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AMIGA POWER isn't a magazine lor gaming wimps), but even >1 you don't make it to itie end. you'll have a pretty Ihnlling time trying And it there's any programmers out there, how do they do that scrolling background'’ Wow thcs, tancy extra chips or not) combines with a frightening all-out assault on your health by a ventabfe storm ol spinning silver space rocks and indestructible (but exceptionally dangerous) explosive mines Just like reality, you only get one frie. and if you're still gomg to have it at the end ol the demo you're going to have to survive over 4000 distance units of full-on m-your lace asteroid terror with nothing to help you save lor your trusty cannon, which will make shod work of any rocks you manage lo stay still long enough lo draw a bead on it's not easy (in fact, none This debut release from a new Finnish team (previewed Iasi month and due out any day now at a recession-busting -bul firmly non-budget - £16 M) promises all manner of arcade shoot'em-up thnlls in an Astsmuds-y ve-n. but there s a bit more to StsrOusI lhan rotate, thrust and lire Not least this breathtaking tunnel sequence, where some ot the best Amiga 30 you'll ever see (in tact, some ol ihe best 30 you'll ever see outside ol real life lull stop - Ihe Super NES

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Amiga Power Issue 28 1993 aug Cover


L .€ wiouve screenshot





Impossibly OC    staling and

   tricky 3D tunnat

   asctlon from

brand-new Finnish coding whizz-kida "•m    Btoodhousa.


“ Exclusive track Iron Team 17 s spiffing Q£ n w racing g.un*.





Linda Barkar

HPurt [onon

Stuart Campbell

moouenoN Eonoft

Dave Green

Staff MU TEAS Mark Winstanley Tim Tuckar

mi tor os Jacqula Spanton


Uta Kalian

aemnksk; manages

Carolina Simpson

THAME MMSTtSHG tXiajTVE Robert Bertnat



PMCUCttk COOSEWATOfi Craig Broadbrldge

psooucnoN control assistant Ginene McKeoam PASTS CONTROL 11R Fiona Deane

AOUN ASSISTANT Suiannah Argalo-Sparling


Michelle Tranavat


Colin Tha Publither


psouotions assistant Tamara Ward



COhIMhJIOAS Jonathan Davtat. Rich Pallay. Dave Gaidar, Tim Noma, Dava Robnaon

LfiO & SCAhNNG Simon Chittenden. Jon Moora. Chria Stocker, Sanon fflndier. Heath Paraona. Math Geaat

PtCTOOWW Rob Scott CM* HOST RATION Electronic Am



Amiga Power.

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30 Monmoulh Street.

Bath BAI 2BW Tel 0225 442244 F» 0225 446019


Our man in a dark brown overcoat (but that's another story), Dave Green goes in search ol the hottest news and most scurrilous gossip m the Amiga world.


After last month's fiasco, I think it's best if we just say 'These are the charts pages' and leave it at that, okay


Some rough sketches of forthcoming games scribbled on the back of a cigarette packet and seven pages of drinking stories. Or possibly previews of Jurasstc Park, Overdrive, Bubba 'N' St«. One Step Beyond and more. Yeah, right.


Your monthly chance to wm stuff. Fancy a VIP trip for four to Alton Towers Good.


Tutankhamen, King of Kings, says: "Your last chance to save money and get Body Blows or Superfrog for FREE. Maybe."


More Uonheart tips tomfoolery. Arabian Nights complete solution (part one), and the inimitable Rich 'not Jonathan Dawes’ Pelley and his magical all-new Last Resort


Buy stuff. Sell stuff. Speculate to accumulate. Greed is good. The free market must - sorry, where was I again


Letters pages. Not written by Rodney King at all, but by you. the readers. Sorry.


This wasn't one of our better ideas, was it


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K+f - Decctri1992

TVs RglOli S0WC* xr»rtr rOBMW ti

flttCA POWER <«RM IB yov- hm ABMW lMtfWKAhMa Lf <<uw Future Publithing 1003


It's nobody's child! Your favourite country-and-western singing buyers' guide, in full glorious NICAM stereo. (Not all areas).


Oh sod. We can't think of anything at all that rhymes with 'The Right Profile'. It's got Violet Berlin in it anyway. Phwoar, eh lads

STUART WOULD JUST LKE TO SAY: Tfcvite tvtni»ni y**ow IMx* JACQUIE WOULD JUST UKE TO SAY: 1 bool wm to Mr 1190 W VNe * t «ip



Featuring our submission for the Biggest Screenshot Of The Year.

Page 28


...Stirling Albion nil. Er. no. Doesn't work so well, does It

Page 34

V . a r\ .mm

l-X Z

1 •

ESI • • •

•' t al

■ • ■ r- 1


It's a war! It's In the Gulf! It's a war in the Gulf! It's (Snip! - Ed) Page 40


Toxic Mutant Cheeseburgers From Hell! Or something.

Page 42

The sinister futuristic world of cyberpunk' - It's just ~**,,vit today tit not more so!) as it was wt«n n mi invented ten yen « ago. rf you want to know what Syndicate'f *“ about, then just tum to



Previews done the old-fashioned way. Including never-seen-before screenshots ol Ocean s Jurassic ParkI


Another two pages of opportunities to Interact meaningfully with other elements of our panglobal fellowship of readers. Or possibly ust sell them some old games and bits of hardware that you don't really want any more. For cash.

TIM WOULD JUST LKE TO SAY: Y» sc »ci. wtn Bw    .

MARK WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: X taoki w* town w* oil *    pmK*

OVER 300


Another giant screenshot, another fabulous game.

Page 37


Or Sim City In The Deserf. With guns. But no Sting, thankfully.

Page 44


Just to see If you're all paying attention, really...

Nett month's AMIGA POWER ones on sale on the Glortou*

17Thof August Ynt> ngn< tm





Dune 2... 44


Global Conflict-67

Global Gladiators—-42

Gunehlp 2000-34

lahar 2--66

James Pond 2 1200>71

Syndicate ...26

Tranearctlca 1200—70

War In Tha Gulf--40

Yol Joe!---37


688 Attack Sub-77

Boston Bomb Club—79 F19 Stealth Fighter-76

Final Fight-76

MIG-29 Fulcrum-77

Rick Dangerous 2—78 Shadow Dancer -—78 Space Legends—78 WWF Wrest I a mania-79



City Defence-88


Ouchl .... 88

Solitaire Sampler—88

CAVE WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: Wh* dscftfloiil ant ay mH' LISA WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY lot* 13**

Far be it from us to boast, but we think we've done it again with this month's coverdisk - FOUR fab things, including (quite literally) the mother of all arcade games.

But don't listen to us (well, apart from reading the instructions bit, obviously) - just try 'em out for yourself..



Quite the sexiest Amiga games-related thing we've seen in ages, here's the wildest bit of Bloodhouse s debut.



Team 17 turn their hand to sprite-based racing antics. Do they pull it off Play our exclusive track demo and judge for yourself.



Who needs an Apple Mac Well, we do actually, otherwise we wouldn't be able to do the mag.


What more can we possibly say about the game that launched a thousand, er, other games  Nothing, that's what.


• Oh no! Ara you aura Bafora you go any lurlhar. try lha procedure* ctaacnbed In lha panal ovar lha paga. If. ahar all lhal. you do hava dlak prod lama. limply place il In an anvalope, along with an SAE and an axplanatory letlar, and raturn H NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Dlak Raluma 28, DlaCopy Laba. PO Box 21. Davantry NN11 5BU. NOT Kara to AP. Wa II only ignora you. rudaly.




Authors: Bloodhouse

ol this month's coverdisk games are, bul AMIGA POWER isn't a magazine lor gaming wimps), but even >1 you don't make it to itie end. you'll have a pretty Ihnlling time trying And it there's any programmers out there, how do they do that scrolling background'’ Wow

thcs, tancy extra chips or not) combines with a frightening all-out assault on your health by a ventabfe storm ol spinning silver space rocks and indestructible (but exceptionally dangerous) explosive mines

Just like reality, you only get one frie. and if you're still gomg to have it at the end ol the demo you're going to have to survive over 4000 distance units of full-on m-your lace asteroid terror with nothing to help you save lor your trusty cannon, which will make shod work of any rocks you manage lo stay still long enough lo draw a bead on it's not easy (in fact, none

This debut release from a new Finnish team (previewed Iasi month and due out any day now at a recession-busting -bul firmly non-budget - £16 M) promises all manner of arcade shoot'em-up thnlls in an Astsmuds-y ve-n. but there s a bit more to StsrOusI lhan rotate, thrust and lire Not least this breathtaking tunnel sequence, where some ot the best Amiga 30 you'll ever see (in tact, some ol ihe best 30 you'll ever see outside ol real life lull stop - Ihe Super NES ust can't do


Team 17

to cost when it hits ihe shops ,M- - -V very shortly The plot

nQO underpinning ,    ihe drrving

SaA action involves a ap    complex and

battling sequence ol events, beginning in a small

r«r«U' H » fcecht

You1 Love'    ••

Them' Yep. 9 those

Wakefield beys certainly seem to be the punters'pals, so you should all be " ' thoroughly delighted to see this demo ol

weapons and defend Ihe honour ot Princess Di against a horde of rampaging Vatican Guards from a parallel dimension




•    Stardust and Ff Challenge are one meg only. You've (till got a 512K machine Oh come on. You're kidding, right

•    To load any of the game*, all you have to do la swHch oft your machine. Insert the disk, and awttch your machine back on again.

•    An optloni menu will appear. Simply follow the Inttrucliont to load the game of your choice.

•    Jutl lo be on the safe side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    You'll hive to reset your machine in order to play one of the other demos. When you do so. simply follow the instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine oft tor 20 seconds or so batore loading a new program wilt help prevent disks being Inlacled by stray viruses.

•    Have a good time.


•    Are you ture

•    Try all that itutt again, making sura you ve disconnected any peripherals the program might not Ilka', auch as external drives.

•    If your disk tails to load, then pop it In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE. to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 28 Returns

DlsCopy Labs

PO Box 21



•    We're really hoping that you're reading this bit, because it's quite Important: please don't send your disks lo ut at Ihe AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how lo tlx dodgy diski. We've tried, ws really have, but not vary hard So sand ft to DlsCopy Labs. Pleasa.

their latest product' a sprite-based racer in the style ol Continental Oreus and all that son of stuff Ft Chaftenge is going to be one ol Team f 7's celebrated low-pnce ongmafcs bul you can try it out on this exclusne-to-AMIGA-POWER track before you nsk even the pidding CIO 99 k's gomg

lewellers' shop si Lausanne. Switzerland and taking in high-tension espionage thnlls over a variety of glamorous international locations before culminating m a sex-drenched gun battle near Buckingham Palace « which Samurai-trained members ol the Household Cavalry draw their

who've been dnven mad by psychoactive trace chemicals planted in their water suppfy by a former member ol Ihe KGB with a grudge agamst - oh. okay, it doesn't It's a racing game. Press lire to go last, don't crash into biKioaids. and overtake all the other cars Alright’


If Ton nke U la ika al the Mesa, yu ua caaiMar yainaM a prctty M) alt* aa«. »«'n al rwhblsh al A (iMttpi at. - Jtaarfj

•H. M «m


TUIEE - ••■— =*

■ niEr _ ——

UyM.M.bmat ■riHtf dm level



ver (he last lew months, we've

made a conscioua ellcrt 10 use the coveidisk lo bring you the games we ve been playing ourselves in the AP ofhce. You'd probably be really disturbed il you knew how much lime s been spenl playing Pong (especially by slatl from PC and Super NES magazines coming down lo untuccessluily challenge us al it), but the other thing which has grabbed our attention is this conversion ot a near-legendary Apple Mac game called Crystal Quest Like the Mac original. Diamond Thiel doesn't look like much but it's a curiously absorbing and tricky game once you get a couple ol levels m. and you realty

ought to give it a try You have to collect an ihe diamonds on each level and then escape through one al the side exits, but manners are complicated by Ihe mouse control ■    system and the

W various baddws whose sole aim in life ts lo discorporate ' the atoms ol your being It's al pretty sell-explanatory otherwise, so wel leave you to it Beal 50.000 il you can

Wha la Ifcc !*Tll«Haaa Captain Zap Mi ihaalk be laid.


Author: Claudio Buraglio


eah. yeah We know But play it. Trust us. Here s Ihe control keys you'll need

FI - cycle Player One controls (mouse/joysfick/paddletteyboa id)

F2 - cycle Player Two controls F10 - select large or small bais Del - reset score Etc quit

Help - change colour presets (and ] - select colour lo change Keypad 1-3 alter amount ol blue Keypad 4-G alter amount ol green Keypad 7-9 - alter amount ol red Space - change game (TenmsrFootball/SquashrPraclice) ♦ and - on keypad - mcrease/decrease bail speed

Player one keys:

Left Shift - up    

Lett Alt - down Ctrl serve

Player two keyt:

Right Shift up Right Alt down Return serve

□ □


Me ii witk fear fricads el Squill by obfcariaj tfeeir bei wrHJi run


□ □



In the future, there will be dinosaurs. And also some games which have them in. And some other stuff too.


So how wall do too know fonr dliounn ikon To tfeo krfi b * hKodicifi, biH I'm not loro wtut thil ifcinf below if.

Game: Jurassic Park Publisher: Ocean Authors: Warren Lancashire, Dean Evans, Jack Whiteley. Craig Whittle, Matthew Wood, Bill Haibison, Andy Miah, Robert Walcot, Ray Coflee. Colin Rushbit, Marlin McDonald, Don Drake, Julian Holton, Steve Wahid. Man

Sang Ho,

Ilyas Kadup ETA:


edited previews, and an months before the Mm is actuary released Then follows the inevitable onslaught o< mercharxfcse -pens, badges, T-shirts, baseball caps and. yes. computer games This year s model is. you ve guessed it. Jurassic Park Now you hear a lot o< people moaning and whining about a Mm having loo much hype', and bemg unable to  possMy We up lo it But I say to

those people 'Get away from me. you smell ot something disturbing and unpleasant' It a film s had a lot ot work, development and ima nabon put into it. then hype it lor goodness sake Ram a down our throats, gel us unleasibty excited about the prospect ot experiencing poss*ly the greatest visual wonder yet to be seen on a big screen It you had made

Briefly: Every so    W

otten. a Mm comes s along which engenders an awfuty large amount ol what's known m PR and markelng circles as hype' - a media Witz consisting ot teaser advertising campaigns, a barrage ol press, radio and TV coverage, carefully

Tk« iri is bflstd os lk« fills wkick b bind os lbs book. It's Abort diAOfcasn sod DMA rsplKOIftos IIChsi MI tic.

"Uncrossing my legs Had

nn ftflnrt"


only way wa could do i(. but it'll be downgraded 10 (he 500 later *

Perhaps my biggest tetiel o( the day was that they hadn't just gore lor a standard platform game Cohn Gordon look me through the ideas _    "There are two separate

game environments.

. an oveihead-vew section and a texture-mapped 30 section We arrived at the overhead-view alter some consideration and we ve made it a sort ot isometric perspective because a straight top-down didn't allow tor _ any detail or the dinosaurs The 30 section is similar to what we did with ftabocqp 3 which was popular B and worked extremely well The game is sphi pretty much 5&‘50     HBVV

between the two perspectives We re interested in really exploring ihe potential ol the 1200 with    \

the game Nobody s done anything with this amount ol detail at this speed, and I'd say it s comparable to a 386 PC. or a stow 486 machine, even *

The 30 section '* impressive.

   readers It's hind cl

r < i'

Valour. only taster.

"V >4 with a bigger vie*

3SjLrj><A 'l

C* %    ]

the programmers

P     P    proceeded to tell me

L         how each spnte has a

I pnonty system built into it to give it P greeter depth and similar wibbto which  tell me with a glazed expression on my & lace, bul might mean something to you I So technically it's on the ball, but is it a P close rendition ol the him

K "Yes. we've loilowed Ihe ptol ot K the him closely, although we've had to V make a tew adjustments In the lilm

there are about nme or ten dinosaurs, ol which only three or lour are a threat, so we've had to think about how we can make some ol Ihe dinosaurs dangerous For example we've goi one pan where a Slegosaurus (A harmless hertxvore. -Tim) is banging its tail against a bank, causing a rock slide when you have to avoid We've also got a tot ot Comptes, which aie small carnon eaters that follow you around everywhere They aren't m the him. bul they were *n Ihe book

'You control Grant (Played by Sam Neil n (he film - TVmJ and you have to Imd the two lost kids. Tim and Lax We've tned to retain their ETT k characters tor instance

we've got Lei domg stupid ,    >' and dangerous things like

HBMBB she does m the movie The 30 sections lake place in the contiol centre, the visitors centre end other oulstoe locations In these bits, the computer system goes wrong and you have to gel to it. turn it ofl and turn it back on agam

a him as good as

Jurassic Park (and no. I

haven't seen i yet. but

I'm perfectly willing to believe that it's

bntliant because I'm swallowing the hype)

hen you'd want to tell everyone how good

it s. so why shouldn't Steven Spietoerg

Anyway, we II leave speculation about the him to the moine magazines (•tough I did see an as-yet -unreleased preview and it looks superb] We re going to took at the game, which Ocean (veterans ot the movie licence business] will be unleashing onto a j lever-pitched public in Seplembei As you might    H

expect Ocean aien't

strangers to this hype    a1 fc,"

J lit.

theie's a lot ol excitement    BbS

being generated around H P Hj the game too A Jurassic jBf IB Park day was announced, and (Oumos trom Ihe computer press minted up to Uenchester to get e glimpse ot whai's coming Exciting You bet

A The creator // speaks: On arrival 1 was led into a room with more programmers than I thought it was legal to have m an enclosed space, and the whole thing was lamily reminiscent ol that scene trom Base Instinct where Sharon Stone a interrogated by the police.

■ Unfortunately, uncrossing my legs had no effect, but I was 'eheved to find that these  B people were here to help me

tIBI 11. and ** m,t S0Cfl hav:n3 a

good Inendiy chxi-wag SBB about the game Project J    Manager Colm Gordon

W "Were developing this one on the 1200    _

Because ol the size and technical

aspects ot the    jl

just like m the him *

I didn't get a hand or a icysbek. but I was nonetheless teinlied by these bits There's a real sense ol drama and danger as you wander around the deserted complex, and have to fend oft the smal cknoseurs which leap towards you from around comers and stuff Highly charged entertainment and a good grasp ol the film's atmosphere by the looks ol it. So how close is it to being timsbed. guys

■Well, we re allowing ourselves the luxury ol some ngorous playfesnng on this game, because it's so huge People don't usually expect quality trom a movie licence, but we aim to turn that around with Jurassic Park *

Verdict so far: Weil I'm a hype victim, a marketing man's dream but I can't wait to see both the film end this stunning-looking game Obviously it's tar loo early to say what the gameplay s like (we weren't given ihe chance lo actually play it), bul it's obvious that a lot ol effort’s being pul into it. and it's already starling lo show. Let yoursetl go - believe the hype.





And, now jHftl for variety I uht, a left

torn. Mach better kjidlia  here, I rcckoa.

Aad ftaally, aaoiher 90 ngkl lain -ifcvoafti what looks like a ilippf-iiidey fee taorid. Haia. Vfi hope M bat.

Game: Overdrive Publishers: Team 17 Authors: Dave Broadhurst. Haydn Dalton, Mike and Andy Oakley, Allister Brimble, Chris Brimble. Ole Petter Rosenblud. Martyn Brown ETA: Any lime now

Briefly: Team >7, eh They're practically famous aren'1 ihey'5 And now they1 re about to release another almost certain winner m the shape ol Overdrive All this grves me a perfect excuse to talk to Martyn Brown, Protect Manager ol the Teamsters, about Overdrive. Team 17 themselves, and almost nothing else The creator speaks:

So Team 17 are bringing Out an overhead-view driving game eh1 How come you revet do the same genre twice, then is this a deliberate ploy to inWtrate our homes with everything Team 17, leaving us open la an influx at subversrvely subliminal thought control And can we now expect all genres to be covered by Team 17 - how about a Team 17 RPG lor example

Mi s a completely intentional policy ol ours to fry our hand at everything m the arcade mould and then see where it left us We wanted to create the defeutive version ol each genre - whether or not we ve done that is open to question - and obviously looking back now we know we can do better, hence siull i*e Aien Breed 2 currently in development I suppose wel do most genres, but things like RPGs aren't really our bag unless someone comes along with something pretty spectacular, although you might see something ol outs with RPG elements m it next year We won't do IlighbVecfot games as a rule either"

So what have T Equipe Oix-Sept* got n mmd lor overhead-view racing Ians To our eyes, the overhead racing game has never really worked very well on the Amiga sure. Supercars tfcd well, and there was Nitre but there hasn'1 been much else Overdrive ts meant to be last, slick and super playable - we ll be spending as much time as possible making the game (eel

II oaff iicrrlliiRt la lift 1 ■11 as callable at Turn 17...

as periecl as possfcle With all our games we try and give them an arcadey (eel and we haven't seen anything on the Amiga that looks like what we want to do with Overtime

'Inspiration has come from a number at race games nckxkng my all-time lavoume. Super Spent and also Pro RC Racer on the NESiGamebay )RC Pro-Am. surety - Nttptcky Ed), which is really playable For technical reasons we re having problems getting a two-player simultaneous game up and running, but well persist until we gel it. A split-screen display is out as the track moves very last and would be unplayable ‘

Every so often in the career ol a journalist creative thought and quick lire ideas dry 14). and I suddenly lound mysell without a due as to what to ask Martyn Brown out ol Team 17 I panicked I asked him "Why ■s it going to be lab ' Luckily. MB ol the Sevemeen-siets is a professional, and he answered consummately 'its get Pis. <x4s sports cars and buggies with live different scenarios with at least lour tracks in each Each vehicle handles drteienify and each track has different properties, making each combnalion a different prospective game Why is it going to be tab It's a Team 17 game ' Hey. not a had question alter all then Verdict so tar: it seems that almost anything the near-legendary septadeomaiists from Wakeliefd touch turns la box-office gold, and we ve no reason to be*eve otherwise m the case ol Overdrive To add fuel to the Team 17 world-domination theones. they're also in the process ol tiffing us with a brace ol budget releases, including the revised edition ot Pro/M-X. a Formula t driving game called FI ChaAenge (excitingly previewed on this month's coverdisk) and Qwa*1 - a cute one- or (simultaneous) two-ptayei Bubble-Bobble-inspired platform romp Way to go. guys • 7JU TUCKER

5. What's going to be the real book for this game'7 i mean, what'll convince people to gel it rather than one ol the exist!rig cute, plattormy type games'The creators speak: Look at it play it and lind out

(lacing one way) an accurate number to

quote lor Bubba II not. what is1 How

many other characters are there in the

game, and will they all be as impressively

animated'5 II you haven't already guessed,

this s your opportunity to come up _

with some hugely impressive

ligure that'll impress the hell

out ot all the readers

The creators

speak: Yes its

perhaps m excess ol 200

trames when you add it

all up. but we leel it's net

the number ol trames

rather the animation cortent that's r    important

.    Of ":. C Vji-

\ . t(

H v JJj    ‘'

r-J    as Bubba's Wih

regard to other technical ' ' ";

■'»    V    , liV hr’ !    1

away moie'mportanl lo

the public than meaningless numbers, so we ll say no more on the one (Snappy answer, boys - Ed)

)6. Any plans lor a lollow-up. this time with a afferent common everyday object 1 as a sidekick What I about Butib/t N~ Futon.

