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Not only is the German-based company a stalwart supporter of the Amiga, but it's also constantly redefining the market with innovative products, such as the Vlab Motion board, the Retina Z3 display card, the 16-bit Toccata sound card, and Xi-Paint, its latest paint package. In a bold effort to revitalize the Amiga market, the company is producing a Motorola 68060-based computer that uses the Amiga OS: the DraCo. Recently, AmigaWor d visited company headquarters in Witten, Germany, to find out just what all the buzz was about the DraCo. Son of Amiga? Although still in the earliest stages of development, the DraCo workstation promises enormous potential for high-speed rendering on the Amiga. When complete, DraCo will utilize AmigaDOS 3.1 as its operating system. According to company president Jorge Sprave, MacroSystems has verbal agreements with all of the major parties bidding for the Amiga technology to license the OS as soon as the legal proceedings are complete. The DraCo concept is a unique one. For starters, no Amiga hardware will be used in the design (thereby sidestepping the current critical shortage of Amiga custom chips), yet the system promises 80% compatibility with existing software because it is based on AmigaDOS 3.1. MacroSystems will also provide an option for DEC's Alpha chip to work as a coprocessor to the 68060. The standard system will most likely include ? To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 58. Denny on DOS HINTS & TIPS FOR MASTERING THE OPERATING SYSTEM 11 Driving Miss Daisywheel The Amiga’s output has always looked good on screen. II you take the time to learn the ins and outs of the Amiga DOS Preferences printing system, you can make your hardcopy printouts look just as good. This month we'll take a look at the Amiga’s printer drivers; next time well delve into the Prefs editors that give von control over them. Although it’s now a common feature in computer operating systems, ten years ago die Amiga’s use of a single printer driver for all programs was revolutionary in the personal-computer market. The Macs of the day supported only Apple printers, while Pcs required ** different, printer driver lor every program. The Amiga's centralized system means you need only 4 J J one driver for all vour programs (with the exception of a few such as WordPerfect and PageStream 3 that use custom drivers in an effort to enhance printing capabilities). The drivers included with AmigaDOS support hundreds of different printer models; for those that aren’t included, there are a variety of public-domain, shareware, and commercial drivers available. What Is Your Preference, Sir? Your printer may be supported by a Preferences driver even if it’s not listed in the AmigaDOS manual.

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Amiga World Vol 11 04 1995 Apr

Document sans nom Fargo’s Primera Pro vs. Epson’s Color Stylus April 1995 USA. $ 5.95 Canada $ 4,95 UK £2.95 COLOR PRINTER SHOWDOWN: Plus! ? Printer-Driver Tips ? 3 LandscabeJGenerators ? Create Your Own “Digital Scrapbod ? Video Edit ControIIeTs Reviews
• ImageFX 2.0*!
• Personal Paint 6;1
• Wordworth 3.1 .. . An IDG Communications Publication Now, if you own ProWrite, Scribble!, KindWords, TextCraft, Excellence!, or any other word processor, you can upgrade to Final Copy II or Final Writer for a special, low price. Call 1-800-247-8314 for details and to order your upgrade to the latest in word processing technology. Release 2. “Readers’ Choice Award 1993”, Amazing Computing; “Award ’93 - Best Software Product”, Amiga Plus (Germany), “Product of the Year 1993”, Amiga Magazine (Germany). What more can we say? This is the most popular and most used word processor on the Amiga today. It features a 110,000 word speller, 1.4 million word thesaurus; auto-hyphenation; search and replace; tab stops; adjustable margins; word and sentence counts; paragraph sorting; on-screen math; Arexx port; style sheets; drawing tools; imported IFF graphics; master pages; Compugraphic, Type-1, and NimbusQ outline font support; 30 outline fonts; and the best printing possible on any Workbench supported printer. System requirements: 1 megabyte of RAM, 2 floppy drives, and Workbench 1.3 or higher. New Release 3. “...Final Writer is arguably the best word processor yet released for the Amiga.”, Amiga World. March 1994. “...Final Writer is the top Amiga word processor to rival even the Mac and PC heavyweights.”, CU Amiga (England), January 1994. Final Writer has all of Final Copy ll’s features (see above) plus many more. It includes: undo; easy bold, italic, and underlining; table of contents, table of illustrations, endnotes, bibliography, and index generation; sections; multiple master pages; EPS graphic support; 120 outline fonts; rotating graphics; movable text blocks; and a user button strip. Release 3 now includes easy page numbering, drag and drop, type and spell, polygon drawing tool, special shape drawing tools, and dictionary hyphenation. Requirements: 2.5 megabytes of RAM, hard drive, and Workbench 2.04 or higher. New program. Final Data is the new database manager for the Amiga. It is designed for people who need a convenient tool to keep track of lists of information. It combines very fast sorting and searching with quick printing of reports and labels. Final Data is ideal for name and address lists, video libraries, customer lists, references, etc. Anyone can learn to set up a database, enter data, and print reports and labels in a matter of minutes - not days! Reports come complete with page headings that include title and page numbers. Reports may be printed with totals and row counts. Labels can be defined in a variety of formats. Use with Final Copy II or Final Writer for the best mail-merge possible. Accepts PenPal, InfoFile, MiAmiga File, and File Msg databases. Requirements: 1 floppy drive, 512K RAM, and WB
1. 3 or higher. 1-800-247-8314 SoftWood, Inc. Vl%. All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. ©SoftWood, Inc. 1994. All rights reserved. UPGRADE! Any genlock to the SuperGen SX Studio for only S599.95 Call 800.645.1164 for details. S'° c Sjci ,0 O' &
* p A® Pr & sCU
* ?>>$ &* flOlV *. V0' x6 _ CJ' 0 , V
5) *'
* y FIRST IMPRESSIONS “The worms crawl in, Ike worm crawl out I’ve been waiting until our print deadline to write this column because I was hoping that the news we’ve heard this week would turn out to be a molehill, not a mountain. Plus, I’m dying to be kind to my blood pressure. In case you hadn’t heard, things in the Commodore liquidation proceedings took the strangest twist in an already bizarre tale when it was reported that two very familiar reptiles had climbed back out of the primordial ooze possibly to play a role in the case. I say “possibly” because that’s what we were waiting to hear as this issue went to press. (For a full report on the re-emergence of dare 1 say it living Gould and Mehdi Ali in the Commodore case, see “Overscan,” p. 4. In this issue.) Now, if living and Mehdi wind up crawling back to where they came from without a ripple, that’s line it will have cost us only a week or two in proceedings where delays have become SOP. But if they succeed in throwing a monkey wrench into the resolution of this case, they may achieve something even they couldn’t cause when they were running the company (i.e., into the ground) themselves killing off the Amiga. The prospect of having even part of the liquidation come under the jurisdiction of US bankruptcy courts seems to be making our old friends just a little nervous. It makes a person wonder if the stricter, twelve-month liability period for the actions of former company executives under US law (as opposed to three months in the Bahamas) has some hidden significance. While we certainly wouldn't care to speculate in print about such a matter until the entire situation is brought to light and those involved get to explain their actions 1 bet there are more than a few Amiga owners, not to mention members of the Commodore Shareholders’ Movement, who might be willing to venture some conclusions of their own. If = and this is still a very big “if" as I write this) living Gould and Mehdi Ali succeed in significantly delaying the proceedings by filing an objection to the liquidators’ plans lor resolving tiiis mess, it would be a tragically ironic outcome to this sony affair. Legal representatives for the liquidators, Commodore’s creditors, and the parties seeking to purchase the rights to the Amiga were on the verge of working out a veiy difficult, hard-fought settlement to the case. Any further delay especially from the corner that brought us to this impasse in the first place may well have dire consequences for the future resurgence of the Amiga. Let’s hope the perpetrators of the decline of the Amiga will not be allowed to finish what all their mismanagement and shortsightedness failed to achieve. Long live the Amiga! Daniel Sullivan Editor in Chief Amiga World Dale Strang, Publisher Daniel Sullivan, Editor-in-chief Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Swain Pratt, Editorial Production Coordinator Peter Olafson, Games Editor Denny Atkin. Joel Hagen, Contributing Editors Howard G. Hap p. Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda. Production Director Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Darlene Sweeney, Advertising Services Manager Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 600 Townsend St., Suite 170 East Sort Francisco. 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All loreign rales are one-vear only. Second-class postage paid at Peterborough. XI lt and ai additional mailing oliices. Phone; (>03-92-1-0100. On-line on BIX: Amiga.World (in Amiga.exchange); CompuServe: 76376,2137; Portal; Go AmiguWorld. Entire contents copyright 1995 iiy l ech Media Publishing, Inc. No part of this publication may lie printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publishci. Postmaster: Send address changes to .-ImigaWodd. Subscription Services, PO Box 595. Ml. Morris, IL 6105 1-7901. Nationally distributed by Knblc News Co. Amiga World makes every effort to ensure the accuracy ofanides. Listings, and diagrams published in the magazine. . Ivi gwll 'w 4 assumes no responsibility lor damages due to errors or omissions. PRINTED IN 11 IE USA. Posted under Canadian International Publication agreement 0257478. FEATURES Color Printers Deux By Gary Ludwick .12 Printmasier Ludwick reprises his ’94 review of color printers with follow-up analysis plus evaluations and print comparisons of two of the bright new stars ol the’95 season; Largo’s h intern Pro and Epson’s Color Stylus. ARTICLES Fractal Landscapes By Mark It. Brown I Amiga lamIscape-gctteraiiilg |>iograins allow you to create entire worlds of your i f own devising. Here’s how they work plus comparisons of three leading commercial programs and a slew of PD sliarewnre offerings. Face to Face with MorphPlus By Chris Ed gin ...21 Novice intermediate users of Elastic Reality ASDG’s MorphPlus or, for that mallet , any morphing program will benefit from these pro tips = with sample project ) for creating better, more realistic morphs. Getting Your Head Around Arf.xx Part 1: Five-Minute AREXX By EdwardJ. Carr ...2 D A new three-part series exploring the building blocks ol Akexx programming. Pan 1 gets you up and tunning by showing you how to master the simplest element a code fragment in just a matter of minutes. COLUMNS Denny ON DOS By Denny Atkin.....J I he lirst ol a two-part mini-series on getting better hardcopy results from AmigaDOS's Preferences printing system. First up; printer-drivcr tips and tricks. Prime-Time PD By Tim Walsh 7 l I'm offers nuts-and-bolts advice and an assortment ol freely distributable files to download to get you up and surfing on the Internet. Showdown a I the Color Printer Corn 11 p. 12. Fargo's new Primera Pro lochs horns with Epson's men! Color Stylus in the hat tie of low- cost, higlt-qiiafi y color printers. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ....[ = 2 With a scanner or digitizer, vein can turn travel mementos, memorabilia, or just about any kind of collection into a “digital scrapbook" in a matter ol minutes with these few simple techniques. DEPART II ENTS First Impressions By Daniel Sullivan . 2 fust when things were looking up in the Commodore mess, a "blast from the past" (actually, two ol them) threatens to gum up the gears ol the machinery of justice. Overscan ..4 Amiga news, newsmakers, and new products. AW Product Information .58 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue o Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses’’ list. Help Key .....36 I ini’s always on call for L.k duty when it comes to technical ills and spills. The Last Word ..64 Exercise your First Amendment rights l ight here every month, REVIEWS IMAGEFX 2.0 (Nova Design) ..8 Hint most versatile of image-processing special-elfects programs is bigger, belter, and more comprehensive than ever. Personal Editor (Nucleus) and V-STATION 3300 (Future Video).....10 Big news for Amiga videogniphers: two new, top-notch edit controllers with very allot dable price tags. Cobra (DKB) ...38 Low-cost accelerator RAM expander lor the A1200. WORDWORTH 3.1 (Soft-Logik) 38 Lite latest version ol die leading word processor in the UK is now available on this side of the drink. Personal Paint 6.1 (DKB) 44 With brand-new features and support for AGA Amigas, a good paint program just got a whole lot better. GAMES By Peter Olafson Tower Assault (Team n) .48 The best, by far, in Team 17’s Alien Breed series of act ion games. 3-D Scrolling Update ..48 Fifteen new Amiga offerings in die exciting DoomA olfenstcin genre of free- scrolling action games lirst previewed in the Dec. '94 issue: Death Mask; Lears; Robinson’s Requiem; Alien Breed 3D; Pooni O.Hii; TextDemofi; Dentakti 2(5; Warp S; Amiga-WolfSD LI; Motion; Killing Lime; Psychedelic; I Shot Kurt Cobain; Ouartcx; Wolf 3-D. Game Bits ....34 Quick notes on new releases in the Amiga game market, OVERSCAN News, New Products and More Former Commodore Execs May Delay Liquidation Proceedings As this issue was going to press, AmigaWorld learned that former Commodore executives Irving Gould and Mehdi Ali may try to block a settlement proposed by the liquidators in the Commodore bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, it was reported that two new parties may enter the bidding process -joining CEI and the former management team of Commodore UK. In early February, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the liquidators had worked out an accord with Commodore’s creditors that would clear the way for the purchase of the company. Under the terms of the accord, part of the liquidation would be adjudicated under Bahamian law and part under US law. That, however, raised die possibility of a jurisdictional challenge from former Commodore company executives Gould and Ali. Lawyers for the two men were to appear before the Bahamian Supreme Court to discuss whether a formal objection to the proposed settlement would be filed to block further proceedings. That hearing, howrever, was postponed when one of the judges was fore ed to take an emergency leave. The court was to reconvene sometime near the end of February. The basis of the objection would be that since Commodore International was incorporated in the Bahamas and filed for liquidation under Bahamian law, US bankruptcy courts have no jurisdiction in the matter a point with which the creditors have disagreed since the beginning. The terms of the new accord have already been accepted by US Bankruptcy Judge James (iarritv. The underlying cause of this dispute may lie with differing provisions of bankruptcy law under the two jurisdictions. US law provides that former executives of a company filing for bankruptcy can be held liable for actions taken up to 12 months prior to filing. The more lenient Bahamian law stipulates only a three- month period. If some of the proceedings take place under US law, it could open the way for the creditors to file suit against Gould, Ali, and others for possible wrongdoing during the 12 months prior to Commodore’s filing for liquidation last May. The Philadelphia Inquirer also reported that two new parties may enter the bidding process. Present in Nassau on the day of the postponed Supreme Court hearing were lawyers for the German computer distributor Escom AG (previously rumored to be interested in acquiring Commodore) and an as-yet-unnamed "major American technology company." Regardless of the number of bidders, the crucial element in the proceedings now is how the Bahamian court will rule on the Gould Ali objection and whether this will cause significant delays in resolving the liquidation. DS DraCo: A New Life for the Amiga? A PREVIEW OF MACROSySTEMS’ ’060 WORKSTATION MacroSystems is a rare find these days. Not only is the German-based company a stalwart supporter of the Amiga, but it's also constantly redefining the market with innovative products, such as the Vlab Motion board, the Retina Z3 display card, the 16-bit Toccata sound card, and Xi-Paint, its latest paint package. In a bold effort to revitalize the Amiga market, the company is producing a Motorola 68060-based computer that uses the Amiga OS: the DraCo. Recently, AmigaWor d visited company headquarters in Witten, Germany, to find out just what all the buzz was about the DraCo. Son of Amiga? Although still in the earliest stages of development, the DraCo workstation promises enormous potential for high-speed rendering on the Amiga. When complete, DraCo will utilize AmigaDOS 3.1 as its operating system. According to company president Jorge Sprave, MacroSystems has verbal agreements with all of the major parties bidding for the Amiga technology to license the OS as soon as the legal proceedings are complete. The DraCo concept is a unique one. For starters, no Amiga hardware will be used in the design (thereby sidestepping the current critical shortage of Amiga custom chips), yet the system promises 80% compatibility with existing software because it is based on AmigaDOS 3.1. MacroSystems will also provide an option for DEC's Alpha chip to work as a coprocessor to the 68060. The standard system will most likely include ? To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 58. Denny on DOS HINTS & TIPS FOR MASTERING THE OPERATING SYSTEM 11 Driving Miss Daisywheel The Amiga’s output has always looked good on screen. II you take the time to learn the ins and outs of the Amiga DOS Preferences printing system, you can make your hardcopy printouts look just as good. This month we'll take a look at the Amiga’s printer drivers; next time well delve into the Prefs editors that give von control over them. Although it’s now a common feature in computer operating systems, ten years ago die Amiga’s use of a single printer driver for all programs was revolutionary in the personal-computer market. The Macs of the day supported only Apple printers, while Pcs required ** different, printer driver lor every program. The Amiga's centralized system means you need only 4 J J one driver for all vour programs (with the exception of a few such as WordPerfect and PageStream 3 that use custom drivers in an effort to enhance printing capabilities). The drivers included with AmigaDOS support hundreds of different printer models; for those that aren’t included, there are a variety of public-domain, shareware, and commercial drivers available. What Is Your Preference, Sir? Your printer may be supported by a Preferences driver even if it’s not listed in the AmigaDOS manual. Check your printer’s manual for code-compatibility with a popular printer: Most modern dot-matrix printers are compatible with the Epson 24-pin standard (EpsonQ), while most inkjets and laser printers are Hewlett-Packard compatible (HlM)eskJet and HP Lasei Jet, respectively). If you’re in the market for a laser printer and you want PostScript for desktop- publishing purposes, try to find a printer that’s compatible with both PostScript and HP LaserJet (PCL) codes. Although AmigaDOS releases from 2.1 on do include a PostScript driver, QUICK TIP: If you’re using an Epson- compatible 24-pin printer, try the NEC_Pinwriter driver instead of the EpsonQ driver. This should work just as well for most applications, and will give you access to the 360-dpi resolution that the Epson driver doesn’t support. It’s not a very good one and may not work well with some applications. With a dual- emulation printer, you can use PostScript to get the best results from desktop-publishing applications such as PageStream and Professional Page, and shift back down to HP emulation for programs like Brilliance and Sbase. If you set out to buy a new printer, you may find upon investigation (and by all means investigate before purchasing!) That although it's supported by a Preferences driver, that driver doesn't let you use the printer to its full potential. For example, newer HP- compatible laser printers often support 600 dots-per- inch printing, but the Preferences driver supports only 300 dpi. Another example is Canon’s line of inkjet printers. While they understand Epson printer codes, you won’t get a good-looking printout if you try to use an Epson dot-matrix driver. Break out your modem and find a copy of Wolf Faust’s Canon Studio package online. A stripped-down version of the original Studio printer-driver software (more on this later), Canon Studio gives you much bet- O j ter control of your Canon printer’s features. For a small fee, you can upgrade to the full-blown version of Canon Studio, which features multiple dither patterns and more. The Studio II Advantage Or better yet, give Noahfi’s a call ancl pick up a copy of Faust’s Studio II printer software. This must-have package provides top-notch drivers for Canon Bubble Jets, HP DeskJets, LaserJets, and other PCL printers, most 24-pin printers, and the Epson Stylus series. This package includes last drivers that can not only take advantage of your printer’s highest resolution, but can also support 256 gray levels and 54 dither methods, as well as your printer’s built-in typefaces, Fhe Studio II package also supports 24-bit output to color printers and includes a program for printing 24-bit images at sizes ranging from thumbnails to multipage posters. There’s even a Color Management System (CMS) feature, with which you can precisely match your printers output to your monitor, eliminating dark, muddy printouts. (If you own a scanner, Studio II can even do its calibration automatically.) This package is not inexpensive, but if output quality is important to you, it’s well worth the price. Money-Saver Solutions If you’re just looking for a better printer driver and don’t want to spend much, there are still some good solutions, Endicor has just released its Epson Stylus Color driver, which supports the 720-dpi and Micro- Weave modes of Epson’s superb color printer. Hew 1 e 11- Packarcl owners can look to Creative Focus’s SuperDJ3 and SuperLJ4 drivers, which dramatically improve output on DeskJet and LaserJet printers. There are also numerous public-domain and shareware drivers available on networks and local bulletin boards. (To locate vendors of commercial drivers mentioned here, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list, on
p. 58.) Look for a continued discussion on printing next month. ¦ Denny Atkin is author of the hook Denny Atkin’s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Send suggestions to him via e- mail at DennyA7niga@a0l.com, or write to him c o Amiga- World, PO Box 802, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458-
0802. A CD-ROM drive in lieu of an internal floppy drive and slots for all of MacroSystems' existing products, such as Vlab Motion and Toccata. Rather than 8-bit RGB output, DraCo will use the Retina Z3 for 24-bit output. More than just a solution to hard-to-find Amigas, Sprave believes that DraCo could well be a cost-effective alternative to the SGI Indy, offering lower-priced software and more power for 24-bit nonlinear editing. Pending the outcome of the Commodore 0 V E R S ; A liquidation proceedings, look for MacroSys- tems Noahji's to debut DraCo at NAB '95. More Irons in the Fire In addition, AmigaWorki was treated to a demonstration of the latest Vlab Motion board and its MovieShop software on a 40 Mhz Warp Engine-equipped A4000. You may recall that Vlab took some heat last year in earlier reviews, but the new hardware and software show marked improvement. Certainly, the documentation and beta software that accompanied our initial review copy did not do the system justice. According to Sprave, problems with the chips on earlier versions have been rectified since the chips are now soldered into place. Now MovieShop 2.1 totally controls Vlab Motion and Toccata, at last delivering on the promise of a complete nonlinear editing solution. With Y 'C video fed into the system, you can save, resize, and manipulate both the sound and video in real time. Features such as picture-in-a-picture, drag-and- drop editing, and time-line editing make the Vlab system a breeze. Any feature or button that appears on the screen can also he duplicated through Arexx commands. It would take a seasoned videographer to distinguish Vlab's MPEG output from the video. MacroSystems also demoed Xi-Paint software using its own Retina Z3 as the output device. Surprisingly, the 24-bit paint package seemed faster than most 8-bit paint programs on the market. (Watch for reviews of Vlab Motion 2.1 and Xi-Paint in an upcoming issue.) TW CD-ROM Gallery Need that extra bit of something for your animations? Amiga Library Services is offering a line of niultiplatform CD-ROMs for LightVVave users: Light- ROM 2 and Texture Gallery. Light-ROM 2 ($ 39.95) contains more than 650MB of scenes, textures, images, and objects. Texture Gallery ($ 44.95) is a two-clisc set of 24-bit textures from a wide variety of categories, including marble, skin, and rock, to name a few. Each disc includes a thumbnail directory for previewing images. Update Scan The CD 2001 ($ 2299) is a 20-inch display version of CD Solutions’ CD- I 401 desktop monitor. The monitor delivers .31mm dot pitch CRT* and up to 800x600 resolution on a non-glare screen with top-to-bottom display. The CD-2001 automatically syncs to a wide range of frequencies and has a wide video bandwidth ol 65 Ml Iz. Twist 2 ($ 149.95, Oregon Research), a relational database, will let you store any kind of Tile, including IFF, AN1M, and JPEG. It also offers full Arexx support for custom database programming, as well as various advanced options, such as External Sync Sync Trap ($ 29.95, PreVue Technologies) acids an auxiliary BNC to the Video Toaster 4000 on a separate connector plate; all four Toaster inputs can then be used for active video signals without any concern for the Toaster's sync reference signal. Sync Trap's connector plate installs onto an otherwise blocked expansion slot, thereby freeing input 1 on the Toaster 4000 board from being the dedicated sync input. (Note: a copper trace must be cut on the Toaster board in order for the Sync Trap to function properly.) Import and export capabilities, customized output, and a built-in editor. It requires a hard disk and one mcgabvte of RAM. Also from Oregon Research is Squirrel SCSI ($ 129.95), a PCMCIA SCSI-2 interface that lets you share up to seven devices between your A1200 and A600, including hard drives, CD-ROM drives, SyQuest drives, and tape drives. W hen you combine Squirrel SCSI with a CD-ROM drive you can even play CD-32 game titles on your A1200. Squirrel SCSI includes driver software, an audio utility to play Cds, and a CD- to-hard-drive sampler. AW Shucks! In the article “A Better Mouse” (January ’95, p. 18), I stated that I was unaware of any .Amiga programs that offered support for a third mouse button. It has been brought to my attention that several programs do indeed offer this support, including shareware utilities such as MMBShift (Preben Nielsen), MMB Commodity (Roland Janus), MultiCX (Martin Berndt) and Mouse Shift (Garrick Meeker). Most of these utilities can be found on Genie, CompuServe, or any Amiga-supporting BBS. On the commercial side, PageStream
3. 0 uses the third mouse button ro reposition a page within the view window. Also, Directory Opus uses the third mouse button as an alternative to the Amiga-M keystroke, which brings the Directory Opus screen to the front. Support for a third mouse button is becoming increasingly prevalent in many .Amiga applications, so check with your software vendor for additional information. Thanks to readers William Near and Gregory Dormer for the insights. Je fjames Overscan is compiled by Ann Record. Send your news to record@dv.com or mail it to Overscan, AmigaWortd, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ -- iF: .J erne. Conference nsK - wiPiSf-flK's Mir lie - »err4 Dili Mtkrts in jMtlfirD Internet ille rirereute - irinf the route picket' rite to oetuarfc I m Hiin nemi 1»pe 'help* to 9i Ml etiggru i«rs, ter * iMfth *lrms, ? Lor t iUt ol luittfier*, 9 for preeiou* mod: eni-ri either a _ __ wnnnunumuwi hu |* i Pontol ijtrerlftfo mmi. To HftURHJ. To now up sn* Ituel, enti
* a «inas&..igcs«&c*,avvl neve to in Hen. Eater er 'done', T* return where tn (aber, then r , •» return to the lyite* tor n me
i. ......
- Ret? Ler Internet Itryltes ronje
- L’Oag the Sessurceo el the Internet cnnfei Internet-relited Uienet Mwfrsupi dtrec Usually, when a computer manufacturer goes out of business, the users give a collective shrug and move on. Bui not so with the Amiga, A glance at network O O activity shows that almost ten months after Commodore went bankrupt, there's no obvious indication that the Amiga market is ready to up and die. In the relatively short history of personal computers, no other major platform has enjoyed such a lucrative “death," Everywhere you look online, new programs both commercial and freelv distribui- able are being written, and new users are buying n new peripherals and not-so- new Amigas to use dial software. At this point, we must most earnestly hope that a new owner will come along and pick up the pieces while there’s still Both BIX (top) and Portal (bottom) provide you with Internet access. Internet Hem ¦ . Telrrt - loo into renote fcest* Itf - dcvnletd ftlti Vltnet neyjyroups - rMfl mJ psit te tieut orwns lifter - info ei> * he it terJoPUfip momentum in the market. Surf’s Up! II you're equally committed to staving with vour Amiga, J O i 1 * vou might want to take up online surfing as the exploration of the Internet is commonly called. Your first step in sharing in the excitement ol the Internet should be to read Han' Laser’s "Browsing the Web” ( UK Mar. Uo, p. 24). In this article, I Ian* explains all about how to start the surfing process and the ways in which it is different from the procedures involved in using a conventional online sen* ice. As mentioned in the article, you'll fu st of all need a subscription to PPP (Foint-to- Point Protocol) or a SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) node, or, alternatively. The Internet Adaptor program (TLA). You can usually locate a local node with a call to a computer store or users’ group in your area. Once you’ve arranged access to a node, you can start gathering the necessaiy software. The public domain oilers a variety of Amiga utilities lor accessing the Internet' - so many, in fact, that the sheer number caught me by surprise when I tallied them up. Applications such as Amiga Mosaic, PPP, Amiga I CP IP (Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol programs) and an assortment ol other necessarv Amiga-specific utilities are readily available on traditional online services. One of the first items vou j need to get onto the Internet is Holger Kruse’s PPP
VI. 30, a SANA II-compati- blc PPP device that's needed for use with Ami'TCP I P. (SANA II is an Amiga network devicc-driver specification.) You'll need Kruse’s program, which usually appears as PP130.LHA, to enter your IP number (assigned to you when you obtain a PPP account). The device also provides a way to connect two Amigas via a PPP link. Another file that’s necessarv for newbies is HOW2 LSEPPP.LI LA. As its name implies, this is a text file describing how to get vour O O w PPP driver and connection configured. You’ll find (his file on both Aminet and Genie’s Amiga Roundtable, Amiga Mosaic and Other Alternatives Next, you'll need a copy of Amiga Mosaic and a copy of Ami TCP that’s compatible with your version ol Mosaic, of which there are four: 1.0,
1. 1. 1.2, and a demo version that's used for practice purposes, Briefly, 1.0 represents the basic, no-frills hypertext front-end to the Internet, while 1.1 oilers AmigaDOS-
3. X support, and 1.2 offers World Wide Web (WWW) browsing capabilities. All three non-den 10 archives should come with corresponding copies of Ami I'CP. Ami TCP is also available as a stancl-alone TCP IP Network package. AMITCP- B1N-22.LHA, a large (580K) archive, provides you with version 2.2 of the AmiTCP 1 CP IP network software. Fhe package also includes SANA II drivers for SLIP and for the A2060 and A2065 boards. .AmiTCP works with any network board that oilers a SANA II- compatible driver. Another file you might want to retrieve to improve your newfound surfing prowess is Archie 1.32, which commonlv appears as .ARCHIE 132.LHA. This utility by George L. d o Coulouris provides an Archie client for AmiTCP 3.0 and lets you query anonymous FTP databases. Another version, which appears as ARCHIE
38. 1 .LHA, is an Archie client for versions of AmiTCP earlier than 3.0. .Another useful Internet utility is the archive DIALUPV3_0ELI-IA, a SLIP PPP dialer that lets you get a connection using a SANA-compatible device. Of course, all of this isn’t necessary if you have a Portal or Delphi network account and can get bv with- O out a fancy WWW graphical interlace. Both networks provide no-frills menus to the Internet and Usenet newsgroups. BIX also offers limited Internet access, with a numbered menu system i that allows you to surf’about the newsgroups using your Amiga’s keyboard. Network Voice Numbers BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 800 433-6444 ¦ AmigtiWorld 7 RE i ImageFX 2.0 O An update of the ImageFX image-processing software. Nova Design, $ 349,95 Accelerator compatible.
