allen -The Video Game, and with a moderate



Domark, £29.99 Hera's a bit of a lum-up for the book - a CD32 port ol an old Amiga game that's actually been completely rewritten for tha format. CD32 Trivial Pursuit boasts music and speech questions (as well as actually asking all the questions In sampled speech


•nergy «n * «n alien'), and enter * rattsar abstract and sluggish haat

Buzz, £14.99

F«v Hw titU UnwVwri no this smashing Dvini

C O 32 Atmosptwrtc but dull

30 min effort that'* mor* u*a a* a foreign language

instruction court* than a game Prepare yoursed lor eodiee* hours ut un-ine-tween nm nagian iur, saying "Oh no. I think It'* an alien'- hut don't aioart A-* ; iuo muen m in* nay ui *11” gaming fun.    U I “

mgWanmgiy oieny gam* uaaa up on in* oypad a* if* thrust control (rather thao say and this I* lust a

•akan too sadously 'jn* of tha tnw buttons on nw pad wMch atan • useu oy th* gam*). which mafcas thing* approximately

twica as hard again THE BOTTOM LINE

This raaily is a

pointlassly stupid    C D 3 *     *tx>ut with

oversight, and make*    dkgoMlMOwananls

a gam* I raaily wanted    on an crap circular oypad

to lov* practically    >s no way to play a gam* requiring

unplayable Tha    tffla much contrm preuswn.

Amiga version Is    Whoever dacldad on up'    

great so save    to thrust should be takan Q “

yourself a Avar and    outside and shot    f / —

get that instead    * ™ ”

from top unemployed BUT sitcom * toes impersonating htstorir — nyur**). pretty pictures In hundreds nf colours and *r Russell Russell ■« rtw Inf ra the gam • scrawny

putting up with him Iwfteegcang

Russell Uff updon stand* si sz seconds.

C032 TP is the first computer version of the game tn actually tael k* there a some podd In playing o rSeed ot just buying the board game and d does * seq good fob r1 naararg

•eel 'htngj.en epi the crap erroAnQ

point and ■ haven i uuunted). and. er. it s ell very nice.

Not enough (or you7 How about

mis for a taster oi whet a    Sv y

<-ornir>5 win then Rntni.blade

temptilts triB rw swasii u.    -

iw—Miwriu—ir w me news that an enhancer! rw lion o< Wicttdhgeea top rhnppsr sim tiunsarp XOO is da tre reteee* it the end at Mst* ataoocwdme-utSTinwpricer» m >nn ■ ,f * tongsawattad Taut Carnage missed <eviawin ttris issue '«• shah » Br*»tth, hot should ba a mdowokdbb tar iortusirv. nan month, Wnriar ayw haaa started work (through Frauui urugtammsrc i-ryni •«< fh* i.u.tv varsirat rot inn-inokLng drtvn u geme Mepattwe shooug" <■ t ncSdoa uutunfM ts iitw and SkBtawks stars ACId software

VI iimsmng nit Uierilei fp—nily m fju/ w«« tn

iuo Sftf S game ■tiarwing, tor Apr ■ rataase Coda Itatan Jump on the luOoendwagun next month wMh •mptaAtOyiaaasaendacoeapAettonrdeswry Dizzy geme seer no nne CD Snpuing Ure fksiiakaeaeejctfaee CC32 srhediAe and Qrerak r are promising a special £SSt torsion or lasywadds Item wttfrlhe djffliudty laser tuned down a bit this time round. And hnaity for now, nears that Titus'* (ah LSmburghlm *rrmn.»n Challenge will be out by April, with plenty ol CD-TyP* enhancements.

* There i lots more on the I way. but we simply

Pbsy->€*■>!■•( re rh« (•> *£* haven't got any more jTawsr see • i*A« * room to tell you about it.



just trying to mots the pom tat ierth*

simplifies matters Sadly though th* tperiaf son FatOo on Hers ■ iuw rhst-wa* tikkieu in Uw irlgtusi Amiga game nas apparanuy oeen ioat tan Faldo aaemlngly thinking it mad* him look a bit stupid, or something), which is a terrible shame. But that a Ids. ah


Still a lovely golf

CD,<32 game, and now

even prettier, so I'm going to slick another couple ol percent onto the mark. But then I'm taking them off again ft ft tor not having the Mars course Ha    UU

Tti« only bit el fff

u ata m 1 ajhriljf wwl

fHKfffr I COSN

le uiinj Ibc jovpMl.