F or Bubfea N 1970s Lava Lamp0 Answers on a postcard please, to The creators speak: No Don’t be slupri


Bubba N' Stix Publishers: Core Design Authors: Mark Watson. Billy Allison. Simon Phipps, Martin Iveson and Jeremy Heath-Smith ETA: September

6. Umm Siat's about it really. We re very dose to deadlne, so it you could possibly tax your answers back by mid-attemooo tomorrow (Wednesday) that would make my job easier, and guaranteed until next month at least ThanksThe creators speak: Why are there two question 6s

Briefly: Gimpy truck dnver Bubba >s ’ deleting animals to a zoo when he's imexpectedly snatched by alien zoo collectors how ironic A mess up n transit occurs, and he's abandoned on a hostile ai«n planet, with his only Iriend m Ihe world a cheery, bouncing, alien, er. ikek Using it lo solve all sod ol puzzles. Biiiba must platform romp his way across Iha galaxy to get back to has rather dull and tedious existence Oh and he's got lo uve the planet on his way Simple, eh

Verdict so lar: As far as I'm

concerned, sticks have always been one ol the best thmgs you can pek up m woodand areas, and it's good to see that they're now being represented m a medium that's previously been sadly deficient ol these useful, woody items The graphics look stunning, and Core Design have been giving us some top quality games of

* T > ► Writ late so there's a good ’ VjBfl HOj chance that this B i//jf 2 symbiotic tale ot sbek      and lorry dnver is

■ r -    I gomg lo be a good un

k .V • MARK


4. Are you all golf tans If so. what are your handicaps If you don 1 play golf. Ihen what aie your most  lavounte hobbies that don't    I

involve computers    ¥

The creators speak:No Our hobbies - well we do play a K lot ol console compuler games    J9

when we get the chance (what's H the point xi wnfcng and designing H games if we don't get to play    H

them ) Billy and Simes also go weight training to relax and Mark. well. Currently he's asking

what spare time is

sounds pretty cool lo me. in a Man Biles Dog' sort Ol way. don 1 you think

The creators speak: No it wasni Man And Stick' it was Man Witti A Sack We changed it because if wouWn t easily translate to other languages. Vic Reeves probably holds a copyright on it. it doesn't accurately represent the relationship between Ihe two mam characters ot Bubba and Stix. and no. we didn't think it was cool at all


1. A simple background question Was the wcrtcmg tile realty Man And Stick 'anti it so. why did you change it 11

V *“    2. Onwards to some techy

stuff Is 200 trames of animation

■ •hbJ And Sin Aad, «r, iofl( olk«r ««lido.

The Arrow priiti lo I lr««, pmuoibli lor lk< buafil ol BivfOBB who hiial booo oa« txlorc lib (aid olfccr doot) iadlcoit tKai tk«i« id oil io loci Mojo Dmi fcrccoikoai.

What about Bubba 'N' Futon "




Publisher: Ocean Authors: Red Ral

Software (well, kind of -more on this lafer)

ETA: Late July

Briefly: To any alien viewing TV transmissions Mom our humble little blue-green planet.

Quavers must seem like a letnble threat to all of civilisation We may think these cheesy (and more recently, sail and vinegar) snacks ate tusi a tasty trttle space-filer lor between meats, but it you onty had the adverts to go on. you'd think they turned you into some sort of demented whirling dervish spinning uncontrollably about rooms and eatng hapless professors Anyway. Coin Curly (the strange dog like creature vorced by Lenny Henry and brought rto animated existence to promote widespread cnsp consumption) a al set lor tvs second launch into the wacky world of computer games The creator speaks: tohrssersor lecturers at least once a week.

I understand. Chatting amiably lo the hugely approachable Sherry from Ocean.

I was shocked to find that the creator of One Step Beyond and rts prequel Pushover had left the hallowed offices of ■ndie games producers Red Ral and gone back to the even more hallowed ha is ot further education Seeing as neither

Sherry not I have got the slightest due as to which college he's attending, talking to the mam man seems out ol the question Hey. I iusl wnte about games, okay1 If you want investigative loumaiism, then get the Washington Post or something, alrightSo anyway. Sherry got down to explam the principles behind the game, m a sick and professional way that explains her high-ranking position m the Ocean hierarchy Take 4 away. Sherry. ‘One Step Beyond s a puzzle game that tolows on directly (rom Pushover (which, if you ve forgotten ts the first game featuring Coin Curly - Mark) In tact Colm's playmg Pushover -remember, that's the prequel to (Snip Ed)- and eating Quavers at the beginning of this game He finishes the last level at the exact moment that he finishes his last Quaver, and this exciting combination ol awesome taste and awesome gamepiay results r hen being sucked into his computer'

Okay, so silly preamble aside, what's the game about then1 'At the start ol every level Coin gets somersaulted onto the first Ol a set Ol platforms, and he then has to lump (torn one platform to the next until he reaches the Exit' packet ol Quavers Colm can only escape the level it he shuts all the platforms

and since each plattoon closes when he moves oft rt. you ve got to work out the correct path across each level.'

That sounds simple enough, but what about al those tunny tittle squiggles on the platformsAre they lo do with the game, or perhaps they're linked m some way to. dale l say itQuavers

Tlor‘ states Sherry,

eetegoncaity 'Many at the platforms have got special properties, so some will close all the platforms that are at the same row as the one Cote lumps oft. others wii dose nearby ones, and others will bounce you up The puzzle's at using these special platforms to your advantage

Great, so now we know And fjst one final question. Sherry What's the game got to do wrth trying-to-make-a-comeback

ska-pop band Madness, and come to thaik of if, what's it got to do with curly, cheesy snacks1 Hello1 Sherry1 Heio1

Verdict so far For reasons best known to themselves Ocean haven l been

Celia cereleiily umni criipi.

lorthcommg with many details at all about this game. Maybe they leel 11 be best for n to burst onto the game-playing pubic like a massive starburst rocket exploding over Hyde Park on bonfire ntghl. or that the air of sectecy and anticipation will set sales ot boih the game and the crisps al a record tvgh Or maybe Ocean just don't like me-who's to say1 Anyway, it's going lo be tvg it's going to be puzzley. and (using near-subkmmal persuasive techniques) it's going to put an awful lot of kids off their mam meal through incessant snacking Oh, and it the manufacturers of Quavers are reading Itvs. just address the free boxes of Quavers to the AP office m recognition ol all this gratixtous tree advancing Thanks, guys


Odfl la Quivin: Ok crfcjpi, oh Ufrftf, ititi Lisle teller. How I adore thee, yo*r iillee hie, fair cmncfclaeii, fair k pet no hi ioodi. I loec I lice- Loti.



Thlrt'i bjiiici ol mdmi ktrifi] El bustf icrv<«4 HiE<hci and Etiriaj ully itriptd Irouvcra to b« done.

When ion ic Heb enough, ion can he h«rn end tnngh El poor people

loots A «UeI ingctdlcnl on Eng focrcbnnl'i shopping list

Gama: The Palrician Publisher: Daze Authors: Jorg Busching, Celal Kandemiroglu. Jurgen Kerslmg. Bernd Ludewig, Thomas Schiotel. Marlin Wolk. Joerg Doepper. Frank Woischke. Rudoll Stemher ETA: August

terms ol amount and complexity This is something that v. always be appreciated, because at the end ol the day. atlei all the hypo, what determines whether a game sc-lls or not is quite sxnpty whether it's tun to piay or not We think that the strategy genre is low-protile. but very popular look at the success ol Civifisahon, Sm City and A-Tram, wheh r the kind o< aiea that The Patnoan lals mlo *

random hazards such as sh*5S lost at sea. plague and lire The game lakes a very long lime lo compieie"

-Wrih *' tkulkl

3. Explain, m as

much detail as you < 7

see <1. the way that

the arcade    *    *•

sequences m the I §1 Cj

game work II

possible, you should

include the phiase

eccentric ballistics' m your answer

The creator answers: The arcade

sequences are mouse-ope rated conflicts

between you and pirate ships, using actual

weapons ol (he lime, compieie with

eccentric ballistics (Wert done CWr - Ed)

This sequence is optional but I tor one Imd

it great fun to play ‘

Briefly: The Patnoans a

Strategy trading game Iron

Geimany. where it s

proved a huge success.

topping the charts tor over

Sjx monihs It s set m a

lascinalmg penod ot

history (I4th-15th    V

Century), when the

development at trade the

Baltics lead to a powertui    

merchant dass. To represent their

interests, and protect them Irom piracy.

they formed the Hanseatic League.

becoming an extremely powertu'.

economic torce - neither lord nor king

could invade the structure ot the alliance

The creators speak: We set Clift

Guy ol Daze the tallowing GCSE paper

2. The most complex and Involving strategy game yet to be seen ' BMHHj (Daze Marketing Press Release) Discuss Hus quole in the context ol the game The Patnoan The creator answers: Vatnoanis complex and challenging because ol the number ot variations withm the game and the way your goals develop and change as the game advances To begin with, you ust have to trade successfully, then you have to change your pnonties as you try to get elected Mayor ot your town marriage, chanty, the church and wooing the populace all enter into the equation

It you become

■Mayor you then have to aim lor Alderman (the Big Boss) ol an the Hanseatic League You're now playing wilh the big boys: bnbeiy, corruption I and blackmail aie 1 thrown al you as you i cope with a multinational business as well as me pubic and othoai dutes expected Irom a potential Alderman ot the league, such as leading expeditions against prates or financing the construction ol a new church Additionally you must cope with

become a Mayor (you are not considered respectable enough as a bachelor ot speister) The pratlieri handsomer bndes/grooms lend lo have less money, the really hdeous ones are loaded You daode The bndes are based on old Hollywood stars such as Dons Day. Mantyn Monroe, or post-stroke Betty Davis, while the grooms are based on the I male slatf members at Ascon (the people who wiote the game) *

Verdict so fan We ll be publishing lui results ot the examination in early September Until ihen. try and have lun al summer, and please don’t nng up asking to know the iesuKs before that dale • TIM TUCKER

4. Desonbe the effective function ot marnage as a social institution wilhm the game The Patnoan The creator answers: The

marriages are a mix ol convenience and stoppmess You must get mamed to

You have one hoof to complete the etam Answer al toot questions and be sure to write on both    _ ~i

sides ol the paper p*

You may now turn    JfflF 1

the page    \    1 1

Oa oar com dish yoall find this s«cal ID ray tracing pi03 «h.    *e»’A Armpe tfip 11

1. Wnai was the primary motive lar the H import ol me game The Patnoan into Britain «

:ne late 20tn century’’ iLrtfy j/, The creator answers: "When we source products from abroad (wnfes Ctff) we look al one common (actor that crosses al cultural frontiers gamepiay Patnoan is packed wdh gamepiay. both at

6oUen ilrdw

"The really hideous ones are loaded"

- ,

Wftt * j



lljlll: IIImi, l« Hill tan of fiipU) alnjkl foi jimi la •    Ik* Mi'itxiil Mil km pkwoof, «k lllll

MJMy « onmn


j rr

If JK _

once agaxi *->i teature 256-

Gamas: Reunion and The Seventh Sword Ol Mendor Publisher: Grandslam Authors: Many, many, many people, all ol different nationalities ETA: Late 1993


Briefly:    are

really upping me r releases *i the rr&r snl, n-"al with  ; :1ms Of 01rtf)£»S (mentioned taxi month) the lecent Bei-ers and

the    io<Tiing

Tfm&i-. Thu month on tho my origko world of Things To Come, w« gong to concentrate on just two 0* '"’»•' 9xtf'-." in me

pifekncrs one so-fi and epic, the other >“ te«t~sy and, er Dungeon Mastery The crealon apeak: Hungarian wtveh ir, loeneamof*,' handy tor them, wees they livn *, rl.avwy Ah, it'-, good to tee that we can thoroughly overuse that gag, to ths porr.l that n'5 net only untunny, hut    and I'ntatmg Fortunately

:lir you) Stuarts had an injunction taken ou1 to stop me ftom coming within 200 metres ol that gag ever agar, and lortLniatek' itof me) i *dnt have to try and talk to these ex-Snwst blO-" -v-rtivy. »v“r ; -renkly trgns-E -opesn isne k*e using a 1950s Anglo-Austro    phrase

book Oh no David Birch trom Grandslam was than happy to explain w-iy a si/eafro amount ol in

"They're all ex-defence workers"

current output is coming trom behind the former Iron Curiam

They re all e*-delence workers.’ he told me. gleefully ’Obviously protecting the Warsaw Pact has gone out of lashion now that it's delunct. so we ve been getting a steady stream of innovative and creative programmers all turning then talents to games And to be brutally honest.’ he sa>d wryly, the wicked gleam ot bare faced Western commercialism m his eyes, 'we don't have to pay them very much Ha ha ’ I hope he meant it as a joke. I realty do

The Seventh Sword Of Vendor's a Dungeon Master ~ clone, there's no getting away trom that.’ admined David, trankty. txil the tact •s that thore'a a market lor these games. ar-J we ro here to supply that demand We re do*ig an A1200-specftc version wiih 256 colours as wed as the standard 64-colour standard version, and we re

making it flexible so that there aie several paths though the game You control a party of up to seven characters, and the game area covers a real world not jusi caves and dungeons There's gong to be ogihsed character speech and real-time combat

sequences, and the whole thing s underscored by medieval music *

Wen. it s good to see that someone s trying so hard to breathe life back into such a tired old genre as the Dungeon Master game, but what's

ait this about Reunion The press release slates that you must be ‘soldier politician, economist and (fcpiomat - prepaied for any eventuality The task is monumental, the stiategy awesome You must not tail.' so it sounds a bn of as tuggy AH I've seen so tar a an extremely impressive showreel ol pictures from the game which show at manner of cybernetic pAots leaders and other rock-hard characters The game itself is gong to be concerned wiih the colonisation ol space and

colour VGA-quality graphics and speech AH that we've seen so far is a framework of the game, but we re serving someone out to Hungary soon to bnng back a fuller version.' David revealed, exclusively

Verdict so far: It's so hard to tel how a game's going to turn out when all you ve gat to go by >s pictures, but let's lace it. they re pretty nee screenshots Apart from that, it's relreshir>giy different to see that the

blossoming Amiga games industry is employing redundant Hungarian defence workers After a their previous job was plotting parabolic trajectories tor intercontinental ballistic missies between Minsk and Milton Keynes, and although this may (or may not) have been a good thing programming games is undotinedy a much more worthwhile occupation • MARK WINSTANLEY

Ymm, nun.

Af- A fvtarblic UlopU, vtcrc lh« biut ” run oi lioit ill dif, «v«n dAj.



Yeah, we know. We say that we’re “the mightiest beings who ever produced a computer magazine”, but we never explain why. Now it’s time to reveal our ‘secret origins’: the special powers and abilities that make us - simply the best.



Middle, right: No-one had ever tried to combine the two worlds ol English toerature and video games - until Linda Barker stepped onto the scene It was she who re discovered' many line examples of game-relaled writings, including Martin Amis' onginal box copy lor Super Smash TV and Samuel Beckett s scene-setting novella lor the VIC-20 version ol Wmky Dicky Oh. and on top ol that, she s also the best Editor a mag could ask lor And we love her


Middle, left: This century's most megalomania cal Deputy Editor started life as a feral child, forapng lor cnsps and wine gums on the rough'n'tough streets ol oU Glasgow ftzarrely. the wee Campbel laddie was then taken n and >a<sed by arcade machines as one of their own. iusl like *i the Jungle Book' Son ot. Consequently. Stuan now knows more about video games and stuff than anybody else in the whole wide world Ever


Trained n the mystic Bakery Sciences' by Ihe secretive Sisterhood of Buns. Lisa is ihe only Future Publishing An Assistant to have been awarded a black bell n lull contact karate and the international Cordon Bleu' award lor special flaky pastry - on the same day Her unique post-leminrst theorising has shocked both men and women alike -could she be Ihe Madonna lot Ihe 90sf


Top An Ed Jacquie spent her lormative years as leader ol the avant-garde Pans arts commune Le Crayon Rouge' Warhol.

Lrchtenstem. Hockney - all have paid tribute (in one way or another) 1o the influential Spanion School' ol an. craft, and technical drawing Quite apan from these skills. Jacquie also claims that she can turn herself invisible and walk through solid objects - though we have yel lo see conclusive evidence ol this


As a leenager helping out with research rto human aggression Tim Tucker was accidentally biller by a radioactive bass guitar And. as a result, he row believes himsell lo be hall man, hall musical instrument At nght. he roams Ihe streets lighting crime and nghlmg wrongs - many an evil-doer has cause to tremble on hearing the sound ol Tim's sktister (yet undeniably lunky) lootsleps

underpinning ihe distinctive nfl ol justice


Our very own alien Prod Ed first stumbled across Earth as a direct result ol NASA's controversial SETi broadcasts back m the earty 1970s Since then he has lived among us. learning our human ways, and only using his superior technology to interfere in our history “when it seemed like a II good idea' Accustomed to the higher gravity ol his own world Dave I has incredible strength, the ability to levitate at will, and *a brain that is very similar to those ol you humans - except that certain weaknesses1 have been removed." he chuckles


Educated at Bntams finest public schools. Ihe young Tim was quickly snapped up by the Crvil Service, where his razor-sharp organisational genius helped Her Maiesty s Government through many a constitutional cnsrs Hotly lipped to take over as head ol Ml5. he turned down the (honorary) position lo come and work lor AMIGA POWER To his credit. Tim speaks over IS languages (including Latin. Greek and ancient Etruscan), is a world dass championship knitter (yes. girts, he makes all those lovely wooiies himself), and spends his spare t>me hunting down Nazi war cnminals and pulling them in jail


Bottom, right: In 1984, a covert CIA operation to create a new breed ol super J soldier' went disastrously wrong The  public were told that all ihe experimental subjects had been recaptured But. lot once *i their otherwise blameless lives, the CIA ked Hounded by the authonhes lor a cnme he did not commit. Mark now lives m a secret underground base ust outside Bnstoi where he cheerlully balances the demands at his official career' in computer journalism with a lucrative sideline n transcontinental gun-running It s a Wvmg,' he gnns













Now ibil - M t«< hen b o>hf Mrt «l ik« ifci io< om niisioa, «ad then an ai kail fifty aisilon. Amiohi, iial H7 Von tM talfi all (be b«iMia]i, ride m the trail, drive tin can, aad hill    Uti of

MOfHc k laci lodcad (varyoat H joi n loclioed.

Strategy. A nightmare future. Excessive gunfire. It’s all here in

Game: Syndicate Publisher: Electronic Arts Authors: Peter Molyneux, Sean Cooper, Philip Jones, Mike Disked. Mark Webley. Guy Simmons, Chris Hill, Paul McLaughlin, Alex Trowers, Russell Shaw (or Bullfrog, in other words) Price: £34.99 Release: Out now

Usually we skp over the plot tine o< a game because ifs ledious and. Irankty. irrelevant Bui lei's break with tradition ttus lime.

because I tie background lo Syndicate is absolutely fascinating

It's the future World government is m the hands ot three hugely powerful multinational corporations, one in America, another in Europe and the thud m the Far East The European corporation develops a device known as the CHIP, which is inserted in the neck and stimulates the brain, otfenng the user an enhanced perception at the world tar boner than any drug it also otters the corporation the chance lo manipulate the pubic through auto-suggestion, and it soon becomes apparent that contioi ot the CHIP means control d the people


And kart, la ikt lafl a* Alt rjpliea, arm a nr bayi luadiay aaMai Mat ricollf p«rp«irjiad Mnaji of Ikalrc. Tkia la Iasi Ika ■lari a( tfca ■fifioa - tfcara an a tot aort ••<■1 ajaaii'« lull, aad Ikai it ala laakj prcffj daafaroai. Wall, alrtf kt ll twain 1, hal ll'a too daatraila] H, aa wall akaal H mp talar. Or, wo caald jail fa tor a caNaa aad a baa, and taa U ikara ara aap Itlm aa.

Laah , balara yaa complain, Hi aa accarala daicriptioa al Ilia la ika lalara akara f aaf > al cyfearf afaali batila aack

a dq. Sa Ikara.

Wal, M M Walaal I laaiau tatraaaalf alolaal la lad. lal H i all la a food caaia, akT

realities'. and where big business multinationals  have increasing power and influence m the world] “ JTj1* is looking more accurate Cdf    every day In the AP ohice

A i it's Inghleningly close -JSaK< using softwate known as Bioadcasf and Electronic ■wirt Waif we regularly Jack in' lo ihe CyberMatrix spinning through the Virtual Daia stream to experience the Neon Lattices ol Logic burning actoss the TV-blue skies And asking our friends what they re doing lor lunch Yes (Contused by al this high-tech cyber/argoo0 Don 1 worry, the feature on page 32 explains it al And more - Ed)

Wjj jJO may as well stop

£ iLi reading this right now and skip straight to Yc.rftCrtb* Joe1 or something As „-4 it happens, this plot has its roots in a well detmed genre -

HHp    cyberpunk Now

(w-    despite Ihe tact lhai

'% Neuromaixer i ,y,. iam Gibson's sarr-ial noviJ     which hrst brought ihe

   cyberpunk vision    ol the

.    future to the pubkc)

was first published

'    almost 10 years A

a significant number ot

, -'J'"    * people wilting

to witter on about the

i    movement as

■A    some kind of

new wave' Intact, cyberpunk is very I    much an 60s thing

and its resurgence actually a sign of an

u ‘    -4* "-I    impending'80s revival

The seventies will soon be outre, and Abba will be replaced in the nation's hearts by Neuromancers and New Romanics Mark my words On Ihe other hand, the cyberpunk vision (a world where technology is available to everyone where serious enme is

com-- tied on    jiiW    .\T'

computer    ■    .

networks which    _

form virtual    *    *5.

Yeah, nght - Syndicate It's a strategy game m which you're an up-and-coming executive looking lo exlend the mlluence ol your Syndicate and ultimately dominate the

tABAApijyABiA wodd You set up

your own organisaior

'h ] 11" fg with your own MBBBHHMF logo and trendy name - mine's a gothy (in tad, very

cyberpunky) girl, and I ve called it The Raven It's excellent

You Chan your progress through the game using the world map. which shows the world divided up into territories, with each terntory coloured lo indicate which Syndicate holds power there Paint the whole map your colour and you're the supreme ruler ot ihe world To gam control ol a terntory you have to accomplish a mission and mission objectives vary Irom kidnapping scientists and pressunng -*

The scramble tor a monopoly over CHIP technology leads to war between the corporations, which in turn leaves them open to infiltration This is where the Synacates come m - enme syndicates who have been pirating CHIP technology and bnbmg and murdering their way into tw upper echelons ol the multinationals Soon, the Syndicates have taken control of ihe corporations and the world is locked n biter power struggles over temtones And the Syndicates exert their mlluence vw teams of custom-built cyborgs, armed lo tie teeth with stale-ol-ihe art weaponry Wow Now it lhal doesn’t make you want to start playmg this game, then you

l a Itlllaf ion, ■kla train's iiaaylif mm. Il'i ffllM k«l to fo.

r “i * i

impossible to describe how much fun this L all is" A

them 10 wort (of your Syndicate to simply walking through the territory mowing down opposition agents After you've been given the mission briehng. it s lane lo tool up This is where you enter the strategy pari ol the game You're grven a team ol cyborgs, from which you can choose a maximum ol lour to tackle a mission You buy the weapons and equipment that each cyborg needs lor the task m hand - at the start you only get a choice ol pistols and shotguns, but by allocating lunds into research and development you acquire the technology lor realty destrucirve hardware like machine guns. Lasers and high-powered name throwers These won't be available until later missions, but by putting more into research you car speed up the development process significantly You can also use your budgei to upgrade the modifications ol the cyborgs themselves 8y giving them higher version legs, arms and chests, tor example, you can improve their mobility, delence ago ms attack and carrying abilities Keep putting money into modhcalxyis and you can build up a supremely powerful learn ol professional killers.

