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Switchable video input selection * Switchable Genlock Disable for productivity mode uses ? One S-Video Input ? One S-Video Output ? One Composite Video Input We have taken the best features of both the SuperGen and the SuperGen 2000s and combined them along with some great new features to make the ultimate new genlock for the new Amiga computers. SuperGen SX ? One Composite Video Output ? Professional Key Out for use with switchers ? Switchable Chroma Notch filter + Selectable blanking * BNCand S-Video connectors ? Fast Sync Tip Clamp ? Key Output ? Internal RS-170A Blanking Generator ? Switchable Setup Adder ? Compatible with all Amiga models. The new SuperGen SX external S-Video compatible genlock for the new series of Amigas has everything you want in a genlock and overlay system for your Amiga. $ 749.00 The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and two 3.5 inch devices (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. Video Slot Box The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga, You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that are "video slot masters" such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. ? Coming Soon To order direct call Digital Direct at 1-800-645-1164 (orders only please) Free shipping on all VISA and MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm California time for same day shipping. Technical information please dial 916-344-4825. Digital Creations, Inc. * P.O. Box 97 * Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone (916) 344-4825 • FAX (916) 635-0475 SuperGen. SuperGen 2000s, SuperGen SX. Video Sio! Bo*, and Kiicfien Sync are trademarks ot Digital Creations, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc IBM and IBM AT arc registered trademarks ol IBM Inc Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc Circle 63 on Reader Service card. The Reviews are in “The program is so fast and flexible that it makes its Amiga predecessors feel like the old Doodle! Program on the Commodore 64.

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Amiga World Vol 10 06 1994 Jun

Document sans nom D-RUM BUYER’S GUIDE: 100+ TITLES! P. 31 ? Denny on DOS ? Prime-Time PD ? Video in Focus ? CD32 Games REVIEWS
• ADPro 2.5 •Scala MM300
• Aladdin 4D 3.0... More! An IDG Communications Publication rotating graphics 100 EPS IMAGES 120 OUTLINE FONTS est Software Product”, LOW PRICE VOLUME 10, NUMBER 6, JUNE 1994 m; vriiKES The Fundamental Things (STILL) Apply By Geoffrey Williams. . 20 In the video-editing world, "nonlinear" is long on promise anti short on delivery. But the latest offerings in more traditional editing systems are in great supply and better than ever so check out this comprehensive roundup designed for both consumer-level and pro needs. The Compression Game By Steven Blaize .26 More complex, highcr-quality graphics and video are imposing increasingly severe demands on vour system resources. Meet t the crunch by finding out how image- compression schemes can help and which formats suit vour needs best. RTKTES THE CD Boom ByJulie Petersen. . . . 3 1 There's a vast quantity of good CD-ROM titles out there if yon know where and how to look for it. Come browse our buyer’s guide to CD-based software. Data on Command By Pam and Joe Rothman .....37 Here’s a hands-on tutorial for using the Amiga’s premier database Sbasc4 Pro to help you design customized applications that handle almost any home or business project you can think of. The Best Things in Life ARE C: Part 2 By Dave Haynie .... 4 1 The master programmer concludes his two-part C tutorial with more examples plus some handy tips to help you move out on your ow n. CO LI MAS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson . 2 We’ve made some additions to the magazine this month and the editor wants to give you a rundown on the new goings-on. Dennyion DOS By DennyAthin .. 6 ""irsuiew lace in the All' line-up is an old pm. Noted Amiga expert and author Denny Atkin, with a brand-new column on mastering the Amiga's operating system. I ideo-editing systems share the spotlight this month with a sine if tine AW features all making their debuts this month. Check out our brand-new columns on Amiga DOS (p6), PD software ip.S), video (p. 62), and (.1)32 games (p. 80). Prime-Time PD l ftv Wahli .....H Out own on-line guru, Tim Walsh, starts Aip another new A W column on searching out sources for freely distributable software and monitoring activities on the nets. Accent on Graphics By Joel I la gen ...60 I his month, graphics maestro Joel shows vou how exploring the alpha channel via popular popular image processors can add new dimensions to vour images. Video in Focus
* B J>auiu de Andrade ....(VI Mi)n the video front, AII’ also introduces a new column anchored by Paulo de Andrade, who kicks tilings of!with a rundown of some hot items coining out of the recent NAB convention. AW Product Information 94 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue oi AmigaWortd, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers'7 Distributors' Addresses" list. DIT* VRTMUMS Overscan 4 AIV continues to bring you news, newsmakers, and new products irom all over. Help Key . 88 I in i wears several hats at AW, so when he’s at this end of the book he's vour “answer man" lor tech questions and teasers. The Last Word .96 The "rear vent" to even' issue of.-Hf is always open for readers to air it out. R i; 1E S Art Department Pro 2.5 (.ASDG) .t 2 Easier to use. More extensive support, and added features descrilie the latest ADPro. Tandem Controller (Alfa Data) .....14 Controls both CD-ROM and IDE drives. SCALA MM300 (Scala) ..... 15 Major improvements to a top multimedia- present at ion package. Aladdin 4D 3.0 (Adspec) ..17 Better-than-ever 3-D modeling rendering. MeGALOSOUND (Oregon Research) ... 19 Low-cost, no-frills 8-bil sound sampler. FASTLANE Z3 (Advanced Systems) AND DKB 4091 (DKB) ....()} = Zorro III SCSI-2 hard-diskcontrollers. (, VUES By Peter Olalson The Settlers (Blue Byte) and GENESIA (Mindscape UK) ...72 Two new "Cod sims” for control freaks. Microcosm (Psygnosis) ....76 Kllects galore in a CD-ROM 3-D shooter. CD32 Games 90 A11 debt its its new monthly roundup ol games designed especially for CD32. AG Ames ....82 Capsule reviews of games developed or adapted for AGA Amigas. COVER BY JACK HARRIS VISUAL LOGIC AmiguWorld I EDITOR'S DRAWER Hey, look us over! This issue features new columns and changes that strengthen Aws focus. Familiarity breeds complacency, among other things. So in response to reader suggestions and feedback we ve decided to shake things up a bit. Beginning with this issue, you’ll note several editorial changes that reflect the evolving Amiga market and interests of our readers. First, you said you wanted more tips about using your Amiga. Bingo, we present a new column entitled “Denny on DOS. Successor to the popular “Digging into DOS” series, this column focuses primarily on Amiga DOS. It will familiarize you with operating system issues and provide lips to exploit its powerful capabilities. Oh, if you haven’t guessed by now, the Denny in the column title refers to none other than Amiga DOS expert Dennv Atkin, known to many as one of the more know)-
* j edgeable and well-respected voices in the Amiga community. He is the author of the popular Best Amiga Tips and Secrets, is a familiar presence on the various on-line services, and has served as editor ol'Amiga Resource. Glad to have you on board. Video multimedia production is an area where the Amiga really shines, and we’re also pleased to welcome one of its brightest stars, Paulo de Andrade, who will share his video expertise each month in a new column entitled “ ideo in Focus.” Paulo will help you to make your video-production operation run more smoothly, spice up your video presentations, and save money. Amiga desktop videomakers of all abilities and persuasions from the novice to the pro. Toaster and non-Toaster users alike will discover the latest developments in the video field and learn what new tools are available and how to use them in creating videos. AmigaWorld boasts a very active on-line readership always on the lookout for network news and especially good software to download. Senior Editor Tim Walsh has adequately filled that need with the scoop on the hottest downloads in his ‘’On-Line Scan” reports. In response to reader requests for more, we have cut Tim loose from the coniines of his hall-page section of “OverScan” and given him a full-page column, entitled “Prime-Time PI).” Tune in to an expanded look at ihis all-important market, as I ini brings you the latest on-line happenings and choice PI) and shareware olferings. Fo accommodate the influx of exciting new CD32 titles to the burgeoning games market, we’ve also commissioned games guru Peter Olafson to beef up his “Game Presene” column. Peter will be sharing his insights and perspective on the potential of this exciting new game machine and casting a critical eye at the new titles that are arriving daily. In addition to CD32, Peter will continue coverage of the entire Amiga games market, and review noil-game CD32 titles in the “Reviews” section. Amiga l Dodd (ISSN 08S3-2390) is .hi independent journal not connected with Commodore Busi- ness Machines. I nc. Amiga It or d is published monthly l>v TechMedia Publishing, Inc.. an IIX• Company, 80 Kim St., Pcterboiongh. Nil (>3138. ITS subscription rate is $ 20.07. one ear.
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Amigu- World assumes no responsibility lot damages due to eiTors or omissions. PKIVI ED IN 11 IF. I ’SA. Posted under Canadian International Publication agreement 0237478. Denny on DOS, Paulo on video, T I'm on PD, and Peter on games. We’ve got it covered, as we adapt to changes and reader requests to help you get die most out of your computer system. Check it out. Dale Strang, Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Games Editor Denny Atkin, Paulo de Andrade, Joel Hagen, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael AfcGoIdricfc, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Safes Representative .Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403: 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti. Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCoie, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jail let. Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie BuurgUlilt, Circulation Fulfillment Manager Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Darlene Sweeney, Administrative Assistant William M. Ho ver, Director of Credit Sales & Collections Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation WIDG IXTHRNATIONA I. DATA GROUP Performance Counts (...NOT PROMISES) GVP brings out the best in every Amiga Great Valley Products delivers on our commitment to manufacture the most innovative and technologically superior products for the Amiga. EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM™ Go Beyond AGA Graphics with this real-time, 24-bit, true- color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280! 800x600 in 24-bit! We include a custom display pass-through cable for single-monitor use. Included with Spectrum is u GVP exclusive, the declaimed EGS SpectraPaint (formerly EGS-PAIN'T!. Get the standard that others are developing for, EGS Spectrum. Bring workstation .graphic power to your Amiga today and see what you've been missing! CIRCLE 3 ON READER SERVICE CARD Performance Series II”* At SOMhz, you can own the fastest A1200 in the world! Add up to 32MB of high-speed 32-bit RAM, today! With the added power of a SOMhz FPU, your floating point operations have never been speedier. A 40MHz version is also available for those who want the best, but don't need as much speed. A simple connection in the A1200's trap-door’ never voids a warranty, and with either SeriesII you have the added versatility of our DMA Peripheral Port (DPP1. Add the fastest SCSI interface on any A1200 with the A129I SCSI Kit. It just nlugs in from the back. Other expansion products,including a 16-bit CD quality audio digitizerand playback unit as well as a real-time video digitizer coming soon! Keep your options open! CIRCLE 15 ON READER SERVICE CARD DSS8+v Clearly Superior! This is the quietest, most professional and attractive digital sound sampler yet made. Assembled of high-impact dear polycarbonate, this is the sound sampler to own for the Amiga. The versatile Digital Sound Studio software includes a multifaceted program lor sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound pla m2ck as well as creation of .MOD format songs. New DSS 3.0 software now supports direct - to-disk |hard disk!) Recording and playback. New real-time effects and powerful playback and editing features as well as an even more versatile and powerful interlace. CIRCLE 03 ON READER SERVICE CARD PhonePak VFX" 2.0 If you are calling for VoiceMail Press l, if you would like to send a Fax, Press 2. If you would like to have this automated, scheduled, time date stamped and call you when you have new mail, get PhonePak VFX 2.0 today! Fully integrated, allowing unlimited mailboxes and private fax receiving. Send faxes from any program that prints. Cali in remotely and retrieve faxes sent earlier. Plain paper or paperless faxing. Call routing with Centrex FBX support, and more! CIRCLE 41 ON READER SERVICE CARD ioExtender" Feeling trapped- Let GVP extend your horizons with our easy-to-use ioExtender, Contained on a single card, you will PSSU+ V 256 MB El 4098 speeds in excess of 57,600!]. Optional RS-422 Kit or second RS232 Kit are available for even greater versatility. Free your ports and regain performance on your Amiga with ioExtender! CIRCLE 36 ON READER SERVICE CARD ImageFX™ This revolutionary must-have-program combines the traditional elements of image processing with amazing high-end special effects and morphing tools. Image FX is easi-to-use in every respect. It supports image file formats in use on nearly any platform from Macs to SC.1 machines.lt has built in virtual memory for all Amigas, no more 'out-of memory' problems! ImageFX even incorporates an on-line help system! ImageFX includes EVERYTHING you need in one low cost package: 24-bit painting, scanner modules, image format conversion, and much more! Recommended by Video Toaster User and in use at Warner Bros. Animation ...ImageFX is the one to have! Get the tool the professionals use and recommend! CIRCLE 18 ON READER SERVICE CARD 4098 SCSI 2F457740G8 SCSI IP Bring the world of SCSI within your reach with either of these versatile hoards. Instantly gain access to thousands of peripherals such as hard drives, SyQuest removable media and CD-ROMs. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga 4000 and smile. The 4096 is equipped with a full 32-bit SCS12FAST interface providing up to an incredible 10Mb per second transfer speed. Eight 32-bit, standard 72-pin SIMM slots provide for up to an amazing 256Mb of very fast RAM...NOW! A2000 users or those looking lor the most economical SCSI solution will find room for up to 8Mb of 16-bit memory on our 4QQS card. CIRCLE 30 ON READER SERVICE CARD IV-24 “ A4000, The Ultimate Genlock This is what you have been searching for in a professional uuality genlock for your Amiga 4000. This integrated hardware design provides the crispest, cleanest genlocked video on the Amiga desktop. With options for RGB, composite, SVHS, Betacam and M-Il compatible inputs & outputs as well as a 24-bn, 16.7 million color trame-buller and real-time framegrabber digitizer, this is the Amiga genlock every professional needs. GVP's acclaimed ImageFX software as well as the powerful EGS SpectraPaint, now included, complete this picture as the Ultimate Genlock. An enhancement package including the professional Component Transcoder |CT| is available separately! CIRCLE 28 ON READER SERVICE CARD A4000 G-Force 040-40 “ This is it! Never before has such a powerful processor been available for the Amiga! G VP puts a 40MHz Motorola '040 in your A4000 (030 or 040) and couples with it up to 32Mb of super fast SIMM32 memory. We don't stop there... add the memory expansion module and gam a total 128Mb of RAM (incredible!) Directly connected to this blazing processor. For maximum performance, GVP offers a second optional module for a full 32-bit SCSI 2FAST interface, capable ot data transfer speeds up to an amazing 10Mb per second! GVP Gforce...Experience the power! CIRCLE 29 ON READER SERVICE CARD G-FORCE A2000 G-Force 040-33 Combo" The classic Combo taken to the Ultimate Extreme! Your applications will blaze with the awesome power of a 33Mhi 68040 processor. Give that muscle some room to flex with room for up to 64MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Of course our award-winning SCSI II interface is integrated for maximum performance and we include the bonus of ioExtender capability with an extra parallel port and a buffered highspeed serial port. Hot "toast" served here! CIRCLE 30 ON READER SERVICE CARD TBCPlus'" This professional quality (CCIR- 6011, all digital time-base-corrector (TBCj uses state-of-the-art 8-hit 4:2:2 video signal processing... Plus it provides a real-time video framegrabber and 16.7million color frame-buffer ...Plus there is a full SMPTE EBU time-code receiver generator and a separate comb filter available...Plus this incredible product will transcode composite and Y C inputs...Plus a 3 channel video input switcher iin composite and Y Cl ..P us programmable video special effects! Circle a on reader service card G-Lock" Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together and do it on any Amiga! Get connected with the world of video with our built-in transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full support for AC, a systems as well as ihe 'classic' Amiga 500,2000 and 3000. Acclaimed interface controls make this easy to use and simple to control. Scala * users can purchase an EX module from Scab distributors. With G-Lock s included dual-input audio panel it's simply the best choice for every personal Amiga owner. CIRCLE 25 ON READER SERVICE CARO tie GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 65" CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA I9460 * USA PHONE 61 0• 354*9495 • FAX 610*337 *9922 EGS 26 24 Spectrum, Performance Series II. Image FX, G-Lodt, IV-24 G-Force 040-40, G-Force 040-33.4093 SCSI2FAS". IoExtender, PhonePak VFX and DSS8* are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc All otner trademarks are the property of their respective owners. OVERSCAN NAB: No Gamble for Amiga LAS VEGAS With our favorite machine now a veritable veteran of computer broadcast applications, this year’s National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) convention drew dozens of Amiga developers and countless Amiga users among more than 70,000 attendees. The Amiga's representation was solid, and Amiga developers had a lot to show. Gearing Up A handful of pre-show events attracted Amiga users. At one, six ex-NewTek employees announced their new company, Play, which will reportedly develop for PC. Creative Equipment (CEI; RS 120), which distributes Commodore hardware and add-ons to dealers in the US and Latin America, hosted a dealer meeting. CEI bundles Amigas with various products for distribution through its dealerships. For instance, its CEI 4000mc ($ 3595). Consists of an Amiga 4000 and an Emplant (Utilities Unlimited) Mac emulator. Other system bundles include GVP’s 40 Mhz 4000 040 accelerator (the CEI 4000turbo. S3595) and Macro- System's 40 Mhz '040 SCSI-2 board (CEI 4000warp, S3495). CEI’s announcement of a new, AGA- supporting monitor thrilled dealers who have been unable to get Commodore 1942s. The swivel-based CEI 1962 ($ 499) scans 15 to 40 Mhz horizontally and has a .28 mm dot pitch. The 1962 promises to support Super 72 modes; it also offers a built-in international power supply, CEI will also fill the gap left by Commodore’s discontinued A2065 card with the CEI A4066 Ethernet board ($ 295). Although the board's specs look similar to those of the A2065, it promises 25% better performance. The Show Goes On On the show floor, several firms boasted alliances that should serve the Amiga well; you will see the results of these relationships in various products. PAL compatibility and video editing were also themes. To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. In fact, rumors had circulated prior to the show that NewTek (RS 121) would introduce a nonlinear editor. And so it did. The Video Flyer, stifl in its early stages of development, was advanced enough to demonstrate and seems very promising. Due for release late this year at less than $ 4000, the Flyer uses a scalable proprietary compression scheme to generate real-time digital video in up to D-2 quality. Flyer demos should show up in dealerships by late summer; units should ship late in the year. Those looking for the Screamer, which NewTek announced last year, found instead the Raptor, by Desk- S tat ion Technology, to replace it. The Raptor includes two RISC processors and 128MB of RAM, and is designed expressly to accelerate LightWave. Raptor is shipping now for less than $ 15,000. (RS 135.) Complements to the Toaster A few companies have been working with NewTek. One of them, SunRize, announced an audio switcher designed to work transparently with the Toaster. Wlien you perform a video switch on the Toaster, this product will automatically perform an audio switch, as well, SunRize is also working with NewTek to port its Studio 16 sound software to the Flyer. (RS 122.) Prime Image had NewTek's support in producing Passport 4000 ($ 6750), which, together with the Toaster, provides full production and graphics capabilities, with standards conversion in and out (the box is PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SEC AM, and NTSC 4.43 compatible). The impressive, self-contained, self-powered unit also offers a transcoding TBC synchronizer, digital-video effects, and IBM PC-ATbus slots. Passport 4000 employs a “passthrough” interpolation technique that promises not to degrade signal characteristics, and operates with a 6+ field memory per channel. (RS 123.) Among other Toaster add-ons, Dev- Ware demonstrated its Crouton Tools ($ 149.95, now shipping). This interface for controlling the Toaster also promises 150 new functions for the board. DevWare’s Atomic Toaster Catalog ($ 49.95) offers information on buying and using Toaster-based products and should be ready in May. (RS 124.) Positron Publishing showed off Dynamic Motion Module ($ 179.95), which calculates keyframes and detects collisions to make LightWave objects involved move appropriately. (RS 125.) PreVue demonstrated InterVue, which comes in two flavors. The Basic T-Bar ($ 129) gives you hardware control over the Toaster’s on-screen T-bar. T-Bar Plus, meanwhile, lets you select all 4096 possible background colors, and provides Take and Transition buttons plus three assignable buttons. Eventually, the company plans hardware replacements for all the Toaster’s controls. (RS 152.) Y C Plus, demonstrated its Y C adapter for the Toaster, plus other products. 'Fhe VL-1A low-pass filter promises lo eliminate interference from improper NTSC composite encoding from S-VHS camcorders. The brand-new VL-2 Y C is a Y C version that banishes high-band “spurs” from the Y C signal. The company’s KDP A-750 interface works with the Panasonic AG-750 and NV-510 decks, adjusting the trigger point from preroll start to edit point. The KDP-440 interface works with Sony’s RM-440, triggering effects at the edit point. (RS 126.) More and Better Also supporting the Toaster and Centaur’s OpalVision is Scala’s new VE500. The package combines all the multimedia authoring capabilities of Scala’s MM300 with A B roll video-editing software and a new RS-422 controller. The controller provides four ports and two GPI triggers; you can even use two cards for up to eight VTRs. The card supports most frame- News and New Pro ducts Let On the Ball be your assistant to a better organized office. Accurate decks, too, from S-VHS to 1)2, and ii can control a slew of hardware (via Scala's EX extensions), including GVP’s IV-24 display hoard, SunRi .e’s ADS 16 sound board, laserdisc and CD-ROM drives, and more. It also provides scalable, antialiased character generation. IC500, Scala’s newest version of the InfoChannel multimedia network product, is a major upgrade, providing "the industry’s first multimedia commercial insertion capability.” It allows for automatic logging and invoicing of ads run on cable channels and so on. MPEG support comes in the form ol software that encodes audio, video, and system data and can convert JPEG to MPEG. Improved authoring features should eliminate the need for external products. (RS 127.) Just down the aisle. Digital Micronics showed version 1.0 of its long-awaited Digital BroadCaster, the Motion JPEG- based nonlinear video system. (RS 130.) Fast Forward Video showed oil its own raiulom-access digital video recorder, Bandit, which supports Amiga and other systems. The stand-alone unit connects to your serial or SCSI port, uses JPEG for compression, and costs S5995. (RS 132.) Promising Signs The giant Centaur and RGB booths n Desktop Organizer Do you wish your workspace were the perfect "paperless office" that high-tech promises? On the Ball (S40, Pure Logic Software) could be what you need it's a calendar, address book, to-do list, and notepad a(l rolled into one. The calendar feature can organize your day, week, or month for you so you won't waste time fishing to find those crumpled appointment slips. With the software's address book feature, you can attatch reminder notes to a database of phone stood side by side, seeming to symbolize their new agreement, RGB now him- tiles Centaur's OpalVision in a new turnkey system called UniSuite, which includes an A4Q00, a 350MB hard drive, I8MB of RAM, and, of course, Ami Link video editing, for $ 10,000. RGB expects that the new system, slated for release toward the end of' *9-1. Will line! A huge market in Europe, given the PAL adaptihility. (RS 129.) Centaur has won praise for its OpalVision 24-bit display device and framebuffer ($ 695), and OpalPaint is widely regarded as the Amiga’s best paint program. But the firm’s tardiness in deliv- ering modules has met with less enthu- 13 siasm, so Centaur seems determined to deliver better-than-expected results. The OpalVision Video Processor module (including the Roaster chip; $ 995), provides an elegant approach to creating impressive 3-1) digital-video effects and it conies with InnoVision’s Montage character generator. The Video Suite module ($ 995), a rack- mountable audio video mixer, switcher. Numbers and date-stamp your calls to help you keep track. And transcoder, has nine video inputs, and video in and out available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y, Composite, and S-Video. While Centaur is reluctant to state release dates, the modules did look close to completion. (RS 128.) DPS showed off a PAL-standard version of its popular Personal Animation Recorder; its version 2.0 software is imminent. (RS 131.) ASDG announced a new VP of Sales (ex-CBMer Rick Unland), and the licensing of its HUP (Host Independent Imaging Protocol), a programming interface to enable image portability across platforms, applications, and formats. (RS 133.) Finally, lots of other Amiga developers, including reps from InterWorks, Warm and Fuzzy Logic (whose newest LightRave supports LightWave 3.1), DKB, Oxxi, Caligari, Anti-Gravity, Texture Gitv, and Digital Creations roamed the show floor. So, while Amiga users missed the cancelled World of Amiga show this spring, we found plenty to chew on at NAB. ¦ BG Learning about your roots** Origins II ($ 85, The Puzzle Factory) is a database that will help you track your family’s history. Once you've entered the data, you can list UPDATE SCAN i it by person, marriage, or parent and then generate reports to share with your whole family. Started a database with another genealogical program? No problem you can import and export data between Origins and most other programs. You can even store picture files so that Origins can double as a photo album. The new version requires Workbench 2.0 or later, 1MB of RAM, and two floppy drives. Want to add some pi zaz to your videos? TV Text Professional 2.0 ($ 199.95, Zuma Group) video-tilling software now supports PostScript Type 1. Intellifont, and Qfont scalable typefaces and on-screen text sizing and stretching so yon can create all kinds of elfei Is for your text. Ii supports AG A and all graphics modes = including Super Hi-Res) except RAM. The program includes 25 scalable outline fonts. AmigaDOS 2.04 or later and 1MB of chip RAM are required (a hard disk is recommended). BibleScholar 3.0 ($ 159.95, EasyScript) features AGA support, an improved interface, enhanced editing functions, and more maps. It also supports new reference modules from EasyScript such as The People’s New Testament ($ 74.95), which offers comnienlarv and references for each verse. Another module, the Treasury of Knowledge References ($ 74.95), includes the newTopicalText Book, the Spurgeons' Catechism, the Puritan Confession, and other sources of interpretation. The upgrade costs $ 34.95. ? Denny on DOS HINTS & TIPS FOR MASTERING THE OPERATING SYSTEM By Denny Atkin 1 Keys to the Shell elcome to a new Jit'column designed to help you make heller use of your Amiga's operating system incliicliiiti ilie Work-
- • o bench, ihe commancl-line Shell, and the underlying J O liles used by the ()S and your applications. ()ver ihe coining months, we will explore both basic ancl advanced aspects of the OS. Although some of the material covered in this column will applv to Amiga- DOS I.a, most will focus oil Amiga DOS 2.04 and later. If vou're currently using 1.3 or n earlier, you really should upgrade your system to Amiga DOS 2.1. flic Amiga 500 and 2000 can be upgraded to 2.1 simply by changing a ROM chip. (The common misconception that you also need to upgrade to the Enhanced (Ship Set isn’t true.) Adapter boards are even available that will let you plug a Kickstart 2 ROM into the venerable A1000. Not only does Amiga DOS 2+ provide an enhanced Workbench and a more powerful Shell, but it also adds new capabilities to your system that can make your third-parly applications work heller. It's one of the best upgrades you can purchase for vour Amiga. J n To Shell and Back I his month we’ll look at some ways to get the most out of the Amiga's com- mancl-line interface. Referred to by the acronym CLI in the earlier versions ol’AmigaDOS. It was sign ill-
o o candy enhanced in Amiga- DOS 1.5 and renamed the Shell. To open a Shell win* dow, you can either double- click the Shell icon in the Sv.stem directory on vour ¦* * i Workbench disk, or take the mouseless route: Hold down the Right Amiga key and press E. and then type Newshell and hit Return. II you want to have the Shell always a double-click awav, click once on the Shell icon and then select Leave Out from the Workbench Icons menu. Unlike the CLI, the Shell gives you comprehensive Quick Tip If you want to close a Shell window, you don't have to type ENDCLI or END- SHELL and press Return, nor do you have to reach for your mouse. Simply hold down Ctrl and press and the Shell will disappear immediately. Controls for editing the com- mands you type. You can use the Cursor Left and Cursor Right keys (arrow keys) to move across the command line. Shifted, these keys move vou to the beginning and . O o end of the line, respectively. Especially handy are the Cursor Up and Cursor Down kevs. Each shell keeps a history of the last 2K of commands you’ve typed. Pressing the Cursor Up and Down kevs let vou move through j n the command history list. ()nce the command you want is shown at the prompt, simply press Return to execute it (or edit it first, if vou wish). If y m‘re looking for a particular command you've entered, you can type the first few charac ters of that command and then press Shift and Cursor Up (or the key combination Clrl-R). I he first command dial matches these characters will appear at the Shell prompt. If that's not the command you're looking for. Continue pressing Shill-Cursor Up until you lind the match. If you wain to make a j quick note to yourself, type a semicolon (;) to mark the current command line as a comment, and then type your note and press Return. You can then recall the note later by typing : and hitting Shift- Cursor Up. 1 here are a number of key combinations that make editing recalled commands easier. Ctrl-W deletes the word to the left of the cursor, while Ctrl-U deletes everything to the left of the cursor. Ctrl-K will eliminate everything from tlie cursor to the end ol the line; if you change your mind, pressing Ctrl-Y restores the deleted text, finally. Ctrl-X will delete the entire line. Short Clips Another way to save typing is to take advantage of the clipboard support added lo the Shell in Amiga DOS 2. Using the left mouse button, you can highlight a filename listed in the Shell by clicking
• O on the first character and dragging the pointer across the filename. Then press Right Amiga-C lo copy the filename to the clipboard. Now typo a command, such as List, and hit Right Amiga- V to paste the filename alter the command. Normally, the Dir and List commands do not list the entire directoiy name, but vou can create a command that does by typing ALIAS LS LIST [] LFORMAT %S%S Now use the LS command when you want to list the entire path. This comes in handy if you want to copy and paste multiple filenames, perhaps to append them after the Delete command. An Extra Set of Keys Some commands, particularly long directoiy listings, will display more information than will fit in your Shell window. You can stop a listing with (Itrl-S and resume it with Ctrl-Q. However, typing any key will stop the scrolling, so often I simply use the spacebar to stop the scroll and Backspace to resume it. If you want to issue multiple commands, press Clrl-J instead of Return after each command in the sequence except the last. After typing the final command, hit Return; all of the commands will now execute in sequence. If you’re looking for an even more powerful command window, check out Wishful Chinking Development's Wshell 2.0. 1 his commercial Shell replacement adds better Arexx support, filename completion, a scrollback bar, and more it's a must-have if you spend much time at the command line. ¦ Denny Atkin is author of the booh Denny Atkin5s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Send .suggestions to him via e-mail at oo DennyA miga (q aul.com, or umite to him c o Amiga Wo rid. The wait is over for low-cost, high-quality color printing. Introducing the Primera'" Color Printer. For only $ 995.00*, you can now print spectacular full- color animations, 3-D renderings, video captures, and color photographs. Print on plain laser paper, transparencies - even T-shirt transfer sheets! Use Primera with vour favorite programs like Brilliance'", Art Department Professional*, OpalVision ", Video Toaster'", ImageFX”1, PageStream and nearly ail other Amiga software that uses the Amiga Preferences driver. Primera is the perfect color printer for every Amiga user. Why wait any longer for brilliant, full-page color? Call today for more information and a free sample print.
• Works with all Amiga computers Version 1.3 (or higher)
• Printer drivers also available for Windows 3.1" and Macintosh®
• Thermal transfer print quality For only $ 249.95*, turn your Primera into an advanced dye sublimation color printer! Produce true continuous-tone, photo-quality images. 1-800-327-4622 612-941-9470 612-941-7836 m _j jji rii HirHird
* 11 In: ifiiit an v’yurii J 1*1*1! F 9} Lost J llindirt Lisle _£| [rrttr l«H F Ll* J ItmHH L«cl 3QH IfWf Ihi Pirnl Clin aidit* $ 111(1 (ailmb .4* (Inn Ilf At, lorhtxrfl ¦::rn.v CMI Oil* IjhiV Icon itindira .vr- ¦j mm r jc i**k _i$ li*difd List j£j£mtrr Iwm r H Lmk J fi.0di:d Leak Like one of Pavlov’s clogs, I had conditioned mvseH'lo await patiently the opportunity to expand Amiga 'orId coverage ol freelv distrib- i i tirable software. That lime has now arrived with the debut of “Prime-Time PD.” You’ll see more in-depth coverage, more screen shots ol Amiga PD programs, and, space permitting, occasional updates on happenings on the Internet, as well as on both established and emerg- iug networks. Also, since lew Amiga users stick onlv to the Magic Menu lets you control both pull-down (top) and instant pop-up menus (bottom). Amiga camps on the networks, this expanded column will give me the freedom to discuss topics beyond just the software 1»* QiHir PylPHwm Him P»l»l*f umrnfcy, Pn-Ji MUMmI J] (ll*t I ! Hkm fre*s |«r|*rs few rjjsmt ITT! I!** I_ 1 _fcj I Knfcurl (inlrol jd Efl»to _£j6 *n lo lir ttift Imimm flCIWMMl >*wi j jfJ (MU It Pit Ittfl IlCtfM* Hcwriad »i » | i liras i n ran 0 hi Ml-Hu itta Mutr frs-fr lHnnil.nl Hi*| lit Hm.1 Dsitls hrliri toj ffl~l I I*** ! |.i! I iKdrw _diM.(H Ml.till Hi i*k»~ [xMulf CmwiI.,. Jit Mr* PI I Ipfcft PI I ri itm J’ Htiii elfcir nn Psi Hr K«e Hr *«¦ (ULl. Ollering-s in the Amiga areas. Magic Menu I o celebrate the new look of this column, it‘s only lilting I mention a program that gives your Amiga a new look. Magic Mean by Marlin korndorlcr lits the bill. Recently updated to version
1. 29, it remarkably improves the look and feel of your Workbench and virtually every program that uses Intuition menus. And unlike some screen utilities. Magic Menu is designed so that it does not severely hamper the performance of unaccel- erated Ami gas. In a past issue, I noted that Silicon Menus is one of inv favorite Amiga utilities. Wherever you position the pointer, that's where your menus appear when you press the right mouse button. Magic Menu works the same wav von no longer have to id O move the pointer to the top of the screen to access the menus. But Magic Menu holds an adv antage over i” Silicon Menus because it oilers more options and I lex ihi Inv. It even lets you choose between standard, 2-D type menus and those of the increasingly popular 3-1) variety. Simultaneously pressing the Control and All kevs toggles currently displayed menus between 2-D and 3-D. Magic Menu version 1.29 (an 108K archive) places an attractive configuration interface on the screen. Selections from its font- sensitive, hot-key activated control panel let you sel up Magic Menu with numerous opiions. By pressing a couple of on-screen buttons, you select how pop-up and pull-down menus appear. (Pop-up menus are those created by Magic Menu that appear wherever the pointer is positioned on the screen; pull-down menus are commonly "pulled down” from the lop of the Workbench.) (implementing the interlace is a program icon I hat supports a variety of Took Types entries, allowing you to set a number of Magic Menu parameters to your liking. The programs most redeeming quality, though, is the well-written, easv-to- tmderstand documentation, which is available in Amiga- (riiicle format. You can also find plenty ol cross-referenced hot-but tons in the docs. After months of using it, I can state with no uncertainly that all programs using Intuition screens work flawlessly under Magic Menu, The only exception 1 encountered is DeluxePaim 4.5 AGA, whose combination of custom screens and menu system won’t allow the program to lake advantage of Magic Menu. No big deal, really, as any Intuition menus multitasking in the background u o remain under Magic Menu control. Whether you are using Workbench 2.0, 3.0, or anything in between. Magic Menu seems to work like a charm. And Furthermore .. . While on the subject of screen utilities, MousoMeler by Wolfgang B rev ha and Michael Matzl, is a little program found only in the AmigaUser area of CompuServe as of this writing. T i Mouso.Meler measures the “mileage” (actually the fractions of a kilometer) you accumulate by moving the n mouse. A calibration program. A special Magic WB version, documentation in Knglish and German, and an April Fool’s prank accompany this archive. In the process of'getting MousoMeler to work, I discovered that I was lacking a library. I promptly downloaded Magic User Interlace (Mi l), a $ 15 shareware program by Stefan Stunt , of MFR fame. Mi l is a big ((>50K) archived lile that adds a host of Files for creating and designing various program interfaces, plus the Muimster.library required by MousoMeler. The demo version you download is slightly disabled, so pay the shareware fee and you’ll j receive a full working ver- sion from the author. I would encourage anvnne i» , interested in creating program interfaces to get ML I and rake a look at the examples. At the very least, you'll get some innovative ideas lor new designs. Network Voice Numbers BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 ¦ Write to "Prhne-t ime PD" c o Amiga Wo rid Editorial. 80 Elm Si'Peterborough, NH 0.3458; or contact Tim through the Internet at "twalsh(iibixxom ”. RT DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL VERSION 2.5 The Best Don’t Rest icts: Dpro is only age proces ir to consis- ntly rank in 3 Amiga’s top ) best sellers. VDPro has won the nazing Computing Reader’s toice Award every time. This screen shows just one of the many ways to configure ADPro’s new interface. Dpro is now more powerful and isier to use than ever before! Shown are the button interface with floating module lists and render window. Ith the track record and reputation Dpro has earned, you might think we’d be intent to rest on our medals. Fat chance. Fact, we’ve just made our 'er, including: biggest improvements pROFESj Modest ARL 5 Image you’re a seasoned professional, ADPro has been listed as a “Must ave" for years. And if you’re just starting out, you can’t make a safer, ore secure choice than the easiest-to-use ADPro ever. N all new (totally style lide compliant) user inter- 36 where no major feature more than a mouse click ' ay Support for many new aphics boards including e Video Toaster, Retina, casso II and all EGS impatibles
• Over 100 pre-written Arexx programs ready to go
• The best poster printing around, ™ especially on the new FARGO Primera Dye Sub Printer
• More special hardware support (like the DPS PAR and Digital Broadcaster)
• More image formats • More tutorials
• More image processing operators
• And the list just keeps on going ppPARTMENL d see your dealer right away and get the best get ADPro! Circle 39 on Reader Service card. 925 Stewart St. Madison, Wl 53713 (608)273-6585 Art Department Professional is a registered trademark of ASDG, Incorporated. Other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Buy one Timebase Corrector... ...and get a second one FREE!* The Kitchen Sync is TWO complete S-Video compatible infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card. And at a price that you would normally pay for a single TBC. Completely synchronize not one, but two independent video sources for use with virtually any switcher or digital video effects system requiring synchronous video inputs. The Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 Two complete time base correctors on one card that can plug into any IBM AT compatible slot. With any video source, even consumer VCRs and camcorders ? Use multiple Kitchen Syncs, together for more channels ? Completely accurate sync generator built in: totally regenerates all sync and blanking signals; guaranteed accurate S CH phase relationships ? Built-in proc amp ? Broadcast quality output ? Completely digital design ? Microprocessor controlled ? Easy to adjust external LCD control panel ? Advanced sync output ? Inputs are S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible. Use either composite or S-Video into either channel ? Great for use with the Video Toaster ? S-Video output option for full S-Video operation ? Control operation independent of Amiga, PC, or Toaster operation ? Easy installation ? No timing adjustments necessary for small stand-alone applications ? Genlock option available for house system integration ? Jitter-free freeze frame, field! Or field2 (channel independently selectable) ? Variable rate strobe ? External contact-closure interface for freeze ? Three user presets and one factory setting stored internally Check out these great features: ? Plugs into any IBM AT compatible or any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 PC slot ? Plugs into Digital Creations new Video Slot Box ? Works The Kitchen Sync makes it easy to complete your desktop video installation. Everything you need is here. ? All on one card ? All at one great price ? At this price its like buying one TBC and getting the second one free. ? S-Video option $ 99.00 ? Genlock Option $ 150.00 ? Four Video Slots! ? Three PC AT bus slots (power & ground only) ? 230W switching power supply ? Two
5. 25" and two 3.5" drive bays Both composite and S-video in an external genlock The SuperGen Sxis our newest genlock and overlay system for Amiga computers. The “S” in “SX" stands for S-Video. The new SuperGen SX is a full featured S- Video genlock. The “X" stands for external. The SX is an external device that attaches to any Amiga computer through the RGB port. True broadcast quality video output ? True Y C genlock and overlay ? Two independent dissolve controls ? Software controllable ? S-Video to composite or composite to S-video transcoding built in ? Interpretive dissolve mode ? Switchable
3. 58MHz notch filter ? Switchable video input selection * Switchable Genlock Disable for productivity mode uses ? One S-Video Input ? One S-Video Output ? One Composite Video Input We have taken the best features of both the SuperGen and the SuperGen 2000s and combined them along with some great new features to make the ultimate new genlock for the new Amiga computers. SuperGen SX ? One Composite Video Output ? Professional Key Out for use with switchers ? Switchable Chroma Notch filter + Selectable blanking * BNCand S-Video connectors ? Fast Sync Tip Clamp ? Key Output ? Internal RS-170A Blanking Generator ? Switchable Setup Adder ? Compatible with all Amiga models. The new SuperGen SX external S-Video compatible genlock for the new series of Amigas has everything you want in a genlock and overlay system for your Amiga. $ 749.00 The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and two 3.5 inch devices (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. Video Slot Box The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga, You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that are "video slot masters" such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. ? Coming Soon To order direct call Digital Direct at 1-800-645-1164 (orders only please) Free shipping on all VISA and MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm California time for same day shipping. Technical information please dial 916-344-4825. Digital Creations, Inc. * P.O. Box 97 * Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone (916) 344-4825 • FAX (916) 635-0475 SuperGen. SuperGen 2000s, SuperGen SX. Video Sio! Bo*, and Kiicfien Sync are trademarks ot Digital Creations, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc IBM and IBM AT arc registered trademarks ol IBM Inc Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc Circle 63 on Reader Service card. The Reviews are in “The program is so fast and flexible that it makes its Amiga predecessors feel like the old Doodle! Program on the Commodore 64. Nothing out there can match its feature set, and it's the one paint program I've used that’s so fast that it never gets in the way of your creativity.f Amiga Computing, October 1993 (UK) “Brilliance is now leaving Dpaint trailing in its wake the best art package available for the Amiga. It's very hard to express why I’m so taken by Brilliance, there’s just a feeling of 'rightness' about the way that it works. ” C U Amiga, October 1993 (UK) "Excellent! Brilliance is loaded with useful drawing and animation features, but it's not just the sheer number of tools on offer that impresses. Two other big points arise. First, the program is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive, flexible and well thought- out panel system. The second major factor is Brilliance!s speed. Even in HAMS mode, everything zips along beautifully quickly” Amiga Format, October 1993 (UK) “Brilliance is user friendly, doing an excellent job with nearly every function and option that it offers... ” AmigaWorld, December 1993 (USA) “It is solid as a rock. Never have I known a first version of any program stand up like this or be so perfectly polished.” Amiga Shopper, December 1993 (UK) “After using Brilliance for just a couple of days, I'm hooked. It is the only package to be released for the Amiga which can rival Deluxe Paint for animation capabilitiest and it is a class act. ” "For many years, Dpaint ruled the roost when it came to supplying incredible graphics power at an affordable price, but no longer. Brilliance has assumed centre stage and is now the Amiga's number one art package.” C U Amiga, January 1994 (UK) “It took a while, but Deluxe Paint IV has finally met its match. If you're looking for the best AGA paint program on the Amiga, look no further than Brilliance.'’ Amazing Computing, November 1993 (USA) Amiga Down Under Nov Dec 1993 (New Zealand) Professional Paint & Animation __DIGITAL ANNOUNCING VERSION 2.0 Version 2.0 of Brilliance has been designed with productivty in mind. Several new features enhance this already powerful program. Features like Flip Frames that allows the animator to flip through drawings. Rub Thru that make compositing easier. Load and Save Tween paths enabling much longer and repeatable brush moves. Faster and more accurate Tweening. True View option for magnification. And much, much more. Brilliance! The best just got better! COMPARE! Deluxe Paint IV Vs. Brilliance Overall Speed Picture Size Limited By: Chip RAM Total RAM Number of Brushes Number of Anim Brushes Number of Screens Levels of Undo Levels of Redo Load Save Paths Flip Frames Realtime Preview Mode Full Screen HAM Gradient Fill Max of Colors Gradient Fill True 24 Bit Editing Load DCTV Pics as HAM Max Animation Speed Ground-up Design for AGA
* Limited only by total RAM Still Not Convinced? 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when purchased directly from Digital Creations as a Competitive Upgrade to Ver. 2.0. Cat! 800-645-1164 to order. Circle 16 on Reader Service card Digital Creal ions, PO Box 97. Folsom. CA 95763-0097 Product Information 916-344-4825 * FAX 916-635-0475 • Orders 800-645-1164 C R EATIONS REV ASDG, $ 299 All Amigas, Art Department Professional 2.5 Powerful image- processing software.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator recommended. Minimum system: 1MB, hard drive. Recommended system: 4MB, AGA or display card. Get out your birthday hats ADPro has just turned 2.5! ASDG’s acclaimed image-processing program lias donned a new party dress and slimmed down, for its bulky, lo-res custom screen has given way to a collection of svelte, style-guide-compliant windows on the Workbench screen. To to}) tilings off, there’s nary an older ADPro
2. 0 loader or driver that won't work under 2.5. Spring Summer Fashions You can now select between two nifty front-ends and can accessorize ADPro to your liking. A button- driven interface combines an uncluttered window of just a few user-configurable buttons with separate tear-off menus for all the operators, loaders, and savers. ADPro is also now fully mobile, able to sport its main interface on any public screen. When on the Workbench, ADPro acts as an AppWindow to load a file, simply drag it into ADPro. When it is elsewhere, it leaves an Applcon and AppMenu item behind. The program is fully style-guide-compliant and Workbench 2.0 3.0-f'riendly; you can even modify its Applcon image. AD Pro’s strength has always been its ability to convert just about any kind of graphics-file format ADPro 2.5 does away with the clunky, over* sized interface of previous versions. Into another. It supports GIF, BMP, JPEG, FLC, Icon (.info), ANIM-5 and ANIM-8 formats, to name a few. The Professional Conversion Pack has been upgraded to include Silicon Graphics (SGI) and Wavefront formats, as well. But ADPro’s modular design is what makes it a powerful tool. Modules provide support for Digital Processing Systems’ Personal Animation Recorder, flatbed scanners, the Video Toaster, and an assortment of other hardware. The program also comes with utilities that disassemble and reassemble large files on Mac and PC floppies. ADPro’s display options give graphics-card owners reason to rejoice, too. The Execute and Redisplay buttons now can render directly to Picasso, Retina, EGS-Spectrum, and other cards as if they were Amiga displays. You may also render your images in a window on the Workbench or any public screen. If you like to see everything at once, try running ADPro atop FRED’s (ADPro’s Frame Editor) 256-color AGA screen while displaying your image in a window on the same screen. While many people are drawn to ADPro for its file-conversion prowess, I find myself using it most often for automated file processing. Using FRED or Sentry (the software equivalent of an obedient robot), your Amiga becomes a remote-controlled graphics workstation. If you Ye rendering a 500-frame Caligari animation but don’t have room for all those 24-bit images on your hard disk, don’t worry: Sentry stands guard and uses Workbench 2.0’s file notification to turn them all into JPEGs as they are created. Or you can use FRED to automatically resize, process, and animate a batch of Fractal Pro frames. Although ADPro, FRED, and Sentry use Arexx to work all this magic, you don’t have to become an Arexx programming whiz kid; ADPro includes dozens of plug- and-play scripts for most common tasks. Composite Materials ADPro’s compositing tools have improved to the point that I’d now call them formidable. Not only can you use any image format as an alpha channel, but you can specify a range of colors as transparent an increasingly important feature in these days of multimillion-color images. An example of how nifty AD Pro is to work with is the fact that I’ve taken to using the Dpaint loader to create alpha channels on the fly. I save the background image out to Dpaint, turn it into a matte, and load it back into ADPro. It’s seamless and fast just the ticket to keep those creative juices Mowing. The compositor is now housed on a high-resolution screen and looks much like the visual operators found elsewhere in ADPro. Von can even nudge the overlay image around the screen with the cursor (arrow) keys lor precise control. ADPro 2.5 offers a multitude of capa* biiities, image* processing options, and toots. (Top) Display 24- bit images from any number of graphics cards. (Middle) "Antique* your images for an old*fashioned look. (Bottom) Zero in on small sections of an image with its elaborate cropping editor. All is not rosy with ADPro, however. ASDG has made great strides toward improving the user interface, but the visual operators are still a hit spartan. You can enter colors only by typing numbers, and there’s no palette box to display the colors you’ve concocted. Also, there's no undo or zoom, and FRED is still a lad quirky. For instance, the program hiccups and promptly aborts unless filenames have the correct extension. T his problem is made worse because FRED runs only in 256 colors on AGA machines, resulting in sluggish responses, Image-Processing Warfare Gone are the days when ADPro was the only kid on the image-processing block. It excels in most areas, but for heavy- dim' image processing, you may want to complement it with Black Belt’s Image- master RA or CA'P’s ImageFX. Image- master R t has hundreds of processing tools not found in ADPro, and it can process regions of an image, instead of having to work with the entire image as does ADPro. I'd recommend buying both ADPro and Imagemaster to capitalize on their individual strengths. No other package, however, matches the depth and breadth of ADPro’s file- ? Conversion tools, enhanced 24-bit printing, or llatbed-scaniHT-driver selections. ADPro also includes a Dpaint FV-AGA patch that upgrades version 4.5 to -1. (> I. and lets you modify Dpaint images on the Iiy. Finally, v.2.5 has an interface other programs would die for. All things considered. ADPro is the kind ol program that, while slightly imperfect, continues lo define the Amiga itself. 1 can hardly imagine die Amiga without Art Department Professional, Dave Johnson Combination CD- ROM and IDE hard-drive controller. Installation: Moderately easy. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, A4000, hard disk. O paraphrase what every set needs is a good. Thomas R. Marshall, ions Amiga user realty low-cost internal CD- Scenery Animator Using three dimensional data Irom the US Geological Survey, or iis powerful, built-in fractal landscape generator. Scenery Animator 4.0 lets you create, animate, and explore places both real and imaginary. Position the camera in a landscape by clicking over a map on the screen. Then place redwood and oak trees, lakes, and 3-D objects in y om scene. You can set the snow- level, add ray-traced clouds, or simulate a realistic nigh! Sky with all ilic constellations. Then render, or draw a flight path on the map and animate! "... I highly recommend this piece of software. Scenery Animator is a versatile, powerful, and extremely satisfying program that will bring you many hours of enjoyment," AmiWorld, December 1991 Natural Graphics
P. O. 1« > I WO. KiKklm. C'A ‘>V>77 USA (vM-l-l.Ki IAX ll»|(,) 04-MIW> Circle 183 on Reader Sen ice card. ROM drive, preferably one that doesn't already have a Mac or PC attached to it. When Alfa Data's new Tandem IDE CD- ROM Controller and Mitsumi FX-001D CD-ROM drive arrived, that’s what i got. More than just another pretty controller card, the Tandem punted my A4000 040 squarely into the age of multimedia with dual-speed CD-ROM capabilities. CD User in Paradise T he Tandem (imported from Germany) is a pint-sized combination IDE CD-ROM Zotro II 1II controller card of admirable quality. The package includes an IDE- type cable, a disk's worth of software, and a tiny English German manual that is surprisingly helpful. The Tandem’s “combination'' designation implies that you can add another IDE-type hard drive to your system, along with a CD-ROM drive. It’s up to you to supply the CD-ROM drive, and you’re limited to three Mitsumi units available from two single-speed (designated the LU-005S and FX-001S) and a dual-speed (FX-001D, $ 429) that offers better overall performance. With the controller and the FX-001D in front of tne, next came the real challenge: installing them in my A4000. The controller slid like any other half-length card into a vacant slot, but installing; the .... . Drive unit in the top 5.25-inch bay proved a ten-minute exercise in skinned knuckles, acquired mostly in removing the virtually inaccessible security-switch lockout. With the front cover off, wedging the unit into the top bay requires no special skills, but the wire harnesses to the CD- ROM drive rest disturbingly dose to the power supply’s fan. Once you’ve packed all the pieces into place and completed the connections, the drive extends an unobtrusive 1 4-inch and is closely color- coordinated with the computer. I was particularly smitten by its tiny green activity light a perfect match lor the A4000 s power light. Violent system crashes were the order * of the day with most of the 1991-vintage CDTV titles I tried, but those problems could he addressed through judicious experimentation with Degrader and booting the A40UU U40 system with the original chip set. To perform functions A2000 A3000 A4000,
2. 0 3.0 compatible, Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Tandem Controller Alfa Data, S 139.95 beyond viewing images or loading text from Mac- or PC-specific CD-ROMs, you’ll need a hardware emulator. Performance-wise, I recorded read speeds of about 290K per second from an ISO- 9000-fbrmatted (d) in the drive respectable, bur not even one-third as quick as the A4000’s built-in IDE drive (over I MB second). DiskSpeed 4.2 did not recognize the CD-ROM as a valid device, but Syslnfo 3.23 did. Cue the Music, Maestro Accompanying the controller are lour utility programs: EjectCD. Kill DEV, Eorce- PhotoCD, and PlayCD. Eject CD places an open close button on the Workbench, while KillDEY removes the C D driver from the mountlist. ForcePhotoCD is un- necessaiy unless, to quote the documentation, you're using “very early LC-005S drives,” which apparently experienced problems using PhotoCDs. To an EX- OO I D or EX-001S, PhotoC Ays perform as well as any other CD-ROM. When you launch PlayCD, the CD- ROM drive is disabled from other activities. Plug a set ol headphones (Radio Shack Micro 36s work quite nicely) into the micro jack on the front o! The Mitsumi and listen to vour favorite tunes on j music Cds without hampering your Amiga's overall performance. In summary, the Tandem Mitsumi CD-ROM combo is a worthy hardware addition. It’s inexpensive, installs with minimal fuss, performs admirably, and is your ticket to the exciting world of CD-ROMs. With the right combination of hardware (A4000) and software,you may find that a few CD32 titles might work, as well. Tim Walsh Scala MM300 Scala, S399 All Amigas with ECS or AGA support.
