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This helps to reduce die big black borders that so many Amiga owners find objectionable. Monitor Switching One of the biggest problems with the first generation of boards is that von needed two monitors to run them: one connected to the normal Amiga video output and a second connected directly to the board. Even if you had a monitor that could synchronize to the proper range of horizontal scan rates (15.75 Khz for the Amiga port, 31.5 Khz or higher for the display card), and was capable of working on both ports, the only way to connect it to both ports was via an external switch box used to manually switch between displays. Many of the current display cards, however, include an automatic monitor switch. These board provide a cable that connects the Amiga's 23-pin video port directly to an input on the display card. Tluu way, the card can direct either the native Amiga display or the enhanced display From the board to the monitor, switching between the two under software control. When you change screens (bv opening a new application, or using the Left Amiga-.M key combination), sophisticated system software determines whether the new front screen is an Amiga mode or an enhanced mode, and switches the display output accordingly. Monitor switching works well if you are using a inon- n 4 o it or, such as the Commodore 1942, that handles both Amiga and enhanced modes. II you have a liigher- resolution monitor, however, you will still need a second Amiga display (such as a 1084) if you want to use programs that can’t adjust to new modes. These days, self-booting games are about the only kind of software that can't be adapted to new displays, so if you are willing to forego game compatibility, you can get along line with only an enhanced monitor. O J Zorro III Support While most of the first-generation boards were designed for the 16-bit Zorro II slots found on the Amiga 2000, some of the newer boards are designed for the 32-bit Zorro 111 slots found on the Amiga 3000 and 4000. This can help speedup data transfers (such as loading and saving pictures) significantly. One board, the FGS 28 24 Spectrum from GVP, even adapts automatically, using the 1 (5-bit transfers when installed in an A2000, and 32-bit transfers when it is plugged into an A3000 or 4000. Variable Memory Most of the new boards come with more than one memory configuration, which allows vou to trade off o 7 • between a low-cost version with more limited display modes, and a more expensive version with higher color and pixel resolutions. Some allow you to upgrade the board by adding your own memory chips. Software Support One of the biggest problems with the first generation of 24-bit boards was that thev didn’t work with much of the existing applications software. Although several manufacturers tried to get software vendors to come out with special versions that supported their boards, very little of this special software ever made it to market. This severely limited the usefulness of these boards; you could paint pictures with their special paint software, or display pictures with their special display software, but that was about it. The latest models are free of most such restrictions. They are able to run a wide range of existing applications on colorful, high-resolution screens. About the only programs they don’t support are self-booting games and other high-performance graphics software that writes directly to the Amiga display hardware.

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Amiga World Vol 10 05 1994 May

Document sans nom The Mew 24-Bit Display Boards More Color And Better Resolution For Less! Color Printers 4 New Models For Under $ 1000 Plus!
• Animation Moves
• AmigaDOS Tips
• Video Toaster 3.1
• C Programming
• Reviews, Games, More! LOW PRICE ROTATING GRAPHICS BjjMiCll Wilier Release 2 TW Writer is argufy the best word processor M released for the Anftja.’-. Amiga Ad. March 1S94. "...Final Writer is the top AmigaVkj proces- to rival even the Mac and PC heavytBkits" ¦ Amiga (England). January 1994. Finairttir wll of Final Copy ll’s major features plusffll Tg|jj ! Includes: Table of Contents. Table of Ir jwis. Endnotes, Bibliography, and Index gen- jgr tions; multiple master pages: EPS movable text blocks: rotated text a user configured button strip for of the program's interface, complete 'Undo'’ capabifi- I'Wp-Mlltalii:. And Underline opti Bmg l rtoo[Si userbuttons, and style features drop down mfl Bbntl Aynnt size: and additiona Ari user menace. F’nal Writer rsc Jms 2 megabytes of RAM. A hard drive. L UlUl UpXAI Release 2 “Readers' Choice AwaMj ro3". Amazing Computing: 'AwarcL| Best Software Product’*, Amiga Plus (Ge ). “Product of the Year 1993", Amiga M ermany). What more can we sayd Thi gj ost popular and most used word jji J| 0r on the Amiga today. It features a 110,000 Wfd speller; 1.4 million word thesaurus: autof;.- hyphenation: search and replace: tab stopjjl adjustable margins: word and sentencj r paragraph sorting; on-screen math; style sheets; drawing tools; imporM Hffics:A master pages: CompugraphicJ NimbusQ outline font suppog H prinA > possible on any WorkbenojflU Blraphin H er or PostScript - device. Final Copy IT works equally well on Workbench 1.3,2.0 and higher. All you need is a minimum oi 1 megabyte of RAM and 2 floppy new ovjgmmmis word processor, art eveh better Bargain than ever. SoftWood, Inc.
P. O. Box 50178 Phoenix. Arizona 85076 1 (800) 247-8314 script is-a ragisterea trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated Circle 48 on Reader Service card AFFORDABLE CD-ROM ALFA DATA TANDEM™*""1 CONTROLLED
• Supports the Mitsumi’ FX001D double-speed (2x) and LU005 CD-ROM Drives
• Supports an additional (non-bootabte) IDE Hard Drive
• Supports the SyQuest" IDE Removable Media Hard Drives
• Automatic software installation with complete on-line documentation
• Includes PlayCD utility for audio Compact Disc operation
• Includes ISO 9660 & Rock-Ridge CD-ROM Filesystem. Compatible with WB 3.1 Mitsumi FX001D CO File System, BabelCDFS. ASIM CD-ROM FifeSystem, and single session Photo-CDs AlfaData and bsc break the multimedia price barrier! Tandemco,lx provides the most economical CD-ROM and mass storage solution available in the Amiga market. Supports SCSI2 Commands Includes “GigaMem” HD Software 0 2 4 6 8MB RAM Expansion Features a 25MHz SCSI i O processor with DMA Handshake. Take advantage of speed and compatibility with this low-cost, high performance storage solution Fastest Serial Throughput On Amiga®
• Data Transfers Up To 115,200bps
• Supports MIDI Device and Speeds MultiFaceCard m Expand your Amiga" by adding 2 high-speed serial ports and 1 parallel port. Included software supports multiple MFC IITs in one Amiga Arriga is ,i t i*;j 'SI !>rti cl trademark el Cot. Ti«J e re 'At: iga. Inc SyQuest is a icg Iured traOwwk o' SyOnwl Tscfmoiogy, Inc Mitsumi is o leg-ilwnil ir.itjnmjuk of Mitsumi EiedrcaitfS, Inc AlfaData is proud to continue their advanced joint venture with bsc. This union brings the most advanced German design together with high quality Taiwanese production. For the first time in the Amiga market. I bSC suPenor engineering and reliability are available to shatter the price performance barrier. Look lor the new bsc logo and or the AlfaData logo when selecting your Amiga related products and accessories. T Dealer Inquiries Call... micro-PnCE inc. )1STRIBUTORS US Sales t 800 362-9653 * Canadian 1 800 535-4902 AlfaData US • PO Box 6990 • Champaign, Illinois 61826-6990 • USA • Phone 1 217 356-1962 * Fax 1 217 356-0097 Circle 153 on Reader Service card. Performance Counts (...NOT PROMISES) GVP brings out the best in every Amiga Great Valley Products delivers on our commitment to manufacture the most innovative and technologically superior products for the Amiga. EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM * Go Beyond AG A Graphics with this real-time, 24-bit, true- color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280! 800x600 in 24-hit! We include a custom display pass-through cable for single-monitor use. Included with Spectrum is a GVP exclusive, the acclaimed EGS SpectraPaint (formerly EGS-PAJNT). I version is also available for those who want the best, but don't need as much speed. A simple connection in the A 1200’s 'trap-door' never voids a warranty, and with either Series II you have the added versatility of our DMA Peripheral Port (DPP). Add the fastest SCSI interface on any A1200 with the A1291 SCSI Kit. It just plugs in from the back. Other expansion products,including a 16-rut CD quality audio digitizerand playback unit as well as a real-time video digitizer coming soon! Keep your options open! ?SS8+ D5Sfi+“ Clearly Superior! This is the quietest, most ¦ouho tnoo professional and attractive digital sound sampler yet made. .Assembled of high-impact dear polycarbonate, this is the sound sampler to own for the Amiga. The versatile Digital Sound Studio titaceted program foi song composition, stereo sound playback as well as creation of =GVP software includes a multiface for sampling editing, .MOD format songs. New DSS 3.0 software now supports direct- to-disk [hard disk!) Recording and playback. New real-time effects STEREO and powerful playback and editing features as well as an even more versatile and powerful interface. CIRCLE 63 ON READER SERVICE CARD TIC jOt iu Extender’ find an additional and a digitizer (sue G-Lock' CIRCLE 16 ON READER SERVICE CARD USA EGS 28 24 Spectrum. Performance Series ll. Image FX, G-Lock. IV-24, G-Force 040-40. G-Force 040-33 4098 SCSI2MSr ioExtender. PhonePak VFX, and DSSSf are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc All other trademarks are the property of then respective owners. IV-24T“ A4000, Tlie Ultimate Genlock This is what you have been searching for in a professional quality genlock for your Amiga 4000. This integrated hardware design provides the crispest, cleanest genlocked video on the Amiga desktop. With options for RGB, composite, SVHS, Betacam and M-II compatible inputs & outputs as well as a 24-bit, 16.7 million color irame-buffer and real-time frsmegrabber digitizer, this is the Amiga genlock every professional needs. GVFs acclaimed ImageFX software as well as the powerful EGS SpectraPaint, now included, complete this picture as the Ultimate Genlock. An enhancement package including the professional Component Transcoder iCTl is available separately! 4090 SCSI2F4S774008 SCSI ir Bring the world of SCSI within your reach with either of these versatile boards. Instantly gain access to thousands of peripherals such as hard drives, SyQuest removable media and CD-ROMs. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga 4000 and smile. The 4098 is equipped with a full 32-bit SCS12FAST interface providing up to an incredible 10Mb per second transfer speed. Eight 32-hit, standard 72-pin SIMM slots provide for up to an amazing 256Mb of very fast RAM...NOW! A2Q00 users or those looking tor the most economical SCSI solution will find room for up to 8Mb of 16-bit memory on our 400S card. A4000 G-Force 040*40“ This is it! Never before has such a powerful processor been available for the Amiga! GVP puts a 40MHz Motorola '040 in pur A4000 (030 or 040! And couples with it up to 32Mb of super ast SIMM32 memory. We don't stop there... add the memory expansion module and gain a total 128Mb of RAM (incredible!' Directly connected to this blazing processor. For maximum performance. GVP offers a second optional module for a full 32-bit SCSI IF A ST interface, capable oi data transfer speeds up to an A2QD0 G-Force 040-33 Combo1" The classic Combo taken to the Ultimate Extreme! Your applications will blaze with the awesome power of a 33Mhz 68040 processor. Give that muscle some room to flex with room for up to 64MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Of course our award-winning SCSI II interface is integrated for maximum performance and we include the bonus of ioExtender capability with an extra parallel port and a buffered highspeed serial port. Hot "toast" served here! World of video with our built-in transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB ur YUV outputs! Full support for AG A systems as well as the 'classic' Amiga 500,2000 and 3000. Acclaimed interface controls make this easy to use and simple to control. Scab' users can purchase an EX module from Scala distributors. With G-Lock's included dual-input audio panel it s simply the best choice for every personal Amiga owner. Pro grabber and 16.7 million color frame-buffer ...Plus there is a full SMPTE £BU time-code receiver generator and a separate comb filter available... Wjjs this incredible product will transcode composite and Y C inputs...Plus a 3 channel video mput switcher (in composite and Y C) ...Plus programmable video special effects! Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together and do it on any Amiga! Get connected with the state-of-the-art S-bit 4:2:2 video signal processing.. .Plus it provides a real-time video frame- amazing 10Mb per second! GVP Gforce...Experience the power E-FORCE CIRCLE 36 ON READER SERVICE CARD CIRCLE SO ON READER SERVICE CARD CIRCLE 25 ON READER SERVtCE CARD CIRCLE 2B ON READER SERVICE CARD CIRCLE 30 ON READER SERVICE CARD CIRCLE 6 ON READER SERVICE CARD TBCPIllS “ This professional quality (CC1R- 6011, all digital time-base-corrector [f BC| uses VOLUME 10, NUMBER 5, MAY 1994 FEATURES 24-Bit Graphics Boards . .. Revisited By Sheldon Leemon 20 Since our last report on high-color, enhanced-display devices (Feb. ’93), three newcomers have made the scene, (bur more are on the way, and half a dozen others have been updated. That's a lot of action in just over a year so let's see what's causing all the sparks. Show Your Colors! By Gary Ludwick .28 There’s also been some heated activity recently at the output end of the color- graphics market as HP, Canon, Largo, and Star have all released sophisticated new color printers for under $ 1000. Check out AlV.s comprehensive comparison tests to see which one's best for you. ARTICLES Hidden AmigaDOS Gems PART 3 By Denny Atkin ..... 3 6 The final installment of’our three-part series on the newest versions of the operating system shows von wliv Shell commands O j I 1 can often handle printing operations better, faster, and more easily than your applications programs. The Best Things in Life Are C By Dave Haynie ......39 The master Amiga programmer begins a two-part series on C, the most widely used programming language. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Denim Brisson ..4 "I Ie said, she said, they said ..The editor notes that readers have a lot of different opinions about AIV. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...72 You can achieve interesting, complex motion in your animation work by following some easy animbmsh techniques. Video Suite By Paulo de Andrade ..76 Part 2 of Paulo’s “Sound Quality" series "Colorful" i.s clearly the operative word for Aws May issue. The past year has seen a fidl-bore explosion both in high-color display devices and in inexpensive high-quality color printers. So check out our double-barreled feature coverage of the latest offerings in both markets. And cash in on the color- graphics revolution tunc! Slums you how to assemble the remaining components of an effective audio system for your video-production projects. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....6 News, new products, and network happenings all over the Amiga community. Help Key ....81 Technically inquisitive minds want to know: Does 1 ini get dressed in a phone booth IxTore answering the “Help Key" mail? Stay timed, Metropolis.. . List of Advertisers ....92 Last Word ...96 Although job stress is tip at the P.O., don’t he afraid to write us W'you re disgruntled. APT Product Information .94 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue cA' Amiga World, consult our all-in-one "Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses" list. REVIEWS SUPERGEN SX (Digital Creations) ... I 2 Digital’s great cotnposite S-Video genlock Ibr the A2000 is finally available For the rest of the Amiga family. WAVETOOLS (Digital Audio Designs). . 1 3 Compact lf>-bit sound card with lots of extras. ANIMWORKSHOP 2.02 (Axiom)... I 5 More than a facelift for this superb upgrade of the popular animation-tools package. CNET Pro 3.05c (Perspective) I 7 Full-scivice BBS for Amiga sysops. Cocoon Precision Morphing (DevWarc) ......18
l. carn morphing basics for under $ 100. Sbase4 Pro Personal (Oxxi) 18 Revised versions of the two best database programs ever made for the .Amiga. Video Toaster 3.1 (NewTek).....84 Ihe new Toaster software gets a quick, useful and free upgrade. Back Talk ...84 Responses to previous dll' reviews. GAVIES Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Interplay) ......60 Long-awaited port-over now A( LA-okay. Simon the Sorcerer (Adventure Soft) ..60 Graphics adventure from the Elvira people. Mortal Kombat (Virgin) and Brutal Sports Football (Milennium) .....64 No disappointments with MK and BSF. Maybe next we’ll have “Lethal Lutz” and "Brutal Blades’* for the Nancy Tonya fans. Global Domination, Rules of Engagement 2, When Two Worlds War (Impressions) ....66 Three impressive strategy games fiom an up-and-coming American game publisher! Short Takes .64 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. COVER SPECIAL EFFECTS BY JACK HARRIS VISUAL LOGIC COVER PHOTOGRAPH OF RE 1 IN A 7.3 BY EDWARD Jl DICE EDITOR’S DRAWER The editor takes to his soapbox to address concerns of this month's letter writers in search of a kinder,; magazine. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE “Faster, higher, stronger." That’s the motto of the recently concluded Olympics, but it could also serve as the guiding principle behind the computer industry, which is constantly striving to upgrade products with more features to achieve better results. It's a commendable pursuit, which leads to more interesting, useful applications. But, just as not everyone is capable of competing in an Olympic biathlon, not evety user feels comfortable on computing’s fast track. The world of personal computing can be an intimidating experience for the first-time user, as several letters from this month's mail pouch suggest: One letter writer from Susanville, CA, states, “Your magazine does not speak to the novice Amiga user. The articles are over my head. Most of the ads are over my head. 1 don’t even know what they are Hying to sell me.” Another reader complains, "Article writers always seem to assume the reader has a solid, basic knowledge of computers,” From time to time, Amiga Wot d has had to refute the accusations that it is written only for professionals, particularly in the graphics and video arenas, where the Amiga really shines. Conversely, some of the more experienced readers claim that Amiga World is of ten too simplistic in its approach. So, while some in the Amiga community probably the most technically sophisticated users in the industry look for more technical coverage, others seek a more basic treatment of computer topics. Maintaining the correct editorial balance is tricky. The magazine’s focus is, and always has been, to help the novice, intermediate, and expert realize the promise of computing that is, making their lives easier, more productive, and or more enjoyable. A Wcuts across a number of lines to meet the needs of all users. A person who just wants to play games can use the same equipment as someone who handles the payroll for a major company. Computers lit right into the lifestyles of both the quiche-eating yuppie and the meat-and- potatoes practitioner. As Commodore prepares to launch new CD32s and more A1200s into the market, there’s an opportunity here to embrace a new generation ol users . . . And .-nr will be there constantly in search of the right editorial mix. IDG IN TERNATIONAL DATA GROUP One returning serviceman (an AntigaIVorid subscriber) writes regarding AI4A editorial, "Don't change a thing. I like the broad coverage you provide. There is always something in it for everyone diversity develops creativity regardless ol what we use Arnigas for.” AmigaU’orld (ISSN 08SJJ- 2390) is ;iri independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines, liu. Amignll'orht is published monthly bv TccliMcdia Publishing, Inc.. an I DC Company. NO Kim St., Petcilx uough, NH 08458. US subscript ion rale is $ 29.07, one year; $ 57.07. tun yeat.%; $ 88,97, three years; Canada. $ 11.97 (includes OS I ), and Mexico $ 88.97. Foreign Sui lace $ -19.97. I nieign Airmail $ 84.97. US funds drawn oil US bank. P cp.ivmcnf is required on all Foreign subv npfious. All foreign rates are one-year oiih. Setond-i lass postage paid at Pclerbotough. NI I. and at additional mailing offices. Plume: 008-924-0100. On-line on Uf X: Amiga. World (in Amiga .exchange); CompuServe; 76376.2137: Portal: Co Amiga- World. Entire contents copyright 1993 by TechMedia Publishing. Inc. Vo part ol this publication may Ix- primed or otherwise reproduced iwthour written jx’tmission from the publisher. Postmaster; Semi address changes to Amiga II or hi. Subscription Services. TO box 595. Mt. Morris. II. 01054-7901. Nationally distributed bv Kali le News Co.. I ungti 11 urt l makes evety elfon to ensure the a i mao of at tides, listings, and diagrams published in the magazine. Amiga 11 ’mill assumes no rcsjjonsibilil) lor damages due to errors or omissions. PR IN IEI> IN 111E CSA. Posted under Canadian International Publication agreement 257-173. Welcome home and welcome lo Amiga I or d, where the promise of computing still beckons to millions of people of varvins abilities and interests. Dennis Brisson, Editor- in - Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Anti Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Games Editor Joel Hagen, Contributing Editor Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson. Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda. Manufacturing Manager Michncl McGoldrick. Advertising Dlrector Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard. Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0 00 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Sahiti, Associate Publisher. West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd.. Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-4 5-375-70IS: FAX: I-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McColc, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jail let, Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie Bourgaidt, Circulation Fulfillment Manager Subscription Sendees: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Darlene Sw eeney, Administrative Assistant William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections Kemco Publishers Serv ices, Newsstand Circulation 4 May 1994 The Hard Drive FAST... .14ms avg. access, 1.6 to 2,3MB sec max (AT) Data Transfer Rate (to from media)
4. 0MB sec max (to from buffer) HUGE.. .Unlimited storage with 105MB cartridges QUIET... .Shhhh-Listen. You’re not goins to believe it. SMALL.3.5 X 1 Inch drive with shirt pocket cartridge. RUGGED....2 year Warranty, 100,000 hours MTBF SIMPLE. .Customer service, all day every day. VERSATILE...Something for everyone. See chart. RELIABLE...SyQuest Removable Technology EASY...Special Auto-Diskchange driver - no rebooting. INTELLIGENT...64K "Look Ahead" buffer. COMPLETE. .Includes all cables, 5 1 4" mtg. Bracket and Software. All you need is in the box. 105 Megabyte 3.5 Inch Removable Media Hard Drive The wait is over. Finally...a hard drive that is truly practical. One that is economical enough to use for backing up and transporting large files and fast enough to use as the primary drive. The DataFlyer 105SQ is both of these and more. Proven SyQuest removable technology makes the DataFlyer 105SQ the Ultimate Hard Drive. Special version of 3105AT direct from SyQuest with our special driver guarantees compatibility with the A4000 including diskchange. Contact your Amiga dealer for details. Includes 1 SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE m
- V ¦ Cartridge EXTERNAL INTERNA1 SCSI C IDE C Computer $ 769 C S869 C A4000 Circle 62 on Reader Service card. A1200 600 S869 C S669 C $ 769 C A2000 A500** EXPANSION All prices arc manufacturers suggested list. XXX C = Controller included. A500** For DataFlyer 500 and Express SCSI owners. Making Technology Affordable Since 1986 Factory Direct Limited time offer A4000 IDE internal Call 510 656-2890 FAX 510 656-5131 K .. ' s- T - » I , V1 Expansion Systems 44802 Osgood Rd Fremont Culifpmiu. DataFlyer I05SQ is a trademark of Expansion Syrians 1994. SyQuest 3105AT is a trademark of SyQuest technologies. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks More Support for CD32 You’re sure to see some interesting third-party peripherals for the CD32 this spring, and ParaVision (RS 120) is helping to lead the way. The company’s SX1 (SI99.95) internal expansion board adds a nine-pin serial port, a standard Amiga parallel port, floppy-drive and IDE hard-clisk connections, an RGB video port, and a microphone jack. It plugs into the CD32’s rear expansion port and projects about two inches outward. It can also connect to the CD32’s Full-Motion Video cartridge. Included with the board is a parallel- port adapter that links the CD32 to other Amigas via a cable and the bundled Par- Net software. Options such as an IBM AI'-style keyboard translator, a memory' interface to add 1, 2, 4, or 8 megabytes of fast RAM (up to 4MB on MPEG- equipped machines), and a microphone adapter will be available soon for an additional $ 20 each. Jerry Robinson, designer of the SX1, claims that the addition of RAM can more than double the speed of the CD32. Team Effort The SX1 was designed at MicroBotics, the Texas-based company that also produced the first expansion card for the A1200. MicroBotics was acquired by ParaVision in December for an undisclosed price, according to Robinson, president of the former company. Robinson feels MicroBotics needed a buyer like ParaVision that could adequately support research and development for the high-end video market, including the CD32. Me also states that CD32 is “probably one of the best products you could put on to]) of a'IV to show die movies that are coming out on CD." Robinson said that none of MicroBotics’ dozen staff members were let go as a result of the purchase, and he added that response to die expansion board has already been encouraging. The entire output from the first three planned production runs has been pre-sold to European distributors. On the Soft Side Be on the lookout for growing software support for the CD32, as well. One such package, Almathera Systems’ Video Creator (£39.95), adds graphics, animations, and special effects to music Cds. Watch out, MTV: With the Full-Motion Video cartridge, images and animations can be superimposed over existing video Cds. (RS 121.) Peter Olafson Prismatic Products Spectonics International (RS 138) is living up to its name it's offering a whole "spectrum" of products to add a bit of color to your Amiga's animation and image- processing capabilities. With PhotoworX (S199) software and an XA-compatible CD-ROM drive, your Amiga's screen becomes a "contact sheet" of Kodak Photo-CD images. Simply double-click on a slide-like representation of the image and it will appear on your screen. You can apply some basic image-processing tools included with the package (such as detail-magnifying, cropping and scaling, color correction, and more) and then save the images as Amiga IFF files. It requires Workbench 2.04 or later and 2MB of RAM (a hard disk and accelerator are recommended). ClariSSA 2.0 ($ 199) lets you create and play animations, and, as its name might suggest, it generates Super Smooth Animations (SSA) from existing ones (play back at 60 fields per second!). A variety of sQaaiaiii jj jJjj
- j- j j 1 iiy ‘h Umi 4 ya editing tools, a virtual-memory function to play large animations, and a built-in screen grabber round out the package's offerings. It supports AGA and Arexx. ClariSSA Professional 3.0 ($ 399) offers even more possibilities including a "multi- anim play" function, which can play back several animations simultaneously, totally independent of the resolution or palette of each. It also implements a "high-end" SSA format, which claims to be 80 percent faster than the standard format. Adorage 2.0 (S199) generates 2-D special effects from fade-in and fade-out to explosions. It features user-definable parameters and an icon-driven interface. Ador- age supports AGA and HAMS modes. To the Point With the TruePoint CA-42 from MicroTouch, programs are at your fingertips literally. The package consists of Commodore’s 1942 monitor, a touch-screen adapter, a controller, and the AmigaTouch driver software. TruePoint promises to be a durable, plug-and-play solution for information kiosks, professional training programs, and so on. (RS 136.)
• - . . >'• k* ‘ -a To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. The future of electronic entertainment is here. Technology has merged with imagination, and computers have created virtual reality igniting a media revolution, launching the interactive age. And a new magazine has risen to cover it all. Introducing Electronic Entertainment. With timely features, dynamic columns, authoritative reviews and sneak previews, Electronic Entertainment will take you through all the hottest Mac and PC games. And on to multimedia hardware, advanced gaming systems, and accessories. CD-ROM, 3D0, and interactive TV. Whatever's here today, and what’ll tie coming down the media super highway tomorrow. So face the future. With Electronic Entertainment. Because, if you don’t have it, you just won’t get it. R. YES! I want the entertainment resource tor the interactive age. Please send me my FREE issue of Electronic Entertainment. If I like what I see, I’ll pay the low introductory rate of just $ 12 for 11 more issues (that’s a tolal of 12). If not, I’ll simply write "cancer’ on the invoice and owe nothing at all. Either way, the FREE issue is mine to keep, Name Address City State Zip Send foreign and Canadian orders prepad. In U.S. funds, with $ l5 year additional postage Annual newsstand rate: $ 47.40. Please al ow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your first issue. Mail to: Electronic Entertainment
P. O. Box 59710 Boulder, CO 80322-9710 Electronic Entertainment The Entertainment Resource for the Interactive Age 56AW8 More [n Depth Want to really dig in to specific areas of Amiga computing? Perhaps science and engineering, video, or games? New releases could make the digging easier. Catch up on the latest developments for NewTek’s Video Toaster with The Atomic Toaster Catalog, 3rd edition ($ 49.95, DevWare) by Harold Russell. It claims to he “the ultimate reference manual for the Video Toaster," promising tips on all third-party products for Toaster systems. (RS 123.) Real 3D 2.0 users might gain insight with Avongard Products' 90-minute instructional videotapes. Volume I: The Basics (S49.95; distributed by Realsoft) is a step-by-step guide to general modeling and animation techniques (including tutorials on Boolean operations and using the object hierarchy). Future tapes in the series will offer advice on cubic B-splines, particle animation, inverse kinematics, and more. (RS 124.) Attention would-be rocket scientists: There’s now a newsletter devoted expressly to you. With your annual subscription to Scientific Amigan ($ 39; $ 49 outside the US) you will receive information on the latest .Amiga products and applications for scientists, engineers, and educators every month. Additionally, you can choose two complimentary PD software or data disks from Scientific Amigans extensive library. (RS 125.) After receiving letter upon letter from readers such as yourself, professional videographer and frequent Amiga World writer Geoffrey Williams decided to publish a newsletter himself. The quarterly, Computer Artist and Videographer Report ($ 80 per year, CBP), offers candid business advice and reports on the latest trends in the video industry. In addition, each subscriber will receive a monthly disk that offers a more in-depth look at a specific graphics or video topic and includes relevant PD software. Von will also receive Intro Disk, a catalog (on disk) of the various tides avaiable through CBP. HyperMedia Journal, a quarterly disk-based magazine offering articles, tutorials, rewiews, and more, is included with your subscription. What about something for gamers, you ask? Geoffrey Williams’ History of Games (CBP) is an interactive hypermedia “book" on disk, li covers every- thing from traditional board games to logic play to video arcades. You can even play one of 100 freely-distributable games as you learn about the game’s origin. Currently, the book is available on floppy disk, but a CD-ROM version is in the works. (RS 126.) VERHEARD Now’s your chance to hit the “big time.” Willow Mixed Media (a non-profit arts organization) is seeking original Amigagenerated artwork for its video program “Amiga Artists on the Air” (distributed over local cable-access channels). You may submit work on disk (IFF or Toaster format) or on videotape (3 4-inch, Hi8, or VI IS). Contact Tobe Carey, president of Willow Mixed Media, at PO Box 194, Glenford, NY, 12433, or call 914 657- 2914 for more information. Letter Perfect Mailing List Manager ($ 79.95, Merlin's Software Visual Inspirations) options mail merge, full sorting capabilities, and interlinking of external data files are sure to inspire a chain (mail) reaction. The address database will organize your office's phone book for handy access to names and addresses, which you can output to labels and envelopes. And, with the help of DTP software, you can customize your output. You can even dial the phone from your screen! The program supports Arexx and requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or later. (RS 135.) I 0 V E R H E A R D Prime Image and NeivTek have reached an agreement to make the former’s Passport 4000 Yideo-T oaster-com patible. The device will convert digital video signals to various international standards (including PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N, and NTSC
4. 43) using a new “pass-through” technolog) that does not degrade the signal. It also offers time-base correction synchronization, and AT bus expansion slots for the A4000. Feeling Blue Good news for users wanting to run with Big Blue there are two new PC- emulator cards for the Amiga 2000, 3000, and 4000. The Golden Gate 486SLC2 ($ 999) from GMR Productions (formerly Vortex Worldwide) claims twice the speed of its predecessor, the Golden Gate 386SX. The 50 Mhz board includes 2.5MB of RAM (with 4 SIMM sockets to expand up to 16MB), an IDE interface, a floppy- disk controller kit, and a socket for an FPU. You can purchase the new Golden Gate along with GMR’s WinStorm board (which offers Super VGA acceleration, SoundBlaster Pro Audio Spectrum 16 compatible sound, a game port, and a SCSI CD-ROM controller) as a set for $ 1249. (RS 132.) The 486SLC2 50 Mhz Bridgeboard ($ 850, Elite Microcomputers) with 3MB ol RAM evolved from the Commodore A2386SX Bridgeboard. You can upgrade with an A2386SX trade-in for S550 and with an EMC 486SLC trade- in for $ 250. (RS 133.) 16-Bit Harmony Your A2000, 3000, or 4000 will be singing in unison with the Toccata 16-bit audio digitizer board ($ 599.95, MacroSystemUS). The board offers three stereo inputs, one microphone input, and one stereo output. It can record and playback up to 48 Khz in 16-bit directly to your hard disk. (With the ADPCM compression feature you can digitize at 32 Khz directly to a floppy disk, as well.) Using Toccata with MacroSystem's Vlab video digitizer, you can digitize both sound and visuals for a video sequence. Also included with the Toccata is SEKD's Samplitude editing software, which lets you exchange data between samples while viewing up to 10 samples simultaneously. It supports most sound files, including AIFF, MAUD, 8SVX, and more. The Toccata is compatible with most CD players, DAT recorders, video recorders, and laserdisc players. It requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or later. (RS 134.) Testing 1-2-3 You won't need anv “bubble-sheet” testing forms or No. 2 pencils for Mega- Test 2.0 ($ 29.95, DevWare). With this software, you can create your own tests to measure your child's competencies right off the screen. Sound, graphics, or text files can be integrated into the test design to customize response feedback. After each question, a score is displayed to measure and reward progress. Sample tests are included. (RS 137.) Good, Better, and Best A glance at this month's updates may suggest that good things (and good updates) really do come to those who wait. But, as another tried-and-true saying goes, "there's no time like the present" to take advantage of some special introductory offers. A custom version (PAL only) of Great Valley Product's IV24 video graphics board is available for the A4000. It claims to be twice as fast as previous versions when installed in an Amiga 4000 (performance will remain the same when used with an A3000 or 2000). Bundled with the board is lmagr3FX 1.5, which offers framegrabbing, video processing, painting, and rendering to tape. (RS 127.) Things keep getting better all the time at Black Belt Systems (RS 128); check out the latest versions of Imagemaster R t and ApAssist. Among other enhancements, the Imagemaster R t 1.5 ($ 99,95) image- processing software offers some new area- selection tools, spline-based sequence controls, tablet-pressure functions, and Arexx commands, and sports a new morphing interface. The upgrade is $ 25 ($ 30 outside the US). Imagine that you could "link" text files to each other so that you could click on a word in one document and call up its definition (including a picture file) in another but without a stitch of programming! That's just what a program like ApAssist (S99.95) can do for you. Designed to replace AmigaGuide, it claims to outperform Commodore's hypertext solution yet occupy significantly less memory. New features include additional font tools, an enhanced user interface, and more authoring commands. Next time your family screams, "Field trip!" Take them to the planetarium on your desktop. Distant Suns 5.0 ($ 69.95) from Virtual Reality Labs lets you view the night sky as it was during historical times (and in future times, tool). Added features include AGA support, an icon-driven tool box of the most-used functions, sample stars from the Hubble Guide Star Catalog, new Arexx commands, and much more. It requires AmigaDOS 2.04 or later, 2MB RAM (1MB chip RAM), and a hard drive. You can upgrade from previous versions for $ 39.95. (RS 129.) Slow and steady may win the race, but who's got the time? For on-the-fly multi- media presentations, the latest release ( 127) of Activa's MediaPoint (distributed by Creative Computers) claims speedier Page and Script Editor functions, as well as some user-interface tweaks. The update is free to registered owners. (RS 130.) And who needs speedy performance more than programmers? Devpac 3 ($ 109.95, Oregon Research), an assembler debugger package, promises to be at least 40 percent faster than its predecessor. You can even juggle your tasks within the new multi-window editor call up any other program to change fonts, make backups, and the like. It is compatible with any 680x0 processor and supports math coprocessors. (RS 131.) ¦ Trick utilities, multifaceted applications, and wondrous games aren’t the only great Amiga resources found on line. Less-glamorous yet still-beloved upgrades and bug fixes are worthy of some attention, too. Better known as "patches," these Files are provided by both developers and well-intentioned souls. A high-profile presence on the nets is a cost -el led ive method for manufacturers to reach both new and current customers. Users, too, benefit from a process of timely upgrades. And. Knowing such freebies are available on line is all the motivation new users need to get onto the nets. If you’re doing some comparative shopping, check out the download totals of each product's most recent upgrade (and the frequency of its updates) before buying. For example, if you’re choosing between a htg- iiame paint program whose update gets hundreds of downloads. And a more basic and less- expensive package that doesn’t, then the extra money might be worth it if you are concerned about long-term support. Upgrades Galore Instead ol listing all of the upgrades and patches you can find on line, 1 limited this month's "scan" to a substantial list of recent (within the last 12 months) additions that you can add to vour collection. The leader of the patch pack is Utilities Unlimiled's Mac- etnulalor, Empkmt, with almost 20 different versions of the software appearing on (iEnie alone. Since a new version of the software is released even- few weeks, I dare say it’s a necessity that all Emplant users have a modem and a Genie account. Users of Oxxi’s Sbase Professional, can find two upgrades on CompuServe. S11J3EG.LZ11 in the Amiga Vendor forum will bring your Sbase4 Pro 1.3e rip to
1. % while SBP13B.LZ11 does the same for Sbase4 Pro 1.3b, Users of New Horizons’ ProWrile should look on CompuServe for the file PYVP33LLZH, which upgrades version 3.3 of the popular word processor to 3.3.1. If you've already upgraded ProYVrite to that level, you will need PWT332.I. .I I on CompuServe, or Genie File 19929, PROWRT EEPATC H 2.32.LZH to upgrade to 3.3.2. Another New Horizons’ product, Quartet hack, has updates on the nets that bring it from 5.02 to 5.03 and from 5.03 to 5.04. Nearly everyone who uses EA's DeluxePaim 4.5 AGA has stumbled on a few bugs over the [last year or so since its release. You won’t Find a patch for this program on CompuServe, but you will on BIX and Genie. Niggling problems are addressed and corrected with this patch, hut just he sure to have your Dpaiut 4.5 program disks and registration card ready before launching into this upgrade. Heifner Communications oilers a fair share of upgrades for its Pegger program via the networks, too. Pegger 1.2.1.HA on BIX and Genie has an interesting history. It began in the fall of '93 as the first major upgrade to the original Pegger. A second on-line upgrade brought the program up to version 1.3 and beefed-up support for Toaster Eramestores. A third patch program was then released to lix a problem in the
1. 3 patch. A patch to fix a patch, though rare, is not unheard ol in these circles. ON-LINE SCAN If you’re interested in C programming on the Amiga, you’re probably familiar with SAS’s C C+ + 6.50 (see “Reviews," April ’94, p. (53). Most networks offer a substantial (350k) upgrade that corrects some shortcomings anti brings the package up to version 0.51. By Tim Walsh I wo late arrivals to the list of patch programs include Patch- Math020, a small utility designed for older programs that allows them to take advantage of 32-hit memory Fur mathematical operations. On CiEnie you’ll also find SPAIN’T.LMA, which brings GVP's EGS-Spectia-Painl (the paint program that accompanies its EGS-Spectrum board) from
1. 09 to 1.2. BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 ? The Kitchen Sync is TWO complete S-Video compatible infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card. And at a price that you would normally pay for a single TBC. Completely synchronize not one, but two independent video sources for use with virtually any switcher or digital video effects system requiring synchronous video inputs. Two complete time base correctors on one card that can plug into any IBM AT compatible slot. The Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 Buy oneTimebase Corrector... ...and get a second one FREE!* with any video source, even consumer VCRs and camcorders ? Use multiple Kitchen Syncs, together for more channels ? Completely accurate sync generator built in: totally regenerates all sync and blanking signals; guaranteed accurate S CH phase relationships ? Built-in proc amp ? Broadcast quality output ? Completely digital design ? Microprocessor controlled ? Easy to adjust external LCD control panel ? Advanced sync output ? Inputs are S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible. Use either composite or S-Video into either channel ? Great for use with the Video Toaster ? S-Video output option for full S-Video operation ? Control operation independent of Amiga, PC, or Toaster operation ? Easy installation ? No timing adjustments necessary for small stand-alone applications ? Genlock option available for house system integration * Jitter-free freeze frame, field 1 or field2 (channel independently selectable) ? Variable rate strobe 4 External contact-closu re interface for freeze 4 Three user presets and one factory setting stored internally Check out these great features: 4 Plugs into any IBM AT compatible or any Amiga A2000, A3000. Or A4000 PC slot 4 Plugs into Digital Creations new Video Slot Box 4 Works The Kitchen Sync makes it easy to complete your desktop video installation. Everything you need is here. 4 All on one card 4 All at one great price
* At this price its like buying one TBC and getting the second one free. 4 S-Video option $ 99.00 4 Genlock Option $ 150.00 Both composite and S-video in an external genlock The SuperGen SX is our newest genlock and overlay system for Amiga computers. The 4,S" in “SX” stands for S-Video. The new SuperGen SX is a full featured S- Video genlock. The “X" stands for external. The SX is an external device that attaches to any Amiga computer through the RGB port. We have taken the best features of both the SuperGen and the SuperGen 2000s and combined them along with some great new features to make the ultimate new genlock for the new Amiga computers. True broadcast quality video output 4 True Y C genlock and overlay 4 Two independent dissolve controls 4 Software controllable 4 S-Video to composite or composite to S-video transcoding built in 4 Interpretive dissolve mode 4 Switchable
3. 58MHz notch filter 4 Switchable video input selection 4 Switchable Genlock Disable for productivity mode uses 4 One S-Video Input 4 One S-Video Output 4 One Composite Video Input SuperGen SX 4 One Composite Video Output 4 Professional Key Out for use with switchers 4 Switchable Chroma Notch filter 4 Selectable blanking 4 BNC and S-Video connectors 4 Fast Sync Tip Clamp 4 Key Output 4 Internal RS-170A Blanking Generator 4 Switchable Setup Adder 4 Compatible with all Amiga models. The new SuperGen SX external S-Video compatible genlock for the new series of Amigas has everything you want in a genlock and overlay system for your Amiga. $ 749.00 Break the single video slot barrier! 4 Four Video Slots! 4 Three PC AT bus slots (power & ground only) 4 230W switching power supply 4 Two
5. 25" and two 3.5" drive bays The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and two 3,5 inch devices (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. Video Slot Box The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You can place up to four video sfot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that are “video slot masters" such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. 4 Coming Soon To order direct call Digital Direct at 1-800-645-1164 (orders only please) Free shipping on ail VISA and MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. m Call by 2:00pm California time for same day shipping. Technical information please dial 916-344-4825, ™ niGiTAi nital Creations, inn. * P.O. Bnx 97 • Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone (9161 344-4825 * FAX (916) 635-0475 I I ll Digital Creations, Inc. • P.O. Box 97 * Folsom CA 95763-0097 * Phone (916) 344-4825 * FAX (916) 635-0475 TV C R E A T I O N Suoe-Gen. SuperGen 2000s. SuperGen SX. Video Slot Box. And Kitchen Sync are trademarks ot Digital Creations. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark ol Newtek. Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks ol IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore Amiga, Inc. Circle 63 on Reader Service card. The Reviews are in... The program is so fast and flexible that it makes its Amiga predecessors feel like the old Doodle! Program on the Commodore 64. Nothing out there can match its feature set, and it's the one paint program I’ve used that’s so fast that it never gets in the way of your creativity. Amiga Computing, October 1993 (UK) "Brilliance is now leaving Dpaint trailing in its wake the best art package available for the Amiga. It’s very hard to express why I’m so taken by Brilliance, there’s just a feeling of ‘rightness’about the way that it works. ” C U Amiga, October 1993 (UK) “Brilliance is user friendly, doing an excellent job with nearly every function and option that it offers... ” Amiga World, December 1993 (USA) t&f “For many years, Dpaint ruled the roost when it came to supplying incredible graphics power at an affordable price, but no longer. Brilliance has assumed centre stage and is now the Amiga's number one art package ' C U Amiga, January 1994 (UK) "It took a while, but Deluxe Paint IV has finally met its match. If you're looking for the best AGA paint program on the Amigar look no further than Brilliance." Amazing Computing, November 1993 (USA) tjli Professional Paint & Animation DIGITAL ANNOUNCING VERSION 2.0 Version 2.0 of Brilliance has been designed with productivty in mind. Several new features enhance this already powerful program. Features like Flip Frames that allows the animator to flip through drawings. Rub Thru that make compositing easier. Load and Save Tween paths enabling much longer and repeatable brush moves. Faster and more accurate Tweening, True View option for magnification. And much, much more. Brilliance! The best just got betteri “Excellent! Brilliance is loaded with useful drawing and animation features, but it's not just the sheer number of tools on offer' that impresses. Two other big points arise. First, the program is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive, flexible and well thought- out panel system. The second major factor is Brilliance's speed. Even in HAMS mode, everything zips along beautifully quickly" Amiga Format, October 1993 (UK) "After using Brilliance for just a couple of days, I'm hooked. It is the only package to be released for the Amiga which can rival DeluxePaint for animation capabilities, and it is a class act." Amiga Down Under Nov Dec 1993 (New Zealand) Overall Speed Slow Fast Picture Size Limited By: Chip RAM Yes No ' Total RAM N A Yes Number of Brushes 29 Number of Anim Brushes 2 9 Number of Screens 2 Lots* Levels of Undo 1 Lots’ Levels of Redo 1 Lots' Load Save Paths Yes Yes Flip Frames No Yes Realtime Preview Mode No Yes Full Screen HAM Gradient Fill Slow Fast Max of Colors Gradient Fill 16 i 30,000 True 24 Bit Editing No | Yes Load DCTV Pics as HAM No Yes Max Animation Speed 30fps 99fps Ground-up Design for AGA No Yes
* Limited only by total RAM ...Brilliance kicked Tut's Butt! Is m Still Not Convinced? 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when purchased directly from Digital Creations as a Competitive Upgrade to Ver. 2.0. Cali 800-645-1164 to order. “It is solid as a rock. Never have I known a first version of any program stand up like this or be so perfectly polished." Amiga Shopper, December 1993 (UK) COMPARE! Deluxe Paint IV Vs. Brilliance DIGITAL Digital Creations. PO Box 97. Folsom. CA 95763-0097 Product Information 916-344-4825 * FAX 916-635-0475 • Orders 800-645-i 164 CREATIONS REV SuperGen SX External composite and S-Video genlock. Digital Creations, $ 795 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, AGA Amiga, S-Video components. In 1990, Digital Creations updated its excellent SuperGen video genlock to answer the call for S-VHS and IliS compatibility. The result, the 2000S, was designed for the Amiga 2000’s video slot, leaving Amigas that lacked a video slot (A500st AGOOs, and A1200s) out in the cold. Now, however, Digital Creations oilers a solution for all Amigas with its new SuperGen SX. Quality Construction The new SuperGen SX is a self-contained, steel- cased unit, with power supplied through the Amiga's RGB port using a cabled DB-23 male connector. A female DB-23 connector on the rear of the SX provides a pass-through for an RGB monitor. Other connectors include S-Video Input, S-Vidco Output, Composite Input, Composite Output, and Key Output. The unit also has a DIP switch for custom hardware configurations and a telco connector for an optional remote-control device. Desktop control-panel buttons and controls are labeled Dissolve Fader Background, Dissolve Fader Graphics, Notch Filter, interpretive Dissolve, Genlock Disable, and S-Video Composite Video Toggle, with each button featuring an LED function indicator. Additional LEDs indicate Power Genlock and Computer Control states. The buttons have a solid feel to them, and the fader bars glide smoothly. I evaluated the SX in an S-VHS edit suite, using a waveform monitor and vectorscope for the final analysis. As software, 1 used Broadcast Titler for 11 le A2000 system and MONTAGE 24 with the A4000. Waveforming and Vectorscoping After color bars were run through the SX, die vectorscope display revealed that both color saturation To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. And chroma phase were precise. The waveform tests showed a luminance stairway step of equal size, and the top of the step was centered on the 100-IRE line. Sync tests showed a straight line at 10 IRE, coupled with a crisp and clean burst. The results were identical for both the A2000 and A4000. For the A2000 test I launched Broadcast Titler and loaded in a CG page. I fed some prerecorded S-VHS videotape footage into the SX’s S-VHS video input, with the text of the CG page superimposed over the incoming signal. The textual graphic overlay appeared dean, with a minimum of chroma crawl, twitter, or other NTSC artifacts. I performed an edit with the video signal and graphic overlay combined, and the resulting playback showed a clean and stable recording of both elements. Using n o the fader bars to bring the graphics in and out was a seamless operation. The SX also introduced no distortion into the source video, remaining completely transparent to it. AGA Editing One of my main concerns was how well the SX transcoded the RGB output of the A4000 AGA graphics to S-VHS. I loaded a graphic created with Brilliance and MONTAGE 24 and adjusted the SX Riders for graphics only. Amazingly, the S-VHS output compared favorably with the Amiga’s RGB display, although it was not as sharp. 1 recorded the S-VHS output graphic to videotape, and the playback results were stable and clean. I also prepared a text page with the MONTAGE 24 color-four options, employing a page of fonts that used the gradient-lill feature set from yellow to the maximum red. I also made sure the NTSC filter in MONTAGE was toggled off. This time 1 superimposed the textual page over the same prerecorded S-VHS videotape as in the first test, and the result was a clean and stable image except for some dot and chroma crawl around the red edges of the fonts. The 3.58-MHz Notch filter made the dot and chroma crawl disappear and produced only a slight blur 011 the edge ol the fonts. Actually, this test was son of a dirty trick to pull on the SX. Alter turning on the MONTAGE 24 NTSC filter, the image was nearly perfect, and when I recorded the same signal to tape and played it back, it was broadcast quality. The last step in this test was to make a dub of the edited footage. The results were excellent; even the normally unstable reds looked just line on the monitor. The Natural SupcrGen SX’s compatibility with Amiga AGA computers makes it a natural for transcoding these machines 10 S-V1IS, thus opening the door to a cost-effective way of creating information channels for cable television. The mix of textual info and AGA graphics is a definite plus, so Amiga users interested in squeaky clean S-Y11S output can employ the SX in a variety of applications. From the helpful documentation to the superb signal quality, the SupcrGen SX delivers with living colors. Although it does not quite match the performance of the 2000S. It comes mighty close, for the price and versatility, it just can’t he beat. -Joel D. Tessler Half-length, 16-bit sound card and software. Wavetools Digital Audio Designs, $ 450 A2000, A3000, A4000, or Zorro Il-compatible expansion chassis.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. The ideal Amiga sound card must oiler a minimum of 16-bit stereo digitizing and recording, plus playback capabilities. It should also have editing and mixing provisions for basic recording and the potential for future expansion, perhaps via a plug-in Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: 2MB, hard drive. Recommended system: 68030 or better microprocessor, hard drive with 500K second or faster transfer rate, 4MB. Stereo amplifier, speakers. Card. Digital Audio Designs' new Wavetools fulfills all these requirements for a very reasonable §450. I he half-length, 16-bit sound card plugs into any vacant PC slot and connects using four RCA jacks 011 the rear. Another 50-pin, rear-mounted con- nector is wisely labeled “Not a SCSI J connector.” Software installation merely requires dragging the program icons from the accompanying floppy disk to vour drawer of choice on the hard drive. Music Maker With Wavetools, yon perform audio recording and playback to and from the hard drive. Although a data-transfer rate of less than 200K per second should be adequate, I’d recommend a faster hard drive. The package supports eight sampling rates, including 48, 44.1, 32, 29.4, 24, 22.05, 19.2, and 17.64K per second. The first two rates correspond to those used for digital audio tape and CD recordings. Because all of Wavetools’ recording and playback involves the hard drive, the maximum length of a recording depends on the sampling rate and your drive’s capacity. At 48 kilosamples pet- second, one minute’s worth of 16-bit stereo requires an 11.5MB sound file! During recording, Wavetools’ software lets you adjust the input gain over a span Wltal't A*e ike 24-Bil Giopkit c(Dtdd nUi»iuq aewefkituj? UieTkwfe St!!! TheTALO N = ''lain Obj ectives New Price Lowest Cost Video Option Retargetable Graphics FCC Approved Paint Program ZorroII llll 6U-Bit Display Controller [''lultimonitor Support EG5 Workbench Emulation Programmable resolution 50240 W Fbntiac Trail Wxom, Michigan 48393 The Ea$ 1c is tekmg Fli shtVA Tech Support (810) 960-8750 Sales (810) 960-8751 Fax (810) 960-8752 Wavetools’ Workbench control panels. Of 22.5 db, whereas during playback the adjustment spans 46.5 db. Built-in filtering eliminates aliasing distortion. Audio-editing functions include cut, copy, paste, and mix. The mixing function, which combines a second sample with the current sample, provides the left and right channels with six separate gain controls having a + -32 db range for both input files as well as the output file. These adjustments let you control the balance of the mix. The mixing function also includes an undo buffer that requires an additional disk file with a size proportional to the duration of the mix. Wavetools’ interface uses a series of windows that open on the Workbench. The heart of the control center is a small panel with accompanying pull-down menus. There are zoom controls, start-and-stop playback, and gain for playback volume. Recorded samples are displayed in resizable windows, and its easy to cut and paste between them. You need two open sample windows for mixing. A recording window, opened from the main control panel, provides software gain control of the input level, sample rate selection, progress indicator, and oscillographs to monitor both input channels. Wavetools comes with 75-page manual, complete with installation and set-up procedures, tutorial, and reference sections. The tutorial does a good job of getting newcomers to the world of I (5-bit sound up and running. Future Plans Special effects in Wavetools are limited to a volume change of a marked range, with separate level controls for the left and right channels. According to Digital Audio Designs, the standard Amiga hardware is incapable of real-time special effects on 16-bit stereo samples at full- lidelity sampling rates. To ensure such effects, the manufacturer plans to release its RTX real-time extension board ($ 329) for Wavetools later this year. What you get with the current product Circle 26 on Reader Service card K i; V I E w s is a fast, slick. 16-bir sound card and software. All the audio samples I generated were clean and free front noise and distortion. IfyouYe in the market fora true 16-bit stereo sampling, editing, and mixing package that promises future RTX expandability, don't overlook W’avetools. Morton Kevelson ANIMWorkshop Version 2.02 Axiom Software, S159.95 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system; 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, 2MB chip RAM, AGA Amiga, hard disk. Arexx-compatible animation tools. V: ersion 2.02 of ANIMWorkshop, a program used to create, edit, and enhance Amiga ANIM-format animations, represents a major step forward from die first release I reviewed (Aug.