Hmm I'd iust like to interrupt this review tor a second Although Syndicate ■> excellent. I can appreciate mat reading about it s not as lun as actually playing it I'm fully prepared 10 admit that n's slightly tedious xi tact I'd like lo inspire your confidence at this point by pointing out that the best bit ol the entire game is yet to be descnbed. m what I hope • be some ol the finest prose concerning computer games yet to be committed to paper In the meantime, here's a Oke Q What s green and lets you do things9 A Permit the Frog Right, on with the review)

And now starts what <s probably the most viol ant and amoral slaughter-test you have •ver had the pleasure to be nvohred in The action takes place on an isometnc 3D play area rendered in amazing detail, nciikkng Blade Runner esque advertising billboards, monorail services, road vehicles and a ■hole city's worth ol citizens The control system is nice and easy to gat used to. simply requiring you to dr* where you want you' team (or ndnndual characters) to go. while using the nght mouse button to unleash hot leaden death It you were sensible •her tooisig up you'll have equipped one d your characters with a scanner, which provides information as to where your mission target ts to be found, the presence d enemy agents, police and so forth


Apart Irom your primary target (which may or may not be an assassination), it's a good idea to pick off as many enemy •gents as you can These look very smifar to you - big overcoats to conceal the personal arsenal, and. weirdly, what look like red berets or something Anyway, trey' le easy to spot, but you're quite often caught unawares when a group of them spnng trom nowhere and start to fire on your team Oh. and don't worry about any pedeslnans that get m the way - just mow tiem to pieces too. you won't be penalised No-one cares

Your only other worry ts the police. They aren't petmitted to open tire on you unless you pull out your weapons so to avoid trouble it's generally a good idea to put your weapons back your overcoats when you ve polished oft some rival Syndcate trash But then again the police are easy to kill so why not use them lor target practice and teach the inhabitants ol the place that you're a lorce to be reckoned with1 (Don f fry this at home, kids - Ed)

This ts one ot the great plus points ot the game - your options are always completely open Every building can be eniered (and indeed occasionally house enemy scum), you can shoot and destroy cars, drive any vehicle you come across, get in trains - it's totally interactive I had great fun reducing the

monorail tram to a flaming rum once if had ceased being ol any use lo me The missions can lake place

over very large (May areas too. which means them's loads lo explore and discover

It you successlully complete a mission you're relumed to the map screen where the newly acquired territory will be rendered m your colour You can now set new tax rales lor the temtory lo any figure you like - obviously the higher Ihe rale the larger your budget tar later missions, but set it too high and you'll Imd that the citizens become dissatisfied with your regime and rebel Thus leaves the territory open to enemy infiltration, and requires you to return la the area to mop 'em up - which can be irritating, but also Strangely cathartic, I Imd

It's impossible to desenbe how much tun this all is The blend ol strategy and action is perfect, and the highly charged atmosphere is evident throughout. Irom Ihe lovingly realised luture metropolitan hell 10 ihe Inghlenmgly realistic gun shot sound effects I feel I should point out however that it is a highly amoial game -life is wasted with alarming frequency, and there are no good guys as such ust one set of ruthless criminals against another As always at AMIGA POWER, though, there are a couple ol rvggles Technically, the scrolling is a little on the slow and jerky side on a standard Amiga This is a slightly unfair criticism because this amount of detail is bound to create some problems, bui I (eel i s only nght to point it out f 200 owners have nothing to worry about on this score The only other thing is that controlling vehicles is skghtly imtating Some dies requite you to enter

TV* an k«mihi a parc (MM, M Uuribd kM a HIM M a l*m ovarcaat Mi IP M lair and ha* •pcfe a bap i«m ha Marti tuMpj ptaplt

and of them by car . but . due lo the oneway system, trying to get oul often results *t a rxkcutous mp around ihe entire road network Famihaniy improves the situation Syndicate is lop-grade entertainment Ol the highest order Bullfrog already have an outstanding reputation n the Amiga software department, and there is no doubt at all in my mind that this can only raise iheir name lo even dizzier heights An instant classic.


® UPPERS I never thoughl I d My this, but Ihe tight ot four highly equipped and dangeroutly violent cyborgt itrldlng through the future cities Ol Ihe world annihilating everything In Iheir path engenders s ttrsnge euphoria Actually controlling them towards your own ends Is even better.

Also, a special mention for Ihe recoil affecli when shooting an enemy. Ihe grossly overplayed violence and the terrifyingly accurate sound effects

® DOWNERS Slow and

Jerky scrolling and. at limes, difficult vehicle

manipulation are the only things that tarnish ths gams, and ttisy art nowhere near enough lo dissuade you from buying. So lorget this bit


A lully-charged Mgs ol cyberinduced power struggles, this gams's got everything Strategy AND a callous disregard tor human lift. It really It quite difficult to describe why, but I urge you to trust me (and Bullfrog, ol courM) and demand a copy ol this game trom A4 : your nearest software    U I A

retailer Immediately.    W I ;



A1200 smoother, taster and

which gets It ■ well-deserved extra 2 percent.


Great CyfaerGames No 1:

Great CyfaerGames No 2:

Great CyfaerGames Na 3:


(BuIHrog/llacfronlc Arts)


(Bitmap BroMtars/lmaga Works) (Image Works)

Top-class ultra-violent entertainment with all the clatalc cyber-Ingredient* - a naar-lutura dystopia, ■uperhuman (but dangeroualy volatile) cyborgs unhindered by all that Three Lawa ol Robotic*' crap, companies more powarlul than govarnmenta, marketlngtpeak gone mad, a bland ol futuristic and modern-day firearma etc etc. Fab.

Baaed on definitive cyber-movie Rollerball (right down to the bloke banging the metal ball agalnat his lag). It's a chilling (and hopefully tongue-in-cheek) tale ot aitrame violence as sport. And It s all sanctioned by big bad corporations In order to pacify Ihe masses If this doesn't beat American Gladiators In the 1999 ratings wars, we'll wanl to know why.

Enter Ihe mental brain-zone ot a crazy-mad computer, where you light it out with other weird data creatures lor possession of vital snippets of Information. Probably the bast Amiga cyberspace game so far. It's not quite "Linas of light ranged In the nonapace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Lika city lights, receding...". But It's close enough.

It’s new! It’s exciting! It’s certainly no more than ten years out off date! Dr David

Here at AMIGA POWER, we receive many letters asking our advice on a wide number of subjects. And there's one topic that crops up more often than most - cyberpunk. For Instance: "What's this funny word mean " asks K Cecil of South London. "Why are some games (Syndicate, for instance) suddenly cyberpunk',” he continues, “and some not Did I miss something ". Well, yes 'K', you did. You missed possibly the most exciting development in the history of youth culture since the invention of the home computer itself. You missed THE SINISTER FUTURISTIC WORLD OF CYBERPUNK.

Okay, first things first. What does cyberpunk' actually mean Well, it's kind of i*e ordinary soance I id ion. only somehow more gntty and more realistic. Yep. ‘gntty' and 'reakstic'. those are definitely the key words lo bear In mind Cyberpunk fiction takes place in a dark near-lutura world crammed lul ol ingredients recognisable Irom today - video games, huge super-powerful computer companies, and aiAomabc weapons. It's almost as i * was deitoeralety invented as the ■deal medium to satirise the I ana teal enthusiasm ol mid-1960s home-computer owners Bui I Agress

Anyway, there's enough going on around Ihe rest ol this page lo grve you a good idea ot what this cyberpunk'



Ol cauise. In a proper cyberpunk Inluri. no-one win read any more - you ll gal all your information from thraa-riltnanalaBai viaf-acreena that plug Into your aara or aomathlng. That's why we've saved you the trouble ol hanging around In Forbidden Planet and Tower Records looking tor walrd Items that tha assistant's nevar heard ol (ramambar we're dealing with a 'cult' hera. so tha more obacura your rafarancea. tha better!). Vei. we've researched everything for you and hera i all you naed lo know:

Booka: Number One ll atlll Nauromincer by William Gibson, which started It all way back In 1964. Gibson went on lo Invent afaampunk' (but frankly lost tha plot a bit) in The Difference Engine, and will hopalully ratum lo form In hla new near-future novel, Virtual Light, out soon. Howavar. some faar that ha‘a ‘done a Douglas Adami* - ie mada a serious effort fo understand the technology that ha previously name-dropped with such cheerful abandon - and may nevar write anything truly funny again.

Whal'a virtual reality got to do with all Mia Wall, not vary much actually. Virtual raallty la what you gat II you try and wrlle a database program aa a fllled-polygon flight tint. and. aa such, waa responsible lor a whole load ol media hypo that made people think that lha Lawnmowar Man movie watn'l going lo tuck. Strangely, every *VR‘ coln-op we've seen hat been at realistic aa playing a Spectrum 3D game with a TV stripped to your head (and aboul aa much tun). And II virtual its luma out lo be anything naar aa ambarraiilng antVor disappointing aa tha real thing, we think we'll etlck to witching Brookalde. thank* vary much.

■el leside, k looks like free. Oats wrtk slower wSMts


•Y •


Great CyfoerCames No 4:    Great CyfeerGames No 5:    Great CyberGames No 6:


(Bltaiap BroMi*n/R*n«gada)    (Cylsardraaiaa)    (Tha Hit Squad)

Slightly Influenced by the tteampunk genre, which    Wall, rt f gal the word Cyber1 In (he title, which li    Believe H - MZSpits e technologIcally-eugmenied

nb questions Ilka: What If Charles Babbage had    always a good atari. Bui what do they follow II up    KIwIBIrd agalnat a whole range of cybemellcally-

compfafed hla Difference Engine, thus causing lha    with - 'Race'. Not very sinlatar-near-fulura-    enhanced shades-wearing mercenaries. In a bid lo

Inlormation Revolution lo happen at tha same lime as    nightmare. Is 11. lads Next lime, try something a bit    rescue his friends from a shadowy multinational

the Industrial one Wall then presumably Victorian    more hip and cutting- edge-technological. Ilka, ar,    using them for Illegal genetic research. All set to a

children would have grown up playing two-player    punk , or 'space' However, this one Isn't out quite    thumping techno-industrial grind-core soundtrack

Gsunffef-clone shoot- em-ups. Like this.    yet. which makes It pretty near-futuristic, I suppose.    (No H lint That's enough Great CyberGames - Ed).

Green tells confused Syndicate players all they need to know about CYBERPUNK.

skit looks Hie. so lei's gel straight down lo pracbcaMies    and make oul that it la In some way dtfhari lo use. and    Crap atmospherics To lop il al off. somehow you

You want to know how to become pari oi the movement    that you ara therefore quite cod because you can    W have lo surround yourself with the Irappings ot a dark

Sanplei Just folow our easy step-by-step giade    download stuff Irom buietm boards    lense and (yes’) gnthty reaksbc luture This means TVs

3 Conversation Apart from the new termnotogy    you    videos finery fluorescent Irgh&ng that you never bother lo

picked up in (2). you shodd pepper your everyday    fix and loads oi naff matt-black tumitu* horn the or.

1 Clotting The cyberpunk took1 is all anporiaffl. and    interactions with quotes from the movie Blade Runner    tSBOe again What coukt be more modem than that'7

nvotves lots of black jeans and T-shirts II you have     preferably the origxial. non-Erector's cut. version - it's    So there you go No more need you be contused

an ddsr brother or sister who used    lobe a QOlh. then they     usl so much more eontc)    when raactng reviews wittering on about how cyberpunk

jhodd be able    to    help you oU.    Oh,    and don't lorget the    J§ Capital letters. Cyberpunk authors find these    Syndcale flodandand Intamsbonal Rugby Chelenge

-crated sunglasses and dodgy'80s haircul They're v4al!    ■■ extremely usefd - standard abbreviabons are okay    are, no more need you be baffled by our deverty post-

2 Comparing Reler to your Amiga as your 'deck' or    (CPU. ROM. GM-TV, lor nstance). but not as trendy as    modem witbasmt Jus) cut out end keep (er. scan and

your console' When you switch t on. claim that you    perl eel ty-accap table words K>ned together with a capital    archive) th«s handy guide, and youl be the heppesl cal

are tacking m' lo The matrix’ Alternatively, buy a modem    letter In the midde (SenSftm. World Net NobHead etc).    an Groove Street, man (Wrong decide Again Ed)



... nat a lew ■■■• twp I lleaty I* suggestions to

Mfl boost ysnr CybwrCfedl

Papular cyberpunk slogan* explained:

'The afreet tinttg its own ueea for thlngj. *

- Wlliiaai Gibwan. Interestingly, Bill Is hats reftrrlng to Coronation Street', which ufltn features cheractsrs ipproprieling

technology (or their own ends - swatting flies with newspaper* using bricks as doorstops. And so on.

Cyberspace is where you are when you make a telephone call; it's where your money is right now."- William Gibson (again), this lima giving lha Impression that tha ultimata virtual reality looks something Ilka a cross between a phone box and a piggy bank. Things ‘real' cyberpunks never sayi "Do I twitch on the hard drive before the computer, or le It (ha other way around ' Things not to say to cyberpunks:

'That new Billy Idol album's good, Isn't It '

■carty a. feed.

Left, lar kh Bead Ike*, keeks. Tkea re.1l ..d.ntaad.

Qtfta stub topalestaklagly work Into casual convarsatlon Includes:

Fsraawii Horizontal by K W Jatai. Hardwired by Wader Jon Williams. Et Tu. Baba k Hark Leynei (In hit own words, "the most Intense, and In a certain aanaa. the woa significant young prose writer In Amsrlcj') and Riders by Jtlly Cooper (jtf to make aura everybody's still paying attention out there).

Magazines: Obviously you have to name-check Monde 2000 - 'original and haw : Suns, tt veers off the point a bit. and It maybe too glossy and expensive tor tka guerrilla-media testes of soma, but eech Issue s pecked with rears bizarre nsw-edge Ideas than a year's worth ot Tomorrow's World. For added credibility, refer to the mag as Reality Hickara (as It used to be called) and then hastily correct yourself.

Sounds: 'Do t really have to listen to Industrial' music ' (Wa tisar you ask) ~H's horrible!' No. don't be silly. Scientific research has pioved that both hip-hop and techno hivt plenty ot samples In ihem. and are therefore Just at poil-modern and hence is cyberpunk' is that dreadful Industrial racket.

Lalsura activities: Playing video games and hacking Into major world powar defence systems are two good 'cyberpunk things to do In your spars lima. Football, going lo tha pub looking lor a fight, and anything with girls In II are noncyberpunk'. Unfortunately.


la a jam ippunaca Ina All alkar tai < hM Oasart tuik*. U'i a I» Iripla A.


Oh no, not another helicopter game Well, this one’s a


Gunship 2000 Publisher:

MicroProse Authors: Darrell Dennies, James Day and Detmar Peterke Price: £35.99 Release: Out now

II seems Ic me lhal the American army should lake some basic grammai lessons beloie they head out into the world to lock horns with an adversary worthy ol Iheir superpower stalus like Grenada or Panama, or Iraq maybe l just find it wend lhal ihey insist on speaking not only in bizarre acronyms (LURP. SNAFU. FARP eic) but also backwards, a bit like Yoda Take ihe gunship cnca the year 2000 ol Ihe title - it s the as yel unbuilt AH-66A Comanche gunship. which is apparently a concept horn Ihe US Army s Light Helicopter Experimental (LHX) program Shoukfnl lhal be XLH. or EIH il we re going lo gel it absolutely right It they can t even construct sentences properly, it's no wonder Ihey got their butts whupped m Vietnam But historical speculation aside, lei's gel on io this gunship helicopter review game

Gunship 2000 is Ihe lotlow-up to MicroProse s hugely successful Gunship. and this lime around it's got

the .leviable Persian Gulf scenario that's become a standard ntiusnn m war games since Hussein (who's sane Not you Saddam that's tor sure, matey) got Ihe idea ol increasing his countries' beachfront hotel potential You may have heard about it on the news some time ago

To satisfy Ihe techno lusl ol ail you sial-heads there's a range ol seven helicopters lo choose from. Irom a Imy observation Loach lo old lavcunies like Ihe AH 64 Apache and ihe AH 1W SupeiCofcra gunships. rghl up lo the Comanche, with its fly by-wire and Stealth technology On some of the earty missions, you're given a Super Cobra as a default setting which may have been THE thing lo be seen killing people m about twenty years ago. but is quite Irankly a W passe these days Thankfully you can snap mio an Apache instead, whose bigger payload effectively means you can


Enough choice to moke Mother Teresa drool

carry an extra weapons system This is always a very Good Thing

As with most simulations, you re conlronted by a pretty massive manual and it's obvious from this that it isn'i one ol those games lhal you can just bung >nio your Amiga and gel going Of Ihe 166 pages you can discount about 80-odd straight away, as they're packed with bedtime reading about the history of the helicopter combat tactics, details ol ground laigels and the like Most ol it's pretty interesting and lots ol Ihe lads and figures turn oui to be helpful for ihe game, especially the maximum ranges of all Ihe weapons systems used There's something massively satisfying about launching a Slinger missile al a gun emplacement when you smugly know lhal you're out of lange of his fire Blast a lew Inpe-A batteries m this way and. believe me. kfe is sweet

Being more interested in getting oil

simulator. And it’s great

saints The US government spends more on weaponry RAD than most countries have as a national budget, and Gunshp 2000 is at great pains la replicate then shorts xi as much detail as possible

The game teatuies a huge Iron) end belore you even gel to Hying, although MicroProse seem to have realised this and carved oft the mho sequence mto a separate tile, so once you've seen it. KdHkSV you can slop it straight M away. Even so. you still •;    have to sit thiough a good

lovely pictures before you Imally get to By, and / here lies the higgesi problem m the game Normally I play games that I've got to review on an expanded Am<ga 500 Plus, which ts the machine that a large proportion ot you (our readers) have This way. it problems ot speed or disk swapping crop up. I'll notice them This time however, I was lorced to make an exception, and chucked the whole game onto the oltce hard disk -otherwise I'd Sbll be swapping disks now To get the most out ot

tie ground. It's great lo see I hat the game

comes with a little summary cafd. which

you can plonk on I he top ot your Amiga

and refer to. This son of thing's essential

lor games requmng twenty odd keys to

play properly, and it's reassunng that the

manual is easy to read and well laid

out. an essential leature lor a

game ot such complexity

Hooray1 There's a lulonal /

section to get you up and

running, and (double A t 6* \ (

hooray) the game    fti

actually makes use ot    W I "

the second tire button

fat the Amiga is perfectly

capable ot supporting but

fat programmers seem

rxapabio ol using

this game, you've I tw *— ekhei got to be so I K_ itL •»** « good that you never . actually get kilted (as    w ••

the biggest swapping    *** **** Ar

binges occur when

you have to restan) or have a hard disk (which, let's lace it. is out ol the reaches ol most people's budget] or an extra Hoppy dnve. So anyway, that's my biggest gnpe over with, so let's get onto the game

The missions are doled out at random, so you could find yaursell being bneled xi the middle of the desert, or on a sh£. or m a held somewhere, being ordered to destroy bases or convoys or anything really, and the tun hasn't even started yet. Choosing your helicopter -now that is a laugh All the best ones are kept out at the hands ol learners, so you've got to notch up enough successful missions to gel yout hands on the eponymous 6unship 2000 You arm your chopper based on the , ' m H mission beating

Helllires against ImBH

tanks, unguided Hydras against less-armoured targets, and Sidewinders or Sxfearms to take out other helicopters. As well as these multi-purpose toots’ with which you practice your art, there are specialised weapons such as Penguin anti-ship missiles, which, with each weapon weighing m at a helty 380 kilos each aie a lot more effective al messing up ships than an equal amount ol chocolate biscuits or flightless birds Once you're loaded up and lueted there's no reason not to get up (1 the air and after numerous pictures of meanlooking guys and tovngly-rendeied -*


Weapons, weapons, weapons - there's enough choice here lo make even Mother Teresa drool at the destructive possibilities Okay, so the end lesull is the same, but whal a clever and diverse range ol stufl you can pick Irom Cannons, galling guns, cham guns, sidewinders, anii-tank. anti plane lire-and-kxget ntra-red-guided. ime-ot sght wire-guided and ihe list    I

goes on In Rambo Heaven    I

pxtship pilots must lark as    I

(keck ul ihe

III lafl. Set It Utkl Matt a alee ktalkl

Hallkt a Lain, vklck are kailjaek la Hi, kalliafian kaaa all Ike aankiuata of ee iterate kaaae brick.

Mail caeskex ere blaaek aa piloa errei, baa I leak la ifclak ihea Ihii ja will imi have Ike aiiau af ■« akaaiias kit raiara all.

■laaeraly, all jiaeak naepi

aak aa crawl araeak klklaf ■aktr Ursa akaaia wltk Ikair seat ilfckiat aal.


A lapldty nHa *l kil oI IbM •■dli]

«•>« IH« of a bfiva )0» pllol, or « MlMlnf of a WaiiaoH (V0p(n al fan Tea rfacMa.

frames of machines of mass destruction you're finally onto the (tying The first thing to notice about this is trial it doesn't fly like a plane - an obvious poeit maybe, but an important one Forward on the Oyshck makes you move forward, rattier than drve, and back stows you down and then moves you backwards instead ol ckmbmg You use the collective (posh word lor a throttle) to lose or gam attitude, so you can dimb whde tilting at all sorts ol awkward angles When you move Irom hovenng to forward flight you need to increase the collective lo maintain kh which car be tncky al first, but there s the option at forsaking reality and choesng a learner' mode where this doesn't happen G2000'sa but like FlGP m that most options can be set on automatic so. as you gel better you can taka over the responsibilities of avoiding Mis. dropping missile decoys and landing without usf heading downwards and praying, and can increase me game's complexity at your own speed

named Topographical 3D Graphics system which displays not only mountains, but also nvet valleys and ofher depression features It all means that there's plenty to hide behind, but also plenty to smash into as well, so contour (lying on manual requires almost constant collective control As with most McroProse games, you can took Irom a> kinds of views trailing your copter, looking Irom the target back towards you. or even from behind missies, and even though al the screen shots here took a bit crappy (twice this hugely text-heavy and unusually to the point review] f all looks fantastic whie you're playing it Honest The trouble with flight games, or any vector graphics stub, is that they only ever look good m motion and appear hideously dull when you ptdt out still shots from the acton So take our word for it that the game's smooth and last even on the standard Amiga, alright"1

On lo summing-up lime, and i ve no othei route open lor me but to say that this is a hugely enjoyable way lo spend vast amounts ol lime The flying grounds tun. and the blasting away at enemies is even better Ralher than flying (ill you start dying, the game has a gradual destruction syslem. so various things stop working as they're damaged, and should you get really shot up. you have to tight the controls to keep your battered crate on course Just like the real thing I'd imagne



At hrst I thought the controls seemed quite slugg&h. but then I read that this is how a chopper handles, and not being m a position to challenge this statement, we ll have lo take their word lor it Another comment I can well believe is that hiding behind trees is tar better than flying around in the wild blue yonder Helicopters aten t the toughest or the fastest machines around, and having 50 calibre inpta A whiizmg through your rotors won't do them any good al al The idea is to slay as tow as possfcie. and to help the learners there's an automatic system that alters your attitude to hug the ground Another reason that's as good as any to fly tow is to get the most out of the yummy ground detars, as it's always worth checking out a tank or SAM site before you reduce it lo its component molecules Some of the choppers have mast-mounted sights, sort ol penscope-attachmenis above the rotors, which allow you lo peek over hill crests without exposing your craft to ground Are The terrain's such a major feature of helicopter warfare (apparently) that it seems logical that more thought s been pul into it in this game Gone is the Hal green field with a tew buildings and trees, in s the flashily-

® UPPERS Very fast (even on standard Amlgas) and loads ol customising options, so you can lay down your own, Individual brand of hlgh-exptoslve retribution. It appears to be hugely authentic, but even that doesn't stop H being fun lo play.