2. 04 3.0 compatible. Hardware dongle copy protection. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB chip RAM, 2MB fast RAM, hard disk. Recommended system: Accelerator, 4 +MB fast RAM. Multimedia authoring and presentation software. In the past few years, Scala's crisp, distinctive backgrounds and unmistak- able displays seen in kiosks and cable TV stations have helped the company win over believers and skeptics alike. Now, its revamped presentation weapon Scala MM300 has the potential to promote the pioneer of multimedia even further. The MM300 package builds on its predecessor’s reputation for power, flexibility, and simplicity of operation by adding a veritable laundry list of fea- O _ j cures, most of which tire more incre- Wlthout TBCPIus Following GVP's philosophy of complete feature integration pioneered by our G-Force Combo M accelerators (used in a majority of Amiga® Video Toasterv Workstations), we are proud to present a wamm professional TBC with time and money saving features. You would demand a TBC to be 100% digital, have 4:2:2 throughput, and an integrated ProcAmp. You would want it to be under $ 1,000. We agree. What does the Plus get you? Plc* - Real-time 16.7 Million Color Frame-Grabber FrameBuffer for use as a digital video stillstore or signal generator. Included ImageFX™ modules allow direct editing and manipulation in the framebuffer. JOUts - Full Transcoding between Composite and Y C (SVHS) Input and Composite and Y C (SVHS) Output.
- Real-Time Professional Special Effects Generator featuring solarization, strobing, pseudo-color, monochrome effects, and more. PU - NTSC PAL SECAM Signal Standards Conversion to NTSC PAL for integration into worldwide video environments automatically. Otu* - Complete Amiga Software Control and Arexx7V Interface that • HGVP allows seamless integration of all TBCPIus features into an exisiting automated video studio installation. C1993 Great Valley Products. Inc. TBC Plus. G-Fcrce Combo. ImageFX and IV2J are trademarks ct Great Val e Produce Inc Amiga is a registered trademark c1 Commodore Am ga Inc.. All otter trademarks are the property of tteir respective owners Okay, Okay, So lt‘s A Digital Time Base Corrector, But can it...? The Plus Means Yesi AmiisaWorld 5 n A X With TBCPIus Plu> - Full Processing Amplifier (ProcAmp) Control for correcting or adjusting incoming video "on-the-fly" quickly and professionally. Pucb - 3 inputs (2-composite, 1 Y C) that can be connected simultaneously and 'Hot-Switched' with software without having to play with cable connections.
- Convert the 2-compositc inputs into a single Y C input, providing two switchable Y C inputs. Plus - Full SMPTE EBU encoding decoding striping available as an option. Plus -nxuc v, ttiuc v (txctc! ¦¦ rri X his is simply the most powerful and flexible video stabilization device for the Amiga computer. The TBCPIus makes an excellent complement to any GVP JV24™, NewTek Video Toaster"1, nr Centaur OpalVision v Graphics System. The Plus means it also offers more!" Gary Gehman, President Magic Pullet ConimunicaiUuvi, Inc. mental than revolutionaiy in nature. Absolute Power As with earlier incarnations. Scala MM300 allows users to create high-quality, professional, self-running or interactive presentations that combine IFF pictures, text, video, sound, and music. Scala FX, the part of Scala that controls external devices, can directly control external laserdisc players, Cl) IV, Xapshot, genlocks, and MIDI instruments. Though Scala can create stand-alone presentations, it is mainly a multimedia package. It lacks the program-building implements of a software-creation tool like Can Do, but instead creates presentations packed with video, audio, and transitional ellects. Via powerful color controls, you can remap IFF images to a wide variety of palenes. Text handling is a snap, using any mix of Amiga fonts and sty les. Scala can even display analog DCTV pictures, though die incompatibility in signals prevents the addition of text. Besides displaying pictures, Scala W wl'd Utawg? Aw Ihe-24-Bit Gtopkic twiib humuu) imeilmg? UleTlmk Sc!!! T he fALOM Main Obj ective5 Mew Price Lowest Cost Video Option Retargetable Graphics FCC Approved Paint Program ZorroXX &IIX 6U-Bit Display Controller Multimonitor 5 upport EG5 Workbench Emulation Programmable resolution 50240 W Fbntiac Trail Wxom, Michigan 48393 Ttj-iC £ §1C Tech Support (810)960-8750 Sales (810)960-8751 1 Fax (810) 960-8752 flight!!! MM300's interface clean and lean. MM300 excels in whisking them about with a superb array of transitional effects that range from subtle to explosive. New wipes (bringing the total lo more than
100) now look dazzling in A(.A modes. A new "Automagic” feature instantIv turns any screen object (brushes, text, structured-drawing items) into buttons. You can add Amiga Sonndtnicker MODs and sound effects simultaneously as music plays. There are basic controls for manipulating sounds in a variety of sound formats from I IT samples and SMLS to CA P’s 8-bit DSS format. Long sound samples won't affect video presentations, either. Video Star The crucial new benchmark ol presentation software is video. Scala uses a proprietary 32-bit animation formal called ANIM-32 to play back continuous digital video read in real time directly from the hard drive. Videos and animations can be as lengthy as data-storage space permits. An accelerated Amiga with a last hard drive is needed, but vou get j n real-time video power in return. In order to stay ahead of the rest of the video pack, Scala MM300 beefs up its already robust set of animation tools with SMF1 F timing codes (to sync with video) and AnimLab, a powerful animation converter. AnimLab creates ANIM-32 files front the old Scala video formal, AN IVI- 5 (DPainl), and ANIM-SW and -8F (Brilliance). AnimLab rapidly converts video files between NTSC or PAL resolutions, formats, and palettes. It can even turn animation files into separate frames of stills, give them smoother playback, and handle files too large to lit in RAM. 17 New Knickknacks New features in the MM300 make an already professional environment even better. Picture handling is vastly im- n proved, with better antialiasing, improved palette calculation, 2 1 -bit support, l-’loyd- Steinbcrg dithering for fast picture and biush remapping, easy picture and brush resizing, basic simciured-drawing tools, and better wipes and text crawls. 1 he work environment is more convenient, with thumbnail images on file requesters and instant font-requester loading. File formatting has been improved to allow die transparent loading of multiple file formats, like GIF and PCX. You must purchase each formatting module separately, but no price has been set. Scala MM.'lOO’s work environment makes building multimedia applications a breeze. The nonstandard interface is well thought out, with a clean, uncluttered look. The 350-page manual offers plenty of reference material, clear tutorials, and a full chapter on scripting and Arexx. The brief index, however, is buried between sections, and some images don't accord with the text. The familiar hardware dongle for copy protection imposes a burden on some users. Also, while the library of art, fonts, sounds, and animation is superb, it is rather diminutive. Now that many PC titles offer full Cds of multimedia resources, Scala needs to close the only remaining gap although to its credit. The resources it does have are gems. I have evaluated a host ol multimedia and presentation environments on other computers, and the MM300 outperforms most of them. Its power, llex- ibilitv, and price continue to give the Amiga a distinct multimedia advantage, Daniel Greenberg Aladdin 4D 3.0 Adspec Programming, S499 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Hardware dongle copy protection. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB and math coprocessor. Recommended system: Hard drive, accelerator, 4MB, 24-bit display board. Powerful 3-D rendering package. Like so many 3-D modeling and animation developers, Adspec Programming realized that no matter how many bells and whistles were packed into its premier rendering program, Aladdin 41), there would always be room for new functions. Version 3.0 is a modular rendering package that makes good use of external modules. We’ll take a look at Aladdin's more prominent attributes. From the Beginning Aladdin’s polygon editor lets you look into 3-D space. Unlike packages such as Imagine and LightWave, Aladdin does not use a tri-view editor for point ancl polygon manipulation. Instead, you work in one 3-D space where Aladdin’s “virtual’' camera controls the three primary views associated with the editor (called Hat views, for the x, v, and z axes). Aside from the ability to control the perspective of your view by moving this virtual camera, .Aladdin also supports an isometric view, which displays your drawing in non perspective mode useful for the precise placement of polygons. The program features a point-based editor, where polygons are usually con- ? EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM : Takes your amiga BEYOND AGA! The EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM elevates your Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000 Above and Beyond AGA and rockets you into die world of powerhouse workstation resolutions and real-time 24-bit true-color, at a mere fraction of the cost! Look at the colors and features in our SPECTRUM.
• Programmable resolutions up to an amazing 1600x1280 800 x 600 in 24-bit!
• Real-Time 24-bit display and graphics operating system!
• High-performance 24-bit EGS-Paint package for professional painting and photographic editing. Look for new stand-alone releases coming soon!
• Amiga-RGB Pass-Through so the Amiga and the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM can share a single monitor!
• Zorro-11 (16-hit) and Zorro-111 (32-bit 1 AutoSensing for maximum performance on all Amigas!
• Workbench driver to run Workbench directly on the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM hoard, freeing up valuable Chip RAM!
• Hardware blitter to accelerate all GUI operations, including the Workbench driver!
• System conforming applications can use the EGS screenmodes directly from the Display Database! ECS requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher. Strutted by setting and moving points. Creating rendered objects is accomplished in several wavs. You can draw freehand, create primitives (such as planes, spheres, and tubes), or use drawings Irani programs such as ProDraw and import the resulting EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files into the editor. While many 3-1 > artists use polygons to const met objects. Aladdin's 3-D spline capability lets you draw smooth curves, then translate the points into three dimensions or onto other standard polygons. Selected as the best professional productivity software at the last two North American Amiga Developers' Conferences, the SAS C Development System now includes C++. A plethora of tools lets von edit, move, manipulate, and otherwise control the environment within the editor. Modularity is lifted to a new level by including what Adspec calls external tools or gadgets. These stand-alone programs that exist outside.Aladdin are launched from within (he program. The more interesting of these external items are modules to extrude, sweep, stretch, scale, conform, explode, or twist polygons. Using external tools facilitates updating existing tools or adding new features to If you are currently using another commercial C compiler, call now for details on our special trade-in offer! M SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive Cary, NL 2751.4 For more information and to order, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, ext. 7001. SAS anil SAS C arc registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in tin* I S and other countries. ® indicates I S registration. Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. Circle 40 on Reader Service card Aladdin, since a full program update isn’t required. Animation Effectuation Aladdin supports basic timeline and keyframe animation techniques, and moving objects though your animation can be as simple as drawing a path and assigning the object to it. But on top of this, the program controls the way your objects look across a span of time through the use of control splines (Csplines), which control nonlinear effects in an animation. Csplines can direct the rotation, scaling, texture attributes, transparency, and manv other attributes for each object. You can render animations in any resolution supported by your machine and save them in standard ANIM-5 formal. Crouping models together does not necessarily make for photorealistic pictures or animations. Texture mapping, special effects, and lighting control distinguish truly gorgeous scenes from the n , n o ho-hum. Aladdin's built-in or bitmapped texture options, true lens flares, and gas effects let talented non-Light ’avc 3.0 animators create opening scenes ol such shows as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or Babylon 5. Procedures that simplify the creation of interesting wave effects, useful for simulating rippling water, are also available. Lighting options let you achieve the right look lor vour scene. O _ You can control lights according to
- . Color and strength and even assign them to a path in an animation. And if you don’t mind the extra rendering time. You can set up lights to cast shadows or to alfed highlights on objects. Aladdin ID supports all .Amiga modes (including AGA), DCTY, and a host ol 24-bit cards such as Retina, Firecracker, and OpalVision. While it is not a true ray-tracing rendering engine, the gout and or phong shading effects are stunning, especially in 24-bit mode. Depending on the complexity of a scene, the rendering times in Aladdin can range from quite speedy to excruciatingly slow. While Aladdin is indeed an outstanding program, it's not a true ray-traccr, so don't throw away your Imagine 2.0 yet. Since Aladdin can only trace shadows, you can't achieve refraction or object- reflcction effects, although you can simulate some effects such as chrome by means of bit- and texture-mapping. Re warned that the learning curve for those used to conventional tri-view programs can be quite high. A Manual Look-See The manual is divided into two parts: an extensive tutorial and a tool command reference. If you invest the lime and practice, the manual explains just about everything you need let use vour o * creativity. Aquick-start tutorial has you creating simple animations within a few minutes. I would, however, like to see more high-end effects in a package of this magnitude. For example, there doesn't seem to be an easy wav to achieve such clvnamic effects as magnetism and grav- o o ity. Also. Aladdin does not support collision detection or inverse kinematics (which is gaining popularity in high- end rendering programs). Moreover, since the program generates splines, its lack of support for density-based modeling tools or lattice and mesh effects might be an oversight. But I’ll temper this bit of disappointment by saying that no rendering program can include every possible option. Moreover, such effects could seriously impact rendering times. The uninitiated may be daunted by t J Aladdin 4D’s apparent complexity, but Adspec’s customer support and its quarterly newsletter (which includes a disk) offer outstanding help and guidance. At this writing, Adspec is allowing users of other 3-D packages to buy Aladdin 4D at roughly hall price. Call Adspec (21 (i 337-3325; FAX 216 337-1158) to learn how you can take advantage of its special offer. So, whether you are new to the 3-D world or looking to expand your Amiga graphics arsenal, you can t go wrong with Aladdin -ID. John Ryan Megalosound Oregon Research, S59.95 All Amigas except the A1000.
2. 0 3,0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easv. * Minimum system: 1MB, sound source. Recommended system: Hard drive and or second floppy, extra memory. Entry-level, 8-bit sound sampler. I fan eight-bit stereo sampler and editing package thal records at rates up to 70 Khz in mono and 39 Khz in stereo sounds good, the price :just $ 59,95 is downright enticing. Bundled with a complement «>l software utilizing cut- and-paste features, Megalosound samples IFF, 8SVX, and RAW formats directly to your hard disk, so only a meager amount of RAM is needed for even lengthy sound samples. You can also add special effects to the samples. Continued on j). 68. Imagefx TRULY INTEGRATED IMAGE PROCESSING...A REALITY, HERE AND NOW The concept is simple: ImageFX is the only Image Processing package that you will ever need Period. Some Image Processing packages make a lot of promises, but end up making you do all the work as they work on your pocketbook! But . . Not IntageFX from GVP> we've done it right the first maSeLX. However, if you re serious now about Image time «vin,vnii ¦ Processing, you need the You won't find any other Image Processing software with these integrated features. Perhaps other Image Processing packages will someday catch on to the power and flexibility of time, saving you time and money. The way we see it, '¦Professional" means Truly Integrated. That's why ImageFX gives you everything up front. We wouldn't think of doing it any other way! JX-100 Scanning . Virtual Memory ... Complete Painting Real-time WYSIWYG Preview Dual Image Buffers .... Alpha Channel .. Undo & Redo ... software that was born ready. No limitations. No costly additions! You still want more? OK! With ToasterFX from Byrd's Eye Software, you now can integrate the power of ImageFX“ With your Video , Toaster". ImageFX is Truly Integrated Image Processing... a reality here and now! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA. PA 194 06 • USA PHONE 215*337*H770 * FAX 215*337*9922 ©1993 Great Valley °roducls. Inc imageFX and CineMorph are wadema-ks ol Great Valley Products Inc, ToasierFX is a trademark of Byrd's Eye Sopfiv-are.. Amiga is a regisierec trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc Circle 7 on Reader Service card. PlTIMC Fundamental Things Apply A kiss is still a kiss and cuts, inserts, and transitions are still the stock-in-trade of the video editor. Wh ile the vanguard awaits the advent of nonlinear editing, the rest of us can benefit from this roundup of the latest offerings from among more traditional video-editing systems both consumer-level and pro. E are at an interesting crossroads in the world at any kind of reasonably affordable price, of video editing. The future, as most people So for Amiga users who want to do video editing know, lies with nonlinear editing (i.e., being now, we're still going to need traditional editing able to play your source tapes into your coin- tools. While this may seem a bit primitive to those puter and store them anywhere on your hard drive, visionaries contemplating the dazzling promises o! And to then play them back and edit them in any tomorrow, for the rest of us there are any number order -From disk, not from videotape). Unfortu- of solid products to keep us going until then, nately, the technology is not quite here yet at least Before we look at these, however, let's briefly By Geoffrey Williams Amiga World 21 I LLUS'l RATKD BY JLRRY BLANK cover a few editing basics. Video editing has always been somewhat problematic. Film was easy: You just cm and spliced il all together. With video, however, everything must be planned out in advance, because once you have recorded onto your master tape, you cannot insert additional video without erasing part of what is already there. Video editing breaks down into two basic types. In cuts-only editing, you record from one VCR to another. With A B roll editing, n however, you use two VCRs for source material, which you then record onto a third deck. The latter method allows you to do such things as Toaster transitions between video see- O ments; it is also faster, as one deck can be cueing up to the next segment while the other deck is playing. Fortunately lor Amiga users, the current selection of traditional video-editing systems is quite diverse. We'll examine a representative sampling both of basic consumer-level editors and state-of-the-art pro systems. Finally, well take a look at a lew products that will even give you a taste of nonlinear editing, (To contact the developers of products covered here, consult the "Mauu- jacturcrs’ Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 97, Also, see the “I ’idea Editor's Glossary" on p. 25 if there are terms you are not [amiliar with.) Consumer-Level Editing THERE ARE SEVERAL video-editing svstems D designed to work with consumer-level editing decks
o o rather than the more expensive industrial and professional ones. 1 hey range from the very simple to the quite capable, although even the better ones often may still lack the features an experienced video editor would want, Thev all work much the same way. The plav-back VCR, usually a camcorder, is controlled though a LANC (or Control-I.) Port or a Panasonic 5-pin port, one of which is generally found on most consumer and prosumer camcorders and VCRs. The record VCR is controlled though an external programmable infrared controller, which means that it will work with almost any VCR. This method is not highly accurate. But acceptable for non- demanding tasks where a second or two is not critical. When you edit with Scala Echo, you use the Scala MM300 interface. At bottom, Echo's LANC control panel sports VCR*like buttons that control the source VCR. Video Director Gold Disk SI 99.95 Since the developer has left die Amiga market, this product is now an orphan and you won’t see future upgrades or support. It is a very- simple program, lacking such things as support for Arexx or multitasking. It can display a picture if you have a genlock and it will directly control Digital Creations’ SuperGen 2000S but you can’t use it to play animations or sounds or to show anything but standard IFF pictures. It lets you make a list of clips from various tapes and record them, either through audio and visual cueing or automatically if you have a source deck with a LANC port. The control cable plugs into the serial port. Scala Echo Scala SI 99 1 he Scala Echo EE 100 is an add-on product for the Scala MM300 (see this month’s "Reviews”) or Info- Channel IC500 multimedia programs. As an editing system it is quite simple, blit combined with the full power ol Scala, it offers a lot of capability. The control cable is similar to the one for Gold Disk s Video Director, providing both LANC and infrared control from the serial port. Instead of working with a list of video events, however, you use the Scala interface, where record and play events are a part of an entire presentation. This makes it very easy to record Scala presen tat ions to tape along with inserted video clips. You can also use its infrared capability to control other infrared-coiurolled devices such as a CD player or laserdisc player from within a presentation. You set in and out points by using the VCR-like buttons of the LANC control panel to control the source VCR. MediaPhile hiteractive MicroSystems $ 250 (software only) The McdiaPhile Desktop Video System is an editor of significant ambition and capability. Interactive Micro- Systems has been Improving it since 1986, and over time it has developed into a veiy unique product. It ta i ii) 11j n * n n > o 0 1111¦ i ii i.i ii i¦111j B mm mb mm Mb MB mt Mm DF UITC LTC CTRL * n n • i i n • i i n > n u 0 0 ¦ u u ¦ u u • u u ¦ UITC LTC CTRL 3 x] J J> 2J H J s“ PlfiV SEC PAUSE REII STOP FF _jj >>j status pisfuwIerbor! Controls not only LANC and J X- swap- port-equipped decks, but also decks you would not normally be able to use at all; in addition, you can upgrade it to control industrial-level decks with RS-422 ports. Unlike Video Director and Scala Echo. MediaPhile can perforin A B roll editing via Interact ive's standard serial edit controller ($ 150), which connects to the LANC ports of your decks and uses the Amiga serial port. For decks that do not have a LANC port, the company also offers a universal tape controller (SI 50) that connects internally to any deck and keeps track of tape- inotion pulses. The device uses the parallel port. Interactive provides basic instructions on using it with more than -15 popular decks. (The company will also install it for you in any deck.) The developer also offers an industrial controller ($ 150) for RS-422 decks, but lor multiple decks you will need a serial-port expansion card. Keep in mind, also, that to make use of infrared control in a fully multitasking environment requires using one ol the Amiga's audio channels. MediaPhile hardware can be used with Cold Disk's Video Director, Future Video’s Edit Link, and even the Nucleus Personal Single Frame Controller (which lets von control decks with RS-422 ports). Even with decks you might never conceive of using for editing, MediaPhile oilers remarkable accuracy. Q _ The significant feature here is its capability to write time code directly from your Amiga’s audio output to the tape no additional hardware is required. For many decks, near frame accuracy is possible, with the worst case being 5 frames for decks that have only tape-rcel pulses. Using time code will mean losing one of your tape audio channels, so Interactive has also provided another method. McdiaPliile’s “no stops” option keeps the tape head in constant contact with the tape, so that it employs pause and iast-plav modes instead of making you stop to use the normal fast forward or rewind. This is a lot slower, but it provides much more accuracy. The included edit decision list (EDL) processor is full featured letting you preview edits before actually making them, do audio and video inserts, and perform assemble and insert editing. Its script commands allow you to control the SuperGen 2000S and the Video Toaster, to make use of Arexx and execute programs, and to automate MediaPhile actions. 1 here is a lot ol power here and many unique features that make it worth serious consideration. EditLink Future Video $ 595-1295 For many years now. Future Video has been making editing systems for the Mac, PC, and Amiga. The company currently offers several versions ol its EditLink controller, ranging from the lower-cost EC- O O 1000 ($ 595), which provides two-machine control and one GPI trigger, to the 3300 (SI 295) series, which has three-machine control and two GPI triggers. Packaged in attractive black cases with numerous staius-indicator lights, both can read Hi8 RTC time code, and each can he expanded to read SMPTE time code, too. EditLink controls the VTRs through Contml-L, Panasonic 5-pin, or RS-232 ports, and it is accurate to within + 1 frame on low-end industrial-level decks using time code. Toaster control is provided through a GPI trigger. The editing software is quite basic controlling single events only. There is, however, a third-party product, CyberEdit ($ 395. CyberCall) that can add more sophisticated edit control to EditLink. The professional version ($ 595) includes A B roll editing capability that allows you to perforin both assemble and insert edits, as well as to control the Video Toaster (including the display of CG pages). As mentioned earlier, you can also control EditLink using MediaPhile. Professional Editors THE SYSTEMS BELOW* work exclusively with higher- end decks in the industrial and professional classes. Personal Editor Nucleus Electronics $ 645 From the makers of the Personal Single Frame Controller. The lirst product to make single-frame recording affordable, this is a low-cost cuts-only editing system for frame-accurate decks. It oilers all of the j Personal SFC’s single-frame animation capabilities, as well as the ability to control two decks that have RS-1 The Personal Editor J J POTS TflHE EDIT LAPSE mi EJECT conmn The Nucleus Personal Editor can provide you with precise control over two RS-422 frame-accurate decks with internal time code. 422 ports with internal lime code. In addition. It can display IFF pictures and Toaster Framestores. It also provides direct control of Video Toaster transitions (unlike the more limited GDI triggering), and future versions promise support for ChromaFX and GG pages. I he Personal Editor also has a two-way Arexx port allowing it to control, and be controlled bv, other programs. It also supports pseudo A B roll editing (see Glossary), as well as being the least j T 3 n expensive way to control RS-422 frame-accurate decks. Because it is a brand-new product, by the time you read this Nucleus is likely to have added many other new features to it, as well. The Personal Editor represents excellent value as a low-end professional editor. Beyond solid edit control, AmiLink has a lot of nice extras. It offers built-in animation control for performing single- frame recording. It can be completely controlled though Arexx. It provides useful utilities, including a time-code calculator. And, it also has a detailed, well-organized manual that explains a lot of the basic tentinology and does not assume you already are a con- ¦> summate video expert. All of this comes at a price, though. Even the entry-level Ami Link CI P system that controls flecks with LANG ports is quite expensive (SI795). The Professional version, which uses the industry-standard V-LAN for deck control, will set you back an additional $ 1835. If you can afford it. This is a great system. AmiLink Professional RGB S3630 RGB produced the first professional editing system for the Amiga, and AmiLink has only gotten better over time. For experienced editors, the AmiLink Professional, combining optional, well-implemented Toaster control with its "Pod" feature (which offers an external control panel with a jog shuttle dial), is a dream system. It has the features vou would expect from a high-end system, including: control over 16 source and 4 record decks and expandable up to 51 GPI triggers per edit; control over industry-standard audio mixers; a complete FDF that can save in CMX 3600 format; and the kind ol’stability that conies with a system that lias been around awhile, AmiLink also has the ability to launch Arexx scripts and programs at an edit point. And, unlike all of the other systems described, which tie up the serial port, it comes on an internal card. FULL USER COMMENTING AND EDL MANIPULATION 2 A REEL88AT~|| 3 B TAPE3245 tt BtH R "~~= 80;01:89;26 | 00:11:49;06 msar 88;00:80;20 PLAYING SEARCHING J STOPPED PERFORM AmiLink Professional is a premium system offering such niceties as animation control for single-frame recording and complete Arexx support. Nonlinear Editing VF ALL WANT it. But the technology is not quite here yet. I here are. However, several products available now that in one form or another deliver on some of the promise of nonlinear editing. Keep in mind that nonlinear editing requires massive storage space and processing power to store all of that digitized video and audio and to move it around the system. Digital Broadcaster 32 Digital Micron tcs S3319 One of the first nonlinear editing products to be announced. Digital Broadcaster 32 is now shipping (version 1.0 was shown at the National Association of Broadcaster’s convention early this spring). It is not in wide distribution. However, and Amiga World has yet to test one. According to the developer, it has not been made available for review because it is not vet able to do audio and ? Video at the same lime. Digital Broadcaster 32 plugs into the .orm HI busol the Amiga 3000 and A 1000, and it .supports component, S-V'IIS. NTSC, and PAL inputs and outputs. It offers full editing capabilities with a number of transition effects, and it supports Motion JPE( >. Until we get our hands on a unit, though, we can’t tell you much more. Personal Animation Recorder Digital Processing Systems $ 1995 PAR is not really an editing system at all, hut vou can use ii along with the same company’s Personal TBG- IV ($ 000) to record video to its dedicated hard drive (newer Micropolis drives let you digitize incoming video at the highest-quality setting). You can then cut and paste sequences together, or even trigger separate segments from a multimedia program. Synchronized 16-bit audio is possible using SunRize’s AD516 audio digitizer. While you don't have a convenient editing front-end to work with, it would not be all that cliffi- v i i) ]*; o f; i) i t i (i h o u d i p cult for you to put together a commercial, ready to go, and even make several versions using die same source material. The quality from the PAR hoard is extremely good. MovieMaker Interactive Video Systems $ 895 After showing il as a demonstration for years, IVS Inially released its MovieMaker software last year. It is not a true nonlinear editor because there is no convenient wav to get video frames into it in the first place. The source material should be in separate DCTV frames (although MovieMaker can also play back AG A frames at a slower speed, or non-AGA IFF frames of lesser quality). It works fine for animal inns and computer-generated imagery, and it even has lb-bii synchronized sound capabilities and its own digitizer. Yon might also want software capable of editing 16-bit IFF sound samples, though, as the program’s audio-editing features are quite primitive. MovieMaker requires a dedicated hard drive, and it works best in the Amiga 3000. Getting full speed out of complex moving images requires a little effort, but it is possible to produce quite impressive results. Editor's Note: Readers looking for information on Pride Integrated f 'idea Systems' PI]-2001 slam Id note that the product is currently off the market as a result of certain legal proceedings. No further in pomatum is available at this time, but AmigaWorld will report any information we get that will impart readers. FiNxVL Cuts With any of the editors presented in this article, it is wise to contact the manufacturer before vou buv to f r make sure that it supports the VTRs you currently have and those you plan to add in the future. As for recommendations, if you want a fully professional editing system, the choice is RGB’s AmiLink. For an inexpensive, cuts- only editing system for pro machines, your best choice is clearly the Nucleus Personal Editor. On the low end. I'd have to choose the MediaPhile system, as the other systems do not come close to offering true video-editing capabilities. Although I did not get a chance to actually work with CyberEdit in conjunction with Future Video Product’s EditLink, I believe MediaPhile is still the better value. A CyberEdit upgrade was underway at the time of this writing, though, so stay tuned for a review. Stay tuned also for details on NewTek’s Video Flyer (a nonlinear editor designed for use with die Toaster) and on Scala's additions to its videoediting lineup! ¦ Geoffrey Williams, director of Creative Business Presentations, is a frequent contributor to computer-video publications. Write to him c a AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept.. SO Elm St.t Peterborough. NH 03458. Cpic eo Sditon Is fflossatfy Assemble Editing see "Insert Editing'1 Edit Decision List An EDL is a list of all the edits and source tapes, and how long each segment will be, along with transitions such as dissolves in A B roll systems. It is used to automate the editing process. Frame Accuracy How well an editing system does its job is determined by how accurately it is able to make edits. At 30 frames per second, a deck that is accurate to within + - 10 frames could be off by as much as a third of a second in either direction. "Frame accurate" means that there is no + - tolerance at all. Frame accuracy is determined by the capabilities of both the edit controller and the video decks being used. GPI Trigger A pulse that can be sent to the left joystick port and used to trigger a transition in the Video Toaster, or plugged into other devices to trigger a single, preset action. Insert Edit Instead of recording sequentially one section of video after another onto the master as in assemble editing, insert editing lets you add video onto the master without disturbing the previously recorded video that follows. LANC Port Also called a Control-L port, this Sony-developed standard Is found on many machines. Pseudo A B Roll Editing Using cuts-only editing, you grab the last frame of video and hold it as a still so that it can be used with a transition (fade, dissolve, wipe) into the next video sequence; sometimes referred to as A X editing. RS'422 Port Basically a 9-pin or 25 serial port, it is commonly found on more expensive industrial-level video decks. RS-232 ports are a less robust version that do not offer balanced control lines and work only with very short cables. Time Code A standard method of assigning every frame of video a unique number. Time code is necessary for achieving frame accuracy in editing. The SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture Engineers) standard records the time-code signal in either the vertical interleave or onto one of the audio tracks of the videotape. RTC time code is a special variation supported by Hi8 camcorders and some video decks. D GW Ami go World 25 t J J ill* If you feel choosing an image-compression scheme is like playing a game of chance, then listen up. We’ll explore how the various formats compress image data and why one might work better for you than another. 26June 1994 ILLUSTRATION BY STLVK THORN r AS I 1 .1 IN'OLOGY improves, we are able to manipulate and generate increasingly higher quality images. Today, we can create 24-bit, photorealistic images (plus effects, animal ions, and even digital video) that could not be produced on dedicated high-end workstations a few short years ago. Because such quality demands more bytes, this phenomenon has created a problem in terms of storage. The solution has come in two forms: larger, faster hard disks and data-compression techniques. Dozens of irnage-compression formats are now available for storing 24-bit images, and they all vary in terms of storage quality and compression efficiency. Which is best to use? As with most issues, there is no single, definitive answer. Most quality display devices and image-processing programs can now load and save many popular file formats. Therefore, your decision to use one or another is not as restricted as it once was. You will, of course, need to use a format supported by all the software and hardware involved in your project. The image quality you require and the amount of disk storage available for your project are other considerations. We'll dig into specifics of the various formats, but before we do, let's discuss file compression in general. If you run into unfamiliar terms along the way, turn to the sidebar glossary. Wherefore and Why Not long ago, still Amiga images were limited to 4096 colors, and resolutions of 720x480 were adequate. Animations were often generated at 320x200 with as few as 16 colors. Third parties developed and Commodore approved specifications on file formats for both images (IFF) and animations (ANIM). Commodore has since improved the standard Amiga display by releasing the AGA-based A 1000 and A1200. Which support images and animations in 256 or 256.000 (HAMS) colors. And the standard IFF specification has been updated to include full-color 24-bit images required for true photorealism (IFF-24). Aggressive and creative developers have taken us beyond the Commodore-sanctioned formats. Now, IFF files can contain the 8-bit alpha channel, and the ANIM-7 and ANIM-8 formats have been developed to run high-resolulioii animations effectively on newer AGA Amigas. Developers such as Centaur (creator of the OpalVision 24-bit display card), have proprietary formats for playing 24-bit animations in real time. Meanwhile, Digital Processing Systems* Personal Animation Recorder uses a combination of proprietary compression and last hard disks to store and play back high-quality animations and 8 L I i i I J S T E I Format IFF-24 514,534 Framestore 524,084 TIFF: uncompressed 1,084,686 RLE 1,082,898 LZW 504,060 Targa: uncompressed 1,082,898 compressed 914,781 PCX 577,372 PICT 572,208 WMF 1,083,096 BMP 1,082,934 GIF (256 colors) 34,886 EPS 2,964,848 JPEG (at 80% in ADPro) 87,029 ARC (IFF-24 source) 435,462 ZIP (IFF-24 source) 400,254 LHARC (IFF-24 source) 389,053 Framestore format is used by NewTek's popular Video Toaster. Newer File formats like JPEG (created by the Joint Photographic Experts’ Group) can efficiently reduce your disk file size by 10 to 80 percent. This dramatic compression comes at the price of image quality, however: the more you compress a file, the more data is lost, and the more the image is degraded. JPEG introduced this concept of “lossy” file compression to the .Amiga; by compromising some of the pixel colors in your image, it can reduce the file size significantly. Generally, the applications software you use (such as ASDG’s Art Department Pro for the Amiga) lets you choose the level of trade-off between quality and size. A great deal of research was done for this compression formal and ii includes careful analysis of colors in the image that the human eye cannot resolve. In fact, the difference between a JPEG f lie and the original is often imperceptible -even though data may be lost. Unlike other file formats, JPEG requires the file to be decompressed before further processing. I lardware compression decompression (CODEC) chips have been developed to increase the speed of processing these files. So significant are these developments that Motion JPEG boards are used to record and play high- quality full-motion digital video where each frame is stored as a separate JPEG file. The desire for full-motion digital video introduced another compression format: MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts’ Group). It is a conceptual derivative of JPEG, but additional compression of frame differences is added for more efficiency. JPEG compression was designed for the requirements of print media, and thus for still images. The MPEG compression algorithm is oriented only for use with full-motion recording and playback. The MPEG specification does not include the ability to edit or pick out and replace specific frames without corrupting the play-back ability. Older compression formats commonly used in telecommunications are verv effective on text and data- j base type files (particularly in compressing several files together into one package). They oiler very lit lie benefit, though, for graphics and animation files. Images compressed with the ZIP, LHARC, and ARC formats require decompression (via freely distributable standalone programs) before you can use them. Size (bytes) Format Dossiers Different 24-bit file formats are veiy useful and efficient in certain circumstances but not in others. The following sections briefly describe single-image and animation file formats, and outline their strengths and weaknesses. The most popular formats are covered. Single Images Thanks to the initiative of such programs as ASDG’s Art Department Professional, the Amiga can now exchange still-image files across computer platforms with ease. Except where noted, all the image formats are lossless. To discover how these formats compare in terms of compression efficiency on a sample file, see the sidebar “Compression Compared.” IFF-24 (Interchange File Format) I he standard Amiga file format supports 24-bit images, and some developers have added support for 32-bit files. This format supports both bitmapped and vector (object-oriented) graphics, and is average in size. Although IFF-24 support is de rigueur among Amiga products, the format is not widely supported on other platforms. 28June i991 Frame store This proprietary format, introduced by NewTek’s Video Toaster for display and editing, supports 24-hit images and an alpha channel. Framestore provides good file compression and supports only bitmapped images. It is difficult to find Framestore support on platforms other than the Amiga; support is scant even among non- Toaster Amiga programs. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) This popular format has been used for some time on all platforms. It supports 32-bit bitmapped images uncompressed or processed with RLE or LZW compression. The two compression methods can produce average space savings depending on the composition of the image (an image with large strips of the same color generally reduces well with RLE, for instance). Even with compression, TIFF format files are considered lossless. While this format is widely used, there are dozens of variations and not all software that claims to load TIFF liles can handle all varieties. Target Another popular bitmapped format, Targa is well supported 011 most platforms and offers both an uncompressed and compressed format for up to 32-bit files. As with TIFF, the uncompressed version produces a large bitmapped file. The compressed version, which is not as frequently used, produces average-size files. PCX Made popular in the early development of DOS paint programs, this bitmapped format supports 32-bit files and produces average-size files. PICT Considered the standard lossless format for die Macintosh platform, PICT is becoming more widely used by other platforms and software. It supports both bitmapped and vector-fonnat graphics in up to 32 bits, and offers average compression. WMF (Windows Meta Fde) This counterpart to PICT format supports both bitmapped and vector graphics up to 32 bits. File compression is average very similar to PICT . 1 his format is used a lot by the large Windows user base, but is not used much by software on the Mac and Amiga platforms. BMP (Bitmapped Picture) This Microsoft-based bitmapped file formal can handle lossless 32-bit graphics and is used heavily 011 both Windows and Macintosh platforms. GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) This bitmapped file format is widely used 011 bulletin- board systems, and can be loaded with software 011 every platform. The format supports only up to 256 colors, however, and therefore offers efficient file size at the expense of image quality.
F. PS (Encapsulated PostScript) Some programs let you load EPS graphics, although the files are considered 11 on editable. EPS f o r in a l su p p or ts hit 111a p ped and vector graphics up to and beyond 32 bits. Compression is minimal; EPS files are used pri marly for printing purposes. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts' (iroup) Currently the most widely used 4 j compressed still-imagc format, JPEG is available on every platform through most popular software and hardware. While this format is lossy, you can generally control the amount of loss, and frequently the image degradation is undetectable. The compression efficiency is excellent. With special hardware (such as Digital Micronics’ Digital Broadcaster), you can achieve Motion JPEG for full-motion playback and recording. A RcfZIP LHARC These formats use different compression schemes and are best for text and database files. In some unusual situations, an image compressed using these formats could actually be larger than the original file. Animations Animation-sequence formats are not yet as inter- changeable among platforms as sti 11-image formats. Currently, only ANIM and MPEG are supported by Amiga products. This situation will change, however, once Amiga developers make animation sharing a priority. ANIM The standard Amiga format for real-time animation playback, ANIM lias been updated by developers and Commodore to handle up to 256,000 colors and sound in animation playback on AGA machines. The compression of liles is very efficient for delta c hange-type animation storage. This format handles only bitmapped graphics and is not supported for playback on other platforms. QuickTime The standard for real-time playback on Macintosh supports bitmapped and vector graphics in 24-bit color, with sound and text. Hardware can be used to speed playback and increase usable colors. Software is available for playback of QuickTime “movies” for several platforms. Video for Windows (AI I) This is the format for real-time animation on Windows-based machines. Like Quic kTime movies, Video AMIGA World 2l) i i a (; i; c o i* k i: s s i o for Windows files support bitmapped graphics in 24-bit color along with sound. The files can be played with software support only, Ian support hardware lets you use higher resolutions and more colors. Motion JPEG J his format was developed for digital recording, editing, and playback for high-quality, lulfmotion video or animation. JPKG-compressed files are used as the individual frames of the animation, and special hardware is necessary to compress and decompress them in real time. Some developers use special hardware and software to sequence sound with the digital video. This format is currentIv one of the Intel Indeo I idea I his Video for V i n d o w s compel ilor offers the same type of s u p ]) o r t for f 1111 - co 1 o r gra phics and sound, with hardware assisting in speed for better resolution md color. I FLC format, introduced xlcsk. Provides ani- ivback under DOS s and is supported by other platforms. It up to 256 colors and n5, however; play- ly dependent upon n j best choices lor digital video that needs editing, because you can add or replace any specific frame. MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert*' Group) Very similar in quality recording and playback to Motion |1*KG, MPKG also uses special hardware to record and play digital video. 1 he compression method is much more efficient, however, and it does not allow you to add, delete, or replace a specific frame in the sequence. You can edit sections in an M PKG digital video, but cuts need to be made in certain spots or the quality of the edited area will suffer. As in the past, third-parties will create new technology for better speed, quality, and efficiency. Digital-video and still-image formats that are just emerging today may become tomorrow's standards. So keep your eye on the future as you compress files. Your wish for better, faster, and more efficient formats is sure to come true! ¦ Steven Blaize is the owner of Creative Fire, a multimedia- presentation company in the Los Angeles area. Besides writing about the Amiga and PC plat onus, he also does consulting. Contact him c o Amiga World Editorial. 80 Elm St., Peterborough. Nil 03458. Ran 24-bit Image An image containing any of 16.7 million colors and shades. The subtle color changes allowed produce photorealistic results, that is, the human eye sees a believable image instead of individual pixels. 32-bit Image A 32-bit file contains no more colors than a 24-bit one, and no more are necessary for photorealism. The only thing extra that a 32-bit file does contain is an 8-bit alpha channel, which is useful for transparency during image compositing. Alpha Channel An 8-bit range of color used to control transparency. The 256 gray shades within the alpha channel let you determine how much of one image is composited with another image or even video underneath. Bitmapped Image A graphic defined by coloring individual pixels (screen dots). In a black-and-white graphic, each pixel is either black or white. Each pixel in a 24-bit image can be any of 16.7 million different colors. (Compare to Vector image.) Delta Change The difference between two adjoining frames in an animation. In some cases, the only change might be the position of a hand, for instance. By storing only the differences between frames instead of the entire frames, some animation formats can achieve good compression and retain quality. Lossless Lossy Prior to the introduction of lossy formats, the term lossless did not exist. All formats were lossless, that is, they retained complete image quality. Lossy formats such as JPEG achieve such good compression by reducing the number of colors in the image. The algorithm removes subtle color variations not perceived by the human eye, and, in doing so, compromises image quality. Altering and recompressing a lossy-format image can introduce undesirable artifacts. Vector Image A vector-based, or object-oriented, image is mathematically defined. Under this scenario, a shape comprises not of an arrangement of pixels, but connected points that can be filled or outlined. Vector files are typically smaller than bitmapped files in terms of bytes. What’s more, they can be scaled without quality loss, although you cannot change the color of individual pixels. ? SB The CD bOOM CD-ROM is becoming more exciting and more accessible. Here’s where to look to find CD-based software to use with your Amiga. B r Julie P t i t & s e n The US Library of Congress has accepted CD-ROMs into its holdings. Scientific American lias announced plans to publish the respected magazine on CD. New CD-ROM software announcements have increased to about 40 per week, with no slow-down in sight! With so much CD software being developed, why aren't Amiga magazines overflowing with CD titles? There are two reasons: not all CD-ROM software is compatible with the Amiga operating system, and not all software that is Amiga compatible is promoted as such. PHOTO COURTESY OF FPG INTERNATIONAL There’s an old saying, “Teach a man to fish, and you'll feed him for a lifetime ...” So in addition to listing Amiga titles currently available on CD, I'll discuss the issues involved in accessing CD-ROM software. I’ll start with the titles developed specifically for the Amiga. Then, I’ll lead you through the sea of software designed for other platforms but accessible via the Amiga. Although vou’ll see the O CD32 name come up once in awhile, I’ll stick to titles that work with the whole Amiga line. Look for coverage of CD32- ? C I) S 0 specific releases in tlie ‘‘Game Preserve" and Reviews sections each month, and perhaps in a roundup in some future issue. (To contact the companies mentioned in this article, see the "Manti- facuirersVDistribuiors’ Address List” on p. 94.) Flow Plflrino On Union What you can access depends upon what kind of system Op Disc This is not a comprehensive listing of all CD-ROM software available for the Amiga, but it is a good start. While most of the titles listed here were designed specifically for use with the Amiga, I've also thrown in a few multiplatform titles that I have found to be particulary good. Resource Libraries Title Retail Price, Company Description Developed For Aminet CD-ROM $ 29.95, Walnut Creek 4000+ utilities, games, music, etc. from the on-line Amiga library Amigas AMUC CD 1 $ 20, AMUC Contents of the Amiga Users of Calgary's BBS Amigas Audio Resource Library 1 $ 20, Knowledge Media 1000 sound files, mixers, generators and music editors Multiplatform The Clipart Warehouse $ 29.95, Chestnut More than 11,000 images in PCX and TIF format Multiplatform Fred Fish Online 1.5 $ 45, Fred Fish Resource software, utilities, source code, games, more Amigas GIFs Galore CD-ROM $ 20 Walnut Creek Thousands of fractals, clip-art pics, photos, etc. in bitmapped GIF format Multiplatform Graphics Resource Library $ 19, Knowledge Media Hundreds of graphics images, animations, programs CDTV Mega Media 1 $ 26, Knowledge Media 1000+ graphics and audio files for multimedia CDTV Pandora's CD $ 10, Optonica Multimedia demo, 2000 color clip-art pics, 100 photos, textures, sounds Multiplatform Pro Volume 1 & II $ 149 each, Wayzata Clip-art images in EPS format Multiplatform Quick Art Delite $ 119, Wayzata 300-dpi images in both TIFF and Mariah format Multiplatform Quick Art Deluxe $ 349, Wayzata Quick Art Delite plus 1,700 images of animals, plants, toys, and more Multi platform Rick Doyle Digital Imagery $ 34.95, Rick Doyle Action water sports and scenic landscapes; 24-bit TIFF and gray-scale Multiplatform Serial III Typecollection $ 50, Parallel Motion 4000 PostScript sign-making fonts Amigas Super Clip Art $ 25, Groupware 6000+ Clip-art images Multiplatform Super Fonts $ 25, Groupware 2000+ Adobe and True Type fonts Multiplatform Super Space $ 25, Groupware High-quality NASA photos Multiplatform Super Wallpaper $ 25, Groupware Collection of wallpaper-like backgrounds Multiplatform Syndesis 3D-ROM $ 180, Syndesis 500+ 3-D objects in common formats incl. DXF, plus IFF, TIFF, GIF images Multiplatform Texture City Cds $ 79, Texture City Hi-res textures and backgrounds for video and publishing Amigas Texture Heaven CD $ 56, Asimware 24- and 8-bit wood, marble, scenery, tiles, abstracts; symbols, thumbnails Amigas Reference Title Retail Price, Company Description Developed For Advanced Military Systems $ 39.95, Dominion More than 1000 action shots of the world's military systems CDTV Americana $ 30, Aris Entertainment Multimedia clip art and landmarks of America; sounds, MPEG drivers Muitiplatform American Heritage lllust. Encyclopedic Dictionary $ 34.95, CE1 Houghton Mifflin's reference comes alive with illustrations, pronouncer, more CDTV Animals in Motion $ 34.99, On-line Insight into animal locomotion using footage from Eadward Muybridge CDTV Bibles and Religion $ 29.95, Chestnut All popular New and Old Testament versions plus study guides Multiplatform Complete Legal Guide $ 29.95, Chestnut 500 legal forms, including contracts, residential leases, wills Multiplatform Compton's Encyclopedia $ 360, Compton's MultiMedia School Edition; based on 26 book volumes Multiplatform Connoisseur Fine Arts $ 31, Lascelles 400+ classical through 19th century works of art CDTV Desktop Bookshop $ 25, CD-ROM Source Anthology of e-texts, from Bible to War & Peace; extensive index Multiplatform Elysian Archive $ 25, Groupware More than 6000 files: games, utilities, tracker modules, demos, graphics, fonts Multiplatform Gardening $ 29.95, Chestnut Topics includes garden planning, pest control, organic methods Multiplatform Grolier Encyclopedia 2 $ 395, Commodore Encyclopedia on CD-ROM CD32 Guiness Disc of Records $ 50, New Media About 3500 records, 800 images; picture database indexed alphabetically CD32 The Illustrated Holy Bible $ 50, Animated Pixels Old and New Testaments CDTV Illustrated Shakespeare $ 50, Animated Pixels The complete works of the Bard with concordance, bookmarking, and more CDTV Illustrated Shelock Holmes $ 50, Animated Pixels Complete with music, search facilities, more than 250 grapphics, and more CDTV Insight: Dinosaurs $ 60, Optonica Dino facts, puzzles, quizzes; done with British Natural History Museum CD32 Insight: Living Body $ 60, Optonica Human body's form, function, systems; illustrations, animations, motion video CD32 Insight: Technology $ 60, Optonica 260 modern discoveries, inventions; graphics, sound, animation CD32 NASA ... The 25th Year $ 20, Troika Multimedia Overview of space program; CDXL motion format CDTV New Basics Cookbook $ 59.95, CEI The award-winning Silver Palate collection of more than 1800 recipes CDTV F T VV ARE and CD-ROM drive you have. Commodore s older CD IV and its brand-new CD32 both provide built-in players, but because they have different custom chip sets, only CD32 can access software designed for AGA (Advanced Graphics Architecture). Commodore s discontinued A570 drive provides CD-ROM access to the Amiga 500. Amiga 3000s come with a SCSI interface and thus are directly compatible with CD-ROM players; just add CD file-system software from Asimware Innovations (AsimCI)FS, 876). Xetcc (CDX Disk Set, $ 50), or Canadian Prototype Replicas (CDROM-KS, 837.50). Other Amiga models can access a CD-ROM drive with the addition ol this software plus a third-party SCSI card. (For information on recent CD-ROM drive releases, see “CD-ROM ’93," p. 30, Oct. ’93.) Cl) SO Y I R i: The three developers of CD file-system software have added support for Kodak PhotoCD so that any Amiga with a CD-ROM drive can access film images printed to
CD. And now that licensing arrangements have been worked out between Commodore and Kodak (according to a Commodore representative), you can expect lo see direct PhotoCD compatibility on CD32. Resource-library discs are designed for cross-plat- New York $ 29.95, Aris Multimedia clips, sounds, animatons of NYC landmarks; with MPEG driver Multiplatform Our Solar System S29.95, Chestnut Photos of planets, moons, comets, galaxies, and more Multiplatform Project Gutenberg -1 $ 39.95, Walnut Creek Aesop's Fables, Moby Dick, the Magna Carta Multiplatform Space & Astronomy $ 39.95, Walnut Creek 1000 images and 5000 text files on space exploration, planets, astronomy Muftiplatform Time Table of Business, Politics, and Media $ 59.95, CEI Explores the acquisition of wealth, power, and knowledge in human history CDTV Time Table of Science and Innovation $ 59.95, CEI The history of science and technology; all entries cross-referenced CDTV Time Table of the Arts and Entertainment $ 59.95, CEI Multimedia effects include museum references, portraits, quotes, and music CDTV Women in Motion $ 34.99, On-line Insight into human locomotion using pictures of Eadward Muybridge CDTV World Traveller $ 29.95, Chestnut Images in PCX and GIF format of Grand Canyon, Maine, and more Multiplatform Games and Educational Title Retail Price, Company Description Developed For A Long Hard Day on the Ranch $ 29.95, Discis Story by A. Nelson about a boy's adventures at a ranch; grade 2+ reading CDTV Alfred Chicken $ 39, Mindscape Arcade game CD32 Barney Bear Goes to School $ 15, Free Spirit Preschool learning game CDTV Battle Chess $ 59.95, Interplay Classic chess with a medieval war twist; in 3-D CDTV Cinderella $ 29.95, Discis The classic story; grade 3+ reading level CDTV Classic Board Games $ 49.95, Merit Software Chess, checkers, backgammon CDTV Dominion $ 49.95, Dominion International strategy game challenges you to take control CDTV Fantastic Voyage $ 49.95, Centaur Traverse the human bloodstream to wipe out a bloodclot in the brain CD32 Future Wars $ 59.95, Interplay Travel through time to save the earth from destruction by aliens CDTV Heather Hits Her First Home Run $ 29.95, Discis Story by T. Plantos about children facing crucial moments; grade 2+ CDTV Hound of the Baskervilles $ 34.95, On-line Recreates Sherlock Holmes' greates case from contemporary evidence CDTV Jurassic Park $ 35, Ocean Arcade game based on the movie CD32 The Labyrinth of Time $ 55, Electronic Arts Ray-traced graphic exploration maze All Amigas Lemmings $ 49.99, Psygnosis The classic arcade adventure with 120 increasingly difficult levels CDTV Lunar Rescue $ 49.99, Odyssey Multi-language game with digitized NASA footage and facts database CDTV Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache $ 29.95, Discis Story for children facing a move by H. McKend; grade 2+ level CDTV Mud Puddle $ 29.95, Discis Story of a walking mud puddle by Robert Munsch; grade 1 + CDTV My Paint $ 39.95, Saddleback Painting and learning for children CD32 North Polar Expedition $ 49.95, Virgin Games Role playing adventure for groups of five to ten players CDTV The Night Before Christmas $ 29.95, Discis Clement C. Moore's poem; grade 2+ reading level CDTV The Paper Bag Princess $ 29.95, Discis Our heroine leams an important lesson; grade 2+ reading level CDTV Psycho Killer I and II $ 29.95, On-line Realistic games uses digitized images and audio; play can affect story CDTV Scary Poems for Rotten Kids $ 29.95, Discis Chills and chuckles in outlandish vocabulary; grade 3+ reading level CDTV Sherlock Holmes Detective $ 69.95, Viacom Match your deductive abilities against the master sleuth Multiplatform Sign of Four $ 34.95, On-line The detective's cases become multimedia advantures CDTV Space Wars $ 39.99, Odyssey Outer-space action combat; in multiple languages CDTV Spirit of Excalibur $ 59.95, Virgin Games Epic adventure game involving Arthur's Roundtable CDTV Super Games Pack $ 39.99, Odyssey Three games: Jaitbreak, Byteman, and Deathbots CDTV The Tale of Peter Rabbit S29.95, Discis This rendition of the classic tale includes Spanish translation; grade 2+ CDTV The Tale of Benjamin Bunny S29.95, Discis Another close encounter with Mr. McGregor; grade 2+ reading level CDTV Thomas' Snowsurt $ 29.95, Discis How Thomas avoids wearing his detested snowsuit; grade 1 + reading CDTV Town with No Name S39.95, On-line Story game CDTV Wrath of the Demon $ 49.95, ReadySoft Graphic adventure with multilevel parallax scrolling CDTV ? Project Gutenberg is an ongoing effort to collect more than 10,000 significant books on disc by the year 2001. : » s 0 V T W A R E form use and provide equal-opportunity access. But what about games and applications? For guaranteed access to CD IT applications, you still need CDTV or an Amiga 500 A570 drive setup. Beyond that, things are a bit murky. Of the three drive r-softwa re packages, Xetec’s CDX Disk Set seems to offer the best compatibility with Cl) IT titles. Xetec claims a 90% success rate thanks to its CDTV emulation software. By contrast, Peter Babbit C?; But Peter, mho mas very nai hty, ran straight away to Mr. McGregor's garden, and squeezed under the gate! Asmiware promises about 50% compatibility; accelerators, hard drives, and other add-ons all impinge upon CDTV software compatibility. Keep in mind, too, that older titles will run only under AmigaDOS 1.3. Still, 1 was able to run Discis’ The Tale of Peter Rabbit CDTV release under AmigaDOS 2.04 and 2.05. One caveat: Because they were designed specifically for CDTV, many of these titles do not allow you to exit without rebooting the system. If, however, a program needs a fast processor and AGA (i.e., if it is designed for CD32), you can’t just pop it into your stock A2000 and expect it to run. Many of the new games take advantage of enhancements in the design of the CD32 hardware and AmigaDOS 3.x. While most CD32 titles are developed on the Amiga 4000, they may run on a CD-ROM equipped A4000 hut they may not. And experts might even be able to coax CD32 titles into working on an A2000 or A3000 by adding a third-party graphics card such as Expert Services’ Picasso II. GVP's EGS Spectrum, or MacroSystemUS’s Retina (see “AGA Fixes, p. 38, Apr. ’94 for more on AGA emulation). In the case of the A2000, however, you’ll also need an accelerator and a few carefully chosen incantations. Unfortunately, there are no dear guidelines here beyond actually trying it. As a consumer, the best thing you can do is ask your vendor or the developer of the software. One CD32 offering that demonstrates how such titles can run on many systems is The Labyrinth of Time (Terra Nova Electronic Arts). By skillful use of HAM (Hold and Modify) images, die authors have created a game that not only rivals the best AGA graphics, but also runs happily on almost any CD-ROM-equipped Amiga. In searching for Amiga-specific CD software, I found more than 1 expected. Though some are combination discs, and not easily pigeon-holed, most fall under a few basic categories. The titles are listed in the sidebar called “On Disc.” Tm P ft n - Pifiifocn SnopOftSbOPD Now that you know about Amiga titles, let’s get a better understanding of how CD software works in general so you can expand your library. CD-ROM single-director)' libraries are easy to access: You open a disc, put it in your player, type DIR CDO: (or appropriate device name) and the contents of the library (up to 600 megabytes) will be listed on the screen just like a floppy directory. These basic-compilation Cds are easily interchangeable between IBM-PCs and Amigas. Graphics usually use such standard formats as IFF-ILBM, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG, all of which are accessible on the Amiga thanks to ASDG’s ADPro and similar programs. As long as the disc itself follows a standard format such as ISO-9660, you can put it in an Amiga or IBM- compatible computer, display the single directory, and read files from the disc. You may also be able to read the PC High Sierra format, but your best chance will be with ISO-9660 discs, which are the most common type. (Some Cds list the format in small letters on the back of the package.) Reading Mac discs is also sometimes possible with Mac CD driver software, and if you own an A-Max or Emplant Mac emulator, you may wish to access some of the graphics and clip-art discs available for video and desktop publishing to use on the Amiga. Be aware that Mac files differ from Amiga and PC files by being split into “data” and “resource” forks. Check your CD-ROM driver software documentation for utilities that support MacBinary format (which combines the forks) or MacHFS. If you have these, you can add some singlelevel directory Mac CD-ROMs to vour collection. Multi-level Directories CD-ROM libraries with “nested” information, that is, files that a i* e ordered in levels, take a little more hie manipu- lation lo determine what’s on the dise, but readability and sometimes search and sorting are enhanced. The Fred Fish collection Fits into this categoiy; you can locate all the files in its nested directories with your Amiga. If, however, you try to read that same CD-ROM from another platform, like the IBM, you’re out of luck. You may see the top level of the directory structure, but since the IBM doesn't speak AmigaDOS, it cannot Find the rest of the information. Such Cds are not directly interchangeable unless you have a utility that recognizes the foreign File structure. Fortunately, if you have a Bridgeboard (or PC file utility), you can extract Files from a PC CD-ROM and then use the 'awrite filename If command to transfer them over lo vour Amiga directory. This opens up enormous libraries of ready-to-use information from the PC side. Applications If you take a CD-ROM title designed to use Amiga AGA, stereo sound and pre-emptive multitasking, no amount of cajoling will make ii work on a Mac or IBM. The opposite is true too unless, of course, you have a PC or Mac emulator. Emulators such as
F. mplant have a SCSI port where you can attach your CD drive. The folks at ReadySoft told us they had tested A-Max 4 with CD-ROM drives by NEC and Apple, and were successful in running Mac applications from them. Be aware that die Mac is fussy about some of the low-end CD-ROM drives (this is a Mac characteristic and not directly related to the functioning of A-Max or Emplant) and may display the Files without allowing you to actually access them. Moderate and high-end CD-ROM drives that we tested work more reliably. Rolling Your Own PhotoCDs, accessible via any desktop computer with I he right driver software, contain graphic images derived from your negatives and slides that are scanned and copied onto a disc in predefined sizes ancl resolutions. Printing a 24-exposure roll of Til m to Cl) costs about $ 50. You get five copies of each image in different resolutions, a fact that limits the capacity of a PhotoCD to only about 100 images (less if I lie images are added in several sessions). PhotoCD image quality is remarkable, equivalent to what scanners in the $ 25,000 range produce. Speaking of creating your own discs, the decreasing cost of CD mastering makes ii possible for “the rest of us” to achieve quantity distribution. Mastering costs have dropped dramatically. Asinnvare, for instance, recently began mastering discs for $ 90 each. I have seen mail-order ads in imaging magazines offering O O O ii mastering services for as low as S35-S60, with copies running S.50-S2 (depending on quantity). Organizations such as the Amiga Users of Calgary have adopied I his method of distributing the contents of more than 700 floppies. The group’s AMUG CD 1 contains files C I) S 0 1 I A K i; that have been uploaded to the club’s five-line election ic bulletin board. The Sound of CD-ROM Manv people are not aware that they can play music Cds on their CD-ROM drives. If)our drive has an audio-out jack, just plug in a set of headphones or small speakers, cue up vour favorite album, and run the audio driver Audio driver software such as that provided in Asimware’s AsimCDFS package, gives you all the controls necessary to play your favorite tunes using the Amiga. Provided with your CD file-system software. The CD audio driver software works bv mimicking
* n the internal electronics in a component CD player. 1 hat is, the normal bullous and knobs associated with a stand-alone CD player are simulated on the screen. To start the music, simply click the Play button with the mouse. 1 he software controls mav give you more j o j random, sluiflle-play, and memory options than your dedicated CD player! With newer CD-ROM drives (such as NEC’s 3x- series units), you might not even need the software driver. Some smart manufacturers realized a CD-ROM drive is just like a portable CD player ancl built the audio controls into the drive. While some music Cds contain graphics that you may be able to view on vour monitor, the CD + G (G for graphics) format is now somewhat dated. The proportion of audio Cds with graphics is small, and trying to find out which discs are CD+G is like hunting in the ? Niign World 35 C D dark. What’s more, although CDTV can read the graphics from CD-f G discs, an Amiga with CD-ROM driver software may not be able to. According to Xetec, most CD-ROM hardware does not support CD+G. SOFT W A R E A more recent graphics-based innovation in the audio CD world is truly interactive music where J die artist provides the “building blocks” and the listener puts them together. Unfortunately, the discs released thus far from creative artists such as Todd Rundgren and Peter Gabriel are in Phillips’ CD-I format (a competitor to CDTV and CD32). A New Spin Perhaps the most exciting development in CD software is full-motion animation. Amiga ANIM and Mac QuickTime animation formats are generally incompatible, but MPEG, which is gaining popularity on all platforms, is being picked up by entertainment software companies. Aris Entertainment’s Americana is one title that uses MPEG animations to guide you through a miniature “movie” tour ol' America. Or, if you like chills and thrills with motion added, the Jurassic Park game can provide it. MPEG, like PhotoCD, is a licensed technology (C- Cubcd), so you must have the right software to interpret and display the motion graphics. Thankfully, most programs containing MPEG video include the driver. That’s not all there is to the story, though. You also need MPEG hardware, and possibly a software link, as well. Commodore promises to release an MPEG module for CDS2 soon, and has also discussed MPEG for the A4000. Owners of other machines can get MPEG compatibility' through such boards as Digital MecliaCaster (Digital Micronics), or an upcoming MPEG decoder from Scala. Be aware, though, that these hardware packages do not by themselves guarantee the ability to play MPEG selections from CD-ROMs. Digital Micronics, for instance, says that special software, still under development, is necessary for compatibility. The expanding realm of CD-ROM holds much for Amiga users especially for those willing to explore beyond the obvious. Abundant software from graphics collections to applications programs using the latest technolog)' are available. And CD-ROM is destined to become more important: NewTek’s announcement of its Video Flyer mentions that the software will be available on CD-ROM onlv. Developments such as MPEG and interactive music point the way toward an interesting future; we can expect not only more but also different kinds of CD software. If you are willing to experiment, this is an exciting time! ¦ Julie Petersen is an award-winning computer artist, software designer, and writer. She is known on line as Lady- Hawke@cup.portal.com. Itlusic Software for a Song At The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, were dedicated to the state-of-the-art. With over 20 Amiga music products, you'll find everything you We looking for!
