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Bmary Asylum is thiee e« Future Publishing (home of AMIGA POWER) lournos and an er-MicroProse programmer who are set to show Ihe software publishing world how to do things wifh their 30 helicopter shool-em-up The Creators Speak: We all love helicopters ai AMIGA POWER the Desen Sinks Apache, the Seek And Destroy Apache and ihe Gunshp 2000 Black hawk. Super Cobra Defender Kiowa Warrior and surprise ot surprises Apache That's why I was pleased to be the one ordered la reconnoitre Asylum s otfices m Bath Luckily, they're literally round the comer Irom the AP oftice so rather than spending half the day travelling to some remote pan of the country, most ol my time was spent assess1 ng Zeewolf being put through its incomplete paces. Zee wort looks very similar to the age otd 30 shoot-em up classic Virus, which took the embryonic ST/Amiga world by"

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Amiga Power Issue 35 1994 mar Cover

9*770961 731046


Want to    your

game playing fun We show you!

Tornado Dangerous Streets, Ryder Cup Golf, Maelstrom, Pirates Gold and more

Therm s never been a Columns game balanced on a seesaw -until nowl

FighTthe law in. Innocent Until Caught - review inside


Playable and

Team 17 a state-of-the-art bar-room simulator.

version of Tslrls yet - with a twist!





ing guid


1 ever read!


(That was a bit ot a dull caption, wasn t It - Ed)

Pago 30


Point-and-cliek adventuring antics from Psygnosis.

Page 26


(You don t want to hear the joke I thought of for this one. - CP) Page 40


(It wouldn't hurl to be a bit more exciting, surely - Ed)

Page 38


(Um... it's Cold! It's got Pirates in it! It ’s - CP) (You're! Fired. - Ed) Page 44


/ We've had a atayn \.

f wh! ■Hh the circulation S doparlmanl, and wm leal aonlidanlly able to stale that tha April issue of AMIGA PDRIEH .III DEFINITELY be aa sale an the 1 th ol March.

Hut, er, why not glue It an S. extra couple of daya, / \ Just la ba safe /

. Ahem. .





* V The CD32 goes from strength to strength, with the release ol the Full Motion Video module. Plus some entirely gratuitous product endorsement.


OCPUTYtmOR Shun Campbell

production edti or

Stave Fafifhar

WWWS EOTOR Cam WiniianUy

SWFwrteR Slave McGill

ftMEY. s n 11 onoex ai ready1 Chili Lloyd

ART EOT OR Sal Meddinfi

ART AS9SIAM Uia Kalian

A0UMMXR Gall Bllncon

reCCENT UNTl CAUGHT Michael Jackson

group phoouc non iaanacir Judith Middleton




paper controller Fiona Oaana

AOUN ASStSTANI Surarwah Ancaio-Sparlkif


Mkhale Trnavai




Coir Tha Publihar



CHET EXECUTM Chrii Andaraon

C0NTR8UTGRS Rich PWay. Dm Gaidar Dm Green

tKHSCAAMNG Simon ChetandM. Jon Moon. Ctma Slacfcar.

Simon WAndur. Jam TMav Mart Com

COYtHDeSK Grarai Conortka «CTOS Rob Scon. Pooa Caay

■ oiToniai a aovannaiNa

Afriga Power.

Future PiiAsbng Ltd.

30 Monmouth Street. SathBAl 2BW Tel 0225 442244 Fax 0225 446019


Cary Cart. Somerton. Somerset TA 1 6TB TH 0458 274011


A mortrr') 7c L.a Sam J Crcirli


1 w Cannon Fodder digs in at No 1.

1 /L TMI shape op things ETC

■ “ It'S a 30 kind of month m the previews section, with Zeewolf. Heimdall 2, Legacy Of Sorasil and (natch) more.


We might not have one ourselves, but we're not scared to go giving other peoples' away. This month. MtcroProse stump up to celebrate Pirates! GoW.



Oh, go on. You get a free game and everything, ft's a bargain. Honest.


Featuring the usual tips and cheats, The Last Resort, and a mammoth four-page Cannon Fodder special!

£.4 THE secret garden

Reader classified ads, basically.


wW The second m our irregular roundups of, for want of a better phrase, readers' art. But it’s actually Quite good.


X Something of a first for AMIGA POWER this month - a hardware feature (eek!). It's about playing games with a nult modem link cable, and it's great.



The CD32 update pages that don’t actually have a C032. How do we do it

r\ I/AI > kW*’    N,pp9T

VJKay coverdlak

compo update time. We've had a deluge of new entries, and our tolerance level hae raiaed somewhat too. Any scores below 125,000 are no longer going to be entertained. Comprendy  Without further ado, here's the top ten entries in raver* order. Beat this:

127,960, Johnathon Klrkhar Kensal Green, London 130,204, Jimmy Jones, Tonbridge, Kent 130,407, Dennis Jared, Frinton, Essex 131,610, Ezra Matebele.


t Almost time to wave bye-bye to cuddty Uncle Dave, kids. Sniff.

Mdo the write thing

The letters pages. Alright


" I The original and still the best.


m V Fill m your gaps, missus.


" W Another beautiful and enticing postcard from an exotic and glamorou faraway location. On your Amiga.


Futur* Publishing IMM


fl'm a Contents Page. I'm nal1 supposed to be tunny. - CP) Page 3d


(You re right. But the next

one better be good - Ed) Page 42

yum iwWl to w»®r« Mtock 1 , «w -to- Vmm* •• +*-

Newcastle Upon Tyne 131,810. Simon Shutl, Bicester, Oxon 134,960. Nathan White, Walsall. W.MIdlands 135,260, David Powell, Braunton, N. Devon 136,310, Rob Barron,

Any town, Somewhere 135,460, Stephen Rogers, Claverton Down, Bath

137,357, Paul Fuller, Long Stratton, Norwich



Dangerous Streets-42

Innocent Until Caught—26

Labyrinth Of Time-74

Maelstrom ..34

Mega Motion...------ 40

Pirates! Gold-44


A1 200

Ryder Cup Golf-

Sabre Team

Simon The Sorceror — Soccar Kid-


Seek And Destroy ■ Sensible Soccer — Wing Commander-


Black Crypt--79


Lotus Trilogy--79

Speedball 2--78

Street Fighter 2--79


Caffeine Free Diet-



Parattack ......




Willy's Humungous Adventure-







So, just the one coverdisk this issue. By next month we probably won't have any at all, then the month after that YOU'LL have to start sending US disks lull of the best in demos and PD classics. See how you like it then. just tell them what 's on the damn

Yeah. (Look, thing. - Ed)


This has to b« lh« moil orijiool twill on an old piiul« fame lh«m« we've seen in a v«r Ion] lime. Not only do you have lots of fall in] blocks to contend with, bit now even the ground on which tbey'u landift] Is a dan*er-trao]hl environment. It's scary.





a 1im«-liart«d demo of loom 111 limit rclcaia.

U«... H‘> pool.


Stop! Tom mijht think this b Just another Tetris, but H you thoufht that, you'd be so wronj that a Just wouldn't even be funny. Thb b Tetris with a difference, and M's a difference that makes all the difference. What is It Turn the pa]e...


Yoi know, likt la u orcod*.

Caa I ya t«i’



• Oh no! A re you Aura Before you go any further, try the procedural described In the panel over the page. It, attar all that, you do hava disk problems, limply place It In an anvalopa, along wtth an SAE and an aiplanaiory latter, and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Olak Returns 35, OliCopy Labs, PO Box 21, Oaventry NN11 SOU. It you Bend II to ua. era'll barbecue your cal and dya all your favourite clothe* brown.




•    You've only got S12K of memory on your Amiga Blimey, that * a bit tlupid, Isn't H Go and buy an eipanslon RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any of the games, all you have to do la switch off your machine. Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the Instructions to load the game of your choice.

•    Just lo be on the safe side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    Tou'll have lo reset your machine in order to play one of the other demos. When you do so, simply follow the Instructions above

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all limas. And remember -switching the machine off for 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

•    Have a good time.


•    Are you sura

•    Try all that stuff again, making sura you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not like', such as external drives.

•    If your disk falls lo load, then pop H In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 35 Returns

DlsCopy Labs

PO Box 21


NN11 5BU

R We're really hoping that you re reading this bit, because It's quite Important: please don t send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don'i know how lo fix dodgy disks, and we'll just throw am straight in the bln. So send them to Dlscopy. Please.

Authors: Black Legend

You'll notice a brl ol a puizley Iheme on this month's disk, which iso 1 the kind ol thing we usually go lor. but we hope you'll agree that these are some of the most interesting variations on the normal themes lo appear lor a long ime. and hence wen worthy ol a bit ol exposure Stalrx comes to you via Kompert UK. from top Hurtganan ex-demo coders Black Legend (or is that someone else We can t remember for sure), and it's a bit ol a weedy Check out the rules and pay attention to them belare you start playing it You know it makes sense


The basic idea ol Stafuris much Ihe same as Tetnsat Columns You have lo make lines ol like symbols, which then disappear The difference here is that aa well as ihe usual danger of a tvg buildup causing you to lose the game («i this case, by forcing the spnng at the pivotal point ol the seesaw dawn), you can also lose if you tip the seesaw over by placing loo many blocks on one side What this means is that you have lo light your

nalural instincts - you might automatically warn to drop a block on one side lo make a line, but doing that and making those blocks disappear might cause the other side ol the seesaw to become loo heavy and hit the floor, losing you the game So it's a lastthmkmg game as wen as a reaction one. especially as you have to drop each block inside a lime limit

reachable goals all the way through The obtecl. you see. a to build up piduies m the background Every lime you make a certain number of lines n the game Islading with single ones), a corresponding number ol lines of the picture will be revealed When ihe picture reaches Ihe lop ol the game area, you've completed the stage and you get lo start again with a new picture lo reveal (and a new siading pattern ol blocks lo contend with) As you move through the levels, the requirement tor picture reveakng nses. unbl eventually (around level 70. in our expenence) you gel no bits of picture unless

Authors: Logic System

No. you're wrong it's not usf Tainsagam For a start, this ts the Amiga's best Tam $  yet. finally stealing the crown Irom the long-reigning Super Twtnlns But Ihere'S more to it than ihal - tins is a whole new

way ol Tains, and one which got the whole office playing the age-old game all over again This is Tains with a point - no more bonng old Ime after trie ol pomta-buiidmg lo no apparent end. but oneol tangible.

Sown lalrii poor planning * evldelt on I tin rif hi.

We had a txl of space on the Ash this month, so we've brought you just a little tmy demo ol Team 17s new budget game Or allernabvety, a realty b<g demo depending on how you look at it As well as playing a sell-running version ol two ot the versions ol Pool included in the Imished game (there are irvlions. from UK 8-ball to US 15-ball, to sngie-player arcade versions to the classic multiplayer Killer Pad variant), this demo lets you play a full-feature one-player game yourself, but time-limited to a couple ol mnules (Otherwise, what would be the point ot buying it when a hits the shops later (tvs month, eh9 Answer us that, il you can.) Control is very simple. iusl adi'usi the stiength. spin and aiming with ihe left mouse button, and when you're happy with your set-up. hit the right mouse button to actually make the shot Or, get a lew mates round and have a right old knees-up listening to the authentically Cockney sounds ol the old foanna, while looking at Ihe title screen We recommend playing the game NB The title screen dams that the r game automatically detects an AGA k chip set for enhanced graphics and I sound Thrs stoie, but (lor space reasons) not on our demo Sorry

(lepiesented by the bar at the top ol the screen), ora'l just drop by itseft. usually usl where you don't want it



Two-player mode is a brl scary You both play at once, the rules are ihe same, but you can only drop your blocks on your own side of the seesaw The objective ts to make the seesaw touch the Hoot on your opponent s side, but not being able to affect torn Arectly makes things a M tneky. Whai you have M do is build up your own side almost lo the pomt of no return, then dear lots ol blocks at once so that the seesaw suddenly swings massively the other way.

01 course, while you're dong this, your opponent ■s trying lo do exadly the same to you

Mf left WHM Af AiA.

down, though, your scores ate multiplied by three.

SPEED UP (plus sign) Speeds things up. (Natch -EdI

SPEED DOWN (minus sign) Slows things down

NEXT Toggles the Next Block indicator on or oft When ihe indicator is off, scores are multiplied by two.

BONUS (dollar sign) 10.000 point bonus RESET (letter R): Resets speed, switches Panic oft and switches Nexi on

you make four lines at once Yikes

And that's not the only innovation In Tetns Pm. oh no. If* even gel powetups' These come m the form of the square blocks, which have their powerup effect any feme you use them to complete a line The various types are as follows:

BOMB: Erases ai bank spaces on screen, causing all Ihe other blocks to fall rto the gaps created, usually yvlng you a whole dutch of Ivies at once PANIC (two little arrows): Flips the screen upside down lor 60 seconds Horrible While the screen is upside

That's it. really. We're all absoiuiety hooked on this (the current target to beat ■s Shtan s level 78. with 500-odd lines), and we theik you wi« be too Tetns lives'

II you've got an old A500 with a one meg upgiade (a* many ot our readers do), you'll have bean disappointed to find that the Christmas Dizzy demo from Issue 33 didn't work on your machine. This was due lo a slight oversight In our checking departmenl, but we re now happy to bring you a small patching program which will solve Ihe problem lor you. Simply gel your AP33 coverdlsk. run the Patch program from (his month's disk menu, end follow the on-screen instructions



Game: Zeewolf Publishers: Binary Asylum

Authors: Andy Wilton.

Andy Smith

ETA: Mid - Late 94

Briefly: One o! the cntxasms frequently thrown at games lournos by software houses is that they don't realise ust how difficult it is to write a game never mind publish a marketable product In some instances ihey have a lair point even if you do only ever tend to hear this sod of wtungng when a game has pcked up a low score 8u1 anyway

Bmary Asylum is thiee e« Future Publishing (home of AMIGA POWER) lournos and an er-MicroProse programmer who are set to show Ihe software publishing world how to do things wifh their 30 helicopter shool-em-up

The Creators Speak:

We all love helicopters ai AMIGA POWER the Desen Sinks Apache, the Seek And Destroy Apache and ihe Gunshp 2000 Black hawk. Super Cobra Defender Kiowa Warrior and surprise ot surprises Apache That's why I was pleased to be the one ordered la reconnoitre Asylum s otfices m Bath Luckily, they're literally round the comer Irom the AP oftice so rather than spending half the day travelling to some remote pan of the country, most ol my time was spent assess1 ng Zeewolf being put through its incomplete paces.

Zee wort looks very similar to the age otd 30 shoot-em up classic Virus, which took the embryonic ST/Amiga world by



"Tlie intelligent

man's Desert Striker

The McfcaiM wf • trnmmi

!■ Mb* tor too* Mimn itanrfii



. It l rfdti I

storm a lew years back Rather than llymg a spaceship trough Zeewoff outs you I m charge ol a nonspecific attack helicopter As with Vrus. the terrain consists Ol an undulating patchwork landscape which has an eerily hypnotic motion One ot the mam criticisms ol Virus was the sparsely populated game wodd. but Zeewoffs strange world is crammed with a plethora ol attack and defence vehicles, helicopters, tanks, missile launchers, swim tanks, patrol boats, mobile anti-aircraft personnel etc There are gomg to be around 32 missions which can be completed according to the best strategy that the player can implement ‘There is no set way m which  a mission can be completed *

‘Zeewoff could be thought of as the intelligent man s Desert Strike' said Andy Smith one of Bmary Asylum s founding members *tts less tmear and gives a tot  more choice ot acton to the player'


'Well for a start, unusually (or a 30 game, there are 32 colours on screen at any one lime ' Apparently, with a 3D [ game, it more than 16 colours are used. [

■tkMt Mtf twa, W > ItMf Mrabyk.




you can expect the game to slow down at a raie ol around 25 per cent

Due to more than a couple ol smart programming treks. Andy Wilton has managed to cut the speed reduction down to around 5 per cent tn other wards, you're not gong to notice much difference i any at ail. while engaged in play It runs very Quickly anyway

The landscape has some nee tittle touches to make it took it nicer and smoother Namely, it's colour interpolated When Andy Smith lirsl mentioned this to me. I looked knowledgabiy wise, until Inatly curiosity getting the better ol me. I had to ask him just what the hell he was taking aboul

‘Your bran is very good at registering edges when a shape of one colour meets another shape at a different colour The whole process >s aggravated •hen you complicate the matter by putting motion into it Inevitably, the whole thing ends up looking hornble This phenomenon could have rendered ZtewoH unplayable

Colour interpolation is similar to antialiasing re when two edges meet, you use a compromise colour whose value lies somewhere between the values of the two contrasting colours This creates a smoothing etlect and basically makes everything look hunky dory If you look carefully at the patchwork on the landscape (you ve got to pause it to see tfvs) you'll see that the colour interpolation ■s indeed there on the edge ol every adjacent shape *

Okay, what else makes Zeewo/f stand out Irom the crowd1 "The hekeopter rs the first to use inertia m its light The actual mechanics are derived trom base 0 level physics, the chopper uses translational kft to fly and acts much like a rotor biade-dnven craft would n ideal circumstances "

'But this stuff >s ait game mechanics' slated Andy. 'We know that you ve got to have good mechanics but the most important thing to us a that the game plays weft Playability is the most important factor *

From this statement of conviction Andy began playing the game At the moment, control is mouse driven only Andy went to great pans to convirce me that mouse control, after the irutal steep geflmg-used-to curve, becomes intuitive. While I've no doubt that if does. I do lemembei giving up on Virus due to the same type of control system I always lound that m moments ot panic such as attacks Irom more than one crafl. I inevitably overcompensated with my wrist movement and ended up crashing into the ground You also have to keep the mouse scrupulously dean or everything goes to pel (Also true of. say. Cannon Fodder, tf we re b&ng scnjfhJousiy Ian.-Ed)

Thankfully. Asylum accept that some slackers (such as myself) won t be capable of controlling the craft using the mouse atone Joystick and keyboard options will also be made available at the lime ol release

Andy made the flying look really easy (Ha So did the authors o/Jetstnke -fcflAs he Hew. he explained that none of me missions had been finalised There are plenty of ideas, 'it's just really a case ot

putting them into the game' He emphasised again that each mission will be set up at an open-ended manner allowing completion rt a multitude ol ways One of the features that he showed me as he Hew was the ability to pick up allied combat vehicles, fly with them to whatever destination you choose, and release them ‘Some missions will be virtually impossible to complete unless you do tfw' te. some enemy bases are so heavily defended that the helicopter woukfn t last five mwiutes without support