DOWNERS Messes at

J disk swapping precede v ' etch mission, and It's easy to die If you taka on more than you can handle. But hey. that's file, eh


It's great. It'S the closest you'll evtf get to Hying a military helicopter, unless, say. you ve got a trlend who Hies the reel thing Which I have

lUpim I



The game'e very nice t 15    and smooth on the

1200, but not that much. And H certainly doesn't put the 500 version to shame.

Hey Joe! Where you goin’ with that fab new Hudson Soft platformer in your hand

tedious jibes here al AMIGA POWER, it'd be lernbly poor tomn Anyway, deepest apologies It's just that Hudson Soft have been responsible lor so many of my personal favourite computer and video games of all lime, it's hard not lo gel ended when ihere's something new in the pipeline, and I'm glad to report that Yo< Joe'hasn't let me down Let's see <11 can convince you Let's tell you all a secret Details That's the secret Do you know how lo wnle a bnltianl video game  Well tirst. you have to be a phenomenally talented programmer, right Wrong Anyone with a base grasp ol programming can wnte a game Programming isn't

difficult, it's a simple skill which can be learned, like speaking French I don't want any angry letters trom programmers al this point, either - I'm not trying to belittle youi talents, just pointing out that it's not some magical gift trom the A gods, okay

But back lo the point Some ol the best games ever have been written with a very elementary level ol programming expertise Perhaps, then the secret ot  wnlmg a bnllianl game is to pack it with groundbreaking trickery, bigger spntes than anyone else has ever done, sixteen billion shades ol orange moving al rane-jilkon-frames a second (Brio!a stupid idea. that, since TVs can only (ksplay SO-trames-a-second images -Technical Ed) and all

that sluft Rubbish It one more person comes up to me and says that. say. ( Generation is no good because the

graphics "Don t push the Amiga to its limits'. I'm going to lake  them outside and fwal them Sensible Soccer with its vast expanses cl green , and miniscule graphics hardly pushes the envelope, does it Yet it's your tavounte game ol all time, and ours loo Maybe, then, you need some kind ol revolutionary idea, a game design that's never been seen before, e second Lemmings or some such Nah Originality is a very good thing, lor sure, but it isn't necessary EtGP. ongnai Body Blows The Chaos Engne0 Driving game, beal-'emup. Gauntlet clone, but all great games It's details Trust me


Attention to detail is the common charactenstic ol almost every truly greai game there's ever been (and conversely, the thing mtssaig from so many crap ones - when you look at International Rugby Ctiatenge and notice lhai they can't even be bothered lo spell tnes correctly, tor God's sake, you know you're not in lor a (real). Anyway. Vo'Joe- bog standard platform formula. 1991 visuals, programming that lets the game slow down -*

If got i shouting and squealing in the office

Game: Yo! Joe! Publisher: Hudson Soil Authors: Scipio Price: £26 99 Release: August

Yeah I know, its been pretty

sickening lor all you readers lo plough through our hopelessly sycophantic dnbblings as we nailed lor this new release from Hudson Sod. and we re sorry It must have been Ike rearing - no. no. I can't We don I do those



















isn't actually a rat The scrolling in two-player mode Idioms whoever-s leading, and slops when one player would (all oil the edge ot the screen You can punch or luck your way through the bad dudes inhabiting the levels, or collect any at We extra weapons which you'll find lying around The weapons all have drtlerenl properties and advantages - (or ■ —    example, the nunchuks are

less powerful than the I nqth ' p pe b it you

!_J1***    can lump up and grab

onto (    . w •• "1

y tarry nq !*

~    ich the pipe won t

let you do. The xj m chainsaw is

extremely hard, but Tt .,—needs petrol to run on which you have to

■ V1*!Jnr    collect separately (and

which runs out alarmingly quickly) You can hold all the weapons at once and switch between them at wtf so you shoiAd be able to pc* and choose the best tor each situation

•her • kal

<■• meaty

•ay hacfciai


ol course, you don't get m so many ol them) is accompanied by a little bn ol dialogue between Joe and Nat. or even the high-score table, whch is displayed as graffiti on the tram whch chugs along underneath the title screen I've deliberately picked some examples that don't a Heel I he game play in even the brnesl insignificant way. because they re the ones that really show the programmers have been giving it their all -anyone can do dever little touches that lump up and punch

M« uea ad M trlandti

lin al Irirl Ihrai

really lax ■« - ya« )■*) k«cp ma kmyMy aa.

you in the lace and

demand you netee '"jjX


but Imding stud like •’ j '    \

this really makes the player leel like they re in on the joke as it were

_ But anyway. Let's talk —     about Yo1 Jot1 as a game.

_     I rather than an excuse (or

■v,g. 5 J an essay on another one ol I my pel theories You don't 'iO' I "anl 10tn0* *bout the plot, so instead II give T QFPJ you shod, relevant tacts \ with numbers in them.

1 because that's what »- l people want m these »- ■' j mlormation-cuHure days iMUv * And because

Knowledge Is Power. j*wl*®* obviously (Get your fabulous new AMIGA POWER T-shirts on page 97. bargain lovers' - Cotn The Pubkshet) Yo‘ Joe1 has six levels They're all really big. except the lifth one whch is a little 5KSWB£ tram nde interlude You    —— —- -

can play on your own. or with another player taking I the part ot your male. Nat I The Rat who surprisingly I

when the screen's busy - is the most painstakingly and lovingly detailed game I've seen in years You want examples'* Well, you're getting'em How about the way that a tiny little Joe runs along the bottom ol the score bar throughout the game mimicking everything you do’ How about how when you pek up a bonus item the game goes 'bing1' but when you pek up two at once, it goes BING1', twice as loudly Or there's the menu screen where every option selection (muse orVofl. sound orVofl - anything you'd expect in any sell-respecting game really, but which.


There's a bonus shooi-'em-up stage between levels where you can earn extra lives, but you gel infinite continues anyway (back to the stad ol the current level), so they're not that important Scenes covered include an Egyptian pyramid, a jungle temple with underground caverns, and the interior ol an Onental pagoda-type building, all tendered in beautifully drawn and lushly-coloured graphics, with nary a wasted pixel - almost every bit ol landscape does something to you or

nvi inryi. amd ll f*a fil

■ ■■il* 1 •■■

Wtn’l l In

ikn llin li il M. Ai It pan

1 j




idI j

mm * v 7Z * £

_m ,

illJw * • ' t j 1 HHHHBSSHm. -' 'Villi







• iii.







Btfkt: Mo IlHO lo flop «U pick 1k« raipkarrlti -tkcrc'i Min la bo worked uonf

lib music, which is something I haven't done in ■ white. I can Ml you (Thank heavens Rest oi AP Team)

II everyone look this much care before they unleashed their games on ihe unsuspecting public, the world would be a finer place Yo1 Joe1 is one ol Ihe Imesl games ol ihe year lo dale • STUART CAMPBELL

Lott: Tkoi wolor'a yolas la plot havoc wtlk foo l hair sal

conceals bonus weapons or objects Joe hanself is an athlete dude, able to leap a rand impressively, crawl through very narrow passageways and grab ledges and pull himsell up onto them in a Pence Of Persia manner, a I with the simplest and most instinctive joysiick movements you could wish for. Bored of lads yet'’

I love this game It got me shouting and squealing m the office (much lo my mbanassmanl) as I plunged towards spiky pits only lo save mysell by clutching on to something with my (or rather Joe s) fingernails cackling mamcaily when I tabbed a petrol bomb right under ihe trousers at a particularly troublesome bad

guy. shrieking with surpnse when a load ol

zombies came out ol the walls on level

one. and swearng abusively ai

ihe smouldering corpses ol    .

delealed bosses (ol which

iheie are several in each MUI

level) The nose was so

bad. the rest ol the learn

actually asked me lo pul

some ol my special

muse on the office

stereo lo drown out the MMAiB

racket bul I

countered by

Simply turning up jj—

Ihe game’s rather JhyfT>


® UPPERS Simply the

moat palnataking attention lo detail I’ve ever teen In an arcade game. It look* beautiful. Iha level* are enormoui, It* a joy to play. Graat found, graft mutlc. even the hlgh-seors table It cute.

® DOWNERS Quite a

natty btl of tlowdown when there a a lot ot things happening on-tcreen (but it really doesn't happen very often), and tht two-player mode It predictably less-than-perlect. The only pottlble real drawback Is lhal you'll play It to Inlanaaly. you might well get through It pretty quickly - (specially H you use the unlimited continues (1 hate unlimited continues).


My favourile plattormer since (and Including) Titus The Fox, YoIJoell* another winner from s software house who don't seem to know how to do It wrong. Wit. Imagination and playability, and an

obvloua love of games by A4 2 lha designers - do us all a U I £ favour and buy this.    U I ;


YotJoeha ust as

A1200 fabulous on the A1200,

although no more so.






- t;




ll look like in made ohI of Uftt, b«n ikii m In leci a tletc-ol Ike art Bradley iineuud pervoeeel carrier.


i[ £0

• mr *i


b t : • *

War is the continuation of politics by other means. Tanks, for instance,

Zoomed ia dole,

ike map uieei caa «««■ ikow op

Ike poiilioe ol ladnridual taeki.

Game: War in the Gull Publisher: Empire Authors: Steve Green. Kevin Ayre. Richard Yapp. David Pringle Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

laqued by the occasional letter irom readeis who Itwik I wibble on loo much and try to make each review a handcrafted piece of pure entertainment rather than a solid, twelve-hundred word block ol tacts and figures about parallax scrolling and screen update limes. I've decided lo torgo my usual three-paragraph amusing ntro and plunge headlong into the review.

It s nsky, I know, but that's what I'm l*e -living life on the edge, dangling my leet over the edge ol my own Ireshly dug grave and laughing openly at the colour at Beelzebub s tockey shorts War m the Gulfs going to come as no surprise la anyone who already owns Team Yankee and Paoftc islands, simply because it uses ihe same game engine as these two previous games The setting, as you've probably already worked out. « northern Kuwait, but it s not. as you may think, set during the Gulf War. Oh no This is set around the start of the NEXT Gull

War. and puls you m control Of the rapid response team sent c to counter the Republican Guard whove stormed over the border xi their shmy Soviet-made tanks I could wander oft Ihe point here and comment that they could just as easily be American tanks seeing as the US backed Iraq heavily dunng the long running IrarVtraq War But Ihs is a games magazine, and «i no way should be Healed as a lorum lor my own personal views on superpower world crisis mismanagement, so I won t.


Team Kuwait s sent c to spearhead the assault, landing on a small island called Faxaka Assuming you can sweep Ihe cream of Iraqi armour wo the sea liked so many discarded Onky toys, you head onto the neighbounng Bubtyan island, and then springboard over 10 mainland Kuwait Alter days ol constant fighting, most batlles ended 14 with my tank crews bemg hoisted out ot their mangled vehicles, so I didn't get oft Faiiaka Now. normally we wouldn t admit to such shortcomings, but 1 Itunk it serves to point out that War tn the Gutt (Ihe game) isn't going to be the hideously one sided pushover that War it the Gull (the real event) was

The copy protection system asks you to identity various armoured vehicles, winch is handy because in the game you need to visually identity each unit as Inend or toe' before your 105mm smoothbore sends a depleted uranium round zinging towards it at 1,100 metres

I how quickly I got reloaded) wasn't I phoio ieai'slc Another problem is 'l that il all lour units engage si i J combat at once, things rapidly get

-    I out ol hand Although the split C. i I screen gn/es you the ability to ■*—I conlrol all lour simultaneously.

V I your brain has real problems, as

I in effect you re playing lour games ol Same Zone at the same time -I It's also a bit annoying when you

_1 can hear gunlire bul don't know

which unit's taking hits until the message Kuwait 3 has lost a vehicle' hashes up. by wtich time it's too late The obvious solution to this is to only send in one unit al a time, but this detracts trom reality and any plans tor a bktzkneg' you may be secretly harbourng

Okay, so these aren t huge problems

-    let's get to my mam gnpe. which is one of military accuracy There isn't any automatic target tracking, which means that when you're moving, a s hard to keep aimmg at another target as you bounce along This would be laidy realistic lor a WW2 lank game, but m these days ol laser-sighted, self-correcting hydraulic gun control systems. 1 seems a bit dumb that you miss a target because your tank felts

Thai's it then Warn the Gulfs* real goodie Tanks lor listening Art • MARK WINSTANLEY

If tali (key'd Latov* Ik* advice of Aeilqeei loedihow' eed jel Wall aaleahlai laaared.

ttoa lailr'i flaa* yea

coa apfaak oat on oalra aaoa aad aUuilai

switch lo the map screen ■■ and set a destination.

speed and unit tormation £4 This keeps the combat and the navigation pads ol the ■■ game clear and separate j Rjn The real beauty ol the game is that as entirety Cdwji mouse dnven. which is a massive change trom the hideous keyboard overlays you gel with some other wargames This simplicity is essential, because when you get mto a battle, the last thing you want to be messing about with is which button lo press Battles are hot. last, and invariably fatal, either for you or your toe The rules ol lank warfare are simple - <1 you're spotted first, you're dead

par second Next, you're given the optmn cf loading up Team Kuwait with weapons ol your choice, but the default settings are perfectly adequate and probably more nllistc Team Kuwait's consists at 16 vehdes. which are divided up into tour tnu of tour vehicles each The actual tormation ol these units depends on me msion but mvanabty there are strong nuts consisting entirely ol tanks, and weaker ones made up ol armoured personnel earners

Even on Failaka island there are three challenging and surprisingly different

tcananos You have lo    i


Untoriunaieiy. this gives Ihe I racy s the

advantage m that they re played by ~    the computer and so are

to always looking Ihe right way to zap you To counter this, you have lo employ sneak tactics, like making full Vi use of ail the cover flV available, and fmng on the enemy from the tree line You car also 'ay down smoke, which  cuts down the chances of you beaig ha. but also obscures your vision Handily, your units have infrared imagng, which shows up burning tanks and hot engines - even through trees and smoke

Al this would be pretty good fun on its own. but you've got to do it tour limes over' Through a four-way split-screen system, you can control all Ihe unrts at the same time, swapping between map and battle displays at will H's a major pad ol the game, but rather than prattle on about A. you'd gei a belter idea of whal it's like by looking al all these lovely screen shots So whal about the down ssle then'’ Well, lor a stad. the graphics are hardly state-ol the-ad. which afteets ihe I gameplay when you have real I problems working out whether that I block ot lumpy graphics is one ol I yours or not. Also, when you see I things up dose, they're massively bitmapped si a super Mocky Sega-arcade-game sod ol way Bul I got so exciled playing k that when anything was that close. I was screaming ‘Reload, reload1' as its turret swung round, and not particularly concerned that my target (or nemesis, depending on



ihechlaj aider la ni ever toll jiiia).

Ink up with your Kes stop a convoy ' ™ trom reaching a distant town and in my peisonal tnourile of Ihe tot. you have lo root an armoured division out ol an archeological site (without damaging any buildings) and then defend it against a earner attack II you thought wadare was aiSt ruining around fmng guns al people, far shame on you

Right then the game itself Belore you stad. you can set artillery strikes to begn at a set time, which is only useful once you've played the scenario a lew imes and know when and where the enemy are going to be You view Ihe bafltolieid from the commander's turret which you can rotate lo draw a bead on any ol the baddies To move around, you

All right

l«r«i«f lr*qi mki fill die battlefield. I didn't kin lo in my AN I'd Bay II wn a food day.

® UPPERS It's ill exerting, hugely addictive and teema lo portray tank combat realistically. Alio, It's on only two disks, and once you've booled H up. there's no ledloue swapping

® DOWNERS Pretty much the time si Pacific islands, only with burning oil. Hugely Mi-mapped graphlca can look a Ml natt at times.


If you play this at uat a 30 ahoot-em-up. you'll last a tew mlnulea. Similarly, If you go all strategic, you'll never achieve any of your objectives. This Is a perfect blend of action and strategy that requires you lo think A P -ahead at well aa shoot Kh T straight I love IL    UU *


The pretty, but

A12D0 pointless. Intro runs much faster, and the main game's a lltlte smoother aa well. Maybe. At least I thought to.




ri n kc l toed ol knowiM lUnc.i th« «»*'*



Vuh, irhil iiAtllf h ifcii* ll loolu very MriOBi.

Fighting pollution and promoting hamburgers,

Game: Global Gladiators Publisher: Virgin Authors: John Twiddy Price: £30.99 Release: Out now

Now, 4 would be easy, you know, lo jusl sjI hece and wnle some embarrassingly cnngeworlhy right-on polemic about how McDonalds has no nght lo lecture us about the dangers ol tone waste and un-ecotogcai altitudes towards pollution Especially since no. I'm sorry, it would be too easy. I'm prepared lo accept that they have a genuine concern towards the planet s ecology, and let's face it. who else is putting ecology on the agenda n their platform games Nobody, that's who Well Oh sod it. ust give .    me a paragraph You see <

could all be a McDonalds marketing pioy. nol only

l i Hi P lo l>e their product n with a compute'game . I but also shift ihe

public s perception ol (he company Irom that d destroyers ol ram loresls with a rice line in non-biodegradable cartons lo nght-on soldiers ot ecology, democracy and the American dream 111 leave you lo decide, and apply mysell lo the task ol playing this game and telling you whether i think it s any good or nol (Hey. revolutionary concept. Tun1 - Raprdty-Losing Patience Ed) Null said

Now, where were we9 Ah yes. Si me Wortd. the first Ot lour worlds, each with thiee levels Yes it s a ptattorm game, but here ends my hitherto admittedly-cynical tone, because it's a very good one

frmh cam Know Ihinji at you artifc Iheir 'anal'. It'i net completely lane out there.

My word, another McDonalds be-w. We've already had the distinctly average McDonakHanO platformer Irom Virgin, and now the last lood-sters with the dslurbmg clown mascot (am I the only person who's tnghtened by Ronald McDonald7) are in our lace once again with this Mega Drive    I

conversion You can tell you're pi lor a product- JRI endorsing BOS Style hardsell because there's a paragraph al Ihe

beginning ol ihe manual BKm which has gel that little mark alter every olher word

It really is m your lace loo ' ■1 - Mick’" and Mack’" are sitting r Iheir local McDonalds " emporium, which sits atop a lovely green unpoluted grassy knoll wheie Ihe sun always shines and ihe Ozone Layer'" is totally intact They're eating hamburgers'" and Iries'" voraciously and ponng over their Global Giadialors

'*«'« M K,

IXMumjti, rfrijj „ **•« I tela

comic and ■    saying things like

"Wouldn't it be groovy lo _    be a Global

' " /    Gladtalor'" f when ail

■*”r‘ '•    ot a sudden, up pops

Qffin I Ronald McDonald “ Mn    H himsell. Irom nowhere

(lokd you he was scary)

1 So you lancy a blast, eh guys’" he rasps through rattled leelh (sorry, that's my characterisation), and zaps them mio ihe come Git Next thing you know you're in Slime World'" . armed only with a GooShooier" dust-busiing your way through the ecological horrors ot the wortd. cleaning up poliuiion, and picking up ions ot McDonalds'" Aiches’" on the way Hmmm

Too nif well b« i«ii«d with llia d«iln to fub a bir)«r.




Virgin and McDonalds serve up a tasty platformer mitba difference you’ll enjoy.

And one ol ihe treshest on tie Amiga m lad

First oil. though a dsappointment You're given tie two options at playing •tier Mick or Mack, but not <ii you might expect) a two player option featuring both of •am What a shame They boti have totally similar attributes loo. so the arty difference is tat one's black, ihe otter is white and toy ve got dflerent colour T Shrts on Is this a race thing’ Weird Whichever you choose, you re gomg to have a great time bouncing hm around this excellent game The arwnalion on the character is superb, and the by now-accepted Iraddion ol platform characters being active even ■hen you're not moving them is superbly mpfemenied Mick (or Mack, obviously) gives you some groovy looks (especially ■hen he stands on an mvisble platform -ifs realty tunny), snaps his gum. spins his GooShooter and generally looks like a real in* man who's actually alive (Do you mart to take some time oft Tim’ - Ed)

The pace o( Ihe game is lairfy iesurely. but you can also build up an

impressive speed when you

need it The baddies are in severe proliferation, and they are all wonderfully characterised, including my lavounte. the Slime Pig. the lovely Goober, a pneumalc dnli with I lace called Jack (lhal is. ihe pneumatic dntl's called Jack. I don't know what his face is caled). and a trash can who chucks al manner ol garbage at our heroes You need to collect 30 Arches to gel out o< the level, and if you collect 70 Of them you gel to play the Bonus game lor extra points The Bonus game is a real treat, involving you running around catching tailing litter and depositing it m the correct litter bin (Waheyi - Ed). It's pretty Incky. but thankfully there's a menu option whch grves you Ihe chance to practise n The levels are extremely well-designed loo They're all fairly large, in some cases huge, and there's always something else lo explore, or a different route to lake through the same level There are three

-»««, i ft hiVf M McDOEEldl (OU, pltiii.’

'Ok, will Coke b«

Tk« boEES ]in« la his, d«ipilc Slojrt'a uruilk

tOBH»«Rl ll BVf


levels, but even on Easy you’ll find it a lair challenge, and it'll certainly keep McDonalds al the lorelrent ol your mind lor quite some lime (ooh dear, bit ol cynicism there).

The graphics on all levels are suitably toxic-lookmg. but I have to say I do miss the gorgeous backgrounds o< the Mega Drive version Not for their own sake, you understand, it's just that there are times when you're out on a limb with no other platforms nearby and there's literally nothing to offset Ihe action It s a bit disorientating seeing your character leap into empty space, with only a graduated backdrop providing any sense ol perspective Still, * it meant saenfemg the speed or the animation, then the programmer has made the right decision Talking ol lumping into empty space though, there are more than the permitted nrenber ol suede lumps in the game (according lo the guidelines outlined e AP s How to wnle Ihe perfect platformer') A suicide jump is one in which you have no idea what you're lumping into because the screen won't scroll down to show you Hall the time you land on a ptallcvm but Ihe rest of Ihe time you end up in the dnr*. on a spike or straight into the arms □I a baddie This is not lair, and I don't like it Admittedly, tamilianty with the game improves the situation, but it's still nol a good thmg, so I'm going to dock, ooh, 7% off Ihe linal mark lor that

But let's not stray from the mam tenet, which is that Gfobaf Gtadators is an excellent ptatlorm game, an extremely lauhful conversion Irom the Mega Dnve and well worth your cash - and even it you are ted up with platform games • TIU TUCKER

® UPPERS Brilliant

animation, great graphic*, flick gameplay. endearing characterisation, large Involving level*, exciting product tie-in (well, you know...) - where do I flop

® DOWNERS Suicide Jump* - big downer. Alao. ■bout three daya after I alerted playing it I had thli dream where Ronald McDonald (he'a scary) appears, pulls off his red wig and clown meek to reveal a grinning skull beneath, breaks Into maniacal laughter and points to ■ hill where a Rabbi la ordering a McDonalds breakfast, while I'm frantically trying to warn him that it contains pork. (Slop this right now. - Ed)


Forget any political correctneii lectori, McDonalds aversion* or platform fatigue and Just concentrate on enjoying this fabulous romp. And forget about that nasty    A J 2

scary Ronald McDonald    All"

tallow too.    U I ■

ump. nnu



It's exactly ths same

A1200 on the 1200 (the

acroiling'a certainly no smoother). How about a version with enhanced backgrounds, eh


















Game: Dune 2: Battle (or Arrakis Publisher: Virgin Authors: Aaron E Powell. Joe Bostic. Scott K Bowen Price: £30 99 Release: Out now

Nature can be wend sometimes - it's like i1 usl knows exactly whal's going on in my life Take this game, tor example No sooner have I loaded it up and watched ks intro m all ol its moody, atmospheric glory, than the sun's blasting down on the entire country m general and the AP office in particular Through a combination of solar radiation raising the ambient air temperature and a complete lack ol air conditioning, everyone’s been gening realty ratty and irritable, resulting n an


that s been tense aggressive and incredibly sweaty So what s my reading df this situation Well. I reckon it's a lot to do with Mother (or Ms) Natuie wanting to increase my enjoyment ol a violent, lighty sort of game set on a desert planet by providing a suitable atmosphere of blood, sweat and tears Or maybe it's that summer's here at last, and I ve been rating my position m the cosmic scale of importance rather loo highly Again

Apart from the obvious knk ol the titte. Dune 2's gof nothing to do with the original Dune game, whch was

'*• Cl

...h i hafd ID imIicm Aal fk« tin Mild if look likt ihh, wdk iidiriti, ii(M i«d CWEB M UIKbll

food fnidiiM.



