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Video Toaster™. With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync provides a complete ¦ A B roll editing system. Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card • Absolute 100% broadcast quality * Composite or Y C video in • Includes easy to use external control panel • No wazeform monitor needed * Variable speed strobe • Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze Fields * Low power consumption • Lowest TBC price per channel • Works with consumer grade VCRs Two Complete Time Base Correctors On One Card! Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 & Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external vidcosourcc Genlock Option S-VHS Option $ m0° Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. I S-VHS Option $ 150.00 The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary' new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000. A3000. Or A400Q to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and one 3.5 inch device (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. ¦V -¦ v j The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A30G0. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. ..; j-. A The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. M .v With products that are "video slot masters” such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. And switch them with software! Get The Most Out Of Your Amiga Video Slot Box $ 995.00 FREE SHIPPING on all VISA & MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pm EST for same day shipping. DIGI7AI Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited. CALL DIGITAL ~ =DIRECT 916-DIGITAL 916-344-4825 9:00am to 5:00pm PST M-F For technical information call 9J6-344-4825 : R E A T I O N S P.O. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone 916*344*4825 • FAX 916‘635*0475 SuperGen SX, SuperGen2000s, DCTV, DCTV RGB Converter, Kitchen Sync, and Video Slot Box are trademarks of Digital Creations, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 16 on Reader Service card. OVERSCAN edly were tendered. Whether or not Samsung was one of the parties involved was not clear as of this writing. Legal constraints concerning the proceedings at the current time prevented our sources from revealing the identity of anv of the bidders. J Amiga World, however, was able to speak with the trustee appointed by the Bahamian Supreme Court to administer Commodore’s liquidation, as well as with representatives of several "interested parties” in the proceedings.

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Amiga World Vol 10 08 1994 Aug

Document sans nom Amiga-Mac Survival Kit © Arexx Solutions « Make $ With Video « 3-D Graphics Tips With Reviews, Games, More! August 1994
U. SA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.95 UK £2.95 Ati IDG Communications Publication LOW PRICE ROTATING GRAPHICS 100 EPS IMAGES 120 OUTLINE FONTS ¦i Amiga (England), January 1994. Finafl L Hteill of Final Copy It’s major features plus tm fc lirait includes: Table of Contents, Table of lIHBons, Endnotes, Bibliography, and Index gen* rcMHrctions; multiple master pages; EPS movable text blocks; rotated text a user con*'9ured button strip for ¦guS njzation of the program’s interface. Complete “Undo" capabili- and Underline optBj Btag Byoofs, user buttons, and style features drop down size; and additional Bjo user interlace. Final Writer requires 2 megabytes of RAM a hard drive, and WoridbnchlfcO or hiaher. SoftWood, Inc.
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* ** '' ° roonpfarturing „„d v itti IDD's Amiga Circle 63 on Reader Service card. AMIGA SMART P0Km» Game Port Interface System f the ONLY analog digital, auto-switching system for the Amiga. Three ports available for mouse, digital joystick and a fully compatible DUAL analog PC style joystick port. No more plugging or unplugging cables to switch from mouse to joystick mode! Simply press the button on the device to be used and the automatic electronic switching does the rest. FREE! Analog Game Upgrade Disk with your purchase of the Amiga Smart Port Plus™ Adds exciting new features . S2S. E ¦-* ¦*’'*’f' VISA FIRST IMPRESSIONS Waiting for. . . Am igaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Daniel Sullivan. Editor-in-chief Barbara Gefvcrl, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Edit or Reviews Ann Record, .Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Carnes Editor Denny Atkin, Paulo de Andrade, Joel Hagen, Contributing Editors If vouVe been calling the office recently for updates on the 4 ~ * Commodore situation. I know that you like us are playing the waiting game. (And il you haven’t, the hotline to A W is 1-800-44 1-440-5 and ask Li for the Commodore update message.) It’s not that the waiting is uneventful. As we were going to press, the Commodore hearings resumed in the Bahamas and a few more pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place (see “Overscan,” p. 8, for the latest info reported directly from Nassau by .4II ). It's a shame, though, that this legal circus, up to this point, hasn't been taking place in the US. At least we could be entertained while we wait for results. 1 liink of it: live court-side proceedings airecl on the networks each day from 10 am to 2 pm, followed by commentary on PhilMauryOprah in the afternoon, capped off with Ted baiting the principals on Nightline and some final late-night jokes from Dave and Jay. (“Hey, what do Commodore Peary and Commodore Business Machines have in common? One discovered the North Pole and the oilier ran its marketing operations there.”) Okay, enough of that. I know at times this summer it seemed that we were the audience in a Samuel Beckett play waiting for Godot or Garbo or Groucho or somebody to walk on and resolve things. But the waiting should be over with soon. As we learned from our trip to Nassau last week, bids from at least a half-dozen players to acquire Commodore were on the table. Obviously, there's something of value licit* in the Amiga line and the dedicated Ami ora user base. And from even' indication we could track, a resolution to Commodore's mess is forthcoming. So. Let’s get ready to welcome the new force in the j Amiga community whomever it turns out to be and n encourage these folks to ramp up production of more AGA machines, more CD32s, and anything else they can get into the pipeline. And that’ll be the best incentive to spur the third-party developers to keep cranking out new software and peripherals. Despite being frustrated about delays and legal wrangling. I'm really delighted that multiple bids to acquire Commodore were on the table as this issue was going to press. My main advice to all these folks, however, is this: Dike this thing seriously, and if you don’t, then don’t get in the way. You’re a part of the solution (great) or a part of the problem (zip up your wallet and walk). This waiting period will soon be over. We’ve got work to do, damage to repair, and (as another resident of New Hampshire might have said) the Amiga still has plenty of miles to go before it sleeps. AmigaIf 'arid (I.SSX is an independent journal not connected with Commodore business Machines. Inc. AmignWnrld is published monthly In Tc h.Media Publishing. Inc.. an IIH• Company. Htl Kjm St.. Peterborough. SH O.'M Wi. US subscription rale is $ 29.97, one vear; $ ">7,117. Hin vrais; $ 8A!f7, rluee eais; Canada, $ 11.97 (includes (i.NJ). and Mexico S3S.97. Foreign Surf.K e $ I?U>7. I'meign Airmail $ H-1.97. I'S hinds drawn on I Shank. Prepayment is required on .ill foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates arc oiic-i tvii only. Second-c ass postage paid at I’eledxiiough. NH. Ami at additional mailing offices. Phone: C>03-92-l-t)llH). On-line on BIX: Amiga .World (in Amiga exchange}: CompuServe: 76376.2137; Portal: Co Amiga- World. Kntire contents copyright 100-1 b f ciliMcdia Publishing. Inc. V> part of this publication m.'h Ik- printed or otherwise reproduced uirbout written permission front the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to Amiga I lor hi. Suhst ription Services. P( > Box 59't. Ml. Morris. II. (ilO.r-1-7! Ml I. Nationalb distributed fn Kahlc Sews t',o. Amiga 11 or d makes e er - cllort to ensure die accuracy of.uiii Irs, listings, ami diagrams published in the maga ine. Tmga- 11'odd assumes no responsibility hn damages due to cnms or omissions. PKI IY.I) IS 111 P. ISA Posted under Canadian fniem.iiinii.il Publication agreement 025747&. Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Ass is tout Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Aiana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sates Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-921-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Sa liti, Associate Publisher. West Coast Sales 600 Toumsend St., Suite 170 East, San Francisco, CA 94103 1-415-522-2403: FAX: 1-415-522-2409 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCole, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jail let. Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie Bourgault, Circulation Fulfillment Manager Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0877 or -815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Darlene Sweeney, Administrative Assistant Karen Peterson. 8 us in ess Manager Nancy Mallette. Senior Credit Analyst Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation miDG I NTH UN ATI ON A I. lb TA GROUP CONTENTS VOLUME 10, NUMBER 8, AUGUST 1994 FEATURES Six Degrees of Presentation By Geoffrey Willi iams .1 () What arc ilic staic-of-the-ait features that distinguish Amiga multimedia software? And how well do si leading programs make use of those features in creating the presentations you require? Read and compare. The Amiga User’s Mac Survival Kit By Denny Atkin .....22 . Id’s two-part guide torross-plalfdnn computing switches to the Macintosh this month. We’ll show you everything you need to know lo make Anugas and Macs work together productively with practical advice and product recommendations. ARTICLES Arexx: Electronic Ginsu PART Two By Sheldon Lean on 2 Our hands-on. Layman's guide to Arexx concludes with examples and sample scripts that show you how to control and integrate your applications more effectively. Sound Legal Advice By Geoffrey Williams ..[ = 1 Need to incorporate sound and music in your mnltimediaVideo presentations? Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding sources and arranging copyright pet missions for acquiring the material you need. Denny ON DOS By Denny Atkin 4 More from I he master of'Amiga!)()S as Denny’s new column continues this month with hini.s and tips on “dealing with disks." Prime-Time PD By Tim Walsh......(i With scads of recent online activity con- cerning Commodore, Tim shows you how to navigate each of the major networks if you're searching lor news, views, or just a little company in these troubled times. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...[ = 4 If you’re new to 3-D graphic arts, you may do well to lollow Joel's advice about avoiding familiar representational objects and starling with abstract sculptures instead. Video in Focus By Paulo de Andrade ..... 44 I bis month’s installment of our new video column oilers practical advice and low-cost solutions for making your video-production work pay olfwitli prospective clients. First Impressions By Daniel Sullivan . ., . 2 Whal’s going on dow n there in the Bahamas? Anti how will the Commodore mess most likely he resolved? Overscan ..} = News and new products from all over the Amiga community. Help Key ...7(i II system problems are making you tired and poor, give Tim your technically muddled impasses. A W Product Information .74 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of Amiga World* consult our all-in-one "Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses” list. List of Advertisers ....78 The Last Word .80 Fellow readers vent on the Commodore mess and other issues, too. REVIEWS A-Max IV (ReadySoft) .....10 1 he new Mac emulator is more powerful and chockful of options than its predecessors. AmiVR and StereoPro (MegageM) .....12 Two pairs of liquid-crystal shutter glasses lor realistic 3-D viewing. STUDI016 3.0 (SunRize) ...12 Powerful software upgrade Idr SunRi e’s Adf)l(’) and AD 1012 sound-sampling cards. TRAP FAX (Expert Services) ..14 Serviceable fax-modern software. Swipes! And ToasterFX (Byrd's Eye) .....14 Two Video Toaster utilities for enhancing digital-video effects and adding ImageFX compatibility, respectively. Sample Wrench 2.1 (dissidents) .. 48 Pro-quality ld-hit MIDI sample editor. Transition (DarkSoflware Better Concepts) ......50 Limited, low-cost imagc-con1version software. GAMES By Peter Olafson Beneath a Steel Sky (Virgin UK) .....54 I he ultimate in graphks-adventure games. ShortTakes 54 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. Special Report: AGA Games in the Public Domain .....58 PD games Idr AGA Amigas are finally beginning to surface. I Iere’s a sampling of the new offerings. By Denny Atkin isks are the Rosetta stone of computing. Without permanent clisk storage, all your hard work would disappear even* time you hit the Off switch. Computer novices often confuse the amount of disk storage with the amount of RAM in their system an easv mis- i * take to make, for both are measured in kilobytes (1024 bytes) or megabytes (1024 kilobytes, or over a million characters). Let’s look at some Amiga disk-form at basics to see how you can maximize operations on your system. FuiN with Formats The Amiga uses a very reliable and space-efficient method of storing data on disks; the disk format allows storage of 880K (or 1700K) on floppy disks, versus the 720K (or 1440k) allowed by MS-DOS computers. Unfortunately, the original version of this format traded speed for safety and storage. Reading a lloppy-disk directory was unbearably slow under earlv versions of AmigaDOS, and when the first hard drives were released, they weren’t dramatically faster than the floppies that they supplemented. AmigaDOS 1.2 sped things up a little, but it was the Fast FileSvstem (FFS) added in DOS 1.3 that gave hard drives a real speedup; Amiga-
I) OS 2.04 gave us the ability O J to use the FFS for floppies. As an added bonus. FFS uses all 512 bytes of a data block to store data, which gives a full SSOKon a floppy, versus the 837K available in the original file system. AmigaDOS 2.1 added the International format, which propcrlv sorts filenames even when they contain special characters. Then AmigaDOS
3. 0 brought more improvement by adding to the file system the new DirCache option, which directly addressed the slow directory- reads associated with Amiga floppies by caching directory information for quick access. (Note that selecting DirCache auto- matically selects the International mode as well.) Quick Tip If you install your own hard disk in an A1200 or A4000. You may find that some programs won’t work on FFS disks. This is due to a bug in the firmware of many IDE hard drives that causes problems when the Amiga tries to transfer large files. To fix this, load HDToolBox and select Partition Drive, followed by Advanced Options. Click the Change gadget and then change the value in the MaxTransfer gadget to 0x1ffe0. Select OK twice and exit HDToolBox. Now you can reinstall the problem programs and they'll work fine. If you’re running AmigaDOS 2.1 or later, vou have j an additional option: the Cross DOS file format, which is identical to that used by MS-DOS computers. 1 his formal should be used only for data that you intend to transfer to a PC or Macintosh, as it has a number of limitations -not the least of which is a filename limit of eight characters plus a three-character extension. We’ll take a look at Cross- DOS in depth in an upcoming column. Formatting for Compatibility So which disk format should you use? In almost all cases, you II want to use the Fast- FileSystem for hard drives, as it dramatically increases performance. Choose the International option if you want to use foreign characters in your filenames, hut J you'll maintain compatibility with older disk utilities if you forgo it. I wouldn't suggest using the DirCache DO O option on your hard drive, as director)’ scans are plenty fast on hard disks anyway, and DirCache can actually slow down some hard-disk operations. What about floppies? If you're creating a disk for wide distribution, such as for copying at a users’ group, you'll want to choose the original file system, which n «¦ can he read by any Amiga running anv version ol the n ; operating system. But if the disk is for use only by you or folks using the same (or later) version of the operating system, go ahead and choose i he FFS and DirCache options if they’re available under the version of the operating system you're using. For recoverable RAM disks like RAD:, using FFS will buy you only a small speed increase, but it's worth using because of the 5% increase in storage over the original file system. Command Syntax To see which file-system options are available on your Amiga, type FORMAT? And hit Return. Under Aini- gaDOS 3.0, which has the most options, you'll see DEVICE=DRIVE K A,NAME K A, OFS S,FFS SJNTL=INTERNATIONAL S,NOIIMTL= NON- ITERNATIONAL S,DIRCACHE Sf NODIRCACHE S,NOICONS S, QUICKS S: To abort die formal, simply press Enter. The minimum syntax for the command is FORMAT DRIVE dfO: NAME "Diskname" This will formal a disk using the default OKS (Original File System). All you need do is add the FFS, IN I L, and DIRCACHE options lo the end of the command lo specify a different format. Moreover, NOICONS causes the disk to be formatted without a Trashcan icon and director)'. For example, to format a drive using the FES and DirCache options, with no Trashcan drawer, type FORMAT DRIVE DFO: NAME "Diskname" FFS DIRCACHE NOICONS You can use a final option, Quick, when you're reformat- ting a previously formatted disk. In addition to being much lastcr, it’s a bit safer to use, as you can recover data from an accidentally quick- formatted disk bv using disk O utilities such as DiskSalv or Ami-Back l ools. ¦ Denny Atkin is an tali tor at OMNI Magazine and the author oj Denny Atkin's Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. You may send your nan meats and suggestions via e-mail to De a uyA m iga@a ol. Com. The wait is over for low-cost, high-quality color printing. For only $ 995 the Primera™ Color Printer delivers spectacular full-color output from your illustrations, animations, video captures, 3-D renderings, 24-bit photos and more. Print on plain laser paper, transparencies - even T-shirt transfer sheets and mugs! Use Primera with all of your favorite Amiga programs like Brilliance1 Art Department Professional®, ImageFX PageStream™ and nearly all other Amiga software that uses the Amiga Preferences printer driven Primera is the perfect color printer for every Amiga user. Why wait any longer for brilliant, full-page color? Call today for more information and a free sample print.
• Works with all Amiga computers Version 1.3 (or higher)
• Printer drivers also available for Windows 3.1™ and Macintosh®
• Wax thermal transfer print quality and optional $ 249.95 upgrade to spectacular photo-realistic, dye-sublimation printing NEW-600x300 dpi! Introducing the PrimeraPro Color Printer Now, for just $ 1,895 you can print picture-perfect dye-sublimation and wax thermal transfer output at an incredible 600 x 300 dpi! Call for details. ELECTRONICS. INCORPORATED 7901 Flying Claud Drive Eden Prairie. MN 55344 U.S.A. 1-800-327-4622 612-941-9470 FAX: 612-941-7836 Circle 64 on Reader Service card Prime-Time PD ONLINE SOURCES FOR FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE SOFTWARE If Commodore’s announcement of voluntary liquidation ignited sparks of concern among Amiga users, it’s the many messages of Amiga users that have fanned the flames of network activity. If nothing else, the turmoil at CBM has succeeded in bringing the Amiga community closer together unit)’ in adversity. While much of the Amiga- specific dialog consisted of rumor and speculationf the experience of sharing it has served an important purpose. The many sy sops who maintain the Amiga areas on the nets, however, deserve praise for generally keeping items of substance isolated from rumors not an easv task. Hard facts con- cerning the fate of the com- puter are as rare as a tasty meal at a burger joint. (See
p. 8 for the latest information A W has gathered at press time.) Many messages have been posted by companies committed to supporting the market a useful and positive gesture. One tiling's for certain: Whether rumor or fact, all these messages make for great reading, and there has probably never been a better time for using your Amiga to access a net. All (Not) Quiet on the Amiga Front We all may know more about the CBM situation bv the time j you read this; meanwhile, I’ll list specific gathering points on the nets where you can soothe your anxieties. The developer s long-time favorite, BIX, provides an interesting series of Amiga areas. A quick visit to a number of the developer areas such as amiga.dev, amiga.cert, and amiga.com reveal information not readily available elsewhere. Some of the messages found in these areas are from former Commodore insiders and commercial developers, and are certainly worth reading. C lompuSene’s gat 1 tcring point of choice has been the AmigaLser forum, under menu selection ‘5, entitled “Hot News and Rumors,” The many sysops in the User forum ensure that when an official announcement is made. You’re most likely to see it there first. Most of the I oiks who frequent the forum know that, and I’m no exception to die rule, since it's where I check in when someone asks me for the latest Amiga news scoop. It’s clear why AmigaL ser ranks as the most popular of the (bur Amiga-specific forums on CIS. I ViVthBC* Sct-mw [- bavut S* *u*nt a at £l
* I rrvr Tapi it IWW «I "TOT if IBV 1* ! I'CIV jug s™«r
84. « "UTiVnlof, 5,(rk» rViWtfr 1.* r-Tn-.n-ar mrn.si I 1B.B* r»5 I '**''•'**''"'5' rnrtr-sr ¦
* tART Delphi’s Amiga areas are not nearly as lively (or as aggressively maintained) as Do 4 * those of most other networks, but its access to the Internet’s Ami net site affords it a goodly portion of the Commodore chitchat. With few exceptions, however, the information that's posted there is previously published news gathered from other sources such as CompuServe. Next on the list. Portal gathers all the timely information from the Comp. Sys.Amiga area on the y O Usenet and posts it for all to read. It’s an effective system, broken down into 18 directories for quick reference, and has worked well for quite some time. Elsewhere on Portal, there’s an Amiga- specific general Q&A area with a subarea entitled “Pssst...Rumors" that posts some factual information, but most of what you hncl there concerning the Commodore situation originates elsewhere. No discussion ol Amiga gathering places would he complete without a mention of Genie’s efforts to keep Amiga users united and informed in their time of need. You may, however, want to brace vourself for a 4 wild ride, as there are long commentaries from many commercial developers and writers of stature in Genie’s Bulletin Board Category 15. N j A visit to this corner of cyberspace reveals daily postings from former Commodore employees (including Genie’s own Amiga Roundtable sysop), industry notables, and an occasional magazine editor. The dialog luns rampant here, but it's the interactive, personally involved nature of these “assorted rani- hlings" that distinguishes this Amiga area from the pretenders. There are so many long message files, in fact, that chief sysop Deb Christensen had to perform several excisions to remove overstulted topics and replace them with clean ones. Whether you choose BIX, CompuServe, Delphi, Genie, or Portal as your resource of Amiga news, you really can’t go wrong. Each serves as a users’ group of sorts, a place that'll make von feel better V to know you’re not alone. Room For One Let’s see if I can squeeze in an online lile tidbit in the remaining space. Most Amiga users turn to that old standby, DiskSpeed, when they need to measure storage device performance. An alternative program worthy of consideration has been out for quite some time: SeckSpeed V37.12 by Richard Waspc, Unlike data- transfer programs such as DiskSpeed, SeekSpeed measures the seek and read times of most storage devices by performing a series of tests. It opens an attractive interface on the- Workbench and makes a nice complement to any collection of disk utilities, including DiskSpeed. Give it a try the next time you need to measure disk performance. 5BV£ SeekSpeed’s disk stats. Network Voice Numbers BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 ¦ Write to "Prime-Time PD" c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm Si,, Peterborough, A7 03-158; or contact Tim through the Internet at “twa sh(Q hix.com ”.
• I r:.'i . . ' i V; *>. STILL THE BEST GRAPHIC BUY! Create spectacular true color animations on your Amiga. Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga. • Capture an image in (0 seconds from any color ideo camera or stable video source.
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• Built-in Proc-amp
• S-Video and Composite Input & Output SuperGen 2000s $ 1195.00 The Kitchen Sync provides two channels of time base . ;! Correction - the perfect low cost TBC solution for the Video Toaster™. With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync provides a complete ¦ A B roll editing system. Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card • Absolute 100% broadcast quality * Composite or Y C video in • Includes easy to use external control panel • No wazeform monitor needed * Variable speed strobe • Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze Fields * Low power consumption • Lowest TBC price per channel • Works with consumer grade VCRs Two Complete Time Base Correctors On One Card! Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 & Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external vidcosourcc Genlock Option S-VHS Option $ m0° Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. I S-VHS Option $ 150.00 The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary' new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000. A3000. Or A400Q to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and one 3.5 inch device (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. ¦V -¦ v j The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A30G0. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. ..; j-. A The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. M .v With products that are "video slot masters” such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. And switch them with software! Get The Most Out Of Your Amiga Video Slot Box $ 995.00 FREE SHIPPING on all VISA & MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pm EST for same day shipping. DIGI7AI Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited. CALL DIGITAL ~ =DIRECT 916-DIGITAL 916-344-4825 9:00am to 5:00pm PST M-F For technical information call 9J6-344-4825 : R E A T I O N S P.O. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone 916*344*4825 • FAX 916‘635*0475 SuperGen SX, SuperGen2000s, DCTV, DCTV RGB Converter, Kitchen Sync, and Video Slot Box are trademarks of Digital Creations, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 16 on Reader Service card. OVERSCAN edly were tendered. Whether or not Samsung was one of the parties involved was not clear as of this writing. Legal constraints concerning the proceedings at the current time prevented our sources from revealing the identity of anv of the bidders. J Amiga World, however, was able to speak with the trustee appointed by the Bahamian Supreme Court to administer Commodore’s liquidation, as well as with representatives of several "interested parties” in the proceedings. Indications seem very clear that liquidation will now proceed “at full speed” and a resolution is imminent. Amiga World expects that a decision in the matter announced in the US, not the Bahamas will likely be made by the lime you read this. Meanwhile, Commodore’s wholly- owned subsidiaries in Canada and throughout Europe report strong sales of existing Amiga stock as do major Amiga distributors in the US, including Creative Computers and Creative Equipment. A polling of Amiga third- OVERHEARD Bids on the Table for Commodore? NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS In a closed-door session of the Bahamian Supreme Court, proceedings for the liquidation of at least parts of the Commodore operation resumed on Thursday, June 9. While the press was barred from these hearings, an Amiga World reporter present in Nassau, Tim Walsh, was able to gather the findings presented below. .As further details become available, TIT will report them in next month's issue and post them both online and to our special telephone hotline (1-800-441-4403). During the last week of May, it was reported that negotiations were under way between Commodore and the Korean electronics giant, Samsung, about the acquisition of Commodore as part of the liquidation settlement. A temporary postponement in those proceedings was announced several days later. New hearings were convened on June 9, at which time a number of bids (perhaps a half dozen or more) regarding the acquisition of Commodore reportparty-devclopers also revealed that most companies were willing to “sit tight” while the situation was being resolved. Again, as further developments in the situation may have taken place after this issue went to press, please check with our hotline number (1-800-441-4403 ask for extension 365 or the “Commodore update line” for new information). And look for a follow-up on events concerning Commodore and the future of the Amiga in this space next month. DS MediaPoint International is now the sole distributor of MediaPoint multimedia package. Formerly, Activa International distributed the product. Contact MediaPoint International at Nieuwendam 10, 1621 AP Hoorn, The Netherlands; 2290- 17638 (phone). Caution: Mac Crossing Perfect Presentations Just as our Mac emulation article, "The Amiga User's Mac Survival Kit," (see p. 22) was going to press, we received word of a new software link, CrossMAC (S149.95) from Consu tron. If you have an Amiga hiyh-density drive, you can access 1.44MB Mac high-density floppies with CrossMAC. You can also access A-Max- and Emp!ant-formatted disks (with no additional hardware) and 800K low- density Mac disks with an emulation card. CrossMAC can be configured to access virtually any Mac storage device that can plug into the Amiga (SyQuest or Bernoulli drives, Mac CD-ROM drives, and A-Max partitions). It requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or later. (RS 131.) Get in the right “frame of mind.” With the image-compositing program, you can take control ofToasterPaint or Opal- Paint to combine, resize, and arrange Framestores and RGB frames into an attractive presentation. Its Power Templates function lets you select from about 40 pre-defined templates, which you can tailor to your needs (or use to generate new ones). You can also create custom elements such as beveled bars or lower- tbirds. Choose from about 20 different styles (including antique, marble, silver, or wood) to frame your images. Ten textures and fills are included to add to the background, foreground, or custom-designed elements. (RS 128.) To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 74. News and New Pro d u cts Designer Home You can build your dream house with help from Amprodex's new 3-D object collections for LightWave: Homes (S99.95) and Interior Design III (S49.95). Homes consists of four models of houses, each of a different style (one-story, traditional, lakeside, and ranch), complete with exteriors, interiors, and movable doors and windows. But, what's a house without furnishings? Interior Design III can outfit your model homes' offices with more than 50 furniture objects including, shelves, computers, bookshelves, desks, file cabinets, and more. Earlier sets in the Interior Design series offer objects for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. In addition, the Interior Construction collection features light fixtures, doors, windows, stairs, and more. (RS 130.) LightWave Stands Alone For animation bulls who like their software plain white rather than toasted, LightWave 3D (formerly only available bundled with NewTek's Video Toaster) now comes in a stand-alone version ($ 695). The new package (incorporating the LightWave Modeler module) offers users a complete 3-D modeling, rendering, and animation system without the Toaster “dongle.” (RS 120.) 0 E R II E A R I) UPDATE SCAN If it's time to retire your Mega-Midget Racer accelerator from CSA, don't throw it away! CSA is honoring trade-ins of the older boards for discounts on some of its faster accelerators, such as the 40 4 Magnum, Twelve Gauge, and Derringer 030. MacroSystemUS (RS 127} has discontinued the distribution of products from MacroSystem GmbH in Germany, including the Retina, Vlab, Toccata, and Wolf Faust's Studio printer drivers. (All of those products have been picked up by NoahJi's; 303 499-1975.) Support will still be provided to registered owners (upgrade inquiries, however, should be directed to NoahJi's). MacroSystemUS continues to distribute TVPaint, MultiFrame-ADPro, MultiLayer- ADPro, and MultiLayer-IMFX. Mirror, Mirror Who's the fairest ol them all? The Image Mirror ($ 1 13), perhaps. Seven Seas Software's new image processor and spe- cial-effecis generator lets you produce frames for animations and provides a storyboard-preview mode. It also offers background textures; montage and collage capabilities; bi-res zooms, lades, and dissolves; plus chroma keying and a whole range of manipulation effects, including Mandlebrot distortions, flips, Stereoscopic Software MegageM has developed the ideal match for its AmiVRPro headset SPX- Pro SPXSync. The software lets you use two Amigas to drive a 3-D display like the VRPro. Any two Amigas will do connected via their joystick ports they don't even have to be the same model or CPU speed. One Amiga creates the right-eye view, while the other generates the left-eye view. The SPXSync interface ensures that as a slideshow or animation is displayed, both machines stay in sync and display the proper frames to maintain the 3-D image. SPX- Editor's Note: In our last issue, we omitted the address of MacroSystemUS, also the distributor of Sparks, a LightWave utility, which was featured in "Reviews.The address is 24282 Lynwood, Suite 101, Novi, Ml 48374; 810 347-6266, warping, tiling, and more. I lie program's drag-and-drop interface lets you process multiple images at the same time. The Image Mirror lets you alter images incrementally, and saving a customized effect is simple. Besides 24-bit (including printing) and A( iA support, the product works directly with Centaur's OpalVision and NewTek’s Toaster. It requires 2MB of RAM and Workbench 2.0 or later. (RS 122.) Sync is essentially an inexpensive parallel- processing solution to the problem of creating fast, fluid 3-D animation and it's the first of its kind that I've seen. SPXPro is the dual-Amiga version of AmiVR's SPX software. AGA-enhanced with about 60 additional commands, SPXPro can run a slideshow of IFF images, load color palettes, and rotate 3-D objects, in addtion to providing all the features of the existing SPX language that ships with AmiVR and Stereo- Pro systems (see review on p. 12). (RS 126.) Dave Johnson Amiga artists, the 3D Hnlo-Art competition wants you. The 24Bit Club in association with Munday Spatial Imaging is looking for original 3-D images created on the Amiga. The grand prize: Your image will be transformed into a full-size glass plate hologram! For an entry form and contest rules, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to 3D Iiolo-Art Competition, 241Jit Club, 6 Skirsa Square, Floor 1, Glasgow G23 5DVV, Scotland. Power Networking Joining the ranks ol the computer professional? Remember this bit of career advice: Networking is lhe key. CSANET ($ 199) is CSA’s inexpensive Arenet networking solution, which claims to operate ten times faster than ParNKT or AppleTalk. It was developed in conjunction with Interworks, (maker of KIAN-DFS Ethernet software), which will provide any software upgrades. CSA’s Twelve Gauge or 40 4 Magnum accelerators can be upgraded to use the package. In addition, A2000, A3000, and A4000 users who don’t own the accelerator boards can access CSANLT with a Zorro slot hoard from CSA. (RS 121.) R EVE A-Max IV Multitasking Macintosh- emulation system. ReadySoft, S495.95 (S119.95 upgrade from A-Max I1+). A2000, A3000, A4000.
2. 1 3,0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: 4MB fast RAM, accelerator, hard drive, Apple Macintosh 128K boot ROMs. Recommended system: 8MB RAM, high-density floppy drive, 24-bit display card. A-Max MIDI cable. As tht* first Macintosh emulator for the Amiga, ReadySoffs original A-Max broke new ground. By usine 128K Mac ROMs, A-Max allowed a stock j O Arnica to emulate a monochrome Mac system, at a O _ slightly faster-than-stock clip. A-Max IV, which represents ReadySoft’s efforts to stay ahead of the curve of evolving Mac tecli- nology, now offers mullitasking and color, but still uses the cheaper 128k ROMS. Mixing Macs and Amigas If you buy the complete system, you get an A-Max To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 74. Card with two serial ports that support modems, printers, or MIDI (with a special MIDI cable from ReadvSoft). Von can access peripherals on the Amiga serial and parallel ports, as well, so you can use your Amiga printer and modem on the Mac side and still leave the A-Max serial ports free for MIDI. Keep in mind that AppleTalk Remote Access requires you to connect the modem though the A- Max side and not the Amiga side. Printers still require printer drivers, but the Mac offers a full range of commercial and PD drivers. Amigas equipped with SANA-II-compatible networking cards should work line with Mac LocalTalk or EtherTalk. 11 you upgrade from A-Max 11H-, the setup involves pulling and replacing a chip no easy matter. After several hours of tweaking and one reinstallation, I got the emulation running properly, with flawless multitasking. The Amiga side is only a hotkey click away, and many processes run faster than on an equivalent Mac. Using System 7.0 and 7.1, I tested Mac productivity software, including QuarkXpress, PhotoShop
2. 0 (2.5 didn't work), Quick Time, and about two dozen others, and they all ran without a hitch. Games and programs that flagrantly break Apple’s programming rules may not work, though a surprising number of them did run with the aid of the optional video modes called Optimized and Paranoid. Graphics also work well, with a stock non-AGA Amiga displaying the Mac emulation in 16 colors, an AGA Amiga in 256 colors, and a 24-bit graphics board in 256 to 16 million colors. Graphics emulation is noticeably slower than on a Mac, and you can set the display to monochrome. A 24-bit graphics board speeds up the graphics considerably, but the display is still slower than on a fast Mac. Thanks to the wizards at ReadySoft, the I28K Mac R( )Ms think they are 256K ROMs, and can display colors beyond their wildest monochrome New Data Sets 3.9.15 The World Tilk R+mofr Overlay A-f-UxUtlllt CONTROL 20 ilti Overlay j> Transfer TV ifi4. Dreams. Since A-Max IV also supports the Mac’s multiple monitor system, you can create an extended virtual desktop. Armed with a 24-bit Retina card (MacroSystemUS) and a second monitor, you can move the pointer or drag an object directly from a Mac program on the Amiga monitor to a Mac program on the Retina monitor. R«h Earth Explorer Encyclopedia c Filfl Edit Uiew Insert Format Font Tools Window 13 If El El Untitled 1 ttov Cw»t«m ScM I WJTF | g I B | z y fromml IW |jjd:sisg|«| 1=1 = 1=: Double-Density Dilemma Despite its many advances, A-Max IV, unlike A-Max II+, cannot read the so-called low-density (double-sided, double-density) disks from an Amiga low-density floppy drive. Fortunately, it still accesses low- density Mac disks through an included program that reads low-density disks to a special hard-drivc File that is normally accessed from the Mac desktop. While not as simple as just inserting a disk, it’s easy to adjust, and far better than not being able to read the disks at all. A-Max IV reads high-den si tv Mac
o disks, and virtually all current Mac software ships on such disks. Amiga high- density drives are now widely available, and are standard equipment on A4000s. As long as you have CrossDOS mounted, the high-density drive determines the type of disk inserted. A new feature allows transfers from the Amiga clipboard to the Mac clipboard. For disk transfers, a custom Mac program lets you select from file-translation options such as text, MacPaint, MacBinary, and PostScript, and then transfer the files hack and for th between any devices available to the two platforms. Both Mac and Amiga sides can read PC disks, which can then serve as an intermediary disk format. A-Max IV can also create bootable Mac harcl- drive partitions on Amiga drives, and can read Mac- formatled partitions created by both A-Max 1I-F and Emplant (Utilities Unlimited). It can make Mac-for matted hard files within Amiga-formatted hard- drive partitions, but these are slow and useful only as backups. External Mac hard dr ives and other SCSI devices like CD-ROM drives, scanners and primers can be accessed directly through the Amiga’s SCSI port. (A4000 owners will have to add a SCSI card.) M*eHD2 A-Max IV running Microsoft Vford with an inserted color picture Michael Drinks' Microleague Plush Apartment Mac* sound works properly through hooked to the Amiga, although some audio paused a few times, and the sound in some games that break Mac rules doesn't always behave properly. The Mac side reads the Amiga clock for time and date. Memory handling is excellent, freeing up as much memory as possible for the emulation. For all this power, A-Max IV makes very modest demands on the .Amiga. It has low system requirements, needing only a 68020 or faster CPU with at least 4MB of memory, a Zorro slot, a hard drive, and AmigaDos 2.1 or later. No FPU or MMU is necessary. On the Mac side, you'll need System 7.0 or higher and a pair of 128K Mac ROMs the least expensive and most widely available form of Mac ROMs. The manual is comprehensive and well written, but rather technical. More examples and a better index would help. RcadySoft’s technical support seems to have good and bad weeks, with long cle- ? A-Max IV literally opens windows of opportunity with System 7-compati- ble Mac software on your Amiga. Lays more common than the speedy responses they were once noted for. When they do answer, they are always knowledgeable and helpful. Room for Improvement A-Max IV isn’t (lawless. It lacks a separate Amiga-side operation screen and therefore has no cut-off switch. While a hotkev combination shuts down emula- tion, those keys seldom work alter a crash, so if the emulation freezes, you can’t shut off the power and instead must reboot the properly behaved Amiga side to resurrect it. The product suffers from inexplicable crashes, most often during file saves in Microsoft Word
5. 1a. Despite these crashes. I have yet to lose a file. Overall, A-Max IV is a marvelous device that works well with the installed base of software. It should have a long and happy lifetime as a professional, highly competent product that seems almost more magical than mechanical. Daniel Greenberg AmiVR & StereoPro MegageM; AmiVR, $ 299; StereoPro, S219 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: Composite display (Amiga monitor or television). AmiVR requires an Amiga with composite output or encoder genlock. Recommended system: 2 +MB. 3-D liquid-crystal shutter glasses. If the number of films, books and games with the word “virtual” in the title is any indication, virtual reality is here in a big way. The easiest way to get a piece of the VR action for voursell is to add a pair of 3-D glasses to your Amiga, and I don't mean the old red blue O 7 glasses worn to view “3-D" movies in days of yore. Instead. MegageM now offers you liq- uid-crvstal shutter glasses that generate a realistic 3-D image when used to watch an Amiga interlaced display, having a left-eye view on odd lines and a right-eye view on even lines. The shutters toggle on and off 30 times per second, so that die left eye sees only the odd lines and the right eve sees only the even. The re- O J 4 suit is breathtaking. As my four-year-old Composite or RGB: Take Your Pick MegageM currently markets two varieties of 3-D glasses: AmiVR and StereoPro. AmiVR is designed as a video-oriented system; it plugs directly into the composite output of your video source, be it an Amiga or VCR. The composite signal tells the glasses how to synchronize to the 3-D imagery. Though StereoPro uses the same glasses, it plugs directly into the Amiga’s joystick port. Your choice depends on your needs. If you have an A30Q0 or A4000 (which lack composite video output), choose the StereoPro. On the other hand, if you plan to watch 3-D movies on your IV or dump Amiga 3-D images to videotape, then go with the more flexible AmiVR system. AmiVR comes in a lunch-hox sized case with a pair of glasses, an interface box, one disk, a single page of instructions,and a 3-D videotape. The interface supports up to eight sets of glasses, so this doesn't have to be a solo experience. The terse page of instructions tells you everything you need to know about configuring the system, with hints for optimum viewing. The disk contains a hodgepodge of utilities, games, and pictures a good starter set of 3-D tools. The glasses wcigli but a few ounces easy to wear without fatigue. Depending on the material viewed, the 3-D effect is quite good, and one’s ability to experience the 3-D seems to improve over time. I recommend a dark viewing room for best effect. More Than Just Fun? I recently completed a project in which I had to render several hundred frames in Vista Pro 3 and create a 3-D fly- through. The result was exhilarating. YistaPro, which can build separate eye views automatically, begs to be used in full 3-D. Both AD Pro and Imagemaster R t are capable of converting these left and right pictures into interleaved stereo images, making at least one of these image processors a necessity lor serious work with AmiVR. Included on the utility disk isSPX, a 3- D rendering language that provides rudimentary commands for moving wireframe objects about a 3-D environment. While you can use SPX to visualize simple scenes in vibrant 3-D, it is strictly an Arcxx scripting language; you’ll find no graphic interface here. If Arexx doesn’t intimidate you. You can cook up some impressive animations in SPX. If, on the other hand, you never mastered Basic, this tool won’t do you much good. AmiVR and its joystick-ported cousin, StereoPro, are good values if you are interested in experimenting with the virtual world of 3-1). Put on a pair and dive into the world of cybersight. Dave Johnson Studio16 3.0 SunRize Industries, S249 Any Zorro slot-equipped Amiga.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Minimum system: SunRize AD 1012 or AD516 sound card, 68030 or faster accelerator, hard drive. Recommended system: Same as minimum. Upgraded software for the SunRize AD516 and AD1012 sound cards. The Amiga audio market remains alive and relatively healthy, as demonstrat- j f ed by SunRize’s update of the StudiolG software for its popular sound and music samplers. Originally released for the 16- hit AD516 board. Studio 16 in its latest version now also supports the AD 1012, SunRize’s 12-bit mono audio board. Sound Investments This Studio 16 3.0 software upgrade may seem expensive, but the improvements are well worth the price. (For a full description of the Studio 1(5 system, see "Reviews,” Jan, '93, p. 18.)The most notable addition is a lime-line-based Cue List Editor. This module, containing transport controls for recording and playback, provides virtual tracks into which you can drop samples for editing and cued playback. This replaces both the Transport and CueList modules from previous versions. Imum of a 68030 accelerator, as much system RAM as possible, and a large dedicated hard drive or partition. Each track minute of 16-bit audio at CD-qual- ity rate (44.1 Khz) requires 5MB. The faster the access time of the hard drive, the more tracks of simultaneous playback are possible. To the end of optimizing hard-disk performance, SunRiz.e has begun including the BigBlocks utility. This reformats each partition allocated for storing digital audio, increasing its logical block size Kach track can contain samples or Arexx commands cued to a precise SMPTE (L IT) time-cocle location (both hoards boast time-cocle input ports), allowing you to use Studio 16 3.0 in a video post-production environment. You can move and place tracks and commands in time, using a drag-and- drop style that makes precise positioning easy. Fades and cross-fades (with full control over rate, level, and volume curve) of individual samples are easily adjustable with either the mouse or keyboard. Panning control is available for the stereo board, the AD516. You can play back and rerecord (ping- pong) any or all of the individual tracks onto two new tracks: integral and nondestructive mixdown. The .ARexx commands can operate on samples and more importantly control external programs, with the short list including such heavy hitters as the Video Toaster, Scala, Bars&Pipes Professional, T-Rexx Professional, and the Personal Animation Recorder. Studio 16 can thus become the control center for an integrated multimedia extravaganza, as well as being able to respond to external control through its Arexx port. The CueList, useful in all sorts of applications, is quite easy to operate, having clear documentation and an excellent tutorial. Worthy Improvements Other new features include external Mil>I-controlled mixer support (JL Cooper Fader Master or Peavey PC 1600, for example), automated Punch In and Out and mixing, and multiple- card support. Hardware requirements are stringent for best performance of the Studio 16 system: It demands a minand thereby reducing seek times. Stu- diol6 is vciy hard-disk-intensive software; frequent backups and regular disk maintenance are necessary to ensure trouble- free use. Also included in the Studio 16 software package are the latest versions of Commodore’s HDToolbox (v40.4) and FastFileSystem (v40.1), which streamline and boost hard-clisk performance. In case you have problems, phone tech support. Not Older, Just Better Since its release a few years ago, Stu-** What'5 LU'umui? Ate tke 24-Bil Gtapkic cot diMining Welkmk Sot!!_ The T ALOIS Main Obj ectives Mew Pric,e Lowest Cost Video Option Retargetable Graphics FCC Approved Paint Prograrn Zorroll I III 6M-Bit Display Controller Mult monitor Support 50240 W Fbntiac Trail Wixom, Michigan 48393 Tech Support (810) 960-8750 Sales (810) 960-8751 Fax (810) 960-8752 The EA5Ic is taking Flistit!!! Circle 26 on Reader Service card. R E V 1 E W S diol6 3.0 has improved so that it is quicker on the screen redraw, more thoroughly integrated with other software, and generally easier to use. Even in a production environment, Studio- 16 passes with flying colors. The new Cue List makes it possible to lay out all the sound effects for a video piece to precise time-code positions and cue them to video in one pass. The new version also greatly simplifies and facilitates the task of using Studio 16 as a digital multitrack recorder for professional applications. With the release of SunRi .e’s Stereo Digital I O board the DD524 a totally digital-audio signal path is now possible on your desktop. Considering its refinement, the price of Studio 16 3.0 seems quite reasonable. Michael Hanish TrapFax TrapDoor Development (distributed by Expert Services), S129.95 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard drive required. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB, hard drive, fax modem. Recommended system: Same as minimum. Fax-modem software. It s no surprise that your Amiga is capable of outperforming many dedicated fax machines. You can lay out a fax form in your favorite word-processing or page-layout software. You can schedule late-night faxing, when phone rates are cheaper. And you can view the faxes beforehand, saving paper costs by sending only those you select. These advantages and more are provided by TrapFax, a software program with which you can send and receive faxes using your Amiga and any compatible Class-2 fax modem. Faxing via Amiga TrapFax uses a modular approach to creating, sending and receiving, managing, and priming your faxes. After you install the program, it must be configured, which consists of entering
o o the phone number and name associated with your fax modem, as well as the directories for storing the incoming and outgoing faxes. With default options already in place, the setup takes little time. You create faxes in the program of your choice. When you select (via an icon) the print option of the program, the document is sent to the TrapFax printer driver instead of your printer device. Once the fax is created, a requester appears asking for the recipient’s name and phone number. You can send the fax immediately, or at a specified later time. If these fields are used, TrapFax attempts to send the fax each day at the selected time until it is successful. That’s the F.ax, Jack You can manually enter the fax-recipient data or select it from the phone book, which lists the names and phone numbers of people lo whom you regularly send faxes. You can add or delete entries at any time. TrapFax also allows you to send a fax to multiple numbers, selected either from the phone book or by entering them manually in the To field. You can either delete your faxes after transmission or save them in the Sent drawer for later retrieval. The program contains a module, the Fax Queue, that manages matters by displaying the Faxes received, previously sent, and to be sent. The current status of any call is shown here, and you can add new faxes to the queue and edit the destinations, ATFaxView option allows you lo view faxes by zooming in and out and scrolling around the page. You can also view multiple-page faxes and convert faxes to IFF format for importing into paint programs. Moreover, you can direct a fax to your printer, using options that adjust the scaling, print density and aspect ratio, center the fax on the page, and tailor it to lit. Send Again TrapFax comes with a well-written manual explaining all the functions of the program and including a fair number of screenshots for reference. I he manual further tells you how to use TrapFax with TrapDoor, a FidoNet mailer also from TrapDoor Development. In addition, you will find information on using the program with Arexx, as well as lips on creating good-looking (axes from a variety of Amiga software. A few minor problems haunt the program. At first, accustomed as 1 was lo other fax programs that use solitary interfaces, 1 found the modular approach a bit confusing. Also, some of the labels on the various parameters in the program seem somewhat obscure until you get used to them. Overall, however, TrapFax does a good job in letting your Amiga outperform a stand-alone fax machine. Dave Thomas Swipes! Byrd's Eye Software, $ 149 A4000 only.