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If you've worked previously as an illustrator or have other related experience, send along a resume or short bio as well. Address your package to: Amiga World Art Submissions 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. "To joint a fine picture is far won' important than to set I it" said Edward Alden Jewell. But selling your artwork is nothing to sneer at, eh? Command Oxxi’s powerful Sbase4 Pro con handle a lot more than just three wishes when it comes to orga nizing your data and putting it to efficient use in customized applications. Follow this tutorial and we’ll conjure up a sample database to show you how Pro can work its magic for your home or business needs. WHILE SUPER BASE Jiff has been ihe Amiga’s only viable full-Hedged database program for some time, Amiga users haven't done much complaining about that fact. The program’s latest incarnation renamed Sbase-4 is highly capable and versatile. We’ll use it to set up a sample database that demonstrates some ofSBase’s powerful features and offer pointers on adapting the example for your own business or istributes two versions of the program: Sbase4 Personal (SI49.95) and Sbase4 Professional ($ 299.95). The two p rog rains d i He r only in the degree of automation they allow, but most of the operations covered here will apply only to Sbasc4 Pro because we want to make particular use of some of those advanced Pro features, especially its DML (a database- programming language that allows you to write Basic-like programs to control applications) and its extensive Form Designer (which allows you to build custom applications that behave as if they were stand-alone programs). Links: Making the Right Connections Some of Sbase4 Pro’s superior power resides in its ability to handle relational databases, in which the user can ? Connect the information in several databases via links. I’or instance, il yon were going to trac k customer accounts and payments, your database would be great Iv improved with links. A typical customer-accounis database would consist ol customer names, their addresses, and a list of payments. One could make up such a database using records whose fields look like this: (Customer File Customer Name (indexed) Customer Address, etc. Payment One Payment Two Payment Three, etc. fir, Hardware Sbase4 Pro’s Form Designer allows you to build cus- tomized applications, like the form screen above, that work as if they were stand-alone programs. The index is on the Customer Name field, so it is easy to look up customers hv name. I he problem is that some customers have three, lour, or even more payments. I bus each record in the database must include as many fields lor payments as the customer with the most payments. Records for customers with few payments will wind up containing lots of blank lines. Also, as each customer makes payments beyond those fields already in the database, new fields would have to be added. The solution is to create two database files whose data can he linked. The files would have records that look something like this: Customer File Customer Name (indexed) = iustomer Address, etc. Payments Idle Payment Customer Name (indexed) In this example, the payments for each customer are separate entries. The link between the payments is the customer, which is indexed in both databases. (A link must be indexed in both database files.) The strength of the link approach isn’t just that yon don't lake up space with unnecessary blank lines. Searching and updating die data is much simpler, as well. Ilhoul links, a search for a particular pavmeni would entail searching each possible field first Payment One. Then Payment Two, and so forth. Using links, a searc h would look at die entries in a single Q Payment field and quickly find the requested payment for that customer. Using links gives a much more flexible and usable shape io the data because you can regard il as separate bits of information, instead of big dumsv blocks ol data. Each pavmeni account can be as large as I 1 . O needed, since the Payments file will allow unlimited entries lor each customer. Linked databases must be displayed on a Tornf" (or screen) created with the Sbase-1 Form Designer. The Form Designer can he used ro link the information together via two main tools: SB File Link and the Transaction lines on the Define menu. Every link operates on the principle ol “lew to many. I here are comparatively lew customers to he linked to the many payments. You can show as mam payment lines as will fit hv multiplying the single payment field with transaction lines. When a customer is selceLed, the form will display alI the payments linked to ih,ii customer in the transaction lines. More payments than ihere are transaction lines? 1 fere is where Sbase I Pro's DM I. programming language conies in. DML can be used in conjunction vviih onscreen buttons corresponding ro two DM1. Language commands: Select Form Next Page (to display more payments) and Select Form Previous Page (to return to the previous page). By die king one or I he other of these buttons, von can at cess all ol the payments no matter how many there are in a given customer account. « n DML: A Smooth Operator Programs can he written in DML to automate operations and make data handling smooth and simple. W hen adding a new customer, use DML to enter the information into requesters. A DML program can automatically re-enter the customer name for each payment, so you don't have to type it over and over again. (Rem cm her, the customer name must be stored with each entry in the Payments database file to satisfy the requirements of the links.) DML can do anything the Sbase 1 menus can do. And much more. I here are many different kinds of requesters that can he used via DML. They can contain Yes No or OKTance! Buttons, exclamation points, question marks, stop icons, string gadgets to type information in. And editable text strings that can say whatever yon want. There’s even a password requester that doesn't show what's being tvped into it. DM I. uses keywords, such as File, Request. If and Then, which are recognized as commands and are automatically capitalized when entered into the program editor. DML can also employ filters and If I hen logic to allow your database to make decisions. A DM 1. Program to check your database for payments due would look something like this: FILE "Payments" SELECT WHERE Due.Payments >= TODAY AND Due.Payments = (TODAY + 14) SELECT FIRST IF EOF ("Payments") THEN REQUEST "No Payments Due.","",100,ok%:SELECT WHERE:END VIEW END The first line selects the file “Payments,” while the next line sets up the filter for any payments due between today and two weeks from today. Line 3 moves to the beginning of the selected entries. If there are no payments due within that time period. Sbase4 detects an end-of-lile marker (EOF) and a requester comes up indicating “No Payments Due,” The filter is taken oil with the Select Where command and the program ends. (In line 5, note that you can type DML commands on the same line if they are separated by a colon (:).) If there are payments due within that time period, Sbase4 does not detect the end-of-ftle marker and skips the rest of line 4. It then goes on to display (View) the first payment due and the program ends. While this program runs, a subprogram can check for past payments that have already been made. If you put a COSUB on the second line, it will skip to another part of the program, run the subprogram, and then Sbase4 Pro Tips & Tricks 1 Sbase4 Pro's DML language contains more than 220 reserved words that can’t be used as field names. Some of these, however, are very common words that you might want to use in your database, such as First Name or Printer. You can work around the DML “reserve clause” by using variations on these Held names (like Fname or Printr ) as you construct your database, and then use the Sbase4 Pro form Designer to label the fields with their correct designations. 2 You can enter date information into your database in any number of ways: with separators or spaces, (3 1 94, 3-1- 94, 3 1 94) or with leading zeros (030194) where appropriate. No matter how you enter the date, it will always be displayed using the format you chose when you set up the file, d imes can be entered in military' format or with AM or PM. Either way, the am or pm indicator will show after you hit Return. 3 .Aji important section of the Superbase Professional 3 manual was inadvertently omitted from the Superbase Pro 4 and Sbase4 Pro manuals. The section deals with command-line options and Icon ToolTypes. Some of these items do not have equivalents in either tfie Sbase4 Pro menus or DML programing language. The format and functions of the command line options are: Sbase4Pro [-cj [-r] [-fFormname] [-p] [-s] [- .] [-1]
- c Selects custom screen.
- r Disables Returns (Chr$ (13)) when writing to disk files.
- f Loads specified form at startup time.
- p Removes control panel.
- s Removes scroll bars from Sbase-1 Pro window.
- z Removes sizing gadget and disables window sizing.
- 1 Sets interlace mode on for a custom screen. Use the AmigaDos Stack command to set the stack to 20000 before running Sbase4 Pro from the CLI or Shell. The following Icon ToolTypes are also supported: SCRE E N =WO RKBE NCH SCREEN=CUSTOM SCREE N=LAC E RETURN=ON RETURN =OFF SYSTEM= NOPAN EL SYSTEM=NOSCROLL SYSTEM=NOSIZE Use Workbench screen Use custom screen Sets interlace mode on custom screen Enables Returns Disables Returns Removes control panel Removes scroll bars Removes sizing gadget 4 A new feature has been added to the Sbase4.ini file that will allow greater control of screen pen colors when building custom database applications. I his feature is explained in the Pens.Readme text file, which is automatically copied into the same directory as Sbase4 Pro by the installation program. 5 Since database file access is extremely disk intensive, a hard disk is highly recommended. Even a fast hard disk will benefit greatly from a disk-caching program such as Michael Berg's PowerCache shareware utility' (PCACLIE.LHA in Amiga User library' 9 on CompuServe; file 22427 in Genie s library 4). I he more complicated the application, the more disk-caching software will help speed things up. ? PR &JR return to where ii started, as in the following; u FILE "Payments" GOSUB pastpayments pastpayments: UPDATE Pastdue.Payments = "N" WHERE Due.Payments TODAY and Pay.Payments > 0 END UPDATE RETURN I his subprogram operates in similar fashion lo the Sbase4 Process U pdate menu option, but works in the opposite order. The line beginning with UPDATE is the operation to be performed, such as marking up- to-date payments as not past due. 4 he line beginning with V11 ERF. Is I lie filter line to instruct Sbasel which entries will be updated. 4 he third line, FXD UPDATE, returns control to DM I., while RETURN goes hack to the program line beneath the GOSUB. If you want to use check boxes or radio bullous in a form, DMLcan control them for you. When placing a check box or radio button, you set variables to make it go on or off, such as checkbox (I for no check mark in the box, and checkbox' = 1 to display a check mark in the box. For example, the following program would turn on the check box: checkbox% = 1 VIEW END DML can also extract information from your data- s base and display it within a requester. For instance, if you want to know how much money is past due, a separate program could be put on a button marked “Due" as follows: FILE "Payments" SELECT WHERE Due.Payments TODAY SELECT FIRST IF EOF ("Payments")) THEN REQUEST "No Past Dues!" " 13,ok% :END due% = 0 WHILE NOT (EOF ("Payments")) due% = Due.Payments + due% SELECT NEXT WEND dueS = *S" + LTRIMSf STRS (due%A2)) + " is Past Due." SELECT WHERE REQUEST dueS " 00,ok% FILE"Payments" VIEW END T his program sets a filter for any payments that are past due via the Select Where command in the second line. If the program doesn’t Find anyone who owes you money, it will bring up a requester with an exclama- tion-point icon in it that says “No Past Dues!” II il does find past-due payments, it will go through each entry with the program lines between WHILE and WEND. When the end-of-file marker (EOF) is not detected, it will add each past due amount to the variable due . The program then turns due into a text string and puts it into the Request command, as in: “$ 424.56 is Past Due.” You can also change the filter so the program can check past-due payments for a single customer, instead of checking all past-due accounts, as follows: FILE "Payments" SELECT WHERE Due.Payments TODAY AND Customer Name.Payments = "George Smith" SELECT FIRST IF EOF ("Payments")) THEN REQUEST "No Past Dues!"l"",113rok%: END due% = 0 WHILE NOT (EOF ("Payments")) due% = Due.Payments + due% SELECT NEXT WEND dueS = "S" + LTRIMS( STRS (due%,4,2)) nameS = CustomerName.Payments + " Owes" SELECT WHERE REQUEST nameS,dueS,100,ok% FILE'Payments" VIEW END The resulting requester might read: “George Smith Owes $ 37.85.” You can see that the Filter in the second line and die wording in the requester (line 13) have changed, but the rest of the program is essentially the same. Since the program editor has cut, copy, and paste functions just like a word processor, such changes are easy to make. The power of DML is virtually limitless. With more than 100 DML commands available, you can exercise nearly complete conirol over the operation of a custom database. Fancy Forms Sbase4 Pro's extensive Form Designer can be used to 1 create forms with far more advanced leal tires and enhancements than those contained in our fairlv simple examples. You can choose from a wide variety ol screen resolutions, colors, and fonts. You can set lext in italics, bold, or underlined. Fields can be labeled, outlined, resized, justified, moved about, and aligned lo an adjustable grid. Create buttons, boxes, circles, and lines to enhance the on-screen aesthetics of your forms; sixteen area-fill types and six line types are available to choose from. In addition, you can add depth and dimension to buttons and other gadgets, and you can also use standard IFF images as backdrops for your data. You can even conirol the object-display hierarchy of all the elements that make up a form. For example, text can be displayed over images, boxes, or circles. Each screen element can be made printable or nonprintable as you desire. No matter what type of data you need to keep track of, or how simple or complicated die database required to manage it, Sease4 Pro can provide I he magic to get die job done efficiently and effectively. Whatever your wish, this program probably has the command to grant it. ¦ Pam and Joe Rothman run Mr. Hardware Computers, a 100% Amiga dealership in Central I slip. New York, Besides having contributed to a 'variety oj Amiga publications since 1986, they also produce high-end database applications bused on Sbase l Pro. Contact them c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Itit &est iti Lift Abe... Part Two concludes our • C- language tutorial with more examples and a few inters. The best tools. The best support. The best cross-platform standards. All of these characterize C, the most widely used programming language in the industry today. C is well worth knowing, and last month we introduced a two-part series 011 the language that included a couple of examples. This article will expand on that introduction (if you haven't seen Part One yet, you might want to study that first; it begins on p. 39 of the May ’94 issue). This time, I'll provide more complex examples of C and I'll offer some lips for going further on your own. The Power of Functions: Example 2 In the previous examples, we used various types of functions. Now it's time to write one. The commands in Example I (see Part One) draw a box. A box is a pretty common shape one you might want to use again and again so why not build a C Function that draws it? That’s what Example 2 demonstrates. In all C programs, the Cl compiler wants to know about an item before it can use bi Dave tl a t n i e ILLUSTRATED BY JOEL PE I ER JOHNSON I migti World 41 r> ]l- 5- This example demonstrates user-defined functions by building one that draws boxes. This function then proceeds to draw four boxes of varying sizes. Include "turtle.h" void boxfint size) = PenDown(); Forward(size); Right(9Q); Forward(size); Right(90|; Forwardlsize); Right(90); Forwardjsize); Home(); Sill: > void main(void) = OpenTurtleO; box(50); Right(90); box(40); Rig ht( 180); box = 30); Right(270); box(20); CloseTurtieO; } that item, so first we must create the box() function. Consider now the size of the box. It doesn’t make much sense to write boxQjust to draw 50-pixel boxes. So box() is given a “parameter” variable. This parameter is called “size ' and it is of type “int.” which is C- language notation for “integer." Except for this, box() contains the same movement and turning functions as Example I. An extra Home() call at tiie end returns the turtle to the home position so that subsequent functions don’t have to figure out where box() left the turtle. Note also that the group of statements comprising box() are enclosed in braces = }. C uses braces when a set of statements are to be treated as a whole. Finally, look at the main() function. First the turtle is opened, then box() is called. When box() is called, the parameter “size" is set to the corresponding argument value, which is 50. Next, the turtle is moved by 90 degrees, and box() is called with a value of 40, which becomes the value of “size" for that execution of box(). This continues for boxes of sizes 30 and 20. While this example shows just one parameter, you can define C functions with many parameters. As we saw with the printfQ function in the “Hello, World” example last month, parameters can he of various data types, not just inis. In C, all parameters are passed “by value.” This means the parameter is a copy of the argument, not the argument itself'. Parameters changed within a function have no effect on the argument. Variables and Loops: Example 3 The box = ) function is modified in Example 3, though it still does the same thing. Here, a “loop" is used to repeal a set of instructions several times. The first line in box() declares a local variable, called count. This is created with no predefined value, and exists only within box(). A variable, whether local or parameter, behaves much the same way. Because count starts with no delined value, the statement “count = );" sets the value of count to the integer “().“ Count is defined as the “control variable" for our loop. C defines three kinds of loops; this kind is called the do while loop, and it is always executed at least once. A set of braces defines a statement block for the loop, much as they have before for function definitions. This loop calls the Eorward() and Right() routines. Next, it assigns the value of the expression “count + 1 ’’ as the new value of count. Since count was originally 0, its new value will be 1 once lhis statement is executed. When the "while" keyword is reached, the expression in parentheses is evaluated. In this case, the value of count is compared to the constant 4 by the relational operator “ ." Hie result is 1 if the test is true, 0 if false. Execution passes back to the top of the loop as long as the result is not 0; otherwise ii continues at the statement after the while () expression. Once count reaches 4, the loop terminates and the turtle is sent home. The main() function shows a different kind oi loop the "for” loop. In C, this loop takes three statements. The first is run only once, before the loop starts. That sets the variable “angle” to 0 in ibis case. The next statement is a test. Before going through the loop, this expression is evaluated. If it evaluates to 0, the loop is terminated; otherwise a single pass is run. When one pass through the for loop is completed, the last statement is evaluated. In this example, the angle variable increments 20 degrees. The sequence continues: test- loop-> increment, until the test produces 0. In the example, the loop finishes once angle readies 360 degrees. This illustrates the power of a loop. This loop executes 18 times as it is now set up. By simply changing the loop, different figures can be drawn with little change to the rest of the program. The next program shows this, with a different iteration mechanism. Recursion and Command Parameters: Example 4 Our final example includes sldio.h and stdlib.h, two standard C libraries. A few C library functions are used here, though most C compilers come with hundreds of library functions. Next conies an integer valued function, subl(). This function lakes an integer parameter, “num 5 and returns “num - 1. " In a C expression, subl(num) is identical to (num-1). You would not normally write such a function in a C program; this is shown here to illustrate a function with a return value. More of these are used in “turdex” itself (see Listing A from Part One). Following is the graph() function an enhanced version of box(). Upon close inspection it should be noted that graph(sizt 0,90,4) is similar to box(size). Rather than use a loop, graph() is said to be recursive- it is used in its own definition. In carlv languages such as FORTRAN and BASIC, a function cannot call itself. In C, this is perfectly legal, and also quite useful. All recursive functions must have a terminal ion case, just as a loop does. In graph(), the value of count is checked in an “if statement. When the expression given to if evaluates non-zero, the statements in its block are executed. In this case, move forward by “size” pixels, rotate by “angle” degrees. Next, it calls itselfwith a possibly larger size, the same angle and growth rale, and a count parameter set to one less. This is the important part. Because count is always decremented, ii will eventually reach zero, so the recursion will terminate. This function is deceptively simple. W hen called with odd angles and large counts, graph() can produce complicated spiral pictures. The illustrated example was made by calling graph( 1,2,256,300). Note that since the turtle graphics routines were purposely kept simple, graph() will often draw into the borders of its window. This may look ugly, but it doesn't hurt anything. The mainQ function introduces a final concept. Until now, the examples have relied on constants you supply in main(). That's fine for some simple boxes, but if you’re willing to play further with graph(), there is a better way. Most Shell programs, the C compiler included, take arguments on the command line itself, after the program name. C has a standard wav of accessing this inf’or- 0 ; O niation. Until now, main() has been declared without parameters, but in fact, C can pass two parameters into main = ). Hie first, traditionally called “argc,” is an integer that counts the number of arguments passed (the count is always one more than the number of arguments). The second is an array of strings, each string corresponding to a commancl-line parameter. In C, a “string” is an anay of characters of any length, ending in the AO’ character. O ’ O In most cases, an array parameter can he written as array[] or *array. There is a distinction, hut it isn’t important at this point. In any case, the notation *argv[] indicates “argv” is an an ay of character arrays. The main program first tests to see if the argument count is 5. In C, the operator " = = " is a test for "is equal to," while “ = " is the assignment operator. These are different in most other languages; be careful not to get them confused. As I mentioned, command-line arguments are passed into a program as C strings. The standard library function atoi() converts a string to an integer value, which is what graph() is expecting. You can produce the Example I picture from the GUI as 1> example4 1 2 256 300 This example also does simple error processing. If the aforementioned test on argc tails, the statement in the conditional’s “else” clause is executed, l his simply passes a string to the printf() function, which will tell the user the proper command-line format to use. Going Further 1 hope this article series has helped get you started in Example 3 Here is a demonstration of focal variables and two different loops. This example uses the box function to draw a fancy graphic made by a loop of rotated boxes. Inelude "turtle.h" void boxfint size) = int count; PenDown(); count = 0; do = Forward(size); Right(90); count = count + 1; } while (count 4); Home(); } void main(void) = int angle; OpenTurtleO; for (angle = 0; angle 360; angle = angle + 20) = Right(angle); box(50); } CloseTurtle(); ? } Given a loop of rotated boxes, a turtle creates fancier graphics. U language. W hile it alone cannot teach you any practical amount of G, a start may be all you need. With your C compiler installed and a little hacking with the turtle package under your belt, you may be ready to try more programming. Most compilers come with examples you can learn from. Compile them, change them around, learn how thev work (see last month’s “Resources” sidebar for more information on playing with public-domain sample code). The sidebar “From Here to C” lists common functions in C along with their BASIC and Pascal equivalents. If you're familiar with another language, or just plain adventurous, you might try some of these. I recommend getting a book on llieC Language if n n o a you're serious and don’t already have one. There are numerous books on C in the computer section of most ? BnigH World -13 feon tl£BE To C It seems to be popularly accepted that no one should learn the C Language as a first computer language. After all, C is terse, C is cryptic, C is for professional use only, isn’t it? The answer, in a word, is no. C can be terse, and it can be cryptic (there’s a contest for this held every year on the Internet), but it doesn’t have to be. Nonetheless, lots of people do learn another language first. If you’re learning on your own, you probably learn BASIC. In a school course, perhaps Pascal. The same basic constructs are present in most computer languages. If you know one language, learning the second is much easier, though it is important to realize that some languages, particularly traditional BASIC, tend to encourage poor programming practices. Use what you already know, but try to learn what any new language adds to the art of programming. The table below summarizes some simple similarities. Construct Structure Statement Block Procedure Function Comment Data Declarations Integer 16-bit Integer 32-bit Integer Single float Double float Character Dynamic strings Fixed string Array Structure Pointer Operators Basic Math Modulo Bitwise Logic Boolean Relations Catenation Reference-to Dereference Selection Index Assignment Control Conditional AmigaBasic by line no general blocks SUB p(x,y) STATIC N A REM N A i% i& f! F N A $ N A DIM a(n) N A N A + -* = ) MOD NOT AND OR XOR use logical
- > > = > = + VARPTR(a) PEEK(p) N A xla.b.c) IF exp THEN Highspeed Pascal delimiter BEGIN ... END; PROCEDURE P(x:type,y:type) FUNCTION F(x:type,y:type) : type (* ... *) VAR i: Integer; VAR i: Integer; VAR i: Longlnt; VAR f: Single; VAR f: Real; or VAR f: Double; VAR c: Char; N A VAR s: PACKED ARRAV[0..n] of char; VAR a: ARRAY[0..n] of datatype; RECORD ... END; VAR p: ''datatype; + -* () MOD NOT AND OR XOR SHR SHL use logical = > > => = + Ptr(a) ptr
v. field x[a,b,c] or x[a][b]|c] IF exp THEN BEGIN ANSI C delimiter void P(type x, type y] type P(type x, type y)
r. .. v int i; short i; long i; float f; double f; char c; N A char sin); datatype a[n]; struct = ...}; datatype *p; + -* () % ~ & | A >> I 66 U = = |= > = > = strcat = ) &a
* ptr
v. field xlaltbKcl if = exp} = ELSE END IF END ELSE BEGIN at« END; CASE exp OF 3 I b a ¦a*f END; WHILE exp DO BEGIN } else =
* •4 } switch = exp) = case a :...; break; case b :break; } while (exp) = Switch WHILE exp Head Loop WEND N A END; REPEAT } do = Tail Loop UNTIL (exp); } while (exp); for (i = x; i x-f y; i = i + z) = FOR i = x TO y STEP z FOR i := x TO y DO BEGIN Index Loop NEXT END; } c P A H T 2 Ii A N (i I! A (i K The FAST.... 14ms avp access. 1.6 to 2,3M ll see mux (All Data Transfer Kale flu flum media) ¦l.OMB scc max do from buffer). 11 U(«F.....Unlimited storage with 105MB cartridges. QUIET....Shlthh-l.isten. You won't believe it. SM.VLl 3,5 X I Inch with shin pocket cartridge. RL'KGKD .2 sear Warrants. 11)0.000 hours MTBF ill!-: Example 4 Recursion and command-line arguments come into play now. Example 4 defines a more flexible version of the box function; it uses recursion rather than iteration for its definition and produces complex Spirograph-type drawings. Include "turtle.h" include stdio.h> include stdlib.h> int sub1(int num) = return num -1; } void graphjint size, int grow, int angle, int count) = if = count != 0) = Forward(size); Right(angle); graph = size + grow,grow,angle,sub1 (count)); } void mainfint argc, char *argv[]) = rf = argc == 5) = OpenTurtleO; PenDown(); graph(atoi(argv[l]),atoj(argv[2])fatoi(argv(3))latoi(argv[4])); CloseTurtle(); } else = printf("Please enter size, growth, angle, and count nw); } SIMPLE...Customer service, all slay every slay. VERSATILE...Something fur everyone. RELIABLE. .SyQuest Removable Technology. EASY...Special AuUvDiskchangc driver-no rchooiiiiii. IXTELI.IC;ENT...WK "Look Ahead' buffer. COMPLETE.. Includes all cables. 5 1 4“ rrrtg bracket and Software. All you need is in the box. Ultimate DATA Hard Drive I 105Mb 270Mb $ 398 1 $ 649 J Spirograph? No, a turtle with a recursion-defined box function. Bookstores. The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M, Ritchie was at one time the definitive work. But it is now dated. Most books provide an adequate reference, but make sure you get a newer one that mentions the ANSI standard. If the book follows ANSI, the examples it provides should all run on an Amiga with an ANSI standard compiler. ¦ Dave Haynie works as Senior Systems Hardware Engineer at Commodore. His projects include the Cl28, even high-end Amiga system, and the A26x() and A4091 hoards. A long-time programmer, he is the author of DiskSalv and SetCPU for the Amiga. Write him c a Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458 or via the Internet: daveh(wcbmvax.commodore.com. EXPANSION Making Technology Affordable FAX 510 656-51 31 Since 1986 DaiuHvcr KI.V270SQ is a u.kIcih.itI of Li spans ion SjMtitts C |W4 Hxpuniffl Syvwih. SjOuni i, a trademark of SyQuest lecluiolofly. Circle 62 on Reader Service card. Lend a Pen or Even a Brush! If you'd like to see your work published in AmigaWorld. 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- $ 13.12 ..$ 14.69 $ 179.70 SHARP JX9600PS LASER PRINTER SHARP ....$ 390.00 1VBX4 80NSDIPP0.3DIPP. ------- $ 9.13 256K X 1100NS OiPP .... $ 060 .... 53.00
515. 00 544-99 ___530.62
557. 49 256KX 4 SONS ZJPP STATIC COLUMN . 1 MB X 8 SONS SIMM PAGE MODE GVP ACCEL - 1MB X8 60NS SIMM $ 22.50 ..-$ 2,48 ..$ 14.49 ..$ 13.75 V, Ml!-! ¦m
- -.$ 20.00 $ 24.00 8VB RAM UPGRADE FOR LASERJET 4M CENTON $ 158.50 255K X 4 70NS ZlPP PAGE MODE CENTON $ 2.75 INOVATOOLSI V2.0 ... $ 22.46 X-COPY PROFESSIONAL - .. $ 1647 SCANNERY SCANJET INTERFACE $ 75,00 DJ HELPER _ $ 1124 AMOS THE COMPILER .. MR BACKUP PROFESSIONAL ...------------- DLG PROFESSIONAL BBS VI J) .$ 73.50 JFORTH PROFESSIONAL 3.0 -------------------------------$ 45.00 LATTICE C~ _$ 35 00 CNETBBS 2.6 $ 2924 RAW COPY 12N __$ 12-00 MEGA TOOLS $ 19.50 ALFA DATA AS01 W.1MB & CIOCK CALANDER ... LASERJET IRP PRINTER ONLY HP .... GVP A1200 EXTERNAL SCSI KIT . PRIME IMAGE TBC CARD . AUDIO ENGINEER II ......-.....- CD-38 CD-ROM DRIVE PORTABLE MULTISPIN NEC WACOM 6X9 TABLET STANDARD SD-510C GENERIC - HARD DRIVE CASE 525 OPEN FACEPLATE __ LASERJET III PRINTER .------------------ - MAGNI4004S GENLOCK INV LIST ONLY MAGNI4010 GENLOCK CONTROLLER . MUSIC XJR BARS AND PIPES PROFESSIONAL SONIX BOOM BOX KEYS TO MUSIC VOLUME I BARS AND PIPES TOOLS KIT ..... DESKJET PORTABLE HP .. PELICAN PRESS PREMIER PD SINGLES...... Quantities limited to supply on hand! On the above clearance items, all sales are final Circle 13 on Reader Service card. P ¦>5 S S. HOT! The next generation of the A1230Turbo+. 40-MHz ¦0 68030, real-time clock; 4MB RAM expandable to 32MB RAM. Makes your A1200 faster than a A3000! Exclusive Kickstart Remapping. M Mtm and 4MB RAM 567995 A1291 SCSI KIT..s89 ONE YEAR WARRANTY 5535 4008 SCSI works with A2000! Wth FREE Tutorial Video! Complete painting tools, real-time WYSIWYG preview, alpha channel, regionalized processing, edge feathering, brushes RGB masking, and more! NEW! Bring the world of SCSI into reach! Hook-up to CD-ROM, Bernoulli drives, etc. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga and smile! You can even add up to 8MB RAM and mount a 3.5" drive on cord! ;mbg + n Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built-in transcorder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputsl Full AGA support! Cusnpi) ibfz , II H) ii | Headquarters! Expand your horizons with the I O Extender! Contained on a single card, you will find an additional paralalel part PLUS one high speed FIFO buffered serial port! Coming soon: optional R5-422 or second serial port! A ... A1230 Turbo + SERIES Your 95 MSG 95 4526 4394 5283 46091 1 ?5 58+ DIGITE3L. SOUND STUOIQ Very quid digital sound sampler. Includes versatile DIGITAL SOUIID STUDIO softwoie. A multifaceted program far sampling, editing sang composition, stereo sound playback and HOD lotmoT sang file creation. TBCPlus A4000 G-FORCE 040 WITH 4MB RAM! Now you can accelerate your Amiga 4000 and expand the RAM in one product! The GVP G-FORCE 040 is 40-MHz, and wifi expand to 32 MB RAM on board. PLUS: You can add an optional SCSI II and or RAM Adapter Board. NO ZORRO SLOT TAKEN! Compatible with A3000, Newtek Video Toaster, Centaur OpalVision, GVP EGS Spectrum, MacroSystemsUS Retina, and Picasso II * 5359 Professional quality, all digital time base corrector with real-time frame grabber and 16.7 million color frame buffer PLU programmable video special effects! $ 9995 $ 1599 Now available! ‘¦..TV Comb Filter Option Offlfi ip composite for Y C cul;fix cross color Frame RAM Option51 9995 1 MS eihtt Frow RAM; nprne special effects 5660 $ 839? 5562 GVP A4000 G-Force 040 40MHz 16 MB ...s2399,s SCSI II Option .... _ CALL NEW 5127 5563 ¦T L - ¦S* JBG I
r. r rv
2. 0 2MB RAM 5309 If you would like to have automated, scheduled, time date stamped voice mail and faxes with unlimited mail boxes, the ability to fax from any program that prints, call in remotely, and more get PHONE PAK VFX 2.0 MBG: A complete voice mail system for your Amiga! 4333 with this real-time, 24-bit, true-color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280! 800x600 in 24-bit! Incudes a custom display pass-through cable for single monitor use. Many applications are ready to run and it includes the acclaimed EGS PAINT as a bonus, too! Bring workstation power to your AMIGA! EXCLUSIVE! NOW GET IMAGE F X
1. 5 FROM GVP for $ 19'’$ (EGS-compotible soon) EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM GO BEYOND AGA GRAPHICS GVP G-FORCE A2000 ACCELERATORS G-FORCE 040 33MHz 4MB RAM w $ | Qoe math coprocessor G-FORCE 68030 40MHz Last batch of c riAO1; these classic *699W5 A2000 Accelerators 3843 4322 Entertainment 2 fire buttons, biogrip, suction feet PYTHON Joystick Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 2 fire buttons, biogrip, suction feet HURRY! BOTH IN LIMITED SUPPLY NEW GAMES CANNON FODDER SECOND SAMURAI AGA **95 SETTLERS Movie-like adventure with vivid animation KSSS3SJM *ck 5705 TOTAL CARNAGE AGA 33.95 NEW BENEATH A STEAL SKY CALL NEW DARKMERE ...... CALL NEW MR. NUTZ .....CALL 5645 LIBERATION CAPTIVE 2 AGA __33.95 5643 SECOND SAMURAI THE SEQUEL IS EVEN BETTER.....33.95 5644 SECOND SAMURAI AGA .33.95 5572 SKIDMARKS "RACE CARS" 31.99 5669 AWARD WINNERS (EUTE.ZOOL, SENSIBLE SOCCER, JIMMY WHITE SNOOKER-POOL) ...34.95 5670 TETRIS 4 7 COLORS STRATEGY HEAVEN .. 26.95 CANNON FODDER 5489 5518 2842 SILKWORM IV LIMITED (NOT A1200 COMP (VERY FAST HELICOPTER SHOOT EM-UP 1: 4090 MADDEN FOOTBALL ... 11 5480 KRUSTY'S FUN HOUSE .11 3233 BIROS OF PREY ..1! 4676 SILLY PUTTY ... 11 5136 ASSASIN 11 5632 ALIEN BREED II .35.95 5400 ALIEN BREED II AGA- - ....35 00 5701 LEMMINGS & SIMI CITY BUNDLE 33.95 5517 SIMON THE SORCEROR 3S.95 5516 SIMON THE SORCEROR AGA 42.95 5469 MICRO MACHINES ......36 00 5566 BUBBAN’STIX ..32.99 5573 CYBERPUNK ..... 29.95 5471 F117A STEAL FIGHTER 44.95 5476 DOGFIGHT ..33.95 5489 CANNON FODDER ... 5524 STAR TREK 25TH ADVERSARY AGA .. 5518 SETTLERS . 5504 STARDUST ...... 5567 WINTER OLYMPICS , 5344 HIRED GUNS . 5488 MORTAL KOMBAT .... 5009 B17 FLYING FORTRESS ..... 5495 DREAMLANDS BUNDLE.. ...37 00 5126 DUNE II ...... ...33.55 5135 TRANSARTICA AGA ... ......33.95 5157 ISHARAGA ...... ......38.95 5181 SIMLIFE AGA ... ......36,95 5099 TROLLS .. ...31.95 5221 1869 AGA .. ......36 95 5304 SOCCER KID .... 33.95 BUDGET GUNSHIP 2000 ... TERMINATOR 2..:. .. BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL.. BODY BLOWS GALACTIC . BODY BLOWS GALACTIC AGA THE CHAOS ENGINE THE CHAOS ENGINE AGA.. 42.95 _39.00 35.00 35.00
38. 99
36. 95 ......39.00 .36.00
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Color Scanners ASDG Epson Scanner Driver Software with scanner purchase High quality flatbed scanners rated best in Amiga market! ES-600C • 24-bit, 300 dpi 4664 Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America Professional Publishing Pagestream 2.2 OEM I 1 in Amiga DTP. Winner of Amiga World's Experts' Choice Award and Amazing Amiga's Users' Choice Awards. Upgrade to 3.0 for only'125" PageStream 3.0 PogeStream 3.0 has over 1000 new features, including AGA color, recordable Arexx, and the ability to load ProPage documents. COMING SOON WACOM fi ju SMITH End font Hell Wacom Amiga driver with cable S84« 4558 5484 CALL FOR PRICING ON PAGESTREAM 3.011 Drawing Tablets One of the most popular accessories for artists on the Macintosh and IBM is also available for the Amiga! Pressure sen-sitive, with cordless programmable pen. 6x9" SD-510C . . . S399_ 1 2x1 2" Standard 61954 52001 12x12" Electrostatic TypeSmith 2.0 CREATE & EDIT YOUR OWN TYPEFACES! A must have "
- Compute! A must have "
- Amazing Computing It's a must!"
- Amiga Format 24-pin printer ap-3250 ‘ 14" Phillips tube • .28 dot pitch » Full OverScanning (no black borders)
* Supports all new modes (including Super 72) Tested with the most mm current versions of the Monitors Drivers. Highest qualify, high speed dot matrix printer For fhe A Amiga I f OilV NO ONE HAS MORE AMIGA DTP THAN CREATIVE! CD-ROM TITLES rliiliiTHilirPrVl 526d GOLIATH CUP ART WAREHOUSE . :§.95 5T25 AUDIO FESCURCE UBRAFY .72 55
599. 95 5:2.95
459. 00
379. 95 335 00 .355 00 ULTIMATE MX COLLECT! >J LANGUAGE,'OS CD-BOU ...... SPACE A ASTRONOMYCD-BOM .. ELYSIAN ARCHIVES ... 19.95 19 95 ... . 3995 .. 19.95 5013 53!6 5453 5342 MAXTOR 7245 SCSI 245MB ..299 00 HAVE YOU always wanted access to the massive volume of CD-ROM software, objects, fonts, clip art, graphics and text information, but couldn't afford the drive to get started? WELL NOW YOU CAN!!! Primera Full-Color thermal Printer True 4-coior printer designed to give you stunning, high quality color ouput on paper, transparency, even T-shirt transfer paper! Winner Best of Comdex 93 "Rookie" Award. It was the hit of World of Commodore, too! One year warranty. Photorealistic upgrade available. Includes Amiga driver software! Introducing the Media Vision CDR-MV2 CD-ROM Drive* rrrtw NEC CDR-25 Mechanism
• SCSI-based
• No caddy required!
• Single-speed operation.
• Comes with cable, SCSI terminator and power supply Requires Amiga 6-ft. Parallel Cable $ 9.95 gSEE ; le 331 FORGO One-year warrc nty. . VW*-: - ‘ '+ . . ? T ' • TheMedia Vision CDR-MV2 also works as a audio CD player, so you can listen to music while you work. The CDR-MV2 has more abilities than your home system and allows you to catalog your CD collection! __ Art Department Professional Version 2.5 Newest version has a new improved user interface. Supports EGS and Primera Printer (24-bit color dye-sub). Namgd "Best Image Processing Program" for 1992 by Amazing Computing, and now it's EVEN BETTER! 5611 4348 MORPH PLUS • Professional morphing ... M 35 5077 T-REXX PROFESSIONAL 2.1 for Toaster.. $ 1 27 5638 ADPro Conversion Pack, version 2.5 $ 4995 51 64 Pro Control for ADPro or Morph Plus 5295 5195 CygnusEd Professional 3.5 ... 6795 CALL CREATIVE FOR THE LOWEST PRICES ONALLASDG PRODUCTS The CDR-MV2 comes complete with: ASIM CD-ROM Driver v2.0 OEM Version Gold Fish Double CD-ROM 1 thru 1000 uncompressed. Texture Heaven CD-ROM How many of you want to digitize audio but have your CD player in another room? Now for you Multimedia folks who need 16-Bit audio, the included Audio CD player program is AREXX-ready! Take Advantage of your SCSI port! Mac CD-ROM deals available: Emplant Users! Encyclopedia Bundle Home Bundle Reference Bundle World and U.S. Alias Cds Family Doctor CD, Complete Guinness Book of World Shakespeare CD, Audubon Birds CD, R«wdi CD, Mayo Clinic CD, Color It!, Audubon Animals , 95 WMHMCI) r Groliers' Encyclopedia CD Animals CD e Q _ 98 63971 63310 63311 FREE with Purchase of CD-ROM: CD-ACCESS for Mac 63090 Amiga Library Services fresh-fish cd-roms The best of public domain and shareware; over 600MB of material. Comes with database program to find specific lilies, done by Fred Fish personal! October 1993 Edition CD-ROM . ...*22®* December1993 Edition CD-ROM .*22®* March April 1994 Edition CD-ROM *22®* Gold Fish 1-1000 uncompressed CD-ROM .....* 1 9®* Frozen Fish 1-1000 BBS-ready CD-ROM . * 1 9®* CSA "12-GAUGE" 50MHz 50Mhz super accelerator with MMU and SCSI. Zero-K RAM. Fast and complete. Optional network coming soon. CSA Arcnet Board 2000 3000 4000 coming soon. $ 54495 5709 5144 Circle 13 on Reader Service card 4229 5511 3881 5582 5583 5628 5237 1164 5639 5640 KOSS 7001 SPEAKERS ... KOSS HD4 SPEAKEH KIT „... PRO MIDI INTERFACE ALPHA DATA DISK DRIVE TAC-2JOYSHCK .. PYTHON 1 JOYSTICK W AUTO RRE 14 95 APACHE 1 JOYSTICK W BiO GRIP ... 9 95 25 99
49. 50
29. 95
73. 00
189. 00
239. 00
285. 00
369. 00 " 699 00 . 999 CO 170MB ELSSCSl HARD DRIVE ... 270MB SCSI 2 VERY FAST LPS . 270MB IDE VERY FASTLPS 340MB LPS SCSI 2 ...... .... 540MB SCSI 2 .2 l 08 GIG SCSI 2EMPIRE SERIES 1 8G»g SCSI 2 PRO DRIVE 9 5ms .3.5* HH1299 Prices valid through May 31,1994 Call for latest pricing & availability! 1857 5036 5379 5178 5153 45265 5615 Order Hotline
14. 4 Kbps High-Speed FAXModem from an industry leader in telecommunications $ 95 199 A serial cable t is required to V use this modem with Amiga 95 8 43T1 63707 TRAPFAX Class 2 Version FAX from any program. Network aware. 2.0 look and feel, graphic output incredible! Phone book, automatic send and receive, timed faxing, fax viewer with zoom and aspect adjustment. Requires 2.04 OS or higher, 51 2K RAM. $ 991 DATAFLYER 1 200S is a standard SCSI card that plugs onto the IDE header and converts it to SCSI. It still allows the use of IDE devices and does CfNfvgt; not take up a slat. NEW! Coming Soon - first week of June availability. 7 Storage and Telecommunications Finally a hard drive that is truly practical. The DataFlyer 105SQ features proven SyQuest removable technology. Special version direct from manufadurerwith our special driverguarantees compatibility with the A4000 including diskchangelFastaccesstimes, 14msavg., 1.6 to
2. 3 MB sec. Max transfer rate (to and from media). Unlimited storage with 105MB cartridges. Very quiet unit. Small, only 3.5 x 1" drive. 2 Year Warranty. Includes one 105MB cartridge. 5561 DataFlyer 105SQ Interna! IDE A40D0 5653 DataFlyer 1055Q Internal SCSI for Amigas... s46595 5654 DataFlyer 105SQ External SCSI for Amigas ... 54595 NEW DataFlyer 2705Q Internal IDE for Amigas ... 563995 NEW DataFlyer 270SQ Internal SCSI for Amigas .., 563995 CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON 105$ Q 4000$ BUNDLE DATAFLYER 4000S with External 25DB SCSI connector. 5379 NEW LOWER PRICE! L-MEGA Makers of Bernoulli Now you can have the reliable moss storage medium used by Hollywood professionals! Used by developers at NewTek, by Amblin Imaging (seaQuest) and Foundotion Imaging (Babylon 5}. Amiga World soys "...the cost and reliability of Iomega Bernoulli drives can't be beat!" Bernoulli means security for your data! THE BOX 150 is an external drive with famous Bernoulli reliability! Each cartridge holds up to 150MB of storage. We offer the lowest overnight rates in the business** DHL OVERNIGHT 7 TO CANADA LmfUft AS LOW AS $ 15 BSB 61945 VIVIDQUEST 105MB EXT W CART 559 00 5352 VIVIDQUEST 105 3.5 INT. W'CART + 2-VMY SCSI CABLE ..469.00 61241 105MB CARTRIDGE .. 75.00 61944 VIVIDQUEST 880 REMOV. EXT. W CART489.00 5353 VIVIDQUEST INTERNAL 88C REMOV. DRIVE W CART, + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE 450.00 3304 68MB CARTRIDGE ..97.00 MISC HARDWARE BIGFOOT 1200 8 600 8 500 PWR SPLY . 85.95 BIGFOOT 2000 POWER SUPPLY ....139.95 DATAFLYER 4000S25 .99.95 FAST LANE Z3 SCSI-2 W 0K ZORRO III.. 494.95 A4091 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER .....299.95 PICASSO I GRAPHICS CARD W.1MG ... 449.00 PICASSO II GRAPHICS CARD W 2MB . 499.00 MEGACHIP 50Q 2000 W AGNUS ___193.03 MULTIFACE 111 VO EXTENDER BOARD .... 86.95 MULTISTART II REV 6A ..22.95 SYQUEST REMOVABLE DRIVES Creative has all the hottest amiga products ¦¦IN FREE MONTAGE 24 Software with every OpalVision! Vision MONTAGE 24 «
- the popular, best-selling CG Software is yours for §|§-J the taking. But only for a ¦ limited time. Just purchase > an OpalVision Main Board between April 1 and June 30, 1994. Send Centaur Development a copy of the dated invoice with your name and address and i your OpalVision Warranty JjfcA Card and they'll send you 1 a free copy of MONTAGE - « 24 for OpalVision. Centaur Development will even pay for the shipping and handling fees!
