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Game: Lords Of Chaos Publisher: Buzz Price: £9 99 Release: Out Now This came m the office ai the same time as Lasar Squad (see next page I. trom the same people and by ihe same programmer, and d you whack it in the Amiga and play it. it s easy to see the svnlanties Both games use an action pant system lor moving characters, both are combal based and both can be played as one- or multi player games Lords Ol Chaos takes a fantasy theme though, pulling you in the role of a wizard who has 1 LASER SQUAD Qamt: Laser Squad Publisher: Buzz Price: £9.99 Releeae: Out Now ne olihe real joy* at (hit job l( being pounced on and mugged by brilliant budget gamei whose existence I wasn't previously sware of. Take Laser Squad tar example - after sn hour of «*'' playing It I was totally hooked and shouting "Look at this Stu. check this out Steve" across the office. Being old A timers In the Amiga scene, they just V glanced over my shoulder and went tTOr. "Oh. Laser Squad Top game, that."

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Amiga Power Issue 34 1994 fev Cover



5°°/ 5e

oemo 0



ni,7n n°,h,n


Also reviewed in this issue: F1, Skidmarks, Fury of the Furries, Bubba n'Stix,Star Trek, Campaign 2, Civilisation AGA and loads more! It's almost too exciting to be

\    true!


V'ooon, Snd lors0, °"»r *Pev<ty Word* art




,na gam*




IV Some good news about the CD32! Who d have thought it, eh

DfPUTV tonoR Stuart CamplMlI

production tone*

Slav* Fififhtf

STAfTWRTTUtS Cam Wimtanlay Slav* McGill

ART EDITOR Sal Maddingf


AO MANAGER Gall Blanco*


grow pscoucion manager

Judith Middloton

proouctxw controller Clair* Thomat


production control assistant Mafin Doola

PAPER CONTROLLER Fiona Daana ADUN ASSISTANT Suiarnah Arfalo-Sparlaif


Mach*ll* Trawavat

LKLMG LtSONE Fay* Dunaway


Colin Th* Publiihar





CONTSeuTORT Joaatfwan Dawn. Rich hit) Dm Colder, Sion Fardy. Jonathan Nath. Damian Noonan, and OM> AAdarron hum la* mnwh - tarry, OM*.

LNO*SCAP *rG Srman CfcKandan. Jaa Ilona Cm Slockar. Sonar Wlndtor. Jaaan Tdoy Mart Cover

0MRCX3T Cranli Compiaoii

PHOTO , Rob Scad. PMa Canna* and WvVar tha PC Camar hamaiar


I w Yes. we know it s the February issue, but here s the Christmas No.l.


I O Another truncated previews section this month, but hey, who actually likes previews anyway Not us. mateys.


3 M How good a deal does it have to be before you get the message and do it

Domark save money on box Ink with the year's top racer.

Page 30


You know how we said "These are ust early preview shots...-'


v O Steve McGill takes you through the game that's closest to his heart (Seek And Destroy), plus all the usual old rubbish.


These, si case you ve been a bit confused, are our readers' classified ads pages. You can buy stuff, sell stuff, get married, anything you like, really.


O Don't get left behind - 0in the Amiga users of the 90s with one of these lovely stateof the-art consoles, courtesy of Psygnosis. And AMIGA POWER, obviously.


Cam, it's got tanka in It. you this. Cam What * wrong. C


OU And of course, if you do win one, you’ll want to keep up on happenings with our regular CD32 update pages. Yes.


O W Every single letter printed this month wins a free game! Don t you wish you'd go! up off your bum and written one


I Captain Dave Golder brings you the very best free Christmas presents that you can get for your Amiga

fury of thi FURRIES

Yeah, alright, so It doesn't look like a classic...


Amgi Power, future PubfeJwi lid.

30 MonmouBi Street. BiCiBAI 2BW Tet 0225 442244 Fax 0225 446019


Cary Cowl, Somenon. Somerset TA11 6TB Tel 0458 74011



i Yes. we know, it's unbelieveable. but this is STILL a complete guide to every full-pnce Amiga game released in the last year. How do we do it’ God knows.



7II Incomplete collections of AMIGA POWER No thanks. Don't believe in em.

After all this time, we re st///the only magazine that brings you a dedicated CD32 section Read it. on pages 80-81.


70 A brand new feature, in which we take you on holiday to some of the finest vacation destinations the Amiga's got to offer Sun, sea. sand and second disk drive recognition - we've got 'em all.


This better not have a picture of Second Samurai above it

Page 48

A nmtar cd Ba Au* luu al CrcUjr. •* i St*mr»d ct: 4 x 54,182

la" -    1993


MAO PQROi m mi » ue - Com he. Ml ttilRKftaMMlOT

Future Publishing 1994


STUART WOULD AJST LIKE TO SAY: r* a**». rvn am,. t« mv, Sum do I nan Irw*    CAM WOULD JUST UXE TO SAY:    *M <wM

SAL WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: T m codd boM* he ol ram* dm idbu»»'    USA WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY:    Ihaw warn «**»<*» i4

OYER 300


Achat Of Emplra F-29 Hatallator -

Latar Squad--

Lords Of Chaos-

Silly Putty-

Spaca Crusade -




Campaign 2——————36

Chaoc Englna 1200 —74

Clviliaation 1200--75

Cool Spot-26

Dannli .—46

Fatman .... 72

Fatman 1200————73

Fury Of Tha Furrlac-42

Qlobal Domination-70

Qobllnc 3 ...—44

Lamborghini Am. Chat. <68

Simon Tha Sorcaror.....48

Skldmarkc----------- 40


Star Trak .————38





he beat game starring a stick ve evar seen.

Page 34

It'i getting worse. We're not even exactly cure whan tha Uarch Issue of AMIGA POWER S supposed to come out now, far lass whan It actually wHI But we reckon the    i

17th of February Is the most likely A date, so start queueing jM around then. Probably,


Alfred Chlckan--------98

Arabian Nights-------98

Castlas 2------98

John Barnes Football    —98

Nlgal Mansell s ate-----99


Black Dawn ——


Flngus Tha Fungus*

High Octane---

Kung Fu Charlies — Madflghtars 1200— Special Hypardrlva-




120 120 119 119



Steve, this one's got a bit ot smutty title, you'll love It. Etc.

Page 40


Alright, It looks like a load ol utter drivel. But - oh. I see.

Page 46



Well, it was great while ft lasted, but it's not Christmas anymore so back to two disks we go. But despair not, for they're a pretty spanking pair. We've got the biggest platformer of the year, and one at our favourite driving games ot all time, and. well, lots more. Load 'em up, why doncha


Not satisfied Mt oar unln Int-Nfi mnie— al ttili lUitu] oa paja SAT Waal la ui h la actio* lor yoarsaM before you rath oM and make aa nalalor—ad jndpnmeel nib yoar Ckrlstmas money Well, ao— you can, —Mh IMi slonklnp yreal demo. We re too Uod-




We loned H before (when It won Out Can J), and me lonn N nnna morn no— that H i jot n t-o-plnynr modn as —all. Play onr top ooe- or two-player dean levels aad thee you can lone h too

Tke best PD fame —e'ne seen In aytt --n liknd H so muck. In Inct, —n na nnnn derided to (orpine M lor belay n cute pletlormar. Lends nplnnty Were, pun.


6 Oh no! Arc you sure Before you go sny further, try the procedures described In the panel over tha page. II, attar ill that, you do have disk problems, simply place H In an anvelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory latter, and return H NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 34. DlsCopy Labs. PO Box 21. Davantry NN11 5BU. Send H to us. and wa ll Insult your grandmother.





• Vou n only got 512K of memory on your Amiga Blimay. that1* a bit stupid, lent it Go and buy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

• To load any of tha garnet, all you have to do la switch oft your machine. Insert tha disk, and switch your machine back on again.

• An options manu will appear. Simply lollow tha Instructions to load the game of your choles.

• Just to be on tha sale side, though, tha on-screen instructions say that you should press the appropriate lunctlon key to make your salection.

• You'll have to resal your machine In order to play one of tha other demos. When you do so, simply lollow tha Instructions above.

• Remember to keep tha disk you ate playing your game from in the drive at all limes. And remember -switching the machine off lor 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

• Haves good lime.


• Are you sure

• Try all that stuff again, making aura you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not like', such as external drives.

• If your disk falls to load, then pop It In a padded envelope, along with a latter explaining the problem and an SAE. to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 34 Returns

DlsCopy Labs

PO Box 21



• We re really hoping that you're reading this bit. because It's quite Important: please don't sand your disks to us at tha AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how to fix dodgy disks, and we'll just throw 'em straight In the bln. So send them to Dlscopy. Please.

COOL SPOT Authors: Virgin

The hosl bounds into view, compiele with lake smile and even laker lan Come lo think ol it. his hair's a hi suspect loo. and one ol his ayes has a duller lusire man the olher Hmm. he's kmpmg as wen almost as i! no, I couldn't be Bui anyway Mr Smarmy:

He ee ee lUilloooooooo'

And welcome to pan two ol Jeopardy, the show where we give the answers and YOU ask the questions In ihe piayofl we've gol Artemis Colon Artemis Hello

Mr Smarmy playing against Marty Paraniheses Marty Hi Smarmy1

Mr Smarmy Lei's gel right lo answer number one. I am a small red dot with thin arms and legs I am only an mch high, but

If yea fitppad ea hie, areaM h« flaltaa owl llha a •eft wiaayaw, or weald ha bam aiatiltyf

am siili a hero I wear sunglasses even though I have no eyes, and I earn my Irving by beng part ol a soil drink logo. (Buzz1] Artemis

Anemis Er. what rs Cool Spci’

Mr Smarmy Correct-o-mundo1 Number two. by throwing tizzy bubbles. I can attack crabs, insects and even boxer short weanng

crustaceans. I can lire in any direction, although when I lire up. I also jump ai Ihe same lime (Buzz1) Over lo you Marty Matty The question to lhat is haw does Cool Spol detend himselP'

Mr Smarmy: Spol on. Marty' (The aurfcenoe laughs al this clever and sophisticated wordplay) Number three. I must coiled enough small red spols lo gel the message Find the Cage' lo appear At this pomi I can Imd where my captive

Crab earn I ilf ropti of Hull* laiylh rf yoo wall la llva aad flay cool. It baatf walkiaj iloa] rha baarh aad faallag Iba yriri aadaraaath yoar fc«1 Thaa turn roaad lo taa all lha oafoohari looklaj oa.

(Wharf • Id)


Authors Titus

As we come back after the break, we see a startled lechraaan taping on Smarmy's wig He humes oh. teawng the id of tape dangling Irom the side of Smarmy * head, where it stays lor Ihe rest ol the show. Professional lo the last. Smarmy acts as if nothing has happened

Tha ataw rhfar Wa raanaa yoa caa larawb PH W

!• a>_ Vait

,y. ttti

tool Spot lui ku own Iktomti oboiri kolplof •tit 111* kom«k ftl

trlnp kadi tkc jlori kap ol Otpa Kaftiil, doom ! HI Th* parallal dock cJulra

trend is and shoot the lock off, treeing him It I find the spot with a V on it. it s worth sever normal spots iBuzz1) Marty agam Marty What is the aim ot Cool Spot

Mr Smarmy You're right again' Now then Artemis, lo stay m the running, you've got to get this one right II languages represent reality there has to be something r common between I he sentence and Bie state ol altam This common structure m that sentences are pictures ol possible lads (Buz*!) Yes. Artemis, over to you

Anemi-:. What is the picture theory ol meaning, as ta>d down ci Wittgenstein's Tractalus logco Phiiisophicus

Mr Smarmy That makes the scores equal1 Join us after the break as we go onto the lust Ol Ibe head-to-head playoff contests Catch you m 90 seconds'

As he enthusiastically waves, first one. then both ol Smarmy's arms fall off and datier to the ground, quckty followed by his legs, wig head and tan It's no< a pretty sight

winiiepMi amid

And other cool uwflivy infills* 'Ant SO lo thow hew I Mil lonnf w* nt *1


k UllK t



left yo cutties now, iMiyknAfi

GORF Author: Kev

Gallagher Quick (ire round Mr Smarmy Whal AMIGA POWER cover <ksk game has Kev previously written'

Artemis Space Invasion. issue 32.

Mr Smarmy. Correct Whai arcade classic is Gort based on’

Marty Gorl

Mr Smarmy Coned What's pradically the only thing missing lorm the varied and tun shoot 'em up that was m the oognaP

Aneme The spooky laugh and the voce that said things kke Too bad. space cade''

Mr Smarmy: Correct Now think quickly Marty You need to get the one to gel thiough to round three what do you use to hte ci the game’

Marty Erm. the lire button’

Mr Smarmy Thai's tl1 Ha's done it1 Smarmy throws up he hands in delight, which sad majestically mlo the overhead lighting ng, btowwg a few ol the spotlights and knocking an electnoan unconscious In a 'spontaneous' move, the crowd goes into a skek Mexican Wave routine, lolowed by danong m the aisles Commercial break time

Mr Smarmy: Heeeeelllloooooo< And welcome back to the show Round one pul Artemis and Marty neck and neck, and now it's lime to go head to head Even as we speak, our two lucky readers are bang strapped into matching Lamborghims prepared and supplied by Titus Software It you want the lull kwdown on these sultry she-beasts ol the tarmac jungle, then zap your way over to page 68 Now then are you ready, people’

Artemis: I am Many Yo!

Mr Smarmy Faaaan-tashc1 And are you both sure whal you have to do

Artemis and Marty: Yes Smarmy, we've got to race as last as we can along this course, keeping damage to a minimum by avoidrq crashing do other cars Obviously, wave got to try and win Mr Smarmy So what are you wailing lot Away you go. and the first peison to pass lovely Suki and hei checkered flag goes do the Big Bucks Bonus round' Smarmy smites. Sutu pouts, and the contestants set off on then high speed race to lame and glory. More commercials Iptow.

(NOTE LAC is not fond ot mice -joystick only on this onef)

M« mif kl oafy kjv« flick l«j«, bul k« iki cjr walk with ik«a.

him wkII.


Author: Savid Parsanl

As a tow truck pu*$ a t«ns*j sports car away ham s io*rt*-o<J tree and an amOAanc* teaves the scene Smarmy leers piokataonaty at ma camera Mr Smarmy Wed Adam*, yoa wiper o' drvng a&Mes* mean nat you re through to the oe*ee»ey spaoaf pt*y o» m Xf*. but before mat a word from w sponsors Ramamber wnen we f,<W ni. taa «■■■ id cans an ycia tM games’ TUul. fhai a aaecSv arn anlarpnamg young Oa>«t kiiwvi Hu dkra IS i a wdrarhA eneertj peefotm * whaie you «ap tningv and aver laacuo pertBina i> h* gra *aerr<» a &: raludim :u oad tad hammer tea trasaflsa.a lew times, arc a you vke the game Gam ■ ncVided M deka« of how tc- get ma is varsen Wei. Me© senpng us those games, and k«ep on n WcfangusoiwyeeaA Z+**"'9*9* Gao dudes and

dudaaea. l love you a*





Game: Universe Publisher: Core Authors: See below ETA: February

Brlally: Hete s a game about something I can relate to paralet dimensions I tar one have been forced to put brown parcel tape across all the mirrors in my Hal to prevent me troth inadvertantly plunging into an alternative reality, but m Core s new pomt-and-clK* adventure game Universe, young Bons Verne has forgotten h«s dimensional salety code ol Think once, think twice think don't sit on a chair before checking that it isn't a device designed to propel you across the mlirvie vo ds ol the space-lime contnuum '

Jim It would be nee to do a CD32 version with CD-quality sound and extra animations, but we expect ditficUbes with the save game because ot consoles being read-only memory

Sfu We could incorporate a save game point or perhaps rely on an external floppy dnve. but that's something many people won't have


The game blurb boails a special colour system - what's that alt about, and won t It slow the game down Does this mean that there won I be any need lor an A1200 version

Gary The SPAC (Super Pie-Ad usled Colour) system ml be able to d. splay up lo 256 colours on a standard A500, with no loss ol speed. The only limit it has is that an the extra work on con vo ring and re-louchmg the backgrounds fcmits the somber ol colours which are available lor the main sprites

Who are you all, and what do you do

Rolf Mo (Roll Mohr - story, game design and painted backgrounds)

Gary Me (Gary

Antd.-he -programme:;

Slu And me (Stuart Atkinson -graph*: artist)

Jim Me too (Gary Jim' Bottomley-Mason - graphic artist and game design)

As I understand it. Curse Of Enchantia featured painted backgrounds - Is It the same lor Universe Does this mean the artists have es much Input into Ihe game as the writers, or are

□ When's the game coming out

And do you have any plant lo do it (or Ihe CD32

Gary l dunno, it’s meant (or leiease early 94. and as lor the CD32 possibly

they merely minions catering to the writers' bizarre whims

Rdf Yes You can t teach an old dog new tncks (Jim Because he definitely IS old)

I m painting and scanrxng in the backgrounds as in Enchanta. and also mcludmg some stuff that I did ages ago There s the occasional scene, animaled backgrounds lor arcade-style sequences and that sort ol thing, that are rendered on

a 30 package by Stuart

Jim Me and Rod are the wnters. and

therefore we are our own meltons'

Rod Yes we cater to each other's whims which bats down to us arguing a tat

□ Is the story line going to be as silly and irreverent as Curse Of Enchanlia'I What's the stupidest situation that young Boris ends up In

Roll In the first place. Universe isn't actually a sequel to Enchantia. but at the start ol development it got dubbed Enchantia 2 lor practical reasons I came up witn the original siory a while ago. which was intended as a him idea, and then after Enchantia I started reworking it into a playable game concent

It was futiaily intended lo be a tairty senous space fantasy story, but then Jim came along and changed alt that (Jim it’s true1) and there was going to be tats ol achon m it. but when we got to producing it. we found the best idea was to build on Ihe expenence trom our hrsl game and stick with the poet and ctick lormat Jim There's plenty ol humour in the game, but it's there as come; relief It was never intended to be as Silly as Enchanti Stu. One of the dalles! situations Bons gets mio a when he's inadvertently shoved mlo a vent and his remains are spal out

□ To what degree will the game mechanics affect the gameplay

Rott: Universe has been very efficiently programmed in that respect, and Gary's

«4 ln«A a Steal Skj paiaaad XieXiifi la ueb eaiaiuda] cfWcl, M tarn aab alia Ikal coapalai fcackyraaada wet iaai ba a Ata) e4 W< paat.



Jim The base storyline a    WT7

already wnDen in the onginai    1

scrips' but we then si down as Wmr

a group and work out each

ttock of the game m dolaii.

trying to come up with satisfying 139

puzzles to add depth and link

up with me story Most ot ouf

time a spent arguing about how

to actually makes the puzzles work with

the game interlace, in order to avoid

conflicts ol to c

Gary Theta's also tights between me and the artists when they want loads ol animation Irames and I'm

managed to cut down disk swapping to an absolute minimum The baring time's mass taster than Enchantia. and it should alia M onto less risks than Enchants Gary I use my own disk format which speeds up loading considerably as wall as being urtcopyable by conventional means HO msubble’ Waif

sod see On    « Jr )    j

machmeswt*t    :,fg

extra memory lhu‘11 ~ '4f i * AI

Da used lo butter risk

Mm. cutting down disk

accessing further, so game mechanes Mil

have very little eHect on playability

burdsn on thaw minds by jumping min their very own alternative reality Jim We basically lock Holt m a room to get on with his artirushing and leave Stu to rat ia to the smoking room Stu So the tact mat we re an actuaty telepalhe comes n reety rather handy

Rod Probably the Skywaiker Ranch. San Ratiel. Cakkama.

Verdict an tar: Well, it looks like they ve only gone and got it al sab tor me Flippn' uppity programme's m the good old deye. they knew how lo ban* all the writing to the writers Srvtl. I tael anmehcw redundant • ROLF. GARY. STU AND JIU.


   " lorced to convince them lo cut it

down so it'll actually run on an A500 Roll After the scenes are thought up. me and Jan go over the dialogue and refine the tail Jim adds a lot ot his unique brand ot humour, whch appears in hts sprites, and I thrik goes a long way to making the game enjoyable and Ireaky Stu Gary and Jm down the pub every Friday lunchtime, not so much to thrash out game ideas, but more to ease the

r -1 What would be your Ideal parallel L J universe lo get trapped In

Gary Booze beer, babes, booze, beer, babes more bee', babes booze have I left anything ouP Jan Booze, booze, beer booze Freedom' Beer. Oh. I left out babes Stu Bee' babes

r~2 How do you come up with the r A story lines Is It all formal, with you all titling round discussing ideas, or do you lock yourselves (or each other) In a small room until you come up with something tunny

Cane Ot farkaada laws wtl kava aallcrri Ida I aa wall ai all at III iiaadard palai-aad cikk itaM, tfcaiai alia plaaq ot akkWIaa.l m itatf. Lida Mb, whaiaiir tkk ll.

Ufl: Tka waia cdaradax at tarli a ariaaih raiatcawad fiaai vtdaa aaigti at flat tuljaii KaN aaolif araaat.

Bataan Nar aaly Waal Aa dunctti Ban malntJcally, kai kai alia Ml tcaHay, ia lailaarl at odkat ia • tU< ptaaa, k* caa atava ia aad aal at Ida taaaary.























So la*. were 901 len d.«o*mil types O1 scenery on a p.anet wh*-n has now become a pnton !o you* character What about the inhabitants c! mo planet■V.vSfcs Typos 0! c-ealmo niiaoii tne plane: - some will help you. most will d**&rK!r-:y no*"

1r,p:c .1* In-;' tytses O' Creature An raate Pr. -irs Eatatorrostrials and CybOr S Cop*-    -nsnncrs jr,<2

cseatu-es rs a probable course ol act on 1 would ten ,-cu aecut (or nave !*W P nj5.«'iyii«ss »• W*. about. more like) :*.p PttSi-pi*y'.r- ■Tnfir.-n unvi- up fc-jf players c-tu 'aVe part C: me Jimp U“!rdunatc doc !r urti-.-JSSuen

orcoinstances, is nr,- ln« 901 los1 m cyto:space. • can: -j*> into ( on unow. ■al yOu car, Cp; to CO-OpstfOir- win ,Ou' chum* r: try to tatt eacn air.*.- '.Vfikkeve> y*u

cfiodSc 10 do ur*y ore

uki (M UiMy. a Mi

■ 1    >»■»«■ HI Wraiw

o'lpcdy Wnat s tno Ptet u-n"’ Wet cpjjatortty you've got to escape Iryn a pic.-ic: Sounds    -on :-« a w ot

ten.w- 'z be rej- atod '    has .1 sps-nacL+fi;

(A.-, at -.t fip;c sepl ng nv«J thr*5 aqua':' iro i*n sreskn! v.r.nr ■ Ten

m&t« sceatraes1 Oh f rr than (on at ,>m: the,- are tree

"It Equ.ilovof 25 Ju-igw 3i Sicsth Amenc.tr r -'esi • ,- S;-7*p Canyon $ « Crec- 6 E«*,:o:cc‘‘-i,val r\ lS “Jeiy-‘d*-»t r»a».*.jrs 8) Pothoiing 9) Lu.'.ai voMw-o 10) Gi.rve,*a ’

Why an odd sc— h

w"'"' Animav >< jtlhal

Phew floesn'sound so “vjeh *-r .    i"-*.,- it BMa

.1 sort ol enn/tens :-l

yeewc ; .t a

Gama: RMaitra-od s fv Publishers: Da/' V Author*: S " ,v‘s E.T.Ai Wa-cr -.-c

Tha Craalora apaah: We r ,

been aU« to see UK oa« up -sr-d >.

yet Judging by -;    -1' 'ocAs ■ -•

cici* r~v>'-fr I3A*- j>; • rCC viss»: (r-V O rr.e floto.’s Not '..Htlirg to srecus,'" ’ •> ,wx-h I

Brlelly: rt.v j , oe everybody ‘ ; -: ■ ! t&uv.

