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There are a few things in C&B that could stand improvement. For instance, you can drag a saved transaction into the Check or Register window, and the program creates a new entry lor that transaction. Unfortunately, this action fails to assisrn a check number for the new trans- o action when the Check Number Preferences is set to Derive. Also, when you are printing checks, the Insert Paper requester appears four times! A more serious fault is that when you exit the program, it does not check with you to see if unsaved data exists. It al- ways asks if von are sure you want to quit, but if you click on “yes.” any unsaved work vanishes. Finally, something the otherwise clear manual fails to mention is that to install the program on your hard drive, you need to adcl an Assign statement to your User-Startup file in order to start the program from a datafile icon. These small quibbles aside, AmiSolt has come up with a fine way to let your Amiga replace your old checkbook. Rob Hays DiskSalv 3 Intangible Assets Manufacturing, $ 40 All Ami gas. 2. X 3,x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Harddisk, 1MB, AmigaDOS 2.x or later. Recommended system: AmigaGuide, accelerator. Powerful disk file maintenance and recovery software. DiskSalv 3 is ex-Commodore engineer Dave Ilaynie's first commercial implementation of this time-honored disk utility. With an accumulated nine years of steady development first as an in-house disk-repair tool at Commodore, and then later as one of the first programs to support both Localization and AmigaGuide DiskSalv enjoys a legendary reputation for restoring damaged disks. DiskSalv 3’s restoration abilities are, of course, dependent on the seriousness of the error or damage. When a disk's integrity is beyond repair, the program offers a veritable laundry list of’ways to j j salvage data from it. Out With the Old, In With the New It arrives on a single disk that uses the Commodore installer to position the program and its associated files on your hard drive, and you’ll find naiy a manual or booklet. 1AM made the environmentally conscious decision to place all documentation in AmigaGuide format. A few clicks of the mouse is all ii lakes to output the documentation to the printer, if you so desire. Merely listing and briefly describing DiskSalv 3’s myriad features would fill several review pages, so I’ll zero in on those improvements made over its earlier shareware versions. For starters, you’ll see a clever Workbench user interface that lets you cycle through a series of screen buttons and graphic gadgets.

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Amiga World Vol 11 02 1995 Feb

Document sans nom A1200 Expansion Solutions p.8 February 1995 USA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.95 UK £2.95 'It Bin ACTAIS! R Programs For ite Color Graphics * Plus!
• 3 Easy Ways To Stop Printer Trouble
• PageStream 3.0
• Denny's OS Secrets
• Best Buys On Video Switchers A & VS-P.
• DOS 3.1 Upgrade Tips 0 ( ( u'ojy«to o Now, if you own ProWrite, Scribble!, KindWords, TextCraft, Excellence!, or any other word processor, you can upgrade to Final Copy II or Final Writer for a special, low price. Call 1-800-247-8314 for details and to order your upgrade to the latest in word processing technology. Release 2. "Readers' Choice Award 1993", Amazing Computing; “Award '93 - Best Software Product”, Amiga Plus (Germany). “Product of the Year 1993”, Amiga Magazine (Germany). What more can we say? This is the most popular and most used word processor on the Amiga today. It features a 110,000 word speller, 1.4 million word thesaurus; auto-hyphenation; search and replace; tab stops; adjustable margins; word and sentence counts; paragraph sorting; on-screen math; Arexx port; style sheets; drawing tools; imported IFF graphics; master pages; Compugraphic, Type-1, and NimbusQ outline font support; 30 outline fonts: and the best printing possible on any Workbench supported printer. System requirements: 1 megabyte of RAM. 2 floppy drives, and Workbench 1.3 or higher. New Release 3. “...Final Writer is arguably the best word processor yet released for the Amiga.", Amiga World, March 1994. "...Final Writer is the top Amiga word processor to rival even the Mac and PC heavyweights.”, CU Amiga (England), January 1994. Final Writer has all of Final Copy M's features (see above) plus many more. It includes: undo; easy bold, italic, and underlining; table of contents, table of illustrations, endnotes, bibliography, and index generation: sections; multiple master pages; EPS graphic support; 120 outline fonts; rotating graphics; movable text blocks; and a user button strip. Release 3 now includes easy page numbering, drag and drop, type and spell, polygon drawing tool, special shape drawing tools, and dictionary hyphenation. Requirements: 2.5 megabytes of RAM, hard drive, and Workbench 2.04 or higher. New program. Final Data is the new database manager for the Amiga. It is designed for people who need a convenient tool to keep track of lists of information. It combines very fast sorting and searching with quick printing of reports and labels. Final Data is ideal for name and address lists, video libraries, customer lists, references, etc. Anyone can learn to set up a database, enter data, and print reports and labels in a matter of minutes - not days! Reports come complete with page headings that include title and page numbers. Reports may be printed with totals and row counts. Labels can be defined in a variety of formats. Use with Final Copy II or Final Writer for the best mail-merge possible. Accepts PenPal, InfoFile, MiAmiga File, and File llsg databases. Requirements: 1 floppy drive, 512K RAM, and WB
1. 3 or higher. 1-800-247-8314 SoftWood, Inc. VISA All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. ©SoftWood. Inc. 1994. All rights reserved. The FASTEST Paint and Animation for the Amiga Brilliance 2.0 is the Amiga's most powerful paint program and a sophisticated 2D animation system combined into one breakthrough tool. The award-winning creators of DeluxePaint ST, Deluxe PhotoLab and DCTV Paint dedicated over three years to one goal... redefining the state- of-the-art. The result is simply the best graphics tool ever created for any computer. If you're still using DeluxePaint IV, get your hands on Brilliance 2.0. It's fast... real fast, and it's got higher resolution, better anim tools, dozens of swap screens*, true 24-bit editing, powerful brush manipulation, and multiple Undo Redo levels (just for starters). Upgrade today to the ultimate paint and animation system. New low price $ 00.95 ? "If you can afford only one paint program for the Amiga, this is the one to buy" - Amiga World ? "If you're looking for the best ACA paint program on the Amiga, look no further" - Amazing Computing ? "The number one paint and animation package for the Amiga"
- Amiga User International ? "Nothing out there can match it" - Amiga Computing ? "The best art package available for the Amiga" - C U Amiga ? "the Amiga's premiere paint package" - Amiga Shopper ? "Excellent!" -Amiga Format LIMITED TIME OFFER Upgrade Any Upgrade only Paint Program to y| QC Brilliance 2.0 49“ Call Today 800-645-1164 DIGITAL Credit Card and COD orders, cail today - have your old paint program's manual handy. Overnight delivery available. Works in PAL, international friends call +1 (916) 851,0800. * Limited only by available RAM. _ Digital Creations is a trademark of Play Inc. Deluxe Paint is a trademark of Electronic Arts. Shipping and handling extra, C R E A T I 0 N S A P L ft V Company FIRST IMPRESSIONS AmigaWorld Now is the lime for all good men . . . Recently, I received a phone call from a reader who has been checking in with our Commodore update line (603 924-2195) regularly over the past few months. His situation is typical of many Amiga users who have written, called, or e-mailed during the long impasse in the resolution of the Commodore liquidation . . . And the story bears retelling. He lias a fair amount of money tied up in his system (a well-equipped A3000 he uses professionally for video, animation, and presentation graphics). Like many of you, he has needs for equipment upgrades and new software to keep his system up to date in a professional arena where changes and innovations happen almost from month to month. His concerns cover availability of such equipment and, more importantly, commitment to new development, support, and seivice in the Amiga market. His questions to me, not surprisingly, were, Will a resolution of the Commodore ownership deadlock take place? When will it happen? Will it make a difference? Given the time that has already elapsed since Commodore went under, these are tough questions. Even before Commodore folded, its leaders (sic) squandered much of lire Amiga's innovative edge in personal computing by failing both to market existing product and to pursue future technological development. (At least CBM engineers continued on their own while Irving fiddled and Medhi burned money, that is.) This situation is exacerbated by the limbo we find ourselves in as the process of establishing new ownership and real leadership for the Amiga continues. We all know how difficult the legal complexities of resolving the Commodore quagmire are. Some hold and forthright individuals and groups are valiantly attempting to assume leadership in their bids to acquire Commodore and its Amiga assets. But time is running out. There must he an active resolution to the ownership dilemma. Whatever effort, whatever cooperation, whatever force must be brought to bear must take place NOW! There is still such a proactive community of Amiga enthusiasts out there hungry for new product, new technology, and effective product support that it makes powerful, compelling economic sense to continue the existence of the Amiga line. The only thing that can weaken such economic viability is further delay. So let's roll up our sleeves, eveiybody, and make it happen. Tor all the people like my caller at the beginning ol this column, we owe it to ourselves to move lonvard to the next stage in the long evolution of what has been the finest personal computer of the entire past decade. Dale Strang, Publisher Daniel Sullivan. Editor-in-chief Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record. Assistant Editor Swain Pratt. Editorial Production Coordinator Peter Olafson. Caines Editor Denny Atkin, Paulo de Andrade, Joel Hagen, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson. Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon. 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AtnigaM'orM is published monthly b Fecit Media Publishing, Inc.. an IDG Coiupanv. SO Kim St., I'ctet Ixirough, Ml (13138. I S subscription rale is $ 29.97, one year; S37.97. two years; $ 83.97. three years; Canada, $ 11.97 (itnhides GST), and Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Stirlate $ -19.97 Foreign Ait mail $ 8-1.97. I S lunch drawn on I S bank Prepayment is rcquit cd on all foreign subvc ri}thorn. All foreign rates are one-year only. Sec ojul-c lass posi.ige paid at Peterborough. NH. And at additional mailing ol tires. Phone: 603-924-0190, On-line on BIX: Amiga.World (in Amiga.cx hange); CompuServe: 76376.2137; Portal: Go Amiga- World. Entire contents copyright 1991 bv I celt Media Publishing. Inc. No part of this publication may he printed or otherwise n-produced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to Imigtill'inltl, Subscription Services. PO Box 393, Mt. Morris. It. 61031-7901. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co, AwigiAVndd makes even ellcut to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings, and diagrams published in the magazine. Amgn- HwrW assumes no u-sponsihilin for cLunages due to errors or omissions, PKIN I’F.I) IN I III; I SA. Posted under Canadian International Publication agreement ft 023 478. MU VOLUME 11, NUMBER 2, FEBRUARY 1995 FEATURES Brave New Worlds of Fractal IMAGERY By Mark II Brown .12 You don't have to be a devotee of higher mathematics to enjoy the striking, colorful graphics possibilities of fractals. Discover the fascinating secrets of this alternate world and learn how to create fractal imagery with Amiga fractal-generadon software. ARTICLES The ABC Troubleshooter’s Guide to Printing By Sheldon l eemon ...19 What technical complaint do we hear most of ten from AIV rnders? That's right - printer problems! Here’s a straightforward guide to diagnosing almost any kind of malfunction you’ll ever encounter with solutions that are as easy as ABC. DOS Upgrade Blues: Addendum By DanielJ. Barrett 23 More potential “gotchas” with appropriate fixes as we conclude our series on upgrading your operating system to version 3.1. COLUMNS DENNY ON DOS By Denny Atkin 3 Secret messages, cryptic comments, teasing puzzles? You'll be amazed to learn they’re hidden throughout every version of the Amiga OS. Press this key to continue .. . Prime-Time PD By Tim Walsh......7 Freely distributable graphics-conversion programs top rim’s list this month. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...30 |ocl shows you some neat alpha-channel operations that will add interesting effects and alterations to your images. Video in Focus By Paulo de Andrade ..34 For Ioaster-less but genlock-equipped Amiga videophiles, here are some affordable video switchers to suit your pocketbook.
I) UFA RIM EATS First Impressions By Daniel Sullivan .2 Now is the time for all good (.Amiga) men (and women) to come to the aid of their computer... Overscan .....4 News, newsmakers, and new products from all over the .Amiga community. Index 1994 ..54 Why the what, when, where, and who? Because I hat’s how you can find every
* J article, column, and review published by A W in 1994. Help Key ....56 Answers and advice for the technically challenged. AW Product Information .61 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of AmigaWorld, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses” list. The Last Word ..64 And now a word from our readers. REVIEWS A1200 Expansion Solutions ..8 iTiree innovative hardware workarounds to counter A1200 expansion restrictions: Expansion Systems’ DataFlyer XDS and DataFlyer SCSI + , and Alfa Data’s CD 1200. Checks & Balances (AmiSoft) 10 Inexpensive personal finance-manage- ment software. DISKSALV 3 (Intangible Assets Manufacturing) ..38 One of die very best "private" file- maintenance and file-recovery utilities is now available to the public.
P. AGESTREAM 3,0c (Soft-Logik).....40 The long-awaited DTP upgrade brings many new features .. . And some unanswered questions. Hollywood FX (Synergy int’i) 42 Easy-to-use front-end to LightW’ave delivers clean, crisp Toaster effects and transitions. Fractal MusicLab (Digital Expressions) .....43 Imaginative fractal-based music- generation program. GAMES By Peter Olafson Short Takes .48 Capsule reviews of a dozen new Amiga games, highlighted by Super Stardust, the AGA version of the Asteroids-based hit, Stardust. Game Pieces .52 Quick notes and update reports on new releases. Scala At Work OVERSCAN A ews, A ew Products and More With an impressive list of InfoChannel clients including the SAS Scandinavia Hotel, Esso Norway Gas, and Ford Communications Network, a division of Ford Motor Company, you’d think Scala would be content to rest on its laurels. But the Vir- gina-based company couldn’t be busier. At the top of its new projects is Backbone. A cohesive structure for interactive television and multimedia application development. It lets developers create high- end multimedia applications through an object-oriented environment, known as Scala’s HumanTouch. Combined with other Scala software, the Human Touch interface lets you convert Lingua commands into event objects, which, in turn, store the names of media and Exes (plug-in modules that perform external functions, such as VCR control). In a relatively short period of time, a developer can create sophisticated multimedia applications. Scala’s Interactive Television (ITV) Player is a resident seL-top box player. I'lV uses Scala’s authoring and playback engine to support graphics, sounds, animations, and digital-video file formats. ITV gives television network providers and other professionals a user-friendly Amiga Advice It's time to hit the books again (and videos, too). If you need some tips on your Amiga or a brush-up on LightWave, you should add these reference titles to your home library. Trying to scale the learning curve of LightWave 3-D? Let Dark Horse Productions be your guide. Its Flying Logo Animation, Bones and Organic Motion, Displacement and Bump Mapping, and Modeling and Animating Machines instructional videos (each $ 39.95) promise to scripting environment to work within. Also new from Scala is the MPEG Decoder MD100. Designed and produced by Ingcnieurburo Hcllfrich in Germany, the MD100 is an expansion card for the A2000 3000 4000 that plays back MPEG- 1 audio, video, and system streams. Besides offering standard RGB video output, the MD1O0 includes a video module for both composite and Y C video output. You can play back digital video and animation streams in 24-bit PAL at 352x288 or NTSC at 352x240 resolutions, at speeds of 25 and 30 frames per second (fps), respectively, The card uses MPEG video decoding that complies with the ISO CD 11 172 data-compression standard a standard that provides videocompression quality roughly on-par with S-VHS. The MPEG animations the unit plays back aren’t of the silent movie variety, either, as full 16-hit stereo sound up to 48 KI I , is also supported. The MD100 promises lull control over MPEG streams, with no wait times for interactive-video systems, and MD100 uses both modem and ISDN lines to transfer the digital signals, The unit also supports an infinite number of Scala’s InfoChannel Player Stations. Have you animating in LightWave like a pro. Bruce Smith Books is offering a (booster) shot in the arm for AmigaDOS 3.1 users by bundling copies of its popular Amiga titles. Amiga Workbench 3 Booster Pack contains two books, Workbench 3 A to Z Insider Guide and Disks and Drivers Insider Guide, with a new 75-minute video, A1200 A Deeper Look. For AGA Amiga novices, Bruce Smith also offers the A1200 Beginner's Pack. Commodore Watch At press time, AW was still awaiting confirmation that Creative Equipment International (CEI) would sign a sales agreement offering to purchase the Amiga technology rights and Commodore assets. Such an offer will then trigger the final, "auction" round of the bidding that will wind up the long liquidation process. As reported previously, after CEI signs a written offer, the former management team at Commodore UK (or anyone else still interested in bidding) can make one final counter bid at least $ 200,000 higher than that of CEL Contributing to the delay in CEI's signing were some unexpected difficulties in verifying the existing Amiga inventory. During the past month, CEI's Alex Amor visited the Philippines to survey the Amiga stock. A vast quantity of equipment, residing on several thousand pallets, filled an enormous warehouse adjacent to Commodore's former manufacturing facility, Mr. Amor reported that it was going to take considerably more time than he had anticipated to verify the inventory contents. In addition to getting existing Amiga stock into the distribution pipeline, Mr.Amor, during several recent online conferences, has reaffirmed his commitment to new- product development. While not offering specifics, he stated that CEI would quickly roll out at least two new Amiga products should his bid be successful. DS To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 61. Denny on DOS HINTS & TIPS FOR MASTERING THE OPERATING SYSTEM By Denny Atkin 9 Finding the Amiga’s Secrets Tliis month we’ll abandon the useful and instead take a look at something fun. Hidden within each version of the Amiga’s operating system is a bunch of secret messages left there by the Amiga development team. Some are simple credits, some are in-jokes, and a few are editorial comments about Commodore’s marketing. Methods of finding and viewing these messages vary with the version of the operating system you’re running. WOKBENCH 1.2 AND 1.3 The AmigaDOS 1-x secret messages give thanks to the original Amiga development team. It really takes two people (or a three-handed extraterrestrial) to see these. Reboot your computer and make sure that the Workbench screen is active. Have one person bold down both sets of Shift and .Alt keys on the keyboard. Then press and hold each of the function keys in turn. A different message will appear for each key. You might also try popping a disk in and out ofDFG: while holding down die above key sequence. Early versions of AmigaDOS 1.2 (die enhancer kit shipped for the A1000) contained a rather vicious dig at Commodore from the original Amiga programmers that would appear when you ejected the disk. Later 1.2 releases with the A500 and A2000 were toned down to compliments. Workbench 2 Soon after upgrading to Workbench 2, I received a cryptic e-mail message from an anonymous source at Commodore’s old VAX minicomputer. It said “Control the alternate menus to shift into an enlightened state.” Now, at this point, you can put the magazine aside and try to figure the method out for yourself, as I did. But if you want the scoop, just keep reading. As with the Workbench 1 .x secret messages, you’ll need three hands to see these. First, click on the Workbench window with the Challenge: Without doing a full disassembly trace of the secret message-display routine, can you find the message text in the Kickstart ROM? (It is in there somewhere.) Left mouse button to activate it. Now, press and hold down the Ctrl key, both Alt keys, and botli Shift keys. Use the mouse to select any of the Workbench menu items. Then release the keys and choose Last Message from the Workbench menu. You’ll see a secret message. Repeat this for every Workbench menu item each has its own message. Workbench 3: The Puzzle Of course, no new release of Workbench arrives without a hidden secret or two. The Easter eggs in AmigaDOS 3, though, were hidden just a bit too well. Just as my book, Denny Atkins Best Amiga Tips and Secrets, was about to go to press last year, I received another mysterious note from Commodore’s minicomputer, this one giving dues on finding the secret messages in Workbench 3.0. I didn’t have time to puzzle them out, so I just tossed them in the book, trusting that enterprising readers would figure out what I couldn’t. More than a year later, I was still getting pleas from readers to spill the beans it seems the clues were just a bit too obscure for us. The following two dues are the ones I received. Give yourself a huge pat on the back (you might use that third hand you used in the f exercises above) if you can access the secret messages using these dues nobody I know was abie to do so. Clue I; Control is given to those who are shifted four from the start and do not give up on the alternate course. Clue 2: Wlien it is about time to learn the secrets of the master, one must also qualify for the enlightenment. Workbench 3: The Solution Couldn’t find them? Don’t feel badly; you’re in good company. The hints above were printed in my book, and I got dozens of e-mail letters from people asking for the solution. The problem was, even I couldn’t figure them out. I finally tracked down Deep Byte, now late of Commodore, and he Filled me in on the exact procedure. It’s a doozy, and I feel better about needing help. First, the technical description: The messages show up when the About menu item is selected while the Ctrl, Shift, and Alt keys are being held down and the Workbench Open count turns 16 due to the requester appearing. Here’s the procedure in plain English:
1) Boot your Amiga. If vou have many Workbench tools (such as Applcons) running, you may end up being past 16 already, so you may have to shut some of them down.
2) Press and hold down the right mouse button.
3) Press and hold down the Ctrl, left-Shift, left-Alt, right-Shift, and right-AIt keys.
4) Select “About” from the Workbench menu.
5) Move the About window aside (don’t close it), click on the Workbench window again, and repeat from step 2. Within 15 tries, a different About box should open. If this does not happen, you may have the Workbench.library open too many times. To make this j work, reboot without running the startup sequence, start Workbench (using the LoadWB command), and try again. ¦ Denny Atkin is author of the book Denny Atkin’s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Send suggestions to him via e-mail at DeunyAmiga@aol.com, or write to him r o AmigaWorld, All-In-One CD-ROMs A mathera's Amiga Desktop Video CD is sure to delight video and ray-tracing enthusiasts alike, offering a little bit of everything all rolled onto a single disc. The CD not only contains a wide variety of fonts, but also more than 150 3-D objects and 100MB worth of textures and backgrounds. On top of all that, Almathera has even thrown in some PD utilities for good measure! The Club Amiga de Montreal (CAM) has compiled a collection of public-domain utilities, games, applications, and more complete with an index. This collection is also available from Almathera. Paperless Checking Tired of paying late charge fees on your credit card bills? Two new accounting software packages will computerize your checkbook so you'll always be on top of your finances. Managing your money is a pinch with Pretium (Intelligent Designs)-, simply enter a transaction, print out a check, and bingo! Pretium will generate a report so you can see just where your money goes. AmiCheck ($ 25, Douglas M. Dyer) offers a wealth of features. Foremost is its six levels of sorting, including ascending or descending order on check number, date, or category'. Categories can also be Juggling your finances is as easy as AmiCheck, the new accounting package. Defined and assigned to transactions, with statistics available for each category. When you want to output reports of your transactions, AmiCheck offers three ways to do so depending on what you need. Data on Command Lights, Camera . . .MotionClips Imagine flying your logo over Niagra Falls, or using a vintage ’50s scene as the backdrop for your 3-D transition. You'll find these images and more than 8,000 other frames of royalty-free stock footage on MotionClips, Genera! Collection CD-ROM ($ 149.95, Ac- With MultiFinder database (SI04, Data Management and Research), you can create a file in three easy steps: 1) Enter field names, 2) provide a title subtitle, 3) select colors . . . And that’s it! Editing is a snap as well: You can perform actions with a single keystroke and, with the database’s smart editor, field spacing is automatically adjusted as text is entered. The sky’s the limit with no fixed limits on the number of characters in any field and the capability to store up to 65,000 records in a database. Multi Finder offers many options, including, sorting, label printing, import and export, and a backup utility. Can’t make up your mind? Data Management will let you preview a copy of die database for a minimal fee, which can be applied to your purchase. From A(Rexx) to Z(edRexx) New Nexus Line Optonica is bui ding a new range of low- cost, high-quality productivity tools under the Nexus banner beginning with Info- Nexus and Data-Nexus. Info-Nexus, a file-and-data-management program, features split-screen source directories, all the standard disk operations (including copy, move, rename, clone, delete), search options, print control, and more. It also supports Envoy networks for quick file send and remote screen grabbing. Info-Nexus offers ail this with a user- friendly "pop-and-roll" interface and online help. Data-Nexus is a fully-configurable database offering advanced find and filter controls, mail-merge, label printing, and indexing, among other options. Fields can support pictures, animations, sounds, and CDXL video as well as text. No more stumbling over cryptic and complex syntax: ZedRexx ($ 35, Reality Check) is an Arexx extension that adds Graphical User Interface (GUI) capabilities with simple, easy-to-use syntax. It also offers multiple-window interfaces, A Word from Soft-Logik. Soft-Logik Publishing is teaming up with the UK's Digita International to bring the popular Wordworth 3.1 word processor to North American shores. Wordworth 3.1 (S135) features online help, intuitive editing, real-time spell-checking, drag-and-drop editing, and more. It supports PostScript, TrueType, and Compugraphic fonts. What's more, you can load Wordworth documents into Soft-Logik's PageStream desktop publishing program to Epson Driver Now Amiga owners can take advantage of Epson's popular 720-dpi Stylus color inkjet printer with the new printer driver ($ 44.95) from Endicor Technologies. The driver implements horizontal and vertical whitespace striping, as well as Epson compression mode 2 to minimize the amount ol data that must be sent to the printer, thereby improving printing speed. It also supports Ep- cadia Electronic Arts Micro Works). You can use the images as moving backgrounds and texture maps or convert the frames to IFFs using an image-processing program. As a bonus the ISO 9660 disc offers 16 static IFF backgrounds. It requires a hard drive. Keyboard shortcuts to controls, drag and drop, iconification, transparent handling of all event processing, resource tracking, online help in AmigaGuide format, and more. ZedRexx requires AmigaDOS 2.04 or later combine the best of both worlds. In addition, Soft-Logik is offering Digita's Datastore database program (S95). For novice users, Datastore comes complete with templates, online help, and intuitive VCR-style controls. More sophisticated features include mail-merge with Wordworth documents. Technical support in the US for both Digita products will be available through Soft-Logik, son’s optional Micro Weave printing, a distinctive feature that uses overlapping passes to reduce banding. Ii requires Workbench 1.3 or later. Overscan is compiled by Ann Record. Send your news and new products to Overscan, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458 or send e-mail to record@dv.com. ¦ Prime-Time PD ON-LINE SOURCES FOR FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE SOFTWARE After completing my review of Pegger 2.0 (Jan. ’95), my mind was on graph ics- conversion programs. While I normally opt for a commercial package, numerous freely distributable converters are widely used. Often these single-purpose conversion programs are all that's necessary to get graphics files into the desired format. Many graphics images you’ll find online and in CD- ROM collections appear in GIF, TIFF, and JPEG formats none of which are considered traditional Amiga formats like IFF or HAM. The graphics-conversion process is often a necessary step if you plan to load these files into paint programs, such as Dpaint, or put them to use in other applications that have a limited number of filetype loaders, PD converters come in a variety of forms, ranging from the single-purpose programs that convert GIF files to IFF format to the multipurpose converters. If you can get by without technical support, Arexx support, network compatibility, and other niceties found in commercial packages, then these PD offerings are the way to go. O Quick-Change Artists Log into any general computer area, such as one of the many graphicss or photography areas on CompuServe or Genie, and you’ll see that 256-color GIF files appear more frequently than any other graphics. If your applications can’t load in GIFs, you should get a copy of Shane R. Monroe’s GIF Processor Plus (GPP). A freeware program, GPP rapidly converts individual GIF files or batches thereof using an intuitive point-and- ciick interface. There are many options for deleting the source GIFs after conversion, and GPP includes selectable multitasking and a status screen that keeps you informed as to how many J GIFs w ere processed, how many remain to be processed, the average conversion time, and estimated completion time of a particular batch. IFF2PCXII, by John Shaw, is an old standby that converts IFF files to the popular PCX format used on PC compatibles. While it doesn’t seem to work under AmigaDOS 3.0 3.1, it does work well under older versions of the operating system. With either an interlaced or non-interlaced IFF, four buttons allow you to select a file and directory, convert the IFF file, or view it. The process is straightforward, and you’re reminded to have a utility such as Cross DOS to transfer the finished file to a PC-formatted disk when done. One of the lesser-known graphics converters is one that converts 064 320x200, 16-color Doodle format graphics files to IFF. C-64_2_IFF, by Jim Schwartz, does an admirable job of converting the old Doodle files, even under AmigaDOS
3. X. Another low-profile converter is BMP2ILBM 1.3, a 2.x 3.x. CLI-only utility that converts bitmap graphics files to ILBM format. Written by someone who goes by the initials DRM, this handy program can also display the BMP header and colortable. Other good miscellaneous graphics utilities include EDTVicw 0.5, a small (6.5K) program by Colin Bell that displays IFF, GIF, PCX, BMP, and JPEG files. You can also use EDTView as an image converter, loading in a GIF and saving it as an IFF. Another general-purpose converter is the freeware program TIFFView 1.12, by Bert Wynants. This utility lets you read, view, and print TIFF-formatted files. Furthermore, you can load IFF images into it for viewing, alter the gamma settings of the images, print them, and save them back to disk. Some “New” Icoims Although it's taking some time for die word to spread, Nicola Salmoria’s freeware Newlcons package is arguably the most excitement your Workbench has seen since MagicWB. Newlcons, a revolutionary system patch, enhances the appearance of AmigaDOS 2,0 or later and improves system functionality by installing custom icons, including those of die 256-color variety on AGA machines. Once the standard Commodore installer puls all the pieces in place, you'll realize Newlcons is more than just a collection of fancy icons. Besides replacing existing Workbench icons, dozens of default icons drawn by artist Roger McVey automatically appear for specific filetypes that normally lack icons. These include various ty pes such as IFF, JPEG, AmigaGuide, SMUS, and so on. If you click on one of these icons, the appropriate user-defined default tool automatically appears in the “Execute Command’’ field. Newlcons also lets you convert brushes into icons, and it provides unique icons for RAM Disks and CD- ROMs that lack them. A Newlcons gives the old Work> bench a new look. Comprehensive set of utilities allows you to manipulate the newly installed icons and create custom ones for older files unaffected by the installa- tion of Newlcons. The program also installs compressed images of the new icons into Tooltype lines of the .info files. Watch for upcoming improvements and accessories to this exciting icon system. Network Voice Numbers BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 800 433-6444 ¦ Write to "Prime-Time PD" ch Amiga Wo rid Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; or contact Tim through the Internet at “twahh@bix.com ”, R E V E DataFlyer XDS; DataFlyer SCSI + Interfaces for expanding the storage capabilities of the A1200 and A600. Expansion Systems; XDS, S99.95; SCSI+, $ 129.95 Alfa Data CD1200 Alfa Data, $ 99.95 A600 A1200 Accelerator compatible.
2. X 3.x compatible. Installation: Easy. Hard-drive installable. Minimum system: A600 or A1200. Not copy protected. Recommended system: Same as minimum. Ttired in a compact case without any expansion slots or drive bays, the A1200 is hardly an expandable machine or is it? Expansion Systems’ recently introduced DataFlyer XDS and SCSI + and Alfa Data's CD 1200 greatly enhance the storage capacity of the A1200 and its compact A600 sibling. DataFlyer XDS While the IDE controllers built into the A600 and A1200 support two hard drives, there’s room for only one drive in each machine’s tight coniines. Furthermore, only downsized 2.5-inch laptop drives which are expensive and limited in storage capacity will lit inside these computers. To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 61. The DataFlyer XDS (expansion Drive System) solves this housing dilemma. An innovative system consisting of an external case and a special drive cable, the XDS lets you add a relatively inexpensive
3. 5-inch IDE hard drive externally to your A1200 or A600. (The Maxtor 546MB drive 1 used costs only $ 299 less than a 200MB 2.5-inch internal IDE drive.) The specially designed cable included with the XDS is needed because the 3.5-inch drives use a 40-pin IDE connector instead of the 44-pin connectors used by laptop drives. The cable also taps into power connector to run the involves opening your computer’s case, plugging the cable into the Amiga’s IDE connector (a pass-through lets you continue to use an internal IDE drive) and into another spot on die motherboard, mountingyour drive in the XDS’s stylish case, and attaching the cable to the connector on the case. Because Commodore’s HDToolBox was not shipped with all A600s and A 1200s, Expansion Systems also includes its own formatting and partitioning software. Once installed, the drive worked as transparently as the Amiga’s internal hard drive and quite a hit faster. You can even boot off an XDS-mounted drive, and a pass-through connector lets you attach a second drive if you don’t have an internal hard disk. A DIN connector lets you use an external power supply if your Amiga doesn't have enough juice in reserve to power the hard drive. If your A1200 has an accelerator card and the stock power supply, you'll probably need more power. One usage tip: Make sure to set the Max’Transfer value for every partition to OxlffeO; most drives cannot handle larger values and will scramble files larger than 128K if you don’t do this. J DataFlyer SCSI + Right at the starting gate, I he I DE interface has two disadvantages: It supports only hard drives, and a maximum of two devices. If you’re looking for more flexibility, check out the DataFlyer SCSI 4-. This is a tinv adapter hoard containing a SCSI controller chip that plugs into the IDE connector on your AOOO’s or A1200’s motherboard. A pass-through lets it work with both an internal IDE drive and the XDS. At the right-rear corner of the A1200 is a knockout opening where you can install a standard 25- pin SCSI connector, running the cable under the internal disk drive and over to the SCSI 4-; on an A600, you have to run the ribbon cable out the back of the case. Installation is fairly easy, but I did have problems with the SCSI 4- board becoming partially unseated due to pressure from the keyboard above it. The SCSI 4- supports up to five SCSI devices. I tested the board with an external Quantum ELS 170 hard drive, a Bernoulli 150 removable hard disk, and a MediaVision single-speed CD-ROM drive. All worked well with the SCSI 4- controller once I removed the CD-ROM drive from the list of devices mounted by the DFMount command (the controller was trying to mount it as a hard drive). The SCSI 4- doesn’t include a CD-ROM device driver, but it works fine with the pubhc-domain Ami- CDROM file system, and should work with commercial drivers as well. The SCSI 4- isn't as last as some dedicated SCSI controllers that plug into the A 1200’s trap-door expansion slot, but it leaves that slot free for an accelerator card. Unfortunately, the controller isn’t capable of autobooting. With an IDE hard drive, that’s not a problem, hut if your only drives are on the SCSI bus, you’ll have to boot front your- floppy drive. There’s also a version of the SCSI 4- for the Amiga 4000, priced at S 149.95. CD1200 IT you’re happy with your current hard drive and you want to add a CD-ROM drive, you might consider Alfa Data’s CD 1200. A large plastic box that plugs into the PCMCIA connector on the Amiga 600 and 1200, the CD 1200 allows you to connect an inexpensive Mitsumi single- or double-speed CD- ROM drive, hut it will not work with other brands. I had to scrape up a case and power supply for the internal Mitsumi drive I tested. Once that was done, it was a simple matter to plug the CD 1200 into the Amiga's PCMCIA port and install the device driver. The drive appeared as CD0: and could be accessed like any other .Amiga device. The CD-ROM file system included with the CD 1200 allows vou to read the j s t a n d a r d I S O 9 6 6 0 discs used by CDTV, CD32, and PC systems. 1 substituted the public-domain Ami- CDROM svstem and could then access a M acintosh PostScript font disc with no problems. The device driver and file system make no attempt to emulate GDI A - and CI)32-specilic features, so about bW( of (4)32 titles work on the A1200. Liberation and Grolier’s Encyclopedia worked line, while others that apparently use CD32-specific routines (such as Alfred Chicken and Microcosm) locked up the system. Expansion Systems’ XDS (top) is designed for the A1200 and the almost'forgotten A600. The SCSI + (bottom) comes in both A600 - A1200 and A4000 configurations. The CD 1200 is gliich-li ee and may be the least expensive method lor adding a CD-ROM drive to your A1200. If you're comfortable about opening your machine, though, you'll find that the extra investment in the DataFlyer SCSI4- provides equivalent CD-ROM capabilities and increased expansion capacity. Denny Atkin ? Personal finance* management software. Minimum system: 1MB RAM, AmigaDOS 2.04 or later. Recommended system: Preferences printer, hard drive. Nearby calculator. The right approach to these types of programs is to have them entirely replace your existing Programmable resolutions up to 2400 x 1200 Pixel frequency of up to 135 Mhz 32 bit on-board blitter for astounding Powerful Xi Point included free of charge Installs in any lorro III slot bring full 24 bit noninterlaced high resolution graphics power to your Amiga Using c high resolution graphics card is like AGA...once you're used to the performance, there's no going back. Having my workbench in Super VGA, especially with public screens, is so productive it’s like having a larger desk in a larger office. I love my Retina and I can't remember how I ever cot alona without it. I use the Retina BIT Z3 because its *he fastest board on the marker by far. At the higher resolutions the speed of this board is unbelievable. When using LightWave 3.5 on c recent animation job I was able to save a lot of time by having a 1024x768 layout screen.The screen redraws were fast and I didn't have to zoom in and out for detail work. Using the Retina feels like using a workstation! Ji’s 3591 Nylond Way • lafavere, CO 80026 Voice. 303.496 1975 rax 499 1979 • Tech: 447 8126 • BBS: 969.8967
• ’e$ pec consoles Checks & Balances AmiSoft, $ 44.95 All Amigas.
2. X 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Using computer programs to balance your checkbook is often more time-consuming than grabbing a Checks & Balances makes managing your checkbook accurate and easy. If you have a printer attached, you can use C&B’s Check window' to print your checks on custom forms that are available for both laser and dot-matrix printers. (A discount coupon from one form supplier is included with the package.) 1’he Check window also displays either a facsimile of a single check as vou fill in Cj j payee and amount information, or an abbreviated display of several checks. This latter option includes indicators that reveal whether a check has already been printed or is currently selected for printing. When you receive your hank statement, open the Reconciliation window. This lists all of the transactions that have been entered but not previously reconciled. You click on every transaction your statement lists and enter the balance as shown on the statement. C&B Continued on j). 3S. Checkbook and register. AmiSoIVs Checks Sc Balances not only does just that, but also replaces the calculator in the process. Checks the Balances Supplied on a single disk. Checks & Balances (C&B) displays eight icons that represent the various functions of the program. Each of these icons opens a window with a mouseclick or press of a function key, and, like other Amiga w indows. These come with the usual gadgets that allow you to adjust their size and position. Opening the Register w indow lets you enter standard information such as date, check number, amount, and payee. Also shown are tax deductibility, whether or not the check has cleared your bank, and a running account balance. You also enter deposits and ATM transactions in this window. CONSULTRON S959 Ridge Rd Plymouth, Ml 48170-3213 Technical Support
(313) 459-7271 j Feature | [CrossMAT | MaxDOSiM 1 Mac 1.44M (high density) floppies Yes Yes* Mac 800K (low density) floppies Yesf No Amax and Emplant 800K floppies Yes No Amax and Emplant partitions Yes Yes Mac hard drives Yes Yes Shows data and resource ‘fork’ Yes Yes Displays Mac icons on Workbench Yes No Mac text translation option Yes Yes Preserves original Mac Finder Yes No Transparent MacBinary file support i- ------ Yes No Resource Extractor utility Yes No Mac file salvage utility Yes No Network friendly Yes Yes Customer BBS support Yes No 5+ years of file system design experience Yes No CrossMAC™ allows you to read and write files on Mac floppies and hard disks directly from your favorite Amiga program. CrossMAC™ is a Mac File System for the Amiga® and Video Toaster®. It easily installs into the Amiga operating system to allow you to transparently access files on Mac disks any application. The CrossMAC tested here is Version 1.01, The MaxDOS tested here is Version 2.0. Requires either: Amax II Plus card or Amux IV card and standard Amiga drive or Amax II cartridge with Mac floppy drive, or AM IA cartridge with Mac floppy drive.
* Requires our device driver (also supplied with Amisa OS
2. 1 &3.j) __ _ r i Ask about our “CrossFS Pro Pack”. It combines CrossMAC and CrossDOS 5 Plus for one low price. Our feature-packed file system out-performs the competition. Compare: TM File System Features: ? Read write Mac low* and high** density floppies (including Amax and Emplant disks). ? Read write Mac hard drives (including SyQuest™ and BernoulliINI cartridges and Amax™ and Emplant™ partitions). ? Read Mac HFS CD-ROMs. ? Data and Resource ‘forks’ as separate files. ? Mac icons displayed under Workbench. ? Full Mac file names. ? MacBinary file support. ? Optional Amiga Mac character translation. ? Requires either an Amax cartridge and Mac 800K drive or an Amax II plus Amax IV card.
