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Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. AGAmes .. 75 Brief rev iews of games specially designed or adapted lor the A1200, A4000, and CD32. EDITOR S DRAWER Wanna hear a secret? When you shop around for the best value in com puling systems, the Amiga is at the top of the heap. As an Amiga user, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the following claim: The Amiga represents the best value in the computing market. That’s probably one reason you purchased it in the first place. But is this claim still true in today’s competitive market, where prices for both the PC and Mac platforms have tumbled? To find out, we decided to sponsor an unprecedented computer shopping spree that would test the deep pockets of even the most avid techno-shopper. We set loose AmigaWorkVs roving shopper, Dave Johnson, with tens of thousands of dollars in Amiga World play money bulging from his money belt. The rules of this fantastic buying splurge were simple: Browse through your favorite computer megastore and purchase roughly similar computer systems based on the Amiga, Mac, and PC capable of performing some of the most popular computing tasks, including word and image processing, graphics and animation creation, multimedia presentation, and desktop publishing. See what system you can create for each of the platforms, and then compare the price tags. Amiga Rules! Johnson is a knowledgeable computer user familiar with all three markets. He knows value. And, like you, when it comes to computer shopping, he's after the best bargain. In terms of features, capabilities, and applications, the systems he chose are all roughly equivalent, and the Amiga compares favorably to the other two platforms. The big difference, however, is price. If you’re one of the approximately five million loyal Amiga owners, then this article confirms what you’ve known all along: The Amiga offers more bang for your computing buck. But, don’t take my word for it. Turn to page 20 to see for yourself just what your hard-earned cash will buy. Devise your own comparative shopping spree and see if you don’t arrive at comparable findings. Since its introduction, the Amiga has been shunned by the general computer press and scorned by other (jealous?) System users. It’s time for the Amiga to take its rightful place as a serious contender in the computing world. Far and away the price performance leader, it warrants careful consideration from those searching for a new computer system. Despite its lofty ranking, the Amiga isn’t for everyone. It’s the choice of champions, selected for its multitasking, quality graphics, ancl sound capability at a reasonable price. It’s for those who are more concerned with results and what the computer can do than with brand names. The Amiga lias speed, power, and capabilities found only in systems costing much more...and it’s all wrapped up in an easy-to-use, flexible package. It’s the best-kept secret in the computer industry.

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Amiga World Vol 10 04 1994 Apr

Document sans nom L BER4770A ” BLOCKBUSTER HIT FOR CD327-P.70 mu nicotians i cat ion Amiga ... PC Amiga See How They Run! ? ANIMATION ? GRAPHICS ?MORPHING ?VIDEO ? MULTIMEDIA ? DTP Plus!
• 10 AG A Fixes For Non-AGA Owners 50 I O Expanders Animation “Recycling I | i [ I i ! I Audio For Video More DOS “Gems” “HotLink” Your DTP jpmai nmer Release 2 fjgr inal Writer is arguably the best word processor yet released tor the Amiga.”, Amiga $ g|d; March
1994. "...Final Writer is the top Amiga word processor to rival even the Mac and PC heavyweights.", CU Amiga (England). January 1994. Finalwriter haskall of Final Copy M s major features plus many . More. Jt includes: Table of Contents, Table of illustrations. Endnotes, Bibliography, and Index gen- 'eraijion; sections; multiple master pages; EPS gsapnic support: movable text blocks; rotated text and graphics; and a user configured button strip for individulTcustorri tion of the program’s interface. Release 2 now includes complete Undo” capabilities. Easy-to-select Bold, Italic, and Underline options; floating palettes for tools, user buttons, and style sheets; a new tool strip that features drop down menus for fonts, styles, and font size: and additional flexibility in customization of the user interface. Final Writer requires 2 megabytes of RAM a hard drive, and Workbench 2.0 or higher. Fa&lScript is a registered trademark ot Adobe Systems Incorporated
P. O. Box 50178 Phoenix, Arizona 85076 Cirdo -18 on Reader Service card LOW PRICE final OpyMl Release 2 "Readers’ Choice Awa :i 93' Amazing Computing; "Awarcy§3 -"feest Software Product", Amiga Plus "Product of the Year 1993",,i Amiga Macaflp iermany). What more can we savJS Thisjfr thelmost popular and most used word |MBr on the Amiga today. It features a 110.000-; pira speller; 1.4 million word thesaurus; autaj| hyphenation: search and replace: tab stops; adjustable margins; word and sentenc(y»HCljg;-l paragraph sorting; on-screen math; Arexx port; style sheets; drawing tools; imported IFF graphics: master pages; CompugraphicJjype-1; anc Jk NimbusQ outline font support: and the best printing possible on any Workbench supported graphic printer or PostScript device. Final Copy II works equally well on Workbench 1.3,2.0 and higher. Ail you need is a minimum of 1 megabyte of RAM and 2 floppy drives. A new low price now makes this top-rated word processor an even better bargain than ever. THIS OPPONENT IS PROGRAMMED TO BE CHALLENGING. Corporation Air Warrior is a registered trademark and Stellar Emperor is a trademark of Kesrrui Corporation, MultiPlayer BattleTech is a trademark and MechWarrior and BattleTech are registered trademarks of FASA Corporation. If you think you're good at games, then let's have some real fun. When you're online with Genie Multi-Player Games, you’re playing real people, in real time. Some of the best players around the world. ? Splash a bandit in Air Warrior®, and you’ve just taken out eight other guys, who'll be back gunning for you. Blast a MechWarrior in Multiplayer BattleTech™, and who knows? Could be that jerk from the coast. Could be a mercenary who’s looking for a few good friends. ? With Genie, the possibilities are endless, the people are terrific, and even the prices are competitive. So put some new life into your joystick, and sign on. We’ll see just how good you are. ? Sign up now: I. Set your modem for half duplex (local echo) at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud. 2. Dial toll free 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection, enter HHH
3. At the U = prompt, enter JOINGENIE then press RETURN
4. At the key code prompt enter APD423 5. Have a major credit card or your checking account number ready, a For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. Genie multi-player games 100% ORGANIC OPPONENTS Performance Counts (...NOT PROMISES) GVP brings out the best in every Amiga Great Valley Products delivers on our commitment to manufacture the most innovative and technologically superior products for the Amiga. 40MHZ _ 040 + + U z - ; 1 SCSI 2 FAST J + 128 MB 040 scsi + + 8+ sampler to own for the .Amiga. The versatile Digital Sound Studio jltuaceied program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback as well as creation of .MOD format songs. New DSS 3.0 software now supports direct- to-disk [hard disk!) Recording and playback. New real-time effects and powerful playback and editing features as well as an even more versatile and powerful interlace. CIRCLE 53 ON READER SERVICE CARD software includes a mul 4098 SCSI 2F4S774O08 SCSI IT Bring the world of SCSI within your reach with either of these versatile boards. Instantly gain access to thousands of peripherals such as hard drives, SyQuest removable media and CD-ROMs. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga 4000 and smile. The 4098 is equipped with a full 32-bit SCSI2MST interface providing up to an incredible 10Mb per second transfer speed. Eight 32-bit, standard 72-pin SIMM slots provide for up to an amazing 256Mb of very fast RAM...NOW! A2Q00 users or those looking tor the most economical SCSI solution will find room for up to 8Mb of 16-bit memory on our 4008 card. CIRCLE 36 ON READER SERVICE CARD IV-24" A4000, Hie Ultimate Genlock This is what you have been searching for in a professional
4000. This integrated hardware , cleanest genlocked video on the Amiga ~ composite. SVHS, Betacam and M-II compatible inputs & outputs as well as a 24-bit, 16.7 million color Jrame-bufler and real-time framegrabher digitizer, this is the Amiga genlock every professional needs. GVP's acclaimed ImageFX software as well as the powerful EGS SpcctraPaint, now included, complete this picture as the Ultimate Genlock. An enhancement package including the professional Component Transcoder (CT1 is available separately! CIRCLE 28 ON READER SERVICE CARD _ TBCPIllS* This professional quality (CC1R- ( 601|, all digital time-base-corrector [TBCI uses state-of-the-art 8-bit 4:2:2 video signal process- ing. ..Plus it provides a real-time video trame- grabber and 16.7 million color frame buffer ...Plus there is a lull SMPTE EBU time-code receiver generator and a separate comb filter available...Plus this incredible product will transcode composite and Y C inputs...Plus a 3 channel video input switcher fin composite and Y C] ...Plus programmable video special effects! CIRCLE 6 ON READER SERVICE CARD A4000 G-Force 040-40'“ This is it! Never before has such a powerful processor been available for the Amiga! GVP puts a 40MHz Motorola '040 in your A4000 (030 or 040) and couples with it up to .32Mb of super fast S1MM32 memory. We don't stop there... add the memory expansion module and gain a total 128Mb of RAM |incredible!| directly connected to this blazing processor. For maximum performance, GVP offers a second optional module for a full 32-bit SCSI2FA5T interface, capable of data transfer speeds up to an amazing 10Mb per second! GVP Gforce...Experience the power! CIRCLE 29 ON READER SERVICE CARD G-FORCE A2000 G-Force 040-33 Combo1* The classic Combo taken to the Ultimate Extreme! Your applications will blaze with the awesome power of a 33Mhz 68040 processor. Give that muscle some room to flex with room for up to 64MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Of course our award-winning SCSI U interface is integrated for maximum performance and we include the bonus of ioExtender capability with an extra parallel port and a buffered highspeed serial port. Hot "toast" served here! CIRCLE 30 ON READER SERVICE CARD G-L0Ck “ Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together and do it on any Amiga! Get connected with the world of video with our built-in transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full support for AC. A systems as well as the 'classic' Amiga 500, 2000 and 3000. Acclaimed interface controls make this easy to use and simple to control. Scala’ users can purchase an EX module from Scab distributors. With G-Lock’s included dual-input audio panel it's simply the best choice for every personal Amiga owner. CIRCLE 25 ON READER SERVICE CARD EGS 28 24 SPECTRURT Go Beyond AG A Graphics with this real-time, 24-bit, true- color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280! 800x600 in 24-hit! We include a custom display pass-through cable for single-monitor use. Included with Spectrum is a GVP exclusive, the acclaimed EGS SpectraPaint (formerly EGS-PAINTl Get the standard that others are developing for, EGS Spectrum. Bring workstation graphic power to your Amiga today and see what you've been missing! CIRCLE 3 ON READER SERVICE CARD Performance Series 11*“ At 50Mhz, you can own the fastest A1200 in the world! Add up to 32MB of high-speed 32-bit RAM, today! With the added power of a 50Mhz FPU, your floating point operations have never been speedier. A 40MHz version is also available for those who want the best, but don't need as much speed. A simple connection in the A 1200's 'trap-door' never voids a warranty, and with cither SeriesII you have the added versatility of our DMA Peripheral Port (DPP). Add the fastest SCSI interface on any A1200 with the A1291 SCSI Kit. It just plugs in from the back. Other expansion products,including a 16-bit CD quality audio digitizerand playback unit as well as a real-time video digitizer coming soon! Keep your options open! CIRCLE 15 ON READER SERVICE CARD bogged-down computers when transferring data via modem (at speeds in excess of 57,600!). Optional RS-422 Kit or second RS232 Kit are available for even greater versatility. Free your ports and regain performance on your Amiga with ioExtender! CIRCLE 36 ON READER SERVICE CARD ImageFX'*1 This revolutionary must-have-program combines the traditional elements of image processing with amazing high-end special effects and morphing tools. Image FX is east-to-usc in every respect. It supports image file formats in use on nearly any platform from Macs to SGI machines.lt has built in virtual memory for all Amigas, no more 'out-of-mcmory' problems! ImageFX even incorporates an on-line help system! ImageFX includes EVERYTHING you need in one low cost package: 24-bit painting, scanner modules, image format conversion, and much more! Recommended by Video Toaster User and in use at Warner Bros. Animation ...ImageFX is the one to have! Get the tool the professionals use and recommend! CIRCLE 18 ON READER SERVICE CARO prints. Call in remotely and retrieve faxes sent earlier. Plain paper or paperless faxing. Call routing with Centrex PBX support, and more! CIRCLE 41 ON READER SERVICE CARD io Extender" Feeling trapped? Let GVP extend your horizons with our easy-to-use ioExtender. Contained on a single card, you will find an additional parallel port, allowing you to connect a printer and a digitizer (such as DSS8+) at the same time. No more messy, unreliable switch boxes! To speed you on your way, we include a i-spced, FIFO buffered serial port. No more dropped data or eed-dc EGS 28 24 Spectrum. Performance Series II. Image FX, G-Lock. IV-24. G-Force ‘040-40. G-Force ‘040-33.4098 SCSI2F4SF, ioExtender, PhonePak VFX, and DSS8-I are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners USA VOLUME 10, NUMBER 4, APRIL 1994 Amigas, Pcs, Macs,*,0 My! By Dave Johnson 20 dll’went comparison shopping to see how stacked up against the PC and Assembling three similarly equipped systems each with a comparable array ol’ popular applications software we came up with some figures we think you'll lind I'm interesting, indeed! AG A FIXES By Sheldon Leemon 38 Suppose you don't have a new AG A model Amiga, but you do want to enjoy some of that the AGA machines I lere’s a comprehensive survey of alternatives available to users of older Amigas to help bring your system up to speed. ARTICLES The Ins and Outs of I O By Barbara Gefvert ...24 Widgets, doohickeys, thingamabobs, gadget s . . . Whatever you happen to call them, we've got ’em right here. Our buyer’s guide to input output expansion presents 50+ listings for every kind of adapter, expander, switch, cable, or interface you’ll ever need to get the job done. Who’s Running This Show? By Geoffrey Williams ..27 From sporting events to museum exhibitions . .. amusement parks to medical conventions . . . Business training programs to broadways shows; Amigas are the brains and brawn driving interactive- multimedia presentations all over the place. Let’s take a peek at the show behind the show. Hidden AmigaDOS Gems PART 2 By Denny Atkin .....31 The second installment of our three-part series on the newest releases of AmigaDOS shows you how to use the powerful scripting capabilities of your operating system to make complex computing tasks easy. Cool Moves With HotLinks By Patricia Zabka Kaszycki ....313 "1 lot Linking" your desktop with Soft- Logik’s HotLinks automatic data-iransfcr system will make your DTP operation faster, simpler, and more efficient, Here’s a hands-on tutorial to warm you up. No, those mice on the cover are not blind ikes're lending you straight to an inter-platform shopping comparison on p. 20 aimed at determining who's the big cheese when it comes to value for your dollar. FEATURES COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson ..4 I he editor’s got a computer system under each of the three thimbles. Let’s see ... which one will he pick? Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen * J 8 Follow Joel’s tips and tricks this month and leant how to save time and avoid tedium by “recycling” your animation frames. Video Suite By Paulo de Andrade ..86 l ake an edge in your video-production work by assembling an audio system designed to deliver sound quality that complements not confounds your visuals. This two-part series shows you what you need and how to make your » d components work together. AW Product Information .90 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue o AmigaWorld, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors' Addresses” list. DEPARTMENTS Overscan .....6 What’s happening, what's hot, what’s up on line? Check it out in this space each month. Help Key ....82 If you're helpless in Houston, frustrated in Fresno, or just sleepless in Seattle over mechanical infidelities, tune in WTIM for advice. List of Advertisers ....92 The Last Word ..96 Please, no more letters alx>ut Tonya and Nancy let's slick to Amigas, okay? REVIEWS EGS 28 24 Spectrum (GVP) 12 A 24-hit hi-res display card that blazes the EGS (Enhanced Graphics System) trail. Toaster Toolkit 4000 (DevWare).. 14 Utilities galore for the new Video Toaster. VideoScan Genlock VS-525N (CompuVid) .... 16 External genlock with lots of extras. TYPESMITH 2.0 (Soft-Logik) .19 New version of the innovative outline-font editor seems well worth the wait. MEDIAPoiNT 3.6 (Activa Int’l) 60 Flexible multimedia-prcsentation system. SAS C 6.50 (SAS) ..63 Full-featured C C+ + development system. GAMES Itv Peter Olafson 4 Liberation (Mindscape uk> 70 Finally a CDS2 title that really makes Commodore's game machine shine! Check out this futuristic RPC. Cannon Fodder (Virgin uk) and Theatre of Death (Psygnosis UK) ..72 One great, one good arcade wargame. Short Takes .72 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. AGAmes .. 75 Brief rev iews of games specially designed or adapted lor the A1200, A4000, and CD32. EDITOR S DRAWER Wanna hear a secret? When you shop around for the best value in com puling systems, the Amiga is at the top of the heap. As an Amiga user, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the following claim: The Amiga represents the best value in the computing market. That’s probably one reason you purchased it in the first place. But is this claim still true in today’s competitive market, where prices for both the PC and Mac platforms have tumbled? To find out, we decided to sponsor an unprecedented computer shopping spree that would test the deep pockets of even the most avid techno-shopper. We set loose AmigaWorkVs roving shopper, Dave Johnson, with tens of thousands of dollars in Amiga World play money bulging from his money belt. The rules of this fantastic buying splurge were simple: Browse through your favorite computer megastore and purchase roughly similar computer systems based on the Amiga, Mac, and PC capable of performing some of the most popular computing tasks, including word and image processing, graphics and animation creation, multimedia presentation, and desktop publishing. See what system you can create for each of the platforms, and then compare the price tags. Amiga Rules! Johnson is a knowledgeable computer user familiar with all three markets. He knows value. And, like you, when it comes to computer shopping, he's after the best bargain. In terms of features, capabilities, and applications, the systems he chose are all roughly equivalent, and the Amiga compares favorably to the other two platforms. The big difference, however, is price. If you’re one of the approximately five million loyal Amiga owners, then this article confirms what you’ve known all along: The Amiga offers more bang for your computing buck. But, don’t take my word for it. Turn to page 20 to see for yourself just what your hard-earned cash will buy. Devise your own comparative shopping spree and see if you don’t arrive at comparable findings. Since its introduction, the Amiga has been shunned by the general computer press and scorned by other (jealous?) System users. It’s time for the Amiga to take its rightful place as a serious contender in the computing world. Far and away the price performance leader, it warrants careful consideration from those searching for a new computer system. Despite its lofty ranking, the Amiga isn’t for everyone. It’s the choice of champions, selected for its multitasking, quality graphics, ancl sound capability at a reasonable price. It’s for those who are more concerned with results and what the computer can do than with brand names. The Amiga lias speed, power, and capabilities found only in systems costing much more...and it’s all wrapped up in an easy-to-use, flexible package. It’s the best-kept secret in the computer industry. Amiga World Dale Strang, Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Games Editor Joel Hagen, Contributing Editor Howard G, Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441 -4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, West Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd.. Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCole, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jaillet, Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie Bourgault, Circulation Fulfillment Manager Subscription Sendees: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TcchMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections Keinco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation mlDG INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP Amiga World (ISSN 0883-23001 is an independent journal not connected with Commodore business Machines, Inc. AmigaWnrld is published monthly by Tech Media Publishing, Inc., an IDG Company, MO Elm St.. Peterborough, NH 03458. US subscription rate is $ 29.97, one year: $ 57.07, two years; $ 83.97. three veins; Canada. $ 41.97 (includes GST)* and Mexico $ 38.97. Foreign Surface $ 19.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. US funds drawn on US bank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at Peterborough. Ml. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 003-924-0100. On-line on BIX: Amiga,World (in Amiga.exchange); CompuServe: 76376.2137: Portal: Go Amiga* World. Entire contents copyright 1994 by TcchMedia Publishing. Inc. No part of this publication may Ijc printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes U)AmigaWor!d, Subscription Services. PO Box 595. Ml. Morris, II. 61051-7901. Nationally distributed by Kablc News Cio, Anugttli'nrhJ makes every effort to ensure the accuracy >t articles, listings, and diagrams published in the magazine, dmiga- WrnUassumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. PRINTED IN' IT IE I SA. Posted under Canadian International Publication agreement 257478. Our competitors think we're crazy. But you won't when you see the incredible photographic-quality, dye-sublimation output from FARGO's® new Primera™ Color Printer. For the absolutely breakthrough price of just $ 1,245* you get picture-perfect dye-sublimation prints or fast, inexpensive wax thermal proofs. Both in the same printer! Print on A and A4-size paper, transparency film and even T-shirt transfer sheets from Windows 3.1™, Macintosh® and Amiga®. _ Why pay hundreds even thousands of dollars more and get less? Call 1-800-3274622 today for a free sample print and full information. ELECTRONICS, INCORPORATED 7901 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 U.S.A. PCComputing CHOICE AWARD (612] 941-9470 Fax: (612) 941-7836 ‘Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Dealer price may vary; Macintosh version $ 199.95 MSRP additional Patents pending. Primera is a trademark and FARGO is a registered trademark of FARGO Electronics, Incorporated. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks CD32 Rollout at CES LAS VEGAS Commodore presented the US edition of its Amiga CD32 games console at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January along with an ambitious marketing plan and a promising report of its initial sales in Europe. CD32 is expected to list for S399 when it becomes available in the US in late March. An MPEG add-on module, which gives the CD32 full-motion video capability, will be offered separately for $ 249. The module plugs into the large expansion port at the rear of the CD32, and enables the machine to play video and karaoke Cds. The CD32 can play audio, CD-fG, and CD-rMIDI discs. Also, CBM claims that video Cds designed for Phillips' CD-I machine will work on MPEG-equipped CD32s. Software support for Kodak's PhotoCD format is planned for spring. The machine is "very, very suitable for interactive TV,” said Jeff Porter, CBM's director of advanced technology. Porter indicated that Commodore is talking to five major third- party hardware manufacturers about licensing CD32 technology for use in the set-top boxes that permit "navigating the ocean of information ' available on interactive TV. CBM reps said more than 100,000 machines have been sold in just three months in Europe and that CD32 has outpaced competing CD consoles by threeto-one. Faster "O-Forty" Without even using a Zorro slot, you O 7 can now boost your A3000 or A40l)0,s processing speed, and add RAM and a SC’S I -2 controller! The Warp Engine (MacroSystemUS) offers ’040 acceleration at 28, 33, or 40 Mhz.. The 33 and 40 Mhz versions of the board ($ 1599.95 and 1899.95, respectively) provide an '040 processor, while the 28 Mhz model ($ 899.95) offers a socket for the chip. This means A4000 040 owners can simply transfer the processor on their motherboard to Marketing the Machine CBM aims to sell 300,000 to 500,000 CD32s in the US in 1994. Geoff Stilley, president and general manager of Commodore's US division, unveiled a wide-ranging promotions plan, including 30- and 45-second television commercials, exposure on home-shopping channels and talk shows, gaming challenges in high-traffic outlets, and a fan club offering discounts on software and hardware add-ons, Stilley estimated that $ 10-15 million would be required to implement the plan. While he was unable to say how much of that CBM could actually provide, Stilley expressed confidence that the company which took a financial beating in 1993 would have adequate funds to properly launch the CD32. "All the resellers we're talking to are saying, 'Welcome back, we can't wait ” Stilley said. Early on, the CD32 will be available in software stores at malls, with mass-merchandising outlets and toy stores to follow. A US software bundle had not been finalized at press time, but was expected to include two to four game titles. CBM seems to be favoring 21st Century's Pinball Fantasies, Ocean's Sleepwalker, and Microcosm from Psygnosis. About 35 CD32-specsfic titles are currently available in Europe. About 85 are expected to be available in the US when the machine hits the streets. At press time, there the 28 Mhz Warp Engine card. Also, According to MacroSystem, you can also realize a RAM speed increase by transferring the memory chips from your motherboard to the Warp Engine. The board's four SIMM sockets allow you to mix RAM module sizes or you can go with 32MB SIMMs for a total of 128MB on the A4000 version; the A3000 model accepts a maximum of 64MB RAM. During SCSI data transfers, the board will reportedly leave the Amiga’s CPU 909F free. (RS 120.) Were about 160 CD32 developers. In addition, about 60 percent of the 110- plus titles for CDTV CBM's initial, but less- than-successful foray into CD are said to be CD32 compatible, and CBM has singled out 24 CDTV titles as especially worthy of the new machine. Commodore's own publishing wing was slated to release five CD32 titles at the close of CES: Jim Sachs' Defender of the Crown II (see review, Dec. '93, p. 80), CD Football, Insight: Technology, and improved versions of the Grolier's Electronic Encyclopedia and the Guinness Book of World Records. CD32 titles typically list for S45 to S50, and sell for SB to S10 less on the street. There's also the prospect that CD32 games will be available for rental (and the unit itself for sale) in video stores. CBM indicated it is talking to several of the larger video-store chains, who say they are "very interested" in the CD32. Hooking It Up Add-ons may be in the works, as well. The compact unit can be connected to a TV with the included RF modulator cable; it also supports S-Video and composite displays (which also permits use of monitors like the 1084S). However, the machine does not currently offer an RGB port or permit direct connection of other Amiga peripherals. Continued on p. 8 Don’t let its name fool you -the A4000 G-Force 040-40 may have been developed for the A4Q0O, but it also functions in A30()0-series machines. GVP’s fastest accelerator ever features a 40 Mhz Motorola ’040 processor. The main board holds up to 32MB of RAM, and a daughterboard accommodates another 96MB, giving you up to 128 megabytes. Another optional module provides the SCSI-2 connector. (RS 121.) Both boards promise a SCSI transfer rate ol up to 10MB per second! To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 9 Running multiple frequencies on your Amiga can mean constant manual adjustment of picture size and position on the monitor. Except on Electrohome monitors with DMS (DIGITAL MEMORY SIZING). Pre-set the size and position of up to 40 different signals using DMS and your monitor images will remain stable at all times, with no adjustment necessary when switching signals. Our 14" (15-40KHz) and 20" (15-38KHz) models are ideal for graphics, animation, modeling, and video manipulation, with "an extra degree of excellence" in performance and reliability. For more information, please call: ELECTROHOME Display Systems...Amiga Color Monitors 809 Wellington Street North, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4J6 Phone: 519-749-3130 Fax: 519-749-3151 Circle 97 on Reader Service card. 0 V E R S C A Computer Cafe's "Can-a-mation" “CD32" From p. 8 Imagine throwing open your refrigerator door lo discover a wild party of soda cans twirling and twisting to a Chubbv Checker beat. 4 Or, instead of imagining it, check out the new Diet Shasta ad campaign for yourself on TV. If your wondering who’s throwing this party, give credit to David Ebner, Tom Williamson, and Jeff Barnes of Computer Cafe (“Animation Without the Attitude”) in Santa Maria, California, who conceived and produced the colorful 3-D animation on Amigas. “To make the greatest impact said Shasta‘s marketing agency, West Beach Marketing, “we needed something unique. We felt going fully animated with fun sound effects and exciting music would give us a breakthrough spot that people will remember.” Faced with such a tall order and tight deadlines, Computer Cafe chose a non- traditional way of outsourcing the work to freelance animators from all over the country the team transmitted scenes and test animations via modem. Computer Cafe worked with Jim Arthur in Colorado Springs on the animation, received rendering assistance from Mark Miller in San Diego, and programming help from Jon T indall in Detroit. The animators used two NewTek Video Toaster cards, Light Rave (LightWave emulation software), three ’040 acceler- Express Lane With the V-LAN Express single-device frame-accurate video controller (S795, Videomedia), you can bypass the "traffic jams" caused by interruptions from other VTRs on a muitiple-device network. This pocket-size dedicated controller does not ated Amiga 2000s, one A4000, and an ’040-based A3000. The cans were modeled at 3000 polygons and image-mapped at 3300 lines resolution for the tighter shots in the animation. Movement was achieved with LightWave’s Layout, and then shaped and enhanced with the Bones function. Soda spray bursting from the cans as they popped their tops was rendered separately and blurred with ASDG’s Art Department Professional. Blasts of confetti were layered on top of the rendered end tag with the help of a custom version of Tindall's SPARKS Particle Animation program, which builds clusters around modeled objects and creates a motion path. Party balloons were given that “real” look with a rendered reflection map. After all the finishing touches, Ebner output all of the shots to DPS’s Personal Animation Recorder. One important step in the process was communicating progress to the client using the Wiref rame Preview feature in LightWave. “The Computer Cafe showed us tapes of the wireframe movements as they went along,” said Mark Owens of West Beach Marketing, “so we could see how the concept was progressing before the renderings. It was fascinating, and it gives a client on any budget greater comfort to see some of the work in progress.” Computer Cafe and company produced the full 30-second spot fade up to fade down without ever touching tape until delivery for the sound mix. In just 18 days the team completed a 15- second 3-D animated spot for the New Year’s weekend Freedom Bowl telecast and then completed a full 30-second spot for the upcoming IA; campaign. Additionally, a single frame from the animation was rendered at print resolution, then sent via modem to Shasta’s art director for billboard advertising. Certainly, a toast should go to the Amiga, which was essential for on-the-flv production and for churning out impressive animation in record time on a (diet) slim budget. Pa trie Hedlund require a V-LAN transmitter or connect to a network of VTRs. It attatches to your serial port and comes with Amiga driver software for any RS-2327422 and VISCA-compatible videotape, videodisc, and digital disk recorder that supports the V-LAN standard developed by Videomedia (RS 123). (IBM and Mac disks are also availabfe.) But don't rule this out. A half-dozen third-party hardware manufacturers have contacted CBM about making add-ons for the new system. Products contemplated include extra memory, accelerators, floppy drives, and an expansion board similar to the one made available to developers by Commodore that includes a range of ports for hard and floppy drives and RGB monitors. Were it to catch on, such a device could relieve developers of the current storage constraints imposed by the 1K of nonvolatile RAM CD32 uses to store saved games. The machine's two joyports are compatible with existing Amiga mouse devices and joysticks. As with previous AGA machines, you can access PAL mode and earlier incarnations of the custom chip set by holding down both mouse buttons at boot. These options may be useful for running older CDTV programs or titles designed for the European version of CD32. Peter Olafson Time for Taxes It’s that time of year again and Oxxi lias updated TaxBreak ($ 79.95) with the latest tax forms and schedules for
1993. Simply enter your Figures and Tax Break automatically calculates tax refunds and payments onto a ready-to- print form . If you get stuck on a particular line, you can access specific instructions from the IRS via the Help key. Current owners can upgrade for $ 29.95. (RS 127.) Still & Sample VideoMaster from Oregon Research is a video digitizer and audio sampler rolled into one. It is availabfe for both the Amiga 500 or 600 (S109.95) and Amiga 1200 (S119.95). With the hardware software combo, you can sample full-screen color stills from video cameras and camcorders, (if you want to lift color stills from video recorders or laser-disc players, you will also need an electronic color splitter.) You can sample quarter-screen monochrome video clips (of up to 30 frames per second) to play back on your Amiga. You can also sample eight-bit sound. VideoMaster includes a video sequencer so you can create multimedia sequences with the video and sound samples. ColorMaster (sold separately) is an automatic RGB color filter for VideoMaster that plugs into the Amiga's parallel port. (RS 125.) Mission to Mandelbrot Dare to explore mysterious fractal regions using your Amiga? You won't even need a map. With Mand2000’s ($ 34.95, Cygnus Software) animated zoom and pan features, you can explore the Mandelbrot and Julia sets and other fractals via an intuitive point-and-click interface (you can even use a joystick to “drive” through fractals). With the Show Location feature, you can find out where you are just in case you do get lost. Since Mand2000 supports Arexx (a dozen scripts are included), you can create animations (zoom, morph, iteration, and Julia seed movies) automatically with the help of a program such as ADPro. Multiple windows, a multi-level “undo” feature, full AGA support, and speed make Mand2000 a state-of-the art program. (RS 122.) Driving Big Floppies You can store twice as much data on high-density floppies than on standard ones. The question is, How do you access them? DKB (RS 130) provides an answer, now that it distributes the 1.76MB high- density floppy drive from Power Computing of Scotland. With the drive, you can even read and write 1,44MB-format PC floppy disks with the help of Consultron's CrossDOS emulation software (included with AmigaDOS 2.1 and later), which is now bundled with CrossPC. External ($ 175) and internal ($ 170) versions are available. The external drive works with any Amiga running Kickstart 2.04 or later; the internal model requires that you have an A2000, A3000, A600, or an AGA Amiga (A4000 or A1200). Much to the chagrin of those who must sit in proximity to me, I love Amiga-generated music. It doesn’t matter whether it's 8- or 16-bit, Bach or Biohazard; any sound that drowns the din of my computer’s and laser printer’s cooling fans is good music in my book. And the pickings on line have never been better, I might add. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh On-line music files evolve so rapidly, 1 couldn't conceivably evaluate more than a fraction of them each month. The network writh the most Amiga-specific music files is Genie, which offers page after page of great ones. Portal is a close second, while CompuServe's Amiga Arts forum offers significantly less. Face the Music The list of hardware needed to play music on your Amiga is thankfully short. The Amiga’s built-in music capabilities are superb, though decidedly tame when compared to the output of even the lowliest 16-bit sound cards. A monitor with stereo speakers such as a I084S or 1942 reproduces music in a pinch. Blit a stereo receiver or boombox with some small speakers is a definite plus (connect your Amiga’s audio outputs to the auxiliary input on your sound machine via phono cable). There’s a variety of music formats, the most common being Noise l lacker and MusicTrack- er. These so-called Music Modules (MODs) have even found their way to other computer platforms in recent years. MED (Music Editor) files, have slacked a hit in popularity, but new ones still appear. MIDI and Deluxe Music Construction Set (DMCS) files don’t seem quite as popular as they once were. Stand-alone music files and digitized sound files that don’t require a separate player program have fallen out of favor over the years, too. Exotic Ripper L27 by Rene (Turbo) Troll denier has seen a lot of interest in recent months as nonmusicians often use it to “rip" sections from other MODs for use in their own. Fledglings interested in hearing some great Amiga MODs should begin by getting a good, multiformat player. A long-time Favorite of mine is Ed Mackey’s Edplayer 2.1. It places a black CD player Faceplate on your AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher Vvork- bench screen, complete with most of the CD controls you’re already familiar with, and offers MIDI support. Another one is Stephan Fuhrmann's PowerPlayer, a freeware German import that supports roughly 15 different music formats (this is remarkable, considering the executable is only about 43K in size). Another Euro import, Power- Tracker, by Wai Hung Liu, is an even smaller (3 IK) multiformat player that complements Power- Player nicely. Once your music collection grows, you’ll have formats that won’t play on Power- Player, but will play on Power- Tracker, and vice versa. Another older, all-purpose MED player and composition package is MED 3,2 by Teijo Kiununen. Although it hasn’t been updated in about two years, it remains quite popular. Its compact size, ease-of-use, and great documentation make it a favorite for composing everything from dance songs to game music. Much like a MIDI file (the instruments remain separate from the program), MED is remarkably efficient. Functional demos of the commercial program OctaMED, an offshoot of MED, have also seen an increase in popularity. OctaMED’s most redeeming quality is its ability to split the Amiga’s audio channels. Some Pick Hits Let's take a look at some hot MOD files of the Iasi 12 months found on most nets. One of the more dynamic files 1 enjoyed greatly was Guitarslinger. For flashy techno-dance music, an impressive MOD called Nicole comes complete with digitized vocals. If you grew up in the ’70s, you might get a kick out of a MOD called Money, which is loosely based on die Pink Floyd classic. I say “loosely" because it starts off with an accurate rendition of the cash register, but segues into what’s best described as elevator music. The next time you have friends over, put on Eleciric- Funk from a person who goes by the name Moby. It won a prestigious international music competition, and while it breaks no new musical ground, it's funky electric guitar at its best. The next rising star of the music world may be composing MODs and MEDs on an Amiga right now, and uploading them to the nets in die hope of getting recognition. Just think of the “I knew so-and-so when” stories you can tell your kids. So, what are you waiting for?n BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 Buy one Timebase Corrector... ..and get a second one FREE! The Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 Completely synchronize not one, but two independent video sources for use with virtually any switcher or digital video effects system requiring synchronous video inputs. The Kitchen Sync is TWO complete S-Video compatible infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card. And at a price that you would normally pay for a single TBC. Two complete time base correctors on one card that can plug into any IBM AT compatible slot. With any video source, even consumer VCRs and camcorders ? Use multiple Kitchen Syncs, together for more channels ? Completely accurate sync generator built in: totally regenerates all sync and blanking signals; guaranteed accurate S CH phase relationships ? Built-in proc amp ? Broadcast quality output ? Completely digital design ? Microprocessor controlled ? Easy to adjust external LCD control panel ? Advanced sync output ? Inputs are S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible. Use either composite or S-Video into either channel ? Great for use with the Video Toaster ? S-Video output option for full S-Video operation ? Control operation independent of Amiga, PC. Or Toaster operation ? Easy installation ? No timing adjustments necessary tor small stand-alone applications ? Genlock option available for house system integration ? Jitter-free freeze frame, field 1 or field2 (channel independently selectable) ? Variable rate strobe ? External contact-closure interface for freeze ? Three user presets and one factory setting stored internally Check out these great features: ? Plugs into any IBM AT compatible or any Amiga A200D, A3000, or A4000 PC slot ? Plugs into Digital Creations new Video Slot Box ? Works The Kitchen Sync makes it easy to complete your desktop video installation. Everything you need is here. ? All on one card ? All at one great price ? At this price its like buying one TBC and getting the second one free. ? S-Video option $ 99.00 ? Genlock Option $ 150.00 Both composite and S-vldeo In an external genlock The SuperGen SX is our newest genlock and overlay system for Amiga computers. The "S” in “SX" stands for S-Video. The new SuperGen SX is a full featured S- Video genlock. The “X" stands for external. The SX is an external device that attaches to any Amiga computer through the RGB port. We have taken the best features of both the SuperGen and the SuperGen 2000s and combined them along with some great new features to make the ultimate new genlock for the new Amiga computers. True broadcast quality video output ? True Y C genlock and overlay ? Two independent dissolve controls ? Software controllable ? S-Video to composite or composite to S-video transcoding built in ? Interpretive dissolve mode ? Switchable
3. 58MHz notch filter ? Switchable video input selection ? Switchable Genlock Disable for productivity mode uses ? One S-Video Input ? One S-Video Output ? One Composite Video Input SuperGen SX ? One Composite Video Output ? Professional Key Out for use with switchers ? Switchable Chroma Notch filter ? Selectable blanking ? BNCand S-Video connectors ? Fast Sync Tip Clamp ? Key Output ? Internal RS-17QA Blanking Generator ? Switchable Setup Adder ? Compatible with all Amiga models. The new SuperGen SX external S-Video compatible genlock for the new series of Amigas has everything you want in a genlock and overlay system tor your Amiga. $ 749.00 Break the single video slot barrier! ? Four Video Slots! ? Three PC AT bus slots ground only) ? 230W power supply ? Two two 3.5" drive bays The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and two 3.5 inch devices (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optica! Drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: I Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga, Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. Video Slot Box The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that are ''video slot masters” such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. ? Coming Soon To order direct call Digital Direct at 1-800-645-1164 (orders only please) Free shipping on all VISA and MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm California time for same day shipping. Technical information please dial 916-344-4825. Digital Creations, .Inc. * P.O. Box 97 • Folsom CA 95763-0097 * Phone (916) 344-4825 • FAX (916) 635-0475 SuperGen. SuperGen 2000s. SuperGen SX. Video Stot Box. And Kitchen Sync are trademarks of Digital Creations, inc. Video Toaster is a trademark ol Nowick. Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks ol IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc Circle 63 on Reader Service card. The Reviews are in... "Brilliance is user friendly doing an excellent job with nearly every function and option that it offers...n AmigaWorld, December 1993 (USA) ‘The program is so fast and flexible that it makes its Amiga predecessors feel like the old Doodle! Program on the Commodore 64. Nothing out there can match its feature set, and it's the one paint program I’ve used that's so fast that it never gets in the way of your creativity.” Amiga Computing, October 1993 (UK) “Brilliance is now leaving Dpaint trailing in its wake the best art package available for the Amiga. It's very hard to express why I'm so taken by Brilliance, there s just a feeling of ‘rightness' about the way that it works. ” C U Amiga, October 1993 (UK) "For many years, Dpaint ruled the roost when it came to supplying incredible graphics power at an affordable price. But no longer. Brilliance has assumed centre stage and is now the Amiga's number one art package." C U Amiga, January 1994 (UK) ‘It took a while, but Deluxe Paint tV has finally met its match. If you're looking for the best AGA paint program on the Amigat look no further than Brilliance Amazing Computing, November 1993 (USA) Slow Fast Yes No N A Yes 29 2 9 2 Lots* 1 Lots* 1 Lots* Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Slow Fast 16
30. 000 No Yes No Yes 3QfpS 99fps No Yes rSYJY 12 11 |PU L. LI.U1HL Professional Paint & Animation DIGITAL ANNOUNCING VERSION 2.0 Version 2.0 of Brilliance has been designed with productivty in mind. Several new features enhance this already powerful program. Features like Flip Frames that allows the animator to flip through drawings. Rub Thru that make compositing easier. Load and Save Tween paths enabling much longer and repeatable brush moves. Faster and more accurate Tweening. True View option for magnification. And much, much more. Briltiance! The best just got better! "Excellent! Brilliance is loaded with useful drawing and animation features, but it's not just the sheer number of tools on offer that impresses. Two other big points arise. First, the program is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive, flexible and well thought- out panel system. The second major factor is Brilliance's speed. Even in HAMS mode, everything zips along beautifully quickly.” Amiga Format, October 1993 (UK) "After using Brilliance for just a couple of days, I'm hooked. It is the only package to be released for the Amiga which can rival Deluxe Paint for animation capabilities, and it is a class act." Amiga Down Under Nov Dec 1993 (New Zealand) ...Brilliance kicked Tut's Butt! Fp m Overall Speed Picture Size Limited By: Chip RAM Total RAM Number of Brushes Number of Anim Brushes Number of Screens Levels of Undo Levels of Redo Load Save Paths Flip Frames Realtime Preview Mode Full Screen HAM Gradient Fill Max of Colors Gradient Fill True 24 Bit Editing Load DCTV Pics as HAM Max Animation Speed Ground-up Design for AGA
* Limited only by lota! RAM Still Not Convinced? 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when purchased directly from Digital Creations as a Competitive Upgrade to Ver. 2.0. Call 800-645-1164 to order. "It is solid as a rock. Never have I known a first version of any program stand up like this or be so perfectly polished." Amiga Shopper, December 1993 (UK) COMPARE! Deluxe Paint IV Vs. Brilliance Digital Creations, PC) Box 97. Folsom. CA 95763-0007 Product Information 916-344-4825 • FAX 916-635-0475 * Orders 800-645-1164 RE V E EGS 28 24 Spectrum EGS- compatible, 24-bit high- resolution display card. Great Valley Products, $ 499 Accelerator compatible. (1MB); $ 599 (2MB); $ 149 Minimum system: Hard drive, 2MB RAM. (1MB upgrade) Recommended system: A4000, large multiscan monitor, A2000 3 000 4000. Accelerator. Over the last twelve months or so, Amiga video-display boards have transformed themselves from press-release vaporware into hardware reality. For a different twist on a common theme, GVP is hoping that the Enhanced Graphics System (EGS) will get a foothold in 24-bit graphics and let its EGS 28 24 Spectrum stand apart from the crowd. EGS represents retargettable graphics (RTG) for the Amiga, and software designed around the EGS concept should run on the Spectrum or any other EGS-compatible board. Commodore’s own brand of RTG is still some time away, so GVP is in the enviable position of having a living, working retargettable graphics system you can buy right now. Spectrum Specs The Spectrum board and its accompanying five disks of software install quickly. The board slides into any Zoito II or III slot, and two external video ports grace the board's backside. Your monitor plugs into the output port, while the second port accepts the signal from the Amiga’s video output. The Spectrum board passes the normal Amiga signals directly to your monitor, obviating any need for die second monitor that older display cards required. However, with more than one Spectrum card installed, a Macintosh-like single display can overlap multiple monitors. The software includes one thoughtful "emergency" boot disk that allows you to boot back into a native Amiga mode if you find yourself without an EGS-compatible monitor. If you have an Amiga 4000 that suffers from the well-publicized Zoito III bug, the Spectrum will still operate albeit in the slower Zorro II mode after you change the position of a single jumper. A well-appointed monitor driver editor is included, but its use is best left to experts. Fiddling To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 90. With it can be dangerous (one bad signal can ruin a perfectly good monitor), and there’s really no need to write your own. The EGS software includes drivers for Commodore monitors as well as VESA, VGA, and S-VGA spec monitors. Once the software is installed, you may run the Workbench in normal Amiga resolutions or in any screen mode allowed by the Spectrum board, which goes as high as 1600x1280 with as many as 256 colors. In practice, you probably won’t exceed 1024x768, after which the resolutions are interlaced. Unlike other display boards, the Spectrum displays a 256-color Workbench even if you aren’t using AmigaDOS 3.0. I found Workbench screens of more than 32 colors unacceptably slow on my A3000, though my 4000’s Workbench remained peppy even at 256 colors. Don’t spend time on the Workbench, though; the real magic is found in the custom EGS environment. The Soul of EGS To whet your EGS appetite, Spectrum ships with a dozen or so utilities and mini-applications, including a rav-tracing 3-D equation plotter, a screen grabber, and various configuration programs. EGS- SpectraPaint, EGS’s flagship application to date, completes the package. Spectrum’s EGS environment resembles an attractive cross between Workbench anti Windows. EGS performs best when all applications open in windows that share the same EGS screen, much like having all your Amiga programs open and run on one Workbench screen. This is logical, since an EGS screen is likely to be large enough (800x600 minimum) to display several programs simultaneously. Besides, using more than one custom EGS screen would consume most of your chip RAM before you’ve opened even a single program, EGS has its own set of modular Preferences and a standard library of requesters and interface objects. One of its most useful surprises is the ability to pull commonly used menus off the title- The decision to buy a display card shouldn’t hinge on the capabilities of its accompanying paint program, but EGS- SpectraPaint is unquestionably the Spectrum’s strongest selling point. Workstation- environment 24-bit painting is rare in Amiga software, but that’s what Spectra - Paint delivers when you’re editing 24-bit images and it’s remarkably easy to use. The program’s toolbox is both draggable and resizable, and any or all of the menus can be torn off the titlebar and positioned for quick access. Bar and leave them out in the thick of things for quick access. Of course, you’ll need to be able to launch programs from the EGS screen, so an EGS-specific dock program is included. EGS-Dock is designed to let you run applications from groups of buttons or icons. To my dismay, however, it behaved unpredictably on both of my systems, failing to run at all about half of the time I booted. Another drawback is that although it’s very configurable, you can edit it only from an anachronistic script File. EGS-SpectraPaint’s most flashy feature is the area-selection tool. Called a “magic wand,” it uses a controllable threshold setting to determine how many hues around the selected color should be included in a region. The program boasts the ability to load any number of images, memory permitting, and to have up to four active views of the same image, each at a different magnification. In terms of memory, EGS-SpectraPaint (like the entire EGS software lineup) works well with the virtual-mernoiy manager, GigaMem (INOVAtronics). On the other hand, EGS is sadly lacking in animation capabilities. If the next version supports 8- or 24- bit animation, there'll be cause for celebration. In spite of its versatility' and power, EGS-Spectra- Paint is not the ultimate paint program. It does a few things very' well, like pantogram, stencil, and thresholds, but it is not a full-featured paint program. A typical working relationship would be to use it in conjunction with an image-processing program, such as GVP’s own ImageFX. Watch for a greatly enhanced version in a few months. Do your homework before choosing a 24-bit display card. Shop around carefully, read all the reviews and specs, and talk to the experts. Some cards, like the Picasso II (Expert Services) and Retina (Macro- SystemUS), effortlessly tweak your Amiga into displaying some software at resolutions far beyond their intended limits, such as creating 1280x1024 Final Copy screens. Spectrum isn’t designed to do this sort of thing; while it “promotes” the Workbench to a high resolution, it needs EGS-specilic software for use in its native environment. A decision to buy Spectrum, then, is a vote for EGS and an investment in the future of Amiga graphics. Although it will not force some existing programs to run at high resolution, the Spectrum is an elegantly designed device that does everything it claims. The board’s potential leaves me optimistic about a future brimming with EGS applications. If you’re ready for a new-generation Amiga display adapter, I recommended this one highly. Dave Johnson Multifunction utility package for the Video Toaster. Minimum system: Toaster- equipped Amiga. Recommended system: 4MB RAM, AGA Amiga, and hard disk. YOUR : . Lb . I i 331:48 d ?95> : -If27 (deos) : 9-82 flU>, 9- : 45 -80 dog• ih - Distant Suns ownets Upgrade to Version 5.0
459. 95
* Animate the Solar System!
* View the night sky as the wise men!
* Navigate by the ston like the endear Podfk blander*! NEW FEATURES
• 54) planet rendering-experi- ence 3-D planetary motion!
• View Imoges in 256 colors (6-bit AGA).
• 8,000 sample stars from the Hubble Guide Star Catalog 16 million stars.) More Hubble data available separately.
• Intuitive fool palette.
• Greater selection of AREXX commands. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: AmigaDos 2.0 or greater, 2MB RAM, and Hard drive desktop I Byyirtuaf Rca| by Virtual Reality Laborato 2341 Ganador Court * San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 • r a ’’ netarju, When an animal or a plant becomes ware is a little different. A case in point extinct, it's gone. Computer soft- is Toaster Toolkit, one of the first acces- AWARDS
• "lop Ten CD ROM TW s o( 19M ’ Billboard Magazine.
• "Best Educational Program 1 Amazing Computing, Reader's Choice Award, 1990.
• "Best Reference Software," Compute Choice Award Finalist, 1990.
• ’'Editor's Choice - Windows," Astronomy Now Magazine, 1992.
• "Best Educational Program ' European Developer's Conference Milan, 1991; and Amiga Developer's Conference Denver, 1991.
