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The Kids, consider to be the best 100 Amiga games in the history of, well, everything. Actually, it did rather more than that. When we set up the survey, we were a bit worried that by only giving you ten games to list, we might have trouble getting a very wide spread of titles - there seemed to be a danger that you'd all take your choices from a hardcore of 30 or so titles that are obvious top-notchers. Perm any 10 from Monkey Island. Lemmings. F1GP. Lotus II. Jimmy White s Whirlwind Snooker and so on. We needn't have worried - when we drew a final veil over the counting process, we had a list comprising no less than 368 different games! (Mind you, the last 20 all had a single point, meaning one solitary person had voted for them in 10th place on their list. The gang included such illustrious classics (and no-so classics) as Chase HO. Torvak, Leisure Suit Larry 3, European Champions and Dragon Ninja, as well as the more surprising likes of Virus and Arkanoid 2).

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Amiga Power Issue 20 1992 Dec Cover









ROAD ... RASH 128




Mjri Rimthlw

WVCWS IDO OH Stuart Campbell

moouctnN count

Tim Norris


Ml con OR Jacquio Spinton


ocfurr aimruswc manage r Ji«ki« Gsrlord SALES UCCUTM Audrey Smith


puaiatR Colin Campbell

CHOP ftja&WG OKCIOR Gref Infham



MANAGMG WEC10R Chris Anderson

CCNTRSUTORS kUnh*. Sqietl Jonathan Oavtai Jea Humphikar Dava Goidar. Cary Perm.

Adam Patera. Ronnie Randal. Richard Lonehwat

LUO A SCVWHG Sanan CMnandan. John Moore. Chris Stocker. Serrxon Windsor

PHOTOGRAPHY Romeo RandM. Aihton Jarnei


Anega Poveet. future Pubkshng Ltd.

30 Monmouth Street,

Bath BA] 28W

Tel 0225 442244 Fa* 0225 446019


The Old Barr. Somerton. Somerset TA11 PY Tel 0458 74011


A emebrr ot tw Nutt Bmai d CiciiMcr* Refnlarcd (iIiLdm 60,184

Jmury - kn 1997

meeciai. hiuoi to

Mr, Petal <j*rkK rttaiap. ant Sopm Ip peal m tout at An me teepee


Am Jen aaed0fOuParar a*i’

jacouia ereuLD jutr uae so uv

’ coat i e*t ■ one*

sniant MOULD JUST lid* to uv,

Theeti tot d Mp MMdJt pawn, aranme

ne erouio ju»T uea TO uv,

Toa cade tan KMn « m at tea M

■aana vouio JUST UKI TO UTi



MAGA FOR • Ctmti U yo. M r* s

I ij. Ml ¥ AMflJ lonMl $ ! t+m*. Amu9hop> Um 1 Seo« A«). «a« Sncln '    FommL *M>8i Artec


C Future Puhllihing 1992



'Coor Gosh Wowf Really ’ - iust four of the things that you might well say when you read our big five-page news section.


Well, it's the charts really, isn’t it



Okay, okay, here’s the Street Fighter II preview (and Elite 2 and Cannon Fodder and more besides). Will you stop ringing us up all the bloody time now, please


Having trouble with Beast 3 Still stuck on fascination Or just a big fan of the inimitable wit and wisdom of Jonathan Davies These are the pages for you.


The votes have been counted, the results are in. What do YOU. the punters, think are the best Amiga games of all time Step this way. sir or madam, and discover all.


Back after a short sabbatical (whatever that means), our authoritative buyer's guide presents the lowdown on god sims.


Something about which games we can look forward to in 1993,1 should think. (Piece ot cake, this contents page lark.)


Once again, we hang around the Virgin Games Centre and pester innocent software buyers - what do YOU think’s going to be Christmas Number One


Four pages of letters this month - and a handy guide to letter writing, with subtitles in semaphore for the hard of thinking.



My mood is black when my jacket s on.’ Find out why on...

Page 34


Well, It s a Lethal Weapon review really, isn’t it (You're fired - Ed) Page 42


Nagasaki’s got the salt! Oops, wrong pantomime.

Page 52


Imitation is the smeerest form of flattery. Your guide to the last year's games.

1A9 back 14a issues

Well, it's some back issues really, isn’t it



Special! As well as the usual bit of impressionism, four top developers reinterpret their games in the style of Xmas! (Well, we had to get it in somewhere...)



...and next month, Readers' Wives. But tor now...

Page 38


A game based an McDonald s Is someone pulling our leg here

Page 46


Look, just because it's French doesn't mean it's weird, okay

Page 54


Not a Silver Dream Racer, then. (Hey. think about It)

Page 62

OVER 300




Sensible Soccer, eh It's greal. And so s this.

Page 40


A bad guy called Malcolm This Is more like It!

Page 48


Arkanoid, with rabbits. Apparently.

Page 60


This picture tells you all you could ever need to know...

Page 64




■C KM-«4

Bunny Brick*    BO

C—or ...    100

Campaign     40

Dark Ouaan Of Krynn-BB

Human*.....- BO

Kyrandia ..    4B

Lethal Weapon — ......42

Lord* Of Timo———B1

Mo Second Mio-02

McOonaM I and    40

Paladin II-BO

Pinball Fantaaio*———M

Rood hash......-— >4

Tiny Skwook*    BO

TV Sport* Boilno——S2 Woon    00


Pic Ilonary..... 103

Spellbound Dixxy-103

Suporcar* II .103

World Championship Boxing Manager-102


Supor AM Star* ...102

Supor Fighters-104


Mad Susio Ooos On 100

Intrepid- .- 100

All Qun* Blaring-100

Tank Attack-100



j ...will bo hardly worth [ living until 17th Dotombor - before that you won't bo able to buy the January issue of AMIGA POWER. Don't light a tire, you'll burnit toming down the chimney.

Oh my goodness!' ‘Golly gosh!' and Lawks a lordy!' - just three ot the things we exclaimed when we realised that we were going to be able to put THREE whole, full-length, top-value demos on our coverdisk. Still no lat. Slill no slideshows. Still the best stuff around just lor you




Prelend, in the comlorl ol your own home, that you are Mel Gibson or Danny Glover in this hugely enjoyable platform action thang Irom Ocean.


Cool Coyote becomes Yule Coyote in this specially written Christmas edition Irom those nice chaps at Gratigold. Don t say we never give you anything.


Live out your wildest fantasies as you play the part ot a... well off a tomato, actually, in this rather amusing puzzler.



• Oh no! At* you iur*7 B*for* you go iny further fry th* procedure* described in ihe panel over the page II. after all that, you do hava disk problems, simply place II In an anvelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory letter, and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Relurna 20. Diskcopy Labe. Unit 2*3 Omega Technology Centre. Drayton Fields. Drayion, NN1 1FR.







•    Lethal Weapon is one meg only.

•    To load any ol Ihe games, all you have to do la switch oil your machine, Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply tollow the Instructions to load the game ot your choice.

•    Just to be on Ihe sate side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should either press Ihe appropriate funtlon key or click on your selecllo using your mouse

•    It really Is that simple.

•    You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one al the other demos. When you da so. simply follow Ihe Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from Ion Ihe drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine ott for 20 seclnds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

■ Hava a good lime.


•    Are you sure

•    Try all that sluff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not like'.

•    II your disk falls to load, then pop It in a padded envelope, along with a letter eiplalnlng Ihe problem, to: AMIGA POWER Disk 20 Returns. Dlskcopy Labs

Unit 2*3

Omega Technology Centre Orayton Fields Drayton NN1 1FR

•    Now. we say this every month but it still doesn't stop some people: please don't send your disks to us al the AMIGA POWER office. We are pan of the small percranlage ot people who just use our Amlgas for playing games and don't know how to fix dodgy disks. We still love you.


When the game begins you I find yourself at the police department To the nght of the lift on the bottom floor is the changing room - which (logically enough] enables you to swnch between characters Once you've decided which guy you want to lake into action, simply walk over to the door on the ground level at the tar level, then push the toystick up to walk through After a shod

Whta ih« joins ]tt> lough, Ik* laugh duck dawn and kapc aa ana ui u< Ikcffl. Bui aalch am 'car yau ual Arc your gun like that

Publisher: Ocean Author: In house

Lethal Weapon, eh1 Sounds kke an ideal excuse for a fasl action platform romp 10 us In this, probabfy Ocean s finest platformer yet you get Ihe chance to wear Mel Gibson s or Danny Glover s shoes (and Ihe rest of their uniform come to thmk of H) The eovertfek demo contains a

section of mission one which sees one of the silver screen heros patting into al kinds of Me endagenng situations down a! the docks Slick, fasl and bullet strewn -Lethal Weapon s toystek dttensive stufl

Th« aicc lady la the attic* will give yau yaur lanracliaax


O *£, O XIC*

o< the screen who needs desperately to get to the other side To make this possible you must set up a route usmg a variety ot obtects which wiI carry you past al the obstacles And. er. that's it Place your obtects where you think they'll do you the most good and then set oh to see if you were right

Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Bill Pullan. Lee Carus-Westcoll, Mike Clarke

You v played knights m shining armour, you've played brave warriors, you ve played kings ol combat Now you get the chance to play the role you've always wanted, yes a mighty, um, tomato (And a rather saucy looking tomato at that ]

(Sorry, he missed some schooxng and he's SMI trying to ketchup - Ed) Anyway the idea ol lh«s game s simple, gel from your starting point to the conveyer ben on the other s>de ol the screen Easy


You are. as mentioned above, a tomato Worse still, you are a tomato on one side


When you look at the screen youII notice this white arrow moving around when you move the mouse It isn'1 a bug or a glitch this is your pointer and you use this to control things. At the bottom of the screen you can see two arrows with a title diagram between them These aren't there for decoration you know Click on the arrows to move through the items you have available to use When the item you want is on screen, ehek on it to pick it up Then place it on the screen Keep doing

M ywa ate Baddfca on tin road af Ida, ln« Mai wrtk a Mila raieacl. waald ran


loarfcng delay you I hod yourseil down a1 the docks From here you're on your own Just remember to shoot them before they shoot you. collect at eitra ammo, dont l or jet to duck, and watch out lor the shark


Yep that's pretty much all there >s lo it Once you ve mastered this lethal level, turn to page 42 to tmd out just what we think ol the lull game

friaifornailaa actiaa. Yaa aalti at Daaay Gtaaar aad Inn ai Mai Olbiaa. Wild.

Maanahlla, back ai tollta Haadaaartan, thara'i a rad kaad and a fat bloke





ths until you think you have it set up to take B<l to the conveyer belt on the other s>de ot the screen When you have, hit GO and see whai happens Just remember this, t! it moves, it I Ml you. Chances are lor the first lew goes you are gong to be left with little more than tomato soup fWhal are you on about7 - Ed.) as you hti most ol the obstacles on screen but keep at it and you w I soon start to progress Be warned there isn't thai much time to mess around, the timer is on the bottom right when if reaches aero, that s it.


As with most games Ike the when you compleie a level you are grven a password Keep them sale and nexi nme you play the game enter them on the title screen and you won 1 have to do a> those annoying screens to reach the one you last attempted This version has five complete levels in it so by using the passwords you n be able lo see most i not an ot them



It you're really stuck then one strategy we can suggest <s to do <1 a stage at a time Place one item on screen and c*ck on GO lo set the tomato m motion See where he lands after he bounces on the item and use ihat to place the next one. Simple Just expenment to get the most out ol your tomato


Bill the Tomato is a professional and has trained lor many years for these stums DON'T TRY THE STUNTS AT HOME KIDS! •

6 xvt* ooaao im

THai i obvioailf doI how foa do H, lli«a. Jail mow* ill* Huff aad Iry Again.

Publisher: Renegrade Author: Graftgold

And so there we were, idly chatting to those wonderful Graftgold guys.when the subject ol Christmas came up 'Why don t we give the AMIGA POWER readers a special present’" they said Great we saO. What did you have in mind’ Lquonce alsorls. perhaps’ "What about a special Chnmbo Fife And Ice level -complete with extra snow, jolly music and a santa outtii lor Cool Coyote’" Excellent, we cried And so it came to pass, and here a is


What you have m your hands then, wit serve as a great taster tor Fire And Ice if you've never played >1 betaie or a great bonus level ilyou have Whichever, it's great lun. and an ideal way lo get into the seasonal spirit o< things as the nights gel longer and Ihe wind colder

Playing this special bundle ot Xmas grooviness couldn't be easier Once it s loaded up. simply press Ihe lire button and away you go The basic idea is to Quide Cool Coyole on an exploration cthe entire level (you I get to see a map ot it before you start), and locale the eight pads ol the key Once all eight parts have been collected, then the exit will open, so it's smpty a matter ot finding the thing The key pads can only be lound by destroying the local creatures, which is achieved by freezing them with snowballs then bashing into them CareluII though, dally to long and the oeatures will

ImY ha jail I He cwlail thlaj lONVa tut Midi Cool Cotoia ia a Saau ink.

delrost Along the way there ! be the chance to p*ek up bonus presents, interact with whales, and watch the snow tailing down Watch out also tor bonus pups to escon to Ihe exit, and -gulp1 - the end ot level baddie when you gel there

Keep fhooiiif iad jRMipiaj il

'    ika tkj aad Ida

**wi will ipall out a aaatosai anuit tioa Ihoia lovely (kapi al tratiyaU


Oh yes Don't target to whack the volume on your monitor or tv up. The game has a thumping Christmas rave track, whch is sure to drive everyone up the wall And don't target to thank those race people at Graftgold nexi time you see them at a computer show Run along now The lull Fire And Ice game <s available at £25,99 (torn your local software emporium




Game: Street Fighter II Publisher: US Gold Authors: Creative Materials ETA: December '92

Briefly: Super Nintendo owners have gore ga ga over it Every other lormai owner i$ gagging tor n. but not all of them will get it We are. Of course, talking about the - *e it L,    nr hate it you

Cf    can't

deny it - huge success ol Street Fighter II

There's irttte doubt that the conversions o( Street Fighter //will be selling more copies this Chnstmas than most other releases put together.

The creators speak:The team with the awesome task ol converting the hottest title ol this year to the home computer formats is Creative Materials They have CapCom's Final Fight to their credit - or debt, it you prefer to look at it that way

But don't tret the people behind those conversions Ol Final Fight aren't responsible tor Street Fighter It

No. Creatrve Materials newcomer' Gordon Fong is coding Street Fighter II on the Amiga and Alan ST He s provided a considerable chunk ol the visuals, too The fly sheet tor the original arcade machine provides a succinct explanation Of what SF Its al about 'Who is the strongest street fighter'1 Ambitious tough guys al over the world Hock together to put an end to this eternal theme ' The rules are Simple two players beat the crap oul ol each other until one ol them drops through exhaustion or live minutes expre (in which case the player with the most vitality lakes the round) The winner of two rounds takes on another fighter in the next stage ol the competition.

Each player has a total ol 36 dllerenl moves to perform inducting three speeds ol punch and tuck plus a - gasp - speoal attack manoeuvre which cannot be defended completely Opponents are staggered by a heavy blow and can be thrown across the screen to weaken their

am (iapan)

TVt typical participant, kli Humean* Kick and Crayon pnnek art lamoui. Hlf special power l> ikootiay fireballs.


He starred with Ryu (wMb whom ke uied to train)

In Ik* tint Street flyhftr Hit special power ii the tame el tyu'l.


A sumo wrciller I Hoede'i ipeciel power Ii e Semo Headbutt and ih* Hundred Hand Slap.


The oily female. Special powen are Ik* Uyhfnlny Kick and Ik* epiidc down Whirlwind Kick.

■ LANKA laKAlIL) Poiieiliny Jnkeman speed, no on* can Hand up to kli continuous borray* of abuse.

with il We think we'vfl got il right thcufl!' The game s virtually Imished All ihai's left ts ihe leel The proximity moves haven t beer a problem All Ihe specials have not proved a problem nor have ihe eomtynahon moves We've got them all in Its not beer easy keeping ihe speed up wiih ihe size cl the sprites and siiii making it playable

'The Amga and ST graphics are smaller - down about 20 percent - and there's slightly less colour. The PC version s 2S6 colours like Ihe original, but there are 16 on the ST and 32 on the Amiga We had to lose the parallax an ihe Amiga, but we ve got Ihe background animation, and 225 Irames o! animation per character The lour bosses have slightly less

We re Crying to do a com op conversion but it's net practical to I . cmi T (Jive every

•<"    programmer a

CQin °P m>

1*0 v0

■ Ihbopt ]hfiMr+ VjK>led

%» HUES them all

w th SNES .    -)    £ versons 10>

,-n.yy U reference ‘ 11vf* A ijf' WtO The bonus stages are .W as ihe com f    op rot the

W    SNES version

"h ch has two kicking a wail and breaking a car The comop has two sets ol barrels -rolling and Itammg - and Ihe car You can still play sell against sell. loo.

'The speech we ve got it m there but we've had lo cut down the number ol different speeches For eiample. we ve goi ihe same scream sound lor all characters, except we up the frequency lor Chun Li and lake il down lor the bigger characters There s a generic punch noise, a slap noise and a kick noise To keep everything m was loo eipensive or memory. The game's actually three meg The code s only about 16K on the Amiga -the test is ai graphics and At or data tables, which are immense because the chaiacters alter the* strategies depending on how you play How many disks’ Probably lour lot ihe Amiga'

Verdict so far: Need you ask’


aw* owt e«k wi

C* CMor&j lJJb fcSK

many moves    T.M

One button    Vr

handies the kcks cj

the other one the

punches Smgle-button

loyswk users can also use a

key on Ihe keyboard lor punches or kicks.

and you can also play usmg just the keyboard ’

US Gold haven i ined lo create a perfect conversion Instead, they decided lo provide a home computer

version ol Sneet Fighter if which leeis as dose to the teal thing as possible

With ihe Amiga and PC we ve goi a very good likeness on ihe giaphcs sk)e and we ve kept ihe speed up as well.' says Tony ’We had lo reverse engineer the AI because we ddn'i gel much help

Imayiaa how OBI 1 computer MM j) could have  yeacraud io mack knurl*.

bggesi problem putting it on the home computers What we ve done is cut dawn the 36 different moves to eight tor the smgle-button joystick version That's lour punches and lour kicks mapped on the joystick m a log cal fashion lo make them easy to select We've fy, j    - also written it


button joystick .    v tor twice as

.    iesoive

But why oh why sit been SO

ldL aM flR popular’

'    Because'

VjHHHHy , s

manager Tony Bickley. 'unlike most

beat 'em ups where ihe player wiggles the lOysSck and hammers the fire burton hoping Ihe moves will connect and beat re ore* guy. Street Fighter II has a mu'iiud* of moves via six fire buttons ■hch means you can select the move you wan: when you want and form strategies "O course, this has been the

The or h *acilloa asked by callers to AMIGA lOWII II, tklin i Ilrtil Hflrtr //comity dill'




KkVjv • V


It's hard to 3



Moras slowly, bat a prle-drirar from his lal body docs the trick- His ■pcciai power II lo splo araaod caickly.

amt (osa)

HI* special poorer* are the Soalc loom (like ■yo's fireballs] aad hi* fta*h Kick (like Chra U s Llyhleiay Rich).


His weokacs* I* hi* slow spaad. He breathes yoya (lame aod spits lire by lappiay cacryics anthl* himself. Mmm


A boicr arka Osaka* Mika Tyson look laaoctot. Balroy comas rusklay la aritk kl* lists llylay.


Ha1* a Nail looklay character aad ao mistake. Aciaally, key a fcamaa llrebail wbca the mood takas him.


A kick boaer who's toasltirt a bool his shorts. Sayai has* special more similar lo Dalle's Soaic loom.


Coaid this b* Sesaaae la diss*i**T He aies his claw* io climb a wir* mesh Irom where he Jumps oa kls attacker.




lout yw<s of hard work Braben rt a back with a Can i f'ja*y have as much impad as il predecessorThe Creator Speaks: Who better lo describe the miticaoes of Frontier than Mt Brawn frraseN‘Although it's not actually called £«* ll -1 v.\mi it to scj-w; up on it; own merits - Front** Coes loHow on from the >ol of the original game li p-.-i up the Story 2CC years iatrr' with tha playi-m possessor- ol a

*flh«V h:s*jL i»Vrp

From these small be;-""gs, rt s

pc «.™“ to tight, trade, transport and etgSsfs th» entire galaxy *

Is the space map the same

as that ot £We’

'No. Frontier adualty takes place in our own galaxy -Stretching 70.000 light years across The whole thing is mapped out using stawt.es. except lor a sphere some 300 light years across .vh ch I va hand-deigned This, area which indudes our own sns* system, represents the extant to which humans


ilffct Our nm i*Ur irila* b racrcalatf ia all itl flarr- Hera ■« saa Iraaai taaplttt vfcfc riDfi la kb ipirt tea Mr IrtfWa if MuVf a ktti aiUaaaaar.

Game: Frontier Publisher: Konami Author: David Braben ETA: Mid-January

Briefly: Back m 1984, 8'-> ' .v-t ,n Bell unleashed Etrto - a 30 span* lighting

and uj-tng epic - on an unsuspedog world It represented a m.ie stone in compete-' gaming, wowed Oil cs and gamespisyers and was damned by j to be tho best computer game ever. It »n>:y got ported to the Amqa m 1987. courksy ol the row detuncl Rambnd The

Aim: IHiml vlawy arc part in4 hk<I *1 ll< apneas la Crow6a/1 Sow el lit wail •pactacalar dam mar uia aa Iha Awlga ui ha achlmart aafag Aim lodbikr

results were, however, merely workmanlike, and by ihal lime    A

iha game was    M

sookir j more than a little dated    H

Now. alter    fH


lfJCewdg Shfyaid





. a a a a aa a a a a a a a a


I I 81000000 CD

i >".l

a a [ a a I a a a a a a »

Exits Finci rr [ikta




1MU Bean Laid




Hiaal ECU 5i<lim




Hgpei spate [Ini Raalgsrr III!



Four Shields



30MW Mining laser




VMM Bens Laser




Estate Capsale




2DMW Bean Laid




latesplaaetarg dries




Class 1 Hgperdfiwe




11 OHM Bean Laser




Class 2H perririee




Class 3 Hgperlrire




Vw to mi Mrt pnoHfli ij

r«r • mnu Bern Lttrr.


Oaca tba uM •ami of laaca hail ban lafl MM, tti oalo i< ca mm4 nabuf tcracai. Mot ■a'n joi Iba gpportiM) lo aearada oar im<< aid

la laaca ao oat caa kaar roar aajlaaa. roa aa aa loan aaa fta aapoar trail, tan •aa •< Iba aaay bill ol ■alhcaloai allaalioa lo detail la from Oar.

-■as so lor explored the galaxy Most ol tw ad on will initially take place here, but i d possible eventually lo head oul into charted space m Match o< adveniute One tong ware locking al is the dea ol releasing aitra modu'es which flesh oul ihese other areas ol (he galaxy, providing the payer with new mssrons and adventures ’

The ongetai Ehfewas based around tradng goods between one space station and another with bounty hunting and contrabandnaming thrown in tor good measure How does frontier expand on this

"Aahough there s still trading at frontier, a s more a tall back lor making money It's actually possible to play the tnbre game wdhout dong one bit ol trading Missions figure much more A lol ol fobs ate ottered lo the player via a

bulletin board at each space station Accepting these can lead to all sorts ol adventures Bui whereas EHe featured one set ol laws to abide or break. Frontier features two (actions - the Empve and the Federation -involved m a edd wa’ So taking up a mission from one tacbon

may make you an outlaw with ihe olher. and there are even more federal and military sub-laws 10 worry about

Bounty hunting and piracy feature in frontier, but things are pretty complex Transporting passengers is another mission type available Again, things may get complicated - your passenger may be an outlaw, lor instance As you


progress in the game, it's passible lo buy bigger and belter space crah - any sh>p which appears in ihe game, m fact ’

The 3D looks pretty impressive - but how fast a it’

'It s designed to work on a standard Amiga, but will take advantage ol any extra hardware that's there The user controls the level ot detail (the distance a) which objects gel more vis. complex as opposed to the absolute detail), wheh alters Ihe frame rale (not the actual speed ol the game) On a standard Arrvga, ihe average update is around 10 frames per second

‘The tact that it s not a knock it up quck' should be evident Sure, the features ol original game are in there but they're just a minuscule part ol Frontier I certainly hope it wk have as big an impact as Firm did 11 those years ago

Verdict So Fee Big things are expected Irom frontier Although it's unlikely to cause as big a stir as EiteM. frontier co Jd >UI turn oul lo be the game ol 93. There are certainly enough people waitmg with proverbially baled brealh • MARK RAUSHAW




Game: Universal Monsters Publisher: Ocean Authors: Simon Butler (design and graphics),

Martin McDonald (graphics). Mike Halsall (programming) and Jack Wikely (animation assistance).

ETA: Christmas

Briefly: You ve

heard ol Van Heig===. h.-.»ijn'i you1 Hes Ihe guy who spiked more fhan DracuLYs ti'rr>i in Ihe classic honor story, as well as <ai the*.-nail vampire Mais He defeated live Cthar monsters and took their bodies to his castle Where tht-y're held in stasis by something caled the Bloodstar. However a ntual must be performed each year to keep the po*-‘f c! the Btoodstar up and going Van He-ng has popped his dogs and 1 has fallen to hrs grandson. Ate*, lo periorm the ntual On amvai ai the house Alt*. ~««*n Dracub. Franken.fr.-. 3*‘ c

nil liimrli SO imfl If (Mil ]ran hf 0«n (•■!< well ka«* a ital

Ol caaraa, K'l iar< la k* a ■aapMdi piled if*.

ol Frankenstein. Woltman. The Mummy and the Creature Irom the Slack Lagoon They have broken tree and shattered the Bloodstar mio six pieces I can see the light dawnng in yaur eyes now You have to collect all six pieces 10 return them 10 siasrs

The creators speak: Simon Butler, designer and graphic arts! has ir»> lo say M2 months ago we had the idea to do a purely original cadoony game in ihe style ol Head Over Heels and Knghi Lora The onpnal game had a supernatural leel to it with welt known monsters m » md then the iicense came along and it suited the game perfectly I'm a big tan ol this style ol game and wanted this to look like Head .:"d Kngtit Lore but be better. Cadaver came dose but didn't quite make it' So. did you come across any /    problems when you were

its ■Jf'    making the game1

"Yes I ve

never worked on anything quite like this belore and didn't realise how graphic intensive this style ol game is.

We wanted to put more variety into the backgrounds but there was no way we could do it This loiced 3D perspective


eats up the background blocks but we did the best 0b we could, and (I looks really good The anmabon o< the mam charaders was a total nightmare as well It had to be a good representation ol ihe movie characters and it look a lot ol work to gel 1 right In the end Jack Wikely had to come m to help oul. but I'm really pleased with the result'

So what about the gamepfay1 'The puzzles aren't as devious as Head Over Hoots They'll have you pulling you' hair out but you'll SuSS them out in the end ‘I believe there is a real fondness lor this style of game out there Most ol the programmers here have Spedrum emulators running on then PCs and the old Speccy games are very popular here This is a very popular genre Programmers move away from it but they will always come back You get two or three platform

Tktra'i io penally far ■ fan ay a nlly tat.

Look owl beklafl yon, Alex, Ikaia'a a aif kaJykl altar yaa!

games released every week but only a lew of these forced 30 every year, but ihey re always better I think people will go tor iL’ Verdict so Far: The 30 perspective seems to work really well The finishing touches are being put lo the game as we speak but there s stacks lo do and some of Ihe puzzles are tough If probably won't be a candidate tor the Christmas number one but it's likely to fare well, nonetheless. • LES ELLIS



Game: Cannon Fodder

Publisher: Virgin Authors: Jools. Stoo Cambridge ETA: Spring '93

Itlac    areas si ika icawari an

iucciiilMt. Madilif ai M ar ikiaj la Ms ana Is aatr - l«l M a jrtaeda.