2. X 3.x required. Minimum system: 3MB RAM. Hard disk. Hard-drive installable. Recommended system: SMB RAM, 10MB hard drive Not copy protected. Space, 68030 or faster accelerator. I've always preferred Black Belt's I mage master as my Amiga image-processing program of choice. After seeing ImageFX 2.0, however, with its many paint, image-conversion, morphing, and effects tools, I'm impressed. What really sets it apart is its interface; it is the first Amiga image processor with an interface that yon need not merelv tolerate, but can actually enjov. The paint tools and effects gadgets behave more like a traditional paint program than those of either ADPro or Imagemaster, both of which seem n 7 unnecessarily complicated by comparison. Virtually all of the gadgets are “rollover” buttons that expand to a list of options when double-clicked. As a nice touch, context-sensitive AmigaGuide help is always a click away. Painting for Effect Although ImageFX lacks the sheer number of effects found in other image processors, you’ll find all the essentials and then some. The Transform menu, for instance, features 2-D and 3-D rotation, including a sophisticated tool for rotating radial strips of an image bv specifying different inner and outer radii. Video and 3-D artists will appreciate effects such as shear, roll, interlace, and deinterlace, as well. The Distort menu includes a variety of special effects that bear descriptive names like Warp, Swirl, and Dream (as in the traditional TV-style fade-lo-dream sequence). Uncommon tools like Finch and Punch lei you squeeze and distort images from a specified point, and Spheri .e maps an image around a sphere, complete with variable luminosity and an optional hotspot. The Effects menu contains many simulated painting effects such as Oil Paint, Roughen, and Straw. PaintFX applies thousands of cumulative brush strokes to an image and creates an infinite variety of eye-catching, natural textures. Radial Star, Lens Flare, and Lightning provide dynamic effects and like other tools in ImageFX provide a thumbnail of your image for a preview of the effect before execution. You can even use the mouse inside the thumbnail to configure most effects, such as where they occur and how much area to influence. Unlike real lightning, you can draw the exact path of ImageFX’s virtual bolts on screen. On the down side, in order to make previews occur quickly, the thumbnails are small and difficult to see. Built for Expansion A Hooks menu gives you access to expansion modules available through Nova Designs, third par- ties, and the public domain. Hooks included with the program invoke such external programs as CineMorph (bundled with ImageFX) and Opal- Paint. Many programs boast Arexx support, but here the Arexx button calls up a list of more than -10 prebuilt Arexx scripts that do everything from priming PhonePak faxes to creating Mpeff animations. In addition, vou can n , record your own Arexx macros from within ImageFX by telling the program to record your keystrokes and mouse scurries, making macro building ridiculously easy. Whether painting or processing, you can act on specific regions, brushes, or even the whole image at once. Like- wise, each paint-ancl-llll tool has a seemingly unlimited number of settings; paint modes can be dark or light, or done in relief, chalk, or crayon. You can also set that same painting tool for rubthrough, pantograph, or fade effects* and feather the edges to boot. There are a few things that ImageFX could do better. When creating regions, it requires you to get it right the first time. Imagemaster, on the other hand, lets you use the right mouse button to move regions around the screen as you are creating them. I missed this feature, which lets vou easily create precise masks. Stwl&i | Tmp«: S1 Light Radius: Briylitiwnsi C nt*r: | 6&7 RGBi r~Zgy| . I TOT Glow RGBi [ 2554. 1 | Jftgf «ujtg_J S»v» ... | ._Cmc»l I Rcmovp Fmtur» Oil Paint... Disperse... Rouqh*rt... Qpply Straw... Crurtal|iz«... Radial Star... Lms Flare... E-aint FX... Hockrwi Tiling... Lightning... Hodei Sty (cm Blcndi Hlptia: bdML'l Homal Radius: ft ¦ mm ii*l B T*jpa: _Solid_ Ran**: v 1 Snoot h ReBiBes7 Skew: _m_I +« Roufihi I 8 Flood: __H_I 30 ataa 1 tyy*1. ;| >¦: ! Jarl an IT3 p 1 1 -v-l mW Balapce Copposite I Iransforn| Sizo I Convolve Eilter I Distort I Effect |
- BgMl Alpha_I_Hook I_Rraxa | Full This dramatic image (top) was achieved by “rolling” the large wolf out of image center to make room for the sphere. Lightning was added to the other wolf’s image, spherized, and pasted as a brush with slightly feathered edges. Though the control panel (bottom) is your primary interface to ImageFX, the program has a host of requesters that offer easy access to the program's expansive toolbag. Batching Two batch processors complement the program. In addition to tlie original Multi Processor, which required writing your own execution scripts, there’s now AutoFX. AutoFX is simple to use with a variety of prefabbed scripts, but it does lack power. Considering the wealth of effects available in ImageFX, it's disappointing that there’s no simpleway to create complex, multifaceted animations based on those tools. You'll have to be satisfied with AutoFX’s library of stock effects like rotating spheres and animated lightning unless you plan to pen the scripts yourself. A variety of graphic operators (illustration on opposite page) complement ImageFX 2.0. Converting the User The 400-page ImageFX manual is thoroughly indexed and fully illustrated, although the black- and-white screenshots sometimes fail to make the intended point. What you will Find really impressive are the 36 pages of practical advice. This chapter is not just a rehash of common-scnsc techniques and program features; on the contrary, k i; v i i; w s Personal Editor Nucleus Electronics, $ 645 All Amigas.
2. X 3.x compatible. Not copy protected, Hard-drive installable. Two linear tape-editing software packages. While other computer platforms have either ignored linear video¦U9H .r _ 5. 1 i kfU T Ini W A iL LCOfltTO® youf schedule ond personal information so you Mg, )* I nB ifir 'IJwlb always accomplish your goals. Calendar and Appointment Manager, v* Personal Information Manager Address Book and Contact Manager, To Do list, and FreeForm Notepad. View and piint schedules Gel or9™el) - 9et 0,1 The Ball! Repeating appointments Conficumble reminders can louncn Arexx scripts Flexible appointment search Iconifies to a convenient monthly calendar k8 GSHasT"1 Pn 2t!rV* - J. i~ dsm l«0 laf U ® £k 1 Finally, a plug and plov SCSI solution for your A1200 BWB’I and A600! The Squirrel SCSI interface plugs into your PCMCIA port. Attach up to 7 different devices including: Hard Disks, Tape Drives, Syquests, Flopticals, ond SCSI CD-ROM drives. Completely compatible with any SCSI 1 or SCSI I device. Squirrel comes with CD32 compatible SCSI software drivers one a host of utility programs including an audio CD player, o CD to HD sampler, ond easy to use SCSI formatting ond partitioning software. Call for info on Triple Speed CD ROM bundles! ...... r,t K |» I: gp J Doci I [*•! ! Rtf-
• Jhioji -o. Out,I to ino*
- [hjgrjt VW pOs.Swtt'i, lit, ...
- 411 ('TCI of AXVMllKP ...
• >. 11 -* Sim . .
- I If. If-ml* 04. JW
• ire Mil IW1 fa Ml Clirtw*l, KtilECi ¦ «»r«i mvtrsun.
- or irts 1 wfj'lr tctyr re firM Ml. 4i 111 v Ik -ft K|li Fu'luw ncv reu - 4k. St-jff. Ct.t-* --
- T.VIT-- iTsir1
r. si j* un law*
* ::5’ llbsLi f WoiHltftrt- ProductsProm OREGON li iT 3, HiSoll BASIC 2, MegaloSound, Twist 2 Relational DataBase ,VideoMqjter A500 £ AGA, £ Clarity 16. (
S. W. Pcofic Hwy , Suite 162 ligord, OR 97274 PH (503) 620-4919 FAX (503) 624 2940 Internet: oneiSlefeporHotn it details tricks that you can apply to real graphics projects. It s not often that a program wins my heart the way ImageFX has. With an almost magical combination of beauty and brawn, it's both powerful and easy to control. ImageFX isn't perfect yet but then again, it hasn't had as many years to mature as ihe other guvs. When you O consider the balance of features and ease of use, ImageFX 2.0 comes out as a clear winner. Dave Johnson Assign any program function macro to the button bar. Want you. Own icons? Ho problem, just assign your own IFF brush to the hutton!!
• Fully Arexx prog'ommoble • Automatic Script writer. Turn on script recording and nave Termite write your Arexx scripts for you!
• Automatic Call logging • Flexihle Macros
• Supports Amiga XPR libmries giving you a wide range of transfer protocols like Xnioaem, Ymadem, Zmodem, Kermtt, CompuServe B+
• Supports Amiga XEM external emulations in addition to the built in ANSI and VT102 terminal emulations. Support for RIP XEM. TanMm> .w Amiga Tefecommunicalions in the 90's 1 1 Termite is so easy to use even a novice telecommunicator will feel ol borne, yet it has oil of the power and high end features to satisfy the most seasoned modem warrior.
* Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of Amiga WB
2. 0 ond higher! • 100:3 AMIGA Style Guide compliant! • Flexible Phone Boo w unique configuration for each number
• Review buffer w cut ond paste
• Font ond Screen sensitive
• Configurable button Aho ovoiioWe... Dev Oregon Seseo ch 162 .1 T .T* r TT- n ... cr! Are you ready for a Game Development System that you can REALLY sink your teeth into?? Fast Parallax scrolling?? No problem. Dual Pfoyfields?? A piece of cake! Multiple viewports with multiple animated objects, multiple background & custom object collision detection?? Child's play. Professional Game development is made easy with GameSmith! Over 3 years in development, the GDS gives you the low level power to create the masterpiece of your dreams. The package has over 350 pages of documentation fully describing the system, utility functions, ond over 130 library functions complete with a detailed tutorial and many examples with source.
• Complete animation system with couble buffering • Custom Object Object & Object Background Collision Detection I Response
• Prioritized object display • Automatic placement and Animation of Multi-Sequenced animated objects - you only make 0 single coll!
• Automatic Virtual Space object handling • Dynamic animation control
• Build yOUr r:.i,i i.fi ___ ~ i«ii 'n uT7i ; animations 43 graphically in - - the interactive character animator. Customize all aspects of the object including sequence, placement, speed, display method & priority, object collision detection parameters. Save everything qs a single object! Audio System makes sound playback easy!
• Easy to use Joystick polling routines • Very efficient ILBM picture locac-r • Optional custom encryption to protect your artwork and sounds! • Fully AGA compatible, including mode promotion • includes DICE GS C Compiler and Devpac GS Assembler Writing games with CDS is FUN! II, write, e-moil, or TAX for mote informatron: Genie: ORA CompuServe: 21333,2655 tape editing altogether (in favor of nonlinear) or made it available only in sys- ' j J terns costing thousands of dollars, the Amiga offers fantastic editing bargains. Mere are two edit controllers, Nucleus Electronics’ Personal Editor and Future Video’s V-Station 3300, that both promise a lot of bang for the buck. Personal Editor If you've produced 3-D animation on the Amiga, chances are you’ve heard of Nucleus Electronics’ Personal Single Frame Controller, which lets your Amiga replace a dedicated single-frame controller for animation recording at a fraction of the usual cost. As the first product of its kind for I lie Amiga, it made single-lrame recording affordable O o for many animators. Now Nucleus strikes again with its Personal Editor, an edit controller that lists for an unbelievably low S645, The software uses the Amiga's serial port through the supplied cable to control two RS-422 VTRs (a source and a record deck) with timecode capabilities. Besides acting as an edit controller, the Personal Editor offers all of the Personal Single Frame Controller’s functions. Without needing an external GP1 connection, it supports a variety of display devices, such as GVP’s IV24, Impulse’s Firecracker 24, Digital (heations’ DC I V, and even NewTek’s Video 'Toaster. Connecting the cables and installing the soft-
o o ware takes about five minutes. Flie software communicates with the VTRs and reveals their model numbers a feature not found even on expensive edit controllers. From the main screen, you can control either your source or your record deck. Spoiled by very nice (and expensive) edit controllers equipped with jog shuttle controls, I was apprehensive about Personal Editor’s mouse-controlled software shuttle slider. But I was pleasantly surprised to find my decks operating with extreme precision. The Editor also uses the cursor kevs to control the t VTR mechanisms. Moreover, it took advantage of the precise and smooth transport system on my Mil decks an important consideration, because a well- V-Station 3300 For Toaster Future Video. S1295 System requirements: Two VTRs for Personal Editor; Video Toaster-equipped Amiga for V-Station 3000. R E V I K w s designed edit controller that’s easy on your equipment can save you a lot of money on YT R maintenance. Liom the main screen, you may perform a simple edit or move to other modules. From the Edit List Manager, you log source tapes by marking the start and end of shots and adding any pertinent comments. After logging is complete (you have up to nine lists), you move to the Edit List and import any shots you wish to include. The assembly process takes place automatically, with the edit controller prompting you to change tapes when necessary. You can export the Edit List to the industry-standard CMX format for assembly on another edit suite, and you can also import CMX lists. The main screen also lets you access the Animation Sequence Editor, which you can use to record a series of frames to tape, one frame at a time. Another option is the Time Lapse Recorder, which lets you use the Amiga to record time-compressed sequences, such as a whole day happening on your screen in a few minutes. You can record these i imc-delaved frames directly to vour edit j deck or to disk. One further handy feature is a SMPTE calculator with drop- frame and nondrop-frame operations. Taking into consideration all its line features and low cost, it’s hard to see how you could do better than the Personal Editor as long as you don’t need an A B roll- edit system. (Even if you’re an unregistered user of its Personal SEC, give Nucleus a calk You may easily be able to upgrade to ihe Personal Editor.) V-Station 3300 For Toaster If you do need A B roll editing, the V-Sta- tion 3300 may be the system for you. It uses Future Video’s Edit Link hardware- based controller to control two source and a record TR. Edit Link may be fully configured to work with professional decks, prosumer VTRs, and even camcorders not supported by the Personal Editor. The system I tested came configured for Mil broadcast Y’TRs and included all necessary cables. "Lite suggested price varies f rom $ 1295 to $ 1945 depending on configuration. Four disks for every option are available for free by request. The edit software also controls the Toaster internally, but you must trigger transitions through an external CPI connection (cable supplied). You must configure the software manually to work with your particular decks, but once this is done, you can save the configuration and not have to worry about it again. While VTR control is not as smooth as with the Personal Editor, it is perfectly acceptable, and the system handled Llie Y7TR transport mechanisms very well. Moreover, you can select from any Toaster source and designate which source is going to transition into another. The V-Staiion system includes plenty of editing options ordinarily found on high-end systems, and any experienced editor should be able to master it in just a lew minutes. Conversely, inexperienced users should be able to handle more complex systems with very little trouble after learning to edit on the V-Station. Experienced pros might be Continued on p.38. V The V-Station software lets you log n your scenes and aulo-assemble them from the edit list you create. While you cannot import or export lists, the Y -Sta- tion includes nice features such as Park and Perform that allow you to edit without having to worry about entering in and out points. It even lets you perform a GPI transition manually on the fly and enables you to tag events automatically so that you can perform match-frame edits. DraCo noun (dra-ko) 1: Amiga emulation on a 68060-based tower computer running Amiga OS. 2: An affordable machine for perfect quality (D1) digital editing with up to 2:1 compression ratios. 3: That which contains an onboard 32 bit bus for Retina, Vlab Motion, and a RISC Processor. 4: Of or relating to immense animation power and rendering, yet very affordable, with base systems available for under $ 5,000. 5: An instrument of power and speed, running most Amiga hardware and software, available this summer. 6; Another in the long line of astounding MacroSystem products. A NEW GENERATION IS BORN. Noah Ji’s Also distributing Vlab Motion, Retina BLT Z-lll, Retina Z-ll, Vlab Y C, and Toccata 16. 3591 Nyland Way • Lafayette, CO 80026 Voice: 303.499.1975 • Fax: 499.1979 Call now - we’ll add you to our growing list of Amiga enthusiasts joining the DraCo revolution! Ilh the possible exception ol hard drives, there isn’t an area ol per- our Siskel & Ebert sonal computing in which selection has increased so rapidly, and prices fallen so sharply, as in personal color printers. Where the Hewlett-Packard 500C had the Held to itself just a little over two years ago (at a list price of nearly $ 1000), the market now sports a slew of excellent printers in the S500-S600 street-price range. In our previous roundup of color printers (see May ’94, p. 28), on color printers last year, we found the sta rs of '94 were a pretty distinguished lot. But Fargo and Epson have introduced we looked at the I IP DeskJet 550C, the Star Micronics SJ-I 14, the Canon BJC-600, and the Fargo Primera. This time around, we some “New Faces of'9.5 that are looking like inspect Fargofs newest offering, the Primera Pro, with 000x300- dpi (dots per inch) dye-sublimation and wax-transfer printing, and definite Oscar Epson's Color Stylus, which features 720x72()-dpi output. Material. The winner of our previous showdown, the Canon liJC-600, may have its work cut out defending its crown against these two contenders, (To contact the manufacturers of the printers mentioned 5 PHOTOGRAWtKl) BY EOJUDK: A tyiga World 13 . - , in this article, consult the “Manufacturers' Distributors* Addresses" list on p. 58.) Do(oi' JSI it (aS +&AOII K OlOl' Jllj I X THE EARLY days of personal computing (that’s 10 to 15 years ago), Epson was the name in printers. No one else came close in features and pricing on tractor- fed dot-matrix printers. But recent years haven’t been as good to Epson. For one thing, it stayed at the dotmatrix dance too long. But the company is back in a big way with the new Color Stylus (S699). And we mean big, literally. Compared to the small footprint of the Canon BJC- 600 (13.7 inches wide by 6.3 inches deep), the Epson is huge, measuring a hefty 1872X20'A inches (including front paper-tray extension) Epson Color Stylus COLOR PRINTERS At A OUNCE Please note that prices given are manufacturer's suggested retail prices; almost all of these models have lower street prices some several hundred dollars less. (For detailed descriptions and comparisons of the BJC-600, Primera, DeskJet 550C, and SJ-144, see "Show Your Colors," May '94, p. 28.) Manufacturer Model Price Print Method Resolution Canon BJC-600 S579 inkjet 360x360 Canon BJC-600e S549 inkjet 360x360 Epson Color Stylus S699 inkjet 720x720 Fargo Primera S995t wax transfer or dye sub 203x203 Fargo Primera Pro S1895 wax transfer or dye sub 600x300 Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 550C* S719 inkjet 300x300 Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 560C44 S599 inkjet 600x300 Star Micronics SJ-144 $ 399 dye transfer 360x360
* This model is no longer available from manufacturer. Fthe dye-sub model of the original Primera lists for SI 245. XI Although HP claims 600x300 resolution for its DeskJet 560C (via software enhancement), the usable resolution for Amiga users remains at 300x300 dpi. And weighing 16.3 lbs. (the Canon is less than 10 lbs). This is not a small printer. The heart ol the Epson Color Stylus is its Multilayer .Actuator I lead (MACH) print head. Unlike the Canon, which uses heat to force the ink from its print head, the Epson mechanically forces ink from its -18 color-ink and 60 black-ink nozzles. This eliminates the need lor printhead replacement, as is required on die Canon. Unfortunately, Epson elected to use a tri-color cartridge much like the 1II* color printers along with a separate black cartridge. Iliis means that when one color runs out, all three get pitched a feature that can significantly raise your cost per print. Canon uses four individual color cartridges, a much friendlier and efficient scheme. A word here about resolution: The Epson features true 720x720-dpi resolution. True is the operative word since some manufacturers notably HP feature software-enhanced resolutions, or dot-addressahiliry schemes, which are useless to Amiga users. While the newer HP 560 may claim 600x300 resolution, its usable resolution is still only 300x300. Pretty Bu i Nor Perfect The Epson Color Stylus in 720x720 mode puts our superb, near-photographic quality prints. But the machine does have a few wai ts. First, 720-clpi mode is vtny slow. With four times the image information to process, the printouts take nearly four times as long as a 360-dpi print. For example, a one-third page 720-clpi color print of the girl with the red hat (see “Printer Test Comparisons” sidebar on p. 16) took 1 hour and 23 minutes on an nonaccelerated Amiga 1200. That translates to nearly P j hours for a full page print! Your driver and CPU speed will greatly affect those times. Occasionally, we also ran into handing problems with the Epson, hut not in a consistent manner. A cross-check on a PC-compatible platform, with Epson’s own driver, revealed no such handing. Printer guru Wolf Faust, who developed the Studio driver we used for testing the Epson, commented that the problem seemed to appear more often on slower Amigas such as the A1200 -where the print head had to wait long periods lor each hatch oi information. To gel good results in 720 mode, the Epson requires its own coated paper (and it recommends special paper for 360 dpi, as well). The good news is that Epson’s paper is reasonable coming in at about 13 cents per sheet compared to HP’s special papers. Colors on the Epson tended to he warmer and somewhat richer, hut not as vibrant as those of the Canon. But at 720 dpi the fine color shadings and detail from the 2d-bit images we used were truly outstanding. In the final analysis, the Epson Color Stylus is an excellent piece of work, turning out color prints that are very close to photographic in quality. The negatives of the unit include its large si e, very slow printing in 720-dpi mode, occasional handing, die need for special coated paper, and its single tri-color cartridge. But if you want superb text output at a reasonable price and are willing to put up with those admittedly minor disadvantages to achieve near-photographic quality output, then look no further. The Epson Color Stylus is the machine to have.
N. n j- ntnrra ]~ ro SO WHAT’S THE difference between the Fargo Primcra we looked at in May ’94 and Fargo's new Fargo Primera Pro ($ 1895)? Physically, not a thing. In terms of output, however, it’s a whole new enchilada. The original Primera handled both wax-transl'er and dve-sublimation printing with a maximum resolution oi 203x203 dpi. W hile that sounds low compared to inkjets or lasers, there are distinct benefits to the dye- sublimation process (in which solid dyes are converted into a gaseous state and then absorbed by the paper rather than being applied to the paper’s surface). The dithering in this process is so subtle that even at a rated 203 dpi, the images appears nearlv identical to a 1200xl200-dpi laser print in other words, almost continuous-lone photographic quality. In our original review we found the quality of the output nothing short of amazing, particularly when we considered that the Primera’s price was nearly $ 8000 less than its closest rival! But, as with the Epson, quality was achieved at the cost of speed. Fargo accomplished its breakthrough in printer technology by eliminating the on-board RISC processors common in high-end color and laser printers. All image processing was done inside the Amiga and that took awhile. It still does even with the Primera Pro. The difference, however, is that now the output- upped to (>00x300 is not simply “almost” photographic in quality . . . Primera Pro prints cannot be differentiated from continuous-tone, professional color-lab “c" prints! Working with 16-and 24-bit photo images in the Primera’s dve-sub mode, we achieved output that was astonishing in its clarity lacking am discernible dithering and possessing a high degree of subtlety in the shading. A Few Important Caveats The dyc-sublimation ribbon, however, is three-color ((A M), and. As with the old HP 5()()('., this can lead to some problems when it comes to reproducing true, rich blacks. Compounding this problem is Fargo’s such as Wolf Faust. With Faust’s Studio L)S driver, or those included with software such as Art Department Professional, Amiga users of the original Primera had a veiy full set of controls for color correction, gamma, contrast, brightness, and soon. While adequate to the task, the factory-supplied driver for the Primera Pro oilers little in the way ol control heyoncl lightening or darkening the final print. There .v a hidden set ol controls within the driver, hut absolutely no instructions on their use We opted therefore to use Primera’s default settings, and the slightly greenish tones you will notice in the test panel (see the “Printer Test Comparisons” sidebar) reflect both the absence ol such correction and the type ol blacks you can expect with a three-color process. On the other hand, we noted in our original review that the Primera’s major weak spot was its handling of text. Because of the printing process used and the relatively low resolution, type had a jaggv, rough appearance making the Primera quite unsuitable for critical text work. Readers will note from the test panel that this is no longer a problem. The type sizes represented there (8-, 10-, 12-, 60-, and 84-point) are all well formed and the equal of any inkjet and even most laser printers. Unfortunately, type output from the three-color dye- sub ribbon does exhibit a veiy noticeable greenish tint, just as with the photographs. A black-only dye-sub ribbon, however, is available for text-only work. Although this review has focused primarily on the Primera’s dye-sublimation mode, it should be noted that the printer performed equally well using the wax- transl'er method. Colors were bright, well-saturated, and veiy close to the Epson in overall quality. But, again, lack of suitable controls limited our ability to tweak and fine-tune the images. Also, those using n ' o switchbox setups will be happy to learn that Fargo apparently has corrected the original machine's tendency to balk at such arrangements. A switchbox with two eight-loot cables worked fine with the Primera Pro. Mixed Reviews We find ourselves with veiy mixed feeling about the Primera Pro. On the one hand, by upping the resolution Fargo has improved an already superb dye-sublimation imaging process and solved the machine's single problem area type rendering. Yet, by excluding drivers from third-party Amiga developers ? 1 miga I Vorl l 15 in favor of its own plain-vanilla offering, Fargo has negated the very imaging capabilities that serious graphics professionals require. Since we can sec from the user's manual that suc h graphics controls are present in the Macintosh version of the driver (although not in the W indows version), we’cl have to suggest that serious users willing to pay the $ 1400 street rah wait until either Fargo produces a driver worthy of the price and the machine, or once again licenses Amiga devel- C 0 I. 0 R PRINTERS n o opcrs who can. ¦ Gary Ludu'icl: is (hie] print master at the Creative Department, an advertising agency in Charlotte, NC. Write to him e o Amiga-World, SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, PRINTER TE5T C0NPARI50N5 Fargo Primera Pro - 600 300 ,CA 90509 (310)782-0770 Epson America.Box 2842.To IN TESTING BOTH the Color Stylus and the Primera Pro, we used a nonaccelerated A1200 with 0MB of RAM, and a switchbox arrangement to A B the printers to the computer. Drivers With the Epson printer we used the Studio II Epson Color Stylus Driver ($ 99), authored by Woll Faust, which is available from most mail-order sources, or directly from the distributor, NoahJVs. This new driver package features a Color Matching System (monitor-to-print), which greatly simplifies achieving excellent color prints on the first try. We also checked out the Epson Color Stylus driver from Endicor Technologies (S44.95). This driver works like a standard Workbench driver hut utilizes t lie special features of the Epson. It does not work with monochrome Stylus printers. Media All tests were conducted on the special papers recommended and supplied by the manufacturers. Both the Epson and Fargo can also handle transparency material. In addition, the Epson will print envelopes, and the Largo has special materials for printing heat-iranslers for Tee-shirt appliques. ¦ GL The output of Fargo’s Primera Pro looks even better than its 600x300 dpi, both in the wax-transfer version (upper right) and, especially, the dye-sub model (lower right). The Epson Color Stylus (lower left) delivers near-photographic results at 720x720 dpi. Mdnt JjdnA&c v What could he more exciting than creating your own planet ? Es That’s exactly what 3-D THE AMIGA WAS a true pioneer in the area of 3-D landscape generation on personal computers. Almost as soon as researchers had figured out the algorithms for generating 3-D landscapes, public-domain software showed up that allowed the Amiga to create them. Commercial software followed shortly thereafter, and the Amiga has set the pace ever since. Only recently have other platforms begun to catch up. The Real, the Unreal, and the Surreal Landscape-generation programs can create very realistic images of actual locations by reading and interpreting Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files, which are developed from data gathered by the United States Geological Survey, (For more information on DEMs, see the sidebar on p. 20.) Once you have loaded the DEM data into your landscape program, you can then modify the parameters that determine how your finished rendering will look. You can change lighting, point of view, insert tree lines and snow lines, and more. Some programs even let you edit the landscape data, so that you can J I i flatten the top of Ml Baldy or cut a gorge the si e of the Grand Canyon into the Iowa plains. If you’d like to generate landscapes that have nothing at all to do with reality, these programs will do that, too. You can make your own by hand with the appropriate editor, or you can let your program do the hard work for you. You can generate random fractal landscapes by taking a triangle, dividing it into three subtriangles, and pushing the center point up or down. This process is then repeated on the subtriangles for a set number of iterations. Depending on bow may triangles you use and how far you push them up or down, you can end up with a subtly rolling landscape or mountains higher than the Himalayas. These so-called “random” landscapes are not really random; they are usually generated from a seed number you supply. II you type in the same seed number, you gel the same landscape. However, with millions ol potential seed numbers, you’ve got millions of potential landscapes available to explore. It’s also possible to take an IFF image and translate it into a 3-D landscape. The color of each point on the x-y plane of the picture is interpreted as a different height, and that is plotted as a 3-D landscape. Of course, you can end up with some veiy strange landscapes this way for example, a mountain that's based on a digitized image of your face. (Stand aside, Mt. Rushniore!) The Grand Canyon, rendered by Scenery Animator. Apply Yourself .All this may sound like fun. But what is it good for? One 7 o answer is, “What's wrong with having a little fun?” But there are real-world uses for these programs, too. If you’re into computer graphics and animation (you do own an Amiga, don’t you?), then you can use these programs to generate realistic scenes for your illustrations or movies. If you're a digital artist, for example, you can generate an image of your local landscape, then finish it ofl by adding buildings and roads in their