* 03, ]). 18). 1‘he tools are more flexible, the interface more usable, and the features far more contemporary. The ease with which you can manipulate your files makes this an indispensable tool for animators. Quality Rebuild ANIMWorkshop now fully supports AN1M-5, -7 and -8 formats, complete with XOR encoding and multimedia support. Thirty-two-bit Amigas like the 1200 and 4000 can take advantage ol the playback speeds offered by ANIM-7 and -8 formats, which support AGA as well as DC IV and HAM-E color resolutions. Editing functions let you modify existing animation files by inserting, appending, or deleting frames or complete animations. Control over global or individual frame rates lets you insert sound files to be played at specific frame numbers. The program is a front-end for file handling, and it calls either Art Department Professional (ASDG), or ImagcEX (GVP) for image-processing tasks. Naturally, you must buy these programs separately, and they may involve other hardware and software requirements than those listed for ANIMWorkshop. I he new high-resolution interface screen sports attractive 3-D buttons and
2. 0 requesters. The screen is divided into six areas, with the entire right side reserved for Ille-list handling. This list lets von add individual frames or com- plete animations, which are then processed into a new animation. Buttons below the file list provide such functions as sorting, deleting, and adding more files. AnlMWorkshop's file requesters support asterisks as wild cards and let you easily add an entire group of similarly named files to your file list. You may also select files or ranges thereof for processing, and you can save lists ol files for repeated processing very useful for experimenting with animation creations. And On Your Left... The left side of the interface screen has live smaller sections, all related to the animation or to processing tools. After you load an existing animation, the program displays information about size, i jOUi - 3 inputs (2-composite, 1-Y C) that can be connected simultaneously and 'Hot-Switched' with software without having to play with cable connections. FiDlus - Convert the 2-composite inputs into a single Y C input, providing two switchable Y C inputs. Ourt - Full SM1TE EBU encoding decoding striping available as an option.
- ttxudv, iixucAfturuz! Rri JL his is simply the most powerful and flexible video stabilization device for the Amiga computer. The TBCPIus makes an excellent complement to any GVP IV24NewTek Video Toaster", or Centaur OpalVision v Graphics System. The Plus means it also offers more!" Cary Cabman. President Magic Bullet Communications. Inc Following GVP's philosophy of complete feature integration pioneered by our G-Force Combo accelerators |used in a majority t of Amiga® Video Toaster™ Workstations), we are proud to present a professional TBC with time and money saving features. You would demand a TBC to he 100% digital, have 4:2:2 throughput, and an integrated ProcAmp. You would want it to be under SI,01X3. We agree. What does the Plus get you?
- Real-time 16.7 Million Color Franie-Grahher FrameButfer tor use as a digital video stillstore or signal generator. Included ImagcFX 1 modules allow direct editing and manipulation in the framebuffer.
- Full Transcoding between Composite and Y C (SVHS) Input and Composite and Y C (SVHSl Output.
- Real-Time Professional Special Effects Generator featuring solarization, strobing, pseudo-color, monochrome effects, and more.
- NTSC PAL SECAM Signal Standards Conversion to NTSC PAL tor integration into worldwide video environments automatically. Jotut - Complete Amiga Software Control and Arexx s Interface that allows seamless integration of all TBC Plus features into an exisiting automated video studio installation. Cl993 Great Valley Products. Inc 130 Pius. G-Force Comte. ImageFX and IV24 are trademarks of Great Valley Products Inc, Amiga is a registered trademark ol Comrnodare Amiga. Inc.. All other trademarks are the property ot the* respective owners, Circle 4 on Reader Service card. Okay, Okay, So lt‘s A Digital Time Base Corrector, But can it...? The Plus Means Yes! Format, resolution, and so on. In playing the animation, you can overlay a control panel that has VCR-type controls for pause, rewind, frame advance, and other functions. Using either diis panel or keyboard commands, you can adjust global frame-rate timing as well as tag frames within the animation. By tagging frames, you identify them for timing changes, adding sound files, or splitting animations, as well as marking edit points for adding or deleting specific frames. When you're adding sound files to your multimedia animations, ANIMWorkshop lets you manage volume, channel, and background or foreground priority. Another nice addition lets you insert textual information into the animation file. One major screen section here is the tools area, where you select the type of processing needed to create or alter your files or animation. Briefly, you can add or remove loop frames; grab, delete, insert, offset, replace, scale, flip, or combine frames; split or convert animations into frames; or do any type of Selected as the best professional productivity software at the last two North American Amiga Developers' Conferences, the SAS C Development System now includes C++. If you are currently using another commercial C compiler, call now for details on our special trade-in offer! For more information and to order, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, ext. 7001. SAS and SAS C arc registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in tin1 USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names an' registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. Circle 40 on Reader Service card. ANIMWorkshop 2.02 sports a snazzy new hi-res interface with 3-D buttons. Custom processing provided by ADPro, ImageFX, or other Arexx-supported programs. Then you can easily select groups of files or existing animations and use one of the many special image- processing effects available. 1 here arc more than 60 ADPro Arexx scripts provided as processing examples, finally, two sections in the interface are for loading either ADPro or ImageFX directly from ANIMWorkshop, and For setting conversion options. Several features I found useful include the ability to wait for frames of an animation to be created rather than read them from a list a real time-saver. And thanks to a combination ol creating, compressing, and deleting animation frames, 3-D or morph programs work smoother. You can also use ANIMWorkshop as an animation-formal converter. For example, you could load an Opt-5 ANIM and then save it as an Opt-8. Read On ANIMWorkshop is not without its flaws. 1 here’s the occasional system crash or inability to load a freshly generated animation. In addiiion, if you use ImageFX 1.5, you need to obtain a version of it dated later than July 1993. I’d also like, instead of being referred to the manual, to see drop-down lists of file loaders and options when I’m accessing one of the image processors. The support for current ANIM formats and multimedia Files was a necessary addiiion, and including complete and easily implemented support for ADPro, ImageFX, and Arexx are bonuses t hat make I his program a worthy tool for creative animators. 1 also appreciate the inclusion of a distributable animation player and a utility for converting older ANIM files into Opt-5 format. Axiom has made great strides with I his revision. Steven Blctize Cnet Pro 3»05c Perspective Software, $ 229.95 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB RAM, hard drive, modem. Recommended system: Large-capacity hard drive, 9600-baud or faster modem. Bullotln-board system software. While no electronic bullet in-board (BBS) package is particularly easy to use, Cnet Pro 3.05c significantly enhanced from earlier versions provides a wealth of features and options that can make life easier for an Amiga BBS sysop. Call Waiting Whereas previous set-up procedures required using the CLI, Cnet Pro 3.0 has a standard installation program, and a new graphical user interface now makes BBS setup much easier. The program supports all the usual BBS functions file transfers, e-mail, message bases, on-line games and Doors, to name but a few. Built-in support for Fidonet and Usenet messages is also present, although access to Usenet requires a copy of Matt Dillon's UUCP software (available in the public domain and from Perspective Software's BBS). There are plenty of options available, so you can easily customize the
* system to your liking. One unique feature is that you can check incoming calls using Caller ID, as long as you have a modem and phone lines that support it. By keeping track of the source of incoming calls. Caller ID enables you to accept calls only from previously validated phone numbers. To the dismay of users, but to the delight of those running a "pay” BBS, you can assign a user lee to virtually every accessible option in Cnet Pro. It’s also possible to arrange that specific functions such as uploads give users credit against their charges. These charges and credits can also accommodate rate variations according to the The Cnet Pro 3.05c control panel. Time of the call or the access group of the user. Housekeeping Duties The BBS’s maintenance features include activity logs for calls, uploads, and downloads. Activity monitors and graphs also let you check on BBS usage with a variety of parameters, and there are a number of auto-maintenance commands that can delete old messages, files, and even inactive users after a given length of time. The BBS also ? EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM " Takes your amiga BEYOND AGA! The EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM elevates your Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000 Above and Beyond AGA and rockets you into the world of powerhouse workstation resolutions and real-time 24-bit true-color, at a mere fraction of the cost! Look at the colors and features in our SPECTRUM. ECS 20 24 s >£ rrnuM
• Programmable resolutions up to an amazing 1600 x 1280 800 x 600 in 24-hit!
• Real-Time 24-bit display and graphics operating system!
• High-performance 24-bit EGS-Paint package for professional painting and photographic editing. Look for new stand-alone releases coming soon!
• Amiga-RGB Pass-Through so the Amiga and the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM can share a single monitor!
• Zorro-ll (16-bit) and Zorro-III (32-bit) AutoSensing for maximum performance on all Amigas!
• Workbench driver to run Workbench directly on the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM board, freeing up valuable Chip RAM!
• Hardware blitter to accelerate all GUI operations, including the Workbench driver!
• System conforming applications can use the EGS screenmodcs directly from the Display Database! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 1 9406 • USA PHONE 610*354*9495 * FAX 610*337*9922 EGS requires Kickstart 2,04 or higher. Supports sysop-timed events that change the setup of the program at a particular time. For example, you can use this function to let new users call into the system only at certain times, otto permit calls only at certain speeds during selected hours. You can schedule such events to occur at any desired intervals from once a minute to once a year. This extremely powerful feature makes setting up different access levels during "peak” and “of 1 - peak” hours much easier. An excellent manual supports the program. Comprehensive, detailed and well-organized, it includes an index and a glossary of the terms used throughout the documentation. And if you’re updating from a previous version, the manual presents all the necessaiy instructions on bringing your particular version up to date. Perspective Software also has a support BBS for more information, as well as to download enhancements and revisions to the software. Overall, Perspective Software has done an excellent job of upgrading Cnet Pro. It would be inv first choice for set- ting up a BBS on the Amiga. Dave Thomas Cocoon Precision Morphing DevWare, S99.95 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, AGA Amiga, accelerator, hard disk. Entry-level morphing program. If you're looking for an easy-to-use morphing program for your Amiga, don’t overlook DevWare's new Cocoon Precision Morphing, with which even a novice animator can quickly achieve impressive results. Unlike 3-D modeling programs, which interpolate the shapes of two objects to achieve morphing, Cocoon utilizes 2-D warping. Instead of simply dissolving from one image to another, Cocoon “warps” transitional images to make one image appear to transform into another. Points and Lines Once installed and running, Cocoon presents a slick, although rather unconventional interface, with most work accomplished on one screen. Creating a morph is fairly simple: You first load in a source image file, which is rendered to the left side of the screen. Then you load the destination image that the source file is to become. By selecting points and outlining corresponding features on both the source and destination screens, you instruct Cocoon on how it should morph one image into the other. You isolate the features to he morphed with basic editing tools that place points and lines. A magnification option is also available, though I found it somewhat kinder and sorelv in
o *¦ * need of an undo function. Cocoon reads 24-hit (including Toast- erPaint and Light Wave), standard IFF, AGA, and 11AM images, but saves finished frames only into 24-bit, HAM, HAM8, or 16-level grayscale. There appears to be no direct support for DC'IY, Opalvision, or the popular Retina 24-hit hoard. Morphs In Motion The metamorphosis occurs over whatever number of frames you request; naturally, the more frames, the smoother the transformation. While Cocoon is quite adept at morphing single images, it also supports motion morphing, the warping of one animation into another. Cocoon also has a key-frame option that makes it relatively simple to create interesting animation frames in a relatively short time. Other interesting features include crossdissolving, matte and transparent color compositing, and a provision for loading static backgrounds for animations. Cocoon is not without irksome traits. Foremost is the lack of built-in animation provisions, so you will have to supply a program to cobble together rendered frames into an animation. .Also, Cocoon is picky with the various IFF file formats. The program often told me that a graphics file I was attempting to load was not an IFF file, even though it loaded just fine as an IFF into other programs. Another drawback is that source and designation images must share the same resolution. You can’t, for example, warp a 320x400 HAM image with a 640x400 IFF file. In a similar vein, don’t expect to morph high-resoluiinn or 24-bit images with a stock Amiga. In fact, you’ll need a hefty 8 to 12MB of memory and 2MB of chip RAM for large projects. Even when working with low- resolution or HAM images, you’ll want at least 1MB and will have to rely on Cocoon s disk-cache schemes to utilize all the features this program has to offer. For the money, I consider Cocoon a good introductory program for someone itching to learn the fundamentals of morphing. A little effort and some patience will achieve surprisingly good results. Advanced and expert animators, however, may find Cocoon’s features too limited for professional applications. John Ryan Sbase4 Professional 1.3G Oxxi, S299.95 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, accelerator, modem, hard disk. Programmable relational database for business and large»scale applications. Sbase4 Personal 1 „3G Oxxi, S149.95 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 5I2K. Recommended system: 2MB, accelerator, modem, hard disk. Relational database for small Inventories and home and small organizations* The most important program for many users of hard drives and other mass-storage devices is a database. On die Amiga, the clear choice for years has been the highly versatile Superbase family. Distributed and supported by Oxxi, Superbase has endured numerous revisions and now goes by the title Sbased, with both Personal and Professional versions. Familiar (Inter)Faces Both Sbase4 Personal and Professional arrive as compressed files on a single floppy, and Commodore’s Installer program does the installation gig. The main manual, shared by both programs, is bulging with more than 300 pages of lengthy tutorials and examples, with Pro getting a separate Database Management Language manual. Although the manuals are clearly marked, Personal users might find it disconcerting to see features not applicable to their program. Both versions of Sbase4 retain Superbase’s powerful and intuitive VCR-type screen controls. Creating a new file is simple. Just enter a filename, click a few screen buttons, define the number of fields and their contents, and you’re off. Once the data is entered or imported, you can use the VCR-like controls to advance one “frame” (i.e., record) at a time, or to scan through your data quickly or slowly, forward or backward, with buttons for pausing and slopping. External images complement Sbase files. In addition, you can search for data by index, or through the filter, which allows you to construct complex search criteria in seconds. For example, a search for all of the widgets inventoried in August and sold by January could be constructed with a few mouse clicks. Both databases are of a relational, rather than flat, design. Simply put, this means that data fields within a file can refer to fields within another, separate file. Sbase4 Pro is a large (660K) program, with storage capabilities limited only by your RAM and hard-disk space. The capabilities are seemingly scaled for government agencies storage space permitting, you could have a file with one trillion records and 999 separate indexes. Its lesser sibling, Sbase4 Personal, allows “only” 16 million records per lile. Right. Another big SB selling point has been the ability to handle external files, whether text files, scanned or drawn graphic images, sampled sounds, or even animations (Pro only). Arexx support in Pro makes transferring external files a snap. An employee or small-town police ID file could contain photos, signatures, and voice samples if desired. Parts inventories could be enhanced with drawings or scanned images of items. Forming Lines No matter how easy the data manipulation is, data entry is even more important. If the data is entered incorrectly due to confusing or poorly designed entry screens, your database suffers. Sbase4, both Pro and Personal, Continued on p. 82. Imagefx TRULY INTEGRATED IMAGE PROCESSING...A REALITY, HERE AND NOW A 3 O 0 0 A 4 0 0 0 NOW SHIPPING VERSION
1. 5 Scanner To 20 Palette ci ¦ll Load | Save | Render Print iy- No limitations. No costly Regionalized Processing Edge Feathering Brush Handling Color Transparencies. Separate RGB CMY HSV Operation. YUV Y1Q Operation...... time and money. The way we see it, "Professional" means Truly Integrated. That’s why ImageFX gives you everything up front. We wouldn't think of doing it any other way! The concept is simple: ImageFXis the only Image Processing package that you will ever need. Period. Some Image Processing packages make a lot of promises, but end up making you do all the work as they work on your pocketbook! But not ImageFX from GVP; we've done it right the first time, saving you JX-100 Scanning Virtual Memory .. Complete Painting Tools..... Real-time WYSIWYG Preview Dual Image Buffers ...... Alpha Channel Undo & Redo ...... You won't find any other Image Processing software with these integrated features. Perhaps other Image Processing packages will someday catch on to the power and flexibility of You still want more? OK! With ToasterFX from Byrd's Eye Software, you now can integrate the power of ImageFX With your Video Toaster”. ImageFX is Truly Integrated linage Processing... a reality here and now! ImageFX. However, if you're serious now about Image Processing, you need the Color I Conyolve 1 Iransforwl £Mter | Effect | Buffer 1 Brush j filpha j Book 1 .,..frexy_J GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 1 9406 * USA software that was horn read No limit additions! _Fu.ll 1 Balance Icoppositel Rotate 1 Size 1 mmm 1 Erefsj Quit | PHONE 215*337 *11770 • FAX 21 5 * 337 * 9922 C1993 Great Valley Products, Inc ImageFX and CineMorph are trademarks ot Great Valley Products Inc, ToasterFX is a trademark of Byrd's Eye Sopftware. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. Circle 7 on Reader Service card. L E E M O
- .7 High-powered developments have the field of high-color, enhanced display devices since AW last paid a visit. We’ll mark your scorecard and help you learn the newcomers, the updates, and the pretenders waiting in the wings. WHAT A DIFFERENCE a year makes! When AW last examined Amiga graphics boards, at the beginning of 1993 (see “Devices & Desires,” Feb. ‘93, p. 30), we found them to be fairly expensive (most over $ 1000) and limited boih in features and in software support. In just a little more than a year, however, several developers have managed to overcome almost all of the initial difficulties. What we have is a whole new generation of 24-bit graphics cards that are not only more affordable, but also work with a wide range of current applications software. Some of the credit jjaelongs to the IBM PC marker. As 24- bit color cards haveU>ecome more popular, IBM board manufacturers have designed inexpensive VGA chips that contain almost all of the circuitry needed for a complete display system. Using one of these VGA chips, all that an Amiga board designer would have to do is add a few RAM chips and a little interface circuitry to produce an “instant” Amiga display card. The widespread acceptance of Workbench 2.1 ancl 3.0 has also helped. These updates to the Amiga system software make it much easier to add screen modes that are both larger than the original 640x400 inodes and offer 256 or more colors. Improved Performance Factors YET, MOST OF the credit for the new generation of boards must go to the ingenuity and persistence of Amiga board developers and software designers, whose hard work has yielded a number of significant improvements in the current generation of display cards. The major locus of our present survey will be on three new boards that have appeared since our last roundup: Retina (MacroSystemUSj, Picasso II (Expert Services), and EGS 28 24 Spectrum (GVP). In the sidebar “Update Report. . . And Coming Attractions,” we’ll also give you a rundown of recent updates to some of the displav boards covered last ? Time: ACS's Harlequin Plus, GYP's IV24-4000, NewTek's Video Toaster, Micro Pace's Yisiona, and CA'P's EctS-1 10 2-1. Plus, we ofier a preview of four promising new devices due out later this year: Retina Z3 (MacroSystemUS), Talon (DKB), Merlin (Spectronics), and Piccolo (Creative Computers). But before we examine the boards individually, let's take a look at some of the overall enhancements they 4 offer in more detail. Many first-generation display boards offered only a couple of dif- f e rent Many hardware developers have written special drivers that allow Real 3D (which Grant Neisner used to create this image) output files directly to their boards in 24-blt color. D i s - play sizes and color modes. Today's boards allow you to choose as many (or as few) colors as you want, from 2 to 256 just like the AGA machines; in addition, they offer special high-color inodes with 65.53(5 or 16.7 million colors. They also provide a variety of screen sizes, from 320x200 to 1600x1200. Most boards even allow you to create custom displays, expanding the screen size to the limits of the display capabilities ol your particular monitor (see below). Monitor Compatibility The current display cards work with a wide range of monitors, from the lowlv Commodore 1084 all the way j * to 30-inch Super-VGA monsters. For the best results, you'll need to get a VGA or SuperVGA monitor. But regardless of the monitor you choose, you'll find that the software that comes with these display cards will allow you to get the maximum benefit from that monitor. The software is either optimized for live or six different classes of monitors or is tailored to specific models and types sometimes a dozen or more. In addition, manv of these boards come with customization software that allows you to create new display modes to suit your monitor. For example, my old Mitsubishi Diamond Scan monitor doesn't have a high enough horizontal scan rate to support a 1024x768 noninterlaced display, but with some tweaking, ! Found that it could manage 928x696. I also found ii handy to create screen modes for particular applications. In desktop publishing, for example, the pages are longer than they arc wide, so 608x800 may be a more practical mode to use than 800x600. And since video pictures usually measure about 768x482, it's nice to be able to run your 24-bit paint program in a screen that is about the same size. Another useful feature of these customization programs is that many allow you to adjust the size and position of the display. This helps to reduce die big black borders that so many Amiga owners find objectionable. Monitor Switching One of the biggest problems with the first generation of boards is that von needed two monitors to run them: one connected to the normal Amiga video output and a second connected directly to the board. Even if you had a monitor that could synchronize to the proper range of horizontal scan rates (15.75 Khz for the Amiga port, 31.5 Khz or higher for the display card), and was capable of working on both ports, the only way to connect it to both ports was via an external switch box used to manually switch between displays. Many of the current display cards, however, include an automatic monitor switch. These board provide a cable that connects the Amiga's 23-pin video port directly to an input on the display card. Tluu way, the card can direct either the native Amiga display or the enhanced display From the board to the monitor, switching between the two under software control. When you change screens (bv opening a new application, or using the Left Amiga-.M key combination), sophisticated system software determines whether the new front screen is an Amiga mode or an enhanced mode, and switches the display output accordingly. Monitor switching works well if you are using a inon- n 4 o it or, such as the Commodore 1942, that handles both Amiga and enhanced modes. II you have a liigher- resolution monitor, however, you will still need a second Amiga display (such as a 1084) if you want to use programs that can’t adjust to new modes. These days, self-booting games are about the only kind of software that can't be adapted to new displays, so if you are willing to forego game compatibility, you can get along line with only an enhanced monitor. O J Zorro III Support While most of the first-generation boards were designed for the 16-bit Zorro II slots found on the Amiga 2000, some of the newer boards are designed for the 32-bit Zorro 111 slots found on the Amiga 3000 and 4000. This can help speedup data transfers (such as loading and saving pictures) significantly. One board, the FGS 28 24 Spectrum from GVP, even adapts automatically, using the 1 (5-bit transfers when installed in an A2000, and 32-bit transfers when it is plugged into an A3000 or 4000. Variable Memory Most of the new boards come with more than one memory configuration, which allows vou to trade off o 7 • between a low-cost version with more limited display modes, and a more expensive version with higher color and pixel resolutions. Some allow you to upgrade the board by adding your own memory chips. Software Support One of the biggest problems with the first generation of 24-bit boards was that thev didn’t work with much of the existing applications software. Although several manufacturers tried to get software vendors to come out with special versions that supported their boards, very little of this special software ever made it to market. This severely limited the usefulness of these boards; you could paint pictures with their special paint software, or display pictures with their special display software, but that was about it. The latest models are free of most such restrictions. They are able to run a wide range of existing applications on colorful, high-resolution screens. About the only programs they don’t support are self-booting games and other high-performance graphics software that writes directly to the Amiga display hardware. For example, video-titling software, such paint programs as DcluxcTaint (Electronic Arts) and Brilliance (Digital Creations), and other applications that try to move things around in real time do not hold up well with these boards. (Of the new models, Picasso II seems to support Dpaint most fully.) As far as 3-D software goes, most programs tend to work fine with the boards, seeing that these are definitely not real-time applications! Business software works verv well on these larger o One way in which these boards provide compatibility with existing software is through a technique known as Workbench emulation. Almost all of today’s boards provide special system software that allows you to open the Workbench in any of their expanded screen sizes. Workbench emulation guarantees that you can run any Workbench program, or any application that can open a screen on the Workbench, in just about any mode you wish. That rakes care of most word processors, desktop-publishing packages, database programs, and spreadsheets. Let’s say, however, that your productivity programs don’t open on the Workbench, or that you’d rather open them on a custom screen of your choosing. Most boards allow you to do just that, employing the same methods AGA machines use to get old programs running in new modes. This strategy is often referred to in the advertising as “retargettable graphics,” because it intercepts commands sent to die native Amiga display system, diverting them to the graphics board instead. First, the board's system software registers the enhanced-screen-mode information in the Amiga’s display database (like the monitor drivers in the DEVS:Monitors drawer do). This means newer applications programs that allow you to select a screen mode using the standard requester (like the one in the Preferences Screen Mode program) can take advantage of whatever new modes these hoards offer. Second, most hoards include software that functions like the “Mode Promotion” option in the Preferences Icontrol program. Whenever an application tries to open a screen of a particular mode, the promotion program steps in and changes ii to another mode. That way, for example, you can get a desktop-publishing program to open a screen on a 1024x768 display, ora 1024x768 scrolling screen on an 800x600 display. Mode promotion doesn’t work with all applications, particularly older programs that insist on a given screen size, but recent custom screens. 3 New-Generation Graphics Boards SINCE OUR LAST survey of enhanced-displav devices, three brand-new boards have appeared, and We have also begun to see some applications that support the 24-hit boards directly. Because this area is changing so rapidly, though, we cannot cover it in definitive detail. Direct support for applications is achieved in one of two ways: Either the software developers create specialized versions of their programs to take advantage of the boards, or they make an interface available that the hardware manufacturers can access via drivers, TV Paint Professional byTecsoft is a prime example of the former case; there are versions of the program for most of the current crop of boards (in fact, most boards ship with a version of TV Paint Pro or Junior - included). Emplant (Utilities Unlimited) and A-Max (RcadySoft), the Macintosh emulators, include direct support for some of these boards, too, as does 'Terra Nova’s Magic Lantern animation utility. I’ve heard that the next version of Dpaint will work directly with almost all of the boards, and that Brilliance, too, may be customized for the hardware at some point. Most boards provide drivers for ASDG’s Art Department Professional and GVP’s ImageFX image processors, and for Real 3D (Realsoft International). (Spectronics, for instance, sells individual drivers for $ 25 each that interface Real 3D, DC IV, and other with the Merlin board.) In addition, many include both applications software (such as paint and display programs) and utility programs that directly support their special displays. Of course, software compatibility is still not perfect. Since these boards usually have only a single hardware sprite for the cursor, software that uses several Amiga sprites (games, mainly) won’t work on them. Also, some Amiga operating-systeni features that depend on the display hardware, such as screen dragging and scrolling, may not work in exactly the same way on these boards. And most boards are limited to some degree by the Amiga system software (only the Retina, for example, allows more than 256 colors on the Workbench), 'These restrictions aside, however, you should be able to make full use of these boards with most ofvour favorite software. Comparison chart opposite. (To contact developers of products covered in the main article. Charts, or sidebar, consult the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94.) Retina each has had a significant impact on the 24-bit graphics scene. In addition to the descriptions below, see the feature* MacroSystem US S399 (1MB), $ 449 (2MB) The Retina was the first low-cost, full-featured 2-l-hit Amiga graphics card to appear in the US. It offers extensive software compatibility, and it provides special support for the A2000 and 3000 that allows those older machines to run 256-color AGA productivity software. The board also comes with a good assortment of custom software, including a paint program = XI Paint), a picture viewer, and a number of utility programs. The Retina is also one of the few boards to include a program for creating and displaying high-color animations. Software for MacroSystem’s Vlab video- capture hoard directly supports the display of both still pictures and animated sequences on the Retina. You can also purchase a 2MB version nf the Retina that includes IY Paint Pro software for $ 749 (4MB for $ 899). The Retina comes with a long list of pro-program met! Display modes, plus a program that lets you create eustoni-display modes. It can scan at standard video rates, and MacroSvstem oilers an external composite encoder that allows you to convert Retina output to a television-slyle video signal. The hoard holds up to four megabytes of display RAM (using user-installable ZIP chips), which means bigger screens with more colors (including 24-hit screen resolutions exceeding 1024x768 pixels). This capability is particularly important for graphic artists involved in print work, where the bitmaps can exceed 2000x3000 pixels. The Retina does have a few minor drawbacks. Unlike the very latest boards, it has no automatic monitor switch, so if you plan to use software that is specific to the Amiga display (like sell-hooting games), you'll either need a second monitor or a manual monitor switch. MacroSvstem savsil plans to oiler an external automatic monitor switch in the near future. Also, because it endeavors to offer maximum compatibility with older Amiga programs, the Reiina's emulation software is loaded with options that make ii a hit more complex lo use. For example, changing the resolution of Workbench takes two or three steps instead of one as with the newest boards. The system software doesn’t support the Workbench display database, which makes it harder for cooperative programs to use its new display modes directly. Finally, its AGA emulation runs Fairly slowly on the original board. A3000 owners in particular should look to the new Retina Z3 hoard for improved performance (see the “Coming Attractions” sidebar). Despite these limitations, however, Retina works as advertised, and is still one of your least expensive choices. Editor’s Note: At press time we received word that new software will he available for all Retina hoards by the time you read this. It is reported to run five times faster than the older software even on the early hoards and, unlike the current software. It will not use your system's chip RAAI. Current owners can upgrade for $ 25. Imagine, like many programs, can run its Interface on the new graphics boards. While you cannot save 24-bit Imagine files (such as this one by Phil Wolstenholme) directly to the board, you you can view them in full color using display software. Picasso II Expert Sendees $ 549 (1MB), $ 614 (2MB) The Picasso II uses a standard VGA chip (the same Cirrus Logic chi]) used by AT’s EGS 28 24 Sped rum, in fact), but interfaces it a little differenllv. Picasso maps its display memory right into die space normally used lor expansion RAM (instead of the I O space used by other boards). This approach helps speed up the manipulation of graphics memory, particularly on an Amiga 2000. On die other hand, it also limits the amount of fast RAM you can add to an unacceleraied A2000 to six megabytes, instead of the usual eight. I he Picasso 11 system software is simple to install using the standard Installer program, and it is just as easy to remove it, via the included de-install script (a courtesy most developers omit). Once you've installed the software, you'll notice (hat die ScrcenMode Preferences editor lists several new Picasso modes you can use for your Workbench screen. And when you run an applications program like a word processor, the ChangeScreen program will automatically ask if you want it switched tooneoi the new Picasso modes. You'll use your computer just as you always have, but with a larger choice of screen modes. It's fortunate that the Picasso is so easy to use, because the documentation is translated somewhat roughly from the original German, In fact, IntuiSpeed, a test program that comes with the package, still has buttons labeled in German, There is some documentation on disk in AmisiaGuide formal, however, which is complete and easy to understand. L he Picasso 11 hoard conics pre-programmed for a lot of screen modes, and though it does include a program to let vou create your ow n custom inodes, it doesn’t give vou quite as much control over size and position of these screens as similar programs on the Retina and Spectrum cards do. Lhe Picasso includes an automatic monitor switch, so you can use one monitor to display both Picasso-mode and normal Amiga- mode screens (if you have a monitor that supports both), and switches between them quite naturally. The Picasso comes with somewhat less software than the other boards a display program, TV Paint jr., a screen grabber, and a screen blanker. It also includes a shareware version of MainActor, an animation ere- ation-and-display utility, although the save feature is available only on the registered version (which costs $ 50 more). GRAPHICS 15 0 ARDS EGS 28 24 Spectrum GVP $ 499 (1 MB), S599 (2MB) Want a board that works in your A2000 but works even faster, automatically, if you switch to an Amiga 4000? GVP’s EGS 28 24 Spectrum, which adjusts to either the 16-bit bus of the Amiga 2000, or the 32-bit bus of the A3000 and A4000, will do just that. Like the Picasso, the Spectrum hoard also provides automatic monitor switching for a true one-monitor solution. The Spectrum features the EGS compatibility software libraries Ironi Viona Development, EGS provides not only Workbench emulation and display-database compatibility, but also its own operating environment, with such convenience features as tear-off menus and its own Preferences settings (for screen mode, colors, fonts, input, mouse pointer, and soon). EGS provides very sophisticated support for multiple boards and monitors, allowing you to move your pointer oil’ the edge of one monitor and onto another. There’s a lot of EGS software that comes with Spectrum, including a display program, screen grabber, dock, text reader, a game, screen blankers, and software to create a “wallpaper” background picture. The board also comes with Spectrum Paint, Feature Comparisons of 3 New 24-Bit Graphics Cards EGS Spectrum Retina MacroSystemUS $ 399 (1MB) $ 449 (2MB) 2 3 4000 GVP $ 499 (1MB) $ 599 (2MB) 2 3 4000 16 32-bit1 2MB (SOJ) 1-8, 16, 24 1600X1280(1) 800x600 16-bit 4MB (ZIP) 1-8, 16, 24 2400x1200(i) 1152x862 1084, VGA, SVGA No2 Yes Yes Yes Yes (up to four) Yes Yes6 aw 1084, VGA, SVGA 1084, VGA, SVGA
(i) = interlaced 1 via auto-sense 2 External automatic monitor switch will be available in the near future. :i Mode-promodon software is available with the new Spectrum software. 1 256-color applications under Workbench 2.1 5 per computer 6 External encoder is required. Another TV Paint Image by Paul Nicolai PRODUCT NAME Manufacturer List Price Amiga Models Supported I O Width Maximum Memory Color Resolutions (bits) Max. Pixel Res. (8-bit) Max. Pixel Res. (24-bit) Monitor Types Auto Monitor Switch? Workbench Emulation? Mode-Promotion Software ? AGA Emulation?*1 Multiple Boards?5 Work w Toaster? TV Video Output? NOTES Picasso II Expert Services $ 549 (1MB) $ 614 (2MB) 2 3 4000 16-bit 2MB (DIP) 1-8, 15 16, 24 I600xl200(i) 800x600 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes6 Update Report . . . WHILE MOST OF ihe coverage in the main article focuses on the three graphics boards that have debuted over the last 12 months, you may be wondering what has happened with the original boards presented in our last (Feb. ’93) roundup. In many cases, they have been updated to meet the challenge of the new generation of display devices. Here’s a brief rundown on the changes: Harlequin Plus The updated version of the ACS Haitex Harlequin (from $ 1085) features four screen sizes from 640x486 to 910x486 and adds 4-bit (16 colors), 8-bit (256 colors), and 15-bit (32,768 colors) color modes to the board’s 24-bit color capabilities. At lower color resolutions, you can flip among several display pages for better animation. IV24-A4000 GVP has updated its IV24 board to work with the Amiga 4000. It now functions twice as fast as before. Updated software will also be included. OpalVision Centaur's OpalVision ($ 699) sports a new version of its OpalPaint software. In addition, if all goes as planned. . . . And Coming Attractions THINGS ARE MOVING so quickly in the world of Amiga graphics boards that as soon as we get one board in for review, we hear about two others on the wav. Four we do know something about are mentioned below, and some or all of them may even be available by the time you read this. Retina Z3 MacroSvstemUS’ latest version of the Retina card ($ 699 with I MB, $ 899 with 4MB) is optimized for the 32-bit Zorro III bus found on the Amiga 3000 and 4000. The card will include a bit-blitter for enhanced speed, and will cover an even wider range of display resolutions than the original Retina. It will also otter an optional on-board video encoder. MacroSystem plans an upgrade otter for current Retina owners. (Prices quoted do not include TV Paint Pro; maximum RAM is 4MB.) Merlin Spectronics’ Merlin (from $ 799). A German import, offers most of the important features of the new boards: auto-detect Zorro II and Zorro III bus selection, a built- in monitor switch, a custom blitter, programmable resolutions up to 1280x1024 with 24-bit color, and a RAM capacity of up to 16MB (using proprietary SIMMs). It also includes composite and separated com- the promised video add-on modules will be available for sale by the time you read this. Video Toaster 4000 The recent incarnation of the NewTek classic ($ 2395) is an A4000-compatible version. The Toaster 3.0 software contained many new features and enhancements (especially to LightWave and the CG), and a 3.1 upgrade is now available (see this month’s “Reviews” section). Visiona Micro Pace’s board never really entered general release after being announced a year ago. As of this writing, the hardware is finished but the software is being completely rewritten; no definite release date has been set. EGS-110 24 Since our last article, GVP has released its EGS-1 10 24 (from $ 1999), which runs on an Amiga 2000 with a GYT accelerator, but the death of the 2000 has left its status somewhat up in the air. Currently, GVP is selling the board direct to the public here, and also through one German distributor in Europe. Posite (Y C) outputs for video compatibility. Merlin has three hardware expansion ports for upcoming options such as an overlay genlock and a video digitizer. System software includes HRG compatibility libraries, a display mode customization program. Workbench emulator, and a mode-promo- tion program. Applications software includes display and animation programs, and TV Paint Jr. Talon DKB was originally slated to import the Piccolo board from Germany, but has decided to design its own board, the Talon instead. Actually, the company is planning a whole family of boards, but the first one will be this entry-level product priced to sell for under $ 500. DKB plans to use the EGS software libraries for compatibility. Piccolo At press time, we received word that Creative Computers will pick up US distribution of the Piccolo board ($ 589). Hie Piccolo hardware is very similar to that of GVP’s EGS Spectrum, complete with Zorro 11 111 autosensing. It uses EGS software libraries, comes with its own paint program in addition to IV Paint Jr., and promises optional composite video output. ? SL a 24-bit paint program with many high-end features. Spectrum owners will soon be receiving an offer from GVP lor a custom version of its popular ImageFX image-processing program, which uses the Spectrum for all of its screen displays, for only SI9.95; in addition, they will get a special upgrade offer for version 2.0 of ImageFX when it comes out. Although the first version of the Spectrum software didn’t include a mode- promotion program, the latest version (which should be available by the time you read this) does. The updated software will also feature a simplified installation process, using draggable icons, which should make it even easier to change your configuration. GVP should be commended for the excellent manual that accompanies the Spectrum board. It is both comprehensive and well-illustrated, and it explains complex issues and operations in clear, precise English. Wrap ’em Up! Even more striking than the quantity of new Amiga graphics boards is the quality of products offered. The new boards (Retina, Picasso, and EGS Spectrum), and those on the way (Piccolo. Merlin, Talon, and Retina Z3 see the “Coming Attractions” sidebar), are so similar in basic display capabilities, compatibility, and price, that shoppers must look to less-obvious issues on which to base their decisions, such as support, the quality and quantity of bundled software, and the reputation of the company providing the board. Some boards may be slightly better than others for a specific purpose: Boards with more RAM and bigger screen displays will be better for graphics and print, for example, while videographers might want to wait for Retina Z3 or Merlin to get a built-in video encoder. If vou have mul- j tiple-monitor applications in mind, the EGS Spectrum is your best bet, while those needing lloxiblc Workbench emulation should go with Retina, which can emulate applications such as ProCalc even under Workbench 2.1. Most users, however, won’t really go wrong with any of them. This means that while your decision may not be an easy one to make, you probably will not regret it. ¦ Sheldon Leemon, a computer video consultant and instructor, is the author of two books and scores of articles covering the Amiga. He is currently writing a third book, concerning the Video Toaster, and is Amiga Forum Manager on National Videotex Network. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough. NH 03458. W Fhe Edit Display Image Special Shou' TooU Wtndoms But-rish.Jpq ~ jjPtG Document: 51 Ox 388 File Edit Mode Image Filler Select Window San Dipqo Zoo I Him. 1:1* n-n awt EhPiAfir aunturoO ThH U wrxtovtill* 6*r To mov* ih» ’KTvJov, poll I ton 1ft* poml*c to «h* IttW dir
• fid dr If* v wv>i v UlUlTWJ Tr*sn Vort ZFP 170-0 ferrorl Tritti 24 bit color DeskTop courtesy ot a Picasso It video board.. Adobe Photoshop® on your Amiga, in full 24 bit color! EMPLANT is a hardware device that is designed to allow the emulation of virtually any computer using the Amiga. A simple software driver and ROM(s) from the computer to emulated are all that is required! The hardware holds the key to emulation speed. Custom programmable logic allows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the exact hardware of the computer it is emulating. Multiple emulations of different computers can be run at the same time using a single EMPLANT board! Macintosh® Emulation Module The Macintosh emulation module is a ‘generic* Macintosh with the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900. Using a 33Mhz 68040 accelerator (such as the RCS Excaliber board), emulation speed is greater than an 840AV Macintosh! Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Up to 24 bit (16 million) colors is supported using 3rd party video boards such as: Picasso II, EGS-Spectrum, Vivid-24, Rainbow II, Rainbow III, Visiona Paint, Merlin, Retina, Piccolo, and EGS110 24! ...and we're working on supporting even more! Like ALL of the emulation modules that will be released for use with the EMPLANT hardware, the Macintosh emulation module MULTITASKS with the Amiga's operating system! You can simply pull down or flip screens and get back to the Amiga side! ...and the emulation stays running at full speed! Future Emulation Modules Since the EMPLANT's hardware is so versatile, a completely new and different computer can be emulated by just changing the emulation software patch and the ROM(s). IBM 486DX, Atari 400 800, and Apple !l+ e emulations are in beta testing now! Atari ST, and C64 128 emulations are planned for the future! You need no additional hardware for future emulation modules. All necessary hardware is already built into the EMPLANT board! Four different versions of EMPLANT are available, ranging in price from $ 279.95 to $ 399.95. Order direct from Utilities Unlimited Intl., Inc. or from one of our dealers (more than 200 dealers across the US and overseas carry EMPLANT). US customers, please include $ 10 for shipping handling (all packages are sent UPS 2 day delivery). Non-US customers, please contact Blittersoft: +44 0908 666265 for the dealer nearest you. Dealer inquires are welcome! Compare these features with 'other' Macintosh emulators: ¦ Hardware level ASC (Apple Sound Chip) 8 bit slereo sound emulation.
* Direct access file transfer capabilities. ’ Static memory allocation (protects emulation's memory from fragmentation).
* Built in SCSI interface option. ’ Amiga I O drivers for serial ports and SCSI interface. ¦ Text and graphics clipboard sharing (cut 'n' paste between emulations).
* Built in audio digitizer. ¦ 24 bit and 32 bit modes available, supporting System 6.0.2 to present. ’ Free software updates (available through our 24hr BBS).
* MULTIPLE EMULATION CAPABILITY! 4 And much, much more! Utilities Unlimited International. Inc, 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue 16 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 U.S.A.
(602) 680-9004 24hr order line
(602) 453-6407 24hr Fax line
(602) 680-9234 Technical support dept.