• Tm totally owed by what you hove done! Arthur C. Clarke, Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey. A words received by oH versions of Distant Suns. Ries, Inc. Coll 800-629-8754 or 2!l es,s FAX 805-781 -2259 today! All Video Toaster-equipped Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. HIP AWAITS Fly through the rings of Saturn on the back of a comet! DevWare, $ 179.95 nt toQ'boir Header Toaster Toolkit 4000 sory programs developed for the Video Toaster. Some time ago, the program vanished from sight, then made a remarkable comeback, completely revised and renamed for the Toaster
4000. Although the product is under a new license agreement, distributor Dev- Ware allows registered owners of the original package to upgrade for $ 79.95. Six Toaster Tasks The Toaster Toolkit 4000 offers six separate programs: Toaster Sequence Editor, Toaster Project Editor, AnimFX, TXToAnim, EraineStore Compressor, and a ColorFont Converter. The most significant of these is the Toaster Sequence Editor, which is used to compile a script of Toaster commands. Run the compiled script, and the commands are executed in sequence, as if you had manually clicked the Toaster Switcher’s buttons. This process works thanks to the Toaster Switcher s Arexx interface, which accepts commands from the Toaster Toolkit. The Sequence Editor also lessens further potential drudgery by recording your mouse clicks and converting them to a script of standard Arexx commands, or in a proprietary compressed format. The Sequence Editor’s control screen resembles the Toaster Switchers. The top half of the screen displays one of the banks of Toaster effects, while the bottom half has buttons for banks and effect speed, control of the T-bar position, inputs for the Overlay, Program (Main) and Preview outputs, and buttons to perform Take or Automatic transitions. A scrolling list window shows the sequence of selected commands and offers buttons that allow you ro load, edit, or run a script. Some controls make short work of tasks that would be difficult under manual control. You can specify a duration for repetitive effects, like “falling snow" and “old film." A “loop’' button repeats commands for either a designated number of times or for a measured amount of time. The Slideshow button lets you select a series of Framestores to display and the effects to display between these “slides.” There’s also an Out button that lets you output text, speech, Arexx commands, or serial-port commands as part of the script execution. This button also lets you control external devices such as the DPS TBC III, Prime Image’s TBC, Selectra Vu-Port controller for Panasonic AG-1960 VCRs, and the BCD single-frame controller. This scant list of supported devices can easily be augmented with your own external- device definitions. Next in Sequence The Toaster Project Editor is designed to let you choose the presentation order of effects on each panel and select both their default speed and color (for effects that use a background or border color). It also lets you build a catalog of effects and print a list showing which effect corresponds to which effect filename. Its best feature, the “MacroFX” button, lets you build a “macro” effect button to inn a program or execute scripts from Amiga DOS, Arexx, or the Sequence Editor. With a little creativity, the MacroFX button can add effect icons that display a slideshow, control the strobe feature on your TBC, or perhaps capture a series of frames and automatically save them to the hard drive. Toaster Toolkit 4000 is the only program I’ve seen that allows you to launch scripts directly from the Toaster screen, using a regular Toaster effect icon. In addition to MacroFX, Toaster Toolkit also lets you create more con- ventional animated wipe effects, using its AnimFX program. To create an effect, you must first create an anima- don with a paint program like Deluxe- Paint or Brilliance, using one of the supplied animation templates. The AnimFX program lets you convert this animation to an effect, add an icon image, and even add a sound-effects file. There is also an FX-to-ANIM converter program, which converts animated Toaster effects back into animation files. This program won’t work on all effects (AGA animations use a proprietary NewTek formula), but it will convert many of them. It even converts the sounds associated with an effect to an IFF 8SVX sound lile. As of this writing, no other program lets you assemble or disassemble effects with accompanying sounds. Two For 2.0 Framestore Compressor and the Color- Font Converter are also included. The Framestore Compressor converts Framestore files from the old storage format to the new one, which reduces their size by 509c. A selectable Snoop mode watches for the creation of new Framestore files, and then compresses them automatically. The Co lor Font converter program converts 52- or 64-color image clips (up to 280x 160 pixels in size) into characters in a Toaster ColorFont. You simply create an image clip, or “brush,” for each character, and save it under a filename ending in the ASCII code for the letter it represents. You enter the filenames in the ColorFont program, and the files are converted into a font. While both the A 2 0 0 0 A 3 0 O 0 A 4 O 0 O Okay, Okay, So lt‘s A Digital Time Base Corrector, But can it...? The Plus Means Yesi With TBCPIus Following GVP's philosophy of complete feature integration pioneered by our G-Force Combo11' accelerators (used in a majority of Amiga® Video ToasterTW Workstations), we are proud to present a professional TBC with time and money saving features. You would demand a TBC to be 100% digital, have 4:2:2 throughput, and an integrated ProcAmp. You would want it to be under SI,000. We agree. What does the Plus get you?
- Real-time 16.7 Million Color Frame-Grabber FrameBuffer for use as a digital video stillstore or signal generator. Included ImagcFX™ modules allow direct editing and manipulation in the framebuffer.
- Full Transcoding between Composite and Y C (SVHS) Input and Composite and Y C (SVHS) Output. JoluA - Real-Time Professional Special Effects Generator featuring solarization, strobing, pseudo-color, monochrome effects, and more.
- NTSC PAL SECAM Signal Standards Conversion to NTSC PAL for integration into worldwide video environments automatically.
* - Complete Amiga Software Control and Arexx:v Interface that allows seamless integration of all TBC Plus features into an exisiting automated video studio installation. PU - Full Processing Amplifier (ProcAmp) Control for correcting or adjusting incoming video "on-thc-fiy" quickly and professionally. PL« - 3 inputs [2-composite, 1 Y C) that can be connected simultaneously and 'Hot-Switched' with softwrare without having to play with cable connections. Folut - Convert the 2-composite inputs into a single Y C input, providing two switchable Y C inputs. JOLus - Full SMPTE EBU encoding decoding striping available as an optioa
- fyutc ij nxuch ttxc c! This is simply the most powerful and flexible video stabilization device for the Amiga computer. The TBCPlus makes an excellent complement to any GVP IV24 , NewTek Video Toaster . Or Centaur Opal Vision v Graphics System. The Plus means it also offers morel'’ Cary Cehman, President Magic Bullet Communications. Inc. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 1 9406 * USA PHONE 215*354*9495 • FAX 21 5*337*9922 01993 Great VaJ ey Products, Inc. i TBC Plus, G-Fcrce Combo. ImagsFX and IV24 are trademarks of Great Valley P'oducts inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc,. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners, Framestore and ColorFont converters are wonderful additions for Toaster 2.0 owners, Toaster 4000 and Toaster 3.0 software already saves Frame stores in * the compressed format. In addition, it can incorporate graphics clips directly into Character Generator pages, making it easy to add a logo to a title page without creating a ColorFont. Rough Edges As good as the Toaster Toolkit 4000 is, there's room for improvement. The Sequence Editor needs refinement, as there’s noway to edit a script line. Enter the wrong Framestore number, and you’ve got to delete that line and insert the correct one. Direct support for the new Toaster status commands is missing, too. A “background” button lets you set the background channel to any of 4096 colors, but the colors are represented by meaningless numbers. Also, if the Toaster-efTect icons were smaller, the command buttons could be larger. Toaster Toolkit 4000 competes against a number of products, such as T-Rcxx Professional, ToasterVision, and the Deli, all of which have roughly similar attributes. Toaster Toolkit 4000 offers some unmatched features, such as the ability to launch a script from a Toaster-efFect icon, provide effects with audio accompaniment, and create Color- Fonts. Its capabilities also straddle all versions of the Toaster. These unique characteristics, along with the program's intermediate price, make it an intelligent investment for the Toaster owner who wants to customize, automate and simplify many Toaster tasks. Sheldon Leemon . Selected as the best professional productivity software at the last two North American Amiga Developers’ Conferences, the SAS C Development System now includes C++. If you are currently using another commercial C compiler, call now for details on our special trade-in offer! For more information and to order, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, ext. 7001. SAS and SAS C are registered trademarks nr trademarks orSAS Institute Inc, SAS Institute Inc in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand ‘ ‘ . ' and product names arc registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. Gary. I L 27513 Circle 40 on Reader Sen ice card. VideoScan Genlock VS-525N (NTSC version) CompuVid, $ 1275; optional power, $ 70 All Amigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Accelerator compatible. Installation: Easy. Minimum system: A500, VCR or camcorder, video applications software. Recommended system: A2000 or better; waveform monitor and vectorscope for video signal adjustments; time- based corrector. Multifunction external genlock. VideoScan, the newest fraternity member of Amiga video genlocks, is an external device that performs dissolves and simple wipes and can be used for cut switching on the vertical interval. What sets it apart from the genlocking crowd is that it can work as a stand-alone mixer for two synchronized video sources. With the change of a jumper, you can also connect it via the RGB port to an Amiga, even one that already has an internal genlock. 'Thus connected, it loops the RGB signal lo your monitor. The slim, sturdy unit is designed to sit atop the A2000 3000 4000 case, and it easily supports a monitor. It draws power from the Amiga or from an optional external power supply, a feature A500 owners will no doubt find comforting, and one that effectively makes the Amiga a peripheral device. I O Options VideoScan has both composite and Y C K K V lews (S-VUS, ED-BETA or Hi8) input and output. Its two inputs and its output ports all have BNC and S-Vl IS style 1)1 N connectors. Both 28-pin and 15-pin 1)11 connectors accommodate Amiga R(.ll and multisync monitors. Except when in Video Mixer Mode, VideoScan can provide simultaneous composite and Y C output. A BNC connector gives you Key signal I O, with the input or output option selected by a dip switch. Three other dip switches allow 75-ohm termination of the inputs. The front panel provides two dissolve sliders and an effects slider for wipes, which include horizontal, vertical and circular, or any combination of the three, plus inverted. The duration of wipes range from two to seven seconds, and wipes can he performed either manually or with the auto-wipe button. Also provided are adjustments lor horizontal position and subcarrier phase shift up to 180 degrees. VideoScan's built-in black signal seems to he zero IRK, an indication of the product's European RAL heritage. While there’s no mention made in the scant documentation, technically inclined users can open the case and turn potentiometer RV-I8 until the signal reads 7.5 IRE (lor NTSC), using a waveform monitor. Mixers, Anyone? Four buttons let you choose the video sources and mixing modes and also double as vertical interval switches for cuts. Two more buttons select either composite or S-VHS format. You can easily mix Amiga graphics with any stable video source, such as a camera or time-base-corrected videotape. When using a second genlockable video source (camera, video disc, or a TBCed videotape), you can mix between two video sources, Amiga graphics and a black signal. Of course, vou can mix only two u at a time, and certain combinations are not available. In Video Mixer Mode you can dissolve, wipe, or both, between video sources 1 and 2 and black. In Reference Mode, dissolves (but no wipes) are available between nun-keyed Amiga graphics, source 1, and black. Dissolves or wipes in Key .Mode (selectable by a rear-mounted switch) are performed from source 1 to keyed Amiga graphics, or dissolves only are performed from source 1 or unkeyed graphics to black. Finally, Amiga Mode lets you perform dissolves and or wipes front unkeyed graphics to source 1, but you can perform only dissolves (no wipes) from graphics or source 1 to black. A logical pattern develops as follows: You can mix source 1 and black with either Amiga graphics or source 2, but ? EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM ; Takes your amiga BEYOND AGA! The EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM elevates your Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000 Above and Beyond AGA and rockets you into the world of powerhouse workstation resolutions and real-time 24-bit true-color, at a mere fraction of the cost! Look at the colors and features in our SPECTRUM.
• Programmable resolutions up to an amazing 1600x1280 800 x 600 in 24-bit!
• Real-Time 24-bit display and graphics operating system!
• High-performance 24-bit EGS-Paint package for professional painting and photographic editing. Look for new stand-alone releases coming soon!
• Amiga-RGB Pass-Through so the Amiga and the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM can share a smgle monitor! *
• Zorro-II (16-bit) and Zorro-III (32-bit) • AutoSensing for maximum performance on J all Amigas! •
• Workbench driver to run Workbench directly on J the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM board, freeing up • valuable Chip RAM! J
• Hardware blitter to accelerate all GUI operations, • including the Workbench driver! J
• System conforming applications can use the EGS • screenmodes directly from the Display Database! I EC.S requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher. Not with both, Amiga graphics and source 2 cannot be mixed with one another at all. While this is not exactly the same as having a three-input mixer, it makes ample provision for creativity. Troubled Tuners VideoScan is stackable, whereas mixers are typically mounted in video consoles.) On die unit I received, I found dial the sliders were not properly set, as the leftmost and rightmost thirds of their movement ranges produced no effect. Only the middle thirds were responsive, making slow, smooth dissolves a pain to produce. The bubble-panel buttons were also a major disappointment. In spite of considerable pressure and feeling a definite “snap” each time, I often had to press a VideoScan’s cabinet design uses sliders and buttons on the front panel. (The more popular flat-cabinet design, with sliders and buttons on the top like a video-switcher panel, does offer better ergonomics for extended periods, but Whai b UJ>twuj? , .-TT- . Kte the 24-Bil Gtapktc etutdi Mining UieTItutfe Sot!! The TALON New Price button from two to four times to activate a function. Save for the LED indicator next to each button, there was no indication whether or not a function was activated. T he company is in the process of addressing this problem through better button design. More surprises awaited when I opened the cabinet to change a jumper. 1 discovered four Dual In-line Pin “DIP” chips that were almost obscured with transistors, fixed and variable resistors, capacitors, and jumper wires, all soldered to the legs of the chips. It doesn’t take an advanced degree in electronics to recognize a patch job when you see one. To Buy or Not To Buy? VideoScan’s good features outweigh its shortcomings, however. The external power option is a nice touch, and the genlock’s stand-alone mixer design is a capital idea that makes for a flexible and functional unit. You can use it upstream or downstream of a Video Toaster or other genlock, providing expanded studio capabilities. The front-panel layout is logical, and the blue-and-gray cabinet blends nicely with other equipment. Although experienced users will find the abbreviated manual lacking in technical details, it is easy to understand. Beginning videographers should be able to follow the step-by-step instruction format and accompanying diagrams with little difficulty. Two pages hill of video terms with definitions should also be of help to beginners. The manual did make one unfulfilled promise by specifying that a demo disk and S-VHS cable were “supplied.” At least, these did not come with the unit I received. The real test of a genlock is its image quality, and I was very pleased by the visual quality of the VideoScan output, which appears equal to or better than the SuperGen. Chroma crawl was minimal, and color bleed and rainbows were nonexistent in composite. The S-VHS output should be even better than the composite. At its steep list price, the feature-laden VideoScan represents a serious investment. Moreover, certain configurations using unstable input sources, such as composite video, require a TBC. If you don’t already have one, you need to consider the extra cost this will entail. Its features, flexibility, and one-year warranty make VideoScan a genlock worthy of some consideration. Fred Hurteau TypeSmith 2.0 Soft-Logik Publishing, $ 199.95; upgrade from 1.0, $ 50; free upgrade for purchase of 1.0 after 8 15 93; Registered Font Designer (BSC) owners, $ 75. All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 3.1 and up compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Minimum system: 2MB RAM (512K chip), AmigaDOS 2.0 or later, dualfloppy drive. Recommended system: 1-2MB chip RAM, hard drive. Outline-fonf editor for the Amiga. Even if*you’ve never designed a font, you’ll find the long-awaited TypeSmith 2.0 a useful package for working with graphics, page-layout, or video. Based on the German Font Designer program from Relog, Soft-Logik’s outline-font editor now includes bitmap- font editing and the ability to convert between PostScript and Compugraphic fonts. With its structured-drawing capabilities, it is substantially more than a mere font editor. Draw Your Own Once you’ve used the included Installer to situate TypeSmith 2.0 on your hard disk, an Options menu allows you to customize the display mode, toolbox position, and so forth. Arexx macros are included, as are AmigaGuide scripts. Just hit the Help key and an AmigaGuide file appears describing the function or feature positioned beneath the pointer. Topics in the well-arranged manual range from a brief history of typefaces and the basics of font design to the intricacies of winding number and even- odd Fills. You’ll also Find a good troubleshooting and error-code section. TypeSmith’s font compatibilities are impressive. PostScript Type 1, PostScript Type 3, Compugraphic Intellifonts (both Commodore standard and Gold Disk standard), and its own TypeSmith format (closely related to Soft-Logik outline fonts) are all supported. Intellifonts can have different file extensions, depending on whether they are for use with Workbench (.type) or with Gold Disk products (.lib). Agfa normally distributes Intellifonts in processor-specific FAIS format for MS-DOS and other Intel-based computers. Before using Intellifonts with TypeSmith 2.0, however, you need to convert them into Motorola Intellifont format with the Fountain on the Workbench or Gold Disk’s FA1S- load program. Continued on p. 60. ImageFX TRULY INTEGRATED IMAGE PROCESSING...A REALITY, HERE AND NOW NOW SHIPPING VERSION 01 Full 1 Balaoct |Copposit«l Botitt 1 Size I Color 1 Conyolvt llrmifoml Btttr I Effect I r KJ t time and money. The way we see it, "Professional" means Truly Integrated. That's why ImageFX gives you everything up front. We wouldn't think of doing it any other way! You won't find any other Image Processing software with these integrated features. Perhaps other Image Processing packages will someday catch on to the power ana flexibility of Regionalized Processing Edge Feathering . Brush Handling The concept is simple: ImageFX is the only Image Processing package that you will ever need. Period. Some Image Processing packages make a lot of promises, but end up making you do all the work as they work on your pocketbook! But not ImageFX from GVP; we've done it right the first time, saving you 67 JX-100 Scanning .. Virtual Memory Complete Painting Real-time WYSIWYG Preview Dual Image Buffers Alpha Channel.. Undo & Redo software that was born read} No limitations. No costly additions! You still want more? OK! With ToasteiFX™ from Byrd's Eye Software, you now can integrate the power of ImageFX™ With your Video Toaster™. ImageFX is Truly Integrated Image Processing... a reality here and now! ImageFX. However, if you're serious now about Image Processing, you need the GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 * USA PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215*337*9922 Toolbox 01993 Great Valley Products. Inc. ImageFX and CrneMorph are trademarks of Great Valley Products Inc. ToasterfX is a trademark of Byrd's Eye Sopftware,. Amiga is a registered trademark ct Commodore Amiga, Inc. Circle 7 on Reader Service card. Amiga War Id 19 I NTER - P L A TF0 RM COMPARISON SHOPPING AMIGAs Pcs y y How do the three major KAY. WHETHER IT’S lions and tigers, apples and oranges, or competing computer
• la personal-computer platforms stack up at the checkout counter when it comes to providing a 0 platforms everyone knows it’s tough to make direct, meaningful comparisons between different items. However, since green is a common characteristic of the contents of most wallets, people engage in serious comparative evaluations when they shop for almost anything especially computer systems. This inter-platform exercise in comparative shopping is not so much a three-way showdown among computer hardware. Nor is it really an attempt to determine which system is better, instead, we’re going to try to evaluate three similarly equipped systems based on Amiga, PC-compatible, and Mac platforms designed to provide comparable pop ular army of applications capabilities? Let’s outfit three representative systems with a comparable arsenal of software and see which one makes the smallest dent in PLUS TOTAL $ 630 your wallet. LIKE A GOOD house, we’ll want to give our PC-compatible system a solid foundation. That means a powerful and expandable computer, like the Dell Dimension XPS, a 486-powered minitower. Horsepower-wise, it’s roughly comparable to the A4000’s Motorola 68040. Like most compatibles, it has no sound capability, so well have BY DAVE JOHNSON MACs...Oh My! Applications capabilities. The key factor in this equation then is price. My selection of applications categories for comparison is, of course, just that: my own. Likewise, the choice of particular products within each category is equally subjective although representative, I hope, of popular and reputable offerings from each market. Others conducting such an exercise undoubtedly would make different choices (and, by all means, readers are encouraged to do just that). What I do think you’ll find, however, in any comparison-shopping experiment is this: You’re going to be able to capitalize on one of the Amiga’s traditional advantages high-value, low-price software. For instance, although Microsoft’s Video for Windows and Apple’s Quicktime have made animation more accessible to non-Amiga users, there are few tools let alone good ones for actually creating those animations. Similarly, while lots of Windows and Macintosh software is quite good, you pay the price at the checkout, making even a modest PC or Macintosh graphics suite quite expensive. Our task this month, then, is to wander through the nearest computer superstore and build three comparable systems that can each do some graphics, image processing, animation, multimedia presentation, anc! Desktop publishing. The old credit card is pretty beat up after the recent Holiday season, so we’ll have to spend our money wisely. Grab a cart and we’ll head first over to the aisle where the Blue crowd shops. From the manufacturers suggested retail price (Apple doesn't men do an MSRP), a representative street price urn used for each machine based on RP was used for all other products. Also, while every attempt was made to establish systems with comparable capabilities, this is not strictly possible details on comparing the three systems. PLUS SOFTWARE TOTAL $ 6112 TOTAL $ 36 15 THERE ARE MORE Macintosh models on the market right now than breeds of small dogs, but after considerable thought we’ll choose a high-powered 68040 model, the Quadra 800. Its formidable audio video capabilities including an audio digitizer mean we can proceed directly to the software department. ? FOR AMIGA USERS, the choice of computer is fairly easy. We’ll take the 68040 version of the Amiga 4000 for its unrivaled graphics power and processing speed. Although the A4000 has both video and sound built in, we’ll add GVP’s DSS8+ audio digitizer to be on a par with the PC and Mac. ? To throw in an eight-bit SoundBlaster card (Creative Labs). INTER-PLAT F 0 R M c o M |> R | S 0 N S Off to the software department. For our graphics needs, I’d recommend CorelDRAW (Corel Corp.) along with Fractal Design Painter (Fractal Design Corp.). Together, these programs capture the entire spectrum of graphic design from bitmapped painting to animation. We’ll need to cook up the occasional morph, as well, so we’ll also grab Winlmages: Morph (Black Belt Systems). To package this all up on the desktop, we slip in both Microsoft’s Powerpoint (a linear slideshow player) and Asymetrix’s Multimedia Toolbook (for nonlinear applications a la the Amiga’s CanDo or AmigaVision). Since we need to do some desktop publishing, let’s throw in Lotus’ word processor, Ami Pro, and Aldus’ page-layout software, PageMaker. Finally, because the PC uses a wide variety of graphic formats, we’ll need Inset Systems’ Hijaak Pro to make everything work together. We wheel the carl up to the register and the salesclerk delivers die news: We’ll select Adobe’s Photoshop, the king of image processing, as our primary graphics tool. We’d like to compile some animations, as well, so Apple’s Quicktime Starter Kit, with it tools for editing, compiling, and disassembling Quicktime animations, is just the ticket. For those special morph assignments, we sling Gryphon’s Morph into the cart. As fora multimedia-presentation system, we have a number of choices but finally settle on HyperCard. Universally accepted (it’s shipped with every Mac), HyperCard is the very template from which most multimedia-authoring software was designed. The Developers Kit (which you do have to pay extra for) provides us with additional tools and documentation. Finally, we proceed to the desktop-publishing section where bulky boxes containing Microsoft Word (for word processing) and Aldus' PageMaker (page-layout software) are lowered into the cart. We roll up to the cash register one more time to assess the new damage: System: Dell Dimension XPS Other Hardware: SoundBlaster Software: CorelDRAW Fractal Design Painter Winlmages: Morph Powerpoint Multimedia Toolbook Ami Pro PageMaker HiJaak Pro $ 2799 System: Quadra 800 Other Hardware: None Software: Photoshop Quicktime Starter Kit Morph HyperCard Developer's Kit Microsoft Word Aldus PageMaker $ 3200 $ 99 $ 595 $ 299 $ 199 $ 399 $ 695 $ 495 $ 595 $ 129 $ 895 $ 139 $ 239 $ 249 $ 495 $ 895 $ 6112 $ 6304 TOTAL TOTAL COMPARISONS nrnbablv best off with a perennial favwitf Deluxeplini IV AGA (Electronic Arts), in combination with the latest version of Black Belt s image processor, Imagemaster K t. We don't need to buy a separate morphing program; there's an outstanding one inside Imagemaster. We do neecl a presentation system, though, and artei some thought, we choose two of them. Commodore’s AmigaVision is a great multimedia program, best used for sophisticated video presentations. INOVAtronics’ CanDo, on the other hand, is my favorite tool for authoring interactive applications. We also need some word-processing and page-layout tools, so let’s go with the popular ProWrite (New Horizons) and the very-soon-to-be-released PageStream 3.0 (Soft- Logik). Still a little gun-shy from our last two trips to the checkout, we gingerly approach the salesclerk and wait for the prognosis: System: Amiga 4000 $ 230Q Other Hardware: DSS8+ Software: Deluxe Paint IV AGA Imagemaster R t AmigaVision CanDo ProWrite PageStream $ 125 DaveJohnson, author of the book The Desktop Studio: Multimedia With the Amiga, is a pan-platform user who unites for several computer publications. Write to him c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept.> 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. T0TAL $ 3615 Before You Shop... AS MENTIONED AT the beginning, one of the pitfalls we tried to avoid on this shopping trip was comparing the digital equivalent of apples and oranges. When we bought the computers, for instance, what did we actually get for our money? While display capabilities and monitor prices are very comparable from one system to another, other factors did not match up so neatly. For example, while the Amiga 4000 comes with a 120MB IDE hard disk and 6MB of RAM, the PC has a 340MB IDE hard disk and 8MB of memory not to mention a CD-ROM drive. Similarly, the Quadra’s 33 Mhz ’040 has a little more horsepower than the Amiga’s 25 Mhz CPU, a more robust 230MB SCSI hard disk, and 8MB of RAM. These machines aren’t perfectly matched, but then again, you get what you pay for, and the A4000 is a relative bargain at its $ 2300 street price. Comparing software is even harder because it is so much more subjective, and it’s often impossible to find a one-for-one match across platforms. Graphics software is a good example. While no single Amiga package can claim the pow er of Photoshop, nobody just nobody does animation as well as the Amiga. Likewise, the Amiga has never had a word processor capable of out-typing Ami Pro or Word, though I’d be willing to bet the farm that the forthcoming version of PageStream can tackle the likes of PageMaker at half the cost. Also, the higher price tag for some PC and Macintosh software may not even be the real point. You’d be hard-pressed to find usable 3-D modeling software for under $ 1000 anywhere but on the Amiga (take Octree’s Caligari 24 at only $ 399!). And I’d rather use Real 3D ($ 699, Realsoft Godffey) or LightWave (the entire Video Toaster with software is just $ 2395) than any PC equivalent (including the cream of the crop, Autodesk’s 3D Studio, $ 2995). Regardless of which individual titles come out on top, though, the Amiga’s advantage is still in its cost (not to mention its multitasking). The down-to-earth price tags on Amiga programs put entire suites of software w'ithin the reach of ordinary people; comparable software would be prohibitively expensive on other platforms. And video businesses operadng on a shoestring budget can afford to purchase a variety of Amiga software, getting the best features of several programs, which is a luxury many PC- and Mac-based shops just don’t have. I use both the Amiga and the PC; I have to there’s no Microsoft Access for the Amiga, nor is there an Amiga word processor that includes tables, charts, and equations. On the other hand, it’ll be a cold day in Lompoc w'hen I give up my Amiga and its many unique and varied programs. ?
- DJ $ 199 $ 99 $ 199 $ 199 $ 99 $ 395 THE IN5 AND Dozens of products make it possible to connect more devices to your Amiga than the standard ports and slots allow. Compiled b v Bahbaka Geiviki i Amiga computers are, on the whole, a pretty expandable lot. But there are limits, and when you run up against them, you might find yourself wanting more ports or slots or altogether different connectors that accommodate devices not usually accessible by an Amiga. We’ve skipped the usual SCSI controllers and such to present a listing of other kinds of adapters and extenders. (To locate the product developers, see the Man ufacturers ' Distributors ’ Address List, p. 90.) There's more than one way to input data... AIR Traffic Controller S39,95, Advanced Integration Research Allows you to plug both a mouse and a joystick into a single port AKC-1000 Keyboard Adapter $ 9, Top Secret Device Lets you connect an A2000 or 3000 keyboard to an Amiga
1000. Closeout. Amiga Smart Port $ 52.95, Inter ACTIVE Digital Devices This auto-switching interface provides connectors for mouse, plus digital and analog joysticks. Software lets you adjust values. Auto Mouse Joystick Switch $ 34,95, AlfaData Plug a mouse and joystick into the same port; the switcher automatically detects which device you are using. DP IBM Analog Interface $ 14.95, DigiPrint Adapts IBM-stylejoysticks to the Amiga so you can take advantage of analog options in games. DP IBM Bus Mouse Interface $ 14,95, DigiPrint Lets you connect an IBM- style mouse your Amiga. KA-1 Keyboard Adapter $ 29, Top Secret Device Allows you to use an IBM PC XT-style keyboard with any model Amiga. Closeout. Pyramid Mouse Master $ 39.95, Micro R&D Automatic switch lets you keep two devices plugged into a single mouse port. Video Monitor hookups and video- related options. Sync Strainer $ 59.95, PreVue Techologies Connecting to the Amiga’s video port, Sync Strainer allows you, while using a genlock, to access any multisync monitor that runs at 15 Khz horizontal scan rate. Toaster Cozzy $ 449.95, Heifner Communications Chassis that lets you add a Video Toaster to your A3000 or 4000. Supplies power and blackburst generator. Toaster Oven $ 998, Ambitious Technologies FourZorro II III slots, six PC slots, and one video slot, plus 11 drive bays in a tower-style case (with power supply) for your A4000. A dual video slot upgrade is in development, as is a version for the A3000. Video Slot Box about $ 1100, Digital Creations Adds four video slots and three power-onlv PC AT bus slots to your A2000, 3000, or 4000. VOPEX-3A12H $ 2100, Network Technologies Runs up to 12 monitors from the RGB port of a single computer. A variation lets you drive multiple VGA monitors from a computer with a VGA port, such as an A3000 or 4000, or an A2000 with a flicker reducer. X-pander Built VSLOT $ 99-180, CeV Design Video-slot expansion for any Amiga except CD'IV. Accom- modates genlocks and flicker- reducers; OpalVision and Toaster compatibility under development. Available with or without a case; attaches via RGB and parallel ports. Serial and Parallel ports; Cadies Keep in mind that many boards designed for A2000, 3000, and 4000 machines can he attached to A500s and 1000s with devices listed in the “Bus And Slot Expanders Adapters " category. Assorted cables and adapters Benetech Electronic Supply Redmond Cable These companies sell specialized cables and adapters for all sorts of connection needs. Comports 8 RS-232 Interface $ 479, AMIGA Busittess Computers This eight-channel serial expander for the A2000, 3000, and 4000 provides two outputs directly and six more via a breakout cable ($ 99). Dual Serial Board S299, ASDG Adds two serial ports to vour A2000, 3000, or 4000. G-Force 040 Combo $ 1199, GVP Yes, this card is intended mainly for acceleration and RAM expansion, but it also provides an extra parallel and serial port lor your A2000, 3000, or 4000. I O Extender SI25, GVP One serial and one parallel port for A2000, 3000, or
4000. An option that is now in the works will provide a 422 interface for controlling such things as video decks. MuItiFace II Card from $ 235, Pre’spect Technics This half-length card for the A2000, 3000, and 4000 adds two serial and two fast parallel ports. Comes with cables and software that supports multiple boards in a single .Amiga. MuItiFace III Card $ 119.95, AlfaData Full-length card supplies two serial and one parallel port for A2000, 3000, and 4000. Software supports multiple cards in a single machine Multiport Card $ 199, Micro R&D Two parallel and two serial ports for A2000,3000, or 4000. PPA-1000 $ 15.95, Luna Tech Parallel port gender changer. Allows use of' A500, A2000, and A3000-sty!e peripherals on A1000. PPA-2000 S 15.95, Luna Tech Lets you use A1000 parallel peripherals on an A500 or A2000. BUS AND JlOT [XPANDERA ADAPTERS 0UT5 OF I O Use more and different cards on your Amiga. 2 to 3 IDE $ 50, Elite Microcomputers Turns your A1200’s single IDE port into a pair of IDE connectors. ATTO SCSI Expander $ 995, A TTO Technology Need to run more than seven devices from your SCSI controller? This adapter maps each SCSI bus ID to seven devices, thus expanding the device limit to 49. Supports SCSI-1 and-2. NakeD-Up $ 49.50, Pre’spect Technics Lets your A1000 or A500 run virtually any Zorro-Il card designed for die A2000. Includes a pass-through connector. Special versions of the board allow you to run ReadySoft’s A-.Max II Mac Emulator, MacroSystem’s Retina display board, and any of the several serial-port boards. Slingshot $ 39.95, Micro R&D Transforms your A1000 or A500 bus into a slot capable of accepting Zorro-II cards designed for the A2000. A professional version ($ 59.95) also provides a bus passthrough; another model ($ 74.95) is designed for use with MacroSy stem US’s Retina display card. Toaster Toolbox $ 369.95, DTV Systems Eight PC-style slots and a power supply in a flat case (suitable for rack mounting) or mini-tower for your A2000 or A3000. Designed for use with TBCs, SFCs, and so on. Supports DPS’s TBC IV in conjunction with that firm’s Personal Animation Recorder (fitted in an Amiga) while providing an extra serial port. X-pander Built Chassis $ 99-290, CeV Design Cases, in versions for both the A500 and A1000 (an A1200 model is in the works), that add one, two, or three Zorro II slots, plus a power supply. Some provide extra drive bays. With modification, cases can accept graphics cards (such as MacroSystem- US’s Retina) and serial boards. Zorro Extender Card $ 39.95, Overland Engineering Designed for use with the vertical Zorro slots on the A2000, this adapter raises your Zorro connection about five inches out of the machine, making it more accessible for hardware design purposes. ? NIDI Interfaces INPUT OUTPUT Most of these interfaces are serial- connected devices offering MIDI ins, outs, thrus, and even some serial-port pass-throughs. Custom MIDI Interface from SI74.95, Western Custom Manufacturing Designed for simultaneous output to multiple MIDI devices. Order the configuration you need, from 1 in and 4 out thrus to 2 switch able ins X -CALIBUR Unlock The Potential Of Your A-4000 040 With The X-CAL1BUR. The X-Calibur Provides An Impressive 80% Increase In Computing Speed And Four SIMM Sockets That Allow RAM Expansion Up To 128 MEGS! The X-CALIBUR Installs Onto Your Existing CPU Board, No Slot Required, By Plugging Into The 68040 Socket. The X-CALIBUR Is A Must For The 3D Animator, Videographer And All Power Users. See Your Dealer Now! Management Montreal, Quebec Canada "Hats Off To RCS!!". Jim Drew Utilities Unlimited On Genie. "This Thing Is Really Cooking". John Chang. SCALA. WOC Toaster Texture Example: Stock A-4000 040 - 2 min 44 sec. W X-Calibur 25Mhz- 1 min 32 sec. In US Ci 11 Mkfo RAD (800) 527-SW. (308) ’45-1246 FAX. INTERNET- ggnilium In C.mjil.1 CiH RCS r?14)926-3753. 5l4)926-3l3lFAX Circle 99 on Reader Service card. And 12 switchable out thrus. Deluxe MIDI Interface $ 89.95, Western Custom Manufacturing Provides one in and thru, two switchable thru outs, plus a serial-port pass-through. DM Music Plus SI29.96, 3D Video One in, two out, and two thru MIDI connectors, plus a passthrough for both the serial and parallel ports. Includes audio-digitizing capabilities. MIDI for the Amiga S49.95, Skyles One in, two outs, and one thru for any Amiga except A1000. One-Stop Music Shop S649, Blue Ribbon SoundWorks This Proteus synthesizer-on- a-card for the A2000, 3000, or 4000 includes an in out MIDI interface and allows you to attach a specialized version of the Triple Play Plus ($ 149) to achieve 48 MIDI channels out. The Phantom $ 89.95, Dr. Ts MIDI output plus sync in and out jacks that read and write standard SMPTE formats. Pro MIDI Plus $ 49.96, 3D Video One MIDI in, out and thru for any model Amiga (separate version for A1000). ProMidi Interface $ 39.95, Oregon Research In, thru, and two outs for all models except the A1000. Pyramid MIDI Interface $ 59.95, Micro R&D For all Amigas except A1000. One MIDI in, two outs, and two thrus, plus a push-button controlled serial pass-through. Triple Play Plus $ 179, Blue Ribbon SoundWorks One MIDI in, one thru, and three separately addressable outs designed especially to work with the Bars&Pipes Pro sequencing software. Yvorks as a regular interface with one out. RON SWIICHERS Add two or more operating-system ROMs (1.2, 1.3, 2.0) to your Amiga ’s single ROM socket. A600 Kickstart ROM Switch $ 49.95, AlfaData Lets you add a 1.2 or 1.3 ROM to your Amiga 600 so you can play games that are incompatible with Kickstart 2.05. AIR ROM-Made $ 49.95, Advanced Integration Research Promises to work with any Amiga model up to A3000. ROMs switch via mouse. Auto Kickstart ROM Switch Plus $ 39.95, AlphaData Lets A500 and A2000 users access a second Kickstart ver- sion by pressing the left mouse button while booting. Multistart II $ 24.95, DKB Allows A500 and A2000 users to choose between two ROMs via the keyboard. Qwicka Switcha S29.95, Better Concepts Lets A500 and 2000 owners select among a full four operating system versions. Pro ROM Switcher $ 39.96, 3D Video Select one of two ROMs via keyboard. Promises to work with all A500s and 2000s. Pyramid ROM Switch $ 29.95, Micro R&D Lets A500 and 2000 owners alternate between two ROMs. SwitchStart $ 39.95, Expert Services Switch between two Kickstarts from an A500, 2000, or an A1000 equipped with Expert Services’ now-discontinued Rejuvenator board. There’s more? Yes. AMIGA Business Computers, you may recall, recently announced an adapter that turns your A1200 or A600’s PCMCIA slot into a serial port ($ 199). The design is done, but AMIGA is not in production mode because of low demand so call if you’re interested! Meanwhile, Macro- SystemUS is working on a modular device that plugs into both the Retina and Amiga; it will let you switch between displays and send RGB output directly to videotape. Finally, for those who need to troubleshoot the operation of their ports, 3D Video offers its Pro Port Analyzer kit ($ 99.95). ¦ Who’s Running This Show? You may be surprised to learn that Amigas are at the forefront of interactive-multimedia presentations all over the place. So let’s sneak a peek behind the scenes and find out just what’s going on. THE AMIGA IS the hard-working engine running countless multimedia systems, but in this profile we’ll focus primarily on interactive multimedia on-screen events in which the presenter or the viewer can control the computer’s display. Unlike standard video, interactive multimedia can be customized in real time for each presentation or individual. This is the true power of multimedia and it is becoming increasingly important in the way that information and entertainment is being made available today. So let’s take a scroll through such diverse worlds as sports, the arts and entertainment, business, the news media, education, medicine and more to see just what your favorite computer is up to behind the scenes of so many leading-edge presentations. Play Ball Today’s live sporting events require fast and efficient interactive multimedia systems for displaying information on giant screens to the fans. A number of teams and organizations have turned to the Amiga and various third-party programs, including the Atlanta Braves (Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium’s Sports Display), the California Angels (Anaheim Stadium), the Miami Dolphins (Joe Robbie Stadium’s Jumbo- tron), the Philadelphia Phillies (Veterans’ Stadium’s Phanavision), and the Harlem Globetrotters. One of the Amiga’s more-interesting sports applications is an interactive visual model of the proposed site of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Working with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Multimedia Technology Laboratory under the supervision of GIT s president, John Patrick Crecine, the Atlanta Olympics Planning Board created an interactive display so compelling, the city became the first ever to win approval from the IOC on an initial bid. This laser-disc presentation combined digitized voice, 3-D animation, and video into a multiscreen interactive event in which viewers can take a virtual tour of the entire Olympic village. The same data has also played a role in the preparation of storyboards and the production of commercials for the 1996 Olympics. The Name of the Game Commodore has licensed the Amiga for a number of arcade games, but the machine has also been incorporated into a number of state-of-the-art interactive games. For example, one popular arcade game called Mad Dog McCree (American Laser Games), set in a small town in the Old West, challenges you to save the mayor and his daughter from an outlaw gang. Featuring live video of shoot-outs and fight scenes, it uses a laser disc controlled by a genlock-equipped A500. The Amiga has also been a pioneer in the emerging world of virtual reality. The first full-scale virtual-reality game premiered as BattleTech, at the BattleTech Center in Chicago, Illinois, where Amiga computers generated displays and kept track of scoring as indi- By Geoffrey Williams viduals in tank modules slugged it out on a giant virtual playing field. Today, the latest addition to the lineup is Dean Friedman’s series of In Video Systems games (see photo, previous page). Eat-A-Bug, created originally by Friedman for Nickelodeon’s popular 'IV game show Total Panic, became the first coin-operated virtual-reality game installed in a traditional arcade the Family Fun Jungle in Peny Hall, Maryland. The object of die game is to “eat" as many small flies, mosquitoes, and gnats as possible while avoiding the centipede, die giant spider, and die killer bee. Eat-A-Bug is the first in a line of games and sports simulations (many of which are currently in museums, profiled below in “Partnership of Old and New”) that InVicleo hopes to install in arcades across the country. What makes the InVicleo games different from traditional virtual reality is that you play them without peripherals no helmets, visors, or goggles eliminating the associated problems of discomfort, hygiene, safety, and limited vision. You watch yourself on a large monitor; your image is keyed into the virtual playspace, so that your body becomes part of the game, capable of interacting with on-screen objects. You can grab an object, move it, and then shake it off’; you can hit an mmm node: live Iwfst tetl i%a I eas HO EDIT CUE A ] [MJ® HASIE GROUP mill 1234567851111111111222222 (PfPPPP 8123456783*12345 fe&4567 A lIj_16a __ i Jl-i-l-P ijjjtt ' - I I IB I TT 3 “ 111-1-1®
- a 3 a U ij 14B v ill rtla Dkunto I Intro Music Fad* Command Cue’s live screen provides an operable mimic of audio, lighting, and motion hardware. Arexx and CD-ROM support are recent additions. Object and watch it bounce away. You can also animate any of the screen objects, accompanied by music and sound effects. You are literally inside a video game. Help Key Thousands of Amiga-based interactive kiosks function as everything from airport information systems around the world to paint displays in hardware stores. Twenty-four-bit Amiga-based kiosks at eight brandies of the Bank of China in Hong Kong (a country where Amigas are not even sold) provide customers with basic financial information. This system uses AmigaVision, Centaur’s OpalVision, animated sequences, and two hours of digitized audio in Cantonese and Mandarin. Visitors to die Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s CBC Broadcast Center in Toronto use Amiga-based kiosks to locate studios and offices in the large facility. Similarly, Amiga-based kiosks help customers find their way around the Franklin Mill Shopping Mall, a huge outlet complex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Interactive kiosks have also become an effective way to disseminate medical information. Network One, a company based in Chandler, Arizona, has developed a system for dentists’ offices. Sixteen modules, each three to four minutes long, combine animation, photography, and full audio narration to provide patients with reports on topics ranging from oral surgery to anxiety. Network One has also created a similar system for optometrists’ offices. A Partnership of Old and New Some of the most-popular venues for interactive displays are museums. One featured attraction at Miniature World in Victoria, British Columbia, is Space 2201, a full-size mock-up of a star cruiser of the future. A viewport gives you a window on space as you “orbit” above Jupiter, which is illuminated by black light. To one side is a mysterious vortex of pulsing radiance; this effect is created by incorporating an Amiga RGB monitor into the starfield background, where the phosphors on screen glimmer like heavenly bodies. Color cycling animates the vortex; thanks to a little blending along the edges of the monitor, it melts into the space background. An Amiga provides the background sound of the ship’s engines, as well. Another Amiga functions as a general information console, triggered by placing your hand on a glowing handprint. A third Amiga provides a genlocked view of flight through the vortex, with additional sound effects and imagery. Miniature World was created by Peter Locke, a designer of traditional astronomy models, and Paul Marcano, an Amiga artist. It lias been running 12 hours a day for a year and a half A touch-screen-based exhibit at the Anchorage, Alaska, Museum of History and Art has been up and running continuously for more than three years. Using AmigaVision and a laser disc, it presents nine three-minute segments on native culture. Terry La Grone of Video- plex reports that the system does require some maintenance: Once a year, they dust the laser disc. Amigas are an important part of the Lasers, Holograms and Virtual Reality Exhibition, a special presentation created by the Center for Science and Industry, based in Columbus, Ohio, and scheduled to tour eight other science centers in the US. Among the exhibit’s displays is Virtual Volleyball, created by Dean Friedman of In Video Systems as an example of virtual- reality gaming. Using the same technology as Eat-A- Bug, Virtual Volleyball supports up to four players per side. Just as in regular volleyball, the object of (he game is to keep the hall in the air without letting it touch the net or the floor. Participants view themselves in a virtual environment on a 120-inch monitor; they can hit and serve a virtual ball, which leaves rainbow streaks of color as it sails through ihe air. InVicleo Systems has also designed two other museum demonstrations of virtual reality. Dreams, a popular and award-winning exhibit at the Brooklyn, New York, Children’s Museum, offers six play environments illustrating the premise that “anything can happen in your dreams.” Included among these are opportunities for children to fly through the clouds and pop balloons, swim underwater and tickle the fish, fly through space The World’s First Multi-Platform Emulation System! TM EMPLANT is a state-of-the-art hardare board that is the foundation for emulatiing virtually any computer made today. A simple software driver and ROM(s) from the computer to be emulated are all that is required! Custom programmable logic allows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the exact hardware of the computer it is emulating! Multiple emulation modules can be run at the same time using a single EMPLANT board! AppleTalk, printer, midi, and modem support can be provided through the two RS-422 serial ports. A high speed SCSI controller allows any SCSI device to be plugged directly into the EMPLANT hardware (including scanners, SyQuest drives, hard drives, CD-ROM drives and more!). The serial ports and SCSI interface can be used by Amiga programs and emulation modules at the same time! The EMPLANT hardware is a standard Zorro I I ll I plug in card for the A2000 3000 4000 (A500 1000 owners need a Zorro Bus adapter in order to use EMPLANT). A PCMCIA version for the A600 A1200 will be available in the near future. IST CTTTTji rni ¦ a t 1 *¦ SbH, lBfc| wTitrrii ¦ml rJ Friuli 1 ... (i i-¦-*. I1 1 "W v i '-3-d ssailf , ......1 1 1 ---- ..... 1 | . Nw Itel
- JL.ni ------ 1 1' »[ ¦¦¦¦ MM ¦ » > 4k* *1 - Hi | - | • ¦ rt 1 I ita i 3! The Macintosh emulation is a 'generic' Mac, with speed based upon what Amiga system EMPLANT is installed in. An A3000 is equivalent to a Mac llci, and an A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 700! Don't be fooled by other emulations using old 64K or 128K ROMs, only 256K ROMs (or later) provide support for color, stereo sound, ADB devices, and NuBus expansion, all of which are emulated by the EMPLANT hardware and or Mac emulation module! Due to the magic of the EMPLANT hardware, Mac software that accesses Mac hardware registers directly will work! Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Support for Picasso II, EGS-28 24 Spectrum, Piccolo, Merlin, and Retina video boards is available NOW! Support for other video boards will be available soon! Imagine running PhotoShop in MILLIONS of colors on your Amiga! Now, imagine being able to ’flip’ back to the Amiga side or drag down the Mac emulation screen! The Mac emulation (like all emulation modules being released for EMPLANT) fully multitasks with the Amiga! Now, install one of the above mentioned video boards and imagine the ability to play double-size QuickTime(tm) movies (with full stereo sound) FASTER than the equivalent speed Mac! The Mac emulation module 'requires* an accelerated Amiga - 68020, or a 68030 68040 w MMU) and 256K Mac ROMs (not provided). 24 bit video board support! "Speedometer" comparison. Run PC software on your Mac! = Picasso II video shown) (A3000 EMPLANT vs MAC llx) (SoftPC Pro ’SI' rating shown) FUTURE EMULATIONS! Since the EMPLANT's hardware is so versatile, a completely different computer can be emulated by just changing the emulation software patch and the ROM(s). Apple ][ + e, Mega ST, IBM AT (386 486), C64 128, Atari 400 800, and even game machine (Genesis SNES) emulators are planned in the near future...EMPLANT is not limited to a single emulation! PRICING Utilities Unlimited, Inc. 1641 McCulloch Blvd Suite 25-124 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
(602) 680-9004 - Voice
(602) 453-6407 - FAX
(602) 680-9234 - Technical support
(602) 453-9767 - 24hr BBS (v32bis) Dealer inquiries welcome! BASIC EMPLANT system - Emulation hardware and software - $ 279.95 OPTION ’A’ - BASIC EMPLANT system with dual high speed serial ports AppleTalk support - $ 349.95 OPTION ’B’ - BASIC EMPLANT system with high speed SCSi interface - $ 349.95 DELUXE - BASIC EMPLANT system with both serial AND SCSI options - $ 399.95 Shipping & Handling - $ 10.00 per order (All orders shipped via UPS Blue 2 day service)
C. O.D. Fee-$ 5.00 All EMPLANT packages described above come with Mac emulation software and necessary device drivers. ROM(s) are not shipped with this product. Sources available upon request. Mac, Macintosh. Mac llci. Mac llx, Quadra 700, QuickTime, Apple ][ + e & AppleTalk, are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Atari 400 800, & MegaST, are trademarks of Atari Computers, Inc. C64 f28, trademark of is iare EKS"!??? 0 ?mSlS?1r? Aa' lnc- Genes,s 1 s,a trademark of Sega, Inc. SNES is a trademark of Nintendo, inc. PhotoShop is a trademark of Adobe. Inc. SoftPC is a tra Insignia, Inc. EMPLANT and the EMPLANT logo are trademarks of Jim Drew & Utilities Unlimited, Inc. and juggle planets, and even jump around outside while it rains cats and dogs. Letters, Numbers, and Shapes, installed at the Children’s Museum in Laredo, Texas, the Eureka! Children’s Museum in Halifax, England, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science in Durham, offers young children the opportunity to step inside a virtual alphabet book. They can touch a letter and change it into an object beginning with that letter, accompanied by amusing animations and silly sounds; they can grab the number 5 and change it magically into five starfish. They can also interact with a variety of simple geometrical forms to reinforce shape recognition, and they can use their bodies as virtual paintbrushes, drawing in thin air with bright colors. InVideo is also working on a dental- hygiene presentation, featuring musical teeth, for the Science Place museum in Dallas, Texas. Live on Stage * Just as NewTek brought about a technological revolution in the video industry with its Toaster, Richmond Sound Design a small and virtually unknown company has done the same thing in the theatrical world with its Command Cue system. Command Cue is a sophisticated, interactive MIDI-based sound, lighting, and special-effects control system, and it’s used in some of the biggest and most-expensive shows in the world. The Command Cue unit plugs into the Amiga and takes advantage of the machine’s multitasking capabilities to provide programmable control of more than 4000 audio channels, 8000 lighting channels, and 8000 separate analog or digital switches for special- effects and other devices. It even offers programmable motion control with regulation of duration, value, acceleration, and deceleration. It can do everything from synchronizing all of the audio and lighting cues in a show to moving the scenery in and out on time. This is multimedia on a grand scale. In Las Vegas, the Command Cue system manages a number of shows, including Enter the Night at the Stardust Hotel and Brasilia at the Rio Hotel. It is also used in the Buccaneer Bay pirate-ship show at the Treasure Island Hotel, in the Volcano attraction at the Mirage Hotel, in the Bacchanal animated-statue show at Caesar's Palace, and in Siegfried and Roy’s magic-show extravaganza at the Mirage Hotel the most-expensive live theatrical show ever produced. Command Cue is also involved in some of the biggest Broadway hits, including the upcoming Disney version of Beauty and the Beast and the touring productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Miss Saigon, Will Rogers’ Follies, and Tommy. The system also manages the Canadian production of Phantom of the Opera, as well as the Hollywood version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard, where it controls a $ 100,000 special effect in which a set piece of a building flies in with animated shutters and windows performing in sync to the music. A number of amusement-park attractions use Command Cue, as well. The system controls audio, lighting, and special effects for the Wild, Wild, Wild West stunt shows at the Universal Studios Tour in Orlando, Florida, and Anaheim, California, and audio and special effects for the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Disneyland MOM Studios in Orlando. All of the parades at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, also in Orlando, use the Amiga Command Cue setup to synchronize the audio for each float as it proceeds through specific areas in sequence, Disney is so sold on Command Cue that it’s even used to run die fireworks show' at Disneyland in Tokyo. The Global Village One of the newest applications of multimedia is the distribution of current news and information via network or modem. At present, the leading program for distributed multimedia is Scala’s InfoChannel, It’s similar to that company’s Multimedia 200 300, but with one one critical difference: It can be remotely updated. There are hundreds of InfoChannel installations around the world. Among them is Channel 4000, distributed by the Desktop Video Wizard’s Network. Five days a week, DVW downloads a new multimedia presen-tation to participating Video Toaster dealers across the country, providing updates on the Toaster and desktop-video technology. Each edition is 10 to 12 minutes long, with seven or eight segments focusing on technical information, dealer information, product news, and sales and business advice. DVW hopes to add more interactivity to the system incorporating features such as instant polling and expand it to include dealers of other desktop-video systems. InfoChannel also provides up-to-the-minute weather information in a variety of formats to the ready rooms, control tower, and remote-radar installation at the Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and to March Air Force Base in Moreno Valley, California, where weather information is distributed across the entire base. Many large corporations, including die Ford Motor Company, JC Penney, and McDonnel Douglas, use InfoChannel to distribute news and company information to employees. Ironically, even IBM uses the Amiga for multimedia. The IBM niainfram computr factory in Rochester, Minnesota, has used Scala for internal presentations and training for over a year. Also, last June, a Toronto-based company called FilmClips used Scala for promoting an employee event through informational video displays at the Don Mills IBM Lab in Toronto. The Scala presentations were credited with increasing attendance from less than 100 at the previous year’s sessions to a record 600 attendees in 1993. And finally, at last year’s CeBIT convention in Hannover, Germany, the IBM OS 2 Multimedia Presentation used the InfoChannel multimedia software running on what else an Amiga! Whether it sports AmigaVision controlling an interactive kiosk, InfoChannel distributing news updates across the country, or a specialized Command Cue hardware software system managing a Broadway show, the Amiga has proved itself to be a major contender in the world of multimedia entertainment and education. Next time you see a multimedia presentation, take a peek at the hardware running it. Thanks to its multitasking power and cost effectiveness, there’s a good chance you’ll find an Amiga behind the scenes. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is director of Creative Business Presentations and a frequent contributor to computer-video publications. The author extends special thanks to David Tiberio for his Internet expertise and personal help in preparing this article. Our three-part series on mining the secrets of AmigaDOS continues with this look at using scripts to beef up your Shell power: riPazt 2: riS'axLfjt fJips THE AMIGA'S OPERATING system packs a wallop right out of the box, with utilities to satisfy all but the most sophisticated and demanding users. But Amiga users are a sophisticated and demanding bunch, and invariably they figure out something they’d like to do that’s not a one-step operation. That’s where scripting comes in: harnessing AmigaDOS’s powerful built-in script capabilities to turn even complex procedures into simple, straightforward commands. Script files (also called batch files) are just text files that contain a list of commands your system will execute in order. You can write scripts with any text editor, such as the ED editor included with AmigaDOS, or with your word processor if it offers an option to save text in plain ASCII format with no special codes. Although a script file can be located anywhere, the system reserves the S: directory (usually found on your bootup disk) for scripts and will look there for them automatically. There are two ways to run scripts. Early versions of AmigaDOS require the Execute command to launch them; type Execute followed by the name of the script. AmigaDOS 1.3 and later add a special ftle-protection bit marking a file as a script and sending it automatically to the Execute command when you run it. To set the script bit, use the Protect command. For example, to set the script bit on a file called MyScript, you’d type PROTECT S:MYSCRIPT +S To check whether a file’s script bit is set, use the List command. Along with the file’s name, size, date, and comments, List also shows you its protection bits. Check for an S in the protection-bit listing. It will look something like this: MyScript 56 -s rwed 01-Mar-94 15:41:00 Now that the script bit is set, you can run the script by simply typing MyScript. Even if you’ve never created a script from scratch before, you’ve probably dealt with scripts when an application required you to add a statement to your S:Startup-Sequence or S:User-Startup file. User-Startup was programmed into AmigaDOS 2 to give you a central script where you could make all your additions without altering the standard startup-sequence. If you’re still running AmigaDOS 1.3, you can append this feature by plugging in these three lines before the EndCLI command in your startup-sequence: If Exists S: User-Startup Execute S:User-Startup Endrf Examine the startup scripts and other files in your S: directory to get a good idea of how scripts are structured. One-Liners Why bother writing your own scripts? Scripts simplify your working environment; they can even let you perform elaborate Shell operations with a single mouse click. The time you spend learning to write scripts will likely be paid back tenfold in the amount of time you’ll save by not having to type multiple commands or look up rarely used command-line arguments. Scripts can be simple one-liners or structured programs with conditional jumps and interactive input. (If you’re going to dig that deep, though, I’d suggest taking the time to learn Arexx, which is easier to use and more powerful than the AmigaDOS script language.) One-line scripts are handy for complex commands that require a number of command-line arguments or switches, or those that follow an obscure, hard-to- remember syntax. They’re functionally equivalent to Aliases (see “Part 1: Shell Secrets,” Mar. ’94, p. 41); I use a script instead of an Alias for less-frequent commands. Aliases have the advantage of executing instantly without disk access, but each Alias eats up a couple dozen bytes of memory, unlike scripts, which take up only disk space. Scripts are particularly handy for operations requiring multiple steps. Consider the simple example of launching a program that requires a larger stack ? B Y D F. N N Y A T K I X value than your Shell normally uses. You’d type a CD command to change to the program’s directory, followed by the Stack command; then you’d type the program’s name to launch it; afterwards, you’d reset the stack to its previous value and type another CD command to return to the original directory. A script automates this process reducing it to a single step. Suppose you have a program called ProStream that requires a stack of 50,000 bytes. To create a script called PS to launch it, type ED S:PS and then enter the following commands in the editor: CD Work: ProStream Stack 50000 Run ProStream Stack 8192 CD Work: Copyings I Prefect) . Nui HiiiHi ir un raw • ¦ fatlit 11 inunt RflO: if nat exists RHD:Uni*ji cd dh0:Hin« nakcdlr RHPiWings echi "copying file*** copy It? RHD:Qings all dene Even if you prefer using Workbench, you can still use scripts to iconize your command-line applications and execute them from Workbench, In ED type Esc and then X to save your document and quit. Then type PROTECT S:PS + S at the Shell prompt to set the script bit. Now you can launch the program by typing PS. False Icons Thanks to the IconX command, you can take advantage of scripts even if the Workbench is your interface of choice. If you use the Shell only occasionally, you may want to “iconize” your command-line applications and execute them from the Workbench instead. Suppose, for example, that you keep your rarely used, decorative fonts on a floppy and copy them to your RAM disk whenever you need them. You can create an icon to automate that procedure. Start by typing ED SYS:TOOLS COPYFONTS to create the script file. Then type in the following script: MakeDir RAM:Fonts Copy DF0:Fonts RAM:Fonts all Assign Fonts: RAIVLFonts add Now from the Workbench load IconEdit and create a Project icon (or just choose the default) for this script. Save it as SYS:Tools CopyFonts.info; make sure you set it as a Project, rather than Tool or Drawer, icon. Click once on the icon, and select Information from the Workbench Icon menu. Switch the Default'Fool setting to C:IconX, and save your changes. Now you can just double-click the icon you created to execute the script. You can run almost any script from the Workbench by creating a Project icon for it and setting the icon’s Default Tool to C:IconX. Make My Day As we've seen so far, scripts are veiy useful for complex, hard-coded (unchanging) tasks. But what if you want to create a script that will perform an operation on any file? No problem, thanks to AmigaDOS’s support for command-line arguments in scripts. To add an argument to a script, you use the .Key command to set up a variable to hold the name of the file on which you want to operate. Suppose you want to create a command to display the contents of a text file and its size on screen. Type ED S:TSIZE to set up the script (lie and enter die following script: .Key TextFile Type TextFile> List TextFile> Save the script. Then set the script bit with the Protect command, and type TSIZE S:STARTUP-SEQUENCE to try it out. When your system executes the script, it substitutes the filename S:Startup-Sequence for any occurrence of TextFile>. Note that you must surround the variable with brackets the same symbols used for redirecting file output. Using brackets to mark off variables can be confusing, then, if your script also uses redirection. .AmigaDOS offers .Bra and .Ket commands, however, which let you replace the brackets with characters of your choice. Since curly braces rarely appear in AmigaDOS command lines, 1 suggest substituting those. Our simple example above would then read: .Key TextFile .Bra = .Ket 1 Type = TextFile} List = TextFile} Holding All the Wildcards Scripts can also handle multiple files. The List command’s Lformat option, for example, lets you write scripts that perform the same operation on similar files, even when the command you’re using doesn’t support wildcards. Suppose you want to view all the MPEG animation files in a directory, for instance. The public-domain MPEG viewer, MP, doesn’t support wildcards. (You’d have to list each filename individually before executing the operation.) Using the List command, however, you can create a script file that will show each MPEG file in sequence. In addition, Lformat lets you specify the formatting of List’s output. You can customize it with a variety of variables, but the one that’s important in scriptwriting is the %S%S combination, which inserts the path- and filenames of selected files into List’s output. For instance, to create a script displaying all the MPEG ? 32 April1994 Explore New Dimensions of Amiga Excitement With OUTPUT! Multimedia In Action!