* * Requires an Amiga-compatible high density drive. [We have a limited supply of these drives for sale]. File System Support Utilities: ? Format, diskcopy and check the integrity of Mac disks. ? File salvation program to try to recover files from a corrupt Mac disk. ? Resource extractor to view or copy individual resources from a Mac resource ‘fork’. ? Easy hard drive configuration program. ? Other valuable utilities. Requirements: Any Amiga with at least I M of RAM and AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher. Amiga: registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. SyQuest: registered trademark of SyQuest Technologies., Inc. Bernoulli: registered trademark of [QMega Corp. Video Toaster: registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. MaxDOS: trademark of Media4 Produclions. Amax: trademark of ReadySoft, Inc. Emplant & AMIA: trademark of Utilities Unlimited, Inc. IMAGINE, IF YOU will, a world every bit as complex, colorful, and detailed as our own. This world has seas and coastlines and bays, mountains and lakes and rivers. It has an infinite number of features, some as broad as continent s and some as minute as raindrops. A product of recent higher mathematics, the Ma ndelbrot Set a nd other fractal equa t ions offer uniquely dramatic and colorful graphics possibilities for Amiga artists, animators, videograpliers, and general enthusiasts. Explore the fascinating world of fractal imagery and sample some exciting Amiga fractal-generation software. By mark r. brown Now imagine that this entire world can be described by a simple, two-term mathematical formula. Such a world really does exist. It is called the Mandelbrot Set. Geometry and Nature Most man-made objects can be easily described in mathematical terms. A ball is a sphere, a door is a rectangular solid, and even a fairly complex object like an automobile is simply a combination of geometric lines, planes, and curves. -All can be defined by simple mathematical formulas. But natural objects are harder to define. What is the formula for a leaf, or a mountain, or a cloud? In fact, only twenty years ago, such a question would have been regarded as ludicrous But that was before the development of fractal mathematics. Fractals are, themselves, difficult to describe. It has been said that fractals describe objects that display “regular irregularity” or “self-similarity.” Fractals are nonlinear, recursive, and possess a “fractional dimension.” But what does all this really mean? Consider a fern. Each frond is composed of smaller “fronds” that resemble the fern as a whole. Looking even closer, Figure 1. Fern you’ll see that, at every created by Math- level, a part of the fern VISION (Seven resembles the entire plant. Seas Software). A fern is “self-similar.”i FRACTAL IMAGES BY MARK R. BROWN, D.I.. RICHARDSON AND DANIEL WOLF Amiga World I 3 Fractal mathematics can be used to describe such sell- similar objects. You can use a relatively simple fractal formula to create an image of a fern that is indistinguishable from the real thing. The same is true of many natural objects. Images of coastlines, mountains, trees, clouds, and many other items in nature can be generat ed using fractal mat hematics. The natural-looking images in Figures I and 2 were both generated by an Amiga running various fractal image-generation programs. Mandelbrot Benoit Mandelbrot, a Research Fellow with IBM, coined the term '‘fractal’’ in 1975 to describe a curious graph he had been working with on an IBM mainframe. He was running numbers through a recursive formula in the coinplex-number plane, and it was generating a very curious image one that looked like a big, black bug. Somewhat mysteriously, when he “zoomed in" on a part of the graph, the magnified images of its parts often resembled the entire graph. I he formula he was using was quite simple: z z* 4- c, where . And c are both “complex numbers.” (See the sidebar “What Are Complex Numbers?” for an explanation of this phenomenon.) L ie first picked a value for cand set z = 0. Then he substituted the result of the calculation back for in the equation and calculated again. 1 le repeated the process fora set number of iterations. I le had his computer plot the results on a rectangular grid with the real-number components along the x-axis and the imaginary components along they-axis. If, after the specified number of iterations ran out, the result had not zoomed off towards inf inity, he colored the point on his graph black. II it did, he didn’t color the point at all. (A later refinement colored each nonblack coordinate a different hue according to how many iterations it took for that point’s calculation to exceed an absolute value of 2, a sure indication it was headed for infinity.) Running his equation for complex number values between “2 1.25i and ,5 - 1.25i resulted in Mandelbrot's curious bug-shaped graph. This graph, now known as the Mandelbrot Set (see Figure 3), has since become one of the most-studied objects in modern mathematics. If you’ve been around computers very long, you’ve probably seen these colorful Mandelbrot Set images (as in f igure 4) even if you were unsure exactly what it was you were seeing. Exploring the Mandelbrot Set Given the graphics capabilities and computing power of the Amiga, it is not surprising that there are a number of programs, both commercial and freely distributable. That allow you to do your own exploring in the Mandelbrot Set. But before you set out, you should know that there are several factors that affect the images you will create with these programs. . Zooming'. All of the interesting Mandelbrot patterns are located on the edge of the Mandelbrot Set. You can “zoom in” on small regions of the edge by limiting the range of numbers you explore and by using more digits of precision (see Figure 5 on p. 15). For example, you might limit your view to the rectangular area enclosed by the complex numbers between (-1 - 0.25i) and (-.75 - .5i). The effect is like zooming in with a telescope on the earth from space. The best way to zoom a Mandelbrot image is with some sort of direct point-and-click or drag-a-rectangle mouse control. The most excruciating is to enter the numbers manually. Fortunately, the latter method is almost entirely extinct, though it was often the only way to zoom in older programs. This capability is actu- ally useful if you want to re-create images that have been generated by others the “coordinates” are usually published along with Mandelbrot images.
2. Iterations: By increasing the number of iterations, more and more detail can be revealed apparently, an infinite amount of detail. All of the black areas of the Mandelbrot Set are connected, though you may not see the connecting threads for some areas until you have run a great many iterations. The more iterations, the slower the image will generate. No matter how powerful an Amiga you own, you’ll want to keep the iteration count low as you explore, and increase it only when you've found an interesting area you want to see in greater detail.
3. Color: By coloring the points that are in the Mandelbrot set black, as Mandelbrot himself did, and by coloring other points in different colors to indicate how many iterations they take to “fly away” to infinity, extremely colorful and fascinating patterns can he created. The look and feel of any area you examine will vary a great deal depending on the color scheme you choose (see Figure 6). Alternate colors for a dramatic striped effect; choose a range of related colors for smooth, organic images; or pick a colorful spectrum for a wild and crazy look. Don't overlook the drama that a monochrome or grayscale scheme can give your images.
4. Animation: There are two ways to give a fractal image motion. One is to cycle the colors. In most Mandelbrot images, color cycling resembles the flow of a river. As it follows an image’s curves, color cycling helps to accentuate the structure of the image. The effect is hypnotic. The second way to add motion is to create multiple images and combine them into an animation. This might involve simply panning across an area of the Mandelbrot Set, but more often it means zooming in or out, perhaps at the same time increasing the number of iterations to add detail. Combining dozens of zoomed images into a “fly-in” sequence is extremely dramatic, emphasizing the Mandelbrot Set's resemblance to natural landscapes. Some programs will create a sequence of images automatically; with others, you’ll have to step-and-save manually. ? What Are Complex Numbers? O © C © COMPLEX NUMBERS ARE composed of two parts, one "real" and one "imaginary." Real numbers are the ordinary numbers we use every day positive and negative, whole and fractional. In considering what follows, remember that the square of any real number (positive or negative) is positive; e.g., 32 and (-3)* both equal 9. Therefore, 9 has two square roots: 3 and -3. Imaginary numbers are not imaginary at all; they are just as real as "real" numbers, but carry an unfortunate name that was given to them by mathematicians when they were a new, unnerving concept. Imaginary numbers were invented to answer the question, "What is the square root of a negative number?" (the question arising from the then puzzling solution of the quadratic equation x2 + 1 = 0). The base number of the imaginary-number set is called "i" and is defined as "the square root of -1." In other words, ia = -1. The square root of-4 is expressed as 2i, since 22 is 4 and i2 is -1. And so on. A complex number consists of a real part and an imaginary part for example, "4 + 3i," The real part is "4" and the imaginary part is "3i." This number cannot be further reduced or simplified. To multiply two complex numbers, you cross-multiply algebraically. For example, consider this problem: (4 + 3i)*(2 + 20. First, you multiply the two real parts: 4*2 = 8, Then you multiply the two imaginary parts: 3i*2i = 6i2 =
- 6. This produces a real, negative number because you multiply one "i" by another (giving you -1). Finally, you cross-multiply the real part of each complex number with the imaginary part of the other: 4*2i = 8i; 3i*2 = Gi. Then add all the similar terms: 8 + (-6) + 8i + Gi = 2 + 14i. This answer is, itself, a complex number; it cannot be further reduced. ? MB AmigaWorhl 15
5. Resolution: Most Amiga fractal programs let you work with a wide varietv of screen resolutions and
a. l_Pai»tto Conv I Svmp I &pr«»d | i|ndo_J Ql Forward* I Unit S _|_| Omcl 1 Figure 7. “X” marks the spot on the Mandelbrot set that generates this colorful Julia set. Also shown is Mand2000’s color-palette control window. Color depths. You will probably want to work with lower-resolution screens and a limited color set for general exploration, since this results in greater speed. W hen you are ready to save images, you might want to select higher screen resolutions and more colors.
6. Equations: Mandelbrot’s equation is not the only fractal equation in existence. There are literally an infinite number. Many of the programs mentioned in this article are capable of generating fascinating if less familiar images based on other fractal equations. The Julia Set is particularly interesting (see Figure 7). Every point on the complex plane generates a unique Julia Set. Points that lie within the Mandelbrot Set generate connected Julia Sets; points outside the Mandelbrot Set generate disjunct Julia Sets. Some Mandelbrot programs allow you to generate a point’s associated Julia Set. Some even allow you to scan across the Mandelbrot Set. Generating a “ Julia animation" as you go. The results are quite dramatic, reminiscent of the opening and closing of the wormhole on TV s Star 7')v'I; )eej) S' nice Nine. Fractai SOFTWARE Figure 8. FractalPro’s control panel. I nd I UnN-aned Sblaa lul l nA : Urhanod 1RN don*. Mandelbrot. 32 Oil calcc. Zsfrned In 6 tine*. Max tiers is 102-1. 2B&, 761: Her • 22
- 0.531.79 +0.247,39 Figure 9. Mand2000 generates the classic Mandelbrot image from the cover of the August 1985 issue of Scientific American that launched “Mandelbrot Mania.” NOW' THAT YOU know a little about the nature of fractal images, let's survey some of the top Amiga fractal-generation software. (To contact the developers of these programs, consult the “Manufacturers’ Distributors Addresses" list on p. 61.) Also, a sampling of some of the many PD shareware Amiga fractal programs with brief descriptions and Fred Fish disk numbers is contained in the sidebar “f ractals on Fish." FractalPro v6.07 MegctgeM s FractalPro (S 1-49.95) lias been around in one form or another almost as long as the Amiga, it seems. Now at version 6, this latest incarnation includes support for AGA-cquipped Amigas with more colors and higher screen resolutions. FractalPro has the abilitv to compute ten different fractal equations, not just the Mandelbrot Set. And can create twelve types of animation sequences. It can also save DEM (Digital Elevation Map) files, which you can then load into Vista Pro (Virtual Reality Labs) or Scenery Animator (Natural Graphics) to create 3-D scenes based on fractal data. MegageM claims that Fractal Pro has the abilitv to O O » magnify more than 2000 trillion times, although I’d hate to have to wait for an image to generate at that level of magnification. Mouse, menu, and Arexx support, as well as a fullv loaded control screen, give Fractal Pro users a variety of control choices (see Figure 8). The program requires an FPL (or 68040) and one meg of RAM. For more information on this program, see the full review (Oct. '93, p. 19). MegageM also offers the FractalPro Image Library, Vol. 1 ($ 59.95) a CD-ROM collection of more than 350 fractal images plus several dozen VistaPro DEM files of fractal objects. Mand2000 Cygnus Software's best-known product is the excellent text editor, CygnusEd. Which is sold by Elastic Reality - ASDG. But for vears, Cvgnus Software’s tine labor of j * o love has been the Mandelbrot Set generator now known as Mand2000 (see Figure 9). This shareware program is an excellent example of what programs on the Amiga should look like. It has a wonderful 3-D user interface that makes full use of the Amiga’s mouse, menus, windows, gadgets, and requesters. There is also built-in help, although everything is so intuitive you’ll probably never need it. You can generate multiple images in multiple windows, and the images can be created in a multiple-pass format that lets you see results almost immediately. Have an older Amiga? No problem. Size down the windows a bit and you can easily keep up with the big boys. But Manri2000 also takes advantage of the Amiga’s multitasking abilities by letting you create multiple images at the same time. Mand2000 is loaded with unique features. It produces four different types of animation, and can even create a super-fast proprietary type of animation that is played back with Cygnus’s own I'ween Player. Not surprisingly, Mand2()00 works well with ASDG’s AD Pro, which has its own loader for “Fractal2()()0” liles. Which can be used to generate 24-bit Mandelbrot images. Mand2000 also supports many Amiga 24-bit boards. I here are lots of different ways you can explore Initials using Mand2000. Its "t lit k-and-zoom'' feature has to be seen to be believed it’s like dive-bombing the Mandelbrot Set. I here is a “demo mode” that will show you some of the best parts of the set, which vou can also select directly f rom a pull-down menu. Arexx support is built in, anti many sample Arexx programs are included. These can even be linked to the I ser menu for quick and easy access. If you’re more the videogame type, you can even plug in a joystick and "drive” around the Mandelbrot Set! Fractal* on fiah THERE ARE A multitude of PD and shareware fractal programs available for the Amiga probably more than for any other personal computer. The following is a list of 34 of the most popular and accessible Amiga fractal programs. Some generate only the Mandelbrot set; others add features like animation; and still others generate different types of fractal images. All are available on Fred Fish disks. You can also look for them online on Aminet, on commercial online services, or on an Amiga BBS near you. PROGRAM FISH DESCRIPTION ApfelKiste 566 Fast, simple Mandelbrot program from Germany CloudsAGA 981 Fractal cloud generator with AGA support CPIot 392 Graphs linear functions in two dimensions CPM 303 Computes 3-D fractals via Continous Potential Method DEM 303 Computes B&W fractals via Distance Estimator Method FastGro 188 Simulates Diffusion-Limited Aggregation FCS 465 Iterated Fractal Construction Set FFEX 549 Feature-packed fractal generator FracBlank 687 A commodities fractal screen blanker FracGen 188 Generates ferns, gaskets, etc. from seeds FractalLab 391 Versatile fractal image generator Fractals 371 Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton, and other complex formulas IceFrac 303 Computes via Diffusion Limited Aggregation IFSLah 696 Iterated Function System fractal generator Landscape 554 A fractal scenery generator written in AMOS Lyapunovia 877 Generates images based on Lyapunov Space MAK 522 Mandelbrot Adventure Kit Mand2000D 947 Demo version of a revolutionary fractal program MandAnim 461 Mandelbrot animation program MandelBlitz 387 Fast Mandelbrot generator with many options MandelMountains 383 Renders 3-D Mandelbrot zooms MandelPAUG 452 Latest MandFXP version with online help, many features MandelSquare 835 Unique method Mandelbrot generator with animation MandelVroom 215 Mandelbrot Julia generator in assembly MapTrix 853 A texture map backdrop generator featuring fractals Plasma 779 A plasma-cloud generator for AGA machines PolySys 389 The OL-system described in 'Science of Fractal Images' Scenery 155 PD precursor to the commercial Scene Generator Slicer 836 Creates abstract art based on mathematical functions Sman 447 Mandelbrots with FPU support, etc. Terrain3D 94 Early Amiga PD 3-D fractal scene generator TreeGrow 814 Generates quasifractal trees or plants TurboMandel 302 Fast Mandelbrot program, with 3-D, etc. ZPIot 389 Graphs complex number formulas, including Mandel Julia V K A C T A 1 S There are manv other features "too many to men-
• ’ don,” as they say. You can tiy out die freely distributable Mand2000 demo and find out more for yourself. Li is available on Fish 947, on Aminet, and on other BBSs and PI) disk collections. But once you see it, you'll want to buy the commercial version. 1 guarantee it's the most fun you'll ever have for 544.95, ppd. MathVISION 2.4 The original name of MathVISION ($ 223, Seven Seas Software) was Doug’s Math Aquarium, which 1 always thought was extremely descriptive, because Math* VISION is not just a Mandelbrot Set exploration program it’s a mathematics exploration program. As an aquarium is for llsh, MathVISION is for math. Oh, it will graph the Mandelbrot Set, sure, but it will also create colorful, dynamic displays based on just about any mathematical formula or set of mathematical formulas you can come up with. There are faster Mandelbrot Set programs, if that’s all you’re interested in. But MathVISION’s strength is its versatility. The program comes with more example formulas than you could play with in a month. There’s an opti- mized Mandelbrot function, of course. There are also fractal functions to generate natural objects, like ferns, as well as a universe of traditional math formulas and specialized formulas created just for MathV ISION. The built-in function library lets you easily create your own formulas, as well. MathVISION’s versatility also makes it a bit scary. It * can take time to get into MathVISION and understand what you're doing, but once you do, using it may become a genuine obsession. To start with, you can simply load the examples and generate images. Play with the formulas. Read the manual. You'll find out that MathVISION is really a research-quality tool masquerading as a fun graphics toy. You can do a lot with this program, from investigating the Mandelbrot Set to processing digitized images. If you’re serious about mathematical exploration on the Amiga, it’s the perfect tool. (For a full review, see Mar. '94, p. 19.) FractInt 2.0 A port of a freely distributable MS-DOS fractal-gener- FRACTALS BIBLIOGRAPHY ation program, FractInt suffers from lack of "Ainiga- tizalion." But it more than makes up for its shortcomings in its versatility and cross-platform compatibility. A huge data file containing hundreds of formulas comes with the program. Of course, it will do the Mandelbrot Set, but it will do so much more that the Mandelbrot Set seems almost an afterthought. The latest version, 2.0, includes an MU I button- based interface that adds at least a modicum of Amiga “look and feel." The screen requester is the standard one used by most newer Amiga programs, and it allows vou to select all Amina screen modes, including AGA. J n ' o Bur FractInt still betrays its MS-DOS origins in many ways. For example, it saves screens in GIF, not IFF, format. Still, the images it creates are excellent, it lias many options, and it is compatible with the MS-DOS version. It is also gaining a number of Amiga fans, and future versions are bound to contain more Amiga-like features, If you want to get into fractals for free, it s an excellent choice. FractInt is available for download from Aminet. It should be available from other freely distributable software sources such as BBSs and disk collections, as well. Fractals arc fascinating on manv levels. You can spend a great deal of time just generating pretty fractal pictures. You can spend even more studying the mathematics underlying the images. Fortunately, the Amiga is amply supplied with the tools to allow you to do both. ¦ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT fractals in general and the Mandelbrot Set in particular can be obtained from a surprisingly large and growing variety of resources. The following were used extensively in the creation of this article. Others can be found by inquiring online or at your local library. Be sure to check out the annual indexes of Scientific American; SA has published a great many articles on the subject over the last decade, beginning with the excellent article that kicked off "Mandelbrot Mania" in August, 1985 (see Figure 9). BOOKS Gleck, James, Chaos, Making a New Science; 1987, Penguin Books, New York. Mandelbrot, Benoit B., The Fractal Geometry of Nature; 1982, W.H. Freeman, New York. Peitgen, H.-O., and Richter, P.H., The Beauty of Fractals; 1986, Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Peitgen, H.-O., and Saupe, Deitmar, The Science of Fractal Images; 1988, Springer- Verlag, Berlin. NEWSLETTER Amygdala, $ 25 yr (no credit cards) plus postage (S3.20 for US subscribers). Published lOx yr. PO Box 219, San Cristobal NM 87564. The Troubleshooter's Guide To While there are dozens of ways you and your printer can get into trouble, learning the three basic ingredients of proper printing will make solving these problems as easy as ABC. IF LIFE WERE fair, even’ time you selected the Print j j item from a program menu, your printer would produce perfect output. As every computer owner knows, however, it just doesn’t work that way. Who among us hasn’t had the thrill of buying a new printer, hooking it up, and getting page after page of gibberish- or worse still, the dreaded “Printer Trouble1' requester? Few printer manufacturers have experience with the .Amiga, so their "help lines’1 are of little use. But once you become familiar with three basic ingredients of proper printing, you’ll find that diagnosing and fixing a printer problem is as easy as ABC. These ingredients are (A) the proper hardware connection, (B) the right language to communicate with your printer (software drivers), and (C) setting your applications programs correctly. The Hardware Connection A PRIN PER CABLE connects your computer to vour printer. Since the cable doesn’t come with either the printer or the computer, many first-time users don’t know what kind to get. In practice, however, this is almost never a problem. The overwhelming majority of printers use a standard Centronics parallel printer interface with a large, D-shaped 36-pin connector, while almost eveiy Amiga model has a standard printer port with a female DB-25 connector on it. As a result, about 997c ol the time you can use a standard parallel printer cable, the same kind used on the IBM PC system. By Sheldon Leemon Tlie sole computer exception to this rule is the A1000 which has a male, instead of female, DB-25 connector on the printer port. You cannot just use a simple adapter and a standard cable with the A1000, however, because the port itself sends power down one of the wires, and this could damage the printer. Therefore, if you have an Amiga 1000, be sure to get a printer cable especially designed for your computer. There are also a few types of printers that don’t use the standard connector. For example, Apple printers, such as the Apple Imagewriter, use a serial connection, as do printers for the Commodore 64 and 128. Some printers designed for use with dedicated computer terminals also use a serial interface. While you can use a serial printer with your Amiga, it isn’t easy. First, you have to find the right cable. Many serial printers use a standard DB-25 cable that looks like the connector used with a modem, but in most cases a simple modem cable won't work because the printer ports are wired like those on a computer, not a modem. This means you have to use a null modem cable, the same kind used to connect the serial ports of two computers. The software connection for such printers is also more complex than with standard parallel primers. You must select the serial port from the Printer Preferences program and then set the Serial Preferences to match the printer’s serial settings (these are usually controlled by DIP switches described in the manual). Printers for the Apple II and Macintosh scries use a ? Proprietary round plug, as do those for the Commodore 64 and 128. You can convert Apple printers for use with an IBM or Amiga with just a cable, but a Commodore printer requires a special interface to work with an Amiga or IBM. However, spending $ 50 orVnore for such an interface seems a waste of money, because for about SI00 you can buy a brand-new, §Cpin dot-matrix printer that readily connects to an Amiga or IBM, uses easily obtainable ribbons, and pro- ” ‘ ces high-quality output. Similarly, you can just about forget using a printer from the old Commodore PET computers, since thev require an IEEE interface that is much more expensive than a new printer. New computer users often wonder whether a hard drive or some minimum amount of RAM is necessary for printing complex graphics. The simple answer is that you need no more RAM or storage space for printing than you do to run the applications from which you print. For the most part, adding RAM or hard-clrive storage will improve neither printout quality nor speed. Hardware Problems A problem in the physical connection between your computer and printer is usually pretty easy to diagnose. 1 he most common symptom is that when you try to print, nothing comes out of the printer, and your computer displays a requester that says something like. "Printer trouble: check printer and paper.” This message simply means that the information isn't making its way from the computer to the printer. To verify that you have a hardware problem, try sending text directly out of the parallel port. Open a Shell window and type COPY s:startup-sequence PAR: If you are able to print using this command, but unable to print from your applications, you should run the Printer program in the Prefs drawer to make sure that the correct printer port (parallel or serial) is selected. Since the default setting is parallel the one used in the overwhelming majority of cases this problem usually arises only ifyou or somebody else has changed this setting by accident. If vou still get the “Printer Trouble” message after entering the above Shell command, you need to check the three stops that your data makes along the way: the computer s printer port, the cable, and the printer itself. Check all of the obvious external problems first, before looking for more obscure causes. Make sure that the printer cable is plugged in firmly at both ends, and that the printer is turned on and in the "ready” position. Most printers have a "ready" button, and either a light indicating that it is online or ready, or Problems, Causes, and Cures Symptom Problem Type Solution No print at atl when you "COPY s:startup- sequence to PAR:" from CLI. "Printer Trouble" requester appears. Hardware Check that printer is on and ready. Check paper in printer. Check printer cable on another computer. Check computer printer port with another printer. Text prints OK, but not graphics. Driver software Select another driver in Printer Prefs. Chose "HP LaserJet" for laser printers. Chose "Epson" driver for other printers. Make sure printer is set to same emulation. Choosing "generic" driver should print text OK, but no graphics. Scrambled printing on a setup that usually works OK. Printer setting Turn the printer off, and then on again. This clears all of the internal settings, and it is always a good idea when your printer starts to act strangely. PostScript printout produces strange text instead of your document. Printer setting Set your printer to "PostScript" emulation, not "HP LaserJet." Incorrect margins; no color print Printer Preferences application settings Try changing the Preferences settings, both in the program from which you are printing and in the Printer Preferences (both text and graphics). Printing is too slow Several If in graphics mode, try using a lower density setting in Preferences. If using a desktop-publishing program and complex images, you may need a faster processor in your computer to speed up printing. Also, note that it takes a very long time for PostScript printers to produce detailed graphics (up to half an hour per page). This is a function of the printer itself. ? P K I T I (i A B C’S 0 F cna fled: Green; ff.-ya r Glue: tt Co lor*: Tvp*: Qi Width Ignore J Cancel j Us* Parallel o-i Pica 1« cpIJ Er>*onX
- pao EpionXOId Generic f ex.dr Iver ‘.DeskJet HP_DeskJet 01d HP_LaserJet HP_Pa«ntJet HP_IhInKJet PlnDrIvor PostScript Pi 6 Lines Per Inch m. nr Draft SL Cant i nuaus 0! R- .F-jy.r L an LCD display that shows the word “Ready” when all is well. Note also that most printers need to have the paper in position before they will go to the “ready” position. Von can usually tell l ight away if your hardware connection is good by turning the printer on and resetting the computer. If all is well, the printer should also reset when the computer starts up again. Most printers make some sort of sound that makes it easy to tell when they reset. If everything appears to be in order on the surface, but you are still not getting any output, try testing the components one by one. If you have access to a friend’s computer with a working printer, try your cable on that system. If the cable checks out, tty your printer on the other system. If both the printer and cable work on another system, the printer port on your computer may be the problem. This port is controlled by a CIA chip, one of the least reliable components on the Amiga. Replacement of the CIA is therefore one of the most common cures for printer-port problems. Although these chips are socketed on most Amiga models, it is probably a repair job best left to trained technicians. Hardware problems are usually an all-or-nothing proposition, in that you get no print whatsoever. In some cases, however, your printer may miss occasional characters, or work only sporadically. These conditions indicate that your printer port may not be sending a strong enough signal to make it to the printer. Although most computers work fine with a cable as long as ten or fifteen feet, there are no guarantees. A long cable may work fine with one computer, and not at all with another of the same model. When in doubt, try using a shorter cable. .Although there is no easy way to see whether the printer is capable of receiving data other than sending some data to it with another computer most printers can perform a self-test that demonstrates they are able to print. These tesl routines usually print samples of all of the text fonts and special features. On older models, you must hold down the “Form Feed” or “Line Feed” button while turning the printer 011 in order to enable the self-test. On newer printers, there may be a Test or Demo button, or a menu selection. Consult your printer manual for details on how to use this feature. Selecting Driver Software ONCE THE HARDWARE connection between your computer and primer is working, you should have no trouble printing plain text. That’s because every printer does it in exactly the same way for each number that the computer sends, the printer outputs the corresponding character using its own type font. Today’s printers, however, can do a lot more than just print text. They can print special type styles like bold, underlined, and condensed. They can reproduce graphics images, and some can even prim text and pictures in color. Unfortunately, not all printers use the same instructions for each function. This makes it difficult for a program to know which command to send the printer. The Amiga uses a system of Printer Preferences to translate the program’s request for a special printer feature (like “start underlining”) into the actual commands used by the printer to perform that function. Once you have selected the correct printer driver, half of the window (see Figure I), and you select the one to use by clicking its name. As there are literally hundreds of different computer printers, your printer’s name may well not appear on this list. Don’t panic. All you need to do is to find the closest match. Although printers tend to have their own unique characteristics, most are also compatible with one of three common standards. The manual for your printer will tell you which of these standards your printer follows (look for a section on Software Emulation modes), and what changes, if any, you need to make to your printer’s setup to take advantage of these modes. Just about every laser printer uses the same command codes as the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers. Some laser printers are also compatible with Adobe’s PostScript page-description language. There is a special PostScript driver in Workbench 2.1 and later, but if you are using an earlier Workbench version, you can still talk to your printer by selecting the HP LaserJet driver and setting your printer to LaserJet emulation (check the printer manual for details). All other types, such as dot-matrix, inkjet, thermal printers, almost always accept the command codes used by Epson printers. For an older, 9-pin dotmatrix printer, you should select the EpsonX driver, which uses the codes for the Epson EX series of printers. For newer, 24-pin dot-matrix and other high- quality printers, the EpsonQ driver is appropriate. Dithering: 0f Ordered Sealtng: Of Fract ion Inagr: 01 PosItlue fl«p*et: 01 liar 1 zant a 1 Shad*: 01 Gray Scat* 1 Let I LtHv (inch» 16>i |a I Thr*ahoId: Dens. Ity; ? 3 J J Srioothinv Center Picture Driver Problems It’s easy to figure out when your printer driver is responsible for a problem, because it will show up only when you are trying to use one of the printer’s special features, such as graphics printing, not when you arc printing plain text. A typical case is when you try to Figure 1. The two printer Preferences programs in the Prefs drawer of Workbench 2.0 and later allow you to select several important printer settings. The most important setting in the Printer program (below) is the printer driver, while PrinterGFX (above) allows you to select grayscale or color graphics printing. Every application will be able to use all the special features of the driver software. Users of Workbench 1.3 and later can select the printer driver by running the Printer program found in the Prefs drawer of the Workbench disk. A list of printers appears in the left Paper Lrnvth (line&) I Left Harflin (characters): Right Margin (characters); Printer Port: Print Pitch: Print Gpdclit?: Pr i nt QuaI It y: Paper Type: Paper Format: Harrow Tractor Cancel J. Sava 7T v Print er Preferences Printer Type A 15 C'S 0 I print a picture from a program like DeluxePaini, ancl you get a stream of letters and numbers instead of a picture. Another symptom of driver problems is gelling an odd character or two at die lop of the first page while printing plain text. This unwanted output is usually die result of a margin-setting command gone awry. It's a big help* however, that many of the newer programs print a picture of the text on a page, rather than just sending text characters to be printed using the printer’s own internal fonts. Word processors like Final Writer and ItoWrite use graphics for the highest-quality print modes, so if the printer drivers are not set correctly, diese programs will seemingly not even print text correctly. You can force these programs to prim plain text by selecting Draft mode from the print requester. If the programs prim text correctly in Draft but not in Final mode, the driver is likely to be the culprit. If your printer produces recognizable output when printing a graphic, but the quality is not up to what you had in mind, you can Fme-tune the results using the PrinterGFX Preferences program (or the Graphics section of the 1.3 Preferences program). This program has a number of settings that allow you to fix problems like pictures that are too dark, nor centered, or the wrong size. The Density setting is one of the most important ones, because it determines the number of dots printed per inch. A higher density setting gives vou better detail, but uses more ink. Making the pic- Print Picture Inaffe: K2 ~| Color | Dots Aspect: Shade: 5 & H1 Grey Center Placenent: Left | Hide: I Zhish: nHHI Line feeds: I Copies: (¦¦¦ Fern feed: Yes | Print | Exit | Cancel | Figure 2. Many programs like DeluxePaint have their own printer setup panels, where you can make selections similar to those found in the Workbench Preferences programs. These settings usually override Preferences. Ture darker, and it takes more time. A lower density setting generally makes the picture print faster and lighter, but may lose some of the detail. Although most printers produce acceptable output in Epson or HP Emulation modes, you need a driver specifically tailored to your printer in order to produce the highest quality output and to fully use the special features of your printer. Among the best-known vendors of these drivers are Creative Focus, which sells enhanced drivers for the IIP DeskJet and LaserJet printers, and Wolf Faust, whose Studio printer drivers (distributed in the US by Noahjrs) support the Cannon line of inkjet printers and a wide variety of popular dot-matrix printers. A few printers, like p r i i i a ; Fargo’s Primera. Even come packaged with Amiga drivers. If you have an older printer, you may nol he able to find a commercial driver for it, but you may find a public-domain driver on a bulletin board or in the Fred Fish library of freely distributable software. PostScript printers require special care. If your program tries to send PostScript output to your printer while the printer is set in HP LaserJet mode, you’ll wind up with page after page of PostScript texi commands. If your program tries lo send 1 IP codes while your printer is in PostScript mode, you won’t get any print at all. In short, make sure that the output you've selected on the computer matches the emulation selected on the printer. Applications Software w Settings THE FINAL FACTOR influencing your printer’s output is the applications software that actually does the printing. The Printer and PrinterGFX programs allow you to select a number of sellings relating to paper size, print quality, graphics printing, margins, and type font, but applications are free to accept these recommendations or ignore them. Programs for which printing is an important function generally have their own own prinier-seiup menu (such as DeluxePaint - see Figure 2), and use these settings rather than the ones from Preferences. If you are having problems getting an application to print in color, to set the margins correctly, to center ilie printout on the paper, or anything similar, your best bet is to check to see il the program has its own printcr-sctup menu. Note, however, that some programs use both the program settings and the Preference settings. If your margins don’t seem right, even after setting them from your program* try setting the Preference margins to 0 and 80. Although applications programs support most printer functions, they generally don't allow you to switch your printer’s font when printing in text (not graphics) mode. When you want to select a different font, you usually must do so from the printer’s front- panel controls. But there are a few PD programs such as the PrimerCTRL program on Fish disk 723 that can send die proper codes to your printer. Also look for 1 looverSoft's Print 1.4A program, which provides simple front-panel controls for a NEC on your screen, or Kelly Petlig’s GXSSet, which does the same for the Citizen CSX line of printers. We Arrive at XYZ . . . After reading about all of the things that can go wrong in printing, you may he ready to just give up on the idea of ever gett ing a clear printout! Don’t be discouraged. The nature of a particular printing problem provides a strong clue as to its source and its solution (see “Problems, Causes, and Cures” on p.
20) . With a little practice, you'll find you can produce printed copy that matches the quality of your computer display. ¦ Sheldon Lee mint, a computer video consultant and instructor, is the author of two hooks and scores of articles covering the Amiga. Write to him c o Ami go World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A 'LI 03458-0802. Editors Note: With a few final fixes, author Daniel J. Barrett concludes his examination (begun last month, >. 23) of potential trouble spots for users upgrading to Amiga DOS 3.1. Those upgrading to 3.1 should also refer to Denny Atkin ’v “Denny on DOS' for further help particularly to his Jul. '94 column (p. 5) on workarounds for the absence of speech-syntlmis software in the latest OS versions, and to an upcoming column on fixing enoneous protection bits in DOS 3.1. TO WRAP UP our discussion on “gotchas” you may encounter under AmigaDOS 3.1, we’ll consider problems concerning Arexx, requesters, rebooting, and documentation. Ie Bfwes SO Addendum B ; Danief 1. Barrett Arexx Absent? Have your Arexx scripts all stopped working since the upgrade? In AmigaDOS 2.1 and later, the Arexx server program, RexxMast, no longer runs automatically when you reboot. To fix this problem, choose one of the following solutions:
1. Drag RexxMast from the System3.1 :System drawer into the System3. L: VBStartup drawer, and reboot, or
2. Add a line to your S:User-Startup file: RexxMast > NIL: Solution 2 is slightly better because RexxMast pops up a little window if you run it from the Workbench. Replacement Requesters Some of you may be using the wonderful freeware program ARQ, by Martin Laubach. ARQ replaces the standard system requesters (e.g., “Please insert volume XXX in any drive”) with more attractive ones, complete with animation and sound! Unfortunately, I have received several reports that the latest version, .ARQ 1.83, has some problems under AmigaDOS 3.1. In fact, some users report that their Amigas were crashing regularly and mysteriously until they stopped running ARQ. For safety’s sake, I recommend not running ARQ until a version comes out that fixes this problem. Bothersome Booting Some Amigas with SCSI hard drives may have problems booting under AmigaDOS 3.1. The problem is that some slower SCSI hard drives, notably the Seagate ST125N, cause a “SCSI lockup” to occur. This can prevent the Amiga from warm booting or from booting via the Boot Options screen. (To see the Boot Options screen, reboot the .Amiga and hold down both mouse buttons until the screen appears.) Cold booting is still possible, but your hard drive may not be accessible at all. One solution to this dilemma is to get the freeware program SetBatt, by Olaf Barthel and .Andreas Kirchwitz, which is available on BBSs and the Internet Aminet ftp sites in the file “SetBatt-1.2.1ha”. SetBatt can be used to add a delay to your Amiga’s boot sequence to allow slow hard drives to catch lip. Once you have Set- Batt, boot your Amiga from a floppy disk and type the command SetBatt Timeout L This may cure the problem. SetBatt needs to be typed only once, as the settings are stored in the Amiga’s nonvolatile RAM. (If your Amiga is ever opened up to be serviced, you may need to type the command again.) Be aware that SetBatt is not well documented and can be dangerous to your Amiga if used incorrectly. If you are uncertain about using it, I recommend getting help from an experienced Amiga owner or your dealer. Manual Mixup If you have upgraded from AmigaDOS 2.04 (or earlier) to AmigaDOS 3.1 and you have a hard drive, you will find an unpleasant surprise in the Amiga OS 3.1 Workbench manual. Page 10-2 briefly mentions the programs HDToolbox, for partitioning your hard drive (among other things), and HDBackup, for backing up your hard drive. The manual refers the reader to the Amiga Hard Drive User’s Guide for full documentation. Sadly, this manual is not included with AmigaDOS 3.1! (It was included with some .AmigaDOS 2.1 upgrade kits.) If your Amiga has a hard drive and you do not have this additional manual, I recommend contacting your dealer to try to obtain a copy. The Guide contains a great deal of important information on managing your hard drive. Speaking of manuals ... unfortunately, illegal copies of-AmigaDOS 3.1 have been spreading throughout the US. Such copies can be identified easily because they do not come with bound manuals. Instead, they come with photocopied manuals or even none at all. Some of these illegal copies are even being sold for higher prices than the legitimate release! In the US, a legitimate copy of .AmigaDOS 3.1 includes:
• Three paperback manuals with black covers, the Commodore logo, and five stripes of color (green, red, blue, yellow, and puiple). These manuals are: Amiga OS
3. 1 Workbench, Amiga OS 3.1 DOS, and Amiga OS 3.1 Arexx.
• Six floppy disks (with white labels, the Commodore logo, and five colored stripes) labeled: Install, Storage, Workbench, Fonts, Extras, and Locale.
• A set of Kickstart ROM chips.
• Instructions for installing the Kickstart ROMs.
• An AmigaDOS Quick Reference sheet. ¦ Word worth Version 3.1 Includes more features than Final Writer! 6032 5540 Graphics Import Export: IFF, TIFF GIF, PCX, BMP, IMG, GEM, CGM, and EPS. Text Import Export: ASCII, Microsoft Word, Works, Write, WordPerfect, WordStar, RTF. Fonts types supported: Compugraphic, PostScript Type 1, TrueType, Nimbus Q, AmigaDOS bitmap, built-in printer fonts Text Handling: Text around circle arc, spiral, maximum size 1000 points, text color, kerning, tracking, auto correction and much more. AGA compatible, Online Amiga Guide help, public screens! H SoftLogik With any purchase of a CD32 you can pur- chase the new Groiiers Encyclopedia 2, Insight: Technology and Defender of the crown 2 for only *29**. We will also give you FREE, the Creative Computers CD-ROM!!! Includes Vector Storm (very fast Tempest done). CHECK OUT OUR NEW CD32 TITLES!!! CD-32 SX-T Expansion Module by ParaVision. Turn your CD-32 into an AMIGA 1200.. *227” 5855 CD-32 SX-1 Expansion Module (Special price when purchased with a CD32) .....*179” 5855 Back in Stock! PCMCIA CD-ROM Drive The leading page layout program now comes with a free Super Fonts CD-ROM 1000 Type 1 PostScript fonts!!! Vrf Typesmith 2*5 Convert Truetype IBM or Mac, plus a batch support macro which allows you to select an entire directory of fonts (i.e. fonts for your CD-ROM) and convert with the press of a function key! New Version! Double-Spin, emulates AKIKO chip, caddy-less, head phone jack, external L R audio jacks. Includes all PCMCIA connection cables. Supports: CD32, CDTV, IBM, MAC, PHOTO CD, CD+G, AUDIO CD's. Play audio CD's & run AMIGA software at the same time. Spedal offer with pvnhase of a CD32 or Zappo CD-ROM from % 5970 Creative Computers. GAMES BUNDLE EDUCATIONAL BUNDLE Microcosm and Choos Engine Grolier's Encyclopedia 2, (®o«li ui©d to s«ll at $ 50 for o total lnsight:Technology and Defender value of $ 1001) .. ‘29” | Df the Crown *29**_| Add a Competition Pro Super CD32 Controller for only... *2495 5971 ASIMWare Innovations Visual Inspirations Bat h Factory NEW! Version 1.2 Over 400 scripts, supports AdPro, Image FX, ImageMaster AmigaDOS, PageStream 3.0, ProPage, Final Writer ToasterPaint, PAR Board, you don't S I 95 need to learn Arexx! Just Batch it! Y ASIM CDFS v3.0 JlliW, l Software E2J CALL
• Reads ISO-9660, High Sierra, and Mac HFS CD-ROMs
* Includes ASIMTunes music CD player and ASIMPhato PholoCD Manager for the Amiga. Latest version now compatible with GVP SCSI!! Surface Pro for Lightwave Seamless textures, 200k each Includes: Metal, Wood, Flame, Marble, Chrome, Water, Brick Cork, Borg, Reptile and more... __ S Created by Leo Martin. |2! 3 C 5317 5852 Coming Soon 5851 5810 Texture Heaven CD ......s1995 Over 500 Images in 24-Bit IFF format Texture Heaven CD 2 ...54995 New version with over 164 Abstract and Computer Generated Color Textures!