o n actual locations; or you can create a totally new landscape of your own. If you’re an animator, you could try this trick: Generate a scene of a fiat plain, then generate successive frames, increasing the heights of mountains rising out the plain. Played back, this sequence is like the dramatic mountain-building scene from “Rite of Spring” in Disney’s Fantasia. Even more spectacular is a high-speed “fly-by” of a mountain or a deep gorge, complete with barrel-rolls! You can even pick a high, straight-down viewpoint and step sideways from frame to frame, simulating the view from the window of your own Space Shuttle mission. If you're a photographer, you can generate images of a real-wor ld mountainscapc from clilTerent vantage points and under differem lighting conditions to find an interesting view before you hike 20.000 feet up a mountain, only to find that the view would have been even more spectacular from the next peak over. Scientists and environmentalists can study the topography of the earth from many angles and under a variety of conditions, supplementing field work from the comfort of their computer terminals. In other words, as with all Amiga creativity software, the usefulness of landscape-generalion software is limited only by your imagination. Rolling Your Own Landscapes Creating a fractal landscape with any landscape-gen- eration program is a step-by-step process, with many variables to consider and lots of potential pitfalls along the way. But if you start out small and work your way up to more complex projects, reading the manual as you go, the process is relatively painless. The first step in the process involves creating or loading some form of terrain map. This can involve loading a DEM file, creating a DEM file of your own using a terrain-map editor, generating a “random” landscape, or translating an I EE image. Once a terrain map is created or loaded, you can make a multitude of adjustments to it. Fractal detail can be added or taken away: You can usually select a small section of the terrain map and zoom in on it, or place a border to limit the area rendered. Scaling lets you adjust the amount of rise or drop, effectively turn in ir mountains into molehills or vice-versa. After you have adjusted your terrain to your liking, vou can add anv of a multitude of details. You can usually set a tree line and snow line to determine the aid- ¦ 2) twA,fuirtvvtirt JjHvui&cayw THERE ARE MANY good PD and shareware landscape programs available for the .Amiga, as well as some fractal-generation programs that produce natural-looking plants, trees, and clouds that you can cut and paste into your landscapes. The following are all available on Fish disks. You can also look lor them online on Aminet, commercial online services, or an Amiga BBS near you. PROGRAM FISH DESCRIPTION Cloud 216 Generates and displays fractal clouds CloudsAGA 981 Improved fractal cloud generator with AGA support FracGen 188 Generates fractal ferns, trees, and more Genesis 501 PD demo of the now-defunct 3-D landscape program from Ilollyware IFSgen 554 Generates pictures of ferns, trees, galaxies, etc. Landscape 554 A fractal scenery generator written in AMOS Mandel Mountains 383 Renders mountain-like 3-D Mandelbrot images MapTrix 853 Texture-map generator; includes mountains and clouds Plasma 779 A plasma cloud generator for AGA machines Scenery 155 PD precursor to Scene Generator SceneGenDemo 299 Demo of Scene Generator, the precursor to Scenery Animator SculptTools 430 Create objects for Sculpt 4D, including mountains Terrain3I> 94 Early Amiga PD 3-D fractal scene generator TreeGrow 814 Generates quasi fractal trees or plants In the background: A lightened version of AG A clouds, generated by CloudsAGA. J tildes at which trees stop growing or snow first appears. Additional controls may let you adjust a "fudge factor" to determine how far above and below these lines trees and snow will wander. You can set sea level, and watch the land recede into the depths; river and lake options let you fill in low spots to create lakes, or start rivers Mowing downhill, following the contours of the terrain. Some landscape generators allow you to place a variety of individual trees, buildings, or other objects into vour image. And you can add clouds to the sky, O * or even call up a night sky full of stars. Once all the details are in place, you'll want to set the values that determine how you'll actually see the landscape. First, you pick your camera position. Next, you set a point at which your camera is aimed. You might want to preview how your scene will look in a preview window. After the shot is set up. You can adjust lighting by moving the sun. Some programs even let you adjust haze settings that determine how much objects blur as they recede. Finally, you can define camera settings, from lens type to field and depth of view. You can even lilt the camera! Once you have set everything to your liking, you can select the type of image you want to render. Screen size, color depth, and overscan are all user-selectable. Some programs even support third-party graphics hoards. At litis point, you can choose the degree of detail rendered. Which also affects rendering speed. You'll want to render test images with less detail and at lower resolutions to save time, then set them higher for a final rendering- which may take all niglu, depending on your system. If you want movement, you can create animations. Some programs let you define movement paths, and will generate animations automatically. I lowever, vou O 4 r may have to use an additional program, or even save individual frames that you can then assemble with the help ol DeluxePaint or an Amiga animation program. Amiga Landscape-Generation Programs Now that von know what’s involved in generating vour ' O n v own 3-1) landscape images, here’s a quick rundown of the landscape-generation packages available for the Amiga. Currently, you can get three excellent commercial programs: Scenery Animator ($ 99.95, Natural Graphics), VistaPro ($ 99.95, Virtual Reality Labs), and World Construction Set ($ 250, Qjuestar Productions). (To locate the vendors of these programs, see the “At anufacturers' Distributors' Addresses ” list o)i p. 58.) A fourth, Hollyware's Genesis, is no longer being sold, though it lives on in a freely distributable demo version. I here are also many PL) and shareware programs available (see the sidebar on p. 18). Scenery Animator (reviewed in the Dec ’93 issue of Amiga World, p. 21) made its dehut years ago as a PD program called "Scenery" on Fish Disk 155. It evolved into Scene Generator, then became Scenery Animator. It is the easiest to use of the three Amiga landscape generators, with an intuitive, button-based interface and an integral 3-D preview screen. You can "drive" around the preview screen using on-screen arrow buttons, and can swap over to a map screen for the whole "top-down" view. Scenery Animator also has excellent built-in animation features. Though it is powerful enough for serious users, its ease of use definitely makes it the best landscape-generation program for the casual user, artist, or animator. VistaPro 3.1 (reviewed in the Jul. ’93 issue of AmigaWorldy p. 20), gives you an incredible amount of control over a generated image. The main screen presents you with an almost overwhelming array of buttons and options, and clicking on almost any button brings up even more buttons! Fortunately, the user- friendly manual can lead you through the whole process with little difficulty. Though it might he somewhat daunting for the weekend dabbler, VistaPro is an excellent choice for the graphics professional. There is. However, no wav to edit DKMs in VistaPro, so you’ll ? The Vista Pro main screen (left), and (right) a scene generated by Vista Pro. Also need TerraForm 2.0 ($ 25), a 2-1V3-D terrain editor that lets you create your own VistaPro maps. II you want to create animations, you’ll also want MakePath ($ 25), which creates animation paths. Both are available from Virtual Reality Libs. World Construction Set (reviewed in the Jan. ’95 issue of Amiga World, p. 42) is the newest of the three Amiga landscape generators. Aimed at a slightly different market, its forte is creating higli-view DEM maps that look like photos taken from space. It allows you an incredible amount of control over esoterics like ecosystem definition. However, it doesn’t generate “random” fractals at all (though that is promised for a future version). It is also a complex program to use, with a plethora of buttons, windows, and screens to wade through before you can generate an image. I be manual is in what I would call a “state of transition,” and rendering times are long. Still, its images are impressive, and it is constantly being improved. Although it doesn’t publish a landscape generator of its own, MegageM makes two support programs.Cue of these, Fractal Pro ($ 149.95; reviewed in AW, Oct. '93), can compute ten different fractal equations (including the Mandelbrot set) and save the results as DEM Files, which you can then load into VistaPro or Scenery Animator to create 3-1) scenes based on fractal data. The other, Scapemaker 3.0 ($ 49.95), converts IFF images into VistaPro format DEM files. It can also logically combine landscapes, enabling you, for example, to seamlessly merge Mt. Fuji into a pastoral Iowa farm scene. Scapemaker features dual on-screen DEM displays and Arexx support. Now that you know more about what is possible in landscape-generation on the Amiga, you can use these programs to create rich images of real locations or to fulfill your visions of imaginary worlds. ¦ Mark R. Brown authored Aws article on fractal imagery in the Feb. ’95 issue. Write to him do AmigaWorld. Editorial Dept., PO Box 802, 80 Elm St., Peterborough. NH 03458. A DIGITAL ELEVATION MODEL (DEM) consists of a sampled array of elevation data for ground positions at regularly spaced intervals. The 1-degree DEM data available from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) covers, in blocks one degree square, all of the contiguous United States, Hawaii, and most of Alaska. (The USGS also distributes 7.5-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute DEMs.) The basic elevation model is produced by the Defense Mapping Agency, but is distributed by the EROS Data Center in the DEM data-record * ViM ilis format. One-degree DEMs are also referred to as “3- arc second” or “ 1:250,000-scale” DEM data. The majority of the 1-degree DEMs are produced from cartographic and photographic sources. The topographic features (contours, drain lines, ridge lines, lakes, and spot elevations) are first digitized and then processed into the required form and spacing. An ascii DEM file is organized into three logical records: types A, B, and C. The type-A record contains information defining the general characteristics of the DEM, including the DEM name, boundaries, units of measurement, minimum and maximum elevations, number of type-B records, ancl projection parameters. There is only one type-A record per DEM file. Type- B records contain profiles of elevation data and associated header information. There is a type-B record for each profile. Type-C records contain statistics on the accuracy of the data. If you have anonymous FTP access to the Internet, you can download DEM files from edcftp.cr.usgs.gov in the director)' pub data dem. This directory contains the 1 ;250,000-scale DEMs for the contiguous United States. The files have been compressed with the GNU “gzip” utility', which is available for the Amiga from any Aminet site on die Internet. A complete explanation of the 1 ;250,000-scale DEM format can be found in the USGS National Mapping Program Technical Instructions, Data Users Guide number 5 (known as “Digital Elevation Models”), a v a i 1 a b 1 e for a small fee from the Earth Science Information Center, US Geological Survey, 507 National Center, Reston, VA 22092; 783 648-6045 or 800 USA-MAPS; FAX: 783 648-5548. If you have access to the World Wide Web (WWW), you can also obtain information about the DEM data set at the following URL address; http: edcwww.cr.usgs.gov giis hyper guide 1 _clgr_dem Commercial DEM Files Scenery Animator, VistaPro, and World Construction Set all have their own DEM formats, although the)' can also load and translate USGS DEMs. Each vendor offers DEM data for major portions of the United States (and, in at least one case, parts of Mars, too). Though it’s hard to heat the price of the free USGS data online, it can take hours to download even one DEM file. For example, just one of the two DEM files for the Denver area is almost 10 megabytes in size, and over 3 megabytes compressed! Natural Graphics offers dozens of floppy disks full of DEM files for Scenery Animator at $ 10 each, and Virtual Reality Labs also sells dozens of different scenery disks for VistaPro at $ 34.95 each or five for S60, Questar Productions has gigabytes of DEM data for World Construction Set on floppies or on Syquest removable cartridges. Sets of two floppy disks (the same scale as the others) are $ 35 each. Many other resolutions are available on request. D mrb f you have mastered some of the basics of a morphing program such as MorphPlus, but can't seem to achieve the kind of results you see on TV, mavbe vou with MorphPlus Check out these expert tips plus sample project designed, to get MorphPlus users morphing and warping like the pros. J 4 need to hone your techniques a little before moving on to the next stage. While this article is not a tutorial, it will outline some basic guidelines that you can use to make good-looking morphs. The examples provided here refer to MorphPlus (Elastic Reality), but you can apply many of the concepts presented to other morphing packages, such as Imagemaster (Black Bek Systems) and ImageFX (Nova Design). We’ll assume you are familiar with the basic tools of MorphPlus (vectors, points, and edges), but it's a good idea to keep your users' guide handy for reference. (For a complete review of MorphPlus, see May ’93, p. 83, Also, consult reviews of other morphing packages, including Imagemaster R t, Jan. ‘94, p. 14; ImageFX, May '93, p. 19: and ImageFX 2.0 in this issue, p. 8.) First Things First The first thing you need to decide is what kind of morphing effects you want to perform. These can range BY CHRIS EDGIN M 0 R P II P I I S from a simple cross dissolve to a complex morph where different areas of die image change shape and texture. Y mr next step is to choose your source material. In some cases, you may lind dial the efiect you want to perform is just not feasible with the source material you have. Generally, it is better to decide upon the ellect to perform and obtain source material to match. The example used here is a classic (ace morph, in which we morph tin* face of a woman into die lace of a man. While this does not really show some of the fancier effects you can achieve, it will illustrate how to obtain a smooth-looking, believable morph. Keep in mind that the morphing program cannot create data that does not exist; it can only transform the material you provide it with. Once you have suitable source material, you can now go about the task of defining the morph. In our MorphPlus example, you accomplish this by placing vectors around key features 011 the subjects’ faces. Figure 1 illustrates how the vectors are defined. Basically, you must place vectors on corresponding features in both the source and destination images. In this case, notice how the overall shapes ol the heads are outlined, as well as the nose, eyes, and other more specific character lines 011 the subjects’ faces. Keep in mind that the most effective morphs are achieved when the source and destination images are veiy similar. In fact, in many productions that you see on television, the creators have gone to great lengths to assure that their morphing materials were similar. Once the main features are outlined, you can perform a test render to see what you have so far. By doing this, you can see what areas still need work and what areas vou can leave alone. One trick that Hollywood 4 r professionals often employ is to use relatively low-res- olution versions of their images so they can spend more time working on the morph and less time rendering. This is critical when a deadline is near and you have to render images at film resolutions that can be upwards of 4000x4000 pixels. It becomes quite clear that it is better (and faster) to use images that are much smaller (say, 640x480) for the design and testing stages of your morph. .As long as your smaller images have the same aspect ratio as your larger ones, MorphPlus will scale vour vectors to match vour larger images when the time comes to do the final render. The Morpher’s Edge When placing your vectors and defining edges, it is veiy important to remember a few key things. First, think of the entire workspace as an elastic sheet of rubber. When you pull on one portion of it, the effect is not limited to that area, but will affect the entire sheet (just as in real life). If you are not careful, you could get unwanted stretch marks in the morph. These can he avoided, however, through the use of a strategically placed set of points connected by an edge. Points act as nails or tacks placed in the sheet of rubber to prevent the effect from spreading to other regions of the morph. The edge extended between the points acts like a hunch of little points in between the main points. Edges are a veiy important factor in making a good- looking morph, as an edge acts like many little vectors or points between the main vectors or points. Basically, edges save you from having to draw literally thousands ol vectors to define your morph. Instead, you need only ? Don't get overwhelmed with the complexity of setting up a network, use our Ariadne Ethernet cord thot is compatible with oil Amigas that hove on available Zorro Slot. This card is not only easy to network - it also equipped with 2 additional parallel ports offering multiple network solutions.
• lQBase-2 (Thin Ethernet, coox-cabte) and lOBase-T (Twisted pair, western jacket)
• Socket for Bool-ROM
• SANA-II compatible driver for ethernet and parallel port
• Hook up to two additional Amigas to the parallel ports with Liana
• 32KByte cache to support CPU
• includes Commodore's Envoy networking software
• Englishmonual am Picasso il RIG, the graphics board all others are measured against:
• Graphics board for all AMIGA's with Zorro-Bus * Workbench driver to retarget all programs and WB to the Picasso
• Supports up to 256 colors with WB3.1, even an A2000 and A3000 p a A
• WB resolutions definable up to 1600 x 1280 pixels Q SUQ Qf
• HiColor (16Bit) and TrueColor (24Bit) graphics: 16M colors!
• Drivers for most graphic programs such as AdPro, ImageFX, ImogeMaster, Real3D
• Allows connection of any VGA or Multiscan monitor 1 MB
• At 084 and At OB I ore still usoble with o special coble £ C 1 Q A t
• Black borders gone forever, takes full advantage of monitor's capabilities I • W
• System-compliant implementation of monitorfile, resolution selec table using screen mode-requester
• Monitor-File compliant with System 2.x or higher, resolution selectable using screenmode requester
• View regular Amiga and special Picassoll-RTG screens on same Monitor without changing cables.
• Screen promoter to make older programs work on Picasso
• Draggable screens
• Available with 1MB or 2MB, upgro doble from IMS 1o 2MB at anytime Are you in need of a fost and easy connection between two Amiga's? Liana, the low-cost network solution, is exactly what you want! Just plug it in, install the software, and it runs! Nothing could be easier than that. Uano is the network solution for those with a small budget and big needs. You can even shore your hard drives ond printers.
• For every (!) Amiga from WB 2.0 on with a free parallel port
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• 15kHz overload protection 1 QQ H ||
• 2 well written manuals I IIII
• Plugs onto the Picosso H - no Zorro-Slot required
• Eosy installation of video modes PieassoltfiTG.Aradne Lfeaa Pi&to.MaiWjto awwJwnirtsolvaage Tronic Efeaier inquiriM welcome Aiipr:esareS Within Europe contact Wellweg 95 D- 31157 Sarstedt • Germany Tnl +49 10)5064 71113-10 fectinicol Hotline TeL 449 (055066 7013*11 Orders Tel: --49 1015066 7013-40 Mbox Id: 149 (0)506677013-49 FAX Within North Americo contact Creative Computer Select Solutions 2645 Moricopo St 1G9 South Dunccn Rood Torrence (A. 90503 Chompoignjl 61826-6512 Phone: 310-7874520 Phone: 800-322-1261 Fax:310-222-5888 Fax: 217-356-0097 Expert Services Software Hut 7559 Moll Rood Fokrolt Eost Bulsness Pari Florence, KY 41042 313 Henderson Dr Phone: 606-371-9690 Shoron Hi, PA 19079 Fax: 606-282-5942 Phone; 610-586-5701 ax r-c -E Fax: 610-596-5706 M 0 R P II P I, I S place the vectors in a few key locations and connect them all the way around with edges. In Figure 2. Notice how edges are used to define the O O outer regions of the face and the key areas of the morph, such as die nose, eyes, and mouth. It is important to keep the outer edges (particularly the ones outlining the head) as close as possible to the subject’s features. A tearing effect may occur, for instance, if a portion of the subject’s hair falls outside the edge or if a piece of the background is included inside the edge. You may have to add more vectors to eliminate this problem. A Group Approach .Also, when placing vectors and points, remember to place diem on corresponding features on I lie source image as well as on the destination image. You may find it easier to view your vectors as source only, place them, and then switch your view (and vectors) to the destination image, where you place them accordingly on corresponding features. In addition, you will probably find it easier if you deal with your morph on a fea- ture-bv-feature basis concentrating on a particular spot (such as the eyes). When you've finished with each individual area, hide that group of vectors and begin work on the next feature (say, the ears). Grouping is a convenient way to handle large numbers of vectors and points. Grouping your vectors allows you to hide or show them as a batch. In addition, i grouping allows you to take advantage of MorphPlus’s group-motion and transparency controls. By grouping your vectors, you can save them as separate files to use in other projects or to simplify the current one. If you save your vector groups to disk, you can avoid having to place an entire new set of vectors if you want to use the old ones (somewhat like a pattern) in other projects. Figure 3 demonstrates how Morph Plus’s Group editor can group different sets of vectors. Now It’s Your Turn These tips should give beginning morphers some guidelines for creating effective morphs on their own. For those who would like to try the project for themselves, you can download the images shown here. These can be obtained from Elastic Reality’s vendor library on CompuSeive (GO AMIGAV) in the file AWMorph.lha, or from the company’s vendor area on Portal (GO ELASTIC). The images can also be found in the Amiga Product Demo section of Elastic Reality’s support BBS (608 273-2426, 9600 baud, standard 8N1 terminal settings). If you have questions or comments, you can e-mail the company at ErlSupport@ cup. Portal.com (Portal) or 76004,1765@compuserve.com (CompuServe). ¦ Chris Edgin has been a technkal-sujjporl representative in the Amiga community for the past five years and has helped literally thousands of people make good morphs. He was also a technical writer for ICO and currently works as assistant support manager at Elastic Reality (formerly AS DO). AmigaWorld wants to see your stuff... still images in 2D or 3D, or even collages contain- file (preferably JPEGged at 100% quality). Please ing Amiga-genera ted works. We're building a indicate whether your submissions have been new catalog of Amiga artists and we want to in- used elsewhere, and what software you used to dude you! Well keep your submissions on file create them. If you've worked previously as an and, if your work or style fits our needs, contact illustrator or have other related experience, send you. If we call, we will either ask you to create an along a resume or short bio as well. Address illustration, or contract a completed work. Your package to: We find it easiest to work with a slide, photo, AmigaWorld Art Submissions or printout of each image accompanied by an IFF 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. To paint a fine picture is far more important than to sell it ' said Edward Alden Jewell. The intro to our new series shows you that “code fragments” are the basic Arexx building blocks and you can begin learning to use them in just about the time it takes to boil a well-done egg. Part 1 Five-Minute Arexx DON’T START YOUR timerjust yet exploration. But how? 'Uteres a lot of talk, but little a little preliminary groundwork is nee- by way of practical example. And why Arexx, anyway t essarv first. Everyone probably knows Because Arexx is a programming language for the something about Arexx, has at least Amiga, an expanded version of REXX, the "Resume- heard that software with an Arexx port tut eel Extended Executor” language coined at IBM. It is desirable, and that Arexx is wort hy of is often labeled a scripting, macro, or even “inter- BV [WARD ). CORK proccss-communicaiion” language: such terms just skirt the edges, describing subsets of Arexx’s capabil- itics. It is all of those things, and more. It is a full- fledged, extendable language, and as delivered it is an "interpreted” language. This simply means that Arexx programs are retained in ilieir humanly readable form, with each line read and translated into computerese every time die program is run. Such translation takes time, of course, making for slower operation in comparison with “compiled,” or machine-language, programs. As this is true of all interpreted languages, don't let it bother you: just be aware of it. Arexx, then, is a tool a powerful one. It is symbolized bv the REXX: device, which you may have noticed in listings of system assignments. II you know that Arexx is already running on your machine, that’s great; the first step is done. If you’re not sure, use the “Quick Tip” below to find out. Handling the Tool As with any tool, the proper use of Arexx requires thought and planning. What do you want to build using vour Arexx hammer? I lere are some possibilities:
• Nail an opening lile requester to a program that doesn’t provide one. So that you can easily search for and select a work lile.
• Before starting a desktop-publishing program, reassign FONTS: to a different location so you access a specialized set of fonts more quickly; then, when the program ends, set FONTS: back to its original location.
• Enhance Abcxx-compatiblc commercial software bv adding commands and functions of vour own invention. Prime candidates are TurboText, Art Quick Tip h REXX There? IE YOU DON’T know whether Arexx is up and running on your system, open a Shell or CLI window, type assign REXX: exists and hit the Return key. You should get the response REXX System2.1:Rexxc or something similar. If you get a “ . . . Not assigned” message, try typing SYS:SYSTEM RE XMAST, press the Return key, and try the "assign ..." command again. If you still don’t get the above response, then Arexx isn’t available and it’s time to contact an Amiga-knowledgeable friend, local users’ group, or bullet in-board system (BBS) for help. Department Pro, Imagemastcr R l, and even the Video Toaster software.
• Launch that “Shell-only” program by simply doubleclicking an icon you know, the program that required you to First open a Shell window, make an obscure assignment, type in a deeply nested lile path, and then type cryptic command-option codes before finally hitting Return. And on and on; these are just what came quickly to mind. 1 know they’re possible because they, plus a lot more, have already been done. But what about exploring Arexx? How can you gel your head around this language? One wav is to start with the seven-line OCT a “heart” of a program a code fragment. You write Arexx programs using a text editor or a word processor. It must be capable of saving straight ascii text (maybe labeled "text only”) and must create a Project icon upon saving a lile. Commercial products (TurboText or ProWrite, for example) or public- domain editors (e.g., 1)ME on Fish disk 530) will senc very well. I will assume you know how to manipulate Workbench windows and how to open a Shell (or CLI) window. You should also have Arexx version 1.15 (dated Nov. ’90) or later properly installed and up and running on vour machine. Your Arexx documentation n gives its version; if you’re running AniigaDOS 2.x or later, you’re all right. Ready? Start up your text editor or word processor. Start vour five-minute timer. Type the following, and don’t worry about indenting and blank lines. Such formatting helps make it easier to read, but leading spaces and blank lines are ignored by Arexx. I* OneLiner.codefrag.rexx * greeting = "READY = >" options prompt greeting do forever parse pull line interpret line end Save it as rexx:OneLiner.codefrag.rexx Remember to save it only as asc ii text, so no hidden word-processor codes get added to it. Bring Workbench to the front, open a shell, type rx rexx:OneLiner.codefrag.rexx and hit the Return key. (In subsequent instructions, [RETURN] means press the A R E X I* A K I I Return key.) You should see a new “READY= >” prompt appear in the Shell window, with the cursor waiting right behind it. You do?Thenvou are now a programmer! Or ¦ I o at least you ve taken that first tiny step to becoming one. Now type in X = 128 [RETURN]. Then type SAY X [RETURN]. ‘*128” should appear on a line by itself between the last prompt and the one you’re at now. If it does, you’re doing fine; if it doesn’t and you get no error message, end the program by typing EXIT. [RE 11 RN], and you should be back to your normal shell prompt. If you do get an error message, you've already been dumped back to your original shell. Go back into your editor and recheck your typing. Use any error message as a clue to what might be wrong. The first line, die * . . . * stuff, must be there; check spelling, quolation-mark pairs, and so on. This one should be easy to debug (famous last words!). This little program creates a fully interactive environment. Allowing real-time experiments with Arexx instructions and functions. It accepts one line of input, up to 255 characters, then performs Arcxx’s magic on it when you press RE TURN. “Interactive” means that the program keeps running, remembering all variables created and any adjustments you’ve made unless you make an error or type EXIT. Enter .ARexx instructions, assign values and strings to variables, manipulate them to your heart's content, and then perhaps use the SAY instruction to examine the results. Probing Deeper I et’s open the door a little wider. At OneLiner.code- frag’s prompt, type SAY ADDRESSQ [RETURN]. The reply tells you what Arexx port is currently being talked to; it should be “REXX.” Type ADDRESS COMMAND [RETURN|, then type SAY ADDRESSO [RE TURN] again. The reply, “COMMAND,’* says that you can now talk directly to AmigaDOS. Try typing LIST [RET URN]. Your current disk directory should go scrolling by. When that finishes, type just ADDRESS (no parentheses this time) [RETURN]. Type SAY ADDRESSO again to see where you are now. Back at “REXX.” right? You’ve just discovered that Arexx starts with a default port, REXX, and if you change that a few times with the Address instruction, you can use the Address function (the one with the parentheses) to tell you which is current. You get the idea. Pick other Arexx expressions and explore them in the same manner. When vou’re ready to quit, type EXIT [RETURN]. Now for some interesting fun! We’ll adjust One- Liner.codefrag’s icon for launch with a simple doubleclick of the mouse. At Workbench, open the RAM disk and find the document icon for OneLiner.codefrag.rexx. Click the icon -just once this time. Select Info . . . Or Information . . . From Workbench’s Icons menu to open the icon-informalion window. Go to the Default Tool text box, delete whatever is there, type RX in its place, and then click on Save. Back at Workbench, the RAM disk should still be open and the OneLiner.codefrag.rexx icon should look the same. Double-click the icon. You should again see the interactive window, with the now-familiar “REA1)Y=>“ prompt. You do? T hen you are now an applications programmer! Or at least you’re on the way. A few notes on usage of OneLiners: First, instruction groups like DO . . . END, or IF . . . TI1EN will work, but they must also lit the one-line limitation. Use semicolons to separate the pieces; for example, try: DO 5 ; SAY "Hello, AmigaWorld!" ; END You should he able to guess what will happen. Second, to experiment with any of the functions in the Rexx Support Library (such as DELAY, SI IOWDIR. SHOWLIST, etc.), insert a line in the OneLiner.codefrag.rexx program immediatelv above the "greeting = . . . ” line: j n n call addlib("rexxsupport.library",0,-30,0) If there are other libraries’ functions you want to play with, such as rexxarplib and rexxmathlib, initialize them in the same way. Add additional “call . . . ” lines to the base program, replacing “rexxsup- port.library” with the appropriate name. Then restart the program. T hird, OneLiner.codefrag.rexx is a bare-bones program. It has no error-trapping or problem-reporting features. II you make an entry or programming error, the program will exit. Upon restarting it, you'll have to reinitialize all needed variables. Experiment and learn, and next time we’ll explore further Arexx program elements. ¦ Edward . Dorr, a self-employed engineer and consultant, uses his AMIGAs extensively for business find pleasure. Write to him c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., EC) Box 802, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, H 03458-0802. AmigaWorld 27 TM CHEAT JV J SoftLogik Word worth Version 3.1 Includes more features than Final Writer! 95 $ 129 6032 68028 $ 20 T5 Graphics Import Export: IFF, TIFF, GIF, PCX, BMP, IMG, GEM, CGM, and EPS. Text Import Export: ASCII, Microsoft Word, Works, Write, WordPerfect, WordStar, RTF. Fonts types supported: Compugraphic, PostScript Type 1, TrueType, AmigaDOS bitmap, built-in printer fonts. Text Handling: Text around circle arc, spiral, maximum size 1000 points, text color, kerning, tracking, auto correction and much more. AGA compatible, Online Amiga Guide help, public screensl The leading page layout program now comes with a free Super Fonts CD-ROM 1000 Type I PostScript fonts!!J PageStream 3.0 NEC CDR-210 Double-speed External
• 320 ms access, 300KB sec transfers
• 64K buffer
• Caddyiess operation
• PhotoCD, multisession, XA & MPC compatible $ 1 Tfl95
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* 600KB sec transfers, blazingly fasti
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• Cable & SCSI terminator included P
• 2-year warranty Typesmith 2*5 Convert Truetype IBM or Mac, plus a batch support macro which allows you to select an entire directory of fonts and convert with the press of a function keyl 5874 All drives require Amiga CD-ROM Driver SPECIAL PRICE ONLY WITH PURCHASE OF A CD-ROM DRIVE $ yi >95 CD-ROM BONUS PACKAGE 5839 AsiM CDFS v2.0 OEM version. Gold Fish 2 CD set & Texture Heaven CD ASIMWare Innovations ASIM CDFS v3.0 Software
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• Supports: 150-9660, Mac HF5 & High Sierra P9!Jf!l $ JkA9S CD-32 SX-1 Expansion Module by ParaVision. Turn your CD-32 into an Amiga 1200 . *223” CD-32 5X-1 Expansion Module (Special price when purchased with a CD32}tT89** Games Bundle = Microcosm and Chaos Engine - each used to sell at $ 50 total value of $ 100) Special price when purchased with a CD32) ...*29** 5855 5855 6060 PhotoCD Manager CD32 .... $ 349
• full graphic interface .Qfi.
• brings up HAM8, HAM, or 24-Bil thumbnails of images
• allows the user to view individual images in low, medium or hi-resoJulions
• allows the creation of slide shows of selected images
• text lilies can be added to any image in slide show
• works with CD32, or any CD-ROM equipped Amiga. 5540 6062 CD32 EMU SYSTEM Texture Heaven CD ......s1995 Over 500 Images in 24-Bit IFF format Texture Heaven CD 2 ...s4895 New version with over 164 Abstract and Computer Generated Color Textures!
• Includes thumbnail preview images.