Briefly: Mouse control icons,

<"! i series ol scrolling wauones •a the 'ii: than obvious i.iens tor Sens bie s latest Once again employing those fctmctve little sputes (previously seen n Semite Soccer and ktega to Marua). Cannon Fodder <*> best be described as a mouse r.en wargame shoo! em-up

sakte'O huh

The creators speak: 1    *4

it loltows on in some way am lieg.1 to Mama ' says tpisile co director Jon Hare eicapt this time the player actually gtci to control those little guys Therere «• touns and mouse control, but it's AtoS, more direct ‘

The idea ol producing a wargame r-a=fd smc-jet is certainly a brave :■** though the shoot- em up aspect 9 «y strong

'Yeah, although we are planning on adding more SMsgy elements '

3'iok and teei is

.    si rid     Br

jH L

rupr*d thing


you Fean When I saw The Chaos Engxifl I aouah, not ced a lew tile vn-aniies here and there.

or shoot on identification e they only shot* shot at ‘

At the moment i s possible 10 order ihe iroops to fire i*ng a mouse-cc-*utled cross hair independent at troop movement , or lob grenades Will there be any other forms of attack or defence■Yeah, we I have tanks, helicopters, and oiiiii vehicles lor them to use Ptes tb:<r n also be able to dig m. construct pli-boxes and use lowed guns Of course, not all of this hardware w-sl be rn alible for every mission As things progress though, tfia is*.*»!Ofss wit- n.-.-jiy get harder and more hardware ww haoome avadwh'c' What lorm vsdl those missions actually lake7

JCraS jjjts i ‘Some wil evolve msc-jiHg»anrj    d=3ring out the area,

recovering bus a no pieces. Some missions Wi‘l give the player the opportunity to comm;r.Sesr a hela-iyinv lo> example enabling further " "f. of the area At the moment we re just working on ideas lor all the missions, adding graphics and touches here and there, and idip manting the extra hardware lor the troops Wei mm probably wail until all the  * B rn'«s--,..s are in iheie beloie we MB B actually pul them into any kind B B at order '

fH ]-■; * Verdict so lar: Weird and

H B wooded; Cannon Fodder

ilB SB Mows n the quirky tradition ot

B S3 MA7.i    "    ‘-.-.ng genres

B B sad prodLCing something damn 1 plavahle at the same lime But LSI • U car ii be a mainstream J/T’." success" Let s hope so • U£RK RAUSHAW

though m play the two games are. ol course, entirely afferent *

Okay then, so how does it all work exactly7

Far-horn home Geordie and Cannon Fodder programmer, Joofs, explains 'For each mission the player is given a number of soldiers lo command These iroops will probably be earned Mfel.    over mio subsequent

missions, so heavy

r re i w

m make the next one a little t*e

The player actually guides the leader of a team, with the other troops following behind, shooting when their leader shoots that kind of thing ‘

Do Ihe soldiers actually have any special abilities7

'Definitely The first important thing which will become critical as the me---ns gel harder u the ability to split the team inio smaller groups hll then be possible to leave one set at soldiers as a lookout or send them ott to do something They can be given vanous orders to shoot on sight xi wt*eh case they II 9ve.-. sr.™ ether trienrSy troops who get in their line ■:■! fir*

harder Mega lo Mama s battles.

Wi ika any, unit ika *arM, am aaw eaaela, ail kill Ikaa. Saaada taa «• ai

TV a aaaakla (aad iiaMabla) caatral Icaa - anik ikli ika warld la year ayilar.






Mjiuj ksi







Slung by leader crrhosm, Mark's been on a diel Out go big hoi dogs. 16 ounce steaks and Ined eggs with ketchup, and in comes all sorts ot crunchy green stufi that tastes like grass. Frankiy we give it a fortnight, laps.

This month, Mark thinks he Is: Clint Eastwood s itndlllon of The Man With No Name. But I haven't got the horse.


After tlounong off 10 Scotland again. AP's own Esther Ranuen returned ic find his two baby pet rats. Angelhead and Sweetheart, giown to epic proportions Now he's scared to go in the same room as them The clot This month. Stuart thinks he Is: Doctor Doolittle, cos he could talk to Ihe animals and he had a Pules album named after him.



The only member ol the team unable to resist buying Madonnas Sex' book so tar He says that 1 s kftmg the book s heavy aUtamum cavers up to dust the coltee table that s Bade hen so tired, but we ie not so sure This month, Tim thinks he la: Louis Pasteur, the famous French painter'. Thai's a SO quid bet dawn Ihe drain, then.


The strangest thing about Gary is that every month we make up some lies about him. then the real month Gaiy actually ends up dong what we saidThq month. Gary s been appearing nude on national television handcuffed lo Mother Theresa and a member of The Village People dressed as a donkey This month. Gary thinks he Is: That's strictly between me and Cynthia Payne, pal.'


Jaaju* was a M bored tNs monir. so s'le douo' i a miruaujie coquei sat IMorturvatafy . sha lost the i plot a bit and stuck the thing to the wall beside her desk, which makes it.

Me. really difficult to play croquet with The clot This month. Jacqule thinks she Is: 'A cross between Kile Bush, Madonna and Ihe Bionic Woman.' What, a naked cyborg who can't sing



Back Back1 BACK1 By popular demand, the mums and dads' favourite crayon girl returns to AMIGA POWER 10 Sfvne her artiste light on our beautiful pages Lisa would aiso the to say that she doesn’t smell anything like any pan or product at rats, okay'3' Okay. Usa This month. Lisa thinks she It: Mia Farrow, because I really hale Woody Allen'.


Unusually. Rich hasn'l produced any babes this month Someone cut

-w    down the gooseberry bush

v\    I outside our house, he

complained tearfully We ddn l have the head to explain to him that was actualy all damn to the siork (Everybody knows that.)

This monih. Rich Ihinks he la: Mala Hart, ihe legendary WWI spy and sell-conlessed woman.'


Adam's been planning lor the luiure. I’m gomg lo go on a march in support of the miners and fry lo start some violence Oh dear.

Er. don't try this one at home, kids The opinions ot contributors do not necessarily retied etc etc This month, Adam thinks he Is: God. It'd be great to be able lo be a fly on anybody's wall in the world. Especially Madonna.


JD has been besieged by curious onlookers anxious to see him playing with ihe SNES's bazooka like light-I gun device Apparently it’s man and machine in perted harmony', something kke a cross between Arthur Dent and RoboCop This month. Jonathan thinks he la: 'I always imagine myself as a cross between Arthur Dent and RoboCop, actually. Spook!


It's lima to say lareweH to yet anolher member ol staff . Les is off lo out new Games Master magazine We wish him well, and we re really going to miss his red hair extensions and Richie Sambora CDs Yeah right Close the door behind you. Les This monih. Les Ihinks he Is: ALE. ihe Allen Life Form, because we re both cute and everybody loves us'.


Dave $ moved tvs drum tut Out o> Sluan s basemem and taken io I ve rout omrrwig lessons with an

I embryonic, as yet unnamed band 'They're realty untalented. quoth Dave, but that's okay cos I'm rubbish too Reports ol an imminent live-album deal with Pete Waterman are almost certainty completely true This month, Dave thinks he Is: Gary Penn, oddly.


I We re all getting so sick around here ol the way Ronnie gets lo swan about I with pop stars having fun I all the time while ihe rest ol us aie stuck in a dmgy little office working our fingers to the bone, that were not gomg to talk about him at all Except behind h« back, obviously This month. Ronnie thinks he ll: Some kind ot fop-class bloody rock'n'roll writer or something.



We had a

surprisingly large entry lo our ‘fill in Ihe missing jokes to Ihe punchlines' compo on this page a couple ol months ago but. sad to relate, most at the    iutiiui* mi«i ■■ iim *■!*<

entries were utterly

useless, being merely preceding sentences lo our punchlines rather than actual jokes. Martin Mathers got quite a few right, but we lost his address, sorry. Mike Faraday of Fleet got several, also correctly spotting that Jonathans wasn't very good. Mattie Whittle of Dunmore East's jokes were uniformly terrible, but he wins a prize anyway for his holiday snaps, and Howard Joseph of Leybourne wins a visit from Ihe Serious Crime Squad tor his disgraceful tale of Dilly Clucker, the randiest hen in

the hen house . The

fjwpjff - » ■«*» lo*k l«f

£150 software prize, though, goes to Ian Barnes of Southport, for a set ot gags which were totally wrong, totally unfit to print, but very funny anyway. Well done. Ian.


The AMIGA POWER reviewing philosophy Is in absolute doddle lo understand. No. really, It s simple. But II you re reading this at all you mual want lo know at least a little bit more, so here. In all Its glory. Is The Way We Do Things At AMIGA POWER...

1)    We re all aware of how much software costs, which Is why we believe a game has lo be nally good to be worth buying -or worth giving a good mark. Happily, there s more than enough top-notch slutf around it you only look - we mark as hard as we do lo prevent you from wasting time (or money!) on Ihe bad ones. You'll thank us lor It In tha and...

2)    We believe rating systems should be simple and easy lo understand. That's why we ust give one mark out of 100, a few summing up sentences, and thal s If. What more Is there

3)    A thud point Good point.








Game: Road Rash Publisher: Electronic Arts Authors: Pete Hickirtson (coding). Mark Edwards (art). Jason Whilely (sound) Price: £25.99 Release: End November

Il's a horrible job sometimes, ibis Not always, though Sometimes il's great When a game comes out ot nowhere that s unexpectedly brilliant and you just have lo tell everyone about (like Anbaf Dreams), or when something that you've been waiting on lor ages lives up to all the hype (like Senstote Soccer), or when you gel io come down with the lull lorce ol nghleous indignation on some piece ol dnvei and save people Irom wasting huge sums ol money on 1 (like -well, you know the names) But other

times you have :o    ( .    '

bs 'hr parly

pocper. the     I

boy who

pomied out HIM . that 'he Emperor was

a dothes tree

apple n the barrel    .“'ll; ...

who spoils it tor

Mega drive owners
have been bleating

everyone else (That's quite enough lore c*cttes tor now - Ed) Untortunately. that s the way it’s going to be here

Now. it you're all set lor a hatchet job to follow (hat. think again Road Rash isn t a bad game It s ust that it s not really anything special, either Mega Drive

owners would have you believe that this is an absolute classic (indeed, our lab sister magazine Mega just voted it the eqhth best Mega Drive game ol all-time, which i almost ceriainiy is), but the tact ol the matter ts that it's. well, sod ol all nght But hang on (Ho ho - Ed) a minute, tl I do the conclusion now I'm going to be tealy pushed to lil out the rest ol the review, so let's start at the beginning


T%« Eltltfl ftVEl fOE iEllraclIRE RE wfeicll ol iii« bEtlOBi OB fosr joTidck it ‘flrt1...

"Road Rash isn't a bad game"




* T

“f ♦ 1




Now you might think that all the tracks in Road Rash look like they're exactly the same with some slightly different colouring, but that's not true. Well, alright, it's partly true. Okay, it's true. But that doesn't mean that there aren’t lots ot interesting and sociologically rewarding things to see on each one, oh no.

Come tor a ride with us and we’ll show you...

Mr l«fl: Vour rider i«ts biiaielf up lo take i hkk at Ike poor ■Rieipeciief Geaiher.

Left: Later, and Gealker'i wired ip - be i y«i polka proleclioe, io Ike ikape of Olonrhe Vow d be well adviiad aoi 10 wen with either of then rifbt now

Now it’s finally


O)    i Hegai cross-country road racing

(Q Sea! up the (14) other racers tor k kicks (and to impiove your O chances) Win money, buy bigger bikes Five tracks, quality Itimsh (ourth or better) on all ot 'em and £ you move up a level (there are hve) Higher levels have same O) tracks, but longer Quality at gk top level and you wm.

•“ End ol plot


g    So how come

ft    Mega Drive owners

(Q treat this game like £    some kind ot Holy Grail

g    then Could it be that

they ust don't have anything better on two wheels lo get noted about Well. no. because the MD boasts a version ot Super Hang-On that s even better than the bntliant Amiga one. so that's that idea out Maybe it's the pure breathtaking adrenalin rush you get Irom tM game s blinding speed Uh-uh Flat Out you Still never teel you re on anything oner than a pleasant cruise through the countryside on a little 125cc tootle around, and even when you get to the higher

made it to the Amiga,

levels and buy the supposedly monster machines, nerve shredding high velocity thrills are conspicuous by their absence Could stunning graphics be the b<g hook, then Nah The sprites are tine, but the animation's less than amazing. roadside scenery is minimal and unimpressive, and the bike doesn t actually look kke it s connecting with the road Sound, perhaps I think not - the bike's engine makes a horribly annoying whmey racket, and white the music s pretty groovy (this * still the Mega Drive version we're talking about, by the way) it s no substitute tor a good throaty throttle throb. So. urn, what s left Oh yeah How could I have forgotten You get lo punch people in the lace Mega Drive owners, eh

The tirst thing to notice about Amiga Road Rash is that - hurrah1 - all ihe top lace-punching antics ol the Mega Drive version have been transferred with sinking accuracy to the big white doorstop, so the mam ingredient lor a top quality conversion is present and correct Indeed.

we wonder: was it worth the wait

everything else about Ihe MD game has also been transferred w1h striking accuracy (apart Irom the really shabby screen border effect, where the honzon completely tails lo keep time with the horizon on the actual screen, but you don t really notice it during play) - you d be hard pushed to spot any differences between the two games at alt visually

Untonunaiety. the Amiga soundtrack isn't anywhere near the standard ol the MD versrnn, consisting of some pretty lumpy tunes played slightly olf-key or the same nasty tinny engine whine (hat really starts to make your ears hurt alter ooh. five seconds or so And of course, you gel one unwelcome addition to the anginal formula -every lime you race an a new track you get to

hang around lor a bt while the <ksk drive chugs and whirrs away and loads Ihe next section lor you (SWI. at least a little chap on a bike does zip across the bottom of the screen with a sign saying Busy while it happens, which is nice to see Welt it beats a black screen with Loading Now' on it. anyway)

Speaking of drawbacks, being converted perfectly means that the Skiddy and unrealistic control ol the Mega Drive

Hlf areal we food lo you Nol oofy a pretty icreeoibof, bol a baotfy pauword lo ]i«« yoo a bii of a bead ibn at well.


Poor old llud« Boy alviyi f«ts Uadid betide yo« ea like lUiliay frid, aid haici ahiafi jets lb« fin! smack in th« <kopt. Whm\ m life.

ct ite manor, ttits is fusl an avetago race game with one good idea Itpamsmeto be so down on what's essentially a rice game, but it you haven't already got Crazy Cars 3 and Super Hang-On. you shouldn't even think about Road Rash, and it you DO already have those, you probably won't want it. Still, it's one more good reason not to have la buy a Mega Drive


[ A* Ad U Vi

* K

.vVi r ;

! NJ V

vT <

.». »• r

i; atOL‘


All rivalries forgotten, Ik* old chant loatlad manhoulloon by lh« tamp fir*.

game can now plague Amiga users too Oh yeah, and one other ltvng doesnt seem quite right - on the Mega Drive you could get some really spectacular crashes, with you' man Hying over the bike handlebars and skidding tor miles along the ground belore having to run back lor miles tc get on his mount again, but on the Amiga, even a fua tilt head-on collision with a hefty car travelling m the opposite direction only results n a sudden stop and a little drve which just doesn t have the same dramatic eMect Call me picky il you will (You re ptcMy rf you irtf - Ed)

It's funny, because I really l*ed playing Ihis on the Mega Dnve and there aren t any teal differences between the two versions, but somehow on the Amiga H ust looks a bit sad and dull when you've gotten used to Crazy Cars 3 I think it's possibly thal you lend not to expect any depth trom console games, so something like this doesn't teei at ail out of place - with an Amiga in front ol you. you find yourself thinking 1s that it1' The racing itselt isn't all

You find yourself thinking, is that It "*

that thniling. certainly not m the same league as CC3<x even Super Hang On (now a £7 99 budget game, ol course), and combned with the extreme repetitiveness (the differences between the tracks are purely cosmetic, and even cosmetically they're very minimal) you II probably find yourself a little bored in pretty shod order It does get more challenging as you move up the rankings, but the ever-increasing length ol the _ courses as you do so matches the increased difficulty with an element ol. Irankly. outright tedium By the time you ve beater the highest level (which won t lake very long), you II never want to play the game again f    So. an unmitigated

disaster, then1 Weil, no As r I said right back at ihe beginning of Ihe review. Road Rash ts kind ol all right It's good, honest, simple tun to play, and the novelty of being able to deal out a hefty ctout to your opponents as you pass them takes quite a while to wear ott (especially if you've managed to get hold of a dub) but when you gel nght down to the brass tacks

® UPPERS ll'a exactly like the Mega Drive version, so If you've played that on your mate'a Sega and you want H yourself, now you can go out and get it (and for £10 less, to boot). Pleasant to play In an undemanding, mellow kind ol way.

Tee frctxc franc Kiisa at a wall-ainad mack tcndi Grab ratlins acrou lb* road.

Traytrff nruck riiu ear bare forsot ha an ridias • aaeierbika aad leek hit hands eft the handlebar*

® DOWNERS Well. It's nol Crazy Cars 3. la II Balng converted perfectly from the Mega Drive meant that all the flaws ol thal version are still present. The music's crap, you don't get any sensation ol speed, the control leeli very unrealistic and there1! absolutely no depth to Ihe game whatsoever. And some ol the disk accessing pauses ara a bit on Ihe lengthy side.


It's a nice little game, bul let's be honest, It s a bit of a two-day wander. After the first level, when you realise that you've got to do the whole thing all over again another four limes but for longer and longer, you'll get pretty swiftly bored.









H«r* l aa winka el ■Wn'l AM acuta i    M k

i«tl«l plat*. »« « fat tV«> m>i a< Uata - naa



TTiiRji ifia l ]«<■) IM vtll, i« w«ti< taken direct control o4 one of our tanks. Ifi moved around bf controlling tack track itpAfAlctf, which oiifht lake a bit o( stRjfl] used lo, and Ike turret can be i wive lied round and moved up and down. Aiming Is Israels down to sneiswork - and lots ol practice - and is especially tricky on tkc move.

Game: Campaign Publisher: Empire Author: Jonathan Griffiths Price: £34.99 Release: Out now m

poured io through Belgium

(They want a Mo page wargame renew'* Then theyve got one Heh heh heh - The Real Jonathan;

Empire s Campaign allows the TTT player to recreaie any land battle o‘ the Second Word ■    War ‘ram bret skirmishes

'»>■    lo the 0 Day landings

Over 100 types

PPfBVm ol tank, truck and artillery aie represented, with y"W support, to a limited t extent, by ai< and    , •*>

naval power

Sadly, while the    ■■

speoiications appear to be

exemplary. Campaign has all but abandoned the traditional wargame structure The concept ol the phase has been replaced by a real time environment (although a pause' facility is available lo provide extra manoeuvring time). Our beloved hex is no more, either, replaced by a dean map populated by roads, rivets, hills, towns, lactones and airfields Most distressing ol all however, is the removal . o» the player s autonomy Unas , PW now aa under         ,

their own miiiative m the absence ol orders horn the player, nght down to mdmduaJ tanks on the battlefield.

IActually. this was tine by me It s the director wargames have been heading tor a while, now - with the exception ot one or two ol the really awful ones - and makes the whole business a lot more realistic and exoting. Anyway -

The Real Jonathan)

When the Germans invaded Poland on

1 si September1939. a new chapter in the history ol warfare was opened The outmoded concept ol trench digging which had led lo virtually a lour year stalemate at World War I. was swept aside as Poland was crushed by Blitzkrieg- lightning war. Dive bomber strikes were followed by tanks, which mopped up any remaining resistance, and while Britain and Prance honoured their treaty with Poland by declaring war on Germany, they were incapable ol assisting their ally in the lace ol such a rapid invasion France was lo la> in a simitar fashion the following May. OS heavily defended border with Germany simply be.ng bypassed as the aggressors

them. Empire
unleash a wargame you can actually play. Eek

And «ll tkis bfM I ibowyhi « f«M«r mi aa Aston raccoon

You kAV< ao coairol over lk« plana i - f caa Oflff caII tfcam in four kour ol occd.

This could be the end

A ui iai naMii b« conpl«1« wilkom <■ editor    l«u OB illir all ik«

Itmli okilt oamloaia) inn, jirficldi, Mak dhiiiJoaj aad aaarylkia altc.

The game is organised in a three tier Structure Ai the top level units are moved around on the map m large groups, and overall strategies are planned A t strikes can also be launched at this level, and vtsAle targets can be shelled Once two irts ol opposing sides come mto proximity. a battle commences and the game moves down to the next level Here, ndnndual tanks move around I he screen using the bizarre concept ol animation', and the conflict proceeds until one side is destroyed or reheats

During the battle, however, and this B the realty galling pan the player may at any time take control ol an individual lank and play out the battle using what is apparently tinned '3D graphics Mow. this sort ol thing really has no place in a contemporary strategy game Nol only does it trrviahse the whole concepl ol ihe waigame but il also distracts trom and corrupts the strategy developed at the higher (Look. actualy all this is absolutely bnttrant The strategy side ol things can be taken care of in a matter ol moments and you can then actually see Ihe results ol your tactics as they 're put me practice on the battlefield And. ol

BaUlegroup SdKfi25QxlO

"It's easily Hie best wargame I've played

course, it s great tun cruising around at a tank shootmg other tanks £ specialty when it's done as wet as (tics - The Real Jonathan)

It's not even a$ d n's been particularly well

(Okay. okay. Campaign has its flaws For a stan graphic updates can be slow and terky. both during the 3D stuff and when maps are bemg drawn And those maps can get messy and contusing when lots ol things are dose together The game also Sutters trom the unmfe*giMs icon syndrome that seems to afflict wargames great and small, and there s no direct explanation ol what they al mean m the manual Plus, while you're looking at maps, there realty should be a clearer indcahon ol when you re in zooming m and out mode and when you re not - Chang,ng the shape ol the cursor. perhaps And when you re driving tanks around the coUtsion detection can be a lithe impteose. particularly where bu,kings are involved -The Real Jonathan;

In lad. Campaign marks a sad day lor the wargame II this is the way things are heading, perhaps we d be better oil reluming to pencil and paper based

(Oh. dear Oft. Campaign rs simply great Us easily the best wargame Tve played m al the b<tter years Tve been doing this sod ol thing lor AP I'm net sure I d go so lar as to

v c rniilVr



HaH-lucki aita'l

■ ■ck MIC OR lk«

EBCEpI lo«

cIeeHbj ■Ibes. (Mo, rtElly. Thai'i «kil Ihcv a*«d Hiem lor.)

Thtj son ol fnifldlE ibooi diE plOCE EOd SEE tack otliEr aid, ■Ell, lllM. It dOEIO'l SOEOd

liks Mach, bat Hie rEjiitr is caisruiaiaj-

H oil) aorc ■orfoaiEi hod bEEB this Mitch fan, M IHe os o writer tor AMIGA ROWIR woald ho«e bEEB to Mach More pleosoBl- I wonder H Ihere i oatoar I coa iae.

recommend rt to arcade game only people - there 's stS going to be too much strategy in it for them But if you ike the sound at recreating World War II on your Amiga, but you ve (sensibly) been deterred by the low marks wargames tend to get at the back ol AP. here's the game tor you ft's even been thoughtfully presented, with a bnfcanf mtro disk, and some smashing posters and newspaper reprints thrown in.

It's a shame some of Campaign s more rugging taufts couldn't have been cleared up by a bit ol mdependent playtesting But we ought to be pty grateful it s here at al Now - please1 - no more flashing squares and movement phases -The Real Jonathan)


® UPPERS The best ol both worlds - plan battles and go round In a tank blowing things up. What'a more, both areas have been tackled with Unease, and Ihe overall standard ol presentation Is tremendous.

® DOWNERS It s such a shame you can't tty planes as well as driving tanks. The Icons are contusing (though wall-drawn), the graphics are a bit alow and the tank battle bits don I quite work perfectly.


A massive rellel all round, raally. I really thought II was going to ruin my weekend, but Campaign might just turn out to be Ihe I1A * wargame lo end all    n S

wargames - literally. UU =



I re si lh« police

itSllOE below I If!

ihroaf h lit frees door, and itreif hi 1.10 Million 0.0 (.. I*«. o. o.r iroon cov.rdiih, plot, pl.«) II «ln> I.H* Ikli oh, fco‘11 bo irni.f «i lh<T dock .11 kfl poy. (I'm Arzof mjlaH - id.)

Million thro, n prtlti muck baled around « loci o ri ico. itructio. ■Mo icttln] Swa]n  llrditi, loddon and •ovcral kundrod bad fan or. Jail lone ol ike ikl.fi I. oeil lor oar boro.


f "Probably Ocean's finest computer

Lplatformer j

< A

Game: Lethal Weapon Publisher: Ocean Authors: In house Price: £25 99 Release: Out now Other details: One meg only

Think ol the Lethal Weapon movies. They re big budget allairs spectacular, slick, tunny though not enacity what you'd call high ad' Oh. Ihey aren't very original either Ocean s game ol lhe movies (rl's no longer [usl based on number three m lhe senes - this is now a name licence) rather predictably transforms lhe antics ol lhe wisecracking duo into a platform shoot-em-up Initially this may i seem kke a Bad Thing

Memories ol Navy Seals resurfaced when I tirst loaded up Lethal Weapon But forget any such comparisons Superficially,

Lethal Weapon may appear to be trom the same packet ot Instant platformer just -add-water Bui believe me. there are just enough new ingredients m there to make it a wodhwhile atlair.

Ah. but wait a minute - the Lethal Weapon stones all hinge on the buddy buddy reialionshp of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover How can that be recreated in a computer game’ The designers obviously decided it couldn't, and so what we have is the option to play either one at the characters « a senes ol solo missions.

A no what about that big budget aspect then'* Surety the game must w feature some pretty ’ spectacular sei pieces and

DIM, dki., dhi.l Ini bis bard f uvi Ilk. old ll))i h.«. lo uk« mull action ok. a land aritk Kaai ikrovtn. Id j.al. ikiaa tb.1 ibal malar a itaiiafi Th.f«'i aol mack ebaoca ot poltiaj Pam Kt.lil mm, li tbar.7

speoal effects Ah, well actually, no There are a lew generic ptatlorm identikit pieces - swingng gilders ropes ladders, even a Donkey Kong sequence - but in Lethal Weapon, bg lime spectacular things ate conspicuous by their absence

Okay, let s turn to the humour Surety there are some moments o4 humour to relieve lhe tension, some line set peces where the Met Gibson character gets to do

his wig-out crazy guy routine’ Well. no. This isn't Monkey Island, and the tact that the characters look laughably unlike their big screen counterparts aside. I suspect most player's nbs will remain unhckied Nuts. I'm not pambng a very positrve picture And. strange though it seems, I really do Me thus game Vou know what I'm taikmg about Just lake a bash ai the demo on our coverdisk Fun. isn't rl0 Not


TW test itrAUfT f«Tft Mk< ihct* it

_ ICtlltfMTCMl jour kncccapt

Round here we tend to think that the only good film licence is one that hasn’t






Where Navy Seals trudged, and Hudson

Hawk was awkward and    _

frustrating Lethal Weapon finally gets the balance fusl nghi The man character feels controllable, the odds aren't ridiculously stacked against the player, but neither are the levels a walkover With tour sizable levels, pk£ sub levels and hidden Ms. it's gong !o take the best player weeks to penetrate every nook and cranny ol the game Lethal Weapon works n an unpretentious, single minded kind ol way Sod ol like your average quality console product really (and you thought you could read at least one review without a console reference in it).