Verdict: The terram is impressive, but one of the enfosms I can see plaguing the game is the vision limitation. >e you can t see very tar ahead instead, you have to rely on the radar untt you're basically on top ol the enemy At the moment firing and destroying i$ particularly difficult due to the accuracy needed Andy assured me that this was being dealt with 'We re going to include some kind of co-pkot so that there wilt be a reasonable tolerance before a shot is considered a miss'

As became dear m our ckscussion. there are many final touches stil to be put «i There's also gong to be a period ol intensive game testing When pressed on a release date. Andy became a intfe testy "We have to gel this nght The only turn thing I can say is that it wil be some time in late 94 ' With that ringing tn my ears, all that's left to say is that A can't come soon enough lor us The more decent helicopter Sims with targe explosions, the better • STEVE McGILL




Game: Naughty Ones Publisher: Kompart Authors: Melon Dezign and Interactivision ETA: March

Briefly: It's an arcade platform game

,k., jmmI ta rtW**4*

util. MB,,,n    _

Not quite so briefly: n'soutof the ftek Dangerous college of games You guide your chap about the screen avoidng an assortment of nasties When you ve collected all the collectables the door to the nan screen opens up Simple Sounds easy, right’ Well it would be. it soma devious swine hadn't set up a series ol difficult lumps and convoluted paths through each screen and then inlested the place with assorted malevolent nasties that troll around the screen dispensing death to all they touch Aie we put oft’

Not a bit. we relish the challenge Press the lire button and a little blue ball arcs gracefully into the air and bounces aiound. dealing out a kicking so the vanous hostile inhabitants Collect certain power-ups lor more devastating weapons Got the pictuie’ Timing and dextenty are cnlical There's a two-player mode, all you need is another joystick and a Inend

Dezign. a demo group founded Iwo years ago by Jacob and Hennk Melon Dezign were ongmaliy a demo group and have a couple ol demos under their belt, each with a distinctly meion-y theme Previous to that they had both been involved in vanous demo groups They quit ihe demo scene 10 work on Naughty Ones When the game is finished Jacob is going to continue his Computer Science sturkes and Hennk is gang to Ihe Canbbean to Imd himself a wealthy wife Marlin the musician is now working m England, dong bits and pieces for English software houses, pkjs working as a



arc Mefon

Deztgn have


started work

on a sequel tH

Q Bit ol an odd

Me an t if Is it a

result of translation or

d>d you decade on it because it's got that

sort of cute appeal’

A Nobody can remember exactly where >1 came from It is diluted from a Danish word which describes the characters you guide through the game as not being afraid of a challenge and that can also get themselves mlo trouble Q tf you were washed up on a desen island, whal vital items from civilisation would you Ike to be washed up on the beach next to you’

A A mobile phone, a crate of champers, an Antga CD32 running Naughty Ones and Cmdy Crawford

jS    Q What's gemg to be (he

f reaf hook of this game that'll convince people to gel if rather than another cutesy platform game’

A Great gameplay. Once people try it they will continue to play tor a long lime The great thing about the gameplay * the puz2les and the feeling when you guide your chap Ihrough the five worlds ol Haughty Ones There are more then 75 game screens, there's a lot of game lime in Haughty Ones

Q Any plans far a follow up. perhaps Timid Ones or Psychopathic Ones’

A We are thinking about a sequel, it hasn t been decided what to call it yet □ And finally, what's Ihe naughtiest thing you ve ever done

A Wearing my underpants inside out’ No. Naughty Ones ol course1

The creators speak:

Q Who are you’

A The team are programmer Jacob Gorn Hansen, graphic artist Hennk Lund Mikkefsen. musician Marlin Aggei and producer Claus Michelesen Q How tfcd you come to be working on Naughty Ones and what are you f going to do afterwards     I

A Naughty Ones has mainly f been developed by Melon • Y .

Verdict so far: From what we've seen, your joystick-manipulating skills aie going to get stretched to their limits You have to figure out how to reach the collectables and avoid the numerous ways to die Timing, oh. the secref is m your timing Especially trying to get past the dnps that fall from the ceiling and those darned honzonlally-tinng guns A game trom the old school, no mass ol <ons to wade Ihrough or complex controls lo master, just straight arcade skills Our joysbeks await • CHRIS LLOYD


Tkli piclvra fflliid * hurt) ck««r la tka AMIOA KIM 11 office « hi rulrtih Ikx  an ■« not k daad -I hwifl

Game: Dark Mission Publisher: GKS Design Authors: Stephen Haunts Chris Bundell ETA: March/April

Scan Neaitan Saaai (mil - «fcT

advenfure Ihan an action game, but I'm aiming to have art equal amount ot both game types'

Each toom or open area is displayed in isometric 3D. giving the game a look very s»'»*3r io Worlds Of Legend from Mmdscape You ve only got one player though, whch kind ol makes you question the togc ol sending a single manne to a colony that appears to have been wiped out by atens ThankluHy though, you also start the game with all manner ol learsome nasty-blasting l BBABb luepower. which helps to aHa r<Kl!ess 'he balance

between you and several hundred aliens

Stephen again The adventuie aspect comes m the lomi ol solving problems but since there's aliens all over the place, there's plenty ol shooting along the way Most ol the equipment can be . suoye by gunfire

100 SO ' you're Ihe IBI VI destructive type you    . ,

can go round and

blast everything The    B    I

first problem s to stop B    I

the damaged reactors B---'

from eipiodmg but B

Since there are lour ol ■

them and Ihey'ie ■ -c,    1

all damaged or

malfunctioning w diflerent    

ways each one requites a    1 ,

different approach Alter thal. t

you go on to rescue captured \    

colonists and destioying

pockets ol aliens    i *’■

The PC version's atieady \ ■* Imished, but rather than ust

port it across directly.    »■----'

Stephen's changed the layouts ol all the levels and come up with new missions, making the Amiga version an entirety different game based on the same game engine

This sort ol sensible thinkfrg m_, part ol the GKS >dea. says Kevin Kennatd ol the new production team. GKS Design "We think it's stupid that major software houses charge so much lor games and put them vi ridiculous amounts ol packagng The first Ihmg most

Briefly: Student and programmer

Stephen Haunts loves Aliens He's seen

men Hm innumerable times, and would

Hi+i love to be one ol the

colonists that gets spooked

I'd shocked at the Alien

War experience at me    L B

Tmcadem m London So

r-mse is his dedication AbLAB

to fhe combined works    mUBF~Y~

cf Messers Gigei Scon

and Cameron that ha s

wing a game not SO B —

sijth based on as heavily

nspred by them Okay, so it s

rrJ ,Ke fmst or last lime that

someone s done this So the questions we

should be asking are how. why. where

and when Step this way to not only lind

tie answers la these tar reaching issues

OJ also to meet the team

The creators speak: We caught up

win Stephen s progress n creating Dark

Usskw at a bit ot a e/osstoads "I know

w*i.ii I'm doing when I play the game, but

l,« decided that most people wouldn't, so

i m adding a small ted window Io give Ihe

p';y i more informal on on objects that

vou highlight with the mouse pointer This

makes it look more like an

people do is    I

throw h« bo*    \    * 4    .

away and pul the L— game in a disk box, so wo'.** decided io produce our game* just the disks and instructions By doing thn .and mg re game (kiectty through rvui grot- we re gamg to be able to put out complete, original games ai about loutieen p

Stephens just one ot GKS Des n'r, programmers, and aho1 Dark Missions

out. he's planning on coming up B with a Vietnam based wargame and an amt terns 30 advi.'.ture  9PBI m.iar io Alone In 77*■ Dark on the PC. launching him mlo a

h l.'-r 'pi* i' i ." i " t f

Good iuCk 10 hin1

S2j5p';l Verdict so far »f,r:y

B days yet boih lor the ga'-o and GKS Design but things ■ seem to be noddling along I nicely tor both From v£et I ve seen EM seems th* nght son ol price toi Dark ’/ ■    ■ and both

pr    r

HhhhSSB    ’    • ■ ■»

BHH some good •&’vi about


so wo can onty hope It at f'    ItiS new company v. lari


j k    v

' K SnxMfC.

are puilmg out Ol ’ N


Ihe qtja ty O th

CC'-'XVb games and me depth ot (heir commitment • CAM WIHSTANLEY



SB The Creators Speak: lofcj  B wasnt always a ,// baddy Once, m myth he

actually helped MB B* ' Thor recover hs hammer when it had been stolen

_i by a giant The giant

was lovesick over B Odin's wdo Freya Make's sense to steal Thor's hammer and use it as ransom to marry Freya then, doesn't *

Anyway, the point is. Loki helped Thor lo disguise himselt as Freya and recover the weapon Bui then things look a turn tor the worse There were no state-run schools or truant v inspectors m those days wf     The god Loki turned bad

W /    \ in Hermda/lihes

!/    \ running amok on

f i    Midgard the land ol

JMI humans, and lltgard. /    the land of giants

The ptol starts lo a / get a bit silly from <mmJ / here on in Apparent  ef Odri stumbled across an amulet one day tn a parallel world (kke you ‘    sometimes do between the planes)

This amulei had a magical freezing property upon ihe gods in thal il placed them m a sod of cryogenic stasis

Ignorant, or u$ t plain stupid, ol a use lor the amulet, the gods broke r! into six

pieces and ihiew each piece into a dilferent portal in the Hall between Worlds. HBB A Effectively, this action meant that Ihe dillerent Piccas could be hidden JWanywhere in ihe world's!

No sooner had this been done when some bnght spark suggested that they use the amiiet to ‘ freeze Loki "Ob oh We've / / thrown all the pieces into different wodds" the gods could be heard saying it you listened to your imagination hard enough

Some more basic plot lines follow, such as Odn’s son Baldur Mmg the dust trying lo recover the amulei pieces The nerd thing you know Heimdall's giving up his divinity again lo Irudge the vanous wodds m search ol the amulet pieces (Er. yes What about the game. Steve - Ed)

Game: Heimdall 2 Publisher: Core Authors: The 8th Day Jerry O'Carrol ETA: Early ‘94


Briefly: Teutonic mythology isn't normally a subiect you'd expect us to tackle in the AP    „

ohice Bui that all

changed when    AiAA "

Hemdai 2 arrived ,    j Ik

from Core the olhet    / ME

day Heimdal2ii '

the follow up saga I    £

of ihe Asgardian I

gods' struggle with M

Loki the bad apple \

ol Ihe pantheon

In Ihe original    BIB

Heimda game. Loki had stolen the weapons ot Thor.

Odm and Freya Heimdall aifmisteaily sacnliced fxs drvrtity lo walk upon mortal lands and steal them back Obviously, he managed the job, or there iusi wouldn’t ba the need lor the sequel

Verdict: You'i already have seen from ihe screenshots that Hemdai ~ .a an isometnc adventure II looks great The palette conveys an atmospheric cartoony feel to the proceedings The animation ol ihe central protagonists is very amusing The female character walks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo (sadly there are no Scooby snacks though)

The game is nddled with     B

puzzles and nice little touches For exampin, while mucking about, vrsrtxig different locations and the like the

character I controied received a

119    -. -    .

IMB up m a iiltle ce' Thr •• y in -v> -

the cell was a loaf ol bread at the edge of Ihe door Outside, a iiftta . M or mouse oi some sort of

rodent twiddled its thumbs in annexation Knocking the bread outset-; of the cell resulted in the following chain of events: Ihe rodenl eats the bread, runs up to Ihe Northerly cell wail, lumps onto the lever located there and pulls it down The cell door opens and la da. you are tree to go about your business Noi highly orig-vsi but very well executed

When ihe game is fully finished ihaie will be over 100 locations lo explore xt full And as t p • "g someone once mused r a paroxysm of annexation. a    ! 'This is going to be ore to

.    J look forward to" Certainly

5    at this stage Heimeta.l 2

looks like an extremely Tl promising prospect 1 1 • STEVE McGILL

* M blaka'f jMltaax *1 lulll an fa faak why caal la ** iaaaikla y aba at I hat «]i at ft*'.' !'■ afvaM ka laaln ft« a Ml al a rip-afl aarchaal 'a M. I daal lika aailackai.

If ctnaialf to a kaaiadaaili «*< laakaaft faataiT tala Ha ta ilnalallaa wtlft a 30 iiaaaMIc tin. Loafc al all Mat* »niaw calaan a a* Hck Inluu, ah

m-buili dice Now you can move up lo eight places every turn It makes Ihe game much less random and reliant on luck *

First there was

Game: Legacy of Sorasi!

Publisher: Gremlin Authors: Kevin Dudley. Mike Hart, Mat! Furniss ETA: March 94

Briefly: Now whatever I do I've not » mention Hero Quest or me lad that legacy of Sorask was originally going to be Hero Quest 2 So not even me si'ghlest hint ot heroes or quests or sequels win pass the mythical bndge of my fingertips II you're not loo sure whal Haro Quest was about, check out AMIGA POWER issue 2 (yes. it was that long ago) Based on ihe boardgame of the same name. Hem Quest on the Amiga Aspensed ol the inevitable silly little cards dee board and miniature metal men and aimed itself 80% m ihe process If did ail this while still managing to incorporate Ihe boetdgame's sociability factor and atmosphere i.e you could play with up to •tree oiher players

The Creators Speak: Steve McKevitt PR manager at Gremlin look me Ihrough th* preliminaries. 'It's gomg to be me first n the new Hero Quest Masters senes Inevitably, Legacy will be compared lo Hero Quest, but it's got more than a lew touch ups and lots ot overall general improvements lo make it a different game r is own right We've improved Ihe palette jaazed it up a bit Id improve Ihe vrtwle look ol the game The character selection procedure has been improved, loo - you choose a party ol lour adventurers Irom a pool ol aghi There's plenty ol scope tar a good mix '

As it on cue. Sieve Ihen showed me Ihe character Solectron screen and settled tor a pretty even mix ol suengih and




ot it.


not another one

magic, you know Ihe kind ol characters, a beefy barbarian a staunch dwarf, a sirvsterly cloaked wizard and an Elven mystic There are others as well, like Clencs, Rangers, and. well, you gel the gist 'One ol the features ol the original game that has been changed is the movement system

Onpnally. your t movement was \ '    

determined by the v random roiling ol an *

“Mdi I .—war — like ■ ,,n"    


h \

m .    »

JA. ■*


Wdi mm4 chMit fiar chuacicr (ra« a call af, well, IJitral laiL All iha tqitoid (ff«i h«r«j Iibm brawn in bcaatj, nick in mlad aid crnflt in oaq. Il rtnladi m< af lAMlkla).

Each character also has 20 action points to play around with each turn. Certain actions use up more points than others For example moving one square lakes up one action powil whereas searching lor secret doors/traps lakes up a tot more. “You soon get used lo economising and planning your actions ‘ The action lakes place in the land ol Rhia which characteristically m ihese kind ol games, has been subjected lo some rather nasty business Irom a big bad sorceror who's been dang ihe dirty jl*e they do when they get bored],

Yup. this time he's gone and cast a plague that's blighted me land, decimated the population, wilted Ihe crops, slopped Ihe production ol the Sunday Post and other catastrophes ot a cataclysmic nature (Cnwens1 -Oor Wulie).

That's where your party come n There are 10 perilous quests m all They have lo complete the lust thiee n order to be able lo go on to the next three Certain objects have to be collected Irom the previous three quests «i order lo complete ihe next three until you come upon the last and most pentaus quest which is lo kill the big bad guy 'll you knew exactly what you were doing and had collected all the required objects and artifacts, it would still take you al least ten solid hours to complete the game"

Verdict so far: With the 3D isometric views ,    . that worked so

-<*    £■_> j well in the ongrai

<_i_" i plus ihe jawed-up ' palette the increased depth ot gameplay and the updated characters Legacy ot Sorask can took torward confidently to being thoroughly run through' n an upcoming legendary issue ol AMIGA POWER Were sharpening our axes as l speak • steph McGill




















I „ _    


\ V**'86® _ Lr

\ ****•!£

v -<*»***

■p - •' '■■'

- ':




W'Oh, I'd have to

say tap cool dude and True Romancer Onsi'an Slater* op ned our Dave •There’S no one e se to caDtuia my pure animal magnetism * Those of us in the office who hadn't inadvertantly inhaled lea through our nostnls had a tew other Ideas. Tufty (the road safety squirrel of yore) was a popular choice as was the classicaiy mean and moody Lee van Cleef. star of many a spaghetti western 'I don't th*)k you've quile got the point* protested Dave But sadly nobody was listening any more.

accent and raw sex appeal as our Steve And that Pefcaty Kendal in The Good Lila - Phwoar.

Maid Manon looked

Game: Innocent Until Caught

Publisher: Psygnosis Author: Divided By Zero Price: To be announced Release: Early March

You're not reefy getting the lull story irom the title c! this latest ach/entuie, because they «e pretty much masked the gruesome late that laces your hero. For further accuracy, the game realty ahoi.td be caEed innocent untf aught, tortured fa txl) and than sold place by piece to various c/gan banks and    . a

hosp, lai research tatikues.' „ f .M but I guess tor the practical y

reason ol it net titling on the    

1 Piytjrcs.s decided to go lec the snappier-but-    J

slghtly-rmsleadirg title

SH<M« but true, but thd t% in infUliblt rocket pod that fin !■ four poefcat



« • « me


L [


▼ .

Tlh Ji ABukIii. li t i prison plinai nod n very, very bkat bleaker ihia a particularly ovtrciit and rainy day la Tipton. In february- That bad. Oh f«i.


To move the character around, you rich on an area ot the screen, and to fxM up. use or drop things, you seteci the relevant icon betore ebetung on the object. and conversations are chosen from a list ot predetermined sentences To be a true Monkey /stand done, the game has lo try its hardest to be side-spliftingly tunny m an obscure sort ot way at every possible moment It s becoming a ined and tested formula, and it LucasArts had patented the graphs adventure, they'd probably be multi miA-billionaires now. instead ot iust plain, drab, ho-hum Mlionaires

One ot the most annoying aspects ot pomt-arxJ-click advemuies is that to work out what's important and what isn't, all you usually do is wave the pointer across the screen and see what gets highlighted 11 you point at a bookcase and nothing happens lor mstance, then you know it s iust background detail, bul il you po ri at a --    Dock and i says nook hen

. -    you know t sgol

” • n» something id do wi‘h the

in mane >• >.st .1 ■■■■ • • . 11

tf‘ i.    "it' !“v "'i-. • .    ■

a' -n ar c f ■ ■ sued it ...si    ■

point, but t means that you tend la look at the picture atstead ot uSt mecharvcaay sweepng the screen lor dues Another strange (unction is that the inventory wndow isn't spM nto boxes so every time you move an obect ovei to it. the icon slays in whatever haphazard way you drop it


Thrs offends my •    .

orderly natuie. but

I lend to ttvnk -M

it tits the    V

peisonality ol T

your game

alter-ego a certain

Jack T Ladd It    ~ nUfl

doesn't take an    ,    / vf

Emsten lo take a wdd    T

guess at what sort ot person Jack is and be absolutely nght.

seeing as he realty »    A

a a Jack-the-lad ’    _


f* 1    The

ffk f B ’m

- Vflv


click giaphic

Hb CA    adventure, so

. I     there S no getting

\ I away (torn that tried and tested ■ game leview cliche /Number 22r BB renew trma Ians - Ed) about it

I being a Monkey Island clone Ear anyone who spent the last decade I as the prisoner o< a crazy bonkers 1 obsessive, trapped inside a wheely *** bh until you agreed lo marry him I suppose I'd better go over the bases ol a ponl-and-click adventure Advanced readers may skip the next paragraph


Vou view the achon from a sort ol distant fly-on-the-wall view watching the characters wandering about and talking

Mr cabia 'kJ'

4 «t lUl■"l,*,


Slack < MW *■' Mdr«*k(

btaaiu adj. i. iipouk aed barraa. t. calk III ra: ). «rtfrlng Jkllo kdHi BIiomI: I Milk hrtafe Thai immi up lh« plian ikltf, thuki dictionary.