(602) 453-9767 24hr BBS (2400-14.4K)
(602) 453-3909 24hr BBS (14.4K-28.8K) Macintosh. 84QAV, MAC llci, Quadra 900, & Apple ll+ o are registered trademarks ol Apple Computer. Inc. EMPLANT is a trademark of Jim Drew & Utilities Unlimited International, Inc. Circle 159 on Reader Service card. F you’re looking for tranquil seas in the computer market, steer clear of the bodv of water mar ked 7 “Color Printers.” But if you’re the adventurous sort, and you’re ready for some exciting new developments (at some equally exciting prices), that’s exactly the course you should be plotting. Just a little more than a year ago. You had only two choices: clunky, dot-matrix printers cobbled up with color ribbons and the less-than-wonderful Hewlett- Packard 500C whose three-color printing process for graphics was merely okay at best. Hurricane Warning! Over the last year, however, the field has exploded. First, IIP introduced its four-color DeskJet 550C, pushing the street price of the DeskJet 500C under the $ 500 mark. Then Canon brought color to its Bubblejel line, first with the larger BJC-800, and more recently with the BJC-600. The war was on! H P responded a few months ago with the 1200C a faster 550C with a PostScript option. (And as this article was going to press, HP also announced its 560C pushing the 550C’s street price down to the $ 500 level hut more on that later.) Most recently, a new technology (new to the under- Clj ' $ 1000 category, that is), thermal-wax transfer, was introduced by both Star Micronics (the SJ-144) and Fargo (the Primera). Fargo, however, really stood the printer market on its ear with the announcement of a Primera model (at a little over $ 1000) sporting a dye-sublimation 28 May 199-1 PHOTOGRAPHED BY ED |UD1CF. AW has its spyglass trained on four popular printers all under $ 1000 to find out just how seaworthy each one is when it comes to handling your color printing needs. Compass Settings For our purposes, we’ll be comparing four basic models (with some options): HP’s DeskJet 550C, Canon’s BJC- 600, Fargo’s Primera, and Star’s SJ-144* In addition to the descriptions in the main text, features and functions of the four printers are presented in a comparison chart. Also, we’ve conducted a print-quality comparison test using a specially selected set of three images (“Two Macaws” and “Girl in Red" from Kodak’s CD-ROM image sampler and the DeluxePaint “Color Wheel”). Results are displayed in a sidebar. Manufacturers’ suggested retail prices are presented for each printer, but I’ve also included fairly representative street prices in each of the write-ups in the main text to help give you a better idea of the actual amount you’re likely to pay if you shop around. (To contact the developers of any product covered in this article, consult the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 9d.) ? Printing option a high-quality color printing technolog)- that before now was available only on very high- end machines with base prices beginning in the $ 8000-510,000 range! So, from dead calm to hurricane force, the winds of change have swept the color-pi inter market leaving you plenty of options to choose from. But profusion has brought confusion, too, and that’s why a comprehensive comparison of current offerings is in order. HP DeskJet 550C ALTHOUGH NOT REALLY that old, Hewlett- Packard's DeskJet is the printer that introduced inkjet printing, and it has already been through more reincarnations than Shirley MacLaine. Currently there are three J f models supporting color printing (with a fourth just announced as this article wwas going to press): the 500C (S-485), an example of the older three-color technology; the 550C ($ 719), offering true four-color printing; and the I200C (SI839), essentially a 550C on steroids that prints faster and offers PostScript as an option. HP's 560C reportedly will offer 600x300 resolution when ii starts shipping in the near future. With a street price of about $ 500, the DJ 550C is a good choice for those who want very good text output, and the ability to have four-color printing available on demand. With the 550C, like most inexpensive color printers, you can expect banding artifacts f rom time to time, and occasional striping, although the latter is usually a sign of a dogged nozzle or low ink supply. Paper choice has always been a critical factor in inkjet printing especially with four-color work. The 550C is no exception. On common copy paper you might get by with black text, but not with color. On the other hand, HP’s day-coaled glossy paper (the LX Jel Series) can easily cost more than a dollar per sheet. A nice middle ground is paper such as HammenniH’s Laser Print or Laser Plus, which feature a smooth, milled surface and exceptional whiteness. But on anything less than HP’s two papers (the LX Jet and the dull-surface CX Jet Series at about 1 1 cents a page), be prepared. The 550G can lav down a lot ol z liquid, and most color prints show it with intensive paper wrinkling and color bleeding n >t exactly what you want to see in an important business presentation. Generally the DeskJet 550C held its own in our test comparison. Colors were pleasing and well saturated, but often on the muddy side. With our three test images, the 550C did its best work on the color wheel, handling the difference between the dark green background and the lighter green wedge better than the BJC-
600. It didn’t perform Canon BJC-600 nearly as well on the photo scans, however. Text quality was good, but not exceptional, with some ink overspray apparent. One other point favoring the 550C is its reputation as the Clydesdale of printers. Well built and mechanically refined over the years, HP’s DeskJet 550C provides a three-year warranty- at least one year longer than any other printer we looked at. Canon BJC-600 WITH THE CANON Bubblejet series, you see a departure from HP’s approach to color inkjet printing. With the DeskJet, every time you load a new ink cartridge vou get a new print head. With the BJC-600 ($ 719) and the BJC-800 ($ 1699) inks are piped to a separate print head. Where HP uses one cartridge containing the C-.M-Y (cyan-magenta-yellow) inks and one black (K) cart ridge, Canon uses four separate color ink carts. And where the HP technology uses heat to force a spray from a print-head nozzle, the Canon's Bubblejet method more politely forms a micro bubble that is transferred to paper. As your momma used to say, “politeness pays”: Canon’s Bubblejet technology', coupled with a better 360x360 resolution, give the BJC-600 the nod when it comes to black text output. I he characters are simply better formed, sharper, and exhibit less “overspray” than HP’s 1)| 550C. On the color side, Canon wins out again. The BJC- 600 was less prone to handing than the 550C, produced less severe wrinkling with plain paper, and its color accuracy on our scanned photographs was better overall. While its prints were sometimes a little on the “contrasty” side due I suspect to an enhanced black mode it uses in color printing its higher resolution, seemingly better dye formulations, and 64 dots per bead all made a major difference in the final tally. There’s a lot to like about the BJC-600: good quality on plain paper, separate ink cartridges, quiet printing, 64-dot print head, and even its downloadable font capability. And while the BJC-600’s street price of about $ 600 commands a SI00 premium over the 550C, its superior output, significantly lower cost per page, and other special features may well make it worth the additional cost to demanding users. Fargo Primera I HE BIG BUZZ in the Amiga community over the last few months concerns the Fargo Primera (pictured in the opening illustration). Why the interest? Well, the Primera is a thermal-wax-transfer printer, which puts it into a printing category with Tektronix (S3700) and Calcomp ($ 9000). This is a color-printing process known for its quality, and one favored by many service bureaus. But the Primera’s list price is S995 (with a street price as low as $ 700)! The price alone would get people’s attention, but there’s more. Koran additional S250, the printer can output dye-sublimation, near-photographic quality prints which puts it into a category of printers costing $ 8000-31 (),()()() or more. And if you have the right software, you can have the dye-sub option almost free (see further on in this section). Now, how did Fargo do all that? Until now, everv wax-transfer or dve- I sublimation printer was really a com- puter with a printer attached. The image processing, controller, and language features (such as PostScript) were all handled by the printer’s onboard computer. Fargo eliminated that. Instead, the image processing is done on your computer. There’s no printer-language support and almost nothing in the way of built-in fonts. Many of those features, however, are unnecessary for Amiga users. Much of our software sends data to the printer in the form of a graphics hie, anyway. Our custom chips and processors were designed for graphics processing. This makes die Primera and the Amiga a near-perfect marriage. So, how does it work? Great. Thermal-wax printouts are brilliant, with very good color rendition. There's almost 110 banding because the printer lays down its images through page-sized ribbon panels, one color at a time. This nearly eliminates artifacts, unless your choice of dither patterns creates them. Fargo oilers both three- and four-color ribbons. In our tests, the three-color prints were very good, whereas the four- color prints showed more contrast, accentuating the dither pattern. Because the Primera prints at a resolution of 203x203 dpi, scanned images appear slightly soft, but computer-rendered graphics look fine. Sublime Sublimation Dye-sublimation prints are even more amazing. They do achieve near-photographic quality. Are they perfect? No, but they’re close. Depending on the subject matter, you’ll sometimes detect slight streaks or unevenness in the color. And again, the overall result is slightly soft in appearance. But show the Primera’s dye-sub prints to friends, and I bet most will think they came from a color lab. To put the Primera’s achievement in perspective, keep this in mind: To move from 203 dpi to 300 dpi will cost you approximately $ 8000! A few caveats: You’ll need a good supply of memory, or more than just a few megs of free storage space on your hard drive. Primera’s first step, after you hit the print button, is to perform color separations on your graphic image (a process also known as Raster Image Processing). That means you have four large graphics files that will probably need to be stored somewhere temporarily until the process is complete and they can be dumped to the printer. With Fargo's driver you could need as much as 6MB of space. Second, the Primera’s ribbons and paper material are very susceptible to dust, which shows up as tiny colored pinholes in your print-outs. Look carefully at the samples accompanying this article and you'll see a few that crept in. If there’s a weak link in the Primera’s system, it has to he the Amiga printer driver. The problem is that it provides you with no way to manipulate or color- correct your images. A machine with output this good just simply has to have such controls. As is often the case with printer snags, Wolf Faust was the first to supply a third-party driver for the Primera. Based on his widely hailed Studio printing program, Faust’s StudioDS printing interface (soon to be available through MacroSystemUS) solves several of the Primera’s problems: Faust’s program uses minimal memory to accomplish the ¦B separation process, and there’s a loader m j module that can interpret a variety of
- graphics-file formats; in addition, his fully developed interface gives complete control over every aspect of the final printout. You can even create wall-size murals with StudioDS. Another Primera problem has also been fixed recently. Initially, ASDG’s popular image-processing program, Art Department Professional, couldn’t take advantage of the Fargo Primera’s dye-sub process. ASDG, however, has rectified that situation with its just-released ADPro 2.5 ($ 299). Not only does the program offer full image processing and 2-1-bit output ro Primera users, but ASDG (as well as Faust and also GYP for its IniageFN $ 429) have licensed the software that controls the dye-sublimation features. .All three now include it in their products, which means the dye-sublimation upgrade is built into these programs. All you have to do is buy the paper and ribbon from Fargo, and you’re ready to go at a savings of nearly $ 200! One Primera weak point that no one has addressed, though, is the quality of its printed text. Primera’s 203- dpi resolution, coupled with the bitmapped nature of the process, gives text the slightly jagged look we used to see in word processing. It’s not terribly bad, but it's not reproduction quality or even up to the level we've come to expect from programs such as Final Copy (SoftWood). Apart from that, however, if you want high-quality, near-photographic color image output, there is nothing even close to the Primera on the market today neither in image quality nor in value. Star SJ-144 THE STAR SJ-144 (S599) had the potential to he the big surprise of our head-to-head competition. Technically, the machine is a dye-transfer unit; it uses a four- color ribbon cartridge that transfers a polyester dye via a heated 144-element head. Its per-print cost is low (see table below); its street price of around $ 500 is veiy competitive; it has the largest onboard memory of the bunch; and it’s quick, quiet, and lighter than some laptop computers. Best of all is its black and text output. Star likens it to laser quality, but I’ll go one step further: It's the best I’ve seen since the IBM Selectric with film ribbons disappeared. Laser, in my opinion, still hasn't surpassed that combination for quality text output. The SJ-144 has just one problem: It doesn’t handle scanned images and large color areas ? Star SJ-144 n [» I e s NOT HAVING OUR own lesting labs, like some of those mega-size PC publications, we tried to approach our printer comparison with common sense, rather than electronic measuring devices. The computer we used was an Amiga 1200 with 4MB of RAM and a SCSI interface. It was not accelerated. No special graphics boards were utilized. Hold The Variables In order to eliminate as many variables as possible, we standardized our tests in certain ways. All printer drivers were provided by Wolf Faust. Wolf resides in Frankfurt, Germany, and it is indeed one of the benefits of our international electronic highway that Wolf and I were able to "talk" with one another nearly every evening on CompuServe. Wolf has been most generous with his time, his advice, and, most importantly, his excellent Studio packages of drivers and printing interfaces for the Amiga computer. Paper was another variable. Our inkjet tests were limited to three papers: Hammermilf Laser Print, for plain paper testing; Hewlett-Packard CX Jet Series, dull surface.; and HP LX Jet Series glossy paper. Primera printouts employed both the special papers provided in the Fargo kit and the Hammermill Laser. In the best of all worlds, we would have space to reproduce a test from each kind of paper for each of our test images. Unfortunately, that was not possible. Therefore, we have chosen the best-looking output for reproduction, regardless of which paper it was printed on. For the inkjets that was usually the HP CX Jet Series paper. Even though much less expensive than the LX glossy paper, it almost always provided superior images. The LX Jet tended to overemphasize the image's dither patterns, giving our test images a much grainier look. Testing! Testing! The test images are from Kodak's CD-ROM image sampler. These were JPEG-compressed at 90% through ImageFX and downloaded from CompuServe. (The JPEG image files themselves are included in the oval insets.) Using Viewtek, we then converted them to 768x512 HAMS images for printing. Images for the Primera were printed directly from the JPEG files since both ADPro 2.5 and StudioDS provide buift-in readers for such image formats. For that reason, you may notice some change in aspect ratios between otherwise identical images. Viewtek and the other programs mentioned interpret the aspect data differently. A special clip-art image, "Tiger," from the Final Writer (SoftWood) package was used with the Star SJ-144 in place of the "Girl in Red" image to Fargo Primera HP 550C illustrate its abilities with such images and with spot color. The test images were chosen specifically for several reasons. Steve Kelly's "Two Macaws" represents highly saturated colors, strong contrasts, and a wide dynamic range. Bob Clemens' "Girl in Red," on the other hand, features low contrast, subtle color range, and large areas of fieshtone. The Dpaint "Color Wheel" was rendered to check how the printers handled the solid color blocks often found in business-presenta- tion graphics. It was also created to check how well printers handled closely related colors, such as blue and teal or dark green and yellow green. Text samples were not included in our printouts here because (1) we were primarily interested in color-graphics output, and = 2} unless we were to enlarge the type samples by huge amounts, the subtle differences would be lost in reproduction. In addition, the magnification process exaggerates any inherent problems (and creates an equally false impression). It certainly was not a perfect test, by any means, but I hope the results are useful in the real world of graphics printing and in the hard decisions one must make in choosing an expensive printer. GL Keeping in mind that “pleasing color” is an extremely subjective and personal thing, compare these printouts with the oval originals scattered throughout the text. Look for banding uneven swatches of color from top to bottom; white or colored stripes through the picture; loss of subtle shading; added textures or artifacts; overemphasis or deemphasis of certain colors (reds and blues, especially). Also, realize that, given enough time, paper, and ink, every one of these samples could be improved. Canon BJC-600 Star SJ-144 AmignWorhi 33 C 0 LOR P R I IV T E R S well. Although it has an excellent built-in adjustment program for reducing banding and white or black lines, the print head does not seem up to the task when faced with large color areas. In addition to needing exact physical alignment (which the built-in program has), the head in a dye- or wax-transfer printer also ins: Fixture s II Printer DeskJet 550C BJC-600 Primera SJ-144 Manufacturer He wlett-Packard Canon Fargo Star Micronics List Price1 $ 719 $ 719 S9952 $ 599 Print Method inkjet inkjet thermal wax; dye sub thermal polyester dye Physical Characteristics Dimensions (HxWxD in inches)
8. 2x17.5x15.3
6. 8x13.7x7.63
5. 8x13.8x10.2
6. 9x12.8x5.53 Weight (pounds)
14. 5
9. 9 15
5. 5 Number of jets 50 black, 16 color 64 n a n a Installed Memory 80K 60K OK 176K Interface serial & parallel parallel parallel parallel Resolution (dots per inch) 300x300 360x360 203x203 360x360 Paper Handling Maximum Paper Size (inches)
8. 5x14
8. 5x14
8. 5x11
9. 5x14 Maximum Paper Weight Item Type Printed 36 pound 28 pound n a card stock Cards? No No No Yes Overhead Transparencies? Yes Yes Yes Yes Envelopes? Yes Yes Yes Yes Landscape Mode? Yes Yes Yes Yes Paper Path(s) lower front top rear lower front rear top rear bottom lower front Other Manufacturer's Rated Speed4 HQ,10 cpi: 167 cps HQ,10 cpi: 170 cps
2. 5 min page with dye sub 10 cpi: 255 cps Average Print Time (minutes)3 Macaws 17-19 16-18.5 19-20.5 wax 18-21 dye sub
14. 5-18 Color Wheel 7-9.5 6-8.5
4. 5-12 wax
7. 5-16 dye sub 5-7.75 Warranty 3 years 2 years 1 year 2 years Notes: 1 Price considerations do not stop with the hardware itself; the cost of ribbons and paper also differ. Here are the consumables you can choose from for each printer and their suggested list prices: DeskJet 550C: Color cartridge ($ 34.95), Black-Hi Cap ($ 31.95), 200 CX paper ($ 21.95), 50 LX gloss paper ($ 60). BJC 600: All cartridges S8.00. Primera: 3-color wax ribbon ($ 45), 4-color wax ribbon ($ 45), 25-print dye-sub print kit ($ 90), 100-print dye-sub kit ($ 280). Dye-sublimation refill kits come complete with ribbon and special paper. SJ-144: 3-pack of 4-color ribbons ($ 22.50). 2 The standard thermal wax transfer model lists for $ 995. The model with the dye-sublimation option goes for $ 1245. 3 Both the BJC-600 and the SJ-144 use vertical paper feeds, which increases their height factor when the paper support is pulled up. Users with pull-out printer shelves or drawers may have clearance problems. 4 HQ = high-quality print mode; cpi = characters per inch; cps = characters per second. 3 The range of average printing times represents the effect that various dithering methods can have upon output. Only the dither patterns were changed. Lower numbers represent an Ordered 16 pattern; higher numbers represent more complicated patterns such as Blue Noise 30% & Stuki. Needs perfectly even temperature from one side of the head to the other. And that seems to be the SJ-144’s problem. If one end of the head is slightly cooler than the other (or slightly hotter), the density of the color is changed, resulting in a slightly lighter or darker color density under that O section of head. In our tests, the Star would often start off a print fine, then a third of the way through it would begin putting down slightly lighter areas of color near one end of the head resulting in a banded appearance. Occasionally, one end of the head would print darker and the other end lighter on the same pass, giving what 1 call a closed venetian-blind effect. Star representatives say that the printer wasn't designed for scanned images and big blocks of color. That’s why we didn’t even include an output example in the “Girl in Red” test. Instead, we tried it on the kind of spot colored clip art you might use in desktop publishing (see the “Tiger” print in the test sidebar) with excellent results. Unlike the Primera, which puts down a glossy wax image, the SJ-144 uses a dull finish film, and on plain paper the output really looks good. For desktop publishing with smaller areas of spot color and pure text output the Star SJ-144 might very well be your best bet. Although not reflected in our comparison chart, there is a black-only ribbon available for it that will give you a 180 pages of text for less than four cents a page, making its text-only output the best and cheapest in our comparison. The Real Cost of Color Printing TRYING TO COMPUTE the cost of color printing is a difficult task because there are no standards. Often the manufacturer’s specs are of little help, mainly because lab specs don’t represent real-life printing situations. This is especially true with inkjets. On the other hand, printers using sheet ribbons, such as the SJ-144 and Primera, have a fixed number of four-color sets. Divide the cost of the ribbon by the number of panel sets, and you have the cost per print. It’s even easier with the Primera dye-sub model since you buy refill sets that include both paper and ribbon, I have seen per-page costs for color inkjets ranging from S0.05 to $ 1.61. You might get a page of black text COST PER PRINT COMPARISONS Printer Percent of Coverage Number of Pages 25% 50% 100% 550C $ 0.72 28 SI.44 14 $ 2.88 7 SJ-144 $ 0.24 32 $ 0.47 16 $ 0.94 8 Primera (dye-sub) n a* n a* $ 3.60 25 Primera (wax-transfer) Three-color n a* n a* $ 0.39 11! Four-color n a* n a* $ 0.45 80
* Partial coverages not applicable to Primera. Regardless of coverage, per-page cost remains the same. Page coverage defined as full 8.5-inch width by the percentage of 11 inches vertical. For a nickel, but you won’t get a page of four- color for Si.61. With HP’s 550C, before you make the first print or buy the first sheet of paper, you have made an investment of $ 57 for just two ink carts. With the Canon BJ- 600 the investment is less: four carts at S8 each. But with either one, your cost per page is going to be higher than you might guess. An independent research study by RI F Research Corp. (Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York) provided the cost per-page data (above) on the 55QC, The Star SJ- 144 and Fargo Primera data are based on retail pricing of their ribbon paper refill kits. Note that the 550C and the SJ-144 examples do not include paper media costs. While the BJC-600 was not part of t he R1T research, we have reached some admittedly non-scientific con- elusions about it. Canon-supplied data suggests it can provide 203 pages at 10% coverage, 40.5 at 50%, and 20 at 100%. With a cartridge cost of S32, lul 1-coverage cost per page is $ 1.60 over 30% less than the 550C. My limited experience with it supports the premise that the BJC-600 provides more full-page printouts per set of carts, and thus, the cost per page is lower (20-30% lower might he a more realistic range). But, as in new-car mileage claims, “Information provided for comparison only your mileage may vary.” The Final Printout After living with these four printers for nearly six weeks, I have come to one conclusion: There is still no perfect, one-size-fits-all printer. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and as of today, it would probably take at least two of the above to cover (lie gamut of printing needs well. With inkjets, there’s no question that the Canon BJC >600 is the top performer. It outperforms the 550C in almost every category sometimes by a lot, sometimes just a little. Even though the street price of the BJC-600 is $ 100 higher than that of the 550C, its overall higher quality output and lower cost per page make it our recommended inkjet. Like the Primera, the Star SJ-144 tends to be somewhat specialized in its potential appeal to Amiga owners. Its inability to handle large color graphics without noticeable and objectionable banding is definitely a minus. On the other hand, not everyone needs that capability, and it is the best text printer in the group both in terms of quality and cost per page. If high-quality text is your primary need with clip art, line graphics, and spot color as only a secondary priority the SJ-144 is tlie best choice. The Fargo Primera is exceptional. Nothing comes close to it in terms of color-graphics output, and its wax-transfer prints win the cost-per-page sweepstakes hands down. Unfortunately, unless there is some way to upgrade its text-handling abilities, it will stay categorized as a graphics specialty printer . . . Bin a damn good one! Pair it with a black-only HP 500 or Canon Bj-200, and you would have an unbeatable combination for text and graphics. If this weakness can be overcome, we’ll be much closer to that one perfect, all-purpose printer everyone lusts after. ¦ Gary Ludwick is chief print master at The Creative Department, an ad agency in Charlotte, NC. Write to him c o Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. WHEN YOU THINK about printing from your Amiga, you probably don't consider using the Shell. After all, you can usually take care of all your printing tasks by means of your applications programs. There are cases, however, when printing operations can be handled faster, easier, and sometimes better via the Shell. If you’re willing to learn a few AmigaDOS commands, you can give your Amiga new printing prowess. Our three-part miniseries on mining the secrets of the Amiga’s new operating system concludes with a look at how AmigaDOS can enhance your printing potential. Ipaxt j?; fPiintsx Cpovjex Print Basics First, a quick review of the basics of controlling the printer from die Shell. As you may know already, you can print plain text files directly from the Shell without loading a word processor. If you want to print a single file, say, one called README. 1ST, simply type one of the following commands: COPY README.1ST PRT: TYPE >PRT: README.1ST PRINTFtLES README.1ST The last choice, Printfiles, is a little-known command that resides in the Tools directory. (Floppy users will find it on their Extras disk.) Printfiles offers an additional advantage to users wishing to print multiple documents. If you use its form-feed option, -f, preceding each filename, the printer will eject the page after printing that file. Here’s an example of printing multiple files with Ibrm-feeds after each file: PRINTFILES -f SPAM.C -f SPAM.H -f SPAM.DOC Note that vou should not use anv of these commands j * to print files saved in anything but plain ASCII text format; trying to print files in a word processor’s native format will produce extraneous garbage characters. When you send a file to the printer using the Copy or Type command, the printer won’t eject the last page of your printout. Rather than hitting your printer’s formfeed switch, simply send an eject code, Ctrl-L, to the printer. You can insert this at the end of the file if your text editor allows control characters. The ED editor included with AmigaDOS doesn't, however, so die best work-around is to create a new script command called FF that will eject your printer’s page. To create the command, type the following sequence of commands, holding down the Ctrl key and hitting L where you see Ctrl-L: COPY * TO S:FF ECHO >PRT: "Ctrl-L" Press Return and type Ctrl- to terminate the copy command. Now type PROTECT S:FF +S to make the script command executable. Now you can just type FF at the Shell prompt whenever you want to eject a page. Taking “CMD” of Your Printer When it comes to printing, the diamond of all the AmigaDOS gems is the CMD command. Found 111 the Fools director)', this command grabs any data that would normally go to the printer and stores it in a file, instead. (The name comes from the CMD statement in Commodore’s old eight-bit BASIC, which was used when you wanted to redirect output to the printer or disk drive.) There are a multitude of uses for CMD; files created by it can be copied to your printer or even taken to another computer to be printed. CMD is activated before you choose the print function in your application. To have CMD intercept a printout and store it in a file called PRINTOUT on the RAM disk, type RUN CMD PARALLEL RAM:PRINTOUT (Substitute SERIAL for PARALLEL if your printer is attached to your Amiga’s RS-232 serial port.) This will cause the next document you print to be sent to a file instead. If you want CMD to intercept every file you print from that point on, use the 111 option to specify multiple files. RUN CMD PARALLEL RAM:PRINTOUT OPT m Note that the m must be lowercase for this to work. Each file you print will be stored on the RAM disk, with a By D e n ny A t k i n ILLUSTRATED BY FRF.I) LYNCH 36 May 1994 w Workbench Screen Graphics Printer Preferences isiei Oitfterin?: 0| Ordered SciUimi: 01 Integer In*?*: B| Positive Aspect: Ol Horizontal Shade: CM Grev Scale 1 Tbrtihotd: o*«*k 41 v: | Snoothin v'I Center Picture H 1 BreJJ B I Lett Idjr Wr Width Save Graphics Printer Prefers is[£3 ihpaS' Lncc
ic. Co Jc.co r Drawer File |5Y$ :iret's rresers IHI fGfxflrafhpre OK | Volwesl Parenf | Cancel | U Usage end 37.4: [run] Cnd devicenane filenane (apt snn) devicenane = serial or parallel s = SKP any short initial urite (usually a reset if screendunp) « : installed for MULTIPLE files until Break or CTRL_C n : enables NOTIFY (helpful progress nessages) fc Tool types: DEVICE, FILE, and booleans SKP.HULIIPII.NOIIFY ' run >nil: end parallel ranlPrintOut Opt n Via simple script commands, you can instantly move among your commonly used printer settings without having to load Preferences editors to after the settings every time you want to make a change. Number appended to it: PRINTOUT. 1, PRINTOUT.2, and so on. If you’ve installed CMD for multiple files, remember to disable it before attempting to get an actual paper printout. To disable CMD, type STATUS and find the process number for CMD, then use the Break command to remove
CMD. For instance, if the Status command returns the result Process 6: Loaded as command: SYS:Tools CMD you would type BREAK 6 to disable CMD. To print a CMI) output file, simply copy it to the PRT: device. For instance, you might type COPY RAM:PRINTOUT.3 TO PRT: There are many situations where printing a CM D-generated file is a better option than printing directly from your application. If you print multiple copies of the same document, you can speed printing of complex documents dramatically by using CMD. Unless you have a slow clot- j j u matrix printer, or a very fast Amiga, it’s likely that your printer can output the page faster than the Amiga can “rasterize” it (translate it into a graphic image in printer format), and thus the printer is spending a fair amount of time just waiting for data from the computer. Using CMD, the Amiga only has to rasterize the document once. Simply using the Copy command, you can now send the output directly to the printer, where it will print at the printer’s top speed. You can take advantage of the Amiga’s type-ahead capability to make issuing the multiple Copy commands easy. Type the full Copy command, hit Return, and the printer will start working. Now press the cursor-up key to recall the command you just typed, and hit Return again. Repeat for as many copies as you need. (ARexx-savvy users could easily construct a simple macro that uses the Do command to make as many printouts as needed.) Amiga Esperanto Since there’s nothing that says that a file must he printed from the computer it was created on, using CMD to save your printout as a File offers yet another advantage. If you don’t have a printer, or you’d rather use a printer connected to another computer, you can just copy the file to a floppy disk and take that file to another computer for printing. Printing larger documents, though, especially those containing graphics, may result in CMD files that arc too large to fit on a floppy. Printer files, however, contain lots of repeating patterns, so they compress exceptionally well. Using a program such as the shareware LHA. You can often achieve 50 to 80 percent compression. LHA file extractors are available for both the PC and Macintosh, so compressing the files won’t affect portability. CMD stores Files in the format used by the printer you have selected in Printer Preferences, so he sure to select the proper driver before printing. For example, if your file will he sent to a laser printer, you’ll want to select the HP LaserJet or PostScript driver before printing. If you want to print your document on a printer connected to an MS-DOS machine or a Macintosh, you’ll need to use CrossDOS to store the CMD- generated file on an MS-DOS format disk. (CrossDOS is included with AmigaDOS 2.1 and later, and is available as a stand-alone product from Consultron.) Just copy the file to PCO:, making sure all the CrossDOS file-translation options are disabled. To print the file on an MS-DOS machine use the Copy command, as with the Amiga. You'll need to use the B (Binary) option so that MS-DOS will know it’s a binary file, rather than a plain ASCII text file. If you want to print a file called OUTPUT.3 on a disk in drive A:, you’d ty pe COPY A: OUTPUT.3 LPT1 B If you have a Bridgeboard on your Amiga and you’ve added a PC parallel port card for printing from PC programs, you may find yourself constantly swapping the parallel cable between Amiga and PC ports, or fussing with a switchbox. But you can leave the parallel cable connected to the PC port and use CMD to capture your output to a file. Then use the AREAD command with the B option to copy the file to the PC side, where it can then be printed using the Copy command above. Printing the file on a Macintosh LaserWriter is a little more complicated. You’ll need a SuperDrive- equipped Mac (all Macintoshes from the Mac Classic on use the l .44MB SuperDrive), which can read IBM- format floppies. Select the PostScript printer driver (included with AmigaDOS 2.1 and later) on the Amiga and use CMD to create your output file. Use CrossDOS to copy that file to a 720K or 1.44MB MS- DOS format floppy. Take the disk to the Macintosh and use Apple File Exchange to copy the file to the Mac’s hard drive. Because the Mac has no command- line interface, there’s no simple Copy command for moving the file to the printer. There are, however, a number of public-domain and shareware Macintosh programs available for copying PostScript files to a printer. One such utility is Show Pages, a t iny program that will print any PostScript or text file that you drag- and-drop onto its icon. Quick Change The Amiga’s printing system is very flexible, offering a multitude of options for adjusting the final look of your ? A M I G A D 0 S t; F, M S - 3 printouts. Although there are thousands of possible combinations of settings available, chances are you'll end up using perhaps two to four different combinations, such as color or mono, and final or draft quality. Instead of loading the Printer and PrinterGfx Preferences editors every time you want to change your settings, you can take advantage of t he power of AmigaDOS and make the change with a single script command. When loading a Preferences editor from the Shell, you can force it to load a file containing the settings you want to use and activate those settings without any further interaction from you- no more clicking on a wall of buttons to get everything just right. First, decide which settings you use most often. Load each Preferences editor and use the Save Vs function to save the Hie under an appropriate name, such as TEXTDRAFT.PRE and GFXDRAFT.PRE. Repeat this for each group of commonly used settings. Now. Create a set of script hies that load each group of settings. For example, to create a script file called PRTDRAFT that will set your printer to use the settings saved in the files mentioned above, type ED SrPRT- DRAFF to load the AmigaDOS editor, and then type the following commands: PRINTER FROM SYSiPREFS PRESETS TEXTDRAFT.PRE USE PRINTERGFX FROM SYS:PREFS PRESETS GFXDRAFT.PRE USE Press Esc, then X, and finally Return to save the file, and then type PROTECT S:PRTDRAFT to make the script file executable. Repeat this for the settings you created for final-quality printouts, perhaps calling the script PRTF1NAL. Now you can adjust printer sellings by simply typing the appropriate script command, a much quicker process than using the graphical Preferences editors. EndShell That wraps up our series on mining the secrets of AmigaDOS, but there are plenty of other treasures waiting to be excavated from your system disks. Don’t limit yourself to using the Workbench to maintain your files a little knowledge of Shell and script commands can make the most tedious lile-inaintenancc operations simple and quick. And if you’re having trouble finding particular treasures, el Amiga World know. Next month we'll be starting up a regular monthly column featuring tips on using the Amiga’s operating system. ¦ Denny Atkin is an editor and a freelance writer. He's the author of Denny Atkin’s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets, which contains handy tips on everything from using AmigaDOS 3.0 to expanding your Amiga system. Contact him c o Amiga World, Editorial Dept,, SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03438 or at Denny A miga (a aol.com. filusic Software for a Song At The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, we're dedicated to the state-of-the-art. 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But selling your artwork is nothing to sneer at, eh? Circle 72 on Reader Service card. N today’s computer industry', C language is the favorite son. C gets all the best toys: compilers, support tools, cross-platform standards, and operating-svstem support. And, C gets to go almost everywhere: It is used for mainframes, supercomputers, embedded microcontrollers, digital signal processors, and personal computers including the Amiga. Because the language and its set of basic system-interface routines are the same no matter which computer you’re programming, code written for one system is easy to transport to another* as long as it isn't dependent on the operating-system specifics of a particular computer. The dest TttmGS in Lift hi... Get to know the ubiquitous C la nguage with the help of a p rogra m m ing p ro. Part 1 of our two- part series explores the structure of C and starts you out with some examples. Much of the Amiga’s operating system, in fact, was written in C, and Commodore provides C interfaces as a standard developer tool. Virtually all programmers’ documentation and other resources consider C to be the primary language for the Amiga. You can learn to program in C, and the Amiga can be your guide. (Back when I started, most computer users knew how to program, and most were self-taught.) Fear not, your Amiga is the best computer-language teacher available. Its patience is infinite, it never criticizes, and its feedback is nearly immediate. Of course, you can’t learn to program just by reading this article, any more bt Dove fl nr n if than von can learn to swim bv reading about swim- 4 O tiling. So read this through, but then read it again while you’re sitting in front of your Amiga. How C Works The C language has always been implemented with compilers an entire C program is translated into a system’s native machine language, then run. So C executes much faster than BASIC, which has through most of its history been interpreted the computer executes one instruction at a time. Unlike traditional BASIC and FORTRAN, the C Language is a “third- generation,” or structured, language. It supports user- defined subprograms and data structures, as well as “goto-free” controls. And while mainframe languages such as COBOL are too large to be efficient on small computers, C is small enough to work well. Further, C was designed to support modular programming and is supported with a full-featured set of library routines (which is not true of other structured programming languages like Pascal). This means that a single C program can be written as several separate files, each of which can be compiled separately to produce a single final program. Modern C language and error-checking have also been standardized by the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) committee, a body that sets guidelines for language implementation. While traditional BASIC has a programming "environment,” C does not require one. You create a C program as a text file with any text editor, much as you would type an ASCII letter, AmigaDOS script, or Arexx file. This file is then processed by the C compiler, the program that translates C into an “object” program (that is, machine code with some of the high-level symbolic references retained). Another module, called a linker, combines one or more object files with any system-library routines necessary, and produces an output program called the “executable.” I he result works as a stand-alone program it is pure machine code that will run on any Amiga without the C system or any other run-time support package installed. Many AmigaDOS and applications programs, including the C development systems themselves, are produced this way. Most modern C language systems include an integrated text editor that can launch the compiler and linker, at least for simple programs. Many C packages include extra tools, generally for object-1 ibrarv or project management. (See “A Command of Languages,” Aug. ’93, p. 28, for details on the various languages and implementations.) Hi C Assuming you have a C compiler (see the “C Resources” sidebar), you can try a simple program. Let’sjust print "I Iello, World” to an Amiga shell. This is enough of a program to ensure that the compiler is installed properly on the Amiga. The program is simply Listing A. * TURTLE.C by Dave Haynie. This module provides a set of "turtle" graphics routines designed to help make learning C language fun and easy. In SAS C, build this with the line sc math standard turtle Other C compilers will need to select a math library; some do it by default.* include exec libraries.h> * Load data for the Amiga * include clib exec_protos.h> * Operating System * include graphics gfx.h> include clib graphics_protos.h> include intuition intuition.h> include clib intuition_protos.h> include math.h> * Standard C definitions * include "turtle.h" * Load the turtle definitions * * This defines a pointer to an Intuition Window structure. * static struct Window *window; * This is an unnamed user-defined structure, in this case representing the turtle itself. * static struct = int heading; * Its heading, in degrees. * int posX, posY; * X.Y position on-screen. * int penstate; * What is the pen doing? * } turtle; * The define command creates an untyped symbolic name when used in its simplest form. Such names are used to abstract constant values. For easy changes in the future or, as in this case, to enhance the program's readability. * define PENDOWN 0 define PENJJP 1 define PEN ERASE 2 * This is an example of a "macro.” It tests TRUE if the turtle is open, FALSE if the turtle is closed. This is based on the state of the turtle's window. * define TURTLE_OPEN(} (window != NULL) * Variables necessary for the AmigaOS Intuition Graphics system. These are pointers to the "base" structure of the Graphics and Intuition libraries. * struct GfxBase *GfxBase; struct IntuitionBase *lntuitionBase; * This code declares a variable, "turtlewindow," which is a "NewWindow" structure (defined by intuition.h). This shows how a structure can be initialized by the compiler in C if its contents are known ahead of time. * static struct NewWindow turtlewindow = = 0,0,380,190,1,1, IDCMPCLOSEWINDOW, WFLG_DRAGBAR | WFLGDEPTHGADGET | WFLG_CLOSEG ADGET, NULL,NULL, (char *)"Turtle Graphics Window," NULL,NULL, 40,40,0xffff,0xffff, WBENCHSCREEN }; include stdio.h> void main(void) = printf("Hello, World! N''): } 'This should be saved as a file called hello.c. It is pretty simple to understand: The first line loads information on a set of standard routines into the compiler when it’s working. Unlike BASIC, which contains most of its rout ines at startup, a C compiler launches without knowledge of any subroutine. So-called “include” files tell the compiler about different data structures and subroutines. The stdio.h file is an ANSI standard C include, which is located in the system’s public include directory. J flic next line defines a subprogram, or function. A programmer can call a subprogram by any name, and the names can be at least 32 characters long in most modern compilers. Of course, a C program has to start somewhere. By convention, the “main” function is the first user function called when a C program is run. All functions have a list of variables, or formal parameters, passed to them (in parentheses), a return value type, and a function body (in braces). The main function here accepts nothing and returns nothing the data type “void” means “nothing” in C. Its body contains a single statement, which calls the standard function “printfQ”. Just one parameter is passed to the print!’ function, the string constant “Hello, YvorId! N”. The notation n defines a carriage return; the print!’ function itself does not force a carriage return. C is a statement-oriented language. It takes all spaces, tabs, and new lines as “whitespace,” useful for clarity but meaningless to the program itself. The semicolon character delimits statements. To run this program, you must compile and link it. Run the compiler, either from the text editor or from an Amiga DOS shell. The shell command for SAS C (version 6.x) to compile and link this example is 1> sc hello.c LINK When this is run, several files should be produced. Some compilers may make icon files or other external files, but at the very least you should see hello.c (the source file) hello.o (the object file output by the C compiler) hello (the executable file output by the linker) When you now type “hello” at the AmigaDOS shell prompt, you should see a result something like this: 1> hello Hello, World! This is a very simple program, of course. The next example is more sophisticated. Reptilian Draw: Example 1 “Turtles” have been used in computer education for some time. Think ol the turtle as a robot that you can direct using simple functions. The turtle has a pen, an ? * This function initializes the turtle graphics window using Intuition routines. * void OpenTurtle(void) = * Make sure the turtle system is open only once. * if (!TURTLE_OPEN()) = * Open the graphics and intuition libraries. OpenLibrary() calls can fail, so test to make sure they didn't. * GfxBase = (struct GfxBase *)OpenLibrary("graphrcs.library",OL); IntuitionBase = (struct IntuitionBase *)OpenUbrary("intuition.librarY,"OL); if (IntuitionBase == NULL 11 GfxBase == NULL) = CloseTurtleO; } window = OpenWindow(£rturtlewindow); Home(); } } * This function waits for the user to request a window closing, then frees up the turtle system using Intution functions. * void CloseTurtle(void) = struct IntuiMessage message; BOOL quit; * Stop the turtle only if it's open. * if (TURTLEOPENf)) = quit = FALSE; * Wait for a CLOSEWINDOW message from Intuition. A full explanation of this process is beyond the scope of this article. *1 do = Wait(1L window->UserPort->mp_SigBit); while (message = (struct IntuiMessage *)GetMsg(window->UserPort)} = if (message->Class == IDCMP_CLOSEWINDOW) quit = TRUE; } while (I quit); CloseWindow(window); window = NULL; } * Close the two libraries, but only if they are open already. * if (IntuitionBase != NULL) = CloseLibrary((struct Library *)lntuitionBase); IntuitionBase = NULL; if (GfxBase ! = NULL) = C!oseLibrary((struct Library *)GfxBase); GfxBase = NULL; } } * This sends the turtle "home" to its base location, the center of the window. * void Home(void) = if (TURTLE_OPEN()} = PenUp()f MoveXY(window->Width 2,window-> Height 2); SetHeading(O); } * The three pen functions simply update the pen drawing codes and, where appropriate, the color of the graphics system pen in the window. * void PenDown(void) = if (TURTLE_OPEN()) = turtle, penstate = PENDOWN; SetAPen(window->RPort,1); } } void PenErase(void) = if (TURTLE_OPEN()) = turtle.penstate = PENERASE; SetAPen(window->RPort,0); } } void PenUp(void) = turtle.penstate = PEN_UP; } * This function sets the absolute turtle heading, in degrees. The setting is from 0 to 359 degrees. 270 90 180 * void SetHeading(int degrees) = turtle.heading = degrees % 360; } * This function returns the turtle heading. * int GetHeading(void) = return turtle.heading; } * The relative settings are easily converted to absolutes. * void Rightfint degrees) = SetHeading(turtle.heading + degrees); void Left(int degrees) = SetHeading(turtle.heading - degrees); * This function moves forward from the turtle's current position. If the pen isn't up, drawing is done. The new position is calculated from the current position, distance, and heading. * void Forward(int dist) = int newX, newY; double radangle; if (TURTLE_OPEN()) = radangle = PI 180.0 * (double)turtle.heading; newX = GetX() + (int)(((double)dist) * cos(radangle)); newY = GetY() + (int)K(double)dist) * sin(radangle)); MoveXY(newX, newY); } } I* This function moves backward from the turtle's current position. * void Backward(int dist) = Forward(-1 * dist); } * The absolute coordinate is changed here. This function respects the pen up down setting, via graphics functions. * void MoveXYfint x, int y) = if (TURTLE OPENj) && turtle.penstate != PENJJP) = Move(window->RPort,GetX(),GetY()); Draw(window->RPort,x,y); } turtle.posX = x; turtle.posY = y; } * These functions return the absolute turtle position. * int GetX(void) = return turtle.posX; } int GetY(void) = return turtle.posY; } Example 1 The first program well tiy includes just turtle functions. It initializes the turtle’s Intuition window with the command OpcnTurtle(), then puts the turtle’s pen down and directs die turtle to draw a box (50 pixels per side). The CloscTurtle() function waits for you to click the window’s close box. Include "turtle.h" void main(void) = OpenTurtle(); PenDown(); Forward(50); Right(90); Forward(50); Right(90); Forward(50); Right(90); Forward(50); CloseTurtle(); } eraser, and the ability to move in a specified direction and distance. By controlling the pen and movement of die turtle, you can write programs that draw pictures in the turtle’s window. I he turtle package consists of a main file, turtle.c (see Listing A), and a header file, turtle.h (Listing B). The main file is written in C. I don’t expect beginners to understand the whole program at this point, though I have commented it to point out features not fully explained in ibis text. As mentioned, the C compiler knows very little when it runs. I he example program (see Example l) includes the tin tie.b file to gain knowledge of the turtle functions for the n o compilation stage. The linker is told to link in the turtle.o file, which provides the actual code for the turtle functions. Compile, hut do not link, the turtle.c file* to make the turtle.o file, which is linked with all the example programs. In SAS C, this is 1 > sc math standard turtle.c I he math standard switch is necessary to select the math librarv to use for the angle calculations in the n turtle package. Some compilers automatically select a default math library. Avery simple program is shown in Example 1. Like hello.c, it must include some function definitions, in this case just the turtle functions. All turtle programs start with the OpenTurlle = ) function, which initializes the turtle’s Intuition window. This example then puts the turtle’s pen down, and moves the turtle around to draw a box that’s 50 pixels on a side. Finally, it winds up with the CloseTurtleO function, which waits for the window’s close box to he clicked. In SAS C, Example I can he compiled with the following command: 1 > sc math standard link examplel.c turtle.o This will generate the program. Listing 8. * TURTLE.H by Dave Haynie This file defines the turtle graphics routines. * Next month, we will explore three other examples that work in the same fashion. You may need to refer to this article when you try the upcoming examples, so don’t toss this issue in the meantime! ¦ Dave Haynie works as Senior Systems Hardware Engineer at Commodore. His projects include the Cl28, every high-end Amiga system, and the A26x0 and A4091 hoards. He has been programming since age 12, and is the author of DiskSalv and SetCPU for the Amiga. Write him at Commodore Business Machines, 1200 Wilson Dr., West Chester, PA 19380; or contact him via the Internet: daveh@cbmvax.commodore.com. extern void OpenTurtle(void); extern void CfoseTurtle(void); extern void Home(void); extern void PenDown(void); extern void PenErasefvoid]; extern void PenUp(void); extern void Rightfint); extern void Left(int); extern int GetHeading(void); extern void SetHeading(int); extern void Forward(int); extern void Backward(int); extern void MoveXY(int,int]; extern int GetX(void); extern int GetY(void); * Start the turtle graphics package * * Stop the turtle graphics package * * Send the turtle home, heading 0 * * The turtle starts drawing * * The turtle starts erasing, * * The turtle stops drawing erasing. * * Adjust the angle right by "degrees." * * Adjust the angle left by angle "degrees". * * Return the turtle's heading, in degrees. * i* Set the absolute heading. * * Move "dist" units forward. * * Move "dist" units backward. * * Set the turtle's absolute position. * * Get the turtle's X coordinate. * * Get the turtle's Y coordinate. * C Resources To program in C, you need a C compiler. You can find compiler packages available commercially and through freeware channels (the Internet, commercial BBS systems, and in the Fred Fish library). Commerical packages are generally easier for the novice to set up, but they can he expensive. SAS C ($ 395, SAS Institute) is a full professional system, providing a compiler, linker, text editor, debugger, on-line help, and some useful extra tools. Another G system, DICE (Dillon’s Integrated C Environment) is available in both shareware and commercial forms; the GNU C compiler from the Free Software Foundation is also shareware. Many C tools are available in the public domain, too. A program called cdecl helps demystify tine of the things most confusing to beginners and even seasoned professionals: the way complex variable types are declared in C. In most languages, you declare a complex variable based on a structure hierarchy, perhaps something like “X is array [20] of pointer to character.” In C, that’s “char *X[20]”; the notation is what you need to do to get a character from X. The cdecl program lets you either express the structure in pseudo-English to get the C version, or type a C expression to get an expanded explanation. There are numerous examples of C source code available, as well. Once you get past the basics of C programming, you may want examples that address more particulars of AmigaDOS itself, or interesting sources from other platforms. Watch out for older sources, which may also use the older C declaration format. If you see main() declared as void main[int argc, char *argv[]) = ... you are dealing with current ANSI-standard function parameters. If, instead, it looks like mainf) int argc; char *argv[]; then you’ve got code using the older C format. You may mil into some problems with such sources. The original C language from the 1970s did not enforce data typing very strongly. As a result, lots of programs were written that, while not technically correct, happened to work on their orginal platforms. If you try to compile one of these, you will see numerous warnings and, in many cases, outright errors. Most C compilers have an option to turn off the enforcement ol’ the ANSI rules, but it’s much better practice to write according to the stronger type checking enforced under ANSI. ? DH OpalPaint provides all of the necessary tools to create graphics and illustrations of limitless variety. It includes all of the features necessary for the creation, enhancement and manipulation of images of every kind, COM PUT INC “...the overall champion of Amiga paint programs" ' itV’a I. ' • - |j| Desktop Video World “...state-of-the-art features not found on any other Amiga paint program." Amiga World “Quite simply, it's a spectacular product.” Amiga Computing Magazine “...the finest, most professional paint program to arrive on the Amiga." Amiga Format “OpalVision is awesome!” Camcorder Magazine “Professional quality at this price can’t be turned away." Amiga User International Magazine “The verdict was unanimous brilliant." Amiga Shopper Magazine “...the best paint program currently available....” The Amiga-Video Journal (AVID) “The finest, most versatile and endlessly customizable paint program ...” ’ TV Technology “...an excellent 32-bit paint program.” Amiga Video Graphics Journal “...this is the best 24-bit paint program...magnificent." , Amazing Computing OpalPaint's extensive image processing modes provide virtually unlimited special effects possibilities. Its features rival broadcast studio paint systems at a fraction of the price. LIVE Good! 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• Logic control components soldered so that changing system specifications or future system upgrades requiring adjustments that hove to be done by service technicians
• Warranty conditions not known . P___ tin miMis aiy© stfiw DATA FLY Finally a hard drive that is truly practical. The DafaFlyer 105SQ features proven SyQuest removable technology. Special version direct from manufacturer with our special expansion driver guarantees compatibility with the A4000 including diskchangel Fast access times, 14msavg,r 1.6to2,3MB sec. Max transfer rate (to and from media). Unlimited storage with 105MB cartridges. Very quiet unit. Smalt, only 3.5 x 1" drive. 2 Year Warranty. Includes one 105MB cartridge. 5561 Data Flyer 105SQ Internal IDE A4000 $ 39595 5653 DataFiyer 1Q55Q Infernal SCSI for Amigas ... 546595 5654 DataFfyer 105SQ External SCSI for Amigas ... *54595 CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON 105SQ 4000S BUNDLE SyQuest 105MB Cartridges 61241 jy DATAFLYER 40005 with External 25DB SCSI connector. 5379 S9595 DATAFLYER XDS IDE -Add external (inexpensive)
3. 5" IDE hard drives to A1200 systems. Cz 095 Comes with all cables and external case! 5267 O r DATAFLYER 1 2005 is a standard 5CSI card that plugs onto the IDE header and converts it to SCSI, it still allows the use of IDE devices ond does * _ not take up a slot. NEW! Coming Soon - first week of June availability. O r breaks the 8-bit sound barrier with high resolution 16-bit Cl) quality audio & direct-to-disk recording J Wavetools hardware software gives your Amiga the punchy sound qualify of Cds and DAT recorders at a fraction of the price of other 16-bit sound cards. State of the art circuifry with 64X oversampling, a frequency response of 10Hz to 20Hz and a dynamic range of 85db. Wavetools provides a pair of stereo I O jacks to record from any line level audio source. Multiple waveform windows may be open simultaneously with the Wavetools software package. The extensive editing and overdub fools, plus various sqjnplinci rates and internal SMPTE time code sync mean you have >¦ plenty of power features! Works with all 2000 3000 4000 models. 5657 30-DA Y MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! My AND COMING SOON... Wavetools RTX module Finally a card that can read and write SMPTE time code LTC and VJTC versions. Burn time code windows onto incoming video for work prints! No other Amiga product does this. In addition to SMPTE lock, RTX provides SMPTE cue lists for timed playback of audio clips. Plus a DSP chip and 256K buffer. Adds multi-track capability to Wavetools. Mixing in real time, up to 8 frocks. RTX supports both NTSC and PAL. Get all this added capability for under $ 400! CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY OF THE RTX MODULE! Fast SC5I-II standard DMA Transfer method, interrupt-controlled and supported by bi-directional 32-bit wide FIFO buffer Memory option for up to 256MB 32-bit wide FAST RAM saves user from buying another memory expansion which uses another slot CD-ROM file system, DynAMIGAche software for dynamic caching, workbench controllable SCSI operation modes, several utilities Runs on all A4000s, even with Rev. -09 Buster without motherboard reworks and is fully tested and compatible with Rev. -11 Buster Active SCSI bus termination External 50-pin centronics SCSI port accepts inexpensive SCSI cables and terminators Socketed logic control components are easily replaced for future upgrades and adjustments COMPARE IT TO THE ONLY OTHER ZORRO-3 CONTROLLER... COMMODORE'S A4091 versus FASTLANE Z3 & Your rjn pi)i'df5 ONE YEAR WARRANTY Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canodo 800-548-2512 WITH 4MB RAMi Now you can accelerate your Amiga 4000 and expand the RAM in one product! The GVP G- FORCE 040 is 40-MHz, and will expand to 32MB RAM on board. PLUS: You can add optional SCSI II and or RAM Adapter Board. NO ZORRO SLOT TAKEN! ‘'MRP 1* A3000 Compatible! Mm Order Status Customer Service Now available! 5 1 SOQ NEW! Bring the world of SCSI into reach! Hook-up to CD-ROM, Bernoulli drives, etc. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga and smile! You can even add up to 8MB RAM and mount a
3. 5" drive on card! A complete voice mail system for your Amiga! If you would like to have automated, scheduled, time date stamped voice mail and faxes with unlimited mail boxes, the ability to fax from any program that prints, call in remotely, and more get PHONE PAK VFX 2.0 4333 Expand your horizons with the I O Extender! Contained on a single card, you will find an additional parallel port PLUS one high speed FIFO buffered serial port! Coming soon; optional RS- 422 or second serial port! Very quiet digital sound sampler. Includes versatile DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO software, a multifaceted program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback and .MOD format song filecreation. Attractive clear polycarbonate case and reliable GVP quality! 4394 HOT NEW AMIGA PRODUCTS FROM CREATIVE COMPUTERS! OREGON
I. a fc i tt.x.x-jn- MegaLo Sound The fas!, affordable, full fealured, direct to disk 8-bit stereo sound sampler for your Amiga. Excellent manual! Allows sampling at 70K Htz mono and 39K in stereo on all Amigas Extensive special effects (over 20) include echo, flange, chorus, filtering and re-pitch abilities. Comprehensive extras include waveform * .jn ji I'm print-outs and player program. 9 _ All this at an unbelievable price! Sequencer One Plus is a high quality, 32 track MIDI sequencer with 8-bit sample support. Unique easy-editing Q 5 with Diamond Drag. Includes tutuorial video tape. JW jw VideoMaster combines the features of a video digitizer with a sound sampler in a single, easy to use, low cost unit. Record 1 4-screen pictures at 30fps in monochrome, with audio. Full screen color stills. 5626 A500 $ 89.95 5625 For Al 200 $ 89.95 3921 HiSoft DevPac 3 ..$ 79.95 3924 HiSpeed Pascal ...$ 89.95 5058 Clarity 16 Sound Sampler .....$ 159.95 5627 Color Master for Video Master, splitter .... $ 74.95 5629 Sequencer One (Basic seqencing, upgradable) $ 29.95 5631 The Hit Kil (Music composition For sequencers) $ 29.95 i_ THE HOTTEST PRODUCTS FROM GVP! IMAGE FX Complete Image Processing! Complete painting tools, real-time WYSIWYG preview, alpha channel, regionalized processing, edge feathering, brushes £ 6?? JP RGB masking, and more! ©TBCPlus Professional quality, all digital time base corrector with reakime frame grabber and 16.7 million color frame £ ""V buffer PLU programmable video special effects! M COMB FILTER OPTION • Clean up composite for Y C out; fix cross color FRAME RAM OPTION • 1MB EXTRA $ 2Q9 sgg 5562 5563 FRAME RAM; improve special effects ' © HGVP Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built- in transcorder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full AGA support! 4526 GVP G-FORCE A2000 ACCELERATORS G-FORCE 040 33MHz 4MB RAM w math coprocesso G-FORCE 68030 40MHz LAST BATCH OF THESE CLASSIC A2000 ACCELERATORS!