• Images come in IFF, HAM, FrameStore, JPEG, PCX, BMP, and GIF rormats. Master !S0 CD-ROM Writing Software... S5295S Looking for a dependable way to play CD32 games? Why buy an over-priced Zappo drive with little or no support? With our systems you not only get CD32 compatibility but a SCSI interface to boot! This is the most compatible system on the market. Allows you to also access Amiga, Mac, and IBM CD-ROMs. Play an audio CD with included utility while running other software. Includes external double-spin, caddyiess CD-ROM drive, cables & software. A1200 Version s2999s 6058 A4000 Version Gomes Bundle (Microcosm and Chaos Engine - each used to sell at $ 50 total value of $ 100) Special price when • C I purchased with a CD32) .*29" tOITlinQ SOQH* 5851 6062 ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. flam to 5pm (PST) Order Status 3I0-787-452C Mon. - Fri 8am to 5pm Sat. 9am to 4pm
- ; ¦¦ : - Radiosity Presents: Wavemaker WdV?', Version 2.0 2LM Wavemaker is a flying logo animation scene builder. Even if you have never used Lightwave 3D, you can create professional looking scenes in a matter of minutes. You provide a Lightwave 3D format logo object & Wavemaker will help you easily set up things like: moving on and off screen, gradient backgrounds, cool flying background elements & rendering options, all done with a simple interface! Includes: 72 elements, streaks, Tvs, music notes, sine waves, star fields, confetti, fireworks, particles, balloons and more. This logo creator for Lightwave runs with version
2. 0 thru 3.5 of Lightwave 3D. Includes prefabricated animations to just plug your logo into, simply click the prefab you want and click on your logo and Wavemaker does the rest. If you are already good with Lightwave you can still benefit with advanced features like: building sequence, batch rendering, PAR board support, staryboording & more Acfua| jn,er = Qce screen Hester & Associates Plug-Ins and Go! Modeling macros and more for Newtek's Lightwave 3D! Over 50 macros - Includes: auto move, auto size, bar chart, calculate distance, time, position, speed, roll, units, config plug-ins, config VT 3D, create arc text, calculator, create cone angle, create lighting, motion to curve, motion editor, quick move, quick size, read text, quick macro maker, render macro target macro and many more. Includes 100 page manual. :' • Requires: Lightwave 3D 2.0 ‘ or higher & 2MB Chip RAM, 68020 or higher requires Lightwave *, 195
3. 0 or higher KIBM 04 6071 Desktop Magic FRED FISH CD's The Best of Shareware & Public Domain Software on CD-ROM Aminet Volume 4 CD Collection * includes extra material not previously released ..429*s Aminet Volume 5 CD-ROM .419** Fresh Fonts CD-ROM ...41 9” Gold Fish Volume 2 - 2 CD Set, the best of the Fresh Fish CD-ROM collection starting with the 1 st Fresh Fish ... 41 9** Aminet Gold Nov.94 Volume 4 .41 9” Fresh Fish Volume 8 2-CD Set ...422” Light-ROM - CD-ROM for Lightwave users ... *24” Gold Fish 1-3 000 uncompressed CD-ROM .. 417** TurboCalc v2.0 Spreadsheet program ..... 499” mediaDESK AMIGA LIBRARY SERVICES Amiga Screen Saver & System Sound Manager
* 32 customizable screen modules
* 84 dazzling sound effects & 4 riveting 8-track stereo soundtracks
• Create personalized screen savers by importing IFF's & Anims and assigning a sound effect or soundtrack to them
* Assign sounds to windows, keys, events, text strings and time Now your Amiga can tell you it's done formatting or copying a disk, installing software and when to leave for lunch! Compatible with all Amigas, 1,3 thru 3.1 Operating systems. Includes supports for all graphics boards. Sound and Artwork package 1 for 95 Desktop Magic 41 4*s P-t 6076 6075 6077 6038 5990 6039 5925 5709 5933 Visual Inspirations Batch Factory NEW! Version 2.0 Over 600 scripts, supports AdPro, Image FX, ImageMaster, AmigaDOS, PageStream 3.0, ProPage, Final Writer, ToasterPaint, Toaster Switcher, Lightwave Modeler, Typesmith, Pixel 3D, PAR Board, you don't ± jm need to learn Arexx! Just Batch it! WHSm 6079 5866 95 129 95 129 CD Version - includes 256 color, HAMS and 16 shades of gray 95 6080 The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true RGB, 24-Bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color- cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC = optional modules). Includes a wealth of software such as OpalPaint, widely regarded as the best 24-Bit paint program on the Amiga; OpalAnimMATE, plays 24-, 16- and 12-Bit animations at ~ c-UP 60fps and Opal Presents!, an icon- driven presentation slide show program. Seamless textures, 200k each Includes: Metal, Wood, Flame, Marble, Chrome, Water, Brick, Cork, Borg, Reptile and more... $ 4995 You don't have to go to Hollywood for great FX! Easy to use, AGA interface, 20 FX per volume. Preview your animation map images directly onto Lightwave objects, no Toaster and no Visual FX for lightwave Vol.l Surface Pro for Lightwave Road Signs for Lightwave 3D.. s39 previous Lightwave experience required. Created by Leo Martin. Floppy Version 6081 HOTLINE 800-872 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm (PST) Minimum $ 20 order within the U.S*A«, $ 100 international* 24-hour Fax Order Line
(310) 222-5800 Prices valid through March 31, 1095 MaxDOS 2.5 Easy Mac Amiga File Transfers Software solution to access Apple Macintosh files. Read and write to floppies, hard drives, Emplant and AMAX partitions. New Features: MacBinary support, display Mac icons on WorkBench, configurable use of Creator and Type fields. NEW VERSION 2*5!!! Requires WorkBench 2.04 or higher Watch for Adobe Photoshop loaders and savers for AdPro and ImageFX, Coming soon! TM CREATIVE $ 69 95 5988
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- JAPAN oooo**o00*00000*00 «¦ FIJI ae*ea«ee«*oeoeeeee*e*ee
- ARABIAN HOBSES 66475 66476 66477 66479 66479 66485 66487 66486 66489 66490 66491 66492 67833 67298 67299 67297 67300 67301 67302 67303 67304 67305 67306 67307 67308 67309 67803 67804 67805 67806 67807 67808 67809 67810 67811 67812 67813 67814 67815 67816 67817 67818 67819 67820 67821 67822 67823 67824 67825 67826 67827 67828 67829 67830 67831 67832 5931 6022 5984 5317 5852 5798 5799 5863 6065 6082 5845 5879 5018 5453 5671 ip? AS312 - Includes ROM, disks, ¦ and manuals* Works with A1200 *1 39” AS320 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals. Works with A500 A2000 A2500 ... *129” AS330 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals. Works with A3000 A3000T .....* 1 39” AS340 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals. Works with A40Q0 *139” AMIGA OS 3.1 PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD PHOTOCD ... . 6041 .. 5928 ..... 5929 .....a.... r T --------- ....¦¦¦¦
• DEATH VALLEY oooo*oo*oo*oo«o••••••a•••*•*•••••••••••••*•••eeoeo*ee*eeeeeeeee*
- SAILBOATS oo***oo*oo*oooo*oo**o*****o***aoa***oo*ooa«oao»a«*»ooooooo*oo*oo*ooooo . SKIING IN SW1TZI8LAND •aoaaoaaataiaa*•*•oo*o*o¦••••••••••••***oo*oooo*oo
• RURAL FRANCK ••••••••••••M*l****ll«*lll«MO*MMO*a*MOM*IO***M*M*MM*M SPIRIT or BUDDHA ......**...*~~** INSECTS || oooo*o*ao**a••••••••**ooo*o**o«*ooa«o*oooooooooo*oo**oo*oaoo*o*aoooo*oo*oo NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
* •*••••••••••••••••••• 5930 ACCELERATORS .. 939.95
829. 95 1 195.95 WARP ENGINE 4028 WITH 6BO40.28MHZ W SCSI 2 ... WARP ENGINE 4028 WITHOUT 68040,28MHZ W SCSI 2 WARP ENGINE 4033 WITH 68040,33MHZ W SCSI 2------ WARP ENGINE FOR A3000! SHIPPING! WARP ENGINE 3040 (WORKS WITH A3000) W 68040.40MHZ W SCSI 2, UP TO 64MB RAM 3872 57*3 592*
• •••••000000000*00* oooo*oo*ooo***o
• ••••••a••••••••ooo••••••••••••••• ... a. .a. ANIMATION 3D RENDERING SOFTWARE
174. 95 NEW • WORLD CONSTRUCTION SET ••••••••****«*«a***************•••••••••••••••••••• LIOHTWAVE 3D VERSION 3.5 STANDALONE 558.95
* 037 5822 •• •••••••
* *•*•***••••• •••••••••* **••••*• AUDIO HARDWARE & SOFTWARE
• •+•••••••••• 50UNDSWITCK TOASTER AUDIO MIXER 389.95 BARS AND PIPES PROFESSIONAL 2.5 ..... 218.95 BARS AND PIPES PRO V2.5 TOCCATA MODULE MUST OWN BAP PRO V2.5 & TOCCATA BRD - ...... 45.95 5UP1RJAM 1.1 ...78.95 FINAL DATA (DATABASE) .....54.95 DATATAX U.S.A. 1994 39.95 DATATAX CANADIAN 1994 39.95 CHECKS A BALANCES .... 33.95 ADDRESS-ITt VERSION 1.5 ... 25.95 INVOICE-ITJ VERSION 1.2 ... ..... 29.95 5935 579* 5985
* 759
• •*•**••**«oo**oooa«oo
• *oe+eo«ooooooe*oe*o**e*«o«oo
* « » * **»»¦* *8 ¦»¦ m MI»HM*»H»«* 5973 5980 5979 5843 5069 5145 atoa*aMaat*(*Mav«***ao
• •••••**•*•*••••*
* ••*•*•• •• •••••• CLEA RANCE REPAIR ITEMS
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85. 95 6064
* **•*.*•*••*•••••••••••••••• CD32 TITLES
* **********?»***•*• *•*••** *****+•»•••*•** .. CALL
34. 95
37. 95
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33. 95
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29. 95 , 9.95
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• ••*••**«**oo**•••••¦ aa************o*ooo*o***o**o*o 6089 6055 6052 6022 5950 5948 5984 6017 5977 5952 5956 5961 5962 5963 5965 5992 5922 5671 5756
• *o*oo*«o*ao* ¦••••o**oo*oo*oo ¦•¦•••••••••***•**•**•«•¦•••**••••••*•*•*a•**•»•••••• MIRCOR RAD CD-ROM VOL 1 ...... MICRO RAD CD-ROM VOL 2 NATURES BACKDROPS---- MICRO RAD CD-ROM VOLUME 3 POSTSCRIPT TYPE .. MICRO RAD CD-ROM VOL 4 - Video Pro'* Companion 2-200 Sconic fram+slor** A IFF'*, 650 Corp. Logo* »»***o*«0*0••************************* MICRO RAD CD-ROM VOL 5 - Mandlebrot 2000------------------------------ QWIKFORMS CDROM W FONTS A CLIPART .... SFX CDROM SOUND EFFECTS LIBRARY VOL 1 . ULTIMATE MOD COLLECTION •••••a••••••••*•••*•o*o•••*•••••••••••*••••••••¦*•*••¦*•••*•*•• SPACE A ASTRONOMY CD-ROM .... LABYRINTH OF TIME CDTV CD3 2 A CDROM ..... ¦•«••¦¦¦•••••••
* ••**•**•*****»•******•»• oootoo*o**00*0o*oo**•ovoooo*.***•••*«
* ***************o*******a***********
* ••*•**••«*•••*************•**•*•
* ••***«***•**•*••••••••*•••• COMUNICATIONS MODEM5 LOWERED PRICES
* ***oo**oo«*ooo****o**o**««********a*«*o********
• ••*•*•»*•**••••••••*•••*•••«*•***•********•**•* 5805 6093 PRACTICAL PERIPHERALS 14.4K FAX MODEM EXTERNAL MINI-TOWER W CABLE W Software .... 128.95 PRACTICAL PERIPHERALS 28.8K V.34 A VFC FAX MODEM EXTERNAL-MINI TOWER II W Cabl* W Saftware ... 238.95
* ••*••*•».• ••*••*••*•**•••••*0*00*0000*00*0**0*•*»«*«•**00*00*0*o*»o***o*•*• ¦•••¦•••••a***********••••*••«•***«••*•••••
8. 95 IffHOflOMItlt CD-ROM DRIVES 5924 67023 67080 66767
- -------- 2,199.95 ___499.99 ¦¦••**•*•*«**** 399*95
- -----2*7*05 Vlab Motion System with Toccata Board version 2.1 «*»******•**•*«••*•****•• Non-linear editing system for m QOC95 the A2000, 3000(1), A4000 I O 7 J Vlab Y C Digitizer.... ‘384 Vlab Motion Card,, *1479” 5861 66472 67296 66462 66463 66464 66466 66467 66468 66469 66470 66471
14. 95
14. 95
16. 95
16. 95
16. 95 PHOTOCD • ARIZONA DESERT ..... „ ... 16.95
* **••••«*•«••*•*****••••••
• ••••+**•**
16. 95
16. 95
16. 95
• •000*0*••o**•*o*••*••**•*•*••*•*¦
* *****¦•«¦•••¦«¦ «i Studio Printer Version 2.0 $ 9405 5989 I Retina Z3 with 4MB Video RAM
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2. 5 Bundle
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• -o 2 April 995 WHEN YOU TRAVEL, do you bring back little souvenirs of the journey that were too interesting to throw away, yet later just wind up occupying drawer space? I’m thinking of things like ticket stubs, sugar packets, maps, menus, corks, pebbles, and other odds and ends. If so, this month's column explores the idea of incorporating such memorabilia into a digital scrapbook using your Amiga with a scanner or video digitizer. This can be a fun post- travel project, and you can effectively apply the techniques to professional illustration. As Time Goes By On any Lrip, save all the little things that catch vour interest. Bring them j O back to your Amiga and arrange them on a scanner or under a digitizing camera. Capture and save images of these compositions, and they become digital scrapbooks of your travels that you can share with friends as easily as snapshots. This seemingly simple idea has more potential than might at first meet the eve. J You need not limit your scanner arrangements to flat items. Small three-dimensional objects such as pins, stones, arrowheads, shells, fishing lures, or any other intriguing debris can be scanned fairly effectively. Ordi- narily, you save a pebble or a wine cork because it has associations for you at that moment with certain other things or experiences. Months later, out of context, the cork is often just a cork, the pebble just a pebble. It can be especially difficult to convey the original associations to others who did not share the experience with you. The creation of a digital scrapbook gives you the opportunity to preserve associations as well as images of objects. The wine cork, perhaps a memento of a special celebration, could be arranged on a scanner along with a menu from the cafe where the celebration took place. Add to this composition a page torn from a calendar, an autumn leaf pocketed that day, or anything else that seems appropriate, and the image preserves an entire experience. Digital journals also can be great family projects. After an outing, let the kids put together a digital scrapbook of the clay’s experiences. Have them save leaves, pebbles, bones, maps, and sketches. As they create the scrapbook, they can add text and labels if that seems desirable. In working on such a project, von should protect the glass bed of the scanner with a sheet of clear acetate before littering it with rocks and foliage. Before scanning, you can lay a piece of heavy fabric over everything as an opaque background. You may be surprised at how well three- dimensional objects scan. You will probably get some colored ghosts or auras around the edges of objects that are raised from the scanner surface, but these color artifacts are interesting and can be accepted as part of the look of the technique. If you are using a video camera and frame-capture board to input images into your Amiga, you have even more freedom to incorporate 3-D objects into your scrapbook. You may find it most effective to aim the camera straight down at a framed region of a table within which vou make all vour j arrangements. That frame is the area the computer will capture. If you work within those boundaries, you will not 7 need to take time to adjust your physical setup for each image. If you are using a scanner, you can usually create a bounding box in the preview window tliat is the size of a full-screen Amiga image at whatever pixel resolution you like. From then on, that box can be positioned on any scanner preview to capture a screen-size image for your scrapbook. Easy Does It Freedom from fussing with equipment is one of the most important aspects of the digital-scrapbook idea. These arrangements should be fast and fun. You see immediately in the computer image if the composition is what you want. If it is not, you simply rearrange the elements and try again. This is a of mementos or other odds and ends into an interesting digital composition. J o playful way to encapsulate a trip, to refresh your memories, to retrace a journey. The arrangements should follow your whims, and die mechanics of capturing the images should be free of bother. II this kind of project becomes a major undertaking, you will probably never try ii more than once. Oil the other hand, if you keep the mechanics simple, you may begin making digital journals as casually as you take snapshots. Your digital journals are not intended to replace snapshots. They are a way to make use of a different medium to communicate in a different way. You will find as you do more and more digital assemblages that you develop a visual vocabulary quite different from your style of photography. In fact, you may hud this a way to salvage a photo that holds an important memory for you, hut is otherwise unremarkable. In a digital scrapbook, it becomes a new compositional element and takes on new life. It can reflect new meaning bv
o t the way in which von associate it with
* other images or objects. The photo of the Vostok rocket in the accompanying illustration was an underexposed and basically uninteresting snapshot. It has greater interest, however, in this digital-scrapbook page by its association with other memorabilia from a trip I took to Russia. 1 used ImageTX 2 (Nova Design) to brighten the photo within the overall scanned image. Cycling the Region Selector to Poly made it easy to outline the photograph with a few mouse clicks. In the Fill Requester, I set Edge to Feather In with a Radius of 3. This allowed soft-edged color correction within a limited region by using the 0 0 Balance controls. I also raised Gamma until the image of the rocket brightened and showed better detail. You can use similar techniques to reduce color ghosts at the edges of scanned objects. ImageFX 2 has a nice color- scan preview with excellent controls and effects options that make it a perfect scanner interface for projects like this. Its painting and photo-manipulation tools give you everything you need for touch-up. Your digital scrapbook can he as simple as a series of pictures viewed with a directory utility like Diskmaster or Directory Opus. At a more complex level, you might use authoring software to control the display of the images in the scrapbook. This gives you the opportunity to add sound clips, transitions, and other effects. My choice is to J keep it simple. Anything that adds to the effort of keeping a digital scrapbook takes away from its spontaneity and reduces the odds that you will stick with it and find a style within the form. There are many professional opportunities for artists who have developed a fresh look in digital illustration, especially in the emerging multimedia industry. ¦ J Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, (A 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you wish a reply. ORDER LINE • USA & Canada INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE 412*962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE (012 ) 962-0533 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday mdeo The world's first 32-bit game system is back in stock! Includes microcosm, Chaos Engine and Crolier’s Encyclopedia. MegalGsoufid is an amazingly low cost, full featured Bltstereo sound sampler. But that's not all! It also features Direct-to- Disk Recording of samples. Up to ( 56kHz sample rate. E NEW NTSC 3.0 Version! Use your VCR as a backup storage device. 200 Amiga flop- py disks fit on a four hour tape. R~Z works on A500. A1200, or A2000. ¦£ UlsUiiMliJ u La AMIGA Telecommunications enters the 90's! Finally, everything you need to start cruising the Information super highway in one easy to use package.100% Amiga style Guide compliant. N Takes full advantage of Amiga W8 2.0 and higher. Fl. Supports 30010115,200 BPS
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- Add sounds to
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P. O. Box 6512 • Champaign, Illinois 61826-6512 7Pm, Sat. 9am-3pm CST, Customer Service M-F 9am-5pm CST 217-355-2785 From p. 11. Interested to know that Future Video is planning a new V-Station for Toaster Pro shortly. If you need A B roll editing but are on a budget, the V-Siation lias a great deal to offer for the money. .Paulo de Andrade Cobra DKB, $ 159.95 A1200
2. X 3,x compatible. Minimum system: A1200. Recommended system: Same as tn illinium. Accelerator and RAM expander for the A1200. For the A1200 owner who feels the need for speed, but also wants to practice a little fiscal responsibility, DKB may have come up with just the right answer: the Cobra accelerator board. Its performance isn't breathtaking, but for the A1200 owner still plodding along at 14 Mhz with 2MB of slow chip RAM, the Cobra comes as a revelation. Open Wide and Install The Cobra is designed for the A 1200’s bottom-side expansion slot, and the manual savs you'll have it installed in a minute or less. Not likely. The Cobra is a snug fit and requires more than a little jiggling just to gel the computer’s male card and the board's female connector lined up. T hen you have to figure out how to push the board onto the male connector with no finger space at the far end of the Cobra card. There are two small boles into which you can get a very small screwdriver to use as a leverage device, but DKB does not recommend doing this. Rather, they advise that a push on the 150-pin connector should help. The Cobra conies with a 68030 chip (the full version with MM I ) running at 28 Mhz. It also includes a socket for an optional math coprocessor and a single SIMM socket for RAM expansion that’s designed to accommodate the 72-pin SIMMs available at any computer store in sizes of 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 megabytes. (If you can afford them, 32, 64, and 128 megabytes arc also supported.) I used a 1x32 SIMM, which translates into 4MB of last RAM. Promised by DKB, but not available at the time of this review, is an optional SCSI adapter that mounts to the Cobra. Double Your Fun Once the board is in, the lid closed down again, and the power on, the performance-standard testing program, AIBB. Reveals that the Cobra provides integer performance 1.97 times faster than a stock A1200 with 4MB of fast RAM and
2. 6 times faster than a stock 2MB machine. My test unit didn't come with the optional Floating Point Unit, but if you use software that supports a 68881 or 68882 math chip (3-D rendering, CAD CAM, and some 24-hit graphics programs), you can expect an improvement of 8 to 10 times in floatine-math calculation speed! Along with the board, DKB supplies a software program that moves Kickstart into fast RAM if you’ve installed a SIMM chip on the Cobra. Although DKB claims that this further increases performance. AIBB revealed little, if any, improvement. DKB has enjoyed a fine reputation for turning out solid hardware at reasonable prices, and the Cobra accelerator is no exception. With a street price of around Si60, its ability to at least double the working speed of most A 1200s, its industry-standard SIMM RAM-expansion capability, and the promised SCSI- adapter add-on, the Cobra deserves a very high rating indeed. For speed demons on a tight budget, I recommend the Cobra highly. And for those with a few more bucks to spare, stay tuned for some new, faster A1200 accelerators from DKB. Gary Ludwick WORDWORTH 3.1 Sott-Logik, $ 225 All Amigas.
2. X 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Minimum system: IMB, WB 2.0. or later, hard drive. Recommended system: Accelerator. 4MB, PostScript printer. Option-laden word-processing software. When Soft-Logik recently started distributing Digita International’s Wordworth 3.1 (WW3.1) word processor, there was cause for celebration. Along with Softwood’s Final Writer 3, it’s one of the only two major commercial word processors that remain available for the Amiga market. Designed in the UK and sold there for years, Wordworth is a full-featured, j 7 professional word processor that many Amiga users on these shores have longed to enjoy. With so many recent Amiga products exhibiting an air of hasty programming and packaging, it's refreshing to receive a serious package with a high-quality, bound 340-page instruction book and separate Print Manager booklet. In Place and Running To create this review with anv other word j processor would be blasphemous. I therefore wrote this review with Word- worth 3.1 installed on both an A4000 using 053.1 and an A2000 operating under OS2.1. The four disks comprising the package use the standard Amiga Installer program, making installation a relatively speedy process. The Installer places numerous items on your hard disk, including the program, a thesaurus, a spelling checker, AmigaGuide Examples of text and graphics in Word- worth 3.1. Help Files, additional disks of TrueType fonts, and a welcome assortment of such programs as memory and disk-drive utilities. Once everything is in place, you can configure WW3.1, including PostScript printer options. In either AGA or standard Amiga configuration, the program provides an attractive but busy interface that’s a tad intimidating due to its many buttons. A series of configurable buttons appears on the left side of the screen, making menu selection just a mouse click away. Some of the functions and “rollover” menus appear entirely different under 053.1 than under 2.1, which is evidence of hooks that take advantage of AGA operating systems. You can tailor the interface to include as many or as few buttons as desired. By default, WW3.1 operates under its own custom screen, but you can configure it to run on the Workbench on both AGA and standard Amigas. Wordworth proved ?
T. 's-CUT.LuC.-i. JLLT-Li L* L *.u~ .ia xu,u ?. .;• 5.14 ..--Lt. i Li. A-.i. t y. . . - I. .i i ;----i i-i - . • • •• ' - ' ,.. - V •jglLj- V- i--1 y f-fc-S ¦-• ¦¦¦h.- TO ORDER CALL 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-5 CST CUSTOMER SERVICE 414-518-8125 -FAX 414-548-8130 [Mobotics Supra Corporation SupraFAX Modem 14.4 Ext....169.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext FAX .....129.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4LC 138.00 Sportster 28.8 V.FC Ext FAX .216.00 SupraFAX 28.8 V.34 Ext 219.00 Sportster 28.8 V.34 ..249.00 Aladdin AGA .. ...34.00 Dawn Patro! ... Call Dream Web AGA ...36.99 FIFA Soccer ... ...38.99 Lemmings III . ...33.99 Lion King AGA ...34.00 Lords ot the Realm ... ...38.00 Overlord .. ...39.00 Pinball Illusions AGA ...34.99 Tower Assault ...27.99 Valhalla Before The War .
35. 99 n a Address It! ..25.99 FOR A COMPLETE PRICE LISTING, SEND SASE. E-NtfiE RTAINM&NiT, Alpha Paint ......549.00 AmiBack Plus Tools ......79.00 Batch Factory 2.0 ...49.99 Blitz Basic 2 95.00 Brilliance 2.0 ......69.00 C Net Pro 3.0 ...129.00 Can Do 3.0 249.00 Checks & Balances 38.00 Cross DOS ..45.00 Cross MAC .95.00 DataStore Database ......98.99 DataTax ...Call Deluxe Paint V .125.00
• -> - o a aaaa* ¦ i O Mega Mouse ...... ...25.00 1 © Mastering Amiga Beginners. ...24.00 1 © Termite Terminal Program ... ...38 00 1 O Micro R&D CD Vol 3 ..... ...15 00 I © Aminet 4 Share 11 94 .... ...18 00 I © GP FAX Generic ... .. 54.99 1 © Floppy Drive, AIR 2000 HD....124,00 | © Gold Fish Vol 2 .... ...20.00 1 © Studio Printer II 2.0 .86.00 1 n> Picasso II2MB .... .535.00 1 Disk Expander ...37.99 Final Data ....55.99 Final Copy II .....54.00 Final Writer III ....99.99 Forge Essence ...75.00 Fractal Pro 6.09 .85.00 GameSmith .93.00 Hollywood F X .245.00 Image F X 2.0 ..239.00 imageMaster RT 59.00 Impact ......189.99 Lightwave 3D 3.5 .529.00 Math Vision 2.4 ...149.00 Mailing List Manager ....10.00 Multi Layer Art Dept .....79.00 On The Ball .33.00 PageStream 3.0 ...225.00 Plug Ins & Go! ...61.99 Power Macros Lightwave ....88.00 Super DJC3 or LJ4 .36.99 Surface Pro LightWave 55.99 Turbo Calc 105.00 Wordworth 3.1 135.00 HfrRDWAtRl 586DX Emulation Module Call Accel. Warp Engine 4040.1325.00 Accel. DKB 1240 Cobra 225.00 Accel. DKB 1240 50MHZ....329.00 Accel. Mtec 1230 28 1200160.00 Accel, Mtec 68020 500 95.00 DAT Drive Sony 5000 .899.00 DOS 3.1 2000 ..119.99 DKB SCSI-II Option 89.00 ALFA DA TA AlfaDrive 3.5" Floppy ...75.99 AlfaScan 800 ......139.00 I CD 1200 .....65.00 | Oktagon 2008 ....149.00 MultiFaceCard III I O....99.00 Mega Mouse 400 DPI ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 22.00 I Mouse, AlfaOptic 39.00 Tandem Controller 79.00 Trackball 3-Button 33.00 ( Micro R. & D. ) 1200 RAM Expansion OK....95.00 MIDI Interface .....45.00 W 2 cables ......55.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button 29.00 Micro R & D Cds 1 Transition 45.00 2 Nature’s Backdrop 48.00 3 Games & Publishing 15.00 4 Video Pro’s Companion...16.00 Power Supply 500 ...89.00 Power Supply 2000......155.00 A r«»lTlilii|- 44. Nr»L84.---.~ Ji’s Noah Retina Z3 4MB 649.00 W Image F X 884.00 Studio Printer II 86.00 Contains virtually any printer driver you'll ever need! | Vlab Int Y C ..369.00 Vlab Motion Card 2.1 Cali Vlab Motion Card Bundle Includes Toccata Card...Cali EXPANSION SYSTEMS DataFlyer 500 8 225.00 S DataFlyer 500 IDE ....149.00 SCSI+1200 ...92.00 j SCSI+4000 .119.00 A Dale Luck’s Boing! Mouse Having trouble finding just the right mouse? LOOK NO FURTHER! This is a top-ot-the-line optical mouse with precision handling for anyone who wants the BEST for 1 their Amiga 74.99 A Drive. Syquest 3270 270MB Bare 389.00 Emplant Deluxe .....Call Ethernet System, 4066+ ..,.299.00 FlickerFixer ......259.00 Floppy Drives, High Dens Call Harddrives Various Sizes Quantum Micropolis Call Joystick. MegaStick II 14.00 Joystick. Slik Stik ...15.00 Link It! .41.99 MegaChip 2000 DKB 195.00 Memory. 68030 040 Call Monitor, CD Solutions 1401 ..449.00 Monitor. Electrohome 1440..489.00 Monitor, Spectra 15" .28 ...509.00 MultiStart II 26.00 Personal Anim Recorder....1539.00 Terms: Pos accepted Irom schools and government agencies'Personal checks require 7 days to clear*Defective products replaced promptly. RMA number required (call 414-548-8125) for all merchandise returns Returns not accepted after 15 days. Returned products must be in original packaging, postage prepaid. Opened software not returnable. Shipping charges not refundable. Non-defective returns subject to’ a 15% restocking fee’Not responsible for typos. Prices subject to change. Printer, Primera PRO 1339.00 Printer, DeskJet 540 ...315.00 Printer, Epson Stylus Call Scanner MiGraph 2400......979.00 Smart Port + ......58.00 SuperGen SX Studio ...679.00 Tape Drive, Archive Viper ,.364.00 TBC IV ......795.00 Trackball. AmTrac ..69.99 CD ROM J Videographer’s Bundle.
* * Toshiba 3501B Quad Speed
* ASIM2.0 Driver (OEM)
* Fish Market
* Light ROM (Lightwave) B * Micro R&D CD "Video Pro’s Companion" 3D ROM Vol 1 or 2 69.00 AMOS CD ...35.00 AmiNet Gold 11 94 20.00 I AmiNet Set 1 37.00 ASIM CD ROM FS 3.0 Call Clip Art & Fonts .....27.00 idlp Fractal Pro Images 37.99 Frozen Fish .20.00 Gold Fish Vol 2 .....20.00 Light ROM (Lightwave) .35.00 Master ISO (AsimWare) Write your own Cds!..510.00 Knowledge Media Pkg..19.99 Sound Ideas CD 25.00 Visual F X CD Vol 1 120.00 World of Clip Art 19.00 (For more, see Micro R&D Box) Arexx Cookbook 38.99 S Connect Your Amiga.. 21.00 Mastering AMOS 29.00 Mastering Amiga C ... 27.00 Mastering DOS Ref... 28.00 Mastering Amiga Tutorial 28.00 Mastering Assembler.. 33.00 ROM Kernals ..Call Ultimate AMOS 39.00 a last performer on both the .VI000 and A2000. Long-time Amiga users will quickly notice that WW3. 1 *s file requesters are of the ASL variety, with similar speed and functionality, but display some slight differences in appearance. Many keyboard equivalents complement the menu system, using the universally accepted Ami- ga-x, Amiga-c, and Amiga-v sequences lor, respectively, Can, Copy, and Paste functions. The Save As function uses the Amiga-a sequence. Wordworth offers a unique Amiga- Guide-based help system. Calling up the Help menu at the top of the screen or clicking on the question-mark button at the left activates AmigaGuide. The primary menu option called “How Do I . . . ?" Displays an AmigaGuide document providing an exhaustive interactive list of details on how to perform everything from adjusting page margins to using document templates. 'Hie program’s graphics capabilities are iirst rate, arguably better than those found in some DTP programs. WW3.1 lets you import TIFF, GIF, IFF, and several other graphics formats. To place an image within your document, you simplv use the mouse to position it, and then press the mouse button. Eight included pieces of dip art install along with the the program, and you can also easily import your own. The Printed Word Well-designed touches include PostScript and non-PostScript printing options worthy of any word processor on any platform. Kerning and tracking adjustments let you give your text a professional layout. There's also a variety of
• drawing tools at your disposal for creating lines, boxes, ellipses, and freehand designs. L he Save As option allows for six different text formats, including WordPerfect and plain ascii text. I found the latter option somewhat disappointing, as it converts the soft returns created by WW3.I into hard returns. There is an option for either hard or soft returns when saving ascii files, but it creates two spaces wherever soft returns occur in the original document. Regardless of die option used to save ascii files, you should plan to spend time performing an extra step or three if vou use* WW3.1 as a text editor for your terminal program. Curious Conventions The included thesaurus, like the spelling checker, is fast and accurate, hut filled with British, rather than American, word usage. Adding new words, however, requires just a click of the mouse. While it does a commendable job of rapidlv listing synonyms using either the mouse or hotkeys the process seems incomplete in that it does not offer even brief definitions. Also, some colorful artifacts mysteriously appeared around buttons when running WW3.1 on the A4000 040 using Amiga DOS 3.1; however, they seemed to have no effect on the operation of the program. The A4000 did lock up on occasion, hut I attributed that to importing colorful graphics with Magic- Menu running in the background. Conclusion Wordworth’s broad array of options, its wonderful, highly configurable interface, Continued on ft.44. ¦ Audio Mix ¦Noise Reduction ¦ Pre-Fade ¦Levels Controls Preview Camera Computer Key ¦ Fade ¦ Luma Key ¦ Cut ¦ Invert Key ¦ Sepia ¦ Key Control ¦ If lack ¦ Preview Video CELECT MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTS 7500 Innovation Way Mason, OH 45040-9699 800-835-3280 513-573-6800 FAX: 513-573-6888 Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 610-586-5701 Tech 610-586-5704 FAX 610-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern Orders 800-93-AMIGA At Software Hut we are committed to the Amiga with a Large inventory, Great Pricing, & Same Day Shipping * Software Hut is your "One Stop" source for Amiga products
o h no i Ua I Ainnn Do *4** A1000 Parts I NEC Multiscan
3. 1 OS Kits CM CO i Q 0 From Village Tronic, of Germany, we have the official
3. 1 kits IN STOCK AS320 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM tor the A500, A2000, & A2500 $ 129.95 AS330 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM set for all A3000 models $ 144.95 AS340 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM set for all A4000 models $ 144.95 AS312 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM set for all A1200 models $ 144.95
3. 1 ROM lor A20Q0 $ 69.95
3. 1 ROM set lor A3000. A4000. A1200 (Specify) 89.95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 69.95 Joysticks Suncom TAC 3 Si 2.95 Suncom TAC 30 12.95 CBM CD-32 Controller 29.95 Competition Pro CO-32 Controller 19.95 The Bug 18.00 Slik Stik 8.95 Port Ret 18.00 Gravis Game Pad 25.95 Gravis Clear Switch Slick 39.95 SX-1 CD-32 Expansion I Module by Paravision In Stock!: $ 229.95
(J) SX-1 Keyboard: $ 44.95 Options: 1Mb RAM $ 49.95 - 4Mb RAM *165.DO 8Mb RAM *319.00 40Mb K0 *149.00 - 170Mb HD *279,00 250Mb HD *319.00 - 350Mb HD *369.00 Purchase both the CD-32 and SX-1 lor a apedal bundle price ol: $ 449.95 Use your CD-32 as i double speed CD- ROM drive wtlh the network CD-ROM and network cable. Usb any AmiQt model with this CD & cable lor: $ 55.00 The Amiga based 32-Bit Game System Is it t NEW Low Prlcet Play CD-32, CDTV, CD+G, and Audio Cds $ 239.95 NEW L boxed w all manuals & cables, 90 Day W’ty. Complete w Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies. Can't find an A12007 Why not consider a CD-32 with the SX-1 module below. A1000 Motherboard, complete*49.95 w Daughiert>oard A1000 Mouse Irom Commodore 14.95 A1000 Internal Floppy Disk Drive 69.95 A1000 Case w all shielding 19.95 A1300 Genlock. New & Boxed 34.95 v_ f A1200 Peripherals CSA 12 Gauge 50Mz w SCSI $ 499.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb 135.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 IDE Cable * Software - 600 1200 20.00 M1230XA Accelerators - All Configs Call DatafiyerXDS 84.95 Oataflyer SCSI* 94.95 Zappo CD-ROM Drive 339.95 Zappo CD-ROM Drive Bundle 369.95 Squirrel SCSI-2 PCMCIA Card 98.95 A500 Peripherals BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-SQ0-12QG $ 84,95 Commodore A500 Power Supply 44.95 A5QQ Case complete w sh elding 17.95 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 49.95 A50G Keyboard 44.95 AIR External Floppy Drive 89 00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 43.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard *79,95 AIR A2000 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A600 1200 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 CBM 3000 Mouse 24.95 Golden Image Optical Mouse 39.95 Swifty 3 Button Mouse 27.95 Alfa Data Mega Mouse, 400 DPI 26.95 Modems A Networking Hydra AmigaNet Ethernet Card $ 289.00 A2060 ArcNet Board 59.95 GP Fax Software - Cass 1 & 2 59.95 Sportster 14.4 Fax Modem 149.95 Sportster 28 8 Fax Modem Call Cardinal 2400 Baud External 39.95
2. 1 Software & Mastering AmigaDOS Reference Manual *40.00
2. 1 Soflware A Mastering AmigaDOS Reference Manual & 2.04 ROM 72,95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 AS216 2.1 Kit from Commodore 56.95 AS216 2.1 Kit w 2.04 ROM 86.95 AS217 Arexx DOS Enhancer 23.95 Mouse lor CDTV. Wired - black $ 16 95 1402 12* Monochrome Monitor 79.00 1403 14* VGA Mono Monitor 139.00 1E02 Color Composite Monitor 139.00 CBM CDTV Genlock 59.95 CBM CDTV Control Pad 34,95 CBM CDTV Black Keyboard 69.95 286 BridgeBoard PCB Only 69.95 CBM Parts & Peripherals Last Chance Products WB2 Upgrades I*.: Miscellaneous Commodore Parts Nameplate A2D00HD $ 6.00 Nameplate A600 6.00 Nameplate A1200 6.00 Nameplate A1200HD 40 6.00 Sheet At 200 insulation 6.00 Door A1200 RAM Exp. Mod. 0.00 Casework A4000 top 19.95 Casework A4Q00 bottom 19.95 Button A4000 power 7.00 Bezel A3000 front 8.00 Bezel FDD Cover 3.5' LT 8.00 Power Supplies 5 Expansion Boards A2000 300W Power Supply $ 149.00 A3000T Fan Assembly 39.95 Emplant Deluxe 359.95 AMIA Interface 55.00 E586DX Module for Emplant 99.00 Multiface II) I O Extender 99.00 Supra Turbo 28MZA2000 169.00 Derringer* Platinum 50Mz CPU 489.00 Magnum 04CV33MZ SCSI-2 1389.00 We have Just received a batch of new NEC Multiscan Monitors. They were built lor a Government agency (Dataspec) but never used. Features Include:
• Syncs to 15Kz
* Compatible with all Amigas
• 800x 600 resolution
* 14 Inch, 90 Day Warranty
* 15 pin cable Included $ 319.95 An Inexpensive hardware & software diagnostic tool lor end users and service centers alike. Plugs into your Amiga 500, 1000. 600,1200, 2000, or 3000 and will tell you what part, or parts, you need. Eliminate cosily service center visits. Detects 85% of all problems on the Amiga, including disk drive problems. $ 69.95 2400BPS Modem We have just acquired a large balch of Cardinal 2400 Baud External Modems. They are NEW and carry a full 1 Year Warranty. $ 39.95 Serial Cable - $ 8.95 JR Comm Term Software - $ 5.00 Monitors CD-1401 Multiscan $ 499.00 CD-2001 Multiscan 20* Call CTX AD-1970 Multiscan 499.00 Electrohome C1440 Multiscan 489.00 Toaster Systems Call for details on our complete Toaster systems! We also sell the new NEWTEK Flyer. Amiga Analyzer NEW MODELS & PRICING Hitachi CDR-1750S CD-ROM
• External w SCSI piss-thru
• Single Speed, 320Ms Access Time
• 150Kb iee, 64Kb Butter
• IS09660, Single-Session Photo-CD
• Variable Audio Jack, 1 YearW'ty $ 89.95 Panasonic CR-503-B CD-ROM « External SCSI, Mini, tor Compaq
• Double Speed, 300Kb sec
• 256Kb Butter, IS0966D
• Single + Multi-Session Photo-CD
• Variable Audio Jack, t YearW'ty $ 189.95 Sony CDU-561 External CD-ROM
• Double-Speed, 300Kb Sec.
