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The Amiga User’s PC Survival KiT By Dave Johnson .14 If you use Amigas and PC Ls (in any form from clone to emulator), check out this insiders guide to cross-plat form computing with practical advice and product recommendations. First of two parts: Next month Macintosh. Head2Head: ADPro vs. IMAGEMASTER VS. IMAGEFX By Brent Malnack 19 W hich image processor best suits your graphics needs? A W spotlights the latest versions of the top three programs in the field in a special comparison feature. ARTICLES Bravo the Encore! By Mike Levin ...23 Scala’s new MM300 makes creating multimedia presentations easier than ever. This hands-on guide can help you put it to good use in delivering your message. Digital Canvas ..26 Aif' gallery is back with an exhibition of recent works by innovative Amiga artists h orn far and wide. Club Amiga Compiled by Ann Record ......28 Want to connect with fellow Amiga users in your area? 1 lore’s a representative sample of users’ groups from across the US. Arexx: Electronic Ginsu P. ART One By Sheldon Leemon 31 I ike those gizmos advertised on late-night IV, Arexx is a veritable juggernaut when it comes to computing tasks. First of a two-part series on making it w ork for you. COLUMNS DENNY on DOS By Denny Atkin . . . I he master of AmigaDOS continues his new column on operating-system hints and lips with some advice on utilizing the Amiga’s speech synthesizer. Prime-Time PD By Tim Walsh I im’s been out combing the networks again for the latest and greatest in freely distributable software. They .soy he liked his tomato soap exactly the way Campbell's intended it (who's behind door upper- left (to the cover?)* hut we know surviving Amiga artists and graphics buffs like to play fast and loose with almost retry thing. Find out which of the three "great manipulators"provides the flavors you prejer p. 19. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...44 Joel shows you how to use general-purpose graphics software to devise some interesting projects linking art with science and histoiy. Video in Focus By Paulo de Andrade 46 In this installment of his new column, Paulo puts the nonlinear-editing picture in clear focus for Amiga vidcophiles. DEPARTMEATS First Impressions By Daniel Sullivan .2 The new editor jumps into the Commodore fray to see what the Amiga coin- AW Product Information ..78 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue oi'AmigalVor d, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses" list. Niiitiily can do to deal with the mess left over in West Chester. Overscan .....4 Amiga news and new products. Help Key ....74 'Jim’s your local AAA when you’ve got problems under your hood. List or Advertisers ....79 Tiie Last Word ..90 The readers write back. REVIEWS TBCPeus (GVP) 8 Designed just for the Amiga, this time-base corrector is definitely state of the art. AmIGaL.INK (Spectronics Int'l) 10 Versatile multi-Amiga networking system.

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Amiga World Vol 10 07 1994 Jul

Document sans nom MIOA-PC CROSS-PLATFORM SURVIVAL KIT P.14 Li DO Fold, Spindle Or Otherwise Manipulate Your Graphics! July 1994
U. SA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.95 UK £2.95 inato
• Presentation Tips ornate
• ornate ©IIEJ’JPJ For Scala MM300
• Practical Arexx
• “Non-Linear” Video
• Amiga User Groups ut - J ' - • : -3
• Graphics For Science With r mMrj, "Qmi&j C'Com muni cat ions Pu bl ication rotating GRAPHICS LOW PRICE 100 EPS IMAGES 120 OUTLINE FONTS IflMjj Endnotes, Bibliography, and Index gen additional f lexi b i li ty hi cus nizdfion erf ihe user Game Port Interlace System
- is the ONLY analog digital, auto-switching system for the Amiga. Three ports available for mouse, digital joystick and a fully compatible DUAL analog PC style joystick. No more plugging or unplugging cables to switch from mouse to joystick mode! Simply press the button on the device to be used and the automatic electronic switching does the rest. F g FREE! Analog Game Upgrade Disk with your purchase of the Amiga Smart Port Plus™ FEATURES , , . An IBM PC compatible Game Port, containing TWO analog . Com ble whh ANY PC style joystick and pedals including Flightstick Pro and Thrustmaster FCS. . Automatic electronic switching between digital and analog Enhances playability and realism. . Smooth and continuous adjustment capability using internal solid state circuitry to tune the analog settings. . Support for analog rudder pedal (IDD's PC Pedals), analog throttle, and IDD's PC Stick Shift for simulator games.
• Provides protection for the mother board with solid state curr
• Will not alter original game disks.
• FREE SmartPortCal utility program to adjust the analog settings.
• Also includes - SmartPortCal Utility Program.
• FREE analog upgrades for several games.
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• Mounts out of sight, but within reach, with Velcro patches. Fe'l reoE5ti m!° ‘ fch brake accelerator and plane j , Mmv types Of NO more p|ygg|n switching center oirtomah'cally soBd state PC Pedals can car simulators, adion adventure games and nrnu. I.,®1' simulators, Aft. Ond unplugging peripheral device" th™"? S,N.° *9*9 switch inn renter . .. fcGQl S internal. Cnlid eu ’C Pedals sponsion Mule d Separately
• Stytish stool enclosure. 1 J-!* SCVT tor joystick
• .•'I* . Four qame device input ports w FT*"**’' 2 throtde, IDD's PC Stick Shift and IDD's PCSteenng Wheel. » Coupling decoupling system to mechanically switch between car and airplane mode. . Solid state, 8-way switching system with LED mode indicators.
• Expansion port tor use with 3 additional modes.
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(602) 940-0340 • BbI FAX: (boftfe ¦ ydeviL,; I Ayh Call me Ishmael or whatever the hell you want. But let’s make the first part quick. I’m your new editor and the assignment could’ve been more pleasant. I’ve worked 011 AW since '86, and I was around a few computer-magazine blocks before that, too. Hunting the Whale .., FIRST IMPRESSIONS Aliah, the White Whale, and the Orphan Fish Off the Bahamas? Okay, let’s get to it. We've got vermin in the boot blocks here in the Amiga community, and you can spell the name of the virus as ‘‘Commodore." As most of you know already, Captain Could has abandoned ship or at least part of the ship. (His strategy for defeating the great White Whale of’debt he’s in remains inscrutable right now.) So, what this modern-day Captain Ahah and his top ship’s officers are up to at the moment was unknown at this writing, but he did make most of his engineering staff (the only ones who ever really gave a damn about the Amiga) walk the plank just before heading to the lifeboat himself. Up to this point, the story has been reported in several different ways. (The facts as we know them are given in the box in “Overscan,” p. 4.) I don’t know the exact terms of the liquidation settlement as I write this. The implications, however, may not require a whole lot of speculation. What readers are most concerned about is, Will my system become an orphan with nobody developing products for it? From everything we’ve been able to gather from talking with many Amiga developers, the answer is a resounding NO! You Can’t Steal What You Don’t Really Own If all or parts of Commodore’s operations go into liquidation, it is extremely likely either that someone else can then acquire the company, or that the Amiga technology will be licensed to interested third parties. Either way, there will still he Amigas being sold out there, and people developing new products for them. .And, believe me, no one is more interested in continuing the Amiga line than the development community. As one developer said to us, " This is the best thing that’s happened to the Amiga, because guess what somebody's going to pick up the technology and run with it.” And Mike Levin, a leading spokesperson for the Commodore Shareholders’ Movement (the good guys who’ve been trying to rock the yacht for a couple of years now), says there's a lot of interest from true-blue, hardcore developers. Here’s part of what Mike had to say to us: “Whoever gets the Amiga technology, we must all call for them to license it to other interested parties for manufacture. Imagine a custom Amiga from NewTek, Scala, GYP, Digital Creations, RGB, and Utilities Unlimited. Amiga developers could finally own their own destinies. From Commodore’s ashes, a new and vital alternative computer market could rise.” And hat’s off to Blue Ribbon Sound- Works, which fired off a letter to its entire customer base to tell them, categorically, the company intends to support them no matter what happens to Commodore. In addition, Blue Ribbon president Melissa Jordan Grey said: “[Events at Commodore] do not in any way diminish the outstanding technology which has evolved since the Amiga’s inception. In fact, Commodore’s demise may actually spur additional growth of' the Amiga ..." And that's only a brief sampling of the dozens of things we've heard from developers not to mention the hundreds of supportive calls we received from readers. So, we’ll keep you informed about what goes down at Commodore subsequently but, more importantly, don’t worry if they stick a good, long ibrk in that White Whale. The King is dead, Long live the King (that's us, mate)! ¦ AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Daniel Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Games Editor Denny Atkin, Paulo de Andrade, Joel Hagen, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; i-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 600 Townsend St., Suite 170 East San Francisco, CL-l 94103 1-415-522-2403; FAX: 1-415-522-2409 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCole, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jaillet, Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie Bourgault, Circulation Fulfillment Manager Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Darlene Sweeney, Administrative Assistant Karen Peterson, Business Manager Nancy Mallette, Senior Credit Analyst Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation .IwiguWothi (ISSN 0883-2:591)) is an imlrprntk-nl joinii.il mil inmiiited wjih Commodore Hiisiness Machines. Inc. AmigrdfWM ss published monthly by TechMedia Publishing, Inc., an I IX» Company. 80 Kim St.. Iviei- Imrougli. Nil 03-158. US subscription rate is $ 29.97. our vr.n; $ 57,97. Two yean; $ 83-97. Three years: Canada. 511 97 (include* GS1), and Mexico $ 38,97. Foreign Surface $ 19-97, Foreign Ail mail $ 81,97. US hmiUdi.mn cm US hank. 1’rcpaymcut is required on all foreign miIixtripiious. Alllm s ign rates are one-year only. Second-c lass postage paid at I'rleilimnugli, Nil. And at additional mailing ollkes. 1‘hone: Oull.924 010(1. In-line on BIX: AmigaAVorld tin Amiga.exchange). CompuServe; 70370,2137; Portal: Go AmigaWorld. Entire contents copyright 1991 by TechMedia I’lde Itshiiig. Inc. No part of this public-ation may be printed or otherwise reproduced without uritien permission from ihr publisliei Postmaster: Send address changes lo.-fmtgoliWd. Subscription Services. I1* > Box .*195. Ml Minns. II. C1054-7901. N.ilnucillv disTiihntrd Iry liable v,s • Oni- gi) HerId makes every effort to ensure the .uliii.iis of articles, listings, and diagrams published in the maga ine.. IrnijpjIIVWd assumes I'm trs|Kinuln!- ity for damages due to errors or omissions PR 1 IIII IN I1IF USA. I’osi ed under Canadian International Publication agicemem 0257478 0 NT EIV T S VOLUME 10, NUMBER 7, JULY 1994 I E Vi I RES The Amiga User’s PC Survival KiT By Dave Johnson .14 If you use Amigas and PC Ls (in any form from clone to emulator), check out this insiders guide to cross-plat form computing with practical advice and product recommendations. First of two parts: Next month Macintosh. Head2Head: ADPro vs. IMAGEMASTER VS. IMAGEFX By Brent Malnack 19 W hich image processor best suits your graphics needs? A W spotlights the latest versions of the top three programs in the field in a special comparison feature. ARTICLES Bravo the Encore! By Mike Levin ...23 Scala’s new MM300 makes creating multimedia presentations easier than ever. This hands-on guide can help you put it to good use in delivering your message. Digital Canvas ..26 Aif' gallery is back with an exhibition of recent works by innovative Amiga artists h orn far and wide. Club Amiga Compiled by Ann Record ......28 Want to connect with fellow Amiga users in your area? 1 lore’s a representative sample of users’ groups from across the US. Arexx: Electronic Ginsu
P. ART One By Sheldon Leemon 31 I ike those gizmos advertised on late-night IV, Arexx is a veritable juggernaut when it comes to computing tasks. First of a two-part series on making it w ork for you. COLUMNS DENNY on DOS By Denny Atkin . . . I he master of AmigaDOS continues his new column on operating-system hints and lips with some advice on utilizing the Amiga’s speech synthesizer. Prime-Time PD By Tim Walsh I im’s been out combing the networks again for the latest and greatest in freely distributable software. They .soy he liked his tomato soap exactly the way Campbell's intended it (who's behind door upper- left (to the cover?)* hut we know surviving Amiga artists and graphics buffs like to play fast and loose with almost retry thing. Find out which of the three "great manipulators"provides the flavors you prejer p. 19. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...44 Joel shows you how to use general-purpose graphics software to devise some interesting projects linking art with science and histoiy. Video in Focus By Paulo de Andrade 46 In this installment of his new column, Paulo puts the nonlinear-editing picture in clear focus for Amiga vidcophiles. DEPARTMEATS First Impressions By Daniel Sullivan .2 The new editor jumps into the Commodore fray to see what the Amiga coin- AW Product Information ..78 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue oi'AmigalVor d, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses" list. Niiitiily can do to deal with the mess left over in West Chester. Overscan .....4 Amiga news and new products. Help Key ....74 'Jim’s your local AAA when you’ve got problems under your hood. List or Advertisers ....79 Tiie Last Word ..90 The readers write back. REVIEWS TBCPeus (GVP) 8 Designed just for the Amiga, this time-base corrector is definitely state of the art. AmIGaL.INK (Spectronics Int'l) 10 Versatile multi-Amiga networking system. SEQUEL (Diemer Development) 12 Easy, intuitive MIDI sequencer. Sequencer One One Plus (Oregon Research) 48 Two entry-level MIDI sequencers. SPARKS (MacroSystemUS) ....49 Animation utility for Light Wave 3.0 3.1. WAVEMAKER (Axiom) ......56 LightWave logo creation made easy. Mozart’s Music Master and OctaMED Professional 5 (DevWare) ......d8 Novice-level music-training and inusic- comjxjsition programs, respectively. GAMES By Peter Olafson Arcade Games ...62 Apocalypse (Virgin), Second Samurai (Psygnosis), and Turrican 3 (Renegade). Flight Simulators .....64 Fighter Duel Pro 2 (Jaeger), Tornado (Digital Integration), and FI 17A Stealth Fighter 2.0 (MicroProse). Short Takes .70 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. Cool Captures ..72 Designed specifically forCD32. Cover photograph BY EDWARD judice SPECIAL EFFECTS BY LAURA JOHNSON OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks In the aftermath of the recent announcement by Commodore to liquidate at least part of its operations (see box, right), developers and distributors of Amiga products rallied to affirm their support for the Amiga market. Vendors Pledge Support for Amiga . . . With or Without Commodore Major distributors, including Creative Computers, Micro-Pace, and Creative Equipment, all confirmed they are ready, willing, and able to supply Amiga users with Amiga products. Also, via an unofficial polling of third-party producers of hardware and software, Amiga World found widespread commitment to continued development of Amiga products. All parties seemed buoyed by the likely prospect that the resolution of liquidation proceedings would, at the very least, result in the licensing of Amiga technology to interested third parties * of which, so we were told, it appears there are many. In the days immediately following the J O Commodore announcement, several companies issued public statements affirming their intentions to stay in die market and to continue support to users. Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, for example, told its customers, “We remain 100% committed to our world-wide Amiga customer base and fully intend to support you with 1200CD Unveiled at ETCS LONDON Despite the parent company's financial problems, Commodore UK and the Amiga CD32 made a strong appearance at April's European Computer Trade Show (ETCS). The big news was the unveiling of a working prototype of a CD32-compatible CD-ROM drive for the A1 200 the 1200CD. It is a top-loading, double-speed drive an off-white, square version of the CD32“that allows the A1200 to run CD32 additional Amiga software and hardware offerings.” Other such statements were expected as we were going to press. One of the more enlightening things A W learned in talking with developers is how much many of them are looking forward to a new Amiga market without Commodore. Citing frustration with Commodore’s lack of cooperation, poor customer support, and woefully inadequate promotion and distribution efforts many developers were really animated about future prospects. Phrases like “controlling our own destinies,” “a better market arising out of Commodore’s ashes,” and “saving the technology” seemed to echo like a refrain throughout almost all the conversations. A more down-to-earth but perhaps even more refreshing comment came from Mike Halvorsen of Impulse, the developer of Imagine. When asked about the significance of Commodore’s departure, the ever- forth right Halvorsen said, “Who gives a *! *? They’ve been dead for 10 years!” Exaggeration aside, that might just be the point: 'flic Amiga community Amiga users, developers, vendors, publications is, and always has been, us! DS software and play audio Cds. The unit on display which appeared to be running fine had an independent power source, and was connected to the right side of the rear of the A1200 via a cable. (It wasn't clear how the final product would hook into the A1200.) However, owing to design differences between the A1200 and CD32, the 1200CD does not support MPEG to play video Cds. Yet, a Commodore rep indicated privately Commodore Liquidation Plans Remain Unclear As of this writing, the facts we know about Commodore's liquidation plans are as follows: On April 29, the company issued a statement that in the days following was subject to a wide range of (conflicting) interpretation from total liquidation of Commodore's entire worldwide operations to various scenarios of partial liquidation. What's really going on? From what we can piece together from all our sources, Commodore International, the parent company, placed Commodore Electronics Ltd., its major subsidiary, into voluntary liquidation. Company assets are being transferred to trustees who will administer them "for the benefit of Commodore's creditors." Many of Commodore's regional operations remain open led by Canada, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, and the UK, all of which reported "business as usual." As of this writing, there was no clear indication that Commodore International hod entered into liquidation only the subsidiary, Commodore Electronics. Both companies are incorporated in the Bahamas. The Bahamian Supreme Court was to appoint the trustees who will preside over the liquidation. There are two likely outcomes: Someone may acquire the entire Commodore International operation; or, the trustees may arrange for interested third parties to purchase licensing agreements perhaps on a nonexclusive basis to the Amiga technology, In either case, Amiga systems and products should continue to be produced. DS To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 78. Denny on DOS HINTS & TIPS FOR MASTERING THE OPERATING SYSTEM Speech! Speech! The Amiga was the first personal computer to boast an out-of-the-box ability to talk back to its owner. Its speech synthesizer, called the Narrator or Translator (after the device drivers that make it work), has been used primarily in children’s educational programs to provide narration or to read answers aloud. (One wonders if there's a generation of kids out there with traces of a bizarre, slightly mechanical accent.) Some productivity programs, such as ProWrite, have added Narrator support. Allowing you to hear your documents read aloud. There are, however, other ways to pul your “talking” Amiga to good use. The speech-synthesis system was updated with Amiga DOS 2.04, providing much clearer speech. (Unfortunately, Commodore didn’t renew its license to use the speech programs, and thus versions 2.1 and later of Amiga DOS don’t include the speech commands but check out the “Quick Tip” to see how to give a mute Amiga its voice back.) So, let’s look at how to take advantage of your Amiga’s speech capabilities. Say You, Say Me The Say and Echo commands are similar, except that the former speaks the text following it while the latter prints it to the Shell window. Using Say in its simplest form, you would type SAY followed by the text vou want said in quotes, as in SAY “Hello, World!” If you type SAY without entering any text and then O 4 hit Return, a window will open into which you can type sentences to be read aloud. However, typing to live accompaniment isn’t useful for much except showing off. Say can become truly useful, though, when used in AmigaDOS scripts. For example, have you ever been cooking dinner and decided to sit down at your computer to do a “little" work, only to realize suddenly that an hour has passed and the pizza in the oven now resembles a large, black frisbeer' 'Type ED S:TIMER and ty pe the following lines into the editor: .key TIME WAIT time> MIN SAY "Attention, Amiga user!" SAY time> SAY "minutes have passed." Save the file by pressing Esc, X, and Return, and type PROTECT STIMER 4-S to make the script executable. Now you can type RUN TIMER 10 and your Amiga will alert you when ten minutes have passed with a vocal warning. For an alarm of shorter duration, change MIN to SEC in the second line of the script, and type in the number of seconds you want the script to wait. Alternatively, you could change the second line to WAIT UNTIL time> and then input a specific time for your alarm in HH:MM format. Sav is also handy for tracking the progress of a script running in the background. For instance, suppose you were running a script that contained slow Shell commands to convert pictures from one format to another. You can include Sav commands after each j conversion command to keep you abreast of the script’s progress. You could also use the Echo command to do this, but that’s useful only if you can see the Shell window: the Sav command is effective no matter what screen is at the front. There are a number of options you can include on the Sav command line to modify the voice. These Quick Tip If you have upgraded your Amiga to AmigaDOS 2.1 or later, the install script leaves the old speech files in place. But if you bought a newer Amiga with no speech synthesis, you need to copy the following files from a Workbench 1.3 or
2. 04 disk to your boot disk: f speak-handler libs translator.library devs narrator.device utilities say Also, you must paste the entry for the SPEAK: device into your DEVS:MOUNTLlST file, unless you plan to use only the Say command. Include -m to specify a male voice, -f for a female voice,
- r for a robotic voice, and -n for a natural voice. The -s command, followed by a number between 40 and 400, controls the speed of the Amiga’s speech, while -p followed by a value of 65 to 4 320 modifies the voice’s pitch. For example, to have the Amiga speak in a fast- paced, low, robotic voice, you would type SAY “DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!”
- R -P 65 -S 220. SPEAK: Your Mind AmigaDOS 1.3 and later adds a new logical device called SPEAK:. This device will output all data sent to it to the Amiga’s speech synthesizer. By directing output to this device instead of to a file or the Shell, you can have your Amiga speak almost anything. For instance, il you type DIR SPEAK: RAM:, the Amiga will read the names of all the files in the RAM disk. You can also make your Amiga read text files aloud, again by sending the output to the SPEAK: device; for instance, vou might use TYPE >SPEAK: README.TXT to have the Narrator read a documentation file aloud to you. Another advantage of SPEAK: is that it can also add speech to most programs that can save files as plain ascii text; simply type SPEAK: in the text gadget where you’d normally specify a disk-di ive name. Before using SPEAK: you’ll need to activate it by typing MOUNT SPEAK:. Using the OPT keyword,
o J you can include the voice- modilication options supported by the Say command to modify the tone of the text being spoken. To have a file spoken in a robotic voice at a moderate speed, send the output to SPEAK: OP E r s 160. ¦ Denny Atkin is an editor at OMNf Magazine and author of Denny Atkin's Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Send comments and suggestions via e- mail to DennyA7niga@a0l.com.
o ; k n t: i r i) AGA Storm Watch A "storm" is brewing in the accelerator department at Advanced Systems and Software (RS 121) with the new Blizzard and Cyberstorm series of boards for AGA Amigas. The Blizzard 1230-11 Turbo is for power- hungry Amiga 1200 owners and the Blizzard 4030 Turbo for the Amiga 4000'030. The Blizzard 1230 is available in two configurations; a 40 Mhz 68EC030 model without a Memory Management Unit, and a 50 Mhz 68030 with an MMU. Two sockets on the board allow for the addition of 50 Mhz or slower floating-point (FPU) math chips (either PLCC or PGA). The board includes a battery-backed clock and SCSI-2 support. The 50 Mhz Blizzard 4030 Turbo promises to double the speed of your A4000. Look closely at the board and you'll find a PGA With the VertiSketch (Blevins Enterprises) 3-D digitizing system, LightWave users can create accurate reproductions Organic Input of physical objects for their animations. It works directly with Light Wave Modeler, so no detail or data is losi owing to importing and exporting between different modeling software. The VertiSketch software ($ 995, alone) features powerful utility commands that allow you to control the placement of sampled data and to edit existing polygons and points. T he software is compatible with digitizing hardware from Science Accessories, Faro 'Technologies, Polhemus, and others. Complete systems start at $ 2395. You’ll need an A2000, A3000, or A4000 with Toaster 3.0 and DOS 2.04 or later. (RS 122). Socket for an optional 68882-50 FPU, which can dramatically boost such memory- intensive projects as rendering. The Cyberstorm for the A4000 consists of an '040 or '060 CPU module and memory board, which install onto the Cyberstorm carrier board. It is available in three versions: either 25 or 40 Mhz for the '040 model (from S695), or 50 Mhz for the '060 ($ 1995). You can add up to 128MB of fast RAM to the memory board via 32-bit SIMMs. The optional Communication Module attaches to the carrier board to provide a fast SCSI-2 interface, an Ethernet controller, and high-speed serial ports. The Cyberstorm Cache Module connects to the CPU module to provide a second- level cache. 0 i: R S C A 36-bit Paint for Toaster If you like to “paint-by-numbers,” how does 36 (bit) grab you? That’s just what Alpha Paint ($ 699.95, InnoVision) for the Video Toaster promises. It combines 24-bit painting and image enhancing with a 12-bit alpha channel for antialiasing, blending, and compositing. The alpha channel paints directly into the Toaster’s hardware mixing channel. Better yet, .Alpha Paint doesn’t require any additional chip RAM, programs, or hardware to operate it paints directly on the Toaster’s display! (RS 123). Xoahji is now the exclusive US distributor of MacroSystem’s line of products, including the Toccata, Retina, and Vlab. Software updates, technical support, and repair service will also be bandied by Xoahji (3591 Xviand, Lafavette, CO*80026; phone 303 499-1975). From p. 4. That the module could be accommodated via other means, but wouldn't elaborate. David Pleasance of Commodore UK stated that there will also be a CD32-compatible CD-ROM for the A4000, which will support MPEG. The drive could be available in Europe as early as September or October. Spotlight on CD32 The CD32 was another bright light at the show. Commodore indicated that as of April 10, just six months after the machine's release, the CD32 had assumed a dominant position in the UK's CD-ROM market, accounting for 46.2 percent of all CD games sold. In addition, CD32 titles occupied 13 of the 20 slots in the UK Chart Talk roster of CD best-sellers. At the time of the show, 80 titles had been released for the CD32 and more than 200 are in development a figure Commodore indicated should increase significantly after it met with prospective developers attending the show. Many of the early releases have been more-or-less straight ports from the Amiga disk versions, but in coming months we should see an increasing number of CD32- first or CD32-only releases, including the action puzzle game Litil Divil, the ray-traced robotic beat-'em-up Rise of the Robots, the graphic adventure Lost Eden (formerly Saurus), and the three-CD extravaganza Cy- berWar (a followup to The Lawnmower Man). This is not to say there was any shortage of disk-based software for the Amiga. Among those were Virgin's upcoming conversions of the Aladdin videogame for Genesis and Crash Test Dummies; Renegade's LucasArts-like Flight of the Amazon Queen, Ruff 'N' Tumble and Elfmania; Millenium's Pinkie; and a whole raft of games from Team 17 everything from a bowling game to Alien Breed II: Tower Assault to a yet unnamed 3-D game. Sealed With an ACE Commodore also announced the establishment of a Commodore Seal of Approval a stamp of quality available to peripheral and software manfucaturers after their products undergo rigorous testing. Scanners, disk drives, and RAM cards are expected to be among the first tested. The company came to the show with an ACE up its sleeve: a second Amiga Centre of Excellence, this one located in central London. The two ACEs the first opened in Wales in March are intended to provide one-stop service for professional Amiga users looking for high-end multimedia help. Peter Olafson Prime-Time PD ONLINE SOURCES FOR FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE SOFTWARE Found: rumor, debate, files, and info No discussion of recent online happenings would he complete without some mention of the fascinating financial soap opera that’s unfolded on the nets over the past few weeks. After Commodore released its most recent quarterly earnings in early April, the messages areas were ablaze. Since not all Amiga World readers have access to the nets, I decided to share some notes 1 found in these online venues. The inaccuracy of these judgement calls was exemplified by a well-intentioned member of the Amiga User area on CompuServe. This individual gave a rather convincing report of the woes brought on by Commodore's debts, only to conclude with a note that Sage Technologies recently completed the acquisition of CBM, Inc. That was true except the CBM in question was not Commodore Business Machines! A member of the Amiga Roundtable on Genie suggested that the Commodore Shareholders Movement form a support group. Another Genie user criticized A migaWorld for not commenting on the happenings, as if commentary from AmigaWorld might settle Commodore’s financial affairs. (A W does, however, address the Commodore situation in this issue see pp. 2, 4.) Another individual on CompuServe recommended: Buy an A4000 and don’t fret about the decision. His reasoning was that any com-
o «¦ puter other than a new- generation Power Mac or Pentium machine will grow obsolete before the A4000 does. Not surprisingly, no one argued with fiis logic. Looking At Files Enough Commodore commentary onto the online files. Maybe it’s because I'm always filing computer files away into obscurity that I really like programs that help me find misplaced ones. A utility that rapidly scans your Amiga’s devices for files or directories, Find It 1.12 by Enola Productions, was designed apparently for folks like me. It relies on Stephan Stuntz’s ever-popular Mil to create a user-friendly interface and graphic depictions of volumes and directories. After launching Find It, a list builds as files matching your search criteria are displayed. Find It also searches using dates. These are entered in dav-month- year format, or as “today,” or “yesterday.” Finally, Findlt lets you search by 4 * file size. If you don't need a highly sophisticated file-searching utility, check out Vfind by Vicky Staubly. A $ 6 shareware file finder, Vfind consists of three buttons, a status area, and a results list, all of which reside on the Workbench. Select the device and directory where you want to begin searching and the results window lists all the matching files. If the list is lengthy, a scroll ballets you peruse the list. SysInfo Upgraded Just as I was putting the finishing touches on this column, another update
(3. 23) of SysInfo by Nic Wilson appeared. A S20 shareware program, Sysinfo accurately interrogates hardware, software, modes, and the speed of your Amiga. Thanks to a unique GUI interface, mouse clicks instantly reveal information you’ve been craving to see in the areas of memory, boards, drives, and libraries. Click the Library option and it toggles through the device drivers, resources, ports, and tasks. Sysinfo also reveals the operating speed of all devices, such as floppies and hard drives. Another click or two calls up more information on any boards, their memory addresses, configuration, size, and so on. Sysinfo also measures your Amiga’s speed in MIPS and also MFLOPS (if your machine is equipped with an FPU). The program also provides a chart that graphically compares your system against six Amigas ranging from an A600 to an A4000 040. More clicks toggle among Cache, Burst, and Copyback modes to see the difference that each setting offers. In a Hash, you’ll discover which version of the Agnus chip is inside your computer and whether it’s 512K, I MB, or 2MB in size. The I Ioriz Khz option shows the horizontal scan frequency of the current display, while Eclock Hz shows the frequency of the Eclock, used for checking CIA chips. With a couple of updated file finders, and a new version of Sysinfo, I feel ready to take on the world . . . Now, in which directory did I bury the document outlining my plans to do that? ¦ Network Voice Numbers BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 Write to “Prime-Time PD" c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458; or contort Tim through the Internet at ticalsh@bix.com. imigaWorld 7 REV frame RAM SIMM $ 249; Digital Comb Filter $ 99. Amiga 2000, 3000, 4000. TBCPlus Great Valley Products, $ 949: Not copy protected. External time-base corrector.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: AmigaDOS 2.04 or later, 2MB, hard drive. Recommended system: 4MB, AGA Amiga, hard drive. Looking for a new, carefully engineered, inliniie-window time-base corrector? If so, be assured that TBCPlus goes far beyond the typical product by offering myriad video options with significant signal processing and control. There's cross-standard conversion, transcoding of Y C and composite signals, and multiple inputs and outputs for all manner of video signals. Another thing distinguishing TBCPlus from other TBC cards is the (act that it is designed specifically for the Amiga, and it thus requires a Zorro II or III slot instead of the usual PC slot. Software control, too, is handled via ihc Zorro bus instead of the serial port. Prosumer Product TBCPlus includes 1MB of framebuffer RAM and an empty SIMM socket for an additional I MB. There are sockets for 2 or 8MB of optional system fast RAM, plus a Digital Features Bus and Video Expansion Bus. You can also add optional Digital Comb To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 78. Filter and SMPTE EBU time-code modules. My review unit came equipped with 2MB of framebuffer RAM and the Digital Comb Filter. The rear of the card contains a DB-25 connector, with a 14-inch “ponytail” of cables ending in RCA, BNC and 4-pin mini-DIN (S-YI IS) Y C connectors for video and time-code signal I O. Each cable is labeled for easy identification. An RJ66-style jack provides the connection for an optional f-C external serial-control box. Multiple video support gives TBCPlus a true international flavor. It accepts input from SECAM, PAL-B G, PAL-H, PAL-I. PAL-N, PAL-M, NTSC- M, and NTSC-4.43. Output signals include N I SC-
M. NTSC-4.43, PAL-B G, PAL-N, and PAL-M. CAT advises in the manual that while the quality of conversion is "suitable for all forms of‘pro-sumer‘ video and business teleconferencing applications,” it may not be possible to achieve “complete broadcast - quality conversion.” The transcoding is independent of the standards conversion, so you can input Y C NTSC and output PAL composite if you so desire. You can connect two composite inputs and one Y C in, or use the composite inputs as a second Y C input. With its Y C and composite transcoding and simultaneous Y C’. And composite output capability, this unit has covered all the bases. Signal Ahead The onboard processing amplifier is fully software controlled. The roster of controls and calibrations that the software provides reads like a broadcast engineer’s wish list. You have command over aperture frequency and filtering factors, band pass and coring filter, and cross-color reduction and other cross-standard compensations. Furthermore, TBCPlus gives you videotape-noise reduction and flutter-line exclusion; gain controls for chroma, ACC, blackburst .A D, CVBS-Y C, ACC, CVBS Y, and CVBS Y Ad); chroma and luma delay; and the usual brightness and contrast settings to name just a few of its many features. The software allows both global and individual control of multiple TBC cards. For hobbyist-level users, the presets and automatic controls suffice to control the signal. As mentioned above, it is SMPTE EBU time-code capable, with complete control over the selection of external or internally generated V1TC or LTC time- code source. It also provides support for NTSC 29.97, PA1725, Film 24, and B&W 30 time- code standards, plus an NTSC drop-frame option; there’s also a Burn-in Window option for the output. Framebuffer RAM is available for framegrabbing, complete control over freezing odd or or whole frames of video, which you can then save to disk in a variety of formats, including 4:2:2 digital, Caligari .Grn, IFF-24, and JPEG. Any of these formats load into TBCPlus, turning it into a 24-bit framebuffer. These images are displayed at the TBC’s video output, not on the computer’s RGB monitor. By adding the optional second megabyte of framebuffer RAM, you can load two images and switch between them by swapping buffers. Strobing and ten preset colorization special effects are accessed through an FXPlus menu. These effects are very' much like some produced by the Video Toaster's ChromaFX slice. Among them are Negative, Solarize (ChromaFX Crazy Nuke), Rainbow (ChromaFX Solarize), Zebra (ChromaFX Chrome), and Posterize. While you cannot customize the FXPlus effects, such as ChromaFX, these effects offer two advantages. When you '"freeze” the video with TBCPlus while the effects are activated, the video you grab includes the effect (by contrast, the Toaster cannot grab its own ChromaFX effects). .Also, the ’TBCPlus effects work on grabbed frames or images loaded into TBCPlus (whereas the Toaster’s ChromaFX works only on incoming video. With TBCPlus, you can even strobe while using the effects). You can access devices and modes via the control panel on TBCPlus. Good Reading The software interface resides on its own custom screen, a public screen, or the Workbench screen. It can also open in a "hidden" condition without a window and be operated completely via the keyboard or Arexx. Options accessible through Arexx include the proc amp, freeze-frame control, time code, special effects, buffer controls, signal calibra- : law* Stltttiw | »it & Ml 1 liies pie Si«ul remi lant Ftreat 2 rw. R mb 3 JO. Rmtiw joiamtiw u J 02 False Ciler JOS fotcrta JofSilvis JOSIai M JWIistirW J07 IkrtsItU jOtliaics HTSC-B KTSC 4.43 ML-H PflL-H Ml 4.43 41 saw foM St&Z J tion, and input and output selection. In the manual, discussion of each menu item is accompanied by details on its Arexx command usage, values, results, and examples. This eliminates the flipping back and forth that is necessary with the usual separate Arexx section. 1 was impressed with the thorough and well-organized manual one of the best I’ve seen for any Amiga product. The TBCPlus software also provides a Render and Scanner module for use with GVP’s ImageFX software. You can render from ImageFX to the TBCPlus framebuffer RAM, using it as a handy composite 24-bit display board. Arexx-compatible software, such as ADPro, could do the same through an Arexx script. This method, however, involves the roundabout method of saving the image to RAM, and then loading from RAM into TBCPlus. Toaster Tips I do have a few small complaints. The LED that ? AmigaWorld 9 K E V I E n s indicates valid video output from the board is visible only when the Amiga’s cover is removed, so keep a screwdriver handy. Also, TBCPlus is not particularly Toaster-friendly, as there’s no button on the Toaster’s Switcher screen to give instant access to the TBCPlus screen. The Ctrl Ctrl Alt Alt keypress route is a necessity. I also discovered that when I set the TBCPlus to any strobe mode and then returned to the Toaster to use any Switcher effect, the strobe effect halted during the switch. The strobing video would either freeze during the switch duration, or it would cease strobing and appear as normal video. Once the switch effect was complete, it would return to its strobing. Obviously, the TBC requires CPU time to produce strobing, instead of its being controlled completely by the TBCPlus board. This limits the usefulness of the strobing abilities in conjunction with the Video Toaster. The only Toaster switch that did not affect the strobing was a simple “take.” Minor shortcomings notwithstanding, the interface, Arexx compatibility, and software flexibility of TBCPlus make for easy integration into any sort of application, from video production to various forms of multimedia work. If you are considering buying a TBC for your Amiga, you will find your time well spent with a good, long look at the TBCPlus. Fred Hurteau AmigaLink Spectronics International USA, S259.95 for two nodes; additional nodes $ 124.95 per machine All Amigas, CDTV (CD32 with an add-on that provides a floppy port).
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible, Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: Two Amigas running AmigaDOS 1.3. Recommended System: Multiple Amigas running AmigaDOS 2.04 or later. Flexible networking system. Networking Amigas isn't easy, because they suffer from a lack of standardization with their respective expansion ports. You can get Arcnet and Ethernet cards that plug into Zorro slots, but that’s useless if one of the machines you need to network doesn’t have slots. Custom solutions for the A500 and A1200 are available, hut they’re pricev. The freely distributable ParNet networking system is an inexpensive solution, but you must disconnect it every time you need to use your parallel port for something else, and it supports only two machines. Enter AmigaLink, a solution that works with all Amiga models, as well as CDTV. This simple hut reliable networking package achieves its universal compatibility by plugging into the Amiga’s floppy-drive port. Gather ’Round AmigaLink comprises a disk with the necessary' software, a concise hut complete 35-page manual, a cable, and two floppy-port expansion connectors. The package supports up to 20 Amigas. Using a maximum of 330 feet of cabling. Setting it up is easy: just attach an expansion connector to the floppy port on the back of each of your Amigas, otto the pass-through on the back of an external floppy drive; then install coaxial cable between each of the network connectors. (If your external floppy drive doesn’t have a pass-through port, you’ll have to disconnect it or purchase a Y-adapter from Spectronics.) The coaxial connectors are T-style, with terminator plugs covering the unused connectors at the ends of the network. Software installation is even easier everything is automatically copied using Commodore’s Installer application. It's a far cry from setting up complicated PC networks. Since AmigaLink is a peer-to-peer network. No single computer acts as a file- server for all the others oil the network. Rather, you choose which devices on each computer are available; then any computer on the network can access those devices. Once von have installed the device drivers, load the Export program on each computer and select which drives you want to make available on the network. To determine which drives should be available on your workstation, you use the Import program, selecting each computer from which you want to import drives. (You assign a unique name to each computer.) The Import and Export programs are nicely done, with standard AmigaDOS 2 graphical interfaces. (The functions are available on AmigaDOS 1.3 systems such as CDTV, hut you’ll have to use the Shell to set them up.) The network driver follows Commodore’s SANA II networking standard, so von can use other networking software such as Envoy (Intangible Assets Manufacturing), which offers AmigaLink users such advanced features as file security, user accounts, and the ability to make individual directories available to network users. (Intangible Assets is planning to offer an Amiga-Link Envoy bundle.) Imported drives work just like local drives: They appear as icons on the Workbench screen, and you can access them from the Shell and application file requesters just as if the drive were directly connected to the computer. The only difference is speed which is AmigaLink’s only drawback. Because it uses the floppy ports, it’s limited to speeds similar to those of floppy disks. DiskSpeed benchmark tests with loading some large applications showed actual speeds ranging from 25K per second to a high of about 50K per second when using a large buffer. Whether this is a problem depends on how you plan to use the network. If you choose to keep all your applications on one computer, you’ll really notice Amiga Link’s slowness; major applications may take 20 to 30 seconds to load. On the other hand, the speed isn’t that noticeable when working with data files under 100K. Depend On It 1 found AmigaLink to be very reliable in operation. I set up a three-machine system with an A1200, an A4000, and a CDTV, and tried saturating the network bv copying about 100MB of data from an Ami Net CD-ROM in the CDIV's drive to a Bernoulli disk attached to my A4000. Even with all that activity, I was able to read transfer data back and forth between all three computers with no problems and little additional slowdown. The network did lose its connections a couple of times during the course of testing once when I accessed the A4000’s floppy drive locally but overall it was solid. The package supports network printing: You use the CMD program (see “Hidden AmigaDOS Gems Part 3,” May ’94, p. 36) to route the printed output from your programs to a spool director}' on the computer with the printer von want to use, and the spooler will print that file. I here’s no support, however, for networked modems (AmigaLink is too slow for that) or electronic mail. Is .AmigaLink the networking solution STILL THE BEST GRAPHIC BUY! Create spectacular true color animations on your Amiga. Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga. * Capture an image in 1(1 seconds from any color video camera or stable video source.
• Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software included. * Compatible with AGA 1200 and 4000 Amigas in NTSC PAL modes. Two to four times the speed of AGA animations (DCTV vs. HAMS! With greater color and resolution. Compatible with all popular 3D, rendering, and graphics packages including: AD-Pru, Aladdin 4D, AmigaVision, Brilliance. Calligari, Cinemorph. Draw4D. ImageMaster, Imagine. Light Wave, MorphPlus. Real 3D, Scala, Scenery Animator, Sculpt, VistaPru, and many others... ANNOUNCING BRILLIANCE VERSION 2.0 Video Slot Box Version 2.(1 of Brilliance has been designed with productivity in mind. Several new features enhance this already powerful program. Features like Flip Frames that allows die animator to flip through drawings. Rub Thru that makes compositing easier. Load and Save Tween paths enabling much longer and repeatable brush moves. Faster and more accurate Tweening. Trite View option for magnification. And much, much more. DCTV (NTSC or PAL) $ 299.00 RGB CONVERTER Allows the use of DCTV with standard RGB monitors (10X4) in standard NTSC or PAL modes. Also permits the use of external genlocks like our SuperGen. RGB Converter $ 199.00 Brilliance! The best just got better! > x NOW! ’ Without HOT NEW PRICE n Brilliance 2.0 copy $ 99.00 M Protection! “ | INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY!
• Four Video Slots! * Three PC AT bus slots (power & ground only) • 230W switching power supply * Two 5.25“ drive bays • One 3.5" drive bay NEW! SuperGen MX S-VIDEO AND COMPOSITE GENLOCK & OVERLAY SYSTEMS SuperGt'ti SX Only broadcast quality S-Video genlock for less than S1000 AGA compatible. Compatible with all Amiga models Two independent dissolve controls Software controllable Notch filter SuperGen SX $ 749.00 SuperGen 200AS
• Broadcast Quality
• For A20KX) only - internal
• Built-in Proc-amp
• S-Video and Composite Input & Output SuperGen 2000s $ 1195.00 The Kitchen Sync provides lwo channels of lime base correction - the perfect low cost TBC solution for the Video ¦ Toaster™. With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync provides a complete ¦: H A B roll editing system.
X. , Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card • Absolute 1009? Broadcast ‘ quality • Composite or Y 1C video in * Includes easy to use y external control panel • No waveform monitor needed * Variable speed strobe • Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze V L Fields * Low power consumption * Lowest TBC price per pj- channel • Works with consumer grade VCRs Two Complete Time Base Correctors On One Card! Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external video source. Genlock Option S 150.00 S-VHS Option Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. S-VHS Option SI 50.00 The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4(K)0 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such its our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and one 3.5 inch device (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. The Video Slot Box provides these .solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A300Q. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Antigas. The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that are "video slot masters” such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within One machine without having to ever swap boards. And switch them with software! Get The Most Out Of Your Amiga Video Slot Box $ 995.00 FREE SHIPPING on all VISA & MC orders in the US. CALL DIGITAL
- =DIRECT 916-DIGITAL 916-344-4826 COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pin EST for same day shipping. 9;00am lo 5:00pm PST M-F For technical information call 916-344-4825 Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited.
- - - C R EATIONS P.O. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097'Phone 916*344*4825 •FAX 916*635*0475 SuperGen SX. SuperGen2000s. DCTV. DCTV RGB Converter, Kitchen Sync, and Video Slot Box are trademarks of Digital Creations. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 16 on Reader Service card. REV! I; w s for you? If all your Amigas have open Zorro II or III slots, you're probably better off going for faster network!ng-card options. But Amiga!.ink supports the older (read: network-problematic) A300, A600, A1000, A1200, ancl CDTV computers. Even CD32s are supported, if you attach an expansion chassis that adds a floppy port. If these machines are part of your computing equation, Amiga Link effectively stops the tiresome iloppy-disk shuffle. Denny Atkin MIDI sequencer software. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system; 4MB. Sequel is a new MIDI sequencer and samp I e-playback package that puts a different spin on the linear tape-deck analogy. The program presents a basic lUkot o UjiuMuj? Ane ike 24-'Bit G’tapkic. Cwide Mining tmeihutg? IveJJunk Set!! The T AlO N New Price screen for recording 32 track patterns that can be linked together into songs. Two small, deceptively sparse Workbench windows possess layers of powerful features and junctions that reveal t hemselves only as you explore the program. Sequel sports some mighty convenient features once you get a handle on them or, in some cases, realize that they exist. For instance, yon never have to click a track-record button -the next track is automatically activated for recording when you stop the sequencer. The most frequently used functions are immediately available with either a mouse click or a keyboard equivalent. There’s no scrolling through nested lists of menus and submenus. Functional Features Once installed using an included installer, sequencing functions are abundant. You can use the internal Amiga sounds and MIDI sounds on any track. Tracks can be named, disabled, recorded on, merged with one another, muted, soloed, deflammed, copied, cut, and pasted. A velocity meter shows how hard keys have been hit, and the sound section displays the MIDI channel, program number, octave, and MIDI volume, or the Amiga sound’s name, pan position, octave, and volume. Like most headings in Sequel, the Track Name column performs multiple duty, depending on which name is displayed in the button. Track Name allows a descriptive comment for each track. Clicking the button changes the display to show the MIDI device name, program name, or Amiga sound name for each track. The Length button shows the length and size of a particular track. Few main program screens display as much information as the basic window in Sequel. To the right are two sets of control panels, wherein you determine the MIDI status of the computer, the status of the serial port in general, whether or not you use the internal sounds, and so Sequel Diemer Development, 5139,95 All Ainigas.
I. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Circle 26 on Reader Service card. R E V I E W S select from a predefined bank of contours, including sine wave, logarithmic and linear, or draw your own in freehand. You can even change the shape of the internal sound waveforms. Fhe Device list lets you create and j assign patch lists of your favorite synths that Sequel can insert in the MIDI- device and prograin-name listings, and you can assign a separate device to each MIDI channel. Sequel also offers three different numbering schemes to accom- Continned on p. 48. Hard SIMPLE...Customer service, all day even day. V ERSATILE...Something for every one. RELIABLE...SyQuest Removable Technology. EASY...Special Auto-Diskchange driver-no rebooting. INTELLIGENT..,64K "Look Ahead" buffer. COMPLETE...Includes all cables. 5 1 4" intg bracket and Software. All you need is in the box EXPANSION % SyQuest* HVMOVABLF Tt CMIMOL OGY SYSTEMS Call 510 656-2890 FAX 510 656-5131 Making Technology Affordable Since 1986 D;i la Flyer I05 27OSQ is a trademark til Expansion Systems ¦© 1994 Expansion Systems. SyQuest is a trademark of SyQuest Technology. On. A Thru panel lets you direct user- selected events to any MIDI channel from your master controller in one of six different modes. Split mode sends events to two diHerein user-selected channels, splitting at middle C; Lo-mode and Hi-mode send out only low or high events, respectively; Lower and Upper modes send all events to their respective tracks; and I nyer mode sends all events out twice, once to the lower and once to the upper track. .All modes are available to both MIDI and Amiga sounds. You can vary the tempo from 28 to 320 beats per minute and the metronome can generate MIDI or Amiga sounds in addition to a visual Hash. Toggling the Panels button brings up the Record panel. Options there include linear or loop recording (both merge and overdub recording are supported), and a filter that determines which events will be recorded whether internal, external MIDI, or MTC-to-SMPTK synchronization complete with frames per second and start-time offset choices. Song Patterns The initial Tracks window is actually a Pattern window. You can save the whole pattern or any section of a pattern, copy and paste a pattern’s program settings, and initialize the tracks for a new pattern. Patterns are linked into larger works called Songs. You can insert patterns and later move them anywhere in the arrangement, and they, as well as the entire song, can he made to repeat. You can save a variety of complete pieces of music as patterns and ‘juke-box” them together in Song mode, or even have parts of a song designed in different patterns and hitch them together for the final production. Sequel employs an event list for editing, though it’s not as daunting as you might think. The list can autoscroll, playing the notes as it goes; list all or some events, display attack and release velocity; and mark blocks for editing, quantizing, looping, and so on all in a manner more reminiscent of graphic editors than event-1 ist editors. The program can store four banks of cue points that you select for quick access to any portion of your music. The Auto- Cop)' feature lets yon copy a section of material from any pattern and track to any other pattern and track in your song. The Draw window allows you to define a contour for any continuous controller message, including tempo. You can FAST,...l4ms avg. access. 1.6 to 2.3MB sec max (AT) Data Transfer Rale (lo from media)
4. 0MB scc max (to from buffer). Hl'tiE....Unlimited storage with 105MB cartridges. QUIET....Shhhh-Listcn. You tvun'i believe it. SMALI 3.5 X 1 Inch w ith shin pocket canridue. Ultimate Drive The Circle 62 on Reader Service card. Cross-platform Computing - Part 1: PC . The Amiga User’s Survival Kit This month and next, AW will present a feature on cross-platform computing issues relevant to Amiga users. Here we focus on what you need to know with specific recommendations if you use AMIGAs and Pcs in your work. T I’ this were a perfect world, there would be no Ineecl for cross-platform compatibility. Every personal computer owner would use an Amiga, and even today's most prominent PC and Mac developers would be at our beck and call. Alas, Eden eludes us; but perhaps we have the next best tiling. The Amiga is unique among personal computers in several respects, not the least of which is its ability to emulate other operating systems. Although Power Macs can emulate Pcs, the opposite is not true. The Amiga, meanwhile, can emulate both these systems with a little help from third parties. And thanks to superior Amiga software, it can elegantly swap files with scores of other-platform applications. Because you have told us you want more information on cross-platform computing, we've decided to explore interplatform issues over the next two months. Here, we've put together a survival kit for Amiga owners needing PC compatbility. In the August issue, we’ll ? BY DAVE JOHNSON for instance, you can access the same display from your emulator by attaching an A B switchbox. The 386 and 486 boards are compatible with Vortex's Monitor Master (Si28), an electronic switchbox that toggles between the Amiga and a V GA card with a simple Left Amiga-Q. The real question, though, is what kinds of options are available for data storage. The conservative route is to add a dedicated IDE hard disk to your emulator. Vortex’s Golden Gate emulator includes an IDE interface. So all you have to do is plug it in and go. Commodore Bridgeboard owners need to purchase a harddisk kit that includes an IDE adapter. While not as expensive as they once were (hat'd disks are now well under SI per megabyte), this path is certainly not a thrifty one. Motor into Mac territory. Who Needs Pcs? Nearly a quarter of all AmigaWorld readers claim to use some sort of PC or PC emulator in addition to their Amiga, Why is that? Well, some folks found the past year’s rock-bottom prices on high-powered clones irresistible. Others purchased a Commodore 386SX Bridgeboard a few months back at closeout prices. Some people need a PC or emulator to be compatible with their office enviroment. Others simply want the best of both worlds. If you’re one of these people, this article is for you. (For information on PC emulator hardware, see “The PC Connection," Jul. ‘93, ]). 35.) Hardware Made Easy One of the nicest aspects of using an emulator is the synergy you get from sharing components between the two systems. If vou use a multisync j monitor with your Amiga, Instead, explore ways your Amiga and PC can be data-storage partners. Most emulators allow you to dedicate a partition on your hard disk to MS-DOS or create a (much slower) MS-DOS virtual drive in an AmigaDOS f ile. SyQuest drives work particularly well as AmigaDOS devices with a partition for the PC. Noi only does this allow you to create a variety of virtual machines (boot from the Windows SyQuest, DOS SyQuest or OS 2 SyQuest as necessary), but the drive can still read Amiga-formatted cartridges just fine. A very popular way to increase storage space on Pcs these days is by using global compression software. Utilities such as DoubleSpace (included in MS- DOS version 6) and Stacker (by Stac) can effectively double the space on a hard disk (much like using Nico Francois’ PowerPacker from Jiunpdisk on the Amiga). Before you double your hard disk, though, remember that disk-compression software (unlike PowerPacker) fundamentally changes the wav your Well Connected If there's one truth in computing today, it's that you can never be too well connected. Computers aren't islands anymore, and people expect to be able to use files interchangeably, within any application and on any computer. The Amiga has long had a distinct advantage when it came to portability of graphics files between applications: They are all IFF. When swimming in the bigger pool of Pcs, though, we need to be able to tap into their multitude of formats, and let them use ours. In Windows, one of the best file-con- version tools is HiJaak (Inset Systems). HiJaak has long included an Amiga IFF loader saver, but still supports only traditional IFF formats (not IFF-24 or HAM). If you want to be able to use Amiga IFF-24 images in the Windows environment, you're better off with Black Belt's Win- Images: F x, an image processor based loosely on the company's Imagemaster R t. On the Workbench screen, ASDG's ADPro, GVP's ImageF X, and Image- master read and write nearly every PC format conceivable. Cloanto's Personal Paint supports GIFs, and PageStream includes modules to read many graphics formats, including GIF and PCX. Unfortunately, Amiga word processors stack up miserably at importing or exporting anything but ascii (text-only, without formatting) text files. WordPerfect reads and writes to the same file format as its PC version, though the Amiga version is no longer actively supported and its sister program on the PC is eons old. This adds up to a low level of functionality. Impulse makes both MS-DOS and Amiga versions of the premiere modeling software, Imagine, and both programs use the same data-file format. Likewise, Black Belt's Windows products (Morph and F x) create filmstrips and Ishapes that Imagemaster R t can load. (For further information on file swapping, see "Cross- Platform Computing," Oct. '93, p. 35.) DJ hard disk is organized. If you are depending on OossDOS to read a drive, don’t compress it. Let's hope Consultron will eventually make CrossDOS compatible with compressed disks. Fitting In I live by one somewhat rigid principle when computing on a PC: 1 use only Windows software. There are many reasons to avoid DOS software, the biggest of which is memory. PC software has to cram itself into the first 640K of RAM regardless of how much memory your machine has installed and it’s you, the end user, who typically needs the crowbar. If you have to use DOS-based software, you can optimize your memory by loading device drivers and other system software into memory beyond the first 64OK. Luckily, you don’t have to know much about MS-DOS to do that anymore; there are a number of utilities that automate the process. I’d rc c o m m c n d I e m M a ke r (included with MS-DOS 6) or Quarterdeck’s QEMM as the best digital crowbars. Hardware is a bit more complicated. If you run Windows, most of those sticky memory -anagement problems go away. Even better, software incompatibilities (which even an optimist should expect to encounter with an emulator) are virtually nonexistent within Windows. The most likely type of problem you'll find in (or out) of Windows is with software that attempts to hit hardware directly particularly hardware you don’t actually have, such as a true PC floppy disk. Disk back-up and utility software in particular arc notoriously fickle about needing to reach out and touch the real thing. Custom Confusion We Amiga users don’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts of our computer when installing new hardware. Amiga expansion cards are standardized and completely auto-configuring. PC hardware is a bit more complicated, though. Pcs use ISA, EISA, and Local Bus interfaces; they require the user to become expert at setting jumpers and configuring IRQs, DMAs, and hardware Addresses. (What were they thinking when they made this stuff up?) ISA, the most common type of expansion card, works with all PC-compatible, and is the sort that fits in the A2000, A3000, and A4000 when used with a Zorro-slot emulator. Both the Commodore and Vortex boards can handle nearly any ISA card you throw at them, including notoriously fickle network cards. If you do decide to throw some into the mix, be warned that installation oflSA cards is user-hostile. The best strategy to follow is to write down exactly how the board is configured (IRQs in particular) and store it somewhere you’ll remember in your computer manual, for instance. That way you can track down problems when installing another card later. IRQs, incidentally, are Interrupt Requests, which arc the means for getting short access to the computer’s processor during each cy cle. There are a limited number ol IRQs in the system, and in most cases, Interrupt Requests cannot he shared. If your PC or emulator crashes repeatedly after you’ve installed a new component, it is often because the new part is trying to “talk” to the processor using the same IRQ as something else in your system. Local Bus is the generic term for expansion slots that are designed to alleviate the bottleneck occurring in fast Pcs at their slow data ports. Neither VLB (VESA Local Bus, a hardware standard established by a group of video-card manufacturers) nor PCI miga expansion cards are standardized and completely auto-configuring, but PC (Peripheral Connection Interface, a somewhat more sophisticated standard designed by JBM) will fit in an Amiga, because they have a completely different pinout than ISA cards. By the same token, don’t mistakenly write off software that mentions VESA on the box that’s something else entirely. The same video vendors who brought us the VESA bus also established a video-display protocol to make it easier for programmers to use the hi-res modes of almost any display card. All we’re talking about are video drivers, which are usually included with the software in question, or are at least available from the video card’s manufacturer usually via BBS. Sound, Video, Action What should you look for in a display card? For starters, don’t be satisfied with the VGA emulation provided by the Amiga chip set, particularly if you already have a VGA or multisync monitor. Most computer stores sell no-frills VGA cards virtually for pocket change. Two-megabyte cards allow very high resolution, nearly true-color displays like 1024x768 in 64,000 colors, but the average card these days contain 512K or 1MB. Avoid expensive video-acceleration hardware, though. Your video speed is limited strictly by the ISA bus and you simply won’t see a performance boost. After a good video display, a sound card is another must-have. The PC community has finally agreed that the SoundBlaster (by Creative Labs) is a pseudo- standard, and there are a million cheap clones out there. One advantage to purchasing a true SoundBlaster card is that no SoundBlaster-emulation device drivers have to be loaded into memory, so you get extra base memory for the added cost of the real McCoy. Sound cards are the only expansion product Okay, now you've done it! You've created a SMB animation on your PC that you simply must get to an Amiga. No wait, you've rendered a 3MB IFF on the Amiga that you need to place in a PC application. Either way, the file in question won't fit on a floppy disk. Can you make the switch, or is all hope lost? I’ve had trouble getting to work in an emulator environment, so be especially sure to keep the receipt. Expansion space is always at a premium, particularly in a cramped A3000 or A4000. Rather than installing separate cards for sound and video, think about getting a multifunction board. GMR Productions (distributor of the Golden Gate emulators) sells a combination S-YGA, SoundBlaster-compatible, joystick port and SCSI interface on a card, all in a package that includes a double-speed CD-ROM drive. Computer stores like CompUSA are also littered with similar devices. Speaking of CD-ROM, it is taking the PC world by storm. If you have a fast emulator, there’s no reason why you can’t jump on the CD-ROM multimedia bandwagon. Shopping around a bit may make a big difference. Single-speed (I50K s) CD drives are fast becoming known as half-speed drives; the standard has clearly become double speed. I would hesitate to even consider a triple- or quad-speed drive, though, as no existing emulator is fast enough For you to see any benefit from that extra investment. Not all CD-ROM drive interfaces are the same, either. There are SCSI, IDE, and proprietary CD- ROM solutions on the market, and the packaging A Big Bounce Luckily, there is more than one way to skin this cat (my apologies to the cat). Very likely, the easiest solution is to mail the file to yourself. If both computers are in the same room, attach a null modem cable to their serial ports and transfer the file via the telecommunications software of your choice. (You can pick up a null modem cable at Radio Shack or any similar electronics store.) If the computers are too far aparl for that to work, use a modem to upload the file to a BBS and download it using the other computer. You can even e-mail a file to yourself on a service such as CompuServe. If the telecommunications route is out, you will have to get a little more creative. I know of two other ways to transfer files between the PC and Amiga, and one comes with every copy of ADPro. ADPro ships with MS- DOS, Windows, Amiga, and Mac- intosh versions of Splitz and Joinz, two utilities designed to break a Husky-size file up into Chihuohua-size bits that will fit on a series of standard floppies. All the Splitz and Joinz programs are cross-compatible, which means you can create a graphic on an Amiga, split it up and rejoin it on a PC, and then repeat the process to install it on a Mac as well. If you have a SyQuest drive attached fd both the Amiga and PC, the PC won't be able to read your Amiga filesystem but you can use CrossDOS to write in PC-ese from the Amiga. Be sure, when installing CrossDOS, to select the option for a real MS- DOS drive, and not a PC partition on an AmigaDOS device. Finally, some Amiga unarchivers can handle zipped MS-DOS files, like gzip, found on Fish disk 838. DJ rarely tells all (few PC consumers are knowledgeable enough about SCSI to care). It really is in your best interest to get a true SCSI device, and here’s why: You can use the same CD-ROM drive with both your Amiga and emulator or PC! Simply rig an A B switchbox to the PC SCSI card and the Amiga SCSI interface. You can use the CD-ROM on die Amiga, reboot, and then use it on the PC (never switch sides while the computer is powered on). GMR Productions sells a complete SCSI switching package, or you can call a supply company like Redmond Cable and engineer it yourself. Multimedia Via PC It’s no secret that any Amiga can run graphical rings around a stock PC, but lately, some of the most exciting new software is being released for the PC. 11' you want to run these programs, you should configure your emulator or PC to meet multimedia specifications. The MPC standard establishes a minimum combination of assets such as the RAM, video display, and hard-disk space needed to run modern multimedia applications like CD-ROMs and games. Microsoft’s encyclopedia, Encana, and Virgin's spooky puzzle game, The 7th Guest, are examples of software designed specifically for MPC. There are two variations of MPC: MPC 1 and the newer MPC 2. The former is a fairly liberal guideline, designed for 1992- vintage computers. If you own at least a 386-based emulator, you can easily build a system that is MPC compliant. Some key requirements for an MPC system are: MPC Level 2 Requirements Hard Disk CD ROM Sound RAM Video Ports MPC Level 1 30MB 150K S (single speed) 8 bit 2MB 640x480, 16 colors MIDI Joystick 160MB 300IC S (double speed) 16 bit 4MB 640x480, 65,000 colors MIDI Joystick Though only 16 colors are necessary for MPC Level 1, it turns out that most programs need 256 colors. If you can assemble these requirements, have no fear about taking home a box which requires MPC. When MPC 2 applications begin to appear, they’ll need a level of performance that existing emulators simply cannot deliver. If you’re a true PC power user, eventually you’ll have to gel a real PC (or wait for emulators that use the PCI slots in some future Amiga). Stay in the Loop Last but not least, it sometimes helps to have an ongoing dialog with other Amiga owners who also use emulators or Pcs. Amiga Crossings is a resource for cross-computing in both the PC! And Macintosh domains. At S48 year, this monthly newsletter is an d invaluable way to keep up on news, questions about emulation problems, and others’ experiences. ¦ Dave Johnson is author of the hook The Desktop Studio: Multimedia With the Amiga. He troths extensively with hath Pcs and AMIGAs, and writes for several computer publications. Contact him c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Head Head Comparative Evaluations of Popular Amiga Programs ADPro vs. Imagemaster vs. By Brent Malnack AMIGA IMAGE PROCESSORS have more effects up their disk sleeves than Campbell's has soups. From subtle, utilitarian functions to wild effects, these programs enhance your graphics and expand your image collection. ASDG’s Art Department Professional, Black Belt Systems’ Imagemaster R t, and GVP’s ImageFX are die top contenders in this market. Each one offers such image-processing basics as cropping, scaling, resizing, rotating, and format translation. They share many effects, too: Each can make a photo look like an oil painting or an embossing, for instance. Further, all three can create truecolor images for output to disk and display them on Amigas equipped with 24-hit devices. Lhe three differ, though, in terms of price, features, approach, quality, and more. This article will point out some of those differences in the hopes of helping you choose the best image processor for your needs. Depart ment Professional The most popular of the three programs is probably ASDG’s Art Department Professional (ADPro). ADPro earned its large following of graphic artists not only by being one of the first image processors 011 the Amiga, but also by offering great features. The program has undergone alterations over the years both in J terms of looks and power, with the current release (version 2.5) featuring the most dramatic changes in its history. ADPro’s menus are now configurable, so you can include your favorite loaders, savers, image operators, and commands. Image and screen information are also listed on the same List Interface with the configurable menus. ADPro 2.5 has a huge manual, all 529 pages of iL printed in small (10-point) type (lhe table of contents alone is 27 pages!). The manual begins with a few basic functions, then launches into 40 pages of tutorials covering everything from file-format translation to automated [PEG archiving. Every program feature is documented in exhaustive detail. II you look carefully, you can find pearls of wisdom along the way, gaining insight into pixel versus print aspect ratio, Floyd-Stein- berg versus ordered dithering, and other topics. I M A (i I! P R 0 C E S 8 0 R S Memory requirements for ADPro are directly related to the operations and images you use. The program runs fairly well with video-resolution images on an 8MB system. Special Effects Operating the program is simple. You load an image, choose an effect or “operator,” and display or save the result. This simplicity, evident throughout ADPro, makes the work fast and easy. Unfortunately, though, this benefit is somewhat offset bv the lack of an Undo feature. Therefore, when you get a result you like, it is best to save the image before proceeding. ADPro can use many different display modes. Owners of non-AGA Aniigas are limited to a 16-color display in high resolution, or HAM modes for lower resolution images. With the AGA Amigas (A1200 and A4000), you can display images in up to 256,000 colors. ADPro also supports such third-party display cards as the Retina (NoahjPs), Harlequin (Amiga Centre Scotland Haitex), IV21 (CAT), and OpalVision (Centaur). And while it doesn't control Picasso II (Expert Services) directly, ADPro can save images to he displayed in full-resolution, 24-bit color on this board as well. ADPro is the only one of these programs to offer direct support for NewTek’s Video Toaster. The program can read and write Toaster Framestore format, and with its ability to access the hoard’s framebuffer directly, ADPro has an edge over both Imagemaster R t and ImageFX for use with the Toaster. Less and More Want to set up automatic processing for multiple images? There are a few ways you can do it with ADPro. O y You can use the included FRED (FRame Editor) utility, which the manual describes as “a visually ori- i entetl list manager.” FRED can call a series of individual frames and process them as a sequence; it can also call special image drivers within ADPro to perform animation effects on a series of frames. Like FRED, Multi-Frame (MacroSysteinUS) is an icon-based batch processor. Arexx. Now part of the .Amiga’s operating system (versions 2.0 and later) provides another means for hatch processing, although using one of the icon- based programs makes it easier to set up multiple f rame segments. ADPro is also one of the few tools that allows for color reduction, a function essential in preparing artwork for broadcast and 3-D rendering. (Color reduction lets you do clean-up work in paint programs with fewer colors, making clean-up easier.) Having 16 or fewer colors is necessary when working with autotracing software such as Pixel 3D Professional (Axiom). ADPro also differs from the other two products in that it does not incorporate paint and morphing programs. ASDG does manufacture MorphPlus ($ 295), however, which works directly with ADPro (the vector- Sum ADPro 2.5 ASDG $ 299 Serial-number copy protected. Minimum system'. 4MB RAM, Workbench 2.04, hard drive. Recommended system: 2MB chip RAM, 8-10MB fast RAM, Workbench 2.04 or later, accelerated processor. Imagemaster R t Black Belt Systems $ 99.95 Not copy protected. Minimwn system: 1MB chip RAM, 4MB fast RAM, Workbench
2. 04, 10MB hard-drive space. Recommended system: 2MB chip RAM, 8MB or more fast RAM, accelerated processor, floating-point unit. ImageFX GVP $ 299 Not copy protected. Minimum system: 3MB RAM, Workbench 1.3, two floppy drives. Recommended system: 1MB chip RAM, 10MB fast RAM, hard drive, accelerated processor. Jmla.flltir | Itmic Kwttw ¦ IwlFatM Fitter* piiirjtoHu ; lertawU * In its latest incarnation (2.5), ADPro now sports configurable menus allowing you to include all your favorite loaders, savers, operators, and commands. Also, image and screen info can be listed with these menus. Based program is the most flexible morphing solution on the market). And while AD Pro supports many image formats out of the box, to get the full range of AD Pro’s imagc-translaiion capability, you must purchase addit ional conversion modules. The Professional Conversion Module ($ 90), is necessary, for instance, if you want to convert TIFF, Targa, Sun, SGI, and other formats. You can add scanner support to ADPro, too, with other software. ASDG makes excellent scanner drivers for the Epson 600C 800C ($ 200), for example, and one for the IIP ScanJet IIC ($ 200). .All these addon programs have the benefit of working from within ADPro, so you can perform ADPro functions without jumping from program to program. Jjjjpl: Imagemaster R t: • T Although Imagemaster is extremely powerful, it is aimed at the general Amiga graphics community. Its price-tools ratio is unmatched; in fact, with all of Imagemasier’s effects, it is hard to imagine ever having time to try everything. Besides all of the basic image processing functions, Black Belt System’s Imagemaster R t ($ 99.95) offers a number of other features, including full-fledged paint and morphing programs. Distinctions Working with images in Imagemaster is a hit more complex than in ADPro. Phis is largely due to the unconventional terminology it uses and the number of steps it sometimes requires to perform a function. These things heighten the learning curve, which is stiffened further by the lack of a printed manual a unique feature of Imagemaster. Instead of the more traditional manual, all of Imagemasters documentation is in the form of online help. As the mouse pointer moves over any button in the interface, text appears describing the button’s purpose. By pressing the Help key, von summon to the screen details on how to use the button along with some occasional tips and tricks. This online access is great to have and would be appreciated in many other Amiga applications. It is, however, no replacement for a printed manual, and having to learn the program this way can take much time and effort. Imagemaster enjoys another distinction in being one of the most frequently upgraded Amiga products, as well. 'This keeps the program current, but keeping up with modifications can he challenging; it seems there is a new version even' week. In Use Imagemaster’s capabilities are quite impressive. Compositing multiple images can be performed better here than with any other Amiga software, as the program gives you complete control over edge transparency and blend. The paint program is also very capable, although the steps and terms can sometimes prove overwhelming. Imagemaster was the first Amiga program to offer morphing, and using it to produce both still and moving morphs is easy. It uses a point-to-point morphing method, in which you match a control point on ? One image to a conrol point on another. Imagemaster’s effects are best suited for processing single images as opposed to animations. Batch processing is possible, but the effects themselves are not easily animated over time. Imagemaster includes an Undo buffer, which you can disable at any time to greatly reduce the amount of RAM necessary. This brings up a fundamental difference in the way that Imagemaster operates. All image buffers are stored at all times, until they are deleted, so multiple images, clips of images, and brushes are online simultaneously. This makes the program extremely flexible, but it means the system requirements tend to be higher for Imagemaster than AD Pro. I ImageFX CAT’s entry in the image-processing market, ImageFX, in some ways (its between the other packages in price, ambition, and performance. Like Imagemaster, ImageFX contains a paint program that is 24-bit internally and utilizes a variety of O i j display options. Vou can output images directly to a number of display devices, including Black Belt Systems’ HAM-F, DMI’s Resolver, Impulse’s Firecracker- 24, or ( A P’s own IY24. ImageFX's paint software is more sophisticated than that of Imagemaster’s, however, and it is much easier to use. On the other hand, a charcoal drawing effect (described in the Tips section of the manual) is a four- step process using ImageFX, while it is simply a push of a button in ADPro. Tool For Tool CAT claims that ImageFX’s features far outweigh those of ADPro when price is considered. This claim is true in that ImageFX includes morphing software, scanner drivers, and high-end image translators (for TIFF, GIF, and Targa) that ASDG charges extra for. This doesn't mean, however, that ImageFX’s tools arc necessarily as good as those from ASDG. Case in point: ImageFX morphing software is a mesh-based morphing system. Under this system, you use a grid with control points on it to set up the corresponding morph subjects. Although this approach is both easy to learn and fast, it is inherently limiting and depends on the way a morph is performed. There is a limit to the distance that an object can travel during a morph: Flic nature of the mesh prevents the points in the grid From moving over neighboring points and columns. Thus, you cannot morph a bird in the upper- left part of the screen into a dog in the lower-right part of the screen. This may not present a problem for you at all, as the morphing process always looks more natural when the objects involved don’t move too much. By contrast, though, AslKi’s and Black Belt’s morphing systems have no such limitations. Best for Batching ImageFX is the best hatch processor of the three for novice users, l he program can easily process image sequences with a number of effects. For example, it can apply an oil-paint effect to each frame of an animation. Unfortunately, not all of the effects are available in this manner, so an Arexx script might he necessarv. Also, there are currently no products that perform icon-based batch processing for ImageFX. ImageFX is also the only one of these programs to have built-in virtual-memory support. This enables you to use your hard drive as though it was part of your system RAM. Virtual memory is much slower than real
* RAM, so any time the system needs to access virtual memory, things slow down enormously. I However, it is a useful option as it can mean the difference between being able to load a very higli-resolution image and not. Quick and Documented ImageFX performs its tasks quickly. Loading and saving different format images was the fastest of the three. GYP provides ample, well-written documentation for ImageFX in the form of a 210-page manual. The manual does not describe how to use the paint software, hut instead describes the paint-tools collection. ImageFX’s painting tools including freehand draw, Hood Fill, airbrush, text, and undo are the same as you would lit id in any paint program. The program makes a distinction between the brush and pen tools, though: A brush is a user-defined 24-hit drawing implement cut out from an image, while a pen is a one-color, standard drawing implement that uses one of the tools. Fflectscan he applied to brushes, hut not to tools. Summary Black Belt has been committed to keep Imagemaster upgraded and hug free. Without question, the program is a great value, although its steep learning curve may prohibit the general Amiga user from becoming very proficient with it. Thankfully, a three- volume training tape set ($ 49.95) clears up a lot of mysteries. With the tapes, Imagemaster becomes a reasonable choice for basic paint image-proccssing functions. Power users may reconsider Imagemaster, as well, knowing that this source now exists. ASDG has been the heavyweight in the market with ADPro, and has some of the most powerful features available in any of the packages. This comes at the highest price of the three ($ 299), though this figure is not unfair considering its powerful features. ADPro’s add-on products are well supported and well documented. I he newcomer, ImageFX has been gaining momentum in the market with a last, easy-to-use interface and decent documentation. The lack of any real human technical support is frustrating and needs to be considered. All of GVP’s telephone technical support has been shifted to an electronic voice-mail system. (The company also accepts faxes and e-mail.) The big problem is that you cannot call and instantly reach a human. Users who do not have a 24-bit or AGA paint program may find that ImageFX offers the best of both worlds. ¦ Brent Mat nock writes for Amiga and video magazines. Formerly a NewTek product manager, he ca-fnunded Positron Publishing, a book- and software-publishing company. 11 rite to him c o Positron at 1915 N. 121st St., Suite 1), Omaha, AT 68154. E can only surmise that the developers of Scala had opera in mind when they devised the program that has become the de [ado standard in multimedia- p r e s e n t a t i o n software. After all, opera is the original “multimedia” concept. (Two 16th-cenmry Italian dudes, Peri and Caccini, had the revolutionary idea of combining music and drama into one = y Htoo (fie Sncoj+e f Making Use Of Scala’s New MM300 J O brand-new, multidimensional art form.) And what more gloriously successful presentation venue to choose as a name than Milan’s famed opera house, La Scala? The folks at Scala knew what they were doing, and that goes for the operation of the program, as well. Remember the first time you used the original Scala? After about 20 minutes, you were effortlessly creating a slideshow by tying together graphics, audio, and text. Scala worked according to a simple system, easily learned in that first sitting. Since then, Scala has grown into a program that, while still simple, allows a great deal more device control, interactivity, and graphics manipulation a mountain of features lies just beneath the surface. This article will introduce you to some t i m e - s a v i n g techniques for using the power of Scala MM 300. The new Scala takes advantage of the Amiga's A d v a n c e d Graphics Architecture (AGA) found in the A1200 and A4000. The program now requires 1MB of chip RAM and 2MB of fast RAM. Which means that if you have a stock A1200 (with a total of only 2MB), you must sacrifice the expansion slot to upgrade memory. Scala recommends that A1200 owners choose a card that is also an accelerator (a wise decision anyway), which comes in handy now that MM300 has some image-processing capabilities. EX Marks the Spot In Scala terminology, presentations are called scripts, and from the Scala main menu, a script appears as a list of events called pages. Each page may contain a variety of elements. On nearly every page, you will define elements such as background, wipe, ancl pause. The opening-night reviews are in, and Scala MM300 has already drawn raves from lhe multimedia cognoscenti. Let ’s put the new version through its paces and see how it can help you in your presentation work. ?(y , ftifie vtx' t You may also play sound, define a variable, execute a command, or control some external device. These elements are referred to as Exs (pronounced “ee- ex’s”), and each one has its own column on the list. By moving files between two drawers, you may add new EX columns to control devices such as laserdiscs and genlocks. The files are stored in the EX drawer and become active when you move them into the Startup drawer. You’ll find both drawers in the Scala director)-. When the program is run, there will he a column for each EX. For instance, moving the Pio- neerLD EX into the Startup drawer creates a new column named PioneerLD, from which you could issue commands to control a laserdisc player. When you run Scala, the Exs may not all be visible Workbench '532136 ctrophic* mem 9S33SCO other mem Exs, the building blocks of a Scala script, can perform many tasks. For instance, you can have Exs shuffle external devices in and out of scripts by simply clicking and dragging, because thev will run off' the right-hand side of the
* o screen. To rearrange the order of the Exs, first select the System button at the lower-right of the main menu. This takes vou into the System menu, where von’ll find J 4 i the User Interface button at ihe upper left. Clicking the tiny left or right arrows on this button switches the list ofuser-ituerface options into a list of available Exs. You can now rearrange their order. If you wish to keep this order indefinitely, click on Save Configuration. When you hit OK to go back to the main menu, the Exs will be in the new order. You can then change the width of an EX column by carefully positioning your pointer between two columns on the main menu, clicking, and moving the vertical yellow bar that appears. This enables you to fit more columns on the screen or to see more units of measurement in the pause column. First Things First Before you begin a Scala presentation, decide where you are going to keep your files. If you plan on creating new pictures and sounds with outside programs, make a new drawer and put everything you create into it. When you create new files, use a logical naming system with file extensions. To make a custom button in the Scala file requester for this new directory, find the director)' through a Scala file requester, and then hold down the Shift key and press one of the blank buttons on the right. Now press OK on the new requester that appears. You can later use Sea la’s Copy to Drawer function to make a new drawer containing only those O files used in the script. Once you run Scala, the first thing to do is select New and then the backgr ound for your first page. You can preview backgrounds before making your selection by using the Show button. You may also select multiple backgrounds simultaneously for a series of pages by holding down the Shift key during selection, or you can hit the .All button to select every file in the director)’. This is convenient for making instant slideshows; each background becomes a page in the script. If you wish to apply the same pause to eveiy page in the script, select the first pause in the list (make sure you’re at the top), select the desired delay, then the To End button, and finally hit OK. You can type in pause and other numbers directly without having to use the arrow buttons, but if you do use these but tons, try holding down the Shift key for increased counting speed. Work Closely With Your “Editor” Wlien you arc making a series of pages that have the same background but are overlaid with different type, set the first page up as a template. While still in the editor, press the F3 key to make a new page that contains all your type-style information. Press F9 to toggle the text boxes on and off This lets you see the already existing lines. If you want to make a copy of your current page, including all the type, press F4. Pressing the List button is another way of viewing the information typed onto the screen. You can rearrange the lines to set the order for line transitions. When you set a 1 ext Out wipe on a line, a second line is added to the list so that you can control when the wipe will occur. You may also use the list to enter type, especially for text crawls when the text has to run wider than the screen. To recover a cursor, double-click the line or press the number to the left of the line. Also, if you have accidentally added a lot of needless lines from the editor, you can easily delete them from the list. Then press OK to return to the editor. If you’d like to create beveled boxes for text display, draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool. Then press the right arrow on the 3D attribute button to change it into a Bevel attribute button, which you then press to activate the bevel. By pressing the Layout button, you can increase the bevel size to whatever dimension you wish. The bevel option works, however, only on rectangles. In MM300, you can click and drag items to move them in the editor. If you wish to move several items at once, surround them with the marquee (dotted-line box). You do this by clicking and dragging, beginning outside the objects you wish to enclose. All objects contained within the box or touched by the box will move as one. Any attributes you apply such as font style and wipes will be applied to all items in the marquee. Sometimes when you move items around in the editor, however, objects don’t get properly redrawn. When this happens, hit the F10 key to force Scala to redraw the screen. A word of caution before we move on: Something mentioned in the manual that you should not do is create a blank page by clicking New and OK from the u s i iv ; s : i, m m :i o o main menu. If you do so, you risk being unable to return to edit this screen later on. You should also not load and save from MM300 any MM200 scripts that use blank screens. Instead, use a supplied Scala background or create a blank page in DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts). If you find yourself stuck in this situation, however, you can work around it by downloading from CompuServe or Portal the archive called ScalaFix- ers.LHA, a set of Arexx programs that will both remove occurrences of blank screens and cause MM300 scripts to revert back to MM200 form. Wipes and Resolutions An important matter to consider when making a Scala script is the number of colors you plan to use. The general rule is to stick with 16-color, 640x400 screens. This is easy to do because all die Scala backgrounds, as well as the alternative collection of color palettes, are in 16 colors. On AGA machines (A 1200s and 4000s), wipes occur smoothly and reliably with 16-color screens. J During wipes, you may notice that Scala often fades the color palette of one image into that of the next, thus eliminating the need to display both palettes on the screen at once. But with images of 128 colors or fewer, the correct color palettes of two images are displayed simultaneously when using wipes such as Center and Curtain. Other transitions such as Cube and Rollon will still use color fades. Many transitions in Scala offer a number of varia- j tions. For instance, if you don’t want a color fade to occur on wipes such as Rollon (above), press C (for clearpage) when you are in the Wipe menu. Also, try using the nmnberpad to change the direction of a fade from north to south, or lit the s key for softf'ade and i the d key for damped. If a wipe appears choppy, experiment with other speeds. If you can’t get acceptable performance from a wipe, choose another one, or reduce the number of colors in your background by selecting Load Other Resolution. Once you’ve reduced the colors, save the new background to your hard drive. When wiping between 16-color images, you may choose Scala’s most impressive transition, Superimpose, in which one image fades directly into another. On pre- AGA machines, Superimpose works only between four- color hi-res screens or eight-color lo-res screens. When setting line wipes, try to avoid transitions that are painfully long. The idea is to make it look good and to help guide the audience never make them wait. One method of speeding up transitions is to apply a line transition to several lines by using the desired wipe on the first line, and then the Link wipe on those that follow. The resulting wipe, which looks like a chain link on the Wipe menu, will occur as if all the linked lines were one object. REMAPPED AND RESIZED GRAPHICS You can now also load 24-bit files directly into MM300 as backgrounds or brushes. Scala will reduce the image to 256-color format and do fast Floyd-Steinberg (F-S) dithering. If you have multiple color brushes on the screen, with palettes different from that of the background, you can choose via the Optimize button under the Palette menu a new palette that best accommodates all the brushes and the background. Once you have made such adjustments, the best thing to do is to save the adjusted background and brushes back to your hard drive as new files. Otherwise, each time Scala shows that page, it will have to recalculate all the color and size adjustments, resulting in a noticeable delay. Clicking the tiny arrows on the Load button from the Scala editor changes it into a Save button, with which you can save the individual elements. When you do this, Scala will ask if you’d like to replace the old lile with the new one in the script. Answer yes. The resulting script should have no unusual delays. Explore the Possibilities Scala has come a long way since its early days as a video titler. This article has not even approached the interactive, Arexx, and variable features of the pro- SCALA Scafa MM300’s editor provides a wide array of features to help you create and orchestrate your multimedia presentations. Grain. For instance, if you are a brave soul wishing to venture into the possibilities posed by Arexx, try saving one of your Scala scripts with an .AREXX extension. This will actually save the Scala script in Arexx format! You will not be able to load it back into Scala, but you can run it from a .shell via the rx command while Scala is running. Scala is one ol those rare applications that define an entire category of computer programs. But unlike word processors or desktop-publishing packages that can run equally well on various hardware platforms, Scala takes advantage of the Amiga’s unique video, multitasking, and Arexx capabilities making it a program difficult to match on other platforms. With InfoChannel, the high-end version of Scala, you can even provide automated distribution of Scala scripts over the telephone to unlimited numbers of InfoChannel player units opening up myriad video-publishing possibilities. All in all, Scala MM300 presents a richly caparisoned multimedia stage, peopled both with impressive, full- voiced leading features and a capable chorus ol supporting elements that carry their spears well. ¦ Mike Levin is a graphic designer for Scala Studios, a division of Scala Inc. that offers midiimedia-production sendees. Write to him c o Atniga World or at Scala Inc., 2323 Horse Pen RdHerndon. VA 22071-3405. DIGITAL eed a reprieve from the wo rries of the world? Rest your CAN A S eyes here on the works of Amiga artists, whose vision and artistry can calm, inspire, and entertain. ROBERT S. BOYD, JR. Lives in Seekonk, M;iss;i- chusetts -just a shon distance from tlie sea. The artist launched Top Ship from his new Amiga 4000 using a whole fleet of software, including Impulse's Turbo Silver, Virtual Reality Labs’ Vista Pro 2.0, and Digital Creations’ DCIV Paint. PHIL WOLSTENHOLME of Sheffield. England, has produced beautiful images that have graced the pages of Amiga World in the past (most recently in our May issue, p. 24). Since then, Phil has not been resting on his polygons. Instead, he’s been collaborating on a 40-miuute animation called Motion for Warp Records, the UK’s leading independent electron ic tlai ice music label. The image above is just one f rame of the fantastic video. The project had Phil working for more than six months with Imagine (Impulse) on a single 040-based Amiga 2000. G T A i_* A rv V A s We should have held a contest to guess the name of the animation this still was taken from. Would you have suspected Sexual Disarray Among Nonsecular Buddhist Monks? It’s the work of Los Angeles-based 3-D animator video editor YARON ZOHAR. Who uses an accelerated, Toaster- equipped A2000. Zohar also called oil Impulse’s Imagine, ASDG’s ADPro, and Axiom's Pixel 3D for this piece.
D. L, RICHARDSON, a long-time Amiga aficionado, used MegageM’s Fractal Pro software and his Fargo Primera dye-sub printer to produce this gorgeous fractal print* which he named Spunk. Fractals are also the subject of Richardson’s entertaining instructional videotape, “Animation 202: I’racial Freedom,” From My raid Visual Adventures, The multitalented JULIE PETERSEN is not only an artist, but a writer as well (see "The CD Boom,” June ’94, p. 31). Fish is a great little piece she worked up using Electronic Arts’ DoluxePaint. Amiga] Vo rid 27 Club Reportedly, the first Amiga users’ group was formed in California. Now, “Club Amiga” boasts worldwide membership (this director)' lists about 100 groups in the US alone!) So you're likely to find one near you. “Members only” benefits include on-site software demos, workshops, newletters, and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Join the club! (Please send additions and corrections to AUG Listing, do Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458.) Want to mingle with fellow users, get some advice, find some great ba rgains, or just have some fun ? Amiga users’ groups are for you. COMPILED BY ANN RECORD
• •--WiA : " : ' Alabama HACKS PO Box 14356 Huntsville, AL 35815 Arizona Amiga Arizona PO Box 82371 Phoenix, AZ 85071 Amiga Users Group of Yavapai County 1465 Coyote Rd. Prescott, AZ 86303 Catalina Commodore Computer Club PO Box 32548 Tucson, AZ 85751 Metro Amiga Computer Resource (MACRO) PO Box 11681 Phoenix, .AZ 86303 California A Bakersfield Area Commodore Users Society (ABACUS) PO Box 40334 Bakersfield, C.A 93384 Amiga Friends User Group PO Box 4186 Huntington Beach, CA 92605 Amiga Users Group of Long Beach PO Box 228 Long Beach, CA 90801 Greater Riverside Amiga Users Group PO Box 15 Riverside, CA 92502 HUB Area Commodore Club PO Box 398 Caniptonville, CA 95922 Los Angeles Amiga Users Group PO Box 947 Culver City, CA 90232 Northern California Amiga Club 13912 Dusty Oak Trail Bella Vista, CA 96008 Original Amiga Users Group 6435 Hillegass Ave. Oakland, CA 94618 Sacramento Arnica Computer Club PO Box 19784 Sacramento, CA 95819 Silicon Valley Video Toaster Personal Video Production Users Group 2427 I lart Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95050 3D Art Forum 1341 Ocean Ave. 349 Santa Monica, CA 90401 Valley Computer Club PO Box 310 Den air, CA 95316 Ventura County Amiga Users Group and Video Forum 8842 Tacoma St. Ventura, CA 93004 Video Toaster Group 4842 Via Colina Los Angeles, CA 90024 Colorado Commodore Club of Colorado Springs PO Box 25851 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 Rocky Mountain Amiga Users Group PO Box 280403 Lakewood, CO 80228 Connecticut Fairfield County Amiga Users Group 18 Great Plain Rd. Suite 131 Danbury, CT 06810 Hartford Amiga Users Group 4 Bristol St. Wethersfield, CT 06109 Delaware First State Commodore Users Group PO Box 1313 Dover, DE 19903 Florida Miami Amiga Users Group PO Box 16 Miami, EL 33116 Amiga MICE I I I 10 Bird Rd. Miami, FL 33105 Safe Hex International PC Box 724 Port Richey, FL 34673 Sara.sota Manatee Amiga Users’ Group PC) Box 36057 Sarasota, FL 32433 Suncoast Amiga Club PO Box 1311 Hu go, FL 34649 Suncoast Commodore Club 1351 Gulf Blvd. 216 Clearwater, FL 34630 Georgia Amiga Atlanta, Inc. PO Box 49103 Atlanta, GA 30359 Amiga Users Klub 3529 Fdgewood Rd. Columbus, GA 31907 River Rates User Group 152-F Lam kin Rd. Harlem. GA 30814 Idaho Boise Area Commodore Users Group 3213 North Kelly Way Boise, ID 83704 Illinois Amiga Computer Enthusiasts 359 Miami St. Park Forest, IL 60466 Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group PO Box 716 Champaign, 1L 61824 Commodore Club of Rockford PO Box 10022 Rockford, IL 61131 Fox Valley Commodore User Group PO Box 28 North Aurora, IL 60542 Knox Commodore Club PO Box 494 Galesburg, IL 61402 McHenry County CCC 117 Wagner Dr. Gary, IL 60013 Niles Amiga Resource Committee Niles Public Library Computer Lab 6960 Oakton St. Niles, IL 60714 Shawnee Amiga User Group PO Box 865 Carbondale, IL 62903 Western Illinois Programmers’ User Group
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- Elccthonk Cimu Part One It slices. It dices. The amazing Arexx does it all. Our two-part series demonstrates, through descriptions and examples, that this versatile language can deliver a million-and-one customized cuts. “QUICK, DEFINE AREXX!” If you shouted tins into a crowd at iin Amiga users’ group meeting, you'd likely get several different answers. Some people would shout back “ARexx is a programming language!” Others may respond, “It’s a command-macro language." Still others will call out “an interprocess communications language,” which is a fancy way of saying it allows one program to talk to another. Actually, Arexx is all of these. Like the Ginsu knife you sec advertised on late-night television, O the language can do just about anything. But while Arexx’s rich, complex nature makes it hard to define in a few words, it also makes Arexx a powerful tool that can enhance almost any computerized task. Just what can Arexx do? And how much effort will you need to invest learning it? In this article and the one that follows, we II explore the various facets of Arexx and answer those questions. This month we'll concentrate on Arexx as a programming language; in the next issue, we’ll focus on its command-macro and com mu n icat ions aspects. What, Me Program? Learning to program your computer, if only a little, can he very rewarding. The problem with ready-made applications is that thev never seem to do exactly what von i J need. Programming allows you to tailor operations to suit your exact needs. While yon are figuring out how to get a particular job done, you’ll also he sharpening your computer skills. Also, programming is fun. There is a certain satisfaction in bending the computer to your will that you just don’t get from video games. Unfortunately, most people don't consider the joys of programming because they assume it is too difficult to learn. But Arexx is much easier to use than most other computer languages. Like Basic, Arexx is an interpreted language, which means you can execute the program as soon as you write it. You don’t have to process it through a compiler and linker as you do with C.