3. 0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Toaster 4000-equipped Amiga 4000. Recommended system: Same as minimum. Digital-video effects package for the Toaster 4000. ToasterFX Byrd's Eye Software, S225 A2000 3000 4000.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: ImageFX and Video Toaster-equipped Amiga. 2MB chip RAM needed for preview module. Recommended system: Same as minimum. ImageFX compatibility package for use with the Video Toaster. When the Video Toaster made its debut in 1990, NewTek heralded the software configurability of the system’s DVF.s (digital-video effects). Unlike most other effects units of the time, the DVEs were not ROM-based in the hardware, and NewTek promised software that would allow you to create custom DVEs. That software never materialized, and the Toaster’s canned effects became quite commonplace. Since then, each new release has brought new ef- feels and more banks into which you 4 can load them. W hen the wow factor wears off, however, you're saddled with a limited number of canned effects, most of which are of limited use to videographers. Swipes! Where there’s a market, enterprising developers like Bvrd’s Eye Software jump in to fill the niche. Its latest offering. Swipes!, does not allow you to create your own effects, but instead adds to the arsenal of available DVE choices. Unlike most Toaster DVE expansion kits, Swipes! Makes extensive use of both full- color animation and transparency in its DVEs. Doing so requires an Amiga 4000- based Toaster setup, but serious users of the Toaster Switcher are already using A4000s anyway. R E V I E W S Swipes! Arrives on five high-density disks with a custom installer program. Installation requires 20MB of free hard-disk space to accommodate the (54 effects. Once installed, loading project number 148 into the Switcher fills both banks A and B with the new effects. The majority are transitions of various kinds. Some examples include soft edge swirls, sweeping stone, metallic, and translucent colored bars. You’ll also Find a couple of blobby organic transitions and a wall of flames. Some effects even include cued audio effects. Although a few border on gimmickry', they match the quality of the D Ts supplied with the Toaster 4000. Byrd’s Eye has clearly taken advantage of LightWave and the Switcher’s alpha support. However, one effect in which a passenger jet flies at and over the camera as the other channel is wiped in suffers from some aliasing on the wings, making it a hit less desirable to use. A particular favorite of mine is a 30-second countdown timer (displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen) that can adjust its start time by pulling on the T-bar. While I’m still waiting for a full-featured DVT editor creator for the Toaster Switcher, I'll settle for this large library of canned effects. Those provided in the Swipes! Collection do a great job, and I’ll be interested to see the next batch of DVEs from Byrd’s Eye. ToasterFX Great Valley Products’ ImageFX continues to be one of the most versatile and functional image-manipulation packages available for the Amiga. Its built-in support for other devices and image formats has been outstanding. But until recently, Toaster users have been somewhat neglected. While ImageFX could read and write Toaster Framestore-format files, with it you could not take advantage of the 1 caster’s framebuffers. Enter ToasterFX. This software package allows ImageFX to use those framebuffers for both preview and render operations, For those not familiar with FX, its interface to the artist is the screen where all dynamic operations take place. At any point after an operation is complete, you may render the contents of the preview to any supported image format or display device. FX For Images With ToasterFX, running ImageFX on a Toaster framebuffer is simply a matter of selecting VideoToaster from the preview prefs. Note that 2MB of chip RAM is required to use the Toaster preview, so A2000 owners will need a DKB MegaChip or similar product. .All standard ImageFX operations are performed dynAMIGAlly on that buffer (DV1). However, ImageFX performs its operations in a two-pass manner. For example, the program uses a rough representation of the brush while drawing, but updates the DV1 with the actual result only when the stroke is complete. This is not unique to the Toaster preview, and the updates are pretty quick and generally do not hinder the creative process, hut I would not rely on it heavily as a frill-color paintbox. While using ToasterFX, the Switcher remains active and performs most normal transitions. But certain digital cf- Continned on p. 48. Vlab Motion Let the Nonlinear jjtton Begin!? I .cl the resolution hegm! Here's what .vmi’ve been uaitinc for. Now you can bring the power und %erNU(ilit of true on-line video anil audio nonlinear recording, editing, and playback in your Amiga, The Vlab Motion System is built around a Zorro II can! That utilizes a comp re v siim decompression JFKG chipset and other specialized chips to provide real lime digital video capture and playback at YUV 4:2:2 square pixel quality, real-time effects like chroma keying, genlocking. Picture-ln-piclure. And video scaling. The Vlaili Motion is also perfect Tor computer animation playback from any animation package. Complete Arexx support allows special effects and digiLal video effects to be applied to your video frames wilh third parly image processors like ADPro™ and Image FX™, Included in the system is the Toccata lb to bring simultaneous 16-bit audio into the production. Full compatibility with Retina 7.2 and 73 display enhancers allows users to add a high resolution, 24 bit interface to Lab Motion System’s powerful MovieShop software. No lime base corrector, time code, or dedicated hard drives are required. Vlab Motion includes composite and Y C input and outpul with an expansion socket for digital YUV or RGB component transcoders. The Vlab Motion System also provides an additional adapter Tor direct interfacing with the Video Toaster™. Add the Vljih Motion System to your video or graphics studio and you will fly above the rest. Call for complete brochure. 1 he Retina 7.3 is a full 7orro 111 card providing enhanced graphic display w ith up to 4 megs or on board memory for your Amiga computer. Higher resolutions of up to 2400 x 1200 and 1152 x H62 in 24hit are now possible. The Retina 73, as a pure Zorro III card, provides a data transfer rate 4-5 times higher than the Retina 7.2. An embedded htitter increases the display speed up to 10x faster Ihun the original A40tHI. The Z3 includes workbench emulation and retargettahie graphics to allow OS compliant applications to run in the 7.3 resolutions. The Retina 73 card also includes an expansion socket for composite and Y C output. The software features RACK, a 16 24bit animation creation and pluv- hack software, and a powerful paint program, XI Paint. Model, paint, publish, or program in resolutions far above even the AGA machines. The Retina 7,2 is also available at special pricing, and current nvvners of the 7.2 will receive a special upgrade price for the Retina 73, Frame Krali 1 AtHh frm or J hUlli firld'sti: Supports YUV. IFF, IFFW. AGA IFF Vlab Y C also has 1 Y C inpul Versatile windows based software Direct control from Retina’s ] Paint FidlArcs siipport Speeial IKR linlrrlnitc frame nrcnrillntp allows digitizing at 3Wj» No time base corrector required Preview tnnnitor Tor i ideo or slill image Improved Interface with Retina Zll or 7.111 OS2.0 and up compliant Full color Up io 24 hit 2 Composite inputs Heal lime color control Direct I v support by AD Pro™ Compatible with Toaster and Opal Vision Digitize Video at 30fps wffli IFR
* J stereo in. ! Microphone in. 1 stereo out
* 95 riB signal to noise ratio
* Record and playback simultaneously
* OS2.0 and up compliant Non-linear software - Samplitude 16 and Kbit IFF, A IFF I Kbit Frequency range of mil - 2011 3591 N> bind Way Ijifaycltc, CO S0026
303. 499.1975 Tech: 303.433.7031 Fax: 303.499.1979 All product names are trademarks nf the companies. 16 bil 48Kliz Audio Sampler OF PRESENTATION for the Amiga continue to define the state of the art in desktop presentation software. Learn what makes these programs cutting edge and compare features of six of the leading packages. BY GEOFFREY WILLIAMS A f I s the pioneer platform lor multimedia, the Amiga enabled developers of multimedia software to produce the best and most sophisticated programs in the field. While improvements to more recent PC and Mac systems have allowed developers on those platforms to play considerable catch-up, Amiga multimedia still maintains a leading position. (Even IBM itself has used the Amiga in recent major multimedia presentations.) We’ll take a look in this survey at the state-of-the-art features that make the Amiga so attractive for multimedia, and at the programs that make it all possible. S T A T E - 0 F - T H E - A R T F E A T U R E S IN VOL R OWN search for the right multimedia package, there are a number of state-of-the-art features to keep an eye out for. I have broken them down by category lor discussion. Because the various programs support different features, you II want to check out the comparison chart (p. 18) to see which programs do what. The chart follows the same basic breakdown as the text. Character Generation While any program can load bitmapped fonts, most programs now support ColorEonts and scalable CG fonts. For both bitmapped and scalable fonts, you need the program to antialias the text as it is displayed. This makes the text look much smoother and eliminates jaggies. The more levels of antialiasing (the number of colors used between the font color and the background color), the smoother the text will appear. There are several text attributes that determine how text will look. Besides bold, underline, and italics, some programs let you add such attributes as 3-1) extrusion, outline, embossing, ghosting (transparent interior), or drop shadow. These can be adjustable, allowing you to set the shadow depth, the size of the outline, or even the angle of the italic. Some programs restrict you ? To changing the attributes of an entire line, while others oiler character-by-character adjustment. Some even allow von to scroll text for titles or to crawl a line of text across the screen. Graphics Import and Drawing There are two basic types of graphics: bitmapped and object-oriented. Bitmaps are in the IFF format on the Amiga and in numerous formats on other platforms. Some programs let you load a variety of formats from other computers. Object-oriented graphics, on the other hand, are typically found in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format. You can scale such drawings without losing any resolution, as they are mathematical representations rather than made tip of specific pixels. You can also create them from within a program. FEATURES OF SIX D ES KTOP-PR ES ENTATI0N PROGRAMS TEXT CanDo 2.51 Helm 1.55 MediaPoint Scala MM300 VideoStage B&P Pro 2.0 ColorFont? No Yes No Yes Yes No Antialiasing? No No 1 level 4 levels 4 levels No Font attribute b, i ,u, o, s, e. g (C) b, i, u, s, L(C)
b. I, U, S,
J. K. L, (C) B, I, U, 0, S, (L), 3D b, i, u, 0, S, K, L (L) Scrolling? No Vertical No Horizontal Vertical Horizontal No b=bold, i italic, u = underline, o=outline, s=shadow, e=embossing, g=ghosting, justification, k=kerning, l=line spacing. 3D=three dimensional. An uppercase letter means that the effect is adjustable. (L) indicates that the attributes apply to the line only; C] means that attributes affect individual characters. GRAPHICS Formats FAX IFF Uses 3.0 Datatypes PCX, GIF (optional) IFF IFF Scaling? No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Remapping? No Yes Yes Yes No No Dithering? No No 4 types Yes No No Color cycling? No Dpaint III Dpaint III Dpaint III No No Tiling brush? No No* Yes No Yes No NTSC limit? No No Yes No Yes No Paint program? Yes Yes No No No No Draw program?
• Does have pattern editor No Yes No Yes Yes No ANIMATION Formats AnlM-5 ANIM-5 ANIM-5, -7, -8 CDXL ANIM-5, -8 ANIM-5, -3, -4 ANIM-5 Animbrush? Path Place Place No No No From hard drive? No No Yes Yes No No SOUND AND MUSIC From hard drive? No No Yes Yes No No MOD Formats None None ST, NT, P, F, J, M, SM, T, D ST, D ST, NT, P None ST=SoundTracker, NT=NoiseTracker, P= = ProTracker, F=FutureComposer, J=JamCracker, M = Markll, SM=SoundMonitor, D = DSS CONTROL Brush object button? Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Free-form button? Yes Yes No No No No Pointer-highiight button? No No Yes Yes No No Absolute? No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Schedule? No No Yes Yes No No Arexx i o i o i o i o out only i o Recorded? No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Time code? No No SMPTE MIDI time code, SMPTE (optional) No MIDI SMPTE 1 looked at prerelease versions of CanDo 2.51 and VideoStage Pro, so the release versions may have additional features not covered here. A powerful feature of some programs is the ability to load bitmapped graphics, scale them to the size you want, and use a remapping and dithering algorithm to make that image match the current palette you are working in. This enables you to make veiy efficient use of even veiy limited palettes which is veiy important because even on 256-coior screens, some programs limit you to 12b colors for belter transitions or special effects. 1 find color cycling to be a powerful animation technique, requiring little eflbrt and using almost no system resources. It is especially elfective on still screens where you want to add a little movement or flash. There are two types of color cycling: Dpainr III cycling, the most commonly supported, and Dpaint IV cycling, a much more powerful type with more cycling ranges that can overlap without having to be sequential. Few programs, however, support it. Background creation is another factor to consider. A great way to make backgrounds is to use tiling brushes, as popularized by JFK Graphics’ excellent ProFills. Basically, this involves taking a small, specially designed brush and stamping it down repeatedly to lill up the background. Thus, programs that can use tilable brushes make it possible to store entire backgrounds in only the amount of space required by a single brush. Also, il you are creating a multimedia program for transfer to video, then you need to be able to eliminate colors that bleed or break up on video. Some programs have an NISC color Filter, which filters the colors on the screen so that they will still look good on video. Some packages even have complete built-in paint programs, allowing you to create graphics from within the application. Some even include draw programs, which differ from paint programs in that they let you draw object-oriented graphics on the screen, scale them, and easily move them around. A draw program is very handy for creating everything from buttons to text bullets; also, they usually include a number of predrawn objects, such as stars and other simple shapes. Animation With the Amiga's impressive reputation for animation, it’s natural that Amiga multimedia programs would excel in this area. Although we lack a format like Quick l ime that synchronizes animation and video to sound, most Amiga multimedia programs provide some way to achieve audio synchronization. Most Amiga multimedia programs make lull use of the computer’s powerful coprocessor chips for moving screens around and doing transitions. They also, however. Can take advantage of six basic animation formats that incorporate compression schemes and other space- saving routines to help with the process. ANIM-5, the original animation format, has been superseded by the speedy ANIM-8 format, designed to take advantage of the faster processors. While not an official standard, ANIM-7 can, in some cases, provide even faster animation. (Completing the range of animation formats are CDXL, designed for Cl) l Y; MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts’ Group), a universal cross-platform format for video; and, finally (and of most significance to multimedia), the Amiga’s own animbrush standard. An animbrush can be displayed anywhere on the screen, and some progiams can even move it along a path. Just like the ability to create tiled backgrounds, using animbrushes is also a tremendous space saver. The same little animated character can be saved as an animbrush and used over many different backgrounds. With the ability to move it along a path, you can even have the character walk around in different environments or move according to user input. Imagine how much space and memory you could save when you don’t have to create a complete animation for each instance. In addii ion, the ability of many Amiga programs to play an animation directly from hard disk makes it possible to display animations larger than memory. It also makes for easier synchronization of large animations because there is no load time. Sound and Music Any multimedia program can play sound samples, but one of the more powerful features of some progiams is the ability to play digitized samples of any length directly from hard disk again, as with animation, allowing you to play samples larger than memory. Similarly. When very large samples can he played instantly, it makes il easier to synchronize them with other events in i he presentation rather than having to wait for them to load or using up a lot of memory with a preload. I doubt that anyone has been very satisfied with the quality of SMUS (Simple Music Score) format, although most multimedia programs support it. Much more popular are MOD (Music Module) files. These files use sampled instruments of fairly high quality, and they tend to sound much better than does SMUS music when it is not played through a MIDI instrument. Multimedia programs support a wide variety of these kinds of formats, including SoundTracker, DSS, FuiureComposer,JamCracker, MarkII, NoiseTracker, Pro I l acker, and SoimclMonitor. Buttons Programs that lack draw or paint tools usually have at least a special button creator to generate threc-dimen- sional-looking square buttons. A few programs let you make anything (brush, line of text, and so forth) into a button, while the others restrict you to rectangular n shapes. The latter is a significant limitation in cases where you want to make free-form buttons of any shape available in your presentation. (For example, you might want to create a representation of the parts oi an engine and have each pan function as a button.) Also, it is not always clear in a presentation what objects or shapes are buttons, but some programs provide a very helpful feature to overcome this problem: ? Pointer highlighting. A button can be highlighted simply by passing the [jointer over it allowing the user to know immediately that the object is an interactive button. Sequence Control In addition to using interactive buttons, you can also control presentations through absolute riming (each event happens at a specific time alter the start of the presentation), or by scheduling events to happen at a certain date and time. Arexx capability is important as a means of providing such control, although some programs offer only Arexx-out, meaning that the multimedia program can control other applications hut not be controlled by them. Another useful feature provided by some programs is recorded timing tlie ability to trigger events manually and have that timing recorded for use in the actual presentation. For video, the ability to synchronize to SMFFE time code is also useful, as events on a video can trigger overlays and sound from the multimedia program. MediaPoint is chock-full of impressive features and effects. VideoStage Pro offers more than 60 screen and 50 object transitions effects. T II E P L A V E R S SIX AMIGA PROGRAMS possess many of the state-of- the-art multimedia features we have discussed. A seventh. Commodore’s AmigaVision Professional, had a lot going Ibr it, but began to fall behind in its display capabilities. Its current status is in doubt, though it can still create impressive presentations. We’ll omit it here, however, and concentrate on the features ol the other six. Scala MM300 File leading Amiga display program is Scala MM300 (5399, Scala Inc.) (Scala also markets that program’s more high-powered sibling, InfoChannel, priced at $ 2500 per master station and $ 800 per player station.) Its interface is very easy to master, allowing you to edit either a text-based event Fist or one with miniature images of the pictures in the show, and it has many impressive features. It comes with a simple, limited audio editor (basically just for trimming sounds) and an animation editor (AnimLab) that allows you to make, split, resize, add superimposed text to, and convert ANIM-5 to ANIM-8 animations. It will also convert animations to a format that plays back faster from hard disk. MM300’s 100-plns screen and object transitions are the best around. Using a process called color fading with two pictures that each use hall the available colors, the palettes are split between the two Ibr seamless transitions. Scala uses an extensible format called FX (pronounced “ee-ex”) to add external support. Included are FX modules for the Canon Xapshot, Avideo Colonnasier, Scala and GVP genlocks, GVFs IV-24, MIDI, CDTV, and the Sony and Pioneer laserdiscs. There arc also many optional modules available for such things as format conversion and control ofSunRize’s Studio lb. The new InfoChannel 500 provides numerous additional features: almost twice as many wipes, invoicing capabilities for insert advertising, MPEG encoding and support for Sea la’s low-cost MPEG player, remote updating over a network or phone line, and support for many more external devices (including a range ol video decks, switchers, and NewTck’s Video Toaster). It also adds File support for GIF, TIFF, BMP, FLG, PCX, VLA N, PhotoCD, and Workbench 3.0 Datatypes. MediaPoint MediaPoint 127 ($ 299.95, MediaPoint International). MM300‘s leading competitor, spoils impressive features of its own. It also comes with a freely distributable player, while MM300 does not. By connecting two Amigas with a null modem cable, you can achieve synchronized presentations or have one Amiga control the other. Ilie pic- ture-iile requester displays thumbnails of all the images in a drawer. MediaPoint’s41 screen and object transitions include some unique swooping dlccts along curved paths. MediaPoint offers extensible support for MIDI, CDTV, Canon’s Xapshot, SunRize’s AD516, Noahji’s Toccata. GVFs IV-24, NEC’s PC-VCR, and the Sony, j Pioneer, and Philips laserdiscs. VideoStage Pro VideoStage Pro ($ I 79, Oxxi) is the latest entry into the multimedia arena. Billed as a tiding program, it is quite a powerful multimedia program, as well, with many features adapted from the same developer's Presentation Master. It can generate algorithmic gradations for backgrounds and text fills. Among its more than 60 screen and 50 object transitions are effects that allow you to cross-fade between two 16-color images on AGA machines, and to perform fly-ins of the individual letters in a word. Many of the fly-ins of objects are also quite impressive, with control provided over multiple objects. 1 he transition requester also gives you a visual animation icon that shows what each transition type looks like. It offers external support for Digital Creations’ SuperGen and GVP s G-Lock genlocks, and for AudioMaster (Oxxi) sound sequences. VideoStage Pro Plus ($ 499) provides the same features, but also includes remote updating of presentations via modem, event logging, and text conversion to Bezier objects for warping and 3-D effects. -And, it is the only program here with the important KPS file-import feature. Can Do CanDo 2.51 (S 199.95, INOVAtronics) takes a very different approach to multimedia presentations. It allows you to create complete programs that use all of the Intuition features. Earlier versions were somewhat lacking in multimedia capability, but the current one greatly improves your ability to move between images. (An animated transition requester similar to VideoStage Pro's is included.) There are several unique transitions, many that use palette manipulation. CanDo has the most powerful math and variable features by far. Along with improved animation support. CanDo is more reliant on an understanding of scripting than the other programs (although a front-end actually generates the script), but it also provides far more flexibility and power. There used to be a liberal distribution policy regarding CanDo presentations, but now only noncommercial presentations are freely distributable. Commercial developers must pay a licensing fee of between $ 50 and $ 200 per year, wh ich is quite cheap compared to such fees in the PC world. Helm Helm 1.55 (SI29, Eagle Tree Software) is the low-cost alternative in the multimedia field. While not as powerful as the other programs, it si ill provides enough features to create impressive presentations; you might consider it a cross between CanDo’s programming power and a full-blown multimedia application. It generates charts, sports several image- processing functions, provides strong math and variable handling, and allows you to generate many Intuition-like control panels with a great deal of flexibility. It offers 15 basic transitions, each with multiple directions, but they all tend to be more of the traditional variety. Helm conies with a freely distributable player. Bars&Pipes Professional While Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0 ($ 429, The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks) is the leading MIDI sequencer in the Amiga market, it also includes a number of multimedia capabilities (this is especiallv true with the latest version 2.5 which also retails for S429 and is available to registered 2.0 users for $ 69.95). While not designed with interactive features such as buttons and variables, it triggers multimedia events at specific points in the music, making for very accurate synchronization. It allows control over GVP’s G-Lock and IV-24 (controls FreezcFrame in PIP), Interactive MicroSystem’s MediaPhile video-editing system. Panasonic laserdisc players, SunRize’s Studio 16, Digital Creations* SuperGen. And NewTek’s Video Toaster. It can even control a Scala presentation. Bars&Pipes Pro includes a freely distributable player. .All six programs offer you an impressive suite of useful features for creating multimedia presentations. I he table on p. 18 can help you determine which one has the specifics that best meet your needs. ¦ Geoffrey Williams, director of Creative Business Presentations, is a frequent contributor to computer-video publications. Write to him do AmigaWorld. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., PC) Pox 802. Peterborough, NH 03458. Mac Cross-platform Computing Part 2: Macintosh Survival Kit This month AW wraps up its two-part feature on cross-platform computing issues by taking a look at how to make the Amiga and the Macintosh work together. In many ways, the Amiga and Macintosh are spiritual cousins. Both are based on Motorola microprocessors; both rely primarily on a mouse-based, graphical operating system; and both excel at graphics-oriented applications. But there are many differences as well: The Mac's multitasking makes the much-maligned multitasking in Windows seem smooth; the Mac has no built-in command-line interface like the Amiga; and the Mac is a fairly isolationist machine that works best with peripherals designed specifically for it, whereas the Amiga can easily share printers, modems, and even monitors with most Pcs. Who needs a Mac? Although the PC has entrenched itself as the “industry-standard" generic computer and the first choice of most businesses, the Mac lias grabbed a firm hold on the graphic arts and publishing segments of the market. Telling the average art director that she will have to trade the Mac on her desk for a PC would he like telling a NewTek ? O BY DENNY ATKIN
• I miga 11 arid 2 3 R V I V A L S J A M I (J A M C Video Toaster user that lie’s going to have to go hack to an old-fashioned character generator it’s likely to elicit a very emotional reaction. Because of this, you’ll find that most printing-service bureaus concentrate on Mac equipment. If you want to get high-quality printouts of your Amiga graphics or desktop-publishing documents, your life will he a lot easier if you and your .Amiga can talk to Macs. Another reason to he interested in the Mac is that the Amiga can emulate it very easily. Because all pre- PowerMac machines use the same 680x0 microprocessors as the Amiga, all that is required to let the Amiga run Mac programs are a few translations that let the Mac operating system talk to the Amiga’s screen, sound chips, disk drives, and other peripherals. Because the microprocessor is the same, the emulation cards are much less expensive than PC’, emulators that must contain most of the guts of a PC on the card, and much faster than the cheaper, software-based PC emulators, which must translate every Intel 80x86 instruction into Motorola 680x0 code. Having a Mac built into your Amiga gives you access to programs that can fill in the few gaps in the Amiga’s software library, such as the home-fmance organizer Quicken, or top-notch word processors such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect 3.0. Finally, you may need a portable computing solution to complement your Amiga, Many Amiga owners prefer the Macintosh PowerBook to MS-DOS laptops, as it works much more like the Amigas they are accustomed to. Software Solutions Some of us don’t really need lo run Mac software, but we do need to exchange documents and pictures with Macintoshes at work or at service bureaus. With the right tools, you can easily exchange data with a Mac using either (loppy disks or serial communications. Like the Amiga. Macintosh computers use a custom disk format that's not compatible with formats used by other computers. There are no Amiga programs available that will read and write directly to Mac disks you’ll need additional hardware, such as the A-Max II ($ 249.95), A-Max IV ($ 495.95, ReadySoft), or Emplant ($ 279.95 and up. Utilities Unlimited) emulators, or the now-discontinued Mac-2-DOS conversion software plus Mac drive if you need to access Mac disks direct Iv. However, there’s an easier solution: All Macintoshes that use the 1.41MB SuperDrive support a utility called Apple File Exchange (AFE), which lets them transfer files to and from 720Kand 1.44MB MS-DOS-formal disks. The Amiga has a similar utility, CrossDOS, included with AmigaDOS 2.1 and 3.0 or available separately from Consultron (as CrossDOS 5.0 Plus, $ 59.95). With CrossDOS and AFE, you can use MS-DOS floppies as an intermediate format for exchanging data. Hie only problem with this method is that you’re limited to the MS-DOS filename style of a maximum of eight characters plus a three-character extension: you can work around this by using Insignia Solutions’ AccessPC package on the Mac. Which stores the full filenames on the disk, and Rainer Koppler’s freeware APCNames utility to read and write the files from the Amiga. You may find that an even better solution is MacDOS ($ 124.95, Media4 Productions), a newly released software-only system that gives Amiga users easy and transparent access to Mac-formatted hard drives and high-density floppies. A marked advantage of this product is that it eliminates the necessity of using MS-DOS floppies as an intermediate format. Another solution is to use a serial connection with a stand-alone Macintosh (such as a PowerRook), either direct or by modem. You can simply use terminal programs to exchange the data. There is one problem, though: Files created on the Mac contain Resource and Data Forks. The Resource Fork contains the icon, creator data, and other information needed by the Mac operating system. Mac terminal programs support Mac Binary, a format that attaches the Resource Fork to the file so that it can be rebuilt when the file is downloaded on another Mac. But when this MacBinary data is added in front of a file such as a Gil* or JPEG graphic, it confuses the Amiga applications trying to read it. Ail easy solution is simply to strip this data using a utility such as Steve Plegge’s freeware DEMAC. Most Mac applications are intelligent enough to recognize lile formats despite the missing Resource Fork, so von don’t have to concern yourself with this when transferring most data liles back to the Mac. For very lame files, you’ll want to use a Bernoulli or o 7 * SyQuest removable hard disk to do the transfer: more on this later. Enhancing Emulators If you’re doing a lot of Mac work, you'll want to pick up one of the excellent Mac emulators available for the Amiga. If your Amiga has Zorro slots, you have the choice of A-Max IV or Emplant, both of which emulate color Macintoshes at full speed. 11 you have an A500, A600, A1000, or A1200. A-Max II lets you emulate a black-and-white Mac. Your best bet is one of the Zorro cards, as they allow von to adtl accessories that enhance the performance of your emulated Mac. (Watch for a comparison of the Emplant and A-Max IV Mac emulators in October in *TIead2Hcad.”) When you want to improve the graphics of a PG emulator, von must buv a video card that helps only the PC side of your Amiga. Because the Mac emulators use the same microprocessor and tints the same bus as the Amiga, you can enhance them by adding a card to the Amiga side ol the machine, improving the computer’s capabilities no matter which side of the machine you’re using. Although it's not essential, a O o graphics card will help even A( iA Amigas by speeding performance in 256 colors, as well as adding support for 24-bit displays and higher resolutions. On an ECS Amiga such as the A2000 or A3000, however, a graphics card should he your first purchase; otherwise, you'll be limited to using a slow 16-color display when Special Offer!
* icV k Get The First Family Of Amiga Imaging Products At Factory Direct Prices! Product Name Description List Price mm:r Price Art Department Professional® 2.5 The number one Amiga color image processing package. $ 299.00 $ 173.00 MorphPlus™ The finest morphing available on the Amiga, plus other great effects. $ 295.00 $ 142.00 T-Rexx Professional™ Complete control over the Toaster and 11 other related products. $ 249.00 $ 135.00 TruePrint 24® Advanced 24-bit color cr 8-bit grayscale printing on standard Amiga printers. $ 89.00 $ 59.00 CygnusEd Professional™ The leading Amiga text editor. Fully Arexx compatible. $ 119.95 S 67.00 ADPro MorphPlus Add-Ons ProCONTROL™ A point-and-click batch processing front end for ADPro or MorphPlus. $ 90.00 S 57.00 Professional Conversion Pack TIFF, Targa. Alias. SGI. Wavefront. Sun Raster. X Windows. PICT and Rendition formats. $ 90.00 S 52.00 CGM Loader Allows reading of images in the CGM image file format. $ 89.95 $ 57.00 Epson Scanner Driver A WYSIWYG driver for Epson full page flat bed color scanners $ 200.00 $ 114.00 HP ScanJet lie Driver A WYSIWYG driver for the HP ScanJet lie full page flat bed coior scanner. $ 200.00 $ 118.00 Abekas Driver Read and write digital video tapes in the Abekas Digital Disk Recorder format $ 200.00 $ 133.00 Lasergraphics LFR Driver A dnver for the Lasergraphics LFR and LFR+ digital film recorders. $ 250.00 $ 173.00 Polaroid CI3000 CI5000 Driver A dnver for the Polaroid CI-3000. CI-5000 or CI-5000S digital film recorders. $ 200.00 $ 127.00 ORDER NOW! (608)273-0473 VISA Shipping charges will be added to each order. All registered or unregistered trademarks are property of their respective holders. Circle 39 on Reader Service card. You’re running Mac software. Which card offers the best performance depends on which emulator you choose. I’m fond of the Picasso II ($ 549 and up, Expert Services); although it’s not the fastest card out there, it works very transparently in both Mac and Amiga modes. You have a number of options for data storage. You can dedicate a partition on one of your Amiga hard disks to storing Mac data. Chances are, however, that your Amiga hard drive is already nearly full, so you 7 * might consider adding a dedicated drive for Mac data. An additional internal hard drive is one solution, but a better option is to attach an external SCSI drive. If you need to move large I lies from your emulated Macintosh to a real Mac, you can simply unplug the drive from the back of your Amiga and attach it to the SCSI port on the Mac. If you’d rather not haul your hard disk across town, though, you might consider a Bernoulli or SyQuest removable disk drive. T his gives Mac disk that can be carried or even to service bureaus equipped with similar drives. And when you’re not running the Mac emulation, you can replace the Mac cartridge with one formatted for AmigaDOS, thus increasing your Amiga-side storage. Whatever Mac storage solution you choose, you should purchase a copy of Symantec’s SuperDoubler, a Mac utility that can nearly double your available J * • storage by compressing your files in the background. If your emulator-equipped Amiga is near a group of networked Macintoshes, you can increase your storage by plugging into the net. A-Max IV and Emplant are both equipped with AppleTalk-compatible serial ports, and both support some Zorro II Ethernet cards as well. Printing Panaceas If you’re adding an emulator or a PowerBook to your existing Amiga setup, you’re likely to run into trouble when it comes time to print. Most Mac owners use either Apple printers or one of a few printer models designed specifically for their machines, such as the HP Desk,Writer. Apple’s System 7 operating system doesn’t include support for the third-party printer you probably have attached to your Amiga. You can peruse online services for PD or shareware primer drivers a few are available for printers such as the DeskJet but they’re generally not very reliable in the 32-bit operating mode used by the Amiga emulators, and they usually don’t support color. GDT Softworks offers an excellent solution with its PovverPrim package. The latest version supports 32-bit color output on printers such as the HP DeskJet, and ii includes a scrial-to-parallel converter to speed output from Mac serial ports. Most public-domain printer drivers do not support advanced Mac printing features such as page flipping, precision bitmap alignment, and inversion, but PowerPrim does. With support for literally hundreds of printers from manufacturers such as Citizen, Epson, HP, Panasonic, and Toshiba, this is the cure-all solution for your Mac printing woes. Color output from Adobe PhotoShop to my HP DeskJet 500C was superb. Another solution available if you have access to a PostScript printer or service bureau is to capture your PostScript printer output to a file, save it on a floppy, and then take it to another computer to print it. You'll need a special version of the LaserWriter driver that’s patched so as not to require AppleTalk; you should be able to find this on online networks under a name such as LWNC>APPLE PAL.K.sea. A Multimedia Mac Although most Macs don’t have the animation horsepower to rival an Amiga, the machine has nevertheless been the development platform of choice for many multimedia programmers (largely due to the availability of Director, one of the better multimedia development packages on the Mac market). If you want to use your Amiga and emulator to access the abundance of Mac CD-ROM software out there, you'll need some high- performance peripherals. First of all, your Amiga should have at least a 25-MHz, 68030 microprocessor; most Mac multimedia titles work best on a 68040 system. Second, an add-on video card such as GVP's EGS Spectrum ($ 499 and up) or the Picasso II is practically a must, as video emulations that use (lie Amiga’s graphics hardware can’t keep up with the 15-frames-per-second screen-update rates required by some multimedia titles. Finally, you’ll need a SCSI CD-ROM drive (and a SCSI port if your system doesn’t already have one). Make sure you get a double-speed drive with 300K second transfer capability. Apple’s CD-300 drive is a good choice. It’s fast and reasonably priced, and you can also use it with packages such as Asimware’s AsimCDFS file software to access CD-ROMs on the Amiga side. Apple Answers For more suggestions on smooth emulation, you should look to resources such as local users’ groups or the Amiga Crossings newsletter mentioned last month. N o The fastest support, though, comes from online services. Utilities Unlimited provides support on all the major Amiga networks, as well as on the Internet. Although ReadySoft is not online, you can find many A-Max owners who are always happy lo share their experiences with you. If you’re traveling the information superhighway, you can subscribe to the Emplant mailing list for emulation hints and tips. Just send a letter to sub- scribe@xamiga.linet.org containing the line " emplant yourname@youi domain.” Even better, check out the newsgroup conip.sys.amiga.cmulations, which daily posts dozens of new messages covering emulations of computers ranging from die Apple Mac to the VIC-20. ¦ Denny At kin is on associate editor for OMNI Magazine and author oj the book Denny Atkin's Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Contact him via e-mail at Denny.A miga ( haol.com, or write to him cfo AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH 03158. FlDiYY.
- EudiOHK (ilHiU Part Two It slices. It dices. The amazing Arexx does it all. Our two-part series demonstrates, through descriptions and examples, that this versatile language can deliver a million-and-one customized cuts. “HAS FULL AREXX support!” “Offers more than 275 Arexx commands!” “Provides an Arexx port!”1 Advertisements lor Amiga software often make such claims, and advertisers obviously believe that they increase their products' value. Consumers, however, may he more puzzled than tempted by them. You may not be sure what these claims mean. How could a programming language possibly make your other programs more powerful or easier to use? What’s more, your main concern is probably what Arexx can do for you and how much effort it will cost. As we saw in the previous installment, Arexx is no ordinary programming language. What makes it so different is its ability to expand its range of functions by incorporating commands from other programs. An Arexx program can execute Arexx commands, AmigaDOS commands, commands from special Arexx function libraries, and commands from anv program that supports Arexx. 1 his last feature, the ability to command applications, deserves a closer look. Easier By The Dozen Every application, whether it is a word processing program, a spreadsheet, or a paint program, performs certain functions in response to the user’s actions. If you enter text, the word processing program adds that text to the current document. If you select the Save item from the Project menu, the paint program saves a picture file. An application that supports Arexx simply provides another way to select these same functions. Sending the message “SAVE my file” from an Arexx program does exactly the same thing as selecting the Save menu item and ty ping “myfile” in the requester. At first glance, this may seem like a giant leap backwards. It is generally considered easier to use the mouse and menus than to type commands. Easier, that is, until you have to perform I lie same series of a dozen steps 50 or 100 times. Then, you will find it much more convenient to write an Arexx script once, and have it save you several minutes each time you need to 4 perform the same series of commands. Let’s take a real-world example. Say you are a NewTek Video Toaster owner who produces a weekly real-estate show on cable television. Each show requires a number ol slides in which a picture of a house or broker is reduced to a small rectangle and superimposed over another picture. You use Art Department Professional (Elastic Reality, formerly ASDG) for the image processing, and perform seven operations on each still frame:
1. You load the framestore directly from the Toaster using the _VT_Grab loader.
2. Shrink the picture to 30% of its original size, using the Scale operator.
3. Make the picture more suitable for keying using the Dynamic Range operator to raise the black level.
4. Pul the image in the Temp buffer with the Temp saver. ?
- Bu tuuDON UtmoN I* A R T 2 A R E X
5. Create a solid black background 752x480 in size, using the Backdrop loader.
6. Load the small image from theTemp buffer on top of the black backdrop at a horizontal offset of 450, and a vertical offset of 40, using the Temp loader and the Compose option.
7. Send the altered image back to the Toaster using the T Display saver. Each of these steps is easy to perform. Indeed, many of them require only a single mouse click. But when von have to perform all seven steps in exactly the right order on 20 or 30 pictures, you may Find yourself muttering at the monitor after a while. Fortunately, ADPro allows you to use Arexx as a macro language. A one- line command in an Arexx script can perform any AD Pro operation, just as if you had used the mouse or keyboard. Listing 1 (below) performs the series of seven operations outlined. I created this Arexx program by loading one of the sample Arexx programs that come with AD Pro into my text editor, and used it as a model (a procedure that I highly recommend for beginners). One of the most interesting things about this program is that only the first three commands are really Arexx commands. The Address line is used to send any non- Arcxx commands to AD Pro’s Arexx port, which is called “ADPro” (watch out, these names are case-sensitive). The Remlib line is required because of an obscure idiosyncrasy of the 1 caster’s Arexx port that intercepts Call commands and returns an error. Listing 1 *
* * F5.adpro ** Finally, Call is necessary because _ T_Grab isn t really a loader, but another Arexx script. All of the other commands in this program, Irom PctScale to Saver, are ADPro commands. These commands are well documented in the reference section of the ADPro manual. If you look closely, you can see that they clearly correspond to the operations you perform manually with ADPro. So. You really don't have to be an Arexx expert to write one of these macros. A working knowledge of ADPro and a few minutes of experimentation are all it takes. One way to execute your script from ADPro is to select the Execute Arexx Script item from the User menu. A far easier way, however, is to assign the script to a hotkey. If you save this script in the REXX: directory with the name “Fo.adpro,” for example, ADPro will run the script whenever you press the F5 function key. You’ll really appreciate the convenience of this feature if you have many pictures to process in a row. A Little Dab’ll Do Ya While it is technically possible to write a macro file without knowing anything about the Arexx language, a little programming knowledge can really enhance the power of your scripts. A recent experience I had illustrates this fact. As manager of the Amiga forum on National Videotex Network, it is my job to activate files that are uploaded to the data libraries. This lask isn’t very hard, but it does require a few steps for each file. After logging on and entering the file preview area, I enter the number of the file to activate, type an “a” to activate the file, enter a “y” to confirm activation, and then go back to the menu for the next file. A lew weeks ago, I asked die staff to upload several hundred files to the forum from a CD-ROM. T his left me with the problem of activating all of them. I really couldn’t see sitting there and typing the same series of keystrokes, over and over, for an hour or more. Fortunately, I use the BaudBandit terminal program, which includes Arexx support. After consulting the Arexx documentation file, it took me only a few minutes to come up with this program: r This script requires ADPro 2.3.0 (or higher).