• ;& [ ' ‘ ___ " It J
- ».t m w-- A ink-, I- : J f OPALVISION MAIN BOARD The care unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true RGB, 24-bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC (optional modules). Includes a wealth of software. Ft -
• a n. '1 ...... ¦
- - L- -•¦ OPALPAINT SOFTWARE includes an expandable library of image processing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools OpalAnimMATE plays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 8, 12, 15, 18 and 24-bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. OpalVision Main Board 24-Bit Video Processor (tfiinhir.fi f Video Suite Scan Rate Converter TBC OPAL PRESENTS! Every main board includes Opal PresentsI, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display graphics ana live video. Create sales presentations, clip libraries of your work, educational videos or whatever you can imagine! Amiaa 4UUU computer OpalVision Main Board, 10MB RAM, 240 MB HD Installed $ AailA95 OpalVision Workstation 2 control of OpalVision images, Amiga Je mViswn and ready to go... Consistently rated the best image processing software on the Amiga, OpalPaint allows you to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. In addition to image processing, it has powerful painting and drawing capabilities. A full range of tools, real-time, full 24-bit. WINNER AMAZING COMPUTING READER'S CHOICE AWARD 1993 "BEST GRAPHICS CARD" transit!- y blending, image compositing and ied boxes. - St tiw % I Off imooc oroc DI4M*U UM ItOBndaM Arnign 74 Sit C-OfJ"' ami VkImo Syili-m
- .'I - 5399°° Cenlaw Development ¦ : ¦ • , ¦ ' 16 Million colors, Superlative 32-Bit Painting, Awesome 24-Bit Animation, and now... Professional-Quality Video Titling!
- ------ aPomt imilliiiirili:i nuRie lor ¦ lit.- f .iimiiiHlnrv Amir.i 5621 Limited BONUS!! Buy anything from Creative Computers and you can purchase AMIBACK 2.0 - great drive back-up utility software for (OEM Version) If you want to create, combine and synchronize graphics, text and animation with audio and video, you'll need MediaLink 3.0 software. Meets CBM Guidelines for look and feel, including menus! 40 window transforms, and 80 smooth wipes. Import 24-bit graphics, remap and scale. Supports EGS, AGA, PAL, NTSC. Sizable windows. MIDI and SMPTE support. Text editor. Thumbnail previews. Arexx support. Optional remote support. Full OS 3.0 support. VERSION 3.7 Creative will provide future upgrades on all purchases from Creative. 5651 Mediapoint 3 Byrd's Eye Software SWIPES! Color Speciaj Effects for Amiga 4000 Based Video Toaster System Creati Cvinpuibfz Swipes! Takes full advantage of the Video Toaster 4000's graphic abilities, adding two full banks of colorful, dynamic effects including:
• Color Transperency Effects
• Special Effects Overlays
• Color Animated Transitions
• Alpha Channel Dissolves Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Paint Directly on the Video Toaster's 24-Bit Program Output with: 5736 TOASTER FX The Replacement Paint, Image Manipulation and Special Effects System for the Video Toaster Now with ToosterFX and GVP's a TRUE morphing and scanning - all directly Bundle Package includes Toaster FX, ImageFX and ImageFX Video."329 loaslwFX requires GYP'i ImageFX soflwore for operation (ImcgcfX not included). Video Toaster software 3.0 or higher required Direct pointing on the Toaster's program output requires 2MB Chip RAM NEW! DKB 4091 SCSI II HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER $ A new high-performance board that allows your Amiga to connect to SCSI II devices. With full Zorro III implementation. Direct Memory Access (DMA). HI-DENSITY FLOPPY DRIVES! Power High-Density External Floppy Drive. 5367 only $ 159 Fast SCSI-2 implementation. Now access CD-ROMs, Removable Media, Scanners, Modems and more with more power than ever before! DKB 3128 The "must-have" Toaster add-on! Now you can crush the 16 meg fast RAM barrier! With the DKB 3128 you can access up to 128 megs of contiguous memory. Compatible with either the Amiga 3000 or 4000. $ 295 DKB A1200 CLOCK Add the convenience of timekeeping and accurate file date stamping to your AMIGA 1200 at the LOWEST PRICE EVER! (Hurry - Limited Supplyl) MegaChip 500 2000 with Agnus chip Add another megabyte c of Chip RAM! _51 Required to run Toaster 3.1 upgrade 4229 LightWave without the Toaster? The solution is LIGHT CREATIVE PLUGS YOU INTO THE LATEST HARDWARE! LightRave is a custom hardware module that emulates all of the Toaster functions needed by LightWave 3D™. It enables any Amiga to run LightWave without requiring a Video Toaster to be installed. LIGHTRAVE adds a suite of FutureVideo EditLink 3300 A B Roll Edit Control System Multi-tasking edit controller can sync three VCRs simultaneously. Can read Hi8 RC Time Code, 8mm TC, and SMPTE EBU TC (optional). Includes control software for Amiga, as well as IBM and Macintosh. Easy to use A B Roll editing software lets you set edit points, assemble, video insert, A V insert, audio insert editi"9 Priced too low to quote! Professional features never before available to Wave users. LIGHTRAVE will render images faster than a Toaster equipped Amiga, as no lengthy display time to the Video Toaster™ is required. Expansion Card for the Amiga 1200 4 MB RAM Expansion 25MHz 68882 Math Coprocessor & Clock AAA DntnFlyer SCSI Option..S.Q¥S Limited Supply MACK BELT SYSTEMS A brand new image manipulation product Designed to replace Imagemaster and Image Professional. New featuresoflmagemasterR tmdudenewunifiedfilesaver, new multi frame processor, new Radial Wave, new morph controls, newGuassian Blur, faster display, loads Toaster alphas, new area select tools, tablet support, unlimited zoom and pan, "onionskin" compositions, Toaster framestore support, Online Help. The January issue of Amiga World says "Imagemaster R t is a tool no serious artist should be without!" JHPE Support Opalvision, Firecracker, AGA . 5282 Compatible with all Amiga models True 24-bit display - render to OpalVision, DCTV, Retina, IV24, GVP EGS and Amiga AGA FASTER than a Toaster equipped Amiga Requires: Lightwave 3D or 3.0, Workbench and Kickstart 2.04 or later EGS support may require Image FX RENDERS DIRECTLY TO PAL RESOLUTIONS
• LIGHTWAVE 3.1 f] COMPATIBLE! VideoToaster 4000 ...Price too low to quote MONTAGE features real time font scaling with Ins effective W resolution. Automated sequencing. Hr£ Hetwork quality 24-bit titles & graphicsI MONTAGE for the Video Toaster MONTAGE 24 for 3 1 6 Eel Opalvision, NTSC MONTAGE 24 for AGA, J M nO A95 IV24 OpalVision, Pal Circle 13 on Reader Servtce card 5384 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE KJESS ANY ANIMATION. EDIT ADD SOUND. ANIM 7 & 896.00 BUSINESS UTILITIES ANIMATE FLYING LOGOS IN LIGHTWAVE WITH A SIMPLE CLICK OF THE MOUSE, NICE!! 159.00 WAVPI INK NET WORK 2 TOASTERS OR LIGHJTAVE5 TOGETHER DOUBLE RENDERING SPEED!! ------.99-95 PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL VERSION 2~ CALL onipUJBi‘5 Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7am - 6pm Saturday 8am - 5pm (Pacific Standard Time) USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 Denmark 0434-0297 France 0590-1099 Italy 1678-74086 Japan 0031-11-1351 Netherlands 06-022-8613 Norway 050-12029 Switzerland 046-05-12029 United Kingdom 0800-89-1178
2. 0 INTERFACE EASY TO USE!! .. 66.95 5075 HUMANOID FOR IMAGINE .. 145 95
145. 95
174. 95 63 95 .55.95 .67.95
249. 00 ..54.95 0387 DISNE Y ANIM AtiON STUDIO 5236 FRACTAL PRO 5.G6 .. 5123 SCENERY ANIMATOR 4.0. ..... 4689 3890 PatchMeiSter Universal patch librarian ......S p95 SyncPrO SMPTE Time Code Reader generator .s 179s5 Triple Play* 48 MIDI channels, one interface 16395 3891 Super JAM! 1.1 Write music without playing an instrument 7 4759 High quality 24-b!t backgrounds by professional photographers. Each volume contains 20 images. 5714 Volume 1: Scenic and Landscape 5715 Volume 2: Textures and Patterns 5716 Volume 3: Still Life Imagery 5717 Volume 4: Abstract Imagery Powerful mailing-list management. I i Unwin i Create mailing Address-It! Lists, rosters, envelopes, roatry I cards and more a *ew simpie clicksl Supports JP laser, dot-matrix 8 ink-jet. Powerful business management. Powerful invoicing Invoice-It! Software! Automatically mcreate quotes and M| convert them to actual invoices with one click! Each Buy all four for $ 8995 PLUS FREE IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE! Llw .a»y way i invoices and bl Busln.il us.Ilf 5069 5145 CREATIVE HAS ALL THE BEST AMIGA ACCESSORIES! 5497 RETINA 1MB RAM 4987 RETINA WITH 2MB RAM *345 4988 RETINA WITH 4MB RAM *495 5496 RETINA 2MB RAM & TV PAINT *549 5193 RETINA 4MB RAM & TV PAINT 2.0 *695 r c NEW IFR - DIGITIZE 30FPS VIDEO The Vlab includes an extensive software control systemdesigned to make digitizing as easy as possible. Using a revolutionary new concept, MacroSystem has provided a new Interleaved Frame Recording feature. IFR basically allows the Vlab to digitize full 30fps digital video sequences to HardDisk by making multiple passes of the recorded video. Hardware features frame grab in l 30th sec or field grabin 1 60th sec. Realtime color controls. TBC not required, includes AdPro Loader. $ 299 s5tio VLAB Y C- $ 385
* 442
* 4696 VLAS 2 COMPOSITE .... 5111 ViAB A1200JA500'rExlemal. MultiFrame ADPro MultiFrame is a front end for Art Department Professional and Morph Plus that gives you much greater control over multiple-frame processing with no knowledge of Arexx required.
• Perform ADO-style fly-ins of moving images easily usmg perspective operator. Create panning tilting camera effects on still images or sequences
* Roloscope: automatic compositing of foreground images over backgrounds using true alpha-channe! Holecutter and key effects
* Auto-display of images to supported framebuffers (Retina, OpalVision, DCTV)
• Automatic image conversion during processing 5206 $ 6995 _i wmmmm nujJikJ w- - NEW! Warp Engine The only Expansion Device you need for your Video Toaster 4000 that provides High Speed 040Acceleration, up to 128MB of Local 040 Burst Memory and the Fastest SCSI-11 Contoller Available! Why? Because all of this expansion is on a single board CPU slot - NOT a Zorro III slot! HARDWARE FEATURES; Very high speed local 040 memory bus with full 040 burst access
• NCR 40MHz SCSI-2 Fast Controller connected diredfy to Hie 040
• Supports 1 OMB sec SCSI transfers
• 32-bit SCSI host bus DMA interface supporting burst to from RAM
• Full DMA allows the CPU to still have 90% power while transfering
• No Zorro III DMA problems ¦ Fully autoconfigurable with option autoboot capability for SCSI
• 32-bit RAM expansion up to 128MB; uses standard 72-pin SIMMS
• Allows mixing of RAM module sires [4, 8, 16, 32MB SIMMS)
• Uses memory on the A400Q motherboard
• Works in all A3000, and A4000 series Amigas
• A3000 version supports up to 64MB of 32-bit memory
• A3000 version will clock 16MHz motherboards at 25MHz
• Compatible with Video Toaster, Retina Z-lll, and OpalVision WARP ENGINES FOR THE AMIGA 4000 The 2BMHx WARP ENGINE comes with an 040 socket, four SIMM sockets and the NCR SCSI-2 controller This is very cost effective, because the 4000 already has an 040 chip installed and 4 to 16MB of FastRam onboard. You simply remove the CBM CPU card, remove the 040 chip and install this onto the Warp Engine. You can also remove the memory and install it on the Warp Engine. This product produces a 28MHz 040 Accelerator with 4 $ TOD95 to 16MB RAM and the fastest SCSI-2 HD Amiga controller. * * *- 5743 33MHz 040 WARP ENGINE includes the 040, plus $ 1 OQQ95 four SIMM sockets and the NCR SCSI-2 controller. I: " ¦’ * .T 40MHz 040 WARP ENGINE includes the 040, plus $ | AQQ95 four SIMM sockets and the NCR SCSI-2 controller. 5745 Visit our computer SUPERSTORES in California! 4 BIG LOCATIONS SEND ALL MAIL ORDERS FOR AMIGA PRODUCTS TO: Creative Computers, Order Dept., 2645 Maricopa Street, Torrance, CA 90503 Los Angeles South Los Angeles 1505 Wllshire Blvd. Sanfa Monica California 90402
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All other countries minimum order $ 100 For VISA and Master Card orders you must FAX or mail a signed photocopy of your credit card - front and back Please have your credit card numberready belore celling • f tilt GUAPAfim U 5 Only Applies to at! Merchandise advertised by oil authorired Amiga dealers except merchandise on sale and aut-ol-stock We will give you out 'delivered* price lower than the other authorized Amiga dealer s "delivered" price There is a minimum oroe' amount of $ 20 for ciders to the USA Calfirnia Sales does not apply lo price guarantoo ircle 13 on Reader Service card. OH- GRAPHICS 64 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen AN ARTIST PAINTING in any medium frequently makes use of masking or ’Triskiting” techniques to protect areas of an image while paint is being applied. In film special effects, variations on this concept arc used to composite multiple elements into one shot. Computer artists have especially versatile masking tools at their disposal in painting and image- prcxressing prog rat i is. Some of the more powerful of these tools make use of what is called an “alpha channel.’' If you haven’t yet explored this area, it is worth a little time and experimentation to learn how to use the alpha channel effectively. It can add a new dimension to your artwork. Photographv, or graphic design. Three good programs to use for your experiments are ImageFX (CAT), Art Department Professional (ASl)O), and lmagemaster (Black Belt). For this column 1 will refer to tools in ImageFX. What’s It All About, Alpha? The alpha channel is an area of memory that can contain an image to he used as a friskit. Technically, this area of memory is called an eight-bit buffer. That memorv “buffer'1 can contain a 256-color grayscale image. Masks in most paint programs are uniformly opaque. The power of using an alpha-chanuel image as a friskit is that the mask can have complex variations in opacity. The darker the area of that mask, the greater its opacity and the greater its tendency to protect the image on your screen. Any pure black pixels in an alpha-channel mask will totally protect the corresponding pixels of the screen image. Pure white pixels in the alpha channel will have zero effect in protecting the screen image. The alpha channel is often used in graphic design for applying effects to text, creating soft shadows or making complex stencils. You can use any paint program to create a screen to he used as an alpha- channel friskit. Simply paint in grayscale using 2 to 256 colors. Remember, the darker the color, the greater the protection. You can also load digitized or scanned images as alpha-channel friskits. Using tools in your image-processing programs, you can even create screens from scratch that have the look of sand grains, water ripples, or other textures. Try the following experiments to explore some basics for using the alpha channel in your computer photography and painting. A future column will explore animation using the alpha channel. ImageFX has particularly good alpha-channel support. For your first experiment, use it to add texture to a painting. First, create a grayscale texture screen by scanning or digitizing canvas, fabric, or coarse surfaced paper. Alternatively, follow the techniques outlined in Accent 45 (Nov. ’92, p. 58) lor producing hand-made natural textures. Using the Alpha button, load this image to the alpha channel. Next, via the Buffer button, create a working screen the same dimensions as your alpha screen. Double-click any of the painting tools and turn on the Alpha gadget. When you paint on the main screen, the texture of the image in the alpha channel will be visible as part of the “paint” you are applying. This can give your computer paintings the illusion of having been done on a texturecl surface. Double-click one of the painting tools again and experiment with different Blend and Mode settings. You can give soft edges to your strokes and fills by setting Edge to Feather Out. One of the more interesting uses for the alpha channel is as a mask during compositing. An image loaded to the swap screen can be merged with the image on the main screen using the alpha channel to control the blend. 1 his is a simple procedure hut the results ol random experiments are often confusing. To see dearly how the alpha-channel affects an image, try the following
o o experiment shown in sequence “B” in the accompanying illustration. Use a paint program to make a checkerboard screen and a screen of large white circles on a black background as a Making use of an image processor’s alpha channel can lend powerfully effective new dimensions to your images. S3?
- v r. mergi simple however, set Alpha to Use As Texture. This method blends both images accross all values while retaining the structure of the main screen, I have used a photograph as an example, but obviously these merging techniques work just as well with painted images. My favorite of these methods is the first, as shown in sequence “A.” It is quite sensitive to errors of judgement, but gives you the greatest creative control. There is an appealing elegance to having the image with which you are concerned hidden in the alpha channel. Under your control, its form is revealed through its effect on two other images. The result is a satisfying combination of intent and accident. ¦ Write to Joel Hagen at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please mcltide a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Shown. In ImageFX, load the checkerboard to the main screen. Press the j key to swap screens and load any colorful painting or photograph. Next, hit the Alpha button and select Load to put the circles screen in the alpha channel. Think of the alpha channel as protecting the main screen from the image on the swap screen. Now select Composite and set Alpha to Use As IT is kit. Select Merge, with Blend at 100%, and press the Okay button. The areas of the checkered screen behind the white holes are painted to the main screen while all areas that are black in the alpha channel protect corresponding regions of the main screen. Try the same experiment with an alpha-channel image in which all the circles are filled with different shades of gray. The result will clearly verify that the darker the color in the alpha channel, the greater the protection to the main screen image. Next, use a black alpha screen containing bold display text in which each letter is filled with a vertical gradient from black to white. Patterned text fades into the foreground image. Alpha Logic For your next experiment, add complex colorization to a grayscale photograph as shown in sequence “A” and the large image (left) in the illustration. Random experiments can be confusing, but if you are logical you can retain the structure of a photograph in the alpha channel. Remember the alpha formula: dark protects. Use a darker or more saturated picture on the main screen and a lighter image on the swap screen. Dark values in the alpha channel photo protect the dark main screen. Light values in the photo allow the lighter swap screen to blend through. The result is a discernible version of the photograph rendered in new colors and patterns. A common mistake during this procedure is to use images for the main and swap screen that are too similar in complexity and value. One screen or the other should be fairly free of busy patterns and value changes, and the swap screen should be lightest. Another way to add the color and pattern of a painting to a black-and- white photo is to load the photo, copy it to the alpha channel, use Color Negative on the main image, and then swap it back with the alpha channel. This leaves the original photo on the main screen and a negative of the photo in the alpha channel. On the main screen, from the Color button, select Grey-To-Color so that compositing is in color. Use a dark, colorful picture on the swap screen and merge the two as described, with Alpha set to Friskit. This brings die swap screen into the dark areas of the photo and is a fairly reliable way to retain discernible images. An even more predictable method is to copy the photo to the alpha channel and again select Composite. This time, and swap screens in ImageFX with a grayscale
il. The large image on the left shows the result of alpha channel as a frisk it. Sequence UB” shows a : relationships of the three image buffers. £m *? Clarify _ the mam Video in Focus PRACTICAL ADVICE FOR AMIGA VIDEO PRODUCERS 1 First Stop: NAB and The Future By Paulo de Andrade Welcome to"Video in Focus.” As the tag line for this new column suggests. I ll be trying to provide help to Amiga users involved in die many different aspects of desktop-video production. Such advice may be in the form of lips and techniques, or it might be recommendations of particular products and equipment that can make your production work better or easier. The column will not be “product-specific” to any piece of equipment except the Amiga. It will indeed provide coverage of the Video l oaster, but since not all of our readers are 'boaster users, we will cover alternatives to this popular system, as well. We hope that the topics presented here will benefit users of any Amiga model. To kick off the column, I will lake you oil a quick tour of the recently concluded National Association of Broadcasters’ convention. As the largest and most important show of its kind in the world. NAB is a good place to see what’s happening and about to happen in the world of video. After all, the technology and equipment on display there is likely to influence the kinds of things this column will cover in future months. Definitely Out of Line Probably the hottest topic at NAB ibis year was nonlinear editing (NLE), as ever)' major manufacturer, as well as several smaller ones, displayed such systems. NLE allows you to play your source tapes into your computer and store tliam anywhere on your hard drive, allowing you then to play them back in any order from disk, not videotape. Nonlinear systems break the traditional (linear) editing sequence -where you assemble a video by copying a series of scenes f rom the original tapes to an edit master. Because scenes must be recorded one after the other, once a few of them are laid down on .he edit master, it is veiy difficult to go hack and change one without having to alter the rest of your material. Nonlinear editing svstems n are much like word processors for images. You can cut, copy, paste, insert easily editing any scene no matter where it is in the program. (We'll tackle the NIT process next month, and discuss its pros and cons versus more traditional methods.) While several nonlinear editing svstems have been developed for Macs and Pcs recently, most have not matched the manufacturers’ claims of being broadcast - quality. However. NewTek, the company that initiated the desktop-video revolution with its Video Toaster, announced another breakthrough product the Video Flyer a broadcast-quality, NLE for the Amiga. Although Digital Micronics, another Amiga developer, had billed its previously announced Broadcaster 32 as an NLE, the Flyer in my opinion is the only one that can be regarded as a true, complete nonlinear editor. The first thing to note about this revolutionary product is its price, reported to be under S4000. Similar systems for other platforms start at $ I (),() )() and can easily reach six figures. Even allowing for the addition of some necessary extra hardware, this new system will end lip costing mam thousands less than a traditional edit suite. I he prototype shown at NAB spoiled a very intuitive interface designed to have even a novice editing in no time. In addition, the Video Flyer claims D-2 quality (a high-end broadcast-quality digital videotape format). If the Video Flyer’s impact is anything like that of its illustrious cousin, ii will only further convince large equipment manufacturers that there is a huge market for affordable high-quality video-production equipment. Gear! Gear! On the VTR front, two major players Sony and Pana- soi i ic i ti trodticecI high - quality entrv-level lines. Sotiv showed its new UYW line of affordable Betai atn SP decks. Panasonic, however, introduced a new line of Mil decks, the W series, which are priced in the same range as the I Vws ($ 10.01)0) hut offer iuoi e lea111res including atilot racking and quality comparable to that of much more expensive units. Panasonic also released an auto- tracking S-VI IS deck, which enables the user to van' the play-back speed of the video from a still frame to double rates, plus double speed backwards, all with perfect picture quality. Another revolutionary new S-VI IS product on display was Panasonic’s Supercam, the first camcorder in its class to oiler digital signal processing. In addition to providing features (bund previously only on much more expensive units, this 3CCD camera can also deliver good pictures in extremely low-light situations. Centaur demonstrated its I on g-i twa i ted O pal Vision complete video suite. It features a very nice 3-D DVE (digital video effects) module. Plus programmable keyframes and better (but still not perfect) image compression than the Toaster. The DVE lets you rotate live video images in real time on all axes, much like a professional DVE such as the Ampex A1X) >1 the Abekas A-f> I. A nice touch to the DVE module is a 3-D interface, which allows you to change the n angle of view and visualize the series of keyframes you assign to an effect in 3-D space. The whole package, including the main board, OpalPaint. A five-channel audio mixer, and the Montage 24 character generator, runs $ 2(500. Attending a show such as NAB is like looking into the future: Today’s expensive, leadiug-edgc products will eventually find their way into more affordable desktop systems tomorrow. As computers become more powerful, they will continue to replace costly traditional equipment. And that will benefit all of us. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president oj Digital Reality, an Amiga- based broadcast-video and 3-D animation company in Seattle. Write to him c a Amiga Wo rid. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458. K=202 800-554-9980 Since 1982 mputAbility Consumer Electronics MODEMS HARD DRIVES ¦ N PRINTERS ¦
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- 800 PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4.0 Automatic Genie functions automate most routine page layout and DTP tasks. Page Genies automatically create custom page layouts Function Genies provide new ease of use and user customization of program. New features include: undo button, Irregular text wrap, enhanced color separation and under color removal algorithms, auto-tlllng for output of larger pages. PROFESSIONAL DRAW 3.0 An object-oriented color graphic design and Illustration tool, now has dynamic hot link to Pro Page 3.0, and more than 30 automatic function and tool Genies for fast, effortless creation of professlonal-quality artwork. Over 275 Arexx commands allow user to edit or create Genies. Text and color handling, enhanced color separation, auto- tiling, undo, redo, includes 145-piece clip art |nw iJ Wk ! - mA Ml collection and utility allowing structured drawing ly US clips to be converted to IFF bitmaps. .r ti The leaders in AMIGA Productivity Software opus $ 19 Realize your full productivity with Directory OPUS! OPUS allows you to easily manipulate data files; display images; play sounds, ANIMS, BANIMS, and MODS; and launch programs from its powerful, yet easy to use interface. A "must-have" for hard drive owners. Use OPUS once, and you'll never want to be without it! (It’s the best-selling software utility on the Amiga!I CanDo! The CanDo software authoring package allows you to take advantage of the Amiga's powerful architecture, regardless of your technical abilities. You can program anything from a simple presentation to the most advanced professional application program in record time, in short, CanDo takes the guesswork and drudgery out of programming and lets the creative genius in you run wild. CanDo's scope and performance makes it a must for training, simulation and other applications. A and
* 1B3 both for a price ?;ir NEW FEATURES:
• 3-D planet rendering experience 3-D planetary motion!
• View images in 256 colors IB Pit ACA)
• 8,000 sample stars from the HuObie Guide Star Catalog (16 million stars! More Hubble data available seperately.
• intuitive too! Pallette
• Greater selection of AREXX commands DISTANT SUNS vrewn-. AMIGA Hardware Requirements: AmlgaDos 2.0 or greater, 2MB RAM, and Hard drive mr i-iANiiAWt vi It tulMr It* CALIGARI Up to 8000 x 8000 pixel resolution. Direct support for single frame controllers. 3D Studio and wavefront file compatible. Animatable, Deformations. IFF 24 output, and much more. ‘Edge $ 59 Edge is an easy-to-use, professional-quaiity text editor ideally suited for notes, scripting and any other forms of text manipulation. Features include: unlimited number of files, unlimited number of windows file, infinitely configurable user interface, fast search & replace, full AREXX support with macro recording, arexx controllability, multi-level undo, extensive '‘on-line" help, comprehensive paragraph formatting and MUCH more! The Leading Edge In Amiga Text editors. CALIGARI24 Modeler, Tenderer, and animator employing virtual reality technology. Full object editing functions inciuding point edit, real-time feedback using a virtual reality inter-face, fast rendering of photorealistic Images, AGA, IFF support for textures and output. Mot* GIGAMEM ClgaMem virtual memory system lets your Amiga utilize unused hard drive space as RAM, eliminating the need for additional hardware! With Gigamem you can run memory-hungry programs (such as Art Department, Lightwave, CanDo and PageStream) without running low on memory. Requires an 020 030 040 based Amiga with MMU and OS version 2.1 or higher. PageStream3.0 §22H The Ultimate desktop publishing program! PagesStream3 provides the professional typesetting and graphic tods you need. It has a feature-paced toolbox to create any type of shape, which you can color with PANTONEffi colors and gradient fills, import and export text and graphics In many formats, and see pictures in full color on screen. AGA compatible! Automatic Flash macros automate most page layout tasks and create custom page designs. Create your own macros with recordable Arexxi load Propage documents and edit ProDraw drawings, unlimited undo and Redo extensive online help, autosave, dot leaders. Index generation and more! Package includes BME 2 Image processor, PageUner 7 text processor. 50 fonts ana 100 graphics5 gweSMITH»2.o *12 Create bitmap and outline fonts for all your programs! Convert between PostScript. Compugraphic and Soft-Logik formats Autotrace bitmaps and generate bitmaps from outline fonts. Automate font creation with Arexx. Copy and paste characters between fonts, and add professional hinting ito your fonts. Compute, Amazing. Amiga Format ancl Amiganews all called TypeSmith a must-have program Voted best DTP utility by Amazing s readers. Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 INTERNATIONAL ORDER UNE 412-962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE (4121 962-053$ CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. * 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday MACROSYSTEifl AW fro™ The Only Expansion Device you need for your Amiga 4000 (or Amiga
3000) that provides High-Speed 040 Acceleration, up to 128 MegaBytes of Local 040 Burst Memory and the fastest SCSI-1! Controller Available! Why? Because all of this expansion is on a single board that installs into the CPU slot- Not a Zorro Ilf slot! Ii® features WarpEnglne Cvp 040 40 FastLane 28MHZ, 33MHZ, 40MHZ versions YES NO NO 28MH2 upgradable to 33 and 40MHz YES NO NO Expandable Onboard to i28MegaBytes Ram YES NO YES Built in SCSI-2 Hard Drive Controller YES NO YES Uses industry standard SIMM Modules YES NO NO Uses any Combination of SIMMS YES NO NO Allows use of the Memory from the Amiga YES NO NO RETINA 24Sit Frame Buffer and Workbench Emulation. Analog RGB cut&ut, BGCxSOO Full 24Blt 15.7 million color display. Noninterlaced Full WcrtcOench Emulation with resolution such as 1024x768 or 1230x1024 in 16 co ors or even more* Up to 2400x1200! Paint program comes with Retina. The Retina can still be used to display 243it graphics while emulating workbench. Requires the 2.G or greater operating system r 10 Here is the Low-Cost. 16 Bit Stereo Sampler you have been waiting fori Record samples up to 44.1kHz. cut and pasre between multiple samples. Midi functions, sample sequencer. MORE! Video dlgitiz-sampllng all In one package. Full Color stills, greyscale motion video clips, and video sequence Editor. Also includes stand alone sequence player. US® l32)3® = 5rjil:2]@2'®i? An accessory to videoMaster which allows you to capture full color, full screen still pictures automatically. From any video source. _ Entry level & Mid-level sequencer systems. Play back samples atthe same time as 16 channels of MIDI. 32 tracks. Sequencer One Plus Includes easy to use Diamond Drag editing. § Fast. Assembly language programming environment for all Amigas. Intergrated, multi-window Editor, Debugger, and FAST Assembling. TOCCATA The Toccatta is a full 16BH audio digitizer with 3 stereo inputs, digitize at up to 48 hz in i6Bit and 8Bit direct to harddisk. Playback from HardDisk up to 15 channels in I68it. 54Tmes Overstamping. 16 sampling rates Freq. Response 10 hz to 20 khz. Stmi Record £ Playback from HardDrr e. RESEARCH j!0SSS]iL@§®03Z]G0 Megalosoundls an amazingly low cost, full featured. B Bit Stereo sound sampler. But that's not all! It also features Direct-to Disk Recording of samples, up to 56kHz sample rate. ¦nuitanecus
* 479 M ULTlLAYgfi-ADPrtO Requires Art Deoartment Professional or MorphPlus S Arexx AmigaDos 2.04 cr higher. Multilayer for ADPro i$ a comocs.tmg iayenrg interface for video professionals £ artists using ASDGs ADPro prcgram as a compositing engine improves ADPro's impressive array of compositing functions. Control up to 1M Layers. W 2mb....«M5 tv Paint... *m W 4MB.... with retina $ 200 internal for the A2000, *94* A 3000, AND 4000. Y C Version $ 459 New External for 500, *18® 600,1200 nm TM SPARKS
• 39 Cmlmrl > mirsi COLOR HAND SCANNER Three scanners in one! Scan color true grayscale and monochrome line art. Perfect for video, TW MONOCHROME ( HAND SCANNER with
* Touch-Up V3. (AGA compatible) fSflifi™
* OCR Jr. Text reader [| gjgp multimedia, desktop publishing and more.
• 4 Scan Modes: 262.144 com; 4056 co:crs 64 true grayscales monochrome text ¦ 50-400 dpi ipased on scan mode selected!
• cwonc-t software • quick accurate seaming;, save IFF HAM-8, and 24 Btt IFF
• Paranet interface witn came . _
• aca ccmwtswe w a I ¦ OCR Jr. Text recognition srw ava ia&:e opdon
• 2 Mooen MS 1200 ! MSS SC*V*£ 1200 dpi max MSJ4CC ¦ i pass scamtig. 2iX «» max
• s 5'x w scanning area
• CotertOt ptc ¦ saves la-w IFF TIFF and more Scan size limited orti Dy ertiacte ruro as* space
• SCSI om ana Terminator
• oprloru: transparency aaacster i srteet feeoer $ 89i MS2400 wrom cji & m 0%
* 225 EXPANSION IOSK MONITORS SYSTEMS Making Technology Affordable Since 1986 MULTI-SCAN 15-40 KHZ 1024X768 R€S. IDEAL FOR VIDEO! 17"-*979 DATAFLYE m
3. 5" Removable Media I syquest Hard Drive MONTAGE FONTS 1 10 additional fonts with international characters -c AMIGA VIDEO EXPANSION CHASSIS ASTtower Generous expansion chassis sits conveniently next to your Amiga compute' Designed to hoid up to 8 PC style vwJea cards and a to 5 SCSI hard drives. Syquest drr.es, tape backup units and even CdfiOM dnves Unit includes SCSI cornection and internal and external winng includes SCSI lot The Ultimate hard drive features; ultra fast i4Msec access, 100K hours MTBF reliability, 2 year warranty,
3. 5 "X1“ drive unit, all cables etc. shirt pocket 105Mb cartridge, auto diskchange. Perfect for use as daily hard drive and fast file backup, transportating or storing large Toaster or Opalvision files. Soon combo SCSI & AT IDE controller for A1200 and A4000 that A4000 AT Internal w cart A4000 2000 SCSI Internal w cart A4000 2000 SCSI external w cart $ lil 105Mb cartridge $ f@ B IDEAL FOR THE FOLLOWING CARDS:
* internal TBC S • Personal TBCI1I fi IV-father Sync*Personal V*Scop» • A nlrk Editor IDEAL FOR SCSI DEVICES
* SCSI Hard Drives • 3 5‘ or 5 25’ * S,quest Removable MetW
* BemotfS Be* 150 ¦ Tape Back Up Urns * COROM Qrr.es External Kll HardDRIVE case Single Bay open or closed from *99 upright Case for single 5.5HD *109 Dual Bay for 2 half height HD s *109 Four Bay open front (not shown) *259 030 .$ 1695 040 $ 1995 Tower... soon! DATAFLYE A1200 External IDE Case install Your Favorite 3.5" Hard Drive l*77V‘t Includes all cables and conneciions. Rnms 9-9 Weekdays 10-8 Saturday 1-800-258-0533 1 May JET FIGHTER m
* Auto-Fire
* Egronorhicaify contoured Hand crip »Dura Die Nylon Center-Stick
• six Durable Microswitches
• Four stabilizing Suction Cups ' Quality micro- switches for positive response 1 Pistol grip handle providing 8-way direction control »Multiple fast-action fire buttons with autoflre facility ' Powerful stabilizing suction cups GAME ROBOCOP 3 PROJECT X QUEST FOR GLORY OWAK REACH FOR THE SKIE5 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 2 SECOND SAMURAI SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 2 SEEK AND DESTROY SENSIBLE SOCCER SETTLERS SILLY PUTTY SIM ANT SIM EARTH SIMON THE SORCERER SKID MARK5 SLEEPWALKER SOCCER KID SPACE HULK SPACE LEGENDS SPEEDBALL 2 SPORTS TOP 10 STAR DUST STREET FIGHTER 2 SUBVERSION SUPERFROG SYNDICATE Terminator 2 THE PATRICIAN GAME A-TRAIN W CONST. SET A320 AIRBUS ALFRED CHICKEN ALIEN BREED 2 W ZOOL ALIENS 3 ANOTHER WORLD ARABIAN NIGHTS ASHES OF THE EMPIRE THE tEE MOUSESTICK Enhanced mouse replacement with switch joystick emulation Used independently or with other input devices, such as. Mice, joystick, or trackballs S21 S3 8 S27 $ 25 S44 Si 9 521 524 543 533 537 $ 35 540 540 S15 $ 37 524 522 534 533 540 537 541 Ergonomically designee body for supreme comfort. Suitable for right or left hand 8 directiona ¦mcroswltched control Compatible with most computers Including Spectrum +2A5.12 mo warranty
* 49 JET STRIKE 533 JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL $ 19 JURASSIC PARK S33 KINGMAKER S44 KRUSTY'S FUN HOUSE $ 33 LEGEND OF KYRANDIA 543 LEMMINGS $ 29 GAME GLOBAL GLADIATORS GOAL(SOOCERl GUNSHIP 2000 HERO HIRED GUNS W 4 PLAYER ADR HISTORY LINE (1914-1918) ISHAR ISHAR 2 $ 10 $ 15 Aliens 3 Assasin Alfred Speclal Chicken WWF Euro Biastar RamPa96 GetOrtkr ISS7! No additional charge for FedEx* For what others charge for UPS Ground we deliver in 2 days or less SHIPPING - NORMALLY W UPS GROUND OR 2 DAY SHIPPING BY FfdEx SO TO $ 99 _ 7% Minimum S5 S99 TO S199 .....5% Minimum S7 S200 TO S499 .... 4% Minimum $ 10 $ 500 TO S799 .... 5% Minimum $ 20 $ 800 ___ 2.5% Minimum $ 24 Amiga Format • Amiga Computing • Amiga User Amiga Shopper • Amiga Action»Amiga Power SUBSCRIPTIONS ACCEPTED Don't miss the lates news in Amiga computing and Gaming 1 magazine - 5125 year $ 70 6 mo. EACH ADDITIONAL MAGAZINE SiOS year. $ 65 6 months Subscription Prices include Mailing in the U.S. NEW HORIZON CENTRAL COAST QulCKWRfTE S29 00 PRO WRITE $ 5600 QUARTERBACK TOOLS $ 49 00 QUARTERBACK TOOLS DELUXE $ 69 00 QUATERBACK6Q $ 56 00 OXXI SOFTWARE SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL IV $ 185 00 SUPERBASE PERSONAL IV $ 94 00 SUNRIZE AUDIO PRODUCTS AD51& STUDIO 16 $ 1299 00 ADI012 STUDIO 16 $ 539 00 STUDIO 16 SMPTE OUTPUT $ 135 00 TOASTER HANDLER 5135.00 SYQUEST REMOVABLE HARD DRIVES B8MB INTERNAL W CABLES CART $ 499 00 B3MB CARTRIDGE 5109 00 TRI-MEDIA DRAWING TABLETS DRAWING SLATE 6X9 $ 399.00 DRAWING BOARD III 12X12 CORDED $ 479.00 DRAWING BOARD III 12X12 CORDLESS S599.00 DRAWING BOARD III 18XIB CORDED 5699 00 DRAWING BOARD III 10X18 CORDLESS $ 99900 SWITCHSTICK Stick control I with full-sized, foam-padded, pistol grip handle, and adjustable handle tension. Turbo-flre Isa new feature on each of the three buttons, providing even faster response t, a greater degree of control. INTRUDER
• Operating mode selctor
• 2 Positive-respcnsefire buttons
• Pop -up Fire button cover_
• 14 2 player selector «6-foot cables « 9 pin connectors
• Stabilizing suction cups «6 U.S. military insignia stickers 1490 N. Hermitage Rd.. Hermitage, PA 16148 FAX: 1-412-962-0279 FedEx Overnight aaa $ 6 to above PR. Hi.AKadc S10 to above apo. Fpo s Canada are smooeo oy Mail add 58 to above FREE! V MY amiga mug with each magazine subscription
* fcroroers under iends. In me continental us. All orders fuity insured. Monitors computers printers arc other heavy items may incur aod t onai charges. Call for shipping quote. From j). 19. The hardware, about half the size of an audio cassette, accepts line-level input through RCA-type plugs and offers an external volume control. Command Performance To create a sample with Megalosound, click on the Sampler button, select the oscilloscope to set your levels, and then record. Options include starting the samples when a certain volume level is attained and defining how much RAM is used for a sample. There's a Continuous Mode that uses the available memory and then loops back to the beginning of the record buffer to continue recording. This is helpful if you’re uncertain of a sample’s length or when it starts. A mouse click ceases sampling in this mode, and the software then pastes the pieces together into one sample. The accompanying ltask program lets you hear the incoming signal without freezing the screen. Most of the command and display tools you’d expect are here. You can define a range, zoom in and out. Set repeat markers, cut, copy and paste, transpose the sample up and clown an octave, and make the sample louder or softer. The lile requester is especially complete. Not only can you load and save files, but also you can perform many Megalosound and AniigaDOS functions directly from the panel. In a variety of ways, you can merge a previously saved file with the sample currently in memory. Without returning to the Workbench, you can delete and rename files, create directories, format disks, or open a shell. Sight and Sounds Megalosound lets you print the sample and any accompanying information. You can print in black and white or color, with outlined, filled, or dotted graphs. Prints can include the display, the entire waveform, the range, or just the area between the repeats. The graph can be stamped with date and time and printed with or without grid, axis, or repeat markers. With your printer port hooked up to the Megalosound sampler, you’ll need a card that adds an additional parallel port, or a serial printer. The package provides 24 different effects = applied, however, only to ranges) with which to process your sample. The usual reverb, echo and flanging are present, as well as Metallic. Portamento shifts the pitch of a range up or down in discrete steps, while Pipe makes samples sound as if they were recorded through a long tube. Although Megalosound does a good job of making and editing eight-bit samples, 1 have, as always, a wish list. While the undo feature is nice, it merely reloads the last saved sample. More useful would be canceling an operation in process or undoing the last action. .Also, a parallel- port pass-through is needed if you plan to use the printer option simultaneously. Virtual screen support would make it possible to see all three of the menu panels at once. As it is now, shuffling these panels is a nuisance, for you cannot resize them or move them from the bottom third of the screen. Also, keyboard equivalents for the most frequently used commands would be an improvement, the Flange effect could use a rate control, and the Chorus effect did not work properly and should be fixed. On the whole, you have a great deal of control over how Megalosound works and looks. The sound quality is first-rate, options abound for recording and manipulating samples, and the manual is quite good with well-written tutorials. While this isn't a ground-breaking sampler package, you really can't go far wrong with it at the price. Rick Matiasa FastLane Z3 Advanced Systems & Software, $ 599. Amiga 3000, 4000.
3. 0 and higher compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Moderate to difficult, depending on configuration. Minimum system: 1MB, A3000 or A4000 (Zorro-III bus). Recommended system: A4000, hard disk. DKB 4091 DKB, $ 395. Amiga 4000.
3. 0 and higher compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Moderate. Minimum system: I MB, A4000. Recommended system: A4000, hard disk. Zorro 111 hard*disk controllers. Dvancecl Systems & Software’s Fast- lane Z3 and DKIVs 4091 are Zorro- III, SCSI-2 Fast hard-disk controllers designed for the A4000. For those who may not know, SCSI-2 is a bus design identical to the older SCSI-1 (found in controllers like the Commodore A2091) but using an expanded command set. SCSI-2 Fast is SCSI-2 with a synchronous bus mode that allows transfers up to a theoretical maximum rate of 10MB per second. All SCSI-1 devices should work with SCSI-2 Fast controllers, but only in the slower, asynchronous mode. Physically, both the 4091 and Z3 are surface- mount designs. O Meet the Players The 4091 uses a standard SCSI-2 liigh- density 50-pin connector and offers sufficient space to accommodate a hard drive. It includes HDToolBox and Installer script software, a short SCSI cable, a SCSI-2 active terminator, and a cable for the A4000’s external hard-disk LED. By contrast, for external devices the Z3 uses a 50-pin Centronics-style, or “printer." Connector that makes the board difficult to install. The Z3 uses older passive termination, which works fine for asynchronous-mode transfers or for short cables. With longer cables and synchronous-mode transfers, the more sophisticated active termination is necessarv. Technically inclined J J users could remove the terminating resistors on die Z3 and add active terminators to both ends of the SCSI bus. The Z3 has ils own partitioning and software, and the manual explains that you must experiment with the configuration to optimize performance. The disk also includes RAM-cache software that dramatically increases performance. Caution: Test Area I tested both controllers with a 1.7 gigabyte Seagate Barracuda ST11950N and a DEC DSPS 107LS (just under 1GB). Unfortunately, the Barracuda won't lit on lop of the A4000’s IDE drive or on the 4091. The Barracuda offers 7200 RPM speed and a seek time of 8 ms. With 1MB of cache RAM, most reads and writes occur at the speed of RAM. The DEC drive spins at 5400 RPM, has a 9.5 ms access lime, and offers 512K of cache RAM. MKSoft’s freely distributable DiskSpeed 4.2 is commonly used to measure SCSI-1 hard drive controller performance. Its default tests are not adequate to compare the true performance of the SCSI-2 Fast drives and controllers. A statistical weighing of tests, including those with and without CPU-usage monitoring and including larger (1MB) reads and writes, would produce more accurate results. Nonetheless, with CPU-usage moni- toring on, DiskSpeed reported that the don’t need the potential for lOMB sec performance, you’ll save money sticking with a standard SCSI-1 controller. A Note on Busted Busters Because of a Zorro III DMA bug, you need a Buster revision I (-11) or later chip to use the 4091. If you have an early Amiga 4000, it’s probably equipped with a surface-mounted Buster -09, which means you have no choice except to swap the old motherboard for a newer one. The Z3 works 32 142 110 1bm c0 ; s’. Pt than Super Multi I O board with Harddrive and Floppy cables with the purchase of a 486SLC2 bridgeboard upgrade When you toggle the main hot-key in goto the Amiga side: Close PCWinduw Hot-key Amouse Sw itch your video ill your using the hardware) Return lu the saved screen and highlight u S100 S 20 2 to 3, IDE Back Pack The Back Pack is an enclosure specially designed for the A 1200 or bridgeboard user, w ho needs some more room for a drive. It holds I SCSI or IDE
3. 5"xl" device, and has an internal 2l> watt power supply. 2 to 3. IDE plugs into the mini IDE connector in your A1200. It then provides you with an external standard IDE connector, for easy expansion of
3. 5" IDE harddrivcs. It does not interfere with your internal harddrive. 2 to 3. IDE Board S50 The Back Pack All priHlucts are available from EMC. V»r your local EMC dealer. Elite Microcomputers . 138 Turner Street Volce: 908-541-4214 Port Reading, NJ 07064 Fax: 908-541-6348 Z3 Barracuda combination performed 256K reads at about 4.9MB sec, while the 4091 recorded about 4.5MB sec. The Z3 performed consistently faster than the 4091 with the Barracuda, but the difference was less pronounced with slower drives. I noticed no subjective performance difference between the SCSI-2 controllers in real-world usage. Investigative Reporting If you want to add more RAM, the Z3 lets you add up to 256MB. While you can't add RAM to the 4091, DKB sells its DKB-3128 Zorro III RAM card, which accommodates four standard 72-pin SIMMs in 1x32, 2x32 or 4x32 sizes. The 4091 does a good job of handling removable media and nondisk devices, and Z3 should also work with them, but be sure to check with the vendor about your particular device before purchasing either controller. Zorro III DMA and high-speed drives compound existing serial-port problems in the A4000. In performing 14.4K downloads to drives attached to each controller, I noticed increased errors. The Z3 manual suggests that if you experience serial problems, avoid using drives connected to the Z3 during serial-port activity; so for those who use MIDI devices, be forewarned. I had problems with the manuals for both controllers. The 4091 manual uses a thin, condensed font, has poor reproduction, and is fraught with grammatical eiTors. It also omits some figures, including several of the jumper-setting diagrams. The Z3 manual is much better detailed, but is burdened with inferior photos and occasionally with poor German-English translation. Both manuals gloss over issues regarding Buster chips and CPU cards. On the plus side, both manufacturers offer good tech support. Recommendations Enforcer and Mungwall, Commodore's software-based troubleshooters, did not report any “hits” with either controller. Both controllers performed flawlessly, with the Z3 having the edge in speed, RAM expansion, and caching software. The 4091 has space to mount a drive, uses better connectors and active termination, and costs less. If you can all'ord a SCSI-2 Fast drive and controller, you can’t really go wrong with either card. If you crave every last bit of speed and like to spend time optimizing settings, the Z3 is it. If you're well-stocked with RAM, and favor plug-and-play convenience, you might prefer the 4091. However, if you already own SCSI-1 devices, and EMC 486SLC2 50MHz BridgeBoard EMC is now offering it*s popular 486 bridgeboard upgrade in 50MHz!! Just like our old 33MHz upgrade, our 486SLC2 50MHz upgrade utilizes the Commodore A23S6SX bridgeboard. And offers plug and play operation with A2386SX systems. We are offering complete 486 boards, or you can send in your A2386SX or EMC 486SLC 33MHz and have it upgraded to 50MHz. Turn around time is 1 week. Complete 486SLC2 50MHz board w 3mb $ 850 w 8 mb S 1125 Upgrade A2386SX to 486SLC2 50MHz $ 550 Upgrade 486SLC 33MHz to 486SLC: 50MHz S 250 Super Multi I O The EMC Super Multi Input Output board is the perfect one slot solution for any bridgeboard. It is 100 compatible with the A2386SX and EMC 486 Bridgcboards. And comes with the following: IDE Harddrive controller Floppy drive controller 2 Serial Ports I Parallel Port I Game Port Ultra VGA card with I mb - Max Res 1024x768x256 Anyone with a bridgeboard and VGA has to deal with the tedious task of switching the video output each time they go to the IBM side. And every bridgeboard owner has to deal with opening up PC Window, highlight it so the keyboard works, hot key amouse, etc. etc. Now with the Swift Switch you can experience truly transparent bridgeboard operation!! Switch Switch i a hardware software combo. The hardware is only used if you are using VGA; it replaces your mechanical switch box. The software is usable by everyone with a bridgchoard. And will do the following: with the older 09-revision motherboard and Buster chip, but you'll find it operates about 20% slower. According to a Commodore representative, the US company's policy on motherboard upgrades is simple: they’re free to customers who purchase a Commodore or DKB 4091 while their A4000 is still under warranty. As always, 4 your best bet is to check with your dealer for replacement motherboards for A4000s out of warranty. ¦ j Dale L. Larson W hen you Higgle ilie main hot key to goto the IBM side: Save (he current screen, and window .Switch your video (if your using the hardware) Open PC Window snd highlight it Mus e the Amiga mouse pointer off the screen and hot-key Amouse Run Flipper. LPT I:, or LPT.X: at boot Provide hot-key s to run PCRESET and PCPREFS Swift Switch Hardware. Software, and Video Cables Software only Swift Switch $ 175 $ 125 Select Solutions Home Office Final Writer Release 2 ......St 19.99 Games (Continued) FI Racinq (VROOM 2) ..... .827.99 Home Front v2.5 . ...32.99 Lords of Power 4-Pack
34. 99 PHASAR v4.1 - Home Finances . NEW!. ...47.99 Chaos Engine AGA .. .....33.99 Fine! Cnnv II AlUTimn S.pllpr( 59 99 Dennis the Menace
29. 99 Pro Calc 2 AGA ..... Snrparishppt 119 99 Cyberpunk ..... . . 29.99 The Office 3 AGA - 5 Applications In 1 ... Reduced S20!. ...7999 The Settlers .... .....38.99 Turncan 3 ..... .....27.99 Utilities & Programming Raroh Far.tnrv NFM
834. 99 Kincmaker Cool Spct.... .....34.99
29. 99 Edge Pro Tex! Editor from INOVAtrcnics .... ..64.99 Genesla .... 27.99 ENLAN DFS v2 0 Ethernet Software 249 99 Street Fighter 2 21 99 AMAX 4 (Color Macintosh Emulator) ..... .329.99 Nigel Mansell Grand Prix .. .....19.99 PC Task v2.Q - Color VGA SVGA Emulator. ...29.99 TV Sports Boxing . . . 15.99 CrossDOS vS.Ow Cross PC ...... ...34.99 Excellent 4-Pack ... .38.99 Studio Printer Software bv MacroSvstemUS 69 99 SAS C v6 5 Development System w C+>-...
249. 99 Paint & Animate Transition ...... ...39.99 Caligan 24 .....Best Seller!.