- By i-uuDON tumuli Also, Arexx does not make strong distinctions between types of data as other languages do. You don’t have to declare variables (symbolic names that can store different values) before you use them. You can assign die number 450 to a variable called Score and then assign the word “twenty” to the same variable. Arexx lakes care of a lot of the detail work for you, flic* interpreter allocates memory as needed, and frees it up when it’s not needed. Arexx includes extensive debugging features that help you find your programming mistakes quickly. Because .ARexx is related to the REXX programming language used with IBM operating systems (such as OS 2), much of what you learn about Arexx carries over to these systems. Best of all, Workbench versions
2. 0 and later include Arexx, (ARexx is also available separately for $ 49.95 from Wishful Thinking.) Despite its emphasis on simplicity, however, Arexx remains a powerful language, capable of very complex tasks. It includes all the features yon would expect from a complete programming language; variable expressions, loops, conditionals, and function calls. You need not master all of these concepts to start programming in Arexx, however. You can start doing useful work after learning just a few simple commands. Let’s take a look at some Arexx programs. First Steps The traditional first program is one that prints out the words “Hello, world.” The Arexx version looks like this i* Our first program * SAY "Hello, world." I Notice that the program starts with a comment, enclosed by die characters * and * . Vou can use this space to make a note about the program or not. Bin every Arexx program must start with a comment line. This tells the interpreter that it is an Arexx program, t he next line does the real work of the program. The Say command prints out the message enclosed in parentheses. I here are three steps to creating and running this program. First, use a text editor to type in the two lines of text, and save the file with the name “ REXX; Hello.rcxx" (the REXX: assignment defaults to S:, which is the S directory of your Workbench disk). The Workbench includes two text editors, F.d and Memacs, You will find an icon for Memacs in the Tools drawer, but you must run Ed from a shell or via the Execute Command menu on the Workbench, using a command such as "Ed REXX:Hello.Rcxx." I prefer using Ed because 1 can run it in a window on the Workbench, above the Shell window I use to test the program. You can also use a word-processing program to create Arexx program files, but ii you do, be sure to save your script as text only because most word processors embed print-formatting codes into the text that will confuse the Arexx interpreter. Also, remember to press Enter at ihc end of each line; you can’t have multiple statements on one program line unless you separate them with the semicolon character. Second, make sure Arexx is running. You start the Arexx interpreter by running the RexxMast program in the System drawer. If you drag this program into the WBStartup drawer, Arexx will always be available when you start your computer. The third step is to type the command “RX Hello” either in a shell window, or in the requester provided by the Execute Command Workbench menu. You don't have to type the .rexx ending of the filename. The RX program will assume it's there unless you have specified otherwise. II all goes well, the words “Hello, world” will print out in your command window. More Power The real power of the computer is that il can do things over and over again. You don’t have to enter the Say command ten times to make your program print your message ten times. A loop, starting with the word "Do,” performs the same set of instructions many times. END Figure A. L ist Change LastCI Lj! • V ¦ ii-V; ! : High Low Ask Bid Volume Update T ' 50 50 50 % 50 642500 10:59E BMY 5 % +’A 50% 51% 51 279500 10:59E DIS 41% j ¦¦ 41% 41% 41% 317500 10:59E MO 49% 4-% 49% 49% 49% 455000 10:58E TWX 38% 4-% 38% 38% 38 208400 10:59E PEP 36% +» 36% 36% 36% 89700 10:58E CL 56A -% 56% 56% 55% 51000 10:56E IBM 52% 52% 52% 52% 406000 10:59E AAPL 32% -1 33% 33% 32% 33 32% 268500 10:59E CBU % % 0 00:00E Enter list number: i * Loop.rexx * DO FOR 10 SAY "Hello, World" END When you run this program, it prints the message ten limes. What if you don’t want to print the same message each time, however? You can use a programming symbol called a variable to change the message. * Varloop.rexx * DO pass = 1 TO 10 SAY 'This is pass number "pass END Here, a variable called “pass” stores the loop number. This form of the l)o command sets the value of “pass’’ to 1 on the first time thorough, then increases its value by one each subsequent run through the loop. Since we don’t include the name of the variable in the Say string (the text in quotations), Say prints out the value of the variable, instead of the word “pass.” When you run the program, it prints “This is pass number 1,” “This is pass number 2,” and so on. Another way to make your program more flexible is using conditional commands that allow it to react differently under various circumstances. Let’s sav. For
* J • example, that you want your program to use ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.) to tell what loop it is on. Ear the numbers 4 10, you could just add "th” to the number, but for the first three, you'd need a different ending. Using the If statement, you can make the ending different for different numbers: * Condloop.rexx * DO pass = 1 TO 10 ending = 'th' IF pass= = 1 THEN ending='st' IF pass==2 THEN ending='nd' IF pass ==3 THEN ending='rd' SAY This is the’ pass | [ ending 'time through the loop' The double equal sign (= = ) is a comparison operator that checks to see whether the value of pass is 1, 2, or 3. II ii is, we use a single equal sign to assign a new text value to the variable “ending.” Then, in ihe Say line, we put the sentence together, using the concatenation operator (two vertical bars) to combine the contents of the pass and ending variables into one word. Select is another type of conditional command you could use for this job: . FeS - w A-Parsing We Will Go Arexx has a relatively small number of core commands, but one of them. Parse, makes it very easy to manipulate text. That’s why I like to use Arexx to convert die information contained in a text lile to a format I can use more easily. For example, I use the National Videotex Network information service to receive price information about a group of stocks. When the information comes through my modem, it looks like what you see in Figure A (opposite). I’d like to store some of this information in a database, hut I really only need the first two items of information, the ticker symbol that identifies the stock, and the last price. It would also be nice to format the information so that I could import it directly into my database. The usual format is one line per record, with each bit of information enclosed in quotations and separated with a comma. Sounds like a big job, doesn’t il? But with Arexx, 1 can write a simple program fewer than 20 lines that does it (see Listing 1, this page). To use this program, you must supply die name oi a source file and a destination file on the command line. The command “RX Stocks ram:raw_info ram:stock_info” takes the information from the file “rama awjiild” (captured with a modem) and saves the part we want in the file Tam:slock_info.” The first command, Parse Arg, gets the names of the files, and puts them into the variables “source” and "dest” that are used to open the files. Then comes the main processing loop, which we repeat until the end of the lile (EOF). First, we read a line oflext (Readln) into the variable “buffer.” Itien we use the Parse Var command to extract i be information we need. Since the information lines up nicely in columns, we tell Parse to put characters 1-7 in the variable called “ticker,” 8 11 in the variable “price, and 12-16 in the “fraction” variable. Next, we must eliminate the lines that don’t have price information, and deal with prices where there is a fraction but no whole number. We use an IF statement to set “price” to zero if it contains blanks, and set price to a text value for the line that contains the heading (wilh the word “Last”). At this point, it’s easy to tell which lines we want to process. If the price variable contains a number value (a Datatype of “N”), we process the line. We use Interpret to convert fractions 1 8, for instance- to a decimal (.125). and add this to the price. We use Compress to strip the trailing spaces from the stock ticker symbol, and we’re ready to write the line (Writeln) to the destination file. The lasl two lines, which close the open files, are not really necessary because an Arexx program closes all open files when it finishes. * Selectloop.rexx * DO pass=1 TO 10 SELECT WHEN pass=-1 THEN ending='st' WHEN pass= =2 THEN ending = 'nd' WHEN pass= = 3 THEN ending='rd' OTHERWISE ending = W END * end of SELECT block * SAY This is the' pass 11 ending 'time through the loop' END * end of DO loop * This version is a couple of lines longer, but it is easier to follow because of the indents. All commands within the Do loop are indented to the same level; commands in the Select block are indented to another level. CALL REXX:Functions Myfunction .Another way to add commands to .ARexx is with libraries. These are Amiga-style system files, usually written in C, that contain additional functions. Once you use the Adcllib command to add a library, you can use all of its functions as if they were part of the Arexx language. There are lots of freely distributable Arexx libraries available on bulletin boards, the Fred Fish disks, and on information-service forums. They add everything from control over the serial port, to Amiga graphics commands, to transcendental math functions. There are also commercial offerings, including REXX Rainbow (S48) from Dineen Edwards Group. The most interesting way to extend the power of Arexx, however, is to have your program communicate with another program. One such program that can communicate with Arexx is AmigaDOS. You can include any AmigaDOS command in an Arexx program, using the command Address Command to specify that you want to talk to AmigaDOS. For example, to make a new directory called RAM:Test, you’d use the command buffer=READLN = 'infile'| * read a line * PARSE VAR buffer ticker 8 price 12 fraction 17 . *extract info* IF (price==‘ ') THEN price = 0 * if price is blank, 0* IF (ABBREV = fraction Last'}) THEN price = 'Last* *sWp text line* IF (datatypeCprice N')) | (price= =' ') THEN DO * if not a number, skip * INTERPRET 'last = 'fraction 1|'+price' * convert fraction to decimal * ticker = COMPRESS(ticker) * remove blank spaces *1 WRITELNf'outfile'," "ticker" "| |7| "last" *) *print answer * END *end of processing line * END t* end of processing file * CLOSE('inftle') * close source file * CLOSE('outfile') * close dest file * But Wait, There’s More ,•, For even more power, you can extend Arexx in a number of ways. You can write a series of useful functions in Arexx, for example, and save them in a file called REXXrFunctions. Then, you can call them from other programs with a command such as Sheldon Leemon, a computer video consultant and instructor, is the author of two hooks and scores of articles covering the Amiga. He also serves as Amiga Forum Manager on National Videotex Network. Write to him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. PARSE ARG source dest. * get source and dest file names * source_error=OPEN('infile',source Read'} * open source file * dest_error=OPEN('outfile',dest WriterI * open dest file * DO WHILE EOFfinfile'} * process the source file to the end * Next month, we’ll take the programming concepts we’ve explored here one step further, and examine the subject of programming other programs. ¦ Listing 1 * Stocks.rexx A program to filter stock quote files * ADDRESS COMMAND 'makedir ranrtest' A- . . | That has potential. But the real fun starts when you begin “talking to” applications programs such as your void processor, spreadsheet, database, desktop- mblishing program, or image-processing software. Introducing the MediaVision CDR-MV2 CD-ROM Drive* Color Monitor Model AD-1970 Designed from the ground up to be an Amiga Monitor!
• 14” Phillips tube
• .28mm dot pitch
• Full OverScanning (no black borders) A
• Supports all new modes . (including Super 72} T tr NEC CDR-25
• SCSI-based drive
• No caddy required!
• Single-speed operation
• Comes with cable, SCSI terminator and power supply
• One-year warranty The Media Vision CDR-MV2 also works as a audio CD player, so you can listen to music whileyou work. 5718 2-YEAR PARTS WARRANTY Amiga CP Titles available w purchase of CD-ROM only: ASIM CD-ROM Driver O.E.M. Version s2695 W Gold Fish Double CD-ROM ..s1495 j •: Texture Heaven CD-ROM s1495 E LIMITED SUPPLY 32-Bit power, CD-based games for incredible capacity. 5540 CD-32 GAMES CD 32 FMV CD-VIDEOS JUST $ 2295 EACH! STAR TREK VI PATRIOT GAMES TOP GUN INDECENT PROPOSAL W BLACK RAIN BRYAN ADAMS (MUSIC) CREAM OF ERIC CLAPTON ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER BONUS!ijpuy anything from Creative Co and you can purchase AMIBACK 2.0
- great drive back-up utility software for only (OEM Version) Jml While supply lasts mOFESSIOSM I*AGE] The largest Amiga software developer is having a Spring Clearance. Gold Disk is commited to supporting its products and will continue to offer first class support for its thousands of users! Feature rich drawing program for the Amiga at the lowest price everl Complete version, not the OEM version! Highly popular page layout program for the Amiga at the lowest price ever! Complete version, not ihe OEMyersion! Limited Time Offers, Subject to Change... SO HURRYt Transwrite 2.0 Affordable word processing M995 Video editing system with hardware to control most camcorders and VCRs. Catalog and edit your best video moments! Powerful spreadsheet for the Amiga with extensive features. Full vers ion I LOWEST EVER! 3 8 ¦ Desktop Budget - Mbn .3e fincntM s 1495 ,mi PAGESEnER 3 -AGA COMPATIBLE DTP 4590 3699 ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon, - Fri 7am to 6pm Sat. flam to 5pm (PSt) Order Status 310-787-4520 Mon. - Fri 8am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm ACC 0891 CABLE A50G A200G 6FT MODEM .... 2.34 Creative Computers has been the leading Amiga reseller since 1985. We’re more committed than ever to support your computer of choice! While the immediate future of Commodore is uncertain, you can count on Creative Computers for continuing support and service for all your Amiga products. We’re clearing out our excess inventory to make room for new products and passing the savings on to you! ACC 1032 DESKJET 500 FX-80 EPSON EMULATOR ...23.70 ACC 1131 GENDER CHANGER DB25M DB25M _ .81 ACC 1545 STAR NX2410 RIBBON _ 1.93 ACC 1618 COVER UPS KEYBOARD A2000 A3Q00 PLASTIC ...1.05 ACC 1622 COVER UPS A500 CPU „ ..2.10 ACC 1695 CITIZEN RIBBON BUCK . 3.98 ACC 2064 CABLE AMIGA R G B SYNC D23F 4 BNC ...35.97 ACC 2391 CABLE VGA EXTEN 6 FT H15P H15S _ 15.99 ACC 2393 CABLE FUCKER FIXER ZENITH NEC IIA 2FT DB9M-HD15F . 8.00 ACC 2395 CABLE AMIGA A1084SD 1080 2002 ANALOGS' DB23F DB9F ......11.99 ACC 2396 CABLE A500 PARALLEL PRINTER 6FT D25M C36M .... 2.60 ACC 2567 GENDER CHANGER DB25S FEMALE TO FEMALE 1.75 ACC 2610 STAR NX1020 BUCK RIBBON ....1.62 ACC 2939 CABLE RGB TERMINATOR „ ...10.90 ACC 3927CABLE ETHERNET DBJ5M DB15F 25" 23.00 ACC 4126 CABLE DCTV TO A1080 2002 „ ...7.50 ACC 41693.5"- 5.25" MOUNT KIT CONVERSION -INTERNAL .4.36 ACC 4225 CABLE SCSI 50FH TO CENTRONICS MALE 50 ......9.81 MacroSystems U.S. Under New Distribution RETINA Z3 $ - Fastest Video Card Out There! LAB MOTION NEW - Non-linear editing for A2000 ! A3000 A4000 £ AVAILABLE LATE JULY 94 ACC 4262 CABLE HD15 PIN MALE TO 15 PIN MALE 6' ..11.27 ACC 4311 CABLE AMIGA TO HAYES MODEM HARDWARE HANDSHAKING 6‘ 8.95 ACC 4426 GRAVIS AMIGA GAMEPAD ..16.95 ACC 4445 TAC-30 JOYSTICK ...... ...... 5.47 ACC 4608 EPSON AP-3250 BUCK RIBBON ..5.42 ACC 4712 CABLE A600 A1200 TO 2.5 IDE DRIVE INTERNAL 2.74 ACC 4746 CABLE VGA TO SWITCH BOX 3 . 5.45 ACC 4747 CABLE 6 PIN MINI DID MALE MALE 31 6.00 ACC 48321C PULLER X-TRACTOR ... .....7.53 ACC 4924COVER UPS A600 CPU PUSTIC DUST COVER. 2.10 ACC 4934TAC-3 JOYSTICK ...5.95 ACC 5125 CABLE TRUMPCARD PROF. TO CENTRONICS MALE 10.00 ACC 5168 CABLE DB25M DB25M 30 FEET 13.50 ACC 5247 CABLE AMIGA TO EPSON SCANNER 14.95 ACC 5301 BAR CODES AND MORE FONT CARTRIDGE HP 65.00 ACC 533010' PARALLEL CABLE BELKIN ....2.73 ACC 5345 ALPHA DATA 3 BUTTON OPTICAL MOUSE ..... 29.95 ACC 5394 BNC TO RCA ADAPTER . 2.29 ACC 5396 MIDI CABLE 6' 2.95 ACC 5532 AMIGA TO MAGNAVOX 1CM135 CABLE ......11.99 ACC 5542 PRIMERA PHOTOREALISTIC REFILL KIT ..73.01 ACC 5543 PRIMERA PHOTOREAUSTIC REFILL KIT 100 PRINTS2Q9.95 ACC 5570 LX JET SERIES TRANSPARENCIES FILM HP .....37.81 ACC 5585 S-VIDEO CABLE TO 1084(S) CHROMA & LUMA RCA .10.95 ACC 5640 APACHE 1 JOYSTICK QUICKSHOT .5.95 ACC 5725 PYTHON 1 JOYSTICK QUICKSHOT 7.95 ACC 5758 BOLUST1CK JOYSTICK ......13.07 ACC 5759 SUPERPRO ZIP STICK JOYSTICK . 16.34 ACC 5760 ECLIPSE MOUSE 2 BUTTON . 12.95 ACC 60918 PAINTJET XL30Q B-SIZE TRAY HP .43.00 ACC 6149 ERGO STICK W SPEEOBALLII 14.95 ACC 8836 SAFESKIN A3000 A4Q00 ......4.67 BKS 0927 COMPUTER GAMING WORLD 1.25 BKS 1576 MAPPING THE AMIGA COMPUTE’S 6.50 BKS 2543 IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR ...... 9.95 BKS 2868 AMIGA FORMAT 2 DISK MAGAZINE ......6.27 BKS 2869 AMIGA FORMAT SPECIAL EDITION NO DISK 2.49 BKS 2964 AMIGA ACTION 2 DISK VERSION... .2.75 BKS 3231 ENCHANTED REALMS ... 2.95 BKS 3232 AMIGA COMPUTING 2 DISK VERSION 5.85 BKS 3381 Acs TECH JOURNAL FOR THE COMMODORE AMIGA 4.95 BKS 3835 THE LUCASFILM AIR COMBAT STRATEGY BOOK 5.70 BKS 3875 AMIGADOS INSIDE AND OUT REVISED ABACUS 7.00 BKS 3930AMIGA POWER2 DISKS.
2. 49 BKS 4213 CU AMIGA 2 DISK MAGAZINE .. 6.00 BKS 4214 THE ONE FOR AMIGA GAMES 2 DISK MAGAZINE 2.49 BKS 4337 AMIGA NEWS PERIODICAL ...0.49 BKS 4458 TOASTER ESSENTIALS 2,0 FOR TOASTER CG ...28,01 BKS 4460 TOASTER ESSENTIALS 2.0 27.24 BKS 4461 TOASTER ESSENTIALS 2.0 PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES 27.24 BKS 4975 UGHTWAVE: ESSENTIALS 2.0 ..... 28.01 BKS 4976 UGHTWAVE: SURFACES 2.0 . ...28.79 BKS 4977 UGHTWAVE: MODELER 2.0 . 27.78 BKS 5026 ALPHA VIDEO: VIDEO SIGNALS & THE TOASTER 7.95 BKS 5083 UGHTWAVE: FLYING LOGOS 2.0 28.01 BKS 5278 THE ONE MAGAZINE WOC SHOW SPECIAL ...1.64 BKS 5668 AMIGA USER INTERNATIONAL W CD32 TITLES 6.27 BKS 5756 AMIGA CD32 GAMER W CD-ROM 6.27 BUS 0350 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN ... 3.00 BUS 0409 PROF. PAGE TEMPUTES GOLD DISK 10.89 BUS 3102 PROWRITE 3.1 .. 29.95 BUS 3394 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2.1 ....19.95 BUS 3854 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 3.0 ...19.95 BUS 4406 PROWRITE 3.3 22.95 BUS 4701 PROPER GRAMMAR II ...29.95 BUS 5403 FINAL WRITER .....99.95 BUS 5464 TYPESMITH 2 ... ..99.95 BUS 5559 FRESH FISH OCTOBER 1993 CDROM 14.95 BUS 5560 FRESH FISH DECEMBER 1993 CDROM ..14.95 BUS 5690 PAGESTREAM 2.2 OEM VERSION ..... 65.40 BUS 5728 GARDENING CD-ROM .9.70 BUS 5729 BUSINESS & LEGAL FORMS CD-ROM 17.17 CBM 2530A2630 25MHZ 882 030 ...... 549.95 CBM 2741 CDTV INTERACTIVE PUYER DEMO ..199.95 CBM 2813A1000 DRIVE REPUCEMENT __ -.54.50 CBM 3287POWER SUPPLY A590 117VOLT 42.51 CBM 3506IC SUPER DENISE 8373... ,..26.95 11 It* »* II11 -II •••+• M*t H«l 11 IIII11 CBM 3767LOTUS EXPRESS SOFTWARE FOR A2286 . -....9.95 CBM 3S36A20Q0 HD 1 UPGRADE BUNDLE TO A2000 HD PROF.. 9.95 CBM 4046A500 INTERNAL DISK DRIVE REPUCEMENT CBM ...54.50 CBM 4478SCAU MM200 500 2000 3000 ONLY ....39.95 CBM 4726A3640 68040 ACCELERATOR ..... .795.00 CBM 4865A400G KEYBOARD ... 59.00 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon* - Fri 7am to 6pm Sat. 6am to 5pm (PST) CBM 4869 A600 CBM MOUSE ...... 25.07 CBM 4871A60Q KEYBOARD ------- 27.80 CBM 4872A600 INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE ...57.77 CBM 4875A6Q0 A600HD POWER SUPPLY __ 39.95 CBM 4985A1200 SUPPLEMENTAL MANUAL SET AS-217 .16.35 CBM 5153A4091 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER CBM ... 250.70 CBM 5437A1208 SCSI NO FPU CK GVP 79.50 CDTV 2798 MY PAINT CD32 CDTV ..4.95 CDTV 3804 64K MEMORY CARD CDTV .. 39.95 EDU 1B32 BARNEY BEAR MET SANTA 3.50 Our huge 85,000 square foot warehouse is designed to get your order out FASTI EDU 3680 FRACTION ACTION 6.00 EDU 4129 AMY’S FUN 2 3 ..... 20.95 EDU 4261 AUDIO GALLERY ENGLISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS .... 19.95 EDU 4565 INTELLfTYPE . 1.50 EDU 5039 MAVIS BEACON II 28.34 EDU 5052 MICKEY'S JIGSAW PUZZLE ...... 26.70 EDU 5453 SPACE & ASTRONOMY CD-ROM ..11.45 EDU 5602 DECIMAL DUNGEON ... 6.95 ENT 5590 STAR TREK 6 CD32 FMV AMIGA ..22.89 ENT 5591 PATRIOT GAMES CD32 FMV AMIGA ...22.89 ENT 5593 INDECENT PROPOSAL CD32 FMV AMIGA 22.89 ENT 5594 BUCK RAIN CD32 FMV AMIGA 22.89 ENT 5595 BRYAN ADAMS WAKING THE NEGHBORS CD32 FMV ..22.89
24. 95 GMS 4723A-TRAIN AMIGA ..... 7.50 GMS 4998SLEEPWALKER __ 14.50 GMS 5001SENSIBLE SOCCER ... 11.50 GMS 5156PSYGNOSIS WALKER .... 11.50 OFFER CODE: P461MG14 GMS 5223ATRAIN AMIGA W CONSTRUCTION SET 17.95 GMS 52461NTERNAT10NAL GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP AGA 12.00 GMS 5264NIPPON SAFES INC ... 13.50 GMS 5274AIRBUCKS AGA AMIGA ..... 16.50 USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 Netherlands 06-022-8613 Denmark 0434-0297 Norway 050-12029 France 0590-1099 Switzerland 046-05-12029 Italy 1678-74086 United Kingdom Z'JSA?'JU:£ Japan 0031 -11 -1351 0800-89-1178 GMS 5286SIMUFE AMIGA _16.00 GMS 5304SOCCER KID . ...16.00 GMS 53050NE STEP BEYOND ---------- -. 10.00 GMS 53Q6GLOBAL GLADIATORS - 12.50 GMS 5307ZOOL NIGEL MANSELL AGA BUNDLE ..«... 18.95 GMS 5337THE BLOB --------- 12.50 GMS 5341 OVERKILL AGA TEAM 17 .... 10.00 GMS 5343PRIME MOVER ___ 12.50 GMS 5344HIRED GUNS 19,95 GMS 5346MEGATWINS ... 0L00 GMS 5368DONKS AGA AND NON-AGA ..... 12.50 GMS 5369UNKS GOLF WITH BOUNTIFUL COUNTRY CLUB 6.24 GMS5388DIGGERS AGA.. ... 16.00 GMS 5400AUEN BREED II AGA * ..13.50 GMS 5412PANZA KICK BOXING 5.00 GMS 5413S1LKWORM ......5.00 GMS 5415THEATER OF DEATH ..12.50 i-MzGA THE BOX 150 Makers of HermOU ¦¦¦¦¦ Now you can have the reliable mass storage medium used by Hollywood professionals! Used by developers at NewTek, by Amblin Imaging (seaQuest) and Foundation Imaging (Babylon 5). Amiga World says "...the cost and reliability of Iomega Bernoulli drives can't be beat!" Bernoulli means security for your data! THE BOX 150 is an external drive with famous Bernoulli reliability! Each cartridge holds up to 150MB of storage. 14995 3E9 GMS 5429BODY BLOWS GALACTIC . .13.00 GMS 5469MICRO MACHINES ..... 12.00 GMS 54740ISP0SABLE HERO! ......1Z00 GMS 5480KRUSTY S FUN HOUSE - ...12.00 GMS 5462BURNING RUBBER ...- ...12.50 GMS 5486USA SCAPES FOR VISTA PRO ..17.00 GMS 5483M0RTAL KOMBAT.... 24.95 GMS 5489CANNON FODDER .. 2898 GMS 5491F1 RACING . -......,1200 GMS 5492BURNING RUBBER AGA .. 9.95 GMS 5493TERMINATOR 2 ...,13.00 GMS 5494ZOOL 2 __ 9.95 GMS 5495DREAM LANDS BUNDLE ......13.00 GMS 5507JURASSIC PARK INC ...... 13.00 GMS 5514CHRISTMAS LEMMINGS INC .....10.00 GMS 5524STAR TREK 25TH ANIVERSARY AGA AMIGA .35.95 GMS 5533STRIKES & SPARES MIRCRPACE ..13.00 GMS 5547GIFTS GALAXY CD ROM VERTICAL ___ 18.53 GMS 5550SEEK AND DESTROY INC .- ....12.50 GMS 5551D-GENERATIQN AGA INC ...27.25 GMS 5563GENESIA ..- ..29.43 GMS 5587LIBERAT1QN CAPT1VE 2 C032 ...33.95 GMS 5599SCI-FI FANTASY CDR0M AMIGA .19.07 GMS 5643SECOND SAMURAI 29.95 GMS 5669AWARD WINNERS (EUT£1ZOOL,SEN.SOC.,POOL)4 GAME PK ...29.43 GMS 5670TETRIS 7 COLORS STRATEGY HEAVEN ...12.00 GMS 5678INNOCENT UNTIL CAUGHT 17.00 GMS 5679PUGGSY ... 13.00 GMS 5693LEGACY OF S0RASIL ...... 26.16 GMS 5694APOCALYPSE 26.16 GMS 5701 LEMMINGS & SIM CITY BUNDLE .. 29.95 GMS 5704GLOBAL EFFECT .29.43 GMS 5705TOTAL CARNAGE AGA .29.43 GMS 5711 QUARTERBACK VERSION 6.0 ..... 49.95 GMS 5763THE BLUE & THE GREY .38.14 GPH 0255 MY PAINT 2.0 .. ...26.12 GPH 0359 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS .....- ..14.00 GPH 0387 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO ..... 17.00 GPH 0822 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 11.00 GPH 1837 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 ...... 10.00 GPH 2364 DES DISK VINTAGE AIRCRAFT VSCAPE ....5.00 GPH 2378INTR0PARTS FLOWCHART SYMBOLS ......10.11 GPH 2455 VISTA MARS SCAPES VALLES MARINERIS DATA DISK9.95 GPH 2948SOFTCUPS VOLUME III COLLECTORS ......17.00 GPH 3155 KARA TOASTER FONTS VOL I ..19.95 GPH 3156 KARA TOASTER FONTS VOL II ...... 19.95 GPH 3203 REAL 3D PROFESSIONAL VERSION 1.4 ....33.95 GPH 3222 FOUNDATION . 39.95 GPH 3512 DELUXE PAINT 4 VIDEO GUIDE ..5.50 GPH 3735MEOIAPHILE PROCESSOR PROGRAM DISK 61.00 GPH 3758 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 13.00 GPH 4021IMAGEMASTER FOR FIRECRACKER .108.99 GPH 4096 DELUXE PAINT IV V4.1 EUROPEAN ... 59.95 GPH 4282 KARA TOASTER FONTS VOL III ...19.95 GPH 4263 KARA TOASTER FONTS VOL IV . 19.95 FRED FISH CD'S The best of public domain and shareware; over 600MB of material Comes with database program to find specific titles, done by Fred Fish personally. March April 1994 Edition CD-ROM *22” WFI2 Gold Fish 1-1000 uncompressed CD-ROM .*1 9*s PFTT] Frozen Fish 1 -1000 BBS-ready CD-ROM...s 1995 ETIKI C5A " 12-GAUGE" 50 Mhz 50 Mhz super accelerator with MMU and SCSI. Lero-K RAM. Fast and complete. Optional network coming soon. V479 95 5144 GPH 4319 PROSCAN LAB II 168.20 GPH 4391CINEMORPH GVP 19.95 GPH 4662 ART EXPRESSIONS SOFT LOGIC 89.95 GPH 4991VISIONAIRE ..33.00 GPH 5067AMIGA VISION PROFESSIONAL ...129.50 GPH 5082 WIPE OUT 15.00 GPH 5089IMAGE FX SOFTWARE V1.5 UPGRADE .....19.95 GPH 5090 JOE'S 1ST COMPANY ORIGINAL COLLECTION 28.95 GPH 5093 JOE'S 1ST COMPANY WEDDING COLLECTION ...17.99 GPH 5094 JOE’S 1ST COMPANY FAMILY COLLECTION 17.99 GPH 5113 BRILLIANCE PAINT SOFTWARE ...98.09 GPH 5151CALIGARI BROADCAST 3.0 CAUGARI ....125.00 GPH 5214 ADP TOOLS PROFESSIONAL ..39.95 GPH 5236 FRACTAL PRO 6.06 . 43.00 GPH 5255 R PAINT 16.00 GPH 5291 DELUXE PAINT IV V4.5 AGA U.S. 114.95 GPH 5317TEXTURE HEAVEN CD-ROM ASIM 10.90 GPH 5404 FLIGHT PATH FOR DP IV 4.XX ...11.00 GPH 5405 TOO MANY FONTS FOR DP IV 4.XX .....17.00 GPH 5483 ANIM WORKSHOP 2 AXIOM .....67.95 GPH 5506 WAVEMAKER AXIOM 99.95 GPH 5552 MATHVISI0N 2.4 SEVEN SEAS ..44.00 GPH 5620 MALE & FEMALE OBJECT DESIGN FOR LIGHTWAVE 11.00 GPH 5695 HANNA BARBERA ANIMATION WORKSHOP 44.95 GPH 5697 TRANSITION ¦ IMAGE CONVERSION GIFF,JPEG.IFF.BMP ..25.95 GPH 5750 MEDIAP0INT 3.7 UPGRADE DISK 19.95 HRD 1718 GVP SERIES II HC 8 0 A200Q HARDCARD 8MB MAX ..64.50 HRD 1723 SCANJET PLUS INTERFAC 144.95 HRD 2037A501 512KB MEMORY EXP FOR A500 21.80 HRD 2083 FLICKER FIXER PAL .... 99.95 ORDER HOTLINE 800-872 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 7am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm (PST) Order Status 310-787-4520 Mon. - Fri 8am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm _ TOTAL BLOWOUT CLEARANCE SALE! SAVE NOW ON THESE "LAST CHANCE" SUPER BARGAINS. ALL NEW LIMITED SUPPLY SO HURRY, CALL NOW! UTL1912 UTL 2118 UTL 2584 UTL 3899 UTL 3964 UTL 4125 UTL 4332 UTL 4558 UTL 5078 UTL 5105 UTL 5134 UTL 5195 UTL 5245 UTL 5296 UTL 5310 UTL9010 VTP5736 ZZZ 0354 ZZZ 0501 ZZZ 0557 ZZZ 0562 ZZZ 0565 ZZZ 0601 ZZZ 0680 ZZZ 0716 ZZZ 0952 ZZZ 1226 ZZZ 1451 ZZZ 1768 ZZZ 1795 ZZZ 2460 ZZZ 2777 ZZZ 2834 ZZZ 2855 ZZZ 3230 ZZZ 4451 ZZZ 4836 ZZZ 4838 ZZZ 4841 ZZZ 4842 ZZZ 7000 .4.74 | I INI -* I. ButtH 1 i I J Ji . Ayr* Si f: 195 5307 5001 OFFER CODE: P461MG14 2585 95 5492 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 7am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm (PST) ORDER HOTUNE HRD 2086A2088D XT BRIDGECARD ....19.95 HRD 2183 GVP SERIES II HC8 80MB A2000 HARDCARD 8MB MAX . 117.50 HRD 2365 GVP 030 AT AUTOBOOT KIT HARD DRIVE GVP 29.00 HRD 2549 MEGA MIDGET RAM BOARD 4MB ......249,95 HRD 2531 GVP Sll 600MB CARTRIDGE R;C0H OPTICAL RICQH114.50 HRD 3011 LENS 16MM W IRIS ...9.95 HRD 3348GVP DIGITAL SOUND SAMPLER ...19,50 HRD 3367 DESKJET 500 C COLOR PRINTER .....225.00 HRD 3371 PERSONAL TBC II .349.95 HRD 3655 GVP A500 PC286 FOR Sll HD8 ...24.88 HRD 3725ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK .179.95 HRD 3733MEDCAPHILE 2.0PAJG UNIVERSAL TAPE DECK CONTROLLER ..... 74.00 HRD 3848 GVP Sll A500HD8 120 .178.50 HRD 3940 PERSONAL VECTORSCOPE ....723.75 HRD 4052 DCTV PAL VERSION ....175,00 HRD 4094 MEGA MIDGET RACER 20 25 WITH MMU & FPU 249.00 HRD 4150 SUPRA FAX MODEM 2400 1 9600FAX GENERIC ...46,56 HRD 4302 LENS 16MM NO IRIS F1.6 W O .....6.50 HRD 4318 SHARP JX-320 SCANNER MUST USE WITH 4320 GPIB INTERFACE .... 350.62 HRD 4320GPIB INTERFACE FOR JX-320 ...79.00 HRD 4338 ROCUTE FLOPPY DRIVE .....48.95 HRD 4370 EUREKA MIOI WITH SERIAL PASS THRU MICRO R&D27.95 HRD 4387MICROBOTICS VXL30 2MB RAM CARD .....98.00 HRD 4405TOUCHDOWN 100 TAPE BACKUP EXTERNAL DRIVE249.97 HRD 4431 BASEBOARD 600 0MB WITH CLOCK . 13.00 HRD 4529GVP MAXTOR 120MB W G-FORCE MOUNTING KIT. 175.00 HRD 4606 EPSON AP-3250 24 PIN PRINTER 169.95 HRD 4607 EPSON AP-3250 2250 TRACTOR FEED ......10.95 HRD 4661 GVP Sll A500 HD8 80Q ... 189,95 HRD 4691 EPSON SCANNER TRANSPARENCY OPTION ....689.95 HRD 4754MICROBOTICS MBX120C W 68882 25MHZ .94,00 HRD 4855 EPSON 600C 600C MAC INTERFACE KIT W CABLE & FULL PHOTOSHOP ..134.50 HRD 4913TWIN SOUND AMIGA SPEAKERS 5 1 4 '(INTERNAL) 29,00 HRD 4938 ALFA DATA A601 W 1MB & CLOCK CALANDER 23,95 HRD 5010EPS0N AP-2250 9 PIN PRINTER ..119.95 HRD 5058CLARITY 16 SOUND SAMPLER .84.95 HRD 5066GVP A1200 SCSI 4MB RAM 33MHZ 68882 179.95 HRD 5086 M1230XA 33MHZ W MMU 0K MICROBOTICS 143.00 HRD 5108 VIDEO TOASTER A400Q .... 1924.95 HRD 5112DKB 1202 W 16MHZ MATH CO W CIOCK ..79.95 HRD 5118 GVP A1200 EXT. 25DB REAR CONNECTOR FOR 506622.50 HRD 5138 GVP G-FORCE 68030 40MHZ W 170MB COMBO 4MB RAM .366.00 HRD 5144CSA 12 GUAGE 50MHZ W SCSIW MMU OK ACCEL .469,95 HRD 5155DKB A1200 CLOCK .12,95 HRD 5178 FAST LANE Z3 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER ZORRO III......439.95 HRD 520OCHINON CDS 535 INTERNAL X2 SPIN CD-ROM DRIVE149.95 HRD 5207 NOVA Y C BOARD . 195.95 HRD 5364 DKB 2632 RAM BOARD OK NO RAM DKB ..99.95 PYTHON Joystick $ 795 2 fire buttons, biogrip, suction reet WS+Vl HURRY! BOTH IN LIMITED SUPPLY APACHE Joystick 12 fire buttons, biogrip, suction feet
• PageStream 2.2 O.E.M Version
• NEC CD-ROM Drive
• ASIM 2.0 O.E.M. driver software
• GoldFish CD
• Super Fonts CD with 1,000 fonts! Super Publishing Bundle! GET ALL THIS! Rmw-- X-COPY PROFESSIONAL .....16.47 SCANNERY SCANJET INTERFACE ......73.95 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK ASDG 19.95 DIG PROFESSIONAL BBS V1.0 73.50 JFORTH PROFESSIONAL 3.0 . 98.10 MIGRAPH OCR MULTILINGUAL SOFTWARE 69.95 CROSS DOS 5.0 ...29.95 WACOM AMIGA DRIVER WITH CABLE 74.95 ASDG HP PC SCANNER DRIVER ...44.95 QUARTERBACK TOOLS DELUXE .58,85 MEGA TOOLS 14.95 CYGNUS ED PROFESSIONAL 3.5 ...... 49.95 DIRECTORY OPUS 4.1 ...54.49 EXCELSIOR BBS SOFTWARE ...97.49 MAGIC LANTERN ANIMATION SOFTWARE V1.5 TERRANOVAD ...39.95 AMIGA VISION, .. 12.50 IMAGE F X V1.5 TUTORIAL VIDEO 35.95 DR. Ts KCS LEVEL II VERSION 3.0 .. 64.38 MIDWINTER ....4.95 DISCOVERY TRIVIA 1 4.95 DISCOVERY SPELLING 2 .. 4.24 DISCOVERY LANGUAGE 1 ....4.49 REAPER DISK COPY .4.49 PALETTE PRINTER 7.49 SYNTHIA PROFESSIONAL ...39.94 DISK MANAGER MAC .... - ...9.95 UNE FONTS 2 .. 7.87 SPIRIT IN500 OK EXP .....39.95 XCAD PROFESSIONAL PAL VERSION .49.95 AE RAMWORKS 2000 Z'8 ....49.94 BUCK ROGERS CLUEBOOK COUNTDOWN DOOMSDAY ....3.56 MIG 29 FULCRUM PAL FIGHTER SIMULATION 9.95 EXCELLENCE FRENCH . 29.95 AT ONCE 2000 ADAPTER .....29.95 AUTOBASIC ..19.94 CELLPRO 14.95 HAM-E SYSTEM ...49.95 IV-24 . 549.95 PERFECT VISION ..9.95 MIMETICS FRAMEBUFFER REFURBISHED 49.94 Sensible Soccer* 18” SpeedBail 2.....*9” Burning Rubber* 18 Zooi AGA CUP ART 6 ARGADEJLOWOUT 5344 Readei Service c;ircf. CVS A1230 Turbo+ SERIES HOT! The next generation of the Al230Turbo+. 40-MHz 68030, real-time clock, 4MB RAM expandable to 32MB RAM Makes your A1200 faster than a A3000! Exclusive Kickslart Remapping. Sii’ilr'Lli.ilEJ SEE LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING INFORMATION ’F.'c-s A -29: SCS1 Kit with purchase. ONE YEAR WARRANTY A12S1 £jop»ed by GVP works with A2000! NEW! Bring the world of SCSI inbo I; i :: reach! Hook-up bo I ' y . CD-ROM, Bernoulli I % drives, etc. Add up [HAb'iflrv to 7 devices bo your Amiga and smile! I ' • You can even add up to 8MB RAM and mount a 3.5 drive on card! ’ Expand your A horizons with the I O Extender! Contained on a v~ Th single cord, you will find on additional paratalet port PLUS one high speed FIFO buffered serial port! Coming soon: optional RS-422 or second serial portl wth FREE nnHI Tutorial Video! Complete painting tools, ij; real-time i" WYSIWYG ErmSfiS preview, alpha channel, regionalized processing, edge feathering, brushes RGB masking, and more! Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built-in transcorder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full AGA support! 4394 A4000 G-FORCE 040 WITH 4Mfi ; Now you can accelerate your Amiga 4000 and expand the RAM in one product! The GVP G-FORCE 040 is 40-MHz, and will expand to 32 MB RAM on board. PLUS: You can add an optional SCSI II and or RAM Adapter Board. ]'NOf' 'ijrORRO StOT TARENf . Compatible with A3000, Newtek Video Toaster, Centaur Opal Vision, GVP EGS Spectrum, MacroSystemsUS Retina, and Picasso II .‘ ’s Now $ 1 AQO ’» available! 14W IS3 Very qutel digital sound sampler. Includes versatile DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO software, c multifaceted program lor sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playbork ond MOD formal song file creation. Professional quality, all digital time base corrector with real-time frame grabber and 16.7 million color frame buffer PLU programmable video special effects! Comb filter Option...* 8 9” Qeoo ip conpttite lor Y C mI;Ej cross color tf*2J frame RAM Option $ 1 8995 1 MS extra Frame RAM; improve special effects GVP A4000 G-Force 040 40MHz 16MB SCSI II Option . EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM (MUG GO BEYOND AGA GRAPHICS GVP G-FORCE A2000 ACCELERATORS PhonePak system for
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A continuing series of lips, techniques, 65 and tricks for By Joel Hagen I RECENTLY HAD the pleasure of participating in a conference on Planet- aiy Data Visualization put on by a research institute in southern California. 1 showed a series of Amiga experiments in which general-purpose graphics software was used in creative wavs. A paint program, for example, can be used to do investigation and analysis. If you are an educator, this approach can be a way to involve students in active explorations of art, science, and history on the computer. Mars is the thread linking my experiments here, but it could just as well be European history or desert ecology, f or this month’s column, I will describe the series of experiments I did for my presentation at the Planetary conference. Don't focus too much on the techniques, but rather on the concept of using software in new ways. The Living Past Cassini did a series of drawings of Mars in 1666. Locating these in a library book. 1 brought them into the Amiga using an Epson scanner linked to ADPro (ASDG). You could also use a video camera or digitizer. In DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts), I cut the individual drawings of the planet as brushes and registered them on a sequence of animation frames. This brings a new dimension to data three centuries old as the features of Cassini’s Mars move across its face, tracing its rotation. 1'he same animation technique can be applied to any sequence of still images. Early Mars images from astronomy books yielded animations of a moving cloud photographed in 1926 ancl a full rotational cycle shot from the Lowell Observatory in 1971. I turned my attention to historic maps and scanned one Schiaparelli had drawn from observation in 1877. (Be aware of copyrights as you think about your intended use.) I scanned from a scientific magazine more than 75 years old for the illustration accompanying ibis article. Using techniques explored in an earlier article on planet building (“Around the World in 80 Frames,” Oct. ’91, p. 88), I turned that map into a rotating planet. Briefly, the method in Dpaint involves grabbing an animbrush from a section of a moving map, then using it to Wrap Fill a sequence of circles. The result is the illusion of a spinning planet. The Mercator map projection distorts into a good approximation of a hemisphere as shown in the illustration. In preparing your map you may need to add a blank area north and south of the maximum latitudes represented if they are less than 90 degrees. I have used this technique to “restore” the planet as it was seen bv astronomers over manv decades. J * Iii January 1998, 1 had the opportunity to paint Mars from direct eyepiece obsenations at Lick Observatoiy as Mars came closest to earth, I used the Amiga to create reference material to aid my observation and painting. Scanning a USGS (Geological Suney) Mars map derived from Viking space missions, I used Dpaint to create a 24- frame animation of the spinning planet. The eyepiece of the telescope inverted the image of Mars, but the Amiga made it simple to invert the map and spin the planet in the proper direction relative to our viewing instrument. I printed out the 24 frames on a single page with hourly notations about the central meridian. This provided a visual reference each night to interpret the “albedo” (light and dark) features I was seeing. For Mars, 24 f rames was serendipitous as Mars’ rate of rotation is similar to our own, a little over 24 hours. For other planets, the number of frames would need to be adjusted to match its rotation period in order to use the sequence as a clock reference. For instant color drawings, I scanned my pencil sketches and then used a paint program to change the palette of the image from gray to a gradient of color matching what I perceived through the eyepiece. I also made detailed paintings directly in the computer. Later 1 produced large acrylic paintings for exhibition based on these renderings. 1 used the Amiga monitor If you’re an educator, or just like to experiment on your own, these projects may provide some fascinating possibilities for linking art with science and history. As a reference while I painted. Further Experiments Hie work with historical Mai's maps got me thinking about perceptions of Mars over the years. I decided to analyze several maps f or consistencies of perceived albedo features. Hie first task was to distort a group of maps lo the same dimensions and orientation. ADPro has an excellent interface for cropping and scaling, but you can get workable results from any paint program. I had to crop all maps to fit) degrees, the greatest common north south dimension among the group. I then used DpaiiU lo nil and reassemble each map, aligning them to the zero zero coordinate near Sinus Meridian!. For my first comparison of map features, 1 simply loaded each one to a different frame of an animation and then played them at high speed. Areas of consistency were apparent in die rapid display. My next experiment was to merge two maps at 50% transparency. I used ADPro’s Composite options, greatly enhanced in version