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• key DirToLlst .bra = .ket} Ust >RAM:Temp = DirToList} Sort RAM Temp More RAM:Temp Delete RAM Temp Don’t forget to set the script bit. Now you can type Slist, followed by an optional disk or directory name, to get a sorted tally. The script first sends the output of the List command to a temporary file in your RAM disk; then it uses the Sort command to arrange it alphabetically and the More command to display it on screen. After you’ve finished viewing the list, your system deletes the temporary file. It's a simple script, but it comes in handy. You can also use a script to get around another AmigaDOS limitation: the MakeDir command, which creates a directory but no Workbench icon for it. We’ll program a command called MklDir to create a directory with an icon, or to just add an icon if a directory already exists. First, come up widi an icon for the drawers you’ll create. Load IconEdit and load or create a drawer icon, then save it as S:drawer.info. Now type ED S:MKIDIR and enter the following script into the editor: .Key DirName .Bra = .Ket} If Not Exists = DirName} MakeDir = DirName} EndH Copy S:drawer.info = DirName}.info Save the file, and set the script bit. Now you can use MklDir instead of MakeDir whenever you need a Workbench icon for a new drawer. Next month, we’ll finish up by taking a look at using the Shell to give your Amiga new printing prowess. In die meantime, die more scriptwriting you do, the more creative you’ll become. ¦ Editor and uniter Denny Atkin is the author of Denny Atkin *s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets, a collection of hints on everything from using AmigaDOS 3.0 to expanding your system. Cool gjovej wifk tfoitMy PageStream users can work faster and easier with the help of HotLinks automatic data transfer. Let a professional desktop publisher show you how. By Patricia Zabka Kaszycld exchange protocol lets you make difficult changes easily -without exiting applications or manually transfering items between them. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. But it doesn’t have to be HotLinks; in addition, Soft-Logik’s font editor, Type- painful. Soft-Logik’s HotLinks automatic data- Smith, offers supports for the protocol. What’s more, We Win No Oscars This tutorial will demonstrate how HotLinks can maximize your desktop- publishing performance. You can benefit whether you are an experienced PageStream pro or a novice. If you don’t already own it, upgrading to PageStream 3.0 will bring HotLinks to you. The new PageStream release will include all the programs used in this project that were previously sold separately: Not only HotLinks, but also Soft-Logik’s BME (Bit Map Editor), and PageLiner text processor. Win No Oscars These are not die only applications that support* ILLUSTRATED BY ISTVAN BANYAI AmigaWorld Black Bek's Imagemaster R t image processor and the ProWrite word processor from New Horizons, are also HotLinks compatible. Up All Night If you’re an experienced desktop publisher, you are painfully aware that even after you’ve stayed up all night to meet a client’s deadline, Aas (Author’s Alterations) and Pes (Production Errors) mean more work for you. Thankfully, HotLinks can make this work easier to handle. I’ll illustrate the process with a recent project of mine. My client was a writers’ group; the project was an 8-l 2xl 1-inch, 64- page literary magazine with artwork throughout. If you want to follow along with the process, you will need both artwork and text. For the art, any burn a p p e d graphics will do. For text, you can use any ASCII- Hi® Style fomat Text Ub iKt U I oba Undo r« VX iSSi : v sf.-b r
r. iioh] Select RH Search ext K«i* I O l e Tejct Rei l=te flttr'ibut«: format file, including the public-domain document Lorem Ipsum (a Latin-like text that works great for dummying layouts). Before you do anything else, gather details from your client: How many pages? What kind of art? How Figure 1: Give your published edition a name that’s distinct from your original Hie. :CancqI [ I like to begin by cleaning up and cropping my bitmapped graphics within BME, so 1 open that program next. Follow your thumbnails for an easy guess at the overall scale for graphics. When you are satisfied with your clean, cropped graphics, select Publish from the HotLinks menu. (Publish is the powerful command that creates the linked copy of your graphics 01* text; this linked copy is referred to as an edition.) In the Enter Edition Information requester, type a distinct name for your “published” graphic (see Figure 1) and select OK. Now select Save As from the Project menu and type in the name of your File. This will be an original “unpublished” copy of your art. The copy that you have published will allow you to make and then update changes. If you change and update a published edition, however, you’re stuck with it. There is no Undo function that will get you back to the original published edition after you have updated it. Protect yourself and always back up a published edition with an unpublished copy. (If you lack the RAM necessary' to run BME and PageStream at the same time, you can close BME at this point.) Open PageStream, select New from the File menu, and indicate the appropriate specs for your project; my Pine Valley document is 8-1 2x11, Portrait, and Double Sided. From the Layout menu select Create Columns. For my project, the margins are one inch on three sides and 3.5 inches on the bottom. There are two columns on each page (the space between them is .35 inch), which are linked 011 all 64 pages. Select the arrow icon from the tool box to enter Object mode. Now choose Subscribe from the Edit menu and click on the name of your graphic in the requester (see Figure 2). When the arrow icon changes to the paste icon, move to position the icon’s hot spot, and drag the mouse to position the graphic as indicated by your thumbnails or your creative sense. In my Pine Valley project, there are different graphics on ever)' page along with the logo. Place your graphics on all of your document pages as required. Then save the project and dose PageStream if you need to conserve RAM. Your bitmapped graphics within the BME program. When you’re ready with the layout, collect all of the and text elements. Organize them in directo- with logical names such as Text, Logos, Line Art, Photos, and so on. Then make sure HotLinks is installed and running on your Amiga (it will launch automatically with PageStream 3.0). Begin With Bitmaps Figure 2: From PageStream, you can "subscribe” to the published edition file you created. Many colors? What kind of budget? Willi this information in mind, make thumbnails of the project to indicate how the document pages will look and what will be on each of the pages. Thumbnails are quick pencil scribbles (yes, pencil do these before turning on your Amiga). The thumbnail indicates columns, headlines, and so on, plus the placement and general shape of graphics (e.g., rectangular rather than square, and tall rather than wide) on each page. These details will help when it comes time to crop Select Text Next Open PageLiner. From the Project menu select Insert and from the Select Text requester choose the file your document will be using. If your rexi is in multiple files, continue to select and insert as required. PageLiner has a wonderful feature that lets you format your text before publishing it. To use this, place the I-Beam cursor to select your text, move your mouse to the Text menu, and select Font (see Figure 3). When your text is properly inserted and formatted, select Publish from the HotLinks menu. In the requester that appears, type a specific name for your Font flninal BillsBigButlets BilisDingbats i Noma I Bold Italic Bold Italic tTTihOsI ts Da Ho StSneSerif I iHnrnat "" N With my Pine Valley project the client said, “The layout looks great, but we would like you to erase the bottom branches on the trees [in the logo]. And can you add a few more pine needles in some of these open spaces?” HotLinks helped me make the changes with ease, Here’s how to do it: Open BME and “subscribe” to the project. Adjust the view for comfort, and select the Eyedropper tool. Pressing the left mouse button, move the eyedropper icon around on the graphic until you find the correct editing color. Click, select the paint icon, and then click or drag until the corrections are made. Now select Update from the HotLinks menu. From the Project menu select Save As to create an unpublished master of the edited art again, just as a backup. In PageStream, open the project file and all the copies of the graphic will be automatically updated. My client loved the trees, and said, “Great. And one other thing we forgot to tell you about in our original specs. Our name needs to be put on all the pages that begin new stories. See. Just about right here. And just about this big. The Pine Valley Writer’s Group.” Back in my studio I opened PageLiner, typed the name of the group and then published it, I then opened PageStream, subscribed to the Name line, and placed it on the required pages. Just as I finished, the client called. “We hope it’s not too late. There’s a misspelled word in the information we gave you. The apostrophe in the word Writer’s should come after the letter s.” Because I had published the Name line in PageLiner and subscribed to it in PageStream, fixing the typo was easy. I simply opened PageLiner, subscribed to the Name line text and typed the corrected spelling. Then I selected Update from the HotLinks menu and saved the file. Back in PageStream, 1 opened the project and watched as HotLinks flew through the changes (see Figure 4). Published text edition and select OK, Also, save an unpublished version from the Project menu. As with graphics, it’s always good to keep an unpublished copy of your text, especially if the text originated from multiple sources. If you render the published text edition unusable, you will still have a master copy to open and publish again. From PageStream open your project file. Select Text mode from the tool box (the Text tool will be highlighted and the blinking cursor will appear in the column box). From the Edit menu select Subscribe, and from the requester select your PageLiner Edition file. The text will How into the PageStream document. If you have not already done so, select the appropriate information for your printer from the Configure Printer requester. Then, from the File menu, select Print. If you find no mistakes on the printout, make another copy of the project for yourself. If you’re lucky, your client will say that all is well and you’ll be ready to bill for a job well done. More likely, though, the client will want changes. Fast Work Of course, more Aas came throughout the next two weeks. But because of the user-friendly format of PageStream, PageLiner, and BME, and the remarkThe More Things Change.,. Pat Kaszycki, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator; has a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Hartford. Although she is Mac fluent, her tool of choice is the Amiga. She has just placed her book Amiga Desktop Publishing with an agent; all the illustrations for her second hook, Tates From The Purple Jungle, were done using Soft-Logiks Art Expression program. Write to her at PO Box 232, Eastford, CT 06242. Able speed of HotLinks, making the corrections was quick and easy. Indeed, HotLinks is certain to capture your loyalty. While you make I he changes that would ordinarily make you steam, HotLinks keeps you cool and free Figure 4: Thanks to HotLinks, you can mind your Ps and Qs and your apostrophes automatically. From frustration. Once you use it you won’t know how you got along without it! ¦ Size Width 1 5 1 7 6 1 3 I 7 | 9 I 3 I 18 I 9 1 11 ¦ IB 12 13 14 ITIi | j A V 5 17 |J _ You can’t get A GA chips to work in older machines, it’s true. But if you try, you just might find third-party products with the AGA-type features you need. R
o many Amiga owners, the introduction of the 1200 and 4000 models, with their Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) chips, was both a great high and a terrible low. It was exhilirating because, for the first time, you could display more than the original 4096 colors on an Amiga. But it was also a real downer because, also lor the first time, you could not transfer the benefits of a new Amiga chip set to any of the existing machines; if you wanted AG A graphics, you had to have an Amiga 1200 or 4000. Window Icons Largrsize display High-resolution color Real-time full-color animation Photorealistic gameplay Custorrscreen mode promotion AGA Featires More than a year later, there is still no way to install the AGA chip set in your Amiga 1000, 500, 2000, or -5000. But there are ways to get some of the benefits of the new AGA computers without giving up your beloved old machine. Is one of these alternatives right for you? Think about why you want AGA: Ram Disk
* You may be a graphic artist who is looking for more colors and a bigger canvas.
* Perhaps you’re a power user who wants a higher-resolution display for applications such as page-layout programs, database managers, word processors, or spreadsheets.
* If you’re a filmmaker, you may see AGA as a way to create realistic 3-D AMIGA animations that play back right from the computer.
• And although most of us view computers as serious tools, some users arc honest enough to admit that all they m want to do is to play AGA- specific games.
- Fortunately, AGA alterna- tives affordable hardware software combinations exist By Sheldon Leemon for each type of user. Let’s look at the options by user type. Artistic License One of AGA’s main attractions is more colors; for the graphic artist, that translates to more-realistic displays. The AGA chip set can display up to 256 colors simultaneously (out of a possible 16.7 million) in all of the old palette-mapped modes. It also includes an eight-bit HAM mode that can display up to 262,144 colors at the same time. That’s pretty close to 24-bit color, the current standard for photo-quality (“true”) color. Owners of non-AGA machines need not settle for close, however. These days, a number of reasonably priced display cards for the Amiga 2000 and 3000 series can give you hill 24-bit color (in theory, up to 16.7 million hues simultaneously). Choices include Centaur's OpalVision ($ 699), the Retina from MacroSystemUS (from S599), Expert Services' Picasso II (from $ 549), GVP's EGS Spectrum (from $ 499), and the Merlin board from Spectronics ($ 799). (Note that DKB no longer provides US distribution of the Piccolo board, which also Fits this criteria. DKB does, however, plan a spring release of its own low-cost board that will use the same EGS software as Piccolo and Spectrum.) Each of these products comes with its own custom 24- bit paint package. Because these programs are designed specifically for their respective boards, they are not available for stock Amigas not even AGA machines. In fact, the most highly acclaimed 24-bit paint packages for the Amiga require one of these boards. Tecsoft's TV Paint Professional ($ 399 from MacroSystemUS), the most widely known of the 24-bit paint programs, is available for the Retina, Picasso II, and EGS Spectrum cards. It features a wide variety of drawing styles, splendid paint-mixing and transparency options, full Arexx control, and lots of gradient and stencil options. And although TV Paint won’t run with OpalVision, the OpalPaint program that comes with the board is distinguished in its own right. It was the first Amiga paint program with brush textures such as chalk and pencil and paper textures such as canvas; it was also the first to include brush tolerances, letting you pick up an area of similar, but not identical, colors. Both TV Paint and OpalPaint also support pressure-sensitive drawing pads. In addition to offering more colors, most of these boards let you display a larger drawing area as well, given an appropriate monitor. The Picasso II and EGS Spectrum can produce 24-bit displays in sizes up to 800x600. Merlin’s 24-bit display allows up to 680 horizontal resolution, and the 4MB version of the Retina card provides a 24-bit display as large as 1024x768. Most of these cards also provide even larger displays using 16-bit color (65,536 hues). This extra screen size can come in very handy when you are preparing artwork for print, where resolutions are typically much higher than the standard computer display; it is not uncommon to work with images as large as 2400x3000 pixels. You can convert the output of most of the 24-bit display boards to a television signal by using an NTSC or PAL encoder. Video updates or options are promised for several of these boards, including Retina and OpalVision. Artists whose main interest is creating television graphics, however, may want to consider a video-only device. On the low end of the price scale, there is Digital Creations' DCTV (about $ 300), a box that converts the Amiga video signal to television-style composite video with millions of colors, which you can record directly on your VCR. Because DCTV is an external box that plugs into the 23-pin video port, it works with any Amiga model, including the 1000, 500, and 600. DCTV comes with DCTV Paint, an excellent program that lets you either create images from scratch or modify video images you capture with the unit’s built-in digitizer. For professional video artists (or those for whom : ' V'v et 'T* 1 hi mm I ¦ ways to get some of AGA without giving up your old computer. Price is no object), there is the Video Toaster. NewTek’s hardware software combination (about $ 2400) is more than just a display board, of course, but among its many talents is the ability to provide a broadcast-quality video display of computer art. The ToasterPaint program that comes with the package is a bit dated, but still sufficient for creating art from scratch or for modifying images captured with the Toaster’s built-in frame grabber. In any case, artists wanting lots of colors can get more through third-party products on an older Amiga than from an AGA system alone. To decide which of these options makes the most sense, consider the type of output you want and the amount oi money you can spend. Printed output, for example, uses the biggest bitmaps, so a board like the 4MB version of the Retina, which gives you the most colors at the larger screen sizes, would be the obvious choice. For television art, you’ll want a solution that provides an output you can tape on your VCR, which means either DCTV lor a couple of hundred dollars, the Toaster for a couple of thousand, or OpalVision for somewhere in between (assuming that Centaur makes its composite adapter available in the near future). If you are primarily interested in the type of computer pictures that can be displayed on your screen, however, any of the boards mentioned in the following section should do nicely. You may want to review their proprietary paint software as a way of choosing. Power Play For the power user, too, AGA means more color on a larger screen. Where business software is concerned, the 24-bit boards provide everything AGA does, and then some. That’s because in addition to the 24-bit displays at lower resolutions described above, the Retina, Picasso II, Merlin, and Spectrum boards can also provide displays at sizes upwards of 1280x1024, with up to 256 colors. Unlike the first generation of 24-bit boards, the latest models don’t need specially designed productivity software. They can run a wide range of existing applications on h i - r e s B screens, m thanks if to some system M soft w are tricks. Workbench emulation plays a big part in the strategy. All of the 24-bit boards mentioned here come with software that lets you open the Workbench in any of their expanded screen modes (though all but the Retina restrict you to 256 colors on the Workbench). This means that any word processor, spreadsheet, desktop-publishing program, or database manager that can open on the Workhere are bench screen is guaranteed to work with these boards. Fhe Retina board actually goes one step further in mode-proniotion. Its program includes an AGA- emulation option that fools applications into thinking you have the AGA chip set. It is one of the few boards that can run DeluxePaint IV on its 256-color screens albeit fairly slowly. I * Since not all programs will open on the Workbench, however, most of these boards provide a way to coax existing applications to open on their screens. The Spectrum and Picasso II boards, for example, come with software that registers their screen-mode information with the system’s display database, so that newer applications that let you use the standard requester (like the one in AmigaDOS’s Preferences Screen Mode program) to select a screen mode can take advantage of whatever new inodes these boards offer. In addition, most 24-bit boards include software that functions like the Mode Promotion option in AmigaDOS’s Preferences [Control program. Simply put, whenever an application tries to open a screen of a particular mode, the promotion program steps in and changes it to another mode. That way, you can get a desktop-publishing program to open a screen on a 1024x768 display, or a 1024x768 scrolling screen on an 800x600 display. Mode promotion doesn’t work with all applications, since some programs, particularly those that are graphics-oriented, react badly to surprises such as a bigger screen or more colors. But for the most part, recent business software works well on ihese larger custom screens. Some applications support 24-bit boards directly. Likewise, most of these boards come with drivers for image-processing programs such as ASDG's Art Department Professional and GVP’s Image FX, as well as 3-D graphics software, including Real 3D (Reahoft). Even the Macintosh emulators Emplant (Utilities Unlimited) and A-Max (Ready Soft) support these boards for use as 24-bit Macintosh displays. Amiga users can actually get larger displays using the alternatives as opposed to AGA. All of the recent 24-bit boards function pretty similarly, and all do an excellent job. This makes choosing between them tough, but it also means that you probably will be satisfied with whichever one you select. We’ll provide more details on these boards in a roundup next month, after we’ve had a chance to compare them in depth. A Moveable Feast One of biggest selling points of the AGA machines is their ability to animate near-photographic displays at a speed approaching 30 frames per second, at a time when even the hottest ’486 Pcs are stuck with animating 256-color images in quarter-screen windows at 10 or 15 frames per second. The secret lies in AGA’s FIAM8 mode, which uses hardware compression to give you 18-bit color for only eight bits of data. This built-in feature gives the AGA chip set a distinct advantage over 24-bit boards. While some boards come with animation software, none can animate as large a window as AGA can, at as fast a frame rate. But if you don’t mind having recordable composite video (as opposed to computer RGB) output, there are two alternative methods for producing real-time animations. The inexpensive option is Digital Creations’ DC TV. Since this box takes its display data from the standard Amiga video system, it can show both pictures and ANIMs stored in standard Amiga File formats. DC'IY’s hardware transforms medium-resolution, low-color animation data into a low-resolution, high-color animation of television quality that plays back at rates of up to 30 frames per second. DCIV comes with software that converts single 24- bit frames (such as those produced by 3-D animation software) to its own compressed format, and you will also find both commercial and shareware programs that can compress a series of 24-bit frames into a DCIV animation file. Because of the low cost of both DCFV and the Amiga systems on which it will run (even an A500 with enough memory will work), this device is a favorite among animators looking for acceptable results at a rock-bottom price. For those with lots more money to spend, there is Digital Processing System's Personal Animation Recorder (PAR), an animation system that provides a far better solution than even AGA .ANIMs. This plugin card plays back 24-bit animations from a dedicated hard drive at 30 frames per second. The board comes with its own high-quality composite-video output, and even offers component video output for professionals using digital and Betacam formats. When combined with DPS’s TBC IV card, PAR can also capture sequential frames from an external video source. This opens up the possibility of creating moving morphs and other exotic special effects. Although PAR is not inexpensive (about $ 3000 with the special high-speed drive required), it still costs far less than other high-quality solutions, including frame- accurate VCRs and single-frame controllers, digital disk recorders, and recordable laser discs. For professional animation work, an older Amiga equipped with PAR is better than an AGA system. With its fast processor and bus, however, AGA is a better low- cost solution than a pre-AGA machine with DCTV unless you’ve already invested in an accelerator. Fun and Games The latest 24-bit graphics cards, as we have seen, may be pretty good at running AGA productivity software, but, alas, they do not fare as well with AGA-specific games. The reason is that many arcade-type games boot right from the floppy disk, without ever loading up the Workbench environment. Well-behaved games that you can install on a hard drive and load from a Workbench icon may run on the 256-color screens of some graphics cards, but AGA games that need to boot from a floppy don’t stand a chance of working on non-AG A machines. If you want to run these kinds of AGA games, you’ll simply have to have the AGA chips. Still, there are a couple of alternatives to selling your old machine and buying a new one. Amiga 500 owners, for example, may want to consider Copperhead Technologies' AGA Upgrade Kit an Amiga 1200 motherboard, specially modified to work with your Amiga 500 keyboard. To gel the motherboard to lit, you’ll have to trim away various parts of the A500’s plastic case. Although that’s not a difficult job, the result isn’t pretty. Since you cannot screw the motherboard down to the case, you’ll have to settle for double-sided tape. It isn’t the most mechanically stable arrangement, either, and plugging cables into the machine’s rear ports is hard. Nor is the unit properly shielded, because you cannot fit the metal RF panel back on after installing the new motherboard. (The FCC would definitely not approve.) .Although Copperhead states that you can use both the A1200 “trap-door” expansion port and the internal hard-drive connector, it isn’t as easy as with an A1200. You can probably find space for a 2.5-inch hard drive inside the case, but there’s no really secure place to mount it. And when I tried to plug the DKB 1202 memory board into the expansion port, it bumped into the mounting post for the floppy drive more surgery would be required to make it fit. Still, some owners may be able to live with the drawbacks in order to save $ 100 to $ 150. (The upgrade kit is $ 273 with shipping, or $ 248 if you trade in your A500 motherboard, while a new Amiga 1200 runs just under $ 400.) For those who prefer the neater solution of an Amiga 1200 in an A1200 case, it may make more sense just to sell your A500 for $ 100 and buy the new computer. Or, instead of selling your old system, how about buying a complementary game machine? By the time you read this, Commodore’s CD32 should be widely available. For about the price of an A1200, the CD32 will give you not only AGA capability, but a CD-ROM drive as well. Though it’s still a little early to start talking about expansion products for CD32, you’ll probably be able to hook the unit up to your computer and share the CD-ROM drive between machines. While Commodore has been busy updating the Amiga product line, third-party manufacturers haven’t been sleeping they’ve been bringing out lots of products that help older Amigas keep up with “new-generation” AGA machines. Besides those mentioned, we’ve even heard of a freely distributable software AGA emulator called Soft AGA. We could not track down a copy to test, but sources say it is not yet viable. Still, with all of the various expansion and update alternatives available, the question is no longer “Can I do it?” but “What shall I try first?” ¦ Sheldon Leemon, a computer video consultant and instructor, is the author of two books and scores of articles covering the Amiga. He is currently writing a third book, concerning the Video Toaster, and is Forum Manager Jar the Amiga area on National Videotex Network. Write to him c o AmigaWorld, Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. NAB Multimedia World 1993 Reader’s Choice Au ard " Best Graphics Card” “...the overall champion of Amiga paint programs” Desktop Video World “...state-of-the-art features not found on any other Amiga paint program." Amiga World “Quite simply, it’s a spectacular product." Amiga Computing Magazine “...the finest, most professional paint program to arrive on the Amiga.” Amiga Format “OpalVision is awesome!” Camcorder Magazine “Professional quality at this price can’t be turned away." Amiga User International Magazine “The verdict was unanimous brilliant.” Amiga Shopper Magazine "...the best paint program currently available....” The Amiga-Video Journal (AVID) “The finest, most versatile and endlessly customizable paint program ...” TV Technology “...an excellent 32-bit paint program." Amiga Video Graphics Journal “...this is the best 24-bit paint program...magnificent.” Amazing Computing OpalPaint provides all of the necessary tools to create graphics and illustrations of limitless variety. It includes all of the features necessary for the creation, enhancement and manipulation of images of every kind. Opal Paint’s extensive image processing modes provide virtually unlimited special effects possibilities. Its features rival broadcast studio paint systems at a fraction of the price. LIVE * No other paint program comes close to the acclaimed image processing and painting power of OpalPaint. Use the power of OpalPaint to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. ' . :. " OPALVISION MAIN BOARD An OpalVision Main Board is the most powerful and useful addition you can make to your Amiga system. You’ll instantly increase the number of available colors on your Amiga system to an amazing 16 million colors per pixel! And, in addition to the award- winning OpalPaint, Opal Presents and OpalAnimMATE software that comes with every board, you’ll discover that OpalVision also significantly enhances the performance of most other Amiga programs. Render scenes and animations using any Amiga 3-D program and view them with the OpalVision card's photo-realistic 16-million color mode. Manipulate and print sophisticated, professional-quality images using programs like Art Department Professional, Image Master and Image F X. If you create morphs, illustrations, graphics or animations of any kind, you'll appreciate the super high quality of OpalVision’s state-of-the art design. P- . MM OpalPaint's full range of tools and controls provides a level of support for artistic creativity never before available on the Amiga. It's fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. OPALPAINT OpalPaint includes exclusive real-world artist tools, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and much, much more! OpalAnimMATE plays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second, ft works in 8,12,15, 18 and 24-Bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32x20 to 768 x 286 pixels. Ir tr, k ,t Prcsenff! | Every Main Board includes Opal Presents!, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpaiVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. OpaiVision Video Processor OpalPaint's image processing and painting features rival those of broadcast industry paint systems costing thousands of dollars. Use its power to easily create your own images or enhance and modify framestores. OpalPaint includes exclusive real-world artist tools, texture mapping, extensive image processing modes, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes, special effects and much, much more. It’s fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. OpalPaint’s full range of tools and comprehensive controls provides a level of support for artistic creativity never before available at such a reasonable price. OP ALAN I MM ATE OpalAnimMATE creates delta-compressed animations from any series of images or framestores and plays them back using the OpalVision hardware in real-time at rates of up to 60 frames per second, ftworks in 8,12,15,18and 24-bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. Excellent for use with 3-D rendering programs, landscape generators and other animation programs. OPAL PRESENTS! OpalPresentslisan icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video (when the OpalVision Video Processor is attached). It includes numerous built-in transition effects and takes full advantage of the Opalvision 24-bit hardware. OPALVISION HOTKEY Opal HotKey lets you instantly display OpaiVision 24-bit graphics and combine them at any time with Amiga-generated graphics and animations using simple key combinations. It also supports priority stenciling to allow the simultaneous placement of Amiga graphics in front of or behind OpaiVision graphics. UPCOMING VIDEO ENHANCEMENT MODULES: THE OPALVISION VIDEO PROCESSOR AND ROASTER CHIP Adds a wealth of additional features and functionality including framegrabbing, genlocking, chroma keying, luma keying, real-time color processing of live video. It also provides an unlimited number of transitions and Digital Video Effects using the included OpaiVision Roaster Chip and software. These include cuts, wipes, fades, and special organic effects (soft- or hard-edged), plus an infinite range of flips, tumbles, page peels, image wrapping, picture-in-picture effects and more. OPALVISION VIDEO SUITE This 19-inch, rack-mountable unit includes video and audio mixing, switching and transcending and connects directly to the Video Processor. There are 9 video and 10 audio inputs available, plus the 24-Bitframe store. Professional quality video inputs and outputs are available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y, Composite and S-Video. OPALVISION SCAN-RATE CONVERTER TBC Achieves 31 Khz, non-interlaced output of Amiga and OpaiVision graphics and animations. It also de-interlaces any incoming video source in either PAL or NTSC and includes full time-base correction of incoming video. The on-board memory also serves as an additional framestore for dual framebuffer applications. Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development Phone: (310) 7874530
P. O. Box 3959 FAX: (310) 222-5882 Created by: OpalTech Sydney, Australia opaltech Torrance, CA90510 BBS: (310) 7874540 OpaiVision Video Suite OpaiVision, OpalPaint, Opal Presents, OpaiVision Video Suite, Opal Video Processor and OpaiVision Roaster Chip are trademarks of Opal Technology, Ltd. OpalAnimMATE is a trademark of Centaur Development, fnc. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Technical specifications subject to change without notice. Circle 13 on Header Service card Canada d00o-ilJ-25 12 C' Commodore THE 1 AMIGADEALERI SUPER Ortl&r hauis: Mon. ** Fri* Vuu i> apw aar. *Jain ia 4pin (Pacific aianddri&nnia) 4420 urJhr jicjjyi Cuiicnuhr Ssr ijcs 3 J 0-737-4pJ, Cuiiainsr asr ldf rburi Man. - Fri. 5cir. YcniHv 5anl
o Now get the best graphic workstation for the money: for painting with 1 rated OpalPaint, for photo retouching, VI for animation and presentations! . • A4000 040 w lOMB RAM * 120MB HD ± • OPALVISION MAIN BOARD
• OPALPAINT, OPALPRESENTS, OP ALAN I'm ATE SOFTWARE f price includes installation CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY! IT IS SIMPLY AWESOME OPALVISION MAIN BOARD The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true RGB, 24-bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC (optional modules . Includes a wealth of software. OPALPAINT SOFTWARE Consistently rated the best image processing software on the Amiga, OpalPaint allows you to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. In addition to image processing, it has powerful painting and drawing capabilities. A full range of tools, real-time, full 24-bit. .i ... J OPAL PRESENTS! Every main board includes Opal Presents!, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. Create sales presentations, clip libraries of your work, educational videos or whatever you can imagineI iswr. OPALPAINT SOFTWARE includes an expandable library of image processing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools OpalAnimMATE plays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 8, 12, 15, 18 and 24-bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS Because OpalVision has gained such acceptance around the world (it is both NTSC and PAL compatible , there is a huge selection of compatible hardware and software products from third parly developers. A partial list is included below left. OPALVISION COMPATIBLE Aladdin 4D AmiUnk Video Editing Products Art Department Professional Caligari 24 * Montage24 CineMorph • Morph Plus Image F X * PIV2001 Imagine 3D * Rea 3D ImageMaster * Texture City Images Ughtftaye • Transporter Math Vision • VideoVisions THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT COMES CLOSE TO THE QUALITY OF THE OPALVISION 24-BIT SYSTEM! WINNER AMAZING COMPUTING READER'S CHOICE AWARD 1993 "BEST GRAPHICS CARD" High resolution with ,28mm dot pitch • Tilt and Swivel Base Frequency Range: 15-38K horizontal, and 50-90K vertical Now that the 1960 1950 monitors are gone, how do you get Super-72 Mode? This is your answer. Better than the 1950 monitor with great specs. Why spend your money on a CBM-1942 Bi-sync-ONLY monitor with ''cheap'' speakers? Real monitors don't have speakers! What if you want a hi-res 24-bit graphics board later, like OpalVision, Retina, EGS, Picasso - THIS MONITOR SUPPORTS THEM ALL! 50MHz w MMU AND 4MB RAM ONE YEAR WARRANTY A1291 SCSI KIT..$ 89 Now you can accelerate your Amiga 4000and expand the RAM in one product! The GVP G- FORCE 040 is 40-MHz, and will expand to 128MB RAM. PLUS: You can add optional SCSI II and or RAM Adapter Board. NO ZORRO mmr 1 SLOT TAKEN! A3000 Compatible! Uziumbtr Jhr W CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY! NEW! Bring the world of SCSI into reach! Hook-up to CD-ROM, Bernoulli drives, etc. Add up fo 7 devices to your Amiga and smile! You can even add up to 8MB RAM and mount a
3. 5" drive on card! Ittxi idAY JMKSB A complete voice mail system for your Amiga! If you would like to have automated, scheduled, time date stamped voice mail and faxes with unlimited mail boxes, the ability to fax from any program that prints, call in remotely, and more... get PHONE PAK VFX 2.0 4333 Expand your horizons with the Very quiet digital sound sampler. Includes versatile DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO software, a multifaceted program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback and MOD format song file creation. Attractive clear polycarbonate case and reliable GVP quality! I4LIJ OAV IM3Q S 28 24 SPECTRUM L&iijpisud pumu V 5JW S pWm J , *, - 4 fzuil&rhi'j, Ttiycii uhjLii1' | TBCPlus 5359 Professional qualify, all digital time base correcforwith real-time frame grabber and 16.7 million color frame buffer PLU 7 g ) c programmable video special effects! 7 COMB FILTER OPTION • Clean up §qq composite for Y C out; fix cross color VV 5562 FRAME RAM OPTION • 1MB EXTRA FRAME RAM; improve special effects OND AGA GRAPHICS t-time, 24-bit, true-color hancement card. Pro solutions up to 1600x12801 ¦bit! Incudesacustomdispiay able for single monitor use. Fons are ready to run and it cclaimed EGS PAINT as a [ring workstation graphic Amiga! * EXCUISIVE! GO ii= E’ ii i rnlij rad yrupjikj an y ujjuiiabJa r: mUAoOJimM ipiiji-iljriJijyhil 'ftVjny uppJisai Biicludai ilia I I ij gp JUS, I'J'Jl L ipov ar rj yuur .. NOW GET IMAGE F X 1.5 FROM GVP for s19*5 M ¦ (EGS-compatible soon) ImageF X 1 5-EGS offer valid oniy with purchase of EGS, kept pas! 30-day MBG. $ 19.95 direct from GVP only. Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built- in transcorder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full AGA support! G-LOCK is now QPALVIS1QN compotible!_ GVP and CREATIVE COMPUTERS ANNOUNCE A NEW MONTHLY GIVEAWAY FOR 1994! NOW WIN A GVP PRODUCT EACH & EVERY MONTH. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED!! THIS MONTH: WIN A NEW EGS SPECTRUM! Last Month's Winner! John Jones
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- --- - " ¦ - . I'; L - ¦ ' HP mmm ¦ 5344 «-FCPR0a 5048 Gunship 2000 Lemmings 2 The tribes newest exciting adventures 5429 Amy's Fun2-3 Youngsters learn; about numbers The ultimate attack helicopter simulator Z00L2 The ultimate alien Ninja fighter! ?UNSHIP dU‘JLr m $ 3495 5274 4906 4129 Eye of the Beholder II STAR TREK 25TH ANV. 5494 Air Bucks Run your own airline JIGSAW PU LES AGA The hottest sequel ever fffi sl 4,s k HOT! Hard Drv. Version 4017 5524 5274 CHAOS BRUTAL Mickey's ABC's JURASSIC ENGINE FOOTBAL A Jurassic Park 5470 5479 Uridium 2 Sim Life Paint & Create New version of classic arcade action! 6 entertaining activites * I Create your own world and alien life! Asteroids with an attitude Mm $ Jj t ;¦> __ 4590 PAGESETTHR 3 ...55-95 0409 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES 1 35.95 3741 MIC R&D SWIFTY 300 DPI 3 BUTTON MOUSE 25.95 5407 ALPHA DATA OPTICAL PEN MSE 300 DPI .....58.99 5406 ALPHA DATA MEGA-MOUSE 4GQ OP! 2-BUT . 10.(30 4978 STUDIO PRINTER SOFTWARE 49.95 4853 DYNACADD2D 199X30
4377. TEXTURE CITY COROM 69.95 4220 TEXTURE ClTY PRO60 Vott ...79.00 4761 TEXTURE CITY PR06Q VOL 2 .... 6935 2821 SOFTCUPS VOLUME I . 44.95 2761 SOFTCUPS VOL Hi .. 44.95 2948 SOFTCUPS VOL III .4 2957 SOFTCUPS VOL IV .4 5011 600 AMIGA COLOR CUP ART 1 WORD PROCESSING 5403 FINAlWffiTER (NEW AUTHE FEATURE - FINAL COPY it PLUS NEW DTP FEATURES).... 129.00 4469 FINAL COPY I! RELEASE 2 69,00 4406 PRO WRITE 3.3 .....54.95 4701 ffSggl ~ .-54.95 5078 SDG HPI 1C SCAN DRVFf ___.. 13435 4692 EPSON SCNR DOC FEED .499.00 5247 CABLE, AMIGA TO EPSON (IMAGEFX) CD-ROM ACCESSORIES 5202 CD-ROM CADDY 5244 ASIM COR FllE SYS. 2,0 Eureka Scanner 400 dpi black and white hand scanner is ideal for scanning logos and drawings (artwork of any kind). 32-level greyscale capability. Parallel interface with pass-through. Color Scanners High quality flatbed scanners rated best in Amiga market! ASDG Epson Jkcnner Driver Software with scanner purchase $ 0*3 o s ES-6Q0C • 24-bit, 300 dpi 4664 M089 ES-80QC • 24-bit, 400 dpi Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America 33 4665 Mm 4462 Limited Supply! _ Drawing Tablets Micro R. & WACOM BIGFOOT POWER SUPPLIES One of the most popular accessories Macit for artists on the Macintosh and IBM is also available for the Amiga! Pressure sen-sitive, with cordless programmable pen. BIGFOOT 2000 300 watt direct replacement for the A2000 2500 power supply, 100 watts more than the original. Great for the video professional and Amiga power user Full year warranty. 8IGFOOT 500: 200 watt A500 600 1 200 replacement power supply. Great for those expanding their 500 600 or 1200. Fan cooled. Matching white enclosure. Full year warranty. 6x9" SD-510C .,. s399 12x12" Standard ... S499 12x12" Electrostatic .. s749 m 60625 BIGFOOT 500 $ 8795 BIGFOOT 2000 s ] 3995 1857 61954 52001 5036 Unleash the Power! Jyyjyry Ciiy cl>-koai coltacfian • ( high i! ;*a- 24-pin printer ap-3250 The publishing team with the Genie Edge! Now get the popular Gold Disk publishing powerhouse, "Pro Page," plus the popular "Pro rxoMsnoxAL r»r,r Draw" at a special Creative Bundle Price!! Professional Page 4.1 and j Professional Draw 3,&' 4730 il G« BOTH m C|C Hi iyjck- Fhighest qualify, high speed dot matrix printer for the Amiga! $ 199 4606 4377 Also Available: PROCALC Spreadsheet software for Amiga NolONE HAS MORE AMIGA DTPlTHAN 5107 PAGESTREAM 2.2 WITH ART EXPRESSIONS (no FREE3.0 upgrade) 185.00 5453 SPACE & ASTRONOMY CD-ROM .....$ 25.00 CD-ROM DRIVES NEW NEC SERIES 5500 NEC 3XE MULTISPIN EXTERNAL CDROM .... ....$ 599.95 5502 NEC 3XI MULTISPIN INTERNAL CDROM ......512.95 5498 NEC 3XP MULTISPIN CDROM PORTABLE.... ......459.00 MAXTOR HARD DRIVES CD-ROM TITLES TEXTURE HEAVEN (OVER 380 24BIT IFF IMAGES PLUS 138 SYMBOLS) ..S55.00 GRAPHIC RESOURCE ...22.95 GOLIATH CLIP ART CD ... 19.95 GIGA GAMES AMIGA PC 19.95 AUDIO RESOURCE LIBRARY ...... 22.95 GRAPHICS RESOURCE LIBRARY .. 22.95 MEGA MEDIA CD-ROM ...... ..29.95 ULTIMATE MOD COLLECTION ......26.95 LANGUAGE QS CD-ROM ......19.95 5130 5269 5366 5129 5130 5294 5018 5316 4914 MAXTOR MXT-1240S SCSI 1.2GB ....CALL 5068 MAXTOR 3:5* MXT540S SCSI .669.0G 5333 MAXTOR 7345A IDE 345MB 335.0C 5390 MAXTOR 7345S SCSI 345MB 365.00 5219 MAXTOR 7245 SCSI 245MB ..299.00 IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU WANT HERE, PLEASE CALL! COMPUTE FutureVideo Prosasshnul Publishing Pagestream 2.2 EdilLink» 3300 A B Roll Edit Control System Multi-tasking edit controller can sync three VCRs simultaneously. Can read Hi8 RC Time Code, 8mm TC, and SMPTE EBU TC (optional). Includes control software for Amiga, as well as IBM and Macintosh. Easy to use A B Roll editing software lets you set edit points, assemble, 1 in Amiga DTP. Winner of Amiga World's Experts' Choice Award and Amazing Amiga's Users' Choke Awards. Buy PageStream 2.2 now and get PageStream 3.0 FREE! PageStream 3.0 has aver 1000 new features, including AGA color, recordable Arexx, and the ability to load ProPage documents. Video insert, A V insert, audio insert editing. CYBEREDIT software available for 3300 with Toaster System Control - call hr pricing availability. Mm 3833
- Compute! "A must have"
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- AMIGA Format End font Hell Lowest Price Anywhere! 5113 5484 CALL FOR PRICING ON PAGESTREAM 3.011 on these two items! Primera DCTV PAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE! Full-Color Thermal Printer True 4-color printer designed to give you stunning, high quality color ouput on paper, transparency, even T-shirt transfer paper! Winner Best of Comdex 93 "Rookie" Award. It was the hit of World of Commodore, too! One year warranty. Photorealistic upgrade available. Includes Amiga driver software! 1721 The Kitchen Sync Two complete TBCs on one card works with any video source, S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible. M295 3639 [eureka midi interface 1 -in, 2-outs, 2-thrus Also comes with a special pass througl
* 32” 1 4370 FRESH-FISH CD-ROMs The best of public domain and shareware; over 600MB of material. Comes with database program to find specific tides, done by Fred Fish personally. OCTOBER 1993 EDITION CD-ROM $ 22” $ 22” 5559 Requires Amiga 6*ft. Parallel Cable $ 9.95 FRRGO 5560 DECEMBER 1993 EDITION CD-ROM 2396 Circle 13 on Reader Service card. AND DAT TAPE DRIVES SC HARDWARE 61709 2-GIG CPKD-2000 EXT ... 1425.00 61528 5 GIG. CPKD-80Q0 EXT ....1499,00 62481 9 GIG. CPKD-1600 EXT .... 1599.00 5373 CONNER 2GB DAT DRIVE EXTERNAL SCSI.... 1219.00 5374 CONNER 4GB DAT DRIVE EXTERNAL SCSI.... 1479.00 5375 CONNER 2GB DAT DRIVE INTERNAL SCSI...... 960.00 5376 CONNER 4GB DAT DRIVE INTRENAL SCSI.... 1289.00 5377 2GB 90MM DAT TAPE CARTRIDGES 16.95 ABOVE DAT DRIVES INCLUDE TWO TAPES [81945 VfVDQOEST 105MB EXT. W CART 559.00 5352 VtVIDQUEST 105 3.5 INT. W CART + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE ... 489.00 61241 105MB CARTRIDGE 75.00 61944 VIVIDQUEST88C REMOV. EXT. W CART 499.00 5353 ViyiOQUEST INTERNAL 88C REMOV. DRIVE ik fe 450.00 3304 88MB CARTRIOGE .....97.00 5267 DATAFLYER XOS IDE .. 79.95 5379 DATAFLYER 4000S25 .... 99.95 5170 FAST LANEZ3 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER ZORRO III CALL 5153 A4Q91 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER ...... 459.00 5419 X-CAUBUR RAM ACCELERATOR CALL 5265 PICASSO II GRAPHICS CARO W »M6 . ,. U- .,449.00 4229 MEGACHIP 5002000 WI AGNUS INSTALLED ..$ 193.00 3881 MULTISTART II REV 6A ..... 38.95 5058 CLARITY 16 SOUND SAMPLER ......179.95 5297 ALPHA DATA DISK DRIVE...».....