Now. it you're ihmlung ol buying this game, the last thing you want is to be told the entire plot, so I'11 stick to generalisations rather than story line speehcs For a start, the game's broken up into lots ot little sub-adventures Much o! the first W on the ptane! Tayte revotves around Jack's frantic eftorts to get a dnnk. which isn't as easy as you might think Separating him from a cool lager are all manner of obstacles, net least his complete lack ol money In his quest tor beer, he must talk to several er. lades ol tne night and frequent an. urn. house of K repute In fad. fhe entire Tayfe chapter is . a lad bawdy and boysy. and at many points along the way (most notably the 'You don't get many ol those lo the pound comment you f be frantically dialling tor the euphemism

pofcce    ,

JAM    Xfc

The    I JK

eps 1c - k. v" n a!jre 1    

•he game    Jr I

works    I /

There's three ways csl explaining how tha cunous

rame/protession coewdenoecanie -shoul although only one Ql ftem seems in any way firstly. the re's the pcss*-»'y F / that hrf fnrents ’/ were presefem •no eoutd pretfcci fur« evens Second:, fto i tv may have ctiosac the p!CJ*« bn with the youflmticV buy»--5 ,1 Chi tfo'.h.*; jacket afltl a Ford Cap• arwl eoeet to seme- s. r.o„s when -g •w*3    -'.IV iC«m is uft’«*h/ as

ftp first fory but there's .1 r.stc _,ii precedent for Bis It'i -tmm' Vrvjwn tc ■ a long Srvjftal a lee rage Vnd T k ip.i 1-

loreoT ,lv ' V • ql work by fir,

pthtr's 'hat V.'r»rn T Conqueror invaded England only .I’vr .1 T-saslrrus cereal as ■ pastry chit r* ay. and mote likely, ihrrai* • .W c.-.t f.,,.s-b- y that he was jwen p We obr* t., name 6y the

programmer* ac you'd be left in no doubt as to fte nature ot its character


1 he game starts ofl w th Jack being told maf urm . he pays tv, back taxes wiinai a monft. tht' the IRS are going to hack hen up f .n .1 'erai sense) TWs ft a fil of a denner for jack, lor although he - n wheeler-iKawir. r.esan    good

one. and hy pick taxes add up to the cc-rr:t>ned netonei debts ol most South Amc'ca' cocm 1 cs Faced wfh a mote 26 cays 10 cough iq with fquite leraiiyi a

mountain of cash, what would be the first thing you'd do

Right, you'd head straight down fte pub. wouldn't you (Onty if you were over 18. and then only for purely social reasons end m moderation - Poebcaly Correct Ed) Bemg set *i the future. Jack heads lor the nearest seedy bar planet, and it's here that Ns adventures begin Since he's been InskfKl fcy Bie IRS people, the only thing no v jut with him rs the fax demand but IhankfuRy them plenty ot things tying around and loads e< people who me,, or may not be hetpfj

Hello again. What

'•do you uani Uss time

Uhea uoJ nithg something belonging toT ini CanW Je a reward for the Vase IS How’s Ibout ayfr**bie

j ju3tfc~em«jin to *dmire the view...    s

s_*SavrCiou don’t get many of those to the poi

I n

My - favourite-

comas on ten asks and is absolutely maeane In two days ol non-slop playing. I completed only ten percent o11. and then used the handy cheat code (only available to us reviewer types) to look at the rest, and tram the vanous disjointed bits that i saw. I can exclusively reveal that it you da everything right, you not only pay oil your beck taxes, but also get the girl and save the galaxy Not a bad tally lor an interplanetary Essex boy


As you'd imagine, with ten disks, there's an awiul lot ol disk swapping and unfortunately, this is where it tails down Beneath a Sleet Sky managed to keep Ihe swapping down to changing a single disk over whenever you entered a new section ol the game, and

although you can go lor quite a while without being interrupted, when you do get some change disk prompts everything dissolves mlo a horrible Hurry ol inserting live or so disks in rapid succession Innocent Unit Caught is hard -disk installable however, and so those ol you with fixed mass storage media will be completely unaware Ol this problem Mam gripe number two is that Ihe mouse pointer's a bit fiddly Part ot this s to do with the pointer moving slowly, so there i a slight lag between you moving the mouse and the pointer reacting, and pan ol it's because ol the pixel-parted portioning needed 10 pick up certain objects


So to sum up. Innocent Unht Caught is a big, tunny adventure and gixte obviously written by and tot males who have some difficttfy working out Ihe difference between sexy and sexist There agam, when you're following the antics ol a leather lacketed, 100 percent Ladd. I suppose a bit ol excessive, red-blooded, stare-dowtvlhe-deavage leering is perfectly m order. Possibly • CAU WIHSTANLEY

ill! !!!


H II l


UPPERS It's huger than a helium tilled huge thing, and a lot more episodic than moat adventures, so you gat lots ol little triumphs throughout the game, and consequently H's mote lilmy. Locations across the galaxy and a nice line In humour.

DOWNERS A very slow mouse update and plxet-perlect clicking are the main ones, but there's all the usual problems associated with adventures - mammoth bouts ot disk swapping, similar to Uonkey littnd. blah. ate.


Although H's a funny and absorbing adventure game that'll lake you ages to finish, h really doesn't tread much new ground In either content, presentation or plot. And Ha go) some neft jokes. But what the hey, it a atlll a worthy way lo _ . _ ■oak up the unproductive midnight hours.

Vswm ear w ilw. eitri tea efadeeey. LbawtMu


It may just be me. but A1200 the number ol disks per swapping session seems lewer on the At 200. If I'm Imagining this, then H's exactly the same. Sorry.

Decausa it breaks 141 the How. and also a£ws massive shifts in location This rsght saem a bit odd. but if you think about it. films, books and other great forms ot mass entertainment do this ail the time You don't have to see Luke lly all the way to Oegcbati to get the message, do you

01 course you don't, ell you need to see ia tan getting m hi* X-Wmg and tnen ctaeng to Yoda. and you get the message In the same way. when we See JKktrvolved m a bar tight and then see naln prison, you can gel the message tut bad things have happened to turn in se intervening period Thi» s'ghtty more **ny method ol story let ng allows Jack to HI ‘mm planet lo sla;sh.p to planet to todng City without going to the ledum ct taw finding the correct change to buy a

ticket every



To* UmI uak, tha Ml bi Mil «MM ill tmi oi M upfin

Aa lairtua A

1( TlnliiMl, rp.cl.lli i«uy« d for

dsu tapfrcrt Ifi OaiHai fia caa 1am Uak ulaaai ialo loaj, Ifcia ■oiffirii la ikon order.

One day all flight sims will be built like this. And Amigas will run twice as fast.


MMi-17 ftoffdr jfflr.d attack almall Siac. At brtak up at lha liiirl Halaa tkay rr a.allabia la lackaoja a ad Man for arooad Ita fraod,

aa aaailloai askad.    ii j

Tba MM 11 Vo.hoaad that pot MATO Ialo a bH of a flap wk.a flnl nan.dad. Virf fail, bat aot

deliciously complex with loads ol buttons

MJfl If fulcra*, e decidedly

diiyciaai pljHi

11 1 fen end ■eMCHvriblc end more ihen e nefeb lor e tomedo in e dog fight.

Game: Tornado Publishers: Digital Integration Authors: In house Price: £34 99 Release: Out now

uip. look at the sue of that manual well over 300 pages And I'm are going to have to read it too. it's that sort ot game No fiddling about with the program unU it looks like it's working properly It tells you not to be overwhelmed by the huge manual at the first paragraph ol the ■Production thanks guys It you think that's bad. take a butchers at the control summary sheet 11 starts off smal. and then folds out a couple ol times to become big pnnied on both sides with well over a hundred keyboard commands Tornado bills iisell as a flight simulation of unequalled

authenticity and I have no reason la argue It s delioously complex with loads ot buttons lo press and litlte dials, kghts and multi-function displays lo look al Time lo settle

down with a plentiful supply ol sugar products and plod through the instructions before you can start crashing successfully. There is a quick start option so that you can start crashing straight away, but it's best to slowly Agest the instructions and learn how to do rt properly


You don't fjst take oft and tty toward the enemy, shooting as you go. Like the real RAF. missions are very carefully planned

Tk. .iiiJIi Milk a mind of rtx ui, Ik* Alarm Rrid la J.air.cl mod. loom* up ilf ki.fi .boui o. * parackuia tcaa.iaj Ik. ground toe a l.iubl. Urfct, a Happy Lalcr for aiampla.

Tki LSU-ll ipenJnj lour radar-yutdatf 21mm cau.ou rrkick art tuora daadfy tha. fuld.d rafulldi al doi* 'a if.

Tka kujt. Mi ll Hind halrcoplar juaihlp, lanar ■baa aa Apacha, bul aol .aarff a. UH) iMkinf.

Tha rafaaiaai ■AX ft] campler, wtlh SCUD mlitila. Nor aha.rt aa aaif urfti, ai lha Alliad lemi dlKO.arad durinj Ik. Cull mur.

' nl th» imrwi la ln«> aa von

Tht hero of ifee pi«c<1 the grouad ituch viniM of tfe« Torn Ad a Deiigood to fty foil Aid low, deep ialo eaeny territory aid deliver pli-peln accarait aturki oa anytliiag (hat iBBoyi yon, leery homo iboaid hove ooe.


probably already beer doing tor a while

The real Tornado has a two man crew and Tornado includes the rear navigator seat, where you control weapon selection and navigation You need lo llip between ihe pilot and navigator quite a bit Your weaponry consists ol: General Purpose bombs, retarded GP bombs. ALARM air-to-ground missiles. Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, laser guided bombs, duster bombs and the JP 233, a huge, nasty airfield attack weapon that spurts    —

concrete-penetrating    •

bombs and rrsnes    Jr .

(Atsc known. eupnemtsbcaty. as a ‘runway denial    _


The outside 30 world is chock lull ol roads, housing estates, petrol stations and garden sheds The hills even have a pretty textured eft eel Flying at 200 teet over the buStir sections is a treat At altitude it looks much like every other liight sim. big green ground and tag blue sky


Right got the picture7 A huge, awe-inspmng flight am with more features than a video shop and more buttons and dials than a Flash Gordon spaeesfxp When you gel airborne you hit the big snag, speed. The Irame rate vanes depending on

a ail level you've set

ihat is on screen, but never very quick, naking last nnanoeuvrng very tricky It's all loo easy to oveishooi and go spinning all over the shop The smart textured ground effect is the irst lo go On an 200 1s playable, but aling On an A500 or a hard tree

controtleig the kite Aiming the laser bombs is particularly difficult, it not



liars The route, weapons and targets ire all programmed into your crate belore taka off Along with a simulator and training metsions there are dozens of full combat missions to tiy as wen as campaigns All ihe missions on the Amga version are preprogrammed tor you. daspte a long section «i / the manual about / designing your own / was You gat lo lly 1 * about all over the I4'* « pace destroying a    '

wde variety ot    '

raidware n various \ kxeign fields    \    •

The lirst

mporta'-I job is lo give

jourselt a suitable name. 'v

ready lo earn the admiration ot

your commanders and colleagues by

lolling tots of the nasty foreigner types that

are bent on world domination, or

something or other They're up to no good

Cam) For 6c *- w- jp: i. i

need to learn a    1

ditterent delivery method The autopilot is excellent

enlire mission Ic you.

even lollowing the terrain at a set height Without it Ihe game would be a ditterent kettle of bananas Turn it on and concentrate on planning ahead. Imng weapons and doing your nails

1 L

! 1




1 *yi -11&. -)©5-

*    «W -IK* IK* T»J-« 101-

♦    IDS -1*101 • 11105 -




WLew cw. mvOTOAY mi*** fTfUKE AOVCA 5TATWM NMMT ATTACK  umrcMMi *«*m




l«f H M> fO»4 t««M« lien AI Ann of 4»s«tn«d I *1 *M COlHclUnfl

Au*n, iMdt of Owa, bwldm i lo blow up, rump io uaiif, Unfit io dtrul nd tutrifl Io thool down 0* T

impossible The

box has " Accelerator card recommended-on *. they're not kidding

The Tornado wash! buA lor dose-up dog-hghhng which is a prty because it s one ol the tun pads cl any Highi son It's fcppm' ditticull as well, jets don't have the wind-c-the-haif (eel at prop planes It’s all instruments, radar and missile lock Mostly all you see ot the other planes is * frame or two as they Itash past


Once you learn lo navgale around the keyboard (unctions and learn to survive a mission or two the game starts to come la hie    .

There is an undeniable Ihnll about swooshing over a largei very last, very low and dropping something highly explosive on lop ol it Ahem, nch pickings lor psychotogcal analysis Ihete The game's a nmx ol planning and strategy, coupled with a lew Iranlc minutes aver the larger There's lots ol

B button pushing la be done. mO and it you use the autopilot. W not much actual Hying ' There s a natty two player mode lor machines linked by senai leads  (See page 72* - Ed) You can annoy Inends by shooting them down beyond vsual range with Sky Flash missiles be lore they ve even looked up how lo turn on the radar and ECM


There is no easy way to land, even with the Instrument Landing System, it's a pam You can screw up a perl eel mtssron nght at the end A lithe cheat woutdn'i go anrvss Some hotkeys lor the weapons would go down a storm loo Trying lo do a quick ALARM missile launch while on a bomb rg run isn't easy with all the keys io navgate your way around

Some people are going to Ihp aver Tornado There are loads ol high lech controls lo handle and alter a while the pari starts lo gel to you You know, a superbly named, hideously brave and drop-dead handsome prior chap (lying a state-of-the-art flying machine dedicated lo eompteimg a dangerous mission Ahem more material lor analysis me thinks The only real fly mi die ointment is the speed of

UPPERS An admirable

wealth ol lechnlcal detail and depth ol gameplay. Fly Ihl*

things, it's ust loo slow on a A500, unless you can pul up with the jerky update

Tornado is an ambitious program ll sets out lo be complete simulation ot ihe Tornado GR4 and F3, as tar as possible ll contains all the features you would expect and more Despite the initial intimidation the manual and the number ol different commands cause, it's deodedty playable II only it wasn't so slow • CHRIS LLOYD

auccaaatully and you can hall believe you could tiy the real thing Excellent navigation and autopilot ayttema maka getting to the target eaay. Tornado'a a night aim alldonado'a dream.


complex for Ita own good at timea. you can gel bogged down with the control ayatema and miaa out on the flying buaineaa The fixed mlaalona lead to a lack ol flexibility and mora weapona wouldn't go amiia. The blggeat downer la Ihe alow and jerky update, unfortunately making the aircraft a

pig to control at time*


Amongal Ihe crowd ot (light alma Tornado atanda out aa being one ot the moat technically Impreeelva and accural* with ball* and whiatla* galore The 3D world I* daiailed and look* auparb.

Nol eaay at the atari but take* you further.


Exactly the aame game At 200 bul no* thankfully taster and hence more playable. II really need* an A1200 from tha oft.