• Includes thumbnail preview images.
• Images come in IFF, HAM, FrameStore, JPEG, PCX, BMP, and GIF formats. _ Master ISO CD-ROM Writing Software.,. S529H Easy to use, AGA interface, 20 FX per volume. Preview your animation map images directly onto Lightwave objects, no Toaster and no previous Lightwave _HMM $ 1 AQ95 experience required. I JL dr You don't have to go to Hollywood for great FX! Tn use. AGA interfnre. 20 FX npr volume. Preview vour Visual FX for Lightwave Road Signs for Lightwave 3D.. 53995 ORDER HOTLINE Canada 800-548-2512 Order Status 310-787-4520 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 8am to 5pm QAA-fl79.ftOft9 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 8am to 5pm m Jmk Mm Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm (PST) Sat. 9am to 4pm Mon. - Fti 6am to 6pm Sat. 8om to 5pm (PST) Sat. 9am to 4pm _ Panasonic LK-MC509S CD-ROM Drive External, 2x Spin speed, 256k buffer, 280ms access, high reliability, ceddyless. Comes with cable & 2-year warranty. 24hr, 7 Day week technical support. 5945 289 95 66671 Add the CD-ROM bonus package for only .. ’54” 5839 This CD-ROM changer has been in the market place for over a year and has been tested to work great with the Amiga. Double spin access, 300k s transfers, 300ms access and 256k cache make this a quick alternative to your average single or double spin drivesl This is the choice for any user wishing he 5 10095 could access more of his CD-ROM collection at a timel Imagine an f 1 y v almost endless selection of clip art, fonts, textures, and objects. Don't settle for just a single CD-ROM player! Includes ASIM v2.0 CD-ROM driver, Gald Fish double CD sot and Texture Heaven CD. IE
• * I KX-P5400 Sidewriter Laser Printer Ultra compact, 300dpi, 4 pages per minute, 2MB RAM expandable to 4MB, Adobe PostScript Level 21 17 Adobe Fonts. 14.5 lbs., 45 db quiet, silent in standby made. Parallel & AppleTalk [Emplant Mac uiers), low cost consumables. $ C Iift95 Toner kit for KX-P5400 Optional PostScript FAX Parallel printer cable 6ft. - 66668 fsr'y _ _ QwikForms CD-ROM w Fonts & ClipArt This is the ultimate CD-ROM for business 125 ready-made page layouts for PageStream 1.8 thru 2.2 including legal documents, business letters, page layouts, animation cue sheets, flyers, video production planners, music sheets and many more... 5,300 clip art images, 550 Type 1 fonts (with AFM files), 190 GIFs, 160 GDOS, 140 DMF fonts, 230 CFN (Calamus fonts), 722 EP5 (postscript clip art), 700 business letters in TXT (ASCII format), 1 10 spreadsheet templates! Includes printed graphic representations of fonts and artwork. Now you can pick clip art or a font without loading it first! With any $ T 00 or more purthase from Creative Computers you will get this CD-ROM absolutely free!! This CD-ROM is a compilation of Amiga developers that are dedicated to the growth and expansion of Amiga in spite of the current situation. This CD-ROM has been in the works for over 10 months and these developers are willing to donate to you these full commercial and light demo versions of their software as a thank you for your continuing support. STERLING CONNECTION Creative Computers CD-ROM FEATURED DEVELOPERS ASIMWARE INNOVATIONS BLUE RIBBON SOUNDWORK5 INOVATRONICS INTELLIGENT DESIGNS IfORMERLY MOONLIGHTER) LEGENDARY DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES NOAHJI'S NOVA DESIGN PRIME SOFTWARE SUNRISE INDUSTRIES TERRA NOVA DEVELOPMENT VISUAL INSPIRATIONS $ 39 95 Y“ K 5931 5845 TimeBase Corrector Cord Works with the A2000! Bring the world of SCSI into reach! Hook up to CD-ROM, Bernoulli drives, etc... Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga, You can evert add up to SMB RAM and mount a 3.5" drive on card! A2000 Accelerator, 4MB RAM with math coprocessor g EGS 28 24 53749s SPECTRUM 103495 Professional quality, all-digital time base corrector with real-time frame grabber and 16.7 million color frame buffer PLU programmable video special effects! 5309 4322 Externa! Genlock for the Amiga Bring live video, oudio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built-in transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! AGA support! Zvg
- LOCK Comb Filter Option . $ 8995 Cleon up composite for Y 0 output; A1230 Turbo* Series II fix cross otor' 4QMH, 68030, dock, 4MB RAM_*398” 50MHi 68030, MMU, 4MI RAM_*549” A1291 SCSI KH_*89” 5562 Frame RAM Option *18995 1MB extra frame RAM; improves special effects. 95 5563 I 5283 4526 Desktop Magic mediaDESK Amiga Screen Saver & System Sound Manager
• 32 customizable screen modules
* 84 dazzling sound effects & 4 riveting 8-track stereo soundtracks
• Create personalized screen savers by importing IFF's & Anims and assigning a sound effect or soundtrack to them
• Assign sounds to windows, keys, events, text strings and time Now your AMIGA con tell you it's done formatting or copying a disk, installing software and when to leave for lunch! Compatible with all Amigas, 1,3 thru 3.1 Operating . Systems. Includes supports for all 5 Opal Vi si on Main Board The core unit of the modular OpalVision system, A true RGB, 24-Bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC (optional modules). Includes a wealth of software such as OpalPaint, widely regarded as the best 24-Bit paint program on the Amiga; OpalAnimMATE, plays 24- , 16- and 12-Bit animations at up to 60fps and OpalPresents!, an icon-driven presentation slide show program. Lnll 95 5804 graphics boards. Sound & Artwork Package 1 for Desktop Magic ......*14* Sound & Artwork Package 2 for Desktop Magic ......*14 Both include: 3 disks full of additional sounds, graphics and animation 6029 6030 FRED FISH CD's The Best of Shareware & Public Domain Software on CD-ROM Gold Fish Volume 2 - 2 CD Set, the best of ihe Fresh Fish CD-ROM collection storting with the 1st Fresh Fish ... Aminel Gold Nov.94 Volume 4 ..... Fresh Fish Volume 9 ... 5ept Oct 1994 Edition 6 CD-ROM .... Nov Dec 1994 Edition 7 CD-ROM .... Light-ROM - CD-ROM for Lightwave users.,.. .... Gold Fish 1*1000 uncompressed CD-ROM Frozen Fish 1*1000 BBS-Ready CD-ROM .. TurboCalc version 2.0 Spreadsheet program AMIGA LIBRARY SERVICES
* 19” 6038
* 19” 5990
* 19” 6039
* 17” 5870
* 17” 5849
* 29” 5925
* 17” 5709
* 17” 5710
* 99” 1 5933 OFFER CODE: P521MGI4 399s, ODDED Canada 800-548-2512 vy ivL C iv mm W mm “w mm mm mm mm Order Hours: HOTLINE 800-872-8882 When Your Image Is On The Line yy it imageFX is the only image processing software package you will ever need for your Amiga...period. This phenomenal program comes with a complete array of professional 24-bit paint tools and unsurpassed special effects. When you're up against a deadline, you don't have time to second guess. ImageFX gives you total control of the creative process with the fastest and easiest to use interface on the market. When your image is on the line, you can't afford to make a mistake. Your image processor has to have all the tools an image processor should have. ImageFX lets you see your images as you work on them. Provides virtual memory for virtually unlimited image sizes. Supports framegrabbers and scanners. Supports Retina 16 and 24-Bit WorkBench Emulation Modes. Paints in full color, even emulating traditional media such as charcoals and watercolors. Supports dozens of image file formats. Other packages? They either can't do it, or you'll pay extra to get it. They stand still while ImageFX continues to grow and improve. Dramatically, ImageFX 2.0 sets a new standard of quality for graphics manipulation on the Amiga. When your image is on the line, don't settle for less. Step up to the best. Step up to ImageFX 2.0. For a complete list of features in ImageFX 2.0 call the Nova Design support line at (804) 282-6528. 5249* 5 5887 HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm (P5T) ACCELERATORS VERY LIMITED TIME M1230XA 50MHZ W MMU OK .. M1230XA 50 00 4MB 60HS RAM W MMU ... M1330XA SOMHX W MMU W 30MHX MATH CO OK MI230XA 80 50 4MB 60NE RAM W MMU .... MI230XA S0 5O 8MB 60NS RAM W MMU .... M1 230XA 50 50 1 6MB 60NS RAM W MMU ... WARP ENOINI 4028 WITH 6B040,38MHZ W SCSI 2 ... WABP ENOINI 4028 WITHOUT 68040,2 8MHX W SC5I WARP ENOINi 4033 WITH 68 04O.33MHZ W SOSI 2 .. WARP ENOINE 4040 WITH 6 8D4O,40MHZ W SCSI 2 .. WARP ENOINE 3028T WITH 68040,28MKZ W SCSI 3 Gamesmith Development System 89*5 OREGON RESEARCH 5087 3911 5007 3908 5909 591 0 5873 574 5924 5745 5886
199. 95
309. 95
279. 95
379. 96
539. 93
799. 95
939. 95
829. 93 1193.95
1395. 95
999. 95 Ovor 3 years in development, fast hardware-level access to the Amiga. Includes C Compiler and Assembler. «**«•
• 1*11 TERMITE Communications Software
• Cwfig»*ile Ultra Ur, Arti;c Grila fcrpBrtext *bGm help, Aivigi ay prtgren fndlu ? Macro, Abesi, KPS Lilt, Ttnnaal Emtatie&J- VTI02, JIK.VT340, RIP atd mtt« 1 A«1t lagglag, Mullipla-line BBS'i, Matlileslhtf Char window ? Flexible phene booh, foirt $ screen sensllhrc ? Complolely lonllgurable; ifcit It lha Directory Opes «l 6000 Aura A1200 A600 PCMCIA 12-Bit Audio Sampler, Direct- c 8~w~ir to-Disk Recording & Play- 1 20 ANIMATION 3D RENDERING SOFTWARE 5866 5914 5938 5939 3588 5779 3822 5857 5793 5506 5673 NEW -SURFACE PRO FOR LIGHTWAVE NEW - MAGIC LANTERN VERSION 2.0 ... MOTION MASTER VOL 1 FOR LIGHTWAVE . MOTIOH MASTER VOL 3 FOR LIOHTWAVI..... SPARKS NEW VERSION 2.16 ..... POWERMACROS FOR LIGHTWAVE 30 LIGHTWAVE 30 VERSION 3.5 5TANDALONE PIXEL 30 PROFESSIONAL VERSION 3.0 .... IMAGINE 3.0 ..... WAVEMAKER .. DYNAMIC MOTION MODULE VI.07 back. Mix your infernal 8-Bit with your 12-Bit! Special Effect, great software. HiSoll Basic 2 . 584” HiSoll DevPac 3 __ s77ts MegaloSound 8-Bit Sampler..- *38M is
68. 95 . 74.95
94. 95
94. 95
104. 95 89,95
548. 95
189. 05
348. 95 159-00
117. 95 a**********4******••»•••••••• 6015 5809 affaaaia (omnmkntieflsl 3921
4. 4M444 5624 5999 4 *4 * a >444 >•••« a«a4144*t444»a»4m. ProMIDI Interface. 25 5628 ltl*4IBI4li*i4 44 44 AUDIO HARDWARE & SOFTWARE 5780 4516 5634 5638 4689 5796 5985
399. 99 ... 1 149.93
42. 99
27. 93
558. 93 5962 5963 5965 5967 5919 5918 5920 5922 5968 5932 5921 5671 5832 5756 SIMON THE SORCERER CD33 DRAGON STONE CD32 BANSNIE CD 3 2 »fHMM»tMMtMMM*BmBMmBBBIHB»HHB»»BaB«M*BHII»BltlMM4«M|a**l*a4 *********» 4 38.95 TFJC CP32 3Bb9S I CD 3 2 «*4mi4*4*4¦¦¦•«»4iiit»«ii4f i*** ** •*!••***4**t ¦«**»¦*• ¦ -•***** * a* ************************* 42.05 UNIVERSE CD32 IHMBIIIHHBHHBIBIIIBIBH ... 39.95 CD 5 2 44444»4»4»44-4 44444444 44»44« 44444 44* *4*« 4444*444 **4 4* + 4*a|.4 *4 B„*B»B4 a »«*«**** ¦•anS4*fr**4B44 4l4k*i 4 i 0 5 GHABDWN CD 3 2 ******* ¦ ¦ ** *¦**»¦ ¦ ¦»*?**¦ ****4*** «¦»>>*** »4«4 >444444444 **»*4 •¦••a-*********** *»*** *wt
37. 95 CANNON FODDER CD32 .... ..... $ 39.95 BUBBLE A SQUEAK CD32 *4444 44*4 444*4*«44*4M*t MHHIHH *4 iiB « B i Bllfti»BHi«HMMI»*»i*¦•¦»¦•¦•¦ 39.95 LABYRINTH OF TIME CD32 A CDROM 4B44.44.4»«.44 ....444444-*.*..***4**444*B*B« 28.95 GLOBAL EFFECT CQ3 2 *tM*«t*m*T*IMMFBMH*«M*aBflSMiaaaaBftBBaiBIBB4«MMM«B«B* *46* ****** ******* 15.95 AMIGA CD32 OAMER MAGAZINE - CHECK OUT THE HO TEST NEW OAMIS W CD-ROM ... 9. F. t. a. a. ¦ .....i. .. ....a.,.. a. a... a.. 8.95 4 B * 4 B 4 B ¦ 4 4 4* 4*4 1*4 *4 44 49.95 tlBIM»BBBB« B*BBM*«BBB 47.95
• 444»**4**a
• 4B.B.
• *44.444* 44444444444a '4 44 4 a am* .... 218.95 $ 45.95
78. 93 BUSINESS 50FTWARE 5973 5980 5979 5843 6000 3931 5809 NEW FINAL DATA (DATABASE) DATATAX U.S.A. 1 994 ...... DATATAX CANADIAN 1994 CHECKS A BALANCES .. NEW - OAMISMITH DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM .... HISOFT DEVPAC 3 4444444•«f*aM*«a*a«aaiaaal*Bt4l«(444444444*444fe HISOFT BASIC 2
54. 95 44 4 44 44 4 •• •• 4 I 4 • • 4 4 4 44 44 *4 39.95
39. 95 ..33.95 ...... ...... 89.95 .....79.95 .. 89.95 4444444a CD-ROM DRIVES
• 444*4444*4*4*4*••***4*•*¦* 3974 2940 3022 4264 2015 4265 4871 10380 5213 10022 10127 4875 2147 10411 3028 ' All do AMIOA 500 REFURBISHED W 1.2 ROM,PWR SUPPLY * MOUSE,GREAT FIRST TIMER OR SPAftE ...... 79.95 A3D00 MOTHERBOARD 16MHZ ONLY ..... 549.00 A3000 MOTHERBOARD 2SMHZ ONLY .... 695.00 A3DOOT 4MB MOTHERBOARD . 795.00 A2000 MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT REV 6.2 ...... 495.00 A3000T POWER SUPPLY 140.00 A600 KEYBOARD .. 39.95 SUPER BUSTER CHIP A4DOO REV.I | ..... 69.00 KICKSTART 1.3 ROM ....37.00 1 C Rjft Wi S E If R • 0 7 4 ...... raiBIIIB Ht« 4l*4B4 444l*4 444 *444 444 44444444444 4 4444 44 44 44 44 44 79.00 A 1 200 K E YBO ARD ••¦¦i|i|a|ai,|>|f KmaiiniiHtaiaaaiai, 48.00 ... 329.95
499. 99 WBBBM Ml 1 *•*•*• »*fl • $ 349.95 4 44* 4*4*444444*4 *-4***4 ¦ Ha,a.i.a.a.i 269.9 5 4*4444444*444*4*4444444¦4441
• •4aaaaM«f*f>« **44*4*44*4*
399. 95 247,99
249. 95 '• ••¦ •* ••• ••* ¦IfMIIIIIIIII fBB«» A* B 4 B 44 44 4 44444 44*4*4441 44 44 4 4 4 4 4 44 44 44 4 4 44 44 4 4 4 44 44 44 44 44 4 ¦«**»*Mr*r*rMMtlt1B*BIBIBflBBflBBBflBIBiatiktBiB***>iH»4l ¦ •¦•a an »4f f vtBit* iiiBtfaf it i mi ¦IBBtlB4A«4**44t*4**4444444444*4 A600 A600HD POWER SUPPLY ... A1000 REPLACEMENT KEYBOARD A4000 EXPANSION DAUGHTER BOARD... _ A300 KEYBOARD ONLY
45. 95
68. 00
89. 00
38. 95 4*44444*IflftllBB a ranee? Products are said as If, no refunds, no exchange*. CD32 TITLES
54. 95 44444B44444••44 SKELETON CREW CD32 .. CALL SPEEDiALL 3 CD 3 2 ..... CALL SUBWAR 20 5 0 CD3 2 ...... *,* CALL BENEFACTOR CD32 ..... CALL FLINK CD3 2 ..... *.***..*.***...... CAU S H AQ F U CD 3 2 ...... CALL SKIDMARKS CD32 ¦•>»4*«4Mii*«MM44 44afi.IMfv.irfHt1HiHMHIimili|lmiIHHM,(la4(4i(M(4>MII CALL NHL HOCKEY CD32 ..... CALL SECOND SAMURI CD32 *..... ... ... .. m ... .. .. . . CALL PGA EURO TOUR CD32 .....I ...CALL LOCK N LOAD VOL 1 CD32 4 CDROM -1000. GAMES ... 19.93 OROMIRS ENCYCLOPEDIA 3 CD32 * CDROM ..... 29.95 ¦NSIOHTi TICHNOLOOY CD32 4 CDROM ... 17.93 PHOTOCD MANAGER C032 A CDROM .. 34.93 DEFENDER OF THE CROWN 2 032 14.95 RISE OF THE ROBOTS CD32 ...... 38.95 FIELDS OF GLORY CD32 .. 37.9S LITH DIVIl CD32 . $ 41.95 SUPER STARDUST CD33 ... 38.95 JUNGLE STRIKE - DESERT STRIKE II CD33 ..... 36.95 CD-ROM TITLE COREL PHOTOCD COLLECTION* IOO IMAGES IN EACH CDROM W COLOR MANUAL WORKS WITH ALL CDROM PLATERS (DON'T HAVE TO BE XA COMPATIBLE) PURCHASE ANY 4 FOR ONLY $ 39.95 OR ANY B FOR ONLY $ 1 14.95 66473 PHOTOCD . SAMPLER 1 14.95 66462 PHOTOCD . TEXTURE ..t.*....* ... i*....**.** .... 1 7,95 66463 PHOTOCD - SUNSETS A SUNRISES .. 17.95 66464 PHOTOCD - PATTERNS HltH»IHBIIHMHtl*1IIM»iMIIIII* M»4l*IHkM«»*4tUMi*lk«MMiaiai 44* 44.4 17.93 66465 PHOTOCD - ISRAELI 7.95 66466 PHOTOCD - ARIZONA DESERT 17.95 66467 PHOTOCD - FLOWERS 4*4 44 44 44 4*a*4 *4• 4*4 *4 *4*44 ¦ 4 I 44 * 4 9 4 4*4« *«* 49B •• *4*4441 4 B*41 B ¦ B¦ B *1 • ¦ BBB •* 4 B I 17.95 6646B PHOTOCD • UNDERWATER REEFS17.95 60469 PHOTOCD • BEAUTIFUL WOMEN 17.95 06470 PHOTOCD - PIOPLI .....1 7.95 66471 PHOTOCD . MOUNTAINS OF AMERICA .... 17.95 60475 PHOTOCD • CHEETAHS, LEOPARDS 4 JAGUARS .... 1 7.95 66476 PHOTOCD - LOS ANGELES ... 17.95 66477 PHOTOCD * RELIGIOUS STAINED GLASS I 7.95 6647B PHOTOCD - EXOTIC CARS .. 1 7.95 6022 5950 5948 5984 5947 6017 5077 5952 5956 5961 SFX CD-ROM Link It! Ddress Itl vl.5 Powerful mailing list management, supports laser, dot-matrix and ink-jet. Addrcsvlt! N Sound Effects Library Vol. 7 IflC. Includes 300 effects in digital HntntnV 1 OOZL MCA and standard CD-Audio for- L UTUTUA I 7 7*t U« JoMa mats. 8- and 1 6-BitMono Ste- (previously Tax Break) reo versions. Includes Amiga New and Improved interface) On-line calculator with cut& software for converting to Stan paste. Itemize virtually any line to handle com plex returns dard JFF onf searching lor Override any cell to test what-if scenarios! Work with both *?und$ Manufactured by Sound husband and wife returns at the same time. Add notes to lde0s ‘ eWorld s largest producer at commercially available sound effects! Now you can link your machine to others for fast file transfer using a high-speed parallel cable (1 2" long) you can transfer files Amiga to IBM, Amiga to Amiga, or IBM to IBM. Copy files from any drive or device. Convert 1LBM files to PCX on the fly, without a separate program. Conversion modules upgradeable to support new formats, graphics, text, etc... Automatically adjust filenames to conform to each platform. Automatically adjust filnames to conform to each platform. Supports Arexx & Multiface & GVP I O Extender. 25 95 5069 Invoice It! Powerful business management and invoicing. Expand information cells, online help. $ 39 95, Data tax 1994 Canada $ 39.95 5979 29 95 49 95 5980 5879 5862 5145 AIR Drives Floppy Disk Drives for the Amiga These are Chinon low profile, high-density drives. Chinon's ore the same type of drives that Commodore used. This gives you the complete compatibility your AMIGA needs. Unlike other drives thot have problems with Emplants, backup programs and other inconsistencies. Requires 2. J OS or higher A500 A600 A1 200 Internal High Density Drive 41 24°* A2000 Internal High Density Drive ..*1 24°5 A3000 Internal High Density Drive ..*1 24°* A4000 Internal High Density Drive ..*1 1 9°* External High Density Drive ..*1 49°* Fully Covered by Warranty from Advanced Integration and Research TECHNOLOGY Alpha Paint's quality, power, flexibility and ease of use can't be matched! Real-time, full screen, 24-Bit Painting directly on the Toaster Output with an exclusive 12-Bit Alpha Channel on Toaster 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, Toaster 4000 and the Flyer. 'S' 5 5943 5972 $ 54995 CN 5795 o o w DC k k Canada 800-548-2512 m 2 m 9 2 ORDER HOTLINE opm Sat. Sam to 5pm (PST) NEW GAMES Rise of the Robots Rg llniaue- HH| comoal H intelligence H system '.viifli i||l? Incredible 3D graphics! CtlATIVE j'- nvur rq . Zjftlar Li )=i ('J J U) 'J'J'J-5200 Prices valid through January 31, 1995 Minimum $ 20 order within the U.S.A , $ 100 international* Robinson's Requiem Survival adventure set in u rich virtual Ubri , environment. CALL US FOR ALL YOUR GAMING NEEDS! Banshee AGA AS320 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals. Works with A500 A2000 A2500.....$ 1 39 AS330 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals. Works with A3000 A3000T ......*1 59 AS340 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals. Works with A4000 A1200 .*1 59 5930 66479 PHOTOCD - CARIBBEAN A64B5 PHOTOCD * LAKH !¦ RIVERS 66487 PHOTOCD - AMERICAN NATIONAL PARKS----------------- 66486 PHOTOCD * FIOKTIR JETS *¦*>¦*¦•¦***»*«¦****»»*»¦¦¦>• ¦¦ ¦** 66439 PHOTOCD - HAWAII ......«* . 66490 PHOTOCD * CMURCHE5 . 66491 PHOTOCD • FIREWORKS 66492 PHOTOCD - BIRDS 5931 CREATIVE COMPUTERS CDROM 6022 LOCK N LOAD VOL 1 CDROM -1900+ OAMBS..... . 5984 PHOTOCD MANAOER CDROM * MWFfX M ¦* ** M »*?*»»*«* 6060646666 5R76 TRAVEL ADVINTURI CDROM ***** **•*¦*•*¦ • ¦ n»i »*• *•**»»* ¦ * »« *« ¦ * 9875 VISIONS CDROM .... 5317 TEXTURE HEAVEN CD-ROM 5852 TEXTURE HEAVEN 2 CDROM 5978 DATAMIX CDROM VOLUME 1 .. 5798 MIRCOR RAD CD-ROM VOL 1 . 5799 MICRO R&D CD-ROM VOL 2 NATURES BACKDROPS COLLECTION .- ... 5863 NEW - MICRO RAD CD-ROM VOLUME 3 POSTSCRIPT TYPE 1 .COMPUORAPHIC FONTS OVER 600 INCLUDES THI 600 AMIGA FONT COLLECTION, PD GAMES,UTILITIES I LOTS OF CLIP ARTjIPS AND IFF FORMAT .«... 4377 TEXTURE CITY CD-ROM HEW LOWER PRICING)! 1 00 IMAOIS . SS45 QWIKFORMS CDROM W FONTS A CLIPART ..... 5269 CLIP ART WAREHOUSE . .. 5616 SYNDESIB 3D-ROM VOL. 1 5864 SYNDESIS 3D-ROM VOL. 2 5869 AVALON INTERNET OBJECT COLLECTION ...... 5018 ULTIMATE MOD COLLECTION 5453 SPACE A ASTRONOMY CD-ROM ** *¦ • * t ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ * t ¦ ¦ **•* ¦ ¦ ¦* ¦ r ¦ ** »** 5273 PROJECT OUTENBURG 5671 LABYRINTH OF TIME CDTV CD32 A CDROM FIFA INTERNATIONAL SOCCER .. CALL .. CALL .. CALL .. CALL .. CALL .. CALL .. CALL
34. 95
3. 5" 1 2MS ST5660N 545MB FAST SCSI-2 .....
3. 5" 9MS 5T31200M 108 SCSI -2 ..... .3.5" 9MS ST124QON HAWK 2 -2.1GB FAST SCSI-2 SEAGATE BARRACUDA DRIVES CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL ALADDIN AOA ... MORTAL KOMBAT 2 .. BLOOD NET AOA----- LION KINO AOA REUNION AGA .. SENSOR . SKELETON CREW AGA CRYSTAL DRAGON .... PAWN PATROL .. SUBWAR 20 59 AGA . EXIT ..... VALHALLA . MICROPOLI5 HARD DRIVES QUANTUM HARD DRIVES 14MS 170MB SCSI LPS...... 11 MS 270MB SCSI 2 LPS 1 QMS 540MB SCSI 2 LPS .. AD-1970 Color Monitor Max DOS v2.5 Easy Mac Amiga File Transfers Software solution to access Apple Macintosh files. Read and write to floppies, hard drives, Emplant and AMAX partitions. New Features: MacBinary support, display Mac icons on workBench, configurable use of Creator and Type fields. NEW VERSION 2.5!!! $ Requires WorkBench 2.04 or higher "The display, bright and accurate, produces the best picture of the three when used on an A4000" - quote from AmigaWorla1, Novembei J 95 95 84 5988 ORDER HOTLINE Canada 800-548-2512 Order Status 310-787-4520 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 8am to 5pm 0AA.A70-0QQ4 Order Hours: Mon. • Fri 8am lo 5pm ©% "© m m © © © A Mon. - Fri 6am lo 6pm Sal. 8am to 5pm (PST) Sat. 9am to 4pm Mon. - Fri 6am lo 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm (PSTJ Sat. 9am to 4pm 550B 3.5” 9-SMS 1.0B OB SCSI 2 EMPIRE SERIES 65171 3.5" 9.5MS 1.44 OB SCSI 2 EMPIRE SERIES 65255 3.5" 9.SMS 2.1 OB ECSI 2 EMPIRE SERIES
639. 93
338. 95
97. 95 . 85.95
139. 95
488. 95
219. 95
449. 95
524. 95
524. 95
57. 95
38. 95
• •«•«•••¦«¦ ¦ ifta
18. 95 ..... 38.95 ,48.95
58. 95
64. 95 .59.95
39. 95 1 3 8.95
164. 95
327. 95
566. 95
177. 95
337. 95
737. 95
1436. 95 .... 23.50
68. 95
• »a a** a a a* 9* t P« PBBB BBBB * P • 44.95 3D Objects in Lightwave, Imagine, Wavefront, and other Formats 3D-ROM Vol. 1 . J7995 580 Objects & 400 Texture Maps 5616 3D-ROM Vol. 2 . S79” 200 3D Objects on CD-ROM 5864 Avalon Internet Object Collection This is o compilation of a section of the Internet called Avalon designed for animators. Contains many 30 objects and other helpful animator programs. Hundreds of 3D objects in various formats, texture maps, conversion utilities, 30 source code, FAQs,file format specifications, and much morel! $ 34 5865 Questar Productions Worjd Construction Set 30 & 20 GIS Mapping, 24-Bit images & animations, animate ecosystem, unlimited scene size, animated color maps, Lightwave motion path I O, field rendering, USG5 & Vista DEM import, configurable GUI. 6037 Vlab Motion System with Toccata Board Version 2.0 Black Belt Systems Imagemaster R t vl.5 A new image manipulation product Designed to replace Imagemaster and Image Professional. New features include unified filesaver, multiframe processor. Radial Wave, morph controls, Gaussian Blur, faster display, loads Toaster alphas, area select tools, tablet support, unlimNon-linear editing system for $ the A2000, 3000 = T), A4000 1895 5807 Vlab Y C Digitizer „,.»384 Vlab Motion Card.. ‘1479** 5861 5110 Studio Printer Version 2.0 . Relina Z3 with 4MB Video RAM .. Retina Z2 with 4MB Video RAM ..*449” Retina Z3 V-Code Encoder Module. Retina 1084 Cable Retina v.2.2 Software ... Toccata 16-Bit Audio Card s43495 PHI Toccata Bars&Pipes Pro
2. 5 Bundle $ 949S 5989
* 659” 5772
* 449” 4988
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* 19” 5791 ited zoom and pan, "onionskin' framestore support, Online Help. Supports OpalVision, Firecracker, and AGA chipset. Compositions, Toaster 5676 5897 HELP WANTED Creative Computers is currently looking for Salespeople to be in our Mail Order department and Storefronts located in California. If you are interested, fax resumes to
(310) 222-5SS2 OUR POLICIES Synergy International
- . : ¦ NcxJrc a*, tafetaac efaa (iprn 1 31 95 :nd adj s;;«s 15 iN rda&i VtAxn T« SWJcel(rtWs SernaX athar:tort Laau-oW tmlm be‘aexsfe»: its feiti! Sak IS* ,M(t Ii,1 Oi.it : t sngnc ae&xe aid r ongod podjpif. Wrti tbr* worMT, csi Si; daraQad fpir.al bi cciic d tondssaarfrthtt'cdcyidimVelftomated(or 1¦ ief.r’dabni'tdJ: S3,OOOp«ciB»)fie tortfwbcGfoijdifalcboutorftt - (oUcSsafpalcdillO WnVfroa II era .10 I pn F$ 1 b| InJujlIiauiis cicioJotft n dl win, lira *f ifsniad Inn* tk* h*o tcfi fh«k in ft »w boll tlitd ftpwss sHtea fa deliver, torfiiwiaa end d*kv,r, htai (00'i add S6 to IpMnd (mp&i (ladi. Fol Ip d 5-a itapwg nfemcbsn Vrw Jasiw Card end faco«ti prkei com m cii ii:i ¦ *: > Call (uiwcim or
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• Dozens of effects including multiple full motion video windows, 3D morphing transitions, particle effects and more.
• Hollywood FX gives you to ability to batch render both Hollywood FX transitions and your own Lightwave scenes.
• Post processing with the Art Dept. Professional provides users with unique rotoscoped effects (e.g. processing video through the oil paint or fresco operators). Also allows batch conversion for playback of effects or animations at HAM and 256 screen resolutions. LightRave Compatible! 229 ** OFFER CODE: P521PAG14 5860 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: HOTLINE 800-872-8882 MS:* HOTLINE OH GRAPHICS 72 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen IN ACCENT 64 (Jun. ’94, p. 60), we explored the use of the alpha channel as a creative way to reinterpret photographs by substituting new patterns and colors for the original value levels. This month we will use ImageFX = Nova Designs) to perform more deliberate alpha-channel operations in two step- by-step projects. The first adds effects to display text and the second uses the alpha channel to control colorization. The alpha channel is an area of memory that can contain a 256-color grayscale image, which you can then use as a mask to control how other images or operations affect a picture displayed on the main screen. Dark areas in the alpha channel protect corresponding regions of the main image, while light alpha-channel areas allow the main image to he affected. Put another way, the alpha channel acts like a stencil with the advantage of variable protection based on gray values. Creating Outstanding Text hi the accompanying illustration, the snapshot on the left was taken with a disposable underwater camera. For the first project, the word DIVE is to be added in large text that does not obscure the image. To try this, begin with any painting or digitized photograph that has a good range of values. Next, create a text screen exactly the same size with hold white letters on a black background. Save this crisp texi screen for later use. The goal of the experiment is to have transparent letters stand out from the photograph by virtue of surrounding soft-edged shadows. There are many ways you can create a screen with soft-edged text. You might simply soften the entire crisp text screen using the Blur button under the Covolve requester. With the intensity ser high, you can repeat the operation a few times until the blur extends softly away from the letters. 4 Before von blur, von may find it ' 1 useful to expand the letters a bit to get a broader shadow. In ImageFX, one wav to do this is to pick up the text as a brush and outline it. Which you accomplish by selecting the black background color with the comma key and clicking the scissors tool twice until a small M shows. This means that the currently selected color will not be picked up, and the texi can be neatly removed from the background. Next, select white from the letters and outline the text brush a couple of times with the
o key, or with Outline from the Brush requester. Blurring this fatter text after it is stamped in place on a black screen produces a wider soft shadow. If you want an even broader shadow, one trick is to use the Flood Fill, Double-click the Fill button to bring up its requester; then sei the Edge slider to Feather In. Adjust the Radius slider as high as you want the soft edge to extend. Select white to fill the black areas of the crisp text screen. The result will be a white screen with soft “shadow” areas surrounding the original positions of the text. In the Color requester, select Negative to rev erse the colors of the text screen. Motion Blurring In the illustration, Motion Blur was the method I used to produce a soft- shadow mask. This effect is under the Convolve requester. The angle was 90 degrees and the length was 50 pixels. Use a box to loosely isolate the text region before applying the convolution. You can repeat Motion Blur a second time to lengthen the effect. In the illustration, this was done within a new box that isolated the upper half of the text and the background above it. This limited the extended effect to the region above ihe text. To apply the text shadow to the main image, load the soft-edge text screen from the Alpha requester to place it in the alpha channel. Create or load a dark-gray screen as a swap screen, and then load the photograph on the main screen. In the Composite requester, set Alpha to Use As Frisket and press the Merge button. To start the operation, set the percentage around 50 or 60 and hit the Okay button. The gray color from the swap screen will merge at about 50% transparency' with the main image. In this operation, dark areas of the alpha channel protect corresponding areas of the main image. Gray color merges with the photograph where the alpha channel is light. The result is a filled shadow on the photo. Through creative use of the alpha channel, you can add subtle effects to display text in an image and gain delicate control over colorization. To cut letters out of the shadow as seen in the top-right finished image, load the crisp text screen to the alpha channel and the original underwater photo to the swap screen. A Merge at 100% with Alpha set to Frisket pulls the original image through the text to the main screen, creating crisp letters in the soft shadows. In the illustration, I finished the image by merging a cyan swap screen at 10% through the same crisp alpha channel to slightly boost the color of the letters. Controlling the Color The lower sequence in the illustration demonstrates colorization controlled by the alpha channel. The idea is to give the light an eerie green cast without affecting either the general water color or the diver’s skin color. To accomplish this, copy the main image to the alpha channel and use it as a mask. This lets you accurately affect J dark or light details of the main image without tiying to draw freehand selections around complex regions. Manipulating the color of an image before copying to the alpha channel can dramatically enhance contrast, especially if a certain color predominates in regions of the original image. In the illustration, Cyan was dropped to zero in the Balance requester before I copied the image to Alpha. Then I raised the contrast slider on the alpha screen until the diver was solidly masked and only the illumination patterns and bubbles were light. I then used this alpha-channcl mask as a Frisket and image-mapped a green swap screen to the main-screen photo, using the Composite requester. Image Map preserves the values and detail of the main image as it alters the hues. I retouched a white scanning flaw on the diver’s arm, seen in the inset, by using Remove Feature from the Effect requester. A small area like this is ideal for automatic feature removal. Magnify the area and trace around it with Freehand from the Region requester. Remove Feature analyzes surrounding pixels and creates a smooth gradient across the selected region. Both of the illustrated projects could have been done using other techniques. The methods outlined, however, offer the opportunity to control and tweak the results at several stages while learning the operation of the alpha channel. Experiments are forgiven, thanks to the Undo buffer, and as you explore, you’ll often find that you stumble onto better ideas than were contained in your original plan. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. SCALL
149. S3
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• Rales apply lo outers shipood In ibo cont wnlal US only Select Solutions, inc.