1164. TACi JOYSTICK 10.95 NEW THE-. BUG STICK L 3742 MlriAOE KEYBOARD 309.00 61331 1.2 GIG HD SCSI-2 . 1279.00 4818 525MB IPS SCSI-2 ....675.00 3860 240 IPS SCSI FAST! ... IF YOU DON’T SEE VYHAT YOU WANT... PLEASE CALL US! '100-372 Canada 000-: CREATIVE WANTS TO BE YOUR ONLY SOURCE FOR AMIGA PRODUQS! IF YOU DON'T SEE SOMETHING LISTED, PLEASE ASK! Makers of Bernoulli We offer the lowest overnight rates in the business** DHL OVERNIGHT WW7 TO CANADA Ljy AS LOW AS 5 Hi 5319 CD-rom DRIVE SYSTEM KODAK D (Note: PhotoCD support through so(twore) 5179 ¦UH12 1 | Micro R. & D. True 3-button mouse. High resolution mouse for any Amiga. Third button can be used with optional Amilink, £ a 05 OpaiVision & others. AO 2 year warranty. Use with GPFax software (not included - see below). A cable may be required ... ask your sales representative SWIFTY MOUSE Sportster 41531 5360 Now you can take advantage of the world of CD-ROMs on your Amiga!
• New NEC 3Xp Portable CD-ROM
• Triple spin (250ms access time) NEW!
• Multisession, PhotoCD capable
• ASIM CDR File Sys. 2.0 will also read Mac and IBM format CD-ROM discs _ .. _ -
• INCLUDES: "Fish Market" CD ROM ( 100-900; with Ion-, of great PD software with over 620MB of data, 4000+ files: games, GNU C C++ compiler, utilities, demos of commercial games, paint programs, DOS shells, music files 1080 images of the Earth, the planets and the space program; mostly from NASA. Plus 5000 text files relating to the space program, with special keyword search software. PLUS many space-related shareware programs. EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE ON CD! Walnut Creek CD-ROM and much more! ASDG AND CREATIVE GIVE YOU TH jy 'Jii'J 'juipui.ufc housandsiof rjjiufc, panurnrn fuiiclli>ny i pnnrnimTqqraip Krererence In cl a fro m esjo re my neVA imafron features, i c tional modules listed below ailable, call for defails!) Unit: a CygnusEd Professional A High Performance Editor For Amiga Programmers And Writers VIDEO 5387 SUPERGEN SX GENLOCK MISC. VIDEO ACCESSORIES 5262 BRDCAST TiTLER li BONUS PACK 4526 GVP G-LOCK GENLOCK INCLUDES SUPER HI RES & HI RES VERS.
148. 00 5203 PRO FILLS VOLUME 3
219. 00 DPS Personal Animation Controller DPS Personal DPS Personal VECTOR SCOPE AD516 TBC IV Hard Drive Bundle . C « Studio 16 v3.0 AD516 Professional, 16-bit, CD-quality, stereo, 8-frack, hard disk recording with SMPTE time code reader $ l 175 Functions as a single-frame recorder! Record your animation and playback in real time! | Includes 1 2-GIG Hard Drive!
• Rock solid freeze frame
• Variable strobe The perfect companion for the DPS TBC IV! (Sunglasses not induded) i$ 729
• True monochrome mode $ 825 3940 4516 5114 4091 SCSI II HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER A new high-performance board that allows your Amiga to connect to SCSI II devices. With full Zorro 111 implementation. Direct Memory Access (DMA). Fast SCSI-2 implementation. Now access CD-ROMs, Removable Media, Scanners, Modems and more with more power than ever before! HI-DENSITY FLOPPY DRIVES! Internal (A2000 3000)... *1 59 External $ 169 5153 DKB SUPER POWER USER BUNDLE! 4091 & 3128 BOARDS! Now for a limited timer save a bundle on a great bundle for your Amiga! SCSI II AND UP TO 128MB RAM. I DKB 3128 The "must-have" Toaster add-on! Now you can crush the 16 meg fast RAM barrier! With the DKB 3128 you can access up to 128 megs of contiguous memory. Compatible with either the Amiga 3000 or 4000. L$ 549 $ 295 5251 DKB 1 202 BOARD Now DOUBLE THE SPEED of your Amiga 1200 just by adding this board and RAM. Comes with 20-MHz math-coprocessor and clock, plus 2 slots for 72‘pin RAM. AND THE DKB 3128 GIVEAWAY WINNER IS... Charles Morrow "The quality of service you get from Creative Computers is the finest I've received from any computer software dealer.' -Charles Morrow Creative Plugs you Into The Latest v iiii'j'jf ins f'j'jjisr? KimctAvz Amazing Animations Simply & Automatically! WAVEMAKER allows people with little or no LightWave 3D experience to create eye-catching flying logo animations. You can also batch render animations, use storyboard feature, many background elements. Supports Toaster4000 and includes instructional video tape. £ m WAVELINK Doubles the speed of LightWave 3D. Easy to use program and connnection device allows you to link two Toaster Systems together via pamet Software allows you to sequence your networking and speed up your rendering time. LightRave compatible - have one Toaster and one LightRave system or two _ S m LightRave systems. 5318 LightRave is a custom hardware module ™ emulates all of the Toaster fun§ ffi ®jMB LightWave 3D™-. It enables anf AmigS tflw LightWave without requiring a VideoBbd B be installed. LIGHTRAVE adds a suite c professional features never before available t Wave users. LIGHTRAVE will render images fastc than a Toaster equipped Amiga, as no length display time to the Video Toaster1''' is required SUPER BUNDLE! PIXEL 3-D PRO and TTTTj ANIM WORKSHOP Now get two great programs plus a FREE T-SHIRTTPixel 3D Pro (not 2.0) and ANIM Workshop give you powerful functions for rendering and animation! PLUS: You can upgrade both programs to 2.0 thru Axiom for only $ 40 each! IJITJI Video Director VmEoDmcma
• Complete editing system for everyone with a compatible VCR, camcorder, and an Amiga
• Quickly and easily catalog and edit the host moments from all your video tapes
• Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCRs! 3699 UPDATED! Enhanced video effects, improved character generator, new version of LightWave, 24- bit painting program and more Amiga 4000 compatible. 5108 MONTAGE features real time font scaling with Ins effective 1 resolution. Automated sequencing. L_", Network quality 24-bit titles & graphics! MONTAGE for the U ML Video Toaster ST 1 7 imi MONTAGE 24 for AGA, IV24 OpalVision $ 997 nm Compatible with all Amiga models True 24-bit display - render to OpalVision, DCTV, Retina, 1V24, GVP EGS and Amiga AGA FASTER than a Toaster equipped Amiga Requires: Lightwave 3D or 3.0, Workbench and Kickstart 2.04 or later EGS support may require Image FX FASTER HAM RENDERING IMPROVED FRAME STORE SUPPORT LIGHTWAVE 3.1 COMPATIBLE! UTILITIES 4222 AMIBACK2.0 4928 AMIBACK TOOLS ..... 5106 AMIBACK TOOLS PLUS .. 5244 CANDO 2.5 „ 3899 DLG PRO BBS SOFTWARE 5245 DIRECTORY OPUS 4.1 ..... 4081 ENLAN DFS ETHERNET 5 NODE SYSTEM 4124 QUARTERBACK 5.0 . 5105 QUARTERBACK TOOLS DLX „ .. 4334 SAS C VERSION 6.0 ...... 5222 TAPEWORM FS .. 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE 4315 ESSENCE FOR IMAGINE ... 5075 HUMANOID FOR IMAGINE 5076 HUMANOID FOR LIGHTWAVE .... 5271 INTERCHANGE PLUS 3.0 .. 5485 ALADDIN 4D V3.0...... : .. 4556 PLAYMATION .. 5085 REAL 3D V2.0 ... 5224 ODDS & ENDS FORFOR LIGHTWAVE ANIMATION SOFTWARE 0387 DISNEY AN1M STUDIO Ccj jdiki yut
- t.- .. : rbl iWjil - rrl.j Saiurdzi If, * t* H . (PeJCJJJC JlZlL 4996 ASJMVTR 5236 FRACTAL PRO 6.02..... 5109 PANORAMA ..49.9 5123 SCENERY ANIMATOR 4.0 ...52.7 4393 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 .53.7 NEW! VERTEX 2 0 ... $ 49.0 5423 PIXEL 3D PRO. ANIMWORKSHOP BUNDL WFTSHIRT (UPGRADE FOR ONLY S40 EA. PROGRAM TO NEWEST RELEASE) .$ 99.0 BOOKS & TAPES TUTORIAL 5438 LIGHTWAVE 3D V3.0 FOUR VIDEO TAPES INCLUDES ESSENTIALS,LIGHTING & CAMERA TECH. MAPPING & MORPHING.SURFACES & TEXTURES SET OF FOUR TAPES ...S159.00 5439 ESSENTIALS V3.0 TWO VIDEO TAPE S INCLUDES TOASTER ESSENTIALS & TOASTER CG SET OF TWO TAPES ....$ 89.00 5440 COMPLETE V3.0 SIX VIDEO TAPES INCLUDES BOTH OF ABOVE SETS .$ 255.00 4931 A1200 INSIDERS GUIDE .24.95 5088 AMIGA GAMERS GUIDE VOLUME I ...$ 19.95 5121 MASTERING AMIGA FOR BEG ......24.95 4932 MASTERING AMIGA AMOS .26.95 4849 MASTERING AMIGA ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE 27.95 4848 MASTERING AMIGA SYSTEM PROGRAMMING ....32.95 5174 MASTERING AMIGA AREXX 26.95 4847 MASTERING AMIGADOS 2.0, VOL II ...24.95 mz ouiiwm jj rrsKj lAfj lp AiJi rdlja UD J 4-yOwl franco 05W-VV I r 11' I )" CREATIVE IS THE WORLD’S AUTHORIZED COMMODORE AMIGA wtrjLhfit RESELLER! Juuli , full dfyhal, iia aa uudia aauud and mualc a aiam far aur AiuI aJ 4689 A GUIDED TOUR VIDEO TAPE WKMii I J M* wiwrarKiv 3890 3891 Creative Has All The Best Acces I )hi c uni }ij ten] Un MultiFrame ADPro AGA Emulation on your 2000 3000 Now you can have real time AGA chipset emulation.pin Amiga slot (does not use video slot). The firs! Single card solution giving you the ability to display Workbench or AmigaOS compliant programs (on their own custom screen) in resolutions up to 1280x1024. Includes XLPaint 24-bit paint program. Retina animation software included. Compatible with Video Toasterand OpalVision. Requires OS2x. RETINA WITH 1MB RAM... *419 MultiFrame is a front end for Art Department Professional and Morph Plus that gives you much greater control over multiple-frame processing with no knowledge of Arexx required.
* Perform ADO-style fly-ins of moving images easily using perspective operator. Create panning tilting camera effects on still images or sequences
• Rotoscape: automatic compositing of foreground images over backgrounds using true alpha-channol halecutter and key effects
• Auto-display of images to supported framebuffers (Retina, OpafVision, DCTV)
* Automatic image conversion during processing
* 6995 NEW IFR - DIGITIZE 30FPS VIDEO The Vlab includes an extensive software control systemdesigned to make digitizing as easy as possible. Using a revolutionary new concept, MacroSystem has provided a new Interleaved Frame Recording feature. IFR basically allows the Vlab to digitize full 30fps digital video sequences to HardDisk by making multiple passes of the recorded video. Hardware features frame grab in 1 30th sec or field grab in 1 60th sec. Real time color controls. TBC not required. Includes AdPro Loader. VLAB Y C ......*459 VLAB 2 COMPOSITES .....*399 VLAB A1200 A500 Extemal... *449
* 489
* 559
* 619 RETINA WITH 2MB RAM .. RETINA WITH 4MB RAM . RETINA W 2MB RAM & TV PAINT NEW: Sparks Lightwave Particle Animation Software ... CALL! LEGENDARY DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES Magic Lantern The only Canadian* tax preparation software for the Amiga is once again available, now being updated and supported (ll QC by Legendary ? Design Technologies. W % 24-bit animation software supports AGA, Opalvision Picasso, Retina dataTj LHDT€Rn
* 5595 Now you con link your machine I© other* for fast file transfer and conversions with o few simple clicks! S54.95 Link It! NEW! 5310 Invoice It! Powerful business management. Address It! Designer Objects VOL. ONE ("Diner") for IMAGINE..... $ 0095 Powerful mailing-list management. Powerful invoicing software I Automatically create quotes and convert them to actual invoices with one dick! Create mailing lists, rosters, envelopes, roatry cards and more with a few simple clicks! Supports laser, dotmatrix & ink-jet. 5311 Ask about U.S.A, Tax Program "Tax Break" = dataTax '93 only covers Canadian taxes) SA Los Angeles 1505 Wllshire Blvd. Santa Monica California 90402
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By Joel Hagen ONE OF THE limiting factors in producing animations against a deadline is the large number of frames required for even a few seconds of running time. This beginner’s column will explore some basic principles that can help you extend the mileage of your animation efforts, making ten frames do the work of a hundred. Recycle Those Frames! ON Understanding the concept of creating cy clic motion is fundamental. For example, to animate a spinning planet you need only create one full rotation. That motion cycle can then be played in an endless loop. The time invested in a few frames can yield many seconds of animation. From the standpoint of the number of original frames required, reciprocal motion is even more efficient than cyclic motion. One complete reciprocal motion consists of a sequence of frames run forward then backward in what is often called a ping-pong motion. For a waving cartoon character, you might draw only six frames of the arm moving from left to right. You can play those same frames in reverse to have the a I'm wave from right to left. Then loop that cycle for as long as needed. Computer artists can take advantage of animbrushes in DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts) and other programs to further increase animation mileage. A brief motion cycle can be used as a repeating animated brush in a longer animation, even moving through space as it loops. Applying animbrushes to the concept of cyclic motion, you might create a single walk cycle for a character in 10 frames. You can then use it as an animbrush in a 100-frame animation to have the character walk smoothly across the screen. Applying the same idea to reciprocal motion, you could have a bird flap its wings as it Hies across the screen. You might draw only six frames of the wings moving from their down position to their up position. Then set this animbrush automatically to “ping-pong” for the full up- and-down cycle. By modifying a reciprocal motion you can add character to a sequence. For example, the bird might look more realistic if its downward llap was faster than its upward flap. Pick up the six- frame upward flap as an animbrush and then create a blank eight-frame animation. Stamp the six cels of the animbrush in place on the first six animation frames. For the next two frames, manually locate two intermediate cels of the animbrush to create a swifter downward movement. (In Dpaint, the 7 and 8 keys move you backward and forward through the cels of the animbrush.) You now have a cyclic eight-frame animation that can be picked up and used as an animbrush. These basic techniques are effective ways to stretch the running time of your work, but repeated motion can have a predictability that loses the viewer’s interest. You can address this problem either by interrupting a looping cycle or by having a repeating cy cle affect its surroundings. .As an example of interrupting a loop, you could have the flapping bird fly across the screen as described but insert a glide in the middle of the sequence. This could be as simple as repeating a single cel from the middle of the flap cy cle for several frames before returning to the flap loop. No extra drawing is required and the character of the animation is enhanced. If I Had a Hammer ... To experiment with the idea of a cyclic loop affecting its surroundings, you might go t hrough die stages of creating the “Sculptor” animation as shown in the accompanying illustration. The plan is to create a reciprocal motion of a sculptor striking a chisel. Repeated blows gradually transform a large block of stone into a finished sculpture. If you have a digitizer, you might try “rotoscoping” the character by drawing directly on successive photographs. You could pose a model for each position of the movement and digitize straight into the computer. Lacking a model, I posed in front of a video These sure-fire tips will help you get more out of your animations while spending less time and effort. Camera using cardboard props for hammer and chisel. Later, I used GVP’s IV24 to capture the frames from tape as shown in l in the illustration. Black-and-white is adequate for roto- scope reference. If you have numbered your frames sequentially, they can be batch loaded from Dpaint’s Picture Load menu and then saved later as an ANIM, Create a line drawing directly on each image, as shown in 2, using a bright color not present in the photos. Next, using the Stencil feature, lock the line color and then clear all frames to leave clean outline drawings as in 3. Use Fill and Draw tools to color the character. As described for the flapping wings, you can reuse a few of the backswing frames to create the faster striking swing. Saved as an anim- brush, this sequence will eventually be added to a background as shown in 4. Before adding the character to the background, create the sculpture. Draw, scan, or digitize both a finished sculpture and a raw block of stone. Next calculate how many hammer blows you will use to complete the sculpture. This may be dictated by the desired run-time of the sequence. As a simple example, if you want 10 seconds of animation at 15 frames per second and there are 15 frames in one hammer cycle, you need 10 hammer cycles. You need one modification of the block for each hammer cycle, with the final modification being the finished sculpture. In "Sculptor" (above), rotoscoping is used in 1-4 to create a cyclic motion of a sculptor at work. Dpaint's brush morph transforms the unfinished block into the finished statue. Only 20 frames were used to create 10 seconds of animation. An easy way to do this is to morph the block of stone into the sculpture. You could use any of the specialized morphing programs, but you may find that Dpaint’s own brush-morphing capabilities are adequate for this project as long as both objects have distinctly different shapes. Pick up the stone block as a brush and press Alt-n to move it to the “spare-brush” buffer; then pick up the sculpture as the second brush. Press Alt-m for the morph requester. Enter the total number of desired cels (in our example enter 10 one for each hammer cycle). The computer now acts as your assistant and creates a 10-cel animbrush from your two keyframes. Set up a new animation with just your background image. It should have the same number of frames as there are cels in the sculpture morph (10 in our example). Stamp the sculpture- morph animbrush into the scene to create a 10-frame animation. Next, modify that animation to accommodate the repeating 15-frame animbrush of the hammer cycle. To do this, add 14 frames to each of the 10 frames of the sculpture animation. Now place the hammer cycle animbrush in the scene so that the chisel appears to strike the block of stone. Using Dpaint’s Move requester with all settings at zero, you can stamp the animbrush in place over all 150 frames. Playing the animation, you’ll see that the sculpture changes a little at each blow of the hammer until it is complete. As a final touch, add a little spray of dust with the airbrush tool for two frames each time a blow is struck. A translucent shadow helps fix the figure and sculpture to the ground. This visually complex 10-second animation required only 12 original frames 10 hammer positions and 2 sculpture keyframes. The morph provided 8 additional frames. Variations on this idea could be used to reveal rendered 3-D logos and titles. Developing a clear methodology is critical to becoming a skilled animator. You can increase your productivity if you learn to analyze a project at the outset. Look for innovative ways to use cyclic motion and devise your own techniques for stretching animation mileage without sacrificing visual interest or quality. ¦ Write to Joel Hagen at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, G4 95361. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. From p. 19. A Font Is Born TypeSmith 2.0 lets you create the actual font outlines and font metrics (character widths and spacing) simultaneously. If you prefer, you can create the outlines only, then merge them with a previously created metric file. The AutoMetric feature does most of the dirty work of' metric-lile creation for you. You can decide between proportional and nonproportional spacing for numerals, set the width of the space character, and determine the percent of tracking between characters. To make changes to individual character metrics and kerning, use the Metrics requester. You can create and preview kerning pairs from scratch or load them from a previously saved file. The Font Attributes requester sets everything from assigning the font name a unique ID to the position and thickness of character underlines. The Font Dimensions requester lets you set the bounding-box dimensions and character guides. You load Soft-Logik outline fonts directly, while with PostScript Type I and Compugraphic Intellifonts, you import and then convert them to TypeSmith's native format for editing. You load and save all fonts separately from their metric files, except for Intellifonts and PostScript Type 3 fonts, which maintain all font information in one file. TypeSmith 2.0 loads PostScript Type 1 Hybrid fonts as well, giving you the option to open the font in hi-res or lo-res. You can export in three formats: Type 1 fonts using TypeSmith or Adobe Standard encoding (including those with hinting) and accompanying MS-DOS, Amiga, or Windows metric files; PostScript Type 3 format; and Intellifont format (with or without Gold Disk .dat and .metric files). TypeSmith 2.0 loads and saves individual characters in addition to full font sets in the IFF DR2D format standard for structured drawings. A Print Preview menu prints the character that you are working on in any resolution that your printer supports. It can appear as an outline or filled character, in any point size or orientation. When it comes to designing fonts, options and aids abound. Rulers, character guides and a user-definable grid are there to help. You can snap your points and paths to the grid and set the horizontal and vertical character units. Characters can be displayed filled or unfilled. You can use Amiga or Soft- Logik bitmap fonts, a PostScript screen font, or any IFF ILBM file as a template. TypeSmith 2.0 can make a “best-guess” at fitting a character into the window, and you can open multiple windows, displaying a character at any stage of design. A Type Preview window displays text using the current font, character spacing, and kerning tables. Selecting Update from the Project menu updates the preview window. You can work with subsets of a complete character set with the Character Overview panel, and TypeSmith 2.0 opens a new edit window for any character on which you double-click. You can cut, copy, and paste characters and manipulate them in a variety of ways, with the Undo command as a handy toggle that flips between the current and last edited version. Paths To Characters Outline-font design requires the use of structured-drawing-like Bezier curves, lines, ellipses, and boxes. Once a basic shape is drawn, it becomes a path that you can move, skew, scale, rotate, flip, and duplicate. Structured-drawing rules apply to font design, as you can constrain the Box and Ellipse tools to squares and circles by holding the Shift key while dragging. When you’re using bitmaps as templates, all font-character paths must be closed to ensure that all characters in a typeface can be filled. TypeSmith 2.0’s point-editing toots remain ghosted until two points have been selected. You can then insert and delete control points, join two previously unconnected points, and convert a straight line to a curved line (or vice versa). The option to change the path from clockwise to counterclockwise (or the opposite) ensures proper orientation for filling fonts. You can cut and paste paths and points in the same way you edit characters. Bitmap fonts can be generated in Amiga, Soft-Logik and PostScript formats. Ediiing bitmaps is a matter of clicking in squares in a grid to approximate the shape of the character, then saving in any of the supported formats. TypeSmith 2.0 composite-character support allows you to reference individual characters and combine them into a new character without actually loading and combining the referenced parts. Through a system of lip to eight pointers, TypeSmith 2.0 lets you create letters with accents or multiple graphic images for dingbats and other particulars. Composites cannot be edited, however; rather, you must edit the base parts. Minor Maladies TypeSmith originally produced unexpected results on my laser printer. The Type Preview menu produced tiny output, while the Print Preview feature didn’t work at all. However, a quick switch from PostScript to the HP printer driver in Preferences produced flawless output. While TypeSmith 2.0 supports many of the outline-font standards, licensing fees make it cost-prohibitive to support the popular PC-compatible TrueType format. .Also, support for the IFF.DR2D standard is laudable, but how about some other common structured-drawing or CAD formats, like those of Pro Draw? Additional keyboard equivalents wouldn’t hurt, either. Amiga font designers and those with an occasional need for outline-font editing and conversion will be in font heaven with TypeSmith 2.0. It stands alone in its market niche, but more importantly, it is genuinely well crafted in nearly ever)' respect. Rick Manasa MediaPoint 3.6 Activa International, S499.00 All Amigas.
2. 0 3,0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB chip RAM plus 2MB fast RAM or 2MB chip RAM, hard drive. Recommended system: 6MB or more RAM, 2MB chip RAM, hard drive, AGA system, accelerator. General-purpose multimedia presentation system. When it comes to presentations, MediaPoint is further proof that the Amiga remains an institution in multimedia circles. A multipurpose presentation package, MediaPoint brings a new way of thinking to the Amiga. Words like “flexibility” and “innovative” j spring to mind when using MediaPoint. Most importantly, it simplifies the task of using your Amiga to bring together video devices, graphics, sound, and animations. A Tale of Two Interfaces MediaPoint sports an unadorned, icon- ? Since 1982 mputAbility AMW 4-94 800-554-9980 Consumer Electronics " V % MODEMS 1 Supra *1 Lorpuruinzri SupraModem 2400 External Supra FaxModem 2400 Plus ... ......S59 ....$ 149 Supra FaxModem 144LC Externa! ....S1S5 Supra FaxModem V.32 bis External Supra GP Fax Software .....$ 189 .....$ 49 Supra Turbo 28 Accelerator A500 A2000 .$ 145 $ 145 SCANNERS EPSON ActiOnScann ng System PC .. ES-800C Bundle ... .-CALL CALL ES-8O0C ProfessionaJ PC Bundle ..CALL inf©- Page Reader, 300 DPI full page scanner $ 299 mr RELISTS AVEC Three Pass. Flatbed. Color Scanners 1200 PC 2400 PC ...$ 599*799 4800 PC ...... S989 Reli Single Pass. Flatbed. Color Scanners 2400 PC 9600 PC - S137S S2779 HARI) DRIVES 5& Seagate ST-251-1 MFM .._ ... S239 ST-352A 3102A IOE ....S115 S165 ST-3145A 3243A IDE ..SI85 $ 209 ST-3390N SCSI $ 385 ST-3290A 3390A IDE ... S229 $ 275 ST-9145A 3550A IDE ..$ 315 $ 369 ST-3655A $ 445 FREE DELIVERY: ST-3655N .. S569 ST-3550N SCSI ST-31200N .$ 529*879 ST-11200N 11950N ..S909 S1.699 ST-12400N 12550N .....$ 1,619 I $ 1.889 ST-41651 N 42100N .SI .0751 $ 1,349 ST-42400N 43400N SCSI S1.7351 S2.119 Map or IDE 7131A 7245A 7345A $ 189 $ 245 $ 299 IDE 7171A 7213A 7273A *209 $ 225 $ 335 IDE 7546A - Free Delivery ....S599 SCSI 7245 i 7345S $ 255 $ 349 SCSI 540SL - Free Delivery ......_..$ 779 T*m ftM »rm §• 4i»aafr CFA170A1340A IDE ...$ 199 $ 285 CFA170S 340S SCSI .S205 I S305 CP30254 IDE ....S265 CFS210A 420A .S229 S379 CFA1060S SCSI - Free Delivery ....$ 939 32; WESTERN DIGITAL Featuring CAVIAR AC121CVAC2250 .. $ 199*225 AC234O'AC2420 $ 265*319 AC254C .. $ 419 Quantum ELS 127 IDE SCSI ......$ 195 $ 199 ELS 170 IDE SCSI ......S189 S195 LPS 270 IDE I SCSI .._...S265*279 540 IDE SCSI FREE DELIVERY ....$ 609*639 PD 1053 SCSI FREE DELIVERY ...S929 PD 1225 SCSI FREE DELIVERY Si.049 PD 1803 SCSI FREE DELIVERY $ 1,329 PRINTERS EPSON Action User Primer 1000 512K..... .CALL Acton User Printer 1500 1MB 2MB. ___ CALL Stylus BOO Ink Jet ___ CALL Stylus 300 Ink Jet - __CALL Dot Matrix Printers . CALL NEC Silentwriter M95.6ppm PS $ 865 M95tx (M95 w FAXi .....$ 1079 Sfentwritef 1097...... ......$ 1,349 Superscript 610., ...$ 565 PrimercC nun printer High resolution thermal transler printing Great lor presentations A overheads ..... $ 695 okidata ML320ML321 ... S299 $ 419
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* 305 $ 1 045 u> WV, ( ( , .kW. 1 VW« ' Wt » ... «a NEW Multi Sync: 4FGe - FREE Canvas Software $ 669 * VV 1 1 >bU VO1 '• S*V V’V'H'IU V> 5FGp Optical Surface ... 3V EnergyStar Compliant .... 6FGp (special thru 3 31 94) . ......$ 1269 .$ 499
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P. O. Box 17882 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217 Montage .. 328.95 Morph Plus .154.95 Personal Animation (Free Deiv) 1559 95 Personal TBC III . CALL Pesora! TBC IV (Free DeM) 829 95 Persona] V Scope (Delivered) 754 Pixel 30 Pro 11795 Pro Fills Vol 1 or 2 .. 29.95 ProVdeo CG II ....99.95 No Surcharge on Credit Cards.
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1397. 95
57. 95 Vista Pro ___ DESKTOP HARDWARE Firecracker ..825.95 Kitchen Sync Genlock Option 134.95 Personal Animation (Free DeU) 1559.95 Personal TBC III -..CALL Pesonal TBC IV (Free Dehr!) 829.95 Personal V Scope (Delivered) ..754 Pixel 3D Pro... ..117.95 Retina 2Meg ..499 Retina 4Meg . *75 RocGen Plus 195 RocGen Plus RocKey Combo ,...- 409 RocKey .. -215 TV Pamt Visona -.....-1357.95 g One of Wisconsin's Fop 10 Women Owned Businesses. Corporate, Government & School Pos Welcome. SONY Y VIOCONKS Canon KODAK JVC MINOOA R0IBGDG1 TOSHIBA of Software Available. All Products Sold Carry Manufacturers' Full Warranties & Documentation. APO, FPO HI, AK Puerto Rico & Canadian orders welcome: 6% • Min. $ 6. International Orders Shipped First Class Mail Insured: 15%- Min. $ 15. If mail cost exceeds calculated amount, you'll be billed additional. Note: LPS to AK or HI may run more than 6%. If so, you will be billed additional. Hours (CST): Weekdays 8am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm • Tech Info (414) 357-8181 • Fax (414) 357-7814 Circle 10 on Reader Service card based interface. To create a presentation, you simply drag icons that represent such multimedia tools as graphics, sounds, and laserdisc tracks into a listbox displaying die order in which they’re accessed. Some of the icons represent gadgets called Xapps (pronounced “zaps”). These are external applications that MediaPoint calls on for capabilities that aren’t in the main program. Xapps allow you to control such devices as CDTV (and CDXL animations), IV-24, MIDI, Studio 16, and a variety of laserdisc players. New Xapps can be easily added, too. MediaPoint has a second interface that lets you create “pages” to add to scripts. The page editor allows you to design custom screens of graphics and text. Each page can have any number of draggable, resizable windows. Windows can become buttons for interactive presentations or can move around the screen using transition effects. Pages are saved independently of scripts, so you can incorporate a page or group of pages into any number of Display Modes, Scanner Reviews. (AW9306) July 1993.3-D Graphics On Your Amiga! 8 PC Emulators. Video Troubleshooting. Virus Killers For Hire. Reviews on VistaPro 3.0 and Pro-Board 3.0. (AW9307) August 1993. Full Coverage of Video Toaster
4000. Programming Special! Easy Morphing Tips. Test Your Video Signals. Macintosh Emulation. (AW9308) October
1992. Sneak Preview: The New Amiga 600 Revealed. Video Special! Image Composition. Cellular Automation. Reviews of AMAXII Plus and ImpactVision 24. (AW9210) $ _ $ _ $ EXP DATE ZIP CfTY December 1992. British Game Invasion. 3*D Animation. AREXX Answers. Audio for Video. OpalVision Unveiled. 20 Shell Tips (AW9212) January 1993. The New A1200. Productivity Pump Up! Increase Your Word Power. Review of Will Vinton's Playmation. (AW9301) February 1993. 24-bit Amiga Color Graphics. Head-to-Head Hard Drive Backups. The Animator’s Edge. Workbench 2.0 Fonts. (AW9302) March 1993. AGA Special: Where Do You Fit in the New Amiga Line? Amiga Music Making. On-Line Savings. (AW9303) May 1993. Image Processing. Quality Fonts Galore! Easy Audio for Video. Workbench 2.0 Tips. Fun DTP Projects. (AW9305) June 1993. Special Review Issue. The AW Fonts Buyer’s Guide Part 2: Video Fonts. Amiga AmigaWorld Back Issues 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 April 1993. Multimedia In Action! Amiga Fonts Guide. Animation Special Effects. Workbench
3. 0. The Power of Positive Presentation. (AW9304) November 1992. The All New Amiga 4000. Live Action Animation. DTP Design Made Easy. Programmer’s Rights. Creative Image Compositing Techniques. Publish with Panache. For credit card orders call: 1-603-924-0156 Or, write your issue selections here and mail to address below. Please use product codes. Please send me the following issues: Postage & handling:
U. S. orders $ 1.50 each issue $ _ Canadian foreign surface S2.00 each$ _ Foreign air mail $ 4.50 each issue $ Total Enclosed $ Prepayment required Checks n U.S. funds, drawn on U.S. bank. Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Quartnes hmrted Please allow 2-4 weeks ky delivery Send me back issues x $ 3.95 CA residents add appropriate tax Canadian residents add 7% GST CREDIT CARD NUMBER SIGNATURE A3DBI STATE NAME ADDRESS MediaPoint's presentation assembly line is largely point-and-cllck work. Different scripts. Likewise, graphics and sound aren’t embedded in presentations, which means the script files stay quite small. If you need to copy the presentation to another system, MediaPoint includes a “mover” utility to copy the script’s related data to a new location, such as a series of floppies or a Syquest cartridge. MediaPoint does many complex things, and does them well. You can play animations (including Anim5, Anim7 and Anim8) from memory or directly from the hard drive. It lets you try your hand at synchronizing your presentation to MIDI or music modules (MODs), perform Amiga DOS and Arexx commands as script events, and even build interactive presentations that branch according to user input. More than in any other respect, however, MediaPoint’s strength lies in its transitions. You can perform transition effects on full-screen graphic images, MediaPoint pages, and even windows within pages. Users of PC-based packages like VideoShow will shake their heads in disbelief at the sheer volume of transitions in MediaPoint more than 80 page effects and another 40 window transitions, plus variations based on pixel size and playback speed. Graphic windows can spin, fly and ooze onto the screen, and pages can push up or down and overfly the display, snapping back into place at the last moment. All of the effects are professionally designed. Despite all these features, MediaPoint falls somewhat short of being a definitive CO solution through its inability to do a credit roll. A tech- nical-support representative indicated, however, that a credit-roll feature will appear in future versions. Made for TV MediaPoint was clearly designed for the needs of cable-IV information channels. A sophisticated scheduling option allows yon to run a script between any two dates, on arbitrarily chosen days of the week, during any block of time. You can even segment a script into different time slots, so that certain pages will be displayed only on specific days. Users of earlier versions of Media- Point couldn’t leave their script unattended, because a presentation couldn’t recover from a crash or power outage on its own. A ten-second delay in Media- Point 3.6 offers a partial solution and a forthcoming remote access module will fully correct this shortcoming. MediaPoint is brimming with conveniences: The file requester offers thumbnail views of graphic images; a time- code tweaker automatically distributes script events along a timeline; and tools in the page editor make it easy to duplicate windows and position them precisely on the screen. MediaPoint even lets you advance pages at the press of a key like Elan Performer and records your timing, making it easy to synchronize a presentation to the downbeat of a musical score. Lastly, this is the first program I've seen of any kind that supports Workbench 3.0's datatypes. What’s the Xfer? Despite the wealth of transitions, there’s no preview button. To see the effect of a transition, even just a minor change near the end of a presentation, you must highlight the page and then press F to play forward. I discovered that you can disable every event in a script except the effect in question by scheduling everything else into the past or future not elegant, but another solution. Also, it is possible to assign sounds to a presentation, but button-dicks have only a single default beep. An “Xfer” menu on the script-editor screen is undocumented MediaPoint says it’s for a soon-to-be- released remote-access module. These problems aren’t crucial, but they are signs that the program is not fully mature. To be honest, 1 was astounded by the power MediaPoint offers: Rarefy does a program perform so many things flawlessly. Despite its shortcomings, I can’t think of a better single tool for video and multimedia presentations. Dave Johnson SAS C Development System with C++, Version 6.50 SAS, $ 395 ($ 69 upgrade from SAS C 6.x; other upgrade offers available) Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system (C): 1MB RAM, dual-floppy drive. Recommended system (C): 2MB RAM, hard drive. Minimum system (C++): 4MB RAM, hard drive. Development system for C, C + + and assembly-fanguage programmers. Amiga programmers have seen SAS C (originally called Amiga C and Lattice C) evolve with the Amiga since the beginning, when it was a PC-based cross-compiler. As testimony to its versatility and power, Commodore’s software engineers used SAS C as the ? I TP 11 _ If ANTI GRAVITY EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION: Anti Gravity Products 'p Is proud to announce the exclusive distribution of the Digital Broadcaster! 6 and the Digital Broadcaster32. I H IJ U S T ItI ft 5 Studio 16 16-blt Audio fliWB M*b*. Field* £ Foiiocs SiVtO Ucpv M A Fabrics SI Vt. 95 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 C*l lOt ifivpsrtg rate*, ¦rafran&e*, and other pounct Etvrt Qtuiriiif* ara krmiffd pnc« are 10 ChjnQtf *,ltsou! AttufOI ffluil I RMA ftufflbtf. Fri rrt -dfigflftl picking add condition, ird a-e Lull ref to a 701. Reilcciing fee. Ho guarantor* a ra npiifd m to product Lfwternwxe ycv iy««n or tS SO CWH M HhflfafiW i Ami Sack 2.Or 5 45 MOONLIGHTER 50fTWA£ Ami Back Plus Tools S 55 TapeWorm-FS 'NEW! S CafJ TapoWorrtvFS allows any SCSI tape drive to act like an AmigaDOS volume. Exabyte 8mm Drive: 5GB up to. 10GB compresse EK8-8505 5.Z5- HH 5BMB mm’ $ 23£ Exabyte Bmro Tape: $ 20 each or 5 lor $ £ DAT 4mm Drives: 2GB up to 16GB compressed* 2GB Sony2M0DAT llMB min S Ti 4GB' Turbo Python 22MB min’ Sllf 8GB* $ ony4000 44 MB mm* $ 91 16GB’ Sony50Q0 iSQUBftmn* 51« DAT 2GB Cartridge: $ 20 each or 5 for 5 £ A4000 Tower 40Mhz-040 2 video slots, SCSI-2 Scall II Swm A4000-25Mhz-040 6 120 Scall A4000-25Mhz-040 6 21Q Scall f A. A3000 Towef-25Mhz-040 Scall, 40 Mhz-040 ACCELERATORS For A3O0Os & A4000s EQUIPMENT LEASING AVAILABLE Make It Fast, Easy, & Affordable!! LEASE Your Equipment for Low, Low Monthly Payments! Fast SCSI-2 0 256MB Ram S 495 NETWORKING PEER TO PEER IDEK MONITORS ITS CD-Rom TIME 15*40Khz $ 950 17“5017 1024x768 17“' 5317 1260X102- 17" 8317 1280x102* 21 ” 5021 1024*768 21-51211280x402-; 21*9021 1600x1280 24-90Khz Jcaf! Amiga Imagine Fmt $ 150 PC imagine Fmt $ 180 Lightwave Fmt 5160 30 Studio Fml Scall lii lUAMOIh include*: Mao. % WooWj f* ft I Strong Man. 1 aL ' Chadv 1 ' I IV C Facial morph V targets, j T| Run 8 Walk I l scripts. L *' Hand morph w-w-ww-v targets. K‘ M J Can be used m your own
* 1 commercial productions. MT DRIVE S2, SPEED PRICE IMB Quantum LPS270 3.5LP 10ms $ 295 iMB Fujitsu M2622FA 3,5 12ms S 350 IMB Conner CFA-MOS 3.5 9.5ms $ C«Ji MB Fujitsu M2624FA 34LP 12ms $ 595 GB.Qu®aum£MPlO&0 SSLP 9m* $ 795 68 Conner 1060 3.5 9 5ms $ 1000 GB Micropeitd 2210 3.5 10ms Scall GB MicropoJiS 2247 3.5 10ms Scall GBGuaoluro PrulBOOS 3.6 10ms St300 GB Seagate Elite-3 5.25 1im« S2505 GB Seagate Ewte-9 5,25 ilmw Scall Big Byte Super Buys Super Buys PERSONAL RECORDER HAHDWSK 500MB IDE ST3655A S 650 NOW AVAILABLE IN JLGIG6&P
1. 0 GB IDE l 1.7 GB IDE U v 5all Betacum A Mil Decoder S 490 PERSONAL TBC IV S 630
3. 5" FAAAAST m 7200 RPM 500,000 MTBF DIGITAL ! B2tracuda-3 ST15150N
4. 3 GB $ NEW CALL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC Interworks ENLANDF5 Software Up to 5 nodes $ Call Ethernet Board S 290 3-Node Set boards software $ Call 5N6de Set boards software S Call Toaster-Net 5 Call l-Card Ethernet for PCMCIA slot S 285 Cables, T-Connecters. And Terminators are available. CALL tor details 5 prices "The Little Magic Box" S 625
Y. 'C*-* Irom Prime Image brings Ihe Toaster a transcoding solution in a Walkman size box
* Composite in & out HP. • Y C in & out TC* • Y R-Y'B-Y out K; • No Slots Used
• No power from computer
- 3E.. • 3 year warranty RETINA ZJU 32 BIT S Call RETINA 4MB $ 540. MERLIN with composite and Y C Out 4MB $ 750 PICASSO It 1MB S 450 2MB $ 520 SPECTRUM EGS 2MB $ 520 24-Blt DISPLAY BOARDS R K V 1 E S tool of choice to create most of the Amiga’s operating system ROM and disks. It has proven to be a reliable program that generates correct and efficient executables from C source, and the manufacturer provides excellent support through phone, fax, and electronic mail. Programming Pleasures The package includes a C compiler, C + + translator, assembler, linker, text editor, debugger, make utility, find utility, and many other tools. More than 1500 printed pages and over a megabyte of AmigaGuide files document the compressed contents of six floppy disks. A handy script for Commodore’s Installer program makes installation easy. I noticed, however, that while the default process is to install upgrades to the same location, page 4 of the manual advises: “If you are upgrading from a previous version, you should install Version 6.50 in a separate location from previous versions of the compiler.” The level of integration between the major tools, especially in the graphical environment, is impressive. Since Version 5.0, the SAS C Development System has allowed you to work in a graphical environment through Workbench, or, if you prefer, in a more traditional text- based Shell environment. Under the graphical environment, which has improved with each subsequent release, you use SCSetup to create a new project drawer. This drawer contains icons to set compiler options (scopts), to debug (CPR), to build (smake), to edit, and to find. After you use the editor to enter a program, double-clicking on "Build” runs the compiler or assembler and linker on your new File(s). SAS has significantly improved SE, its text editor, but if you’d rather use another editor, you can configure SAS C accordingly. Included packages of macros and configuration files can integrate ASDG’s CED or Oxxi’sTurbo- Text in place of SE. You can set compiler options so that errors in compilation bring up a scmsg (SAS C message) window with a list of the errors. Doubleclicking on one of the errors invokes your editor and brings the cursor to the line containing the error. When you have a successful build, you can execute the code by double-clicking its new icon, or you can single-step through the code by double-clicking the debug icon. Smfind, which is new to
6. 50, allows you to search any files for a pattern and displays instances of that pattern in the scmsg window. Again, you can open your editor and jump to the right spot by just double-clicking one of the displayed items. I thought that such a graphical environment wasn’t suitable for professional development work, but Version 6.50 changed my mind. The SAS C Classroom Although the graphical interface is easy to understand and to use, I experienced some difficulty. With Chapter 1 of the SAS C manual as your mentor, you’re led through the process of starting a project, entering a program, compiling the code, debugging it, and so on. Both the procedures for the graphical and Shell interfaces are covered. Unfortunately, it skips back and forth between how to do things in general and how to do them for an example program. At several points, I went ahead and performed a procedure, only to realize
420) ID ? ULTIMATE ? A4000-040-25 TOASTER 4000 420MB HD 18 MB 999' REPAIRS CALL 814-583-5838 ext 3 To speak with one of our technicians call our customer support tin* 1-814 583-5838 ext.4 J & C Repair 9 South St. Rockton Pa. 15856 PA residents add 6 % sales lax. Prices subject to change without notice. CmB $ GET KITCHEN Syl 1084 MONITOR $ 1295.00 WTTl I PURCHASE OF ULTIMATE I REPAIR FEES A500 $ 35.00 $ 45.00 $ 30.00 $ 44.00 $ 55.00 $ 65.00 $ 39.00 $ 99.00 $ 125.00 $ 99.00 $ 39.00 $ 99.00 MOTHERBOARD DISK DRIVE KEYBOARD POWER SUPPLY A2000 MOTHERBOARD DISK DRIVE KEYBOARD POWER SUPPLY A3000 MOTHERBOARD DISK DRIVE KEYBOARD POWER SUPPLY LABOR
1. 3ROM $ 19.951
2. 04 ROM $ 29.95
2. 1 Upgrade Kit $ 79.991 NEW A2000 Rev 6.3 PCB $ 399.95 AI200PCB j 299 001 Plans fct Convening A1200 PCB to work in your A500 S19 95 A4000 PCD 5598.00| MOTHER BOARD SWAPOUTS A500 $ 79.95 A2000 $ 224.95 A3000 16 MHZ $ 245.95 A30O0 25 MHZ $ 298.00 REPLACE YOUR OLD MOTHERBOARD WTTHOUR COMPLETELY RERJRBBHED UNITS . REPLACEMENT BOARDS COME WITH SAME REVISION AND a UPS OLD BOARD MUST BE IN REPAIRABLE CONDITION (bat* dufge* fc* txokcn »octdi ml xjfcfciing djnu r-i R E V I E W S later that I should have done it differently. The example should stand alone as a list of steps to follow. Further, the on-disk example programs don’t exactly match the text of the manual. Finally, I had to tangle with a serious bug that appears in the 6.50 version of SCSetup. As its name implies, SCSetup sets up a new project in its own drawer; but I discovered that while it works fine from the Shell, it does not work from the Workbench. SAS recommends the 6.3 version of SCSetup for the Workbench environment. Like most development systems, SAS C lacks a programming tutorial, so if you don’t know how to program in C C++, you must look elsewhere for help. The SAS C manual recommends several reference books on C, C++, and M680x() assembly language, but does not recommend suitable material for learning programming. Cfront Properties The 6.50 upgrade is worth buying just for its enhancements as a C development environment. On top of that, though, SAS has added a C++ translator to the package. Viewed as a bonus, this is great, but if C++ is your primary interest in 6,50, you may be disappointed. The documentation bills the translator as “AT&T Cfront 2.1 compatible,” That means that 6.50 lacks templates and except ion¦-hand 1 ing advaneed C++ language features. A bug in 6.50 prevents it from automatically recognizing .cc files as C++ source (you have to give them .cxx extensions). The documentation for 6.50 contains scattered references to C + + , most of which appear almost as alter thoughts. More examples and a list of compiler options specific to C++ would be a marked improvement. Comeau C++ is a licensed port of AT&T’s cfront, and it requires, but does not include, a compiler. An Amiga version of the compiler supports current C++ standards. Several programs that work correctly with Comeau won’t work under SAS C. In SAS’s defense, some of these programs are buggy, but they happen to work under Comeau. Recommendations If you are already a registered user of an earlier version of SAS C, you should have received notice of the upgrade, along with a description of the enhancements. You can use that to decide whether the upgrade is worthwhile. If you are planning to do any professional work in C on the Amiga, you should have the current version of SAS C. If you are thinking about learning C or are already using C as a bobby, you’ll have to decide whether you can afford the tool used by the pros or simply use one of the freely redistributable compilers available in the public domain. If you want to Fiddle with C++ and don’t mind the growing pains that sometimes accompany new products, you’ll be satified with 6.50. It’s likely to improve as your demands grow, and SAS’s commitment is clear it has a member on the ANSI C++ committee. If you want to do serious work with C+ + now, however, I suggest that you purchase Comeau C++ in addition to SAS C 6.50. Freely distributable patches continually appear on networks, and these should address many of the problems I encountered. ¦ Dale L. Larson Computer Answers 917 . Cvwr.il Avenue. Prince Albert. Sask.. Canada .WV-lV? Sik-v i *|7A4 28SS BBS: J0617A4-4CM
(306) 764-2888 9:30 AM-6;(K) PM (Central Standard Time) Tuesday - Saturday Amiga 4000 040
- 68040 CPU~&FPUn(nning at25Mhz ¦ 6 MB RAM & a 120 MB Hard Drive
- 1.76 MB High Density Floppy Drive
- Exclusive 800X600 mode, ask for details! Amiga 4000 030 [ Callfor new low pnce!_ 68030 CPU running at 25 Mhz 4 MB RAM & a 120 MB Hard Drive Fully upgradeable to 68040 Exclusive 800X600 mode, ask lor details! Amiga CD-32 Amiga 1200 nCali for newlowpri -J
- 68020 GPU running at 14 Mhz
- 2 MB RAM Memory
- Over 260,000 Colors on-screen at once
- Exclusive 800X600 mode, ask for details! 4000 040"I erv noweimJabletlJJ JHOMhti with Feet SCSI-2 cantrcilan built-in. CD-32'a Am Am in itod .C i uppuig in Canada Aioot DtcSfJ! Lou of Ldnt ,n sl.tci.' Amiga 1200*1 tie * tegular lU'd item and are available Jbahtpfang ttt Canada nouf Amiga 40100 OJO'a are a regular trod item and ate available Jb ahipfang m Canada nsmf (SCALL) (STALL) (STALL) (SCALL) Amiga CD-32 & Games Amiga 1200 & 120MB $ 419*z $ 599*
- Exclusive ’Gaming Bundle’ Includes Sleep Walker. Arabian Knights. Pinball Fantasies John Barnes Euro
- 68020 CPU running at 14 Mhz
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- 120 MB Hard Drive ($ 799 Cdn) Amiga 4000 &240MB $ 1699* 68030 CPU running at 25 Mhz 4 MB RAM 240 MB Hard Dr he 02239 Cdn) Amiga 4000 & 240MB $ 2299* 68040 CPU & FPU running at 25 Mhz 6 MB RA f Memory 240 MB Hard Drive CD-32 Movies S 29* ea. The Finn. Naked Gun. Fatal Attraction. Apooafypeo Now. Black Rain. Patriot Gamoa, Posse, Star Trek 6, Stiver. Hunnl for Red October. Indecent PnjxvaL Top Gun. Billy Ray Cava, Sung, Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, Bon Jnvi Jt Mom. CD-32 Games $ 34 * ea. Winter Sports, Surf Ntnjaa. Reach fir the (jolt. Legacy of Sora ail tmnu Trilogy, Alfred Chicken. ZooL Dangen mi Streets, Whmhs voyage, Robocvd. Deep Coro. D Generation, Diggers, Trolls, Chant Engine, Exile, Syndicate. I abrtnlb of Time, Humana. Heaven. Utopia. CaiUea It, Traps Jt Treasure*, Pirato Gold, Morph, Liberation. (No-kill Guinness. Juraaaic Park. American Football. Microcosm, Uridium 11, Dook, Karans Plua. Alien Breed. Grotier’a Encyvlopedim Video Hardware Personal TBC3 5675* Personal TBC4 5799* Personal V-Scopc 5699* Personal Animation Recorder 51,499* PerAnim Recorder 500MB HD 52.199* Video Toaster 4000 (3.1) $ 1,899* Toaster Y C Component Adaptor $ 399* Retina 24 Bit Card 5369* Pic Jt f Ciri If taldQ* G VP Spectrum 24 Bit (2MB) 5499* Merlin 24 Bit Graphics Board $ 599* Vlab (with 30fps recording) $ 399* Toccaaa 16 Bit Audio Card S4S9* Amiga Link Poor-Peer Network 599*ea Amiga 4000 & Toaster $ 3399* 68030 CPU running at 25 Mhz 10 MB RAM & a 120 MB Hard Drive Toaster 4000 Card (version 3.1) 40 Mhz Video Toaster $ 6699* 68040 CPU & FPU running at 40 Mhz 30 MB RAM Memory A 525 MB SCSI-2 Toaster 4000 Card (version 3.1) , ($ 8899 Cdn) Amiga 4000 @33 Mhz $ 3299*
- 68040 CPU & FPU running at 33 Mhz
- 10 MB RAM Memory (Bxp, to 146 MB)
- 270 MB Fast SCSI-2 Hard Drive , M ($ 4399 Cdn) Amiga 4000 @ 40 Mhz $ 3899* 68040 CPU & FPU running at 40 Mhz 20 MB RAM Memory (Exp. To 146 MB) 345 MB Fast SCSI-2 Hard DriveMwrm _ ($ 5199 Cdn) Special Software Purchase Special Modem Purchase Brilliance (AGA) $ 89* 14,400 Baud Modem with FAX Final Copy II (AGA) $ 39* _ V.?2bjs- Y4Jbis % . Overkill (AGA) $ 14* CaUsrID & Voiced ax Switch Zool (AGA) $ 14* Ci sin* Only $ 149* ($ 190 Cdn) Special Printer Purchase High Speed 24 Pin Color 330 CPS with 100's of Colors Star NX-24 SO, Latest Model Only $ 219* ($ 2X0 Cdn) Special Monitor Purchase Commodore J0S4S $ 179* Commodore 1942S $ 369* Ask about 800X600 resolution on n !942S! A Computer Answers exclusive feature! We can pioee.ss your order with payment by VISA. Ma*4ert ard. Monc% ' »nkror I tan I. Draft
• Sum fa IS r I in . LimataSi tom (LIT. Odvo you Rad I Amro.*® mu ,m Or ik. AfaU mniuilv ilmi fa. InnkiutiiniKM ad. U c uadaudktiiiSaut.iULkil Anrkwr.pniTi rau, ™ . ,ii.hd> u rhr ru tunyr mr ilVnuvi. HO fwi chii u Uitadli iv kter yim hw, farrrfcvr knv ¦iqdkvbk Itfl krt you ifipninlili Uu. Lolhr k.1vntuii;y ilndSnr. Dtu add rrfi.ii twvk. ... - ¦" ' k n tncr, • » d rcm* tr «c it uxU »
* eff.‘s£rr?iriiaB ¦Ipchan tipnni. ¦£ tarnai Bini i ¦n ' rraadrrn add kir ttnbunl m Cumdan faruk 1' l-ninnrml TM * 'tarn tank orClrdpCfcri - _ udgu add "1% OST Wc viS A fmanjt • vmikHc ID U tl of Jmaumy -7 pi Prnni, qm&ilm A inibUi dmip ihr inr, » vhen drnntrJ lt*»r-t. Pwui -vl] Juw Mmu Uf MoujJ* ui in jtr pul ciikm &¦ ihimnt id lot ijianeiiri, ko*r = riuc |S(H 4-6 nnb JufTJ, Slil MUD 0,1 fe«f ju*Jrfj uvr .r Ik. MrtCHf IMI f hkr uito Wbtl* kr da our Ini n br Imik Ii lrirrl nnd ihijprt! », hrnk .m khlr H vai ur lukkmr cm ULV of Ihu. Ptrwr atli liu iVvib I've tail a tufa c. , That will be t is* pod inmltnn of the taga Id • fa I i uul ol .ki k uiC t I'reiMif u befire. Sad ('0 Iff U tftm, Amiga Kolo'
• aimt TV uj S Jorr. Ihwuhow me l««4a rfrt >u lorrtn hnk ifrr Mrrd »hrrv jom J-Vi. »n « «ry ofaa nwfeul.im * lnV»l kiri a tnmJb Iviirm,hr dur whnr vrn tfr-rrfc*. Uiy kmdkvbU Itfl kll ) u iri|im!m you raid Oui mlV Mluur tariff ra> hnw dwn n-. Sam Llaru nay t* w nmt (fcm m uw, Lf >1.1 arc Kii.Am,. rntalnnt Ire an lutlrri lunrrQntlfin |4wruuu Atl tifuiinnid uNT9ICUXrV.il 6n HcioiTu-Oi wink Snrin.«lnr inCimS a lh USA fondio a idvrniKd. Kt»t* irmiur » tv popuhr * dnrmiut ruwd> iuji,! V UtAr «mrl» ¦nivou] AiUfiotninimi Iimu imi|ukiU, CUSTOMER SERVICE (412) 9G2-OS33 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.nt. * 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday Orders Only USA & Canada INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE 412-962-0567 FAX ORDERS: 1-412-962-0279 while supplies last Primera CoDor Printer Up to sooo x 8000 pixel resol ution. Direct support for single frame controllers. 3D Studio and Wavefront fite compatible. Animatable. Deformations, iff 24 output, and mucn more. MORE COLORFUL
• Hlgh-resoiution thermal transfer color printing.