Tr-fre can"! r-e ■n.lny <ji you An-/rt.1y iC'j’l!    J

kroj/ lioen    

-oo»'rq a' ir-.'    1

r,:    "

and asked tUc crwaiors uM wftM k Aotmon *

A    n js ai

B • " ; ■

■ tx-7 '.y » ". > :-j W hawng CCS 0* yOJl

' thp. a*o rao sna


RPG '3'ap- c.i ,

c .H.riq n< -Jw, „

moC’koUi s ritX}u r:rr, «t "-r

r<a»t aajn* peeled «o.is Mv> vautw:

wr***e tno S'lniu' j-jiyCf* harM c-j! s;

n 4t:/y".:.ji.\RPC, w»-ni.> ,,-.j t.r.J , cc-iy»',«nti y *up--sod c< or a Bfev»t ■•'--•** •jw*c .is .1 pedon

hO*Ma r.tvr* You iue

equeped o- *,-t-1 a '-•»>«' tot. wtach nctudas rwiy madonw* and tools, and a tncio<omouAar sac-.-wj to your cheat to keep you r rwed ol you* phya«io9cai abety'

Ass.- w

MiiIiMm Slw Hen ityU

(M« *ctm. «• SWr

Lafti VM'n mil Mh wM aw aa haarM caapata li*ri ta yaar cWu acral haw taa accan k


Mvv w 1

r <V> rsl vn.' v




Game: Fields Of Glory Publisher: Microprose Authors: Steve Ramsden. Wayne Smilhson, Jim Bambra ETA: April/May

Briefly: Napoieomc wars have always been a great tavounie ol tabletop wargamets. and it's easy to tee why Back in the 1800s. solders used 10 wear really neat uniforms, compile with lunny hats and bnghlly coloured lackets. so they always look great once you ve painted the little models Not only that, but mttary strategy oI the time requited the soldiers to ime n pretty tormations and ■raw towards each other slowly wMe they shot each otwrtopeces As you can imagine, this sort o< behaviour is much easier to •mutate «i a game than modem skirmish warfare, and I spoke to someone •no's done ust that  emulate H. not shoot someone 10 pieces)

The creators speak:

Steve Ramsden's the producer ot Fields Of Glory (FOG tor short) and £ m the posfcon ol coordinating WJS Design in Leeds, who are working on the Amiga version with Microprose's Jim Bambra. who wrote the original PC game He's a!so a bit ol a long term waigame Ian. but as he told me. computers have changed the lace ol the wargame scene quite considerably 'I used to piay a lot ol board wargames and tabielop banks, but these days I don't have time as the emphasis has moved towards computer simulations Back in my board wargamng days. I wrote a lot o< •irgames. including most ol the Avalon Hi! and SPI hex based games"

FOG is a real time game, so there aren't any restrictions kke game turns and tnng rounds, you just adapt to the

situation as you see it Original designer Jim Bambra putts it kke this - It's the spectacle ot seeing ranks of neatly-ordered troops that I like, and what continues to attract me to gaming with miniatures FOG had to come up with all the appeakng features of tabletop wargamng. Troops had to move and light, so top-

f .ion hw* ™*

t*"**’**'    fa* «««* **

A1iee rtrtio"

down 2D counters were no good Instead. I wanted the troop graphics to look like real sokkers weanng uniforms as accurate as we could make them'

On the PC version, al this gaming experience seems 10 have paid oft. as the game's not only extremely playable, but also mcredtty detailed. The game s entirely mouse controlled, so


changng a unit's orders is as simple as clicking on a unit and then selecting an order trom pop up menus, leaving you tree to charge your guys once mote etc the meat gender

Sieve agae Tn designing FOG. we attempted to put ihe player in the shoes ol the battlefield general We concentrated on making the game as realistic a simulation as possible, educing all the Irustratons ol managng troops n combat. The locus ■s on command at the Brigade level, and the aim was to recreate Ihe log ol war by hitting the player with a constant stream ol real lime decisions, demonstrating how easy it is to lose sight ol the plan when you're dealing with a constant stream ol local conflicts I think we achieved this aim'

As a Inal lest ot his wargamng prowess. I asked Steve what he'd have done drtletently it he'd been Napoleon at the Battle ol Waterloo To have any chance ot beating the allies Napoleon had to deleat the two armies sepaiately. because Waterloo was won by Wellington holding out ust tong enough lor the Prussians 10 amve In FOG. you can delay the

Prussians to see what etled this has Generally, the Bntish told and Napoleon gets to regroup and lace the Prussians*

Verdict so lar: Real-time battles are definitely the future ol this generaty disliked game formal - look at how awesome Dune 2 is. tor instance The A1200 version s going to took the same as these PC screenshots, and wrl retain the same artificial r.tolKgance and battle order system, so barring terrible risk accessing or speed problems, it looks like we're <1 tor another great battle sim on the Amiga





• -

Click out tt« a«U!l, pimn. Urfi kwpe Dm twiji nnln'i mt food.

takaace tn«l Dees kt) appaal tataaT    m-rz

Walk Ike ee lfy»tiaa, kaa ekaa Del leelad dn« e Itoer he) ee hli haaS.

■AC B Prns: Re*ea« mentioned jtoJjH unique power ups

Q Can you lei us on w* SB some ol thorn are

A 'Flour bags are an etfec:.' projeciil-- .rragpon Hoi Tabasco breath can loasl acy rebellious food mio submission The Wooden Spoon i - usolul lor hand to-leal combat"

Okay, lei's gel tn.s nghl. You ve got an noemy Irying lo disorp' y->jr haute ftiasuie. and you've got special A- ipons power ups

Q Whai exactly n ihe pool ol a ' irus

A The kxxl has escaped iryj must be captured fu AUmI set an examp'o ' wayward loods

■pkH B Disoterheni behaviour ewi not be tolerated by Pane nvtiter ol ,i!' - ne h':, a'l bcgu*r»"g to make sense now Whai'.-. more, I can 1st you knesr thal M it hoi lood action lakes place over <18 levete s ead sr-w*s «« countries Bui there are secret and bon»*i levels as Ai

Q Can you give us a taster on Ihe u e o' the levels and the seerctfayius !evt ts A    are approx 1.5 screens ww»

4 5 fegh and are ol varying complexity There are fare bonus ievofe; and 11 secret

Whai are you playing at Mind scape1 The headline on your press release impkes that the name ol the game is Piem Le Chet. I'm sorry that I go) it wrong lo my lax. but il wasn't my laull, okayBut hey, I'm a professional, not lei 4 atlect my judgement In tad. m a way ■':- a good thing I asked M-ndscape guile a lew questions thal were open ended enough lo enable them lo rani and rave about how

good Pierre Le.. oops B Ky Ouf to Lunch ,i The answers we got wet e surprisingly muled

Cm 01 PM Pkaruk. Ciru at Dt utilirui pUEtarmr am Mm.

Game: Out to Lunch Publishers: Mindscape Authors: see body text ETA: Feb 94

The creators speak. You get a

presi release trom Mmdscape about th>-latest plait or mnr > noi immediately obvious whai Ihe name ol Ihe game is You check 'vm Cam and Stuart and double check with ihe other Sinv- You show mem Ihe press re -LO and ask them whai they think "v name ot Ihe game <s They say Pr.-ic Le Chet arxl I say lhal's what I thought Maybe I'm just stupid, but that makes everybody vo m the office stupid by delaiil

Briefly: So mass's the point ot a preview Simple enough, realty We show yx some pics ot th* and coming 5*ev! Wifchin on shout 1 a bit and hope Ttt you've been tamai'sed enough to buy v mag in a month or two to read the hjii im» rr and see it "-f. game's worth >U vail

0 What influences are mere in fit: game1 A "W.ijwnces could inckide games like Bobbie Butbitr and Ranboar Islands ar ching cute and payable

In the game. Pierre s got a nvui Le Chet Noir Cue the next question Q Is Pierre harder than him or dec. he need to rely on cunning and stub to Out1- ' i-s enemy1

A: Le Chel Nor is a rock ha"t geezer Consequenlly. Pierre resorts to dirty


Platform Ians may be excited Or not 0 What do you think it s one quality ti mat will make it stand ou1 from fro crowd A "It's the world's first vegetarian game and it's lun too1'

B Verdict so lar: The

wnrvr . i rst vegetarian game 3B Is lhal a selling pc*n! tor you' Ko Fun, well we : wan and

f/K Bui i* looks me* But then we always say lhal W • STEVE McGILL

Mitt, ifi cald. Al Itisl il« Im4 sJMaldal j« off Oh, Il mil kn.

Ini BArim pitdaca ii ■*■*!»> tfm l«*n ippHHkf t Aim la attd of a food fjiata




January, eh It’s a bit of a rubbish month, isn’t it February’s got Valentine’s Day, March is the beginning of spring, but January  After the very start of the New Year, there’s nothing to look forward too except snow, ice, cold and misery. How do the AP team stay cheerful

* -

of spot colour on the beaks i* • sJnkmgfy post-modem counetrport to today s brash *nfl_a«er ■ayer-gansh hearty pariutnwd society Yes'



says Stum trust endearingly p*OdiCUWO contrary way of fas It * the iFi'AHalS-: •north of at which reminds me of me white-capped mountains ol home, plus when : looK out of ttv.

i of my swi-sh penlhouse flat in the morning. f I an absolutely beautiful view c! the banks of wing fog tofax; 5‘ssoss the arboreal fay zi SEES prjcu*. and sprawling Victona Park In fact the r-'ty fvrf i don't like about January :i tnat practically •wrybody I know in the whole world has tha*r birthday a January, so I've nevei gol any mo'1-

Yrh-at do you mean, stay cheerful m winter It s the summer I t-ivr problems with, when there’s no football grumbled our new-kid

Production Editor 'And .v that hot sun. that bothers ms I-. ne‘-i Those long, warm evenings vr >. n. you can go out tor a walk and stay out for heur: arid only mat it's gc-ng dark at about 11 pm. f can t stand •m ' And with that, he gteelully rode the 12 miles home through sleet and snow on he motorbike Strange kid. that Steve

Sal s a bit of an animal lover, and her favounle winter pastime is to take a tnp to London Zoo and :jI watching the penguins for a tew hours. ’I like walchmg them, a.-vi ihe way that they waddle,' she said, earlier today 'Also yw* monochromatic design with eye-catching


Cam s lavourae wa, orrefanng m wintertime ■* to sneak up to od peoples homes and empty buckets of water down the* paths so that Hvj watc r tree2es und they an la over and break the* h'ps Blimey. Cam that's a bit of a nasty way to pass ttv' time sn'i it *We*ir yes, I suppeih so. but Sul* unpredictable and skdey movements when they- come &jt the dee: makes for a real change as S lake aim wan my M16-M203 combination assault '-"o and grenade •.i i-cher * We made our excuses and left

*My favourite way to retai r wmMrtme" opmed strong-Dut-Skent type Jonathan, 'rs to pop round to me Be»ty Ford Ovc. locate Jacque

Spanton s apartment Onto up onto me window ledge Iof the spreadmg rvy branches rattle the bars won a spoon to get her attention then sit mere Sippng gentfy from a can of ce-oofd tager and watchng her tear-Med eyes ga/mg wtsJMy at me as her nose presses up agamst the wmdow It I cen t do that l it* sejwwi. pi my wmdow at b*ds havmg a reef, red am* trying to pec* worms and (twigs out of the frozen ground'



Tm aways touched by the

■■T    '    plight ol the little

starving birds during the lean • *    times of winter,'

Mi    started Steve.

   lulling us into a

fatso sense of compassion

'There's nothing I like doing mote lhan stretching ba*o:<« over the tops of milk bottles, so that when the hungry wrens and blue tits try to peck through the toil tops thi«c beaks bounce off. giv-rc them .h plash injuries to then tiny, equated necks Oh those long winter evenings must just fly by

Displaying an astonohngty poorgnpon reahty Dave merety stared at us omMicaf y when w« asked Mm what he did for wmtet. and

-‘nra - ■

jtT over fcii shoulder - master of both t---r


foot brightly cofouied a Expikkwvg l.hal smee h time, so there's any need lor him to e«r—esBEu. cold and unpleasem Boathcr. te mar;h=i off n=;sss the office and efimbed in a nearby !+~g cabinet, wh-.r he •=— -ui£s js v. a lot ><gger on the rnxfe

‘Actually. I don't so much slay cheerful as hibernale during the dark months' says nc.'rsally-buttly Art Assistant Lie 'I wrap myself up in

three coats and some Unify blankets, make 19 gallons of hot chocolate in an giant llask turn all the heating up lo lull and don't go outside unless my ficuss is on tire And even then not until the very last minute *


rw; lauAorfui a m» time', .<&! J0\ * WUSD llW.il knowf lor w> quamfiv optimistic gyefiifts. T know that hC«*:U 1 bad

things get. or however much snow there

might tm - either life-ally or metaphorically - m my life I'll anil always be able te go back hoe • to my uiuwalled-in-ttie-Westem-hemiSpSsre collection ol Looney Tunes videos and watch Robin Hood Daffy over and over ts— =l i m fully restored 10 my norsai Chirpyness ' At this point he recited a few lines of some!-tng about a quarleistatL yencd -‘Yrki. and away1', and walked out ol 1ft- -dice chuckling happ . to himself



iff S i66B66<

boa 1 fd ilirmd - Ike

A«i]b, lit o fauft blue bolloon!'

cojot non on ton l«v« (li«T, H coujH mo out .)


ciix u td

B *

.< . .


i. i



I 0 0.00

- H J

Tkli, I* Iki, If UlMOkOK l« 1 Utl

• bit tick, Jdujllf

lit laponan 10 Hole Ikji Ike jupkiri aclMjllf do look like Iku, Iff >01 mi] with oaf icrci nikolt

■ E (he same, even at the height ol infatuation I knew that this  E was a personality thing -BB Coo< Spot the character was  ft an absolute star, with his B yawning and yo-yomg and B cartwheeling antes, while B Cool Spot the game was all very fine, but ultimately pretty standard platform stuff The only vaguely innovative thing about if was that it didn't j have any end-oMevef    m

bosses, which made a nee change. but also fl made lor a sedate, constant kind ol pace II But hey. let s get 'H back to that character tor a minute Do you    

want to know how cool

Cool Spot is1 Here s how cool You know \ how every video game \ character under the Sun !»«<»■ fty \ these days when they ktf kv«i \ stand at the very edge ol  a platform waves their fce HR. I arms around and flaps . \    I about until you move

them’ Wen. Cool Spots "    / smarter than that Move

au / him to the edge ol a JB / platform and he'll wave his arms and (lap about tor a second, sure, but then he gets a hold of himself and slops and stands and looks at you as it lo go 'Well'1 What's next'1 Get

on with it He's so cool.

Other than that, you've probably heard all about the wonderful animation on the little ted spot dude by now - he yawns, he swoons, he cartwheels, he plays with his yo-yo. he takes oh his shades to polish them (revealing a complete lack ol any eyes underneath natch), he brushes himself off when he falls down, and he's lust generally completely adorable (It's not just him. ether - the

baddies n'n s game ate

some of the loveliest around, from the crabs

rh Uieif boxer-shorts Bl lo the nightshirt-clad cheese-throwing BHJ mce arrj 't-e n    ba.nditos and ecu'

rr ners o' the tram level) In tact, it's uodoubiediy true that he s ditectiy responsible lor the game getting significantly better scores than it really, strictly speaking, technically deserves (as is going to be the case here) And that's fan enough, in my book After all. isn't the whole point of playing games to make you leei good’ That was a rhetorical question by the way


Sady. though Amiga Cool Spot isn't the leei-good game among feel-good games that it might have been and the mam reason is the graphics II you've seen the Mega Dnve or SNES versions of the. playing Amiga Cool Spot will give you a

ff the green can

Game: Cool Spot Publisher: Virgin Author: John Twiddy, Teoman Irmak (graphics). Andrew Barnabas (music) Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

»•»*«. let

MX Mt kttf

M ItnubH

Hmm I'm probably

not really the right person for thrsfot I've played Coot Spot so much on SO many formats already lhal I've almost forgotten how    /

excited i was the /    *■,

first time I saw it I / x    •«.

borrowed the    /    '

Mega Drive    I

version Irom one \    A>

of our sstc' mags. \ intending the usual

sit-down-with-the- \     »

latesl-superhyped- \ B B Mega-Dnve-game- \. and-fuiishn-in-two-hours' kind    ~“

ol race relaxing start lo Saturday morning that sets you up so well tor the rest of the weekend (don't you find ). Late Sunday afternoon duly arrived with the shopping still undone and the metaphorical cat still unwashed, and I found myself n the unusual situation ol going back to work on Monday and enthusing to sceptical colleagues about the delights of a Mega Drive game I was totally entranced, and I don't mind admitting it. All

Coflit OE, Adall if. He IS cool, teal He

B© cmx t :Lti


ft f - A. X A






















out* t ; til

slightly inferior leeling. as ganshly-coloured backdrops lodder around in a fairty-unpleasanl-scrollmg kind ol a way The firsi level s alright, bul liom men on it all gets a bit disappointing - d you saw 0u> Work In Progress on the game a couple Ol issues ago. you'll have seen the slate ol some ol  the later backdrops, which at the lime we were low were still unfinished, but which have turned up in the completed game m pretty much the same stale That's not all that much ol a loss in itself (you'll be too busy Woking at Cool Spot himself most of the time to

"Pa<e-wise Cool Spot's surprisingly varied

nonce the scenery), but coupled with the jerky scrolling it really starts to affect the gameplay after the tirs! stage (level two tn particular, if you Zip round if ai a reasonable pace, is a real eye waierer) In lad, while Ihe game adually scrolls very quickly. I suspect a brl of slowing down to reduce (he effects of the shudder-and-shake would have been overall a more desirable stale ol affairs Stall, you do get used to tt after a while, so it's not a total game-destroyer Start writing letters to Virgin now demanding an A120CVCD32 specific version where we might get proper 256-colour backdrops and smooth scrolling, because n really woidd make all Ihe difference


But enough of such cosmetics - lei's talk gameplay As I ve sap. there are no end-ol-levei bosses m Cool Spot which i kind of hke Whal you gel is 11 levels ol pretty siraightforward platforming stuff, where you have to coded Wis of little spots before tarring cages containing your imprisoned spot Inends There're three difficulty levels, which mostly usi alter me number of spots you have lo collect before you can unlock the cage (but also make a lew subtle changes lo the levels themselves), and you start off with no


Ho is ike bonus ]iac ol the eorf of <i(k level, prohibit- Huai for Ikof eoelieae



(Lift) Mikftl <■*■■ Inal li fti wkt



po*ntioss!y diehard speed freak Indeed pace-wise CodSpod actuaty surpnwgiy varied - on me one hand you get levels kke the paddng pod one where you have to pck your way across the sky very very caretiAy and slowly over cotapsmg flying-saucer

r    piartorms and

la* oh you mvanaWy land right back down ■ al the bottom o* i do *» Coo i do    the leve il not

oo i do my Coo i V actually m the > my (imp' - td)    dcaijy water

, _    Which 1$ intensely

" \Xcv    annoying) but on

W vie other hand ‘ there re stages kka the ere you're

constantly careenng up and down a senes ot ramps and Mts with no Hat Ms to stand and draw breath on al a* And ol course, you've got to balance your playing style I t< **•< between raong to    lrm" •wrium

the end ot tevds as qmckiy as posstke

...... .

danger and    ,

eiplonng then-pa nytak.ngly to trnd every last

spot and earn ihosa elusive bonus lives and continues


On. and I haven't actually mentioned the sound yet. which is a bit slack ol me - it's i really smart, with I very groovy tunes, tizzy and I crackling elects \ and a great line \ m squeaking (tom Cool Spot himself I especially like ihe scralchily raw version ol 'N.

Wipeoui' on ihe tide

screen and the Western-style    -

Bonanza-ish track that accompanies the train level

Really, though that's it Cod Spot is a very standard platform game with e lew nice touches end a labulous character The Amiga version is technically a bit

crap, bul not to any cnpplmg degree It's reasonably difficult bul not enormously so. and it's just interesting enough to keep you playing all the way Ihiough Apart Irom X that I haven l gol \ anything to say \ about it (I'm \ kicking mysell lor giving it lour pages, it ihe liulh be known) So I II stop • STUART CAMPBELL

continues which is another (feasant change To earn extra credos, you have to cotect yet more ol the spots on each level winch then allows you entrance to a tme-kmaed bonus *vel whore your conwma * hddan You can choose kom one-button pystck or two-

button loypad    

control and have /    .

any combination

of muse and    / .    ty

sound effects    I TT    c

Oul*<- Wh<fl    1    mi

■ouKJnt be    \

■Orth mentioning \    _ _

tlwasnt tor the \    flTi

atturtkogty large \

"i/ntyr ol recent

■    -s’    ■ • i.- ‘.1 ■■ ■

on even pus elementary level of presentation competence (And ■Me we re on the subiect. yes. Cool Spot DOES recogruse me presence of extra dikdnves Phew)

( ■oi everybody do ik« lyalnflebilir, etc.



There s not r*aty a great deal else to be sail on me matter , save perhaps to nobce mat wMe at me very start the pace of the game mght seem a Mile sfuggsh (though re slower than any other verson) it s a M of an Arson - * very qucfcfy gets more man busy anough lor al but the most

Ni Mm beam seme •fem tu< ik.t u < e caa *f T-OM, m way

® UPPERS Fabulous

music, gorgeous animation and undoubtedly the cooleit character ever to atar In a video game. A haltway-decent level of difficulty, and no bosses!

® DOWNERS The Jerky

scrolling can get to be quite a problem eyeilght-wlse after you've been playing for a while, and It's a shame that the background* aren't at pretly as Ihs console verslone. A (lightly odd ordering of the levels meins that you gel lo play some backdrops twice before you'vs seen some other ones at all.