P. O. Box 6512 • Champaign, Illinois 61826-6512 9am-3pm CST, Customer Service M-F 9am-5pm CST 217-355-2785 Video in Focus PRACTICAL ADVICE FOR AMIGA VIDEO PRODUCERS By Paulo de Andrade Getting toast with less bread Today, there are many dedicated video switchers on the market that can deliver outstanding results with any model of Amiga equipped with a genlock. We are going to focus here on two of these stand-alone products, Videonics’ MX-1 and Panasonic’s WJ-AVE7, each available for only a fraction of the cost of the Video Toaster. You don’t get 3-D software, a paint program, or a CG with these switchers, but you probably already have these on your .Amiga, anyway. .And, surprisingly, these entry-level switchers outperform the Toaster in some areas, because the Toaster s switcher has barely changed since its introduction. (LightWave and the CG are the only modules that have undergone major upgrades.) The Videonics MX-1 For onlv SI 199, this switcher j packs in a small box hundreds of transitions and digital effects, plus an audio switcher. Besides having much better image compression than the Toaster, the MX-1 features a chroma keyer. Y c and composite ins and outs, and more and you don’t need a TRC. The image quality is very good; fed y c signals, its output displays less noise than the Toaster's (confirmed by my waveform monitor). The MX-1 is a four-input switcher, and it also sports three stereo audio inputs. A GPI input allows most edit controllers to trigger its transitions automatically. Outputs include audio, headphones, composite and y c program, and a composite preview that also displays the control interface. The composite-video connectors are all RCA-type, which while I wish they were BNC is more sensible at this price range, as it makes for easier connections to prosumer equipment. Some nice little touches are present in this small package. The transitions are all grouped according to type, making it easy to use them. You can also directly access them bv their individ- J ual numbers, and a handy reference card makes finding the right effect a breeze. 'Fhe control interface displays four digitized representations of the inputs, saving you the expense of extra monitors. .Although these images are not displayed in real time, the updates are frequent enough for most applications. A built-in color generator lets vou select individual colors for the background and wipe borders. All transitions have several speeds, and you can reverse their directions and stop them at any time by pressing a button. There is a fader bar, but it is the weak link in this unit, its use so imprecise that I decided to avoid it altogether in favor of the auto-take button. A learn key lets you store a sequence of events for uninterrupted replay, and a freeze key allows you to grab a video frame instantaneously. J Most ofMX-l’s transitions mimic those found in professional DVEs and switchers, including a picture-in- picture effect that, while not perfect, is quite usable. Besides the transitions, you can assign to any input some specific effects, including image flips (horizontal and vertical), black & white, negative, and a variable- speed strobe that even has a simulated film-speed rate. 1 haven’t space to list more of MX-l’s features, but the above should convey the wealth this box has to offer. The Panasonic WJ-AVE7 In the WJ-AVE7, Panasonic has brought a “big switcher” feel to the masses for a very affordable SI200. Working and feeling like a traditional production switcher, it has y c and composite inputs and outputs as well as audio (three stereo inputs and one microphone). This is a two-input switcher, with a third input for a keying signal. Like the MX-1, the composite video connectors are of the RCA type, and no TBCs are needed. Although the WJ-AVE7’s fader bar is more of a slide control, internal damping gives it a good feel. Performing dissolves on this unit is a joy, both because of the control you get you may change speed anywhere during the transition and because the digital circuits keep both video levels high, resulting in beautiful image mixes and amazing halfdissolves. If your hand is not steady, the auto-take button handles the transitions for you with adjustable speeds. Even though the WJ- AYE7 falls short of the MX- 1 as a transition-master, it offers quite a few wipes and variations that resemble those of higher-priced equipment. It also gives you picture-iti-picture with about the same quality compression as the MX-1, but with a few extra options. You can position your compressed image anywhere on the screen with a joystick, make it cast a shadow over the background video, or have two images compressed at the same time. While the WJ-AVE7 does not have a built-in chronia- keyer, it lias two separate kevers: an external-lumi- nance one and a true downstream keyer. You may invert either key and select any source. The switcher is configured so that you may fade a CG title in over video, and then fade both the title and the video to black simultaneously. A second joystick controls, on a color corrector, the hue that you can assign to one source or both at the same time. You can also adjust the color intensity all the way from black and white, making slight image tints a breeze. While WJ-AVE7 does not offer as many effects as the MX-1, its real switcher feel gives it a major production advantage, allowing for easier use, faster setups, and a vast number of combinations. Moreover, its signal quality is top-notch cleaner than the Toaster’s. With it, you can create very professional-looking videos. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of Digital Reality, an Amiga- based broadcast-video and 3-D animation company in Seattle. Write, to him c!o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Or Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 610-586*5701 FAX 610-586-5706 Orders Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern At Software Hut we are committed to the Amiga with a Large inventory, Great Pricing, Sc Same Day Shipping • Software Hut is your "One Stop" source for Amiga products • RAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs. Please call for price. Power Supplies 5 Expansion Boards A2000 300W Power Supply $ 149.00 A3000T Power Supply
129. 95 A3000T Fan Assembly
39. 95 Aura 12-Bit Sampler
134. 95 Clarity 16
169. 95 AlfaScan Plus w OCR
199. 00 Multiface III I O Extender
92. 00 Supra Turbo 28 A500orA2000
169. 00 WB2 Upgrades
2. 1 Software & Mistering AmlgiDOS Reference Minuil 540.00
2. 1 Software & Mastering AmlgiDOS Reference Minual & 2.04 ROM 72.95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 AS216 2.1 Kit from Commodore 54,95 AS216 2.1 Kit w 2.04 ROM from CBM
86. 95 AS314 2.04 A3000 ROM set w 2.1 software 59.95 d500 Peripherals BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 $ 84.95 Commodore A500 Power Supply 44.95 A500 Case complete w shielding 17.95 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 49.95 A500 Keyboard 44.95 AIR External Floppy Drive 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 43.95 CBM Parts & Peripherals A600 Keyboard $ 29.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard 79,95 AIR A2000 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A60Q 1200 Internal Floppy Drive 69,95 A2000 Power Suppl CBM Amiga Model Mouse ly 109.00 Mouse 19.95 CBM A600 Model Mouse 26.95 CBM A4000 Model Mouse 26.95 CBM 3 Button Mousb 34.95 Golden Image Optical Mouse 44.95 Swifty 3 Button Mouse 27.95 Alfa Data Mega Mouse. 400 DPI 27.95 j Modems & Networking Hydra AmlgaNet Ethernet Card $ 289.00 A2060 Arc Net Board 69.95 GP Fax Software - Class 1 & 2 59.95 Sporster 14.4 Fax Modem 179.00 Supra Fax Modem 14.4 209.00 Supra Fax Modem 28.8 299.00 Cardinal 2400 Baud External 39.95 Last Chance Products A10 Stereo Speakers $ 34.95 Mouse for CDTV, wired - black 16.95 Floppy Drive for CDTV 79.95 1402 12' Monochrome Monitor 79.00 1403 14’VGA Mono Monitor 139.00 1802 Color Composite Monitor 159.00 CBM CDTV Genlock 59.95 CBM CDTV Control Pad 34.95 CD-ROM NEW MODELS & PRICING Sony CDU-561 External CD-ROM ¦ Double-Speed, 30QKU Sec.
• SCSI-1 and SCSI-2
• 256Kb Buffer
• 1 Yaer Wsnsnty Supports: Photo CD Single & Multi- Session, CD Audio & Combined. IS0- 9660 Hlgh Sierra, Modes 1 & 2, XA Ready, MPC1 &2 $ 199.95 NEC 3XI Internal CD-ROM Drive
• SCSI-2,190Mi Access
• Triple Spin
• 1 Year Warranty
• Refurbished by NEC $ 299.95 External model $ 389.95 Toshiba Quad Spin CD-ROM
• Quad Speed |4X), 690Kb Sec Accbu
• SCSI-2
• 1ZOMs Random Seek
• 256K Buffer
• 1 Year Warranty Internal model $ 399.00 External model $ 489.00 ASIMCDFS CD-ROM Drivers
• Includes AlimTunet A AslmPhota v2.0 comes w Flsh Market CD
546. 95 y3.0 comes w Flsh & Photo Cds $ 67.95 Commodore A2410 24-Bit Graphics Card Works with Emplant, Amiga Unix, & TV Paint Pro 2.0 Limited Supply $ 139.95 Monitors CD-1401 Multiscan $ 499.00 CTX AD-1970 Multiscan 499.00 Electrohome C1440 Multiscan 489.00 Nwe have acquired Ihe last batch of CD-32* in the U.S.A. These ire GENUINE U.S. machines, m NOT IMPORTS as others are trying to cell. | $ 279.95 QNEW & boxed w all manuals & cables, 90 Day W’ty. Complete w Sleepwalker & Pinball 0 Fantasies. Can't find an A12007 Why not consider a CD-32 with the SX-1 module above. Call!
* BONUS - With your CO-32 purchase you may buy Groliers Encyclopedia 2, Defender of the Crown 2, Insight; Technology, and Guiness Book of World Records for $ 49.95 NOW AVAILABLE! AS320 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM for the A500, A2000, & A2500 $ 139.95 AS330 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM set lor all A3000 models $ 159.95 AS34D 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM set for all A4000 models $ 159.95 The 3.1 OS Kit Includes the following new features:
• New screen modes & improved support lor graphic boards (e.g. Picasso 2 RIG with up to 1600x1200 pixels in 256 colors)
• Significantly accelerated graphics rendering by rewritten graphics and layers libraries
• CD-ROM support (including CDXL), reads standard IS09660 Cds (including PC data and picture Cds)
• Support for foreign languages via locale.library (English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian,...)
• Datatypes for auto-detection of filetype for images, animations, sound, text, hypertext (AmigaGuide),...
• Viewing Playback ol various files with MultiView and Datatypes
• On-line help system using AmigaGuide
• Improved Graphical User Interface with easier color selection and more flexible color assignment (Pen Sharing)
• Support for MS-DOS and Atari disks (720Kb and 1.44Mb with High Density (loppy drives) Joysticks Suncom TAC 3 $ 12.95 ErgoStik 14.95 Ergo Stikw 2 Games 22.95 Gravis Gamepad 22.95 Gravis Joystick 46.95 CBM CD-32 Controller 29.95 Competition Pro CD-32 Controller 29.95 The Bug 14.00 SlikStik 8.95 Port Ref 18.00 Dr. T’s Music Bundle Includes KCS V3 A Copyist Apprentice Ortglnelly told lor $ 469.00 Special Price $ 69.95 A1200 Peripherals CSA12 Gauge 5CMz w SCSI $ 499.00 PCMCIA Card 500 1200 2Mb 135.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 IDE Cable A Software - 600 1200 20,00 M1230 Accelerator 33 33 0 259.00 Toaster Systems Call for details on our complete Toaster systems 1 Zappo CD-ROM Drive The World'! Ilrtl PCMCIA slot CD-ROM Drive lor the A600 & A1200. Features:
• Double Speed, 300Kbt
• Emulates CD-32 CD-ROM device
• Runs most CD-32 software
• Multi-session, Photo-CD compatible
• Plays Digital-Audio & Photo-CDs
• Mix CD A Amiga Audio output
• File system compatible W IS09660, AmlgiDOS, PC-DOS, & Mac HFS $ 339.95
• Bonus thlt month * FREE Insight: Technology CD-ROM with Zippo buy Zappo Bundle - $ 369.95 Includes: Brutal Sports Football; Competition Pro CD>32 Controller Project X F-17 Challenge; Alien Breed Qwak Amiga Analyzer An Inexpensive hardware A software diagnostic tool tor end users end service centers tllke. Plugs Into your Amiga 500, 1000, 600, 1200, 2000, or 3000 and will tell you what pert, or peris, you need. Eliminate costly service center visits. Detects 85% ol ill problems on the Amigt, Including diskdrive problems. $ 69.95 Books A1200 The Next Step $ 26.00 A1200 Insiders Guide 26.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Tutorial 31.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Reference 31.00 Mastering Amiga DOS Beginners 27.00 Mastering Amiga AMOS 29.00 Mastering Amiga C 27,00 Mastering Amiga Printers 27.00 Mastering Amiga Arexx 31.00 Mastering Amiga System 31.00 Mastering Amiga Assembler 29.00 Amiga Assembler Insider 26.00 Amiga Gamers Guide 26.00 Amiga Workbench A-Z 27.00 Ultimate AMOS Book 35.00 ROM Kernel, 5 Book Set 99.95 Picasso 2 Boards New Version 2Mb Video RAM $ 499.95 Miscellaneous Commodore Parts Nameplate A2000HD $ 6.00 Nameplate A600 6.00 Nameplate A1200 6.00 Nameplate A1200HD 40 6.00 Sheet A1200 Insulation 6.00 Door A1200 RAM Exp. Mod. 8.00 Casework A40QQ lop 29.00 Casework A40D0 bottom 29.00 Button A4000 power 7.00 Bezel A3000 front 8.00 Bezel FDD Cover 3.5’LT 8.00 Software Blowout Thau games ware originally $ 40.00 or more, Hurry as quantities are limited, Addams Family $ 5.95 Agony
12. 95 Back to the Future 2
6. 95 Big Business
4. 95 Bob's Bad Day
9. 95 Carmen San Diego - World
7. 95 Carthage
9. 95 Clever & Smart
3. 95 Clown-o-Mania
4. 95 Colorado
4. 95 Combat Air Patrol
14. 95 Dino Wars
4. 95 Dragon Wars
9. 95 Espana Games
4. 95 Globdule
9. 95 Gunshoot
3. 95 Heroes ol the Lance
7. 95 Hill Street Blues
5. 95 Hook
5. 95 Joe Blade
4. 95 Killing Cloud
6. 95 Leander
12. 95 Leisure Suit Larry 5
14. 95 Lemmings-Requires 1Mb Agnus 16.95 Mortal Kombat
19. 95 one
9. 95 Overkill - AGA only
6. 95 Pit Fighter
9. 95 Powerstyx
3. 95 Prime Mover
9. 95 Pushover
5. 95 Renegade
5. 95 Rings of Medusa
4. 95 Sim City Classic
24. 95 Skyblaster
3. 95 Theme Park Mystery
6. 95 Tie Break Tennis
6. 95 Myth
6. 95 Rambo3
4. 95 Robocop 3D
6. 95 Shadow of the Beast 2
9. 95 Shadow of the Beast 3
14. 95 Space Wrecked
6. 95 Table Tennis Simulation
4. 95 Targhan
5. 95 TV Text Original
4. 95 Vampire's Empire
3. 95 Wild Wheels
6. 95 Wiz 'n' Liz - Requires 1 Mb Agnus
12. 95 World Trophy Soccer
4. 95 Zool - AGA only
6. 95 SX-1 CD-32 Expansion I Module by Paravlslon In Slock!: $ 239.00
U) SX-1 Keyboard: $ 44.95 Options: 1Mb RAM $ 49.95 - 4Mb RAM $ 165.00 8Mb RAM $ 319.00 40Mb HD $ 149.00 - 85Mb HD $ 199.00 170Mb HD $ 279.00 250Mb HD $ 369.00 Hard Drives Wa cany a lu If tin a of 2.5m and
3. 5" Hard Drives from Conner, Quantum, Seagate, Micropolls, and Maxtor. Call for pricing. Software Hut Orders 800-932-6442 Info 610-586-5701 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 FAX 610-586-5706 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern ) CL E o 2 g O) =3 O $ 559.95
35. 00
45. 00
29. 00
84. 95
149. 00
51. 95
69. 00
139. 00
38. 00
124. 95
49. 95
54. 95
99. 00
99. 00
104. 95
79. 95
139. 95
28. 95
68. 00
59. 95
29. 95 Call
249. 95
59. 95
59. 00
115. 00
89. 95
89. 95
99. 95
99. 00
299. 00
69. 00
159. 00
48. 95
249. 95
69. 95
59. 95
89. 95
339. 00
69. 00
38. 00
34. 95
49. 95
74. 00
34. 00
85. 00
124. 95 A2630 Service Manual $ 19.95 A2232 2060 2065 Service Manual 19.95 A1950 Service Manual 22.95 A2002 Service Manual 19.95 A2024 Service Manual 19.95 A500 Rev 5 6a 7 Service Manual 24.95 A2000 Rev 4 jc Service Manual 29.95 A2000 Rev 6.x Service Manual 29.95 A3000 Service Manual 34.95 A3000T Service Manual 39.95 A1270 Service Manual 14.95 At300 Service Manual 14.95 A2320 A2410 Service Manual 19.95 Motherboards We have a limited supply of NEW Motherboards. All come complete with Chips. 90 Day Warranty A300Q Tower Motherboard $ 549.00 A3000 Daughterboard 59.95 A500 Rev 5 PCB 129 00 A500 Rev 8 PCB 149.00 A4000 Daughterboard 69.95 $ 799.00
979. 00
1149. 00
1389. 00
1019. 00
1199. 00
1399. 00 A4028 A4028 A4033 A4040 A3028 A3033 A3040 Software Collections Some of the following iolfwan collodions orlglnslty sold for up to $ 199.95
• Starter Collection Includes: Super Ski, Miniature Golf. Crazy Cars, Fusion Paint, KindWords 2.0 $ 13.95
• Gift Collection Includes: F-40 Pursuit, Master Typ8, Ports of Call. Info File, Who What Where When, 4 a durable Joystick $ 14.95
• Gold Disk Professional Collection Includes: Pagesetter 2, Media Show, Paint 2000, Music 2000, Advantage, CrossDOS, Gold File, Trans Write, interactive product Guide, 4 a Video Taps Tutorial $ 59.95
• Discovery Collection Includes: Deluxe Paint 2, KindWords, 4 Ports of Call $ 8.95
• Appetizer Collection Includes: Paint Program, Word Processor. Music Program, 4 Puzzle Game $ 7.95
• Soper Graphics Collection Includes: Deluxe Paint 3, TV Text Professional 1.0 $ 29.95
• Print Master Plus Collection Print Shop like program with additional Fonts & Borders package 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 42.95 2Mb Agnus 8372B 44.95 Super Denise 8373 38.95 CIA 8520 Chip 17.50 CIA 8520 Surf. Mount Chip 25.00 Gary 5719 Chip 13.95 Paula or Denise Chip 18.95
1. 3 ROM Chip 21.95
2. 04 ROM Chip 34.95
2. 05 ROM Chip 34.95 Super Busier Rev 11 65.00
W. 0. SCSI Chip Rev 8A 35.00 Amber IC 44.95 Ramsey Rev 7 49.95 lisa IC 44.95 68000 CPU 16.95 2400BPS Modem We have just acquired a large batch of Cardinal 2400 Baud External Modems. They are NEW and carry a full 1 Year Warranty. $ 39.95 Serial Cable - $ 8.95 Jl7 Comm Terminal Software $ 5.00 A1000 Keyboard $ 59.00 A1000 Motherboard, complete 49.95 w Daughterboard A1000 Mouse Irom Commodore 14.95 A1000 Internal Floppy Disk Drive 69.95 A1000 Case w ail shielding 19.95 A1300 Genlock, New 4 Boxed 34.95 AMIGA A1000 Parts Productivity-Utilities Alpha Paint Ami Back 2 AMOS Pro AMOS Pro Compiler Anim Workshop 2.0 Art Department Pro 2.5 Art Dept. Pro Conversion Pack Brilliance 2.0 Caligari 24 Checks & Balances Composite Studio 1.1 Composite Studio Extras Cross DOS v5 Cross MAC Crouton Tools 4000 Data Store Deluxe Paint 4 v4.5 Deluxe Paint 5 Desktop Magic Directory Opus 4.1 Distant Suns 5.0 Dynamic Cache FS Dynamic Motion Module EnLan DFS v2 Ethernet Final Copy 2 Rel. 2 Final Data Final Writer Rel. 3 Forge Essence Volume 1 Forge Essence Volume 2 GameSmith Development System Gigamem Hollywood FX Homes Humanoid = Specify LW or Imagine} Hypercache Pro 2.0 Image F X 2.0 Imagemaster R T Imagemaster Apprentice R T Image Mirror Imagine 3,0 Interior Construction Interior design (Specify 1,2, or 3) Invoice It 1.2 Link ft! Magic Lantern v2 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing MaxOOS 2.1 Morph Plus Motion Master LW (Specify vt or v2) 114.95 Multilayer lor AdPro 85.00 Multilayer lor Image FX 85.00 On the Ball v1.3 35.00 PageStream 3.0 249.00 Pegger 2.0 59,95 Pixel 3D Pro 2.0 169.95 Power Macros Lightwave 109.00 Pretium 45.00 Pro Write 3.3 59.00 SAS C 6.51 159.95 Scenery Animator 4.0 65.00 Snap Maps: Building Materials 124.95 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage 124.95 Sparks New Version 119.95 Studio Printer 2 69.00 Super HP-DJC 3 37.95 Swipes 89.95 Tape Worm FS 49.95 Termite 42.00 Vista Pro 3.05 59.95 Wave Link 85.00 Wave Maker 2.0 Call Word Worth 3.1 144.95 Video Products Color Handscanner w OCR software $ 259.00 DCTV 299.00 DPS Personal Anlmitlon Controller Call Lightwave 3.5 Unbundled 539.00 Lightwave 3.5 Upgrade Kit 99.00 Nucleus Personal SFC 179.00 OoalVlsion 429.00 Personal TBC 4 829 00 Retina Z2 4Mb 519.00 Retina Z3 4Mb 725.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 199.00 SuperGen SX 699.00 Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 649.00 Vidi 12 AGA 119.00 Vidi Amiga 12 RT 249.00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 369.00 Vlab Y C 425.00 Vlab Y C External 469.00 Software C D -3 2 TITLE S At Low Prices These titles will also work with AGA Amigas equipped with a CD-ROM reader, ASIM CDFS 3.0, & AmigaDOS 3.1 Imigfit: Technology $ 18.95 From household appliance to high-tech science... a fascinating look inside the way things work with sound, images, video and text. Defender oi the Crown 2 $ 17.95 An exciting, multimedia adventure through the realm of knights and maidens. Groliara Encyclopedia 2 $ 34.95 Now, this award-winning reference work has been updated and adapted for CD- 32 Multimedia... the exciting new technology that combines full-color graphics and high quality sound In an easy-to-use, interactive formal Gulmtx Book al Wwld Rftordi $ 19.95 Over 6000 records. Many with pics and descriptions. PAL version ONLY. Buy ALL Four ol (tie Abow Cdt $ 79.95 Save a BUNDLE on a BUNDLE! Arcade Poo! $ 23.00 Brian the Lion 23.00 Bubba & Stix Premiere 32.00 Bubble & Squeak 39.00 Bump 4 Bum 38.00 Cannon Fodder 38.00 Chaos Engine 16.95 Chuck Rock 1+2 Combo 31.00 Deep Core 12.00 Dragon Stone 42.00 Emerald Mines 21.00 Frontier Elite 2 34.00 Guardian 38.00 Gunshlp 2000 35.00 Jungle Strike 36,00 Labyrinth of Time 35.00 Last Ninja 3 24.00 Liberation 32.00 Ut*l Devil 40.00 Microcosm 34.95 Morph 20.00 Myth 22.00 PGA Euro Tour 37.00 Rise of the Robots 41.00 Simon the Sorcerer 37.00 Sleepwalker Pinball Fantasies 19.95 Soccer Kid 37,00 Super Frog 24.00 Super Stardust 38.00 Tower Assault 37.00 UFO Enemy Unknown 38.00 Universe 42.00 Vital Light 37.00 Wild Cup Soccer 23.00 This high end accelerator for the A3000 & A4000 features:
* Motorola 68040 CPU
• Up to 40Mz clock speeds
* 32-bit RAM up to 12BMbs
• SCSI-2 Controller Warp Engine 28Mz w o CPU 28Mzw CPU 33Mz w CPU 40Mz w CPU 28Mz w CPU 33Mz w CPU 40Mz w CPU 17 Bit 2 CD Collection $ 35.00 Grofiers Encyclop'a - OS 1.3 ONLY
57. 00 17 Bit Continuation CD
25. 00 Gutenberg Project
19. 00 17 Bit Phase 4
25. 00 Heather Hits A Home Run
9. 00 17 Bit LSD Combo Oeiuxe
25. 00 Hound of the Baskervilles
8. 00 69 XXX
27. 00 Hutchinson Encyclop'a - PAL ONLY 13,00 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Illustrated Holy Bible
15. 00 A Bun tor Barney
8. 00 Illustrated Works of Shakespeare
14. 00 Advanced Military Systems
10. 00 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
49. 95 All Dogs Go to Heaven
9. 00 Lemmings 14 00 American Heritage III. Dictionary
12. 00 LiQht ROM LW Objects
36. 00 AmiNet
15. 00 Logical - CDTV ONLY
0. 00 AmiNet Gold 4 21,00 Meeting Pearls
19. 00 AmiNet Share 3
19. 00 Mega Media 1
10. 00 AmiNet Share 4
19. 00 Mega Media 2
10. 00 AMOS PD Library
30. 00 Micro R&D Volume 3
19. 00 Animals in Motion
10. 00 Mind Run-CDTVONLY
7. 00 Audio Plus
18. 00 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 Bible & Religion
24. 00 Mud Puddles
10. 00 Barney Bear Goes to School
8. 00 MultiMedia
19. 00 Battle Storm
9. 00 Music MODs & Sound Samples
18. 00 BCInel
18. 00 My Paint
11. 00 Case of the Cautios Condor
9. 00 Network CD by Weird Science
28. 00 CD Caddy
6. 00 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 CD PD 2
24. 00 New Basics Electronic Cookbook
15. 00 CD PD 3
24. 00 Our Solar System
18. 00 CD PD 4
24. 00 Paper Bag Princess
10. 00 CO PD Coll. -FI >600 & more
10. 00 Party Time XXX
24. 00 Cinderella: The Original Fairy Tale
9. 00 Plain Brown Wrapper XXX
27. 00 Classic Board Games
10. 00 Psycho Killer
9. 00 Clip Art & Fonts
14. 00 Raffles
9. 00 Clipart Warehouse
20. 00 Sexual Fantasies
18. 00 Color Magic Clipart
24. 00 SFX Volume 1
29. 00 Cookbook Hbaven 2
19. 00 Sheer Oelight
22. 00 Curse 01 Ra-CDTVONLY
9. 00 Snoopy: Case of Missing Blanket
12. 00 Demo CD 1
24. 00 Space 4 Astronomy
25. 00 Demo CD 2
24. 00 Strip Poker
17. 00 EuroScene
19. 00 Super Fonts
19. 00 Eyes of the Eagle
9. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM V1
99. 00 Fresh Fish 24,00 Syndesis 3D ROM V2
99. 00 Frozen Fish
24. 00 Texture City
79. 00 Fun School 3 - Ages 8+
10. 00 Texture Hbaven 2
48. 95 Ages 5 and under
10. 00 That's What I Cali Games 1
25. 00 Gallery of Dreams
19. 00 That's What! Call Games 2
25. 00 Games & Goodies
24. 00 Thomas'Snowsuit
8. 00 Garden Fax: Fruits, Vegs, Herbs
9. 00 Tie Break Tennis 11,00 Garden Plants
9. 00 Time Table of History: 1991 Editions Indoor Plants
9. 00 Business, Politics 4 Media
15. 00 Trees. Shrubs, Roses, Conifers
9. 00 Science 4 Innovations 15,00 Gardening Handbook
18. 00 Top Heavy XXX
27. 00 GIF Galaxy
26. 00 Town With No Name
9. 00 GIFs Galore
18. 00 Visions
24. 95 Girls of Pleasure XXX
27. 00 Wet Dreams XXX
27. 00 Gold Fish - 2 CD Set
24. 00 Women in Motion
12. 00 Graphics Plus
18. 00 Wrath of the Demon
10. 00 A2060 Service Manual 14.95 AS225TCIP User Manual 16.95 A2091 User Manual 10.95 A2232 User Manual 12.95 A2630 User Manual 12.95 A2065 User Manual 10.95 A600 User Manual 14.95 A1200 User Manual 16.95 A2000 User Manual 14.95 A3000 User Manual 16.95 A4000 User Manual 19.95 1084S-D User Manual 8.95 10B4S-P User Manual 8.95 A2002 User Manual 8.95 1080 User Manual 8.95 Amiga Basic Manual 12.95 A2630 User Manual 7.95 A2088 User Manual 7.95 A2286 User Manual 7.95 A2386SX User Manual 10.95 A600HD User Manual 9.95 A500 User Manual B.95 A1200 Hardware Manual 19.95 A4000 Hardware Manual 22.95 A1000 Schematics 4 Exp Info 22.95 Prog's Guide to Arexx w disks 14.95 OS 1.3 Enhancer Manual w disks 12.95 We have acquired the last hatch of Service & User Manuals by Commodore. All Service Manuals are the same that Authorized Amiga Service Centers received. If your Amiga peripheral or computer ever breaks, these manuals will prove invaluable. Supplies limited. Disks will work w CDTV, CD-32, A-570 and any Amiga model with a CD-ROM drive and appropriate driver software. Purchase 4, or more, & receive FREE SHIPPING. Authorized Amiga Manuals CD-ROM CDTV CD-32 SALE M-TEC Germany Great New Amiga 500 & 1200 Peripherals 0 Copyright 1644, icchWriien Inc. Al Rights RsscrvwJ Personal Paint v6.t Power and intuitive paint, image processing, animation and 24-bit printing package. Employ stunning effects like Emboss, Watercolors, Transparancies, and Stereograms ('Magic Eye'). $ 59.95 Chinon Internal H. D. Floppy Drive Now available, from Commodore & OKB, is the Chinon 4015 HD Floppy Drive. This is the same unit as used in the Amiga 4000, now also compatible with the A2000. Drives can be used as either dfO: or df1: (or buy two and use as both). Complete with installation instructions. $ 139.95 DKB A2632 RAM Board A 32-bit RAM Expansion Board for the CBM A2630 Accelerator Card. Allows 32-bit RAM beyond 4Mb, expandable to 112Mb using 32-bit wide SIMMs. Faster than RAM on A2630 and full Burst Mode support. Perfect for Video, Graphics, Animations, and DTP. $ 139.00 Options: Add 4Mb RAM - $ 169.00 Add 8Mb RAM - 319.00 Add 16Mb RAM - $ 599.00 Add 32Mb RAM-$ 1189.00 DKB A124Q Board A multi-function board for the Amiga 1200. Includes: 68030 for up to 6 times faster speed; room for up to 128Mb of 32-bit RAM using one industry standard SIMM; clock- calendar. Add an optional Math-Co up to 50Mz, Features an expansion connector for an optional SCSI controller. Super NEW Price! 1240 28Mz EC CPU-$ 159.00 1240 40Mz RC CPU - $ 249.00 Options: Add 33Mz 68882 FPU - $ 79.00 Add 50Mz 68882 FPU - $ 109.00 Add 1Mb RAM-$ 49.00 Add 2Mb RAM-$ 89.00 Add 4Mb RAM-$ 159.00 Add 8Mb RAM - $ 309.00 DKB Video Tape Backup Back up your system to your VCR using inexpensive video tapes. Works on all Amigas including the A4Q00. Performs at 1Mb per minute. Complete with ail software and cabling. $ 89.95 The Clock Installs Internally in your A120Q on the clock header of the Motherboard. Automatically recognized bv AmigaDOS. $ 17.95 SUPER SPECIALS DKB A3128 RAM Board A 32-bit RAM Expansion Board for A3000 4000 owners. Allows 32-bit RAM expansion to 146Mb using industry standard 4. 8,16, & 32Mb SIMMs. Easily installs in any slot. A MUST HAVE lor Toaster users. $ 249.00 Options: Same as A2632 on left. DKB A1202 Board A multl-lunclion board for the A1200. Provides the max Fast-RAM expansion possible plus a clock- calendar. The 2 sockets allow 1, 2, 4, or 8Mb RAM using standard 32- bit SIMMs. Optional Math-Co can speed up math-intensive programs as much as 10 times, or more.
1202. No FPU. OK- $ 99.95 Options: Add 16Mz 68882 - $ 32.95 Add 25Mz 68882 - $ 57.95 Add 33Mz 68882 - $ 74.95 Add 40Mz 68882 -$ 134.95 Add RAM - Same as A1240 on left KwlkStart 2 Allows A1000 owners to install 2 different Kickstart ROM chips. Upgrade to latest OS without using system memory yet you can still boot from disk-based Kickstarts, $ 54.95 Options:
1. 3 OS ROM - $ 19.95
2. 04 OS ROM-$ 29.95
3. 1 OS Kit - $ 159.00 DKB 4091 SCSI Controller High-Performance, DMA, Fast SCSI-2 controller for Zorro3 expansion slots. Includes SCSI internal connector, ribbon cable, & hardware to install a 3.5‘ HD on the board and a high-density SCSI-2 external connector. $ 349.95 DKB MegAchlp Expands your Amiga 500 or 2000 to 2Mb of Chip-RAM, great for all graphic applications, including the Video Toaster. Included is the DKB board w 1Mb of additional Chip- RAM and a 2Mb Agnus. Complete with manual for easy installation. $ 199.95 Disk Expander This software doubles the capacity of your lloppy or hard drives. Easy to install and works without notice, In the background. Compression ratios very Irom 30% to 70%. $ 37.95 Power Point HD External Floppy Connects to external disk drive port ot any Amiga. Perfect for users who lack an internal bay. S145.00 MalnActor Provisional - A full-featured animation program. Create, edit, time & play animations, of any size, on your native Amiga chip set or graphics card. Features: support for several graphics boards w spscial modules; sync animations w sound; 24-bit files use animations directly from RAM or HD; format conversions; Arexx; support for Video for Windows & special fast animation (or Picasso 2. $ 79.95 Arlitfne - A Zorro-2 Elhemet card offering 10Base-2 (Cheapernet) & 10Base-T (Twisted pair), features: 2 parallel ports; 32K Buffer; boot eprom option; SANA-2 compatible drivers & Envoy network software; DOS 2.04 or above is required. $ 299,00 Utna Network - Simple & powerful ’peer- to-peer* network via Amiga parallel ports. Includes: cable; Envoy network software; SANA-2 compatible driver; up to 40Kb sec transfers; user accounting. Cmll Piblo - A video module for your Picasso 2 card permitting output to your TV or VCR. Quality comparable to high-performance video broadcast encoders. Includes: RCA, S- VHS & SCART cables; 24-bit animation program. Call A4GO0 G-Foree 040-40 5949.00 GVP SIMM 32 4Mb 6QNs 219,00 GVP SIMM 32 16Mb 6QNs 999.00 A2000 G-Forcc 040-33 Combo £1099.00 PhonePikVFX2.0 $ 219 95 4008 SCSI2 Controller $ 149.00 TBC Plus $ 599.95 Comb Filter 89.00 Frame RAM Module 189.00 EGS 28 24 Spectrum $ 379.00 1230 Turbo SCSI 40Mz 4Mb $ 399.00 1230 SCSI Ser2 5QMz 4Mb 499.00 1291 SCSI Controller for 1230 89.95 FPU 50Mz for 1230 Accelerator 99.00 XDS Case w 120Mb HD $ 219.95 XDS Case w 250Mb HD 279.95 XOS Case w 420Mb HD 349.95 XOS Casa w 540Mb 399.95 SCSI+Case w 270Mb HD 329.95 SCSI* Case w 540Mb HD 429.95 SCSI+ Case w 1.08Gig HD 739.95 CmII tor morn Diti Ftyer products! Muitl-Pliltorm Emvledcn System MAC Emplant - Basic $ 259.00 w Appletalk Dual Serai Ports 339.00 w SCSI Controller 339.00 MAC Emplant - Deluxe 369.00 256K HQ MAC ROMS 289.00 AmiA, MAC Floppy Interface 55.00 E5B6DX Module for Emplant Shipping Data Flyer Hds NEW LOW PRICING M-TEC RAM This is a 2Mb RAM board for A500s. Mounts Internally, in the trap door, and Into your Gary IC socket, giving you 2Mb of additional fast-RAM. No soldering is required. $ 139.95 M-TEC AT-500 This is a Hard Drive Sub-System plugging into the Amiga 500 expansion slot. Will hold any 2.5' or
3. 5' IDE Hard Drive and it has room to hold 2Mb, 4Mb, or 8Mb RAM on the controller. Uniquely, it features a Kickstart Switch allowing you to mount an additional internal Kickstart ROM, such as 2.04 or 3.1, and still keep whatever ROM is in your A500. M-TEC AT-500 w No HD - $ 149.95 w 120Mb HD - $ 299.00 w 250Mb HD - $ 359.00 w 350Mb HD - $ 389.00 w 420Mb HD-$ 419.00 Options: 2Mb RAM Increment - $ 88.00 Video Products Color Handscanner w QCR software $ 259.00 DCTV 299.00 DPS Personal Animation Controller Call Lightwave 3.5 Unbundled 539.00 Liflhtwave 3.5 Upgrade Kit 99.00 Nucleus Personal SFC 179.00 OpalVlsion 429.00 Personal TBC 4 829.00 Retina 22 4Mb 519.00 Retina Z3 4Mb 725.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 219.00 SuperGen SX 699.00 Toaster 3.1 Uograde 649.00 Vidi 12 AGA 119.00 Vidi Amiga 12 RT 249.00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 369.00 Vlab Y C 425.00 VlabY C External 469.00 AIR Presents A NEW line of High-Densfty
1. 76Mb Floppy Drives for ALL AMIGA MODELS
• ConflgunblB n either DFO; or DF1:
• Requires AmlgiDOS 2.1 or higher
• No additional patches needed
• Reads & Writes standard 880K disks
• Same model is used by Commodore HD internal drive for A4000 $ 134.95 HD internal drive lor A4Q00T 134.95 HD internal drive for A3000 139.95 HD internal drive for A2000 139.95 HD internal drive for A1000 139.95 HD internal drive lor A1200 139.95 HD internal drive lor A600 139.95 HD internal drive for A500 139.95 HD external drive for all Amigas 159.95 AmigaVision Professional Chinon HD Drives Completely re-written version at AmigaVision. Limited supplies. $ 69.95 Amiga Vision - $ 24.95 Amiga Clips v1 Sound FX for AmigaVision or AmigaVision Pro - S8.95 M-TEC 680201 Turbo System This is the powerful, yet affordable, accelerator the average A5G0 user has been waiting tor! Includes a 68020 CPU & 68881 Math-Co, both running at 16Mz. Also included is a SIMM socket for up to 4Mb of 32-bit RAM. The board attaches to your Motherboard with NO soldering. Install disk and manual are included. $ 99.95 Options: 1Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 49.95 4Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 165.00 M-TEC T1230 28 RTC This A1200 accelerator comes with a 68030 CPU and 68882 Math-Co running at 28Mz. Users may install a faster FPU at a later time, if desired. Accepts up to 8Mb of 32-Blt RAM. $ 169.95 Options: 1Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 49.95 4Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 165.00 8Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 319.00 CD 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 42.95 2Mb Agnus 8372B 4495 lL Super Denise 8373 38 95 CIA 8520 Chip 17 50 I CIA 8520 Surf. Mount Chip 2500 N Gary 5719 Chip
13. 95 u Paula or Denise Chip
18. 95
1. 3 ROM Chip
21. 95
2. 04 ROM Chip
34. 95
2. 05 ROM Chip
34. 95 O Super Buster Rev 11
65. 00 u
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8A
35. 00 r- Amber IC
44. 95 ( ) Ramsey Rev 7
49. 95 Lisa IC
44. 95 68000 CPU
16. 95 o 68030 68040 CPUs Call *4 Our Policies 1 1 • -.a ;v.v Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa, Master Card, & Discover with NO service charge. We accept American Express with a 1.5% service charge. We also ship COD, accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for small items, $ 15.00 for Monitors. Call for larger items. COD add $ 5.00. Canadian, APO, & International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges & insurance at time of order. 15% re-stocking lee on all returns not exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT refundable. No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping Is available. International orders ship by Air Parcel Post or UPS Express. Domestic orders ship by UPS or Airborne Express.
• All orders are subject to credit card verification • i r u v i i; w s From p. 10. Then does die math and alerts you about any discrepancies. Transactions that are the same evciy month, such as insurance premiums, are entered in a Saved Transaction window. You can enter the payee, the amount, whether it is a credit or debit item, and if it's tax-deductible. This information is all saved and ready to use at a click of the mouse. More Window Talk You can assign each transaction to any number of categories, controlled through the Category window and used by the Report window, which allows you to son through the data. Assuming auto repair is one of your categories, all checks you wrote for car repairs in the last 90 days are just a few clicks away. Reports based on payee and general register data are also available. Three levels of sorting are possible, and C&B supports wildcards, allowing you to zero in on the desired data. The final two sections of the program are the Calculator window, which contains (surprise!) A calculator, and a Preferences window. The Calculator window has a special gadget that lets you paste information from one area to another. By holding down the mouse button, you can drag data from this window into any other that can accept that type of data. For instance, you can use the Calculator to adcl up an invoice, and then drag the total into the Check window. The total is copied into the Amount field of the current check. Slightly Off Balance There are a few things in C&B that could stand improvement. For instance, you can drag a saved transaction into the Check or Register window, and the program creates a new entry lor that transaction. Unfortunately, this action fails to assisrn a check number for the new trans- o action when the Check Number Preferences is set to Derive. Also, when you are printing checks, the Insert Paper requester appears four times! A more serious fault is that when you exit the program, it does not check with you to see if unsaved data exists. It al- ways asks if von are sure you want to quit, but if you click on “yes.” any unsaved work vanishes. Finally, something the otherwise clear manual fails to mention is that to install the program on your hard drive, you need to adcl an Assign statement to your User-Startup file in order to start the program from a datafile icon. These small quibbles aside, AmiSolt has come up with a fine way to let your Amiga replace your old checkbook. Rob Hays DiskSalv 3 Intangible Assets Manufacturing, $ 40 All Ami gas.