• Pnmera’s color Is bngrner, richer. Snarper and more vibrant man other color printing technologies. MORE EFFICIENT *
• Prints up to four times tester than ink jet
• Peguires no drying time, unlike ink let Eliminates wrinkling and smearing. Modeler, Tenderer, and animator employing virtual reality technology Full object editing functions including point edit, real-time feedoack using a virtual reality inter-face, fast rendering of photorealistic Images, AGA, IFF support for textures and output.
• Easy to use with oray two buttons On Off and On line SEE THE RESULTS FOR YOURSELF sample print- S3 (refunded on purcnasei Send your Picture on an Amiga Disk & we win return to you a print of ycur picture. SEND TO: PRIMERA OFFER- C O Computer Basics, inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148 for AMIGA mm fMOUSE • BUTTONSI Red - Black Blue • Black Black - Black LADY BUG RED - WHITE • BLUE UP to 256Mb RAM XL DRIVE - HIGH DENSITY High Density External Drive for any Amiga * Formats 1.76MB with standard HO Disks * Compatible
* * for PC Disks
• Ergonomic and ArtJsticueslg
• Weil-Structured ball cavity design, giving smooth roiling & precise control
• Stream-lined buttons give more comfortable clicks & track ban control for thou wtuf never lilted track bans before
• Requires j work Bench
2. 1 or above AIN BOARD A Bit Graphic Card Video Suite & A19 inch, rack-mountable, “ vrtdeo audlo mixing switching and transcocing device which connects directly to the Video processor. P-ug this card into the Mam Board and add a wealth of additional features: a 24-ait framegrabber, genlocker, customizable Digital Video ©f&fE$ E Effects, and much more.
* TOUCh-Up V3. AGA compatible) ™
* OCR Jr. Text reader Ml PROFESSIONAL CALC II Professional business spreadsheet & graphics package. Over 125 statistical, trigonometric, financial S user definable functions. Graphic interface PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4.0 Automatic Genie functions automate most routine page layout and D"P tasks. Page Genies automatically create custom page layouts Function
- Genies provide new ease of use and user customization of program. New features include undo button, irregular text wrap enhanced color I separation and under color removal algorithms, auto tillng for output of PROFESSIONAL DRAW 3.0 An object-oriented color graphic design and Illustration tool, now has Idynamic not link to Pro Page 3.0, and more than 30 automatic function and tool Genies for fast, effortless creation of professional-quality artwork, over 275 Arexx commands allow user to edit or create Genies. Text and color handling enhanced color separation, auto-tiling, undo, redo. Includes 145-plece clipart collection and utility allowing structured drawing clips , to be convened to IFF bitmaps. VIDEO DIRECTOR complete system for quick & easy editing of video-tape, includes softv are. Universal remote, and serial port Interface for vcr or camcorder 24 Bit ReatTime Video Digitizer AGA Support Digitizes Full Frame In 1 30 of a second Internal for the A2000,
3000. AND 4000. New External for 500, Requires Art Department Professional or MorphPlus & Arexx -AmigaDos 2.04 or nigher. Multilayer for ADPro is a composmng iayermg Interface for video professionals & artists using ASDG s ADPro program as a compositing engine improves AOPro s impressive array of com- positing functions. Control up to 100 Layers Standard Particle and Real world Kinematic animation system for LlghtWave3D 30 FINAL COPY II final Ci ft} II for nign quality print outs of personal ,, ’ and business- - -* documents Combines traditional word orocessing features with state-of-the art printing technology. Includes 34 outline typefaces, a 14 million word speller, a _ 144 GOO synonym thesaurus with definitions, graphics supports more Power Tools Kit .534 Performance Tools Kit .$ 34 SUPERJAM! Create accompaniments sound- grooves quickly & octave chords, visual volume & True state of the art in Amiga 24 bit paint packages The many features ofTVPamt2.0 include image Manipulation, Drawing Too!s. Editing Toots. Emboss. Snarper, Relief. Outline and mucn, much more M r» Get Pagestream 2.2 now, and receive version 3.0 free when it's released! Pagestream is Amiga world's Experts' Choice and Amazing Amiga's Users' , Choice. Pagestream 3.0 can
g) even load ProPage documents and it's AGA compatible! MITH ART EXPRESSION Create bitmap and outline fonts for all your programs! Convert and edit!
* Powtf $ u0(3y • 5CS frtenui Cat)* • Power Ctfne* SCSi Pbs tmu and Mourning Hardware • no Single Bay open or closed front sgg upright Case for single 35HD sjog Dual Bay for 2 half height HD's H49 Four Bay open front (not shown) 5559
• 2 MB RAM
• 14 mhz 68EC020 Processor
• Dual Speed CD ROM Drive
• 11 Dutton Handheld Contoller with Connections for optional Mouse, Joystick and Keyboard
• Video Out to TV or Monitor Now available: MPEG Module for movies Call for pricing (gtpjjg D lLBg Your Number One Source for the World's First 32 BIT Graphic Multi Media and Entertainment Console! W January Releases ALFRED CHICKEN CHOAS ENGINE DANGEROUS STREETS DIGGERS REACH OUT FOR THE GOLD SURF NINJAS TFX TV SPORTS DUO WINTER SUPERT SPORTS JURASSIC PARK LEGACY OF SORASiL LOTUS TRILOGY LABYRINTH OF TIME J-LOO PINBALL DREAMS B«IIv*rPxSa3fflmLra»r QUICK V SiTE Woffl Pfoe«s3r TROLLS q ixemng ; SCALA MM 210 MUSIC-X2.0 CEARWORKS rrm Revolutionary new
- *Z ¦ "iT plug 4 play multi* ' media system Combine taserdisk. Stffl.yioeo,M;flof CDTV sound Over 80 smooths raja prafessonaitran- Hi w I a sitions MUSIC-X 2.0 has ail the features of the original version with the addition of new modules DeFlam- to remove the grace notes & finger crushes that may occur while recording the sequence. An improved Ouantizer module. Print Eventust-prints fist of sequences for editing, plus mere1 1 includes notatot-x ALL SHIRTS ARE 50% COTTON. 50% POLYESTER Gear Works™ is the most unique puzzle came lo hit the markel in years. In Gear Works™, you will connect various gears together In order to transform Twelve Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World into time pieces. You build the inner mechanisms by linking together gears while racing against time and fighting friction. Watch out for the Poffins, two gremlin-iike creatures, that will frustrate your progress. 1869 AGA ALIEN BREED 2 AGA AIRBUCKS AGA BODYBLOWS GALACTIC AGA BURNING RUBBER AGA CIVILIZATION AGA CHAOS ENGINE AGA DENNIS THE MENACE AGA DIGGERS AGA FATMAN AGA ISHAR 2 AGA ISHAR AGA JAMES POND 2: ROBOCOD AGA JURASSIC PARK AGA MORPH AGA NIGEL MANSEL AGA OSCAR AGA OVERKILL AGA PINBALL FANTASIES AGA RYDER CUP GOLF AGA SIMON THE SORCERER AGA SIM LIFE AGA SLEEP WALKER AGA SOCCER KID AGA STAR TREK 25TH AGA WHALES VOYAGE AGA ZOOL AGA Black T- Shirts Heavyweight DESIGN ON 6 FRONT q Amiga logo ON BACK SIZES: M.XL White T-Shirts Lightweight I Love My Amiga on FRONT SIZES: M.XL RED T-SHIRTS Heavyweight design on front Amiga logo ON BACK Sizes: m.xl White Sports Shirt for Casual wear Bouncing Ball and Shark Logo. Sizes:
M. XL AMIGA CHOOSE FROM 3 GREAT STYLES' AMIGA JACKET (fcg American Made. HEAVYWEIGHT NYLON. Best Quality Lined Winter Sports Jacket. Allow up to 3 weeks. Sizes: s.k.lxl xxl Avail $ 7 extra. Embroider name S5 extra k rt Z'ML iimt*fi Ol&«-»VCAMV 2 GREAT MUGS TO CHOOSE FROM' tpfgj
• 1 love My Amiga ? You've come a long way baby AMIGA BLUE MOUSE MAT Select Solutions Inc.
29. 99
38. 99
29. 99 ......33.99 ......17.99
24. 99 Fastest SCSI-2 Available! The most RAM - Up to 256MB! Only FASTLANE Z3 does it! $ 529." TOCCATA Full 16 Btir-ieKM Audio Digitizer Card WARP ENGINE
28. 33 or -10MHz High Speed Accelerator wim up 10 128MB Local 040 Burst RAM and the Fastest SCSI-2 Ever! MacroSystemUS REAL-TIME 24-BIT AMIGA VIDEO DIGITIZING SYSTEM S389.99 . S449.99 .. $ 444.99 1A4000 G-FORCE 040 40 40 4 0 Due This Month! .CALL A2Q00 G-FORCE 030 40 40 4 0 Limited Supply!. CALL A4Q08 SCSI 8M9 RAM Board 0KB .One Month Only!......139.99 A1230 Turbo Accelerator ....Reduced! .CALL A4091 SCSI-2 HIGH DENSITY FLOPPY DRIVES PowerPoint XL 1,76MB dub ,s149." S159." Internal ... External Games Shadowlands . 29.99 Amys Fun 2-3 Adventure ..24.99 Lemmings II .34.00 Walker ..Reduced $ 5L. 31.99 Overdrive .....41,99 Hired Guns ..34,99 Wiz ‘n Liz .....34.99 Campaign 2 . 41,99 Strikes & Spares .....34.99 Stardust ...34.99 Three Stooges-King of Chicago pack ....17.99 Jaguar XJ220 ..21.99 Rules of Engagement 2 .36.99 Alien Breed 2 .. 32.99 Aliens 3 .. 29.99 Body Blows 2 ...29,99 When Two Worlds War ..38.99 Bart vs. the World .. 29.99 Krust s Fun House .. 29,99 Terminator 2 33.99 Simon the Sorceror .36.99 F1 Racing (VROOM 2) ..29.99 Lords ol Power 4-Pack .... 34,99 Chaos Engine AGA . 33.99 Star Trek 25th Anniversary 41.99 Dennis the Manace .29.99 Global Domination ... 38.99 Cyberpunk .. 29.99 Skidmarks 29.99 The Settlers .30.99 Utilities & Programming Direclory Opus v4.i ....New Version.'... 57.99 Quarterback v6.0 .... 69.99 Quarterback Tools Deluxe . 74.99 AmiBack v2.0 .. 47.99 AmiBack Tools . 41,99 AmiBack AmiBack Tools Bundle ... Save $ 20!....59.99 CrossDOS v5.0 w Cross PC 34.99 Studio Printer Software by MacroSystemUS . 69,99 SAS C v6.5 Development System w C*+ .....299.99 DevPac 3 Assembler .. 76.99 High Speed Pascal 104,99 NEW Edge Pro Text Editor from INOVAtronics 64.99 NEW ENLAN DFS v2.0 Ethernet Software ....199.99 Home Office Home Front v2.5 ..., .....32.99 PHASAR v4.0 • Home Finances ...... 47.99 FinaJ Copy II 59.99 ProWrite v3.3 by New Horizons .... 59.99 ProDraw v3.0 ..., ....119.99 ProPage v4.1 PrcDraw Bundle ..... 189.99 Pagesetter 3 by Soft-Logik ......69.99 Pro Calc 2 AGA .Spreadsheet... 124.99 The Office 3 AGA ...5 Applications in L. 99.99 Time Tracker ...Personal Info Manager... 55.99 On The Ball . Personal Info Manager... 39.99 Hardware GVP Digital TBC Plus ..New from GVP!....CALL Kitchen Sync - Dual TBC by Digital Creations .....1249.99 DPS Personal TBC IV .799.00 Prime Image TBC PCB Y C S-VHS ..849.99 DPS Personal Animation Recorder ....1559.99 DPS Personal V-Scope ..... 729.99 Personal Single Frame Controller (SFC v2.5) 349.99 SuperGen SX 699.99 G-Lock Genlock .Reduced!...,375.00 DCTV ...289.99 Retina 4MB 559.99 w TV Paint Pro ......749.99 Spectrum EGS 2MB ....549.99 Picasso II RTG 1MB ....449.99 DSS 8 Plus by GVP .69.99 A0516 Studio 16 by SunRize ......1199.99 ADI 012 Studio 16 by SunRize ......499.99 One Stop Music Shop by Blue Ribbon Soundworks 579.99 Y C Plus S-VHS HiB ....749.99 Y C++ S-VHS HIS by Prime Image 599.99 DPS Personal Component Adapter DC-2350 ....419.99 Video, Sound & Graphics Software ImageFX vl.5 by GVP .229.99 NEW A1 Department Profess oral (ADPro) v2.5 ..147.99 NEW Pro Conversion Pack v2.5 for ADPro ......49.99 T-REXX Prov2.1 lor Toaster ..129.99 MONTAGE vl .02 for Toaster .....New Version!....329.99 MONTAGE 24 for AGA and IV24 239.99 MONTAGE Fonts ..... 119.99 PEGGER - Automatic JPEG Compression ......71.99 NEW Anim Workshop v2.0 by Axiom ..111.99 Bars & Pipes Professional v2.0 .....229.99 Deluxe Music v2.0 ..89.99 Super Jam v1.1 84.99 NEW WaveMaker for Lightwave 3D by Axiom 149.99 WaveLink - Two node render farm for Lightwave 3D 129,99 Street Fighter 2 21.99 Greens Golf .19.99 Nigel Mansell Grand Prix .... 19.99 TV Sports Baseball ... 17.99 TV Sports Boxing ....17.99 Excellent 4-Pack ..38.99 Paint & Animate Caligari 24 .129.99 Real 3D v2 Q ..399.99 Disney's Animation Studio 31.99 Deluxe Paint IV v4.1 ... 117.99 Deluxe Paint IV AGAv4.5 . 119.99 Turrican 3 .. Kingmaker . Cool Spot . Genesia ..... Defender of the Crown Railroad Tycoon.. KOSS HD 1 Speakers *19." A FREE $ 30 VALUE! Includes FREE Speaker Hanger And 6-Volt A C Adaptor... KOSS HD 4 GIFT SET V-LA8 Internal Card for A200Q 300Q 40QO ___ V-LAB Y C Internal Card for A2MO 3QO(MGOO .... V-LAB External for A500A20Q V-LAB .... n.,,. .¦¦¦(.¦•¦i.l SPARKS Panicle & Kinematic An imp. I on lor Lightwave 3D MultlLayor - ADPro v2.5 Croalo Digital Vidoo Compositing Layering Animations ---------- _ ,- NEW from MacroSyglenig.S... Cull for Introductory Pricing' -- Peripherals GVP's NEW I O Extender 2 ....119.99 Ext. Serial Kit for I O Extender 2 19.99 MultiFace Card III I O Expansion (2 Serial 1 Parallel) .89.99 Cables ... CALL Sync Strainer 23 15 Pin Monitor Adapter ...49.99 Safe Skins (Keyboard Protection for all Amiga models) .....19.99 AllaData ATBus IDE Hard Drive Controller Card 0 8M RAM ..,.64.99 Oktagon 2008 SCSI-2 Controller and 0 8M RAM Exp ......139.99 GVP A4008 SCSI Controller and RAM Expansion 149.99 DKB A4091 SCSI-2 Controller 299.99 Datafiyer 4000SX SCSI Controller (A2 3 4000) 99.99 Datafiyer 4000SX25 Kit w Ext DB25 SCSI Connector ....104.99 50 Pin External Centronics SCSI Cable 14.99 DKB NTSC MegaChip w 2MB Agnus 199.99 Auto Kickstart Plus - A500 2000 ROM Switch ..19.99 AlfaData Boot Selector (Boot from DF1, DF2 or DF3) .19.99 A1laRAM1200 1 9Mb RAM Exp, w 1Mb and FPU Socket 139.99 A1200 DKB 1202 0KB w 20MHz 68881 ..149,99 AlfaData Aulo Mouse Joystick Switch ......19 99 ASDG LAN Rover Thin Ethernet Card w SANA II Driver 299.99 AlfaData A500 512K RAM w Clock & Switch ...34.99 FASTLANE Z3 Fast SCSI-II w 0 256MB for A3 4000 ......529.99 Input Devices Mice & Trackballs AlfaData 400dpi 2-Butlon MegaMouse Best Seller!,,,.29.99 AlfaData 260dpi 2-Button MegaMouse MK-II ..19.99 AllaData AitaOptic 3-Button Optical Mousa * ..39.99 AlfaData AlfaPen 3-Button Optical Pen Mouse 54.99 AlfaData Crystal Trackball 3-Button 39.99 AlfaData 3-Button Cordless Mouse ...... .49.99 Joysticks Suncom Sltk Stick ..7.99 Gravis Joystick ..34.99 Gravis Amiga Gamepad 19.99 Konix SpeedKing Autofire ..14.99 Konix SpeedKing Standard ......13.99 Konix Navigator Autofire (Black) .....16,99 Konix Amiga Analog Joystick ...16.99 Scanner Drawing Tablets NEW AllaData AlfaScan 800dpi w Scan & Save ...189.99 AlfaData AlfaColor 4Q0DPI Color Hand Scanner ..299.99 AlfaData AllaScan Plus 400dpi w Touch»Up & OCR 189.99 ASDG Epson Scanner Pack .119.99 Accelerators & Drives GVP 4MB 60ns 32-Bit SIMM for G-Force Accet ......CALL GVP A2000 040 33 33 4 0 Accelerator wI SCSI-2 ...1149.99 GVP A1230 Turbo Plus Senes II 50 0 4 ..719.99 GVP A1230 Turbo Plus Series II40 0 4 ..529.99 GVP A1291 SCSI Option For A1230 Series II ..92.99 DalaflyerXDS A1200 . 69 99 Datafiyer SyQuest 10SS SCSI Internal 3.5 Kit ......439.99 Datafiyer SyQuest 105AT IDE Internal 3.5 Kit for A4000 .379.99 AlfaDrive 3.5" External 880k Poppy Drive .. 74.99 Bernoulli 150MB External Transportable' SCSI w Disk 569.99 Bernoulli 150MB Internal 'Insider'' SCSI w Disk ...489.99 SYQUEST 105MB REMOVABLE MEDIA HARD DRIVES Special Amiga Version • AmigaDOS Compatible w Diskchange Support! DataFlyer 105AT IDE for Amiga 4000 .. $ 379.99 DataFlyer 105S SCSI (no controller) ....$ 439.99 DataFlyer 105S-C SCSI (W 4000SX Controller) ....$ 499.99 AS 3 models irckrie nierra! 3 o' mowffmg and I05M8 ta'frdge EXPANSION s Q s s LAN ROVER AND ENLAN DFS v2.G BUNDLE Indudes two (2) ASDG" LAN Rover Ethernet Cards and ...s829” Peer-to-Peer Network Software for Amiga by Interworts *259.* ENLAN DFS v2.0 VOTED BEST A40OQ EXPANSION & BEST CONTROLLER! RA5t SHIPPING!
• We n shp your order ol 599.00 or more FREE via Federal Express' Two-Day Economy service. II two-day service is net fast enough, we ll ship your order of S99 00 or more via Federal Express* Standard Overnight service for just $ 5.00! Otter good through March 31.1994 ard applies to m-stock items only. Offer good only lor orders shipped within the continental U.S. Offer valid for credil card orders only Orders over 5 Ips. Incur additional shipping charges. Does not indude insurance. Double-Speed CD-ROM For AMIGA 2000 & 4000! Kit Includes Internal CD-ROM Drive and the $ New AlfaData Tandem CD+tDE Controller!
269. 99 150MB Bernoulli Removable storage lor any Amiga or Toaster System. Easy SCSI hook-up & 1 Sms! .59.99 AlfaColor Hand Scanner $ 99 BEST DATA® MODEMS .59.99 1 External 14400bps FAX Modem V.32bts V-42tns MNP ....$ 169-99 External 9600bps FAX (2400 bps Modem) V.42brs'MNP ...$ 69,99 External 2400bps Modem MNP 2-7 ..... $ 54.99 $
49. 99 Pixel 3D Professional The Ultimate Bitmap to 2-0 to 3-D Object ConVERSION and Deskpi Program! ...: . . ;:i'. . ; 1'. ..." •; : . . $ 89_99 i*** Now Only.., $ 29." BLOWOUT PRICING! ALL SALES FINAL! DEFECTIVES FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY! CLEARANCE: Amiga Machine Specific Hardware A1200: A1230 030 40 60 Turbo . 299.99 A200G: 25MHz Vector 68030r882 Accel 0 32MB RAM ..399.99 A200G: AdSpeed'IDE 3.5 HD Interface Kit and Accel 99.99 A400C3000: ProRAM 0'64Mb32bit RAM Card ......249.99 A500 2000: Dnve Boot Selector Switch tram DFV2 3., .,.....19 99 A5CXV2OO0: VXL 030 25MHz Accelerator w 882 ....249.99 A500: AlfaData 512k RAM w C!ock S Switch (A501) 29.99 A500: AlfaRAM Q Bmb Ext Expansion w Pass-Thru ..49.99 A500: Commodore A501 512k RAM Exp w Ciock ..... 24.99 A500: Dual 86 Pin Expansion Port Adaptor ....19 99 A500: JnterACT - AppleTalk Network Solution ...59.99 A500: Tnfecta EC 0 8M0 IDE Controller .149.99 A6Q0: Kickstart Switch - 1.X 2.X ROM Switcher 9 99 CLEARANCE: Amiga Video Tapes and Books Amiga Graphics Inside and Oul (Programming). ,...... 19.99 Amiga Intern: Programmers Reference Library ..19.99 AmigaWorld Official AmigaDOS 2 Companion . 7.99 Computers Amiga Applications (Amiga Basic) 9.99 Desktop Video Power...,„ 16.99 MultiMedia Workbook .... , , ...5-99 VHS: Hot Rod Your Amiga 9.99 VHS: Taming the Wave Pro Training System w 2 Disks ..59.99 VHS: Understanding S-VHS - 202 9.99 Visionary Handbook (Oxxi) .« 4.99 CLEARANCE: Application Software Amiga Vision - Multimedia Authoring System ..49.99 AMOS The Creator - Base Programming (US Version) ...24.99 Arexx Rainbow Library Series Vol. 1 - Rexx Pius ....29.99 B A D. v4 - Ultimate Floppy & Hard Disk Optimizer ...24.99 Buddy System 2.0 for Deluxe Paint IV ... , ...19,99 Buddy System 2.0 for Imagine t.1 19.99 Migraph OCR vl.1 * Optical Character Recognition .89.99 Quma Version Conirol Utility and File Manager 19.99 Saxon Pro Desktop Publisher vt.2 (New Feb 93) .....79.99 SaxonScript Professional - Postscript Interpreter ......79,99 Superbase Persona! 2 v3.01 29.99 CLEARANCE: Commodore Logo Specialty Items 20 Disk Easel-style Fold-up Carrying Case - Blue 6.99 Executive Pen and Pencil Set ..6.99 299; AlfaScan 80 800 DPI Hand Scanner with powerful 16 256 grayscale conversion software. CLEARANCE: Games Alomino * Strategy at the Molecular Level! .4.99 Barbarian II by Psygnosis ... 7.99 Beast Lord ......19.99 Blastar! By Core - Awesome Parallax Arcade Action 9.99 Blob - Addictive Strategy Arcade Action .....9.99 Combat Air Patrol F14 F18 by Psygnosis ...,...19.99 Data Disk 2 lor Bngade Commander by TTR ...3.99 Discovery: In the Steps of Columbus ..9.99 Disposable Hero 14.99 Elf - Weird. Wild Fantasy Graphic Adventure ..... 9.99 Hook (The Movie) - Peter Pan in Nevertand Again ..... 9.99 Morph AGA. .. 14.99 Nicky 2 .. 19 99 Overfull AGA.,.. ™ . 14.99 PAL Fighter Duel Prolessional ...14.99 Prime Mover by Psygnosis .. ...14.99 Push-Over; Featuring G.LAnt - Arcade Mind Teaser ..9.99 Red Zone by Psygnosis - 3D Racing Action 9.99 Shadow of the Beast II w T-Shirt! .7.99 Shadow of the Beast 111 by Psygnosis ..19.99 The Addams Family Arcade Game .. 9.99 The Games ‘92: Espana - 30 Events! ..7.99 CLEARANCE: Hardware, Peripherals and Accessories 130M Seagate IDE ST3144A Hard Drive ..,- 175 00 341M Seagaie IDE ST3390A Hard Drnre . 299.99 2 lo 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch.., .....19.99 4 lo 1 Parallel Aulo Daia Switch 29.99 AlfaScan 4000PI Hand Scanner w Scan & Save Plus .....99.99 AJIaScan 400DPI Hand Scanner w Touch Up .. 139.99 AltaScan Migraph OCR Upgrade (Junior) 39.99 Deluxe 3.5 Disk Box w Lock - Holds 120 Disks! ...9 99 Denmark: SupraModem 2400 Pius ... 59.99 DMI Jnste Floptical - Internal A200Q3000 4000 .... 199.99 Dml Jnsite TQDC-3A5G 128Mb Rewritable Optical Disk ..79.99 GTCO Ultima 12 x 12 Drawing Table! For Aniga .....199 99 GTCO Ultima 12 x 18 Drawing Tablel for Amiga.. . . 299.99 Replacement Power Supply tor SupraModem 2400 (US) ..3.99 Sharp JX-320 Flatbed Color Scanner .....599.99 Sharp JX-320 Transparency Unit ..499.99 Sharp JX-735 Ink Jet Color Printer ..799.99 Supra 14,4 FaxModem V.32 bis IBM int DOS ...99 99 Supra 14,4 FaxModem V.32 bis PC Int Windows .....99.99 Supra FaxModem 2400 Plus w o Software ....49.99 AlfaPower for A500 Supports one 3.5" or two 2.5' iOE Hds and 8MB RAM! 130MB HD & OK RAM ......L ....$ 259.99 130MB HD & 2MB RAM .....i ... $ 359.99 AlfaRAM for A500 Same case as AlfaPower, Call lor 2 W8MB Pricing! ShowMaker. ...... ...99.99 CLEARANCE: Software by Impulse, Inc. Foundation - Hyper Multimedia Authoring System ...14.99 Terrain - 3D Animated Fractal Topography Generator ....14.99 Visionaire - 2D Object Morphing and Deformation ....19.99 CLEARANCE: Video and Toaster Related Products ADP Tools Professional 2.0 Animation Sysiem ..79.99 AnimFonts 4 by Kara Fonts ... 19.99 ASDG‘s Morph Plus - Cinema Qualify Visual FX ......99.99 Auioscript - Postscript to 3D Translation .14.99 Brilliance! Superior AGA Paint Package ...99.99 Digi-View Gold v4.0 for PAL Systems ......49.99 Map Master for Lightwave 3D.,...... 19.99 MuItiFrame for ADPro; Multi-Image Video Processing .....59.99 Neriki Desktop External Genlock ..... 99.99 Neriki Imagemaster Pro w 360 Phase Control .. 199.99 PAL DCTV • Paint, Digitize and Display .249.99 Panasonic AG-F700-P Time Code Generator Reader 349.99 Pixel 3D Professional v1.0 - Besl Seiler! 89.99 Pro Textures Vol. 1 - 24 Bit IFF and HAM images ...19,99 CLEARANCE: IntelllFONT Scalable Typefaces - WB 2.0+ Decorative Volume 2 - 6 Typefaces ..19.99 Decorative Volume 3 - 6 Typefaces ..19.99 CLEARANCE: Music, MIDI and Sound Related Music X - Integrated MIDI Sequencer and Librarian .49.99 CLEARANCE: Software by Gold Disk. Inc. Decorative 1 - Video Fonts .....49.99 Decorative 2 - Video Fonts 59.99 Gold Disk Type: Decorative Fonts . 19-99 Gold Disk Type: Publisher Fonts 29.99 Sans Serif 1 - Video Fonts ....™ ...54.99 Sans Sent 2 - Video Fonts ......49.99 Sculpt Animaie 4D - 3D Model and RayTrace_ _ ...99.99 Targa TGA-Link for Rastertink 19.99 TV Paint Professional for Retina .. 219.99 Vtdtech NTSC Scantock Genlock ..... ,299.99 Zuma Font Pack Volume 1 (Bitmap) .39.99 Zuma Font Pack Volume 2 (Bitmap) ...... 39.99 Sen! 1 - Video Fonts. Real 3D Classic -.,. POLICIES VISA, MasterCard, and Discover accepted. No surcharge on credit card orders. Credit card is not charged unlit order is shipped $ 5 00 COD lee. Cash only Advertised prices are subject to change without notice Cat! Lor current pneing. We are not responsible for typographical errors. 15% restocking loo for items returned and not exchanged for same. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Returns accepted for 10 days after invoice date. Hours M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-3pm Make the BEST call! 1-800-322-1261
P. O. Box 6512 • Champaign, IL 61826-6512 Tech Support Returns Order Fax 1*217-356-4312 24-Hours 1-217-355-2785 M-F 9am-6pm SHIPPING UPS 0-5 lbs..™ . .....S5.00 GROUND 5-20 lbs. ...add S1.0CM) over 5 tbs Over 20 tbs .....add 50c lb over 20 lbs Monitors ...... .$ 15.00 Computers ......St 8.00 UPS Blue 2-day or UPS Red Next-Day shipping also available, Calf lor our low shipping rates! Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, A W Games Editor Liberation CD32 ? A1200- Other Amigas - CONVENTIONAL WISDOM suggests a perpetual stand-off between software publishers and new hardware developers. The former typically won’t publish hot new games for the latter without a significant installed base. And said base is unlikely to develop in the absence of hot new games. If this were entirely tine, of course, no game machine would ever survive its infancy. Eventually, a forward-thinking publisher sees the potential of the technology and sponsors a game that helps generate a market. Hence, in 1985-86, games like Sundog and Dungeon Master helped get the Atari ST out of the blocks. In 1987, Dragon's Lair was probably single- handedly responsible for selling thousands of A500s. And in 1990, Wing Commander was in large part responsible for the development of a 386 games market. Until now, the CD32 hasn’t had such a game. Oscar and Diggers the games initially packaged with the machine in Europe were lukewarm rather than hot, and the current Dangerous Streets Wing Commander bundle offers nothing unique to the CD32. Too many of the games released for the new console have been platformers, which often look nice but push neither the machine nor our expectations. Well, prepare to have your expectations pushed: Liberation (Mindscape UK, about $ 45) may well be the CD32’s Dragon’s Lair. Designed expressly for CBM’s new console (and likely to remain CD32-only for some time), this vast futuristic role- play er a sequel to the celebrated Captive is the first game that takes genuine advantage of the machine’s abilities. If there’s an adventure that will compel people to buy the CD32 simply to play it, this is it. You may remember Captive. That Tony Crowt her creation was among the first Dungeon Master clones when it appeared in 1990 and was instantly embraced by an audience starved for tunnels, monsters, and insidious puzzles. They left fat with them if they left at all. (Captive had something like 64,000 levels.) The only problem was that the docs were shorter than Ross Perot behind a podium a situation rectified this time with a solid 64-page manual. The premise (touched upon in a lengthy and excellent animated intro) once again has you controlling four droids this time in an effort to release innocent people framed for murders committed by security droids-gone-haywire. And the size will be familiar as well. It’s a monster. Liberation is a Frontier among RPGs. You can’t even begin to imagine the far edge. There are almost 4100 missions spread across its life-sized 3-D cities, which are rendered in a gorgeous It's every droid for itself in the futuristic world of Liberation. Pastiche of bitmapped walls BladeRunner there, marbled here, art-deco there, shelves over there and interior detail. You move about in a style similar to Space Hulk’s hybrid of square-to-square shuffle and smooth scroll. While it doesn’t have the freedom of action of the latter, when you get going at a good clip in a straight line, you won’t know the difference. The other characters thousands of them move smoothly as well. They all talk, too, in digitized human voices, sometimes in tones and terms none too flattering my droids were called "drekhead” an awful lot and sometimes at great length and to little point. (Reportedly, there are six hours of speech buried in the game.) The initial challenge here may be getting used to an RPG that isn’t a one-way street. This is a dark world well supplied in directions to follow, taxis to grab, signs of all description, and operating computer terminals. I’ve only touched on a few of its major facets, and part of its charm is discovering the minor ones: reconfigurable screens (you can customize your display), onscreen mapping, or the ability to look in any oddangled direction in which you can’t turn. Liberation has weaknesses, to be sure. Too many characters look like extras from a sillier-than-usual Lost in Space episode: polygonal gowns topped with animal-like heads. Despite that vast pool of digitized speech, the NPCs (non-player characters) have a tendency to undergo accent and gender changes, which doesn’t do much for continuity. The 3-D view is very crisp, but some of the supporting graphics are a bit muddy. And the interface isn’t really suited to the CD32’s button- ? A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. The GRAPEVINE GROUP INC.
• NORTH AMERICA S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS AND SPECIALTY PARTS • r > 3 Chestnut Street Order Lines: 1 -800-292-7445 Order Status Line: Suffern, n.y. 10901 357.2424 (g14) 357-2607 (914) 357-3060 (914) 357-7498 (914) 368~4242 CUSTOM UPGRADE CHIPS EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE AGNUS 8372A 8375 1MB KIT Includes Agnus, Goliath Agnus chip puller, step-by-step instructions, the Amiga Troubleshooter diagnostic guide (valued @ 59 95). And Final Test diagnostic software = Only at Grapevine). $ 38.95 5721 Buster (313075-02) for A2000 .....$ 12.95 8362 Denise 'ri Bright upgrade. Last chance to buy a spare. $ 12.95 8364 Paula V? Bnght upgiade. Last chance to buy a spare $ 14.95 8373 New Super Denise with dog instruct software ...... $ 24.50 8372A B375 Upgrade Kit (NTSC PAL) 5peoal see above 5719 Gary chip . $ 13.50 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 ma|Or functions; 2 for ...$ 16.50 1 3 Kickstart POM low. Low price .$ 21.25 7 0 hard disk upgrade ROMs for 2091 (2) .$ 34.95 6570 036 Keyboard chip (Fixes most kybrd problems) .$ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Butler Chip ..$ 14.95 Citizen 32K Printer Bufler Chip ....$ 14.95
2. 05 ROM chip only (latest enhanced verson) .._ $ 27.95 2 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes) ..$ 27.95 2 1 Complete Kit |»AS2t5): includes new 2 05 or 2 04 ROM. Books and diskettes Newly upgraded ..... $ 74.50 21 Kit ( AS2i6) Same as above but does NOT include ROM (lor upgrading your old 20 kit) ..... .,...$ 44.50 2 04 ROM A3000 Upgrade Kit .. .....$ 45.50 2 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit .. $ 34.95 New Release (AS217) Enhancer Kit lor 2.1 3.0 user: Provides Arexx documentation & much needed additional 21 into (4 lbs) $ 26.95 21 diskettes Set of 5 (install, locale, workbench, lonts & extra disk) ...... $ 17.50 m- 1-3 WORLD’S BEST SELLING A500 2000 TM 1.3-2.0 ROM SELECTOR (CONTAINS A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUITRY FOR ALL AMIGA REVISIONS) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades. Inc allows for compatibility of ALL your software Many software programs still need Ihe 1 3 to function properly. Automatically switch between 1 3 or
2. 0 ROM from your keyboard. Built-in speaker confirms t 3 or 20 ROM Does nol overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility wrth AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available Instructions included (NEW LOW PRICE) ...... $ 19.95 SWITCH-ITT BONUS PACKAGE:
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• Emergency Startup Kit | DIA 14) An $ 80 00 value for ......$ 64,50 (xDlA 140) includes 8373 Super Denise rstead of 8362 .$ 79,95 ( OIA 14C) includes 8372A 1 meg Agnus ..$ 94,50 (XDIA 14D| includes 8373 (instead of 8362} and 8372A..... $ 104.50 ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER AN INEXPENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC ANALYZER THAT WORKS ON ALL AMIGAS Amiyt Shopper magazine (U.K.) tayl "vrlheut doubt, Ihrs a the finest diagnostic equipment I have ever teen, and I address a Amiga repairers and practical*minded users when I say this It really something worth having." A complete diagnostic hardware 4 software analyzer (uses point 8 click software interface) The analyzer plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software displays 6 screens to work from Snows status of data transmission signals: Tests game pon function, parallel port, serial port, disk dove, video ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test Reads diagnostic status ol any read write errors irom track 0 to track 79 Soft-ware automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible 85%-90% ol me problems presented ro service centers are found with this analyze! Saves you lots ol money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can aflord to be without one Don't be fooled by its low cost Simply plug in cables Irom the analyzer box. This sophisticated diagnostic tool is used by end users & Amiga repair centers worldwide ... $ 69.95 US Recently, Commodore elected to consolidate thfir stateside operations, thus making them financially stronger. One of the first steps taken was to reduce their inventory in both the U.S. and Canada. In doing this, select distributors were giien the opportunity lo purchase siiable amounts (over lh million pounds) of new and factory refurbished parts at extraordinarily low prices. This section contains these items. ** indicates refurbished items. All others are new! Refurbished does not mean used or pre owned but simply factory remartufaclured. With the exception of a minor imperfection, if any. Most everything appears "mint." Hems carry a full 90 day warranty and some, a full year. This isyour opportunity to buy parts al up lo SO'fi less than an authorised dealer pays. COMPUTER SYSTEMS Amiga 2000** with all chips including 8372 Agnus. 2 04 ROM. Keyboard mouse, power supply and manual ....$ 469.95 Commodore C64 w power supply** ~ ...... $ 64.50 C128D** with builtm 1571 drive P Sand keyboard ..$ 129.95 PC10III (XT)** No hard drive .....$ 149.95 PC20III (XT)** 20 meg hard drive .. $ 169.00 PC40III (AT-286)** 40 meg hard drive .... $ 299,95 CDTV (wrrte lor inlormabon) $ 149.50 COMMODORE AMIGA DRIVES
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* Buy the MultiStan with 1.3 ROM upgrade (a> $ 44.50.
* Buy Ihe MulliSlart with 2 05 ROM upgrade @ $ 52.50.