2. 5, but the same experiment can be performed in any paint program that allows image merging with controlled transparency. In the resulting image, areas that are either light in both images or dark in both images remain light and dark. Areas that are light on one map blit dark on the other, however, average each other out and become a neutral tone in the new image. This makes it easy to see where the perceptions of different observers were consistent and where they differed. It may also offer some insight into the changes in albedo features over time. Going further in map comparisons, you could use ImageFX (GYP), ADPro, or Imagemaster (Black Belt) to process each map image before combining them. One observer might use darker tones in his or her drawings than would another. Image processors can adjust the Dynamic Range, Contrast, Gamma, and Histograms of images to bring them subjectively closer to a consistent base of values. In the same programs, images can then he combined with new mles, such as addition or subtraction of color values, this can reveal new information. You can approximate these results in paint programs by using Lighten or Darken or Shade modes to adjust overall value. Creative use of color stenciling during a merge can also produce interesting results. I wrote a quick utility to compare two maps pixel by pixel. The program weighed the difference in value of each pixel pair and then created a new image. If the difference was slight, it averaged the value for the new pixel. If the difference was great, it substituted a very bright value. The illust ration shows the result of that process. Image I is Schiaparelli’s 1877 map. Image 2 is from a USGS map. Image 3 is the comparative map produced by my analytic routine. I used Dircctor2 (Right Answers Group), which is no wing planet (overlay) using Dpalnt tools. Longer available, but Basic or any good authoring software would work. Continuing the Amiga Mars exploration, you can generate landscapes and animations using VistaPro (Virtual Reality Labs) or Scenery Animator (Natural Graphics). This is an exciting option, seeing regions of the planet from vantages otiienvise inaccessible. On the scientific side, an Amiga explorer can adjust the vertical exaggeration of the data to see die computer landscapes wit hout distortion. Every computer-generated Mars flyover you have seen on TV has been stretched vertically for effect. You can take the law into your own hands and see a different Mars reality if you so choose. I have worked with many educators eager to make use of computer graphics in the classroom but at a loss for good projects. Perhaps this column will suggest a line of thinking in which general- purpose graphics software can be used as tools of investigation and exploration. ¦ By Paulo de Andrade About this “new” nonlinear editing... Nonlinear editing. Suddenly, everyone wants in on this new technology. But, is it really new? No! Ids actually the oldest form of motion-picture editing, born when early filmmakers discovered they could enhance storytelling by rearranging sequences. Editing film involves cutting it into strips and then splicing sequences together. The process is nonlinear; the editor has the freedom to add or remove frames any- where even a single frame in the middle of the reel. While painstaking, this allows for very fine-tuned edits. When videotape was invented, physical editing became a problem. Because of the electronic properties of television signals, anting and splicing video often resulted in image glitches. The best editors perfected this technique, but still, intricate editing was impractical. And unlike older VTRs, newer decks employed helical scanning heads easily damaged by splices. Copying sequences to another tape became the preferred way to edit video. Unlike splicing, copying is a linear process: Adding a frame to the middle of an edited tape requires that all subsequent edits be redone. Computer-controlled linear editing enables you to store all edits in a list, however, and with the right setup, you can add that frame and have the controller automatically redo the rest. A Vision For Desktop As a network TV editor when I bought my first Amiga, 1 recognized how easy it would he to edit programs entirely within computers once the proper levels of RAM, storage, and speed became available. In 1991, I saw my prediction realized in a practical manner. Quantel, a technology leader in television equipment, introduced the Flash Hairy a dedi- cated non-linear system that took digital video directly from a 1)1 digital VTR and allowed you to quickly assemble a video by cutting and pasting virtual filmstrips. Then, the program was recorded back to the D1 VTR in real time at hi-res broadcast quality. The Harry came with a full-blown Quantel Paintbox for graphics and tides, a high-end effects generator, multiple digital-audio tracks, and more. The unit was not only physically huge, with highspeed processors and storage devices, but it had a price to match about $ 750,000 including the 1)1 VTR. All good tilings eventually come to the desktop, of course, and nonlinear editing is no exception. We have already begun to see this, with Digital Micronics’ Digital liroadCaster and MediaCastcr, and NewTek’s announcement of the Video Flyer (plus systems on other platforms). I expect in the next couple of years or so that desktop systems will offer most (if not all), of the Quantefs features for a reasonable price. How Nonlinear? Because it makes all video segments accessible almost instantly, a well-designed nonlinear system can save a lot of time searching. The ease of rearranging segments also makes experimentation easier (although this won’t save time for those who cannot control the urge to try every possibility!). On a linear editing system, you can see several previews without having to record, hut even with complex computer-based editors, a large sequence of continuous previews may he impossible unless you have several source machines (your target images may he scattered widely on one source tape). Still in its infancy, desktop nonlinear editing does have drawbacks. Two of them storage and compression relate to the large size of broadcast-quality video files. If you are handling two projects at a time, tight storage space might force you to back up all data from the first and then digitize the data for the second before you can start editing. And, in editing a program with hours of source material, you must first select which images to store in the computer. Also, because vou can ’ _ * ordinarily store only a few mimites of 1 iroadcast-quality video on disk, manufacturers have developed several compression techniques. Digital Micronics boards use Motion JPEG and MPEG, for instance, while NewTek’s Flyer will use a new proprietary scheme. Unfortunately, compression always causes some form of image degradation, and the highest levels of compression can render images useless. Developers are working to overcome today’s limitations, but the present systems (mostly on other platforms) leave a little to he desired, at least for high-end broadcast use. Many that claim broadcast quality don’t match the level of Betacam SP or Mil. Also, several don’t have all the components necessaty to replace a traditional edit suite. Marginal character and effects generators, poor paint systems, and inferior audio capabilities impose limitations. Worse yet, many systems were designed without input from video professionals. This does not mean current nonlinear systems are no good. If you seldom or never produce for television, today’s nonlinear systems may provide the performance and quality you need. Even if you do produce For TV, you may want to use the versatility and speed of nonlinear to off-line your programs and take the resulting edit list to a high-end linear system for final assembly. The wait for Amiga nonlinear editing appears to he worthwhile. NewTek’s Flyer and products like it may provide us with the most a (fordable nonlinear system on any platform. Nonlinear fans will soon have several choices. Right now, options abound for linear editing (see “The Fundamental Things Still Apply,” p. 20, June ’94), and some of the current systems, including the popular Ami I.ink, promise nonlinear compatibility. What’s old is new. . . Again. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of Digital Reality, an Amiga- based broadcast-video and 3-D animation company in Seattle. Special Offer! ¦At J fficV '0 & I;- Get The First Family Of Amiga Imaging Products At Factory Direct Prices! Product Name Description List Price lHKHCr Price Art Department Professional® 2.5 The number one Amiga color image processing package. $ 299.00 $ 173.00 MorphPlus™ The finest morphing available on the Amiga, plus other great effects. $ 295.00 $ 142.00 T-Rexx Professional™ Complete control over the Toaster and 11 other related products. $ 249.00 $ 135.00 TruePrint 24® Advanced 24-bit color or 8-bit grayscale printing on standard Amiga printers. $ 89.00 $ 59.00 CygnusEd Professional™ The leading Amiga text editor. Fully Arexx compatible. $ 119.95 $ 67.00 ADPro MorphPlus Add-Ons ProCONTROL™ A point-and-click batch processing front end for ADPro or MorphPlus. $ 90.00 $ 57.00 Professional Conversion Pack TIFF, Targa, Alias, SGI. Wavefront, Sun Raster, X Windows. PICT and Rendition formats. $ 90.00 $ 52.00 CGM Loader Allows reading of images in the CGM image file format. $ 89.95 $ 57.00 Epson Scanner Driver A WYSIWYG driver for Epson full page flat bed color scanners. $ 200.00 $ 114.00 HP ScanJet lie Driver A WYSIWYG driver for the HP ScanJet lie full page flat bed color scanner. $ 200.00 $ 118.00 Abekas Driver Read and write digital video tapes in the Abekas Digital Disk Recorder format. $ 200.00 $ 133.00 Lasergraphics LFR Driver A driver for the Lasergraphics LFR and LFR+ digital film recorders. $ 250.00 $ 173.00 A driver for the Polaroid CI-3000. CI-5GOO or CI-5000S digital film recorders. $ 127.00 Polaroid CI3000 CI5000 Driver S200.00 ORDER NOW! (608)273-0473 MasterCard VISA Shipping charges will be added to each order. All regislered or unregistered trademarks are property of their respective holders. Circle 39 on Reader Service card. From p. 13. Modaie the myriad ways that synth manufacturers identify the order of their programs. The Sounds window serves a similar function for the Amiga’s internal sounds. Maybe Next Time Sequel could use a bit of fine-tuning. The lack of menus takes a bit of getting used to, as do the custom file requesters, A pop-up help screen would make it easier to master the many useful keyboard equivalents. Also, if you use a hi-res, interlaced screen, the print and controls are minuscule a custom-screen option would help here. Tempo changes between patterns are not always recognized in a song, and sometimes tracks get out of sync at the start of a new pattern. Finally, a lack of example files hinders the learning process, which is steep. This means you’ll need the manual, which is thorough, if a tad disjointed. For instance, the Quick Start section leads you on a page-flipping journey for illustrations and descriptions. These quibbles aside, Sequel is a solid performer with the mark of extensive field-testing. I often found that the designers had addressed multiple issues in efficient ways. Once you see the method to their madness, you’ll fly through your sequencing tasks. While it lacks the bells and whistles of Blue Ribbon’s Bars&Pipes Pro, Sequel offers a surprising number of sophisticated and complementary features that boost it above entry-level sequencers. Its forward-thinking yet comprehensive approach makes it ideal for beginner through mid-level sequencing needs, Rick Manasa Sequencer One Sequencer One Plus Oregon Research, S39.95 S99.95; optional instructional videotape S39.95 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, AGA Amiga, hard drive. Entry-level music sequencers. Sequencer One and Sequencer One Plus are UK-import MIDI sequencers Sequencer One Plus makes Amiga and MIDI notes easy to maniplulate. And sample players that provide powerful recording and editing features. Both have four-channel, 8-bit sample [day- back using the Amiga’s internal voices in addition to 32 tracks of MIDI data. You’ll find real-time and step-entry support, importing and exporting of MIDI files, external syncing, and an intuitive graphical interface. Features List Both Sequencer One and One Plus use the tried-and-truc tape-deck analogy for the program interface. A thorough and well-written manual, complete with index and illustrations, accompanies each product. All basic recording is done in the track-list screen, which is identical in both programs, except that Sequencer One Plus has buttons for soloing and punching in and out of tracks. A Step editor screen provides a piano-roll graphical interface for editing and step entry, reminiscent of the editing screens Dr. T’s software employs. The Bar editor, similar to the old Master Tracks Pro (Passport) song-edilor window, lets you shuffle bars and sections of music around for fast arranging and duplicating of repetitive sections. While neither program creates samples, both let you mix IFF samples with MIDI instruments in your compositions. To play a sample on a particular track, type L, R, or LR into the MIDI-channel column and select a patch number from the sample-palette list. You edit music in one of two ways in Sequencer One. When you’re in the Step editor, clicking on the Info icon opens a text window that lets you select parameters, including the note velocity, length, pitch, and start time. The Bar editor lets you select blocks for cutting and pasting throughout the song. Once you copy or cut a set of bars to the clipboard, you can merge it with or overwrite data in an existing track. The Tidy Blocks feature prevents portions of the note information from being lost when you’re cutting and pasting. One Plus Exclusives Sequencer One Plus provides the additional features of Diamond Drag editing, the Tempo Map, and the Juke Box screen. The Diamond Drag graphical interface is an appealing alternative to the Info editor. When it is selected, each note sprouts a diamond on the compass point that corresponds to one of the four parameters accessible in the Info icon method, just grab and drag a diamond to change the note’s pitch, length, start time, or velocity. This feature is so intuitive and easy to use that you’ll won- * der how you ever got along without it. A blue square gives you access to a submenu that lets you resize and copy the note, snap it to the grid, change the grid size, delete the note altogether, or change it to a control or program- change message. The Tempo Map allows you to change the tempo of your piece at any given point in discrete steps. The Juke Box loads up to 32 songs and plays them randomly or in a user-defined order, with whatever delay you choose between songs. There is always some delay, however, even with Minimum selected, so you can’t use the Juke Box to link different sections of the same piece of music. Many of the features of Sequencer One Plus exceeded my expectations lor an entry- to mid-level sequencer. The range of control offered by the track operations is extensive. For example, the Quantize feature lets you select the quantizing interval, and determine whether you move the note itself'’or just its starting and stopping points. You can transpose notes, change all occurrences of one note to another, and scale or shift velocities and lengths of notes. Extensive MIDI-filtering options are also available, as is Sys Ex recording, internal or external synchronization options, and so on. The practical features and ease of use of Sequencer One Plus enable it to hold its own against any of the upscale sequencers. Where’s the SMUS? Both packages seem aimed at the beginner and semi-pro, which is lhe same market that Deluxe Music 2.0 is alter. SMUS support, now missing, would make Sequencer One and Deluxe Music a dynamite combination lor the neophyte interested in composing and scoring computer music. I would also like to see an option lor an interlaced screen or a virtual screen to provide ready access to all tracks at once. K Iv VIEWS Sequencer One Plus, in particular, would make a great addition to anv MIDI musician’s bag of tricks. The Diamond Drag system provides one of the easiest editing interfaces I’ve ever seen one that other sequencer designers would do well to emulate. Both programs get the ideas down simply and save them in MIDI format for importing into a more powerful package, such as Bars&Pipes Professional or Dr. Ts KCS, for further editing. All in all. Both represent good value, and I highly recommend them for their intended audiences. Rick Manaso Sparks MacroSystemUS, S 149.95 Video Toaster LightWave 3.0 or 3.1- equipped Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Video Toaster LightWave 3,0 or 3,1. Recommended system: Same as minimum. LightWave 3.0 3.1 animation utility. Imagine a fabulous 3-D animation chock full of shooting stars, showers of confetti, and swarms of killer bees. Now imagine the headaches you’d suffer trying to create that kind of animation with the NewTek Video Toaster’s LigluVVave
31) program. After loading dozens of copies of each object, one at a time, you’d have to move each one into position and set an initial keyframe. Finally, you’d have to create a separate motion path for each object. If you’re immediately discouraged by the prospect of creating such an animation manually, you'll be thrilled to hear about the advent of Sparks, a LightWave utility that takes the drudgery out of the process. A particle-animation program, Sparks lets you move whole groups of objects around at once, applying to them forces such as gravity, air drag, and wind. You’ll have newfound abilities to create explosions, snow, leaf storms, and (you guessed it ) showers of sparks. An Object In Motion . . . Lhe simplest function that Sparks performs is manipulating particle objects special objects you create in the LightWave Modeler. Instead of connecting the points in the objects to form larger polygons, you convert each point to a one-point polygon. LightWave always renders this kind of polygon as a single, colored pixel. By moving the points in the object around. Sparks controls the movements of the particles. The program allows you to set die beginning position of all of i lie points to the same coordinate, or to place them at the vertices of any LightWave object. From this initial point, you can move them in a set pattern (anything from a spherical explosion to a tight spray in a single direction), target each particle individually by using the points in a second object to describe their paths, or have them follow the path specified by a LightWave object-motion file. Once in motion, these particles can be influenced by gravity, air drag, wind (steady breezes, pulfs, or swirls), as well as movable “gravity wells” areas that either attract or repel them strongly. Flocking controls allow you to force particles to rejoin the group if they’ve been nudged away. You can make the particles bounce if they hit the ground, or fade out after a number of frames. You can launch all of the particles at once, have them appear a few at a time, or specify the frames in which to launch them. Animating particle objects provides interesting effects, but moving dots around has its creative limits. To address ibis, Sparks lets you replace each particle object with a normal LightWave object, changing a shower of sparks, for example, into a shower of glittering gold stars. You can also add attributes such as motion blur, rotation, and displacement mapping. The catch is that when you substitute objects for particles, Sparks must create a LightWave scene file that contains a keyframe for each object at every frame. This consumes a lot of time and memory, but affords von the luxurv r 4 J to sit back and watch. ... Tends To Stay In Motion Moving lots of objects in exactly the same wav results in unnatural, median- i 1 ical-looking motion, so Sparks provides several controls to counter this. For instance, you can specify a variation of velocity so that the particles move at slightly different speeds, or you can set a bounce probability so that only a certain percentage of the particles bounce. In short, you can set your objects to move in mechanical lock-step or with fluid, organic-looking motion that makes them appear to have a life of their own. In addition to all of the tools for creating LightWave scenes, Sparks includes a number of macros for use with the Modeler program. These let you capture the coordinates of an object’s vertices and save them as a position File; lake a LightWave motion path and create a keyframe at every frame, making the motion file suitable for use as a Sparks Sparks' interface provides new controls for LightWave. Object path; slice an object into small polygons, suitable for Hexing with bones, and so on. Of special interest is the Breakup macro, which subdivides an object into smaller objects. When you keep them in the original position, these pieces look like any normal, whole object, but when you move them with Sparks, the object explodes, or crumbles, or reassembles itself, depending on the motion scheme you create. For an additional $ 25, Sparks owners can purchase a pair of utility programs from MacroSystemUS. The Lightning Bug program attaches a light to every particle in your scene, allowing you to Continued on . 56. ORDER LINE • USA & Canada THIS EXCLUSIVE A1200 PACKAGE IS ANOTHER GREAT AMIGAMAN VALUE... _ c Includes 2 FREE GAMES Package includes an Amiga 1200 computer w powersupply, mouse and TV adapter plus these great software titles: Pinball Dreams arcade pinball simulation. Trolls AGA, and Quick Write word processor. AvaiEiaSiS: FOR CURRENT PRICE! PINBALL DREAMS B«t Evtf Prtufi tmuutor QUICK WHITE «BrtPT«BW TROLLS & EjfiftinQ AGACfm Optional Mouse, --ts&U joystick & Keyboard tig*) C'tWWtf --- MICR0B0TICS§E2a *0 EXPANSION INTERFACE FOR THE CD32 This board assembly plugs on the back of the CD32, still allows the use of the CD32 Full Motion Video Module Ihn its normal slot, and provides the interfaces from the unit: internal-ide interface • 72pin SIMM socket EXTERNAL-RGB video • IDE interface * Parallel Interface * Floppy drive interface * 9-pin serial port • Plug for AT type 101 key keyboard • Audio input to allow mixing of audio MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE RAM And REAL TIME CLOCK FOR THE NEW AMIGA 1200 FPUr 32-Sit Memory.w Clock, Calendar & Bat. For the 1200 14MHz 68881 25MHz 68882 50MHz 68882 ...... _ .m™ ALL SHIRTS ARE 50% COTTON AMIGA T-SHIRTS so% polyester _ CHOOSE FROM GR£*F STILES' Aladdin 4D AMIGJTOACKE Amcbcah Mali fin; HCAVTTrDGHT NrLDNTg Best Quality lived A inter Sports Jacket AUOK UP TO 3 WEEKS. S'ZES S.M.LXL IE. AiAi Sttl-PA na*c 55 riTRA AMIGA POLO SHIRT White S»arrs S*ist fO* Casual wear Bouncing Bail and Shark Logo 5Z15 M XL Red T-Shirts Huvtaeight Ccscnon * FROM ? AMIGA LOCO CN BACK SIZES: v IL BuAC* T-Sh;«t5" HEAVYWEIGHT KeiGN ON FROM AMIGA LOGO ON BACK SUES M «L White T-Shirts LiGnT*ti5HT I LovE Mr Amiga OS FROST S EES: w.il 2 GREAT MUGS *• TO CHOOSE FROM*
* YOU'VE C0«£ A LONG '.VAX BABY AMIGA MUGS ALADDIN 4D ¦j Revolutionary 30 mS3m ' ¦ WTFTTnTnm package zocm, ' VfflB rot I L.r |: J : B:"": I Rated 1 in Amiga World The only ALL IN ONE single board Solution for the Amiga 1200 that provides superior ACCELERATION NETWORKING SCSI Controller TWELVE GAUGE 33 0 0 $ 42 33 33 0 $ 52 50 0 0 $ 49 50 50 0 $ 69 ONE STOP MUSIC*% SHOP SUPERJAM! Create accompaniments, soundtracks, styles & grooves quickly 1 easily. Stereo TprbcScunds 2 octave chords, visual volume & panning. 16-3.: 32 voice Fully digital stereo audio. 4MB Sour.dffle ROM, E-Mu G1.5 proprietar DSP, 20 hz to 2CkHz frequency response 2 stereo outputs at into 600 Ohms integrated MIDI interface improved notation display l editing revised look feel groove qusntt ze, drum mapping, sequence trigger, Toaster centre! Mutn more Power Tools Kit ..... Performance Tools Kit otoir Printer STEREO SPEAKERS just plug into any Amiga Stereo output for clear audio HD 4 Amplified Computer Speakers Dual 3.5' dynamic drivers S. built- in stereo equalizer for accurate stereo reproduction. JJIQ HD 1 Amplified Computer Speakers Dual 3‘ dynamic drivers. Separate volume, bass, treble circuits control balance & levels Optional Power Adaptor ......$ 9 XL DRIVE • HIGH DENSITY High Density External Drive for any Amiga formats 1.76MB with standard DD Disks compatible for PC Disks requires Work Bencn 2.1 or above internal for A2000 A4000 TEXTURE CITY
• I erotooro qrxric Dtagra va audio resource iSMvcunof-w tows rum gmraton GRAPHICS RESOURCE »Xis»7«rKorc7iri rvuuons i rujn OF5CALAXY MORE COLORFUL
• High-resolution thermal transfer color printing.
• Primera's color is wlgnter. Richer, sharper and more vibrant tnan otner color printing technologies. MORE EFFICIENT
• Prints up to four times faster than ink Jet.
• Requires no drying time, unlike ink jet Eliminates wrinkling and smearing.
• Easy to use with omv two Duttons On Off and Online SEE THE RESULTS FOR YOURSELF sample PRINT- $ 5 (refunded on purchase) Send your Picture on an Amiga Disk 5 we w il return to you a print of your picture. SEND TO: PR1ME8A OFFER- C 0 Computer Easto. Inc. 1490 n Hermitage Rd. Hermrtage, PA 16148 With Photo Realistic (Dye Sublimation)... mm mm E; ‘HSSJ Orders Only USA & Canada 9-9 Weekdays 10-8 Saturday 12 to 5 on 1-800-258-0533 Sunday W MM The leaders in AMIGA Productivity Software
- OPUS Realize your full productivity with Directory OPUS! Opus allows you to easily manipulate data files; display images; play sounds, anims, BANIMS, and MODS; and launch programs from its powerful, yet easy to use interface, A "must-have" for hard drive owners. Use OPUS once, and you'il never want to be without it! (it's the best-selling software utility on the Amiga!) Both for a low price of... Can Do! The CanDo software authoring package allows you to take advantage of the Amiga’s powerful architecture, regardless of your technical abilities. You can program anything from a simple presentation to the most advanced professional application program in record time, in short, CanDo takes the guesswork and drudgery out of programming and lets the creative genius in you run wild. CanDo's scope and performance makes it a must for training, simulation and other applications. AMIGA ObfJur riA.Ni jajuim t>T I'ulul KmIiIv UhmUiui tru Edge is an easy-to-use, professional-quality text editor ideally suited for notes, scripting and any other forms of text manipulation. Features include: unlimited number of flies, unlimited number of windows file, infinitely configurable user interface, fast search & replace, full AREXX support with macro recording, AREXX controllability, multi-level undo, extensive “on-line" help, comprehensive paragraph formatting and much more! The Leading Edge in Amiga Text editors. GIGAMEM GigaMem virtual memory system lets your Amiga utilize unused hard drive space as RAM, eliminating the need for additional hardware! With Gigamem you can run memory-hungry programs (such as Art Department, Lightwave, CanDo and Pagestream) without running low on memory. Requires an 020 030 040 based Amiga with MMU and OS version 2.1 or higher. Gigamem © A A PageStream3.0.. $ 8 The Ultimate desktop publishing program! PagesStream3 provides the professional typesetting and graphic tools you need. It has a feature-paced toolbox to create any type of shape, which you can color with PANTONE® colors and gradient fills, import and export text and graphics Jn many formats, and see pictures In full color on screen. AGA compatible! Automatic Ffash macros automate most page layout tasks and create custom page designs. Create your own macros with recordable Arexx! Load ProPage documents and edit ProDraw drawings. Unlimited Undo and Redo, extensive online help, autosave, dot leaders, index generation and more! Package includes BME 2 image processor, PageUner 2 text processor, 50 Fonts and 100 graphics! IjjptlMNTH v2.o $ 124 Create bitmap and outline fonts for all your programs! Convert between PostScript, Compugraphlcand Soft-Logik formats. Autotrace bitmaps and generate bitmaps from outline fonts. Automate font creation with Arexx. Copy and paste characters between fonts, and add professional hinting jto your fonts. Compute, Amazing, Amiga Format and Amiga News at! Called TypeSmlth a must-have program, voted best DTP utility by Amazings PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4.0 Automatic Genie functions automate most routine page layout and DTP tasks. Page Genies automatically create custom page layouts Function Genies provide new ease of use and user customization of program. Hevj features include: undo button, irregular text wrap, enhanced color separation and under color removal algorithms, auto-tiling for output of larger pages. PROFESSIONAL DRAW 3.0 An object-oriented color graphic design and illustration too!, now has dynamic hot Jink to Pro Page 3.0, and more than 30 automatic function and tool Genies for fast, effortless creation of professional-quality artwork. Over 275 Arexx commands allow user to edit or create Genies. Text and color handling enhanced color separation, autotiling, undo, redo. Includes 145-plece clip art collection and utility allowing structured drawing clips to be converted to iff bitmaps. CALIGARI BROADCAST Up to 8000 x 8000 pixel resolution. Direct support for single frame controllers. 3D Studio and wavefront file compatible. Animatable, Deformations, iff 24 output, and much more. NEW FEATURES:
• 3-D planet renbering-experience 3-D planetary motion!
• View images in 256 colors (8 bit AGA)
• 8,000 sample stars from the Hubble Guide Star Catalog (16 million stars) More Hubble data available seperately.
• Intuitive tool pallette
• Greater selection of arexx commands CALIGARI 24 Modeler, Tenderer, and animator employing virtual reality technology. Full object editing functions including point edit, real-time feedback using a virtual reality inter-face, fast rendering of photorealistic images, aga, iff support for textures and output. Hardware Requirements: AmigaDos 2.0 or greater, 2MB RAM, and Hard drive Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE 412-962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE (412) 962-0553 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday MAC SWIFTY MOUSE True Three-Button, Use with Opus. Brilliance!. Etc. 2 Yr. Warranty
A) ev) from. The Only Expansion Device you need for your Amiga 4000 (or Amiga
3000) that provides High-Speed 040 Acceleration, up to 128 MegaBytes of Local 040 Burst Memory and the fastest SCSi-ll controller Available! Why? Because all of this expansion is on a single board that installs into the CPU slot- Not a zorro ill slot! FEATURES WarpEngine CVP 040 00 FastLane 28MHZ. 33MHZ. 40MHZ versions YES NO NO 28MHZ upgradable to 33 and 40MHz yes NO NO Expandable Onboard to l28MegaBytes Ram YES NO yes Built in SCSI-2 Hard Drive Controller YES NO YES uses industry Standard SIMM Modules YES NO NO Uses any Combination of SIMMS yes no NO Allows use of the Memory from the Amiga YES NO NO A-1200 RAM Expansion Holds Up to smegs. Includes Co-Processor Socket and Battery Backed g Clock Calendar. BIGFOOT 2000! 300 watts, super Heavy Duty Great for Video Workstations. $ 1 3® X-Calibur A-4000 040 RAM. Expansion a Accelerator, Available in 33 & 25Mhz versions! A Must For The Professional, MeUf! Transition Multi-Platform Graphics Conversion and Processing Software, very Easy to Use. Built-In Batch Processing. Supports IFF, PCX. BMP, JPEG etc. 44 Mhz.... r 28 MHZ.... O®[?0GS7 Here is the Low-Cost. 16 Bit stereo sampler you have been waiting for! Record samples up to 44.1kHz, cut and paste between multiple samples. MiDi functions. Sample sequencer MORE! Video digitiz-sampilng all in one package. Full Color Stills, greyscale motion video clips, and Video sequence Editor. Also includes stand alone sequence player. RETINA TOCCATA me Toccatta s a hill i6Bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs, digitize at up to 4S Hz in lEBit and Bbit direct to harddisk. Playback from HardDisk up to 16 channels in 163iL 64Times Overstamping, 16 sampling rates Freq Response 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Simultaneous Record £ Playback from HnrdDrive. '&W L Vssu fr|-U JflLAY5ft-ADP,TJ Requires Art Department Professional or MorpfiPlus & Arexx -AmigaDos 2.04 or higher. Mumuyer for ftppro is a compositing lavermg interface for vfleo professionals £ artists using ASDG 5 ADPro program as a compositing engine, improves ADPro s impressive array of con- positing functions. Control up to iDO layers FROM OREGON 24Bit Frame Buffer and workCencn Emulation. Analog RGB output BCOxCCOFull 243it 16.7 million color display. Noninterlaced Full Workbench Emulation w th resolution such as iC24x768 or 1230x1024 in 16 colors or even morel Up to 2400*1200! Paint program comes with Retina. The Retina can still be used to display 24Bit graphics while emulating Workbench. Requires the 2.0 cr greater operating system. HESEARCH ai TV Paint... *219 With RETINA $ 200 nVTVsvnmn W 2MB.... W 4MB,..
• H i Megalosoundls @30©l?E aigG©!7 An accessory to videoMaster which an amazingly low cost, full featured. 8 Bit Stereo sound sampler. But that's not all! It also features Direct-to-Disk Recording of samples, up to 56kHz sample rate. Allows you to capture full color, full screen still pictures AUTOMATICALLY, from any video source. Internal for the A2000. 3000, AND 4000. Y C Version $ 459 New External for 500,
* 399 _ mns® OM Sequ. On** Entry level & Mid-level sequencer systems. Play back samples at the same time as 16 channels of MIDI. 32 tracks. Sequencer One Plus Includes easy to use Diamond Drag editing. Dnpael Fast, Assembly language programming environment for all Amlgas. Intergrated, multi-window Editor Debugger, and FAST Assembling. Gs® 600,1200
* 129
* 99
* 24 Bit RealTime Video
* Digitizer AGA Support
* Digitizes Full Frame in 1 30 of a second TM 24-Mit Color FLATBED SCANNERS The MSI200 £ MS2400 let you scan 16.7 million colors. 256 true greys. £ line art Perfect for the Toaster £ other video, multimedia, £ DTP applications. MS1200 Color) 1 uni” COLOR HAND SCANNER , Three scanners in one! Scan color, true grayscale and monochrome line art. Perfect for video, multimedia, desktop publishing and more.
* a Scan Modes: 262.144 colors: 4096 colors: 64 true grayscales: monochrome text »50-400 dpi ibaseo on scan mode selected) ? Colontlt software ¦ quick, accurate scanning save IFF, HAM-8, and 24-bit IFF »Parallel interface witn cable ? AGA compatible
• OCR jr. Text recognition srw available option MlGR4PH MONOCHROME HAND SCANNER with
* Touch-Up V3. (ACA compatible) nr
* OCR Jr. Text reader
- 2 Mocels MS 1200 ¦ S oass scanning 1200 dd man MS2400 1 bass scanning 2400 del mar 85* x 14' scanning area ¦ Co’crXit Pro • saves24-blt IFF TIFF and more: scan size limited only by available hard disk space. SCSI cable ana terminator ¦ Onuonai transparency adapter s sneer feeder MS2400 liiPtk >V1iGR4PH, EXPANSION SYSTEMS MONTAGE ;or 2 0.3 U Toaster 4000! The first high end tiding application to directly support the Toaster MONTAGE 24 for AGA FT) f , Amiga and 24-bit Cards’ MONTAGE PostScript Module I j MONTAGE FONTS 1 Scale & Stretcn PostScript Fonts 10 additional fonts interactive! Add exciting text with international effects'includes characters 10 Fonts. IpMfgjjn 1 Making Technology Affordable Since 1986 MULTI-SCAN 15-40 KHZ 1024X768 Res. IDEAL FOR VIDEO! DVYTYV i= LY
3. 5" Removable Media 1 syquest Hard Drive AMIGA VIDEO EXPANSION CHASSIS A Ttower Generous expansion chassis sits convenently rexl to your Amiga computer, Designed to hold up to 8 PC style video cards and 4 to 5 SCSI hard drives, Syquest drives tape backup units and even CDRQM drives Umt includes SCSI connection and interna! And extec The Ultimate hard drive features: ultra fast idMsec access, 100K hours MTBF reliability, 2 year warranty,
3. 5 "XT drive unit, all cables etc. shirt pocket 105Mb cartridge, auto diskchange. Perfect for use as daily hard drive and fast file backup, transportating or storing large Toaster or OpalVision files. Soon combo SCSI & at IDE controller for A1200 and A4000 that A4000 at internal w cart A4000 2000 SCSI internal w cart A4000 2000 SCSI external w cart 105Mb cartridge $ 7S £SLL Includes SCSi kit 030 .$ 1695 040 $ 1995 IDEAL FOR THE FOLLOWING CAROS.
- Intent TBC i • Personal TBC 111 £ N • fcicten Sync * Personal V-Scope * Arrii rk Editor IDEAL FOR SCSI DEVICES
• SCSI Hard Dries • 3 5' or 5.25' • Syq jest Removable Media Dnves.
• 3emou-ri; Box 150 • Taw Back Up units • CDRQM Dnves ¦xtemal SCSI HtlKflDrlve CHS@ Single Bay open or dosed front *99 Upright Case for single 3.5HD *109 Dual Bay for 2 half height HD's S149 Four Bay open front (not shown) *259 PC Tower... Soon! DATAFLYE A1200 External IDE Case Install Your Favorite 3.5“ Hard Drive Includes aii cables and connections.
* Power Supoiy ¦ SCSI External Cable ¦ Power Cable • SCSI Pass thru aid Mounting Harcware • LED_ selctor
• AutO-Fire; «Egronomically contoured Hand crip
• Durable Nylon Centsr-Stidc
• Six Durable Mcrosw itches
• Four Stabilizing Sucton Cups ¦2 Positive respoi Pop-up fire butt 162 player selector vy 6-foot cables f- w 9pin connectors Stabilizing suction cups 6 U.S. military insignia stickers buttons GAME A-TRAIN W CONST. SET A320 AIRBUS ALFRED CHICKEN ALIEN BREED 2 WiZOOL ALIENS 3 ANOTHER WORLD ARABIAN NIGHTS A5HES OF THE EMPIRE Quality micro- ; !i:! Switches for positive response 91 Plstol grlp handle proviOing 8 way direction control Multiple fast-action fire buttons with autofire facility Powerful stabilizing suction cups (Sprvra Ergonomically designed " zS body for supreme comfort. Suitable for right or left hand. 8 directional
• nicroswJtcbed control. Compatible with most computers Including Spectrum +2A3.12 mo. Warranty. Enhanced mouse replacement with switch joystick emulation, used Independently, or with other input devices, such as. Mice, joystick, or trackballs stick controlW ,- with full-sized, jt foam-padded pistol grip Jsjt.'A
n. maie.and ; yS| aoiusuoie ¦ on Turbo-ftreisa new feature “ H on each o? The three buttons, providing even faster response £ a greater degree of control
• Ergcromscafiy conxurea hand grip
• DuraCSe metal center-stJdc SfT)
• Six enclosed mlcrcswitcries “
• Auta-flre c-3
5539. 00 $ 83 00 $ 795 00 511300 52500 5499 00 S684 00 533 00 5145 00 5520 00 S280 00 5359 00 5229 00
* for crash unaer 'Obs in the corrjrerrai US. A I orders funy insured Monitors, computers printrTana otter Heavy items may incur aflc.ticnai ch3rge; all shipping quote. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd., Hermitage, PA 16148 FAX: 1*412*962-0279 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS D5S8* TEC* 10 EXTENDER 10 EXTENDER EXTRA SERIAL 1230- TURBO PERTH 4004 1230- TURBO ERF.II 5004 A1291 SCSI ADAPTER 4008 SCSI ADAPTER EGS 2S‘24 SPECTRUM 2MB PHONE PACK CLOCK IMAGE F X 1.5 NEW HORIZON CENTRAL COAST QUICK WRITE $ 29 00 PROW RITE S56 00 QUARTERBACK TOOLS $ 49 00 QUARTERBACK TOOL5 DELUXE $ 69.00 QUATERBACK 6 0 $ 56 00 DIGITAL CREATIONS VIDEO PRODUCTS BRILLIANCE $ 129 CO KITCHEN SYNC 51279 00 KITCHEN SYNC S-VHS ADAPTER 599 00 SUPER GEN SJ 5799 00 IOMEGA REMOVABLE HARD DRIVES BOX 150 INSIDER $ 499 a BOX 150 TRANPORTABIE 5599 OC BOX 150 CARTRIDGE $ 105 OC
38. 99
26. 99 21 99
34. 99 .....17.99
29. 99
27. 99
15. 99
26. 99
- • - Adspec Programming Aladdin 4D Advanced 3D modeling and animation. Requires accelerator w 2MB RAM
5249. ,531.99 ...31.99 DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC Personal Animation Recorder ..$ 1,579 99 Personal TBC IV ...799.99 Personal V-Scope . ... 729.99 Personal Component Adapter..New Low Price!..,249.99
* 329. 99 s649. Home Office Final Wriier Release 2 .S 5 09.99 Home Front v2.5 .32-99 PHASAR v4.1 - Home Finances .....* .47.99 Final Copy II ...All-Time Best Seller!.....59.99 Professional Calc 2 AGA .59.99 The Office 3 AGA - 5 Applications in 1 Reduced S20!.....79.99 Utilities & Programming GP Fax Software (Class 1 & 2) ...S59 99 Batch Factory ..34 99 Edae Pro Text Editor from INOVAtranics 59.99 ENIAN DFS v2.0 Ethernet Software .249.99 AMAX 4 (Color Macintosh Emulator) .329.99 PC Task v2.0 - Color VGASVGA Emulator ...29.99 CrossDOS v5.0 w Cras$ PC ...34 99 Studio Pnnler Software by MacroSystemUS .... .69 99 SAS C v6.5 Development System w C-+ ....249.99 Transition - .39.99 DevPac 3 Assembler . 76.99 Distant Suns v5.0 ..57.99 Hard Drive Backup & Utilities Directory Opus v4.1 ...S57.S9 Quarterback v6.0 Reduced!....51,99 Quarterback Tools Deluxe ., ..... 54.99 AmiBack v2.0 .41.99 AmiBack Tools 41.99 AmiBack AmiBack Tools Bundle ..Bundle Saves S29.99!.....59.99 Donk ....31 99 Elite 2 31.99 Global Effect , ..31 99 Total Carnage 38.99 Amiga Games Arctic Baron..,,,,,,,,.,, ..., Reduced S7.00L..S27.99 Beneath the Steel Sky ...f 5 Disks!......38.99 Campaign 2 ...Reduced S5.00!......36.99 Chaos Engine AGA .....33 99 Cool Spot ...29.99 D Generation .26.99 Darkmere ... ,..3899 Excellent 4-Pack ......33.99 F1 Racing (VROOM 2) .. 27.99 Genessa ... ,.,,,..27.99 Hired Guns 34.99 Innocent Until Caught ..38.99 King's Table 33.99 Kingmaker 34.99 Legacy ol SorasiL ... 34.99 Lemmings II .... 34.00 Liberation ...29.99 Lords of Power 4-Pack . 34.99 Lotus Turbo III .....19.99 Modal Kombat ......27.99 Mr. Nutz ..28 99 Naughty Ones .. 29.99 SWIPES! Adds 20MB of special effects to your Toaster System! Toaster FX Paint directly to the Toaster w GVP's ImageFX!