MARCH 1 0 0 4


!I 1    • ."irV

iiwifi iwitnn

ow im. imim •» tiin;nniM i m».i mn

t:uiEu in npinHHMCL

Game: Maelstrom Publisher: Empire Authors: Andy Hook,

Glenn Wilson Price: £34 99 Release: Out now

The plot al Maelstrom reads like a tried otd synthesis ol Dune. Slar Wars and Lord o< the Rings You know the kind ot thing: there were fnghttul galaxy-wide wars tn the past, people speak about them m hushed tones they were so tembie. yawn the planet you've become Overlord ol is basically just a huge slab ol the most important mneralrockel luei (spice anyone’’) m the galaxy, mu: a b*g bad kick-ass-out-of-the-small-guys evil empire is swallowing up the tree planets and putting them under its ghastly thrall, snoresvile Andorra

You were ongmalty an agent tor the Empire, on a reconnaissance mission to (md out the best method at conquering the planet Suddenly, in an Amie Schwarzenegger Running Man change ot heart, you switch your loyalties and decide to help out the inhabitants ot Harmony (the tuel laden planet that sounds like a hairspray) Naturally enough, as planets under imminent threat ol takeover tend to do. they appoint you. the turncoat enemy, as Overtord ol the whole place And that's where the game begins


You sri at an Execution 1200 futy automated holo-desk It is your interlace with the cabinet ol live, who run the most important facets oI Harmonious tile, namely: military, mining, research and development secret intelligence networks and all the rest

At first the control panels and method ol interlacing with

them (ckcky point dick

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away an extremely large


appoint you as overlord ol the whole place"

cfcck) seems l*e walking through a heavy log while weanng badly misled-up glasses Eventually though, through the blindness ol contusion, tunnel vision, endless messages and a million different buttons to press, the gestalt (alls into place (the completeness or wholeness ol the game lakes tom)

Many ol your decisions depend on the qualriy ot the communications you receive It is worthwhile taking note ot what is happening and relating it to the bigger picture Basically, you're a budget juggler, personnel hirer and firer. secret agenl and military commander all in one

You i income can come Irom many sources the pnmary area, naturally enough is mining (basic spaceship luel component)

From the mining panel you can survey areas set up mines, and pied id. or even work out. what your future budgets are going to be and plan accordingly

As in real life, the quality ot the work being done depends on the number ot stall you have and the ab*fy ot your managers Which is why the hiring and (•ring (personnel) panel is so important It's worth checking out who's available at any one time, the perfect replacement lor someone tacking in effectiveness may pop up at just the nght moment Because ot the large number ot personnel you have to deal with it can get to be a j pam ensunng that you ve got the most efficient teams tor the job and constantly monrionng them

You can get away with inefficient teams but you won't earn as high a profit in return as is possAAe It can mean the difference between having enough ol a space Heel to repel the invaders or becoming yet another notch in the big bad empire's belt And that brings us on to the military


The military section is probably the most interesting ol the lot From here, you get to build spaceships Ships consist ot a hul. weapons systems, defence syslems and computer systems Each hull has limned skris tor each type ol system: a Fox stealth ship only has space tor one weapon three defence and one computer system, whereas a Dragon mother ship holds up to live weapon, five defence and Ihiee computer systems




computer game was created by madmen

You have comptele freedom lo choose the systems you want lo equip the hull with It has lo be admitted that system chocs simulates the imagination Again, making sure that you've got the proper personnel e mportant There's no poet m handing over a state ol the an batileshp to rookies liesh out of college

Your ships can be sent out on vinous missions of peace, lecconaisence and out and out skullduggery And talking ot skullduggery bnngs us neatly on to the Sacral Intelligence Network panel The head of this section looks like Yul Biynner with biker shades on He don't take no crap and he's willing lo kick butt whether i be on ha home planet or on otter Systems Of all your budgets, Ihis area s the one that is mosl likely lo pay (Mends You can destabilise other planetary governments and safeguard you Own


There's no easy link (torn the last panel to tie Research and Development panel other than that it is no less important _    than any ol the other

panels Breakthroughs in weapons, mining

defence and computer    _

technology can be made here At,* v\, I if a-- t . IjsIBIlfi revenue or give your    SfffiHp

spscr *    " edg    <♦     i

choose to arm them wtih your Hp new discovenes    Ka

So there it ts I've hardly P’ scratched the index at possibilities that exist with this game I'm aware that much oI the review has been a    H

descnplion rather then a crilicism but due lo ihe size cl BH

of a belter way to do 1. it comes on six disks and is hard dnva installable It would be a real pain lo play on a (loppy based Amiga Evan with the herd drive some ol the wail limes are plain irritating

Maelstrom has lots ol budgets lo be balanced, wages to be paid, credits I and deficits lo be audited, strategies against competitors to be thought out J and implemented etc Not everybody s  idea of tun admittedly, but if you're a chartered or registered accountant an

PPG player, someone who laves football management games or IpH jus! someone who misses Ihe d yuppie days of ihe eighties, buy  H this now. II you're a normal H human being with a daylime I occupation and a Me and have gol a Et*; spare eight hours to kill every day ol . *■"’ your life then give il a try . you might wM like il Then again you might not , • STEVE UcGILL    j

hn el j iwjll rab-plar. Wt pal ikli plclaie kart kruasa II laaki food.

Need MMikltf deeelwped, lee Wie ui Okay

c SYervmiTd

UPPEHSln depth and Intriguing once you've apwnl the Initial eight hours It takes lo gel Into the game. Always tots to do. Game plays on without you which esn be useful. It only lo test different strategies.

DOWNERS Very slow I & A to plsy from lloppy. Control system could have been Implemented In an easier fashion. Takes a long time to familiarise yourself with everything that It Important In the game. Undo feature has been missed out: wait until your research project Is 97% finished and then you accidentally hit cancel'.


Very in depth. Lota of flesh to gel your tpeth Info. 11 uat doesn't quite have the hook thal the average games ptsyer will be looking for.


The At 200 packs that A12Q0 extra punch that

makes the game look slick and keeps H fast enough to engage your Interest fully.

lab SltiM

Orapoat 1 iraapail, Bail ImWi, lap ml tba baa -ad*I Am* Ntpb.

Iwarwi ffftaa iMp* tat IP* pftaa at aaa. NarraA.

M iVurV




’:7Zn +> .

J ■’ ~Tgk.



L-A 1





RCH 1904

“The crowd grows silent as young golfing sensation Cameron Winstanley steps up to the tee. As usual he’s looking very stylish in his camouflage gear. Hold on, what’s that he’s pulling from his jacket It’s a gun!!

Game: The Ryder Cup


Publisher: Ocean Authors: Dave Harrison James Shaw Tony Meredith Price: £34 99 Release: Out Now

Than mere's my burning bailed ol goUer*. fm not s particularly mee man. but i resent* a special dark ptadr m my adedian biac- heart tor peep c who insist on ruining the jnlryskfe wWh heir iffy sprawling got c mpia.es and hen eieci Povale Property' signs so you cam even walk across them I live lor ihe day lhai I can drhre across St Andrews in Bigtool Ihe Monster Truck on the last day ot the Open, ■ertammg profanities al those assembled


It's odd then that I'm a bt o< a Ian o< goll games, because whereas god (Ihe dumb pastmne is a bit cheesy and nan. rTTl goll games are oddly compulsive I Ijl pul it down lo (he lad that since ihe action s split nicely mlo bnel momenls ol activity and little or no " 9 sound, you can watch TV and play I it al ihe same time But I digress 71 ‘j Most goll games take lotever .11 lo diaw the course, but m this, it II appears instantly, and    L-:

Hold on a minute, goll games aren’t supposed to look this good, it s all too lush and gorge To use a handy reletence poent. it s very much Ishar2 -The Goll Game, with minutely detailed courses lading oil into a hazy hon2on Deseri courses look hot caty courses took cool and verdant and al any moment, it seems likely that gobtns wrl stumble out ol the trees ( Rough' - Ed) Unsurprisingly lor a game based around sensible trousers, they don't


I don l like real goll lor many reasons, not least because I’ve only played it a couple ol times Although I had a fun lime, t decided that next time I feel like going tor a walk and playing a game. I ll take a tnsbee and tramp around Cheddar Gorge - the scenery s prettier

Til pOTMf iMf *•4 IJfit com bo* my lava Rctlod.

Fewer mm4 tike lbav up ■kelt tfcb optioo.

PElllaf i aa ovar-iiMpIc RMtct el c a lading paver

■cal jellaff (rfaea chair camp< Milt] iiahc diaatin deba ammmd Ilka iorm ted ol rallflaRa daal, bel vooli bfc farther tbae irea*. Ii tbaa hard


«T I ksu aott'nr

even when you look around, it scrolls in •ff«r dreclion This is most unpressrve, especially since the graphics aren't compromised al all by this rapid update Another great idea is the control method, or rather methods, because Feres threeolthem Theresthe standard gol game method ol winding the power up. and then getting the shot to go straight by ticking on a lete which is a great system lor when you want to deliberately curve the ball, but I prefer the second system, which uses a power bar and a is* moving sight aimed at a goll bait The trrd method's like most dart games use. e*i the sight wobbling randomly across re goH ball, but I'm not a tan ot that at all


The automatic caddy otters up the bat (CM)' - Ed) it thinks suits your position best, but once you've played a tew games, you lend lo leam what'll be best It's ia*>riunale that once you've mastered the controls, there isn't a harder protessxjnai mode to work on. because it quickly gets easy to easy to knock the ball mlo Ihe little We thing ('Cup' - Ed) with a lew lives naming (Under per.' Ycu yusf can I get tie sled these days - Ed)

Once you've taken ihe shot and ihe Dai sals off, you can choose to watch it fcom the goiter's view, or Itom a slightly more enoting reverse angle This positions you somewhere between the hole and the goiter, and you gel to see the bail whistling past you, but cunously in this view, you Ain't get to see the goiter m the distance.

which is a bit    f

confusing Equally

odd«lhai even    fertHLl

ihough you're Ihe    --or

only human wrthei J(%    - -

20 miles ol ihe ball

each sinks ol ihe ■    ~~~

ball is accompanied hy claps and

cheers Scary    f*


There's an option lo

over-liy ihe course, which is supposed to give you a clearer impression ol the holes but since this (light path's m a senes ol stills it's all hornbty contusing and next to useless

The game's centred around the Ryder Cup. which is a yearly affair between America and Europe The names ol ihe players are lamihar. but you can stick m your own names amongst the Seves and Woosies Up to lour players can compete as pan o< either team and there's plenty ol venation over the lour days As well as Ihe singles matches, there are foursome

100 aasV 35 ,he lie °*'he green only affects the

■C'cQH speed but not the

direction at the ban sc - ——- _t ihere's no need lo aim the ball siighily up a H slop* lo cud It round

Maybe it's because the game s concerned about gelling ihe leal ol the Ryder Cup loumamant nghl. wtieieas I'm into piaymg flashy (and

■■■fl Obviously arcade inspired) computer god. but alter a few days I ve slopped ; laefl    admmng ihe scenery, and

started wishing ihai it was a kit more exciting And my hatred for goiters is bums unstated • CAU WINSTANLEY

games where two players

work as a team with an

opt on lo take alternate

shots on ihe same ball.

which could lead lo all    HplIMlj

sons ol tailings out it

you take it loo seriously

hungry mm

All the team game oplions and nice graphics m the world can't hide Ryder Cup's (laws thoegh Four courses simply aren't enough, and they re not particularly challenging For most ol the holes, it's steeply a mailer ot whacking it as hard as you can . and t was disappointed to see a dsimct lack ol tree-lined doglegs ihai require careful mid range shots Another great goll game tnck is to pul the hole on an island, testing your power control, bui again ihere's very little ol Ihrs sort ol thing

The way me ball bounces is olten baffling, with it either slopping dead or whooshing onwards, but maybe balls do that m real life. I don't know The pulling's

mX ih<n wMu ioa«di to*. TIM rtfoct'i laoXo*

k *M okMMO ®r a WHOM yolfor In pit Hvm


Up to tour players, a good

variety of team and slngta player Options and Ihe 'thrill' ol participating In I ha Ryder Cup. It updatei quickly and look* fantaitlc. and three different control options let you choose how you play It.

® DOWNERS Four unchallenging courses make lor a limited game life, the flyover view's useless, and I'm not entirely won over by Ihe game mechanics (the ball movement looks especially awful). It's all a bit too linear In (act - too 'hit and hope'


It's a game that looks better than It plays, and that teems to be aimed al the got! enthusiast rathar than (ports tlm Ians. H you're after a tingle goll game. I d tend to go lor Nick FaJdo, but due to the leam game, this would make an Ideal addition to any golf tan s library. Frankly though the price    ;

Is uat ■ little loo high for I / ” this kind of thing.     ■


1 ■ 1 • 1



Ralaasa: Out now




b oexs a"d exira ves score Borises and locks and stones

Riflhi. I've igached heie and haven't actualy loid you what I think ol I he game I like if It's one ol ihose game* lhal bails you. hooks you and Dulls you in Al lirsl you play ii wiih a detached indilleieno*. think rg well il IS pretty novel I The neil llvng you know, you ie sweating p ms trying la work oul me best appiaach Fo> example an level 30 it s a mallei al ' eipeiimenk'ig and finding out where me kilting wails are going la appear when Ihe skull icons explode Then you

_ nave lo plot an

■ appropnaie route home l'sfi So mere you go IH Uega Motion will be a

C l !u,r oM lD 8hocl «m UD

HI and piallorm Ians H W    b9    should    hook anyona

    P1    else li    s flillerenl.

”    ~ 1    original ana a fill

r    II strange i'll i’so heip

v    P9 cMve'op your sense ol

'HI    a dele    imagery l tell

   asleep    with a menial

RE    pciure    ol another

meihod to um lo

"T'T'—fl compete eve< 301 Luckily mere is a

password system lo lei you telurr to particularly drffcuti levels

Theie'l usi 1 me lor me lo give a quck meriion lo ihe sound H's nee The m ng' sounds Nke a Ihird octave □ sharp Being played on a piano keyboard when you move it. All m all. Ihe sound adds lo" the tin whams Ihe music soundtracks drive you lo distraction Got 4 Good I'm not going to say rush out lo the shops and buy Mega Mown now li's an acquired taste But me lor one, fm going to have lots ol fun irtil I finally complete the whole game and lhani take a while ft's a challenge, that s lor sure • Steve McGill


"Develop your sense of eidetic

i imagery" ,

keaai kill lit lawk rijtl.

ike loo much    M

ol a prob'em    Ij    O

to l» does it* I-B    0

was,     I

jdded lo all    HE_

M 'teach ihe tut tnckecy is

ha atolron ol Ihe thing' itself 11 constantly rattles around a fixed axfs The fixed axis bang one ol ihe spheres that eonsiituie me Vung' Follow me so lad’ I do hope so


LMg ihe mouse, you can change which Share constitutes the ftsed axis. Ergo, you can move your Thing' in any drection By constantly fixing the tree rotating sphere. If you don't follow me so tar. let s try again (Yes piasse - Ed) We ll stan ■Hi the simplest Ih ng'; one made up of mo spheres One d the two spheres is always fixed and the other sphere roMas n a 360 degree around the fixed sphere

i-.-rdy v,tv--: b    1    ' ' ■*“ '*■ 'M    l-y-1

beshabie canticles. Tort:<e,f':i wa.i lor    \,'\    in    >»»■ wmu«e    [

Om tree sphere lo rotate round lo the    W't         M p wy myn    f

SfttdSon required and fbr if with your ten    LA    M     )>nc    L .1

mouse buTt" Repeal Eteso actions and    If     I

you li move, no problem. Gel the hang of    j     I J

this, and you're welon the way la

ccmphae control (I'm weB on (he way lo a [l*TT**r~T**Tl !

mm headache - Ed).

y—, -uaiMC    ’ - Humber ol tmes Others are bombs wteeh

TV CHAINS    set up chakt reactors by Mowing up _

J]ll Gel to grps xrih the motion on the neighboured blocks (hence our chain .■ easy levels Then concenlrale on reacted sal- em-up categorisation)

Jjj the obstacles Checkout ihe boxout    TnHiaare skulls which create solid

lor some more Info on these    damond-type wafc If you hit these Mills

9    I    obstacles Some are just piaxi    Ihe eolickng sphere dree Obviously if your

y-         blocks that have to be bashed with Thng only cms<A of two spheres you

X    J    your tree sphere a sel    lose a life More spheres than that means

,    .    .     t~ you may sfl We.

_    1    Scmelmee there are plain walla Piat

C    •    caa t be bashed out Hope a al hantl wiih

I Hie swiichar blocks. These reveal sacral C ,    .-    A*     *1 doors and remove some unnecessary

E3L    1    walls. Sc mail mas though. * cni always

n>4 kt« * •*    re I good, they can also reveal Ihe nasty type

.aert* t pJI 1 of secret waits Other little good as include -■ii-1    4 1 I '    *    keys and Ihe kxka lhal they open mover

Tlw ikxli raadlwa la wall •• lax aay. Vwa km la I allow kaa.

® UPPERS Its pleasant

that Black Legend are producing original game*. Level of challenge ie nicely balanced. Even If you reach a level that you find Impoaeible, the hook's itrong enough to keep you trying.

® DOWNERS Thera • only one way to do come of tha puzzle*, which meant lhal you won t be coming beck for more at soon as you've done ana once.


Mega Motion present* an unpalronlilng challenge SP 2 lo anyone willing to accept It    f U ■


No difference. It s not a • •'"2 gam* that relie* on flash graphics or speed. So who cares


Pay attention! Stuart

Game: Dangerous Streets Publisher: Flair Authors: Micromania Price: £25 99 Release Out now

W « you da something lor me.

chums7 II you gel this game in your CD32 bundle, or il you somehow come by a copy *1 some other way (God lortud lhai you should actually go out and deliberately buy it), will you do me a favour7 Will you IMMEDIATELY lake Ihe CD out ol its case, make live or six big scratches across the surface with a nail or a Stanley knrle. then take a hammer and smash it into lots ol little pieces (it'll break easier i! you've scratched it. you see), then Hush them down the toilet Or preferably I burn them to little twisted melted lumps. j then Hush them down the total Whatever 1 you do. DONT be tempted to play it lust    m

Not even once Because i! you do. l it ten    fj

you what'll happen




First, you'll laugh so hard that your bran will be starved ol oxygen and you il lapse nto a coma, bul that's ainghl because medical leehnology is very advanced Ihese days and may'll probably be able to revive you without too much trouble After that, though, you II stick the game m the bottom ol your game drawer


NOW') and lorget about it Then, one mght weeks or months into the future, you'll be out with some ol your mates, maybe down the pub or at a pady or something You II get < a bit drunk You It bnnga    

couple    A

The olhtr poiai is for Ihis q«iie pretty beckdrop. ¥filh * deer in it

IhiI i rorirI jyo, 1h«u were two p«Hedly boieiI peopJe

the badly-tuned craddy radio which appears to be broadcasting the sound ol someone with really bad laryngitis hacking up a throattul ol watery phlegm into a broken microphone Irom underneath some thick blankets Thai's the game sound, that«. (And simply try to ignore the due 1970s Euro-pop background music ) Fur your attention firmly on the screen, and continue to hit the yellow button Although there's no visible or audible difference between successful and unsuccessful hits, eventually your opponent will buckle and tall to the floor, seemingly arbitranly You have won ■ round Repeal the process once more and you II have won a bout Repeat the process again, but this time against a (ktfeienl character (there are eight, and you have to fight them all. including a bout against yoursetl. as is traditional Although it's not quite as traditional lor your done to be dressed m exactly the same colours as you and hence completely indistinguishable, but hey. let's not be nil-picky). Try to retain your suspension of disbelief as one of your compufer opponents Suddenly changes into a solid rectangular block of steel as a defence, or inflicts their Hair Gal Attack on you Take a moment out to wipe the

tears Of miflh/dsbeliet/embarrassmenl

Irom your eyes, m case you impair your vision n taler years Decide that now would be a good time to stop playing before you do yourself an injury ol some sort, or have an accident in your trousers. Go round to Flair’s office Laugh hysiencaly until they call the police • STUART CAMPBELL

M mwm inf Mil rw (MW fot a r««*r tv« MUi'MlWnt 0»tk ‘

pnnted n the manual, which is to say they give you not even the most elementary idea whatsoever ol how to actualy play the game Which bution punches7 Whvch button lucks7 Why does the blue button have the same effect as pressing down' on the pad. but only half ol the limeThese, and any other questions you might have about the control ol the game, remam unanswered Then you start playing the game and you realise why You don't need them


Pck a charader. any eharader Walk up to the computer opponent and press the punch button (hit them all. and youit discover that the ye*ow one is the one which adually appears to launch any kind of useful attacking move). You-* score a he. probably It's important that you try not to be detracted at this point by the spectacularly dismal animation or the eye-waienogly poor backgrounds, as they'll only make you lose concentration and

ot yc Chums barn lo

your house lor a cup ol

cottee or a tasi couple oI

lagers or whaievei Suddenly, m

your alcohol'addled state, youl have a

great idea "Hey. I've got this really tunny

game." you 11 skir, “Get a load of this1'

You'll load up Dangerous Streets You l! start to pay rt. as you all pggle m that pathetic hysterical way After a minute or two el dawn on you that no-one else is laughing any more Your friends, suddenly sober, will be gaping at your new siaie-oi-the-art games machine with barely-concealed disgust All at once they'll remember that they have to be up earty for work/cotlege'sdiool'washing their hau in the morning, make their excuses and tiumedty leave They wii never speak to you again They will tel everybody they know You will be shunned by society, lose your 0b. and probably your home You will become a sad. lonely alcohpc Finally, wasted and withered, lost and unloved, you will rhe ri a cold gutter, cl shame Don't let it happen to you Just Say No I know what you re thnkmg You

ihir* m exaggerating.

don't you7 l‘m not This game and I'm nol joiung

coukt single-handedly destroy the credibility ol the CD32. beyond repair It's me lead game in the bundle that most people will get then machme m (it's actually called the Dangerous Streets Pack . for God's sake), and hence probably the first one they ! play If they then tackle Oscar and the actualy-quite-good- ish -but- none-loo-fnendiy Diggers. they'll probably take the machine straight back lo the shop there and then and demand an SF2-paek SNES and two hundred quid back You're not going to believe how dreadful this is. but I'm going to try to explain it to you


The first thing that happens when you A load up Dangerous Streets is that it gives you some instructions to read through The first ol these    fcS

instructions tel you how to load (LAJ the game Jesus The lest ol the instructions repnseihe ■ es


graphic* (they might look alright here, but welt till you aae them move), woeful aound, staggeringly bad animation, Incomprehanilbla control, and II tells you the loading Initaictlona alter you've loaded rt up. I billed my flrat lour opponent* on lha middle difficulty lavel simply by hammering the yellow button repeatedly, without even looking at the screen Oh, and you really ought to gel a load of tha artwork In th* manual aa well.