* 1095
* 779 Era Virtual Reality Laboratories Distant Suns DISTANT SUNS for Amiga 5.0 Your spaceship awaits in this fabulous voyage through the solar system.
* 3-D planet rendering - experience 3-D planetary motion!
* View images in 256 colors (8 bit Amiga)
* 8,000 sample stars from the Hubble Guide Star Catalog .
- ------------- EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM GO BEYOND AGA GRAPHICS with this real-time, 24-bit, true*color graphics enhancement card. Pro-grammob!e resolutions up to 1600x1280! 800x600 in 24-bit! Incudes a custom display passthrough cablo for single monitor use. Many applications are ready to run and it includes the acclaimed EGS PAINT as a bonus, too! Bring workstation power to your Amiga! (1 6 million stars). More Hubble data available separately.
• Be the star of your own trek through space! Intuitive tool palette.
• Greater selection of Arexx commands WINNER "TOP TEN CD ROM TITLES OF 1993"
- Billboard Magazine 2MB RAM $ 490 CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE Vistapro Reaches for New Horizons YOU CAN WIN A FREE GVP G-LOCK! IN GVP & CREATIVE COMPUTERS' NEW! Using real-world data from the US Geological Survey and from NASA, Vistapro 3.1 enables the user to accurately recreate and explore landscapes on Earth and Mars in spectacular 24-bit color. An exciting new feature is to produce left and right MONTHLY GIVEAWAY FOR 1994! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY, SIMPLY FOLLOW ENTRY RULE5 SHOWN BELOW! LAST MONTH'S WINNER OF A NEW GVP TBC+ WAS... Carl Dennis of Downey, California! Images for three-dimensional stereo viewing. Other NEW features include the ability to add waterfalls and 3D trees with individually shaded (eaves, and with granular texturing produce rocks so real you can almost feel the granite. Also new ability to export landscapes as a 3D DXF-objecf that can be used with other 3D ray tracing programs. Now supports Picasso, Retina, Piccolo and OpalVision video boards! TO ENTER: Send a 3x5 POSTCARD with your name, address, age and phone number, model AMIGA you own, plus the phrose "GVP & Creative Supercharge your Amiga’ lo: Creaiive Computers GVP Contest 4, ADV Dept.. 2645 Maricopa Street. Tonance, CA 90503 One winner per prize, each month Winner will be responsible for any taxes. Winner will be required to supply photograph and wr!l release to Creative rights for one year to use winning name and lilteness in advertising in Amiga World Giveaway sponsored by GVP and Creative Computers. No telephone entries or entries with moil orders. Employees of Creative Computers. GVP and their distributors affiliates are not eligible LIMIT ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PER CONTEST! Duplicate entries will bo disqualified! CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE
- a.. ntertainment
• . ,v.; ;• GAME OF THE MONTH APACHE Joystick 2 fire buttons, bjogrip, suction feet LEMMINGS AND SIM CITY Get both in a special Bundle! 1234 PYTHON Joystick 2 fire buttons, biogrip, suction feet HURRY! BOTH IN LIMITED SUPPLY Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Ojsnpu'iBd MORTAL KOMBAT $ 3595 CANNON FODDER $ 3895 REALMS RACING OF ARKANIA CANNON FODIWR 5258 NEW NEW ALIEN BREED 2
* UN £(fcti>ju M| IV* lO1! '* if- NEW! SYNDICATE Be a super spy in a Bladerunner-like future Bvjrnrnnn SEVERS Movie-iike adventure with vivid animation f s34,s 1 5518 STREET FIGHTER 2 OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE 3358 SILENT SERVICE II 19.00 2842 SwiV * SILKWORM IV ......14.95 4090 MADDEN FOOTBALL ..19.95 3233 BIRDS OF PREY .....19.95 5517 SIMON THE S0RCER0R ..39.95 5566 BUBBANSTiX 32.99 3242 SHADOW SORCERER ......24.90 5471 FI 17A STEALTH FIGHTER ...... 46.00 5495 DREAM LANDS BUNDLE 39.00 5493 TERMINATOR 2 ......39.00 5135 TRANSARTICA AGA ...34.95 5157 ISHARAGA ......39.95 5181 SIMLIFE AGA ..37.95 5099 TROLLS.. ..32.95 5221 1869 AGA ..36.95 5304 SOCCER KID ....34.95 5050 SUPERFROG ...36.95 IT'S BACK! 5180 THE LOWEST PRICES ON GAMES ANYWHERE! Multiplayer role playing game Platform style arcade game - great graphics! 5009 The tribes newest exciting adventures Take control of the Cyber Assault Squad 'fcT V -J 4906 5494 25th ANNIVERSARY ¦nani 39 AGA Wbrt'm 'T Hard Drv. W , Version WMSm JURASSIC PARK AGA VERSION 4997 5470 5479 Winter Olympics The ultimate experience in sports simulations New version of classic arcade action! Your own d alien lif Asteroids with an attitude OFFER CODE: P441MG14 HOTS 5181 Iskto ublis
44. 95 ...4495 .. 44.95
44. 95 ...19.95
- 5595 ..35.95 .25.95 ..58.99 .. 19.(30 .49.95 19900 OF . 129.00 .69 00 .. 54 95 ...54.95
74. 95
49. 95 . 24.95
74. 95 .49.95 .69,95
79. 00
69. 95 : 134,95 49900 24 95 Hy ... 11.95 ...47 95 Creative Ccjj;jpuia 5 Order Hotline
U. S* Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2S12 MISC. DESKTOP PUBLISHING 4590 PAGESETTER 3 .... 0409 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES ... 3741 MIC R&D SWIFTY 300 DPI 3 SUTTON MOUSE .. 5407 ALPHA DATA OPTICAL PEN MSE 300 DPI ...... 5406 ALPHA DATA MEGA-MOUSE 400 DPI 2-8UT ..... 4978 STUDIO PRINTER SOFTWARE ... CAD SOFTWARE 4853 DYNACADD2D CLIP ART AND TEXTURES JOE S 1ST COMPANY COLLECTIONS: 5092 -BUSINESS COLLECTION .. 5094 -FAMILY COLLECTION... 5091 -FANTASY AND LORE.. 5090 -ORIGINAL COLLECTION 5093 -WEDDING COLLECTION 4377 TEXTURE CITY CDROM .. 4220 TEXTURE CITY PRO60 VOL 1 ... 4761 TEXTURE CITY PRO60VOL.2 . 5078 SDG HPIIC SCAN DRVR . 4692 EPSON SCNR DOC FEED ..... 5247 CABLE. AMIGA TO EPSON (IMAGE F.X)., .... CD-ROM ACCESSORIES 5202 CD-ROM CADDY .. 5244 ASIM CDR FILE SYS. 2.0 PHOTOCD SUPPORT . WORD PROCESSING 5403 FINAL WRITER (NEW ALL THE FEATURES FINAL COPY II PLUS NEW DTP FEATURES) .. 4469 FINAL COPY II RELEASE 2 4406 PRO WRITE 3.3 ... 4701 PROPER GRMMAR il . ... 2821 SOFTCLIPS VOLUME I ...... 2781 SOFTCLIPS VOL III .. 2948 SOFTCLIPS VOL. Ill ..... 2957 SOFTCLIPS VOL. IV ... 5011 600 AMIGA COLOR CUP ART SCANNER ACCESSORIES ¦ • ; EPSOM Color Scanners High quality flatbed scanners rated best in Amiga market! ASDG Epson Scanner Driver Software with scanner purchase ES-600C • 24-bit, 300 dpi ... ES-800C • 24-bit, 400 dpt ... 1089 4665 Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America Professional Publishing Pagestream 2.2 1 in Amiga DTP. Winner of Amiga World's Experts' Choice Award and Amazing Amiga's Users' Choice Awards. Buy PageStream 2.2 now and get PageSfream 3.0 FREE! PegeStream 3.0 has over 1000 new features, including AGA color, recordable Arexx, and the ability to load ProPage documents. 3833 TypeSmith 2.0 CREATE & EDIT YOUR OWN TYPEFACES! "A must have"
- Compute! "A must have"
- Amazing Computing "It's a must!"
- Amiga Format 61954 Amiga specific for optimum compatibility. Scan 24-bit color true greys and monochrome. 300x1200 optical dpi (higher software interpolation. 8.5x14" scan area. SCSI cable and rpof dud terminator included. ColorKit Pro saves 24-bit IFF TIFF and more. FREE Migraph OCR text reader! Optional transparency adapter and sheet feeder available, t q ill JA MSI200 3 poss OYY MSI200 1 pass I I 4Y M GRAPH COLORBURST SCANNER (hand-held) Scan 262,144 colors, 64 true greys, monochrome. 50-400 dpi based on scan mode. ColorKit software. Parallel interface with cable. FREE OCR Jr. Text reader, aga compatible! 349 Highest quality, high speed dot matrix printer for the Amiga! $ 199 4606 Wacom Amiga driver with cable s84« «S8 WACOM - Drawing Tablets One of the most popular accessories for artists on the Macintosh and IBM is also available for the Amiga! Pressure sen-sitive, with cordless programmable pen. 6x9” SD-510C... $ 399 1 2x1 2" Standard . . . 499 12x1211 Electrostatic . , s749, 256 52001 NO ONE HAS MORE AMIGA DTP THAN CREATIVE! 5107 PAGESTREAM 22 WITH ART EXPRESSIONS (no FREE3.0 upgrade) 185.00 CD-ROM TITLES 5317 TEXTURE HEAVEN (OVER 380 24BIT IFF IMAGES PLUS 138 SYMBOLS) ..$ 55.00 5130 GRAPHIC RESOURCE ' .22.95 5269 GOLIATH CLIP ART CD 19.95 5366 GIGA GAMES AMIGA PC .19.95 5129 AUDIO RESOURCE LIBRARY ......22.95 5130 GRAPHICS RESOURCE LIBRARY .22.95 5294 MEGA MEDIA CD-ROM ... 29.95 5018 ULTIMATE MOD COLLECTION 26.95 5316 LANGUAGE OS CD-ROM 19.95 5453 SPACE & ASTRONOMY CD-ROM $ 25.00 $ 599.95 ..512.95 ..459.00
669. 00
335. 00
365. 00
- YOU Dor>:T SEE WHAT YOU WANT HEFE PL reative COMPUTERS Prices good through April 30, 1994 Minimum Order is $ 20.00 in U.S A Minimum Order to Canada is $ 50.00 Minimum Foreign Order is $ 100.00 Primer a Full-Color Thermal Printer True 4-co!or printer designed to give you stunning, high quality color ouput on paper, transparency, even T-shirt transfer paper! Winner Best of Comdex 93 "Rookie" Award. It was the hit of World of Commodore, too! One year warranty. Photorealistic upgrade available. Includes Amiga driver software! ACTION LASER 1500 | Incorporating MicroArt printing and RITech printing technology, it delivers professional quality with jag-free lines. 6ppm print speed, 300x300 dpi, 14 resident fonts (13 scalable), LaserJet III and Epson dot mafrixcompatible, 1 MB memory (expandable to SMB onboard). 150 sheet input tray. £ j Optional PostScript Card $ 425. __ Mm Optional AppleTalk card $ 469. KjSSESQfl Long life Toner [6000 pages) $ 119 PROFESSIONAL PAINT AND ANIMATION SOFTWARE TWO YEAR WARRANTY 5380 Lowest Price Anywhere! Requires Amiga 6-ft. Parallel Cable $ 9.95 ESH? Profess LV .J Version 2.5 SI% Newest version has a new improved user interface. Supports EGS and Primera Printer (24-bit color dye-sub). Named "Best Image Processing Program" for 1992 l by Amazing Computing, and now it's P | EVEN BETTER! 5611 4348 MORPH PLUS • Professional morphing ... 35 5077 T-REXX PROFESSIONAL 2.1 for Toaster.. S1 27 5638 ADPro Conversion Pack, version 2.5 $ 4995 5164 Pro Control for ADPro or Morph Plus...... 529 5195 CygnusEd Professional 3.5 ...56795 CALL CREATIVE FOR THE LOWEST PRICES ON ALL ASDG PRODUCTS! Full NTSC Color Display and Digitizer on these two items! DCTV PAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE! The Kitchen Sync $ 1 905 Two comp!ete TBCs on one card works with ¦ any video source, S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible FutureVideo EditLint 3300 A B§|§|HSH Roll Edit Control System Multi-tasking edit controller can sync three VCRs simultaneously. Can read Hi8 RC Time Code, 8mm TC, and SMPTE EBUTC (optional). Includes control software for Amiga, as well as IBM and Macintosh. Easy to use A B Roll editing software lets you set edit points, assemble, video insert, A V insert, audio insert editing. PRICED TOO LOW TO QUOTE! ProMIDI Interface One-input, one-thru Two-outputs, super price! A FRESH-FISH CD-ROMs The best of public domain and shareware; over 600MB of material. Comes with database program to find specific titles, done by Fred Fish personally. OCTOBER 1993 EDITION CD-ROM..... $ 2295 £2 DECEMBER 1993 EDITION CD-ROM... $ 2293 EJ 5560 Storage and Telecommunications DAT TAPE DRIVES 61709 2-GIG CPKD-2000 EXT 1425.00 61528 5 GIG. CPKD-8000 EXT ....1499.00 62481 9 GIG. CPKD-1600 EXT ....1599.00 5373 CONNER 2GB DAT DRIVE EXTERNAL SCSI.... 1219.00 5374 CONNER 4GB DAT DRIVE EXTERNAL SCSI.... 1479.00 5375 CONNER 2GB DAT DRIVE INTERNAL SCSI 960.00 5376 CONNER 4GB DAT DRIVE INTRENAL SCSI.... 1289.00 5377 2GB90MM DAT TAPE CARTRIDGES ...16.95 ABOVE DAT DRIVES INCLUDE TWO TAPES SYQUEST REMOVABLE DRIVES 61945 VIVIDQUEST 105MB EXT. W,CART ... 559.00 5352 VIVIDQUEST 105 3.5 INT. W CART. + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE .....489.00 61241 105MB CARTRIDGE ......75.00 61944 VIVIDQUEST88C REMOV EXT. W CART 499.00 5353 VIVIDQUEST INTERNAL 88C REMOV. DRIVE - W CART. + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE . 450.00 3304 88MB CARTRIDGE ......-.97.00 SC HARDWARE 5267 DATAFLYER XDS IDE ...79.95 5379 DATAFLYER 4000S25 ....99.95 5178 FAST LANE Z3 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER ZORRO III CALL 5153 A4091 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER ...... 459.00 5419 X-CALIBUR RAM ACCELERATOR .CALL 5265 PICASSO II GRAPHICS CARD W 1MG 449.00 4229 MEGACHIP 500 2000 W AGNUS INSTALLED S193 00 3881 MULTISTART II REV 6A ...38.95 5058 CLARITY 16 SOUND SAMPLER ...179.95 5297 ALPHA DATA DISK DRIVE ...73.00 1164 TAC-2 JOYSTICK. ..... 10 95 NEW THE BUG STICK ... CALL 3742 MIRACLE KEYBOARD .....309.00 QUANTUM HARD DRIVES 61331 1.2 GIG HD SCSI-2 4818 525MB LPS SCSI-2 3360 240 LPS SCSI FAST Computers Prices valid through April 30, 1994 Call for latest pricing & availability! ..1279.00 Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 CREATIVE WANTS TO BE YOUR ONLY SOURCE FOR AMIGA PRODUCTS! IF YOU DON'T SEE SOMETHING LISTED, PLEASE ASK! THE BOX 150 L-MEGA I Makers of Bernoulli Now you can have The reliable moss storage medium used by Hollywood profcs&ionoUl Used by developers at NewTek, by Amblin Imaging (seaQucsl) and Foundation Imaging = Babylon 5). Amiga World says "...the cost and reliability of Iomega Bernoulli drives can't be beatr Bernoulli means security for your dotal THE BOX 150 is an oxtornal drive with famous Bernoulli reliability! Each W cartridge holds up to 150MB of storage. I-1 HOT! 5147 ¦¦ We offer the lowest overnight rates in the business** -gB DHL OVERNIGHT L , 7 TO CANADA L,UJL AS LOW AS *1 5 B8 BERN OULU THE BOX 150 INSIDER Internal version of & m pi THE BOX 150. P I Q (Z 5319
U. S. Robotics Sportster
14. 4 DATA HIGH SPEED MODEM from on industry leader in telecommunications
* 199 NEC 3xp CD-rom DRIVE SYSTEM Now you can take advantage of the world of CD-ROMs on your Amiga!
• New NEC 3Xp Portable CD-ROM
• Triple spin (250ms access time) NEW!
• Multisession, PhotoCD capable
• ASIM CDR File Sys. 2.0 will also read Mac and IBM format CD-ROM discs
• INCLUDES: "Fish Market" CD V M fl ROM ( 205-950) with tans *r JL W of great PD software I M 5499 A serial cable is required to use this modem with Amiga .43,, $ 895 n 63707 Walnut Creek CD-ROM ft Aminet CD-ROM with over 620MB of data, ¦ 4000+ files: games, GNU C C++ compiler, utilities, demos of commercial games, paint programs, DOS
f. i *1 shells, music files Cl AQC x 7i - 1319 SPACE & ASTRONOMY CD-ROM 1080 images of the Earth, the planets and the space program; mostly from NASA. Plus 5000 text files relating to the space program, with special keyword search software. PLUS many space-related shareware programs. SI9« TRAPFAX Class 2 Version FAX from any program. Network aware. 2.0 look and feel, graphic output incredible! Phone book, automatic send and recieve, timed faxing, fax viewer with zoom and aspect adjustment. Requires 2.04 OS or higher, 51 2K RAM. $ 9995 5179 5612 EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE ON CD! CREATIVE HAS ALL THE HOTTEST AMIGA PRODUCTS Never before has a video system given you all of the necessary tools to create video productions with your own individual style OPALVISION MAIN BOARD JL : The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true RGB> 24-bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC (optional modules). Includes a wealth of software. OPALVISION COMPATIBLE
• Aladdin 40
• AmiUnk Video Editing Products
• Art Department Professional 2.5
• Magic Lantern
• CineMorph
• Image F X
• Imagine 3.0
• ImageMaster R T
• LightRave 3.1
• MathVision Gold
• Montage24
• Morph Plus
• PIV 2001
• Real3D
• Texture City Images
• Transporter
• Vista Pro 3.1 OpalVision Main Board 24-Bil Video Processor
- -4 I,,....,,,-. Video Suite
- j*r * Y'VI1 -• Ti jjcy Consistently rated the best image processing software on the Amiga, OpalPaint allows you to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. In addition to image processing, it has powerful painting and drawing capabilities. A full range of tools, real-time, full 24-bit. Scan Rate Converter TBC OPALPAINT SOFTWARE includes an expandable library of image processing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools OpalAnimMATE plays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 8, 12, 15, 18 and 24-bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. OPAL PRESENTSI Every main board includes Opal Presents!, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. Create sales presentations, clip libraries of your work, educational videos or whatever you can Ciir'Sji* Peldrifv
n. ilv imagine f* f-t i 'P&Msion ¦yt THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT COMES CLOSE TO THE QUALITY OF THE OPALVISION 24-BIT SYSTEM! $ 399 V 4* Centaur Development ’After SI00 Centaur Instant Rebate valid through 4-30-94 or while supply lasts 5002 "Better than SCALAl" MediaPoint OFFER CODE: P441MG14 ial remote support. S289 5395 PICCOLO 2MB w TV Point Jr. 54999S 5665 PICCOLO with video out and composite Y C; w TV Paint Jr. *5999 CREATIVE COMPUTER5 IS PROUD TO BE DISTRIBUTING THE If you want to create, combine and synchronize graphics, text and animation with audio and video, you'll need MediaLink 3.0 software. Meets CBM Guidelines for look and feel, including menus! 40 window transforms, and 80 smooth wipes. Import 24-bit graphics, remap and scale. Supports EGS, AGA, PAL, NTSC. Sizable windows. MIDI and SMPTE support. Text editor. Thumbnail previews. Arexx support. Optional remote support. Full OS 3.0 support. VERSION 3.7 Creative will provide future upgrades on all purchases from Creative. 5651 Mediapoint 3 CuiliplliBfZ Order Hotline
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 MISC. VIDEO ACCESSORIES 5262 BRDCAST TITLER II BONUS PACK 5387 4526 5358 INCLUDES SUPER HI RES & HI RES VERS .155.95 5290 PEGGER (COMPRESSION UTILITY) ...65.00 3745 PRO FILLS VOLUME 1 ...... 29.95 4380 PRO FILLS VOLUME 2 29.95 5203 PRO FILLS VOLUME 3 ..29.95 5282 IMAGE MASTER R T ... 73.95 5206 MULTIFRAME FOR ADPRO ...72.95 5421 TOASTER TOOL KIT 4000 ... 599,00 0811 VIP VIDEO INTERFACE PROFESSIONAL = REDESIGNED 500 2000 3000 = l> 000 GIVES YOU 1 COMPOSIT E OR 1 Y C OUT WITH RGB PASS THRU) “ OPALVISlON VIDEO OUT!! .... 129.95 0821 0822 1837 3753 4660 3991 KICKSTART 2.0 4 ROM 500 2000 ROM ONLY g 31.95 5144 CSA 1 2-GAUGE 50MHZ W 3CSI W MMU OK.....595.00 GENLOCKS 3725 ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK ...219.00 SUPERGEN SX GENLOCK ...699.00 GVP G-LOCK GENLOCK ....375.00 GVP G-LOCK GENLOCK PAL VERSION 425-00 SPECIALIZED VIDEO HARDWARE K-SYNC S-VIDEO OPTION K-SYNC GENLOCK OPTION ..14" ™ VIDEO TOASTER Y C PLUS 779.00 GENERAL FONTS KARA ANIMFONTS 1 27.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 27.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 27.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 . .. 3395 KARA ANIMFONTS 5 33.95 DPS Personal Animation Controller DPS Personal TBC IV DPS Personal VECTOR SCOPE Hard Drive Bundle n JH 1 1 Studio 16 V3.0 AD5I6 Professional, 16-bit, CD-quality, stereo, 8-track, hard disk recording with SMPTE time code reader M 175 Functions as a single-frame recorder! Record your animation and playback in real time! Includes 1.6GB Hard Drive! Rock solid freeze frame
* Variable strobe True monochrome mode The perfect companion for the DPS TBC IV! (Sunglasses not included) $ 2949i 5642 3940 4516 5114 NEWl DKB SCSI II HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER A new high-performance board that allows your Amiga to connect to SCSI II devices. With full Zorro III implementation. Direct Memory Access (DMA), Fast SCSI-2 implementation. Now access CD-ROMs, Removable Media, Scanners, Modems and more with more power than ever before! Q]
- '-r. " HI-DENSITY FLOPPY DRIVES! Power High-Density External Floppy Drive. 5367 only $ 159 DKB SUPER POWER USER BUNDLE! 4091 & 3128 BOARDS! DKB 3128 The "must-have" Toaster add-on! Now you can crush the 16 meg fast RAM barrier! With the DKB 3128 you can access up to 128 megs of contiguous memory. Compatible with either the Amiga 3000 or 4000. ITM _$ 549 Now for a limited time, save a bundle on a great bundle for your Amiga! SCSI II AND UP TO 128MB RAM. 5251 DKB A1200 CLOCK Add the convenience of timekeeping and accurate file date stamping to your AMIGA 1200 at the LOWEST PRICE EVER! (Hurry - Limited Supply!) DKB 1202 BOARD Now DOUBLE THE SPEED of your Amiga 1200 just by adding this board and RAM. Comes with 20-MHz math-coprocessor and 14* clock, plus 2 slots for 72-pin RAM. CREATIVE PLUGS YOU INTO THE LATEST HARDWARE! LightWave without the Toaster? The solution is LI LightRave is a custom hardware module that emulates all of the Toaster functions needed by LightWave 3D™. It enables any Amiga to run LightWave without requiring a Video Toaster to be installed. LIGHTRAVE adds a suite of professional features never before available to Wave users. LIGHTRAVE will render images faster than a Toaster equipped Amiga, as no lengthy display time to the Video Toaster™ is required. WAVEMAKER Amazing Animations Simply & Automatically! WAVEMAKER allows people with little or no LightWave 3D experience to create eye-catching flying logo animations. You can also batch render animations, use storyboard feature, many background elements. Supports Toaster4000 and includes instructional video tape. Wj AmuvM) Arrau.iljC.Vi &rnpV& A» itomat icnfly WAVELINK Doubles the speed of Lightwave 3D. Easy to use program andconnnectiondevice allows you tolinktwoToasterSystems together via parnet Software allows you to sequence your networking and speed up your rendering lime. LightRave compatible - have one Toasler and one LightRave system or two LightRave systems. $ 99 5318 SUPER BUNDLE! PIXEL 3-D PRO HJ H MlW BIACK BELT SYSTEMS A brand new image manipulation product. Designed to replace Imagemaster and Image Professional. New features of Imagemaster R 1 include new unified filesaver, new multiframe processor, new Radial Wave, new morph controls, new Guassian Blur, faster display, loads Toaster alphas, new area select tools, tablet support, unlimited zoom and pan, "onionskin" compositions, Toaster framestore support, Online Help. The January issue of Amiga World says "Imagemaster R t is a tool no serious artist should be without!" Support Opalvision, Firecracker, AGA . 5282 LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE Circle 13 on Reader Service card.
• Compatible with all Amiga models
• True 24-bit display - render to OpalVision, DCTV, Retina, IV24, GVP EGS and Amiga AGA
• FASTER than a Toaster equipped Amiga
• Requires: Lightwave 3D or 3.0, Workbench and Kickstart 2.04 or later
• EGS support may require Image FX 17133 RENDERS DIRECTLY TO PAL RESOLUTIONS
* LIGHTWAVE 3.1 COMPATIBLE! III! I til real time font scaling with Ins effective resolution. Automated sequencing. Network quality 24-bit titles & graphics! MONTAGE for the Video Toaster S317eB3 New from Innovision Technology! MONTAGE 24 for AGA, IV24 OpalVision *227 e MONTAGE features 5073 Computers Order Hotline Accessories
U. S. Orders 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7am ¦ 6pm Saturday 8am - 5pm (Pacific Standard Time) The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, Ltd. Bars&Pipes Professional $ 229°° USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 Denmark 0434-0297 France 0590-1099 Italy 1678-74086 Japan 0031-11-1351 Netherlands 06-022-8613 Norway 050-12029 Switzerland 046-05-12029 United Kingdom 0800-89-1178 PatchMeiSter Universal patch librarian,,,, 49* SyncPrO SMPTE Time Code Reader generator.. s 179 Triple Play+ 48 MIDI channels, one interface s 163 Super.) AM! 1.1 Write music without play an instrument s79 UTILITIES 4222 AMIBACK 2.0 .43.95 4928 AMIBACK TOOLS ...42.75 5106 AMIBACK TOOLS PLUS .65.95 5244 CANDO 2.5 114.75 3899 DLG PRO BBS SOFTWARE ...169.95 5245 DIRECTORY OPUS 4.1 ..56 75 4081 ENLAN DFS ETHERNET 5 NODE SYSTEM 174.95 4124 QUARTERBACK 5.0 39.95 5105 QUARTERBACK TOOLS DLX ..67.95 4334 SAS C VERSION 6.0 ... 249.00 5222 TAPEWORM FS ......69.95 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE 4315 ESSENCE FOR IMAGINE .....48.95 5075 HUMANOID FOR IMAGINE 149.95 5076 HUMANOID FOR LIGHTWAVE .....149.95 5271 INTERCHANGE PLUS 3.0 109.95 5485 ALADDIN 4D V3.0 ... 248.95 4556 PLAYMATION ..289.00 5085 REAL 3D V2.0...... 378.00 5224 ODDS & ENDS F0RF0R LIGHTWAVE .35.95 ANIMATION SOFTWARE 0387 DISNEY ANIM STUDIO ...42.75 4996 ASIMVTR ..48.75 5236 FRACTAL PRO 6.02 98.95 CREATIVE COMPUTERS IS THE WORLD’S 1 AUTHORIZED COMMODORE AMIGA RESELLER! PANORAMA ..49.95 SCENERY ANIMATOR 4.0 ..52.75 5109 5123 4893 NEW! 5423 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 .53.75 VERTEX 2.0 ...$ 49.00 PIXEL 3D PRO. ANIMWORKSHOP 6UNDL WTSHIRT (UPGRADE FOR ONLY $ 40 EA PROGRAM TO NEWEST RELEASE) .. $ 99.00 BOOKS & TAPES TUTORIAL LIGHTWAVE 3D V3.0 FOUR VIDEO TAPES INCLUDES ESSENTIALS,LIGHTING & CAMERA TECH. MAPPING & MORPHING.SURFACES & TEXTURES 5438 SET OF FOUR TAPES .. SI 59.00 ESSENTIALS V3.0 TWO VIDEO TAPE S INCLUDES TOASTER ESSENTIALS & TOASTER CG 5439 SET OF TWO TAPES ....589.00 COMPLETE V3.0 SIX VIDEOTAPES INCLUDES BOTH 5440 4931 5088 5121 4932 4849 4848 5174 4847 OF ABOVE SETS .S255.00 A1200 INSIDERS GUIDE ...24.95 AMIGA GAMERS GUIDE VOLUME 1 ...... S19.95 MASTERING AMIGA FOR BEG ......24.95 MASTERING AMIGA AMOS .26.95 MASTERING AMIGA ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE 27.95 MASTERING AMIGA SYSTEM PROGRAMMING ...32.95 MASTERING AMIGA AREXX . 26.95 MASTERING AMIGADOS 2.0. VOL li ...24.95 4718 The One-Stop $ C CQ Music Shop 4689 3890 4157 3891 4759 High quality 24-bit backgrounds by professional photographers. Each volume contains 20 images. LEGENDARY DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES Volume 1: Scenic and Landscape Volume 2: Textures and Patterns Volume 3: Still Life Imagery Volume 4: Abstract Imagery ich Buy all four for $ 89>5 PLUS FREE IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE! Address It! Powerful mailing-list management. Create mailing lists, rosters, envelopes, roatry cards and more with a few simple clicksl Sup-ports laser, dot-matrix & ink-jet. Address-It! $ 2795 Invoice It! Powerful business management. Powerful invoicing software! Automatically create quotes and convert them to actual invoices with one click! Lnvoice*It! $ 3495 J X2
• -SC- CREATIVE HAS ALL THE BEST AMIGA ACCESSORIES! AGA Emulation on your 2000 3000 Now you can have real lime AGA chipset emulation.pin Amiga slot (does not use video slot). The first single card solution giving you the ability to display Workbench or AmigaOS compliant programs (on their own custom screen) in resolutions up to 1280x 1024. Includes XLPamt 24-bit paint program. Retina animation software included. Compatible with VideoToasterand OpalVision, Requires OS2x. 5497 RETINA 1 MB RAM 4987 RETINA WITH 2MB RAM 4988 RETINA WITH 4MB RAM RETINA 2MB RAM & TV PAINT . RETINA 4MB RAM & TV PAINT . $ 445 $ 385 $ 442 VLAB Y C VLAB A1200 A500 Extemaf
* 345
* 495 ¦
* 549 : ¦
* 695 VLAB 2 COMPOSITES NEW: Sparks Lightwave Particle Animation Software ... $ 99 MultiFrame is a front end for Art Department Professional and Morph Plus thatgives you much greater control over multiple-frame processing with no knowledge of Arexx required.
• Perform ADO-style fly-ins of moving images easily using perspective operator. Create panning tilting camera effects on still images or sequences
• Rotoscope: automatic compositing of foreground images over backgrounds using true afpha-channel holecutter ana key effects
• Auta-dispiay of images to supported framebuffers (Retina. OpalVision, DCTV)
• Automatic image conversion during processing mU5 Multi Fra me ADPro $ 6995 £5206 NEW! The only Expansion Device you need for your Video Toaster 4000 that provides High Speed 040Acceleration, up to 128MB of Local 040 Burst Memory and the Fastest SCSI-II Contoller Available! Why? Because all of this expansion is on a single board CPU slot - NOT a Zorro III slot! Very high speed local 040 memory bus with full 040 burst occess NCR 40MHz SCSI-2 Fast Controller connected directly to the 040 Supports lOMB sec SCSI transfers HARDWARE FEATURES: 32-bit SCSI host bus DMA interface supporting burst to from RAM Full DMA allows the CPU to still have 90% power while transfering No Zorro III DMA problems Fully autoconfigurable with option autoboot capability for SCSI 32-bit RAM expansion up to 128MB; uses standard 72-pin SIMMS Allows mixing of RAM module sizes [4, 8, 16, 32MB SIMMS) Uses memory on the A4000 motherboard Works in all A3000, and A4000 series AMIGAs A3000 version supports up to 64MB of 32-bit memory A3000 version will clock 16MHz motherboards at 25MHz Compatible with Video Toaster, Retina Z-lll, and OpalVision WARP ENGINES FOR THE AMIGA 4000 The 28MHz WARP ENGINE comes with an 040 socket, four SIMM sockets and the NCR SCSI-2 controller. This is very cost effective, because the 4000 already has an 040 chip installed and 4 to 16MB of FostRam onboard. You simply remove the CBM CPU card, remove the 040 chip and install this onto the Warp Engine. You can also remove the memory and install it on the Warp Engine. This product produces a 28MHz 040 Accelerator with 4 to 16MB RAM and the fastest SCSI-2 HD Amiga controller. S83995
* 1339
* 1579 33MHz 040 WARP ENGINE includes the 040, plus four SIMM sockets and the NCR SCSI-2 controller. 33MHz 040 WARP ENGINE includes the 040, plus four SIMM sockets and the NCR SCSI-2 controller. Visit our computer SUPERSTORES in California! 4 BIG LOCATIONS SEND ALL MAIL ORDERS FOR AMIGA PRODUCTS TO: Cicalive Computers, Order Dept., 2645 Maricopa Street, Torrance, CA 90503 Los Angeles 1505 Wllshire Blvd. Santa Monica California 90402
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• Does not include insurance T’WA c av 2 ¦a So *** When you purchase products in this catalog that feature this logo, it identifies products that come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Return is subject to policies of our customer service department. Ask your sales representative for more information. The Creative Computers Exclusive MBG Program CC Miff y Ed; > Gimiar'i.. . . Limited-time otter expires 4 JQ'OJ ana only applies to the indicated producrs You must call Cusromet Service 10 obtain o Return Auihorizofion numD.i before sending tne item(s) back Tho item(s) mus! Be in original condition and in original packaging, with blank warranty card No damaged items will be accepted Roluncs issued within 1-t days ol receipt ot the returned llem = ») Rotund is limited to $ 3,OCQ per customer No refunds on height or labor charges CUSTOMER SERVICE fcr loch support call 310-542-2292 trom 11 a m to 7 p m PST. Standard Qvernignt Service by Federal Express Is not available in all areas. Those "Extended Areas" take two days. Check with your local Federal Expiess slalion tar delivery confirmation and delivery times COO s add $ 6-No Personal Company checks. Call for all other shipping information All advertised prices are CASH prices Visa Master Card same as cash D scovor add 1% RETURN POLICY Call Customer Service ai (310) 767-4520 tor return authorization All returns without authorisation number (RMA*) will be relused Poturned products must bo In original condition and pack aging and must be sonl back within 30 days of our invoice dale No rotunds, please Defoclive product exchanges only Wo make no guarantees lor product performance Exchanges with unlike products aro at our option and subject to a 20% to docking loo. CONDITIONS Prices and availability of product are subject to change without notice. MAIL-IN ORDERS Sond money orders or cashiers check tor fastest service. Personal checks ¦ 10 days la clear, Include Name. Address and teleohone number (no P.O Boxes, please). II ordering by credit cord include oxpirailon dole and billing address. Call for exact shipping tales. INTERNATIONAL TOU FREE ORDERING POLICIES: For Canada. FPO, APO - Minimum order $ 50 AH o?her countries, minimum order $ 100 For VISA and Mosier Cord orders you must FAX or moslo signed photocopy of your credit cord ¦ Iront and back Pleasehave your credit cord numberready before colling "‘'PRICE GUARANTEE U S Only Applies to all merchandise advertised by all authorized Amiga dealers except merchandise on saie and out-of-slock We will give you our "delivered" price lower tlian the other authorized Amiga dealer's "delivered" price there is a minimum order amount of $ 20 lor ciders to the U 5.A OUR POLICIES - Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, A W Games Editor Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
1. 3-
2. 0-
3. 0 ? Hard-drive required. Off-dlsk copy-protection. THE TRANSPORT APPEARS to be working perfectly, Captain. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Interplay, about $ 38) is an almost flawless replica both of the original IBM version and of the 1966-69 TV series that inspired it. This long-awaited conversion held up when the original 64-color rendition was bumped up to 256-color AGA is effectively identical to the 1991 game, and the tone of the material is unerringly on target. ST:25 was designed as a sort of miniature fourth season: sev- en discrete episodes each beginning aboard the bridge of the Starship Enterprise; each played out in animated-advcnture style with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and various red-shirt- ed security guys on planet, space station, or derelict vessel; and each ending as the landing party is beamed back aboard. You're at home right from the title theme (minus the voiceover) and the Enterprise’s flyby. The scripts are originals, but, founded in Star Trek conventions, feel just slightly (and happily) familiar, whether you’re getting to the root of computer-created “demons” plaguing colonists; wresting a captive Federation ship from pirates; curing a virus; meeting up again with con man Harry Mudd or a god from Earth’s past; outwitting Klingons; or fighting it out with Ro- mulans, pirates, and even a clone of the Enterprise. (What, no n ibbles?) The dialogue among the four principals is unforced and pitch-perfect and nicely abetted by the digitized sounds of communicators, tricorders, and transporters at work. That’s a tribute to the writing a little miracle of transference if there ever was one. It's also just a good game. The space battles that occasionally erupt are great fun, especially in the glorious full-screen mode. They’re essentially arcade sequences, with steering by- mouse, one button for phasers and the other for photon torpedoes, and speed by the number keys. But the ships are pleas- antlv solid and full-bodied, their movement has a smooth llow, the damage takes a realistic toll, and the player’s perspective lias a consistency. It makes W ing Commander seem like a jumble of pivoting pixels. It’s also possible to finish an episode without touching all the bases (or by touching the wrong bases) and hence get a less-than-perfect score from Starflect at its conclusion a feature that should encourage replays. Most commands are issued a set of small but handsome icons that turn up when the cursor’s held over the relevant portions of a da Vinci-esque head and torso. (The skimpy docs for the initial European Join Captain Kirk and company onboard the Starship Enterprise in Interplay's Trekie tribute. Version the game was coded here, a relative raritv among O > n big-time Amiga games omit mention of the many useful keyboard commands.) For all that, ST:25 does seem rather small. Each of the episodes has a half-dozen or so locations. The designers haven’t made good use of either the supporting characters by- allowing the party to split up this is pretty much Kirk's show or the rest of the ship. (Only the Enterprise’s bridge, which is interactive and transporter room are displayed.) ST:25 is one of an increasing number ofAGA-onlv games, and this one requires a hard disk (where the installer builds an 8.25MB datafile). Even then, you’ll want to call on Scotty for some extra power. The starfield update is slightly ragged even on an ’030-based A1200 with fast RAM, and the wobbly mouse cursor doesn’t always go where you want it especially irritating because the icons make such small targets. But while the technical stuff puts a small dent in the majesty ofST:25, it can hardly affect its effervescent spirit. Star Trek was magic 28 years ago on television, and it is magic now on t he Amiga. Simon the Sorcerer 1,3 *''* V a 2.o ?*
3. 0 ?* Hard-drive installable. Off-dlsk copy-protection. WE RE FORTUNATE THAT the Amiga games market is more like a re lav race than a decathlon. .and that we share a Continued on >. 64. A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. AMW 5-94 800-554-9980 Since 1982 m put Ability Consumer Electronics MODEMS HARD DRIVES ¦ PRINTERS ¦ MONITORS 62? Seagate EPSON ST-251-1 MFM S239 ST-3102A IDE .. 5165 ST-3145A 3243A IDE Si 79 S205 ST-3390N SCSI .....S375 ST-3290A 33S0A IDE S219 5275 ST-3550A 3665A IDE ,.$ 339 5439 FREE DELIVERY; ST-3655N ..... S539 ST-3550N 312Q0N SCSI ...$ 5391 $ 865 ST-11200N 11S50N SB15 S1.539 ST-12400N 12550N ...$ 1,449 S1.739 ST-i2100N ...$ 1,419 ST-42400N 43400N ....S1.5991 S2.099 Supra corporation Action Laser Printer 1000 512K ......S439 Action Laser Printer 1500 1 MB $ 635 Stylus 800 Ink Jet ...$ 249' price reflects reba’e. Good through 531 94 Stylus 300 Ink Jet - NEW ......CALL Dot Matrix Printers ...... CALL Map or IDE 7131A 7245A 7345A ... $ 185 S235 $ 259 IDE 7171A 7273A .....S199 S339 IDE 7546A - Free Delivery ......S599 SCSI 7290S 7345S ...$ 279 $ 349 CCTJAT ? CFA 170A! 340A IDE .$ 195 I $ 279 CFA -70S 340S SCSI ......$ 205 S305 CFS 210A1420A 540A......,., 5205 5319 5429 CFA 1060S SCSI * Free Delivery ..$ 839 32 WESTERN DIGITAL AC-1210 AC-2250 .$ 199 $ 225 AC-2340 AC-2420 .$ 25S$ 309 AC-2540 ...$ 419 MEC Silentwriter M95, 6ppm PS $ 865 M95IX (M95 W FAX) ......$ 1079 Silentwriter 1097 ..St.349 Primem High resolution thermal transfer print rg. Great for presentations & cvetieads .. ..$ 695 fjsgr «• if. ? E * 41 NX-2430 Black ..$ 205 Star SJ 144 NEW ...S469 NX-2450 NX-2480 Rainbow ...S225S249 Quantum Canon 170 IDE SCSI ...5199 $ 209 LPS 270 IDE SCSI .....$ 2391 $ 249 540 IDE SCSI - Free Delivery .....S469 $ 499 PD 1800 SCSI - Free Delivery ....$ 1,089 BJ200E BJ230 Ink Je! .S289 $ 385 BJ10SX BJ 600 Color Ink Jet 3239 S575 PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE Altadin 4D 249.95 Ami Back 2 0 ....44 95 Ami Back Tools ..._42 95 AMOS ...29.95 AMOS 3D 29 95 AMOS PRO ...39 95 AnExpression .....148.95 ASDG Art Department Pro 2.1 ....147.95 AS0G Art Dept Pro Conv. Pack....47.95 AS1M CDR File System ...48,95 BAD 4.0 ....29 95 Can Do 2 0 . .114 95 Cel Pro 53.95 CNET 3.0 ..117 95 Copyist DTP ..197 95 Cross DOS 5.0 Pius ..32.95 CygnusEd Pro 2.0 .....63 95 Deluxe Music 1 ...77 95 Deluxe Print II 56.95 Design Works 71.95 Directory Opus 4.0 .56 95
P. O. Box 17882 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217 Distant Suns Version 41. ...37.95 Dos 2 Dos ...30.95 DynaCad2,.