2. X 3,x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Harddisk, 1MB, AmigaDOS 2.x or later. Recommended system: AmigaGuide, accelerator. Powerful disk file maintenance and recovery software. DiskSalv 3 is ex-Commodore engineer Dave Ilaynie's first commercial implementation of this time-honored disk utility. With an accumulated nine years of steady development first as an in-house disk-repair tool at Commodore, and then later as one of the first programs to support both Localization and AmigaGuide DiskSalv enjoys a legendary reputation for restoring damaged disks. DiskSalv 3’s restoration abilities are, of course, dependent on the seriousness of the error or damage. When a disk's integrity is beyond repair, the program offers a veritable laundry list of’ways to j j salvage data from it. Out With the Old, In With the New It arrives on a single disk that uses the Commodore installer to position the program and its associated files on your hard drive, and you’ll find naiy a manual or booklet. 1AM made the environmentally conscious decision to place all documentation in AmigaGuide format. A few clicks of the mouse is all ii lakes to output the documentation to the printer, if you so desire. Merely listing and briefly describing DiskSalv 3’s myriad features would fill several review pages, so I’ll zero in on those improvements made over its earlier shareware versions. For starters, you’ll see a clever Workbench user interface that lets you cycle through a series of screen buttons and graphic gadgets. The cycled disk modes include Salvage, Undelete, Repair, Unfonnat, Check, Backup, and Cleanup. Each mode is accompanied by professionally designed drawings an underwater diver and magic wand, for instance while the associated buttons depict such humorous items as an overflowing beer mug. DiskSalv 3 offers a variety of ways to retrieve lost data and scan for trouble. DiskSalv 3’s ability to extract data from a failed disk and copy the material to another disk is just one aspect of the program. It not only recovers deleted files from an undamaged disk (a more common need than failure recovery), but also fixes a damaged disk in place. The program also locates hidden hard-disk partitions, reports errors, and backs up an AmigaDOS volume to any AmigaDOS disk or tape device, a la .Ami-Back. A unique drag-and-drop design makes your ability to select devices J i extremely fast and simple, just pick up a directory, file, or volume and drop it into the mode window to automatically activate the current setting. The file browser sports a dual list interface, and an enhanced AmigaDOS 3.x-stylc listview appears even when the program is operating within an AmigaDOS 2.x environment. Guide Hooks DiskSalv 3 offers an online AmigaGuide manual with interactive links. Just press the I Ielp key, and the AmigaGuide node that corresponds to your current context pops up in an asynchronous AmigaGuide window. Error checking immediately revealed that the AmigaGuide li- brary residing on my trusty A2000 was H* Itevicr J Fit* hit'twii FkttKi: 650 6THAVENUE, (COR. 20THST) NY, NY 10011 INFO: (212) 633-2290 FAX: (212) 633-7717 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL We Skip Worldwide! MM mil FRIDAY W-W SUNDAY imw SA1UMY QW SperiaboHhe-mon th: Commodore 2.1 Rom Upgrade Kits $ 84.95 "Vour Video Toaster - Commodore AMIGA Headquarters N€UJ! 6pson €S600C nuthorized Amiga Service Center oru Bring or moil in your equipment for in & out ofLuorrantv work. Factory trained technicians COMPLETE TOASTER & ACCELERATION PACKAGES ON SALE j 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 719.95 ES800C $ 969.95 The ultimate Mac Emulator $ 339.95 Cditizcr True AB f?oll* Mulii Foimat Ectta tat® Control* DPS IBC Control LOUICSTII FREE Installation on these uparades! 13D animator s dream system! AUTHORIZED COMMODORE AMIGA DEALER * free cables!! Free cables!! A2000 UPGRADE 1; GVP G-FORCE 030-40MHZ 12 MEG RAM 340 MEG SCSI DRIVE VIDEO TOASTER 4000 $ 3450 $ 4495 A-20Q0 UPGRADED GVP G-FORCE 040-33 Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 18 Meg Ram Memory 1 GIGABYTE HD : Ask about our monitor specials when orderingI! WARP A4000 040-28 540 Meg HD I Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 . _ 16 MEG RAM $ 549 your 4000 to (he $ 629 WARP A4000 04040
2. 2 GtG HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 32 Meg Ram Memory KITCH€N SYNC Two Channel TBC $ 1169.95 oomism»*7m.»s i s Csfl Twelve Guego! SOMhz Power for yourl200! $ 524.95 Csf) Derringer 030 Mjz.33M iz,50M )z Available! $ 499.95 & UP
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16. 7 million Color! FARGO PRIMERA Monitors Printers Dye-Sub for FARGO 189.95 V rnsmmmm Trjstate is 3 fvll service dealer for pros and amateurs alike, life cany emr thing In Video and editing flmiLink Cl Editor Headquarters Section
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* L CD DU BJ i
• - • c 0 D Prices subject to chanqe without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Extended Warranty Available U S and Canada. R E V I E W S outdated, something no other program had caught. The program also incorporates improved mechanisms for automatically locating missing volumes or keying in device parameters, and device descriptions can be read from or written to Rigid Disk Blocks. In addition, complex pattern-matching language allows multiple file inclusions, exclusions, or searches by matching filenames, filenotes, dates, sizes, or protection bits. Users of the old DiskSalv will immediately note improvements in the file- system-detection mechanism, which now recognizes MS-DOS and OS 2 file systems. Its ability to recognize these formats let the program automatically lock those disks out so that no Amiga-specific functions will inadvertently be performed 011 them. DiskSalv 3's Unformat also does double duty as a robust “undelete in place” function, restoring in their original places any deleted files that are still viable. The aforementioned Check mode does a fix-in-place analysis, but only generates a report, leaving the disk unscathed. The report (log file) format now supplies greater details as to error conditions. An all-new Back-up mode performs traditional backups of any logical or physical .AmigaDOS volume, using the standard DiskSalv recovery mechanisms. When used for backups, any exclusion lists you make are available for the program’s Salvage mode. And you have to deal onlv with one kind of 4 archive format (if you use tape or other back-up streams), which is fully documented and supported via a C-Lan- guage Include file. Miscellaneous Notes The program’s new Cleanup mode is a slow but thorough process that permanently erases any deleted files encoun- tered on a partition or device, leaving no trace of those files. You can send a host of documented configuration options to DiskSalv 3 via icon Tooltypes or the command line. While the program performed flawlessly on my A2000 030, my A4 000 040 operating under AmigaDOS 3.1 crashed once or twice when running DiskSalv 3. I AM tech support (easily reached through both CompuServe and the Internet) acknowledged this problem, saying ifs a mysterious one that appears at random on some, but not all, OS3.J- ecjuipped A4000 040s. They assured me that once the problem is identified, all registered owners can expect to receive a free upgrade. I have a suggestion about another item that is less of a problem than an oddity: Some operations, such as backing up a device, give two choices when 1 hay are completed New Device or Quit. Selecting the latter exits the program. A third option, perhaps Continue, or something to that effect, might he somewhat less confusing. And that’s my gripe list in its entirety. In these days of waning support for the Amiga, it's good to know that there are programs such as DiskSalv and companies like IAM that release and aggressively support Amiga products. The price is right, too, comparable to that of the commercial disk utilities for the Mac and PC. My advice: If you get 110 other utility for your Amiga, get DiskSalv 3. Tim Walsh PageStream v3.0c Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation, S399.00 All Amigas,
2. X 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Password copy protection. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: AmigaDOS 2.04 or later, hard drive, 3MB RAM. Recommended system: Accelerator, 8MB or more RAM, PostScript laser printer, AGA-compatible Amiga. Desktop-publishing software. Editors note: The version of PageStream (3,0c) that's being shipped to reviewers is the same that's been released to paying customers. More than 40 features in this version either do not work at all, or function only partially. The included documentation freely admits this and points out the areas in need of improvement. Soft-Logih 's justification for releasing the program in this form to the public is to let users '‘get a headstall on learning version 3 while wailing for a final versionThe company promises frequent free updates to this work in progress, which, when finished, will be called PageStream 3.1. So when you are ready to buy, make sure that you get the latest version. PageStream 3.0 has arrived, bringing with it full AmigaDOS 3.x and AG A chip-set compatibility and the ability' to display graphics in up to 236 colors on AGA Amigas. This all-new release is bundled with two utility programs: BME, a bitmap-image editor, and PageLiner, an ascii editor. This robust package is the long-awaited product many Amiga users have seen in various stages at World of .Amiga shows since April of 1993. More Buttons, More Productivity There’s a fresh new interface and a new single-column Toolbox. Two new gadgets have been added: the Toolbar and ri will uum;i: 1111 Til INK ABOUT KiBUMllM. MiAU Pagestream 3.0c provides your Amiga with new DTP capabilities. A box called the Edit Palette. The Toolbar puts into button form such frequently used menu selections as Undo, Redo. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Print. The Edit Palette adapts to your work mode. When drawing objects, the mouse position is displayed using x and y coordinates. When editing objects, it shows appropriate information such as x, y, and z rotations in degrees, width height coordinates for rectangles, and center coordinates and radius for circles. All of these numbers are incrementally adjustable. PageStream automatically updates measurements if an object is adjusted in the usual fashion by dragging it with the mouse. Furthermore, the units of measurement can be set to inches, centimeters, picas, points, and so on. In text mode, the Edit Palette changes to display current text size in points, width in percent, tracking and leading, and font name. All arc adjustable with text-entry gadgets or arrow buttons. More buttons select bold, italic, and other text modifications. Another button changes the display to formatting and
- t •- wk.... .. i-'-v,_4 v.r fciLf.V iL:.U;:; L';LX .U::;' t; - ~lri-ri.-w.ii.si. -• l:hvt- T ;ru:?: ! ¦";4 -r;;7*--4* l i i card. Noah Ji's Enir.ERTAINM'E KH? DataFlyer 5003 225.00 DataFlyer 500 IDE ....149.00 SCSI+1200 ...92.00 SCSI+4000 ...... 119.00 Bloodnet .....38.00 Dawn Patrol ...Call Dream Web Call Fields of Glory ....39.00 Lords of the Realm .40.99 Rise of the Robots .41.99 Super Stardust ....36.00 Theme Park AGA ...Call Top Gear 2 ..31.99 Tower Assault .....27.99 Sub War 2050 AGA 38.00 Lion King AGA ...34.00 [MnrnfKi b m h ivfe 586DX Emulation Module Call Accel. Warp Engine 4040 ...1349.00 Accel, DKB 1240 40MHz....225.00 Accel. DKB 1240 50MHz....359,00 Accel, Mtec 1230 28 1200...165.00 Accel. Mtec 68020 500 98.00 DAT Drive Sony 5000 899.00 Drive, Iomega Int 489.00 Drive. Syquest 3270 Int 389.00 Empfant Deluxe .....Call Ethernet System, 4066+ ....299.00 FlickerFixer ......249.00 Utilities ALFA DA TA Arexx Cookbook 37.99 Mastering AMOS 29.00 Mastering Amiga C 27.00 Mastering DOS Ref 28.00 Mastering Amiga Tutorial ..28.00 % Mastering Assembler...33.00 ROM Kernais .Call Ultimate AMOS 39.00 WorkBench 3 A-Z 27.00 AlfaDrive 3.5” Floppy ...75.99 AlfaScan 800 ......139.00 Alfa Pen (Pen Mouse) ..65.00 CD 1200 .....65.00 Oktagon 2008 SCSi-ll RAM Expansion Card 139.00 MultiFaceCard III I O....88.00 Mega Mouse 400 DPI ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 22.00 Mouse, AlfaOptic 39,00 Tandem Controller 79.00 Trackball 3-Button 39.00 Data Flyer SCSI+ ® Ait Department Pro 0 Sim City 2000 AGA €¦ Floppy Drive, HD 3000 2120 E.MORELAND BLVD. SUITE L. WAUKESHA. Wl 53186 TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FR1. 9-6, SAT. 9-5 CST Customer service 414-548-8125 • fax 414-548-8130
- orge Essence ....75.00 Fractal Music Lab ..89.00 Fractal Pro 6.09 .85.00 GameSmith ..93.00 Hollywood F X .245.00 Image F X 2.0 ..245.00 ImageMaster RT 60.00 Imagine 3.0 ......345.00 LightWave 3D 3.5 539,00 Math Vision 2.4 ...149.00 MaxDOS 2.0 ......89.00 Motion Master ...96.00 Multi Layer .....79.00 PageStream 3.0 ...225,00 Power Macros Lightwave ....88.00 Studio Printer 2.0 ..86.00 Super DJC3 or LJ4 36.99 Swipes ...82,99 TerMite (Terminal) .38.00 Wave Maker 2.0 ....Call Address It! ..25.99 Alpha Paint ......569.00 AmiBack Plus Tools ......79.00 Brilliance 2.0 ......79.00 C Net Pro 3.0 ...124.00 Checks & Balances 38.00 Composite Studio 125.00 Cross DOS ...... ..45.00 Cross MAC ..99.00 Deluxe Paint V ......125.00 Disk Expander .....36.99 Final Data ....55.99 Final Writer III ....99.99 1200 RAM Expansion 0K..95.00 MIDI interface ...42.00 W 2 cables 52.00 Mouse. Swifty 3-Button ....29.00 Micro R & D Cds 1 Transition ..45.00 2 Nature's Backdrop 48.00 I 3Games & Publishing.15.00 HlARDWAlRIC Micro R. & D. Floppy Drives, High Dens Call Hardcard GVP 4008 ....145.00 Harddrives Various Sizes Maxtor Microp Quantum Call Joystick. EpyxSpeedking ....20.99 Joystick, Slik Stik .8.99 Link It! .41 99 MegaChip 2000 DKB 195.00 Memory, 68030 040 .Call Monitor. CD Solutions 1401 ..479.00 Monitor, Electrohome 1440..489.00 MultiStart tl 26.00 PC Pedal ...245.00 Personal Anim Recorder,.1549.00 Terms; Pos accepted Irom schools and government agencies*Personal checks require 7 days to clear*Defective products replaced promptly. RMA number required (call 414-548-8125) for all merchandise returns Returns not accepted after 15 days. Returned products must be in original packaging, postage prepaid. Opened software not returnable Shipping charges not refundable Non-defective returns subject to a 15% restocking fee‘Not responsible tor typos. Prices subject to change SPECIAL! SonyCDU-561 Double Speed CD ROM Drive 'SCSI II, ISO 9660 ’ 295ms access; 256K buffer : * 300KB transfer rate
* Multi-session. PhotoCD
* Lire & Headphone outputs for audio Cds
* Caddy & manual ' ASIM2.0 Driver (OEM). Fish Market CD, and Micro R&D CD (Games & Publishing Powerhouse) included Internal: ......$ 199,99 External S249.99 I Lab Motion Card For non-linear video and audio editing and playback; transforms your 2000 3000 4000 into a high-end fully digital video record and playback machine without the use of a TBC or dedicated harddrives Call Vlab Motion Card Bundle Includes Toccata 16-brt audio Supra Corporation SupraFAX Modem 14.4 Ext ..185.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4LC Ext140.00 SupraFAX V.FC 28.8 Ext ...235.00 SupraFAX Modem 28.8 V.34 Call
• ••••• • • •. . :-.v ...Call - Mobotics Sportster 14.4 Ext FAX 140.00 Sportster 28.8 V.FC Ext FAX.239.00 Courier V.34 Ext FAX 435.00 Printer, Primera 749.00 Printer, DeskJet 540 ...315.00 Scanner, Epson Stylus 559.00 Scanner MiGraph 2400......979.00 Smart Port + ......56.00 SuperGen SX ...639.00 TBC IV ..795.00 Trackball, AmTrac ..69.99 3D ROM Vo 11 or 2 89.00 AMOS CD ..35.00 AmiNet 11 94 .20.99 ASIM CD ROM FS .55.99 Clip Art & Fonts ....,27.00 epsPRO Clip Art ..139.00 Fresh Fish .20.00 Fractal Pro Images 36.99 Frozen Fish .20.00 Gold Fish Vol 2 ......20.00 Light ROM (Lightwave) ..35.00 Master ISO (AsirnWare) Write your own Cds! 510.00 Meeting Pearls ......18.00 Music Mods 29.00 Syndesis Internet ..45.00 Town of Tunes ......16.00 Texture Heaven 2 55.00 (For more, see Micro R&D Box) Amiga CD32 .269.00 Includes Groiier's II SX-1 Expansion ...235.00 Zappo Drive 1200 299.00 Plextor 4Plex Int ..479.00 CD ROM DRIVES & TITLES E M text-justification selections for paragraphs and lines. Other “Palettes,” in the form of small windows with scrolling lists, are available for Fonts, Macros, Pages and other such items. Arexx Control An extensive list of internal PageStream macros complements PageStream 3, a built-in macro generator automatically learns and writes customized internal macros for you, and there is complete macro management. .ARexx macros are supported as well, and a long list of prewritten ones is included. Also, bitmapped images can be directly exported to BME or other Arexx-compat- ible paint programs. If you get lost with all the new features, online help is available in the familiar AmigaGuide format. The new manual is far more comprehensive than in the past, with a multitude of menu screen shots and diagrams, a well-written table of contents, and an extensive index. Getting around on zoomed-in or larger-than-screen pages is easier now, with the addition of screen-scrolling and page-dragging abilities. Many keyboard shortcuts have been changed, but longtime users will find that the new ones are logical and easy to learn. Objects menu shortcuts now use only a single letter without the .Amiga key, although Project (which was File in v2.2), Edit, and View menu shortcuts still use the .Amiga- key modifier. Color selection and control is astounding. Grayscale, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL sliders allow custom mixing. Complete Pantone support provides innumerable preset color choices for Pantone Coated and Uncoated, Process and ProSim colors. The manual boasts support for virtually all PostScript printers and PostScript printer description (PPD) files, as well as for Windows and Macintosh Type 1 fonts. My version of 3.0c did not yet have the Mac fonts implemented, and, lacking a PostScript printer, I could not test the PPD or Windows font features. The program includes more than 60 fonts and a collection of graphics samples from various companies. Graphics Handling Although PageStream now loads Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and other image formats, it has no image-editing capabilities of its own, but you can export via Arexx some image formats for editing in BME, the bundled bitmap-editing program. Besides pixel-by-pixel touchups, BME can do some image processing, including Lighten Darken, Contrast, Negative, Autotracing, and others. The Autotracing, which outputs in DR2D, worked well in tracing scanned black-and-white artwork. The other bundled progam, PageLin- er, includes a spelling checker and, if no document is loaded, presents only a small unobtrusive menu bar. Along the Fault Line Hopefully, the glitches in the present version of PageStream will soon be fixed. In the meantime, here are some major problems I encountered. If you are accustomed to using less than 256 colors for the Workbench screen, you will encounter highlight and shadow color problems. The only solution I found was to reset the Workbench to the default Palette. .Also, freehand-drawn lines created in version 2.2 load as closed-loop objects, with the two end points connected by a straight line. Forget using old keyboard shortcuts, too. Selecting the traditional Amiga-c (lowercase) to copy locks up the program. Use Amiga-C (uppercase). You now need to enter a temporary password every time you run the program. Once you send in your registration card, you will receive a permanent password. If your registration card is lost in the mail, you'll need to contact Soft- Logik for a solution. Typing text directly into PageStream
3. 0 occurs at a snail’s pace, as does the program’s non-PostScript printing. I compared 3.0c and 2.2 print times on a 24-pin, dot-matrix machine using an A4000 040 with 18MB of RAM. Version
2. 2 created a page in just 19 seconds, while v3.0c took 1 minute and 45 seconds. Moreover, once printing commenced, v3.0c stopped mid-stream to perform some unknown ciphering tasks. In addition, in loading identically sized 24-bit images, the program would inexplicably display some in different sizes and out of proportion, while others appeared correctly proportioned. Finally, some rather commonly used functions did not work, including the Reshape tool, so editing freehand-drawn objects and curves was not an option, and Landscape printing for non-PostScript printers was, to put it politely, also on holiday. Diamond in the Rough If Soft-Logik holds true to form, PageStream 3.0c is destined to be a huge success. Great features, like the gradient, radial, or shaped dithered fills for text are must-haves for serious DTP work. With so much obvious efFort expended in making it friendlier, more llexible, and much more powerful, the new PageStream should be the best DTP program ever developed for the Amiga. Fred Hurteau Hollywood FX Synergy International, S499 Ajl Toaster-equipped Amigas, 2,x 3,x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Video Toaster, 10MB RAM, LightWave 3.0 or later. Recommended system: 2MB chip RAM, 18MB RAM, PAR, TBC-IV. Front-end for Video Toaster’s LightWave. Ideo Toaster users who employ the Switcher’s various DVEs are familiar with its heavy pixelization on all image rotation, scaling, and warping. Hollywood FX (HFX) is a simple, user-friendly front end to LightWave that gives videographers access to perfectly clean Toaster effects and transitions. Top To Bottom .Arriving on three disks that install easily with the standard Commodore in- staller routine, the software is intuitive, even for those with little or no LightWave experience. Unlike many other Toaster products, this one has no special requirement for directory location in relation to the Toaster software. HFX requires LightWave 3.0 or later and at least 10MB of both RAM and free disk space. To use its full potential, however, you’ll need 2MB of chip RAM, a Personal Animation Recorder (PAR) and a TBC-IV, along with a minimum of 18MB of RAM. While HFX works well with just 1MB of chip RAM, to run it with the PAR, you’ll need to use the new stand-alone LightWave. Even Warm and Fuzzy Logic’s LightRave consumes as much chip RAM as if you’re using the Toaster Switcher. The top half of HFX’s interface is a panel of effects croutons like those of the Toaster Switcher. Selecting one of them displays a miniature animation of the effect along with a written description. Currently, -II different effects are included, arranged a dozen per page. Examples include page curls, spherical warps, particle effects, and some that simply defy description. R i; V I E w s The bottom half of the interface consists of one of live different screens used for entering the various parameters needed to customize each effect. For example, you use the Images screen to specify the stills or sequences including an optional background image -that you want to map into the elfect or transition. One effect, a tumbling child’s block, allows the mapping of six different images onto its sides. Optimum Effects With the PAR running in the background, you can specify a PAR animation as a sequence, and 11 EX loads each frame of the animation as it renders the effect. This method allows 11 EX to act as a truly high-quality Toaster Switcher replacement for non-live video, The remaining screens are labeled Options, Output, Render, and Batch, and each provides a variety of choices familiar to Light Wave users, yet comprehensible even to the novice. Should questions arise, the manual explains every option. HEX offers three output formats: 24- bit IFF images, Toaster Eramestore, and Toaster-1000 animation. Of course, the two Toaster formats require you to rim Eight Wave from the Switcher. Besides rendering custom Switcher effects, the program also provides a way to run scripts for automatic post-processing of your generated images. Most of the supplied scripts apply a painted look to the images and use AD- Pro as the image-processing engine. 1’cl like to see scripts for other software, such as ImageFX, and also options for ramping the post-processing in and out through the duration of the effect or transition. For example, it would be nice to specify a transition that starts out normal, then turns into an oil painting at the mid-point, and then goes back to normal at the end. Of course, anyone with a reasonable grasp of Arexx can add these changes to the supplied scripts. Another bonus ol MFX is its batch- rendering capability. Not only can you set up your various f I FX effects and add them to the rendering queue, blit any Light Wave scene file you have previously created can be queued up as well. Even if you aren't using HEX for anything else at all, this can be an extremely handy tool for batching up multiple LightWavc scenes for unattended operation. HFX allows you to specify the resolution. Output type, and whether or not to render alpha for each scene in the queue. All other LightWave scene parameters, such as ant ialiasing or what frames to render, must be specified in the scene file. Few Complaints You'll quickly discover that a few of the effects have some quirks. For example, enabling the shadowing opt ion may prevent the use of a selected background image. Also, I was unable to get the AD- Pro Oil Paint post-processing script to function. Odd, considering it’s virtually identical to the Fresco script, which worked fine. Also problematical is that any attempt to change the total frame count in the Sample scene created with HFX. Render screen after completing a batch scene render causes a system crash. Interestingly enough, IIFX works line with Light Rave because it emulates the Toaster in this respect. By the time you read this, however, version 1.27 of the software should be available, correcting any bugs and effects quirks. A special version of HFX is available from Synergy International that works properly with ScreamerNct. Also in the works arc several volumes of new effects targeted at a variety of applications. 1 he accompanying manual is quite complete, although too sparse in its description of Arexx scripts. Hollywood FX may be a bit more expensive than most Toaster-related products, hut an experienced LightWave user could assemble these effects only through a major investment in time. Mark Thompson Fractal MusicLab Digital Expressions Research, S99 All Ami gas.
I. 3 2.x 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB RAM. Recommended system: Hard drive, accelerator, MIDI interface. Reveals relationships between fractals and music. Just when you thought the software industry had pretty much run out of new ideas, along comes Fractal Music- litb, a program that creates musical structures from fractal geometry' by blending fractals’ properties of self-similarity with music's structure of theme and variation. Lab Tour Installing the one-disk Fractal MusicLab is a drag-and-drop process; no installer is provided. The manual briefly describes how the program works, and then dives into a set of tutorials. You’re guided through the creation of a score from Iterated Function Systems (ITS) code, generating and playing sequences and creating your own ITS codes. The program opens a variety of windows oil the main screen to access these and other functions. (Tearing music from the supplied codes can be as easy or involved as you like. If you’re in a hurry, you can simply load and render a code, generate a sequence, select some instruments and proceed to play. Fractal MusicLab also includes a variety of tools for editing anything from the initial ITS code through the filter definitions to the final music sequence. Seeking Music In the Graphics Unless you’re particularly well-versed in both graphics and music, Fractal MusicLab isn't exactly a load-and-go program. II fractal geometry isn’t one of your strong suits, you’ll have to wade through some fractal basics before you can make the program do its thing. You will not, however, need to be a fractals expert to make music. As a musician, 1 breezed through the familiar territory of MIDI and sequences as described in the manual, but lost some confidence with ? Graphics descriptions such as affine transformations* IKS, ancl so on. Fortunately* Chapter (> provides a helpful crash course in fractals. Starting the manual with the tutorials is a good idea; they certainly helped me to understand the program. Wobbly Explanations Unfortunately, many of the examples presented in the manual do not clarify the various features. For example, the first tutorial provides instruction on creating a score, and it explains the process for moving an image. However, no explanation is given as to why you might want to do that. The second tutorial on generating and playing sequences describes sequence windows but doesn’t apply this information. Consequently, I finished tlie tutorials feeling insecure. Digital Expressions’ tech support acknowledged the difficulties with the manual, explaining that users of their earlier product, MusicLab-IFS, sought more technical details. I suspect, however, that most potential customers for Fractal MusicLab want it to generate TrifTii Haiid j twfft tHWHF I * jt*4 ! Mplicr i j • PI _ iitto !fj tou RiTidentic Ei.t |»bt |cm | Mint | »* (*« rnr i s i I „ LJ nrar OS £J fa7T Iq-a * li »r«gi I on mm Fractal MusicLab lets you create new sounds with your fractals. Interesting music for entertainment software, so focusing the tutorials and descriptions on how they apply to the creation of music would be most helpful. Fun With Fractals Don't be surprised if you can t get your first sequence to play. Until you get the knack of its workings, Fractal MusicLab seems to generate a lot of dead air. Also, the only way to view a sequence as it’s played is to open the edit window and play the visible portion. And there’s another design peculiarity: When you edit an existing filter in order to create a new one, you normally don’t expect to lose the original filter; but Fractal MusicLab thinks otherwise. It’s best to start from scratch if you don’t want to lose an existing filter. (When creating a new one, by tfie way, you’re limited to a lour-letter filename.) I’d like to see some way to test audio changes “on the fly;” the ability to operate in interlace mode, which would be of benefit in view of the program’s many windows; and some predefined templates or styles, a la Super}AM! Although Fractal MusicLab generates music based on fractals, you must expect to apply heavy doses of input and careful massage if you want to create a musically useful format unless you're not particular about the music you produce. For conventional soundtracks, you’d probably be happier with Super- JAM1, but for the explorer of new musical frontiers in fractal graphics, Fractal MusicLab is an interesting curiosity. Rich Manasa ¦ YOUBSEIF k''U (fatty Pr+hctffr+m OREGON % REDMOND CABLE WEST COAST 4 206-882-2009 EAST COAST 615-478-5760 VlBioMAini* OUSifY ?£ Coll, write, e-matl, or FAX for more information: 16200 S.W. Pacific Hwy., Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224 PH: (503) 620-4919 FAX:(5Q3) 624-2940 Internet: orTes@teleport.com Genie: ORA CompuServe: 71333,2655 fax 615-472-3647 fax 206-883-1430 This is • ¦ • vlRBss' madness. WE HAVE THE CABLES YOU NEED MONITORS PRINTERS PLOTTERS MODEMS ANALOG • VGA • RGB SWITCH BOXES • IBM DCTV • S-VHS * FUCKER FIXER • TOASTER DEC • H.P. • APPLE • AMIGA • ATARI * COAX MULTISYNC • CUSTOM • GAME CABLES NEW!! SEGA STEREO AUDIO VIDEO CABLES JAGUAR SVHS AUDIO-VIDEO RGB COMBO CABLE OR “ALL IN ONE" CABLE
• Designed for WB2.0+ • Style Guide Compliant
• flexible Phone book with custom configurotions
• Editable Review buffer Cut Paste • Configurable button bar! Assign any program function macro. V ant your own icons? Just assign on Iff brush!
• Font&Screen Sensitive • Full AREXX Support • Coll Logging. Time, location, end S's spent • Auto-Macro Recording * Much Much More! That Onrrrift Oontmy Send us your sug- i gestions crd regrsTer To j win o 28,800 BPS modem and Jots oi other Oiegon Research Products. No purchase is necessary to enter. Winners
- will be announced on SuperSowl Sunday ‘95 Telecommunications in the 90's! 1 Everything you need to start cruising the Information Super Highway in one easy to use packaged ‘ Termite is so easy to use, that even a novice will feel at home. Yet it has all the power to sotisfv the most seasoned modem warrior! E Tired of the limitations of those "BASIC" game development systems? ? Ready for one that you can REALLY sink your teeth into? ? Fast Parallox scrolling? No problem. Dual Ployfields?? A piece of cake! Multiple viewports with multiple animated objects on independent paths with background and object collision detection?? Child's ploy!!! The GomeSmith Development system gives you the low level power to create the masterpeice of your dreams. The package has over 400 pages of documentation fully describing the system, utility proaroms, and over 130 library functions complete ! With a detailed tutorial ana many examples.
• Complete animation system with double buffering
• Prioritized object display • Custom Object Object Obfect Bcckground Collision Detection & Response
• Automatic placement & animation of Multi- Sequenced animated objects • Chain objects • Virtual Space object handling • Dynamic Animation Control
• Interactive Character Animator for complete control • Complete Audio System * Custom Joystick routines
• FATTER AGNUS REQ* 500-NO MANS LAND 501-STORYLAND 2 COMMERCIAL IIUIAMS: C-10 TEXTCRAFT PLUS .59 C-15 KINDWORDS ....$ 14 C-18 PAGESETTER ..$ 14 C-20 DELUXE PatNT 2 .$ 10 C-23 DELUXE CLIPART VOL.2...$ 7 C-28 INTELL-TYPE TYPING TUTOR ...$ 19 C-40 DOUBLE DRAGON (1,3),.,.S12 C-110 DELUXE PAINT 3 ....$ 23 C-120 T.V. TEXT PRO V1.0 $ 23 C-130 AMIGAVISION V1.7 RL2..$ 29 C-150 PREDATOR 2 $ 12 C-160 SPEEDBAL 2 ...$ 12 C-170 TEAM SUZUKI $ 12 C-180 KILLING CLOUD ......$ 12 C-190 THEME PARK Mystery....$ 12 502-PONTOON 505-WASTELAND 509-BALLOONACY 514-SUPER PACMAN 515-COLORING BOOK 517-LEAP‘N LARRY 523-LANGUAGE TUTOR 524-DONKY KONG *1.3 526-SPACE MATH + 533-PINBALL FANT. DEMO 535-FIRE AND ICE 538-TANX & DRAGONTILE 561-PARACHUTE JOUST 575-STARBASE 13 1 576-STARBASE DISK 82 577-MOTOROLA INV. AGAS1 578-MOTOROLA DISK 82 EDUCATIONAL: 69-COLORS AND SHAPES 95-JAPANESE TUTOR 188-STAR CHARTING 200-STATES MATH 1.3 201 -SPACELOG 338-CROSSWORD GEN. 345-COMPUTER TUTOR 350-DESERT STORM 399-BIBLE PROSPER 398-B.P. SPANISH 412-WORLD DATA BANK LZ 454-VERSEWISE 495-MATH PLUS 651 -BIBLE SEARCH 81 652-BIBLE SEARCH 82 653-BIBLE SEARCH 83 669-MATH-BODY-COLORS 688-SOLAR SYSTEM 711-BIRDS AND MAMMALS 719-ASTRONOMY 779-COMMUNICAT ALL 783-LITTLE TRAVELLER 800-MATH WIZARD 8Q1-CHEMESTRY 1 COMMERCIAL PROGRAM*: GREAT NO-BOX SUPER DEALS: B-360 SUPER OFF-ROAD ......$ 14 B-370 SHADOW WARRIORS ..$ 14 B-380 GOLDEN AXE (ARCADE)....$ 14 B-390 TOTAL RECALL ...$ 14 B-400 SILENT SERVICE 2 .....$ 17 B-41Q RED BARON ....$ 17 B-420 RAILROAD TYCOON $ 19 B-430 THE PERFECT GENERAL..$ 19 AGA GAMES FOR A12Q0 & A4000 B-600 ZOOL ...$ 13 B-610 ALIEN BREED ..513 B-620 OVERKILL .$ 13 B-630 BODY BLOWS GALACTIC...513 B-640 TROLLS ....$ 13 853-NIGHT MATH ATTACK UCEMJEWADE rtffLAMS: LED-10: ALAPHABET TIME- Ages 3-6 .S4.50 LED-20: EARLY NUMBER5- Ages 3-6 ..S4.50 LED-30: FRACTIONS- Ages B and up ..$ 4.50 LED-40: MAP MASTER-7 yrs and up. Teaches Use of maps, graphs, & charts(2-DISKS)...$ 6.50 LED-50: THE MUSIC CONNECTION- Basics about scales, clefs, chords, melody S4.50 LED-60: GUITAR & PIANO TUTOR-Teaches some basics for beginners $ 4.50 LED-250: PRIMER FOR IMAGINE- 2 Disk Set Teaches basics about Imagine. Has Pics, Textures, and Object Examples .$ 12.00 LED-500: CATS- History, Breeds, Care, etc$ 4.50 LAP-10: THE LOTTO- Based on Texas but can be used by others. 1-50 Edit Screen Display Graphic Chart. Nicely Done .$ 6.50 LAP-20: VIDEO TITLER- 736X560 Screen Use any font- Even Color Fonts $ 16.00 LAP-30: DAILY LIVING- Has Scheduler, Journal, Goals & Phone Book Entry ...$ 5.50 LGM-1G: ROBOT REBELLION- Platform Type Game with level editor- 4-Way Scroll ..$ 6.50 LGM-20: Q-BERTA- Like Q-Bert “PAL* ..$ 6.50 LGM-30; STRESS- Tetris for young "PAL .$ 6.50 LGM-40: DELUXE HANGMAN- Age 10 & up.S4.50 LCC-BELOW: B COLOR CLIP ART-ALL.. S4.5G ea. LCC-2Q: FLAGS- Of the countries of the world LCC-30; RELIGION STRUCTURES- Mostly Religion LCC-40: BIRDS- About 25 birds and others LCC-50: FUNNY ANIMALS AND MONSTERS LCC-7Q: LOVING CLIP- Hearts, Flowers, etc. LCC-200: VARIETY- 100 + pieces. Nicely Done LCC-210: CRITTERS'N SUCH- Horses. Siily- Dudes, Cartoons, Motorcycles, Tools, Outdoors. Birds, Animal-ABC's, Misc.* This Disk is $ 5.50 WE HAVE ROM CHIPS, 512K MEMORY EXP FOR THE A50 1-MEG MEM. EXP FOR THE A6Q0 C-100: CARMEN SANDIEG048QQ 3-370: SHADOW WARRI0RS-J14.0C B-420: RALRQAD TYCQQN419.00 GET OUR 6-CATALOG DISK PLUS PORTS OF CALL OR SUPER SKI $ 10 Q Q"********* A-55 Template For
0. Paint_4. Gives You Key-Stroke Aid. Durable Lexan Fits Top Of The $ 9 Keyboard $ 9 WE ALSO HAVE FRED FISH • TBAG * ASSASSWS EUROPEAN: ALL¦ S1.00 EA. $ 5 iff @ub $ 5 Mlsk ksf« mi§ & mm® 8ISLG SeORCH $ 6 i-ois«s$ 5 24-HOUR FAX 915-563-4315 VALUE-PACK 86- INCLUDES INFOFILE- Database Program F-40 PERSUIT * PORTS OF CALL* WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN MASTERTYPE. Get All Five Programs For $ 17.00 VALUE-PACK 810- INCLUDES MAXIPLAN PLUS V2.70 * PORTS OF CALL * ZANY GOLF (Minature) Get All Three Programs For Only $ 24,00 VALUE-PACK 87- INCLUDES PAGESETTER * KINDWORDS *
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T. V. TEXT PRO- $ 23.00 WE TAKE ORDERS 7 DAYS A WEEK! CmmMtrAmM... 1-800-258-0533 Sil ORDER LINE MJSA &Canada _ international CUSTOMER SERVICE 1412) 962-0553 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 412-962-0567 10 a.n. • 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday R taLoSoun Megalosound is an amazingly tow . Cost, full featured. 8 Bit Stereo sound sampler. But that's not all! It also features Direct-to- . Disk Recording of samples. Up toG 56kHz sample rate. Q FREE CD32 TITLE X . Non-Unear Video & Audio Editing and Playback Card Non-Linear Video & Audio Editing and Playback System...1 Digitizes Full Frame in 1 30 of a second 24 Bit RealTlme Video Digitizer AGA Support New External for 500,600,1200 Y C Version internal for the A2000,3000, and 4000. CD32 Emulacor A4000 Now add CD32 compatibility to your Amiga 4000. This new software allows most CD32 software to run with your A4000 and any CD-ROM drive. From Bilitersoft. A1200 with the dkb 1240 expansion board. With the DKB 1240 installed In your AizQQ you will nave the added power you need using industry standard Simm Modules, you can add from 1 to 128 Megs of memory, with the SCSI Controller option added, you can add various types of peripherals- The Rea! Time Clock and Calendar will always keep you up-to date and the 63030 co-processor running at 40 NH2 will bring your system up-to speed! SCSI Option $ 95 XL DRIVE-HIGH DENSITY High Density External Drive for any Amiga formats 1.76MB with standard DD Disks compatible for PC Disks requires Work rtsr l Bench 2.1 or above internal for A2000 A4000 .....$ 145 ©[£© cobra n©if
* Serial connector: ibm at compatible «parallel connector * A120Q video & Floppy connector * IDE Hard Drive & AT- 101 Keyboard connector * MPEG .Passthrough * Much more! The world's first 32-bit game system is back in stock! Plays CD32, CDTV, CD+G and audio Cds, Expand into a computer with the SX-1 NETWORK Allows you to link the CD32 to any other Amiga for use as a cr-dom drive ©skisow PiSKBRiws Realize the full potential of Your BONUS CD The cold Hsl™ VIDEO BACKUP ..$ 86 Lets you use a VCR as a backup storage device. SISK EXPANDER With this software solution you may double the capacity of your disk or hard disk drives. Easy installation and works Invisible In the backgroung. The compression ratios vary from 50% to 70%. Disk Expander does not only expand the capacity of your disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of approximately 1.5 megabytes. (Works with all drives). PageStream3.0 Tne Ultimate desktop publishing program! PageStream3 provides professional typesetting and graphic tools. The feature-paced toolbox creates any type of shape, which you can color with PANTONE® colors and gradient fills, import and export text and graphics in many formats, see pictures In full color. Unlimited Undo and Redo, extensive online help, autosave, includes bme 2 Image processor, Pagellner 2 text processor, 50 fonts and 100 graphics! ADA Compatible! The ZAPPO Drive allows A1200 users to enjoy the full game-play of the CD-32 and the utilities of a full double spin CD-Rom drive. Built- In Akiko software emulation allows for those fantastic CD-32 animations like Microcosm.