Right. I ve blown the review by telling you eiactly what I think ol the game, so m

Lethal Weapon finally gels the balance right"

' Tti«r« l y*4 w kt

l—L. UIm m.: m~. ----j

Zaire reversal ol reviewing code. I m going to tell you eiactly what happens m the game (just m case you haven t been playing the coverdisk demo)

From the main owes, M's initially possible to select one ol the first .  three missions All these must be • «" J completed belore the lourth can be tackled - neat A tier a not too pamtul loading delay, i s then mo the thick ol the action Statistics and stuff are kept to a minimum, with lives

who KtM>

m iu> mii« ■ «

and ammo being pretty much all the player has lo worry about (e>tra weapons and ammo tigs can be collected along the way). And that's pretty much rt. realty It's then a matter of kicking, shooting.

Ckmbrng. running, and Jh •    tumping through the

A    scrolkng levels

walking through doors lo ether sections, throwing switches, locating hostages, defusing bombs.

been taken up yet. Maybe Ocean can put an end to that.

Lott: Prior 10 ■vary .mien you r« allied it foi vail to •cc.pt. Why I haw ao Idea.

eiactly a breakthrough m programming technology, but lun nonetheless And ihe great thing is that the full game contains loads of the slutt Masses of people to shooi. kick and blow up Miles of locations to eiptore. with lots ol variator, and some reasonable background slutt -construction sites, lactones, sewers - that kind Ol thing

Now Ihli b ymlnj ttlty. fhoi. till t.a Ihmyi arc bad .no.yti, but rockd t...chart arc lull a Util, too lathal.

and all that kind ol Lethal Weapomsh stuff As l said, M S not terribly original And it lacks the grace and beauty cf games such as Another World or Pnnce Of Persia But as movie licences go. this is no rtsgrace. despite the rather predictable piadorm lormat And ol course, m time honoured lashion. it's got prachcaly nothing aside from a tew namechecks to associate it with the actual licence material But I'm not here to discuss me positive and negative aspects of licensing (not nghl now anyway). I'm here lo tel you whether Lethal Weapon is tun or not It is End ol story. Goodnight • MARK RAUSHAW

Above left; kin* jolni tb« navy (ba'i obviously read tk« uHpl lor <M« Many III).

® UPPERS Probably Ocean's finest computer platformer yet, Lethal Weapon has most ol the right Ingredient*. Smooth action, dlillncl (II not overly distinctive) graphics and good level design give It that elusive one-more-go appeal Neal and playable. Lethal Weapon cruises ■long In Hs own sweel way, lhankyouverymuch.

® DOWNERS There's not actually anything remotely original In here, and there's always the nagging feeling that more could have been done with the game and the licence. Edge-oMhe-seat movletlme action (Ihe kind which was Implemented so well In Another Workfi Is nowhere to be found.

Would bigger sprites and more heroics really have been that hard lo Implement Just recall Ihe number ol tails, jumps, tights and Improbable situations ihe characters gel up lo on the silver screen.

There's none of that In the game.


Good unpretentious lun. It s got almost nothing lo do with Ihe movies, but don I let the name pul you oft. Thera'e no reason why this couldn't have been written two or three years ago. bul that doesn t make It any lesi sallafylng "1 ft ; to play. Piety darn    f K o

nealesque. I’d say.    I U “



















We’ve had coin-op licences, and film and charactei

platform there, desperately hopeful drops ■3 ,k“ (J'O rd. pc. ;sit.y landr 1 cn sc 1 ' -1 c , ird-■' * - a pas- 11 addy.

“•at sort c‘ - 0 " . wal to maintain a

c    ■    ™    ■ ..    "

jl '-J    ‘ E0 S HHH .    *■    ■    ,

be cK3 er-oed

Game: McDonald Land Publisher: Virgin Author: Arc Developments Price: £25 99 Release: Out now


Cute1 Console

esque! Platforms' Quite pood! Etc1 While you try to dispel that nagging sense

ot de.a vj 11 just    . ,

‘' l    r    1

I    *a I

10 s we'd    A L

■ ■ . ■ ' •

•    - hi, - ft

an uncanny    '-    ’-'

resemblance to

Nintendo's Super Maria games - such as the nbbon you run through at the end ot each level, the map where you move Irom level to level, and all the graphics Mote fundamental than that, though McDonald Land is a conversion ot an NES game It’s a bit ot a shame, then, that *1 most other respects McDonald landrsni very console esque' at ail The control system

■j .

stao To *0'K a: an a BWl platform game needs a decent control system That s not someth,ng you

jShI_Jp tend to realise until you

come aaoss a game with

Timing s another thing In a decent platform game, once you ve got to know a

tv-tK 3f-! 1    " "a f

I V land 'c-i".r"p'f 1: s got a

■■ ■ . ••• .•

vague "oaty jumps and a hail m hearted attempt at momentum when you're walking around

Another thing a platform game really Ought to have is some evidence ol intelligence in the way the platforms are laid out. Whoever drew up the maps tor McDonald Land obviously tailed to

consider that only a small area would be visible to the player at any one time A lot of guesswork is consequently called lor - vakani leaps off the side ot the screen in the hope there'll be a

Mara joldaa M ■ I had you cal ahaka a itkk at. A pillar. Soma (liifti aiaaataiaa. And a piafly flaaiar. Ok, aad Mack, of caana.

Head I* ka claudaT Mat lacidaataHy, aifcal aa aartk'a tkar dawn ikaraT

f<y some meltable re« to Imd live

But the one thing frustrates me about A that, when it comes d ail its (laws, it's really


Wfc*1 ek that caal caatMi li ife« mat ikn pUctaraTi moving. It's a iflO*la plattom

nil map mill be familiar la Mario (« MKiail. Ilia <t la ckaata wklcfc l«wl ta *tih Mat.

licences. Now there’s a food licence.

level you ought to be able to race through it without any interruptions Lifts and moving platforms ought to side seamlessly mto place as you approach Baddies ought to be at lust the right position to be lumped over Not m McDonald Land, though.

Ptattorms aie usually just edging out o' reach as you arrive, so you have to stand there, drumming your lingers, and wait tor them to return

And there are the graphics of course As I said earlier, they ve got a very Uano look to them, particularly in the simple design ot the scenery Trouble is. Afano games don’t realty »£« go overboard with the graphics, and when they do make the effort it tends to be with neat little touches -ike the

characters and things - rather than the backdrops McDonald Land doesn t have any neat title touches, and consequently looks very diab The spmes are titchy. the use ot colour is poor, it's all very NES

Sue Platform games ought to be huge Console ones always are McDonald Land apparently has over 30' levels, and the ones I saw weie minuscule.

The kst goes on and on - the nerve jangling music: the baddies that leappeai it you kilt them, wah away a b<1. and then come back: the way the Cut A A keys restart the game rather than lesetimg the Amiga as they ought to: the tact

Help! Help!

The Hamburg I ar has run off til i 1 h msi Mag i c Bag ! Please help us get it b ac k !



that, although Ronald only asked me to collect lout puute cards betaie he'd show me the way to Birdie s house, ison I was obliged

that realty, really icDonald Land is own to it. and despite not al that bad. I

(font usually en oy gwing rubbsh marks to games, but after a lew minutes with McDonald Land I was ilching to slap an mcredtty low percentage on it But I cant On the one hand. I wouldn't actuary I recommend that f you go out and buy it. but on the other t doubt you d leet completely upped oft if you d already done so So it has to gel one ol those irritating, wishy-washy, mtodto-cf-the load sort ol marks Damn

Oh and I nearly forgot I ve had it up to here with this younger player' twaddle For one thing, anyone who's developed the skills necessary tor copng with McDonald Land would also be quite at home with - and get a tot more tun out o<

- games such as Fire and ice loot and Hadeqom (Or. kx that matier. greal Super Nintendo Mies like Super Mano World. Dinosaurs and Castlevania IV - read all about them in Super Play, issue 2 on sale now.) Also of course. I d sooner die than let Ronald McDonald near any child Of mine • JONATHAN Me0A VIES


® UPPERS When you

reflect on the horrific possibilities of the McDonald a licence, we've probably got off qulta lightly.

® DOWNERS While all the baaics of a decent platform game are there. McDonald Land aeema to have be written with a view to merely getting Ihe Job done, rather lhan coming up with a really lerrttlc game. So don't expect any aurprlses.


H i exactly what 11 aela out to ba. but In a flaccid, laiteleas and AT ; completely uninspiring son HI" of way. How apt.    U I “





Game: Legend o1 Kyrandia Publisher: Virgin Authors: Michael Legg. Rick Parks, Paul Mundra Release: Out Now Price: E35.99

A tier the success ol Limb Of The Temptress. Virgin are attempting another blitz on the adventure game market, this time with their brand-new, at sepng. 8fl-danong FMes and Fiends senes The firs! episode m this ep»c saga is Legend ol Kyrandia The people ol Kyrandia. concerned at the problems that the environment could have, struck a deal with

With Lure Of The Temptress, Virgin beat the Monkeys at their own game. Can


"It leeks as effective as Monkey Island"

fnffkl o. ik< it.!..

the Natural Kingdom to care and protect it At least this way they wouldn 1 have to put up with all those green people or. lor that matter, have David Icke running ai over the place ) However, deals like this can't last forever, and one person in particular wants it squashed Malcolm (and wouldn't you be maiad usted with a name like that0) murdered Kvrandias kma

before he could unleash the hill power of the Kyragem, the mythical tewel that was the source ol all ma c The onfy survivor ol the royal family was Brandon, and he has to deleat Malcolm and restore the world to its peacelul stale In case you haven't worked it out yet, you are. in a very virtualy real sense. Brandon Before you staled reading this. I guess most ol you would have looked straight at the pctuies and are probably now thinking Oh great Another Monkey Island clone' But hold your horses because thrs could wen be the game that bleaks the Monkey island hold on the adventure scene No. realty Lots ol comparisons are going to be drawn between the two games, so lei's do one now Just how do the nine (count 'em1) disks ol Kyrandia measure up against the kkes ol Monkey Island and Curse of Enchanha (reviewed Iasi issue)0 We to look at. it does lack some ol the graphic detail of the others, but what there is is all wonderfully done (The translormation ol the willow when you heal n, lor example is simply beautiful.) Most ol the early pan of the game lakes place outside so it would have been easy tor the programmers 10 go over the top on deiari f    but they ve

.         kept it

1    &    simpler

A    _    and i

they do it again with Kyrandia

looks jjsi as eftectrve, it ool more so Some ol the animations are breathtaking -Malcolm the juggling down is the classic Biample The internal scenes are all hugely atmospheric too. especially in the grotto comp lei

Humour played a great part m the othet two games, but at times it seemed that the piogrammers were struggling to keep the laughs coming consistently Kyrandia does contain a great deal ol humour but it isn't there just tor the sake Ol try.ng to be funny.

When you get laughs m Kyrandia it's usualy as a very welcome Creak trom a particularly stressful bit Ol brain strain The chase between Brandon and the marble earner, the argument between the mystic and his dragon and lots more are all genuinely krny - the style ot humour isn't as chikksh and stupd as m Monkey Island.

Ot course the most important parts ol any adventure are the puzzles Are they too obscure7 Are they loo easy7 Is ft just

too damn difficult7 So many adveniure games fal into the trap ol being too easy or too hard, but Kyrandia is set just about nght At the sian the puzzles are Simple enough to work out with a little thought but this is just to break you in gently Later in the game you'll lind yoursetl spending more time thinking about the puzzles than anything else No matter how tough the puzzles appear, though, you always Imd yoursetl cursing when you uncover the solution, which is always much simpler than you think

There'S no doubting that Kyrandia is a very big game - any game that comes on nine disks i$  bound to be For those ol you with the likes ot an Amiga 2000 it's a joy la play, although it you have a hard drive there s still a lair amount ot waiting around, as it loads each screen individually This means it you leave a location you have to wad lor the next one to load, then it you warn to go back you have to wait lor the last screen to toad again This can get

r«r left: Inyayc Je to Eld )H-kcirttd dMici with HiUoln El he    in

when he tUrti lo lose his fM% fhonjh, that Ike Ihb really starts.

Left: Catch a falliaif tear and pal ft la lour pocket, save H lor E rainy day. Well, somethin] like that, anyway.








Above: Does ll look like 11 Coe joe see eejeee dressed id a Clowe laMT No Tkea I

UK: Hr cherries era Ike he, to seccasslallj •cfeiieiiej Ike labjrfatk ICs ohviocs reallj, bel H wa java job decs joa woaldal eajoj ll kail as Mack.

very frustrating. especially in the early pans o! uie game where there s a lot ol wandering about to do. and lhi£ ;£ possibly Ihe only problem with this magnificent work ol an

The control system is one ol the easiest 10 get on with I ve ever come across. w.lh the possible exception ol the Coktei adventures There's none ol the sentence construction that featured SO heavily in Monkey island J and 2- ail you have to do is point and dick To use an obteci you just dick on it and then click where you want to use it

speed ol the text is also changeable and you may want to do this too 4 you re a last reader

So. is Kyranda better than Curse Of fnchanM and Monkey Island 2 (whch in my view are the two best adventures on the market)Umm. tough H’s about on a par with Enchant* but Monkey island 2 is a little be tier. Ttvrty six quid ts a lot ol money lor a game, so you want to make sure

you're getting good value

Okay, so what has Kyranda got going lor it1 It's big. very big. It's easy to get mto and, because ol the way it's been styled, it's very easy to get completely hooked on it Unlike a lot ol adventures where a certain puzzle will just keep annoying you lor hours on end until you give up because the solution is just so completely unfathomable, jus! about everything in Kyranda makes sense in the end The graphes aren t as dela ted as those other titles but they do look good.


Certain aspects ol the game are changeable and you will definitely want to change them You can alter the waking speed ol Brandon on screen At the start he plods around but. when you've played the game ■ tew times, you II find yourself setting the speed to maximum Not only <s •I taster but it's also quite amusing to watch him whizzing around the place The

Dan lk« Mjtlic lad Ikt JllJM l««« iacdpjblr ol ijmwj on aijlfeii] -laclndlnf wko ton w«r« lalkliy re.

■nd the game has been packed lull ol I hose mce touches that appeal so much to most adventurers Most ol the other characters seem to be more than a little bit clinically insane whch makes lor some tun when you talk to them It's easy to control and moving round and manipulating objects soon becomes second nature Kyranda isn't quite Ihe next best thing since sliced bread but it is possibly the next best thing smee Monkey Island 2 It is a great game and I wouldn't hesitate m recommencing it to anyone It adventunng is your middle name then besides having a very strange name, you're the lend ol person who won't be disappointed after sbeltng out those hard earned notes lor Kyranda

II this is anything to go by then I'm looking forward to the rest ol the fables and Fiends series Kyrandta will be a hard act to tallow, and it they improve on this then they II have the best adventure going For now though. Virgin will have lo be content with a mere elassc • LES ELLIS

® UPPERS It s easy lo

play. It's got gnat graphic* even the mualc la worth listening to. Tha difficulty curve la set just right to you won't gat stuck right at tha atari, but tha game la structured to that if you um your brain you shouldn't get loo badly stuck anywhere. It's Just a great game. okay.

® DOWNERS Wow. nine disks. That's a major downer lor a elan. If you don't own a hard dlak. you're in big trouble, and H you only have a tingle drive then you ra in for an absolute nightmare. Tha way each scene Is loaded Is very frustrating at well -moving around Is a very lime consuming process. Even with the character movement on maximum speed It's still bloody annoying.


It's not quite at good as Monkey Island 2 but don't lei that put you off. Legend ol KyrandLa la an excellent game In Its own right and with more to coma In the aeries there’s something lo look forward to. too. If you're Into adventures then i you can't afford to mlai out j on Legend ol Kynndla.

89 i


To some, it’s a noble character-building sport, played to gentlemen’s rules. To othei

A nui m i hl«i

TmrrsGCES fimpir

Game: TV Sports Boxing Publisher: Mindscape Authors: Malibu Interactive Price: £14 99 Release: Out now

•    .    RpMHjlRBA

review comes Irom    i .

Frank Bruno.    J

Boxing games    Jf

are not (he best of computer game types Beat- emups are usually cited as the worst, most mindless, repetitive and dull games you can stick in your floppy drrve Boxing games, like wrestling games, are usi beat 'em ups where you can't go anywhere Maybe it's possible to do something original with the genre, but these sort ot games usually just involve two characters with btg hands laong each other, accompanied by lots ot tranuc. scarcely thought about, joystick waggling.

As soon as Ihe arcade action part ot — 7VSfl hits the screen it's dear that H this is nothing different in that resped f \    So straight away

Y    the game

I A If m \ plummets down L    I to20%,atair

\    I .    / starting point

. ”■    53

'Not a very good j    start. Harry, know

whal I mean"’ They've

got a lot o< catching up _to do to They can do e.

know what I mean’ I really m bekeve they can. know what I _ mean, Harry7"

There are aciuaty ** quite a lew moves you    /*

can pedoim and a    -

little bit ol thought is likely to result in

more success than    

lust pimg m and

waggl ng like    ***'•' m

mad. which is a v good sign You can move up and down step back to let fty with the big punch or go m dose and rathe et the short ones Wagging like mad is sttl the most enticing opr ion but the score deservedly nses 10 28% on the grounds that there s certain tactical element to the action

There are also occasional overhead shots, which pop up every time someone is .nocked down and t'u ' , at other junctures These are very sma'i w th tny sp-’es on a rny screen A ■> !    "

little bl silly really, but harmless And you can't take pomis oh lor harmless

So how do we go about awarding a percentage to a new gameDa we just print the first number we think of 11 not. what things m a game can sway that score up or down7 Welcome la a practical guide lo scoring We ll start with fust an Amiga, the two TV Sports Boung disks and a starting average ot 50%, (Other magazines might use 70% as their average score but here on AMIGA POWER we use 50%. mad and irrational tools thai we are.)

Bight The background is that TVSfl is the latest in a senes ot sport Sims -Irom Mindscape. using taking heads m  TV studios as graphic interludes

TV Sports    M    I

Baskeibau, TV    pRIRJ

Sports Amencan] k ~v u Football    '

Bi) IlHXIi Cdffipe.il llktl OB SICVB

Davit for I hr title

sillmess.can you The exhibition

*    mode was the first option

on the mam menu and it's that to which we turn tirst There s a two player option so this is one ol those **r»n games that you can turn to 0 tor a rtte a-tdto batiie when you've Med ot tackling the compuler opponents A jump to 35% for that then

‘They're starting to pick up now,

Harry They ve landed a couple ol good punches Anylhing can happen, that's the thing about boxing. Harry Know what I mean. Harry7*

The one player option is very imitmg m exhibition mode You select which 1 ghter to be and which tighter HMH the computer w. I be.

then take lo the ring The fighters are ranked according 10 how tough tHey are. so you can easily adjust the itticulty ol Ihe bout depending on your choice ol i ghters Seeing how long it will take till you Hatten Baldy Bones isn't the most involving ol game objectives Down the ladder to 29% One of the most involving parts is the create boxer' section which lets you select the characienstics. abilities and appearance ot a boxer You can then take to the nng with your new creation (or let

it    Mt*

W *Bt»»


Check owl (he dasiifiidi lor usitnl hoamf aMi - 1 home fyw... or bellci leiUBi,

Check owl the record boohs lo see who's done wHal lo whoie.

Select your computer oppose el from aa iiunihe list ol silly iumei.


zf- f H

-» * • •

. ~-;r;—»•

"Wi— "- —1

-it* •<(

•Si 25*




Tsa barbaric anachronism. To Mindscape, it’s a new sports sim.

for ... dreadful    <a« coaid kin mom jou coaid talk aboat loakii] caaip

the compu!e< play as him), An excelled feature which lakes the score up to 34% But d'S not a lot ol use it all you can do is stage one ott lights

Fortunately there's also the career' mode This allows you take control ol a ighter (one you ve created yourseil or a ready grown), making tactical decisions throughout their boung career This is great lun. with loads ol features: a manager to advise you. a trainer to work you into shape, rankings to climb, performance axing substances to buy (ail legal it a bi supernatural and money to earn And lots

more, inducing lights to be fought This adds strategy and rote playing elements to the base game and lilts TVS8s rating up to a quite creditable 56%

"You know Harry, the boys done all right Not the most bnikam ol performances, bul they had a ;ob lo do and they went out there and did rt. ' Oh sorry, that's Emlyn Hughes • ADAM PETERS











® UPPERS A lot ol good features In the career mode. Excellent RPG style character eraallon. The tight sequences require is much brains as brawn.

® DOWNERS Boxing

titles aren't really the mosi Inspiring of games. Based round vary boring baat-'em-up gameplay. Exhibition mode will soon get rather dull without another human player.

Some kelptnl chip hoi beta kicplij iii<aii«< records oo the fljkten 10 yooTe 901 ion<ihJi) lo base foar decisions oo.

And,cr, tkea Oa choose two flf hteri end, tr, they flf ht. Tool's pretty reach it, really. Will else did 100 taped


It could have been worse; a lot worse. It couldn't have bean much batter, bearing In mind the limitations ol simulating ihe sport In question on a computer. TV Sports Boxing Is reasonable fun, rp ’ but I wouldn't light    hjl o

someone tar a copy. UU i


-**» ■* An iMMfl Taoo Itteil

'’H >wdl

Tv 1 m a e OP ejTtSOA C Tip »«<II

Yoi nan oft with sometklof only a coople of steps ewiy from beiaj « blank peye Type in yonr holer's name (preferably somethin] I be I sounds deed hard) end komelown.

Then select Ikelr skin colour, franks colour, heir cut end hairstyle

-“-■t .-P—t - IT    ■

•    iwt Ty Atainw

• _" e ~ 6 t*.«

(ht of eeck to choose from). Von know, I’m sore I recognise fkis bloke Iron somewhere.

Voo con then boost fke ckeredcr's skill. Veriotn abilities, from power end speed lo the strength of tkeii ckinf stert on SO bot cen be bull up to 130.

Von set S00 points fo dole on!

MTM K. 1 ftAKlM


1 f •

■ T

r 1

1 -

L _L

r *► *-

And finally, tkere'i 40 points to dole out lo ability in tke different sorts of ponck. And that's H Von kave now made a wrestler.

Well done.






Ween a game comes out with a funny name, ween-ever miss a
few puns.

control system to see how it should be done Bravo Coktel

So. what about the game itsell. As you would expect Item looking at Coktel s other games [Fastinatm tor one) it s a point and dick adventure You are Ween (although you only actually see him once) and you have to roam around the various locations solving deviously Indry puzzles Well actually the puzzles range from blindingly obvious to slap on the forehead "Why drdn'i I ihmk ot that’" type problems

D«cp li ilia Min, miiy nyiurleiM puiilii, luck 11 ibh ofti, will coihiii yoi.

LmUbj iiio lh« hidciaiy, yea Did h i yuardid by a tail raL Now, bow do you slew him down Hmmm.

This bridyo it juefdcd by o airaayi nonlir. Lackily yea Kavi all th« riytit layrcdiiiti 1o rid ot him, H ooly yoa know how.

Game: Ween The Prophecy Publisher: Coktel Author: Joseph Kluytmans,

Pascal Pautrol Price: £29.99 Release:

Oul Now

Before we statl I should advise all ot you who are expecting any sad attempts at a joke about a game called Ween that you re going to be disappointed This is not a magazine where we would even attempt such a low blow at a game, we think Ween is a perfectly good tile and woukln t dream ol making any /okes aboul rl (I am rebeved - Ed)

Okay, so il is one ol those French RPG ihmgies. I'm looking toward to this one Lei's see. what does it say here15 One

day, blah blah, evil omens, blah blah anger olthe heavens, blah blah, nasty wizard, blah bah. good wizard needs help. What, no women with no ddhes on What's with all this good wizard needs help against bad wizard' stuff'’ There can't even be much violence with that plat Oh never mind let's see what the game s ike anyway

Playing these French adventures lor the first time is a very refreshing change They've obviously put a lot ol thought into how k) make these games playable. Gone are Ihe entfess icons or the ridiculous text entry systems that never understood what you were trying to say Now with two dicks ol a mouse button you can go Irom examining a rat dose up to stuffing a drug down its throat or slaying a dragon I wish more companies would take a good look at this


The way the system works means that anything that's ol any use 10 you will be Shown on screen when you move the mouse over A. This is fine but if does lend lo have one drawback whenever you firsl enter a screen al you have to do is ust swing the mouse over everything, see what S highlighted and you gel the general ■dea of what you have lo do lo complete that particular puzzle. In Coktel s earlier games this detracted Irom the gameplay and made the games too easy. Luckily that particular problem stops here because some ol the puzzles m Ween lake a hell ol a kit of working out However with pure, ice cold logical brain power (and ihe help al ihe guy upstairs who s played the game before) l managed lo gel through the worst ol it,

The graphics are a real mixture of styles Some of ihe outside


Pib b«i Iiii 901 « t««cl lootk, ii4 tf

fOE COB keep

him fed k«1l kelp toe obi !o liBBi of ■cod. Mo jell loves kis iirowborrioi.

Yob iun iko jobc la Iko kifekoo Toko cvcryikiiij yei COB lof fOEr hoBdi on,TOE

wkon H

■ iflll COBB

In kondy.

® UPPERS Great control Interface. one ot the bast In tact. The difficulty level hat been tel jutl about right. Ween It the game that t going to draw more people to playing theta adventurer It It a pleating game to look at and even more pleating to play


definitely one ol the tmalleat adventures around. Some o< the puzzles are a little obvlout and the point and click tytlam sometimei maket them eatler than they should be. Not exaclly a brain butter, although novice adventurers (like me) will find It quite a challenge. Loading every screen at It's needed can be a bit ol a pain at well.


At adventures go Ween Is up there with the rest, but It's loo small From start to finish you can go through the entire game In just a tew hours The puzzle level has been tel Jutl about right for beginners, but experienced players will breeze straight through It. Ceil magnlllque Not quite, but It Is damn good. It you're new to the genre, then Ween has    ft e z

got to be on your list of SI I S must-haves.    U I “




scenes are done In a lovely sepia style while the interiors lend 10 use more purples than anything This may sound rather odd but it does create some strange ighimg effects which are realy atmospheric, especially <f you're playing the game late al right with the lights down low and some soft music coming from your stereo Sound elteds m this type ol game are newer up lo much anyway There s very hole animation to speak Ol bals Hying overhead and a moving ral Whal mere is quie wen done but doesn't really add anything lo the game Thai said touches such as this < lend give you quite a start

These point and defc adventures are usually tun 10 play because they re easy lo gel to grips with Ween however is a lot ol kin 10 ptay and the leelmg al satisfaction •hen you solve a particularly incky puzzle is immense Many s the time I've been seen walking around the office wifh a smug gnn on my lace after wresilmg wiih a nasty problem lor hours on end. You II have to lace up to those problems as wen because you can't progress until each problem has been well and truly solved None ol thus "Oh r» do that fail later" stuff here, thank you very much

There are only a couple ol places where you re likely lo get well and truly stuck, bul even there you can work il oul eventually -A s jusl a case ol trying everything you have in every possible combination, ocops. was that a due7 Nah. not realty. Ween isn't one of the biggest adventures I've played In tact when you know whal you have 10 do you can breeze through it lairty quickly. I'd say lor the experienced adventurer -lhe kind that eals Monkey Island games tor breaklasi - this may be ust a smidgen too easy For the novice 10 beginner however, it will be a real battle ol wills as you go head to head with your Amiga just to prove who is the smartest Several times I lound myself curseng the machine and swearing that no way would this damn game gel the better ol me It was normally al these times that l would fmd out that lhe answer had been slating me in the face all along

To me these adventures are an ideal way Ol spending a lew afternoons when you have nothing better lo do They re not oveilyexpensive when you compare them to some at the others on the market and they can be a lot more useMnendty I can see Faso nation appealing 10 more people because ol its more up to date plot bul I think Ween is more ol a challenge and iherefore a better game It's lhe classc example of just how a good adventure should be challenging but solvable • LES ELLIS

Dt«f 1* Ike


tide IO rtveel



* •«• Imi aui ktVi ewn, N cmMx i ka War nwtwle wralr w«n in twetwe aM Wai h«r Ml At aaa Wai Man it

mmti tke ««<wr al M aam km leel tree 11 rcwriMa N M vwai kk«

It x a crwckf b at» k*te iw rt* ■«*> Mw ri • Merer Mawni trHk aw ■*» M«e> ktip t* ta i* ik<r

II seems that the best way to give you an idea ot what Bunny Bricks Is like is to offer up shots of some of the


Trtcky. Thai* blocks la the miri are maty i dear, to art the omi « ike sides art hidiof behind a «<n •tficlivc barrier al aattal blhtki. Gcniay at, aid yeti my nd ol, lira Mill to take a lot of carefal iwib*i. there's lilt added atlraclioa of tilt boll boaaciaf off Ike maial blocks a*4 yoiny alirc yon weren't npcdia] Oil dear.