* The Ultimate Deal Buy the MuftiSlart w 1 3 5 205 (a1 $ 69.95. CUSTOMER STATUS LINE:
(914) 368-4242 DKB1202" FPU. RTC. Alarm and Memory Allows A1200 owners to install a floating point unit co-processor(up to 40 Mhz using the 68882). A reaf-time clock with date time and ' alarm'’ functions, and the ability to add up to 8 meg of true 32-bil RAM Great for ray-tracing, etc Price includes68881-IB Mhz FPU ......$ 139,95 INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE (914) 357-2424 FAX LINE: (914) 357-6243 BBS LINE: (Modem setting at 8N1) (914) 343-8463 Insider IP lor your AlOOO with 1.5 meg .$ 179.95 Utilize 1 3 and 2.0 ROM r your A1000 $ 59.95 COMMODORE AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES A500 Exact Amiga replacement . $ 29.95 A5Q0** (240V U K 4 Europe) .. $ 19.95 A500 Big Foot* (A500 600 200 watts) A must (or Toaster users (fits internally) .... .... $ 79.95 A1200 Big Foot* (200 watts) ..... $ 79.95 A2000 Big Foot* (300 watts) .. .,.$ 135.00 A2000 (Switchable Irom 110 220V) Exact Amiga replacement $ 89.95 A3000 Exact Amiga replacement .$ 84,95 A3000** (220V) (U.K. 4 Europe) .. $ 79.95 C64 (sealed nonrepayable) 1.5 amp ..... $ 19.95 C64 (repairable)* 1.8 amp ...... $ 24,95 C64 4 3 amp heavy duty (also used with 1750 RAM expander).. $ 29.95 Ol541 11 1581 (external) Limited quantity. Going fast .....$ 12.95 UK European 220 Volt version a ailable for ..$ 12.95 C128D (internal) This spare is selling last ...... ,,.$ 9,95 C12B external 4 3 amp (exact replacement) .. $ 34.95 PC4Q 20 (75 watt) ..$ 49.95 HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MON.-FRt. CALL ABOUT OUR COMPLETE LINE OF COMMODORE SPARE PARTS & EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 15% RESTOCKING CHARGE SHIPPING CHARGE UPS S5 FOR MOST SMALL (1 LB.) ITEMS
• NOT A COMMODORE PRODUCT ''REFURBISHED PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE ORDER LINE 1-800-292-7445 • (914) 357-3060 • (914) 357-7498 • (914) 357-2607 oriented controller, which makes things slow and cumbersome; you really need a mouse to get the most out of the game. So get a mouse, already. In fact, get two. Chances are you’ll wear the first out before you finish with Liberation. Cannon Fodder ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-cfrlve installable. Copy-protection. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protecfion. Theatre of Death CHEMISTRY IS EVERYTHING. It weds beauty to beast. It’s the fizzy froth between baking soda and vinegar. It makes one game king, and its absence sends the other to the chopping block. Consider the case of Cannon Fodder (Virgin UK, about $ 35) and Theatre of Death (Psygnosis UK, about $ 35). Cannon Fodder has that chemistry, and one day it’s bound to be counted among Amiga classics; its special status is written on its brow almost from the moment this arcade wargame takes the screen. And Theatre of Death.. .well, it doesn’t. Despite being very much the same sort of game, and even superior in some respects not to mention arriving a few weeks earlier it lacks the charged atmosphere and the happy self-awareness of Cannon Fodder. At the root, the two games are similar: You tool about large battlefields seen from an angled-down view, using the mouse to target and open fire upon enemy soldiers about the size of Lemmings (or, more to die point in Cannon Fodder’s case, Sensible Soccer players). Once the mission’s accomplished, you move onto the next level in TOD with a whole new crew, and in Cannon Fodder with only those men who survived the earlier levels. In Cannon Fodder the campaign element and the Big Picture thinking it requires is a decidedly Lemmings Il-Jike concept, and developer Sensible Software has drawn on that Psygnosis game in subtle ways without ever sacrificing the originality of its own project. With a little shriek, casualties arch through the air as though attached to a rocket. Cannon Fodder has an exquisite difficulty curve that makes you sweep through the easier missions effectively snaring you and persuades you that sheer obstinacy is keeping you stuck in the more difficult ones. And the maze-like levels and enemy ingenuity and camouflage hold many surprises; there’s nothing as treacherous as searching the deep recesses of a forest or the farthest ice flows for that last packet of holdouts. Cannon Fodder is also much spiffier graphically; it’s like a Lemmings landscape seen from a helicopter. Theatre is olive drab next to these stars and bars, but l found it a quicker play. The turnaround time between missions is far shorter Cannon Fodder doesn’t permit ready loading of saved games and the reinforcements, tanks, personnel carriers, land mines, and air strikes give the game more variety. On the other hand, while Cannon Fodder’s play is very nearly spit-shine perfect, Theatre of Death’s appears at roll call with sleep crusting its eyes and shirt tail out. It’s a sloppy Joe: You can play the second part of one two-part mission before completing the first. Mission descriptions intended to be terse come off as just messy “Rescue and neutralize enemies” and supplies sometimes are placed in inaccessible positions at screen borders. When moving troops, the screen scrolls freely only to a point you’ll think you’ve reached the edge of the playfield and you'll have to use the satellite views to center the perspective before you can continue. But you can work within these constraints, and you’ll want to, because Theatre of Death is essentially a good game. It’s just lost in the huge shadow of Cannon Fodder. AW Shucks! In the review of Combat Air Patrol (Feb. ’93) we incorrectly stated that the game’s rotating point-of-view feature was a first for the Amiga. Actually, it first appeared as mouse-panning in Jaeger Software’s Fighter Duel. SHORT TAKES Stardust CD32-specific versions are in the works, but I can't imagine how they'll improve on this. ©1.3 ?*
2. 0 ?*
3. 0 ?* Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Wow. No, Eet me try that again. WOW. No, that still doesn't quite say it. Can we roll a bigger typeface in here? W-O-W. Asteroids was never remotely tike this. Hell, even Blasteroids was never like this. Stardust ($ 49.95) is an eye-popping shooter from new Finnish developers B oodhouse that transports the basic Asteroids premise into a new realm of...well, blowing up big rocks and avoiding the debris. But those rocks now look like whole cliff faces as they come tumbling towards you in almost photo-realistic detail, and they detonate with an unnerving propane-fed realism. Between fevels of glorious gravel-making is the fastest, break-through-the-screen-daunting 3-D action sequence I've seen on any game machine to date. (Way to ride that hardware, boys.) On occasion, you'll also be offered an optional special mission to pick up extra lives. Imagine a more-than-usually-difficult version of Thrust with close-set walls, parallax scrolling, and a seething purple stew in the background, and you'll have a rough idea what it's like. And here's the kicker: All this runs just fine on a 68000-based A500 with a meg of chip RAM. (The only trouble I had was getting it to run on an '030- based A500 or A3000, though it worked fine on an '030 A120Q.) A1200 and Dream Weaver Lots of ways exist to create do-it- yourself adventures on the Amiga, but very few ways allow you to do it so easily, without going through some __ semblance of shudder> programming. Dream Weaver = AmyGames, S24.95) to the rescue. It permits you to build text-and-graphics adventures in amiable, intuitive fashion with an absolute minimum of work. (Well, you still have to design the bugger!) Author Duane Bernloehr has created a nimble, mouse-driven authoring environment that operates with standard Amiga gadgets, windows, and menus. (The only typing involved is punching in the story.) DW comes with a range of push-button editors, a basic paint program, a map creator, and the stuff to put everything together in a neat package not mention a pair of finished games and a player so you can share yours with the world. Moreover, it doesn't have the limits that attend other, more config- Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 215-586-5701 FAX 215-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern Orders 800-93-AMIGA
• 800 Software Titles... IN STOCK - Call for FREE Software List • Call for Pricing and Availability ulNin oCHardware ccessories eripherals TOCI Cain oL orT e wha oi wan II Video Products OCTV $ 289.00 OPS Personal Animation Controller Call OpalVision 399.00 Personal TBC 4 Call Picasso 1Mb 469.00 Picasso 2Mb 529.00 Piccolo 649.00 Retina 4Mb 549.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 249.00 SuperGen 539.00 SuperGen SX 729.00 Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 599.00 Toaster Toolbox 4000 339.00 Vidi 12 AGA 125.00 Vidi Amiga 12 RT 269.00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 389.00 Vlab 399.00 Vlab Y C 459.00 Vlab External 479.00 Joysticks Trackballs Alfa Data Crystal Trackball S55.00 Aviator 1 29.00 Bart Simpson or Batman 15 00 The Bug 23 00 DP Analog Joystick Adaptor 16.00 Gravis Gamepad Controller 22.95 Ergo Stick 18 00 Kraft Triple Trackball 40.00 Maverick 1 14.00 Python 1 or Apache 1 13.00 Slik Stick 9.00 Speed King 15.00 Toaster Bundles $ 59.95
45. 00
99. 00
129. 95
79. 00
115. 00
33. 00
59. 00
265. 00
295. 00
159. 00
119. 00 139 00
119. 95
135. 00
399. 00
425. 00
259. 00
329. 00
65. 00
99. 00
• A4000 040 25Mz
• 18Mb RAM & 360Mb HD
• Installation Pretesting included
• Video Toaster 4000 v3.1 $ 5299.00 Toaster bundles starting as low as $ 3995. Call lor custom configurations. Internal
• 1.76Mb Capacity
• Commodore product
• Requires OS 2.05 or higher. A2000 model - $ 109.00 A600 1200 4000 model - 99.00 $ 37.95
28. 95
8. 50
13. 95
18. 95
21. 95
32. 95
34. 95
54. 95
54. 95
49. 95
49. 95
• Hooks directly to all A500s
• Reads ISO-9660 discs
• Reads all CDTV discs
• Plays Audio and CD+G disks
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o not see what you need, please call us. Olherboard Rev 5 (All chips) $ 139.00 500 Case complete w shielding 23.00 500 Internal Replacement Drive 49.95 501 512K RAM 32.95 500 Keyboard 29 95 fa Ram 8Mb 2Mb Populated 149.00 1Mb Agnus 8372A Super Denise 8373 CIA 8520 chip Gary 5719 chip Paula or Denise chip
1. 3 ROM chip
2. 04 ROM chip w Wire
2. 05 ROM - no wire Super Buster Rev 11 Super DMAC Rev 4
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8 Ramsey Rev 7 A500 Upgrades CUSTOM CHIPS AMIGA Toaster Vision 4000
149. 00 T-Rexx Pro v2.1
139. 00 Vista Pro 3.0 5900 Utilities Ami-Back 2.0
42. 00 Ami-Back Tools 4900 ASIM CDFS v2.0
55. 00 CrossDOS 5 w CrossPC 39 00 Directory Opus V4 68 00 HyperCache Pro 34 00 Quarterback 6.0
65. 00 Super DJC2 for HP Deskjets
35. 00 Games Checkmate
8. 95 Chessmaster 2100
8. 95 Oragon Wars
8. 95 Falcon
12. 95 Fighter Duel Pro 2 3900 The Godfather
8. 95 Mig-29 Fulcrum
8. 95 Monty Python's Flying Circus 8 95 Pit Fighter 8,95 [ Hard Drives IDE & SCSI
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415. 00 j Productivity AMOS Pro - A1200 Comp. AMOS Pro Compiler Dev Pac 3 Dr. Ts Music Bundle Final Copy 2 Final Writer Mavis Beacon Typing 2 Pro Write 3.3x SAS C v6.5x Palnt Graphlcs Aladdin 4D 3.0 Art Dept. Pro v2.5 Brilliance Caligari 24 Dpaint 4 v4 5 AGA Dynamic Motion Mod. For Lightwave Imagine 3.0 Light Rave SCALA MM211 SCALA MM300 Scenery Anim. 4 AGA Sparks Software W-' Amiga 1200
k. -U A1200 Call A1200 w 40 Mb HD $ 539.00 I A1200 w 85 Mb HD
639. 00 A1200 w 128 Mb HD
729. 00 A1200 w 210 Mb HD
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17. 95 J Amiga CD-32 Now in STOCK. CALL! CD-32 Software titles in stock! Amiga 4000 040 & 030 models INSTOCK. CALL!!! RAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs. Please call for price. 1084S - Color stereo model w Amiga cable - $ 229.00 A1942 - Multiscan .28mm DP Stereo Speakers - Call All IDEK Monitors - CALL Spectrum 28 24 EGS 2Mb $ 499.00 G-Lock
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499. 00 Texel 3028 Internal
399. 00 CD Caddy
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19. 00 Clip Art Warehouse
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* 1.76Mb Capacity
• 1 Year Warranty
• Faster than CBM's model
• Requires OS 2.1 or higher Internal - $ 159.00 External • $ 169.00
• Alfa Power 130Mb HD System
• RAM up to 8Mb
• Installs on side of A500
• Complete w case & sottware
• Same specs as GVP HC8 A500 $ 289.95 Additional RAM at $ 48 per Mb Add St0.00 tor configurating 5 formatting Motherboards A2000 Rev 6.3 Motherboard $ 419.00 A4000 Motherboard 599.00 A2000 w swap-Rev 6 or above 225.00 A3000 16MZ w swap 249.00 A3000 25Mz w swap 299.00 A500 Motherboard Rev 5 139.00 A1200 Motherboard 269.00 Hi-Density Floppy Drives CD-ROM CLUB MORE SHORT TAKES urable gamemakers. It can accommodate up to 1,200 rooms on 10 levels far more than anyone's likely to use with no limit on the number of objects, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the thoughtful features included and the ease with which they're put to use. The only potential snag aside from a somewhat too brief 20-page manual is that DW isn't open-ended. That is, the game you create is distinctly a Dream Weaver game, with that system's general configuration and requirements. However, that's no great loss, as it's a very nice system, and if you're just starting out, it's probably not even an issue. This Dream Weaver will get even a novice through the night. Hesitation. But, I probably won't put this mixed bag in my Amiga again soon. For one thing, as in games like The Plague and Under Pressure, the character is a little too large for the allotted space and thus winds up inevitably and unfairly getting hit by unfriendly fire he should by rights have been able to avoid. The scrolling occasionally compensates for its general smoothness with sudden shuddering updates. And was this a sideways- scrolling shooter in a previous life? The oblong structure and floating enemies suggest so. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection.
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection, It has been a pleasant Psygnosis custom, since 1991, to release annual Lemmings Christmas disks as a little present to their fans. Part-demo and pan-collector's item, these four-level mini-Lemmings were a charming way to reacquaint yourself with the little guys just when you thought you'd heard your last "Oh, no!" Something changed last year: The Lemmings Christmas disk suddenly went bigtime. It's gained 28 levels (for a total of 32, all new), acquired a pricetag (a budget 529.95} and two tiers of difficulty (flurry and blizzard), and turned into a bona fide Psygnosis product. Otherwise, this is very much The Same Old Thing. The Lems, green hair invisible beneath little Santa Claus caps, get slaughtered and saved while trekking across progressively more treacherous arctic landscapes hung with colored lights and populated with gingerbread-like houses, waggling dolls-on-a-stick, and bounding snowmen. The rescuing is as fun as it ever was, and one can't really hold it against Psygnosis for trying to make a little seasonal dosh off its best-known characters. However, fun as it may be, if they were determined to charge us for the pleasure, they might at least have brought the Lemmings up to date. Despite having released Lemmings II within the last year, with its winter skills obvious candidates for inclusion here, Psygnosis has nevertheless gone back to the original 1991-92 Lemmings data set for these levels. Guess that was the easier route, but the winter setting -here adds zip to gameptay, and this is basically Oh No!, once more. Team 77 returns to greatness with this exquisite Bubble Bobble clone after a couple of so-so releases. Qwak (about $ 20) is the old grab-all-the- keys-and-points-you-can-and-then-scoot static-screen platformer last seen to best advantage in Rainbow Islands, and it's in all respects just ducky (Including an obvious one: It has ducks in the featured roles). It's also wonderfully appointed in sounds and tunes, has a textbook two-player mode, and whisks along at a great pace. Playability at its zenith. (I especially like the bit where players trigger an avalanche of huge pieces of fruit and not a few spikey mines.} Deep Core This Psygnosis-lrke big-sprite plat- former = ICE, about S35) is fovely to look at. (Come on in, the water effect is great.} I'd hang it on my wall without Christmas Lemmings Qwak Wonderful game. Blob (Core Design, distributed by EtD; 549.95) gives you control over a bouncy little blue sphere trying to escape from a collection of ragged levels by collecting objects, throwing switches and so on. Before you tune out, here's the rub: The levels are viewed from the top down and when Blob jumps to those above or plummets to one below, we're treated to a neat 3-D effect of nearby levels gradually materializing out of or vanishing into the murk. It's a superb hook, and lends a new dimension of cautious steering and quick reflexes to the puzzles. (If you fall, you may still be able to direct yourself to a lower platform. And if you hit a tile too hard too many times, it'll give way.) Some may find Blob's PacMan-after-the-Bomb approach spare compared to its competition, but I suspect that's a concession necessary to the game's speed. For my own part, I could have wished for a more original character than another little airball-with-eyes in the wake of Putty and Morph. But I suppose a blob by any other name is still a blob. And I wouldn't be making these excuses unless I was good and hooked. Well, I reckon it's better than B-17. Dogfight = MicroProse UK, about 545) is an efficient and to-the-point air combat simulator a conversion of Air Duel from the IBM that allows you to fight it out without all the preliminaries of having to take off, search for, and fly to an opponent. It's serviceable but rather barracks-like in construction sort of an abridged version of one of MPS's full-fledged sims except for the ability to pit planes from three different eras against one another in "what if" scenarios. However, I'm not really sure what the point of that is, except possibly for handicapping bouts between opponents of unequal standing. In my experience these matches tend to be flagrant mismatches from the get-go. And, unbelievably, they left out modem play. How can you convert a game called Dogfight and leave out the modem play? This budget platformer (Alternative, about 515) finds the slow-talking, pale-blue hound on the trail of stolen diamonds. The graphics starve from hunger, there's no digitized sound from the cartoons which would have given the character a little character and the animation is pathetic. (When Huck jumps, he revolves in place.) I don't know whether to rate it or scrape it off my shoe. ©1.3 ?
2. 0-
3. 0 - Not hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. Dogfight Blob To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 90. SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1- 800-888-9273 only GAME PRESERVE 840 N.W. 57th Court. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305) 491-9519 Type 2T.95
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24. 95 A G A m e s CD32 planned. A1200 ? Other Amigas ? Hard-drive installable. * Copy-protection. ©CD32 ? A1200 ? (Overkill only) Other Amigas - CD32 ? A1200 ? Other Amigas - Not hard-drive installable. Off-disk Copy-protection. Sy, let SHIPPING (UPS Ground] For up to 3 piece*, by payment Mastercaid & Via $ 5M-COD (CashOnly) $ 10 00 Next day air add $ 10,2nd day air add $ 5.3 day air add $ 3 to basic rate Shipping time* nol guaranteed. COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES? Call 305-491-0393 Nothing is etched in stone. Everything is subject lo change. Price & Availability subject to change at any time? No relunds or exchange* Defective products excnan Pd with IRST! Manufacturer. Same item, but subject to Sideline a
U. S. products wairantied thrsu. U K products warranted through Sideline NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE Alien Breed II Alien Breed II = Team 17, about S35) is to Alien Breed what Aliens was to Alien: bigger, badder and not necessarily better. The original Breed was a hothouse take-off of meatgrinders like Into the Eagle's Nest, where you progressed through levels of an alien-infested base burning down those little black forklifts and collecting first aid kits, ammo, and cash to buy weapons and equipment at computer consoles. Same story here, except this one opens out of doors (like Aliens}, throws more beasties and powerups at you, and adds an automapping feature. But this time it all feels unnecessarily crowded it has little of the original's quietly lurking atmosphere and I always felt in a rush. It's not hard-disk installable out of the box. (An installer is available directly from the publisher or via the Internet.) The "alien" on the box cover looks more like a toothy donkey. And the included freebie game the shoot-'em-up Apache (also packaged with Body Blows Galactica} can be charitably described as a mistake. This is a good game, with some wicked levels and exceptional artwork, but it lacks the freshness of the original. Overkill and Lunar-C Overkill for CD32 [Mindscape UK) hasn't changed appreciably from its original floppy release. It's still a nice-looking Defender clone that's a little too hard a little too early on. And on reflection, it also seems to me that the incremental improvements here are unlikely to impress devotees of earlier Defender clones like Starray, Anarchy, Datastorm, and the innumerable PD offerings. The new game in this two-fer and the real reason I'm bothering with it is Lunar-C. Um, maybe I shouldn't have bothered; "new" may be a misnomer. This sideways shooter is dated 1993, but it could have surfaced in the public domain in Europe anytime over the last four years. The main sprite looks like a flat cupcake with a police light. The collision detection is suspect and the enemies arrive in idiot patterns. All you have to do is keep firing. It's in PAL, so a hefty chunk of the screen is missing. And if this is AGA, I'm Margaret Thatcher. Sheesh. Anybody want to play with my new shiny frisbee? Oscar Some reviewers have treated this Trolls-like platformer [Flair, about S35) more like the baloney than the gold statuette, but I like the little guy; he may be better competition for Sonic than I had originally anticipated. Once again, a game from the original European CD32 bundle it's now Wing Commander and Dangerous Streets fares better on the A1200 than on the console. And, again, it's in good part due to a more sensitive controller (joystick). Better control, in turn, buys you that much more time to savor the luscious AGA environments in which the little fellow what is he, anyway? Has been plunked down. And that's neglecting the gameplay, which, between red elephants, lucky rabbits, film canisters, yo-yos, specials, and bonus and bogus levels, adds up to one nice platformer for the young at heart. ¦ New Additions are in Red 4-D Sports Boxing 4 -0 Sports Driving 6BS Attack Sob A-Trim Action Stations Ad dim's Family Alien Breed Special Edition Ancient Art ol Wir In The Skies Aquiventurs (Psygnosis) Ashes of the Empire Assassin Special Edit on Awesome (Psygnosis) BATII Battle Che s Bathe Chess 2 Battle Hawks 1942 Battle Isle Battleship Battletech Berners Bill Elliot NASCAR Challenge Birds Of Prey (Electronic Arts) Black Crypt Blackjack Academy B'ob (Core Design! Blue Max Blues Brothers Bubble Bobble Budakhan California Games 2 Chaos Engine Chaos Strikes Back Chessmaster 2000 Chuck Rock 2 Classic Board Games Conan the Cimarron Conflict m Korea (SSI) Conflict in the Mideast (SSI) Cool Croc Twins (wtn j-shirt) Covert Action (Mkmprosaf Craps Academy Crazy Cars 3 Cruise for a Corpse Cycles iAccolade) Death Bringer Defender Of The Crown Deluxe Productions Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Dojo Dan Doodle Bop Eye of the Beholder 1 (SSI) Eye ol the Beholder 2 (SSi) F-15 Stnke Eagle 2 F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte) F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose) Face Off Ice Hockey Fairy Tale Adventure Fighter Bomber Final Fight Fireteam 2200 First Samurai Flight Of The Intruder Fool's Errand Full Metal Planet Gauntlet 3 GEMX Global Etfect Grand Prix Circuit (Accolade) Hardball 1 Harlequin Harpoon Heart of China (Dynamor) Heart of the Dragon Hero Ou*'1 (Gremlin) Hilisfat (SSi) Indiana Jonas Graphic Adventure Indianapolis 500 (Electronic Arts) International Ice Hockey It Came From The Desert 2 Jaguar XJ 220 James Bond: Stealth Affair James Pond John Midden Foot bat Xeet The Thief Knights of the Sky (Microprose) Xmghtmare Laser Squad Leander (Psygnosis) Legend (4 Crystals of Trazzar) Lemmings 2 Links Golf Uonheart Loom (Lucasfilm) Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 M-1 Tank Platoon (M,croprose) Manhattan Drug Dealers Mamac Mansion McDonald Land Megatriveler 2 Microprose Golf (Greens) MICROPROSE GRAND PRIX Mig 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monday Night Football Moonstone Napolean I (Intercme' New Zealand Story Nigell Mansell Grand Prix Ninja Remix North and South Obitus (Psygnosis) Overrun (SSI) Pacific Islands (Team Yankee 2) Pacfand Panza Kick Boxing Paperboy 2 Parasol Stars (Rainbow Island 2) Pictionary Pirates' Pit Fighter Police Quest III (Sierra) Populous Promised Lands Alim S 35 Ahen Breed 2 35 Alien Breed2 AGA 38 Apocalypse 35 Batman Returns 40 Battle Toads 38 Blade of Destiny 42 Body Bfows 2 35 Body Blows 2 AGA 38 Brutal Sports Football 35 BubbJ A Sim 38 Campaign 2 40 Cannon Fodder 38 Chaos Engine AGA 35 Oviti aUon IAGA) 45 Cool Spot SB Dark Mere 40 Doghght 42 Dune 2 38 Elrte II 38 Ft tVaroom 2) 38 F-I17A Stealth Fighter 42 Genesia 38 Goblins 3 40 Global Domination 38 H-storv line 19141918 42 IsharZ&AGA 38 Jurassic Park A AGA 38 K240 38 King Maker 40 Kings Quest 6 (Sierra) 45 Legacy of Sorasd 40 legend 01 Valor 42 Maelstrom 40 Micro Machines 35 MoitaJ Kombat 55 Mr Nutz 38 Rules ol Engagement 2 38 Simon the Sorcerer A AGA 42 Skid Marks 35 Stardust 25 ndicate 38 erminaior 2 (Com Op.) 38 The Settlers 40 Tornado Flight Simula to’ 42 turncjn 3 55 Twilight 2000 40 Ultimate Pinball Quest 38 When Two Worlds War 38 Wmg Commander 27 Winter Olympics_ Power Monger ,4 l-VH'J Premiere Prince of Persia ProiectX Pushover Putty Quack (Team 17) R-Type2
R. B.i Baseball 2 Railroad Tycoon Rainbow Island Ramparts Red Storm Rising (Uucorcst) Red Zone (Psygnosis) Revenge of Defender Rise of the Dragon ($ >em) Risky Ufoods Robocod Regular »no aga Robocop 3-D Robospon (MAXIS) Rodland Secret of Monkey Island Shadow Lands Shadow Worlds Silent Service Silent Service 2 Sim Ant Sim Earth Space 1889 Space Crusade S Ada-On Space Quest IV (Sierra) Special Forces (Micrcprose) Speedball 2 Spoils of War (Intercne) Street Fighter 2 Strike Fleer Super Monaco Grand Prix Super Ski 2 Super 5 Jure* Super Teuts SW1V. (Silkworm 4)
T. V. Spot is Baseball Team Yankee Terminator 2 The Immortal The Jetsons The Simpsons The Three Stooges Toki Tom i mtiy PioFwmu? Torvak the Warrior Traders (Mule Clone) Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed Troddlers Trolls or Trolls AGA Turrican 2 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game Typhoon 01 Steel (SSI) ultima 5 Utopia w Data Disk Warhead War Zone Waterloo White Death (Intercme) World Boxing Manager Worlds at War (Intercne)
W. W.F .2 Euro Rampage Xenon 2 (Megablast) Zak McCracken Zoo! Zoo!AGA (A-1200)
T. V Sports Basketball
T. V. Sports Boxing
T. V. Sports Football NEW TITLES MAXPACK Includes Samt Dragon, S WIV. Tumcan N.Qrttsnitt ALL FOR $ 29.95 THE ADVENTURERS Includes Hunter. Supremacy, and Corporation ALL FOR $ 39.9S LORDS OF POWER includes The Petted General. Red Baron Silent Service 2. And Railroad Tycoon ALL FOR $ 49.95 10 GREAT GAMES Includes: Chicago 90. Xenon 2, Ferrari Formula I, Pro Tennis Tour, Pick and Pile. Superski, Garner Command. Rick Dangerous, Satan. Nighttiunter ALL FOR $ 29.95 GAMES PACK 2 Includes Gunship, Test Drive 2. Swiv, Ultimate Golt. Toyota Cehca. Gaza Soccer ALL FOR $ 29.95 COMBAT CLASSICS Includes 6SS Anack Sun. FIS Strike Eagle 2. Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 44.95 NINJA COLLECTION Indudes' Double Dragon. Dragon Shadow Warrior ALL FOR $ 14.95 EXCELLENT GAMES ShutTle, Populous 2, James Pono 2. Archer McCtem's Pool ALL FOR $ 49.95 SUPER HEROES includes Last Nmp 2. Indiana Jones Iasi Crusade. The Spy Who Loved Me. Stnder 2 ALL FOR $ 49.95 While They Last! $ 7 each, or 3 lor $ 201 Limited Time & Quantity. ALL SALES f IHAL1 Thunder Jaws Candiax * Night Shift Nighf Hunter Enchanter Hudson Hawk * Ranx Toobin' Borobodur * Armada Borodmo Hunter Megaphoenix * Narc Hagar the Horrible Faces (Tris 3) Vaxxine Alpha Waves Deadline Catch-Em' Bushbuck Treasure Hunter Zara Thruster Dark Castle Zoeirope
20. 000 Leagues Under Sea Bravo Romeo Delta Under Pressure Wild Wheels Bonanza Brothers * Chips Challenge Continental Circus
* - requires AGNUS chip All Titles Only $ 38! Ajired the Chicken. Castas 2. D-Generation. Deep Core. Dangerous Streets. James Pond 2. Labyrmth ol Tima. Liberation. Nigel Mansell. Pirate’s Gold. Pinball Fantasy. Morph. Mean Arenas. Trolls. Sensible Soccer. T.F.X.. Seek anj Destroy. Microcosm, and Fireforce CD32 TITLES IN STOCK MULTI PACKS EUROIV1AGS Amiga Format. C U. Amiga. Amiga Games, Amiga Action. Amiga Computing, Amiga User International. Amifla Power ALL WITH DISKS- SW each Amiga Shopper-no disk S7 Fix (SOS) 4S1-B134
- Now 100% iiuiii iiuruvisiuri defini- . 24-Bit Graphics Breakthrough for the Video Toaster from Innovisiort Technology. Your definitive solution for video titling, image composition, and effects presentation for the Video Toaster! Features: Incredible Real-Time Font Scaling andinteractive “click and drag" font scaling allows for unprecedented text display flexibility! Scaled text retains ultra-high level anti-aliasing. Import of major font formats including Chroma Fonts such as Kara Toaster Fonts collection! All of these titling capabilities are not available anywhere else! -Stunning Text Attribute Options • 24-Bit Graphics Imaging -Powerful Transition Capabilities * Complete Text Editing Control • Professional Enhanced Video Output. The solution you need to maximize your creative output with your Toaster! T3053 Montage 24 T5063 $ 234.95 Montage Fonts I T5015 $ 119.95 Montage Postscript Module T5237 S129.95 The premier 3D logo creation software just got even belter! Now includes full Postscript extrusion. Toaster 4000 compatible! T5153 ANIM Workshop 2.0 Create, play, edit and add sound to your Anims...automatically! Use Art Dept on any all frames of your animation! Now supports Anim5, 7 and 8! T5104 $ 99.95 WaveLink Double the speed of LightWave! Allows two Toaster systems to render at the same time. Also allows file sharing. T5155 $ 99.95 Pixel 3D Professional ANIM Workshop 2 T5160 $ 174.95 nxiciLi SOFTWARE WaveMaker Effortlessly create flying logos in seconds instead of hours' Simply tell WaveMaker the logo you want to animate, how you want it to fly on and or off the screen and what elements you want in the Background. It's all done just by clicking a few buttons! Saved time=money made! Comes with a video, useful in demonstrating WaveMakers capabilities (i.e. your capabilities) to your clients. T5159 S154.95 Pixel 3D Pro Montage Buy your Toaster System with confidence from Atomic Toaster! Our Atomic Toaster Catalog has over 20 years ol video production experience. They have been servicing Video Toaster Users since Day One wilh unrivaled technical support, a catalog so inlorma- tive we receive referrals Iron NewTek. And innovative seminar training. With Atomic Toaster and DevWare Video, you will be able to count on our creative support and in-depth knowledge ol all products tor the Video Toaster-combined with DevWare's product purchasing power and abilities to fulfill your orders quickly! The net result is our ultimate combination of both technical know-how and the best pricing available for all your Video Toaster needs. Why should you buy Video Toaster systems and Video Toaster-retaled products from Atomic Toaster Catalog? Because we love Toasters! The Video Toaster is the most successful video production tool ever. We don't sell Video Toasters as commodities and leave you without answers to your questions...we use them every day1 We are Toaster fanatics who are constantly pushing the systems to their limits. To us, a good Toaster computer system is made tor audio, video and pnnt applications. Atomic Toaster wants you to oe the most successful producer eve'. Our combination of production skills and our constant testing and use of new Toaster-related products -- will give you the Creative Edge. Every Video Toaster system leaves Atomic Toaster completely configured. Each hardware element is installed, tested, and burned in for 12 hours before we release it. Any additional software is always installed and assigned properly. All you need to do is follow our instructions on setting up the system, connect the necessary cablos, turn on the system, and start being productive. Below are three examples ol systems we can customize to your specifications. Any substitution is possible. Call us for pricing. The Starter System 7 need just a basic Video Toaster System. I'll need to perform some edits, create some graphics, prepare some title pages, and add pizzazz to general production skills." Solution: Amiga 4000 040, Video Toaster 4000. 10 MB RAM, 240 MB Hard Drive, 1942 Monitor. Some options might include: TBCs, remole rackmount, monitors, Crouton Tools 4000 and or Toaster Toolkit 4000 utilities. Call for pricing! The Animator -My interest is in 3D graphics and animation I can t afford a big system but, I need to create and animate high Quality 3D graphics for a variety of clients. As my client list grows, my system must be able to grow with me. ’ Solution: Amiga 4000 040, Video Toaster 4000. 18 MB RAM. 340 MB Hard Drive, 1942 Monitor, Pixel 3D Professional. Art Department Professional, Brilliance. Some options might include: DKB memory board for longer animation playback directly out of the Toaster and an SFC for tape based animations. The Animator VTR "My interest is in producing 3D animation tor broadcast or industnal clients I already own a lime code accurate VTR and I would like to add 3D animation capabilities to my existing talents. My systems need to be fast, reliable, and easy to use.' Solution: Amiga 4000 040. Video Toaster 4000, 18 MB RAM. 340 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor, Pixel 3D Professional, Art Department Professional, Brilliance, SFC, Dynamic Motion Module. The Artist 7 am a computer graphics artist. I need the power ot the Toaster's 3D. CG and paint systems. But l will supplement it with my own graphics skills. I know that Toas'erPaint is powerful, but I need a full screen 24-txt paint system that will work with a varehy ot computer images. * Solution: Amiga 4000 040. Video Toaster 4000 18 MB RAM. 340 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor. Retina Board (4MB). TV Paint, Pixel 3D Professional. Art Department Protessional, Image F x. Brilliance, Crouton Tools 4000. Options might include: Removable media for transferring images from ore system to another, drawing tablet, Pro'essional Page or PageStream for outputting your work to Postscript or print, Sharp or Epson scanner tor scanning of images and artwork into the system. The Craftsman 7 produce video for a wide variety of clients. Whatever they ask for. I need to be able to supply it to them. My work has to be top quality, as my competitors are actually the local TV stations. Whatever they can do, I need to do tor my clients. ‘ Solution: Amiga 4000*040, Video Toaster 4000. 18 MB RAM, 380 MB Hard Drive, 1342 Monitor, Retina Board (4MB), SunRize AD516. Pride A B roll editing controller, MONTAGE tor the Video Toaster. SuperJam! Bars & Pipes Professional, Roland Sound Canvas (MIDI module), Art Department Professional, MorphPlus. MuttiFrame. ProFilis, Brilliance, TV Paint Pro, Vista Pro (landscape generator), Toaster Toolkit 4000. Crouton Tools 4000, Options might include: Removable media lor transferring images Irom one system to another, drawing tablet. Professional Page or PageStream for outputting your work to Postscript or print. Sharp or Epson scanner for the scanning of images and artwork into the system. The Professional Animator "Besides using the Toaster as an all-around production tool, I need to create corporate, industrial, and commercial animations, My work has to be broadcast qua'ity and I must have the power to compere with other top competitors in the field." Solution: Amiga 4000 040, Video Toaster 4000, 18MB RAM. 780 MB Hard Drive. 1942 Monitor, DPS Persona! Animation Recorder. Nucleus Single Frame Controller. Pixel 3D Professional 2.0. Art Department Professional 2.3, Morph Plus, ADP Tools Professional (animation processor), Dynamic Motion Module (real-world motion animation module), Vista Pro 3.0 (landscape generator), Toaster Toolkit 4000, Crouton Tools 4000. Options might include: DPS Personal TBC (V for rotoscoping applications. Call for pricing! The Editor "My goal is to create a complete edit suite based around the Video Toaster. I need to perform AS roll video editing, create graphics and animations, as well as record narration, edit sound effects and synchronize music with video ' Solution: Amiga 4000 040. Video Toaster 4000. 18MB RAM. 380 MB hard drive, 1942 Monitor. Pride Integrated A B Roll Editing System, SunRize AD516 (8-track digital audio). Crouton Tools 4000, Toaster Toolkit 4000. Montage (character generation software). Roll’em [teleprompting software). Call for pricing1 We integrate and support all Toaster-related soltware and hardware. Do you want to know about the Video Toaster revolution and what it can mean lor you? Cal Atomic Toaster Devware now!
• Realtime playback of your| animations in 256,000 colors!
• Full-color animated wipes with| transparencies and shadows!
• New CG software supports! Postscript type 1 and Compugraphic| outline fonts! ¦LightWave 3D software has beenl completely optimized for the 68040 processor ana features over 250 new| photo-realistic features! V5050 Our Video Toaster 4000 Boart comes bundled with "Masteringi Toaster Technology ' the step-by~ step bible for the Video Toaster. Toaster Toolkit 4000 The indispensable collection of utilities for Video Toaster users. Toaster Toolkit 4000 breaks all barriers for harnessing creative control over your Toaster Environment- allowing for presentation professionalism limited only by your imag- Jjtj ination. You raved about version 1. Break free of the mundane with these new and improved powertools of Toaster Toolkit 4000! ‘Toaster Sequence Editor
• Toaster Project Editor •FrameStore Compressor «AnimtoFX •FXtoAnim -Color Font Converter. T5095 The easiest, most accurate way to motion-animate with LightWave 3D! Dynamic Motion Module1 lets both animation novices, and experienced animators rely upon the laws of physics and computing powor of the Amiga to automatically define and create real-world motion and object interaction in LighiWave animations. Tell the program how much an object weighs, how fast it's moving, and its direction of travel. Then sit back and let your Amiga define the motion and interaction of the objects in the scene. Many other features which make it perfect for all animation tasks! T5054 Dynamic
- : - Motion tp*. SIP Module Video Toaster Resource: For Video System Design Information:
(619) 679-2823 Calf for Software Orders:
(800) 879-0759 Atl of our software is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Video Toaster 4000 Crouton Tools 4000 Okay, so you own software like ADPro, SFC. Studio 16, Pixel 3D. FmageFX. Bars & Pipes Pro, AmiLink. Personal Anim Rec., ImageMaster RT and others...and they all say that they're Aroxx compatible...great!! Now what? You can spend all your lime programming in Arexx la make these powerful applications work with each other, or you can continue procucing videos like you sol out lo do. Crouton Tools 4000-The Easy to Use Video Operating System (VOS)-was created by a video enthusiast with over 20 years of experience. 1100 Pre- defined video tools. 150 NEW synergistic, functions. ToasterSmart™ Directory Utility and Visual Logging System, .power at your fingertips! Crouton Tools 4000 greatly accelerates your pre- and post-produclion video while seamlessly integrating your appli cations directly within your Toaster environment. Tsoi 2 A must-have package lor serious video professionals! The latest and greatest version of the Video Toaster Software. Al! Modules have been improved and new features added! NOW AVAILABLE! D K i ImageMaster R t Blue Ribbon Sound Works Transporter T5193 $ 169.95 Save hundreds of dollars! The popular single frame animation control software is now better than ever! II you have a Sanyo GVR-S950 or Sony EVO 9650, you don't even need a single frame controller card! Perfect for Toaster. IV-24, OpalVision and others! ArtWorks Clip Art Lib. T5194 S34.95 Over 1500 images in this collection! You'll love the Jurassic collection of dinosaurs included in this collection! Pro Textures Combo Collection T5192 $ 99.95 Renowned artist Leo Martin's popular Pro Texztures series have been combined into one jumbo package! Perfect tor LightWave, Real 3D, Imagine. Opal Paint. Brilliance and others! SurfacePro New! T5236 $ 74.95 Mailing List Manager T5201 $ 49.95 Digital Sound Track T5202 $ 69.95 Add sampled sounds and music MOD files to your videos with ease. View the video with the Picture In Picture option for real lime recording. Set up In and Out Points and record with precision with your single frame controller! ADPTools Pro for ADPro A powerful, spline-based animation system providing image processing, compositing, and special elfects for digital video and animations. Built by professional animators for developing broadcast television elfects and multimedia productions. ADPTools Prolessional harnesses tho raw power ol ASDG's image processing engine to provide a creative too' lor all anima tors and video producers,
• Spline-based keyframe animation lor control of each parameter of any ADPro operator. 'Real-time Animation Preview *EFX Matte can apply an operator's process selectively to an image 'Multi-layered Compositing Tool 'Create AGA animations with special ellects and OVE transitions 'Includes new custom operators designed especially lor animation 'Power Residue Sequencer generates Iractal special effects. 'Stereo Imaging 'Also includes Sequence Tool. Master List Tool and Project Management Tool, T3S0Q Roll’EM TS0T3 $ 49.95 Use your Amiga 500 or 12000 as an automatic teleprompting and titling program, powerful enough to satisfy your most demanding professional applications. Includes well-documented manual with easy-to-follow examples. Still credits or lilies are possible. Can be operated from the computer or remotely via joystick or foot pedal. From Designing Minds. A-t- Development AutoPaint for ToasterPalnt This program saves you lime and effort! AutoPaint has 25 point-and-click screen templates that automatically composite your pictures in just a few keystrokes using iramestores and 24-bit RGBs or IFFs in ToasterPamt. T5I42 $ 74.95 Visual Inspirations New Incredibly Low Price! More Power! More Features! Was S299! If you do image processing, you must have the new ImageMaster R t. Retargetable operations gives you true colors on all popular 24-bit cards and even adjusts the display to compensate for your monitors shortcomings, so what you see is truly what you get. Thumbnail Image Support = to select a picture, click on a picture-not just some filename in a listing}. Modal User Interlace, Save notes with images, Lossless 24-bit Compression, Automatic Image File Readers to access popular file formats, plus the hottest image manipulation tools ever available on the Amiga...bar none, tsioo Moonlighter Software AmiBack Plus Tools T5165 $ 69.95 Contains both AmiBack and AmiBack Tools. Th s is “the" all-in-one powerful disk maintenance package. Full backup and restore = with SCSI tape support} plus disk optimizing, disk error and deleted file recovery. TapeWorm FS T5i67 $ 69.95 Use your SCSI DAT. 8MM or QIC tape drives as normal AmigaDOS volumes! Fast volume storage! Great for storing huge anims or framestores! T5108 5589.95 PatchMesiter T5109 S64.95 SuperJam! T1135 $ 84.95 SyncPro T1134 5179.95 Triple Play Plus tsqzs si69.95 A Powerful Morphing System, at an Affordable Price! Cocoon is a lull-featured, professional morphing system without the Rolls Royce price. You can load any IFF image, including AGA formats, an save frames as 24-bit, HAM, HAM-8, or 16-level grayscale. Perform warps and morphs using vectors--the easiest way to define and execute morphs. CocoonMorph doesn't use grids, points or vectors like other less powerful packages. Instead. Cocoon uses lines to define your morph which are easier and faster to set up. More predictable, and more intuitive to define than using vectors like other morph packages. Cccoon also incorporates powerful image composition features and allows fine control over the rate of warp, morph of each area or pixel. T5056 The “Screen Generator” program included with all Pro Fills Volumes can generate super bitmaps up to 10.240 x 10.240 pixels with seamless, matched edges using the colored patterns and color palettes included with each volume. Pro Fills Volume I [Matnji Prod) Tim 534.95 Pro Fills Volume II Tti76 $ 34.95 Pro HUS Volume III T5166 $ 34.95 Pro Fills Volume I thru III Bundle Save! _T5179 $ 94.95 ProWlpes Volume 1 T5U3 $ 89.95 New! 75 wipes and effects for your Toaster!!! 34 Live Action Wipes and 41 assorted 3D Style Wipes, Matte Wipes, Soft Edge Wipes, 16 level Alpha Effects and their own 24bit Effects on any Toaster System. Kara PlaqueGrounds T5I56 $ 69.95 V- Art Department Professional 2.5 The latest version of this invaluable tool is finally available! New features and improvements including a new interface, new loaders and savers, completely configurable and many more features! T5238 $ 149.95 PRO FILLS ! ’ii t Inn *. 1 ¦* lt" tm i’> ! ' tili’ii hilt uiti ilrii Accessory Products MacroSystemUS Warp Engine Available in March! The only accelerator that provides the high speed of a 68040, up to 128 MB of local 040 burst memory and Ihe laslest SCSI-11 controller-on a single card lhat installs in Ihe CPU slotl Call for various configurations. Warp Engines from $ 799,951 Retina 24-Bit Display Board w 4MB Get photorealistic display capabilities with this 24-bit graphics card and plenty ol “chip ram" for your most intense graphic needs. Go way beyond AGA and still maintain full compatabilily. T5129 $ 519.95 Retina 24-Bit Display Board w 2MB T5222 $ 369.95 Retina Board + TV Paint Pro 2 W 2MB Retina Board T5223 $ 599.95 Retina Board + TV Paint Pro 2 W 4MB Retina Board T5163 $ 729.95 Multiframe (for ADPro) The ULTIMATE special eflects device for your Toaster! Easily create complete motion-picture quality special effects for any Toaster application. No jaggies or artifacts. The professional’s tool for creating digital video sequences, special effects and animations. Apply ADPro's single-image processing power to your anims. T5098 $ 69.95 Sparks Particle animation system for Lightwave...particles bounce with real world behavior & gravity! Complete with Wind, Gusting. Flaking and Swirling controls adjustable per axis! Do in seconds what would take days to set up! T5164 $ 99.95 Studio Printer Print 16.7 million colors or 256 levels of gray on Hewlett Packard Laserjets and DeskJets as well as Canon Color Printers! Supports the latest 600 dpi printers too. True to screen colors with color adjustment with 32bit accuracy. Also includes special drivers for PageStream