8129. 99 DpuPac 3 Assembler .. 76 99 Real 2D v2 0
399. 99 Distant Suns v5 0 All Npw Version!. ...57.99 Disnev's Animation Studio .. .....31.99 Deluxe Paint IV v4.1 ...117.99 Deluxe Paint IV AGA v4.5 . ...119.99 Hard Drive Backup & Utilities Directory Opus v4.1 ..... Quarterback v6.0 , .. Quarterback Tools Deluxe . S419: 99 299; 99 .829.99 ,,..19.99 ,..39.99 ....54.99
45. 99 ...49.99 .87.99 ... 19.99 ... 16 99
8169. 99 ..299.99 ..189.99 ,.119.99 .569.99 ,.3 9.99 Digital Audio Designs WAVETOOLS 16-Bit High-Resolution Audio System lor Amiga 99 SCALL ,149.99 ...CALL .719.99 .529.99 ...92.99 ...69.99 .439.99 .379.99 ...74.99 Crouton Tools 4000 Video Toaster production control & enhancement Features video production logging, unique utility operations, real-1 me control of all your Toaster related orograms and more! S99." S57.99 .,.69.99 ...74.99 AmiBack v2.0 AmiBack Tods ..... AmiBsck'AmiBack Tools Bundle......Bundle Saves S29.99!. 4 .99
41. 99
59. 99 Games Innocent Until Caught ... S38.99 Legacy of Sorasil... . .34 99 Lotus Turbo III ... ..1999 Power Monger w WWI Data Disk .... ..19.99 The Naughty Ones ...... ..29.99 Mr. Nut2 . ..28.99 Beneath the Steel Sky ... .15 Disks!. ..38.99 King's Table .. .33 99 Pinball Fantasies AGA ,31 99 Liberation ..29.99 Wing Commander ..... ..26.99 Mortal Kombat ..... ..27.99 D Generation ..26.99 Second Samurai . ..34.99 Arctic Baron.... ....Reduced S7.00!. ..27.99 Amy's Fun 2-3 Adventure ..... ?4 99 Lemmings II .. 34 00 Hired Guns .... C3rrnaian 2 . .,.. . ,,, ... Reduced$ 5.00!. 34 99 .36.99 Strikes & Spares . ..34.99 Stardust 34 99 Three Stooges,'Kino of Chicago bundle.. ..17.99 Aliens 3 . 99 99 Sodv Blows 2 .....
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• Ha:ci a:py too-o&rs sr.ccca wnr n t-« ccrrftna U S on.- n The F| bame rreserve By Peter Olafson, ,~1W Games Editor The Settlers ©1.3 ?*
2. 0 ?*
3. 0 Hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Genesia IF POPULOUS WAS about in- fluence. Its successor “God siius" have been progressively more about control. The intricacies ul liiile-computer-people life that were assumed, made abstract, or just ignored in the earlier games have been given progressively greater rein. The two most recent exponents of this school are The Settlers (Blue Byte, about $ 35), which will control your life for as long as you play it, and Genesia (Microids, distributed by Mindsccipe UK. About $ 35), a more expansive game hinged to a weaker game system . . . And to some PAL-related technical foibles. O Genesia's worth a look, but you will love The Settlers, which is . . . Well, like life (medieval life, anyway). You find an area with a nice mix of minerals in the surrounding mountains, forest, and lock outcroppings close by. You put down a castle and the basic buildings necessaiy to expand your domain and connect The latter up to the former with roads. And it's off to the races as an ever-greater horde of tiny men dressed in cyan (your national color) and carrying supplies emerges to do your bidding. Construction workers with shovels smooth the land around the foundations, and, when the right supplies turn up at the site (hauled there on the shoulders of said little men), start erecting the wooden skeletons. Fanners plant seed, harvest wheat, and drop bundles off for carting to die mill. (Its reduced to grain, which is in turn carted oil to the pig farms for use as animal food or lo the baker for use in bread.) I he woodcutter cuts down a tree, chops it up where it has fallen (leaving branches behind), and carts off the log to the sawmill, where we see it being sliced up into lumber, which in turn is carted off to various building sites around the kingdom. And 1 haven’t even mentioned the four different types of mines or the frontier-extending guard huts or the other players another person or up to three computer opponents who are up to the same tricks at the same time. In a fully involved game, there are hundreds upon hundreds of little men on the move, each (if you’re doing your job) with his own agenda. This must be what the Lemmings do on their days off. It’s all helped along immenselv by a pure mouse interface, real-time structure, and wealth of wateh-me details: thick columns of smoke pouring from industrial establishments, wind rustling the trees, little faces appearing at work within buildings, products piling up outside businesses and at crossroads (not to mention the horrendous trallicjams they create), the maturing buildings under construction (and the maturing shadows as well), and free-flowing (until you start building roads in earnest and discover its underlying hex-based nature) environment. ©1.3 ?*
2. 0 i *
3. 0 Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. The compulsive player-program relationship that the game encourages does eventually turn up a few Haws. The 1 15-page manual is thorough, and even makes pleasant light reading, but is strangely obtuse on certain points (possiblv issues of translation from the German) and badly needs an index. Combat is unduly simple: usually a series of sct-piece, one-on-one sword fights with residents of the targeted guard house or castle, rather than open-field battles. It’s as though you were lighting just for permission to cross a bridge rather than practicing scorched-earth tactics. The four types of knights are defined purely by level of strength rather than equipment. For all the meticulous attention that's gone into the economy and terrain, it’s odd the designers didn’t include research and development, trade, diplomacy, and seasonal weather. Once you’ve soused out the economic interdependencies and the enemy personality profiles none of which are all that deep the game doesn’t hold many surprises. And long about my third mission, 1 began running into occasional slowdowns, then pauses, and finally regular, reboot- requiring lockups. The first two appeared simply the result of the game biting off a bit more animation and sound than it Continued on j). 76. A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time, v You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. The Hot Spot To Shop! Lowest Prices Guaranteed! AMIGA Hardware AMIGA INPUT DEVICES AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE DATAFLYER XDS 100MB D11291 $ 249.99 DATAFLYER XDS 130MB D11301 $ 279.99 DATAFLYER XDS 200MB D11315 $ 309.99 DATAFLYER XDS 340MB D11329 $ 429.99 =GVP A500 UPGRADES AMIGA OPTICAL MOUSE D13590 $ 39.99 MEGA MOUSE D13651 S16.99 AMIGA MOUSE D14513 $ 19.99 400DPI HAND SCANNER C12368 $ 149.99 EPSON ES600 SCANNER C15480 S799.0O ADDPROESPSONES DRIVER C15368 S119.99 (Required for the ES600 Scanner) IBM JOYSTICK INTERFACE C15532 S13.99 IBM BUS MOUSE INTERFACE C15586 $ 13.99 MIGRAPH OCR Software C13626 $ 259.99
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5749. 99 VIDEO TOASTER 4000 D10728 VIDI AMIGA 12 C11625 VIDI AMIGA 12 RT D10034 VIDI AMIGA 24 RT 014942 AC ADAPTER 90441 (Required for Vidi Amiga 12RT & 24RT) Y CPLUS HI 5837 A2000 UPGRADES G-FORCE 040 33MHz 68040 Accelerators A2000 040-33 33 4 170 D10631 $ 1249.00 G-FORCE RAM, 1MB 60ns C10076 S89.95 G-FORCE RAM. 4MB 60ns C100B9 S229.99 EGS-28 24 Graphics w 1 MB D11984 $ 429.99 EGS-28 24 Graphics W 2MBD11995 S499.99 TBCPIus with SMPTE D12109 $ 899.00 TBCPIus without SMPTE D12112 $ 799.00 I O EXTENDER C15476 $ 114.99 BIGFOOT 2000 Power Supply D10068 S129.99 A2000 Memory Enhancement 1MByte x 8 x 60 SIMMs 93693 CALL SUPRATUR80 28 for A2000 D10054 S149.99 PRINTERS Canon CANON BJ-200E BJ-600C STAR NX-1001 FLOPPY DRIVE H21402 H11757 90895 C12275 H15448 H15453
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3. 5'EXTERNAL Floppy Drive 89275 $ 84.99 A500 INTERNAL Floppy Drive D13700 S59.99 A2000 INTERNAL Floppy Drive D13714 S59.99 A3000 INTERNAL Floppy Drive D13722 S59.99 EXT. For All AMIGAS D13730 NX-1040 Rainbow NX-2450 Rainbow NX-2480 Rainbow DATAFLYER 4000SX D11105 S99.99 DATAFLYER 4000SX-25 D11118 $ 104.99 DAYAFLYER DF4-DB25 CABLE KITD11120 S9.99 HARD DRIVES _ We carry a complete selection of SCSI and IDE Hard Drives fromQuantum and other fine manufacturers. Call for latest models and prices! IDE Drives 5C61 Drives Description Mbyte W H Access TENEX TENEX TENEX TENEX Time Pari Price Pari H Price
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5239. 99
5144. 99
5111. 99
5133. 99 DARKSEED C13787 S39.99 DESERTSTRIKE C13304 S31.99 DUNE II 010758 $ 36.99 Dungeon Masler Chaos Strikes C12772 $ 29.99 ENTERTAINMENT 3-PAK C15630 $ 44.99 Includes. Space Age. Dragon's Lair. Wrath of the Demon FIRST SAMURAI D10116 S24.99 GUNSHIP 2000 D10541 S39.99 HEIMDALL C12387 S19.99 HIRED GUNS D10238 S34.99 INDY JONES FATE ATLANTIS C15492 $ 39.99 ISHARPRO D10534 S39.99 JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL 98939 S31.95 LAST NINJA 3 IMPORT! 95390 S22.95 LEMMINGS 92226 S27.95 LEMMINGS II THE TRIBES C15332 S34.99 MANIAC MANSION D10978 S19.99 MANSELL’S WLD. CHAMP. C15029 S36.99 MANSELL S AGA VERSION C14118 S36.99 MONOPOLY 84552 $ 29.95 OXYD (Disk) 012056 $ 4.99 OXYD (Cluebook) D12179 $ 39.99 POPULOUS II 96271 $ 38.95 POWERMONGER 90767 S31.95 RAILROAD TYCOON C10806 $ 34.85 SIMEARTH C11857 $ 29.99 SLEEPWALKER D10146 $ 46.99 SPACE LEGENDS (3 Games) D11503 $ 39.99 THIRD REICH C10795 $ 29.95 TROLLS D10965 $ 32.99 VIKINGS C10700 S29.99 WARLORDS C13908 $ 34.99 WORLD CIRCUIT 98058 S33.95 ZOOL (For A1200 and A4000) C15118 S36.99 O Utilizes AGA Q PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4.0 98154 S109.99 O PROFESSIONAL DRAW 3.0 C12064 $ 109.99 Page4.0 Draw 3.0 bumdle C12072 $ 179.00 O ART DEPT. PROFESSIONAL 92135 $ 147.99 Conversion Kit 92149 $ 52.95 O BRILLIANCE C14B83 $ 139.99 BUSINESS CARD MAKER 96039 $ 39.95 COLORMAGIC CD-ROM ichpn> D10360 $ 34.99 COMIC SETTER 81815 $ 19.99 IMAGEMASTER D10186 $ 134.99 IMAGINE 2.0 90166 $ 174.99 MOVIE SETTER 81824 $ 19.99 PAGESTREAM C14B70 $ 139.99 PERSONAL PAINT 011162 $ 72.99 PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL C14870 $ 139.99 O VISTA PRO 3.0 94118 $ 54.99 AMIGA MUSIC & SOUND PRESENTATION SOFTWARE OCTAMED PRO 5 D12349 S49.99 AMAS V. 2.0 Includes MIDI Interface 86334 S89.99 THE COPYIST 90700 S219.99 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO 8- D10446 $ 99.99 DELUXE MUSIC II C15437 S79.99 MIDI INTERFACE C10669 S34.99 O SCALA MM210 D10980 S299.99 BROADCAST TITLER 2 895B5 $ 189.99 BROADCAST T1TLER Hi-Res D10292 $ 239.99 THE ANIMATION STUDIO 90126 S42.99 ESSENCE C14904 S49.99 o AMIGA UTILITIES ENTERTAINMENT (S33 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE AMY’S FUN-2-3 C11581 $ 29.99 BRIDGE 6.0 96218 S24.99 DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER 83134 S14.95 DISCOVERY D10167 S24.99 MERLIN S MATH D11809 $ 26.99 SPELLING FAIR D11815 $ 26.99 PAINT & CREATE D11794 $ 26.99 PHUNNYPHONEMES C12668 $ 19.99 SCRABBLE 84567 S17.95 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? 85229 S29.99 WHERE IN EUROPE? 89179 S29.99 WHERE IN TIME? 91005 $ 29.99 WHERE IN THE USA? 86677 S29.99 AIR SUPPORT BEAST III BILL’S TOMATOGAME BLACK CRYPT BLADE OF DESTINY BLASTAR BODY BLOWS CASTLES CASTLES II CIVILIZATION C11042 C12351 C14057 96263 D11900 D11338 010122 94877 C13243 Cl 1092 $ 29.99
533. 99 $ 32.99 S31.95
548. 99 $ 49.95 $ 39.99 $ 34.95 $ 34.99 $ 39.99 AMI-BACK v2.0 94057 $ 44.95 AMOS PRO COMPILER D10269 $ 39.99 AMOS PROFESSIONAL D10279 $ 74.99 AsimCDFSiCORCUMer.gr*) D12257 $ 4999 DIRECTORY OPUS C14894 559,99 HYPERCACHE PRO C15525 $ 34 99 QUARTERBACK C10964 $ 4199 QUARTERBACK Tools Deluxe D10360 $ 64 99 SAS C COMPILER C12252 $ 234.99 O AMIGA is a reacted radema* d Commodore Amiga. Inc . NCTE D je lo pu&teh-v; lead-li-es product pnces ard specificatwns are sut ect to crurge without notce Ret-ned software can onty &e replaced mrth tne denscai cer- *APO. FRO. Ak hi. CS Vi. GU. And tore-gn crders are sutject to addftonal snapping cfarges We gladly accept mail orders! Prices & specifications subject to change. Order Toll-Free Nationwide I Shipping. Handling. Insurance I Order Amount Charge Less than S19.99 $ 5.00 S20.00-S39.99 $ 6.50 $ 40 00-S74.99 $ 7.50 $ 75 00-S99.99 S8.50 $ 100 00-S149.99 $ 10 50 $ 150 00-5299.99 $ 11 75 [ S300 & Over 3 5% ol Order | Computer Express 56800 Magnetic Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46545
(219) 259-7040 FAX (219)259-0300 HDW-rKUMri-1 (1-800-776-6781) Monday Friday 8am 8pm • Saturday 9am 2pm (EST) Circle 22 on Reader Service card. VISA Software GAMES GALORE!!!! Apocalypse .32.99 Award Winners 2 ...36.99 Beneath a Steel Sky ......39.99 Blue & The Gray 37.99 Brutal Sports Football ....32.00 Bubba *N Stix .....25.99 Burning Rubber .31.99 Cannon Fodder 34.99 Civilization ....45.99 Dennis the Menace 31.99 Disposable Hero 31.99 Dune II .36.00 F117A .38.99 Fighter Duel Pro II .38.99 Genesia 34.99 Global Domination .36.99 Innocent Until Caught ...38.99 Jet Strike ....31.99 Jurassic Park .....32.99 King's Table 34.99 Legacy of Sorasil ...32.99 Lotus Trilogy .....31.99 Manchester United 33.99 Mortal Kombat ...26.99 Naughty Ones ....30.99 Pinball Fantasies 32.99 Puggsy 33.99 Second Samurai 34.99 N=wT=k INCORPORATED Seek & Destroy ..... 25.99 Settlers ...... 38.99 Sim City Deluxe .... 42.99 Simon the Sorcerer..... 39.99 Skid Marks 32.99 Stardust ..... ...24.99 Syndicate ... 38.99 Team 17 Bundle ... 33.99 Terminator 2 .. 32.99 Tornado ..... 36.99 Zool 2 .. 32.99 AmigaIZOO to Order Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FR1. 9-6, SAT. 9-5CST CUSTOMER SERVICE 414-548-8125 - FAX 414-548-8130 Alien Breed 2 AGA .35.99 Body Blows Galactic AGA ....36,99 Chaos Engine AGA .35.00 Civilization AGA .39.99 Isharll AGA 32.99 Jurassic Park AGA .34.99 Liberation AGA ..34.99 Naughty Ones AGA 30.99 CD ROM DRIVES & TITLES Chinon 535 CD ROM Drive Int . . 39900 Chinon535CD ROM DmeExt .-...499.00 NEC 3x Bars Drive „479.00 NECCD38Ext .28900 NEC 3x InL . 525.00 NEC 3x64 .... 615.00 NEC 4x Ext .99900 NEC 3xp Portable .....„..479.00 Texei 3028 Int 315.00 Texel5028 Ext ... 425.00 Toshiha3401B1nt 399.00 3D ROM (3D Models) ...185.00 CD Caddy 2-Pack .....15.99 CDX-CD Install 52.99 ASIM CD ROM FS 2.0 ....52.99 krmm ....21.99 Audio 1 ...20.00 C Prog Source Code 22.00 Clipart Warehouse ......20.00 Cookbook Heaven., .. 14.00 By'sian Arcfrr e 18.99 Fantazsa Fonts 32.00 Fractal Frenzy ..21.00 Fred fish Reg 1.7.... .....37.99 GIFs Galore __18.99 Graphics 1 __20.00 Mega Medial .24.00 Project Gutenberg ___27.00 Super Fonts _18.00 Texture City CD _120.00 Texture Heaven CD __55.99 Uujmate MOD Collection 22.99 BOOKS & Magazines Amiga 1200 Next Slep 24.00 Amiga 1200 Insider's Guide ..26.00 Amiga Assembler Insider's Guide.29.00 Amiga Disks and Drives .26.00 NEW! Mastering AMOS ...29.00 Mastering Amiga Arexx .27.00 Mastering Amiga Beginners ..24.00 Mastering Amiga C 27.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Ref. 28 00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Tutorial ,28.00 Mastering Amiga Systems 36.00 Mastering Toaster 4000 ..32.99 Overkill AGA ......26.99 Pinball Fantasies AGA ...36.00 Ryder Cup Golf AGA .....32.00 Second Samurai AGA ...34.99 Simon the Sorcerer AGA.....45.99 Star Trek 25th AGA 38.99 Total Carnage AGA 34.99 Trolls AGA ..31.99 Zool AGA .....38.99 Zool 2 AGA .31.99 jjmnnmMm*
U. TIL1TJES Software 600 Amiga Clip Art 29.00 600 Amiga Fonts ...29.99 Address It! .30.00 Adorage 2.0 AGA .149.00 Aladdin 4D 299.00 AmiBack 2.0 ......47.99 AmiBack Plus Tools .....75.00 AMOS Pro ..55.00 AMOS Pro Compiler .....39.00 ANIM Workshop 2.0 .....95.00
B. E.S.T. Accounting .....129.00 Batch Factory ....35.99 C: Commodore® AMIGA Now in Stock! CD32 The WORLD'S FIRST 32-bit graphics game console;
* amazing video and sound;
* Photo-CD compatibility;
* includes Microcosm and Chaos Engine 399.00 Alien Breed Qwak PAL ..30.00 Bubba ‘N Stix PAL .33.00 Castles II .....34.00 Chaps Engine .....34.00 D Generation ......34.00 Deep Core PAL ..34.00 Diggers . 34.00 Disposable Hero 33.00 Fire Force * .34.00 Football CD32 ..39.00 Groliefs Encyclopedia .149.00 Insight: Technology ......45.00 Labyrinth of Time ..36.00 Liberation .34.00 O ASIM CD ROM FS . ....52,99 © CD 32 ... .399.00 © Frontier: Eite II ...35.99 G AmiNet CD 2 94 ... ...21.99 © Ultimate MOD Collection..., ...22.99 © Final Copy II ..59.99 © NEC CD ROM Drive ... .28900 © Video Toaster 3.1 Software .495.00 © Art Department Pro 2.5.... .139.00 © Dsk Expander ...
35. 99 Brilliance ...129.00 C Net 3.0 ..120.00 Caligari24 .129.00 Caligari Broadcast 3.0 299.00 Can Do 2.5 120.00 Charts & Graphs 3.0 .....59.00 ClariSSa 2.0 .....129.00 Craft (for AMOS) ...32.99 Micro R. & D. Fontasia 300 Outline fonts for use with WB Disk box included 59.00 MIDI Cable ......10.00 MIDI Interface 40.00 Modem, 14.4 FAX including GPFAX .....259.00 Mouse. Swifty 3-Button 29.00 Power Supply 2000 ... 149.00 Power Supply 500 ...89.00 Slingshot Pro 500 .....36.99 Transition .45.00 X-Calibur 33MHz 1299.00 X-Calibur Memory Brc ..739.00 Lotus Trilogy .....34.00 Microcosm PAL .52.00 Pinball Fantasies PAL 34.00 Pirates Gold 34.00 Summer Olympix ...25.00 Super Putty PAL ...... 25.00 Total Carnage ......34.00 Trivial Pursuit PAL .34.00 Trolls ...34.00 Zool .34.00 AMIGA 4000 040 COMMODORE'S FASTEST AGA machine:
• ‘040 accelerator,
• 120MB harddrive Also available! Amiga 400QM
• Amiga 4000 040 with 10MB RAM, 340MB harddrive:
• Emplant board lor MAC emulation; MAC Roms and system 7.0 software. MAC wordprocessor and Amiga programs; offers the performance of a MAC Quadra 900' The affordable Amiga 1200 Call for pricing on all CPUs.
35. 00
39. 99 Sportster 14.4 Ext 159.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext FAX 169.00 Courier V.32Terbo Ext FAX..389.00 AD 516 ....1199 00 AMAX IV Color! ...369.00 MAC ROMs .159.00 Agnus Chip Puller ..10.00 AirLink 3,0 ..95.00 Boing! Mouse ....75,00 DCTV .285.00 Drive, Iomega Int .505.00 Drive, Iomega Ext 580.00 Drive, Syquest 105 Bare... 395.00 Drive. Syquest 105 Ext 515.00 Drive. Syquest 5200S 200MB.Call Drive, Syquest 3270 270MB ...Call FastLane Fast SCSI-2 499.00 Floppy Drive, High Density Ext..160.00 Floppy Drive. High Density lnt....155.00 Game Port Adaptor 19.99 Harddrive Chassis 5.25'......89.00 Harddrive Chassis 2-Bay....145.00 Harddrive, Seagate 3655A .675.00 l-Card Ethernet 289.00 Joystick Adaptor, Analog 13.99 ALFA DA TA Introducing Tandem! It features a CD-ROM controller for Mitsumi CD-ROM drives PLUS an IDE controller lor an IDE harddrive or Syquest ...99.99 With Mitsumi FX001-D CD-ROM Drive (2x) 299.00 AlfaDrive 3 5* Floppy 75.99 AlfaScan Plus 800 DPI Scanner Includes Touch-Up 189.00 AlfaColor Hand Scanner ...299.00 CD12000 Mitsumi CD ROM controller for the 1200 Call Oktagon 2008 SCSI-II RAM Expansion Card ....139.00 MultiFaceCard III I O Card. 99.00 Mouse - Mega Mouse 400 DPI ....25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 22.00 Terms: Pos accepted from schools and government agencies'Personal checks require 7 days to clear'Defective products replaced promptly. RMA number required (call 414-549-8125) for all merchandise returns. Returns not accepted after 15 days. Returned products must be in original packaging, postage prepaid. Opened software not returnable. Shipping charges not refundable. Non-defechve returns subject lo’ 15% restocking lee'Not responsible for lypos. 221 OS SOI 2210A IDE 41105 SCSI 221QAV SCSI-2 2217AV SCSI-2 2117S SCSI 2117A IDE 1935 SCSI-2 1991 SCSI-2 Crouton Tools 4000 ......88.99 Deluxe Music II ..85.00 Deluxe Paint IV AGA ...119.00 Devpac 3 ....79.99 Digital Sound Track ......60.99 Directory Opus 4.1 .59.99 Disk Expander ...35.99 Distant Suns 5.0 65.00 Dynamic Motion Module ...125,00 Edge (text editor) ...59.99 EnlanDFS Network 2.0......205.00 Final Copy Ii ......59.99 Final Writer II ...109.00 GFX Cad 3000 ..499.00 GP FAX 59.00 Hanna-Barbera Anim Workshop...54.99 Helm ....99.00 ImageMaster RT 79.99 Imagine 3 0 .....379.00 EXPANSION Introducing the DataFlyer 105AT Syquest, a complete solution' This package includes the drive, one 105MB cartridge, all cables, bracket and manual. Installs internally. Only 5399.00!! Also available: Complete DataFlyer 105 Syquest SCSI system lor the A2000, 3000, and 4000. System W 0 SCSI controller .459.00 System W SCSI controller.525.00 Mgmph ColorBurst Color Scanner.449.00 ColorBurst vz OCR Jr ..479.00 Scanner, B W 400 DPI .209.00 Scanner, B W w OCR Jr 239.00 Scanning Tray w Merge .89.00 Migraph OCR Software.145.00 Migraph OCR Software Jr..95.00 MS 1200 Color Flatbed ....Call MS 2400 Color Flatbed ....Call 170MB ELS SCSI 17ms 35'x1'.. .199.00 170MB ELS QE 17ms
3. 5'xr.. 205 00 270MB LPS SCSI 13ms 35x1' Call 270MB LPS IDE 13ms
3. 5"xT Call 340MB LPS SCSI- ¦2 14ms 35‘xl" . .325.00 340MB LPS IDE 14ms
3. 5'xl"... .299.00 540MB LPS SCSI- 2 12ms
3. 5'xT...
510. 00 540MB LPS IDE 12ms
3. 5"*r
510. 00 Introducing the Quantum Empire with 5
- year warranty! Enp:?1C&)S SCSI- 3 9.5ms
3. 5'xr „ . 799.00 1GIG 11ms 1GIG 11ms 1GIG 35ms 1GIG 11ms
1. 7GIG 11ms
1. 7GIG 11ms
1. 7GIG 11ms 3GIG
12. 6ms 9GIG 12ms Hhk4‘ ... 829.00 Hhit-T . 32900 mr.. Hhx4' . .1039 00 Hhx4' 142900 Hhx4 1159.00 Hhx4‘ 11590} Fhx5 25" 20990} Fho 25 50490] Quantum MICROPOLIS Magic Lantern ...56.99 Magic Mirror .....69.99 Mailing List Manager .....47,99 Math Vision .....145.00 MediaPoint ......299.99 MultiFrame 70.00 On The Ball (Calendar) ..32.00 PageStream 3.0 ...220.00 Pegger .70.00 Pelican Press .....58.99 PlaqueGrounds ..64.99 Pro Conversion Pack ....55.00 Professional Calc 2.0 ..120.00 Professional Page 4,0 .120.00 Profills 2.0 Vol 3 ...33.99 proWrite 3.3 ......59.99 QuarterBack 6.0 ..59.99 QuarterBack Toots Deluxe ...73.99 Real 3D 2.0 ......379.00 SAS C Development ...249.00 Scala MultiMedia 300 .399.00 Scenery Animator 4.0 ...59.99 Sparks .87.99 Studio Print 63.99 Super DJC I! ......33.99 SuperBase Professional 4..185.00 Super Jam 1.1 ..88.99 Swipes 79.99 TV'Text Pro 2.0 ...129.00 Tape Worm FS ...81.00 Time Tracker .....48.99 Toaster F X ......120.00 Toaster Handler ...149.00 Toaster-NET ....269.00 Toaster Toolkit 4000 ...115.00 Trexx Pro .145.00 TypeSmith 2.0 .120.00 Vista Pro 3.0 ......59.99 Wave Maker .....120.00 WaveWriter .75.00 A4008-HC8+0 0 ,...155.00 68030 Accelerators Call 68040 Accelerators A2000 33MHZ 33 4MB 1099.00 w hard drive configurations Call 68040 Accelerator A40001529.00 A1230-40 00 4 ......515.00 A1230-50 00 4 ......715.00 Memory' Upgrade 4MB.225.00 DSS8+ Sound Digitizer,..90.00 G-Lock Genlock 389.00 Image F X 1.5 215.00 I O Extender Board 119.00 Phone Pak 2,0 289.00 TBC+ ....799.00 1x32 4-Meg Module ..Call 1202 Board OK ..145.00 4-Player Game Adaptor 9.00 4091 SCSI-2 Controller 299.00 Accelerator, Twelve Guage.499.00 W 68882 ....645.00 Accelerator, Warp Engine 4Q40..1449.00 HfoRDWAlPi Invoice It!.... Link It! .. Joystick. Ergo Joystick, SpeedKing Kitchen Sync . Megalosound
20. 00 ....19.00
1295. 00 ....49.00 Monitor, IDEK 17" ... ..979,00 Monitor. Electrohome 1962 ..499.00 Monitor, CBM 1942 . Call Monitor. CBM 1084S...... Call Mouse Game Pad .... ....19.99 MultiStart II .. ... 26.00 OpalVision w free Montage 24 .. ..395.00 Personal Anim Recorder.
1599. 00 Personal Component Adapt ....399.00 Personal Editor . ..545.00 Personal V Scope .... . 729.00 Picasso II ...... . 459.00 Printer. Primera ..759.00 Smart Port Plus ....56.00 SuperGen SX..
685. 00 Sync Strainer ....45.00 TBCIV ... ..845.00 Tape Drive, Connor Archive 250 ..359.00 Trackball, AMTrac .... ....69.99 VID112 RT .... ,.419.00 VIDI 24 RT .... ..625.00 Video Slot Box .. .915,00 WaveLink ...... ....79.00 Dial up our BBS, which features 16 lines, thousands of Amiga PD files, conferencing, extensive messages, and on-line games. Ask about BBS memberships! Supra Modem 2400 75.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 Ext 189.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 LC Ext 155.00
V. FC 28.8 Ext .....295.00 G A M E PRES E R V E •Vow p. 72. Amid chew, bin the last appeared linked to the corrupting influence of segments of enemy roadway that post-combat border readjustments left intact in friendly territory. Fortunately, I had lots of saved games and was able to finish Lite mission, but I lost many hours of play backtracking to find one that pre-da ted that particular border shift, and the bug ultimately wound uj) dictating whom I attacked and where. However, I’ve heard of other people playing far more extensive games, with around 300 guard Inns, and encountering no problems at all, so perhaps I was just unlucky in my choice of starting locations. The Settlers is a wonderful game that will make you late for just about anything you could mention (except breakfast). Hey. Productivity is way overrated, anyway. Almost forgot Genesia. And that's quite a trick, because Genesia has all the elements I was complaining about being missing from Hie Settlers and others to boot like the ability to u J put up houses and a fantasy adventure-like sub-plot that involves hunting down lost jewels. However, Genesia also lias this terrible character flaw: It's dead boring. It takes a very long time lo build the buildings needed to get vour kingdom underway, and by the time they were ready, I usually wasn't in the mood. The turn-based structure and tile-based landscape, while attractive (love the surf effect), gave me the feeling 1 was playing an elaborate but rigid board game. I did like the power monger-1 ike ability to tell who lives in each house and to be able go inside certain buildings: the workshop to deal with inventions, the barracks for government, the temple for morale and fertility-, and the tavern for advice on where to find the jewels. However, for the most part, this is ornamental, and might have been dealt with just as easily in menus on the main game screen. V O Beyond that, ii was a good while before 1 was able to just play Genesia, and that's only because I was lucky enough to have several Amigas and monitors to lest it on. Some element always kept tripping me up. On the A500, the mouse cursor couldn’t reach the top item on the construction menu. On the 3000, the cursor was invisible. (It worked fine only on the
1200. ) And while it runs from hard disk, you still have to boot your machine with a floppy. How medieval. 1 9 CD32 ? Other Amigas - Microcosm YOU COULD SAY it's a 3-1) shoot-’em-up with pretty pictures and blow-out-the-win- dows music and sound. You could ask where t he gaineplay is hiding. And von could argue that Microcosm (Psygiiosis, §59.95) simply repeats the mistake of countless CD-ROM games that rely on effects at the expense of interaction. Blil on one thing there should be no dispute: This flagship CD32 release from the flagship Amiga game publisher is like nothing you have seen on this machine or its brother Amigas. If it does nothing else, it will capture your attention. And if it doesn’t capture your attention . . . Well, it may he time to change your medication. Microcosm, mistakes ancl all, has a ? CALL 800-967-1073 EXT. 2 J & C Repair For Pricing prinjrtm Tech Support ORDERS only please 9 South Street Rockton Pn 15856 * a,u 1-H14-583-38J8 ext 4 A MIC A 4000 030 120 MB $ 1699.00 040 NO HI) $ 1995.00 040 120 Mli $ 2199.00 040 SQ 105AT MB $ 2499.00 040 420 MB $ 2499.00 040 840 MB $ 2899.00 A4000 Tower Call ? AMIGA 1200 ? INCLUDING 120 MB $ 699.00 240 MB $ 799,00 420 MB $ 899.00 105SQ $ 899.00 GVP G-FORCE 040-33 $ 1099,00 cvr AmftSvnta II v 4M1) 40 MUZ S 499.00 50 MHZ 5 699.00 SCSI opl 5 99.00 4008SCSI 149.00 4098 SCSI II Cull A4000 G-KUKCK Call GLOCK $ 369.00 TitC PLUS S799.0O KGS SPECTRUM $ 524.00 PUONEP A K $ 299.00 IV 24 4 000 Genlock Call Image F. Call I O Extender Call Call Fur Pricing On unyihing jiiu Don't See listed AllL'iiLLLiojitjs MBXI200 MBX 1230 Call For Prices 12 A’CLOCK $ 29.00
795. 95 $ NEW &ELK TROMOMi: MONITORS 14"499.00 20 " 1499.00 VlacTfiSvsteml S Retina l MB $ 299.00 2MB S 399.00 4MB $ 499.00 TV Paint Add S 220.00 Vlab Y C $ 499.00 Tuccatta $ 499.00 MuliiFrame ADPro $ 99.00 Multi Layer ADPRO $ 149.00 Sparks $ 139.00 ? DPS PERSONAL SERIES ? TBC III $ 699.00 TBC IV $ 839.00 V-SCOPE $ 725.00 PERSONAL ANIMATION CONTROLLER W 1.6 GU DRIVE $ 2899.00 COMPONENT ADAPTER $ 449.00 We will Do our Best to Beat any price Published In tins months Issue of Amiga World ? IOMEGA BERNOULLI k I HI* BOX 150 INTERNAL $ 495.00 EXTERNAL $ 595.00 INCLUDES ONE CARTRIDGE KITCHEN SYNC51299.00 SUPER GEN 1000 5549.00 SUPER GEN 2000 S1195.IX) IB alliance $ 125.00
* ULTIMATE Hr k ULTIMATE II* TOASTER 4000 TOASTER 4000 420MB HD 840MB 1ID 18 MB RAM 18 MU RAM FOR A4000 A1200 INTERNAL 5394.00 EXTERNAL 499.00 $ 5394.00 All Systems Include Amiga 4tXX) (HO 25 and Video TuaSk'i 4CXX) Version 3.1 Plus when you purchase your system with a KiVtttliSyncTDCai $ 1295.00 We will Give vu A CHOICE OF A FREE 10S4S UR 14 ~ Fi l-fTKOIF '¦'! '.iONilDH NS 199 00.h Hie Miubushi 1391 Muluscau Mom tot Fn only $ 399.00 We al J & C Repair would like In take liic time to thank all of our customers with out whom ilie List 10 years would not have been possible . In appreciation of your support wc will continue to offer ilie best priced service and suppoiu Warp Speed For Your A3000 A4000 with the Warp Engine From MacroSystem Development Amiga Repair Services " AH Models $ 35.00 Hr+Parts Get Off of any Warp Engine when Purchased will) The Amiga 4000-040 or any Video Toaster Workstation, 28 MHZ. -4000 warp KtikIiiv us** CT’lJ Included with yoiir A4OO0. AU Warp Engines Include Tail SI’S! II lYocMiw, A4000 Warp MmIH Include* 4 drum Mi'kvll A 30041 Warp Model bwlmkl 2 SI mm Sutkvli. T'all KI4 5KJ 5838 En -I lYir dviuili. AMIGA PARTS A 5(li I it ii Drive $ 45.00 8372 AGNUS CHIP $ 37.50 8373 .SUPER DENISE $ 28.95 8520 CIA CHIP S 9.95 GARY 5719 $ 13.95 PAULA OR DENISE $ 18.95
1. 3 ROM $ 19.95
2. 04 ROM $ 29.95 MOTHER BOARDSWAPOIJ IS A 500 A2000 A3000 16 MHZ A3000 25 MHZ S 79.95 S 224.95 S 245.95 S 298.00 REPLACE YOUR OLD MOTHERBOARD WITH OUR COMPLETELY REFURBISHED UMTS RliPI-ACEMENT HOARDS COME with same revision and chips. Old) BOARD MUST HL IN REIVURAllLE LYJNDITION. Exuj Prices ate subject to change without notice. I'A residents add 6% state sales lax. All New Commodore |noducls are covered by Coinrnodote US warranty . Shipping charges ate extra. 15 9t restocking fee on all returns not cxcliangcd. Di.«|;ci fi* Uokxn locket* aril mjj.
* ENHANCED TOASTE R4000 10 MB RAM 120MB HP $ 5694,00 $ 4394.00 A4000 Warp Engine 28 MHZ $ 995.00 Vvurp Engine 33 MUZ $ 1399.00 Warp Engine 40 MUZ $ 1499.00 WARNING ! Due to advertising deadlines some prices listed in our add may lie lower than listed . Also due to limited space we carry many more products than listed here. To insure you gel (he best prices on any product we carry ivt recommend you follow these three simple steps.
1. Make a detailed list ol wliat you want to utder.
2. Check our x>ui|vtUion‘s prices as listed in llus montlis AW
3. Call the Amiga Price Buster Hotline al 1 800 9t»7 1073 ext 33 Our trained staff of prices bus sets will do tlieir best to beat any legit in cite price you can find. A3000 Warp Engine 28 MHZ $ 1299.00 Warp Engine 33 MHZ $ 1399.00 Warp Engine 41) MIIZ $ 1499.00 Warp Engine Super System A4000 Including Warp Engine 40 MHZ 34 MB ram I GB SCSI-H Drive KLKCTUOIIOME 14 " Monilor $ 5995.00 Cl) 32 Mpcp card Titles Movies Call For Prices and availability Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 F« Orders 800-93-AMIGA Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern
• 800 Software Titles... IN STOCK - Call for FREE Software List * Call for Pricing and Availability
* Full line of Hardware, Accessories & Peripherals.. IN STOCK • Call if you don't see what vou want Video Products Amiga 500 Specials DCTV $ 289,00 OPS Personal Animation Controller Call OpalVision (Comes w Free Montage) 429.00 Personal TBC 4
829. 00 Picasso 2Mb 52900 Retina 4Mb 52900 RocGen Plus Genlock
249. 00 SuperGen SX
699. 00 Toaster 31 Upgrade
549. 00 Toaster Toolbox 4000
339. 00 Vidi 12 AGA
125. 00 Vidi Amiga 12 RT
259. 95 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 379,95 Vlab
399. 00 Vlab Y C
459. 00 Vlab External
479. 00 HD Floppies DKB Power Computing
1. 76Mb Capacity -1 YearW'ty Easier than Commodore's model Requires OS 2.1 or higher Internal - S 159.00 External - $ 169.00 Commodore Models Call lo Oe placed on waiting list. Amiga 2000s We have acquired a small batch _ of refurbished A200QS. Complete w Mouse, Keyboard, 2.05 OS & a 90 day Warranty. Supplies are limiled. ~$ 389.00 AlfaData IDE Board w 270Mb HD Holds Qmb RAM ($ 48 Mb) $ 329.00 . AlfaData Oklagon SCSI... Call [AMIGA
7. .; . 1Mb Agnus B372A $ 37.95 ( ) Super Denise 8373 20 95 £1 CIA 8520 Chip
8. 50 X Gary 5719 Chip
13. 95 (J Paula or Denise chip
18. 95
1. 3 ROM chip
21. 95
2. 04 ROM chip w Wire
32. 95 yi 2.05 ROM - no wire
34. 95 ( j Super Busier Rev 11
54. 95 X Super DMAC Rev 4 54 95 (J W. D, SCSI Chrp Rev 8
35. 00 Ramsey Rev 7
49. 95 _J Power Supplies A Expansion Boards A2000 300W Power Supply $ 159.00 A-M2X 4, Color Mac Emulator 395.00 128K Mac ROMs for A-MAX 199.00 OKB Mtpichlp w Zmb Agnus 195.00 DKB 3128 RAM Exp A3000 4000 319 00 DKB 4091 Z3 SCSI-2 Card 359 00 Emplanl Deluxe Emulator 379.00 FastUne 23 SCSI-2 RAM A3 4G00 549.00 Multilace III 1 0 Extender 85 00 Sunriza 10 Bit Audio Dlgltizgr 1259.00 Supra Turbo 28 A500 or A2C00 159.00 Toccata 16 479 95 X-Calibur for A4000 - 2BMz 679 00 Accessories A Modems Golden image Amiga Mouse $ 29.95 Supra 2400 External Modem 69.00 Supra Fax Modem 14.4 225.00 Supra Fax Modem 28.8 369.95 Swiff 3 Button Mouse 24.00 GP Fax Software Specify Class 1 or 2 59.95 NEC CD-ROM Single Double Blowout software Hut proudly presents Amiga Users an opportunity to enter the CD- ROM universe at an unbelievably low price. Now you can have access lo thousands ot CD-ROM based Fish Disks, programs, clip art. Fonts, photos, pics, and more. Compatible with all popular Amiga SCSI controllers.
• NEC COR-25 Mini, tor Media Vision
• Ext w Power Supply, Headphone Jack ¦ Cabling for external 25 pin SCSI port
• Supports Single Session Photo CO
• Unispeed BSOMs Acc,.7Mb s Transfer $ 124.95
• NEC COR-210 Inlemil CD-ROM ¦ Doubtespeed 3BOMs Access
• 1.5Mb s Transler Rale ¦ SCSI or SCSI 2 Connectability
• MultiSeuion Photo, Headphone Jack $ 214.95 External model w catUng $ 319.95 CO-ROM Drivers ASIMCDFS 2.0 w Fish 1-910 $ 55.00 XetecCDFS 2.0 w Fish 1-950 55.00 Toaster Bundles NEW LOW PRICING!
• A4000 040 25MZ
• 18Mb RAM & 345Mb HD
• Installation Pretesting included
• Video Toaster 4000 v3.1 $ 4999.00 Toaster bundles starting as low as S3995. Call for custom configurations. Hard Drives IDE & SCSI
3. 5' SCSI Hard Drives Quantum 340Mb HD $ 365.00 Quantum 1.08Gig Empire LPS 859.00 Maxtor SCSI Hard Orrves Call Bernoulli Drives Call SyQuest 88 44 5110C HD 339.00 SyQuest 88Mb Cartridge 105.00 SyQuest 105Mb HD 375.00 SyQuest 105Mb Cartridge 79.95 NEW SyQuest 270Mb Removable 529.00 NEW SyQuest 270Mb Cartridge 129 95 Dual Bay External Case 109.00 Single Bay External Case 95.00
3. 5'IDE Herd Drives D aiaFfyer SyQuest 105 HD 339.00 Maxtor 345Mb HD 339.00 Seagate 260Mb 3290A HD 269.00 MicropoliS 221QA 1 Gig 849.00 Micropolrs 2217A 1.7Gig 1195.00
2. 5' IDE Herd Drives Conner 40Mb HD 149.00 Conner 84Mb HD 225.00 Seagate 128Mb HD 2B9.00 it you do not see the drive you are looking for p ease call tor availability. Amiga 1200 A120D Call A1200 w 40 Mb HD $ 559.00 A1200 w 85 Mb HD 645.00 A12DD w 128 Mb HD 725.00 A1200 w 210 Mb HD 849.00 Please add $ 20.00 lor Hard Drive installation i formatting. CSA 12 Gauge 50Mz w SCSI $ 589.00 MBX1200Z& M1230XA Boards Call DKB 1202 881 20Mz w Clock 159.95 DKB - Other Conligs w Memory Call RAM-1.4. 8Mb lor above Call DKB-The Clock lor A1200 25.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb 139.95 PCMCIA Card 600 12004Mb 229.00 IDE Cable $ Software - 600 1200 20.00 15-23 Pm Converter 17.95 Super Graphics Bundle G-Foice Q40 33Mz 4Mb $ 1049.00 G-Foice 030 40Mz 4Mb RAM 729.00 G-Force A4000 D40 40 40 4Mb 1595.00 GVP SIMM 32 4Mb 60Ns 225.00 GVP SIMM 32 16Mb 60NS 1069.00 Spectrum 28 24 EGS 2Mb 499.00 G-lOCk 399.00 GVP DSS8+Sound Digitizer 89.95 Phone Pakv2 299.00 I O Extender 109.00 1230 SCSI Ser2 40Mz 4Mb 499.00 1230 SCSI Ser2 50Mz 4Mb 599.00 FPU SOMz lor 1230 Accelerator 115.00 GVP 4008 SCSI Controller 149.00 Monitor Specials 1Q84S - Color stereo model w Amlga cable - $ 259.00 A1942 - Multiscan ,28mm DP Stereo Speakers - Call Edek 17“ Monitor LP orSP $ 989,00 1962 Multiscan - $ 499.00 v y Or. T's Music Bundle Includes KCS V3 & Copyist Apprentlcn Originally sold lor $ 469.00 Special Price $ 69.95 Pyramid Midi Interface Includes in, 2 Out, 2 Midi through ports $ 46.95 CBM Parts & Peripherals A60Q 12OG Int. Ho p pyurive$ 69 95 A60Q 1200 Keyboard (Specify) 29.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard 59 95 A4000 Keyboard 67.95 A20Q0 Complete Case NEW 59.95 A2000 int. Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Int. Floppy Drive 69.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 A3000 Power Supply 109.00 A4000 Power Supply 89.00 CBM Amiga Modaf Mouse 18.00 V J Refurbished by Commodore
• Like-new condition
• 90 Day Warranty
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• Same specs as GVP HC8 A50Q Alfa Power w 40Mb HO $ 249.00 Alfa Power w 130Mb HD $ 289.00 Alla Power w 270Mb HD $ 359.00 Additional RAM at $ 43. Per Mb Add $ 10.00 for configurating & formatting We have made a SPECIAL PURCHASE of: TV Text Professional 1.0 A Deluxe Paint 3x3.21 Great for the low-end video producer for tilling, drawing, & animation. Originally sold for $ 299.00 Commodore Closeouts We have acquired a number of NEW producls, which Commodore li closing oul. Hurry at tuppliet are limited. A520 Video Adaptor $ 19.95 A2060ArcNet Board 69.95 A2088 BridgeBoard ¦ board only 20.00 A2320 Deinterlacer Board 129.95 A2620 020 Accelerator w 2Mb 199 00 and Rev7 Eproms AmigaVision v1.7 24.95 Appetizer Software Bundle 7.00 Tetris 7.00 Unix Upgrade Kit 2.1 (2 user) 99.00 Where in the World is Carmen 7.00 WB2 Upgrades DOS 2.1 Kit w RUM $ 77.95 2,1 Enhancer - no ROM 44,95 A2620 A2630 Eprom Kit 35.00 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 A2091 Rev 7 Eprom Kit 32.00 AS217 Enhancer Docs for A1200 23.95 A1000 Parts A10OO Internal Floppy Drive $ 5995 A1000 Keyboard
49. 95 A1000 Case w Shielding
29. 95 A1000 Molherboard
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24. 95 A1000 Power Supply
39. 95 A1050 256K RAM Expansion
35. 00 Last Chance on some of the above parts Get a spare while supplies last. I unit for $ 125.00 2 or more for $ 115.00 each A500 Peripherals Big Foot 200W Power Supply $ 86,95 Commodore A5Q0 Power Supply 37.95 A500 Case complete w shielding 23.00 A50G Internal Replacement Drive 49.95 A50Q Keyboard 29.95 A501 512K RAM 34.95 A520 Video Adaptor 19.95 A570 C0*R0M w soltware 229.00 Alfa Ram 8Mb 2Mb Populated 149.00 Now Only $ 44.95 Amiga CD-32 Now in STOCK. CALL! CO-32 Software titles In stock! Amiga 4000 040 & 030 MODELS ARE IN STOCK CALL!!! RAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips. CPUs and FPUs. Please call (or price. Our Policies No wailing for your orttrS 10 ship. Urders in by 2PM go oul the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post. UPS or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS.