309. 95 Easy AMOS 29 95 Final Copy II ....
77. 95 Final Wnter ......
99. 95 Fractal Pro...™..., .104.95 GigaMEM .. ..87.95 GP FAX .._ .67.95 HyperCache Pro 1.0. ...31.95 Humanadfor magma
139. 95 Humanoid for Lightwave . .139 95 ImageMaster RT .. .147.95 MaxiPlan 4.O .... .115.95 Midi Reccrdino Studio.
41. 95 MiGraph OCR Jr..... .108.95 Multiframe . ...69.95 One Stop Muse Shop .....
- .....619.95 Page Setter 3 .... .55.95 Page Stream V.2.2 ......
159. 95 Pelican Press ..53,95 1 W1 rWVU M ¦ .. Pegger ...... ...64.95 ' I Phasar ..49 95 ! Playmation...._ ....324.95 No Surcharge on Credit Cards. Most Orders Shipped within 4.K Hours. Software Shipping only $ 6 per order, not per title. Hardware: 5% - Min. S5.
C. O.I) orders welcome, with only a $ 6.00 Charge. We Ship Latest Version Pci s.ona I & company checks, allow 14 working days lo clear. Prices fluctuate beyond oiii control & may change for better or worse. Not responsible for typographical errors Defective returns must have a Return Authorization number. Call our l-HOO to obtain a Return Authorization or your return will not be accepted. Shipping & handling arc nun-refundable. All sales are final. All returns ate subject to a restocking fee. FREE DELIVERY applies only to the contiguous 48 slates. Pro Write 3.3 .... .5295 Professional Calc 2.0 .... .11895 Professional Draw 3.0 109.95 Professional Page 4.0
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P. O. Box 6512 • Champaign, IL 61826-6512 Tech Support Returns Order Fax 1 -217-356-4312 24-Hours 1-217-355-2785 M-F 9am-6pm SHIPPING UPS GROUND 0-5 lbs . S5 00 5-20 lbs . ....add Sl.OO'lb over 5 lbs Over 20 lbs .. ___add 50c ib over 20 lbs Monitors ...... ..$ 15.00 Comouters .... ..£18 OO UPS Blue 2-day or UPS Red Next-Day shipping also available. Call lor our low shipping rates1 (i A M E V R E S E R r E From p. 60. Common tongue with our teammates. When a US game developer drops out oF the Amiga market and they dropped like (lies in 1993 an English one always seems willing to pick up the torch and cany on. For example, shortly after LucasArts let it be known that Fate of Atlantis would be its last Amiga conversion, plans were announced for Simon the Sorcerer (Adventure Soft, about $ 40). I he publisher’s name probably doesn't ring a bell, but the developer's should; Horrorsoft created the two well-received Elvira games for Accolade. Simon’s nothing like that. Outwardly, it is as dose to a latter-day LucasArts graphic adventure as one could wish the obvious differences being that the graphics are much better (especially in the AGA version) and that the screen-bottom commands have been recast somewhat and now appear in script. This will seem especially familiar perhaps too familiar to fans of the two Monkey Island games. Just as would-be pirate Guybrush Threepwood must treat with three pirates in the back room of the SCUMM bar at the start of Secret of Monkey Island, so would-be wizard Simon has to satisfy the demands of lour wizards in the hack room of the local tavern at the outset ofStS. Just as the one must get the best of an undead (but silly) pirate, so the other has to settle the hash of a bad (but silly) wizard named Sordid. For a while, visiting with StS is an altogether pleasant experience, and seems to have been painted with the same Guy- brush as the Mis. The huge animated intro Simon trying to perform a magic trick while the credits roll is adorable. Simon’s not averse to looking straight out of the screen and
o O speaking to ns directly. 1 le favors languid, slow-burn conversations that don’t make you laugh outright but feed a smile. He doesn't like being left unattended, and. In the fashion of toe-tapping platform characters, will eventually pull a personal stereo from his hat which holds the whole of his graphic inventory plug in, and tune out. Along the way, you’ll savor some of the most opulent graphics ever to turn up in an Amiga adventure not to mention the delightful minor animations of animals frolicking through the backdrops and click on needle-sized objects in this ninc-clisk haystack until you’re finally at Sordid’s front door, and become needle-sized yourself. Then again, certain elements can’t be duplicated so easily, and while Simon’s in many ways an exemplary adventure, it lacks the essential “feel'' of the LucasArts games. The player doesn’t feel a sense of being part of an unfolding stoiy so SHORT TAKES Giger's Alien will give you nightmares. Alas, so, probably, will your experience with Space Hulk. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. 1-3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ?* Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Space Hulk Cons; It ends EA's hitting streak. This long-awaited board game conversion (Electronic Arts, $ 59.95) a tough 3-D bug hunt a la Aliens is missing most of the voices and all of the animated intro of the IBM version. It isn't hard disk installable, even though the three disks are Amiga- DOS, and by the time I started my second training mission on a one-floppy machine t must have swapped them a dozen times. The walls in the derelict spacecraft your marines are "cleansing" of genestealers look like psychologists' ink-blot tests, with each side of a panel the mirror image of the other. Space Hulk scrolls from square to square, but the speed drags even on an A3000 25. Pros; The music and sound effects make a significant contribution to the atmosphere, which, despite all the cons, can be as thick as sap in the more substantial missions. The move planning screen, which enables you to set all the troopers in motion simultaneously, is nicely handled. And the genestealers shambling horrors which borrow liberally from Fury of the Furries t'm starting to love this massive arcade puzzle game from France (Kalis- to, distributed by Mindscape UK, about S35). Furries are four itty-bitty colored fuzzballs, each with a different skill unleashing fireballs, stamping through certain blocks, using a rope, swimming underwater. The tiny voices, lanky level construction, and time limits recall Lemmings; and the puzzles remind you of Rick Dangerous. The joystick control is hair-trigger (in a good way), the difficulty deceptive, the Furry faces a hoot, and the end-of-level screen rotations give the lie to assertions that the Amiga can't handle that little trick. (Take that, Mode 7.) And it sensibly avoids PAL NTSC problems that plague so many Amiga games by letting you select a mode at boot. A few passwords would have eased my path a bit, but I'm not about to start complaining considering how much fun I've had in a tiny fraction of the total play area. Tom Landry Strategy Football Deluxe Edition Some ways back I wrote that the original Tom Landry was the best football game for the Amiga. This updated version only reinforces that impression. No flags on the play here. The first game was already pretty impressive. It lacked only a few peripherals, which are included here: an editor, real league play, better graphics the color scheme is much more realistic and less gamey and a host of small improvements (like the ability to finetune a blitz), which you may not be able to identify at a glance but whose presence you'll come to appreciate. It's not a whole new game, but a somewhat more complete one. The only thing missing is the pro teams. (Those NFL licenses do not come cheap.) But with the editor, that's almost a moot point; some devout soul is bound put together a 1993 NFL data set. To Merit and author Kerry Batts: a profound thank you. Yo! Joe! Elvis wasn't kidnapped by aliens. He isn't living on peanut butter and fried banana sandwiches in a trailer park in Idaho with a 400-pound woman. And his profile isn't burned into a burrito sold to his demon tovechild in Tijuana. I know, because I found him. He's the main character in Yo! Joe! (Blue Byte Play Byte, distributed by Kompart UK, about $ 35). It's him, alt right: Big plume of greasy black hair, sunglasses, white jumpsuit. If he could talk, he'd probably just say, "Thayaverimush!" 'Course, he doesn't talk. We just get this Shadow-of-the-Beast-goes-dis- Continned on p. 67. ; A M E 13 KB 2.0 ?
3. 0- Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. For credit card orders call: 1-603-924-0156 Or, write your issue selections here and mail to address below. Please use product codes. Please send me the following issues: Send me back issues x $ 3.95 $ . $ . $ . $ _ $ . $ . $ CA residents add appropriate tax Canadian residents add 7% GST Postage & handling:
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* Ultimately, Simon the Sorcerer is a celebrity look-alike. It does a great I.ucasArts bit, but when you look for something distinctly its own, you don’t come away with much of an impression except its similarity to something famous. Stylish props abound, but this Sorcerer has no magic. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Brutal Sports Football Mortal Kombat P K E S E K V E October1992. Sneak Preview: The New Amiga 600 Revealed. Video Special! Image Composition. Cellular Automation. Reviews of AMAXII Plus and ImpactVision 24. (AW9210) November 1992. The All New Amiga 4000. Live Action Animation. DTP Design Made Easy. Programmer’s Rights. Creative Image Compositing Techniques. Publish with Panache. (AW9211) December 1992. British Game Invasion. 3-D Animation. AREXX Answers. Audio for Video. OpalVision Unveiled. 20 Shell Tips (AW9212) January 1993. The New A1200. Productivity Pump Up! Increase Your Word Power. Review of Will Vinton's Playmation. (AW9301) February 1993. 24-bit Amiga Color Graphics. Head-to-Head Hard Drive Backups. The Animator’s Edge. Workbench 2.0 Fonts. (AW9302) March 1993. AGA Special: Where Do You Fit in the New Amiga Line? Amiga Music Making. On-Line Savings. (AW9303) April 1993. Multimedia In Action! Amiga Fonts Guide. Animation Special Effects. Workbench 3.0. The Power of Positive Presentation. (AW9304) r i May
1993. Image Processing. Quality Fonts Galore! Easy Audio for Video. Workbench 2.0 Tips. Fun DTP Projects. (AW9305) June 1993. Special Review Issue. The AW Fonts Buyer's Guide Part 2: Video Fonts. Amiga Display Modes, Scanner Reviews. (AW9306) July 1993. 3-D Graphics On Your Amiga! 8 PC Emulators. Video Troubleshooting. Virus Killers For Hire. Reviews on VistaPro 3.0 and Pro-Board 3.0. (AW9307) August 1993. Full Coverage of Video Toaster 4000. Programming Special! Easy Morphing Tips. Test Your Video Signals. Macintosh Emulation. (AW9308) September 1993. A1200 Power Expansion! Buyer’s Guide to 19 A1200 Upgrades. Printer Special! Amiga Music Tips. 12 Top PD Picks in Video Software. (AW9309) (i A M i: P R E S E R V E ings and it’s the most riotously good time I’ve enjoyed in an action-oriented sports game since Speedball 2. If I had done a Top Ten last year, this would have been in it. In fact, the Speedball series isn’t a bad basis for judging BSE. Turn that vertical playfield on its side, tilt the perspective from top view to angled-down, and replace the guys dressed for Rollerball with shirtless Vikings (and inhuman opponents), and you’ve got Brutality. While you’re at it, turn up the violence factor by 10. Tackles here are more like heavyweight bouts. And when they refer to “heads,” they’re not talking about the coin-toss. In-game decapitations are standard, bringing new meaning to the phrase “he had his head handed to him." You don't want to know how thev handle tiebreakers. Add to this a field littered with powerups and special equipment (not to mention disconnected torsos and heads) and turf that looks like a bombed cemetery, and you’d think it would be difficult to keep track of what’s going on. It isn’t. In part, that’s because play between goals is in one continuous flow, with the view always following the ball. The graphics are also very detailed and crisp, and while the airborne ball sometimes disappears from view, a shadow is there for reference. .And ves, sports-game junkies, it has league play and stats, too: punches, tackles, and stomps. Global Domination
3. 0 ? Hard-drive Installable. No copy-protection. Rules of Engagement 2
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. When Two Worlds War
1. 2 1.3 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. THE AMIGA DOESN’T gel that many strategy games, fewer good strategy games, and barely any good strategy games at all from US publishers. So when a US publisher brings out two top-notch Amiga strategy games and one good one in close formation, it is an event of no small import. Sit up and take notice, folks. Impressions has arrived. Actually, this New England-based publisher lias been arriving for some time now. Those who played last year’s Air Force Commander, Caesar, and Air Bucks 1.2 know the label has more going for it than its Micro Miniatures line (whose tenacity is out of proportion to the awkwardness of its controls). But the progress has been effectively camoullaged by some backward-looking intermediate releases, and, to the uninitiated, Impressions might have appeared to be just loitering on the porch. So consider this current trio a figurative bang of the screen door: “Honey, Tin home. I’ve got Global Domination, Rules of Engagement 2, and When Two Worlds War with me, and were going into the computer room with a six-pack of Diet Coke and pepperoni pizza, and we’re not coming out until 7 AM, and then only to call in sick.” 'That is the sort of games these are. Global Domination ($ 59.95) is Risk as von always wished you could play it twisting the pieces’ little plastic necks to Global Domination: one of three new war-time strategy games from Impressions Software. Turn them into specific types of units (and lots of’em) and pulling their earlobes until they let you control the battles. The enemies are smart despite their goofy retorts. Compared to die semi-random numskulls in the Amiga version of Risk, thev’re virtual Einsteins, with their hands always on vour z • * board, taking advantage of weaknesses and mistakes. An AGA version is included on the same disks as the standard Amiga version and comes off a bit crisper graphically, blit not so much crisper that OC5 ECS Amigans will feel they’ve gotten short shrift. And while I’ve heard Impressions shipped 400 copies (including mine) without the manual, don’t think that’ll slow you down much. I had a spare set of IBM docs, but looked at them only to sort out fine points. If you played the original Rules of Engagement, von will be comfortable with its sequel. Rules of Engagement 2’s (S69.95) interface and controls are similar that computer- console look and there’s still a mission builder. ROE2 still hooks into Breach 2 and the impending (and gorgeous) Breach 3 so you can light out shipboard and ground battles in detail. But don’t become complacent. ROE2 has depths you won’t sound any time soon. Here’s a game you can wear like a quilted coat; there’s a sense throughout of being happily surrounded. The enemies can be startlingly smart or just surprisingly lively, and you can create them right down to their artificial intelligence to the best of mv knowledge a computer-gaming first. A “tree” structure is now used for campaigns, in the style of Wing Commander, so different results lead to different missions. And while ROE sometimes struck me as all interface, ROE2 has a more intimate, densely packed feeling of Something Out There That Doesn’t Like Me. The screens are still a bit busy, but also functional (with great little pop-up menus), and I found it easier to understand what was going on. This would be one of the most sophisticated space strategy games for the Amiga even if it didn't have the mission builder which is to-die-for and it’s one 1 11 play with pleasure even when I don’t have to write about it. Finally, When Two Worlds War ($ 59.95) is Empire as you only imagined it. The key word here is control. You build different production facilities, program the vehicles, research improvements, and at length send them oil to beat down another planet (whose proprietor is trying to do the same to you). This is pretty cool stuff a more hands-on version of Dune II in some ways and once you reach the moment of SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305) 491-9519 Type 21 95 21 95 te.95 26 95 19 95 IB 95 11 95 24 95 IS. 95
29. 95
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26. 95 18 95
19. 95 2195 18 95
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21. 95 19 95 24 95 24 95 24 95
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16. 95 16 95
18. 95 14 95 18 95 18 95 24 95 16 95 18 95 18 95 16 95 18 95
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18. 95 16 95 18 95 13 95 19 95 19 95 18 95 1695 18 95
19. 95 16 95 24 95 16 95 16 95 2195 16 95 24 95 1895 18 95 2195 12 95 18 95 21 95 24 95 28 95 24 95
21. 95 19 95 19 95 21 95 21 95 12 95 18 95 16 95 18 95 18 95
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21. 95 14 95
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16. 95 13 95 19 95 21 95 16 95 19 95
18. 95
19. 95
24. 95
24. 95 While They Last! $ 7 each, or 3 for $ 20! Limited Time & Quantity, all sales FINAL! Thunder Jaws Caridiax ‘ Night Shift Night Hunter Hudson Hawk ' Ranx Borobodur * Armada 3orodmo Death Bringer Megaphoemx ' Narc James Bond Stealth Affair Hagar the Horrible Faces fTris 3) Alpha Waves Deadline Catcb-Em' Bushbuck Treasure Hunter Super Monaco GP Super Ski 2 Heart of the Dragon Zara Thruster Dark Castle Zoetrope
20. 000 Leagues Under Sea Bravo Romeo Delta Under Pressure Wild Wheels Continental Circus ¦ * requires AGNUS chip MULTIPACKS THE ADVENTURERS Inclufff5 Hunter. Supremacy, MO Corporation ALL FOR S39.95 LORDS OF POWER Includes The Peiiect General. Red Baron Silent Service 2, and Railroad Tycoon ALL FOR $ 49.95 POWER PACK Includes TV Sports Foottaif. )«nar ?. Bioodwycn, amd Lu nbaid Road Rally ALL FOR $ 29.95 FUTURE CLASSICS Induces Tank Barrie, Die; R>ot Ldsi Wye. Drsc Man and Brocket Lancn ALL FOR $ 14.95 COMBAT CLASSICS Includes 083 Attack Sub, FIB Sink* Eagit2 Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 44 95 NINJA COLLECTION includes Double Dragon, Dragun Ninja. Shadow Warrior ALL FOR $ 14.95 EXCELLENT GAMES Shuffle, Populous 2. James Pond 2. Archer McClem s Pool ALL FOR $ 49.95 PHANTASY PACK indudes Pnaniasy 1. Pfunnsy 3, OutSTton 2 ALL FOR $ 21.95 lockey ®1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. All Titles Only $ 38! Allred ih* Chicken. Castles 2. D-Generation. Deep Core, Dangerous Sheets, Elite 2. James Pond 2. Labyrinth ol Time. LiDtraticn. Nigel Mansell. Nick Faldo’s Golf. Pirate’s Gold. Pinball Fantasy, Lotus Trilogy Morph. Mean Arenas. Trolls. Sensible Soccer. Brutal Spans Football. T.F.X., Seek and Destroy. Chaos Engine and Firelorce. Microcosm • CALL EUROMAGS Amiga Format, C.LI Am«ga. Amiga Games, Amiga Action. Amiga Computing. Amiga User International. Amiga Power ALL WITH DISKS-SW each Amiga Shopper-no disk $ 7 Fax (305) 491-B134 ; A M E * K E S E R V E epiphany with the manual, it’s like ice skating. At the same time, none of the games is quite perfect. WTYVW and Global Domination both lost modem play somewhere along the road from IBM to Amiga not an unusual sacrifice in the conversion process, but a potentially more damaging one than Impressions may have known, Rules 2 similarly has had a few curls taken out of its hair en route, and the graphics could be livelier. (This one could really benefit from AGA treatment, which it's apparently slated to receive only in its European incarnation.) By contrast, the standard version of WlAVVV looks good ' o enough to be AGA, but its welter of menus and options is more than a bit obtuse after all. One of Empire’s and Dune Ifs great assets was accessibility and I sometimes wished there was more game than gadget onscreen. Hie learning curve could strike you out unless you’re tight with that manual. None of lhis will stop you from playing, though. Once you start, 1 suspect you won't have much choice...or much sleep. These games are the definition of addictive. Hook that screen door, turn up the music, and turn off the lights and the alarm dock. If you’ve got the time, they’ve got the war. Micro Machines really takes me back. When I was a kid and not even so little a kid as you might think my brothers and I would gather every lit- tie wheeled vehicle in the house and run rallies over Hot Wheels tracks laid down the garden path. It didn't matter that the scenery consisted of dirt clods, lengths of disenfranchised ice plant, and residue from my father's most recent backyard project, that the spectators were snails (living, smushed, and feasting on the smushed), or that the prize consisted of being carried around in my pocket for the rest of the day. In our little world, this race mattered. This overhead-view racing game [Codemasters, about $ 35), brought over to the Amiga from the consoles, led me down that garden path all over again. You race three opponents in a range of homey settings bathtub, sandbox, desktop (real, as opposed to virtual), breakfast table, bedroom floor and so on. The courses have been lovingly customized: A slide rule is a bridge, syrup is a slick, a drain is a whirlpool. Every race is different, and each is a small joy. It's a bit on the childish side, but then, so were our races. This is great fun for all ages. ¦ From p. 64. Co score. He doesn't swing his hips. He just walks sideways through pleasantly knotty landscapes inhabited by squat HudsonSoft sprites and done up in a style that halfway mingles the panache of Gods with a dated, cheesy haunted-house platformer. (Elvis does have a neat ability to grab ledges, which will bring many can't-get-there-from-here prizes within reach.) And of course the manual = which is a scream, albeit an unintentional one) doesn't admit that he's Elvis. Says he's a graffiti artist named Joe Ma- roni, and makes him sound like sort of a Super Mario Ninja Turtle. Which is precisely the problem. For what it is, Yo! Joe! Is a perfectly good arcade-adventure, and HudsonSoft followers probably won't think twice about climbing aboard. But aside from quasi-Elvis, there's nothing especially different or compelling to yo-del about. MORE SHORT TAKES Micro Machines Defender Of The Crown Deluxe Productions Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Doio Dan Doodle Bug Elvira 2 Eye ol the Beholder 1 (SSI) Eye of the Beholder 2 (SSI) F-1 Racing (Vrocm 2) F-15 Strike Eagle 2 F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte) F- IB Stealth Fighter (Microprose) Face Off Ice Hockey Fauy Tale Adventure Feudal Lords Fighter Bomber fueream 22CC First Samurai Flight Of The Intruder Fool's Errand Full Metal Planet Gauntlet 3 GEMX Global Ellect Grand Pm Circuit, Great Napoleonic Bathes Hardball 1 Hardball 2 Harlequin Harpoon Heart of China (Dynamix) Hero Quest i Gremlin) Hillslar (SSI) Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indianapolis 500 (.Electronic Arts) International Ice Hot lshar2(orAGA) It Came From The Desert 2 Jack N cklaus Greatest IS Jaguar XJ 220 James Pond John Madden Football Keel The Thiel Knights of the Sky (Microprose) Kntghtmare Laser Squad Leander (Psygnosis) Legend (4 crystals of Trazzar) Legend of Valor Lemmings 2 Links Goll Lionheart Loom (Lucasfilm) Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Lotus Turbo Challenge 3 M l Tank Platoon (Microprose) Manhattan Drug Dealers Mamac Mans on McDonald Land Megatraveter 2 Mercenary 3 Microprose Golf (Greens) Mig 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monty Python Moonstone Napolean I (Intercine) New Zealand Story Ntgell Mansell Grand Pnx Nin i Remit North and South Obitus (Psygnosis) Overrun (Soli Pacific Islands (Team Yankee 2) Pacland Palladia 2 Panza Kick Boxing Paperboy 2 Parasol Stars (Rambo* Island 2) Picuonary Pirates! New Additions are in Red 4-D Sports Boxing 4-D Sports Qnvtng 688 Altick Sub A-Tratn Action Stations Ad dams family AftikM KprpS Alien Breed Special Edition Aliens 3 Ancient Art of War in The Shies Another World Aquaventura (Psygnosis) Ashes ol the Empire Assassin Special Edition BATH Battle Chess Battle Chess 2 Battle Hawks 19-12 Battle isle Battleship Battletech Beavers Birds of Prey (Electronic Arts) 3!ack Crypt Blackiack Academy Blob (Core Design) Blues Brothers Bubble Bobble Budakhan California Games 2 Chaos Engine Chaos Strikes Back Checkers. Chess. Backgimmon Chuck Rock 2 Cohort Fiphtmg tor Rome Combat Air Patrol (Psygnosis) Conan the Cimarron Conflict m Korea (SSI) Conflict m the Mideast £SSI' Cool Croc Twins (with T-shirt) Covert Action (Microprcsel Cracy Cars 3 Cruise lot a Corpse Curse ol the Azure Bonds (SSI) Pit Fighter
18. 95 Pohce Quest III (Sierra) 19 95 Pool of Darkness IS 95 Populous Promised Lands 21 95 Power Monger A WW1
21. 95 Premiere 26 95 Prince of Persia 16 95 Project X 2195 Pushover 21 95 Putty 24 95 Quack (Team 17)
24. 95 R-Tvpe 2
18. 95
R. S.i. Baseball 2 18 95 Railroad Tycoon
24. 95 Rainbow Island 18 95 Ramparts 18 95 Red Zone (PsygnosisI Revenge ol Defender Rise of the Dragon (Sierra) 18 95
9. 95 19 95 Risky Woods 21 95 Robocod Regular and AGA
18. 95 Robocop 3-u 26 95 Robospon (MAXIS) 24 95 Rodland
18. 95 Secret of Monkey Island
21. 95 Seek and Destroy
24. 95 Shadow Lands
18. 95 Shadow Worlds
18. 95 Silent Service
12. 95 Silenf Service 2
24. 95 Sim Am 26 95 Stm City 21 95 Sim Earth 26 95 Sim Lite S m trie AGA 24 95 Space 1889 Space Crusade & Add-On Space Quest IV (Sierra) Special Forces (Microprose) 14 95
21. 95
19. 95 24 95 SpeedbaJ2 IB 95 Spoils of War (Intercine) Stardust 18 95 2195 Street Fighter 2 24 95 Slnke Fleet 19 95 Super Ski 2 16 95 Super Space Invaders Super Sqweek 18 95 14 95 S WI V (Silkworm 4)
16. 95 7 V Sports Baseball
T. V. Sports Basketball
T. V. Sports Boxing
21. 95
21. 95
21. 95
T. V. Sports Football
18. 95 Team Yankee
21. 95 Terminator 2
18. 95 The Immortal
19. 95 The Jetsons 1695 The Simpsons 16 95 The Three Stooges 1695 Tpki 16 95 Tom Landry Pro Football 2 24 95 Totvak the Warrior ’6 95 Traders (Mule Clone) 18 95 Traccon 2 26 95 Trivia! Pursuit Genius Ed. 16 95 Trcddters
18. 95 Trolls or Trolls AGA
16. 95 Turrican 2 18 95 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game 18 95 j dhcon 01 Steel (SSI)
18. 95
21. 95 Utopia w Data Disk 21 95 Walker (Psygnosis)
24. 95 Warhead 16 95 War Zone
16. 95 Waterloo
16. 95 White Death (Iniercme)
18. 95 WiiKid
18. 95 Wn and Liz (Psygnosis)
21. 95 World Boxing Manager Worlds at War (Intercme)
18. 95
18. 95 Worlds otLegends (Legend2)
24. 95
W. W.F 2 Euro Rampage 24 95 Xenon 2 iMtgablast)
14. 95 NEW TITLES 1 Alien Breed 2 or Alien Breed 2 AGA 35 Amber Moon 40 Apocalypse 35 Batman Returns 25 Beneath a Steel Sky 40 Blade of Destiny 40 Body Blows 2 or Body B.'cws 2 AGA 35 Brutal Sports Football 35 Campaign 2 40 Cannon Fodder 35 Chaos Engine AGA 35 Civilization (AGA) 42 Cool Spot 32 Dork Mere 35 Dogfight 35 Etite II 35 F-117A Stealth Fighter 42 Genesia 35 Global Domination 35 K240 35 King Maker 35 Kings Quest 61 Sierra) 42 Legacy ol Sorasil 35 L eg end 01 Valor 42 Liberation or AGA 35 Maelstrom 40 Micro Machines 35 Mortal Kombal 35 Mr. Nutz 35 Pules cl Engagement 2 38 Second Samurai or AGA 35 Simon the Sorcerer 4 AGA 42 Skid Marks 35 Star Trek 25th Anniversary AGA 35 Syndicate Terminator 2 (Com Op.) 38 35 The Blue and the Gray 40 The Settlers 38 Tornado Flight Simulator 42 Turrican 3 35 Twilight 2000
U. F.O. (Microprose) 40 42 Ultimate Pinball Quest 38 When Two Worlds War 38 Wing Commander 27 Winter Olympics (Ldefommtr 94) Zak McCraaen Zcol loo!AGA (A-1200) Zoo! 2 To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 94. SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up to 3 pieces. By payment Mastercard A V*a S5 00-COD (Cash Onty) 510 00 Next day air add S10, 2nd day air add $ 5,3 day air add 13 to basic rate Shipping times not guaranteed. COMPATIBILITY HOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES? Call 305-491 C39& Nothing is etched in stone Everything n subject to change Pnce A Availability subject to change at any time1 No reltinds or exchanges Defective products exchanged with same item but subject 10 Sideline approval CALL FIRST’ U S product! Wirrintied through manuladurer U K products warrantied through Sideline NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE ORDER LINE • USA S Canada Your Number One Source for the world's First 32 BIT Graphic Multi Media and Entertain ment Console! Includes 2 FREE GAMES Mow srvallaDifc Amefor jttovJbs ¦ sal] Iter prttfm
• 2 MB RAM
• 14 mhz 68EC020 Processor
• Dual Speed CD ROM Drive
• 11 Button Handheld Contoller with Connections for Optional Mouse. Joystick & Keyboard
• Video Out to TV or Monitor CD32 THUS & ACCESSORIES THIS EXCLUSIVE A1200 PACKAGE IS ANOTHER GREAT AMIGAMAN VALUE... „ PINS ALL DREAMS Best ErtcWW iMtotr QUICK WtffTE WorflPrr rw TROLLS ExcitfrXJ ACA Ctj,, j j Package Includes an Amiga 12 computer w powersupply, mouse and TV adapter plus thi great software titles: Pinball Dreams arcade pinball simulation, Trolls AGA, and Quii Write word processor. FOR CURRENT PRICE! MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE RAM And REAL TIME CLOCK FOR THE NEW AMIGA 1200 YVHG CCVWiC€Z WINTER S-.PES S=CP~5 FPU, 32-Bit Memory.vv Clock. Calendar & Bat. For the 1200 14MHz 68881 25MHz 68882 50MHz 68882 Revolutionary 30 model og. Render- in 0 S sn rrtfton pipage Zccm [ rotation controls, unlimited iignts paths, wave sources, gases CHOOSE FROM 3 GREAT STYLES' Aladdin 4D AMIGA POLO SHIRT WWTI SpC*TS SMIRT PCS Casual We** Bouv&ng
* N3 S-*a* LOGO SS£5: V. XL *4A A*t*£AH M*D£ At HEAVY WIGHT NT LON TD Best Qumjty Unco Whit S 0 7S JXCAfT Aj.0* li* TO 3 *EE*S. Szcs s.wxjtL III till $ 7 JITU
• *r»c r- = y*v£ S5 n~i Rta T-Sh *is MrV.Y HEIGHT Design cn 4 fs-xt 9 «»c* toco OS 5*C« s :is v.Mi 2 GREAT MUGS TO CHOOSE-ROM'
• I LOVE-My Aviga
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• View images in 256 colors (8 Pit AGA)
• 8,000 sample stars from the HuPPle Guide Star Catalog (16 million stars) More Hubble data available seperately.
• Intuitive tool pailette
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• Internal TBC s * Personal TBC III & IV- Kitchen Sync * Personal V-Scoae ¦ Amur* Editor IDEAL FOR SCSI DEVICES
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• operating mode seictor
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• 1 & 2 player selector
• 6-foot cables w 9 pin connectors
• stabilizing suctfoncups
* ?or oroers under iftss. IntneccrLnfrrGiUS Alt orders futiy insured Men tars computers punters and ctner heavy terns may mcur a:a t onai charges. Fr snipping euste SWITCHSTICK ON GRAPHICS 63 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks lor creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen NEARLY EVERYONE WHO has experimented with animation software lias discovered how easy ii is to spin, move, and zoom a brush using automated motion features. DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts) has its Move requester, Brilliance (Digital Creations) its Tweening, and so on. With these features you can enter values for brush movement and rotation on the x, y, and z axes of computer image space. I he software then creates the frames of that motion for you. Not so obvious are techniques for creating complex brush movements by compounding multiple motion paths. This column will help you set up some revealing experiments that can add new dimensions to your work. A brain teaser I sometimes pose to animation students is to paint a small moon and cause it to trace a convincing orbital path around a planet as viewed from near the equatorial plane. If you are in a puzzle-solving mood, give that a try before reading much further. In the last section of the column, I'll outline one solution to this using Dpainfs Move requester. Throughout this column, I will refer to Dpainfs tools, but the techniques apply to any program with similar features. If you are completely unfamiliar with the Move requester and animbrushes, study the tutorials in your manual to learn the basics. Join The Movement From An I'm Frames Set create a 40- frame blank animation, stamp a round brush on the screen, and Undo. The values I suggest assume a 640x400 screen, but work in any resolution you like. Just to orient yourself, use the Move requester (Shift-M from the keyboard) to animate tfie brush across the screen from left to right by entering 200 in the “X Dist” window. Be sure Count equals the number of frames in your animation. Press Draw and Dpaim creates a 40-frame animation of the brush moving in a straight line in the positive X direction. Clear all frames of tlie animation, stamp the brush down again, Undo, and then return to Move and press its Clear button. Now try the same idea in the V direction. Notice which direction the brush moves for positive and negative Y values. Clear ever)'thing and try Z movement. The next experiment involves compound motion. Use a quarter-inch brush and 20 frames. Enter a “Y Dist” of 20 and press Draw. Use Anim Anim- brush Pick Up to grab that 20-frame vertical movement as an animbrush. Clear all frames and press Shift-7 to reset the animbrush to the first cel. Stamp it on the screen and Undo. Return to Move and clear all Distance values. Enter 200 for “X Dist” and set Count to 200. In the Move requester’s Direction panel, press the center Pause button under Record. This allows you to render the movement to a single frame, which makes the path of the brush easy to see. When you press Draw, you should see 10 diagonal lines similar to those at the very top left of the accompanying illustration. (A Count of 200 with a 20-cel animbrush equals 10 lines.) Next, select the ping- pong button in Animbrush Settings. Locate the animbrush on the page again (Shift-7, stamp, Undo) and then Move. Use the same settings and Draw. You should see an up-and-down zigzag as in the upper left of the illustration. To add another layer to the exploration, repeat the procedure in the previous paragraph with the following variation. When you first enter the “Y Dist,” enter a value of 10 in both Ease Out and Ease In. This causes the brush to accelerate away from its starting j O position and decelerate into its end position. When that animation is used as an animbrush in the Move requester, the result should be similar to the center-left pair in the illustration. This could be used to draw screw threads by varying the “X Dist” and Count. Ping-pong the animbrush and it describes a sine wave as it moves in the X direction. The Ease settings have a powerful effect on brush paths and can he used to simulate the motion of bodies affected by gravity and acceleration. The bottom pair of motion paths in the illustration shows the result of using only Ease Out values. This can Achieve complex motion in your animations by experimenting with these animbrush techniques. N j be used in animating bouncing or ballistic movements. The next experiment is the “entwining” trick shown at the top right of the illustration. You might use it to paint interesting borders or designs. Place two or three dots side by side and pick them up as a brush as shown. Stamp and Undo to locate the brush cm the page, in Move, enter-100 in “Y Dist” and 1200 for the Z .Angle. Press Draw to render the rope-like form to a single screen. The dots make several full revolutions around each other as they move down the screen. Experiment with other values and brush configurations. See what happens if you create an animbrush with this technique and use it on a new path in Move. Combinations of these techniques can produce spirals, cycloids, and other complex paths and shapes. ’Round and ’Round We Go I lie planetary orbit is a fun challenge and can produce impressive animations. The realistic motion relies on compound sequences of Ease In and Out values. Set up a 40-frame animation and use a half-inch round brush for your experiments. For a smoother animation, you can use more frames once you are sure of the technique. To simplify things, I will present the steps as succinctly as possible. In Move, keep the Count always at 10 for this 40- lrame animation. The orbit is rendered in four phases, one quadrant at a time (e.g., for a 200-frame animation, use a 50-frame Count). You will use either Ease Out or Ease In for each step, but not both. All X, Y, and Z values given are Distance settings. The first step shrinks the brush into Z space and hack in four phases:
1) Z = 4-250 ease out 10
2) Z = +250 case in 10
3) Z = -250 ease out 10
4) Z = -250 ease in 10 Pick up ibis motion as an animbrush Jsi 101 tcludin inin and use it in Move for the next path after clearing everything. The second step creates a vertical path:
1) Y = -30 ease out
2) Y = -30 ease in
3) A' = +30 ease out
4) A' = +30 ease in Pick u]) this motion as an animbrush and use it in Move for the next path after clearing everything. The third step uses a horizontal path to trace the final orbit:
1) X = +200 ease in
2) X = -200 ease out
3) X = -200 ease in
4) X +200 ease out As a variation, combine steps one and two and compare the final result. Tit your own solutions. You can render the orbital path around a central planet by using Stencil to protect the planet as the distant brush passes behind it in two quadrants. The orbit animation is especially effective if you begin with an animbrush of a spinning planet. In that case, use a total number of frames in your orbit that is a multiple of the number of frames in the spinning-planet animbrush. For more on creating a spinning planet, see my article, “Around the World in 80 Frames,” Oct. 3)1, p. 39, or the tutorial in the 1)Paint IV manual. Alternatively, try using the tumbling asteroid and starfield from Accent 39 (May 3)2, p. 48). Finally, tty adding a brush rotation on the y-axis as you create step one of the orbit. Use a value of 90 for the Y Angle for all four phases of step 1. This is especially effective as a titling trick. The brush always faces away from the center of the orbit. As the reverse side of the brush rotates into view, you can darken it to enhance the spatial illusion. ¦ ¦ i I fci-
• i i i, i 1- l’-fl;
V. : . Vit&M ' : US*: .'.ris ! . .u TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-5CST Customer Service 414-548-8125 -fax 414-548-8no EDUCATION EniTiE RtTAIN M E’NiTi &
35. 99
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39. 99
33. 99
32. 99
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289. 00 © Star Trek 25tfi Anniversary ... 38.99 © Art Department Pro 2.5.... ,139.00 m SASC6.5
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WAUKESHA, Wi 53I86 Sound Quality PART 2 VIDEO We’ll wrap up our two-part series on sound for video with mics, mixing, and more. SUITE By Paulo de Andrade 1 LAST MONTH WE examined some of' the essential components of a sound- ior-video setup. We ll conclude by looking at the remaining pieces, and learning how to make a final lest n> ensure your results. Mic Up While most video cameras come with a built-in microphone, this mic oilers a design compromise so ii can perform in a wide ranee oi situations. 11 vou want u t vour productions to sound professional, vou need a few specialized types. The small mic you see on the lapel of your favorite TV newscaster is ;i lavalier. Ii is designed to pick up the human voice while ignoring ambient noise. Placed close to your subject's mouth, this liny wonder produces a warm, rich sound. 1 he best lavaliers minimize noise generated by rustling clothes. Size varies from obtrusively large to incredibly small: usually, the smallest are the most expensive. The shotgun microphone picks up sounds directly in front of it, but not from beside and behind. Sensitivity to surrounding sound varies according to the design; consider your particular needs to determine how directional vour shotgun mic should be. One that , o is very directional acts much like a camera’s telephoto lens: It must be pointed precisely at the target or you will miss the information. If your subject is in motion, you must track it well. Used in conjunction with a boom pole, a shotgun is great for recording conversations between two or more people. While all hand-held microphones look similar, they fall into two basic categories: omnidirectional and unidirectional. The former captures sound from 360 degrees; the latter ignores sound coming from the rear. Unidirectional mics are also called cardioids because of their heart-shaped pick-up pattern. Quality microphones are essential for good audio. There are too many designs to list here, but don’t be discouraged bv the variety. As long as vou buy truly professional models (from makers such as AKG, Tram. Sony, Scnheiser. Shure, Electrovoice and Audio-Technica) you should be line. Mix It So you want to play music, narration, ambient noise, and sound effects at the same time? The component that blends these sounds together is the mixer. Manufacturers of pro mixers include Tascam. Peavey, and Mackie. The typical mixer has a slider-type level control for each audio input, allowing you to adjust the volume of the sounds individually. II you want to emphasize the narration, then, you can make it louder than the music. The main differences between mixers are the number ol inputs and outputs, the equalization process, and the effects bus(es). To figure out how many inputs vou need, count vour sound sources J * remembering that, lor most mixers, a stereo source counts as two. II your sources are two VI Rs, one CD player, and one DA T recorder, you'll need an eight-input mixer to accommodate each source’s dual-channel audio. If you cannot aflord a mixer with an input for each of your sources, consider how many sounds you will need to mix at once in a complex situation and then connect your sources to a patch bay. A patch bay accepts the outputs from all your sources and lets you choose which signal goes where in the mixer. If you have an eight-input mixer and 12 audio sources, you can have all your equipment connected with the limitation that you will be able to mix onlv eight at a time. J O fust as a mixer can have many inputs, it can also have several outputs. For our purposes, though, only two are necessaiy for great stereo sound. All good mixers let you adjust certain sound frequencies (a process called equalization). This is similar to the way you adjust bass and treble on your stereo. Bv increasing the low frequencies vou can make a narrator's voice J sound deeper (this is common in radio and television). Good equalization controls also let you “cut out" some frequencies, which helps minimize different types of noise. The number of separate frequency bands you choose depends on how precisely you need to manipulate the sound. I consider the ability to manipulate three distinct frequencies lows, mediums, and highs the minimum requirement. The Iasi consideration in choosing a mixer is its effects-handling capabilities. All good mixers can send signals to effects audio processors and then receive the altered sounds. Make sure you can adjust the effects level for each channel. Audio Processors Because your original sounds are not always perfect, your studio needs a few basic types of audio processors. With creative processing, you can greatly increase the richness of your sound. Vou can get dedicated audio processors that each handle a specific task, or Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA »x lilSSSS Orders 800-93-AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern 800 Software Titles... IN STOCK - Call for FREE Software List • Call for Pricing and Availability Full line of Hardwaref Accessories & Peripherals.* IN STOCK • Call if you don't see what you want Video Products DCTV $ 289.00 OPS Personal Animation Controller Call OpalVisipn
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(I) Q- X (J 2 O I” cn ID O 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 37.95 Super Denise 8373
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1. 3 ROM chip
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399. 00 Bernoulli Drives Call SyQuest 88 44 5110CHD 33900 SyQuest 88Mb Cartridge 105 00 SyQuest 105Mb HD 37500 SyQuest 105Mb Cartridge 79 55 Fujitsu I.IGig. 9Ms 99900 Dual Bay External Case 99 00 Single Bay External Case 9500
3. S" IDE Htnl Dmts DataFlyer SyQuest 105 HD 37900 Maxtor 240Mb HO 27500 Maxtor 340Mb HD 35900 Seagate 260Mb 329CA HD 27900 Seagate 525Mb 3655A HD 559 00 Western Digital Caviar 425Mb 38900 Micropolis Hard Drives Call
t. 5'WEHitd0rhtt Conner 40Mb HO 14900 Conner84Mb HD
229. 95 Seagate 128Mb HD 299 00 Seagate 210Mb HD 41500 If you do no! See the dnve you are looking tor please call tor availability ... J Amiga 1200 A1200 Call A1200 w 40 Mb HD $ 545.00 A1200 w 85 Mb HD
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849. 00 Please add $ 20.00 lor Hard Dnve installation & formatting. RAM -1,4,0Mb for above Call CSA 12 Gauge SOMiw SCSI $ 589.00 Microbotics M1230XA Acceis Call DKB 1202 881 20Miw Clock
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2. 1 Enhancer - na ROM 44.95 A2620 A2630 Eprom Kit 35 00 Multi-Stan 2 v6A 500 600 000 34.00 A2091 Rev 7 Eprcm Kit 32.00 AS217 Enhancer Docs for A1200 23.55 Monitor Specials 1D84S - Color stereo model w Amiga cable -S259.00 A1942 - Multiscan ,28mm DP Stereo Speakers - Call All IDEK Monitors - CALL O Copyright 1994. InliWnlm Inc All Rights Rssnrved
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• Same specs as GVP HC8 A500 $ 289.95 Additional RAM at $ 48 per Mb Add$ f 0.00 lor configurating & formatting Now Only $ 44.95 Our Policies Ho waiting tor your orders to ship Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day 4 Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post. UPS or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS.
* All orders are sub ect to credit card vent cation • Due to ad schedules, ail prices are subject to change We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover We also ship COD, accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Soltware and accessories shipping is S6.00. Hardware shipping is S6.00 for small items. $ 15 00 for Monitors. Call lor larger items. COD add $ 5 00. Canadian, APO, & International orders are welcome. We will hill only lor actual shipping charges & insurance ai lure ol order. 15% re-stockmg fee on all returns not exchanged Shipping charges are NOT refundable. V i I) i; o s i i t i* a multi-effects unit that does the job of several dedicated components. If you arc planning to buy a multi-effects unit, make sure it can perform several functions simultaneously; some models handle only one task at a time. Here are the basic effects to have: Digital reverb adds depth to sounds and aids in the simulation of natural acoustics. In real-world environments, sounds echo (reverberate) off of walls, ceilings, and so on. Digital reverb can greatly improve a narration that sounds "canned,*’ There are several levels of reverb, ranging from the very subtle to long, repetitive delays. A compressor limiter, used constantly in television and radio, packs as muc h dynamic sound range as possible into a narrow region. Lei’s say you are producing a IV commercial and you want
o vour audio to be loud and dear without exceeding the normal sound levels (and consequently ending up with distortion). With a compressor limiter, you can keep all your sounds equally loud at the high end of acceptable without exceeding the limit. Noise gate is handy when you have undesirable background noise. It mutes sound until a certain level is reached. Then it automatically and instantly turns the audio on. If you have an interview in a noisv room, you can adjust the noise gate to trigger the audio only when the subject and interviewer are speaking, and thereby eliminate distraction. Setting Records | ust as NewTek’s Toaster changed the world of video, personal computer-based digital recording is revolutionizing audio. I believe that the best solution currently is the Similize AD516 board and its Studio 16 software (S1495). I bis incredible board is perfect for video post-production. It lets you record and play up to eight digital tracks, with quality surpassing that of a CD. The audio is recorded (“sampled”) directly to your hard disk. Font there, you can manipulate it in several ways. You can add echo, for instance, create permanent fades or volume changes, or scale the sound so that its volume is as high as possible without distortion (as with a com pressor limi ter). You can edit in a nonlinear fashion. Sound is shown graphically on screen and you can zoom in for accuracy. You can select a range from the graphic and play it. When you Find the section you want, you can cut, paste, invert, repeat, and more. This versatility lets you remove unwanted background noise with ease, or replace one word with another cut from a different section of a narration. The possibilities are tremendous. Why Multiple Tracks? Good audio requires several tracks. Let's say you are producing a documentary. You want the music to he in stereo to accommodate stereo I Vs that’s two tracks, one each Ibr the right and left music channels. You also have two talents who speak simultaneously into separate microphones (so you can adjust levels and equalization individually). I hat's two more tracks, bringing you up to four. While the music is playing and both talents are speaking, you show an image of a flying eagle, adding the bird’s sound to the fifth track. To emphasize the eagle’s flight, you add the sound of wind from a sonnd-eflects library, using the sixth track. Now we hear a car in the distance AMIGA 4000 030 120 MB $ 1699.00 040 NO HD $ 1995.00 040 120 MB $ 2199.00 040 340 MB $ 2399.00 040 420 MB $ 2499.00 040 840 MB $ 2899.00 A4000 Tower Call
* AMIGA 1200 ? INCLUDING 85 MB $ 649.00 120 MB $ 699.00 240 MB $ 799.00 420 MB $ 899.00 GVP G-FORCE 040-33 S1299.00 4008 GYT AU. .S-.-rip II " 4MP 40 MHZ 5 599.00 50 MHZ S 699.00 SCSI opt S 99.00 4008SCSI 149.00 4098 SCSI II Call A4000 G-FORCE Call CLOCK S369.00 TBC PLUS $ 799.00 EGS SPECTRUM $ 524.00 PIIONEPAK 5299.00 IV 24 4000 Genlock Call ImageFX Call I O Extender Call Call For Pricing On anything you Dnn’l See listed MIUROBPTICS MBX1200 MBX 1230 Call For Prices 12 A’CLOCK $ 29.00 ? FARGO PRIMERA it FULL COLOR THERMAL PRINTER WITH AMIGA DRIVER SOFTWARE $ 795.95
* A MIG A 2000* CLOSEOUT WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF NEW AND REFURBISHED A2000*S FOR SALE BUT SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED. NEW $ 599.00 REFERS $ 399.00 MacroS vstem US Retina 1 MB $ 299.00 2MB S 399.00 4MB $ 499.00 TV Paint Add $ 220.00 Vlab Y C $ 499.00 Toccatta $ 499.00 MuliiFrame ADPro $ 99.00 MuJtiLayer ADPRO $ 149.00 Sparks $ 139.00 frPPS PLKS -»>AL SERIES * TBC III $ 699.00 TBC IV $ 839.00 V-SCOPE $ 725.00 ANIMATION CONTROLLER $ 1599.00 COMPONENT ADAPTER $ 449.00 We will Do our Best to Beal any price l*ub!ished In diis months Issue of Amiga World
* r)IGITAI, CREATIONS * KITCHEN SY NC $ 1299.00 SUPERGEN 1000 $ 549.00 SUPER GEN 2000 S1195,00 Urililiancc $ 125.00 'k NEWTEK ? TOASTER 4000 3.1 $ 1995.00 Wc at J & C Repair would like to take the time to thank all of our cuKtomas with out whom the last 10 years would not have been possible . In appreciation of your support we will continue to offer the best priced service and support Amiga Repair Services All Models $ 35.00 Hr AMIGA PARTS A500 I'm Drive $ 45.00 5372 AGNUS CHIP $ 37.50 5373 SUPER DENISE $ 28.95 8520 CIA CHIP $ 9.95 GARY 5719 $ 13.95 PAULA OR DENISE SI8.95
1. 3ROM $ 19.95
2. 04 ROM S29.95
2. 1 Upgrade Kit S79.99 NEW A2000 Rev 6.3 PCB $ 399.95 A1200PCB $ 299.00 Plans fvK Converting A1200 PCB to work ui your A500 $ 19.95 A4000PCB $ 598.00 MOTHER BOARD SWAPOUTS A500 S 79.95 A2000 S 224.95 A3000 16 MHZ S 245.95 A3000 25 MHZ $ 298.00 REPLACE YOUR OLD MOT! CEKBOARD WITH OUR COMPLETELY REFURBISHED UNITS . REPLACEMENT BOARDS COME WITH SAME REVISION AND CHIPS OLD HOARD MUST BE IN REPAIRABLE CONDITION. Ext! A ciuigej Id Uok.cu lairli *rxl joklamg ilnnagd For Pricing Order status Tech Support Call 1-814-583-5838 ext 4 VIDEO TOASTER SYSTEMS .1 & C Repair 9 South Street Rocktnn Pa 15856 CALL 8IMM767-1073 EXT. 2 OKDKKSOM.Y PLEASE ? ULTIMATE U* TO ASTER 4000 840MB 1ID 18 MB RAM $ 5694.00 ? ? ULTIMATE I* ENHANCED TOASTER4000 10 MB RAM 120MB HD $ 4394.00 TOASTER 4000 420MB HI) 18 MB RAM $ 5394.00 All Systems Include Amiga 1000 (HO 25 and Video T.usi-t 4000 Version 3.1 Hus ulien you purchase your system with a Kifclicn Sync TBC at $ 1295.00 We will Give your droit* of 108-1 S Morin. »t f-T Free or Uk Miubuxhi 1391 Multiscan Motuloi For only S39910 Warp Speed For Your A3000 A4000 with the Warp Engine From MacroSystem Development A4000 A3000 Warp Engine 28 MHZ $ 999.00 Warp Engine 28 MHZ $ 1299.00 Warp Engine 33 MUZ $ 1399.00 Warp Engine 33 MUZ $ 1399.00 Warp Engine 40 MHZ $ 1499.00 Warp Engine 40 MHZ S1499.00 Get Off of any Warp Engine when Purchased with The Amiga 4000-040 or any Video Toaster Workstation. 28 MHZ 4000 warp Kn|(ln* um* CP LI Indudvil wllh j*»w A4000. AO Warn Kntjrw* Include f»>1 SCSI II Ivocasfor. A41KX) Warp Mod l tmluiWi 4 it nun HX'keti AJOOO Warp .Model Include! 2 Sinuu Socket*. Call 814 £8) 58)8 Eil 4 fur drlaili. Warp Engine Super System A4000 Including Warp Engine 40 MtIZ 34 NIB rain 1 CD.SCSI-11 Drive Mitibushi 1391 Monitor $ 5995.00 WARNING I Due to advertising deadlines some prices listed in our add may be lower than listed . Also due (o limited space we carry many more producLs than listed here. To insure you gel Ihc best prices on any product wc carry we recommend you follow these three simple steps.