5119. ” Chuck Rock. Diggers . SA%VO CD32 Games Provides powerful single- frame animation at half the price of comparable units! GVR-S95G Single Frame VCR ... SCALL ; _ N=wT=k INCORPORATED Toaster 3.1 Upgrade s499." Video. Sound & Graphics Software (Cont...) Toaster FX In Stock! 5119.99 LightRave v3.1 ... 329.99 NEW Art Department Professional (ADPro) v2.5 147.99 NEW Pro Conversion Pack v2.5 for ADPro ....49.99 Swipes for Toaster 99.99 T-REXX Pro v2.1 for Toaster 119.99 Montage vl .02 for Toaster New Version!.....319.99 Montage PostScnpt Module ...Reduced $ 30.00!.....169.99 Montage Fonts 119.99 PEGGER - Automatic JPEG Compression ....64.99 Anim Workshop v2.0 by Axiom ..Great Reviews!......89.99 Bars & Pipes Professional v2.5 New Version!....229.99 Deluxe Music v2.0 ...... 89.99 Super Jam vl .1 ....74.99 WaveMaker for LightWave 3D by Axiom. ...119.99 WaveLink * Two node render farm for Lightwave 3D 89.99 Pixel 3D Fro v1.0 .64.99 Video, Sound & Graphics Hardware GVP Digital TBC Plus ..5729.99 Kitchen Sync - Dual TBC by Diglal Creations ..1.249.99 DPS Personal TBC IV 799.99 Prime Image TBC PCB Y C S-VHS Reduced S50!....799.99 Personal Animation Recorder (PAR) by DPS ...1.579.99 Personal V-Scope by DPS ..... 729.99 Personal Single Frame Controller (SFC v2 5) by Nucleus ...345.99 Personal Editor by Nucleus .... ., 535.99 SuperGen SX by Digital Creations . 689.99 Paint & Animate Aladdin 4Dv3.2 .S249.99 Hanna Barbera's Amm Workshop ... 49.99 Caligan 24 .....Best Seller!.... 129.99 Real 3D v2.0 ... 399.99 Disney’s Animation Studio ... 31.99 Deluxe Paint IV v4.1 ..117.99 Deluxe Paint IV AGA v4.5 .. 119.99 Video, Sound & Graphics Software Imagine 3.0 ... 5379.99 Sparks lot Lightwave 3D Particle Animation! 87.99 Croulon Tools 4000 .....Incredible! 89.99 Amiga Games (Cont,,,) Pinball Fantasies AGA ...531.99 Powrer Mcnger w WWI Data Dist ..19.99 Second Samurai .... 34.99 Settlers . 38.99 Simon the Sorcerer AGA ..... Stardust Streel Fighter 2 .. Strikes & Spares Three Stooges King of Chicago bundle. Total Carnage .... Turrican3 TV Sports Boxing ... Wing Commander .. Little Magic Box SVHS Toaster Adapter 99 Little Magic Box Add Y C In & Out to your Toaster system without taking up a slot! Video, Sound & Graphics Hardware (Cont...) G-Lock Genlock by GVP ....5375 00 Retina 4MB by MacroSystem U S .....499 99 Picasso II RTG 2MB by Expen Services .479.99 Studio 16 AD516 v3 0 bySunRize ...- .1.199.99 Studio 16 AD1012 by SunRize ....499.99 One Stop Music Shop by Blue Ribbon Soundworks 579.99 Y C Plus S-VHS Hi8 .. 749.99 Little Magic Box HIS (Y C++) by Prime Image, ...649.99 Personal Component Adapter DC-2350 by DPS Save.' , .249 99 Input Devices Mice & Trackballs AlfaData 400dpi 2-Sutton MegaMouse Besf Seller!.. ,529.99 AlfaData 250dpi 2-Button MegaMouse MK-II .. 19.99 AlfaData AlfaOptic 3-Button Optical Mouse ....39.99 AllaData AllaPen 3-Button Optical Pen Mouse .....54.99 AllaData Crystal Trackba'l 3-Button ....45.99 AllaData 3-Button Cordless Mouse ....,49.99 Joysticks Suncom Slik Stick $ 7.99 Gravis Amiga Gamepad ..19.99 Konix Amiga Analog Joystick .16.99 Scanner Drawing Tablets AlfaData AlfaScan 800dpi w Scan & Save .S189.99 AlfaData AlfaColor 400dpi Color Hand Scanner ...299.99 AlfaData AlfaScan Plus 400dpi w.Touch»Up & OCR 189 99 ASDG Epson Scanner Pack ...119 99 TnMedia Drawing Board 3 (12'x12J .549.99 TnMedia Drawing Slate (6"x9') ....349 99 Accelerators & Drives GVP G-Force 4000 *040 40 40 4 0 Accelerator ..S1.44999 GVP A2000 040 33 33 4 0 Accelerator w SCSi-2 .1,149 99 GVP 4MB 60ns 32-Bit SIMM for G*Force Accel ..CALL GVP A1230 Turbo Pius Senes II 50 0 4 .719.99 GVP A1230 Turbo Plus Series II40 0 4 529.99 GVP A1291 SCSI Option For A1230 Senes II ......92 99 DaiaFlyer XDS A1200 - 3.5‘ Ext HD Chassis Kit 69.99 DalaFiyer SyQuest 10SS SCSI Internal 3.5 Kit ...439.99 DaiaFlyer SyQuest 105AT IDE Internal 3.5 Kit (or A4000 379.99 AlfaData AlfaDrive 3.5" External 880k Floppy Dave ..74,99 Peripherals AlfaData MultiFaceCard III I O board (2 Seriaf 1 Parallel) S89 99 AlfaData ATBuS IDE HD Controller Card 0 8MB RAM Exp 64.99 AlfaData A500 512K RAM w Clock & Switch .34.99 AllaData Auto Kickstarf P us - A500 2000 ROM Switch 19.99 AlfaData Oktagon2003 SCSI-2 Ctrl & 0 8MB RAM Exp 139.99 GVP I O Extender 2 .... 119.99 GVP I O Extender 2 Serial Kit (external) .19.99 PreVue Sync Strainer 23 15 Pin Monitor Adapter .49.99 Sale Skins (Keyboard protection for all Amiga models) ...19 99 DaiaFlyer 4000SX SCSI Controller (A2 3 4000) ...89.99 DaiaFlyer 4000SX25 Kil w ExI DB25 SCSI Connector ...99 99 SCSI Cable 50 Pin External Centronics ..14.99 DKB MegaChip w 2MB Agnus (NTSC) .219.99 DKB 1202 0KB w 20MHz 68881 for A1200 ..139.99 ASDG LAN Rover Thin Ethernet Card w'SANA II Driver 299.99 FASTLANE Z3 Fast SCSI-II w,0'256MB lor A34000 ....529.99 Alacfdin 4D v3.2. .4 1 It 40 99 Montage v1.02, . -..... .....$ 319." Add 2MB to your syalom now for onty $ 139.99 and add an IDE hard drive later! AlfaData ATBus2008 tsaM | Connect up to two IDE drives pnH | ip QMD O A fi A I dnu up to OMD riFMVl! ATBus2008 w o HD wto RAM .... S64.99 ATBus2008 w o HD w 2MB RAM ... 139.99 ATBus2008 w 210MB HD w o RAM 299.99 CLEARANCE: Amiga Video Tapes and Books Amiga Graphics Inside and Oul (Programming) .$ 14,99 Amiga Intern: Programmers Reference Library .....14.99 MultiMedia Workbook ....4.99 VHS: Dazz e - A Video Kaleidoscope (Orig. Music) .3.99 Visionary Handbook (Oxxi) .... 4.99 CLEARANCE: Application Software Arexx Rainbow Library Series Vol. 1 * Rexx Plus ......S19.99 Buddy System lor PageStream 2 2 ¦ Online Reference 9.99 PAL Pro-Board Personal - CAD FCB Layout ..39.99 PAL Pro-Net Personal - CAD Schematic Capture .49.99 ProVector 2.1 Structured Drawing and Illustration 49.99 Quma Version Control Utility and File Manager ......7.99 Superbase Personal 2 v3.01 .29.99 Templicity Spreadsheet Templates v2.0 for MaxiPlan __9 99 CLEARANCE: Games Allred Chicken by Mindscape (Euro) ... $ 19.99 Atomino - Strategy at the Molecular Level! 4.99 CLEARANCE: Games (Cont...) Super Space Invaders ¦ An Amazing Sequel ......$ 14.99 Swap • Hours of Strategy Puzzle Fun ..9.99 The Addams Famify Arcade Game .. 9.99 The Games '92: Espana - 30 Events! ...7.99 Whale's Voyage by NEO (Euro) * Super Enhanced AGA 9.99 CLEARANCE: Hardware, Peripherals and Accessaries A 2 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch ..S19 99 ‘ 4 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch .. 29.99 '--AMdScan 4Q0DPI Hand Scanner w Touch Up .....139.99 AlfaScan MigraphOCR Upgrade (Junior) 19.99 Deluxe 3.5 Disk Box w Lock - Holds 120 Disks! 9.99 DMI,1Insite TODC-3A50 128Mb Rewritable Optical Disk ..24 99 Edrrark TouchWindow - Amiga Touch Screen ....199.99 GTCO Ultima 12 x 12 Drawing Tablet for Amiga ..149.99 GTCO Ullima 12 x 18 Drawing Tablet for Amiga .199.99 Replacement Power Supply for SupraModem 2400 (US) 3.99 Sharp JX-320 Flatbed Color Scanner .... 499,99 ASDG Pro ScanLab II v3.1 for Sharp JX-320 .....349.99 Sharp JX-320 Transparency Unit 149.99 Sharp JX-735 Ink Jet Color Printer ....299.99 True Mouse - 2 Button Amiga Mouse ..14.99 CLEARANCE: IntelIJFONT Scalable Typefaces * WB 2.0+ Decorative Volume 3 - 6 Typefaces ..$ 14.99 CLEARANCE: Video and Toaster Related Products AniMagic by Aegis - IFF Animation and Effects ..$ 19.99 ASDG's ScanLab 100 Ctrl Interface for Sharp JX-100 .....19.99 Autoscripl - Postscript to 3D Translation ...9.99 Digi-View Gold v4.0 for PAL Systems ... 39,99 Media Station (Digi-View) for PAL Syslems ...59.99 PAL DCTV vl.1 - Painl, Digitize and Display .....199.99 PAL VideoMaster GenLock - Retail is $ 1295! .....149.99 Scene Generator v2.11 ... 19.99 SpectraColor - Advanced HAM Painting Software .24.99 Toaster Video Music Box v1.6 - Composition .19 99 TV'Show v2.0 ¦ Special Effects Slide Show ...49.99 Visionaire - 2D Morphing and Deformation (Impulse) 19 99 Zuma Font Pack Volume I (Bitmap) ...19.99 Zuma Font Pack Volume 2 (Bitmap) ...19.99 Hanna-Barbera Anim Workshop PhonePak New Low Price!..... s249." BLOWOUT PRICING! Dozvaz ol PrUjy-j linduttndJ ALL SALES FINAL! DEFECTIVES FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY! CLEARANCE: Hot New Additions to the List! Pagesetter 3 - DTP ¦ AGA Compatible ..$ 29.99 PIXEL 3D Professional vl.O - OEM Vers'No Box ..64.99 Professional Cafe 2.0 AGA Spreadshe et ......59.99 Professional Draw v3.G3 by Gold Disk 59 99 Video Director - Editing System w HarcJware .59.99 CLEARANCE: Accolade Software Special AV-8B Harrier Assault vl, 1 by Domark . $ 27.99 Blue Angels: 3D Formation Flight Simulation ...9.99 Elvira II bundled wilh Hint Book 9 99 European Challenge Scenery Disk for Test Drive II 9.99 HoverForce - Top Gun meets Blade Runner in 3D! 7.99 Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 bundled with Vol. 1 to 5 ..19.99 Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes (Main Program) ...9 99 Jack Nicklaus Golf Vol. 1 Oak Hill and more ..4.99 Jack Nicklaus Golf Vol. 3 St Andrews and more .....4 99 Jack Nicklaus Golf Vol. 4 Great Courses-US Open ...4 99 Jack Nicklaus Golf Vol. 5 Hazelline and more ..7.99 Pft-Fighter by Tengen - No. 1 Arcade Coin-op Hit ...7.99 Shadowlands - Incredible RPG Experience by Domark 19.99 Stratego: The Computer Game ......19.99 Tengen's Arcade Hits: KLAX. APB. Toobin' & 2 more .....11.99 The Graphics Studio ¦ Beginners Painting Software ...2.99 Virtual Reality Studio: Includes FREE Tutorial VHS ..49.99 CLEARANCE: Amiga Machine Specific Hardware A1200: A1230 030 40 0 0 Turbo .....$ 259.99 A2000: AmiNet Ethernet Card = Perfect for EnlanDFS) ...199.99 A2000: Professional Video Rackmounl Chassis .149 99 A500.-'2000: Dnve Boot Selector Switch from DF1 2 3 ......14.99 A500 All a RAM 0 8Mb Ext Expansion w Pass-Thru ..49 99 A600: Kickstart Switch -1.2 1.3 2 x ROM Switcher .9.99 Auto Mouse Joystick Switch Use a mouse and oystick in the same poll MegaMouse 400 dpi, 2-button, 5' cable FAST CD-ROM! PERSONAL Now Only... CLEARANCE: Games (Cont...) Barbarian II by Psygnosis $ 4.99 Beast Lord by Grandslam (Euro) - Different ...19.99 Blastar! By Core - Awesome Parallax Arcade Action ..4.99 Blob - Addictive Strategy Arcade Action 4.99 Combat Air Patrol F14 F18 by Psygnosis 19.99 Deep Core by ICE (Euro) - Outstanding Intro ..19.99 Diggers by Millennium (Euro) - AGA Only 19.99 Hook (The Movie) - Peter Pan in Neverland Again .4.99 Morph AGA ..9.99 Nicky 2 - Euro Title .9.99 OVERDRIVE by Infacto - Superb Arcade Action' ..14.99 Overkill AGA 7.99 PAL - Fighter Duel Professional Amiga ... 9.99 Prime Mover by Psygnosis ..... 3.99 Push-Over: Featuring G.I.Ant ¦ Arcade Mind Teaser ..2.99 Red Zone by Psygnosis - 3D Racing Action .....9.99 Shadow of the Beast ill by Psygnosis .14.99 Star Trek 25th Anniversary AGA (HD Required) ...19.99 Caligari 2 Outstanding 3D Design and Rendering Power! S49." JOE* IMAGINE 3.0 By impulse New version of the most popular 3D design, rendering and animation software! S379. 99 POLICIES VISA. MasterCard and Discover accepted. No surcharge on credit card orders. Credit card is not charged until order ships. 55.00 COD fee. Cash onty. Prices are sub|QCt to change without notice. Ca8 lor current pricing. We are not responsible for typographical errors. 15% restocking fee for items returned and no* exchanged for same. Customer fa responsible lor return shipping. Returns accepted for 10 days afler invoice dale SHIPPING* UPS 0*5 lbs .$ 500 GROUND 6-20 tbs add 51 0O4b over 5 lbs Over 20 lbs . Add 50c4b over 20 lbs Monitors . $ 15.00 Computers .S 18.00 UPS Blue 2-day or UPS Red Next-Day shipping also available. Cali for our low shipping rates* ' .It*** kj On>f»S lilfepad 319 canOwflUl U. S Orfy. 24-Hour Order Fax: 1 217 356-4312 M-F 8am-7pm CDT Sat 9am*3pm CDT k i; v i i: w s From p. 49. Add lens flare to your swarm of objects. The Multi Replace program enables you to automatically replace every instance of an object, which can be mighty handy when you've got a hundred stars and want to replace them with a hundred ducks. Complex Moves Sparks' power notwithstanding, it's not particularly easy to use. With an interface consisting of a gray wall of buttons, the first-time user is clueless as to the program's functions, and the brief manual makes the erroneous assumption that all users are animation experts. At least part of Sparks’ problem, however, is due to the complex nature of 3-D animation. Author Jon Tindall may have figured that anybody proficient enough with LightWave to need Sparks would have a pretty good idea of how to use it. Although not a LightWave expert myself, I found that once I had worked through the tutorials in the manual and absorbed the basic concepts, 1 had no trouble understanding how to use Lhe program. Many LightWave users are surely willing to endure a brief struggle to get control of the tremendous power that Sparks offers. If you want to move large numbers of objects in LightWave and have their motion look fluid and natural, Sparks is currently the only way to go. Once you have mastered its many tools, your only problem will be finding enough hours in the day to try them all out. Sheldon Leemon Wavemaker Axiom Software, S249.95 Video Toaster LightWave-equipped Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Video Toaster LightWave, Arexx. Recommended system: 2MB chip RAM. LightWave animation utility. Wavemaker is an attractive alternative to the drudgery and struggles commonly associated with using LightWave in ilie Video Toaster to create and render logo animations. The program lets you make choices about the animation, and it generates a script that creates a scene file for LightWave. Logos In Flight To create a living logo, you either select O O ’ an object to serve as a logo in I .ighl Wave Modeler or use an image converted to LightWave’s object format with a third- party conversion program. After you select the logo you want, Wavemaker can automatically resize it, for the logo needs to fit within defined parameters. There are three distinct parts to a Wavemaker-generated animation: On, Off, and Hold Position. You choose each one f rom a set of preset moves or positions represented by a variety of buttons. On and Off move the logo in or out of the scene in a variety of defined motions and directions. As its name implies, the Hold Position brings the logo to rest at various angles and positions. All the moves take advantage of ease-in ease- out adjustments so as to achieve a smooth and natural motion. Whether you edit the durations of the moves or the whole animation, the overall script is updated in the process. This allows you to change one part of the animation without recalculating other segments. Wavemaker also controls elements other than the logo’s motion. Backgrounds for the animations can include a choice of gradients, a solid color, an image, or a sequence of images, and you can adjust the camera view and choose rendering options. While all this is not extremely difficult to achieve within LightWave, having the choices governed and limited by Wavemaker makes it easier for the LightWave neophyte to control an animation. Public Works Elements represent a unique and useful feature of Wavemaker. They are a col- j lection of preset object animations that you can set in motion behind lhe logo. You’ll find 4S different background elements, including Lines, Circles, Streaks, Swirls and many others. An animation can contain up to eight layers of elements, and I lie majority have user-coit- trolled parameters, including options such as direction, speed, color, and direction of rotation. Wavemaker also offers the ability to create storyboards. A storyboard is an RGB or Eramestore image with a number of panels showing different frames of the animation. You can choose the beginning and ending frames, along Set your logos in motion with Axiom’s Wavemaker. With the option of showing either 9 or 16 intervening frames. This gives you a rough overview of your animation before you render it, and it’s a good way to show clients a sample of the finished product. Also included is an Animation Sequencer, which allows the program to tell LightWave to render up to 15 animations in sequence. You can save the images of each scene in a specific directory, if desired. This is a very useful feature, as it streamlines the set-up and rendering legwork required to produce multiple animations. Odds and Ends A short, indexed manual with a brief but helpful tutorial accompanies Wavemaker. The package also includes a videotape that shows all of the different moves and elements available. While it's not exciting to watch, it can give clients an idea ofWavemaker’s animation capabilities. It should be noted that if you’re using LightWave 3.0 or later, you’ll need 2MB ofchip RAM to lake advantage ofWavemaker’s potential. While you can run the program and create the animation scripts with less memory, it is then necessary to exit Wavemaker to run LightWave. In addition, it’s impossible to take advantage of some of the features (such as the storyboard) if both programs cannot run simultaneously. A chip RAM upgrade may also be necessary for those running LightWave on older systems. All in all, Wavemaker is a very easy and useful program for creating flying- logo animations if you don’t want to invest the time and effort needed to master LightWave. Dave Thomas ? The Hot Spot Shop! Lowest Fhces Guaranteed! MvllGA Hardware GVP A500 UPGRADES 3 VP A500 IMPACT SERIES II HARD DRIVE A500-HD8+OMB 120II C10039 $ 379.00 I MBYTE x 8 x 80 SIMMs 93693 $ 84.99 3IG FOOT POWER SUPPLY 92898 S89.99 A500 Memory Accelerators Enhancements iUPRATURBO 28 D10O47 $ 145.00 IUPRARAM 500 RX 500 RX with 1MByte 94016 S124.95 1MByte Upgrade Kit IUPRARAM 500 RX 97312 S64.95 500 RX with 2MByte 94029 $ 164.99 2MByte Upgrade Kit 97278 $ 99.95 A1200 UPGRADES k 11230 TURBO* Series 40Mhz D12121 $ 499.00 5GMhz D12132 $ 679.00 A1200 Memory Accelerators 2 A'CLOCK C15509 $ 27.99 )KB 1202 D10373 $ 159.00 WELVE GAUGE 50 Mhz C10998 $ 399.95 iUPRATURBO 20 D10405 S599.99 1ICROBOTICS Expansion Boards for the A1200 No FPU with Clock C15195 S139.99 14 Mhz with Clock C15203 $ 129.00 25 Mhz with Clock Cl 5227 $ 198.00 50 Mhz with Clock C15234 $ 339.99 ASTRAM IC 1MB 010240 $ 74.99 ASTRAM IC 2MB C15519 S119.99 ASTRAM IC 3MB D10254 $ 169.99 ASTRAM IC 4MB C15527 iti $ 199.99 DATAFLYER 4000SX D11105 S99.99 DATAFLYER 4000SX-25 D11118 S104.99 DAYAFLYER DF4-DB25 CABLE KITD11120 S9.99 A2O0O UPGRADES G-FORCE 040 33MHz 6S04Q Accelerators A2Q00 040-33 33 4 170 D10631 $ 1249.00 G-FORCE RAM, 1MB 60ns C10076 S89.95 G-FORCE RAM, 4MB 60ns C10089 $ 229.99 EG5-28 24 Graphics w 1MB D119S4 $ 429.99 EGS-28 24 Graphics W 2MBD11995 $ 499.99 TBCPIus with SMPTE D12109 $ 899.00 TBCPIus without SMPTE 012112 $ 759.00 BIGFOOT 2000 Power Supply D10068 S129.99 A2000 Memory Enhancement 1 Mbyte x 8 x 80 SIMMs 93693 CALL SUPRATURBO 28 tor A2000 D10054 $ 149.99 A500 INTERNAL Floppy Drive D13700 A2000 INTERNAL Floppy Drive D13714 A3000 INTERNAL Floppy Drive D13722 EXT. For All AMIGAS D13730 HARP drives K5QQ0!kAOOO UPGRADED We carry a complete selection of IDE Hard Drives from Quantum and other fine manufacturers. Call for latest models and prices’ IDE Drives Description Mbyte W H Access Time TENEX Part TENEX Price
3. 5 Hard Drives Quantum EIS 127AT EIS127S 127 3 5" T 17ms Cl 1780 $ 179.99 QuantumEIS 170AT EIS170S 170
3. 5' r 17ms C11790 $ 199.99 QuantumQTM525AT QTM525S 540
3. 5" r 10ms A96242 $ 649.00 Western Digital AC2340 340
3. 5' 1“ 12ms A82784 $ 27900
2. 5 Hard Drives Seagate ST9235 tcT roourj-. ' 200
2. 5" .75" 16ms H21204
5359. 00 Quantum GO 40.'AT 40
2. 5" .75" 17ms C15329 $ 69.99 Quantum GooO.AT 60
2. 5' .75" 17ms A93535 $ 89.99 MODEMS & FAXES SUPRAMODEM 2400 96667 $ 69.99 Modem Serial Cable A42447 $ 12.95 SUPRA FAX MODEM EXTERNAL FAX Modem. V.32bis 97154 $ 249.99 TERMINUS Modem SoftwareD11192 $ 4.99 BOCA HIGH SPEED FAX MODEM Boca V.32,14.4 Modem ExtemaiA735Q3 SS169.99 I- AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY GRAPHICS & PUBLISHING 6W EASY AMOS C14913 $ 34.99 FINAL COPY II C12807 $ 79.99 FINAL WRITER D13547 $ 124,99 GOLD DISK ALL-IN-ONE D10318 $ 14,99 MAXIPLAN 4 Cl 1379 $ 99.99 MAVIS BEACON 010987 $ 38.99 PHASAR Cl 1079 $ 49.99 PROPER GRAMMAR 94440 $ 51.99 PROWRITE 3.3 88222 $ 54.99 SBASEPERSONAL 4 D12067 $ 99.99 SUPERBASE 4 PRO C14194 S169.99 T-REXX PRO D12070 S134.99 SLEEPWALKER 010146 $ 46.99 WARLORDS Cl 3908 $ 34.99 O ZOOL (For A1200 and A400Q) C15118 $ 36.99 UNBELIEVABLE SPECIALSI 98154 C12064 C12072 92135 92149 C14883 96039 D10360 81815 D10186 90166 31824 D11162 Cl 4870 $ 109.99
5109. 99 $ 179.00
5147. 99 $ 52.95
5139. 99 $ 39.95 $ 34.99 $ 19.99 $ 134.99 $ 174.99 $ 19.99 $ 72.99 $ 139.99 99058 $ 59.00 99062 S99.00 99078 $ 69.00 97281 $ 699.00 A98153 $ 199.00 C10908 S189.00 C13878 $ 189.00 97263
559. 00 96620 $ 199.00 C10092 $ 179.00 96643 S589.00 96653
5799. 00 96489 $ 179.00 C10846 S9.99 C13508 $ 59.00 90949 $ 5.00 D14898 $ 29.00 D11972 $ 32.00 C14927 $ 39.00 C11187 $ 24.00 82594 S119.00 98779 $ 29.00 C11916 $ 359.00 93820 $ 649.00 97568 $ 739.00 96283 $ 31.95 011338 $ 49.95 D10122 $ 39.99 94877 $ 34.95 C13787 $ 39.99 C13304 $ 31.99 D10758 S36.99 C12772 $ 29.99 D10541
539. 99 C12387 $ 19.99 D10238
534. 99 92226
527. 95 C15332
534. 99 D10978
519. 99 C15029
536. 99 C1411S
536. 99 84552
529. 95 96271
538. 95 90767 S31.95 C11857
529. 99 C11581 $ 29.99 96218 $ 24.99 83134 $ 14.95 010167 $ 24.99 D11809 $ 26.99 D11794 S26.99 84567 S17.95 89179 S29.99 91005 $ 29.99 86677 $ 29.99 ALIGAR1 24 C13760 $ 239.99 NEMORPH C12922 $ 59.99 ELUXE PAINT IV 94997 $ 107.95 ELUXE PAINT IV C13277 $ 124.99 IAGE F X v1.5 D11461 $ 239.99 DEO DIRECTOR 96170 $ 133,99 AI-BACK V2.0 94057 $ 44.95 AOS PRO COMPILER D10269 S39.99 AOS PROFESSIONAL D10279 $ 74.99 imCDFS (coROMfiitirgmi.) D12257 $ 49.99 RECTORY OPUS C14894 $ 59.99 JARTERBACK C10964 $ 41.99 JARTERBACK Tools Deluxe D1Q38Q $ 64,99 (S C COMPILER C12252 $ 234.99 CTAMED PRO 5 HE COPYIST IGITAL SOUND STUDIO 8+ ELUXE MUSIC II SIDI INTERFACE D12349 S49.99 0 90700 $ 219.99 D10446 S99.99 0 C15437 S79.99 C10669 $ 34.99 G CALA MM210 ROADCAST TITLER Hi-Res HE ANIMATION STUDIO SSENCE D10980 S299.99 010292 $ 239.99 90125 $ 42.99 C14904 $ 49.99 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE AMIGA VIPEO SOFTWARE AMIGA MUSIC & SOUND AMIGA UTILITIES TI¦ . Mi DATAFLYER XDS 100MB D11291 $ 249.99 DATAFLYER XDS 130MB D11301 $ 279.99 DATAFLYER XDS 200M8 D11315 $ 309.99 DATAFLYER XDS 340MB D11329 $ 429.99 Page4.0 Draw 3.0 bumdle ART DEPT. PROFESSIONAL Conversion Kit BRILLIANCE BUSINESS CARD MAKER COLORMAGIC CD-ROM (d,p COMIC SETTER IMAGEMASTER IMAGINE 2.0 MOVIE SETTER PERSONAL PAINT PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL AMY’S FUN-2-3 BRIDGE 6.0 DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER DISCOVERY MERLIN'S MATH PAINT & CREATE SCRABBLE CARMEN SANDIEGO TITLES; WHERE IN EUROPE? WHERE IN TIME? WHERE IN THE USA? EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE canon Canon BJ-200E H21402 $ 299.99 BJ-600C H11757 $ 589.99 NX-1001 90895 S136.99 NX-1040 Rainbow C12275 $ 164.99 NX-2450 Rainbow H15448 $ 229,95 NX-2480 Rainbow H154S3 S269.99 BLACK CRYPT BLASTAR BODY BLOWS CASTLES DARKSEED DESERTSTRIKE DUNE II Dungeon Master Chaos Strikes GUNSHIP 2000 HEIMDALL HIRED GUNS LEMMINGS LEMMINGS II THE TRIBES MANIAC MANSION MANSELL'S WLD. CHAMP. O MANSELL S AGA VERSION MONOPOLY POPULOUS I! POWERMONGER SIMEARTH VIDEO TOASTER 4000 D10728 SCALL VIDI AMIGA 12 C11625 $ 129.99 VIDI AMIGA 12 RT D10034 $ 139.99 VIDI AMIGA 24 RT D14942 S359.99 AC ADAPTER 90441 $ 9.95 = Required for Vidi Amiga 12RT & 24RT) i i • m r " 1 .... i . I , c m AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE ENTERTAINMENT PP INTERS
• ' AMIGA OPTICAL MOUSE D13590 $ 39.99 MEGA MOUSE D13651 S16.99 AMIGA MOUSE D14513 $ 19.99 400DPI HAND SCANNER C1263B $ 149.99 EPSON ES600 SCANNER C15480 $ 799.00 ADDPRO ESPSON ES DRIVER C15368 (Required for the ES600 Scanner) $ 119.99 IBM JOYSTICK INTERFACE Cl 5532 S13.99 IBM BUS MOUSE INTERFACE C15586 $ 13.99 MIGRAPH OCR Software C13626 $ 259.99 DATA FLYER 2000 SCSI CLLR 500 SCSI CONTROLLER RAM OK FIRECRACKER 24-BIT CARD IRMA BOARD E-78 BLIZZARD BD 14 MHZ 0MB 500XP DRIVE KIT 500XP 2MB RAM KIT POWER PC BOARD GVP SIMM 32-1MB 40NS SUPRA 500XPW 2MB 120 MB SUPRA 500 XP W 2MB 240 MB GRAPHICS TABLET.wo-wnsw JOYSTICK NAVIG.BLK. A601 MEM EXP W CIOCK PICTIONARY THE COVENANT MUSIC LABS IFS AMOS-THE CREATOR UTOPIA THE ACCOUNTANT THE PERFECT GENERAL OPALVISION VIDTECH SCANLOCK A200Q COMBO 030-50 50 4 0 LIMITED QUANTITIES! ACT NOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE SPECIALS AMIGA INPUT DEVICES FLOPPY DRIVES $ 59.99 $ 59.99 S59.99 tIGA is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. NOTE Due to publishing lead-times, product prices and specifications are subject to change wilhout nclce itumed software can only be reptacec with the xJenical item ’APO. FPO AK. HI CN VI. GU and foreign orders are subject ’o additional shipping charges G Utilizes AGA We gladly accept mail orders! Prices & specifications subject to change. Shipping, Handling. Insurance I Order Amount Charge Less than S19,99 55 00 520 00-539,99 $ 6 50
540. 00-574.99 $ 7.50 S750O-S99 99
58. 50 5100 00-5149.99 $ 10.50 515000-5299,99 $ 11.75 | 5300 8 Over 3 5% of Order | Order Toll-Free Nationwide 1-600-PR0MPT-1 Si rS Computer Express 56800 Magnetic Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46545 (1 -800-776-6781)
(219) 259-7040 FAX (219)259-0300 Monday Friday 8am 8pm • Saturday 9am 2pm (EST) Circle 22 on Reader Service card. R K I K W S Mozart’s Music Master DevWare, $ 49.95 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible, Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB. Recommended system: 2MB, hard drive. Music training software. OctaMED Professional 5 DevWare, $ 69.95 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB. Recommended system: 2MB, hard drive. Music composition software. DevWare has been busy of late converting shareware into commercial software. The results of these efforts are apparent in both Mozart’s Music Master and OctaMED Professional 5, two seasoned veterans of the public-domain music scene that are now distributed as commercial packages. Mozart’s Music Master: Interval Training Mozart’s Music Master (MMM) teaches and quizzes basic music harmony by providing ear-training and notation-reading exercises on the intervals of the octave. Contrary to the package blurb, it does not teach theory (except interval relationships) or meter. You will, however-, find that the package provides a reference database of musical terms and symbols. Along with a disk-based AmigaGuide manual, MMM presents two interface screens that test the recognition of intervals, as notated on a musical staff. A third screen is the database of terms and symbols, to which you can add new terms with accompanying definitions. Since this is, after all. Instructional software, scores are kept, and the exercises can be timed. Sound samples are played to signify right or wrong answers, as well as for interval ear training. Amiga’s standard four. T he trade-off is slightly degraded sound quality. Integrated into the program is a lull- featured and easy-to-use sample editor. The interface, while simple, is not consistent or logical from screen to screen. Although the program serves as a simple practice and lest exercise, both it and the disk-based manual fall short of teaching the underlying significance of intervals and musical notation, so prior knowledge is required. Furthermore, the intervals taught don't extend beyond one octave, there are no voicing (note- order) variat ions, and no chords are presented. In my opinion, Mozart's Music Master needs significant improvement to justify its price. OctaMED Professional 5: Modular Design OctaMED, the long-time PD favorite, fares better with its newfound commercial status. Useful for creating songs, or music “modules * OctaMED lets you work with small blocks, or modules, of musical material. These contain all the information necessary lor playback: instrument sound samples, volume, duration, tuning, pitch, and plav-order information. You enter notes using the Amiga keyboard, as standard notation on a musical staff, or through direct MIDI input. Although 1 don’t know why anyone would actually do this, you can also enter notes as numerical data. Playback is output through the Even a maestro has to begin with the basics . . . And Mozart’s Music Master aims to teach them. Amiga’s internal sound chips, MIDI instruments, or both. You can incorporate modules you create into games or presentations, or you can circulate them along with the included freely distributable and fully Arexx-accessible OctaMED Player. The “Octa” in the program’s name refers to its ability to play up to eight 8- bit samples at a time (with a maximum of 63 per song), as opposed to the Compose your tunes with OctaMED Pro 5. Along with a facility for creating and editing “synthetic sounds." These are waveform-based instruments, with a five- octave range (as opposed to sampled sound’s three octaves) and economic memory requirements. In both editing windows, you can tune, stretch, affect, and generallv massage the sounds into whatever shape you desire. The songs, or modules, arc themselves made up of smaller independent blocks containing note and instrument data. Using a play list, you create a song by arranging the blocks in any order you wish, with each block played once or a number of times, thus providing flexibility and memory economy. By varying the tempo and dynamics of each block, it is possible to make smoothly flowing and subtle songs, if that is your wish. As with MMM, the manual is a disk- based .AmigaGuide “help" feature that must he read outside OctaMED. Activated only when 1 hooted from floppy, it proved to he fairly incomplete. Its most redeeming quality is the recommendation that vou buy an additional package to obtain a full printed manual and tutorials! Conclusions While Mozart’s Music Master might radiate brightly in shareware circles as a resource for learning the fundamentals of music, it s a profound weakling in the commercial arena. On the other hand, OctaMED should appeal to both new users and experienced composers. Musicians familiar with traditional sequencer and composition programs may find OctaMED Pro a tad limited, hut it is nonetheless capable of worthy results. ¦ M i ch a el Ha n ish Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 610-586-5701 FAX 610-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4-Eastern 800 Software Titles... IN STOCK - Call for FREE Software List • Call for Pricing and Availability Full line of Hardware, Accessories & Peripherals.. IN STOCK • Call if you don't see what you want Monthly Specials Amiga 4000 040 Computer A4000 040 25Mz 6Mb RAM: $ 1899.00 The following options include complete installation & testing at no additional charge. Your warranty stays in effect. No hidden charges at Software Hut. 250Mb Hard Drive - $ 259.00 * 345Mb Hard Drive - $ 339.00 540Mb Hard Drive - $ 489.00 • Each additional 4Mb Module - $ 169.00 Quantities are Limited, A4000 040 LC Model Call for configurations! Available at a super price: $ 1679. OO A570 CD-ROM SPECIAL: $ 99.95 Brand NEW units * Last Month of Availability Super Graphics Bundle Now Only $ 44.95 $ 359.95
859. 00
185. 00 Call
299. 95
105. 00
359. 95
79. 95
109. 00
95. 00
339. 00
339. 00
259. 00
849. GO
1195. 00
149. 00
225. 00
289. 00 $ 59.95
49. 95
29. 95
49. 95
24. 95
39. 95
35. 00 0 Copyright 5 994, techWniers Inc. All Rights Reserved wer Supplies & Expansion Boards 30 30OW Power Supply $ 149.00 lant Deluxe Emulator 379.00 ax 4, Color Mac Emulator 379 00 Mac ROMs for A-MAX 199.00 Megicfilp w 2Mb Agnus Call 3128 RAM Exp A3000 4000 319.00 4091 Z3 SCSI-2 Card 369.00 Lane Z3 SCSI-2 RAM A3 4COO 519.00 liface III 1 0 Extender 85.00 riie 16 Bit Audio Digitizer 1239 00 ra Turbo 28 A500 or A2000 159.00 :ata 16 479.95 Accessories & ModBms len Image Amiga Mouse $ 29.95 ra 2400 Externa! Modem 69.00 ra Fax Modem 14.4 225.00 ra Fax Modem 28.8 369.95 ty 3 Button Mouse 24.00 :ax Software Specify Class 1 or 2 59.95 Video Products TV $ 289.00 $ Personal Animation Controller Ciil llVision (Comes w free Montage) 429.00 sonal TBC 4
829. 00 asso2Mb 529,00 ina 4Mb 52900 :Gen Plus Genlock
249. 00 jerGen SX
699. 00 ster 3. I Upgrade
549. 00 ster Toolbox 4000
339. 00 12 AGA
125. 00 Amiga 12 RT
259. 95 Amiga 24 RT
379. 95 b
399. 00 b Y C
459. 00 b External
479. 00 1 Mb Agnus B372A $ 37.95 Super Denise 8373
28. 95 CIA 8520 chip
8. 50 Gary 5719 chip
13. 95 Paula or Denise chip
18. 95
1. 3 ROM chip
21. 95 2,04 ROM chip w Wire
32. 95
2. 05 ROM - no wire
34. 95 Super Buster Rev 11
54. 95 Super DMAC Rev 4
54. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev0
35. 00 Ramsey Rev 7
49. 95 Affa Power HD Systems RAM 1o 8Mb • Case & Software Same specs as GVP HC8 A500 Mia Power w GOMb HD (259.00 Ifa Power w 130Mb HD (299.00 Ifa Power w 25QMb HD (359.00 Additional RAM at $ 48. Per Mb d $ 10.00 for configurating & formatting DKB Power Computing
1. 76Mb Capacity • 1 Year W'ty Easier than Commodore's model Requires OS 2.1 or higher Interns! - $ 159.00 External - $ 169.00 Commodore Models Call to be placed on waiting list. AMIGA HD Floppies HD Special Software Hut proudly presents Amigans an opportunity to enter the CD-ROM universe at an unbelievably low price. Have access to thousands of CD-ROM based Fish Disks, programs, clip art, fonts, photos, pics, & more. Compatible with all popular Amiga SCSI controllers.
• NEC CDR-25 Mini, lor Media Vision
• Ext w Power Supply. Headphone Jack
• Cabling (or external 25 pin SCSI port
• Supports Single Session Photo CD
• Unispeed 650Ms Acc,.7Mb i Transfer $ 124.95
• NEC CDR-210 Internal CD-ROM
• Doublespeed 3B0Mt Access
• f .5Mb s Transfer Rate
• SCSI or SCSI 2 ConnedabllJIy
• MultiSexslon Photo, Headphone Jack $ 214.95 External model w cabling $ 319.95 CD-ROM Drivers ASIMCDFS 2.0 w Fish 1-910 $ 55.00 XelBcCDFS 2.0 w Ffsh 1-950 55.00
3. 5’ SCSI Hsrti Orivet Quantum 340Mb HD Quantum i.OSGig Empire LPS Maxtor 120MB HD Bernoulli Drives SyQuest 88 44 5110C HD SyQuest 88Mb Cartridge SyQuest 105Mb HD SyQuest 105Mb Cartridge NEW SyQuest 270Mb Removable 529.00 NEW SyQuest 270Mb Cartridge 129.95 Dual Bay External Case Single Bay External Case
J. 5' IDE Hard Privet DauFlyer SyQuest 105 HD Maxtor 345Mb HO Seagate 260Mb 3290A HD Micropolls 2210A 1 Gig Micropolis 2217A 1.7Gig
2. 5’IDE Herd Privet Conner 40Mb HD Corner 84Mb HD Seagate 128Mb HD it you do no! See the drive you are looking tor please call for availability. M B 5 ler es NEW LOW PF
• A4000 040
* 18Mb RAM
• Installation P retes
• Video Toaster $ 4769 Toaster bundles starting Call for custom cor ICING! 25Mz 145Mb HD ting included 4000 v3.1 .00 as low as $ 3995. Figurations. J NEC CD-ROM Single Double Blowout Hard Drives IDE & SCSI A500 Peripherals Big Foot 200W Power Supply $ 86.95 Commodore A500 Power Supply 37.95 A500 Case complete w shielding 23.00 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 49.95 A500 Keyboard 29.95 A501 512K RAM Call A520 Video Adaptor 19.95 RocTec External Floppy Drive 89.00 Alfa Ram 8MtV2Mb Populated 149,00 A1200 Peripherals CSA 12 Gauge 50Mz w SCSl $ 589.00 MBX1200Z & M123QXA Boards Call DKB 1202 881 20Mz w Clock 159.95 DKB - Other Configs w Memory Calf RAM -1, 4, 8Mb for above Call DKB - The Clock for A1200 25 00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb 139.95 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 IDE Caale & Software - 600 1200 20.00 15-23 Pin Converter 17.95 A500 1200 Int. Floppy Drive $ 69.95 A500 1200 Keyboard (Specify) 29.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard 59.95 A4QOO Keyboard 67 95 A2000 Complete Case NEW 59.95 A2000 Int. Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Int. Floppy Dnve 69.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 A3000 Power Supply 109.00 A4000 Power Supply 89.00 CBM Amigi Model Mouse 16.00 In Stock: Electrohome 1440 MultlSync, .28dp, Auto-syncs to ALL Amiga resolutions including Super 72 • 1 Year Warranty $ 499.00 1084S - Call for Availability IDEK 17" Monitor, LP orSP $ 989.00 Dr. T's Music Bundle Includes KCS V3 & Copyist Apprentice Originally sold lor $ 469.00 Special Price $ 69.95 CBM Parts & Peripherals Electrohome Monitors We have acquired i number o! NEW products, which Commodore Is dosing out. Hurry is supplies are limited. A520 Video Adaptor $ 19.95 A2060 Arc Net Board 69.95 A2088 BridgeBoard * board only 20.00 A2320 Deinterlacer Board 129.95 A2620 020 Accelerator w 2 Mb 199.00 and Rev7E proms AmigaVisionvl.7 24.95 Appetizer Software Bundle 7.00 Tetris 7.00 Unix Upgrade Kit 2.1 (2 user) 99.00 Where in the World is Carmen 7.00 A1000 Internal Floppy Drive A1000 Keyboard A100Q Case w Shielding At OOO Motherboard A10Q0 Daughterboard A1000 Power Supply A1050 256K RAM Expansion Last Chance on some of the above parrs Get a scare while supplies last. DOS 2.1 Kit w ROM $ 77.95
2. 1 Enhancer-no ROM 44.95 A2620 A2630 Eprom Kit 35.00 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 A2091 Rev 7 Eprom Kit 32.00 AS217 Enhancer Docs lor A1200 23.95 Commodore Closeouts WB2 Upgrades A1000 Parts A Due to ad schedules, ail prices are subject to change. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD, accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for small items. $ 15.00 tor Monitors, Calf for larger items, COD add $ 5.00. Canadian. AP0. & International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges & insurance at time o! Order. 15% re-stocking lee on all returns not exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT refundable. Amiga CD-32 Includes: Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies A4000-030 4Mb 130 HD $ 1579.00 HAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs. Please call tor price. Uo waiting lor your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post, UPS or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS.
* All orders are subject to credit card venhcation •
s. - ¦ % -
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4040. ....1449.00 AD 516 ...1199.00 AMAX IV ...374.00 AmigaLink Starter Kit ..255.00 Floppy Drive. High Densitv Ext....160.00 Monitor, IDEK 17” ......979.00 OpalVision 395.00 yr Quantum MICROPOLIS M jor cS?Seagate EXAHOTF HflRTDtWATOE LOOKING FOR We have harddrives! ALFA =~ DA TA MlGR4PH ColorBurst Color Scanner 449.00 ColorBurst w OCR Jr 479.00 Scanner, B W400DPI 199.00 Scanner, B W w OCR Jr 239.00 Scanning Tray w Merge 89.00 Migraph OCR Software 145.00 Migraph OCR Software Jr 95.00 MS 1200 Color Flatbed ....864.00 MS 2400 Color Flatbed ..1084.00 Personal Anim Recorder..1599.00 Personal Component Adapt ...259.00 Printer, Primera ...759.00 SuperGen SX ...690.00 Tape Drive, Archive 250 364.00 DataFJyer 105AT Syquest Int .399.00 DataFtyer 105&Syquest Int. ,464.00 Extra Cartridge 69.00 DataFlyer 500 8 .199.00 SCSI+1200 4000 .....119.00 XDS 1200 74.00 SOFTWARE ANIM Workshop 2.0 ...82.00 Pixel 3D 1.0 .82.00 Wave Maker 124.00 WaveLink ..79.00 yaSWHWMWun a EXPANSION SYSTEMS 3D ROM (30 Models) _185.00 ASIMCDROMFS20 ..52.99 AmTxIet 2-94 21.99 Clipart Warehouse ..20.00 Cookbook Heawn ..14.00 ElysianArcfM... __ .18.99 Fantazia Fonts 3200 Fred Rsh Reg 1.7 _20.00 ITIFs Gahip 18 QQ u 11 O VaUvI V HINMWNHMMHMHHIIiifMiih I U.WW Project Gutenberg ...27.00 Texture Ciy CD 120.00 Texture Heaven CD .....55.99 Ultimate MOD Collection 2299 DRIVES & TITLES Chhon 535 CO ROM Drive fnl._379.00 Chhon535COROMDri Ext.
- 489.00 NEC 3x Bare Drte ___ ...479.00 NECCD33Exl ___ 28900 NEC 3x Int . ..489.00 NEC 3x64 .. .58900 NEC 4x Ext. 99500 NEC 3xp Portable .469.00 Texel 3028 Int .....
- 315.00 Micro R. & D. Fontasia 300 Outline fonts for use with WB Disk box included 59.00 MIDI Cable ......10.00 MIDI Interface 42.00 Modem, 14.4 FAX including GPFAX ......275.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button 29.00 Power Supply 2000 155.00 Transition .47.00 CD ROM Toshiba 3401Blnt .399.00 Teel 5028 Ext. Game Preserve By Peter Ohifson, AW Carnes Editor Apocalypse ®1.3 ? *
2. 0
3. 0 ? * Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Second Samurai Turrican 3 ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive Installable. Copy-protection. You may have noticed that 1 don’t do many full reviews of arcade games, (They usually get stuck in Short Fakes or AGA Games.) It’s not that I don’t like them on the contrary, I love ’em but they tend to be of a type. And frankly, there is only so much one can write about a cartoon character blasting other cartoon characters to kingdom come or hopping between platforms before the reviews start to sound alike. However, periodically, a number of long-awaited releases will arrive in close formation. That happened again in late winter and early spring, and the best of the bunch are so good that it would be hard not to take notice. For starters, there's Apocalypse. If you’ve ever mourned the absence of an .Amiga version of Choplilter, you can doff the black veil, start dating again, and run the Hag back up to full mast, for this Virgin UK release (about $ 35) is a heroic rendition of that 8-bit chestnut. You fly your Apache helicopter from right to left across an olive-drab jungle, blowing the bejesus out of buildings to permit POWs (and, regrettably, enemy troops) to escape. You lay down suppressing machine-gun lire to knock down the inevitable handheld rocket launchers- the little enemy soldiers die acrobatically in the fashion of Cannon Fodder s land (softly, softly), wait for the little men to board, and then skedaddle back to base, avoiding the dogs of war (enemy choppers, artillery lire, and undetected enemies). And once you’ve found and rescued the required numbers of POWs, it’s on to the next level. What a great game! The levels are conceived more like missions; there’s a theme (and a trick) to solving each of them. The designers have made good use o( various special-purpose weapons rockets and firebombs, for instance to give the game greater depth (and not simply more ordnance). They’ve made the scenarios more rational: If you land at the tent, you’ll be joined by an evac team that will ferry out wounded soldiers. ’They’ve gotten a good use out of 32 colors without sacrificing the hothouse atmosphere or allowing the chopper to get lost against the trees, A superb job by Miracle Games, which inherited the game near its completion. Flow’s Dick Special coming, guys? ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-DRIVE installable. Copy-protection. Next up is Second Samurai = Psygnosis, about $ 35) the sequel to, uh, First Samurai. But first, u word about First Samurai, if I may. It was a Mirrorsoft product that died off not long after its release. This was a side-scrolling beat-’em-up without rival one of those almost magical instances where sound, art, and gameplay are synthesized into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. There was other-worldli- ness to the graphics. (Remember the UFObehind-hill effect in the "Lost in Space" episode set in a parallel "negative” dimension?) The death of enemies was accompanied by orchestral flourishes; grabbing powerups were answered by a heavenly choir; and a mournful song played as your character's soul swirled back to its "last save." It was a strange and wonderful game the sort you can put your heart into because it seemed to give back a piece of its own. Ahem. Enough about the original. Author Mew Dine seems O eJ to have answered the inevitable "How do I top this?" Question with "bigger and better." Well, that’s one answer, aimvav, and no * * we get right into the fray in Second Samurai. Boss-type monsters of intermediate size and elaborate special effects are distributed liberal]}' about this landscape. Indeed, it often seems that’s all there is that the game moves only from climax to climax. (The A1200 4000 version Psygnosis’ first disk-based venture into AGA is likewise very nice, but 1 had to physically remove my ’030 accelerator and extra memory from the A 1200's trapdoor to get it to run a telltale sign of careless coding.) However, while going over the top here, Dine lias forgotten to allow gamers a chance to breathe between those cli- A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots off room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don't waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. To our vslwd miosiers: Despite recent events in the industry. Tristate would like to assure our customers that we are committed to the Amiga platform and believe the technology will continue on in the hands of third parties, perhaps even stronger than before. INFO: (212) 633-2290 FAX: (212)633-7717 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL We Ship Worldwide!.. MIMHM Swimmi) COMPUTERS 650 6TH AVENUE, (COR. 20THST) NY, NY 10011 "Vour Video Toaster - Commodore AMIGA Headquarters" NCUl! Cpson CS600C 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 719.95 ES800C $ 1029.95 mm svnc Two Channel TBC $ 1169.95 GoiDtH Gmf iitfl $ 414.95 CSA Tuielve Gueee! KILLER Power foryour 1200! 6B030@ 50mhz Opt '882@ 50mhz Up to 32MB Ram Built in fast SCSI Networking Soon! Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 14 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & GREAT
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* (011
* 5295 A4000 040-25 640 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 18 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install Cditizer True A6 Roil* Mutlf Format Edtor Toaster Control* DPS TBC Conirol
i. owe ST! Free cables!! Freecc m The best of all available resources! Further additions are possible. Please call to Discuss. 3D ANIMATOR S DREAM SYSTEM! L Software Final Copy 2.0 69.95 Pagestream 2.2 (3.0} 164.95 Art Dept Pro V2.5 148.95 SAS Lattice C V6 0 224.95 Imagine 3.0 399.95 Amax IV CALL Deskjet 550c Driver 39.95 Toaster F X 129.95 Real 3D V2.0 379.95 Pixel 3D Pro 79.95 Imagemasler 118.95 Morph Plus 139.95 Pfaymation 344.95 Interchange Plus 3.0 59.95 Montage 319.95 Trexx Pro 2.0 129.95 Montage 24 264.95 Montage Postcript Call Amiback 2.0 39.95 Amiback Tools 49.95 Brilliance 124.95 Image F X 1.5 224.95 Disney Animation 69,95 Gigamem CALL Aladdin 4D 3.2 CALL Art Expression 139.95 Final Writer II Ref II CALL Hotlinks Editions 74.95 Morphus Call Vistapro3.1 59.95 Dpaint 4.6 AGA 119.95 Dr T's Level II KCS 229.95 Directory Opus 4.0 59.95 Wavemaker 139.95 Deluxe Music 2.0 94.95 Gold Disk Office 79,95 Procalc II 119.95 Distant Suns 5.0 59.95 Anim Workshop II 89.95 Pixel 3D PRO II 69.95 60 MEG 2,5" IDE SCALL 120 MEG 2,5n IDE .S189.95 240 MEG 2.5" IDE .S379.95 Bernouilli 150 Int Drive Bernouilll 150 Ext Drive Syquest 200 Meg Int Drive Bernouilli 88 Meg Carts F Syq Bernouilli 44 Meg Carts F Syq Ext Chassis & Power Supply Micropoiis 520 Meg ide Micropolis 1 GIG ide Micropoiis 1.7 Gig ide Micropolis 1 GIG AV SCSI Micropoiis 1.7 Gig AV Scsi West Dig 340 Meg ide West Dig 420 ide Quantum 240 Meg Scsi Quantum 340 Meg Scsi Quantum 1 GIG Scsi Seagate 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 2.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 3.5 Gig Scsi Seagate ST3655a Pana Mao Qpt Drives
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3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. F117A Stealth Fighter 2.0
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. WHERE IS THE great Amiga flight sim? We haven’t had more than a half-dozen really good ones: F A-18 Interceptor, F-29 Retaliator, Knights of the Sky, Gunship 2900, Combat Air Patrol, and (if I was a betting man) the imminent TFX. With almost nine years’ worth of games, that's a relatively short list, and a rather troubled one at that. The best Amiga flight sims do a lot of things well, but rarely do them all at once. Consider three recent releases which, while good to great, point to ongoing problems in the genre: the smooth (but inaccessible), the detailed (but slow), and the playable (but old-fashioned). Fighter Duel Pro 2 [jaeger Software: $ 59.95, $ 30 for upgrade) remains a great dedicated airborne fencing match Dogfight can’t touch it and devotees who sweated out the two earlier incarnations should fall all over themselves to land this one. You’re still going up over Spartan terrain and into a newly gorgeous, dusky sky to knock heads with either another human player or computer pilots. And it still flies with a light-limbed self-assurance that almost removes the Amiga from the picture, and dial will encourage you to look under your chair with an expectation of seeing clouds. The new features aren’t obvious unless you boot FDP2 on an AGA machine, where it runs in ultra-smooth, flicker-free hi-res- hut they’re all over the place. A whole squadron of new plane types has been included including the first jet Fighter, Germany’s ME-262 for a total of 25. You can go up against four smarter computer pilots Hying more colorfully rendered craft. A “chat" mode lets you zap tnacroed insults and exclamations to a modem opponent. You can fly with a wingman, or not fly at all and just man an anti-aircraft gun. No obvious problems here, though 1 wish they’d left in Flight Recorder, a motion path generator. What FDP2 does, it does brilliantly. However, what it does brilliantly is nevertheless not for everybody. Anyone without prior experience in the Fighter Duel line or who doesn’t have the eyes of a hawk is likely to find Fighter Due! Pro 2 hard to get into. For instance, taking off can still bean arduous task for a newbie happily, you can start a duel airborne and the manual remains a rather stoic and technical affair. The opposing planes appear as white pinpricks. H you happen to look the wrong way, or allow them to drift up into the sun’s glare, you could miss them entirely. I often lost track of my would-be opponents, never lo find them again (before they found me), and wound up either wheeling in useless circles in search of them or getting shot down without knowing precisely what I’d done wrong. Of course, the purists will find this authentic pilots will love it and, indeed, it is. Since die planes included here date from the World War II era, there’s no on-board radar or heads-up display to track enemies. But it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some play aids for the novice. (I mean, if I wanted to learn to really lly, I'd learn to really lly.) I'm not saying give up the realism that’s a major draw hut if they’re willing to allow the wingman’s craft to blink for easy identification (which doesn't help all that much), how about a novice-level option to throw a box around the nearest enemy? I low about an in-flight trainer or tutorial that would usher users gently into the program, and when they crash (and you will crash), show them what they’re doing wrong? H may not be authentic, but land-lubbers might then O be better able to enjoy it. I’m half inclined to beg for more ground detail, too 1 want to fly over a city at EDP2’s incredible frame rate hut that’s never been the point of the Fighter Duels. (Your eyes should always be aimed skyward.) If it’s detail you crave, check out Tornado (Digital Integration, about $ 40) instead. It is laden with skyscrapers (and smaller buildings of all description), trains, trucks, nuclear power plants, power lines, a whole raft of aircraft ranging from Chinook helicopters to the big AWACS jets and any number of ground units. And that detail is just a taster. Built around Britain's versatile Panavia Tornado, this is probably the most full-blooded, feature-rich flight sim to reach the .Amiga, and as close as we’ve come to a Falcon 3.0-level product in size and scope. Though modem play’s been dropped in this conversion (null-modern play remains) and the graphics are dithered, there’s no sense here of trims or cutbacks, and a strong one that anything you might like to do, you can. Without getting clown into the nitty-gritty, you’ll especially enjoy the ability to plan missions in detail; the “explore” mode, which permits you to tour any portion of the game area in 3-D; and a superb 332-page manual (yes! An index! Thank you!) That’s at once literate, simple, and exhaustive. Continued on p. 70. Looking far More Power From Your A500or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Only $ 39T feaf("es as Ihe CSA n "'CW r,„gertu|,3s|err Call for more information Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC) 68881 clocked at 25 mhz 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 68882-25 FPU add $ 75. 00 68882-50 FPU add $ 119.00 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor MAGNUM 44 25mhz with 4mb $ 999°° 50mhz for the price others charge for 40mhz! HGVP Give your Amiga 500 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500 GVP-A1230 TURBO Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM .. only $ 33.95 Super Denise ... $ 33 95
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- Now ALPH APAI NT $ 15,945 Mb $ 219.95 $ 119.95 T506Q T5015 res The Starter System The Animator The Artist Call for our free “Ultimate Video Toaster Product Catalog Version 2” Now available. The most extensive listing of software, hardware. CD-ROM. Accessories, videotapes and books for your Toaster-re Sated needs. Convert bitmap pictures of logos ard shapes to 3D objects with unrivaled quality Fly those logos quickly ard easily1 ’5i5s ANIM Workshop 2.0 Create, play, adit and add sound to you* Arums...automatically1 Use Art Dept on any all frames of your animation1 Now supports AnimS. 7 and 8! T5104 $ 99.95 WaveLink Double the speed of LightWave1 Allows two Toaster systems to render at the same time. Also allows file sharing T5T55 S89.95 iSEMQfflU SOFTWARE WaveMaker Effortlessly create flying logos in seconds instead of hours I Simply tell WaveMaker the logo you want to animate, how you want it to tly around the screen and what elements you want in the background Saved time=money made' T5159 S149.95 Pixel 3D Pro The easiest, most accurate way to motion*animate with Lightwave 3D! Dynamic Motion Module lets both animation novices and experienced animators rely upon the laws of physics ana computing power of the Amiga to automatically define and create real-world motion ancl object interaction in LightWave animations. T5054 Particle animation system for Lightwave 3D. Particles bounce with real world behavior & gravity1 Multiple pomi gravity wells allow bending and directing the stream, flock or swarm of particles Control Origin, direction, gravity, quantity, spacing. Elasticity and mass. Complete with wind, gusting, flaking and swirling controls-adjustable per axis! Do in seconds what would take days to setup1 T516A $ 99.95 Call for pricing on Video Toasters & 3.1 Software upgrades Sparks by MacroSystemUS Dynamic Motion Module Video Toaster 4000 EE » *X Buy your Toaster System with confidence from DevWare and Atomic Toaster! Our Atomic Toaster Catalog has over 20 years of video production experience. They have been servicing Video Toaster Users since Day One with unrivaled technical support, a catalog so informative we receive referrals from NewTek, and innovative seminar training. With Atomic Toaster and DevWare Video, you will be able to count on our creative support and in-depth knowledge of all products for the Video Toaster--combined with DevWare’s product purchasing power and abilities to fulfill your orders quickly! The net result is our ultimate combination of both technical know-how and the best pricing available for alt your Video Toaster needs. Why should you buy Video Toaster systems and Video Toaster-reiated products from Atomic Toaster? Because we love Toasters! The Video Toaster is the most successful video production tool ever. We don’t sell Video Toasters as commodities and leave you without answers to your questions...we use them every day! We are Toaster fanatics who are constantly pushing the systems to their limits. To us, a good Toaster computer system is made for audio, video and print applications. Atomic Toaster wants you to be the most successful producer ever, Our combination of production skills and our constant testing and use of new Toaster-related products -- will give you the Creative Edge. THE FLYER "-NewTek’s Non-Linear Editing System is coming!!! Order your Flyer from DevWare and Atomic before June 30. 1994 and SAVE S500!1 We integrate and support all Toaster-relatec software and hardware. Do you want to know about the Video Toaster revolution and what it can mean for you? Call Atomic Toaster. Devware now! This bad boy has the equivalent rendering power of 15 Video Toasters and is a steal at this price! Fully loaded, price includes 128MB RAM and 8-user ScreamerNet software license (Ethernet adapator and ENLAN-DFS software required to connect your Video Toaster-not included). Leasing option available. (Formally known as The Screamer) tssoo i Okay, so you own software like ADPro, SFC. Studio 16. Pixel 30, ImageFX, Bars & Pipes Pro. AmiLink. Personal Amm Ree., ImageMaster RT and others, and they all say that they're Arexx compatible, .great!! Now what? You can spend all your time programming in Arexx to make these powerful applications work with each other, or you can continue producing videos I ke you set out to do. Crouton Tools 4000-The Easy to Use Video Operating System (VOS)--was created by a video enthusiast with over 20 years of experience. 1100 Pre defined video tools. 150 NEW synergistic functions. 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* The Craftsman
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* The Professional Editor From Tnnovision Techno'cgy. If you do Cgwork with ycur Toaster-you need MONTAGE 24-Bit Graphics Breakthrough for the Video Toaster from Innovison Technology Your defini tive solution tor video titling, image composition, ara effects presentation lor the Video Toaster! Features: Incredible Rea'-Time Font Scaling andmteractive ‘click and drag' toni seal mg allows lor unprecedented text d splay flexibility! Scaled text retains ultra-high level anti-aliasing The solution you need to maxi mizo your creative output with your Toaster! T3053 Montage 24 Montage Fonts I Montage Postscript Module Real-time tom scaling of Postscript fonts with independent proportional. Horizontal and vertical re-sizing. Effective resolution of 1 nanosecond regardless Otsize T5237 $ 209.95 Montage + Postscript ModT5244 $ 479.95 BrdcastTitler 2 Hi-res T3051 $ 169.95 Brdcast Titler 2 Font 2 Ttt62 $ 94.95 900-896-8555 S2 Min billed to your telephone Need Help? Not getting the Toaster support you need? Call our video professionals for Toaster system design and software support. Service provided by DevWare, 12520 Kirkham Court. Suite 1. Poway. CA 92064 Problems with 900*? Contact (619) 679-2826 New! High-end Paint Box Performance for your Toaster! Create stunning network caliber graphics m a snap with this lull-featured. 36-bit professional paint solution1 ‘Get true, REAL-TIME painting in 24 bits-directly on your Toaster's display ‘Full-screen, free-lorm WYSIWYG paiming with no waiting. ' 12-bit Alpha Channel for image texturing, blending and compositing. * Pamt into your Toaster's hardware Video Mixing Channel lor unique Live Video Transparency and Soft-Edge Feathering Effects' Available mid-June T5293 Scall Montage Video Toaster Resource: For Video System Design Information:
(619) 679-2823 Cali for Software Orders:
(800) 879-0759 All of our software is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! __ __ ET SK MacroSystem Voiume 2: Bones & Organic Motion New! Swimm ng sharks, swaying trees Use Bones to realistically animate almost anything. V4110 $ 39.95 Volume 3: Displacement Mapping Now! Construct landscapes and trees Animate waving flags and moving water Displacement maps make i| possible Use displacement maps to construct and animate natural formations, ana create soectacular special etfects 120 mins. V4124 S39.95 Get ell 3 videos and SAVE! V-ii25 $ 104.95 A Powerful Morphing System, at an Affordable Price! Cocoon is a full-featured, professional morphing system without the Rolls Royce price ( Perform warps and morphs usings vectors--the easiest way tc define and execute morphs. T5056 ALFA ~ DA TA New From Synergy Int’l Hollywood FX creates amazing 3D etfects for video and interactive productions, using Lightwave for the highest quality rendering Includes dozens of effects including multiple lull motion video windows, 3D morphing transitions, particle effects and mote. T5298 5389,95 ClariSSA The Animation Generator for your Toaster you've been waiting for from Spectronics International1 This product is ideal for creating 2D morphs and animation segments. Features animation manipulation tocls such as mark. Cut. Copy and paste, an integrated virtual memory function, built-in screen grabber, and color effect 'unctions such as internal looping of sections, simultaneous forward and playback, field cut. Dynamic Anim Record, and Picture-m-Picture. T53C0 S 149.95 ImageFX GVP's powerhouse image processor. If you use, or want to use. Your Amiga or Video Toaster for photography, graphics, video, animation and more-then ImageFX is the fastest, easiest, most expandable, most adaptable and most powerful set ol color image processing tools available. Digitally retouch images with the most complete set ot filters, color gradients, image distortions, masks and text handling tools. Automatically convert image files from over 25 fife formats! SALE! T30S0$ 21 4.95 MIDI is the best way to put background music into your desktop video productions!” Bars & Pipes Professional Ver 2.5 NEW Version! The state-oMhe-art MIDI sequencer lor your Toaster and Armga- is now even better' New features and improvements have been made to the Track Window Menu, Ed't Window, Song Construction Window. Metronome. Printing. Tools and Accessories sections. T1183 S229.95 One Stop Music Shop 16-bit. 32-voice CD-quality. Fully digital, stereo audio ana music system I T5108 S564.95 PatchMeister Universal patch librarian wilh over 20 drivers. T5109 S59.95 SuperJam! Create and synchronize musical soundtracks. Requires little musical finesse to accomplish exciting results! T1185 $ 77.95 SyncPro Synch MIDI with your multimedia, video and audio hardware! Tt 184 $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus 4B MIDI Channels available in one interlace I T5028 $ 164.95 Byrd’s Eye Software Toaster FX Paint directly on the Toaster's Program Output with Toaster FX and GVPs ImageFX!