* * ADDRESS "ADPro" * Make ADPro listen for command * * Make Toaster ignore the CALL * REMLIB("ToasterARexx.port") CALL "adpro:loaders2 _VT_Grab" * Run the ADPro pseudo-loader that grabs the image * PCT_SCALE 30 30 * Reduce the grabbed image to 30% of its size * OPERATOR "DYNAMIC RANGE" 17 * Raise the lowest black level to 17 * ActFile.baud BaudBandit File Activator Assign it to the F7 function command with the macro 'F7 mAddFile * DO filenum = 95 to 294 Send * r' * send carriage return *! Wait '(P)revious' * wait for the menu prompt * Send filenum 11 'V * send number of file to activate * Wait'(M)enu' * wait for prompt * SAVER "TEMP" "XXX" "RAW" Send 'a r' Wait '(Y N)?' Send 'm r' END LOADER "BACKDROP" "XXX" WIDTH 752 HEIGHT 480 COLOR FILL 0 0 0 * Create a black backdrop whose size is 752x480 * LOADER 'TEMP" "XXX" COMPOFFSET 475 40 * Composite the small image on top of the black background * SAVER "VT_BUFFER" "XXX" BUFFER 2 * Save the resulting image to Toaster buffer DV2 * I* Save the image temporarily * Send 'y r' * send "y" for "yes, really activate" * Wait '(M)enu' * wait for prompt* * send "a" for "activate" * i* wait for prompt V * send "m" for back to menu * The program uses only two BaudBandit commands. The Wait command waits until the terminal receives
• • . - ¦ Figure A. Ticker(s): I Amer Tel & 1 el last Change Last Cl High Low Ask Bid Volume Update ®1 T 52% ricker(s): 5154 53K 27 32 file number each time. Using this script, I was able to activate the 200 files in just over 20 minutes. Best of all. Once 1 started the process, 1 was free to do other things (like write this article) while the computer did all ol the work. As with AD Pro, you can launch a Baud- Bandil script either from a menu, or assign it to a function key using the program’s keyboard macro feature. The Mori: The Merrier As powerful as Arexx macros are for controlling one program, they have even more muscle when you use them to combine the talents of two or more programs. Making software work together this way turns standard off-the-shelf programs into custom applications. With the power of Arexx, for example, vou can turn a standard terminal program and spreadsheet into ail automated stock-update service comparable to the expensive custom systems that track stock portfolios. (Such systems use a modem to automatically call an information service, download stock prices, and then enter the prices into a database or spreadsheet.) 1 used Gold Dish's ProCalc as the spreadsheet for this project because it has excellent Arexx support. First, I created a spreadsheet containing columns for the ticker symbol for each stock, quantity purchased, purchase price, most recent price, and gain or loss (see Figure B). The rest of the columns are blank that’s where the downloaded daily or weekly closing price information will go. (One caveat: In operating Pro- Calc from Arexx, an A4000 or A1200 will crash once the Arexx script closes; my solution has been to leave it running.) 1 used BaudBandit once again as my terminal program, this time to obtain the stock-price information from National Videotex Network. The stock-quote area presents this data in the format shown in Figure A (above). Last month. I showed how to use Arexx to extract just the information you want (in this case, the price in the last column). So, it really shouldn’t he hard to read the ticker symbols from the spreadsheet, request the price information with the terminal, extract the prices, and enter them into the spreadsheet (Figure B). The program shown in Listing 2 (next page) does just that. File program starts with the Options Results command. This command allows BaudBandit and Pro- Calc commands to pass information back to the program in the special variables RG (return codes) and Result (numbers and text). Next, it checks to sec if ProCalc is running. If ProCalc’s Arexx port isn’t there, the script runs Pro(laic and loops until it finds the PCALC Arexx port. The Address PCAI.C section directs all commands that Arexx doesn't recognize to ProCalc. The specified text string from the modem, and the Send command sends text to the modem as if you had typed it in. Arexx's Do command does the real work, repeating the same series of actions two hundred times, changing die + % Figure B. Layout for the spreadsheet. 1 lie first ProCalc command loads the Stock spreadsheet. Then, the GetLastCol function finds the first empty column, and returns its column number in Result. Since ProCalc uses letters to identify cell columns, we must convert this number to one or two letters. We do this with the integer division and modulus operators, and the D2C function (which turns numbers into their letter equivalents). If this seems too confusing, you can use the MakeCell function included in the sample macros that come with ProCalc. The next task is to place today's data in the As Of column in the spreadsheet (cell 1)2), so we’ll know the date of the most recent quote. We use the PutCell command to enter the date from Arexx’s l)ate() function. Next, we copy the date to the top of the empty column using the Copy and Paste operations. We copy the cell instead of just putting the information in the new cell, because the Copy operation duplicates the formatting and font information for the cell in addition to the contents. This ensures that the new cell is formatted as a date cell. The next block of commands go to the BaudBandit program (its Arexx port is namecl BAUD). These commands are similar to the ones in the Act File program (opposite). They send the text that is required to navigate the NYN menu, and arrive at the stock-quote area. Once there, we enter the program’s main loop, the one that gets the stock prices and puts them in the spreadsheet. The first step is to ask ProCalc to read each ticker symbol. These symbols are located in column A of the spreadsheet, in cells A3-A16. Using the GetLabel com- > DAT:Pro ca1c Stocks i ft 1 J £1»LSJ*J J*A Z_1_ZLU ..6f. -t-M I Xtfital trol jUJ jjfisj 1* is ¦¦ m *9 Synfcol Qty Purchased As of tW-18-94 Gain Loss May-89-94 rtay-IB-94 T IBB
54. 3750
52. 875B
- 51 SB.8880
51. 7580
52. 0750 BMY ; iflfi 5G.8750
54. 8RRR
- £207.5000
53. 750H
54. 0880 DT3 ; 1 SB
46. 1250 41 .1250
- 5508.8080
40. 7508
41. 1258 m 1 flR
59. 7508
49. 7580
- 61088.8080
50. B088
49. 7580 TWJC 10R
39. 508B
38. 6258
- 587.5000
38. 3758 3R.6750 PEP 2HB
39. 2588
35. 7508
35. 7580
35. 7500 Cl. . 2BR
54. 6200
56. 125B S3B1.0008
56. 8808
56. 1250 IBM IBB
43. B0B8
57. 875B 61487.5808
57. 9808
57. 8758 AAPL • 2B0
26. 8758
31. 750B
5975. B8B0
31. 2508 31 .7580 E-; 1 UR
43. 5080
44. 8758
5137. 5880
45. B0BB
44. 8758 FTM 208 2H.3758
17. 2588
- 5625.B0B0 17,2588
17. 2588 QTNM ¦
1. 808 I4.BBB0
17. 2588 53258.B8B0
17. 250B
17. 2588 NED IBB ZH.BBRB
29. 125B
5912. 5BBB
29. 8808
29. 1250 CHA 108 2B.B0B0
27. 5888
5758. 8880
- 5449.08B0
27. 3750
27. 5080 1886100 ?roC*l - AmigalVorld 29 Listing 2 * BaudBandit Stock Update Program. Once you are logged onto National Videotex Network, it goes to the stock area, loads the stock spreadsheet in ProCalc, gets the stock prices, and enters them into the spreadsheet. The program is meant to be run from BaudBandit. Using the keyboard macro "F8 mUpdateStock", I launch it by pressing the F8 key after I have logged onto NVN. V OPTIONS RESULTS * Use Result and RC variables to get feedback * IF -SHOWfPORTS' PCALC") THEN I* if ProCalc isn't running. * ADDRESS COMMAND 'RUN onil: PRGrProcalc Procalc' * run it * DO UNTIL = SHOW('PORTS'rPCALC")) END *Loop 'til it shows up * * Address our commands to ProCalc * * Load the Stock spreadsheet * ADDRESS PCALC
H. oadSpread' "DAT:Procalc Stocks' 'GetLastCol' * Find the number of the first empty column * price_col = RESULT+1 tfolumn-"" * convert column number to letters e.g. 27 = AA * IF price_col > 26 THEN * if number > 26, we need 2 letters * column = D2C = (price_col % 26)+64) * find first letter * column = column 11 D2C = (price col 26)+64) * add last letter *i * put today's date in As Of column * Position' "D2" VutCeir DATED Position* "D2" t opy* 'Position' column 11 1
* Paste' ADDRESS BAUD Send 'go stocks r' Wait' E>xit: Send J2 r Wait Ticker(s):' ADDRESS PCALC DO row = 3 TO 16 'Position' "A" 11 row GetLabel' ticker=RESULT ADDRESS BAUD Send ticker 11 'V Wait Ticker(s):' Setmark ticker [ | " GetLine line_buf = RESULT ADDRESS PCALC * copy it * * paste date as title of empty column * * Address commands to BaudBandit * * Go to stock area on NVN * * wait for prompt * * select price quotes * * wait for prompt * * These commands go to ProCalc * * for each stock ticker symbol * * Get the ticker symbol * * from the spreadsheet * * These commands go to BaudBandit * * ask for price of stock * * wait until it is given * * search review buffer for price * * read price quote line * * move it to line buf * * Next commands go to ProCalc * PARSE VAR line_buf 8 integer 12 fraction 17 . ‘extract info* IF (integer"'') THEN integer = 0 * A blank = 0* IF (datatype = integer N'}) * if it's a number * THEN INTERPRET 'price = 'fraction | |'+integer' * convert mixed number to decimal * * If there's a price, * * go to As Of column * * and enter it * * Copy the price * * Go to empty column * * and paste it. * IF ~ = price=='PRICE') THEN DO 'Position' “D" J | row 'PutCell' price 'Position' "D" | j row 'Copy' 'Position' column 11 row 'Paste' END * end of price entry * * end of update loop* END mand, we copy each symbol to the variable ''ticker,” and have BaudBandit enter that ticker symbol as a pricc-quote request. We have BaudBandit wait until the prompt reappears, so we know that the whole price quote has been given, then we ask it to search its review buffer for the last line that contains the ticker symbol. That’s the line with the price-quote information. We copy that line of text into a variable called line bub and use the Arexx parsing commands (discussed in Ban One last month) to extract the information in the Last Price column. This appears as a mixed number (57%, for example) which we must convert to a decimal number (in this case, 57.375). Once we have the price information, we go back to ProCalc. If the price is a valid number, we enter it into the As Of column, and then copy and paste iL to die same row in the first empty column. We repeat the process until all 14 stocks are updated. If you switch to the ProCalc screen while this program is executing, you can watch as each price is entered as if by some ghostly hand! While this script is fully functional, it is somewhat simplified for purposes of illustration. For example, it does not save the spreadsheet data after updating it, nor does it dial up NVN and log on. (Adding these features, however, would require only a couple more lines.) A more serious matter is the lack of error checking. The script does not check (dr accidental disconnects from the information service, or for other error conditions that can creep in from time to time. It is a good practice to check the return code for every command that has one, to make sure that the command was executed without a problem. We did not include this step because to do so would double the length of the program and make ii harder to read. You will no doubt want to be more thorough when you create your own Arexx scripts. In our defense, we can only say that this version will work almost all of the time, and if an error does occur, the worst that happens is that one clay’s prices arc not updated correctly. Cuts Through This Aluminum Can! The applications outlined above should give you some idea of how beneficial it can he to "program programs,” They hardly cover the full range of’ possibilities, however. Once you start running your programs by “remote control,” you will look at those programs in a whole new light. I got a lot of new ideas in the course of writing this article, and I’ll bet that you can dream up many ways to simplify repetitive tasks, or even to perform whole new applications you hadn’t thought of previously. Once you start wielding your Arexx, you’ll find that, like the amazing ginsu, it has “a million-and-one uses!” ¦ Sheldon Leemon, a computer video consul font and instructor, is the author of two hooks and scores of articles covering the Amiga. He also selves as Amiga Forum Man- O o o ager on National Videotex Network. Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., PO Pox
802. Peterborough, Nil 03458. I [you're at the point of juicing up your multimedia masterpiece with music and sound, you ’d better become a legal to avoid the discords and dissonances °f copyright infringement. „,,orate botli sound and mus1*-'-Because Effective multimedia presentations inco | understand both of these elements are typically created b ot . Nfi;nirs i . Iiv ,.«> ihem. Misiindersianctmgs the circumstances under which you can leg . About this area abound, so it is important that you know the basics ol 1 taining to copyright and intellectual property tights. Adding a Dash of Sound The simplest area to grasp concerns sound effects, 'i on can buy sound eflec ts that conic with a license allowing their use in perpetuity for any purpose except selling them as collections. They typically come on CD and range in cost from very expensive to quite cheap. These are the only sound effects you can use legally, other than sounds you create and digitize yourself. You may not use sounds from a video, a TV program, or anv other medium unless their use is specifically licensed to you. Note especially that the c heap collections of sound effects sold m record stores are specifically licensed for non-commercial home use; you cannot use them legally lor multimedia purposes without licensing that use from the producer and paying an additional fee. A Touch of Music Music is much more complicated. Any unauthorized use nl pterecorded music is against Geoffrey l i||iams ILLUSTRATION BY SI DM A COLLINS the law, and disregarding this can get yon in a lot of trouble. You may not use just a few bars of music, or use just the music without the lyrics, or change the lyrics. You may not even use prerecorded public- doniain songs without securing specific permission and paying a fee. There are large organizations that seek out unauthorized use and go after the ofienders to make an example of them. It is not a pretty picture, and violations could put you out ol business. So how do you get music you can legally use? There are five basic ways: Hire a composer, use licensed production music, create your own with a computer, use licensed commercial music, or find music that’s in the public domain. These options may seem straightforward, but the details can be tricky. Hiring a Composer Hiring a composer may seem like an expense that is out of the question, but it can be a very cost-effective solution under some circumstances. It is especially helpful if you are not an expert at choosing appropriate music (a task that takes time, even for experts). A good composer can write something that will fit your needs. Of course, vou still need to have that music recorded, but as many composers use MIDI systems that allow them also to play the score, this may not be a problem. If you want a lush orchestral sound, however, hiring an orchestra can be quite expensive. Tor most projects, a MIDI studio will be more than adequate. It is necessaiy to clraw up a contract with the composer that exactly defines your intentions for the music. If you are buying the rights for your exclusive use, expect to pay a lot more. II the composer retains the rights, you must specify how yon warn to use the music. Are you paying only for one-time use in a live presentation? If that is all you have agreed to, then the use of that music on a tape you distribute later may be a copyright violation. If you license it lor use in a specific multimedia project and then reuse it on another jV usic Collections ESO URCES project, that could also be a violation. Your rights to use the music must be specifically spelled out you have no rights other than those agreed upon. Production Music Using production music is possibly the easiest way to go. Such music is recorded especially for use in video and other productions, and you purchase a license to use it in your projects. There are two types of production music: needle-drop and buy-out. With needle- drop, vou pay a set fee based on how much music you use in each production. A variation on needle-drop, called a blanket license, bases the fee on the overall length of your production rather than on the number ol pieces and their length. Both types of agreement are used typically with top-of-the-line-production music libraries, where you will find a huge variety of fully orchestrated music. With buy-out music, you pay a one-time fee to purchase the library, which you can then use in perpetuity. There may be some restrictions, however, such as not being able to use it for broadcast television or film production. Buy-out music can be good or mediocre, and in general the libraries tend to be smaller, with less variety. If you prefer not to track each use ol the music and still want top-of-t lie-line quality, many of the better collections issue an annual license that lets you use the music as much as you want for a year. Computer Assistance If you are a composer, you can use a computer to write and perform vour own music, but there are ways a computer can also help the rest of us. Be carelul, however: One thing you may not do is to sample commercial music and digitally rearrange it or use bits and pieces. There have been test cases involving rap music that have pretty much settled this issue. Typically, music libraries are available on Cds, and each song usually comes in several different lengths, Most companies will provide you with a demo CD or samples over the phone. The typical price per CD for buy-out music is around $ 50. The best way to find out what the companies oiler is to call them. Airworks. Developers of TimeBuilcler. 313 645-5730. BZ Rights and Permissions Stuff. The Mini-Encyclopedia of Public-Domain Songs, plus sheet music for 650 PD titles. 212 580-0615. Creative Support Services. Buy-out music and sound effects. Fourteen libraries, 85 Cds. 800 468-6874. Euroscene-1. A CD-ROM with hundreds of MOD files, it comes from Finland, but is available here from NorthWest Public Domain. 206 351 -9502. Fresh Music Library. Buy-out music. 800 545-0688. Gene Michael Productions. Buy-out music, 800 955-0619. Killer Tracks. Has libraries that support Airworks’ Tune- Builder. One of the major providers of licensed music. 800 877-0078. The Music Bakery. Buy-out music; regular new issues on
CD. 800 229-0313. Musi-Q Productions. Buy-out music. 305 572-9276. Blue Ribbon SoundWorks. Superjam! Styles Collections. Additional styles for Super [am are available in the categories of Movie Soundtrack, World Music, Dance Mix, Pop Rock, Classical, and Cutting Edge, each with ten styles. 404 315-0212. TRF Production Music Libraries. A huge collection of more than 4000 discs, available in 12 customizable libraries. Licensed music. 800 899-6874. Such as ten-second, thirty-second, and sixty-second versions. A new product called TuncBuilder (Air- works Media) works with specially digitized music libraries and can algorithmically recompose a song sample into any length you waul, while preserving its musical integrity. This type of technology may soon be available lor the Amiga (it also works under Windows and on the Mac). Currently, it comes with Air- works Media’s music library. (The 12-disc collection is $ 1295 for in-house use and $ 5499 lor broadcast buyout; in-house use of a single CD costs as little as S199). Killer Tracks plans to release a version of its outstanding library with TuneBuilder, and other music- library providers also intend to make compatible versions of their libraries. The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, the leading developer of MIDI sequencing software for the Amiga, is also the creator of Superjam ($ 149), a product that lets you create music even if you know nothing about composition. It won’t create a Grammy-award-wi lining song, but it has a lot of built-in artificial intelligence that allows you to play along with predefined rhythms and styles, and it automatically converts your noodling into something that makes sense musically. For those with a little more musical knowledge, Superjam is jam-packed with a lot of sophisticated features that give you an endless amount of control. Using BltteRibboifs I urbo technology, you can play 12 simultaneous voices directly out of the Amiga’s sound chips, although the sound quality would be much better if you use MIDI or Blue Ribbon's One-Stop Music Shop sound card. Superjam has enough powerful features so that you can use it to create very accurately timed music for multimedia and video. Commercial Music If you want to use commercial music from a favorite album in your latest multimedia project, 1 suggest you forget it. If you are creating a project for distribution, a lot ol record companies are not even set up for this type of license agreement. Even for a production that will be shown live only once, you must pay a license fee to the composer, another to the record company or whoever owns the rights to the recording, and still another public-performance fee to ASGAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) or BM1 (Broadcast Music Incorporated). (I( the music is played as background and not used with video or other visuals, you might have to pay only the ASCAP BMI performance fee.) You may expect to pay about $ 5000 to SOOOO for a single performance. Also, it can take weeks to secure permission, and you may have to pay a service to hunt down all of the proper copyright holders. If you must use commercial music, 1 suggest you invest $ 75 for a copy of the Multimedia Law Handbook. By J. Dianne Brinson and Mark F. Radcliffe (Ladera Press. 1994). It explains the many complexities ol using commercial music and other copyrighted materials in multimedia productions, and it offers a lot of other useful legal information. Public-Domain Music A lot of music is available in the public domain, which embraces anything written before 1918 or anything specifically placed in the public domain since then. Just because a song is PD does not mean that you can freely use a recording of it, although securing the rights is a lot easier and significantly cheaper than in the case of popular commercial music. You can hire someone with a music studio to record the piece for you. But make sure that you reach an agreement allowing you to use the recording in any projects you want for an unlimited amount of time. The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks’ SuperJam can help even wooden>eared multimedia producers create music for their presentations. The best source for finding what music is in the public domain is a $ 299 guide, The Mini-Encyclopedia of Public-Domain Songs, available directly from BZ Rights and Permissions Stuff (212 580-0615). It lists 650 titles of popular music alphabetically and by category, along with other information about the songs (such as whether there are contemporary arrangements that are not in the public domain). W hile sheet music for most of these songs is readily available, you can also get it directly from BZ Rights. You can find another source of PD music, called MOD files, through CD-ROM collections and online services. MOD (Music Modules) is a popular music format on Amigas and Pcs that uses digitized samples to create good-quality music in a relatively small file size. There are thousands of MOD files floating around, but that does not necessarily mean that you can freely employ them in a project, even if the author puts no restrictions on i heir use. In order for you to use a MOD file, the person who created it must have both written the music and given permission for its use. Many MOD files are versions of commercial songs, and using them may violate the original composer’s copyright. There is nothing like music and sound ell’ects to enhance a multimedia project. Just make sure that you are on sound legal ground when you use them. ¦ Geoffrey Williams, director of Creative Business Presentations, is a frequent contributor to computer-video publications. Write to him c o ArnigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH Old58. GRAPHICS 66 A continuing series of lips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen AS ELEGANT AND popular as today’s 3-D programs are, they remain one of the most difficult categories of software to master. With a paint program, a beginner can see results after the first few strokes of the mouse. With 3-D software, quite a bit of manipulation, button pushing, and rendering time is required before an image actually appears on the screen. Beginners are often at a loss for what to do after they have rendered a floating ball. This column will draw ideas from traditional sculpture to suggest a line of experiments beginners might try in getting stalled with Amiga 3-1). When we think ol 3-D computer graphics, what often comes to mind are elaborate images of cities, dinosaurs, spaceships, and so forth. For a beginning 3-D artist to attempt a triceratops as a first project is to invite frustration. That artist will be lighting multiple battles not only learning challenging software, but also trying to model complex shapes that have a “correctness” and an "incorrectness” associated with them simply because we know what they should look like. For a first series of 3-D projects, I suggest that instead of representational objects you tty abstract sculpture. There is no inherent “correctness” to the form of an abstract shape. This frees an artist to focus on the features and rituals of the software. For the moment, forget about texture maps and animation and just sculpt. Digital Clay T here is probably nothing more basic to the concept of sculpturing than to take a lump of clay and begin shaping it. You can squeeze that lump, stretch it, bend it, flatten it, and twist it. As you do, you begin to notice pleasing shapes. You preserve and perfect these shapes. This activity is art. Let’s use the computer to try the same basic approach. For this exercise, 1 used Galigari (Caligari Corp.) for its clean, perspec- tive-view interface. The terminology will use is specific to Caligari, but the w concepts are general, and you can do the same experiments in any good 3-D program. Begin in the perspective view and load a sphere from the list of “primitives.” In 3-D modeling, a primitive is a basic form such as a sphere, cube, or cylinder from which more complex objects can be assembled. For our purposes, look on the primitive as a lump of clay. Everything you make in this abstract-sculptuie project will begin as a simple sphere primitive like the one shown in the illustration. T o follow the example illustration accompanying this article, enlarge the sphere a bit by selecting Scale and Obj and dragging the mouse with both buttons depressed. Next, flatten and stretch the sphere into a blade shape by experimenting with constraining the scaling to one axis at a time. In Caligari, do this with different combinations of the X, Y, and Z buttons as you move the mouse. When you have stretched out an interestingly proportioned blade shape, bencl and twist it to give it more dynamic character. Each program has its own method for organically reshaping objects. In Caligari this is accomplished with the Deform feature found in the Point Edit tools. When you select the Deform button, a box appears around your object. Drag the mouse in the work area to subdivide the box for finer control, and then use the cursor to select all vertices on one end of that box. Selecting the Obj and Move buttons, experiment with constraining the X, Y, and Z buttons while you drag the mouse in the workspace. The box will move according to the axis settings, and the blade object within will be pulled along with it. When you release the mouse button, the surface of the blade will smooth out along its length. Switch to the Obj and Rot buttons, and rotate the end of the box a little. When you are satisfied, hit the Erase button twice to clear the Deform box. The blade should now have a graceful bend and twist. Save the object. Instead of trying familiar representational objects, novice 3-D artists might do better with abstract sculptures first and here’s how to get started. Sculpting Calisthenics In traditional sculpture, it can lie interesting to use multiple similar elements to compose a finished work. For example, several different lengths of pipe might be welded together to create an interesting composition. In a way, this is like drawing in three dimensions, where the composition is as much about lines in space as it is about volume and shape. To continue your computer sculpture, select the Tools button and use Copy to duplicate your bent blade. Use Scale, Move, and Rot Obj to stretch, move, and rotate the new blade into an appealing visual relationship with the original. Repeat this to duplicate, stretch, and rotate a third blade, then a fourth and fifth. The button tools make it easy to quickly produce many blades, each unique and positioned where you decide. For contrast, you might add another sphere deformed differently than the blades for a visual accent. When you like the arrange- J o ment, “Glue” the pieces together so they are thereafter treated as a single object. At this point you might want to create a backdrop for the scene before rendering it. In the illustration, two rectangles are positioned upright at right angles to each other and saved as walls to be placed behind the sculpture in the rendering. Typically, 3-D software allows you to design objects as wireframes, and then to render the actual illustration in a separate operation. In Caligari, switch to Scene and Add Objects to compose a “snapshot” of your sculpture. Position the walls behind the sculpture and rotate it to a pleasing orientation. Save this scene, and vou can alwavs return to that view j of the object group. For the final rendering, specifying object attributes and lighting can make or break the image. No matter how interesting your object may be, ineffective lighting can ruin its appearance. Set up at least three lights. Use two on the sculpture one high and one low. Place an additional light to illuminate the back walls so the sculpture stands out in contrast. (Refer to “Accent” 61, Mar. 94, p. 70. For more hints on lighting.) Specifying object attributes lets you have fun with the unique power of the computer. Here you can change the transparency of the object, its shininess or dullness, and its color. Combined with the shading method you select, these attributes determine whether your sculpture appears to be made of glass, bronze, or plaster. In the illustration. The sculpture’s transparency is set at about 209c to allow all elements to show through. The angled walls add to
o o the visual dynamics of the scene, and Local Lights combined with Phong shading create a varied illumination. I ligh shininess and specular reflections help the light delineate edges. I rendered the illustration in Caligari24’s Broadcast Render mode to GVP’s IY24 framebuffer. Abstract sculpture projects like this one allow you to focus on mastering the features of your 3-D software without the additional burden of creating representational objects. Once you are comfortable with modeling and rendering principles, explore representational objects and apply the same concepts of scene composition and lighting. ¦ Joel Hagens credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope for a reply. A mi go World 35 iV Vr
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• EGS Workbench Emulation
• On-board Blitter
• Compatible with most 24-Bit Paint Packages DKB Talon IF YOU DON’T SEE WHAT YOU WANT ... PLEASE CALL US! SEAGATE HARD DRIVES FOR A4000 5350 SEAGATE 3.5' 528 MB IDE (VERY FAST) 424.95 SEAGATE 3.5“ 504MB IDE HD (A4000 OR PAR) LIMITED SUPPLY CLEARANCE . 299.95 SEAGATE 3.5* 260MB IDE 259.00 MICROPOLIS HARD DRIVES 63765 1.7GB SCSI-2 MODEL 217AV.. 1179.95 5515 1.6GB IDE MODEL 2217A (PAR BOARD) ....1199.95 QUANTUM HARD DRIVES 4356 170MB ELSSCSI HARD DRIVE .. 137.95 63196 270MB SCSI 2 VERY FAST LPS234.95 63352 270MB IDE VERY FAST LPS.. 235.95 5637 340M3 LPS SCSI 2 ..... 349.94 63194 540MB SCSI 2 .....419.95 5508 1.08 GIG SCSI 2EMPIRE SERIES758.95
129. 95 K-SYNC S-ViDEO OPTION 117.00 5206 5697 5387 4526 5358 5433 5444 5408 5175 5262 5600 4342 0811 5262 5421 . 5558 ; 4478 4194 R t Vl| A new image manipulation product Designed to replace Imagemaster and Image Professional. New features of Imagemaster R t include new unified filesaver, new multiframe processor, new Radial Wave, new morph controls, new Gaussian Blur, faster display, loads Toaster alphas, new area select tools, tablet support, unlimited zoom and pan, ''onionskin" compositions, Toaster framestore support, Online Help The January issue of Amiga World says "Imagemaster R t is a tool no serious artist should be without!" Supports OpalVision, Firecracker, AGA . BLACK BELT SYSTEMS 5765 5244 5589 5113 4096 5282 LightWave without the Toaster? The solution is LIGHTRAVE!
* Compatible with all Amiga models
* True 24-bit display - render to OpalVision, DCTV, Retina, IV24, GVP EGS, Amiga AGA and Picasso II
• FASTER than a Toaster equipped Amiga
• Requires: Lightwave 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1, Workbench and Kickstart 2.04 or later The only way to access all of the 24-Bitgraphic boards on the market!! Free upgrade to version 3.2 when available OREGON I- N The fast, affordable, full featured, direct-fo-disk 8- Bit stereo sound sampler for your Amiga. Excellent manual! Allows sampling at 70KHz mono and 39KHz in stereo on all Amigas. Extensive special effects (over 20} include echo, flange, chorus, filtering and re-pitch abilities. Comprehensive extras include waveForm print-outs and player program. ALL THIS AT AN UNBELIEVABLE PRICE1 Sequencer One Plus is a high-quality, 32 track MIDI sequencer with 8-Bit sample support. Unique easy-editing with Diamond Drag. 5 |95 Includes tutorial video tape. Q V VideoMaster combines the features of a video digitizer with a sound sampler in a single, easy-to-use, low cost unit, record 1 4 screen pictures at 30fps in monochrome, with audio. Full screen color stills. 5626 For A500 s8995 5625 For A1 200 S899S OFFER CODE: P471MG14 HiSoft DevPac 3 ... 79“ HiSoft Pascal ...... $ 899S Color Master for Video Master, splitter *749S Sequencer One (Basic sequencing, upgrodable)s29 The Hit Kit (Music composition for sequencers) J2995 3921 3924 5627 5629 5631 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon* - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm (PST) ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Circle 13 on Minimum Order is $ 20.00 in U.S.A. Minimum Order to Canada is $ 50.00 Minimum foreign Order is $ 100.00 Professional Publishing Pagestream 2.2 OEM 1 in Amiga DTP. Winner ol AMIGA C World's Experts' Choice Award and Amazing Amiga's Users' Choice Awards. Upgrade to3.0 for only'125“ 3833 PageStream 3.0 PageStream 3*0 has over 1 000 new features, including AGA color, record able Arexx, and tne£ ability to load 9 ProPage documents. Jmm Jmm ¦ SMITH TypeSmith 2.0 CREATE & EDIT YOUR OWN TYPEFACES! "A must have" -Compute gk _ "A must have" -Amazing "[ j Computing r-• 5484 "It's a must1" -Amiga Format ¦ & Australia 0014-800-125-712 Denmark 0434-0297 France 0590-1099 Italy 1678-74086 Japan 0031-11-1351 THE ULTIMATE HARD DRIVE Netherlands 06-022-8613 Norway 050-12029 Switzerland 046-05-12029 United Kingdom 0800-89-1178 DATAFLYERfSiS Finally a hard drive that i$ truly practical. The DataFlyer 1Q5SQ features proven SyQuest removable technology. Special version direct from manufacturer with our special driver guarantees compatibility with the A4000 including EXPANS! ON diskchange1 Fastaccess times, 14ms avg., 1.6 to 2 3 MB sec iluuiiL max transfer rote (to end from media). Unlimited storage wjih 105MB cartridges Very quiet unit Smoil, only 3.5 x 1“ drive Fj kt JpfrMjliW 2 Year Warranty. Includes one 105MB cartridge CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON 105SQ 4000S BUNDLE EjttHBkA DATAFLYER 4000S with External 2506 SCSI connector. 5379 yP Jpjjt NEW LOWER PRICE! DATAFLYER XDS IDE -Add external (inexpensive) L) j 3,5" IDE hard drives to A1200 systems. SAQ95 Comes with oil cables and external case! 5267 07 DATAFLYER 1200S is a standard SCSI card that plugs onto the IDE header and converts it to SCSI. It still allows the use of IDE devices and does not take $ Qqf95 up a slot. NEW! Shipping now. Wt Department P vj Professional C’ U Newest version has a new improved user interface. Supports EGS and Primera Printer (24-bit color dye-sub). Named "Best Image Processing Program" for I 992 by Amazing Computing, and now ‘ p 4348 MORPH PLUS • Professional morphing ... 51 25 5077 T-REXX PROFESSIONAL 2.1 for Toaster.. 51 l 7 5638 ADPro Conversion Pack, version 2.5 4595 5164 Pro Control for ADPro or Morph Plus S4995 5195 CygnusEd Professional 3.5 ... 599 CALL CREATIVE FOR THE LOWEST PRICES ON ALL ASDG PRODUCTS Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America AP-3250 24-pin printer Highest quality, high speed dot matrix printer for the Amiga! 4606 Color Scanners ASDG Epson Scanner Driver Software with scanner purchase High quality flatbed scanners rated best in Amiga market! E5-600C • 24-bit, 300 dpi ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sal. 8am to 5pm (PST) Order Status 310-787-4520 Mon. - Fri 8am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm BARS AND PIPES PRO " ' STUDIO KIT ... 32.95 3352 1596 I 4759 BARS AND PIPES RULES FOR TOOLS ......32.95 SUPERJAM 1.1 - MUSIC COMPOSITION TOOL VERY NICE!! ...78.95 THE PATCH MEISTER .49.95 3890 3891 I 4157 TRIPLE PLAY PLUS ....162.95 BLUE RIBBON SYNC PRO 178.95 BUSINESS UTILITIES NEW BATCH FACTORY FINALLY BATCH PROCESSING FOR EVERY PROGRAM! EASY TO USE. ADPRO. IMAGEFX, 5720 7066 5721 4222 IMAGMASTER ..39.95 NEW BEST BUSINESS MGMT V3.0119.95 NEW MAIL LIST MANAGER ..38.95 AMIBACK 2.0
- 1. - ... GREAT HARD DRIVE BACK UP UTLITIY ...14.95 5318 5723 5673 5588 4928 AMIBACK TOOLS . 38.95 5106 AMIBACK TOOLS PLUS AMIIBACK 2.0 & AMIBACK TOOLS ..63.95 3899 DLG PRO BBS SOFTWARE 164.95 5310 5075 5076 5271 5085 4072 5584 5123 5245 DIRECTORY OPUS 4.1 57.75 4081 ENLAN DFS ETHERNET 5 NODE SYSTEM .174.95 5290 PEGGER 63.95 4334 SAS C VERSION 6.5 .. 249.00 5222 TAPEWORM FILESYSTEM 64.95 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE 5506 WAVEMAKER ......159.00 ..III m,l WAVELINK 99.95 PRO TEXTURES COMBO COLLECTION .45.95 DYNAMIC MOTION MODULE 124.95 SPARKS PARTICLE ANIMATIONS FOR LIGHTWAVE ..86.95 MAGIC LANTERN NEW VERSION 1.5 39.95 HUMANOID FOR IMAGINE 145.95 HUMANOID FOR LIGHTWAVE.... 145.95 INTERCHANGE PLUS 3.0.., 104,95 REAL 3D NEW VERSION V2.4 ... 399.00 TRANSPORTER 99.95 VERTEX 2.0 47.95 SCENERY ANIMATOR 4.0 ......49.95 jIl Invoice It! Powerful business management. Create mailing lists, rosters, envelopes, roatry cards and more with a few simple clicks! Supports laser, dot-matrix & ink-jet. Address-Itl Invoice'll! Great with OpalVision $ 95 Los Angeles South Orange County 4453 Redondo Bch. Blvd. 23710 El Toro Rd., 5fe. F-1 Lawndale Lake Forest California 90260 California 92630
(310) 542-2292 (714) 859-3300 San Diego 884] Clairemont Mesa Kearny Mesa California 92 ] 23 High quality 24-bit backgrounds by professional photographers. Each volume contains 20 images. 5714 Volume 1: Scenic and Landscape 5715 Volume 2: Textures and Patterns 5716 Volume 3: Still Life Imagery 5717 Volume 4; Abstract Imagery each Buy all four for s6995 Visit our computer SUPERSTORES in California! 4 BIG LOCATIONS PLUS FREE IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE!
(619) 467-4700 SftID ALL MAIL ORDERS FOR AMIGA PRODUCTS TO: Creative Computers, Order Dept., 2645 Mcrirapa Street, Torrance, CA 90503 Powerful mailing-list management. Address It! Powerful invoicing software! Automatically create quotes and convert them to actual invoices with one clickl Los Angeles 1505 Wllshire Blvd. Santo Monica Californio 90402
(310) 394-7779 32 Version 1.5 5145 Order by 5:00pm EST and get your order tomorrow! Overnight Delivery Only s695* Oher is valid thru July 31, 1994 and applies to in-stack items only. Continental U.S. only Credit card problems, system problems, Acts of God, shipping to a different address than your billing address, and orders to some rural oreas or smell cities will incur additional processing and shipping time Orders over 3 lbs. Incur additional shipping charges
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a. m. to 7 p m PST “''Standard Overnight Service* by federal Express Is not available in all areas Those "Extended Areas'' lake two days Chock with youf local Federal Express station tor delivery confirmation ond delivery limes COD’s add S6-No Personal Company chocks Call tor ell other shipping information AH advertised prices cro CASH prices Visa Master Card some as Cash. Discover add 1% RETURN POLICY Coll Customer Service at (310) 737-4520 for return authorization All leturns without authorization number (PMAr) will be refused Ralurnod products must t>« in original condition and packaging and must be sen! Back within 30 days of Our invoice date No refunds, please Defective product exchanges only We make no guarantees tor product pedotmahco Exchanges with unlike products are of ouroptionand suDiect to a 20% restocking lee CONDlIlOfJS Phces and availability of product ere subject to change without notice. MAIL-IN ORDERS Send money orders or cashiets chock for lasiesf service Personal chec ks ¦ 10 days to clear. Include Name, Address and telephone number (no P.O. Boxes, please). II ordering by credit card include exp ration date and billing address Call lor exact shipping rales INTERNATIONAL TOU FREE ORDERING POLICIES For Canada. FPO, APO ¦ Minimum order $ 50. All other countries: minimum order 5100 For VISA and Master Cara orders you must FAX or mail c signed photocopy ol your credit card - Ironl and back Please have your credit eotd number ready beloie calling '“PRICE GUARANTEE U S Only. Applies to oil merchandise advertised by oil authorized Amiga dealers excepl merchandise on sale ana out-of-slbck Wo wtl givo you our "delivered'' price lower than the other authorized Amiga dealer's1 delivered" price There >s a minimum order amount of $ 20 lor orders to the USA Coulomia Sales does not apply to price guarantee Prices good through July 31, 1994 OR :R AA 9 o k Canada 800-548-2J Orria r> LJ ¦ 1 »¦ c• HO JNE UU- Z-o v uraer nours. ¦ Mon. - Fri 6am to 6p H C-4 o__c__tnc By Paulo de Andrade 3 $ uper Results For Less Dot*s ii seem that vou must own every piece of the latest hardware and software to produce quality work? Do you fear that an inability to afford all those products will render vour services uncompetiliver 1 hat s just not so! Recently, I coproduced a couple of television commercials targeted at kids. Our goal was to keep these commercials very dynamic, so I did not want to have boring Cgs slow down the pace. Color-cycling the text seemed the perfect solution. Having several expensive tools at my disposal, I began to search for the best one to do this task. After a lot of frustrating experi11 ientati(m, 1 turned to the program that had been one of my most used tools for several vears DeluxePaim. In verv 4 Z little time I had the titles I wanted, cycling colors in real time, overlaid on the desired video sequences via a simple genlock. Had T used the more expensive tools, it would have taken me a lor longer to achieve the same results. Making Money When 1 bought my first Amiga 500, 1 used to earn' it from one post house to another. I made quite a bit of money by making realtime animations and nice Cgs available instantly to several producers. You can do the same thing today. You can help spice up other people's presentations and, if you are suHiciently talented, even do work good enough for broadcast. And vou can do it with a very j j basic system. An A500 with one megabyte of RAM and a genlock such as GYT’s G- Lock or Digital Creation’s Supergen will sullice. A genlock serves several purposes. It encodes the Amiga's RGB signal into composite NTSC video (or component Y C) so that you can record it on videotape. It also syncs your Amiga with other video equipment and lets you superimpose Amiga graphics over live video a feature essential for character generation. If vou don’t think you will ever use vour Amiga as a character generator, then you can substitute Digital Creations’ DC 1A for the genlock. This unit allows you to play back animations with millions of colors in real rime, surpassing the Amiga’s native color modes. It will not, however, let you superimpose Amiga graphics over video. You can also make some money bv manipulating images on the computer. DCIY acts as a slow-scan digitizer, too, letting you grab images from videotape or a camera. Other low-cost digitizers do the same. Selling Your Services When you are working with a basic Amiga system, vou O * should know what your limits are. Be realistic. Trying to sell services you are not capable of delivering can totally ruin your chances for success. II a client needs a fancy 3-D animation for a national television campaign. You know you won't be able to deliver it with such a system. So be sincere. But take the opportunity to explain and show what else you can do. (lorporate presentations and training tapes use lots of graphics, charts, and text pages. This kind of work is ideal for your basic Amiga system. With inexpensive software, you can go beyond the ordinary and oiler your clients animated chans and graphics and sophisticated CG pages, with fancy transitions. Believe it or not. Even some of the most advanced post-production houses cannot deliver this type of service as easily as you can. And consequently, they must charge a lot more for the extra time they must spend. If you can create some slick demo presentations, you can bet many people will be interested. Small production facilities, videographers, and cable stations are ideal targets for vour services. J hev
o often lack more sophisticated equipment and may find vour Amiga system very u J useful. The real-estate company down the road may well benefit from a local IV or cable show that displays their properties. You can easily incorporate digitized images ol houses on CG pages, and llip through them with slick transitions. Add professional narration, and you have a finished product that is both effective and affordable to produce. Add animation, and you have a product that is much more interesting and certainly above average. Be Professional The high price tag of some systems does not necessarily guarantee great results. But with a low-cost system, vou’ll 4 4 want to be very professional to compensate lor any equipment handicaps. Trv alwavs to use high i O resolution to avoid jaggies and artifacts. Make sure your genlock or encoder is properly adjusted so it can deliver good-qualiiy, distortionless video. And avoid NTSC color problems by using no more than 85 percent of possible color levels. This ensures t hat your colors remain legal and don’t cause excessive bleeding or crawl. Now as Then Eight years ago, when even the simplest dedicated character generators cost several thousand dollars, you could buy an Amiga 1000 with built-in composite output (not the best, but it was there) and nice character- generation software for a fraction of the price of a traditional CG. Today you can do many video tasks much belter and more easily still at the same low price! While video has arrived on other per- sonal-compuler platforms, it is easier and less costly to get high-quality results from Amiga genlocks. O o There are many possibilities to explore with a low- cost Amiga system. And if you are successful, you may ft end up with enough money for new add-ons! ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of Digital Reality, an Amiga- based broadens (-video and 3-D animation company in Seattle. Write to him e o Amiga World. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. ORDER LINE • USA & Canada SUPERJAM! W PRO 2 5 Version improved notation display X editing revised look feel, groove quantitize. Drum mapping, sequence trigger. } JJ ) j Toaster control much more. Create accompaniments, sound-tracks, styles & grooves quickly X easily. Stereo TurboSounds. 2 octave chords, visual volume Ar-i es* & panning. Realize the full potential of A H 1200 With the DKB1202 jRftJH expansion board. IroiW 4 Speeds up math Intensive
- j operations, a must have feature if vou 00 3nv scrolling or animation, image manipulation or ray-tracing, offers the option of running a math nKTU202 * i co-processor up to 40MHz Easy u*0;* 5 installation!__ ranCsKi SUKjgOW ©DSKflMSOWB ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP. 1GBit, 32 voice, midi interface
- .$ 559 Power Tools Kit ..... Performance Tools Kit. ClariSSA V2.0 AGA I*iP The animation utility of the year! Assemble single images into animations and converts ANIM-5 and ANIM-7 to SSA format for playback up to 60 fields per second while greatly reducing the size. ClariSSA also features flexible editing capabilities like cut, copy and paste on single frames or ranges and color functions such as fading, chaos and lightning. Animations with different resolutions can be combined into a single animation. Full ARExx support and a built-in screen grabber make ClariSSA integrate seamlessly with other applications. A redistributable SSA playback program is included. ClariSSA received r ie ",Produce of We Year award from Amiga Magizin Germany and We 'Amiga Plus Award 93¦ Best Amination Software’ Add from 1 to 128 megs of memory SCSI Interrace Option. Real time clock and calendar. 68030 processor running at 40MHz. Upgradable to 68882 Matn Coprocessor 50 Mhz, DKB 2340’ , idwimtr XL DRIVE ¦ HIGH DENSITY High Density External Drive for any Amiga formats
1. 76MB with standard DO Disks compatible for PC Disks requires Work Bench 2.1 or above Adorage ¥2.0 AGA *149 Create dazzling 2D and 3D transitions between scenes and images in near real-time. Whether Intended for presentations, info-systems or video footage. There is no effect-generation tool that surpasses Adorage In versatility, ease-of-use or results. User-definable parameters and a wealth of built-in effects deliver output limited only by your imagination. The support of up to 256-color AGA modes provides Adorage with superior quality results, while the SSA animation format guarantees the fastest playback possible at up to 60 fields per second. . J Internal for A2000 A4000 Use a VCR as a backup storage device. Two hundred Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr. Tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system. What’s more you can now watch television on your 1084s monitor. Scart or Phono version is available. AMIGA Networking up to 20 Amigas together over a distance of up to 330 feet has now become easy and affordable. Amigaunk installs on the external floppy drive port eliminating the need for internal Installation or use of a Zorro slot. Set up and configured in minutes. Amlgaiink offers sharing of all storage devices and printers across the network, Lighwave users now have an easy way to dlstrbute rendering jobs to multiple machines.
* V1lGR4PH OREGON Megalosound Is an amazingly low cost, full featured. 8 ait Stereo sound sampler. But thars not all! It also features Dlrect-to-Dlsk fe i r~ Recording of samples up gjW (° ) to 56kHz sample rate. SJ ZallSZAi video digitiz & sound sampling all in one package. Full color Stills, greyscale motion video clips, and video sequence Editor, includes stand alone sequence player and anims converter. For A500. A600. And enhanced AGA version for A12O0! Also available is ColorMaster. Capture full screen stilly-., , pictires AUTOMATICALLY, from any video source. FAST! QD®W[JD(s]6 13 Fast. Assembly language programming environment for all Amigas. Intergrated, multi-window Editor. Debugger, and FAST Assembling.* ' cU ColorBvrsi" COLOR HAND SCANNER Three scanners in one! Scan color, true grayscale and monochrome line art. Perfect for video, multimedia, desktop publishing and more.