A smashing platformer with load* to love, but It left Used down a bit on the technical side. You’ll still be playing It for waeks. all    QP :

the sams. and having a    K j S

good time doing H.    UU “


No sign of a 32-b.i

At 200 version yet. but If

could cope with

smoother scrolling and full-coloured beckgrounds. so let's hope so.



important that you gat an idea ol what makes ft so good; il lies somewhere between the simulation ol Ft GP and the arcade play ol Lotus IA2 With a lew exceptions, it manages lo synthesise the best pads ol both these games and present them n a new and exatmg manner Feel your joystick fingers twitching yet I certainly hope so


Game: F1 Publisher: Domark Authors: Chris Johnson Price: £25 99 Release: Out Now

Here at the AMIGA POWER stading god, we te putting F1 IfOtn Domark through its paces. A game absolute-;, unique except for Vroom before it wnch was vidually identical f Yup. that's tSgftf. with the exception ol a lew additions and tweaks. Ft is basically a re-release of I/room Domark  have rather sportingly said soonB the back ol ihe game box ■

■Important notice, an party verson ol this game has already appeared as Vroom Mutbpta/

What b it with dnrvmg games this month Is the repackaging a marketing ploy0 Are they trying to np us oft Have they run out ol ideas Thankfully the snswei lo sf of these questions is a resoundingly iaucous reveibaraiing no

Vroom sold very lew units The txggesi tragedy ever m gar-nog history, perhaps. Domark, sensing that ;usbce had not been done, have taken the basic game engine and tuned it (This better not be the start ola senes ot excrutiahng car puns or there ! be trouble - Edj Made it more accessible, given it more options and playabikty than be lore And oh my. golly gosh and other euphemsbc statements of incredufity and wonderment, they realty have constructed a championship winner It you ve read the review ol Vroom which appears m API2. please excuse me lor repealing the Mowing, but it's

Unlike Ft GP. with Ft you can dive straight into Ihe cockpit and start racing Options wise, everything s here: joystick selection, level ot expertise, type of race etc But you! fmd thal out lor yoursek when you buy Ihe game Listing everyth-would lake up valuable game criticism space, alter all Just take it from me on trust thal the options screen is comprehensive and easy to use. okay The firs! thing to smack you m the windscreen is the speed that F1 runs at -it's truly breathtaking And that's just the A500 n normal mode There's also a Turbo mode which, when running on an A1200. is so last it leels like a high impact collision n the solar plexus Hhhhhnnnngggghhhh The real beauty ol all Ihts speed is thal control o! Ihe car is not secnliced Okay, rather disappontingly. it's up-lo-acceierate only, no choice otherwise. Sad really, too - look at Lotus 2s control options lor example AMer a whtie, up-to-acceierale starts to get very painful with a wnsf controlled loyshcki (RSI anybody ) This is offset, slightly. byS really race touch which I haven't seen m any driving game other than Vroom The nee touch! You want to know what it is  Oh ainght then

“Hie speed that FI rvns at Is truly breath taking*


One ol the annoying things about driving games. and Ihts holds true tor FI GP as well, is thal when using a digital joystick and driving round a large curve, you have lo keep compensating lor it with the joystick. You know the sod ol Ihmg: lull lock on. oft, ful tack on. oH etc Hardly conducive to Ihe 'feef ol driving Happily, this isn’t ihe case wiih Ft if you re on a long or moderate curve so long as you've Chosen the correct line, the car will follow that curve and auiamafecaSy stwghlen up when you li a straight Fantastic1, (and other sycophantic adulations ol praise), I say. IPs like having the precision control of an analogue joystick without that type of joystick's potential Sugpshness. and it's a teal boon, especially when overtaking H also eases Ihe extra strain that having to steer while accelerating extracts from your wnst or thumb Now mat the intuitive control system has been dean with, how does the game play, what are you meant lo do. why would you want to do it and when are you going to gel led up ol playing it (who says we don't ask searching questions m

Racing games. The battle is well and truly on if it wasn't on before, and it certainly was.

AP1 I'm not going to answer them. but at lets) I know how lo ask men), r The ongatal Vroom had six tracks lo race on FI is twice as good m this respect - you gel 11 tracks lo race on. Ho, ho. my lOe joke (I think) No. you do indeed have 12 tracks to race on I II not list them (check the boxoul) because that caused me all sons ol gnel when I wrote the preview at AP32 What's more, you can wyny driving on these tracks in any ol tiree modes

In Aicade mode, you have to overtake an increasing number ol cars m order lo quality for the next race The first quota is seven cars over seven laps, the next rs ten over seven laps and so on.


Tryiha Arcade option cut lirsl. Unless you're some kind ol ballistic autistic saute, you probably won t get loo tar or the lust couple ol shots Do not worry.- I Deaeirk itiera Ic help. Tnnuqrnli y, to/ve nekjdKl atraking motU Dal tneed lo sip and on Me one'5 Good. I dkJn't "tfHtso Use it tor practising afferent tracks Especially useful when prepanng tor Turbo mode which narrows the screen dawn a b<t but bumps the speed up Irom kghtenng to QhmyGodil scorning nghletmelcan thandieitHELPi

Lastly a the meat and two burgers ol Iba game - the GP racing section. Again, the

helpful options screen thrusts *t with a supercharged luel injection ol choice and user selectivity. Vou can save the game alter any race using the lunciion keys. Pretty    r———

uselul, it only lo impiess your Inends with your lop qualifying limes and    i

performance    UK    *

Now. as it stands.    BhA    .    


up the vibe that I think this    I

game is rp roanngly tunky '

You'd be right to think so    J

loo The real cream on lop Ol the p«e however has yet I to be mentioned It's not slantingly innovative or even original, but it is an induAon ol a function which was conspicuous by its absence in Vroocn Yup, it's that ail enjoyable split-screen mode enabimg you lo take on your mum. dad. girlnend. boyfriend, brother, sister, dog cal. budg’ . granny etc ale    ,


Let's net be too unfair to Vroom however.

II did indude an option for knkrg up with another Amiga. While m my opinion this ss undoubtedly the best way to experience

i« eely way M


race. I'm kta aaitay Wla

li t Tarfca nod* aid a Iraty liUniltoul tiald it aa display today. Nm a IHiaa m itjM aad that laeJadaa farther up Ike track.

(mi tntn



0'00"00 G.P.

a and. Tkat a aka wa lay.


Ofcjf, okJT- I Cili milch lh« piRtm

ol iktf oo« wtih iHoi« ha ik« Mflajl.

74 ►

II I SfMalifc, trtdtfr M«iciry uif iboal H. Il l laiccloai O&t.

fail tnciqr sired draH Look aul lor Ml Hri PriiKCti Sttphiiic ».

H i lost If a noi ilow l« t IijiiIur vhkh bub] H lin l ArfMliflUB.

If a so boHaj ft coaid ooty be froia Ciudi. Wluddiihioa, H i Moatre al.

No, if f noi laajc-lolloa. Il l Caiiclel la fraacc, which means its Ircach






Silvers lone, and I we taffered aa aBiioHi aoaeal aooflf aaay hen.

Hockcnhaia. 11I ocver race Ibere a ala aalcta I raca ibere again.

11 mrgbf look rude, bd I Hen ofatn rt is Italian and «He Hfcc twnny ihapai







la ron«n*l. tlx >K»1 tamo o» »crj Adelaide Sekeve M or not. Mck« Mnul; IV iMMm bUwj kerr *« nuke « tfifftMiKi


i□ ma>






Well If yoa decide lo coenl the optioni Ibal Iht fabaloaity frieadfr oplloni Screen yoa're going lo need aore (ban one band or even (mo bands. Now ibal s a lof of bands.

must be pretty stupid), ttus Is a three page review

'Fantastic1.1 said when given the tydeis by Stuart  it pays to sound enthusiast*:] Three pages means that theie's plenty at loom lor some hard informal kxi and guile a bit ol trite as well Youii never  jess where we ve reached now, Ha Ha Ha

In my virtual life, >e the one outsxfe ol AP towers ( sometimes, in lucid moments it seems almost real) I had a 750cc powerhouse ot a motorcycle It's destroyed now. unfortunately. H had identical performance statistics to a Lotus Espnt Turbo Bag dealt Stay with me - this is important 4I'm lo convey just how good FI ts complied tc the competition

You know the kind ol guy who doves an XR3i, XR2i, or a Peugol 205 or whatever (usual it's their darf s car as well)'9 These guys think they're last Quite trankty. they're not They're boreg They Ihtnk that a slight compression ot their body mio a bucket seal is taniamoinl to acceleration They re slow m the head as well as dangerous Contemptible and other adjectives ol snobbish taker m-the-know denson apply

My Mte's performance was lire a retro-thrust afterbum kick in It could accelerate so hard that I had lo use e> ot my physical strength ri a kmaeslheuc depletion exerase just to hang on Fnghlening slightly, exhilarating definitely Now Cm not goeng lo dwell on thus loo long. After al, acting like that all the time on a motorbike is neither kg, hard or clever (Natch Ed) But 4 a tun.

10 plain old 1100 Fiesta s Thera were oven a couple of Fiat 126's In there, as wall as a Sierra Cosworth 24 valve (Stop the now - Ed) Noi one though was capable ol matching Ffs performance The same story applied with my tyke when people r cars thought they could race me Eat my diesel, encrusted tarmac slacker Hopefully, I've conveyed just how good Ft is Don't make the same mistake that people ongmally made with Vroom Buy it now, it not sooner

On the starling gnd of disks *t my disk box. FI GP is just hanging on lo Pda ] Position Domark sF) a 0 9 ola second j behind And as they say. that's less than one second • STEVE UCGIU

UPPERS Speed Controllability. Gameplay Perspective Finish. Quality. Competition play Worth buying a Quickjoy fool pedal joystick tor. This is the best racer ot this type on any platform. You should have seen the Nintendo slaffies gasp at the speed. Cornering is more forgiving than the original Vroom. Still plenty of scope lo crash though. Difficulty levels and Turbo mode ensure that this game will take a long time to master. 12 Iracks lo race on is plenty.

DOWNEKti Up-to-accelerale only is a bummer, make no mistake. When you change lo a different mode In the nptions table, you ve gol to reselect the joysllck/mouse option. Not as colourful as some racers, bul I'm clutching al straws (or downers now.

ace games (you don t have to huddle around a sln$ e monitor and the screen isn't rertoccd xi sae). it isn't always Usdcal, Therefore, oveial. the split screen t the better option Sadly though. lot reasons known only lo themselves. Qomarkheve dropped the bnk option at Ft Two's lun. but tour's a crowd (« something I ke lhat) Knowing that you're racing against someone compdBively always heightens the senses Imagine racing against three other people at the same time: sensory saturation overload, competition heaven and. well, you gel the idea, er, donl you1


Before I start winding up. drawing a companson analogy and gnnng you my

Otinai conclusion on Ft. it's compulsive that some more space be given to the Turbo leature < Compulsive1 - Erf)

It runs around 33*t faster than Arcade

mode on the standard A500 gMng a full 25 frame update rate The coal, ot course, is some slight graphical loss, w they've compressed the screen a tyl and cut out some ot the extraneous scenery (bul not so that you'd notice). Even more imptesstva is I hi ted that you get a lull SO-Irame update Irom an A1200 I defy anyone to say that Turbo mode taong is easy and mean it, especially it Expert has been selected from the difficulty options Yes. this lacer may be the only one you will ever reed The competition looks decidedly pale beside Ft

As you II have guessed by now (and il you haven l you


So now to tha point F1 Is a reat performer Just to make sure my conviction was 100% behind whai I have to say about Ft.

I pulled out a whole load ol other racers and played them agam Among them were go lasler stnpes like Nigel Manses. LOTboqjfwn Chaianpe lotus M2 Crazy Cars 3 elc Now. I'm not going lo name names, but truly Domark's Ft is a Formula One game The rest verge on being Xfl3 s

caplioa copy ftyi«cjp1io« copy ftylacaplion copy ttylc caption copt ttflacaplioa copy Itficcaplion copy ityla


Even If you ve gol a thousand rscers. Ft is still an absolute essential lor your collection. It's exciting enough to rope In close (nends and family elc who aren't even interested in computer games. A veritable diamond    A A

among much    Mil    *

compressed carbon.    UU    "


What can be said

,, (    . FI is so last that all lha

old cliches about adrenalin pumping etc. ust don't apply. It's much, much more exciting than that. FI will nootropically (Look II up. I had to. -Ed) accelerate your brain.



Although lubbJi i diliniilf HMpid, he's M ra iaf KiMltlN coapaifd 1o lh« idiotic allta kaalir.

I lor tk« wackicii laaili art the of jin H tbo dock boaai M oaai, which Bobba court / bp fCtliaf tacked iaio (hit loall hole. Slroafcr tkoa a maapt thief, or what

What tori ol liop coaid potiibty mitt whk c loioid blotter at peiat bleak reafcT Tbit aorl ol tiap.

Game: Bubba N Slix Publisher: Core Author: In house Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

weapon, therefore launching humanity on its destructive course ol technical progression’’ (Wet actually no, it was an animal bone - Ed J And the Battle of Trafalgar, that famous sea battle that changed the course ot European history At the decisive moment, didn't Admiral Nelson raise his telescope to his blind e>3 and utter the famous lines 1 see no sticks' (Onex agam, close but no ogai Nelson was busy dying as the battle reached a crescendo, and he said that hr, months it not years earlier. Come to trunk of it. I don't remember him mentioning sticks even then - Ed) And then ol course, there was Twiggy the sudies supermodel (The wonts you re tired you' and git' spring slrangety to mind -Ed I Need I say more’’

Until now. there's been a

noticeable gap m the market lot a video game that stars a moronic mbleed from the deep south ol America, the sort oI place where technoiogeal progress means that telephones and refrigerators are now regarded only with suspoon rather than tear Tins deficiency is understandable, seeing as moronic nbreeds are constantly given negative coverage m films such as Deliverance and Angel Heart, but Core Design have finally taken the brave step ol introducing a character who could walk into a small room containing both tvs grandparents, lour cousins, two brothers n law. a nephew and three aunts, and still be looking at just Ime people Yee haw That's not the only innovation Iroro this Derby-based programming team though, as they've Y    managed to include not

Wit    cne, bj' two rr-noTThas

' '


E    'i. . -'cuter

characters such as r i**}j I hedgefrogs

(Frogs7 - Ed) or ducks I am. ot course,

’    -l-'-1 talking about smai

--■----sticks, which I've long

considered to be an obvious ctkkce for computer immortality


You're not convinced Okay, think about how many limes sticks have played an important part in human history At the beginning ol 2001 A Space Odyssey, was if not a stick that the ape man used as a

Ikru two chatky IMIc duppki will happily aatlar lo lack olhtr aatil you lam ap, aad lhaa they cUat ap aad aya you saildoaity- Thayrt alio vital la yrayiinlii]. Soaiahow.

Sllrrtaf lha food aibai H palalabla lor lha aioaiiar, who djati la, aiahlay aa jwproaiplB Irawpolina. Strlayr.

Talaportatioa’a wrtai lo cowplcia oaa of lha toali, bar at yoa caa Ml, in aol qaila at J ilwplt ai iboia Star  Trah paopla would laad ui lo baltaaa, hut Hill ' Biota laa thaa Irjaalllay oa lha loadoa Tuba


You might think that the only good atlck't a dead un and that apart Irom whittling and making matches, they re pretty uMteaa Items, only good tor throwing lor your dog. but you'd be wrong. Sticks are quite literally lifesaving etsenflaia. vital lor ipaca travellers everywhere. Prepare lo

be amazed     -

at Slix    

dazzles you with hi* twig j dexterity. I    

Pa shiny SUa





. - M.


ur Mki a

CMD k> ployed

lockoed, bel aha

M M naa up la catch the banat thin* on the wheel, labfea fill Ireeiported la 1h« inn odd baaai lend.

Mm a

Milchlif Babba'i If anile panic ai ha drawni a the luealcil Ihinj lit icea llace Ihli Utlaa... (ttupl - Id)


So now. a hall wiRed dullard redneck delivery man has learned up with me •odd's first arboreal super hero lor Ihe mosl explosive cretm/lree duo Since. er Since. urn, well since the last dynamc ewwplant duo you saw Oh yes xideedy


The sdly story's actually vaguely relevant la the game this time, so here goes Bubba's m the act of delrvenng something 10 the middle d the Bayou swamps (or something! when he's kidnapped by an sten zoo collector Due to some nw-up. he's dropped oil on a planet by mistake, and has to "ake his way back to Earth avotong the incompetent fuller ai the process Thankfully, while Bubba's as tack as Iwo short planks, his kierxty alien stick's a much sharpor cookie gnnng Bubba me edge aver his enemies Well. I did tay vaguely relevant, because itfiough d's a very, very silly story, the rian head hunter turns up quite a bit along tie way

What looks like another linear pHttorm game turns out to be a rather tandish arcade puzzler. as more often ran not. your path's blocked by some son of physical obstacle raihet than a baddie That's not to say that there aren't ary bedekes because there's mdlions ol them, fs iusi that they're usualy done in by a sw* beating administered by Monsieur Sock No. d's the puzzles that halt your progress, and although they're actually quite simple in theory most of the time, mey take a tot ol tnes to gel right This is

provng once more that a stick is most certainly a moron's besl tnend.

All this bizarre twig-relaied activity is presented in frenetic, anarchc cartoon-o-vsion. with some ol the Imest goo (ball scenes played out lime after lime Getting Bubba lo leap xifo the water without Sin results m him splashing about m pane until Stick returns to act as a snorkle Running Bubba into an electric field causes a bnlliam flashing skeleton to appear, and chucking Sick in produces a tiny skull with aboul six vertebra attached Bonuses and restan points appear as time wobbly aliens and tiny background animations make everything seem so alive. They're tunny, bnlliantty animated and I simpty can't fault the graphics at at

As I mentioned earlier, some of the puzzles are a bit tneky to execute, but that

With e tuiltfcW Motown* iifSckal forex, yoo cji mtm Ida to krtr boon oMrclj.

Aftrewo Ida

uftf crock m (kc hood, lad fee

iMliii] muck cuter tboo dull >ton or colot, Uirir bonus points Jett sir oronnd.

To poclty Ibc milk monster, yoe eeed o Mlb bottle, ertiich abedieelty loltows foe.

both a good thing and a bad thing, as you teei great when you finally manage that ddlcuit iipliood/switcIVrun combo, but it can also be massively trusiialng when you know exactly what you need to do. but JUST CANT DO IT' AAARRRGHHHHAs you ve probably worked out by now. Bubba's usl an amusing vehicle which allows the brains ol the team (« Stix) to gel Irom one location lo another, so it foAows that most of Ihe dever stuffs done by Ihe stick This is the real meat of the game, and what makes it stand out head shoulders and extremely long, stunny neck above any other ptaftormer Stix is a bit ol a cool character, with his Beatles mop of green hair and his skinny little brown bod. and he's ever so usetui lor all manner of actions Irom blocking holes to balancing with and standing on


Now before you say 'But hold on. I have n my hand an ortinary, un-animated. nonalien twig from a nearby wooded area It can also be used lor these actions, so how come someone hash! made a game aboul me'*" II pre empt you by pointing out that Stix is an alien stick, and capable of a couple ot rather special acts For instance, when Bubba throws him. he spais round and make he own way back, so H you throw (he slick away and set Bubba running off in the opposite direction you can inflict qurte a lot of damage on badrkes as Suck rattles fxs way down corridors You can also wedge Stix into a hole or something, and then call him back by pressing the lire button

could probably be put down lo my mediocre gamespiayng skils. so I’ll go onto the only other senous reservation I have with the game, which is its shell life The game s split up into five levels, and has some further bonus levels, consisting of Yellow Submarine-esque near hallucinatory experiences The alien loresi at the beginning s little more than a warm up. but in the remaining four levels there’s plenty ol variety For example, lava Hows and rock tails give way to complex gnds ol pipes, suction tubes and balloon machines xi the underground level, so in each level, you're getting masses ol gameplay and silliness


I can t help leeimg that live levels aren’t much challenge lor ai you tenons ol battle-hardened gamers, and that Core could wei be doing a Puny1 (as they say) by producing a small but perfectly termed product It lies is the case, then my crap gamepfaymg u a positive boost It means I'll take longer to finish if. so in losing. I could well win Yeah, ttxnk about ii • CAM WINSTANLEY

® UPPERS It s gol a stick In H, It s gol a geeky looking guy wearing dungarees In It - What more do you want

DOWNERS With only five

® levels, and one of these being a fairly simple Intro level. It's not going lo take you very long lo finish.


It's the closest thing to a Looney Tunes cartoon I've seen on the Amiga, with misses of animation and a huge cast of Imaginative monsters to meet along the way. The puzzle base of the game provides Interesting gameplay    fl 4    ~

while being annoying    «/     ~

when you're stuck.    Ul    ■


Still gorgeous

AI 2 C 0 9r*Ph ICS. stl II slightly annoying puzzles, still good family fun. No real (or Indeed, unreal) change* though.





Gama: Campaign 2 Publisher: Empire Authors: Jonathan Grifliths Price: £24 99 Release: Out Now

Whal we have here is one of the biggest disappointments I've had since I icined (tie mag Not a particularly good sentence to starl a two page review, since you can imagine what's going to follow, but I'm going to have to spare the normal wibbie because Campaign was such a popular game, and i I grve this one a hard time without lusMying myself. I'm going to gel more than the usual number ol death threats in the post

Okay, two facts to start off with One - I've never played the original Campaign, so you're not going to gel any compansons. and two - the prospect ot playing an in-depth, total war. no-hold barred wargame almost gave me nosebleeds ot toy. I love wargames and so I expected to love this

Campa/gr. 2s sub-heading s SO Years of Global Conflict' which tells you exactly whal it's ail about Campaign covered WW2 and this lakes off from (here, covemg conflicts in the post War years.


The game comes on two disks, one of wheh has a pretty intro sequence while the game's on the other one. along with ai manner ol maps and scenarios These consist ol 14 training maps and Six real war maps The Ira rung missions progressively introduce you to different aspects ot the game. SO you start with armoured units on open spaces, progress through artillery and air support, and then light with realistic scenery. The real wai maps plonk you in control of entire armies from the Korean War of the 50s through the Israeli Six Day and Yom Kippur wars, tarn, the long running Iran/lraq war and finally (he Liberation of Kuwait Oddly enough, you can only play the good guys' (ie the Western backed forces) which instantly slashes the game's she* life by SO percent, irs the hrsl ol a lengthy catalogue of mistakes.

him MXofiin •> ini    Mm

xitnuytH * em §—«

The tactical side is played on a map screen (natch) and when I first started pbymg, I phoned up Empire to tel them fiat I'd got a dodgy copy Every time the soeer updated. a« the rounded comers of tie scenery were replaced by bloeky. tagged edges I complained about this, and they told me that this is perfectly normal and that it speeds up the update xme Oh dear


Another appalling feature is that you're riormed that the enemy have been spotted but they don't appear on the map I found out that the enemy forces only appear when you room <1 on certain areas of the map. and don't appear at at when you're toofcng at the overall map What's going on

Once you've

manoeuvred a unit close lo tie enemy, you get the option of moving m lo engage or to shell them Irom a distance The devastating eft eel ol concentrated and accurate artillery lire a one of the most crucial aspects ol modem wadare. but this unfortunately doesn't

come across at all ai the game, simply because apart Irom a bnel 'Unit is starling bombardment' message, you never gel updates on d. This is odd. because the one thing me game isn't shod ol is update messages.