• Paint, scan, image p-ocessing and morphing-all viewed directly on any Video Toaster output buffer!
• 24-bit painting tools with 8-btt alpha channel.
• Full screen painiing with variable zoom levels. ¦ Special etfects liliors-Rippte, Distort. Oil Paint, Sharpen and more... T5290 $ 124.95 Swipes! Stunning new color transitions and special effects lor Video Toaster 4000 users! Now you can get
• Dozens of NEW Color Effects'
• Special Effects overlays.
• Color Iransparency effects.
• Full-color animated transitions.
• Alpha channel dissolves. ADPTools Professional 2.5 Brand new version! A complete anima'ion pro cessing system! Do more processing in one pass! Process alpha fries lor compositing, while- moving video m another channel Version 2.5 is easier to use and requires much less hard drive storage! A nust-have creative tool lor all animators and video producers! T5306 Art Department Pro Version 2J5 Newest Release! The premier image-based processing package, preferred by Toaster and graphic users everywhere just got better1 A completely new interface and updated load- erssavers'! T1160 S149.95 Blue Ribbon Sound Works T5291 S109.95 PAR MinlS!' C*«° Personal Anim. Recorder Digitally record your animations direct to the dedcated hard drive. Create animations without the expense and aggravation of tape decks If wiil even genlock to your system1 No time base error, jitter, skipped Irames, or botched edit points you encounter with traditional recordersl By Digital Processing Systems. Call for the best pricing on PAR cards with 525MB. 1 Gig or 1.5Gtg Micropolis drives! Oktagon (SCSI-II A3000'4000) T5240 $ 139.95 AlfoDrlve 3,5" External Floppy Drive for all Amigas T5253 $ 74.95 AhaScan Plus 400 DPI Hand Scanner with Touch Up Software T1024 $ 139.95 Mega Mouse 400 DPI replacement mouse for all Amigas T5243 S27.95 AlfaOptic optical Mouse 300 DPI fully optical mouse T5288 $ 44.95 Optical Pen Mouse For graphics professionals. T1017 $ 64.95 AltaColor Hand Scanner T5214 $ 299.95 Scan & Save 256,000 colors on AGA Amigas. 4096 on non AGA Amigas. AllaScan 800 DPI Hand Scan T5242 $ 189.95 Crystal Trackball T1019 $ 44.95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 The indispensibfe collection of utilities for Vrdeo Toaster users. Toaster Toolkit 4000 breaks alt barriers tor harnessing creative control over your Toaster Environment- allowing lor presentation professionalism limited only by you- imagination You raved about version 1. Break Iree o! The mundane with these new and improved powertools ol Toaster Toolkit 4000' ‘Toaster Sequence Editor
• Toaster Project Editor ‘FrameStore Compressor ¦AnimtoFX -FXtoAnim ‘Color Fonl Converter. T5095 New Version 1,5! More Power! More Features! V as $ 299! II you bo image processing, you must have the new ImageMaster R t. Retargetabfe operations gives you true colors on ail popular 24-bit cards and even adjusts the display to compensate lor your monitors shortcomings, so what you see is truly what you get. Tsioo “LightWave 4000 For the Rest of Us" Volume 1: Flying Logos New ! Construct a loxjo from your clients letterhead, make tiur-crods of special 3D fanls straight from any pnniod material, add surfaces and images to mako thorn shine! Fly that LOGO and animate it to tapo without a single tiamu controller! Complex object motions made simple wilh the null object. Contains a ¦Rogues Gallery’ ot 36 example surfaces V4056 $ 39.95 _ Pegger New version 1.3! Now has superior FrarneStore supportl Automatically compresses 24 bit IFF, DCTV FrameStore and HAMB images with JPEG copression. Saves lots ot hard drive space and is invisible to your video applications! Works automatically in the background! T5123S66.95 Dark Morse Productions Hollywood FX I MAG t-M ASTER R t Retina Zlll 24-Bit Display Board W 4MB Get photorealistic Display capabilities with this 24-bit graphics card and plenty of “chip ram" for your most intense graphic needs. Go way beyond AGA and still maintain full compatabihty. For A3000 or A4000. T5129 $ 699.95 Retina Zlll Board 1MB T5222 $ 569.95 Vlab Y C Digitize 30 frames per second from videotape or laserdisc in full color! Two composite mpuls and 1 S-video (y c) input. NTSC PAL compatible. T5225 $ 429.95 Studio Printer Print 16.7 million colors or 256 levels of gray on Hewlett Packard LaserJets and Deskjets as well as Canon Color Printers' Supports the latest 600 dpi printers too. True to screen colors with color adjustment with 32bit accuracy. Also includes special drivers for PaaeStream
2. Xx. T3062~ $ 69.95 Toccata 16 Now available' Full 16bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs, 1 Mic input and 1 stereo output. Toccata can digitize at up to 48Khz in 36bit. Direct lo hard disk! Includes onboard mixer and optional ADPCM compression! T5222 $ 569.95 Warp Engine The most cost effective accelerator is NOW AVAILABLE! The only accelerator that provides the high speed of a 6B040, up to 128 MB of local 040 burst memory and the fastest SCSI-II controller-on a single card that installs in the CPU slot! Call for best pricing on RAM! 40Mhz ’040 w OK RAM T5285 $ 1499.95 33Mhz ’040 w'OK RAM T5286 $ 1299.95 Multiframe (tor ADPro) The ULTIMATE special effects device for your Toaster! Easily create complete motion-picture quality special effects for any Toaster application. No jaggies or artifacts. The professional's tool for creating digital video sequences, special effects and animations. Apply ADPro’s single-image processing power to your anims. T5098 S59.95 MultiLayer for ADPro 2.5 compositing layering tool for video pro’s and artists using ADPro as a compositing engine. Several types of compositing'digital keying are supported including Zero-Black keys. Luminance keys, Chroma keys and Alpha keys to 32brt precision. T5227 S124.95 MultiLayer-lmageF x T5228 $ 124.95 Mastering Toaster Technology The step-by-step guide from Video Toaster experts Brent Malnack and Phil Kurz that no Video Toaster customer can do without! Learn Toaster set-up and operation, ro- toscoping techniques, how to make perfect 3D logos, creating mattes and Hying mattes, how to master the alpha channel, and much, much more, with 3D objects. A beveled S color font set, anim wipes and clip art, Includes Toaster 4000 suplement. Flioe S39.95 New from Noahji’s mm __ Information Manager OctaMED Professional v.5 Over 100,000 sold! PC Task 7 Version 2 The inexpensive and powerful IBM VGA Emulator solution for any Amiga! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS soltware on your Amiga! PC-Task runs as a task on it's own screen--leaving your other Amiga applications free to continue to multitask. PC-Task is a software-based emulator and. As such, is- not as quick as a hard ware bridgeboard. But is* also hundreds ol dollarsj toss! Perfect lor your occassional MS- DOS needs. PC-Task even allows you lo use your Amiga's serial and parallel ports for the PC emulation! PC-Task even takes advantage of an accelerator .the faster your Amiga, the fasler the emulator runs! T5072 HomeBuilders5 CAD Deluxe -- Sale Priced! A full-featured CAD program Includes: Contractor's Upgrade, HomeBuilders Library 1 and OeckBuilders CAD Design and- Estimating System for- Decks. From a room addition to a cluster of condos; HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project. Features include: -20 acre drawing area.
• Accuracy to 1 60th inch. -Supports buildings over 200 stories high. "Over 300 000 layers. -Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Contractor's Upgrade allows you to have up to 1000 items (instead of
450) per layout. Library 1 is a library of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. Requires 2.5MB ol RAM Original list of over S400! T4032 HomeBuilders’ CAD 2 Includes all of the above except Contractor’s Upgrade and Library 1. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB, with hard drive, requires 1.5MB Original list price S249.00 T2040 $ 49,95 graoe, t 1 v $ 14,95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 94.95 Fax: (619) 679-2887 Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-07 59 Technical support: (619)679-2825 Or mail vour order to: DevWare. Inc. - 12520 Kirk ham Court. Suite 1-AW52. Poway, CA 92064 EviVt h Pm Urate *3 WtaJi Owjrw Vn»cu(01 >1 pfnftxi I" ilwg »t3>hi hvr>»n:»mc ADPro Conversion Pack T5161 S64.95 Alladin 4D T2031 $ 279.95 AmiBack Plus Tools T5165 $ 69.95 Artworks Clip Art Library T5194 $ 34.95 ASIM CDFS V2 T5092 S59.95 AuloPaint lor ToasterPaint T5142 S74.95 Backdrop Construction Set T5265 $ 49.95 Batch Factory T5256 $ 44.95 Broadcast Tiller II Sup Hires T3051 $ 169.95 Brilliance T5019 S139.95 Broadcast Tiller II Ford Pack 2T1162 $ 94.95 CanDo - Newest version T1193 $ 129.95 The Cathedral NEW LOW SS! T5297 $ 49.95 DeluxePaint IV 4.1 T1031 $ 99.95 DeluxePainl IV AGA T305S $ 109.95 Digital Sound Track T5202 S59.95 Directory Opus 4 T1032 $ 54.95 Distant Suns T5049 $ 61.95 ENLAN DFS 2 T5Q96 $ 259.95 Helm T5050 $ 89.95 Interchange Plus 3 T5052 $ 129.95 The Jurassic Collection T5264 $ 139.95 KARA ANIMFonts Vol 1-5 Call ea $ 34.95 KARA ANIMFonts 1-5 Bundle T5257 $ 164.95 KARA Plaquegrounds T5156 S64.95 KARA Starflelds T5157 S44.95 KARA Toaster Fonts l-IV Call ea $ 59.95 Mailing List Manager T5201 S34.95 Morph Plus T1067 $ 129,95 Odds & Ends T5295 $ 44.95 Playmation T1068 S299.95 Power Macros for the Toaster T5299 $ 119.95 Pro Control for ADPro T5247 $ 69.95 Pro Fills Vol. 1 T1175 S32.95 Pro Fills Vol. II T1176 $ 32.95 Pro Fills Vol III T5166 $ 32.95 Pro Fills 1,11, 111 Bundle 15179 $ 59.95 Pro Textures Combo Coll. T5192 S64.95 Pro Wipes Vol. 1 T5143 S74.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe T1038 $ 74.95 Quickbrush 4000 T5255 S54.95 Real 3D Profesional V. 2 T5044 S389.95 Roll'em Toleprompter T5013 $ 49.95 SCALA Multimedia 300 T5248 $ 399.95 Scenery Animator T3074 S59.95 SMPTE Output T5067 S149.95 SurlacePro T5182 $ 74.95 TapeWorm FS T5167 S69.95 Texture City CD-ROM T5016 S79.95 Toaster Handler for AD516 T5305 $ 189,95 The Wedding Collection T5267 $ 64,95 The Sports Collection T5268 $ 64.95 The Music Collection T5282 $ 64.95 Wedding, Sports. Music Coll. T5283 $ 179.95 Transporter T5193 $ 109.95 Trexx Professional T11E0 $ 134.95 Video Director Tins $ 129.95 Vista Pro 3.0 T1097 S64.95 WoveWriter T5061 $ 73.95 Other Hardware GVP 040 @ 40Mhz w 4MB T7057 $ 1589.95 EGS Spectrum 28 24 w 2MB T5218 $ 499.95 Personal TBC IV T5204 $ 829.95 Personal Editor (Nucleus) T5207 $ 569.95 SunRize AD515 w Studio 16 T5066 $ 1174.95 WaveTools T5254 $ 369.95 WaveTools RTX T5258 $ 299.95 Still haven't lound what your looking lor? Give us a ealL.chances are we have it! How To Order... From DevWare VideoToolChest: Write your name, shipping address, daytime telephone and, if paying by credit card, the card's billing address. Then list the product codes of the items you would like to order (i.e. V204Q, T2038. T2O35.0 tc.) And the price ol each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date £ mail to: DevWare Video * 12520 Kirkham Ct. Suite 1-AW52 • Poway, CA 92064 Shipping Handling: U.S A add 55, plus Si for eacn add’i unit shipped Canada acd $ 7. Plus $ ’ !cr each ado’i um;-call lor book snipping Foreign-, Ca’I lor snipping info All payments m U S. lur-ds only. CA residents add 7.75% tax. 15% restocking lee on all returned commercial products Prices subject to change without notice Not respon- s&e ter typo's A minimum of $ 20,00 required on all credit card orders. Umcorn Educational Software We made a special purchase of these programs at a remarkable price and we're passing the savings on! All titles had original prices of $ 49.95 to $ 59.95! All About America Ages 5-11 T2041 516,95 Land of the Unicorn T2042 $ 16.95 Adventures of Sinbad Ages 9-14 T2043 316.95 Aesops Fables Ages 6-9 T2044 $ 16.95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9+T2045 $ 16.95 Fraction Action Ages 8+ T2046 $ 16.95 Kinderama Preschool to 1stT2Q47 $ 16.95 Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T2056 $ 16,95 Math Wizard Grades 1-6 T2048 $ 16.95 Read-A-Rama K to 3 T2049 $ 16.95 Read & Rhyme Ages 5-8 T2050 $ 16.95 Tales from the Arabian Nights Ages 9-14 T2051 $ 16.95 The Logic Master 10+ T2052 $ 16.95 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12 T2053 $ 16.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Ages 8-14 T2054 S16.95 Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2055 $ 44.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 $ 69.95 Get all 12 Unicorn Titles and Really Save!! T4Q51S189.95 Sale Price $ 19.95! A complete, high-level programming language True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! Algebra! T1074 $ 14.95 Algebra II T2034 $ 14.95 Calculus T1082 $ 14.95 Pre-Calculus T2035 Trigonometry T1093 S14 95 Discrete Mathematics T2064 Probability Theory T2060 $ 14 95 TrueSTAT Get any 2 math pgms T2036 $ 25 95 Get all 8 math programs T2062 Gel all 8 math programs Plus TrueBASIC 2.0 T2063 $ 109.95! Professional THE personal information manager for professionals who need all their Time Management concerns at their fingertips. Organize your business contacts and more with this information manager! Keeps track of all business contacts with all necessary information and history. Also branches oul to Projecl and or Agenda databases lor individual contacts. Calendar module schedules from day to day, month to month and year to year. It tracks to do’s, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and U.S. & Canadian holidays. Other modules include Reservations (tracks accommodations. Transportation and dining), Wallet, Inventory, Computer Equipment Database and World Area Code Database. All areas have online help, search, print, iconize, calculator. T5196 $ 69.95 Home Manager Professional What Information Manager does for your office. Home Manager Pro will do for the home. Address Book, Appointments, Area Codes, Contacts Database, Inventory, NotePad, To-Dos. Alarm Clock, online help and more! T4035 S29.95 An Introduction to the Amiga: Operating System 2.1 and 3.0 new. AmigaP.Q.S-Ji New Release! What every new Amiga owner needs! Covers the basics, system design, basic operations, preferences, fools and utilities, files & directories, AmigaDOS £ the Shell, tips and tricks and how lo customize your system. Includes bonus companion disk with uisehjf unities. 90 minutes V2196 $ 39.95 OctaMED was already by far the best MIDI and music sample sequencer about - now it's even better." CU Amiga. OctaMED Pro is the premier music sequencing package for the Amiga Version 5 has been completely rewritten for Kickslart 2 + required) and Ioniums standard windows and pulldown menus for easy, lamiiiar operation. Discover what Europeans know, love and depend upon OctaMED doubles your Amiga's 4 channel audio capabilities for an ear-popping eight channels of stereo audio’ Complete and thorough online, context-sensitive manual no more searching through manuals!!! -Standard Music Notation Display • 64 MIDI tracks • Improved control over sampler and sampler effects: Unused space can be removed from the start or end of a smample, and looping controls are easier to use lhan ever Pilch Changer Generic Slide Function -Built-in sampling software AutoSave -Full Printing T505” $ 69.95 OctaMED Professional Manual The must-have tutoral and reference guide T5273 32S.35 OctaMED Pro 5 + The OctaMED Manual T5279 $ 79.95 OctaMED Professional 4 I you only have Kickslart 1.3. this ts the version lor you. Has all of the basic features which made OctaMED a world wide best-setler1 T4G01 S39-95 Amiga Music File Converter Pro Converts between SMUS. MED. OctaMED. Music- X and Sound-Tracker Formats. Also Music-X to MIDI. T5101 S29.95 AMFCP + OctaMED 5 T5102 $ 79.95 MusicLab IFS T5106 $ 39.95 Both novel and fum-simple or complex-this pro gram allows you to take advantage of Ihe organizational properties of fractals to produce musical sequences with substantial musical unity and cohesiveness. Sequences can be saved as MIDI or IFF SMUS. Original List Price $ 89. Video Music Box T5107 $ 44.95 Compose musical backgrounds (or video and mult media--quickly and easily. An almost infinite variety of musica sequences can be created having rock, l?.77 blues or latm 'feels' - with the large suppli library of chord progressions and pattern templates. Saves in IFF and SMUS file formats Piano Tutor T5093 $ 29.95 Rapidly master the basics ol playing the piano Learn to play blues, rhythm, rock, jazz, improvisa bonai-all ol which are the basis lor modem music Piano Tutor is a structured, rhythmic system of learning how to play true keyboard. Requires sequencer capable ol reading standard MID! Fifes. We have been the official Pubfc Dorma n Library of ail the beat Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us' The first two letters on oach cisK mrfcaTe the orieniatran of the dish; WB general interest ¦ most programs can bo run from the workbench. FD games and enlertainmont, VO aro video related programs utlirfies and DD advanced-requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDCSCu. Thanks to our extensive arsenal of anti-virus software. ALL of our software is guaran teed virus free1 Best Seller! WB141ABCD: Amiga Vorse Search The Authorized 1615 King James Bible...online! Complete cross roferancing to a! Words is included Runs on ail Amigas with 1MB ol RAM and Z drives. Requires Wbi 3*. Newest Disks WB144: Molecule CPK renders space filling representations Of atoms and molecules. Req's WB3 0* S. Hare drive WB143: VicwTck THE cefinitive display utiliiy Versions included for Amiga, DCTV, EGS, FC24. Picasso. Opalvision. Retina. IV24 A'so includes new MakuAnim? Utility SVB142: JCGroph A beautiful graphic package p>e cnans. 3D charts ol a I types exports EPS, IFF A Draw?000 formats' WB145: Big Dummies Guide to the Internet An interactive An.gaGude to the inforr-iat.cn ngnway ana no* tc lap !' WBI40: Hr. Backup A powerful ha'Q Crr.-e backup utrity win fj'l tape onve support formally commercial’ Req WB2. W8139. MIDI Performance Manager Utility to manage a MIDI synthesizer and other MIDI equipment. Requires WB 2*. WBI 38: 3.0 Extras 2 ¦ Another disk chocked full Ot utlilies lo unleash Iho power ot Workbench 30 and AGA" WB137: The Are** Guide Full AmgaGuidu line > document to teach you Arexx"! T p-lilted with easy x-referencing* WB135; 3 0 Extras 1 13-utilities for WB 3 0 Several must- haves tot gel' ng the most out ot your new graphics modes' FD96: Tetris Duel AGA - The next generation Tetns 2 play ers can play head to head and sabotage each other1 Great graphics lor AGA machines! Req s A1200 or A4000. FD95: Deluxe Galaga - You shov'd Oe paying S-G Sucks !cr tms one' Easily one ol the best p d games ever! All kinds of power-ups and silky smooth motion. Req’s 1MB Chip RAM (Fat Agnusi for PAL Mode FD94; Scorched Tanks • completely updated and compatible with AGA.3 O' 60 different ways to bow each other away' An outstanding gamo of angles, trajectories A ur cue arsenals' FD93: Mpg.iB.il AGA - This ¦$ the one you've been waiting far' Updated to knock your socks Oh! THE best pd game fcr no Amiga Ruq s WB2+ 5 1MB RAM. Show oft that AGA' F092; Blast cm - contains Scorched Tanks-a lark battle win f Jtunstic weapons defenses & ‘great’ graphics. Galactod is a Gafaxtan Space Invaders game completely Amiga-Sized FD91: Popeyp A ctone cf the original C 64 c assic-Am ga style with enhanced grapnes. Rea 1MB Chp RAM tar PAL FD90: Conquest A Dominion - Conquer Iho known word and maintain oorrunon Cve' 1 -a m-crocosm ot econo me survival FD89: K.istlc Kumquot - A thoroughly entertaining and challenging maze.adventure game Great soundtrack and graph
ic. Req's 1MB Chip RAM for PAL mode) FD88: AmyBouldordash - a clone ol the original cass c extremely well done comp-e-e with level editor. 2 complete sets of levers and a level editor. Requires Workberch 2- FDS7: OXYD- A commerca) quality game-similar to Marble Madness :n nary ways but allows two computers to link & pay together, see how many ot the 200 landscapes you can complete without having to get the hint book' FD86: Uchess: The strongest playing Chess program ava ade for the Amiga period Req 68030*. Workbench . -5MB RAM or more Supports AGA (req. BMB ) DD33: Magic User Interlace Greatly speeds development Auto Screen Window. Fort sensitive interfaces and much more! D092: Developer Domains the official Commodore develop ers kits lor the AmgaGudo and Commodore Install Uti it es a must have for an serious developers. Fun Disks FDS: GAMES! This C'Sk is cnock full of games including. Checkers. Ctee Gold A new side lh-e pieces puzzte. Jeopad ¦ An enhanced version of Risk. RushHour ¦ Surpris ng-y addicting. And SpaceWar - Best described as n cross twtwoon Combat-Tanks and asteroid; FD7: Pacman ¦ This disk coniams several pacman typo games including, PacMan87, MazeMan and Zonu FD10: HackLTIe - A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic This s me 2nc release of tr.s game. Great graphic interlace Piay time several weeks1 FDT1: Las Vegas and Card Games Las Vegas Craps - Tee Pest Las Vegas Craps simulation every when tor any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty- One.VideaPokor and mo>e. FD12AB: Stnr Trek, Tho Gamo ¦ This is by lar the best Star Trek gamo ever written tor any computer II features mouse control, good graphics, d gitzed sound effects and great game- piay. Counts as 2 disks Req 1Mb and two drives (or no) FD13: Board Games centals Monopoly. Dominoes. Paranoids. And others. DD33; IBM - Not one. O,t TWO ISM tmufatws tr=at win ate the runnmg of MS-DOS software with A-ivga pro- grams!’! Ccmts comp=e't) wstts programs to tum your Anvga floppy drives into 72QK IBM compauite drives. Aso, check out our PC-Task emulator on our DevWarn Video page' FD17: Educational Games • This disk includes several games tor youngsters including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Whee of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games - MechForeu A game that Simulates camaat between two or more giant robots Simple words can t oegm to give you me feel ct piloting a 30 ¦ 40 foot tall, lire tjreatbng. Eanh shaking co-cssus mat obeys your every wr.m FD27: Arcade Games This disk is loaded with sente great Check out cur DevWare Video ad for order info, or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759! $ 3.95’ ea. 20-29 Disks ** $ 3.45" ea. 30+ Disks $ 4.45 ea. 11-19 Disks mwm Special** Order 15 disks and receive a complrmentary copy of Anli-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! $ 5.95 ea Serving the Amiga community since 19851 '-m Disks Public Domain Library GUARANTEE - We believe so strongly in our product That we offer a fuil lifetime. Complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. Games, includes. Racearama a great raomg car game with ten 0 tro-en; courses, Mm B ast a helicopter gunsnip type clone. Snarx m the same Cass as frogger. And Sbreakout the orig.nai breakout win more FD3I: Games! - Air Fraft-c Control - a good ATC Simulation B ack Jack Lao ¦ a frill toatumd sot Ot Cato games ChwssTe! - play chess w.th your hi end in O'STant and remoto places with tins game anc a rnodum, labyrinth a wel done text adventure gamo (like an rnfocom gamo). And MousoTrap - a 3d mazu game FD32: Flight Simulator 7»n nsttomem smulator to'a OC10 F033: Arcade Games - Ftreddy a Mano Brothers type o? Game. Gertils a targe! Practice game. PipeLme a German interpretation P pe Dreams, Trcn a itgfd cycles verson and Wetrpds a wonderful verson cl asteroids with a hilarious wist FD33: Games Cribbaqe Master - A great cnbnage game and tutor. Spades • it well done card came. ChineseCheckers ¦ A computer version ot this classic, Buzz - a sl do piece puzzle qarni! And const rue! Ion set WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 Tfus set contains the programs that should have been included with VVB2+ These powerful ub iries lake full advantage d the many new capaWrws Thai are ava4 3l* m Wa-kben-ch 2* inciuitea: Tool Maragsr a wondemu1 utility to ado programs to youf TOOL menu. Virus Protection - Degrader icon - Enhances Workbench’s "Show AH" to display Ovoi 40 distinct icons for different types of files B-imap Font Editor, Screen bankers - ola fractals and splmers and ’.warming oeesl Requester Enhancers and QPUBln. Two disk set. Counts as twto F039A5 B Star Trek. The New Generation • This is a com- pluto y oifferent version of Siar Tftnx Lhar that tOund on FDI2 Tnis one was created by the German author Tobas Ercc-Hent"1 Counts as two dsks. Requires 512K FD50: Submarine Game - Sealance. Ere arc a half years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial qual ty, h-ghfy recommenced FD57: Arcade Games Includes 2 truly commercial quality games MegaBall an Arkanq d-ish game, features 5 musical scores ana ncd crmg gameplay Grav.Ty Aback. A psycfiadoi- lic trip thrpugrt several different worlds each dfe'ent FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon III is an almost exact clone of the commefCra! Game ol the same name a great shootomup Crossword w 11 lake lists cf wards 4 automatoaily generate wara-search puzzles lor any Epson compatible printer. FD60: Games - In Nebula, race over s 3d world to destroy enemy inssal ations, Interforon; a great Dr. Mario clone. Enigma: is it a game or puzzto? FD6i: Games - Solita're. Great graphics, plays two versions Kiide: an interest ng piece o! Eye candy Extreme ViO'ence; 2 piaifvi k ri or be kiHed gamo YATC A Terns cone win Artifcal Intelligence Genesis, create realisbo 3d fractal worlds F062 I’omPom Gunner. An oiTremfiy smooth and wet oone Worto War II gunner simutotion Req t megabyte of memory FD67.- Arcade • Includes Liamatron a wen-done Robobon' clone Hate is a 'terrdic* Zaxxon clone with multiple levels worlds and smooih diagonal scrolling..,a 10' F069: MindGames - Had enough of shoot-em up games7 Relax and lei these 21 games exercise your mind instead of your wr;st. FD73: Arcade Series Intruder A'ecP is a MULTl level Berser.' Eono Features smooth gamepiay, g-oat g-apbazs & dfliTi.’vw sound tx FD74: Arcade Series RmgWar is an "Outer Limits' clone wilh vectorized graphics MotherLoce is a ’Lode Runner' done wl'i 50 levels' In BlitzTar.ks. they're coming at you Irom all directions!' Call in air strikes and use your heavy nmllnry to sutvivb1 FD75; Arcade Series • Descender is a ctone of the class'd arcade game 'Tempest', compete with vectorized graphics.
T. ihx is tne cass'c cartto OT trajectories 2nd inerlia between two Tanks mc-'edb y well done1 Sea-ch is a maze game uni ke any other included is a level ed ter too. (Tanx rocu res 1 mug chip memory .Fat Agnus} FD77 Arcade Series - Galaga'92 is a clone of the arcade game with several gameplay enhancements-with smooootn. Sharp graphics, it's better than me original' Pnaraohs Curse Is a clone ol the ongmal C64 classic. Diplomacy is a beautifully eo.mputeuzed version ot iho Avalon H«ll hoard game--conquer o’ be conquered' The Amiga World "Best-Of4* Set FD35ABCD: AmlgaWorW’s Basl - These four cSskji corv tain fhe he Zest p-d camws1 Incfudes MoT.hcc Lode. Mori MmelieSd Pe ng, Intruder A -rt Detoxc PacMan Rock.y arc Super ArtFieiy foeo Dec ’9? Am gaWorid! Four duk v.»t counfs as three. FDB1 SuperGames Soma ol fhe best games- Donkoy Kong is belief Than the of'fl nai wifh an ot'ra ievef Frantic Froadie and Tra Blazer are botn last paced arcace games Mad Bomoer ts the ciassc gam* ot ‘Kaboom* reoone witn an Amiga hare A'i c'these games are exce-ent! FD32: Intrepid - In the Aret.c ica, you central a tank cn a mission tp rescue hostages in this superbly crafted Amiga cngmaf FDS4: Games! Deluxe PacMan is better than The original-* 20* mazes, soeoal "power-ups" with oustandmg graphics Tn nkAmama is tho csassic gamo or concantrai on -with tx>auti fully drawn HiReS images Workbench Disks WB4 T«lecommunicalion - Tfus d sk conta ns several excel lent pd comn-uhca*cn programs Access n .42. Comm t 34 A Handshake 2.12a See also WB102 & VZBl 15. WB5: Fonts 1- 35 bitmap fonts. Asa included are live PageStream fonts.and ShowFont - a font display program. WB6; Fonls *2 ShowFont allows you to quCkly and painlessly vn w all 256 characters m a lyp cat font, includes large AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 56pts) WB7: Clip Art This disk :s loaded with black and white dip art. An includes, trees, watches, tools, US and State maps, and more. WB9: Icons Truly a multitude ol various types and kinds Wsa includes IconMiesier. IconLab. And others fi'eat UiL-t-es to he'p generate icons WB12: Disk Utilities ¦ Thu great disk is loaded with wcmOerTui uni ties tor uvnrythmg including making d sk labels. Osk cala- log ng d sk optmizmg. Disk and fJo recovery archive and Orga nszing, ana ml sons of file manipulation. A must have' V B13AB; Printer Drivers and Generator over 70 d.tleront drivers (inducting HP LaserJet 3 A 41), also Includes a printer driver generator, Two disk Set counts as two WB15: Business - This disk Cohlains a spreadsheet, a database, a pro.-eci Time management program and financial analysis (stocks) WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk coriains tho best editors Indudes.ToxtPlus v2 2e) a full featured word processor, Dme(vf 35) a great programmers editor wrn strong macro features,TexEO(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editcr. And a spell checker WB22: Fonls 3 Several more great lonts These, like the otner foni disks work groat wilh Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Piot, a 3 D mathematical funcson plotter Can p'c‘ any user def.ned function. EczSj'f2 produce awesomo pictures of objects one couto turn cn a 'athe. Can a so map IFF image hies onto any surface that t can draw Now compatible win most 3D packages, and ' Screen makes a v rtu.il screen anywhere WB25:Educa|ionai On trus qisk aru Two programs that can generate maps or differing lypes. World Dala Base uses Ihe CIA's data base to genera!a daLuled maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a groal demonstration ol Albert Einsfein General Theory of Relativity WB27: Nagel 26 Patr-ck Nagel pictures Ol beautiful women WB33:Crrcurt Board Design - several '.emit rout res for the e-lectrcnc entnusiast. LnduOing PCStsxk - a arcu:! Board design tod. LcgicLaO circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26) a well done new release of this PD CAD program, now cones with predrawn common circuit components for insertion into schemaiics. WB35: 3D Graphics • This d sk contains 3Fonis ¦ Futl vector font set for use with 3d programs, Font Maker • make 3d fonts from any system font. Maka3DShape - create 3d shapes from any image, DumptolFF • create 3d animations preserves pallet, World 3d - a demo of a front end '-or use with DKERender WB36: Graphics ¦ On tnis d sx are several programs a create stunnmg graphica: images including. Mpath • creates sw-ri.ng galaxy images. Roses - produce an un I'm.ted number of variations of images thal a symmetrically similar to a rose, SmGan ¦ display those spectacular images as pari ol your workbench, and RayShnde - a very goad raytmcmg program, create youf own beautiful 3d graphic models with Ihis one' WB37: Educational • Educational games and puzzles thai cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6 - t5 WB41; Music MED an incredibly well done, lull ’eatured muse cdor. Create your own stunning muse Or eery cn your the Am-ga. S-milar to SouncTracks- out bettor Very aowertul easy to use program Version 3.20-corrpatiblo with WB2* WB43: Business - This cisk contains AnnlybCalc ¦ prooably the most powerful spreadsheai program on ihe Amiga. A full featured spreadsheet with many features oxpocfed in a commercial package Req 1 2 MB Spec ,4i Product •jVevv Release!! QT3: The A64 Package Version 3 - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with WB1.3 & 2.0 and now 3.0! This version includes a special adaptor that will aiiow you 1o connect your 64's 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. AU-new transfer software! Special price $ 59.95 -with hardware. WB46: Clip Art - H ghReS Ci>p art with the foliowng moils - embellishments (borders, oodads ,. ), people A transportation WB47: Clip Art Hires cLp art Motifs - ban. Drafting, summer, an.mals and rri.iclood WB48: Clip Art - Hires cl.p art Mot.fs - Holidays, muse, medical, and mi sc WB53: Graphics - Ray’tcClrg programs generate absolutely Stun wig realiSbc looking panes, rockets, buildings and surreal images. C Light is the most pcwertjf EASY-TO-USE cf ¦t'S kind we have seen to date This ts eas ty better, and more full featured, than sim lar cnrrmercia! Programs costing in the hundreds ot dollars Aso. Smavie - a lull featured vdeo ie»l Titler similar to ProVtoeo. Broadcasi Tiber. Groat video scrolling, wipes, special ehects. And more . WB54; Priming - This disk coniams several routines to help with The choiu ol priming. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD’ PnnlStLdto -a well Implemented all purpose prmier-ulility with a very camtortable graphic interlace and marry advanced features. Lila - with ease, print ASCII hies tc a PostScript prmter. Arc more WB55: Application Xccpylll - a full featured disk copier, make backups of copy protected disks RondRouie - find mo quickest route Irom one cry to another, highway description included Diary a diary program like ’Dougy Houser M D', Cal
- a calendar program. Magman - a database lailored lor articles and publications WB57; Animation TrusOiSK has several ’Demo' siyle animations. Including, Blitter. Lolly. SunS, verligo. Vortex, and xeno morph WB62: Midi Utilities - Several useful rr.di util.ties inducing, programs to transfer tc and from several music programs to mdi, a midi sysex hanc'er. A msci recorder with t rrebase. Dts- play midi into, file seqjence player, and a law scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate Hos Irom your hard drive, pertormmg Me backups. 3inary editing, last formanlng, file recovory. And forced cisk validation ot corrupt flisks WBS6: )COn» n2 LOI S of rteai cons Also, several wonderful programs tha! Lo lei you creale your own icons, med.ty and mampulala nans and rt!o struciures V B59: Music ¦ SO m nutes of classical and modem electronic muse for you Anvga. WB75: Music over too nstruments files = insi) and sample sound tiles ( ss) WB79: Homo & Business Accounling • Includes Ckbacct the most complolo checxbook accounting program going, LCDCalc - this wed done calculator has a very large display and operates from the keyboard or mouse, Mileage master • monitor your automobile mileage with tfus mileage log, Grammar • a grammar checxer, and Worxftime - f.nd out what time it is in up To 50 global si.es WB119ABCOE, Forri Set Tvs crtkttOT contains o**r I® TypetacHi fez use wiJi Pro1es.Jqnal Fi5Qe Pag’.*S*ft.er 3. Cr PagoSirs n 2 U. Tlisse fonts wffl cnitoui a any laser pnnt-
- u Or doL-matrix primer wdh no joggfes. Thank,, iq ouilihc- fonts. Very pro-looking, 5 OrSk set. Counts as 4. WB8J: Greal Applications DataEasy a very easy to use. Database b’Cg'am Don t let the ease o‘ use fool you this is a vii'y full feaiured database program mdLd ng fjlJ printer control for address labels and rra I merge appjications Also incudes, TypeTuI a good Typing lutor. RLC a full leatured label printer. Banner, a multi-fom banner maker, and Budge! A home accounting in a program, Highly recommended. WB82: Animations Four lull length, well done 'movie' style animations. Including Coyote, Jugglerll. GhosiPool, A Mechamx. 2 disks, counts as t WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 2 Contains the utilities inat Connpdore should have shipped with the Amiga VirusX4 0, Snap. FixDisk (recover corrupt deleted files). Disk Optimizer (floppy & hardj, Machlli (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accel. Macro dock utility). GOMF la guruQuSter)ard PnnlSludio WB95: Checkbook Accounlant 2.1 • Defm tely commeraal graae. Wo ve seen many checkbook programs and Hus is Iho bust. Full budgeting, transaction recording A report generation WB96: Dupers - Contains Xcopylll & Nib which will backup copyprotected programs Free Copy removes copy protection Irom severa programs, and SuperDuper will crank-oul last AmgaDOS copies WB102: Telecommunications - CcniaihS the programs Ncomm 2.0 and VT100-29B Zmodem protocols. XPR protocol support, fcjl VttOO ernutat on Nccrrrm's scnpl language is SO powerful q can create a lull-featured BBS system W8106: Home Manager • This is a great all-in-one address book with an aulodialer.'nolepad to-do list'appo ntmont schod ulonhome inventory database and phone number dialer. WBI08: OctaMED This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities from 4 channels 10 an oar popping 8 channels' All the lenound editing capabr'il es of MED plus 4 more Channjls' It you thought your Amiga sounded goad before, .you aint heard nothin' yet1 WBI 09: VerseWise Display, sea-ch and print The New Testament WB113: Sid II - Why pay 40 bucks iqr a d rectory Utility, When this one win do it ail plus much more' A truly professional caliber program Sid I was our best, now Comptvluiy rewritten. Sid 2 will astound you WB114: Fonts 4 Contains 36 brtmap system fonts. WB115: Telecommunication It you have Anuq iDQS 2 D4. And a modem. Then this is IHE program tor you Term totally con'orms lo the User Interface Style Gu Ce tor 2 04. Has an Artjix port, and supports all popular fiie-transfer protocols through XPR Lprar.es, We wish all programs were this good WB116: Databases - This is what you've been waiting for' Contains 5 umquely specialized database programs tor hacking: Videotapes. CD's. Magazine Artie es, Come Books and Trading Cards' WB120: Grinder - a complete graphics conversion pockago mat Supports GIF's. Jpeg. Neochtome. Degas. PCX. Targa, TIFF. HAM - E and IFF format pictures An invaluable TOO! For all desktopvideog-aphers and desktop publishers WB1T8: Amiga Beginner You ter , A complete tutorial loi hiit beginner on us-ir-g die Amrpa Shuts >tou pit .’ the pcw«r-i?»=ldi a' a Teu Stzougn to l ie CllSfte1 and aJI coirts in betwunn Bonus* Aso inciudnd are 16- color icons to tepLaqe every icon n your 2 0* Workbench WB121: ProPagc3 4 Enhancer - This disk contains ovpr 40 'Genies* tor use with ProPage 3*. Including uselui ones like Make Pie Ch3rt and Resize To>i to frt Bex to name a lew. Aso includes Structu-ed & b tmap doart for imqje ba-ders a must have lor all Ppage 3 users WBI22: System Optimizer - Kcamr-rodity enhances your system, gives memory motors, mouse keyboard enhancements, onfme timers plus many others ..too numerous to Lst! Reorg will optimize hard and floppy-disks tor a b g speed Increase. HDMem win anew you to use up to 2 megs ol hard- enve space tor virtual memory1 (Req. 68020* w. MMU) All programs recu re 2.0 W8123AB: Flags ol Ifte World • sane as WB124, but for Workbench 1 3 Req tm& 2 disk set. Courts as two WB124; Rags ol Ihe World • Two modes: dick and ton or a game fa test your knowledge Great graphics -fantasfic loarmrg tool. Has current Russia A Yugoslavia republics Req Workbench 2.0* A 1 MB RAM WBI27: Qlankers • Over 20 ditlereni screen blanker® Most run or> Vzorkbench t.3* . N low require 2 0* WB128: ColorFonts - contains 12 color bitmap fonts for use with Dpaini or any software thal supports CotorFonts. WB129: Super Virus Killer - From Sals Hex Intl. Who catalogs and kills Am ga Viruses wtjrtdwicfe--a complete virus system that knows al Amiga viruses updated often Reo WB 2* WB130: Tool Manger 2 • The uttrmate tool manager lor your Workbench Add arumatod on$ , sound eflects and 'docks' ol programs to your WB very use full Req 2 0* and harp drive WB131: Magic Workbench * Make your 2.04. Workbench sizzle witn stylo with those 8-cotor dimereq .cons Easy auto installs in mirtuies Ruq's WB2.C4* and hard drive. WBI32: Canon Studio Version 2 * Special prmter Preferences editor aro drivers tor BJC 500. 800 6 880. LBP. A1, A2. BJC 800, BJ 5. 10. 20. 200. 230. 300. 130. WB133: Panasonic Studio ¦ Special printer Prelerences editor and driver system tor all Panason-c 9 3 24 pm printers WBI34: 3.C AGA Blanker BlitzBlanker for WB3 0- 14 d-f- fereni blankers lo really show of! Your AGA machine' Dev Disks DD54: Compression Tho besl file compression programs and aids lor tho Amiga. Includes Arc. Lharc, Lhwarp, Pkax. PowerPacker a must have by all, Z.-p, Warp, and Zoo ? D71AB: C Compiler - This disk certains DICE. Matthew Dillon's full featured, powerful C compter A environment. 2 disks, courts as 2. DD79abccf: Amiga "C" Tutorial - This is toe most comprehensive C language-Amiga oriented--set o! Luionais available Includes full working examples, source Codo nnd an incredible set o1 lessons Included aro full discussions and ftxnmples tcr Amiga programming, 4 disk sot, counts as 3. DD86: The Programmer Includes Gad Tools and REQTools which will allow you to create your use* rrtertaces and then the program wil automatically generate *C' source code or Assemcjiy-ccde Requires, and wnies code for, AmgaDOSZ* DD89: Uedit - Probably toe most powerful text eotor for toe Am ga Previously commercial, new public domam 1 MB DD91: ParSench - Ahows you to easily connect network Two AmigasiCDTVs together and share storage devices. Req's custom cable (docs to make cable included- easy), DD9Q: Advanced Ulilllioa - Comp-essDisk doubles the capacity of your hard-drive on the I1y with compression111 Aso contains, disk opfimizur. SCSI mount utility, Keymap »>d:fors. Enforcer, Undeleter 5 more. Most p-ograms require 2 0* Video Disks V09: Imaging - Included on this disk are Ins indispensibte utilities, RerC24, ViewTek and the JPEG utilities Rend24 is invaluable tor 24-bit animators allowing for previews on AGA and non-AGA Am-gas. ViewTek plays back anims ol all sorts mclud ng An m 5. 7 and 8 formats (; a m i: r k l; s e r v e From p. 64. So what's the matter? Well, Tornado is rather slow. And I’m not talking about on the standard A500 or A1200. An ’030 processor is recommended, but I suspect an ’0*10 would be ideal. It is slow on an A3000 running at 25 Mhz, slow on an A500 running at 40 Mhz and just a bit slow even on a fast- RAM-heavy, ‘030-based A1200. Don’t get me wrong it’s fast enough to be entirely playable on an 030 hut anyone exposed to FDP2,s silken ride and solid surfaces is likely to find Tornado’s dithered graphics and humpy screen update wanting, and I just wish they’d finessed the Amiga version a bit more. (A Digital rep says that better speed will be one of the improvements in the forthcoming Amiga 1200 version.) FI I7A Stealth Fighter 2.0, on the other hand, represents something of a return to llight-sim form for MicroProse UK O o after the ponderous B-l 7 and drab Dogfight. (By the way. I’ve since been informed by a reader that B-17’s speed problems are accelerator-related, ironically enough, and that it works much better under the utility program Enforcer.) It's a very clean conversion of the IBM original quick to get in. Quick to get out, and good fun while it lasts operates well even on a basic machine, is NTSC compatible, and offers a nice range of scenery and airborne activity. (The intro's smart-bomb attack on a hangar is a treat as well.) 1 lowever, it’s also something ol a throwback to the days ol F-15 Strike Eagle II. That’s nice in some ways like that game, it’s very playable but it’s also burdened by a clunky dashboard. Somewhat ragged movement and split seams when turning, and a limited palette even in daylight missions. Not bad, MBS, but it's time for an update. SHORT TAKES Cool. Si’OT You remember Spot, right? 7 Up's trademark character a red dot with Ray-Bans, a Mr. Natural walk, and Mickey Mouse gloves? He last lent his name to a Go variation published by Virgin around 1990, and now he's back as the main character of an arcader of which he's more than just host, and
3. 0 ?* Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection, much better suited. I've held forth before on artless merchandising in Amiga games before, but I'll shut up about it here, as this entry [Virgin UK, about S35) is really rather good. Its greatest asset: It doesn't do anything twice, it does enthusiastically everything it elects to do (the animations are consistently charming), and it choses its source material wisely. (The opening beach level appears to take off from LucasArts' Star Wars games for the Super NES.) I never knew quite what was coming next, and I was never disappointed. Could this be the Un-Arcader? Caveat: You may have to experiment a good deal with Degrader or its equivalent to get Cool Spot to fizz to life. The load is long, but it does work. Zool 2 ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. We are in the presence of greatness. All the superlatives wasted on the disappointing Zool apply most vigorously to Zool 2 (Gremlin Graphics. About $ 35), which I'd rate as the best pure platform game of 1993. Here, at last, the little ninja comes into his own. The artwork is arcade-gorgeous; the levels vast, elaborate, and varied in architecture; and there's a cumulative bigness of spirit here a suggestion of distant horizons that keeps calling you back into the fray. Zool was a trifle. Somehow, Zool 2 feels as though it matters, and that's unheard of in a platform game. Alas, it seems to balk at loading on any machine with a hard disk or '030 (or both; I couldn't tell), and the action does slow down somewhat when there's a lot of stuff moving on the screen (as there often is). That'll all probably get fixed in the inevitable A1200 version, but there's really not much more they could add. As it is, Zool 2 is damn near perfect. No Second Pielze Were Fighter Duel to descend to earth and, in the fashion of Japanese robots, morph into a motorcycle game, it would surely turn into No Second Prize (Thalion USA, $ 29.95) a racing sim that fairly flies down the track on even the most basic Amigas. I saw that skeptical look. And you're within your rights. Polygons and motorcycles haven't mixed particularly well to date Team Suzuki and Red Zone crashed better than they rode but this is something else entirely. You tear down the track without a trace of frames going by the flow here is absolutely liquid and this with not a little in the way of track-side scenery. The mouse control is entirely intuitive, off-road is properly bumpy, the intro is lovely, and the whole thing just breathes class. OK, the game doesn't have great depth of field (cycles disappear in the distance too early) and the little hills look as though they've been superimposed on the track. Perhaps this is all just a stylish programming trick rather than a full 3-D world. But if so, it works like a charm. On the turns, you will be leaning in your chair. KGB Welcome, comrade. Virgin has taken its own sweet time about it, but the US division has finally brought out a domestic edition of this taut and absorbing graphics adventure. Set in a disintegrating Soviet Union, KGB casts you as a newly transferred intelligence agent prowling Moscow's seamy underbelly. If now somewhat dated Gorbachev was in power when this first surfaced it's still top-notch. Really, what's not to like? KGB is nice and tough in a reasonable, non- adventure-gamey way. It doesn't pull punches over subject matter. The first-person view is an original touch. The ciick-me interface is teflon. And French developer Cryo has shown its customary respect both for the Amiga's abilities and the range of machine configurations. And, most of all, I admire KGB for always keeping its head; it's a regular bear for consistency. Immersed in its story, characters, and milieu, not once does it fall into traditional adventure-game tricks and traps. Nor does it use a cliche without also letting the steam out of it along the way. And not once does it set us up for a payoff it can't deliver. You'll rarely be disappointed here . . . And you'll never see red. ? % To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 78. ANTI GRAVITY AccuTrjns-3 Art Department Pro 2.5 Adptooh Proffesional Alladin 4D Ver. 3.0 Animworkjhop Ver. 2.0 AsimCDFS Dynamic Motion Module Essence I Essence II Forge Image Fx Imagine 3.0 Newton's Law Magic Lantern Montage Multi frame Multilayer Adpro Pagestream 2.2 Free 3 0 Pegqer Pixel 3D Professional 2.0 Real 3D Ver. 2.0 Scenery Animator Ver. 4.0 PRODUCTS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 lor Ofrrfnlici ».«J •jfYff p«txif| |hj| Jpplf Q.JO i rf1 (*'4 lubittl Co ihjfigf wiheul nalit* Oiluirn flVJkt , « AM* nun h i t> *n unreal pjibjqint) i«il i and it ion. Jrvf in iu|>|4il to a JOS ret|o l.r> | tr* *iu :pjjr*rlr*i jrr n«i|ilinf Ji tn iiicrlJd pii r«vifn t *-nt1 yntt u» n fii morvulact&irrri (Uimi *nd t|i«(i|ic«IIOdt Jf J*l l [npi rtt loyt,t ftur ¦ m > 1 VC f -r-e" * - w_ Wavelink Wavemaker Is a 040 Accelerator with a High-Speed SCSI-2 controller & upto 128MB of ram expansion All-In-One! ENGINE We Accept visa S 825 S Call SyQuest Drives; IDE Bare Drive SCSI Bare Drive External w Cart. Cartridges; 1 each for 5 each for 88C 105 S N A $ 265 S 285 5 265 S 455 S 435 200 $ N A S 425 5 645 270 5 415 5 430 S 635 Chromakey Plus C;Lock Kitchen Sync S39S S375 S1275 S475 S425 S395 )ppy S175 AD516S118S S690 S 1315 Scal! » Syi Nova Y C Personal Editor Personal SFC 2.5 Power HD Flo 5tudio16 3.0 Supergen SX TBC Plus Tocaita 16 Vlab Y C Warp Engine 1 Imagine 3.0 Now Available Amiga or PC S495 105MB 200MB 270MB 5 70 S120 S100 5 65 5110 S 95 Amiga 4000 SyQuest Internal IDE Drive Kit with Cartridge. DATAFLYER-105SQ 105MB 5 395 DATAFLYER-270SQ 270MB 5 545 24-Bit DISPLAY BOARDS RETINA PICASSO li SPECTRUM EGS 4 MB 2MB Network It for $ 295 IDEK MONITORS Add A Picassoll 2MB & 17" IDEK Monitor for S1320 GREAT TOASTER MONITOR 17" 5017 15-38KHz Scalll NEW 17" 8617 1280x1024
23. 5-86KHz $ 795! NEW 21" 86211280x1024
23. 5-86KHZ $ 2395 21" 90211600x1280 24-90KhzS Call A4000-25MHZ-040 6 o hd $ 1975 A4000-25MHz~040 6 soombhd $ Call A4000WARP: 40MHz-040 10MB Ram, SCSI-2, 500MB HD A4000TURBO: 40MHz-040 10MB Ram, IDE, 500MB HD $ Call $ Call A4000Toaster Warp System: 40MHz-040 SCSI-2
4. 3GB HD 38MB Ram Picassoll 17" IDEK S Call DIGITAL ¦ ¦ Give us a ISCREAM! IF you want to hear about the PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. J PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER (PAR): 24-Bit Real Time Video Playback Recorder fS-Vitfeo, NTSC, Bet a Ml I, PAL Ver Available) Amiga Iheap CD rom 350ms, 150KB sec 5200 ’oshiba XM340IB 200ms, 330KB sec 5385 JEC TRIPLE SPEED 195ms, 450KB sec S420 SIM CDR File System 2.0 5 55 $ Call Texture City Pro-100 1 CD Rom 24-bit Textures for Amiga, PC, Mac, SGI in Tiff-Targa-Pcx-lff format CD Rom S 69 Pro-60 sets 1 & 2 Amiga 3.5’' jpeg each for S 69 iihi mi BfmiiV.fiUilMK ilium™ i immki $ 4901 5 820 5 Call $ 750 514501 5 540 5 520 5 495 f Big Byte Super Buys! J FMT DRIVE sz. SPEED PRICE [ 270MB Quantum LPS270
3. 5LP 10ms 5 250 500MB Conner CFA-540S
3. 5
9. 5ms S 495 ¦ 540MB Quantum LPS540
3. 5LP 10ms 5 485 L(
1. 0 GB Quantum EMP1080
3. 5LP 9ms 5 795 ?