• SCSI-1 and SCSI-2
• 256Kb Butler
• 1 Yaer Warranty Supports: Photo CD Single & Multi- Session, CD Audio & Combined, ISO- 9660 High Sierra, Modea 1 & 2, XA Ready, MPC 1 &2 $ 199.95 NEC 3Xe External CD-ROM Drive
• Triple Spin
• Multi-session Pholo CD
• Selective Audio Jack
• Full SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 support
• 256K Buffer, 195Ms Access
• Refurbished by NEC lo NEW condition
• 1 Year Warranty $ 279.95 Internal model 3X1 _$ 259.95_ Toshiba Quad Spin CD-ROM
• Quad Speed (4X), 6Q0Kb Sec Access
• SCSI-2
• 120Mt Random Seek
• 256K Butter
* 1 Year Warranty Internal model $ 399.00 External model $ 489.00 AstM CDFS CO-ROM Drivers
• Includes AsimTunes & AtlmPhoto v2.Q comes w Flsh Market CD $ 46.95 v3.0 comes w Fish & Photo Cds $ 67.95 Commodore A2410 24-Bit Graphics Card Works with Emplant, Amiga Unix, Art Dept. Pro 2.5 & TV Paint Pro
2. 0. Includes: Install, Demos & PD 3 Disk Set. Limited Supply Sf 39.95 Hard Drives We carry a full line of 2.5" and
3. 5"Hard Drives from Conner, Quantum, Seagate, Mlcropofis, and Maxtor. Call for pricing. Commodore Monitor & CPU Buyout We have made a large purchase of NEW and Refurbished Computers and Monitors from Commodore. All carry a 90 Day Warranty. Refurbished products are rehabed by a third party company and are In Like New condition with ALL appropriate cables and manuals. Hurry as supplies are limited. 1084 -Refurbished *199.95 1084S • Refurbished 229.95 1942 - Refurbished 299.95 1950 -Refurbished 299.95 1950 • NEW 349.95 1960 - Refurbished 339.95 1960 - NEW 369.95 A600 w 40Mb HD - Refurb. 329.95 A1200 -Refurbished 449.95 A200Q- Refurbished 399.00 A3000 16Mz 2Mb 52Mb HD - NEW 649.95 A4000 Q3Q 25Mz 2Mb 120Mb HD-Refurb. 1749.00 A1200 The Next Step $ 26 00 A1200 Insiders Guide 26.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Tutorial 31.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Relerencfi 31.00 Mastering Amiga DOS Beginners 27.00 Mastering Amiga AMOS 29.00 Masiering Amiga C 27.00 Mastering Amiga Printers 27.00 Mastering Amiga Arexx 31.00 Mastering Amiga System 31.00 Mastering Amiga Assembler 29.00 Amiga Assembler Insider 26 00 Amiga Gamers Guide 26.00 Amiga Workbench A-Z 27.00 Ultimate AMOS Book 35.00 ROM Kernel, 4 Book Set 74.95 RAM CHIP SPECIAL While supplies last we are offering 1x4 static column zips. These chips are perfect for the A3000 line and many peripheral boards. S20.Q0 per chip 1x8 SIMM Module *44.00 1x32 SIMM Module 165.00 4x32 SIMM Module 589.00 256Kx4 DRAM 5.00 68882 33Mz FPU 49.95 Cali for pricing on other RAM. CPU and FPU chips A300Q Tower Motherboard
* 54900 A30OO Daughterboard 5955 A500 Rev 5 PC3
109. 95 A3640 25Mz 040 Accelerator
399. 95 A600 PCB
139. 95 A4000 Daughterboard
69. 95 Books Motherboards NEW & complete with chips. Limited Supply. 90 Day Warranty CD-RONI CDTV CD-32 SALE Disks will work w CDTV, CD-32, A-570 and any Amiga mode! With a CD-ROM drive and appropriate driver so ftv are. Purchase 4, or more, £ receive FREE SHIPPING. 17 Bit 2 CD Collection $ 3500 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 17 Bit Continuation CD
25. 00 Light ROM Vol. 1
36. 00 17 Bit Phase 4
25. 00 Light ROM Vol. 2
36. 00 17 Bit LSD Combo Deluxe
25. 00 Logical - CDTV ONLY a oo 17 Bit LSD Phase 2 25 00 Luscious Lips XXX
21. 00 69 XXX
24. 00 Meeting Pearls Vol. 1
18. 00 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Meeting Pearls Vol. 2
18. 00 A Bun for Barney
8. 00 Mega Media 2 13 00 Advanced Military Systems 1000 Micro R&D Volume 1
25. 00 All Dogs Go to Heaven
9. 00 Micro R&D Volume 2
40. 00 American Heritage III. Dictionary
12. 00 Micro R&D Volume 3
19. 00 Ami Net Gold 4
21. 00 Micro R&D Volume 4
17. 00 Ami Net Share 4
19. 00 Mind Run-CDTV ONLY
7. 00 AmiNet Vol. 5
19. 00 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 AMOS PD Library
29. 00 Moving Textures 100
224. 95 Assassins Games
29. 00 Mud Puddles
10. 00 Audio Pius
18. 00 Multimedia Megs Bundle
24. 00 Bankok Beauties XXX
24. 00 Music MODs & Sound Samples
18. 00 Bible & Religion
24. 00 My Paint
11. 00 Barney Bear Goes to School
8. 00 Naked Dragon XXX
22. 00 BCInel
18. 00 Naughty Pussies XXX
22. 00 Born to Love XXX
21. 00 Network CD by Weird Science
25. 00 Case of the Cautios Condor
9. 00 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 CD Caddy
6. 00 New Basics Electronic Cookbook
15. 00 CD PD 1
9. 00 Our Solar System
18. 00 CD PD 2
24. 00 Paper Bag Princess
10. 00 CD PD 3
24. 00 Party Time XXX
24. 00 CO PD 4
24. 00 Pink Sheets XXX
21. 00 Cheeky Chics XXX
21. 00 Pixel Playmate XXX
22. 00 Cinderella: The Original Fairy Tale
9. 00 Plain Brown Wrapper XXX
18. 00 City Builder
114. 95 Pleasure Island XXX
21. 00 Classic Board Games
10. 00 Porn Asylum XXX
22. 00 Clip Art & Fonts
14. 00 Power Pinball
14. 00 Clipart Warehouse
18. 00 Psycho Killer
9. 00 Climax XXX
21. 00 Pussy Galore XXX
21. 00 Club 69 XXX
21. 00 Raffles
9. 00 Cookbook Heaven 2
19. 00 Red Hot XXX
21. 00 Curse of Ra - CDTV ONLY
9. 00 Sexual Fantasies
16. 00 DataMix
25. 00 SFX Volume 1
29. 00 Demo CD 1
24. 00 Sheer Delight
18. 00 Demo CD 2
24. 00 Snoopy: Case of Missing Blanket
12. 00 Dirty Nurses XXX
22. 00 Sounds Terrific
26. 00 Electric Lust XXX
22. 00 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 Eruption XXX
21. 00 Steamy Window XXX
22. 00 EuroScene
19. 00 Strip Poker
14. 00 Exotic Extasy XXX
21. 00 Super Fonts
19. 00 Extreme Gail XXX
21. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM VI
69. 00 Eyes of the Eagle
9. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM V2
89. 00 Fractal Pro Imaae Library
42. 00 Texture Gallery Vol. 1
42. 00 Fresh Fish
24. 00 Texture Heaven
25. 00 Fresh Fonts Vol. 2
24. 00 Texture Heaven 2 4B.95 Fun School 3 - Ages 5 and under
10. 00 That's What I Call Games 1
25. 00 Gallery of Dreams
19. 00 Thai's What I Call Games 2
25. 00 Games & Goodies
24. 00 Thomas' Snowsuil
8. 00 Garden Fax: Fruits. Vegs. Herbs
9. 00 Tie Break Tennis
11. 00 Garden Plants
9. 00 Tighi Squeeze XXX
21. 00 Indoor Plants
9. 00 Time Table of History: 1991 Editions Trees. Shrubs, Roses, Conifers 9.00 Business. Politics & Media
15. 00 Gardening Handbook
18. 00 Science & Innovations 15 00 GIF Galaxy
26. 00 Top Heavy XXX
24. 00 GIF Gallery Vol. 1
27. 00 Town of Tunes
18. 00 GIFs Galore
18. 00 Town With No Name
9. 00 Gold Fish Vol. 1
24. 00 Turbo Calc 2
98. 95 Gold Fish Vol. 2
24. 00 Visions
24. 95 Graphics Plus
13. 00 Visual FX
129. 00 Gutenberg Project
19. 00 Wei Dreams XXX
24. 00 Hot Lovers XXX
22. 00 Wide Open 21,00 Hound of the Baskerviiies
8. 00 Women In Motion
12. 00 Hutchinson Encyclop'a ¦ PAL ONLY 13.00 World of Clipart
19. 00 illustrated Holy Bible
15. 00 World of GIF
22. 00 Illustrated Works of Shakespeare
14. 00 Wrath of the Demon
10. 00 Authorized Amiga Manuals A1950 Service Manual 22.95 A2002 Service Manual 19.95 A20254 Service Manual 19.95 A500 Rev 5 6a 7 Service Manual 24.95 A2000 Rev 4 Service Manual 29.95 A2000 Rev 6 Service Manual 29.95 A30CQ Service Manual 34.95 A3000T Service Manual 39.95 A1270 or A1300 Serv. Man. (Specify 14.95 A2060 Service Manual 14.95 A2091 User Manual 10 95 A600 or A2000 User Man. (Specify) 14.95 A12D0 or A3000 User Man. (Specify) 15 95 A2232 Z06Q 2065 Service Manual $ 19.95 A4QOO User Manual
19. 95 1084S-D or P User Manual (Soecily)
8. 95 A2002 User Manual
8. 95 1080 User Manual
8. 95 Amiga Basic Manual
12. 95 A2530 or A2088 User Man. (Specify)
7. 95 A2286 User Manual
7. 95 A23B6SX User Manual
10. 95 A600HD User Manual
9. 95 A500 User Manual
8. 95 A1000 Schematics & Exp Info
22. 95 Prog's Guide to Arexx w disks
14. 95 OS 1.3 Enhancer Manual w disks 12,95 Hard Drive User's Guide
7. 95 C O -3 2 T IT LE S Software Blowout Software Blowout At Low Prices These titles will also work with AGA Amigas eguipped with a CD-ROM reader. ASIM CDFS 3.0, £ AmigaDOS 3.1 Intighl: Technology $ 18.95 Defender of ItiB Crown 2 $ 17.95 Crofferj Encyclopedia Z $ 34,95 Gulnen Book of World Record! $ 19.95 Buy ALL Four ol (he Above Cdi $ 79.95 Alien Breed Qwak Combo $ 29.03 Brutal Sports Football 23 00 Bubba & Stix Premiere 32.03 Bubble & Squeak 39.03 Bump & Burn 30.03 Cannon Fodder 3B.03 Chaos Engine 16.95 Chuck Rock 1+2 Combo 31.03 Deep Core 12.00 Diggers 17.03 Dragon Slone 42.00 Emerald Mines 21.00 Frontier Elite 2 34.00 Global Effect 19.00 Guardian 38.00 Gunsfirp 2000 35.00 James Pond 2 19.00 James Pond 3 22.00 Jungle Sinks 36 03 Labyrinth of Tim? 35.00 Last Ninja 3 19 00 Liberation 25.00 Lil'l Devil 40.00 Microcosm 34.95 Morph 20.CO Myth 22 00 PGA Euro Tour 37.00 Photo CD Manager 34.95 Project X F17 Ccmbo 22 CO Rise of the Roticts 41.CO Simon the Sorcerer 37.00 Sleepwalker Pinball Fantasies 19.95 Soccer Kid 37.00 Super Stardust 39.00 UFO Enemy Unknown 39.00 Zool 19.95 Zoo! 2 22.95 Productivity - Utilities Address It! 1.5 $ 26.95 Ami Back 2 49.95 Ami Back Tools 49.95 AMOS Pro 45.00 AMOS Pro Compiler 39.00 Anim Workshop 2.0 84.95 Art Department Pro 2 69.95 Art Department Pro 2.5 149.00 Art Dept. Pro Conversion Pack 45 95 Batch Factory 42.00 Brllllincfl 2.0 69.00 Caligari 24 139.00 Checks & Balances 33.00 Composite Studio 1.1 89.95 Cross DOS v5 54,95 Cross MAC 99.00 Data Store 104 95 Deluxe Paint 4 v4 5 79.95 Deluxe Paint 5 139.95 Desktop Magic 28.95 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack 14.95 Directory Opus 5 68.00 Dir Work 2 89.95 DiskSalv 3.0 34.95 Distant Suns 5.0 59.95 Dynamic Motion Module Call Epson Scanner Driver Pack ¦ A5DG 99.00 Epson Stylus Color Dnver 34.95 Final Copy 2 Ret. 2 59.95 Final Data 59.00 Final Writer Ret. 3 115.00 Forge Essence Volume 1 89 95 Forge Essence Volume 2 89.95 GameSmith Development System 99.95 Originally $ 40.00 or more. Hurry as quantities are limited. Addams Family $ 5.95 Oh No More Lemmings Add-On
7. 9* Agony
12. 95 Operation Wolf
5. 9E Alpha Waves
6. 95 Ork
9. 9£ Amazing Spiderman
4. 95 Overkill - AGA only
6. 95 Arthur
6. 95 Pete Keyboard Familiarization
5. 95 Battle Squadron
5. 95 Pixelscripl
12. 95 Big Business
4. 95 Por.o Man
12. 95 Blade Warrior
5. 95 Powerstyx
3. 95 Bob's Bad Day
5. 95 Predator 2
9. 95 Carthage
9. 95 Prime Mover
9. 95 Chuck Rock
6. 95 Pushover
5. 95 City Defense
5. 95 Quadralien
4. 95 Clever & Smart 3 95 flambo 3
4. 95 Clov n-o-Mania 4 95 The Reaper Copier
9. 95 Colorado
4. 95 Renegade
3. 95 Combat Air Patrol
14. 95 Rings of Medusa
3. 95 Combat Classics 1 (3 Games)
12. 00 Shadow of the Beast 3
9. 95 Cosmo Ranger
4. 95 ShanghaVRampage Combo
11. 95 Cougar Force 4 95 Sim City Classic
24. 95 Covert Action 4 95 Sink or Swim 395 Creature 6 95 Skyblaster
3. 95 Crossword Construction Set
16. 95 Spell-a-lari
16. 95 Dino Wars
4. 95 Spellbound
7. 95 Discovery Collection 8 95 Starter Collection
9. 95 Double Dragon 2
5. 95 Strider 2 695 Eliminator
5. 95 Strikes n Spares Pro NEW
29. 95 Espana Games 4 95 Super Graphics Collection
24. 95 E-Z Grade
12. 95 Table Tennis Simulation
4. 95 F-15 Strike Eagle 2 4 95 Talking Storybook: Whales 1695 Flames of Freedom
4. 95 Nursery Rhymes 16 95 Garfield: Winter's Tail
7. 95 3 Bears 1695 Gilt Collection
12. 95 Red Hen
16. 95 Globdule
9. 95 Targhan 5 95 Gold Disk Professional Collection
39. 95 Teenage Mutant Ntnja Turtles 595 Greens 3D Golf
4. 95 Tetris 595 Gunshooi
3. 95 The World Tour (Specify Country)
16. 95 HAM-E Workshop
14. 95 Theme Park Mystery
6. 95 Heroes of the Lance
3. 95 Tie Break Tennis
6. 95 Hill Street Blues
3. 95 Tiger Road 895 Hook
5. 95 Title Page
19. 95 impossamole
5. 95 TV Sports Football
12. 95 Intersound 9,95 TV Text Original 4,95 introducing Maps
7. 95 Universal Military Simulator
14. 95 Joe Blade
3. 95 Vampire's Empire 395 John Lowe's Ultimate Darts
7. 95 Vlndex 4 95 Killing Cloud
6. 95 War in the Gulf
7. 95 Last Ninja 3 895 Warlock
7. 95 Leander
12. 95 Wild Wheels
6. 95 Lemmings 1+2 Combo PAL
29. 95 Wolf Child
7. 95 Magellan
19. 95 Wolf Pack
14. 95 Math Doctor 1695 World Trophy Soccer
4. 95 Modula 2 Dev. System
24. 95 Zing!
6. 95 Mortal Kombat
19. 95 Zing! Spell
6. 95 Oh No More Lemmings PAL
14. 95 Zoo! - AGA only
6. 95 V Gtgamem
79. 95 Sports Objects for LW 49 Home Front
34. 95 Studio Printer 2 99 Homes
69. 00 Super HP-DJC 3 37 Humanoid (Specify LW or Imagine)
159. 00 Super HP-LJ4 37 Hypercache Pro 2.0
48. 95 Surface Pro 65 Image f X 2.0
249. 95 Swipes
89. Imagemasler R'T
69. 95 Tape Worm FS 49 Imagine 3 0
339. 00 Termite
42. Interior Construction
69. 00 Top Form 34 Intenor design (Specify 1. 2, or 3)
38. 00 Twist Relational Database 109 Invoice It 1.2 34 95 Virtual Reality Studio 2 69 Jurassic Collection 85 00 Vista Pro 3.05 59 Link It!
49. 95 Wave Link 79 Magic Lantern v2
74. 00 Wavs Maker 2.0 199 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2
34. 00 Word Worih 3.1 144 MaxDOS 2,5
85. 00 World Construction Set 169 MaxiPlan 4
45. 00 Cdi Morph Plus 124.95 Motion Master LW (Specify vl or v2) 114 95 Adult Photo Multilayer for AdPro 79 95 American Girls $ 29.0 Multilayer for Image F X
79. 95 Biker Babes
29. 0 Music Collection
49. 00 Cat & Mouse
26. 0 On the Ball vl.5
35. 00 Dirty Duo XXX Bundle
23. 0 PageStream 3 0
249. 00 Elite Euro Models 1 (v1 or v2)
23. O’ Pegger 2.0
59. 95 Elite USA Models 1 (vT orv2)
23. 0 PC-Task v3.0 134,95 Extreme Delight
26. 0 Pixel 3D Pro 2.0
169. 95 Extreme Hot Girls
25. 0 Plug-ins and Go! LW
69. 95 Extreme Hot Leather
25. 0 Power Macros Lightwave 99 95 Fao 1 (v1, v2, orv3)
26. 0 Pretium
45. 00 Fao Gold 1 (v1, v2, or v3) 350 Rollem
41. 95 High Volume Nudes
29. 0 SAS C 6.51
159. 95 Hooter Heaven
26. 0 Scenery Animator 4.0
65. 00 Hot Sex
29. 0 Snap Maps Building Materials
124. 95 Mark ol Zera
26. 0 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage
124. 95 SwimSuits 2 the MaXX
26. 0 Sparks New Version
119. 95 T & A 2 the MaXX 200 into 610-586-5701 -J Tech 610-686-5704 UlQciS FAX 610-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4- Eastern 800-932-6442
299. 00
259. 00 53900
99. 00 179 00 429 00 Call Call 229 00 82900 Call 51900 72500 199 00 72900 Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa, Master Card, 4 Discover with NO service charge. V e accept American Express with a 1.5% service charge. We also ship COD, accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for small items. $ 15.00 for Monitors. Call for larger items. COD add $ 5.00. Canadian, APO. 4 International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges & insurance at lime of order. 15% re-stocking fee on all returns not exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT refundable. 0 Copyright 1995. LonyAnlaniittla Griphlci Alt Rights Reserved This high end accelerator lor the A3000 $ A4000 features:
• Motorola 68040 CPU « Up to 40Mz clock speeds
- 32-hlt RAM up 10 128MDS
• SCSI-2 Controller A402B 28Mz w o CPU $ 799.00 Toaster 3.1 Upgrade
649. 00 A4Q2B 2BMZ w CPL)
979. 00 Vidi 12 AGA 11900 A4033 33MZ W CPU
1149. 00 Vidi Amiga 12 RT 24900 A404Q 40Mz W CPU 13B9.00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT
369. 00 A3028 28Mz w CPU
1019. 00 Vlab Motion Call A3033 33Mz w CPU
1199. 00 Vlab Y C 425 00 A3040 40MZ W CPU
1399. 00 Vlab Y C External 46900 SUPER SPECIALS Personal Paint v6.1 Power and intuitive paint, image processing, animation and 24-bit printing package. Employ stunning ellects like Emboss. Watercolors, Transparancies, and Stereograms ('Magic Eye*). S49.95 Personal Fonts Maker Powertul tool tor designing and processing fonts. Can output fonts in lormats which can be read by other Amiga programs, by other computers and by a vast range of differing printers (even 48 pin and laser printers). $ 39,95 Personal Bundle Includes Personal Paint & Fonts Maker. $ 79.95 DKB A2632 RAM Board A 32-bit RAM Expansion Board for the CBM A2630 Accelerator Card. Allows 32-bit RAM beyond 4Mb, expandable to 112Mb using 32-bit wide SIMMs. Faster than RAM on A2630 and full Burst Mode support. Perlect for Video, Graphics, Animations, and DTP. $ 139.00 Options: Add 4Mb RAM-$ 169.00 Add 8Mb RAM-319.00 Add 16Mb RAM-$ 599.00 Add 32Mb RAM-$ 1189.00 DKB Cobra Board A multi-function board lor the Amiga 1200. Includes: 68030 for up to 5 times faster speed: room for up to 128Mb of 32-bit RAM using one industry standard SfMM; clock- calendar. Add an optional Math-Co up to 40Mz. Super NEW Price! 1240 28MzRC CPU-$ 159.00 1240 40MZ EC CPU - S249.00 Options: Add 33MZ 68832 FPU - S79.00 Add 1Mb RAM - $ 49.00 Add 2Mb RAM - $ 89.00 Add 4Mb RAM -$ 159.00 Add 8Mb RAM -$ 309.00 DKB Video Tape Backup Back up your system to your VCR using inexpensive video tapes. Works on all Amigas including the A4000. Performs at 1Mb per minute. Complete with all software and cabling. $ 89.95 The Clock Installs internally in your A1200 on the clock header of the Motherboard. Automatically recognized by AmigaDOS. $ 17.95 DKB MegAchlp Expands your Amiga 500 or 2000 to 2Mb ol Chip-RAMt great for all graphic applications, including the Video Toaster. Included is the DKB board w iMb of additional Chip- RAM and a 2Mb Agnus. Complete with manual for easy installation. Call DKB A312B RAM Board A 32-bit RAM Expansion Board for A3000 4000 owners. Allows 32-bit RAM expansion to 146Mb using industry standard 4. 8, 16. & 32Mb SIMMs. Easily installs in any slot. A MUST HAVE lor Toaster users. $ 249.00 Options: Same as A2632 on left. DKB A1202 Board A multi-function board for Ihe A1200. Provides the max Fasl-RAM expansion possible plus a clock- calendar. The 2 sockets allow 1.2. 4, or 8Mb RAM using standard 32- bit SIMMs. Optional Math-Co can speed up math-intensive programs as much as 10 limes, or more.
1202. No FPU. OK - $ 99.95 Options: Add 16Mz 68882 - $ 32.95 Add 25Mz 68882 - $ 57.95 Add 33Mz 68882 - S74.95 Add 40Mz 63882-$ 134.95 Add RAM- Same as Cobra Board KwikStart 2 Allows A1000 owners to install 2 diflerent Kickstart ROM chips. Upgrade to latest OS without using system memory yet you can still boot from disk-based Kickstarts. $ 54.95 DKB Mongoose Board Multi-function board for the A1200 features: 50MZ 68030 RC CPU w MMU plus 50Mz 68882 FPU; room for up to 128Mb of 32-bit RAM (Same as DKB Cobra Board). $ 359.95 DKB SCSI-2 Activator Activation Kit enables SCSI-1 or SCSI-2 devices to connect to either the Cobra or Mongoose Boards $ 89.95 DKB 4091 SCSI Controller High-Performance, DMA. Fast SCSI-2 controller for Zorra3 expansion slots. Includes SCSI internal connector, ribbon cable, & hardware to install a 3.5‘ HD on Ihe board and a high-density SCSI-2 external connector. $ 349.95 Disk Expander This software doubles The capacity ol your floppy or hard drives. Easy to install and works without notice, in the background. Compression ratios very from 30% to 70%. $ 37.95 MiinAdor Professional - A full featured animation program. Works with all Amigas with special support lor Picasso 2 owners. $ 79.95 Afttdne - A Zorro-2 Ethernet card offering 10Base-2 (Cheapernei) 4 1 Qbase-T = Twisted pair}, features: 2 parallel porls: 32K Buffer; boot eprom option; SANA-2 compatible drivers & Envoy network software: DOS 2.04 or above is required S299.00 Lima Network - Simple 4 powerful 'peer- to-peer' network via Amiga parallel ports Includes: cable: Envoy network software; SANA-2 compatible driver; up to 40Kb sec transfers; user accounting. $ 89.95 Piblo - A video module for your Picasso 2 card permitting output to your TV or VCR Quality comparable to high-performance video broadcast encoders. Includes: RCA. S- VHS & SCART cables; 24-bit animation program. $ 179.95 Picasso 2 Board w 2Mt> - The best 24-bit graphics board for the Amiga 2000, 3000, and 4000 is now back in stock! $ 499.00 A4000 G-Foree 040-40 $ 949,00 GVP SIMM 32 4Mb 60Ns 219.00 GVP SIMM 32 16Mb 60Ns 999.00 A2000 G Forcs 040-33 Combo $ 1099.00 PhonePik VFX 2.0 $ 219.95 4Q0B SCSI2 Controller $ 149.00 TBC Plus $ 599.95 Comb Filler 89.00 Frame RAM Module 189.00 EGS 28 24 Spectrum $ 379.00 1230 Turbo SCSI 40Mz 4Mb $ 399.00 1230 SCSI Ser2 50Mz 4Mb 499.00 1291 SCSI Controller for 1230 89,95 FPU 50Mz for 1230 Accelerator 99.00 Completely re-written version ol AmigaVision. Limited supplies. $ 69.95 Amiga Vision - $ 24.95 Amiga Clips vt Sound FX for AmigaVision or AmigaVision Pro - S8.95 VILLAGE TRONIC M-TEC RAM This is a 2Mb RAM board for A500s. Mounts Internally, in the trap door, and into your Gary 1C socket, giving you 2Mb al additional fast-RAM. No soldering is required, $ 139.95 M-TEC AT-500 This is a Hard Drive Sub-System plugging into the Amiga 500 expansion slot. Will hold any 2.5’ or
3. 5' IDE Hard Drive and it has room to hold 2Mb, 4Mb, or 8Mb RAM on the controller. Uniquely, it features a Kickstart Switch allowing you to mount an additional internal Kickstart ROM, such as 2.04 or 3.1, and still keep whatever ROM is In your A500. M-TEC AT-500 w No HD - $ 149.95 w 120Mb HD -$ 279.00 w 250Mb HD - $ 349,00 w 350Mb HD - $ 389.00 w 540Mb HD - $ 449.00 Options: 2Mb RAM Increment - $ 88.00 AIR Presents A NEW line of High-Density
1. 76Mb Floppy Drives for ALL AMIGA MODELS
• Configurable at either DFO: or DF1:
• Require! AmigaDOS 2.1 or higher
• No additional patches needed
• Reads & Writes standard 8BOX disks
• Same model is used by Commodore HD interna! Drive lor A4O0O SI29.95 HD internal drive for A4000T 129.95 HD internal drive for A3000 134.95 HD internal drive for A2000 134.95 HD internal drive lor A1000 134.95 HD internal drive for A1200 134.95 HD internal drive lor A600 134.95 HD internal dnve for A500 134.95 HD external dnve for all Amigas 159.95 DCTV Flicker Free Video 2 Lightwave 3.5 Unbundled Lightwave 3.5 Upgrade Kit Nucleus Personal SFC OpaiVision Personal Anim, Recorder, Amiga Personal Anim. Recorder, IBM Personal Component Adaptor Personal TBC 4 Personal TBC 4 Plus Comb Filter Retina Z2 4Mb Retina Z3 4Mb RocGen Plus Genlock SuperGenSX Studio Printers Epson Stylus - Color $ 558.95 HP Desk Jet 540 314.95 HP Desk Jet 560 Call PrimeraPro 1348.95 Video Products Color Handscanner w OCR software $ 259.00 Chinon HD Drives M-TEC 680201 Turbo System This Is the powerful, yet affordable, accelerator the average A500 user has been waiting lor! Includes a 68020 CPU & 68881 Math-Co, both running at 16Mz. Also included is a SIMM socket tor up to 4Mb of 32-bit RAM. The board attaches to your Motherboard with NO soldering. Install disk and manual are included. $ 99.95 Options: 1Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 49.95 4Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 165.00 M-TEC T1230 28 RTC This A1200 accelerator comes with a 68030 CPU and 68882 Math-Co running at 28Mz. Users may install a faster FPU at a later time, if desired. Accepts up to 8Mb of 32-Bit RAM. $ 169.95 Options: 1Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 49.95 4Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 165.00 8Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 319.00 • : .....v ..... j AMIGA r - . . . If) A 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 42.95 2Mb Agnus 8372B
44. 95 Cl Super Denise 8373
38. 95 CIA 8520 Chip
17. 50 X Gary 5719 Chip
13. 95 % Paula or Denise Chip
16. 95
1. 3 ROM Chip
19. 95
2. 04 RCM Chip
34. 95 5
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8A
35. 00 68000 CPU
16. 95 O CIA 8520 Surl. Mount Chip
25. 00 L_ Super Buster Rev 11
65. 00 cn Amber 1C 44 95 Ramsey Rev 7
49. 95 Lisa 1C
44. 95 _j Fat GarylC
49. 95 o V Super Dmac rev 4
54. 95 _ mw IS No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out ihe same day. Second Day £ Overnight shipping is available. International orders ship by Air Parcel Post or UPS Express. Domestic orders Ship by UPS or Airborne Express.