Take the Yom Kippur war as an example, you lake the game ott pause and the map's obscured with a message iaadmg Battalion/Regment (Mechanized Infantry) Recce 3: Battalion (Armour) Spotted Now this would probably be handy to know, but since you don't know which one ol your SO oi so units is BattaliorvRegiment (Mechanized In(anfry) Recce 3. and because the enemy unit m question isn't displayed, the information's totally useless As if that's not insert enough, all the units ri the areas then report that they can also see enemy units, resulting m 52 (I counted) separate mcomprehenstfe info Hashes vi the first two minutes of (he game And all you really need to know is where they are. which ol course is the one thing you never get shown


"I was looking forward to a battle simply Las a break

Assuming you're some kind ol anal letentrve who'd enjoy being told everything, then the run up to battle would be tremendously exerting I'm not. and was looking forward to a battle simply as a break Irom the ledum ol bemg lokf things while the map alternated between looking smooth and looking bloeky

A new screen comes up showing you the stats on both sides, and asks if you want to light the battle automatically or manually. If you select automatic, then a rather dul You worVtos! the battle' sort ol message comes up. informing you how many soldiers were killed If you select manual, then you're into the second part of the game, the real-time combat section


This isn't actually a> that bad. but at the same time it's not great either If I wanted a tank battle sim. then I'd go for Paohc Istands every lime, which lo be brutally honest, kicks the hell out ol this on every count but one - there are helicopters at this. For reasons never explained (although I lend to think that the system can t handte more) you only gel 16 units at any one lane at the attack, even it you've got 60 tanks in a unit The battle s then fought at real time from an overhead map view, or a first person viewpoint

This section isn't halt bad. but does run jerkily on a standard Amiga The A1200 copes with it much better allowing you to switch on an the detail ol buiidngs and troops Controlling both vehicle and weaponry s a bit fiddly, so I preferred lo dnve Ihe lank and lei the computer ad as gunner, overndaig the shooting at any time Even with tracer lire act mg as a sight. I had major problems hitting targets, and reverted to ramming most enemies and blasting them point blank ai a

crude but effective display of courage's!uptdity The forward firing machine gun s a much easier opiam. as if sprays a wide held of fire and kills most infantry

It s not all tanks though, as you've go! A PCs and attack helicopters as well The Armoured Personnel earners ad as feeble tanks, but the offloaded troops can use anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons The helicopters are most fun to. but as with all veheies. lend to last only a short while in combat Just like the real thing. I'd imagine Never once did (feel that Ihe two sections have any relevance to each other though. it's like you're playing two separate games, one rrvkfy fun and the other annoyingly ledaius I wanted to place troops, move ai armour and pound defences with ariilery and hekeopters. but al I kept getting was information screens I wanted lo set henrksh traps but my plans were hampered by the artificial intelligence making units wander oft 1 wanted to let the battles be sorted out lor me. bu1 my campaign was interrupted every 30 seconds to see whether I wanted lo light a battle or not. I wanted to kke this and enjoy playing it I rtd neither.


® UPPERS The map

designer allows you to create any conflict. The tanks sounds are good. Flying the helicopters is fun and the combination of wargame and hands on 30 combat Is a good Idea...

® DOWNERS that doesn t work at all wall. I didn't want to know that 'Mechanised Infantry has spotted Armour', t just wanted to see it on the map. The Information display Is Intrusivs to the point of suicide. Ihe game quickly boga down Into a continual cycle ol screaming No I don't want to fight this battle manually!" and clicking to gst rid of pointless updates


A massive disappointment all round I was hoping for and expecting an exciting T — modem wargame -1 got h I an unworkable mess. U I ■


The maps are still

A1200 tedious, but

the 30    ftl ~

sections are smoother and more playable.    U I ;




'It's basically just a series of short adventures"

At last, these are the voyages of the </>

Came: Star Trek 25th Anmuaj ry Puhl i shorSflOo i


lany to mention fthaiW'n aJi«t as uuhjn .is Bw mu i,ii»-ins nf Sjf »*ini, ii i •»« M"v ~ mil

■ laynsji i nniH is i itsuteu as LddU PruyrdlTIIIlUI ;

Price: £34 99 Roloaso: Out now

userae jf 3

i nrwrong. Sat ■ tnn /S nork* out to 1991. run make* im* yarn* roughly three years lata

Anyway, "tie Important point is •hat tvtmm oea cottar H tor amwayav nii mm*

The wont Ian ieraaeynu i •wen i aan of the tat t mm tram the worfl lanaltc PW rausi reanan itra i«rilt> the pnaalhie esraptaw oa Pnsrswr r<e Block H Duffa left fat* o rm. rwee ■ mad even to earn that) oaae got to m viitl acianoe Action devotee*

They * buy anything -    ■

Captain Kirk boier short*.

lend Of The Giam%poap JMP

on a rjpe. w<mouom

People huumg belt    flMf

hurtle* I nil In Spere

•rough hi dosii oat * tew muirt/ed un e new compute! ariM have gone end bought e PC already.

So who would buy this game

years late

time to browse through the manual «*i«* is a man Italy shm. concise and very wed* smitten tome.

But when you've finally got the thing up and running. IMsa* a btt dha .g*inlli - Not uaa, ost a Oh. aaeh. dot. it l basicahy a series ol short adven- f

exactly has this gam* got

(to offer the nonTrekking. Amiga-owning gemes-player

Not a lot reedy, sad to say Things start off promisingly - okay, having lo Install eight

being a mission

your hard disk mlghi seem a bit ol a Chora, but eight disk*! 'This

episode title

style starship dog-flghta Ihrown

A. / y




it »li*r liffl

xauiwn    dwys w* svfci*ic.t

ur. Vrtrvtr1;rwH Federation '.»*isels jr»l b v Jesw uy»i.

« 'nr goiyl measure Vnu

pfcy v ptahrttM, giving command* to all the old favour* * - Spock. McCoy, Uhuru, Scotty and Chakov.

Ths gam* la dMdad mo two sections: the brtdo

wfws f 1(6 — ,

station othsr aid *0 on. Landing pardss I . dmaya consist ed KM    T

spock and Mccoy plod an

■Mrtanttflad cad tNrt wtwi -

girnt Trrt rradruor Isrom-pMRyaxpandaUs K any ct <h* stars gat Uhad, though. ihai » gama over.

at the atari otaarh mission you meshs* ordsr* frr*a ftar Fit fbay fl

SiIn H la durft ol (hake*, Nitn alor, to S«ttla tout lalirprlu lappoiad lo fel tom lale pU<a in otbH. wfc«r<«cr SUf H««l Idli 1041 lO JO.

Uhiini U... trrm . ia the jaaia ai well. Daaaa why

& to si comma ot ti jtn

tikiton ui g*f fpg <fwr* «Wh b*v-

calf Moi oacaiQp(bute map I dfcioo (tik rdtartf*1 tin< eihi • ■ * and away you go. SWu w>a ga* “otff lab* tnd than yonxan baum down to a •wptanat and Ban adventuring.


Tha main probtam taitfc the gam* is that

jMHbnikw stuff to anyona whof* oEPatfmaa than a inya u atf**.->um bvfiw an by ttat ntnt ai to  gam*. too atm to reeky gat yota teeth tolo ifv»    f

■wtwsen it* "lissksn (at laast not the qn» i puyw/ ■nen <t i vubb. • irnnK

aouto has* nftrrari more *r opr

• «i tha nther hand the rordrol sya-

Tha game » yo> mora k.un» yan *

Smith Hits annual and also favour* tha pick ana of tha (ol-lowlng-answsr*' approach lo Ingam* conversation    ♦ '    *-

TIn shoot-am- - . A up seguencss ata atrangaly alow and com* across Ilk* a bof standard (tight aim: turaly tha 1200 can b* mad* to do mor* Impraatlv* tlufl than this

Having said that.     _

that* tpac* battles

ata tha matt snjoyabis sequence* In rhagsxw* and no-that's artaXisas-«fyt> Btaon i»t atsmnng iftroogh. d a akupky that they maknhrugtiviik and rwqrtr* a kw mora thought than pat Dtssting away at the sntray ships you ham to got* Surety orrtars atarsit pnor» nsing damage >*uair% uaa you sMBOs wisely make aura yuut phaaari don't grain toe much energy uaa svsshw ■aria s and fa* awar* o> the capabilities m your agp—ai nasals ta wuaataa aa i.IBui nkgr . say). Pretty much >«ka* Ught ska In far*

uiaphicaiiy thagame ia dlsep*

® UPPERS It s a

pmtty massive (well It should ba. coming on eight disks), Ih* starship ahoot-'am-up sections era moderataly axciting and the control system Isn’t bed, I suppose.

® DOWNERS Eight disks, hard drive *1200 only.

That's bad enough. What's worse Is that It doesn't seem lo lustily such demands. It’s big, sura, but Ita format itopa It from gatilng to complex or Intriguing and It's neither vary last or Inlarsstlng lo look at.

pointing too Ignoring the tart that KM ■ant a porker ■ always llajughi the bast soanal ahni ia I ha — las sms MWnei ’• g)rdt*. or at imst n was until tiiar TwK np Tha Snyeg* Horn when thay managed lo kaap His toupee stuc *o hn head In tha underwater lexfuenLmjrrnnri you rtrsi get a look at 'he MrtdWV a > «* <■< guees who * wno Bed Bianssaei raids thagraph-Bst are runcttang as opposeo .u impressive, occasionally hizzy end unclear, with somaapird perspectives and some uninspiring aliens. The beaming effects are ouite may though Stwr Trwk. 25rh Anrmwr+srj dnasn't hntdiy go srhar* no game has gone Before, out Insteso rather disappointingly retreads familiar territory.

It's much better than tha travesty Doctor Who fans had to put up with, hut it «iwm have bean so much better, taperiaky as » comas on e *t*k*.



Cewlhet ssfnctiy tor *1200 with a nartHilsfc'Owning Star    AA —

Trek tans only. If, Indeed, U J -there are any.    U A ~


I Wouldn't hold yaw breath waiting

ter a Version olthiS for smaller Wiachfnealke He A&Odvid *600,

D I were ydu


After Micro Machines, the return of old-style race games with tiny sprites goes ot

Game: Skidmarks Publisher: Mindscape Authors: Acid Software Price: £24 99 Release: Out now


This'll be i he most m-

depth review ever iherv Sieve' growled Stuart Oops and Lordy Lordy I got the tvnl though. The review should have been started or Fnday, with all the grabs (unshed, at leas! Yet heie I am writing it up on Monday with all the grabs still to do and the text to Irtish Why Well I've got 10 conless that I spent the whole day and. er. more playing the game It can supercharge my Hot Rod in a tour stroke power band ol nitrous oxide compression And <1 a game can supercharge your Hot Rod you know it must be good, nght kids

With the kind ol luck that makes this job easier, you'll already have had a taster ol the race action with the cover disk that we gave away with issue 30 It so. then it's no use me telling you about the line animation ol the cars or the intensity ol the

competition when you're racing against someone else (somewhat enhanced m the lul game version, but more on that later). And you It probably know by now about the different tactics that can be employed n order lo win races, hamper your opponents or both But then, you haven't seen the whole game So torgive me lor

gong over any ground that's already been covered, but not everyone out there's been lucky enough to expenence the demo disk (deviants).

The idea is Simple There are four cars racing against

each other on any one of 12 supplied tracks

"And yes.

some people did hove to 'Eat my \ lonlca'"

Incidentally. lad fans, su tracks are on one disk and the other six are on another Thank goodness, sister of hope and molher of charily, that you've got a second drive, eh Quack quack oops Apparently more tracks are going to be released n the ' not-loo-distanl future

The tracks scroll rsomelncaiiy and the coiners are generated using quadratic B-splines Now. that sounds pretty painful tome, but apparently some people find that techno-jargon impressive, so good luck to them I'm joking ol course Coupled with ihe handling ol the cars, ihe G-Bsplmes are actually a load of fun You can opl lo power info a curve/comer. spin yourself round in a 180 (or vrhalever angle) degree skid and power out again Failing that, you can just decide to hug the inner camber and hope thal Ihe shortening of the dstance a enough to gam you some yards' advantage over your opponents


Aod Software sweai - it could be anything Irom 0-20) lor some ol the Amiga/disk mechanics that the game insists an implementing Check them out m the Downers box: they ere inhumanly intrusive I've left what consider la be the best pan ol the

game till now Not    _    .

onty can you opt    , ~

to race against    f *

another human

opponent with a r yBia

Split screen

option, you can

also connect with    tie

another Amiga via a

null-modem ixik so lhal

al lour cars are human

controlled It that isn't enough, you

can also send text messages lo the other

machine in a son of gamesmaristsp

psyche-out actrvity

■■■■I And yes. some people r I « LI did have lo Eal my Tonka' programm€<d message through the

use ol sel up Mecro Hot Keys)

' 1*j -,    A ne',!>on has C go

I to the draw .go* the

I are around 200

I '    I '-ames constitut-ng

J each ditterenl car Translated mto gamer HJJJQSS* sPeak **5 means BHI that no matter what

over the-top driving style you adopt, the car you're driving will . exhtxt itsetl n the proper 3D-rsh      perspective For example.

. • you couid opt lo drive at a ■k ridiculous speed over i -J wV one ol the many jumps featured n 1 several of the . .    tracks, spm round

* ¥    SB0 at md-au. smash

I mo your opponent and then skid mto the side ol the track T Throughout the whole manoeuvre the car looks tike a little Matchbox model And ust think, kids, there are tour types lo race, and Acid are gong to bring out more H*j Hip The AGA cars are even better; not only do you get the proper perspectives, you also get those almosphere-inducing nice touches like b*g throbbing engine blocks, np-roarng gtowly exhaust p tes. non-personal identification numbers etc And. as a tantaksing leaser. Acid tint al the ability to cuslom-creale your very own type at car with later disk releases Me lor one. lean harrfy wait

So there <1 is. I would lave to be able lo say Go out and buy this', but the reservations l have about the disk accessing and the crashing out are lar too extreme Asrte from that, if iea2y is a fun little game to indulge your racing fantasies


Everyone will find their own indnndualtstc racing style (bumping and bashing everyone is a good one)

L*e many racing games, ihere are three deferent types ot competition you car rxtuige r; practice, one-off races and a champsonsbp You should know the score on these sort ot things by now

Curiously though the championship kept crashing out on me at the end of the si-track quota Very annoying I'm also knocking an unspecified number of points oft (I'm not saying how many just lo make

UPPERS Will Install lo J harddisk Four diftsrent

V. / types of ear to race. Control.

while seeming overly sensitive at first. Is in fact very Intuitive Number ol Irsmes for each car results In s mild belfsf that they are In fact rail AGA cars have nlca little extras. Il l all s bit Ilka Sealailrie, only mors fun snd If takas up leas room The four player competition is tops Sound Is almost Identical to witching slock car racing on television.

® DOWNERS After l race you have lo press tha ESC key lo find out the results; you have lo wait about f 5-20 seconds white the program accesses tha disk. The game crashes out at the and of the championship, and alto crashes out arbitrarily when you try to gel back to the main menu screen. The AGA enhancement disk will nol install lo hard drive. Oortsn l recognise the second disk drtva.


It s such a shame that the diskaccessing routines have blighted the

enjoyment the game has _ _ _

lo otter. It really Is s    I D

fantastic little game    /0I

Especially for four people.


Looks better snd runs A1200 more smoothly. Tha extra HAM means that two different models of aa  ear can appear on screen Ull I ■1 the same lima.    U U ■





They’re fabulously furry bundles of furious fun and they’ve come to earth to recover their kidnapped king. Allegedly.

(Ml m«4 to tori

1 §

1 '

.*4 * If

- - 1 -

J »1 »w 4 I

7 -I -1 . ' 71

4 ' T J 'T . (

7 r - ' • 7 r f

1] M8\ - Q[

L "

I BBp* ' j


B ► } * ~l

4 ' 1 ' l.

4 J _KB

1 uK* * 1

( -1 ' ■

percent lor the dalt title, k and haven't even got

around to opening the bo* yet. so how s this game r going to win my

affections7 Well, lor a start there's an ever so pretty animated introduction sequence showing the pointless and dumb story behind the game The intro's tun. but what really impresses me is that it s on a disk separate from the game disks, so you can watch the mtro once, say Timm, that's race' and then never have to bother with it again Hoorah tor common sense.


Tk« him* tarry's lh«

GCSE student armed with a Collins pocket French/English dictionary could come up with something with a bit more 'oomph'

It doesn't even tell you what the game's about either I mean - Fury7 Do little coloured balls at fluff drum up any images ol screaming « anguish and torment7 0< course they don't Okay, so the lumes n the game took annoyed occasionally, and maybe possibly a lad strained as they push huge stone blocks from place to place, but they never look lunous Annoyance ol the Fumes. perhaps7 Nahhhh Right, so I've already arbrtranly

knocked ofl    _

over 50    <-

Another good, common sense idea is ihe automatic game save function The game start screen presents you with tour game slots as well as a couple ol other options The game automatically saves your Iasi position on each slot, so there's no need to copy down pages ol level codes This I also like, so it seems that things are looking up lor the Fumes, and I'm (sltl) not even in the game yet

And then, dsaster There's an option to turn oft the sound elteds in the game, but NOT

Game: Fury Ol The Furries Publisher: Mindscape Authors: Kalisto Price: £25.99 Release: Out Now

hat a terrible name tor a game. What a miserable, uninspired insipid and quite Irankly misleading name I thought at first that it might be a particularly poor translation ol the original  French name, which would be something like Li Funnir fc Des Pcdus (I think) but even so. a

Tk« (*my Maai k.««i out of W<« MMnttbr har ilMp ■Mar fw ciuti UMim. Me


DtffW) down through rock Of i>o<mf ««Mt fhpft yds Kccti lo iicrtl fMM, Ehlck Aft pncfcid (nil of colas E-plintf, HMrikl

THE MUSIC1 What the .!

What kind ol option is fas'’ How many times have you played a game and though! "Oh, I love the music to •as. but I teel that the inlnnsic quality o< t- composition a spoiled by the tiresome spot sound sheets7' Not very ohen. I d anger Having the option o< music or nuc and sound affects means only one twig - reach lor the volume control, turn * down and put some groovy tracks on your staieo system


Okay, the game itselt. which is lout disks packed lull ol 90 big levels and 150 sublevels and hidden Ms All you've got to do egat Irom the start to the finish without ■axing up dead That's it. start to Imish m tie allotted time, easy

Well, at the start, it's no) at all dflcult You basically usl bounce along ivod a lew spikes and then get lo the

end Easy-peasy. The nexi level, you gel the option ol switching between a couple ol the lumes. then all tour, then you get a lew baddies, and so on Simple, in lad a little too simple I thought lor although it's good lo have a lew tutorial levels, it's stretching the point a bit lo have this many. Later on though, you'll be looking back to this pan ol the game as the untroubled happmess-tilied youth ot your Furry playing existence Time lot a word about the lumes In the game you either have a single lurry who can . change colour, or a mass A ol different coloured fumes with the ability ol ' A teieponation Each ol ihe I lour colours can perform H a different skit; the red W ore can eat through rocks, V the green ore has a rope, the yellow one can shoot things and the blue one can dive under water They're all quite enlenaming to look at (it a bit small) but Ihe green one's by tar the best, and with his rope abilities you can send him swinging across Ihe screen like soma sod ol latterday gonk/Tarzan crossover To toggle between them, you press down and then select which ever colour you wanl. but things are

com pleated because you have to do this standing on firm ground This doesn't seem that important at first, but when you get into later levels and Ihe room you re in Hoods with waler. you! end up wishing you planned ahead It you haven't already gathered, this is a puzzle game, and although it got touted in the press release as being similar to Lemmings, it's much more like Lost Vikings (AP27 87%). Both games are based around negotiating platform levels, and both requite you to use a vanety of special skills, but here the two games diverge Lost VAmgs has three characters each with a skill, and the thing that annoyed me about it was that you had to get al ol them across all at the

obstacles, so m effect you waie doing each level three limes Fumes bypasses this problem by having the one character who can switch powers, so thumbs up there However, where as Lost Vxfcogs was gorgeously animated through-r out by massive and expressive cartoon characters, the graphics in Fumes are a lad. um. functional You’d imagine that Biter telling you to turn the volume down and slare at small, certainly not siate-ol-the-an graphics that Fumes is heading lor a dnbbfmg little score, but not so. tor there's

"You'll end up wishing you'd planned ahead"

that oft-torgoflen pan ol a game I've yet to cover - gameplay Here's where Fumes wins thiough because the puzzles are complex and require gigabytes ot lateral thinking, but you also need arcade skills to complete them Also, you're given plenty ot range lor experimenting, and rarefy and up getting completely stuck, although it this happens, you can toil oft your furry and start again The problems are tough, but each time I messed up on a level. it gave me some ideas to try a different way. and I slowly progressed The thing it. with puzzles this tough, if strikes me as being a bit silly that you've only got a (mile number of lives because at the end ol the day. it should be your inability to solve a puzzle that stops you. not running out of lives


The game's a mass at good and bad points, with ternble music and tiny graphics countered out by the lad that it plays so well After two days ol solid playing. I'm still only a Iradion ol the way through it. so you're going to get your money's worth, and even when you've finished n there are so many secret rooms that you can go back and play it again Shame about the stupid title, though • CAM WINSTANLEY



' - K ]

* - . *■ -j

® UPPERS Intriguing and Involved gameplay which manages to perfectly combine arcade skills with mlnd-taxlng puzzles.


seconds ol annoying disk accessing every time you lose a life, terrible music and pretty but sparse graphics. Oh yeah, it s a dumb name as well.


Okay, so the graphics are tiny, but they 're alto cute, and the backgrounds leave a lot to be desired, but this game plays ever so well. It's also huge, with loads ol bonus and hidden levels.

Oh yeah, and tha green Tiny's just great.


Redefined graphics A i throughout, seven layers of parallax scrolling and... No. only Joking, H i exactly the same as the standard game, but still cute .















More cute French nonsense from those crazy garpons and m’amselles at Coktel






















seen the secrei rules I know that il you talk straightforwardly about a game rather than babbie on in the style of something or other, they send the» assassins after you Psychiatrist: I see Right then, why not go back lo the beginning and descnbe the bases ol the game, eh readers (Wr>ks)


Reviewer: It's a poet and-click puuler. with each standalone puuie played out over two or three interlocking screens The idea is that you're a sod ol godlike overseer, rather lhan any ol ihe characters themselves, and your mam task ts 10 help Blouni. the crap reporter, research a story on Ihe rulers ol two rival kingdoms Along the way things are complicated by such sub-lasks as cunng Blouni ol lycamhropy and helping someone lo teineve the key to

Game:Goblins 3 Publisher: Coktel Vision Price: £34 99 Release: Out now

then push you oil"    Pi

'Bui that's all behind you We ve won, tor you re truly lend ! ol Ihe characters in Goblins 3.' argue my persecutors, pressing me mio a comer.