Thtaft itan off «t< simple (Ac! deal stay that may lor loaf, Ibaayfc] with this opening icrcca. Tktvt'f a lairty ordinary rcctaaynlar faffit of blocks to bt haocktd away by yoar baaoy batsman. Tht oafy troablt will come hoot ikt low walla at titktf >idt: tkt ball cat boaact off tkcit at some pout aataptcitd angles

Tkn spell Htl before wt took oat the comer ol tkt H‘. H‘i ai dost at aay of Ikt btack ter teas get to taking place in tkt water. Gttlitf rtd of tht ckcmkal fonoala is taiy caoagh, bat that's aot ikt tad of it. Mittiaf a key opeai (or doses) oat of the batch kata. Thera's aaotkar block kiding loatwhtrt Tkt dtvloai lettft, at, block.

Motkiag wtoay with tktsa blocks, aacept tka worrying (but aot ovorty scary) bomb aoltfi oa soaat of tkoai. Oh, aad all those aainly positloaed racial blocks, which make gening at tka big block collactioa yaite drfflealt. Aad that faa oo the rlyht dots what all flail fats do: it itads ikt ball off la strange directions, at great spaed.

While tka ftnt ittial yrvts yoa a chaaca to 901 ocqnaiatcd with tka controls, the sacood is a raal baptism of flra.

Tka aafy way yoa cam yet at those blocks oa the right is by detonating the dynamite, which maaas cleanay iha blocks oa the left to §ti at tka datooator. Aad there s all those metal blocks ia lha was- Vary, sen aasty.

Things fat a little toiler after that, wstk aaotkar fairly conventional scree a. Thera is a aambar of tactically placed maul blocks kart to moke Sara ihioys don't gel loo cosy. Oh, aad watch for Hraagc bonaces off the wall 00 die left. The tactic that works bast for most screens involves staodiay yoar yrovad wherever possible.


Game: Bunny Bricks Publisher: Silmarils Authors: In house Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

Baoay, Beany, how do yoo like yoor coos

Don't don i you just love

Breakout* That dass*c bat and bail game ol yesteryear that inspired a whole generation ol 8 bit owners lo write their own crappy

BASIC versions. It s also inspired a lew software houses to otter their own interpretations with varying success.

The most famous ol these came in the form ol Arkan&d and Arkanotej 2 -Revenge ol Doh, which transferred the pie at blocks to outer space and threw in all kinds ol space

Laarel nod Hardy were named after oar favoarite wine bar.

named after a vary famous

french brandy

Let’s get this straight. There’s this rabbit and his girlfriend’s

screens, together with a bit ot tactical analysis. So here are the tirst twelve screens in all their glory1 Enjoy.

il Ur .1 IMM] iKttdH brtchl It if, ■« aa Mtytr Uuf* mH M«

MU* «a*j,« d* UM MUI ,M< Out tM« back Mf lank iWm


Tkn Mai «• Ikaa MML Tkcra.    Mwki >h

ttm Mh t«< **    •« *»»«.., Mt ik«T r« t*nk

less tt tmlM iifik.. an Mutufy it d*ar a M<k

«) Owl row caa f«« al tkc Mwki, (kant) ifcan aw a M pcaklcaa Apart Iran • . M taf rowlfir

Mi a a lawtf caattatiaaal mm Tkcrcrc latt af W«hi manuka *an al ittli a««tuMt A tart iMitafi M .Star Na tcparatf tt J'.wfi a* bkock* Wbar. Mm lackcl Tr. m ctcai tack lat >* tan.

»>aaak a« UM Macht

A veritable rabbit ball al liaat

missing and he’s going to get her back by playing baseball.

anelaas: lasers, bombs -you know the son ol thing And now French softie Sdmanls offers us Bunny Bncks, described as a cross between Breakout and a baseball game

Vdu play Bunny and. armed with dnty a baseball bat (and lew collectable extras), you have to dear away loads of screens full al loads Ol blocks II isn't easy, partly because ol Ihe tncky control method You often end up dnnng to ihe ground when you d really prefer lo be swinging Ihe bai

The bai has such a wide reach and ihe ball stays within stnke distance lot such a long lime that a simple tactic soon

emerges Jusl stand m the centre ol Ihe screen, constantly swinging your bai. and only make a move when it becomes clear the ball isn't going to reach you unless you do (about one lime m ten) There are. ot course.

Circumstances m which you reed lo hi)

Ihe ban from a different place, lo get il through a particular space lor instance, but by and large Ihe standing lactic is Ihe best Try la run ambitiously around Ihe screen and you'll end up Happing a I Ihe air a lot Anything else1’ Not really You can only move left to nght along Ihe bottom of the screen, you have three

Afferent ways to hrt the ball, there's some sort Ol plot involving your bunny giillnend being kidnapped (thai's anginal) and you'll learn more from eyeing up ou' guide lo ihe hrst lew screens Up [here.


Al ika pijji waplrc aad baseball plajiaj doj look oa, all job caa do !• atari ajala . H jaa caa be boikarad

UPPERS lovely


f A ) Animation, bright lod cheery


V_S graphics, and a lalrly


original combination of Iwo different


typaa ol game. A good Idea...


>—-v DOWNERS not. The



f W J control method la just loo



\ZS tiddly and It s beat not to


move very much. Everything's very

repetitive. It's tar loo difficult, and H

soon gels boring After about 23



seconds. In (act.






Breakout was a great game largely


because ol Hi simplicity and Its


basic lest of skill (perceive where


the bell's likely to go and gel there).

Bunny Bricks somehow manages to


lose all at that, becoming a very dull, convoluted AA * mess. A nicely animated in 5 al lea ol boredom UU «









It seems those clever Germans have turned their attentions

Game: No Second Prize Publisher: Thalion Authors: Erik Simon, Christian Jungen, Thorsten Mutschal and Matthias Steinwachs Price: £25.99 Release: Out now Other details: One meg. Not A600 compatible

You may be aware by now. it you re a regular reader ol AP that I've recenlly become interested m motorbikes Not passionately, you understand Not m that obsessive, posters on the wall books and magazines ail over the house, only topic ol conversation sort ol way I'm more your these motorbike things are quite a good •dea1 sort ol a chap who's just realised how cheaply you can get around the place it you're prepared 10 gei a be cold and wet

Nor. I have 10 say. am I obsessed by (he ■dea ol ruing exceedingly quickly Nol lor me the sleek race replicas with all thee lanng and hunch backed riding positions Give me a big tat tourer and some healed handlebar grips and ID be as happy as. er well. I'll be as happy as a Tim that just got a bg tat louier with healed grps Ah yes but

I ve racked my poor    _

addled oM brain and I can't think ol a single thing that would make a game about nding around on a bke like that even remotely appealing How. alter alt. can you make an entertainment about big tat bkes that don't go very last and people that wear cowboy boots1 You

can t So the next best thing lot bke Ians has to be a

"The world whizzed by at breathtaking speed1

game about racing around jolly quickly And that, oh dearly beloved, is exactly what No Second Prize «.

The game arrived white I was out ol the office, so I came in late that night to play it I loaded n up with no sma> amount o! trepidation - I've tried this son ol thing belore The intro sequence looks particularly tabby -vector 30 a go go But wave ail seen groovy intros that belie the shoddiness ol the game they prelude, so I kept my enthusiasm in check. Nice neat option screens let you choose whether to race. tram, or toad a saved season Then you choose your ndet There are six. each with their own strengths and weaknesses Imeiudmg a hit point system tor the rider and their bike) So tar. so ordnary The enlhusiasm was still there, just bubbling under the surface, but as yet there was no reason to run whooping around the office

Just the track selection to go

now and I can get on with some racing II you’re just practising, you can choose any ol the 22 courses, but in a proper race season your choice is made lor you The tracks are tamiliar - Oonnington Park Thoixion. Hockerheim, etc - and there s plenty ol into available on each I chose Paul Picard because it was a) the fust one. and b) simple looking

The race tmally started Icouldn l believe my ktlle eyes What I thought I saw was a 30 world ol shaded polygons that moved smoothly and realistically. But it couldn't be That can t be done, can it I mean we've had countless games in here that use polygon 3D systems and they re slow and erky and altogether nol tun to play. Surely that s because silky smooth last 3D isn't poss*le on an Amiga

Another thing I thought I could see was a world whiZ2ing past at breathtaking speed as if l were on a real bike The white line down the centre ol the road was shooting past in an alarmingly realistic way. And those trees approaching stowty and then flashing out ol sight on either side. This couldn't be right either Surely things should just sod ol blob past and you have anagme that Isa really convincing simulation Maybe it's all iust a dream Anyway. I played on even though I was worried that my okl eyes were

Choose youneH a rider ffroai thru tia dodjy looklaj Jadlvtdttali. Old George Ij lfee belt all loaader.

There art plenty ol riden la Ike race. Tear rivalj ara alee bnjfci coloan villie (fee veil in black or brown.

A rare eve at

(for no) -ochloolM Lap rtcord at Motion Pork.

/*T\ tIPPEBS It's goi one ol A ) the smoothest polygon 3D 'v—' systems we've seen (of some time. It s list end Addictive, and lun lo play even whan you're losing. The control system Is pretty Intuitive. II sounds good. The replay option Is excellent.

® DOWNERS There'S no outside view when you're racing. Er._


This Is lar and away the best 30 motorbike racing game money can buy. So If you want a jj -motorbike racing game. X /I " then buy It.    U I •

Tkart't taapi ol lalomotiaa aa lk« tcraaa, lacladiaj aa oirtwalj halplal diaqraoi (lop I ah) at Ike ra«c peiilieat. Tloi'l qaila a war back.

lari by way ol ikowiaf eh a bn, ika prn rinnari hava lacladtd conplicaicd prloai la ihow haw good ikair ID Is.

have a contest to see who should have the remaining one and (here's no second prize and . I lost interest and slopped reading at this point

Anyway, hack lo the action replay There are lour cameras that shoot the acton One is on your bike: one races along beside ycui bike, ore follows your bike from the middle ol the track, or thereabouts: and the final ore is in a helicopter (which you can see) and lollows the race leader At any point in the action you can gel yoursell a replay ol the race so lar by selecting one ol the cameras (the race stops while you da so). Ah yes. but that's not the dever bl Using the cursor keys you can last-forward or rewind the recording to your favourite bit - the bt where you smash into one of the other riders ard take them out ol the race is always quite satisfying - and the speeded-up action is almost as smooth as the normal speed version Astonishing

The only disappointment is that you can't use any ol the external views while you re actually racing - you can only view things as seen from the hanefebars of your b*9 SMI. how many limes have you ever been driving down the street and been able lo watch your bike car Irom the outside'9 You'd need a panwxilarly sophisticated radio control system, a stout rope and an especially rugged pair ol roller skales. Or something Wouldn'1 you’

I checked with the rest of the team and it turns out my eyes hadn't, in tact, deceived me No Second Prvte looks utterly, fabulously, smoothly, wonderfully groovy Well. that's probably veering a little towards hyperbole, but 1 does look and sound yolly good II doesn't have much dree competition, so as a motorbike racer it's the best so far. But rt's also sufficiently good that it stands up pretty well against more conventional four-wheeled racers.


deceiving me The control system (or motorbike games is a tricky thing to gel right. You can have the Road Rasl>type joystick control that makes no claims to realists: simulation Or you can have the hopelessly slippy sidy Red Zone system that tries desperately to be realistic but  US1. frankly, gets on your wick Or you can have the No Second Prize system which is mouse controlled and is so very nearly intuitive that you make allowances lor it and blame yourself rather than the Controls when you crash

I have to own up at this point and say that I'm so slultityingly bad at this game that, at the time of wnimg, I haven't actually finished a race without destroying mybke But unlike some other games, the hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm at an and I carry on playing, regardless ol my total lack ol ability, because it's lun.


As well as being no! particularly good. I'm also one ol those strange people that ahvays turns the sound oft when they play computer games - it's usually either dull and uninspiring or irntatng beyond dreams ol exasperation imagine my surprise, then, when I turned the sound up and found atmospheric bike noises and Doppler-shifted sounds from tie other bkes as I roared past

them And the opbon-screen music No plinky plonky tat here, mate There'S a groovy tune with a 70s style lunk guitar rift that sounds most convincing m a vague Starsky Ard Hutch son ol way

Much is made in the instructions ol the replay option Oh. actually, before I tell you about that. I should mention that there is a plot ol sorts lurking in the game - <s got something to do with two really great bikes being built and one ol them being destroyed and some people who deede to

Oaca in n wrinta-oH ioar bikt Too cjn wiick a irltaillr variioi ol Ika r«il ol Ika fact.


LjI«i levels ire I little non Mit-llhi vlicl


■tfoliait It vie a route of your choice. Do you risk life aid limb tor the bouses or la he the safer spots The poiets are iselil lor extra

lives. 1 like bavin* that ale me at ol freedom. It's a Very Good Thioj.

11 Sis'.Tf •' 3' BC

Kid s dmasaur chums '■ ,**    'J I    d li rr\ id H s

bfst"!3 i’s ;a«'umed

into the boss characters encountered ai (he and ol a level Only BC Kid can free them Irom the spell and defeat the true enemy etc elc

BC Ms a right fasty run o' )ump romp m ihe traditional Japanese style,«, it's sick and playable and doesn't have stupid negative features Me joysl ck control <eversa' HHh arid dangerous things la avoid pCMing up

MMB There are a great many teasers <c,t king  HDhdiW BC M so much It's immensely playable 'Or a sian rspec a y »•' a two tX-bcn Cyf -• T“e Amiga car do it, so why nc* have an option lor it when necessary’’I It's also tunny It's tunny to watch ugly bespectacled blue things trying to leap up after BC Kid on a higher

platform and

lunny to see

AMm BC Kid

We should all just be thankful it’s not still called Bonk!

Game: BC Kid Publisher: Ubi Soft Price: £25 99 Authors: Hudson Soft (Original Version), Factor 5 (Conversion). Nils Meier (Code). Sven Meier (Graphics). Rudolt Stember & Chris Hulsbeck (Sound)

& Others

Release: Out Now

as Dyna Blaster (and that old lavounie Stop The Express on the Spectrum, come to think ol it) It was known as PC k Kudin Japan and Bonk (I) J the US    

interaction with the scenery and more besides. You see. BC M is new to the Amiga but the run 'n' jump romp iise* has been around for years on the PC Engine console. Just like Dyna Blaster

BC M comes Irom the same stable

Oefllo* Iniimale with x bias dlooeaer, ■C Kid joes ]f«a with, jiceoecss.

taymg BCMKt easy to see where the mspeation came horn tor Chuck Rock The prehistoric theme the large dnosaurs the

Tie wlfjy diaosaar'i advice nii la bun Ike palm trees. When you da, they vpiaal aod valkl li t heady way of picking vp baaiti tokens aad avoidli] diajir ipats below - i«ck as Ike taed lelo which 1C Kid ticks if ke t eol flcci of foal.


rr l

- HI

■«r J


Oac of Ike early (eed ikaneai) levels takes place oa ike back of a ]Uai dieosaer whose spinal piales move ep eed down. Wkee 1C Kid reaches Ike head, ke butts fl. Oafl Ike dinosaur's loejac pops eed on BC Kid kops. Vlfilk a lear ie its rotating eye, ike dieosaer retracts its toejoe lo lake >C Kid Inside I

   Tk«i« plain in

ilatplay bai ar« loci ■okii by •( Kid jamplny oa ibaai. Ilia fallow plaali propal 1C Kid klyh Ills Ika air. Tha anaya plain cada (nil or naai or a wacky, uary black boiacy ihlny. If Kid bitfi allfcar oac of Ikaia plain from ika ildi, fct'i boaiccd backward! with a DOING!

■nice when he s hil i s tunny lo see each partornting the rumba(') and tunny to sae BC Kid look right hacked oil with a poul or stunned after head tutting a rubber plant I laughed father a tat and l didn't cry with frustration when I ded because it always leeis as though it's tout own fault and nothing to do with the

programmers being such smug and inconsiderate so-and-sos

BC Kids packed to bursting point with neat playability touches

(these aien 1 just frills) BBHBH k 'a' '00 many to co.tit in t ese

BHBMHBJHA pages which is a great p>ty. but yc. Shou'd a* least on' " e ids i Irom "ip

BC Kd is

visually mos! appealing, even though Ihe scenery s a little rough and ready or chunky at limes It'S all so Colourful and vivid and happy, I couldn't care less

The use ol sound is noteworthy, loo. The muse's brilliant - lots of jolly ungie juice, coiky kettle drums and Casio VL Tone glockenspiel noises All the tunes have nice names, too. like Sunbath Coconut Attack. Wet Wails and Happy Hour, and you can hear all those and more from ihe options screen (spol

that user friendly console influence]. Everything has an associated sound effect which is a Good Thing Take ihe mellow music oombmed with (he sound ol rushing wafer on The Falls

level, and Ihe crunching sound as Kid btes Ins way up the edge ol a piatlorm BC Kids not SO tough that it will lax meipenenced players lo the point o< gnnng up (actually. Irom level three onwards it's often a mile tricky but everything has an apparent way through and nothing seems impossdte). and hard men shouldn't find if a complete walkover There are days and days ol solid fun to be had ai ihe very least BC Kid is cheery, tiiuddesome. chipper It's a slice of Japanese jollity sadly seldom seen on the European home computer systems, and one ol the bes run n ump romps available lot the Amiga Fact • GARY PENN

Above The Kid Id Chortle ■rown mode. Bijki: BC Kid (wilh his ailinibif Itrjc hood) ran, fanpi md never fiends Hill.


(Tht fewer si cmjcmmi is that BC Kid't bultlaj m tritob*fe Its attuttiof Che Chiefs you rtmtmbtt - idJ

What makes the BC Kid such a strong character is his range of silly expressions.


BC Kid looks concerned and his longue pokes oul as he lalts.



BC K*l buns ihe f thin a* or leaps *r into 4 to perform a flying head butt


He misses he target and hits the ground with a bump When he's angry, this manoeuvre temporarily stuns the creatures on screen.



He gnps the

E T".-    scenery with he

V .    teeth Ave*

~ * comes up on the head, too What's neat is Ihe way he can swmg around to the other side ol a thick tree trunk and continue his




>    Asmalpeceoi

jj    i*.    meat beels up

Kid'S powers once-and he blows he top Afterwards he k. "    looks mean If

*         he's N, he

- doesn't lose energy - just his

anger When BC Kid eats a large piece ol meat or a second smal pece r succession, he goes all Ihe way and is granted temporary mvmobibty Other loodslutfs he cdects Simply boost his energy.

® UPPERS Cute and

colourful, and picked wilh neat touches, lop lunes, solid sounds and playability. Who could ask for anything more

® DOWNERS It does look a Utile rough In parti, but I actually like Its childish sense ol style, so there


A doozy. Although apparently all rather almplialic. It has to be rated this highly because not only la II one ol Ihe most well-rounded and complate games ever seen nrt ;

on Ihe Amiga, il'i    IIU jjj

A completely lovable loo. U U -




Go *i!o the Bait andTaeWe. suggests Chrs WMe ol Barnsley, and pck the mug next lo the candle Then keep doing pck up' nthe space •here the mug •as and you I gel ai the items you need to complete ft* game

Is Ifflt 1ae« Nifllcs Barrie wolf l play lor childm iboM i boy who Btvor ]MMB ip. 11 roi called Peter Pee.


(New World Computing)

9 TT a f 1 KvN V/A l TW Nt i «rt th« prKiti of tM kmilriw r«ll,loa Of iidtn Pmla (an !*»■).

Here are some teleponer codes.

SO you can teleport lo places They were sent in by Andre Piassmeier. who lives m Osnabruck Osnabruck is in Germany












it you re still struggling, despite our definitive guide, try this suggestion Irom Greg Oowsins ol Brighton. Type m COOL and press Return

nil capon (uaU UtrtMS) la a wtM do, ulni IE North Abiiicj.

Momb1 BusfciBore, Soul* Dahou -(anted 1111-41 by <2ulioa BovjIbm.



Here's a sort ol cheat' Irom Ahster Jones ol Barnstaple Go lo the shop with all live stars and over a hundred quid, and buy another Star. You'll gel an eilra hundred pounds. You can achieve the same buy getting the balloon back lo the shop and buying another star This can be done as many times as you want I was goatg to give you all ihe puzzle solutions, says Alister, but I'm leelmg tight so you can wad tor someone else to send them in Well that's not very nice, is it’



If you’re stuck, confused or just plain lazy, this is the place to come for tips, cheats and playing guides. Big Jonathan Davies presides over the fun.

(Core Design)

On the tme screen - the one where it says Press Fire to roll cameras - type SPARKPLUGS You should then gel a cheat screen Start the game and you'll be able to skip levels by pressing the grey " key on the pad on the very nght ol your keyboard (Unless youve got an Amiga 600. ol course i

Om ol Ifee fim IHbbbs will a pfol was oa 11 win trie wesiera sid< Ifl 1161. 11 WEI called Tbe drtEl TieJii Robbery.


II. in common with a numbei ol other people, you're having trouble with the various Parasol Stars cheats we ve printed ever the months, try this one Irom Shane Williams ol Runcorn Stan a one-player game and plug the mouse «ito player two s socket. Press the right button on the mouse 10 dear a level

Parasols hive beta used for over o tike use ad years, Ibey were syBboli of power io IfypL


II it's an Action Replay poke you're atter. you've turned 10 ihe right page. Because here are some Action Replay pokes (Unfortunately mere arenl very many And you will, ot dojise need an Action Replay cartridge to get them working )

Crazy Cars III 13003 boost D Generation C2F210 lives TVs/ Samurai C849 lives

Gaunttef 31 DODD energy 1D0D7 score 10OE3 potions

Ot No' More Lemmings 9074 dimtoe's 9D67 floaters 9D7B bombers 9D83 blockers

9081 builders 9083 bashers 9089 nmners 9070 diggers

Populous IIC59205 experience points

Thanks very much indeed to Brendan McCrystai. D Zasikowski






















In Part two of our Fascination Tips Matt Squires gets to the bottom of things in


Ton * tad that li»n la no more - udmom aiae got In him ftrsi Ha now Maa slumped deed In front aratdnk rook everywfawce tocma —i Intomtopo 9—frltohqtoe, nulnon 4 (in NntetM TjyaaJLoDloaitB> (*-sk task** Is ■ mfc m sssett* You must nowr Hno suwmrnq ir toy < on toeacft the hrakiitot Btim itw manual ynutHtotasprmg ■ rigger M ip iwii t eerne ■■mfmtmmA Hu* U»»atto tnekfe to meftlwifk i mi—ttrpiey o\ «»» .aerated «n turn *■ temp button an igngrs the sappier .the tone-IT f>i»lerg"ner    orr»» tnpch Potto

■torocestotlalnto the player. II x»—1$ that two of the three remaining tW» ere Ming kept by me

evil crook. Doc, somewhere below a lingerie Pop. Now go

• ■    '** - "»    ——    to the lingerie shop.

>tt eh

1 HMpp-~y----

III vl I


Mice QorrM, iiou'ra accidantflLL'i in noccaceion

o-f a saipLe of rny *cst important 1 ntienti cm.

1 'we decided to gi<c it to the gowernwent because I'm constantLu threotered ana in fear of «y Life. ! must get out of the firing Line before it's too Late. Only three prototype wiaLs exist. . but Lhe tontuLa can be obtained by anaLysis 3ne is with ay son - ] trust hia comnLeteLy s sc=aeLe is uith you. but the third


Thera'rs soma posters on the wall. Look behind all of them. Behind ana you'll And a padlock kay. Now remove the boiea Irom the ahelL One of Ihem will reveal the aafe. Unlock the padlock with the key. Urjam the bar by hitting H with the atlletto shoe. Having problem! pulling open lhe aate door Use the magnetic tape above you on the shelf. Now all you need la a three letter combination. You II find H In the newspaper you read In the ahop - H a obvloua realty Isn't N Ones you've got the right combination a secret door will open to reveal the evil Doc a hideaway laboratory.






first go and talk to the receptionist. She'll tall you that someone * taken your kay and left a message tor you. A

package has also been daliverid and laker up Ic your room. Go up to your (com -you II tind ft locking Ilka a bomb a hit It. R mms si though someone has ransaekad the room, and... more neat month.

I toougVt 1 a rc a C in wdur nam H. -ru, 1 *1 if»4r$ 0 if f/ir



a lingerie store in an attempt to recover missing vials, and defeat the evil Doc.
























CE 111 ffi 2















Aarbton is still stuck on Kara Moon searching lor a way to tinaily deleat the evil powers ot Maletoth Your plane has crashed and you have to search through the lour comers ot the land to find tour items needed 10 kill Maletoth As it finding the damn things wasn't hard enough you also have to solve toads at putties and Ml loads ot wend creatures (again) It’s time to get beastly m Beast III With a smile and a whistle, we bong you the solubon to the first two levels ot this monster game Next month we II bnng you the conclusion to this nailbiting saga. Aren't we just lovely


The Foreil of


You come under attack right hom the start Run to the right, and when you leach the trees lump up to

shoot the plants II you don’t shoot any then make dam sure you avoid the purple splats that are fired at you It you keep running to the nght you I come to a lift Jump on it and shocl the swileh once to make it nse When it reaches the top. go






TtlOM hlld jrciitdcfl flr< th«»« by

CCiflcM«flCl, TM . Mjk( lure

you pick ih«« up biUiiM you II ■«d Ihcm liLr.

to the nghi to collect the gold Keep moving nght and you I come unde* attack hom the goblins Carve them up with your shunkens and keep moving nght Shoot the wheel unfit the platform comes level with the dtff top. it'll take three ot tour shots depending on how dose

Tb«    Hols up (Oh

lor tMwiy utr - U)

you are to it. Run across the platforms and collect the grenades on me level above Change your weapon from the shunkens to the grenades and blow up the gun turrets on the moving platforms Take care to jump up just before fhey shoot so that you don't gel hit Collect the key from the tar platform and return to the stadmg platform When it reaches the bottom jump off to the left Now select me key by pressing Ff and use it on the door Go inside 10 co »ect the gold Gel back on the platforms and jump over to the tar ore again Whan it reaches the top lump nght

As you move nght the goblins will come at you once again Keep blasting away at them *    ~ on the ladder

and when mere's a space ump to the bottom ot the did Continue running nght shooting gobkrts as you go Shoot the meat until it tails to the Ifoar and push it to the nght ufiti if is under the swinging spared block On the way you wiii be able to pick up a gold key. Now run to the left shooting gob*r»s unfit you reach a door with a werd creature locked behind it You coukl shoot it but it has a better use Use the key on the door and as soon

m<k tk« Su»4«t imiI Mew wb«r« Is lH«t tr

. .