WftMll AM UIH Of i

uvoj*    Vl«« lb< (rum, iht

wuUifli wrcdufi, ik« ipfeu llul Mil one* loot, prank, ditnl an,

an adventurey sort of affair This tune it's kick-ass wargame action and face-stomping all the way. with the only let-up m killing and dying being a spot of heavy construction Regulai readers wilt no doubt have noted by now that lbs game s got al the hallmarks lor getting some sort ol gold award lor mass destruction and you'd be right, not because Cm hypersensitive to the appeal at wargames



but because the is one incredibly good game

Set on Arrakis a good lew millennia beloie those famous Frank Herbert books kck oft.

Dune 2's based around the premise that Emperor Frederick IV has been an nortknalefy bad boy with hrs credit cards, and consequently needs several million tonnes of Spce pretty quickly, or the guys Iron Galaciran Expiess are gong to pay him a visit and break his legs. Or something like that, anyway (Spice, as you may or may not know, s a mind altering substance that allows humans to navigate through hyperspace, and so is a massively valuable commodty It's also unique to the planet Arrakis - the eponymous Dune - and so whoever controls the planet Arrakis. controls the galaxy.)

Acting lor then own selfish ends (but Stkl answerable to the Emperor) are the Houses leudal powers ruled by Barons and Counts Dune s usually controlled by a single House, but m a t»d to increase Spice mining levels lo a pteviously-unheard-ol leva), Freddy boy s worked out a unique incentive scheme He s set three rival Houses down on the planet and given them (he simple choice - work, or d«'

Tbs is where you come m, and it you haled the movie, never read the books and are completely uninterested n science Iid ion m general, then it doesn1 mailer *i the slightest, as the game stands up strongly on ris own merits as a war/stralegy game The aim as wilh most war things, is tolal world domination lor whichever ol the three Houses you choose With 22 bathes tor each House (that's a grand total ol 66 scenarios lo play through, slat tans) you re going to have your work cutout The Houses

•l Pmiin, Arrekia, Ike ndcub ml* lieu hi iiyi' rill a tmd el

iroe. Qelle lllaralh la loci

cany on tong whatever you toW thorn to do unM you to* them otherwise Ovemdng tho order mode « on automatic to*• preservation mode, so if a unit is attacked il l light back without bomg told to and retreat whan the odds get loo great This is vital, as once the battle swings into top gear, there's far too much happemrg to

bother about girty    -

mlantry units who can l hack it or a real

man's battlefield     B nditon

With damaged

units lurching about UjiayU pouring smoke, and desHoyed mtantcy screaming with then

dying biealh belore becoming crumpled corpses in the sand, lighting's hugely entertaining, but there's the base development and Spice harvesting to cope with as well Two or more processing plants are vital lor most missions. especially when sandworms start emerging from out of the gritty deep and swallowing your harvesters, but what to build alter that depends on you Radar posts are good tor surveying the battletald. silos are essential to store Spate. and lactones can chum out

armoured vehdes for *1 stance. whereas tie evil House Harkonnen uses mainly rfantry shock troopers

The game s split into two pans, and it's important to work out whether it's suocesslui combat or Spree harvesting Put's required to complete the level These two parts are connected by the fact tiat Spice is money, and money's required to build both installations and weapons, so 4 you spend all your Spce reserves on tanks when you should be harvesting the stiff you're on open sand without a hsjnper (Dune joke, ha ha )

To get your

base up and runneig. you ve    ■*

first got to build a wind generator tor power, and then a Space processing plant At this point a roving harvester will be down m and you can send it off to the nearest Spce Outcrop

Round about this stage m most scenanos. you come into conflict with one (or both) ol the enemy Houses, and you gel down to the senous business of killing people In later levels you have the choice of using huge baftte tanks and missiles, but r the first few it's a desperate struggle between small groups of infantry and armouied cars B to Combat, like everything else in ■ - . - f

'he mouse and is as simple

'    as clicking on a unit, dickmg

b. i-"*l k on a command (attack.

retreat, move or guard) and then clicking on the given IB area that you want it to attack retreat tc or guard

B The unit then responds

Hm with a cheery and

pamcuiatiy w '!-sampted - \

vehicles to replace battlelield losses On later levels, you can add armoured lowers and wails iound your bases, and even buy roving construction sites from oft planet to  set up several different bases

The planning involved is complicated further by each  B power plan being able to ■ B produce a finite amount of UJtM energy, and also by the appearance of missile ■■■■■ weapons which can uash an HjV widespread area r one go To counter these problems you've got to spread out over a wide area  and have lots ol little mdependentiy-powered sub-bases

It's sort of Srm Cay meets Barrie Isle. only I found it more fun than either of them Being a bit ol a Dune tan, I really got into the setting, but even without any background, you'd be hard pressed to nof be completely wowed by this I'd personally go and buy it. and I'm stingier with money than a Fremen is with his bodily liquid waste (Another Dim yoke, seemingly. Don't worry, he's tired - Ed)



At the start ol each game, you've got a building site protected by a small torce. surrounded by an i •ipanse ol uncharted desert Tins area remains black until I you send Hoops to investigate. I sdieh Is vital as you've got to 1 decover Spice fields as well M as your enemy's positions B

Ska's iliakf bat alia kji aaiy Hail* M da with ik« jaaa. Skaaaa

MEHTAT j ! OPTIONS t Credits

Tter'rc    1°    *■! priics

lav ilyltih archnidiri, bni tich smd i«cn buldbi n vital lo jour Mapai H i)iMH lie alter blehai.

® UPPERS Great idea,

great graphic*, graal speech and *ound - great fun all round really. Pretty unique loo -1 can I think ol any other wargame/ Sim Crty-esque crot*-over game

® DOWNERSNol the tort ol thing you can have a quick game' of, and maiaei at disk swapping precedes every game. Umm. that's about It.


You don I have to like Dune (the books and Him) or Dun* (the game) to play thla. but If helps. But even without the scFf) background, thla la an tun and absorbing strategy game If you've any Idea what Muad'dlb or the Kwlaatz Haderach are. then you're probably O 1 ~ going to split your tlllF    U I £j

suit In eidlement.    kJ I ■


The whole thing's £1200 slightly faster and lha W' map-scrolling'a noticeably smoother, which make* It even more ol a pleasure to play.

Ikaic UnwIiHl kibln urin (lUrieslj lUrii) lions Snabk and karsesi A) (pee. kiaUali owe jak, km H ttiiUol see----believe.

Tko radar bou lets yea see all *< ike keetteftold, well, ed to Ms isaW upland eaywey. The baa skews to area displayed aa to tola ureea.

o r -


Tkoaa day ya-alows aad war* lamias have se place la this yarnoLai aaklcla to cl erf

have access lo varying J equipment, which alfects the J tactics and gameplay tor each k scenario House Atreides. lot £ instance, relies on motonsod

f 5a







Big changes this month as Jonathan Davies reluctantly hands over lock, stock, barrel,

I the Complete Control mailbag and a ' knowing grin to his eager apprentice waiting in the wings - Rich Pelley. So come on Rich: don’t just stand there - get tipping!


Judging by your letters. the demo at Grehjm Goocti $ World Class Crickai that we gave away two liauea ago appeara to hava aucceaitully enticed a highly reapactabla number of you to go out and buy the complete game and. I'm delighted to add. aend In aome tlpa (or ua all to (hare. See. you can play a decant game ot cricket on computer, attar all.

So. weeding out aome ot the more elementary advice, here are the combined attorta at Dave Angel ot Newcastle. Craig Seddon ot Mancheatar and Juatin Cage ot Birmingham They both deaarve our eternal thanka and. hell, why not - a priae each. Take it away, baya:

1 Once you have maatered the movea. it la aurprlalngly eaay to bowl out the balaman with almoat every ball. Uae your apin bowler and pilch the ball at the turtheat point away Irom the bataman In the centre ot the wicket. Then apin the ball at maximum apin to the left and you ahould gat the bataman every time. It you llnd that can't achieve enough apin. bowl Irom the other aide ot the wicket and do the aame thing In reveree.

2. Alao try bowling outalde the all-atlck halfway Irom the edge ot the

creaaa. The bataman will play to hit but will nearly alwaya mlaa.

3.    01 courae. you will want to vary your bowling techniques greatly. By varying between polnta t and 2 and bowling deliberately ott-larget now and then (bringing In an extra alip lor the catchea) to play lor edgea. you ahould be able to take your opponenta' wicketa quickly and lor vary lew runa at all.

4.    Beat ot all. there appeara to be a cheat available when your team la betting. Aa the computer la bowling at you. pauae and unpauae the game. You ahould notice that the email white aquare which talla you where lha ball la going will no longer be moving. The bowler will now be totally uaeleaa bowling many wldea and bouncera which, while you are batting, ia an extremely Good Thing.

5.    It you llnd that you are a dab hand at bowling but your batting leavea a lot to be deaired. or Indeed vlce-veraa. then maybe it haa never occurred to you that you can aave the game and alter the akill level lor each Innlnga.

6.    And (chuckle) don't choae England it you want to hava any hope ot ever winning anything.


(Team 17)

We weren i especially lond ot Team 17s latest when we reviewed it two issues ago. but perhaps we should be eating our words because we ve had more mail concerning Superfrog over the past couple ol months than well, any other game at all We printed the level codes in full last issue but a large number ol you have written m since to let us know ot an invinobfity cheat - all you have fa do. apparently. «to hold down the nght mouse button and old Irog tace will flash indicating that the cheat is active



A cheat lo allow us lo select any level on any inbe m one ol our tavounte games n the otlce at the moment would be nice, even it. wen we woukt only be cheating ourselves iSuch psychological barriers never seem la have deterred any member ol ihe learn before Ihough ) So it s over lo Simon Dixon ol Slockporl men 'Go la each comer ol ihe menu screen and press BOTH mouse buttons each time until you hear a lemming faintly squeal Let's Go1 You should now hear this at each pomt ol pressing the mouse buttons Now you can select any level on any tribe and have GO lemmings on each whch means that you only have to complete the last level ol each inbe to complete the game1'


(Global Software)

It s one at ihe fastest cutest platformers around, but it you think it's just loo last you can slop the timer by typing TIMEFUESLIKEABANANA al any lime A shod and sweet tip there, probably not unlike Chns Sprafl of Surrey who sent it n Eara Matebeie ol Newcastle would also like to draw our atientcn to a secret level that some players may have overlooked - it's on level 13. and can be found by climbing up 10 the nmlh branch ol me tree which is Ihe one wiih the birds on it) and running oft the end You wtl then whisked oft to a room containing some diamonds which can be collected lor extra points




Fancy a btl ol level skipping'’ Then maybe Nicholas Mswlon ol Waymouth has ihe answer Yep hang on. a looks like he definitely does

‘Start playing and get to ihe Soda Pop level When n says Gel Heady push up on the toysltck and hold down K whilst pressing the lire button You can now skip the levels by pressing the Escape key *



Like it or loathe it. there's no ignoring 'I Sensible Soccer, or ai least not until Stuart Campbell decides to retire Here jtt  (bom Simon Ducn ol Stockport again)  is one cheat (which I don I lhmk we I have mentioned before) supposedly I allowing you lo play the game in slow If motion & la Kick Ofl 2 What you have  to do is play a match and then make a 1 substitution Then when the player a 1 walking oh. press the Escape key end * you wilt quit the game Start another -t match and you should notice that * everything plays at slow speed, even the timer1 To return to normal, make another substitution but lei it cairy ihiough

...oli, iad dam loijtl Ike job ciatrti and ckaraclan called Itch aad Ua‘.


Don't pul oft till tomorrow what you could do today Thai way. you can tit m whatever you were going to do on Ihe day alter tomorrow tomorrow, and then have a complete day oft Which means that there can be literally no eicuse tor not having enough time to come up with some great tips and send them lo us at Complete Control. AMIGA POWER, X Monmouih Street. Bath BA1 2BW. not I or getting that there ate Pnzes1 Pnzes1 Prizesawaided lor the more substanbai ones we use


Flashback certainly la a game end a hall, and now that It hat actually been released we thought It might be quite a good Idea la print thle mlnl-eolulian (or at least halt o< It - you'll have to buy nan month's AMIGA POWER It you want any help with Ihe later level*) So her* w* go. Hold tight!

the force Held. Heed right. Jump the gap end kill the mutant. Pick up the lues and mend and use the lift. The tubway It lo the left, which you should uee and disembark one stop along it the America elation. Tike Ihe lltte and tilk to the barman, and then find Jack Ihe Forger.

Jack’s fee Isn't low. so you'll need la aim tome money. Upon visiting the job centra In Europe, the second man will Inform you that you need in work parmll In order to gat a ob - so collect one from the city hall and return.

Sactlon 1

Firstly, collect and activate the holocube. Ensure that you have your gun drawn before entering the screen above and to the right lo taka out the first robot. Run right pact the second robot, across the top platform, end shoot the mutant. Climb down, taka ■ running jump right, turn and draw your gun. The door thould open and the mutant should blast the third robot; alee duck down and bleat It yourteil.

Collect the cell end pey i visit to the recharge machine i screen below end to the right (charge both the call end your shield If need be). Ineert the cell at the bridge, erase end take the lift. Use the atone to lovsar the lift and collect the teleporter - this thould be aichangad lor the ID card with the man  you'll find It you lake as '

Ihe ledge above the recharge unit    MR

Beck at the    R, .

teleporter, taka the    TJf’

second lift down    -

and negotiate your f -way right until you    1

reach two mutants. y,

Take them out, walk a ' 4 screen lo the right, use * the switch and lump the ' beam. Cross the bridge, throw the atone to sidetrack the mulint and In turn kill the guard, collect the key lo the right end pick up the credit card on the next screen.

Re-cross the bridge and head left lies the key In the first lock and the ID card In Ihe security lock. Tike out the mutant and than chuck ■ stone to distract the two mutants below. Run and roll yourself peat the security device and pay the old man lor an anll-grav belt.

Job 1

Watch out lor a jet-packing baddie wilting lor you it the lop ol the second lit outside the travel agent.

The Restricted Zone 2 can be approached without threat, so do so and meet the VIP there. Step over the mine on the third eereen. awing on Ihe edge o( the platform (don't ual fell) and guide the VIP to the lift. Watch out tor a second . mutant one screen to the left, than climb the left plittorm In the nest screen and k keep firing it the \ security be* until It * explodes. Activate the second, run to the left j . corner and bleat, pick T I up the key. and guide M the VIP to hit .F research centra You II  be teleported back to the job centra.


ft at Star* - a Uainai ■■iM el nnuatl, slissa aad smsn laia...

taaiAii Sett*< - arias* is aaSaiilala. Satrsa af caana if a taa last tar sea la wta...

Job 3

y Show the men the photo ol the cyborg. The second lime you are told to go to Restricted Zone 1 there will be a mutant welting lor you - to be prepared. Pick up the key. use It on the lock and climb down. Ensure that your torcafleld hat bean selected, drew your gun, run into Ihe next room and bleel the hell out of the cyborg.

Job 4

This level le vary much a matter of practice - in other wordi, there'! very little useful advice I can give In tact. I think that* quite enough help lor this month. So. H there's on* thing that you realty need lo remember. H'e lo tune In next month lor the concluding tips. See you then!

Sactian 2

Reaching your Iriend Ian should be no problem - follow hit cue to the chair lor some explanation of exactly why and where you are. Talk to him again end ha'll give you

Tim Tucker’s back with some hearty suggestions for seeing off boss monsters.

Las) month we looked al Lion heart s hidden bonus aieas and the numerous treasures to be found there Bui there are at leas) a couple more exlia lives thal you can easily prefc up - d you know where to look tor them On Level 3 (the second swamp level], run pas) the spikes iha) nse up liom ihe I loot unU you reach the tree a) the lar end On the first platform you ii see a potion bottle amongst a seemingly impenebabte dump of thorns Jump past the thorns (you can I make it in one go. so you I lose a head] and you! find an extra Me A helpful beetle wiS then take you up salely 10 ihe next platform

There's another extra kle at Ihe end ol the same level When you come to the tree that takes you up to the next spider cave don't go up it but carry on along the level Aha There it is. being guarded by an insect nesl Now. tonified with as many extra lives as you can find, it's time lo lake on those end-of-levei badcfces

Giant Insect

1 Hts first attack evotves some swinging, er,

" w balls Irom his underbety Jus] lake a swipe at them Next he drops some eggs, so take on each of the (in fad rather cute) Baby Gianl Insects by using the crouching toot swipe To actually destroy the Giant Insect himself you have lo kick the back of hs neck Use the platform bards (the ones you have to hit before you can lump on them) lo dimb up onto ha back, ihen take shots from there A hit wilt cause ihe used to change cotour and you'll be thrown off Then keep repealing the process until he's finished oh

Fire Demon

4/J Run lo the nghl and use ihe platforms there ■ w to make several attacks with the downward fighting ump Jump to the right as soon as you hear the sound effect that tells you that the demon will ump Then

try to get between his feel Duck when be lands on you, Ihen stand up and hit him from betow Duck again if he comes down for his next ump As soon as he's lumping again, follow him to get between his legs again

Giant Metal Dragon

7 4 A YotJ tafl de,ec< when ihe dragon ts going to "1U release a beam because he turns tvs head slightly iust beforehand Ply up, avoid the beam and steer downward and to the nght as fast as possible Watch out lor Ihe grenades thrown by the little cntfer on the dragon's hack Fly under the dragon, jump upwards and climb onto his paws Attacks Irom the dragon's head can be deflected by a weii-imed swoid hit Climb onto the dragon s back, finish the cntter and hit the blinking devca ift the dragon s neck After a successful hif to this vulnerable spot the dragon throws you oft Repeat this tactic two more times and the mighty beast is finished

The Final Showdown

You've dealt with everything they've thrown at you so tar But it’s no tune to relax - there's three more to come1

First Monster

A At the beginning, jump onto the second “ 1 W pole horn the left Wait From here you can make a direct lust hit on the enemy The best tactic lor lumping the poles is to wait until one nearly sinks into tie lava and then jump to an ascending pole on the left or nghi Don't jump around wiirty Prepare lor an attack Mien you hear the scream ol the approaching monster

Second Monster

AM A f* This one can only be damaged by I “T “ I O hitlmg back his own shots The tnck is to stand quite dose to him. oiherwise he's jump over the retlected shots This tight« rather easy when you realise

thal the shots are always coming in a pattern ol one shot high and one shot low Just stay m the rhythm and run beneath him when you reach the right or left border


A t rj A It should be ralher obvious mat you I i a A w have to use the platforms that Norka keeps spiting out in order to make an attack with the oft-mentmned downwaid lighting attack ump The real tnck is to survive hcs second attack, in which he rams boulders down on you Just stand directly beneath him and remain cool M you're under threat from a boulder tailing directly downwards. USt hit it with your sword As soon as Norka stops throwing, run away immedateiy or he'll drop on you

The Hidden Level

Unless you've forgotten, your Lionhead character has more than just the Lionheart to reclaim and Norka lo

defeat He's also intent on bnngmg back his girlie To do this he needs to find the Mage Amulet to bnng her back to life (Why is if thal things n computer-game land are never as ample as they first sound7 - Ed) And this Mage Amulet a located m the Hidden Level

The entrance lo the Hidden Level is in the volcano level You might have noticed the squaie stones lhal you can move by hitting them with your sword However, there is a method ol moving them when you re standing on them - by using the downward lighting jump (again') Depending on which side of the stone you hit. it moves led or nghl This way you can move large distances across the lava pool Use this method to get to the right of the screen with the fourth stone Here you will find a passageway Go right until you find the entrance Now fight your way through th>s hidden cave and collect the Amulet After all this, when you complete the game you'll be treated lo an enhanced end sequence Hooray1



Unless you re some kind ol

games playing dam-god then lo gel through Arabian Nights you're going lo have lo gel 10 ihe seerel rooms - that's where you! Imd millions ol gems ust lying around Chech out the map above lor where lo find the first lew - Bieyre usually near doorways

ITo gel through the magic pot maze.

you I need lo Imd the Maze D]mm whch is m the guatd's quarters, and guarded by a brt ol a brute Rather than nsk going up against him. usl lot low this solution numbering the pots from left to right It you mess up. jump mlo pot one to get back to the stan

2 Take pot lour, then thiee. then linaily two, and then work your way up past the guards and mto the lop pot

3 When you're lallmg down the long tunnel, push over to the nght and you ! find another secret room through the wall which is lull ol goodcs Then rt's srmpty a quick dash out of the tail lo the end ol the first level

Laval 2> Tfia Forast

At Ihe start of this, njn nght untf ust belore the second tree, then jump into the trees on your lelt You'll Imd a secret area here with plenty ol corns, but watch out tor the tanke

-fai • aemrit . »• !*:

:i r*i k

Fill your pockets! Mark Winstanley talks you through the first

4 If you tali through ihe second bridge.

you II find a chest containing an extra lile To get back up again, push down on the box on top ol the spates, and it I shoot you up m the an.

5 When you get to the turtle, he'll burrow a way through the hil lor you. and you'll atnve ai the three wells The first ol these rust fires you mto the air. leaving you open to attack from buds The second one takes you to loads Ol energy potions and corns, and the last one takes you to granny's house

6 Granny needs a spool ol thread, and curiously gives you a thenble By collecting the tears o< the whmmg bear and watenng the big daisy thmgy with them, the flower will grow and let you up into the trees Hey. that's handy, because up there is where the spool ol thread can be found Luck or destiny You deckle

7 When granny gets the thread, she explodes, in a particularly ungrandma i*e way, but the up-side o< these

odogenanan pyrotechnics a that you get hold ol a handy mage carpel.

Next stop's the lock guardian, so lump m the box up m the tree tops and then the underground one. and you'll be m the room belore this learscme beaslie Use any energy poions you have m order to gel yoursell al butch and healthy, and lump up on the lelt wal to get the corns hidden there There s now nothmg left but to get a bit previous' with the guardian

8 Alter three boulder attacks, the

baddie slams one into the roof, which causes a rock tall To ki hm. you need lo bat the boulders back at him. which you should do belore they bounce loo much, otherwise they might not hit him. Once you've wasted his fat igneous biit. it s onto a Itymg level, hoorah’

Laval 3s Plying carpets a-go-go

You need dues for the level Whal are you. some kind ol dnbbimg. demented hatl-wit Either turn the skies mlo your own personal Mi-zone, or wave cheerfully

at the tunny men m balloons, but rest assured, you WILL gel to the end of rt.