■Lies, it's all a pack ol lea.' I Rl repeal, bul my eyes dart ~jp-, ..jj, guiltily, and they start

singing and danong Q jrty coolly around me and HHF    it's only by drowning

'j    them and pushing

tsE    *■* them oH high dilts

A    that I manage to escape

Goblins 3. you see. leaiures some ol Ihe most appealingly useless Bk Chjrjc1r<~s aver including d crap reporter, a deranged parrot called Chump

J _j*    J-1... j'v J ms’ r A -

JJA I j ma<jc knob fcji more

/    ol that later

'    Psychiatrist: Slop

trying lo pul bits Ol the ■s'vW review tt this genuine T psychiatric session ■h ] Reviewer: I can i help n I ve

The scene: A psychiatnst's

office Freud and Jung glower down Irom Ihe walls A leather couch occupies the centre Enter the reviewer    J

Reviewer: Doctor, you've got to    AI

help me Since playing Gobtns 3. K I've been plagued by lembie    B

nightmares m which I'm hounded by crowds ol game characters happy that I like one ol their number lues. lies.' I snarl. *1 detest you all. with your unbearable s«N-satisfied coolness    m

and stickily cute .1 at ify There's M rwh ig I «e beflf r


your water worlds or VvBMcF

wo.v j su to ihe very

edge of a high diff so Wl

you do that amusing

overbalancing animation, ard


a labyrinth with the ax) of LnM

f• magic knob, but more

d that later The

presentation ts nothing

tfurl ol bniliant. with

beaulit Lilly-animated spnles

and a spot eflect-laden

soundtrack, featuring

everyone's lavourte

frenchman making Danger-    ->

tka sounds speech samples Psychiatrist: You mentioned TBp

fta appealingly useless'

characters Would you care    J

to elaborate

Reviewer: They're ust so wonderfully inept, constantly ‘    **

gtemg mlo alt sorts ot    _

trouble with an irrepressible eager cheerlulrtess And ■hen something does go colossally wrong, ihey just take what otirageous cartoon violence ts contmg to ftem castigate you lightly lor directing Item at such a nrkciious endeavour and try again I love them so Paychlatrlil: Yes So it's a non-stop comic bonanza

Reviewer: Ah, how true those words spoken at cynical yest GobknsGis endessly tunny - and not ust mddty ■musng. but really tunny. At one point, the oombeiation at an ill-timed sip ot orange jute and a particularly outlandish gag evolving a giant mousetrap had me retching with laughter.

Psychiatrist: That's as maybe, but how does it shape up as a game

Reviewer: isn't this turning out to be a rather poorly contrived set ot questions and answers'1

Psychiatrist: 1 could do a at a cold Germanic accent it you like.


Reviewer: Perhaps not Anyway, yes. you rase a vakd point How does it shape up as a game

Psychiatrist: I don't know Reviewer: It was a rhetorical question Psychiatrist: I'm hartfy a distinct personality, am I

Reviewer: Shut up. The gamepiay hasn't evolved significantly same the ongnai Gobkans It's still a case ot waving the pointer randomly around the screen at the hope Ot hitting a hot spot, which in the more complei levels leads to an initial sweep ot tediously military precision Why not have an option, say. to put a green dot on everything important to the garnet And some ol the obtect-background combinations are less kx caby skewed

Very, very tunny pomt-ind-click game which Is wildly inventive, always playable, and has splendidly loveable characters. The puules are tricky, but most are logical within the rules ol the game.

But those that aren t are to stupidly random as to really, really annoy you. And the clue option just gives the solution to the screen And it comes on six disks but doesn't recognise a second drive. And it's bugged. My copy crashed twice, went a bit odd once, and - most damnmgly - no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get the save game option to work. Crikey. (But maybe it's just me.

than entirely randomly allotted The manual suggests using objects 'even «i the most far-fetched combinations.' which leads more 10 desperation than anything else But weighed against this are the nbhckhng consequences oi getting something wrong, the upkflngty joyous way in which the characters somersault with pieasuie it you happen to be right, and the tact you can't die or run out ol time or use up the obiects So it all sort ol balances up. albeit at a slightly uncomfortable way

Psychiatrist: But I understand there are dues available'

Reviewer: Unfortunately, when you cash in one ol your due okers. you just get a screenful ol text (pvmg the solution to the screen, so that's the end at that then Theoretically you should never gel stuck, but you do. and unless you want to ruat w ihe whole screen you're back lo waving « your pointer around Psychiatrist: Which bnngs us to the maffc knob

Reviewer: No it doesn't Psychiatrist: Oh. go on Reviewer: Well, it's a French game, you see And ihe translation isn't quite there' at poatts. the most memorable involving a powerful warnor who oilers la help it you find a replacement jewel lor Ihe crystal ball-like pommel ol her sword, except it's not called a pommel and you can guess the rest

Psychiatrist: We seem to have littered down lo trivial innuendo, so it's probably time lor The Bottom Late Reviewer: Missus Psychiatrist: Shut up • JONATHAN NASH

Goblins 3 is a supremely entertaining game struggling against uneven design and dodgy programming. There's a huge amount ol silly lun to be had, but you have to put up -.villi a lot ot unnecessary nonsense in Ihe pr«ess.


It can't be. But II lal

A1200 G°Mn*3■* ***%

' similar on the A1200



I pr<


Bsentati * nothin short of

on 1 9







Stalinist lie

Game: Dennis Publisher: Ocean Price: £25.99 Authors: Citizen Software Release: Out now

Funny how wtorig you can be. isn't it Reviewing Suburban Commando las) month. I was wibblmg on about how the Oceans and Gremlins and McroProses of the software hz' don't get slagged oft like Alternative and other similar publishers do lor releasing budget-type games at lull-pnce, because they don't do it Yeah t WAS a great point, wasn't it’

Anyway, times change This

month seemingly m a

blatant attempt to make me

took stupid. Ocean have    S

had a brainstorm It's

called Deems    DOITC

(indeed, he's got his own entirely different game comatg out very soon.

Irom - spook1 Aiiemative). and they should shut up about him Sorry about this but it's us! a barefaced Stalinist lie and >t annoys me What next . David Vine introducing snooker matches by saying And now, Stephen Hendry versus the man who's been making us laugh lor ovei 40 years Denns Taylor1'’ Gel a grip, Ocean - just because  USt a they're both called

f d I ®nrjS < oesnm*an

... _

Ilk the ifMk) inn Mdlaa lodt - daa'l ha rani

Oenncs is licenced from the film ol the American cartoon which has it says here been making us laugh for over 40 years Which is a lie far a sfari It they mean Dooms the American cartoon, then it's only been on TV over here for about two years, lops (and it's not funny anyway) If they mean Dennis The Menace, the ace Beano character (the US Dennis is also known as The Menace, apparently), then he's nof m this game

Da aait lit a hire Ifefiji «r« mill kodiHf yp aow.

Ohhhta ami am tad a*

Uni baddU. Sadly bh'i a cawpUlh RllUm

Some games ought to just get the message and wander off into the sunset, we say.

■«il raa nil Irom Mr "Ifral Hjia' Wilis*. H«‘1 *ol s*< * friaiStx kaj i« iaia« w»---

Mcy, iri a ale* laaklaj labarb ihaafk. San el placa a maa laaM pal Pawn loots

Ians running around I hen I ' house no*, shooing al all IB m the light-switches with water U pistols and then lighting up like a  Christmas free Thai a usl been M electrocuted

Anyway, alter about live-nmnutes ol hall hearted amniess wandering through this level you'll have stumbled across all Ihe necessary collectibles and reached ihe next slags - Ihe Park level This is actually qu>le a I lot worse lhan the house stage because it all looks exactly the same and it's got deadly holes m I the (loot which don't look like ™ deadly holes in the floor (although, oI course - of course - some ot them aren't deadly holes In the door and are actually secret bonus rooms, though there's no way ol leilng the dilterence). but sutler it bravely because the next level's more ol Ihe exact same As is Ihe next one Alter that you gel the most insultingly easy end-ol-levet boss I think I've ever met. and then it's onto the Sewers, which ate like the house only with much less impressive graphics Things were getting tncky tor me by Ibis stage (well, it WAS only my first go), because I was down to my Last 11 irves Lots and lots ol really long bits with toads ot holes in the ground where one slip gels you kilted and sent back al the

manual also claims lhat you can ■1 make things Inckier by choosing I from Hard' or Easy' difficulty t serimgs. but that sanolher lie). I you can always waste it Irom a n sale distance with a couple ot - k shots from one of your pathetic I f pioppy weapons 11II come back as IF soon as you scroll its Stan position oft 1 Ihe screen, ot course (of course), but you’ll be long gone by then, and never coming back

The hrsl level is also where you'll lind Mr Wilson. Dennis's Mte next m the cartoons Mr Wilson, says the manual, is walking around Ihe house, unable to sleep due to his traumatic day II he spots Dennis he will gn/e chase Oh dear Let's be constructive here, shall weLet's help Ocean out Let's suggest how they might want to rewnle the manual for any forthcoming other versions

Mr Wilson is pacing backwards and forwards in a small room No matter how k many times you hit him L in the bottom with your

■    pea shooter catapult or I water pistol, he won t

■    notice you're there until W he turns round, at which " point he'll chase you as fax as the door of the room

although then he gets bored and turns back round and walks oft


Great, eh The only reason you'd want to go anywhere near Mr Wilson is that he guards’ a switch in his room which you have to switch to access another bit of the level. The switch actually looks exactly like a light switch (and is placed m a very light switch-like position), but you can only switch it by hitting it with your pea shooter

Nope Catapult Nope Water pistol Ot course I can ust see an the little five-year-old Dennis

Whal a UTilirlMI us* Halaiai.


you can gel away with saying they'ie the same thing and not expecting anyone to "Ohce, it's insulting


Weil, that's got that oft my chest Now to stan getting annoyed about the game Which isn’t difficult, because S's dsmai thing I've seen a respectable software house come up with m quite a long lime Where shall we start i Let s start al the beginning M The first level is unutterably tedious It's piattorm stuff hut to call it ■ bog standard would be a 1 sanous insult to bogs The graphics are sparse and bny. and most ol Ihe platforms seem lor no adequate reason to be usi too tvgh for Dennis to jump onto, forcing you to take Ihe most tortuously convoluted route possible to get anywhere Useless stupd baddies litter the level bouncing dumbly between two points or running poailtessly Irom side to side. They don't come after you or anything, but in case you're worried about being SO unutterably crap that you might actually hit one and lose 10\ ot the energy in one ol your nme kves (you cen reduce this number via the separately-loaded options screen if you ike. but there are so many 1 UPs just lying around lhai you II sill have about 14 by the time you're halfway through the stage The

way to the start of the level, you see Ho ho What a great game this is What came after the Sewers I hear you all cry I'm alraid I don’t know. I couldn't see through my tears


"The most dismal thing I've seen in quite a long




pause) Urn nope, sorry


graphics, useless collision detection, useless design, useless sound, useless gameplay. useless everything. It s useless

oh. and you have to choose between useless music OR useless sound effects, and il doesn't recognise the second disk drive. Useless



Game: Simon the Sorceror Publisher: Adventure Soft Authors: Simon and Mike Woodrotte. Alan Bridgman and others Price: £34 99 Release: Out now

Ho hum. Arolhei poml-and-cl«* adventure game Another sub-Tolkien lanlasy setting Another quest. Another collection of puzzles to solve Right Today s Friday Simon the Sorcerer's got Hi Monday to make an impression, or * gets 69%.

Where1' first ol all And Why1' After al. the storyline is everything rt a game

Irka this You're Simon, an ordinary 12-year-old boy When Simon the Sorceror opens you find yours*ft in a wizard s cottage How did you get here1 How are you gomg to gel back to the real world1 Who knows1 But look - here's a note Calypso the wizard has  been kidnapped by a baddy, it says, and you have got to rescue him Then he'll send you home Weft that's certainly kindled my enlhusum

How1 now Al the bottom ot the screen are some words like Pck Up. Wear


Calypso the wizard has been kidnapped by a baddy"

and Look Al Click on them, and then dick on parts ol the picture above, and Simon

_ will wander about to*owmg your

instructions Far the most part this seems to work okay, although most ot the lamiliar point-and-click pitfalls are dutifully fallen into For example, much ' of your time wkl be spent f painstakingly moving the cursor over the

r background, watching to see if anything registers as nteractabte-with (Some objects are barely a pixel long, and you've no way of knowing just by looktng whether they're

anything uselul or just a slip ol the artist's brush ) Exits from each screen aren’t generally marked, even when you move the cuisot over them, so you've got to rely on paths looking like paths, and doors looking like doors, which they often don't


It you try to do anything that the programmers haven't anticipated (which m this case seems to be practically anything that isn't directly connected with the storyline) you get a Thai doesn't work or an I can't see the point'. ust like the very first text advenluies back m the 1970s. There's no excuse lor any ol this nonsense n the late 20th Century


ml    . _


MsUte UUd Op* /fae \/f\ mmm M, ¥p Cfa Use    B

rSih tk fame far i

la a vMd cuaplc al the rivolalioa ulilliU iflUflaf was oa nap aikJ»f (ttal'i, Ciilofraphi, lechaical Urn lias) aae mi oac with ao scale, ao coaioar Haas, m...


Oh Hfkl - yoa sea a 4 loot klyk bloke, ai4 the tint lllay yoa 4 thiak aboil >ai aiklay kin Iroaa his beaaty llaap. Like ha s hoi    lo aa« yoa ar poll year anas off.


r"Hmie of the’ jokts actually seemed very

«aM. If Hul liioao%a4    W

law mu at laihtaa lUliainl Ha ha ka

Okay What ' Wat do you have to do Wr neetiess to say. rescuing Calypso uns out to invotve tots o( sidetracking and sii plots You've got to talk to Otter characters to gel riormaiion out ot them and use ejects to solve puzzles Many ol the characters and puzzles seem to have been adapted (torn taryiales. so as well as tie usual dwarves, dragons and barbarians youl meet the Three Billy Goats Grufl, the witch out ol Sleeping Beauty and - bizanety -•hat appear to be escapees Irorr CS Lewis s Nanva stones Vanety aplenty1 Or merely an uncomfortable mish-mash

B« fM thlah eiiyln a uiilkli colour lor dwhiiyt I too l, ul tail tkai Minn at porpla kali ik«M ba that Ia»aal«eiy.

Bui hang on This is a humorous' game


Having done precisely nothing to impress me so tar. can Simon the Sorcerer redeem itself by making me laugh Erm sorry If threw Okes' at me thick and last, but none ot them actually seemed to be very fumy (And I fake a chuckle as much as the next man j I ought to gnre you an example and let you make your own mind up. but I can't actually remember one Okay: poett-and-dick. puzzles, jokes -there's no avoiding it. This isn't as good as Monkey Island Every screen ot Monkey Island ts packed with amusing asides, irrelevant things to dick on.

Okay, Mkn u« lama. Cuu, laal HI


distractions to give the game substance Simon the Sorcerer hasn't got anything like that, or when it Ines it. * seems very dumsy and sell-consoous Monkey Island unldds gradually, a chapter at a time, only letting you see as much ol the map as is necessary You'l teel you've explored most of Sxnon the Sorcerer's playing area within the first hour then «fs just a case ol wrapping up all Ihe puzzles you've discovered

Above all else. Monkey Island is tunny - it's got genuinely tunny jokes in it that are impossible to anticipate With Simon (he Sorcerer it s all Oh ha ha. I didn't expect that to happen' (sarcasm or Wouldn't it have been lunner it. . ' or just plain 'Get on with s'

. w



I-wbpf Nme

kbit to Looted Oft* Am V C\ m Omom Plot of dost Use

Tiitto Pemooe far (ftt ®

Hera a wfcara dtsinti fa la niav ihlafi. H Is a 4msrt mIim-Aad

® UPPERS Pretty graphic* (very pretty in place*), a  .raasonable number ot puzzle* to ruminate on. and plenty ot opportunities lor spot the fairytale' tan* to enjoy themselves.


Kick la Ms ill hr (MRac liaa at orfEMBl ar i bmwiI Wfcn pauifcla rs« is i caaa kal Ajm<1 fraa lldiif    pfraaMa at «i van larja Cwvaflt

Actually, that's not stnctly true Simon the Sorcerer did make me laugh once Slightly You see. much of its humour relies on constantly reminding that you're playing a game asides lo ihe camera and so on This quickly gels tiresome, as well as destroying whatever fragile atmosphere Ihe game might otherwise have had. but the lirst lime it happened I did actually laugh I was m the pub right near the beginnmg. talking lo some people who I knew to be wizards, but who were trying lo pretend they were farmers by putting on crap Somerset accents "No no, but you're wizards,’ I kept saying 'No we bam V they replied ’Bui you are * 'Are not.* etc Until eventually I selected the option that said 'Bui whenever I move the cursor aver you it says Wizards', and they had to concede defeat Some extra marks lor that, then Almost But unfortunately, Simon the Sorcerer spontaneously crashed and resei itself a good ten times dunng my weekend with * Utterly inexcusable 69% it is. then • JONATHAN DAVIES

/—\ DOWNERS Less-than

IV J gripping *toryllne. not a* tunny a* It think* It Is. a feeling ol emptiness, very f*vr deviation* from the beaten track, and too much tedious hunting about with the cursor. It manages lo ba llntar without giving the Impression that you rs ever moving forward and progressing, so H’s low on Incentive to continue. And H doesn't team to have been debugged properly.


A bit disappointing, really. I reckon that It you replaced the graphical Interlace with a textual one, you'd be left with an adventure that would have bed trouble passing muster ten years ago. Any Q fl ~ mustard about ha* not    nU ~

quits bean cut    UJ “


We'll be reviewing the

A1200 A1200 version next

month (It came quits a bit latsr than this one) - so watch this space. Sorcerers.



If you’re feeling on edgo. frustrated or out on a limb with your latest purchase then you need look no further than here for the vital tip that will save your life. Doctor Richard FeEEey is on hand with a nosegay of top hints and cheats.











NMd help on Elite 27 Wh*1 more I* ihere (of can I think ol) to eay Hara It la. eoutlaay of lha prize-receiving Mark Chapman of Suisax, William Glbaon (no rotation) of Northumberland and Martin Manary ol Livlngaton.

I1‘« Ik. I.IJ Imi l.il.l brink al Alpha.Ica-iara, Or iwtlUii.


Bagln on tha Lava Syatam and quickly upgrade to a Moray Slarboat Don't bothar with mlaallaa or Laaar - an Auto Pilot or load ol fual la far mora aaaantlal Quickly check tha bulletin board and taka any packages for Leeati. launch off and vlalt Laaatl. If whan you anlva you bump Into anamy ahlpa. jump batwaan Dlaa and Laaatl until thay hava gona. Go to tha apaca atation and drop off any packagaa. purchaaa aa many lonnea of narcotica and fual aa you can afford, and back al Lava aall lha narcotica In tha highly dodgy Edward's Good. Emporium, pay any llnea and atock up. If you ware unabla to reach Lava Station becauae of anamy flghtara than lump to Dlaa and try to land thara. Narcotica ara illegal In both ayatama ao (ham ham) you can gat a good prlca for althar. Only aall Illegal good* if on tha bulletin board Edward a Emporium la available or thara ara two gooda bought and aoid' ada.

Continua trading in narcolica until alavaa become an option. Once you hava mada a raaaonabla amount of money, treat youraell to a Constrictor, transporter (from Zaonca), ala shield ganaratora. one 1MW beam laaar. an Autopilot and 4 naval mlaallaa. Now trade staves between Zaonca and Lava. Should things approach desperation, only taka enough fual to gat you to Dlaa via Lava. You should by this point be raking lha credits In.

Tha purchaaa of an Anaconda Freighter with 10 shield ganaratora. a 4MW laser plus every other add-on available will start you on your way to Increase your Imperial rating. Go to Hoarla -1. -S and pay the fine to clear your name of being a fugitive. Taka a mission to maka you a serf and once completed, go lo tha federal colony of Formalhaut and do tha same to bo promoted to Private. Purchaaa a Puma Clipper, what aver that may be. aa wall.


Keep it legal whilst you can afford It Go for gooda with high profit margins: robots, computers and luxuries ara worth mora than animal, meat and plastics. Honest John, and Johnson & Son' are police trapa ao avoid Illegal trading with them. It you ara caught, bribery will only Incraaaa your fine.


Disabled Star Dust and Background Stare and enabled Elila Control Method ara recommended. Whan attacked, locus In on tha ship and click with tha mouse (a radar mapper should be invested In a.a.a.p. tor Just such an occasion), incraaaa act spaed, diva rapidly, climb occasionally to throw him off your tail. Only firs if you can put 6km or mora between you. and disengage autopilot only If you ara hit or coma within 1Km of tha anamy. To Improve your rating, visit Indapandant worlds such aa Lanande 21165.


At Rosa 154, tha recommended starting poaitlon. contact tha shipyard and remove your KL760 homing missiles. Go to tha stock market and buy aa much fuel aa possible. (You should be able to afford about six tonnaa). Sat a course for CD 44 11909 sector -1,-1 than jump to Lytan 205-128 sector -1, -2. and finally got to sector -2. -2. Upon arrival aat a course for tha planet Emerald and dock at tha orbital trading post Machanziet Relay. Check out tha Bulletin Board for any gooda bought and sold.

At tha shipyard, remove your atmospheric shielding, scanner, automatic pilot and MW pulse laser. Because precious metals are illegal you will be paid over three thousand credits par tonnes to taka them away. Back at tha shipyard, this time

exchange your ship for either tha same or a Mark 3. Your cargo bay should be amply so reload with precious malals (from lha same oullet as before). Provided you ara careful, lha space cops won't catch up with you. so you can repeat lha process (advancing time II slock runs out) until you hava as much money as you want.

(Taam 17)

The moment my eyeballs scanned ihe words M's far loo hard" ei Cam's review of Ai«eri Breed 2.1 mentally reserved a section of Ihe proceeding Compleie Control to pnni the passwords I knew al teasl one dever-clogs was bound lo send in

Perplexingly though, nol one but literally thousands of people have been w touch: some <oik completed ihe game in a week, some o three days, some even on ihe bus on Ihe way home from the shops Is Cam us! crap al games'(no. he's crap al other things too - ed) Are Ihe general AMIGA POWER-buytng pubiic all geniuses'1 Opting lor a happy mixture ol the two (Oi1 - Cam), lei's pnnl tha codas as provided amongst others, (but most legibly) by Sam Bolton ol Oldham

Level 1 Landing Pad 1 - 098654 Level 1 Landing Pad 2 - 736353 Level 1 Landing Pad 3 - 243433 Level 1 Landing Pad 4 - 378829 Level 1 Landing Pad 5 - 000000 Level 2 Civilian Zone 2 - 353828 Level 3 Civilian Zone 2 - 106383 Level 4 CiWian Zone 3 - 370101 Level 5 Civilian Zone 4 - 982822 Level 6 Security Passage - 847464 Level 7 Science Zone 1 - 737373 Levef 8 Science Zone 2 -928112 Level 9 Science Zone 3 - 287364 Level 10 Science Zone 4 - 193831 level 11 Secunty Passage - 090921 Level 12 Miklary Zone 1 - 309383 Level 13 Military Zone 2 - 101211 Level 14 Milrlary Zone 3 - 103992 Level 15 Milrtary Zone 4 - 998112 Level 16 Planet Surface - 125332 Level 17 Underground Snah - 091233

Others of you seem to have found funny things happening wdh lives, keys and credits if Ihe level code is entered as 098654. 378829 or 736353 respectively A lew jokers Ihought ibul lor no given reason) ihat the number 243433 and 278829 might be useful And I even found some Action Replay codes nestling m the Complete Control post bag C01605. C0I663. C01673 and C01679.

Name-checks then lo Knslen Bygrave of Hens.