M M M M 1 _ . E

A IT > Jv






The best things in life are free... Let’s separate the cheap’n’cheerfuls from the cheap’n’nasties... The public domain, where’s that ... Dave Golder checks out... who says they don’t write them like that any more



Available from all CLR distributors 1 Meg required

Licencevware: £2.99 FI Licenceware

VR experience you! be unsurprised to hear You per a perspective shot of (he batter at the told and the 6aI ftymg towards him. but that's about a. Apart Irom that the graphcs are tmchonal at best

But * an t all bad II you can excuse the dire graphcs. there a lot that's impressive about the game. It's certainly comprehensive, with just about every aspect ol the game covered «i some way You can bat in afferent ways, bowt m drtlerenl ways, control al your fielders, alter teams, change betting orders, decide on which bowler to put on and do other cnckety type things. The controls are awkward at first, but logical - like with moat one-on-one beat-'em-ups you just need to get the hang ol the system.

It's certanly not a great game. but. despite the d&appombng visuals, in terms ol gamepiay it's nearly as good as the commercial cncfcal suns youl find.

Oh yeah, and F1 are on the look-out tor more quality licenceware to market, so I you've got some game you'd like the world to see gel n contact with them

Cnckel a dull Excruciatingly dul Even Ihe crowds al the matches take along newspapers, knitting or portable televisions (so they can watch real sports like footbai) lo relieve the ledum it makes chess tournaments look like Terminator 2 So. I have lo admit. I wasn l exactly relishing ihe though! ol reviewing th>s game The promise ol a etwee ol last, medium or spin bowlers, ihe ability to bat m six rtMr»ianr ways, the chance to choose which learn lo play out ol seven international Sides and the opportunely lo orgrosa my fielders somehow la ed lo set my pulse racing Bui perhaps I'm being a bit unfair

And a first glance at the graphcs VERDICT: As qu ; games go. it s a    ddn'l do much to change my opinion "3D

polished produ' ’ but it s not something    action it said on the blurb Wei. * am t no

you'll keep gang hack to But there's no

Roy Walker, sc it's quite a bit belter than    MM

the TV program

RATING*** k1 '    - u

Uti •* nm.rlu i miWi ,Md m lar.

■*T Welter

'Bs a good answer, but not the nght one ’ Don't you want la punch Roy Walker out when he says that on Caichphrase When there's a picture on Die screen ol a bird m a hand and two more buds in a bush and the contestant says. ‘Is it don't throw birds rtc bushes " no. it's not a good answer It's a crap answer And ihe beauty of Pelt « thai you can justifiably v*fy your opponent it they act such a go*

Pe-h is. basically Caichphrase with a lew extra tweaks It's a two-player quiz game in which you take it In him to answer questions. It you get one right a section of the main screen melts away to reveal pad of a picture hidden behind. You can then have a guess at what the picture is.

The hidden pictures come ri two varieties: you can decide whether to go for phrases, wtvch are the Caichphrase-type programs, or lamous people. The problem with the famous people one was

thal l couldn't recognise halt ol them even when the entire picture had been isvealed -1 think you need to place a subscnptxxi with Heto

It's a well-presented game thal looks good and plays smooth'y. In the time I was playing a I never came across the same question twice, though the same hxidon pictures did crop up occasionally, which limns ns long-term playing potential

VERDICT; 11 resist the temptation to say. "Bs usf not cnckel. old boy.' because, er. His


have to try to Ul you opponent bitty* they kill you Sound* lamikar TK me about rt

My fust thought is thal I must have reviewed this belora Bui a quick check through back issues proves otherwise So next I reckon I'm sale to review a this month But there s still a naggng doubt r the beck of my mnd - has it Hist changed its name'3 But a s dated 1993 so it seems kosher

But what is there to say about it Apart from that B's one of ihe better examples of its kind, with decent graphics, an interesting range of pek-ups (nvrsAkity bouncy bombs, speed-ups. etc), well designed arenas and responsive controls I'm alraid that it's one ol those reviews where I end up saymg. ‘Give it a try i you haven't got one ol these types ol games already ‘ in the vertkel


I loved Joseph Heller's book Catch 22. but there was one bit I hated Y"see. I thought de>a vu was one of those weird and mysterious things that proved the existence of the paranormal A naive idea, perhaps, but one ol those things I liked to beheve because I wanted lo be<«ve it Bui. no. Joseph goes and runs it al by explain ng data vu as just a short circuit of ihe synapses n the brain Ah w*l

VMh PD. though ihe explanation ■s even simpler. So many ol the games are virtually xtenbcal you can't help but leel the you've, been here before'

Take Tadae Tanks It's a two-player shoot- am up set n a senes of arenas xi wtveh you both control tanks and