I'm )4i a k«r, aM itMrc’i Die doer, but I ihould *»i owl of lk« wjt <1 Ibil mniii.

as n opens jump onto the ladder The creature writ run out. when he does jump down and follow Ivm to the nght The swinging block will kill him when he Qoes tor the meat but you will be able to run straight by without getting hd So run past and pick up the gold

Jump up onto the jet ptatlorm and Steer it to the led straight away When it i* on the led hand side stand m the mddle t: straighten it up Now as you go up. the platform will pick up a rock on the way When ii reaches me lop. run led taking thr rock with you. Keep running led and the rock will gel thrown onto a weighted pladorm Jump ader it and when it stops swinging jump the gap to the led Run ted up the Si and blast the meiai spikes as they appear on screen. Run past them ader you have dealt with them Keep do m« until you reach the peak ot the hiN Keep running led over the bridge and onto the edge of the did When the rocks start

AnwOwi kry. aaoMwr Ion jh o« tb* i«k Imb

do of boy, Umm OnhIni ctiuMi an


Time to jet fair ltd wtf - or nuflH not II that ubl« will Hoii

ith the latest instalment

TIm tod ol on* of ill* txniu so4 Ik* dita ovary of ooc of lh* H*«l yon nc«d to finally d«f*dl Malaiotk I

dropped run to (he fight and collect the geld Nowclmb the ladder

L    Push the table

\    mto the water

j*'. / '    k    (no respect lor

i    modem

A '    \    turniiure these

l    adventure

chappies) and

„4jr \    throwing the

">    banels Now jump

•jJtJLjlJjr the gap Run behind

„ " * ,h® la,°e Cla,e w,1tl jjf     FRAGILE written on it and

idi ’ push It to the left until it tals down the gap Jump back across the gap and ckmb down the ladder Blast (he crate until it splinters and covers the water with bits ol broken wood that lloat Jump across the water using these planks as supports. Carry on to the nght and tall down the pit Jump over the barrel and over the pit. See that red creature pulling the levers You want la kill him you do Make sure that the crane doesn t get you while you re doing th«s Now you can push the barret to the edge ot the gap and use

Aad iobcoac could him tfcemielvei n On platform loo.


three levers to pK* it up with the Crane. Pick it up and put it down on the nght hand side ot the conveyor belt

Go down the ladder and shoot the nap door on the left Leave the door on the nght open and whatever you do don't shoot the monster Climb to the lop ot the ladder and go to the right Kil the headless creature by jumping up and shooting it in the reck After he croaks pack up the gold and the sp ked bar Now go ai the way to the left and dodge ihe swinging ball and collect even more gold. Go back to the ladder and ckmb part way down You'll be able to jump into the barrel Shoot the switch to your nght and pull down straight away to close the kd ol the barrel When it finally comes to a standstill jump out and run left Next month we ll lake you to the end of the Beast saga once and for all •

to crumble allow yourselt to tall with them Run to the left and prepare ter the and of level demon When he hres jump up and then fire yourselt Keep doing this btji he s lolaJy destroyed When he dies pck up his skull this is the first item that you need to find to destroy Maieloth

and shoot the    if io« m *

bats Run    l««r, ik* ban

fight to    aduca II alwayi

la ah* tl a

lovely gold    pail aad 2

Ho hum.    i*< wfeji

what nett'1    kappa

Go left and    :    J9

siu» ycu'Se”    «r;    . —U '

to ‘all mto the Ti'i jJ. small pit now    \ . A[

shoot the small gold

block unlit it is smashed ”    V

Jump onto Ihe large* trap    ' v

door and stale down the chute. Now run nght and jump over the table Push rt to the left into a larger room Now jump on the table and duck Blast away at the switch on the left hand side When the table reaches the top shoot the switch on the nght When the water level has


Fort Dourmoor

Okay, so you took things easy on the lust level. now it starts tor real At the start run nght and shoot the switch to lower the drawbridge Hun rghl over it and lump over the wheel Turn round and push it to be left until n attaches onto the battering ram Now push the battering ram to the nght unU it smashes mto the door Wan tor be door to get knocked down dodpng any tirebaks that may come at you m the meantime Run across the bridge and bast away at the trampoline that the ball*

Ncir 1ti« tad ol your qitil well (hit pari ol k«    Look Ml lor wore i«

aui momh'f ttirillinj irm tall went.



Itpalr tk« baHcrio] no aid use it to knock rattier heavdy oa tfcb door. Kaap ao cyt or ike fireball at well-




Stop waving that St George Cross at Stuart Campbell! Whatever your gaming problem, it’s possible Jonathan Davies might be able to help...

and you’re looking (o see if you can assist anyone else. Or maybe you derive some perverse pleasure from seeing other people in trouble. Whatever you're doing here, I bid you welcome, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the next two pages as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Chances are you turned to The Last Resort lor a reason. Maybe you're stuck in a game, and you're looking tor the address to send your problem to. Maybe you're hoping that a question you've already asked has been answered, either by me (ho ho) or by a helpful reader. Maybe you're feeling a bit helpful yoursell,

Look, I'm sorry, okay Please write In it you can answer any of the following.

Q'How ihe dickens do you gei pasi area 2 2 n ZOOLT Chris Papadopoulos, London

Q-ln GRAHAM Taylor S. I keep getting reiegaied after a brilliant start What am I dang wrong1-David Harrison. Preston

Q'Does anyone out there know how to get past the bear m SPELLBOUND DIZZY7-Daniel Haydoek. Bolton


HOLLYWOOD how do you gal to Png: how do you open the sale: and how da you get pasi the led7 And whai are the playing cards, ihe maiet. the co«s. the Oscars, the bai. the potion, the dagger, the gloves and the arrest warrant lor7- (It wo<M seem thal you're pretty Stuck then - Ed)

Jamie Welkins. Salttord

Qi m stuck or level Ihree (I ihinkO ol Ihe Fish Tower at EYE OF THE BEHOLDER What items do the Riddkng

Mouths want, and how do you open the lammed door1'

A Macdonald. Devon

Q'How do you get pasi ihe red stones bit on level lour ot BART VERSUS THE SPACE MUTANTS7-Jamie, aged 7

Q ‘Where do I go on level Ihree of HICK DANGEROUS 27-John Marlin, Chippenham

Q'Fagranc. level three of LEGEND l m stuck m the room with the notice thal says Come and see me al Ihe lower K' I need a skull key ‘

Gus Svensson, London

QTm sluck on level si* ol ELF. I keep giving Ihe old man al Ihe machine pans, but he fust lakes them and

that s it.-

C J Bush, Rlversdale. New Zealand

Q-ln SUSPICIOUS CARGO. I'm unable to outrun the poles Ingale chasing my ship because even alter I've

run into a bypass I still can t enter into hyperspace because the controls are busied How can I escape being erploded lor the 364th im«r Andrew Craig. Liverpool

QTm stuck on level two ol FIRST SAMURAI I've collected lour special Hems bui cant find anywhere lo gel through to Ihe ne*t brl where the bucket is (or whatever it «).'

I Campbell. Argyll

Q"On level seven ol PRINCE OF PE RSIA there are two doors and one ol them is open You have lo go down with a loose bla. but when n hits the floor the door closes and there's nowhere else lo go. What do I do7-Mark Williamson, York

Q'How do you get past the tweilth level of GUY SPY (the one where you run along the path with a bow and arrow while the natives lob arrows at you)7 I run along and ump the pits, but always get killed by a Howpee n the end It may be that I'm jus) crap, in which

case «s there a cheai7-Roberl Watson. Glasgow

Q'How the hel do you save the dolphins on the water level ol CAPTAIN PLANET7-Howard Joseph. Ceybnurne

Q'On SPELLBOUND DIZZY, how do you gel through the water without dying7 And what is ihe brake shoe lorT John and Simon Halliwell, Casilelown, 1.0. M.

Q‘l don i know what the sane blaster does or where to use d m DEUTEROS The e*planahon given by Ihe scientists is worse than useless and there's no way I can gel the prison pod Please help

Robert Penn, High Wycombe

Q'How can I dispose ol Ihe iram on level two otPREMlERET Steven Roberts. Nottingham

QTm stuck on the third quest ol

VENGEANCE OF EXCAUBUR My pany armies at the City of Brass under Lancelot m good shape beat up a lew skeleton soldiers and Ihen help Al Manser s army wipe oul 1000 Ol Ihe skinny thugs To gel Hayie's book I have lo defeat the Djm, but my Djitu reiuses to emerge from fits lamp -



I might be able to handle it it I didn't have to print this bit, where knowledgeable and generally together' people write In and rub salt into my wounds.


Q Dries Terryn tram Belgium, was battled by the room with lots o! telepon spells on Fagranc level one.

A Actrvata the first Itoor button This gives you exira floor tiles on which you can walk around 10 the second floor button avoiding ail the teleport tiles Once the second floor button is activated you can reach the door on the other side of the room that is locked with a ruby key. The ruby key is in the chest with the teleport spell in front ol it. Simply open the chest from the side by clicking on the tile to the nonh ol it ’

Guss Svensson. London

Q Stuart Lucas of Bromley had

ground to a halt in the Dark Tower, level one

A "This is a tricky one - liming is very important Fust place one ol your men onto the teiepon pad nearest the water Next place another man about live squares along the water s edge item the bst man Get your mage to stand at the opposite comet from the teleport symbol Let your mage cast Teleport at the symbol m the other comer The spel will

take about two seconds to reach the symbol WMe it s travelling, dick on your second man who is waiting at the water s edge and have him run to the pad with the first man standing on it It your tuning is right, he should arrive at the pad at the same lime as the spell hits the symbol The Iwsi man will be teieponed across the water and the second wilt be on the teiepon pad Repeal this so you have two men on the other side Make sure there s always one man on the teiepon pad Press the button and a convenient budge wilt appear‘

A Ellis


QHywel Rees of Card ft couldn t get past the castle guard

A'it's simple, [its! pul the bag ol gold down by the guard '

Gordon. Guernsey


QUsa Cudiow (aged 1 f ] couldn't gel the treacle out ol the ueade well

A Attach winch handle to winch Gel rope T* rope 10 cup Drop rope

Turn winch handte dockwse Turn winch hantfe anti dockwse Get cup. Untie Cup Drop rope '

Gavin Black, Kirkintilloch

Q Chris Thomson ol Northampton was lembfy dose to the end ol King s Castle level one. but couldn’t open the door

A 'Once you re m you don'1 come out - you have to finish the whole thing and see what happens Before you enter you need at least 700 ol each ingredient, at the runes, any equipment you think you might need (mix up all the spells you use most - about 30 ot each - before buying more ingreckertls) It any charaders are nearly up to the ne«t level, go and kick a lew banners tor the extra experience '

Stephen Mudle RAF Abingdon


QJ Brocket ol Newcastle was trying (and tailing) to get a passwotd Irom John ol Maryland

A "The password is DEATH '

Mike Smith. Southampton


Q Stephen Moore, aged 11. was Stuck on Mayhem level live - his bridge was loo short

A‘You have to build (we separate bridges on the bits underneath the home and turn the builders m1o blockers to stop the lemmings tailing oh '

Jack Young (aged nearly 8), London


Q'Anon couldn 1 get past the seals on the hre level ol Captain Planet

A 'll you nr into the seats w h the Geo-auiser, they It move along the clouds When they get to the ozone layer they'll stop at the holes Fill r these holes wth ozone, and keep pushing the seals unU they get to the South Pole ‘

Rachel Kirby (aged 11), Leicester


Q Stephen Moore couldn t find the exit at the end ol level eight

A Alter kilkng the baddy, ump onto the nght hand s*fe ol the ladder and dimb up'

Anthony Greenhalch, Wigan

It you still haven't seen me lor the sham I really am. send your queries to The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BAt 2BW Thai's the address it you can help out. too (Please mark your letier Question'or Answer .)


Q‘I'm not doing too wed I veined a cheat where you press the Help key then 4. then 2 and then Escape twice, but t doesn't work

Mark Beharrelt. Burnham-on-Ctouch

AT ry. instead, pressing Space on the tifle screen to get the muse menu, and then pressing t. 4. and 2. and then Escape twice


Q 'Could you send me a tree copy ot the game’"

Paul Mulllneux, Lymm

A No

Buy your own


Q-l m trying to get the terry working I think I need the crowbar, but every time I gel d the gang beats me up ‘

A Beavis, Lawlord

Alt you throw the bomb at them you should be okay.


Q'How do l get past the Wide Eyed Dragon’-

G M Roe, Coedpoelh

A By making his eyes a M less wide, ot course (i.e sending him lo steep). Give him the sleeping potion, which is on the p«t with Dozy


Q'How do l get the thud gold com’-

Seth Godnlk. Newtonhill by Stonehaven

Alt s in the jacket but getting the jacket rs very ineky Behind the square is a washing line pole and an anchor Take them, and use the anchor on the anchor rope. Then go to the Bait and Tackle, and go upstairs and out the door Use the anchor and the piece ot rope on the bl ot wood above the dock Then use them twice more, and you'll be able la swmg across and back, getting the hat oh the pirate Then swing to the closed door and knock on it by usmg it Swing back and quickly go down the stairs ana back to the bit behmd the square Use the washing

pole on the acket Then look at the jacket to get another gold piece It you don t do it an quickly enough you I have to try agam


Q'Can you tel me how can I get out o< the goblin's dungeon’’

Jonathan Ducker. Whitstable

A Move the cursor over the ug and press 0 to otter it to the guard He it tall asleep, giving you the opportunity to break down the door with your mace When it breaks quickly jump onto the cham and kill the guard at the top Then go back down and lull the sleeping guard Use his key to release to tree the prisoner from the cell above yours

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’TiTIl* 1.1,■ 1.1,1.1 u*ri.i:n:a»--;r

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O Double trouble or double fun - delying gravity raWOVVVtrOVM

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O Take our advice on warm winter gear - so you don't end up looking like a walrus

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O PLUS Isle ot Skye - the most rugged landscape in Britain


The Exchange Rate Mechanism, eh  Don’t you just -(Stop! Stop right there Mr so-called Stuart Campbell!

Any of your irrelevant tat in this feature > a single mention of the Gulf War, or even the slightest B suggestion  of comment on the furore surrounding £ Leeds United in the European Cup, or one solitary word on the re-release of all the Sex Pistols records - and you’re completely and utterly fired. You’ve been warned. - Ed) Oh. Um...

The Readers' All-Time Top 100, eh

Don't you just love it Our Tim certainly does - he was the one who had the pleasure' ot typing the thousands and thousands ot votes into the spreadsheet program which finally told us what you.

The Kids, consider to be the best 100 Amiga games in the history of, well, everything.

Actually, it did rather more than that. When we set up the survey, we were a bit worried that by only giving you ten games to list, we might have trouble getting a very wide spread of titles - there seemed to be a danger that you'd all take your choices from a hardcore of 30 or so titles that are obvious top-notchers. Perm any 10 from Monkey Island. Lemmings. F1GP. Lotus II. Jimmy White s Whirlwind Snooker and so on. We needn't have worried - when we drew a final veil over the counting process, we had a list

comprising no less than 368 different games! (Mind you, the last 20 all had a single point, meaning one solitary person had voted for them in 10th place on their list.

The gang included such illustrious classics (and no-so classics) as Chase HO. Torvak, Leisure Suit Larry 3, European Champions and Dragon Ninja, as well as the more surprising likes of Virus and Arkanoid 2).

Unlorlunately, a similar fate betell the Worst Game Ever' category, for which we also asked you to make nominations. It seems you've all got your own personal favourite turkeys, because hardly any games got more than one or two worst' votes. The only (wo which stood out at all (and even then we re still talking about single-figure numbers) were Epic and Rainbow Islands, and frankly if you voted for the latter you should be ashamed ol yourself for being so tragically petty - you might well disagree with our judgement ot it as current All-Time Number One, but let's be honest - the worst game of all time Worse than Street Fighter Worse than STUN Runnert Worse than Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles’! Worse, come to that, than Epic

So the Worst Game Ever' title goes unawarded. Never mind, eh Let s forget all about It and get on with the bit you've all been wailing for - turn the page and herald what YOU think is the Best Amiga Game There's Ever Been...




Sensible Soccer Reneqede]


Formle One Grand Pfi lUcroPiose)



Spendbel 2 (tmega Works)


Nonkey Island (US Gold)


Monkey Island II LeCNiek s Revenge (US Gold)


Lemmngs (Psygnosa)


Rantoow Islands (Die H4 Squad)


Kick Ofl 2 (Anoo)


Populous 2 (Fleetortr Arts


Pmbal Diaems 21st Certury)


Mega to Marva lUbSofl)


Jenny White s Whrtwnd Snooker (Virgo)


lobs Turtle ChaRenge II (Gremln)


PGA Text God (Electrone Arts]


Fast Samurai (Ubi Soli)


Robocod (Udanrur;


Sm City (MogramM)


John Madden Foofcal (Election* Arts)


Lokn Espra Tirtxi Chadenge (Greman)


Project X (Team 17)


Skill Car Racer (Kax)


Prmea Ot Parsia (Oomarkl


Kngtts Ol Tha Sky (MicroPros*]


Hariequn (GierrVo)


Eye « The Behotoer 2 (US Gold)


Another Work] (US Gddl


Hevndjl (Gore)


Dyna Blaster (Ub Soft)


Jaguar XJ220 (Core)


Parasol Stars lOcean]


Thundertiawk Core)


SWIV (Kin)


McroProse God (UeroProul


Eye Ol Tha Behotoer (US Gold)


The Skies Brodien (Titus)


Dungeon Master (Mnorsoftl


Apdyi (Play Byte)




Ufa Ol Tha Tamptiets (Vign)


Addams Farndy (Ocean)


Crary Cars III (Tausl


Pang (Tha Hi Squad)


Frt and Ice (Renegade)


F15 Stnke Eagle 2 (tbcroPiose)


Legend I Mndseape)


IK* (Tha Hi Squad)


DGeneration (Mndseape)


Super Twrens (PD)


CMizabon (MeroPiow)


Tea The Fox (Tea)


RoAaryJ (Storm)


Player Manager Anco)


Super Cert 2 G8H)


Aken Breed (Teem 17)


Cnate For A Corpse (US Gold)


Indwnapote 500 (Election* Arts)


hkmaer (Activ«on)


Bubble Bobbie (Tha Hi Squet)


Tumean 2 R»nhow Arts)


Eila (Aukogarec)


Power monger Electron* Arts)


Space Crusade (Gretrtin)


Robocop 3 (Ocean)


F/A-18 Interceptor (Election* Arts)


EMe (Frebrd)


R Type II (Activision)


Populous (Eleetionc Arts]


S4er4 Senna 2 (khcroProse)


New Zealand Slory (Tha H4 Squad)



Final Fight (US Goto)



Paotic islands (Emp>*)



Vroom (Ub Soft)


Wngs (Cmemawate)



Birds OT Prey (Electronic Arts)



Man Ihd Europa (Vegn)



Premiere (Cora)



Pm Tarns Tour 2 (Ub Sod)



Deutoros (Activeon)



Steer Oft Road Racer V«gn)



Relroad Tycoon (khcmProsa)


F19 Stoakh Fghn (McroPmaa)



Chuck Rock (Cora)


Snikax (Raga)



Laser Squad (Blade)


Bertie isle (Ula Soft)


Hem Ouest (Giambi)



Championshe Manager (Domark)



F 29 Reraliatoi (Ocean)



Lsander (Psygnosa)


Moonstone IMndscapa)



Heed Over Heels (The Hi Squad)



Graham Taylor's Soccer Chatienge (Knsaks)


Top Seer el (PO)



Tolu (Ocean)



Golden Axa (Vign)


Amour Geddon (Psygnosa)



Skworm (Vigo)


Indiana Jones And Tht Last Crusade (US Gold)


Black Dypr (Election* Arts)


tshar (SWnartis)



From start to Irish there were only really ever two names n the running tor the readers' ultimate accolade The lead swung crazily between these two games Irom Day One ot the survey, with the margin separating them always very small indeed - at the death, a single vote tor FlGPin first, second or third place would have turned the order around, but with 7 28% oi the vole latter a bl o< a late rush) compared to &r Goollrey s dassic s 7 26%. the Sensible boys come out on lop by the skin ol the slun ot their teeth Vindication lor us. too - Senstbie Soccer is our lequal) highest marked toll-price game ever with 93%. while FtGPis the (equal) second highest with 92%. so it looks as it we re doing something right



Our own Number Three also. Speedba9.2was

com Ion aby in front ol the rest ol the pack, but a tong way behind the two leaders, with 4 75% ol the vote



A be ol an upset here, with the original Monkey Island grabbing 4.01% ot the vole, leaving its illustrious sequel trailing with 3.62%. despite most people apparently considering the sequel to be an improvement on the earker

title The only reason we can see tor the resuli turning out this way was that at £13 extra. Monkey 2didn't quite achieve the same lanbase as its predecessor, and hence was simply out gunned when ii came to the voing (although it got halt as many first place voles again as Monkey f, oddly).

No surprises here with a high placing lor what s maybe the Amiga's most original game ever, but the most interesting thing about the lemmings vote (3 81%) was that it got by far the tewest hrst place votes ol anything in the top 10. Ii wodkt seem that the little furry cubes have been surpassed by bigger and better things, but they've stil got a very special place m the hearts ol Amiga gamers



Another surprise lor the AP crew Judging by our mailbag, practically every one ot you disagreed with our choce ot Rambovt Islands as our own All-Time Number One. so we were fuly prepared lo see a backlash relegale i to a tow placing si your chan What a pleasant surprise, then, to see it respectably ensconced in the top 10 A more predictable protest vote came m tor Kick Off 2- it adualty got more voles as No f than anything except the top two. but the numbers tailed on dramatically m the lower slots (just scraping 3 001% ot the vole m the end), leading to the inevitable conclusion that people were simply putting ii down as their tavounte as a way ol flicking up rwo fingers at us and out oft-staled disi ke at the game Ho hum

Our other equal highest marked game ever also made the lop <0. which is pretty gratifying And that's all we've got 10 say about ft really


The tact that this only made No 70 « our own top 100 can be attributed firmly to Malt But it's only a pinball game' Bielby By tar our most popular coverdrsk demo aver. P/rttaU Dreams also got the most consistent vote at the survey, with its voles (2 86%) being spread almost equally across the fust-piaca-io-tOth place categories But iirst you wait lor PnbaR Fantasies


A lasting favourite, but strangely Lotus 2 only got one (one1 Count, er. it!) vote in the first-place slot The vast maionty ol Lotus 2s pcmts. bizarrety. came Irom a huge number o< votes lor it as the sixth best game ol al-lime. Truly, statistics work in mysterious ways As lor torus f. it was one o< only two games in the top 40 not to get a single first-place vote (Stunt Car Racer being the other one), but a sokd performance m all the other skits brought it through handsomely Hurrah, we say


Well whoop de doo Now why don't some ol you actually go out and buy the bloody thing, hmm


Almost certainty the oldest game in the chart, this seminal PPG dates all the way Irom 1987 (or thereabouts). Is there really still anybody playing it out there


Out own No40. and it's nice to see it stil holding its own with the young guns alter all these years Long may it continue


See Dyna Blaster


Straight oft that AP7 coverdsk. and straight into the chart, leaving the nearest oflioal Tetns title (Super Tetris) laggng a long way behind at 278. tbs goes to prove ust how good tree software can be Get that back issue now'

The AMIGA POWER team's lavounte game of 1991. and possibly the greatest game never to sell a thousand copies You realy don t know what you re missing


The only competition tor Dungeon Master as oldest game m the chart'. David Braben's outer space epic actualy. amazingly, got more first -place votes than anything else lower than the I5lh placed First Samuraf Sadly, only eight other people voted for it at all. hence the less impressive tmal position


A bt ol a relic, this, and with the likes ol Rocker

Ranger stranded back ai No 200. something of a surprise entry You never can tell, car you


Still one ol the most fondly laved games ever



Oh dear Oh dear oh dear


Wed. at least it's in there somewhere, we suppose



The lowest-placed game in the 100 to get any

first-place votes The lowest placed game m the whole chan to get any list place votes was Silent Service at 193. which sady didn't gel any other votes of any kind at al


Actually tied with Captive and Myth on

0 133% ot the vole, but won the coveted lOOlh position by getting one mote litth-place vote than Captive (m the eveni ol lies, we decided placmgs by putting the game with the most lusts highest, or tailing mat the most seconds and so on) Lucky old ishar. eh’







6 7









16 17



20 21 22






































60 61 G2


















80 81 82



















Rainbow I aland*

Formula On* Grind Pm Speedball 2: Bnjta Dekii*

The Seem Ol Monkay Island San C4y Mega lo Man*


Populous It

Kmghts Ol The Sky

Jimmy Wh*« s Whdeend Snooker


Pmee 01 Persia

Dyne Blaster

First Saiu*

Hariequn PGA Tot* Goa Utvna VI Parasol Stan Eye Ot The Beholder

F 15 Strike Eagll II

Taus The Foi

John Madder FoorbaJ



The Blue* Brother*

Celt Legends Ska* Car Racer Pang Gem X Rodand Switchblade ll Head Over Heel*




Bubble Bobble


R Type II



Lotus Turbo ChaMng* 2


Cluck Roc*








Super 08 Road Racer Super T wrens Cruse For A Corpse i e*er Squad




Shanghai Space Crusade God*

S4er* Service II P ac*t Wanda F/A 18 Iresrcaptor

Indana Jena* And Tha Last Crutada



F 29 Retalialor

Tha New Zealand Story

Manchester Llnead Europe

RoboCop 3

Slorm Meier

The Sertnel

Rugby: The World Cup

Spndzzy Worlds

E Mown

Indanapoha 500 The SanUatnn Pmbaa Dream*

Plonng Final Fight Carrier Command Pioieax Poiermonfler Spot

Scooby And Scrappy Doo

Haro Quell

Pro Terns II

Proiactyta II

Tower Ol Babel


Kid Glove*

Super Hang-On Suparcars2 Cat-Vup Deuteme Photon Storm Fantasy World Ckzzy Monster Buwwss Covad Action Golden Am







FI Grand Prix (2)








Eye Of The Beholder 2 (25)


HIGHEST-PLACED PD GAME: Super Twintris (48)


Head Over Heels (91)




Sensible Soccer (19.33% - F1GP 14.4%)

MOST 10TH-PLACE VOTES: Lemmings/Pinball Dreams (3.35%)


Stunt Car Racer (21)

TOP SOFTWARE HOUSE: MicroProse/US Gold (8 entries each)


Pinball Dreams (78-10)

So there you have ii A lew shocks, lor sure, bul all m all a pretty sound chad Bui what about all your (avouriies that ddnt make 1 Where did they go Wet we were certainly surprised lhai the tamed adventurer Mr Richard Dangerous d«dn i show up m the final 100 Here ai AMIGA POWER we ve never cared loo much for either ot his games, but they ve always been massively popular with the punters, so flic* 2 only managing 157th place and its predecessor appearing at a lowly 176 made us sii up and go Bfcmey1 Another game that we don 1 kke much but expected to see laidy high up was Tumcan. but it got stuck at 1W, and the game that probably sold half ot the Arrugas out there today Shadow Of The Beast II. got left well behind even that at 228. Other one time lavountes fading bady included Xenon 2(106). Baffle Squadron (134). Camer Command (152), Ppe Mania (155). Future

eon n th« htfbni

Wars (173). The Ktfrng Game Show (204) Operation Stealth(209). Gauntlet2(310),ex-ChnsImasNo 1 WWF Wresttemama (331) and MG-29 (340)

We also expecied a better showing from the world of PD - while we didn't expect you kx to be sophisticated enough to appreciate the true beauty ot our beloved Asteroids, we reckoned Uamatron and probably Super Tw.otos would be pretty safe bets to show their laces somewhere or other, bul Jett Wrier s supreme blaster only ckmbed as far as 112 (immediately below Bane Ot The Cosmic Forge would you believe ) with Twmtns the only decent show at 48 The only other PD game to make it mto the lop 100 was our own The Hidden cover desk exdusrve Top Secret at 90. but lower entries were achieved by fip(t54). AsferonJs(177), Smash TV.

Above fAinad ikool «n up, It mo* f jmf lailtd lo make Hit 1M, barihp blaiiiiif In ai al a disappointing No ltd.

Rifhl: A pin Mb job, bul Aipa Njmj nit sad 1am« and flor by 55 pUcai.