• 4 Scan Modes: 262.144 colors: 4096 colors. 64 true grayscales: monoenrome text
• 50-400 dpi (based on scan mode selected)
• ColorKit software - quick, accurate scanning save iff ham-8, and 24-bit iff
• Parallel interface with cable
• aca compatible
• OCR jr. Text recognition - included MONOCHROME HAND SCANNER with Touch-Up v3. (AGA compatible) OCR Jr. Text reader Distributed By PageStream3.0 ® H Sill Revckiconary 3D modeling, rendering & animation package. Zoom, rctacon controls, unkmitec lights. Dstns. Wave sources, gases The Ultimate desktop publishing program! PagesStream3 provides the professional typesetting and graphic tools you need, it has a feature-paced toolbox to create any type of shape, which you can color with PANTONE® colors and gradient fills, import and expert text and graphics in many formats, and see pictures in full color on screen. AGA compatible! Automatic Flash macros automate most page layout tasks and create custom page designs. Create your own macros with recordable Arexx! Load ProPage documents and edit ProDraw drawings, unlimited Undo and Redo, extensive online help, autosave, dot leaders, index generation and more! Package includes BME 2 image processcr. Pageliner 2 text processor, 50 fonts and 130 graphics! Aladdin 4 D 24 Bit Rearrime video Digitizer AGA Support Digitizes Full Frame ! In 1 30 of a second internal for the A2QQ0.3000. AND 4000. Y C Version $ 459 I New External for 500,600.1200 Works with new Lightwave unbundle from Newtek TOCCATA The Tcccatta is a full i6Bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs digitize at up to 4= Hz in l£8it and Sbit direct to harddisk. Playback from HardDisk up to 15 channels n I63it 64 Times Overstamping, 16 sampling rates. Freq. Response 10 hz to 20khz. Simultaneous Record & «* 71‘TVo't Playback from HardDrive. '&) orders only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 REMEMBER! A-Care REPAIR £ UPGRADE SERVICE FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS 412-952-3176 EXPANSION The Only Expansion Device you need for your Amiga 4000 (or Amiga 3000) that provides High- Speed 040 Acceleration, up to 128 MegaBytes of Local 040 Burst Memory and the fastest SCSf-ll Controller Available! Why? Because all of this expansion is on a single board that installs into the CPU slot- Not a zorro III slot! FEATURES r r r Now add up to 5 SCSI devices like CD ROMs, removable medea drives, tape back-up systems and scanners without using the 'CPU slot" or an 'expantlon slot*. The DataFlyer SCSI+ card attacches to the IDE header and converts It to also run SCSI. Operate your original IDE AT drive at the same time. Easy PLUG-IN installation, includes esternal DB25 connector, hardware, cables and prep software. Avtalable for A1200 or aooo -J
- - ~r_
3. 5" Removable Media Syquest Hard Drive DATAFLYER A1200 External IDE Case Install Your Favorite1
3. 5" Hard Drive WarpEngine CVP 040 40 Fastlane YES NO NO YES NO NO YES NO YES YES NO YES YES NO NO YES NO NO YES NO NO 28MHz, 33MHz, 40MHZ versions 28MHZ Upgradable to 33 and 40MHz Expandable Onboard to l28MegaBytes Ram Built in SCSI-2 Hard Drive controller Uses Industry Standard SIMM Modules Uses any Combination of SIM MS Allows use of the Memory from the Amiga A4000 AT internal w cart A4000 2000 SCSI internal w cart $ 4S§ A4000 2000 SCSI external w cart 105Mb cartridge 28 Mhz. _ 2 times as fast as standard 4000 40..... 33 Mhz.... 2.5 times as fast as standard 4000 40.. 40 Mhz.... 3 times as fast as standard 4000 40.... High speed 68030 Accelerator b &Tzb 50MHZ 68030 MB RAM. Includes w MMU FPU 50 50 0 Realtime Clock TV Paint... NO FPU .....$ 79 14 MhZ 68881 ...$ 99 MBX 1200Z True State of the Art In Amiga 24 bit paint packages. The many feature of TV Paint include image Manipulation, Drawing Tools. Editing Tools, Emboss, Sharpen. Relief. Outline and much, much more! O o t df i pp ng a O If fff ifzf j.,. Battery Backup, dock & Calendar * RAM Expansion to 8MB of 32 Bit ram EXPANSION INTERFACE FOR THE CD32 259 MICROBOTICS This board assembly piugs on the back of the CD32, still allows the use of the CD32 Full Motion Video Module ihn its normal slot, and provides the interfaces from the unit: * internal-ide interface • EXTERNAL-RCB Video • IDE interface • Parallel interface • Floppy drive interface * 9-pin serial port • Plug for AT type 101 key keyboard • Audio Input to allow mixing of audio ? MULTlFRAME-ADPro Requires Art Department Professional or MorphPlus & Arexx -AmigaDos 2.04 or higher. Multi Frame fo' ADPro is a compositing iayering interface for video professionals i artists using ASOC s ADPro program as a compositing engine, improves ADPro s impressive array of compositing functions coniro up to 100 layers TRONICS The leaders in AMIGA Productivity Software OPUS Edge is an easy-to-use, professional-quality text editor ideally suited for notes, scripting and any other forms of text manipulation. Features include: unlimited number of files, unlimited number of windows file, infinitely configurable user interface, fast search & replace, full AREXX support with macro recording, AREXX controllability, multi-level undo, extensive "on-line" help, comprehensive paragraph formatting and MUCH more! Realize your full productivity with Directory OPUS! OPUS allows you to easily manipulate data files; display images; play sounds, ANIMS, BANIMS, and MODS; and launch programs from its powerful, yet easy to use interface. A "must-have" for hard drive owners. Use OPUS once, and you'll never want to be without it! (It's the best-selling software utility on the Amiga!) CanDo! GIGAMEM The CanDo software authoring package allows you to take advantage of the Amiga's powerful architecture, regardless of your technical abilities. You can program anything from a simple presentation to the most advanced professional application program in record time. In short, CanDo takes the guesswork and drudgery out of programming and lets the creative genius in you run wild. GigaMem virtual memory system lets your Amiga utilize unused hard drive space as RAM, eliminating the need for additional hardware! With Cigamem you can run memory-hungry programs (such as Art Department, Lightwave, CanDo and PageStream) without running low on memory. CanDo's scope and performance makes it a must for training, simulation and other applications. Requires an 020 030 040 based Amiga with MMU and OS version 2.1 or higher. Orders only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 9-9 Weekdays 10-8 Saturday 12 to 5 on Sunday ofifteiton ¦ Service Tips NOW N INCLUDES 3 FREE GAMES c rcwvta-€all Sfcyprtdrag CD32 ACCESSORIES DEEP CORE S3? MCKFALDOGOF 5*5 MUD FUDDLE HO MOUSE SH OefBEESQFTHEeBQlM S3? OSCAR S3? NCHT EtFORE CHRISTMAS SiO KEYBOARD Sm 0G3£riS S3? PEWTESGOO SJ9 FXEE3BA3 FfliVCESS $ ? KE'raWfcADtf'TEH VI RREPQHCE $ ?• REACH CUT FOB THE GOLD $ 3? SCARY POEMS VS Extra cchTHCLLEH sr gaouers ency vi sr. See*: s cectfcx v? Tme of peter RtfftT vz UOTON VIDEO MODULE CALL GSOUERSENCY V2 J'J) SJUCfTV SI- TscufSSAMO.S SX' EXPANSION INTERFACE Esf HSCHT W) SUMMER OLYMPICS S» MOVIES CD32 GAMES IKTEWiATKJWALKARATE Hi SUPER PUTTY SS KEOWREMOTTCH VIDEOMODVLE __KFAI JAMES POND 2 RC60C0D S3) TfX S3? APOCALYPSE MCW !39 ’JAMES JOHN BARNES SOCCER 139 BUCK RAIN SURRNNJAS S3? JufWSSISPARK S3) 89 FATAL ATTRACTION i?i JLTWEgaOTELOrfS S3-1 LAEYRNTHOfTiME M £ HJNT PCS RED OCTOBER Si?
• a MB RAM
• 1 1 mhl GSEC030 processor
- OualSpeed CD ROM Drive
* 11 Button Handheld Corrtoller ccjTwscre fw Cpaora Mou?e moot* xevocjro
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1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator recommended. Minimum system: 1MB, hard drive. Recommended system: 2MB, supported MIDI sampler, accelerator. Powerful 16-bit sample editor. The Sample Wrench (Wrench for short) is designed for musicians with 12- or 16-bit MIDI samplers and multimedia producers wanting to get the most out of the Amiga’s internal audio. It’s a solid 16-bit audio editor that oilers a wide range of file and transfer protocols. MIDI-In SCSI-Out Commodore’s Installer painlessly moves the Wrench setup (including scaled- down and accelerator-only versions) to your hard disk. (Surprisingly, the program even runs under Amiga DOS 1.3.) u _ ti The 3-D-style user interface is easy to comprehend. A click-to-from option allows a window to automatically pop to the top when selected, which is handy when several editors are open simultaneously. For time-intensive operations, a "percent done” display tells you whether to slick around or take a walk. In addition to supporting the MIDI- sample-dump standard, Wrench has dedicated drivers for Akai S612 S700 S900 S 1000 S 1100, Casio FZ-1, Roland S-50 S-70 770, Ensoniq EPS and 16+, Yamaha TX16W, Emu Fmax, Korg DSS-1, and Sequential Prophet 2000. Fearer's DMP SX, SXII, and SP are supported via the SMDl standard to interlace via SCSI, which is some 50 times faster than the agonizingly slow MIDI transfer rate. I wish that the SCSI interface of the EPS 16 + , my main sampler, had also been given SMDl support to give a similar performance boost. T was also disappointed that I could not load or save tmiltisamplcd layers and wave names or issue advanced commands to the EPS. On the other hand, owners of SimRize Al>516 boards get 16-bit audio playback right on the Amiga. Wrench reads and writes AIFF and Sound Designer Type 1 (popular Mac formats), single-octave SSYX, SMPI, (dissidents' nonproprieiarv format), and MSW1, an almost “raw” bit format with minimal header information. Most noticeably lacking is Windows’ .WAY sound J o format. In addition to the Amiga's internal serial port, Wrench can use the MIDI ports in The blue Ribbon SonndWorks’ Triple Play and One-Stop products, but only some drivers currently support this option. Waveform Editing Wrench's flexibility is evident in its design. You may edit up to eight different waves in separate windows and with cut, copy, and paste move data between them and six clipboard regions. Resizable windows allow for horizontal and vertical scrolling and zooming. A time axis shows seconds, minutes and seconds, words, SMPTE frames or time (all rates), and the amplitude scale is displayed in percent, absolute value, or decibels. The customizing doesn’t end there: Yon can also view Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT). Which aid in visualizing timbral changes over time. Moreover, you can plot a graph in its own window, depicting amplitude as a function of time for a number of frequencies, and if you pick your options well you can produce a tight web with a 3-
1) appearance. Window-border gadgets give quick access to sending, receiving, and triggering samples. You can perform the triggering with precision using the piano keyboard in a separate window (127 pitches) that also provides for the editing and display of note ranges, rool-kev definition, and O ’ sample fine tuning. A third option the Amiga's keyboard lets you play up to two samples at a time. The 18 items in the Functions menu provide access to the digital-signal-pro- ccssing (DSP) sound-editing features. Powerful options include fully parametric equalization, amplitude and time compression, pitchshift, and an arbitrary transfer-function generator. An enve- lope generator offers a trace function and allows freehand drawing. I found the enveloper and FQ to be effective tools for most of mv needs. The Wrench also provides advanced ? The Complete Acceleration Solution for your Amiga 4000 3000. The WarpEngine™ provides the Highest Speed 040 Acceleration available, with up to 128 MegaBytes of Local 040 Burst Memory™ and the Fastest SCSI-2 Fast HardDrive Controller Available! All of this WITHOUT using a single Zorro III Slot! LightWave, Real 3D & Imagine Users - Dramatically Incase your 3D Rendering Speed and reduce your load and save times wamatically! Take your Amiga system to Warp Speed with the WarpEngine4 40 running at 40MHz for over 30MIPS! U do 31) Rendering for video production and each frame can take an hour or longer to render on your 000 040. You’re working on a 30 second commercial with 900 frames. It will take 38 days to render lis 1 spot. Now you can install the WarpEngine 4040 into your rendering system and reduce your renting time by up to a factor of 3. Now this same spot only takes about 12 days to render. Time is oney and you have just reduced your rendering time by up to 3. Don’t wait - Get Warped NOW! Ow Fast it the WarpEngine™ . ,: 1 | | Jjfel f endering the texture example included A4000 040-25MHz &4ttinutes, 40 seconds rith LightWave: A4000Warp40MHz under a minute - approximately to faster! A4000Warp2SMHz 1 minuteV seconds - 2 Times Faster:' Diskspeed using 2.1Gig Barracuda Drive: Read frotrrftle: 9 Mbytes sec ci%Hvailable: up to 9 Tim rhe 40MHz and 33MHz versions include the 040 Processors with Fan-Sink, four SIMM sockets and tTPfc -- R SCSI-2 Fast HardDrive Controller. The 40 Mhz board requires-60ns Ram to work at its highest speed * increase your Rendering Speed lough you can insert wait states to use slower Ram. V using AdiVo fhe 28MHz WarpEngine™ comes without an 040 chip, four SsiMM s kets and tnfc ICR SCSI-2 . Reduce FramestoreVad and save ntroller. This allows you to use the 040 from your A4000 040 and also the Memory from theF fcherboard times dramatically.
• ou wish. This produces a 28MHz 040 Accelerator with 4 to 16MB of High S eed Local olo Burst Compatibility Compatibility
* Cmg&iLible with Lhe Video Toaster, Relilii Koisso, Emplant and OpalVisiS v
* Works in all IftHRnnd 4000 series Amigas. B
* Requires AmigaDns greater.
* Full Two Year Warrafvt-Boa rd WarpE ngine 4040 WarpEngine 3040 WarpEngine 4034 ’ gfc* . WiKpEijgine 03 SI395Jl»« mory™ and the fastest SCSI-2 HardDrive Controller available for the Amiga. TnK. WiIl double your • Cm Lible with the Video Toast idering Speed! Retina|gteso, Emplant and t is more cost effective to install a WarpEngine 4028 Accelera®j| ; a HardDrive controller membry board or one of each whicHEgJ te your Rendering System ' = Ram speed is actually slower*)t€ P an Amiga 4000 040 than to Miision slots and wjon't accel- ffllr 4028 is also upgradable to four different size SIMMs at only available from GYP. Phe WarpEngine™ uses standard 72 Pin SIMMs and allows th JJ same time. GYP uses much more expensive custom memory moi fhe NCR SCSI-2 Fast 32Bit DMA Bus Master Processor makes it the Fastest HardDrive Controller avail- e with a direct connection to the 68040 chip providing up to lOMB s Transfers with 90 )40 CPU Processing Power left available for Rendering! "JTT, 't,n i~Z~~ l-7r~ZZ2t . 40% UI WarpEngines are fully upgradable to 40MHz! L !labw,t ®ur compet.t,ve ti e-.n offers?, . R€alj}>iljr I FaslLj WarpEngine YES YES GVP-040 40 NO v NO _ '
- :;NO ¦ I YES j Memory Speed Much Faster than Amiga Ram Works in Amiga 3000 I } Zorro III DMA or Buster Problems Features__¦ 28MHz, 33MHz, 40MHz Versions_•_ 28MHz Upgradable to 33 or 40MHz _ Allows use of the Memory from the Amiga Uses a Zorro III slot I Expandable onboard to 128Megabytes Built in SCSI-2 Fast Hard Disk Controller Uses any Combination of SIMMs Uses Industry Standard Amiga SIMM Modules e speed of Ram installed on a Zorro 111 Memory board is about 30 to 40% slower than the Ram on fhe motherboard. 'GVP uses custom memory' modules that can up to 1.5 times as much as the standard memory used on WarpEngine. This memory can only be used on a GVP accel. Bd. The X-Calibur requires you to install IMMs at a time. The FastLane uses old 8Bit memory modules that must be installed 4 at a time. R E V I E vv s tools for the mystical craft of “looping familiar to those who venture beyond one-shot sampling; there's a special looping window and several cross-fade functions. A nice interactive feature is that you can change loop points during playback. Also, the Wrench fully supports Arexx in command mode and can send and receive Arexx commands. There are example scripts to integrate with Bars&Pipes and SunRize’s audio boards. You can even take the drudgery out of such mundane tasks as converting entire Transition DarkSoftware (distributed by Better Concepts), $ 59.95 All Amigas. 2-0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator recommended. Minimum system: 4MB, 68020. Recommended system: 4MB, hard drive, accelerator. Other formats are limited to 256 colors. When the program gets down to business, it uses two temporary Files that require about 2MB, depending upon the process. The image is converted into a PBM file; then additional processing creates a second PBM File, and that is converted into the destination format. 1 his is a time-consuming process; converting a JPEG 640x480 image to 16 colors took over Five minutes on a 68030-based Amiga, with no option for viewing the image before it is automatically written direct- ly to disk. By contrast, the same opera- sound libraries from one format to another. Arexx greatly enhances Wrench and distinguishes it from similar products on other platforms. Complaints in a Minor Key My gripe list is short. Some parameters, such as the manually entered frequency in the EQ, are not easy to handle, and changes in one window don’t automatically update related windows the key range, for instance. Furthermore, the custom requesters can be obscured and trashed when their parent window is sized too small. The full-size manual well organized, informative, and sprinkled with humor includes a tutorial, a glossary, and an index. It is not updated with the 2.1 enhancements, but these are detailed in a separate section. The online manual is simply a set of plain ascii files identical to the printed version; no browsing utility is included. There are a lot of reasons to consider Sample Wrench, not the least of which is its support for the SM1)I standard that allows sample transfers through SCSI ports. If your current sampler's tiny LC1> display or limited editing features are driving vou nutty, or if you’re ready to O i * t * perform sample format conversions, this is one Wrench to keep within reach. Darius Taghavy DarkSoftware’s Transition is designed for Amiga users interested in a batch cross-platform image converter who don’t need the speed, the options, or the pricetag of a full-blown image-processing package. The program’s limited image-processing capabilities include scaling, gamma, brightness, and the ability to turn an image into an emboss. Generic Appeal Don’t get me wrong I like the idea of having a “clebabelizer” type of program for the Amiga. Unfortunately, the number of formats that Transition converts is limited and hardly surpasses most public-domain conversion programs. The only unusual format it handles is PBMPlus a cross-platform format available on the Amiga in an extensive set of CLI commands. A look at the code in Transition's loaders and savers shows reference to utilities in the PBM suite, which confirmed the program’s claim as a front-end for PBM- derived code. In addition to PBM, Transition supports GIF, JPEG, PCX (ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush program format), and BMP (both Windows and OS 2 versions). 'Fhe fact that it supports so Few formats is perplexing, especially as it neglects so many obvious ones. Assuming that the PBM-compatible source code for formal conversions is available in the public domain, 1 question the logic for not including MacPaint, Taiga, or PICT formats. Put to the Test I First tried Transition on Texture Citv’s CD-ROM because I knew it contained several different formats. The only one Transition supported was PCX, and even that would not work. A quick look at the manual made it clear that Transition handles only 24-bit JPEG files; all TransitiotTs intuitive interface, tion in Art Department Professional (which displayed the image and required saving it to disk manually) took less than a minute. Alter each conversion process, or il an error occurs, all parameters are reset to their default values. If you forget to set the output file, or if you are trying brightness adjustments, you have to devote a goodly portion of time entering all the settings again. Furthermore, the height and width boxes display erroneous dimensions for JPEG images, the batch-processing option gives no indication of progress (though it seemed to work), and the program sporadically created corrupted Files. An Intuitionized front-end to the PBM utilities is a great idea, but tins product barely lakes advantage of its PBM capabilities. There’s plenty of room for growth in nearly every area. Q j t In the sparse but adequate nine-page manual, the developer states that more formats are planned for the future. Fd like to see support for more formats in the areas of loaders and savers. At this writing, it’s clear Transition is no match for the heavyweights, such as AD Pro and Imagemasler. Given time and some Fine-tuning, this low-cost alternative might show some promise in its next revision. Geoffrey Williams ¦ TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FR1. 9-6, SAT. 9-5CST CUSTOMER SERVICE 414-548-8125 ‘FAX 414-548-8130 Supm corporation [iJRJIabOtiCS SupraFAX Modem 14.4 Ext 189.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 LC Ext 155.00
V. FC28.8 Ext .....289.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext 139.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext FAX 149.00 Courier V.32 Terto Ext FAX..389.00 gfMffSEWI LOOKING FOR O Aminet Amiga CD 2 94 .....22.99 © Art Department Pm 2.5 ..149.00 0 Ultimate MOD Colleciion ,,.,24.99 0 GPFAX Generic 0 ASIM CD ROM FS .. 59.99 5599 0 Final Writer II ...... ...109.00 0AMOS Pro Compiler..... ......41.00 D FinaiCopyll ... 59.99 © The Settlers ......40.99 ©• Blitz Basic 2 .
89. 00 MICROPOLIS Seagate exa mm,* Beneath a Steel Sky ......41.99 Brutal Sports Football 34.00 Cannon Fodder ..36.99 Darkmere ..37.99 Frontier: Elite II ..37.99 Heimdahl 2 .37.00 Hired Guns .26.99 Jet Strike ....33.99 Legacy of Sorasil ...34.99 Liberation ...36.99 Star Dust ....25.99 Zool 2 ..34.99 Adorage 2.0 AGA .153.00 AmiBack 2.0 ......49.99 C Met 3.0 ..124.00 Can Do 2.5 124.00 ClariSSa 2.0 133.00 Composite Studio 129.00 Disk Expander ...37.99 Dynamic Motion Mod 1.5 ..139,00 HELM ..99.00 ImageMaster RT 82.99 Image Mirror ...129.00 Imagine 3.0 .....365.00 MediaPoint ......303.99 EjN,T,ER Tfl I NMElNkT, 4091 SCSI-2 Controller 299.00 Accel, Warp Engine 4040.1449.00 Accel, GVP 4000 040 4....1449.00 Accel, DKB 1240 ..339.00 AMAX IV ...374.00 Boing! Mouse ...75.00 Book: Ultimate AMOS 39.00 Drawing Board III 12" .579.00 Drive, HD External 155.00 Drive, Iomega Ext 589.00 Drive, Iomega Int 510.00 Drive, Syquest 5200S 200MB ..499.00 Drive, Syquest 3270 270MB 484.00 Emplant Deluxe 349.00 Genlock, G-Lock ...329.00 HardCard GVP4008 ....158.00 Joystick. Advanced Gravis...35.00 PageStream 3.0 ...233,00 Pegger ..73.00 Power Macros Lightwave ....91.00 Pro Conversion Pack ....55.00 ProPics .29.99 Pro Wipes Vol 1 .55.00 SAS C Development ...149.00 Scala MultiMedia 300 .399.00 Sparks .90.99 Super DJC 3 ......36.99 Sv ipes .82.99 Toaster F X ......124 00 Tandem CD Controller 99.99 With Mitsumi FXG01-D CD ROM Drive (2x) .....299.00 AllaDrive 3.5" Floppy.. 75.99 AlfaScan Plus 400 DPI Scanner Includes Touch-Up 189.00 AltaColor Hand Scanner ...299.00 Oktagon 2008 SCSI-II RAM Expansion Card ...139.00 MultiFaceCard III I O Card. 99.00 Mega Mouse 400 DPI 25 00 Mouse Joystick Switch 22 00 HflRDWfllRl ALFA DA TA a%migmph ColorBurst Color Scanner .449.00 ColorBurst v ;'OCR Jr 479.00 Scanner, B W400 0PI 199 00 Scanner, B Ww OCR Jr......239.00 Scanning Tray w Merge 89.00 Migraph OCR Software......145.00 Migraph OCR Software Jr ..95,00 MS 1200 Color Flatbed ....864,00 MS 2400 Color Flatbed ..1084.00 Kitchen Sync .1229.00 Little Magic Box ...649.99 Memory. 68030 ...225.00 Monitor. IDEK 17" ......979.00 Monitor, Electrohome 1962 ..499,00 DataRyer 105AT, Syquest Int 399.00 DataFlyer 1058 Syquest Int. ,464.03 Extra Cartridge 69.00 DataFlyer 500 8 .199.00 SCSJ+1200 4000 .....119.00 XDS 1200 74.00 ANIM Workshop 2.0 ...82.00 Pixel 3D 1.0 .82.00 Wave Maker 124.00 WaveLink ..79.00 EXPANSION d CD ROM 1 DRIVES & TITLES | Criinon 535 Drive Int.. ..379.00 Chinon 535 Drive Ext. ..489.00 NEC 3X Int ... ..479.00 NEC 3X Ext .. ..499.00 NEC 3XP Portable ..429.00 Plextor Int ..269.00 3D ROM (3D Models) ..189.00 ASIM CD ROM FS 2.0 ...55.99 Audio Gallery ...... ...55,00 CDX-lnstall FS. ...55.99 Elysian Archive ... ...19.99 Fresh Fish ...20.00 Frozen Fish .. ...20.00 Gold Fish . ...20.00 Transition CD ...... ...45.00 QuikForms CD ..... ...54.99 Texture Heaven ...55.00 MultiStart II ...26.00 OpalVision .....395.00 Video Processor Mod ....995.00 Personal Anim Recorder...1599.00 Persona! Component Adapt 259.00 Picasso II 2MB ..500.00 Printer, Primera 759.00 Retina Z3 719.00 SuperGen SX .685.00 Tape Drive, Archive 250...364.00 Toccata 16 .....449.00 Fontasia 300 ,..59.00 MIDI Cable ......10.00 MIDI Interface ...42.00 Modem, 14.4 FAX including GPFAX ......275.00 Mouse. Swifty 3-Button......29.00 Power Supply 2000 155.00 Micro R. & D. PRODUCTIVITY AMAX 4 .. Color Macintosh Emulator...5329.99 AmrBack v2.0 ..... 41 99 AmiBack Tools ......4199 AmiBack AmiBack Tools Bundle .. Bundle Saves S23.99! 53.99 Batch Factory .34 99 CrossDOS v5.0 w.Cross PC . 34 99 DevPac 3 Assembler ...75.99 Directory Opus v4.1 .....57.99 Distant Suns v5.0 ...... 57.99 Edge Pro Text Editor from INOVAtronics 59.99 ENLAN DFS v2 0 Ethernet Software .249.99 Final Copy II Release 2 .All-Time Best Seller!.....59.99 Final Writer Release 2.0 .. 105.99 GP Fax Software (Class 1 & 2) .....59.99 Home Front v2.5 ...32.99 Office 3 (AGA) ...5 Applications in 1 79 99 PC Task v2.0 .....Color VGA SVGA Emulator! 29 99 PHASAR v4.1 Home Finances!.....47 99 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 19 99 SAS C v6.5 Development System w C+- ....249 99 Studio Printer Software by MacroSyslem Development 59.99 AMIGA & CD:: GAMES Arctic Baron ...Reduced $ 7.00!. S27.99 Beneath the Steel Sky . 15 Disks!......38.99 Chaos Engine (AGA) ......33.39 Chuck Rock II (CD32) ..31.99 Cool Spot ...29.99 D Generation (AGA) .. 26.99 Darkmere... ..38.99 Diogers (CD32) .....3199 Donk (CD32) ..... 3199 Frontier: Elite 2 (CD32) ...31.99 Excellent Games 4-Fack 38.99 Genesia 27 99 Global Effect (CD32) ...31.99 Hired Guns 34.99 Lemmings II ..34.09 Liberation (AGA) . 29.99 Lords ol Power 4-Pack 34.99 Lotus Turbo III . 19.99 Mortal Kombat ...27.99 Mr. Nulz (AGA) 28 99 Pmbail Fantasies (AGA) ......31.99 Settlers .. 3B.99 Stardust ....26 99 Strides & Spares ..34 99 Three StoogesKmg ol Chicago bundle ...17.99 Total Carnage (AGA) ...29.99 Turricart 3 . 27 99 Wing Commander 26 99 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Art Department Professional v2.5 by ASDG .....S147 99 ADPro Pro Conversion Pack v2.5 by ASDG . 49 99 Aladdin 4Dv3 2 ..249.99 Amm Workshop v2.0 by Axiom ..Great Reviews!......89 99 Caligan 2 ...49 99 Caligan 24 .....Bestseller!.. .129.99 Crouton Tools 4000.-...... Incredible! 39.59 15: :::F i ¦ ¦ ¦¦¦¦ DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC Personai Animation Recorder (PAR) S1.559.99 ¦ Bundled with Conner 540MB HD ...1.949.99 Bundled with Mlcropolis 976MB HD .... 2.279,99 Bundled with Micropolis 1 626GB HD ..2,499 99 Personal TBC IV (VT2600) ..799.99 Personal TBC III (VT2500) ..669.99 Personal V-Scope (VM2000) ......599.99 Personal Component Adapter (DC2350) ......249.99 Personal Series Remote Control (RC2O0O) 249.99 DIGITAL e R E ft T I O K I Brilliance v2.0 New! No copy protectionI SC ALL Kitchen Sync ...High Quality Dual TBCs!... 1.249.99 Video Slot Box BLOWOUT PRICING! 799 99 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE (Cont...> Deluxe Paint IV v4,1 by Electronic Arts ......5117.99 Deluxe Pant IV AGA v4.5 by Electronic Arts ......119.99 Disney s Animation Studio .....31.99 Epson Scanner Pack by ASDG . 119.99 Hanna Barbara’s Animation Workshop ...39.99 Hollywood FX ..New!......379.99 Imagine 3 0 .379.99 UghtRave v3,1 .. 329.99 MONTAGE vl .02 for Toaster .....319.99 MONTAGE Fonts .....119.99 MONTAGE PostScript Module Reduced $ 30.00! 169.99 PEGGER - Automatic JPEG Compression . 64 99 Pixel 3D Pro v 1.0 ... 64.99 Real 3Dv2.4 399.99 Sparks lor L ghtwave 3D ..Particle Animation!.....87 99 Swipes! For "easier.., .... 99.99 T-Rexx Pro v2.15 for Toaster .... 119.99 ToasterFX In Stock!.....119.99 Transition ...39.99 WaveLink • Two node render farm for Lightwave 3D .....69.99 WaveMaker ‘or LightWave 3D by Axiom ...119.99 GRAPHICS HARDWARE AliaColor 400dpi Color Hand Scanner by AlfaData 5219.99 AlfaScan 80Cdpi w Scan 8 Save by AlfaData ...149.99 AlfaScan Plus 400dpi wiTouch-Up 8 OCR by AlfaData 169.99 GVR-S950 S-VHS Animation VTR by Sanyo .CALL Amiga 4000 Hard Drive Blowout!! These Drives Have Been Tested For Use With The A-'.OOO' 210MB Conner IDE CP210A 14ms 32KB S229.99 212M8 Western Digital IDE AC1210 13ms 219.99 260MB Seagate IDE ST3290A 16ms 239.99 270MB Quantum IDE LPS270AT 12ms 128KB ..259.99 273MB Maxtor IDE 7273A 13ms 256KB ......279.99 420MB Conner IDE CP420A 13ms 32KB 299.99 540MB Quantum IDE LPS540AT 12ms 128KB ..379.99 540MB Conner IDE CFA540A 12ms 256KB 379.99 546MB Maxtor IDE 7546A 12ms 256KB ......419.99 m NswIek I incorporated!’ Toaster 3.1 Upgrade ..$ 499.99 ,s 3o > ¦ Lightwave 3D Amiga H| Standalone .s549.w GRAPHICS HARDWARE (Com...} Kitchen Sync ¦ Dual TBC by Digital Creations S1.249 99 Little Magic Box HI8 (formerly Y C++) by Prime Image 649 99 Personal Animation Recorder (PAR) by DPS ...1,559.99 Personal Component Adapter by DPS ...Save) ......249.99 Personal Editor by Nucleus ..539.99 Personal Single Frame Controller (SFC v2,5) by Nucleus.. 3 9.99 Personal TBC IV oy DPS ......799.99 Personal V-Scope by DPS . 699.99 Picasso II 2MB 24-bit Graphics Card by Expert Services 479 99 Prime Image TBC PCB Y C S-VHS Reduced $ 50! . 799.99 Retina 23 4MB 24-bit Graphics Card ...659.99 SuperGen SX by Digital Creations ..669.99 Vidi Amiaa 12 (RT) ......NEW! 217.99 Vidi Amiga 24 (RT> NEW! 301.99 Y C Plus S-VHS HiB ....749.99 MUSIC, MfDf & SOUND Bars 8 Pipes Professional v2.5 ..New Version!....5229.99 Deluxe Music v2.0 by Electronic Arts ..89.99 One Stop Music Shop by Blue Ribbon Scundworks .....575.99 AD516 Studio 16 v3 0 by SunRize .1.199.99 AD1012 Studio 16 v3.0 by SunRize ..499.99 Super Jam1 v1.1 by Dr. T s .... 74 99 PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES 1202 0KB No FPU ‘Of A1200 by DKB ...S129 99 AllaDrive 3.5’ Ext 8B0KB FD by AlfaData .....74.99 AllaOplic 3-Butlon Optical Mouse by AlfaData ......39 99 4000 C- Commodore AMIGA A4000 040 25MHz 210MB HD 6MB RAM .. $ CALL Our 8es! Seller - Perfect Starter System' A4000 040 25MHz 270MB HD 6MB RAM .....CALL Superior HD Performance on this Model1 A4000 040 25MHz 540MB HD 10MB RAM ..CALL Best Price Performance for Graphics Enthusiasts' A4000 040 40MHz270MB HD 18MB RAM ...CALL Powered by Warp Engine lor Maximum Power & Expandability' PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES (Com ..) AllaPen 3-Button Optical Pen Mouse by AlfaData ...... S54.99 Amiga Analog Joystick by Konix ....16.99 Amiga Gamepad by Gravis ....19-99 AT-Bus2008 IDE HD Ctrl O'BMB RAM Card by AlfaData .64.99 Aulo Kickstart Plus - A500 2000 ROM Switch by AlfaData 19 99 Cordless Mouse 3-Button by AlfaData 49.99 Crystal Trackball 3-Button by AliaData 45.99 DataFlyer 4C00SX SCSI Controller (A200Q 3000r400Q) ..79 99 DataFlyer 4000SX25 SCSI Controller w Ext D625 .94.99 DataFlyer XDS A1200 External 3.5' HD Chassis K.i 69.99 DataFlyer 1Q5SQ IDE SyQuest HD . 379.99 DataFlyer 105SQ SCSI SyQuest HD ..439 99 Drawing Board 3 (12‘x12') by TriMedia 549.99 Drawing Slate (6'x9") by TriMedia .....349.99 FASTLANE 23 Fast SCSI-2 w 0.256MB for A3000 4000 ... 529 99 MegaChip w 2MB Agnus (NTSC) by DKB ....219.99 MegaMouse 260dpi 2-Button MK-II by AliaData ...19.99 MegaMouse 400dpi 2-Button by AlfaData Best Seller!....24.99 MultiFaceCard III I O board (2 Serial 1 Parallel) by AlfaData 89.99 Oktagon2008 SCSI2 Ctrl & 0 8MB RAM Exp by AlfaDala ....139.99 Sale Skins (Keyboard protection for all Amiga models) 19.99 SCSI Cable 50 Pin External Centronics ..14 99 Sync Strainer 23 15 Pm Monitor Adapter by Pro Vue 49.99 YCP-GA Y C Monitor Adapter NEW! ..89.99 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS (GVP) 40MHz 68882 FPU lor A1230 Series I ......S129 99 40MHz 66882 FPU lor A1230 Senes li .134.93 50MHz 68882 FPU lor A1230 Series II .139.99 A1230 Tu'bo Plus Series II40 04 ..499.99 A1230 Turbo Plus Series II 50.0.4 ....659 99 A1291 Series II SCSI Option ..92.99 A4008 SCSI Controller + RAM Card A2000 4000 ...139.99 DSS-8+ Audio Digitizer 74.99 EGS 110 24 4M3TGraphics Card for A2000 Accelerate' 699.99 EGS Spectrum 2M3 A2000 4000 369.99 FaaastPOM Kii A2000 ..... - ..34.99 G-FORCE A2000 030 40 40 4,-0 Accelerator ......609 99 G-FORCE A2000 040 33 33 4 0 Accelerator w, SCSI-2 1.069.99 G-FORCE A2000 040 33 33'16 0 Accelerator w SCSI-2 ...1,939.99 G-FORCE A4000 040 40 40 4 0 Accelerator ...999.99 dZ G-FORCE A4000 040 40 40 16 0 Accelerator ..2.210.00 G-FORCE A4000 96MB RAM Module vtl 16MB 1,239.99 G-FORCE A4000 96MB RAM Module wI 4MB ...449.99 G-FORCE A4000 SCSI Option ...419.99 G-FORCE SIMM 16MB 60ns 32-bil ....CALL G-FORCE SIMM 4MB 60ns 32-bit CALL G-FORCE SIMM 1MB 60ns 32*bit CALL G-Lock Genlock .. 299.99 Hard Drive Mounting Bracket lor G-FORCE A2000 Acce 41 99 ImageFX 1.5 ......199.99 ImaceFX Tutorial VHS Tapes .51.99 10 Extender 2 A2000 4000 ..114.99 10 Extender 2 Serial Kit ..24.99 PhonePak VFX 2.0...... 239.99 TBC Plus ...629.99 TBC Plus VRAM Option .219.99 TBC Plus Comb Filter Option .. 79.99 By trepulse New version of the mosl popular 3D design, rendering and animation software! ATBUS2008 Complete Kit - Nothing Else to Buy! Ki! Includes internal CD-ROM Drive the AkaOata TANDEM Controller m n 11111 Excellent enhancement for Toaster CG Montage v1.02 ..
- -- Composite Studio ,...519.99
4. 93
4. 99
19. 99
4. 99
4. 99
19. 99 ToaslerPainl! Create professional backgrounds with amazing ease. Combine, resize and arrange Framestore or RGBs! St 29.99 Dozun-u of Pfiuuu fluduuod] ALL SALES FINAL! DEFECTIVES FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY' CLEARANCE:!!! Hot New Additions to the List! 1 08G Fujitsu SCSI-2 M2694E3A ..5599 99 120Mb Quantum SCSI HD LPS120S 159.99 44 Pin IDE Cable for Amiga 600 or 1200 ..5.75 Advanced Gravis Switch joystick for Amiga ..29.99 Amitole - Protective Carry Bag tor Amiga"1084 1942 49.99 Amm Workshop 2.0 by Axiom Software 69,99 Bari (Simpson) vs the World ..... 24.59 Bundle. A-Tram + Construction Set by Maxis (P1!) . 34.99 Caligari 2 - 3D Design Rendermg "Special Offer’ ..49.99 Cocoon by DevWare .. 49.99 Conflict in Korea: The First Year 1950-51 .. 11.99 Dataflyer 105S Syquesl Removable Interna! Kit ..379 99 Datafiyer 105S-C Syquest Remov. Int w SCSI Card ......429.99 Dataflyer 4000SX SCSI Controller 2000 3000 4000 .69.99 DKB 3128 - 0 128Mb Zorro 3 RAM Card 4000 3000 .....249.99 Hired Guns - Ultimate Multi-Player RPG (Hi-Tech) ...29 99 Kickstart Selector 1.3 2.X ROM Switch ..6 99 Piccolo 24bit Graphics Card by DKB (only t left) 399.99 PIV-2001 Video Editing System ...1799.99 Pro Video CGII - Hi-res Character Generator . 99.99 R-Paint - Arexx Programmable Paint Software ....34.99 Street Fighter 2 (Lots of Face Smashing!) ......17.99 Strikes & Spares - Great Bowling Simulation .24.99 Vektor Storm - Awesome Tempest Clone ......14.99 Video Slot Box for Toaster 4000: Digital Creations .799.99 WaveTools - 16bit Ajdio Processing • Awesome' ...269 99 X-MEM Virtual Memory System (Requires Accel MMU) 39.99 CLEARANCE: Accolade Software Special Blue Angels: 3D Formation Flight Simulation .S4.99 Elvira II bundled with Hint Book 9,99 HoverForce - Top Gun meets Blade Runner in 3D' .. 4 99 Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 bundled with Vol. 1 to 5 ..19.99 Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes (Mam Program) ..9.99 Tuetf £« Stoc4! S07Q 99 Prme _, I Little Magic Box auuSAIMi itntKJi E? 1 Add Y C In & Out to your taking up a slot! Formerly known 15 v.C 4 4 Little Magic Box SVHS Toaster Adapter 049. BLOWOUT PRICING! CLEARANCE: Accolade Software Special (Cont...) Pu-Fighter by Tengen - No. 1 Arcade Coin-op Hit .S7.99 Shadowfands- Incredible RPG Experience by Domark ....19.99 Super Space Invaders - An Amazing Sequel ...9.99 Tengen s Arcade Hits: KLAX. AP8. ToobirY & 2 more 9.99 The Graphics Studio - Beginners Panting Software ...2.99 Vol. 1 Oak Hill and more • Jack Nick aus’ Golf .4.99 Vol. 4 Great Courses US Open - Jack Nickfaus' Golf ..4,99 CLEARANCE: Amiga Machine Specific Hardware A4000 Toaster Cozzy Expansion Chassis 5399.99 A500. 20QG: Drive Boot Selector Switch from DF1 2 3 ......14.99 A600: Kickstart Switch -1.2 1 3 2.x ROM Switcher .9.99 Supra Power PC Board - Hardware PC Emulator .99.99 CLEARANCE: Amiga Video Tapes and Books Amiga Graphics Inside and Out (Programming) ..S14.99 MulliMedia Workbook ....4.99 CLEARANCE: Application Software PAL Pro-Net Persona! - CAD Schematic Capture ...S49.99 Professional Calc 2.0 AGA Spreadsheet 59.99 Quma Version Control Utility and File Manager ......7.99 Superbase Personal 2 v3.0t .. 29.99 Temphcity Spmadsheet Templates v2.0 lor MaxiPlan 9.99 CLEARANCE: Games Allred Chicken by Mindscape = Euro] ..... Atomino - Strategy at the Molecular Level' .. Barbarian II by Psygnosis .. Beast Lord by Grandsiam (Euro) - Different Blastar! By Core - Awesome Parallax Arcade Action Blob - Addictive Strategy Arcace Action ... Deep Core by ICE (Euro) - Outstanding Intro, .... CLEARANCE: Amiga Video Tapes and Books (Cont...) VHS: Dazzle • A Video Kaleidoscope (Ortg. Music) S3 99 Visionary Handbook (Oxxi) 4,99 Auto Mouse Joystick Switch Use a mouse and joystick in the same porl! AlfaOptic 3-Button, 300 dpi w'Oplical Pad CLEARANCE: Games (Cont...) Hook (The Movie) ¦ Peter Pan in Neverland Again 54.99 Morph AGA ..g.gg Nicky 2- Euro Title .9.99 OVERDRIVE by Infacto * Superb Arcade Action! ..14.99 Overkill AGA ...... 7.99 PAL - Fighter Duel Amiga .. 9.99 Prime Mover by Psygnosis ...... 3.99 Push-Over: Featuring G.l Ant - Arcade Mind Teaser ..2.99 Red Zone by Psygnosis • 3D Racing Action * ...4.99 Shadow of the Beast III by Psygnosis .14.99 Star Trek 25th Anniversary AGA (HD Required) .....19,99 The Addams Family Arcade Game .4.99 The Games ‘92: Espana - 30 Events? ...7.99 Whale's Voyage by NEO (Euro) - Super Enhanced AGA ..9.99 CLEARANCE: Hardware, Peripherals and Accessories 2 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch S19.99 341M Seagate IDE ST3390A 12ms ...249.99 4 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch .....29.99 AllaScan 400DPI Hand Scanner w Touch Up .....139.99 AlfaScan Migraph OCR Upgrade (Junior) ......19.99 Edmark TouchWindow - Amiga Touch Screen ....199.99 GTCO Ultima 12x12 Drawing Tablet lor Amiga .149.99 GTCO Ultima 12x18 Drawing Tablet for Amiga .199.99 Replacement Power Supply for SupraModem 2400 (US) ..3 99 True Mouse - 2 Button Amiga Mouse .14.99 CLEARANCE: Music. MIDI ancf Sound Related Bundle Bars & Pipes Pro 1,0 w13 Add-Ons 599.99 Music X - Integrated MIDI Sequencer and Librarian 29.99 CLEARANCE: Video and Toaster Related Products ASDG's ScanLab 100 Ctrl Interface lor Sharp JX-100 ...S19.99 Autoscript ¦ Postscript to 3D Trans!ation ...9 99 Digi-View Gold v4.0 lor PAL Systems .39 99 Media Station (Digi-View) for PAL Systems ...59.99 PIXEL 3D Professional vl.Q - OEM Vers No Box ....64.99 Scene Generator v2.11 19.99 SpectraColor • Advanced HAM Painting Software ...24,99 Toaster Video Music Box v1 6 - Composition .19.99 Video Director - Editing System w Hardware .. 59.99 Visionaire • 2D Morphing and Deformation (Impulse) ......19.99 Zuma Font Pack Volume 1 (Bitmap) ...14.99 Zuma Font Pack Volume 2 (Bitmap) ...14.99 POLICIES VISA m J ij r a ci 1 Wy-L1 fc! A ,1
I. ,l Ll ' J 11 I I VISA. MaslerCaid and Discover accepted. No surcharge on credit card orders Credit card is not charged until order ships. $ 5.00 COD lee. Cash only Prices are subject to change without notice Call lor current pricing. We are not responsible lor typographical errors. L5°-o restocking fee tor items returned and not exchanged for same. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Returns accepted tor 10 days alter invoice date. 14 ¦ . J jT SHIPPING* UPS 0-5 lbs SS OO GROUND 6-20 lbs . Add Sl.OOffli over 5 lbs Over 20 lbs add 50c4b over 20 lbs Monitors ...515.00 Computers . 518.00 UPS Blue 2-day or UPS Red Next-Day shipping also available Cali for our low shipping rales’ ' Ra3ss nopry to onSm sTwpp d wtthn ttw cortkwnM U. S. orty Game Preserve By Peter Olufson, AW Games Editor Beneath a Steel Sky
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copyprotection. BENEATI1 A STEEL Sky (Vir- gin UK. About $ 40) is heavy. Physically heavy. This masterful graphics adventure from Revolution. Coders of Lure of the 'Temptress and the Amiga version of Kings Quest VI, weighs in at a record fifteen disks (three more than The Adventures oi Willie beamish), and is fully six times the size of Lure. OK, so I sound like the back of an old Psygnosis manual. And, of course, size is meaningless if there’s no substance. But Steel Sky, designed with comic-book author Dave Gibbons (The Watchman), is also heavy in atmosphere. The subject matter is distinctly dark (though it is handled with a charming light touch). You play an unassuming fellow named Robert Foster, who is kidnapped from his home in a wasteland called The Gap whose residents adopted him as a child after the ’copter crash that killed his mother by security forces from the city. On the way out, they decimate the desert community. Something very strange is going on here. But again you prove lucky with ’copters. The security craft crashes while landing, and you’re free. But you’re in an unfamiliar place a dead-end walkway atop the city’s recycling plant, with one exit guarded, another leading to a plat- Robert Foster laces an oppressive futuristic world in “Sky.” form high in the air and a third, inaccessible, appearing to lead to the furnace. Your robot companion. Joey, has been reduced to a circuit board by the attack on The Gap. And you’re being sought by unpleasant men with guns for reasons you don’t understand. At this point, you’re not even sure who you are. But. As you will learn after completing the First sequence, you do have an ally somewhere. Thaf s a classical adventure-game structure, and it’s handled Lion heart That's a better name than its creators may have known. When released in Europe a couple of years back, this German-born arcade adventure |Thaiion USA, S39.95) represented the pinnacle of the form. In mid-1994, following its release here, it's still there. Lionheart indeed. The game itself is more or less a traditional arcade adventure "single white male with sword seeks long sideways walk; no smokers" but the presentation is extraordinary. The three difficulty levels don't simply pump in different numbers of the same enemies, but reinvent the game in significant ways. The "secret" areas are agreeably difficult to find, often requiring leaps of faith = or foolhardiness}. And the game has a wonderful leathery look: The foreground graphics are a glossy gray-green, which manages to suggest an ages-old accumulation of dead things, with parallax-scrolling clouds above, rising and falling (and refracting) water below, and purplish mountains to the rear. You'd swear it was AGA. Amberstar Before Ambermoon (previewed in March), there was Amberstar (Tha ion USA, $ 24.95). The notable difference between this German-built role-playing game (just recently released in the US) and the followup is that the sequel made extensive use of Legends of Valour-style free-scrolling. This one, which dates back a couple of years, uses the square-by-square shuffle that predated it. Which is not to say Amberstar seems old. The strengths of the sequel are in many cases strengths of the original among them shifting points- of-view, intelligent automapping, point-and-click conversations, intuitive inventory, nice graphics, and a pleasant mixture of tidiness and bigness to its dimensions. At the same time, combat can be stupefyingly dull, the perspective sometimes disjointed the characters you meet in the 3-D bits all seem child-size and the game's a mite too fast on an ’030-based machine to control easily. ? A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for Improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time. $ You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 FAX 610-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA ' ' ... .««N«rrv. ... . ; . AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4-Eastern Commodore : m
• There may be uncertainty at Commodore, however, you can rest assured of Software Hut’s continumg upport of ail Amiga owners with a large inventory, good pricing, and same day shipping. Monthly Specials $ 589.00
299. 00
159. 95 Call Call
25. 00
139. 95
229. 00 2000
17. 95 Amiga 4000 040 Computer “,"e A4000 040 25Mz 6Mb BAM: Call The following options include complete installation A testing at no additional charge. Your warranty stays in effect. No hidden charges at Software Hut. 250Mb Hard Drive - $ 259.00 • 345Mb Hard Drive - $ 339.00 540Mb Hard Drive - $ 489.00 * Each additional 4Mb Module - $ 169.00
829. 00
529. 00
529. 00
735. 00
249. 00
699. 00
549. 00 33900
125. 00
259. 95 37995
439. 00 479 00 A4000 040 LC ModeI Call for configurations! Available at a super price: Call Micro botics A1200 Accelerator M1230 Accelerator w 33Mz CPU & 68882 FPU - $ 285.00 2Mb RAM - $ 99.00 * 4Mb RAM * $ 159.00 • Call for other configurations Super Graphics Bundle We have made a SPECIAL PURCHASE of: TV Text Professional 1.0 A Deluxe Paint 3 V3.21 Great for the low-end video producer for titling, drawing, & animation. Originally sold for $ 299.00 Now Only $ 44.95 I ( > a x o 5 O H C 5 3 O C Copyright l994.u.ihWri!cn, lot All Righls Reserved A600 1200 Int. Floppy Drive $ 69.95 A60Q 1200 Keyboard (Specify) 29 95 A2 000 A3000 Keyboard 59.95 A4000 Keyboard 67.95 A2000 Complete Case NEW 59.95 A2Q00 Int. Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Int. Floppy Drive 69.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 A3000 Power Supply 109.00 A400G Power Supply 69.00 CBM Amiga Model Mcine 18.DO Golden Imaoe Amiga Mouse 29.95 Swifty 3 Button Mouse 24.00
• Alfa PowBr HD Systems
• RAM to Bmb • Case & Software
* Same specs as GVP HC8 A500 Alla Power w 60Mb HD $ 269.00 Alfa Power w 130Mb HD $ 299.00 Alfa Power w 250Mb HD $ 359.00 Additional RAM ai SJ8. Per MO Add SlO.OOfor configurating & formatting DKB Power Computing
1. 76Mb Capacity * 1 Year W'ty Faster than Commodore's model Requires OS 2.1 or higher Internal-$ 159.00 External ¦ $ 169.00 Commodore Models Call to be placed on waiting list. 1 Mb Agnus 8372A $ 37-95 Super Denise 8373 2895 CIA 8520 chip
8. 50 Gary 5719 chip
13. 95 Paula or Denise chip
18. 95
1. 3 ROM chip
21. 95 2 04 ROM chip wAVire
32. 95
2. 05 ROM - no wire
34. 95 Super Busier Rev 11
54. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8
35. 00 Video Products DCTV $ 289.00 DPS Perionil Animilior Controller CtII Hotronic PC-TBC 0 PC-TBC Y C Call OpalVision (Comes w Free Montage) 429.00 Personal TBC 4 Picasso 2Mb Retina 4Mb Retina Z3 RocGen Plus Genlock SuperGen SX Toaster 3.1 Upgrade Toaster Toolbox 4000 Vidi 12 AGA Vidi Amiga 12 RT Vidi Amiga 24 RT Vlab Y C Vlab Y C External CBM Parts & Peripherals AMIGA HD Floppies Special Have access to thousands ot CD-ROM based Fish Disks, programs, chp art, fonts, photos, pics, & more. Compatible with all popular Amiga SCSI controllers.