1. 0 GB Conner 1060
3. 5
9. 5ms S 795 10 GB IBM
3. 5
8. 6ms $ 795
1. 0 GB Micropolis 2210
3. 5 10ms $ Call
1. 7 GB Micropolis 2217
3. 5 10ms 5 Call 1
1. 8 GB Quantum Pro1800S 3.5 10ms 51150
2. 0 GB IBM
3. 5
9. 2ms S1350
2. 9 GB Seagate Elite-3
5. 25 11ms S2150
8. 9 GB Seagate Elite-9
5. 25 11ms S5850 1 20 GB TAPE DRIVE
5. 25
2. 5MB sec S3995J; WARP-28MHZ no CPU (use the 040 from your A4000) with an 040 CPU WARP-33MHZ 0 MB Ram with a 4MB 60ns SIMM WARP-40MHZ 0MB Ram with a 16MB 60ns SIMM with a 32MB 60ns SIMM clip maps to simulate complex structures! Save memory and modelling time in creating photorealistic scenes. Plus tutorial scenes for Lightwave, Imagine, and Real 3D .Each Only $ 129.95 PERSONAL COMPONENT ADAPTER: Beta Mil Decoder PERSONALTBC IV (NTSC): use with PAR to record video PERSONAL TBC II VT-3000 (PAL): use with PAR to record PERSONAL V-5COPE: for Amiga 6r PC DPS-210: Video Signal Transcoder (NTSC) Caddy Needed it las a POP-UP case and i Headphone jack. £ 285 PLUS ! FREE !! ASIM-CDFS & Fred Fish Gold :or a limited time while supplies last shapes! Snap Maps integrate 24-bit color maps with bump and
- is----- ‘ “ Snap Maps are unique textures that trim 3D surfaces into new ITS CD-ROM TIME PAR HARDDISKS 500MB
1. 7GB NTSC PAL PC (ISA bus) SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders j- 800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Into? Cat! (305) 491-9519 ®1.3 ?
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3. 0 Not hard-drlve installable. Copy-protectlon. L Q 95 2195
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18. 95 treel Fighter . . Tract Indianapolis 500 (Electronic Arts) International Ice Hockey 35 35 42 35 35 42 35 33 40 35 33 42 35 35 40 35 35 35 38 35 Call 42 35 33 42 35 40 33 42 35 35 40 42 33 33 27 33 35 (Team Yankee 2) Price A Availability subject to change at any time1 irodu Wpfi U S product* warrantied through manufacturer SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up to 3 pieces, by payment Haaleicard & Visa $ 5 00 ¦ C.O.D .(Cash Only) $ 10.00 Next day sir add $ 10.2nd day air add $ 5.3 day air add $ 3 ta tunc rale Shipping times not guaranteed. COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES? Call 305-491-0398 Nothing is etched in stone Everything is subject to change suciect to cnange at any tir No refunds or exchanges.Defective products enhan ced same item, but subject to Sidehne approval. CALL FIRST1 U K products warranties through Sideline RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE NOT New Additions are in Red 4-0 Sports Boxing 4-D Sports Driving 668 AtUCk Sub A-Tran Abandoned Places 2 Action Stations Add sin's Family Afrika Karos Alfred Chicken regular or ASA I Alien Breed Specn! Edition Aliens 3 Ancient Art of War In The Skies Another World Aquaventura (Psygnosis) Arabian Knights Assassin Special Edition Barbarian 2 [Psygnosis1 BATH Battle Hawks 1942 Battle Isle Battleship Battietech Beavers Birds of Prey Electronic Arts' Black Crypt Blackjack Academy Blob Pore Design) Blues Brothers Brutal Sports Football Budakhan Cadaver and Data Disk California Games 2 Celtic Legends Championship Manager '93 Chaos Engine or AuA Chaos Strikes Back Checkers Chess. Backgammon Chessmasler 2175 Chuck RocJc 2 Cohort Fighting ter Rome Combat Air Patrol (Psygnosis) Conan the Cimarron Conflict in Korea (SSII Conflict in the Mioeasl (SSI) Cool Croc Twins (with T-shirt) Covert Action (Microprvse) Crziy Ca rs 3 Cruise for a Corpse Cvber Empires (SS) Cycles (Accolade) D-Generation AGA Days ol Thunder Delender 01 The Crown Deluxe Productions Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Deuteros Diggers AGA Doodle Bug Double Dragon 3 Dune Elvira 2 Eye of the Beholder t (SS'J Eye of the Beholder 2 (SSI) F-1 Racing Vroom 2) F-15 Strike Eagle 2 F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte) F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose) Face Off Ice Hockey Fairy Tale Adventure Feudal Lards Fighter Bomber Fireteam 2200 Fool's Errand Gauntlet 3 Global Ehect Goal Grand Pnx Circuit iAccolade! Great Napoleonic Battles Hardball 1 Hardball 2 Harlequin Harpoon Hero Ouest (Gremlin) Hill star (SSI) Hoyles Beck o‘ Games 1 2 3, each. It Came From The Desert 2 Jack Nicklaus Greatest IB Jaguar XJ 220 James Pond John Madden FootDall Knighis of the Sky (Microprose) Knight mare Laser Squad Legend (4 Crystals of Traziar) Legend of Valor lemmings I Lemmings 2 Links Golf Lionheart Loom (LucasfilmI Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Lotus Turbo Challenge 3 M-1 Tank Platoon (Microprose) Maniac Mansion Megatraveler 2 Mercenary 3 Microprose Golf (Greens) Mia 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monty Python Napolean 1 = Intercme) New Zealand Story Nipell Mansell Grand Pnx Obitus (Psygnosis) Overrun (SSI) Pacific islands Pacland Pa II a dm 2 Pan a Kick Boxing Paperboy 2 Parasol Stars (for.b:misland!) Pictionary Pirates1 Pit Fighter__ Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indianapolis International Isbar 2 AGA Alien Breed 2 or Alien Breed 2 AGA 35 Amazon Queen 40 Amber Moon 40 Apocalypse 27 Bottle Toadi 35 Beneath a Steel Sky 40 Body Blows 2 or Body Blows 2 AGA 35 Cannon Fodder Chaos Engine AGA dvihzation AGA I Dark Mere Elite II F-117A Stealth Fighter Gentsa Global Domination Heimdall 2 K240 King Maher Kings QuestS (Sierra} Legacy of Soraul Liberation Maelstrom Mortal Kombat Out To Lunch Raiden Rules at Engagement 2 Second Samurai or AGA Sim City 2000 Simon the Sorcerer i AGA Skid Marks Syndicate TEX Terntimtor 2 (Com Op.} The Blue and the Gray The Settlers Tornado Flight Simulator or AGA Total Carnage or AGA Tumcan 3 Spoils of War (intercme) Fighter 2 Strike Fleet Stunt Car Racer Super Space Invaders Super Saweek
S. W.I.V. (Silkworm 4)
T. V. Sports Baseball
T. V. Sports Boxing T V. Sports football Team Yankee Terminator 2 The Immortal The Jetsons The Simpsons The Ihree Stooges Their Finest Hour Toki Tom Langry Pro Football 2 Torvak the Warnor Traders (Mule Clone) Traccon 2 J Trivial Pursuit Genus Ed. Troddlers Trolls or Trolls AGA Turrican 2 Turtles 2 The Arcaoe Game Typhoon Of Steel (SSI) Ultima 5 Utopia Walker iPsygnnsisi War in the Gulf Warhead War Zone Waterloo Whits Death (Intercme) WaKid Wi: and Lu Ipsygnosis) World Boxing Manager Worlds at War (Intircine) Revenge of Defender Risky Woods Robocod Reaular and AGA Robocop 3 D Robosport (MAXIS) Rodiand Secret of Monkey Island Seek and Destroy Sensible Soccer ’93 Shadow Lands Shadow Worlds Shutfiepuck Cale Sjen: Service 2 Sim Ant Sim City Sim Earth Sim Life Sim Life AGA Soccer Kid Soace 1889 Space Crusade Special Forces (Micropme) Speedbal! 2 Police Quest III = Sierra) Populous Promised Lands Power Monger A WW1 Premie ft Prince of Persia Proied X Pushover Putty Quack (Team 17) R-Type 2
R. 3.1. Baseball 2 Railroad Tycoon Rainbow Island Reach for the Skies Red Zone i Twilight 2000 UF.O. (Microprose) Ultimate Pinball Quest men Two Worlds War Wing Commander Winter Olympics (Lrlehammer 94) Zoo! 2 AGA Worlds otLtgendS (Lsgend21 W WF 2 Em Rampage Xenon 2 ImegabUsll Zai McCracken Zoo! ZoolAGA IA-1200) Zoo! 2 NEW TITLES COIH-OP HITS 2 Induces: Nm|j Spurt. Dyrusty Wars, Hammerlist, Vsgilani*. Ghouls and Ghosts ALL FOR $ 24.95 LORDS OF POWER Indues; ins Parted General, Red Baton. Silent Ssrvice 2. And Railroad Tycoon ALL FOR $ 49.95 POWER PACK Includes. T.V Sports Football, Xtnon 2, Bioodwych. Antf Lombard Road Rally ALL FOR $ 29.95 FUTURE CLASSICS Indudes: Tank Battle, Diet Riot. Lost Maze. Disc Man. And Blocker Lanch ALL FOR $ 14.95 COMBAT CLASSICS Includes: 688 Attack Sub, ft 5 Strike Eagle 2. Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 34.95 NINJA COLLECTION Includes: Double Dragon. Dragon Ninja, Shadow Warrior ALL FOR $ 14.95 EXCELLENT GAMES Shuttle, Populous 2. James Pond 2, Archer Modem's Pool ALL FOR $ 49.95 PHANTASY PACK Includes- Phantasy 1. Phantasy 3, Qoestron 2 $ 6.95 Each, or Any 3 lor $ 20! All Sales Final! Thunder Jaws Cardiax * Night Shift Night Hunter Hudson Hawk ' Ranx Armada Borodma Death Bnnger Megaphoenrx' James Bond Stealth Affair Hagar me Hornble Faces (Tris 3) Alpha Waves Deadline Bushbuck Treasure Hunter Heart ot the Dragon Dark Castle Zoetrope 20,000 Leagues Under Sea Bravo Romeo Delta Under Pressure Continental Circus Gem-X' Ninja Rernpc Dojo Dan ’ = requires AGNUS chip. Most Titles $ 35! Allred the Chicken. Castles 2 D-Generalton. Elite 2. Gunslup 2000. Super Methane Brothers. James Pond 2. Labyrinth of Time. Liberation. Nigel Mansell. Nick Faldo's Golf. Pirate's Gold. Pmbali Fantasy, Lotus Trilogy Moiph. Mean Arenas, Trolls, Sensible Soccer. Brutal Sports Football. T.F.X.. Seek and Destroy. Chaos Engine and Firelorce, Delender ol the Crown 2. D0NK, Tctal Carnage, Global Etfect. Premier, Ryder Cup. Alien Breed 2. Fire and Ice. Gunship 2000. Zool 2. Mcrocosm. Ihile They Last! CD32 TITLES IN STOCK MULTIPACKS EUROMAGS Amiga Format, C.U. Amiga. Amiga Games, Amiga Action. Amiga Computing. Amiga User Internationa). Amiga Power. CD 32 Gamer ALL WITH DISKS-$ 10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk S7 Fax (305) 491-6134 with CD32: Cool Captures The two games in the original European CD32 bundle have been released separately by their publishers (Diggers from Millennium and Oscar from Flair) and both bear up OK in the new context especially the Lemmings-like mining game Diggers (B-). And while Oscar’s hardly Sonic, this plaiformer is at least a graphical tour-de-force (C+). Odd that Morph a nice arcade-puzzler from Millennium built around changes in elemental states should itself go through so few changes en route from the original. This has the 12 extra levels from the A1200 version, and I suppose the music’s a bit better (B). Arabian Nights for CD32 (Buzz) has barely changed from its original Amiga release, and a good thing, too. The original platform puzzler was brilliant in its simplicity, and why mess with a good thing (R+)-" ' The plaiformer Trolls (Flair) has most of the qualities you probably liked in its younger brother, Oscar except maybe a sympathetic character. Play’s a bit thin, but gotta love the backdrops, and the jaunty, let’s-go-rollerskating music has been punched up significantly (B-). Nigel Mansell’s Championship Racing (Gremlin Graphics), released for the CD32 in tandem with Zool, also crawled from the same swamp. Ick (D+). Sensible Soccer (Renegade) is the most highly-rated soccer game ever released on the Amiga. Sensible Software didn’t have to do anything much in bringing it over to the CD32, and it hasn’t.. . For better or worse (B). John Barnes European Football (Buzz) doesn t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Sensible. I flout this restriction this time because it was the first sports game for the CD32, and that’s likely to he the last time this hard- to-control and ugly soccer game will be first at anything (F). Shame that the big-sprite plat former Deep Core (ICE) the disk version of which was semi-panned a couple of issues back didn’t turn up in this format first, as it’s much more on target playwisc (B). The tour-de-force graphics adventure The Labyrinth has finally turned up as The Labyrinth of Time (Electronic Arts UK, about $ 45). It works fine on the Cl)32 and naturally is faster and all the superlatives (and the few reservations) heaped on it in the preview last September still apply (A-). Editors Note: Thanks to British Magazine Distributors for providing some of the games reviewed this issue, ? The trouble with Operation Wolf- type shoot-'em-ups essentially, sideways-scrolling target ranges is that once you get over the rush of juice from their close resemblance to the arcade originals, you have pretty much seen everything that this game has to offer. So it is in T2 (Virgin UK, S35) the second Amiga game to be born of the second Terminator movie. This conversion of the standup looks and plays very like the original frenetic shooting gallery, and, like the cabinet model, it is wanting as a game. You'll enjoy it for the first 15 minutes or so, with metallic, grinning Terminators disintegrating before your very eyes and wasting lots of recyclable scrap metal. Then you will notice that the second 15 minutes is a whole lot like the previous 15, except that it requires more bullets, weapons, greater speed, and better aim. Aren't you excited? (That said, T2's still much better than the movie's other, more timely hellspawn: the Ocean platform game.} ¦ T2: The Arcade Game ; A F, PR K 8 E R V F AN AMIGA 1200 TWICE THE SPEED OF AN A4000 030 OR A3000 SYSTEM??? PURCHASE THE 50MHZ ACCELERATORS AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! ‘ FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES* 'NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* Microbotics CsfTs 12 Gouge M1230XA accelerator Accelerators 599 799 799 899 1199 1099 1099 849 1999 5049 IR 99 149 229 309 389 175
29. 95 169 ai Hiqn l cb A XL * 30 ACCELERATOR B ¦IIIIIIIL A-Aft ... AAAA AA ... - ...... AAA- XT VXL 30) 25 & MMU Mhz $ 160 40EC Mhz S225 33 Mhz & NIMU S225 (VXL 32 RA piB S249 w 68882 25FPUS235 w FPU $ 354 w FPU $ 324 8MB $ 875 S249 S325 $ 449 $ 449 $ 449 $ fy 5 $ 99 $ fy 9 S125 $ 99 ICS EXPANSION SYSTEMS Baseboard 601C w lMB 69 Dataflyer XDS 0MB 69 w 130MB Hard Drive 274 w 260MB Hard Drive 299 w 340MB Hard Drive 368 W 540MB Hard Drive 568 Baseboard 1200Clock 25 Dataflyer Ramcard w 2mb199 500 SCSI or IDE 149 1000 SCSI or IDE 149 2000 SCSI or IDE 95 500 SCSI&IDE 179 1000 SCSI&JD E 199 2000 SCSI&IDE 125 2632 w 4Megabytes Meg A Chip 2DOO SOO w 2MB Agnus Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A KwikStart II (A 1000) 1202 FPU & 1202 FPU & 1202 FPU & 1202 FPU & Ram w lMB &Clk Ram w 2MB & Clk Ram w 4MB &Clk Ram w SMB & Clk 3128 A3000 4000 Ram board Expandable to 128MB w 4MB A4D08-HC8+0MB 149 SIMM32 1 MB 60ns 69.95 SIMM32 4MB 60ns CALL SIMM32 16MB 60NS CALL 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 135 G-Lock Genlock 375 EGS Spectrum w 2MB 475 A1230-40-00-4 +DPP-II 499 A1230-50-00-4 +DPP-II 649 A1291 Stingray 99 68040 33Mhz A2000 4MB 1049 Gforce 040 @ 40Mhz for the A4000 w 4mb & Opt for SCSI w 2 Ram Sockets 1499 299 DPSPersonal TBC HI 699 DPS Personal TBC IV 799 DPS PAR w Software 1549 SEAGATE SG3655A 499 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Personal V Scope 729 Kitchen Sync 1199 Opal Vision 2.0 395 DCTV-NTSC 274 Retina w 4MB 549 Vlab Y C 449 Vlab Int Ext Comp 379 499 Montage 325 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 MorphPlus 139 Art Department Pro 2.5 139 Scala 3.0 289 Video Director 129 Caligari 24 139 Aladdin 4D 249 Video Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 499 Video Toaster 4000 3.1 1995 Ptcaso W 1MB-2MB 439 495 Light Rave 3.1 399 A4000 Computer 68040 CALL A4000 Computer 68030 CALL A1200 Computer 395 W 40MB HD Installed 535 w 65MB HD Installed 559 W 85MB HD Installed 619 w 130M8 HD Installed 699 W 235MB HD Installed 799
* 1942 Monitor CALL "1084S Monitor CALL A520 Video Adapter 34 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2286 AT Bridgecard w 1.2MB High Density Roppy & MSDOS 5.0 299 2 MB Ram For 2091 96 Janus 2.1 Update 49 A2000 3000 Disk Drives 79.95 A500 Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A600 1200 Keyboards 29.95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 79.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 External case PS & Cables 99
2. 05 Kickstarl Rom 39.95
2. 04 Kickstarl Rom 32.95
1. 3 Kickstarl Rom 22 1MB Agnus = 8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 18.95 CIA (8520) 8 50 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 49 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ 49 Superbuster (-11) (4091) 99 Ramsey (A3000) 99 Fat Gary (A3000) 49 Super Dmac (A3000) 99 Amber (A3000) 79 A3000 Daugterboard 99 €* t 'ZtytJfUldc- 7Z& 99 SefecKtcvie- 0*6} 79 AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Density 32 Beetle Mouse External Hiqh VIDEO AMIGA NOW AVAILABLE Zool CD32 39 Mean Arenas CD32 39 Trolls CD32 39 Robocod CD32 39 Call for other available titles 68030 25Mhz CPU w!MMU&Clk249 68030 33 Mhz CPU & FPU & Clk299 68030 40ECMhz CPU & Clk 299 68030 50 hz CPU w MMU&Clk349 MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68881 RC20Mhz FPU w Clock 125 68882 RC33Mhz FPU w Clock 199 68882 RCSOMhz FPU w Clock 249 8-Up! FASTRAM BOARD 16 Bit ramboard expandable to SMB by adding 2MB at a time using 16 1x1 dip chips. 16 Hit Board w OMB Ram 16 Bit Board w 2MB Ram 16 Bit Board w 4MB Ram 16 Bit Board vv 6MB Ram 16 Bit Board wfSMB Ram
5. 25" HH 44MB DRIVE (SQ555)
5. 25" HI i 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44)
3. 5" IP 105MB IDE & SCSI
5. 25" IIII 2C0MB (SQ5200) (R&W 44&8K)
3. 5" LP 270MB SCSI (SQ3270S) 13MS NEW
5. 25" 44MB Cartrigcs
5. 25” 88MB Cartriges
3. 5" 1C5MB Cart ri get 5,25 200MB & 3.5" 27CMB Caring External Versions w Cabling Ada AtfaData Crystal Trackballs 49 Multrface III (2Ser 1Par) 89 Alpha Power A500+8 IDE W 120MB HD w OMB Octogon SCSI II HD Cont. W SMB Ram Expansion AdlDE 40MB HD System w 2.5” Drive (500 2000) 269 AdlDE 130MB HD System w 2.5” Drive (500 2000) 399 Flicker Free Video II 249 SYQUEST UNMATCHED PRICES Simm version available, + 20 to prices. ALFA DATA 349 189 29 69 159 199 299 499 395 AUDIO DKB E Sunrise Industries AD516 Digitizer (16Bit) AD1012 Digitizer (12Bit) 139 33Mhz w MMU & SCSI Board 399 w 4MB 86-70NS Ram 549 33Mhz w MMU & FPU & SCSI 649 vvl4MB 8B-70NS Ram 799 50Mhz w MMU & SCSI Board 499 w 4MB 60NS Ram 6S8 50Mhz w MMU & FPU & SCSI 634 w 4MB 60NS Ram 825 on the SCSI Bus
- Trus Zorro III 32 bit memory board
- CDROM file eyetem & dynamic caching software
- FAST SCSI - If DMA CONTROLLER FOR BOTH THE AMIGA 4000 & 3000! Pure Speed is Only $ 475 TBC+ w oSMPTE CODE 799 A500+W 42MBHD 325 A500+W 120MB HD 399 A500+W 270MB HD 499 A500+W 340MB HD 575 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 139 FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) 39 Cinemorph Software 35 Phonepak VFX 2.0 275 DSS8+ Sound Sampler 89 I O Extender CALL Exlra I O Port CALL Image F X 249 Image F X Upgrade 39 DERRINGER 25 25 1 399 w MMU, FPU & 1 MB RAM DERRiNGER 50 4 599 w MMU, & 4 MB RAM Rocket Launcher 50 50 499 w MMU Makes The CBM 2630 Or GVP Combo 25 run al 50 Mhz w MMU & FPU (68882RC50) FASTLANE Z3
- Add up to 256 MB of ram of contiguous memory
- Transfer up to 7MB Sec Async & lOMBJSec Sync Easy SCSI Hookup vlI8MS Access! Internal Version 449 External Version 549 68030 & 32 Bit Wide Ram For The A500 2000! Mnt rs Micro R&D CSA 2000 Bigfoot Power Supply 159 1200 500 Bigfoot Power Supply 39 Slingshot A500 (1A2000Slot) 39 Slingshot Pro A500 69 All Speeds Available 1x8 120-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 120-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 100-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60ns Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 I00-60ns Page DIP 39+ 1x1 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms (4MB) 149+ 2x32 Simms (8MB) 299+ 4x32 Simms (16MB) 599+ 8x32 Simms (32MB) 1199+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVPTBC+FRAM 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st 6803D-RC-50 w MMU 68030-RC-40 w MMU 129.00 68030-EC40 (NO MMU) 109.00 68030-RC-33 w MMU 109.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 75.00 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU) 50.00 68882-RC-PGA-50FPIJ 119.00 68882-KC-PGA-40FTO 109.00 68882-RC-PGA-33 FPU 89.00 68882-RC-PGA-25 FPU 75.00 68881-KCPGA-25 FPU 45.00 68882-FN-PLCC 40 FPU 135.00 68882-FN-PLCC 33 FPU 89.00 688 82-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 75.00 68881-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 45.00 68881 - FN-PLCC 16 FPU 35.00 80387-25SX (386fill) FPU 69.95 Crystal Oscillators 10.00 QUANTUM LOW PROFILES - Warranty 42 ELS SCSI 2Vr* 99 127 ELS SCSI 2 Yr* 1®9 170 ELS SCSil&ll 2 Yrs 225 270 ELS SCSI l&ll 2 Yrs 275 340 ELS SCSI l&ll 2 Yrs 349 525 IPS SCSI l&ll 2 Yr* 3 540 ELS Empire 5 Yrs 499 1080 ELS Empire 5 Yrs 799 1BOO Pro Drive S Yrs 1075 MICROPOLIS MAXTOR 540MB 8J5 MS ACCESS . ONLY $ 399
5. 25" HH 660 SCSI l&ll 2210S 1.2G SCSI l&ll 2210A 1.2G IDE 2210S A V 1.2G SCSI l&ll 2217S A V1.7G SCSI l&ll 2217A 1.7G IDE 2217S 1.7G SCSI l&ll 4110S 1.2G SCSI J&ll B.5MS 1936 3.DG SCSI l&ll 1991 9.0G SCSI l&ll
2. 5" Al 200 600 Hard Drives
3. 5” HARD DRIVES MAXTOR Maxtor 120 LPS SCSI IDE MEMORY CHIPS SUPRA SG9051A 40 Seagate CN 139 SG9077A 65 Seagate WD 159 SG9096A 85 Seagate 235 SG9145AG 127.9 Seagale 299 Maxtor 250MB 2.5" HD 369 18 Wellington Drive Newark, I)E. 19702
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(302) 836-4145 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS Please Understand Our Policies DISCOVER VISA MAS I l*.K Carci Accepted. Prices And Specification!! Arc Subject To Change Without Notice! 15 % Restocking Fee On All Returns. Defective Merchandise Will He Replaced With Same Item. Call 302.836.4145 For Approval RMA Before Returning Merchandise Merchandise. No Returns After 10 Days From Delivery Date. Not Responsible For incompatibility Of Products Shipping And Handling For Chips Is S5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal Checks Require 10 Working Davs To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items. Ram Prices Change Dally eoTftPvnsK S*j*SS From DOS disks to HELP KEY phantom chip RAM Tim will find the right (4ii r us- 11 BY TIM WALSH A for your Q. 8MB of Chip RAM?
Q. When my Amiga dealer was installing 4MB of FI LM into my Amiga 4000 040, he noticed a jumper on the motherboard labeled 2MB and 8MB chip RAM. Fs it possible to upgrade the A4000 to 8MB oj chip RAM? Roger L. Walker Santa Ana, California
A. Virtually everyone who’s taken apart an A4000 has noticed the same markings on the motherboard. While there was once official talk of making the additional chip RAM active, unfortunately, this never happened, and the potential for adding the additional chip RAM was forgotten, resulting in little more than a conversation piece. Why Y C?
Q. Why is it so costly to convert a composite video signal to a Y C signal? What exactly is a Y C signal? Are there any reference materials that deal with this subject? Thomas West Orlando, Florida
A. Component Y C video is a video standard found in professional- or industrial-quality components. By keeping the chroma and luma signals separated, the quality of the video can weather a generation or three of additional editing that would turn composite video signals to mud. Most newer video
o _ components, such as genlocks and time- base correctors, offer Y C connectors. Some confusion has arisen in recent times with products such as Y C Plus (Y C Plus, Inc.), because they are designed to convert the composite video signal from the Video Toaster into a component Y C signal. However. Component video doesn’t exist for the purpose of convening composite video signals. Rather, component Y C is best utilized if the signal channels originate as Y C at the source and remain that way to their final j destinations. Sources for this type of information include Amiga World's “Video Suite” columns found in back issues, and Paulo de Andrade’s current “Video In Focus” column. My favorite source for video developments, applications, and hardware is a trade publication, TV Technology (PO Box 1214, Falls Church, VA 22041), which covers new trends and products. Best of all, this oversized publication is free to qualified subscribers. IDE Drive 2
Q. I have an Amiga 4000 and Fd like to add another IDF, hard drive to the system. The wide ribbon cable that con fleets the controller to the existing drive appears to have a second connector. I think that would make adding a second IDE hard drive to the system as easy as simply plugging it in, yes f Norman R. Whitney I 'ioga, Pennsyh ania
A. You are correct, sir you can indeed ' j plug a second IDE drive into the existing hard-drive controller cable, provided you can find the space. As part of the introductory Toaster 4000 dealer kit, 1 added a second internal, large- capacity IDE hard drive to my A4000 by daisychaining it to the existing IDF. Controller cable. Be prepared, however, to temporarily remove the power supply and the existing IDE drive in order to properly mount the second hard drive. There’s no other way to access the mounting hardware. If you have a second internal floppy or CD-ROM, you’ll have to jettison it, or go with an external, as opposed to internal, IDE hard drive. Copying MS-DOS Disks
Q. I low do create a 720K MS-DOS disk using Workbench 2.04 I've tried dropping a dish image of an unformatted disk over the image of the PC-formatted disk on the Workbench. Only to gel an error message staling disks oj different sizes cannot be copied. Tom Roberts Dixmont, Maine
A. As you probably well know, a PC- Amiga disk utility needs to be in place and running in order to copy PC- formatted disks on the Amiga. Amiga- DOS 2.1 and later include CrossDOS, just such a utility. MultiDOS, another PC-Amiga disk utility, is available through online sources and PD disk collections. Regardless of whether you’re using CrossDOS, MultiDOS, or any similar PC utility, the Amiga’s operating system won’t allow you to copy or create PC-formatted disks by dragging an unformatted disk s icon over that of a PC-formatted disk nor will it let you do it by using the Diskcupy command. Since the Amiga’s OS recognizes a standard double-density PC-formatted disk as 720K in size, and an unformatted Amiga disk as 880K. It simply generates an error message and no copying occurs. You can, however, create PC disks to your heart’s content with roughly similar commands from the command line. Just open a Shell and enter FORMAT drive> NAME diskname> If you’re using CrossDOS with a disk in df():, enter PCO: in place of the drive> nomenclature; for MultiDOS, substitute the drive name MDO:. With a PC-formatted disk in each of your Amiga’s drives, you can then perform the disk copying procedure either by using the Workbench as previously described, or by entering the following in a Shell: DISKCOPY drive> TO drive> ¦ Send your questions to Help Key, c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. STOP LOOKING! We have the lowest Amiga prices anywhere! Better Yet. WE ACTUALLY HAVE CD-32's. 1200‘s. 4000 030's, LC's, 040's & Towers IN-STOCK NOW
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T. Wcmnp SVHS Output MPEG Module Available Computer chaste optional A1200 $ 329 68EC020 Cpu @ 14 Mhz AGA 32-Bu Chipset 2 MB RAM Hard Drive Controller 880K Floppy Drive PCMCIA Expansion Slut
T. Wcomp RG B Output K i ckstarJ A m ig aD os 3.x Upgradeable via Trapdoor 1200HD $ 549 68EC020 Cpu @ 14 Mhz AGA 32-Bit Chipset 2 MB RAM 130 MB Hard Drive 8K0K Floppy Drive 150-pin Expansion Slot I our channel digital sound Multi-tasking Operating 210 & 340 MB available 1200 030 $ 899 68EC030 Cpu @ 40 Mhz 08882 Math Chip Option 4 MB RAM 130 MB Hard Drive 880K Floppy Drive Clock Calendar A: Batters MS-DOS lilc compatible 800X600 on 1942 Monitor
33. 40 & 50 Mhz available 4000 030 $ 1,299
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- One Video Slot
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1. 76 MB Floppy Drive Five Zorro 111 Slots tout IBM IS A.Slots Two idco Slots
- SCSI If & IDE Built-in All Arrow's include tec rwwAGA' chips* t..r aujwiM etiph.c A sound. Over 16 million colors tfr huih-in. And dopUy rr«thit»n.s range hum 320X200to 1440X430. Including 800X600 A 640XW with hundreds «f thousands of culm on at ot.ee True 30 rrame Per wand anunaimn A real iruliiu.king ire iust some ot tec tcaium.'_aMniH found on those other pLUpnr.4 The new l.mrfy ..( Amiga's arc h res king all s. tcs record. A IhirJ paitv Jevck'pmerB i, at its higher level ever' Don't nrss -ml on this offer? Order >our new Amiga ulda}! Amiga 4000 @ 40Mhz Toaster 4000 Starters 40 Mhz Toaster 4000! $ 3,099 $ 3,699
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- Includes SleepWalkcr A PinBaU
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- 540 MB Fast SCSI-II Hard Drive
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- Timeublcof Business. Politics & Media on CD!