The flf>Oft( 189. just one place below Epic] Dragon Tiles (201 - the real Shanghai got to 158) and several more n the lower reaches

None ot those games, then made it quite as high as Wizlud. placed at No 107. Strange, thal. as al the hme ot receiving the votes lor it. Wakid hadn't actualy been released Mind you. As not as strange as getting a vote lor Street Fighter 2. as we rkd on October 1st Irom Andrew Ian ot Sliding There's one card that didni make it mto the draw tor the monitor Also coming under the clairvoyance at work category ware Troddlers (also not out until some time after is votes arrived] and Locomotion tat Nos 264 and 207 respectively) although wen generously assume that those votes were based on our eoverdisk demo versons And where The Unottioat Arbroath FC Game (at 211) comes from is anyone's guess

So how does your chart compare with ours Wei. pretty obviously, the Readers version of the Top 100 ts a t>t biased towards the more commercially successful tiles, because more ot you clearly have experience Of games which lots of people bought, which is almost certainly why undeniably dassc titles like Gem X or Shanghai only made positions 178 and 158 respectively Generaty, though we were quite surprised at how dose together the two listings turned out to be. Only six games occupy exactly the same piaemgs in both charts, but that includes the second, third and fourth-placed ides, which isn't so bad (the others being FA 18 Interceptor at 64. New Zealand Story a! 69 and Hero Quest a! 86). Just 16 games appear m the Readers' 100 which were released at the time ot the AP chad but not included m it. with another 19 placed m the Readers' chart which were released after our last listing was complied

So there you go. It you ddn I fee our chart, here s your own II you don t like this one, it's your own Woody tautt Thar* you. and good night


God simulations.

Interactive goldfish W bowls. Call them what you will. It was an obvious progression really - from controlling a single character to a whole population. It appears be a new genre. The eighth joke. But basically the idea’s

nothing new, only the    J

execution. Wargamers have been manipulating thousands of men for years.

iinm/fljj - w 1 our nluioa, r oald td« chooic ’ to accept It, it to keep the link raicati alive.

Sparse wireframe environment, clinging to and (hopefu»y) climbing the rungs of the evolutionary ladder It was about as exciting as watching grass grow

Populous on the other hand pul the god simulation into god simulation The product ol a then near anonymous Bulllrog. Populous had a look which made it a law unto risen (although despite its success. Populous hasn'l actuary been imitated that often) Here was a megalomaniac's dream come true an interactive aquarium full of people There were workts to create and destroy, and godly dsaslers to unleash on unsuspecting populations HahaOn your lod. Populous' appeal wanes, even with the addition of new

worlds provided by To 3 a •    '

1 •    Bc:s-

BBVH ' ■ ■ ■ ■ • ’: ■ '

3rlor    -id

AN ■:    ,    • •

I. T Jfks resolve was *    by the

It must be a right laugh playing gad, right Think ot the omniscience. The omnipresence. The omnipotence. All that tear-induced adulation. Sure, it'd be great. But tor how long  Absolute power is ail very well but it has its limits. After years ot complete control, the deity day drudgery o1 it all wears a little thin.

That's why god simulations have gone as far as they can go. For the time being, anyway. Strictly speaking, there's only so much that can be done. With a simulation of creation, the potential for playability - or any lorm ot long-term interest for that matter - is virtually nonexistent. Only when the

technology can generate believable environments will viewing the fictitious formation of lite prove absorbing.

In the meantime we nave the likes ol Denton Design s Eco to keep us amused. O not Eco was released by Ocean m 1987 and ended up on the front of a magazine a year o> so later How sad In Eco you tweaked, in a very basic way. Ihe genetic design of a life form and then attempted to keep your creation alive in its

appearance ol ihe

sequel Populous yfSX

1/iS rrorp O'!he    . vffljuu

same, but bgger and better in every « department, and that's aa you need lo know

Between the Populous pair Bullfrog created Powermong&r A1 firs! glance it's easy to mistake Powermonger tor a beefed up Populous And *1 many ways 4 is. bemg a more amtowus model of a functioning world Every person in Powermonger has a Simple personality and even a fib and a name But to no avail, lor ihe piayabiMy suffers as a result ot the meticulous attention to detail Suffice it lo say. the World War I Edition add on disk for Powermonger doesn't menl any more than a name check Let’s hope Bullfrog don i make a

AMici ih« jloh« la GJ064J ifttei.

Ivtr «ond«r«d would bippcn H you Hack all Ike yod iimi loycthar Ceafniai iul If



r- v'    s

z     HlF




H... situations to explore What it humans never evoked’ l&mEartfi doesn t disappear unfortunately ] All the information you coukf ever wish tor is mduded. too. with an on line tutorial, in case you get too contused by it all

But there are too many variables to manipulate sn an elegant or interesting way SimEanti would work better on a beefier machine, but not much The interlace is simply not user tnendty enough Let us pray that a SimUmverse isnt planned

SimLite and SimFarm are on the cards though So is A-Tratn which probably wasn t ealed SvnTram because it sounds so silly The chances are. Mans will have bitten oft more than they can chew (again) with SrniUfe. and ploughing the fields and scattering the good seed on the land, regardless ot SimFarm s bent, ts

lii( cltf'1 TVlI i hoi ■ nn iMIiid « fa Mm tar a ]in« celled (wdiuM

mountain out ol a molehill with then torthcoming Syndicate and the self-proclaimed 'unique' Pip even

Mams Sim seres ol god simulations - or software toys as they prefer to call them - got oft to an impressive start with Sim City a simulation ol - no1 - aty butdmg Sim &ty s model concerns a less dred manipulation ot life than fees but is al the more playable for it There are educational posstolnes here. too. and the Wormation should stick given that the pupils are teaming by an entertaining example A pity then that ire overpriced City expansion packs ddnt captakse on this Two years ■ate* and Sim Ant crawled out ot the woodwork instead ot marvpuiatmg a nal on at people a colony Ot (Hack ants wee n the player's hands The «ch nducing insects were m competition with their red cousins lor a patch ot a back yard, tackling spiders and humans in the process. Well, that was one ot lour variations ol the theme It could be tun to control your very own ant colony, to watch then behaviour and development and see them performing mundane tasks. Irom time to

time throwing a lew spanners in the works - how they'd deal with invasions Irom other insects lot example - or providing them with missions'. You can do most ol that with Sim Ant. but it's no tun

The biggest problem with Srm Ant (sluggish and ugly «on based interlace aside) s that ihere's naft-aii playability m such a simulation It could have worked as an educational form c< interactive fish tank only it it looked real Check out your back garden instead It's a cheaper and

.-jfr '"".""if


a respectful nod m the direction ot James Lovelock s Gate hypothesis From the creation Ot continents and Me terms to the

moulting ol atmosphere conditions. StnEarth has it all almost Again, there s enormous educalonai potential but access*>i'ty and playability evidently don i figure m the Maxis dictionary In SvnEarth there are many What

unlikely lo prove any more entertaining either At least there's hope lor A Tram, provided it isn t overshadowed by the presence ot the ageing Railroad Tycoon Irom MicroProse

SimThis. SimThal - where will a> end’ With SimSim. simulating the creation of a god simulation’ The whole Sim genre is neatly summed up by Senstte

kmiMarrr, Die World

Wst On* Edition ««ts non liua m Mine cb«ck


* •®*.n

much more

rewarding pastime than playing Sm Ant

With their most recently released Amiga toy SimEarth Maxis give you the world The chance to shape it. make it or break it Irom key points in history, and with

like ike ckiacc EduElhr Itt uhc Ike role ol e f od Is Popniau*.

Take coairol of lk« Rcbh Inpire In Romo ADM. Now Ikoi's rul power.
















Softwares SimBrick on APl3s special coverdisk. Its certainly no less interesting than most other Sims to play

Millennium s Global Effect has a heavy SimGreen bent It s similar to paying Sam City only not as good, partly because consideration has to be made to keeping the newly-constructed environment as tnendy as possible (by planting sustainable forests and recycling centres, tor example), it's an honourable cause, but there s a bizarre twist In an attempt to make Global Effect sound more interesting, ruling the world is the order ot (he day. and that can only be done by creating armies and destroying (he enemyCharming Global Effect is very much a Mike Yanvood impression ol Sim Crty even the buMngs look - like al Mike s impressions - exactly the same

Gremln s Utopia is a t»1 kke S«m City, too, but with recognisable scenery, a tutunshe bent and Populous undertones to bool There's a lair amount ol statistic juggling involved to keep your population happy while you expand your oty and lend ett attack Irom the neighbours. It all looks and sounds rather appealing actually, and i1 is - to a limited degree. The new worlds provided by the data disk proved inadequate compensation

Civilization (Sid Meter's Idlow up to Railroad Tycoon] isn't as tar reaching as SimEanh. which is a big pent in its lavour The process ot shaping Earth's history from a tube in possession ol only a tew basic skills is nowhere near as laborious, and though the interlace rs messy and the cons do little lo inspire. Civilization remains challenging, occasionally thought provoking, and otten entertaining

Some sices ol history however are best left untouched by simulated goefy hands Castles irom Interplay has been dubbed a Medieval Sim City but that's a little loo complimentary Bukdmg castles -no1 - is the dea here. Oh. and watching them gel knocked down The construction process is a chore, concentrating as <t

Absolute power is all very well, but it has its

does on banal detail The reason tor this is simple enough the erection ol crenetatens terms part and parcel ot this kingdom building simulation Bu1 that s no reason to have to sit through a slow bulking sequence, now is it Once your castle is built what then1* Not a tei Training soldiers is dull and expanding your empire is even more tedkxjs It s a lily iivered strategy atia<r and no sensational simulate* ol events Little explanation should be necessary to set the scene lor Millennium's Robin Hood and Rome AD92 They have Ihe look ol god simulations about them but despite the fish tank overtones, the two are more adventure orientated than anything else Both have a fully funcborwig and

appropriate environment and adopt a longue in cheek approach Character interaction abounds, with comic-book style speech bubbles lo relay the dialogue Robm Hood and Rome A092 provide rear lax liee entertainment, but not

necessaniy tor the god bashers

Sensible Software s Mega lo Mania also otters a light hearted alternative lo the Suns of this world Up to lour tribes fight it out to control an island or archipelago The player s men are assigned lo the tasks ol breeding, mining minerals and designing and building inventions. Sticks and stones are the only weapons available al first, but before you know rt. the nudear missiles are Dying thick and Iasi It's madcap action all the way. with dotty doused speech used to amuse and alert the player to the Slate at ptey Mega lo Mania s a must Mega lo Mania II is planned lor release towards the end ol nexi year

Graftgold S Steve Turner tned lo bring the war strategy simulation to the masses with a more hands on approach * the shape o< Realms It almost worked, too. but the mouse control ensured that the player was kept at arm s length and

ihe whole look let the side down At least his intentions were honourable On the other side ol the god Simulation com we find DMA Design s Lemmings and the unabashed tribute' (there's no other polite word tor it) called Troddlers Neither title looks anyihmg l*e Populous el al yet the pnnopies ol playability ate the same indirect control ot a population

There's no world building it Lemmings but the preservation of Me is essential The player gives individual Lemmings a character from a limited stockpile * an attempt to transfer them trom an entrance to an exit It's essentially a senes ol gioniied puzzles with constraints imposed by the authors Storm's Tiodders is a Lemmings atke with a twist in the term ol the ageing arcade hii Solomon s Key The mix ts unremarkable, though some find 1 superior to Ihe mighty Lemmings it may not seem so. but the god simulation is matunng There's a new breed around the corner zcombining the best elements ol Populous and Lemmings Perfect Set's Rookies and Sensible s Cannon Fodder lor Virgin Games will otter two variations ol war simulations. Paintball-style. Both concentrate less on the creation aspect and more on the manipulation ol small armies These people won't have to bother with the tnvia ol day to day Me You can keep that malarkey lor the real world •

MjJic 1ta« p«rf«d i









* * *



£29 99

* *



£24 99









* *



£9 99

* * * *











£29 99




£25 99

* *




* *







£34 99




£34 99





* * * *



FM 99

SHfll/ Is also available on US Gold's Max compilation, priced at £29 99 Xenon Is also available on The Bitmap Brothers: Volume 1 compilation, priced at £25.99 Xenon 2: Megablast will soon be available on The Bitmap Brothers: Volume 2 compilation, priced at £25.99



Game: Humans Publisher: Mirage Authors: Imagitec Designs Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

You know. 2001 was a

strange film Hailed now as an SF classic, x was _ panned on its original    <D

release and bombed with audiences    &)

It only began to gam a reputation when 60s hippos look a I bong to A ™ because they leckoned that all thai dah stargale nonsense at the end was a brt l*e a druggy experience, hence the bne on the poster lor the film's re release. The Ultimate Tnp' It soon gained a cult audience, and by the mid 70s il was being called the greatest SF fbm ol at time (Great stuff Dave, but caM you do a review lor us eventually 7 - Ed)

Dg lECiivii a telephone cell I afo rating him thei he hes woe ihe ie« lottery

their Lemming-alike. But what’s it got to do with 2001

Anyway, remember how one caveman picks up a bone and uses 1 as a weapon. and this Is shown to be the tirst step m man's evolution beyond the monkey stage0 Mote lo the point, he doesn’t learn how to do this by accident -he's given a due by a b«g black monolith thal suddenly appears irom nowhere And then the film goes on to suggest that these monoliths have been egging us humans on lor the last lew millennia, to get us to the lechnotopcal stage we are at today In Humans you gel lo be that monokth

The game is a puzzler m a Lemmings vem Set m prehistoric times you have to help your tribe discover the spear, lire, rope and the wheel and help them on the first steps towards cwlisahon Each level comprises a senes ol piattorms. and you are given a goal to achieve. The fust, lor example, is lo discover the speai You don't make a discovery on every level -instead ihe levels after you make a


discovery require you to learn how to use it a number ol different ways With the spear, you can throw it. brarxfcsh it to keep Oncsaurs at bay (yes, historical accuracy has gone nght out ol Ihe window) or use il to vault over gaps


You have a number ol humans in your tnbe at the start ol each level, and you have a certain amount left alive al ihe end or it's game over You control one human at a bme. guxfing him around and making him pek things up You can also make them dmnb on each other s shoulders so lhat they can reach high ledges When you discover fire you can bum down igmtabie obstacles while ihe wheel

Soma of the levels

ore very ingenious

increases your mobility and gap aossng abilities You can also hitch rides on Ihe backs ol pterodactyls. There are also pressure pads which remove large Slone wails (So there musl be some kind ol advanced species lurking around somewhere, mustn't there0)

The basic idea is pretty sound, and some ol Ihe levels are very ingenious and lake some working out. Bui you have lo be committed, because the mechanics ol the game work against your enjoyment It comes on three disks, yet doesn t recognise a second disk drive, and so there s a lot ol disk-swapping going on. and ihe loading seems 10 lake an age And then there s the control system - a mixture ol loyshck and keyboard it s incredibly awkward and hardly makes spin second timing a possibility For example, to select a human you have to flick through them using the cursor keys, which is a pan when there are qude a tew ol them on the screen A mouse controlled system where you could just dick on the man you want you have been much better

The graphics are a strange mu, too The humans are well drawn and animated, and the levels graphics are colouriul. but the dinosaurs and other creatures are pretty lame They re all serviceable, but not jolly enough (or the atmosphere the game is trying to create

A shame, really, as Humans has potential. bui like Ihe species it is based on. it squanders it (M ol Star Trek-like philosophy loi you there).


Tkere'i .notlMi ipiai kin, to pick H up e. ysur uiy pul.

you'll need 10 jet loui tioii up Imio, Ikon jet them lo Hack up io Ikal on. can clunk up ood ditcover rw.l

Vault onto Tcrry'i back lo jet acre*! Ike cap

ThJx ip<n tkould com. la ki.dr, u    Tkrow lk« tpaar. It’ll land on Ike platform    Tkiom tkt tpcar lo kill old Tyro,

curt by tending a man ap for H.    below, where Ike other liogi can get at H.    otharwiu you're lai'i tench.


There's a tine game struggling to get oul here, bul It's all a bit loa stodgy The Idee Is Interesting enough but Ihe controls light against sny fluency end the graphics, while bold and colourful. Just aren’t witty enough to save (I. Puzzles tans might enjoy II, bul anyone expecting something as frantic and addictive as Lemmings should steer well clear.


Game: Lords Of Time Publisher: Hollyware Authors: Steve Postma (design). Steve Postma (graphics), Steve Postma (coding). Steve Postma (sound)

Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

Fantasy ioIb playing games seem lo have become lo ibe Am ga whal ten adventures used to be to the Spectrum They're a doddle to write, and are only any good it tne people involved really care about what hey re doing More often than not it seems twy don't, as the tew really good ones land to gel swamped by hundreds Ol titremely mediocre ones Here S another ol the hundteds

The plot is stock fantasy You. as a test-plot called Major Tom (or Thom, depending on whether you believe the back ol Ihe box or the manual), have just •oken up after a plane crash to Imd yoursell in a mysterious land populated by dvarves. dragons and 2ombies Your task it 10 lind a way ol returning to your own world l didn! quite gel that far. but III bet

WWW eaty • drytir, you have lo fwrd roof My ko«M Where ore there refer «k crt

tS Ihe ending is ol ihe Ha1 II was all a dream or was it ' variety.

While ihe game is about as traditional RPG as it's posstfe lo get -wtti spalls, shops 10 buy weapons m. stamina points, and tons and tons of rumbers - it's been presented so as to conceal most ol the mechanics beneath Ihe surface You only really have to worry about three numbers, and those are dspiayed clearly on the screen at all

Above: On Ik* mi,

kvl Hill M llfn ol fina Killy or freak Slmlra.

Itfkt In ik« tiro , feel run bo e ol, cm, rooreooe who wrote

° you think off Dr Who. But there’s no connection at all.


limes The rest can generally be forgotten about So a bg hurrah' there.

What's rather less praiseworthy is the dull way the game goes about everything The graphics are drab and repetitive, making it difficult to believe you're exploring anything other than, well a load ol computer graphics The sound, too. smacks ol wasted potential, with a dreary tune (optional) and a little atmospheric birdsong but nothing that actually letales to what's going on in the game

This minimalist approach doesn't only cause aesthete problems When you come across a town or village, there s no way ol telling which building is which from ihe oulside So it you were after, say. a new sword, you d have to go into every Single building, with masses o< disk accessing each nme. until you found the

Oe Ike raid, feel mil *« <i]e ol lock Naiauec.

sword shop A sign hangog outside would have made al the drftcrence More annoymg than that, however, is the boy area ol ihe map you gel lo see through the scrolling window It's very diflicull to gel a proper leel lor your surroundings And M s all loo easy to walk past a massive c ly m something because although it would phys*caiy be entrvn ctear v ew ot ydui character it's iusl oil the edge ol me scieen so you can I actually see it

Battles aie aroihei thing mal would woik a lot caller with some decent graphics and sound A battle m progress consists simply ol one splodge siding next to another, with one of the


graphics are drab and -repetitive

splodges evemualy disappeanng.

Where's the exofemeni m that’ Worst ol al. there's nothing more insulting than being told You have died in tiny letters at the bottom ol the scieen when - admittedly -you O'e is 1 really lhal insignificant an event’ With all Ihose gripes and Ihe game s inability to inspie me lo play lor any longer man I ieaiiy had to i m afraid 1 m W gemg lo have to g ve it a c<etiy low mark Lords ot Time (surely someone's used lhat name before) might find is fans among those who really, really like this stutt - there's plenty al adventuring lo be done - but •! didn't interest me ai ail • JONATHAN DAVIES


FRPGi are a struggle to review at Ihe best ol times, but this one really left me cold. Shivering, in lact. There juat Isn't anything In It that r O — stands out. No ’oomph',    “

that's the problem    UU «


Lo<i of litllc yellow billed coniaj your ■if here, tool dool worry - a coiplt mott piai to ike rifkf eod voh'II iiddulf become completely intaiMi Appoecotfy.

Merciless mercenaries get a chance to be, well, merciless mercenaries, really.




















Simplistic and thin scrolling beat-em-up with shooty bits, but precious little to make you want to play It lor more than a day. Old-lashloned, which Isn't a    r n

bad thing, but also dull,    Hn

which is.    UU

Game: Firelcrce Publisher: ICE Authors: Day Gibbons Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

Bkmey. it's Green Beret Haven t seen you around in a while. GB (or can I cal you Ben. fake we used to in the old days’). Musi be all ol nme years since you brought us thai inimitable scro* along knite- errt up gameplay that actually turned out to be very mutable indeed and provided the inspiration lor hundreds and hundreds Ol lame be at-'em ups. but we re not gomg lo hold that against you You were, after all. a

pretty decent title game m your own right, good lor a good few bashes before the irterent repeinnreness made <t all a bit. well, repetitive and dull, but the last thing I eipeeled to see m 1992 (heck, ready 1993) was you back again in a new hat It's quite a mce new hat, I have to admit It's got a bit more colour to it. lor sure, what with all the different terrains you fmd your sell crawling and stabbing your way across these days There s sandy desens, leafy forests, er. building.y olios and all manner of other backdrops but il I remember rightly you were always a M ot a rough tough no-nonsense kind ol mercenary - it didn't really matter loo much where you did your kilkng. as long as there was plenty ot it to do

There's more inside your hat than there used to be loo No. I don 1 mean your brain. Ben. you re shil as terminally thick as you ever were (I mean, come on. how many times are you gomg to

man that can do the job' sch tick1 You're (he only man stupid enough to lake the job on. they mean). I'm taking about the amount ot different stuff you have lo worry about these days other than where the next enemy grunt's coming from You ve got to explore around a bt. choose your weapons at the stan at missions, and, er Well, it's a bit more involved anyway And then ol course, you ve got today s modern, highly-trained, fantastically intelligent enemies to deal with now Yep. i guess you ve got to be pretty damn smart to be a badbe in these tough times I mean, jusl tor an example, took at those machme-gun tower dudes m this game Pumping bullets away merrily at you ai the time, you can t blame them lor the lad thai they don 1 seem lo be able to see you any more when you go underneath their towers Mind you. I'm nol Sure that they shouldn't notice when you

dimb up the ladder into the tower and shoot them in the back ot the head Oft sure, they buckle at the knees lor a second, but then they just stand up agam and keep looking the wrong way unW you ve shot them another two times And as tor the other ones that ust walk right over your head rt you lie down in the sand in Iron! ol them , adually. maybe its not so tricky bemg a mercenary these days alter all Maybe the lad ol the matter is jusl that you're a crap, slow to-read, awkward to control, dull old has been trying desperately lo look upto date but laifcng miserably. Gel away Irom me1 And no. I haven 1 got any spare change • STUART CAMPBELL


r "More 1 pleasing to the eye than a lot of tile  games" a


Zycontx has one 11 adds sc much la Ihe game when you can Ihrash ihe living daylights out ol a friend Of relation (Why can't we /ust at &ve together and love each other tor once - Ed)

More pleasing 10 the eye il may be. but more pleasing la the braat il isn't Alter a couple ol hours I began to leel more than a kttie bored I don 1 know what kind Of person could spend days On end ——     addicted to games like this but I

(or one certainly wouHn t IL want to meet rim ir a dan alleyway This kind of thing s all rght lor an hour o> two nght after you ve bought it. but

Ph then they lose all the V aopeal they may have Y had Twenty sn qud Id' something that s only go<ng to keep your attention for an hour or two ts an awful lot al money to have to pay out

Sbi, this has to have the most apt music I ve heard in any game After all the rave stuff on the tide screen the game defaults into a jazzy piece that would <1 at at the sleaziest jazz dub you've ever seen, it's perfect There are other muse options bul the jazz with its piano and other instruments sounds the best by tar While a game Hte Tetns genumely has people convng back to it when they have some spare tme (it seems to m this oft ice anyway) Zyconu doesm have that Wed one more game while the kettle boils ettect on anyone. It's a classic case ol it's good, but not that good it just doesn't offer anything new to make rt a hi Bui 1 doesn l miss the mark by very much, and you could do worse • LES EUIS

Is it a new miracle drug No, it’s a puzzley tile game thing.

Game: Zycortix Publisher: Accolade Author: Miracle Games Price: £24.99 Release:

Out now

These days its hard to l nd original deas lor computer games It s just like anyihmg else - books, movies, you name e There ■re only so many things you can do with a game.

Unfortunately some people seem to spend less time thinking ol new ideas than they should. Combining elements ol other games is all very nee but it needs to be

done m such a way that the person buying the game leels they're gertmg a

completely new game Nowmeei 2) com A dash of Tetns Kia< and Puzznc. and t looks like all Ol them PuzSb games seem to fall mo two categories - t ies or no tiles (bul mostly tiles) I'm amazed no one has been able to come up with anything a little more onpna! Isn't rt worrying that all these great games creators are al work and ail they can come up with is bes

Anyway, back 10 Zycontx Tiles fall


1«t»lhf bttjnr*'

down the screen and you have to place them in lines to get rid ol them Haven't we been doing that tor the Iasi couple of years with just about every other tie game gomg When these games staned coming oul a couple of years ago people were dumbfounded at how addictive they were, but times change and ihe games haven't

Having said that. Zycontx isn't a bad little brain leaser. It's certainly mare pleasing to the eye than a lot of other life' games I could mention You don't get the eye strain and serious headaches that other games lead to.

With lour different games in there ti ll kve longer than some of the lesser puzzle games but they all suffer from the bored brainless after two hours routine The only saving grace with these games now are the two player modes and. thank God.


The four games In one make an ■ttracllve package lor anyone wtio'i really Into staring at (lies falling down a screen and trying to make lines oul ol (hem. You can't help bid Ihlnk that this game, although by no means bad, will vanish Into obscurity with all the other mediocre puzzle games. II will last longer than most of them and hold your attention for a bit, but In ftA ; the end It jus I gels too 11 < S boring and repetitive. U U “




A Ul« IS.1 laid. o. the cyfiadtr (la th« tlflk colaaia) aril



Saa Ikal lljlH yiaaa black Any ailaala aaa, Ira jolaj to complala a llaa ol fear and ikcyll all dluppur




* mP9v

noutti >: PINI! V. HSAttM! Tj

nxMK:    :g*

AIMInGx tot

P»T»CT1 IM 5*Ili*GI IM  UOtfll 0 BOLftl 0

u r mu

To« ban 1c at« your aw* inifinallsi allo ilbir toe mack...

timi Oii54t>0

OM of f IMI v aoaarr

Af *oao. rr

Mill! IV A fiCMTia

...arkai ibaal ie«< alca ilaoiphiric graphics, chaps







u 1

n rr

iA H

Tense, nervous headache Take Paladin II. (That’s it, you really are fired. - Ed)

Game: Paladin II Publisher:

Impressions Author: Omnitrend Price: £29 99

Okay, so who exactly were Ihe Paladins, and why were there only two ol themThese and many Other corny intros to reviews with no possible way ol making a Oke out ol the name available Irom yours truly Anyway, back to the review The Paladins were ■ bunch ol awesome kn<ghts who travelled the countryside carrying out brave deeds You know the sod. killing dragons, destroying evil, protecting the weak.

riHzi onovi so

*e CiMw&m


yi r*jLi Hieirn:

*ii L11: Aiming: Pttict:






€> *












Tk* Iron ial,M bt city to lnlcrprd, but It cn watljaii b« Sifflcall la work aal atui'i fata, aa.

dnnkmg 20 pints a night and still firing anows in a straight hne.

As you may have already guessed the new release tram Impressions puts


Taa'r« aa

[ Tim: Oil

ny kocwtv

neuti: Viren nnu.ru: lacunai mux: tllHIao: laricv: sxiimo: haaovt: Sours:

dMial i*aa d like a hero'i







NeM, to*

Here Bftdicy lk«, tr, Rodary, ail dfcued ip arilk aaehirt la ya.

dc«i M


Mm ■beta wall ckaraclar aim far too lew ITs liaaa la rail ar die.