Just J Quick merl on Ifival f

Ihe demo horn AMIGA

POWER 3B scoverriek

Smxfge is now    '

avaiable as a lull game

called Morton Stokes

Back With 60 superb     R

levee spread over nxw s    .

worlds this is the kmd ol cute -q h

piattormei (hat even people who .35

hate cute platformers should gnre

the txne of day (and it they do that lime

wil probably spread across quite a large

chunk ot the day]

VERDICT: Give <1 a try it you haven't got one ol these types ot games already hang on. On getting the strangest sense ol deja vu


saying thal because it was on the coverdsk)


VERDICT: Excallenl (and I'm not just




Imr i like tkht sfcoiU be me mi iWm m ii<t‘ f«A«i Iw flrb


PD Soft

Theie's a good idea deep inside Hits game somewheie but it's wot and truly buned under six leet ol complete unplayaMily.

Basically this is a two-player sports game in which each player controls a Floating rotnd biob-ltxng and tries to blast a bai mio Iherr opponents' goal The gimmick is lhal the blobs are surrounded by aniigravity lie Ids which push the bal



and each other away

It sounds mlnguing. sure, but ri practice ii‘s usi mlunaimg The Mobs are almost impossible lo control and the ball just bounces al over the place It it goes through a goal it's always more by luck than judgement

Playing Re/eciton is a Ml ol a ia« at Ins!, but wears you down qucker than an ep sode ol EaslEnders The lacl that the

background graphics teok like they've corrupted (but I don't think they doesn't help.



VERDICT: As Bob Mould once sang, it was a good idea' But. like ri the song, something wenl wrong somewhere along ihe fins I reckon this needs a bit ol a

relhmk and some in-depth playlesting and it might turn into something that's really quite interesting




PD Soft

Have you ever played that game where you start out with a grid of dots on a pace oI paper, and then you and en opponent lake it r turns lo diaw knes between the dots, the aim bea'ig to create boxes

Would you want to play a computet veistor Well, perhaps, if you couldn't find anyone bored enough lo play against But what ri Ihe computer version didn I otter a computer opponent7 You d still have to find a similarly desperale and pa pier-less opponent In which case you'd at least expect some flashy graphics and decent sound to make ihe whole terkous experience a bit more bearable

Dot 2 D<* doesn't have a computer opponent it looks dull Don't bother

VERDICT: It you renty want to play this game, then Ihe pen and paper version is still prelerable



PD Soft

Jus) recently, the number of Tetris donas t get sent to review has faien off dramatically But like air rushing m the fill a vacuum. Puzznc domes seem to be taking their place You know. Piiunc. mat game where you have to push Mocks to get two the same colour next to each other, at whch point they vanish oft the screen faster than ITV sx corns

Bran Shave is a Puz/me-mspued puzzler mats nearly very good but ts ruined by a tarty control system that makes opening a mifc carton wfxie weanng boxing gfoves seem a dodete What's good about me game is me dear presentation the drffoity curve of the putties and the tad that you have a choice of two sorts of game m the fust, Gravity,    xw

me Mocks always fal downwards unM they hit something, while in Slider Mocks wil carry on moving m the direction you indicate until they hit something

But the controls are tar too sensitive. This type of game works best with mouse control but Bran Shave seems to be loysbck onfy. so you end up havng to nudge ihe stick to try and position the cursor where you want it, whch isn't always easy Nee try. but no ogars I'm afraid (Not that agars are a good thing anyway. Of m any way to be suggested as some kind ot reward - PC Ed)

VERDICT: A potentially good puzzler let down by me controls If you persevere it almost pays back the effod


—f >'<r*VT

Mivi life At t blocks

JOUf tlME).

litttiwimafe ; .*

It's quite sad that m an age when PD can produce games like Morton Strikes Back sub standard plattormers like CkxM can st« escape cto the toranes It really rs the most appalling tosh

Okay. Gtodhc* s true PD and doesn't require you fork out a trver. but

Contxd *ddraaaaa MBS 1 Chain Lana. Newport, talaot Wlflhl PO30 SO* • Met SJSS« PD Solt t Bryant *vamj>. Souttwnd-on-Saa. Eaaai SSI 2YD ■ 0702 IMtD]

FI LIcancMaM. 31 Wallingion Road. f »1ar. Devon EX] 9DU Eipraai PD. Magazine But*wu Centre. 11 Newark Street. LaMttlat LE1 SSS

rea»y. it isn't even worth lurking out the postage it s ust poorty-designed level after poorly designed level ol bad graphics and jittery animation Avoid tike an Oliver Slone Hm

VERDICT: The saddest thing is that someone somewhere thought that this was worth releasing


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Amiga Power Issue 36 1994 apr Cover

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