• SIMULTANEOUSLY PLAY MUSIC CDS & RUN SOFTWARE ON AMIGA SIDE GET A FREE AMIGA MUG WITH YOUR ORDER OF $ 100 OR MORE! M®ra(§®®§[ NOW INCLUDES: Grclier's Encyclopedia Microcosm H7 Challenge Owak Brutal Sports Football Alien Breed Project X 9 ©A jMIlSGflDTfCi] DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM n __ __ complete animation system with double buffering, prioritized object display, custom Jp* J object object & object background collision detection & response. Automatic placement & Animation of Multi-sequenced animated objects. And much more! M© mm©™ CLARITY 16 $ 149 DEVPAC 3 $ 79 HIGHSPEED PASCAL $ 109 PRO FLIGHT S29 SEQUENCER ONE $ 29 SEQUENCER ONE PLUS S72 HITKfT $ 29 SAMPLE SERIES-ALL 5 S45 SAMPLE SERIES-ONE $ T 1 HISOFT BASIC 2 $ 86 VIDEOMASTER $ 89 VIDEOMASTER 1200 $ 99 COLORMASTER S79 PRO* MIDI $ 85 OREGON FROM mszr ui 'M Ih>f7ufua9»mtt DIStTIDUKO 8v 24Blr Frame Buffer and Workbench Emulation. Analog RGB output, 800x600 Full 24Bi£ 15.7 million color display. Non-Interlaced Full workbench Emulation with resolution such as 1024x768 or 1280x1024 In 16 colors or even more! Up to 2400*1200! Paint program comes with Retina The Retina an still be used to display 24Bit graphics while emulating Workbench Requires the 2.0 or greate* operating system, RETINA Zll-2mb...$ 379 Retina Zlll AMIGA Telecommunications enters the 90's! Finally, everything you need to start cruising the information superhighway in one easy to use package.100% Amiga Style Guide compliant. Takes full advantage of Amiga WB 2.0 and higher. *-, ji 0 supports 300 to 115.200 BPS
• Lab Motion RETINA Nornlps ¦ ¦¦ ¦ m I. ¦ RETINA Zll-4mb...$ 459
* 8!
* %viigr4ph c or ~ FLATBED SCANNERS The msi 200 & ms2400 let you scan 16.7 million colors, 256 true greys. & line art perfect for the Toaster S other video, multimedia & DTP applications. MS24C0 FREE MSI 200 oYcft OCR COLORBURST HAND SCANNER...S399 • MONOCHROME HAND SCANNER...$ 199 create bitmap ana outline fonts for all your programs! Convert between PostScript. Compugraphlcand Soft- Logik formats. Autotrace bitmaps and generate bitmaps from outline fonts. Automate font creation with Arexx. Copy and paste characters between fonts, and add professional hinting to your fonts. Compute. Amazing. Amiga Format and AMIGAniews all called TypeSmith a must-have program. Voted best DTP utility by Amazing's readers. F'fetv... Desktop Magic Animated 'WiK SCREENSAVER Over 25 Selections Add sounds to
- 3. F windows, keys, ssEs-r-. * » » time... Checks & Balances me latest Generation In t Personal & Small I Business Record I ¦ I ¦ Keeping and 1 m.1 Finance j Management Edge Is an easy-to-use. Professional-qualityj text editor ideally suited for notes, scrtptlnty Now add up to 5 SCSI devices like CO ROMs removable media drives, tape back-up systems and scanners without using the "CPU slot* or an 'expansion slot*. The DataFlyer 5CSI+ card attaches to the IDE header and converts It to also run SCSI, Operate your original IDE AT drive at the same time. Easy PLUG-IN installation, includes external DB25 connector, hardware, cables and prep software, Available for A12Q0 or 4000 ll? And any other forms of text manipulation. Features include: unlimited number i DIRECTORY , OPUS EDGE flies, unlimited number of windows file, infinitely configurable BUNBLE user Interface, fast search & replace, full AREXX support with macro recording, arexx controllability, multi-fevel undo, extensive ‘on-line' help, comprehensive paragraph formatting and MUCH more! The Leading Edge in Amiga Text editors GlgaMem virtual memory system lets your Amiga utilize unused nard drive space as RAM, eliminating the need for addldonai hardware! With Glgamem you can run memory- hungry programs (such as Art Department. Lightwave. Canbo and PageStream) without running low on memory. Requires an 020 030 040 based Amiga with mmu and os version 2.1 or higher. CIGAMEM Realize your full productivity with Directory OPUS! OPUS allows you to easily manipulate data files; display images; play sounds, anims. BANIMS, and MODS; and launch programs from Its powerful, yet easy to use interface. A ‘must-have" for hard drive owners. Use OPUS once, and you'll never want to be without it! Firs the best-selling software utility on the Amigan ?MATRON ICS The CanDo software authoring package allows you to take advantage of the Amiga's powerful architecture, regardless of your technical anilities, you can program anything! From a simple presentation to the most advanced professional application program in record time. Canoo s scope and performance makes It a must for training, simulation and other applications.__ The leaders in AMIGA Productivity Software CanDo! OPUS DataFlyer 500 scsi controter $ 149 DataFlyer ram-C A500 $ 95 DataFlyer 500 IDE controller $ 145 DataFlyer 500 IDE SCSI compo $ 185 DataFlyer 4000SX-25 SCSI $ 95
3. 5 REMOVABLE SYQUEST HARD DRIVE A40QQ AT internal w cart $ 395 MQOQ 2000 SCSI internal W cart $ 459 A4Q00 2Q00 SCSI external w cart S5S9 105Mb cartridge_ $ 79 EXPANSION DATAFLYER A1200 External IDE Case Install Your Favorite D7VT7Vi=L_Y 9-9 weekdays 10-8 Saturday 12 to 5 on Sunday fi4U-962'0961 Gane Reviews After Dark Operations Product Information 6 PM to 9 AM EST Mon*Fri Service Tips Rumors & Sat & Sun - 24 Hours Facts and mucti more! The latest Interactive cartoon game Is here! Try and lead Mutt Dlvll through five levels of sheer well. Hell, on a quest for a most precious sausage and anchovy pizza! Over one thousand screens of action, adventure, and puzzle- solving. Dynamic graphics and pure interaction make litlf Divlt one 'heir of a 'toon! Cut a path through Agon's demonic horoes and explore vast, forgotten lands as you play the hero In this fantasy role- playing adventure, set in a top-down, multi directional, perspective across seven extensive levels!
• Controls Came Play & Audio CDS
• Auto fire & Turbo Fire
• Slow Motion Selector
• 8 Way Superswitch EUROPEAN TOUR Take to the links across Europe's most memorable and challenging courses. Tee off chip it up. And sink a 30-footer at grand old courses like Royal St. Andrews! Play levels Include Skins Challenge. Tournament __ Play, and a full-fledged E~“J L Shoot-Out! Dlsneys animated character comes to life fn this exciting action title for the AGA machines, save princess Jasmine from the evil Jafar! W The hottest game of 1994 comes to the Amiga with aii of its fury intact' New characters, new moves, and all the fatalities! Can you , defeat Shao Khan? 4 2 a From the far reaches of the galaxy comes Super Stardust, the most spectacular space-age dogfight simulation ever! Surprise attacks and high-speed exhilarating battle ' sequences make this game the (I challenge you've been waiting fori Body Blows and Body Blows Galactic both ACA BOTH & SAVE INTERNATIONAL SOCCER it s Italy attacking Brazil. A perfectly executed bicycle kick by Germany. A header Just past the goalie's reach and Into the net by England. It's the most animation yet in a sports game. So every kick and play is picture-perfect. _ Plus, you get total control over the world’s greatest soccer players. J The Jungle Is no Hiding Place for wimps! Exciting Sequel to Desert strike mmam §®§® in the year 2050 A.D.. the oceans are suppling the world with vital resources. Corporations are fighting each other to gain control of the sea. You are a mercenary sub pilot & your job is their dirty work. The First Speech Adventure on the Amiga Over 1000 spoken Words, Dazzling graphics, atomspnenc sound-tracks, brain melting logical puzzles on your way through four vast levels in the chilling valhalia castle. March Into battle once more! An alien race has kidnapped you & your men and they want you to fight their battles for them, problem is their battles are scattered ail overtime! A _ Revolutionary 3D graphics combine with state-of-the-art beat em up action to create one of the best combat games ever. Available for CD32. Amiga and AGA. Ffftu&a- or _ ,i fed 71C7T AGA AMIGA GAMES AMIGA GAMES 3D Pool Aladin AGA Alien Breed 2 AGA Ancient Art Of War Apidya Armourgedden II- C ODE NAME HELLFIRE Assasin Special Edition B-17 Flying Fortress Banshee AGA Battle Toads beneath A Steel Sky Birds Of Prey Body Blows Body Blows Gauactic Brian The Lion Brutal Sports Football Bjbba ’n' Stix Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder 2 Carrier Command Chaos Engine Civilization Combat Air Patrol ifi iei Crash Dummies D generation AGA Darkmere Deep Core Dennis The Menace aga desert Strike Detroit S39 Disposable Hero $ 42 Dogfight Dune 2 Elfmania FI Racing FI 17a Stealth FIFA Soccer FRONTIER: ELITE 2 S39 Goal GUNSHIP 2000 Heimdall 2 Hired Guns Impossible Mission innocent Until Caught International Open Golf $ 26 ISHAR 3 JAME5 POND 3: STARFISH AGA Jet Strike Jurassic Park K240 $ 34 King's Quest Vi $ 52 Legacy Of Sorasil Lemmings 2-the Tribes L13ERATI0N:CAPT1VE 2 $ 23 lords of the Realm Lucas Arts cussjc collection Mortal Kombat $ 14 Mortal Kombat II Nick Faldo Golf Out To Lunch aga AGA AMIGA GAMES Std $ 45 PAINT AND CREATE $ 34 Patrician $ 43 Perihelion $ 36 Pinball dkav.tant*sies co«bo 545 Police Quest 3 522 P0PUL0U5 2 519 REALMS 517 Robinson s Requiem 542 Ryder Cup Golf AGA NA Sabre Team AGA NA 548 Second Samurai $ 42 S45 Seek And Destroy 526 Sensible Soccer 534 545 Settlers $ 45 SIM ClA5S:C5 $ 45 S14 Simon The Sorceror S48 Soccer Kid S39 $ 39 Space Hulk $ 45 Sports Top 10 $ 45 $ 38 Star Trek 25th AGA NA Starlord S45 Street Fighter 2 S36 Super Methane Brothers $ 37 Syndicate $ 48 Take 2 Animation $ 60 $ 48 Team 17 Collection S39 Terminator 2 $ 39 The Clue AGA Theatre Of Death $ 42 Thomas the Tank & Friends $ 15 $ 34 TOP Gear 2 $ 37 AGA AMIGA GAMES Tornado Troddlers UFO Enemy Unknown Universe Val Halla Vital Light War In The Gulf When Two Worlds War $ 36 Wild Cup Soccer S39 World Cup Soccer USA $ 39 Zee Wolf Zoot 2 MISC. ENTERTAINMENT Print Master Bundle $ 52 BUDGET TITLES UNDER $ 10 Trolls AGA Zool aga $ 45 naughty OnesAGA
W. W.F.-European rampage Beast Lord Cyberpunk Predator 2 Team Suzuki JOYSTICKS TAC 3 W FREE GAME TAC 30 W FREE GAME Maverick W free game EURO MAGAZINES ... ajrn MmioflM cum tti «f srar Fcr wtwt Otfttn crtaryf for VPS Crouno we Dernier inZctjys or J«5. TntemaOcnai Greers inct APO, fPO i S«a copy cr pw of front & of Cturge Card w ssfuturi Cj:i cr fw for snipping quo:e cm own OK. Ago S': Pr es siswct to crurge *flbout WECf Returns jrcePHO W10 cays »f»r cate cl ourewse. CJU Cutttre- Jtmct «r til Kfor? Reaim-n; MfKbves w«n sarr.i iren stsioctinj 'ey ‘y items returrM inn net!itrjrjto tw ore C.stamer rujwrsts* *y rearr, Mcpn] ym .-if ‘tls l- r worn ifl ‘ ¦. I i*kiTC Byrtys K>**m s tn f>: srr Han :m -it xj tOWf* r«n Kt PW* Mtf Don't Miss tiie Latest news ant) reviews In Amiga Computing or CD-ROM Games. Magazines available covering the Amiga, CD-ROM, Multimedia. PC and Mac Cds. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! CALL 800-258-0533 Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, A W Games Editor SHORT TAKES Super Stardust
1. 3- I 2.0-
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Some ways back, in the review of Stardust an exquisite version of Asteroids I noted that Finnish developer Bloodhouse was at work on an AGA version, and wondered out original. Well, the AGA version has arrived, and it's a beauty. In fact, it is kind of the same beauty it was the last time around, and that is cause both for joy and a little disappointment. Super Stardust (Team 17) is essentially Stardust AGA this time rendered in 256 satiny colors, with new underwater missions, a spanking new version of the old interface and what passes for hard-disk support. (You have to create an install disk before you can copy the files over. And before you can play, the program reboots your machine and asks for Disk 1 as a key disk. How 1988 of them!} And it's still a great time all fuel-fed explosions, nasty ray-traced surprises, just enough strategy, and a finely-wrought difficulty curve. But we’ve seen Stardust, thank you, and Super Stardust doesn't make the same deep dent in the gamer's consciousness. They haven't topped it just yet the CD32 version wasn't out at press time but they've given Stardust a big brother that can sit proudly beside it on the shelf. @1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Benefactor Another release from Finland's Bloodhouse (distributed here by Psygnosis). A tiny sprite runs and jumps about, collecting tiny keys, climbing tiny ladders, pulling tiny levers, and rescuing an even tinier sprite who can be tossed across gaps. It's cute and it's different, but that's not enough reason to build a game around it. Starlord Now we know why MPS's much- delayed space opera took five years to surface: ft's the most boring game I've played this year. I love Mike Singleton's games Midwinter, Flames of Freedom, and Ashes of Empire but this co-design isn't part of that royal family. Starlord's (MicroProse UK) blend of resource management and dynastic warfare feels like a laundry list without payoff. (Not even clean laundry.}
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. In the stars: Super Stardust promises to outshine ’em all with striking AGA color. ©1.3 ?
2. 0i
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Arcade Pool The pool game for the rest of us. The 3-D approach adopted in Archer McLean's Pool (Team 17) is still the best of the breed for serious rackers. But this overhead-view game is rich in options and is simplicity itself in action. The CD32 edition comes wonderfully appointed in background noise. ®1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Ruff V Tumble Renegade's Ruff 'n' Tumble is a polished platformer that would not look out of place with an arcade cabinet built around it, but it nevertheless doesn't quite sparkle. A very competent and colorful display ... of old ideas. The Clue! Better than I expected, given Neo's history. (Do the words "Whale's Voyage" raise any hackles?} This big RPG adventure casts you as an up- and-coming thief in post-WWII London. That's an original concept in itself.
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable, Off-disk copy-protection. A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time, v You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Looking for More Power From Your A500or A2000?
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Give your Amiga 500 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 hit RAM - $ 499.00 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 119.00 Only $ 39901 ‘ Call for more information Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor New Derri„ger lallnump0mh2 0n!y $ $ 9$ x JltOto
• SomhJcpiiH5- Sa">e tahira? *. __ U S1 !9.00 nQer but faster! 50mhz for the price others charge for 40mhz! =GVP GVP-A1230 TURBO 50mhz Accelerator mmu C AQQ00 with 4mb 32 BIT RAM FREE For 50mhz FPU ...FREE Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 A 1200 ACCELERATORS LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, IIDt IIP, HID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 99.00 Board with 4 MB $ 175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ......$ 189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ....$ 325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, 77. Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95
2. 04 Rom ..only $ 29.95 Super Denise ...$ 33.95 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for ..$ 20.00 MC68000 68010 $ 15.00 A1200 28Mhz Turbo Board with Fi*e Co Piocessor and MMU by MTEC GERMANY $ 169.95 Real Time clock. Fast Sychionous Operation. Optional Fast Scsi il
1. 2.4, ot 8 meg Fast Ram for Remmapping Kickstart Microbotics- MBX 68030 1230 XA 50 mhz Accelerator MMU $ 27900 with FREE 50Mhz FPU $ 199 $ 189 00 68EC-30 40 Mhz 00 With 28 Mhz CPU and FREE 28 Mhz FPU MMU Any board 4 mb add $ 149.00 IVS 1 MEG Simms.. Cal! 1x8-80 ..S45.G0 1x8-70 ..S46.00 4x8-70 .$ 130.00 4x8-70 .$ 135.00 4x8-60 .$ 140.00 8mb 16mb 32mb Simms CALL A4000 80 NS 4MB Simms$ 149.00 A4000 70NS 4MBSimms...$ 159.00 A400Q 60 NS 4MB Simms... $ 169.00 GVP SIM32 4 MB .CALL 1 MB .....369.95 Nibble Mode Simms...CALL Mega Midget Racer, 512K Upgrade .399.00 DKB 2632 with4mb.....3349.00 DKB Megachip 2000 ...$ 189.00 DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board ....CALL A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ $ 22.95 1x4-70 SCZ .CALL 256x4-80 SCZ ...S6.00 Includes Instructions MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. 1x4-60 ......CALL 1x4-70 ....CALL 256x4-80 55.00 256x4-70 35.95 DIPS 1x1 -100 34.99 1x1 -80 ..35.99 1x1 -70 ..36.50 256x4-80 CALL 256x4-70 CALL 1x4-80 ....CALL 256x1-120 ...31.00 256X1-100 80 70 60.. CALL CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 DRAM BLOWOUT We 'II Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody's Cheaper 50mhz Accelerator mmu with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4mb-60-7GNS......add$ 169j0 with 68882RC50 add $ 119°° PAGE ZIPS Call for other configurations MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB $ 159.00 2 MB S199.00 4 MB .$ 299.00 8 MB ..$ 429.00 with 68882-50 ...add $ 119.00 Call for other configurations! MATH CHIPS AND CPUs 68030-RC-50 with MMU ...$ 99.00 68882-RC-50 .$ 99.00(Call lor olher speeds) 387-25 SX (Bridge Board) .$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) ...SlO.OOea. 68882 PLCC 40 mhz ....S135.00 287 Mathco for Bridgeboard CALL 68881 - All speeds ......CALL 68882 - All speeds ......CALL Call for other speeds Memory World 3392 Progress Dr. • Units B&C Bensatem, PA 19020-5899 9 Attn-. Amiga Dept. VISA IYIC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery
• Add $ 5.00 lor C.O.D. • PA Residents add 6% • (APO. AK. HI. Foreign shipping - call for rates) ? 10% Restocking fee tor return ot non-detective items • No retund tor Shipping Charges PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1- 800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305) 491-9519 (; A M E V R E S E R V E and, overlooking ethical considerations for the moment. The Clue! Is home to a number of enjoyable sub-games not the least of them burglary planning, target surveillance and fencing. (A dose of monotony, too, alas.)
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21. 95 19 95 Universe Simply not up to the level of Core's first no-typing adventure. Curse of Enchantia. The graphics are so-so, the puzzles unnecessarily fussy, the story is cliched, and the game feels trivial and rushed. And, like Enchantia, it's yet another five-disk adventure that won't go on HD. Here's something from MicroProse that's completely different an action adventure. It's a glossy '90s rewrite of Impossible Mission 2 released here in 1988 by Epyx and it retains much of the original's rough- and-ready charm. (There's something compelling about accessing computers and searching background objects between spasms ofthe old jump and run.) And in a rare nod to history, they've included I'm 2 as a bonus. Demented. In Virgin's coin-op conversion, the blank-faced mannequins gradually lose limbs and are eventually reduced to hopping on one leg or dragging the torso along with their arms. It's morbid, the graphics are mediocre, and the play archaic, but it made me laugh out loud. I guess that's worth a .. .
24. 95
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13. 95 1995 24 95 Battletoads Mindscape didn't bother sending out press copies of this long-delayed conversion of the coin-op. (Imagine Golden Axe with fighting frogs and old Nintendo graphics.) Draw your own conclusions. Great idea: The pudgy main sprite of Black Legend's Hungarian plat- former tromps about like an elephant, collects junk food for sustenance, fights with belches and carrots (they're for throwing, not eating), and generally throws his weight around. The play mechanics leave something to be desired, but this is sweet stuff. SHIPPING (UPS Ground] For up t?3 pieces, by payment Mastercard Visa SsoO*C OD .(Cash Only) *10.W Next Jay »ir sdd * 10.2nd day air add *6, 3 day air add S3 to basic rate Shipping times not guaranteed COMPAFIBILirV NOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES Call 305-431-0353 Nothirvg Is etcbeC in stone Everything c subjeit to change l uce 4 Aniijpuity swWect to change a! Any tmei No refunds or exchanges.Defective products ejcchindW vrnn same item. Put subiect to Sideline approval Call FIRSTi
• J S products, warranted through minuiaciurer
U. K pr-sdncts warnnsed throggh Sideline NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE New Additions are in Red 3-D Construction Kit 3-D World Boxing J-D Sports Boxing J-D Spoilt Driving A-Tiain Con i due bon Kit Action Stations Ad dvr. I family Ahikj Keipt Ait Support (Psygnosie) Arrtuckf version I 3 Alfred Chicken (regular or Alton Bind Special Edison Ancient Art of War In Thi Skin Another World Apidya Apocal-pee Arabian Knights Asiatein SpecialEdbon BaiPiiian 2 (Psygncsis) Bade Hawke 1 Si! Batdsship Bottle tech Bill Eviot NASCAR Challenge Endf of Prey 'Electronic Aits; Black Crypt Elac kjjckAcademy Blob (Cere Design) Bluet Brothers Body Blow* Body Blows 2 Brutal Sports Football Cadaver and Date Dttk Campaign 2 Caesar Deluxe Championship Manager S3 Cthia* engine Checkers, Chets. Backgammon Chess Master 2100 Chuck Rock 2 Cohort Fighting hi Rome Combat Ait Fa fro I iPsygnonsi Conan die Cimarron Corpora ton Crazy Cart 3 D-GsntraConAGA Dark Mere Defender Of The Crown Deluxe Sbip Poker 2 Deeei t Strike Dt liter ot Diggers ASA Dogfight (Micropiree Dcnk Doodle Bug Double Dragon 3 Dracula (Psygnosie) Dragons of Flame (SSI) Dune Dune 2 Elvira 2 Epic Eye of tie Beholder t (SSI)
i. t at tie Beholder 2 SSI FJ fltcrng (vioom 2 F-IE Strike Eagle 2 F-ie Falcon (Spectrum Holobytej F117-A Stealth fighter (Microprose) Face Off Ice Hockey Fairy Tale Adit nine Faet Break Basketball !mdal Loroi Fire team 2200 Flight of die Intruder Fool's Errand Full Meiil Planet Gauntlet 3 Jeneeta Globa’Effect Globule (Psygnosie) GreatN.tpoleonrc Battles Gum tup 2000 (Microprose}
H. vdball I Harlequin Ha coon Chaitngn Pack Heim da!I Hill tar (SSI) Hoyles Book of Games 1 2 3, each Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indianapolis 500 (Electronic Arts) Indy Heat International Ice Hockey It Came From The Deter t .kick Mckiaus Greatest 13 Jaguar XJ 220 .lamee Pond Aquatic Gam ee John Madden Footbal K-240 KickoffO Knights of die Sky (Microprose) Knightmare laser Squad Legacy of Sorreel Legend (4 Crystals of 37 jaw j Lemmings 2 Linke Gelt Lionheart Loom (lucashimf Lotus Turbo Challenge 3 M-1 Tank Platoon (Microprose) Maniac Mansion Megatraveler 2 Mercenary 3 Microprose Golf (Greene) Microprose World Circuit Mr Hem urn Return to Earth New Zealand Story Nick Faldo's Golf Nigell Mansell Grand Prix Obi tut (Psygnosie) Palladia 2 Panra Kick Boxing Paratol Stars (Rainbow Island 2) PGA Tour Golf Flus Fhantam 3 (SS!) Fictional Pinball Fantasies Pirates1 Police Quest 3 (Siena) Aladdin (AGA only) 42 Amman Queen 40 Amber Moon 40 Amagtdcn 2 35 Bane he e - AGA ONLY 55 Beneath e Steel Sky 40 Bloodnet 40 Burn Time 40 Carmen Fodder 2 33 D-Day (Imprettions) SO Detr erf (Impt e s sicne) 40 Dream Web 42 Fields of Gleiy (Microprose) 42 FIFA Soccer 40 Globa! Domine tion 40 Gunttip 2000AGA 42 Jungle Sdtke and AGA 40 King s Quest 6 (Sierra) 45 Lion King A-1200 33 Lord of the Realms 42 Mortal Kombat 2 33 Overlord 42 PGA Euo Tour and A GA 42 Power Drive 40 Raiden 35 Reunion 40 Rise of the Robots and AGA 42 Road Kill 35 Robinson's Requiem and AGA 40 Ruff and Tumble 35 Rules of Engagement 2 40 Shag-Fu 33 Sim City 2000 - A S4 QNL Y Soon Simon the Sorcerer A AGA 42 Skeleton Ctevi and AGA 35 Stai Lord (Microprose) 42 Sub War 2050 42 Super Star duet -AGA ONLY 33 The Blue and the Grey 40 Theme Park-ALLAMIGAS 45 Tower Assault 30 Turbo Trax 35
U. F.O (Microprose) 42 Univeiei 40 Valhala 33 Zeewolf 33 Space Quest4 Speedball 2 Spoilt of War (Intercne) Stardust SfreerFighfer 2 Stunt Car Racer Super Methane Erothere Super Space Invaders Super Tetris Supremacy Syndicate
T. V. Sports Baseball
T. V. Sports Football T V Sports Boxing Team Yankee The immortal The Simpsons The Thud Reich (Avalon Hid) The Three Stooges The’’ f meet Hour Dp-Off Basketball Teki Tenak the Warrior Traders (Mule Clone) Traccon 2 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed. Trolls or Trolls AGA Utopia Volfied (QlX 2) War in the Gulf Warhead War Zone White Death (Interone) WinterOf mpts 54 bdhammtr Wmg Commander Wings Wix and Lid (Psygnosis) Worlds of Legends (Legend 2)
W. W.F. 2Euro Rampage Xenon 2 (Megablaft) Zak McCracken ZooI ZoolAGA (A-1200) Populous Premised Lands Populous 2 Po wer Monger 6 WW1 Premiere Premier Manager 2 Prince o Fereu Project X Pushover Putty Quack (Team 17) Railroad Tycoon Reach For The Sloes Risky Woods Road Rath Roboccd Regular and AGA Robocep 3-u Rodland Sabei Team Secret of Monkey Island Secret of the S-J.er E-'ade (551) Seek and Destroy Sensible Socctr '93 Shadowlands Shade* Worlds Shuffle puck Cafe Shuttle Sierra Soccer Sjrr,I Serviet 2 Srm Ant Sim City Sim Edith Sim life Skid Marks Soccer Kid Space 1339 Space Crusade Space Quest 3 NEW TITLES COIN-OP HITS 2 Inclu4*t Nr** Spin* DyruHv Will. Hotniwlitl Ghouls and Ghotls ALL FOR $ 24 95 BEAU JOLLY In:lj3*s CruGS Engine Srttlers. Ginn on Fodder. T£ The Irwde Gime ALL FOR $ 49.95 BIG BOX 2 [nckijii VJ Foothill Kick to the hfili ). R«l CJTcsttustirs Ft-Typ*, Sintud AmuJytt DilrndwsollheEartti M'l Kirite Plus BomblEZll. Shanghai ALL FOR $ 39.95 COMBAT CLASSICS Includes; 683 Attack Sut-. F15 Sink- Eagle 2, I earn Yankee ALL FOR $ 34.95 POWER HITS Intiudei LiM* Computer People Shanghai SpinDcry Worlds Potts cf Cal, Hacker 2: Battle Tech Fighter Bomber. GB Sir Rally. Wicked Tcjrrument Golf ALL FOR $ 34 95 LUCAS ARTS Includes Secret of Mon* ey bland, Loom Z.il Mc. Iakert Induna Jones Graphic i J. ent ur» Mam a c Mi nswr. ALL FOR $ 39.95 DELPHINE COLLECTION Includes Flashback. Operation Stealth Cruise for a Corpse inother World. Future Wars ALL FOR $ 39 95 Most Titles $ 35! Aliddm. Ahen Breed 2 Arcade Pool, Banshee Beneath a Steel Sky Bubble and Sqwm Cannon Fodder. Fields of Glory Guarthan, Jet Strike Jungle Strike, Kid Chaos Lille Devi, Maurice Power Olive. Rue ofthe Robots Rcadl iU. Simon the Sorcerer Skeleton Krew. Sub war 2050
T. F.X., Top Gear 2
U. F.O., Universe Vital Light World Cup Golf Competition Pro CO 32 Joystick only S2B Emms Amiga Format C U Amiga, Amiga Games, Amiga Action. Amiga Computing, Amiga User International, Amiga Power, CD 32 Gamer ALL WITH DISKS- 510 each Amiga Shopper-no disk 57
* 6.95 Each, or Any 3 for *20! All Salec Final! Aqua venturer 4 Thunder .laws Cardiax * Night Shift Hudson Hawk ’ Ran-X Bcrodirto California Gomes 2 Megaphoenix * Ha gar the He mbit Faces (Trit 3) RsdZone r Alpha Wmss Covert Action Deadline Troddle s Monty Python Zcelrcpe
20. 000 Leagues UndtrSea Bravo Romeo Della Under Pressure Gtm-X' Super Sgwesk Ninja Remix Cod Croc Twins Deluxe Productions Revenge of Defender ’ = requires AGNUS chip. While They last! CD32 TITLES IN STOCK MULTIPACKS Fax (305) 491-6134 Tornado AGA The original review some ways back found Digital Integration's high- end flight sim wanting speed and color. Here they are. The frame rate Fatman: The Caped Consumer Crash Test Dummies Impossible Mission 2025 ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protectlbn. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Ot.3V
2. 0 ?
3. 0 V Not hard-drive Installable. Copy-protection. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. ©1.3-
2. 0-
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection.
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. Copy-protection. R + 400% INCREASE IN SPEED ON AN AMIGA 4000 68040 25MHZ! MACRO SYSTEMS MAKES IT POSSIBLE WITH THE WARP ENGINE! ‘ FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES' 'NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE' Macro Systems Csfi D€RRlNG€R+ Quantum a 42 ELS SCSI 85 ELS SCSI l&ll 170 ELS SCSI I & II 270 ELS SCSI I & II 365 ELS SCSI I & II 525 LPS SCSI I & II 540 LPS SCSI I & II 1080 Empire 9.5MS 1400 Empire 9.SMS 2100 Empire 9.5MS Micropolis 68050 & 33MUZ w iih MM V ii FPU l Megabyte of 32bil ram (remap kickstart) lip Lo 32MB of 72 pin industry standard ram Lairs coma standard *7 the modification to work with the DKB Megachip 2000500 la 525.00 value if purchased seperatcly) Only 399 wMMB 499 w»MB 699 wfl6MB 999 W 32MB 1399 68040 - 28Mhz w o CPU 749 68040 - 33Mhz w CPU 1099 68040 - 40Mhz w CPU 1299
- Comes with SCSI II Controller
- Expandable To 128MB w 72 Pin Industry Standard Simms
* 16MB Simms S 599.00 60ns (Low Profile)
- 32MB Simms S 999.00 60ns (Low Profile)
- Upgrade kits available for owners with original A4000-040 board.
* Free two day delivery in the 48 states. 68030 @ 50MHZ with MMU 68882 & 50MHZ (Math Co Pro add 99.00) I MB of 60NS 32bit ram (remap Idckaurl) lip to 32MB of 72 pin industry standard ram w 4MB S579 Ours come* standard w the modification w SMB 5679 to work with the DKB Mcgachip 2000 500 w 16MB 51099 (a $ 25.00 value if purchased flcpcratcly) w 32MB 51499 Only 499 CC€ 1199 999 399 499 499 575 549 699 499 39+ 139+ 19+ 19+ 39+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 39+ 85+ 149+ 299+ 599+ 1099+ 119+ 229+ 199+ 995 1295 795 145 295 345 595 CALL 39 29 239 89 119 499 599 89 CALL Tl %&m iMrtlli Co Iwmmrvi ST3145A 120MB IDE LP 16MS 1 Yr 149 ST3290A 260MB IDE LP 16MS 2 Yr 199 ST3391A 340MB IDE LP 16MS 2 Yr 225 ST3491A 420MB IDE LP 16MS 2 Yr 199 ST3655N 545MB SCSI LP 12MS 2 Yr 249 ST11950N 1.7G Barracuda SMS 5 Yr 1295 ST 12550N 2.1 G Barracuda 8MS 5 Yr 1395 ST15150N 4G Barracuda SMS 5 Yr 2495 Elite 9000 MB (Video Flyer) 11MS 5 Yr 3995
5. 25* HH44M8 DRIVE (SQ555)
5. 25* HH 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44)
3. 5* LP 105MB IDE & SCSI
5. 25* HH 200MB (SQ5200) (R&W44&88)
3. 5" LP 270MB SCSI (SQ3270S) 13MS
5. 25* 44MB CartrigeB
5. 25* 68MB Cartriges 3,5* 105MB Cartriges
5. 25 200MB ft 3.5’ 270MB Cartriges External Versions w Cabling Add 199 265 259 399 399 65 99 59 99 99 229 309 389 149 199 229 249 225 725 SYQUEST HARD DRIVES 139 159 249 349 449 549 649 Supra Turbo 28 Mhz Supra ramboard w 2MB expandable to 8mb ram 199 99 195 345 429 349 399
49. 95
49. 95 299 CBM CD32 & PARAVISION SX1 NEC CDR-210 NEC 3Xi NEC 3Xe NEC 3xp Plextor 4 plex
- Built in double speed CDROM drive with two megabytes of ram
• 11 button controller & built in battery backed clock
- SleepwaJker& Pinball Fantasies Diggers
- Internal expansion up to eight MB memory
- Internal & External IDE connectors
- Pass-thru for full motion video option
- External IBM Nine pin serial port & standard parallel port
- External IBM keyboard inlerface & floppy drive connector
- Disable switch for compatibility
- BONUS * Includes Gold Fish CD with over 2000 programs CD32 alone $ 249.00 5X1 alone $ 199.00
- Extra four megs of ram +149.00
- Extra eight megs of ram +299.00
- External high density disk drive +149.00
- External low density disk drive +89.00
- Matching keyboard +49.00 69 69 325 699 199 149 149 95 179 199 125 DPS Personal TBC IV 799 DPS PAR w Software 1549 Connor 540A IDE 299 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Persona) V Scope 729 Kitchen Sync 1285 FinaJ Copy II 59.95 Final Wnter 89.95 Magic Lantern 24 Bit 74.95 Sparks 74.95 DCTV-NTSC 274 Montage 299 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 Morph Plus 139 Art Department Pro 2.5 139 Scala 3.0 289 Caligari 24 139 Aladdin 4D 249 Lightwave (Stand Alone) 499 Video Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 599 Video Toaster 4000 3.1 1995 Picaso W 1MB-2MB 439 495 AD516 Digitizer (16brt) 1189 Janus 2.1 Upgrade 49.95
2. 05 Kickstarl Rom 34.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 34.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 22.95 1MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 19.95 CIA (8520) 14.95 Gary (5719) 19.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 49.95 2091 Upgrade Kit 49.95 Superbuster (-11) 99.95 Ramsey (A3000) 99.95 Fat Gary (A3000) 99.95 Super Dmac (A3000) 99.95 Amber (A3000 & 2320) 99.95 A2320 Flicker Fixer 299 Amiga Dos 2.1 Soft. Kit 79.95 Amiga Dos 2.1 Complete 99.95 A4000 68040 or 68030 CALL A1200 Computer CALL A2000 Computer w ECS 599 A500 Computer System 299 A600 Computer System 399 1962 Monitor (.28DPI) 499
* 1084S Monitor 349 '1950 60 Monitor 399 A520 Video Adapter 49 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2286 AT Bridgecard 299 2 MB Ram For 2091 96 A2 3000 Disk Drives 79 A500 Int. Disk Drives 49 A2 3 40Q0 High Density 149 External Version 159 A2 3 4000 Keyboards 79 A2 3000 Power Supply 109 Replacement Mouse 29 Amiga Dos 3.1 System Roms only 99 Roms ft Software only 125 Roms. Software, Manuals 149 Please specify model Amiga CUSTOM CHIPS&UPGRADES AUDIO VIDEO NOAHJI AMIGA VLAB MOTION CARD 1495 VLAB MOTION SYSTEM 1699 Retina Z2 w 4MB Ram 495 Retina Z3 w 4MB Ram 659 Toccata 395 Vlab Y 1C Int Ext 395 445 1230XA 50MHZ w MMU 299 1230XA40MHZ w MMU 275 1230XA40EC No MMU 199 1230XA 33 w MMU & FPU 249 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz FPU 125 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&4MB 299 MBX1200Z w 2QMhz&8MB 399 8-Up! Ramboard w OMB 99 8-Up! Ramboard w 2MB 149 8-Up! Ramboard W 4MB 8-Up! Ramboard w 6MB 8-Up! Ramboard w 8MB VXL‘30 68030 25Mhz VXL*30 68030 33Mhz VXL*3Q 68030 40Mhz VXL*30 68030 50Mhz VXL32 W 2MB 32Bit Ram VXL32 w SMB 32Bit Ram Baseboard 601C w 1 MB Dataflyer 12 600 XDS w 425MB Hard Drive w 1080MB Hard Drive Dataflyer Ram w 2mb 500 SCSI or IDE 1000 SCSI or IDE 2000 SCSI or IDE 500 SCSI&IDE 1000 SCSI&IDE 2000 SCSI&IDE AdlDE 40MB HD System w 2.5M Drive (500 2000) 269 AdlDE 130MB HD System w 2.5" Drive (500 2000) 399 Flicker Free Video II 249 ADRAM540 w 4MB (A500) 275 2832 w 4Meg«byte* 349 MegAChip w 2MB Agnus 169 Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A 29 KwlkStart H (A1000) 89 1202 FPU ft Ram w 1 MB ft Clk 159 3126 A3000 4000 Ram w 4MB 395 2000 Bigfoot Power Supply 159 1200 600 500 Bigfoot 89 Slingshot A5O0 (lA2000Slot) 39 Slingshot Pro A500 69 X-Cafibur A4000 Ram Unit 649 Provides A SCSI Port w pass- thru for internal IDE 2.5" drives 1200 SCSI+ w No HD 99.00 1200 SCSf+w HD’s CALL DATAFLYER 1200 SCSI* EXPANSION SYSTEMS PARAVISION Micro R&D DKB Accelerator for the Amiga 1200 with SCSI Controller at 50Mhz with four meg* of 60n* ram - 5AS.00 M1230XA w SCSI+ PC2&6 a MS DOS 5.0 tst 29900 CSA 11 Gauge Accelerators 33Mia w MMU A SCSI B *rd 399 w 14MB SO-7OSS Kntn 549 33Mhx w IMMU A FPU A SCSI 499 wJ4.MB SO-7OSS Ham 649 50Mhx w MMU A SCSI B«rd 499 wJ4MB 60NS Knui 675 50Mla w MMU A ITU A SCSI 599 w 4MB 60SS Kmiii 775 Gforce 040-40Mhz w 4MB Gforce 040-33Mhz w 4MB Gforce 030-40Mhz w 4MB A4008-HC8+OMB Glock Genlock EGS Spectrum W 2MB TBC+ w o SMPTE CODE A500+ Or 530Turbo FaaastROM Kit Cinemorph Software Phonepak VFX 2.0 DSS8+ Scund Sampler I O Extender A1230 40-00-4+DPP-ll A1230 50-00-4+DPP-ll A1291 SCSI II Controller GVP SiMM 32’b MAGNUM 68040RC33 MAGNUM 68040RC28 DERRINGER 25 25 1 MB DERRINGER 25 25 4MB DERRINGER 33 00 4MB DERRINGER 33 33 4MB DERRINGER 50 00 4MB DERRINGER 50 00 8MB Rocket Launcher 50 50 SUPRA CSA 169 199 68040-40 w MMU&FPU 399.00 68040-33 w MMU&FPU 299.00 68040-25 w MMU&FPU 199.00 68040-EC25 149.00 68030-RC-50 w MMU 139.00 68030-RC-40 wMMU 119.00 68030-EC40 (NO MMU) 99.00 68030-RC-33 w MM U 99.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 75.00 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU) 50.00 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU 119.00 68882-RC-PGA-40 FPU 109,00 68882-RC-PGA-33 FPU 89.00 68882-RC-PGA-25 FPU 75.00 68881-RC-PGA-25 FPU 45.00 68882-FN-PLCC 40 FPU 135,00 68882-FN-PLCC 33 FPU 89.00 68882-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 75.00 68881-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 45.00 68881-FN-PLCC 16 FPU 35.00 80387-25SX (386BB) FPU 69.95 Crystal Oscillators_10.PC All Speeds Available 1x8 120*60ns SIMMS 4x8 120-60ns SIMMS 1x4 100-60ns Static ZIP 1x4 100-60ns Page ZIP 1x4 100-60ns Page DIP 1x1 120-60ns DIP 256X4 120-60n3 DIP 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 1x32 Simms (4MB) 2x32 Simms (8MB) 4x32 Simms (16MB) 8x32 Simms (32MB) PCMCIA Ram Card 2M PCMCIA Ram Card 4M GVP TBC+ FRAM Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st CD32 System alone is now only
249. 00 Paravislon SX1 alone is only
199. 00 2210A 1.2G IDE 10MS 5 Yre 599 2210 AAM.2G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yrs 775 2217 A V 1.7G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yrs 999 2217A 1.7G IDE 10MS 5 Yrs 999 2217 1.7G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yrs 975 4110 1.2G SCSI l&ll LP
8. SMS 5 Yrs 599 4110A 1.2G IDE LP
8. 5MS 5 Yrs 599 1936 3.0G SCSI l&lf 12MS 5 Yrs 1945 1936 A V 3.0G SCSI l&ll 13MS 5 Yrs 2299 3243 4.3G SCSI l&lt
8. 5MS 5 Yrs 2495 1991 9.0G SCSI l&ll 12MS 5 Yrs 3750 1991 A V 9.0G SCSI i&ll 13MS 5 Yrs 3995 CBM A570 w Lemmings & Groliers Encyc NEC CDR-25 650MS 150k sec 380MS 300k sec 190MS 450k sec 190MS 450k sec 250MS 450k sec 150MS 600k sec Affordable alternative A3640 4000 3000 68040 @ 25MHZ Only 399.00 40MB Seagate Conner 65MB Seagate Western Digital 130MB Seagate Conner 250MB Maxtor 350MB Seagate 455MB Seagate 525MB Seagate b Time Warranty 16MS 2 Yrs 99 14MS 2 Yrs 149 14MS 2 Yrs 179 12MS 2 Yrs 199 11MS 2 Yrs 225 10MS 2 Yrs 275 12MS 2 Yrs 275
9. 5MS 5 Yrs 599
9. 5MS 5 Yrs 835
9. 5MS 5 Yrs 1049 Xetec CDFS 2.0 w Fred Fish 1-950 ASIM CDFS 2.0 w Fred Fish 232-1000 Zappo CD1200 (OVERDRIVE) CD-ROM DRIVES & DRIVERS
3. 5" HARD DRIVES Seagate 25 South Old Baltimore Pike Lafayette Bldg, Suite 202 Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 738-9259 Fax 24 HOURS Please understand our policies DISCOVER VISA MASTER Card American Exprc** & COD Accepted. All Prices and specification* arc subject to change without notice! ALL SA LES ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WITHOUT APPROVED RMAf. 15% restocking foe on all refunds. Effective items replaced with same item only. Call 302.738.9267 for approval RMA before reluming merchandise, or fax an RMA request to 302.738.9259 otherwise your return will not be accepted. We are not responsible for incompatibility of product*. CODs are CASH ONLY Shipping & handling is non-refundable. S&H for chips is $ 5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal checks require 14 days to clear. Call for actual shipping prices on all other items. EoWPKISK S i £S (i A M E P R K S II R V E and the palette have been boosted, and to good effect. The dithering is gone, replaced by solid colors that bring Tornado's environment to life. Running on an 030-based A1200, with full detail enabled a sight for soar eyes it seemed slightly faster than the earlier version at lower detail. (It's still not smooth, but at least it's less choppy.) ©1.3 -
2. 0-
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Total Carnage ICE's Total Carnage is yet another woeful experience in getting killed repeatedly and unfairly under the Smash TV game engine. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Liberation: Captive II
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. Mindscape's RPG (formerly CD32- only) stands up quite well on disk. The only thing of consequence that's missing is the voices, and given that they weren't handled well to begin with, you can probably live without 'em. (It looks mahvelous, though; the walls can be as detailed as you want them to be, though it can take hours to generate 'em.) Like Captive before it, the game is pleasantly opaque, and it may take quite a while to get the hang of things. When you learn it, you'll love it.