Tha wont gam* you're ever likely to ae* on (he CD32. If you've never played international Rugby Challenge probably tba wortl gama you re *v*r likely to ee* In your life. Don I let anyone who owna any other kind ol garnet machine see ft we'll never live H down Oellnrtely worse than Dootua (4%. AP33), to...


These are the eight characters In the game. When you play In Tournament mode, your next opponent It saleclad by a random spotlight flashing scroti lha screen. If H ends on someone you've already fought, the game tlmply picks someone else and tells you (In a truly unpleasant, badly sampled accent, by the way) you're going to fight them anyway. Rather than, say, making tha spotlight actually flash onto th* new character, or anything


A f 200 owner* with more Cl 0 notes than brain coils can wane them both on a floppy version which la much iim aam*. ASOC7 Look, you don't warn lo know...

that How crap le th*


















Will, Mta iftal ill

Can we resist saying something stupid -    - ,

like ‘ahoy mateys’ No, thought not.


lUKINfl: IhX »ft!« f tkb ml <m 1«i lkf.« attaclil., mmi mX a tlack, •■a casual iti.am la ca acUrcX Kui iaa aalt tape at aacccn la la kaaan aaay al Ac attack katli.a aai Jlffla jajp.d la r.aCa» llittkaia a ad hap. tot to km Yea caa laaran IMI cheat*. k uitflla, laaidllf kll.j ability fraai a Km al tpadal ckaractlra«i al to cun al

toe MtaraiM If ■ e»«m

Game: Pirates! Gold Publisher: MicroProse Authors: in house Price: £29.99 Release: Oul now

o. it s fife lime again is ip It seems that a couple ol limes every year, someone somewhere releases a game thais David Brabens original BBC Micro classic in every single way eicept me setting and ms year s no different Pirates’ Golds a game that s actually been around loi years m ore lorm or another (ihe original, distinclty simi ar. Pirates came out on budget from Kuu no) long ago), but the lormula is older than lime ilsell practically You travel aUmd between a targr number ol loOtans (Ihis time ports in ihe Atlantic) you trade various items between towns, you can pirate other irtlars’ ships and steal then goods, you ca>j*r*omi ail sons ol rtuttjons (cany messages, ibscuii hwlage*. so on and 90torW) and year ultimate aim is lo move up a ranking

Crtix 74 w«« Cdi" n I

Jtc£ 55 slAtjl

C*tl* U flfAWd c i**i

JU dd* J tPM

<1S £Z> Jail '* td CtfMtflUf


rtf tarty, w IA« cm ft] UnMy4a<iaiiliC

f «•■ iln, i« y*« kan la atari ncnWaj aM flaaMa] all am af iw. Yh to in la lacraau > iaa H*1*aal larliM, tfeacafi, aai pi fat  At cSaact ta bmi if a IMcalli kttl, U 1 a*tw kaA Aa rlalu ta< At n war fa --

It) aai tall fait ban. Itaait, Ata b, II Y*a dttalaa laa hat a ilpalallai, Aa aatahaal aai rthu la trait wAA M Aai M yaw caal bar laai la http fair am fed, faall na lala ttaaWa laaatr ar Ul«r._


system by earning cash and do ng (tiling deeds EMe m Dlhei weeds Otherwise you can probably pcetty much guess whal s going on m this one lot yourseli You siad ofl with a ship and a lew gold peces. and you have lo leeiuil a crew and decide on youi siiaiegy You can be a lespeclabie businessman oi a lulhless pnaie w you can combine I he two by buying Letters 01 Marque Iram v~c ok re lout nafconpr Done is repiesenied in 'he game lEngiand Fiance, Holland and Soain). which basically allow you lo do pnlly much a-yfnng you like anlhoul any come back Like EMo. being a elate bungs problems qUs oMl (many tiadeis will rltbse fotiade with you. and

may be tued on when you ity lo aniai eotftl but essent aiiy you won't <je* ere last by playing the goc-a guy.


Or* a ay oi another ycx, v iq :■ ■ jve io gei blood on your hands, and ibis is one

usually lead directly to th' one-onone swoidtighi anyway, though so you'll see plenty ol mat whatever happens Unfortunately Check out the box opposite lot me M * > low-down on all the    I

styles ol contiid but    V

lake it from me, they let things down somewhat I

Ol ihf game s mam drawbacks - for a game where lighting is so mportant (perhaps toe important - you can sometimes w n a battle where you're

outnumbered 20 lo t smoly by overcoming the enemy leader m a swordtighl), the lighting sequences are the weakest tuts ok ak There are three base types, a one-on-one came with an opposing captaiiYguarawhatover. a naval tussle between war ships (obviously), and a strategy oh bit where you attack a town by land, using your entire crew The latter two


The other thing that knocks a big hole *i thus actuaily-rather-mee oftenng is the sailing



H >t uum mkttm't tkml kkadu' Dracara d t«V

tespeeled caplan or attack anything that moves and earn a fearsome reputation but have to always be watching your back tor pirate-hunters after the fat bounty on your head'’) is what makes Pirates’ Gok) so engrossing


There's more to Pirates' Gold than this -you have to charm the daughters of island governors in search ot a wile (to improve your sooai standing), rescue kidnapped members of your family by retrieving ligsaw pieces ol maps from vanquished foes, keep your crew happy by regularly dividing up your spoils search for buned

realism Vour crew always travels at the speed of the slowest ship (you build up a fleet throughout the game by capturing other vassals - you can t just buy them, which is another reason you don't get anywhere without lighting), and because they're sailing ships, you re at the mercy of ihe wind Try to sail a fleet of warsh-ps across the width ot the game map (as you must sometimes do with the wind against you and you’ll be stuck looking at a tiny sprite against a background ol plain blue lor anything up to 10 minutes al a lime There s no speed-up time facility  we~. you can liddle with your sails but to pretty minimal effect), you can 1 just set your course and go tor a cup ol lea. you actually have to sit there doing it and it's unbelievably, astoundingly. knuckie-chewmgiy, boring. Ths fir elty, was ihe ihing that mad* t.u :ho game up    s*s pretty ttnougcl;

gnpped weekend, vv t so.'naf-rr.g hjd been cfone about if we u hevs t* footing >1 at leas! ttT; on ihe fmpi score


ii you can’t be bothered going to n* »>■ trouble d building an Impressive career lor yourself, though theia'a an alternative

The game comes with half-a-dozen historical preset scenarios a bit like the ones you gel in Sim City Here you can put you real! in the boots of one of a number of real-life pirates and see if you can make a bener job of their various situations than they did themselves which is both an

interesting Aversion and a good idea il you usl want to play a relatively shad and snappy game with an obvious finishing point, rather than the open ended empue-buiiding ol the mam format Even that, though, can be played m one ol six different time periods, each ot which hold their own different opportunities and dangers    mm


Thas« ,41Mb, along w.m ihe JBtrenf ways in which you can annrnach the ga™ (do you go lor c iTV party of fast ships, picking oft ucy tat large! =-yJ pilfcrjftg evofy pert ps-j enter. c» ».t. -ii a mass-.-s and sswentui amvita of slow-moving but heavily-armed wc- galleons and simply steamroller all opposition, aiilmg the seas wrth holds rammed wilt gold, but nslung rksconient and mutiny amongst your crew Do you serve your chosen government faiihtully and became a

® UPPERS Engrossing atmosphere, and though you're doing much the same things all Ihe time. It never actually feels repetitive. The historical campaigns are ■ nice option, too, and you can save your game to Ihe CD32's buiH-ln memory. Nifty sound and intro sequence, obviously.

® DOWNERS Sailing •cross half ot the Atlantic against the wind lor 10 minutes to get to a different location Is more tedious than you could possibly Imagina. The fighting sections are, er, basic.


A couple of glaring and unnecessary flews stop this from being quite a* much tun as H ought to have been, but mostly because ol Ihe excellent atmosphere It's still a generally pleasant way to while away a lew C032-tng II; days. Pirates! Platinum I It “ should be a corker.    » I “

treasure, all ihe usual piraiey kinds of things - but essentially it's a pretty simple framework inside which you ii never Imd youiseit short ol something to do it s ha id lo put down once you re into it. but a tew ol those long journeys, or see ng an haul's hard work go dawn the dram because you torgoi to save and thee arbitrarily lost a swonthghi wii soon have you swearing neve' lo load if aga n Shame • STUART CAMPBELL


Rich Pelley is a bit like a toaster. Each month we hand him over the Complete Control mailbag (the bread), and a few days later he magically pops up with the answers.


Mind Cmt lo In looi-aoi vpMadaar


Phew - that Hired Gum stuff we printed lait issue really wit of Ihe highest calibre You realty would think whoavar aanl them In daMrvai a big prize. And Indaad auch a prize will ba alkited - If. ami. whoavar provided lha tipi could just lal me know who ha or aha waa.

8ADDY TIPPERY The majority ol baddiea are pretty lethal. Seemingly cule little lizards, beavera and foiea may nol Inflict much damage, bul aim polaon humane. The drulda (In gray) and priestess (In red and green) will lire al you. Only the email puppy (action gamaa only) la truly aala. and hence ahould be blown away with the biggest gun you can lay your handa on. All monatera can, and will, negotiate stairs (to bear this In mind when scarpering), bul many won't follow you through doors (but ba warned - they can If they want to).

PROJECTILE WEAPONS Best used lor backup more than anything. The best ones lo have are the Assault rifle, Auto gun. Mini gun. Super covert, Granada launcher,

Imperial Aulo and lha Mounted Machine gun. Anything else Isn't really worth the bother. Don't overload on ammo, one dip par gun la enough lo gat you out of a tight spot. You should ba using a laser by now anyway.

ENERGY WEAPONS Ol course the snag hers la that (along with the Aasaull rifle and Rocket launcher) once wet they are rendered useless. Not to fret though - the way to get around lavala which need to ba eiecuted underwater Is to usa a Watertight or Pari Waves spall.

For power without mass, you can'l gal batter than a Particle Beam rifle or a Neutron Flux cannon. The Disrupter cannon Is located In the second temple; collect It If you will, but remember that it Is only effective in s large area and ahould not be llred In close proximity to other party members. Take all laser packs that you come ecroaa - you will be using a lot. Flamers sra affected by water, but a Good Thing is that you can fire them through a force field and kill monsters on the other side. Sentry guns are a nice extra, bul have no special uses and so ahould be sacrificed in s having-loo-mueh-to-carry situation. They save you ammo, but in contradiction lo the manual, it is possible to gel shot by one.

MULTIPLAYER ADVICE Locate an object that from experience you know another player Is likely lo seek out. Pick It up, place a mine underneath and hldel Their greed always gets lha better of them.

(Chortle.) Another sneaky move la lo hang around at the lop of a lift shaft and whan somebody gets In the lift, nudge s block over the edge. They'll be dead before they reach the topi

(!■■! la la land la Ska warn



Jasper Omif ol Holland ("You ain't much, if you arn'l Dutch ." Jasper reminds us) sent

m a slightly more coherent version oi the codes we pnnied « issue 32 and a cheat (with si fact proves lo be more useiul than all me passwords pul together) Enter, then, the password as SHED SOFTWARE arid a message will appear informing you in no uncertain terms that you now have unlimited ammo air slnkes and so torth

Sans din toi tkoalda I S«i sat at bad.

Laval 35-ftCKHHXOI Laval A500P-UWQK Level 55-MEAL LVOM Level 6S-JBFNMYON Level 75-MDPPOWOP Level aS-EOPROWOR Level 9S-CFFTRUOS

Level 40-OEAtlVNJ Level SO-NDPKKWPl Level 60-LFFMLUNW Level 7CM0P0NWP0 Level 80-GFF0PUNQ Level 90-0EASQVPR Laval 100-BEAUSVNT


'Here is the level codes lor Bob s Bad Day.' says Tim ol Lincoln Let's just hope ihai his game playing is slightly more accurate than his grammar Here's a select lew to help you out





Here is some usetul advice for the gameplaying man s International Rugby Chalengelrom Matt Smith ol Bristol, with a final password from Rob Newton of Presfwtch


RABBITS Charge towards the goal in a zig-zag fashion and run if in WALKING BALLS Run eito the goal mouth and wait lor ihe ball lo loilow ICE CUBES Use when the opposition ■$  neanng your goal or when rear the centre line They are atso useful it you want to give another player a good kicking TORTOISE Boot the bait away instantlyLIGHTNING Use this only when you're not m possession BUBBLE Charge’

BOMBS Run lo ihe goal mouth and lap lire, bul be carelul * you have the Rabbit, because you can run into your awn bombs And never (ever) hit a man with Bombs on It isn't ruce


When lacmg a trickier computer opponent, kill oil his goalie and kick the ball Irom halfway between the centre and the Ime 10 its right and Ihe ball should land deanty n ihe goal When a chum is brought in. locale e sword, take it lo his corner watt lor a suitable player to arrive and hack the man down - keep this up tor long enough and you wipe out ihe entire team'

Dragons are an easy opponent (boot the ball down the pitch and punch anyone who gels in the way). Rhinos are slightly harder (play lor goalsj and Goals can be a real problem (delence - in ihe form ol hitting end stomping on as many of the the opposition as possible - is the key).


At the start o< a match run your uppermost player over to punch his apposite When the screen re centres itself, dive on the cenlre forward, stomp on his legs and the ball should be yours


First League. Assassins vs Berserkeis



Top League, last game of season with a ten pewit lead (so you don't even have to win), vs Be servers HCZB203MQ YNTYMKRRR MESSIAH—

And there you have il

Surety III '«> will tin lo call a •H with III pilch la Ihal iLalc. iaaiioii could )«i hurl.

Virgin)    takes slightly longer lo gal bach up on

■■ Amiga owner* don I gat vary many    hit teal, and the computer en oya leg-

sportunilias lo laugh In the lace ol our    iweeping a character attar they have

Hole-owning counterpart! Uniats (alien. A lew torpedoes, by the way. go My have a silly haircut, of course.    down nicely

Mich most ol them do - perhaps    DEATH HOVE: HEAD BANG.

Otion's alter some son ol discount). Or Push the )aystlck Towards. Away. Away. Seyxe got their jumper on back to    Away and Fire Again you must be close

hist Or. more relevantly. II they bring to whoever you are lighting.

W tie topic Ol Uortsl Kombst In

onxersatlon; marketed primarily as the    ' - -fJ- -2S.-.ZS

at) big thing lor Sega and Nintendo

waning beat-em-up fans. It ended up    *4»           *

jWytng tike Ihe proverbial dog rempared to the spanking Amiga •sion. Stanford Young ol File is here

is kelp out with Ihe Death moves, along    J •    I 0

•a* some gamepiay advice from

Oekam Purklns ol Scotland and vital

rig from David Low ol London on how

n rsech Reptile.    LIU KANG

PLAYING AGAINST: From a distance Is iMO    Ihe best way to tackle this chump. This

’LAYING AGAINST: This chap is good    will give you time lo react when he

n Ate air and good on Ihe ground, bul    thinks he'd like lo try out his special

-i special moves can be easily avoided    move. You probably didn't want lo gal

wb concentration.    closeanyway. He's an ugly mother, and

rather loo Iasi tor you to block.

tLAYING AS: The cannonball move

wot be performed In close vicinity lo PLAYING AS: Supersonic kick a couple payer two or you might lind that a lot ol ol times In a row - especially effective a* lime if is blocked and your nose is vs. Coro, snorted into Ihe back of your headl


XATH HOVE: HEART ATTACK Push KICK. Stand about two Inches away Si joystick away from the opponent Irom whoever'a about lo get it Move wee and press Fire. You must be    Down, Away, Up. Towards and Fire,

andktg right next lo your opponent to

nscula Ihe move    IJcSfflLB


PLAYING AGAINST: Mind this lad a uppercut. And II you are roughly half the screen apart and he doesn t seem to be advancing, a shadow kick may well be heading In your general direction. It can be avoided though by using a block then a leg sweep

Teleport punches are annoyingly sneaky for any opponent as loo.


POWER Position yourtell about two

Inches away. Pull Down. Down and Fire.

PLAYING AS: A shadow kick followed by a flying kick won'! do much for your opponent s spirit. His vast range of moves il usad in Ihe correct order can make him a real winner.

DEATH MOVE: Towards. Towards Towards and Firs.


PLAYING AGAINST: Keep your distance as ahe'a a gal with a long reach. Mind her leg throw - It's particularly nasty. And another thing, don't jump around loo much or she'll Superman you.

PLAYING AS: Be wary of the leg throw -upside down in a hand stand is rather a vulnerable position! Her speed and back-breaking tag loss can prove fatal.


Keep your distance (Goto has a long reach and won't say no to an opportunity to grab your head and pound you in Ihe face several limes) and duck any fireballs that come your way (gel hit and wave goodbye to a third of your energy). All kicks are effective, tending him sliding back along Ihe floor. Scorpion's harpoon. Sub-Zero s lee and Lul Kang's Supersonic kick are the most affective Special Moves.