• HEC CDR-25 Mini, lor Media Vision
• Eil w Power Supply, Headphone Jack
• Cabling lor axlerni125 pin SCSI port
• Supports Single Session Photo CO
• Uniipeed 650Ms Acc,.7Mb i Transfer $ 119.95
• NEC CDR-210 Internal CD-ROM
• Doublespeed 38QMs Access
• 1.5Mb i Transfer Rale
• SCSI or SCSI 2 ConneclabUlly
• MutliSesslon Photo, Headphone Jack $ 209.95 External model w cabfing $ 309.95 CD-ROM Drivers ASIM CDFS 2.0 w Fish MOOD $ 55.0Q XelecCDFS 2.0 w Fish 1-950 55.00
J. 5* SCSI Hard Drh n Quantum 120Mb HD SieS.OO Quantum 170Mb HD 219 00 Quantum 270Mb HD 289.95 Quantum 340Mb HD 359 95 Maxtor 120MB HD 169.00 Bernoulli Dnves Call SyQuest 88 44 5110C HD 279.95 SyQuest 88Mb Cartridge 92.95 SyQuest 105Mb HD 339.95 SyQuest 105Mb Cartridge 79.95 Dual Bay Exiemal Case 109 00 Single Bay External Casa 95.00
J. 5* IDE Hird Drives DataFfyer SyQuest 105 HD 339.00 Seagate 260Mb 3290A HD 259.00 Micropolis 2210A 1Gig 799.95 MicropoliS 2217A 1.7Gig 1129.00
2. Sr IDE Hard Drives We Stock 2.5" IDE Hds lor A600 & A1200. Call for availability. It you do not see we dnve you are looking tor please call for availability A5QQ At000 Peripherals Big Foot 200W Power Supply $ 84.95 Commodore A50Q Power Supply 37.95 A500 Case complete w shieldmg 23 00 A500 Infernal Replacement Dnve 49.95 A500 Keyboard 29.95 RocTec External Floppy Drive 89.00 A570 CD-ROM 99.95 A1000 Case w Shielding 29 95 AI 000 Motherboard 49.95 A1000 Daughterboard 24.95 A1000 Power Supply 39.95 AI050 256K RAM Expansion 35 00 NEC CD-ROM Single Double Blowout Toaster Systems Call tor details on our complete Toaster systems! Hard Drives IDE & SCSI Modems A Networking AmigaLink Starter Kit - 2 Nodes $ 259,00 AmigaNel Ethernet Card 309.00 A2060 ArcNet Board 69.95 GP Fax Soltware - Class 1 4 2 59.95 Smart One Fax 9600 Modem 2 400 79.00 Sporster 14.4 Fax Modem 225.00 Supra Fax Modem 14.4 225.00 Supra Fax Modem 28.8 359.95 Power Supplies A Expansion Boards A2000 3DOW Power Supply $ 149.00 Emplant Deluxe Emulator 379 00 266K HD MAC ROMS lor Emplant 289.00 IBM Emulation for Emplant Call DKB Megachip w 2Mb Agnut Call DKB 3128 RAM Exp A3000 4000 319.00 DKB 4091 Z3 SCSI-2 Ca'd 369.00 FastLane 23 SCSI-2 RAM A3 4000 519.00 Multilace III I O Extender 85 00 Supra Turbo 28 A500 01A2000 159 00 Toccata 16 479.95 A2620 020 Accelerator w 2 Mb 199.00 i-Forca 040 33M 4Mb $ 1049.00 Foret 030 40M; 4Mb RAM 649.00 Rl'Ut AU'l'l l';tVs'jYW4LL VP SfMM 32 4Mb 60Ht 225.00 GVP SIMM 32 T6Mb 60Ns 1069.00 Spectrum 28 24 EGS 2Mb 389.00 G-Lock 349.00 GVP 0SS8+ Sound Digitizer 89.95 Phone Pak v2 279.00 I O Extender 109.00 11230 SCSI Ser2 40Mz 4Mb 479.00 11230 SCSI Ser2 50Ml 4Mb 599.00 .11291 SCSI Controller lor 1730 95.00 FPU 5DMz for 1230 Accelerator 115.00 :GVP 4008 SCSI Controller 149.00 Jn Stock: Electrchome 1440 MuJtiSync, .ZSdp, Auto-syncs lo ALL Amiga resolutions Including Super 72 • 1 Year Warranty $ 499.00 1Q84S - Call for Availability fDEK 17" Monitor, IP or SP $ 999.00 A1200 Peripherals CSA 12 Gauge 50Mz w SCSI DKB 1240 Accel 40Mz CPU 0KB 1202 881 20Mzw ClDCk DKB • Other Configs w Memory RAM -1. 4, Bmb for above DKB-The Clock TorAI 200 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb IDE Cable A Sofrware- 600 1200 15-23 Pm Converter
2. 1 Software 6 Muferlng AmlgiDOS Reference Manual $ 40.00
2. 1 Software & Mattering AmlgaOOS Reference Manual & 2.04 ROM 74.95 Multi-Stan 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 Electrohome Monitors WB2 Upgrades We have the perfect repair kit for A50Q users, available now. It comes complete with all new parts, consisting of:
• A500 Case
• All necessary RF shielding
• Keyboard Assembly
• Internal Floppy Drive
• Limited Quantities 559,35 Only slightly more than an internal floppy drive. Great for backup and or replacement. L Add $ 9.00 Shipping lor each Repair Kit We have obtained a limited quantity of NEW bulk packed A2000 computers. Complete with:
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• 2.0 ROM & ECS ChipSet
• 1Mb Chip RAM
• Full 90 day Warranty $ 389.00 Cail for alternate configurations. A 2 ¦1i)';1 1 Dr. T's Music Bundle Includes KCS V3 & Copyist Apprentice Originally sold lor $ 469.00 Special Price $ 69.95 Amiga 500 Repair Kit Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject to change We accept Visa. Masler Card, and Discover. We also Ship COD, accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COO order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories snipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 lor small items, S15.00 for Monitors. Call for larger ilems, COD add $ 5 00. Canadian. AP0. 4 International orders are welcome We will bill only for actual shipping charges 4 insurance at time of order, 15% re-siockmg lee on all returns not exchanged lor another item Shipping charges are NOT refundable Amiga CD-32 Includes: Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies A4000-030 4Mb 130 HD $ 1649.00 RAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs. Please caff for price. VISA
- 'nil mm. Mi n.i 1
* y- g-i_ IT MM I'm No waning tor your orders to ship. Orders m by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post, UPS or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS.
• All orders are subject to credit card venlicatcn • Our Policies p r i; s ti r v K ; a m i; under a classical adventure-game engine. Revolution lias upgraded the ‘"Virtual Theater" system used in Lure to superb elVect. It is a model of intuition. (Hmmm, dial sounds familiar.) Ifyou want a description, you point at an object and click the left mouse button. To try to use it, point and click the right one. Ifyou want to have a peek at something in your possession, you skate the mouse up to top of the screen and a graphic inventory appears. Il vou want to move to a new location, vou have only to point at the exit and click. And so on and so forth. That neat, that simple. That elegant. And if that interface sounds svelte, it's also perfectly matched to the graphics. This is quite simply the best-looking graphics adventure ever done on a standard Amiga. (Steel Sky runs on the A1200 as is, but AGA versions are planned.) It doesn't have Litre’s hot and lurid glow, but then, this isn t a fantasy game. It’s set in an ugly, oppressive funiristic world; the city's a place of dust browns and concrete grays a 1984- isli city that looks as though it is wearing itself down with its own weight. However, the game’s never heavy-handed. The tone of the conversations (lots of them with lots of options and responses that seem sensitive to what you’ve seen and done elsewhere in the game) is closer to, say, LucasArts' Indiana Jones Sc the Kate of Atlantis. Vou only live once (unless you save) so why not enjoy yourself while you're alive? Joey is as whiny a cyborg as has kicked up his treads since C3LO (though he'll gel you out of many a tight spot). Your first exchange with security police over a matter of an ID card allegedly ch opped in porridge sounds like something old Guybrush Threcpwood would say. Can you imagine anything better? MORE SHORT TAKES
3. 0 ?* Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Nol hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. ®1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Assassin: Special Edition Team 17 here continues its practice of updating earlier classics that started with the release of Alien Breed and Project-X. However, this remix of 1992's Assassin (about $ 20} is the first game that really needed to be reissued. This superb Strider variant didn't do as well as the publisher hoped, largely (to my thinking) on account of the difficulty of the opening levels. This version reshuffles the deck a bit it appears to start with you already inside the enemy base while preserving your character's range of abilities and freedom of movement through the enormous play areas. Not to mention the impeccable graphics, which extend to routine gameplay (the way darkness is conveyed) as much as special effects (the little puffs of smoke when the character squeals to a halt). A well-chosen update, and you can't beat the price. Here's a would-be console-beater that preserves the mechanics but neglects the fun. Wonderdog (Core Design, about $ 35) featuring a cute little hound who glides with his ears zips along through many a platformed, lollipop sub-level at super-Sonic speeds, with lots of bonus sections and not-unpleasant backdrops. You know the routine. But for its challenges, the game relies far too heavily on distribution and number of enemies who can be sent into the usual platform-game cannonball dive by simply zapping them with stars and not nearly enough on level design. It's ordinary, and in this very competitive field, that's the kiss of death. Sigh: Another well-meaning but incomplete design from Core. (They seemed to have a lot of these over the winter.) Pity, too, as Cyberpunks (about $ 35) is otherwise a well-put-together angled-down maze game. Moreover, Amberstar seems to have problems with certain instructions used by '020-and-up processors not to mention AmigaDOS 2.0, period and it crashed whenever a torch was ignited. (It worked after I ran Degrader
1. 3 with the "privilege" gadget enabled.) WONDERDOG Cyberpunks
1. 3 D'oh! I love The Simpsons like family, but don't much like what's been done to them on the Amiga, and the two most recent offerings (each from Virgin UK and about $ 35) don't change my mind much. These conversions of Acclaim arcade games don't even begin to do justice to the potential of Matt Groening's mustard-colored, four-fingered family. If you've seen the Fox TV show, you know "The Simpsons" thrives on a combustible chemistry of the domestic and the twisted. But if you played Bart Versus the World knowing nothing about the Simps, you'd think it was a not-too-good Saturday-morning cartoon. It's a good conversion of a mediocre game. Yes, it's pleasantly lighthearted, and, yes, the settings and challenges are varied here Bart's scaling the sails of a Chinese junk, here he's skateboarding along the Great Wall and, no, I can't complain about the barely-above-C64 graphics. (A Simpsons game that's a graphical tour-de-force wouldn't make sense.) But there's little clue as to what makes the show special (apart from the ending, if you lose); the box art has more character than this game. They didn't even get Krusty the Clown's hair color right. Quoth the Bart: Eat my shorts. Well, on second thought, Acclaim Virgin, just eat the waistband of the shorts. For while Krusty isn't much better than BvtW on the character issue, it is a polished, clever, and creative platformer puzzler a sort of Lem* mings-in-reverse that would be enjoyable (albeit a bit strange) if the Simpsons had never existed. ? You're running a sort of sci-fi baby patrol: Three gap-toothed gunsels roam largeish levels, teleporting into inaccessible areas, logging into computers, and collecting key cards that lead to other keycards that lead to still more keycards. The trouble is that the game is ultimately far too simple and not sufficiently interactive; it's more like a multidirectional arcade-adventure in camouflage. Items you collect automatically by passing over them are also used automatically in the appropriate spots, and when you don't have the right keycard, you're told which one you need. The three little fellows are welded together they walk only in single file and don't have any special abilities as individuals, a la The Lost Vikings. The only real challenge here is inventory management. T'ain't enough. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-DRIVE installable. Copy-protection. Krusty’s Fun House Bart vs. the World I Spedal of the month! FROM NOAHJI'S VLAB 24 BIT REALTIME FRAMEGRABBER & VIDEO DIGITIZER Y C Ll INFO: (212) 633-2290 FAX: (212) 633-7717 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUERY ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABIA ESPANOL nyi We Ship Worldwide! [j NOAH MMM AIM M0-2:WJl M ». 5:55 Imff CiOifD COMPUTERS 650 6TH AVENUE, (COR, 20THST) NY, NY J00I1 1 3 YEA RS OF EXPERTISE * SERVICE N€UJ! €pson 6S600C Authorized Rml* Bring or moil in gour equipment: for in F , COMPLETE TOASTER 40k Am mm 24 Bit Color Scanner Co $ 719.95 ES800C $ 1029.95 Theffilmate Mac Emulator! $ 399.95 Cditizer True A® Roil* Multi Format Edita Toaster Control* DPS TBC Ccnfrol
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• AD 1012 (12 bit) $ CALL AIIAcsty(orAD516 $ CAI1 60 MEG 2.5“ IDE ...S149.95 120MEG2.5* IDE .S189.95 240MEG2.5’IDE S379.95J Peripherals Tristate Is a full service dealer for pres and amateurs alike. Uje carry everything In Video and editing I =GVP J Authorized Dealer Macrosystems & HmiLink Cl 24 Bit Display I 3D Professional oivest Prices Guaranteed! NoahJi’s Dealer Editor Headquarters Enhancements! Section S1995 CALL CALL CALL CALL
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59. 95 Cl P A B Roll Cl Cuts Only Merlin 4mb IV-24 24 bit Graphics Piccolo RGB for DCTV DCTV EGS Spectrum 1 meg EGS Spectrum 2 meg GVP G-LOCK SVGA (IBM) Picasso 1 meg Picasso 2 meg Call us to help design your 3D Animation Solution Beginner to Hollywood! Essence Vol I, II LightWave 3.2 Ethernet Solutions Tapeworm Parnet with Cable Wedding Collection Dynamic Motion ADP Tools Pro Imagemaster R T Humanoid The Cathedral Sparks The Jurassic Collection Multiframe Accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 Day Money back guarantee. All Merchandise brand ne v factory fresh. Custom Configurations our specialty. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for tvoooraphical errors. Extended Warranty Available U.S and Canada. The amoral TV clown is trying to coax the rats infesting his 60-level fun house into traps. However, the rodents are an uncomplicated lot they can't climb more than one block and are liable to fall victim to the fun house's built-in pitfalls before they find Krusty's, and so the clown has to steer them down the crooked path to doom using objects found around the maze. It all falls together nicely, and the manual's a scream as well. Go for it, man! Nothing is explosively wrong with the game itself and I suppose it's nice that the dino wields a camera in lieu of club but there's also nothing particularly right with it: ugly enemies, routine scenery, a heretofore- unknown Jurassic talent for vertical tunneling, and a mundane name. Whether or not there's anything prehistoric in Loch Ness, I could wish there was one more. Dinosaur Detective Agency There's no really persuasive reason for this banal arcade game [Alternative, about $ 35] to exist. That is, there's no reason for it to involve dinosaurs, save for the popularity of a little item called Jurassic Park. And there's no reason for it to involve a detective agency, save someone's need to call the lead character Sher- loch Ness. Suburban Commando ©1.3
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection* ©1.3 ?*
2. 0 ?*
3. 0 ?* Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Variety means never having to make up your mind. This amalgam of arcade styles = Afternative, about $ 35), based on a three-year-old Hulk Hogan movie, tries to be many things to many people and doesn't handle any of them sufficiently well to nail the pin. The horizontal shoot-'em- up level, three platform levels (the cleverest parts of the game), and three Streetfighter-ish "boss" levels are original but haunted by the spectre of banality. SPECIAL REPORT: FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE AGA GAMES This is ¦ • • MADNESS! REDMOND CABLE EAST COAST WEST COAST Jf 615-478-5760 206-882-2009 fax 615-472-3647 fax 206-883-1430 Until recently, you could count the AGA public-domain and shareware games on one hand, and still have a couple of fingers left over. These days, you'd need to throw in another hand, and perhaps a couple of toes. Most ol the games arc still plowing well-trodden territory this little town ain't big enough for two AGA chess and two AGA Tetris games but ANALOG • VGA • RGB SWITCH BOXES • IBM DCTV • S-VHS • FL1CKERFIXER • TOASTER DEC • HP. • APPLE • AMIGA * ATARI * COAX MULTISYNC • CUSTOM * GAME CABLES NEW!! SEGA STEREO AUDIO VIDEO CABLES JAGUAR SVHS AUDIO-VIDEO RGB COMBO CABLE OR “ALL IN ONE” CABLE WE HAVE THE CABLES YOU NEED - MONITORS PRINTERS PLOTTERS MODEMS signs are emerging that there’s more out there than just the standard cover-versions of proven hits. Ami Board (Internet) Don’t be fooled. This 3.0-only chess game displays only eight colors, but it plays an exceptionally solid game if not quite at Uchess level and is highly configurable. The pieces are loaded from an IFF brush, so you can create your own, and its support for PGN (Portable Game Notation) files allows use of thousands of chess games available by anonymous FTP. BombPac32 (Internet and CIS) Well, look who’s here, BombPae is from one Oliver Wagner, who’s best known for his quintet of Qix clones (the Bally series) and Escape from Jovi from the late ’80s. This puzzle game the sort that was all the rage three years ago on the IBM arms the yellow dot-eater with wall-destroying bombs and sets him down in search ofkevs in some wicked mazes. One of the best of its kind. Hoi (Internet and CIS) The original version of this plat former was a commercial game planned for release by Innerprisc and finally issued by Holly- ware- bur the AGA version has somehow wound up as PD. It's not a full treatment only the gradient backdrop is AGA but it’s still a tough little number, and Hoi (a little dinosaur) is cute as the dickens. .And while we’re on the subject of commercial games released in freely distributable form, you’ll be interested to learn that Uchess author Roger Uzttn’s International Championship Wrestling remember Avatar Consulting? -lias turned up on the Internet. (Can Heart of the Dragon be far behind?) Klondike Deluxe (Widely available) Yup, it’s the solitaire game and, at three disks, the largest To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "ManufacturersVDistributors' Addresses" list on p. 74. Looking for More Power From Your A500 or A2000? Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. F The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer mmuiimuimuimm 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC) 68881 clocked at 25 mhz 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) » With: 4 meg ol32 bit RAM-$ 499.00 8 meg ol 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 &OQQOO 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 119.00 s3f Call for more information Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor Give your Amiga 500 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500 50mhz for the price others charge for 40mhz! - GVP- A1230 TURBO + 50mhz Accelerator $ 599" with 4mb 32 BIT RAM For 50mhz FPU ...... Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! - 1-800-CSA-XLR8 A 1200 ACCELERATORS LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II. HO. OP. IIID, IIIP mil all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 99.00 Board with 4 MB S175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ..S189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ..S325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tl, Necf Epson and others. Call for Pricing. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 COMMODORE CHIPS
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18. 55 19 55 21 95 16 95 19 55 19 95 4-D 3rarts Bating 4-D Spans Driving 668 Attack Sub A-Tram Abandoned Puces 2 Action Stations Ad dam s Family Afrika KorpS Air Support (Psygnosis) Alfred Cfncken (regular or AGA) Alien Breed Special Edition Aliens 3 Ancient Art of War In The Skies Another World Apocalypse Aquaventura (Psygnosis) Arabian Kmghi5 Assassin Special Edition Barbarian 2 = Psygnosis) BATH Battle Hawks 1942 Battle Isle Battleship BaWetecti Beavers Bril Elliot NASCAR Challenge Bril's Tomato Game Buds cl Prey (Electronic Arts) Black Crypt Blackjack Academy Blob (Core Design) Blues Brothers Brutal Sports football Budakhan Cadaver and Data Disk California Games 2 Celtic Legends Championship Manager '93 Chaos Engine r or AGA Chaos Strikes Back Checkers. Chess, Backgammon Chessmaster 2175 Chuck Rock 2 Cohort Fighting tor Rome Combat Air Patrol (Psygnosis) Ccnan the Cimarron Conflict in Korea (SS ) Cool Cmc Twins (with T-Shirt) Covert Action (Mictoprose) Cruy Ca t s 3 Cruise lor a Corpse Cyber Empires (SSI) Cycles (Accolade) O-Generation AGA Defender Of The Crown DeLuxe Productions DeLuxe Stop Poker 2 Denteros Diggers AGA Dohk Doodle Bug Double Dragon 3 Dune Elvira 2 Eve of the Beholder 1 (SSI) Eye of me Beholder 2 (SSI) F-1 Racing (VROOM 2) F-15 Strike Eagle 2 F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte) F- T9 Stealth Fighter (Microprose) Face OH Ice Hockey Fauy Tale Adventure FeudalLords Fighter Bomber Fire team 2200 Fool'S Errand Gauntlet 3 Global Effect Globule (Psygnosis) Goal Grand Pnx Circuit Great Napoleonic Battles Hardball t Hardball 2 Harlequin Harpoon Hem Quest (Gremlin) Hills tar (SSI) Hoyles Book ol Games 1 273. Each Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indianapolis 500 (Electronic Arts) Ishar2 AGA It Came f rom The Deser12 Jack NxktauS Grea'est IS Jaguar XJ 220 James Pond John Madden Football Knights ot the Sky (Micwprose) Kmghtmare Laser Squad Legend (4 Crystals of Ttauat) l egernt ol Valor Links Golf Lionheart Loom (Lucasfilm) alltnge Lotus Turbo Challenge 3 M-1 Tank Platoon (Microprose) Maniac Mansion Megatraveler 2 Mercenary 3 Microprose GoH (Greens) Mig 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monty Python NapQlean 1 (Inter cne) New Zealand Story NigeH Mansell Grand Pnx Coitus (Psygnosis) Overrun (SSI) Pacific Islands (Team Yankee 2) Pania Kick Boxing Paperboy 2 Parasol Stars (Rinto*Island ?) Pic Penary Pirates' Police Quest III (S'trra)_ Pnce 5 Ava,lability subject to change at any try' No refunds cr eichinges Detective products extnanatd with same nem. But subject to Sideline approval CALL FiflST1
U. S. products warranted through manutaelurer U K products warronbed through Sideline NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE SHIPPING (UFS Ground l Foi tc to 3 pitcei. By payment Mastercard A Visa JSM-COD (CathOnlyl SID00 day an add $ 10, 2nd day an add $ 5,3 day an add S3 to basic rale Shipping times not guaranteed COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES? Call 305-491-03S6 Nothing is etched m stone. Everything is subject to change Populous Promised Lands Power Monger A WW1 Premiere Pnnce of Persia Project X Pushover Putty Quack (Team 1 ?) R-Type 2 Railroad Tycoon Rainbow island Reach tor the Skies Red Zone (Psygnosis) Revenge ol Defender Risky woods Road Rash Rcboccd Regular and AGA Rcbocop 3 D Robosport (MAXISj Rod!and Saber Ttam Secret ol Monkey Island Seek and Destroy Sensible Soccer '93 Shadow Lands Shadow Worlds Shuffleouck Cafe Silent Service 2 Sim Ant Sim City Sim Earth Sim Life Sim Life AGA Soccer Kid Space 1889 Space Crusade Soe-dta(i2 SooJs of War (Intercme) Street Fighter 2 Strike fleet Stunt Car Racer Super Space Invaders Super Sqweek S WI V. (Silkworm 4)
T. V Sports Baseball T V Sports Football T V Sports Boxing Team Yankee The Immortal The Jetsons The S'mosons The Three Stooges Their Finest Hour Toki Tom Landry Pro Football2 Tbrvak the Warrior Traders (Mule Clone) Traccon 2 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed Trcddlers Trolls or Trolls 4G4 Turncan 2 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game Typhoon Of Steel (SSI) Ultima 5 Utopia Voihed t 01X21 Walker (Psygnosis) War m the Gulf Warhead War Zone Waterloo White Death (Intercwe) Wil Kid Wr: and Lit iPSygnoSiSI World Boxing Manager Worlds at War (Intercut!) Worlds of Legends (Legend 2) WWF 2 Euro Rampage Xenon 2 (MegaCIast) Zak McCracken Zoo ZoolAGA (A-1200) Zed 2 NEW TITLES Alien Breed 2 or Alien Breed 2 AGA ju Ama cn Queen 40 Amber Moan 40 Apocalypse 22 Arcade Pod 21 Battle Toads 30 Beneath a Steel Sky 40 Body Blows 2 or Body Blows 2 AGA 35 Gannon fodder 35 CiVilnatm (AGA) 42 Dark Mere 35 Elt Mama 35 Elite It 35 F-117A S'.eadn Fighte- 42 Gentsia 35 Global Domination 38 HeimdaH 2 40 Impossible Mission (Micrcpfast) 35 K240 35 King Maker 38 Kings Quest 6 (Sierra) 42 Legacy of Sorasil 35 Liberation 35 Maelstrom 40 Mortal Kcm tat 35 Cut To Lunch 35 Raltftn 35 Rules of Engagement 2 38 Second Samurai or AGA 35 Sim Crty 2000 Call Simon Ihe Sorcerer A AGA 42 Skid Marks 35 Syndicate 39 TFX 42 Terminator 2 (Com Op.) 35 The Blue and the Gray 40 The Settlers 3$ Tornado Flight Simulator or AGA 42 Tut dan 3 55 Twilight 2000 40
U. F.Q. (Microprose) 42 Ultimate Pmball Quest 39 When Two Worlds War 38 Wing Commander 27 While They Last! S6.95 Each, or Any 3 for 520! All Sales Final! Thunder jjws CardrlK ' Night Shift Night Hunter Hudson Hawk ' Ranx Armada Borodina Pacland Megaphoenrx ‘ James Send Stealth Aflair Hagar the Horrible Faces (TriS 3) Alpha Fvaves Deadline Bushbuck Treasure Hunter Dcjo Dan Dark Casile Zee trope
20. 000 Leagues Under Sea Bravo Romeo Delta Under Pressure Teenage Turtles Gem-X' Nmja Remix T-2 Judgement Day ‘ - requires AGNUS chip MULTIPACKS COIN-OP HITS 2 incJuNin|i Spiril. Efyrmty Wats. Hammtflisl, Vigilanlr, Gnouis and Gfmts ALL Fofl $ 24 95 LORDS OF POWER includes Tiij P«rfed General. R«J Eaten. Siitr: S?rv>c* 2 ard Railroad Tycoon ALL FOR $ 49 95 POWER PACK Includes T v SpcrH Fooitall, Xenon 2 Bloody ch. And Lum&ard Hoad Rally ALL FOR $ 29.95 BIG BOX 2 Includes: TV Foottiali. Gao* to ihe Fu’uff 3. Real GhosibuStsrs R-Typ*. SinbarJ. Armjlyfr, Defender ol the Earih. Lul l Kjfate Plus. Sombujrie Shanghai ALL FOR $ 39.95 COMBAT CLASSICS indudas: 658 Anack Sub, f 15 Sink* Eagle 2. T earn Yank*e ALL FOR $ 34.95 TOO HOT TO HANDLE Includes Super OH Road Racing, Golden fin Total Fecal' SnaocWatnot ALL FOR $ 29 95 EXCELLENT GAMES Shuttle. Populous?, James Pond 2. Archei McClain's Pool ALL FOR $ 49 95 POWER HITS includes Lini* Computer Peop e Shangha>, Sp n Oury Wot ICS, PcrtSQlCjH. HiCkfr 2. Bailie Tech. Fighiei Gonibei. GB An Rally, Wicked. Tournament Golf ALL FOR $ 34.95 CD32 TITLES IIM STOCK Most Titles $ 35! Gunyup 2000. Super VeThane Eroihers, Labynnlh ol Time, Liberation. Nigel Mansell. Nick Faldo's Golf, Pirate's Gold, Lotus Trilogy. Melhan Brothers, Sens Die Soccer. Brutal Sports FooTball, T.F.X .Chaos Engine. Defender ol the Crown 2. DQNK. Total Carnage. Global Ehect. Premier, Ryder Cup. Alien Breed
2. Fire and Ice. Gunship 2GGG. Uhimaie Body Blows,Zool2. Elite 2. Microcosm, Competition Pro CD 32 Joystick only $ 28 ElfROMAGS Amga Format. CU Amiga. Amiga Games. Amga Action. Amiga Computing, Amiga User International. Amiga Power, CD 32 Gamer ALL WITH DISKS-$ 10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk $ 7 Fax (305) 491-6134 (i A M E 1‘KES E K V E AGA game to date. The AGA part is evident mainly in die high-res girlie drawings 1940’s pinup style, PG-rated featured on the backs ol die playing cards. Nicely done, with lots ol other card graphics available from Cindy Crawford to Star Trek and the game’s all right. (At press time, Klondike II was just released.) 21 95 21 95 26 95 16 95 21 95 21 95 24 95 24 95 15 95 24 95 13 95
29. 95 13 95 9 95 2195 13 95
18. 95 26 95
24. 95 18 95 21%
21. 95
24. 95
24. 95
18. 95
13. 95 16 95 24 95 26 95 21 95 26 95 24 95 ¦ ' " 14 95 21 95 19 95 15 95 24 95 1995 16 95 IB. 95
14. 95 18 95 21 95
18. 95 21 95
21. 95 19 95
16. 95 13 95 13 95 21 95 16 95 24 95 16 95
18. 95 26 95 16 95
18. 95 18 95 18 95
13. 95 18 95 21 95 21 95 18 95 24 95 ¦ ¦ 16 % 16 95
16. 95
13. 95
13. 95 21 95
18. 95 1395 24 95 24 95 U95 18 95 19 95 24 95 24 95 MegaBall 3,0 (Widely available) Ed MackeyN wonderful Breakout game a constant presence in the shareware field since its introduction as Ball a few years back finally meets up with the AGA chip set. It’s the old ball & paddle, sure, ancl I do wish the explosion of the bat was properly animated, but it’s the best-looking ball & paddle since Arkanoid first hit the bricks, and if you register, you'll get a board editor and the ability to play the hundreds of user-created boards that have already been uploaded to BBSs around the world. New World (Widely available) The most complex and least conventional of this bunch, and also, alas, the most problematic. I he good news is that we finally have an Amiga version of Seven Cities of Gold that doesn’t require Kickstart 1.1, and with nice Amiga amenities and an AGA-specific executable (along with one tor 2.0 ECS machines) to boot. It’s the classic game of exploration and exploitation. The trouble is getting it to run. F niortimately, N wasn't fully tested before release (the author only has an A3000), and versions through 1.31 have significant problems namely, lockups and the inability to recognize game maps. However, author Kevin Roll has made a good-faith effort to squash the bugs, and I was able to wrap up this review with one quick fix that appeared to work perfectly. Get yourself some playtesiers, Kevin, and keep at it. You’re onto something good here. Solitaire (Portal) No cute little pics adorn this relatively obscure and sedate AGA version of Canfield the default-card set displays the CBM logo but that leaves you free to focus on the game. And despite the absence of some basic features, that game (evidently based on a Windows version) is quite well done, with a creamy display that's ample reply to the VGA solitaire games so common on the IBM. Tetris Duel AGA (Internet and CIS) Please. Not another falling-blocks game. Almost everything von need to know about this one is in the title: It’s Tetris, it i has a two-player mode (and some cute tricks therein), and it has 256 colors. Thank vou. Don’t call us. Updates: The first AGA PD game, Uchess, is still being relentlessly upgraded and is now up to version 2.83. It continues to decimate the commercial competition, and it now complements the ‘‘large” version (which requires at least 10 megs of fast RAM) with a “tiny” one lor machines with two to four megs. Planned: An AGA version of the killer artillery duel Scorched Tanks( now up to 1.77 in shareware, 1.8 registered) is being contemplated. Author Mike W elch is waiting for the AGA version of AMOS Professional. (I Ie s currently working on a version of the Atari classic, Joust.) ¦ 400% INCREASE IN SPEED ON AN AMIGA 4000 68040 25MHZ! MACRO SYSTEMS MAKES IT POSSIBLE WITH THE WARP ENGINE!
* FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES* ‘NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* 599 799 799 899 1199 1099 1099 799 1999 5049 8-Up! FASTRAM BOARD CSA 12 Gauge Accelerators 99 149 229 309 389 175 30 ACCELERATOR VXL30) 25 & MMU Mhz S160 40EC Mhz S225 33 Mhz & MMU S225(Vxl 32 RA» S249 w 6888225FPUS235 w FPU $ 354 w FPU S324_8MB S87§ S249 $ 325 $ 449 S449 $ 449 $ 65 S 99 S 69 $ 125 S 99 EXPANSION SYSTEMS Baseboard 601C w 1MB 69 DataflyerXDS 0MB 69 w 130MB Hard Drive 274 w 260MB Hard Drive 299 W 340MB Hard Drive 368 W 540MB Hard Drive 568 Baseboard 120QCIock 25 Dataflyer Ramcard w 2mb199 500 SCSI or IDE 149 1000 SCSI or IDE 149 2000 SCSI or IDE 95 500 SCSI&IDE 179 1000 SCSI&IDE 199 2000 SCSI&IDE 125 599 499
139. 00
119. 00
99. 00
99. 00
75. 00
50. 00
119. 00
109. 00
89. 00
75. 00
45. 00
135. 00
89. 00
75. 00
45. 00
35. 00
69. 95
10. 00 Kitchen Sync Opal Vision 2.0 DCTV-NTSC Retina w 4MB Vlab Y C Vlab Int Ext Comp Montage Deluxe Paint IV AGA A4008-HC8+0MB 149 SIMM32 1 MB 60ns 69.95 SIMM32 4MB 60ns CALL SIMM32 16MB 60NS CALL 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 135 G-Lock Genlock 299 EGS Spectrum w 2MB 349 A1230-40-00-4+DPP-II 499 A 1230-50-00-4+DPP-ll 649 A1291 Si ingray 99 68040 33Mhz A2000 4MB 999 Gforce 040 @ 40Mhz for the A4000 w 4mb & Opt for SCSI w 2 Ram Sockets 999 AtfaData Crystal Trackballs Multiface III (2Ser 1Par) Alpha Power A500+8 IDE w 130MB HD w OMB Octogon SCSI II HD Cont, w 8MB Ram Expansion Morph Plus i De A4000 Computer 68040 CALL A4000 Computer 68030 CALL A1200 Computer 599 w 40MB HD Installed 699 w 65MB HD Installed 799 w 85MB HD Installed 899 W 130MB HD Installed 999 w 235MB HD Installed 1099
* 1962 Monitor NEW 499
* 1084S Monitor REF. 299 A520 Video Adapter 49 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2286 AT Bridgecard W 1.2MB High Density Floppy & MSDOS 5.0 299 2 MB Ram For 2091 96 Janus 2.1 Update 49 A2000 3000 Disk Drives 79.95 A500 Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A60O 1200 Keyboards 29.95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 79.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 External case PS & Cables 99 Amiga Mouse 29.95 External High Density 169
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 39.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 32.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 22 1MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 18,95 CIA (8520) 8.50 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 49 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ 49 Superbuster (-11) (4091) 99 Ramsey (A3000) 99 Fat Gary (A3Q00) 49 Super Dmac (A3000) 99 Amber (A3000) 79 A3000 Dauglerboard 99
S. ? "
2. ? 0*1? 79 DPS Personal TBC Ilf 699 DPS Personal TBC IV 799 DPS PAR w Software 1549 SEAGATE SG3655A 499 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Personal V Scope 729 1199 395 274 549 449 379 499 325 119 139 Art Department Pro 2.5 139 Scala 3.0 289 Video Director 129 Caligari 24 139 Aladdin 4 D 249 Video Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 499 Video Toaster 4000 3.1 1995 Picaso W 1MB-2MB 439 495 Light Rave 3.1 399 EXPANSION SYSTEMS AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS AMIGA VIDEO Provides A SCSI Port w pass- thrn for intema! IDE 2.5M drives 1200 SCSI+ w No HD 99.00 1200 SCSI+ w HD's CALL DATAFLYER 1200 SCSI* Microbotics M1230 ACCELERATOR 68030 25Mhz CPU w MMU&Clk 249 68030 33Mhz CPU w MMU&Clk 275 68030 40ECMhz CPU & Clk 299 68030 SOMhz CPU w MmlI&Clk 349 MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68881 RC20Mhz EPU w Clock 125 & w 4MB RAM 299 wf68882 RCSOMhz FPU w Clock 249
5. 25" HH 44MB DRIVE (SQ555)
5. 25" IIII 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44)
3. 5" LP 105MB IDE & SCSI
5. 25" III I 200MB (SQ5200) (R&W 44&88)
3. 5" LP 270MB SCSI (SQ3270S) 13MS NEW 5,25" 44MB Carlrigcs
5. 25" 88 MB Cart rigcs
3. 5" 105MB Cart rigcs
5. 25 2CCMB & 3,5" 270MB Cartriccs External Versions w Cabling Add 16 Bit ramboard expandable to 8MB by adding 2MB at a time using 16 1x1 dip chips. 16 Bit Board w OMB Ram 16 Bit Board wf2MB Ram 16 Bit Board vf4MB Ram 16 Bit Board wl6MB Ram 16 Bit Board w 8MB Ram 2632 w 4Megabytes 349 MegAChip 2000 500 W 2MB Agnus 189 Multi-Start 2 Rev6A 20 KwikStart II (A1DOO) 69 1202 FPU & Ram W 1MB & Clk 150 1202 FPU & Ram w 2MB & Clk 199 1202 FPU & Ram W 4MB & Clk 209 1202 FPU & Ram w 8MB & Clk 499 3128 A3000 4000 Ram board Expandable to 128MB W 4MB 395 AdlDE 40MB HD System w 2,5" Drive (500 2000) 269 AdlDE 130MB HD System w 2,5" Drive (500 2000) 399 Flicker Free Video II 249 SYQUEST UNMATCHED PRICES Simm version available, + 20 to prices. ALFA DATA 49 89 299 139 DK8 Sunrise Industries AD516 Digitizer (16Bit) 1189 AD1012 Digitizer (t2Bit) 479 AUDIO Macro Systems =tMww» CRGXHt 68040 - 28Mhz wfo CPU 74U 68040 - 33 Mhz v CPU 1099 68040 - 40Mhz w CPU 1299
- Comes with SCSI II Controller
- Expandable To I28MI* w 72 Pin Industry Standard Simms
- Call For Lowest Ram Pricing! 33Mhz. VvlMMU & SCSI Board 399 w 4MB 80-70NS Ram 549 33Mhz w MMU & FPU & SCSI 649 w 4MB 80-70NS Ram 799 SOMhz w MMU & SCSI Board 499 w 4MII 60NS Ram 688 SOMhz w MMU & FPU & SCSI 634 w 4MB 60NS Ram 825 TBC+w oSMPTE CODE 599 A500+w 42MB HD 325 A500+W 120MB HD 399 A50G+W 270MB HD 499 A500+w 340MB HD 575 62882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 139 FaaastROM Kil (For Hds) 39 Cinemorph Software 29 Phonepnfc VFX 2.0 239 DSS8+ Sound Sampler 89 I O Extender CALL Ex Ira I O Port CALL linage F X 199 Image F X Upgrade 39
* True Zorro III 32 bit memory board
- CDROM file tyetem & dynamic caching software
- FAST SCSI - II DMA CONTROLLER FOR BOTH THE AMIGA 4000 & 30001 Pure Speed is Only $ 475 DERRINGER 25 25 1 w MMU, FPU & 1 MB RAM DERRINGER 50 4 w MMU, & 4 MB RAM Rocket Launcher 50 50 w MMU Makes The CBM 2630 Or GVP Combo 25 run at 50 Mhz w MMU & FPU (63882RC50)
* Add up to 256 MB of ram of contiguous memory
- Transfer up to 7MB Sec Async & lOMB Sec Sync on the SCSI Bub 68030 & 32 Bit Wide Ram For The A500 2000! BVPI Micro R&D CSA 399 FASTLANE Z3 2000 Biglool Power Supply 159 1200 500 Bigfoot Power Supply 89 Slingshot A5Q0 (1 A2Q00Slot) 39 Slingshol Pro A500 69 All Speeds Available 1x8 120-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 120-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1 x4 100-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60H9 Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60ns Page DIP 39+ 1x1 120*60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1 x32 Simms (4MB) 149+ 2x32 Simms (8MB) 299+ 4x32 Simms (16MB) 599+ 8x32 Simms (32MB) 1199+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVP TBC+ FRAM 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st QUANTUM LOW PROFILES - Warranty 42 ELS SCSI 2 Yrm 99 10S LPS SCSI 2 Yra 175 170 ELS SCSI t&H 2 Yra 225 270 ELS SCSI l&D 2 Yra 269 340 ELS SCSI l&l 2 Yra 299 525 LPS SCSI l&l 2 Yra 379 540 ELS Empire 5 Yra 399 10&0 Empire 0.SMS S Yra 749 1400 Empire B.5MS 5 Yra 999 MICROPOLIS 68030-RC-50 w MMU 68030-RC-40 w MMU 68030-EC40 (NO MMU) 68030-RC-33 w MMU 68030-RC-25 w MMU 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU) 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU 68882-RC-PGA-40 FPU 68882-RC-PGA-33 FPU 68882-RC-PGA-25 FPU 68881-RC-PGA-25 FPU 68882-FN-PLCC 40 FPU 68882-FN-PLCC 33 FPU 68882-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 68881-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 68881-FN-PLCC 16 FPU 80387-25SX (386BB) FPU Crystal Oscillator* .MAXTOR 540M11
8. 5 MS ACCESS . ONLY $ 399
5. 25" HH 660 SCSI l&ll 221 OS 1.2G SCSII&JI 221OA 1.2G IDE 221 OS A Y 1.2G SCSI l&ll 2217S A V1.7G SCSI J&ll 2217A 1.7G IDE 2217S 1.70 SCSI l&ll 4110S 1.2G SCSI l&ll 8.SMS 1936 3.0G SCSI l&ll 1991 9.0G SCSI l&II ItwtFPls (Miilh ui rrixvewirM
2. 5” A1200 600 Hard Drives
3. 5" HARD DRIVES MAXTOR Maxtor 120 LPS SCSI IDE MEMORY CHIPS SUPRA SG9051A 40 Seagate CN 139 SG9077A 65 Seagate WD 159 SG9096A 85 Seagate Max 199 SG9145AG 127.9 Seagate 249 Maxtor 250MB 2.5'' HD 349 SupraRam A500 w 2MB 199 SupraTurbo 28Mhz 159 25 South Old Baltimore Pike Lafayette Bidg. Suite 202 Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9259 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 738-9267 Fax 24 HOURS Please Understand Our Policies I UM't A'l-K VISA MASTER Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Arc .Subject To Change Without Notice! 15% Restocking Fee On AH Returns. Defective Merchandise Will Re Replaced Wilh Same Item. Call 302.73K,9259 For Approval KM A Before Returning Merchandise Merchandise. No Returns After 10 Days From Delivery Dale. Not Responsible For Incompatibility Of Products Shipping And Handling For Chips Is $ 5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal Checks Require 10 Working Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other items. Ram Prices Change Dally eompii'Tsiz SsijtSS VTU’s TOP 20 Products at NAB Video Toaster Call for pricing on Video Toasters & 3.1 Software upgrades T~ - Okay so you own sollware like ADPro. SFC. Studio 16. Pixel |W*| = it1 |rr,aQeFX. Bars & Pipes Pro. AmiLink. Personal Amm Rec II ImageWasler RT and others, and they all say that they're J , : Arexx compatible...great!! Now what? You can spend all your _ ¦; time programming in Arexx to make these powerful applicate " T .. - r tions work with each other, or you can continue producing J 1 . - *£ Crouton Tools *1000 The Easy to Use Video Operating System £ (VOS)--was created by a video enthusiast with * over Pre defined video lools. 150 NEW synorgistic. J(PBjfc ' i . V “--J functions. ToasterSmart™ Directory Utility jJ|l!E|K - and Visual Logging System ..power your fingertips' Crouton Tools 4000 greatly accelerates your pre- and post-production video while seamlessly integrating your applications directly within your Toaster environment. T50i2 A must-have package tor serious video professionals! _ New! High-end Paint Box Perlormance for your Toaster! Create stunning network caliber graphics in a snap with this full featured, 36-0it professional paint solution' ‘Get true, REAL TIME painting in 24 tits directly on your Toaster's display ‘Full-screen, free-form WYSIWYG painting-wilh no waiting. * 12-blt Alpha Channel lor image texturng, blending and compositing ‘ Paint into your Toaster's hardware Video Mixing Channel for unique Live Video Transparency and Soft-Edge Feathering Effects' T5293 Scall Convert bitmap pictures of logos and shapes to 3D objects with unrivaled quality Fly those logos quickly and easily' I5t58 This bad boy has the equivalent rendering power of 15 Video Toasters and is a steal at this price! Memory max'd out, price includes 128MB RAM. Price does not include 8-user ScreamerNet software license and Ethernet adapator (call for pricing) to connect your Video Toaster. Leasing option available. (Formerly known as The Screamer) tbsoo ANIM Workshop 2.0 Create, play, edit and add sound to your Amms automatically! Use Art Dept on any all frames o! Your animation! Now supports Amm5. 7 and 8! T5104 S89.95 WaveLink The Flyer ’-NewTek’s Non-Linear Editing System is coming!!! Order your Flyer from DevWare and Atomic and SAVE $ 500!! T5155 S84.95 New Version! Dynamic Motion Module Buy your Toaster System with confidence from DevWare and get support from Atomic Toaster! Atomic Toaster has over 20 years of video production experience. They have been servicing Video Toaster Users since Day One with unrivaled technical support, a catalog so informative we receive referrals from NewTek. And innovative seminar training. Wth Atomic Toaster and DevWare Video, you will be able to count on our creative support and in- depth knowledge of all products for the Video Toaster-combined with DevWare's product purchasing power and abilities to fulfill your orders quickly1 The net result is our ultimate combination of both technical know-how and the best pricing available for all your Video Toaster needs. The easiest, most accurate . Way to motion-animate with LightWave 3D! Dynamic Motion Module lets both animation novices f r and experienced animators rely upon the laws of physics and computing power of the Amiga We integrate and supped all Toaster-related software and hardware. Do you want to know about the Video Toaster revolution and what it can mean for you? Call Atomic Toaster; Devware now! To automatically define and create real-world motion and object interaction in LightWave animations. T5054 Composite Studio Your ultimate program for controlling ToasterPaint or OpalPaint! You can design your own templates, set shadow depths, do beveling, embossing, and much more. Comes with 40 templates1 You can quickly and easily combine, resize, and arrange Framestores or RGBs. Composite Studio is perfect for the video, multimedia, or broadcast professional. Includes Quickbrush 4000-a $ 69.95 retail value! T5294 S134.95 Screaming at LightWave 3D without the Video Toaster Call for pricing KGB Computer mrl Video, Inc s AmiLink Professional Video Editor, teads the industry in ease of use and professional editing tools. AmiLinks unique user-interface provides you with a high level of system integration and allows you to control every step of the creative process using a single keyboard and mouse. AmiLink's edit 1st keeps track ol everything that goes into making each edit, every graphic, frame- store. CG title, keyer and TE3C setting Call tor pricing AmiLink CIP Personal Video Editor s the entry- level version of the AmiLink Professional Video Editor and is perfect for everyone from the small independent producer to the seasoned post-production veteran. CIP provides flawless control ol a wide variety of affordable equipment with the feel of much more expensive professional gear CIP bridges the gap between consumer-industrial and professional equipment by allowing you to add pro-level devices to your existing CIP system Call tor pricing Fron Innovision Technology If you do CG woik with your Toaster-you need MONTAGE 24-Bit Graphics Breakthrough for the Video Toaster from Innovis.on Technology. Ycur definitive solution for video titling, image composition, and etfects presentation for the Video Toaster! Features: Incredible Real-Time Font Scaling andinteractive ‘click and drag" font scaling allows (or unprecedented text display flexibility1 Scaled text retains u!tra hl9h'r R£T|>JPj level anti aliasing. The solution you need to maxi- mire your creative output a •' * with your Toaster! T3053 Montage 24 T5068 $ 219.95 Montage Fonts I T5015 $ 109.95 Montage Postscript Module Real-time lont scaling ot Postscript fonts with independent proportional. Horizontal and vertical re-sizing. Effective resolution of 1 nanosecond regardless of size T5237 $ 189.95 Montage + Postscript ModT5244 $ 479.95 BRDCAST TtTLER 2 Hi-res T3051 $ 164.95 Brocast Titler 2 Font 2 T1162 $ 94.95 Call for our free “Ultimate Video Toaster Product Catalog Version 2” A 22" x 34” poster with the most extensive listing of software, hardware, CD-ROM, accessories, videotapes and books for your Toaster-related needs. Video Toaster Resource: :or Video Toaster System Information
(619) 679-2226 Call for Software Orders:
(800) 879-0759 All of our software is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! The indisponsible collection of utilities for Video Toaster users. Toaster Toolkit 4000 breaks all barriers lor harnessing creative control over your Toaster Environment- allowing lor presentation professionalism limited only by your imagination. You raved about version 1, break free of the mundane with these rew and improved powertools of Toaster Toolkit 4000' -Toaster Sequence Editor
• Toaster Project Editor *FrnmeStore Compressor
• AnimtoFX "FXtoAnim 'Color Font Converter. T5095 Dark Horse Productions Videos Volume 2: Bones & Organic Motion New I Swimmmg sharks, swaying trees Use Sores to reaf iSTicaMy amniate almost anything VJ11Q $ 36.95 Volume 3: Displacement and Bump Mapping New! Construct landscapes. Animate waving Hags and moving walei Displacement maps make it possible Use displacement maps to construct and animate nat ural formations, and create spectacular special ellects Running tune 120 minutes V4I24 S36.95 Volume 4: Animated Machines New! From back hoes to alien walkers, almost any machinery you can imagine can be am mated in I ighiW.ivel Learn to con struct properly fitting machine parts such as gears, aims, pivots ball bennngs. Shafts ar d much more! V4131 S36.95 Got nil 4 videos and SAVE! V-npS $ 129.95 New Version 1.5! More Power! More Features! Was S299! If you do image processing, you must nave the new ImageMaster Retargetable operations gives you true colors on all popular 24 bit cards and even ad|usts the display 1o compunsaio for your monitors shortcomings, so whal you soe is truly whal you get. Rstoo S98.95 S p 3 T k S by Metro Grafx Brand new version! The most powerful dynamic animation software available for LightWave users' Particle animation sy&lem lor LightWave 3D Particles bounce with real world behavior A gravi- ly! Multiple point gravity wells allow bending and directing the stream. Ilock or swarm ot particles Control Origin, direction, gravity, quantity, spacing, elasticity and mass. Complete with wind, gusting. Flaking and swirling controls-adjustabie per axis! Do in seconds what would lake days to set up! T5164 $ 144.95 Motion Master New! Professional Animation Utilities for LightWave! Volume I T53tG $ 124.95 Includes Time Machine, Extract, PaJh Flock, and Mouse Recorder that all aid in the easy generation of cascading enve opes. Volume II T5317 $ 124.95 Includes Child2World. Point. Wobbler and Volume Cube Sparks + Mot. Mast. I&ll T5324 $ 369.95 Byrd s Eye Software Toaster FX Paint directly on the Toaster's Program Output with Toaster.'FX and GVP's ImagoFX'
• Paint, scan, image processing and mor- phing-all viewed directly on any Video Toaster output buffer'
• 24-b4 pamting tools with 8-bit alpha chanrel.
• Full screen painting with variable zoom levels.
• Special effects tiiters-Ripple, Distort, Oil Pamt. Sharpen and more... T5290 S118.95 Swipes! Stunning new color transitions and special effects lor Video Toaster 4000 users' Now you can get: - ADPTools Professional 2.5 A complete animation processing system! Create stunning special effects tnis powerful spline-based anima lion system1 Do more cessing in one pass! Alpha fifes lor moving video in another nol. Version 2.5 is easier to use and requires much less hard drive storage' A must-have creative tool ler all animators and video producers! ADPTools Professional is to An Department Pro what LightWave 3D is Jo the Video Toaster! From Earobic Digital Systems T53Q6 Art Department Pro Version 2.5 Newest Release! The premier image-based processing package, preferred by Toaster and graphic users everywhere just got better! A completely new interface and updated loaders'savers!! Morph Plus Trexx Professional ADPro Conversion Pack Pro Control for ADPro
• Dozens of NEW Color Effects!
• Special Effects overlays.
• Color transparency effects.
• Full-color animated transitions
• Alpha channel dissolves. New From Synergy Int'l Hollywood FX creates amazing 3D ellects lot video and mlerncllve productions, using Lightwave hr the highest quality rendering Includes dozens ol effects including multiple lull motion video windows. 3D morphing transitions, pahide effects and more New libraries ol effects will be available on a regular basis1 Make your Toaster create video effects that rival Abekas and ADO systems-al a FRACTION ol the COST1 PAR users got the added benefit of being able Io map video or animated sequences directly onto objects in their Lightwave scenes without exporting first to a large hardrive. Hollywood FX exports an unlimited number of sequences from the PAR as needed Post processing with Art Department Professional provides users with unique rotoscoped effects (e.g. processing video through the oil paint or tresco operators) and batch conversion for playback of effects or nmms at HAM and 255 screen resolutions, T5298 $ 389.95 “LightWave 4000 For the Rest of Us” Volume 1: Flying Logos Construct a 'ogc from your clients letterhead, make hunjreos ot special 3D rents straight irom any printed material, add surfaces and images to make Ihem shim;1 Fly that LOGO and animate it 10 tape wiMiout a single Iramo controller1 Complex ot)|Ocl motions made simple wnli iho null cbjecl Contains a Rogu«"s Gallery" o1 36 ecample surfaces V4Q56 $ 36.95 Io use. Your Amiga or Video Toaster for photography. Graphics, video, animation and more-then ImageFX is the fastest, easiest, most expandable, most adaptable and most powerful set ot color image processing tools available, sale! T3060 qq ImageFX + ToasterFX Bundle T5292 S299.95 ProWipes Vol i - $ 69.95 Warp Engine The Complete. Most Cost-Effective Acceleration Solution tor your Video Toaster 4000! LightWave users & other animators-dramatically increase your 3D rendering speed, speed up image manipulation, and reduce FrameStore load and save times! The only accelerator that provides the high speed cf a 63040, up to 128 MB ol local 040 burs! Memory and the *astest SCSI-II controlier-all on a smgle card that installs in the CPU s!o*...leaving ether precious Zorro 'lots free' 40Mhz 040 w.OK RAM T5285 $ 1489.95 33Mhz 040 w OK RAM T5286 S1249.95 28Mhz '040 w.OK RAM T5287 S7B9.95 TV Paint Professional 2 T5099 S199.95 I he Image Mirror A program lor Special tlfects Animations and Image Processing Iron Seven Seas Software Features: 24-pit, AGA. Video Toaster and OpalVision Support Generate frames for animations with a fast preview mode. Images render Directly into Dvt on the Toaster! Simple background and texture generation. Hign-res zooms, morphing and warping features. Two and three picture compositing features and much more ail in an object-oriented drag and drop user interface' T5315 $ 124.95 Spectronics International ClariSSA The Animation Generator for your Toaster you've been waiting for! This product is ideal for creating 2D morphs and animation segments. Features animation manipulaiion fools such as mark. Cut. Copy and paste, an integrated virtual memory function, built-in screen grabber, and color effec! Functions such as internal looping of sections, simultaneous forward and playback. Field cut. Dynamic Anim Record, and Picture-in-Pcture The SSA in ClariSSA stands lor Super Smooth Animations...and it means it! It can play back your animations at an eye-popping, silky smooth 60 fields per second1 T5300 S149.95 AmigaLink Distributed rendering with up to 20 computers-at the most affordable price available! Easy to set up. Does not use a Zorro slot! Instead, link up any Amigas under the sun together through the floppy drive port! Offers transfer speeds of up to 45k.'second and sharing of all storage devices and printers across the network. T5301 $ 224.95 Each Additional Node T5302 $ 109.95 at an Affordable Price! Cocoon is a full-featured, professional morphing system without the Rolls Royce pr.ee. You can any IFF image. AGA formats and save frames as 24-bit, HAM. HAM
8. Or 16-level grayscale. Perform warps and morphs usng veciors--the easiest way to define and execute morphs. CocoonMcrph doesn't use grics or points like other less powerful packages. Instead. Cocoon uses lines and vectors io define your moprh which are easier, (aster and more inluitve to define and yield more predictable results Cocoon also incorporates powerful image composition features and allows fine control over the rate ol warp morph ol DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC Personal Animation Recorder PAR Card W 1GB HD T5276 Sbest PAR Card w 1.6 GB HD T5277 Sbest Personal TBCIV T5204 Sbest S-Video in and out. 4 2 2 processing for the cleanest possible video image. Personal Vectorscope T5205 Sbest NEW! 17 Power Tools for LightWave Users! True 3-D explosions! Particle swarming. Batch rendering. Much more! Endorsed by Amblin Entertainment. The Tonight Show and NewTek1 T5299 $ 109.95 PowerMacros
- Special Summer Blowout! Accessory Products Blue Ribbon Sound Works Tcall ea$ 32.95 T5257 $ 139.95 T5156 $ 62.95 MultiFaceCard III T5092 $ 54.95 T5151 $ 54.95 T3089 S74.95 T5077 $ 27.95 T5082 $ 34.95 T5255 $ 29.95 T5313 $ 189.95 T5114 $ 29.95 Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Technical Support: (619) 679-2825 Or mail your order to: DevWare, Inc. -12520 Kirkham Court. Suite 1-AW53, Poway. CA 92064 Ixiiti bxjunrw w h»FAln4mwoll'tt(B0;fiui wlii)n»WII»H*'**TlW Pt T» inJ jnJji*Uty cVprntKi mt>*Uungrwitt*« nUi rirxr»cficui>e.lu!H l *i New from Noahji’s Retina Zlll 24-Bit Display Board w 4MB Get photorealistic display capabilities with this 24-bit graphics card and plenty of ‘Chip ram" for your most intense graphic needs. Go way beyond AGA and still maintain lull compatability. For A3000 or A4000- T531Q $ 689.95 Retina Zlll Board 1MB T5309 $ 549.95 Retina Zll Board 4MB T5222 $ 549.95 Studio Printer Print 16.7 million colors or 256 levels of gray on Hewlett Packard Laserjets and Oeskjets as well as Canon Color Printers1 Supports the latest 600 dpi printers too. True lo screen colors with color adjustment with 32bit accuracy. Also includes special drivers lor PageStream
2. Xx. T3062 $ 63.95 Toccata 16 Now available! Full I6bi| audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs. 1 Mic input and 1 stereo output, Toccata can digitize at up to 48Khz in I6bit, direct to hard disk! Includes onboard mixer and optional ADPCM compression! T5222 S469.95 Mastering Toaster Technology The step-by-step guide from Video Toaster experts Brent Malnack and Phil Kurz that no Video Toaster customer can do with out' Learn Toaster set-up and operation, rotosccp- ing techniques, how to make perfect 3D logos, creating mattes and flying mattes, how tc master the alpha channel and much, much more. Plus 2 disk set fitted with 3D objects, a beveled & color font set, anim wipes and clip art. Includes Toaster 4000 su- plement. Bice $ 36.95 A complete listing of all our books is available in our catalog,..call for your free copy! How To Order... From DevWare VideoToolChest: Write your name shipping address, daytime tele- Ebone and. If paying by credit card, the card's tiling address. Then list Ihe product codes of the items you would like to order (i.e. V2040, T2038, T2035.e tc ) and the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date & mail to: DevWare Video • 12520 kirkham ct, Suite 1-AW53 • Poway, CA 92064 Smpping Handling; U S A - add 55 plus Si lar each aCXTI unit shipped Canada add 57. Plus 5t for each add I unrt-- caD lor book shipping Foreign Call lor shipping mfo. A!1 payments in U.S. lunds only, CA residents add 7.75% tan 15% restocking lee on all relumed commercial products Prices subject to change without nolice Not responsible lor typos. A minimum of S20.00 required on all credit card orders. Aladdin 4 D New! New Version 3 2 has an incredible particle system and B splines (bezier curves) for sculpting more organic shapes' Rotate and re size all elements under C-Splino manipulation gi mg you in- depth control over the most complex design ideas you can imagine. Supports powerlul modeling-animation tools, polygons ol any number of points, splines, tens Hares, lights, paths, wave sources and gasses. Paths can be hierar chically linked to control movement rotation, can have unlimited number of deform levels and support instancing Even create your own tools! Too many more features to list! T2Q3T $ 259.95 Genie Tools for Aladdin 40 New! Volume I An mdispensible collection ol modeli ng and productivity tools tor Aiaddm 4D users. From Shead Data Processing. T5325 S34.95 Aladdin 4D + Genie Tools Bundle TS326 $ 284.95 Dimension Technologies The Jurassic Collection Lightwave mod els of Trexx. Pterodactyius. Galiimimus, Brachiosaurus and more1 T5264 $ 137.95 Guickbrush 4000 100 Hi res 24-bit brushes designed lor CG4000 T5266 $ 52.95 The Wedding Collection Over 50 wedding-specific objects1 T5267 $ 62.95 The Sports Collection Over 50 sports objects relating lo football, baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer. T5268 $ 62.95 The Music Collection Over 50 music objects! T5282 $ 62.95 Wedding, Music & Sports Collection Bundle SAVE! T5283 $ 159.95 Odds & Ends Over 200 objects for LightWave! T5295 $ 42,95 Backdrop Construction Kit 100 backdrops T5296 $ 42.95 The Cathedral New Low price! T5297 $ 47,95 From KARA Computer Graphics KARA ANIMFonts 1*5 KARA ANIMFonts 5 Bundle KARA Pjaqucgrounds 104 24-bit plaques KARA Starlields T5157 $ 36.95 KARA Toaster Fonts 1*4 Tcall ea$ 59-95 KARA Toaster Fonts 4 BundleT5281 $ 199.95 AsimCDFS V2 Texture Heaven Texture City AmiNet Gutenberg Desktop Lib Space and Astronomy Syndesis 3-D ROM World Traveler CD-ROM SOLUTION BUNDLE! Mitsumi internal double speed CD-ROM drive. Ai!aDa:s Tanderr Mitsumi Controller Card, and ASIMC0FSV2 T5250 $ 369.95 The “Screen Generator" program included with all Pro Fills Volumes can generate super bitmaps up to 10.240 x 10.240 pixels with seamless, matched edges using the colored patterns and color paleties included with each volume. Pro Fills Volume I TH75 $ 32.95 Pro Fills Volume II Tn76 S32.95 Pro Fills Volume III T51G6 $ 32.95 Pro Fills Volume I thru III Bundle Save! T5I79 S89.95 From Visual Inspirations Artworks ClipArt Library T5I94 $ 32.95 Over 1500 images in this collection1 Pro Textures Combo Coll. T5192 $ 59.95 Completely seamless real wcrld images. Road Signs New! T5327 $ 44.95 50 objects for use in accicdent reconstruction & outdoor scenes SurfacePro New! T5182 $ 62.95 A versatile set ol seamless Lightwave surfaces. Amiga CD-ROM HomeBuilders’ CAD Deluxe -- Sale Priced! A full-featured CAD program Includes: Contractor's Upgrade. HomeBuilders Library 1 and DeckBuiiders CAD Design and Estimating System lor- Decks From a room acjpii to a cluster of condos: HomeBurlders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project Features include: -20 acre drawing area.
• Accuracy lo 1 60th inch, -Supports buildings over 200 stories high. -Over 300.000 layers -Over 60 predelined doors and windows Contractor's Upgrade allows you to have up to 1000 items (instead ol
450) per layout Library 1 is a library ol furniture and custom kiichen cabinets AmigaDOS 2 compatible. Requires 2.5MB of RAM. Original list of over $ 400' T4032 HomeBuilders’ CAD 2 Includes all ol the above except Contractor's Upgrade and Library 1 AmigaDOS 2 compatible With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB, with hard dnve. Requires 1 5MB. Original list price: $ 249.00 T2040 $ 34.95 The inexpensive and powerlul IBM VGA Emulator solution lor any Amiga! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS software on your Amiga! PC-Task runs as a task on it's own screen--leavmg your other Amiga applications tree to continue lo multitask. PC-Task is a software-based emulator and, as such, is- not as quick as a hard-’ ware bridgeboard. But is- also hundreds of dollar: less1 Perlecl for your occassional MS- DOS needs PC-Task even allows you to use your Amiga's serial anc parallel ports lor the PC emulation! PC-Task even takes advantage of an accelerator...the faster your Amiga, the faster the emulator runs! T5072 Oktagon (SCSI-II A3000 4000)T5240 St34,95 AlfaDrive 3,5" External Floppy Dnve for all Amigas T5253 $ 74,95 AitaScan Plus 400 DPI Hand Scanne- with Touch Up Software T1024 S139.95 Mega Mouse 400 DPI replacement mouse for all Amigas T5243 S27.95 AllaOptlc Optical Mouse 300 DPI fully optical mouse T5288 S44.95 Optical Pen Mouse For graphics professionals T1017 $ 64.95 AlfaColor Hand Scanner T5214 $ 289.95 Scan 8 Save 256,000 colors on AGA Amigas 4096 on non-AGA Am:gas. AlfaScan 800 DPI Hand Scan T5242 S184.95 Crystal Trackball T1019 $ 44.95 Track Ball with 'glowing" crystal ball ALFA
- DA TA Version 2 T523S $ 84.95 Fax: PC c 1V Task 4 7 * OctaMED Pro is the premier music sequencing package lor the Amiga Version 5 has been com plelely rewritten lor Kick start 2* (required) and lea- lures standard windows and pull down menus for easy familiar operation Discover what Europeans know, love and depend upon OctaMED doubles your Amiga's 4 channel audio capabilities for an ear-pcppmg eight channels of stereo audio1 Complete and thorough online, context-sensitive manual...no more searching through manuals'" -Standard Music Notation Display • 64 MIDI tracks - Improved control over sampler and sampler effects: Unused space can be removed from Ihe star! Or end ol a smample. Arid looping controls are easier to use than ever. Pitch Changer
• Generic Slide Function -Built-in sampling software
- AutoSave -Full Pnnting 15051 $ 69.95 OctaMED Professional Manual m must-have tutorial and reference guide T5273 $ 29.95 OctaMED Pro 5 + The OctaMED Manual T5279 $ 7995 OctaMED Professional 4 If you only have Kickstart 1.3. this is the version for you Has all of Ihe basic features which made OctaMED a world wide best-seller' T4001 $ 39,95 Bars & Pipes Professional Ver 2.5 NEW Version! The state-of-the-art MIDI sequencer lor your Toaster and Amiga-is now even better1 New features and improvements have been made to the Track Window Menu, Edit Window. Song Construction Window. Metronome. Printing. Tools and Accessories sections T1183 $ 219.95 One Stop Music Shop 16-bit. 32 voice CD quality, fully digital, stereo audio and music system' T5103 S549.95 Patch Me ister universal patch librarian with over 20 drivers T5109 $ 54.95 Super Jam! 1,1 tubs S72.95 SyncPrO Synch MIDI with your multimedia, video and audio hardware' Tii84 S169.95 Triple Play Plus 48 M'DI channels avail- able in one interlace! T5Q28 $ 159.95 OTHER SOFTWARE AmiBackPlus Tools T5165 $ 69.95 AutoPaint lor ToasterPalnt T5142 $ 69.95 Batch Factory T5255 S44.95 Broadcast Tiller II SuperHires T3Q51 SI59.95 Broadcast Tiller II Font Pack 2 Tfi62 $ 89-95 Brilliance T5019 $ 129-95 DeluxePainl IV 4.1 Tt03l S99-95 DeluxePainl IV AGA T3058 $ 109.95 Digital Sound Track T5202 $ 59.95 Directory Opus 4,0 T1032 S64.95 Enlan DFS v2 T4010 S259.95 Helm T505Q S84.95 Imagine 3.0 Finally Available! T5234 $ 364.95 Playmation T1068 S299-95 Real 3D Professional v2 T5044 $ 384.95 Still haven't found what your looking for? We havf UAMY WORE PRODUCTS...give us a call! The Music Box
(619) 679-2887 OctaMED Professional v 5 Over 100,000 sold! Wo have been tho official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Fmd out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on each cisk indicate the onentaton of the disk; WEJsr general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench. Fdfl games and entertainment, Vow are vrdeo related programs utilities and Ddtf advanced-requires thorough knowledge ot AmigaDOSr'Cll. Thanks to our oxtonsivo arsenal ol anti-virus software, ALL o our software is guaranteed virus freef Best SellerT WB141ABCD: Amiga Vorse Search The Authorized 1611 king James Bible, online! Complete cross-referencing to ail words is incfided Runs on a" Am-gas with 1MB or RAM and 2 dnves Requires WB1 3+, Newest Disks Volt: ToBster Textures ref ection maps. Sump maps, surfaces and scenes lor LrghtWave. VO10: MainActor - Animation processor Heads wri-es-ccn- verts many anmat on picture formats and supports many graphics boards very nice1 V B145: Big Dummies Guide to Ihe Internet An interactive AmigaGuido lo the information highway and how ta tap itl W0144: Molecule CPK renders space filling representations Of aioms and molecules. Req s WB3 0- & Hard drive. V B143: VlewTek THE cefnivo display uliity Versions ircluceo for Amiga, DCTV, EGS FC24, Picasso, Ooa v-son. Relina. IV24 Also includes new MakeAmrn7 utility. WB142: JCGraph A beautiful graphic package.. p;e chars, 3D chans Of an types , experts EPS. IFF & Draw2000 formats' WB140: Mr. Backup A powerful hard-dnve bacssp utlty w!fi full fape-dnve support Formally commercial! Flee WB2* FD98ABC: Klondike AGA - So ita-re ala outstanding rh-res AGA graphics1 Huns ir multiscan or nny PAL screenmode FD97: Bonanza • Buttlwftefip-n OattlOihip game Tnnx n Slul-sook and destroy in a cool way scrolling world, Mi'eStones-p1ay Mille Bournes against the Amiga ano Gaiacidd-a gafaxiii- type game FD96. Tetris Duel AGA - The next generaton Tetnsi payers can p ay head to head and sabotage each other! Great graphics for AGA macninesf flea's Af200 or A4QGC. FD95: Deluxe Galaga - You should be paying $ 40 bucks for this one1 Easily one o( The best pd games ever1 All kinds pf power-ups and silky smooth motion Req's 1MB Chip RAM (Fat Agnus) for PAL Mode FD94: Scorched Tanks ¦ xmp* fe»y Updated and comptfble with AGA3.0I 60 d lfetent ways to Wow each other awnyi An OulSIandir.g game of angles. TrajnctofiM & Uwquo arsunalsl FD93: MegaSall AGA - This is Ihe one you've beer waiting tor1 Updated !0 knock youf socks off! THE best p d game for the Amiga. Req s WB2+ S 1M3 RAM Show off that AGA' FD92: Bfast'em - contains Scorched Tanks a tank oattte wth futurist*: weapons defenses 5 'great' g-aptucs GaiactWd is a Galaxian-Space invaders game completely Amigs-tizec. DD93: Magic User Interlace Greatly speeds development. Aulo ScreenW.ndowvFont sensitive interfaces and much morel DD92: Developer Contains it>o official Commodore devefop- cs kits fpr the Am-gaGutte and Commodore Install Utl ties, a must have for a" serous developer*. Fun Disks FD7: Pacjnan - This disk contains severat pscman ryoa games including; PacMan87. MazeMan and Zonix FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games Las Vegas Craos - The test Las Vegas Craps simulation even wrifien for any computer Contains extensive HELP features, Also Thtfttg One,VideoPoker and more. FD12AB: Star Trek. The Gome This iS by tar the betit Star Trek game ever wrillen tor any compufer !t features mouse control, good graphics, d-gtzed sound effects and great game- play Counis as 2 disks Req 1Mb and two drives (or hd). DD83: IBM ¦ Not one. But TWO IBM emulators that wifl
- illow the running o! MS-DOS software nr.ih Am ga programs!!; Demos complete with programs fo turn your Amiga
• loppy dnves nlo 720K ISM compatfcte d-'ires. Also, out our PC-Tosk emulator on our DevWar® Video FD1T- Board Games - contains Monopoly, Ocminoes. Paranofos. And others. FD17: Educallonal Carnes • 1h s disk includes several games far youngsters including geography, math, soance, end word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games - Mechl prce; A game that Simulates combat Detween two o- more giant robots. Simple words can t teg n to g.-ve you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 toot tan, f re breath -g earth shaking coossus that obeys your every wtim. FD33: Arcade Games - Ffreddy a Mario 3rotnars type of game, Gerbils a fargel practice game, PipeLme a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams, Train a l-ght cycles version, and Wet raids a wonderful verson of asteroids w*th a hilancus twrst. FD33: Games Cabbage Master - A great cnbbage pine 3nd tutor Spades - a we I Cone card came, CwneseCneckers - A computer version of this cassw. Put: - a slide piece puzzle game and constructor! Set WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This set contains the programs that should nave been included with WB2-. These powerful utlrties take full advantage cf the many new capabi res that are avaFapie in Workbench 2*. Indudas: Toot Manager - a worderful utility to add programs to your TOOL menu, Virus Protection • Degradnr. Icon • Enhances Workbench's 'Show AH’ to display over 40 distinct icons lor aHtaiem types ol files. Bitmap Font Editor, Screen Biankers - ate fractals and nplmenj ard swarming bees' Requester Enhancers and CPUBiil Two disk set. Counts us two FD39A&B: Star Trek, The New Generation - This is a completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. Check out our DevWare Video ad for order info, or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759! S2.95* ea. 20-29 Disks ipj!fjm$ Special** $ 3.45 ea. 11-19 Disks Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! Serving tiii; Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library GUARANTEE - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. This one was created by the Gorman author Tobias. Excellent!!! Counts as two disks Requires 5l2k FD50: Submarine Game - Seal a nee ore arc a half years in the making, this is an Outstanding Submarine tactrcal game. Ccnmeroaf quality, hign'y recommended The AMIGAWorld "Best-Of" Set FD&5ABCD; AmlgsWorkfs Best • Tfteve (our deKT contain rh* ioftr*sr p d gam**! Include'- Mother Loco Mor-a. Mnat*fd. Pong, intruder Alan. Deluxe PacMvi, Reeky and Sopar AniJIer* (sue Dae '92 Am.gaWorto) Four disk sat. counts as three. FD57; Arcade Games Includes 2 truly commercial quality games. MegaBall, an Arkaroic-ish game, features 5 musical scores and add cting gameplay. Gravty Attack rs a psychadel- lic trip through several different worlds each different. FD59: Game Potpourri • Xenon III is an a most exact c ore Of me commercial gam* of the same name, .a great shootemup. CfOSswo-d will lake lists of words A automatically generate word-saarch puzzles for any Epson compatible printer. FD60: Games • In Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations. Interferon; a great Dr. Mario done Enigma; is it a game or puzzle? FD61: Games ¦ Soiitflire great graphics, plays two vers ons Klde. An interesting piece of eye candy Extreme Violence 2 player kill or oe killed game. YATC; A Tetrs clone With Art heal. Intelligence. Genesis, create realistic 3d fractal worlds. FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War n gunner si-.j j-.on fleq 1 moQaoyie o' memory. FD67: Arcade Include* Uamavon a weF-Ccne RzjbPtran' dene. Hate is a ’rBrrific' Zaxxon clone with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling,, a 10! FD60: MfndGameo - Had enough oi sbootram up gamtir,? Relax and let th«M ?f games flverciso your mind nstoort ol YOU' Wf:St. FD73: Arcade Series - intnider Aert' is a MULTi-level ‘Berserk*c crw. Features smooth ga-reoay. Great giJpmcs & osgrtized sound ffx FD74: Arcade Series ¦ RirigWai is an *Outer Llm»ts' c one With vectorizec graphics. MothflfLodO Ja a *Lode Runner” don® w fh 50 levels1 In B itzTanks they're coming al you from all dii or ions ! Can in air strikes and use your heavy artllery to survive’ F075: Arcade Series Descender it a c one cf the classic arcado game •Tempest', complete with vectonzed graphics. Ton* is the oiassic battle ot trajectories and inertia beiween two tanks mcreaibfy well done1 Starch is a maze game unlike any other included is a level etitor too. (Tan* requires ' meg ch-p memory-Fat Agnus) FD77: Arcade Series - G3iaaa'92 s ac«cne of the arcade game with several gamepfay enhancements-with sr-ooooth, sharp graphcs. It's better than the original! Pra-achs Curse is a done of the original 064 classic Diplomacy ;s a beautifully computerized version ol the Ava on HiH board game- conquer or tv* conquered1 FD61: SuperGames Some or rrw be« gam-e-OpnK*y Kc-g is better thar the ong naf with an eifr leve' Frame Fredd e and TrailBlazer are both fast-paced arcac-- games Mad Bomber is the ciass c game of *Kaboom’ redone with an Am ga Haro AS o' these games are exce!len;l FD32: Intrepid - In the Arche ice. You contra! A tank on a mis- «}n :o rescue hostages >n this scoe-bly crafted At ga o'-g ra1 FD&4: Gamest Deluxe Packfan is better nan me orig nai - 2C - mazes special "Dower- jps” with Ousfand ng graphics. TtnnkAmana is tne c assra game of concentratcn-with beauti- u fy drawn HiRes images FD86: Uchesst Iho slrongest playing Chess program oval- able for the Amiga period Req 66030*. Wofkbench2* 4MB RAM or mere Supports AGA |req 8MB1) FD87: OXYD- A commercial cuaity game similar to Marb & Madness in nany ways, but allows two computers to an* & pay together, see how many of the 2C0 landscapes ycu can complete without having so get the hint book! FD88: AmyBoulderdasrt - a clone ol the org nal clazs-c extremely we done complete wffh eve editOf. 2compi«a sets of levo's and a ravel editor Requ re* Wornbench 2*. FD89: Kastle Kumquat • A thoroughly en-eftarosng ana shaf- lergmg maze adventure game Great soundtrack end graphics Req's IV-B Chip RAM (for PAL rnpdo). FO90; Conquest & Dominion • Conqt,er the known wor a and maintain dominion over it-a n crocosm cf cconom c survival. FD9i: Popeye ¦ A c one ot the cr g ra C-64 dassic-Amiga ' Style with enhanced graphics. Raq 1MB chip RAM fpr PAL Workbench Disks WB4:TeiecommunfctHlon - This d sk coniams sovera! Excel- em pd commun cat on programs Access l 42. Comm 1 34 A Handshake 2.12a See also Vbt02 & WB115 WB5: Font* • 1- 35 bitmap fonts Also included are five RagtiSiream fonts.and ShcwFont ¦ a 'ont display program WB6: Fonts 2 - ShowFon) allows you to quickly ana painlessly view all 256 characters m a typical loni Includes large AmigaDcs system fonts (many up to 5Gpts) WB7: Clip Art ¦ Ths disk is loaded with black and whits cl p ari Aq mcijCes, trees, watcnes. Tools. US ana State maos, ana more. WB9: Icons • Truly a multitude ot various types and kinds. A'so includes IccnMrester, iconLao, and others great utilities to help generate icons WB12: Disk Utilities This great d sk o loaded with wonderful util-t'fls for everything inclucmg makog osk labels cisk cnla- og rg. Disk optim-z.ng disk ana f-le recovery archive and organizing. Arc all sons of fie manpjtairon. A must have' WB13AB: Printer Driver* and Generator ¦ over 70 different dnvors (including HP LaserJet 3 A 4') also includes a printer- driver generator Two disk set counts as two. WB15: Business This disk contains a soreadshoot a database, a project I me management program and financial analysis (stocks) WB18: WordText Processors Tn s Disk contains the bos! Ea.tors. IncluCes.TexlPluS (if2 2e) a tuH featured word processor. Dme(v! .35j a great programmers editor w.th strong macra features,Te>ED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker. WB22: Fonts S3 ¦ Several more great 1onts These like the otner font d sks wo-v great w,th Dpa nt and WYS WYG word processor. WB23: Graphics and Platting - Prat, a 3-D mathematical function ploher Can ploi any user oefmed function BuzSurf2 - produce awesome pictures of objects ono could turn on a lathe Can also map IFF image files onlo any surlace thai it can draw Now compatible with mcs: 3D packages, and Vscreen. Makes a vidua! Screen anywh.ars WB25:Educational - On this C Sk are two p'ograms tnat can generate maps of offering types, World Data Base uses the CIA s data Sase to gene-ate detaled maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General ~heory of Relativ 1y, WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nage pictures ol beautfui women Special Product *New Release!' QT3: The A64 Package Version 3 - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with WB1.3 & 2.0 and now 3.0! This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 15*1 cltsK drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. All-new transfer software! Special price $ 59,95 with hardware. WB33:Clrcuit Board Design - sevora temf c raufl iras *or the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtOOt ¦ a c.rcuit DoarH design tool, Log-cLab - Circuit log-c Jester, and Mcac (I 26) a well done new release of this PD CAD program, now comer, with predrawn common circuit components for insertion Into schematics. WB35: 3D Graphics This dsk coma ns 3Forts - Full vector font set for use wth 33 prcg-ams, For;Ma-er - make 3d fonts from arty system font. Make3DShape - create 3d shapes from any .mage. DumptolFF - create 3d animators preserves pal- lot. World3d - a demo of a front end for use wnh DKBRendor WB35: Graphics • On this disk are several programs to create Stunning g-aph cal images including. Mpath - creates swMmg galaxy .mages, Roses - produce an urwmited number of variations al images mat a symmetrically *jrniiar to a rase. S.m3*n * display those spectacular images as part a» your workbench, ana RayShade ¦ a very good ray-tracing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphc modes with this one! WB37: Educational Educat cna! Games and puzzles ihai ccv-bz math, geography, spell ng, and books Ages 6 -15 WB41: Music - MED an rcrettiply we'll done, full foaiu'ed muse editor Create yo-- own stunning musk; t&rectly on yout Iho Am-ga Similar lo S-JuncTrackef but better Very pOwnrful onsy to use program. Vofsran 3.20-COmpatiblB with WB2. WB43: Business • Thrt, disk contains Analyi.Cal; - pxobnniy the mosi povieffuT spioadsheet program on the Amiga A (L featured spreadshwt with many 'eatures expected m a con- mercial pac-age Req 1 2 M3 WB46- Clip Art ¦ HgnRes c ip art with the fo.lcwng mct.fs ¦ emoel'ishmerts (borders, dodads peope, S transportation. WB47: Clip Art - Hires d p art. Motifs - hair, drafting, summer animals and macfooa. WBA8: Clip Art • Hires c! P art Metis - Ho days musd. Med- cal and misc. WB53: Graphic* Raytfaong programs gerorata absolute y stunning realistic looking panes, rc-ckot*, buildings.,., and sur real -mages C-Light is the mosi powerful EA5V-TO USE of it's k.nd wo have seort (a data This s canity twner and more U| featurec. Tnan similar commercial programs costing n tpe nunc rods of cellars Also, slAav e - a tuil featured vdoo toe tit er S'mtiar ;e ProVideo. Brosccast Tiller. Great video scraRmg, wipes, soecial effects. BflC more... V7B54; Printing - This disk contains several rout nes to he p With the chore Of punting. Includes Goth c - Fipa ly a Banner printer tor ti e PDI PrinrSn c o -O W0i Imp omentuc ah-purpose printar-utiiity with a very'comfonab o gr.iphxc irtterfaco and many advanced feature*, L:a with ease cimt ASCII Hws to a PostScript prlnra- and more WB55: Application - Xcopyllt - a ful fir ttured d sn coper rttpke backups of copy protected d.sks RoadRoute - find the Quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like "Dougy Houser I D". Cal
- a calendar program. Magman * a database labored foi ancles and pub'icatcns WB57: Animation - Ti s c sk nas several 'Demo' style animations, Including, Bfeter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xonomorpn WB62: Midi Utilities Several useful midi utilities including, programs to transfe; tc and tram several music programs to rnci a midi sysex h*nder a nkdi recorder wnh cneb.1,- die- p ay m di info, file sequence p ayer. Arc a few scon**, WB63. Disk UllltUes 3 ¦ Se era! Highly recommended program* lo aid in removing dupScare files from your hard dhvt), pertormlng file backups, Binary ed img, fast formatting, file recovery, and forced disk validation of corrupt disks WB60: Icons H2- La: s of neat bans Asso. Severe! Wonoertui prqgrarns that to let ycu create your own cons, modi') and men icon* artb n'ost-ucture* WB69: Music - 90 mmutes ot classical and modern electronic muse for you Amiga WB75; Music - OV'ii 100 instruments files (.insl) and snmplo SbPrfl Iras ( sst WB79: Home A Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct - the most comp'eie checkbook accounting program go ng. LCDCa'O • this we I Oaie ca'cu atcr has a very large display and operates from mo keybcsfo or mouse. Mjesge master - monnor your automobile mileage with this miieago log. Grammar ¦ a grammar checker, and Woridtime - f-nd out what time it 1* m up to 50 globa! Cues Y Bl 10ABCOE: Font Set This cgBoqJfen cOFta ns over KM typii k*s for ui? W m Profess-cmy P*gt jgeSettor 3- o- PagtStream 2.1 - Tn«0 toms will output tp any laser printer or dot-matrix printer with no jaggiea thank* fo otillinrj fontH Mery pro-looking, 5 ihsk set, count* .in r V7B81: Greet Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use, database o-og-am Doi t fet the ease cf use 'oc ycu, this s a very fu ’ ‘eaturec daraoase program incracng ful printer contra for address labels ana mail merge aopl cations. Aiso incfubes. TypeTuI a good typing tutor, RLC a full featured label printer. Banner, a multi font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program Highly recommended WB82: Animations Four fu lengtn. Wolf done 'movie" style animations Inciud-ng. Coyote. JuggleRi. GiostPooL & Meehan x 2 asks, counts as 1 WB93: Workbench L3 Extras *2 Ccnta ns the utilities that Commodore snoufo have shipped with the Amiga: VifusX4.0, Snap, FixDisk (recove- coiruptdeieted files). Disk Optim zer (iicopy A hard), Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accol, macro, clock utility), GOMF (a gurubuslorjand PrlntSludio V7B95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely commercial grade, we've seen many chockbock programs anq trtrs is iho best Full budgeting, transaction recora r-g 4 report gerraraton WB96: Dupers - Contains Xcopyl I 5 Nib wmch will backup copy-pro'ecfed programs FreeCcpy removes copy protection Iro.Ti several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out fast AmgaDOS copies. WB102; Telecommunications - Contains me programs Nccmrn 2 0 arc VT10O-2SB Zmoden protocols. XPR proto col support, full VttOO emulat on Ncomm s script language s so powerful it can create a full-featured BBS system WB106: Homo Manager • Th>s is a great all-in-one address book w.th an auTOd .Her notepad to-da list'nppaintmont schad uforhome inventory database ard phono number dalei Y7Bf08: QciaMED • Th * Brea-im.'C-jgh program OcuO es your Amiga's sourc capac tes from 4 channels to an ear-popping 8 Channels! A'l the renourQ eating caoaa 'ities of MED plus 4 more channels’ If you thought your Amiga Souncec good before, you aint heard nothin ye;! Y B109: VerseV ise - Disp'ay search and print The New Testament. WB113: Sid II - Why pay 40 bucks for a c tociory uti rty. Wher this ono will do >i ail plus much more' A truly professionai-cal- iber program Sid 1 was our best, now completely rewriflan Srt 2 will astound you. WB114: Fonts 4 Contains 36 bitmap system fonts W0115: Telecommunication - If you have AmigaQOS 2 04* and a modem, then this is THE program for you Term totally conforms to ihe User Interface Style Guide for 2.04. has ar Arexx port, and supports a» pcoufof Me-transfer protocols through XPR libraries. Vie wish all programs were this good V B116t Databases ¦ This is what you ve been wailing (of Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs for track ng Videotapes, CD’s, Magazine Articles Comic Books anc Trac-rg Caros' V B120: Grinder - a comp ote graph cs conversion package that supports GIF's. Jpog, Neocfirome, Degas, PCX. Targa TIFF. HAM E and IFF format pictures An invaluable too! For ah desktop-videographecs ana desktop publishers WB118. Amiga Beginner • You ashed for .1' A obmpteW tu-Lo-i .¦ -Of thra o&gm.rer on usrng era Artnga Starts ycu of: 31 the poive’-sw-tch and takes you through fo the CLUS'e and all poirts in between, Bonus? A rc mrl jded are 1G coloi icona to repL;-::,M ovary Icon in your 2.0* Wo.'kbonen Y B121: ProPage3 4 Enhancer - Th s disk contains over 40 'Games’ for use whh ProPago 3*. Including useful ones like Make Pi® Chart and Resize Tex! To fit Box to name a few Also ihclubes structured & o.'rrap ci-part for unique bcrCers a musf have for a 1 Ppage 3 users. WB122: System Optimizer - Kcommodity enhances you1 system, gives memory meters. MouSfi'keyboard enhancements. Online timers plus many others...too numerous to list! Reorg will optimize hard and floopy-disks for a big speed Increase HD Mem wi! A cw you to use up !0 2 megs of hard Crve space for Virtual memory' (Req 68020- w MMU) Ati program* reou>re 2 0* WB123AB: Flags ol Iho Woild same as W3124, but to* Workbench 1 3. Req. 1MB 2 disk set. Counts as two WB124: Flags ol the World • Two modes ci-ck and learn a- a game to lest your knowledge Great graphics fantastic learn ng tool. Has current Russ-a & Yugoslav a republics Req Workbench 2 0* A 1 MB RAM WB127: Blankers - Over 20 different screen b ankers Most run on Workbench t.3t...a few require 2.0* WB128: ColorFonls - contains 12 color bitmap fonts for use with DF*ni pr any so'tware Thai Supports ColorFonts WB12B; Super Virus KIMcr - From Safe Hex Inti who catalogs and M*s Amiga Vvuses woridiiode-a comsete .res sys l*m that knows a I Arr.ign viruses updated ohen Reo WB 2. WBI30: ToolManger 2 ¦ The ultimate tool manager far you- Workb erch Add animriied icons, sound effects and 'docks' ol programs to your WB .vury usefu 1 Req 2 0* and haro anve WB131: Magic Workbench ¦ Make your 2 04* V forh,&*nCk sizzfe w :h stye with These 3-COC' C rered icons Easy auto- nslaSs in m;huteS- Rea s YvB2.04- and rard o.nve WB132: Canon Studio Version 2 ¦ Special printer F'raterencos editor and drivers for BJC 600. 800 & 880, LBP A1,flA2. BJC 800, RJ 5. 10. 20. 200. 230. 300. 130 WB133: Panasonic Studio Special printer Preferences editor and driver System for all Panasonic 9 A 74-p-rs primers WB134 : 3 0 AGA Blanker ¦ B tzBianker for WB3.CU 14 a-f teroni bJankors to really Show ot! Your AGA machine! V Bi 35: 3.0 Extras 1 - 13*- utilities for WB 3 0 Several must- haves tor getting the most out cf your new graphics modes’ V B137: The Arexx Guide - Full Am gaGuide = me.} document to teacr you Arexx1 Tip-triec with easy x-?eferencing V7B138: 3.0 Extras *2 - Anothrer risk chocked ful' qfutfetfes to unleash, snp power of Workbench 3.0 and AGA’i WB J 39; MIDI Performance Manager Utility to manage a MIDI synthesize' and other MtDI eCi. Pnent Requires WB 2* Dev Disks DD54: Compression Tne cost hlo compression o'ograms and aids tor the Amiga. Inc ud*s Arc. Lharc. Lhwaro* Pkaa, PcwerPacker a ffiust have by all, Zip, Warp, and 2oc DD71AB: C Compiler - This disk contains DICE. Matlhew Oifon's lull featured, powerful C compiler a environment. 2 d--sks. Counts as 2 DD79abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial - This is the rrtost com prphensvo C anguage- Am.ga onartled-set of tutorials available Includes lull working examples, source code and an incredible set ol fessons Included are full discussions and examples to' Amiga programming 4 disk set counts as 3, DD86; The Programmer Includes GadToo's and REQTool”. Which w ! A 'aw you to create your user interfaces and then the program w.J automatically generate "C" source COCO cr Assemoy coce Reou res. And wr es cede for. Am gaDCS2-. DD89: Uedil - Prooably f ie most powerful text editor (or the Amiga. Previously commercial, new public domain. 1 ME DD91: ParBcnch • Alfows you to easily connect network two Amigas CDTVs together and share storage devices. Req's custom cable (docs to make cable inclufled-easy;. DD90: Advanced Utilities - ComprossDisk doubles the caaacity of your hatd-anve on the tly w h compression!1! A so contains: a sk cp! Mizei. SCSI mount utility. Keymap eoTors, Enlorcor. Undeleter S more, Most programs require 2.0*. Video Disks V06: Modeling Objects Cortams 20 vector objects n Imag ne format These are perfect for use with frrag ne or einer com- pat bio product. Includes Am ga 3C0O. Space station and many more1 VQ7: SiarTrek Objects - Contains tio USS Reliant, NCC- 1701 D (om the Next Generation), a Fererrgi Marauder sh.p As an added bonus, contains a fuly derailed Porsche 911 and Apacne Attack nei copter-al In Imagine format V09: Imaging - Included on mu disk are the md spensiOfe utilities. Rend24, V ewfek and the JPEG utilities. Rend24 is invaluable lor 24-o*t animators a lowing lor previews on AGA ana nor-AGA Amigas. ViewTek plays bacx an-rrs ol all sorts including An m 5. 7 and 3 formats 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX 010)576-6383 PRODUCTS We at Anti-Gravity Products have the highest confidence in Amiga products, and the resurgence in the Amiga platform. It is our belief that we can only go up from here. The new owners of Commodore or the technology will support and market these products in the correct manner. The Amiga platform is too powerful to be ignored. Here at Anti-Gravity we stand ready to support and augment your Amiga systems with the latest in hardware, software and support for all your Amiga, Video Toaster and 3-D animation needs. When it comes to Amiga nobody does it like Anti-Gravity Products! ANTI GRAVITY m ANTI GRAVITY in WORKSHOP i AGW is currently working on a Virtual Reality jjgli 1 * What's New with Anti Gravity Workshop pilot for Fox. Look for it this Fall on Fox!