Laval As The Galloon

9 There are two separate routes through the ship - you have to daodt whch you'll take when you get lo the first Ouarkpus Either you can go down the rope and battle along the Eel route to gel loads ol poets or you can cruise past the Quadipus lor an easier Me Lei's gel the dithcuil bit over with first

Go down the stairs and. to colled some fishbones, go through the laise was on the nght ol where the first set ol Eels are If you press ihe buttons, the large columns start moving so you can get pest Hop m the cookmg pot and you ! wmd up next to a large platform with holes in it and metal studded blocks at either end.

A When you stand on the piattorm I w iti stan moving in all sorts ol directions - you need lo keep up with it otherwise you ! end up on the spikes It reafy is spike-crazy-bonkers, and althousr there are fishbones and stuff lo pek up

Thin'i two secret room wonfc cbccklij out si ike btjiaiiR] o! the very first level - you c«a see bolk eetreeces eloe« Ike bonom of Ike piciare kere. You II have lo fijkt yoar aay pill ike bod jay to set to tke secoed ooe, but rfonl worry, you <aa pick ap roore cucrjy there loo. To release Ike ■ia to <betas, you oeed to five tke soeke cherner 05 jewels - hell theo let you borrow his soeke.

You use this es i hoodie to free Ike prisoner.

a w qtr o

& afv cf» oer ;*»

t» or» or cs* or» w» eject'!

levels of the world’s cutest platformer.

iong me way. you're dang sill i you manage lo gel to lha pot al the end. and gel transported out

nonuses The column s actrvaled by the button nght al the log left ol the room

The way oul a just to the nght ol this ihrough a I also wall

A A The eas i way ol getting lo ttvs I I room is pest the Quadipus After Vas beaslie there are a few sets of cannons and then some Eels on ropes

Another pol brings you to the Crab Cook, who tells you he wants five fish, and conveniently enough, there are five doors nearby Each door contans. amongst other 1 twigs a Quadpus. which'! cough up a fob plowing you hurt n enough Watch out for miscellaneous spikes and cannons, though


A Wait until they're ether al the lop I or bottom ol the ropes before nftiiy imping past them

A 0% The pot at the end jumps you lo a 10 pant just across trom a cannon, so •me your exit with the cannon shots Voul xm be n the room that the Eel route ' "ishes oft m and. if you jump up and lo me left ol the cannon, you ■ be rewarded 'or all your efforts by an extra life

A ft When you've got the fish, go back 1 w ic Ihe Crab Cook, who'll now help you out In the hnai room, dwnb onto the smal moving piatlorm and fhch the switches so that the column is ip Drop down the left-hand side and ump onto the giant plug to complete the level

IA Both routes now jom nto one. so “V hit the first button you come to and hus avoid the bomb

Ready for more'5 Wei. I'm not I'm dog tired after al this laapmg about, so it s siesta tme untf next month Snooze

g There's another coJixrm here btockmg soma more lovely

1STS. ■




\>M»------- ■


- 1





wielding frenzy - here’s the complete solution to four full levels.

Those Lost VJungs. eh“» Three limes harder & three times easier than a normal platformer'You decide Anyway, here s how lo finish off the outdoor world levels

Level 7

IMove Oal down the steps and place hm in front of the wall blocking the troll Pui Baieog behind hm. then use Enks head bash to break down the wall Use Baieog to shool up the lid

2 Move Olal and Baieog down ihe steps to kill the Iron and pick up the food Move them back up the steps, then take Olal and Baieog lo the nght to deleal the blue dinosaur Move Olal and Baieog up the steps to shoot the snail, then use Baleog s arrows to shoot down the two rocks to bndge the lava p*i betaw

Move Ihe party across the bndge. and use Olal and Baieog lo deleal the blue dmosaui Take Olaf up Ihe two Ikghls ol steps and pose on him right o Iron! of the flame spitting tram the wan Move the

Others up behind him. use Enk to ump and grab the lood. then run headlong into the wall and break it down Baieog can then lire an arrow lo hit the swileh and lower ihe bndge

Move Ihe characters down la the next sei of steps, moving Oal last so (hat nobody goes unshielded Use Olaf and Baieog lo gel nd ol (he (roll al Ihe bottom of the steps, then move along to the bndge Baieog can shooi the switch Irom behind Otal. then shoot ihe uo> when n crosses the bndge From then on it's just a short stroll lo the exit

Level 8

Move Olal forward lo the bndge and Baieog behind him lo shoot the snail Run Enk along to the nght lo gel Ihe lood and the shield Use Enk to bust down the wan.

3 Move Olaf down n front of Ihe flame spitting Irom the wan. and drop Baieog <i front ol hm lo shod the irdl Move Ihe party along lo the bridge, picking up the key on the way. then drop ihe

bndge with Olal shielding and Baieog Shooting al Ihe troll Use Enk lo break down the wall Move Olal and Baieog down lo the lower platform and lake on the snail and ihe blue dncsauf lirsi Position Otal vi front ol the wall, use Enk to break down Ihe wall and Baieog 10 fire at Ihe Irol and gel ihe lood

4 Move Olal lo the edge d the lava pi.

and Baieog behind him lo shool al the snail Use the bubbles to get the learn up lo the lirsi level on die left Erik can break down the wall and pek up the key. while Olal shelters ihe leam Irom the fireballs Move Enk down ihe steps, leap hm over the spikes and use the gdd key lo open the door and get to the due key Use Ihe bubbles to get 14) lo Ihe lop platform Pick up the lood. then move Er* down the steps to the blue lock, open the door and move down to the bottom level Bash down the wall with Enk s head then quickly run in and pick up the smart bomb and get out again belore the door descends and traps you

Take the whole team down the ■ id* lo ihe slaps Use ihe smari bond 3 get rd cl ihe troll, and climb up the jicds to Ihe exit

level 9

Hove Olal and Baleog up to the lirst two oiatforms, shoot all the nasties, then take via food and the shield and move back sewn a level

5 .Now come the incky bubble hoppeig manoeuvres With each character, vmp onto a bubble then wait until you see j bubble nsmg up on the right below you jnd lump down lo it If you don't see one. there'll be another directly underneath you. so gust wait until the bubble bursts Move inem ail up the steps

6 Make Olat pul hrS shield on his head.

thus enabling Enk to jump up to the next platform and gel the red key. Open the door, with Olat providing cover, and use Baleog lo shoot the blue dinosaur Move Olat and Baleog up the platforms s"ooting Ihe baddies

Baleog can kill the dinosaur on the floating plattorm at the far end from the bottom of the steps This leaves Otat tree to Itoat down Irom Ihe upper platform and pek up the smart bomb Use the smart bomb to gel nd of the dinosaur on the level above, climb Olat up there and move him rext to Ihe locked door

Mow. gel Olat to put his shield on his head so that Erik can climb over and open door tor the others As soon as it's open run rum behind Oiaf so that he's shaded along with Baleog. who can gel

rid ol the baddies Now just keep moving right m order to reach the exi1

Level 1 O

7 Send Olat up the ladders first to protect the others Irom the fireballs From the platform opposite use Baleog to shool the lock oft the cage Get Enk to lump over and speak to the girt you've set free, then leap him over the other platforms lo gel the lood (jump the bolts)

8 Go dawn lo the part o< the wait where the fireballs were coming tram and break them down using Enk while shielding with Olal Shool the blue dinosaur when it sticks its ajure head out. then carry on bashing with Enk to pick up the lood Go down to the lowest fireball source and do the same but this time pick up the rad key with Erik

Move all the guys back up la the lave pit and jump Enk over it Use Ihe key to dram the volcano, move everyone down the slope and down the ladder There's a secret tunnel on the left which enables you to enter the bonus cavern - shool all the trolls here and pick up the food Carry on moving down the (adder, shoot the troll and pick up the lood

Use Ihe bubble to gel the chaiaeters lo the higher level Get Olat to put his shield on ha head and protect Baleog as they walk up to the block Carefully push ihe block into the gap. then walk Baleog down the steps to the exit Do the same with Enk. and finally lake Otat to the exit lo get all ihe Vfcmgs out Phew •


South Harilnglon Buildings Seflon Slreel Liverpool L3 4BQ Tel: 051-709 5755 (Send a SAf lor the full colour catalogue of official Piygnoiit merchandise)


Wipe away those tears! JD may have his day, but wait and see who we’ve got filling his problem-solving shoes. None other than Rich Pelley! (Er, hooray!)

Although Jonathan's departure may have come as a bit of a shock to some, I can see no reason why. legally speaking, any form of apology is actually required for his actions. Readers who are stumped can still write in and air their problems, so no sorries should be solicited for them. Kindly folk who want to help others still can do so in Loose Ends, so no pardons need be begged there. And service continues as usual for true Last Resorl enthusiasts who can see how previous game-snags are elucidated in Cases Closed. So it seems that the only portion of the populace who may feel slightly cheated at JD's absence are die-hard Jonathan Davies fans.

And. in retrospect, people like that probably deserve no apology at all.


Q*t've gel a bit of an embarrassing problem I am also stuck trying to complete the fourth job ol level two of Flashback I can reach the computer terminal and have located the slot to insert the card but. and here's my problem, the terminal refuses to accept it and then I run out ol time and the whole place blows And am I supposed to lake the faulty card beforehand’ Or not7'

Kirsten Gillespie. Glasgow


These readers have problems that I am unable to solve. Perhaps you can provide their salvation.

Q "Hello there I'm stuck with LARRY IN THE LAND OF THE LOUNGE LI2AHDS How do you gel onto the balcony outside Lefty's bar"’ Do I climb up there from outside and. it so. how Or whal >s the password inside'’ Finely is it possible lo shut the hash twi bd">

PS I am not biseiuai. but could someone help me anyway’" (Eh - Ed)

Lee Facker (Permo). Worcs

QTm stuck on level two ol ORK I can'l find oul how to open the jar. The manual says "A jar must be smitten" But that doesn't help me much Also, how do you work out the code lor level three’" Nell Oegg. Hyde

QTm stuck on ZAK McKRACKEN I'm in the cave in Seattle. I've got the bird's nest and I've kilted the two-heeded squirrel to get the squirrel s nest

But I can't read the strange markings on the wai How do you do this, and whal do you do with the nests’ And what do you have to do on the aeroplane’"

Jason Charlion. Knotiingley

Q'And how do I escape oil the aeroplane belote it lands "

Mirk Ashbury. Banbury

"On LEGEND OF KYRANDIA. where will I fcnd the yellow, red and bkre gems, together with the yellow ttower lo mu the potions lo be ab<e to get to the Royal Chalice’"

Stephen Brown. Burton-cn-Trenf

Q"How do I gel past the rotor saw at INDIANA JONES THE GRAPHIC ADVENTURE’ The only thing I have is a grail dary and a whip"

'Citizen' Smith. Oldham

Q'How do you gel past the Heaven s Above stage m HARLEQUIN’ I can t jump onto the platform to the left ol where you start because it's toe high * James Bechellier. Paignton

Q'And another thing - how do you get past Havoc World level one m OH NO1 MORE LEMMINGS’"

James Bachellier. Paignton


I can't seem to win the bailie after the mayor has called the general alert CouU anyone oul there help me to overcome the ents’"

Peter Cenn. Rhondda

Q'On ASSASSIN I have progressed down the entrance shall and have reached the area beneath the crane, but can get no further I've been stuck here

lor over five monlhs now. so I realty would appreciate some help."

Simon Lake. Devon

Q'On BODY BLOWS I am having extreme difficulty in detealing Kossak with either Junior or Lo-ray in arcade mode Does anyone have any tps on how to do this "

A Allen. Bristol

Q "Please, please, please, now do you he Oznc I ha Octopus on CHUCK ROCK 2’"

Elena Ruggeri. Luton

Q‘l am loiaiiy stuck on the caves section near the beginning ol CURSE OF ENCHANTIA How do you gel the magnet down m the roam with the plank *i it’ And what do you da with the stnng the rock banger gives you’"

Allan Jeeawody, Cheshire

Q'Does anyone know how to gel pasi the spikes on level 6 4 ol SUPERFROG’ l"d be very grateful i * (Yes, Yes Wa know - Ed)

Zoe Warren. Atherton

A First, no. there is no need to remove the faulty card but. as fai as inserting a new card, the game is a little sneaky here There is more then one slot on the hrmnal and at the moment you are standing by the wrong one Approach the computer slowly Irom the tell until you are hst notified that there is a slot (this. I imagine, is where you were standing before) Now walk three lull paces to the tight and you will be informed ol another (the correct) slot to insert the card


Q1 seem to have got Sophia

irretrievably stuck down the hole men Sternhart - I know I need to use the statues heads but I can only reach two of Hem And I have not found the map room mentioned in Sternhart s letter either *

K Kirby, Co Durham

A Hey - weren't you reading during ■ssues 22-24 Use your whip to reach the third head and. in turn, (as I thrk you va sussad) use all Ihree on the Shell to open the doorway And don l worry about the map room - it wii reveal itsalf n due cause as the game unluris


Q 'Hello Unfortunately t am unable to complete epoch five so I was jusl wondering - you couldn't give me a code tor epoch sis. could you '

James Ellis. Essex

A Okay PVNCSZGYRHG ought to do the trek


Ql'm stuck I've lound one mug r the Tackle and Bait Inn and on on the table on the left at the Crossed Swords, but where is the thud mug Am I just being completely stupid or something  Sometimes reaiy obvious things like this pass me nghi by Uke last week - I spent hours looking lor my keys I searched the housa, searched the car. even looked out m the road And where did I tind them In my pocket, that's where. So back to Hook You don't suppose that maybe I could ust pick up all three mugs trom the Tackle and Bait, do you I know - maybe if I clicked on the space that I picked up the first mug Irom twice more - do you think that might work Huh '

Florls Bex. Holland

A Yep Oh. and next time, check your pockets first


QXey1 You wouldn't happen to have any useful co-ordinates, would you ' II D Robinson, Swansea

A As luck would have it. I believe I do.

and lor Bdded convenience they come in the order that (xi adventure mode) you're required to visit them

First man


©d man


Second man

(99. 61)


(59. 46)

Master key

(164. 169)

Nuclear device

(28. 227)


(100, 225)

Third man

(195, 119)


1224. 123)

Secunty pass.

(224. 153)


(224. 199)


(135. 239)



Green monk

(85. 174)


(35, 248)

Injured soldier



(91. 173)




Q‘l have collected the flask trom

Nellie persuaded Luthern to dnnk it and then lit the oil burner m Taxfges house However. I cannot retrieve the liquid, although I have a feeling that it is something to do with the flask *

Floppy Ears the Dog ( ), no fixed abode

A You're right about the flash - I could hardly think of an object more titling to collect the polior m And to gel it oul -lust look round lor the tap Obvious, really

Q’For the lile ol me I just can't work oul how to enter the hail where Gowm is held'

Sleven Scott. Hants

A The guards won't tel you m unless you are weanng a disguise -unfortunately I can 1 remember exactly where it is Any offers

Q*fm m the village and my inventory consists ol ust a flask a mder box. some broken glass and some money.

Now, I know that Gowm was Iasi seen neat the Magpie Inn. but what, can you tell me. da I do next '

Van Gorp. Holland

At lake it that you haven't yet returned to Luthem's to get him to empty the (task - you ! need this empty soon Luthern wti tell you to go and talk to the beggar in the Magpie courtyard, whom you should go and see at once He'll give you a tockpek and well, is that enough I only copied thts all oul ol issue IS anyway.


QTve been playing this game tor over a week (You must be knackered -Rich) and I'm stil looking tor the Book ol Worlds Any ideas '

Paul Martin. Glasgow

AEr. right I think you will need to travel to Kal Kalon the central capital ol Katynthia Vtsi The Wise One' there and hopefully he will direct you to the entrance to the library. And this is where the book can be found •


These hapless souls were previously flummoxed, but AP readers, as ever, have come to the rescue.


Q Try as he might. Martin Mathers of Sfanmore just eoUdn't seem to get off the first map or find a use lor the Descension Spell

A 'It will probably come as little surpnse if I reveal that it's the Descension Spell that you need to cast to move on Cast the spell to gel the lewel trom the top ol the pedestal Grve Hemlock to the hooded figure m the next room and he will give you a chest and that way off the island you were looking tor (And it you are stiff having problems. check out the cheat trom The Last Resort m issue 23 - Rich)'

Ray Smith. Milton Keynes


QChns Jones of Enlh couldn't reach the Panther Mansion in this old cybeipunky chestnut

A You'll need a search warrant, pack axe and laxative to pass Larry Moe First, go to the Massage Parlour and talk to the young woman She will give you the link code and password lor the Panther Mansion, together with live pieces of subsidiary into. You may be arrested whilst talking to her. though, so it might be a good idea to make sure you save the game beforehand '

Ray Smith again, Milton Keynes


Q Philip Sadler ol Darlington put xi a request lor the level twelve code

A 'Wei. 4's NAGAITSU. actually ‘ Ray Smith, still ol Milton Keynes


Q Julian Jones of Wrexham was having door-opening problems on level seven ol Eagranc

A 'It might seem a bit drastic, but after enlenrg the room via the western door and allowing the switch-activated door to close, kill any one of your pany (except the Runemaster) by casting repealed Disrupt spells at them Leave their bones in the room, go round and re-enter the room through the eastern door Cast a resurrect spell at the bones and re animate your dead adventurer Operate the switch to open the door and allow your newly -resu irected mate onto the western side of the water to gam access to the chest' Billy Whizz. London

A 'And here's a quick hint lor the end ol the game When you eventually reach the end. concentrate on taking oul the King, and use the key he drops when he dies to open the door on the opposing side Ol the room It might look like a dead end. but take a close look at the cokimn * Shane Maunder. Hull


Qjan Holmes had saved Dylan.

Grand Dizzy. Denzil. Dora and Pogie but was not loo sure what to do (or who to save) next

A'Well by the absence o< Daisy from the 1st ol people you have saved. I can only assume that you haven't saved her yet Firstly. ump rkagonaty nght from the Whale Fountain and pick up the flippers Now gel gobbled by the the egg-eating plant and proceed nght and up to the secret shed where Daisy awaits'

Rob Whitehead. Coalville


QBoth Allan Smith of Leuchars and Maarten Vitnngs of Holland

couldn't seem to find the correct setting lor the stones on the del on the outskirts ol the big tost city ol Atlantis

A ‘Okay lads, you've obviously realised that the correct stone positons lor the relevant pans m the game are given m the lost text But this lime you have to set them to the opposite ct Plato's instructions - that's the catch Simple when you know how. an t it * Haydn Mulllneux, Manchester

Q Steven Sherwood of Safety could not gel the spiral Irom ihe temple

A 'Gel Sophia to dsbad Sternhart and take the kerosene tamp Irom the tnnkel stand outside Open the lamp and use it with the darkest spiral and it ■nil come ah in your hand You say in your letter that you have fried this but it didn t work, but it does' There's nothing mote to it than that1'

Haydn Mulllneux. Manchester

QAnd it wasn’t Kirsten Gillespie ol Glasgow s lucky day lor docking the sub in the airlock

A 'Bluntly, you are not sfeenng the sub correctly - you did know that the sleenng wheel moves the sub mlo and oul of the screen, didn’t you because you said that you kept sleenng behind the dock The sub may be going m the wrong direction when it’s m line with the dock, so you may need to reverse ir* Haydn Mulllneux. Manchester

It you've got a question don't let it bottle up inside you - write in and get it all oul m the Open And it you've got an answer that'll tie up a Loose End then you raaly will deserve our undying gratitude Wnte to The Last Resort. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW Yeah



j ten tocc N IM

t*« *k T    /

Of CMTM, « rote fUrnf in« Mi* Ithar I 1 b* mitwM i cup d U<

Game: Ishar 2 Publisher: Silmarils Authors: Pascal Einsweiler. Michel Pernot, Andre Rocques. Fabrice Hauiecloque. Jean-Chrislophe Charter, Eric Galand. Louis-Marie Rocques Price: £29 99 Release:

Out now

Messengers ol Doom a ihe sub-Mie lo this one.

Pretty scary, huh As to< the game itself, well, as you'll probably already have spoiled, it's the sequel lo lop RPG Ishar (78% in APIS) And. al Ihe nsk ol giving everything away in ihe firsi paragraph, it's more al Ihe same - only belter. What would probably be best would be it you dug out your copy ol issue 15 and read Karl Foster's review ol the first Ishar (he's

explained a a* much better ihai I ever could), leaving me lo detail Ihe differences between the two games, and we ll end by cosily summing everything up and deciding whether Ishar 2 Is worth buying Okay1 Here goes, then The lirsi difference is the plot Thai's different, obviously (in a loHowmg-on-Iromwhere-lhe-firsl-game-lefi-oll kind oI a way) The land ol Ishar (which you

Ztlari* did*'! kivl mdirf dot* lrii*d>.

conquered in Ihe first game) ta in danger, and

- you've goi to sod it oul by

assembling a band of adventurers, tutting them out with weapons and stuff, and selling tonh to solve lots ol puzzles hack up monsters and colled Ihe pads ol a poem, maybe casting a lew spells in Ihe piocess The way you do this is identical lo the first

use* menace with its emphasis on interaction between the live characters in your party (Thai's one ol ihe game's good points, and you can use the party you saved from the first game rf you want.) Nat much difference there, then

The graphics are just as gorgeous as in the first game, loo It's great the way the scenery fades out as you look into Ihe distance, giving a real sense ol depth The mouniawy places are especially nice.

(Incidentally. I've never been much ol a Ian ol this 3D walking-mio-ihe-screen approach lo RPGs It makes everything look very nee. but it's much loo easy lo get disorientated and lost when you can only look directly ahead ol you the whole lime, especially when you blunder into one of Ihe inevitable mazes. And it's really annoying when there's obviously a huge gap between two buildings, but the game wan t lei you walk thiough it because you can only stand n Irom ol either one or other ol Ihe butongs. and noi me gap t much prefer the simpler bird's-eye view used by old Spectrum classics like Rabetstar and most noteworthy console RPGs Bui enough about Ihai) The puzzles, characters and baddies are ail new. ol course, as is Ihe landscape In lad. ihe landscape is adually three limes as big as the lirst game's, though I'm noi convinced that translates directly into three limes as much to do The (ml game suffered from rather loo much fruitless trekking about getting lost lor my (and Karl's) Hung, and Ihe sequel seems worse, il anything

ion iprlli ul ion weapon. Aid a ptclort ol ioor clril

So it a* seems prelty clear cut Ishar 2 s RPG engine is a solid one and so ihe game is enjoyable la play There are no great advances over the original, but there didnl really need lo be. and Has can be recommended lo anyone who liked Ihe first game (or who appreciates a good RPG). And Ihal'e Ihai • JONATHAN DAVIES

® UPPERS The flralls/wr game wai great, and thia ia very much the same tame tort ol thing. Brilliant grephlca. a huge playing area to explore, a good spell ayatem and nice Interaction between chiracleta.

® DOWNERS Too many open apacaa and rambling mazea to gel loal and fluilered in. Slightly nobby-looklng combat apquencea (even though the actual lighting worfca okay). Diaappoinllngly dull muaic.


A good, honaat. clean-living RPG. Ideal for ihoae who go lor fhla kind of atuff, with the bonua of v aw « aome raaily fetching-    IN”

looking grephlca.    / J •


Thla alandard version A1203 will work fine on the 1200 with no special enhancements - there will be a special 1200 veraion out later.

alking the land of Ishar



Taking over the world - with your Amiga. And some stamps.