1. Make a detailed list of what you waiu to order. CD 32 Mpcccard Titles Movies Call For Prices and availability
2. Check our competition's puces as listed in this months AW
3. Call llie Amiga Price Buster Hotline at 1 800 967 1073 etl. 33. Oiu trained staff of prices busteis will do their best to beat any legitimate price you can find. Puces aie subject la change without notice. PA residents add 6% state sales tax. All New Commodore products are covered by Conunodotc US w.uianiy . Stripping charges are extra. 15 % restocking fee on all returns not cxclianged. YOU ASKED FOR IT... We DID IT!!! You wanted them... we got them! Amiga 1200*8 & 1084S Mb Also Available NOW. ’«g; 1084S Monitor
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• Totally Accurate Product Availability Status,
• You want it? We get it there, ON TIME! It's just that simple! Amiga 1200 Commodore AMIGA Microsphere, Inc. - Authorized National Commodore Distributor to Resellers DEALER SALES HOTLINE 1-800-735-5569 - Mon-Fri 8am-6pm (EST) 24 Hour Fax Line (219)259-0300 Looking for an Amiga ComputerI A Video Toaster workstation? A hard to find peripheral? We can refer you to a dealer near you. Use Microsphere's Dealer Locator Hotline: 1-800-735-5569 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm EST) to find an Authorized Amiga Dealer or Service Center in your area. Mil X2A MICROSPHERE, INC. (on the seventh track) and, suddenly, a shot (011 the eighth track) as we cut to a hunter taking aim at the bird. You could accomplish a similar effect by mixing the different sounds in several passes using traditional methods. But doing so would involve much work and degrade the quality. With the AD-5 16, vou have all the sounds on individual tracks, ready to be mixed down to the edit deck’s two tracks. The result is a perfectly balanced digital-qualilv stereo soundtrack with no added noise. Frame Accuracy Another great feature of AD516 Studio 16 is the ability to assign sounds to specific time-code addresses and lock perfectly to video. The board has a SMPTE time-code input that can connect to t he SMPTE output of your VTR. With time code, each video frame has a specific number, or address. This number never changes, and a frame always has the same address (unless z v you record a different time code). With Studio 16 you can take advantage of this precision by assigning sounds to specific frames. Using the documentary example, the hunter shoots at the eagle again. This time, the hunter is on screen and we want the sound of the gunshot to match the frame where we see the rifle being fired. We advance the tape to that frame, read its time-code address, and type that number into Studio I 6‘s Cue List for the gunshot sound. When we play back the tape, Studio 16 will sound the shot exactly on time. J Synchronizing sound to video this way is extremelv easy and saves many j a j videotape edits. It also saves wear and tear on your YTRs, especially the video heads. In lact, VTR maintenance savings alone can easily pay for the SunRize board in the long run. The Hookup and Final Test Cables are frequently underrated but important. Make sme you use only quality cables and connectors; inferior ones can cause several problems. Besides, cables are one of the least expensive part of the audio system, so there is no reason to skimp here. Once your components are connected and everything sounds great on the studio monitors, you should make one final test and a very important one before you record your final soundtrack to video: Make sure the audio sounds good on an ordinary television speaker. The speakers on most Tvs are very limited and cannot handle too much bass without rattling the whole set. If your audio was adjusted properly, it should sound line 011 any TV but you don't want to discover problems when it’s too late. Your recorder VTR should have an audio output called “monitor.” This is usually a mono output that can connect to your video monitor’s audio input. Most professional video monitors have built-in speakers designed to mimic the average TV speaker. Turn down the volume on your pro amplifier and turn it up 011 your video monitor. If the sound is not good, adjust your equalization to get rid of excessive bass or to emphasize weak frequencies. Once it sounds OK, reduce the monitor volume and crank up the amp’s level. W ith the right equipment, your videos will turn out better and you will have more fun. ¦ Friendly & Knowkrgahle! Authorised Amiga Dealer for 6 Years! Low overhead + Low markup = Great prices! Dedicated to delivering the best possible values! Computer Answers 917 - Centra] Avenue. Prince Albert, Siisk.. C.ulkI.i S6V-IV2 Sales: 006)764-2888 Fw: I .W6| 7*4-0088 BBS: «(6> 764
(306) 764-2888 9:30 AM-6:00 PM (Central Standard Time) Tuesday - Saturday (SCAl.1.) (SCAIJJ (SCALL) (SCAIJJ Amiga CD-32 £ 2 1 o -r, ; Oilllornewjo rr l}
- World ‘a First 32-Bit CD-ROM Console!
- Twee as powerfull as regular CD-ROM'»!
- Over 260,000 Colors on-screen at once!
- Optional '51 PEG' module for CD Movies! CV-SC't fit ir freeti in stock shipping m Canada nrtee Ova*93! Loti of iitfcs m ttocfr!
- 68020 CPU running at 14 Mhx
- 2 MB RAM Memory
- Over 260.000 Colors on-screen at once
- Exclusive 800X600 mode, ask for details! Amiga 1200 £ 2'20* Call tor neW ,owr' Amiyt Ici 'urr. Rei'ultt slock item and are a is liable .4 sbipfrntiy in Cm nadt ncnt Amiga 4000 030 Ano* Call for new low
- 6S030 CPU running at 25 Mhz
- 4 MB RAM at a 120 MB Hard Drive
- Fully upgradeable to 68040
• Exclusive S00X600 mode, ask for details! Amtra tret regvltr ttock item and are titilthle .C- * Jm no.1 in f'tnt J* nov,f
- 6S040 CPU at FPU running at 25 Mhz
- 6 MB RAM at a 120 MB Hard Drive
• 1. 76 MB High Density Floppy Drive
- Exclusive 300X600 mode, ask for details! Amiga 4000 040 cfr 7 nno 4000 tout'i ire now m V liable at.13 .t 40 Stilt u:tfj Fill SCSI-2 cantrtJIcTt built-in. Amiga CD-32 & Games $ 419*Zf£d
- Exclusive 'Gaming Bundle' Includes Sleep Walker, Arabian Knights, Pinball Fantasies at John Barnes Euro Foo( y( Amiga 1200 & 120MB ‘ $ 599*
- 68020 CPU running at 14 Mhz
- 2 MB RAM Memory
- 120 MB Hard Driv e ($ 799 Cdu 1 Amiga 4000 & 240MB " $ 1699* 6S030 CPU running at 25 Mhz 4 MB RAM 240 MB Hard Drive (52259 Cdu) Amiga 4000 & 240MB ' $ 2299*
- 6S040 CPU at FPU running at 25 Mhz
- 6 MB RAM Memory
- 240 MB Hard Drive (SM>S9caa> Video Ha rdware 5675* 5799* 5699*
51. 499* 52,199* SI.S99* S399* 5369* &449* 5499* 5599* 5399* 54S9* S99*ea Waiter Sparta. Surf Ninja a. icy of St. Reach for the Goki. Legacy of Sms tl Loots Trilogy. AlfmJ Chickoo, Zool, Omngtniua Streets. Whalen Voyage. Rohocod. Deep fare, D Gancrttuon, Diggers. Trolls. Cham I'ngina, FxiJc. Syndicate, lahriuth of Time, Humana. Hearers, (ttopia, Castle* II, Trapm .t1 Troaaume, Pirate GokJ. Morjih. Liberation. Overkill Guinnaaa. Jurassic Park. American Football. MicrtKxniU. Urifiiun II, Donk. Karate Phia, Alton Hrecd. Grolior‘a Fncyclopedia CD-32 Movies $ 29* ea. The Firm. Naked Gun. Fatal Aara.ncm, AptKtafypae Mack Rain, Patriot Game*. Pvtue. Star Irak ri. Sliver, 1 unal far Hal tX-fatxr. Indecent Vijihj . 1 up Gun. Hilly Ray Cini.i, Sting, brie Clapton. Brymn At.Tin.', ftiwi Ion Jf Shin. CD-32 Games $ 34 * ea. Personal TBC3 Personal TBC4 Personal V-Scope Personal Animation Recorder Per Alim Recorder at 500MB H D Video Toaster 4000 (3.1) Toaster Y C Component Adaptor Retina 24 Bit Card Picasso II GVP Spectrum 24 Bit (2MB) Merlin 24 Bit Graphics Board Vlab (with 30ips recording) Toccarra 16 Bit Audio Card Amiga Link Peer Peer Network Amisa 4000 & Toaster '$ 3399* 6SO30 CPU running at 25 Mhz 10 MB RAM at ri 120 MB Hard Drive Toaster 4(XX) Card (version 3.1) (.jn) 40 Mhz Video Toaster $ 6699* 6S040 CPU at FPU running at 40 Mhz 30 MB RAM Memory .t 525 MB SCSI-2 Toaster 4000 Card (version 3.1) Amiga 4000 @33 Mhz $ 3299* 6S040 CPU at FPU running at 33 Mhz 10 MB RAM Memory (Exp. To 146 MB) 270 MB Fast SCSI-2 Hard Drive I $ 4 VJ9 ( dn) Amiga 4000 @40 Mhz " $ 3899*
- 68040 CPU & FPU running at 40 Mhz
- 20 MB RAM Memory (Exp. To 146 MB)
- 345 MB Fast SCSI-2 Hard Drive (5 iw Cdn) Special Software Purchase Special Modem Purchase j- Special Printer Purchase I Special Monitor Purcha se Brilliance (AGA) $ 89* Final Copy II (AGA) $ 39* Overkill (AGA) $ 14 * Zool (AGA) $ 14* 14,400 Ba ud Modem with FAX
V. 32bis, V. 42b is & MNP-5 Caller-ID & Voice Fax Switch Only $ 149* fain) High Speed 24 Pin Color 330 CPS with 100's of Colors Star NX-2480, Latest Model Only $ 219* ($ 280 Cdu) Commodore 10S4S $ 179* Commodore 1942S $ 369* Ask about S00X600 resolution on a I°42S! A Computer Answers exclusive feature! We can process your order willi payment by VISA, Mu-4crt aid- Mi nicy >rder«r Hunk I Jr.ili hudOA ll Arwtv-Kl CamAan ri Mcr u. cria «r»i “-i nto«r "M imn.it be duf “¦hm iau hw. IsrirSiir an, aj ix' I Sjtv i.rau na> taw tfcaa-a m «» :en.1 11 VTSC jXl Vd(160 UJ ion wfll a- T' bD, l«, 0aA r rodnt-ft * j in oft el Jacwarr -a ku kt.|a Ifrrna laoc, ami*rr Own fcjc mmuirapmjaar, au, «n r iffcfiy >1 iir r¦- 11 flU n»ir«, tarn ran ihi u a>ta fijh in 'V . 1 >rrrjm* -Wi.thiif. fca »1i1 ff gw-n fn* .dvrravrd laara. Uj * amll c*r.r irrrra T«oqpM
i. cr 6* CSA So r. tul c.f !¦ f fix ¦ au of itrkwiH mj-k mianl »r.!i1 .ku .‘V .i-TTTiBnv catrttju ‘- • - 1 . 1 , ¦ i rr Vr.a mM. Itavwml * CmrmOm.n tnsladi *4*3 «13T_ Wr ism . Pf p pv! Rrlrn Zara* , un Unas ot any cl -_J . PfciJ' »sx ! HELP KEY “Driving” instructor Tim takes a look at older hard drives and their associated ills, and offers some floppy-drive tips. Hit-and-Run Disaster
Q. While my Cl P hard dish-equipped A500 was in the process of rearming tip, an inebriated driver tool; out a nearby utility pole. In tarn damaging the part of my hard drive that aufobnols the system. I cannot send the and to GVP for repairs, since it urn the driver's fault, not G P's. At this point. Need the following: a defragmenting utility, a f loppy drive alignment program, and a program to create an autohoof partition for the GVP HD. David Simon Me He my, Illinois
A. For defragmenting your drives, there are several options available. Disk 519 of the freely distributable Fred Fish collect ion includes ChkFrag, a program that checks the level of disk fragmentation on both floppies and hard drives. If vou have a badly fra2;- J • o merited device, the best solution is Holger Kruse’s freely distributable ReOrg 3. L which has been in the public domain since last September. Sporting a nicely designed interface, this program defragments any loose blocks on both floppy and hard disks, using a graph for a real-time depiction of fragmentation level and the program's progress. Use this utility with caution, though I once completely trashed all the data on a nearly full hard disk by inadvertently interrupting it in midstream. A recent patch to this file is also available on most BBSs. Fora floppy drive alignment program. Now-defunct Free Spirit Software sold a program several years ago called “Ami... Alignment.” I've found this program to he very useful; in fact, I managed to save several floppy drives that had been stored in a back closet because they could 110 longer read disks. Ami... Alignment brought these drives back from early retirement. With some persistence and a little luck, you might be able to locate a dealer or mail order house that may still have this program in stock. Freeh distributable By Tim Walsh offerings for alignment programs are rare; however, CompuServe does stock a program called ALIGN l.LZH in the Disk Utilities library of the Amiga User forum. While I currently don't have a floppy drive whacked far enough out of alignment to lest the program’s accuracy, it seems to go through the disk-alignment motions with a certain authority. CAT’s installation software for its A500 hard drives included FaaastPrep and assorted mounting utilities that look care ol those set-up procedures. 11 you no longer have the accompanying prep disk, your best course of action is to request a replacement from GVP, or find someone who is willing to lend you a copy. Bullet Time
Q. I have an Amiga 2000 equipped with a
M. A.S.T. Fireball hard-drive controller and an SMB PAM card. My problem is that the controller docs not seem to operate under Amiga DOS 2.1. When the 2.1 Kickstarl ROM is installed on the motherboard, the computer refuses to hoot, even from a floppy. If I replace the Kichstart 1.3 ROM. All is fine. I tried to contact M.A.S.T, at its Sparks, AT, address without success. Is there an upgrade kit for the Fireball, or do I bite the ballet and invest in another controller? Doug Koehler Bettendorf Iowa
A. Indeed, M.A.S.T. has vanished into the great unknown and has left behind a trail of orphaned products. 1 he best course of action is to replace the controller with one from another developer. If the Fireball is an auto- booting SCSI controller, be sure to replace it with a similarly equipped controller, such as a Commodore A2091, which will work fine under the newer operating system. I suggest you consider another potential problem not mentioned in your letter. On the off chance you installed the 2.1 ROM and your A2000 is equipped with the once-popular Commodore 2620 accelerator, there are two socketed ROMs on it that need upgrading in order to work with 2.04 and higher. The top (U5) ROM is numbered 390283-01 and the bottom ROM is numbered 390282-01. These need to be replaced with ROMs 390283-07 and 390282-07, respectively. Muffler Repair
Q. I use an A2000 with 2.04 Kichstart ROMs. Is it possible to turn off the “clicking” sounds the floppy drives make when a dish is not inserted? I've tried to alter the startup sequence to no avail.
C. J. Talbert Pensacola, Florida
A. Rewriting your startup sequence is not the answer unless you’re adding a line to launch a utility that silences the clicking. A number of multiple- Iunction utilities, such as older versions of SetCPU and a small assortment of miscellaneous freely distributable offerings. Muffle clicking drives. You can lincl Lake Forest Logic's freely distributable Nclick by F.ric C. Quackebush on a few disk collections and BBSs. This AmigaDOS 2.0-and-higher program is a little tricky to use, only because it doesn’t employ conventional syntax, and documentation typically isn't included with this small program. To launch this from the command line, you must enter “NClick 1" not “NClick dl l to silence drive dfl Workbench 1.3 users need to find a copy of NoC-lick 3.6, another freely distributable offering for making Amigas quieter. Now, if there was only a utility that could quiet cooling fans...* Having technical difficulties? Write to Help Key, c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77. 03452. From p. 19. R i; I K w s includes a separate program the Form Designer that lets you graphically design forms to be used both for data entry and for printed reports. While the Form Designer is easy to use, it can be a little confusing at first, as it does not follow all standard Amiga conventions. For example, to select an object tin the screen for editing requires a double-click with the mouse instead ol tlie usual single click. And if you have a large field to be filled with text, each line must be entered individually. You must place the cursor at the start of the line with the mouse, type a line of text, then awkwardly place the cursor on the next line with the mouse to continue typing. Data generated by most later versions of popular PC programs such as Dbase and Lotus 1-2-3 can be imported and exported by Sbase4. Note that this requires Workbench 2.1 or higher, or a separate utility such as CrossDOS to read and write PC-formatted disks. II you need to look at this data, you can use the Open File menu item, but this does not allow you to change any of the data. To do so, you must use the Process Import menu, which converts the foreign file to SbaseTs own format for manipulation. You can then choose to save it as an Sbasel file, or to export it, either back to its original format or to any of the other database or spreadsheet formats supported. Oxxi recently upgraded its spreadsheet, Superplan ($ 149.95), which now works under AmigaDOS 2.0 3.0; both versions ofSBasc4 can directly read its Iiles. Packaged Deal To make things easier. Sbase4 includes another leftover from earlier Superbase programs a telecommunications module. Connected through a null modem cable or phone modem with a remote machine, it supports speeds up to 19,200 baud, along with three file protocols. Pro also adds the ability to program the function and help keys with commands or text strings ol" up to 255 characters. Also included in both versions of Sbase l is a mini text editor. It includes such basic functions as cut-and-paste and search-and-replace, but it is not a full- featured word processor. As with earlier Super'bases, mail-merging text with Sbase data files remains its best feature. The major functional difference between the Pro and Personal packages is the inclusion of the Database Management Language module in the Pro version. A complete programming language founded on BASIC, DML is optimized for database tasks. At the simplest level, it can be used to write macros for automating repetitive keyboard and mouse actions or often-repeated steps. At the upper end ol the complexity scale, you can create complete applications with their own custom menus and requesters. Applications developed with DML can be used by any Sbased owner. By purchasing a separate Developers Extension ($ 399.95) one-time licensing fee, you can even create stand-alone applications. Despite a few lingering inconveniences and an imposing learning curve for fledgling database users. Sbasel has matured well over the years. Both programs remain an excellent choice, offering levels of flexibility that meet the needs of virtually any business or home database application you may have. Rob Hays ? DIGITAL PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER (PAR) 24-Bit Real Time Video Playback Recorder (5-Video, NTSC, Beta Mil, PAL Ver Available) Amiga NTSC S Cajj * PRODUCTS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310)576-6383 CaII for shipping uln wjir»nl«ci. An-J silhtf Q niitiri are fiivuiid ind prices Uf subjtU lo thanar witlWuI notice nunbei bf in ung'fMrHcUG'rx; and toPdiCiOP. 't ivfrjttt TO a 70S ifiloAirg lee ' ho uJfinites Afr inpl'fJ ai lo p'cdjtl »«tti yaor 1*114*1 or Alto r"4nul« lurffl $ lj«ri A"*d ifNtilKiliMi I i(Kbt ui*d mth |Armiiii!rn Studio 16 Version 3.0 Software & AD-516 16-bit Audio Card 5 Cull Federal Exprei* Delivery Available! SyQuest Removable ADVANCED SyQuest Drive*: 88C 105 200 270 IDE Bare Drive S N A S 265 S N A S 415 SCSI Bare Drive S 285 S 265 5 425 5 430 External w Cart. S 455 $ 435 S 645 S 635 Cartridges; 83MB 105MB 200MB 270MB 1 each for 5100 S 70 S120 5100 5 each for 5 93 S 65 S110 S 95 E Amiga 4000 SyQuest Internal IDE Drive Kil with Cartridge. DATAFLYER-105SQ 105MB S 395 DATAFLYER-270SQ I 270MB S 545 A300 0 & A4 000 40MHz
- 040 GVP accelerators; GVPA4000-040 4Q 4MB $ Call GVP A4QOO-O40 4Q 16MB 5 Call GVPA2000 04D JJ 4MB Stall 46BGVPSimm32 Scall w 16MB GVP 5knml2 $ Call > A4000-25Mhz-040 6 120 Scall A4000-25Mhz-Q40 6 210 Scall A3000 Tower-040 Scall A4000 Tower 040 Scall Amiga Imagine Fmt 5180 PC Imagine fml * 5180 lightwave Fmt 5160 3D Studio Fmt Scall in iMAMnin [Includes: "l" t Man, Woman, K i>s Strong Man, S y ) Child*, Facial Vj ' I. (V morph targets V Run & Walk I ! Scripts, Hand i ' morph largo U. _ « Can be used ¦_ K j in your own commercial 4 productions.
• Cf=7a w«»rl »..f* W Give us a
- ISCREAM! IF you want Oj k C to hear the NewTek NAB News % on new A4000 TOWER Toaster System S Call Run LightWave without the Toaster taking up the video slot by using LIGHT RAVE to emulate the Toaster environment, 'Rum UjMk JjJi-vixi tr,- jMtasf o dVltfeo fxr tOCQar JI wftwatf ITS CD-Rom TIME Cheap CD rom 350ms, 150KB sec S200 Toshiba XM340SB 200ms, 330KB sec S385 NEC TRIPLE SPEED 195ms. 450KB $ ec S420 ASIM COR File System 2.0 S 55 Ami Back 2.0; S 45 Ami Back Plus Tools S 65 TapeWorm-FS !NEW! S Call TapeWorm-FS allows any SCSI tape drive to act like an AmigaDOS volume. SCSI TAPE DRIVES [(.lbyiv BmmOrlvc: 5GB up to 10GB compriMwd' LXH 8505 5.25" HH 58MB ml o' 5219$ Exabyte Bltwn Tape: 520 each or $ lor 5 90 DAT 4mm Drives: 2GB up to 1t>CB compressed* 2GB Suny2000DAT UMB min $ 775 4GB* turbo Python 22M8 min* $ 1150 8CB' 5onv4000 44 MB mln* $ 850 16GB* Sony5000 88 MB rron* $ 1075 DAT 2GB Cartridge: $ 20 each Or S fe>r $ 90 Big Byte Super Buys! FMT DRIVE S2. SPEED PRICE fe 270MB Quantum IPS270 J.5LP Jonw S 250 330MB Fujitsu M2622f A i.S 12ms S ISO 500MB Conner CFA-S405 35 95nu $ OB 520MB Fujiliu M2624FA J.51P 12mi 1 595 LO GB Quantum EMP1Q80 3.SLP 9cm 5 795
1. 0 C8 Conner 1060 35 95tm S 920 M
t. 0 G8 Mkropolli 2210 3.5 lOim 1 930 ffl 12 GB Quantum ProU25S 3.51P 9mi S 975
1. 7 GBMkrOpoht 2217 3.5 Mrni 1I19S m IB GB Quantum ProlfiOOS 35 lOmt $ 1150
2. 9 GB Seagate Elite-3 5.25 1km 52150 Eg
8. 9 GB Seagate Elile-9 5 25 Hrm 55995 Looking for More Power From Your A500 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. ¦ 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz ¦ 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) Give your Amiga 500 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500 New De, winger Platinum 50mhz &z Only $ $ 8$ MAGNUM 44 25mhz with 4mb $ 999°° 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 119.00 With: Only $ 3990 ‘ Call for more information Includes: aumhz CPU (i 0 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor 50mhz for the price others charge for 40mhz! AGVP GVP-A1230 TURBO Call our Accelorator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 50mhz Accelerator"" mmu $ 529° 0 with 4mb 32 BIT RAM FREE For 50mhz FPU acdSH9x COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM only $ 33.95 Super Denise ..$ 33.95
1. 3 ROM ..S21.50 CIA 8520 S10.95 or two for ...$ 18.00 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory and Clock D KB ..$ 178.00 MC68000 68010 ....$ 15.00 Rom Switcher ..$ 39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doubler....S399.00 8 up Board with 2 mb .....$ 129.00 1 mb Agnus ....$ 38.00 Paula Denise ......CALL LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, HD, IIP, IIID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 99.00 Board with 4 MB $ 175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ..$ 189.00 HP 4 = 8 Meg) ..$ 325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI. 77, Nec, Epson and others. Cali for Pricing. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 A 1200 ACCELERATORS MicrobOtics- MBX 68030 1230 XA 50mhz Accelerator""‘'mmu n with4mb ....add $ 169* u with 68882RC50 ....add $ 119" $ 3790 $ 2997 0 with 33mhz CPU and MMU Fffff 33mhz FPU CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator ' mmu DRAM BLOWOUT We’ll Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4mb-60-70NS add $ 169* SdoSr wilh 68882RC5° ....add S119X Call for other configurations PAGE ZIPS Mega Midget Racer. 512K Upgrade .$ 99.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb $ 349.00 DKB Megachip 2000 .....$ 189.00 DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board CALL A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ .....CALL 1x4-70 SCZ CALL 256x4 - 80 SCZ $ 6.00 Includes Instructions MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB .S159.00 2 MB .S199.00 4 MB S299.00 8 MB .S429.00 with 68882-50 ...add $ 119.00 Call for other configurations! 1x4-60 ......CALL 1x4-70 ....CALL 256x4-80 $ 5.00 256x4-70 $ 5.95 1x1-100 .$ 4.99 1x1-80 ..$ 5.99 1x1-70 $ 6.50 256x4-80 CALL 256x4-70 CALL 1x4-80 .....CALL 256x1-120 ...$ 1.00 256X1-100 80 70 60..CALL IVS 1 MEG Simms CALL 1x8-80 ..$ 45.00 1x8-70 ..S46.00 4x8-80 $ 139.00 4x8-70 $ 159.00 4x8-60 $ 179.00 8mb 16mb 32mb Simms CALL A4000 80 MS 4MB Simms.SI 59.00 A4000 70 MS 4MB Simms S169.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms.SI 79.00 DIPS MATH CHIPS AND CPUs 68030-RC-50 with MMU .S149.95 68882-RC-50 ....$ 135.95 (call for other speeds) 387-25 $ X (Bridge Board) .$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) $ 10.00ea. 68882 PLCC 40 mhz .....$ 135.00 287 Mathco for Bridgeboard .CALL 68881 - All speeds ..... CALL 68882 - All speeds ... CALL Call for other speeds GVP SIM32 4 MB .CALL 1 MB .....$ 69.95 Nibble Mode Simms...CALL Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK * Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery 'Add $ 50°for C 0 D- * PA Residen,s adc} 6% • (Ap0- AK, HI. Foreign shipping - call for rates) • Wo Restocking fee for return of non-defective items • No relund for Shipping Charges Video Toaster 3.1 NewTek, free to registered owners of 3.0 Toaster-equipped A2000, A3000, A4000.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Amiga 2000 or higher, with Video Toaster 3.0, hard disk, 9MB RAM, 1MB chip RAM. Recommended system: 200MB or larger hard disk, 68030 or faster processor, 2MB chip RAM, 16MB or more fast RAM. Upgrade software for Toaster 3. Toaster 3.1 is the first inner-revision upgrade for the Video roaster -1000. Aside from bug fixes and several new effects in the switcher, there are some new features in the CG and Light- Wave Modeler. The update also contains pages that replace erroneous ones in the previous manual, as well as new documentation and ail index. New and Improved I lie software comes on six disks, and you install it with the same installer program I hat accompanied previous revisions of lhe Toaster software. (Hopefully, the next major upgrade will finally include a more flexible installation routine.) After loading the switcher, you'll notice that some effects that had been removed in 3.0 are back (like Peell'lyAway), and some that didn't work correctly have been repaired. There is also a much speedier Frameslore save, which is a real boon. The CG can now handle color-m atlieiit o font faces and outlines, and its use of boxes on scroll pages has been fixed. New color fonts are available, and some font- book listings that were missing in the previous version are now in the manual. Light Wave now can turn off rendering to the DV1 framebuffer. This, while saving only a few seconds per frame, makes a significant difference over die course ol a lengthy animation. It also can now overlay a string of text onto rendered images, making it possible to do things like place the phrase “Test Render” on animations sent out lor client approval. Both of these features, while not overwhelming, are nice touches that make working with Light Wave a little easier. Modeler 3.1 has undergone some corrections, and better explanations of some of its functions are in the manual. It also conies with more Arexx macros, and the manual update gives descriptions of what all of the included macros actually do. Corrections have been made as well to the initial Modeler tutorial and the tutorials on creating the Wedding Bell and the planet Saturn. The Price Is Right The introduction of 3.1 at this time invites the question, “Why the upgrade?” While there's minimal comment from NewTek, it should be noted that Light- Wave 3.1 does not work with Light Rave (Warm and Fuzzy Logic), while, ocldly enough. Modeler 3.1 does. There were some niggling problems with the previous release of the Toaster software, so it’s good to see them corrected. Although there's little here to get truly excited about, anyone who has a Toaster would be wise to take advantage ol this no-cost upgrade. ¦ Dave Thomas y This is • • • JS8S- REDMOND CABLE ANALOG • VGA • RGB SWITCH BOXES • IBM DCTV • S-VHS • FLICKERFIXER • TOASTER DEC • HP. • APPLE • AMIGA • ATARI • COAX MULTISYNC • CUSTOM • GAME CABLES NEW!! SEGA STEREO AUDIO VIDEO CABLES JAGUAR SVHS AUDIO - VI DEO RGB COMBO CABLE OR “ALL IN ONE" CABLE 2Z EAST COAST WEST COAST 615-478-5760 206-882-2009 fax 615-472-3647 fax 206-883-1430 WE HAVE THE CABLES YOU NEED - MONITORS PRINTERS PLOTTERS MODEMS SCSI-TV Retested We are pleased that you included our product, SCSI-1*V 570. A hard-disk interface lor C1TIV. In the December issue (“Spin Doctors Part 2,” p. -4 1). Readers can contact us at AmiTrix Development (5312-47 Street, Beaumont, Alberta, FIX 1119 Canada), oi v ia e-mail: Aeolkins@iBIX.com (Usenet and BIX) or 7-4130,3033 (CompuServe). Unfoiuinatelv, the only external hard drive available when testing the SCSI- IV was an older drive of considerably slower performance than those used with the rest of the review. To give a better comparison, we have rerun the speed tests with a 2-1 2” Quantum Go-Drive 80S (16 ms) hard drive, mounted on lhe card. The SCSI-IV 570 interface produces comparable performance numbers to those in the table, since they are identical except for the case and orientation. Syslnfo 3.14 (system read specds) SCSI 1103 MKSuIt's DiskSpeed 4.2 (directoiy manipulation speeds): Create: 12 Delete: 43 Open: 24 Seek Read: 39 DIR.Scan: 60 MKSoffs DiskSpeed 4.2 (file create, write, read speeds): Create: 205 Read: 965 Write: 803 Adding fast RAM to CDTV with an expansion board such as our soon-to-be-released CD-RAM should improve these numbers even further. Dale E. Currie Technical Support, AmiTrix Development BACK TALK Candid Responses to Amiga World Review s Your Video Toaster - Commodore Amiga KITCHCN SYNC Two Channel TBC $ 1199.95 OOUCK GRK Site HUM MtNVW.l A4000 040-25 120 Meg HD Toasier 4000 W New 3.1 14 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & IhstaJI- V 5 GREAT A4000030-25 LulYlrLClC lUAdlEn HUUU rf Un AO IMIIU 120 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 1 10 Meg Ram Memory Set Op & Install * M3 [i '£002 Hi ¦ T- A4000 030-25 * * ¦ 240 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3,1 f 18 Meg Ram Memory GetaiOB4 Tor fori Set Up & Install oniv 5149.95 w Systerd! This system has more storage The best of all available resources! Furtf & memory for more involved additions are possible. Please call to Di; BETTER app|lcattons 3D ANIMATOR'S DREAM SYSTEM! | CSA Twelve Guooe! . KILLER Power for your 1200! 68030@ 5umhz Opt '882@ 50mhz Up to 32MB Rom Built in fast SCSI Networking SoonI A e A4000 040-25 640 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 18 Meg RamJMemory Ici Service Center warranty work. Foctoru trained technicians Authorized Brina or mail in uour equipment far Software Software
39. 95
49. 95
124. 95
224. 95
69. 95 CALL CALL
139. 95
79. 95
74. 95 Call
59. 95
119. 95
229. 95
59. 95
139. 95
94. 95
79. 95
119. 95 CALL
89. 95
69. 95 Amiback 2.0 Amiback Tools Brilliance Image F X 1.5 Disney Animation Gigamem Aladdin 4D Art Expression Exceflence 3.0 Hotlinks Editions Morphus Vistapro 3.0 Dpaint 4.1 AGA Dr. Ts Level II KCS Directory Opus 4.0 Wavemaker Deluxe Music 2.0 Gold Disk Office Procalc II Distant Suns Anim Workshop II Pixel 3D PRO II 60 MEG 2.5'IDE . 120 MEG 2.5'IDE 240 MEG 2.5'IDE he rats €x calibur R4000 Rccelerator S Rom Expander- CRLU SYNC STRAINER !!! 54.95 Y C Plus (Toasier) 729.95 Trimedia Drawing Tablets CALL Boca Ext. 14.4 Fax Modem 149.95 Wavetools 16 bit sampler CAII Microbotics Mbx 1200 25 199.95 Microbolics Mbx 1230 25 299.95 Microbotics Mbx 1230 50 339.95 Wacom Tablets (all) Call Fastlane Z3 Scsi ll RAM 509.95 Optical Mouse 48.95 Multiface lit 89.95 One Stop Music Shop 564,95 Mac Roms F Amax II Plus 124.95 AD 516 w Studio 16 1179.95 AD 1012 W Sludio 16 CALL Triple Play Plus 164.95 DKB Megachip 2000 194.95 DKB 3128 Ram BD CAII DKB 1202 16 mhz Mem BD 139.95 AD-516 FndSries ¦ AD 516 PIG AUDIO) $ mm AD 1012 02 m §wjl All testy fot AD 516 $ CAH € 1i Seeing is Believing TOCs & Genlocks apiBi, I Main Board V Splow Only Commodore 1942 399.95 Commodore 1084s CALL IDEK 5017 sp 929.95 IDEK 5017 Ip 959.95 IDEK 5021 CALL NEC MS 3FG 4FG Call Canon BJC 600
16. 7 million Color! 589.S5! FARGO PRIMERA 689.95 Dye-Sub for FARGO 189.95 Mf JMBJ ffllirtlTlf-flf mfiSBS CWWWW Willnot be undersold! Call tf you need a price beat Need Help Deciding? C. .II one ol our experts lor assistance. We know the equipment because we use it! Toshiba 3401B Internal Toshiba 3401B External NEC Multispeed 3xi Texture Heaven CD All CD related Trtstete is Q M! Service dealer hr pros and amateurs alike. Tue cany everything in Video and Editing UmiLinh Cl 24 Bit Display Editor Headquarter Enhancements Section Combo 040-33mhz 4 0 1099.99 GVP I O Extender 129.95 A4000-40mhz 040 CALL TBC Plus CALL TBC Plus Remote CALL Simm32 1mb 64.95 Simm32 4mb CALL Simm32 16mb CALL A1230 no FPU,Ok 399.95 A1230 W FPU.4M 544.95 Phone Pak VFX 289.95 DSS8 + Sound Studio 88.95 Image F X 1.5 219.95 A4008 SCSI 149.95 Call us to help design your 3D Animation Solution Beginner to Hollywood! Circle 71 on Reader Service card
- Now 100% Toaster! ;ura!e way to :es Toaster Software n The premier 3D logo creation software just got even belter! Now includes lull Postscript extrusion. Toaster 4000 compatible1 tsisb ANIM Workshop 2.0 Create, play, edit and add sound to your Amms.. automatically1 Use Art Dept on any all frames ot your animation1 Now supports Anim5. 7 and 8! T5104 $ 99.95 WaveLink Double the speed of LightWave1 Allows two Toaster systems to render at the same time. Also allows file sharing. T5155 $ 99.95 Pixel 3D Professiortal + ANIM Workshop 2 T516O $ 174.95 mm L SOFTWARE WaveMaker Effortlessly create flying logos in seconds instead of hours! Simply tell WaveMaker the logo you want to animate, how you want it to fly around the screen and what elements you want in tne background. Saved time=money made! Comes with a video demonstrating WaveMakers capabilities (i.e. your capabilities) to your clients. T5159 $ 154.95 Pixel 3D,Pro The easiest, most accurate way to motion-animate with LightWave 3D! Dynamic Motion Module lets both animation novices and experienced animators rely upon the laws of physics and computing power of the Amiga to automatically define and create real world motion and object interaction in LightWave animations. Tell the program how much an object weighs, how fast it's moving, and its direction of travel. Then sit back and let your Amiga define the motion and interaction of the objects in the scene. Many other features which make it perfect for all animation tasks' T5054 Sparks Particle animation system for LightWave 3D. Particles bounce with real world behavior & gravity! Multiple point gravity wells allow bending and directing the stream, flock or swarm ol particles. Control Origin, direction, gravity. Quantity, spacing, elasticity and mass. Complete with wind, gustmg. Flaking and swirling controls-adiustable per axis! Do in seconds what would take days to set up1 T5164 $ 99.95 Dynamic Motion Module Buy your Toaster System with confidence from Atomic Toaster! Our Atomic Toaster Catalog has over 20 years of video production experience They have been servicing Video Toaster Users since Day One wrth unrivaled technical support, a catalog sc informative we receive referrals from NewTek. And innovative seminar training With Atomic Toaster and DevWare Video, you will be able to count on our creative support and in-depth knowledge of all products for the Video Toaster-combined wifh DevWare's product purchasing power and abilities to fulfill your orders quickly! The net result is our ultimate combination ol both technical know-how and the best pricing available for all your Video Toaster needs, Why should you buy Video Toaster systems and Video Toaster-related products from Atomic Toaster Catalog? Because we love Toasters! The Video Toaster is the most successful video production tool ever. We don't sell Video Toasters as commodities and leave you without answers to your questions...we use them every day' We are Tcaster fanatics who are constantly pushing the systems to their limits. To us. A good Toaster computer system is made for audio, video and print applications. Alarms Toaster wants you to be the most successlul producer ever. Our combination of production skills and our constant testing and use of new To as ter-related products -• will give you the Creative Edge. Every Video Toaster system leaves Atomic Toaster completely configured. Each hardware element is installed, tested, and burned in for 12 hours before we release it. Any additional software is always installed and assigned properly. All you need to co is follow our instructions on setting up the system, connect the necessary cables, turn on the system, and start being productive. Below are three examples Of Systems we can customize to your specifications Any substitution is possible. Call us for pnc- ing. The Starter System 7 need just a basic Video Toaster System. I'll need to perform some edits, create some graphics, prepare some title pages, and add pizzazz to general production skills. ’ Solution: Amiga 4000 040. Video Toaster 4000, 10 MB RAM, 240 MB Hard Drive, 1942 Monitor. Some options might include TBCs, remote rackmouni, monitors, Crouton Tools 4000 and cr Toaster Toolkit 4000 utilities. Call for pricing! The Animator ‘My interest is m 3D graphics and animation I can't afford a big system but. I need to create and animate high Qualify 3D graphics fora variety of clients As my client list grows, my system must be able to grow with me.' Solution; Amiga 4000 040. Video Toaster 4000. 18 MB RAM. 340 MB Hard Drive, 1942 Monitor, Pixel 3D Professional. Art Departmenl Professional. Brilliance. Soma options might include: DKB memory board for longer animation playback directly out ol the Toaster and an SFC for tape based animations. The Artlsl 7 am a computer graphics artist. I need the power ot the Toaster's 3D. CC and paint systems. Out I will supplement it with my own graphics skills I know that ToasterPaint is powerful, but I need a full screen 24-bil paint system that will work with a vareity of computer images * Solution: Amiga 4000.040, Video Toaster 4000. 18 MB RAM, 340 MB Hard Drive, 1942 Monitor, Retina Board (4MB), TV Pamt, Pixel 3D Professional, Art Departmenl Professional, Image F x, Brilliance, Crouton Tools 4000 Options might include. Removable media lor transferring images from one system to another, drawing tablet, Prolessional Page or PageStream for outputting your work to Postscript or print. Sharp or Epson scanner for scanning of images and artwork into the system. The Craftsman 7 produce video lor a wide variety of clients Whatever they ask tor, I need to be able to supply it to them. My work has to be top quality, as my competitors are actually the local TV stations Whatever they can do, I need to do tor my clients. * Solution: Amiga 4000 040 Video Toasler 4000, 18 MB RAM. 380 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor. Retina Board (4MB). SunRize AD516. Pride A.B roll editing controller. MONTAGE for the Video Toaster, SuperJam! Bars & Pipes Professional, Roland Sound Canvas (MIDI module), Art Department Professional, MorphPlus. MultiFrame, ProFills, Brilliance, TV Paint Pro, Vista Pro (landscape generator). Toaster Toolkit 4000. Crouton Tools 4000. Options might include: Removable media for transferring images from one system to another, drawing tablet. Professional Page or PageStream for outputting your work to Postscnpt or print. Sharp or Epson scanner for the scanning of images and artwork into the system. The Prolessional Animator 'Besides usmg the Toasler as an all-around production tool. I need to create corporate, industrial, and commercial animations My work has to be broadcast quality and I must have the power to compete with other top competitors in the held ' Solution: Amiga 4000,040, Video Toaster 4000,18MB RAM. 780 MB Hard Drive, 1942 Monitor. DPS Personal Animation Recorder. Nucleus Single Frame Confroller, Pixel 3D Prolessional 2.0t Art Department Professional 2 3, Morph Plus. ADP Tools Professional (animation processor), Dynamic Motion Module (real-world motion animation module), Vista Pro 3 0 (landscape generator), Toaster Toolkit 4000. Crouton Tools 4000. Options might include: DPS Personal TBC IV lor rctoscoping applications. Call for pricing! The Editor "My goal is to create a complete edit suite based around the Video Toaster I need to per form AS roll video editing, create graphics and animations, as well as record narration, edit sound effects and synchronize music with video.' Solution: Amiga 4000 040. Video Toaster 4000, 18MB RAM, 380 MB hard drive. 1942 Monitor. Pride Integrated A B Roll Editing System. SunRize AD516 (8-track digital audio). Crouton Tools 4000. Toaster Toolkit 4000, Montage (character generation software). Roll’em (teleprompting software). Call for pricing1 We integrate and support all Toaster related software and hardware. Do you want to know aboul the Video Toaster revolution and what it can mean for you7 Call Atomic Toaster Devware now* r-1 e latest and greatest version of the Video Toaster Software. All modules have been improved and new features added! NOW AVAILABLE! 24-Bit Graphics Breakthrough for the Video Toaster from Innovision Technology. Your definitive solution for video titling, image composition, and effects presentation for the Video Toaster! Features: Incredible Real-Time Font Scaling andinteractive "click and drag" font scaling allows for unprecedented text display flexibility! Scaled text retains ultra-high level anti-aliasing. Import of major font formats including Chroma Fonts such as Kara Toaster Fonts collection! All of these fitting capabilities are not available anywhere else! •Stunning Text Attribute Options • 24-Bit Graphics Imaging -Powerful Transition Capabilities • Complete Text Editing Control • Professional Enhanced Video Output. The solution you need to maximize your creative output with your Toaster! T30S3 Montage 24 T5068 $ 234.95 Montage Fonts I T5015 $ 119.95 Montage Postscript Module T5237 $ 129.95
• Realtime playback of your animations in 256,000 colors!
• Full-color animated wipes with transparencies and shadows!
• New CG software supports Postscript type 1 and Compugraphic outline fonts!