• Al! Orders are subject to credit card veritication • Our Policies From p. 40. And its ability to generate high-quality output make any minor gripes insignificant. It is a remarkable product, most welcome in a market that sorely needs more applications of this caliber. Tim Walsh Personal Paint 6.1 DKB, $ 99 All AMIGAs. !.x 2.x 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Mi n i m u m sys te m: AmigaDOS 1.2 or later, 1MB RAM. Recommended system: 1+MB chip RAM, hard drive, accelerator. AGA>compatible paint program. Personal Paint 6.1 (PP) is an update to the version 2.1 that I reviewed in the September 1993 issue of Amiga World. PP now provides AGA support, while retaining compatibility with earlier Amiga chip sets. It also supports multiple ANIM formats, additional image-processing filters, and alpha-channel capability. Virtual RAM, autoscrolling, Amiga Datatypes, and 24-bit graphics support are but some of the improvements. Easily Customized PP not only looks and (eels much like DeluxePaint, but shares many of its keyboard equivalents. Basic tools, brush operations, stenciling, palette, remapping, and spare-screen functions are similar to Dpaint’s. PP's menus are available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish or you can create your own custom menus in any language. You can modify preassigned keyboard equivalents in the menu or add custom ones of your own. Much of the program’s environment, the virtual-memory usage, and even the Toolbar graphic are also custom i able. While the program now loads GIF, HAM, and HAMS files, as well as PCX and IFF-ILBM in up to 24-bit color, it displays only register-based images, so it converts graphics files to a register-based palette format. It now supports image datatypes and saves images in IFF-ILBM, GIF or PCX, an Encrypted format, and in C source-code format. And PP now supports the Picasso. Retina, Piccolo, Rainbow, EGS, and Talon graphics boards. Animation Possibilities Personal Paint’s animation tools are basic at best, with no Move or Tweening requesters, and no animbmsh function. Tt does, however, provide individual- frame playback speeds and multiple palettes. Setting the playback speed of one frame for sixty sixtieths of a second eliminates the need for 29 extra frames for a one-second still animation. A slider on the Go To Frame requester flips through the animation in real time, and it s fun to use. The Storyboard requester displays thumbnails of fifteen frames at once, with a slider gadget for scrolling through the thumbnails. Editing tools let you cut, insert. Add. And delete frames, and create color spreads between multiple palettes. PP supports Aniuifi, combined Anim5 Anim7, Aninw short- or long- word, and AnimS short- or long-word formats. While it can take advantage of all optimization options built into the ANIM standards when saving to disk, you can (urn off this feature to keep your animations compatible for playback with older programs that did not use optimum compression. Image Processing and Stereograms Personal Paint has many other features, such as palette merging, color statistics, color reduction and Flovd-Steinberg dithering. The new image-processing functions and variations bring the total to more than fifty. They include blur, sharpen, emboss, negative, watercolor. Edge- detect, lighten and darken, randomize, and even more. The Edit Filter requester lets you define your own filter matrices and modify existing ones, and you can apply image processing to brushes, the whole screen, or to such smaller, user-defined areas as rectangles, freehand shapes, or brush objects. The new Transparency filter provides partial rubthroughs and transparent brush application. Although you can use the new Alpha Channel transparency capability only when applying brush objects to the image, it provides custom transparency control of the brush area. New processing filters produce two types of color stereograms: SIRDS (Single Image Random Dot Stereograms) and SIPS (Single Image Pattern Stereograms). Stereogram combines grayscale 3-D patterns loaded into the swap screen with any colorful image you load into the main screen. It can also combine a brush tile pattern with the 3-D grayscale image to produce stereograms. It’s fast and easy to use, taking only a few seconds to combine the images to create a fascinating stereogram. PP’s palette requester produces color spreads based on liue or luminance, and it sorts the palette from light to dark or dark to light. You can flash any color on screen to show its location throughout your image. There are also contrast, brightness, saturation, and red green blue adjustments in the Adjust Palette requester. PP also supports Colorfonts, scalable fonts, and even scaled bitmapped fonts, and non-destructive text entry keeps text off the screen image until you turn off the text-entry function or reposition the cursor with the mouse. Personal Paint supports PostScript and Preferences printers, and it includes improved Preferences printer drivers for four-color printing in HP DeskJet or HP DeskJet 550C. There’s also an interesting brush Shear tool that behaves like a combination of shear and perspective, and you'll find a Curve tool that produces Bezier curves with movable end points and two control [joints for adjusting the curve’s shape. A Bit Lacking As with most programs, there are a few shortcomings. For instance. Personal Paint still lacks a Symmetry tool, and the fill patterns remain limited. Furthermore, there is no Arexx support, and the Floyd- Steinbcrg dithering calculations tend to he slow when remapping or reducing colors, even on an A4 000 040 with 18MB of RAM. It is also excruciatingly slow when Q loading and converting 24-bit or 1IAM8 images into the current screen format, hut I must admit that the eventual result is excellent. Personal Paint 6.1 is nonetheless a solid performer. Users of ParNet can now rest easy with Personal Paint 6.1, for the earlier problems have been solved. Its unique features and special abilities with 2-D animation should make this improved Personal Paint a fine addition to your graphics arsenal. Fred Hurteau ¦ 400% INCREASE IN SPEED ON AN AMIGA 4000 68040 25MHZ! MACRO SYSTEMS MAKES IT POSSIBLE WITH THE WARP ENGINE!
* FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICR0B0TICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES* *N0 SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* Macro Systems tHOYHt 68040 - 28Mhz w o CPU 799 68040 - 33Mhz w CPU 1149 68040 - 40Mhz w CPU 1349
- Comes with SCSI II Controller
- Expandable To 128MB w 72 Pin Industry Standard Simms
- 16MB Simms $ 499.00 60ns (Low Profile)
- 32MB Simms S 999.00 60ns (Low Profile)
• Upgrade kits available for owners with original A4000-040 board.
- Free two day delivery in the 48 states. NOW IN STOCK s Time Warranty 16MS 2 Yrs 99 14MS 2 Yrs 149 14MS 2 Yrs 159 12MS 2 Yrs 179 11 MS 2 Yrs 199 12MS 2 Yrs 225 11MS 2 Yrs 299
9. 5MS 5 Yrs 549 8MS 5 Yrs 1049 8MS 5 Yrs 1895 68040 - 28Mhz w CPU (3028) 995 68040 - 33Mhz w CPU (3033) 1149 68040 * 40Mhz w CPU (3040) 1399
• Comes with SCSI II Controller
- Expandable To 128MB w 72 Pin Industry Standard Simms
- 16MB Simms S 499.00 60ns (Low Profile)
- 32MB Simms S 999.00 60ns (Low Profile)
- Trade in offer available for owners with original A3000 ram.
- Free two day delivery in the 48 states. SUPRA Supra Turbo 28 Mhz Supra ramboard w 2MB expandable to 8mb ram 260 399 249 275 199 265 259 399 399 65 99 59 69 89 99 CSA D€RRING€R+ 199 345 425 399 449
49. 95 299 68030 @ 33MHZ with MMU & FPU 1 Megabyte of 32brt ram (remap kickstart) Up to 32MB ol 72 pin industry standard ram W 4MB 499 W 8MB 699 w 16MB 999 W 32MB 1399 Duly 399 68030 (3) 50MHZ with MMU 68832 @ 50MHZ (Math Co Pro add 99.00) 1MB of SONS 32bit ram (remap kickstart) Up to 32MB of 72 pin industry standard ram WHATS THE PLUS9 It’s the modification to work with the DKB Megachip 2000 500 (a $ 25.00 value if purchased seperately) Only 499 W 4MB 599 W 8MB 699 w 16MB 1099 W 32MB 1499 RCC€l€RRTOfi DPS Personal TBC IV 799 )PS PAR w Soft ware 1549 Donner 540A 540MB 299 Acropolis 2210A 1200MB 599 Aicropolis 2217A 1700MB 999 DPS Personal Component 299 DPS Personal V Scope 729 Citchen Sync 1285 :inal Copy II 59.95 :inal Writer 89.95 DCTV-NTSC 274 Montage 299 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 4orph Plus 139 rt Department Pro 2.5 139 5cala3.0 289 Daligari 24 139 Hollywood FX 249 .ightwave (Stand Alone) 525 'ideo Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 599 'ideo Toaster 4000 3.1 1850 Jicasow 2MB 599
* iD516 Digitizer (1Sbit) 1189 anus 2.1 Upgrade 49.95 .05 Kickstart Rom 49.95 .04 Kickstart Rom 39.95 .3 Kickstart Rom 22.95 MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 ¦uper Denise (8373) 39.95 aula (8364) Or Denise 29.95 :IA (8520) 24.95 lary (5719) 29.95 020 2630 Upgrade Kit 49.95 091 Upgrade Kit 49.95 iuperbuster (-11) 99.95 lamsey (A3000) 99.95 at Gary (A3Q00) 99.95 iuper Dmac (A3000) 99.95 ,mber (A3000 & 2320) 99.95 ,2320 Flicker Fixer 299 imiga Dos 2.1 Soft. Kit 79.95 inniga Dos 2.1 Complete 99.95 4000 68040 or 68030 CALL 1200 Computer CALL 2000 Computer w ECS 599 500 Computer System 299 600 Computer System 399 962 Monitor (.28DPI) 499 1084S Monitor 349 1950 60 Monitor 399 .520 Video Adapter 49 .2088 XT Bridgecard 69 ,2286 AT Bridgecard 299 MB Ram For 2091 96 ,2 3000 Disk Drives 79 .500 int. Disk Drives 49 .2 3 4000 High Density 149 ixternal Version 159 ,2 3 4000 Keyboards 79 ,2 3000 Power Supply 109 teplacemen! Mouse 29 LAB MOTION CARD 1495 System (Toccata) 1699 COMPLETE (W Z3-4MB) 2495 Teiina Z2 w 4MB Ram 495 Retina Z3 w 4MB Ram 649 'occala 395 lab Y C Int Ext 395 445 Amiga Dos 3.1 System Roms only 99 Roms & software only 109 Complete with manuals 139 Please specify model Amiga UST0M CHIPS&UPGRADES AUDIO VIDEO N0AHJI AMIGA 1230XA 50 w MMU 8 FPU 275 1230XA 40 Mhz w MMU 249 1230XA 40EC No MMU 199 1230XA 33 w MMU & FPU 199 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz FPU 125 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&4MB 299 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&8MB 429 8-Up! Ramboard w OMB 99 8-Up! Ramboard w 2MB 149 8-Up! Ramboard w 4MB 229 8-Up! Ramboard w 6MB 309 8-Up! Ramboard w 8MB 389 VXL*30 68030 33Mhz 199 VXL*3Q 68030 40Mhz 229 VXL*3Q 68030 50Mhz 249 VXL32 W 2MB 32Bi1 Ram 249 VXL32 w SMB 32Bit Ram 725 DATAFLYER 1200 SCSH Provides A SCSI Port w pass- thru for internal IDE 2.5" drives 1200 SCSH- w No HD 99.00 4000 SCSI* w No HD 99.00 Baseboard 601C w 1 MB 69 Dataflyer 12 600 XDS 69 w 425MB Hard Drive 269 w 1080MB Hard Drive 599 Dataflyer Ramboard w 2mb 199 500 SCSI or IDE 149 2000 SCSI or IDE 95 500 SCSI&IDE 179 2000 SCSI&IDE 125 2632 w 4Mcgabytes 349 MegAChip w 2MB Agnus CALL Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A 29 KwikStart II (A1000) 69 1202 FPU & Ram w lMB & Clk 159 3128 A3000 4000 Ram W 4MB 395 2000 Bigfoot Power Supply 159 1200 600 500 Bigfoot 89 Slingshot A500 (1A2000Slot) 39 Slingshot Pro A500 69 X-Calibur A4000 Ram Unit 649 AdlDE 40MB HD System w 2.5” Drive (500 2000) AdlDE J 30MB HD System w 2.5” Drive (500 2000) Flicker Free Video II ADRAM540 W 4MB (A500) EXPANSION SYSTEMS PARAVISION Micro R&D DKB 169 199 AMIGA 4000 & 2000 VIDEO TOASTER & FLYER SYSTEMS NOW IN STOCK! FAX YOUR NEEDS OR CALL US! CSA 12 Gauge Accelerators 33Mhz w Mml' A SCSI Board ?0 ) W 4MBSO-7QNS Kam 549 33Mtiz w MMU A ITU & SCSI 499 W 4.MB80-70NS Rain o4 > 50Mliz w MMU A SCSI Board 49e w 4MB 60NS Ram &75 50Mhi w MMU A FPU & SCSI 599 v% 4MB (.OSS Ram 775 DIGITAL 5400S [ T 4000 MB w External Case | & Power Supply w Cables | Only 2195.00 | 68040RC40 (& 33Mhz SCSI IE & Exp. To 64MB Preferred board for VLAB Motion System (Noahji’s) w OK 1395.00 w 16M 1995.00 CSA MAGNUM 68040-40 w MMU&FPU 499.00 68040-33 w MMU&FPU 299.00 63040-25 w MMU&FPU 199.00 68040-EC25 99.00 68030-RC-50 w MMU 139.00 68030-RC-40 w MMU 119.00 68030-EC40 (NO MMU) 99.00 68030-RC-33 w MMU 99.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 75.00 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU) 50.00 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU 99.00 68882-RC-PGA-40 FPU 89.00 68882-RC-PGA-33 FPU 79.00 68882-RC-PGA-25 FPU 75.00 68881-RC-PGA-25 FPU 45.00 68882-FN-PLCC 40 FPU 135.00 68882-FN-PLCC 33 FPU 89.00 68882-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 75.00 68881-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 45.00 68881-FN-PLCC 16 FPU 35.00 80387-25SX (386BB) FPU 69.95 Crystal Oscillators 10.00 All Speeds Available 1x8 120-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 l20-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 80-60ns Static Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-6Qns Page DIP 39+ 1x1 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-S0ns DIP ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms (4MB) 149+ 2x32 Simms (8MB) 299+ 4x32 Simms (16MB) 499+ 8x32 Simms (32MB) 999+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVPTBC+FRAM 199+ GVPSIMM32 4MB 60ns 199+ GVP SIMM32 1MB 69.95 Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st MEMORY CHIPS i Co lYucitssurs) 2210A 1.2G IDE 10MS 5 Yrs 599 2210 AN 1.2G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yrs 775 2217 AN 1.7G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yrs 999 2217A 1.7G IDE 10MS 5 Yrs 999 2217 1.7G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yrs 975 4110 1.2G SCSI l&ll LP
8. 5MS 5 Yrs 599 4110A 1.2G IDE LP
8. 5MS 5 Yrs 599 1936 3.0G SCSI l&ll 12MS 5 Yrs 1945 1936 A V3.0G SCSI l&ll 13MS 5 Yrs 299 3243 4.3G SCSI l&ll
8. 5MS 5 Yrs 1895 1991 9.0G SCSI l&ll 12MS 5 Yrs 3350 1991 A V 9.0G SCSI i&ll 13MS 5 Yrs 3495
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- 7200RPM Low Profile 8MS 5 Yr 1095 ST15150N 4G Barracuda 8MS 5 Yr 1895 ST410800N 9G Elite 11 MS 5 Yr 3495 Sony CDU-561 External 3Q0k sec NEC 3Xi 190MS 450k sec NEC 3Xe 190MS 450k sec Toshiba 4x 256k 150MS 600k sec Plextor 4x 1024k 150MS 600k sec ASIM CDFS 2.0 w Frod Fish 232-1000 Zappo CD1200 (OVERDRIVE) (A1200)
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• Shipping & handling is non-refundable. S&H for chips is $ 5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal clvcks require 14 days to clear. Call for actual shipping prices on all other items. Issue of D.V. is ft ¦%-sT *f jfaj55: £A:‘a Kl 5: Game Preserve By Peter Olajson, AW Games Editor Tower Assault WITH TOWER ASSAULT, Team 17’s Alien Breed series oi action games at last begins to come into its own. These overhead-view maze shoot-’em-ups have always been fun, hut a rather basic brand of fun. They got bigger and prettier over the course of three games, but never moved beyond the Into the Eagle’s Nest Crackdown foundation on which they were built. Bottom line: They fell like a bunch of levels. Tower Assault doesn't. The 65 large areas both indoors and out have been knit into a careful, coherent whole, and the result seems almost like an adventure game. Well, OK. An action-adventurc game. You’re the only survivor of an attempt to retake an alien-infested human base on Arazin 2E, built around seven great, interconnected towers. And you’re still running around messy hallways the best- looking messy hallways yet greasing the Breed and collecting keys, ammo, first-aid kits and money. (Everybody who lives here may look like last night’s chicken dinner, but you still have to pay for your guns.) The main instrument for this new approach is the “smart- cards” strewn about the landscape electronic text messages that keep you posted on your position and what needs doing in a given region. They’re plentiful, concise and poignant, and nicely supplemented by entries on the familiar INTEX terminals. The story, which so often seems an afterthought (or a neveri bought) in arcaders, is always a step away. Another major plus is a new open-endedness. Ibis isn’t another ladder of sequential levels. 'Team 17 reports that there are more than 250 paths through the game, and I believe them. Any given area may have several exits, and that also lends itself more to a sense of place, (The game’s more rational in other respects as well. You can now fire while walking backward, and, indoors, summon a map of your surrounding at the press of a button.) Finally, there’s a level of spectacle and charity here normally associated only with IBM games. The CD32 version opens with an amazing 7-minute movie created with the Raptor which is better seen than described. And Alien Breed II is included on the CD as a freebie. On the other hand. I’m disappointed that the CD32 version doesn’t use more in-game speech it could use a human voice or a conventional save mechanism in lieu of the 16-letter passwords. And the enemy AI is almost nonexistent. There may be more types of aliens here, and more ways for them to appear, but they always to make a beeline for the player, like idiot linebackers after a ball carrier, with no consideration for either personal longevity or a larger alien agenda. They never open a Tower Assault: Team 17’s latest adventure in the Allen Breed series, KB Z.U w'
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. , Copy-protection. Door, never use supplies, never retreat, never force an issue. Consequently, since you’re basically fighting drones, no sense of bug-yoLirsell danger accompanies l ower Assault, and occasionally die bunch-ol-levels, shoot-’em-up feel comes Hooding back. Then again, each of the AB games to date has represented an incremental step forward. But a step to where? Perhaps the next game Alien Breed 3D- holds die answer. 3-D Free-Scrolling Update (Editors Note: This update to “Special Report: 3-D Free-Scrolling Action, ” Dec. '94, p. 56, uncovers the latest crop of Doom-style ga ties.) Open fire. The first bona fide Wolfenstein-style Amiga games have arrived yes, with monsters, weapons and everything- in the form of a commercial olfering from England and a shareware game from France. And that’s not all: The authors of Doom-style demos have in many cases created advanced versions of earlier designs, and some new players have entered the scene. Death Mask (Alternative) It isn’t Doom by the longest shot. It's not even really Wolfen- ci stein 3-D. But, taken on its own terms, Death Mask is not a bad beginning. ? O o A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Average. Nothing special, nothing awful. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time. You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Looking for More Power From Your or A2000? Holds up to 33 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. 68030-25mhx cpu with MMU (not EC) 68882 clocked at 33 mhz 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Give your Amiga 500 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500 With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 989.00 0 68882-50 FPU add $ 95.00 Only $ 3990
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For one thing, you also have to complete a mission blowing up reactors or disabling a mine, for instance. A split-screen, two-player mode (either competitive or cooperative) gives the game a hard edge. (Fhe game is really designed with a second player in mind.) The wall graphics change with every level (only to repeat later), and developer Apache Software has done a good job using shadow and light fixtures to give a sense ol texture lo ceilings. The sound effects are good especially the crisp “clack” ol newly collected ammo and the hollow spin of the slowing mini-gun and the enemies are well drawn. O O But those touches need a compelling game engine to bring them all together, and it's here that things go awry. The game lacks Wolfenslein’s basic freedom of action: You can move only in the four cardinal directions and in a style more closely allied to the incremental movement in Fleclronic Arts’ Space Hulk and Psygnosis’ forthcoming G2. The rotation just doesn’t feel like rotation; it doesn’t seem that there’s a 3-D place around you so much as a view of a place. (Doom may have used coding trickery to make a 2-D world appear 3-D, hut the trickery was well concealed.) An atilomapper is included, but it gives away the game (it shows everything) and is activated in the disk-based version only by waggling a joystick frantically up and down a technique that can gel you good and confused when you return lo the action and realize you're no longer facing in the same direction. (The CD32 version allows you to summon the map by bitting a butlon.) Blood flows freely in combat, but, oddly, explosion animations have been omitted. (Objects (lash when struck and vanish when destroyed.) Enemies often appear at higher elevations, but never react lo your presence and, when encountered later, prove to be on your level. And there appears to be a bug that sometimes prevents you from hitting enemies separated from you by an open door. Some of these shortcomings were probably concessions to keep the pi ay field level for Europe’s not-insignilicant I-meg A500 crowd, willi the happy result that Death Mask runs at a healthy dip on any Amiga. 1 lowever, an unhappy side elfect is that it feels more like an arcade game than its obsessive model. (G + ) Fears (Bomb) At its heart, this shareware taster from Bomb Software is much closer to Wolfenstein 3-D in feel than Death Mask. This AGA- only action game really scrolls, at a good speed and in any direction. It looks good, it has a solid automapper and plenty of secret doors. (Even secret doors behind secret doors!) The “feel" is on the mark. But it doesn’t exactly set the teeth on edge, fhe range of O “ wall tiles, enemies, and sound effects is quite limited, the design of the sample level is mundane, and not everything works quite as documented. Then again, it is a shareware game, and a demo at that, ( l eu bucks gets you the full package of 10 levels.) (C + ) Robinson’s Requiem (Silmarils) Properly speaking, this free-scrolling game ol sumval is much more RPG than action game. But this breed is increasingly rare O n these days an English version ofAmbermoon never appeared and it may well appeal to devotees of this genre who want more challenge than pointing their gun in the right direction. I lie challenge is formidable, and “requiem” proves to he just the word. Death hangs over the game like a cloak. As a clowned pilot in a bare, hostile, and sometimes downright weird envi- PRES F, R V F We Ship Worldwide! [ mWltS WiM FRM W-W SUM mm MM! CIOJfD INFO: (212) 633-2290 FAX: (212) 633-7717 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL Spedal'O f-the-monlh: Commodore 3.1 Rom Upgrade Kits A500 2000 ..129.95 A3000 ..149.95 A4000 ..149.95 COMPUTERS 650 6TH AVENUE, (COP. 20TH5T) NY, NY 10011 "Vour Video Toaster -Toaster Flyer - Multimedia - Headquarters" Render tftf'the Speed of Alpha! Beginners Package: Alpine 166RS PCB (512k Cache) Desktop Chassis 0 1.44MG Floppy 64 Meg Ram 0 Sony 2x CD-ROM PCI Video Adaptor 0 4 MB IBM 1 GIG HD 0 Mouse SC Keyboard Windows NT CD-ROM MFG 2 Year Warranty Advanced Package: Alpine 233XS PCB (2 MEG Cache) Desktop Chassis 0 1.44MG Floppy 64 Meg Ram 0 Sony 2x CD-ROM PCI Video Adaptor0 4 MB Fast PCI Ethernet Adaptor IBM 1 GIG HD 0 Mouse fit Keyboard Windows NT CD-ROM MFG 2 Year Warranty or serious animators, there is no such tiling as a rendering machine that is too fast. These hot new machines from Aspen Systems deliver the ultimate "Bang for the buck." Based on processors ranging from a 166MHZ Alpha to an Unbelievable 275Mhz Alpha, these machines are ready not only for Screamernet, but for Lightwave 3d Standalone, and hundreds of other programs written for Windows NT! 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39. 95 Wedding Collection CALL Crouton Tools Wavelink Imagemaster R»T Humanoid The Cathedral Sparks Toasernet Mulliframe Accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 Day Money back guarantee. Ali Merchandise brand new factory fresh. Custom Configurations our specialty. Prices subject to chance without notice. Not responsible tor typographical errors. Extended Warranty Available U.S and Canada COD (i a vi [¦; p r !¦; s e r y i; ronment, you’ll have to keep yourself led and watered and develop a rudimentary understanding of medicine. It's well worth the time and thought you'll have to put in. (Don’t worry you’ll eventually reach an epiphany at which it all begins to How together.) There's nothing quite like Robinson’s Requiem for sheer intensity and detail in maintaining one’s physical well-being. It’s also a genuine 3-D environment. You can climb on top of the surrounding hills and peer down on the leafy plain you just left. Alas, the game’s speed is wretched. Even on a 40-MHz A1200, I had to knock the view window and detail for the AGA version down to the lower settings to achieve something resembling smooth movement. (There’s also a standard Amiga version.) And you can’t talk to other characters. They just talk at yon. (B + ) Alien Breed 3D (Team 17) After quietly dropping the project in the shadow of Doom some months hack, England's most dedicated Amiga game publisher is again forging ahead with Alien Breed 31) lor Easter release using the game engine devised by Andrew Clitheroe (and featured in December’s .111). It will be for AGA machines only, and will support hard disk and accelerators. (The game should run 7-8 times faster on an A4000 well supplied with RAM.) Features will include multiangle walls, light sourcing, more than 18 objects on screen at a time and an optional full-screen display. Also, unlike Doom, Alien Breed 3D will offer a true three- dimensional environment in which more than one object can occupy the same vertical plain. In other words, it allows you to have bridges, and rooms on top ol other rooms. (Doom's creators won’t be implementing that feature themselves until Quake, slated for release in late ’95.) Brown said Team 17 has seen a number of engines that run Cl faster, but not with this level of texture mapping. "We could speed things up,” he wrote in a message posted to the Internet, “but we want detail!” (Note: AB3I) may not be the last of it. The rumor mill suggests at least two other major Amiga developers are contemplating Doom-style games.) Poom 0.3b (Jussi Salmi and Janne Juhola) In this beta, at least, the basic rules of Poom 0.2 still hold true. To paraphrase Shirley Jackson, walls continue to meet at right angles. Hoot s are firm and Hat, and whoever walks in Poom, O 1 walks alone. The good news is that the much-anticipated third incarnation of this great, forbidding demo is finally game-bound. A roughly drawn hand and pistol now adorns the foreground firing soundlessly via the shift kevs but there doesn’t seem to O J be anything to blow away in this version. However, you roam this new level (which contains a number of striking new wall graphics) in resolutions up to a full-screen 320x256 at decent speed on an 030-equipped A1200. The 3-D portion of this four-disker is significant, but amounts to an exercise in animating wall tiles. Some nice effects, too, blit the tiles themselves don't seem quite connected to one another. (It’s rather like looking at splayed playing cards.) And that’s with textured floor and ceiling. Now, how about a little sound? TextDemoG John Hendrikx) In which the author makes the transition from a Wolfenstein engine with Doom graphics to a real Doom engine. Raised platforms, textured floors, and a Doom-like bounce in the player’s steps are among the pleasant additions that appear in this unreleased beta. Nice floor and ceiling textures, but, like YD’s earlier full Moon demo, this segment a scant few seconds of a three-disk epic is over almost as soon as it begins. (And actually, the 3-1) part is the least interesting of the effects here.)*- Of course, the thing about betas is that they aren’t done. 1 ext Demo is slated to include multiple-height walls (which make things like staircases possible). And monsters? Also still to come, A skeleton hangs across a doorway in this version, but doesn’t do anything. However, I’m told the final version will have critters, and that you’ll be able to whack them with fireballs that illuminate the room as they fly bv, DENTAKU 26 (SlLLTUNA) Alex Amsel’s game engine has come a long way from the original Den lA Wolf demo. I his AGA game-in-progress is now called Dentaku 26. And it’s among the best pure Wolfenstein- type games Eve seen even in this early, unpopulated form. The version sent to me last fall was brimming with graphic detail, with see-through walls, textured ceilings and lloors, a vivid viewscreen, and even a few corpses on the floor for good measure. (The monsters that killed ’em were evidently all on break.) It all runs briskly on a ’030-based A1200. Too. A level editor is slated to be included when this surfaces in spring. .And Amsel reports that Amiga musician extraordinaire Allister Brimble has signed on to handle Dentaku's sound. Warp S (Oliver Groth) Groih’s [abberwocky Texture Mapper has likewise undergone a metamorphosis. Warp S, as it’s now called, lias moved indoors, in the process gaining speed and monsters (who trundle about on fixed routes and pay no attention to you). But it also appears to have lost some of its definition and its fine. Doom-like effects. And it may wind up as an IBM game instead. (Like the IBM needs another Doom-style game, right?) Amiga-Wolf3D 1.1 (STL Damage) It’s a shame this Finnish demo has seen only limited distribution, for it captures the Wolfenstein feel almost perfectly in its effortless flow and array of simple objects and hot colors. A few German soldiers running abouL, yelling "Achtung!” and “Luftwaffe,” and we’d be all set. (There’s not much collision detection, though.) Motion (Bomb) A worthy followup to Origin’s Complex. Motion migrates through the usual polygon rotations and overflights of Conianche-style voxel landscapes to a Doom-y tower climb all the while running speedily and in full-screen mode on an ’030-based A1200. The kicker is that, just before it ends, it turns the control over to you, allowing you to explore this stony landscape at will. Not to mention taking a fall off the lower an effect we haven’t seen to date. Really excellent stuff, (Unfortunately, it does have a glitch that turns up when you walk too close to a side wall.) To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 58. Magazine ital Media Communicators features reviews TO SUBSCRIBE: % 1-800-998-0806 ofe only) 1-815-734-4151 (Outside US) Fax:1-815-734-1129 An IDG Communications Publication Image created by Yves Boudreault A54GAL G A M E P R E S E R V E I Shot Kurt Cobain (Razor) 8c Quartex (Quartex) The* size* of these two entries in T he Party 1994 demo competition (under 4OK) is more impressive than their contents. The low-res scroll through a lit-up town in the irrelevantly titled I Shot Kurt Cobain is rather pleasant even without much depth of field. However, the 3-D segment in the Quartex demo is utterly nondescript. Lots of people are pushing this technology now, but if they’re not going to do something new, why bother? Game Bits Rise of the Robots (Mirage) is just the name lor this beautiful beat-’em-up. All chrome, no gameplay (D). Bubble 8c Squeak (Audiogenic) is an utterly charming platfonner that at once reminds me of Mindscape’s unpretentious .Alfred Chicken and the Calvin 8c Hobbes comic strip. It has heart, this one (A-). Bubba ’N* Stix (Core Design) is a tough, inventive arcader in which you’ll have to sort out how to use Stix it’s a weapon and a tool to further the doofy-looking hero's progress (B). Naughty Ones (Interactivision) is cute Danish platform fun that manages to evoke the feel of Micro Prose’s Rick Dangerous games without looking like them (C+ B-). Ocean's Mr. Nutz is a style-to-spare Super Mario World clone a mix of angled-down adventure and side-view arcade featuring a feisty squirrel trying to free a Wolf 3-D (Terence Russell) An omission. This Wolfenstein-style demo has been around at least since last summer, but, due to space constraints, it was left out ol the December roundup. Itty-bitty in scope (some of these demos cover less territory than a suburban duplex) and less attractive than the competition it uses black-and-white wall tiles against a harvest-orange backdrop this moves OK. But, by now, it’s likely to seem quite dated. Chicken-dominated world (B + ). And the more recent Kid Chaos is a classic Sonic the Hedgehog-style platfonner that even goes on hard disk (A-). Banshee (Core Design) looks like Capcom’s 1942 with Chaos Engine graphics, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. This is the best vertical scrolling shoot-'em-up in ages. Possibly ever (A). Raiden would be a merely respectable translation of the delightfully combustible, vertically scrolling shooter had it been released for the A500. On the A1200, in the company of Banshee, it’s positively pathetic (D). Winter Olympics (US Gold) includes a decent speed-skating sequence and a pair of so-so 3-D bits (bobsledding and slalom). But the remainder is given over to the same joystick-toggling, third-person sub-games that were tired (and tiring us out) five years ago (C- D-F). ¦ USED AMIGA HARDWARE COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES: The 1 dealer In quality pre-owned AMIGA hardwarel Looking for a fast & easy way to sell your Amiga computer or accessories? Give us a call... BEST PRICES PAID! Want to buy quality computers & hardware without paying ’NEW" prices? Give us a call... WE CAN'T BE BEATI Interested In doing a trade? Give us a call... We're willing to make a deal! We buy sell & trade the complete line of Amiga computers and accessories, from the A1000 to A4Q0Q. 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* 68020 or higher recommended 15 M. FOR SHIPPING & HANDLING INTERNATIONAL OR LARGE ORDERS, CALL! I HELP KEY to 3.1, vanishing icons, s, and Amiga newsgroups. BY TIM WALSH Upgrade Anxiety same results. Is it a defective chip, or is something wrong with my copy of WB 3.0? James A. Garrett Peoria, Arizona
A. Let’s hope the problem is not a had chip. With the exception of the A!20() s Kickstart ROM, all the motherboard chips are surface-mounted and soldered into place, and you cannot swap them easily. When a surface-mounted chip dies, it’s cheaper to replace the motherboard, providing you can locate a replacement. Check Amiga mailorder companies lor such a hoard. It may not, however, he a had chip. It could he a virus or a weakening power supply. Get a copy of a virus utility such as Virus Checker and run it. If it detects no virus, see if you can borrow a power supply to use with your machine. Leave it plugged in fora while and see if the problem continues. If it doesn’t, vouVe found the culprit.