Stevie Bruce of Glasgow. Paul J Curtin of Sefion. Alex Baifiie of Cleveland. Jeff Hervei of Waiihamsion Pete Tnbe and Wayne Parsons ol Southamplon. M Pugh of Gwenl and David Macpherson of Dumbartonshire (That's i enough name-checks Ed)

J 00-0027 New Firopr J Tnrre, Miyriel

■ Cyborg, tX) years ! htWfacrw (V series

Mid Slavs whan ha reviewed Ihii ooa. Ha than want on lo aiplaln what lha game was ail about - a lour-way Dungeon Master clone, lop pad to lha brim with atmoaphara, an aacallanl waapom ayalam and



-c.am ik.    l. I.. . a...a *

onniini psiontc ocviccm. miss ii at your pern, aisva    *


brftt ball laaartl Sick tM the apar* weal rl(


■•Control promises you hints Complete Conliol ft r:-; tips Complala Conirol will slake its repulalion on L aval codas (liom lima to lima) Bui no whara I'm If* contract is 'a good read' promised Jokes'’ No U:r those either And willy introductions'’ Not even Mrrl obliges me lo come if with any Ocular ■ dal l realty don I have to if I don't want to. So hara ■tor Vo' Joe', sent at by Matthew Grainger of K kVi you have completed lha bonus shool-em-up kw pressing lire When the computet counts up the ■Ml gtve player 2 fifty live

i Design)

ft the level codes lor Wonderdog. sent m by Glen * Halesowen LEMONADE. PHARMACY E DANIELLE. LUCOZASE

Mid. Ha lovad II. and racommended II In avary way. Bui did Slava includa any hints or tlpa No ha didn't - and onca again lha responsibility seams lo hava fallen lo me. I've, ahem, actually loal lha tatter tailing ma who Mnt this guide In. but I'll find it and let you know nail month whan wa conclude.


ouuucrta mrvftoua






Auto gun. Stunner. Grenades




Shot gun. Granada launcher




Blatter. Grenada!, Minas s2




AiMull rifle, Granada launcher




Mini gun. Flamer. Rifle. Grenada!. Sentry gun




Laser. Shot gun, Granadaa, Sentry gun

Detvarger 187


Sniper rifle, Stunner, Grenades




Stunner, granadaa




U.P.B.L gun. Mina, Granadaa




Super Covert. Flamer. Grenadei




Blaster. Stunner. Granadaa. Sentry gun




Silent auto. Revolver. Granadai

This should ba umIuI considering nowhara In lha lour manuals It this Information given. Any recommendations' The two battle droids, Chauta and Kiurcher make up a pretty mean party.


Sod out your back packs, guns, Pai-ampa and food.

TIm nfkl rbalcs mt campasMa is n ikwlahl) . pert pi ami ixuiahl iwillfM.

Ml of stairs and teleport, but upon materiallaing ensure you don't touch the barricading block or the others will gat stuck. Take the others to tha other sal o< stairs whara tha water is rising and sinking - this it Mfa because there are Chinees lo brMthe. Up lha stairs and aftar a smattering of killing you'll uncover a door. To reach tha crate Mnd one parson up lha lift and over lo tha left whan ha appears out of tha small tunnel. Drop down, and onca again whan In poiMiaian of the gun and ammo. Watch out lor tha Rhal hare. Whan you kill him, place a proiimlty mine on tha floor In front ol tha button, press, and step back and left before tha lift goes in order to laacua tha remaining member of your party stranded at tha basa ol tha lift. This, however, takas practice H you don't quite teal up to It, retire to a Mfa distance upon pratalng tha button, and walk back down tha long way and ratriava him.

Tha laboratory teat aita la rather tricky. It does not need completing, but If you want to give II a shot tha LaMr Rum Cannon, tha odd machine gun. tha watertight Pil-amp and as many grenades as your pockets will hold will coma In uaelul. Tha Fusion Reactor mlaslon la not worthy ot noting aicapt lor pointing out that thara actually two bits to It Tha second part which you ara taken to by tha lift initially resembles tha first That la until you turn left (Vikas!

- a Robodyne) or turn right (Ylkeal - two ol them) These ara bast disposed of at long range with a grenade launcher. And whatever you do. don't leave tha level without lha Fusion Power Cora Ring.

To clear the room scattered with land mine*, open lha door and lob In a grenade Tha proceeding levels IncraaM quite Mverely In difficulty, so one thing you must ba wary ol Is leaving characters standing In lha open even if thara appear to ba no anemias around. Make sura you lock them In a secure room - H is avan possible to find baddies dropping in from tha


You'll want tha Mini Gun on tha first mission - to gat calling. Moat levela ara surrounded by water, so

this you musi jump a character with high Agility and don't forget to drop a droid In lo hava a scout

■a t soma stuff Irom James Carlton of Guildford


I*" .-np ovai him whan ha charges and duck at tha fit ol the screen whan ha throws tha bail at you

ELU: Whan ha s on his platform slay near his feel and ;rhim As he sings run out fiom under his teel lo ft ad this w'l leave you with only one note lo contend r; over it and repeal tor his next song When ha *»n hit him two or three times and than jump over in you are over, remain as close to him as possible lor r lied when allempls to blow you up

low Weight (not a droid) through tha hole at tha lop of tha three lifts and collect tha Accaaa card. Outside this level thara ara a couple of pushabta blocks which leads to a switch. Um a droid with suitable ammo In tha water. Tha laser will ba ruined before you can return it to tha surface but lha lha Sllencwd Super Covert will make a good backup weipon If ammo runt low.

To avoid being tripped on tha cave mission Mnd any laaar eanylng-charsctara through tha cava section and down the stairs. Locate tha ascending

around, Mvlng tha game beforehand. If you find yourtelf waiting for a descending lift, chuck a grenade down tha shaft before calling It up. Any monsters who may hava bean walling for you ara In for a nasty aurpriM. And soma last minute gananl advice Do not lira and than run forwards (you may run into your bullets). And If you run low on food and droid repair than repeat the first mlaslon and you can stock up on more.

Coming noxt month:

Multi-player, baddy and weapon advice. Hold on to your horMt.






1 m s






•STY ASSAIN: When aha runs at you ump over her iv vmps duck r the centre

SBESTLER: As he waddles towards you umpover trr duck neat him as ha throws the ball away

(men ha flies up. run lo tha left of the screen than iccmea down slay at the middle When ha appears lo y-p over his hand and slay in the middle


Hare's tha deal - you tend In your finest tips, and If wa Ilka them, we’ll print them. And If wa rMlIy Ilka them, wa ll prim them and sand you a priia.

Tha addraaa Why, H's Complete Control. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Slraat. Bath. BA1 2BW.

I■■««■«'« SOM mbilw). SlioHTf skivers til Too lam soar bach far a minute sad they're aft down tbe pub.


Okay. by now you know how we I eel about people who spend 30 quid on a game and then warn to be told how lo play the damned lh*ig m the lips pages This month, I he tips aien t ol ihe absolute solution or help type such as we ve been giving away wtlh ishar 2 and Nippon Sates Nope, ths lot a'e in the torm of combat mission bnelings with real terminology stolen from the. gasp gasp, low payload high dekvery savour ot World Leaders. Admirals.


and Menzies Campbell. Defense News So. readers who are into Ihe idea d World Peace and ontological discussions stop reading now We re going to explore the incendiary scenario ol cost effective tatat compromise and thrust vectoring avionics Does that make complete sense to you Good tuck gentlemen, you re going lo need i1


Bit ol a cheat this tip. Use the first mission lor manouveure practice Most important -n the test ol the game is the ability to out rotate the enemy Watch which way hts guns aie pointing Keep moving and Shooting You know youTe heading in the nghl died ion to becoming an Ace plot when you can complete this mission with ihe use ot your chain gun only and not take a hit


Ooh. I love this one. I realty do - Mission 2 Fly over the concentration ol tanks and call up an Air Sinks Get out ot there Quickly. The missiles fired by these tanks home m in a rather nasty manner which can quickly relieve you ol Ihe ability to breathe oxygen Do not go back lo the scene until the Air Stnke has actually burst It there ate any surviving tanks, take them out with Air to Ground missies

There is a high probability ot some munitions icons floating around Collect them all Then effects are cumulative ie you increase your weapon payload

PIC 3-4

Mission 3 provides another opportunity lor some piacice At (he earlier levels, the choppers aren't so aggressive Their missiles aren t as accurate or effective So take the time to study their attack patterns Yolk choice of weapons « limited lo Fue and Forgers

(FFR s) or Air to An

i* '





Interceptors Funnily, when you use Ihe Interceptor option r» choppers become at ooy and sneaky. If you u$ J hang about r the air they *nil not come near you: trom the front <f least The best option here is to use the FFH's Gut move around, most choppers are ol a kamikaze bent and tv* nothing of Hying into you. Oh. and to make the pos&biity of completing this level a certainty, explore the map a bit. shoot the Irving daylights out ol any buildings you happen across. They might uS! be concealing some (held or fuel cons as wen as vanous weapon power ups

PIC 5-6

Usscn tour is pnmanly a ground attack mission In order to make it successful though, you’ve got to prepare a set of priorities The first ol these is to eradcate without marcy whatsoever at least 60% ol the enemy hehcopler population You’re going to lake hits Ihough no matter how well you play Make sure that you leave no butting  destroyed They are hiding those all important shield and fuel cons.

PIC 7-8

Okay, no mission in padcular, just a load of Sfrale c advice on the subject ol weapon economy. On later missions, you'll come across a mixed population density ol buildings and ground to air missile launchers. Use your FFR’s la take out the missile launchers hiding among the buildings In other instances, once you've lamkansed yourself wth Ihe workings of your ground to air missiles, you can steer the automate tracker to alight on enemy launchers Do not waste these valuable weapons on mere buttings


Uop up unprotected buildings using your chain gun This « a very good sound economical idea It saves wasting FFR s and anytheg else you cate to mention

PIC 10-11

Concentrations ot mobile ground to air mtsstt launchers can be tneky Switch lo some good or tank bushn Napalm and lly away Line yourseft up with ihe particular concentration that’s causing you trouble and fly stiaight towards them Release Ihe

vaseline killer and soak up the atmospheric ‘Catch itvs" ol your co-pttl

PIC 12

Last ol Ihe desert based missions here It a imperative that you make lull use ol your plethora ot weapons Mop up loosa helicopters belore attempting to land to collect the hostages To take oil and land quickly, repeatedly press the up and down cursor keys Pat yourselt on Ihe back when you are fmaly able to complete this mission with one copier

PIC 13-14-15

Okay. I know, one ol these pcs is a mission title screen We re pushed tor lime, so no mar

This weler level is tncky There are no power ups or shield and fuel cons to pick up Usa air to ground msstos lo take out the missile guardians sutroundng the mines Make sure that you’ve taken out at least three quarters at Ihe enemy choppers This is when they start to get really nasty: tinng oft volleys ol air lo airs Shoot oul Ihe mines wtlh FFfi s trom a dislance There s nothing worse than crashing trom their explosive repercussions

PIC 16

Unlorlunatety, I got so earned away with the

I really enjoy playing Seek i Destroy, so this is one game that I wouldn't mind doing some more lips lor next month Whether I'm allowed to or not very much depends on my own success at getting to the higher levels and how much time the editor thinks it's worth me devoting to playing games instead of writing about Ihem Still, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro That's what I always say Cim lot now.


next lew levels that I I or got to take relevant grabs However, in high density areas d's worth using Napalm and quickly switching lo AGM's or FFfi's to mop up the remnants of    '

ihe devastation    I


rar»rawrFZiJN .stJfirawr i.fjj    .

pnnsu L



Iff stuck your first resort should off course be to write into The Last Resort with our last resort off a host, Rich Pelley.

I have no handicap coming to terms with the personal pleasure I derive compiling The Last Resort month after month, but what I am far less assured of is what effect this job actually has on my credibility. As of yet, I have had no proposals of marriage, no hordes of fans camping on my doorstep over night and no photos of me discreetly shopping at Tesco's published in the National Press. Heck, I've never even been sent any fan mail. That is. until yesterday when a letter from a Mr D. Bird of Cannock arrived. "Dear Rich, have you got a cheat for A-Train Yours Dale Bird." Schucks, and yes. Mr Bird, I'd love to marry you.


Q1 have heard that there s a cheat which enables you to play as the bosses What is it7*

Richard Tipton. Heietord

A We pcnted one method in issue 23, but considering all the hoo ha that followed it (where Bath's main post oh ice actually had to take on extra staff m order to handle all the complaints with our name on them that they were bound to pass on), there s a chance it may not have been too helpful Recently though another cheat aimed which if true, could have many a Street Fighting 2 Ian rejoicing wildly m the


Please help here where I couldn't

Q'Any help ai all on the very Iasi level of DUNE 2 would be appreciated considerably I'm up against the lorce ol everything and it's a bit much *

Darren Taaylor. Llanelli

Q-Day four of WILLLY BEAMISH is (he crux ol my problem In spile ol trying everyihng I can think of. I soil cannot win the Irog race Just how do you move forward '

P Suckling. Coventry

Q'l need some help an DUNGEONS OF AVALON 2 Has anybody explored the Dungeons ol Ista. and located Ihe Pnsoners who say You have saved our lives, take the key as payment It unlocks Ihe Map room ot Isia'7 If anybody has. Ihen could they explain why when I cfcck an inventory, theie is no keyAnd whist they're at 4. would they tell me

why in the Tower of Roa the guard lets me None may enter without a permii.' even if I have it7*

Steve Evam. Rugeley

Q 'l hope you don't mstd me askxtg, but I realty would like to enquire what I have to do next I am m the Crughon pnson wth a lance, key. document, newspaper and blow torch, and have opened the an duct In FUTURE WARS, that is'

Paul Mlel. Lossiemouth

Q'l have come a cropper m METAL MUTANT, the subterranean level I ve come across this big robot with a whip that barks quke a lot on the lirst floor, as wel as loads of interlocking pipes Lucky old me. eh But these pipes are connected with gates, and if you don't open them in the coned order you

explode (Hen ol a secunty system - Ed.) and the robot always kills me before I can seriously damage it What is the correct sequence7 And are there any cheats7* Mark Reid. Klllmey

Q'On the museum level ol BART VS THE SPACE MUTANTS could anybody help me locale Ihe final goal7 I can only collect the lirst lour letters ol the word Homer *

Dharmesh Parekh. Preston

Q'Hey1 - The Last Resort woiAdn't be complete without at least one reference to LEGEND (And I may have even had ttvs one belore, but I couldn't aduaily be bothered to check. - Rch ) I have become out ol my depth on level three in The Dark Tower There are Damage. Healmg and Paralyse and Dispell runes on ihe Poor (one ot each].

and also two damage runes and two healing nines at the left corner I've attempted spells connected with these but I'm afraid 1 ski can't reach the chest at thi top right comer *

C. Robson. Burton on Trent

Q'i ve dressed as a woman, bought the SO IV Hmtbook and located the wire Bui enough ot my personal Me. I'm Stuck in SPACE QUEST IV Every tsne I go down the stairs I get shot Why does this happen and can you help me to avoxt it m the future7"

Patrick Graft. Malta

Q 'INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE How do I gel Ihe cross r the Cross ol Coronado7*

Davlnla B. Kent

Q'in the same game i am stuck on the txl when there are six skulls lo play m the catacombes and you refer to Abbes Hitdergartfs obscure muscat notes ■n the computerised Grail Diary. I just cannot tor the life of me work out whet combination ot notes you have to play.* Gerard Lee. Glasgow

streets into the small hours (You can forward all your complaints 10 Anthony Gum c( Uddmgslon this tima. though ) ‘Pause a two player game' it sard, ‘and type in 7KIDS The screen will Hash and lien you can be the same person as your tnend *

Wien seieclmg your character, you may also litre to try selecting Blanka and typing «i PATIENCE The screen will Hash yellow, and hawng chosen which character you actuaiy want to play (putting any tepulation Anthony may have had to stake here) F10 writ bnng your power back up when necessary ‘


QTve got to a part on level seven where l have to avoid a switch wehoul landing on some spikes but I can t seem to achieve this ’

Nicholas Ferrer, London

A The solution to your problem, and indeed all the problems you encounter, were spread between issues lour. Five and six. However. I actually completed P oi P without any help Irom Tie solutions at all (before they were even published m tact) which us! goes to show rnhal a lop games player I am You Ihmk I need to go running off to consult a back issue every time someone poses me a problem'’ (THINKS TO HIMSELF -CRIKEY. I CANT EVEN REMEMBER HOW MANY LEVELS THERE ARE IN PRINCE OF PERSIA LET ALONE WHAT THE HELL HE S TALKING ABOUT CONSULTS NEARBY ISSUE FIVE A-HA THIS IS THE BIT ] Stand to the very left of the switch tile, and take a standing jump -this should dear both the obstacles Ah Don't you just love being in control'’ (Wen have to taka your word lor mat - Ed)


Q'Eour years ago I purchased I tvs game lor the Amiga 500. Alter continual playing blah blah got stuck blah found solution in magazine blah had children and stopped playing wattle brother threw away solution drone on and on restarted playing rhubarb and (ah ha1) I ve been to the rabbit s bouse, re Palace and Duchess' house but lor the Me ol me I can't reach the Hatter's party You a>e my only hope Please, please can you help me9"

Hits Mandy Ay ten. Middlesex

A Don't tret Miss A . I happily have a solution Irom another magazine at my disposal (quite possibly the one you had actually), and I'll tel you what I'll do I'll mercilessly steal out everything a says you should do between leaving the Duchess's house and arnvmg at the Tea Party lor your own personal usage OkaySo here we go then Go to fountain, hold potion in mist, go to tree, fill saucer with cream get sugar go to mushroom, give sherbert to caterpillar, cut mushroom, go to palace, enter, show pass to guard, give pnk gloves and tan to rabbit, got hook Irom coat ot arms, go to conservatory, get handle, go 10 throne room get growth Chunk and eat it. stand on throne, pull bell pull, gel down S. gel card. N. go to kMchen get steak. SW. open door with


Knowing you are helping out those in need is the prize here. So why anybody bothers writing in is beyond me. I guess you're all just wunnerlul human beings.


Q Andrew Whittle ot LMtlehampton dared question the accuracy ot the solution we'd previously punted to this one Cheeky monkey.

A'l think if is Mr Whittle who is at tauk actually What I suspect he <s doing is playing the wrong video in Verio's stuck) The tape tying around is a totally irrelevant black and whita film, the one that you should play giving evidence ol Veno's activities is In the draw beneath tha TV Now when you return to Department P. Voulou wii still moen at you lor letting the Amencan go. but the game will not end provided you reply with something like He was a pawn in my plans' ’

Daniel Watkins. West Wycombe DEUTEROS

QTwo months ago. Andrew Clarke ol Manchester's silver and platinum situation wasn't looking loo healthy

A "You should think yourself lucky you don 1 have an A1200. Andrew, the game doesn't even run on it (And thank God you haven't got a Dragon 32.

M doesn't work on that either - Rich ) BuMd a 105 ship with three tool pods attached Piece a grapple onto each pod and plot a course lor the Asieroids Upon arrival, lake a peek at (he contents ot the asteroids and relneve any silver or platinum floating around ‘

Andrew Whitten Kent

A 'And you may also like to try out this cheat Go to the surlaoe or orbital stores room, press SHIFT C twice (The screen wMI go green and then back again) A set ol numbers should have

appear in the comer ol your telly Clrtc on the Master Control icon (preferably) and gel yourseil to the stock screen again Every researched product should appear to have one con in stock, but at truth infinite supplies are at hand, and orbital space stabons can now also be built with one frame section Also, when you are about to be taken over by a Medianoid beet, keep to the screen where a picture ot an Orbital Factory Ms the view Advance fame untd the piccy ot the factory disappears, then go to the square where the self-destruct mechanism is located Click on this square, activate and immecfcaiely deactivate the sell deslrucl You should now find you have your colony back and no less than IOS drones *

Alex Barley. Somewhere


Q Level eight ol Fagrane is a

veritable bummer Laurence Biown ol Luton had certainly got his knickers in an acute twist over it Fortunately, unwrapping them seems simple

A'Mix a Rune Master's spell as Missile. Patalayse. Surround. Paralyse. Missile. Paralyse and casl it on the tile displaying the Paralyse symbol' Deprez Koen. Belgium


QKieron Hughes ol Southampton was looking partaitarty nonplussed whilst attempting to lineh level one a couple ol issues ago

A 'Stand ust to Ihe right ot the

retirement home, and lire a rmssMe to the right to open the purple bimd

Siand at re crack in the pavemeni at the midde ol the sign and lire a missile to the left lo open the other blind Go tell spray the water fountain and lump over the alien Go tell and walk under the aliens when they are both in the an (once every three jumps) Go toll again jump up at the bush belore the aliens and calect the corns Jump over the aliens by taking a running jump belore them, and collect the coat Irom the bush Ignore the next bush atong (M's lestenng with a wasps), hang a left to the nexi lot ol aliens and wail about six or seven seconds belore walking under them Fire a missile at Ihe bowling sign to turn it on. head left, spray water at the lountam and walk back la the old folks' home Stand at the crack in the pavement belore the Ins! ol the three aliens pass the dear, and let np with your last missile to the nghi' That should sort it.

Richard Donoghue. Hull


QSome people a brays need pointing Mi the nghi direction Such a man a Robert Penn ol High Wycombe

A ‘Make an appointment with the bank manager and go see him. Return to Sylvia in the the lounst sector, talk to her about tha agenda, go lo the north sector and Find the Peristyle bar (not lo be contused with Ihe Pendon bar) Enter the Cubete at the back and purchase the memory tablet from the software dealer, this tablet wMI contain nlormation regarding your next move, but you'll have to place it m BOB to read wtial it says

Matt Graham, Taunton

More altruistic gestures, please


cellar key. NE. ask chel about paper, go upstairs lo landing. W. get card, open draw, get key. E. E, open cabinet, get bon In and lens. W. Up. gel card Irom inside telescope, stand on tea chest use lenses with telescope, dose on eye. look through (continue turning and looking as tar a possible), go lo secret tunnel, gel key. go to treacle wen. till jug with treacle using hande winch and rope, get card Irom under footbndge go lo treehul and -heck, you're almost theta


Q 'l rn entertaining dose Inends lor dinner nexi week I'd realty like to impress them with a fancy dessert, but 1 seem to have totally exhausted all my ideas and I'm at my wit s end My son says yopu can answer any question Please can you help9'

Mrs 0. Smith, at home

A A Pistachio Nut Menngue Gateau with Rose-water Cream and Strawberries always goes down well when I have people round. Whisk 4 egg whiles, told m 22Sg caster sugar and 75g ol nuts and bake at 140c lor one hour Spread 12Sml ol cream whipped with 1 tsp Rose water on one layer ol meringue, cover with sliced strawberries, place on me other menngue. dust with icng sugar, and decorate with piped cream rosettes, more nuts and kiwi Simple, impressive and thoroughly delicious1


Q‘Fmd one solution ol d'W/dx' * rvdx (Wcotx) ♦ n(n+1)W=0‘

Worried, on the streets

JA Simple - sinx dPn(cosxyd(cosx)


‘is there a cheat9'

Dale Bird. Cannock

A Yes. there is. Dunng the game type in CHEATERCHEATERWIMP lor tots ot dough

That’s all lor this month talks but don't lorgei to keep those questions and answers coming mi The best we publish aie alien awarded a random sofiware prize From the big filing cabinet kept here at Amiga Power Towers See ya<

The Leal Resort, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. That's Ihe address to write In to. Not forgetting to merit your envelopes 'Questions', ‘Answers' or 'Qenersl Fan mall* accordingly.



This game was A12uC designed forthe A1200. Ths game barely slows dawn In 2 player mode, the graphics are greatly Improved and I he    ,

handlingolthe car It OH ■» much more challenging. OUi

furioaa action, nice backgrounds and a semblance ol plot that keeps you wanting to play it long after you've put others away.