• LightWave 3D software has been completely optimizea for the 68040 processor and features over 250 new photo-realistic features! Vsoso Our Video Toaster 4000 Board comes bundled with "Mastering Toaster Technologythe sfep-by- step bible for the Video Toaster. Video Toaster Resource: For Video System Design information
(619) 679-2823 Call for Software Orders:
(800) 879-0759 FAX: (619) 679-2887 All of our software in 100% satisfaction guaranteed The Ultimate Animator's Bundle for LightWave *c»o , Br>i*an«. Dyn.jm M ’vii MrJ . T ,}0 io'i'm.> - ANIM Workshop 2 WjvtM, »!• AofrtW:* Pts Art Depinrn-ft Wo. O i'nar cammed Sit pws :>! Over $ 1S00 T5jgg $ 929.95 Montage Video Toaster 4000 Crouton Tools 4 Okay, so you own software like ADPro, SFC. Studio 16, 3D. ImageFX, Bars & Pipes Pro, AmiLink, Personal Anim ImageMaster RT and others...and they all say that Arexx compatible...great!! Now what9 You can spend all time programming m Arexx to make these powerlul lions work with each other, or you can continue videos like you set out to do. Crouton Tools 4000--The Easy to Use Video Operating System (VOS) -was created by a video enthusiast with over 20 years of experience. 1100 Predefined video tools. 150 NEW synergistic lunctions. ToasterSmart™ Directory Utility and Visual Logging System...power at your fingertips! Crouton Tools 4000 greatly accelerates your pre- and post-oroduction video while seamlessly integrating your applications directly within your Toaster environment. 7S012 A must-have package tof serious video professionals! ADPTools Pro for ADPro 4000 The indispensable collection ol utilities tor Videe Toaster users. Toaster Toolkit 4C00 breaks all barriers tor harnessing creative control over your Toaster Environment- allowing for presentation professionalism limited only by your imagination. You raved about version 1, break free of the mundane with these new and improved powertools ol Toaster Toolkit 4000* ‘Toaster Sequence Editor
• Toaster Project Editor ‘FrameSlore Compressor
• AnimtoFX *FXtoAnim ‘Color Font Converter. T5095 Art Department Professional 2.5 The newest version of this invaluable tool is finally available! New leatures and improvements including a new interface, new loaders and savers, completely configurable and many more features1 T5238 $ 149.95 Blue Ribbon Sound Works Transporter T5193 $ 169.95 Save hundreds ot dollars! The popular single frame animation control software is now better than ever! If you have a Sanyo GVR-S950 or Sony EVO 9650. You don't even need a single frame controller card! Perfect for Toaster, IV-24, OpalVision and others! ArlWorks Clip Art Lib. T5194 $ 34.95 Over 1500 images in this collection! You'll love the Jurassic collection of dinosaurs included in this colleclion! Pro Textures Combo Collection T5T92 S54.95 Renowned artist Leo Martin's popular Pro Texztures series have been combined into one jumbo package! Perfect for Lightwave, Real 3D. Imagine, Opal Paint, Brilliance and others! SurfacePro New! T5236 $ 64.95 Mailing List Manager T5201 $ 49.95 Digital Sound Track T5202 $ 69.95 Add sampled sounds and music MOD files to your videos with ease. View the video with the Picture In Picture option lor real time recording. Set up In and Out Points and record with precision with your single frame controller! Roll’EM T5013 $ 49.95 Use your Amiga 500 or 12000 as an automatic teleprompting and titling program, powerful enough to satisfy your most demanding professional applications includes well-documented manual with easy-to-follow examples. Still credits or titles are possible. Can be operated from the computer or remotely via joystick or foot pedal. From Designing Minds, A+ Development AutoPaint for ToasterPainf This program saves you time and effort! AutoPaint has 25 point-and-click screen templates that automatically composite your pictures in jus: a few keystrokes using framestores and 24-bit RGBs or IFFs in ToasterPaint. T5142 $ 74.95 New Incredibl y Low Price! More Power! More Features! Was S299! II you do image processing, you must have the new ImageMaster R t Reiargetable operations gives you true colors on all popular 24-bit cards and even adjusts the display to compensate for your monitors shortcomings, so what you see is truly what you get. Thumbnail Image Support (to select a picture, click on a picture--not just some filename in a listing), Modal User interlace, Save notes with images. Lossless 24-bit Compression, Automatic Image File Readers to access popular file formats, plus the hottest image manipulation tools ever available on the Amiga ..bar none. T5100 Moonlighter Software AmiBack Plus Tools 15165 $ 69.95 Contains both AmiBack and AmiBack Tools. This is -the" all-in-one powerful disk maintenance package. Full backup and restore (with SCSI tape support) plus disk optimizing, disk error and deleted file recovery. TapeWorm FS T5167 S69.95 Use your SCSI DAT, 8MM or QIC tape drives as normal AmigaDOS volumes! Fast volume storage! Great for storing huge anims or framestores! A Powerful Morphing System, at an Affordable Price! Cocoon is a full-leatured. Professional morphing system without the Rolls Royce You can load any IFF image Including AGA formats, save frames as 24-bit, HAM-8, or 16-level grayscale. Perform warps and morphs vectors-the easiest way to define and execute morphs. CocoonMorph doesn't use grids or points like other less powerlul packages. Instead, Cocoon uses tines and vectors to deline your morph which are easier and faster to set up, more predictable, and more intuitive to detire than other morph packages. Cocoon also incorporates powerful image composition features and allows for line control over the rate of warping or morphing of each area or pixel. T5056 The “Screen Generator” program included with all Pro Fills Volumes can generate super bitmaps up to 10.240 x 10.240 pixels with seamless, matched edges using the colored patterns and color palettes included with each volume. Pro Fifls Volume I (Vatr* prod i in 75 S34.95 Pro Fills Volume II Tii?& S34.95 Pro Fills Volume III 75166 $ 34.95 Pro Fills Volume J thru 111 Bundle Save! PRO FILLS i ‘fit frrtis i* n «!: .
- tor -ifiv tt:&" Iu!t hitrif m Accessory Products Warp Engine Available in March! The only accelerator that provides the high speed of a 68040, up to 128 MB ol local 040 burst memory and the fastest SCSI-11 controller-on a single card that installs in the CPU slot! Call for various configurations. Warp Engines from $ 799.95! Retina 24-Bit Display Board w 4MB Get photorealistic display capabilities with this 24-bit graphics card and plenty of "chip ram' for your most intense graphic needs. Go way beyond AGA and still maintain full compatability. T5129 $ 499.95 Retina 24-Bit Display Board w 2MB T5222 $ 369.95 Retina Board + TV Paint Pro 2 W 2MB Retina Board T5223 $ 529.95 Retina Board + TV Paint Pro 2 W 4MB Retina Board T5163 $ 669.95 Multiframe = for adpio) The ULTIMATE special effects device for your Toaster! Easily create complete motion-picture quality special effects tor any Toaster application. No jaggies or artifacts. The professional's tool for creating digital video sequences, special effects and animations. Apply ADPro's single-image processing power to your anims, T5098 $ 69.95 Studio Printer Print 16,7 million colors or 256 levels of gray on Hewlett Packard Laserjets and Deskjets as well as Canon Color Printers! Supports the latest 600 dpi printers too. True to screen colors with color adjustment with 32bit accuracy. Also includes special drivers for PageStream 2 xx. T3062 $ 69.95 TV Paint Professional 2 The slate of the art 32-bil, real-time graphics paint program for all graphics boards. Automatic antialiasing on drawing tools, powerful airbrush tools, density control on tools, full undo redo, spare swap screens, convulu- tion effects, definable magnification window. Custom masks, pressure sensitive tablet suDporf. Lull CLT. T5099 S229.95 TV Paint Professional 2 for the Retina display board. T5230 $ 229.95 Toccata 16 Full I6bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs. 1 Mic input and 1 Stereo output. Toccata can digitize at up to 48KhHz in 16bit direct to hard diskl Includes an onboard mixer and optional ADPCM compression! Can be used with Vlab IFR to digitize the audio for a video sequence! T5226 $ 489.95 Vlab Y C 30 fps video digitizer. 2 composite inputs and 1 S-video input. NTSC PAL compatable. T5225 S449.95 Vlab-Internal T5162 $ 389.95 Vlab - External for A600 120Q T5224 $ 414.95 MultiLayer for ADPro 2.5 compositing layering tool for video pro's and artists using ADPro as a compositing engine. Several types of compositing'digital keying are supported including Zero-Black keys. Luminance keys. Chroma keys and Alpha keys to 32bit precision. T5227 S124.95 MultiLayer for ImageF x Yes, you can do it too! T5228 S124.95 Interchange Plus 3.0 Multi 3D format interchange software. Now includes three high-end Converters for Wavefront, AutoCAD DXF and 3D Studio formats - previously sold separately for almost $ 600! T5052 Only $ 139.95 MacroSystemUS - Dark Horse Productions Volume 2: Bones & Organic Motion New! Swimm.ng stijrks, swaying trees Use Bones to real abcal.y jn.nate a most anyrning V4tt0 539.95 Video Toaster QuickStart Tutorial Volume 1 You will learn about Preferences & Projects. The Switcher. Dig tal Effects with the DV Buhe-s Ch-oma FX. Custom. FX Lum.nance Key©- Basics TBC or No? TBC ,.?20
mm. Vi0i6 $ 29.95 Video Toaster QuickStart Tutorial Vol. 2 Learn ToasterCG lo.ISterPaini s transparency effects ard colorizing capabilities for customizing Franestores. Using CG Pages with Digital ViCeo Effects. Lum nance Keyef tecnn.OuOS us-ng Chroma Fx with OVE s and otne'useful topics flOmin VAQ47 $ 29.95 QuickStart 2.0 Bundle 1 & 2 V-iO-ta $ 54.95 Get all 4 Dark Horse Tutorials V4065 $ 129.95 “LightWave 4000 For the Rest of Us ” Volume 1: Flying Logos Newt conduct a logo t'om your clems k»tterhoad. Make hundreds o! Special 30 fonts stragnt from any panted material aod surfaces arc mages to rraka men sn e1 Fiy rat LOGO and an nate 1 to tape witnout a Single (rare controller' Complex object motions made simple with the null object. Contains a ¦Rogu«3 Gallery" of 36 example surfaces V4056 $ 39.95 TA Mouse Pen ADPTools 1.5 T3055 ADP Tools V2 Professional T3600 ANIM Workshop 2.0 New! T5104 ASIM VTR T3050 AutoPalnt T5142 Broadcast Titler II Super-Hires T3051 Callgarl Broadcast T5097 Cinnamon Toast Fonts I or II Call Crouton Tools 4000 In Stock! T50I2 Dynamic Motion Module T5054 ENLAN-DFS T4010 AsimCDFS V2 Just Released! Allows your CDROM drive to access any ISO-9660. High Sierra or Mac HFS formatted disc. Comes, with Ftsh Market Disc Collection (up to Fred Fish *9001. Kodak .. I Photo CD viewer, upgraded life system, new preferences edi-.y lor. Audio playback system, advanced playback features! T5092 AmiNet T5077 $ 27.95 Audio Resource T5078 $ 29.95 Color Magic T5116 $ 39.95 Fantazla Fonts T50B3 $ 49.95 Goliath Clip Art T5087 $ 27.95 Graphic Resource T5118 S29.95 Mega Media T5119 $ 34.95 Multimedia T5089 $ 49.95 Super Fonts T5121 $ 49.95 Super Space T5122 $ 29.95 Texture City Over 100 Txtrs T50I6 S79.95 Texture Heavon Ga-at Vaij©' T5I51 $ 79.95 Yes! We WILL carry Ihe new Amiga Breadboard T5208 $ 329.95 DeJaVue T5209 $ 369.95 Toast Timor T5210 $ 259.95 Other Hardware AllaColor 400 dpi color scan T5214 $ 324.95 DCTV T350I S2B9.95 DKB 3128 w OK T5215 $ 299.95 Lan Rover Ethernet Board T5153 $ 299.95 Picasso II Board w'1MB T5145 $ 479.95 Personal SFC 2.5 T5206 $ 394.95 High Density 3.5 Floppy Dr. T5229 $ 179.95 SMPTE Output T5067 $ 159.95 SunRize AD516 w.Studio 16 T5066 $ 1149.95 Toaster Oven lor A4000 T5219 Scall Toaster Y;C Plus T5220 $ 799.95 Powerful multimedia authoring system software. Easily create interactive presentations. Helm combines draw, paint and image processing tools with a scripting language. A hypermedia database manager, and a rich assortment of user interface objects. With its unique action editor, you can quickly build applications that freely mix graphics, animation, text, sound and music. Fantastic value for the price! T5050 Oktagon (SCSI-11 A3000'4000) T5240 $ 139.95 AhaColor Hand Scanner T5214 S299.95 Scan & Save 256.000 colors on AGA Amgas. 4096 on non-AGA Amigas. AhaScan 800 DPI Hand Scan T5242 $ 189.95 400 DPI Mega Mouse T5243 S27.95 Crystal Trackball T1019 $ 44.95 Other Video Toaster Related Hardware PreVue Technologies Amiga CD-ROM Amiga Books Mastering Toaster Technology The step-by-sieo guide bom Video Toaster experts Brer! Mairach ard Phil KufZ that flO VnJeo Toaster customer can do wthout1 Learn Toaster Sot up and Operation, rotoscoping techniques how to make perfect 3D logos, creating mattes and flying mattes how S master the aiprta chan nel and mucn, much more P-us 2 disk set filled with 3D objects, a beveled & color font set. Ar.im w>pes and d p art. Includes Toaster 4000 supfement BIOS S39.95 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Ed Btw S49.95 Speoaf Ecttion Contans an on’me Arem mar-uVi 5t©p approach. Useful programs as examples. Clear presentation of Arexx controlling PostScript, thorough references tor all Arexx rnstrucbons. Functions, and application program com- minds Includes 2 bonus drskeh.es including a complete ortlne Arex mantua'11 Amiga BASIC Inside $ Out B102 S19.95 Amiga Desktop Video, 2nd Ed. B123 $ 22.95 AmigaDOS Relerence Guide Bito S21.95 Amiga Intern Bt03 $ 28.95 The definitive reference library for all Amiga 500-3000 users Hardware, Operating Systems arc Aren Prograrnrrcng Best Amiga Tips and Secrets B114 $ 18.95 Mastering AmigaDOS 3 [3157 $ 39.95 A must have for the AmignOOS programmer' Complete coverage ol over S-SO commands eitensivuly documents AmigaDOS 2. 2 1 and 3 and contains details on MountLst. Com- mootes IFF Viruses. Error Codas. Mdbvww. And mere1 Mastering Amiga AMOS B158 $ 39.95 Mastering Amiga C B159 $ 39.95 The biblo for learning C an your Amiga! Covers alt compilers, includ ng Lattice SAS Aztec and the North Compter Mastering Amiga System Bie-0 S46.95 Learn Few to hanrfe tasks and processes wo-k with loranes. Incorporate graphics and much more Assumes a base knowledge of C but explains all new System concepts Comes with disk ot essential utilities Mastering Amiga Arexx B16I $ 39.95 Today's Video Bi-ito $ 44.95 By noted vxJeographer Peter Utr Anything a vdeo professional needs to know1 600 • hardbound pages, 11 DO i.lus 1 600 AMIGA Fonts T3Q77 $ 24.95 600 AMIGA Color Clips T5T44 $ 24.95 Aladdin 4D (Adpsec) 12031 $ 255.95 Art Department Pro 2.3 (ASDG) Til 60 $ 149.95 Art Expression (SottLogik) 12032 $ 135.95 Bara & Pipes Professional 2 Ti 183 $ 244.95 Brilliance (Digital Creations) fje.v,T$ oi9 $ 139.95 Callgarl Broadcast T5097 $ 309.95 CanDo (Innovatronics) TH93 $ 129.95 Cococn (DevWare Video) Hew T5056 S69.95 DoluxePainl IV 4.1 TT031 $ 95.95 DcluxePalnl IV AGA T305fl $ 109.95 Directory Opus 4 (Innovatronics) T1032 $ 64.95
D. si ini Guns 4.1 (Virtual Reality) T1096 $ 61.95 Essence tor Imagine 2.0 T5020 $ 47.95 Helm (Eagle Tree) New! T5050 $ 89.95 Hypercache Pro T5026 S37.95 ImageMasirr R 1 (Black Beil) T5100 S72.95 ImagoF * (GVP) Saiel T3060 $ 219.95 Imagine 3.0 TB23A S399.95 Morph Plus (ASDG) T1067 $ 144.95 Panorama Landscape Generator T5021 $ 55.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe T5027 $ 75.95 Real 3D Professional v2 T5044 $ 379.95 Scala Multimedia 300 T5243 $ 309.95 Scenery Animator -l T5G22 $ 59.95 SuperJam 1> T11B5 $ 84.95 SyncPio Tit B $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus T5023 $ 169.95 Visla Pro 3 T1097 $ 64.95 Voyager 1.1 Sky Simulation T1182 $ 63,95 Playmation (Hash) T106S $ 299.95 Par cm*o « mrnammr V Personal Anim. Recorderwith Mlcropolis 528MB Hard Orive-Digilally record your animations direct to the dedicated hard drive. Which means you can create 3-D animation without the expense and aggravation of tape decks. It will even genlock to your system! No time base error, jitter, skipped frames, or botched edit points you encounter with traditional animation recorders' By Digital Processing Systems T5203 Best! Personal TBC IV T5204 S829.95 S-Video in and out. 4:2:2 processessing for the cleanest possible video image. Personal Vectorscope T5205 $ 749.95 2-Channel Rack Chassis T5245 $ 529.95 Nucleus Electronics Personal SFC 2.5 T5206 $ 394.95 100% accurate single frame controller. Personal Editor T5207 $ 589 95 Animation Graphics Software Animation 101 From Myriad Visual Adventures, a complete course m teal-tiTie animation for video. II demonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in high resolution, using basic sod- ware and relatively inexpensive hardware. Pari one shows you a variety of animation techmques- wilh humor. Pari two shows in detail how the animations were made. Vzo b $ 24.95 Amiga Animation -- Hollywood Style Learn classic. Hollywood.Disney-styte techniques using Dpaini IV and Disney Animation Studio, from renowned Amiga animator. Gene Hamm. Especially for artists who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw with a mouso. 30 minules V205? $ 19.95 How To Animal* I - -t - •• Relevant to novices and intermediate users alike. Pick uphefplul lips and techniques on using DeluxePamtIV from Joel Hagen. And using UghtWave 3D Irom AnvgnWorlds Lou Wallace. 45 min. V2059 $ 16.95 Gel all 3 ol these Videos! V4022 $ 46.95 tin WortSbop?. ADPro 1.3 T5l 10 1 Ofjrmcn! Pro ?3 • ADPToots Pro 15057 ouion Tool* 4000 • ACPro . ADPToo*» Pro T51 u ouion Tools 4000 • ACPro * MorpkPlu* *5'» oulon Tools 4000 ? ADPro - Multi Frame T5t 70 suton Tools 4000 • D«s 1 Pipes Pro 3 ooton Tools 40000 t InsgcMxstn HI Tsl 72 ouion Tools 4000 . MONTAGE ! 5173 outon Tods 4000 . MONTAGE . MONTAGE Font 1 Tsl 74 colon Tools 4000 - Pliet 30 Pro 2 T5175 ouion Tods 4000 . Toaster Tocfcil 4000 T5i 12 j ramie Motion Module * Spirts’ T5233 ONTAGE - MONTAGE fonts 1 Bundle T5C55 0NTAGE 24. MONTAGE Fonts 1 Bundle T5069 uttllrwn* • An Dapartrant Pro 2 J TS221 usttr Tooft.it 4000 ? Tran Pro Tsl 7* sastar Todkil 4000 ? Crouton Tools 4000 • TR«« ProT5t77 7Painl Professtorul 20 and RatlnaAMe Board T5I63 id 30 PrdJMtonal 2. ANIM Wortshop V2 T5160 aru Video • Any 3 Ywws iSpacffyl V2C03 3 u Vldao ¦ Ah 7 Vidacs WW
T. lga Video Vol. IAII V4C59 duwPatnl IV 4,1 * Botti Dpilnl Videos T3073 Pjlnl IV Video Guide - Adnncad Tachnkjuas V2C62 I liar Graphics DCTV Vol I, W A Bl V4W5 user Graphics. DCTV All 4 Videos V2191 DNV EVO-970C Training IA II V4012 mlga Arum, Haood Stylo. Amm. 101. Ho* To Anim. V4022 Jnd i Eya. Beyond Mind s Ey* V20&* iiod s Eya SayorxJ Mind s Eyt, CompuWr Arum Fast V4061 Animation * Entertainment Computer Animation Festival Now Release! Virama- brings you 21 awarC-nvnnng computer animations mixing humor, adventure, sang and fantasy into 5 ertena-n- rg m-nutes Ajsa includes Toon Rurg'pn's "Chang© Wyse'f* vdeo which was don* using the Toaster's LightWave 3-D softwaie V2035 $ 17.95 The Mind's Eye A compelling look at the universe utilizing me talents o' over 300 too computer an.matror artists 40 minutes V20O $ 17.95 Beyond me Mind S Eye Best Seller’ The one e even better than the cr-gnaJ' Soundtrack by Jan Hammer 40 mms flew Low Price! V2044 $ 17.95 History of Ihe Amiga V2042 $ 11.95 The tnals and tnbulatons wh-ch Jay M ner. R J and Caryn Mical Dae Luck. Cart Sassenrath Dave Neecto and the rest of tho orginal los Gatos gang" wont through 4S m rutes Chronos (Miramar) V2045 $ 17.95 Animation Instructional Videos $ 54.95
5134. 95 $ 119.95 $ 53.95 S89.95 $ 169.95
5329. 95 eaS6l.95
5129. 95 $ 94.95 $ 259.95 Peer-to-Peer networking lor Ihe AmigaToaster Image Ffx Sale! T3060 $ 219.95 KARA ANIM Fonts 1-5 Call co$ 34.95 KARA Plaquegrounds New! T5156 S64.95 KARA Startiolds T5157 $ 44.95 KARA Toaster Fonts l-IV Call caS59.95 MONTAGE New! T3053 $ 324.95 Montage Fonts New! T5015 S124.95 MultlFrame T5098 $ 74.95 Pegger T5123 $ 74.95 Pixel 3D Professional 2.0 T5158 $ 179.95 Pixel 3D Pro 2 4 Anim Wkshp 2 T5160 $ 269.95 Pro Fills Vol. I Til 75 S34.95 Pro Fills Vol. II (JEK) T1176 $ 34.95 Pro Fills Vol. Ill (JEK) T5166 $ 34.95 Pro Wipes Vol. I ( JEK) T5143 $ 89.95 Scala Multimedia 210 (AGA) Tt 198 $ 259.95 SMPTE Output T5067 $ 159.95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 !n Stock! T5095 $ 149.95 ToaslerNet T5232 $ 269.95 Toaslner-nel brings the power of the pros to all LightWave users with an impressive list of high- end features lhal will drastically Improve animation productivity! Trexx Professional T1I80 $ 134.95 Video Director T1116 $ 129.95 Video Toaster 4000 Kbd Ovrtay T3054 S27.95 Hardware One Of the nonesi and most reliable manufacturers of hardware tor the Amiga. External 3.5" Floppy Drive Waster 3A-?N 880K w d sable switch the only drive com- patOewitn ail Am a mooeis1 T30?4 $ 79.95 Hand Scanner roots $ 139.95 JS-t05-t UP With Mgraph Toucn.Up Up to 400cp. LOSmm scan width. 64 halftones Hand Scanner tw- $ 189.95 JS -105-1VP- Best vau«‘ Newest version of M.graph "touch Up" V3 0 ard MgrapTi OCR Upgrade Mouse 13010 $ 27.95 Gl-COON The Am ga rrarxuts best selling mouyj Optical Mouse 1301? $ 44 95 GI-60OCN Fuiiy optical no bat to cJean with mousepao Taming The Wave: Exploring NewTok’s LightWave 3D luxe advunUg© ol Lign:W.svi- s tuii pottrntial with the most complete LightWave 3D Trailing System youl' f nc anywhere. Th.s solution featuios 3 hours Of D 2 rr.as-eiec video on two taaes. W th Oetahed expianatons on every major Lgh;w.r«e opt on and hundreds ol stunnng an mations w- tter and erected by David Hopkins a natcrvh LightW.lve CO’um mst .md Am.ga indushy veteran V20 4 Ssle! $ 74.95 goldenIMAG. Tsois $ 49.95 ,JP-6ON2S0dp t jht and easy to use Desktop Video Software The Music Box OctaMED Professional v. s Over 100,000 sold! Nr;nr u nil o.. Graphics A complete, high-level programming language True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! Algebra I T1074 $ 14.95 Algebra II T2034 S14.95 Calculus T1082 $ 14.95 Pre-Calculus T2Q35 Trigonometry T1093 $ 14.95 Discrete Mathematics T2064 Probabi ity Theory T2060 S14.95 TmeSTAT T2061 Get any 2 math pgms T2036 $ 26.95 Get all 8 math programs T2062 Get all 8 math programs Plus True3AStC 2.0 T2063 $ 109.95! $ 14.95 $ 14,95 $ 14.95 $ 94.95 Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 (6„u“2W7 Or mail your order to: DevWare, Inc. - 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW50, Poway. CA 92064 __IN-jJgLi ujv-. Tv* PAL v*!cot tri Vcndy Bures Video (Oil >-uS"t6l [6> Praond jvabNrtj ofprntoci irr wbjert to chin** wiihouTmxm: hvocffrnnrHinch 25. The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder Hew :o buy the camcorder accessaries that are r>g*i! For you Use your camcorder :o r.s fullest advantage. How *c maintain ycur camcorder 90 runs V20SS $ 33 95 How To Shoot Video Like a Pro How to eliminate that amateur look Learn the key fundamentals of composition Bonus' - Her* TO Trans'er your s dfS and Old homo movws to voeo 90 nuns. V2D37 $ 33 95 Continuity & Combining Shots Loam how. When ana why !0 use correct parr. Ng and zoom-ng techniques 7 key s:eps for good continuity. Much more V20S3 $ 33 95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Got gro iglitng with leas: amount of equipment Overcome backLgffl- ng Creative shooting: inducing nigtfltmevideo, Srewjiks. And using filters Features needed fof sound Best microphones Do ajdo Cubo ng and muing 90 m.nutes V2089 $ 33.95 Basic Editing w Consumer Gear Create productions usrng consumer equipment and how to "shoot to edit", whicn makes editing videos 3 snap! 90 rrvn V2090 $ 33.95 (nter. Editing w Prosumer Gear Get oeTier control in editing. Learn what kind of equipment to buy. Learn editing theory Insert and Assemble editing. Setup lor best results. SO mins V2091 $ 33.95 Adv. Editing w Professional Gear Techniques used by the pros. Eating tricks, split edits, post production usng Amigas. Toaster and mixers. Time base correctors A ti roll, Time Code, Decision Lists and more as performed m Ad la's SludiO 120 mm. V2092 S33.95 Get any 3 tapes In the Super Videos Series V2093 Only $ 79.95 The Amiga Video New ! V4039 S14.95 You will learn tips or. Morphing with Morph Pus and Image,Vaster, image processing with Art Dept. Pro, desktop publishing with PageStream. Word processing w th Fmal Coay II. Animating with Rea! 30. Tips Oh DeluxePaiffl IV, and much, much more 55 mms. The Amiga Video Vol 2 New ' v-1058 $ 19.95 Our second 'appetizer" will give you tips On graphics and video effects using ImageFX and Dpaint IV Multimedia scrpt construction with Hyperbcck. Font martpulat'Cn with TypeSmsth. A guide to AMOS and more vdeo tips 55 mm. The Killer Graphics Training Course Killer Graphics: Brilliance V2192 S69.95 Learn lo paint and create graphics in the now modes supported by AGA Amigas; learn to create and animate complete logos in less Ilian 1 hour and learn to paint and animate with tips and tricks used by working professionals. Killer Graphics: DCTV V2193 S69.95 Learn to caatic logos and free-hand art: learn to output 3D animations to videotape without single frame recorders: and learn to create graphics for Special Event videos using DCTV's digitizer DeluxePaint IV Video Guide V2060 S19.9S Explore Dpainl IV's features which will meet most of your graphics and animation needs. Includes new menus, metamorphosis and HAM mode, Adv. Techniques with Dpaint IV V2058 S19.95 Learn tips and tricks for combining Dpaint IV's different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results Create 3D text, drop shadows. Textures, cycle color anims & more1 How To Order... From DevWare Video ToolChest: Write your name, shipping address, daytime telephone and, il paying by credit card, the card's billing address. Then list the product codes of the items you would like to orde' (i.e. V2040. T2038. T2035.e fc.) And the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date & mail to: DevWare Video * 12520 kirkham Ct, Sure 1-AW50 • Poway, CA 92064 Shipping Handling: US A add $ 5. Plus Si for each add! Unit sh-pped. Canada: aocf $ 7 phjs $ 1 lor each Wjdl umi-caK for book Shipping, rore-gn: Cat for jn pp ng info AH payments m us funcs c v CA resident*. Add 7.75% tax 15% restocking fee on gtl returned commercial products Prices sub;ec! To change without notice Not respon- so'e for typo's A minimum of $ 20-00 required on all credit card orders. HomeBuilders’ CAD Deluxe ¦¦ Sale Priced! A lull-featured CAD program. Includes: Contractor's Upgrade. HomeBuilders Library 1 and DeckBuilders CAD Design an Estimating System for- Decks From a room addition to a cluster of condos; HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy lo design change and estimate your next project. Features include: *20 acre drawing area.
• Accuracy to 1 60th inch, -Supports buildings over 200 stones high. -Over 300.000 layers -Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Contractor's Upgrade allows you lo have up to 1000 items (instead of
450) per layout. Library 1 is a tibrary of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. Requires 2.5MB of RAM. Original list of over S40Q! T4032 HomeBuilders’ CAD 2 Includes all of the above except Contractor's Upgrade and Library 1, AmigaDOS 2 compatible. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB. With hard drive, requires 1.5MB. Original list price: S249.00 T2040 $ 49.95 Version 2 The Inexpensive and powerful IBM VGA Emulator solution for any Amiga! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS soltware on your Amiga! PC-Task runs as a task on it's own screen-leaving your other Amiga applications free to continue to multitask PC-Task is a soltware-basod emulator and, as such, isi not as quick as a hardware bridgeboard. But is- also hundreds of dollars, less! Perfect lor your occassional MS- DOS needs. PC-Task even allows you to use your Amiga's serial and parallel ports for Ihe PC emulalion! PC-Task even lakes advantage cl an accelerator...Ihe faster your Amiga, the faster Ihe emulator runs! T5072 rffiSIC PC Task ‘ ! I ii n 1 J 11 41 Information Manager Professional THE personal information manager for professionals who need all their Time Management concerns at their fingertips. Organize your business contacts and more with this information manager! Keeps track of alt business contacts with all necessary information and history. Also branches out to Project and or Agenda databases for individual contacts. Calendar module schedules from day to day. Month to month and year to year. It tracks to do’s, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and U.S. & Canadian holidays. Other modules include Reservations = tracks accommodations. Transportation and dining), Wallet, Inventory, Computer Equipment Database and World Area Code Database. All areas have online help, search, print, iconize, calculator. T5196 $ 69.95 Home Manager Professional What Information Manager does for your office. Home Manager Pro will do lor the home. Address Book. Appointments. Area Codes, Contacts Database, Inventory, NotePad, To-Dos. Alarm Clock, online help and more! T4Q35 S29.95 An Introduction to the Amiga: Operating System 2.1 and 3.0 The qniyvtdefllage- yaiiable on,using new AmigaDOS 3! New Release! What every new Amiga owner needs! Covers the bastes, system design, baste operations, preferences, tools and utilities, files & directories. AmigaDOS & the Shell, tips and tricks and how to customize your system. Indudes bonus companion disk with uisefuf utilities. 90 minutes. V2196 $ 39.95 Unicorn Educational Software We made a special purchase of these programs at a remarkable price and we're passing the savings on! All titles had original prices of $ 49.95 to $ 59.95! AH About America Ages 6-11 T2041 $ 16.95 Land of the Unicorn T2042 S16.95 Adventures of Sinbad Ages 9-14 T2043 $ 16.95 Aesops Fables Ages 6-9 T2044 $ 16.95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9+T2045 $ 16.95 Fraction Action Ages 8+ T2046 $ 16.95 Kinderama Preschool to 1stT2047 $ 16.95 Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T2056 $ 16.95 Math Wizard Grades 1-6 T2048 S16.95 Read-A-Rama Kto3 T2049 $ 16.95 Read & Rhyme Ages 5-8 T2050 $ 16.95 Tales from the Arabian Nights Ages 9-14 T2051 S16.95 The Logic Master 10+ T2052 $ 16.95 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12 T2053 $ 16.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Ages 8-14 T2054 $ 16.95 Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2055 $ 44.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 $ 69.95 Get all 12 Unicorn Titles and Really Save!! T4051 $ 169.95 Sale Price $ 19.95! ‘OctaMED was already by tar ihe best MIDI and music sample sequencer about - now it's even better.’ CU Amiga. OctaMED Pro is the premier music sequencing package lor Ihe Amiga. Version 5 has been completely rewritten for Kickstart 2* (Workbench 2* is required) and features standard windows and pull-down menus for easy, familiar operation. Discover whai thousands of Europeans already know, love and depend upon. OctaMED doubles your Amiga s 4 channel audio capabilities for an ear-popping eight channels ol stereo audio! Complete and thorough online, context-sensitive manual,..no more searching through manuals!!! ‘Standard Music Notation Display • 64 MIDI tracks • Improved control over sampler and sampler effects: The pitch changer has optional anti-aliasing, the volume boost has an optional 100 percent limiter to avoid distortion. Unused space can be removed from the stan or end of a smam- pie, and looping controls are easier to use than ever. Pilch Changer • Generic Slide Function
• Built-in sampling software -AutoSave -Full Printing T5051 $ 69.95 OctaMED Professional 4 if you are more budget conscious or only have Kic start 1.3, this is the version ‘or you. Has ail ol the basic features which made OctaMED a worldwide best-seller1 T4M1 $ 39.95 Amiga Music File Converter Pro Converts between SMUS. MED. OctaMED. Music- X and Sound-Tracker Formats. Also Music-X to MIDI. T5101 $ 29.95 AMFCP + OctaMED 5 T5102 $ 79.95 MusicLab IFS tsios $ 39.95 Both novel and fun-simple or complex-this program allows you to take advantage of the organizational properties of fractals to produce musical sequences with substantial musical unity and cohesiveness. Sequences can be saved as MIDI or IFF SMUS Original List Price $ 89 Video Music Box 15107 $ 44.95 Compose musical backgrounds for video and multi- media-quickly and easily. An almost infinite variety of musical sequences can be created having rock, jazz, blues cr latin ‘feels' ¦ with the large supplied library of chcrd progressions and pattern templates. Saves in IFF and SMUS fife formats. Piano Tutor T5093 $ 29.95 Rapidly master Ihe basics of playing the piano! Leam to play blues, rhythm, rock, jazz, improvisa- tional all ol which are the basis lot modern music. Piano Tutor is a structured, rhythmic system of learning how to play Irue keyboard. Requires sequencer capable of reading standard MIDI files, Mozart’s Music Master T5094 $ 39.95 Makes music reading and learning theory easy! Mozart s Music Master has scored rave reviews from music major graduate students. With this new program you can: -Learn interval shape recognition. This also can be a timed o-' scored activity,
• Learn interval ear training 'Learn to identify scales using a graphic representation 'Includes a bonus feature! Music Tutor allows you to access music terms and identify symbols using its music terms database. Add your own terms to the database with the built- n fext processor! InfoMarket TURTLE LIGHTNING PUBLIC DOMAIN A&M COMPUTER REPAIR - AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER MOST USKK-KRIKNDLY AMIGA COI.I.KC TION AVAILA11LK QI2B. BISKS Akli QLLL.l>..w.i'.lll. QmX. IHE E1MESX_ TLAS, TBAG, EUROPEAN Disks: ALL $ 2.00 each We also have Fred l-'ish Disks lor only : SI.40 ouch CALL Us & We ’ 1 i Send You A FREE Flyer & FREE Catalog Disk & FREE us & Canada only Virus Protection Program. We service ihc ENTIRE ComriKxJore Amiga product tine. Experienced & auittori ed technicians. Replacement and ivpuir pails available at low prices. We serv ice nationwide "call for details REPAIR COSTS A500 - $ 56.95* A2000 - S79.95* A3000 - $ 95.00* A4000 - Call C64 - $ 35 1541 -345 1571 -$ 55 SX64 - $ 70 C128-$ 60.00 C128D-$ 70.00 Call for others c* 915-563-4925 DELUXE PAINT II = SIO PAGE SETTER = SI4 KIND WORDS = 519 AMIGA BOOK FOR BEGINNERS WAS $ lf>.ns... NOW ONLY Sft J DISK SAMPLER ONLY 55 Dealers call for Special Quantity Discount A&M COMPUTER REPAIR o**FREE ESTIMATES4” 24 Colonel Conklin Drive 24 HOUR TURNAROUND Stony Point. NY 10980 (8001344-4 1 02 (914)947-3522 FAX (914)947-2728 1V11 =_$ 3_ON ANY ORDER ATI': PROGRAMMERS WE RE SEEKING SUBMISSIONS FOR LICENSE WARE SECTION TLAS PC3 BOX 30499 MIDLAND, TEXAS 797 1 2 Circle 70 On Reader Service Card. Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. 1 KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 SAVE MONEY REDUCE COSTS EK9 ou will need for your Commodore product requirements. We ORIZED source for more than a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:00 pm EST From Aerospace Engineering to Zoology. Scientific Amigan provides articles and software to enhance research, analysis, and design with the Amiga. Two disks with subscription. Sample issue S2. Annual Subscription: $ 39 domestic, add $ 10 for foreign delivery Dept. AW, POB 60685, Savannah, GA 31420 Scientific Amigan Circle 174 On Reader Service Card. HIGH RESOLUTION THREE BENEFITS To Introducing Your Product to the Infomarket Section ? Free Typesetting if your art copy ? Sales leads every two weeks on ready to use labels ? A listing in the Advertiser's Index Call Heather Guinard at 603-924-0113 or 1-800-441-4403 35mm Slides Negatives
• 48 Hour Turn Around for Slides
* Photo Prims up to 8 x 10 from Negatives
• 14.4 Modem Transfers & B8S Support
• IFF, IFF24, Ham, Ham8, Framestores, and DCTV CALL (715)856-5627 MC VJSA accepted P or write lo: GRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS PO Box 254 Wausaukee, VVI 541 77 ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES .nd 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF
• Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines * NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Call Oi Write for crder form, price list & sample: 4301 N. 75th Street. Suite 101-8 Scottsdale. Arizona 85251 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(602) 949-6066 AMIGA AND COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES AMIGA For every piece ot equipment repaired and returned to our customers, we wiE include your choice of the following FREE:
• A Commodore or Amiga diagnostic diskette (S10.00 value).
• A Commodore Diagnostician or Amiga Troubleshooter ($ 10 00 value). Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround, extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Between now and June 15th. Every customer who sendss us their Amiga lor repair has the option to purchase “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" software tor the low price of $ 10-95, while supplies last._ USING OUR SERVICE IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3 COST OF SERVICES* AMIGA COMMODORE FLAT RATE LABOR FLAT RATE LABOR A500 S55 00 C64 S25 00 A2000 $ 85 00 Cl 28 S45 00 A3000 CALL 15-n S30 00 A4000 CALL 1571 S35 00 4 PLUS UPS SHIPPING COTV 560 00 CALL FOR OTHER TEMS WE SERVICE FOR FAST REPAIR CALL 800-426-8693 HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MON.-FRI.
1. Call our toll-free number 1-800-426-8693 and receive a Return Authorization Number. This is your tracking number
2. Pack your unit(s) securely. Write the Return Number on the outside of the box. Include Credit Card Number, Check or Money Order
3. Send via UPS or other carrier 1- 3 CHESTNUT STREET, SUFFERN, N.Y .10901 914-357-2424 • FAX: 914-357-6243 GLOBAL UPGRADES. INC. InfoMarket TRANSDATA SYSTEMS "Your One Stop Amiga Store" ™ NORTHWEST PUBLIC DOMAIN V'n T? Nm Rnmn7il S also includes LogiCirculL Idisk,PAL,$ 5.50 DUHdiwa. CYBALL5 - Guide thebouncngtxat through the cove collecting stars Idisk, PAL, $ 5.SO (Authorized Commodore Amiga Dealer) C Net 3.0 ..... ..SI 25 Desktop Budget .. $ 47 Top Form .....
• S39.w Advantage .... ....5119 Home Front .. $ 39.95 Alfa Ram .....$ 54 Profill Vol. 2 or Vol 3 ....$ 30 Brilliance ...$ 120 K B A2000 .... ....$ 59 AS314 ... .....$ 32 A1 000 Printer Cable...... $ 24.95 Rexx Plus Compiler ..... ...$ 127 Word Writer 6(C64) . $ 29.95 Super DJC 8 ... .....$ 35 1351 Mouse (C64) .. ...$ 29 Joystick 4 Player Adaptor..... .....$ 17 Morph Plus ... ..$ 132 A4008 SCSl(A4000) ... ... SI 59 Scenery Amimator .... ....$ 59 PCMCIA 2.0 Sram (1 MB) .. ...S170 Vista Pro V3 ... ....$ 62 Al 230 Turbo + (40Mhz).,.. ...$ 499 Homebuilder CAD .. ....$ 59 DSS8 Plus Sound Digitizer... ......$ 87 Image FX ...... ..$ 212 Data Flyer 4000SX ...... .....$ 89 Multi Frame AD PRO ,...$ 69 A4000 040 120 6 ..$ 2200 Light Rave ..... ..$ 399 Designer Object .. .....S29 Playmation .... ..$ 295 Toaster Textures ... S59 DKB 31 28 = all Amiga) ..$ 299 Cross Dos V 5.0 Plus .. S31 TBC Plus(GVP) ... ..$ 775 Final Writer .. ....$ 128 Studio 16 ...... SI 160 Body Blows .... .....$ 32 3 1 2" HD Ext F D .... ..$ 170 Dune 11 .. .....$ 37 DKB 1202 (Al 200) ...... ...$ 145 Elite II Frontier . .....S35 TBC IV ...$ 835 DB Form 2.0 ... .....$ 28 Kitchen Sync .. .$ 1280 Hotlinks . .....S57 Adspeed A500 .. ....$ 90 Scala MM 300 .... ....$ 289 Supra Turbo28(A500 A2000) ..$ 150 Space Hulk .... $ 36 We will ship anywhere in the world. Call now or come to see us at: 1130 North Kraemer Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel: 714-630-1831, FAX: 714-630-5619 We are just six miles from Disneyland
P. O. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071-1617 (206)351-9502 Circle 92 On Reader Service Card. Circle 170 On Reader Service Card. 17Eit CD Collection vol. 1(2 Cos)S39.93 NEW! ]?Bit CD Collection voL 2 = 1 CO) SI9.95 l?8it CO Collections 1&2 only S54.95 Aminet CO (Walnut Creek promised the new one by Mid - March(UhHuh) 1994 - SI5.95 DemoCD 1 (Games.Music&M xls) 527.95 DemoCD 2 (Same as above, Newer) S27.95 CDPD 2 (Fish 660 - 760, dipart utils) S25.95 CDPD 3 (Fish 761-890,24 bit ptx. Etc) S27.95 FRESH FISH (FISH 650-950 + More) S19.95 UBERAllON (Best CD32 Game) S36.95 Labyrinth of Time (Finally!) S34.95 ARABIAN NIGHTS (best platform) S24.95 MlCROCOSMfCross your fingers)SCALL V-a PK Lock -N- Load The ULTIMATE AMIGA PD Shareware Games Compilation!! How about 1,000 Games and Commercial Game Demos? All runnable from Work- Bench! Compatible with CD32CD1Y, AS70 and any External Amiga CcrRom Drive1 How Much?! V ONLY $ 22.49 (+$ 2.00S&H) j SEND 52.00 for CATALOG DISK & FLIER WE CARRY THE FULL UNE OF 17 BIT DISKS. AS WELL AS ANYTHING ELSE YOU MIGHT HAVE SEEN OR HEARD ABOUT?! CLR LICENSEWARE- We carry the full line of CLR LICENSEWARE!. ALL of 'em! PRICES: 1 DISK TITLE - $ 5.50 2 DISK TITLE - $ 6.50 3 DISK TITLE - $ 7.50 (SHIPPING AND HANDLING FOR CLP UCENSEWARfc DtS*S IS THE SAME AS FOP OUT? REGULAR DISKS') HNEW UCENSEWAREI! MAD FIGHTERS 120011 Great new 'Shoot Fighters 2' game. 3D!sks, PAL, -* $ 9.00 FI RACER - TndiannapoLs 500'type 3D driving game Idisk, PAL, •• $ 5.50 CRYSTAL SKULL - You as Indiana Smith' must retrieve the tabled Crystal Skull, but the Aztecs try to stop you. Idisk,PAL,$ 5.50 TEN PIN BOWUNG - Well, it's uh. Bowling. 10 Killer disks with the best ol AMIGA PD Shareware games releases! Includes Scorched Tanks, MegaBall 3. Mine Runner. Incinerator, Dttheli in Space*, Road 2 Her. JeilyQuost'.GORF*. Beetle Game*, Ork Amack'.plus more! Only $ 12.QCXS&H inc)
* - Indicates game is In PAL format _ates gt_ REMEMBER! ANY 10 ASSASSINS GAMES DISKS FOR ONLY $ 15.00 + $ 2.00 SfcHlf (WE now Have up through flSI 155) Call for free llstl i rrrwwtwm 2919AE' - SPACEBARS 9 FINGERS DEMO • Tre bra owoted fokwtp to $ c?e o' he Art way Cco1 2933A9’ - COMPLEX ORIGIN DEMQ[AI2Q0) • 2 Disk Kief MegaDerrvo. Includes on awesome v oit3D sequence! 2964' - MAD FIGHTERS 1200 DEMOCA1200) Derrc version cl the outsmdng Leensewcre boct'em up! 29? I • KLOK1CK 1.4 • Now cfcofcte CPU Coche.O must' NPD DISKSr UTI140 - ReOrg & DfcskSalv2 - A must have dsk for any WE2 0+ Hara Drive user. Optimize & Selvage UTI 153-SCREEN BLANKE2S-2 Great se'een banker programs Ganhne blanker and Super Dark GAM 277 * INCINERATOR - Killer new 3D version of Missile Comand, uses a whole new perspective. ++ SHAREWARE++ NEW PRICINCIUl For 17 Bit NPD. AMOS_PD and ASSASSINS Games Disks pricing is now as follows: 1-24 Disks - $ 2.00 Ea. 25-49 Disks - Sl.50 Ea. 50* Disks - $ 1.00 Each! FRED FISH DISKS ARE NOW: 1-24 Disks - $ 1.50Ea. 25-49 Disks - $ 1.25 50+ Disks - $ 1.00 Ea. SHIPPING $ HANDLING: 1-10 Dlsks-$ 2.Q0, 11-50 Disks-$ 4.00 51+ Disks $ 6 50 (S&H Prices for US, CANADA and MEXICO,all other Foreign countries add $ 0.25 per disk) We accept Casb. Checks, and Money Orders In US foods, as well as UISAMC'NO MIN.) CD52 TITLES Labrynth Of Time $ 34 Liberation $ 35 Microcosm ScalJS TFX ScaJlS Cali for all others! CD ROM TITLES 17 Hit Collection S31.95 17 Bit Continuation S17.95 Demo CD I or II $ 21.95 CDPD I. II or I IIS: 1.95 L-ocL -N- Loud (Fames S16.95 Aminct latest Relea.sc S14.95 Fred Fish 1 jicsi S19.95 Sexual Fantasies"* $ 59.95 Clip An A Font* CD $ 39.95 'Call For All Other CD Titles! GAMES, GAMES, GAMES Games Pkgs 1 -5 Five different packages each containing 10 disks fitted w ith total arcade quality games that w ill turn any home into your own private arcade! Any One Package S12.95 Any lluec $ 35.95 _ All Five $ 49,95 DEGRADE* DISK Allows any 2.x or 3.0 system to downgrade to run almost any
1. 3 program! A must for compatibility! Only $ 1.75 !XXX Adult Pictures! PICS PACKAGES 1-10 10 different packages each containing 10 disks that arc crammed with full color xxx pictures! Adults only! Pkgs are onlv $ 24:95 each! 4 or more onh $ 22.95 each' 6 or more onfv $ 21.95 each! OraU 10 for 5149.95!!!! That* only 1.49 per disk! AGA SHOWOPF PKG 10 disks filbd w ith Euroderros. Animations & pictures that really shou- otf your AGA machine! $ 17.95 Hilarious Hodiiy Noi.se Package This 5 disk package will have you laughing so hard! Full ot sampled burps, farts, coughs, wheezes and many other actual digitized Fxxlity noises! I still laugh' thinking about it $ 7.95 2 disks for SI 2 disks for $ 1 Duncan Dun Hnctlr-lunny anitrution of a beetle
• 5k a pcitc of curg! Akim & X Men S11 drshow - S' i«.e color slide show ma9c up of X Men A japancsc akira pictures! JxtfTY Lxwes His Hrad-Funny animation of Daffy Duck losing his Ivad! Dart Machine-l-'un, interactive way to keep score of your real dart game. Password Paradise-New- disk tilled with tons of Same cheats A passwords! LeOrg 3. I I-Latest version of the great PD hard drnc organizer! Rga Alert Palch-Gives tons of info when machine crashes gum's 1.2.v • only! Doi t Be A May Fool! This month's special-Any 50 disks from our IMAGEWARE PDCatiluvYhiiv rigiiul Eurodemo! 'AG 2.1 -Create your own adventure
* '221 ' mrr “f eiJrnP*=*itTon because then: is no competition w hen it comes to your Arnica ample sWj 5!drf2Kadd $ 1 SMI tt hTn ordering! CALL NOW TO ORDER! C* fetter Concepts, Inc,Q1JbV f qaa A lifr* a rwHUSSJ10 Mandon Terrace t*i J3n®95 Jplo 1>800»2SAMIGA kaojew City, HY 10956 9U *34*7097 Fax Hypnotic Hammcr-A tcriffic Eurodemo with brilliant flashing screens & awes nrK techno music! MegaBall 3.0T.jtcst arkanoid done that blows away all tlvc rest! Even has AGA screens! I irminatnr 2-Play able demo of the great arcade game! Blow aw ay terminators in this shoot cm up! Skid Murks-Facc llenl 'Off Road' clone! Rave trucks around a dirt track! Sheppard-Great Populous done wlvre y ou truke a living off of raising animals. Picture PuzzIMiamc that takes any .IFF image A scrambles it up into a puzzle foryou'lo put Kick! Bop & Hop-Fast vertical jet flying shoot cm up! OF Hope 11-Wonderful Eurodemo that has tino music & IV ¦ ¦ M shop our competitions ad, write down whal you .. us A we’ll Rive it lo you for less: Guaranteed! Let us all thank our competition for advertising for us: Thanx Guys! . . _T_T rc mnnmior Better Concepts Must Be XnsaneT AGA L TIUTY PKG Now contains 10 disks that include necessary utils for AGA machines. Screen promotion. WB enhancement, icon utils, aga viewers, aga fractal generators. Pha> much more! All 10 disks for S15.95 HARDWARE
• CD32 w I'inhall & Sleepw alker $ 399
• CD32 ur l*illlktll Felt IU tries, Sleep Weilker, A
• A500 Kcfurb. $ 130 Liberation $ 425*
• A 1200 $ 389 •A4000 040 Si899
• A l200w l 2>mb 11D $ 659 +A570 CD S175 IFF Si EPS C1.1P ART FDR D I P Over 2 gigabytes of clip art to choose from! Y ou choose the subjects & we fill die disks! 5 disk Pack $ 9.95 10 disk Pack $ 17,95 25 disk Puck $ 32.95 50 disk Pack $ 49.95 Kkiy excellent techno music & great graphics! Gospel Kar°ake--Stng along w ith this funny Qf |l>ill ll i « I v L-* wti 11 r MUSIC MOD PACKS Choose from 3 packs. Techno, Classical or Assorted Mix, Loch contain* 5 disks and will have you dancing JL smi'iny1 $ 9.95 each! 2D£1MS™RWW Circle 151 On Reader Service Card, Don't he fooled bv lh rnes: InfoMarket VISIONSOFT PO Box 225 17 • Carmel, CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB N B 1x8-70, 80 SIMM
45. 00 90 180 360 4x8- 70. SO SIMM
155. 00 ¦ 155 310 2x32- 70. 80 SIMM
339. 00 339 4x32- 70. 80 SIMM
729. 00 1x32 - 70 SIMM
165. 00 165 330 1x32 - 60 SIMM 175(H) 175 350 GVP 32-60 SIMM
205. 00 205 410 256x4 -70 PG ZIP
5. 00 80 160 320 256x4 -70 PG DIP
5. 00 80 160 320 1x4 - 70 PG ZIP
21. 00 84 168 336 1x4 - 60, 70 PG DIP
22. 00 . 176 352 1x4-70 SC ZIP
23. IX) 184 368 1X4 - 80 SC ZIP
22. 00 176 352 SOFTWARE SPECIAL Call for other titles! Agonv .15 A Train... 26 Black Crvpl . 21 F inal Cur'
v. .... ..59 Frontier Elite: II ...... .35 Hired Guns ... ..34 Jurassic Park .. ..33 Lermnini! V II .. ..34 Pacific Island . . 30 Pinball Dreams AGA.....35 Prince of Persia.... ..24 Second Samurai.... ..39 Sim Life .... ..35 Sleep Walker .. ..34 Star Trek Zrtb Aniv,... ..37 Street Fit titer . ..37 Trnlk .30 I Iridium ..r> ORDERS only: 800-735-2633 r O D 1 INFO 8c TECH: 408-899-2040 mmimm W 1_1 Prirn and Aqihliilliy PmliKt* Fas: 40tt-tf9W-8760 UBS: 40H-6254uW) SubjHI III ( lun(c WilhnUI Niililr Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. WARNING ! Due to advertising deadlines some prices listed in This Months AW may be lower than listed , To Insure you get the best prices on any product we carry we recommend you follow these three simple steps.