Q. want to upgrade my Workbench 1.3- e( = nipped Amiga 2000HD, and Amiga- World is my only remaining connection with this ever-diminishing pursuit. I can't walk into an Amiga shop any more, as they no longer exist in mx area. Can you help? First, can I upgrade directly [ram Amiga- DOS 1.3 to 3.1? Will my old software work under the new OS? Not. Will it he able to read mx old files? And. Can you tell me where I might find a real Amiga guru ? Diana Probus Mr Cook, Nebraska
A. Software compatibility is a common concern in jumping from 1.3 to 3.1. It’s probably safe to assume you could install I he new OS software and swap die new kickstart ROM chip for die old, and, provided the installation goes well, all your current software should work line. However, insufficient chip RAM could cause problems with the new OS. First, you need to he sure that your A2000 has at least I MB of chip RAM. If you're not sure, open a Shell window, type AVAIL, and press RETURN. The amount of chip and fast RAM will appear. If your system has only 312k of chip RAM, you might he able to use AmigaDOS 3.1, hi it n n may run into problems running some graphics-intensive applications. Several of the larger Amiga distributors might n n n he able to upgrade your system with more chip RAM at a nominal cost. Finally, it’s tough for me to he objective, but I thinkAmigaWortd remains your best source of information. If anyone is aware of a better collection of gurus, please let us know! Dissolving Icons
0. I recently purchased a)} Amiga 1201). After the machine has been on for 15 minutes or so. The icons on the Workbench start to "tear." And after about 30 minutes, the entire screen tweaks up. I've tried different multisync monitors and screen modes, all with the Anniversary Surprises
0. My Amiga 4000 is equipped with 18MB of RAM, OpalVision and Implant cards, a CD-ROM drive, and three hard drives. One year after purchase, the motherboard died. Or at least that's what the technicians who fixed it told me. At the time, it had 6MB of RAM, OpalVision, and the original 120MB hard drive. One year later, the computer bus seized up again, and the motherboard is deemed responsible. Have you heard of any design flaws on the A4000? Che technicians from two different dealerships discounted the items that I've added as causing the problem. My machine's serial number is 000821. Abel Rodriguez (den Oaks, AT
A. I’ve checked with numerous sources, but no one seems to know of any problems with motherboard failure in early versions of the A4000. I also have the original, early-revision motherboard in mine, and (knock on wood) have swapped all manner of cards and devices in and out of it without any ill eff ects. Although it's unlikely, the Opal- Vision card might he the culprit. More likely, it is power related. Power surges, static in the carpeting, or unplugging and plugging in components while the machine is on are all possible causes. II you don’t have one already, get a surge protector. Amiga Newsgroups (J. Do you know of any Amiga newsgroups or World Wide I Veh sites on the Net. I would appreciate any info. Wes McCoy wesmacCq hooked, net
A. On the Usenet newsgroups, computers are broken down by type. If von go to comp sys and list the major newsgroups. You’ll see four Amiga newsgroups: a 11 .soi i i ces.am iga, comp.I)ina- ries.amiga, comp, sou ices, am iga. And comp.sys.amiga. The first three are conference areas, while comp sys am iga is a true newsgroup. You'll see that it’s broken down into 17 conferences, ranging from advocacy to reviews. The one that seems to get the most traffic is comp.sys.amiga.misc, which is a general discussion area. .Another interesting conference is comp.sys.am iga. Marketplace, which lists Amiga hardware and software for sale a lifesaver if you’re seeking a particularly tough-to-finc! Component. There are roughly a dozen popular Amiga FIT sites, and a WWW' site is reportedly under construction. Don’t overlook the Internet’s Aminet site as a source of Hies. And Genie has set up an Aminet On l ap option, which treats users of its Amiga Roundtable to new uploads retrieved from Aminet on nearly a daily basis. ¦ Send your questions to Iletp Key, c o Am iga World editorial, 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, NH 03458. The Magazine For Multimedia Professionals Part TiyJ* °esi9n and Planning by Mark Alan Protus
* ri 7 Parf Four - “iertace Design by Sam Adkins part rhr *1ed,a Acquisition by Bob Boiko :,nterfi Part pn 0„. Utf)°nn9 by Michaei Jackson
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4066. Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Alternative Software Units 5-7 Baileygaic Industrial Estate Pontefract West Yorkshire WF8 2LN England 97-779-7777 Amiga Library Services fill) N. Alma School Rtf. Suite 18 Chandler, AZ 85224 800 804-0833 Canon 2995 Redhilf Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92628 800 848-1123 C 4) Solutions 256 San Ramon V alley Blvd., Suite 256 San Ramon CA = 14583
510. 820-5400 Core Design 55 Ashbourne Rd. Derby DE22 3FS England 33-229-7797 Creative Focus PO Box 580 Chenango Bridge, NY 13745 607 648-4082
L) KB 29318 Lurie Lane Vvixom. Ml 48393 810 318-3821 810 348-3755 Elastic Reality 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-0585 Epson America 20770 Madrona Ave. Torrance. CA 90509 800 289-3776 Fargo Elect t onics 790! Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 800 327*4622 Future Video Products 28 Argonaut. Suite 150 Aliso Viejo. CA 92656 714 770-4416 Hewlett-Packard 16399 W. liemardo Drive San Diego, CA 92127 800 752-0900 Me gage M 1903 Adria Santa Maria, CA 93454 805 349-1104 Natural (iraphics 4603 Slate Cl. Rocklin, CA 95677 916 624-1436 |is 3591 Nylarul l-ifayette, CO 80026 303 499-1975 Nova Designs 1910 Byrd Ave. Richmond YA 23230 804 282-5868 Nucleus F.leclmtvics PC) Box 1025 Nobletoii, Chitnrin Canada 416 859-5218 Ocean Software Klcctrontc Arts 1855 O’Toole Ave., Suite D-102 San Jose, CA 95131 800 245-4525 Oregon Research 16200SW Pacific llwv.. Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224 503 620-4919 PreVuc Technologies PO Box 2617 Grass Valiev, CA 95945 916 477-2905 800 356-8863 Questar Productions 1058 Weld Co. Rd. 23 Brighton, CO 80601 303 659-4028 Silmai ils Dazc Marketing 2 Canfield Place London NW6 3BT England 71-328-2762 Soft-Logik Publishing PO Box 3838 Ballwin, MO 63022-3838 314 256-9595 800-829-8608 Star Micronics America 420 Lexington Ave., Suite 2702 New York. NY 10170 908 572-6597 Team 17 Marwood House Garden St. Wakelield, West Yorkshire Wfl IDX England 92-429-1867 l .S. Gold Units 2 3 Hoi lord Wav Hoi ford Birmingham B6 7AX England 21-625-3366 Virtual Reality Labs 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 AW Shucks! In the March issue, we printed the incorrect address for RAW Entertainment. Developers of Mongol Commander. Rise of the West, and Bravo Romeo Delta, featured in "(lame Preserve." 1 he correct address is ; = >57 NASA Rd. One, Suite 146, Houston. TX 77058; phone: 713 286-2386. September 1993 (AW9309) October 1993 (AW9310) November 1993 (AW9311) December1993 (AW9312) January 1994 (AW9401) February 1994 (AW9402) March '1994 = AW 9403) April 1994 (AW 9404) May 1994 (AW 9405) JUNE 1994 MasterVideo with 10 Edit Systems for your Amiga. Image Compression Send me $ . $ . S. s EXP DATE APRIL 1994 Which Platform is the Best Buy
- Amiga, PC or MAC MAY 1994 Super Color Graphics with New 24- Bit Display Boards. Color Printers - 4 new models for under $ 1000 FEBRUARY 1994 Over 100 products featured for your A400D A1200 JULY 1994 Image Processing! 3 Top Programs Go "Head 2 Head” AUGUST 1994 Multimedia Made Easy. "Sound" Advice for Adding Music SEPTEMBER 1994 The Marvels of Amiga 3-D Issue Codes January 1993 (AW9301) February 1993 (AW9302) March 1993 (AW9303) April 1993 (AW9304) May 1993. (AW9305) June 1993, (AW9306) July 1993 (AW9307) August 1993 (AW9308) Canadian residents add 7% GST Postage & handling:
U. S. orders S1.50 each issue Canadian foreign surface $ 2.00 each Foreign air mail $ 4.50 each issue Total Enclosed June 1994 (AW 9406) July 1994 (AW 9407) August 1994 (AW 9408) September 1994(AW9409) For issues published prior to January 1993, Call (603)924-0362 for availably Prepayment required. Checks in U.S. funds, drawn on U S bank. Visa. MasterCard American Express. Quantities limited. P'easa allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Or, write your issue selections here and mail lo address below. Please use issue codes. Back issues x $ 3,95 CREDIT CARD NUMBER SIGNATURE NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP A54BI AmigaWorld Back Issues 80 Elm Street, PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH 03458 Turtle Lightni ng Ami g a Domai in AMIGAS1 Best: TLAS-FISH-TBAG-EUROPEAN-LICENSEWARE-COMMERCIAL AM1GAVISI0N V1.7 Release 2 $ 29 GRAPHICS BUNDLE TV TEXT PRO $ 39 DELUXE PAINT 3 * COMMODORE AMIGA MOUSE $ 17 Versatile Lotto; Great Lotto number-picking tracking program. Digitized graphics sounds Full number editing.Can be set for States with numbers 0-51, pick 1 to 8 numbers, displays graphs and charts, allows picking numbers by random, low%, or high%. $ 9.50 BOXED GAMES-$ 5 EA C-300:DINO-WARS C-305:GUN SHOOT C-310: POWERSTYX C-315: STARRAY C-320: WILD WHEELS C-325:WT SOCCER C-330:STAR OOOSE C-335:TAROHAN GOLDEN IMAGE OPTO-MECHANICAL AMIGA MOUSE $ 27 DISK DRIVE CLEAN-KIT $ 3.50 WE SHIP WITHIN 24 HOURS
2. 04 ROM chip $ 34.95
2. 04 ROM W Scflwore $ 45.95 A601 Card F A60 CALI A501 Card F A500 CALL GREAT TLAS DISKS FOR $ 1.50 EACH OR 20 FOR $ 25 LlCENiEWAEE EECCEA H5: LED-10: ALAPHABET TIME- Ages 3-6 .54.50 LED-20: EARLY NUMBERS- Ages 3-6 ..$ 4.50 LED-30: FRACTIONS- Ages 8 and up ..S4.50 LED-40: MAP MASTER-7 yrs and up. Teaches Use of maps, graphs, & charts(2-DISKS)...$ 6.50 LED-50: THE MUSIC CONNECTION- Bastes about scales, clefs, chords, melody $ 4.50 LED-60: GUITAR & PIANO TUTOR-Teaches some basics for beginners 54.50 LED-250: PRIMER FOR IMAGINE- 2 Disk Set Teaches basics about Imagine. Has Pics, Textures, and Object Examples .512.00 LED-500: CATS- History, Breeds, Care, etcS4.50 LAP-10: THE LOTTO- Based on Texas but can be used by others. 1-50 Edit 5creen Display Graphic Chart. Nicely Done ...56.50 LAP-20: VIDEO TiTLER- 736X560 Screen Use any font- Even Color Fonts 516.00 LAP-30: DAILY LIVING- Has Scheduler, Journal, Goals & Phone Book Entry ...55.50 LGM-10: ROBOT REBELLION- Platform Type Game with level editor- 4-Way Scroll ..56.50 LGM-20: Q-BERTA- Like Q-Bert ’PAL' .56.50 LGM-30: STRESS- Tetris for young ,PAL .5S.5Q LGM-40: DELUXE HANGMAN- Age 10 & up.S4.S0 LCC-BELOW: 8 COLOR CLIP ART-ALL.. 54.50 ea. LCC-20: FLAGS- Of the countries of the world LCC-30: RELIGION STRUCTURES- Mostly Religion LCC-40: BIRDS- About 25 birds and others LCC-50: FUNNY ANIMALS AND MONSTERS LCC-70: LOVING CLIP- Hearts, Flowers, etc. LCC-200: VARIETY- 100 +¦ pieces. Nicely Done LCC-210: CRITTERS’N SUCH- Horses, Silly- ?udes, Cartoons, Motorcycles, Tools, Outdoors, Birds, Animal-ABCs, Misc.- This Disk is 55.50 HOME & EDUC.: 116-SPREADSHEETS 241-TEXTENGINE 261-C MANUAL Part 1 262-C MANUAL Part 2 263-C MANUAL Part 3 286-LABEL PRINTERS 287-EASY BANKER 288-PENNYWISE 289-VIRUS KILLERS 321-VIDEO FILER 396-BIZCALC 400-BANNER MAKER 449-BUDGET 455-3-BASE 3 472-MULTIDOS & SID 473-COOKBOOK 520-TURBO-PAL 671-KICK_INSTALL_1.3 71S-SCREEN BLANKERS 720-JR-COMM 741-PK_ZIP CRUNCHER 7G3-TERMINOUS Master 788-BEST DISK COPIERS 815-MAGIC WORKBENCH 819-STOCK ANALYST 821-DISK SALVAGE 2? 832-MEGA-D Directory 843-NCOMM 1.92 791-METAlUCA 1 OF 3 792-METALLlCA 2 QF 3 793-METALLICA 3 OF 3 830 OCTAMED V2.0 844-HEAVY METAL MUSIC 846-CRA2Y MEDS 852-CHURCH MUSIC 856-AMlGA DOS TUTOR 857-TERM V4.0 DISK 1 858-TERM V4.Q DISK 2 8G2-CHRISTMAS CLIPART 863-PLANTS CHRJST-CLIP 864-BEAUTY-GALS 3 865-BEAUTY-GALS 84 GAMES: 9-ADVENTURE MAKER 10-STAR TREK 82 DISK 1 11-DISK 2 OF TREK 2 12-DISK 3 OF TREK 2 13-WANDERER 14-STAR TREK 83 DISK 1 15-DISK 2 OF TREK 3 21-SEALANCE SUB GM 22-YAHT2EE (3 GAMES) 24-WHEEL OF FORTUNE 44-DOWNHILL SKIING 55-ZERG D&D ADV. 62-DRIP = ARCADE GAME) 70-MISSLE COMMANDS 72-DRAGON CAVE 78-PETERS QUEST 79-MEGA BALL 80-PAC MAN + 96-TANKS I INTERFERON 103-TETRJS GAMES 114-LEMMINGS PLAYABLE 128-SPACE GAMES 136-HATE (ZAXXON CLONE) 137-BLACKJACK & BANDIT 143-NEBULA 147-INTREDIP (TANK) 148-BOULDER DASH 162-VIDEO POKER 176-GALACTIC WORM 190-MORIA DSD ADV. 191-KINGDOM AT WAR 194-SINKING ISLAND 3 240-CHESS & PACCER 245-CHECKERS 255-PINBALL 282-SYS (ARCADE) 328-WANGLE & TRIX 349-OXYD 378-DOMINOS & CARDS 398-IEGEND OF LOTHAN 403-INTRUDER ALERT 433-SCUD BUSTER + 468-LEMMINGS TRIBES PLAYABLE DEMO GAMES: 47Q-5EUCK GAMES 489-BLOOD BALL 492-WALKER (Playable) 463-CATACOMB (Adv) 673-DEFENDER 676-MECHFIGHT DISK 1 677-MECHFIGHT DISK 2 679-TAILSMAN 2-MEG 1 680-TAILSMAN DISK 82 684-ULTAMATE RIDE 728-TRODDLERS 766-DESERT STRIKE (DEM) 772-POPEYE 784-GIGATRIS (AGA ONLY) 796-MEGABALL 3 (AGA) 812-SCORTCHED TANKS 816-INCINERATOR 835-PHYCHO SQUARES 837-REUDA & TANKX 884 MISSLES OVER XERION-A 885 MISSLES OVER XERION-B EURO-GAMES:
D. Paint ji, Gives You Key-Stroke Aid. Durable Lexan Fits Top Of The $ 9 K»ybo.rd$ 9 WE ALSO HAVE FRED FISH - TBAG - ASSASSINS EUROPEAN: ALL- $ 1.00 EA. $ 5 sit mi $ 5 Mlai ]*us mhim eiBLe scorch $ 6 3 OISKS $ 61 24-HOUR FAX 915-563-4315 CCHHEKCIAL DEOSGAMSx GREAT NO-BOX SUPER DEALS: B-360 SUPER OFF-ROAD ......$ 14 B-370 SHADOW WARRIORS 514 B-390 GOLDEN AXE (ARCADEJ....S14 B-390 TOTAL RECALL ...$ 14 B-400 SILENT SERVICE 2 .....517 B-410 RED BARON ....$ 17 B-420 RAILROAD TYCOON 519 B-430 THE PERFECT GENERAL..519 CCMHrDCIAL PDCCPAMV: C-10 TEXTCRAFT PLUS .59 C-15 KINDWORDS ....514 C-18 PAGESETTER ..514 C-2G DELUXE PAINT 2 .510 C-23 DELUXE CLIPART VOL.2...57 C-2B INTELL-TYPE TYPING TUTOR ...519 C-40 DOUBLE DRAGON (1.3)....512 C-110 DELUXE PAINT 3 ....523 C-12Q T.V. TEXT PRO V1.0 523 C-130 AMIGAVISiON V1.7 RL2..S29 C-150 PREDATOR 2 512 C-160 SPEEDBAL 2 ...512 C-170 TEAM SUZUKI ..512 C-180 KILLING CLOUD ......512 C-190 THEME PARK Mystery....512 o LU LU GO CO CH T) UJ ¦ i s cS t § § 31 f ® E c_ o 8 I OJ O Q i §3 cr i LU CO AGA GAMES FOR A1200 & A4000 B-600 ZOOL B-610 ALIEN BREED. B-620 OVERKILL B-630 BODY BLOWS GALACTIC B-640 TROLLS ... $ 9 Eo. T=
D. PAINT 2. Get All 3 Programs For Only 533.00 VISA InfoMarket VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398. Carmel. CA 93921 U.S.A. Memory Price Custom Chip Price lx4-70ns Siatic Column Zip 22 ix4-80ns Static Column Zip 20 Ix4-60ns Pase Zip .23 Ix4-70ns Page Zip 22 lx8-70ns Simm .....45 lx8-80nsSimm ....44 1x8- 100ns Simm ...42 4x8-60ns Simm ..138 4x8-70ns Simm ..134 4x8-80ns Simm ..130 1 x32-60ns Simm . 165 Ix32-70ns Simm .155 2x32-60ns Simm .319 2x32-70ns Simm .309 4x32-60ns Simm .519 4x3°-70ns Simm .509 8x32-60ns Simm .999 8x32-70ns Simm .989 256x4-70ns Pase Zip ......6 256x4-80ns Pane Dip......6 256x4-100ns Page Dip.....5 GVP32 1 mb Simm 69 GVP 32 4mb Simm......215 GVP32 16mb Simm .....929
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 39
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 45
2. 1 Upgrade Kit ...89 A3000 2.04 Rom Kit 79
3. 1 Kickstart Rom Kit for A500, A2000 & A2500 . 129 A3000 .149 A4000 .149 8372A 1Mb Asnus 37 8373 Super Denise .37 8364 R7 Paula ....16 5719 Gary .17 ciiinon High Density 1.76Mb 1 Internal Floppy Drives ) for &A4000 J _$ 129 A520 Video Adapter......32 A500 Keyboard ...49 A2000 Keyboard ..69 A4000 Keyboard ..89 Orders Only: 800-735-2633 jvgT cod Info & Tech: 408-626-2633 Prices & Availability subject Fax: 408-625-6588 BBS: 408-625-6580 10 chan&e without noticc
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P. O. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071-1617 [2061351-9502
P. O. Box 1617 ¦ Allbum. WA 98071-1617 (2061351 -9502 IIPD GAMEStl ASI 201 ¦ HIWOZONE. UZZY UZZY. 0RB4T. AM 202 • ST HASH. TOY BOX, THE RACE ASI 203 - CROAKER. METAL GO. AM 204 • BLACKDAAN 2. KjtlH TOMATOES iVf ASI 205 ¦ LOOTY, GR[£ Z, POKIR SQUAKLS. AM 20* - BEBOP N DROP. ZOMBUJT, MM0UL ASI 207 - SENSIBLE MASSACRE SPITFIRE ASSAULT, 5LIDEIT 2. AM 2OS - KNIGHTS PUZZLE. PSYCHO SQUARES ASI 209 - TRICK OR TREAT. SPACETAXL LECTOR TANK BATTLE ASI 210 • TOUCH N GO.WAGGHMAMA 2. HOPS’ HURL AM 211 NUN! OASH HAPPY MONSTER. WNGO AS* 212 - GAMMA ZONE OOZE TAKE THE MONEY. ASI 213 - MORI A RLE DA V1.3E DAME ASI 214 - 4 GET II. PUNIER MtCH FIGHTER ASI 215 - SLPER BATTICZONE CYBLRTRIS. MASH THE POTATOE ASI 216 • BOMBER 2000. RACXDAUN 94. OCEO. ASI 217 - MANGLED rENDERS. DUAL MAZE CUHK. ASI 21ft • AGE Or ROCK, HPARTS BLACK LADY. COMMANDO RA© ASI 219 - CHOPPER ATTACK, ROUTE 66 CD32 GAMES! Lc k- - LOMJGarosCD 519.95 ASSASSINS GAMES CD! Brand New! 51655 ROADKfUCWAU ......53495 BENEATH A STEEL SKY 032 = PA1} - - • 539.95 PGA EUROPEAN TOUR GOLF CD32(PAUS34.95 SUBWAR 2050032 .....- 53695 Emeral Mines CD32 CDTV (PAL) • - • • 51995 CD32 CLEARANCELI LU1LDMCD32 ..$ 29.95 ALIEN BREED:TOMER ASSAL LT 'PAL) - 529.95 ARCADE POOL 032 ...... 524.95 SI FERFROG CD32 -52495 GUARDIAN C032 ..529.95 BUMP -N-BLRNCD32 (PALI 52995 DARKSEED CD32 ..52995 CANNON FODDER CD32 (PAL) 52995 FIRE AND ICE CD32 519 95 COMPOIDW P»0 CD32 COKTROL1ER - $ 19.95 ME STOCK ALIM (001 0)321TLESF0R15S TOTT ASI 220 ¦ DR STRANGE ALIEN FRENZY IWDCM GAM 297 - R0KETZ P0 vl AGA Ony Thnal Duel Racing game. (PALI GAM 298 ¦ SFTTTTRE ASSAULT ¦ Shootem up! Pal GAM 299 ¦ KBS Ihe CANVAS -Boxing Gaire. Pal GAM 300 - To |hr DealW Greal Beatem up! Pal GAM 301AB ¦ Georrj Cjjxo. AGA only pbtfcnrrer1 GAM 302AB • Missiles Over Xenon1 PAL Missile Command at Ifv finest* GAM 305 ¦ ONSLAUGHT’ - fast Shootem Up! GAM 307 - Spfccjgy - Greal PlatJormer by By same group EhJ! Brought you BEETLE GAM 313 - FEARS! - AGA Only Playable Svjtfen stein 3D type gam PAD Check itouB GAM 314 ¦ CHARR Belter than Scorched Tanls’ GAM 317 • Xino5tir Demo ¦ Like the classic arcade shooter Smrstai* Check it out! GAM 31 ft ¦ Abddin Playable Demoi Pal GAM 319 • Uon King Playable Demo! BjL GAM 320 ¦ SKIDMARKS 2 Poyabie Demo! AGA GAM 321 ¦ CYERMAN - The PACMAN game of the CENTUM Across bctwen WolOO and PacMan must be played to bc'ieve. PAL GAM 322AB -HrTERRACE Great overhead vtew raccq game. ? Dists PAL GAM 32J ¦ T-5ACER Good sdeways scrolling shcofemupl.«RTypt FAL GAM 324 ¦ Deluxe Cataga 25. Shareware vert 59 XthtX. Xenex s an up-to date variation cn the old classic Asteroids. Written by Mark Sheeky, the gjy who did Owrtander and G’oba I The mrmucJea r Vva rfe re 3462 OBST1CK1E A superb Christmas platform gam Ihe graphics and sound are excellent 3487 POWER BATTli, This Is a SUPERB 2 player short neap 3445CABC] ¦ DEAD Of NIGHT, a SUPERB 3 dsk multi-language graphic adventure. 3387 CHESS PROGRAMS 3518 ZAXX0N - faithful recreation of c64 version of Ihisdassic PLAVS GREAT?! 3539 TOP HOT VMUY-Game 3543 INTERNAL COMBUSTION Gam. 3544 TLRBO1AM FREWEW GAME 354* HD Ganvs Instiler ¦ Mfili install Don Nng. Atadd-n A!enBreed2 AGA Superfrog and many, rrvirry more to Hard Drive! 3397AKO - KbndAe Al A lit New 4 Dnl update to this Incredible gjme. ME HAVE OVER 20 CARDStTS FOR THIS GAME CALL AND ASK! IrilLS ATMISC! 3458CABOJO A-Z Of LIGHTWAVE OfiiEGS 5 dsksjam packed furl o'objects for use in LWV3JK There art 129 objects Altogether 34*9 ROBS HOT STASH *22. HPEteskJet 560C 3488 IMAGINE OBJECTS. 5 BIG objects on here for Imagine 2 4 3. On here we have AtakShip. ChunLi, Street fighter 2 Arcade Machine. Xwng and Drjgnn(i*li All are archived. 3492 IMAGESTl DIO Vl.2.1. The latest version of this superb Image processing tool Converts back and forth between nany different formats 3499 - ICON TOOLBOX Create Rms of any size and up-to 256 colours from pamt fifes 3547 • More 2S6 Color Icons, plus teanian 3501 MalNAGOft V1.55 MainActor is a full featured animation program You can create t edit lime t play animations of any sue on your native amiga chipset or your graphic card 3471 MAGICWH BRUSHES4 ICONS 3472 MIDMGHT V2.08, A modular screen blankmg system designed for AmigaDOS 2j4. 3437LABJ EAGLE FLAYER VI53, Comfortably play music of many different sound-formats. 3439IMAGINLBABYLON 5 OBJECTS. 3440 VIRTUAL MEMORY LtlS. VMM V2.1 implements a virtual memory manager for AMIGAs wth a 68040 or 6S030 processor. A nice GUI is also piwlded 3535 TERM v4 2 for 66000 powered Amigas 3536 TERM v4.2 for 660304 powered Amigas 3537 TERM v4 2 Uras. Lit* Docs, etc. 3531 OnfORM vl,36 Fon Maker. 3538 Virus Workshop vL6, Kill those nasties. 3523 MORE MAGIGVH CONS 3519 VISUAL ARTS GU DESIGNER Alt 3.15 ¦ AMIGA REPORTS OMJ.NE - The fines! Electronic Am ga magazine around. AmigaGtode Format call for the latest Issue! 3530 AOOftESS PRINT v4.4, recent update to this excellent address database labelptinier. UTT161 ¦ MCO FRANCOS’ NEW ICONS UTT160 ¦ IT, Great VT-100 Term program I'm 149 - CANON SRPO. Canon Printer Drsfo REMEMBER ALL PD SHAREWARE DISKS ARE ONLY SI.OO - SEE OUR OTHER AD FOR S&H’ !WE ACCEPT VISA MC! .00 Ea! FD CD Roms! ]7B* CD Collection (2 CD's) $ 39.95 l ftt CO Cwrtinjatan (1 CD)- $ 19.95 17BJT PHASE 4 CD(L CD) ...$ 19.95 FDSoft Professions! Fonts & Clipart • • - $ 24.95 AminetCD.v4 and orv5 Share * --- $ 13.95 AMINET BOXED SET Discs 1 - 41 2 $ 29.95 EUR05CENE1 • 'scene’ ware* - ¦ • $ 15.00 fresh Fish CD. IAN FlEJor newt) •- $ 19.95 COLD FISH I Good way to catch up! • - $ 19.95 SPACES ASTRONOMY 0 ..$ 19.95 GIF’s Galore Rduro CD ....$ 19.95 VftVork 0. Connect 032 & Ar.iga- - $ 17.95 CDPDIV ..$ 17.95 FROZEN FISH or GOLD FISH - $ 19.95 Weird Science AMOS PD CD ¦ - • • $ 19.95 ‘MAGIC DOTS' 3D Pdure CD) St9.95 fOSOn Hottest 4 Games. Animv etc $ 17.95 FDSOFT Various Professional Utils.- - $ 17,95 ASSASSINS GAMES CD! Brand Sew! $ 16.95 WEIRD SCIENCE AMIGA Opart 0 - $ 13.95 WARD SCIEN0 AMIGA FONTS 0 - • - $ 13.95 LIGHT ROW lighftteve d>jedi etc - • - $ 3500 LSD LegalToo'si 17B4Compendium-$ 19.95 COMPCTMH PHO 032 CohTROUfKl $ 1955 (RAIGCOilJNS IMAGINEAMM VIDEO! $ 1935 V E STOCK ALL THE COOL 032 IMS FOR LESS! !t AVIOS 4>lC i:it !! AMOS TURBO PLUS EXTENSION! Add over 130 new commands to AMOS & AMOS Pro a MUST- S29.95 AMOS intuition wiriwwn - mm ymu can open aga Screens and wntc real wik-ncli AjijrficatKim w 'AMOM S14.95 ENHANCED Musk Extension - Conv- f dcly rvpbccs ihe «ld buggy wnli newer bdtcr muse enrnmafniv $ 14.95 MASTERING AMIGA AMOSJ Excellent book, many topics. S26.9S ULTIMATE AMOS! By Amiga Shopper
* 00• pages * drsk! 536.00 AWGA GAMEMAKEKS MAMJAt by S»rpben Hiil cMuthor of the AVIOS Pm manual an rmrltent wferenee gu-de for game programmers' 390* Pages onfy J29.95 I CD32 SERIAL I'ONiNt-LTOR ! When used n conuncton wffh the Network CD, il w.l allow you to connect a CD32 to an Amiga or PC through the Serial Perl Includes CD32 keyboard Passthrough .$ 27.95 OFT GET ihe Connocbr AND Network CD bt S42.00 _ The BEST graphics we have seen. Brought to you by THE FARM, this is an AWESOME gravity thrust Race Shooting type game. It is AGA only. Pat afl Raviraced graphics 515.00 By Edgar VgdJl Gel the Registered versions of Deluxe GaUga and Deluxe PacMan, Two of the BE5T Amiga Shareware games ever for only 515.00 or get one yea; upgrades for only
520. 00 this indudes 3 upgrades! FI - 044 - BlockBoord v) - A lull featured Image Processing program, too many features to list CU Amrga gives il an 69% Rating. 3 Disks Si 0.00 FI - 052 - Operation Firestorm • An A great plabormTompTrom Ben Marty, indudes level editor (with Auto Level generator) and full source code in AMOSPro!$ 10.00 The mod popular AMIGA Shareware program by Mike Welch is now available from NF>D in its full, Artillery’ Battle. Bomb blasting glory! $ 12.00 This is a fantastic 'FlashBack' type game from Mark Judge In the UK this was so good, we had to bring the full version across the pond 515.00 DELUXE GAIAGA& PACMAN SCORCHED TANKS vl.9: New Licenseware from NPDI TECHNOVENTURE: FI LICENSEWARE ROHETZH GREENS: outstendmg CCTvTfW type scroll ng one man demolition shccfen up. PAL but COOL! 57.00 FI 048 - ERIK - This game was to be a commerdal refease. And ifs NTSCabfe157.00 FI 035 - OiBly Oum - Use Chilly the Penguin over 7 large fewK 3 D.sKs PAL simple gamcpiay. Great fun" 510.00 FI 025 - Art School vl.l • Absolutely the best progsm of this type anywhere! CU Amiga gives it an 68% and says 'Get«for your Wds. Then kick them of! And p!ay wrti It yourself SS50 FI 018 - RELICS Of DQDRONEYE - Lite Mon fey island. Rated a 91% in June 14. THE ONE Magazine says rtOP STI FF. BUY fF Comes on FOUR Ckskv 512.00 Ft 050 - ABSOLUTE BEGINNEFtS GlIOE TO AMOS - Excellent tutorial for Umse of you who want to learn this great language! 5850 f 1 051 - !NTSOOOC1>*G WORKBENCH - SS.50 CLG 017 - bn Err tom. Day of Reckoning - Outstanding graphc achenfore, received excetfent reviews from AmigaWortd - 5*4)0 CLG 065 * WEAPONS MASTER! - A cerrtxrt game frcrn ihe same leam that brought you Relics of Dekbonryt and fortress $ 6.00 au 040 - ARCO • A fu 1 featured AREXX COMPILER, compile » REXX programs and make them run without AREXX being present Everything AREXX code5 need 56.00 CLE 058 • STARS and GALAXIES - A great reference for all ages13 Drste 59.00 CLE 049 - TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS v2 - Every kid will love this great hypcrguide lour through The land of the giant lizards! • • 59.00 CbTVtENi.OCkS-S25.bO FS&fi:|l-10 Disks S2.00,11-50 Disks $ 4 00,51 + Disks $ 6.50 1 -2 CD's $ 2.00,3+ CD's $ 4.00 !WE ACCEPT VISA MC! Send $ 5.00 for complete 6 Disk Catalog & Sample pack of our complete line of Disks, Books. CD's, and Magazines! CLR UCENSEWARE Plus SfiH .00 Ea! Deluxe Paint Users ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION Now You Can Stop Searching Through the Pull-Down Menus! Discover All of Deluxe Paint's In-Depth Commands A&P Software Solutions Keyboard Overlays put Deluxe Paint’s 150 keyboard shortcuts literally at you fingertips. The plastic overlay fils around the function keys so it stays in place. The overlays contain the keyboard shortcuts for both Deluxe Paint III and IV. (Fits all Amiga Keyboards except the A600) $ 9.00 + shipping A&P Software Solutions Tel: (209) 833-9282 785 She I borne Drive. Tracy CA 95376 Satisfaction Guaranteed 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES .„d 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanllnes • NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Cali or Write lor order form, pries list 8 sample HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(602) 949-6066 4301 N. 75th Street, Suite 101-B Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 Now the only source you will need for your Commodore product requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source for more lhan a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies wilh our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS. 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts 2E Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:00 pm EST COMPETITIVE A500 - S50.001 A2000 - $ 79.95' A3000 - $ 95.00' A4000 • Call Call for Others SAVE MONEY REDUCE COSTS off with mention of this ad LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS S0JTU1BRE A&M COMPUTER REPAIR Authorized Service Center 24 Colonel Conklin Drive, Stony Point, NY 10980