TV (aanal lea at took caahwiaf bai tba ceatrol iftlaa It easy la laaaa










you in the role ot the man man. the Paladat. the dragon slayer

Paiadtn II Is a very simple game in concept You move around the screen kikng things and picking up obtecls. So if it's so simple, what is it that makes it even remotely playable0 Well read on

It’s one ol those games that on the lace ol it doesn't look all that impressive The characters are small and there s very little detail, not to mention the animation which leaves a lot to be desired So it it looks so bad why I am I still playmg it0 Maybe there's something m the gameplay that makes me keep coming back

The gameplay m Paiartn II may sound somewhat limited by what l said earlier, and. to cut a long review shod, it is. Moving your characters round the screen is tedious and frustrating and the combat is hardly exciting.

Watching your man wave a sword vaguety ■n the right direction and seemg i skull appear on screen when he hits Ns opponent is hardly nvettmg stuff The screen scrolling is jerky and makes the game seem so much less responsive to any actions you make.

One thing that has been well thought out is the control system The cons are clearly laid out and operating everything couldn't be simpler It's just a shame that atter a couple ol goes you won't want to bother. Combat is easy, although somewhat disappointing In tact everything about the game is very user tnendly but when the action. or lack o< A. is such a lei dawn, the whole thing sutlers I must admit though, one thing I dd really like are the cool static screens. The intro dragon is brilliant and the dead Paladin

On* thing has bean well thought-out: the control system

shots are dead cool, if you ll pardon the pun (Mo. you 're fired - Ed) But statics ari not enough to lift a whole game The construction tut adds a new dimensxr to the game, as you can set up the missions to your own design You can t add any new elements to the gameplay. though, so even your own games will sutter tram a lack ol action Still, it aI goes to bump up the value lor money rating.

   It's not as though

Pa(ar*n is that bad a l game It s quite tun trying  out all the different I missions bul you soon ' realise that they re al pretty much the same A typical mission would consist ot move, kill move, move. move. rest, kill and move Theie ism a huge amount ot interaction which means no depth ol gameplay. and when you re spending this amount ot money you want something with a little more oomph than this. It's just too limned i and gets too boring too soon • LES ELLIS


With little variety In all the quest* and no Interaction or depth ol gameplay Paladin N runs Into trouble. It may be a bit bit of tun al first to traipse round the countryside beating up ail the different life forms you come across but Ihe novelty wears oft and you ara back to the humdrum ol move and kill games. Impressions hava done better games in the past and I'm sure they're working on betlar A* : games now so we ll count n I * this one as a slight glitch. Ul ;


Game: Tiny Skweeks Publisher: Lariciel Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

With a name like ihai.

what son ol a game do you expect this to beA totally evil, hard as nails multi way sooling Waster'’ Or an enormous flPG with more monsters

They’re cute, furry and full of fun, but they’re also out to take over the Earth.

and spelts than you ever thought possible, even in your wildest fantasies'’ Or perhaps a cutesy little puzzle game with llutl bail characters and irritating sound effects'There is a plot beh nd the game, but you don't realty warn to know aboul that You do1 Well as the rather duff translation on the back ol the bon explains, ‘My children, the liny skweeks. have taken in hostags with a walerphaser the dnver ol then spacebus while he was driving them out to holiday on the moon ‘ Oh. I see. it all begins to make sense now

Anyway, all you really do need lo know a that the skweeks in question have landed on Earth and are determined to wreak havoc And. surprise, surprise.

you've got to slop them Quite how the havoc manilesis itself i$ unclear m the game, but tbe manual burbles gaily aboul

Aw tkwaaks an mw Km .ate but mi Km n,M •Ml or tkvrc d ba ao    would Mwra

how they ve got an insatvaWe urge to turn things pink In tact, the ptot is totally irrelevant - you have to stop the skweeks and that's that

Varying numbers of coloured * skweeks appear an a senes ol single-2 screen levels, and you have lo pul them lo sleep by manoeuvring them an to special naps which are ihe same colour as the skweeks The only trouble is that Ihe skweeks only move in straight lines and wil only stop moving when they hit a wall or some other ob;eci. which means you have



oo* or tfc«

All Hie elements a good puzzle should have

. «, ' 1 . • , * I .i

4 m • • •    V.H • ' • *


.    * .    • . I .    «    *♦.

TV owi Mm llnml w Mm


Co*T (rt Tmrtmi


6l.«i to. (■ ..in Iria, b.l f*i i coda tor tocb lo.ol, and .obodv'i k.aploj iiait io •bat don H ■ attar bow oan TO. loia

Crab tba clock tor a bn ot am. Hoc It (] ■lo.tai aocb aaf iial HOuyb What do to. aaao Itul l football, Iti .aorti ike UOM ai ikwaaki. Mai It

to devise devious ways lo move them around the increasingly difficult levels on lo the right haps

To make matters worse, you're up aganst a draconian time limit, so it you pul one skweek wrong the whole world wil be pamted pink (Well, it would if ihe game agreed with what it says in the manual) And that's about it really 101 levels ol mildly interesting, but ultimately not particularly engrossing, puzzling tun It s gat all the elements a good puzzle should have - stupidly easy openag levels to teach you how to play, i dfiereni theme tor each set ol ten levels, and a smattenng ol bonuses. And ol course there re the ubiquitous cuddy things that pull laces, and stick their tongues out at you But at the end of the day when all the cliches are said and done you can't help leeling that something s lacking The game doesn't draw you in and make you want to keep playing until you ve got to the end Sure, it's very wen presented and the control system s easy to use But the game s not at all addictive The idea ol the game is peculiar - you have to save the Earth by capturing the cuddly things, when normaly you'd be saving the cuddly ttvngs. There just doesnI seem to be any pomt. and i you like a little substance In your games, you It tmd Tiny Skweeks more than a tiny bit lacking But does there have 10 be a point'9 Well. no. not really Not it you yust want a diversion lor a lew pleasant hours Ot moderately perplexing puzzle game *v • RICHARD LONGHURST


A lun lltlte game, but nothing lo get too steamed up about. It could tit lha bill It you're on Ihe look out tor a new puzzler, but equally    AA :

It's a game you can easily nil " do without.    U U “




(ombii unit. W«»« fct i njfcl built-nuEgoMi filMEtJOE    IMlC, Iffl l«l

prcRT bul it do<i lk< job.


Game: The Dark Queen of Krynn Publisher: SSI Price: £32.99 Release: Oul now Other details: One meg required

Have you got all 24

episodes ol Biackadder on video (ape1 Do you nde aiound On a BMXftd you oo lo this year s Dr Who convention7 Do you wear mustard corduroy trousers, grey socks, a navy blue shin and an army surplus jacket7

When it comes down lo i1.

The Dark Queen of Krynn is a common or garden PPG An PPG just like Eye ol the Beholder II. or


your Green Flash and let’s go adventuring.

Dungeon Master - games enjoyed by even someone as fashionable as our own editor It s got a party ol characters each with their various attributes for strength magic ability, wtsdom etc; its got a quest tor them to solve: it s get lots ol spels. magical keys and puzzles; it's got battles with wizards and demons: and it s got a window that rk spays a view ol your arreni position in 30 ish)

Three things, however, conspre lo lend The Dark Queen ol Krynn the status of Unclean' Three things turn it irom a simple, cheerful PPG into the sod nt game that has even the pluckiest ot reviewers scratching at the door untd hts fingernails beed. his eyes wide with terror

The first is the name. The Dark Queen ot Krym The second is that it s the third m a series, the pieceedmg games being called Champions Ot Krynn and Death Knights of Krynn The third is the words Official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ■ Computer Product which are written on the packaging w large, red letters

Now. (he Dungeons and Dragons player is a very special breed ol person He may find some satisfaction m purchasing and decorating

□mg    tnoogri



There's masses of questing to be dene'

those little metal ores you oeeasonaty come across m toy shops Primanly.

though, he’s interested numbers Numbers rule everything he does - eating, sleepng. waiting around, the tot And it s these numbers which predominate m Krynn. and which will render il a no go zone lo everyone bul the most communed DAD player All RPGs have tots ol numbeis rt. ol course, and in reality they're just the same numbers that you'll Imd In Krynn It's just that in a game like Eye ol the Beholder they re integrated into the game to some extent, and most ol the hme  V you needn t worry about them In ■ . I Krynn. you dk* on View and -

woompn -the petty

graphics disappear and you ve got a screen lull ol numbers. It's realty quiie brutal

I1S got everything a DAD player would hnd in the paper and ponol version ol the game, bul wtthoul all the hassle, without the need tor a DM (that s what they cal it, isn't it7] and with a tew petty pictures bunged m lor good measure Ha should rush out now as last as his Green Flash can carry him. and buy a copy From the PPG payers point ot view this ts still we< worth considering Lfce I said, those numbers are ever-pesent. but the graphics are attractive (if a little blchy) and there's masses ol questing to be done The combat sequences are heavy going though, with weedy graphics and lots ot rules to struggle with And the user-interlace is petty crude - everything is done by clicking on words al the bottom ot the screen Oh. and the music s awful And the message you get when al your characters die <s a little abrupt

From the shoot- em up payer s point cl view, however wel. I don t think he's iikety to make that mistake • JONATHAN DAVIES


Terrifyingly tralnipottery, bul this achieves what it sets out to do remarkably well. Presentation la generally line, everything works aa It should, and there's p*l ; plenty lo play about with. K I S Outrageous price, though. U I ■

Wh«« Ui« fetus Ji" reiifk. rh« laajh fljfcl dr.seat And eel luat ear eld dujoai alifcar - ealy bis WB« eatt art feed caoufk Oa ifea Hfkl la aa aaipty reeai. pfc««a!


The Roman Empire is coming back into

Game: Caesar Publisher: Impressions Author: Golden Sector Design

Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

Friends. Romans. Countrymen, lend me your ears ti you warn Sm City with a lew more barbarians, then Caesars definitely your game

'Infamy, infamy! They ve all got m m tor me1’ as Emperor Kenneth Williams said m Carry on Clec And that s I he teeing you get in

Caesar There you are. a Decunan with your head m the right place, trying to make the best ol this province area 5 BC you ve been given by the Emperor, and hoping one day to nse through the ranks, and perhaps become Emperor yourseii But everyone seems intent on making life hard II i1 am i the barbanans attacking your aties then your own oii2ens are noting It's a hard life

Caesar is a bit like &m City. Actually.

Caesar is a lot like Sm City, but with a brt more to think about There are two levels ol play that you

have care of


Tfci Adaiaiitratnt AdvtMr - k««pi track ol four

d4 year rtlakvi ii

ioc« wllliio fk« Inpvi

rti* Slava loftmaa - Ota ki«n lo recruit ■or* sUvav and than daiifMia bow many ilavat should be assigned lo various mainienanca tasks.

K Of lh«

i row

IO m»k a th« army frow

Tba linancial Aa*shrtl - tails you how yoar aaonomy has been doJay over the kail few fa art.

The Treasurer - deals with tba economy Ton can command him lo raite or lower taaes. Unlike today, H Ike economy goal up Ika creak, you gal Ike blame

be eating lying down before you know it.

simultaneously - afy and provincial You siad with a laige area ol scrubland which you have to (urn mio a thriving, happy, prosperous province if you please the Emperor, you gel a promotion and a new. more impodant. province lo govern

The afy level -■ which is viewed in close up and you have lo scroll around - is most like Sun City Here have lo build aties. making sure that all the elements that going into making

miHary adviser You also have to deploy troops and issue commands, deciding which lactcs they should use The actual battles lake place oh screen and you just gel lo see the results but it you have


Me bearable lor your alliens have been included - housing, water, employment, ajlture. education an administrative centre the lorum), law enforcement and roads (good communication is essential! You start with a capital then b-anch out usmg loads to make other towns It you plan well then the dies will grow and aioand ol their own accord, as iheir good reputation gradually attracts a 'aiga- copuiaton You also have to keep an eye on the political side ol things. All this construction takes money There s the upkeep ol the army to think about and you have to pay the Emperor an annual tribute So you need lo raise ia.es Al these matters can be dealt with by viS'tmg the lorum where you have a number ol advisers But beware It you make Me too hard tor your citizens, or you let your ernes fall into disrepair by bad slave management, there will be inner oty nots and large areas will be devastated The provmoal level deals with ihe military side of things Here you gel an overall mew ol your province, and you can see where Ihe maiaurkng barbanans are You have lo build up your amtes. again by going 10 the lorum and dealing with your

Vair icorci n« iipiaimud bf tlMi« (olaaai. Quite s ■kt loach, that.

Impressions' Cohorts 2 you can actually play out the battles in that game Caesar has mots icons man a book on sixties pop stars and you spend a lot of the time choking like a grasshopper dunng the mating season as you access various menu bars But men. considering the complexity ol the game, it s hard to see how they could be made much betier. though they might put some players oft

II you i*e strategy games, it's wei worth checking out Having to deal wth two levels ol p'ay is intriguing twist and ihe graphics are guile jolly « a Populous like way (le. lots ol little animaied figures! While me challenge is greater than with Sim City the game « also ess easy to gel into, and not as nstanily appealing if you make a mistake it’s virtually impossible lo rectify it. You have la gel your planning right from the start, but Ihe effort is repaid You might start off with your cities crumbling, but you lust have to have one mote go. because you figure you've worked out what you dd wrong the last time.



A pretty darned good and compelling game. Nat tor your average shoot-'em-up fan, but for anyone willing to try    n I ;

something a bit more U/l ” cerebral, fl pays dividends. U I ■



And the hits just keep on coming, if you thought you were going to have to wait until the second Tuesday in March for the next Budget, think again. We’ve got loads of them here for you right now. So read on...





Publisher: GBH Price: £7.99 Release: Out now

Have you ever warned 1o gel involved m some completely legal gratuitous violence without having to risk getting your head removed from the approximate vicinity ol your Shoulders'’ Weil, courlesy ol GBH you can now order someone else to go out and take the hammering tor you as you take on the role Ol a boxing manager A'l you have 10 do to jom the Mickey Duffs ol this world is lak big money, smoke a loi ol cigars and dodge the occasional bullet (rom disgrunHed ex-clients ol yours Well. I guess it's different I rom an those side on view cruddy boxing games

Afid of course, bccjuic ITi i bainj seme, you fcf torn* scenes Iron ike, er, liluiiloi com me ft Mr boa

that have been done before This time you get to handle all the behind the scenes stutt, unlortunately it isn't much more exerting Handling the atlairs ol a bunch ol boxers may sound Me living the high life (It does - Ed) but it just turns Out to be a tairly tedious repetitive procedure

Considenng that all you really have

lo do is keep your men lit line up the lights. give your man advice and get him tit again afterwards, there's a lot ol messing around that you have to go through

Granted me static screens are nice but there aren I very many o< them and you II soon get Sick Ol the sight ol your buxom secretary wiggling her bum as she gets files liom the f*ng cabmei This tails very much into the same category as a lot ol football manager games There just isn't enough lo do ic keep you interested The basic idea is Boredom City so no matter what GBH did with it it couldn t possibly be presented in an interesting and playable way. Click on a tew icons then watch as two old tools commentate on how your guy is getting beaten up in the nng.

The first couple ol iflhts tend to hold

your hopes up as you are genuinely interested in how you' man is doing but after thai you get really bored out of your brams. (But you don t really have very tar to go0 - Ed) Getting all the way to a title Shot would drive you round the bend It takes ages just to progress to anywhere near the lop ten. let alone the lop spot Let s lace it. this game is like a Bntish heavyweight tile hope They look good but when if comes to the crunch they tall flat on their behvids and hit the deck Eqht quid to' little more than a few mce screens is a little over the top • LES ELLIS


The Individual screens look very nice but what you have to do Is guaranteed to sand you lo sleep after a while. It s unlnieresllng and dull. It you are Inlo management games then go for one of the decent football games around, this is tha wrong kind ol turkey to get this Christmas.


M«ti hui,    t

fimt ®r i»«

■PVE* OOTfll 1

_■ ■ ■ » II w ■


Wow. live games on one compilation lor only twenty live qud It doesn t take a

genius to work out that only five qud lor a game is a good deal How can a pack like that possibly go wrong’ Well all the games could be a complete waste cl disk space lor a start Alter all at twenty live quid lor five games they can t be that good, can they’ So let s take a look ai each o< the games m turn Uagidand Dizzy.


Codemasters Price: £24 99 Authors: Various Release: Out


umm We reviewed this a while back and if received a rapturous reception it s quite probably the best of ihe (many) Dizzy games You may be sick ot the sight ol the damn tool egg's romps through hi$  various guises but he keeps cropping up ail over the place In tact it is quite lucky that Codies chose this as opposed as lo any ol the other Dizzy games because this is the best ol the bunch It $ a lot ol tun to play, even if you're too old to be ptaymg ihese kind ol games This one is definitely worth the fiver asking pnee Neil up is CJm the USA Whoops the less said abaui this game ihe better The tirsi CJ game was really a kit better than this The controls are a serious let down and the coiiisnn detection is. er wen it almost works When we reviewed it in issue 18 it received a whopping 19% or should that be a 19% whopping’ To quote the review it s dun. uneventful.

annoying badly designed rubbish I guess that just about says 1 all. and l tor one am certainly not going lo disagree with it Even lor a liver it isn't worth the label

So tar. one good game one bad What next Ahh Captain Dynamo Well f got a luke warm reception when it was reviewed m issue 18 but it is time lot a small confession I reviewed it and gave t 57% but l think I was a Hue harsh on it I ve played i1 since and quite enioyed rt With hindsight it's worth a bl more than that, espeoalty when you're only paying a liver tor it It's a basic run at the mill piailorm game but it is fun to play U s cute and colourful and well worth looking at Consider that humble p>e wel' and truly eaten

Sfeg the Slug Well we gave it 79% so someone somewhere must think it's pretty neat It actually isn't that bad ll's




Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £7 99 Release: Out now

Car you remember the wet Sunday afternoons spent playing board games

with your brother or a trend'3 Sooner or later, fights would develop when one o( you started to cheat Board games on computer only ever have one thxng going tor them The (act that it you re on your own you can play against the computer Apart Irom that what's the poml ot playing the game on screen when you can play it normally'3 And besides, you cant cheat Even tor a board game P*tionary rs inusual The rules are dead easy One player draws a picture and when the other, or others, guess what it is they shout it out It they re right they can move lurther round a board The first player to

reach the end wins It s simple when you have a pen and paper but things get a little more complicated when you have lo do it on a machine

For a start unless you are a dab hand at DPa>ni or some kino ot massively talented artist, the chances of what you draw on screen looking remotely like what ft is supposed to be are pretty slim. 01 course IhiS problem is solved m ore player mode where you can take on the computer which draws pretty well tor a lew bts o< basic and silcon

However, the game in one player mode does have a major, major drawback When you're ready lo guess what ihe computer is drawng you hit the spacebar Simple enough but then the computer gives you the answer and then asks you it you got ft right So honest Joes will be alright but most people would ust say yes anyway And after a lew goes you get so bored youfl do anything ust la get to the end at the game

The opportunities tor cheating gel even worse in multi player games when you re actually asked which player got ft nght Why not get out ihe boxing gloves nghi now'3 This will cause no end of arguments There isn't much to Pictonary and it's hard to imagine that this was ever a fun price lelease I bet whoever bought n was disappointed when they played ft

Oak. I kflOw. Il l, <r, 'Ullii] bomb world people , itn'1 lit W>iel do toil neei, 'oo f I n going lo uj I got It righl enywey

very simple in concept (aren t they aii) but mere is a pu2Zle element involved which actually keeps you coming back for just one more go The base premise is mat you have lo feed a family of slugs with a load of maggots You ivave to get the ■i—ggois lo the slugs while avoiding ail the obstacles pul m your way As I sa*. simple * concept but tairty adeketive it execution Thai s three good games, now we re getting there

That leaves Robn Hood legend Quest This is the only one ot these games that hasn 1 already appeared in some guise or another but I ve no doubt ft probaby wi! It's an arcade adventure ot sorts, but not a very good one If features some ot the worst attempts at animation and character movement I have ever come across It gets ted ous after a tew seconds and then goes down*,: i st As you would expect you are Robn Hood and you have to go into the castle in Nottingham to beat the Shenft and rescue maid Marian, but Why bother"3 You won't want to see too much ol this belore you turn ft ott

So there you have ft three good

;jn«s and two pretty bad ones Even at then normal price ihe three good games would cost you £23 97 so lor only a pound and uvo pence more you get these two extra games that may keep the you tor the kids) quiet for a lew hours Its worth buyng ft you haven t already got any ot the titles but ft you have got one of Ihe good ones then don t go lor the pack It s good but. er. not that good • LES ELLIS


Five titles, but only three make the grade. It makes i good present tor your kids H you want to keep them out of Ihe way, but It you're thinking of buying this tor yoursalt then think carefully. This Is aimed at a younger games player, there are a lot ot compilations out there with some very strong titles In them. Check out Ihe shelves o A X carefully before shelling nil ~ out lor this tor yourself. uu =

Ciputfl DffUifio IRIEfl out el ftllfCHMnl

smd inlo Super Ail Sun,

Pictionary is an immensely disappointing game The presentation is poor with only one screen to speak ol The d-awmg side is a neat touch which hasn't been supported by a real Qame Asking people whether they were right or not is hardy going to introduce any element ol gameplay or challenge When you see something like thus you can forgive the shortcomings ol computer versions ol class* board games i*e Monopoly.

Cluedo and Scrabble Come to think ot it. although generally board games don't work on computers I would go lor any ol these belore I played PtCbonary

Pictonary really is Ihe worst ol a bad bunch It ever we needed an example ol how a game won I work on a computer this is ft It s a curious choice lor a conversion job and ft just hasn't worked I strongly recommend that you don I buy this Even tor eight quid ft ust isn't worth ft • LES ELLIS


It Isn't thinkable that this was once a full price game. There are no elements of gameplay or real challenge In It and once the novelty wears ott. which takes a tew minutes, you realise that this reelly Is s poor ettorl st I game There Is nothing hers to maka you want lo play It again. Come to think ol It alter the first tew turns you will ft* * realise lhat this Is Jusl 111 “ lousy. Don't touch It.    ■



Publisher: Codemasters Price: £7.99 Release: Out now

Will the Codies ever stop producing games featuring an egg ol al things'3 It seems not As the Dizzy senes ckmbs new heights ol popularity. Ihe egg is last becoming one ol the most well known heroes around Well, on ihe budget scene he's one ol the best known anyway There have been loads ot Dizzy games, some good, some net so good The latest in the senes s Spelbound Dizzy

Spellbound Dizzy is the biggest Dizzy game ever produced (so ft says here anyway) but not having played a great many ol Ihe others. I don t know how t»g ft has to be to be the biggest Then last

major etton. Pnnce ol the Yoft Folk was one ol the smallest games ot all time, standing at only thirty screens, sc I guess txggest ever could be an easy thing to do I can t understand why these games keep selling There must be a lot ol Dizzy tans out there, but I can I see the lasonatcn ol rolmg an egg around a level trying to solve puzzles that have solutions that are pretty dumb at the best ot times Most ol the puzzles seem to be solved more by luck than judgement 11s an arcade adventure, but not one that t would recommend lo anyone above the age ol ten The whole point ol the game is lor you 10 run around collecting dues and solving puzzles, but the puzzles are not logical and don 1 make sense Why have puzzles ft they don I make sense’

Okay so Ihe graphics aie averagely cute but they took just l*e every other Dizzy game ever released Maybe one day they'll come up with something new but while the old slut! sells why not keep pumping ft out’ I guess SpeHbovnd Dizzy i$ an okay game, ft jusl holds little appeal lo someone Hie me

If you prefer games with a little more substance to them then there are plenty about * the same pnee range In fact there ate toads ol really brilliant titles available on budget Irom SWJVio Rainbow Islands, so why not invest w one ol these instead ol this dstmctly average game • LES ELLIS


The character la dated, the concept ot the game la even older, and the look and feel are older slid. Dizzy fana will probably leel at home playing Ihla game, they'd have lime lo finish It between coming home Irom achooi and belore Chlldren'a BBC ATARIa. Older playera (anyone over the age ol ten) won't like thla one little bit. lan'l it  about lime Dizzy waa    Kll “

laid lo real.    UU =


Oaly Tim imanbcn the South Aimdcji Killer oe Saturday Nijhl Live. He tayt they were very


Game: Supercars il Publisher: GBH Gold Price: £9 99

More dess*: blasts Irom the past Irom GBH Alter Switchblade 2 last month the latest addition is Supercars II. Irom the same people who produced the loins games. Magnet* Fields And yet agam fts a cracker

The bases cl Ihe game are simple you race around toads of different tracks trying to amass as many points and as much money as passible The money is not just there lor any old reason you use ft lo soup your car up 10 the ultimate raong machine titled with all the optional extras You know, go taster stripes, furry dice, anti car missiles, land mines, all the h« essentials You also get the luaiy. chance to wm extra points and






Publisher: Ocean Price:C25 99 Authors: Various Release: Out now



cn 2



A slightly more expensive way ol buying final Fight it * An -really neat, the other two hi S are unadulterated crap. UL ;

OO'i go:c some o-.i: om ups »i«v«a Tinjfo S nothing that gvcs me a tvggu' thrsi man games where you gel to era rider up io bad guys, wigg'c- me joystick around at random white purrmeilmg the trie button un:;t »=ther ,ou or they tan over then ao.ng ■! aga n ano ogam until oitbcr my OySt'C» my wnsi or my temper snaps Let s tare ;t Amca beat' em ups nearly always suck St.fl some beat- em ups are ess atroe ous man other; so ;us: to- me sake ot the v.ee* mental eie'otc "A •; let s see rt we can separate the cna" Vp-thr er reai 'hah m th< * xt/mzG comp.'at.on

Supc' fi$ n.v«tJboaiv .i«e ;o oontaming US Go'd; ageing cenveisio-oi tamastica'ty popu •«lr Cu* ' Ov1 FfTuV

fight Doman. 5 agemg conwwvo-- ol •antast ca'iy pepu.car .tu fi; f«y •nd Ocean’s o*n    Number

Ore. WWF    “ lo« a rwr-j'di

com op these do, .£«• ynr .s actually a prelly giooiry ’ ; ,n 3» * w*ni<i‘.W»t butch spmes and tome reasonaery enterta •' -g .i.’-r- egp6ti2!ly <0' two f ■•'« .;«one* -anfilfeer non ter in tee tee* tor those wTCT»o«kr »ve you t-e-* the Suts: *iES hi; rsadarad ma -tr-hlnte a game* efe.ne -Iry aU;-*e ‘■Nti. f*Ol fiphl.fi iwrr —aiys;

made Qopa SUIT) you car ’ ru*= jc-ii ).

and the connnot a surpnsmpry ansu-ats Tre12 a    o* ftmior

o--s=v;i nnd ir/.in - a little bit ot stow down wien ;e-re tjloi gciog on, but final M <y tss Afti.ga ie ossashally

few*.'    'jn

Sacfy ane- mat uncipcoeri boost. ■: s uk predcMi'S down- I Iror- r.j on Pit Ftyity A ;J ’ spectituiarty •'’■ie<5>0C<

com op made 'n<:reiiing by mo huge dmilisnrl graphics whCh lu'tbid '-mpress s-y jaojnd ihe scree.' On the Anvjj they took like Wobbj slu-k mSCSIs. ■hch throws ti utterly

a '*    : *\ I•    ''-3lp

rei-e: - a* me fghAng moves are so sc-; cal md r;- >z Tvork Sal you 'e.Tfi, a .in j lot betto' wth the oM 'indent jeystckiigg-s St«, a! »*ast m P.r

■ ’u ' f a* ■*■ s u    r,y Aide

wection ot ditterent "ees to rr.-du.Tly msligile 3rd go coo1 at » V.V.T

(Ov Gil

about !h:»s nvost ol whch

empty in-.-;f»-;- -ither waggling the joystick oi

Gary Penn gave “»» w ahsurCy

pointing out correctty. the comtke'.r lack o* other any real WWF I eel or any kind ot raffiole attempt it gamaplay. sM struggling to be positive, came up with a single Upper' - me tact thai you gal a ties video m the box Now. ol conns C~.a t'»a video has vamoosed

11 you happen lo wander into a f-rtlrroro shop and someone lues lo Mil you a copy ot tNs. then I suggest you do wraw Just buy f«ui fighiintiewl • STUART CAUPBELL

money wilh question and answer screens but be warred you can lose it too

Supercacs II is a vast improvement over the first game and even has a two player mode where you can team up compete with a Inend to get a little tudher The tracks are splil over three ski levels ranging Irom an absolute doddle lo the meanest opponents and hacks you h ever Imd

There's only one real problem with Supercars II - it's ridiculously dillcull to keep your car heading m a straight hne. meaning you career an over Ihe track smashing into walls and other cars trying to go down a straight piece ol road But that aside, this >s a great little raong gam* Another thing worthy ol a mention are tha Static screens and mtro screens They took absolutely gorgeous still some ol the best non digitised stills ever seen

Combined wiih the Lotus games. Supensars IIjust goes to show how Magnetic Fields seem to have mastered how to make racing games that people w* want to play

And playable' a Ihe operative word here There's a huge amount ol satisfaction in taking a jump al high speed and hittmg the comer just right to send a stream ol rockets and missiles alter the car in Iron! al you Nicking his position and winning the race a Ihe icing on the cake

T1»« lonrj and winding ro*d iftiEl l««di... well, ■o«ktrt lul W% juil lull nivirtbiliii.

r*»M jAOf°' I'AAE    '

All in all Supercars II Is a rather neat little racing game that sutlers only slightly Irom the stupid control glitch Superior games have, ol course, been released smee. namely the Lotus games, but this slit stands up in its own nght as a damn line Superspnnt type raong game. It's ceriamiy much cheaper than a decent Scalextnc set so buy it You won t be at all disappointed • LES ELLIS


Supercan 0 la atlll vary playable and quite addictive. Once you ve finished all Ihe couraea undetailed, however, It will lose some ol H' appeal and you II only go back to H to challenge Irlends it the vicious two player mode. At only a lenner. though, it's still great value lor money.