2. Xx. T3062 S69.95 TV Paint Professional 2 The state of the art 32-bit, real-time graphics paint program lor all graphics boards. Automatic antialiasing on drawing tools, powerful airbrush tools, density control on tools, full undo redo, spare swap screens, convulu- tion effects, definable magnification window, custom masks, pressure sensitive tablet support, full CLT. T5099 $ 239.95 TV Paint Professional 2 for the Retina display board. T5230 $ 239.95 Toccata 16 Full 16bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs, 1 Mic input and i Stereo output. Toccata can digitize at up to 48KhHz in 16bit direct to hard disk! Includes an onboard mixer and optional AD PCM compression! Can be used with Vlab IFR to digitize the audio for a video sequence! T5226 $ 489.95 Vlab Y C 30 fps video digitizer. 2 composite inputs and 1 S-video input. NTSC PAL compatable. T5225 $ 459.95 Vlab - Internal T5162 $ 389.95 Vlab - External for A600 1200 T5224 S414.95 MultiLayer for ADPro 2.5 composit- ing layering tool for video pro's and artists using ADPro as a compositing engine. Several types of compositing digitaf keying are supported including Zero-Black keys, Luminance keys, Chroma keys and Alpha keys to 32bit precision. T5227 $ 129.95 MultiLayer for ImageF x Yes. You can do it too! T5228 $ 129.95 Interchange Plus 3.0 Multi 3D formal interchange software. Now includes three high-end Converters for Wavefront, AutoCAD DXF and 3D Studio formats - previously sold separately for almost $ 600! T5052 Only $ 139.95 Powerful multimedia authoring system software. Easily create interactive presentations. Helm combines draw, paint and image processing tools with a scripting language. A hypermedia database manager, and a rich assortment of user interface objects. With its unique action editor, you can quickly build applications that freely mix graphics, animation, text, sound and music. Fantastic value for the price! T5050 The Ultimate Animator's Bundle for LightWave Cmmon Tboh 40W &'¦ .Wet-. 0 tc.txc lotion •.f-vJiii*. P-.vl 3D pn! ;yjcr- 2. .vj *j Workshop
2. W;i.'-U.i-f r ADPTooH Pi©. AT Oep.’iTOMr Pro Ongna' com- br.ffl t I pncts cl o.+r y -| qq AlfaData Hardware MuItiFace T5239 $ 89.95 Oktagon (SCSI-II A3000 4000) T5240 $ 139.95 AlfaColor Hand Scanner T5214 $ 299.95 Scan S Save 256,000 colors on AGA Amigas, 4096 on non-AGA Amigas. AlfaScan 800 DPI Hand Scan T5242 $ 189.95 400 DPI Mega Mouse T5243 $ 27.95 Trackball T1019 S44.95 Other Video Toaster Related Hardware PreVue Technologies Breadboard T5208 $ 329.95 DejaVue T5209 $ 369.95 Toast Timer T5210 $ 259.95 Other Hardware AtfaColor 400 dpi color scan T5214 S324.95 DCTV T3501 S289.95 DKB3128 w OK T5215 $ 299.95 Lan Rover Ethernet Board T5153 $ 299.95 Picasso 11 Board W-1MB T5145 S479.95 Personal SFC 2.5 T5206 $ 394.95 High Density 3.5 Floppy Dr. T5229 $ 179.95 SMPTE Output T5067 S159.95 SunRlie AD516 w StUdlo 16 T5066 $ 1149.95 Toaster Oven for A4000 T5219 Scall Toaster Y C Plus T5220 S799.95 Amiga CD-ROM AsimCDFS V2 Just Re eased! Allows your CDROM DRIVE to access any ISO-9660. High Sierra or Mac HFS formatted disc. Comes iith Fish Market Disc Collection up to Fred Fish 900). Kodak- CC Q Q C oto CD viewer, upgraded- yDv7.3D i system, new preferences edi- | tor. Audio playback system, advanced playback features T5092 AmiNet T5077 S27.95 Audio Resource T5078 $ 29.95 Color Magic T5H6 S39.95 Fan tail a Fonts T5083 $ 49.95 Goliath Clip Art T5D87 $ 27.95 Graphic Resource T5118 S29.95 Mega Media T5U9 S34.95 Multimedia T5039 S49.95 Super Fonts T5121 S49.95 Super Space T5122 S29.95 Texture City Over 100 Txtrs T50I6 $ 119.95 Texture Heaven Great value" T5151 S79.95 Yes! We WILL carry the new Amiga CD32 Titles! AR car0 Personal Anim, Recorderwith Seagate Hard Drive Digitally record your animations direct to the dedicated hard drive. Which means you can create 3-D animation without the expense and aggravation of tape decks. It will even genlock to your system! No time base error, jitter, skipped frames, or botched edit points you encounter with traditional animation recorders! By Digital Processing Systems T5203 Best! Now 100% Toaster! Your Video Toaster Authority Call for Toaster System Design: = 619) 679-2823 NewTsk Video Toaster Tutorials Personal TBC IV T5204 $ 859.95 S-Video in and out. 4:2:2 processessing for the cleanest possible video image. Personal Vectorscope T5205 $ 779.95 Nucleus Electronics Personal SFC 2.5 T5206 $ 394.95 100% accurate single Irame controller. Personal Editor T5207 S589.95 Amiga Books Mastering Toaster Technology ¦¦pHBHhL i i The step-oy-step guide from video Ijmijll llLjjtlfT Toaster experts Brent Malnack and ¦HnvKV||B|Vf' Ph,i Kurz that no Vid*»o Toaster cuv imp :o-Tit>- can do witnout" Learn Toaster set-up and operation, rotoscoping TtCl'r" cut*;;, now lo make purled 3D WT’ogos. Creating manes and flymg mares now fc master me aiphachan "ei anc rr.in-, ur." Mrve I’us 2 "5$ c"’"‘ 1 lps w !h ca.hcfs. a beveled & color font set. Anim wipes and dip an. Includes Toaster 4030 suplemenl B106 $ 39-95 Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Ed, BfCW $ 44.95 Special Edition contains an online Aroxx manual! Step ap proaeh. Useful programs as examples, dear presentation of Arexx controlling PostScript, thorough references for all Arexx instructions, functions, and application program commands Indudes 2 great daks1 Amiga BASIC Inside & Out B102 $ 19.95 Amiga Desktop Video, 2nd Ed. B123 $ 22.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide bito $ 21.95 Amiga Graphics Inside & Out bits $ 17.95 Amiga Intern BI03 $ 28.95 The definitive reference li&rary for afl Amiga 500 3000 users Hardware. Operating Systems and Arexx Programming Best Amiga Tips and Secrets biu $ 18.95 Mastering AmlgaDOS 3 Bt57 $ 39.95 A must have for the ArmgaDOS programmer1 Complete coverage of over 140 commands, extensively documents Ami- gaDOS 2,2.1 and 3, and containsdetals on MemnHist. Ccni- modties, IFF, Viruses. Error Codes. Multiview, and more1 Mastering Amiga AMOS B158 $ 39.95 Mastering Amiga C Bf59 $ 39.95 The bide for learning C on your Amiga" Covers all compeers. Including Laftce’SAS, Aztec. 3nd the North Compiler Mastering Amiga System Biso $ 46.95 Leam how lo handle tasks and processes, work with I branes, incorporate graphics and much more Assumes a base knowledge of C but explains all new System concepts Comes with d sk of essential utilities Mastering Amiga Arexx Bist $ 39.95 Today's Video Bi4to $ 44.95 By noted vndeographer, Peter Dtz Anything a vioeo profes- sonaS needs to know1 600+ hardbound pages. 1100 Bus.! Animation Graphics Software 600 Amiga Fonts 13077 $ 24.95 600 Amiga Color Clips T5144 $ 24.95 Aladdin 4D (Adpsec) T2031 $ 255.95 Art Department Pro 2.3 (ASDG) T1160 $ 149.95 Art Expression (SoftLogrk) T2032 $ 135.95 Bars S Pipes Professional 2 T11B3 $ 224.95 Brilliance (Digital Creations! MevilTSois $ 144.95 CaHgari 24 (Octree) T3056 $ 245.95 Can Do (fnnovatronics) T1193 $ 129.95 Cocoon = DevWare Video) Now! T5056 $ 69.95 DeluxePalnt IV 4.1 T1031 $ 95.95 DeluxePalnt IV AGA T3058 $ 109.95 DireclOry Opus 4 (Innovatronics) T1032 $ 64.95 Distant Suns 4.1 (Virtual (Reality) T1096 $ 61.95 Essence 1 or Imagine 2.0 T5020 $ 47.95 Helm (Eagle Tree) Newt T5050 $ 89.95 Hypercache Pro T5026 $ 37.95 ImageMaster R 1 (Black Bell) T5100 $ 74.95 imageF % (GVP) Sale! T3060 $ 219.95 Imagine 3.0 T5234 $ 399.95 Morph Plus (ASDG) TT067 $ 144.95 Panorama Landscape Generator T5021 $ 55.95 Professional Dtaw 3 (Gold Disk) Tit?95 $ 125.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe T5027 S75.95 Real 3D Professional v2 T5044 $ 389.95 Scenery Animator 4 T5022 $ 59.95 SuperJam 1.+ Til 85 $ 84.95 SyncPro THB4 $ 179.95 Triplo Play Plus T502S $ 169.95 Vista Pro 3 T1M7 $ 64.95 Voyager 1,1 Sky Simulation T1162 $ 63.95 Playmation (Hash) Ttoea $ 319.95 Dark Horse Productions LightWave 4000 For the Rest of Us Volume 1: Flying Logos New! Covers practical modeling and animation techniques for lie pro videographer Includes converting printed logos to LightWave 00;-ec*.s extruding them, creating interesting surfaces and lextures ter them and tecTm-cmes for professional tendering results Also indudes extremely helpful how to section on actually ffyng the logo 2 hrs V405S $ 44.95
- --- --------- ------- Animation - Entertainment Computer Animation Festival New Release! Miramar bungs you 21 award-winning computer animations mixing humor, adventure, pong and fantasy into 45 entertain- ng minutes Also ndudes Todd Rungren's "Changu Mysulf" video winch was dono using tho Toaster's LightWave 3-D software V2035 $ 17.95 The Mind'S Eye a compoll ng look at tho universe, utilizing tne talents of over 300 top computer ammaton artists. 40 minutes V2043 S17.95 Beyond the Mind's Eye Best SeHetf This one is even better than the original! Soundtrack by Jar Hammer 40 mms. New Low Price! V2044 $ 17.95 History of Ihe Amiga V2042 $ 11.95 The Tnafs and Inbu ations which Jay Miner, ft J and Cnryn Mical. DaJe Luck. Carl Sassenralh, Dave Needle and tho rest of tho original "Los Gatos gang" went through. 45 minutes. Chronos (Miramar) V2045 $ 17.95 Animation Instructional Videos Animation 101 Rp-ut Scilmr From Myriad Visual Adventures, a complete course in real-time animation for video. It demonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in high resolution, using basic software and relatively inexpensive hardware, Pari one shows you a variety of animation lechniquea- wiih humor. Part two shows in detail how the animations wete made. V207B $ 24.95 Amiga Animation « Hollywood Style Leam classic. Hollywood.Disney-slyfe techniques using Dpaint IV and Disney Animation Studio, from renowned Amiga animator. Gene Hamm, Especially lor artists who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw with a moose. 30 minutes vsesi $ 19.95 How To Animate I 5afc Price? Relevant to novices and intermediate users alike. Pick up heiplul tips and techniques on using DeluxePainttV from Joel Hagen, and using LightWave 3D from AmigaWorids Lou Wallace. 45 min, V2059 $ 16.95 Get all 3 of these Videos! V4022 $ 46.95 Money-Saving Bundles Anim WortShop 2. AQPro 2J TS'.IO S234.SS Art Deportment Pro 7.3. AofTootl Pro TS057 1769 95 Crouton Toots WOO • ADPro » ADPToch Pro 15169 1174 95 CrodonToot*40», ADPro. UorpnPkn T5’69 1179 95 Crouton Toob 4900 « ADPro»UutnFrvn* TslTfl 1309.95 Crouton T00H 4000. B*rt A Pipe* Pro2 T5t7l 1319.95 Crouton Tooti 40000 - kmgellaslw RT 75177 1179 65 Crouton Toots 4000 • UOHTiGE 75173 $ 109 65 Crouton TeoB 4000. MONTAGE. MONTAGE Fort 1 15:7* 1519.95 Crouton Toot* 4000. Pfttt 30Pro2 15:75 1279.95 Crouton loot* 4000 ? TdM«r Tootktl 4000 T5112 1239.15 Dynamic llotnn UoduW • Spartii! T5233 U0NTAGE • MONTAGE tort* 1 Burn* T5055 MONTAGE 24 . MONTAGE Font* ( Bund* 75069 MuSflrwn* + Art Dapartnant Pro 13 T522I Toaster TooIUt 4030 • Tban Pro 75175 $ 239 95 ToaUarToofctt4000.CrwtonToots4000.TR**sPmT5177 $ 329 95 TV Palm Professional 20 and Flttini 4MB Board T5163 Ptxat 3D Professional 2 * ANSI Workshop V2 T5I6Q Ad-14 Yri» - Any 3 Vweos (Specify) V20S3 AtSaVWeo-Att 7 Videos V209* $ 174.95 Junto*videoVol tail V*059 129J5 OeluiePaint IV 4.1 * 6oti Dpainl Video* T3073 1135 95 Dpainl IV Video Gude + Advanced Technique* V2062 $ 34.95 kit Mr Graphics- DCTV Vol. I. II1II V4045 $ 09.95 Kilter Graphics: DCTV -AN 4 Vtdeos V2t9i $ 94.95 SONY EVO-9TOO Training 14 II V4012 145.95 Amiga Anim. Hwood Sl, te. Antm. 101, how To Anim. V4C22 $ 45.95 Mind s Eya, Beyond Mind t Eye VJ0S4 129.95 Mind s Eye, Beyond Mind s Eye, Computer Antm Fast v*06t 144.95 Volume 2: Bones & Organic Motion New! Swimming sharks, swaying trees Use Bones to real- rsacaiy animate almost anything V4110 S44.95 Video Toaster QuickStart Tutorial Volume 1 You wi i feam aooot Preferences & Projects. The Swrtcner, D>g-tai Elects w-th the DV Buffers Chroma FX. CuStomFX, Lum nance Keyer Bases. TBC or Not TBC . 120 mm V4046 $ 29.95 Video Toaster QuickStart Tutorial Vol. 2 Learn ToastorCG, ToasterPamt s transparency effects and colorizing capabilities for customizing Framesioros. Using CG Pages with Digital V.Ceo Ehects. Lumi-iarce Keyer techngues, using ChrcmaTX with DVE'S and ether useful topics HO min V4CM7 529.95 QuickStart 2.0 Bundle 1 & 2 V4twa $ 54.95 Get all 4 Dark Horse Tutorials V4065 S129.95 Taming The Wave: Exploring NowTek's LightWave 3D Take advantage of Lightwave's full potential with ihe most complete LightWave 30 Training System you‘11 find anywhere This solution features 3 hours of 0-2 mastered v deo on two tapes, with detailed explanations on every major LightWave Option and hundreds of stunning animations written and directed by David Hopkins, a national LightWave columnist and Amiga industry veteran. V2074 Ssl&l $ 74.95 On ol rfio honest and most tellable mfl iufflclurers of hardware tor the Amiga. External 3.5" Floppy Drive Master 3A-IN, 830K w.'disable switch The only drive com- patiblu with a'l An-iga modelsl T3014 $ 79.95
• svi* Hand Scanner Taoie $ 139.95 JS-1C5-1MP With Migraph TouchUp Up tt>400opi. :05mm scan width. 64 halftones Hand Scanner tsoi? $ 189.95 JS-105-1MP. Best value" Newest version of Migraph "Touch Up* V3 07 and Mgraph OCR Upgrade Mouse tsoid $ 27.95 Gl 600N Tho Amiga market's host selling mouse Optical Mouse ison $ 44.95 GI 6000N Fully optical, no ball to dean with mousepad Mouse Pen T3cie $ 49.95 JP-6CN 250 dpi, light and easy to use Desktop Video Software ADPToolS 1.5 T3055 $ 54.95 ADP Toots V2 Professional T3600 $ 134.95 ANIM Workshop 2.0 New! T5104 $ 119.95 ASIM VTR T3050 $ 53.95 AutoPalnt T5142 S89.95 Broadcast Utler II Super-Hires T3051 $ 169.95 Callgart Broadcast T5097 $ 329.95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts t or IE Call ea$ 61.95 Crouton Tools 4000 In Stock! T5012 $ 129.95 Dynamic Motion Module T5054 $ 94.95 ENLAN-DFS T4010 $ 259.95 Peer-to-Peer networking lor the AmigaToaster Image F x Sale! T3060 $ 219.95 KARA ANIM Fonts 1-5 Call ea$ 34.95 KARA Ptaquegrounds New! T5156 $ 64.95 KARA Starllelds T5157 $ 44.95 KARA Toaster Fonts MV Call ea $ 59.95 MONTAGE New! T3053 $ 324.95 Montage Fonts New! T5015 $ 124.95 MuttiFrame T5098 $ 74.95 Pegger T5123 $ 74 5 Pixel 3D Professional 2.0 T5158 $ 179.95 Pixel 30 Pro 2 + Anim Wkshp 2 T5160 $ 269.95 Pro Hlls Vol. T1175 $ 34.95 Pro Fills Vol. II (JEK) T1176 $ 34.95 Pro Fills Vol. Ill (JEK) T5166 $ 34.95 Pro Wipes Vol. I (JEK) T5143 $ 89.95 Sea la Multimedia 210 (AGA) T1198 $ 259.95 SMPTE Output T5067 $ 159.95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 In Stock! T5Q95 $ 149.95 ToasterNet T5232 $ 269-95 Toastner-net brings the power at the pros to all LightWave users with an impressive list of high- end features that wilt drastically Improve animation productivity! Trexx Professional T1I80 $ 134.95 Video Director T1116 $ 129.95 | Video Toaster 4000 Kbd OvriayT3054 $ 27.95 The Killer Graphics Training Course Graphics Killer Graphics: Brilliance V2192 $ 69.95 Learn to paint and create graphics in the new modes supported by AGA Amigas; learn to create and animate complete iogos in less than 1 hour and leam to paint and animate with tips and tricks used by working professionals. Killer Graphics: DCTV V2193 $ 69.95 Leam io caatic iogos and free hand art; learn to output 3D animations to videotape wilhoul single frame recorders: and learn to create graphics Tor Special Event videos using DCTV s digitizer. DeluxoPalnt IV Video Guide V2060 $ 19.95 Explore Dpaini IV's features which will meet most of your graphics and animation needs. Includes new menus, metamorphosis and HAM mode. Adv. Techniques with Dpaint IV V2068 $ 19.95 Leam tips and tricks lor combining Dpaint IV's different loots lo achieve spectacular effects with professional results. Create 3D text, drop shad ows. Textures, cycle color anims A more! The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder How to buy the camcorder and accessories that are right for you. Use your camcorder lo its fullest advantage. How to maintain your camcorder. 90 niins. V20S6 $ 33.95 How To Shoot Video Like a Pro How to eliminate that amateur look learn tie hey fundamentals ol composition. Bonus' • How to transfer your slides and ok) homo movies lo video 90 mins V2037 S33.95 Continuity & Combining Shots Leam how. When and why to use correct panrsng and zoom ng techniques 7 key steps for good continuity. Much more. V2038 $ 33.95 Lighl Techniques A Recording Sound Get gre lighting with least amount of equipment Overcome bnckkght- ing Creative shooting inducing nighttime video, fireworks, and usmg fitters Features needed for sound Best microphones Do audio dubbing and mixing 90 minutes. V2089 $ 33.95 Basic Editing wi Consumer Gear Croato productions using consumer equipment and how to ‘shoot to edit', whch makes editing videos a snap! 90 min V2090 $ 33.95 Inter. Editing w Prosumer Gear Get Defter control in editing. Learn what Kind of equipment to buy. Leam edhng theory Insert and Assemble ed-ting Setup lor best results 90 mirts. V2091 $ 33.95 Adv. Editing w Professional Gear Techrvque* used by the pros Editing tricks, spl-t edits. Post-production using Arm- gas. Toaster and mixers Time base correctors. A B roll. Time Code Decision Lists and more as performed in Adita's studio 120 mm V2092 $ 33.95 Get any 3 lapes In the Super Videos Series V2093 Only *79.95 The Amiga Video We* i V4D39 $ 14.95 You will learn tips on morphing with Morph Plus 3rid ImageMaster, Image processing with Art Dept Pro. Desktop publishing with PageSt-earn. Word processing with Final Copy II. Animating with Real 3D, bps on DeluiePamt IV. And much, much more 55 rr»n* The Amiga Video Vol 2 Hew ! V4058 $ 19-95 Our second 'appetizer' will give you tips on graphics and video etlects using ImageFX and Dpaint IV. Multimedia script construction with Hyperbook, font manipulation with TypeSmith. A guide to AMOS and more video tips 55 mm. A complete, high-level programming language True BASIC 2.0, Student Editior Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! Algebra l T1074 S14.95 Algebra II T2034 $ 14.95 Calculus T1082 $ 14.95 Pre-Calculus T2035 Trigonometry T1093 $ 14.95 Discrete Mathematics T2064 Probability Theory T2060 $ 14.95 TrueSTAT T2051 Get any 2 math pgms T2036 $ 26.95 Get all 8 math programs T2062 Get all 8 math programs Plus TrueBASIC 2.0 T2063 $ 109.95! How To Order... From DevWare Video ToolChest: address, dt telephone and. Il paying by credit car Write your name, shipping address, daytime ' paying by credit card, the card's billing address. Then list the product codes of Ihe items you would like to order (i.e V2040, T2038. T2035.e tc.) And the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number A expiration date A mail to: DevWare Video * 12520 kirxham Ct, Suite 1-AW49 * Poway, CA 92064 ShlpplngiH*ndllng; U.S.A.: 3dd S5, plus $ 1 tor each addl unit shipped, Canada: add $ 7. Pius $ 1 for each addl unit-call for book shippng Foreign: Call tor shipping into All oavmqnl5 in U.S. (urtds only. CA residents add 7.75% tax. 15% restocking lee on all returned commercial products. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typo's. A minimum of $ 20,00 required on all credit card orders. Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Or mail your order to: DevWare, Inc. -12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW49, Poway, CA 92064 DaJcr Inqtsnt-f Vektwr. For PAL into* til t mJr BurgfM Vuco 01!H+S*+*11(0 Prur* ml n jaiL»lii> of [mUmi jrr sfcjra no rhMgr ruSkji ruacr Pncw rifceuvc Fdravy ’I. I PC-TASK Version 2 The inexpensive and powerful IBM VGA Emulator solution for any Amiga! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS software on your Amiga! PC-Task runs as a lask on it's own screen-
- leaving your other Amiga applications free to continue to multitask. PC-Task is a software-based emulator and. As such, is not as quick as a hardware bridgeboard, but it is also hundreds of do!-’ lars less! Perfect for your" occasional MS-DOS needs.' PC-Task even allows you to use your Amiga's serial and parallel ports for the PC emulation! PC-Task even takes advantage of an accelerator...the faster your Amiga, the faster emulator runs! T5072 HomeBuilders’ CAD Deluxe - Sale Priced! A full-featured CAD program. Includes: Contractor's Upgrade. HomeBuilders Library 1 and DeckBuilders CAD Design an Estimating System for- Decks. From a room addition to a cluster of condos; HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project. Features include: *20 acre drawing area. 'Accuracy to l 60th inch. -Supports buildings over 200 stories high. ’Over 300,000 layers. -Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Contractor’s Upgrade allows you to have up to 1000 items (instead of
450) per layout. Library 1 is a library ot furniture and custom kitchen cabinets. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. Requires 2.5MB of RAM. Original list of over $ 400! T4032 HomeBuilders’ CAD 2 Includes all ol the above except Contractor's Upgrade and Library 1. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB. With hard drive, requires 1.5MB. Original list price: S249.00 T2040 $ 49.95 MSIG' $ 14.95 $ 14.95
514. 95
594. 95 Information Manager Professional Organize your business contacts and more with this information manager! Keeps track of all business contacts with all necessary information and history. Also branches out to Project andyor Agenda databases for individual contacts. Calendar module schedules from day to day, month to month and year to year. It tracks to do's, appointments, birthdays. Anniversaries and U.S. & Canadian holidays. Other modules include Reservations (tracks accommodations, transportation and dining). Wallet, Inventory. Computer Equipment Database and World Area Code Database. All areas have online help, search, print, iconize, calculator. T5196 $ 69 95 Home Manager Professional What Information Manager does for your office. Home Manager Pro will do for the home. Address Book, Appointments, Area Codes, Contacts Database, Inventory, NotePad. To-Dos. Alarm Clock, online help and more! T4035 $ 29.95 Un xprn Educational Software We made a special purchase of these programs at a remarkable price and we’re passing the savings on! All titles had original prices of $ 49.95 to $ 59.95! All About America Ages 6-11 T2041 $ 16.95 Land of Ihe Unicorn T2042 $ 16.95 Adventures of Sinbad Ages 9-14 T2043 $ 16.95 Aesops Fables Ages 6-9 T2044 $ 16.95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9+T2045 $ 16.95 Fraction Action Ages 8+ T2046 $ 16.95 Kinderama Preschool to 1stT2047 $ 16.95 5 different learning activities: Robot Story, Count the Robots. Robot Match Letter, Robot Addition and Robot Construction. Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T2056 $ 16.95 Math Wizard Grades 1-6 T2048 $ 16.95 Build essential math skills and a foundation for advanced math concepts with Wizard's Flash, EU’s equations. Dragon Race and Troll’s Toy Shop. Read-A-Rama Kto3 T2049 S16.95 Animated circus setting helps build important reading, word recognition, spelling and concentration skills, Read & Rhyme Ages 5-8 T2050 $ 16.95 Tates from the Arabian Nights Ages 9-14 T2051 $ 16,95 The Logic Master 10+ T2052 $ 16.95 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12 T2053 $ 16.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Ages 8-14 T2054 $ 16.95 Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2055 $ 44.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 $ 69.95 Get all 12 Unicorn Titles and Really Save!! T4051 $ 189.95 Sale Price $ 19.95! I The Music Box OctaMED Professional v. 5 Over 100,000 sold! .ot "OctaMED was already by far the best MIDI and music sample sequencer about - now it's even better." CU Amiga. OctaMED Pro is the premier music sequencing package for the Amiga Version 5 has been completely rewritten for Kickstart 2+ (Workbench 2+ is required) and features standard windows and pull-down menus lor easy, familiar operation. Discover what thousands of Europeans already know, love and depend upon. OctaMED doubles your Amiga's 4 channel audio capabilities tor an ear-poppmg eight channels ot slereo audio! Complete and thorough online, context-sensitive manual., no more searching through manuals!!! ’Standard Music Notation Display « 64 MIDI tracks * Improved control over sampler and sampler effects: The pitch chancer has optional anti-aliasing, the volume boost has an optional 100 percent limiter to avoid distortion. Unused space can be removed from the start or end ol a smam- ple. And looping controls are easier to use than ever. Pitch Changer * Generic Slide Function
• Built-in sampling software -AutoSave ’Full Printing T5051 $ 69.95 OctaMED Professional 4 it you are more budget conscious or only have Kickstart 1.3, this is the version far you. Has all of the basic features which made OctaMED a worldwide best-seller! T40Q1 S39.95 Amiga Music File Converter Pro Converts between SMUS. MED. OctaMED. Music- X and Sound-Tracker Formats. Also Music-X to MIDI. T5101 $ 29.95 AMFCP +OctaMED 5 T5102 $ 79.95 MusicLab 1FS T5ioe $ 39,95 Both novel and tun simple or complex--this program allows you to take advantage ol the organizational properties of Iractals to produce musical sequences with substantial musical unity and cohe siveness. Sequences can be saved as MIDI or IFF SMUS. Original List Price $ 89. Video Music Box T5107 $ 44.95 Compose musical backgrounds tor video and multi* media-quichly and easily. An almost infinite variety of musical sequences can be created having rock, jazz, blues or latin teals" * with the large supplied library of chord progressions and pattern templates. Saves in IFF and SMUS file formats. Piano Tutor T5093 $ 29.95 Rapidly master the basics ol playing the piano! Learn to play blues, rhythm, rock, jazz, improvisa- tiona.1 all of which are the basis for modern music. Piano Tutor is a structured, rhylhmic system of learning how to play true keyboard. Requires sequencer capable of reading standard MIDI tiles. Mozart’s Music Master T5094 $ 39.95 Makes music reading and learning theory easy! Mozart's Music Master has scored rave reviews from music major graduate students. With this new program you can: -Learn interval shape recognition. This also can be a timed or scored activity.
• Learn interval ear training 'Learn lo identify scales using a graphic representation, ‘includes a bonus feature! Music Tutor allows you to access music terms and identify symbols using its music terms database. Add your own terms to the database with the built-in text processor! A : j .5.--'. 1 i L - . L,v, L.: :L ,. L-iU i I J'i;.. : - >-: L . It IE0UEHTJ 0 NB EN.T.ERTAINM&NiT. TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-5CST information tech Support Returns 414-548-8125 VISA Software GAMES GALOREL!!! Alien Breed Special Ed ..16.00 Alien Breed 2 .....35.99 Aliens 3 ......32.00 Battle Isle ‘93 .....31.99 Body Blows Galactic .....36.00 Brutal Sports Football ...32.00 Burning Rubber .31.99 Campaign II 39.00 Campaign Mission Disk 21.99 Cannon Fodder ..34.99 Civilization 45.99 Combat Air Patrol ..32.99 Cool Spot ....32.99 C: Commodore AMIGA 500C PACKAGE A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A2065 Ethernet 289.00 CD 32 .385.00 DOS 2.1 79.00 DOS 2.04 to 2.1 .....45.00 DOS 2620 2630 Upgrade..35.00 Janus 2.1 .....35.50 Monitor 1084 .229 00 Monitor 1942 BiScan...399.00 Mouse, 2-Button 45.00 Mouse, 3-Button 53.00 SCSI Controller 4091 ..435.00 COMMODORE AMIGA 4000 040 COMMODORE’S FASTEST AGA machine with an ‘040 accelerator board. FAST 120MB harddrive, 6 megs ot RAM including 2 megs CHIP RAM. High density floppy. Perfect for Toaster 4000. Call for pricing. Also available! Amiga 4G00MC Amiga MAC Combination ..Call Disposable Hero 31.99 Dune II .36.00 F117A ..38.99 Fighter Duel w Flight ....36.99 Fighter Duel Pro II .38.99 Global Domination .36.99 Jet Strike ....31.99 Jurassic Park .....32.99 Krusty’s Funhouse .31.99 Lords of Power ..38.99 Maden Football ..19.99 Mortal Kombat ...26.99 Pinball Fantasies 32.99 Realms of Arkania .36.99 Rules Engagement II ....46.99 Settlers ..... 38.99 Sim City Deluxe .42.99 Sim Life ......40.00 Simon the Sorcerer ......39.99 Skid Marks .32.99 Spares-N-Strikes ...32.99 Stardust ......18.99 Syndicate ....38.99 TV Sports Baseball 19.99 Tornado., ....36.99 When Two Worlds War 36.99 Zool2 ..32.99 Alien Breed 2 AGA .35.99 Body Blows Galactic AGA,...36.99 Chaos Engine AGA .35.00 Civilization AGA .39.99 Isharll AGA 32.99 Jurassic Park AGA .34.99 Nigel Mansell AGA .34.99 Oscar AGA ..31.99 Overkill AGA ......26.99 Pmball Fantasies AGA ...36.00 Ryder Golf AGA .32.00 Micro R. & D, Clock. 1201 A.M 26.00 Fontasia 300 Outline fonts for use with WB Disk box included 59.00 MIDI Cable ......10.00 MIDI Interface. 40.00 Modem, 14.4 FAX including GP FAX and FREE 6-month Safe Harbor BBS membership! 259.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button Works with OpalVision! 29.00 Power Supply 2000 (300 watts) 149.00 Power Supply 500 (200 watts) 89.00 X-Calibur Memory' Brd ..739.00 BO0KS& . Magazines Amiga 1200 Next Step 24.00 Amiga 1200 Insider's Guide ..26.00 Amiga Game Zone NEW! 3.95 Mastering AMOS .29.00 Mastering Amiga Arexx 27.00 Mastering AmigaBegmners ..24.00 Mastering Amiga C 27.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 26.99 Mastering Amiga Systems ....36.00 Mastering Toaster 4000 .32.99 VTU Video Prod Guide 4.50 We carry ALL Euro magazines! SimLife AGA ......40.00 Simon the Sorcerer AGA .....45.99 Star Trek 25th AGA .38.99 Trolls AGA ...31.99 Zool AGA ....38.99 Software 600 Amiga Clip Art 22.00 600 Amiga Fonts ...20.99 Address It! ..30.00 AmiBack Pius Tools ......75.00 AMOS Pro ..55.00 AMOS Pro Compiler .....39.00 ANIM Workshop 2.0 .....95.00
B. E.S.T. Accounting ....129.00 CD ROM MMM ft TITLES Chhon 535CDR0MDrT£ Int....415.00 Cttnon 535 CO ROM Drive Ext„499.00 NEC CD38 E t 289.00 NEC Tripie Speed Int ..52900 NEC Triple Speed Ext .63900 Toshiba CD ROM Dm Int ..425 00 3D ROM (3D Models) ...185.00 CD Caddy 2-Pack ....15.99 ASIM CD RCM FS 20 .5299 AmiNet .2099 N=wT=k INCORPORATED Audo *1 .. ...2000 Bibles & Religion ..... ...1999 Ctat Warehouse 2000 Color Magic ... ...21.00 Complete LegaJGude.,. ...19.99 Cookbook Heaven ... ...14.00 Efysian Archive, . 1899 Fantazia Fonts ...32.00 Fred Rsh Online 1.5 ...45.00 Fred Ftsh Reg 1.6.„ ...45.00 Gardening ...19.99 GIFs Galore ... ...18.99 Graphics ?1 ... ...20.00 Language OS ...27.00 MegaMedta! ...24.00 MiMfedia CD .. ...33 00 Our Solar System .... ...19.99 Project Gutenberg ... ..27.00 SCSI -TV w Adaptor .160 00 SCSFTV 570 .. .169.00 Space & Astronomy...... ...24.00 Super Fonts ... .18.00 Texture City CD .. 120.00 Texture Heaven CD 55.99 Tropcal Rainforest „...2700 O ASIM CD R0MFS . .....52 99 © AmiNetCD .. 2099 © Monitor, CBM 1942 . .399.00 © Frontier Elite II 3599 © Tom Landry Football Del... 3299 © Amiga 1200 . 399 00 © Ultimate MOD Collection. 22 99 © Hired Guns .,..36.99 © NEC CO ROM Drive .. .289,00 dh Studio Print ... 63,99 Bars & Pipes Pro .245.00 Brilliance ...149.00 C Net 3.0 ..130.00 Caligari24 .129.00 Caligari Broadcast 3.0 299.00 Can Do 2.5 120.00 Charts & Graphs 3.0 .....59.00 DCTV Animator ..49.00 Deluxe Music II ..85.00 Deluxe Paint IV AGA ...119.00 Diner Object Set 36.99 Directory Opus 4.1 59.99 Edge (text editor) ...62.99 Enlan DFS Network .....185.00 Final Copy II ......59.99 Flight Path ..32.99 GP FAX 59.00 Helm 99.00 ImageMaster RT 79.99 Interchange Pius 3.0 ..120.00 Invoice It! ... 35.00 Jurassic Collection .....115.00 Magic Lantern ...56.99 Mailing List Manager ....47.99 Math Vision .....135.00 Merlin Board ..Call Montage ...329.99 Montage 24 .....229.00 MultiFrame .70.00 Odds & Ends .....36.99 On The Ball (Calendar) ..32.00 Online Reference Manual 23.00 Origins .79.00 PageSetter II 3.0 55.00 PageStream 3.0 ....Call Pegger .70.00 Pelican Press .....58.99 Performance Tool Kit ....42.99 Personal Paint AGA 65.00 Pixel 3D Pro ....119.00 PlaqueGrounds ..59.99 Power Tools ......42.99 Professional Calc 2.0 ..120.00
* %MieMPH. ColorBurst Color Scanner.449.00 ColorBurstw OCR Jr..479.00 Scanner, B W 400 DPI .209.00 Scanner, B W w OCR Jr 239.00 Scanning Tray w Merge .89.00 Migraph OCR Software.145.00 Migraph OCR Software Jr..95.00 MS 1200 Color Flatbed ....Call MS 2400 Color Flatbed ....Call DataFlyer 105 SyQuest . . A complete solution! CNEW Infinite storage capacity on a disk that will fit in your shirt pocket! SyQuest 14ms 105S drive, one media, and all cables and connections included. Installs internally in the 2000, 3000, and 4000. W SCSI controller 549.00 W O SCSI controller 489.00 DataFlyer XDS 0 drive 69.00 DataFlyer XDS 245MB... 325.00 DataFlyer XDS 345MB....355.00 Last chance for 500 hardDRIVEs! External DataFlyer 500 harddrive system with 8-meg capability. DataFlyer 500 8 189.00 1x8 SIMM Mods Call Professional Page 4.0 .120.00 ProDraw ProPage Bundle..189.00 Prof Toaster Wipes 59.99 Profills 2.0 Vot 3 ..... 33.99 Proper Grammar II 59.99 ProStream + Fonts 44.99 ProWrite 3.3 ......59.99 QuarterBack 6.0 .59.99 QuarterBack Tools Deluxe ...73.99 Real 3D 2.0 ......379.00 Maxtor Drives w 1 -year warranty 7245A 245MB IDE ....259.00 7245S 245MB SCSI ..275.00 7345A 345MB IDE ....299.00 7345S 345MB SCSI ..359.00 540SL 540MB SCSI ..629.00 Final Writer ;New from Softwood, Inc. Includes 120 ' outline fonts, 100 EPS clipart images; supports compugraphic, Type-1, and NimbusQ fonts; HAM and 24-bit support; creates tables of contents, bibliography, mail- mergeand more! 120.00 A G Art Department Pro.... ......139.00 Abekas Driver ..... ......120.00 Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5..... .70.00 FramePro . .59.00 Morph + ... ......135.00 Pro Control .. .53.99 Trexx Pro ......145.00 - fjf* True Print 24 ...... .59.00 Lan Rover Ethernet.... ..... 299.00 Pro Conversion Pack
55. 00 SASC6.5 .245.00 MaxFAX 14.4 (Micro R&D) 259.00 Includes FAX software! Supra Modem 2400 (Supra) 75.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 (Supra) ..219.00 Receive a FREE Safe Harbor BBS 6-month membership with every 14.4 modem you purchase. Safe Harbor BBS features 16 lines, thousands of Amiga PD files, conferencing, extensive messages, and on-fine games. BBS 14.4 Phone Line is 414-548-8155. Scala MultiMedia 300 .399.00 Scenery Animator 4.0 ...59.99 Super DJC If 33.99 .SuperBase Professional 4..185.00 Super Jam 1.1 ..88.99 Tape Worm FS ...81.00 Tax Break ....49.99 Time Tracker ......48.99 Toaster Software 3.1 ..495.00 Toaster F X ......120.00 Toaster Handler ...149.00 Toaster-NET ....269.00 Toaster Toolkit 4000 ...115.00 Too Many Fonts .46.99 TypeSmith 2.0 ... 125.00 Vista Pro 3.0 ......59.99 VistaLite .....42.99 Wave Maker .....120.00 WaveWriter .75.00 HfoKDWAwi 1x32 4-Meg Module ..Calf 1202 Board 16MHz OK 149.00 Accelerator, Twelve Guage..519.0G W 68882 ....659.00 AD 516 ...1209.00 HGVPl 1 GREAT VAUEY PROOUCTS A4008-HC8+0 0 ....155.00 A4008-HC8+0 120 335.00 A40Q8-HC8+0 170 389.00 G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33MHZ 33 4M8 1139.00 33MHZ 33 4MB 12Q Call 33MHZ 33 4MB 245 Call 33MHZ 33 4MB 345 -...Call A1230-40 00 4 ......515.00 A1230-50 00 4 ......729.00 | A1291 SCSI Option......115.00 A1200 SCSI Kit 60.00 Memory Upgrade 4MB Call inemorph ...69.00 SS8+ Sound Digitizer...90.00 EGSSL 1MB ...445.00 EGSLC 2MB ...525.00 Fast ROM .....45.00 G*Lock Genlock 389.00 1V24-NTSC ...1049.00 Image F X 1.5 .219.00 Image F X Upgrade .40.00 I O Extender Board 129.00 Phone Pak 2.0 309.00 TBC+ ...839.00 TBC+ W SMPTE 930.00 Agnus Chip Puller ..10.00 AirUnk 3.0 ..95.00 Boing! Mouse ....75.00 Black Burst Generator 269.00 Controller, DataFlyer SX 25 .105.00 DCTV .285.00 Drive, Iomega Int .505.00 Drive, Iomega Ext 580.00 Iomega Cartridge 99.00 Drive, Syquest 105 Bare ....395.00 Drive, Syquest 105 Ext 515.00 Cartridge 105 ..69.00 Floppy Drive, Alfa Data 75.00 Floppy Drive, High Density Ext.160.00 Game Port Adaptor 19.99 HD, Micropolis 1 GIG 899.00 HD, Micropolis 1.7 GIG....1225.00 HD, Seagate 9100A .....225.00 HD, Seagate 9145AG 299.00 HD, Seagate 9190AG 399.00 HD, Seagate 3655A .....699.00 HD, Quantum 170 IPS 205.00 HD, Quantum 270 LPS 245.00 HD, Quantum 540 LPS 515.00 HD, Quantum 1080S 1 GIG..925.00 HD, Quantum 1225S 1.2 GIG .1069.00 HD, Quantum 1.8GIG......1239.00 l-Card Ethernet 289.00 Joystick Adaptor, Analog ....13,99 Joystick, Ergo ....20.00 Joystick, SpeedKing ......19.00 Kitchen Sync ..1295.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus..195.00 Megalosound .....55.00 HHRotntics Sportster 14.4 W FAX Option..179.00 Courier 19.2 V.32 terbo Ext .421.00 Courier V32terbo FAX 535.00 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch .29.00 MultiStart ti 26.00 MultiFace ....85.00 One-Stop Music Shop .579.00 OpalVision ... 395.00 Personal Anim Recorder..1599.00 Personal Component Adapt..399.00 Personal SFC ...369.00 Personal V Scope 729.00 Picasso II ..459.00 Piccolo DKB .....589.00 Printer, Primera ...759.00 Retina 2MB ......499,00 Retina 4MB ......575.00 SCSI Controller 2000 ..125.00 Safe Skins ...18.00 Smart Port W Fighter Duel ..55.99 Speakers, Koss 26.00 SuperGen SX ...685.00 Sync Strainer .....45.00 TBC IV ......845.00 Tape Drive, Connor 250.....359.00 Trackball, AMTrac .69.99 VID112 RT ......419.00 VIDI 24 RT 625.00 Video Slot Box ......Calf WaveLink ....99.00 HELP KEY (5 difficult to stump Tim “the scan man” Walsh when it comes to questions about scanners, printers, or monitors. Pan or Scan?
Q. I need to digitize a large number of photographs, ranging from wallet-size 2x3 inches to full-size 8x10 inches. Fm t tying to choose between an industrial, 3-chip, 700- line video camera coupled with the OpalVision framegrabber device or a Sharp JX- 610 flatbed scanner. The cost of the two systems is similar, and I could use the camera’s macro zoom lens to frame the photograph. Which is a better investment? Gordon Enns Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
A. Video cameras have been successfully used by many professionals and hobbyists over the years in conjunction with various digitizers to produce a variety of computer graphics. If this becomes an on-going project, consider the time factor (it’s a slow process) and who’s going to view or use the finished product. A camcorder digitizer combination is a suitable substitute for a scanner if you’re going to digitize the photos for use in a community newsletter, a school paper, or some other non-discriminating audience. However, preparing photographs for business or professional publishing on a regular basis easily justifies purchasing a scanner. I fancy myself a scanner enthusiast of sorts, and find the art one of the most intriguing and rewarding uses for a computer. Moreover, Amigas are particularly adept at moving the signals faster than most Pcs and Macs, making them ideal candidates for scanning. A wide variety of reasonably priced units that range from 300 to 2400 dpi (dots-per-inch) resolution makes shopping easy. For professional scanning, some preparation is in order. Foremost is the scanner itself, followed by lots of RAM (the A3000 system 1 use for scanning has 82MB fast RAM, which occasionally proves inadequate for large, 24-bit hires scans). You’ll also need the necessary software to control the scanner. By Tim Walsh ASDG makes a range of scanner- controlling software, including a JX “loader” for Art Department Professional, which is actually a full-featured driver for Sharp scanners. Image- processing software is also needed for manipulating, cropping, and converting scanned images. Add to the list a 24-bit graphics card or an A4000 to accurately display your scans. Finally, there’s the necessary IEEE-488 cable and an additional GPIB (General Purpose Instrument Bus) card, which is needed for use with Sharp scanners, such as the JN-610. With all the pieces in place, you’ll be able to scan in images that match the quality of the “photographs” found in the pages ofiAmiga World, some of which are images we produce with a Sharp JX-series scanner and most of the items listed above. Color Me KX
Q. I purchased a Panasonic KX-P2123 dot-matrix printer equipped with a color kit at an attractive price. The accompanying printer software is PC-specific, and not what I need for my Amiga. Consequently, the printer works fine in monochrome mode, but doesn’t produce any color output. My dealer says any EpsonQ printer driver should work, but none did. Fm frustrated because I can’t ajford to buy a better color printer, but I want to print DeluxePaint images. Jack R. Levey Chicago, Illinois
A. Sounds like you’re a candidate for PanaPref 1.1, a littlc-publicized utility that gives owners of newer Panasonic printers full control over all features of their dot-matrix color printers. Written by Wolf Faust, the author of the commercial program Printer Studio (MacroSystemUS), PanaPref is a powerful se( of programs that gives von a couple of Workbench control panels designed specifically for setting olors, and even color modes, l color separati The freely d cult to locate, « available solelv Amiga User foi account, or km the file resides filename PAN 5 extension dene Masher file, wh DMS decompre. Floppy disk to de utable file is dilfi- s of this writing, is CompuServe in the f you have an neone who does, irary 10 under the MS. The .DMS e file is a Disk eans you’ll need a tility and a blank ress the file. MoNITOjk
Q. cuirently own a At. Scan multisync monitor wit* BNC, TIL and analog RGB It works fine with my A500. Vhe> ed to my A1200, however, moving vt lines appear in the advanced modes, sue, Productivity, DBLNTSC, and so on. Can i use a Super- VGA monitor, or should I gel a standard VGA monitor? Andreas R, Sheriff US Navy
A. When I experimented with the A1200 and an S-VGA monitor about a year ago, I was mildly surprised at how well the colors and resolution appeared. While I primarily use the “DBLNTSC- no flicker” mode on AGA computers, I vaguely recall that several other modes didn’t display too well, if at all. A freely distributable remedy called MON ED by Raul A. Sobon was released late in ’93. This Workbench- based program is easy to use you edit the monitor drivers that reside in your AmigaDOS 3.0 DevsrMonitors drawer using a series of sliders on a Workbench interface. Available on most networks, MON ED is a must-have for anyone interested in using PC-type monitors with their AGA machines, ¦ If you’re having problems with your Amiga, write to Help Key, cjo AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil, 03458. Have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best ga magazines Find oul why these magazines choose us1 1 first two letters on each d-sk md cate the orientation of the i: WB general interest2 most programs can bo run Irom workbench, Fdp games and entertainment VO are video ited programs utilities and DD advanced--requues thor- h knowledge ol AmigaDOS CLL Thanks to our extensive enal at anti-virus software. ALL of our software is guar an 1 virus free' Best Seller! WB141ABCD: Amiga Verse Search The Authorized 1611 King James Bible onfine! Complete cross-referencing to all words is included. Runs on all Amgas with 1MB of RAM and 2 drives. Requires WB1.3+. Newest Disks WBI40: Mr. Backup A powerful hard drive backup utility with lull tape-drive support. Forma ly commercial* Reg W32* WB139: MIDI Performance Manager Utility lo manage a MIDI synthesizer and othot MIDI equipment Requites WB 2. WB138: 3.0 Extras M2 - Another disk chocked lull of utilities to unleash iho power ol Workbench 3 0 and AGA" WBI37: The Arcx* Guide ¦ Ful AmignGtnde (ine | document io teach you Arexx'f! Tip-Mtod wilh easy x referencing' WB136: Terminus WB2.0* Modem Terminal program fell featured scripts scieenmodes, overscan etc WB135: 3.0 Extras *1 13* utilities for WB 3 O Several nxjsl- haves for getting the most out of your new graphics modes' WB134: 3.0 AGA Blanker ¦ BlrzBtenker (or WB3 0* 14 dit- fetent blankets to really show oft your AGA machine! WB133: Panasonic Studio • Special printer Preferences editor and driver system lor all Panasonic 9 A 24-pin printers WB132: Canon Studio Version 2 Special printer Preferences editor and drivers for BJC 600. B00 4 880, IBP. Al. A2, BJC eCO BJ 5, 10 20. 200. 230, 300, 130 FD93: MegaBall AGA - This is Iho one you've been waiting tor1 Upoaied to knock your socks oft' THE best p d game for the Amiga. Req s WB2* £ 1WB RAM Show oft that AGA' FD92: Blast'em ¦ contains Scorched Tanks-a lank battle witn tutunstc weapons defenses & 'g'eaf graphics Gaiactoid is a Galaxian Space Invaders game completely Amiga-tized FD91: Popeye - A clone o' Ihe original C-64 classic-Amiga style wilh enhanced graphics Requires 1MB chip RAM tor PAL mode FD90: Conquest A Dominion * Conquer the known world and maintain dominion over it--a micocosm of economic survival FDB9; Kastfe Kumquat • A thoroughly oniortaming and challenging maze adventure game Great soundtrack and graphics Reqs 1MB Chip RAM = for PAL mode), FD88: AmyBouldetdash a ciono ol tho original classic., extremely well done com,plots witn level editor, 2 complete sets of levels and a level editor. Requires Workbench 2*. FD87: OXYD- A commercial quality game -similar to Ma'ble Madness in nany ways, but allows two computers lo link A play together see how many of the 200 landscapes you can complete wthout having lo get me hint book' FDB6: Uchess: The strongest playing Chess program avail- abie for the Amiga period Req, 68030*. Workbench2+. 4MB RAM or mote Supports AGA (req 8MB') DD92: Developer Conrans the official Commodore develop ers kits tor the ArmgaGu.de and Commodore Install Utilities a must have for all serous developers Fun Disks FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock lull of games mctud ng. Checkers. Ctus. Gold ¦ A new slide Iho piecos puzzle Jeopard
- An emanced version of Risk RjshHour ¦ Surpnsmgiy addicting, and SpacoWar ¦ Best described as a cross between Com ba’-Tanks ana aster Pcs FD7: Pacman - This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacManfl?. MazeMan and Zon*. FD10: HackLile - A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have classic. This is the 2nd release of this game Gteat graphic interface. Pfay time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps • The besi Las Vegas Craps simulation every written tor any computer Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty- One. Video Poker and more. FD12AB: Star Trek, Tho Game • This 15 by tar tho bust Star Trek game ever written tor any computer. It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound alfecls and great game play Counts as 2 disks Req. 1Mb and iwo drives (or hd). FD13; Board Games - contains Monopoly. Dominoes, Paranoids, and others.