1. 3 ? Fjfl 2.0 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. * Copy-protection. Skidmarks Acid's Skidmarks is a wonderful, slippery-tracked, angled-down racing game penned in Blitz Basic. It's great fun to just slew around the banked curves, slam into your opponents and try to make up time when behind. Unfortunately, the game doesn't really do anything whole-heartedly. (It's only semi-HD installable and only semi-AGA.) You'll want to play against your friends, as the computer opponents aren't worth the gas home. Goblins 3 We're down to one goblin now, but the designers have come up with lots of little creatures for him to cooperate with in this grand puzzle adventure from France's Coktel Vision. Not to mention some genuinely wicked puzzles. Lament: The little anims that lent so much character to the first two games seem to have been downgraded here. ®1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Fl In an earlier life, Domark's Fl was known as Vroom a great polygon- based 3-D racing game played at breakneck speed. It was popular enough abroad to warrant a data disk, but never seemed to garner a US audience and quietly disappeared. You've been given another shot at it: F1 is basically Vroom 1.5, with support for a second player. If anything, it's faster. Cosmic Spaced lad ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive Installable. Copy-protectlon. Think of it as a starter kit for future LucasArts adventurers. This departure from Codemasters' long run of Dizzy games mingles broadly drawn point-and-click adventure sequences with intermediate platform bits. Neither part is exactly state of the art, but the combination is not unpleasant. And anything that coaxes kids away from the omnipresent platformers can't be bad. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. X ? Not hard-drive Installable. No copy-protection. Fantastic Dizzy Well, Pretty Good Dizzy, anyway. Codemasters' long-running string of young people's arcade adventures featuring a noble egg has gotten more sophisticated and puzzle-oriented with each entry, and Fantastic is no exception. It's fun, and it's quietly intelligent. (On the other hand, I do wish some of the puzzles here were less for their own sake and more story-based.) Game Pieces Those of you with a hankering to play an obscure, tiresome, and unfriendly Norse board game should make a beeline lot Mirage’s King’s Table aka Ragnarok (Grade: C-) . . . Snapperazzi (Alternative) is a son of goofy, charming Italian cartoon so silly you can’t help but find it agreeable (B) . . . The best of Black Legend's most recent crop of games from eastern Europe and Scandinavia is Mega Motion. This fiercely addictive, 100-level puzzler from Finland vaguely recalls Boulderdash, hut only just: it’s a wholly original creation (A-) . . , Hyperion!, from Norway, is an unabashed clone of David Braben’s famed strategy shooter. Virus but without much color or character (C-)... And all 1 can say about Hungary- for Fun is that you'd have to be to spend good money on this troika of shareware-level hand-me-downs (D) . . . Summer Camp and Winter Camp from Thalamus Europe are tiresome arcadcrs with mice (D) .. . Arnie first appeared a couple of years back as a primitive side- scrolling shooter. Now it’s back as Arnie 2 (Zeppelin) an elaborate, dazzlinglv colorful isometric shooter. But what it gained in beauty and sophistication, it has lost in speed even on fast machines (D) . . . Arctic Baron (ReadySoft) is Transarctica by any other name, which we looked at as a European import some months back. Regrettably, the change of title for US release doesn’t reflect any change in the substance, and this Silmarils strategy game, set in a frozen future, still lacks a strong center (C) . . . Batman Returns (Gametek): I’ll give you three guesses as to why Gametek released this long-awaited movie license as a budget title. Hie two that aren’t “Because it’s crap?” don’t count (F) . . . Traps 8c Treasures 8c Nicky 2: These two delicate arcade adventures are in much the same vein, but one works, and the other doesn’t. Microids’ followup to Nicky Boomreprises the singular charm and open-ended style of its predecessor (B) . . . Traps 8c Treasures (the first in a series of Amiga games developed by a revived Starhyte) is graphically hotter, but also grimly linear (C) ... Out to Lunch (Mindscape UK) is a very pleasant young person's platformcr about a chefs quest for fleeing ingredients. But why is it available only lor AGA? Surely the earlier chipsets could handle these modest graphics (B). ¦ To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 61. Sxl by Paravision Turn* Your CD31 Into A Powerful A1200! Comei with ColdFishCD! Ask about configurable set ups! SCALL FOR LOWEST PRICE$ BETTER CONCEPTS, INC PRESENTS A COIL WINTER SALE CD31 W Special CD Software Bundle $ $ CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE$ $ Cdlzoo ZAPPO 'Ext* CDROM Drive Hooks Up To A1200 Thru PCMCIA Slot. Runs AH CD32, CDTV & Amiga CDS! $ $ CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE$ $ Cds* COMPETITION PRO JOYPAD
• Replaces original CD32 controller
• Heavy Duty Construction
• Turbo Fire & Auto Fire
• Slow Motion Switch $ X9 1 Year Warranty A U,vrT7- .. __ AMIGA AMINET II $ 9.95 AMINET III = JULY 94) $ 13.9$ AMINET IV = NOV 94) $ 14.95 BCI NET = DEC 94) (newest) $ 14.95 17 Bit 2CD Collection $ 28.95 17 Bit Continuation CD $ 17.95 17 Bit Phase IV CD $ 17*95 LSD H 17 BIT Combo CD I $ 17.95 Amos PD CD $ 19*95 Network CD $ 17*95 Serial Cable For Above CD $ 26.95 Euroscene $ 14*95 CD PD I, II, III, or IV $ 19.95 Demo CD I or II $ 19.95 GIFs Galore CD $ 19.95 CDTV TITLES Groliers Encyclopedia II $ 3$ InsightrTechnology $ 18 Defender Of The Crown II $ 17 Eyes Of The Eagle $ 7 Psycho Killer $ 7 Hounds Of The Baskervitle $ 7 Town With No Name $ 7 American Heritage Dictionary $ 6 Advanced Military Systems $ 6 All Dogs Go To Heaven $ 6 Board Games $ b Cinderella $ 6 Curse Of Ra $ 6 Fun School 3 $ 6 Barney Bear Goes To School $ 6 Illustrated Works Of Shakespeare $ S Holy Bible $ 8 Wrath Of The Demon $ 6 Women In Motion $ 10 Cover Girl Strip Poker $ 17 Sexual Fantasies $ 18 CD32 a sxi Sanaa? .to Combo Deal! CD ROMS DTP Clip Art Cf Fonts CD $ 16.95 Music MOD & Sound Effects CD $ 19.95 Meeting Pearls $ 14.95 Fresh Fish -Latest! $ 19.95 Frozen Fish -Latest! $ 19.95 Gold Fish 2 CD Set -Latest! $ 19.95 100 PD Games I (PAL) $ 18 100 PD Games II (PAL) $ 18 Games N Goodies (PAL) $ 18 ADULTS ONLY Sexual Fantasies $ 18 Sheer Delight $ 22 Cover Girl Strip Poker $ 17 Plain Brown Wrapper $ 25 31 (and lut uliua) Super Star Dust $ 35 His* Of The Robots $ 32 DraconStonc 93S Cannon Fodder 935 LitU DlvU 935 AhsnBr**dII:Tow«r Assault 935 UFO:Enemy Unknown 932 Simon The Soresror 932 OroClsrs Ency clopadlall 925 Vital Light 932 Soccsr Kid 927 Bubble & Squeak 930 Universe 932 Microcosm (NTSC!) 934 Helmdall II 929 Video Creator 934 Allen Breed S.E. Qwak 927 Disposable Hero 932 Frontier:Elite II 932 Legacy Of Soractl 932 Impossible Mission 2025 932 Lotus Trilogy 93d Labyrinth Of Time 925 Liberation $ 28 Banshee 927 Chaoa Engine 929 Fire Force 92b Guns hip 2400 $ 28 Ultimate Body Blows 929 Trolls $ 30 Battle Chess 930 Mean Arenas $ 30 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE BLOWOUT S3 TITLES Amazing Spiderman Twilights Ransotne Covert Action F*J5 Strike Eagle II Flames OF Freedom Greens Knights Of The Sky SS TITLES War In The Gulf Sleeping Gods Lie Team Yankee Official Z Button Amiga Mouse Replacement 919 & BARCA] Super Frog 9X8 Arcade Pool 9X8 Myth 913 Bubba & Stlx 9X9 Last Ninja m 912 Premier 912 Chuck Rock I 9xo Chuck Rock II 912 Brian The Lion 91b Morph 910 Wild Cup Soccer 919 Brutal Sports Football 917 Emerald Mines 9Xf Global Effect 9X5 Diggers 914 Defender Of The Crown 2 915 Pinball Fant & Sleepwalk. 915 InsightrTechnology 915 Guiness Disc Of Records $ 15 James Pond III 919 James Pond II $ 10 Summer Olympia 9X8 loo PD Games I (PAL) 9X8 100 PD Games II (PAL) 9x8 Games N Goodies (PAL) 9x8 Project X F17 Challenge 9X5 Sexual Fantasies 9x8 Sheer Delight $ 22 Cover Girl Strip Poker 917 Heard of something we dont have listed? Call us! We have It or we will get Iff CQMBATJCLASS1CS I This Big Box Contains 3 Games! Includes: F*if Strike Eagle n. Team Tankee (J 6SS Attack Sub! The Ultimate War Game Package! Only $ 14*95 !NEW TITLE! UNIVERSE-By Core Design Rotoscoped game character with rsal time scaling & over 500 frames of animation- Lush, 25b color hand painted scenes O backround animations! Excellent new game! For AfOO bO0 200 1200 §£Q !ALL NEW! PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE QQ AGA Entertainment Pack 25 disks filled with the NEWEST games, eurodemos, animations & other neat stuff that make your AGA Amiga really show off* A few titles are: Klondike 2, Mad Fighter 2, Treasures Of Tutankhamun 2, plus much more! Only 920 55 !ALL NEW! ARCADE GAMES PACK 25 disks filled with the NEWEST games that run on All Amigas. AH new titles! Alt the fun oE an arcade In the comfort of your own home! Game types Included are platform, adventure, puzzle, shoot em up, beat cm up plus much more! Only $ 20 55 !ALL NEW! STEAMY WINDOWS PACKS Each pack contains 25 disks of ths most bsautiful woman posing in bathing suits & lingarla, working out & othar erotic shots. Over 10,000 copies sold in Europs! Choose from xo different packages!Speclfy Pack «, Specify AGA or Regular Amiga. Only $ 205! All our PD disks are now only 99C EACH! That include* alt disks from our lihrary, Assassin Game disks (150+), LSD Utility Disks (I50+), 17 Bit Software disks (3400+), Amos PD disks (600+), FrwJ Fish Disks (1-1000) plus more! Thais about 10,000 PD disks available to you for only 99C eac-h! Why bother paying more when you can get it here for less? Send $ 3 for our paper catalog, 4 disks of disk’calaJogs Sc a sample disk from our libraryI See something we don’t have? Call us Sc we’ll get it! We each Latest utility disks 99c each AMI TCP V3.0-Everyone la looking for a TCP utility well here la the lateat two diek (9X.98) version! Big Dummies Guide To The Internet-Dlsk filled with tons of helpful Info to help guide you through the Internet. Imagine Objects-Two nice objects (Car, Jet) for use with Imagine. Virus Workshop 4.3-Latast version of "must have” virus hunters and killers for your psacs of mind. Term 4-Xa-Latsst Three disk (92-97) version of one of the bast communication programs out there! Garshneblankar-Great screen blanker for 2.0+ machines! MUI 2.2-Latest version of Magic User Interlace which creates nice front end Interfaces for almost any executable file! Babylon 5 Imagine Object-Excellent object of apace craft from televlson series Babylon 5. Lightwave Mania-Five disks (94-95) with 129 objects for ust with Lightwave!_ 1AGA DISKS 99 Each WHW ifb Color leons-Dlsk loaded with 25b color Icons to make AGA machine look great! Fast Cars Cardset-For Klondike AGA! Claudia Schiller 94-Three disks ($ 2.97) filled with lovely pix of this beautiful model. Body Shop 8-Three disk set (92.97) filled with pix of some of the hoteet models (R-Rated), Video Tracker 2.0-Latest version of this very easy to use Demo maker, X Men Cardset-New cardaet for Klondike AGA! ILYAD-A four disk (93.9b) Euro demo that Is HD installable & incredible! Faces 2 Cardset-New car diet for Klondike AGA! Swimsuit Cardset-New cards for Klondlkt AGA! XXX Women Cardset-Cards for Klondike AGA! Virus Killers-Latsst necessary virus hunters & killers lor AGA machines. Gar* hneblanker-A wetome screen blanker complete with over XX animated modules! Rsloklek i.4X-Latest version of this must have degrading utility! Ray Trace Animatlons-Five disks (94-95) filled with incredible raytraced animations! Zombie Apocalypse II-Usa your machine gun to mow down the onslaught of the undead! !ALL NEW! MUSIC MOD PACKS Each pack contains 25 disks o| awesome music! Chooas from TECHNO, POP, MELLOW or ASSORTED. All players are also included! Each Pack la only 9205! !ALL NEW! SOUND SAMPLE PACKS Each pack contains 15 disks of professional, ready to use Sound Samples, z Packs to choose from:IN$ TRUMENTS or VOICES SOUND EFFECTS. Only 9X2 per pack! !ALL NEW! VIDEO PAINT BACKDROP PACKS Tons of 25b color, HI Res Interlaced pictures to use in your multimedia projects. Subjects Include Nature, People, Landscapee, Fractals, Space, Strange, Cars, Flowers, Bldgs, Places Cf much more! 50 disk pack only 940. 100 disk pack only 975
* NOW SHIPPING VU* CALI NOW TO ORDER! MN-KAH6A Multiple Platform Graphics Conversion & Processing UstMeSSffl Speck!SALE Price $ 29.95
• Super Easy, Point & Click Environment
• Converts fmages To & From GIF, IFF, PCX, JPEG, 24 Bit & more!
• Configurable Image Output Options
• Resizing, Precise Scaling, Color Correction, Batch Processing Plus More!
* 68020 or higher recommended SHIPPING O HANDLING ADD $ 5 MINIMUM*CALL FOR LARGER ORDERS Better Concepts, Inc. 10 Mandon Terrace New City, NY 10956 1-914-639-5095 Info 1-914-634-7097 Fax Just a note to let you know that wo will not be under sold! II you see anylhing Amiga in any other ad, we can get it lor less. It you see PD soltware lhat you wanl in another ad, wo will got it for you for only 93j per disk' Please call lor any item Call or wile for a tree catalog1 !WE ARE ALL AMIGA' Index to 1994 Articles and Reviews Editor's Note: Individual entries in this index are j)resented under two major headings: Articles Columns and Reviews. Articles Columns are organized chronologically under the following subject categories:
* AGA • Graphics Animation * Printers Printing
* Amiga Support Help • Hardware: Systems Expansion Peripherals • Productivity Business
* Buyer's Guide * Multimedia Authoring Systems * Programming
* CD-ROM • Mu sir Sound • Telecommunications Networking
* Cross-Platform Compatibility * News Profiles • Video
* Desktop Publishing • Operating System Workbench Reviews are organized aifthabeticalh under the categories of Hardware, Software. And Games. The Compression Game Blaize Jun 26 Head2Head: ADPro vs. Imagemaster vs. ImageFX Malnack Jul 19 Generations Ahead of Our Time (3-D) Leemon Sep 12 Imagine 3.0 - Feature Review Blaize Sep 18 Brilliance 2.0 - Feature Review de Andrade Oct 12 Teaching Imagine Some New Tricks Worley Dec 19 HARDWARE: SYSTEMS EXPANSION PERIPHERALS The Ins and Outs of I O Gefvert Apr 24 On the Fast Track (Raptor) Leemon Nov 15 MULTIMEDIA AUTHORING SYSTEMS Who's Running This Show? Williams Apr 27 Bravo the Encore! (Scala's MM300) Levin Jul 23 Six Degrees of Presentation Williams Aug 16 MUSIC SOUND Sound Legal Advice (Copyright Law) Williams Aug 31 MIDI Sequencer Jamboree! Taghavy Oct 19 NEWS PROFILES Loren Eyrich b Heartland Highways Brisson Jan 96 A Class Act (Amigas in Education) Hanish Mar 91 Who's Running This Show? Williams Apr 27 Is It Live ... or Is It LightWave? Gefvert Sep 8 OPERATING SYSTEM WORKBENCH Denny on DOS Atkin Keys to the Shell Jun 6 The Amiga Speech Synthesizer Jul 5 Dealing with Disks Aug 4 Use of Wildcards in the OS Sep 5 Troubleshooting Glitches Oct 4 Tips on File Transfer with CrossDOS Nov 5 Upgrading to AmigaDOS 3.1 Dec 6 Linking Up with AmigaGuide Brown Feb 43 Hidden AmigaDOS Gems - 1 Atkin Mar 41 Hidden AmigaDOS Gems - 2 Atkin Apr 31 Hidden AmigaDOS Gems - 3 Atkin May 36 PRINTERS PRINTING Put Your Best Print Forward Dalzell Mar 28 Show Your Colors! Ludwick May 28 PRODUCTIVITY BUSINESS I Head2Head; ProWrite vs. Final Copy Ryan Jan 61 Data on Command (SBase4 Pro) Pam & Joe Rothman Jun 37 Applying the "Final" Touch (Final Writer 2 Tutorial) James Dec 22 ARTICLES COLUMNS TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE AGA AW's Guide to AGA Products Feb 24 AGA Fixes Leemon Apr 38 AMIGA SUPPORT HELP Club Amiga (US Users' Groups} Record Jul 28 Help! We Need Somebody ... Atkin Oct 15 BUYER'S GUIDE Amiga Owner's Holiday Gift Guide Leemon Dec 14 CD-ROM The CD Boom Petersen Jun 31 CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY Amigas, Pcs, Macs...Oh My! Johnson Apr 20 The Amiga User's PC Survival Kit Johnson Jul 14 The Amiga User's Mac Survival Kit Atkin Aug 22 Head2Head: A-Max IV vs. Emplant Atkin Nov 23 DESKTOP PUBLISHING ___ Head2Head: Pro Page vs. PageStream Atkin Feb 39 Cool Moves With HotLinks Kaszycki Apr 35 Applying the "Final" Touch (Final Writer 2 Tutorial} James Dec 22 j GRAPHICS ANIMATION _ Accent on Graphics Hagen Clip Art Jan 74 Structured Clip Art Feb 48 Lighting Techniques Mar 70 "Recycling" Animation Frames Apr 58 Compound Motion Paths May 72 Alpha Channel Jun 60 Linking Art with Science and History Jul 44 Abstract 3-D Sculptures Aug 34 Image processing for Animation Effects Sep 22 Fractal Images Oct 34 Exhibiting Computer Art Nov 34 Exhibition Presentation Tips Dec 36 New Perspectives on Paint Fitzpatrick Jan 26 Graphics to Go Williams Jan 34 Digital Canvas - 1 (Amiga Art Work} Jan 58 Digital Canvas - 2 (Amiga Art Work} Jul 26 Digital Drawing Power de Andrade Feb 34 24-Bit Graphics Boards Revisited Leemon May 20 PROGRAMMING The Best Things in Life Are C -1 Haynie May 39 Rx for FX Thomas Mar 22 The Best Things in Life Are C * 2 Haynie Jun 41 The Fundamental Things Arexx: Electronic Ginsu - 1 Leemon Jul 31 (Still) Apply (editing systems) Williams Jun 20 Arexx: Electronic Ginsu - 2 Leemon Aug 27 Tips for Mastering the Video Toaster Leemon Nov 10 TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKING 1 Video Suite Toaster-Enhancing Products de Andrade Jan 78 Cruisin' the Internet Patrizio Jan 65 Producing a Demo Reel Williams Feb 70 Net Gains Dutton Mar 33 Video-Production Business Tips Williams Mar 72 Prime-Time PD Walsh Audio for Video Production -1 de Andrade Apr 86 Screen Utilities Jun 8 Audio for Video Production - 2 de Andrade May 76 Some shareware system utilities Jul 7 Video in Focus de Andrade Navigating the Networks Aug 6 Items from the NAB Convention Jun 62 PD Printer Utilities Sep 7 Nonlinear Editing Jul 46 Three Telecommunications Programs Oct 8 Profiting with Video Production Aug 44 PD Antivirus Programs Nov 7 Video-Maintenance Tips Sep 21 AmigaGuide Hypertext System Dec 8 Training for Video Business Oct 25 The Joy of Fax: Amiga Style Larson Nov 19 REVIEWS VIDEO HARDWARE 4000 G-Force '040 Sep 10 AmigaLink Jul 10 AmiVR Aug 12 Audio Expander Dec 11 DKB 4091 Jun 68 EGS 28 24 Spectrum Apr 12 FastLane Z3 Jun 68 Live!2000 Update Dec 42 Megalosound Jun 19 MS2400 Color Scanner Sep 36 Performance Series II: A1230 Turbo+ and A1291 SCSI Kit Mar 12 Picasso II Jan 16 Power XL Drive Nov 9 StereoPro Aug 12 SuperGen SX May 12 Tandem Controller Jun 14 TBCPIus Jul 8 Three Amiga Monitors (A-1962, CD-1401, and AD-1970) Nov 8 Toaster Toolbox 4000 Mar 15 Toccata Samplitude-MS Oct 48 VertiSketch S-10 3-D Digitizer Oct 10 VideoScan Genlock VS-525N Apr 16 Vlab Motion Dec 10 WarpEngine Sep 10 Wavetools May 13 SOFTWARE Aladdin 4D 3.0 Jun 17 A-Max IV Aug 10 ANIMWorkshop 2.02 May 15 Art Department Pro 2.5 Jun 12 AsimCDFS 2.0 Mar 64 Brilliance 2.0 Oct 12 CanDo 2.5 Feb 12 Cdx Mar 64 Cnet Pro 3.05c May 17 Cochlear Consciousness Dec 46 Cocoon Precision Morphing May 18 Composite Studio Oct 42 Crouton Tools Sep Feb 38 ¦ GAMES DeluxeMusic 2.0 19 Ambermoon Mar 82 DICE 3.0 Oct 50 Apocalypse Jul 62 DirWork 2.1 Oct 44 Beneath a Steel Sky Aug 54 Distant Suns 5.0 Oct 11 Bram Stoker's Dracula Nov 56 Edge Mar 13 Brian the Lion Nov 56 Excelsior! BBS Jan 18 Brutal Sports Football May 64 Final Writer Mar 17 Cannon Fodder Apr 72 GameSmith Development Cliffhanger Nov 56 System Nov 44 Combat Air Patrol Feb 80 Helm 1.41 Jan 20 Covenant Sep 46 Imagemaster R t Jan 14 Darkmere Sep 46 Image Mirror Dec 42 F117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 Jul 64 Imagine 3.0 Sep 18 Fighter Duel Pro 2 Jul 64 Macro68 3.17 Jan 22 Frontier Feb 78 Magic Lantern Mar 60 Genesia Jun 72 MathVISION 2.4 Mar 19 Global Domination May 66 MediaPoint 3.6 Apr 60 Glodule Nov 56 Montage Feb 10 Gunship 2000 Jan 82 MovieMaker Feb 18 Heimdall II Sep 46 Mozart's Music Master Jul 58 Hired Guns Jan 81 OctaMED Professional 5 Jul 58 Innocent Until Caught Nov 56 PCTask Dec 46 Jet Strike Mar 80 Pegger Feb 15 Jurassic Park Mar 78 Rpaint Jan 92 King's Quest VI Nov 54 Sample Wrench 2.1 Aug 48 Last Action Hero Nov 56 SAS C 6.50 Apr 63 Legacy of Soracil Sep 46 Sbase4 Pro Personal May 18 Liberation Apr 70 Scala MM300 Jun 15 Microcosm Jun 76 Sequel Jul 12 Mortal Kombat May 64 Sequencer One One Plus Jul 48 Perihelion Sep 46 Sparks Jul 49 Puggsy Nov 56 Studio16 3.0 Aug 12 Rules of Engagement 2 May 66 Swipes! Aug 14 Second Samurai Jul 62 ToasterFX Aug 14 Simon the Sorcerer May 60 Toaster Toolkit 4000 Apr 14 Star Trek: 25th Anniversary May 60 Transition Aug 50 Theatre of Death Apr 72 TrapFax Aug 14 The Settlers Jun 72 TypeSmith 2.0 Apr 19 Tornado Jul 64 TypeSmith 2.5 Dec 12 Turrican 3 Jul 62 Video Escort 2.5 Nov 48 Valhalla and the Lord Video Toaster 3.1 May 84 of Infinity Oct 58 WaveLink Mar 65 When Two Worlds War May 66 Wavemaker Jul 56 Wiz V Liz Nov 56 n When the talk turns to icons, books, or SCSI devices for your A1200, everyone turns to the Help Key column. HELP KEY BY TIM WALSH Stretching the A1200
Q. I currently own an A1200 equipped with a CA V A1230 50-MHz Turbo and an A1291. Could you tell me the feasibility of adding a tower so that I could add a CD- ROM, high-density floppy drive and a SyQuest drive? Daniel L. Doctor Marietta, CA
A. As no A1200 tower systems have vet . * to pass through the !JKoffices, I'll have to reserve judgement on those devices. For other Amiga models, some of the lower systems such as Desktop Video Systems’ Toaster Toolbox 4000 make it easy to connect additional drives and devices to your system. While the A1200 oilers only an IDF. Connector, vour A1201 adds a much- 4 needed SCSI port to your A1200. Daisy-chaining devices to it would allow you to add some of the peripherals you mention. To avoid device conflicts, you might be limited to two SCSI devices Cl daisy-chained together. In the Reviews section of this issue, you will see Expansion Systems’ SCSI + device for the A1200. This product lets you reliably add up to five SCSI-ported devices. Conceivably, by adding the SCSI + , you could connect t lie A1200 to the Toaster Toolbox 4000 and add a multitude of hard drives and other SCSI-equipped devices. If you want to add a CD-ROM, check out the same review in this issue, where you’ll see Alfa Data's GDI200. This device allows you to add a dual-speed Mitsumi CD-ROM to your A1200. Be forewarned, however, that you will need an additional power supply and some form of a chassis if you use an internal, instead oi an external, CD- ROM drive. Beginning Words
Q. I'm fairly new to computers and video. When 1 read the articles in Amiga World. I encounter plenty of items that 1 don't understand. Is there a hook or list available for the latest terms and computer jargon? I
- would appreciate knowing where I could get something that explains same of the language used when describing Amiga prod acts. Jackie Morgan Santa Rosa, CA
A. You didn’t specify which version of Amiga DOS you use, but as a beginner, any nontechnical Amiga-specific book would probably help. Amiga World published several Amiga books on both AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.0 designed exactly 1’or beginners like vourself. Unfortu-
o nately, they are long out of print. If you’re using AmigaDOS versions up to 3.0, Compute! Books published AmigaDOS Reference Guide, an excellent book co-authored by one of AW* s frequent contributors, Sheldon Leemon. Although it's also long out of print, you may still he able to get it from the author at 170 W, 12 Mile Rd., Madison Heights, MI 48071 (810 548-9029). Bruce Smith Books, a UK-based publisher, publishes a variety of Amiga- specilic books. Most useful among these is Peter Fitzpatrick's Amiga A1200 Next Steps (ISBN 1 -873308-24-8). Although written specifically for the Amiga 1200, there’s enough general Amiga information in the book to make it a useful tome for beginners. Don’t overlook video offerings, either: DevWare Video's (800 879-
0759) VMS tape “An Introduction to the Amiga,” covers AmigaDOS 2.1 through 3.0. in your quest for learning more about the Amiga, you also can’t go wrong by picking tip more information about the increasingly popular area of telecommunications. The distinctions between specific computer platforms tend to disappear when you're learning about life on die I-way. Check with a local bookstore for publications from O’Reilly and Associates, including their best seller by Ed Krol, The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog (ISBN 1-56592-063-5). Another helpful Internet book for beginners is Jeffrey' M. Cogswell’s Simple Internet (ISBN 1- 878739-70-4). Icon Alterations
Q. I'm in the process of creating new icons for A migaDOS 3.0 on my A1200. I discovered that I can change the default icon by saybng its replacement as def'JLRM in the Env-Archive drawer. However, I'd like to change the appearance of other icons, such as the WBPattern.pre that appears in the Presets drawer in Prefs. Can you help me? Patrick Kellum Realty, NV
A. You’ve come to the right place, Patrick. I just completed writing up the new freeware program, Newlcons, by Nicola Salmoria (see “Primetime PD,”
p. 7). You'll find the package offers several solutions to your question. While Newlcons offers more than one way to copy icon images, here's one way to tackle the above exercise: Included with the Newlcons package you’ll find a program called Replace!mage. Let’s say you like the appearance of a particular icon and you want to apply its image to another. You simply click once on Replaced mage, hold down the Shift key, then click once on the icon whose image you want to copy. The next step is to find the file that you want to apply that image to, and double-click that file. CreateDefaultlcon, also included with the package, works in much the same manner, allowing you to select multiple icons within large directories. The conversion process then occurs as fast as you can position the pointer and click the mouse. ¦ Send your questions to Help Key, c o A?nigaWorld Editorial, P.O. Box 802, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458-0802. $ 259
* 349 CDN* Amiga CD-32 g f~.Amiga 1200 m 0wiA22OO
- 68F3C02O Cpu & M Mhz
- AGA 32-Bil Chip c
- 2 MB Chip RAM
- 600 MB CD-ROM Drive
- Double Speed CD-ROM I We have i 00’a of CD-32’s| I in stock! Add an SX 1 for ily 5199 US5 ($ 265CN$ )| c * l_L ¦DNS
- 68EC020 Cpu S> 14 Mhz
• AGA 32-Rit Chipset
• 2 MB Chip RAM
- IDE Hard Drive Controlier
- 3.5* Floppy I>rive 'Supplies are now limited, but we still continue to receive 1200’s weekly! $ 1199 S1599 C DNS
• 68020 Cpu (Over 2X ¦* fast >a 1200) 4 MB RAM & 210 MB HD Built-in Seven Slot* Toul 3 J* Floppy Drive Built-In CD-ROM Controller A2207b are scheduled to ship December 15th. Best price performance ever! Amiga 4000 $ 2,699
* 3,599 CDN* 68040 Cpu © 40 Mhz (32 Mips!)
• Math Chip Built-in (7.6 Mflops) 8 MB RAM 420 MB Hard Drive (2_5MB Scc) ¦ 3-5* High Density Floppy (1.76MB) We still have a few 4000’s left, and more continue to trickle in weekly! 4000 T.O. $ 4,199
* 5,599 CDNS 68040 Cpu © 40 Mhz (32 Mips!) Math Chip built-in (7.6 M flop a) 10MB RAM 420 MB Hard Drive (2_5MB Sec) ¦ 3.5* High Density Floppy (1.76MB) We now have Toaster Oven Packages available! The 4000 Tower solution! Ks this want to pram a w still had not haard the word on tha Commodora altuatlon, howavar. Wa hava baan told to expert good auppliaa of Amiga'e by Chrlatmaa. In th vaaka, supplies neve become mors limited, and Amiga’a hava baan mora dlffioult, mora axpanaiva and much mora tlma conauming to aqulra. Howavar, wa still hava auppli continuing to ship units avary waak. Wa hJLCA shipped over 160 oomputara last month and mora than 00 thia month, ao ragardlaaa of R tbandonmg the Amiga platform In favor of a Mao or PC, Amiga dealers um. Still aupplying computara, alow but ataady. Alao, wa hava Juat 2200 from AMI-Tach Canada, and it Is scheduled to ehip In quantity by Mid December. Wa hava an axcluaiva on tha flrat 10 a laat aavaral auppliaa and wa mlm Roomara you may hava raad trying to talk you into raoaivad our firat damo unita of tha exciting naw 00 unita, ao oall aarly to avoid diaaapointmant! Introducing the New A2200! Model A2200-1 Specifications 68020 CPU (Over 2X as faet as an Amiga 1200) 2 MB 82-Bit Chip RAM & 2 MB of Faet RAM (SMB Max)
3. 6" Floppy (880K) & 210 MB HD (1.8 MB Seoond) CPU: RAM: Storage: $ 1,199 SI,599 CDNS Model A2200-2 Specifications 68030 CPU & 68882 FPU @ 40Mhz 2 MB 32-Bit Chip RAM & 4 MB of Faet RAM (128MB Max)
8. 6" Floppy (1.76MB) & 420 MB HD (2.6 MB Second) Common Featured: Kickstart 3.1 Built-In Detatchable, 94 Keys, w Function, Numeric & Cursor Hi-resolutlon, Opto-Meohanical, Two Button Design One ’Local Bus' Slot (160-Pin, Amiga 1200 Compatible) One ’Compatabllity 8lot‘ for 486 Card One ’CPU 8lot’ for future expansion Four IBM PC AT Compatible Slote Mouee I Joyetiok LightPen I Graphics Tablet (X2) Serial, Parallel and CD-ROM Porte Composite Video, SVHS Video and RGB Video AGA Chlp8et, Programable Resolutions from 320X200 to 1280X400, including 800X600 @ 80 Hz 40cm (15.76") Deep. 42cm (16.5") Wide & 12cm (4.75* High) 116 230 Volt, 50 60Hz, 200 Watt (C8A Approved) O S: Keyboard: Mouee: Seven Slote: Interfaces: Graphics: Dimensions; Power: Dealer & Distributor Inquires Welcome ab-Motion Card Non-Linear Editing il Tim© Digitiser matrons Sc Movies Electrohome 1440
- Color MultiSync Monitor
- 15-40Khz, .28mm dot Pitch
- Developed here in Canada! PAR Card & 500mb
- 60 FPS Animation
- True 24-bit output
- with 500 MB Hard Drive Video Toaster 3.1
- Digital Video Effect! $ 1499 I9CDNJ $ 429
* 579 CDNJ $ 1799
- LightWave, Toa iter Paint I2769CDNJ
- Digtial Video Effecti, More! Blc Speed CD-Roml *ioq i Grollicri Encyclopedia ss & Software ($ 249 CDNJ| 2200 only. 114,400 Baud Modem $ 99 I - Send Sc Receive FAX I - V.42bii, MNP5 J135 CDNJ | | - Compatible with GP-FAX Deluxe Paint 4.5 (AG A)f
- AG A Support (HAM8)
- Animation Sc Morphing
- THE. Amiga Standard! WordsWorth WordPro $ 59 $ 79 CDNJ
- WYSIWYG on Screen
- Beat WordPro Available
- With Spell Checker iooins & Handling i Jl.00 !b 1 libs add.50 1 b 1 M M ¦s* Price, aranteec W w the average rate* for ground tin Canada A the USA and cgular shipping, handling, duty, jaloma A door to door delivery, lea art not guamnteed By ier in turanee only covert you
b. UPS FedEX Mail will net i for damage or Iom without icnlly buying additional ufl coverage iniuranoe ii 4% nounf. PRINCE ALBERT. 8K. CANADA
(306) 953-8960
(306) 953-8961 9:30 - 6:00 Mon-Sat (Central Time) Info: (306) 764-2888 Fax: (306) 764-0088 BBS: (306) 764-0888 (7 Line.) Anti Gravity is the leader in Desktop Video and 3D Animation! C MUTE CD-ROM ¦ MmLl I ImL y [*lthdedWirruiy H auAvaTabte ? 2| 3, & 4 year Winifdy Hliteiicommitted to pco.ideadasd ? FilWRepfawneits co-Tvrnmce avj ? SOO-Toli-Free Tech Support HILite CD-ROMS. ? Double & Quod Speeds
* • Kodc k Multi-session ? MPC Level II ? XA Compliant ELECTRONICS, INC. The Personal Editor
• $ 545 • CH UTEs .TAPE DRIVES It's Not Cuts Ed ust ting! DDS-2 features: WanqDat 90 & 120m data cartridge SCSI-2 interface 4-8G8 typical capacity Transfer Rate 366-732 k sec Access Time 35sec Cortrhint1 QTI QTS 90m $ 20 S 90 120m $ 30 5140,
3. 5 SyQuest- XJ5MB & 270MB Has an average seek time of 14.5ms; Comes in SCSI & IDE formats; And the 270MB drive reads Ej writes the 105MB cartridges.