Game: Global Conflict Publisher: Quantum Software

Authors: In house Price: E12.99 tor startup kit Release: Out now



The process takes about a week"

Does anyone remember ■ BBC program Iron ihe rrod-'70s called Connections' I doubt it. seeing as Ihe average age ol you, the readers, is about 17. where as Ihe average age ol us. the magazine, is about 23 7 (roughly), so (’$ unlikely lhat any ol you lot can remember very much about tie 197Cs Anyway Connections was this series presented and written by a bloke called James Burke, who was a bit ol a popular geezer way back then, and whai he did was conned something archaic and primitive Me, say. ihe first leather horse saddle, lo something modem and flashy like, maybe a Braun Independent hairstytei He dti this by a senes ol eclecbc connections, such as the saddle promoting easier nave! meaning that it wasn't such a chore any more, so people dressed up more fashionably lo do it. so Dalheied about their hair more. so needed a set ol portable, butane powered curling longs to do it Or something like that So. paying homage to this great bespectacled TV presenter ol yesteryear. I’m going to wind my own course through the connection between the postal serves and this game In the


Alrvcj. ....    *

lH9M.ll M

berrwn tax «    ...




MLiTAHv mm







fumrs *ms


fifbl.r-bamb.ri arc ft.ai lor both attach and dcltaca

Hiad jomhlpi ware ■a match ter US SHafar mltiilat la Affhaalitaa.

II ma. be hlfh-lach on lha baHlafiald, bat (on Kill Httd load, at lhaia boyi-

beginning was the postal service, and much enjoyment was had by the simple method ol writing your thoughts to distant Inends and then awaiting their reply At some point in history, two Inends started exchanging chess moves at the end ol their letters, and the play-by-mail game was invented. These gamed m com plenty and number, and branched out into war games, role-playing games and all manner ol other subjects

Then computers came along, and modems were developed, and whereas you had to wait ages lo hear back trom a play-by-mail game.

you could now attack

Wactni IS

rhr. M a. dramafU- as the ember mm.cii fat. oWtewfh row do far i bam H la aH Hi rMaa tauaiHy-

Cwturta*: I airiuia: I ■ Mrwt I

«n= Saatft Erica Ufl

Kfi East Erica 1171

m am mi mu*

Granlhor the mighty, send your tanks over the Arnhem bridge or lake Queen s rook at ES m mere seconds thanks to the miracle at telecommunications technology With the world running at an increasingly taster 9,600 bits-per-second pace, it would seem that play-by-mail's had rts day

but then with Global Con/hcf computers have gone retro instead ol squirting the into down phone lines, you choose your forces, set your attacks save your moves on a disk and then send it oh At the other end. Mr Global Contact compiles your moves with those ot five other players, sorts out who's trashed who and whether the neutral counlnes have defeated or succumbed to you< attacks, and then posts the results back to you The process takes about a week, but can be longer it one naughty player lorgels to post his disk oh

And here lies Ihe problem with thss -everything can gnnd lo a ha* while you're waiting lor a reply. Although you can select lecon missions over netghbounng states bomb the hell out ol them and then send m your Hoops backed up by all manner of specialised weaponry that you ve bought

lor them, you can only spread your move out over about tony minutes, and then you ve got another week turn around lane Seeing as you've got to pay tor each move _    . after the first tew tree ones,

you've got lo decide whether all this waiting around's worth it to play » against other real people \ when you could play a similar game against the computer in an evening I personally tend to theik not • MARK WINSTANLEY

® UPPERS You gel to play against real people, swap humorous war anecdotes and generally leel that you're up against a foe worthy ot your considerable military presence..

® DOWNERS ...built

lakes a week or more before your next move, whlch'll only take you half an hour maximum It'S all extremely dry. no animations of battles and troop movements. Just maps, charts and options screens.


The game's pretty much a souped-up version of the board game Risk, with lots of military hardware thrown Into Ihe equation. It's a game tor specialised tastes, and I can see that wargamers might be mors Into strategy than graphics, but It's still extremely dull to look at. and the time taken to play doesn't Prt ; seem to equate to the fun h H 5 you get trom playing tl Ull “

M llipl« lMMR<ll r*ck«1 IplCBl CM* kill IB ■iif people, ii lial «««■ (tiiaf lay More.


Well, It work* fine, but A120D don't expect lo sea

any modifications just cos you've got a super-last, supercotour-packed computer.





And itian luddcntf, «s if bf    aif

halicopUv aiplodad. A)am. I think it's btciuti of ikoia ballots thty ihol it ■«


Tkiaji laanad to ba join) qaht wall. I naiuffd la work out how lo ftf tha haiiaoplar and want on I jolly jiaat areaad tha is la ad

■at it ain’t raal. lackjlf h was all Jatt a coapaltr jjioi and ROihii) bad coaid happen lo ■< at all. I was <aaipl«l«hf aaieaitiad and abla to inha off for another aneftinj 90.

Imagine: a sort of budget version of Desert Strike. Only nowhere near as good.

Mr. BI3

Game: Firohawk    n» uun <]<«

Publisher: Code Masters    ii co.niost,

Authors: In house

Price: £19 99    bfi]ii bim iid-

Release: Out now    ,«h0» ttrt«s tuM

Freelance wnters always

amused me greatly when I was on the AP staff They would poke their heads sheepishly around the oh ice door when tha Ed invited them to do a review and ask. "What is it then, another cruddy game that you lot don t want to review’’* And then we d al laugh i*e crazy mad-dnbbiing-bonkers people because yes. it was another crudely old game and we d fobbed it oh on another gullible freelancer But they still came back lot more and we still laughed and ihey became increasingly bitter and twisted and we laughed about that too

Now I'm no longer on the AP slatt and I ve noticed senous attempts among the team to stifle laughter when I agree to do another review This month they were helpless with mirth when I said I’d look at Firetiawk for them Uh oh

Something like this was bound to happen Sooner or later we were bound lo get Desert Strike clones and I tvs doesn't mark an

auspicious beginning lor the new genre Ftrehawk ts an every which-way screwing shool 'em-up which takes its central theme straight trom Desert Strike and then smashes it to tiny little bits m a whirlwind cf dodgy control and pointless gameplay

But I'm gett ng ahead ol myself People seem to get unreasonably ruffled if you indulge m the popUar AP pastime of nluaily maiming a game's reputation without first examining the evidence Let s Start with the plot, shall we’

Johnny Foreigner (boo. hiss etc) has done something unspeakably wicked Meanwhile Unde Sam (Oh say can you

Tba baddia You know Iii'i bad -ha'i jtaaa.

Ok my word, H'l Sktal Sbao<iif 1 coaldal work oal if yoa coaid 9«1 cloiai lo ike ajant faaiav or H yoa fail ial Ikara ikooiiaj « vaa ap tk« vopa



see, by the dawn's early light efc) decides that enough is enough and dispatches a team ol top agents to put things right But how do we get the agents home. Mr President’ We’ll sand three helicopters on a boat and they ll pek up al the agents and everything will be line Hurrah Thrs is where you. intrepid game player that you are. come in - you tly the choppers The control system, much kke everything else m the game, is loosely based on that ol Desert Strike You may tly forwards or backwards and you may spin to the ten or nghi Sadly, though, left and right spinning are SO uncontrollably fast that you scarcely ever get your bird pointing the way you want it to But it s hard to tell which way n's lacing anyway so you're never too disappointed The result is a lof of amless whizzing about

andsweanng Firehawk hasn't quite made up its m<nd about what if wants to be It it wants to be a bog standard shoot em-up it should have bog-standard controls II it wants to be Desert Stnke. it should have had more realistic controls As it is. it's ust annoying

Buildings shoot at you This is pretty standard shoot-'em up stuff so (here's nothing to complain about there And it's fairly easy to destroy the buildings (once you're pointing m the right dreebon) so no real loss of marks there either Weil that's a blessing, i suppose

Once you've found me agent you're to rescue the game changes to Skeet Shooting Hurrah Enemy helicopters roam the sky and you wait for them to come into your gunsighi When they do. you select left or right and tire and they die Skeet shooting was always my (avounte bit m the multi-event sports suns so I enjoyed this It's not terribly sophisticated tor today's market, though, is it’ Not reaty lull pnee game material in 1993 More your budget release n 1987 I'd have said, but maybe my expectations are just a bit too high The graphics throughout are a bit budget-y too They're very cartoon-like and again give the vnpression not of 20 quid's worth of 90s game but ol a fiver's worth of 80s game And the sound’ Could do better And that's it. really It's a fairly ordinary shoot-'em-up that's been lanoed-up by giving it the pfol of a hoi modem game You learn to control the helicopter with practice, but I wonder why you d bother. It you bought this game without knowing anything about it. you wouldn't be too disappointed - it's a moderately competent shoot-'em-up and you can have a bit of lun with it it you make the effon But take my advtce and don'l bother with i at all Save up another tenner and get Desert Stnke instead - you 'll feel a whole lot better lor it.



UPPERS 11 1 feet thoot-em-up fun.

DOWNERS li t a bitch lo control and will annoy the bejayeueout of you.


Thera ere better ihool-'em-ups and better ttraiegic ahooty things (or whatever the Oeaeri Strike genre la) end by trying to be both It falls lo be either. If It wat a budget game I d be a little more lenient.



The Aral 1.000 won't At 7 O 0 work on the A1200 and the Cod lex will a wap any that don't for orw that will.


Ifl aai I lint el little inlet feta) Cheo-choo-cJioo' across the fro it ■ laadri. Il

Il wet a jrcal pirtore before, 10 doei ihc extended paletie (lefl) Improve HT Voe decide.

The train now standing on platform A1200 has, well, a lot more colours in it



i ii i

coflfid«fiilioa h«r«f aid rt'i 4 oi a non iaflarciliaf ba<hfro«nd ihaa III aarltcr vcniea, above. So there tom 90.

Qmmi Rnbocod 1 POP Puhliriwr MiH*wnjturn Authori to bouse PVftwu f/A >N Release; out now

Gentlemen - the future of cute platform game enforcement

are alth* am* tragtr

umissians cram the Amiga Pome Ail-Tun* Top On* tfcaekeri llil yam earn Anhocori, and with iha release o* th* i/OO Mi Sou rows * good time to put •ha right ThotmuBeaitet

m is ya> another platform- /---

'-OA*n!*-r'w*a and M

ptoco money on th* met that • f*k amount of you art just a tad l*d , up with piattorm-console-cuties by  now. I know w* ana So how. than, am I to

levels which Is knpceestse but also the variety tm mined* you're dBmg Sonic- n»rrt*dg*lnv«yt* spam trip*, •ha red you r* asotdtng giant taddy

r 'This Is 1 THE platform evtie to boot oil platform cuties" 2

it mad* mot* char in    odour* end flee brand new taraia i n*

\ r*fro*p*cl. b*caua*    *nhanc*m*nta aren't

I w* v» Man a lot tine*    astounding. but th*y are

> thi» waa io+i rtiaa wri    an improv*mant and    A

t owik In tat* t*8i arm    are very tattelully <(

taking «fresh look at >1 wa dona Tha tlv*    JOflfc

can that it atilt new levels are    M a fK

ward*, mu Bknpiy aran t given in* opportunity to gat borod.

What w* hay* her* than la 1

form gam* of •»t*ry*ar which Is still mUet ahead . ot a lot of stuff


ImpWMMH yplUea mail Mia    ’

ujtmaSa In pjadram pjayarSIMy »

•imply start yu tail id (Brawl it you haven 1 got it you should be ashamed ot yourself.


Porgat tonantaa Armed whn you *miu.< «duapyd Mnm you vegm trie spaad a Sadr sod the rten'o ot ttar*< at yum ilngertipe. wnn cna play ability m both combined. A simply wonderful game.    fi U ~

mum Ua«

> M r

them put together enough to




work well, and If you haven t ' y*tgotth*

9 ♦ . -

tacts. It say* aviating owner .




r— w-


W T ri-

No, no, no. Sorry Tim, bul In

my book this Is just as dull as

Ihe first version of Roboeod.

and that's pretty damn dull.

It's big and sprawling.

baddies are In shod supply,

and the control Isn't all It

should be either. I'd give thii


about halt Ihe mark Tim did.




Full-price games run and hide in your toilet! For this is the exclusive domain of the budgies, a frantic free-enterprise zone where vicious beat-’em-ups rub silicon shoulders with sleek high-tech flight sims. And all for around a tenner.


Publisher: Hit Squad Authors: Ocean Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

Depressmgly enough, when this lust came out as a tull pnced game, we slagged it otl over a two-page review which you. the readers, completely ignored. You rushed out and spent your cash on an aiceedingly poor game with a particularly shrewd and cynical marketing tie-in Then, when WWF European Rampage came out, we did the same thing, and you did the same thing Sigh

Let's lace it. regardless ol what I say about this game, people ate still gomg to buy this - simply because large men in bghls grappling with each other is still a popular spectator sport So here's what I'm going to do Presented below are some opposing opinions, and all you have to do is p«i< the one you like the most Then we'll an be happy

Ojpnon A Wow1 No really, like, wow' You know when you re watching the WWF on TV or video, and you're thinking "Jeez,

I wish I could do that, far surely this is the

la m day, WWI iflood for ‘World Wildlife li»d' and had a nice picture of a panda.

sport a( kings indeed the Olympian sport of the ancient Greek gods1' Well now [dramatic pause] YOU CAN1 It s true. WrestieUania'sless of a game and more like a virtual reality sports simulator, where you ACTUALLY ARE the Hulkster-. Ultimate Warrior'- or The Bnlish Bulldog'-! It's not just LIKE being there, you genuinely ARE there11 now fully understand why pioneenng research into transistors and microorcuilry was cairied out in the 1960s - it was to pul this game no your living room WWF'" is the only TV show you never need to watch, and this is the only game you're ever going to need on your Amiga Realty

Opinon 6 A stupid and pointless nsult-swappmg section precedes the


l!i -V v

up ot ingenious device* put    'J

together by the med * scientists of the

Boston F i*jCJub You

aou do find A UHlkuU you ! get to Me a good deal of    *

wetuume breath ot fresh afr tv the puzzle genre, and absolutely screaming (In a fjp silly accent) tor you to K ll spend ten quid on It U U

I ll

! -

IS ft

S in i-e

i■ •

w p

tL T*

* 1


> r.-ur-


match sector, where you lake on the likes ol Sg) Slaughter'" and the Million Dollar Man'” Buariety. you can only play a two-player game in practice mode, and only one player can choose which character they warn to be In all laimess. the graphics are cute throughout the game, from the digitised mtro scenes to the m-game jostling, but the gameplay's ust incredibly lame There's joystick waggling when you grapple, bution pressing to gel your payer up. and about hall a dozen fairly mundane moves thrown at as well It's about as much tun is stepping on a broken bottle while barefoot-walkng the streets And equally as dumb • MARK WINSTANLEY


Opinion A: Buy If. A mull. Five stars. Opinion B: For such s limited gsme. you have to descend deep Into disk swapping hell, and It just Isn't worth the effort. The whole thing e e meeelve Dive Lee Tieviily ol e game and ihould resign Immediately.


Publisher: Kixx Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

"One day a rain's gonna come and wash these streets dean'

- Travis Bickle. in Tarn Driver1 When l first bought my Amiga, back m 1387 or thereabouts, this was the kind ol game that I dieami ol paying I was annous lor the brutal justice ol a beal-am-up m which l take on the scum ol the streeis. venting a frustration drees ty related to the amount of sand kicked m my lace as a youngster. Fma> Fight wasn't available then, but it does represent what would have easdy been the state ol the art at the time, and as such it has a certain nostak c quality to it m my eyes

And the nostalgia doesn't end there There's a very '80s leel to the background scenario (Metro City is overrun by gang warlare and cyberpunk mutant cnmmals -anyone seen Escape From New York' ) and the pot nvotves the new Mayor (and en-champton street lighter] setting out to

Till Mjfoi aid MUM at kis thradi cltai up Metro City. Would your local town councillor! do Ihi! lor you li t north aiklay.

retrieve his daughter Jessica Irom a particularly nasty bunch ol thugs known as Mad Gear - ail very reminiscent ol that decade which is about la be revived (it we are to believe recent press reports)

So it's a waikrg-atong-and-beatmg-em-up game at which you can choose one ol three characters, each with different lighting abilities, to battle your way through

the future-lech nightmare streets to lescue Jessica There s also a two-p'ayer mode m which you and a Inend can take on Metro City -or each other it you just leel like a quick Inendly scrap

What makes it good Well the large, bold sprites and backgrounds, a tangible sense ol atmosphere an easy-to-use control system (there aren't many moves, but the ones there are work well), the corned-sensitivity ol your moves (when you're m close your attacks change to mote suitable manoeuvres), and the above-average speed (although there is slowdown when the streets get busy) On the down side, it's a little dated to be sure, and some juddery scrolling spods the flow It's also a little limited compared to the 20-pus

Hare arc laa Iha Slaallk plloii ipacul SiaaHfc diary

Select New hfcsion a

InieAaenee Brietirva Arm Your Plane j


ybaa prlc lip hi







i Hem



r Jr jj m


Gama: 688 Attack Sub Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £12.99 Release: Out now


The bail waikalong beat-emup around, although It autfara In comparlaon to tha clastic one-on-onat - Sir eel Fighter 2 and Body Stows. Dated, but In a nice way. and still tun. so wall Aa i worth tha tan quid asking U I ; price it you ask me    U I -

A submarine commander's Ilia, as any suitable war Him will confirm, It perhaps the most exciting on (or under) the high sats. Crouched In tront at the periscope, hands gripping the controls, teeth gritted, sweat pouring down hit lorehead. barking orders: 'Port twenty    ajg

degrees!" “(Port twenty    yF*

degree*!)' 'Fire torpedoes!'

“(Fire torpedoes!)" “They'vi    S*

seen ust Dive! Dlvel Dive!" etc.     —-

A 688 Attack Sub    ---

commander’s Hie Is rather different, however. In tact, he can't actually crouch In front of the periscope and shout 'Port twenty degrees!" at all. Instead, having done a bit of crouching, ha’s got to leave the periscope screen, flip to the steering screen, move the rudder, wall till the sub s turned through 20 and    -

centre the rudder T /    -

again before    ,

returning to    _

thermal layers you cross in the 5* wsler as you go up and down, and

■    the blind spois In your sonar.

■    Vou’ll need to learn evasive R manoeuvres you never knew

existed If you're to make It through i the ten missions Intact. But you get the Impression that 686 Attack Sub spends so much time worrying about thermal layers and blind spots that It doesn't have much lime left to have a good game with you.

688 Attack Sub Is tor the man (or woman) who likes their submarine slm sophisticated, efficient, characterless and excitement-free. It s lor the kind at person who'd choose a Nissan Mlcra over a 205 GT1. Me I'd buy a Volkswagen Polo. Er. right • JONATHAN DAVIES

appearing on the screen, looking suspiciously like programming gaffes.) The only alternatives are various overhead-view map screens, and a sort ol sonar terrain mapping device which Is handy for zipping through tha contours - of the sea bottom Sean

Its. Connery-style. There are IL several other screens pyi you've got to flip

between to arm your weapons, listen to the H radio, navigate and all

_    that sort ot benaath-lhe-

waves stuff. Bui there Isn't an awful lot on each Hr screen, and It's hard to believe that the Important bits of each couldn't have been combined Into one central screen, making the action much more fluid.

That's not to say 688 Attack Sub Isn't accurate, though. It's an enormously comprehensive

simulation that :--—

covers every aspect ol submarines, right down to the


Loads for simulation buffs to get their teeth Into, and as a straight strategy game It works just fine. But thrills and atmosphere are In short supply - you never get the feeling you're actually sitting at the helm ol a submarine. Silent Service 2 would be a much better

alternative, but I don't wn « think that's out on    U s

budget yet. Pity.    uu =

the periscope screen. Not nearly H as much tun. I'm sure ■ . I -you'll agree.    0 !—iil

And it 's not even as If the periscope screen is particularly exciting. The view is titchy. with splotchy ships floating by and not a trace ol the torpedoes you ought to be able to see streaking towards them. And the screen update is harrowlngly slow - In one frame s battleship can be slde-on In front of you, and in the next one head-on. (That's when there aren't all these weird coloured squares

moves you can access in something Ike Body Blows or Street Fighter 2

But after all's said and done, ttvs game has still gel a lot to otter, and I'm glad that six years alter my initial longmg I've finally gol round to dearvng up these tout streets Hals off to Travis 9 TIM TUCKER

Publisher: The Hit Squad Developer: The Kremlin Price: £12 99 Release: Out now

UiG-29's problem. I feel ts that it simply hasn t gol anything to otter F-15 Strike Eagle gave us authenticity Krvghts Ol The Sky gave us wagon loads ol World War I atmosphere Interceptor gave us accessAMity. F 29 Retaliate* gave us really greal fulunslic missiles and huge explosions F-19 Stealth Fighter gave us mcredibty detailed graphics And Combat Air Patrol gave us a H>ght sun thai played more like a shool-'em-up (And a somewhat unrealistic release date -Ed) So wfral does MG-29 give us

Well, nolhmg, really - thal's the poarl It's got reasonably Iasi graphics, but







there isn't an awful lot to them just lots ol squiggly lines and rectangles, with big spaces between them). It's not especially accessible - there are loads ol keys to learn It tries to create an air ot Iron Curiam mystique by throwing lots of intro screens and backwards Rs at you. but once you're actually up in the nr you might as well be Hying a Boeing 737 lor all the authentc flavour you get There are only live missions to fly on, and they're swiftly completed, so it could hardly be called deep' And ihere are achingly long waits between things adualy happening It's always boasted accuracy as its mam selling point, but it didn't seem any more accurate than most other flight sims to me As a flight sim this is competent enough The graphics, as I said, are last enough and all the essentials are m there But even I've got lo draw the Ime somewhere, and UiG-29 ust seemed lo lack sparkle It bored me.



h i a solid enough simulation, and averythlng works okay. But there’s nothing exciting stout ti it all. ti n always be referred pn ; to si UIG-29 - the flight kll S sim that... er, that... er...“ U U -


Publisher: Kixx Price: £9 99 Release:

Out now

Shadow Dancer is the siory of Joe Mushashi (a Ninja) and his pet dog (a Nmja dog) The dog s important you see. because otherwise all that Joe has at his disposal IS an unlimited On His* and supply ol Shunkens (that's unir, »k«a Nmja throwing stars) and a spot el Nmja magic But by accessing a special move you can send ihe Ninja dog aft to tackle an assadant. and while the guy is distracted. ump up and shoot him It’s very effective The only down-side is rhai. d you leave it too long, the poor mutt ends up getting his head kicked in and running back lo you with hts fail between his legs, whimpenng And weirdly, hail his original sue. which seems to indicate that the baddies have some sinister device which enables them to shnnk domestic animals Thetiends

The baddies in question are terrorists who. as wen as dirmrvshmg the nation's

kli def - Nm(s-Jtyt« I'm ai itrien «i I ur Ihal Shadow it a Haicir'.

househewj pets, are planting bombs all over the place Vour job is to kill ail ihe terionsts and deluse the bombs, which is easily done by iusi walking over them (I sincerely hope thal real bomb disposal experts will get peeved about this, and claim that d's giving the impression that their Ob is not al it's cracked up to be Bomb disposal men Easy Me)

Anyway, it's rather good It's admittedly dated, but no less compelling tor that, and its 'gimmick', it you will, ol having the dog run ahead and lake on some baddies, works very well The gameplay is limited in other respects (il's

lust a walr along beat-'em up with some platforms) but there are enough challenges to keep it interesting Certainly worth ten quid • TIM TUCKER


Nice little platform beal-'etn-up, with some neat touches ind addictive gameplay. Ves, It's a tad one-dlmentional (or Is that twodimensional Nat completely threedimensional anyway), but you'll enjoy it


Publisher: Kixx Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

There are a lew things which realty annoy us (the most mightily learsoma beings ever to produce a computer magazine) here at AMIGA POWER For example, sugar-lree Tab Clear, that really annoys us. Can't see the point. Also, anyone calling us soil names, like Pookie or Pandles - itiai winds us up no end














Publisher: Empire Authors: Lots of people Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

Two things strike me as being particularly Interesting about Space legends. The first Is that the manual Is 214 pages long, covering the Instructions for all three games in five European languages, and so tar beyond a joke that I wasn't even able to maniga a nervous yalp when I opened the box. And the second is that In the company of Space legends I spent three ot the most tedious evenings ol my Ills IWhet - Increduktua Ed). I'm sorry, hut I did. even though the constituents

ol the compilation are supposed to be three ol Ihe most absorbing and widely respected games In history.