DEATH MOVE: KISS OF DEATH. Standing anywhere you fancy, move the Joystick Towards. Away, Away and Firs

OiWmem I


BAYING AGAINST: Ralden is the Ken k Mortal Kombst - a good alt-rounder, xs with no magic strategy lo adopt lo Mnnlae success. If he teleports, try a :undhouae kick as soon as you notice Me trying to pull one off. and you would catch him as he re-matarlallses.


The only people he will change into are Goto and yourself. As you have beaten Goto and your twin, this should be ol little worry lo you. Make a mental note to duck the several green fireballs he unsportingly fires at you at the beginning of the fight.


PLAYING AGAINST: Easy lo beat on early levels, he has a tendency to try and stick a large spear down your throat before giving you a rather tore chin.

The best way lo see to him It to get In close (where hla special moves are least effective). Be ready lo duck and don't tor gel that the harpoon can be blocked. Pull off a successful block and a couple of flying kicks

i±±r m 2!«edown

FOWWTif I wan.


PLAYING AGAINST: In combat Subby behaves much the same as Scorpion. As he tires his ice weapon, block il and lei rip with a flying kick preferably before he has had lime to recover.

PLAYING AS: Freeze your opponent, uppercut him or her, and re-freeze the sucker - this is easy and extremely effective. Your Ice weapon is particularly good in defence against Raldena Torpedo, freezing him in mid flight. Both Sub Zero's and Scorpion s special moves are excellent against Goto as you can keep your distance and inflict maximum damage.

BAYING AS: Watch out because whan Mdan has been knocked down he


To meet Reptile: Start a one player game and play as usual until you've reached Ihe pit. Look at the moon In the background - in order for Reply fo appear there must be something flying across K. You must then win twice over your (computer) opponent and execute the death move at the and and bingo! Reptile will appear. Remember that it is no use trying to block his attacks as this still drains energy. Reptile hat both Sub Zara's and Scorpions'* special moves. And he's lightning fast!


harpoon, uppercut your foe and perform a hefty fty-kick lopped oil with a roundhouse. This takes almost haH their Ufa in one go.

DEATH MOVE: HEADPIECE: Move In as close to your stunned opponent as you feel comfortable and then move your stick as follows: Towards, Down. Towards and then hit the Fire button for execution.

Donl forget to send In your tips - see you all next month.

H •


J l 1


Right then, there’s no time to waste on wibbling, so I’ll just say that seeing as Cannon Fodder's so popular at the moment, this is the first of a series of tips pages, so if you’ve worked out solutions of later levels, send ’em in and get your name in print.


Um Available Cover: The best way of staying alive is 1o keep out ol the line of lire, so if you can lake out enem*-: by lobbing grenades over trees, do it Take Out Huts Quickly: It's no use just blecting assay at enemy grunts, because as long as If* huts are intact, they 'll keep on coming

Charge Rocket Launchers: The best way ol dispatching rocket launchers is to take a sngie soid-e' with no grenades or rockets, and tick directly on yout target As long as he's moving, ihe rockets v, land behind him. and you can easily gel into shoot mg range If you try this with an entire team, the tail endeis always gel blasted Give It Up: It you ve lost too many ol your guys and

really don't think you

mission then press ESC Your remaining troops live to light another day. and you restart the mis --or n-m a full leam They'd thank you for- .1 they could


You can't manage these on your own1 Well stay in the playground where you belong, and leave ihe heavy stuff lo the txgboys These missions let you pek up the skiis necessary lor survival.



and nothing more Things start to warm up trom here on m


Phase 1

Enemy troops pour out ol the huts realty quickly, so you've got to take them out ASAP Switch to rockets immediatefy and head lor ihe two huts Hide round Ihe comer (1) and short thg first few solrfcers. then rush in and take out the rocket launcher (2) Shoofrg

at ihe mme between the bridge; blows them up. usually taking a lee guys with them (3). but beware, the wrecked bridge is booby trapped with spkes Rocket the two huts and then take out the guys at the lop nght (4j Slay a distance away a re use grenades, as the approaches to their section are also booby trapped

Phase 2

Shoot Ihe first rocket launcher (1) than hide behind Ihe ruined huts SpM the team up and send one guy lo grenade (2 and then rocket (3) the launchers across the water Once these are dead, send two or three guys over to the tar ol the water (4)

Walk the ren—rung soldier up to the palm tree and barrel (S). where two rocket launchers sell deslrucl By moving last you can shoot the remaining two launchers on me island (6) Pu4 nwn back and leave han to delend himself.

W/.h. the other ihiee. charge the- next bunker, -.hoofing the launcher, then go round tne Iron! and grenade the next leuvrher (7) Head round the back to nexl bunker and take out the final Mwncher(8) Make sir*  everyone nearby is gunned down before crossing the water and then shoot everyone a gam before getting in the turret (9)

Fire at as many bunkers as you can, and at any lo'*: range troops It s easy to blow yourself up i4 you aim too





Phase 1

It's lairly obvious that you haven ! enough bombs lo Wow

up ail the bmkkngs. j but you do have a


ralhei natty cannon

straight past the gun turret and KEEP MOVING until you reach the far side (8). and then shoot the remaining rocket launcher Cross over and head down the bank until you can grenade the ieep, and then head over lo man the turret (9) and blow up the bunkers, using the same taclcs as at phase one Simple eh’ No. I didn't think so either

firing skkJoo. so leap into it. and position yoursetl so that the enemy turrets shoot up the huts rather than you You can only do so much damage like this, so park up. get cxi and blast the remaining turrets and enemy skidoo. picking up the extra grenades m the centre only it you absolutely have to

Phase 2

Head to the top nght of the map. airong lor the little island (1) You'll need lady luck on your side during the approach as Ihe gun turrets somehmes a lot more accurate than other times, and could well blast you white you're still m the water As soon as you touch land, rocks the first turret (2). and then work round the turrets

anticlockwise You can either use the turret (3) to blast the blockhouse and enemy gun positions, but I prefer hiding behind the blockhouse until it gets shot up. and then taking out the turrets with grenades Either way. you It have cleared the top halt and finishing the level's a simple matter of swimming lo Ihe bottom

nght (4], taking outthe remaining turrets with grenades and generally killing anyone that s left

dose to yourself, so to be extra sate, jump out and shoot anyone who makes it to the island

Phase 3

It's a long, drawn out approach lo a pretty intense battle, but watch out lot the booby traps along the way (1J Assuming you get all tour guys to Ihe 04 dnim(2) split them mto two groups, leaving one lot with all the grenades and rockets Take the other two to pick up Ihe 50 heal seeking rockets that are hidden behind a bush(3).

Head them back to the drum, but don't regroup I tend to send one man forwards lo lake out the rocket launchers (4) and then take him to the native hut side ot the met lo missile the smal hut and cause as much damage to the doors of the huts as he can Okay, he's going to get killed, but it he maneges to take out three huts, then it's worth it

Send w the remaining grenade guy to do the same thing, and when it's all softened up. bnng up Ihe heat seekers Their mam advantage is being able to fire long distances over huts, so blast the huts, but leave a tew enemy uoops alive, bead past the base, avoid the spike and wander along the back path At the end ts a tree(5), which has a tour star general power up behind it Not bad'

Phase 4

Shoot the soldier coming out ol the tunnel, then grenade the hut over the trees ft) and blow up the jeep (2). Go and retneve your jeep (3) before bombing the hut. and then send one guy down lo shoot the three launchers (4). taking out the furthest away one with a rocket It you put all four guys m the jeep, only two or three ever make it out ol it. so leave ore on the drft top to provide eovenng fire, and then jump Ihe ieep into Ihe water (5) Make sure that everyone in the jeep forms only one unit, so they'll all get out at the same time when the ieep sinks Head straight lor the tar side and grenade both the hut 6) and the rocket launcher ovet Ihe trees (7) Run


Phase 1

The enemy are pretty sharp on this level, so watch out lor incoming grenades and rapid gunfire You've got enough ammo to


eompfele this one, so don't be aoM into gong tor the rockets near the hrst hut (1)

Simply head clockwise round M compound, sticking to the toad Keep moving and blast el t* huts, but look out tor the rocket launcher on the root of the a--;- hangar at the bottom (2)

The helicopter's not armed, bul oft solders all over the place, but you can easily rocket it •ivoever it lands This one's a ample arcade blaster and »X jtdn't give you any problems **


Phase 2

Ths ts another blaster, although %

'ja M more intense The turret    ,, J " JR

v ve beginning makes ihmgs    ■’    - -tv k

y.etty lough, bul look on Ihe bright ..

-1 does help you to blow up J- r ir*    '■

-ahuts    ».    •    - • - •    • *

Tread carefully across the    

jf-dge as it s booby Happed with

tpkes and ihen pop round the *    ; j .%■. .    >,«■■• j, ■.

• •-cr ol the hut and take out the * vet Blasting Ihe neat one rips w the fence, letbng you

•trough into the neat compound Be very catelul at the neat Eat. because Mr though the rocket launcher's on the tar side ol the lence. there's a good chance that Ihe eaplodmg fence will lake you out Head up to the iX ot ihe fence and then bomb the turret, then collect the eatra rockets and blast the neat turret That just leaves a hut m the compound to festroy and you've finished the phase.

Okay. up to mission 12 neat month I think, but like I said at the n-og. any more tips would be appreciated So until neat moth re* no mercy and dsregard human Me. people Have tun • COUMANDER CAM WINSTANLEY





* i u i

1 I


r * V

• .






1 "

r . •5


* .


Would you buy a used car from this man Would you let him babysit your children Well, nor would we, but for Amiga games, Rich Pelley’s your bloke.

Stumped Flummoxed Stuck In A Rut Trounced Frustrated Perplexed Befuddled Stymied Mystified  Useless Pathetic Ignoramus Bone Idle Dim Witted  Abysmal Slackbrained A Bit Crap Dismal Loser  Unhappy Witless Tragic Bamboozled Up The Creek  Troubled If any of these terms apply to you. then you really do need... (Medical attention - Ed) The Last Resort.


Q Haven'l gel any codes lor UGH' have you "

Jeremy Hiddingim. Coventry

tk indeed I have

One-player, easy



Two-player easy



Problems, problems. You think you've got problems So have these readers. And I can't help them.


the first end only phase. I can't destroy the buildings, ground gune or even get to the chopper on the building centre. Not even repeatedly hitting my mouse does any good. Tom Wood (age 15), Lanca

Q Please could you help with the secondary mission on HIRED GUNS. I can get aa tar aa entering the portal with the Inscription:

outside, and I hava tried following these directions forwsrds, backwards,

Iop-1o-bottom and Inside out. I can find lha kay, but lust cant axil the level* Mr A Hlnchllfte, Bridlington

Ql've ground to rather an

ambarrasslng halt In a rather old game called BATTLETECH. I have fought the last training battle (and won) and hava scoured the entire planet looking for the Starport, but I  ust can't find ft. Ou eat "

Habeeb Muatala, Plumstead

“PS Oh, and did you know that In HIRED GUNS, If you type In AMIGA your character* will be Invincible "

Q'l am rathar baffled on planat two of CAPTIVE, Troddo. I've been wandering around ft for agas looking for an entrance but to no avail. I hava finished the first planet Butra, killed the professor, collected the space probe and blown up the generator room, la there something else I should have tiken/brought on Butra to help me at Troddo I've tried looking In

Mlndscapa a him book, but to tall tha truth I didn't find ft at all halpfuL* Robert Lilly, Balham

Q' In INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE: THE GRAPHIC ADVENTURE the bit which hea got me foxed is when there are six skulls to play In the catacombs and you refer to Abbess Hlldegard's obscure musical notes in the computerised Grail Diary. I  uat cannot for th* Ufa of me work out tha comet combination. It's driving me loopy.*

Gerard Lee, Dumbreck

Q “Having spoken to Father Fabianl about everything In CRUISE FOR A CORPSE, gona round to the ship talking to everyone again and searching through all the rooms, no matter how long I take to do all this, he's always still there when I get baekl

What la It that I haven't dona "

Tricia Tranter, Bolton

Q“The useful advice given In earlier Issues of AP has got me to the Dragon's Lair In DRAGON QUEST. The problem Ja that I cannot find tha dragon nip which you ara supposed to use to kill the dragon. Where do I find It I thought I had located and searched every room on my travels, la H something to do with the Items I am carrying 1 was not able to open tha door with tha code wheel message on ft. I am not aura whether this has any significance.*

Robert Lilly, Balham

Q'1n LEMMINGS 2 I've been stuck on level 1 of Sports tor months. I only hava one bomber and three llama throwers so how do I do ft "

Tricia Trantar, Bolton


HOLLYWOOD, I cannot llnd a uta for the bouncy ball, the dollar piece, the magic potion, the mallet, tha pair of rubber gloves and the iharp dagger. Can you "

D Jefferies, Andover

i«vsl 20 - JIMMYGREAVES io*l 30 THELAnCH level 4D RUMPLETWEEZER levd 50 - ITSAMANSLIFE Level 60- HIMMO Le-r«l69 MRBELFIT


Q"Sad I know, but I can't gel past the woMevai baddy on island 4 and I Limt get hold of issues 1 or 2 to check out y:-jr complete guide lot any help either * Nick Williams. Barking

At*vie 2 tells you to "Simply move scow tfs bottom ol me screen !..») lepeatediy and avoiding the downs atrs-; bounce." but thai's not actually : did c if you're good al the level, rwn try to have gained fast and at least ■ssyfn (bui prelerably triple) rainbow ;f*ers before you meet the Big Clown "U !f you stand still in either boflom wmei then you aie actually sale (because n* .5 too txg to bounce mto you], but you'll ■*ed to ump to fire at any small dawns rir may be coming your way, and at the fcg Clown '- i-oit as he passes


Q "Codes1

Richard Bullows. Leicester


:rv i 1 - Frog

Level 22 Reed

2 Year

Level 23 Lime

.r-.f. 3 - Quil

Lev-l 24 - Quid

4 - Long

Level 25 - Wing

.-■,ei 5 Word

Level 26 - Flee

>vel 6 - Fred

Level 27 - Giga

>.—i 7 - Wine

Level 28 - Mead

~ ~ 8 - Grip

Level 29 - Loop

.evel 9 - Trap

Level 30 - Sing

l.rvol 10 - Thud

Level 31 Joux

Lrw1 if - Frak

Level 32 - Pink

■.V<«l 12 Vine

Level 33 - Gogo

ir.ei 13 Jump

Level 34 - Lets

level 14 Nill

Level 35 Quad

level 15 - Four

Level 36 Bril

level 16 - Grip

Level 37 Eggs

i. J 17 • Zing

Level 38 - Hens

Lisvel 18 - Jing

Level 39 - Nail

■Hi 19 - Lido

Level 40 - Soap

vev.ii 20 Pool

Level 41 - Foam

Lev ! 21 Hale

Level 42 Meek



1 can t get very tar m this at an bR -.row lh-i sounds a bl rubbish. but

■;v there any cheats or level codes1"

James Burnislon. Nottingham

A First stop for you. young man. should be our ep« no-punches-ed Cannon Fodderitps Where e>e v/n've iusi had four pages of them, wu dummy.

Aitemalively, just go to ihe Save screen and type m JOOLSRIP as your Siring filename A message w ■' then flash j} - Cheat mode activated' - and you'll krd that your lead trooper has become a ■£i-p shooting 4-slat general Thanks lo < ye uteralty dozens of readers lor our attention to that one


Check this out! We’ve certainly managed to shut up an impressive number of readers this issue.


QUatl Bamton of Bristol had apparently been trying to destroy the carrier sub for five years.

A'Er, you're not supposed to! You only have to destroy each aircraft that takas off from ft (five In sM. H memory servos). And don't forget that If you are too dose to the tea they'll never taka off. so give them soma room. Moreover, If you taka too long about It, the sub will launch a cruise missile straight up your bum." Kostos Qiannakos, Athens


Q Darren Crawford of Bromley was al risk of going completely insane in Columbia.

A “Use two cyborgs, each armed wtth a flamer, a medlkit and an awful lot of patience! (Scanners and miniguns art optional.) Mop up any nearby anemias, hijack a car and drive it outside the complex to exchange it for an ambulance. Motor back to the city, sanding one cyborg lo collect the parked car, and (by piecing the car in front of the ambulance and using the group icon) drive both vehicles back to where the doctor Is wsiting.

Get the ambulance driver to drop a medikit on the pavement and walk up to the doc. than gat back into the car and drive off ahead. The doctor will hopefully walk up to the ambulance, wait a second, get in and puN sway. Ha Is going to the big building at the far south point (to the left of the play area) so you can either head straight there, or abandon the car at the gates and taka the rest by foot (this it what I recommend).

Follow him into the building and - hay presto! Mission comptotol"

Matthew Fox, Middlesex

A "And by the way, don't bother wtth all that Two mediktts and energy shields' rubbish you printed In issue 30 when tackling the Atlantic Accelerator mission - there's a far easier way. Sand in four cyborgs with V3 body armour each with four lasers and four gauss guns. Group the •gents together at the beck of their starting point and sand out a single cyborg, laser drawn, to lakt out the first couple of waves, totting a few rockets Into buildings now and then to take out entire attack squads. The enemy will come to you. so keep

scanning to kesp an eye on the situation, and If ammo runs out. you can simply axchangt for another cyborg. Eventually whan ail the enemy have bean roasted and toasted, head for the buildings st the top right of the complex and look tor a ions man running In circles Inside a building. Go inside, blow him away and ts-daa! Mission complete!" Matthew Fox, Ruler of the World


Q Chris Aktoraey of York had found a display screen reading:

Light Sensor Activates Door

and ust didn't know what ha was supposed to do wtth M.

A "Walk up to the door and switch the lights on. Click the mouse on your head and move the light so that its beam is directed to the upper corner behind you. Shins it onto the red switch that you see and the door will then open."

Matt Collier, Liverpool


QRa: Issue 32. Oliver Heppeik of Granthraxx. trouble with locating Topaz.

A "The Topaz is the yellow

gemstone. Mix it with the yellow flower (s tulip, I think) to make the yellow potion, and mix this in turn with the rad potion in the Crystals of Alchemy to maka the orange potion." Mark Godwin, UlVERSION

QRa: issue 32. John Richardson of Hampshire, problems with the Golden Dish.

A "You must place the sun stone.

the garnet, the sapphire and s ruby into the Golden Dish. (I think this is the correct combination. If not try varying the gam colours - It may be random.) Whan correct the dish changes into a golden flute - use this later on In the gams."

Mark Oodwln, UlVERSION


Qfieil Grendan of Hastings

couldn't have bean more stuck M ha was placed In a strait-jacket and toft to stand In a bucket of concrete.

Ain the lobby, take the key ring, give it to the receptionist and collect the locker key. Talk to Rob and Prlscie, who will give you a lamp.