5. 25' SyQuest- B8MB 6t 200MB Has an average seek time ol 20ms; Comes only In SCSI format; And the 200MB drive reads & writes the 44MB & 88MB cartridges. Drives; 88C 105 200 270 IDE Bare Drive $ N A S 265 S N A SN A SCSI Bare Drive S 28S 5 265 S 395 S 395 External w Cart $ 455 5 425 S 495 5 -195 Cartridges: 88MB 105MB 200MB 270MB 1 each for S75 5 65 $ 85 580 5 each for 570 S 60 S 80 570 NEW MICH SPEED TAPEDRIVE IDS 200 270 S 265 SN A SN A 5 265 $ 395 $ 395 5 425 S 495 S 495 105MB 200MB 270MB 5 65 S85 580 5 60 $ 80 F X? 71 570 V t HiUte 5 10GE3 Tape Drive features 5GB upto 10GB with compression. Fast Transfer Rate 780-1560 k sec, Affordable; lilt: $ 1295 Extl $ 145 bity r- co s y TvorBmjoj :¦« 11 ccrpjt' 3D grapfefb* r UgWfrF 3D f*sn you he sai>5 Emir wtoikig graphs tx!s usea on prirne-tkne TV sadi as seaOjest BaqytonS ftotnocp and S&* TN3 WocfarSD sySem wrrtines ns pwft and fiexbifty w h soch ease o! Use. Fang rogos lo tyoafcast speoa1 effects Ibtihf. 3D s H:!y(co];cft-ce DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER: 24-Bit Real Time Video Playback Recorder in both PC s & Amiga (Outputs: S*Video, NTSC, Beta Mil) PC (ISA bus) NTSC S1850 PAL S2395 PAR HARDDISKS
1. 0GB S 745 17GB $ 1175 TAPELESS EDITOR TOWER WORK STATION: TOA5TEROVEN GT-4400, 40MHz-040, SCSI-2,2GB HD, 2MB ChipRam, 32MB Ram, Video Toater 4000, Video Toaster Flyer, TBC, Flyer HD’s Two 9CB Elite-9 w* 20CB2.5MB sec Tape Backup, QuadSpeed CD-ROM Drive, PICASSO II2MB, SyncStrainer, 17” IDEK Monitor,... plus more. S Call for Pricinq Ambitious Technologies Prepare for the Future! Don't be left behind with a standard PC-clone! MIPS & Alpha Rendersaurus systems are many times faster than Pentium systems. With WindowsNT as the unifying operating system you can run your normal windows programs on your Rendersaurus, and use the greater capabilities of WindowsNT with NT-specific programs. ------ The Most Powerful DeskTop Video System In The World! JustGot More Powerful!!! The ToasterOven GT has been Completely Redesigned. Its bigger and has a new slotboard called the BigEthyl Sisterboard* that greatly expands the versatility of the your system. Kie A The new ToasterOven GT has: > NtW BigEthyl Sisterboard vy' More room for Full-Height drive bays. More System Cooling Power. SCSI-2 wiring harness for upto 6 internal drives and an external port. 3 External Flyer SCSI-2 Ports All Metal RF Enclosure Switches Monitor On Off BigEthyl is oi ailible os on option for fbc ToostcrOven 4000. Other configurations cnwhble. >-AX ( Options tToasterOven 4000 S 895J ToasterOven SixPac 6 FullHeight DriveBays with a 250Watt PowerSupply Scall ToasterOven Thermoneter Scall ToasterOven Zorro Adapter S100 SCSI-2 External Internal Kit S120 CbioEthy! Sisterboard ) RffiJwnU SwUchaMs Povvar -Simply 11 tlaya n: 5- .Si 4 : ft 4 [ToasterOven GT-4300 S12951 Hi pH thy 1 .Sis tarh oar rl Icinwntt .Switchnhlo Powa? -Supply TI'Tlrrya (2- Tv:; .S- 5y ; ft •} Ip.S H.iy.sv-’) v * y 11 slots positions: "2 video slots 7 Zorro slots (4 standard 3 power slots) ’6 PC slots (5 Full Function 3 power slots) V J ([ToasterOven GT-4400 51495 J; HlpHlhyl .Sisiarhoartl ¦uirhyntt .SwitchahfE: pov ar Supply IP Pays Tv:: 17- -Si i Hnys - -1 aa t a rC h r>l I np a p nc i ty The first Particle Animalior system lor light Wave 3D
3. 0. Animators everywhere are discovering the creative pawor ol SPARKS From simple trajectories to com-] p!ex gravitational effects! Y ft*. MotionM&ster Volumes Ifcll is a collection of LightWave utilities expert and novice animators will find irresistible filjncl Volume II TimeMachtne morp'imgml. Child2Woiltl coord ExtractAudio soMl-aiml'm Wobbler springs k moss ... PointAt target on obje- VoIumeCube linear bouidr 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 Ths ac.-e i wo-.: 'is ccr e"ts nnd its sty e ars no C«3|rig*it o* A l Gravity Products .I'to carv'xj; w ojpca-ed wihsu! Op-ess tv-fRe i peffflfts ori "ferm* and Conditions: Ca> b st>'pp ng rates, earrantics. And o:N>r ponies t'i«l &po;y Qvorinas a'fi !>m 1i*o and (xicoi a-e suteect to orange without notice An*: Gra ty Products (AGP) accepts Ccl) o-se's paya&« Ey caste's tr*e or'y P.if~er: must acconWy all pu-pnase atara ',Vn a-e ao e to o"t« quiifl ’y O scorns to Ma c's arc s,ste?f, buitJers Orders to, &a pad by VisaSAasleroa-d Ai sales are t rta Mo rafunos. Please DelectrvB e»ctiangc$ are for sane product oriy and must haw a Return Material Auncnzaton number IRMA) oe In o- rai p3C"ag ng. Arc conciton No guarantees ate mp.ied as to product pe-tema-ce w tn you' system or as to xar.u'acr-rBfs claars and soeo'cat-cns A 20% -er.ocsteeassiesto a: e«cn -g« Ot ur- -e products o- any ©toe-s tlat a-e canceled afte- J.h.pprg AS arteit canee ted must ootan a cance’ a:«jn number. An trjc-anjes ne a: c„- opt on AGP is abo to s*ip v a. 1) Federal E>jyoss Pnonty, Standard Ownight. And Second Day Economy; 2] UPS cvomglt, Second Day, and Ground Most orders are shooed wti n 40 hours tor your con- vo-.iencc Sh pt ng dam ago must Do reported d wdly to the can v wr-yn 10 days Federa Eipress dgss used wir> perm son PRODUCTS ANTI GRAVITY ToasterOven You'll be amazed that our custom serial interface cable and unique software can turn your Amiga into a powerful editing system. Contact us for a full feature list. Federal Express Delivery Available! Visual HARDWARE FEATURES Inspirations A3000 WARPS NOW AVAIL Very High Speed Local 040 Mc»mory Bus with full 040 burst access.
- NCR 53C710 40MHz SCSI-2 Fast Controller connects directly to
• 32Bil SCSI host bus DMA interface supporting burst to and from RAM Supports lOMB s SCSI transfers. Full DMA allows the CPU 90% Processing Power while Transferring. No Zorro III DMA Problems. Autoconfig w optnl. SCSI Autoboot 32Bit Ram Expansion Up To 128MB. Uses Standard 72Pin SIMM Modules. Supports 4, 8,16, 32 MB SIMMs Supports DMA access from Zorro III Devices to onboard Memory, How Fast Is The Warp Engine? Rendering Lw3D Texture Example A4000 040 25MHz: 160 sec. A4000 Warp 28MHz: 82 sec. Apx. 2x faster A4000 Warp40MHz: 56 sec.- apx. 3x faster Warp SCSI-2 Speed: Using Diskspeed the 2,1 CB BarracudaDrive: Read 9MB sec with 94% of the CPU still avail A3000 Ver. To 64MB of 32Bit mem. A3000 Engine will clock 16MHz Compatible with the Video Toaster, Retina Z-lll and Opal Vision Requires AmigaDos 2.1 or greater. Full Two Year warranty WARP-3000: 28MHZ with a 040 CPU S895 WARP-3000: 33MHZ 0 MB Ram SlllfSl with a 4MB l all WARP-3000: 40MHZ 0MB Rain v S1425 with a 16MB 6Qns • S Call v with a 32MB 60ns S Calj, 40MraSo40 Accelerator for the VideoToaster 4000 The WARP ENGINE Is an 040 Accelerator with a High-Speed SCSI-2 controller & up to 128Mb of ram expansion, All-In-One! TA4000 WARPS AVAIL WARP 4000: 28MHZ with an 040 CPU WARP-4000: 33MHZ 0 MB Ram with a 4MB 60ns WARP-4000: 40MHZ 0MB Ram with a 16MB 60ns with a 32MB 60ns 3*5" FAAAAST!!! 7200 RPM 500,000 MTBF Fast SCSI-2 8ms $ 1185 $ Call $ 1425 $ Call $ Call Barracuda-2 ST12550N
2. 1 GB 51345 Barracuda-4 5T15150N
4. 3 CB 53395 BATCH FACTORY $ 55 Powerful 'easy Etatch Processing Utility. DIGITAL SOUND S95 TRACK Add aiJtlio to videos and ani mations. ¦¦ f,i'' ’’ ROAD SIGNS FOR 550 LIGHTWAVE 3D 50* hand crafted LVV objtik SURFACE PRO FR S95 LightWavo 3D Seamless image surfaces. IiNtu mnoiiAito in cm ionic Object-. Mh:1i js .inrt liighvv.iy;. vv.Lli oiii r.i i ii I
- mcl nic.l lul.ir-
r. lH.iv; lor .i.li'luii] dctiiil
1. 0 .iriii n.it rOCi 'i, I _ ExaByte 8mm Tape Drive . -¦ - " , . - “ f f 'y. |j) -OB SI 11 k ' With Compression 1 Data Cartridges Medfcaf Arwtonijr SR5 Space Essential i S95 Aut Vehicles S95 Household Items S75 , Interior Design : .Design 1: furniture Objects . 3 De-.irjn 2-ktldu rj 6: &itbroon> S Design 3-. Ol I ice each $ 45 The comes with either a MIPS R4600 or an Alpha AXP 21064 CPU! . MOVING TEXTURES EtherNet Csrd S3i ENLAN DFS S2( Custom size cable, T-connecters. & Jertninaiors Avaitible S C TftlH* I i1|*ic flqjiil r lire, vii'xjih
l. mif's. Luihlillmt vtCiint jrf slow mnlimj
• Requires EnlAN DF5 "ENLAN-DF5 only S265 while supplies last,... Hurry!! Be3t thePrice increasefH PRODUCTS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 We are YOUR Raptor, Video Toaster and NewTek Flyer Resource! New Raptor II Graphics Workstations! "MIPS R4600 Workstations starting at $ 5995! New! DEC ; Alnl Alpha 275MHz Workstations starting at $ 9995! Your Ultimate NT
* Workstations~BuiIt for Media Production! New Raptor Rendering Engines! Starting at $ 4995 Call 619-679-2226 for information and pricing! LightWave 3D - No Toaster Required! LightWave 3D is the all-in-one photorealistic animation system I containing most ot the same tools and features as animation systems costing thousands of dollars! Its ease-of-use is unparalleled. Now you can create great 3D graphics and exciting visual etfects-such as seen . -r-. On seaOuest DSV, Babylon 5, Robocop, Unsolved Mysteries and Star Trek: The Next Generatiorv-without paying broadcast-quality. You also don't have to invest in the Toaster elther-use your existing 24-bit display card instead! (accelerator card recommended). The new Version 33 of UghtWave 3D Incorporates new features such as minisliders for numeric input, automatic keyframe adjustment, new procedural textures, automatic fade Into the distance lens fiares, Image output up to 16000 x 16000 pixels and more. LightWave Modeler adds the stunning Metaform Tool which allows you to form oreganic shapes with complex, curved and smooth sufaces-quickly and easily-from simple boxes! Obij 53 Call us f°r best pricing on all NewTek I, Products: Standalone LightWave 3D, LightWave ~ 4UuUi 3.1 to 3.5 Upgrade, Video Toaster 2.0 to 3.1 3.5 ' ¦ 1 ‘ m Upgrade and The Video Toaster 4000 itself! Public Domain Collection on CD-ROM! The New Release from DevWare! Nine years in the makmg-The Best Amiga Public Domain Collection on disk, has now become the best Amiga Public Domain Collection on CD- ROM! Over S400 Retail Value! T5382 $ 79.95 iO Dr. Ts Music Software & Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Or mail your order to: DevWare. Inc. - 12520 Kirkham Court. Suite 1-AW59, San Diego. CA 92064
* Dc.ilrr In«|:nncs Wrkomc Prices and jsuiUbilitv of pnxluct arc subject tu change without notice Prices effcethe November 1991 Dynamic Motion Module The easiest, most accurate way to _motion-animate with LightWave 3D! T5054 $ 129,95 Mastering Toaster Technology Book B106 S39.95 Dark Horse Toaster Videos LightWave 3D for the Rest of Us Series Flying Logos V4056 S39.95 Bones & Organic Motion V4110 S39.95 Displacement & Bump Maps V4124 S39.95 Animated Machines V4131 S39.95 Modeling with MetaForm in LightWave 3.5 V4144 S39.95 All 5 Videos V4145 S174.95 Makes your Toaster more Powerful. Faster and Easier to Use! Supports over 60 programs. Has the best Logger for the Toaster-bar none!, and is the easiest and fastest way to manipulate Toaster fifes on the Planet! Includes new support for PAR Card. Composite Studio, Hollywood FX. Toaster FX, Sparks Ver2, MultiLayer and VLAB-'VLAB Motion. Toccatta and SoundSwitch T5394 S 149.95 Alpha Paint Create stunning, network- caliber graphics with this full-featured, 36-bit professional paint solution! T5293 Sbest! MONTAGE T3053 S299.95 Your ultimate program for controlling ToasterPaint or OpalPaint! New Version- now with 70 templates' T5294 S119.95 Composite Studio KCS 3.5 with Level II Powerful 48-track sequencer that operates in linear, non-linear or pattern-based mode. T5368 $ 74.95 Copyist DTP vl.6 Music printing and scoring program prints 100s of pages of music on laser, PostScript or dot matrix printers. T5369 S69.95 Tiger Cub 12-track sequencer with real-time graphic editing and instant standard music notation. T5370 S29.95 The most powerful, dynamic animation software available for UghlWave users! Particles bounce with reaf-world behavior & gravity! T5323 S124.95 Motion Master-Animation Utilities for LightWave 2- Volume Set T5321 S199.95 ImageMaster R t More features and capabilities than any image processor at a fraction of the price! T5i00 $ 64.95 75 wipes and effects for your Toaster! Matte, Soft- Edge, 3D-Style and Live Action Wipes.T5i43 $ 69.95 The indispensable collection of SIX Power tools for Toaster 2.0, 3.0 and 4000 Power Users! T5095 $ 74.95 Power Macros Sparks Ver. 2 17 Power Tools for LightWave 3D users. Great Value! T5299 $ 94.95 Hollywood FX Make your Toaster create video effects that rival Abekas arte ADO systems-at a fraction of the cost! Create amazing 3D effects for video and interactive productions, using LightWave for the highest quality rendering. T5298 $ 249.95 Real 3D ver 2.4 Intelligent 3D Power Tools tor Power Users1 Make complex 3D oojects move ana react to the r environment with "intelligence.” as if they were in the real world1 T5044 $ 379.95 ?IGITA.L PnOCESSINQ SYSTEMS INC Call for the best pricing on Personal Animation Recorder Cards with 1 and 1.6 Gig drives! Personal TBC-IV 75204 Sbest ENLAN-DFS v.2 The Ethernet-based Peer-to- Peer networking solution tor your Amiga Toaster! 5 User License T509G $ 259.95 Art Dept Pro 2,5 T1160S149.95 CityBuilder T5423S114.95 Essence Vol I T5408 $ 84.95 Essence Vot tl T5409 $ 84.95 GenieTools i for Aladdin 4D T5325 $ 39.95 GenieTools tl T5383 $ 49.95 HyperCache Pro2T5387$ 49.95 ImageFX 2.0 T5453S249.95 Information Manager Pro Version 2 T5436 $ 49.95 MaxDOS v2 T5422 $ 89.95 MotionCoIlage for Dpaint IV T5428 $ 49.95 Pixei 3D Pro 2 T5158S179.95 World Construction Set T5429S174.95 Bars 8c Pipes Pro 2.5 The state-of- the-art MIDI sequencer for your Toaster & Amiga! T1183 $ 219.95 SuperJam 1.1 Create and synchronize musical soundtracks! T1185 $ 72.95 Full-fea- tured, professional morphing system. New Low Price! T5056 $ 29.95
- Kf- .4 CocoonMorPh Accessory Products iSnap Maps Fields and I Foliage T5402 $ 124.95 Building Materials & Fabrics T5403 $ 124.95 Polytype Art Collection & Images in Font Format Great T5406 $ 129.95 How To Order... From DevWare Video Public Domain: Writu you? Name, shipping address, daylnw telephone and. If paying by credit card, the cards billing address. L-sl rt>*? O-odud codes ol Pie rt*ms you would kfca to order |i« V2040, T2O35.0 Ic) and mo pnee ol each item Enclose a check money orc»r or Visa MasterCard. Os-:over Ar-e-can Eiprees number & oipi'aticn cat* A rra.1 as DevWare Video -12520 Kirkhmi ct, Suite 1-AW59 • San Diego. CA 92064 ShippingHartourg USA St p.i Si -c- iar Carsia, P pr 1 SI Ics each mi ay soc* tnpp.cg Forripr Col tor ir-ro-'C -mo. Rji.rv.nr, rl.’fl 'j~&i srJv. CA aaa 7 ’5-0 til 15% isBoc*ing wi an rirtufMS cfmm.rc.ar proeucn PrcM to change wlhou? Rate a Not rrspar-siblc *01 r,po . A minimum ol $ 20 00 required on all cradii card orders. Ieluxe Edition A full-featured CAD program. Also includes Contractor’s Upgrade, HomeBuilder’s Library t, and DeckBuilders CAD Design and Estimating System lor gfichs. Nma, HomlBuild Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Act;n lia M icroWc >rks
* 136 W. Delavan Ave. Buffalo, NY 14213 716 873-1856 Acid Software 2151 S. Dobson ltd,, Suite 17-196 Mesa, AZ 85202 602 831-1256 Alfa Data PO Box 6990 Champaign, IL 61821 217 356-1962 Almathera Systems 92-94 Church Road Surrey CR4 3TD England 81-687-0040 Vnii Soft PO Box 792 Gilbert. AZ 85299 602 926-0013 Bruce Smith Books PO Box 382 St. Albans Herts, AL2 3JD England 92-389-4355 Core Design 55 Ashbourne Rd. Derby DE22 3FS England 33-229-7797 Creative Equipment International 5555 W. Flagler St. Miami, FI. 33134 305 266-2800 Creative Focus PO Box 580 Chenango Bridge, NY 13745 607 648-1082 Cygnus Software 33 University Sq„ 199 Madison. WI 53715 608 277-0413 Data Management and Research 2013 NE 55th Blvd. Gainesville, FI. 32641 904 371-6523 Digital Expressions W6400 Firelane 8 Menasha, WI 54952 414 733-6863 Domark Software Ferry 1 louse 51-57 Lacy Rd., Putney London SWIS I PR. England 081-780-2224 Endicor Technologies PO Box 29000 355 San Antonio, TX 78229 210 650-4988 Expansion Systems 44862 Osgood Rd. Fremont, CA 94539 510 656-2890 Intangible Assets Manufacturing 828 Ormond Ave. Drexel Hill. PA 19026 610-853-4406 Intelligent Designs (ID1) 5742 Old Cheney Hwy. Orlando. FL 32807 407 382-0227 international Computer Entertainment = ICE) Merrywalks, Stroud Glostershire GI-5 1QA England 45-375-6993 M egageM 1903 Adria Santa Maria, CA 93454 805 349-1104 M icroProse I Hampton Rd. Tetbury Glostershire GI.8 8I.D England 66*650-4326 Noahji’s 3591 Nyland Lifayette. CO 80026 303 499-1975 Optonica 1 'The Terrace High St., Lutterworth l ics LEI7 4BA England 45-555-8282 Panasonic ()ne Panasonic Way Secaucus, Nf 07094 201 348-7000 Psy gnosis 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 617 497-5457 Reality Check 1784 W. Northfield Blvd., Suite 134 Murfreesboro, TN 37129 615 898-0599 Renegade Cl Metropolitan Wharf Wapptng Wall London El OSS England 71-481-9214 Saila Inc. 2323 Horse Pen Road Suite 202 Henidon, VA 2207! 703 713-0900 Seven Seas Software PO Box 1451 Port Townsend, WA 98368 206 385-1956 Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 S. Towne Stj., Ste. F St. Diuis, MO 63123 314 891-8608 Synergy International 77 W. 200 South, Suite 240 Salt Hake City , UT 84101 801 532-0604 Team 17 Marwood, Garden St. Wakefield,
W. Yorkshire WF1 I DX England 11-924-291867 Videonics 1370 Dell Ave. Campbell, CA 95008 408 866-8300 Virgin UK 338A l.adbrokc Grove London WI 0 5Ai I England 81-960-2255 Zedcor 4500 E. Speedway, Ste. 22 Tucson, AX 85712 602 881-8101 USED AMIGA HARDWARE COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES: The 1 dealer In quality pre-owned AMIGA hardwarel Looking for a fast & easy way to sell your Amiga computer or accessories? Give us a call... BEST PRICES PAIDI Want to buy quality computers & hardware without paying ’NEW" prices? Give us a call.., WE CAN'T BE BEAT! Interested in doing a trade? Give us a call... We're willing to make a deall We buy sell & trade the complete line of Amiga computers and accessories, from the A1000 to A4QQ0. Call for all Amiga needsl COMPUTERS A 500 Starting at $ 145 A 600 Starting at $ 200 A1000 Starting at $ 35 A1200 Starting at $ 425 A2000 Starting at $ 400 A5000 Starting at $ 350 A4000 Starting at $ 1300 (CALL FOR CURRENT PRICES AND AVAILABILITY) We also carry a complete line of New Amiga and CP32 systems available for sale or trade. ACCESSORIES Audio Samplers, Video Cards, SCSI Controllers, Emulators, Monitors, 1034.1350,1960, Sridgepoards, Floppy Prives, Ram Cards, Toasters, TPC’s, Modems, Accelerators, Hard Prives, and More! WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF NEW AMIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS KickStart v1.2 $ 6 Gary 5719 $ 13 KickStart H.3 $ 12 Penise 3562 $ 12 KickStart v2.Q4 $ 25
S. Penise 3573 $ 25 KickStart v2.05 $ 25 Paula 3364 $ 12 Agnus 3570 $ 15 Suster 5721 $ 16 Agnus 3372A $ 30 Amiga Mouse $ 25 CIA 3520 $ 3 O 2620 2650 63000 CPU $ 9 upgrade ROM Kit $ 35 A5000 2.04 ROMS $ 55 A2000 Floppy $ 42 A5000 Floppy $ 45 A500 Floppy $ 33 COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES INC. ? 106 JAY ST. SCHENECTADY NY 12305 SALES 518-346-3894 FAX 518-370-3416 BBS 518-346-7532
P. O. Box 4398. Carmel. CA 93921 U.S.A. Price Price hew for NOV. 94 Shari 513.95- Gold $ 16.95 17 BIT PHASE 4: Orders Onlv: 800-735-2633 Info & Tech: 408-626-2633 Prices & Availability subject Fax: 408-625-6588 UBS: 408-625-6580 10 thiln without nrtlte PD CD Roms! 1701 CD Colfedion (2 CD's) $ 39.95 I7&1 CD Continuation (1 CD) $ 19.95 17BIT FHA5E4CD11 CD) $ 19.95 POSofl Profesdmal Fonts & Gipart - • $ 24.95 Afninel CD v2-$ l3 95. Vml 3 95. V4-See BOX
F. UROSCENE 1 - 'scene'warez ~ $ 15.00 t icsh rish CD. Sept' Od(or newer) - ¦ $ 19.95 GOLDFISH 2. Good veytouldi up* ¦ $ 19.95 Video Creator-PAL Only $ 54.95 SPACE CD $ 19.95 Gifs Galore Pwure CD ...$ 19.95 DcmoCD 1 k 2 (Demos. Mods) - - -$ 19.95 NetWork 0. Conned CD32 6 Ariga- $ 19.95 CDPD Icm -•• ......$ 19.95 CDPDIV .$ 17.95 TROZtNRSH or GOLD FISH $ 19.95 Weird Science AMOS PD CD • - • - 519.95 Sounds Terrific! [2 CD Musk) $ 29.95 Lock -N- LOAD Games CD $ 19 95 POSOFT HoCsst 4 Gam Anims etc $ 19.95 FDSOfT Various Professional Utils.- • $ 19 95 ASSASSINS GAMES CD! Brand Nesd $ 1995 WORD SOENCEAMIGA OipartQ- $ 1495 WARD SOENCE AVIGk FONTS CO-51495 LIGHT ROM! UghftVave objects, etc - -135.00 LSD Legal Tools & 17B4 Compcr>3i jm$ 19.95 it ii iiNtfiWAiffitr EriKJ Great Pfatfomi game featured in AMIGA Format 1 Disk, 57.00 IMBRIVM. Day of Reckoning -You will spend many hours trying to complete this rKetlcnt adwnlurr PAL S6.00 ARCOH - AEQCT COMRUR! $ 6.00 I! AMOS COIIMMI 1! AMOS TURBO PIUS EXTENSION! Adel over 130 new commands to AMOS & AMOS Pro a MUSI- S29.95 AMOS Intuition Lxtension - S14.95 MASTERING AMIGA AMOSI Excellent book, many topics. $ 26.95 ULTIMATE AMOS! By Amiga Shopper 400* pages • disk1 536.00 AMOS PD CD - Complete AMOS Pl> Library on CD 519.95 The most popular AMIGA Shareware program by Mike Welch is now available from NPD In its full. Artillery Battle, bomb blasting glory. 10 new weapons, 64 color scene generation, plus Load Save game option for up lo 4 players. HD Installable. Cmon. How long have you been playing this game? Time to get the full, registered version Si2.00 This is a fantastic FI ash Back' type game from Mark Judge in the UK, this was so good, we had lo bring the full version across the pond. See Dec AmigaWorld for a mini-review. There is even a solution sheet available upon request 515.00 A great platform romp from Ben Marty, you are the valiant 'droid freeing the factory from evildoers, big fun game, includes level editor = with Auto Level generator) and full source code in AMOSPro! $ 10.00 The BEST graphics we have seen. Brought to you by THE FARM, this Is an AWESOME, gravity thrust Race game. AGA only, PAL, Raylraced graphics, 515.00 SCORCHED TANKS vL9: TECHNOVENTURE: ROKETZU GREEN 5: Next msTQJimenr in rne ac- claimod sones Includes l7Bil Disks 2801-3351* More SI9.9B "sli! Moventure, the Demo version, try it first! GAM 297 - ROKETZ PD ¦ try It first then get the real thing! 17B 3135 - Green 5 Demo. 17B 3397ABCD - Klondike AGA 3 - on 4 disks, latest update of this cool card game! 3420 - Term 4.1a (68000) 3421 - Term 4.1a (68030) 3422 • Term 4.1a Extras 3436 - EPU Disk Stakker 1.7 3439 - Babylon 5 Imagine objects. 3440 - Virtual Mem v2.1 344 6AB - Missiles over Xerfort
* Killer Missile Comnandl 3455 - Deluxe Galaga vZ4 3459 - XENEX Game ¦ Cool 3382 - 79 WB3 Backdrops! 3367 - ZYRAD II Camel 1 77151 -WB3 Emidatar for ASM. 2 WO 3361 - SANTA & RUDOLPH GAME l TJ 160 * VIT, Great Term Program w full VT emulation IS&HJI-IO Disks S2.00,11-50 Disks $ 4.00, 51+ Disks $ 6.50 1-2 CD's $ 2.00,3+ CD's £4 00 !WE ACCEPT VISA MC! Send S5.00 for complete 6 Disk Catalog & Sample pack of our complete line of Disks. Books, CD's, and Magazines! Lx4-70ns Page Zip 22 lx8-70nsSimm .....43 t x8-8()ns Simm ....42 1 x8- 100ns Si mm ...41 4x8-60ns Simm ..137 4x8-70ns Simm ..133 4x8-80ns Simm ..129 I x32-60ns Simm .159 lx32-70ns Simm .149 2x32-60ns Simm .299 2x32-70ns Simm .289 4x32-60ns Simm . ......499 4x32-70ns Simm .489 8x32-60ns Simm .999 8x32-70ns Simm .989 256x4-70ns Page Zip ......7 256x4-60ns Page Dip......7 256x4-80ns Page Dip......6 256x4- 100ns Page Dip ..... 5 GVP 32 4mb Simm......205 GVP 32 I6mb Simm.....899 Excalibur 4x32-60ns.....579 Warp Engine 4x32-60ns .....579 x4-60ns Page Zip .23 Memory
1. 3 Kickstart Rom .29
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 45
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 45
3. 1 Kickstart Rom Kit .... 149 A3000 2.04 Kickstart Rom . 69 8372A 1 Mb Agnus 39 8372B 2Mb Agnus 79 8373 Super Denise .....39 8364 R7 Paula ....16 5719 Gary .19 A2091 Rom Rev 7 . . .....39 A2620-30 Rom Rev 7......49
* Saie* A3000 Memory 1x4 Static Column Zip V 70ns.»$ 21.99 S 80ns... 19.99
1. 76mb Internal Floppy Drive for A2000& A4000.....139 Custom Chip COD
P. O. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071-1617 [2061351-9502 COMMODORE AMIGA COMPUTER REPAIBS c REPAIR COSTS Cf $ 30.00* $ 40.00* $ 50.00* $ 45.00* C64- 1541 - 1571 - C128 - C128D - $ 70.00* SX64 - $ 70.Q0*S with mention of this ad A&M COMPUTER REPAIR Authorized Service Center 24 Colonel Conklin Drive, Stony Point, NY 10980 = 914)947-3522 FAX (914)947-2728 FREE ESTIMATES-24 HOUR TURNAROUND*
(800) 344-4102 Mon. thru Fri 8am-9pm,Sat 9-5 EST LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS If you think you can t afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although we carry the top 100 software hits and a full line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting lor you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one stop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or write for your free copy! A500 - $ 50.00* A2000 - $ 79.95* A3000 - $ 95.00* A4000 - Call Call for Others Soft ware Support Int. 2700 N.H. Andre sen Rd. Suite WA-10 Vancouver Wa 98661
1206) 695-1393 AMIGA - C64 I2N - IBM CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-8oo-35 »-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT In the Infomarket Section. Call Heather Guinard at: 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0313 InfoMarket Bitmap and POSTSCRIPT Imaging to Slides
- Negatives - 4x5 Transparencies - Poster Prints from AMIGA DOS MAC files
14. 4K Modem Transfers 24 Hours Two-year program Call for information or to arrange a visit Financial aid to those who qualify Excellent employment assistance @ = 715)856-5496 High Density Disk and 'O 'An 44 88MB Syquest 48 Hr Service Negatives CLASSES BEGIN APRIL 3 Dormitory and apartment housing available CALL(715)856-5627 MC VISA ACCEPTED PO Box 254 Wausaukee, Wl 54177 KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 COMPETITIVE SAVE MONEY HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
* Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines • NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Call or Writo lor order (arm, prico list & sample: 4301 N. 75th Street. Suite 101-B Scotlsdale. Arizona 85251 Now the only source you will need for your Commodore product requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source for more lhan a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, up- grades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS. 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts 22 Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:00 pm ESI JUST 18C AN IMAGE $ 17.95* ORIGINAL,., EXCLUSIVE...UNIQUE, 24 BIT HI-RES IMAGES Portable Amiga Workstation (PAWS) 1200, 3000, 4000 JPEG 90 COMPRESSED FOR YOUR TOASTER OPALVISION. PAINT & DTP PROJECTS
• y'Srfrnf Rtii' Product font
P. O. Box 1825. Manassas, VA 22110 Your Amiga + PAWS PAWS Kit Includes: Laptop Case, iV, Mills; Color Display, Power Supply w Battery, Keyboard, and Trackball. _ Coming Soon: March 95 £ 703-330-7290 (Voice Fax) Vol 1: FRAME-IT -102 Colorful, Bevelled Picture Frames ... over 50 Textures & Matts Vol 2: BACKGROUNDS AU NATURALE - 102 Bgs Made with all Natural Ingredients FRUI1S, FLOWERS, LLAVtS, ROCKS, MARBLE, ORGANIC ILMURES Vol 3: WORLD-WIDE CITY SCENES - 102 Landmarks, Cathedrals, Monuments & More NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS, ROME, V[N|CE. FLORENCE A MORE Vol 4: TOASTER CG BRUSH KIT -100 Brushes PANELS, BILLBOARDS, BALLOONS, SIGNS, CARTOONS, WEDDINGS. EXCII INC VARIED TEXTURES AND SHAPES To Order Call: 1 (800) 862 - 0626 VISA, MC of Check MO To LD] Graphics, 630 9th Ave, NY, NY, 10036
* Si7.95 Each Volume + S3.00 S & H THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Hotline Appreciated I’ve just called your Commodore information hotline for about the fourth time in the last two months. As usual, your recording gav e me good, solid information that just isn't available anywhere else. Although I’ve never written to a popular magazine (with praise or criticism), 1 felt it was necessary to let you know how much I appreciate this wonderful public service. For a person like me, who has owned a few Arnicas over the years (and would u ' like to buy another if 1 were assured of technical and software support), you have kept open the possibility that this wonderful computer might survive the poor business sense of its manufacturer. Millions of current and prospective Amiga owners (as well as third-party hardware and software developers) owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks again. Maj. Bill Bruner Elmore, Alabama Sequencer Amplification Because Darius Tachavy said in his O i article on sequencer packages (Oct. ’94, p. 19) that an in-depth analysis of notational features was beyond the scope of his review. I thought I would like to offer a few pointers in this area. First of all, I discovered that Dr. Ts is no longer supporting KCS or any other music package for the Amiga. (Editor's note: Since the Tagfuny artie e appeared, DevWare has picked up Dr. TY KCS, Copyist and Eiger Cub and is now offering these at sale prices well below $ 100.) With respect to Dr. Ts Copyist family used as an add-on to KCS, 1 have found it (lawless in some areas, but buggy in others. You won’t find any real-time notational-sequence editors for music in either KCS or Copyist. I he latter has digital sound- processing (DSP) abilities, but does not provide this in real time, as does ttars&Pipes. Because the changes aren’t directly reflected to KCS, you will always have to export your notational file to KCS every lime you make a change. Now, when it comes to exporting these files, KCS is not able to load multiple staves properly, and il you try to save multiple staves as Copyist or MIDI liles. KCS will have a problem converting them. Therefore, the Copyist family is only good for importing KCS sequences or MIDI files. Copyist prov ides very good output to a laser printer. KCS Level II does provide anoth- . . . You have kept open the possibility that this wonderful computer might survive the poor business sense of its manufacturer. Er add-on called Quickscore, but this simply gives you an output screen for a sequence. I herefore, if you’re like me and enjoy working with musical notes, you'll have to use something else. I'm glacl someone finally took the time to do a review on all the Amiga sequencers. Good work! Philippe Neron Micro Illusions Studios Montreal, Quebec Distant Suns Appeal I’ve recently been gathering together notes V stuff about the hislory of my Amiga software package, Distant Suns, with the aim of starting a scrapbook. This December marks the program's ninth year, and I thought il was about time to put everything into a single place. However, I never bothered to take any pictures of the early days and would like to askTw gttlforM’s readers if they might have some of their own they would let me copy. 1 am particularly interested in photos of the Infinity Software booth at the fall 1987 Commodore show at Disneyland and the San Francisco show in February of’87, and of the Virtual Reality Labs' booth at the Santa Clara AmiExpo in October of ’89. If any former infinity Software employees are reading this, I would also like photos of the office and staff before things went to hell. Mike Smithwick INI ’ERNEl; m ike (ft rah id. Net Amiga Education Net Your article “Help! We Need Somebody” (Oct. ’94, p. 15) prompts me to write you about The Amiga Education Network (TAEN), which I have established in Australia and would like to expand globally .TAEN is not a network in the sense of a BBS. Although that might come later. Its purpose is to provide an Amiga-based global facility through which support for and information about the Amiga in relation to education can be disseminated and exchanged. It would be open to all persons or organizations interested in the Amiga in connection with education in any coutitrv. .Although TAEN is O currently restricted to Australia, 1 hope ii eventually will include all countries.! Would like to hear from anyone who ' uses the Amiga in education and would like to help to expand TAEN, perhaps by acting as a national representative. What I need are names and addresses, after-business-honrs telephone numbers, a brief description of your background as it relates to the Amiga and how you use the Amiga in education. No faxes, please! Basil Flint er Coordinator. 7 1EN
P. O. Box353 Armidale, NSW, 2350 Australia ¦ SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE 47% OFF THE NEWSSTAND RATE! P? VCC f nter my one year subscription (12 issues) to AmigaWorld for just
* ¦3 ¦ CO i S24.97 a savings of S22.43 (47%) off the newsstand rate. Bill Me ? Payment Enclosed N ame_ Company. Address. City. State. Zip. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the first issue. Make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. All Foreign and Canadian orders must he prepaid in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank. Foreign Rates: Canada $ 33.00 (includes GST), Mexico $ 30.97, Foreign Airmail $ 81.97. B52FS . . __ - SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE 47% OFF THE NEWSSTAND RATE! [7 yrQ I Enter my one year subscription (12 issues) to AmigaWorld for just ®l ¦ Ew ¦ $ 24.97 a savings of S22.43 (47%) off the newsstand rate. ? Bill Me Z Payment Enclosed Name_ Company. Address_ City. State. Zip. Please allow 4-6 weeks tor delivery of the first issue. Make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. All Foreign and Canadian orders must be prepaid in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank. Foreign Rates: Canada $ 33.00 (includes GST), Mexico S30.97. Foreign Airmail $ 81.97. SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE 47% OFF THE NEWSSTAND RATE! FT VECI nler one year subscription (12 issues) to AmigaWorld for just IS T CO ¦ $ 24.97 a savings of S22.43 (47%) off the newsstand rate. Bill Me Z Payment Enclosed Name_ Company. Address. City- State. Zip. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery’ of the first issue. Make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. All Foreign and Canadian orders must be prepaid in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank. Foreign Rates: Canada $ 33.00 (includes GST), Mexico $ 30.97, Foreign Airmail $ 81.97, NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 1111M1111! 11111111111111111 * 11111 ¦ 1111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111E111111111111111 NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 l 11 l I 111I III 111 I 111 l l11I 1111 I M I 111 I 1111I 11 11 M I 11 UPCOMING FEATURES March Resources and support for Amiga users in the post-Commodore era. Product support and services; book, tapes and tutorials; BBSs and online support groups;eduction and training; find parts and equipment. April Hints and tips for desktop publishers. Also: Hands-on tutorials on using the latest version of PageStream. May Amigas in multimedia presentations, exhibitions, kiosk systems and other environments all over the country. Also: Profiles and interviews. AMIGA WORLD SUBSCRIBE TODAY ONLY $ 24.97! (12 issues) CALL 1-800-827-0877 OR FAX
(815) 734-1223 All Major Credit Cards Accepted TO ADVERTISE CALL 1-800-441-4403 or Fax 1 -603-924-4066 To the Attention of Heather Guinard Macintosh® Emulation Module All emulation modules require an Amiga with Zorro II slots, and a 68020 (or later) CPU. DEALER INQUIRES WELCOME! Winner of Amazing Computing's 1994 Reader's Choice Award , knacp R«rKV flPrt,ih EMPLANT rum Aco1 431994 By Jim tew UPGRADE! Any genlock to the SuperGen SX Studio for only $ 599.95 Call 800.645.1164 for details. " cP e'-e ' x V* > -' -0 -*6 . X«s ¦ V° °: o 0 §J ‘ «6° ?)C Vo&c $ *> &e >

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