• All orders are subject to credit card verification • L3U Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa. Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD. Accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is
56. 00 for small items. $ 15.00 for Monitors. Call for larger items. COD add $ 5,00. Canadian, APO. & International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges & insurance at time ol order. 15% re-slocking fee on all returns not exchanged lor another item. Shipping charges are NOT refundable. 0 CjpyFgri'i J947lcchWriT• -n Inc. AH Riflftls Reserved room-filling presence that cannot .easily be dismissed. I his fast-moving tunnel-vision blaster finds vou controlling SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Into? Call (305) 491-9519 Hew Additions are in Red Type 1 *"»« «-D Spc.is fioxmp 21.55 1 III; 4-0 Soons Driving 2195 Z5.™ 655 Attack Sub 18 55 ft,1* A* Trim 26.55 Action Stations 19 55 I n P Ada a m's Family 19 55 ( g'fiL, Ainki Korcs ’6 95 1 g1?™ Affred Chicken (regular or AGA) 21.55 1 A ien Breed Special Edition 24 55 1 I A,iens3 13 55 RaJ Ancient Arf of War in In? Skies 29.55 1 52J; 1 Another World 2T 55 gffi 1 Aquaventura (Psyanosis) 13.55 ) nZl, 1 Assassin ScecraJ edition 21.95 BAT II 13.55 Battle Chess 2 21.55 1 2" 1 Battle Hiwtrs 1942 21 95 1 1 Battle Isle 18.55 X*. 1 Battleship 12.55 1 Baff efech 18.55 | 1 Beavers 18.55 Birds of Prey fE e:tromc Arts) 24 55 c , 1 Black Crypt 21.55 I fv Biack sck Academy 16.55 B OD (Core DfSffln) 21 95 Blues Brothers 21 55 1 Brute; Soons EoofCai; 24 55 ? 1 Bubb f SoPP e 16.95 1 5- 1 Budakhan t8 95 1 California Games 2 16 95 Chaos Engine 26 95 1 •; Chaos Strikes Back 18.95 1 ‘ Checkers. Chess. Backgammon 18 95 | ' I Chuck Rock 2 2 1 95 1 Cohort Fighting tor Rome 18.95 Comoat Air Patrol (Psygnosis) 26.95 1 Conan the Cimarron 18.95 1 Conflict in Korea (SSI) 19 95 1 I Conflict in the Mrdeast I SSI} 19 95 1 Cool Croc Twins (with T-shirt) 2195 Covert Action Microprose) 18 95 1 1 Cra:yCars 3 21 95 I Cru se for a Corpse ffl 95 CyD r Empires [SSif >8 95 ' 1 Cycles (AccoJade) to 95 1 Defencer Of The Crown 16.95 I DeLu* ? Productions 19 95 1 Deluxe Strip roke; 2 18 95 Diggers AGA 24.95 Doio Dan 18.95 1 Dooole Bug 18 95 Dune 21 95 Elvira 2 2195 Eye cf the Beholder I (SS ) 19.95 Eye of me Bthoiot' 2 (SSU 24 ?f F-1 Pacing Ivtoom 2) 24 9i F-15 Strike Eagle 2 24 91 F-16 Combat Pilot 16.9: F-16 Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte) 18 9 1 f-19 Sfea tfi fighter (Microprose) 21.5 face Off tee Hockey T6.9 Fairy Tale Adventure 16.i feudal Lords 18.1 I Fighter Bomber 14. 1 fireteam 2200 18 Fool’s Errand 16 full Metal Planet IS G*umi«T 3 18 GEMX 16 1 GtoOa Etlect IE I Grand Pnx Circuit 'Accolade) 11 I Great Napoleonic Barries U Hardball i 1, I Hardball 2 1 Harlequin 1 1 Harpoon 1 Hero (Juesf fGremimf 1 Hillstar (SSI) I Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure I Jnoianaoo.Ts 500 (Electronic Ansi International ice Hockey I lshar2AGA 1 It Came from The Desert 2 1 Jack NicWauS Greatest IS 1 jaguar XJ 220 I James Pond I John Madden football l Keef The Thief I Kmghts of me Sky (Microprose) | Kmg ttmare I Laser Squad Leander (Psygnosis I legend (4 Crystals o! Ttazzar) Legend of Valor I Lemmings 2 Links Golf I Lionhean I Loom (Lucasiiimf Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Lotus Turbo Challenge 3 M l Tank Platoon (Microproset Manhattan Drug Dealers I Mamac Mansion Megatraveler 2 Mercenary 3 I Microorose Golf (Greens; Min 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth I Monty Python I Moonstone I Napoiean 1 (tnterone) I New Zealand Story Nrgetl Mansell Grand Pnx I Nrn a Rem * Obitus fPsygnos s) Oxer un (sSf) Pacific Islands team Yankee 2) I Pacland Palladm 2 Pinza Kick Boxing I Paperboy 2 I Parasol Stars (Ramtow Island 2i Pictionary Pi ares' I Pit Fighter i Police Quest III (Stria* Populous Premised Lands I Power Monger S WW? Premiere Microcosm takes you on a fantastic voyage where you experi ence thrilling sounds, scenes, and music. MULTIPACKS
* -» * o a range ol miniature subs (and. In certain areas, just your pressure suit) on an inexorable voyage through live sections of the human body specifically, the body belonging to the president of Cybertech (the leading corporation on planet Bodor). L he mission of the solemn-faced pilot is, like a good antibiotic, to knock out infection, but also to track down the intruders injected by rival Axiom with the aim of controlling Cybertech’s chief. PQWER PACK includes-T V Sports Foothill. Xenon 2. B1000wycn. Arr-d Lumbard Read Rally ALL FOR $ 29.95 FUTURE CLASSICS Induces: Tank Battle. Dsat Riot, Lost Maze. Disc Man. Ano Blocker Lanch ALL FOR $ 14.95 So oil you go, accompanied by a pouncling score bv Rick W’akeman, with a halo of light illuminating the walls a vciv LJ U j fleshv-looking construct and enemies approaching from ahead and behind. You dodge them and shoot them, steer clear of tunnel blockages, consult the map, and. At junctions, pick from among up to three paths to a way station where you steer smoothly through photo-realistic scenery, fill up on oxygen and power, and zap to other sections of the hotly. If vou don't last long . . . Well, die death scene is quite splendid. What Microcosm achieves here in terms of speed, depth of held, and lighting is nothing less than spectacular, and easily superior to the IBM version, which blacks out the deepest, darkest level ol the view. (In the CD‘12 version, something always seems to be emerging from out of the shadows.) But 1 do think some elements might have been better ban- ii died. For one, 1 wish the designers had taken their cues from a shoot-em-up like, say, Awesome, which always seems to he evolving. Microcosm, with enemies like pieces of some potentially throat-clogging child’s toy (and a pitiful white-flash excuse for explosions)* is rather too much of the same sort of thing. It's like a long-distance drive with trees enclosing the road on both sides: The scenery is all alike how about some nice, cholesterol-clogged arteries to fly through? And however convoluted the tunnels may get, you never seem to have to steer. The way stations might have broken up the monotony, but the view here is only forward, and without full rotation and much of anywhere to go, it’s more like an interactive demo than a genuine sub-game. Call For Pricing! Ailrea me Chicken Castles 2 D-itnerav.on. Deep Coze ! Dangerous Streets rLte 2, I Ja es Pond 2. LaByrintn ol Time, iibe aiicn. N>gei Mansell. Nick Faldo’s Goll. Pirate's Gold. Pinball fantasy. Lotus Trilogy Moron. Mean Arenas. T oils. Sensible Soccer, Brutal Spoits football. T F.x.. Seek ano Destroy. Chaos Engine ana 1 Firetorce, Deienoei or me I Crom 2. DON* Total Carnage Global Etlect. Premier. Ryder I Cud. Alien B eed 2. Fite and ice Gunship 2000. Zcol 2. Microcosm. N n They’ve also overlooked strategic possibilities involving the health for the patient. (If you scrape the walls too hard and too often, would you set oil internal hemorrhaging? If you set off too many “smart bombs” in the brain, does Cybertech’s president turn into Homer Simpson?) And a first-person perspective, from within the craft, would have been much more com- To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. SHIPPING (UPS Gtcunai For op to 3 piects, &> payment Mastercard !. Vim S5 CO • C 0 D (Cash Only) StO OO Next oay a r add S10.2nd day an add S5.3 day air add S3 to bas* rale Shipping times noi Qoaianietd COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES1 Call 3G5-4SVC.393 Nothing is etched in slone Everything is tabled to change Pnce S Availability tubied lo change al any time' No relurflj ar exchanges Oeledive products excnanoed with same item, but suited to Sideline approval CALL flRST' U S orofiucts warianhed through manufacturer
U. K. products warranted through Sideline NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE INFO: (212) 633-2290 FAX: (212)633-7717 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL We Ship Worldwide! J Ml M M-MO FRIDAY M-M MAY mm SAMDAY CIOSID COMPUTERS 650 6TH AVENUE, (COR. 20TH SE) NY, NY 100! J PMDUCW-mMOHTM Coson CS300C "Vour Video Toaster - Commodore Amiga Headquarters" KITCHEN SVNC Two Channel TBC $ 1169.95 GOUTIN 6ftT iiiii I4M.9S Csfl Twelve Gucige! KILLER Power for your m! 68030@ 5umhz Opt ’882@ 50mhz Up to 32MB Ram Built in fast SCSI Networking Soon! N€UI! Tpson CS600C 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 719 95 ES80PC $ 1029.95 Theffiimate Mac Emulatorl $ 339.95 Cdilizcr Tiue AB Roll* Mjti Fomnai Editor Toaster (Mol* CR1BC Control LOUJ€ST!l vfree cables i! Free cables!! A4000 030-25 120 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 10 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & install
* 4595
* 5295 A4000 040-25 640 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 18 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install The best of all available resources!.Further additions are possible. Please call to Discuss; 3D ANIMATOR'S DREAM SYSTEM! $ 524.95 Software Software NewIek INCORPORATED Amtback 2.0 39.95 Amiback Tools 49.95 Brilliance 124.95 Image F X 1.5 224.95 Disney Animation 69.95 Gigamem CALL Aladdin 4D 3.0 CALL Art Expression 139.95 Final Writer II Rel II CALL Hotlinks Editions 74.95 Morphus Call Vistapro 3.0 59.95 Dpaint 4.6 AGA 119.95 Dr. T’s Level II KCS 229.95 Directory Opus 4.0 59.95 Wavemaker 139.95 Deluxe Music 2.0 94.95 Gold Disk Office 79.95 Procalc II 119.95 Distant Suns 5.0 49.95 Anim Workshop !I 89.95 Pixel 3D PRO If 69.95 Final Copy 2.0 69.95 Pagestream 2.2 (3.0) 164.95 Art Dept Pro V2.5 148.95 SAS Lattice C. V6.0 224.95 Caligari 24 234.95 Amax IV CALL Deskjet 550c Driver 39.95 Toaster F X 129.95 Real 3D V2.0 379.95 Pixel 3D Pro 79.95 Imagemaster 118.95 Morph Plus 139.95 Playmatlon 344.95 Interchange Plus 3.0 59.95 Montage 319.95 Trexx Pro 2.0 129.95 Montage 24 264.95 Montage Postcript Call Toaster 4000 able! 18891 A Drives ExcqHbur R4000 Accelerator 65 Ram Expander- 699.95
449. 95
549. 95
299. 95
89. 95
69. 95
89. 95 CALL 799 95
1199. 95
949. 95
1499. 95
319. 95
369. 95 289 95 329 95
799. 95
899. 95
1699. 95
2199. 95
499. 95 CALL Bernouilli 150 Int Drive Bernouilli 150 Ext Drive Syquest 88 Meg Int Drive Bernouilli 88 Meg Carts F Syq Bernouilli 44 Meg Carts F Syq Ext Chassis & Power Supply Micropolis 520 Meg rde Micropolis 1 GIG ide Micropolis 1,7 Gig ide Micropolis 1 GIG AV SCSI Micropolis 1.7 Gig AV Scsi West Dig 340 Meg ide West Dig 420 ide Quantum 240 Meg Scsi Quantum 340 Meg Scsi Quantum 1 GtG Scsi Seagate 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 2.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 3.5 Gig Scsi Seagate ST3655a Pana Mao Opt Drives Ac? Y z 0 " J - IS' ? Seeing is Believing &blt Video & Graphics System IB£“w ferafoir3 2.t Sncfeflbse Due to ad production schedules, our prices may actually be lower than advertised! Opalpaint -The BEST Paint Program OpalAnimMate - Animation Player OnalFresents • for 24-bit Presentations Additjonal modules available soon' Special Offer: Purchase an Opalvision Main Board Between 1, and June 30 and get Montage AGA Absolutely FREEH! That's like getting Opalvision lor $ 99.00!! ¦Hf Mam Board Moni(o Prinlci TOC's & Genlocks Commodore 1942 CALL Commodore 1084s CALL !DEK 5017 sp 949.95 Electrohome 14" CALL IDEK 5021 CALL NEC MS 3FG 4FG Call Canon BJC 600
16. 7 million Color! 579.95! FARGO PRIMERA 679.95 Dye-Sub for FARGO 189.95 V------------------- Personal TBC II! 669.95 Little Magic Box 579,95 DPS Pers Vscope 699.95 Hotronics AP 41 789.95 Hotronics AP 41 SF 1099.95 The Personal SFC 339.95 GVP G-Lock 374,95 Supergen SX 619.95 Pri ImqeStdCon 1449.95 Multimedia Center DIGITAL Willnot be undersold! Call if you need a price beat
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389. 95!!! Authorized Amiga Service Center Bring or moil in your equipment for in Si out of warranty work. Factory COMPLETE TOASTER 4000 WORKSTATIONS ON SALE NOW! §k>oo 040-25 120 Meg HD SYNC STRAINER !!! 54.95 Y C Plus (Toaster) 699.95 Trimedia Drawing Tablets CALL Boca Ext 14.4 Fax Modem 149.95 Wavetools 16 bit sampler CALL Video Slot Box CALL CSA Twelve Guage 33 MHZ 388.95 CSA Derringer A2000 25 MHZ 299.95 Wacom Tablets (all) CALL Fastlane Z3 Scsi ll RAM 489.95 Optical Mouse 34.95 Multiface ill 89.95 One Stop Music Shop 564.95 Mac Roms F Amax It Plus 94.95 AD 516 w Studio 16 1149.95 AD 1012 W Studio 16 CALL Triple Play Plus 164.95 DKB Megachip 2000 194.95 DKB 3128 Ram BD CALL DKB 1202 20 mhz Mem BD ,139.95 A4000 030-25 240 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 18 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install This system has more storage & memory for more involved applications jftfi Sunrize WO Industries AD 516 (DIG AUDIO) $ 1149.95 ? AD 1012 (12 bit) $ cm y AIIAcsiyforADSli $ CALL Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 14 Meg Ram Memory SetUp GREAT. Tristam is o fall service dealer far pres and amateurs alike. Hie cany everything In Video and Editing 24 Bit Display I 3D Professional ¦nhancementa Section i] Authorized Dealer | Macrosystems flmiLink Cl Editor Headquarters CALL CALL Enhancements Merlin 4mb
739. 95 IV-24 24 bit Graphics
1049. 95 Piccolo CALL RGB for DCTV CALL DCTV
274. 95 EGS Spectrum 1 meg
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499. 95 Dealer Essence Vol I, II CALL LightRave 3.1 359.95 Ethernet Solutions CALL Tapeworm 84.95 Parnet with Cable 37.95 Wedding Collection 69.95 Dynamic Motion CALL ADR Tools Pro 119.95 Imagemaster R T 79.95 Humanoid 129.95 The Cathedral 59.95 Sparks CALL The Jurassic Collection 89.95 Multiframe 119.95 Cl P A B Roll Cl Cuts Only Combo 040-33mhz 4 0 1049.95 GVP I O Extender 129.95 A4000-40mhz 040 CALL TBC Plus 774.95 TBC Plus Remote CALL Simm32 1mb 64.95 Simm32 4mb CALL Simm32 16mb CALL A1230 no FPU.0k 399.95 A1230 w FPUAM 544.95 Phone Pak VFX 289.95 DSS8 + Sound Studio 88.95 Image F X 1.5 219.95 A4008 SCSI 149.95 VLAB Int Comp VLAB Int Y C VLAB External Retina 2 MB Retina 4 MB Retina 4 MB w TV PAINT Retina Z-lll Toccata 16 bit Warp Engine 040-4000 Multilayer Adpro Sparks Animation Multiframe Adpro TVPaint 2.0 Pro Studio Printer Driver 379 95
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59. 95 NEWTEK Aulhoriffid Dealer Prime Image Dealer We also carry a full line of Cameras, IBM Computers and related Multimedia, Faxes Darkroom. Video and More Call us to help design your 3D Animation Solution Beginner to Hollywood! Accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 Day Money back guarantee. All Merchandise brand nev( factory fresh, Custom Configurations our specialty. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Extended Warranty Available U.S and Canada._ fee ft COD Circle 71 '>n Service r-ir'1 Software Hut FofcMEasi Business Part 313 Henderson Dr Sharon HU!, PA 1B078 Hours: Mon-FrI 9 to 6 - Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern fnfo 610-586-5701 - FAX 610-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA _Be sure to see our full-page color ad on Page 77_ i Speol ls We have purchased ihe remaininQ inventory of the A570 CD-ROM drive. Supports: all CDTV software; standard ISO 9660; Audio Cds. Headphone Jack lor private listening of Audio Cds with your own headphones. Requires 1 Meg Chip RAM. Instructions are provided for upgrading your computer il you have 8372A 1Mb Agnus but it is not enabled. Or. You can purchase this chip for 537.95 plus 59.00 lor chip extractor. Full 90 Day Warranty. Completely NEW & boxed with all manuals. BDNUS»» First 300 orders will receive 2 free places ol CD-ROM software. O N in O cc ¦ Q O There has never been a better opportunity for A500 owners to access CD-ROM technology and at unbelievable pricing: $ 99.95 Now is the time to purchase that A40Q0 you have been waiting for. Special prices are limited to on-hand inventory. A4000 040 25Mz 6Mb RAM, CBM1 Year Warranty $ 1799.00 The following options include complete installation & testing at no additional charge. Your warranty stays in eflcct. No hidden charges at Software Hut. 250Mb Hard Drive - $ 259.00 345Mb Hard Drive - $ 339.00 540Mb Hard Drive - $ 489.00 Each additional 4Mb Module - $ 169.00 pelling than the third-person one from behind it. Mewed from the exterior, the submersibles seem rather like bumblebees, and buzzing diem around die circular playfield feels trivial. Moreover, ids not die most original concept. Centaur Soil- ware did the niiniaturized-suh routine in the handsome and difficult sideways-scrolling shooter Fantastic Voyage (based on the movie) hack in 1991. .And you don't need the power of a CD32 to play a great 3-D blaster with fast graphics. The runnel sequences of last year's Stardust (from Bloodhouse) run just fine on an unaccelerated A500. But while it’s easy to find individual elements wanting in Mi-
* O crocosni, ids not so easy to take it apart. The triumph here isn't so much the huge movie-like intro or the seamlessly integrated cut-scene video sequences or the hypnotic effect of the tunnels. Ids the peculiar solidity of construction. Microcosm is to shoot- ’em-ups what labyrinth of’Time is to graphics adventures: a consummate package where sound and graphics and game fold smoothly into one another until no one's the wiser. So, sure, if you say it's a 3-D shoot-’em-up with pretty pictures and hlow-out-the-windows sound. I’ll agree. (And nothing particularly wrong with that, either.) And if you ask where the gameplay is hiding, frankly, I’d wonder along with you. But if you argue that Microcosm relies too much on effects, you’re on your own, chum. They’re swimming alongside each other, arm in arm, hand in glove,joined at the hip- "There may not be much to Microcosm, but ids a rock. CD32 GAMES Just in: A4000 040 LC Model New Low Cost A4000 040. Comes with 68040EC 25Mz. 6Mb RAM. FPU Optional. Now there is no reason to purchase an A4000 030 when you can have 040 power at the same price. For Hard Drive prices see above. * o o o St Available at a super price: $ 1599.00 You have read & heard about the TOWER. We now have the TOWER in stock & at special pricing. Cali for pricing I
* 250W Power Supply • 2 Video Slots * 5 ZorroS Slots *4 PC Slots
* 5 HR 5.25* Bays, 2 Vert, 3 Horiz * 1 PH 5.25 Bay
• 3.5m HD Floppy Drive • 6Mb RAM (2 Chip, 4 Fast)
• IDE, SCSI, & SCSI2 Controllers built In
* We wiil add the Hard Drive of your choice Speed up your A4000 by 80% & Add up to 128Mb RAM The X-Calibur board, by RCS in Canada, plugs between the 040 board, which came with your A4000, and the Motherboard. By running through Ihe X-Calibur speed is increased by as much as 150% (80% Avg.). Additionally, it holds up to 128Mb of RAM = 72 pin SIMMs). 1 Year Warranty. RAM prices for the X-calibur; 8Mb for 5318.00; 16Mb for 5658.00: 32Mb for S1299.00 X-Calibur Board: $ 489.00 Now is the time to buy SCALA. Whether you are new to Scala, or an experienced user. SCALA has never been offered at these low prices. Hurry as supplies are limited. You will find the flexibility and ease, at which you can create high quality presentations, unmatched in Amiga software. SCALA MM211: $ 199.00 SCALA MM300 Complete Package: $ 289.00 SCALA MM300 upgrade for owners of MM210 or MM211: $ 135.00 Wing Commander Other Amigas V At last. Wing Commander = E ec- tronic Arts UK, price not available) on the CD32 is the real Wing Commander. This classic space combat game has the 256 colors of the original IBM version (rather than 32 of the disk- based Amiga version) especially noticeable in the scenes aboard your spacecraft carrier, the Tiger's Claw. Indeed, it's better than the original. For even more fetching than the graphics is the absolutely amazing CD-quality music especially when hooked up to a decent stereo system. (I mean, just listen to that bass line!) John Williams, eat your heart out. Otherwise, everything's in place: the tree-based structure, the multistage missions, the titanic explosions, the dodge-ball games of the asteroid fields, and frenetic engagements with hordes of Kilrathi ships. Wing Commander CD32 (which appeared slated for the US bundle at press time) is a resounding confirmation of greatness. On the other hand, it's slightly slow, but still far faster than the original was when played on the A500. And I can see I'm not going to be using my radio much. To send a message, you have to hold down the right top button, push the green one to bring up a menu, toggle through the choices by repeatedly pressing the yellow one, and push the green one again when your choice is highlighted all the while fending off hungry kitties. You guys did test this part, right?) Advanced POWER for your A1200 with DKB O Other Amigas - CQ * Q DKB 1240 Accelerator
• 63030 w MMU @ 40Mz
• Clock & Calendar
• Optional PGA type FPU socket
• Optional SCSI Supports 1, 2, 4, 8, A 16Mb SIMMs
* Call lor Pricing and RAM Configs DKB 1202 Board
* 32 bit RAM Board w Math Co
* Calendar Clock DKB 1202 wflBMi 68882: S 145.00 DKB 1202 W 33MZ 68882: $ 195.00 Additional RAM: 1Mb for $ 45.00 2Mb tor $ 66.00 4Mb for $ 159.00 8Mb tor $ 318.00 Amiga CD32 Sports: Football Cinemaware bit the dust years ago, but its legacy is very much alive. A quick look at the credits for this glitzy gridiron game (Commodore Electronic Ltd., S39.95) identifies it immediately as a spin-off of the late « [ E PRES E K V E MORE CD32 GAMES great Amiga publisher's planned TV Sports: Football II. Originally intended as a CDTV title, it offers optional full-screen video sequences for everything from touchdowns to the coin toss, around TOO plays, and players who look more like real human beings. Nice, nice, and nice. But where's the Al? I've yet to see a computer player returning a kick do anything other than head straight up field into the arms of a tackier. In my first game, I scored 20 points ... in the first quarter. And I'm not even especially good at these things. They've centered the view of the field on the offensive line irrespective of who's controlling the ball at the time and chosen an ugly orangish spotlight as the method of highlighting the ball carrier (or intended receiver). The 28 teams are fantasy creations from the US and Europe and made up of folks like "Edward Gormley," and there's no way to edit them. Undocumented feature: The controller has to be plugged into the 2 port or the menus scroll ceaselessly. The slightly grainy video sequences (using CDXL) are a high point. They're pleasantly goofy. Maybe this should be called Amiga CD32 Parody: Football. The cheerleaders chant, "We're gonna punch their lights out When the ref ain't looking," and the half-time commentator says something along the lines of, 'This team may come back in the second half. Then again, it may not." And the manic coach who introduces you to the game is ... well, he's certifiable. However, this is next to nothing to do with the game itself, and I'm afraid there's not much to the actual football part. I can't hold the absence of the traditional TV: Sports league mode and stat compiler against it the CD32 has the memory of a hamster when it comes to saved data but this is exactly the sort of game Cinemaware was rightly nailed for releasing with the original Defender of the Crown: more looks than substance. They never learn. Castles II: Siege & Conquest Other Amigas My big complaint about Castles was that there wasn't enough to it. The castle construction itself was great fun little men walking hither and thither and the sub-plots made it all feel meaningful for as long as it lasted. But this was really justthe core of a game, and it petered out just when it should have been really getting underway. Castles IE (Interplay UK, about $ 35) aims to correct those shortcomings by broadening the original's field of fire. They've exported the game to 14th century France, added to the castle-building a game of conquest (and a raft of related "tasks" in three areas), and included more elaborate resource management and more sophisticated weaponry. (You can now build catapults and siege towers.) And more besides. Trouble is, the game is now quite horrifyingly slow, and the designers, in the rush to conquest, seem to have forgotten where the game came from to begin with: Castles, remember? The castles here feel disembodied products of a finite and satellite sub-section insufficiently tied in to the world and its economies. It’s as though they've been run out of their own game. And is an enjoyable departure from standard CD32 fare that may give your brain some awkward moments. Other Amigas Seek & Destroy The coders behind Desert Strike shouldn't lose any sleep over it, but you may lose a bit: Seek & Destroy [Mindscape UK, about $ 35) is a neat overhead-perspective shoot-'em-up that has you roving the desert in your Apache chopper, burning down everything in sight. It's always fun to be able to move through 360 degrees, rather than just following a game's fixed agenda, and classy fireballs, plentiful enemies, and digitized condition reports add to a ferocity of the experience. S&D's substantially better than Codemasters' Firehawk (which seems primitive by comparison). However, S&D CD32 is virtually the same game that was released for standard and AGA Amigas. This is one big beige desert, and you'd think they would at least have added some ground detail. Other Amigas v Whale’s Voyage Whale's Voyage [Flair, about $ 35) enjoyed a certain distinction as the first RPG released for the AGA machines. That honeymoon lasted about as long as it took to crack the cellophane. The game world, distributed among six planets, was sizable and the graphics pretty. (The 3D view when you beam down to planets puts me in mind of Hired Guns.) But gameplay was anorexic, the translation from the German sometimes iffy and the program was prone to glitches, crashes and simply not working. The good news is that the CD32 version runs. The bad news is ... well, that it runs. The interface is awkward no mouse support, either the CD- specific additions (mainly spot digitized sound) meaningless, and the anorexic gameplay now seems skeletal. (Whale's Voyage feels unfinished.) The only real fun I had was using the character creator to check out the end products of different combinations of parents. Other Amigas Fly Harder This Thrust variant from Krisalis' budget label Buzz (about $ 20} starts tough (Level 2 is killer) and quickly gets next to impossible. But the task at hand leading energy spheres to reactors without crashing into the pretty scenery is so appealingly simple that you'll keep playing anyway. Possibly fruitlessly, but then, much of the pleasure in these things is in the trying. Fireforce Mean Arenas Other Amigas A televised Pac Man, with people in place of the munching yellow face and pursuing blobs and puzzles in place of the dots, more or less. In this futuristic game show [International Computer Entertainment, about $ 35), you'll tour a series of dot-filled mazes, finesse your way into closed-off areas, collect innumerable specials, fry opponents, and do your best avoid a turn in the frying pan yourself all to the accompaniment of silly digitized commentary from the two hosts. It's hardly a 3DO killer, but it's also hardly straight PacMan, C64 folks will quickly identify Fireforce (international Computer Entertainment, about $ 35) as an Amiga version of Green Beret. Outwardly, this is simply a sideways scrolling arcade-adventure. But patience: It's mission- based and time-sensitive and allows you to go inside buildings, where you'll often have to fight room by room and floor by floor. Other Amigas It's not an AGA game Fireforce appears to be a straight port from the standard Amiga version and hence it's a bit crude graphically. (It's also a bit grisly; there's throat-slitting.) But it has a fine-tuned level of difficulty and the CD32's controller (for a change) is just the right go-between. ; i i-; i* k !•; s e r v e AGA GAMES Body Blows Galactica spots; and the putting mechanics and presentation of the green contours leave a lot to be desired. This bogey isn't among the greats (Links and Nick Faldo), or even goods (Jack Nicklaus), but it might do in a pinch. ®A1200 ? CD32 planned. Other Amigas v Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Body Blows OffWorld, essentially, as a couple of the punchy guys from the original beat-'em-up beat up on ten new folks from five planets. Body Blows sparkled, and BBG (Team 17, about S35) is still better than much of the competition, but, like Alien Breed II, this is more of the same; Two creatines beating the tar out of one another with extra background colors and sonics. Not my cup of tea, but it will please fans of the genre and is better as a two-player game. Potential selling point for parents: No visible hearts or vertebrae. Potential problem with above theory: Mortal Kombat is more fun. Dennis A1200V CD32- Other Amigas - Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. This Dennis [Ocean UK, about 535} really is a menace. Just when you think Ocean's getting its act together on the strength of something like Robocop 3 or Jurassic Park, it tosses out another dead-eyed, movie-based platformer with pointlessly pretty graphics, improbable obstacles, a character who runs real weird, and a consuming lack of interest in its own identity ... and makes the good stuff look like a fluke. Ryder Cup Golf ©A1200 4000 V CD32- Other Amigas - Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. This Ocean UK release (about $ 35} looks to be the disastrous International Open Golf with a new title, rules and some punching-up. The interface and presentation haven't changed appreciably, but the designers have tuned up the play, graphics, and speed, and it now feels more like golf than practicing some weird alien ritual. Then again, they have a ways to go. I still don't like the peculiar, time-delayed way the ball moves off the tee; the graphics are still oddly blocky in Burning Rubber ®A1200V CD32- Other Amigas ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Some race-y ideas adorn Burning Rubber [Ocean, about $ 35) route planning and slowing down for right- angle turns but they've been tied to a wretched driving game that does nothing else right. The cars are dinky, the perspective is a little weird, and the gameplay suggests no feel for the mechanics of driving. Wait for Rally. Burning Rubber stinks.¦ Looking for the lowest prices on Amiga's? STOP LOOKING! You have found it! We have the lowest prices anywhere! Better yet. WE ACTUALLY WAVE CD-32¥s. AMIGA L200‘s. 4000 030’s & 4000Towers! Computer Answers 917 - Central Avenue, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Canada S6V-4V2 Phone: (306) 76 2888 Fax: (306) 764-0088 BBS: (306) 764-0888
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T. WcompiRGB Output Kicksurt AmigaDos 3.x Upgradeable via Trapdoor I200HD $ 599 6KHC020 Cpu @ U Mhz AGA 32 Hit Chipset 2 MHRAM 130MB Hard Drive 880K Floppy Drive 150 pm Expansion Slot Four channel digital sound Multi-tasking Operating 210A 3411 MH available 1200 030 $ 999 6SFC030 Cpu @ 33 Mhr Math Chip Optional 4 MU RAM 130MB Hard Drive 880K Floppy Drive Clock Calendar & Hatter) MS-DOS tile compatible 800X600 on 1942 Monitor 40 & 50 Mh also available 4000 030 $ 1,299 6KLC030 Cpu @ 25 Mhz Math Chip Optional 4 MHRAM 130MB Hard Dr.ve
1. 76 MB Floppy Drive Four Zorro ill Slots Three IBM ISA Slots One Video Slot Upgradeable to 4000 040 4000 040LC $ 1,699
681. 0040 Cpu @ 25 Mh Math Chip Optional 6 Mb RAM 130 MH Hard Drive
1. 76 MB Floppy Drive Four Zorro III Slots Three IBM ISA Slot One Video Slot Lowest Cost 041) Ev er! 4000 040 $ 1,899 68040 Cpu® 25 Mh '040 Math Chip huilt-m 6MH R AM 130 MH Hard Drive
1. 76 MH Floppy Drive Four Zorro III Sluts Three IBM ISA Slots One Video Slot
28. 33 A 40 Mhz available! 4000 Tower $ 2,199
• 68040 Cpu & Mhr (140 Math Chip limit in 6 MB HAM
- 130 MB Hard Drive
- 1.76 MH Floppy Drive
• Fisc Zorro III Slots Three IBM ISA Slots
• Tw o Video Slots
- SCSI-1! A IDF Built in' Amif.'v include the new AGA" ihipici fur citmsing graphic* .muniUfcin .V ical mutlila>k ing arc ilhi some of the to attires ,j w»Jfe sound. Over 16 million cubit's are hui acifrv.it luund on those ‘I'thei’ platforms! I*in, anJ JispU iumiLiIhms tat.tfc from 320X200 tii 1440X4S0r inclucJinf 800X600 A 640X960 wiih hiinJrrJ* nl ihnuMntis ul vii|t»r nn crtrn ii ttnCc Tru»* Hi frame pn The new Urmfy of Amiga"* a e biding all sales reeurds & thud pony development is a; ii’> highest level eve ! Pun "I miss mu i.n this utter! Oidci you nrw Smiji luday1 Ml [ Amiga 4000 CD-ROM!
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• Mlrv«J Qihicn [X-rzui, P1 »wjbkr Hero. Rv Hamer, Mein Artjs, Vt.tjjf. OwvyfcjU, £jhut C ScisthL’ SutxT, Siqvr HV11I5, Tn il rwnl, US FtkrfbiiSL, Arabian Knijh!.v Bh iIpOcm BfUUt A. Styx, BtiN?t& S tcik, Cvvu Ikluiw. CiJn-II IF rjjiJiii Dymirb'. Cislb II. Ch»> Kr ifh:, Qrxk KaL O’i Eku|4tiif Atfi*. D GiSUVh1 rvi-ji C'fc. Orlenki ofUw II Lvtipi* iV Moiav. Ium» r, tV*p» I I A I ifcl'srvc. L urt da* fXifT*-*. Guul E-ILvi. Gi likn ColLiliirv (imUiL'n I r»., ln,«lii II, fium» Rrutpli 31,
G. -V. * Ik a- *-*h SW Ifluvd Gum, Hunufit J A. 2 [rwpfeil Tafn'li.y. Iritmtfniul K aris Jimc* ftvtJ II A. Ill Frftr fiarln VuCf U?Ari?l .4 Tuiic, Lcj-a. Utf lilcnrifk la I i*l I Ia 4 iLtry*. Laid. Tnktp. Dir y. TMK*i 5-¦.vxr. MkTOn-tn. Mvh- Vwfjiiy Utw l -H 0. LI. % vl K-fcviry NgifiTil Sit StvmiKn r.OiLar, hnhill, Prtii IasU K.* Jlfa.' K ins WnvTk-am Sjmuni&imnfhc Vif.,fi; Vi.iT Kil S|u.iiAall 2, SurtvtcTOjyrrsjnl. Su"|mr Mvil.za T1X. T* al TrajwA rhrj«ft:> Tf-Um Tjncdr.L UrvJura I Z--i Warning! Price changes are imminent! Call for info and latest prices! Video Toaster 4000! 68030 CPU A 68882 FPU @ 50 Mhz SI, 999 14 MB RAM & 270MB HD Toaster 4000 Version 3.1 $ 3,999 We have the best prices available on: ALFA DATA, AMIGA, COMMODORE, CSA, DIGITAL CREATIONS, DKB, DPS, EXPANSION SYSTEMS, FARGO ELECTRONICS, GVP, HP, MACROSYSTEMS, MICROBOTICS, NEWTEK, READYSOFT, ROMEO, STAR, SUNRIZE, SUPRA, UTILITIES UNLIMITED & MANY MORE! Video Toasler Tower! 6K040 CPU fTU g 25 Mh = Tower') 18 MH A 340 MH SCSI-2 ¦ Toaster 4000 Version 3.1 $ 4,999 CD-32 Accessories ¦ Sxl Computer Expansion 5179 A1200 NetWork Adaptor A CD 5 44
• Second JoyPad Controller Scall MpegCatd (CD-.Movics) 5259
s. ** tie's Hu Cyris, Pisl Hu. B-«i | si. Tine oH- .vi tOol A iraii ii Hunt l.tf Rc*I O vtiT Lsiusi Ivi»ut Naked tins, Biiiiit Gu;u UjS'S". Siiscl Suj lfck 6 Tie: I miL T. ' Gun. Rru iy nvoft iSL9 led up | A1200 Accessories Memory Card 1M H A dock S139 Memory CardMM H A clock 5279 68030 Accelerator w.Hi 4 M H 5499 High Density Floppy SIT** 400 DIM Hand Scanner 5 95 Video Digitizer 5109 Audio Digitizer S 39 A4000 Accessories
• 4MB 32-bit Simm's 5159
- Vlab 30 Fps Digitizer S349
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- 20" IDFK Monitors (Clearance!) S8W Toaster Accessories NT* Tek Video Toaster S1899 DPS Personal T HC 3 4 5669 $ 789 DPS Personal Anim Recorder 51499 Kitchen Sync Dual I BC 51399 Warp Engine 40 Mhz AcccI 51199 Toaster ‘Flyer’ Non-l inear 5CAI.L Toaster 'Screamer Net' 5CAI J. We've got it at the lowest price anywhere! We've got it at the lowest price anywhere! We've got it at the lowest price anywhere! We’ve got it at the lowest price anywhere! We've gol it al the lowest price anywhere! Brilliance only $ 79 Star2480Rainbow only $ 229 1950Monitor only $ 299 Final Copy II AGA only $ 39 Supra 14400Modem only$ 149 The best 24-bit Painting Program! (Regular Price S179.only44 left) Letter Quality. 330 CPS & Color Printing! (Regular Price S329. Only 13 left) Multi-sync Cokr Monitor. 800X600 res.! (Regular Price $ 449. Only 56 left) Graphic Word. Spell. 256 color. Best output! 14.400 Baud Modem with Fan & Caller-ID! (Regular Price S89, only 27 left) (Regular Price $ 229. Only 22 left)
* There j ujvs hMi to he fine print, doesn 't there' The I 55 pn.es sh > sn are haved un the I SS-CjnadiarS exchange rate as of add creation. ,ind .ire shown fur cumpafivun purposes only, Since w e are a Canadian company, transactions are in Canadian x an order and we authorise Juiu c.ird. therefore, actual prises may vary slightly = i “ ‘ chitge iny other Utes or tirrifT.i a: a lower price, please give us a ca jiv diiAsinni siT»i|'iiin, iiiiiiN.uiiinn mi ». .ituiitMII use yum ..ud, therefore, a.tual prises may vary lightly fusuatls less ihan li;%) If thu u unclear, p!ea»e Jif for details tjrrifT.i This add reflects nri'Jucts A pricing avjilahle to us as ot Starch 3(194 By the time sou lead this add in the June 94 nest to tundv It you are n »| Canadian, your hank ad) autnmiicalls crwven lo (oregin lunds when you place an o SaT.iLtiewan re'-idenU jJJ 9'T Prmincial Salss T ax A Canadian residents add ~r". G S T. He do not chtrge Issue, vime Ihings probably will have changed, tor ferter or lor worse It you see something advertised ar a lower price, please give us j call A we El Jo our hesi to heat u Some items are brought in on prc-paid orders and shipped in lot i uantitics, so please allow 3-4 weeks delivers on special orders There will he a 15r; reativkmg tee on all orders rcfused cancelledi'retumed (escept ot course tor defectives returned for repair or etchangel All equipment is NTSC 120 Volt 60 Hz so it will work tine anywhere in Canada I .5A Mexico white we do our best lo maintain Zivk! Inseniones of the pri>Uucis aJvert vrd. Sume items are very popular and demand exceeds supply, .so call order early ' llcim leiupuranly out of stock will be spvv'ta! Ordered and shiptKJ when as jilahte Sorry. Hut we can't he responsible for damage, delays or Jovs curing shipping, so please insure it. If any of rh u ii unclear, at for detiils hefcr: ordering- For crying our loud, hoa may times do I Fast? To uy it? Amiga Rules' Is a 040 Accelerator with a High-Speed SCSI-2 controller& upto 128MB of ram expansion All-In-One! DIGITAL RODUCTS ENGNE PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402
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• »'** In tiirulji lunn ihim ind lpv4 I ¦ih pcrrniiikon I fifJO $ Call $ Call S Call NTSC PAL PC (ISA bus) S 1315 Scall leral Express [very Available! PAR HARDDISKS SOOMB
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* 000 & A4000N 40MHz
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2. 5mb sg : Scall MT DRIVE 3MB Quantum LPS270 0MB Conner CFA-540S 0MB Quantum LPS540 GB Quantum EMP1080 GB Conner 1060 CB Micropolis 2210 GB Quantum Prol2255 GB Micropolis 2217 GB Quantum Pro1800S 1 GB Seagate Elite-3 ? GB Seagate Elite-9 GB TAPE DRIVE Add A X J Picassoll 2MB & J* »> a 17" IDEK Monitor for $ 1320 A4000-25MHz-040 6 soomb hd$ Call A4000WARP: 40MHz-040 $ CqU 10MB Ram, SCSI-2, SOOMB HD A4000TURBO: 40MHz-040 $ ran 10MB Ram, IDE, 5Q0MB HD SUP. ADVANCED rastlane 5CSI-2 Ram Exp. Ith 0MB 256MB S Call ith 16MB 64MB S 1095 ith 64MB 256MB S 3395
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- Now 100% Toaster! Video Toaster 4000 The Ultimate Animator’s Bundle toned 1*1 prices of «wSi&e> T51B0 SS29.95 Montage $ 15,995 The latest and greatest version of the Video Toaster Software. All modules have been improved and new features added! NOW AVAILABLE! Convert bitmap pictures of logos and shapes to 3D objects with unrivaled quality. Fly those logos quickly and easily! 15159 ANIM Workshop 2.0 Create, play, edit and add sound to your Anims.. automatically! Use Art Dept on any all frames of your animation1 Now supports Anim5. 7 and 81 T5104 $ 99.95 WaveLink Double the speed of bghtWave! Allows two Toaster systems to render at the same time. Also allows file sharing. T5155 $ 99.95 Pixel 3D Professional ANIM Workshop 2 T516O S174.95 The easiest, most accurate way to motion-animate with Lightwave 3D! Dynamic Motion Module lets both animation novices and experienced animators rely uocn the laws of physics and computing power of the Amiga to automatically define and create real-world motion and object interaction in Lightwave animations. Tell the program how much an object weighs, how fast it's moving, and its direction of travel. Then sit back and let your Amiga define the motion and interaction of the objects in :he scene. Many other features which make it perfect for all animation tasks' T5054 IMMM* SOFTWARE WaveMaker Effortlessly create flying logos in seconds instead of hours! Simply tell WaveMaker the logo you want to animate, how you want it to fly around the screen and what elements you want in the background. Saved time= money made1 Comes with a video demonstrating WaveMakers capabilities = re your capabilities) to your clients T5159 $ 154.95 Particle animation system for Lightwave 3D. Particles bounce with real world behavior & gravity' Multiple point gravity wells allow bending and directing the stream, flock or swarm of particles. Control Origin, direction, gravity, quantity, spacing. Elasticity and mass. Complete with wind, gusling, flaking and swirling conlrols-adjustable per axis1 Do In seconds what would take days to setup' T5164 $ 99.95 Sparks by MacroSystemUS Dynamic Motion Module Pixel 3D Pro Buy your Toaster System with confidence from DevWare and Atomic Toaster! Our Atomic Toaster Catalog has over 20 years ol video production experience. They have been servicing Video Toaster Users since Day One with unrivaled technical support, a catalog so informative we receive referrals from NewTek. And innovative seminar training. With Atomic Toaster and DevWare Video, you will be able to count on our creative support and in-depth knowledge of all products lor the Video Toaster-combined with DevWare's product purchasing power and abilities to fulfil I your orders quickly! The net resull is our ultimate combination of both technical know-how and the best p'icing available for all your Video Toaster needs. Why should you buy Video Toaster systems and Video Toaster-related products from Atomic Toaster Catalog? Because we love Toasters' The Video Toaster is the most successful video production tool ever. We doni sell Video Toasters as commodities and leave you without answers to your questions...we use them every day1 We are Toaster fanatics who are constantly pushing the systems to their limits. To us. A good Toaster computer system is made for aud o, video and print applications. Atomic Toaster wants you to be the most successful producer ever. Our combination of production skills and our con- stani testing and use of new Toasler-relafed products - will give you the Creative Edge The Starter System Amiga 4000 040, Video Toaster 4000. 10 M8 RAM. 240 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor, Some options might include; TBCs, remote rackmount. Monitors. Crouton Tools 4000 and or Toaster Toolkit 4000 utilities. Call for pricing! The Animator Amiga 400C 040. Video Toaster 4000, 18 MB RAM, 340 MB Hard Drive, 1942 Monitor, Pixel 3D Professional. Art Department Professional. Brilliance. Some options might include: OKB memory board for longer animation playback directly out of Ihe Toaster and an SFC for tape based animations The Artist Amiga 4000 040? Video Toaster 4000, 18 MB RAM, 340 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor, Retina Board (4MB). TV Paint. Pixel 3D Professional, Art Deparlment Professional. Image F x, Brilliance. Crouton Tools 4000, Options might include: Removable media for transferring images from one system to another, drawing tablet. Pro Page or PageStream for outputting your work to Postscript or print. Sharp or Epson scanner for scanning of images and artwork into the system The Craftsman Amiga 4300 040. Video Toaster 4000. 18 MB RAM. 380 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor, Retina Board (4MB). SunRize AD516. Pnde A B roll editing controller. MONTAGE for the Video Toaster, SuperJam! Bars & Pipes Professional. Roland Sound Canvas = MIDI module), Art Department Professional, MorphPtus. MulliFrame, ProFiils. Brilliance, TV Paint Pro. Vista Pro (landscape generator). Toaster Toolkit 4000, Crouton Tools 4000 Opkons might include: Removable media for iransferring images Irom one system to another, drawing tablet. Professional Page or PageStream lor outputting your work to Postscript or print. Sharp or Epson scanner tor the scanning of images and artwork into the system. The Professional Animator Amiga 4000 040, Video Toasler 4000. 18MB RAM. 780 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor. DPS Personal Animation Recorder. Nucleus Single Frame Controller. Pixel 3D Professional 2.0. Art Department Professional 2.3. Morph Plus, ADP Tools Professional (animation processor), Dynamic Motion Module (real world motion animation module). Vista Pro 3 0 (landscape generator). Toaster Toolkit 4000, Crouton Tools 4000 Oplions might include: DPS Personal T8C IV for roloscoping applications. Call for pnemg' The Editor Amiga 4000 040. Video Toaster 4CO0. 18MB RAM. 380 MB hard drive, 1942 Monitor. Pride Integrated A 3 Roll Editing System, SunRize AD516 (8-track digital audio). Crouton Tools 4000. Toaster Toolkit 4000. Montage (character generation software). Roll'em (teleprompting software) Call lor pricing1 We integrate and support all Toaster-related sofiware and hardware. Do you want to know about the Video Toaster revolution and what it can mean for you7 Call Atomic Toaster Devware now1 Screaming at... This bad boy has the equivalent rendering power of 15 Video Toasters and is a steal at this price! Fully loaded, price includes 128MB RAM and 8-user ScreamerNet software license = Ethernet adapator and ENLAN-DFS software required to connect your Video Toaster-not included). Leasing option available. (Formally known as The Screamer) issoo From innovision Technology. It you do CG work with your Toaster-you need MONTAGE. 24-Bit Graphics Breakthrough for the Video Toaster from Innovision Technology. Your definitive solution for video titling, image composition, and effects presentation for the Video Toaster! Features: Incredible Real-Time Font Scaling andinteractive "click and drag" font scaling allows for unprecedented text display flexibility' Scaled texl retains ultra-hrgh level anti-aliasing. Import ol mo|or lon| formats including Chroma Fonts such as Kara Toaster Fonts collection1 All of those titling capabilities are not available anywhere elsel -Stunning Text Attribute Options * 24-Bit Graphics Imaging -Powerful Transition Capabilities ¦ Complete Text Editing Control * Professional Enhanced Video Output- The solution you need to maximize your creative output with your Toaster1 T3053 Montage 24 T5C68 S224.95 Montage Fonts 1 T5015 S119.95 Montage Postscript Module Real-time lent scaling ol Postscript fonts with independent proportional. Horizontal and vertical re-sizing. Effective resolution of 1 nanosecond regardless 0! Size. Use all exciting attributes 0! MONTAGE with Postscript fonts' T5237 $ 209.95 Montage + Postscript ModT5244 $ 479.95 900-896-8555 $ 2 Min billed to your telephone Need Help? Not getting the Toaster support you need? Call our video professionals for Toaster system design and software support. Sen ice provided by Atomic Toaster, 3476 Virginia Way. SLC UT 84109 Problems? Ccn'ac' (619) 679-2825 Video Toaster Resource: For Video System Design Information:
(619) 679-2823 Call for Software Orders:
(800) 879-0759 All of our software is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! HU %r r j _ Crouton Tools 4000 Okay, so you own software like ADPro. SFC, Studio 16. Pixel 3D. ImageFX, Bars & Pipes Pro. AmiLink, Personal Anim Rec., ImageMaster RT and others...and they all say that they're Arexx compatible...great!! Now what7 You can spend ail your time programming m Arexx to make these powerful applications work wiTh each other, or you can continue producing videos like you set out to do. Crouton Tools 4000-The Easy to Use Video Operating System (VOS)--was created by a video enthusiast with over 20 years of experience. 1100 Predefined video tools, 150 NEW synergistic functions. ToasterSmart™ Directory Utility and Visual Logging System . Power at your fingertips! Crouton Tools 4000 greatly accelerates your pre- and post-production video while seamlessly integrating your applications directly within your Toaster environment. T5012 A must hovo pucknge lor serious video professionals! ADPTools Pro for ADPro Toaster Toolkit 4000 The indispensable collection of utilities for Video Toaster users. Toaster Toolkit 4000 breaks all barriers for harnessing creative control over your Toaster Environment- allowing for presentafion professionalism limited only by your imagination. You raved about version 1. Break free of the mundane with these new and improved powertools ol Toaster Toolkit 4000! -Toaster Sequence Edllor ¦Toaster Project Editor -FrameStare Compressor
• AnlmtoFX *FXtoAnlm ‘Color Font Converter. T5095 It ' r.t v “MIDI is the best way tout background music into your desktop video productions!” Bars & Pipes Professional Ver 2,5 NEW Version! The state-of-the-art MIDI sequencer for your Toaster and Amiga-is now even belter' New features and improvements nave been made to the Track Window Menu Edit Window, Song Construction Window. Metronome, Printing, Tools and Accessories sections. T1183 $ 234.95 Performance Tools Kit for Bars and Pipes T5262 $ 49.95 Power Tools Kit for Bars and Pipes T5263 $ 49.95 One Stop Music Shop is-bii, 32-voice CD-quahty, fully digitaf. Stereo audio and music system! T5108 $ 564.95 PatchMeister Universal patch librarian with over 20 drivers. T5109 $ 59.95 SuperJam! Create and synchronize musical soundtracks. Requires little musical Imesse to accomplish exciting results! Til 85 $ 77.95 S y n c P r o Synchronize MIDI with your multimedia, video and audio hardware1 Supports SMPTE. MIDI Time Code and Song Pointer. Tt 184 $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus 48 MIDI channels available in one interface! T5028 $ 164.95 Pegger New version 1.3! Now has superior FrameStore support! Automatically compresses 24 bit IFF, DCTVf FrameStore and HAM8 images with JPEG copression. Saves lots of hard drive space and is invisible to your video applications! Works automatically in the background! T5i23$ 66.95 Transporter T5193 $ 159.95 The popular single frame animation control soltware is now better than ever! If you have a Sanyo GVR- S350 or Sony EVO 9650. You don’t even need a single frame controller card! Blue Ribbon Sound Works Art Department Pro Version 2.5 Newest Release! The premier image-based processing package, preferred by Toaster and graphic users everywhere just got better' A completely new interface and updated load- ers'savers!! T5238 S149.95 Trexx Professional 2.0 T118O $ 134.95 A highly integrated Arexx script generation environment with powerful tools specifically for the Toaster. ADPro Conversion Pack Targa. Rendition. TIFF, X-Windows and SUN Loaders Savers lot ADPro. T5161 $ 64.95 MorphPlus T1067 $ 144.95 New Incredibl y Low Price! More Power! More Features! Was $ 299! If you do image processing, you must have the ne ImageMaster R t. Retargetable operations gives you true colors on all popular 24-bit cards and even adjusts the display to compensate for your monitors shortcomings, so what you see is truly what you get. Thumbnail Image Support (to select a picture, click on a picture--not just some filename in a listing). Modal User Interface. Save notes with images. Lossless 24-bit Compression, Automatic Image File Readers to access popular file formats, plus the hottest image manipulation tools ever available on the Amiga...bar none, tsioo ImageFX GVP's powerhouse image processor. If you use. Or warn to use. Your Amiga or Video Toaster for photography, graphics, video, animation and more-then ImageFX is ihe fastest, easiest, most expandable, most adaptable and most powerful set of color image processing tools available. Digitally retouch images with the most complete set of filters, color gradients, image distortions, masks and text handling tools. Automatically convert image files from over 25 file formats! SALE! T3060$ 214.95 A Powerful Morphing System, at an Affordable Price! Cocoon is a full-featured, professional morphing system without the Rolls Royce price. You can load any IFF image, including AGA formats, an save frames as 24-bit, HAM. HAM-8, or 16-level grayscale. Perform warps and morphs using vectors--the easiest way to define and execute morphs. CocoonMorph doesn't use grids or points like other less powerful packages. Instead, Cocoon uses lines and vectors to define your morph which are easier and taster to set up. More predictable, and more intuitive to define than other morph packages. Cocoon aiso incorporates powerful image composition features and allows for fine control over the rate of warping or morphing of each area or pixel. T5056 The "Screen Generator" program included with all Pro Fills Volumes can generate super bitmaps up to 10,240 x 10.240 pixels with seamless, matched edges using the colored patterns and color palettes included with each volume. Pro Fills Volume I T1175 $ 34.95 Pro Fills Volume II T1176 $ 34.95 Pro Fills Volume III T5166 $ 34.95 Pro Fitts Volume I thru 111 Bundle Save! Tsl 79 594.95 ProWipes Volume I tsi*3 574.95 New! 75 wipes and effects for your Toaster!!! 34 Live Action Wipes and 41 assorted 3D Style Wipes, Matte Wipes. Soft Edge Wipes, 16 level Alpha Effects and their own 24bit Effects on any Toaster System. Kara PlaqueGrounds T5156 $ 69.95 PRO FILLS I >u if ,11:' f-i t tii ¦- t>V t iV !uHim, ,!n) Accessory Products a- 51. Kh a m J m t
a. m* Retina 24-Bit Display Board w 4MB Get photorealistic display capabilities with this 24-bit graphics card and p’enty of "chip ram" for your most inlense graphic needs. Go way beyond AGA and still maintain full compatability. T5129 S489.95 Retina 24-Bit Display Board w 2MB T5222 $ 344.95 Retina Board + TV Pain* Pro 2 W 2MB Relina Board T5223 $ 529.95 Retina Board + TV Paint Pro 2 W 4MB Retina Board T5163 S669.95 Multiframe (for ADPro} The ULTIMATE special effects device for your Toaster! Easily create complete motion-picture quality special effects for any Toaster application. No jaggies or artifacts. The professional’s tool for creating digital video sequences, special effects and animations. Apply ADPro's single-image processing power to your anims. T5098 $ 69.95 Studio Printer Phnt 16.7 million colors or 256 levels of gray on Hewlett Packard Laserjets and Deskjets as well as Canon Color Printers! Supports the latest 600 dpi printers too. True to screen colors with color adjustment with 32bit accuracy. Also includes special drivers for PageStream
2. Xx, T3062 $ 69.95 Toccata 16 Full I6bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs. 1 Mic input and 1 Stereo output. Toccata can digitize at up to 48KhHz in 16bit direct to hard disk! Includes an onboard mixer and optional ADPCM compression! Can be used with Vlab IFR to digitize the audio for a video sequence! T5226 $ 489.95 Vlab Y C 30 fps video digitizer. 2 composite inputs and 1 S-video input. NTSC PAL compatable. T5225 $ 449.95 Vlab - internal T5162 $ 389.95 Vlab - External for A600 1200 T5224 $ 414.95 MultiLayer for ADPro 2.5 compositing layering tool for video pros and artists using ADPro as a compositing engine. Several types of compositing digital keying are supported including Zero-Black keys, Luminance keys, Chroma keys and Alpha keys to 32bit precision. T5227 $ 124.95 MultiLayer for ImageF x Yes. You can do if too! T5228 $ 124.95 Warp Engine The most cost effective accelerator is NOW AVAILABLE! The only accelerator that provides the high speed of a 68040. Up to 128 MB of local ‘040 burst memory and the fastest SCSI-II controller-on a single card that installs in the CPU slot! Call for best pricing on RAM! 40Mhz '040 w OK RAM T5285 $ 1549.95 33Mhz 040 w OK RAM T5286 $ 1299.95 TV Paint Professional 2 The stale of the art 32-bit, real-time graphics paint program for all graphics boards. Automatic antialiasing on drawing tools, powerful airbrush tools, density control on tools, full undo redo, spare swap screens, convulu- t(on effects, definable magnification window. Custom masks, pressure sensitive tablet support, full CLT. T5099 S229.95 TV Paint Professional 2 for the Retina display board. T5230 $ 229.95 Dark Horse Productions ALFA DA TA “LightWave For the Rest of Us” T5239 S89.95 MultlFaceCard Powerful multimedia authoring system software. Easily create inteiaclive presentations. T5050 Video Toaster Hardware Breadboard T5208 $ 329.95 DCTV T3501 $ 289.95 DKB 3128 W.0K T5215 $ 299.95 DKB Hl-Densily Floppy Drive T5284 $ 179.95 DejaVue T5209 $ 369.95 Fastlane Zlll SCSI 2 Board T7013 S549.95 GVP TBC Plus T5216 $ 829.95 High Density 3.5 Floppy Dr T5229 $ 179.95 Horita Black Burst Generator T7003 $ 339.95 Lan Rover Ethernet Board T5T53 $ 299.95 Personal SFC 2.5 T5205 $ 394.95 Picasso I) Board w 1 MB T5145 S479.95 Primera Color Printer T5270 $ 799.95 Sanyo GVR-S950 VTR T5289 $ 2549.95 SMPTE Output T5067 $ 159.95 SunRlze AD516 w Studio 16 T5065 $ 1174.95 SyncStraJner T5T98 $ 49.95 Toast Timer T521Q $ 259.95 ToasterOven forA4000 T52T9 Call Toaster Y C Plus TS220 $ 799.95 Toccatta T5225 $ 489.95 Trimedla Drawing Board III 12"x12" T527S S589.95 6” x 9' T5272 $ 389.95 WaveTools (Digital Audio) T5254 $ 369.95 WaveTools RTX T5253 S299.95 AsimCDFS V2 ju$ t aiiows your CDROM drive to access any ISO-9550. High Sierra or Mac HFS formatted disc. Comes with Fish Market Disc Collection.. (Fred Fish 205-950). K°dak _; - .. Photo CD viewer, upgraded $ 59.95- v file system, new preferences ; x_ editor, audio playback system.- ' ' advanced playback features’ T5092 AmiNet T5077 S27.95 Audio Resource T5078 $ 29.95 Color Magic T5116 $ 39.95 Fantazia Fonts T5083 $ 49.95 Goliath Clip Aft T5C87 S27.95 Graphic Resource T5118 S29.95 Mega Media T5H9 $ 34.95 Multimedia T50S9 549.95 Super Fonts T512t S49.95 Super Space T5122 $ 29,95 Texture Heaven g«- it vi» •• T5151 $ 79.95 Oktagon (SCSI-11 A3000 4000>T5240 $ 139.95 AliaDrive 3 5' External Floppy Drive lor all Amigas T5253 S74.95 AltaScan Plus 400 DPI Hand Scanner with Touch Up Software T1024 $ 139.95 Mega Mouse 400 DPI replacement mouse lor all Amigas T5243 $ 27.95 AlfaOptlc Optical Mouse 300 DPI lully optical mouse T5288 $ 44.95 Optical Pen Mouse For graphics professionals T1017 $ 64.95 AlfaColor Hand Scanner T5214 $ 299.95 Scan & Save 256.000 colors on AGA Amigas. 4096 on non-AGA Amigas. AllaScan 800 DPI Hand Scan T5242 $ 189.95 Crystal Trackball T1019 S44.95 Amiga CD-ROM Amiga CD-ROM Solution Bundle! Mitsumi internal douOle Speed CD-HOM drive, AllaData Tandem Mitsumi Controller Card and ASIMCDFSV2 T525C$ 389.95 Texture City Over 100 Textures! 100 basic & unusual images in IFF24. Taraa. TiFF & PCX formats. Categories: ammal. Earth, special FX. Marble. Metals. Fd:age plant, reck, textile, space and wood T5016 S79.95 Par ¦ ¦mammr Vr