Hava a coffee and keep the sugar for later. Give Prlscie the hat from the drinkers’ bar. under which is a switch which will reveal the pendant hidden in the pool.

Now go to the Quantum lab. Your room will gat ransacked, but vital dues are toft behind.*

L Thlmbleby, Torpoint


Qlt appears wa may have bean having our togs put tod by Gary Jenkins of Sidmouth whan ha said ha couldn't do Beach level 8.1 want on holiday to Sidmouth once, by the way I was five, and i got badly stung by • wasp on the beach who d flown info my Cometto.

A"1. Why are you stuck on this

2. Hera's the solution. Whan the lemming reaches the little grass platform thing toe. maka him a hopper. That’s It Good grief, I've got things to do. y'know. Now gimme the answer to this and there'll be no hard feelings. I'm stuck on a Circus Land level, the one with just one screen, the two cannons and the trampet."

Joseph Robertson, Robert on


Q Stephen Gillard of Lincolnshire sent in a query (1 can protect all the oil fields except the last"), obviously having previously heard that this was the place to write to with just such a problem.

A To protect the final oil field you must fly upwards along the sand dunes by the beach until you coma to a concrete bunker (Ilka the sacral agent s housing on level one). Wait a few seconds and If they haven't already, six or so soldiers will run out of the bunker and start waving their arms at you like demented palm trees. You must pick these guys up -suitably quickly if you possess the power winch, situated near one of the oil fields - and than fly back to the oil fields and search around a bit until you find a cross such as the ones on the landing zones. Land hare and the man will run out and protect the final oil field leaving your hands free to tackle the next mission."

David Burgan, Darby

You should be well aware of what The Last Resort s about by now - answering (and asking) game questions - so please send all and sundry to: The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. You can even mark your envelope Question’ or Answer’, loo.


i.'i i'< IllMf-I'. ! *1 1

T flLJuy i'l J T 'Iff\ iff


f:¥ JilVi H m ■ .«■ bm.

niTinf .[•■ ii[*iYr-'i*iir»r-T»iJriT-

non srccD* i«o nrn

n-«n «r crnnnnc nrm pnura uv RHP HRH TORQUE Ml LB FT



If you don't like splk screens, bul std want lo race against youi arch rival. you can Not quae as much fun as racing over a circuit, but stil a great bias I


Digital Integration

This month's release shows that Iasi jets and mssiles sort ol lake the lun out ol dogfighhng. and needng an A1200 lo run the game al an acceptable speed's a bit ol

a drag, loo Still it's an m-depth and    Serial killer. At the very extreme, using

complex modem IligW sm Serial killer Unfortunately, on a link me game runs even slower, and long-range missiles mean that combat s often fust al extreme radar range -2110

the spin-screen end the serial ink. you can have lour people playing Now there's no excuse lor your Amiga nol lo be the centra ol some good wholesome nowt taken out' lamily tun R/10

We canvassed (he softies, planning on having a section o< quotes, but everyone said pretty much pie same Bing, which was Summed up rather neatly by Jon Hare cl Sensible Software

loads ol computers n t« same room, tu1 they've never caught on because most people only have access to one Amiga ’

The argument that no-one owns hvc


Acid Software

nock and rollxt' oft road, Iu«-contact race game that doesn't so much test your racing skills as your proficiency n bumper cars The actual game's a wonderful affair, which makes il all the more annoying that the extensive amounts ol <hsk swapping and loadng time eventually drive you nuts And a crashes too often Ic be leesibt* km Serial killer You've the added options ol tour human players, or two players (each with a Ml screen), making it an ideal pop-and-pretzats party game 9(10


Now despite al this 'Wouldn't it be wonderful stub, yout have gathered that there aren't aduafy that many games that make use ot the serial Ink option We deeded to find out why Gremlin's Lotus 2 had the option, but Lotus 3didn't, and e's obvious that war games, sports sms. RPGs and shoot-'em-ups would be bn Mm ft both you and a Inend could take control

'We teakse that Cannon Foddet would be a bnllant game on a senal Ink. bul we could never a fiord ihe time to do it as it would be hard to change the programming Irom one player lo a senal-imked game, which would have delayed Ihe linsh dale even more We've goi a pokey of not doing things Ike A1200 versons, because H we can improve a game n any way. we d have managed it n ihe standard version, and quite frankly, we d much rather be doing new protects

The man problem is lhal senal linked games are grail lot sel-ups Ike us and your magazine, where you've got

computers was used by almost everyone II would make sense if you were laSung about some lancy piece ol lot. bul Ihe lad is that the Amiga's got a massive user base Let's lace it. it you ve got an Amgi Ihe chances are that you know someone else who's got one

Bul. when this atlilude prevails, hm can purlers rkscowar Ihe lun of Inked games'7 Look al Virtua Racing in the arcades A good game on ks own. bul fantastic when racing agamsl other people The adrenalin pumping' diet* testy does apply here II takes games ou of the dark realms ol kids' play and nto Ihe wel lit heavenly lands of sport

:>£ > cn


All the games we've listed here are head-to-head games, but serial linking two computers opens up all sort of

m exciting possibilities, not least the £2 completely overlooked option of r— O having two players co-operating. It's ail

< Idle speculation, but that's never ™ Q stopped us before, so let's take a look at what we're all missing.


Parting may be auch sweet sorrow, but In many game* lt d be a blessing. Unless you use a split

screen. existing Iwn-pliyer games limit your movement to the coniines ol Ihe screen. Imagine classic combat game* like Syndicate. Cannon Fodder. The Chaos Engine and Alien Breed on two separate lull-screen-display Amiga*, with the various players (or tsems) wandering ofl Independently, selling ambushes and attacking tram appetite sides In s classic plncer movement - pretty droolsome stuff, huh


Lots of planes have a flight crew ot (wo. so why don't games make any use ol this idea Having one player as Ihe pilot ol a ground attack Tomado. for Instance, would (save him lo dodge

flak, swoop over targals and blast away at air threats while the second player concentrates on electronic countermeasures, plotting the flight paths and dropping camera-guided bomb* through people's chimneys.

Or Imagine a Gunsh(p200O-lypegamt. with the pilot flying Ihe helicopter while the gunner IdenIHIe*. tracks and destroys targets with misailas, rockets and cannon-lire Seek And Destroy has something Ilka this, but a lot more could be done. Call me a callous, jingoistic war-boy lech-head (Cam. you're a cilkxit. //ngotefie war-boy tech head - Ed) bul by freeing up the pilot to just fly, you could recreate in amazing detail all Ihe fascinating gizmo* that make modern warfare so Interesting. If only, eh


with the anorak brush"

ypw s w y$ uvnv (M w (Jy> Am*)* first Demis

gomus type cnsp wtio

l    used so

'. t

ebat (Mss rftsiss* tmas hlsssodo and Saga mgM ngN ri fte ujnttaiy- Tne Arnga ana flk«» iwnspenfcr ft •» at me moment - wiaMrSed games couo htmo abnul a rreatw* euoSutrm a


UrroPmae runa* been aerv good a)

(*(•*■ wjj] ganMAartti ttartax n»

P ol some dead Greek dude, who's been m forced lo construct a maze lhai will cause Ihe end ol all humanity,    -

indeed the entire known universe Or something    Jf m

The thing about this start Mm is that it's instantly low-key. so you're reading that the world s going to end. but all you're looking at is Ihe inside of a subway tram It hardly tilts you with a sense of urgency and danger, and that's how you (eel tor the rest of the game The world's ending, huh’ Okay. us! let me get my coal. I'll be with you in a minute.


You move around by clicking on arrows. I but since the view just lumps Irom one l glonous still picture to the next, it seems 1 like you're looking at someone's holiday  snaps Here's one ol the aging hotel lobby, there's Ihe art deco omenta, an the left's a wild west town and here's a palace ol ce lloaling m the sky Hmm. great The lad that it s an computer graphics makes everything look slenle a feehng that's highlighted by the complete lack of anything to do I found that I could pull the chain on a toilet and open the laundry chute, but that I couldn't look down it. and when I put my only possession (a 25 cent com] into a slot machine, it usi told me that I'd wasted my money Is that supposed lo be funny’


The game boasts 275 locations and ISO images, and plays on both the CD32 and CDTV. but it's usf loo dull Trudging round empty mazes was popular about a decade ago. and adding llashy graphics lo this kmp formula isn't tooling anyone The only thmg that's exciting about this is that n shows you what the CD32's capable ol m terms ol graphics and CD  sound, so it you're a shop owner.

Game: The Labyrinth Of Time

Publisher: Electronic Arts Authors: Bradley W Schenck and Michal Todorovic Price: £24 99 Release: Out Now

There's a scene in ihe lop lean comedy Ferns Bueiler's Day Oil where Ferns is letkng ihe audience about where his Inend Cameron Irves I can't remamber the exact wordng, but it's something along the Imes of Tt's very beautiful, and very cold, and you're nol allowed lo touch anything.' which is oddfy fitting to The Labyrinth Ot Time Sure, it looks fantastic, but il you try and play it. you'll find it's a cofd headed little beast


Bemg an adventure, there's absolutely no getting away trom going into the stup'd story ine. so here wa go You start oft as just another sad commuter with a dull Ob and a dull life This monologue of Ihe drabness of contemporary urban existence is ponrayed m a senes of black and white photos, but then, as they're lond of saying in comic books - It happens1 Unfortunately for you. if fums out lo be nothing very exofmg at all. ust a text box lellmg you that a feels t*e you've been pulled m a direction you never knew existed' so instead of genmg Ihe leeimg that you've been wrenched mto an alternative reality, it's as exciting as bumping your head on one ol those Mile bobb y things lhat hangs Irom the roots ol lube trains

The mam dfterence lo your view is that everything's now in wonderlully rendered, ray J K/M tiaced and texture mapped    at ■    '

30 computer graphics, a change that s

explained by some * com-■□ter    *Y

-mrn'tYi •

T«1 aaolber ctaanpk ol a *>««! but peialktt plcltrra

it's probably wodh slicking Ihis on m your window to attract passing trade My advice to everyone else is lo wail until they include some kind ol gameplay mlo Ihs sort of Itashy package • CAM WINSTANLEY

‘This is as strange a maze as ere men trod.’ Or something like that, anyway.

r "Pulled in direction you ] never know } l exited" /

hotel, facing east

rendered picture* POd «tmo*pb*r« mut'C

®DOWNCnS Useksl

N't adventure gameplay, no c ha racier i a>* faction (no chtmctws ooraa to tod* of ft) and


Nice video, them*about Ihe acitg Daeplte haaing lately vituals. the gan toy'a atuck to the Ms and tha Idea behind it's to much ot aft advonturaiBche that you wonder why lhay e van bothered. If you'ra altar aomethmg la alHw your granny how good tha CD32 la, then go for It If on Ihe other hand, you want eome enjoyment or challenge,    M T -

■leer wall atoar. It really li    I ‘

hopaleiafy dull    ■ I ~

n points hul wtfh ttw

hands sad WM) the* bau». o (hey do is run


The kne-ot-sight rules are cnjaat to gameptay. asamen thateveryope


Grail sound * 0q and music.

spaady game play and llna graphics all round.

® DOWNERS Although tha music s grsst, It would ba nica to ba abla to turn H off and laava tha sound affects. Only llva missions is a raal shame, It needs more.


It'S a must lor anyone Ilka me who's seen that crappy Lawls Collins ■' movie Who Daras Wins and 1 thought It was lab. Absorbing,

< * stratagic. gung-ho OA '

\rr”“ US) i

Who wants to really crouch in a bush with a gun, scared witless, when you can pretend

w. iZir ' ■ ■.

11. in yt*AA u

CT -wQSlj

J ■ • • -

■N - r- ■

■' ■* >

> ■ J

■ tv*-'

1 zL L

o l **• I


















It look’s like an open goal

Game: Soccer Kid A1200 Publisher: Krisalis Authors: Niel Adamson. Nigel Little and Matt Furniss Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

lose il oft me

screen then    ;»

holding down Ihe    jr

lne bullon teleports it

beck to your lee! You

tan ump around without    t

your bell but you've no way ol

dealing with nasties, leelmg

almost naked Along the way Ihete

are the usual extras to collect, often

imaginatively represented by sweets

apples and ice cream cones

Riqht. this game's got a toolhally theme so let's get all the pathetic football humour out ol the way n the first paragraph At the end cl the day, you l be sick as (No. lets nor - Ed) gk The World Cup has been stolen by space ■liens, bioken into live     k

pieces and scalteied    flHM

over the eadh It's up to you. a small boy with a V large football. to Imd an the tuts and make looty Ians happier Oh well who needs a believable plot anyway7 Off you go through five scrolling levels, lull ol power-ups and baddies, big and small Your only weapon is your, apparenlty deacfy. football


You don't iust k<* it along me ground, either Piess the fire burton and you stad bouncing a up and down on your tool From here you can do headers, kick it m ail directions and stand on it and ump up. for those difficult out ol Ihe way platforms Unlike an awtul lot ol platform games you don't ump on the baddies to kiS them, only your football can do that So don't accidentally lump on mem in a pane, like I did. a bit. at first

The ball fucking business is bnlkanl You have enough control to do skflo shofs without it being hombty complicated It bounces around most pleasingly. If you


SA Instead of a hornbte mare cl platforms it's a siraightlorward left to I nghl. with occasional V diversions up and down to ‘.j collect something juicy. y There are some real viilans here loo. skateboarders lounsts and even spitting sheep, ugh You can race lor Ihe end or hang about collecting everything for those points You can earn bonus points lor doing tnck shots

Whai's new lor the A12007 It's now hard dnve installable and noticeably more colourful, wilhoul most ol the nasty stippling ettects ol Ihe ordinary version II is still Ihidy quid and lhat’s still ■ lot ol money, so it's a good job it's

o,SmaK'.S’!    .    '»**““* <*M W    Uk

Playability7 It s got    

bags ol il. and Ihen some more that    —

wouldn't fit into any    '

of the bag*

T "Skate- 1 boarders, tourists and even spitting L sheep* A


An original platform game.

Gasp, staggers back In amaaemenL Looka good, moves well and very playable, some great bouncing and lots of things to eollact.

® DOWNERS Tricky-you II ba sent back to the start ot each level slightly more times than Is you might wish. Not as fist-paced as It could ba and rather linear


Who can help but be a charmed by the Kd ajr    and hit big football A

touch above the usual ■ platform genre anttes.

Which la ft r ~ fc lust SI well Uk z

twiiy- UJ =

The boy in the hat is back and it’s as stupid a pointy, purple thing as it ever was. Simon the Sorcerer is enhanced,  so the rumour goes.

Gam*: Simon the Sorcerer ]

Publisher: Adventure Soft



Woodruffe. Alan Bridgeman and Mike Woodruffe Price: £39.99 Release: Out now


Luah graphics, assy gameplay

and plenty of puzzles. Sometimes quite funny ai wall. Will keep you off the streets and out ol trouble lor come lime. No mazel

Use melon on souaaphone

Obvious really, don't know why I didn't lhk ol jl belore Simon the Sorcerer ha appeared m A120C enhanced gucse porting more colours Everything else A pretty much the same. It's a classic paitf and dick adventure game fiom he Monkey island mould. Off lo a good start lor me then. I love al the mucking about in a lantasy world, taking lo stwge new friends and trying lo figure ot hal object goes where. The mierfaa ■ as simple as it can gel. the manual lakeS al ol lour pages to explain how lo gel going You dek on a verb at the bottom of the screen and then on the acreen lo do it. easy-paasy


lie game has stupendous, nch graphics. Alia s plenty ol animation as well RRaradars jiggle about, birds Hying by. streams bubble and the like If you stnpped al I he visuals away you'd be ieti

® DOWNERS Nothing ground breaking hen, a straightforward adventure that takea perseverance. Some tiny objects to find and nol a lot ol gama beyond the plot line

are a senes ol puzzles    .

Ihal make you feel clever    *

when you solve Ihem. [sfay ii ail the way through once wB and that's it. You can't <fce. you just gat stuck. It's ■ fauriy non-knear in places, you can work on more than ooa puzzle si once You can also find yoursefl wandering over a large area totally at a loss as lo whal lo do next The puzzlac lend to be ol the use the object in thpsghi place st the right way son It soon tuma •nto a coiled everything and use ~

It soon gels lo Be e bore It needs a hard drive Simon me Sorceeradds BP” nothing new A lol ol wdik has gone into making Sure it looks pretty, and A does. It's the kind ol game that makes an ideal counterpart to manic platformers and shoot-'em-ups. You can play ii al any speed you like As graphic adventures go ihis one is nearer ihe lop ol the pile than the bottom • CHRIS LLOYD


Yet another big graphic advaniure with a comy sense ol humour. Underneath Ihe Hash visuals It's really very wimple stuff.

Find object, uae object. T Q ~ find object, use object... 1.1 :

with a lairty standard adventure not a mid miles away Iron Colossal Cava, the great text adventure from the mail of 'me The puzzles range from the ptaHy damn obvious il-you-dcn l-gel-lhem-

everythmg m every location job.


The text appears at a set speed, you can’t slep through it so you heve id

you re-a-thK*ia type to it's the last-opbon-jo-1-may-as-JiHry-it type Some objects Ira very smf or used m obscure ways I s lunny. I trade me laugh oul loud a lew  mes aHhpph a lot ol ihe humouf it guenle or load. There are loads of In- okes lo geLand characters and Situations load straight from


keep youi eyes on ihe scieen m case you miss something. Ihe longer Melons ol Chal and miration car be ■kipped but A gels lataus at times Simon plods aboul evetywheie a little laster than it Ihe game ware running on an A500 bid Dpi much. Played ticmjna rmOjde of floppy dWcs the disk accessing



■■■■ion at Simon the Sorcerer art the 1 have 256 colours to play with. They arw mon abufously Improved but as a

PThe ordinary

version running j, onanA500. 32 ' I • colours I available and I * they have been VJ: web-used. y7'' Looks prelly . good lo me.

The A12O0 version, what a difference eh  No honeally, there are a lot more shades and things d you look clataly.