PD or not PD is the rather predictable question with which to start off a Public Domain section. The Bard of Bath, Dave Golder, checks out the latest in free, nearly-free and not-free-at-all-but>still-quite-a-long-way-on-the-cheap-side software.


Telescan Computer Services

Godfather 2 The Empire Strikes Back Superman 2 Rare things - sequels that are better than then predecessors Mad Sus« Goes On is another eiampie But there is a difference The films had pretty tough acts to to*ow Mad Susie Goes On wou>d have had to be the computer game equivalent ot Attack ol the SO toot Woman to be any worse than the original

Mad Susie had one ot the worse lumping systems ever It was a be Ike

■lift o.t im.ll (wad) jlrl .ad Iwr ponyljil M a plalfarmy jennicy throuyli a caul*.

trying to control a grasshopper on speed m a lorce eight gale The controls m Goes On are hardly perfect, but at least now yog actually have a chance ol playing the game without having to spend hours learning how to gel the spnte to go where you want it

Mad Susie Goes On is a platform puzzler set m a murky castle on a thundery night There's not much in the way ol action Raihet it's one ol those games where you have to work out the correct route through the levels, picking up bonus parts, opening doors and avoiding anything that looks nasty Quite what Susie, a ptecoefous little, lo*pop-carrying child, is dang here is undear - perhaps her paienis are trying to get rid at her

The graphics and sound are very atmospheric The scrolling and animation are smooth The control system is. well, not vntatmg. at least In tact it's moderately diverting, though the puzzles aren't much ol a challenge - it s usually pretty obvious what you have to do, and the game rarely lets you Stray loo tar trom the correct path

VERDICT: An okay game, but with the lastabUity ot an am at an Aardvark convention **»


Telescan Computer Services Shareware $ 15

This is one ol those. Okay it you like that sod of thing'games You control a futuristic tank which is dropped into enemy territory. You have a mission to complete.

Theta in lk« control., (Taakt a let. - td)

usually along the Imes of. Rescue so-and-so. blow up everything m sight and e«<i stage left

Enemy terntory is represented as a grd You stad el the bottom rmdde and you can see what is m each ol the adjacent screens What can you eipect to tmd in these squares9 Enemy tanks, fuel silos, ammo dumps, that sod ol thing Ah.



A-m.it w) tom (Cea I n< my fra, loo* puo sfdmt - td)

So suck kittil you u.v.r huv« lo five your opponc.l ■ nice pmenl.

Don i yog fos) im a good ’u<*9 It you oo. youit love ;=s - ■ no ixrisonsc ro rokL. dte -eongn* uMs (bui »no cm at7) burn the wn um «■* mate j-vtevd type k a» sort ol hng

‘Jt 'a W terrors car take part ;w«h re mewnurr or r»o oratnotmucMunf Each controls a tusunsac tar* tiaveot we been here before9! when eumAe around a mm ol

irnii anotweah yoeHne to do a try to he your obw or* —'l1 ne'n

Vae car imu a i«fon ol his - a Dapis, *1 ihe top ot mo

warn shows you' energy teat And y&j ear t u£ Weil aoa, Ike mad or aufoTire - ttaimg energy auto mas daen end it it mat rearflMatf Hjn Q ■*! a Btediaw seconds lor it uouidupaear

Pawoi upc appeal ham i>me lo line These iwefade vwstoliy, speed-up*. *xt>* energy, eilia lire jama *■ the Utah ttul

Then are loot oi levels - ihsy eeght he randomly generated though I couidr't be sure Anyway, we played up to (Mi2S. am *e tee vested npwhera in The controls are very smocrh »x) ke aw    movomoef acfl eePiaan

detection very po*shad li s fast fusaei ter if a til I

irw may >«* drawback is that the gave doesn't keep ■ rjrw-g score o* who s won whit

VERDICT: it you ve gal some males, some lime to spare ard can i ea bctriKcd to thite loo hasd. there a>e a tot omea oip to spnrvf JCT3V baw than w » thssJraP** blaster * * * o

dd I forget to tell you that you probably won t have enough fuel or ammunition to complete the mission9 You also have a limited lime, just to make things even mote interesting

The game is mouse-controlled Most ol the time the screen represents the controls o< the tank, and displays the grid You move about the grid using a compass-type affair which you click on You also have a probe which you can send out independent ol the tank Each move takes live minutes, and both the probe and tank can move in the same go It you move into a square containing enemy forces the screen changes to attack mode and you see what's outside The enemy poke their heads out at hiding and take shots at you You blast them by clicking on them with the mouse cursor intrepid is pretty tough but relies a brt too much on luck - you have to hope you search the correct areas belore you ntn out ol either fuel or ammo But it is fairly addictive - you always wart just one mote go to prove you can do it And it's e.cellemly presented, with some dear, functional graph cs Pity there s not a tad mote variety to the gamepfay. though

VERDICT: A pretty straightforward strategy game impressively presented * * *



This has to be one ol the most misleading titles ever Oh. sure, you have a gun. but i your use ol it approaches anywhere near the description blazing . you II be luckier than a very lucky thing indeed that's just had an especially good turn ol fortune it's a duel which takes place between two cars whizzing around a top-down viewed track The winner is the first lo either complete a set number ol laps or to blast lheu opponent to more pieces than a warehouse lull of pgsaw puzzles.

tl looks and sounds impressive, and the inclusion ol a course designer is a nice touch But it plays like a Morns Minor struggling through a Miami swamp The controls are awkward, the cars bounce oft the sides ol the tracks m alt directions and the using the weapons is a bit like the jokes in Bottom - it they hit it's more a matter ot luck than lodgement

VERDICT: It’ll drive you round the b (Donl you dare - Ed)

Rating **

Addresser TELESCAN COMPUTER SERVICES. Kanos worth Road. Blackpool ■ Blackpool 22296 • DATACLAN. 17 Skltlord. Alter dene Est. Low Fee. Gateshead. Tyne A Wear NE9 68G




(Thud.) Here’s a heavy sack of joy and no mistake. Gary Penn takes a look inside (rustle rustle) to find out what your favourite Amiga software programmers and publishers are up to next year...


For Essler next year there s Sieve Kelly s new project, written in conjunction with coder Nick Alderton and artiat Dan Malone Further details have yet to emerge Former Strangeways coder Jason Perkins and erstwhile System 3 artist Robin Levy have resurfaced with fluff And Tumble, a beat-emup with a difference, as they lay And left not forget Andrew Braybrock s Undium It - potentially one hell ol an impressive shoot- em-up

left : An tnrl-f development ihoi from Undium f, due acal ipnnf from R«M)ld«.


The co-author of Elite has been quiet on the home computer entertainment Iron I tor almost a decade. Now he's returned with a new protect, Budo. which hai been described as a pacifist fighting simulation. Can this be true "Wail, yeah,' ha aays. "It ia aba tract Thera are no humanoid figures It'S a sort of crosi between Tetri* end Aneroid*. It might appear on the Amiga but at the moment I'm developing algorithms and working out the gameplay."

M - eetJM* el lha orijlul (Me -r el wart a. lha Saiji.


The Millennium 2.2 and Deuteros author isn't keen to reveal much about his new work. 'It s a seedling at the moment," he says. I'm developing it on the PC but It'll probably eventually go on the Amiga. It's very graphical. Very science fiction. It's not in a similar vein to anything I've done before. It's quite original. There s nothing I know o< that's like it. It's all in modules, some of which look very nice. It s going to be at least six months before anything comes together to be seen."



Shaun Southern, the man behind the critically acclaimed Lotus series of racing simulations, has understandably had enough ol cars tor the lime being. His next project's likely to be a shoot-'em-up

■if hi: The l«ii word ia Lolut ]im«t, lad lh« last Shaun Saafhern wants 10 hear abeul them for seme lime.



The programming genius behind Delphine s Future Wars and Another World has been signed up by Virgin Games. His new project is Heart 01 Darkness (a working title). Details are scarce, but it's understood that Eric won't be resting on his laurels. Heart 01 Darkness will utilise a new approach to his impressive (and unique) interactive polygon-orientated storytelling system. A release date has yet to be set. but don’t expect to see anything before the second half of 1993.

_    that.' he

«    uya. -I'm

working on something elae. Hi atilt

w.iW iWin.ld Marnier.    Uling a 30

hMonl M bMffai jHn ynf    landscape

but the Idea

•    •;    has changed.

t j Basically M'a a complete fractal ialand this tlma I'm trying to create a realistic sort of environment but I'm going more tor aporta event* rather then an adventure aa such. I'm utilising the (radii landscape lor akiing and water sports and things like that. It hasn't really been don* before Hopefully I should have the first events working for juat attar Chriitmaa. There won 1 be tasks to complete as such but you will have to purchase maps and things like that and work it out. It's not adventure In the sense ol finding murdered people and things. It’a more ol an adventure playground'

The last lime we apoke to the author ol Hunter he wai working on a sequel ol sorts called *•»    Maverick Nol

any more. ‘I v* scrapped

Ike IsutdMi ■■dtniliS Marnier. Why hMil ih tank yews yell

TSCH LSVCl, -dfy y    TDJl


9 S3 R I B TT

/V *




Devttrot ml

■Ird -

! fiction Unit




Arabian Mahtt - ■■■lilt) and ullra-laaMt plidora aadti lai SI.

"The Amiga utmi to be telling better tinea the price cut. which It good newt," tayt Tony Cavanagh. "For next year we've got Soccer Kid planned lor Eaiter. We've got another cutesy game, a clattlc platform acenario called Alledin or Arabian Nights. You have to lind the caliph't daughter and etcape with her. There are magic carpeti and magic lampt with Genlet to ute. It t being written by a guy called Simon Pith ley It't hit tint Amiga project but he's done plenty o( other ttufl.

Daniel Headton. who's only Jutt olned ut. it doing the graphics. Alto we have a reciprocal publlthlng arrangement with an American company called Mlcroleague. They made their name with eportt management tlmulatlont and now they're broadening their activities They have three arcade iporlt timulatloni: bateball. basketball and American football. We'll be publlthlng at lent two ol those next year. We've two other produett planned but we haven’t any names. One will be a tort ol sequel to Sabre Team, using the tame engine but with medieval castles and dungeons and thlngt. I don't know If we'll be re-utlng the Shadowfands engine yet."

The snake charner notions you closer ■* Br'ih’ofWe' b'STjeue’t s" you can buY< the sn’ah


In the first quarter of f 993 we've got Hot Hatches. which has been written by Trevor Scott ol ID. it's a Cannonball Run type thing," says Ocean's Development Manager Gary Bracey. "Our philosophy is to put tun back into these sort ol things. It s all very well having a good simulation but it s got to be playable, too, as we demonstrated with F-29. Then we ve got Shut It which is the unofficial follow-up to Push Over. It's a different style of game but the same genre, if you see what I mean Sleepwalker, the Comic Relief tie-in. that's for around the same time. Then there's the Numero Uno: Jurassic Park. We re also working on DC Comic's Lobo tor the Amiga 120G. It's an in-house project by the same people who did both the Addams Family games on the Super NES We re gearing many things towards development on the Amiga 1200 for next year At the very least we II have games for bolh the normal Amiga and the 1200 but 1here are certain projects we re working on explicitly lor the 1200. It's unlikely we'll have very many coin-op conversions. Ah, I almost forgot. We ve got the most beautiful golf game for the Amiga. It's by a new team called Floppy Disk Electronics and it's due maybe for the second quarter of '93. It's the definitive golf game and we've got the best licence to go with it as well. You'll see what I mean when we announce it officially. We re in the process ot tying up another big licence at the moment and we re certainly looking at tying up a couple of others during next year."


We re still looking tor the best otter for SamuraiII." says John Twiddy. "so in etfect that will be coming out around Easter time. We re also doing this Formula One racing simulation tor Virgin Games, which is essentially lor the '93 season. It's a different style of game really, more management orientated than, say, Geoff Crammond s. so it s not necessarily the same market It s primarily (or the PC but we will be converting to the Amiga.

There's nothing much else in the pipeline really."

DC'i lurid conk ol ultrj-ViBltBCt - <0*1 in) fo lh« 1800 noil yoor.


The min behind Nebulus and Eliminator and the never releaaed Scavenger ia working on a 3D polygon-baaed arcade adventure The tori at gameplay't a bit like Uonkey Island, as an adventure. I'm nol lure what the storyline will be yet It's set in a city - a proper one. not a Damocles-type one There are roadi and

pavements and buildings and stuff, and loads ol people walking around and vehicles lo drive There s loads of detail and depth cuing - the objects tide into the distance It's using a remote camera view to it's nol through the character s eyes - you can see him. The camera swoops she' him at he walks through doors and to on tar cinematic effects. It should be ready for tome time neat year. The working title is 3D Game I have a lew names but il depends on what game s going to be about. I've yet to aaaign it to a publisher I want to put a few months more work into It yet It's on the PC but it could go on to the Amiga.



The Prince Ol Persia author s still beavering away on the sequel lor Broderbund. Prince Ot Persia llis planned tor release in the UK through Electronic Arts in March of next year As was the case the original, owners ol IBM PC and compatibles will get first crack of the whip, with the Amiga version not far behind. That is all. Broderbund are keeping further details close to their chests.



Cnkcy1 Theta chapi will be living in Sequel City nexi year. They have Chuck Rock II. Thunderhawk II and Heimdatl II.

Plui lour new original title* tayt head honcho Jeremy Smith With Chuck Rock II. the story t live yean on. Chuckt had a succetttul hall a decade He hat a baby ton. and he wat alto the inventor ol the automobile He t aet up Fjord Moloit, but hit arch enemy. Brick Jagger. hat alto let up Oatttone Cart, and he wanta Chuck t company.

Brick t kidnapped Chuck He throwa a rock through Chuck t houte. with a t ale attached There's Ophelia, knitting a romper suit tor the baby, and the read*

I hit mettage to hand over Ihe company Baby Chuck heart Ihn. tmathet out ol hit play pen pick! up hit toy club and with the immortal word* Til be back1 telt oil to rescue hit dad. It's a similar blend ol cartoony plallorm action at belore. but thit time we re using tome very clever techniques lor tome real special things like proper swinging ropet and screen rotation There are five levels with subgarnet There t a chariot race with dinosaurs pulling Ihe carit. a race dawn rapidt m a turtle shell canoe, and bouncing on the back ol a giant tortoise lo collect applet The kid t club's used In many ways. He can stand on it to avoid thmga like burning Hoots and soldier antt. and he can tel lire to it to light the dark caverns And ol course, he can belt things with it There are loads more interactive characters and special traps We reckon it'll be Ihe ultimate plallorm game. It's being written by Can Scott, who did Premiere He's one clever dude The original team are involved Bob Churchill s chiel designer and working with Chrit Long, and Lee Pullen's doing the graphics again That'll be ready lor Easter Heimdtll II starts where the first one left oh. with the Battle Ol Ragnarok It will be by the tame team It'll be similar to Ihe first one but we re taking note ot the loads ot suggestions people tent to us. With Thunderhawk we got an awful lot ot response What we re going to do with Thunderhawk lilt incorporate those suggestions. It'll be heavy on the action again. We’ve got tome new ideas, loo. especially lor building up the terrain to make it more interesting We re alto looking to do a tequel to Curs* Ol Enchgnhs. In space perhaps.



~"e hexpert behind the Am ciy-rs-t -.-■

»Vvng Command* /, I ae working on Can Rod It's a kind ol 50: McCann,- it* vMco-nym -*::r.,»‘•n.j.irei A poM-ca1 I'aierT'e"’0 Of cc-ise an Aihen«r.« ,v* k*s. It's -*••% it's a nnrr,rv«    '."'l gang lo be Sonr

The Squ you krvu« Thct $ much as (* saying I'm working with He'iran Seua.no i don i really give a damn who Lixt-Sh= if Par ofes :jsmg my Idt scree* a< Twig i: s not:k« i- ,    “• pa-a,;.u It s cat

para*a* t 3 d-1 pick t up from, v-e par>»a* cojnser m Salisbury's FS au" t-e a vnsosmr (aaggi: xkA star, anyone's eve* done beloro : was laikiuj to :.ome German hackh's There 5 a way ol hipp«ng between tvgn r« and m*Oom ret for a half pxei sere* but you cen t do t with a ccep*r mb and can; use sprees tmq and ir. e efnerwtsc s no: !±s enough i vw aisu been vr~v."c ee-si-a1 sound for true Surround sound on the Am.ga It wc because yo_’ ears 5:e actuaJy spirals I'm +*0 working nn texture mapp r.~ u r.g 5 .;:,, i!'s using 'hr-;-»<• technique I used tor e gnt crier..-* stereo sound on the A™ ga ■ Crikey Now ' ony tie could put an ma' • ‘u somem-ne Stays*-:- Td be :*« c. the eye lc '.•'9 cocky console owners


“I should have Captive It ready for the beginning of next year. It s nowhere near like the first one. I ll probably do another sequel using the same techniques. I took Captive and used it as general idea then scrapped It Captive Its all the stuff I wanted to do In Captive but couldn t do That was me learning the machine, but now I know a lot more. There are four screens at once, using 64 colours. It really makes your eyes open. It's set indoors -

we wanted more office blocks and sluff. It's using ihe same movement as Captive cos l prefer it. Too much tree movement spoils it. It's using polygons for the characters The problem was, I can't do polygons, so we gol Ross Goodley to help out and I made it faster. I am also working on an editor lor sprites and stuff, which has metamorphosis between images but I den t know what I'm going to do with it yet.”

Tlic Mjtity ac<i«imid (bat valhar dated) Cmptivt, flnalhr dai far a icqiil from Toni Crewiliflr



The Warhead author s flight n'fight simulation Airduel will be ready for release af the beginning of next year. It's no longer with MicroProse though - Glyn's currently talking to new publishers. 'It's now more of a video game again than a simulation.

I ve recently fallen in love with 3D Studio which is used lo generate photorealistic shapes. I'm using some of that in Airduel. There's a lack of narrative clarity in 3D games, so I'm redressing the balance. I'm using cutaway shots in Airduel. When I ve finished Airduel... Ive done a couple of proposals lor a company. One ol them s a video game much like the Super Mario-style but with a tank called an Urban Pacification Vehicle."


ion    m A m ithnr -knH r> n m nnpflr 4    /     .    1

The Powerdrome author and composer of the music for Glyn Williams Warhead.

Archer Maclean's Pool and David Braben's Frontier (aka Elite II) has been putting Ihe finishing touches to his futuristic combat simulation CyberFight...

for the PC. It looked as though CyberFight wouldn't make it to the Amiga due to technical difficulties, bul now the prospect of it appearing is an increasing possibility. Michael s managed to get the polygon visuals running at a playable speed so there's every chance CyberFight will be released through Electronic Arts before 1993 is out. Hoorah!



-    '    _ . “ A> -    * "HI b* converting James Pond III from the

•*    - m    UegaDrlve to the Amiga lor... I think It's in

'    Easter release It probably won't be called

•'    ' .“    ' Splash Gordon. Dr Mayb* hat sat up hit

■ * _    '    '.V.    bis* on the moon and he's mining the

- cheese which he's sending to Earth to Hood .    m    - _    the world's cheese markets. Obviously he has

to be slopped. There are all sorts ot cheese - all '    F XTJ t sorts ot dairy products In tact. There ere lots ol new

gadgets and Pond can now walk round the walls with hb magnetic bools. There'll be a lot more Interaction wHh objects and using them lor various purposes, and more ol the power ups like the way they were used In RoboCod. There'll be a big map screen lo select ihe levels from."

*. ’«




Well. Syndicate s slipped Into next year, says Populous author and Bullfrog boss Peter Molyneux.

Then there s Pip. my next game, which should be out around Easter time. It s certainly something totally dillerent but it s not a platform game or a shoot- em-up or anything like that People who ve seen it say it's the most original concept ot the Iasi 10 years, which is nice. Creation's still going ahead but it's going to be realty hard to do on the Amiga We may yet do It. There's also a thing being written out ot houte which hasn't got a name yet. It a much more of a traditional game shall we say.

in* iirn ihooi «m ve sad ■    - luiiiiii'i SMdiuM


"There's an original game we re working on at the moment,*' says Rage supremo Paul Finnegan, "called Cheddar George. It's an arcade style one with a cartoon element, but I can't say much more than that. We should have it finished for March or April of next year.** Cheddar George represents Joffa Smith s Amiga debut (erstwhile Spectrum owners may remember him for the corky Cobra). Charles Davis is providing the visuals (his portfolio includes the Hudson Hawk sprites). ‘ We'll also be working on Striker II." Paul adds



The mad March hares will be slick not slack in 1993.

There s Cannon Fodder lor Virgin Games." says Jon Hare. "You know, there're these soldiers wandering around landscapes. You control the highest ranked guy and the others follow him around. You can get them to swim and shoot guns and rocket launchers and throw grenades and drop mines. You kill these enemy soldiers and blow up choppers and tanks, but you can control them. too.

It s war but there are no sticks tor guns Then there's a sequel to Soccer. We've got some good ideas kicking around. We ll be improving it during the next year, expanding it and lightening It all up. I don't see there s much we can do with the graphics - maybe a different pitch or some streakers with big (Snip! - Ed) - but the viewpoint is an essential element so it can't change much The guys can t get much bigger, and we can't use more colours or it'll run slower. Maybe we could have a few more animations, maybe a bit more razzmatazz We ve got more presentation screens, which Ubik s working on And there's Mega lo Mania Hot course, but that depends on how long Ubik spends on Soccer. Mega lo Mania llvre'te writing specifically for the Amiga We re not bothering with the ST now."


At the beginning of 1993 we should see the conversion ot Bally's Terminator 2 arcade machine. The Simpsons' spin-oils Itchy A Scratchy will be attempting to kill each other on the Amiga towards the and ot 1993. while Bart's Nightmare should appear In the third quarter. Then theie s Spiderman based on the movie from director John Cameron and starring Michael Beihn as the friendly neighbourhood wetaspinner and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the villainous Or Octopus.


"I want to get another original product out for the Amiga possibly two," says Realms author and Graflgold guru Steve Turner. We re working on an overhead, everywhichway scrolling tank game - the idea I suppose came from the tank bit In Ikari Warriors. It's a tank with an independent turret. In a way the game reminds me of Flying Shark, it s that sort ol look. You can pick up power ups... At the moment it's a simultaneous two player game. The working title's Tanky II. It sounds like a catchy, meaningless Japanese name. It's being designed and written by Jason Page We've yet to assign Tanky II to a publisher, but it’ll hopefully be Renegade. The other Ihing l have a design for is a kind of update of the Avalon and Dragontorc series. The possibilities are endless for 16-bit. I'm taking a look at existing ones like It, to see what I'm up against. Mine would lean more to arcade than adventure, more like the console stuff. I'll try to get away from the text angle as much as possible. Andrew s experimenting with dual playfields for Amiga Uridium instead of 32 colours. One ol his possibilities for next year is Fire And Ice II but it depends how we see platform games standing up nine months to a year after Uridium IIs finished."


l«$ €nd«n Spaclrum cllitlc MwaIoh - i«1 lor aa AalflJ apdaliT


Indianapolis SOO authors. Papyrus'. Formula One racing simulation It coming along slowly but turaly. EA will say little more than that. Michael Powell's been working miracles and now hit CyberFight is more than likely due for release on the Amiga In the middle ol next year (tee elsewhere) PGA Tour Golf authors Sterling Silver aren't up lo much unfortunately - their sequel s only for the Sega Mega Drive at the moment. Qther ilems of interest la look forward to are Music Construction Set II. Origin's new wares. Biosphere (a space opera from EA's American arm), a new Bard s Tale adventure and Ihe RPGs Rights Ol Eternity and Spiral Arm The conversion of EA s pucking and rucking Ice Hockey simulation from Mega Drive lo Amiga is still under discussion,



The Miracle Games man will be working on a project in his own spare time. "I'm going to do a Marble Madness type of game with a multi-directional scrolling landscape with loop-the-loops and jumps and stuff. It'll be puzzley - you'll collect things, a bit like the rings in Sonic or the coins in Mario - but more Marble Madness-y than anything else. I ll be using a super fast scroll with the same isometric viewpoint. My wife. Debbie, will be doing the graphics. She s already done the graphics far Spindiziy Worlds, so you should get the idea."


What will be tha trend for Amiga software In '93

•    Many publishers are using the Amiga as a tasting ground for original products Intending to publish them for consoles later There'll be plenty ol arcade action, ahoot-'em-ups and platformers.

•    We should see more genuine console software being converted lo tha Amiga, particularly Sega Mega Drive and PC Engine stuff.

•    Big name arcade conversions will be tew and tar between. Character and film licences will be at the forefront, but most ol those will appear on console first and probably not on the Amiga until Ihe end ot next year.

•    The Populous god simulations have had their day. Mmm

•    The quality of Amiga software will be at its highest yet. Let's hope so!
























Hey, let’s get the kids in the right mood for the coming month, we said. Let’s do a bumper In The Style Of, we said. Let’s make it soppy we said. And here it is.



Just to serve as a kind of warm-up for the coming festivities, Core produced this alternatively themed title screen for their recent hit. Deck the film set with boughs of holly, we say.



Even the ultra-violent Assassin succumbs to all that goodwill, with our hero donning Christmas garb to deliver his sackful of presents along with a jolly round of snowballs. Even that nasty old skull has been spruced up for the holiday.








Uhy dinosaurs rrally died ouf...



The creators off Humans opted for a postcard to capture the humour off their latest game. What a bunch of jolly Christmassy pranksters, eh





In which Mr Molyneux and his team reinterpret the classic James Stewart movie, giving the lead role to Sylvester Stallone - complete with friendly slur and a flamethrower to roast chestnuts.

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Amiga Power Issue 20 1992 Dec Cover

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