• " -;vi. Network It for S295 Add A Picassoll 2MB & 17" IDEK Monitor for S1320 A4000 A4000-25MHz-040 6 o hd A4000-25MHz-040 6 womb hd A4000WARP: 40MHz-040 6MB Ram, SCSI-2, 340MB HD A4000WARP: 40MHz-040 18MB Ram, 2GB Barracuda HD = 4000 TOWER with: 40MHz 040, SCSI-2,1CB SCSI-2 HD, 2MB ChipRam, 16MB 60ns FastRAM Scall Low Mo i Ilf |IM Say mwmm
- e 1 i.Jiiii 1U.U.ULU vra ANTI GRAVIT5 PRODUCT Federal Express Delivery Available! 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 904i TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-63. Forms and Conditions: Call lor shipp-ng rows warranties, nnd a pohcios that apply Quantities arc limited and prices are sutler change a tncut not to Ajvj Gtavty PrtxJucts |AG°i accepts COO OK
p. tyuc o ty cashed chock ariy Payment rru« acMmpa.ny a I pu-tf OaJc-s We a-e at-ia lo Ode' quantity discounts to doa e-s and sys Dj.oer* Orders may tie pa 3 Cy Visa Mastercard AS sales are final, relunds. Please Defective exchanges are for same product only must have a Return Maler-cl AuSion ahon number (RMAi be m eng packag ng. And condition. Fjo guarantees are implied as to pmc pertomarea with your system or as to manutacaufErs claims and spe cat ons A 20% restocking fee appl es to all exchanges ot up products or any orders that i-s carco ’ed after snpp.ng A l nicnan are at Our cplon AGP s at e to sho r i 1) Fece-ai Eipress Pnc We Accept Standard Overn cm. And Second Day Economy. 2} UPS overm- " " 13 C Second Day. Ana Ground Most order* are chipped wan n 48 houm your convenience Shipping damage must be reported mrcctfy ro earner within to days Federal Expmss logos used with pormiss: Snap Maps are unique textures that trim 3D surfaces into new shapes! Snap Maps integrate 24-bit color maps with bump and clip maps to simulate complex structures! Save memory and modelling time in creating photorealistic scenes. Plus tutorial scenes for Lightwave, Imagine, and Real 3D. Each Only $ 129.5 Bring the power and versatility of true on-line video and audio non-linear recording, editing, and playback to your Amiga! Noahji's ('NO' Gee's) is dedicated to bringing you High Quality Products & Service! Toccata 16-Bit Audio Card Sampler S 465 16 BIT AUDIO Card Sampler Toccata's non-linear audio editing is a Quantum leap in speed and compatibility! Toccata also includes "Samplitude", the powerful sampling software created by ilK'D of Dresden, Germany. Ne Vlab Motion System is built around a orro II card that utilizes a compression & ecompression JPEG chipset and other xeciahzed chips to provide real time iqital video capture and playback at YUV 2:2 square pixel quality; reaf-time effects e chroma keying, genlocking, picture-in- cture, and video scaling. Amplete Arexx support allows digital deo effects to be applied to your video ames with third party image processors :e ADPro ™ and Image FxrM. .ab Motion includes composite and Y C and out with an expansion socket for gital YUV or RGB component transcoders. Id the Vlab Motion System to your video graphics studio & You Will Fly Above The Rest. Le Vlab Motion is also perfect for jmputer animation playback. Vlab Motion JPEG Capture Board: ? Direct to disk recording and playback ? Integrated genlock and chroma-key ? Digital video capture in real-time at 60 fields or 30 frames per sec for NTSC ?Zorro II motion JPEG non-linear video edit playback Component and Y C (5-VHS and Hi8 format) inputand output ? Real time JPEG compression and decompression ? Integrated scaling hardware giving extended capture and replay capability with picture- in-picture feature ? Broadcast quality output plus all the features of the Vlab digitizers, w real-time compression ? Fully integrated with the "Toccata" audio digitizing card, giving simultaneous, synchronized, direct to disk CD quality audio recording ? 50 pin feature connector for digital YUV RGB ? Digitizer plus video output with YUV 4:2:2 square pixel quality, hardware scaling, genlock, picture in picture and chroma key for real-time blue-box effect. ? NewTek Video Toaster compatible interface ? No separate TBC required | Video Editing Software Included with Vlab Motion I Vlab Y C Video Digitizer: S435 External: S495 Vlab Motion JPEG Board: 51635 Vlab Motion System; VlabMotion -fToccata $ 2100 Vlab Motion Complete System: VlabMotion +Toccata + Retina Z3 4MB $ 2680 MovieShop is the non-linear edit software vritten especially for Vlab Motion System. Video clips and audio stored in draws like imiga Workbench but within JPEG File System artitions usually in 500MB to 2GB range. Cuts or sequences can be played back any time, Taking edits of the rough or fine cut visible at glance. Runs directly on the Vlab Motion board, linimizing CPU access time, allows rec play on ne same screen. ’nee, Volume I ] $ 95 APEX i mic is, to a loise; obiects like FORGE me: Fractal noise is a turbulent, ?d biend of colors idea! For realistic ted surfaces. New tex- examples:Or- es; Natural skins js turtle shells n hides. Ires: Hull plates, d planetary ed plasmas. And displaying an image, then returning to trie attribute editor, in Forge the Dll Federal Exj Delivery Ava Amiga imagine PC Imagine Lightwave 3D Studio Ml IMAMOin We Accept arnnMilsn ANTI GRAV textures preview and render, though they can be used in Imagine versions 1.0 through 3.0 directly. Attributes ' Slider control of texture parameters ' Image size not limited by memory ' Seamless repeating images, spherical 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, ( TEL (310) 193-6650 M (110) tew modes, full animation, and more. V Child model li i«nt to reqittvrrd u»rr» pri design process is reduced to simply lures.-Burnishedmetel, crumpled SSSulSXS1''"'atChin9 ‘he d Ice, obsidian, cauliflower Jnd f ?s Ka fex.ure Benderer. It can actually produce antialiased ii§£fe ffHtSSF textures. Fibers, loam, and p|aymatjori 30 studio or just an Amiga with a FPU (such as - p?PV,wSrLpre -it nnr* a 68881 or a 68040 CPU). The - xtures require FORCE to 9 compatible FORCE Included with Essence A new program revolutionizing Essence textures. A stand-alone program, Imagine is not necessary. Load display any Essence texture or attributes, preview in real-time. Interactive edit and preview in color. Ioise; turbulent, detail-rich for object ire, planets, landscapes, or even airt. Es:
o flat texture that applies the image of Instead of editing a bank of mysterious numbers in Imagine, quickrenaering D display to an obect. V Fractal, iram. VISTAPRO Fmt $ 180 f Fmt $ 180 L ( Fmt S160 Fmt Scall 1 Includes: I*! Man, Woman, I V j Strong Man, Si*! Child*, Facial morph targets Run & Walk , scripts, Hand B morph targets Can be used in your own & commercial productions. Create and explore gorgeous rcal-woi and I racial landscape and then fly through them! Create Images that arc unupidy m Vista Pro K different ftom dip art Stock pitOtOV »Von define the color, palette. 3Dtn snow level waves. Haw, chunk tak rivets ami more*. ¦ Realistic fractal lecturing adds amazing detail to your mulcting
• Based on data (tom ihcUSGeoto$ Sutvrvs and NASA
• Generate left and right images to ¦ M) devices. :: ffc VirtuaC Reality Laboratories} Inc. The Ultimate Amiga Creation Tool! Ylsuptt b also avails DOS. Window s. and 1 Composite St uci iogcts your projects (lone qu ickiy, and Easy-To-Use Interface: With its Easy-To-Use Interface Composite Studio is perfect for the beginner yet the powerful customiz ing features are sure to satisfy the professional. You can easily create your own custom elements such as beveled bars or lower thirds. 6'er4l8«WCi«tK»: I Composite Studio $ 145 For ToasterPaint™ and Opal Paint™ Composite Studio is a powerful user configurable image compositing program. By taking control of ToasterPaint or OpalPaint , Composite Studio allows you to quickly and easily combine, resize, and arrange Framestores or RGBs. Composite Studio is perfect for the video, multimedia, or broadcast professional. Power Templates: Using Composite Studio's Power Templates you can choose from 40 predefined templates or quickly create and customize an unlimited number of new templates. Multi-Level Bevels: With the click of a mouse your composited images can be sur~ rounded by a multi-level bevel or perhaps choose from one of twenty frame styles including gold, silver, wood, marble, & antique. Shadows: Use the powerful Shadow Button to add a quick drop shadow to any image. Composite Studio lets you pick the shadow angle depth, and darkness. Textures And Fills: Composite Studio includes textures and fills that can be added to any background, foreground, or custom element. You set the level and Composite Studio will automatically blend your texture with the image you choose. Along with the ten textures and fills included, you can add as many of your own textures as you like. You to batch process your l up and Composite Studio ; ” A will render and save them for you. LIGHTWAVE OBJECTS urassic Collection ? Tyrannosaurus Rex ? Gallimimus ? Pterodactylus ? Brachiosaurus Homes: 595 Four complete, scaled homes for Lightwave. Exteriors, Interior rooms Doors and windows animated. Over 120 surfaces per home. Interior Construction: 3 Create rooms and interiors FT ¦ (%~r with over 100 Objects: doors, I j windows, stairs, fixtures, moldings, walls, floors, ceilings and rooms. Interior Design 1: $ 45 Over SO Real-World Scaled Furniture Ob jects: beds, chairs, cabinets, and more. .hdudfd, Interior Design 2: $ 45 Over 50 Scaled Kitcnen and Bathroom Objects: Lighting Objects, appliances, cabinetry, sinks, vanities, bathtubs, toilets and toiletry, and more. Doors and drawers can be animated! Interior Design 3: $ 45 Over 50 Real-WoricTScaled Office Objects: chairs, desks, book cases, file cabinets, shelves, PC workcenters and more. Dynamic Motion Module: $ 135 Remember the Domino theory? Dominoes falling in a chain reaction, Imagine trying lo animate that scene Imagine Ihe time and effort of setting all those key frames.' With Positron Publishing Dynamic Motion Module for Lightwave 3D, that drudgery is gone forever' DMM makes this and hundreds of other previously impossible motion files a snap it automatically calculatesthekey frames, detects the collisions and makes the objects respond appropriately. Think of the time you'll save and how productive you'll become with DMM-The fomt Way b Animate With lig itivQW SB We Accept Mastering Television Technology Cedi Smith is a guide to video and audio techno addressing technical issues, including system Iwn imaging, audio mixing, more. Answers To Telvision Technology Cedi Smith is a compilation of his answers to qu dons posed in his AV Video column, and seminars Mastering Toaster Technology t Brent Malnack and Phil Kurz js the step-by-step gullde to using the NewTek Video Toaster. Desigr to walk readers through important Toaster tasks PRODUCTS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 T£L (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 ' . . ,- v-; 'I Pixel 3D Pro $ 75 A ) O il 0 J k'A Convert 2D Logos To 3D Objects b -cyTvJJvjMJu The most powerful 3D object utility v 0 1 w A 9 = J program available. - Loads and saves fourteen (14) different 3D file formats * Bitmap font and logo conversion to 3D * Single point editing, moving and deleting. * Beveling of logos • Object optimization WaveMaker $ 155 Create professional flying logos. With the included prefabricated animations, add any logo. Videotape included: With the Storyboard feature, show clients previews without rendering every frame. : WaveLink $ 95 Connects any two Amigas for file sharing and distributive rendering using LightWave or Light Rave. You can even batch render! 23= Anim Workshop 5 Call Aworks provides tools to create, play, process, edit and add sound to your animations. Add Sound V.2 supports all AGA modes, Anim5,7, & 8 formats. The First Particle Animation system for LightWave3D 3.0 Now Animators can include "High-End" procedural animation ellc-cIs lo their work Do in minutes what would take days to set up! Particles bounce with real world behavior with gravity simulation. Multiple point gravity wells allow bending and directing the stream, flock or swarm of particles. Complete with Wind, Gusting, Flaking and Swirling controls adjustable uper axis. H Federal Express rfjj Delivery Available! - Federal Express Delivery Available! 'he Most Powerful DeskTop Video System In The World! A The Only Proven Amiga Tower 4000 Solution! . TOASTER OVEN 4000 1 11 Slots Available at One Time! 1 Video Slot Up to 6 Zorro Slots" (fonr 6 PC Slots 11 Drive Bays 300 Watt Swlfchable Power Supply Mouse, Keyboard & Joystick Extenders HardDisk & Floppy Cables Included 2 Cooling Fans All Metal RF Enclosure I L.E.D. Readout For Clock Speed Switches Monitor On Off Optional Adapter a km you to plug your or Personal Component Adapter into our PC Cord Slot. Finally you can enjoy the full power of your Amiga 4000 and transform it into the most powerful Desktop Video System • .....- -:- in the world! "The most elegant solution.. fQtinU I'm tils him ) pUH Computer Video "Now that's power on the desktop." Desktop Video World TBC & SYNC: TBC PCB S 895 BC-TBC PCB (Full-TruoBro.nk.isl) S1395 Standards Converter, TBC & Sync (AIMn-One) $ 1,595 Options: Remote Control $ 235 U-Ma£ic DUB $ 150 3-Way Adaptive Comb Filter (for Converter) $ 475 PRODUCTS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 "The Little Magic Box" $ 635 Adapts toaster to S-VHS, M II and Betacam component operation. VlicroWavc Oven
• Slots ft , PC Slots Powered Zorn s 00 Watt Switchable Power upply 0 Watt Stereo Amplifier iraghic Equilizer i PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER (PAR): 24-Bit Real Time Video Playback Recorder (S-Vldeo, NTSC, Beta Mit, PAL Ver Available} Amiga NTSC $ Call ( __tjbr PC (ISA bus) S Call PAR HARDDISKS. F a * *
I. OGB $ 845 s» o ¦ ¦jti'
1. 7GB S Call V -1 A4000Toaster Warp System: 40MHz-040 SCSI-2 43GB HD 38MB Ram 17" IDEK ISKHz SyncS trainer $ Calf A4000Toaster Oven Warp System: 40MHz-040 * SCSI-2 1
4. 3GB HD 11 38MB Ram 17“ IDEK ISKHz SyncStrainer $ Call PERSONAL COMPONENT ADAPTER: Beta Mil Decoder $ 490 PERSONALTBC IV (NTSC): use with PAR to record video $ 820 PERSONAL TBC II VT-3000 (PAL): use with PAR to record $ Call j PERSONAL V-SCOPE: for Amiga & PC S 750 j DPS-210: Video Signal Transcoder (NTSC) 51450] rfi -SKI CREATES Ei'HnViUr-. C. Jr-»- - - I rmmm amazing I Tipffil EFFECTS
- ’ j FOR VIDEO and interactive produc- tions, using Lightwave ir the highest quality rendering. Sing Hollywood FX is simple. Use captured or generated nages from any source. If you have a Personal Animation ecorder and TBC IV, you can grab live or recorded video uickly and easily for full motion video effect. EATURES INCLUDE ,, . Effects that parallel the quality of an Abekas or Pinnacle stem costing $ 15,000 to $ 50,000. Dozens of effects including multiple full motion video indows, 3D morphing transitions, particle effects and more. New libraries of effects will be available on a regular basis, ompiete control over effects length and rendering parameters. Hollywood FX gives you the ability to batch render both ollywood FX transitions and your own Lightwave scenes. PAR users get the added benefit of being able to map video or limated sequences directly onto objects in their Lightwave scenes ithout exporting first to a large hard drive. Hollywood FX exports i unlimited number of sequences from the PAR as needed. Post processing with the Art Department Professional rovides users with unique rotoscoped effects (e.g., rocessing video through the oil paint or fresco perators). And batch conversion for playback of effects r animations at HAM and 256 screen resolutions. Idd a Raptor and... need we say more? IP 14 •fc.T.'J:. : ” rT"’1 :----- ¦ ' : -V" Run Li htWave without thelbaMer by using LIGHT RAVE to emulate the Toaster environment.
• ‘Rccci i c LiyhlRi i w tji J3HS !| with llh’ffunluiseopu
* ij Vii iti Uw.hr-ioaovt 4 II uffTwurr! Studio 16 Version 3.0 Software Sr AD-516 16-bit Audio; Card $ Call I II III UN UPSONIC mi
a. t A Practical Guide fo Federal Express Delivery Available! 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 ANTI GRAVITY PRODUCTS for the Toaster System and Amiga computers... The iiuiuuuuny PageStream DTP program is ._ We Accept Imagemaster R t BLACK BELT SYSTEMS Imagemaster R t has more features than all of the other competing image manipulation systems on the Amiga added together. It's also number one in price; an unbeatable combination! Image Processing, Compositing, Painting, and the highest quality color reduction available on any computer. Ishenneedau professional of [inEspocf? 2pn8 4,1(1 page c p°a°n.
- rs to questions about? * composition and 'opyfrtting fUs ¦usmg type effectively 11 Properties of type t
* Service Bureau tactics owpw tyestream 2.2 e s k i o p Publishers PageStream3 for the Amigc and Toaster workstation. Design professional documents with built-in word processing and illustration capabilities, and the ability to work with many Mac and PC file formats. It will change the way you think about publishing. PageStream3 S23 FREE! When you order PS 3.0 before Its release, you receive a copy of "Practical Typography for Desktop Publishers." A S29 vak Recent reviews tell the whole story: Reviewing imagemaster R t, Amiga World said: "If you've gotten this far into the review without pausing to buy Imagemaster R t for yourself, you've already waited too long. Imagemaster R t is a tool no serious artist should be without." T , And reviewing AdPro 2.5: . % " ..(AdPro) excels in most areas...but for heavy duty image processing you B may want to complement (AdPro) with Black Belt's Imagemaster R t..." " Only Imagemaster R t gives you the power you deserve. There is no competition. HhpWvHF: FORGO ¦ rCjrrn iNiGs.iivcmmnAiri > Prim r $ 795 Thermal Transfer color printer. Dye Sublimation kit available! ES-60QC S785 A24 bit, 300 dpi ES-800C S1085 24 bit, A400 dpi Scanner Driver Software $ 95 Primera's bright, sharp color knocks the socks off any other color printer on the market today! ENLAN-DFS Ver2 Peer-to-Peer Networking Interworks ENLAN-DFS’ ReMo2- Free Shareware Utility With ENLAN ReMo2 allows machines on an ENLAN-DFS network to exchange mouse and keyboard input, as well as transfer screen displays. The software's windowed interface allow for easy operation by even novice network users. ENLAN-DFS is the Ethernet-based, Peer-to-Peer networking solution for the Amiga. ENLAN-DFS provides diskdrive, file and peripheral sharing, previously only vailable on other computer platforms. ENLAN-DFS is the ideal network software for turning your Amigas into powerful, integrated workgroups, whether it's two, twelve, or hundreds of systems! ENLAN-DFS is easy to install and use, and is transparent to your application software. Shared resources may appeer upon the Workbench and operate just like local resources. NO DEDICATED SERVER is required; any system can share rexources with any other system. NETWORKING SOLUTION Optimize Your Production Environmen Share drives, directories, and data files across the network eliminate sneaker-net! Access printers, tape drives and CD-ROMs through the network. Use NetRexx™ to send and receiv Arexx commands to any system or Arexx port on the network. Implement Security featun Interworks ETHERNET SOLUTION (A1200 networkcard) Interworks ENLAN-DFS Ver 2.0 Software License Up to 5 Nodes S 265 Toaster-Net: Conning Soooon! Lightwave Network Rendering $ Call Ethernet Board $ Call (CROSS PLATFORM Nl Network your A1200's into a Render Farm with a card that fits in your PCMCIA slot! 1-Card Ethernet $ 295 Network Amiga's, Mac' PC's, Sx SGI's with: Interworks-TCP $ 325 ' anci Terminators are available call for details fit pric. GS 28 24 SPECTRUM 24-bit true-color graphics, with res* olutions up to 1600x1280 programmable. 24-bit 800x600. Compatible with many applications. Single* monitor custom pass-through cable. Bonus EGS PAINT included! GVP A2000 Accelerators G-FORCE 040 33 Mhz w 4MB G-FORCE 030 40 Mhz w 4MB S595 cz I O Extender One parallel port and a high-speed FIFO buffered serial port, on a single card. PhonePak $ 235 Automatedvoice mail system with remote call-in. A complete system with unlimited mail boxes and time stamped voice mail and FAX. FAX from any printing application. IMAGE FX is an easy to .., . Use Image processing, | J special effects, morphing program. Supports image file formats used on most platforms, including file conversion. Has built-in virtual memory, and online help. Digital Time| base corrector, real- time frame grabber, 24-bit fram buffer. Options incJudi Comb Filter to color correc and clean composite-to- component output; also 1 MB Frame RAM. Put 40 Mhzof acceleration in your A4000, plus4 MB RAM. Expandable to 32 MB., SCSI II, RAM Adapter board optional. No ZORRO SLOT required. Compatible with Video Toaster, OpalVision, EGS Spectrum, Retina, Picasso II A4000 G-Force 040 40MHz 0 MB A4000 G-Force 040 40MHz 4 MB A4000 G-Force 040 40MHz 16 MB $ 845 $ 995 $ Call S 185 SCSI II Option ES A1230 Turbo* SERIES II 40 Mhz 68030 with 4 MB, up to 32 MB RAM. Kickstart Remapping and real-time dock One-year warranty. In- r dudes GWA1291 SCSI Kit Js0 Mhz w MMU, 4 MB RAM $ 485 Video, graphics, and audio into any Amiga. Convert input to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV output with built-in transcoder. Full AGA! The quietest digital sound sampler yet made. The versatile software includes sampling, editing, song composition, stereo playback. Direct to disk rec playback TOASTER READY 14" 15KHz w SyncStrainer S 595 TOASTER READY 17" 15KHz w SyncStrainer S1035 We Accept NEW 17" 8617 1280x1024
23. 5-86KHz $ 795 NEW 21" 86211280x1024
23. 5-86KHZ 4 V )RFGONl With Programming Languages, Video Audio Samplers, Music Products, and System Enhancements from Oregon Research. IdeoMaster: A500 & AGA enhanced ver. For A1200 S90 Low cost Multi-media video audio system. Sample color stills and greyscale motion up to 30 fps with audio. Audio video sequencer. ANIM5 output, lable. OlorMaster NEW! A Must-have for VideoMaster The ULTIMATE Hard Drive Finally, a hard drive fast and economical enough to back up and transport large files, and to use as a primary drive. New SyQuest technology ensures data integrity. The 270SQ reads writes 105 Mb cartridges. Special version of 3105 3270AT from SyQuest with our driver, compatible with the A4000, including diskchange. Available in several configurations ind. Internal for the AT, internal and external for the SCSI. Also available bundled with an AT or SCSI controller, if required. FAST 14ms avg. access RUGGED 2 year Warranty HUGE Unlimited storage EASY Auto-Diskchange driver QUIET Shhh, listen, INTELLIGENT 64K buffer. SMALL 3.5 x 1 inch. COMPLET Hardware & Software. Color splitter for VideoMaster. Directly capture full color video in one step. Amiga4000 SyQuest Internal IDE Drive Kit DATAFLYER 105 S395 DATAFLYER 270 S645 Federal Express Delivery Available! MegaloSound $ 40 Amazing low cost 8-bit audio sampler with direct to hard disk recording. Lncredible sound quality! Easy to use with advanced sample editing, many special effects. He Hit Kit S30 vlusic composition, requires MIDI Sequencer equencer1+ $ 85 Professional 32 track MIDI & sample
* quencer with Diamond Drag note editing, »mpo maps, juke box sequencer, ...more. larity 16 $ 155 High quality, low cost 16-bit audio sample & ¦play system with MIDI interface. RO-MIDI $ 35 High quality MIDI interface for your Amiga. MaxonMAGIC S45 Animated screen savers. Over 20 to choose from. Add sounds to the screen savers or to any system event, timed event, or keystrokes! HiSoft Basic 2 NEW $ 95 Advanced Structured BASIC Language. DevPac 3 $ 80 Professional 680x0 Assembly Language Development System. Termite S Call Full Featured Telecom Software HiSpeed Pascal The Dataflyer SCSI* card attaches to the IDE header and converts it to also run SCSI. DttaFljftr SCSI* A1200 A40OO IS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 593-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 PRODUCTS Federal Express Delivery Available! We Accept PRODUCTS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310} 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 Very High Speed Local 040 Memory Bus with full 040 burst access,
* NCR 53C71G 40MHz SCSI-2 Fast Controller connected directly to the 040. Y32Bit SCSI host bus DMA interface supporting burst to and from the RAM
- Supports 10MB s SCSI transfers. 'Full DMA allows the CPU to still have 90% Processing Power while doing Transfers.
* No Zorro III DMA Problems,
* Fully Autoconfigurable with optional Autoboot capability for SCSI
* 32Bit Ram Expansion Up To 128MB. ¦¦ Uses Standard 72Pin SIMM Modules.
* Allows Mixing of Ram Module Sizes.
- Supports 4,8,16,32 MB SIMM Modules.
* Uses the Memory that is installed on the Amiga 4000 MotherBoard.
- Supports DMA access from Zorro 111 Devices to onboard Memory.
* A3000 Version Supports up to 64MB of 32Bit Memory.
* A3000 Engine will clock 16MHz MotherBoards at 25MHz. Compatibility
- Compatible with the Video Toaster, Retina Z-lll and Opatvision,
* Works in all 3000, and 4000 series Amigas.
* Requires AmigaDos 2.1 or greater.
- Full Two Year warranty The Warp Engine Series of Accelerators is a break-through in Amiga Expansion design. The Warp Engine comes in titree versions for the Amiga Toaster 4000 and three for the Amiga 3000.; % All Warp Engines are fully upgradable to 40!vftlz by just changing the CPU and the Clock Oscillator! The Warp Engine uses standard 72 Pin STOMs = NO CUSTOM SIMMS )and allows the use of up to four different sizes of SIMMs (4,8,16 and 32MB) at the same time, jgy.. j YlHEf Jo V jfJt Unlike other companare only available from them, and or they only allow the same size SIMMs to be Installed making St necessary to remove your old SIMMs before you can add larger SIMMs. The NCR53C710-1 SCSI-1! Fast 32BHJ3MA Bus Master Processor Wra it the Fastest available with its direct cpilb tipn to the 040 chip-t provides up to IGMB s Transfers anil allow sTlk O to reiMi90% to 98% of its processing power! Zorro III Memory boares cannot wgach 70% of the speed of the Motherboard Memory while Warp Engtnesroeal 040 Burst Memory is many times fa?tfrr than the Motherboard Memory! The 4000 Series The 28MHz Warp Engine comes with an 040 socket, four SIMM sockets and the NCR SCSL2 Controller. This is a very cost effective entry because the A4000 already has an 040 chip installed and 4 to 16MB of Fast Ram on the Motherboard. You simply remove the CBM CPU fcard and then remove the 040 chip and initaH this onto the Warp Engine. You can also remove the Memory from the Matlierbbard and instalHt ontd tfTe Warp Engine. ThU produces a 25MHz 040 Accelerator with 4 to 16MB of High Speed Local 040 32Btt Burst Rim and;the fastest SCSI-2 Hard Disk Controller available for the Amiga. You do not need to purchase more FastRam immediately. The Warp Engine provides all of this expansion without using a single Zorro Slot! The 33MHz the 40MHz versions include the 040 Processors. The 33MHz board requires 70ns Ram to work at % highest speed and the 40IVpiz board requires 60ns Ram although you can insert wait states to use slower Ram. | The 3000 Series: There are three versions available for the A300Q which in all aspects are the same as the 4000 except that the Ram expansion is 64MB. | How Fast Is The Warp Engine? Rendering tw3D Texture Example A4000 040-2SMHZ: 160 sec. ; A4000 Warp 28MHz: 82 sec.- approx, 2x faster JF A4000 Warp40MHz: 56 sec.- approx. 3x faster jd Warp SCSI-2 Speed: Using Diskspeed the 2.1 GB Barracuda Drive: Read was 9 MB sec, with 94% of the CPU stHl available; WARP-3000: 28MHZ I with a 25MHz 040 CPU WARP-3000: _ 33MHZ 0 MB Ram with a 4MB 60ns SIMM WARP-3000: 40MHZ 0MB Rani with a 16MB 60hs SIMM with a 32MB 60ns SIMM WARP-4000: 28MHZ with NO CPU with an 040 CPU WARP-4000: 33MHZ 0 MB with a 4MB 60ns SIMM WARP-4000: 40MHZ OMB Ram with a 16MB 60ns SIMM with a 32MB 60ns SIMM Allows real time manipulation while viewing 24-bit images! TV Paint 2.0 supports many 24-bit display cards such as Retina,--- gvp !V24, f mmm ' - Harlequin. Unbelievable .Y , _ .* airbrush tool J with density, power, and adjustable nozzle settings. Wide support for pressure sensitive drawing tablets. Plenty of brush options including perspective and brush wrapping tools. Image processing with convolutions include relief, blur and other effects, easy colorizing of b&w images. Support for stencils and spare screen, multiple redo, 8-bit alpha channel. Loads multiple file formats including JPEG, Extensive AREXX support. The ultimate special effects device your Toaster! Easily create complete motion-picture quality special effec for any Toaster application. No jagg or artifacts. The professional's tool creating digital video sequences, special effects and animations. App ADPro's single-image processing po to your anims. Big Byte Super Buys! FMT DRIVE 270MB Quantum LPS270 540MB Quantum LPS540
1. 0 GB Quantum EMP1Q8Q
1. 0 GB Micropolis 2210
1. 7 GB Micropolis 2217
1. 8 GB QuantumPro18005
2. 9 GB Seagate Elite-3
8. 9 GB Seagate Elite-9 20 GB TAPE DRIVE SZ.
3. 5LP
3. 5LP
3. 5LP
3. 5
3. 5
3. 5
5. 25
5. 25 PRICE S 250 5 485 S 795 S Call $ Call $ 1150 $ 2150 S5850
5. 25 2.5MB sec $ 3995 SPEED 10ms 10ms 9ms 10ms 10ms 10ms 11ms Urns Ami Back Plus Tools $ 65 TapeWorm-FS $ Call TapeWorm-F5 allows any SCSI tape drive to act like an AmigaDOS volume. Barracuda-I ST11950N
1. 69 GB $ 1450 Barracuda-3 ST15150N
4. 3 GB $ 4250 Exabyte 8mm Drive:
* 5GB upto 10GB Compressed ;B-8505 5.25" HH 58MB min $ 2275 abyte 8mm Tape: $ 20 each or 5 for $ 90 abyte 8mm Cleaning Tape: $ 20 Dekas Driver from ASDG (Amiga, Mac, PC) $ Call Pro-100 1 CD Rom: 24-bit Textures for Amiga, PC, Mac, SCI in Tiff-Targa-Pcx-lff format CD Rom 5 69 Pro-60 sets 1 & 42 Amiga 3.5" Jpeg each for S 69 . I ICR O POL IS UDIO VIDEO Texture City ; .. »-* . * ,y'.'-. ' • I:-3 - ' .
• . •' ¦ v . - ¦ . Yyy ...... .* ¦ . ¦ r We Accept feh,; ..... vru
3. 5" FAAAAST !!! 7200 RPM 500,000 MTBF Fast SCSI-2 8ms 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310} 576-6383 PRODUCTS ANTI GRAVITY Barracuda-2 5T12550N
2. 1 GB $ 1795 ZB 2210AV $ 995 :B 2217 AV S1350 CB 1936AV $ 2900 :B 1991AV $ Call Federal Express Delivery Available! Experience the HILite Difference! HILITE, USA Extended Warranty Plans Available! ? 2, 3, & 4 year Warranty ? 72 Hour Replacements ? 800-Toll-Free Tech Support ? Install Video Available on most models! H SyQuest ite is committed to provide added value, wenience and excellent customer port with every product we offer.