DOWNERS It's Crazy Cars »/really. Also It s a bit slow In two player mode.


A great racing game to own. One that will keep you coming back a — tor another bash at the I VI “ division championship. *t ;

GAME: Lamborghini American Challenge PUBLISHER: Titus AUTHORS: In house PRICE: £25

RELEASE: End of January

Well it’s Crazy Cars III with a tamborghni and there's a whole level ol it on the cover disk so what do you expect me to say’’ Review it yourselt. Yes. you Still here’’ Look, it's got a really good two player opbon, but you know that don't you You've ust been playing it with Sam from next door lor the last two hours Alnghl. maybe Ihere are things you can't lell Irom the demo The game's got t S afferent circuits spread all over the USA with a variety o< weather conditions (torn ram to snow The racing system is like Crazy Cars III with local boys and tug names competing in each face There s the bit at the bepnnmg where you can bet

with any other big names in Ihe race on a winner takes all basis

There s lots ol bris lo buy lor your car lo soup it up: new tyres are essential lor wet and snowy conditions, a tune up makes you go faster as does a live speed gearbox and a turbocharger One ol Ihe most useful bits ol equipment though has lo be the radar detector. This little beauty will Hash up when the cops are using a radar gun on you Although relatively powerless when it comes to forcing you to slop, ihe two police cars that give chase are a great nuisance and have caused many a dream oi victory lo be rudely shattered

Oh yeah, and it. over a season, you are successful enough you can enter the divisional championships. Instead of a race this is a time tnal. Stuck behind a

convoy ol lomes and with other lomes coming m the apposite direction you have lo try and complete Ihe course by weaving between ihem. Il's not easy either

The best txi ol the game has 10 be that you are nol just taking part in one race, but a senes All have different conditions, difterenl opponents and different outcomes, bul all count towards your grand goal ol qualifying lor the next division You are motivated lo perform well every lime so that you can attord the entry lees lor bigger and harder races Gel your motor running Head out on ihe highway Search lor adventure and whatever comes you' way Thai's my advice • STEVE FARAGHER


driving all night, my hand’s wet on the


deal iwl keep kaiHuy ia acdkuB. Ok fair, ana

(Mil M.


Snapperazzi: only in your super, soaraway £3.95 AMIGA POWER this month.


DWn onyutru naviny •3 play this game on It Mo douM it'll ncovar (It loses It* ■aM*y ai imumtiIt uiM.y> when you MctrTi rt nf> thank heaeens -

Game: Snapperazzi Publisher: Alternative Authors: Terry Mancey. Dave Owens Price: £19 99 Release: Out now

Snapperaz/i7 Crapperazzi moie like But hey. don't take our word tor it, here's whet your 20p Sun's got to say. The game s packed wtlh new ideas and an immense variety o( gameptay' Cor blimey, stone the crows etc But that's not al. guvnor, not by a long chalk The flagship ol Rupert Murdoch's publishing empire further expounds. ‘Most games have classy 3D characters on the box which look nothing like the actual sprite But Snapperazzi looks exactly the same tf the game as he does on the box You gel what you see!'

So you know what to do Slop reading the review now Take your 20p Sun's advice, go down the shops, lake a look at the box and run away, run away Sure, the game is packed with Peas, but they aren't particularly new and the gameplay is labounng under the weight of incompetence There are plenty ol piatlormers out there wtach don't have as many things to do m them, but still seem a lot more lun lo play


One thing's lor sure The graphics have a distinctly unpolished look to them Now that doesn'1 really make much of a rMlerence m our book, but the background graphics need some explanation The Sun implied (as dP the people who came to the office to promote the game) that the backgrounds were something special something they had been told would slow the game down, something that hadn't been done before, something Snapperazzi had

Tkli a*« laakj as M M cat. aut la 1Si1. Bui Ml older Ikaa Ikjt. II un owl la ml.

Tkli li aaa al ia« fa.rl.a. l.b-lian. Wi iaiak ia tab CM I Ha I ik* mb itaadi ter lab-ilaadard.

managed to master only, something unique.

I can let them into a little secret There s nothing particularly new about colour cycling II they want to see it put to effective, big bay's use. then I suggest that they take a look at the tunnels in Stardust Now that a impressive, make no mistake No, the backgrounds m Snapperazzi are

nauseatingly headache-inducing Alter about ten minutes I fait sorely In need of an anh-emetP and an aspmn

And what about the actual game1 The basic play concerns the snapping of celebrities and the coiecton of money and film Once you've snapped the celebs, you have lo go underground and collect either pizza pieces or Fizzy

Chewits (you'd never guess who the sponsors are). From there, it's into space m a flying saucer that you'll have managed to build up from the assorted pieces

I suppose this could have been tun but there are loo marry important mggly things that gel *1 the way Up to jump (never good) is made worse by the need for pixef-perlect platform placement There is nothing more annoying m a game than having nearly reached the top of a senes ol platforms only to gel your positioning slightly wrong and end up at the bottom again; this happens lots with Snapperazzi The game doesn't recognise a second disk dmie either Obviously

Snappi has the feel ol a rush job, with the emphasis on rush' not job'


— Tow Mail ulu.fr) M« pas* tar*.  Jlrli plains * crkktl. Anfoac

UPPERS Good ftound. I've got to confess, the sound Is nice snd csrtoony The music, on the other hand, starts to grate a bit.

DOWNERS Where do I start Technically it's awful. Those colour cycling backgrounds, yeuch. The control system sucks The pixel perfection required in certain parts Is completely maddening.


20 quid Is far loo much money to ask for ihli. If H was released on budget It would still be far loo expensive, bul al least It wouldn't create such a big hole In your pocket


llaua**.. A 4 <VW\



Von <jn scroll around and mi «ano«s araiias arc.

Less of a popular pastime than it once was

AiUlkn lend* raedoat* icimi lkU frtd-

The iklnlit f« CUM Inlampls Ike ]<■■ and M qaldily j«i bored ot H

lew goes. I really couldn't be that bothered it I was winning or not Okay. I might have another go some lime, but that's only because I goi sent it Would I lork out almost 35 quid tor if’ No

The movement and deployment s a bit more involved too You can only place armies m countries belonging to you. but once they re positioned, it's simple to invade the many neutral countries that

to your expansionist plans is the number

number o( countries you own At the start, you obviously use them all to produce armies, but once you need to move them around you've gotta use some on transport end even more lor sea transport As you can imagine, starting out with Australia's a b>l ol a pan because alter a lew moves, you've goi to bum up valuable points lugging them over the sea

It's a clever system, as d means that movng larger armies takas more lotethought than smaller ones, making smaler units better lor fast attacks Once you've got this sorted out. you can move onto the more advanced, and less Risklike rules, which include lectors like unrest, pacts with various enemies and even special forces who can be sent into other countries to try and destabilise them Good idea, that one


Everything's controlled with a mouse, an a turn system with each round representing a month There's also a skirmish system, which places you in control ol tanks, planes and mlantry and allows you lo light out little wars It's sort ol like a PD version ol Dune 2. and is only really good for Ihe occasional novelty play

It's a system that works well, but also one that lacks my real appeal Games last a couple ol hours mmmum and after a

Game: Global Domination Publisher: Impressions Author: David Lester, Simon Bradbury, Chris Denman Price: £34 99 Release: Out Now

pieces Now. the lasl lime I played a (and won. nalch) Ihe set had plastic columns, but Sluarfs just bought a brand spankng new version which has solders, cannons and cavalry lo represent one. live and ten armies each, which sounds ever so cute. So anyway, that s Risk - lighting, invading and army bulking

Cunously enough, the same description I its Global Domi nation, which m it's simples! lorm is pretty much identical to Risk This isn't at all a bad thing, as Risk's a great game, and thes also has ihe advantage ol having computer players which you can use lo fill up any shortfalls of real players It's all a bit more realistic though, so the countries aie split along modern polriical Imes. with the larger ccuntnes split up into provinces or slates

Have you ever played the

boarttgame Risk’ it's by lar one of the besl ways ever devised by mankind ol losing Inends and having your dad make you do Ihe washing up lor the next decade Basically, each player sets out lo take over the entire world and lul everyone else The more countries you get. the more revenue you get to build tugger and better armies, which are all represented by little



UVt’tMS easy to get

1 Into, with enough tactical

V _ and game advancement* to

let die-hard itrategy garner* atretch their lega. You can actually play again*! real people aa wall, which Is always s fun option.

® DOWNERS Way too

expenalvt. and the aklrmlah taction's a bit point lea* The pace la always llow and often stationary, so H a aaay to get bored and drift away.


Even with war found effect* and the aklrmlah section. Global Domination atlll leali and play* like a boardgame. It'* a lot better If you play H with your mate*, but even then lhare are long, dull ft*j ; bill. Uayba one lor Rlak hi* Ian* only. Rich Risk Ian*. U I •


There's an enhanced , Of    version on Ihe aame

'    dlika. which play*

pretty much the aame. Still, H a good of them to release the two version* together, don't you think






Is one page big enough to hold Fatman

Game: Fatman Publisher: Black Legend Authors: IO Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

Douglas the Dog sal in his

armchair, listening to the clock ticking It wasn t a particularly nice dock. And. now he thought about it. its tick was rather irritating Suddenly the doorbell rang Douglas ignored it lor a tew moments, and then put hts crossword to one side and went to answer it On the doorstep stood Carol the Cal and Squeaky the Squirrel Hello. Douglas.' said Carol You're looking great1' squeaked Squeaky

1 suppose you'd better come m.' said Douglas

Douglas stood aside and let Carol and Squeaky File into the hall

We brought you a present. Douglas1' squeaked Squeaky. It's the A500 version ol Fatman1 For your A5001'

Squeaky chose *: stressed Carol Presently. Fatman had loaded on Douglas's Amiga The three ol them sat and watched the humorous animated introduction, which dearly showed that the game's Hungarian programmers can't have been too tar removed (torn the people behind those wacky cartoons you see on Channel 4 sometimes They all Laughed dutifully as Roy Fat. incensed by the kidnapping ol his wile and ht$  revolutionary Food Dupicafor machine by the eW Ted Theism. ripped oil his clothes to reveal that he'd forgotten to put his superhero costume on and had la do a Double Take.

Go on. Douglas, said Carol, you go first

Er. said Douglas Ha quite liked Carol, but couldn't possibly admit 4.

Go on. Douglas1' squeaked Squeaky.

Douglas sensed that it rttght be simpler to comply, picked up the joystick and pressed tire a tew limes Fatman walked onto the screen

'It's a platform game, said Douglas What you you think, then ' squeaked Squeaky.

What do I think’'


Why hasn't he got any momentum’ I mean, none at ail’'


And how come, when I only move him forward a little bit. his legs don't move at all’'

The graphics are nee and colourful, though, arent they’' Carol asked And the levels are really big. with lots lo explore1' squeaked

Squeaky, squeakity

Douglas reached a door marked Exit

Why won't he go through 4’’ He demanded

Er. I think you're meant to collect all the burgers first, said Carol

So how do I know when I've collected them a<’ How do I know how many more I've got to collect’ It doesn't say anywhere And it doesn t say how many of each son ol special weapon I've got lett. either They just suddenly run out' Douglas went back to look lor some more burgers

Ooh. bad luck1' squeaked

ier*r, NTi *)« Wefct dee In tycre, M a n«tl»y tnUrdi, prwWwMt.

Squeaky, as Douglas tell too tar oft a platform and d ed

Douglas was asked to type his name into the high-score table D-O-U-G-L-A

Why am I only allowed to put six leters m ‘

Douglas looked at the game Then he looked at Squeaky Then he looked back at the game agam

Then he went to put the kettle on.


® UPPERS Zany Hungarian humour. Big levels. All seems lo work okay.

Pleasant enough to play.

® DOWNERS Hardly the most polished piece of software. Possibly Insulting lo fat people, but It's so turd to be sure these days. And. of course. It's a platform game.


Fair enough There are problems, but they weren't enough to prevent me trom sitting there, quite happily playing through the level*. But. well, you    RA :

know. Seen It before.    nil ”



Is one page big enough to... Hang on. What’s going on

Game: Fatman Publisher: Black Legend Authors: IO Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

Douglas Ihe Dog ill In hit ■rmchilr. listening to Ihe clock licking. II wasn't * particularly nlca clock. And, now ha though) about II, Ita lick wss rather Irritating. Suddenly lha doorbell rang Douglaa Ignored II lor a law moment*, and than pul hiicroiaword to one tide and want to aniwar it. On lha doontep ilood Carol the Cal and Squeaky the Squirrel.

Hello, Douglas. laid Carol.

You're looking great!1 iqueakad Squeaky.

I auppoae you’d better come In,’ laid Douglai.

Douglai stood aside and let Carol and Squeaky file Into lha hall.

We brought you a preient. Douglai!’ iqueakad Squeaky. 1t'a the A1200 version of Fatman! For your A1200

Squeaky choia It,' stressed Carol. Presently, FMlrntn had loaded on Douglas's Amiga. The three of them sat and watched the humourous animated introduction, which clearly showed that the game * Hungarian programmers can't have been too lar removed Irom Ihe people behind those wacky cartoons you see on Channel 4 sometimes. They all laughed dutifully as Roy Fat. Incenied by Ihe kidnapping of his wife and his revolutionary Food Duplicator machine by Ihe evil Ted Thlnsln, ripped off his clothes to reveal that he'd forgotten to

put his superhero costume on, and had to do a Double Take.

Go on. Douglas.' said Carol, you go first.'

Er.' said Douglas. He quite liked Carol, but couldn't possibly admit it.

Go on. Douglas!' squeaked Squeaky, squeaklly.

Douglas sensed that It might be simpler to comply, picked up Ihe joystick, and presied lira a few limes. Fafman walked onto Ihe screen.

It's a platform game,' said Douglas.

What you you think, then ' squeaked Squeaky.

What do I think '


Why hasn't he got any momentum I mean, none al all ’


And how come, when I only move him forward a Utile bit. his legs don't

move at all ’

Carol sighed.

The graphics are nice and colourful, though, aren't they ' she said.

And the levels are really big. with lots to explore!' squesked Squeaky.

Douglas reached a door marked Exit'.

Why won't ha go through it '

Er. I think you're meant to collect all the burgers first,' said Carol.

So how do 1 know when I've collected them all How do I know how many more I've got lo collect It doesn't say anywhere And It doesn't say how many ol each sort ol special weapon I've got left, either. They just suddenly run out.' Douglas went back to look tor some more burgars. Ooh. bad luck!' squeaked Squeaky, as Douglas fell loo far off a



platform and died.

Douglas was asked to type his name Into the hlgh-score (able. D-0-U-G-L-A.

Why am I only allowed lo pul six

later* in '

Douglas looked al the game. Then he looked at Squeaky. Then he looked back at Ihe game again.

Then he bit Squeaky's head off.




Hungarian humour.

Big level*. All seems lo work okay. Pleasant enough lo play.

® DOWNERS (Hardly Ihe most polished piece of software. Possibly Insulting to fat people, but it's so hard to be sure these days. You have to buy a special A1200 version, but IT* no different to the A500 version as far as I can see. It's a platform game.


Fair enough. There are problems, but they weren't enough to prevent me Irom sitting there, quite happily playing through Ihe    A A Z

levels. But, well, you    ll H jj*

know. Seen It before    U U “

■ '"tr'i




Villanous Victorian shenanigans with




Qamt: The Chaos Engine A1200

Publisher: Mlndecape Authors: The Bitmap Brothers Price: £25.99 Relsass: Out Now


Taking off where Juba Varna toll all, The Chaos Engine * tat

mr Sla im Sal mlirnul liian Mr •• *• 9**a-


It doesn't laka you vary long to aaa that tha gama'a based on a Gaunfief theme, which la a fairly triad and lasted Idea, but lha game manages to pull It oil by being just ao damn gorgeous, you don't really care It it s a now Idea or not.

Right than, this It another

game In tha continuing line ol souped up, touched up or otherwise coametlcalty enhanced games lor the A1200 H you ra already lamlllar with The Chaos Engine, or maybe on a bus with only two stops to go (and lharatora pressed for time) than scan down tha page to tha Different la It ’ section. If on the other hand you want the full lowdown on this steam-powered blaster, than read on.

In an alternative Victorian are.

Computers may be huge cast-iron things covered In neat little polished brail panels, but they're computers nonetheless, and someone's been using theirs to experiment with apace and time. Like you do

Needless to say, this has resulted In a huge rift In the apacehlmerihlngy continuum, and everything around this mechanical monstrosity (the Chaos Engine) has been hideously warped Enter the mercenaries, hired to reach the Chaos Engine and destroy It.

Being Victorian, you've got a

choice of suitably rogue-lsh characters, from gentlemen and clergy to rough-and-ready navvies.

yes indeed.

For a start, the graphics are amazing. Rather than being a directly overhead view which means you see only the head shoulders and feel of the characters (like in the A Nan Breed games) you're looking down at an extreme angle. This forced perspective view means not only that you can see the characters faces and all their body, but also gives you a foaling of depth to the playing area.

The sound's not the sort of thing you can forget about either. A techno soundtrack blasts through the game, and even gets excited with you as you get to the end of the levels. It's superb, and the deep and resonant voice that talla things like "Node Activated- and "Player Safa" Isrit that tar from Ur Gravel-Lungs hlmsalf. Richard Burton.

And if that waan't good enough. It's brilliant to play aa well. In one player mode, tha computer plays your companion In an astonishingly human way, and depending on which keys you pick up, you can wind your way through tha levels a number of different ways. It's possible to complete a level and stilt have seen only half of ft. so there's plenty of scope for playing It over and over again. Put simply. It's  ust ell round total arcade brilliance.


Not very, to put It bluntly. The expanded peletta means that everything's zlngier and batter defined, and although this la a bonus over tha original version, it's not enough to make you run out and buy both versions. The only other differences I noticed are that the paaacodes are spaced further apart and tha disk accessing lime's shorter. Not much change at all, but then again, tha original left little roam lor Improvement • CAU WINSTANLEY


Incredible graphics that capture that Sleampunk feel perfectly, furious two player gamaplay and a one player option that seems spooklly like the aforementioned two player option. The sound's superb, with music better than most of the tat that’s cluttering up the top 40.

DOWNERS Evan H you take the hidden sections and different routes Into account, it's still not going to take you all that long to finish.


I loved It when It first came out so there's no reason to change my mind now. The colours make it prettier and the loading time seems to be cut right down. I strongly recommend that anyone who hasn't already got it should run and buy it this instant.

<00 000«


1)70 0)7

*lt will 1 keep you In front of your A1200 for days*

The Bdth Tribune

I'owiTlmi ftov.Tii m.-nt cli.eiiRwl lo Monarchy!

N(« C«kU«i


il-3 <r5 ir’if/of/ u’ <"/ §'


CL a mo Chiilimtinn PnfiRvhor Mimn.tn Authors 'VlPS Ldbb Price J.J3 98 Release Out now

What am i gamg to uy here.

ah t rbw IUS up anybody out thara who doein t already know what OkIUm M ahor.t (attar* trnn, aou, mum), too m. yoo w already taad ■ about 1 reMam nt

your Idas/** tun won can mteao uada and buiidi a psacetui empire

i    niaka « any Oattei a gsm%ITssUn

aa    great Nutt aatd.


nt the man naan


Feeling poor after the festive season January and February may be the coldest and slowest months of the year but with a very small amount of money there's all sorts of fun to be had with your little vanilla wonder machine. So take heart and read on through our indispensable guide to what's worth buying on budget.


Tha four-player ayafem redeem* it. but 8-blt graphic!, hideously dieted fantasy characters and lack Ol atmosphere drag tha scora right down. Oh, end did I mention H a as

dull as dishwater I     _

shouldn't bother with this n~1 —

if I ware you - gal Laser 4/ 2 Squad Instead.

Silly Putty is an above average platformer which contains soma really nice little touches and soma pretty annoying ones. His task is simple. Collect a whole load of robots and Irae them This enables Putty to fuffll the main purpose of the game which Is to free his own family.

As Is usual with this kind of game, the difficulty level gats progressively harder. The robots are originally frozen In blocks of Ice, awaiting your Super Putty punch to free them and your Super Putty absorption to carry them off to potential freedom. On later levels the bo I a are no longer constrained by tha Ice and tend to tali over and kill themselves accidentally, making the game harder to play.

Silly Putty is an en oyabia romp. First the nice little touches. The

Game: Silly Putty Publisher: GBH Gold Price: £9.99 Release: Out Now

Famous for creating enough hot air to blowout all the windows In your house, Puffy created quite a stir when reviewed by erstwhile AP supremo Uark Ramahaw. *11 s Impossible to resist Its charm' ha said.

Guess what He was absolutely right. Review over, pack up my bags, refer you to APIS to taka a look at the full review, while I go and do something more Interesting Instead.

You haven't reed APIS Good. In that case, all I need to do now Is cunningly reword tlark's review and pretend it's all my own work. (Oh no you don't. - Ed) Oh, okay then. I'll tell you what I think.

animation of our erstwhile central protagonist is escellent. His viscosity is lucidly fluid as welt as being Incredibly humorous. Putty Is more pliable than other amorphous game stars and can use this ability to ease his access to other platforms, avoid baddies, absorb baddies etc.

One ol the drawbacks to Putty's suppleness Is the manner In which you have to use the tire button in combination with the different directions ol the joystick. Put simply, this means that, unavoidably, it s up to jump. When you consider that you won t always have to jump to go up. (you could opt to stretch for example), it's not such s fatal flaw, merely a lethal one. (Whit - Ed) There are too many Instances where you have to be in a near pixel-perfect position before you can jump and reach another platform, and up-to-jump compounds the problem. Even more annoyingly, when you try to punch someone, unless you get the timing just right, you end up stretching to the side, which can affect your chances of

success annoyingly. If you've gat a joystick that relies an movement from the wrist, then may tha compassionate Buddha help you. it's going lo be a pain (probably literally) to get some of the essential moves and jumps just right.

Littered throughout every level that you play are various denizens who mean to do you harm. Tha sounds they make are reminiscent of Trapdoor creatures. Imagine Drut and the silly little noises he vocalises. Got H You've Just sussed what Silly Putty's like.

Putty Is a great game. Aside from the minor control niggles. I love It.



Lots of fun to be had. Very carloony. The sounds are jocularly hilarious. Challenge/dltflculty ratio is ust about perfect. At this price, there's no reason lor _ _ missing Silty Putty the DlT — second lime round

to battle against other wizards to reach a warp hole There's another big difference between the two games as wei This one's not up lo much

As well as having a limited number ol action points for movement, you also have a large slice o Maria, winch is the mageal lorce that allows an things mystic With it you can create monsters and animals ranging from bears and goblins to lions and flying horses

The idea's la use these creatures to do battle with your opponents while you wander around searching for hidden beasures. weapons and magic power ups, and with up to four players this is quite fun Nothing spectacular, you understand, bul considerably better than. say. staring at the Sun lor an hour 0< SO. without blinking Unfortunately the game looks like a conversion from an 8-bd machine • CAM WINSTANLEY



Game: Lords Of Chaos Publisher: Buzz Price: £9 99 Release: Out Now

This came m the office ai the same time as Lasar Squad (see next page I. trom the same people and by ihe same programmer, and d you whack it in the Amiga and play it. it s easy to see the svnlanties Both games use an action pant system lor moving characters, both are combal based and both can be played as one- or multi player games Lords Ol Chaos takes a fantasy theme though, pulling you in the role of a wizard who has


Qamt: Laser Squad Publisher: Buzz Price: £9.99 Releeae: Out Now

ne olihe real joy* at (hit job l( being pounced on and mugged by brilliant budget gamei whose existence I wasn't previously sware of. Take Laser Squad tar example - after sn hour of «*'' playing It I was totally hooked and shouting "Look at this Stu. check this out Steve" across the office. Being old A timers In the Amiga scene, they just V glanced over my shoulder and went tTOr. "Oh. Laser Squad Top game, that."