1. Make a detailed list of what you want to order.
2. Check our competition’s prices as listed in this months AW
3. Call the Amiga Price Duster Hotline at 1 800 967 1073 €Xt. 33* The Price Buster Hotline Is a service of J & C Repair RD 2 Box 9 Rockton Pa. 15856 Circle 180 On Reader Sen ice Card. LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS Software Support Ini. 27(H) N.H. Andresen Rd. Suite wA-IO Vancouver Wa 98661 (2Q6> 695-139.1 AMIGA - C64 I2H - IBM If you think you can't afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although we carry the lop l (X) software hits and a full line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting for you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one stop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or write for your free copy! SomuftuE CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-800-356*1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. LIST OF ADVERTISERS Hauler 153 .Vila Data* 1 Sen ’ire [ (gj A 8c M Computer Repair, 90 Xnmber i 9 Amigaman, 68-71 49 Anti Gravity Products, 82 151 Better Concepts. Inc., 91 72 Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Ltd.. 38 10 Computability, 61 166 Computer Answers, 80 174 Copperhead Technologies, 92 13 Creative Computers, 44-59 1*39 De Vine Computer Sales. 93 14 DevWare, Inc., 95 42 DevWarc. Inc., 86-89 16, 63 Digital Creations, 10-11 26 DKB Software, 14 97 Electrohome Ltd.. CIII * Electronic Entertainment. 7 179 Elite Microcomputer, 65 62 Expansion Systems* 5 74 Global U pgrades, Inc.. 90 186 GMR Productions, 91 * Graphic Impressions, 90 5 Great Valley Products, Inc.. 2 4 Great Valley Products, Inc., 15 i> (beat Valley Products, Inc., 17 7 Great Valley Products, Inc., 19 Hammond Photographic Scivices, 90 80 J&C Computer Service, 92 173 J&C (Computer Service, 78 * Kasara Microsystems, 90 93 Memory World, 83 22 Microsphere, 79 37 NewTek, Inc., CIV 170 Northwest Public Domain, 91 172 Redmond Cable, 84 44 Safe Harbor, 74-75 40 SAS Institute., 16 174 Scientific Amigan. 90 191 Select Solutions. 62-63 45 Sideline Software, 67 88 Software Hut, 77 192 Software Support Int i, 92 48 Softwood. Inc.* CII 7(1 TEAS, 90 92 Transdata Systems, 91 71 Tri State Computer, 85 159 Utilities Unlimited. 27 86 Vision soft. 92 Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. USED AMIGA HARDWARE! COPPERHEAD: The 1 dealer in cpjality pntMMned AMIGA liaickvare! BUY: 'Hie Amiga or add-ons you want w o paying “new” prices. SELL: Your used Amiga equipment to us. RES I PRICES PAID! TRADE: In your system or accessories; Get lhe hardware you want!
* 30 day warranty on all equipment * Quick cash for your handwiire * COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES, INC, 106 |.ty St.. Schenectady, NY 12305 Voice Fax: (518) 346-3894 BBS: (518) 346-7532 Circle 174 On Reader Service Card. TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT In the Infomarket Section Call Heather Guinard 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0113 I his index is pmvidcd as an adiiitimial semt e. I he publisher den s not assume liability fbi errors or omissions. * I his advertiser prefers to he contacted directly, Advertising Inquiries should lie directed to Advertising Offices, Amiga]Vor(tL 50 Elm St.. Peterborough, Nil 03458; telephone; 800-44 1-4103. Subscription problems or address changes: Write to Amiga World. Subscription Dept.. PC) Box 595, Mt. Morris.
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* 1942 Monitor CALL
* 1Q84S Monitor CALL A520 Video Adapter 34 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2286 AT Bridgecard w 1.2MB High Density Floppy & MSDOS 5.0 199 2 MB Ram For 2091 80 Janus 2.1 Update 45 A2000 3000 Disk Drives 79,95 A500 Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A600 1200 Keyboards 29.95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 79.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 External case PS & Cables 99 Beetle Mouse 24.95 External High Density 149 CD 32 NOW AVAILABLE Zoo I CD32 39 Mean Arenas CD32 39 Trolls CD32 39 Robocod CD32 39 Call for other available titles DPS Personal TBC III 699 DPS Personal TBC JV 849 DPS PAR w Software 1549 SEAGATE SG3655A 599 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Personal V Scope 699 Kitchen Sync 1249 Opal Vision 2.0 395 DCTV-NTSC 274 Retina w 4M8 549 Vlab Y C 449 Vlab Int Ext Comp 379 499 Piv 2001 1845 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 Morph Plus 139 Art Department Pro 139 Scala 3.0 299 Video Director 129 Caligari24 119 Aladdin 4 D 249 Video Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 699 Video Toaster 4000 1895 Picaso w 1MB*2MB 459 499 Light Rave 3gg
2. 05 Kickstarl Rom 39.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 32.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 22 1MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 18.95 CIA (8520) 8.50 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 49 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ Superbuster (*11) (4091) Ramsey (A3000) Fat Gary (A3000) Super Dmac (A3000) Amber (A3000) A3000 Daugterboard
S. Tfaputdc ttst f Sofa**** AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS VIDEO AMIGA Sim 111 version available, + 20 to prices, fVXL * 30 ACCELERATOR Ram For The A500 2000! VXT30) 25 & MMU MhzS160 40EC Mhz S225 33 Mhz & MMU S225(VXL 32 RA 2MB S249 w 68882 25FPUS235 w FPU S354 w FPU $ 324 8MB $ 875 68030 25MHz CPU w MMU&Clk$ 249 68030 33Mhz CPU & FPU & Clk$ 299 68030 40ECMhz CPU & Clk $ 299 68030 50Mhz CPU v MMU&Clk$ 379 MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68881 RC20Mhz FPU w Clock $ 125 68882 RC33Mhz FPU wJClock $ 199 68882 RC50Mhz FPU w Clock $ 249 8-Up! FASTRAM BOARD 16 Bit ramboard expandable to 8MB by adding 2MB at a time using 16 1x1 dip chips. 16 Bit Board w OMB Ram 16 Bit Board w 2MB Ram 16 Bit Board w 4MB Ram 16 Bit Board v 6MB Ram 16 Bit Board v 8MB Ram Microbotics Csfl's 12 Gouge M1230XA accelerator Accelerators 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 836-6174 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 836-4145 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS FASTLANE Z3
- Add up to 256 MB of ram of contiguous memory
- Transfer up to 7MB Sec A&ync & 10MB Sec Sync on the SCSI Bub
- True Zorro III 32 bit memory board
- CDROM file system & dynamic caching software
- FAST SCSI - II DMA CONTROLLER FOR BOTH THE AMIGA 4000 & 3000! Pure Speed is Only $ 499 TBC+ w oSMPTE CODE 799 TBC+ w SMPTE CODE 909 IV 24 Impact Vis. CT 1215 IV 24 Impact Vision 2.0 1049 IV 24 2.0 Upgrade 129 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 139 FaaastROM Kil (For Hds) 39 Cinemorph Software 55 Phonepak VFX 2.0 289 DSS8+ Sound Sampler 89 I O Exlender CALL Extra I O Port CALL Image F X 249 Image F X Upgrade 39 Baseboard 601C w 1 MB 69 Dalaflyer XDS 0MB 69 w 170MB Hard Drive 259 W 270MB Hard Drive 319 W 340MB Hard Drive 419 w 540MB Hard Drive 649 Baseboard 12Q0C 25 Dataflyer Ramcard w 2mb 179 500 SCSI or IDE 125 1000 SCSI or IDE 135 2000 SCSI or IDE 75 500 SCSI&IDE 149 1000 SCSI&IDE 169 2000 SCSI&IDE 95 EXPANSION SYSTEMS QUANTUM LOW PROFILES - Warranty 42 ELS SCSI 2 Yrs 99 127 ELS SCSI 2 Yrs 189 170 ELS SCSI l&ll 2 Yrs 225 270 ELS SCSI l&ll 2 Yrs 275 340 ELS SCSI l&ll 2 Yrs 349 525 LPS SCSI l&ll 2 Yrs 549 540 ELS Empire 5 Yrs 499 1080 ELS Empire 5 Yrs 849 MICROPOLIS
5. 35" HH 660 SCSI l&ll 599
1. 2G SCSI l&ll Or IDE HH 849
1. 7G SCSI l&ll Or IDE 1249
1. 2G SCSI l&ll 9MS 1" 875 Maxtor 120 LPS SCSI IDE 359 Maxtor 540 LPS SCSI l&ll 599 Conner 340 IDE 349 All Speeds Available 1x8 120*60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 120-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 100-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60ns Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60ns Page DIP 39+ 1x1 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms (4MB) 149+ 2x32 Simms (8MB) 299+ 4x32 Simms (16MB) 599+ 8x32 Simms (32MB) 1199+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVP TBC+ FRAM 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st 68030-RC-50 w MMU 149.00 68882-RC-50 (PGA) 135.00 68030-RC-33 w MMU 129.00 68882-RC-33 (PGA) 95.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 99.00 68882-RC-25 (PGA) 75.00 68030-FN-PLCC (Calf) CALL 68882-FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 80387-25SX (Bridges) 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (All) 10.00 HP II, HD, IIP. Ill, HID, IIP AND ALL PLUS SERES Board with 2MB 95.00 Board with 4MB 175.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 55 HP 4 (4 Meg) 189 HP 4 (8 Meg) 325 AlfaData Crystal Trackballs 49 Mulliface (2Ser 1Par) g9 Alpha Power A500+8 IDE w 120MB HD w OMB 299 Octogon SCSI II HD Cont. 13g W 8MB Ram Expansion LASER PRINTER MEMORY
2. 5" A1200 600 Hard Drives MATH CHIPS, CPU’s &FPU s
3. 5” HARD DRIVES Accessories MISC. MEMORY CHIPS ALFA DATA 179 149 SG9051A 40 Seagale CN 139 SG9077A 65 Seagate WD 159 SG9096A 85 Seagate 235 SG9145AG 127.9 Seagate 299 SG9235AG 209 Seagate 369 Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Adventure Soft DevWare Kompart Spectronics 1 ntemat ional PO Box 78(5 12528 Kirkham Court, Guilford House 34 E. Main St., 3 Sutton, Cold Field Suite 11-A 17 20 Guilford Rd. Champaign, IL 61820
W. Midlands Poway, CA 92064 St. Albans 217 352-0061 B74 4HG 619 679-2825 Herefordshire England AL1 5JY Star Micronics .America 21*352-0847 Digital Audio Designs England 420 Lexington Ave.. PO Box 5068 72-786-8005 Suite 2702 Ajmalhera Systems Fullerton, CA 92(535 New York, NY 10170 Southerton House 714 562-5926 MacroSyslem US 908 572-6597 Boundary Business Court 24282 Lynwood, 92-94 Church Rd. Digital Creations Suite 101 SunRize Industries Mitcham, Surrey 160 Blue Ravine Rd., Novi, MI 48374 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., CR4 STD Suite B 810 347-6266 Suite 204 England Folsom, CA 95630 Campbell, CA 95008 81-687*0040 916 344-4825 Merit Software 13(535 Gamma Rd. 408 374-4962 ASDG Digital Micron ics Dallas, I'X 75244 Virgin UK 925 Stewart St. 2075 Cone del Nogal 214 385-2353 338A Ladbroke Grove Madison, WI 53713 Carlsbad, CA 92009 London 608 273*6585 619 931-8554 MicroPace 109 S. Duncan Rd. W10 5AH England Avongard Products DKB Champaign, IL 61821 81-960-2255 28S6 Osage Circle 50240 W. Pontiac Trail 217 356-1884 Waukegan, IL 60087 Wixom, MI 48393 Virtual Reality Laboratories 800 244-7241 313 960-8751 Millenium 2341 Ganador Court 708 244-4179 Quern House San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Electronic Arts Mill Court 805 545-8515 Axiom Software 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. Great Shelford 1668 East Cliff Rd. San Mateo, CA 94404 Cambridge Visual Inspirations Burnsville, MN 55337 415 572-2787 CB2 5LD 809 W. Hollywood 612 894-0596 England Tampa, FL 33604 Elite Microcomputers 22-384-4894 813 935-6410 Black Belt Systems 138 Turner St. 398 Johnson Rd. Port Reading, Nj 07064 Mind scape Willow Mixed Media Glasgow, MT 59230 908 541-4214 Priority House PO Box 191 406 367-5513 Charles Ave. Glenford, NY 12433 800 TK-AMIGA Expert Services 7559 Mall Rd. Mailings Park Burgess Hill 914 657-2914 ¦ Canon Florence, KY 41042 West Sussex 2995 Redhill Ave. 606 371-9690 RH15 9PQ Costa Mesa, CA 92628 England 800 848-4123 Fargo Electronics 44*424-6333 714 438-3317 7901 Flying Cloud Drive , Eden Prairie, MN 55344 NewTek CBP 800 327-4622 1200 Executive Drive 1833 Verdugo Vista Drive Topeka. KS 66615 Glendale, CA 91208 GMR Productions 913 354-1146 818 240-9845 3835 Richmond Ave., 800 843-8934 Centaur Development Suite 138 Staten Island, NY 10312 Oregon Research AW, Shucks! PO Box 3959 718 967-1509 16200 S.W. Pacific Hwy.. In the March 94 issue we Torrance, CA 90503 310 787-4530 Great Valley Products Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224 neglected Lo publish 657 Clark Ave. 503 620-4919 contact information for Codemasters Limited King of Prussia, PA 19406 SeaScape Software, Lower Farm House Stoneythorpe 215 337-8770 ParaVision 1251 .American Pkwv. Developer of the game Jet Strike we reviewed that Soul ham Haitex Resources Richardson, TX o081 KJO% * ft. • * 44 t 4 ¦ Warwickshire PO Box 20609 214 644-0043 month. SeaScape’s address CV33 ODL Charleston, SC 29413 is IQ6A-262I Portage Ave., England 92-681-4132 803 852-0750 Hewlett-Packard Perspective Software PO Box 40191 Redford, Ml 48240 Winnipeg, Man. R3J 0P7, Canada; phone is 204 889- Commodore Business Machines 16399 W. Bernardo Drive 313 537-6168 33o . 1200 Wilson Drive San Diego, CA 92127 Prime Image More recently, our April West Chester. PA 19380 619 487-4100 issue listed an incorrect 215 431-9100 800 662-6442 800 752-0900 I mpressions Software 19943 Via Escuela Saratoga, CA 95070 408 867-6519 telephone number for Oregon Research. I he Creative Computers 7 Melrose Drive correct number is 503 620- 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. Framingham, CT 06032 SAS Institute
4919. Lawndale, CA 90260 310 542-2292 203 676-9002 Interplay Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 714 553-6655 SAS Campus Drive Cary, SC 27513 919 677-8000 We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused. $ 3.95* ca. 20-29 Disks a
* *Special** Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anit-Virus (a S20 value) AND pick any 3 disks ol your choice1 $ 4.45 ea. 11-19 Disks Serving the Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library Turn the page and see Dev Ware Video for order info, or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-07591 Newest Disks WB 142: JCGrnph A beautiful graphic package., pie chans. 30 charts of an types. Oipons EPS, IFF & Draw-2030 formats' WB141: Big Dummies Guide to the Internet An interactive AmigaGulde to the information highway and how to tap it' WB140: Mr Backup A powerful hard-dnve backup utility with full taoe-drivo support. Forma-y commercial' Req WB?» WB139; MIDI Performance Manager Ut>My lo manage a MIDI synthesizer and Piker MIDI equipment. Requires WB 2+ WB130: 3.0 Extras 2 - Another dsk chocked tuQ Cl utilities to unleash the power ot Workbench 3 0 and AGA!' WB137: Tho Arexx Guido - Full ArrogaGuide (inc.; document to teacn you Arexx It! Tip-fi'loa with easy x-reterencing' WB135; Terminus WB2 C+ Modem. Terminal program full featured; sa pts screenn-ooet overscan etc WB135: 3.0 Extras *1 * 13+ utilities- for WB 3 0 Several must- haves for getting the most Out or ycuf new graphics modes' FD94: Scorched Tanks • ccmp'etely updated and compatible with AGA3.01 60 different ways lo bow each other away' An outstanding game ol angles. Lra|oc1ones & unique arsenals! FD93: McgaBoll AGA - This is the one you've been waiting tor' Updated to knock your socks oft THE best pd game for no Amiga Roq s WB2. & 1MB RAM Show off that AGA' FD92; Blast cm ¦ contains Scorched Tanks-a tank battle with futuristic weapons defenses a 'great' graphics Gaiictod is a Gaiaxian Space Invaders game completely Amiga tizec. FD91: Popeye - A clone of the anginal C-64 classic-Amiga style with enhanced graphics. Requires 1MB chip RAM for PAL node FD90: Conquest & Dominion - Conquer the known wo'ld and maintain dominion over it - - a microcosm ol economic survival FD09: Kastle Kumquat A thoroughly entenain.rvg and chaF [eng ng maze adventure game Groat sounctracx and grape ¦ CS Reqs tMR Chip RAM (for PAL mode). FD03; AmyBoulderdoM ¦ a clone ol the original classic, extremely wen done complete w>th level editor, 2 complete sets ot levels and a level editor. Requires Workbench 2.. FDS7; OXYD- A commeroal Qua' ty game-smita? To Marble Madness in nany ways, out a lows two computers to ink & play together...see how many ol the 200 landscapes you can complete without having io get the hint book1 FDS6: Uchess: The strongest playing Chess program available for the Amiga period Roq G8030+, Worktwnet‘2*, 4MB RAM or more. Supports AGA (req 0MB1) DD92: Oevotoper Conrans me official Conmooore developers Ms for the AmgaGucte and Commodore install Ltiiit es ..a must have for all serious developers FD6i GAMES! - This disk is cnock futl of games inducing; Checkers. Ctue. Gold - A rew side the pieces pu22le, Jeopard
• An enhanced ve'sion of Risk. RushHour • Surpnsng'y addct- ing. And Space War • Bes! Described as a cross between Corrbat-Tanks and asteroids. F07: Pacman ¦ This disk contains several pacrran type games including. PacManS7, MazeMan and Zona FD10; HackLite - A dungeon acventure game Consdered a must-have classic This is the 2nd release ol mis game Great graphic interlace Play time several weeks' Fdl 1; Las Vegas and Card Games • Las Vegas Craps Tne best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty- One.V-deoPoker and more, FD12AB; Star Trek. The Game - This is by far tne best Star Trek game over written for any computer t: features mouse control, good graphics, digit zed sound otfecis and great game- play Counts as 2 disks. Roq 1Mb and two drives (or hd) FD13: Board Games - contains Monopoly. Dominoes, Paranoids. And others OD03 IBM Not one. Out TWO IBM umulrtiors that wnl a low the running at MS-DOS software with Amiga pro yamsi1. Comes comp ete wih programs to tum your Amiga cppy flrrwre n*a 72DK IBM comp-i’.Ute drives. A sa. Check, dut our PC-Ta.vk arrutntar on our QevWa.ra Video page! FD17: Educational Games - This a sk includes several games for youngsters including geography, math, scervce, and wcro games, also includes Wheel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games MechForcn. A game that simulates combat between two or mere gam rooots Smpte words Cat t begin to give you the feel Ot piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, fire tveaihing. Earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim FD27: Arcade Games Ths disk is loaded with some great games Includes, Raceo-ama a great racing car game with ten dtterent courses. M mBlast a helicopter gunsh p type Cone. Shark in the same class as frogger. Ar.d Sbraakout the original breakout with more FD31: Games! - A • Traffic Control ¦ a good ATC simulation. Back Jack Lap ¦ a full featured sei cl card games. ChessTei - play chess with your friend n distant and remote places with ths game and a modem labyrinth ¦ .i we-l done to»t adventure game (like an mfocorn game), ano MouseTrap a 3d maze game FD32: Flight Simulator An instrument simulator tor a DC 10 FD33: Arcade Games ¦ Flrecdy a Mario Brothers typo ol game. Gerb Is a target practice game PrpeLine a German interpretation ct Pipe Dreams. Tron a l.gh! Cycles version, and We have teen me official Public Domain Library of all me besi Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on each disk ind cate the orientation of the disk; WB general interest ¦ most programs can be run from the workbench, FD games and enluriammenl, VO* are video related programs utilities and DD advanced requires thor cugh knowledge of AmgiDOS-CLl Thanks lo cur entersive arsenal ol anti-virus software, ALL ol our software r$ guaranteed virus free' Fun Disks Best Seller! Requires WB! 3*. WB141ABCD: Amiga Verse Search The Authorized 1611 King James Bibte onbne! CompteW cross-referencing io ait words is included. Runs on all Amigas with 1MB of RAM and 2 drives. FD39A&S: Star Trek. The Now Generation t- s s a corr- petely dHerent verson o' Star Tre» ma' a- -;v-o pn Fdt2 This one was created by the Ge'ira- a mo* ToDiflS Excellenllfl Counts as two disks Reau pes 512k FD50 Submarine Game - Sealarce o a-c a naif ye.i'5 in the making m s it an outstanding Sjpr-.v sct ca game Commercial quality, hgr.y recommennen FD57: Arcade Gomes - induces 2 try ,' commercial qunhty games VtgaBai. An ArkarO'0- sn ti e 'ej'u'n 5 mus cai scores a"C adc C! Ng gameo Ay Gravly AttSC' . I OS.iCnaOet- lie trip through several d Parent wo' ds each d tferent FD59: Game Potpourri - Xenon III is .v ,i;ncs' --¦ ¦ =sc! Cone of the commercial game c‘ tne vi~e name a c-eat srootemup Crcsswom will take lists ct ncrcs & auio at ca . Generate word-soarch puzzles iDr any Epson ccmpai-b e printer FD60: Game9 - In Nebula race over a 3d wo-'d to destroy enemy installations Interleron a grear O' Mar c clone Enigma; U H a game cr purz-*’ FD61: Games Soioare. Great grapfiCi oay? Two versons Klide. An irteresirg p eco ol eye candy E»Ten'y V oence 2 player kill tv be k led ga™ vATC. A Te'--S ;:‘r wTh Art real Intel! Gence Genesis; create realist c 3o 'racial worlds FD62: PomPom Gunner. An exirerrey smccr -tne well cone World War II gunner simulation Rec t megabv'- of errcry. FD57: Arcade Includes Lrama'ron a we OO'O Rcoorron clone Hate is a ‘tefnfic‘ Zai*on cion* win multiple levels worlds and Smooth diagonal scrolling a tQi FD69: MindGemea Had enough o' shoOT *»m Jo games’ Relax and let these 21 game* eie'ci* you* nd nstead Of your wrisl FD73: Arcade Scries • Intruder Alert' s a MULTI-level "Berserk' done Features smooth gamepay great graphics A dgtizea sound t r FD74r Arcade Series - RingWar e an G„ie' Limits' c one with vectorzed graphics. MotnerLooe s a Loce Runner’ done Wtn 50 levels' In Bi'zTanks. ;he, re «m -q at you from at directions" Ca i m a - stnnes ana use yo_' he-iv, an tery to survive' FD75; Arcade Scries - Descender is a clane of t' e classic a-cada game 'Tempest'; complete w th vectorized graphics Tam is me oassic oatt e ol fajecior es arc nerva between two tanks incroctitjiy well done1 Search i5 a maze game unlike any omer rnc'udeo is a level ed ’or ioo iTan. Lequ r« t meg cn-p memory.Fat Agn JS) FD771 Arcade Scries - Ga'aga S? Is a c'ire or me arcaoe game with several gameplay enhancements-wtn smooooth. Sharp graphics, it's bctte* than the or.g -a 1 Pharaohs Curse :S a done ot the ongma) 064 classic Docmacy s a beautiful'y computerized version of the Avalon Hll bca-c game-cenquer or be conquered' The AmigaWorld "Blst-Of" Set FD05ABCD: Amlg*Worid's Best Tn«w tour owns con rarn the hottest pa games of '921 includes Mother Lode. Mata. Minefield, Poing. Intruder Alert, Deluxe PacMan, Rocky -nrd Super ArMJery (see Dec. '92 AMIGAWoridi Four disk set, counts as three FD01: SuperGames Some of the best games--Dor key Kong
• s better than the original wirb ac extra eve.' F',ntc Fnycoe and TrailBiazer are cotn lasi-p.aced arcace games Mad Bomber is the Hass c game of "KaOooir" reacne a rn an Amiga llare All ot rhese games aro excel lent1 FD02: Intrepid ¦ in Tne A'ctiC ¦« yOu CO'nf,o a !a-» on a n s- son to rescue hostage? If this SuWhTJ y Cr,iH» Am g,y C'-ginj! FD84; Games! Dutuxe PacM.m is butler trqn tho crgmn 20- mazes, special "oower-uos- wdh ouifj-rding g-aphics ThmkAmania s tho classic gamt o' car :v-:-ar z- win beauh- fu ry drawn Hres images. Workbench Disks i WB4:Telecommunicatron - Th 5 c s- rcn-a rs se.--a eic* - tent pd communication programs: Access 1 a? Comm 1 34 it Handshake 2 12a See a:$ o WBI02 i Wbt 15 WBS: Fonts *1- 35 bitmap fonts AiJO nc uOeq are r vm PageStream fonts.ana SnowFont a 'cn c sc ay program WBG: Fonts 2 Snow Font allows yo- to auckly and pamlessiy view ail 256 characters m a typca ‘s1 • Includes large Am.gaOos SySlem fonts inra-iy ic 55otsi we7t Clip Art - This o sk is laaced win biac* 3-3 wmse cl p an. Art includes, irees watchos. Tools 1JS ana State naps, and more WBS: Tcons - Truly a multituce sf various Types ana F.ngs A'so incijdes teonMiester. TconLao. Anq qme-s g*eaT ul- I es to help generate tcons WB 12: Disk Uilfitios Th s great disk is loaded w I' .vondertu utilit.es tor everything including making q .» ab~.-s. q •,» cala- ipging. Oqk optrrizrog. O sk and 11- recovt y arc jnc organizing. And an sorts 01 file mampulalan A must nave1 WB13AB: Printer Drivers and Generator over 70 d Iterant WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This set contain? Tne programs raa! Should nave been included with WB?--. These powerful utiid-es ta*e full advantage of the many new capabilities mat »te available In Workbench 2- Includes Tool Manage' ¦ a wonoertul utility to add programs to your TOOL menu Vuirt Prolecdqn - Degrader. Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show AH' lo display ovqr 40 distinct cons tor different type? Of tfes. Bitmap Font Editor Screen Biantuws - a!n fractals and spliners and swarm ng bees Requestor Enhancers and CPUBH1 Two c>sk sot. Counts as two. Wetroids a wonderful verson ct aste-0 Os -v" .» -v OjS twit FD33: Games - Cribbngp Master A gre,*i cr bOagt- game and tutor. Spades • a well done card came C" "e'-eC'-eCkers A computer version ol this classic. Puzz a : c-- b ece buzz e game and construction set Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime complete satisfaction guarantee No questions asked WB46: Clip Art - H'ghRes Cl p art with the Tb iowing motifs - embellishments (borders dOdads people. 4 Lransporiation. WB47: Clip Ait - Hires cip art. Motifs ¦ hair, drahing, summer, animats and macfood WB43: Clip Art - H.res cip an Mdt.Is - Holidays, music. Rr*c - cai, and misc. WB50: Animation ¦ Seven of the best euro styla animation? Cr 'Demos', including - scientific 451. Subway, sunnde, tnrstde- mo. Might, waves, and wocw. VVB53: Graphics • Ruytracing programs generate absolutely Stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buddings , and surreal images C-Ligni is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of its kma we nave seen to date This :? Easry bene’, and more lull featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dottars. Also. Smovie - a lull featured video text tiller similar to ProVidao. Broadcast Tiller Great video scto'ing. Vnpes. Specal ehects. And more... YYB54: Printing ¦ This o.sk contains several routines to help wilts the chore of printing Includes Gothic • Finally a Banner pnrter far ths PD' PnntStjd-o -a we-il implemented a •pj'pose printer-utility with a very ccmfortable graphic interface and many advanced leaturas, Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and mora WB55; Application Xcopyltl • a fu« feaiured d'Sk cop o--. Make backups of copy protected disks RoadRouto ¦ tind the quickest route trom one city to nnolher, highway description included D ary - a d.ary program tike ‘Dougy Houser M D', Ca'
- a calendar program, Mag man - a database tafcrea for articles and publications. WB57: Animation - Th s disk has several 'Demo' style animations. Including. Blitter. Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenomotpti WQ62: Midi Utilities - Several useful m-di ulrlities including, programs to Iransfer to and from several music programs to midi a m«J' sysex hancfer a midi recorder with tmeftase, &s- p ay midi into, l ie sequence player and a few scores WB63: Disk Utilities *3 Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing f e backups Binary editing, fast formatting. Me recovery, ana forced dsk vacation ol corrupt disks. WB66: Icons *2 Let s of neat icons. Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and man pu ate cons and into s'ructures WB69: Music - 90 minutes of Hass-ical and modem etearonic muse for you Amiga WB75: Music over t00 insifuments tiles (inai) and sample Sound ! « ( 54) WB79: Homo & Business Accounting - Includes C'ibacct - Ihn most complete checkoook accounting program going. LCDCa'c - this well dene calculator has a very large Display and operates from the keyboard or mouse, M eage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Wortdtima - End cut what : me is in uo to 50 global Mies. WB119ABCDE: Font Set 7h» CottwtiopcoWfflhSOrtf 100 type‘aces tpr use wth Professional Page PrigeSettef 3x or PageStream 2,1. These fonts wm cutout io any Utsra pnnt- er or oot-mainr printer w-'.n no jaggj- -. (hanks to outlina terns. Very pro-look.irt(j 5 Ols* ref, counts a? 4 V B81: Great Applications • DaraEasy a very easy to use. Database program Don t let tne ease of use foot you. Kin is a drivers linclucing HP LaserJet 3 & 4'), also inciudas n printer- driver generator T wo a sk set counts as t wo Wbl5: Business This C'Sk conta-ns a spreaosnoet, a database, a prpjeeii me management program and financial analy&s (stocks). WB10: Word Text Processors • This O'Sk contains the best editors. InciudesJextPluS (v2.2ei a full featured word prcces- sor, Dme;v! 35; a g*eal programmers edtor with strong macro features.TexED(v2.S) an enhanceO Emacs type ed tor. And a spe1! Checker WB22: Fonts »3 - Several more great fonts. Tnese. Like the other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot a 3-D mathematical tun-ctoo botlor Can pot any user defined functon BezSur!2 - produce awesome pctures of oDjeots one could turn on a lathe. Can also mao IFF image files onto any surface that it can draw. Now compatible with most 3D packages and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen arry'where VB25:Educational On tbs OiSk are two programs That can generate maps of differing types. Worta Oata Base uses the CIA's data base to generate deta ted maps of any entered user g'obat coord nates Also Paradox a great demonstration ct Alpert Einstern General Theory ol Relativity Y B27: Nagel - 26 Ptvrick Nagol pictures ot beautiful women. WB33:Clrcult Board Design • sevoral tern I c routines ler tho
o ectror.ie enthusiast. Inducing PCBtooi • a ebeud ooard design tool, LogicLab • circuit logic tester, and McaO 1 26) a well done new release of tnis PD CAD program, now ccmes with predrawn common crcuit components for insertion into schematics WB35: 3D Graphics ¦ This disk contains 3FontS - Fu I vector font set lor use with 3d programs, FontMakor - make 3d fonts trom any system font Vake3DShape - create 3d shapes Iron any mage. DumptolFF • create 3d animations preserves pallet. WorW3d - a demo ot a front end lor use xvqn DKBRender WB36: Graphics ¦ On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images mdud ng. Mpath - creates Swirtmg galaxy images, Rcsos p'Pdjcu an ur,l mited numoer o1 vana- ! Oris o! Images that a symmetrically Similar to a rose, SimGen - display those spectacular images as pari o! Your workbench, anq RaySr.ade - a very gccc ray:racing program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this one' WB37: Educational - Eoucational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB38: Ptotllng and Graphics Ptotty u a pcweHul full featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and un versi- lips Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full luatured Tesseiator - a program that he'd? Generates la-bis be looking, recursive t G. Ecshor type pictures WB41: Music ¦ MED an Incredibly well done, lull featured mus-c editd'. Create your own stunning mus e directly on your the Am ga Smi ar to SoubdTracker but OOTte' Very powedql easy to use program Version 3.20--compatbie with WB2+, WB43: Business • Th s disk contains AnalyhCalc - probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the At. Ga A hill featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package Req 1 2 MB Special Product *New ReleaseI! QT3: The A&4 Package Version 3 - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with Wbl.3 & 2.0 and now 3.0! This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64’s 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. All-new transfer software! Special price $ 59.95 -with hardware. Very lull leatureooatabase program including full printer control lor add-oss labels and mail mergo appiicntrons Also includes. TypoTct a good typing tutor, RLC a fu'J featured label printer. Banner, a multi font banner maker, and BuOge: a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended. WBS2: Animations - Four lull length, 'well done 'movie' Style animations. Including. Coyote. Juggler!!. GhostPoo). & Mecharix. 2 disks, counts as 1. WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 2 Contains the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga; VirosXA.O Snap. FixDis* i recover corrupt deleted files). Disk Optimizer (F-OPPy A hard), Machlll (screen btarvker. Hotsoy. Mouse Occel macro, dock utility), GOMF (a gurubustor)and PrmtSludiO WB95; Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely commercial grade, we've seen many checkbook programs and this is the best Fu'l budgeting. TfansacTon recording 4 report generation WB96: Dupors • Contains Xcopylll & Nib wnich will backup copy-protected programs Free Copy removes copy protechon from several programs, and SuperDuper w.ll crank-oul fast Am. ADCS copes WB99: Lifestyles - Includes Agene family tree program inat tracks uo to GOO peooie marriages etc Landscape is a CAD program to create garCenslandscapes Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment witn pattt-rn design with instant feedback W8102; Telecommunication* Contains tne programs Nconwn 2 0 and Vti00-290 Zmodem protocols. XPR proto- cot support, lull Vtroo emulation Ncomm s script language is so pawarful it can craate a full-featured BBS system, W01O6: Home Manager ¦ This is a great all-irvone address Poo witn an auTocaier notepadlo-do lis-. Appomtmert scheduler-home inventory database arc phone number dialer. V B1O0: OctaMED - This breakthrough program doubles ycur Amiga's sound capao- Tes from 4 channels to an ear-popp r>g B channels1 All the renaund edimg caoa&i tes O' MED plus 4 more channelsl II you thought your Amiga sounded good be'pro you a nt heard nuthln' yet1 WB109: VeraeWlse - Display search and print The New Testament WB113: Sid II Wny pay 40 ducks for a directory utility, when this one will oo it alt plus mucn morel A truly prptessional-cal- ber program SiO 1 was Our best, now complete y rewritten S d 2 will astound you. WB114: Fonts *4 • Contains 36 bitmap system fonts WB115: Telecommunication - If you have AmgaDOS 2 04* and a mcdem. Then ths i$ THE program for you Term fo.'J'iy conforms to The User Inlertace Style Guide lor 2 04, has an Arexx port, and supports all popular lile-iranstor protocols through XPR libraries We wi$ h ail programs wore inis good WB116: Databases - Thu u wnai you've teen waiting lor' Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs tor Hacking Videotapes. CD s Magazine Articles, Comic Books and Trad ng Cards' WB120: Grinder - a ccmpiete graphcs conversion package that Supports GIF’s. Jpeg. Neocnrome, Degas, PCX, Targa, T|Fr. HAM-E ano IFF forma; pictures An invaluable tool for all desktop-videograohefs and Desktop publishers 110; AMIGA Beginner You Sjr A camp ir.fl for tin- txglfflVjr on using the Amiga Shirts you - st thm power-switch and t kps you mrougn to tho CLI I ind a" poiftu- in l -. Tw -T Bonuf A -jn mcJuc- c are 1G cons to rftpace every icon in your 2.0* WorkPonch WB121: ProPege3 4 Enhancor - This d sk contains over 40 'Genies* for use witn ProPage 3*. Including useful ones I ke Make Pie Cnan ano Resize Text to f t Box to name a few Also incudes structured -5 bitmap Cipan tor unique borders .,a must have lor aH Ppnge 3 users. WB122: System Optimizer • Kcommodity enhances your system, gves memory meters, mojse'rkeyboard enhancements, on ine timers plus many others too numerous to list' Reorg wil optimize hard and fioppy-d sks lor a big speed increase HDMem will allow you to use up to 2 megs of hard- dnve space for virtual memory1 (Req 68020* w MMU) All programs require 2.0*. WB123AB: Flags ol the World - same as W9i24. Out for Workbench 1.3. Req. 1MB 2 disk set. Counts as two WB124: Flags of tho World Two modes; click and learn or a game to test your knowledge. Great graphics-fanlastic learning teal. Has current Russia 8 Yugoslavia republics, Req Workbench 2 0* A 1 MB RAM WB127: Blankets - Over 20 different screen blankers. Most run on Workbench 1.3+ a lew require2.0+ WB120: ColoiFonts - contains T2 color bitmap fonts for use with Dpaint or any software that supports CoiorFonts WB129: Super Virus Killer • From 5a‘e Hex Inti, who catalogs aro kifls A mg a Viruses workMdt-a complete virus system mat krows ait Amiga viruses, updaied often Req WB 2- Y B130: ToolManger 2 • The ultimate toot manager for your Workbench Add an.mated icons, sound effects and ‘docks' ot programs to your WB..very useful1 Req 2.0* and hard drive. WB131: Magic Workbench - Make your 2.04- Workbench sizzle with style with tnese 8-color athered icons Easy auto- installs in minutes Req. S WB2.04* and hard drive. WB132; Canon Studio Version 2 • Special primer Preferences ed-tor and drivers for BJC 600. ©00 & 860. LBP. Al. A2, BJC BOO. BJ 5. 10. 20, 200. 230. 300. 130. WB133: Panasonic Studio ¦ Special printer Preferences editor and driver system for al! Panasonic 9 S 24-pin printers WB134: 3.0 AGA Blanker • BxtzBianrer for WB3 0- 14 different blanker? Io reaty show off your AGA machine! OD54: Compression - The best f i© compression programs and aids for the Amiga. Includes Aro. Lnaro. Lhwarp. Pkax. PowerPacker a must have by all. Zip. Warp, and Zoo. DD71AB: C Compiler This disk contains DICE. Matthew Dillon's lull leatu'od. Powerful C compiler & environment. 2 disks, counts as 2. DD79abcd: Amiga “C" Tutorial - Tn.s is the most com- pranensive C language-Amga onentec set of tutorials available. Induces lull working examples, source code and an incred.bfe set of lessons. Included are full discussions and examples fo' Amiga programming. 4 pis* set. Counts as 3. DDS6; The Programmer ¦ Includes Gad Tec's and REQToats which wilt allow you to create your user interfaces and then the program will automat-cany generate 'C* source code or AssemDly code. Requires, and wntes code tor. AmgaDOS2* DD89: Uedit ¦ Probatl'y me most powerful te>t editor for The Amiga Previously commercial, now pubiic domain, 1 MB 0D9I: PnrBench Atiows you to easily connect.hotwork two Amigat'CDTVs together and share storage devices. Roq's Custom cab'e (docs to make cable inciuded-easyl- DD90: Advanced Utilities - CompressDisk doubles the capacity ot ycur hard-drive on the fly with compression!!! Also contains: disk optimizer. SCSI mount utility. Keymap ed tors. Enforcer UndeJeter © more Most programs require 2 0- Video Disks V09: Imaging Induced on this disk are tho md-spensibie utilities. Ren J24 ViowTek and the JPEG utilities Rend24 is invaluable tor 24-bit animators allowing for provmws on AGA and non-AGA Amigas ViewTek ptays hack amms ot all sons including Arim 5. 7 and 8 formats. Dev Disks THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. For Against Games February’s "Editor’s Drawer" revealed what I have suspected for quite some time: Amiga owners primarily use their machines to play games. Amiga World should focus on its real (and neglected) market: gamers. Granted, most of us would welcome Microsoft Word or a new WordPerfect for the Amiga. It ain’t going to happen, folks. And while it is obvious that the Amiga’s video prowess far outstrips die competition, the time is ripe for AmigaWorld to pay more attention to its bread-and-butter customers. Paul Thurrott Scottsdale, A rizoaa The .Amiga, by the nature of its users and its strengths and weaknesses, is not going to take the same path as the PC. If CD32 helps get the Amiga name into buyers’ heads, then I’m all for it. The Amiga can be marketed as both a video multimedia creator’s system and a home entertainment system without confusing buyers. Money from CD sales can go toward development of ever-more advanced Amigas. Another overlooked use of the CD32 system is as a kiosk information system. For about $ 700, including the cost of the MPEG cartridge, you could build the start of a kiosk system like nothing on the market. Once again, CBM has given buyers state-of-the-art hardware O i at economy prices. Zoltan Hunt Downsview, Ontario As a 13-year-old Amiga user. I’m offended by the principle of video game systems. Who would spend $ 139.95 011 a game system and S70 to $ 85 per game? Not me! Not all teenagers are stuck on Nintendos. Since I was 5 years old (and a C-64 user), I’ve been loyal to Commodore. Nathan Jones Sh irley, Aiassach uselts 1 couldn’t find any place that actually had the CD32 in stock, so how is Commodore supposed to compete with kings like Sega and Nintendo? They have no arcade hits and nothing outstanding compared to the 16-bit Sega
CD. The system could be dead before it’s released. Too bad, because they had a chance. George Bain Sch n mac her. On la rio Get Back in Business Where is the coverage on business programs, music, and the many other aspects of computers? True, the Amiga is at the top of the hill as far as video is concerned, but the Amiga is fully capable of more. People see the Amiga as just a video tool, something like a A good magazine changes pace with the market it is covering, and AW seems to be doing just that. VCR. If we expect to attract some of the Mac and IBM users, AmigaWorld has to be a lot more diversified in its computer coverage. Horace Gilchrist, Jr. North Baldwin, New York Net Update 1 wish to correct some errors and omissions in your article "Cmisin’ the Internet" (Jan. ’94, p. 65),
1. The Internet is not based on Unix. All modern computers can hook up to the Internet, To connect your Amiga directly to a local area network, you’ll need a networking card and the proper software to handle a TCP IP connection (see “Net Gains ' Mar. '94, p.
33) . Freely distributable software is available to connect to the Internet via modem, without a networking card.
2. When downloading a file via FTP, you should not type "get filename.lzh"; this can result in a corrupt archive. You mav need to set vour terminal software
* to “binary” mode first [on non-Unix systems]; consult your documentation.
3. FTP site amiga.physik.unizh.ch shut down months ago. In the US, use the following FIT sites: ftp.wusll.edu, ftp.cdrom.com, and ftp.etsu.edu. Switch to ihe directory “ pub aminet," Other sites, such as ftp.hawaii.edu, carry the Fred Fish library. Dan Zerkle Davis, California thanks for the update, Dan. (Dan is the moderator of the Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.a miga.a a non nee, and encou rages readers to mail Amiga-related news to a n non nce@cs. U cdavis. Edit.) Eds. Your “Cmisin' the Internet” article was simple and basic (which the intimidating Internet is not), hut covered much information that .Amiga owners need to get started. 1 especially liked Cindy Field’s and Tim Walsh’s information on Amiga-specific files. I invite all Amiga owners to inundate the Internet with impressive programming, graphics, animations, sound and music files, as well as news and views to force Mac, DOS, and Unix users to use Amiga resources. Rick Rudge Milwaukie, Oregon Improvement Noted Your lasl two issues AmigaWorld (Jan. & Feb.) have been your best two yet, with substantial improvements in both. A good magazine changes pace with the market it is covering, and A W seems to be doing just that. Todd Putnam Trains APB, California ¦ COMP A TIBLE COLOR MONITORS Running multiple frequencies on your Amiga can mean constant manual adjustment of picture size and position on the monitor. Except on Electrohome monitors with DMS (DIGITAL MEMORY SIZING). Pre-set the size and position of up to 40 different signals using DMS and your monitor images will remain stable at all times, with no adjustment necessary when switching signals. Our 14" (15-40KHz) and 20" (15-38KHz) models are ideal for graphics, animation, modeling, and video manipulation, with "an extra degree of excellence in performance and reliability. For more information, please call: ELECTROHOME Display Systems...Amiga Color Monitors 809 Wellington Street North, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4J6 Phone: 519-749-3130 Fax: 519-749-3151 Circle 97 on Reader Service card ADEFMIE MUST-HAVEtlPGRADE FOR EVERY SERIOUS TOASTER USER!’ Find Out Why! Ami°a World u Call for your free Video Toaster 3.1 demo video. 1-800-847-6111' Software upgrade for all A2000 Toasters. Available now at vour local authorized Video Toaster dealer. Registered owners of idco Taister4000 and 30 will receive 1 idea Toaster 3 J sijhvareaifcmitinillx at no t huge, iikvToisnr. Tmsta air mfoikiih r .VuM, I'm ©bWTdJir. TlM = wT= k INCORPORATED Circle 37 on Reader Service card. 1 EGS 28 24 Spectrum is a trademark of Great Valle- Products, Inc. EGS is a trademark of Viona Development. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Circle 2 on Reader Service card

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Amiga World Vol 10 05 1994 May

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