You don’t have to be mad not to buy some of the top-value Amiga games now available on budget labels - but it helps! But seriously, this month’s cheapo round-up sees the long-awaited low-price debuts of Speedball 2, The Lotus Trilogy and, er, Street Fighter 2, so what are you hanging around looking at this dull bit here for


Game: Corporation Publisher: Corkers Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

Tha game set something of a record -I managed to kill mysetl without ever getting out ol the elevator where you start, while practising with the controls Anyway, Corporation has you infiltrating a cybernetics factory to remove the embryo

ol a rattier nasty, not to menbon illegal, genetically engineered killing machine Take your pick at six agents and equip them with a salable collection ot gadgetry and ad you go on a high-tech dungeon besh The graphics are lirst-

baddies Objects appear as little domes on the Boor you have to walk up to them and select the Look icon to see what the, are The viewing window moves smoothly enough, but the game has the usual 30 problems ol knmg up with the doors squarely, so there s lots ot slxkng along the walls and spinning around on the spot Most of the complex is pretty bare, loads ot empty rooms and corridors As usual the occupants have thoughtfully sprinkled uselul equipment around the gaff Among your weapons ara neat image-intensifying thermal mage and infrared goggles - tots of pretty cotours Trying to stop you are a bunch Ot human, robot and genetically-engineered blobs with nothing better to do than mjurt you at ever opportunity Lite, eh’

The controls are a bit liddly at first and some simple tasks are fruslraimgly awkward Your character also seems lo need constant supplies ol sugary drinks I dunno about you but I can usually last more than live minutes without one Thera are some nee touches, infrared beams secunty cameras and nutty repair robots The linal paragraph <s here already and it's tempting to look «: the ohioal AP book o< game review sayings I've already been told oH lor the one m Simon The Sorcerer Er. Ians ot this style ol game we love it Damn, damn, damn • CHRIS LLOYD


More difficult to get Into and mote ltddly to control than It should be. Some great touches and lots to explore. Bui where j J ; ere ill the Ores     I t ~

be pretty special, and lawks a lawdy, Ihal's exactly what this Is. How shall I compare thee to a summer * day Lai me count tha wayi...

•    There's the thumping techno soundtrack that's worthy ol nightclub and radio airplay. Some day all game music will be this good.

•    There's the Incredible conlexl-sensiflve fire button canlrol that does everything you want It to. It you're near the ball. H'll make you jump for It, It maket delendert smack the nearest opponent, the bait-holder throw the ball and the goalie do things that make you shout "Surely that's a toul. ref " out loud. It lan'I. because there aren't any

rules Or a ret, come to think of it

•    There's the snappy game-time

T*    conilstlng ot

‘ I    \    dazztlngly tail and

-    \ /    -    turlous halves, with

•    .    Intervals lor robots to

scrape the fallen oft tha cold steel floor.

•    Thera's the manager option which allows you lo convert

your winnings Into tougher playara.

Tha transter market's brimming with

Game: Speedball 2 Publisher: Kixx Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

can ba charged up to It'll electrically discharge through the next player who touches IL Oh. end all the playera ara decked out In body armour, since It's not only permissible lo hurl the opposing players. It's actively encouraged. In a points gat awarded for It' sort ot way. Yup. pretty much exactly the same as flve-a-alde lootball.

Any game with this much violence sounds pretty templing, but since this one's from the Bitmap Brothers, you'd expect 11 to

So what'i thli one all about then Well, it’s exactly tha same at flve-a-tlde lootball. only with nine men an a aide and players holding the ball Inatead of kicking it. You know haw you can bounce tha ball oft the walls in llve-s-tlde Well, you can do that here, but the metal walls are studded with stars that you can hit lor extra points. And since the ball it chromed steal too. It

rabid pitbulls of men aching to gauge eyeballs lor tha good ot your team.

It's tha lootball game that could only ever exist on a computer screen ind that not only dazzles the eye, but also seta your heart pumping. The two-player option fills my hesd with the son ol superlatives that most reserve for Sensible Soccer, Speedball a conversion onto loads ol different machines and consoles shows what a winner it is, but we had It lira! on the Amiga, and now we've got It lor a tenner, so ner-ner-nar-ner-ner to them.

A complaint Oh alright then. The players only have a thin coloured headband to show who's on which team. Since everything's whipping ■bout at such ■ pace. It s hard to set which ara your guys, which gets a bit annoying. Other than that. It's one ol the tlp-toppest games ol all time.



Compatible with the A600 and A12O0 lor Ihe tlrat lime, it's lootball with an attitude and a body couni, and the kind of thing programmers should come up with more often.

Game: Lotus Trilogy Publisher: Gremlin Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

Will. H't absolutely unlikely that you don I own ona of (he Lotus games. It you don't, wall, hera a your chanca to find out what wa wara shouting about. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge la not tha moat raallallc driving game In tha world. But It waa definitely tha moat tun at tha time ol Ita ralaaaa. aapaclally whan played agalnat a human opponent utllialng tha now lamillar aplit-acraan diaplay.

You'll gat uaad to the couraea altar a while, plua tha computer-controlled cara ara a bit dull, following a fairly predictable taft-lo-rlght. right-to-left drifting pattern. Navarthalaaa, they're uaaful In a two-player raca aa they Inevitably obalrucl the leading car and give the other player a much-needed    THE BO

chance to catch up.    Lota of top tier

Later couraea make It vital    Interaalingly. It

lo vlalt the pita for fuel. Tactlca    objective comp

and judgement come In hera.    gamaa In one fi

You've got to guaaa how much    hot one ol thea

fuel lo taka on to aea you through    will work on an

tha laat lap or couple ol lapa. Get


Lota of top raca action lo be had. Interaalingly. It lata you taka an objective comparison of all three gamaa In one fall swoop. - - _ Not one ol thesa gamaa U *1 — will work on an A1200. CU =

it wrong, you'll run out of fual In front of the winning poet. Gripping stuff Indaad.

Lotus 2 promised to better than tha original and dldn I quits deliver the goods. Instead of racing on courses, you raced over atagaa. Human opponents could ba lall twiddling their thumbs If they didn't pass tha stage markers, which look a bit of lha tun out of racing. Tha sound wasn't aa good aa lha original. Craahaa Into barriars at tha aide uat didn't happen. It waa loo aaay to complete every course In ona sitting, apart from maybe tha taal one. But the ability to choose the control malhod and lha Inclusion of a aerial link option wara vary welcome.

Last and by all means least la Lotus Turbo Challenge 1 Ballad on to tha main game engine waa a course designer which, theoretically, could craala thousands of different courses. Somehow though, this version doean I manage to be aa good aa either ol Ita predecessors.

So there you go, Lotuses 1 rOM LINE and 2 are both available on tion lo ba had.    budget If you missed them

i you taka an    first time around and are

ion of all three looking for soma antartalnlng

twoop. _ raca games, this pack is very

amaa    □ *1 =    good value. If you already own

200.    Q/ S    any of the titles, give It a miss.

'    “    • STEVE MCGILL


Game: Street Fighter 2 Publisher: Kixx XL Price: £14.99 Release: Out now

,tv . >,.





Come on If you think you're hard enough -Street Fighter 2 la back and It's cheaper than ever before. It a made international stars of tha contestants: Eddy Honda.


Game: Black Crypt Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £12 99 Release: Out now

Maalok. Lolhar. Estoroth and KaoliC With names like that in the introduction and a title like Black Crypt, you know axactty what lo expect Take every cliche from every MidcAe Earth fantasy and put them into a bag pita, mix well and develop into a first-person dungeon exploration game and this is what you get

Black Crypt is basically Dungeon Master redone -again, with lha same son ol interface, all mouse-coniroiled You know the score your chaps clump around a dungeon collecting conveniently-lett-about equipment, and clobbering anything that gels r the way You gel a tighter, a dene, a druid, and a magic-user Acts ol violence on the locals earn experience Gam enough and your characters abilities go up a leval and you ara able lo inllict more damage in more interesting ways

The dungeon ts crammed with the usual kit levers to pull, magic lorce-heids to dispel, scrok lo read, sliding wails to discover, hordes ol gibbenng inhabitants to pacify and tar foe many teleports for my liking, it's a straight bash through the 28 levels to the end Them's even a duebook at the back of the manual Wei. not so much clues, more ol a oomplel solution 11 you get stuck, it's tempting lo cheat, but nothing spoils an RPG more than knowing what's around the rexi corner

Block Crypt somehow lacks atmosphere. It's easy 10 gel into and plays well, but it's all a bit lormuiaic Tha graphics and sound aia wen up to the ob without being exceptional Certain sad individuals who while away the early hours trapped m the bowels ol the earth grappling with spell books are going to lave it The rest ol us will probably (ust like it quite a bit • CHRIS LLOYD


By the vorpal (word of Kevin! Thla la Indeed a mighty queaf into the deplht of the Middle Earth Role Player Game dungeon. It doea what many have done before and    makes

no ilgniflcanf    _ _    _

Improvement. Still pretty    I 1    ■■

groovy though.         ~

Chun U. and jot course) Ken. bouncing beck after lhat meaty divorce from Sindy. The formula la simple. Pick a character, fly to an exotic pari ol the world and try not to gat your head kicked in.

Real violence la a thoroughly tad business, and conversely beat-'em-up gamaa are strangely good tun. You can’t help leellng a certain aalitlacflon at landing a good head-butt Theta are eight characters, each wtth various fighting moves and special moves. These require soma dextrous (If not mar-impossible] joystick work. Of course, the Amiga-controlled opponent has no auch problems

Tha iprllaa ara big and varied, but there aren't enough frames to give any smoothness lo the moves. Ona second your character la standing still, the next thing they're it lull stretch. Nevertheless, this gams Is going to givs your joystick an Intensive work-out. In the heat of battla It s easy to Hart wrenching the thing about, dasparataly trying lo connect your loot with your opponent'* haad. You hava been warned.

Two-player mode la whera It's at. two flnaly tunad athletes poised over their chosen control methods in a battle ol wiu. strategy and skill. Wall, n would be. It the response wasn't so sluggish. At times luck seems to play aa targe a part In landing a good bone-cruncher a* skill does.

Aa baat-'em-upt go Street Fighter 2 laavas a lot lo be desired It may be world famous, but it’s only good (or ■


waggls. Sava your taal lighting tor tomalhlng a little mare controllable. • CHRIS LLOYD


Slow, erky. difficult to control, and getting the special moves lo work can be frustration city. It's rsasonsbly good tun    ,

thwacking your friends in lw I — two-player mode, though. Uli
















Would you trust someone who puts Calamity Jane in his top 10 all-time films to review PD Strangely, AMIGA POWER does. But they refuse to publish something like. ‘Dave Golder gets whip-cracking away on the latest batch of PD’ for fear of losing credibility. It’s all very sad, really.





does it movt balls around weirdly-shaped rooms In an attampi lo gal two at the aama colour naxt to each other. at which polnl they vanish.

It's all vary much Ilka tha classic gama Bulkionf (so a Inand with a CPC - don't laugh - Informs ma). Tha concept Is slmpla .rough, but It's far from simple lo play. Tha balls ara always arrangad In such a way that ona falsa mova maans you rs compiataly stuck - if a ball andt up on a wall, you can't gat bahlnd It to push It out; If It tnds up In a comar, It can’t mova at all

Tha execution of tha gama It lop rata Tha controls ara logical and retponsiva, tha graphics ara pollthad (but don't stray Into whai-lha-hairt-golng-on-flathy-damo-affacts tannery) and tha puzzlaa hava baan Ingeniously worked out. My only grlpa It that It does gat a bit too hard too quickly. But that might ba because I'm thick.




with, 'smoke ma a kipper' and 'wa'll always hava parrots’ rafarsncss - don't you just hale tha way Rad Dwarf tans speak in quotallont from tha series

In fact. I'm not sura why this Is called PotymorlaI all. Things explode and vanish, sura, but they don't 'mod' Tha main character looks Ilka he should, but ha doesn't. All ha

Calm down. Rad Dwad fans. This gama has nothing to da with lha classic Rad Dwad episode Non-Red Dwad fans can calm down too. safe In tha knowledge they're not going to hava to suffer a review packed

Nastalglum    you fly along you have to

PD    avoid crashing Into other

PD Soft/NBS    ships, shoot any enemies

that tty your way and

I taka It this game Is called bomb buildings for axtra NoaUlglum because it Is fuel (I never did supposed to evoke    understand the logic

memodes of those simple bahlnd that), but classic shoot-'em-upa    Tha basic concapt is

□ I yasleryear - Defender,    sound enough, and many

Scramble. Phoenix. Wall It great games hava bean does. If makes you wish based on it. This Isn't one you wara playing them of tham. It s not awful, but Instead of this plla of    it's gaffing on that way.

staamlng sports socks. Trite graphics, dull You pilot a ship along anamias and repetitive a horizontally-scrolling action all add to the screen. Wall whan I say boredom factor, pilot, I use lha word

reservedly Vou can go up VERDICT: Gat Caffeine and down, but that's If. As Free DM instead. ••


VERDICT: This gama Is guilty. MTud. I'm no) sura what ot. but I've always wanted to use that line In this verdict, and as this is my penultlmats column. I thought I'd beifsr while I had tha chance.    **e*






survive tha first shootout you gat soma more money to buy a batter gun. And so on.

Tha main problem la that your targets are so imall and tha graphlca so grainy It's hard to spot tham Immediataly. In fact, I wasn t Impressed by tha graphics at all. They've had some effort put Into tham. sura, but they just don't suit tha gama.

it's also so difficult, you get bored with H Very quickly.

Anyone remember tha puzzle gama Mastermind That was ths ona that had nothing lo do with tha television series (except lor the alight hint of a black chair on tha packaging)

H was a memory gama In which player A placed lour colour pegs bahlnd a little

screen to form s secret coda which player B had lo crack. Player B would place lour pegs on the board, and Plsyar A would then tall him how many of those pegs ware tha right colour, bul In tha wrong place, and how many were tha right colour and In tha tame

bored, because Player B was taking such a long lima, and would nip out to make s cuppa at which polnl Plsyar B sneaked a look at lha secret coda. Player A would coma back Into tha room at this precise moment to ask where tha sugar was kept, sea Player B cheating, and kick his head In.

This computer version Is a pegs In lha lol satar. because tha computer coda. From is Plsyar A and it doaan t gat this Plsyar 8 bored. Actually tha gama Is would attampi    brilliantly suited for

to deduce the    computerisation, and Megim/nd

correct code. la a vary good version, with Playar A    soma vary slick presentation,


would gat vary VERDICT: This Is a... beep.

heap, beep - I'va started ao I'll CaSt-cuckis,    llnlsh. .. pretty damn good

cMnSMieai    puzzle gama    ***

Shoot-'Em-Baddles Sharowar* C6 NBS

H aftar Zombb*. ail othar mouaa-controlled shooting gsllary style programs saam a bit tame, than Shoof-'Em-6sdrfies I* positively house-trained.

It s not bad, but I wouldn't use the word exciting in its vicinity either.

Tha format Is that you start off with enough monay lo buy ■ fairly basic gun, and then If you



» mm

n mm - fi mm 8i mmm ss mm


VERDICT: There ara some much better shooting-gallery style games around. Check out Zombies for a atari. * *


i w _ —J




.....] 11 j

_1_J_ _JH


Shareware Cnot specified NBS

Nikf. Wt're    raw U drda

I'm not ivaru to the odd moan about shareware. I allll reckon lhal too many people uHltaia way ol making a taat buck from aub-atandard game*. But whan II producai a game Ilka Toobz. which la of commercial quality (albeit budget commercial Stuff) but doesn't have a price tag to match, you've got to admit that lharaware ii a concept worth having around Okay. I'll admit It. I loved Toobz. It'* a auperb, laat-paced puzzler in which you have to guide balla around networks ol tubei to the exit tile*. You have to get a certain number ol balls to the exits lo complata a level and there are complications, the most Important ol which Is that only balls that go through the correct exits count - red balls have to go through red exits, yellow balls through yellow exits, etc. And when a ball goes through the correct exit, the colour ol that exits changes

And thal a only the start ol your problems. The Intersections In the pipe networks can be rotated to make the balls go In dltlerent direction, and you have to try and switch these around with split second timing. And there are loads ol other tiles with various aftecls lhal have lo be taken Into account, mast annoyingly the one lhal changes the colour ol all the balls.

shoot them down, you get extra bullets What complicates matters though, Is that little paratroopers tall Irom them. II the para s reach the ground they dump their parachutes and start attacking your gun turret. Whan there are enough ol them to overwhelm your delances, than the war's over lor you, bud.

Look. I'm sorry. This game reeks ol conversion ol the 6-bit classic' but I can't remember the darned game 11 It is. Somber in reverse is about the bast I can come up with.

You have a swivelable gun tunet at the bottom ot the screen and a number ol bullets. Aircraft tty overhead It you

VERDICT: A shoot-'em-up that's fun lor a while, but woefully repetitive.    a a

VERDICT: Ah, this Is the bit where I have lo say soma more. Right, wall ii you like Pipemanla and Painter, you'll love this (cliches'r’us).    aaae

Caffetlne Frew Di«t



Woodrool. has actually gone back and Improved the graphics He's also added a difficulty option. What a splandln man he la.

Why am I bothering to mention this Er. well. I forgot to mention last time that the game Is only available direct tram Matthew hlmselt (silly me. Ml forget my own, er.. Ihlngy soon), and It costs £3.50 (£6.50 II you want the AMOS source code as well). For your dosh you also get a

It you want to do a classic-style PD shoot- em-up. then taka a look at CFD - h gats the formula  usl right. It does a darned fine Imitation ol Scramble-style blaster and adds a little gimmick ol Its own. In this case the gimmick is that whan your ship Hies up or down It doesn't remain horizontal - n's nose raises or dips.

Okay, it's a pretty pointless gimmick, but It does give the game that little extra bil ol character. Apart from that it's all the usual horizontal scrolling, enemies that attack In Increasing complex waves and power-ups. Your ship Is also affected by gravity, which takas aitra piloting skill, and when enemies hll you It saps your energy as

opposd to killing you outright Okay, it's about as original as an episode of Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, but trankly, I don't cere. It's fast it's lun and It's relatively bug-free.

d> couple of Httle lines from this generous gentleman, which can't be bad (wall it could be but I'm not paid lo review zines -1 know my rights).

So for a slice of this fine puzzling action send your cheques (made payable to M Wood roof) to:

276 Priests Lana, Shanfield,

Brentwood. Essex CM15 BLD.

VERDICT: Not the greatest game you'll aver play, and about as Intellectually stimulating as a Carry On movie, but what the hell It's a decent ahool-'em-up that's well worth a blast. And that's what we like at AMIGA POWER, yesslrree    see*

Free Willy

Blimey, somebody actually listened lo me. I reviewed a game called Willy * Humungous Adventure back In issue 33. said some nice things about Ii and gave It a decant mark. One of the things that I did criticise however was the lack ol variety In the graphics. Guass what The author, Matthew

Contact Iddrsaaas PD Soft. 1 Bryant Avarua. Southandor-Sea. Essex SSI 2Y0 Tel: 0702 4MS33 NBS. 1 Chain Lane. Newport. Isle ol Wight PO30 SQA. Tel: 0SS3 52S5M


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Amiga Power Issue 35 1994 mar Cover

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