- Not one. But TWO IBM emulators that will The running ol MS-DOS software w fh Amiga programs !U Comes compfeto with p'ograms to turn your Amiga floppy dmres into 720K IBM compatible drives Also, check out our PC-Task emulator on our DovWare Video peg*! FD17: Educational Games ¦ This disk includes several gamer, ter youngsters including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games - MechForce; A game that simulates combat between two or more giant robots Simple words can't begin to give you The feel of piloting a 30 - 40 toot tail, lire breathirc, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every wtxm FD27: Arcade Games - This disk is loaded with some great games includes. Raoeorama a great raong car game with ten different courses MintBlasl a helicopter gunshrp type clone. Shark m the same class as froggtr. And Sbreakoui tne original breakout with more FD31: Games! - Air Traffic Cont’ol a good ATC simulation, Black Jack Lab ¦ a lull featured set ol card games. ChessTet ¦ play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with This game and a modem, labyrinth - a wall done text adventure game (like an infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32: Right Simulator - An inst'ument simulator for a DC 10 FD33: Arcade Games ¦ Flreddy a Mario Brothers typo ol game, Gerbils a target practice game. Pipeline a German interpretation of P-pe Dreams. Tron a light cycles version, and Turn the page and see DevWare Video for order info, or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759! $ 3*95* ea* 20-29 Disks
* *SPECfAL3 Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Antf*Virus (a S20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! Rving the Amiga community since 1985 'ublic Domain Library GUARANTEE - We believe so strongly tn our product that we offer a full lifetime, com-1 plete satisfaction guarantee. No questions! Asked. Wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist FD38: Games Cnbbage Master - A great cabbage game ana tutot. Spades - a well done card came. ChineseCheckers - A computer version of this classic. Puzz - a slide piece puZ2to game and construction set WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This sat contains the programs that should have bean includod with WB2*. These powerful utilities taka lull advantage ol the many new capabilities that are available in Workbench 2* Includes: Tool Manager a wonderful utility to add programs to your TOOL menu. Virus Protection ¦ Degrader Icon - Enhances Workbench's ’Show Air ID display over 40 distinct icons for different types of Fries Bitmap Font Edficr. Screen Blankets - ala Iractais and splmers and swarming bees' Requester Enhancers and CPUBlit Two disk. Set. Counts as two, FD39AAB; Star Trek. The New Generation - This is a completely different version of Star Trek than that tound on FD12 This one was created by the German author Tobias Excellent"! Counts as two disks RequuOt 512K FD50: Submarine Game Scalane© one and a hall years m The making, this iS an outstanding submarine tact cat game Commercial quality, h-ghly recommended FD57: Arcade Games ¦ Includes 2 Truly commercial quality games, MegaBaH an Arkanote-tsn game, features 5 musical scores and addicting gaznepiay. Gravity Attack is a psychadel- lic trip through several different wcrfds each different FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon III is an almost exact ciono of the commercial game ot the same name a great shoo ten-up Crossword will take lists ot words & automatically generate word-search puzzles for any Epson compatible printer FD60: Games - In Nebula, race ovet a 3d world to destroy enemy installations. Interferon; a great Dr Mario clone Enigma: is n a game or puzzie? FD61: Games - Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions Kiide: an interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme Violence; 2 player kill or be killed game YATC: A Tetris clone with Artifiral Intelligence. Genesis; create realistic 3d fractal worlds. FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation, Req 1 mega&yle of memory. FD67: Arcade - Includes Llamatron a well-done Robotron clone, Hate >s a 'terrific* Zaxxort clone with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling ..a 101 FD69: MlndGamoa - Had enough ol sfioot-om up games'’ Relax and let these 21 games exercise your mind instead ot your wrist. FD73: Arcade Series - Intruder Afert! Is a MULTl-level "Berserk" clone. Fealures smooth gameptay. Great graphics A digitized sound fix. FD74: Arcade Series - RingWar is an "Oufer Limits" done with vectorized graphics MotherLode Is a "Lode Runner' clone wilh 50 levels! In BlitzTanks. They're commg at you Irom all directions" Call in air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive' FD75: Arcade Series - Descender is a done of the classic arcade game "Tempest"; complete with vectorized graphics Tanx «s the classic battle of trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well done! Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a level editor too, (Tanx requires 1 meg chip memory=ral Agnus) FQ77; Arcade Series - Ga1aga'S2 is a done ol the arcade game with seveal gameplay enhancements-with smoocoth sharp graphics ifs better than the original Pharaohs Curse is a clone of the original C64 classic Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version ot the Avalon Hill board game-conquer or bo conquered1 The AmigaWorld "Best-Of" Set FD85ABCD: AmlgaWorid's Beat - These lour disks contain the hottest pd games of =92! Includes Mother Lode. Moria. Minefield, Poing, intruder Alert, Deluxe Pacfctsn Rocky and Super Artillery ,'see Dec. 92 AfmgaWorld) Foui disk set coo ms as three. FD81: SuperGames - Some of fri©best gimos-Donkey Kong is better than the original with an extra level* Frantic Freddie and TrailBlazer are both last-paced arcade games Mad Bomber is the classic game ol "Kaboorn" redone with an Amiga Hare. All of these games are excellent' FD82; Intrepid - tn the Arctic ice. You control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages in this superbly crafted Amiga original FD84: Games! Deluxe PacMan is better than the orlginai- 20+ mazes, special "power-ups’ with oustandmg graphics ThinkAmania 15 the classic game of concentration--with beauti fully drawn HiRes images Workbench Disks WB4:Tclecommunlcation • This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs; Access 1.42, Comm 1.34 4 Handshake 2rt2a See also WB102 & WB115 WB5: Fonts S1- 35 bitmap fonts. Also included are live PagoStream fonts.and ShcwFont - a font display program WB6: Fonts 2 - ShowFont allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font, includes large AmigaDcs system fonts (many gp to 56pts! WB7: Clip Art This disk is loaded with black and white clip art Art includes trees, watches, too!?, US and State maps, and more WB9: Icons ¦ Truly a multitude of various Typos and kinds Also includes iconMfester IconLap. And others great utilities to help generate icons WB12: Disk Utilities - This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities tor everything including making Disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and file recovery archive and organizing and all sorts ot fife manipulation A must have! WB13A0: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivors (including HP LaserJet 3 A 4l). Also includes a printer- driver generator. Two disk sol counts as two WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet a database, a pro)ect tlme management program and financial analysis (stocks) WbtB: Word Text Processors ¦ This disk contains the best editors. Includes,TextPius (v2.2e) a full featured word processor, Dmo(y1 35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features.Tex ED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB22: Fonts 3 - Several more great tents. These, like the other lont disks work groat with Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot, a 3-D mathematical function plotter Can plot any usor defined (unction BezSurtZ - produce awesome pictuus of objects one could torn on a lathe Can also map IFF mage tiles onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere WB25:Educatlonal Or this disk are two programs that can generate maps p! Differing types, World Dala Base uses the CIA s data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a groat demonstration of Albert Einstein General Tieoryol Relativity WB27; Nagel * 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women WB33:Circul! Board Design - several ferrite routines lor the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool. LogicLab circuit logic tester and Mead (1.26) a well done now releaso o! This PD CAD program now comes with predrawn common circuit components lor insertion into schematics WB35: 3D Graphics - Tms disk contains 3Fonts - Full vector lont set lor use with 3d programs FontMakei - make 3d fonts Irom any system lont, Make3DShapo - create 3d shapes from any image DumptolFF create 3d animations preserves pal let. World3d a demo 0! A Iront end for use with DKBRenrier WB36: Graphics On fh 6 disk are several programs 10 create stunning graphical imager, including Mpath ¦ creates swirling galaxy images Roses produce an unlimited numtser ol vana lions ot images Ifi.it a symmetrically similar 1o a rose SimGen display those spectacular images as pan of your workbench and RayShade a very good rayfracrng program create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this one1 WB37-. Educational Educational games and puzzles that cover math geography spelling, and books Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics Plotxy is a powerful tu'l tea tored plotting package Used by many colleges and universities Highly recommended Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program very ful featured Tessotator a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M C Ecsher type pictures WB41: Music MED an incredibly well done, full featured music ed tor Create your own stunning music directly on your tne Amga Similar to SoandTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program Version 3.20-compatible with WS2 - WB43: Business • Thts disk contains AnalyfiCalc ¦ probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected m a com memo! Package Req f 2 MB Special Product •NewRelease!! QT3: The A64 Package Version 3 - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with Wbl.3 & 2.0 and now 3.0! This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64’s 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. Atl-new transfer software! Special price $ 59.95 -with hardware. Very lull (ealured database program including lull punter con to I lor address labels and mail merge applications Also includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a lull featured label printer, Banner, a multi-tent banner maker and Budget a home accounting In a program Highly recommended. WB82: Animations - Four full length, well done "movie" style animations Including, Coyote. Jugglerll. GhostPool. S Mechanix. 2 disks, counts as 1 WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras M2 Contains the utilities that Commodore shouta have shipped with the Amiga; VirusX4 0, Snap, FixDisk (recover corrupt deleted tiles). Disk Optimizer (floppy A hard). Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accef, macro, clock utility), GOMF (a gurubtisieriand Printstudio. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely commercial grade; we've seen many checkbook programs and thus is tne best Fu l budgeting transaction recording 4 report generation WB96: Dupers - Contains Xcopylll A Nte which will backup copy protected programs FreoCopy removes copy protection from several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out fast AmigaDOS copies WB99: Lifestyles Includes Agene family tree program that tracks up to 600 people marriages etc. Landscape is a CAD program to create gardens landscapes Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment wrth pattern design with instant feedback WB102: Telecommunications • Contains ihe programs Ncomm 2,0 nnd VttOO-29B Zmodim protocols. XRR pro'o- col support, full VT100 emulation Ncomm s script language is SO powerful it can create a lull featured BBS system WB106: Home Manager This is a great all-in-one address book with an aulodiafer notepad to-do fisVappolntmenl scheduler home inventory database and phone number dialer WB108: OctaMED Tfes breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities Irom 4 channels to an ear popping 8 charmats1 AH iho ronound editing capabilities of MED plus 4 more channels' It you thought your Amiga sounded good btiloro you amt heard nuthm yet1 WB109: VerseWiso Display search and print Tho New Testament WB113: Sid II Why pay 40 bucks for A directory utility when Inis one will do it all plus much more’ A truly professional-cai- iber program S:0 1 was bur best, now completely rewritten Sid 2 will astound you. WB114: Fonts 4 • Contains 36 bitmap system tents WB115: Telecommunication ¦ It you have AmigaDOS 2 04* and a modem then this is THE ptogram for you Term totally conforms to Iho User interlace Style Guide for 2 04 has m Arexx port, and supports all popular hie-transfer protocols through XPR libraries We w>sh all programs were this good WB116: Databases - This is what you've been wailing lor! Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs tor tracking, Viceotapes CD's Magazine Articles Comic Books and Trading Cards' WB120: Grinder - a complete graphics conversion package that sucoorts GIF's, Jpeg Neochrome. Degas PCX, Targa. TlFF, HAM-E and IFF lormat pictures. An invaluable foot tor afi desktop-videographors and desktop publishers WB118: Amiga Beginner - row sakeo tor It1 A complete tutorial for the beginner on us ng The Amiga Stalls you art at the power-switch and lakes you through to tne CLIrShel and alt points in between Bonus’ Also included are 1B- cofor icons to Teplace every icon in your 2,0+ Workbench WB121: ProPage3 4 Enhancer This disk contains over 40 "Genies’ tor use with ProPage 3-, including useful ones Ifce Make Pie Chan and Resize Text to fit Bo* to name a few. Also includes structured 4 bitmap clipart lor un,que borders a must have for all Ppage 3 users. WB122: System Optimizer • Xcommodity enhances ycur system, gives memory motors, mouse keyboard enhancements, online timers plus many others too numerous lo list) Reorg will optimize hard and fteppy disks for a big speed Increase HDMem will allow you to use up io 2 megs ol hard- drive space ter virtual memory' (Req 68020* W'MMU) All programs require 2.Q+. WB123AB: Flags of the World - same as WBI24. But ter Workbench 1.3. Req 1MB. 2 disk set. Counts as two WB124; Flags ot the World • Two modes click and foam or a game to test your knowledge Great graphics-fantastic learning tool. Has current Russia 4 Yugoslavia republics Req Workbench 2 0. 4 1M9 RAM WB127: Blankors * Over 20 different screen blinkers Most run on Workbench 13*. A lew reqjire 2.0* WB128: ColorFonts * contains 12 color bitmap fonts for use with Dpamt or any software that supports ColorFonts WB129: Super Virus Killer - Frcm Safe Hex Inrl. Who catalogs and kills Amiga Viruses worldwide--a complete virus system that knows all Am>ga viruses updated often Rgq WB 2* WB13Q: ToolManger 2 - The ultimate tool manager tor your Workbench Add animated icons, sound effects and docks' ot programs to your WB very useful Req 2 0* and hard drive WB131; Magic Workbench Make your 2,04+ Workbench sizzle with style with these B color dithered icons Easy auto- mstalls In minutos. Req s WB2 04+ and hard drive Dev Disks DD54: Compression - This disk, is loaded with ail of Ihe best file compression programs and ads for the Amiga. Many ol the programs can be used by the new user Includes Arc, Lharc, Lhwarp, Pka*. PowerPacker a must have by all, Zip, Warp, and Zoo. DD71AB: C Compiler ¦ This disk contains DICE, Matthew Dillon s full featured, powerful C compiler 4 environment 2 disks, counts as 2 DD79abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial * Tins is Ihe most comprehensive C language-Amipa onented--set of tutorials available, Includes lull working examples, source code and an incredible set ol lessons. Included ate lull discussions and examples lor Am ga programming. 4 disk set, counts as 3. DDS6: Tho Programmer - Includes GadTools and REOTocIs which will allow you to create your user interlaces and then the program will automatically generate "C" source code or As seme ly-code Requires, and writes code for, AmigaDOS?* DD89: Uedll - Probably the most powerful text editor ev&r written for the Amiga Previously commercial, now public domam Req t MB DD91: ParBench Allows you to easily connect network two Amigas CDTVs together and share storage devices Req's custom cable (docs io make cabte included--easy) DDSOr Advanced Utilities CompressDisk doubles the capacity at your hard-drive on the fly with compression!!! Also contains disk optimizer. SCSI mount utility Koymap editors, Entofcer, Undelete! 4 more Most programs require 2 0* Video Disks V09: Imaging - Included on this disk are the mdispensibe utilities. Rend24, ViewTek and Ihe JPEG utilities Rend24 s invaluable for 24-b t ammaiors allowing tor previews on AGA and non-AGA Amigas ViewTek pays back am ms ol all sons including Anim 5. 7 and 8 formats. JPEG utilities tacatilate the transforming of IFFs into space-saving JPEG tormaf. Get on the inside track of the DTV revolution with Desktop Video World. Whether you’re new to DTV or a seasoned pro, you’ll find all the news, reviews, field-tests and tutorials you need to turbocharge your desktop creations, increase your productivity and save a bundle!
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- ? (X) Other Mail to Desktop Video World, P.O. Box 594, Mt. Morris, IL 61054 Or for fastest service, call 1-800-998-0806 or FAX 1-603-924-4066 ? (1) Business Sales Presentation ? (2) Corporate Video ? (3) Education Training Systems ? (4) Multimedia Development MAKE YOUR TOASTER SI22LE DESKTOP IMAGES INSTRUCTIONAL UIDEO TAPES THE FAST AND EASY WAY TO LEARN THE UIDEO TOASTER VIDEO TOASTER 4000 & 3.0 A sTcp-by-slcp guide lo Ihe Video loaslcr's digital video effects, scl-up functions, ChromaFX and luminance kcycr. Discover the power ol lighlWavc os basic 3D animation is repinen|. Leam seme creation, hey framing, design oncl editing techniques foe nmciring animations. 170 iriniilrt Choncje the shape and aspect of objects with modify ’> tools, bending lillrs nnd logos, dealing terrain using rail r etfiude, done and lathe lo create complex objects. Complete instruction to ToasfcrCG's powerful text capabilities including font *j siring, color brush loading, background w & layering options. J00 mrri'fi-i Grate & modify basic shapes, making polygons with the fccebond dmw tool, using layers, cirnling led objects mid assigning surfaces. Lotnif Uglte fm MODELEi. ¦V Kinn ' I EtitNnus ¦ mm part two HSEHJUIS 90 n mrfrs 00 minutes 100 jumulri Professional surface |» and Icxlure techniques, creating surfaces and increasing render Speed by selecting the proper surfaces lor your objects. 115 mimilci Twist, bend and V deform objects in layout. Add £ Incredible motion capabilities lo your objects for realistic action clfcds. Give your animation depth and realism wilh camera placement £ effects, lighting selection, rnvelopeS and animation techniques. 170 mini try FEATURING LEE STRANAHAN I'm. : V.-W Min ¦ ! -KhtiHC "ss. R UWKlWl. "?jr 100 minute % VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 Discovci the Full polenliol of ToosleiPaint's brush modes, wuiping P. tianspaiency controls, spore page feature, undo and redo functions and powerful keyboard equivalents. 6? Miniiir» IlVlWf to»nprchcnsivc INAljtj gj|d ' to the Video Toaster's switcher and special clfcds, maximizing memory usage, ¦Y CfiromaFX transitions, and ‘ir combining clfcds. Hi mlnulci An easy slcpby- stcp guide to ihe Video Toaslcr's character gcncialor, font end palette controls, text file loading, and TocstcrPaint (G backgrounds. 59 mimrfri Lee has taught thousands through his national seminars and published articles. In this professional video tape series Lee offers the tips & tricks that provide invaluable Toaster Power. D;- u. Gf'D l qi*.«;wir
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Box 10908, Burbank, CA 91505 Call today for special package discounts Phone (818) 841-8277 FAX (818) 841-8023 VideoTcwstr ToasterCG. Toaster Pa ini and Lrgh'Wavc 3D p» Tsdemorks of NewTt.4, he Oerkipp Imogen is a troyemark of RAVE VIDEO Sound Quality PART l VIDEO Here’s what you need to know to make certain your production s audio quality is top-notch. SUITE By Paulo de Andrade MANY OF TODAY'S televisions sport high-quality stereo speakers. Some people even listen to TV sound through sophisticated stereo systems. Surprisingly, though, video producers frequently neglect the audio portion of their productions as if image and sound were not married with a nondivorce clause! 'IA7 networks, Film studios, and advertising agencies know the importance of good sound. Pay close attention to the soundtrack of a national TV commercial and you’ll see what I mean. Not only is the sound quality good, but it also feels very rich, sometimes overpowering the audio of the preceding program. Audio is an aspect of video production that deserves serious consideration. Several elements are necessary for a good audio system (see the diagram, next page). Just connecting the sound outputs from your player VTR directly into die sound inputs of your edit deck may save you money, but it will also produce cheap-sounding audio. To get good results you must put together a well-balanced system, where each com- ponent does its job well. This need not cost a fortune; good audio gear has come down in price recently. This month and next, well discuss how to put together a sound system that will give your productions an edge over the competition's. The professional-level equipment mentioned is available through pro-video and -audio dealers. Audio Monitors The biggest audio-related mistake I see in post-production suites is improper speaker use. Speakers are an extremely important part of the audio chain. They are to sound what TV monitors are to video. If you use bad video monitors, your image will look lousy, 110 matter how good your VTRs are. Likewise, using bad speakers not only causes your audio to sound crummy, but the result will also lead you to make improper adjustments. Unfortunately, the use of home speakers in the video suite is fairly common. Home speakers are usually designed to make your system sound good by emphasizing certain frequencies, especially the low ones that we know as bass. If you use such speakers, you will tend to compensate for the excessive bass by toning down the low frequencies. The result will not sound good on a regular TV set as the bass level will be too low. Some expensive, high-quality home speakers have a very flat frequency response; that is, they don’t emphasize any particular frequency. But even these are not appropriate. You need studio monitors speakers specifically designed for recording studios. Studio monitors, like their video counterparts, try to render the sound exactly as it is, with no artificial colors or flavors. They serve as excellent references for adjusting audio. You can buy great studio monitors from professional companies such as J BL, Yamaha, and Electro-Voice. They come is several sizes and can cost as much as edit VTRs. But you don’t need the most expensive ones for video production. Small to medium-size studio monitors will do fine, and a nice pair costs around $ 400. (Bear in mind that you probably would not hesitate to pay that much for a good video monitor!) The Amplifier For the same reason you should avoid home speakers, using a household receiver as your studio amplifier is a no- no. Look for professional amplifiers that sound natural and do not emphasize some frequencies more than others. The beauty of professional amplification gear is that you get a lot more for your money than you do with home equipment. Several home stereo systems actually use the same chips as AM radios, portable Tvs, and inexpensive car stereos in order to save money for fancy displays. Manufacturers of professional amps, on the other hand, put money into what matters quality components. A home stereo rated at 100 watts, for example, typically starts distorting sound after you set the volume control past the center position. Therefore, you are not getting all the power you were sold on. Pro amps offer very little distortion and you can usually crank the volume level almost all the way to the end. So, don’t be surprised if a 60-watt professional amp sounds louder and better than a 200- watt home receiver. Professional amps are not much more expensive than their home counterparts. Basically, all you need is an integrated amp, that is, one that has a pre-amplifier and a power-amplifier in a single unit. Or you can opt to buy separate units. A well-designed 20- watts-per-channel unit may be all you need. But if you like more power, or if your video suite is big, a good 50- watts-per-channel amp should be more than enough. There are several ? We Ship Worldwide! I i a: (New Retail Store!] INFO: (212) 633-2290 I J50 Sixth Ave opE(J 9.6 fR| 9., ,30 SU(J , q.5 (Comer 20th St) New York, N.Y 10 011 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY (212) 633-7718 ESTABLISHED 1977_S1HABLA ESPANOL "Vour Video Tooster - Commodore Amiga Headquarters' ;R KITCHCH SVNC ¦ Two Channel TBC 1 $ 1199.95 GOIKH OAK Ibiii $ 494. » .json CS600C 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 719.95 ES800C $ 1029.95 = UJOUJ! Epson «300C* | 24 Bit Color Scanner ¦ $ 519.95!!!? Flat Bed 16 Million Color] copm Cditizer True A6 Roll* Multi Foimat Editor Toaster Control* DPS TBC ConlTd LOUUCSTII Mjee cables!! Free cables!! COMPLETE TOASTER 4000 WORKSTATIONS ON SALE NOW! A4ooo 040-25 120 Meg HD A4000 030-25 120 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 10 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install GOO 95 Toasier 4000 W New 3.1 14 Meg Ram Memory
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59. 95 Merlin 4mb IV-24 24 bit Graphics Piccolo RGB for DCTV DCTV EGS Spectrum 1 meg EGS Spectrum 2 meg EGS Spectrum 110 Picasso 1 meg Picasso 2 meg NEWIEK Authorized Dealer Prime Image Dealer We also carry a full line of Cameras, IBM Computers and related Multimedia, Faxes Darkroom, Video and More Call us to help design your 3D Animation Solution Beginner to Hollywood! Accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 Day Money back guarantee. All Merchandise brand new factory fresh. Custom Configurations our specialty. X:~ errors. Extended Warranty Available U.S and Canada._ ij.i mi ir.K Circle 71 on Reader Service card. VIDEO S L) I I E UTR 1 DOT RECORDER CD PlflYE R CzjO 0000X00 I- - I ? I I I I l~~l OOOO n I " ' | naaCj in a a 00 ftudio OUT Audio OUT nudio iis REVERB UNIT AMIGA U no 512 ? O aonooaoa o o SHPTE IN Audio IN COMPRESSOR OUT IN Aurf I o IN Rudio OUT Rudio OUT STEREO HrtP Rudio IN SNPTE OUT tiii. G O m oooo Hi a jog OUT fludlolIN Rudin OUT ? ?a OO EDIT V TR The right equipment and the right connections for higtvquality video sound. Manufacturers of professional sound amplifiers too many to list and finding a good one is easy. There are even some units designed specifically for video post production. You should connect the amplifier to the outputs of your edit deck so that vou can listen to what you are about to record as well as what vou have recorded. Your VTR will dictate the number of audio channels you have available for production. Mil and Betacam SP VTRs, for example, offer four independent audio channels. Super-VHS, 3 4- inch U-Malic, and VHS, on the other hand, offer basically two. If you are J r using linear SMPTE time code and your deck does not have a dedicated SMPTE track, you may end up with only one audio channel. It is because of these limitations that I strongly recommend a digital multitrack recorder. We will discuss that next month. For now, let’s move on to audio sources. CD and Cassette A well-equipped video suite should include several audio-playback sources. A good CD player is essential as it enables you to play the music or sound effects you’ll be adding to your production. (By the way, don't forget about copyright laws. Using commercial music in a production without paying royalties or obtaining authorization can get you into serious trouble. That's why buy-out music and sound-effects libraries arc available.) Most CD players offer very good sound quality, and this is an area where you can easily get away with consumer-grade equipment. If you can afford a pro-level CD player, however, you will gain professional audio connectors, special remote controls, and other features that make life easier. Another common source of audio, die compact cassette, is usually not ideal for quality sound. Only the best cassette decks offer good frequency response and proper signal-to-noise ratio. But because audio cassettes are so common, consider having a good unit for compatibility. You should avoid recording narration on a cassette deck, however. Because the deck’s speed tends to fluctuate a lot, unless you use the same unit for recording and playback, you may end up with longer or shorter times. DAT’s Right DAT (Digital Audio Tape) lias become the choice for professional distribution of high-quality audio. You should have one available if you want to provide your clients with the purest audio. It is perfect for recording narration, not only because of the exceptional sound quality but also because there is virtually no speed variation between machines. DAT offers excellent frequency response, outstanding dynamic range, and superior signal-to-noise ratios. Almost every professional recording studio today uses DAT, so having your own machine lets you share high- quality custom music or narration with industry pros. Professional-level DAT recorders offer some very nice features, such as SMPTE time code and editing capabilities, but they are expensive. Consumer DAT gear should be of high enough quality for your studio. 1 particularly favor the portable DAT units. These operate on batteries and are extremely small and lightweight; most are the size of compact 35mm photo cameras. You can comfortably cany a portable DA T unit and microphone virtually anywhere. The tapes measure only a few inches and can record up to two hours in the highest quality modes and up to four hours with minimum degradation. Other Audibles White 1 4-inch (reel-to-reel) recorders used to be obligator)' in well-equipped studios, they are being phased out by DAT as a means of audio distribution. You should invest in such a unit only if you receive a lot of material on reels or if you want to maintain compatibility with older (still abundant) material. I would not advise buying a new unit, but you can find used open-reel professional recorders in verv good condition. J O n MIXER rararararara Hi! Mi ? O o [ o o
- tr crx Bend EFX Return Rudio OUT Rudio OUT I ~mcnn naa OO Wtft 2 The Amiga itself can supply a variety of interesting sounds. You can easily connect its stereo outputs to your audio system. Many videograpliers use the Amiga to generate a 1 Khz tone for level reference together with color bars. (The shareware program Bars ’n’ Tone does this for you.) The Amiga can also be used in some cases as an electronic narrator; its “robotic” voice might spice up futuristic presentations, for example. Also, the Amiga’s internal voices can be used to play music, although a board such as The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks’ One- Stop Music Shop (which contains instruments and sound effects) delivers much better quality. An inexpensive MIDI interface allows you to connect a variety of professional sound modules and synthesizers to your Amiga. One such module is the very popular Roland Sound Canvas. A virtual orchestra-in-a-box, it contains more than 300 first-rate instruments and sounds, including several sound effects. Using MIDI-sequencing software such as Rars&Pipes Professional (Blue Ribbon) or Music-X (Hollyware), you can even assemble entire songs with several instrument tracks. This task, however, is best left for the musically gifted. That’s it for sources; next month we’ll look at the other components in your audio-for-video chain. Plus, I’ll offer a few tips on making your audio sound good on any TV set, ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of Digital Reality, an Amiga-based broadcast-video and 3-D animation company in Seattle. Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator
• ,nc,tJdes: Ssffgoo .f°J!!hzCpU(withMM,n J 500,1000* or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00.
• Call for more information $ 379 $ 299 LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, HD, IIP, HID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 95.00 Board with 4 MB .... $ 175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ....S189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ...$ 325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tl, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 SIMMS IVS CONTROLLERS for A500 Call for Special Pricing! 1x4-60 ......CALL 1x4-80 Call 256x4-80 $ 5.00 256x4-70 ..$ 5.95 High Speed SCSI Controller
• SCSI-Share™ Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• Includes68030 MMU & 68882 FPU Only at Memory World! DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board Call DIPS ZIPS A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ ..Cat! 1x4-70 SCZ ...Call 256x4 - 80 SCZ ...S6.00 Includes Instructions 1x1 -120 $ 4.25 1x1 -100 $ 4.99 1x1 -80 .$ 5.99 1x1-70 ..$ 6.50 256x4-80 70 60 ....Call 1x4-80 70 60 .Call 256x1-120 ..$ 1.00 256x1-100 80 70 60....Call is the Answer
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 On I v 8 me3 °f 32 bit ram -S6ag ¦ °° hnrtnnn 18 me9 of32 RAM~ $ 1099.00 S39!r 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-8 1
2. 04 ROM .. only S33.95 Super Denise .... .$ 33.95
1. 3 ROM S21.50 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for...... .$ 18.00 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory ..$ 178.00 and Clock DKB . MC68000 68010 .$ 15.00 Rom Switcher .... .$ 39,95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doub!er....S399.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb . ......S349.00 8 up Board with 2 mb ... ......$ 129.00 1 mb Agnus $ 38.00 Paula Denise ..... ...CALL DRAM BLOWOUT We'll Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper IVS 1 MEG Simms CALL 1x8-30 ..$ 49,95 1x8-70 ..$ 52.00 4x8-80 $ 139.00 4x8-70 $ 159.00 4x8-60 $ 179.00 A4000 80 NS 4MB Simms.$ 169.00 A4000 70 NS 4MB Simms.$ 179.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms.SI 89.00 8 mb l6mb 32mb Simms Call GVP SIM32 PAGE ZIPS 4 MB .CALL 1 MB .....$ 69.95 MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB $ 159.00 2 MB $ 199.00 4 MB $ 299.00 8 MB .$ 429.00 Call for other configurations! CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator mmu with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4mb-60-70NS add$ 169x $ 59!r with 68882RC50 add$ 135x Call for other configurations VECTOR with MMU Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up to 32 MB ol RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000
• Over 25% faster than G-Force-
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mhz $ 529.00 50 Mhz 68882 Available 68030-RC-50 with MMU .$ 149.95 68882-RC-50 ....$ 135.95 (call for other speeds) 387-25 SX (Bridge Board) Math Co ...$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) .$ 10.00ea 68882 PLCC40 Mhz ....$ 135.00 Microbotics-MBX 68030 1230 XA 50mhz Accelerator '"mmu with 4mb ....add Si69x with 68882RC50 ....add S135X n with 33mhzCPU and MMII £H£f 33mhz FPU A 1200 ACCELERATORS MATH CHIPS AND CPUs 4mea0fi,r'thMMU) s, Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery
• Add $ 5.00 for C.O.D. • PA Residents add 6% • APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Aciiva International Distributed by Computer Video Solutions Advanced Integration Research 3006 N. Main St. Logan, UT 84321 801 753-4947 Alfa Data PO 15ox 6990 Champaign. IL 61821 217 356-1962 Alternative Software Units 5-7 Bailcygate Industrial Estate Pontefract West Yorkshire WF8 2LN England 97-779-7777 Ambitious T echnologies 1519 W. 134th St. Gardena. CA 90249 310 532-0787 AMIGA Business Computers 192 laurel Road
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• FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 46 STATES* *NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* 2249 CALL 395 535 559 619 699 799 CALL CALL 34 69 IVXL * 30 ACCELERATOR (VXL3§) 25 & MMU Mhz $ 160 40EC MhzS199 33 Mhz A MMU S199 VXL 32 Raf$ 2MB$ 219 w 68882 25FPUS235 w FPU S364 w FPU $ 299 8MB $ 549 68030 & 32 Bit Wide Rim For The A500 2000! 199 80 45
39. 95
32. 95 22
37. 50
99. 95
28. 95
18. 95
8. 50
13. 95 45 45 99 99 49 99 79 99 75 EXPANSION SYSTEMS Baseboard 601C w 1 MB 69 Datafiyer XDS 0MB 69 w 170MB Hard Drive 259 W 270MB Hard Drive 319 w 340MB Hard Drive 419 W 540MB Hard Drive 649 Baseboard 120QC 25 Datafl yer Ramcard w 2 mb 179 500 SCSI or IDE 125 1000 SCSI or IDE 135 2000 SCSI or IDE 75 500 SCSI&IDE 149 1000 SCSI&IDE 169 2000 SCSI&IDE 95 A4008-HC8+OMB 149 SIMM32 1 MB 60ns 69.95 SIMM32 4MB 60ns 199 SIMM32 16MB 60NS 1299 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 169 G-Lock Genlock 375 A2000-IV24 Adapter 55 A1230-40-00-4+DPP-II 499 A1230-50-00-4+DPP-11 649 A1291 Stingray 89 68040 33Mhz A2000 4MB 1099 A4000 88040 @ 40MHZ Call for latest pricing A4000 Computer 04O A400Q Computer 030 A1200 Computer W 40MB HD Installed W 85MB HD Installed w SSMB HD Installed W 130MB HD Installed W 235MB HD Installed
* 1942 Monitor "1084S Monitor A520 Video Adapter A2088 XT Bridgecard A2286 AT Bridgecard w 1,2MB High Density Floppy & MSDOS 5.0 2 MB Ram For 2091 Janus 2.1 Update A2000 3000 Disk Drives A500 Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A600 1200 Keyboards 29 95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 79,gs A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 External case PS & Cables 99 Beetle Mouse 24.95 External High Density 149 CD 32 NOW AVAILABLE Zool CD32 39 Mean Arenas CD32 39 Trolls CD32 39 Robocod CD32 39 Call for other available titles DPS Personal TBC III 699 DPS Personal TBC IV 849 DPS PAR w Software 1549 SEAGATE SG3655A 599 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Personal V Scope 699 Kitchen Sync 1249 Opal Vision 2.0 395 DCTV-NTSC 274 Retina w 4MB 549 Vlab Y C 449 Vlab Int Ext Comp 379 499 Piv 2001 1845 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 Morph Plus 139 Art Department Pro 139 Scala 3.0 299 Video Director 129 Caligari24 119 Aladdin 4D 249 Video Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 699 Video Toaster 4000 1895 Picaso w 1MB-2MB 459 499 Light Rave 399
2. 05 Kick9tart Rom
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 1MB Agnus (8372A) 2MB Agnus (8372B) Super Denise (8373) Paula (8364) Or Denise CIA (8520) Gary (5719) 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ Superbuster (-11) (4091) Ramsey (A3000) Fat Gary (A3000) Super Dmac (A3000) Amber (A3000) A3000 Daugterboard
g. t ‘U&vUc S* t Soft**vie AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS VIDEO AMIGA 95 M1230XA ACCELERATOR 68030 25 Mhz C PU w MMU&C lk $ 249 68030 33Mhz CPU & FPU & Clk $ 299 68030 SOMhz CPU w JMMU&Clk $ 379 MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68881 RC20Mhz FPU w Clock $ 125 68882 RC33Mhz FPU vWClock $ 199 68882 RCSOMhz FPU w Clock $ 249 A4000 1040-25Mhz System 10 MB Of 32 Bit Ram 120 MB Hard Disk Space Newtek Video Toaster 4000 Basic System Only $ 4459 44MB DRIVE (SQ555) $ 249 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44) $ 325 105MB IDE $ 449 105MB SCSI (Cart+69) $ 495 44MB Cartriges $ 65 88MB Cartriges $ 99 External Versions Add $ 89 Insider II W 1.5M RAM (A1000) 180 2632 w 4Megabytee 349 MegAChip 2000 500 w 2MB Agnue 179 Multi-Stan 2 Rev 6A 29 KwikStartM (A1000) 69 SecurKey Security Board gg 3128 A3000 4000 Ram board Expandable to 128MB W 4MB 449 Grand Slam 500 229 287 Tmmpcard Pro 500 139 225 Tmmpcard 500 Plus 149 Tmmpcard 500 AT 164 Moviemaker 799 AdlDE 40 MB HD system for Amiga 500 System 23® AdlDE 60 MB HD System for Amige 500 System 279 Flicker Free Video II 239 SYQUEST UNMATCHED PRICES AUDIO DKB Sunrise Industries AD516 Digitizer (16Bit) 11 SO AD1012 Digitizer (12BK) 479 ’GVP EGS Special’ Spectrum w 2MB S499 FASTLANE Z3
- Add up to 256 MB of ram of contiguous memory
- Transfer up to 7MB Sec Async & IGMB Sec Sync on the SCSI Bus
- True Zorro III 32 bit memory board
- CDROM file system & dynamic caching software
- FAST SCSI -11 DMA CONTROLLER FOR BOTH THE AMIGA 4000 8. 3000! Pure Speed is Only $ 499 CSIl's 12 Gouge Accelerators 33Mhz w MMU & SCSI Board 449 SOMhz w MMU & SCSI Board 549 A super stable accelerator & SCSI controller built for the Amiga 1200 with an optional newtworking controller coming soon A4000 040 40Mhz System 18 MB Of 32 Bit Ram 460 MB Hard Disk Space Newtek Video Toaster 4000 Advanced System $ Call CSA DERRINGER 25 25 1 399 w MMU.FPU&RAM DERRINGER 50 4 599 w MMUt&4MB RAM Rocket Launcher 50 50 499 w MMU Makes The CBM 2630 Or GVP Combo 25 run at 50 Mhz w MMU & FPU (68882RC50) Micro R&D 2000 Bigfoot Power Supply 159 1200 500 Bigfoot Power Supply 89 Slingshot A500 (lA2000Slot) 39 Slingshot Pro A500 69 TBC+- w oSMPTE CODE 799 TBC+ w SMPTE CODE 909 IV 24 Impact VI*. CT 1215 IV 24 Impact Vision 2.0 1049 IV 24 2.0 Upgrade 129 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 139 FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) 39 Cinemorph Software 55 Phonepak VFX 2.0 289 DSS8+ Sound Sampler 89 I O Extender CALL Extra I O Port CALL Image F X 249 Image F X Upgrade_39_ Alt Speeds Available 1x8 100-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 80-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 80-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 80-80ns Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 80-50ns Page DIP 19+ 1x1 120-70ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1 MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms 149+ 2x32 Simms 299+ 4x32 Simms 699+ 8x32 Simms 1299+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ P CM CIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVPTBC+FRAM 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st Warranties Quantum& Maxtor=2 Years Maxtor 245 LPS SCSI IDE 249 Maxtor 345 LPS SCSI IDE 369 Maxtor 540 LPS SCSI-2 649 Quantum 52 LPS SCSI 99 Quantum 105 LPS SCSI 175 Quantum 127 ELS 189 Quantum 170 SCSI1 &2 225 Quantum 240 & 270 LPS 275 Quantum 340 LPS 349 Quantum 525 & 540 LPS 595 Quantum 1.08G SCSI1 &2 849 Micro polls 660 SCS11 & 2 499 Micropoiis 1.3G SCSI1&2 849 68030-RC-50 w MMU 149.00 68882-RC-50 (PGA) 135.00 68030-RC-33 w MM U 129.00 68882-RC-33 (PGA) 95.00 6803Q-RC-25 w MMU 99.00 68882-RC-25 (PGA) 75.00 68030-FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 68882-FN-PLCC (Calf) CALL 80387-25SX (Bridges) 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (All) 10.00 Supra Ram A500 w 2MB 179 SupraTurbo 26Mhz 149 Safeskin Prolectors 15.00 Xtractor+ Chip Puller 10.00 KooMt Cooling kit A500 39.95 Qwika Switcha 4 socketed ROM selector 39.95 Power Connectors CALL SCSI HD Cables CALL HP II, HD, IIP. HI, HID, IIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board with 2MB 110.00 Board with 4MB 195.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 55 HP 4 (4 Meg) 149 HP 4 (8 Meg) 295 LASER PRINTER MEMORY
2. 5” A1200 600 Hard Drives MATH CHIPS, CPU's &FPU's Accessories MISC.
3. 5" HARD DRIVES MEMORY CHIPS ALFA DATA SG9051A 40 Seagale CN 139 SG9077A 65 Seagate WD 159 SG9096A 85 Seagate 235 SG9145AG 130 Seagate 299 SG9235AG 235 Seagate 369 AlfaData Crystal Trackballs 49 Multiface (2Ser 1 Par) 89 Alpha Power A500+8 IDE w 120MB HD w OMB 299 Please Understand Our Policies 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
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(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS DISCOVER VISA MASTER Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice! 15 % Restocking Fee On All Returns. Defective Merchandise Will Be Replaced With Same hem. Call 302.836.4145 For Approval RMAM Before Returning Merchandise Merchandise. No Returns After 10 Days From Delivery Dsle. Not Responsible For Incompatibility Of Products Shipping And Handling For Chips Is iS COD Fee S6 Personal Checks Require 10 Working Days To Clear, Call For Actual Shipping Prices On Al! Other hems. Ram Prices Change Dally LIST OF ADVERTISERS TURTLE LIGHTNING AMIGA TLAS - TBAG - FISH - F.UROPF.AN - LICENSEWARE FRED FISH DISKS Only $ 1.40 Our FishCat - Disk Only $ 1.00 TLAS, TBAG, Euros Only $ 2.00 INTELLI-TYPE TYPING TUTOR $ 19.00 Our Paper Cataloq is Free BIBLE SEARCH 3 - DISK SET $ 6.00 500 FONTS On 6 Disks $ 10.00 6 Disks Full ClipArt $ 10.00 6 Disks Mods + Player $ 10.00 ODYSSEY 4- Bart 1,3 onlv $ 10.00 AMIGA BOOK BEGINNERS $ 6.00 Dpaint 2 (Elec. Arts). $ 10.00 Scrabble Crossword.. 9.00 Double Dragon 1.3 Sys.. 8.00 The Works PI a t i n u m .. 29.00 KindWords V2.0 W P.,19.00 TextCraft Plus W P..9.00 PageSetterDesk - Pub.. 14.00
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Inc., 15 Great Valley Products, Inc., 17 Great Valley Products, Inc., 19 Hammond Photographic Services, 94 J&C Computer Service, 64 Kasara Microsystems, 94 Macrosystem U.S., CFII MegageM, 94 Memory World. 8 9 Micro R&D, 26 New Media Corporation. 95 NewTek, Inc., CIV Northwest Public Domain, 92 Safe Harbor, 80-81 SAS Institute., 16 Scientific Amigan, 95 Select Solutions, 68-69 Sideline Software, 75 Software Hut, 73 Software Support Inf I, 94 Softwood, Inc., CII TEAS. 92 Transdata Systems, 95 Tri State Computer, 87 Utilities Unlimited, 29 Virtual Reality Laboratory, 14 Vision soft, 94 Zipperware, 95 This index is provided ;is an additional service. 'Hie publisher docs not assume liability (or errors or omissions. * Ibis advertiser prefers lo be contacted directly. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Ofiices. A miga 11 or Id, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, H 03458; telephone: 800-441-4103. Subscription problems or address changes: Write to AmigaWorld, Subscription Dept., PC) Box 595, Ml. Morris, IL 61034-7901. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and your current address to: Amiga World, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, !H 03458, ATTN,: Darlene Sweeney, Customer Serv ice Liaison. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS Alt advertising is subject to the approval of die Publisher anddmigrt World reserves the right to refuse advertising without notice. The advertising herein that has been typeset and or designed by AmigalVorld is the property aH AmigaWorld, and not that of the advertiser. The advertiser has purchased the right of reproduction in AmigalVorld only, and does not have the right to reproduce tile ad in any other publication without the expressed written consent of AmigalVorld. 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Through your "Last Word” column, Amiga owners are able to express their views, which hopefully can reach the ivory tower of Amiga executives. I also find Amiga World an excellent source of information to keep me posted on what is happening. You showcase the people who are responsible for the ongoing success of the Amiga, the programmers and developers. The articles cover just about every interest. Philip Wayner Euclid, Ohio Hams for Amigas There are many people using Amigas every day who don't play games, draw pictures, or create music videos. They’re into productivity of a different nature, namely, using the Amiga for amateur radio. The Amiga is used as a terminal connected to a TNG (terminal node controller), which is a programmable modem connected to the radio. Over the amateur radio f requencies a variety of digital signals can be sent out. The type being used today are on Internet, known as TCPIP and Amiga NOS. There are many protocols weather fax, full-color SSTV (slow scan TV), VGA color packets and functions such as accessing the satellites, moon bounce communication, AX-25 packet, networking and file transfer. Through all of these activities, the Amiga acts as the controller. Lew Kuhn Huron, OH Way to Go! Here in the UK, the CD32 is the hottest thing since sliced bread, with major retailers stocking the machine in hundreds of stores, Ive observed that there are about 30 titles out already. But the surprise of the decade came when I found The Labyrinth of Time r by Electronic Arts. I was shocked, since none of the magazines had previewed it, and I bought it to add to my collection of Cl)32 titles. Please pass my congrats to the Big C for the CD32 and especially to Electronic Arts for the incredible show of support for the CD32. Luis Reich President, Amiga Users Group IL lF Alconbu ry. UK Eds. Note: The Labyrinth of Time was a featured game review in the Sept. 93 issue (see ”Game Preserve,”p. 76). We can ...in the UK, the CD32 is the hottest thing since sliced bread, with major retailers stocking the machine in hundreds of stores. Understand the confusion, however, because at that time the tentative title was simply “The Ixihyrinth. ” AI present, it is only available hi the US as an import from the UK division of Electronic Arts. A Head Start Your new HeadSHead column is an excellent idea, and you should give a raise to whomever thought that one up. Direct comparisons between leading programs stiffen the competition and better products are the result. Don’t make it occasional, though. You have 12 issues a year, so compare word processors, desktop publishing, 2-D paint and 3-D rendering on stock .Amigas and add-on boards, BBS programs, telecommunications, databases, spreadsheets, and anything else you can think of. By the time the next year rolls around, it will be time to start reviewing all those areas all over again. Todd Putnam Travis A Eli, CA In regard to your Head2Head review (Jan. *94) comparing Pro Write and Final Copy, it’s hard [to imagine that] any Amiga word processor [could) beat ProWrite (on a 68030+ machine). [In ProWrite] you can actually see the words on the screen. In the available keyboard-controlled cursor movement, document perusal, mouse or keyboard editing functions, ProWrite is very last, very thoughfully laid out, stable, and flexible. Plus, you can use any old printer (including dot matrix) and its resident fonts to print the results handsomely. What’s so great about having to print every single letter of every word graphically (which is what Final Copy does)? I don’t get it. Joseph K. Crabola Santa Ee, NM Get Down to Business Recently I noticed that there are a few new business-related programs such as Invoice It!, Address It!, dataTAX ’93, and others in some ads in your magazine. Criuldn ’ t Amiga World get off the games graphics shell and review these productivity programs, which nobody knows about but are usually looking for? For this reason, people are losing out on a great machine with the capabilities to blow away competitors. Brian Wright Snohomish, WA Eds. Note: See May '93, p. 26, for a review of Address-It! And Oct '93, p. 62, for one of Invoice-It!; both from legendary Design Technologies. Also, check out next month's review of the Sbase 4 line from Oxxi. ¦ The Next Wave of Video Tools ' % ¦, JF jf for your Toaster System i Kll HJKl'" Beyond AGA Graphics to True 24 bit ¦Workstation Graphics on your Amiga Toaster The Reti i ayKiSapti resolution 'a nd 24b?t VtTsWC Toaster applicatfens. Noy jrj] resolution 24bH Pro or XiPointot o fPOTg model, design and pfflBHffW on single or multj any AmigaOS compff Wjtil Non-Tnterlaced and be astonished at the yiriety Non-I nterlaced, or gretro fm may be launched on their o Upgrade available for current Retina owners! The Best has just gotten better! Full 32bit Zorro III, Higher Resolutions, The Fastest Yet! In an A3000 or A4000 the Retina n is unbeatable for use with TVPaint and Rendering software. Built-in Video Encoder with Composite and S-Video Outputs. 1280x1024 24bit Res. TVPaint 2.0 Professional™ The State of the Art in 32 bit Painting for the Amiga. TVPainl is the fastest 32 bit Paint Package available for the Amiga. Pr- “ Some of TVPaintsfeatures: Automatic Antialiasing on drawing tools, l*P (7a Powerful Airbrush tools, Density control on tools. Full Undo Redo, Oft-Jl j Spare Swap screens. Convolution Effects, Definable Magnification ~ ~ Window, Custom Masks, Pressure Sensitive Tablet support. Full CLT. Retina Version - Suggested List .A ..a*.$ 449.95 - j V Cucle 199 oil Reader Seivice card idr- Circle 199 00 Reader Service card ¦¦¦ 16bit 48KHz Audio I 1 Digitizer - 3 Stereo A lv V CiL(l JL Inputs with Mixer The Toccata is a full 16bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs, 1 Mic input and 1 Stereo output. The Toccata will work in any Zorroll or ZorrofN slot. The Toccata can digitize at up to 48KHz in 16bit direct to hard disk. Special features are an onboard mixer and optional ADPCM compression. The ADPCM compression allows digitizing at 32KHz directly to a floppy disk and playback from floppy. Playback from HardDisk can be up to 16 channels in 16bit. The Toccata can also be used with the Vlab IFR to digitize the oudio for a video sequence. Simultaneous abT Cx Digitize 30fps Video from Video Tape or Laser Disk For the first time building lengthy digital video segments no longer requires expensive and slow frame by frame digitizing. Using a revolutionary new concept, MacroSystem has provided o new Interleaved Frame Recording Rfc°r1 d°nd Pla>'Jback from H°r.dDr*X*-The T°cca,a con;es wi'h a ‘P?™1 vers!on feature (VLab dnd Vlab V C) Of 5EKD s award-wmmng audio editing software package, Samplitude. Interleaved Frome Recording or IFR basically allows the Vlab to digitize full Technical Specifications: Circle 56 on Reader Service card _ J! 1__ Inl.l. I _I.! _,li ___-1 iLa * 3 Stereo (6 Channels) Inputs 1 MicroPhone Input 1 Stereo (2 Channels) Output On board mixer Record and Playback Simultaneously Reads Audio SMPTE Time Code 64 Times Oversampling 16 different sampling rates Vlab control windows allow you to keep multiple critical controls open at the same time. And the monitor window display lets you see exactly what you are digitizing. Real time Color, Contrast, Luminance and Gamma, Luminance, Chromanaee controls. Includes ADPro and ImageFX Loader modules. Supported by the Nudeas Personal SFC. 84888 Lynnaoct, Suite IOI Knvir Ml 4837-4 1313J 347-6866 Pliune 1313) 347-6643 Fox OpalVision. Retina, Vlab and TVPaint are trademarks of MacroSystemUS. The VldeoToaster and LightWave 3D are trademarks of NewTek, Inc. ADPro is a registered trademark of ASDG, Inc. 24bit depth 51 Images and 24bit Animations directly on the Workbench screen! The Retina with TVPaint 2.0 Pro Is Recommended by NewTek for use with the Video Toaster System. Circle 157 on Reader Service card T 1 . 30f ps digital video sequences to HardDisk by making multiple passes of the recorded video. The Vlab digitizes the frames directly to HardDisk as sequentially numbered frames. Cucle 73 on Reader Service card Hardware Features: from MacroSystemUS is the high- rfpr l mfessiond Amiga Video hf) = et[na,y oti cany pu render high TVPamt 2.0 you can interactively j jPfPlfng entire objects and pages mgm Mas the ability to display Tmnin resolutions up to 1280x1024 g S idced. Professional users will; of 24b5t resolutions, up to 800x600 hi 024x768 Interlaced. Applications vi Cusfbnr Amiga screen or on the Workbench screen allowihg thfe user full choice in configuring their working environment! Tifie Retina is a lull featured AGA chipset emulator ustpg Workbench 2.1 * That's not all, the Retina can also
• Frame grab in 1 30th sec. Or Field grab in l 60th sec.
• Digitize 30fps Video using IFR
• Digitizes full frome full color - NTSC or PAL signals.
• Save frames as YUV, IFF24, AGA
• Vlab Y C -1 Y C & 2 Composite inputs.
• Vlab &VLab 1200 - 2 Composite inputs.
• Time Base Corrector not required.
• Compatible with the Video Toaster, Features
• 15 - 8QKH1 Hor. Freq. And 50 -11GHz Verli. Frcq.
• 800x600 24bit Displays ia either Non-Interlaced or Interlaced resolutions. 1024x768 Interlaced 24bit.
• Programmable Resolutions up to 2400x1200 - 1152x862 in 24bit
• Uses 2 to 4 Megabytes, user-upgradable.
• 4MB allows large 24bi1 screens (or complex Graphics.
• Includes 8, 16 and 24bil animation software.
• High Speed 32bil Bus to Video Memory running at 60MHz.
• Hardware drawing assist Functions to accelerate GUI Operations - 64bit data latch and BIT structure.
• Display 24bit Images or Animations on a 24bit depth Workbench Screen.
• Independent program resolution assignments!
• Compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision and the Vlab Real-Time Video Digitizer.
• Requires AmigaDos 2.0 or greater. Circle 193 on Readei Service card
• Full one Yeor warranty.
• Optional External Video Encoder with Composifeand S-Videa outputs available for the Retina.
• 1084 Composite Sync Adaptor available for the Retina. Circle 56 on Readei Service card
* Frequency Response 10Hz to 20KHz
* 90db Signal to noise ratio
* Dual 16bit delta-sigma A D converters
* Dual 16bif delta-sigma D A converters Suggested List Price ..$ 599.95 ‘Adefmie‘must-have’upgrade FOR EVERY SERIOUS TOASTER USER!’ Amiga World Find Out Why! Call for your free Video Toaster 3.1 demo video. 1-800-847-6111' Software up grade for all A2000 Toasters. Available now at your local authorized Video Toaster dealer. Registeredmim if Iideo Tooster-IOOOandif) willreme ideo Toaster3.1 sefhm uukmtticalhat no charge, l UvTttiw, Tamer, iuemlmtiis (fS'wTd, ln.©NewTd. Inc. I9QI = wT = K CORPORATED Circle 37 on Reader Service card. 1 IOMEGA BERNOULLI ? THE BOX 150 INTERNAL $ 499.00 EXTERNAL $ 599.00 INCLUDES ONE CARTRIDGE ?DPS PERSONAL SERIES ? TBC ni $ 699.00 TBC IV $ 839.00 V-SCOPE $ 725.00 ANIMATION CONTROLLER $ 159900 COMPONENT ADAPTER $ 449.00 ?DIGITAL CREATIONS ? KITCHEN SYNC $ 1299.00 SUPER GEN 1000 $ 549.00 SUPER GEN 2000 $ 1195.00 ? NEWTEK ? TOASTER 4000 SCALL 2 a calendar program, Magman - a database tailored for articles and publications WB57: Animation This disk has several Demo" style animations, Including Blitter Lolly, Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenomorph 3 WB62: Midi Utilities Several usetul midi utilities including, programs to transfer to and Irom several music programs to midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase, display midi info, fife sequence player, and a few scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate fifes Irom your hard drive, performing fife backups. Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, and forced disk validation of corrupt disks. WB66: Icons f2 Lot's cf neat icons Also, several wonderful programs that to tet you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and into structures WB69: Music • BO minutes of classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga WB75: Music - over TOO instruments files (.inst) and sample sound files (.ss) WB79: Home & Business Accounting • Includes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCalc - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from ihe keyboard or mouse. Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this rrueage log. Grammar - a grammar checker and WorWtrme - find out what lime it is in up lo 50 global cities WD119ABCDE: Font Set Th«3 cottecton contains ever 100 lypetaces ter use with Professional Pa e PageSerfcr 3+ cr PageStreom 2.1 + Those fonts n--t! Output to any laser printer or doi-malrix printer wnri no (aggies thanks H3 oaSne fonts Very pro-looking. 5 disk set, counts as 4. WBBl: Great Applications - DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program. Don't let the ease ol use tool ycu. This is a

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Amiga World Vol 10 04 1994 Apr

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