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Network and multi-media components. 2 on-board SCSI II adaptors for doubling disk access performance through disk striping. 8 memory slots for support of up to 1 Gigabyte of memory and a 128-bit wide memory bus to support current 64-bit and future 128-bit processor modules-you will never again need to be concerned about processor trends or system obsolescence! Raptor III Workstations starting from S6699. Calf for information: (619) 679-2226 LightWave 3D is the all-in-one photorealistic animation system containing most ol the same tools and features as animation systems costing thousands of dollars! Its ease-of-use is unparalleled. Now you can create great 3D graphics and exciting visual effects--such as seen on seaQuest D5V. Babylon 5 Robocop. Unsolved Mysteries and Star Trek: The Next Generation-without paying broadcast-quality prices. You also don't have to invest in the Toaster either-use your existing 24-bit display card instead1 = accelerator card recommended) We have the best pricing on all NewTek Products: Standalone LightWave 3D, LightWave 3.1 to 3.5 Upgrades, Video Toaster 2.0 to 3.13.5 Upgrade and The Video Toaster 4000 itself! The Flyer! Now available from DevWare Video! The Flyer is NewTek’s non-linear editing solution. Now you can truly have a desktop video production studro with D-2 quality output, 1 6-bit CD-quality and incredible ease of use-at a fraction of the cost of the "other solutions!' We have THE lowest price on The Flyer! DevWare Video is your Video Toaster Flyer System Resource! Call 61S-679-2226 for pricing and configuration information on system! Hard-Drives All sizes and shapes. SCSI and IDE. Perfect NewTek Flyer drives. Drives from Quantum. Seagate, Micropolis. Connor, Maxtor and Western Digital. We will not be undersold! Mastering Toaster Technology The step-by-step guide from Video Toaster experts Brent Mafnack and Phil Kurz that no Video Toasler customer can do without* EjioB $ 39.95 Composite Studio Your ultimate program for con- troI ling ToasterPaint or OpalPaint! New version-now with 70 templates! You can design your own templates, set shadow depths, do beveling, embossing, and much more. Comes with 40 templates! You can quickly and easily combine, resize, and arrange Framestores or RGBs. Give your productions a touch of professional class. Composite Studio is perfect for the video, multimedia, or broadcast professional. Includes Quickbrush 4000-a $ 69.95 retail value! T5294 $ 122.95 DIGITAL «IOC««MQ SYBTFUS H4C Call for the best pricing on The Personal Animation Recorder Card and matched drives! Personal TBC-IV T5204 Sbest Sparks Version 2 The most powerful dynamic animation software available for Lightwave users! Brand new version from Mono Gralx! The most powerful dynamic animation software available for LightWave users! Particle animation system for LightWave 3D. Particles bounce with real world behavior & gravity! Multiple point gravity wells allow bending and directing the stream, flock or swarm of particles. Control origin, direction, gravity, quantity, spacing, elasticity ard mass. Complete with wind, gustmg. Flaking and swirling controls-ad|ustable per axis' T5164 Motion Master Professional Animation Utilities for LightWave! Volume J T5316 S109.95 Includes Time Machine, Extract. Path Flock, and Mouse Recorder that all aid in the easy generation of cascading envelopes. Volume fl T5317 $ 109.95 Includes Child2World, Point Wobbler and Volume Cube. Motion Master I & II T5321 S209.95 Sparks + Mot. Mast. I&ll T5324 S309.95 Crouton Tools 1.2 The Logger for your Toaster! New Version 1.2! Makes your Toaster more Powerful, Faster and Easier to Use! Supports over 60 programs, has the best Logger for the Toaster-bar none'-and is the easiest and tastes! Way to manipulate Toaster files on the Pianet' Includes new support for PAR Card, Composile Studio. Hollywood FX, Toaster FX. Sparks 2, MultiLayer & VLAB VLAB Motion, Toccatta and SoundSwitch. T5394 $ 149.95 The easiest, most accurate way to motion-animate with LightWave 3D! Dynamic Motion Modue lets both anrmaton novices and experienced animators rely upon the laws of physics and the computing power ot the Amiga to automatically define and create real- world motion and object interaction in LightWave animations. Tell the program how much an object weighs, how fast it's moving, and 4s direction of travel, DMM calculates the key frames, detects the collisions and makes the objects respond appropriately. Many other features which make it perfect for animation tasks tsos- Save time and become more pro- ductive-and it's available now! NEW! 17 Power Tools for LightWave Users! True 3- D explosions! Particle Swarminq. Batch Rendering & more!! "...Aptly named. The flexibility they provide for modeling, animating and rendering a scene is impressive... easily worth the list price." T5299
- Video Toaster User Magazine. Byrd’s Eye Software Swipes! 2= $ 97.95 ¦¦ Stunning new color transitions ard special effects for Video Toaster 4000 users* Now you can get:
• Dozens of NEW Color E'fects*
• Special Effects overlays.
• Color transparency effects.
• Full-color animated transitions,
• Alpha channel dissolves T529i New! 75 wipes and effects for your Toast er'!! 34 Live Action Wipes and 41 assorted 3D Style Wipes. Matte Wipes, Soft Edge Wipes. 16 Jevel Alpha Effects and their own 24bit Effects' T5143 $ 69.95 New Version 1.5! Dynamic Motion Module ProWipes Vol I $ 97.95 n a
• :r- How To Order... From DevWare Video Public Domain: Write your name, shipping address, daylime telephone and. Il paying by credit card, the card's billing address. List the product codes of the items you wouid like to order (i.e. V2040. T2035, etc.) and the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or Visa MasterCard Discover American Express numfcer £ expiration date £ mail ta: DevWare Video • 12520 kirkham ct, Suite 1-AW61 ¦ San Diego, CA 92064 Shipping Handling: U S A : add Sfl. P us S1 (or each ndd'l unit shipped tor FedEx shipping Canada: add $ 7, plus $ 1 (or each add'l unit-caH for Cook shipping Foreign: Call lor shipping info Ar! Payments m U.S fcrds only CA residents add 7.75% ta*. 15% restocking fee on a:l returned comrnercra! P-cCucts. Prices Subject 10 change without notice Not responsible tor typo's A minimum Of S2Q.00 required on all credit card orders. AmigaDOS 3.1 (Includes new ROM, Disks and Manuals) For A500 A2000 A2500 For A3000 For A4000 T5398 $ 154.95 T5399 $ 174.95 T5400 $ 174.95 Fax: Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Technical support; (619) Or mail your order to: DevWare, Inc. -12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW61, San “LightWave 4000 For the Rest of Us” Video Series
- 1 Volume 1: Flying Logos Construct a lego from your clients letterhead, make hundreds of special 3D fonts straight from any printed material, add surfaces and images to make them shine1 Fly that LOGO and animate it to tape without a single frame controller! Complex object motions made simple with the null object. Contains a "Rogues Gallery' of 36 example surfaces V4056 $ 36.95 Volume 2: Bones & Organic Motion New! Swimming sharks, s raying trees Use Bones to realistically anrmate almost anything V41T0 S36.95 Volume 3: Displacement and Bump Mapping New! Construct landscapes Animate waving Hags and moving water. Displacement maps make it passible. Use displacement maps to construct and animate natural formations, and create spectacular special eftects. Rurning time 120 minutes. V4124 $ 36.95 M Volume 4: Animated Machines New! From back hoes to alien walkers, almost any machinery you can imagine can be animated in LightWave! Construct properly fitting machine parts such as gears, arms, pivots, ball bearmgs. Shafts and much more! V4131 $ 36.95 Volume 5: Using LightWave 3.5 New! Shows how to maximize the new features and tools in 3.5 including koyframe adjustments, procedural textures & more V4144 $ 29.95 Volume 6: Modeling with Metaform New! Learn to form organic shapes with complex and smooth surfaces-quickly anc easily- from simple primitives.V4146 $ 39.95 Get Volumes 5&6 and save V4153 559.95 Get all 6 videos and save V4154 $ 199.95 MultlFaceCard III Add 2 serial and i parallel port to any Amiga 2000. 3000 or 4000 T5239 S8495 Oklagon Adds high-speed SCSI-II controller and memory expansion for up to 8MB to any Amiga 2C00. 3000 or 4000. T524Q S134.95 AhaDrive 3.5' External Floppy Dnve far all Amigas T5253 S8895 AlfaScan Plus 400 DPI Hand Scanner with Touch Up Software T1Q24 $ 139.95 Mega Mouse 400 DPI replacement mouse for all Amigas T5243 $ 27.95 AlfaOptic Optical Mouse 300 DPI fully optical mouse T5288 $ 44.95 Crystal Trackball T1019 $ 44.95 v Track Ball with "glowing" crystal ball New From Synergy International Hollywood FX creates amazmg 3D effects for video and interactive productions, using Lightwave for the highest quality rendering. Includes dozens of effects including multiple full motion video windows. 3D morphing transitions, particle effects and more. New libraries of effects will be available on a regular basis! T5298 New Low Price! $ 277.95 Interworks ENLAN-DFS New v2! Only $ 259.95 The Ethernet-based, Peer-to-Peer net- workmg solution for the Amiga Toaster. ENLAN-DFS is to networking what the Video Toaster is to 3D and video work-.indispensible." -September 94 Video Toaster User ENLAN-DFS is the ideal network software for turning your Amigas into powerful, integrated workgroups, whether it s two, twelve or two hundred systems! ENLAN-DFS fs easy to install and use. And is transparent to your application software. T5095 NO DEDICATED SERVER is required. ¦ Share drives, directories, and data files across the network.
• Access printers, tape drives and CD-ROMs through the network.
• Use NetRexx to send and receive Arexx commands to any system or Arexx port on the network.
- Security features to restrict access or protect data files using passwords,
• Integrate your software and hardware between systems to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Hydra Ethernet Card T5312 $ 289.95 ENLAN-DFS+ 2 Hydra'S T5372 $ 799.95 Coming soon! “T-NET”-Distributive rendering for LightWave and The Amiga! Bones Disk Contains Swimming Shark plus 2 underwater Shark swimming scenes. Also walking Logo and Swaying Tree scenes. T5256 $ 29.95 Displacement and Bump Map 2- Vva:e- D~- r; Water srd Bursting WaH Scenes. T5357 $ 29.95 Machine Disk Wood gears opening working Back Hoe Arm scene with objects, moiions and surfaces. T5389 $ 29,95 All 3 disks for only T5350 $ 79.95 All 6 Videos + 3 Disks V4i55 $ 249.95 LightWave Books LightWave Organic Modeling New! Create almost any organic shape you have in mind-eastly and quickly’ Learn Modeler s powerful splme curve and palch functions in this step-by- step tutorial. You will not be limited by reality- based techniques like 3-D digitizers, only by your imagination! Bi63 $ 22.95 LightWave on Location Over 500 perfect-bound pages of examples, lab-style tutori als. Expert tips, model-building secrets and more! The only book for mastering LigntWave 4.0 on Amiga PC'SGl. Includes all geometry, surface and motion files used in the book 0168 $ 49.95 New from Noahji’s V Lab Y C Digitize 3Q!ps video from videotape or laserdisc in full color1 Saves sequential frames as YUV. IFF24 or AGA -'ormats T5162 $ 379.95 VLAB Motion JPEG Board and Complete System Call! Retina Ztll 24-Bit Display Board w 4MB Get photorealistic display capabilities wdh lh>s 2-5 bit graphics card and plenty ol chip ram" for your mosl intense graphic needs. Go way beyond AGA and still maintain lull compatabi.ty For A3000 or A4000 T5310 $ 639.95 Studio Printer II Print 16 T million colors or 256 levels of gray on Hewfelt Packard Laserjels and Deskjels as well as Canon Color Printers' Supports the latest 600 dpi printers too True to screen colors with color adjustment with :!2b'i accuracy. Also includes special drivers for PugeS'ream 2.j x. T54?3 $ 94.95 Toccata 16 Now available1 Full lSbtaudo c y m 3 Stereo nputs. 1 Mic input and 1 stereo output Toccata can digitize at up fo 4 8 Khz m "Sb-L direct 10 hard disk' Includes onboard mixer and optional AOPCM compression' T5222 $ 374.95 HomeBuilders’ CAD Deluxe -¦ Sale Priced! A futl-featured design and estimating CAD program. Includes: Contractor's Upgrade. HomeBuilders Library 1 and DeckBuilders CAD Design and Estimating System for Decks. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. Requires 2.5MB of RAM. T4032 HIGH-TECH MORPHING ARRIVES FOR THE AMIGA! The first and ONL Y morphing system for the Amiga that uses curved lines to set up a warp or morph' New Version 2.0 features;
• Easily morph between two animations • Exclusive Dynamic Morphing and Warp.ng allows precise control over every frame of a morph or warp • Fast rendering • Supports all IFF image formats including 24-bit. HAM and HAM-8. CocoonMorph2 wcrks on any Amiga with at least 3MB of RAM, SMB are required to render hi-res morphs. Hard drive highly recommended. T5479 $ 69.95 The Public Domain Collection Nine years in the making! The Best Amiga Public Domain Collection on disk has now become the Best Amiga Collection on CDROM. Hundreds of the best public domain graphics, video, productivity, utility, entertainment and accessory programs! T5382 $ 79.95 Coco KCS 3.5 with Level It (New Low Pricef-Orig. List $ 299} Powerful 48-track sequencer that operates in linear or non-linear or pattern- based mode. Allows assembly of up to f6 songs, and features realtime graphic editing of notes and controllers, quick scoring and printing of standard musical notation, automated MIDI mixing. T5368 Now! $ 74.95 Copyist DTP v1.6 = New Low Pfice!-Ofig>nal List $ 349.95) Music printing and scoring program prints 100 pages of music on laser. PostScript or dot-matrix printers. With Adobe Sonata fonts. Supports IFF and EPS files. 15369 Now! $ 69.95 Tiger Cub (Wew Low Price'-Onginal List $ 99) 12-track sequencer with real-time graphic edging and instant standard music notation for both display and print out. T5370 Now! $ 29.95 Dimension Technologies The Cathedral (Pictured) T5297 $ 47.95 The Jurassic Collection UghtWave models of Trexx, Pterodactylus, Gallimimus. Brachiosaurus and more! T526d $ 114.95 The Wedding Collection Over 50 wedding-specific objects for Lightwave! T5267 $ 54.95 The Sports Collection Over 50 sports objects. T5268 $ 54.95 The Music Collection T5282 $ 54.95 Wedding, Music & Sports Collection Bundle SAVE! T5233 $ 149.95 Odds & Ends Over 200 [objects for LightWave! T5295 $ 42.95 Backdrop Construction Kit T52% $ 42.95 Quickbrush 4000 100 Hi-res 24-bit brushes designed for CG4Q0Q. T5266 $ 49.95 Other Soft W A R E The A-64 (C=64 Emulator) QT3 $ 59.95 Art Department Pro 2.5 T1160 $ 149.95 ASIMCDFS Version 3 T5931 $ 59.95 Bars & Pipes Pro 2.5 T1183 $ 219.95 CilyBullder T5423 $ 114.95 Essence Volume 1 with FORGE T5A08 $ 89,95 Essence Volume 2 with FORGE T5409 $ 89.95 Hypercache Pro II T5387 $ 49.95 ImageMaster R t T5100 $ 58.95 Motion Collage lor Dpalnt T5428 $ 49.95 Pixel 3D Professional II T5158 S169.95 Superjam! Til 85 $ 72.95 WaveLink T5155
84. 95 World Construction Set T5429 $ 169.95 THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Happy Birthday, Amiga! Ten years ago. Jay Miner designed a computer dial was truly a user-friendly machine. Now, the Amiga has made possible advances in animation and special effects that have expanded the boundaries creativity into realms never before imagined. From the bouncing ball to Deep Quest, from the juggler to the Lion King, the Amiga’s combination of simplicity, cost-effective hardware, multitasking, and graphics firepower has made it the most widely used computer in media today, fay Miner would be as proud of his offspring as are we Amiga users. Daniel Rush Camp Pendleton, California Honestly, Now, Mac and IBM ... As a longtime Amigan, I find myself constantly defending my computer to Mac and PC users who denounce Amigas without really knowing much about them. My explanations of what I’ve learned from Amiga experts featured in Amiga 11 arid totally fails to impress them. So I would very much like to know what Mac and IBM authorities would have to sav about the Amiga. O Could you invite an expert from each of the other two camps to thoroughly and honestly evaluate our computer and operating system? Hopefully, that would give us all a little more ammunition to use against those people who think the sun rises and sets on Windows and System 7. Eric T. Anklin Tecumseh. A lick iga n Help for a Three- Button Mouse If yon have a three-button mouse Glare planning to get one. There’s a gift- ware utility by Roland Janus that you might lind helpful, h is MMBCom- moditv v 1.0, and it is on Fred Fish disk 991. Binary only and requiring OS
2. 0, it offers, among other things, near- lree definition for the midbutton and more qualifiers for the right button. Patrick Ketlum Beatty, Nevada Hanging In There In my increasing frustration with the 4 O Commodore debacle, I decided it was rime to do something. That something, of course, is to stop sharing mv cowork- I expect that this dithering has shot the Bahamians in the foot and that it will cause bankers to pressure companies to avoid this quagmire by not registering there. Er's copy of Amiga Wortd and to express my support, in dollars, for your line publication. I grieve along with you and ask vou to hang in there with all of us. J o I am a professional video producer, and I have learned most of what 1 know about the Amiga from your pages. You have been an excellent teacher. In these times of trouble, you have also been very informative with your hotline. Please accept my subscription as another devoted Amigan putting his money where his heart is! Paul Lara Temple, 'Texas It's remarkable that AmigaWorhl is hanging in there, still publishing nine months alter Commodore folded, weathering the reduced advertising, and si ill giving readers good value. The Final Deal must be just around the corner, and alter the dust settles, il would be interesting to read some anec- dotes about the whole scenario of living in “Bahamian time.” I expect that this dithering has shot the Bahamians in the foot and that it will cause bankers to pressure companies to avoid this quagmire by not registering there, even though there may be legal advantages. Keep up the good work ... 1 plan to renew my subscription. Boh Evans St. Thomas. Ontario Heartfelt Wishes In response to your March editorial requesting suggestions as to the Amiga’s future direction, my most urgent hope is that the new owners continue to support the A500 and 3.1! Granted that we live in a world of bigger, better, and faster, but getting caught up in this mentality means constantly plunking down more and more hard-earned dollars to upgrade to the best of the newest. I operate a home-based, custom grapliic-ans desktop-publishing business. We bought our first A300 in 1988 and our second in 1992. With the addition ol only a hard drive, these machines have met all the needs of our home and my business. Unlike mv husband’s IBM-PC ar work, our Amigas 7 O have never needed a service call. The A300 is an extremely reliable workhorse that pumps out my brochures, advertisements, graphic designs, bookkeeping, correspondence, and more. Granted, it’s not as fast as the A4000, but it does everything I need -and its low maintenance costs and affordable quality software allow me to keep my prices reasonable. I love my Amiga! Please continue to produce Amigas, support them, and improve them. It would be a giant step backwards to let this wonderful machine die. Dawn Svalberg Pinedale, I Vyoming ¦ Renew now by returning your RUSH renewal card TODAY - we will resume your subscription immediately. Each month AmigaWorld brings you: P FAVORITES LIKE: ? Expert coverage of all Amiga modeis L Video Suite Hardware and Software Reviews U Accent on Graphics ? In-depth features on multi-media, video, desktop publishing, animation and more! S Help Key ? How-to projects plus helpful hints and tips! The Game Preserve AMIGAWORLD! Renew Today The World's First Multi-Platform Emulation System!
2. 7) SnnSIHEI M'nen Hirt di k II cm 1 * l,*rd lirfeo nut. Bier Opium I Kml Itnttn) bin* $ UU wcrjn«r lute
- ------iftjiriranaiEmmh “---- Toivrrrrorr ; 31 InpMl Ouiput
4) Disk Prms 51 Metairk 61 Bides 7> Itenen BJ Resident Rax 91 Speed u Eu" HER1 Support for 386DX technolo Microsoft's Sys Diagnostic
* r* . Ww Str¦ T9 Hsw 'est5 »TI lisri-Qee t»c.e HIE r:ve dpimi ?set* ir-i sr tsoi . R- Iirdofl 496 25 ¦¦¦SlJli linden 486 25 IHBMH262.7 Karl's 42c, J)X2 1 Haul’s 4:£ 3 2 ¦¦¦¦¦EE*.? Csivat 366 2f«i.K C*?aq 364 26 ¦PE.t? It ml torn per ieteofi llmticns per secct i-flt aiSrc-iCe tt;v» :!II I*»:r-c-Swa Pe*e L”?L-s: t'.i-L' ¦¦¦¦::7 ejgimicskk I»i4o> 436 25 1 levd&a 486 25 g~r ~ ' '3!)': I Pa*!'* 436 0X2 t H»-V* 4££ 3 2 Cw-rfti 366 24 Mft.54 C*r?4 36£ 2B|*B125.3 IteriliOM per ttttfd IttratiBH per itcond lab -- Dcsien fesslii Esc -* Fr*-iou.i Pew Played any-good games lately? Microsoft Windows on your Amiga! PC Emulation con ba..FA$ 71 ET fiz-nnq K?T .e586DXsm Emulation Module 3 have added the next generation CPU instruction set! The E586DX emulation module offers a high speed 586DX (FPU, MMU, and new instruction = ) emulation with complete low-level architecture support, giving you the ability to run virtually all PC compatible software! Support for MDA, CGA, SA, VGA, SVGA video modes, sound, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, SCSI devices, joysticks, floppy drives, and more! Macintosh® Emulation Module e Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic' Macintosh with the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000 equivalent to a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900. Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners n use a full 256 colors! Up to 24 bit (16 million+) colors is supported using 3rd party video boards such as: Picasso II, EGS-Spectrum, Vivid-24, [inbow II, Rainbow III, Visions Paint, Merlin, Retina, Retina Z3, Piccolo, EGS110 24, and OpalVision! Built in multiple file transfer allows for quick, sy transfers between the Amiga and MAC emulation. Four different versions of EMPLANT are available, ranging in price from $ 279.95 to $ 399.95 Itilities Unlimited International. Inc. 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue 16 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 U.S.A.
(602) 680-9004 24hr order line
(602) 453-6407 24hr Fax line
(602) 680-9234 Technical support dept.
(602) 453-9767 24hr BBS (2400-14.4K)
(602) 453-3909 24hr BBS (14.4K-28.8K) E586DX module - $ 99.95 (Requires base EMPLANT system.) All emulation modules require an Amiga with Zorro II slots, and a 68020 (or later) CPU. DEALER INQUIRES WELCOME! The FASTEST Paint and Animation for the Amiga Brilliance 2.0 is the Amiga's most powerful paint program and a sophisticated 2D animation system combined into one breakthrough tool. The award-winning creators of DeluxePaint ST, Deluxe PhotoLab and DCTV Paint dedicated over three years to one goal... redefining the state- of-the-art. The result is simply the best graphics tool ever created for any computer. If you're still using DeluxePaint IV, get your hands on Brilliance 2.0. It's fast... real fast, and it’s got higher resolution, better anim tools, dozens of swap screens*, true 24-bit editing, powerful brush manipulation, and multiple Undo Redo levels (just for starters). Upgrade today to the ultimate paint and animation system. New low price $ 00.95 ? "If you can afford only one paint program for the Amiga, this is the one to hup" - AmigaWorld
* "If you're looking for the best AGA paint program on the Amiga, look no further" - Amazing Computing ? "The number one paint and animation package for the Amiga"
- Amiga User International ? "Nothing out there can match it" - Amiga Computing ? "The best art package available for the Amiga" - C U Amiga ? "the Amiga's premiere paint package" - Amiga Shopper ? " Ex cel lent!" - A miga Fo r m a t LIMITED TIME OFFER Upgrade Any Paint Program to Brilliance 2.0 Upgrade only
m. 95 S i Credit Card and COD orders, call today - have your old paint program’s manual handy. Overnight delivery available. Call Today 800-645-1164 DIGITAL C R F A T I 0 N S A P L fl V Company Works in PAL, international friends call +1 (916) 851.0800. ‘Limited only by available RAM. Digital Creations is a trademark of Play Inc. Deluxe Paint is a trademark oif Electronic Arts. Shipping and handling extra

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Amiga World Vol 11 04 1995 Apr

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