* ***** Personal Anim. Recorderwith Mlcropolis 525MB Hard Drive Digstall record your animations direct to the dedicated hard drive Which means you can create 3-D animation without the expense and aggravation of tape decks. It will even genlock to your system' No time base error, jitter, skipped frames, or botched edit points you encounter with traditional animation reccrdorsl By Digital Processing Systems. T5203 Best! PAR Catd w'Mlcropolis 1.05 GB Hard Drive T5276 Best! PAR Card w Micropolis 1.6 GB Hard Drive T5277 Best! Personal TBC IV T5204 S829.95 S-Video in and out. 4:2:2 processessing for the cleanest possible video image. Personal Vectorscope T5205 $ 749.95 2-Channel Rack Chassis T5245 $ 529.95 Nucleus Electronics Personal SFC 2.5 T5206 $ 394.95 100% accurate single frame controller Personal Editor T5207 S5B9.95 600 Amiga Fonts T3077 S24.95 600 Amiga Color Clips T5144 $ 24.95 Art Expression (SoftLogik; T2032 $ 135.95 Bars & Pipes Professional 2.5 Til 63 $ 234.95 Brilliance (Digital Creations T5019 $ 129.95 Callgari Broadcast T5097 $ 309.95 CanDo (Innovatronics) T1193 $ 129.95 Cocoon (DevWare Video) f .v T5D5S $ 69.95 DeluxePaint IV 4.1 T1031 $ 95.95 DoluxoPalnt IV AGA T3058 $ 109.95 Directory Opus 4 (Innovatronics) T1032 $ 64.95 Distant Suns 5.0 (Virtual Reality) T5049 $ 61.95 Helm (Eagle Tree) New- T5050 $ 89.95 Hypercache Pro T5026 S37.95 ImageMaster R t (Black Belt) T5100 $ 72.95 ImageFX (GVP) Sale! T3D60 $ 214.95 Morph Plus (ASDG) T1067 $ 129.95 Panorama Landscape Generator T5321 $ 55.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe T5027 $ 75.95 Real 3D Professional v2 T&0i4 $ 379.95 Scenery Animator 4 T5022 $ 59.95 SuperJam T11B5 $ 77.95 SyncPro TH84 $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus T5028 $ 169.95 Vista Pro 3 T1097 S64.95 Voyager 1.1 Sky Simulation Til 82 $ 63.95 Playmalion (Hash) T1068 $ 299.95 Amiga Books Mastering Toaster Technology Th® s*ep-by-step guide from wbeo Toaster eitwns Brent Malnack ano Pft! Kurz mat ro V Jeo Toaster customer can do without1 Learn Toaster set-up and operation. Rotoscopmg techniques, now to make perfect 30 logos, coating matte* and dying manes, now 10 master me atona cham net. Ano much, much more Pius 2 Oisk set tilled with 3D objects. A oewe’ec A color font set. Anim woes and cl*p an. Includes Toaster AO00 supiemeni B105 $ 39.95 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Ed. BiO-i $ 49.95 Special Edtion contains an online Arexx manual' S:eo approach. Usatj programs as examples, dear presentation of Aro'* control ng PostScript. Thorough references for a Areo instructions. Functions. 3"C apO'Cat on program com. Mar>3*. Induces 2 OcnuS diskette* inctud rg a cotio«» online AR -«i manual" Am ga Desktop Video. 2nd Ed. B123 Am gaDOS Reference Guide Btto Best Amiga Tips and Secrets Bui Mastering AmigaDOS 3 3157 Mastering Amiga AMOS Bise Mastering Amiga C Bi59 Mastering Amiga System B160 Mastering Amiga Arexx B161 A full selection and description ol AmigaToaster related books is in our catalogs' Animation Graphics Software Money-Saving Bundles Aram WorkShop 2 - AD«>to 23 T5110 S234.95 Art DtparHWt Pra 13 . AOPTooH Pro T5557 S26S 95 Crouton Toott WOO« ADPro • ADPTooh Pro T5168 537495 Crouton Tool* «»0 • ADPro. UorphPtu* T5163 5379 95 Crouton Toott *000 * ADPro • MurtiFrsm* T5170 5309 95 Crouton Toott 4000 ? Bitt A Pipe* Pro 2 T5171 531935 Crouton Toott 400W - foapUMttf RT TS'72
5179. 95 Crouton Toott 4000 ? MONTAGE T5173
5409. 95 Crouton Toott 4000? MONTAGE ? MONTAGE Font 1 T5-74 551935 Crouton Toott 4000 * Toaster Toolkit 4000 T5112 50935 Dynamic Motion Module • Sparks! T5233
5204. 95 ImageFX * ToaswfX T5292 533935 MONTAGE ? MONTAGE Iona 1 Bundle T5055
5419. 95 MONTAGE 24 . MONTAGE Fonts 1 Bundle T5069 S3E3 95 UoWrame. An Opponent Pm 23 T522T S19435 Toaster Toe*R 400C - Tren Pro T3I7S
5233. 95 Toaster Too*it 40CC . Crouton Toott 4000 ? Tren P-oTS'T? 5329 35 TV Punt Professional 20 and Retina 4MB Board T5f£d 5229 35 Pitt! 30 Professional 2 * AMM Wonjftop V2 T5:6C S2E9.S5 Atiitt Video • Any 3 Videos (Specify) Y2093
579. 95 Adrta Video • All 7 Yttas V2CS4 517435 Amiga Vi *3 VoL 14 I ViC-5 52535 DekjxePaiTH rv 4.1 * Both OpiInt Video* T3073 S135S5 Cpaint TV Video Guide • Advanced Techniques V20S2 53435 Killer Graphics: DCTV Vol. 1. IIA In V4C45 56335 KiUer Graphic* DCTV • All 4 Video* V2191
594. 95 SONY EV0 3700 Training I'm V40I2 54535 Amiga Amn. H wood Style, Anim. Ici. How To Aram. V4022 546 95 MlnfT s Eye. Bey end Mird* Eye V2034 52955 Mind s Eye, Bey end Mind s Eye, Computer Antm Fest V4M1 54455 Animation 101 From Myriad Visual Adventures, a complete course In real-time animation lor video. II demonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in high resolution, using basic software and relatively inexpensive hardware. Part one shows you a variety ol animation techniques- with humor. Part two shows in detail how the animations were made 72078 $ 24.95 Animation 202 An intermediate course in animation for vdeo. Tips and instructor! On hew to make your own video using Dpaint IV. Scenery Animator. FractalPro and other standard Amiga hardware ano software. From Myriad Visual Adventures. Vai26 $ 31.95 Amiga Animation -- Hollywood Style Learn classic. Hollywood.Disney-style techniques using Dpaint IV and Disney Animation Studio, from renowned Amiga animator. Gene Hamm. Especially for artists who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw with a mouse. 30 minutes V205i $ 19.95 How To Animate t Relevant to novices and intermediate users alike Pick up helpful tips and techniques on using DoluxePaintIV trom Joel Hagen. And using Light Wave 3D from Amiga Work s Lou Wallace 45 mm. V2059 $ 16.95 Get Animation 101, Hollywood Style and How to Animate I V4322 $ 46.95 Get Animation 101 & 202 V*i27 $ 49.95 Get all four of these videos! Vat2s $ 69.95 Volume 1: Flying Logos New! Construct a logo from your diems letterhead. Make hundreds of special 30 fonts straight from any printed material, add surfaces and images fo make them shire' Fly that LOGO ard animate rt to
• ape without a sirgle frame cont'oller" Complex object motions made s r-pie with the null object. Contains a ¦Rogues GaRery' of 35 examofc surfaces. VA056 S39.95 Call for our free “Ultimate Video Toaster Product Catalog." A 22"x34' poster with everything you need for your Toaster! Animation Instructional Videos ADP Tools V2 Professional T3600 $ 124.95 Arl Department Pro 2.5 T1160 $ 149.95 ASIM VTR T3050 $ 53.95 AutoPalnt T5142 $ 89.95 Broadcast Tiller II Super-Hires T3051 $ 169.95 Callgari Broadcast T50S7 $ 329.95 Crouton Tools 4000 -.nek! T5012 $ 129.95 Dynamic Motion Module T5054 $ 139.95 ENLAN-DFS T4010 $ 259.95 Peer-to-Peer networking lor the AmigaToaster Image FX T3060 $ 219.95 MONTAGE New! T3053 $ 319.95 Montage Fonts Hu.v! T5015 $ 124.95 MONTAGE Postscript Module T5237 $ 209.95 MultiFrame T5098 $ 74.95 Pixel 3D Professional T1036 $ 84.95 Pro Control for ADPro T5247 $ 69.95 Pro Wipes Vol. 1 ( JEK) T5143 $ 89.95 Scala Multimedia 300 T5248 $ 399.95 SMPTE Output T5067 $ 159.95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 T5095 $ 149.95 Trexx Professional T1180 $ 134.95 Video Director T1116 $ 129.95 Video Toaster 4000 Kbd Ovrlay T3054 $ 27.95 Accessory Software New Toaster 4000 videos from Desktop Images! Video Toaster 4000 Essentials Step by- step guide to Toaster's digital video effects, setup functions. ChromaFX and Luminance Keyer. Qorrin. V4116 $ 44.95 Video Toaster 4000 CG Complete instruction to Toaster CG s powerful text capabilities- including lont sizing, color brush loading, background $ layering options. V4117 S44.95 LightWave 4000 Essentials V20S7 $ 44.95 LightWave 3D Modeler Part 1 V4119 $ 44.95 LightWave 3D Modeler Part 2 V4120 $ 44.95 LightWave 3D Surfaces and Textures V4121 $ 44.95 LightWave 3D Camera Lighting & Techniques V4129 $ 44.95 Artworks Clip Art Library T5194 $ 34.95 The Jurassic Collection T5264 $ 119.95 KARA ANIM Fonts 1-5 Call ea$ 34.95 KARA ANIMFonts Bundle AII5! T5257 $ 149.95 KARA Plaquegrounds T5156 $ 64.95 KARA Starlields T5157 S39.95 KARA Toaster Fonts l-IV Call ea$ 64.95 KARA Toaster Fonts - All 4! T5280 $ 219.95 Pro Textures Combo Coll. T5192 $ 64.95 Quickbrush 4000 T5266 $ 54.95 SurtacePro JEW! T5182 S64.95 NEW FromByrd’s Eye Software ToasterFX for ImageFX Painting, scanning, image processing and morphing--all viewed directly on any Toaster output buffer! T5290 $ 154.95 SWIPES! Dozens of stunning new color transitions and special effects for 4000 based Toasters! T5291 $ 109.95 Volume 3: Displacement Mapping New Construct landscapes and trees. Animate waving sags and moving water Displacement maps make possi- b>e Use H.spacemen! Maps to construe and animate natural fo'Hiarcns. Arc create spectacular speca' effects 120 roms V4124 $ 39.95 Get all 3 videos and SAVE! Vai25 S104.95 Desktop Video Software The Music Box OctaMED Professional v.s Over 100,000 sold! .. A complete, high-level programming language True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! I Algebra I T1074 S14.95 Algebra II T2034 $ 14.95 Calculus TI082 $ 14.95 Pre-Calculus T2035 $ 14,95 Trigonometry T1093 $ 14,95 Discrete Mathematics T2064 $ 14.95 Probability Theory T2060 $ 14.95 TrueSTAT T2061 $ 14.95 | Gel any 2 math pgms T2036 $ 26.95 Get all 8 math programs T2062 $ 94.95 Get all 8 math programs Plus TrueBASIC 2.0 T2063 $ 109.95! From DevWare VideorToolChest: ayii rd. y credit card, the Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 tSmicaisupport: (619)679-2825 Or mail your order to: DevWare, Inc. - 12520 Kirkham Court. Suite 1-AW51. Poway, CA 92064 [xikr Injuries Vric-ooc PU ixiroiciaUradY +*!!(>' Inert mi ividib&n rfwodutt irt laihinp rtf»ui dock Pru.rt tflttuir Sbruti !»l The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder Ho* io buy tho camcorder and accessories thai are nght fcr you. Use your camcorder :o its fullest advantage. How to maintain your camco-Cer. 90 mins. V20B6 $ 33.95 How To ShOOl Video Like a Pro How to eliminate mat amateur lock. Learn the key fundamentals of composition Bonus1 - How to transfer your slides and oicl home monos to video. 90 mins. V2067 $ 33.95 Continuity 4 Combining Shots Learn mow when and why to use correct panning and zooming techniques 7 key steps fa- good corftnu ty Much more V2088 S33.95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Get gre Ighting with least amount o! Equipment. Overcome backlighting Creative shooting: ntiuding mghSime v«Seo, fireworks, ana using fitters. Features neecea for sound Best ruc'conor-es Do audio dubbing a.nd mating SO mnutes V2C89 $ 33 95 Basic Editing w Consumer Gear Create productions usng consumer equpmeitt and now to ‘shoot to od t'. Which makes ed;Lng videos a snap' 90 m n V2C90 $ 33 95 Inter. Editing W Prosumer Gear Got bettor consol in editing. Learn what kind ol equipment to buy Learn ecitmg theory. Insert arc Assemble editing. Setup for best results. 90 nuns. V2091 $ 33.95 Adv. Editing w Professional Gear Techniques used by the pros. Editing tncks. Split edits, poSi-productiOn using Amigas. Toaster and mixers Time base correctors. AH rol, Time Code. Decision Lists and moro os performed m Adita's studio. 120 mn V2092 S33.95 Get any 3 tapes in the Super Videos Series V2Q93 Only $ 79-95 The Amiga Video Mew t V4039 S14.95 You will learn tips on morphing with Morph Plus and imageMasier. Image processing with Ad Dept Pro. Oesktop publishing with PageStream, word processing w:;h Final Copy It, animating with Rea! 3D, tips on DeluxePaint IV. And much, much more 55 nans. The Amiga Video Vol 2 Mew t V405B $ 19.95 Our second 'appetizer' wit give you tips on graphics and video effects using ImageFX and Dpamt IV Multimedia scrp: construction witn Hyperbook, font manipulation win Type Smith, a gusto to AMOS ar 3 more video tps. 55 mrn. Graphics Imagine 2.0: The Detail Editor Mode Simple New! Datapath's lirsi release m tho=r ’Modeling With knag-ne' senes You w i loam now to curate a scene trom start to Iirtsh. Each tool is covered in d«t»s. Discussions range = rum using the omon-skm teaiure to apply faces, grouping.- jomiVig. And tafong stee objects. To advanced Icc-cf. Yte creating objects that bond and ui>fiQ maqftetom to The Killer Graphics Training Course Killer Graphics: Brilliance V2192 $ 69.95 Learn to paint and create graphics In the now modes supported by AGA Amigas; learn to create and animate complete logos in less than 1 hour and learn to paint and animate with tips and tricks used by working professionals. Killer Graphics: DCTV V2193 S69.95 Learn to caatic logos and free-hand ad: learn io output 3D animations to videotape without single frame recorders; and learn to creale graphics for Special Event videos using DCTVs digitizer. DeluxePaint IV Video Guido V2060 $ 19.95 Explore Dpaint IV s features which will meet mosi ol your graphics and animation needs Indudes new menus, metamorphosis and HAM mode Adv. Techniques with Dpaint IV V2068 $ 19.95 Learn tips and tricks for combining Dpamt I Vs different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results. Creale 3D lexl. Drop shadows. Textures, cycle color anims & more! Codes of the items you would like to ofder (i.e. V2040, T2038, T2O35.0 lc.) Arid the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date & mail to: DevWare Video • 12520 Kirxham Ct, Suite 1-AW51 ? Poway, CA 92054 Shlpplng Handling: U.S.A.. add $ 5. Plus S1 tor each add! Unit shipped Canada add $ 7. Plus St lor each add i urtrt-call lor book shipping. Foreign: Call tor shippir-g info All Bflyrranis n ILSJumlmftL CA residents add 7 75% tax 15% restocking tee cn all returned commercial products Prices subject to change without notice Hoi responsible for typo s. A minimum ot $ 20.00 required on all credit card orders. Write your name, shipping address, daytime telephone and, i! Paying o card’s billing address. Then list the product How To Order... A full-featured CAD program Includes: Contractor's Upgrade. HomeBuilders Library 1 and DeckBuilders CAD Design and* Estimating System for- Decks. From a room addition to a cluster of condos; HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project. Features include: *20 acre drawing area.
• Accuracy to 1 60th inch. -Supports buildings over 200 stories high. *Over 300.000 layers. -Over 60 predefined doors and windows Contractor's Upgrade allows you to have up to 1000 items (instead of
450) per layout. Library 1 is a library of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. Requires 2.5MB of RAM. Original list of over $ 400! T4032 HomeBuilders’ CAD 2 Includes all of the above except Contractor’s Upgrade and Library 1. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB, with hard drive, requires 1.5MB. Original list price: $ 249.00 T204Q $ 49.95 Version 2 The inexpensive and powerful JBM VGA Emulator solution tor any Amiga! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS software on your Amiga! PC-Task runs as a task on ifs own screen-heaving your other Amiga applications free to continue to multitask. PC-Task Is a software-based emulator and, as such, Is- not as quick as a hardware bridgeboard, but Is- also hundreds ol dollar* less! Perfect for your occassional DOS needs. PC-Task even allows you to use your Amiga’s serial and parallel ports for the PC emulation! PC-Task even takes advantage of an accelerator...the faster your Amiga, the taster the emulator runs! T5072 ffiSIG HomeBuilders’ CAD Deluxe --Sale Priced! Unicorn EogcATK AL Software We made a special purchase ol these programs at a remarkable price and we're passing the savings onl All titles had original prices of $ 49.95 to $ 59.95! All About America Ages 6-11 T2041 $ 16.95 Land of the Unicorn T2042 $ 16.95 Adventures of Sinbad Ages 9-14 T2043 $ 16.95 Aesops Fables Ages 6-9 T2044 $ 16.95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9+T2045 $ 16.95 Fraction Action Ages 8+ T2046 $ 16.95 Kinderama Preschool to 1stT2047 $ 16.95 Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T2056 $ 16.95 Math Wizard Grades 1-6 T2048 $ 16.95 Read-A-Rama Kto3 T2049 $ 16.95 Read & Rhyme Ages 5-8 T2050 $ 16.95 Tales from the Arabian Nights Ages 9-14 T2051 $ 16.95 The Logic Master 10+ T2052 $ 16.95 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12 T2053 $ 16.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Ages 8-14 T2054 $ 16.95 Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2055 $ 44.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 $ 69.95 Get all 12 Unicorn Titles and Really Save!! T4051 $ 189.95 Information Manager Professional THE personal information manager for professionals who need all their Time Management concerns at their fingertips. Organize your business contacts and more with this information manager! Keeps track of all business contacls with all necessary information and history. Also branches out to Project and or Agenda databases for individual contacts. Calendar module schedules from day Io day, month to month and year to year. It tracks to do s, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and U.S. & Canadian holidays. Other modules include Reservations (tracks accommodations. Transportation and dining). Wallet. Inventory, Computer Equipment Database and World Area Code Database. All areas have online help, search, print, iconize, calculator. ™9& $ 69.95 Home Manager Professional What Information Manager does for your office, Home Manager Pro will do for the home, Address Book. Appointments. Area Codes, Contacts Database, Inventory, NotePad, To-Dos, Alarm Clock, online help and more! T4035 $ 29.95 An Introduction to the Amiga: Operating System 2.1 and 3.0 TM.only-yidePtape flvailablg.oimsinB new Amtqa&QS 3f New Release! What every new Amiga owner needs! Covers the basics, system design, basic operations, preferences, loots and utilities, tiles 4 directories, AmigaDOS & the Shell, tips and tricks and how to customize your system. Includes bonus companion disk with uiseful utilities. 90 minutes. V2196 $ 39.95 “OctaMED was already by fat ihe best MIDI and music sample sequencer about - now it's even better.' CU Amiga. OctaMED Pro is the premier music sequencing package lor the Amiga Version 5 has been completely rewritten lor Kickstart 2* (required) and features standard windows and pulldown menus for easy, familiar operation Discover what Europeans know, lave and depend upon. OctaMED doubles your Amiga's 4 channel audio capabilities to* an ear-popping eight channeis of stereo audio’ Complete and thorough online, context-sensitive manual...no more searching through manuals!!! -Standard Music Notation Display • 64 MIDI tracks ¦ Improved control over sampler and sampler effects: Unused space can be removed trom Ihe start or end ot a smample. And looping controls are easier to use than ever. Pitch Changer
• Generic Slide Function -Built-in sampling software
- AutoSave ‘Full Printing T5G51 S69.95 OctaMED Professional Manual The must-have tutorial and reterence guide T5273 $ 29.95 OctaMED Pro 5 + The OctaMED Manual TE279 $ 79.95 OctaMED Professional 4 it you only have Kickstart 1.3, this is the version (or you. Has all ol the basic features which made OctaMED a worldwide best-seller! T4001 $ 39.95 Amiga Music File Converter Pro Converts between SMUS. MED. OctaMED. Music- X and Sound-Tracker Formats. Also Music-X to MIDI. T5101 $ 29.95 AMFCP + OctaMED 5 T5102 $ 79.95 MusicLab IFS T5106 $ 39.95 Both novel and fun-simple or complex-this program allows you to take advantage of the organizational properties of fractals to produce musical sequences with substantial musical unity and cohe- siveness. Secuences can be saved as MIDI or IFF SMUS. Original List Price $ 89. Video Music Box T5io? $ 44.95 Compose musical backgrounds lor video and multi- media-quickly and easily. An almosi infinite variety ot musical secuences can be created having rock, jazz, blues or latin ‘feels' - with the large supplied library ot chord progressions and pattern templates. Saves in IFF and SMUS tile fcrmats. Piano Tutor T5093 $ 29.95 Rapidly master the basics of playing the pianol Learn to play blues, rhythm, rock. Jazz, improvisa- tionaHall ol which are the basts tor modern music. Piano Tutor is a structured, rhythmic system of learning how to play true keyboard. Requires sequencer capable of reading standard MIDI files. Mozart’s Music Master T5094 $ 39.95 Makes music reading and learning theory easy! Mozart's Music Master has scored rave reviews from music major graduate students. With this new program you can: -Learn interval shape recognition. This also can be a timed or scored activity.
- Learn interval ear training -Learn to identity scales using a graphic representation. -Includes a bonus feature! Music Tutor allows you to access music terms and identify symbols using its music terms database. Add your own terms to the database with the built-in text processor! Tim sets his sights on helping you input video cheaply, achieve better graphics, and adjust HELP KEY BY TIM WALSH your monitor. Video-Out Video-In
Q. I it sc the composite-video-out jack on my Amiga 12(H) to record my animations to videotape. What is the (east expensive way to accomplish the opposite bringing segments of video into my Amiga? I have a 68030 accelerator, IOMB of RAM, and assorted graphics software. Mike Rozack.Jr. Brunswick Hills, Ohio
A. If you're content with the quality of composite-video output, and seek similar-quality composite input to the A1200, DCTV (Digital Creations) is one of the best choices. Your video equipment (camcorder or YTR) must be able to perform a “video still” so that DCTIY can digitize a video frame. While not as slick as a full-blown video digitizing system. DC IV is a good choice for low budgets that can’t handle investment in a genlock, TBC, or other video-input components. I (you find the DCTV signals a little too crude for professional applications, and have an A2000, A3000, or A4000 at your disposal, a Ylab board ($ 599) from MacroSystemUS is another inexpensive alternative for flowing video into your Amiga. Designed specifically for composite-video input, this remarkable board grabs frames from video devices without the need for a 'TBC. An S-Video-compatible version of die board made its debut late last year. 24-Bit Displays
Q. I own an Amiga 3000 and plan to purchase an Ad000 and 24-bit graphics card in the near future. In reading all the advertisements and reviews, I'm not sure which is best. Why are they decreasing in price so rapidly? What are the advantages
o f the Retina 73 over the original Retina, and are (here compatibility problems? James R. Franklin Alexandria, I iminia O
A. Selecting a 24-bit display board depends largely on your needs, and, to a lesser extent, your current inventory of existing software. The professional artist looking to create artwork might not look for the same features in a display card as, say, a videographer. I’ve used virtually all the 124-hit display cards as they became available, and my favorite is the Picasso (Expert Services), simply because its R I G (Re- targettablc Graphics) make it so transparent in daily operation. I’ve heard that certain 3-1) sof tware packages fumble in some Picasso screen modes when redrawing the screen, but I never
o 7 experienced these problems. For rapid viewing of 24-bit graphics, another long-time favorite of mine, Firecracker 24 (Impulse), can’t be beat. While it requires a separate monitor, its superior RGB display makes it worth the additional small investment. If you plan to create or manipulate 24-bit graphics, you’ll want a 24-bit paint program to complement the hardware. The upcoming 2.0 EGS- SpectraPaint software for the EGS- Spectrum 24 28 shows promise as the definitive 24-bit paint program. TV Paint, which accompanies both Picasso and the Retina (MacroSystem- ' J US), is another good 24-bit paint program, While not as option-laden (or as fast) as Brilliance or Dpaint, it’s needed for working in a 24-bit environment. The economics of supply and demand and advancements in techno log)* have combined to lower the prices of display boards. Expect to see prices tumble even further. Finally, the Retina 723 for die A3000 A4000 takes advantage ofZorro- '3 32-bit architecture. 1942 and Super 72
Q. Adjusting the Commodore 1942 monitor connected to my A 1200 isn 't easy. Following the instructions in the “ReadMe’' file oil the accompanying 1942 Set-up dish, I could center and adjust even available screen mode except Super 72. When I tn to adjust Super 72 mode, the monitor's screen stretches horizontally, and starts generating electronic noise. Can I fix this problem ? On a related note, after I save the settings made with the Overscan editor found in Preferences, some display modes need further adjustments. The problem is if you adjust one mode so that it displays just peifeclly, (he other modes are slightly askew. What's the best way to adjust the screen modes using the Overscan editor and the 1942 set-up software? Dr. James C. Kinard Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
A. It’s not the dimensions of Super 72 display modes (typically 400x300) that the 1942 does not support; it’s the scan rates (71 Hz, 23.21 kHz). The freely distributable program, Moned version 2C by Raul A. Sobon. Will let you fiddle with scan-rate adjustments to display Super 72 mode, but be aware that you risk damaging your monitor. To its credit, the 1942 supports a wide range of display modes, including a number of the high-resolution modes generated by 24-bit graphics cards. Using Screen Mode from Preferences, select Double NTSC Hi-Kes, No Flicker Mode. Now, via the Overscan editor, set a screen size of 720x447 with about 1 4-inch of space around the left and right fringes of the monitor. Once you make similar adjustments on your A1200, you may find software that normally displays on the public screens will look fine. I’ve discovered that older software that uses custom low-resolulion screens has a tendency to be skewed towards the j right-hand side of the screen. These screens aren't affected by the Overscan settings, but they are affected by the adjustments made with the 1942’s Horizontal Phase knob during tuning with the 1942 set-up software. Just turn the knob counterclockwise to correct this problem. Remember to reset it when you return to the Workbench. ¦ We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines Find oul why these magazines choose us! The tirst two letters on each disk indicate the orientation ot the disk. WE* general inieresi most programs can bo run bom the workbench, FD* games and entertainment. VO* are video related programs utilities and DD«f jdvancoo- reguires thorough knowledge o1 AmigaDOS'CLI. Thanhs lo our extensive arsenal of ami virus software, ALL ot our software is guaranteed virus tree1 Best Seller! WB141A8CD: Amiga Verse Search The Authorized i&n King James Bibto...online' Complete crossfoferencmg to aft words is included. Finns on all Arnigas with 1MB OT RAM and 2 dttvns. Requires Wbl 3*. Newest Disks WB144: Molecule CPK renders space tiling representations o atoms ana molecules Hep's W33 0- 4 Ha'd crrv * WB143. VlewTek THE definitive a splay ufety Versions neluded ter Amiga. DCTV EGS. FC24 Picasso. Opalvis on fiour.i. IV24 Also includes new MakeAmm? Utility WB142 JCGraph A DeautrfU g'iiphtc package p a char!s, 3D marts O! All typos exports EPS. Iff 4 Draw20C0 tornats' WB14I: Big Dummies Guido lo the Internet An interactive AmigaGyide to in* intprmation highway and hew to tap T WB140. Mr. Backup A powerful hard dev* backup ut iity with full tape-drive support Formally commercial! Req WB2* WB139: MIDI Performance Manager Ut iity to manage a MIDI symnesizer ano omer MiCI equipment. Requ res WB 2* WB138: 3 0 Extras 2- Anathe-disk chotsed fe O' ul tras 10 unleash the power ot Worvberch 3 0 and AGA' WB137 The Arexx Guide ¦ F j i AmgaGu do pne ) document to leach you Armii1'1 T-p tiled witn easy x-referoncing1 WB136 Terminus WB2 0» Modunt Term nal program tut featured. Sa:pis screennodes Qvfrfscan etc WB135: 3 0 Extras *1 13- utirtws tor WB 3 0 Several must- haves to' getting the mosr out ot your new graphics modes1 FD94: Scorched Tanks * competeiy updated ar.o compatcfe witn AGA 3 01 60 Citterent ways 10 D Cw each Other away An outstanding game ot angles, Trajectories 4 unique arsenals1 FD93: Mega Ball AGA - This s ne one you've been waiting tor' Updated to knock your socks eft' THE bust p d game tor the Ar-iga Rep s WB2* A tM0 RAM Snow o't that AG A' FD92: Blast cm contains Scorch.ed Tanks a tarn barflo with tuturstic weapons defenses 5 ‘Q'uai' graphics Gaactoc is a GalaiiarvSpace Invaders game completely Amiga t zed FD9t: Popcye A c one ot the original C 64 class-c -Amiga style witn ennancea graphics Reouites 1MB enp RAM for PAL mode FD90- Conquest 4 Dominion ¦ Conquer the known wOrfd and martam dominion over it~a rr.crocosm ot econo mo survival. FD89: Kasife Kumquat ¦ A thoroughly entenarurg and chai- eng ng maze advert!uro game Great soundtrack and gnashes Req's 1MB Ch'p RAM (for PAL mode) FD83: AmyBouldordash a clone ot the original clarsic extremely wt- done complete with level efl.tor 2 complete sets ot levels and a level editor Requires Workbench 2* FDB7: OXYD- A commercuil quatoy game-• stmilar lo Marble Madness m nany ways. Out allows two computers to i nk 4 play together...see how many or the 2C0 landscapes you can complete without having to ge: the hint book1 FD86: Uchess: The strangest pfey.ng Chess program ava I- aoie ter me Amiga period Req 66030*. Workbench2* 4M0 RAM or more Supports AGA |req 6M8) DD92; Developer Contains the ctticral Commodore developers kits tor me AmigaGuide and Commodore Install Utilities a mjsi nave tor all serious dove cpers Fun Disks FD6 GAMES! ThtS O'Sk S ChoCk lull Ol games including Checkers. Clue. Gold A now slide the pieces puzzle Jeopard An enhanced version ct Risk, RushHour - Surpns-rg y accreting. And SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Comsat-Tanks and asteroids FD7: Pacman - This disk contains several pacnan type games including. PacMan87. MazeMan and Zonur FD10: HackLile A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classu; This is the 2nd release of this game Great graphic interface Piay time several weeks' FD11: Las Vcgos and Card Games Las Vegas Craps The Dost Las Vegas Craps simulation every wr iter! For any com purer Contains extensive HELP features Also Thirty- One.V eeoPoMif ard more FD12AB; Star Trek. The Game Thu s by tar the best Star Trek game ever written lar any computer It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and great game- play Counts as 2 disks Rea iMo ana two drives tor ha) FD13: Board Games - contains Monopoly. Domroes. Parana ds ard others DD63t IBM ¦ Not one. Bul TWO IBM emulators that w«l jitlow the running ol M&DOS software with Amiga pro- gramaf'l Comes complete- win progrqma TO turn your Am*gn floppy drives Into 720K IBM compmtekj drives. Afco. Cftee* out our PC-Task emulator on our D-ivWare Video page! FD17: Educational Games ¦ This d.sk includes several games tor youngsters in eluding geography, math, scenes, and word games, atso includes Wheel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Gamas - MecfiFcrce; A game that simulates ccmsat between two or mere giant robots Simple words Can't begin |o give you Ihe feel o! Piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, tire 0iea*hmg, eanh shaking colossus that obey? Your every whim FD27: Arcade Games This disk is loaded with some gruat games Includes Haceorama a great racing car game w in ten different courses. MimBlasI a nolicopfer gunship typo clone, Snark m The same class as froggttr. And Sbreakout me original breasou! With more. FD31: Games! - An Traffic Control • a good ATC simulation, B ack Jack Lab - a full teaiured set of card games. ChessTel - Check out our DevWare Video ad for order info, or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-07591 $ 3.95" ca. 20-29 Disks
54. 45 ea. 11-19 Disks Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! $ 5.95 o«t. Serving the Amiga community since 19851 mo Disks Public Domain Library GUARANTEE - We believe so Strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee No questions asked. Play chess with yojr friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrinth - a well done text adventure game (like an intocom game), and McoseTrap - a 3d maze game FD32: Flight Simulator ¦ An instrument simu'a’.or tor a DclO. FP33i Arcade Games • Flreddy a Mario Brothers type of game Gerbiis a tatget practice game, PipeLmo a German interpretaUxi ol P pe Dreams, frcn a light cycles vers on add WidrodS a wonderful version ot astero-ds with a hilarious twist FD38 Games Cribbage Master • A gr«tt cobage game and tutor. Spades • a well done card came. ChifieseCheCketS - A comauter version o! Tn s classic. Puzz - a si da piece puzzle game and construction set WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This set contains trie programs lhai should have been included with Y2&2- These powerful utilities take Tull advantage of tie many now capebdmes that are avadabie m Workbench 2- tndudes Too Manager ¦ a wonderful utility to odd programs to your TOOL menu, Virus Protection • Oegrad«r. Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show AH' to display over so oittmcl icons lor different types ot liies. Bitmap Font Editor, Screen Blanker? At* Iractals and splineis and swarming bees' Requester Enhancers and CPUBlit Two disk sol counts os two FD39A4B: Star Trek, The New Generation ¦ Th* is a com D'etc-iy different version c! Sta- Tres than nart "Ound on Fdt2 This one was e'eated by the German author Tobias Excellent1" Counts as two disks Requires 512k FD50: Submarine Game Seaianco. One and a njit years m the making this is an outstanding Submarine tact cat game Commercial Qualify, h-ghly retommunc*id FD57: Arcade Games • Includes 2 truly commercial quality games Mega Bail, an Arhano>0 ish game features 5 muscat scores and addict ng gamepay Gray ty Attack is a psychadel lit trip through several difterent worlds each afferent FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon III is an a most exact c one o! The commercial game c! Toe same name a great snootemup Crossword wi I take lists ot wo'ds 4 automat tally generate wed-searen DJZZles tor any Epson compatible pr.nter FD60: Gomes In Nebula, race over a 30 world to destroy enemy installations Interteron. A great Dr Mano Clone Engma is rt a gxme or puzzle7 FDG1: Gomes SoHaee. Greal graon cs. Pioy? Two vors on? Kiido an interest ng pecu ot eye candy E*t*eme Vcience. 2 player M o- be *.i led game YATC A Tefrs done with A't '-ca imolligenco Genesis; create realistic 3d fractal worlds FD62: PomPom Gunner. An ettreme y snootn and we I cone Wbrid W.v H gunner s-mulawn Req i megabyte o! Me~ory FD67: Arcade Includes Llarratron a wei -done RoDOtron clone Hate is a ‘ternfc* Zancr done with multiple level?world5 and smcoih diagonal scrolling, a 10' FD69: MindGamcs Had enougn qt stijoi em up games7 Relax and let these 21 games exercise yaur mmd instead of your wnst FD73: Arcade Series - intruder Aierf >s a MULTMevei 'Berserk' ctone Features Smooth gameplay, great graphncs 4 ctginzod sound t» FD74; Arcade Series ¦ H ngWar >S an 'Duter L m ts' done with vector zed graphics. MotherLOde >S a 'LOde Runner' cone with 50 le.els1 in Bl tzTanks, they're comrg at you horn all erections" Call in a r strikes and use ycor heavy at .lery to Survive1 FD75: Arcade Scries ¦ Descender is a Cone of the classic arcade game 'Tempest’, compete with vectorized graphics Tan* is the classic battle of trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well cone1 Search is a maze game un ko any other included is a level editor too. (Tan* teou res t meg chip meirory-Fat Agnus) FD77r Arcade Scries Galaga 92 is a clone o! The arcade game wth several gam*p'ay enhancements-w.tn smooootn sharp graphics, it's better than the org ral' Pharaohs Curse is a done of me ong.nai CG4 classic D-p'omacy is a beautifully comoutefizeo version of the Avalon H ll bca'd game--conquer or bo conquered' The Amiga World "Best-Of" Set FOS5ABCD: AMIGAWorfd's Best - Those (our chakfl contain the hot fa ft p'd gamoe qt '92' Includes Mother Lode Marla. Mineheid. Poing. Intruder Alert, Deluxe PacMnn. Ftocky and Super Aniliery (eeo Dec. '92 AmlgaWorfd) Four disk seL counts as inme. F061: SuperGamos ¦ Some of best games Donkey Kong is better tnan the original with an extra lever Frantic Freddie and TraiiBiazer are both fast-paced arcade games Mad Bomber ? Tne classic game ot 'Kaboorn* redone win an Amiga flaro All ct these games are excellent' FD82 Intrepid In inn Arctic qu, you con-rpl a tank on a m-s- son to roscuu hostages in mis superbly crafted Am ga original FDB4: Games! Deluxe PacMan is bi-lte-than the ong nal-- 20- mazes, spatial 'powL*r-ups' with OLStandtng graphics Th nkAmarua is the dassc game of concentration with beauti- fully drawn H Res images Workbench Disks WB4:Telocomrnunic.Hion Thts C sk contains several excellent pd commurjcation p'og-ams Access 1 42, Comm 1 34 4 Handshake 2 12a See also WB1Q2 4 WB115 WB5: Fonts *1-35 bitmap toms Also included arc* live PageStream tonts.and ShowFont - a lont display program WB6: Fonts m2 - ShowForn a.lows you to quickly and pa>nlessfy view ail 256 characters in a typical lonl Includes largo AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 56ptS). WB7: Clip Art ¦ This disk 5 loaded with back and whto cap art Art includes, hoes, watches, loo's. US arc State maps, and more. I WB9: Icons Truly a multitude ot various types and kinds Also includes IconM ester, IconLab and others great uni ties lo help goner,nij icons V B12: Disk Utilities This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities tor everything including making dish labels d sk cata logmg, d 5k optimizing disk and fiie recovery archive and organizing. And all sons ol file manipulation A must have1 WB13AB: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 afferent drivers (inctud ng HP LaserJet 3 4 4'), also includes a printaf- dnver generator ' wo d sk sat counts as two V B15: Business - This o-sk contains a spreadsheet, n datflbase. A p'Ojed time management p'ogiam and Imanqial analysis (stocks) WB1B: Word Text Processors This d sk contains tho best (Klitors Includes,TexiRlus (;2 2e) a full featured ward procus sor. Dn;e(v1 35l a great programmers editor with strong macro features.TexED(v2.B) an enhanced Emacs type editor, ano a spell checker VJB22: Fonts *3 - Several more great fonts. These. I ke the other font diiks worn great With Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors VJB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot, a 3-D mathematical function p otter Can plot any user del ned function, BtrzSurt2 - produce awesome pictures ot objects one could tsrn on a lathe Can also m.io iFF image fies onto any surface that 4 can draw Now compat.bie w th most 3D packages and ' Screen - makes a v.rtua1 screen anywhere WB25:Educabonal - On this d sk ore two programs mat can generate maps c! Dhermg types Wottd Data Base uses me CIA’s data case to generate beta ed maps of any ente-ed user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration of A'bert Emsien General Theory ct Relativity. VVB27: Hagoi ¦ 26 Patrick Nagel p ctures of beautiful women WB33 Circuit Board Design - several ten tic routines fat the uiectronc wnthus au. Indudng PCBtool ¦ a orcu t boara design tool LogicLnb circuit fogrc tester, jr.d Mead (t 25) a well cone new release c! This PD CAD program, now comes witn predrawn common circuit components lor insert,on into schematics V B35: 30 Graphics - This disk contams 3Font? FlII vector tun: set for use witn 3d programs FortlMaker - make 3d fonts Irom any system tent. Ma*e3D5h3pe ¦ create 3d shapes from any image. DumptoiFF - create 3d an "rations preserves 03“ let, Worid3d - a demo o' a 'ronl end to' use with DKERender W036: Graphics On this dr$ k are several prograns to create Hunr. Ng gr.ipneal images nciud ng Mrath ¦ creates swirling gj'axy images. Roses - proJuce an untirrtfled number of vana- tons of images (fat .1 symmetrically similar ia a rose. SutiGen Cisplay tnoso spx-ctacuiar ir.agn as part c! Your workbench, and FtayShade a very g-jod faytrac ng D'ogram. Create your cwn beautlul 3d graotnc models wth this one1 WB37: Educational Educnr onal games and puzzles that cover math, geog’aphy. Soeimg. Arc pooks Ages 6 15 WB33: Plotting and Graphics - Pto'xy s a powerful fu ¦ featured plotting package Used by many colleges and universi- t es Highly recommenaed Plans - a incredibly well cone Computer A aeo Drafting program, very full featured Tesseia'or - a program mat helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M C Ecsher type opturos V B41: Music MED an uvcredbly well cone, tull 'uatured nu&C edilo? Create you' own stunn rg music 0 'act y on your toe Arnga Sim lar to Sound Tracker Du! Better Very powerful easy to use program. Version 3 20-compatible w th WB2- WB43: Business This dsk contans Analjrt.Cac - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga A full featured spreadsheet w th many features expected in a commercial package Req t 2 M3 Special Product *New Release!! OT3: The A64 Package Version 3 • A vary complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with WB1.3 S 2.0 and now 3.0! This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64 s 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. All-new transfer software! Special price S59.95 -with hardware. V B46. Clip Art H ghRes cl p af! With toe follow rg motils t-mbell shmeats (barbers, dodacs . ). Peop'e. 4 transportation WB47: Clip An Hires c!*D arf Mot *S f air, drafting, summer, amrnals and m.ic'cod WB43: Clip Art Hires clip art Mctits - Holidays, rrusc -red cai. Ar-q m.sc WBS3; Grapnics Ray' ac.ng programs generate aosc ute y stunning reaksbC isctong pla-es. Rcckets buildmgs . . Ana surreal images C-L gm is the most powerful EASY-TC-USE ct it s kmd we have seen to date Tn $ 15 easily better, and mere tjii featured, in,in s rmiar cpmmerc.-ai crograms costing in me hundreds ct dollars. Afso. Smovte ¦ a full featured video text ttfer similar to ProVrdec, Broadcast Tilfer Great video scroti ng. W [>-5. Speci.i 0Meets, ano man- V B54 Priming Tms 0 sk contains several rouiines to noip with the chare at print ng nciudes Gothic - Finally a Banner pr.nter tor the PD1 Pr.rtStudib -a well implemented a'l-purpose pr nter utilify w tn a very ccmtonaoie grapnic interface and nary advanced features. L'a ¦ -wiri ease, print ASCII f es to a PostScript printer and mqre WB55: Application Xcopylll ¦ a fell leatu'ed disk cobfer. Rnase backups ot copy profecfed disks RoadRoute - t nd the cu ckes! Route 'ram ore cry to another highway description included Diary ¦ c ary program like Dougy Houser M D', Cai
- a calendar program. Magman a database tailored for articles and pubscatons V B57: Animation • This d sk has several 'Demo' Hylo an:- nations. Including Blitter. Lolly, Sur.5 vertigo, vortex, and »eno morph WB62: Midi Utilities Severa use'u' m q. uM tfeS r-ducnc. Programs to Iranster to and from several music programs to nidi. 3 m.p syse* handier, 3 m.q, reccrde' with t rnebase, display midi mto. Hie sequence player, and a few scores V B63: Disk Ulilltlas *3 ¦ Seve'at highly recOmrrer>aed pro grams to a d in remov.ng duplicate tiles Irom your hard drive, performing Me oacxups. Binary editing, fast formatting, life recovery, and forced dsk valdation ot corrupt disks. WD&6: Icons *2 Lot's of ne.it icons Also several wonderful programs that to let you ceate your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and mto structures WB69: Music • 90 minutes ct classical and modern electronic nusic ter you Amiga. WB75: Music over ICO instruments tiles ( mst) ard sample sound fifes ( ss) V B79: Home 4 Business Accounting • includes C*.dacct He most complete checkbook accounting program going. LCDCalc this well done cncu'ator has a very targe display and Operates trom the keyboard Or mouse. Mileage master monitor youi automobile mileage with this m.loago log. Grammar • a grammar checker, and World! Me - find out what lime it is m up to 50 global ot.es W8119ABCDE: Font Set Thfa asllectwn contains over fOO typbtaow (or ubp with Professional PiVja T’ogeSettor 3+ or PfKjeStraam 2 t These fonts will output lo any I riser pnnt-
• >r or dol-matrlv printer with no joggos. Thanks to outkne fonts Very pro fooWng. 5 disk set, counts as -f, WBB1: Groat Applications DataEasy a very easy to use, database program Don t let the ease of use fool you. This 5 3 very toil featured database program including full printer control for address labels and mail merge appications Also includes, TypoTuI a gooO typing tutor. RLC a fu I featured label printer, Banner, a muih-tont banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program H ghty tecommended WB82 Animations • Four full length, we'I done 'movie' styfe animations Including, Coyote, Jugglerll, GhostPcOl, & Meehan x 2 disks, counts as V WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras *2 Conta ns the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Am ga. Vi'usX4 0. Snap, FixQisk (recover corrupt.deleted files), Disk Optimizer It loppy 4 hard). Machltl (SCfeen banker, hotkey, mouse accel., macro, cfec* utility). Gof.tF (a gurufcusferianc PrintStudio. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 • Definitely commerciat giade: we've seen many checkbook prc-arams and tfes >s tne best Fun budgeting, transact on record ng 4 report generation WB96: Oupcrs - Contains XcopylH 4 N b wnich will backup copy protected programs FrcuCcpy removes copy protect.on from several programs and SuperOuper will crank-out last AmgaDOS copres Wbl02: Telecommunications Conta ns me programs Ncomm 2 0 and VT103-29B 2modem p-atccois. Xrr protocol suppcn. Fen VT10O emulation Ncomm's scrpt language is so powerful it can create a fell-feaiisred BBS system. Wbl OS: Heme Manager This is a great all-in-one address bock wnh an auiod afennorepad to-do iist'aopontment schsd uier'hotno inventory database ano pnone number dialer Wbl OS- OctaMED Ths breakthrough p'ogram ooubfes your Am.ga s sound capabi t es Irom 4 channels to .in ear-popping 8 channels’ An tne renound t-o t ng capabu tms ot MED plus a more channels' It you though! Your Am ga sounded good before, yoj ami heard nothin' yet' Wbl09: VerseWise - Display search and print Tho New T estament. Wbl 13: Sid II Why pay 40 bucks !pr a directory unSty. When this one will Co it all ptus much mere1 a tuty profesS'Ona!-cal- 'der p’ogram S d 1 was our cost, row completely rewritten. Sd 2 w 11 astound you Wbl 14: Fonts *4 Contains 36 bitmap system tents WB J15: Telecommunication If you have AmigaDOS 2 04* and a modem then tfirs is THE program tor you Term lOUSy conforms to tne User Interface Style 3u oe tor 2 04, has an Are*x part and suoports alt popular tiie-transtef profoco s tnrougn XPR i.pranes We wis-n all programs were this good Wbl 16: Databases - Tnis 15 whs? You've been waiting tar' Contams 5 -mqueiy specialized database programs ‘C’ tracking Videotapes. CD’s. Magazine Arfc'es. Come Books and Tradng Cards' WB120: Grinder - a comp ete gtapnqs conversion package that supports GIF's Jpeg Neochrome. Degas. PCX. Targa. TIFF HAM E and IFF format p ctures An invaluable tool tor a'i deskrcp-vidsographirrs and desktop publishers Wbl 18: Amiga Beginner ¦ You lor ill A complele tufpriai to* 'be begJnn« on ufeng me Amiga Sans you off af the ppw-if-switch and taku* you mrough to the CUSbflfi and s ' pointa in between Sonus' Aisc incJudad are ;6- color icor-s 10 replace* e-ecy -jxt. In your 2 0* Wsrtoencb WB121: ProPage3 4 Enhancer - This dsk contains uver 40 'Genies' lor use w.th ProPage 3*. Including useful ores ! Ke Make P e Chart arq Rqs zo Text ;o *t Eo> to name a few A so .includes sl'ucJured 4 bitmao cl parf fer un que borqe'S a ItfaSf have to- an Ppage 3 users WB122: System Optimizer Kcommodrfy enhances your system gves memory meters, mouse keybcarb enhancements. Oniire timers plus many others, .too numerous to list' Reorg will optim.ze hard arc ficppy-drsks to: a bg speed ¦ncrt-ase. HDMem w I al o* you to use up to 2 megs ot hard- drrve space tor virtual memory1 [Req. 68020* w MMU) All programs require 2 0- WB123AB: Flags of the World same as WB124, but for Workbench 1 3 Req IMS 2 dsk set counts as two WB124: Flags of the World Two mode? Dxpk and earn or a game to lest your knowledge G*ea! Graah cs -tantast c feammg tool Has current Russia 4 Yugoslavia republics Req Workbench 2 0- A 1MB RAM WB127; Blankers - Over 20 different screen Clarke's Most :un cn Workbencb 1.3* a few rt-qu re 7 0* WB128: ColorFonts * contans 12 coor btmap toms for use wth Dpain* cr any software that supports CoiCfFontS WB129: Super Virus Killer - Frcm Safe Hex lr‘1. V.ho catalogs ana kJls Amiga v ruses wortfiMde-a -cmpfete virus system that knews al Am ga viruses . Ucxdaied cften Reg. WB 2> WB130: TcolManger 2 • The u t mate tool manager for yOuf Workbench Add animated cons, sound etfects and 'docks' Qt programs to your WB very useful' Req 2.0* ana hard drive WB131: Magic Workbench Make your 2.04* Workbench sizzle with style with these 8-cotor d the-ed icons Easy auto installs in minutes Req s WB2 04* and hard drive WB132: Canon Studio Version 2 - Special printer Preferences editor and drivers far 3JC 600. ECO i 830. LBP. At A2, 0JC 8CC. 3J =. 10. 20. 2C0, 230. 300, 130. WB133: Panasonic Studio - Specs' printer p-eferences eci- tor and driver system to* a'l Panasonic 9 4 24-pm printers WB134: 3.0 AGA Blanker • B ilzB arker for WB3.0 - 14 d,f. Lereni Qianxers to really Show ct! Your AGA machine1 Dev Disks DD54: Compression The Qes! Fife compression programs and ads tor the Amiga Includes Arc Lharc Lhwarp. Pkax. PowerPacker a must have by all, Zip Warp, and Zoo DD71AB: C Compiler This 0 sk contains DICE. Matthew Dillon s lull featured, powerful C compiler 4 environment. 2 disks, counts as 2 DD79abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial - Tms is the most comprehensive C largua-ge-'Am.ga or,ertfed--set ot tutorials available Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible sal of lessons. Included are fel discussions ano examples tor Amiga programmmg. 4 disk set. Counts as 3 DDS6. The ProgIBMrrier - inc udes GadToois and REGTcots which will aitow you to create your user interfaces and then the program will automatically generate 'C source code or Assemblv-ccde Hequ res, and wr.tes cede ton AmgaDOS2-. DD89: Uedrt Prcaably the most powerful text ebior for the Am.ga. Previously commercial, now publ.-c dcmarn t MB DD9t: ParBench A lows you to easly corrrect'network two Am gas'CDTVs together and share storage devices. Req's custom cable (docs to make cable mduded-easy) DD90: Advanced Utilities CompreSSOisk doubles tho capaoty ot )Qyr hard drive on the fly win compression1" Also contains: disk optimizer. SCSI mount utility, Koymap editors, Enforcer Undelaler 4 more Most programs requite 2.0* Video Disks V09: Imaging - Included on this disk are The me spensiole utilities. Rerd24. ViewTek and the JPEG utilities. Rend24 *s invaluable tor 24-bit animators allow rg tor previews or AGA and non-AGA Amiga5 ViewTek plays bock gnims ot all sorts mpiudihg An n 5. 7 and 3 rcrmats. Circle 14 on Reader Service card InfoMarket Better Concepts. Inc !OMS oc MORE! EXTKATTT ea>c gimca EXTRATTT Qwikforms CD-ROM AMIGA HAR DWARE, PD SOFTWARE, CD Ri AMIGA 1 200 W 1 O DISK BONUS TACK INCLUDES AGA GAMES, UTILITIES 8c MORE! $ 369 MONTHLY SPECIALS CD32 w Pinball Fantasies fie SLEEPWALKER $ 399 A4000 040 WITH NO HARD DRIVE 6t 10 DISK BONUS PACK $ 1 899 AMIGA 2BTN MOUSE $ 1 5 ICD ADRAM 540 W OK (INTERNAL MEM FOR A500J ONLY SB7 THE BUG JOYSTICK $ 1 9 ROCTEC EXT. DRIVE $ 78 EXT. HIGHDEN DRIVE 2X‘ SYSTEMS ONLY S I 59 BLANK 80OC 3.5" DISKS ONLY $ 35 PER 1 OO CALL FOR MORE! CD32 w Pinball Fantasies, Sleepwalker 8c liberation $ 429 A4 000 040 WITH 340MB HD 8c 1 O DISK BONUS PACK $ 2259 AMIGA 1200 W 120MB HARD DRIVE 3c 10 DISK BONUS PACK! $ 6 59 SEXUAL FANTASIES™ FIRST OF ITS KIND ! AN XXX ADULTS CD FOR AMIGA ONLY! 600MB OF COLOR HAM PICTURES flr ANIMATIONS! HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT! FOR ALL AMIGAS, CD32 3c CDTV $ 59.95 Qwikforms CD -130 forms and layouts for PageStream-pIus every product that we have ever made for the ST and Amiga on one CD ROM disc, and more. A total of 5392 images in both IMG and IFF-ILBM format, 722 EPS (Illustrator) images, and 557 Type 1 fonts (with AFM files for PageStream 2.2 and newer). Plus 700 business letters in ascii TXT format, 196 GIF images. 143 DMF fonts, 112 templates for Amiga spreadsheets, utilities, classics, and a few surprises for a total of 18,281 files and 274,011,332 mb (equal to 342 800k floppy disks). ISO 9660 format. $ 59.95 CD ROM TITLES 1 7 BIT 2CD COLLECTION $ 31.96 17 BIT CONTINUATION CD $ 17.95 DEMO CD 1 OR II $ 2 1 .95 CD PD t, II. OR III $ 21,95 LOCK -N- LOAD $ 16.95 LATEST AMINET CD $ 14.95 LATEST FRED FISH CD $ 1 8.9 5 CLIP ART FONTS CD $ 29.95
205. 00 205 ¦110 1x8- 70. SO SIMM
45. 00 90 ISO 360 4x8- 70, 80 SIMM
155. 00 155 31!) 2x32- 60 SIMM
339. 00 339 4x32 - 70. SO SIMM
689. 00 .. . 1x32 • 70 SIMM
159. 00 159 318 1x32 -60 SIMM
169. 00 169 338 256x4 70 PG ZIP
6. 50 104 20S 384 256x4 -70 PG DIP
6. 50 10-1 20S 384 1 x4 - 80 PC ZIP 24 no 06 192 384 1x4-70 SC ZIP
25. (X) 200 400 1x4-80 SC .IP
24. 00 192 376 ADD $ 5 SHIPPING. CALL FOR LARGER ORDERS. WE CARRY ALMOST ANYTHING FOR YOUR AMIGA! WE ARE ALSO KING OF PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE & HAVE 1 OOOS OF DISKS FOR AS LITTLE AS UNDER $ 1! OUR CD ROM SELECTIONS ARE ALSO THE BEST! WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! YOU CAN SHOP ANY COMPETITORS ADD. WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WANT, CALL US 8c WELL GET IT TO YOU FOR LESS! GUARANTEED! CALL WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG. OR SEND S3 FOR A FULL DESCRIPTIVE CATALOG. DISK BASED CATALOG 6c SAMPLE DISK FROM OUR HUGE COLLECTION! Better Concepts, Inc. , . _ 10 Mandon Terrace »-914*H-S*9S !«*• Xew City, NY 109S » l-9l4-fc34-7 *97 Fax CALL NOW TO ORDER! 1-800-25AMIGA A1200 Cluck 35 1.76 Mh Floppy Dr Call A1200 IDE Cable ..12 External Floppy Disk Dr Call A1200 Y Cable . 20 2.5" IDE45Mb Hard Dr ..129 M68882 25 fpu 59 2.5“ IDE 240Mb Hard DrCall M68882 33 fpu ......129 Arnica Optical Mouse ....39 M688882 40 pga ...129 Analog Joystick...... 22 PCMCIA ....Call Pyramid Midi Interface ..49 2 05 Kickstan Rom .35 A MAX IV .319 GVP Image l-X .....179 GVP 1230 Turbo Call ORDERS only: 800-735-2633 [CPI)] INFO & TECH: 408-899-2040 I“ncr* A-iiUbillO o[ Product* Fax: 408-89W760 BBS: 108-625-6580 Subject to i:h»ngr Without Notice Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. Circle 151 On Reader Service Card V“ AMIGA AND COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES AMIGA Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround, extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. For every piece of equipment repaired and returned to our customers, we wil include your choice of the following FREE:
• A Commodore or Amiga diagnostic diskette (Si0.00 value).