- World Vista Atlas on CD-ROM! T Deluxe Music Version 2.0 (Much Improved!) S 79 Super Jam Version l.l (Very Easy to Use!) S 79 WavcMaker for Lightwavc LightRave S129 WaveLmk (Double Lightwave LrghtRave Speed!) $ 99 Distant Suns Version 5.0(AGA w 256 Colors) S 59 Image F.X (Painting, Image processing morphing) SI 69! Produetnnv. Fliteirnva. Utilities A- Programming QuarterBack Version 6.0 S 59 Quarter Back Tools Deluxe $ 69 AmiBack A AmiBack Tools (Two Programs') S 55 SAS C AC+* Vers Kin 65 (Development System) $ 239 DevPac Version 3 (Assembler) $ 69 EDGE Professional Text Editix $ 59 Home Front Version 23 S 29 Final Copy Word Processor (uitb spell checker) S 39 Pro Calc (Probably the best Amiga spreadsheet) S109 ProPage 4.1 (The standard in Amiga Publishing) $ 75 ProDraw 3.0 (Full featured structured Drawing) S 75 We ’ve got it at the lowest price Final Copy only $ 39 [(Regul ar Price S69, Supplies limited to 13) RocGcn (Low com. 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A570 CD-ROM only $ 89 (Regular Price $ 299, Supplies limited lo 17)1 Earners Sur NX-1001 (9pin Black A White nith NLQ) $ 119 Star NX-1040(9 pin Color wnh NLQ) $ 139 Star NX-2430 (24 pin Black with Letter Quality) $ 179 Star NX-2450 (24 pin Color, LQ & SheotFeeder') $ 219 Sur NX-2480 (24 pm Color wuh LQ & 330 cps!) $ 239 Star SJ -144 (Color Wax Ink J et & Laser Qualit y!) $ 449 Primcra (Bc« color output of ANY printer) S649 Hewlett Packard DeAJei 520(600dpi!) $ 269 Hewlett Packard D«kJ el 500c (300 dpi Color!) $ 369 Hewlett Packard DeJd et 560c (600 dpi A Color!) $ 549 Hc»Ictl P.ukanl LaserJet 4 (600X600dpi 2MB) $ 639 Moderns A Sinners Supra 2400 Modem S49 Supra 14.400ModenvFax »nh Caller !DO! SI39 GP FAX Software fix Supra Modems S 49 Best Data Products 14.400 Baud Fax Modem SI49 .¦VtuDau SOOdpi Hand Scanner (BLick (t wftrrc) Sl(i9 AlfaData 400 dpt Hand Scanner (262,000Cokw») $ 289 Epson ES.300C 24-bit Color Scanner $ 469 Mudob With Amiga Alone Commodore 1950Multiacan $ 299 $ 399 Commodore i960MuliiScan $ 339 5439 Commodore 1942S MuhiScnn w Stereo $ 349 $ 449 We We got it at the Jonest price! Supra 14400Modem $ 145 (Regular Price $ 229, Supplies limited to 18)| NEW 1962 Mu If [Scan Monitor $ 429 $ 469 NEW 1440 MultiScan Monitor S429 $ 469 NE WCA142$ Bi-Scan (40X40) A 800X600) $ 269 S299 IDEK 17' Mu 16-Scan (NTSCA VGA) S9I9 S959 IDEK 20" Multi Scan (CLEARANCE!!) S999 S999 twe expect to have munihc* back in dock hy the tune jam rmd thial Diiwx St or cage A Cards CD-ROM St Controller lor 20003000 4000 $ 219 Double Sjved CD-ROM A Controller S249 IOMEGA I50i M B Bernouli Bos A cartridge 169 Syqucst 105MB Kit for 4000 hr 2iXX)3M) hi* Cdi $ 339 DaiaFlyer XDS External Case Cootrolkr for 1200 S 65 We've got it at the lowest price! CD-ROM & Controller $ 219 (Regular Price $ 449, Supplies limited to 50)1 DaiaFlyer 4000SX SCSI Controller for 2 3 4000 S 79 FastLane Z3 FAST SCSI-1! Controller for 3 4000 S499 DKB 4091 FAST SCSI-II Controller S2S9 AlfaData External 880K External Floppy Drive S 69 PoHcrCoinpubng I 76MB FitcmalFloppy $ 129 MuItiFace III Card wait two Serial A one Parallel $ 79 EmpLint Color Macintosh Emulator (IBM Soon!) $ 249 AM AX Color Macintosh EmuLrtcv $ 359 GVP DSSS- Ehgdal Sound Studm $ 79 CD-32 Titles SIS dc up! US IV. Dull Altunl Chti.ki.-n Aiobioji Kntphl.' Bnttk-Chnw Hart Th.- WurkJ El>4i tik»wi Bi-a.uk inJ licallT' Brutal Spun- IixxKCI Bubba A Sty x Bubbh; ,v S>Jlk-ak
C. it j Dt-ltuc
r. .h..rt II
C. ipt.nn E>yiunv> Ca-tk-ri II UrL'im- Chikk R'n. K CJ'n E kpturt AntKN IX- ms* Pupmhlr Ui-rii Dccncranw Darker«.» Strivti Ixry* Ci mx: Ixi.-nJsTol thi Cniwn : Ikfflh tec MiTj-i Diggen ei«c: Chainpim | ,¦ahxll Fra- i tie FlftFiifVe Hy I Li,In Furv lit the I ruim GlobiJ Eltrt.1 C-ikl.n ColliMK-n i inilk-rs f-rvy.i yxUia Ciumcfix Kcvonl- II Gulp (kiiWiiji 2tKH) Here wite tlieCluo Hired Gun- Humare- I & 2 lm-iytel ToJllxikei lrHclTUtl'nal ka'i; Jarnu. PnnJ I! )anx> PnnJ III J«'hn Horrkw St veer Kni%ry Fun Hmt>e Ljt r h i>f Time ta-j;j.y n| Vmi-il LiL-raiBiri L*'nhcart LlVi-ipoiil Fimlball Ijfc-i Vikinj;-. LaMiii Trilogy I .irur C Viif-vLuiJ Dizzy .Van.hi ii f Sninf Mian An-nai MnnKivm Morph Myth Naughty Otk-- Nuk l akki Gulf Martatl R rrg Sin|a )1I N-i ScviiihJ Prize (bitkill Pinball Pirate G”U Ri-tz lit the RiJn- Sabir Sam irai Sitr-ible Soever Slr!i'li [hr Suriarf Sltvpw-alkcZ Svitr KiJ SpeedBall 2 Sc.Tener OK mpLx Sujxr Putty Sirper Strihanr Bnr. TFX TiiaJ Carruye T raj>- itT Trm.il llir.ii n Tmlb T urxan .1 1 Bid run 2 Whale- Vnyayc Zrml Hi? Arcyvur CD-32 store! We urrr the tint dealer in , 'onh America to ship the CDJ: A ur haw the Urges! Seteetion of titlea! Most titles are SIS-S29’ Some of these titles ucrc not released as of add deadline, so pie.sc call A- check' 2-3 Da vs 2-3 Days 5-9 Days 5-9 Days 5-9 Da vs SI9 $ 3$ S2S We have the best prices on: Amiga, ASDG, AlfaData, Axiom Software. Best Data Products, CSA, Digital Creations, Digital Processing Systems, DKB. Electronic Arts, Expansion Systems, Expert Systems, Fargo, Epson, Grollicrs, GVP, Gold Disk, Heifncr, Hewlett Packard. IDEK. Interworks, Iomega, MacroSyslems, Maxtor, Mierobotics, Micropolis, Migraph, Moonlighter. NEC, NewTek, Primcra. Prime Image, Psygnosis, Quantum. RcadySoft. Rombo, Sanyo, Seagate, SoftLogic, Softwood, Star, SunRize, Supra, Syqucst, US Robotics, Utilities Unlimited, Warm & Fuzzy Logic, & MANY MORE! I£fnt need it frita. Xeii DayAcSccuca Dx) Air a ihu a n it* hie Thesi are the average rates A Jeiiver. Timev in bu.'tnex> Jas.% tor ground service within Canada A the USA aiid include all regular 'hipping, handling, duty, brokerage, vustornv clearance and dtv>r tu dimr delricry Some orders nuy require special handling, installation etc . Therefore thi' is only a guideline Delivery rates A times are not guaranteed UPS FcdEX Mail will not accept claims lor iLimsjJe loss without insurance Insurance is 4% ot jnsurred amount Shipping & Handling Software Rihrmliera 1 * 0-201bs .95 lb Owr 20lbs add. 50 lb Computer* A ldomloi$ CD-32 or A1200 A4000or 4000T Monitor r» run? Pftylt ,-otllJ ••ill fH J it «• I'ladr the fmt ptia! E-mn imtUet. Tbi t.'il pii. Ihm n »rt I'ai.-J ,in ihi til Cai.,J..r.y .A.liir.,-. till m iif nVl .ua>« jr.J an: itman liw nanamn nurniu*. Sava an a CnuJiui ..uujianv ima.lxiu -r in CimCian funJ. J| v.,.. ,tc ,,u vnur haaL mil ml. ..-mi. ilK .itnvifl In l.v .-jir. n ui.rj.-f «W aiarainv- j'-ir ,ari thETifaca. Jilual (iyc* ,mn -IijrKl, ruiuiliv 1.--. -Ji.n I.';, If,hi, an,-fra:, ,4mm a i f.‘ rfrtii?* SukMciKlkal MulaU jJJ Twiviikul Sili. Tn * ConaJun raalonU klJ IS (iST Tom A, not rr, chtrgrJin, .thtr unitk JUIn-t nr Zm. Thn jJJrilL-.l, i-niJu.u A MuinEavaOaMd u *».¦! Afnt CVW |ij nr r:*J Ihu n Uw It If I tat* »«nc thing, rrihahl. M-l Suva .tunrfd- l.'i Niu-r.a Cm m.mv! If you tee iaytiwt aJ-mim? 1 » krmrr prt.r b, «w» rim, iVannirui » .mil S »r I boil*! SncKtal ru-riLi..- il.-nv.an: hnn-i-h: lv . N r»,- r.,J. J,r. Ml Airc.J U> at in U Ifcdnlilia. An
a. -ln«y Imwa mi » t gturanlefj Tiuk aJIhc a I' i r-TJ. Vkmg Set .*1 i'pkn f Iu> J-,«n.ctlnl l.lum.-J (dnfl at l-i Jcf.-.liv,, rcUmal I.m rq-iir-’r Ah v.j.irm.r.l i. NTSCVIM VnH I SO Rf ¦¦ ii *ifl .i-ll fine aM*b.n M CouMISAfMa ku While the dl uur L>l b, mi mu in r "-J inv:rjin:i.i,' thi rnsdtKb (j'.n.-.J . .|,; ilfni? Nn r-l-i-l. R J.i-.und .'..-O' •*-> '«.¦* «rht IW» l.Mipnrariiy .'Ji n| i|.»k mil I-.- vlJ.r.J anJahif|wJ . H.i iu l.l-U- I fin, oflhita un.- ?ar, p'eate nl f.i Jm.l. C .v: S-.fry, hut ws ,.n‘l K.- r,ji.,I.!v |.-r J.n,Jfl.y. ,.| C-». Jurmg .LfJ-ir-g plia. . Run tv ,.nr -rj.r a rryrw mU, rtid,rf rl.iy.fn -A.r I.t uf Jim fmielS * Amgi Sal,C InfoMarket HIGH RESOLUTION From Aerospace Engineering to Zoology, Scientific Amigan provides articles and software to enhance research, analysis, and design with the Amiga. Two disks with subscription. Sample issue S2. Annual Subscription: $ 39 domestic, add $ 10 for foreign delivery Dept, AW. POB 60685, Savannah. GA 3 1420 Circle 174 On Reader Service Card. Scientific Amigan 35mm Slides Negatives ¦ 48 Hour Turn Around for Slides
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* 30 day warranty on all equipment * Quick cash for your haidwaie * COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES, INC, 106 [ay St., Schenectady, NY 12305 Voice Fax: (518) 346-3894 BBS: (518) 346-7532 Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 COMPETITIVE SAVE MONEY REDUCE COSTS ou will need for your Commodore product requirements. We ORIZED source for more than a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades. Replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock to one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS. 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6;00 pm EST Circle 77 On Reader Service Card, GC“ AMIGA AND COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES AMIGA Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround, extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. For every piece of equipment repaired and returned to our customers, we will include your choice of the following FREE:
• A Commodore or Amiga diagnostic diskette ($ 10.00 value).
• A Commodore Diagnostician or Amiga Troubleshooter ($ 10.00 value). SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Between now and July 15th. Every customer who sends us their Amiga for repair has the option to purchase “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" software for the low price of $ 10.95, while supplies last._
1. Call our toll-free number 1-800*426-8693 and receive a Return Authorization Number. This is your tracking number USING OUR SERVICE IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3 COST OF SERVICES*
2. Pack your unit(s) securely. Write the Return Number on the outside of the box. Include Credit Card Number. Check or Money Order. 1-
3. Send via UPS or other carrier. FOR FAST REPAIR CALL 800-426-8693 HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MON.-FRI. AMIGA COMMODORE FLAT RATE LABOR FLAT RATE LABOR A500 555-00 C64 S25.0Q A2000 $ 35 00 C128 $ 45.00 A 3000 CALL 1541 $ 30 00 A 4000 CALL 1571 $ 35.00 " PLUS UPS SHIPPING CDTV S60.00 call fop other items we service GLOBAL UPGRADES. INC. InfoMarket Better Concepts, Inc. Blows Aw ay The Competition VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 • Carmel, CA 93922 Title Price Pinkie 34.00 World Cup Sccr 34,00 Extractors 34.00 Lock N Load 16.95 That's Games I 27.95 Tliats Games II 27,95 GamesAGoodies 28.95 Strip Poker 29.95 Title Price Video Creator $ Call CD32 Football 32.95 InsightiTech 39.95 NewGroUersEncl30.95 Def Crown U 36,95 Dngrs Streets 34.95 Call For More! Title Price 17BltCDctn(2CD)31.95 17BltConL 17.95 Ami net Mar94 14.95 Sexual Fantasies 59.95 That's Games I 28.95 That's Games II 28.95 GamesNGoodles 29.95 Clipart & Fonts 39.95 Strip Poker 29.95 Title Price CDPDJ 21.95 CD PD 11 21.95 CD PD 111 21.95 CD PD lUI 22.95 Demo CD I 21.95 Demo CD II 21.95 FteshFlsh 4 94 19.95 FrznFah 1-1000 19.95 Lock-N-Load 16.95 COTV TltUa Town With fi o Name- Interactive western cartoon! Also works on CD32! 12.95 Psycho Killer-An Interactive psycho murder mystery] Also works on CD32I 12.95 Ejcb Of The Kjugle- Interactive futuristic HP adventure I 12.95 Interactive S Holmes mystery Title Price Combol CljMsles I fF-15 11. Team Yankee & 688 Attack Sub) _22.95
r. 95
9. 95
9. 95 Covert F-15 II Ion Flames Of Freedom 7.95 Greens 9.95 Knights of the Sky 9.95 Millenium 9.95 Silent Service II 9,95 Twlllght Ransome 9.95 Bermuda Project 7.95 Breach II 7.95 Campaign 1 12.95 Sleeping Gods Lie 9.95 War In The Gulf 10.95 Combat Classics II (F-19 Stealth, Pactfidslands 6c Suent Service II)
24. 95 Future Classics Collection frank Battle. Diet Riot, Lost Maze, Disc Man & Blocker launch)
9. 95 Ptkt» jnrl Ai*>!ihJn of Prodocli Sabjttt !o Clunft WilJnul Nolicr Public Domain Software AGA Utility Package 10 disks filled w latest utilities for your AGA machlnel 17.95 AGA ShorwofT h eurodi SEJHAdd g r __ _ A we'll sell you the same for 50% ofil CaD for nytbingl crp t om Better Concepts, Inc. 10 Mandon Terrace New City, NY 109S6 LXXX Adult Pictured Pics Pkgs I - * 10 10 packs each containing 10 disks filled with full color xxx pictures! Must be atleast 211 Single Pack $ 24.95 or 5 packs for 22.95 each or AD 10 packs for only 149.951 Call Now To Order! 1! „ _. , itaWOatfi Yl$ A i'800*l5AtDiga ' Title Price D Generation 30.00 Overkill Lunar 34.00 Sensible Soccer 32.00 Liberation 32.00 Seek & Destroy 22.00 Fuiy of Furries 34.00 Chaos Engine 32.00 Fire & Ice 31.00 ommercial Software DOLLAR PASKS WWF Wrestling-Cute game of pro wrestling. AbockUp 4.06-Newest HD backup utility. BattleSheep-Small battleship type game. HjunLabPluaDemo 2.08a-Latest version! MalnActor 1.5-Great animation utllltyl Sequential Eurodcmo-Great new demo! Nine Fingers-An other awesome eurodemo! Tcc.hno I-Disk full of techno music! Music Maniac-Several great tunes to play! DtrWork 1.62-The best Dtr Opus clone! WHOM3 Great Star Trek disk magazine! Chaos In Andromeda 7.95 Gold Runner II 7.95 Golf by Online 7.95 HlSoft Basic Pro 9.95 Keys To Maramon 9.95 OperationC leanStrcct 7.95 Prime Time 7.95 PrdTcxt 7.95 PersonalFlnanceMgr 9.95 Rotor 7.95 RulesOfEngagcment 9.95 Tctra Quest 7.95 The Colony 7,95 Zcotropc ' 9.95 Women In Motion BaW animations of 19th century nude women, Great for loading Into paint video programs 9.9! Animals In Motlon- B*5cW animations of all sorts of ontmals. 9.95 HonndOlDaakcrvlIlco- iherlock
12. 95 Title Price Battle Toads 34.00 Uridlum II 34.00 Sexual Fantasies 59.95 Robocod 34.00 Global Effect 35.00 Morph 32.00 Brutal Spit FtbH 35.00 James Pond III 36.00 1-914*639-5095 Info 1-914.654.7097 Fax PriceTltle MIMURY UMT 2MB 4MB SMB GVP 32 4Mb SIMM
205. 00 205 410 GVP 32 16Mb SIMM
1099. 00 1x8-70. 80 SIMM
45. 00 90 180 360 4x8- 70, 80 SIMM
139. 00 139 278 2x32-60 SIMM
309. 00 309 4x32 - 70 SIMM
659. 00 .. . . 8x32 -70 SIMM
1199. 00 . . 1x32 -70 SIMM
159. 00 159 318 1x32-60 SIMM
169. 00 169 338 256x4 -70 PG ZIP
6. 50 104 208 400 256x4 -70 PG DIP
6. 00 96 192 368 1x4-80 PG ZIP
22. 00 88 176 352 1x4-80 SC ZIP
24. 00 - 192 380 A1200 Clock 35 A1200 IDE Cable .. 12 A1200 Y Cable ......20 Cables & Adapters......Call MG8882 25 fpu ......59 N168882 33 fpu ......129 M688882 40 pga ...129
2. 04 Kickstan Rom .29
2. 05 Kickstan Rom .35 AmigaCD 32 ...179
1. 76 Mb Floppy Dr 99 External Floppy Disk Dr..„79
2. 5" IDE 45Mb Hard Dr.. 129
2. 5" IDE 260Mb Hard Dr 399
3. 5" IDF. 560Mb Hard Dr .489 Pyramid Midi Interface..49 Analog Joystick 22 Amiga Optical Mouse....39 A2000 Keyboard.„45 CD 32 Game Tilles....CalI Point & click adventure game creator for the Amiga! DREAMWEAVER "The Great Adventure Builder" Rated "A-" April '94 in AmigaWorld Magazine! Sound effects, graphics, special fx, debugging tools Runs on any Amiga with 1.5Mb of RAM Includes editor, player, manual and 2 adventures $ 29.95 plus $ 3.50 s&h (check or money order) AmyGames, PO Box 485, Zionsville, IN 46077 317-873-9817 ORDERS only; 800-735-2633 INFO & TECH: 408-899-2040 Fax: 408-899-8760 BBS; 108-625 580 Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. COD Circle 151 On Reader Service Card. Circle 46 On Reader Service Card. NORTHWEST PUBLIC DOMAIN Accept NO Substitutes! CD ROM GoldMine! 17 Bit Collection - $ 29.95 17 Bit Continuation - 519.95 0EM0CD I&2 - $ 25,95 £a. CDPD 2&3 - $ 25.95 Ea, AM I NET CD ‘94-$ 15,95 Space & Astronomy - SI 9.95 FrozcnFish 1-1000 Compressed-S 19.95 GoldFish 1-1000 Uncoinpiesscd-S19.95 EuroScene I (Demos, Mods, Anims) - SC all CD32 Fillcs: LIBERATION - S32.95 Labyrinth of Iime(Huge Adventure!>$ 31,95 Arabian NightsfPlatform Fun) - $ 21.95 L01US TRILOGY RACING - S32.95 CHAOS ENGINE (Outstanding!) - $ 36.95 GUNSHIP 2000(Helicopler Sim)-S39.95 BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL ¦ $ 31.95 FURY of the FURRIES - S31.95 VIDEO CR£AT0R(MTV on a Disc!)-$ Call FRONHER: EUTE 2 (Huge!) - $ 36.95 WE NOW CARRY THE BEST OF THE. AMIGA 'EURO-MAGAZINES! AMIGA FORMA I • CU AMIGA • AMIGA SHOITER - AMIGA Computing - AMIGA USER INTERNATIONAL - CD32 GAMER - ALL ARE SS.OOca. ? S&H I uiy i uy iiiuriutri IWUJUS. UOHS 50.UU U Jt Ll UCIVIU. IPCJLMIIUiN, APT1 AfiJ
6. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 9807M6(V- Northwest PD - P f LOCK -N- LOAD The ULTIMATE AMIGA PD Shareware Games Compilation for CD32, CDTV, and any external CD-Rom. Still just $ 2Z.49(+S200 SSHKCall about User Group discounts) imnmmnmmimrmx har already begun on lack -N* bad 2. If you tvanl your original girnt on Hx CD plerte wfcmil Itwm now. Remember !f we me your Submitted gjme on the CD, you will receive a FREE eopylfy UCENSEWARE TITLES: MAD FIGHTERS A1200 - OutstortFog ’Sbeefightet 2' clone with Combination moves and overyttvngi 3 Dbla(PAL) $ 9.00 CLU 003 - TYPING TUTOR - The BEST program of this type' I Disk $ 5.50 CUJ 007 - SupcrSogtid v-1.7 - Incredible Sound Sampling ard editing Software. For use wth an hardware Sampler, like DSS8 or Reded Sound. 1 Disk (PAL) $ 5.50 CLU015- EPOCH PRO 1.61- Avery powerful desktop diaryfcatendar with an address book and Database 1 Disk $ 5.50 CIE00I - Dinosaurs 1 - Excellent Hypermedia guidebook to die world of the mighty Thunder Lizards'. 2 Disks $ 6.50 CLE 055 - Basically BASIC - A B perme- cto Ti toriol to the BASIC Language, aimed a; beginners, whether you use AMOS, HiSoft, or even AmlGABasic. Thh wi help! 1 Disk $ 5.50 CLG 041 - FI Racer - Outstanding 3D racing game along the lines of Indy 500 accelerator recommended. Ldkk (PAl)$ 5.50 CLG 035 - OG! - You are the Ccwemon OG n this charmrg platform gome lDisk(PAl)$ 5.50 CLG 02H - Time Rift An absolute HUGE Plotfom game wth a zifcn screens, great graphics, and wcodecjl gomepiay!(PAl)$ 5JQ Interested in a Complete listing of the CLR Liccnsewarc Disks? Call us at (2061351-9502 and request iL AkkAkmuy bmim June Special! ANY 10 for $ 12 0 KS&H incj AS I 168 - MINE RUNNER. DRELBS. PARCHEESE. DYNAMITE WARRIORS. ASI 169 - PEE BEE. TURBO HOCKEY- BRAIN DAMAGE. ASI 170 - BETTER DEAD THAN ALIEN. COGNIIION. ASM 71 - DELUXE GALAGA- . XMAS TIME. AMOSIEROIDS. ASI 172 - Scorched Tanks 1.15. DOZER DEMO. ISOLATION, ASI 173 - ORK ATTACK. TASK FORCE. POP QUIZ. ASI 174 - METOGRASP. STATIX. KASELAGD. ASI 175 - MATRIX BLASTER. ULTIMATE QUIZ. DOTZ. ASI 176 - SPORTS CHALLENGE SPRING EDITION. INCINERATOR DEMO. SPORTS CHALLENGE SUMMER EDITION ASI 177-GORE. CHECKERS CONQUEST. MUCUS ASI 178 - 40 THIEVES, COCXIE. 0X0 30 Tor a COMPLETE Lis™ of tfee ASSASSINS CAMES DISKS CALL and request one at (206)351-9502! AMOS TO DISKS!- We now have Ihe complete library of AMOS PD Disks 1-600, A complete catalog disk is available for only S2.00! Some Highlights: All) 036 - AMOS UPDATER - Ljxljto your AMOS Classic In vmkiii 1.36 APD 373 - AMOS COMPILER UPDATER - Update sum AMOS Classic Compiler to version Lui, mjws. Update AMOS Pm to v. 136 AM FM Muikitfu Magaririe it itwr up io Magazine and Sampltt Disk I SJOnly t5.00 17 BH Software! Now up to Disk *3091 Call 6k Updated Software Listing! Fred Fish Collection up to 1,000! As you can sec. We are the most complete and up In date library around' AGA DEMO PACK SPECIAL!! Contains the best of the new breed AGA DEMO'S from Europe! JndutfeS: Big Time Sensuality, RayYVorld, Complex Origin Beyond Belief, Full Moon and Abstrax Rg! 10 Disks for only $ 15.00 + $ 2.00 S&H m>mm- AMOS PD. NPD, ASI, and 17BH are: 1-24 Disks @ 2.00 ea.26-49 Disks @ SI.50 ea. 50+ Disks © $ 1.00 ea. The Fred Fish Collection: 1-24 Disks @ S1.50ea. 25-49 Disks @ $ 1.25 ea. 50+ Disks © Sl.OOea. AM FM Musician's Magazine: Magazine Disks S5 Ooea Samples Dpks. SS.OOca Mag. & Sample Disks together are SS.0Q CLR Llcenseware Pricing: lDisk litle S556 2Disk Title $ 650 - 3DiskTitle $ 750 S&H:l-10D5ks-S2.00.11-S0feks-S4O051+-S650 We Accept Lash. Checks. Money Orders. V1SA MC COD add S4.00 Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Advanced Systems & Software 1329 Skiles St. Dallas, TX 75204 214 821-7776 Ufa Data PO Box 6990 Champaign, IL 61821 217 356-1962 Amiga Crossings 345 E. 93rd St. 26E New York, NY 10128 212 369-8131 Amprodex 4650 Langford Rd, North Collins. NY 14111 716 337-3238 .ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison. WI 53713 608 273-6585 Axiom Software 1668 East Cliff Rd. Burnsville, MN 55337 612 894-0596 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 Blevins Enterprises 121 Sw eet Ave. Moscow, ID 83843 208 882-0148 Blue Ribbon Soundworks, The Chantilly Drive, Suite 200 Atlanta. GA 30324 404 315-0212 Buz . Distributed by Krisalis Software Centaur Development PO Box 3959 Torrance, CA 90503 310 787-4530 Cloanto Distributed by Centaur Development Commodore 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Dev Ware 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1 Poway, CA 92064 619 679-2825 Diemer Development 12814 Iandalc St. Studio City, CA 91604 818 762-0804 Digital Integration Watchmoor Centre Watchmoor Rd. Camberlev Surrey GUI5 3AJ England 27-667-8806 Digital Micronics 2075 Corte del Nogal Carlsbad, CA 92009 619 931-8554 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 800 245-4525 415 572-2787 Expansion Systems 11862 Osgood Rd. Fremont, CA 94539 510 656-2890 Expert Services 7559 Mall Rd. Florence, KY 41042 606 371-9690 Flail' Software Meadowfiekl House Ponteland Newcastle NE20 OSD England 66-186-0260 GMR Productions 3835 Richmond Ave., Suite 138 Staten Island, NY 10312 718 967-1509 Great Valley Products 657 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Gremlin Graphics Software Carver House 2-4 Carver St. Sheffield SI 4FS England 74-275-3423 William S. Hawes PO Box 308 Maynard, MA 01754 617 568-8695 InnoVision Technology 1933 Davis St. San Leandro, CA 94577 415 638-8432 International Computer Entertainment (ICE) Bridge House Merrywalks Stroud Glostershire G1.5 1QA England 45-375-6993 Jaeger Software 7800 While Cliff Terrace Rockville, MD 20855 301 948-6862 Krisalis Software Teque House Masons Yard Downs Row Moorgate Rotherham S60 2HD England 70-937-2290 M acroSystem US Distributed by Noahji Mcdiu4 Productions 2800 University Ave., Suite H IB-101 West Des Moines. LA 515 225-7409 MegagcM 1903 Adria Santa Maria, CA 93454 805 349-J104 Micro RfeD PO Box 130 Loup City, NE 68853 308 745-1243 Micro-Pace 109 South Duncan Rd. Champaign, TL 61821 217 356-1884 800 362-9653 Micro Pit >se 1 Hampton Rd. Industrial Estate Tetbury Glostershire GL8 8I.D England 66-650-4326 Millenium Quern House Mill Court Great Shelford Cambridge CB2 5LD England 22-384-4894 Natural Graphics 4603 Slate Cl. Rocklin, CA 95677 916 624-1436 NewTek 1200 Executive Drive Topeka, KS 66615 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 Noahji 3591 Nyland Lafayette, CO 80026 303 499-1975 Obvious Implementations PO Box 4487 Can-, NC 27519 800 761-2042 Oregon Research 16200 SW Pacific I Iwy. Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224 503 620-4919 Play field! PO Box 450884 Sunrise. FL 33345 305 846-7969 Renegade Cl Metropolitan Wharf Wappihg Wall London El 9SS England 71-481-9214 Right Answers Group PO Box 3699 Torrance, CA 90510 213 325-1311 Scala Inc. 12110 Sunset Hills Rd., Suite 100 Reston, VA 22090 703 709-8043 Science Accessories PO Box 825 Shelton, CT 06484 203 925-1661 Spectronics International 34 East Main St. 3 Champaign, IL 61820 217 352-0061 Team 17 Software Prospect House Borough Rd. Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 3AB England 92-429-1867 Thailon Publishing 3800 Monroe Ave. Pitsford, NY 14534 716 248-6656 Virgin UK 338A Ladbroke Grove London W10 5AH England 81-960-2255 Virtual Reality laboratories * 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 ¦ AW Shucks! In 'The Compression Game," (Jun. ‘94. P. 26) the opening illustration was created by artist Phil Thom and not by Steve Thorn. We apologize for the error. InfoMarket USER-FRIENDLY TURTLE LkiHTNINC PUBLIC DOMAIN COI.LECTION Wc Have: TLAS-FI.SH-TBAG-EUROPHAN LKTNSKWARE-COM- Irv These 6-Disk Sets Fur $ 10.00 Each Set FONT-PACT: Hundreds uf Fonts wilh Assigns urul Viewer! Many Sizes) t i.IP-ARTPAC .S:B(Milers-Designs-Signs-IYople-Transportation More (-'LIP -ART PAC 4:Reljginn4 Rxnc-People-SpoTLsAinnials-Occasions POWER-MOD SE T: 50 Srem Music MODS Plus EL) Player (Awesome) 10 Disks of Gival License Ware Textures * On|y $ 29.00 By; VM. ALL IK ED FISH DISK ONLY St.-It) ca. Our Fish Caning Disk is SI GET OUR 4 DISK SAMPLER FULL OF GAMES: $ .5.00 |.IW.I'UST (TIM.MKHI TAI. KIND WORDS WonJpiocessoi $ 19.00 TEX I'CRAFT Wmdpnxeswi $ 9.11(1 IN n i l 1 I VI E TYPING IU10R $ 19.0(1 GREAT TLAS DISKS FOR ONLY $ 2,00 EA BUS TOOLS: I (JAMES GAMES 116 SPREADSITEETS AD VENTURE. MAKER 241 •TEXTENG1NE io STAR TREK *2 261 C MANUAL -11 BY E GUSTAFSON PagcSelter SI I (Kl DELUXE PAINT I $ 10.00 ;on 262 C MANUAL 26i J DISK 286 LABEL PRINTERS 2R7 EASY BANKER 2HH FENNYW1SF. 289 VIRUS Kll I CRS 396 MZCALC
• 4110 BANNER MAKER 449-BUDGHT 155 B BASE 3 472 MULTI DOS SID 4?J COOKBOOK 67| KICK I J1NSTL 716 SCREEN Bl.ANKERS 720 JR COMM 741 IK ZIP CRUNCH R 761 TERVINOUS MASTER 788 IIESr DISK COPIERS sis MACiicWorkbench 819 STOCK ANALYSI IjLiigSmmEQ&g IANUAI. 1SK SET I VALUE PAC «7 DELUXE PAINT 2 PAGES ETTER KINDWOROS ALL FOR $ 33 No Ho* Software 1 Manual Foi All INFOITLE Dalalia.se r io persuit PORTS OF CALL Who Whai Wheir MASTER 1YFE All 5 FOR $ 29 DELUXE Cl irART (Electronic Alt*) ART PARIS Volume 2 d” SEASONS* 47 HOLIDAYS EDUCAI loNAl.r 69 COLORS A SHAPES 95 MPANL.SE. TUTOR 200 STATES MATIf 201 SPACE T OC, .08 WORK SEARCH X W 345 COMPUTER II TOR J50 On-SFRT STORM J99 BIBLE PROSPER .199 S SPANISH I RS 412 WORLD DATA BANK 454 VERSE WISE (BIBI El 495-MATH PLUS 669 BODY PARTS 688-SOLAR SYSTEM 672 DINOSAURS COMMODORE MOUSE $ 22 AMIGA BOOK BEGINNERS $ 6 AMIGAIXM Kefe(Cnt.f Manual HIBI I SEAKCTI $ 4 MARATHON JOYSTICK $ 11.00 EA OR 2 Fur $ 16.00 OPSIN t 3 $ 39.00 915-563-4923 Pn*lage llandiing= S3.DO COD Ofrfcri S3 00 COD Circle 156 On Reader Service Card. TRANSDATA SYSTEMS "Your One Stop Amiga Store1 (Authorized Commodore Amiga Dealer) YS TM We will ship anywhere in the worid. We cany a large selection of hardware and software for Commodore Amiga Please call for the new release PO Box 1429, Sun Valley, CA 91352 _ Tel: 714-630-1831, FAX: 714-630-5619 iruk-x i$ provided .is an additional service. The jHihlisltci does not assume liability Tor errors ¦missions. * This advertiser prefers to be contacted directly; vertising Inquiries should he directed lo Advertising Offices, Amiga World f 80 Kim Peterborough. NH 03158; telephone: 800-44 1-4403. Subscription probl erns or tress changes: Write lo niigwIlbrM, Subscription Dept., PO Box 593. Mt. Morris, 61034-7901. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and ir current address to: Amigalltold, 80 Elm St.. Peterborough. Nil 03458, ATTN.: lene Sweeney, Customer Service Liaison, NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS advertising is subject lo the appioval of the Publisher ruu A>nigaUbrM reserves the right eftjsc advertising without notice. Tie advertising herein lhat has been typeset and or designed by Amiga [brld is the pimp. ¦ of Amiga World, and noi that of die advertiser. The advertiser has purchased the rigid production in AmigaUb M only, and does not have the right to reproduce the ad in other publication without the expressed written consent ofAmigaDbtlti, advertisers and or their agencies assume the responsibility lor die condition ol lhe ron- isol the advcnising printed herein and agree to indemnify the Publisher ofAmigaWorU any claims and or expenses incurred therefrom. Mign World advises advertisers I hat statements regarding shipping and handling chaiges, ramies and or money-back guarantees should be included within all forms of advcnising hnigaWorid. Lie opinions expressed in the articles and advertising appealing herein are those of the hors and or advertisers and are not necessarily those of Amiga World. 190 A Sc M Computer Repair, 90 12 Amigaman, 50-53 49 Anti Gravity Products, 71 151 Belter Concepts, Inc., 77 162 Centaur Development, CIV 166 Computer Answers, 75 77 Copperhead Technologies, 76 13 Creative Computers, 34-43 189 De Vine Computer Sales, 73 42 DevWare, Inc., 66-69 16, 63 Digital Creations, II 26 DKB Software, 12 39 Elastic Reality, Inc., 47 02 Expansion Systems, 13 74 Global Upgrades, Inc., 76
* Graphic Impressions, 90
* Hamnioncl Photographic Services, 76 68 Interactive Digital Devices, 1 80 J&C Computer Sendee, 76
* Kasara Microsystems, 76 93 Memory World, 65 22 Microsphcre, 57 37 NewTek, Inc., CIV 170 Northwest Public Domain, 79 44 Safe Harbor, 6 1 174 Scientific Amigan, 76 191 Select Solutions, 54-55 45 Sideline Software, 72 88 Software Hut, 59 192 Software Support Inf I, 76 48 Softwood, Inc., CII 70 TEAS, 77 92 Transclata Systems, 79 71 Tri State Computer, 63 159 Utilities Unlimited, GUI 86 Visionsoft, 77 CD 32 NEW ...S395 TBC Plus(GVP) $ 770 TBC [V ......$ 835 Studio 16 .....Sll 60 Kitchen Sync .51280 A40008 SCSI(GVP) ...$ 159 A500-HD8-F0 1 20(A500) .$ 425 G-FORCE-040 33 4(A2000)$ 1100 G-FORCE-40 4(A4000)......$ 1581 Al 291 SCSI Kit(Al 200) $ 99 Al 230 AD or 50 A(A1 200).... $ 504 705 DSS8 + (Sound Digitizer) $ 84 Supra Turbo 28 (A500 A2000 5150 Supra 500 RX(1 Meg A500)$ 169 MBX 1200Z(25MhZ Al 200)... $ 2 3 2
3. 5 H.D. Ext. F D .$ 159 ALFA RAM Ext. A500 ....$ 54 Data Flyer RAM(A2000) $ 99 Data Flyer Int. (A2000 .....$ 79 Data Flyer XDS (Al 200 ext call). $ 72 Data Flyer 4000 SX-2 ......$ 99 THE PERSONAL SFC $ 389 PCMCIA 1MB (w.bcrtt) 5170 DKB 1202(AT 200) ......$ 149 DISTANT SUN 5.0 ...$ 57 12 S.T 3-DISK SET 13 WANDERER (ARCADE) 14 STAR IREK 84 -, 15 T RICHTER 2 DISK -J 21 SEA J ANCElSUBl 22 YAIITZEF, (3 GAMES) 24 MONOPGI YAVOTORT ¦U DOWKItll I. SKI N 55 ZERG (DAD GAME) 62 DRIP(Arc*lci 70 MLSSlii COMMAND 72 DRAGON CAVE 78 PETERS QUEST (ARC.) 79 MEGA T1AI I. SO PAC MAN* 9ft TANKS INTERFERON io? Tetris games 114 LEMMINGS PL DF.M8I 128 SPACE GAMES I V, HA!E (Z.AXXoS Cln) 137 BLACKMCK BANDir 14? NEBULA ( J D GAME) 147-INTREPID flai-JtSimi 148 ROULDERDASK'MICRO 162 VIDEO POKER 176 GALACTIC WORM 190 MORIA(OAD) 191 KINGDOM AT WAR 194 SINKING ISLAND ? 238 RO.MBHUZaL 240 C.TlESS PACCER
24) CHECKERS 255 PINBALL 2S2 SYS (ARCADE i .328 WANG I.E 1 RJX 349 OX YD 378 I>OM|NOS?MRDS- 398 LEG OF LOTHIAN 403-INTRUDER Al.ERT Pagestream 3.0 $ 229 Gigamem ....$ 89 Al 000 Printer Cable .$ 24 Desktop Budget ....S47 C Net 3.0 .$ 125 Top FORM $ 39 Home Front $ 39 Profill Vol 2 3 ......$ 29 Scenery Animator 562 Vista Pro V3 ..$ 62 Home Bulider CAD ..S57 AS 314 = A3000) ....532 Brillance .$ 117 Rexx Plus Compiler ..$ 127 Super DJC 8 $ 35 Image FX ...5212 Word Writer 6 (C-64) $ 29 Printer Int.(C'64) ...$ 45 1351 Mouse(C-64) ...$ 29 1x4 SC ZIP(A3000) $ 25 1x32 60 70 SIMM(4MB) .$ 161 2x32 60 70 SIMM(8MB) .5335 4x32 60 70 SIMM (16MB)......S705 8x3260 70 5IMM(32 MB) CALL Price 8, Availability lo change without notice GAMES 413 SCUD BUSTER* J6S LE.MM1NG2 TRIBES PLAYABLE DEMO 470 SEUCKGAMHS(l) 489 Bl OOD BALL
• FAT AGNUS REQUIR ED 500 NO MANS LAND 514 SUPER PACMAN 517 LEAP'S I ARRY 521 DONKEY KONGl I 1) 533 PINBALL FAST Demo 515 EIRE'S' ICE 538 lANX Di agouti lex 561 PARACHUTE JOUST 575 SIARBASE1J 576 2 DISK SET 577 MOTOROLA IXV 578 2 DISK ‘AGA- 5+? LEMMINGS LEVELS 605 Point o( Sale AGA 606 A1200 Fi*e C ALL FOR A FRKK TLAS CATALOG DISK I AX 915 56? 4 315 TLAS PO BOX 30499 MIDLAND.TX 79712-0499 THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Editors Note: Bemuse "hist Word" was going to press he ore readers had a chance to respond to the events at Commodore by traditional post, we're including some online responses to a press release we posted about the events on the networks. For more information about the Commodore situation, and reactions to it, see pp. 2 and 4. Long Live the Amiga! Thanks for posting that notice. It’s good to see that Amiga World will be n o with us, even after Commodore's demise. Steve Pietrowicz CompuServe: 76701.250 Good . . . Hate to have my subscription change to some pc mac mag!! Thomas Harmon CompuServe: 72740.2261 Concerning the licensing [of Amiga technology to third parties], I’d die happy if multiple, nonexclusive licenses to all the technology were granted to pursue the technology of Amiga computers and maybe the CD32, with, say a set-top box exclusion . . . If the licenses could be granted, the Amiga or at least AmigaDOS -may well live oil into the future as an important product. Joanne Dow jdow(fl hix.com You should encourage companies to continue to develop for the Amiga and to continue to advertise in Amiga- World. The temptation will be for anyone who continues to produce software and hardware for the Amiga to say, “Hey, I’ve got a captive market now. 1 don’t need to advertise.’’But if there isn’t a support forum for the machine V kc AmigaIVorld then the market will die sooner! Advertisers need to think ol it not so much as “building a market,' which is what advertising was to them in the past: They need to think of it as “donating blood” so that the Amiga market will survive longer. Mark Brown mbrown @icaen .viowa.edu Pats on the Back I have read your magazine for years, since the Amiga first came out and have thoroughly enjoyed every issue. 1 always wail anxiously every month for my next issue to arrive. I applaud your fine magazine. If it wasn’t for your continued support for the Amiga and its community, it might have had a premature demise years ago. Rob Watson GihsonviUe, North Carolina It’s stood to see that o A m iga Wo rid will he with us, even after Co mm odor e’s devi ise. Two thumbs up for Dave Havnie’s article, “The Best Things in Life Are C,” in the May ’94 issue. I look forward to the continuation of this series and applaud its inclusion in your fine magazine. Todd Wiggins Bakersfield, California EOS for Everyone I enjoyed your review of the GVP KGS 28 24 Spectrum in the April ’94 issue. Although you pointed out many of the hoard's positive features, you also repealed an ongoing misconception regarding the Spectrum and EGS. One ol the strongest arguments against EGS boards such as the Spectrum, in a comparison with hoards like the Picasso II, regards the lack in ability to promote Workbench software to the board’s high display rates. Fortunately for Spectrum users such as myself, this is not the case. The Spectrum does not require that you use EGS specific software in order to utilize the graphic board’s special resolutions. Once the Spectrum is installed, all ol its resolutions are added to the Workbench display database. You can edit and create new resolution modes with the EGS software. Anv software that allows you to choose resolutions from the display database can use EGS screen modes. It doesn’t stop there however, you can also use some of the PD promotion utilities to promote software to EGS screen modes. I can mu Imagine 2.0 on a 1600x1280 screen! I’m not sure if promotion works as easily on all systems, but it works perfectly on my A4000 under 3.0. Vadim Levitin Lenexa, Kansas DOS and Don’ts In “1 litlden AmigaDOS Gems,” in the May issue, the section on GMD [has] the operand parallel in all caps. For some inexplicable reason, this one AmigaDOS routine is case-sensitive, and any form except “parallel” does not work in any machine I have tried it on, either 1.3 or 2.1. Another oddment about CMD: In my experience, use of this function runs a significant risk of a gum. This problem arises, 1 suspect, when some application program thinks it has first “dibs” on the parallel port or on the printer, and you try to butt in with a CMD redirection. Geoffrey A. Gass Portland, Oregon Editor's Note: thanks for the correction, Geoffrey. We apologize for any inconvenience our error may have caused. ¦ The World’s First Multi-Platform Emulation System! JTHplL BW
* File Edit Teslt Analysis Utilities Luindou>s UUHd-I Comparison - Machine Records Quadra 840FtU’40Mf>z ?! 7 Wry Tev»ri ButtU Zcrl Qvtr: Putt)* Ptrtntt t* t »:• fcr-i*r f P ri**n« M n»*n S> »» £» . F. *,« fpurrr rpy Kvut fPU hilrb rpv it* frith ,«u n.i 101 1 File Edit Sti|lf- Item Page Uieu» Utilities A4000 040-55Mhz Hk-JTiV '"-May 1994 AmigaWorld ad for EMPLANT - Created using “Speedometer v3.23” speed comparison (68040 CPUs) QuarkXPress® with an A3000 EMPLANT system! 33Mhz A4000 vs. 40Mhz 840AV - Hey! That’s not fair!
• EMPLANT is a hardware device that is designed to allow the emulation of virtually any computer using the Amiga. A simple software driver and ROM(s) from the computer to emulated are all that is required! The hardware holds the key to emulation speed. Custom programmable logic allows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the exact hardware of the computer it is emulating. Multiple emulations of different computers can be ran at the same time using a single EMPLANT board! Macintosh® Emulation Module t The Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic' Macintosh with the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900. Using a 33Mhz 68040 accelerator (such as the RCS Excaliber board), emulation speed can be greater than an 840AV Macintosh! (See speed comparison above) Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AG A machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Up to 24 bit (16 million+) colors is supported using 3rd party video boards such as: Picasso II, EGS-Spectrum, Vivid-24, Rainbow II, Rainbow III, Visiona Paint, Merlin, Retina, Retina Z3, Piccolo, EGS110 24, and OpalVision! ...and we'll support any future video boards that are suitable for use with the emulation! Like ALL of the emulation modules that will be released for use with the EMPLANT hardware, the Macintosh emulation module MULTITASKS with the
- •Amiga's operating system! You can simply pull down or flip screens and get back to the Amiga side! ...and the emulation stays running at full speed! Future Emulation Modules Since the EMPLANT's hardware is so versatile, a completely new and different computer can be emulated by just changing the emulation software patch and the ROM(s). IBM 486DX, Atari 400 800, and Apple lle c emulations are in beta testing now! Atari ST, and C64 128 emulations are planned for the future! You need no additional hardware for future emulation modules. All necessary hardware is already built into the EMPLANT board! Four different versions of EMPLANT are available, ranging in price from $ 279.95 to $ 399.95, Order direct from Utilities Unlimited Intl., Inc. or from one of our dealers (more than 200 dealers across the US and overseas carry EMPLANT). US customers, please include $ 10 for shipping handling (all orders are sent UPS 2 day delivery). Customers outside North America, please contact Blittersoft: +44 0908 666265 for the dealer nearest you. Dealer inquires are welcome! Utilities Unlimited International. Inc. 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue 16 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 U.S.A.
(602) 680-9004 24hr order line
(602) 453-6407 24hr Fax line
(602) 680-9234 Technical support dept.
(602) 453-9767 24hr BBS (2400-14.4K)
(602) 453-3909 24hr BBS (14.4K-28.8K) Another Amazing Product From the Makers of EMPLANT! A I'm A (AmigaoMacintosh Interface Adapter) AMIA is a tiny interlace adapter that plugs into the last external disk drive connected to your Amiga (or to the Amiga's drive port if no external doves are presen!) And allows an external Macintosh tloppy drive to be used wlh your Amiga' This interface is ideal lot use with EMPLANT s Macintosh emulation module1 You can read and write true Macintosh low density |80CK) formatted disks and convert them to and from various formats, including full disk images' The design of the AMIA hardware makes it the only Macintosh disk drive interface capable ol multitasking with the Amiga's OS' When MultiOSFrfeSystem is released, you will be able to use AMIA to access low dens ty Macintosh floppys right from WorkBench’ Price. 559.95 We also have a limited supsiy of Fujitsu 800K Macntosh compatible external floppy drives for only 5129.95' Circle 159 on Reader Service card. Macintosh, 840AV. MAC lid. Quadra 900. & Apple lle c are registered trademarks ot Apple Computer. Inc.. Atan ST & 400-B00 are trademarks ol Atari Computers. Inc . QuarkXPress is a trademark ol Quark, Inc.; ‘Speedometer v3.23‘ O 1993 by Scoti Berfield; EMPLANT. The EMPLANT logo, and the acronym Electronic Micro-Processor Level Amiga Native Task' are trademarks ot Jim Drow & Utilities Unlimited International. Inc. Here now at these Authorized Opallfision Sales and Service Centers USA International DON LESMEN MUSIC CENTER MICR0W0RK8 PHANTA CAPELLA ALBUQUERQUE, NM BUFFALO, NY BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA OSLO, NORWAY 505-288-2111 716-873-1856 54 1 7820787 222 00 806 HT ELECTRONICS SOFTWARE HUT SOLARIS CHROMA SUNNYVALE, CA SHARON HILL, PA INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA COIMBRA, PORTUGAL 408-737-0900 800-848-0079 512 49 49 24 351 39 273 43 CREATIVE COMPUTERS MICRO SEARCH JOLLY SOUND LIMITED STQPLER LAWNDALE, CA HOUSTON, TX HONG KONG, CHINA MOSCOW, RUSSIA 810-542-2292 713-988-2818 852-362-0202 095 246 1042 THE LIVELY COMPUTER SAFE HARBOR ML SYSTEMS KARLBERG & KARLBERG LA MESA, CA WAUKESHA, Wl WATERKLOOF, SOUTH AFRICA BJARRED, SWEDEN 619-588-9455 800-544-6598 12 3461160 46 47 450 THE COMPUTER ROOM OMNI INTERNATIONAL TRADING
C. 1. S. L C.L AURORA ENGLEWOOD, CO SEATTLE, WA PESSAC, FRANCE UGHF3ELD,STAFF8.,UK 303-696-8973 206-628-2923 57 8811 40 54 34 14 817 SLIPPED DISK CLACKAMAS COMPUTES VIDEO COMP WONDBi COMPUTERS MADISON HEIGHTS, Ml CLACKAMAS, OR OVERURSEL, GERMANY OTTAWA TORONTO, ONTARIO 810-546-3475 503-850-0378 81 71 59 070 613-596-2542 TRI STATE COMPUTERS KBSRL VFX NEW YORK, NY BOLOGNA, ITALY 8URNABY(8.C. CANADA 800-220-2224 51 76 55 63 880-861-4007 HlgHaality, real-time 24-Bit Iramegrabiier * Professional-quality genlock IWCWiMAWt WVWOWNIA Chroma and luma keying • 256-level linear transparency key Video Sandwich key • Real-time color processing and chrominance effecls Unlimited number of transitions and 30 Digital Video Effects • 24-Bit pfcture-bi-picture 24-Bit, Ins character generation with MONTAGE 24 software Muiftctved and listrihittd by: Centaur Developimnit
P. O. Box 3959 Toppaace, CA S0510 Phone: (310)787-4530 FOX: (310) 222-5882 60S: (310)787-4540 Inputs Outputs:
- Y C in oili (S VHS. Hi 8) CrnMlf: Opal Tech Sydney, Australia QpalVision, OpalPaint, OpalPresents, Opalvision Video Suite, OpafVision Video Processor and OpalVision Roaster Chip are trademarks or Opal Technology, Ltd. OpalAnimMATE and Opal F X Edit are trademarks ol Centaur Development, Inc. MONTAGE is a trademark ol innovfsion Technology. Circle 162 on Reader Service card OpalVision Video Processor Software:
• HpaiVisTon Software
• MONTAGE 24 *
- •

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