-It's a definite Cam game,

R/ combining strategy and planning jJaCffT with obscene amounts ol RK weaponry, and although It Stti originally surfaced on the WBp Spectrum, It's living proof that you don't need thousands ot colours or =' layers of parallax scrolling to have a good time

IVou start off by tooling your learn up with body armour, guns, bazookas, lasers, grenades, extra ammo, extra rockets, and so on. although with a

limited amount ol cash, It's bound to be a compromise between firepower and armour. You then deploy your troops somewhere around I he map and than you re off.

mvflit i OTfl


:t I •*







The neat Idea behind the game Is that every soldier's got a limited number of action points, which are soaked up by moving, changing weapons, opening doors or any action In this way, the action's nol real time, which leaves you plenty of time for strategy Things gel lanse because lha game uses a llne-ol-sight system lor spotting the baddies (be they enemy troops or robots) so It you enter a room and H looks empty, It might ust be because they're behind you. or round a comer With this In mind, paranoia reigns supreme, because If you use up all your action points and the enemy spots you, than you're a sitting duck. However. It you plan ahead and leave some spare, you gal a chance to blast them as the wander Into view, and then nick all the gear oft their smoking corpse.

It's scary because you never gat lo see what the enemy's up to, so it pays to swwep through areas, chuck grenades Into rooms and be alrald. Vary afraid. Once you've been cut to shreds a taw times, you learn lha strategy of placing back markers and scouts, and always saving action points In anticipation ol the unexpected. This spooklnass falls apart a bit In two player mode unless you tum away Irom I he screen during your opponents tum. which Is a bit naff. There's only five different scenarios which is another weakness with Ihe game, but with seven different difficulties on each you're getting a challenging, diverse and thoroughly fun game, for a tenner. Bargain city.



Want a strategy game that zips along at a cracking pace Fancy tooling up with shotguns and lasers and grenades and than stalking your friend around mazes Try this then, It's good clean family killing In either one or two player mode, and even with only live scenarios, you'll still gel    A

your money’s worth.    H















2 <



Publisher: Ocean Price: £12 99 Release: Out now I

I have lo confess that F-29 has always been one of my lavounle llighf simulators It's one that I gol when it came oul and

lhal I am sMi playing occasionally three years on I !hmk the reason thal a has such a lasting appeal is il's versatility The two planes, ihe Advanced Tactical Fighter F-22 and ihe Forward Swept Wing F-29, ire both very easy lo fly and otter you a significant advantage over your opposition There is a wide variety of missions lo choose from, which increase in difficulty al just Ihe nghl pace, and there are lour areas lo fly in. Arizona. Pacific Islands. Middle Easi and Europe

The graphics are belief than average, ihe sound's okay and Ihe only real reservation I have is that the controls are ust a tmy bit sluggish until you gel used lo Ihe idea ol steering slightly before you want something lo happen The problem then is remembenng lo correct yourself or you suffer fiom chronic over-sleet This, sarty, is usually fatal

The real cure lor Ihe sluggishness would be running F-29 on the A1200 Unfortunately this does not work al all. as

F-29 will only run on A500s and A500 Pluses Whal a bummer ■ STEVE FARAGHER


If you haven t got It already It has to be irresistible al this price One of the most complete flight T II ■* sim* you can buy (for the lit * A500 thal la).    f U >



Publisher: GBH Gold Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

Okay, how about this lot another ol those ielerback-io-«sue-i2-loMhe-fifsMime-around-review quips'1 The game that I've taken a look at today is an okte liom the Gremim stable. Space Crusade

Now. Space Crusade, as a tot ol you will know and others won t, is a conversion o! the board game ol the same name The good thing aboul board conversions (some would argue fbe opposite) a that the computer takes care d al the bonng bits tike rotting d<ca. looking up tables to see the result ol the dee throws, stacking cards etc Not having played it. I can't say lor sure that Space Crusade is true to the board game, but assurances have been issued by people who are m the know that it <s It's a game lor one to three players, each ol the players controilaig a commander who turn controls a squad ol space marines They look like Games Workshop ligurnes Kwus the varnish Thera are 12 missions, each ol which can be played as one-oHs or the whole 12 linked together, the player with the most points al the end wins

To make the job easier tor your marines, they ve got several ditterent types ol weapons ai their disposal, assault cannons, missile launchers etc l suppose that not having played the board game puts me at a disadvantage, but l tound the combat system (whereby you rely on the random generation ol numbers) tar too arbitrary to accept as a believable result

Apart from that. Space Crusade is a lun game, al the more enhanced with the addition o( a lew of your trends • STEVE McGlLL


Not everyone's cup of tea. but at the budget price of £9.99 It's dellnllefy worth ■ look. Oh. and It'll work with the A1200, but you'll have    v

lo send your original disks U > to Gremlin to change them, f U

11 w*i n iiuuia from lit hlkim wko iumr tk« tint Wwtr Wn. hr Balkan iHir b« trytas tar thud Dm larky.

>ai laaay <aatl kaiHwyi. ill Hay», nyll wiwj cilnaliB. DhioliaUi partiaaaab

Game: Ashes Ol Empire Publisher: Action 16 Price: £16 99 Release: Out Now

Now this is the first example I've ever come across where a game s been overtaken by historical events. I mean, when you play things like Wing Commander, you never think that mankind might actually end up In conflict with vicious cat like aliens, but when this little fellow was writlen. 1 can t see that eventa In the ex-Soviet Bloc were any where near as bad as they are now. It's theretore either very lucky or extremely prescient ol the writers to come up with such a contemporary theme.

The game s set in the mythical realm ot the Confederation ol Syndicalist Republics, but the clues are all there (tunny domed buildings, red (tags and an expansive Balkamsed superpower) lor you to stop thinking CSR and start thinking USSR.

The Idea's lor you to work your way Inland from a coastal province, sorting out everyone's problems and generally gelling the idea that peace and harmony are much better than eyeing each other auspiciously across bargaining tables while thumbing big red buttons marked Nuke.

It sounds a bit ol a tall order, but m practice the game works quite well, or at least the negotiating bits do. As you move into each province, you've got to make friends and influence

■•a war !€«■ laaviukla Him Valeatia* «i*rykMty.

townsfolk and civil leaders. You can atiempt this by pledging loyalty, being peaceful or even threatening violence. Which ever way you do it. you've only got a set time lo pacily the correct number ot republic! by selling up ruling buildings, destroying existing military factions and galling the support ol all ethnic minorities.

Oddly enough, there s also a vector graphics combat section, which can be a tad jerky on the standard Amiga and also seems entirely out of place on a strategy game. These bits are okay, but onee you ve immersed yoursell in ill the political aspects, they ust get In the way after a bit. Despite that, there's still enough to keep strategists going all the way through to summer.

This Is another ot those games that I’m really glad has come out on budget so that I have had a chance ol finding out how good it is.



The amount of detail in the manual's possibly over the top. and ii would have been nice II the combat section was optional, but there's s good balance ol strategy and role playing that'll keep you going for hours and hours. It's a bit pricey but It's still a fine game.



Buzz, £14.99 I hadn't raally had tha chanca to play I he original floppy vtralon of this vary much, so I was qurte exerted at tha Idaa of getting Into It properly on tha CD32. And how right I was - It's a corfiing little platformer, made significantly betlar by tha use of tha joypad buttons, which ara avan redaflnabla to you can chooaa your

Sometimes, Stuart Campbell feels like he’s the luckiest boy alive. He’s certainly the one with the biggest collection of CD32 games, and no mistake, matey.

Mindscape, £25.99

This takas tha prize lor tha month's most-improved-on-the-C032 gams, with the addition of some pleasant

Interplay, £29.99

A value-for-money Improvement here, as Interplay a 14lh Century strategy game gets stuck straight onto CD with (as tar as I can tell] no changes whatsoever, but at £5 leas than the floppy version. Unfortunately, this was a game that raally did need a bit of tailing up. because as It stands it's jusi way loo dull to shine againsl tha dozens ol reasonably lively strategy gamaa that tha Amiga's already biassed with. Not a great way to ahow off your new machine.

This, on tha other hand. I played quite a lot first time round, and I was hoping fervently lor a few obvious Improvements from the CO version Sadly, they weren't forthcoming, so this Is still predominantly a frustrating game to play, with jerky scrolling only serving to exacerbate (he annoying over-precision with which you have to


Wasn't much tun CD35 before and IT

sadly fan t

much fun now. Sorry.




Gremlin, £29.99

I'm beginning lo gal a bit worried by the way that old Amiga garnet are getting re-released lor the CD32 In basically unaltered form, but having Ihalr prices hiked up by four quid. A CD costs less to makt than 2 tloppy disks (which It how many the £25 99 At 200 version of ■ Nigel Mansell'S came on), so what's the

own favourite combination for jump, attack and menu access. The gameplay comes somewhere between Super Mario World and Dizzy, with

nob shoot-'em-up level In the middle, bul it s nowhere near bad enough to ruin the game. There aren’t any noticeable CD32 Improvements, which


Lovable and lovely CD32 platformer, and at a bargain price to boot. Put It at Ihe top of your CD32 shopping list. Well, f) Q after Ihe CD32, then. H if

Incarnation) is

now seven

months old You'd

expect II to be

ready for a


outing, not to be getting ”

more expensive as time want

on. And don't tall me the CD

soundtracks cost a fortune either.

because I won't believe you.

Anyway, this Is more or leas the same game as the A1200 version before It, but with batter (sound-quality-wise, at least) music, and as such I don't particularly Ilka It. It's vary feat and the graphics are Impressively big, but It's miles too easy and It's got no character about It at all. This month's F1 outstrips It In pretty much every department, but Nigel s is more or lees the only C032 racing game out right now so H you really can't wait lor some driving action. I suppose It's your best bat.

not seriously impede your progress The only bit I don't like is the gratuitous and slightly

Ohei, Ikn a* m

parallax-scrolling backdrops that weren't in the rather sparse-looking A500 version, as well as the usual CD soundtrack and 250-colour graphics. Otherwise It s the same limited-but-ilkeeble platformer that H always was. but, as wilh Zoo/, the backdrops somehow give it a much more grownup, complete feel and make It tangibly nicer to play, so I'm going to bump up the mark a little bit.


Oh, and hurrah lor

CD32 Mind sc ape lor

aclually improving Ihe game bul not being templed lo slap an extra fiver onto Ihe _ _ price al Ihe same time. J S too. Well done.    / aJ ~


Hang on for some CD32 better alternatives.

that's our advice. (And you don't even get Nigel's voice In Improve With p A Mansell' mode).


It you're wondering why you haven't seen Ihe promised    "fi*"']

range of Team 17 C032 re-relesses st £14.99, It's    , ™ I

because they wan 1 be coming out Don t panic, though    U- w    -I

-complaints from shops about the low profit margins    Hi    " BLJ

on CD32 budget games led the Wakefield boys and girls ©hat, © ym*- *** to have a bit ol a rethink, and the four games which were *',,,,, **“**due to come out al the IS quid price point will now be released In two pecks of two games each, selling for £24 99 which means that they re actually even cheaper The firs) pack contains straight porta of ANen Sneed Spec/J/ Edition and Qwak. the second's got Profoci-X Special Edition and F17 Chattooga. and they'll both be out In early February. After that. Team 17 promise a specialty-written version of Body Slows (possibly called Ultimata Body Slows), which will

<ca,ur* original Body Blows and Body Blows Galactic all crowbarred together Into one

v    x    • gigantic beat-'em-up, and

IM     L—    should be out mid-March.

:    I f . Next month we ll have a

w* A.    rSflig£ A * review ol MlcroProse's Alrafes

eM    *9    '    Gold, which we've actually got

j In our hands now but didn't

.     „_    \     have lime to review, and hey.

hurl verses fcss - tw«*T

   . .    _ _ .    who knows, maybe even Ihe

V -    .    **    long-delayed Microcosm Bet

dfiUMLdRNUMM you can't wait.

approach the ball in order lo make your players collect IL The computer s selection of 'player nearest the ball' la still one of Ihe worst I've experienced from computer soccer, and Ihe simple task ot kicking the ball Is still ridiculously more complicated than It ought to be, even with the aypad buttons helping out control-wise. The last drawback is that it's still based on the 1992 European Championship finals, which means that as well as feeling very out-ol-data, you only get a very limited selection ot eight teams snd one tournament set-up to choose from. This has bean enhanced for the CD32. with a really nice crowd-noise soundtrack, but It needed more than cosmetic tampering.

_    Sensible Soccer

CD32 should be hitting the

CD32 any

minute now. so wait for f" Q that Instead of this pretty-bul-llawed effort ** ”

puzzles sat at usl Ihe

is a shame, bul hay. It's a brilliant

excuse lor a price

right level of difficulty

game all Ihe same.

inertias whan iha


- to not be obvious, but

game (in this

UT'i '



Further to Decree 2675 off the Provisional Government installed by our glorious military leaders, it is the solemn duty off this noble magazine to announce that reviewing cheapie PD games is now a capital offffence. Dave Golder will be executed at 4am today.

Th* character*, who sport such name* a* Hank. The Matk and Ky. are leaner than their SF2 counterpart* and strangely more agile; there are non* ot those odd pau*e* between each move and they leap about like t tart led gazelles Though the control* and rang* ot move* are more limited than SF2% (but not much) the gam* Is responsive to command* and only occasionally annoyingly sluggish

The graphic* are a bit messy and the action doe* have a ridiculous tendency to take place oft the side of the screen every so often (I kid you not), but overall Mad Fighters Is Incredibly Impressive lor PO. Oh. and I hated every minute

By Fry-Up



By Kwok Man NBS PD or Licancawara £5.99

washing my underwear’ on the excitement scale.

But I am an unbiased reviewer, so I conies* Mad Fighters is amazing It Is an A M0$ < reeled SF20one that comes in two forms; a cut-down PD version, and a massive, three-disk llcencewar* version -r tor CS.99. The full I    1 version has 16

different fighters * each with their AT    own special

move*. 16

_    different

•    locations, a

r    choice ot Arcade or

r Knock-Out fights and infinite credits. The PO version has just four fighters and four locations Both offer a variety of options Including difficulty and speed aenirtgs

The en t actually a new game, but * gets j mention because a) r* been

turbocharged and b) rs damed good and deserves an extra plug (< the rest of the mag can get away with rereviewing games when 1200 vers-ona are released. I should be aimed to too)

High Octane « an overhead-viewed dnwng game wan a So-Fi flavour Its a straight dual between you and the computer or a mate on a twisty track that* many times the size of the screen The course has seen better days and there * debns muck and other general what-nots that mate dnvmg hazardous (though thanktufly no Volvo drivers) Oh yeeh. end you can shoot at each other as wea I greet if your opponents lappmg you)

The actual gamepiay is not bnilianBy ongnai but what kfts this game out of the rut e the attention to detta and tha stunrvng graphics For example i you DRIVE through some mod or grass your car leaves skidmarks behmd The game also has the most amazng rtro ammabon sequence, wtveh « wel worth watchmg

And the new speeder version a ncreabiy test This also makes • much more trefcy to control, but tfsnk of that sense of achievement when you succeed <n getting arouid a whole orcut without sprang oft the track once

Okay. I N come clean. I might have to resign, become • Trappist monk on some Week Scottish Isle hundreds of miles from the nearest Blockbuster Video,    .

but I've got to    •*

say it I never liked Street    .

Fighter 2. It’s    "

ust on* of    «    . *

those things

VERDICT; A very polished beat- em-up that has one obvious advantage: you can get the PO version (which at a couple ot quid I can heartily recommend) and decide tor yourself whether you want to check out the full C6 version.

RATING; <•****

a PO version of ( hm Street Fighter 2    3 mm

arrived. I was hardly *" aj" lumping, or, indeed, back-fttpping for )oy. The Idea ot wrecking my joystick In the hop* of actually getting a special move rated about

VERDICT: Mora tanked m

scope than tha bnRam Road To net. but it a St* a damed good dnvmg game

RATING: *****

Three: The levels have been badly designed so that there's no sense ot progression. The first obstacle is stupidly difficult.

Four: It's dull Th* graphic* are uninspired and there are long moments when no gap* appear and *11 Fmgu* can do is bounce around trying to look cute

So why devote such a large review to such an appalling game To make an example of It Game* Ilk* this SHOULD NOT BE UCENCEWARE If someone new to PO pay* a lew quid for this they'll be put oft for life

By Dobra Gamgee Licenceware C3.SO Ucenceware UCENCEWARE Right, listen up. po libraries if this tails into to your hands - don't distribute it. It would be unfair on your customers to

chargs them tor It and they wouldn't like you tor doing it to them.

Honestly. This Is th* kind ot gam* that a few year* back th* author wouldn't have had th* gall to pul out as anything other than pur* PO. Basically th* gem* stinks, and th* author must have known. I mean, it's virtually unplayable, and can l have been piaytested. So to release it as licencewsr* seems more like a cynical attempt to make a last buck.

You play a bouncing thing that has to progrss* through s senes ot

sersen* from th* bottom to th* top To do this you have to leap through gap* in moving platforms Th premise is sound enough and could have been developed Into an Interesting gam*

So where did f ingut go wrong

One: Th* control* art pathetic; it's virtually impossible not to leap twice In on* go and to Fmgus ends up smashing hit heed against the celling of the next platform

Two: You have to be ridiculously accurst* to leap through the holes, there It no room for error

VERDICT: It it were PO I woufdnt rant so much, but it would still be crap

RATING: Nothing





*T Tvet4at. — ■ _ —

Inti* ka4 rudMl «M ' Mraepe Nmwwi Werte e(

By Mik<



Tha comes across more like the bonus level o( e much larger game than a game in feoff. Anyone remember that Old sketch irom lhe dassc sane programme Not The Nine 0 Clock News, starring Mel Smith and Pamela Stephenson - Nice Valeo, Shame About The Song Well, thai kept coming lo mnd while playing this.

II looks greal. but has got about as much meet on the bones in the gamepiay department as a slick insect on a Simla si diet.

Al you have lo do a pitot a ship through some very Picasso-influenced caverns, al tul of sharp edges, narrow gaps and windy lunnets. You can ha the aides so

.*« „ *«4M>4a1 . _Irak


many times and that dead It goes very last well, not much more The firsi time you fun The second time From then on it s usl You onfy get one He and no restart pouts or power-upa ao you neap on playing the same 01 ever and ovar again

VERDICTi please come back

when ks f*,s!*'od



By Andrew Campbell Pathfinder PD

So whit doas the nama Slack Dawn eon urt up In your mind A George Romero zombie flick A post-apoealyptlc Had Ui*-style action film Tha morning aflar a night on the town Whatever vision you had. I bai H wasn't wandering around a space station blasting aliens. I main, they don't avan have dawn In apace Black, yea. but not dawn.

But onca you gat past the daft nama. you gat la a mightily fun game. Okay. I've already mentioned the word blasting, but this Isn't a shoot- am-up. The action la sporadic and rarely demands much In the way of joystick daztarity or fail raactloni: Black Dawn it more Ilka a simplified version of Space Cruaade In which planning ahead so you can tackla encounters with alien acum la the moat Important aapect

ft a a 3D game divided Into various decks. On each deck you have an objective, usually to find the way out Tha problem It the place la crawling with naatlea and. at tha atari of the game, you are armed only with a knife and a pretty pathetic pistol.

Luckily, where any normal office would have ■ coffee machine, this place hai weapons dispensers, but you have lo pul money in the slot. There I* tome dash lying about tha place, but you gat more If you manage to kill the natllet: they leave behind cash at wall.

You have accaas to a map. which la dead handy, and you can have multiple weapons which you can store In your

Inventory, although you can only use two al onca (one In each hand) Guns will run out of ammo, but you can trada (ham In al I ha dlapenaars. You can also buy armour and medical supplies from tha dispensers

I muai admit I loved Black Dawn. Okay, tha tormal'a a bit limited, but within Ha conflnaa It comae up arith aome vary Interesting challenges and tha difficulty level! progran logically so that tha lessons you learn on on* deck can be applied on the next The graphics and sound are wonderfully atmospheric and. to ba frank, H makes a change from andlaat platformer*

VERDICT: Give K a go. you might just Ilka H.

RATING: tvww


By Simon Chan    ,


Wall, wa have lo have al least one a month - no. not a SEUCK game lo dende but a conversion of an 8-M otasse: (though sometimes I think dasac is used at ihe loosest possible sense) DreOs is based on an anoanl C64 game, whch ai turn was based on the pen end paper classc Bores - the one where you draw a gnd of dots then two people take lums to draw in lines at an attempt lo create boxes In this computer version the

Ognd is made of swrveSabte flaps

which you move using your Smiley

spree Hampering you el your boxing

endeavours are some rat al-aH-smiiey nastws mai you need to avoid Basically you have to create as many boxes as pocatfe on each level, and the further you prograss ihe mare nasties you have lo contend with

I iika tha concept I can aaa potential Bui it does gal lapaMnw There wouldn't be any harm ei updahng a shghtiy. would there1

verdict: Nee idea, needs mote

work PD authors should Iry if



By Andy Walkwr NBS

If I call this ■ platform baat-'em-up you'd probably gal Ihe wrong Idas. But that's what II la. Sod of. It s just that platform baaf-'tnv up seama to bo overstating tha case somewhat. Y sea the beat- am-up bit la pretty much a non-functional gimmick. Wall, it does have one function and that * to differentiate thla PD platformer Irom all the olher PD platformeri.To an axtant. if works.

You control a little Kung Fu guy who wanders around a aerie* of muttl-taval caverni kicking the stuffing out of all lha


other little Kung-Fu guy* erho appear.

You've got a couple of move* - a low kick and a high kick - ao you’r* hardly a Ninja warrior, but your opponents are even more dopey and. despite wearing lha white dressing gowns, they do llttl* other than wander around almlataly. Their main advantage la their shear numbers.

And that's aboul It. Thera are a law bonus pick-ups but nothing vary exciting The levels have been reasonably Intelligently designed ao that you hava to think before you go aboul mlndlaatly kicking everyone In sight. Tha Kung Fu theme la sufficiently novel lo keep It

Interesting for ■ lew minutes, but you soon rsallti that In terms ol gamepiay. thera'i little new on offer.

VERDICT: An okaylih. sod of alright, not exactly vary Interesting platformer


Me** 7t44t

' T - — - - - - - -    ’ V I - -

_i . *_

i_l L _11_i±

a Setter mama. Or eerkewt ear

NBS 1 Own Lane NawDOfl ilia ol Wgfv PS0B SO* T« 0M3 529594 P v.-oe- PO. 41 Uancn Street BngWv Wes) Yorkifw* B016XMQ Debu Ganges. 106 >tgn Straw Coinghut Newark. Noes NG23 TNG

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