• A Commodore Diagnostician or Amiga Troubleshooter ($ 10.00 value) SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Between now and July 15th. Every customer who sends us their Amiga for repair has the option to purchase "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" software for the low price of S10.95, while supplies last. USING OUR SERVICE IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3 FOR FAST REPAIR CALL 1-800-426-8693 HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MON.-FRI. COST OF SERVICES* AMIGA COMMODORE FLAT RATE LABOR FLAT RATE LABOR A 500 $ 55 00 C64 S25.00 A2000 $ 8500 C128 $ 45 00 A 3000 CALL 1541 $ 30 00 A 4 000 CALL 1571 S35 00
* PLUS UPS SHIPPING COTV $ 60 00 CALL FOR OTHER ITEMS WE SERVICE GLOBAL UPGRADES. INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET, SUFFERN, N.Y .10901 914-357-2424 • FAX: 914-357-6243 TRANSDATA SYSTEMS "Your One Stop Amiga Store‘ (Authorized Commodore Amiga Dealer) InfoMarket NORTHWGST PUBLIC DOMAIN CD 32 NEW . ..$ 395 FASTLANE Z3 ... .....$ 485 TBC Plus(GVP) .. ..$ 770 PCMCIA 1MB (w. Baft)... ...SI 70 TBC IV ... ..$ 835 DKB 1202 (A 1 200).,.. ..$ 149 Studio 16 .....$ 1160 DISTANT SUN 5.0 . .....$ 57 Kitchen Sync .$ 1280 Pagestream 3.0 ...... .....$ 229 A40008 SCSI(GVP) . .$ 159 Gigamem ....$ 89 A500-HD8 + 0 12G(A500) .$ 425 K B A2000.,,, ...... ....$ 59 G-FORCE-040 33 4(A2000)$ 1100 A1000 Printer Cable .... ....$ 24 G-RDRCE-40 41A4000)...... $ 1581 Desktop Budget .... ....$ 47 Al 291 SCSI Kit(Al 200)... ....$ 99 C Net 3.0 ... ..$ 125 Al 230 AD or 50 Z Al 200).....S504 7Q5 Top FORM ... ....$ 39 DSS8 + (Sound Digitizer) .. ....$ 84 Home Front ...$ 39 Supra Turbo 28 (A500 A2000 $ 150 Profill Vol 2 3 ...$ 29 Supra 500 RX(1 Meg A500)$ 169 Scenery Animator ....$ 62 V-LA8 Composit(Ext) . ..$ 409 Vista Pro V3 .. ....$ 62 V-LAB Y C (Int) .. ..5487 Home Bulider CAD ......S57 CD 1200 Trackball (CD-TV) .$ 89 AS 314(A3000) .... ....$ 32 MBX 1200Z(25MhZ Al 200) ..$ 232 Brillance .....$ 117
3. 5 H.D. Ext. F D ...... ..$ 159 Rexx Plus Compiler...... ...$ 127 ALFA RAM Ext. A500 ....$ 54 Super DJC 8 $ 35 Data Flyer RAM(A2000)... ....$ 99 Image FX ...... .....$ 212 Data Flyer Int. (A2G00 . ....$ 79 Word Writer 6 (C-64).... $ 29 Data Flyer XDS (Al 200 ext call). S 72 Printer lnt.(C-64) .. .....$ 45 Data Flyer 4000 SX-2 .. ....$ 99 1351 Mouse(C-64)...... ....$ 29 THE PERSONAL SFC .... ...S389 Maverick(C-64) ... ....S37 We will ship anywhere in the world. We carry a large selection of hardware and software for Commodore Amiga Pleose call for the new release PO Box 1429, Sun Valley, CA 91352 Tel: 714-630-1831, FAX: 714-630-5619 Circle 92 On Reader Service Card f CD Rom Bonanza! 17Uit d> Collection vol. IU d s) NEW! L7Bit CD Collection vol 2 (1 CD) SI9.95 17Bit CD Collections 1&2 only S54.95 Am met CD ( UB Marcli I994J - 515.95 " SPACE & ASTRONOMY CD - SI 9.95 DemoCD 1 (Gamcs,Muslc,&Mods) $ 25.95 DemoCD 2 (Same as above. Newer) S25.95 CDPO 3 = Clips,fonts,24 bit pix, etc) S25.95 FROZEN FISH h GOLD FISH (1-1000) SCALL UBERAT1QN (Best CD32 Game) S32.95 Labyrinth of Time (Finally!) S31.95 ARABIAN NIGHTS (best platform) S21.95 LOTUS TRILOGY Racing - $ 32.95 CHAOS ENGINE for CD32 - S36.95 Lock -N- Load Las The ULTIMATE AMIGA P0 Shareware Games Compilation' How about 1,000 Games and Commercial Game Demos* All runnable from Work- Bench1 Compatible with CD32 L CD1Y, A570 and any External Amiga CD-Rom Drive1 How Much!?! To ONLY $ 22.49 (+52.005&H) > SCND S2.00 for CATALOG DISK £> FLIER WE CARRY THE FULL UNE OF 17 BIT DISKS. AS WELL AS ANYTHING ELSE YOU MIGHT HAVE SEEN OR HEARD ABOUT!!! CLR LICENSEWARE- We carry the full line ol CLR LICENSEWARE!, ALL ol 'em! PRICES: 1 DISK TITLE - $ 5.50 2 DISK TITLE - $ 6.50 3 DISK TITLE - $ 7.50 (SHIPPING AND HANDLING FOP CLU UCENSLWARE DISKS IS I HE 5AML AS I OR OUR REGULAR DISKS') KNEW IJCEiVSl'U UU-!! MAD FIGHTERS 120011 Great new Street Fighters 2' game. 3Disks. PAL, -- $ 9.00 FI RACER - Indiannapolis500 type 3D driving game 1 Disk. PAL. $ 5,50 CRYSTAL SKULL - You as Indiana Smith' must retneve the fabled Crystal Skull, but the Aztecs try to stop you. 1 Disk,PAL,$ 5.50 THE LOST PRINCE Excellent adventure by the STARBA5E 13 Programmers1 2DISKS (PAL) $ 6.50 POWERTEXT 2 - A Full featured text Editor, that has all the bells and whistles1 1 Disk (PAL) $ 5.60 mwmmm mm mw~ 10 Killer disks with the best ol AMIGA PD Shareware games releases! !n- cludes:Scorched Tanks, MegaBall 3, Mine Runner, Incinerator, Ditheli in Space*, Road 2 Heli JellyQuesr.GORF*, Beetle Game*. Ork Attack* .plus more! Only S12.0CKS&H inc)
- Indicates PAL format JtEMEhBERf Any (6 A&A&inS DISKS FOR ONLY S 15.00 + 52,00 S&H1! FWE now bave up through ASI167) Call for free Itstl
- NEW from i 7 BIT SOFTWARE- 2971 - RELOK1CK ] A • Now disables CPU Cache .a must! 2976AB* - HotoDeck Slideshow 2 -Rayhixed AGA Sides 3021 • Game Help Disk -The ABSOLUT latest r ts & Tips1 3035 • Deluxe Golaga 1.5 - The best1 Works on al Amigas 3046AB1 ¦ BIG TIME SENSUALITY ¦ Great AGA onty Demo1 3047 ¦ HIGH OCTANE*- Best ScperSpmt dene to date' 3045’ - VIDEO TRACKER - A1200 Video Creation Uttty' NPD DISKS! UT1143 - ReOrg & DiskSalv2 - A must have dsk for any WB2.CH- Hard Drive user. Optimize & Salvage UT1153-SCREEN BLANKERS-2 Great screen blanker programs Gorshnebtanket and SuperDark. GAM 277 - INCINERATOR ¦ Kief new 30 veryon of Wissle Ccmard. Uses a whole new per spec t.ve h SHAREWARE++ GAM 27$ - HAJJME CARDS - New cardset fa AGA Klondke! NEW PRICING lilt For 17 Bit. NPD. AMOS PO and ASSASSINS Games Disks pricing is now as follows; 1-24 Disks - S2.00 Ea. 25-49 Disks - SI.50 Ea. 50+Disks - $ 1.00 Each! FRED FISH DISKS ARE NOW: 1-24 Disks - S1.50Ea. 25-49 Disks - S1.25 50+ Disks - $ 1.00 Ea. SHIPPING & HANDLING; 1-10 Disks-$ 2.00, 11-50 Disks-S4.00 51+ Disks $ 6.50 (S&H Prices for US, CANADA and MEX!CO.aH other Foreign countries add $ 0.25 per disk) We accept Casb. Checks, and Money Orders in US funds, as well as VtSA McfNO MIN.)
P. O. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071-1617 (2061351-9502 A&M COMPUTER REPAIR - AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER Circle 170 On Reader Service Card We service the tvNTIRK Coiimnodore Amiga prtxluut line Lkjx'nencxxl authorized technicians. Replacement aixl rejxtir [xirts available at low prices, Wc service nationwide. IISFR - EKIEMlI Y TURTLE LIGHTNING PUBLIC DOMAIN r0| ' REPAIR COSTS C64 - $ 35 1541 -$ 45 1571 - $ 55 SX64 - $ 70 10% off with mention ol tins ad C128-$ 60.00 C128D-$ 70.00 Call for others We Have: TLAS I ISH I BAG-FUHOPEAN-LICENSEWARE-COMMFKCTAL Try These 6-Disk Sets For $ 10.00 Each Set FONT* PA (I: Hundreds of Fonts wiih Assigns and Viewer! Many Sizes) CLIP-ART' I'AC W:Borders Jjesigns-Signs Pcople-Transportabon-More CIJP-ART PA( 4:ReligK>ii 1 lonx--lYople-.Sports-Anunals-Occasioivs POWER-MOD SET: 50 Ginn Music MODS Plus ED Player (Awesome) SPACE ODYSSEY: I'anlasUe 6 Disk Demo for 1.3 W l Meg Chip ALL FRED FISH DISK ONLY $ 1.41) ea. Our Pish Catalog Disk is $ 1 OFT OUR -1 DISK SAMPLER FULL OF GAMES: $ 5 I nu t ns| I'CIMMKIIllAE KIND WIJRIJS WonlpH'tcSSor SI9IH) A&M COMPUTER REPAIR 24 Colonel Conklin Drive Stony Point, NY 10980
(602) 949-6066 $ 29 Dl.I.DXI.n IPAKI (I It-tlmmi A118) AKI PARIS Volume 2 SEASONSA (C7 HOLIDAYS ** $ 7 Scientific Amigan COMM) )IX>RE MOUSE_ $ 22 | AMIGA BOOK BF.CilNNI.RS $ 6 I AMIGADOS Kelficncp MahujI $ 4 milt I SEARCH marai non joysiick SI 1.00 EA OK 2 For SI6.00 "ix'i hi.E draGonT I’nslage harnilnlg-ST.OU COD Otdcis add S3 0O I .TSytody Axrade Si.00 l:t ~ COD From Aerospace Engineering to Zoology, Scientific Amigan provides articles and software to enhance research, analysis, and design with the Amiga. Two disks with subscription. Sample issue $ 2. Annual Subscription: S39 domestic, add S10 for foreign delivery Dept. AW, POB 60685, Savannah, GA 31420 ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES ,„d 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF Dealers call for Special Quanlity Discount '"FREE ESTIMATES'" 24 HOUR TURNAROUND
(800) 344-41 02
• Over 4000-tlne Resolution • NO Scanlines • NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Call or Write lor order term, price list & sample 4301 N 75th Street. Suite 101-B Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 ‘call for details A500 - $ 56.95* A2000 - $ 79.95* A3000 - $ 95.00* A4000 - Call Circle 190 On Reader Service Card ELRgGaMES ’EM AGNUS REQUIRED 500 NO MANS LAND 502 PONTOON 505 WASTELAND 509 Bal.I.OONACY 5|4 SI PI RPAt.MAN 5(7 | EAV NI ARRY 524 DONKEY KONG 11 1) 533 PINBALL FAN I Demo 535 riRli'N ICE 53S TANXVTXifowilcs 561 PARACHUTE JOUST 575 ST ARB ASH 13-. 576 2 DISK SET -1 577 MOTOROLA INV 578 2 DISK 'AGA' CALL FOR AFRFK 1 LAS CATALOG DISK GAMES 433 SCUD BUSTER* 46RI_HM.MI.N02 1RIBES PLAYABLE DEMO 470 SEUCK G AMES! 3) 489 BLOOD BALI. 492 WALKER (FDjahV) 673 DEFENDER 679 IAII.SMAN-1 680 2 MEG 2 DISKS 1 M4 I'Ll IMA1I-. RIDE T*m 728 IRODDLERS 6 LEV 766 DESERT STRIKE Dem 772 POPE YE 796 MEGABALL 3 i’hi'iie 9I5-S63-4925 TLAS PO BOX 30499 MIDLAND.TX 79712-0499 InfoMarket HIGH RESOLUTION MESSAGING CENTER FOR THE AMIGA
• Photo Prints up to 8 x 10 from Negatives
• 14.4 Modem Transfers & BBS Support fTs ''S ¦ IFF, IFF24, Flam, I lamB, Framcstores, and DCTV V 4 CALL (715)856-5627 MC VISA accepted or write lo; GRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS PO Box 254 Wausaukee, Wl 541 77 KA5ARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 - 803-681-5515 Symposium w TeLXPress " " Symposium w ProXPress
5259. 00
5299. 00 Now the only source you will need lor your Commodore product requirements. We have been your AUTHORIZED source for more than a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts » ST Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6.00 pm EST USE PC CARDS IN YOUR AMIGA COMPETITIVE PC ACCESS iS AN AMIGA PLUG IN CARD AllOWS ACCESS TO PC CARDS AS iF THE V WERE AMIGA CARDS FULL SPEED ACCESS TO A MULTITUDE OF PC CARDS THRU STANDARD MEMORY MAP AND I O ADDRESSING SCHFMf S
• c SOURCE E XAMPLLS SHOW HOW TO USE EXIS TING PC SOURCE COOL ON THE AMIGA WITH MINOR AtJOHlONS "PC A WARE" IS A T." I iNKARl E IIBRARY WITH SUPPORT ION INDUSTRY STANDARD DAS 08 DAS 16 13 OH A D AND OiGlTiAl iO CARDS "ARGUSWAVF ' IS A VIRTUAL OSCILLOSCOPE FREQUENCY ANA! YsiS Sof IWAfTl SYSTI M F OR GAGE 40 MHZ i. 1 IK) MHZ ? Cl t ANNE I SCOPE CARDS SAVE MONEY £ rn. REDUCE COSTS LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS PCAccess PCAware ArgusWave $ 199 00 $ 99 00 $ 179 00 If you think you can't afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although we carry the top 100 software hits and a full line of accessories for your AMIGA* we specialize in closeouts anti liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting for you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one stop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or vs rite for your free copy! Software Support Ini. 271X1 N.F. Aiulresen Utl. Suite flA-IO Vancouver Wa 98661
(206) 695-1393 AMIGA - C64 I28 - IBM CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-800-356-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. Samunnt siMnr Pacific Digital 12881 Knott Street Suite 228 Garden Grove. CA 92641 Voice ( 714 ) 373-4112 BBS ( 714 ) 893-2632 CttU Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. Sell YOUR USED Games AMIGA - IBM - C64 • Convert titles you’ve beaten or Send list for speedy reply grown tired of to CASH Top Prices Paid or credit (20% more)! Call or write for free catalog £Jan> gones Software 1-800-638-1123 BBS r (304)529-7050 Customer Service: (304)529-0461 940 41 h Avc 222 Hunlin“tnn YV 25701 Circle B5 On Reader Service Card USED AMIGA HARDWARE! COPPERHEAD: Hie 1 dealer in quality pie-wned AMIGA liarrkvair! BUY: The Amiga or add-ons yon want w o paying “new” prices. SELL: Your used Amiga equipment to us. BEST PRICES PAID! TRADE: In your system or accessories; Get the hardware you want!
* 30 day wananiv on all equipment * Quick cash for your haidwnir * COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES. INC. 106 Jav St.. Schenectady, NY 12305 Voice Fax: (518) 346-3891 BBS: (518) 340-7532 Circle 174 On Reader Service Card. WARNING ! Due to advertising deadlines some prices listed in This Months AW may be lower than listed . To insure you get the best prices on any product we carry we recommend you follow these three simple steps.
1. Make a detailed list of what you want to order.
2. Check our competition’s prices as listed in this months AW
3. Call the Amiga Price Blister Hotline at 1 800 967 1073 ext. 33. The Price Busier Hotline is a service of J & C Repair RD 2 Box 9 Rockton Pa. 15856 Circle 156 On Reader Service Card. THREE BENEFITS To Introducing Your Product to the lnfomarket Section ? Free Typesetting of your ad copy ? Sales leads every two weeks on ready to V V use labels ? A listing in l he Advertiser’s Index Gall Heather Guinard at 603-924-0113 or 1-800-441-4403 Circle 180 On Reader Service Card. AN AMIGA 1200 TWICE THE SPEED OF AN A4000 030 OR A3000 SYSTEM??? PURCHASE THE 50MHZ ACCELERATORS AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!
• FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES' "NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE' Csfl's 12 Gouge Accelerators 33Mhz w MMU & SCSI Board 399 w!4MB 8G-70NS Ram 549 33Mhz wflMMU & FPU & SCSI 649 wJ4MB 80-70NS Ram 799 50Mhz w MMU & SCSI Board 499 w 4MB 60NS Ram 688 50Mhz w MMU & FPU & SCSI 634 w 4MB 60NS Ram 825 Easy SCSI Ilookup W18MS Access! Internal Version 449 External Version 549 68030 & 32 Bit Wide Ram For The A500 2000! XL * 30 ACCELERATOR vxT3§) 25 & MMU Mhz$ 160 40EC MhzS225 33 Mhz & MMU S225(VXL32 RAI$ 2MB S249 w 68882 25FPUS235 w FPU S354 w FPU $ 324 8MBS87' FASTLANE Z3
- Add up to 256 MB of ram of contiguous memory
• Transfer up to 7MB Sec Async & 10MB Sec Sync on the SCSI Bus
• True Zorro III 32 bit memory board
• CDROM file system & dynamic caching software
- FAST SCSI ¦ II DMA CONTROLLER FOR BOTH THE AMIGA 4000 & 3000! Pure Speed is Only $ 475 S249 $ 325 $ 449 $ 449 $ 449 S 65 $ 99 $ 69 $ 125 $ 99 CSA DERRINGER 25 25 1 399 w MMU,FPU&RAM DERRINGER 50 4 599 W MMU.&4MB RAM Rocket Launcher 50 50 499 w MMU Makes The CBM 2630 Or GVP Combo 25 run at 50 Mhz w MMU & FPU (68882RC50) __ AdlDE 40MB HD System w 2.5" Drive (500 2000) 269 AdlDE 130MB HD System w 2.5" Drive (500 2000) 399 Flicker Free Video II 249 DKB DPS Personal TBC III 699 DPS Personal TBC IV 799 DPS PAR w Software 1549 SEAGATE SG3655A 499 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Personal V Scope 729 1199 395 274 549 449 379 499 325 119 139 2632 wMMegabytes 349 MegAChip 2000 500 W 2MB Agnus 189 Mutti-Siart 2 Rev 6A 29 KwikStart II (A1000) 69 1202 FPU & Ramboord w 1 MB 189 3128 A3000 4000 Bam board Expandable to 128MB W 4MB 395 Micro R&D Grand Slam 500 229 287 Trumpcard Pro 500 139 225 Trumpcard 500 Plus 149 Trumpcard 500 AT 164 Moviemaker 799 TBC+ w oSMPTE CODE 799 A5Q0+W 42MB HD 325 A500+W 120MB HD 399 A500+W 270MB HD 499 A500+W 340MB HD 575 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 139 FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) 39 Cinemorph Software 35 Phonepak VFX 2.0 275 DSS8+ Sound Sampler 89 I O Extender CALL Extra I O Pori CALL Image F X 249 Image F X Upgrade 39 AUDIO Sunrise Industries AD518 Digitizer (teBil) 1189 AD1012 Digitizer (12Bit) 479
* GVP EGS Special * Spectrum w 2M8 S499 A4000 Computer 68040 CALL A4000 Computer 68030 CALL A1200 Computer 395 W 40MB HD Installed 535 w 65MB HD Installed 559 w 85MB HD Installed 619 W 130MB HD Installed 699 W 235MB HD Installed 799
* 1942 Monitor CALL "1084S Monitor CALL A520 Video Adapter 34 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2286 AT Bridgecard W 1.2MB High Density Floppy & MS DOS 5.0 199 2 MB Ram For 2091 96 Janus 2.1 Update 45 A2000 3000 Disk Drives 79.95 A500 Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A600 1200 Keyboards 29.95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 79.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 Externa) case PS & Cables 99 Beetle Mouse 24.95 149
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 39.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 32.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 22 1MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 18.95 CIA (8520) 8.50 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 49 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ 49 Superbuster (-11) (4091) 99 Ramsey (A3000) 99 Fat Gary (A3000) 49 Super Dmac (A3000) 99 Amber (A3000) 79 A3QQ0 Daugterboard 99 g'f ItyyuUc, 99 Only 7g Kitchen Sync Opal Vision 2.0 DCTV-NTSC Retina w 4MB Vlab Y C Vlab Int Ext Comp Montage Deluxe Paint IV AGA Morph Plus Art Department Pro 2.5 139 Scala 3.0 289 Video Director 129 Caligari 24 139 Aladdin 4D 249 Video Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 499 Video Toaster 4000 3.1 1995 Picaso W 1MB-2MB 439 495 Light Rave 3.1 399 External High Density cb 32 NOW AVAILABLE Zoot CD32 39 Mean Arenas CD32 39 Trolls CD32 39 Robocod CD32 39 Cali for other available titles AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS VIDEO AMIGA Microbotics M1230XA ACCELERATOR 68030 25Mhz CPU w MMU&Clk 249 68030 33Mhz CPU & FPU & Clk 299 68030 40ECMhz CPU & Clk 299 68030 50Mhz CPU w MMU&Clk 349 MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68881 RC20Mhz FPU w Clock 125 68882 RC33Mhz FPU w Clock 199 68882 RCSOMhz FPU w Clock 249 8-Up! FASTRAM BOARD 16 Bit ramboard expandable to 8MB by adding 2MB at a time using 16 1x1 dip chips. 16 Bit Board w GMB Ram 99 16 Bit Board v 2MB Ram 149 16 Bit Board v 4MB Ram 229 16 Bit Board w 6MB Ram 309 16 Bit Board v 8MB Ram 3 9 Simm version available, + 20 to prices.
5. 25" HH 44MB DRIVE (SQ555)
5. 25" HH 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44)
3. 5" LP 105MB IDE & SCSI
5. 25" HH 200MB (SQ5200) (R&W 44&88)
3. 5" LP 270MB SCSI (SQ3270S) 13MS N&ST
5. 25" 44MB Cartrigcs
5. 25" 88MB Cartrigcs
3. 5" 105MB Cartrigcs
5. 25 200MB 8C 3,5" 270MB Cartriges External Versions w Cabling Add A4008-HC8+0MB 149 SIMM32 lMB 60ns 69.95 S!MM32 4MB 60ns 199 SIMM32 16MB 60NS 1299 1MB SIMM GforceA500O 135 G-Lock Genlock 375 A2000-IV24 Adapter 55 A1230-40-00-4+DPP-II 499 A1230-5Q-0Q*4+DPP-I! 649 A1291 Stingray 99 68040 33Mnz A2000 4MB 1049 A4000 68040 @ 40MHZ w 4MB & SCSI Opt 1499 Baseboard 601C w 1 MB 69 Dataflyer XDS 0MB 69 w 170MB Hard Drive 274 W 270MB Hard Drive 319 w 340MB Hard Drive 419 W 540MB Hard Drive 649 Baseboard 1200Clock 25 Dataflyer Ramcard w 2mb 179 500 SCSI or IDE 125 1000 SCSI or IDE 135 2000 SCSI or IDE 75 500 SCSI&IDE 149 1000 SCSI&IDE 169 2000 SCSI&IDE 95 SYQUEST UNMATCHED PRICES EXPANSION SYSTEMS QUANTUM LOW PROFILES - Warranty 42 ELS SCSI 2 Yrs 99 127 ELS SCSI 2 Yrs 189 170 ELS SCSI l&II 2 Yrs 225 270 ELS SCSI l&II 2 Yrs 275 340 ELS SCSI l&II 2 Yrs 349 525 LPS SCSI l&II 2 Yrs 549 540 ELS Empire 5 Yrs 499 1080 ELS Empire 5 Yrs 799 MICROPOLIS
5. 35” HH 660 SCSI l&II 599
1. 2G SCSI l&lt Or IDE HH 799
1. 7G SCSI l&II Or IDE 1249
1. 2G SCSI l&II 9MS 1" 825 Maxtor 120 LPS SCSI IDE 176 Maxtor 540 LPS SCSI l&II 599 Conner 340 IDE 299 All Speeds Available 1 xS 120-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 120-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 10 0-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60ns Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 100*60ns Page DIP 39+ 1x1 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms (4MB) 149+ 2x32 Simms (8MB| 299+ 4x32 Simms (16MB) 599+ 8x32 Simms (32MB) 1199+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVP TBC+ FRAM • 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st 68030-RC-50 w MMU 149.00 68882-RC-50 (PGA) 135.00 68030-RC-33 w MMU 129.00 68882-RC-33 (PGA) 95.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 99.00 68882-RC-25 (PGA) 75.00 68030*FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 68882-FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 80387-25SX (Bridges) 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (All) 10.00 HP II, IID, IIP. Ill, HID, IIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board with 2MB 95.00 Board with 4MB 175.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 55 HP 4 (4 Meg) 189 HP 4 (8 Meg) 325 AlfaData Crystal Trackballs 49 Multiface (2Ser 1 Par) 89 Alpha Power A500+8 IDE w 120MB HD w OMB 299 Octogon SCSI II HD Cont. 139 w 8MB Ram Expansion
2. 5" A1200 600 Hard Drives LASER PRINTER MEMORY MATH CHIPS. CPU’s &FPU s
3. 5" HARD DRIVES MEMORY CHIPS ALFA DATA SUPRA SG9051A 40 Seagate CN 139 SG9077A 65 Seagate WD 159 SG9096A 85 Seagate 235 SG9145AG 127.9 Seagate 299 Maxtor 250MB 2.5" HD 369 SupraRam A600 w 2MB 179 SupraTurbo 28Mhz 149 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 836-6174 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 836-4145 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS Circle 189 on Reader Service card. A Please Understand Our Policies DISCOVER VISA MASTER Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Arc Subject To Change Without Notice! 15 % Res locking Fee On All Returns. Defective Merchandise Will Be Replaced With Same Item. Call 302.836.4145 For Approval RMA Before Returning Merchandise Merchandise. No Returns After 10 Days From Delivery Date. Not Responsible For Incompatibility Of Products Shipping And Handling For Chips Is $ 5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal Checks Require 10 Working Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items. Ram Prtcei Change Dally Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Accolade 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd. San Jose. CA 95129 408 985-1700 Adspcc Programming 407 Arch St. PO Box 13 Salem. Ohio 444(50 216 337-3325 Advanced Systems & Software 1329 Skiles Dallas, TX 73204 214 821*7770 Alfa Data PO Box 6990 Champaign, IL 61821 217 356-1962 AMUC PO Box 34230 Calgary, Alta. T3C 3W2 Canada
• 103 242-2507 Aris Entertainment 310 Washington Blvd., Suite 100 Marina del Rev. CA 90292 310 821-0234 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison. WI 53713 608 273-6585 Asimware Innovations 101 Country Club Drive Hamilton. Ont. L8K 5W4 Canada 905 578-4916 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Glasgow, M l 59230 406 367-5513 Blue Byte distributed by Kompart Canadian Prototy pe Replicas PO Box 8 Breslau, Ont. NOB 1M0 Canada 519 884-4412 CD-ROM Source, The 3348 North Lacoma Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220 317 726-0022 Centaur Development PO Box 3959 Torrance, CA 90503 310 787-4530 Chestnut 101 Rogers St., Suite 204 Cambridge, MA 02142 617 494-5330 Compton’s NewMedia 2320 Camino Vida Ruble Carlsbad, CA 92008 619 929-2500 DevWare 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite I I-A 17 Powav, CA 92064 619 679-2825 Digital Micronics 2075 Cone del Nogal Carlsbad. CA 92009 619 931 -8554 Digital Processing Systems I I Spiral Drive Florence, KY 41042 606 371 *5533 Disets Knowledge Research PO BOX 66 Buffalo, NY 14223 800 567-4321 DKB 50240 W. Pontiac Trail Wixom, MI 48393 313 960-8751 Rick Doyle PO Box 599 Solatia Beach. CA 92075 619 481-6792 Easy Script 10006 Covington Drive I luntsville, AL 35803 205 881-6297 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 513-7555 Europress Software Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 4NP England 62-585-9333 Flair Software Meadowlicld House Pom eland Newcastle NE20 9SD England 66-186-0260 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E. Belmont Drive Tempo. AZ 85284 Gold Disk 3350 Stott Blvd. Bldg. 14 Santa Clara, CA 95054 408 982-0200 Great Valley Products 657 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 GroupWare 4826 Tacoma Mall Blvd. Tacoma, WA 98409 206 472-1400 Interactive MicroSystems 9 Red Roof Line Salem. NH 03079 603 898*3545 Interactive Video Systems 14804 Beach Blvd. Li Marathi. CA 90638 714 228-2040 International Computer Entertainment (ICE) Bridge House Merrywaiks Stroud Glostershire GL5 1QA England 45-375-6993 Interplav Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 714 553-6655 Knowledge Media 436 Nunnelev, Suite B Paradise, CA95969 916 872-7487 Kompart Guilford I louse 20 Guilford Rd. St. Albans Herts. AL1 5JY England 72-786-8005 Krisalis Software Tec|ue I louse Masons Yard Downs Row Moorgatc Rotherham S60 2HD England 70-937-2290 Liscelles Protlurlions PO Box 959 I lastings, New Zealand 64-6-878-9652 LaserCrafi Unlimited 38 Rexway Drive Georgetown, Out.
1. 7(4 11*8 Canada 905 873-6613 Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd, Dallas. TX 75244 214 385-2353 Mindscape Priority House Charles Ave Makings Park Burgess Hill West Sussex RHI5 9PQ England 44-424-6333 Multimedia Corp. I09X Regents Park Rd. London NW1 SUR England 71-722-7595 New Media Corp. 15375 Barranca, B-101 Irvine. CA 92718 714 453-0100 NewTek 1200 Executive Drive Topeka, KS (>6615 913 354-1146 Nuc leus Electronics PO Box 1025 Nohleton, Ont. LOG 1 NO Canada 416 859-5218 Ocean Software Distributed by Electronic Arts On-Line Entertainment 842 Lee Bridge Rd. London E10 8 VP England 81-558-8114 Optonica ! The Terrace High St. Lutterworth Leics LEI7 413A England 45-555-8282 Oregon Research 16200 SW Pacific Hwy., Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224 503 620-4919 Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 310 427-1227 Parallel Motion Graphics Distributed by LaserCraft Unlimited Positron Publishing 1915 N, 121 st. St., Suite D Omaha. NE 68154 800 365-1002 PrcVue Technologies PO Box 2617 Grass Valley, CA 95945 916 477-2905 Pride Integrated Video Systems 2715 Austruilian Ave.
W. Palm Beach, FL 33405 800 678-3942 Prime Image 19943 Via Escuela Saratoga, CA 9507(1 408 867-6519 Psy gnosis 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA02139 617 497-5457 Pure Logic Software 789 Butterfly Rd. Quincy. (A 95971 205 802-7345 Puzzle Factory PO Box 986 Veneta, OR 94787 503 935-3709 ReadvSoft 30 Wertheim Court, Ste. 2 Richmond Hill, Ont. LIB 1119 Canada 905 731-4175 RGB Computer Sc Video 4152 Blue Heron Blvd. W., Suite 118 Riviera Beach, FL 33404 407 844-3348 Saddleback Graphics 12812 Garden Grove Blvd., Unit P Garden Grove, CA 92643 714 741-7093 SAS Institute SAS Campus Drive Cary, SC 27513 919 677-8000 Scala Inc. 12110 Sunset Hills Rd., Suite 100 Reston, VA 22090 703 709-8043 SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-4962 Svndesis PO Box 65 Jefferson, WI 53549 414 674-5200 Team 17 Marwood House Garden St. Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 1DX England 11-924-291867 Texture City 3203 Ov erland Ave., Unit 6157 Los Angeles, CA 90034 310 836-9224 Viacom New Media 648 South Wheeling Rd. Wheeling, IL 60090 708 520-4440 Virgin Games 18061 Fitch Ave.. Suite C. Irvine. CA 92714 714 833-8710 Walnut Creek CD-ROM 4041 Pike Lane, Suite D-351 Concord, CA 94520 510 674-0783 Xetec 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, KS 67401 913 827-0685 Looking for More Power From Your A500 or A2000? 5r Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC) 68881 clocked at 25 mhz 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Give your Amiga 500 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500 With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 0 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 119.00 Only $ 3990 ‘ Call for more information Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor Pilfi errin9er Only ‘ somhz'cpu
• 4 megi,c% "f MMU) l’y-£S%Tsf,foo features as the r iAn S U,er™f”torasi«.fl W: nrr-;: MAGNUM 44 25mhz with 4mb $ 999°° 50mhz for the price others charge for 40mhz! 3CVP GVP- A1230 TURBO Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! - 1-800-CSA-XLR8 LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, HD, IIP, HID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ...... ...S99.00 Board with 4 MB ...... .$ 175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) . .$ 189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) . .$ 325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Start OKI, Tl, Nec. Epson and others. Call for Pricing. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer ... $ 14.95 00 with 4mb 32 BIT RAM FREE For 50rrhz FPU ...FREE COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM only S33.95 Super Denise ..S33.95
1. 3 ROM ..S21.50 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for ...S18.00 A WOO 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory and Clock DKB ..$ 178.00 MC68000 68010 ....$ 15.00 Rom Switcher ..$ 39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doubler....S399.00 8 up Board with 2 mb .....SI29.00 1 mb Agnus ....$ 38.00 Paula Denise ......CALL $ 37900 $ 299° DRAM BLOWOUT We 'II Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper IVS 1 MEG Simms CALL 1x8-80 ... ...S45.00 1x8-70 ... ...S46.00 4x8-80 ... .3139.00 4x8-70 ... .$ 159.00 4x8-60 ... .$ 179.00 8mb 16mb 32mb Simms.. CALL A4000 80 NS 4MB Simms .$ 159.00 A4000 70 NS 4MB Simms .3169.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms .$ 179.00 GVP SIM32 4 MB .CALL 1 MB .....S69.95 Nibble Mode Simms...CALL SIMMS A300Q Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ $ 24.95 1x4-70 SCZ .CALL 256x4 - 80 SCZ ...S6.00 Includes Instructions MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. Mega Midget Racer, 512K Upgrade .$ 99.00 DKB 2632 v ith 4mb.....$ 349.00 DKB Megachip 2000 ....$ 189.00 DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board ....CALL ZIPS i ...... 1x4-70 .. . ,UnLL. ..CALL 256x4-80 ... .S5.00 256x4-70 ... .$ 5.95 DIPS 1x1-100 ... .54.99 1x1-80 . .$ 5.99 1x1-70 . .$ 6.50 256x4-80 ... ..CALL 256x4-70 ... ..CALL 1x4-80 ... ..CALL 256x1-120 .. .$ 1.00 256X1-100 80 70 60. .CALL PAGE ZIPS MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB $ 159.00 2 MB S199.00 4 MB $ 299.00 8 MB .$ 429.00 with 68882-50 ...add $ 119.00 Call for other configurations! 68030-RC-50 with MMU .$ 149.95 68882-RC-50 ....$ 135.95 (call for other speeds) 387-25 SX (Bridge Board) .$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) S10.OOea. 68882 PLCC 40 mhz ....$ 135.00 287 Mathco for Bridgeboard CALL 68881 - All speeds ......CALL 68882 - All speeds ......CALL Call for other speeds CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator'iII1mmu with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4mb-60-70NS add S169M Saoir with 68882RC5° add S11QX Call for other configurations 50mhz Accelerator"1 mmu $ 649 MATH CHIPS AND CPUs 0 with 33mhz CPU and fffff 33mhz FPU with 4 mb ....add $ 169* with 68882RC50 ....add S119- Microbotics-MBX 68030 1230 XA 50mhz Acceleratorl,hMMU A 1200 ACCELERATORS Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery Add S5.00 for C.O.D. • PA Residents add 6% • (APO, AK. HI. Foreign shipping - call for rates )* 10% Restocking fee for return ol non-defective items • No refund for Shipping Charges THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Gametalk The CD32 system is ideal! Ii lias everything it needs to succeed . . , except proper marketing. IF Commodore is going to sell systems to customers, then they should try to do everything possible to keep us interested. 1 have written letters to all o( the “top name” US software companies encouraging them lo support the CD32 format. If every single reader interested in the CD32 would also write a short letter to encourage CD32 support, I think we could really get some attention for this excellent machine. Let the game developers know that there is a solid market here to support them! Tony Gore Chariotle, North Carolina Wordly Wise 1 use Filial Copy II when I want to impress people with a resume, cover letter, or greeting card. I use ProWritc when 1 want near letter quality for routine correspondence. I get near laser quality when 1 use Final Copy II by setting the print density to 6 on my 9-pin Star NX- 1000 Rainbow printer, l o see my words clearly on the screen in Final Copy II. I use the ITC Korinna font in 18-point size. As for ease of use, Final Copy II is as easv to use as ProWrite. David Bradley Cha m pa ign. I Hi a a is Am ig a Mac P C Fee d b ac k I was so delighted with the article that I taped a copy to my office wall. Now my colleagues can see that I'm not the otilv person who thinks that the Amiga is a great computer for the money. Tom Napier North Wales, Pennsylvania And to think that this llimsy four-page feature with more 60-point headlines and keyboard phots than solid journalism made the front cover instead of Sheldon Leemon's well-researched “AGA Fixes"! Todd Baldridge Markleville, Indiana The prices of the PC and Mac reflected faster processors, more RAM, larger hard drives, and monitors. An Amiga 4000 with a 33 Mhz processor, 10MB of RAM, a 270MB SCSI-2 hard drive, and a monitor costs $ 3699. Considerably more expensive than the PC or Mac. The author should have included a structured-drawing program (such as Professional Draw or Art Expression) for an additional $ 199, as well as Final Writer (add $ 100), which is closer in performance to Microsoft Word and Lotus Amipro than other programs. These modifications bring the Ami- ga's bottom line to $ 52 14. Which is still I’m not the only person who thinks that the Amiga is a great computer for the money. Cheaper than the competitors. I bis illustrates that while Commodore has lost the price war with the Pcs and Macs, software producers keep the Amiga compel it ive. Jeffrey T. Powell 11 es! Covina, California Although I agree that, overall, the Amiga is superior out ol the box, I don’t feel that the comparison was completely lair. If the A4000 40 were, say, $ 1500 and included a monitor, it would be in a much better position to compete with the ultra-cheap Pcs. The real Amiga bargain is the $ 399 Amiga 1200. Decked out with a 33 Mhz ’030 and ’882, 80MB hard drive, and 4MB of fast RAM, my system came in under SI200. Now, ifonlv Commodore made an ’040 A1200. Russell P. Jones Orlando, Florida I am a teacher ol 25 years and teach high school photography and computer graphics classes. I’d like permission to make copies of vour article, “Amigas, Pcs, Macs . . . Oh. My!” (Apr. ’94), which will he used as part of a presentation to the school committee to requisition new equipment for the computer graphics lab Amigas to replace Apple II Gss. Richard Pacheco New Bedford. Massachusetts Permission granted. Richard . . . And good inch with the request. Eds. Connections Your “Net Gains” article (Mar. ’94) fails to mention Thunder Ridge Software’s DFCnet package, TSSnet, which lets the Amiga become an end node of a VAX cluster network, and the complementary software, GfxBase, which lets the Amiga connect to a DFCnet network and run under an X-Windows environment. These allow the Amiga to access the Internet over the host system that it is connected to and can either be run using an Ethernet card, such as the Commodore A2065 board, or over a serial line. Also, your review of AsimCDFS 2.0 and Cdx states that both packages pole the CD-ROM to check for disk ejection, causing the hard-drive light to flash constantly. While I cannot speak for AsimCDFS, the Cdx software has an option that lets you turn this off. On mv A300Q with Cdx and an NEC Multi- Spin 38 Portable CD-ROM drive, the CD will stop spinning if you just close its Drawer icon. Kevin E. Gardner Holland, Michigan ¦ u -» ‘ M "Ulti-Plaifom Emulation System! M File Edit Te t Analysis Utilities Uiindoius ¦r."F-* * r* -m.-- : t *j g ? Comparison - Machine Rerords_ File Edit style Mein Page Uiem Utilities .... Uufid«1 840BU-40Mh2 ? Quadra H67 H 1000 040-3 5Mhz Tests Swe Qv ( ‘lunSO VORK ?CYTwt Wiry Tw«n Qut*swi B*bltSorl QvmM PvlJV PWT» I» f ni Fowtw' r P Matrix Int H«trU Sm»» B*OC-Ii Ar» HirdF 11* yp 170-0
* 92»1 WotW »U1 ¦an FPU f FT rru Kvhtt FPU Mtlru FPU Ay« Pa»»rT** Kt Jl CiUlooi I tcxvxhronv* 2 811
* Bit 3 Oil C«lor Speedometer v3.23” speed comparison (68040 CPUs) a nil au-* OyinA _ ulrawt That’c not fairl May 1994 AmigaWorld ad for EMPLANT - Created using QuarkXPress® with an A3000 EMPLANT system! OoMk-. AxnnA IMPLANT is a hardware device that is designed to allow the emulation of virtually any computer using the Amiga. A simple softv.'arednverandROMfs) mm the comDuter to emulated are all that is required! The hardware holds the key to emulation speed. Custom programmable logic aHows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the exact hardware of the computer it is emulating. Multiple emulations ot different computers can be ran at he-same time using a single EMPLANT board! Macintosh® Emulation Module The Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic' Macintosh with the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using An A3000 s equivalenuo a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900. Using a 33Mhz 68040 accelerator (such as the RCS Excahber board), emulation speed can be greater than an 840AV Macintosh! (See speed comparison above) Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Up to 24 bit (16 millions-) colors is supported using 3rd party video boards such as: Picasso II, EGS-Spectrum, Vivid-24, Rainbow II. Rainbow III. Visum Paint, Merlin, Retina, Retina Z3, Piccolo, EGS110 24, and OpalVision! ...and we'll support any future video boards that are suitable for use with the emulation. Like ALL of the emulation modules that will be released for use with the EMPLANT hardware, the Macintosh emulation module MULTITASKS with the Amiga's operating system! You can simply pull down or flip screens and get back to the Amiga side! ...and the emulation stays running at full speed. Future Emulation Modules Since the EMPLANT's hardware is so versatile, a completely new and different computer can be emulated by just changing the emulation software patch and the ROM(s). IBM 486DX, Atari 400 800, and Apple lle c emulations are in beta testing now! Atari ST, and C64 12® ® u!a,l°ns arapan for the future! You need no additional hardware for future emulation modules. All necessary hardware is already built into the EMPLANT board! Four different versions of EMPLANT are available, ranging in price from $ 279.95 to $ 399.95. Order direct from Utilities Unlimited Intl., Inc. or from one of our dealers (more than 200 dealers across the US and overseas carry EMPLANT). US customers, please include $ 10 for shipping handling (all orders are sent UPS 2 day delivery). Customers outside North America, please contact Blittersoft: +44 0908 666265 for the dealer nearest you. Dealer inquires are welcome! Another Amazing Product From the Makers of EMPLANT! M }A (AmigaoMacintosh Interface Adapter) AMIA is a tiny interface adapter that plugs into the ast external disk drive connected to your Amiga (or to the Amiga's dnvc porl if no external drives are present) and allows an external Macintosh (loppy dnve to bo used with your Amiga! Th.s interface is ideal for use with EMPLANT's Macintosh emulation module’ Ycu can read and write true Macintosh low density (800K) formatted disks and convert them to and from various formats, including full disk images! The design of the AMIA hardware makes it the only Macintosh disk drive interface capable of multitasking with the Amiga's OS' When MuHiOSFileSystem is released, you will be able to use AMIA to access low density Macintosh floppys nght from WorkBench! Price: $ 59.95 We also have a limited supply of Fu|tsu 600K Mac ntosh compatible external floppy drives for only $ 129 95! Utilities Unlimited International. Inc. 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue 16 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 U.S.A.
(602) 680-9004 24hr order line
(602) 453-6407 24hr Fax line
(602) 680-9234 Technical support dept.
(602) 453-9767 24hr BBS (2400-14.4K)
(602) 453-3909 24hr BBS (14.4K-28.8K) Circle 159 on Reader Service card. _ Macintosh 840AV MAC llci Quadra 900 4 Apple lie c are registered trademarks of Apple Computer. Inc.: Alar. ST 4 400*00 are trademarks ot Alan Computers. Inc.: QuarkXPress is a rademark o Quark Inc ¦Sp meJer v3 23:0 1993 by sSll Bed,old; EMPLANT. The EMPLANT logo, and .he acronym 'Electronic M,cro-Processor Level Amiga Native Task' are trademarks of Jim Drew 4 Utilities Unlimited inwiuuM. Inc 1A DEFTNITE MUST-HAVE UPGRADE FOREVERYSERIOUS TOASTER USER!’ Find Out Why! Amiga World Call for your free Video Toaster 3.1 demo video. 1-800-847-6111' Software upgrade for all A2000 Toasters. Available now at your local authorized Video Toaster dealer. *• Registered owners o l iileo Tatter 41W mid I) will receive idco Touster 3 J software aui miticu!lvat no charge. HvTtmr.Tmr.m mtktiiaria ifScwTd, h .© ewTd.h. 9W = wT= K CORPORATED Circle 37 on Reader Service card. 1 Call our toll-free number 1-800-426-8693 and receive a Return Authorization Number. This is your tracking number.
2. Pack your unit(s) securely. Write the Return Number on the outside of the box. Include Credit Card Number. Check or Money Order, 3, Send via UPS or other carrier.

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