Consider Wing Commander (Okay, so that compilation raview blueprint ust won’t lie down and die. But why light it ) A more youthful game hath ne'er graced a compilation. Reviewed e metier of Issues ago (In AP21. In fad). It picked up s startling 88%. and was described by ax-edltor Mark Ramihaw as “a vary swoony, smooth end pretty dream" (which I think means he liked It). But i Just found Ihe whole thing enormously boring. It probably doesn't help that. Ilka ihe majority ot AP readers, I’ve only got an AMO. on which Wing Commander Is virtually unplayable

thanks lo Ihe horribly slow graphics

Conscientious as ever, though, I transferred operations to AMIGA POWER’S A1200 and was completely blown sway by the Incredible 3D graphics. Gosh. I thought, as finely detailed spaceships spun around and loomed in end oul before my eyes. But 1 really didn't enjoy playing it ail that much. It all seemed so simpls and deplh-lree I can almost hear the ghost ol Mark calling to me now saying: "But what about Ihe bits In-between the flying sequences, where you talk to people and follow Ihe storyline "

I'm really no! Ihal much Into all Ihal stuff, though, and I'd much rather they'd concentrated more on beefing up Ihe shooting side of things.

Sill). I realise that I'm probably a voice alone in the wilderness here, and you'll most likely love Wing Commander A you've got an A1200). That's one great' game so lar, then.

Uegatraveller I pieces me In a similar quandary. It, loo. did really well when first reviewed In AMIGA POWER

(rather longer ago than Wing Commander), and Is supposed to be really deep and absorbing II you can spars the time to gat Into It But. again.

I really found myself struggling. In lact I can't even summon up the enthusiasm to crack the futuristic gypsy' joke I'd got planned

It s an RPG. In which you va gol s party o< people to guide around a aeries of planets, exploring cities and toping to complete e quest. There's loads lo It. and plenty ol shooting to balance out Ihe strategy. But I just couldn't bring myaall to Ilka It. The diabolical graphics ara probably largaly to blame - they rsally make It hard to suipand one s disbelief - but I didn't enjoy the puzzle-solving much either. Even a real Ian ol ihe game would have lo admit that H i lha waak link In Space legends' chain.

And then there s Elite Plua. I've never liked Elite. The llylng-iround-the-unlverse-trading-between-planeti aids ol things Is llna by me. as Is lha Irylng-to-build-up-your-spaceahip-into-a-

wills a 'ttege-trmhr Is death

II flliirm

Meg ftfR 4VELLER



Rkii'i lil« li    Ill so IS jogging

00 1h« moidissii, and Iksfi sol ssch fan sillitr

And another thing which really annoys us is a platform game called Rtck bloody Dangerous bloody 2 Especially when I plays dirty tncks like having a Supposedly helplul arrow poml to a button land up to this point m the game this has been a reliable indication ot something useful), which upon pushing turns out to be booby trapped, killing you instantly by sending 1.000 volts up your bottom ‘Ho ho ho.‘ chortle the programmers, ‘you've been had * ‘So it would appear.' you seethe back

The problem with flics Dangerous 2 s thai it's so untair. You can be trotting along quite happily when suddenly, out ol nowhere, with absolutely no prior warning, a laser bon hits you So you lose a life and make a mental note that neit lane you

pass that particular point you must avoid that laser bolt And you get past thai point, and you remember to avoid the laser boil, and Ihe nest thing you know you ve been hit by an electrical charge coming Irom nowhere You lose another Me. make another mental note and sokfcer on Alter about hall an hour ot this you've made so many menial notes that your bran leels tie a school rough book, and it begins to dawn on you that you're not actualy enjoying yoursett As drunk people are wont to say to then mates when they re getting nto a tight alter the pubs have closed leave it -it's not worth it • TIM TUCKER


It actually looks good, and there’* a good variety at control* (Including bomb dropping and laaer bolt tiring), but If* ]uat to Irritating. Thi* it not lha kind ot gameplay that we like at AP - H'a more a kind ol memory leal lhan a challenge. You ahould at laaal be able to tee whale coming and be given a m J chance to avoid It. in our / E book. Leave well alone. U • ”

raally-gcod-ona aipect. The ahootlng atuff aeema Ilka a good Idaa. loo -you'll encounter a variety ol different ahlpa an route, tome acarler than other*, which you've got to kill. The way you're trying to work your way up the ranka to '•III*' la a neat Idea. too. I'm nol at all bothered by the crude graphics, which get the job dona perfectly. And I can appreciate the game's harltaga - H a been around lor at leaat ten yeart now. collectively giving cenluriea ol pleaaure to playera on all lormata.

But H't alwaya really, really annoyed me the way that, II you want lo lurn left a bit, you ve got to roll your ship through 90 . pull back on Ihe joystick, and then roll through 90 back again. That annoys me to much.

So. lor recapitulation's take, (hat's one eaceptlonally good game (If

you've got an A1200), one slightly dubious strategy PPG thing that's great It you Ilka etc. and one old claealc that averyane ahould hava a go at, none ot which I liked at alt. Oh dear, t think I'll have to give Space Legends a high mark limply becausa I'd look silly otherwlaa, but It your taatai In any way ratembla mine I'd advise you lo steer clear.



All these games ara theoretically vary good Indeed, and Ihe compilation as a whole must consequently be considered top value. But I didn't like any ol tham vary much. Oh Tft 2 crumbs. Look, just (orgal /Me about me. okay     I d ■




A snafl selection from the vast range of tides we stock Phone for a complete price fat containing over 600 tides Induing greet value compfUtkui.





> wjyofts »SAii»‘

crystals of arms ea






fis steal ih fighter


■    global gladiators


■    ■    ... ii. .

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11    99 1 99

IB 99 23 99 :a 99 19 99 1199

12    99 15 99 2199 31 99

7 99 19 99 211 99 21 99 19 99 21 99 1999

11    99 799

21 99 21 99 2fl 99

12    99 29 99

999 23 99 1 99 IB 99




20 99


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16 99


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13 99

r OF--T.ti-jrs

25 50


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IB 99


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19 99

lethal WEAPONS

10 99


TE 99

1257 ’AfttAES” »Xa»

29 99


21 99

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7 99


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13 99


25 50


17 99

15 99


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Huntingdon. CAMAS Pf17



1993 HUM

Today I met Paul Douglas. And who Is he ' I hear you ash In the booming (but friendly) collective voice of thousands of AP readers worldwide. Well. Paul's probably going lo be a new member ol The Hidden, due to the fact that he can code, has the right attitude and

1993 WrlTf

Had lo press-gang some people Into playtesting our duck-based platformer Donk. There's now an AGA-enhanced version with an extra layer of parallax scrolling In the background - yeah, we know, It's hardly the most original thing to do wilh the AGA chlp-sel. but we re very low on disk-space and our AGA version Is an Ihe same disk as the normal Amiga one (bargain!).

1993 7H/f7

1993 TKA'k

likes his beer. While indulging In the latter (Remember kids, beer Isn't big or hard or clever. Ever. - Ed), we designed an initial spec for a rather stunning new game Well. I say It’s stunning but when you're as 'llred as were even Kris Kross sound passable.

'WedHCidaxf 12

After several hours ol playtestlng, several bugs were discovered, much to Will Ihe programmer's dellghl. Playlet ling of a product is sooo Important, which Is probably Ihe reason why we've playtested Donk from the earliest playable version (around last Ociober) - the amount that the product has changed is rather phenomenal, mainly due lo the response ol Ihe playtesters.


Had a bll of time oft from Donk lo try and get someone to make Ihe funny lltfle Plasticine ‘ Spodt lo video and digitise for Spodland. After much phoning around to all of my arty tarty' friends I still couldn't find anyone willing lo sculpt ihe cute gob-shooters but. just when all seemed

Will finished bug hunting through Donk, and I managed lo gel him to do a bit more programming

completely lost. Simon stirred Irom hls corner, and said:

"You know Gemma, my girlfriend ''

"Yup.~ I replied.

"She'll make ihe Spods." A chorus ol bells rang a oyoua melody in my head. "Bui not for a while yel because she's gat her finals and she's got no time.' And the bells crsshed back down la Ihe ground.


for Spodland. He set up the screen to handle 64-colour extra-half-brlght mode and put In the joystick routine. Whoo!

1993 THriTf


After some thought about linking together Ihe different game Ideas. I decided that playing through all the various stages of Spodland should be sort of like reading a story. The tale will be told by a kindly old

wizard, sitting at hls ancient and magical desk. The story text will be displayed al Ihe bottom of the screen while Ihe pictures will appear In a mysterious crystal ball in Ihe middle.

1993 HtAty

The picture is drawn and looks quite nice, but I've decided that I want ihe wizard's hands lo be shown occasionally. Probably the best way lo do this would be lo rolo-ecope some real hands. Rolo-scoping (as used In games like Flashback and Prince 01 Persia) involves drawing around digitised pictures ol actual video lootage, and Is a nice and

simple way ol doing realistic animallons quickly. Now I have lo admit that I'm a bit of a traditionalist when It comes to drawing -1 usually sketch out Ihe composition on paper and then draw it up on Ihe computer allerwards - so I really consider Ihls rolo-scoping as being

almost tantamount to cheating'

1993 THrMf

Had a really good time as I danced my nut off al Dance Paradise (Which is presumably some sort of young people's night-club that Craig frequents. -Ed). The main hard-core room was as boring as ever (with the exception of The Prodigy who played an absolutely storming live PA). However. Ihe progressive' music downslalrs was really great, especially the live bongo playing. Great! Until next month. Ihls Is Craig saying '0. B Byeeee!

/ Many moons ago, AP had a design-a-game competition. The winner was Spodland, a game about, er, spitting. The Hidden’s Craig Howard picks up the tale.


rVIIVER by Sensible Softwar

We all love Sensible Soccer. But it’s a shame there aren’t any guns in it. Jools Sensible

he set about rectifying matters,

explains how

A—    ■ should really start oil

        ■ by irlroducirq rrysflll

I ana ihe <esl ol ihe

.    H Sensible software

f_-    ' S leam who are all silling on

the hoi coals ol conlroversy by having anything to do

with Cannon Fodder. I m Jools - programmer, co-designer, ectomorph and proud. The guy responsible for the luscious graphics is called Sloo (short for Stoopid I think) - he's a seriously talented artist who's going to aspire to the likes ot Malone. Dok and Dali In the near future On atmospheric sound and groovy-moody music is the tar out funster responsible tor magical tunes published on all Sensible and Renegade games - Misler Richard Joseph. Which just leaves Jon Hare and Chris Yates, two guys who need no Introduction (So they 're not getting one. - Ed).

So. you want to know about Cannon Fodder then Excuse me while I gel into my Tardis to take you back to the beginning. Hmmm... the Tardis. that sounds like a good Cannon Fodder analogy - let me explain: something which looks natural from ihe aulside: appealing in Its lunclion; obvious and simple lo use. Yet on the inside Its enormous Size can be realised along with lls potential lo carry out seriously complicated calculations and tasks.

What we wanted was a game with a simple and clear dontrol method, with which the player would control a little army ot soldiers In a manner lhat would be natural, direct and responsive. Thai was pretty much where I started, with a group ot cute little guys running around Ihe screen. A click with the left mouse button would lell them lo move towards the mouse pointer and the right button would make them shoot at H. Then a scenario was required. We chose a whole range of background styles, a few of which you'll be

able to see dotted around

X    Ihis vnry pag«

« «,    create (teasing

Mr f /    r,ac'or

;... • ", f _    v.. B between the

£.'    M    antl ln®

The men would swim in water, climb over obstacles, fall off cliff edges, walk slowly and  laboriously up slopes yet be able la run dawn them All on a piiel-perfect scale, unlike so many games fl which deal with background obieclt (water, cliffs etc I by not letting Ihe character near them ad

We spent the next few weeks putting logelhar a map editor - a tool BR tor constructing    £il

each of Ihe    4 .

missions And then we implemented    lIB"—■r,

the icon control system This Is  used lor weapon fu  selection and group control,    I j

which Is the first f big topic I II tackle here. Say lor example you have spotted an enemy base consisting of a barracks and soldiers posted as look-outs. Now. you may want lo just charge in under a hail ol bullets and blow up everything in sight. Alternatively you can use ihe Icon panel to separate some men Irom your main group Into a new group, give them a movemenl path by plotting points on the map (in the general direction of Ihe enemy sentries, say) then leave them to it by re-taking control ot the main group.

You can now go Into the enemy base and blow up Ihe barracks wilh what's left ol the original group, and all the while the other team you sent in are automatically taking out the bad guys. Up lo three groups ol your own men can be active at the same lime - you control one and the computer helps you by looking after the others. This means you can do all kinds of things like set up ambushes, guard enemy holes or jusl leave men in safe areas.

You can also select the weapons you want to use by clicking on their respective Icons. You can always shoot your guns (unless  BL your men are Inside a vehicle or swimming) but you also have a ■ I limited amount ol grenades and bazooka shells. Plus. If you II have control ol a vehicle It may well have weapons like rockets II or homing missiles - all of which are al your disposal.

The only other thing I should perhaps mention now is the ■I Iasi smooth scroll - there's no chuggy. jerky moving around ■I here! Yeah, and the atmospheric sound effects where events In H the distance are quieter than those up close - lovely.

H Next month I'll lell you all about the front end - that's Ihe I graphic screens and menu-sorl-of-things boiled onto Ihe main bit H ol the game. Oh and Ihe vehicles. I'll tell you all about Ihe amazing I vehicles, the ones you can make your men jump into and drive or I lly around. Excited I hope so. Bye lor now.

KrdUfc, „ lh€ltt *"•* *»■ ••w..d

• '*■« CbM wr A,

•« top h •k eff ■leafy, >kt obligatory

•“■I Mx, *trk ike meal ■Priatliaa of




What the No Tetris clones Not a whiff of a Shoot-1Em-Up Construction Kit game This can’t be the PD page, surely You bet your cotton socks it is. And Dave Golder’s here to prove it. Not with logic. Not with philosophy. But with funny little game reviews. Yeah.


ASA Gamas disk 46 Vally PD

A1200 compatible

Beat Disk 12 Shareware A500 only

Typical. Uegebelltt one ol the beat PD games I've teen lor months and It only works on the ASM. No amount ol tlddllng with boot option, on my mighty A1200 could get thfi one running. H't enough to make a grown man cry (well, maybe not -curse under his breath, maybe).

Basically It's a spruced-up Arfcanoid. which In lum was a spruced-up Breekout. which In turn was a spruced up... er._ squash-type thing. You have to destroy all the coloured bricks on each level by bouncing a ball oH them. There's a paddle at the bottom ol lha screen which you can move Irom side-to-side: II the ball tills below the paddle you lose a lite (Yes. thenk-you Dave. We get the Idee. - Ed).

Well that's yer basic, run-ol-lhe-mlll Breekout, anyway. But Uegebell hat got more little extras than The Wizard ol Oz. There are pick-ups that (all your way when you hit certain bricks - these do all sorts ol wonderlul things, such as making your paddle twice at wide, magnetising It or giving It lire power. Other bricks will drop bombs al you, which you need to avoid. There are also invisible bricks and

in plea >n<

Weil, ler> ]..l

My H1. hardly

tV. mu edfleal W yin mV. ever Mae...

bricks that need to be hit twice.

H't last (apart Irom when you

get the slow ball pick-up), looks gorgeous and even sounds great. It's about at addictive as pickled socks aren't and badly deserves an update to ti ll run on the A12M. Okay


Whai would you Ihmk 41 sad Bonk The Gonk No. d's not Linda s latest lavounte hard or something Mark Idles la do at the weekends It's a non-video arcade game where you hit SJCkenmgty cute things on the head with a hammer when they sick their heads out. And Ouch* is the Amiga version you've all been waiting lor.

In Uvs case the cute things are eggs (obviously hard-boiled), and you control the hammer with your mouM. fcaoh found has a t me knvi with o wtK hpufttv tto hit as many ol IIwRr possible Tfi« further you p'tfian Be more irantic it becomes anAM'ldRoul your lot.

Wh-rrsw the Rhade garni Ms great lor those oHhM disposdion, lha a lust lar loo Op Kcly the graphics ha da been more rlJS, and the sOBDt ellaeb more horntic *■ might h-nM had moti appeal As >1 isJTstor yuung lode oniy

VERDICT: If you've got an ASM, get this game and gloat ■bout It to all those smug A1200 owners.

RATING: *****


somelhavg to you: Carlton Martha. Pas Sent. Skder and Poker Squaies Skder a the only one that strays to any great extent Irom the good old black queen-on-ied-king1

_J ,orma* " y°u slide the cards around until they

loan lour rows ot the same suds

Its a very polished package, with UjaM comprehensive nsl ructions (xi a PD game'3

That II never do), a decani selection ol options 33    and lunclkmal. it hardly stunning, graphcs Its

Iw h probably best suited lo hard disk owners who can install it and then load it up lor a quick

--- game when they they should be doing

, something much more bonng instead

Pathfinder PD A1200 compatible

Card gamqson computer might seem a kffie pomfCH, but solitaire games ate oddly suited la M dgilal lormat At the very leasl it means you don't have ID p10 all lha bother ol shuttling. . B

This a a cotacMon of live solrtaira game*, non* ol wttch are quite like any I've encountered. I most admit (Where's Clock Petenm 1 always loved that) But here's what they are. just xi case the names do mean

VERDICT Needs more violence and more variety - the bonua levels are the same as the normal ones!


VERDICT: Five card games that. ar. work. RATING: * * *

ASA Gamas disk 46 Vally PD

A1200 compatible

to do Is position the cursor snd click on the mouse to launch your own Interceptor missiles. These are mightily powerful weapons: when they explode they take everything within a good law miles radius with them You get extra points tor destroying the alien •hips, but It's best to concentrate on not letting their mitsllea destroy your buildings.

It's s last and lurlous game that gets its hooks straight sway, but it gets too hard too quickly. By Round Four the mlaallei are tailing like hailitonei. And the primitive graphics do It no lavours.

City Defence la not to much a shoot-'em-up aa a stop-yoursell-getilng-ahol-’em-up. It's a mouse controlled game in which you have to protect your city Irom extra-terrestrial aerial attack, and, ai such, bears more than a passing resemblance to that old Atari ‘J arcade tivourile, Ulselle Commend. And if* always nice to see PD not ilrald lo gat unlashlonably nostalgic.

Your defences ire Installed, for w. some reason, In • bright yellow pyramid.

Don't knock it - It works (well, tor a tew levels anyway). Aa missiles till on your city all you have

VERDICT: Wall, It makes a change to tee the alleni getting lha upper hand. A good bail* for a game (Yeeh: H e technically e classic'. - Ed), but It hasn't been Implemented particularly well this time. RATING: ••*

Contacts: Baal Disks, The Bests Brothers. 6 Browning Close, Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire S041 8GX • Pathfinder PD, 41 Marion Street Blngley, West Yorks BD16 4NQ • Vally PO. PO Box 15. Palarlea. Co Durham SR8 1N2.

She’s not Irom Berlin. And she s nt she is Violet Berlin, a super-talemed l. h»r wav in a male-dominated industry.

What do ytu boliovo In


What was the first thing you Mid today

Hello Cato, are you hungry’

Who's your favourite historical figure

joen ot Are - she was a true romantic heroine.

What's your Number One object of des A grand piano

What have you got In your P®e****J M I give up (What - Ed) (T. a The HoMrt gag cufluratty-tnadeguale member ol sfaW)


Name:    Violet Green Berlin

•SEE! Sino“einZ°nflUldakTu'

Andy Crane really Uko

WHlt I ---m ~    .

A oy 10 work wnt\

IS thara anything or anyona you'dI kill lor

I hope I never have to tind out

Would you vota lor lha Maastricht traaty

Yes - provided It Included Ihe Social Chapter

£0    What'* y.ur MW •» **™*'*"

Ara video gamas killing pop music

computer/vldeo games w    reaet, 0 musi

What'. yourtavautlt* pl.0.11" '»• »«'•' ‘•■‘Tl'KSS

Earth (I haven t visited the others).

Whan did you last braak the law

When I didn't pay my poll ta*.

•«*>• q««'<“>" d0 *ou m0,,    'answer !5

“Who were the true authors ot the BcowuM poem

What'* 'h'"»    ""“IV,°, -

.Iha would play you Id *    j“ L

What on - thin, d. you thloh     j

More women tooled in every aspect.

What would you Ilka your epitaph to be

• Here ties Violet G Berlin who contounded medical         a

Here «es vn» * ,    lookina a day oldsr than 25.

Education: 1979-86 CSE O' Level

Burlington Danes School Office Practice with Typo Engfcsh Literature. Englisl Reltgwus Education, Mus English. Musk. German

I!86”’969 Un ,*«Y Of Durham

BA (Hons) Degree n English Language t

Employment history Sep 1989- Feb 1990

Researcher/*nter tor Saturday Wacaday Also story and

Feb 1990- Feb 1991

(Researcher/presenter of i

Feb - April 1991

present., (or BBC TV Chldr.n s Natural Histor, May 1991 - June 199

July 1992-Aug 1992

Mofonng expeddton around (ormer Easlem Bioe Aug 1992-Feb 1993

Freelance bcoadcaster/joumakst, wo,k including ana presenting Bad Influence

Feb 1993 - present

Ereeiance broadcasier/joumakst wo* indudmg , tmc daify challenge show on The ChSdren's Du regular column m y0ung Telegraph newspaper, a

Hobbies and Interests

ba&soon aod ***•. and re, oo any ol them much ihese day$ .



History. Geography

morning TV show The Wide Awake Ck poetry writer lor chAdren s show It's Stardust

travel published, and I

Tradewinds House, BR/lIP Ashbourne Rodd. Derby, DEES SFSJelephone [D332] E llSl, Facsimile [Q33E] 3815 U

to cn O CT

3 i

n E

n Q-


a 2

c _ a ci ■ cr m _ r «

: »

a <=

ED 2


Z B O -3 TJ ft









o c

Efl £

° n

8. £

a =

c •<





F 0)

</> CT

“ c

ft -I Q. ft

a: S.

tfl n

®. t 5'



S/3 -i

~ X

CJ 3

ft «o

3 2

! ft 3 X ft — o »•

C O ft ft

a <«


Pi 3. ~ "O ft •

1 — Eft 3

3- ft

J*9 •


a »


ft ft

j 3


n (Q

» ft

o 3

< ft £ » S CT

c c

3 ~

~ 5'

> 03 C U1

to =■


£ -T

M ,


Q. c


CT C C 03 *< “




0) =• CD •<



i s.


Eft 3 ft 3 N ft

5 *■ » * m 3 =• ft



5 c < 3

$ : ft ft „ 3

2 ft-ft'



O c

£ 5

o -C



V) 3

—* Qj

c --a ft

S o

® 5' (□

Hired Cejas -H might usl actually be In next month. No. really

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Amiga Power Issue 28 1993 aug Cover

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