3. 5” SyQuest- 105MB & 270MB Has an average seek time of 14.5ms; Comes in SCSI & IDE formats; And the 270MB drive reads & writes the 105MB cartridges, v
5. 25" SyQuest- 88MB & 200MB Has an average seek time of 20ms; Comes only in SCSI format; And the 200MB drive reads & writes the 44MB & 88MB cartridges. Drives: 88C 105 200 270 IDE Bare Drive S N A S 265 S N A S 415 S 285 $ 265 $ 425 $ 430 S 455 $ 425 S 625 $ 635 88MB 105MB 200MB 270MB S100 $ 70 $ 120 $ 90 S 93 $ 65 $ 110 $ 85 HILite Multi Media Features: ? Double & Triple Speed High Quality CD-ROM Drives ? Kodak Multi-session CD Compliant ? MPC Level II gg ? XA Compliant Access Transfer Internal External 240ms 330KB sec $ 295 $ 395 _ 200ms 330KB sec $ 350 $ 450 195ms 450KB sec $ 425 S495 $ 55 m k HiUIhu ‘D-ROM e Speed tor DM3028 2X liba XM340IB 2X TRIPLE SPEED 3X 4 CDR File System SCSI Bare Drive External w Cart. Cartridges: 1 each for 5 each for ite DOS-2 DAT oe Drives Are The xt Generation Dat Technology! C"MUTE* TAPE DRIVES Qhillte HARDDISKS UlSiiiPSI U Featuring Drives From Conner, IBM, & Quantum! DDS-2 features: 60, 90, & (now)120m data cartridge SCSI-2 interface 4-8GB typical capacity Sustained Transfer Rati Rate 366-732 KB sec. Access Time 35sec max w 120m cartridgel QT-S $ 80 $ 90 $ 140 j HILite SCSI-2 HardDisks HILite IDE HardDisks FMT SZ. SPEED INTERNAL EXTERNAL FMT SZ. SPEED INTERNAL 3 0.54 GB
3. 5
9. 5ms $ 595 $ 695
0. 34 GB
3. 5 13ms $ 395 a 1.0 GB
3. 5
9. 5ms $ 895 $ 995
0. 54 GB
3. 5
9. 5ms $ 595 1 1.0 GB
3. 5
8. 6ms $ 895 $ 995
0. 72 GB
3. 5
9. 5ms $ 895 | 2.0 GB A
9. 2ms $ 1350 $ 1450
0. 81 GB
3. 5
8. 6ms $ 895 I 4.0 GB
9. 5ms $ 3695 $ 3895
1. 0 GB
3. 5
9. 2ms $ 1350 ite DDS-2 DATs featuring: InternaI y $ 950 iner S975 igDat s call External $ 1035 $ 1065 $ Call Cartridge QT-1 60m 517 90m $ 20 120m $ 30 Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Alternative Software Units 5-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate Pontefract West Yorkshire WF82LN England 97-779-7777 Amiga Crossings 345 E. 93rd St. 26E New York, NY 10128 212 369-8131 Amprodex 4650 Langford Rd. North Collins, NY 14111 716 337-3238 Better Concepts 22 N. Main St., Suite 393 New City, New York 10956 800 25-AMIGA 914 639-5095 Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, The 1605 Chantilly Drive, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30324 404 315-0212 Bruce Smith Books Smug Oak Green Business Centre Lye Lane Bricket Wood, Herts. AL2 3UG England 92-389-4355 Byrd's Eye Software 9001 Northgate Blvd 135 Austin, TX 78758 512 835-4811 Caligari Corporation 1955 Landings Drive Mountain View, CA 94043 415 390-9600 Commodore Business Machines 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Computer Systems Associates (CSA) 7564 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121 619 566-3911 Consul tron 11280 Parkview Plymouth, Ml 48170 313 459-7271 Core Design 55 .Ashbourne Rd. Derby DE22 3FS England 33-229-7797 dieHard PO Box 392 Boise, ID 83701 208 383-0300 Dimension Technologies 2800 West 21st St. Erie, PA 16506 814 838-2184 dissidents 10325 Woods Rd. Utica, NY 13502 315 797-0343 DRE F PO Box 1907 Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 201 941-1159 Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 Hopewell, VA 23860 804 452-0623 Elastic Reality 925 Stewart St. Madison. WI 53713 608 273-6585 Expert Services 7559 Mall Rd. Florence, KY 41042 606 371-9690 Gold Disk. Inc. 3350 Scott Blvd.. Bldg. 14 Santa Clara, CA 95054 408 982-0200 Great Valley Products 657 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 JEK Graphics 12103 South Brookhurst St., Ste. E-125 Garden Grove, CA 92642 714 530-7603 MacroSystem US 24282 Lynwood, Suite 101 Novi, MI 48374 810 347-6266 Media4 Productions 2800 University Ave., Suite H1B-101 West Des Moines, LA 515 225-7409 MediaPoint International Nieuwendam 10 1621 AP Hoorn The Netherlands 31-2290-17638 MegageM 1903 Adi ia Santa Maria, CA 93454 805 349-1104 NewTek 1200 Executive Drive Topeka, KS 66615 913 354-1146 Noahji’s 3591 Nyland Lafavette, CO 80026 303 499-1975 Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 310 427-1227 ReadySoft 3375 14th Ave., Units 7 & 8 Markham, Ont. Canada L3R 0H2 905 475-4801 Scala, Inc. 2323 Horse Pen Road, Suite 202 1 lerndon, VA 22071 703 713-0900 Seven Seas Software PO Box 1451 Port Townsend, WA 98368 206 385-1956 SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Ste. 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-4962 Team 17 Marwood House, Garden St. Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DX England 92-429-1867 Thailon Publishing 3800 Monroe Ave. Pits lord, NY 14534 716 248-6656 Utilities Unlimited 3625 Brave Drive Hike Havasu, A . 86406 602 680-9004 Virgin UK 338A Ladbroke Grove London W10 5AH England 81-960-2255 STOP LOOKING! We haw the lowest Amiga prices anywhere! Better Yet, WE ACTUALLY HAVE CD-32 4000 LC's & 4000 040’s IN-STOCK NOW2 Computer Answers 917 - Central Avenue, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada S6V-4V2 Phone: (306) 764-2888 Fax: (306) 764-0088 BBS: (306) 764-0888
(306) 953-89
(306) 953 - 896 i 9:30-6:00 Mon-Sat (Mountain in it’s A1200 $ 329 4000 030 $ 1,099 4000 040LC $ 1,299 4000 040 $ 1,499 4000 Tower $ 2,199 When this add went to press, the details of the Commodore re-oreanization were not finalised, however, all indications are that this change of direction w ill put the Amiga _strongest position ever. We are very excited about the future of the Amiga and are continuing to offer the best possible prices on all available Amiga’s. CD-32 $ 299
- 68EC020 Cpu © 14 Mhz
- AGA 32-Bit Chipset
- 2 MB Chip RAM 600 MB CD-ROM Drive ¦ Double Speed CD-ROM ¦ II Button Controller
T. Wcomp SVHS Output ¦ MPEG Module Available Computer chasis optional In Stock Now! 68EC020 Cpu © 14 Mhz ¦ AGA 32-Bit Chipset ¦ 2 MB Chip RAM ¦IDE Hard Drive Controller ¦ 88QK Floppy Drive PCMCIA Expansion Slot
T. V. Comp RGB Output Kickstait AmigaDos 3.x Upgradeable via Trapdoor Call for Availability! 68EC030 Cpu © 25 Mhz ¦ Math Chip Optional ¦2 MB Chip RAM ¦ EDE Hard drive Controller
• 1.76 MB Floppy Drive F:ourZorro III Slots Three IBM JSA Slots One Video Slot Upgradeable into 400QU40 Call for Availability!"] ¦ 68LC040 Cpu © 25 Mhz ¦ Math Chip Optional ¦2 MB Chip RAM ¦ IDE Hard Drive Controller
1. 76 MB Floppy Drive Four Zorro III Slots Three IBM ISA Slot One Video Slot Lowest Cost 040 Ever! In Stock Now! ¦ 68040 Cpu © 25 Mhz Math Chip built-in ¦2 MB Chip RAM ¦ IDE Hard Drive Controller ¦ 1.76 MB Floppy Drive
• Four Zorro HI Slots Three FBM 1SA Slots One Video Slot Full 040 with MMU& FPU In Stock Now! ¦ 68040 Cpu @ 25 Mhz ¦ Math Chip built-in
• 2 MB Chip RAM SCSI & IDE Drive Controllers
• 1.76 MB Floppy Drive Five Zorro III Slots Four IBM ISA Slots Two Video Slots SCSI-11 Si IDE Built-in Call for Availability! Amiga 1200 Ram Upgrades A1200 RAM Board w IMB A1200 RAM Board w 4MB 68030 @ 33Mhz w 4MB 68030 @ 40Mhz w 4MB 68030 @ 50Mhz w 4MB $ 139** $ 249** $ 479** $ 499** $ 579** umu J * Li » w Just add these prices to any base system above! I Just add these prices to any base system above! Jr.- „ : - - ¦ . . . I II Til 1--¦ II----~ I I ¦ ¦¦¦ ¦ ¦ Just add these prices to any base system above! Amiga 1200 Hard Drive Upgrades 1 130 MB IDE Hard Drive S 199 210 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 299 , 340 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 399 j 420 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 499 540 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 599 Jusi add these prices to any base system above! 1 Amiga 4000 Ram Upgrades A4000 RAM Simm’s S39 MB3 4MB 60ns Simm (Warp) $ 165** 8MB 60ns Simm (Warp) $ 330** 16MB 60ns Simm (Warp) $ 690** Amiga 4000 Hand Drive Upgrades 130 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 99 210 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 199 340 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 299 420 MB IDE Hard Drive $ 399 540 MB IDE Hard Dri ve $ 499 $ 399 $ 1,459 $ 1499 $ 79 $ 59 $ 5,699 $ 129 S 99 S 59 $ 169! $ 135 aim Workshop Version 2.0 5 99 eluxe Paint 4.5(AGA Version!) SI09 riliiance Paint (24 Bit on AGA!) S 79 aligari 24 $ 119 ial 3D version 2.0 $ 379 nagin e 3.0 (Now In Stock!) S3 79 ghtRave 3.1 (Lightwave Emulator) $ 339 iarks (Particle Annnation) $ 99 Rexx Professional Version 2.1 $ 119 vipes (for Video Toaster) $ 89 ¦t Department Pro (Ver 2S) $ 139 ontage Character Generator) S225 gger (JPeg compression!) $ 69 irs& Pipes Professional Version 2.0 $ 215 ;luxe Music Version 2.0 $ 79 aveMaker for Lightwave LightRave aveLink (Double Lightwave Speed!) Slant Suns Version 5.0 lage FX Version 1,5 Grolliers Encyclopedia
- CD-ROM for CDTV& CD32"* GVP Spectrum (with pass-thru) $ 389 Merlin 24 Bit Video board $ 569 Toccattalfi (Best Value on 16-bit sound!) $ 469 Vlab Video Digitizer with 30fps $ 369 Vlab Y C = with Super VHS connections) $ 469 AD1012 Board & Studio 16 (Four Track) $ 449 AD516 Board & Studio 16 Software $ 1149 Personal Animation Recorder by DPS $ 1459 TBC IV from DPS (Updated version) $ 789 GVP TBC Plus (TimeBase Correeto) $ 675 Kilchen Sync (Two comp lete TBC’s!) $ 1189 Retina 24 Bit Card 2MB Still great!) $ 299 Retina ZIII (4MB Version) $ 729 Picasso II (24 Bit Graphics Card) $ 429 ucs iStDIYPeripherals RocGen (Low cost external genlock) Si 99 SuperGen SX (Broadcast quality) $ 689 TBC III from DPS (Low cost leade) $ 669 Personal Animation Rec
- 60 Fields per second animation! Brilliance 24-bit painting
- fastest & best program a ra liable! Star NX-2450 (24 pin Colo, SheetFeeder!) $ 219 Star NX-2480 (24 pin Colo, 330 cps!) $ 239 Star SJ -144 (Color Wax Ink Jet & Laser) $ 449 Primera (Best color output) $ 649 Hewlett Packard DeskJet 520 (600 dpi!) $ 269 Hewlett Packard Desk)et 500c Color!) $ 369 Hewlett Packard DeskJ et 560c (600 dp i) $ 549 Hewlett Packard 4L (600X600dpL 2MB) $ 659 Printers Star NX-1001 (9 pin NLQ) Si 19 Star NX-1040 (9 pin Color with NLQ) $ 139 Star NX-2430 (24 pin Letter Quality) S179
- Amiga 4000 040 & Warp Engine 20 MB RAM & 540 Fast SCSJ-H Hard Drive
- Toaster 4000 Version 3.1
- Amiga 4000 030
- 4 MB RAM & 130 HD Fast SCSI-11 Dnvc
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Q. recently purchased an Amiga 12(H) and f)lan to use an .STTM monitor with it. The monitor supports 30-38 Khz and 47- 50 Hz modes, which I presume mentis that it can use only certain display drivers, such as Eu ro 72. My first question: Are there any monitor drivers in the public domain that allow the display of lower resolutions on my monitort Second, is there any software normally opening and operating in the lower screen resolutions that can he forced into higher resolutions of Multi Scan and Euro72? Fred E. Schnarre Alexandria, I 'irginia
A. In the case of the AGA-equipped A1200, it’s the monitor, not the OS. That determines display limitations. The PD program MONED, by Raul A. Sobon, is just what von need. It allows you to edit and customize the monitor drivers bundled in AmigaDOS 2.0 3.0 to match the signals of older VGA-type monitors. Upgraded in recent months, the program now offers an Intnitionized interface that makes it easier to use than earlier versions. You’ll fmd it on BBSs and networks, with a recommended shareware donation of $ f>. For $ 20, Sobon will send you the source code. Your second question is a tough one, as a number of variables determine which programs can be set to new screen inodes and which cannot. A good rule of thumb is that if a program opens on an AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher Intuition or public screen, it might be configurable to the same resolution of your Workbench. It’s safe to say that most programs = games, for example) that employ custom screens are usually locked into whatever screen mode is hard-coded into them. Dpaint and Picasso II?
Q. have a 68030-equipped Amiga 2000 and want to purchase a 24-hit display card that would let me run Deluxe Paint I'm A (iA modes. 117 He A la no System I S 's Retina apparently works with Dpaint, albeit slowly, I'm confused about the Picasso II 24-lht display card, hi your review (Jan. '94) you said the card was not compatible with Dpaint. However; in the article entitled lt24-l)i( Graphics hoards Revisited" (May '94), you said it does work with Dpaint IV. Which statement is correctt Jimmy Matthews Miami Beach, Florida
A. According to Noahji’s, the exclusive US distributor of the Retina, the display card will indeed work with DeluxePaint IV. 'flte software for the board has been upgraded and performs better than earlier versions, bin still works rather slowly. Although fve had plenty of experience with our long-term Picasso II board, I turned to Expert Services, the board’s manufacturer. I hey claim that you’re bound to experience some problems in trying lo use Dpaint on a Picasso 11-equipped Amiga. The May '94 article simply states that Dpaint works best with the Picasso II, in comparison to other display cards. On a bright note, Expert Services is working with Electronic Arts to develop a version of Dpaint that will address and correct those problems. Trial tests with a beta version of the software have been positive, so stay tuned to find out when the new Dpaint is ready. Laser Printer Woes
Q. After experiencing Toaster Paint problems with my Fargo Prim era and offset problems with my TIP PaintJet printer; I've narrowed my choices for a new laser printer to either the I IP-4 or the I P-4M. Do I need to get custom printer drivers for either of these, or will the drivers included with my AmigaDOS 2.1 software sufficef Tony Goulas Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada
A. For the most part, the printer drivers bundled with 2.1 work line with HP printers. The Amiga Roundtable on Genie lists file 22414, an expanded I IP-4 printer driver. There are many others in the public domain, and a great commercial package called Studio Printer (available through Noabji’s for $ 89) offers a complete collection of popular printer drivers. As you’re also a Primera user, you may be interested in Studio Printer DS ($ 159), a package that contains all the Studio Printer drivers, plus others for the Primera. Download Distress
Q. I'm on a VMS system that's connected to the Internet. I retrieve files from an FTP site, then download them using the Kermit- 32 protocol (neither Xmodem nor .modem seem to work properly) to PC-formatted floppy disks. I later use Cross DOS to copy them to my Amiga, Problems arise with DMS-compressed files. When I decompress them, the trackdisk demos and games work fine, but those that create bool blocks for floppies cause system crashes when I tty to run them. During downloads, I've tried Fixed, ASCII, and Binary modes to no avail. Do you have any suggestions ? Sean Courtney Joliet, Illinois
A. Your best bet is to get a faster modem for the Amiga and use that to download your Amiga DMS files. Kermit is a popular transfer protocol on the CompuServe network, but it does “pad” downloaded files with additional bytes of data. I've had the same problem downloading executable Mac files with the Amiga. Regardless of the protocol used, the}' become corrupted either in the conversion or transfer process and won’t execute on the Mac. ¦ Send your questions to Help Key, do Amiga Wo rid Editorial, 80 Elm St., PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH 03458. InfoMarket Better Concepts, Inc, Blows Away The Competition Title Lotus Trlloi kne 31 ethane Bros 32 32 S umm erOlmpx Fury of Fumes Chaos Engine Fire St Ice PrlceTitle Price $ 31 Battle Toads $ 34 Urldlurn II 34 Sexual Fantasies 55 Gunshlp 2000 34 Global Effect 35 Lemmtngsfcdtv) 25 Brutal Sprt FtbD 35 James Pond 111 36 Title Price Video Creator tCall CD32 Football 33 Insigh Etech 40 NewGrollersEnc 135 Dcf Crown II 36 Dangrs Streets 33 Ultm BdvBlcrws 32 Call For More! Title Price Plnklc $ 34 World Cup Sccr 34 Extractors 34 Lock N Load 17 That's Games I 28 That's Games II 28 Games&Goodles 29 Strip Poker fob req) 30 THREE BENEFITS To Introducing Your Product to the Infomarket Section ? Free Typesetting of your act copy ? Sales leads every two i weeks on ready to use labels ? A listing in the Advertiser’s Index Gall Heather Gurnard at 603-924-0113 or 1-800-441-4403 32 34 32 31 Title Price 17BltCDctn(2CD)28.93 l7BltCcmL 17.95 Amlnet Mar94 14.95 Sexual Fantasies 55 EuroSccne $ Call That's Games II 28 GamesNGoodles 29 Clipart & Fonts 29.95 Strip Pokcrfcdtv) 30 Title Price CD PD 1 21.95 CD PD 11 21.95 CD PD 111 21.95 CD PD mi 22.95 Demo CD 1 21.95 Demo CD II 21.95 FreshFlsh 4 94 19.95 FrznFsh 1-1000 19.95 Lock-N-Load 17 TltUs Town With N o Nome Interactive western il Also wor] Women In Motlon- UaW animations of 19th century nude women. Great for loading Into paint J video programs 9.95 Animals in Mot Ion- B&W animations of all sorts of animals. 9.95 Psycho interactive Klllcr-An p7«h0 murder mystery: Also works qn CD321 12.95 Eyes Of The Eagle- Interactive futuristic KP adventure 1 12.95 $ 10 Titles Covert Action F-15 II Flames Of Freedom Greens Jhts of the Sky Udenlum Silent Service II Twilight Ransome Rules Of E $ 12 Gods Lie le Gulf $ 8 Titles Amazing SplderMan Bermuda Project Breach II Chaos In Andromeda Gold Runner 11 Keys To Maramon Prime'rime Rotor Tetra Quest Zeotrope Dr Dooms Revenge Knight (F-19 A We also have a full A Software Library Inchid adult entertainment, m morel Get Our Catalog Ncrwll tremendous PD ames. Utilities, jp: A so much
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524. IX1NKEY KONGO 3| 533 PINBALL FANT.Dcnu) 535 EIRK N ICE 533-TAN'X Tvaj‘i.niiles 561 PARACHUTE IOUSI 375-NTARMASF. I' 576 2 DISK SIT - 577-MIJIOROL.A INV 578 2 DISK- AGA’ - 599-1 CM MINGS LEVELS 605-iV>inJ of Sale AGA 60S- A1200 fixes AMU.A HOOK BEGINNERS D PAINT 3 $ 39.00 tv ti yn'rd: vrr S 24.00 W E ALSO HAVE COMMODORE (vt k 128 PROGRAMS JUST ASK M>k A ! IS I1M. Mil N miJ flEDHEL Tie Appcli cT IP* GolJ DiWlAGREAl NO BOX VALL E 3 GREAT PROGRAMS ON I DISK r, MUSIC;! Ull Nolalion Editor Player WRITE: Great little WtwdProccvmr PAIN I; Nice Program W ZOOM ROTATE Complete With l ull MANUAL l£a>y louse 14 BIBLE SEARCH ,7-Disks 56 TLAS PO BOX 31)499 MJDLAND.TX 797124U99 T5T COD Orders Only: 800-735-2633 Info & Tech: 408-899-2040 Fax: 408-899-8760 UBS: 408-625-6580 Prices & Availability subject to change without notice LIST OF ADVERTISERS 190 A 8c M Computer Repair, 77 12 Amigaman, 45-47 49 Ami Gravity Products, 66-73 j 51 Art Institute of Pittsburgh, 77 39 ASDG., 25 151 Better Concepts, Inc., 77 162 Centaur Development, CIV 166 Computer Answers, 75 77 Copperhead Technologies, 79 13 Creative Computers, 36-43 189 De Vine Computer Sales, 61 42 Dev Ware, Inc., 62-65 16 Digital Creations, 7 26 DKB Software, 13 64 Fargo Electronics, 5 74 Global Upgrades, Inc., 79
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2. 5” IDE 260Mb Hard Dr . 359 lx4-80ns Pace Dip ... . . .Call A1200 Clock ... 35 Jx8-70ns Simm .....44 A1200 IDE Cable P I x8-80ns Simm .... 43 A1200 Y Cable . 70 4x8-70ns Simm...... ... 135 M68882 25 Mhz fpu..... 55 4x8-80ns Simm...... . . .132 M68887 33 Mhz fpu..... 109 1 x37-60ns Simm ..... . . .159 M68882 40 Mhz fpu..... 1 19 Ix32-70ns Simm ..... . . .149 M68030 50 Mhz cpu 139 2x32-60ns Simm ..... . . .299
2. 04 Kickstart Rom..... Call 2x32-70ns Simm ..... . . .289
2. 05 Kickstart Rom..... Call 4x32-60ns Simm ..... . . .579 8373 Super Denise...... 7,8 4x32-70ns Simm ..... . . .569 8520 CIA 2 Mhz 8 8x32-60ns Simm ..... . .1199 8372 1 Mb Agnus ...... 37 8x32-70ns Simm ..... ..1159 8364 R7 Paula .. 16 256x4-70ns Page Zip . .....6 5719 Gary ...... P 256x4-80ns Page Zip . .. Call Analog Joystick . 19 256x4-70ns Page Dip . .. Call Amiga Optical Mouse . . . 37 256x4-100ns Page Dip .....5 Pyramid Midi Interface . . .49 GVP 32 lmb Simm (Sale) 29 Supra Fax Modem 28800 .288 GVP 32 4mb Simm . . . . . ,209 Commodore Amiga CD32 . 369 GVP 32 16mb Simm .. ..1159 COD AM1GAS' BEST:TLAS-HSH-TBAG-EUROFEAN-1 .lCENSI:WARI>COMMERCIAl. Try These (i-I)lsk Sets For $ 10.00 Each Set FONT-PAC: Hundreds of Fonts w ith Assigns and Viewer! Many Si esl Cl .IP-ART PAC 3:Borders-l>esigns-Signs- People-Transpi irtaiion-More CLIP -ART PAC 4:Religion-l Ionx:-Peop1c-Six»as-Aiiiiti.ils-Occaskxis POWER-MOD SET: 50 Great Music MOI >S Plus HD Player (Awesome) 10 Disks of Great UcenseWare Textures • Only S29.00 By: V.M. ALL FRED FISH DISK ONLY SI.40 ea. Our Fish Catalog Disk is SI GET OUR 4 DISK SAMPLER FULL OF GAMES: S5.00 CHEST H AS DISKS FOR ONLY $ 2.00 KA (JAMES GAMES 14 STAR TREK *3 j 15 T RICHTER 2 DISK -4 21-SEA LANCE (SUB) 22 YAHTZEE (3 (JAMES) 24 - MONOPOLY W t TORT 44-DOWNHILL SkfN 55-ZERG ID&DGAME) 62-DRIP (AreaJs) 70 VUSSLE COMMAND * 3 72 DRAGON CAVE 78 PETERS QUEST (ARC ) 74 MEG A BALL 80-PAC MAN+ 128-SPACE GAMES I3ft-ll ATE tZAXXON On) 137-BLACKJACK BANDIT 143-NEBULA (3-D GAME) IJ7.INTREPID (Tafil. Simi 148 Bol'LDERDASH MICRO 162 VIDEO POKER 176 GALACTIC WORM PKL MORI A I D&D> 141-KINGDOM AT WAR 144-SINKlNG ISLAND 3 240 CHESK PatXT R 24? -CHECKERS 25? PINBALL 344-OX YD
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* 30 day warranty on all equipment * Quick cash lor your handwane * COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES. INC. 106Jay St., Schcneoadv, NY 12305 Voice Fax: (518) 346-3894 BBS: (518) 346-7532 USED AMIGA HARDWARE! Over 4000'IEne Resolution • NO Scanlines * NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Call of Write lor crcJor lorm, price list 4 sample 4301 N. 75Jh Slreel. Suite 101-B Scottsdale. Arizona 85251 Circle 80 On Reader Service Card. 1967- 1073 Ext 2 pax (tu)su-»9i Video Toaster 3.10nly $ 1 799 Warp Engine 40 MHZ $ 1299 9 00A7!entiorTA3000 A3640 25 MHZ 040 This Month's Specials Electro home Monitor $ 499.00 Kitchen Sync TBC $ 1199.00 The ULTIMATE AMIGA P0 Shareware Games Compilation!! V ONLY SI9.95 (+S2.00S&H) WE CARRY DIE FULL UNE OF 17 BIT DISKS. AS WELL AS AM FM. CLR. And AMOS PD, PLUS EVERYTHING ELSE!! WE GET IT RRSW HwiW UcmVSEWAlU!!! MAD FIGHTERS 120011 Great new'Street Fighters 2 game. 3Diski, PAL •• S9.00 FI RACER - fnOiOFiGOpOiiS 500 type 30 Orving game. 1 Disk, PAL - 55.50 CRYSTAL SKULL - You as "Indiana Smith' must retrieve fhe tabled Crystal Skull, but the Aztecs try io Slop you 1 Disk.PAL,55.60 SUPER SOUND - Exce lent Stereo Sound Scm- Dling Package, works wirn Perfect Sound, etc- Many g-eat features & Effects! Ldisk.PAL55.50 1IAMOS COIINI'IKI! AMOS TURBO PLUS EXTENSION! Add over 130 new commands to AMOS & AMOS Pio - Map Editor, Coloi Fonts. SldrftekK Tasl Scrolling & Much more, includes disks, manual. & Registration catd-S29.95* SSH MASTERING AMIGA AMOSI Excellent 350 page book by Phil South, covets many topics 528.95 f CO Rom Bonanza! 17Bit CD Collection vol. 1(2 CD's) 529.95 NEW! I7Bit CD Collection vol. 2 (I CD) Si9.95 Am I net CD ( FEB'March 1994) - 515.95 EUROSCENE 1 - Best'scene' warez- SI 5.00 Video Creator - MTV In a box - SCALL SPACE & ASTRONOMY CD - Si 9.95 DcmoCD 1 (GamesMusic&Mods) 525.95 DemoCD 2 (Same as above. Newer) 525.95 CDPQ 3 (Clips,fonts,24 bit pix, etc) 525.95 FROZEN FISH (1-1000+more .lha'd) $ 19.95 GOLD RSH (1-1000, 2 CD’s) Si9.95 UBERAT10N (Best CD32 Game) S29.95 Labyrinth of Time (Finally!) S29.95 ARABIAN NIGHTS (best platform) S21.95 CHAOS ENGINE for CD32 - $ 32,95 Frontier: EUTE II - Absolutely HUGE! - 532,95 BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL * $ 29.95 FURY of the FURRIES - 529.95 MICROCOSM (PAL) - $ 49.95 Lock -N- Load WE NOWS IOCK AMOS PD DISKS I -6O0! SEND $ 2.00 for Complete AMOS PD Catalog Ditlc! N£U from 17 BIT SOFTWARE! 2971 ¦ mOXlCX 1.4 - Vw disables CPU Cachea mast! J044AF - BIC HME SfMflMUTY- Great AGA oily Demo! 3068 ¦ SCOKJtD 7AVK5 1.77 - The BEST artillery game, bogs ae fart! NPD DISKS! CAM 210-HOi CAM! -The Drnmaui b back Ho PO and he's AGA only MM 281 • JftCM 1.3 The BliT VNTwl ol rcrtune game to date4 CAM 282' * G8AV1TY FOKCE 2 ¦ 2 Payef Spaceship duet w* gravity CAM 282’ - (MOAWOl - Excellent MOON BUGGY game! CAM 284 ¦ GYVES 1J - It's TETRIS, aSho-jgh ve-vooodTetris! CAM 285* - B0MBPAC cd32 - An AGA only game that is somewhat related to PACNUN. But uses bombs, etc. as weiL Very nicely done1 DEM IM'- ftCWCEJMIE) ¦ AGA ofilyDerw from Asylum DLMl6r- f KOAY AT a-Arwlfwr AGA ony DEMO, frcn Poita Bn* DEM 17O’ -PONT Of SA1I A1200 only, uvd fi display winder England to sell A12Q04 slunmng graphics, and the text is English1 DEM J7i ’ - DOOMED - Tmjiy. A Wo!f3D demo for ali AWKiAsi APD 541' - SOPER BATT1E ZONE ¦ Great AM05 30 Tank gamt UT1152 ¦ SCREEN BIANKEBS -2 good WB 2* Screen Blanker progs. Tm 156 - A1200 ACTION REPLAY- Musk £, Gh rippers. AJ200 only! NEW PRICING!!!! For 17 Bit NPD. AMOS PD and AS5ASSINS Games Disks pricing is now as .follows; 1-24 Disks - 52.00 Ea. 25-49 Disks - $ 1.50 Ea. 50+ Disks - 51.00 Each! FRED FJSH DISKS ARE NOW: 1-24 Disks - Sl.SOEa. 25-49 Disks - S1.25 50+ Disks - SI.00 Ea. SHIPPING & HANDLING: 1-10 Disks-52.00, 11-50 Disks-S4.00 51+ Disks $ 6.50 (S&H Prices for US, CANADA and MEXICO,all other countries add an additional $ 0.25 per disk) We accept Cash. Checks, and Money Orders in US funds, as well as U(SA MC(NO MIN.1 ¦RPACKff 10 Killer disks with the best cf AMIGA PD Shareware games releases! In- cludes:Scorched Tanks, MegaBall 3, Mine Runner, Incinerator, Dithell in Space', Road 2 Heli*, JellyQuest'.GORF', Beetle Game*, Ork Attack',plus more! Only S12.0CKS&H Inc)
* - Indicates PAL format REMEMBER! ANY [0 ASSASSINS GAMES DISKS FOR ONLY $ 15.00 + S2.00 S&HH (WE now have up through ASI1781 Call for free list! Ve up through msim, Circle 77 On Reader Service Card AMIGA AND COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES AMIGA
* **** AMIGA & COMMODORE CHIPS Commodore Plug-In Chips 6510 CPU .,...$ 9.95 6526 CIA ...$ 9.95 7 Video ...$ 9.95 906114 PLA ..$ 9.95 Amiga Plug-In Chips 8520A CIA $ 7.95 ----- 8373 Super Denise ...$ 24.95
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2. 05 ROM ...$ 27.95 Agnus with diagnostic disk $ 32.95 Plus all Commodore and Amiga POWER SUPPLIES CALL Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround, extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 8520 plcc (A4000) .514 95
* 1 r . . . .r9 . . 8362 8364 ...$ 11.95 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important 5719 Gary ...$ 11.95 PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. 8372 0375 USING OUR SERVICE IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3 FAST REPAIR 1 -800-426-8693 AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MON.-FRI. COST OF SERVICES' AMIGA COMMODORE FLAT RATE LABOR FLAT RATE LABOR A500 $ 55.00 C64 $ 25.00 A2000 $ 85.00 C128 $ 45.00 A3000 $ 150.00 1541 $ 20.00 A4000 S120.00 1571 $ 35.00
* PLUS UPS SHIPPING COTV $ 60.00 CALL FOR OTHER ITEMS WE SERVICE E3 GLOBAL UPGRADES. INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET, SUFFERN, N.Y. 10901 914-357-7339 • FAX 914-357-6243 THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. The Late Lamented ... I was shocked when 1 heard the news about Commodore dosing its doors and ending production of the linest computers the world lias ever seen. But ( must say that after reading ilie June issue of Amiga World, 1 find it hard to believe that a computer that has so much going for it would he snuffed out so easily. I feel something good will come out of'this. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate a clear, level-headed view of what this means to the Amiga Toaster enthusiast. W hat do you say, guvs? It is crucial that we continue to support Amiga vendors and magazines such as yours to keep the product development alive for the forsce- able future. Folks, there is absolutely no reason lo ditch your Amiga system in favor of a PC or Mac just yet. Personally, 1 plan to keep my Amiga until the silicon breaks down into dust! Commodore may be gone, but the Amiga will live on. Russell P. Jones Address a navailable Well, it has finally happened Commodore has gone belly up. The big question now is whither Amiga? 1 took a big leap Iasi December, when I sold my trusty of A500 and bought a shiny new A1200. The dealer promised me that Emplant would he out for the 1200 within a month. But will it ever come nowr Can we expect any new software? Are OS upgrades a thing of the past? Some folks have opined that the only future for the Amiga is for Toaster users. But what about us devoted Ami- gans who don't want to do video? Most important, will some forward- thinking company buy up the Amiga line? Are the rumors of Sony’s interest true? At least. Sony knows how to market its products. Let’s hope someone can keep the Amiga afloat! Tom Knapp La ramier, Pen nsyh>a n ia So Commodore is dead. But what about all those devoted Amigans? And all those committed third-party developers? It’s not like one of those computer markets where interest has just died out. There are still plenty of people actively involved. So how about this: fhe Macs and IBMs are going to the PowerPC chip. Commodore was going to go that way, too, hut didn’t get that Personally, 1 plan to keep my Amiga until I lie silicon breaks down into dust! Far. But what if we just forget about the machines? A PowerPC machine can run on both Mac and DOS Windows because it doesn’t matter what OS. It uses. Why not rewrite the Amiga OS for PowerPC? Then vou could buy wliat- d J ever PowerPC machine you want, get the Amiga OS, and you’d have an Amiga with the latest hardware technology. I’m sure NewTek and others would cooperate with any such endeavor. Derek Veit Aberdeen, Scotland I am an Amiga owner concerned about its future in view of Commodore’s recent bankruptcy. CBM was in debt to several major companies, one of which might continue to produce the Amiga (there is a strong chance that Hewlett- Packard may he ibis company). 1 am interested in starling a movement to influence those companies that depend on the Amiga for a portion of their revenues to advertise, perhaps via an Amiga logo image, in products the Amiga has been instrumental in producing, e.g., Prcvue Guide channel, Babylon 5, SeaQuest, RoboCop, and other TV programs, as well as advertisements the Amiga has produced or displayed. If the media were lo he blasted with all the places the Amiga impacts the 'IV, movie, and video industries, it might just give confidence to some company to arrange to continue production of the Amiga. LeEric Marvin Atwater, California New Columns 1 have read AmigalVorld since 1987, and I must say that the latest additions, Denny on DOS, Prime-Time PD, Video 7 in Locus, and CD32 Games are the most refreshing changes I have seen you make. Although 1 have a stack of AmigaDOS reference guides, 1 was surprised to learn several shortcuts 1 did not know. The Denny on DOS column has rekindled mv interest and j has got me cracking those books once O Q again.
C. Dale Chitwood Jr. Dededo, Guam An Open Letter to CD32 Developers 1 think you are ignoring a large segment of the Amiga gaming market: Amiga owners like me who have CD- ROM drives for their machines. As the owner of an A4000 equipped with a NEC 3Xp drive, I have no incentive to buy a CD32. Why don’t you make games that are compatible with other CD-ROM-equipped AGA machines? If you did, I am sure your games would appeal to a far wider audience and make you lots more ’ money. Leslie S. Bird DIRECT TO YOU AT NO COST OR OBLIGATION AmigaWorld READER SERVICE CARD Phone( ) Zip Circle 200 on this and ifyou would like a one-year subscription to AmigaWorld 112 issues). We'll hill you later for $ 24.97. (Offer good in U.S. only). B4BRSA AmigaWorld READER SERVICE CARD Zip
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o. rl trnsj r* W kW-«P>
w. .,r T c.tf iT Wkij«*r tMtVSotr PkiwjHi lu' l»»»I I F P wow mois|
li. Ni_ I » i>r f I 1 S»*y 1 e.'vih A«» FPU FFT1 ~ Frur*M«rT5! Reun»v»-i n rpu »m.T*T? Page f May 1994 AmigaWorld ad for EMPLANT - Created using QuarkXPress® with an A3000 EMPLANT system! Speedometer v3.23" speed comparison (68040 CPUs’) 33Mhz A4000 vs. 40Mhz 840AV - Hey That’s not fairt EMPLANT is a hardware device that is designed to allow the emulation of virtually any computer using the Amiga. A simple software driver and ROM s) from the computer to emulated are all that is required! The hardware holds the key to emulation speed. Custom programmable logic allows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the exact hardware of the computer it is emulating. Multiple emulations of different computers can be ran at the same time using a single EMPLANT board! Macintosh® Emulation Module The Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic' Macintosh with the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000
- is equivalent to a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900. Using a 33Mhz 68040 accelerator (such as the RCS Excallber board), emulation speed can be greater than an 840AV Macintosh! (See speed comparison above) Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Up to 24 bit (16 m tion+) colors is supported using 3rd party video boards such as: Picasso II, EGS-Spectrum, Vivid-24. Rainbow II, Rainbow HI, Visiona Paint, Merlin, Retina, Retina Z3, Piccolo EGS110 24, and OpalVision! ...and we'll support any future video boards that are suitable for use with the emulation! , Like ALL of the emulation modules that will be released for use with the EMPLANT hardware, the Macintosh emulation module MULTITASKS with the Amiga's operating system! You can simply pull down or flip screens and get back to the Amiga side! ...and the emulation stays running at full speed! Future Emulation Modules Since the EMPLANT's hardware is so versatile, a completely new and different computer can be emulated by ust changing the emulation softwar patch and the ROM(s). IBM 486DX, Atari 400 800, and Apple lle c emulations are in beta testing now! Atari ST, and C64I128 emulations are plannt for the future! You need no additional hardware for future emulation modules. All necessary hardware is already built into the EMPLANT board! Four different versions of EMPLANT are available, ranging in price from $ 279.95 to $ 399.95. Order direct from Utilities Unlimited Intl., Inc. or trom of our dealers (more than 200 dealers across the US and overseas carry EMPLANT). US customers, please include $ 10 for shipping handling orders are sent UPS 2 day delivery). Customers outside North America, please contact BlittersotV. +44 0908 666265 tor the dealer nearest you. Dealer inquires are welcome! Utilities Unlimited International. Inc. 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue 16 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 U.S.A.
(602) 680-9004 24hr order line
(602) 453-6407 24hr Fax line
(602) 680-9234 Technical support dept.
(602) 453-9767 24hr BBS (2400-14.4K)
(602) 453-3909 24hr BBS (14.4K-28.8K) Another Amazing Product From the Makers ot EMPLANT) (AmigaoMacintosh Interlace Adapter) AMIA is a tiny interlace adapter that plugs into the last external disk dnve connected to your Amiga tor to the! Amiga’s dnve port if no external dnves are present), and allows an external Macintosh floppy dnve to be used! With your Amiga' This interface is >deal lor use with EMPLANTs Macintosh emulation module'. Vou can read] land write true Macintosh low density (800K) formatted disks and convert them to and from vanous formats.] Imcludng lull disk images' The design cl Ihe AMIA hardware makes it the only Macintosh d.sk dnve interlace' [capable of multitasking with tho Amiga’s OS' When Mu iiOSFileSysiem is pleased, you will bu ablo to use I AMIA to access low density Macintosh tloppys nght from WorkBench' Pnce $ 59 95 Vie also have a Lmited supp*y of Fujitsu BOOK Macintosh compatible external floppy dnves for only $ 129.1 Circle 159 on Reader Service card Macintosh. 840AV, MAC llci, Quadra 900, & Apple lle-c are registered trademarks ot Appie Computer, Inc., Atari ST & 400 800 are Vademarks ot Atari Computers. Inc.; QuatkXPiess »s a trademark ol Qumk, i ‘Speedometer v3.23' C1993 by Scott Berf«ed. EMPLANT. The EMPLANT 'ogo. And ihe acronym Elections Mcro-Processor Level Amiga Native Task are trademarks ot Jim Drew & Utilities Unlimited Internationa
C. I. S. PESSAC, FRANCE 57 891140 VIDEO COMP DVBUJRSa, GERMANY 81 71 59 070 vd SRI BOLOGNA, ITALY 51 78 55 B3 CAPaLA OSLO, NORWAY 222 00 806 . ' , CHROMA COIMBRA, PORTUGAL 351 38 273 43 STEEPLER MOSCOW, RUSSIA 095 246 1042
LC. L UCHRELD,STAFFS.,UK 54 8414817 mjm m WONDER COMPUTERS OnAWA TORONTO, ONTARIO 613-596-2542 VFX BURNABY,B.C. CANADA 800-681-4007 High-qnality, real-time 24-flit framegrabber • Professional-qaalily genlock Video Sandwich key • Real-time color processing and chromiiance etfecls 24-Bit picture-'m-picture Vom P c* «c« CtpyqM (C) m3 Ok* ty.m 24-Bit, Ins character generation with MONTAGE 24 soltware NanHlaclirid ail llitribnlad by: Centaur Development
P. g. Box 39S9 Torrance, CA 90510 Phone: (310) 787-4530 FOX: (310) 222-5882 DOS: (311) 707-4540 Sonware: OpalVision Syst Software Reader Service card OpalVision, OpalPaint, OpalPresents, OpalVision Video Suite, OpalVision Video Processor and DpaiVision Roaster Chip are trademarks of Opal Technology, Ltd. OpalAnimMATE and Opal F X Edit are trademarks of Centaur Development, tnc. M0NTA6E is a trademark of Innovision Technology. Circle 162 on Inputs Outputs:
• ComiHisitft iir Biit
• Y C in fluf (S-VHS, Hi 8)
• RGR oulptfl OpalVision Video Processor 1 Arexx compatibility runs the gamut from limited to extensive. AmigaYision, for instance, has an Arexx port, but the program allows Arexx to control it iu only a couple ol ways. By contrast, ADPro allows Arexx to control its full spectrum of features (“full support”) and Arexx commands can even add functionality to the program. Incidentally, 275 Arexx commands would probably he at the higher end of the st ale. 2 ill m’.'jnlicil y o»veWo foncjjir fund* wwn you r c ,n ‘sn« ¦*rjJ authonst your CarJ, Ihcrslorv *ctu*l prtcc. M*y un ili-hliy (uiuulty feu lh*n | If ihu jj unclear, p.'eate avt for Si>kitchc*in rc-kfenti aJJ Provirtial S*fe> Tai A CanaduUl reudcnli ull75 GST You do no! Rc! 3
- red try ether uxct, urjit. Cvaee or feet Thit aJJ ntflccti producliSi prtuts *v*itaMc to u, u* ut Sity51fr4 Bv :hc tunc jnu rtiJ rhi» aJJ in ihc July 94 luue Mime ih.mgi pru+iably u,ll hive changed, for better or for wr-e’ If you toe wy-JUse id crtitol it * k-w pnee bytnync cUc. Pltmu r A tue'J tout it' Special purvt-a-c item* are brctrehl m on prc paidonJer> anj ihipncd tn us in !o it wi. - a delivery lurei are re t cUamtHeed There will be a 1SX rvit vferg Ice ntnnkn re!j«.-d.dart;!fe-i'rrt jrrecd (furept of crere for dcfeeiivci retumeJ for repair orexekarue) Alieirjirreent re NT ! TO Hi it w Cl *wwk fine am •* here n CiradfeLS Wlc u« While ¦‘¦c J-i mrreS to maintain (ikxJ invent.-ncs til the nniJucti aJvertncJ. '.¦me iiem» are «vry pupuljr and dcmareJ excectii uprH- salt order early' I'cmc tcmnopan'ly »nat of cfvk will be >;vci»! Ordered ancf*hi|«J wtin available
• It U Uftelear. Pleat ttk for details More ordermf Sorry, but we cm'l be re«pon«hfe for damage, delay* or fee. During vupping. Hipfcj!*; iruunt yiwr order. Pnee. Thowfi refieet a 25 Ca.h diwnxinl Thu u a nifhtotarc. I p:!ti Otinl e( tonxlhwg neuoery month! Asmgt 4 Call our toll-free number 1-800-426-8693 and receive a Return Authorization Number. This is your tracking number.

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Amiga World Vol 10 08 1994 Aug

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